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Full text of "The United service magazine, with which are incorporated the Army and navy magazine and Naval and military journal"

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^abal anb ^iUtars iVtaga^fnt* 

laao. FART I. 



\t:\\ liUitLlNtjTON STilLO\ 




^abal anU ^Uftars iVIasaf^nr. 

1830. PART I. 

U>NTIOt< 1 



Sketch of the Battle of the PyreaeM .1 

Semce ASoat during the late Wu. . p, 173, 3g4> 538, 704 

ArDold and Asdr^ - - . . . ,15 

TmiU of AdmiTBl Byng . - < . . 1(» 

BJognphJcal Sketch of Geoeral the Eail of Hairtngton, G.C.H^ . 34 

On the Rusgiaa Coaqueat in Asia > , . , 28 

Bio^raphinl Memoir of the late Capt Richard SaJQthill, R.N. . 33 

Rentarka on the Military Surveying Syatems ... 36 

SuggHtiona JQ Ncivat EcoDoroy- ^ - 41, !9T 

Proposition for Employing McD-of-War as Trauaporta 46 

A Popular View of Fort ificalicm and Gunnery, No. I, 49, No. II. 316, No, IIL 586 
preliminary Naval Education , . , . 50 

L^n hy wh^ch the Recruiting of the Fi-ench Army ia notf Itegulaled 63 

Nav^l Gunneiy . - . 69 

Royal Military College^ Sandhurst . . - .76 

East India Company's Military Seminary , . . B3 

Aphorisms of Sir Philip Sidney ,84 

Foreign Miscellany . 85,314,346,617.746 

Breaking the Line .03 

Indian Army ..-.,. 95 

Navi^l Surreya . . &6 

Saving's Banks . . . . . 97> 365 

Minor Punishments in the Army . .97 

Second Maaters in the Navy .... 93 

ChTDuomelers . .98 

Macintosh's Water-proof Clolh .... 98 

Pensions to Widows of Nara^ Officer* - . .99 

Employment of Half-pay OfGcers on the Recruiting Service . 99 

'* J. M." on Albuera ..... loO 

The Editor's Portfolio . 100, 233, 369, 503, G34, 763 

A 2 



Geaeral Orders, Circulai^, Ace. to the AnDy 103, 244, 373, 505f 636, 765 

Courts Martial . , . , 119, 507, 765 

Monthly Naval Register . ISO, 346, 378, 508, 639, 766 

Annals of (he British Fleet, from Ihe Year 1T93 1123,354, 384 

Distrihntioa of the Army . . , . . 125 

AnnalsoftheBritishArmy, from the Year 1793 138,356,381,511,643 

Gai*itea . - 131,260,367,516,644,770 

Births, Marri^jea, and Deaths , . 134, 262, 3&9, 518, 645, 770 

MEteoroLc^ca] Register , 136, 364, 393, 530, 648, T72 

The Maroon War . .137 

A Visit to the Island of Johanna . .144 

Accomit of the Annual French Cavalry Camp of Exercise ai Lunerille, 

1839 - 153 

Priority of Services in the European Armies 160 

Notes fh>m the Unpublished Jonmal of a late Navid Officer . 161 

Death of a Corsican Chief . . , . 166 

My First Adair— Storm Ln^ of the Redoubt *. . IBO 

The late Rear-Admiial Chamban , .184 

African Travellers . - .187 

A Feipelual Log . . . . . 193 

Sketch of the Servicw of the late Lieut-Gen. Sir Miles Nighlingall, 

K.C.B.ondM.P. . . . . . ,195 

Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns - 301 

The Life of Sir Thomas Munro . , , , 308 

The Royal Naval College at Portsmouth . . 330 

Notes on Military Pensions ..... 221 

Colonel Napier io reply to General Brenier 323 

J. M. on Military Science . - . . . 223 

Sam Sprit to the " Heditur" . .336 

Colonel Evans and India - - . . . 229 

Equiptnent aod Qualities of EighlecD-Guit'Brigs 230 

Correction of an Error in the "Annala of the PeninsuJar Campaigns" 331 

OcGultatioQS of Stara ..... 33t 

Eoyal Marine Artillery . .332 

Changeain the Stations of Corps 246, 38T, 510, 641, 769 

Distribution of the Royal Navy in Commission, Jan. 1830- > 249 

Prise Mouey ...... 353, 644 

Colloquies with Folard - No. I. 265, No; IL 450, No. TIL 670 

Memoir of Sir Cbaiies Vinicomhe Penrose, KX^,B. Vice-Admiral of the 

White ...... 275 

The Calmuc Ballle-Song .286 

Two Months Uecollections of the late War in Spain and Portugal 2fl7, 415 

SLeldi of ihe Services of ibe late LieuL-Gen. Sir Henry Clinlon, K.C.B. 303 


Sceoeiy in the 9t. I^wnnce . , . . . 

A Daj'a Jmima] od Botrd Et TraDaporC 

A Tale of the Spanish War ... 

Anecdote of hia late Majesty and General Picton 

llioughta on the ClasaificatiaD of Ships . . . ^ 

Great Guns on a. Norel Conatxuction , 

On the DiminutioD i>f Expenditure vLtfaout Impeiring the Efficiency of 

the Naval and Militaiy Establi^unetita ... 333 

Recollections in Quarters , . ^ . 340^610 

Naval Reminiscences . - - . . 343,613 

Sir Charles Dashwood in Reply to the Quarterly Reriew on Breaking the 






Line . . . . , 


Sir Howard Douglas, ditto . . ^ . 

. 353 

Systeai of tbe Coast Blockade 


Our Military Establishments, present and former 

. 360 

CtHtunaaders of Packets aad Freights 

360, 361 

Tbe Bengal Army ..... 

. 361 

American Ships of War , . . . 


Case of the Half-pay by Reduction 

. 303 

Colonel Denham , . . , 


Naval Uniform ..... 

. 365 

Preliminaiy Naval Education 


Defence of India . - . . 

. 366 

The United Service Museum 


Parlianicnfary Papers .... 

. 376 

Personal Narrative of Capt. Glasspoole, of the Hon. Company's 


Marquis of Ely .... 


Song , , . . . 

. 403 

The Rogniat Controversy .... 


Song of Hina'g Soldier* . . . , 

. 414 

iMlETs from Gibraltar . Nc I. 423^ 

No. n. 579 

Biographical Sketch of the late Major Taylor, of the Royal Artillery . 432 

TheSiory of Ja'tar, Son of the Sultan of Wadai 435, 547, CB2 

Border Incursion ...... 445 

Eniracts from a Cruiser'fl Lo^ .... 446 

A Commaiider'a Petition on the Present Naval Uniform 449 

Navarin ill 1825 ..... 461 

Remarks on Military Punishments .... 46S 

Narrative of the War in (lennany and France 471 

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade .... 47s 

Letiers from Novn Scotia , , . . 4B0 

Cheap Living for llnlf-pny Oflicers - , . . 4H.'i 

Idte Board of Loiigiuidi' — Admiral BiookiiigV Itudder 485 


AppointmeDti 1o the Cammand of Sfaipa .... 400 
RectificHtioD of an Error id the ^'Annals of the PeninsuLat- Campaigns^' 491 
Overland laTRsioo of India ^ , . . . 492 

Naial Board to lorestigate PIidh and Inventions 494 

. 495 


. 497 


. 49» 


. 500 


CUreace Medal . - , . - 

The Madras Array - , . . 

Eegimenlal Subacriptions . . . , 

On the Cbar^ng and Capture of Guns 

Former and Present Rate of Pay 

Naval Occurrences near Patras, in October 18117 

Sale of Unattached Commisaions 

Employmeal of Frigates lo convey Specie from Vera Cmi 

Parliajnenlaiy Proceedings . , 504» 636, 764 

Regnlationa for the Entiy and Rating of Young Gentlemen on board His 

Majealy'a Ships, &c. . , . . .506 

Memoranda relative to the Unea thrown up lo cover lisboa in 1610 521 

Linea on the Death of Major-Gen. David Stewartt Governor of St. Locia 546 

Vox Populi ,...-. 558 

A Viait to the Island of Aoticoati .... 559 

Sierra Leooe in 1827 . . . . , 564 

Parker, the Mutineer , , , . . 573 

On (he Capture of Cura^oa, Ist Jan. 18DT - . 574 

Algiera ...,.,. 5T5 

Additional Statement of Facta on Breaking the line 595 
On the Dimiuution of Expenae, and the Increaae of Efficiency attainable 

by the Inaprovement of the Materiel of the Navy . 603 

Ancient and Modem Tactics ..... 624 

Diaadvantages of an Invariable System of Promotion by Seniority . 627 

SuGcewion of Captains of the Navy to Increased Rates of Half-pay . 628 

Relative Pay of Colonels in the Army and Capiaina in the Navy , 629 

Colloquies with Folard — Fire Arms .... 629 

Naval Commanda and Appointraenta . . 630 

Military Medical Department ..... 631 

Regimenlal Staff Officers 6112 

Oldest Record existing of the British Naval Uniform . 633 

New Zealand* in 1829 . . . , . 649 

Sharpshooting at Woolwich ..... 658 

Warfare of the North Ameiican Indians qs^ 

Canadian Loyal^ ...... 681 

A Cruise up the Sa^enay . 693 

FarcureU to India ...... 697 

General Sir Hew Dalrymple^ Bart. .... 698 

CavalTy Tactic* — Movements by Three:i . 713 


Ati Adifresilo MiliUiy Messei ^ . , » TJd 

Memoi^Dda OD Reduction - - . > 717 
Tlie KiDg*s Own ...... 7*34 

Military Surgery — Dr. Ballingaira LcctOTea . . . 733 

Naval Adm miHtTBtion oFGreai Britain lince 1B15 7au 

ly}. fi. to Miles MiDden , . , , . 751 

Impoitojicc ortnainriuDiiig a Deftineire Force on rui aliequQLa fooling 75-k 

Adminisirarion of ihe Medical Depanment of the Army ^ 757 

Brevel RanJt in [he Nnvy . - - , , TJO 

The Ueutemnt-ColoDBiB eflht: Army . . . 7G0 

Cujiveyaiii^e of Troops in GoTeminenl Vessels . . . 760 

PosirionDfthc^DeTil'sRiKk-" . . ,760 

King's Packet Service . . , , . 7Cl 

Tardy Proiootioii in Lhe M^jiaes — Ee/ievr on Blackheatli > 70^ 

SupptEMEST, — Lcltcr from Tonloa 77a 


1829. PART 11, 

Phtt AM, ihtnJpUnuij >Uh line, itar "Tb«" read " 8ht." 

7L0, Mat It mmi boUDm, for " dnlftKd" r^vi " dvtincd-" 

744, Uh 8, iliini p«n|n)iJi, ItK " Di«uCKlii4n<kci'' rvid " BHubLfl ItHIl" 

78r. Hot li tMnp boirHn, for '■ W nad " iv." 

r07j 14 Uiv fmn bottotHj dele '■ MtA" and meet I " la be," 

nip delr Uie pangrapb al baltidu of paft nitder the bvtd Of " Ftoyal Eofllqefri." 

1830, PART I. 

Inlbc BiplaiHiloii (rfPlft- N. " plindlng U tbc ^ool of ilie litUiior dopr of Ibf Gluii," 
Eiutfftd fA ^' pfeUndLn[» ii ibt fvn ot. tn ibe InHiior iHape at Ibv Glacis," 

n[. a. Tbc fult U a kiIv dF mt- 

Flft' ^ ^^ *^ EipLaoiilioa nf ibli A^re t Lniirad nT " 90 cip^" rud " DV <apoiiiit^re-" 

Paft ftt| th^rd Udv rrofn l>orEwn, fOr " en cirnitltll^K" rrftd " eo zrf[aal1U^r?F" 
1&5, for " Dn%noaa" rei4 " Dn[H>Hu,^' 

Pagr 1H7, a nilriake ocean Id (be iKrie nmriDg ID a pabUfilloa by Cipt Vf. F. fiE«eli»jr, R. N, 
Tbt work refCrml lo id ibe Ifxl ii enlllled, " ProccedlDgi at (hv Bh^IUdd lo nplcn Uie Nonbeni 
CoaM of Afxlct. Trotn THpol^r enTtnnl, In jni ini) l»n ; comprtbeadEni an Arcoani of rhe Gn«(er 
BTTlia and CjreDaEca, and of ibe AnTleiit CtU«a rompDdiit Ae Penlapolltp by Cipl. P. W. Bc«cbey» 
and H, W. BmAty, e*q. P.S.A."^pdMUhFd in ISM. 

Pal* W0> last Hm bai uii» trom ibe boiriHn, Ka " ibt bmni nialn-niL ¥ir)lD| over from," ia. 
lYld " ihe boDin main uU dnirLUB, e*'D trfOu," 4Ci 

Pige ns, •ecDDil line rrom lap. Ha " pardDQub^" read " appinlDiubkc." 
m. tint ]> TPvt ihe bip, fof " bamcr" nad " \kont-" 

S90. Ibte 14 from tbv bniDm, for " dtfeacfi of tbt kcowI hoc" rciJ " delbncfi at (be ir«, 
ur arlvaneciL Uw.'^ 

. 1 :' . .( 






The Duke of Dalmqtia, on the 25th of July, ldt3j assaulted the 
parses in the neighbourhood of Roacesvalles,* anil the Count d'Etlun 
that of Aretesque^ four milea in froiit of.Maju^ The result of tfib day'a 
combat obliged Geueralfl Sir L, Cole, Byn^, and I^forrillo, to full back 
from RoncesTalles ; o^ving to this retrograde, the British army were 
taken in reverse' The fifth division at daybreak bad stormed the 
breaches of St, Sebastian without succe^, two thonaand men had 
fallen, or were mude prisonera at the various points of contest ; and 
Lord HlU fell back during the night from the pass of Illaya. So far 
every thing seemed propitious to- the views "of thu French Marshal. 
Under all these circumstances, Gen. Cunlpbelli (who was stationed 
with a Portuguese brigade at the pass of hos Alduides,} finding his 
flanks laid liare, retired from that post» and during the 26th foruied u 
junction ^nth Gen. Sir T. Picton, who, by a fisitik uiovement to the 
right, had marched frooi Olacque to Li^oain, for Che purpose of sue-, 
couring the troops falling back frum Hojicesvullfs. 

During these operations, Lord Hill bod taken up a strong position at 
Irrueta, sixteen miles from the pass of Arelesqne* where he o]ipo^ed 
for the time being the farlhor progress of the Count d'Erlon, This 
position covered the flank of Sir T. Picton s column retroi^rading from 
Zubiri, and prevented tht? Count d'Krlon from uniting ivith the Duke 
of Dalmatift, and also enaMed the sixth division to miirch direct to the 
rear from San Estevan, and to unite at the \vclUarrnn;;tfd point d'lippni^ 

Five miles in front of Pamplono, where, on the 27tli, thu Gejierid-in- 
cbief joined those troops which had retired from Zubiri under the com- 
mand of Sir T. Picton, Generals Sir L. Coie, Byng, Campbell, and Mor- 
rillo, were drawn up on a strong ridge in front of Pamplona, and flanked 
bv the rivers Arga and Lanz. Sir T. Picton was in a manner thro^vn 
back on the left of the Arga, in frqnt of Olaz, and supported by Lord 

* FiDiplona U ihirty-fivc mik'i^ From lliir f xlmjnJLy of Ihu prinnpal pai^a at UonceK- 
nl]», forly-live from thai of An,Ic9i|je in frfiiil ol ,\[avah ^nil IJUy-h^c nulus froni iha 
pasaof Vers: all these pumts ii wa< m-retsiir^' to occupy on Ihu right of tlit; l5idds&o>, 
■thich clearly ilcmonalrales llio advatiliigf! \\w fiieiiiy po*<^it^sijil hv nlldrking prinri* 
pally at RoDcesvaJI«a^ 

U. S. Jotiv-N-. No. n. Jan, 1830- n 

^^... -,j , , ,w .i ' . r.^ •' »--,->-_:z^ - 'ziTirz :f ;i ic^Jiltte 
-,*",* ^ • ■■ . * f-, .T , ^ c^r..:. hTT'" -■— ;^r^T~: ::r> -r^^iKi'ii. LSii <x- 
^.^■■'■/ '■ F-. ;,*• >nj- .» :.*- *?.:;^<rt.\ :: "t~t ir _r-:=. ii w^^a zfltfi 

- ^^' ^i.-^-r-.n ^' .r.i". .- jr.-^.i-r. . . ^-^^^l-s .7 i .e-isc t^Twutr 

ft *.^ **' ,j*- «i-.: ■ >> ;:i.?.i -,. »-r.:»-r t..=.r- "ir-'-r-Ji tt-j 7Jr^7^J4M9, 
f'ttr^ ',rf',vr'^ i-r-t jTirTvH--?* 1-7:: -^.i' r.nnc-n i::ii -^n;::!— cstt 4C the 
44i«>-* - -^h lit i-'t;.:,^ -.-^^tr^^r "rrr:*- -.-r- ,i n-i.T-^z^i^'m^ jurr^a. poAs, 

^ '■."".-■ ' <ft vy*'!' /".'■- ir-^-i^^; v- _i ^ric :.-fi'r:_^~ '^^i^r *;tm1i cir- 
A'k'-- r-"',--^*.* A. ft*vi^. "-..* -^r^r ir -,;►• iTTz-ioii :<i-^ ri^ir'Iri fijr two 
*•, '. ' " ' y-" ■'" '*''■'■■ f-'-- "..irj;-'^"^7 r-^riHitf*; ':zz:-:i-*««'£ ia ^Dt of 
'A'* , V.' -f. 'f- .v/,rr,./.7 '.^ ^.1^ iT"— - :t t^L^j: ■"'■^ ih* Acreiith 

^«»,*f tr.' i-n* %f.-/3,/',*- '.'.'.t^.y 'itr^ci^Cfi ire T^-* r^:;':t* of Santa 
K>t\.t*^ itt.'l ^^^■ *m*> *iri'!-:'*n o>Ectr-tr-iTcii rtlizi tht dc£Ie od the 
f'/''l >■> lfi/.itfU. !).■: j'icket^ b^m^ I«^ :>) — i<JL eL:& c-.or^inF&t and 
f'fttf >Jp' p' -rr jfijiirrj. Ah v^rD ^ tt.« d:;T:y;i,:i k-id goi clear off> the 

Iff' 1*1 u ttatiiiMii-ti tht fiarm-lioiiK^ in fuccewion frooi tbe rigbt^ and 
PtriiJ/. Iff I I'll livhit'k, quitted the town of Ven vitfaEn piataUahot 
irt ttiK i-i\rmyn m-iilinelfi ; who pretended not to Di^tlce this retrograde, 
Irriifitilrly Ifi-FrtfC n|tpri'l}tffniiir(* nf bringing on an action without being 
HblH III tbU |iiiiiit tit rliiiplAy a Hufficitnt force to assume offenatre more- 
mihjU, uud iiW itiiijt'Lturing ibattbe dimion might meet with a reoep- 
lliiii Jiiili* iiiit!c-!|iHtect un rt-aching the neighbourhood of Pamplonn* 
'I'liii iTuhi' iif nulmiitiu at thiv moment was btill pursuing tbe Iroopa 
iVirtH rUtiu'THviill^ii and Zubiri, and actually within a few hours of the 
vliiliilljr uf I'uniplonBt Itro dnyt march brinnd the second and Jtenenth 
tUfitwua^ mill tkirf in rtiir afthe fi^ht dhition, and even thrmiening to 
iHffnviW Ml- Mijtth difiiuiM fmm 8t. Estevan. 

A* I WM \ftt with the pickets at Vera, I hod a good opportunity of 

tvilEHoMing thv tang /miif nt ikt^Vivrie)^ rxitpoait, tliey oiadc nr* fcnvard 

mavcencnij and at 1 wu Joitcnnff livhiii<i intEiri n sliort distDnct' of 

U>« l>ridi;u of Ltutica, ciwrvliich the troojiA ]md4:t0J4<e(] Ut tliv Ivti hunk. 

of tli« BidA»v«, r vliMTv^ ilir 8pmJsL rimily, (Tvrtli nhcxn I bod rr- 

cvntly becomr acquiuiiW,) wiJi luj^'id hlfidfH (iiiitnng -^U'we tliv llinty 

raadp liuvirig njsJjed fnim lh«ir un\y ctvvtUiiTg iTirmi^h tosn nf chs 

French, iho irihinnt they jierceWtd tlit^ sunCfJeit rutiriiia frum lh«ir 

|io«t& Thry now presented real objt'cU nf i:xitnEiiii4crAUuii, dud ui 

fkjff aboen (ind silk-il<K-l(Aii(;q ; tLv gloaiy nni;lctft vvcti: t^lmn from 

^|Uh' rutcliiW uf Jrfk Si-riuTJtj WiJturu. Hiiil a teur frrjiii lier iJurk blue* 

^^, (.ilmdvil vkh ravpn e\-r^U\shvii<,) rolli^ iliiwn ht-r tlmh^il rhwle, intik 

the j>TVtl{t<4r jmiiting lijn In lie imn^inoil ; u tnPiitiUu fixi»]y biinjj acrosi 

fcruccful futds around bcr ddkntc Feiniu pin? bcr, willi all hi-t iritublvs 
a muei «tcliBUti^i^ tipptarancf- El l^adri; u«:i'pleJ lit oir^r of my 
lion^, uid 9iUckinf[ Lih xWt W^k intn Uiv Hirriiji te]tT.1ifr>, onirijti«eLlly 
smokwl a cigur- Th? muthrr tixik my nrrnj tlii? t^tht^r I nrrorivl tn 
Venture, whci Kmilingly dt-vlttn-d, -ayiiitf, *' It h nni tbe ftmliion for 
fof JUtMyriiai ti> taVft lli»> jimnf uf /at CTT&«//rrrit," iijt pJitt'Jy offered 
licrbandi whik crri^uiiigtbL-hndgCibcrcKoidtbc little Wftiiic,** Why 
<]u ytnt tj<4 I'lll 1/iick /itf >Su^Jfri/vij»hud tel! i\ivtv to firih hx Mha k ttle 
p»f9i^ ?" 1 rndc-Avnurt'i] U* rtplnm ihnt onr ttunir «^ift niniiM!, unil nil 
Ui« crjDd iiiifia*iivn<« of an jirniyj ]\\\\v tu hiT KUTrnfacliun, for %tk^ 
OOuIcTboC «onipriili«nd any c>tb<fr thjiii tliit fnint nttiiL'U. 

Ob entering: the li>n'ii> tkc foiaily atoiipcd nt a lorifc; htoiic nionfliiiQ 
of a i^lntioHr Abvrc tEi?v mli^ndid tu tAc Up tbar bbodc tliu pr«-- 
Heni : tlie fBin-TiiJi ur^nl my ib-jutrfur^, Uiroufrh fiiir r.lut I inl^it f^Lll 
inia tbr Imndt i>f the nicmy, 1 ihi^n liutk my f in.-M'vU of tbrni, un I 
tboucbt for ttt4* \%il tinitf, und gtilliv^xin^ Uir<ku^b Ibc tir^n, uhim oninft 
vitbio hi^ht of tbv divixiim. tlirt^dinu \\a murcli upk li »<t<;(>p dh^Eilc. oQ- 
dflacd on iJl aidei by au txtch'iive R*ri'*t. 'IViV-urd* evening wc tn- 
CNBipt-d, on« Icjgue aud Li-bi»lf W.N-W. *»f P*iti K*ii?viiii, iin ikr ukuviTt- 
Intn ofHuiia Cru*. frnui ^briici' Wi- htill tcimmnwdL-d a vit-w nf the 
Frrach birouftck. Drrc wo hulti'd durini^ (be ntglit. On tli^ firllcm** 
icigdty, tli«> buttiv vf PumplirriA to^Jc p1jjc» thirvv mrltu in nitr rcnr, iiTid, 
|>rli^ rntimfrlcd ?iinci(i)t*it ibt mmmlainip v>'k did not bcur i>rt1]C wunC 
umu tLrec diiyi of U-r 1^ kirdii. Tbe cum but bo^m in n bin^lar mmjncri 
Uw uKlh divUiuij, uudi^r CJtii- iVk. ^bili^ v/i lU mnrc!k nvcr a laueh 
tiocftlry. inlcn^i^lt'd by ta-aae ^Vi\\\%. wiibiii ii ft^w rnllivt of ]'iiini»]irf)ii, 
Msddeniy tncuuntcitd th*i gToycDiiU'd Kroncb ortlunink iii full mapch, 
d^lKiut'^itnc intm )n.'hiMd tiut vilEujfv tii SaarorcTi for th« |>urpovv of uut- 
ft«Bki]kj£ \htt K-f't i»f llu- f'liirth division, 'X\\v ccnucquvnoo uf ibowc livo 
b>ii«4i]c liodiirB i^ljL-diiui; wun. tbkkt tlic^ tn^rny'^ vmj w^'ic <1rivcik Imck liy 
s bol Art* of muskftr)'- 'V\\q Fti^ritb. U-iii||r fitiKiiJ tji ibin mumvuvris 
tt7TD«d iht'ir ^ruitd I'iFiirt* pgninit cho ftv>]it of tbt- hrigbfH aw wlifHi tbr 
fiHiftb diribioii WQB BUlioiii.'d^ 'I'be vml-ntr of Ibv riid rogmiiriti 
traiivcinidtfiit, and thi? Dukv uf Wi-lUii^tikij rtptiiitdly UiahUt-'d tlii> vu- 
riotn curp*. whilv utvVL'iiun trrath lo ttnew fri-bb i-rfiirtw wiib ibo 
buvnnctj jn driririK t^K- (ntniy btudlfjiifj frum tlir vr^At nf tin- ru^td 
hv!|el]t>«; CbiM fdrntigilit'in, AftiT uimuit Anii^niitiry nml furinnn (^uiiii'>t« 
tA anu4t (Vum furtbfr ritfotiHiv<» mnvi-mt^iiti uii tbui povUioii, 

The Gcncnd-in-tbier c»uld uuly cuilcrt, fll tin- ind Mf tbrco dnya, 



two bripdvtt (if tlifi Hffcond divinjan, Ocn. MttriUn'i. ftnd part of the 
Cotuit <f Aliitlml'*, Spaniiirdm, and tfic i/frce r/fxeire tfiruions^ to ojipose 
tht^ Duke- of UiiliiujliHit ^Ii'lIi cli'urlv dcmutuinilt^ tW {;:rvitt dillituU)' 
ftf ocL-upyin^; iHt-li a v:»"t i»d ditlicult roni^c ofcviiiitrv. Tlio jifsL ^e- 
Ciin4,jijfh. truritlh, irul !i--fii ttiriititiiix^ wt're luo fur iliihini tn jniri in 
tb« iictjon uf llitf 'iSili : ^ml PPrn thn thirf] cUvi^Jitr, nnl^ u finv miles 
lo Uk' ntiJit i»f lUv licld *>^ uPtion, oould iiol tufce pari in it, oa the tuc- 
d;5 IillJ ji corps of obai-rvatiLiri vpptkMti' }^ir 'f' i'icti>ji, bached by a nuoiv- 
rou? Lfiiin ufiuLllliTy >iid ,i hiiyr Ijinlj *if laividrj, in tiiiditifws lu t-n- 

gi*^*» liim, inhnitld tin- Jijrfi iud,;triff//i JivJnium liiw* ihr diiy. 

The li^lit diviitijjri (M^iliTtiii'ri in iir»itUjn at Sutit'i Oiin! during tlie 
ivUtk- i>t th* yiUh, Ijiipinif CdOiplttt^lT lo»l nil lr;i<v uf tho Army ; flud 
duriitjT tlitr-c doubtful t<i>jij>frttiuiH, itt mui q<'t wc bc^nii to descend a 
rUKffca pill, iii'af Zubii*tii. tft ciid<mvmir tn cut in upnn thi' roivd btf- 
tivd'ii Rttii|iUjmL Aud T<r1iJhi» ua il >vuh luipoMtblc tii hmiw wLi-tlirr 
Lurd Lyut'cbkcb, by tUU tiinv, w.ia not i.'v(.>ii bejmjd tin- Ititter to^vn; mil 
to udd ti> niir cUtlicnttiixt, thc> ti\g}it »t in xo pxtr«mHy diirlc thiit tbc 
soldiff* &in\d no lonjrer it?c oath otiiiv, urid bvj^n to tumble about in 
all diri<cti<riii ; nuniv Ih<cjiiiii< HtaLioniirv oii Hliclviii^ of rook, vt ao pn- 
vvIm|W ill tliL.' (bi^kct, tb'tt ibpf could no ltmt£i-r cutTiL^iiti: iIicijihi'Itcs 
fr<rni tint iri^'-t und u tidier wui^d- Tbr fuckH mid tii(< ftycesx rt-.^ouEuIrd 
ivjtii TEiniiy ^mIm'^, iv]di« b(>rti nnd ibt'rf* ^ iiinnll ?lro wrm kiiiilli^t) und 
Dared np. 4a if li^bt^d tn tiiv doudi by tome mpgic haud. For mvself. 
1 at li^Uji^th bcnLtnu no exh»UKttd mid out uf ttmptr, nt thit toiJ ut lug- 

EiiiX aluni; m^ urivvilltnt: Htoi^d, timt in a At of despair I nvjunti'd uiid^ 
L'q>iLjg a ilgiil tcuu prrudtlvd tlic nnimixl to pick iih tj^rji btA^im. Tbe 
bririobf t vf ibo iivL-q mi ciHilir^UHlty tivUte<l nimid my 1u<luI tlint T ex. 
p*icled ©v*Ty rninutv to find myself siiipi'mWd ; at Uu lb*- trusty b<ir*« 
miidQ a dead tiup, liuviri^ otdit^wI frum thi- ian^st Una a Gmalt hamlot, 
whorv 1 I'ncaurilt-rod a ft^iv bitriLuvd hiittUi.':r^, inquiriag of <-itch other 
vhrr« the midn b[>dy Imd vjiiiinbcd ti>» or ivhiLi dirtviiujj to ]>LJi»ur. for 
ibcy (HI Wjtcr knew H-bttlitrr tWy ii'(.'re advaiidnj;: or rttiiiiig; and, 
wltbiml J^^r r<-r4-iuiMiy. Ih'^chii Io bjiTtf^r, wilb (be Uitt-t^nd of tWLr 
firulockt, the tilroTin niid mmsifp dwuM of lb* slu jjiIh-Ti oj; inbabituijlB, 
d^^mimdin^, wjtb Ht>*^Jt»Tiiifi viiic«>t» if uiiy troops bad pa»»d that way ; 
d didicull r|uchliaii fur prcpiti to Answer irbo hiiu just tiaen from 
tlicir TniittreMirs^ und now timidly oprncd thuJr drmn*, m tunj«di*ful>Je 
nUriri. bviti^* iip]>i'^bnLiiiv« Unit \\v bud t-^tav at tnldtuf^ht bdiiT to rob 
■nd pIiindL'r thi-ni, Ac luil n n?»ob»to S|iiiniaTd* tbrw a liirge capolo 
over hit nbouldcT, and atoppinp forward wld, ■' Si>norc* CidflJicn>aT 
only inform uiu wh(inPo you «imr or whithiT you arc S"'"ff> 3"<^ ' ^'^^^1 
be vour piidc;" but we were jh> iKrwildcrvd, owjn-; to ihv crookfd piitb» 
Mud tb« UtricAtv wjii<liug?i of the furot> that no tmv: i-ould uki' npo'i 
MmitvirtEJ pLiim tDWiirdb liw difi^ctirm of the blf^uk tiioiintiiin wp bad 
CtHlH* from, or tbc» n[imp of the place Wi? Hero ipjinjf loi na ii matter of 
Wpediyiicy, tInTv!(ir<>, wo pntivnlly ftwoiicd the coming ini>rn- 

* On Ihe-Jl)tl4, .11 I 111 III'] of fijui dav*' %liLiii4;. buLh Manhali dniiicd rrom boitili- 
lifli in iVuiil or l*«M>^li'iipih Tlio French cAplajr^f thpnjtritei \n wljpng off lo [Ltir 
neht »ft •*»ii»l llio ".'oitiii J'JCriuB. who hv\ ioltawt-A th* irk«rc}i of Lur J 11(11 bj Lnnt. 
'Ih<] J^ukt iir VVrllin^rEi^h. mi [h« ofbi-r likinL, u.'» ilriiuih^ in tn« 4«tviil]i JiTuiun luia- 
miQ 1 i:uior]iiiiiic.«fu>ri wilJi Ijin) ILLl. iinil aUn wnlrhln^htt odtaniuy^t inqvaiiiiibb» to 
tiko *<iraniM^ii i^ -nhM mi^Jit aanic oo die IU0U04. 


At daybreak,* a scene of complete (infusion presented itfldf, the 
greater part of the division being scattered over the face of a steep and 
woody mountain, and positively not half a league from whence they 
had started on the previous evening. As soon as the various corps had 
grouped together, they followed the only road in sight, and aoon met 
a mounted ofiicer, who directed them towards Leyza : near that place 
one-half of the division were already bivouacked, having reached the 
valley before the pilchy darkness had set in. It was now the third day 
since we had retired from Vera, and Gen- Baron C. Alten became so 
tineasy, that he ordered some of the best-mounted regimental officers 
to go in various directions to ascertain, if possible, some tidings of the 
army, with which he had no communication for three days, and were 
Aow isolated amongvt the wilds of the Pyrenees, on the left of the 
river fitdassoa, half-<way between St. Sebastian and Pamplona- At six 
o'clock the same evening we again broke up aud marched two leagues 
in the direction of Arressa, and then bivouacked in a wood^ with an 
order not to light fires, to prevent any of the enemy's scouts or spies 
aacertaimng our route. Two hours after nightfall, the troops wereasain 
pnt in motion, and I was left in the forest, with directions to contmue 
there all night, to bring off in the morning any bag^ge or stragglers that 
might happen to go astray. At daylight on the 30th, having collected 
together a few women who dared not aeain encounter another toilsome 
nigbt-marcb along the ver^ of precipices; it was a droll sight to see 
this noisy group defiling from the forest, many dressed in soldiers* 
jackets, battered bonnets, and faded ribbons, with dishevelled locks 
banging over their weather-beaten features, as they drove along their 
lazy borricas with a thick stick ; and when the terrific blow:^ laid on 
ceased to produce the desired effect, tliey squalled with sheer vexationt 
lest they might be overtaken, nnd fall into the hands of the enemy's 
light borse. Having travelled for two hours as a sort of guide to these 
poor women, I perceived an officer at some distance in front, and on 
overtaking him, he expresised thti greatest joy at seeing me, aud declared 
that he had been wandering for some hours in the nicest agitated state of 
mind, not knowing whither to bend his footsteps. The division had drawn 
up again during the night, and having laid down on the flsink of the 
column, he bad fallen into a profound clumber, out of which he had 
awoke at brond daylight, with the rays of the sun sliiuing full on his 
face, and when somewhat recovering hU bcwilderi'd ri?col lections, he 
wildly gazed around for the column which Imd vanished, and springing 
on hia feet, hallood with all his might ; hut no answer w^s returned, a 
solemn silence reigned nround, save the fiultenzig of tlic hirds amongst 
the luxuriant foliage of the trees, the morning dew no longer bespan- 
gled the sod. nor did the print of a single f<>olslep remain to guide his 
course; at length, in a fit of desperation, he hastily tore a ])assage 
through the ihicket, and luckily reached the road, aud at nvudom saun- 
tered along in no very pleasant mood, until I overtook him. Soon after 

■ II *as a fretjuent fiislnm, v.lji;ii in "a]it uf ii mmk, lo uni^jloy a |K::isanl. ^Iio re- 
nit ed a LiolUr al llio md of his il.iv's imimrj. Milmi l*iiis>iiii. Wmg lurislouLtil lo 
pasiural livi'a, were wcU ^LtiuainlHl wim tvcry imh "f ^numil or liy-[>iil!i for k'n^^iipa 
around ilicir haLitalions, ;i^ vfi-W nv llic r.irnui fLirdi ju^rnsa rnuri iind iiilnitnry 
ttreaRiK -, which duju'nd on ihn bcai^un (if iho yKar^ «r the iiiiaality of i<dn that mighl hap- 
pen Id fjU at UQOcrLun periods on Uie&v mounlains- 


tb» ne beard to our l^ft pu>iindd like tha&c oF disrant tlmndpr ; la cb^ 

aky wan in-Tfrclly afroiici, we concluded thnt the noise tniist be cnuiwcl 
by A hravy firiikg of musketry,* On ronching Arribn wi' formd inost of 
tliBTlmifS difipJ i lio\vi"ver, ivp *ua"i'pUcd in pardinsiiig a luuf, imd llien 
Kpnte<l oiimpUiFi mi the nmr^iii uf a cltnu* mottnitiiii-^^UfuiUp where we 
(levfttireJ k^ and ihen Wncei] otireelves with n h^^uTty Hrtinghl nf Ui** 
refrehhin^ be*"<jr9cv ; Uiia sutnui IihIiccI nti iniiiin^f, iltat we threw off 
oi^r cWhcd flnct (mjii^cd into it. ^'oUvitlislatdinij the cooling; cfFecla uf 
tlie Imvliti ihc feet of my comiianiou were sd nrndi Bwolk-n, cjwjn;; lo 
pri^muH fiitij^iie, tljiit wiili utl lihii^^ijing hei-uuld nut pull uii hU bools 
a^in; fi»rtur!itt'ly mine wvtv ahX mid i^iL^y, so wc reatlJly elft'Cttd ati 
e^xdutngc, Lind thc-r fo^lrrxvvJ t1i»^ road acnuiK i high mountiin, fratn 
wboBU Humnnl we n^vu the djvinion bWouupked to the "ght of tiie brood 
and wi^U-parcd rond (nrur Lccunilx^rn) wliidi J^ndH from PampJona to 
Toluaa ; fruni ibis jxjMtimi ^'V ciruld mnrcli ti> eJther of tho^i^ ypluces, 
IwJu^I half-vvay liflweeii lln-m ; litre the divisiuu nw-uted ihv ivUiru i>r 
lis HCDUi^ tEi^ wl c\e of i\\v fultowiiig djiy, 

The Frciicli army hein^K Po™pli?tyIy worn oiit, und hnTing suffered 
ti^rribly in billed and wouiii.Wd. ooniiriLed 1o rc^tri<ut during tbe 3lfit, 
followed by live diviaiona [>f the Untiah in tliTCc ciilumns, by the roftds 
uf RoncL'sviL^teH, Mt^yu, and Dunna M nn^k. On llie evening of the 8iunc 
diiy> althnnj^h o[i]ii|iii']y tu tlie reur uf tit pursuing culiitiniA, we recdv- 
ed ordi^ry, if ifriBHiht^, ta overtake thee»^triy« aknd atTiu^k tb&ni wherever 
they might be found. Accordingly, in tht middle of the night we got 
unJer arma and be^an our miircb ; towards the middle i>t' tlit' fuMor^ing 
day, (Uie Iht of Ani;.) baring alrendy niaiched twenty-four miles, wu 
deaceuded Inlo a deeji vullcy b<?lweeii Itureu and E^^jviaga. wliere the 
diinsion drew im in ndmini U- rreonimilrp the right ilntik *'f ihe efn-iny, 
tpbo wero still noTerhig in the ncighhoorhood of Snn Kftlt*Fan, After 
■n hmir's halt, no continued our TTiuv^^mcnt on tli^ JeH: of the Bida^acw, 
and for Ibn^i' hi^nm nseended, or mther clauibLTed, the ni^^i^d ofiperitica 
of a p"''*^*k^*"*^ mmmlnin, the by-pnth of which wo* conijuiBed of over- 
lap pjii^nlubB of mi^kj ur »»teppmR-»tuur8 : ut dnii o'dock in the ufLernoon 
9 Hyin^ dij»t naf di.':icnod. glrr^tening with the? brichtnnd rti-id flHhb^K of 
imaTl-unnq. to tbe tif^bt of the BidDEsoa^ and in tlie vcOley of Lerin. 
A wy WiiK inntuiitly kvI up ■* 1b« enemy 1" the worn solcIiiTs ruined 
|]icir Wilt headfl covered witli duj^t and a'trcnt t we b,id nciirly rencbed 
the BUnimit of ihjft Ircmt-ndoUH mountain, hut nature was quite cx- 
hutiKtfil ; iiiHuy of the >ioIdi<.>rH li^ed Uddud, b^ivjng iiccomplished more 

" Tith AriniL wu aciir \jtiiaa. if/h--tv iUr vni:ii\y vnHairimvA In [itm Lorfl irU'a left 
flank bj llir Tvibi lu Hupitfu. ojid yrhWa il^i: {'ciuni i]'Krtnii Mat iLfifine lu citFi-ute ihii 
BiO^CiOf Mt tbc liiKl ctiVtiiDit. ut]Lttani;itIy, w^irv rririrr !iinj an hi> nj;lil fimk : b^wevcr, 
tha GoMTil^m-rhHrf IwinB ilitJ in pfUiEinn in tmnx nl P^inhjilDriti, liriibtir (Juii jUp l^uke 
fli l>*lniDD» ht'l vmi'-tini Ml \rt\ nnii M-ntrf^ 1p> ftii]i^tiT |l>i] Cuudl d |'>Ea]», ;mine4i- 
BtBJy MninttmioiKxuviwI. unl aitiniliftJ tlip right of tiih ii|»]tfnifrrn i»tili tUr *i*th uixl np- 
tauib divixiujji. *.\ia \f(l muIl llit' ihiid flivikivu. ilikJ Umu jiivh'nl ikt crcur of itie cne- 
ray vritk the fuurtJi i]iviur>B laJ It^n. Hync'> EiFL|[iuln of Iht^ aiTond <bviaLDii. an J tfcfoiu 
tnn-wl |iuiitt4<<l bflfik lliii <inurny buyoiiil i.>TiU^^iia ; by lliu «llArk thr id^ flink. uf iho 
t-aonliL h>inci («^rtM<umTfVnnih1, mul nUi^l liim In fall bftrli, duriDu eLb r^i^bl, U>< 
*irdt iht' {laii uf l^oniit Mvin. Ui ^-ivul l^iliii[ into UiC tnuti urigintlly lateiiilHl for 
bu .idtcjiurv. 



'^^ "^^ BArrLt^ op TUB PYRnNBBs, 7 

th*& llitrtr miles cfvct tbe rocky rnadi inlcncclcd with !i>o«l' «ton««, 
many ML ftrarily oa tU« uaked rocka* I'rotLiiif^ at tlir muutti, black In 
tlu; fHoe^ tnd Alrugt^lJng in tkeir bat ngoitEi-v, wliilnt nflirni, iiRHlile to 
drag ooe leg after the athvr. leunt^d oji the iiii)vj^ti<i of tht^ir lir^lockit, 
loolciTtg picmres of de&paEr, Taait^noff ia dmciuntwUlu itccvnts tbat ihtj 
had zicrtT ialipu out before, 

Tb^ «UD was tbitiin^ ia full Ti^ouft Itut fortanatclr hqitivtoua difiwr 
•trcnnu bubblci] frtiLu tlii-i cJiTitira nnd li^furi't trf thu rnrkti, (which 
■wtitf clotlittl in uiuuy |i|iif!fN by lipnutiriil i*r«»rgrtetis.) ^tid alUvprf ih« 
brimtng thint of tlii^ fsinting m^n ; — thf lurnl w(irk of.^n inl«n'try lo]. 
iUm ■! tiotei u beyond nil cklculation, and d<>alh by tha rimd^tuW frv' 
quMitlj pata Dfi vQiI to his HulfcrrngSj — but wbitt dciicri ption can rquiU 
Mi«li on exit ? At «eren in tliU <'vi'ninj;, the division linririi^ bcrn m 
narcb mnctern boum, and occumplithed oonrly fdi ty uiiEvs, u wn« fr>iini] 
ftbMJutvly nctrxKiiry to Imlt the ftfH'niiJ brl^nidi' nenr AninuRj ai a ml lying 
|Miint; briiij^ Ti»w pn.T(il1^1 with tJi^er^Tny. sim] somfl hoiirHu-lii-bct ol tb^ 
vmn-flUArJ Ivudinp th? left column of our iLrmy, tut rijijbt bvigudc GtiLl 
^bbUd OTixvArdrt; ut tvilij^lit we ovcrI*H>kvd tiJi' erJi^my witJiin stone's 
tliTOW, and from the ihUmmit of a tremi'itrloLLJt precipice, tbr tiv^ aepa- 
rattrd UA i but the Kr^nrb were n-&l^v6 lu a iiarrcnv rcnul, v/hh inacoe^ 
idhlff mrkh. PTidrmlng th^fn on on^ Md^, ard tbe Hv^r on tli^ frther : 
ifu«b ponfusion Cook place ainongsl tliom u is impouibEv to dtrfcribt?; 
lb* vouodvd vcTr tliroirn doivn duriiij* tbe riir^b imd trunipW upotit 
■ttd tbclr envnlry drr^ Lboir a^vurdfit ^nd cmkavtiiircd to cbflr^^c up the 
pua «f Cchabu'* (tl)c only epcnin); on tbeir right dank.) but the iii- 
fsiiUy be;*l ihetn hnvk. anil KevtT.i] of tbpiii, horni^ und h)1. ivpre j"ft^ 
ciphatpd int^i Ihr dvcr ; ot(n»ri fir*?d vfriicnlly ut \i%, whiEitt tbe wmind- 
«a oallvd out for qunrter* and pointi^J t'> Ibeir nuiiteruuK suldicn auj>* 

Cpd on the i>buuld«Th frf lln^jr ojnididj'* in btJir^ra, <vmi[i(*''<'d of 
dicJ of Irr^'*, to wbicb vrcrc nu'pvndi'd (crcut coati cl>ittcd ;*itli 
gm. ot bbxHl-Ktiiicn^d ^u^Kit tnt&'.-n fntm rurious h^LlitriLlufi^, to *xtTf 
odTth^Er vroiimltd. on wbcim Wi- ilid iihl fiVe, Our nutiLtioii wii> iiion 
ColU'd from thin mi-lnncboly flpL'CtifcTi.' To Kupjuift tbc Kirt*- oirrif ■ while 
Uiey n-pul»d thi? ouijmy who bufl cri>u-c^d ovit the hridgu <if Yah«j to 
«tC4clc un, lo cnabliT tbo tnil iif thtir ciilumii to |-ct olt': ni^ht cloHi^d on 
tiiy And lljc firing: ci-iiMit , but, uwiug t" utir sej^inB thr bridfic, :vc cut 
(rif the H'hoir of Uii'li bu^uj:T^. ^bjdi Tvll into llir liHudii of tlie vuluuiu 
ifimt ftraiy frtllowiiitf frimi St. Kstrvun. 

Jn Ibb "way ended tho ment trying fliiy't mafrh I *vot rf*nipniber- 
On tin- iollo>v]iip mo^ll^lI)^ ^(»>n nficr djiyliffht, wo filed acmu the 
brid^O of Vufikl, b^'Cd W mjr packttn, and dotiichcd a anndl forca to 
JCtUTD the rond tuuard^ Ki^bjilur. until tlitj trmtpA cjitnc np frimi (lit dU 
rvdlun of Sun Ktrtuvan* wbi*'h hiiJ him^ on tlie enemy* ri*nr for the 
thfn thro* pffviou* Any%. Continuing our umn-fi, we ttiKv niory de- 
boucbcd by the defile opputile Vera, wbectf the French iL'nii]ii>lft wpro 
AtiU FovtcUt tts if roottU to the ro?k« en wliicli they were Btatiened tho 

* On* ofiFiG (ir%i I hiv vouoded ttuCbpi. Pvrccv-jJ. uSihc llifluiutpe. " WbH" 
nM Iw, " t un A Jlli:!^ Tdlmv, «jlb one vrrn uiillujcU 4aJ uickiM by my mijt fium &b 
«U wffHbd, Abd no* vrAhtc 14 iu< lh< flihcr." 


day IVR liiid tukeu uur ilei)Lirtui\v A» mHrii «a tlie second brigade Oktniif 
UVt \vv Li^il^ii ad(viidi?d ibe IiciL^hti of SiLfitu BiLrbani, where we found 
n l-^criidi porporui, witli n tjr»k.^ri Iwg., bu head renting an £■ Imiry Itnap- 
nock, end Hupy()Tli*il in IIig otltk of a cummcle, who gcnefouslr remain- 
«h] behind to firotect t!ic life of hh frjinil frum tliu aclitth at tbo Spa- 
nWJii- An soon db iie hai3 JtlivtrcU hJiii to llic cnrc nf tlic J-logliflh 
■ftliliorn. 111" *?Hibrnoi\I tla- cor|Jorjl. luyingp " An n-vtrir. Iron itmntnidc 
jiftKfiiinf" lutd ifirowiiiji; tuK uuitikt'1 iip?r bin Hboulder, w!lb ibt^ }iult-<*nd 
en 3'fliV, Jjc il«*c»'Niled Uie airtuutflin tn rejoin ilie French armj on tji* 
oppoT^itt' riinjcc of ht'icbU. Ul' voiirets no ojio oftprt^d Co mok-al thia 
4iinyir Mitdat. who ^aaily cfTcclcd I]j:i taiiapc. As i>ur pidcti* cowld not 
vuti't thi' vtdW> kintil i>(ir right wiu ck'iu'ca. and tbe vncniy yninlieii titim 
tl^e mountain iif Kcbulnr, 3i 9vv}i up atiutlji-r divJbiuii uUnL'kt^d Ukhs 
h«tghta. tto linit Rilt4?s moved <ni nnd claniher(?d ihe Tno^intain of St^ 
Bernnrd, mpported by fivu 4;otn|iuniL'K of <iur rd^mtnl. The sold icm 
had U'cn tor iwo dnya witbimi nny BUhleiinnct, and xvtru ho weak Ihnt 
ibcy cuutd hnrdly lUiiid ; hnwtvcr, au esCi!UeiLt coiiiminHiry hud ma* 
jijigtid hi ovttliikc ua, and hit.irilj- Bi'tvtil oul hidf'a-pmjnd tif bist'tiit to 
tncb jndwiduu], ivbidj llit? nuldh^r) deviiurtd while tn tht acL uf iirlm* 
injj ftiid bx»iifig ns they moved oil t'> lie Ailtnclc. 

rbc sumoiit of thtf mutLnbiiii wan ^^'mrred ia a dcnfic foj; ; ar ihtj- 
oible 6hi>g (M>uiinL,<iici^d ; It watt imyiiKuibL- lo jmccrlttlM wbich purtf 
wa« jfvttin^ the bcht of thij fi^bt ; the con^hnlaiith w^rc liti-tally 
c!Ot)lruiiii^^ in iIl<* cloudv. U'ht.'n hnir->^'uv up lb(? klJ? of tbi' manii- 
t«1n, wp fViiind n mnn nf thp RiAi^k Ijm^ on hlx f»cv^ nnd bh'ftl' 
in^C 10 copioUAiy tliut ]di hui^rfaolr wn4 dv'i*d in blood: wc turned him 
ovvr, iVid btinp imm^xvbiit rvwivtuvd hvf»te he win curried off, hv told 
uv, in Imiken niunutylUbliM, ihnt three Krendimcii had minliLkL'ii bini 
for D Tijrtugut^* luid hold ufbim* tbiu^t a Inyonet thcough hi& tblj^h, 
Hiiiwheii \\nr Jtitick {if hU nlUt ^md ilnii |mhbeil biin froin utf ibe h-dgt* 
of tho iiri»in|^TCt' unfb'r whic)! ive dimevenvl ln(B- The s^i^und Frenelj 
ligbt infonlfv wvry dihbnltfed lnjfnrtf t^vili^^Itt fron^ the lop of this 
inountuifL ; liul thi? rnpi^-kling tia»be« t/i MmtJl-amin euutiniiL'd a^tr 
dprk to vfcBtb uitb El eroivn of lire tbi* lUrnmiU uf the vartuUK rotka 
ttbuiLt n^bubif. Thik». ahvt a nvti^ti of ditbcnll niurcljes ^^](>lk^^t n 
din<itic juinbli? cif itlcrile niLnmtiuiiK, the nmnj^ w>rp mi^^ly diktvinifiU'd, 
wfif b lin iMiorrntina Ici^, }iy a xeri^* <»f ibe MOit exlrnorctinarv nnd briUi- 
ontiiffoTts during the I'emmular war. F"T llireednvBUi-: Frc^nth had the 
vniitL4-i-' frr'>"nd, owint; to Ibeir BUpcfitirily uf ntmtKr* ill .1 ^ivcn point i 
but till tbt^ fvnrlh diij. tbc 4»nie diviMoJin ^\biel] hud fto heroii^dly 
fj>u^bt vthile fuilii;^ bat k» BUh till ued^ with their lini^kh lo 1 b'rFLlile fnr* 
tri'Kh, (n-lienw iht* i^nymr wrtiwi during tbt* bicxle,) n mont deftpemi^ 
auauh inndL* by the Dntie of nidumti-i, ovi*r vi'bfiin the Uukc of Wei- 
lington gimuil :i [tieoxoiMbk- viptory* and oeft«<^d n-rt in turn to purmit 
thtp Friujfl) Marhbii], imtd b<r wart glod. to acok aljcltcr from wliriice be 
cnme- The Atunduda of Ihilnii^ LL|£^tiii ^v»ved niluft ;tnd Hu^iird in tbu 
l»-ntLe brtt£« uver iti? fertile lidds of Frnnep. 




i^irnino Tifi i Arr ua>. 

I «PAA not qiiit« Hitaen, Vf]w!i J mntli? my Hetivt m thi; nialicol worJtf 
M n onidthipman in tbr Ka»i Indiii Coni|iiiiiy'a nerni^e* and on thr 33d 
•f Jmii. If) — > tntburkinl nfj tiuirJ ihi:^ UnrldmU) uii uU eitiifi un hrr lost 
Tarvv io niiic1ra« Mud Chinit. ih^Tt lyin;: iM Long Rt^nch. 

Tuv crmift of mr Ant mnj- ^n ihv brinj elpDient u'ere bj no ine«ni 
Mlevbtfrd ti> tufnihh ilii> ii^Diit fuviiiirnliiJi- ttJiiir^*H*^ioiJ9 of tlK< prvf««Hj(iii 
I lud «boMn ; and Imd I l>crii Ici^A fimd ut' n life erf iidventiiro imd cx- 
Citvmi^iitt my tirbt voyaw \muld prabnblv iavc been also my loAt. 

TtiiK w:tj< thi; firJil a1ijj> I timl i-vrr i^cn, i^iiriM^r|iti-iiOy I ^jhcI lii|Ui.-rUi 
fonnn] but n vrrv impt^rtVct idt*n of iJit^ wi^n'Jco «r wny »f lif*- of n 
mUot- At l^m, I by »<> nii^uiiH r(-|i«1i«jd Khvne |.iractK'til [^jirtn <>f ttic 
duty peculiar to midjJiipmtin in tho CowijiHny'h nervicc, tW frt^im'nt 
tnonntib;* olfrfl to Ijoji iibjcjt tbc miaco lop-ffmlftrl-ynrd, or ihc miBcn- 
loj^Miil ; ^ibuvc »i1. tbiiK coll full jjdrd fultw^k-fibrijudii. by ivliicb vnv 
rc»»m» ito uimLitur-jlly fcusju-Jidi-d. likp n »iijilrr, bi'Uvn^n briitfii »nd 
«ttrtlt) piTftltfl )n<- nccvftirkfi;!)' : and for n fvw drty*, utitj) qiiiitzi*!] out 
<if it, I wtiii fun, lihv iiUi^ir lubWr^t, to Uki^ thi> nbonef and nicirci i>^v 
mod, und crw-p into the lop tbroupb I»uhhrr'n Hole. However, I wa* 
Moa A niiitc^ for iLk- ninpt udvctittiroUA df my v^iung mvHmati'a ; and 
UIM! vvcniiijf. not \ou^ ufltT I jouJtrd Ur' »!ibi[i. I Wm» vi^ry inr4r \ia.pnf 
dmrif fur my im|)md<-net' wbilr vying U'lth ihi-ip iit Inili of ngjlltw 
^^AbUaI with viiitriKvl^FT on hrit joiiiinu u kI"ii until tht* novtdty '^ 
~cd, AC lind bcoa climaii;; (<iioh uilLcr up and flowu tho Hf^ifiiu;. 
Tcly «ca}in^ wcij inut in the ibi'p, from the mixen-peak to tfirr 
0(»-fitul»ni-iAiiitt, wbcjL» «i u JittiiU, 1 iniirt utvd^ Uln' it intct my 
lij dcicciiJ fiiiin tlin forc-to^i-inastt-lK'Dd by tSii^ itny i thii woidd 
hftTi* bven Ftif^y (.-^rjrFtigli^ bud not Ibi* vtfiy. which [ wjlh mil iiWJirr nf, 
b««a rvcionlly torrid. [ hnd <mfy prtici>(^di*d a l«w fHit, ivEitkn I would 
falTC ipvcc trorbli Io |^t baek, but ihii was n«w Ud impriicticitbli^ ai tt> 
|ir«ceed. It buirt^ murty^ durk, niiJ f?^w fK-mona oti diick, nu viitf wit- 
P l M Wi d njy la-riloLiiL hiliMliiin, jiud 1 itmjdrd Imi Jiiudi llir ridteulc of 
my ctnDpaiiumft in cull out fir nFUhif(tsL[u.-L\ mid which I felt. iiiori-ov(>r. It 
mmM tf^ difhc^Tilr ft Hlfiird ttw. TIiiik Kiiiipi^Tidi^, i^i^bty fit>r ^Ihivp th<* 
dr<lc, in tiluioit on invertt'iJ po»ilion, my Ijundt and leet oitemntely 
Iflbcd t« the Eitiv» from ivliicb il n.'i]uired every timi- d frebh eri'tirt to 
rr1ma« lliem» I iHTM^'vir^'d Lulil I beiwm>* u^noil exhumtrd, ftnd fx- 
prci4^ ctcry monH^nt :o be Mb]it.'ed ii> f(in*Li<i m> Md, nnd In he duhlied 
to ptrrvL At Irnjrtb, liy tti<< mo^t |iniiiful ^'xi-rtioni mid piTxi^vcniuce, 
1 twcb^el Ih^ hitiv^prlt, :iucl h\i lihi- n fi<l)^>w rupriiwi^d ; mid In fnlurc^ 
IDT tntjuntin^ ikoibitKill wai tcmfk^Ted with a liuje more prudente. 

We were dctniiif^d Tiearly two mmilha nl iHc Mi>thi?rhftuk collL-cimi; 
tb« Itvet iiiid ivHitiii^ u bLVinirtkbltf: wind • ut Iru^tb wi; put tcj scA under 
conroy of t)jR OirubrLnti fnttHiR naJ mie or twu trthc-f ibijJ* of ii^ir, 
Imt »rar«* bad w*" Hoarf-d ibt* tbuiti^I. when n nmll^finiui h-vor, with 
umrry *ad dyiwatffrr. brok« onl iimoiig tJio cn^Wf and in n nhori lime 
made fucb at) nbu-muig proj^rc^^, thai ere ue rtuched the Intiliukv of 
tK« Cnpe i>f Ooud Hupc, nx ci>uld nut iii cuii^ft iif exi^vney muster ft 


«aflieteiit nnmb^r of men to ptrfot-m ih# required duly. Tbe crew on 
lATing Buj^Eund condstvd, ufbccr^ JutUidcidT vf ubout ons hundred nnd 
tOTty ; but WamI?* iWat^ wc cnrritJ uiil cEiretf hiiji(]ri.'ij trjop^, prijici' 
paUy cnw n-cruiti of the Scitldi brigikdc?. tuid it vn* ai]ki>iig the littttr 
lltu firKt fmol ihyrripmmK <if diKeaw imitlH iheir MjipeiiraTU'e. At one 
periwl of ihe vi»j"^»tf;y, yva hjid irpwnrds of Uvi* hnndfi^cl in the wick Vmi ; 
ifjd m thii criaU the mtbncbol^ t^pt^ctncle lUily ]irt«eiited itatif of tlta 
WJihi)piuipiit to the duep of tJao rcmums of foot or five of it» unlbrtu- 
HiLtc vi Clin IK. 

On cniuitj^ tliti ("ijuutur, tbv uhuul ceiemujty. wUh uU tin; rude chii- 
tHCtfrkCte»i (rf th^ bnrliarnuH t\n^e» from ^vhich it datM it\ itfi^in,— 
ivhiph can only plead cuBtom, and one wliich. us it is liuhle ti* Hiuch 
tifvoi^v nmj abuGLS wouM b« iiLfin^tt-iy " mvru buiiout«d in tW breach 
than tilt ubfivrviiiiije," fL>r !ta liJ(;rutiLUJ«^vriLa ^crfnrmrd, ivith all thi- 
djippiiil^ ui%'xiiJ]ttneti bi-(itli«g sudi u soleuinily, The Oceuii Ood,-^ 
Aiiiv lit' ill*' (Mptiiiijs nf t>i^ forec»ntl<^,— wiib Mr^. Nrptnnt by hift si^e, 
in npproprTnt*- ppr:ijdiiTihUiii, the fonner with iiit hNiIi-nt. ihe *.hip'* 
barpoon, and otlit^r syrLibL>lB of hia nautitsil iittribut^f, drnR'ii in a. cnr. 
and xutnmtnltd by p motlty crow of vorit«hlt ^eu-monKtwra, pcfBonut' 
ing IntOTiA, &v. iinicv^di-d iu &Ute froiii ihe fvit^CiiaLlt: hIoi^;; lh« ^^"g' 
^uy to (be fjiMLTtiT-dL-f^kp In M^dcoim^ uiii.1 rei-eivt the bunu^ iif the 
Cuptnfn. i'lie n^i\n] greeiin^ ^oded, liU mtjiiit Mnji^itty in the tiiimo 
tlitiv df^t-ended to tlie ntAiii^edi, n'here, ciithioned alungside iho hugo 
WUKL-(lt(!li-tub^nlmofit llu epitome of tliL* boiiiidJi>be vlvinent Iruoi whicb 
it ivu* imire than b;dF-fillt:d, he coinmciic^il to biJd bin levt'O for tbu 
rL'ci-piion Hud imtitttiou of tbij^e who hnd nut prcvu'UJily Actbuiltted to 
the vti\va\ which nlwaya nc<Foiiipai>ii;-» a fir*tt tntruduution : mid this^ in 
ciifteii of contiJiO]u.iy, n^iHCuiicc?^ or a ^rud^^ on the part of tb& odicintina 
mtiiintFr, ijB \ty nt>"imianfl a joJit. Pkced on a plank ovtr the aforesaid 
tub, Iho face- of the novice beinK (vclL lathered wtth tor, »nd tbtm 
UHpcd with n TUHty JAtsgt'd jnm-hoopi^the imperiAl rn^ur, — eerEain in- 
trrrrtr^atiiri™ tiTv put tu biiii, wbidj, if he is sim|ile eiiimgli Uy awn W\* 
niouth til xTHiu't-T, the bru^h oni-^ more well primed is crammed intn it. 
Hjlf-iuffocattfd, und ere be hat tiuio to rt-covef from tbe surprise ocea- 
»triiKid by a solutCp as nwid oe unexpo<lv^d, tbi^ plank ie duddenir witb- 
drowij, und he ui\*li:xiiiiea a Bubmeinion from wWh ha will Binnctinje* 
b« forLitnuti? to l'hch[K' ]juir-c]nmui.-d. Happy at length to Hy from 
tliv hcriip of HiJL-h u prulHitioii, he Ihiuiidi^rrs, like a hiilf-dmivned rat, 
dnppin}( Ooin iiix both, unit ia junt ciTi^iitnlnlin^ biniiwlf llinl the re- 
d'nil^tod irid ik iivor, \i'bon be tb tiuiiuled on one band witb wet Hwabi, 
Wid on ibv other iJaiaod with buckets <jf wutv'r, as he rune tbe piunilet 
Uir(juj£h an avi^uue of M;rtie dcote of tbe privile^d. imiony vfhoin none 
are more fivrward than tLiiHe who but a fe\t uiumeuu before bjd itu-» 
icTBitn*' u limikir aperatiiHi. 

Qn thifl occHAJoH Jack in wonderfully lonncioUH of hU pTiviJeg^v, to 
ii:tcrti;m with whitrh, or deny them tbeir full BCitpe, nii^-ht on bourd 
morel utnt-veflndB be jitteTided nith diga(EreciLble eotiaequeutJeA, Amoiij; 
even the (wi8*eugL-rft, all with the exueptioii of tlieoged or iufirtn, wbut- 
ttrvt their riink< must fcucenmh, unless* und which h rarely the eane, 
infLnWi^oe ;, purcbiiBctl through thv captaia or otPteers by th& mtidiiini 
of I doucviur 

Kvcn in llin J^f^f«iy*» bbijK*, o »iii)(uhir licence U daimvil and gi«r« 





r« all orilpF anJ ilijicijiline seemt nanjiMiilrd. 
WJir, on hnaril of ane of our frif^itcii, in ii liiab 
of fli«dpline, in ivhicli 1 my^t^lf und a yoticg olticri^r. a oumtnanocr 
id tli9 ftomc^. wcTn puf^ion^iiru to tho We^t liidk-i^r n 4lrikiji^ mstaacc 
of tUs ooctirrvci. Auhuueli J, u wcHi I buIJere, a« mr L-<jrri]iuiJLoii, Ijad 
mora tbam oiicv crounl t^i^ Wnv. ^m\i\i wi- could only rivi)!d u duiJ&iiig. 
n tbin^c. Ml wv wcrt* T>otfi iiii';j]JiU. Iiy nci Hkmuh Ji^iriLfili*, Imt hy |^'U 
ting uiit i>f tlip wny uiitfl thr> trorm hud blotvn uvc^r, and u this wm 
DOl ihuilj atCairLiL^]«. ntLy t^lL<>ri> IwIdv, W4» ngrtrd tit tjikc poifl iti the 
■" ?:a top. Tbia, however, wc »oon found, ovmlod iw unthiii^; the top 
n^ulnrly ^tiiruiod. and though for u time ae olHtiiiLitcU dcfcndcrd, 
Wvrc MKw ovcfjKJWurvd bj iiumlK'ts. 8vriii|f Uiv fuLilky ua \vvll .in 
k of Ainlivr rrastsmce, I, fiff mf own imri, tEicmgJit ii nrudrnt tn 
jwid with u ^H>d grnm*. furwe ver« ii'iw coni|ilet«!y ouiUjuiKvd ty mir 
OMviantii, who troni the bk^Diufit'CFaae-troGHr which tht^y Itfid ithniiit- 
^f each with the li);ht leatfiL-r (]rr!-buokotj wer< poar!iif- down upaa 
b« tLi-tr li<^iiJd bri>»d?ti ik-a in a deluge that mxih cmnpl^tvly drpudjed 
lUw Nothiiig LtiuUl tfraiLved the incligniitioii uf uiy filly, umuriilly it( an 
Irritnlile L4*[r|mkiij](<Eit) w\>o still irrtntfjnieil wjlh n» mtich ennmtni<Hi 
Uid vwtffy. lu il' it liud hv^n lui aliuir of ]if« and d^th. tv r^iHt the 
BMHulanlfi. who in all niiiirtCTfi mount^^d to the i'solIucIl', InyinEf nbout 
hitn with tUv itj]! manet iu n maunt^r tlmt mado ntv ti\i\iTti\\vtiJtivc thnt 

thv tD}J. 

Olf th^ CiijH*, wh^T^ w^ jirrWi'li In fhn month nf Jnnf, rhe catnm 
OKnccmeDt of winter in Xhh hcmiapljoro, afEvr a Jonfi HuoceA^ion of 
boieU^ruui woitlicr, n'L- iinfoTJDtt'rud a fi^uiiH »torni, anJ such u tnoun- 
tAui *«■ na I» iir>wh«r<^ k- W mvt with but in ihi'i^ J^LtJtudvH. Wo 
kad our vtirlhiiLrd i:|UJirltfr-^silh3ry h^ualjed uwny- l<nt uur forv-tttiKinu:^! 
asd iTiHin-lup-gulftinuiniiiit, nnd nthvrwlHu HulTertc] ko iniiirh hy %\m 
BtionB, that wo wi^r** fwin tu ruptiffe nstintunpi? fri.m twi) or ihri*^ nbtpa 
to the ^ect, which, on its DimiL'ratmg a little, klmjI mi bviird ii draft of 
MUDCr. For tJie luformatioii of thmo of my r^ikd^^rft wlio iimy hnrc^ 
never n'it»rMic-Ll thi.' wtnidm^ tff tlm *' miK^rty di^c^," 1 niunt LViuMik. 
tliBt tht- una iiHiiiTiitt.i». .\* nbovi? Li[iplitd, antt.1 i^vl by utiy eiU'jith he 
«vin«[d^n«i1 an t*tiig^-r:iik<1 tir ni^rfl^ ruiPtlnd tigiin* <if Ap^^ch ; in u\tL 
tudc ind ii|ijio>iT4xn?4> Ihiiy Jirp litf mfly lUrh. nnd a thip in the trrtU|j;h 
or raUi-y fumicd by two of thoao f^ij^intic hilUwB, in nomilimva com* 
pVlcIy shut iiiJt from tbu vk-w vf ln-r fiJiwjri* -it a HiiIl- di«trtac«. 
•Vbrii Ji .ludiii'ii hdl fidlowh a htavy jji^rih-weiitr. ihcac hu^c wnviS, 
shorn of thi'ir unowy cr[*it», ili^ir fiuUiiK' nmfv rk-nrfy defiu^rif mhibit, 
&q ihtfj mil iikii}^ tn ikiU'Eum or tVjitnM^ miLJr^iyH a xvne of biiblim^ 
j^nd^ur lint k?vf^n Ihx^n, thnu^^h dive«iod of thvir tnoru thrcntt^'ninii^ 
SttributfM, their vfTt'ctJi to :<b!|H oru «till vvrv furmidnblu ; these, fur 
Witnl Mf vMml tu »t«nid)' them, fiet^m'uUy curryi^iic iiwuy ihvir unisti^ 
frciETi ihu muEifni- Thin rmh plucr with out? uf iho Iiidmrnni lu nur 
dwt. u'hich r>llod uwiiy oil her top-muilv In a calm- 

AWut thih t)in^7 TK'urly jJl tliii mvc]ii!:kl olFic<:*ri< thosn of ihw ahip n 
well as □liliLoTT* MicrtJi]ihi-<l to the nxolody, und wvrv rc^ndcrk'd incnpo- 
bJfeofduty' Our ailUiitiun may hv bt-tUr iniiiijiin^J thun itcacrihpd^ 
Tll« dli]^ old Hud <TpI/'V> Ci4ih in a ^rtuU doul of wi^tvr, »md a hcAvy 
d«iid-wi;i^il car|fL> of block tin and |ug loud, uiiiii*d licr to r>U •t^ 


liytivily, Omi ill every lurch we were .iii out benm-pods, tn lb? genpral 
and Jilmoat consUut Jiwumfi^ft of the nienage, and thetotul i]f9trui*tion 
of all the more frnil urliolca of warn, tho crookorj-j &c. TJn-n ever and 
Adun tlie cWkm;; irf thr |iitrii|i)-, ilie coiitinujtl lond nnd moilotonoUB 
gnmHliig uii*i cririikiiig of rvwj muii.guxi, urid tinibtr, in thecrasy vtt* 
Ttel, — tm (f llie immi'imfi fohrit.-, Iiki* H^me liu^ WijitLan, coit dieting 
Willi and wrillitjig iLTider the In&heii of ihe eZem^nts^ or syinj>]\lh\t\ua 
with tho mournful spccUde of iho dead nnd dyin^T ^"s eendingf tortii 
notva I'f ^yfiil.^ — furrnc-d a conctrtf vvldcli, thaugh not cnlcnbud to \M to 
" soft leposc," wa* perfectly in Imrmony and keeping inth the lugu- 
brioiiB wbol*fH Tbe 'tween dei'kb, lul mt>re particuliirly tlie orlwii, 
were crrriwded tvilh helween two snd thtve hundred sick pent IJ]> in 
btitnni(ic(ffi, whorp tboy hjid linrely sjkscie tit turn. Her*" ui^d tln^ri? n 
fow ft^i^blc li^btA jvlimmtrm^ thrLiu^b nnd half <;xtin^bhi^d bv tho 
dense vapour ^urii th? constniLtly Wet deet<»> barely auHtced Co rendet 
dttTkne» visible, and to di^cluse u iikiure wf nretcbcdjicss and *tirtVi- 
iitg nut eit^ily to lie foiyuLien, On tJiv orlup ther^^ ure nj ]iurla or 
mriitilest roiiscfiiienTly, the ntily menim iif vcnlihtion ww tlip scnirly 
i^Lipply of fresh uir bv tb«> TvindndilH and haidimiy^, and tbti ouston^ary 
routine of Bcouring tTceks uas oect'sfinrily suHpended at loop iiiicrvnU, 
ds much by tbe nenttLtr ia the crv:\'ded ntiiLt? of them, it bein|; iJupoB- 
^iblt; to ri'tfiove tlii; aide : as ULiiy lie luui^ined, ih^T^'furi'i ibe pt'^itiltm- 
tml pflltiviii exbtdirig frum disnue, in^cimnilnti'd fiiib, nnd stngmint wiw 
pour, weu* llmt of a L'h.inu'MioiiHL^ nnd '^i.-ieTitly ilocouqU for itB 
virulenoe and nvnges ftnioiijj the <.-Tt«'. 

Aq f jr myself, ym»ng and oiiBccisiincd an 1 Wfts* it wai scarcely to be 
^xpeelnl I sliiniM c»aiji^ tbt- nSiiiOAl {;«nera1 lirl at thU tn in>; cribis* 
Ij; eornnuni uJth nil my aita>nL^tei4 iji tbe uijd>itLi|'uieri'b berfli Ltit ont?, 
a ti»if.d( M KU-^pr. who had morp timn onee " wenthurt-d the Ciipp," 
R flevorn niCack of dj'*i^n^i?ry, ftdlowcd uii by fine of «c?un-y, wliitli swell- 
ed Diy fuee and lep* to a frijrhtfid aiii?, bmii^ht mc to the verge of dit- 
HolnLiui], and) in nddition ti? oil tbit, ivlieriever the inotioii of the ship 
wofc unniusilly Iiicrfuw/J, I continued mnre vt le'^s aiibjv'ct to sni siek-* 
DciiB* mid this predisposition I diil iinL tufirply get the hetter *jf nil tbe 
pnaaagp. Youth, brnvover^ mid a ennslinttion rmtnrnll^ robo-^t. rorrivd 
me tbrough nil, and <'bnngG of air uod diet on our iirpival ftt Mndms, 
«<K)ii r<?-e4ttibli filled my f;trL>iii:th. JJ<nibtle:)]i one, and not the Icnat 
amon^ Cbe cnuht^i to whiob may be dttribuled niy aiiigularly nipid con- 
nd^Lernce niid recirvery. iviii. the divt-psion uf uiind, after our innnutn- 
nou» nnd ctUtnnl iia^i^nge, n'hi[rb pattern screnepy. elitnare, msiunift, 
mnrmera. aro so tt^ll cnk-ulaied to affiird' All vvhu huvo vi^Lt^d India 
at that period of life when the mind, frvsh i\fid vigoToiiT^^ ^^ niobt sus- 
cvptiblu of vi^id imppeaaionn, will readily reca<;iiiAe the interest which 
clijceta of ni) novel u kind i.'innut fiiil lo excite on u ^t*X. lirrivnl in 
Ihif* init'tf'stmR mniiiry: it h n nflW world, n fresh enii-teiice. The 
dcMidTi.-*^, ^flowing fiKtiPe of d tP<ipte sky : the tnountnin turf that 
fbntnA and tlinndoTH aloui; Cho cniLst : the pliiintiv(< i^orig of the native 
Wuiiulnh bocjtmfn, iixhuit: feiiTli?isIy through it ; the sccmTVi the 
<oalunic cf the grave and inoffl-nMVe nutivea ;— oil i» eflkntaled la ei- 
cllP, the iinn^Hnutfim. uud Ibr a time tn iK^utsion a mjinUnt v^rivrljr nnd 
rapid tui<(*euiian nf p]i>3ung emoliona. 

A low dnyft ahet our nrnval in AladnLH Hoada, w^ witnefi«ed the 



cuit»tTfiplic of l]i« Imrnin^ ntid drmtmrthn of ttii* Mnhbur Ka%t India* 
rout, TliiH wiiw ocoAt^LtfM^l b_r lliut iMirokvtncu which, in d^^khiior <ti m> 
tDiieh iamcjitobJu cipcHcnct?, in t\n^ cuujh* in nintj caaiu »ut of Un n£ 
thva^ Birful a<dJeiiti on bonril of nicr^hanl i^liIpjH— tIi« buriijiju mukvd 
lijtl^l wbilt" dr^wiug wff »jjinta jii tlic Jioid- rorluuHtvly, tluMnvur- 
ictvx tiMik ]itaar Iii the luytiDiv, Hnd im IIvvh wvtv \tm ; but ttiuiigh 
the ma»l firompt aviiFdariFFt n'vpi fiiriii>tlu.-f1 by tbo buali nf th» ll^i, aiid 
tb« moat »trvnuuuL «Tpnton« trMtv modi- tti mvc thi* Khip, tbc Hrc 
tprcad With 4n olomiiaj; raiudity. and in IcHit thmt nn Imiu- ftbc wih en< 
Tvlopi^ ifi <iii« vik«t ibfct i»f fliimD, lind pbcitlr after flriftiiiit Troni b<.T 
MkcnviA, «A|ili>0<-d. and am a ii\«ti|:« nf bi-t ivu t(i bi.' lfUL'i?d. 

The dnj jirrvIouB Vi lb« »uiliiitf rifibi^ fJc^n, w* rcwivi'd <m Iriinnl fw 
|MflM>ngen, or rtlb^r prUnn^'r*, hit lb*- iihinil of Piilu I^rrionj^, whither 
tbvf iv»f* axiLcd for tame politicnl du1icii)iie(icv, two I'oiv'^ar Chitrfs, 
or fiujnlit, <?tnTuiKwvu]iciti tuiti Shundcrlin^nnij bv tiamo. Tbir miua- 
iista of tbt'^t uiirctrtunmc iiu-ii \V4i4 Irulj ritJablv : turn fnuii tbtir 
cuuiLtcj, frtiui frit^idn, jLiid bouic— fur ihe nrhl timo iu tlik'ir Uvt'q iin 
tmiTil ii tkbiji, OH LI (Inm^v eWmi'ut, iiriil nmutig ri ictrjtii^* jipopk' ; it 
wvA Doi tlttt I^att Dini:iii>c ibo cj^taln^^ijp n( xht^'tr ilh Ht UiIh trying mr^ 
mmt thnt thuy vbould be Hiiuratcd from ihc only ]>t;in|[« to whoni 
t\Hy (Bi|;ht Inok fvr H\ni[Mtbv ^rr c<iiiiwbiticii| wbonr fii^ririccfl wrrt- ia- 
dif^Riublr* And ibc vnly pciHoini. in idiorl, from iLrir ri>H|£iuu» tircjit- 
(licRi) itiiIl vrhuni Llii?y cuuld bold cuniinmiEun. li tm hn|ipr]i(!X thr^y 
}iik6 nfTin^d <»n luitml tlic^ i*rpniii)£ prior ca the iikt^ndvd aiiiliitg of tb^ 
fif!H. an4 not buviii^ ^rnpK'lud th*- arrAng^mcntt for tbi>ir voyage, tWi> 
cr tbreu nuli^e t«ivuritk| ibv unly ]ioTiii>iL vF tbi-ir hou^rbold which ae* 
CompatJvd tbc^< >ivro ^ciit i>ri ibnfv fur tb»t |iiirL>L)Ht-; owinu* buwrrrr, 
to KHnr DiiAL'oitccpliuUi tbv cuiLiuy huviii^ uuJglit^d c\tr\\ Uir i:nt.\iUi^ 
ttHiTTiiii;;. tbry vrry W(t Miiit\\. To iUihv nouiLuinUHl vvjih tbi- ti'iivt* 
of ik^ Ilind*-Ki. ntid thi» arnmnloii* ti»niifiiy wnb which iliflv adhi^ri> lo 
tbcm, it vill rvnifdy hv ttnuf^tni-it tJmt IbU oir(<tinijitunt;t<. wljich niaon|; 
mnr Oithcr pooi^Ic ^^iinbl Zuhvn iicc^uJoncd bnl ik tciiitiurikTv jilhlilvvuI- 
ciKTt >fUA m ilijft cjuu AIL iiicpaniblc nJufoTti^nr- ^Vr hodj it in tiL^. 
■raic fvw njitivi^ji, Lllicdti, va hviit\i. but ih«&e iml bviiig ipf Lhi; Kume 

tlteir K^rvirpt tjii>rr nni: nvultablc- It mi4 nniming ti> 4»b>i(^rv|i tr> 

vnriaan i^i ininutc ciwuirsliuurf* ibcir •cnipk-* rxttfiidud ; tho 

touch of an Ktiro]ii.<an, wt u>' analh^r vi-ct, w:Kn ibiiiiriiHl lus ^lallutiaJi; 
And it VAi 110 I'-iuy ntiait^r tD nvtiid at l^U tirikciA im a crowded di^h^ wbord 
tli«j nKncrtimitA cauir fur Airi the ctnitact of Auuitf lUic ur i>lhcr, uid 
wlimrm tbN ooi^urr^'d ihrlr chii^ria whm tfvIiWnt- 

Th«T wirtv men of nn imrvjinmra) ststr^ri?. robnijt, and af noble mifln, 
tad bora thm lot wrth dignity nnd rrti|*riation ' part of tbc j^uat 
cabin wu* Bcrccnt'il otf for tboif i»M), hi*rc ihi'jr Bhiftvd f*ir thoTnidvcH 
OB vrrll >kh ciK'MrL»tii:icc4 wnidd |>crmit, Tlicy cmikcd thr-lr uwu jdiiiii 
rici* nai^l : furlunnttly t]it.*\t iiiaiAe bubrlt iHju!r{*d but bulir, luid tbciy 
bftd praWdt-J ibi-lr twji htix^k nf iv!itt»r. itnd n fi>iv utbtr ufktV4«]iH4>«, 
NvtKin^ ri>mii.Tkub1o nccurrod dtirin^^ tha rvmuindcr uf the juuLHiijfa to 
Cliinu, tlu? cuul uf whitihr uftcr u fciv duvit' btay nt Ponjin^, wlicrc? wo 
tuA in ■ CATgo of nttaj)«, wc rvii<,hc<l in bllb? niorc tbun n fr>rliiif;ht 
fruin IfadrH* uiJ priwvcdvd it* tbc uaud ftn^horusc of the KukI li;dia 

tdt thv rtllu|;i- <if WbuintHut. hi tlie rirer uf f <iLjilon, wbL^n? wo 
bMwMn tlitm uid Wr inonthi to tako In tt cargo of t«M- 



Diiring thi« aDjourn* tbc in^nn«T« find cuatrirns of thiii ^iiigulnr people^ 
Ki v^<icly didaimiUr to ih^hv of tlic Teat nf tlic worlds [>ro9ciitoa a 
Dcrcrf^ffiiliii^ nuuriY <rf mtcreAt ?(ni] aajuaeiiieiit ; Lut tti^ Held of tiWr- 
VHlii>i> i>f ilitiM* u'hL> trade to CliiiLu, limited as ii in hy Ote ji^ulijurt 
policy of ihn ChiTirv^ Vi tli^ Mdiiirt)^ nf Cimiuri firiil t^ii- environtt vf 
WliLimpnu^ 14 tiKi ci>iitfuct4?d tu nllWd ri|i|iuTtui)ity Utr vntUevKliv^ dntfi 
for u Hucti^h, OF furmin^ carrevt caaciutkUHin gcueriiUj of the ottioudJ 

To EhJA L'lidiiMvv e^FiU'iJi. tlius ijltl^rdK'lJiii; ull but a piLrtitll inlcr- 
wrtifM? with foreign itiLti'Miit, miiy hv trnred ilie ^fl"*e^ ^vliich lim'e 
hitherto prpvi^nird thU olberwise iiigeniiHjs people, who by cluitii tf> 
tfaf invvi'ltLiii of t1ia( hrtt; e«h;«ntial (if nnvijzatitin the compai^«, from 
tnab]ii|C Hn^ propr*'ha in ahiii-buildijic or nJivi^nticjii ; for, wiiliout re- 
frttnct? to t\i\». ^^J^ inferiority »> strikin^: would be ah anomnly very 
ffH'c^nhiiilcijt whh the clinrHCtcr i>f thin petiule, %v celeUruled (ur industry 
]in<1 ikdl in th(^ itrt^t jitid iu v!h-noi-. 'I h^^tr junks iir? thi> most iirr- 
«i^litlv liuikh rliJLt. catii 1h- rmiigiikpcl With a pu>ip iicid fnr^aiBlIt! vying 
ii\ idtftudit with tlicir nuiBtii. of "'ixicb Iht^y hnvir genenttly hut tir-i*, and 
npviT norL' thur twc, ciich ont> sin^^ic vtiormtiiia ipar, ivith a mnl-sail 
of prcipcirtit^nuUlv i^ipiilic diiiR-^ii^ioiiA, di^idtd frmii head tu fvot into 
roffii by \tn\rt ot hnmhiHi; hwv those imsigliily, unwieldy nrkt,,#> 
lilllp in unisoTJ xi-ith EiifMpfan notinns of cyii>it^ ntid tlTict, miif** sliHt 
Ut imvignti- at flll< xceitig iptite un i?id;L;^)t ; imt thfv Tivverlhtt^^H c^m- 
trivi? t*» ninhe conwdi-'ruhit' vaypgctt, Jjuspng Ihk.' afiore, and paticully 
wniting fdmiirnhle f>pputti]nitK-a vf tvind rind we-tthrr- Many of tiir^e 
vnifLu urL' frouL fjre liunilre<l lo u tlinu^aiid toiin bjirtliPii, ivith Mmie- 
titnp* a CTcw <tf front three Ui fmir hundred nipir Ti> obvinte the 
fll^d twinHe<|"iencej( of s|iriii^inHT a leak ut *^i'nj ihey huve afb)pted an 
iuf^oniiiUH tltTTL;^^ th« liold ifi divichd mtu huujercius t^mpdrtmeiLta 
by bulk licnda, cuulkcd, nnd rciiJcrt'd wntcr-tipht. 

Notbit};^' i» njore dcligfitful tu vyvs ueati^d with (^ukij^c ivt nou^t 
but aky and iv:Liei' ihiriug a Iuti^ Hirii-viiy-t^Oj tlifiu thu JiinilM-jjK.- in the 
immeclinie vicinity cf dio iinchomjie- T!n> whole fuuniry on ejioli side 
tht- riuers in the hij^he^t sLitFe fif cullivnttuii ; Ev ibp Ti^btj on n ver- 
duut level of meadow nnd puddy field*, 4 alinrt di.^'tanoc from ibe river, 
thi^ rilb^ of W hum [JOB ; on llie 1c:ft^ u AijccmAion of bi^nuitful billy 
inliinil^, iuBubitL^d by the mrmrderin^ brandjta or InbulHry MieMiii^ uf 
the Tigris; munng Mbfch, npp<>silo lo the Jihipping, fi^iiri's Dimrsi 
Itmnd, uiiPTjiorubU' nmvn|^ Britipib tnrs us the ^oc-nu ui jnni>y u frr>liO| mt 
w<^ll iiFi fn)ULF4| with llii< iiulivL^ Of Uic H^'iLtntrii id' other iintiwi>'. 

Not f\iT from Si, Helens, on our |ja»aitgkr home^nrdj*, iv\- »pul(C a 
abjp> wbji^Ei nuve us the tir^t infurmutitJU uf the Penct irf jAmien». On 
Wvirig Si. Heli-uiit Thi'T^'finv, ihcrp U-in^ no frtrrlur any uetviiliy fur 
ftinroy. or for tho fl(?i>t keej^inj^ company, we wpaniTod, niid n* the 
ruute of c*ich voncd mure or Irss. it hi'eiimo n (.tiotiuliition of EOtne in- 
irrent iHiidi qhiji woulJ fir^t rvm-h its dealJnntion, and ctuijiiderubk 
AUuiA U'l-rit :tlitkvd (01 thi- pro!>Libilil.ies. Iji Llli» iuhtjkuL'e \v^ pr;ivctl 
ihni ''tin- racp is not uhvnyi tr> the swift;" imtwurJ-bomid, we wfre 
lh« dollewt BAfler fn the f^vvK, nnil we now i-enched England ih^ Hnt. 


DiJiiiN^ tlio fyerJod of «Jiciirniffiit occstiuiirtl by llit? rrrcilLi^unajy 
mv U Norlli Amcricu, it wiu nul tt» Iw HupF'^i^d tbnt <in huch n i^ult* 
Wet Ht tht* irt^MiiTi of AmoliJ, or tfit- tlvtttU itf IW iirirckrtuiiHiv Anilr^,. 
InfbrinBUtfn frru jlT nnt^.i from TnynlUt a^nd rH;*ii]n1ir»iiury iiri^judiM 
eould btt pn>cur«(l, uithcr in the mother c«uniry or jn hor rovoittd Co- 
towCV, AJW UiO il4MU (Vid |>rujuiiicAi uf the pcriuit bivc in a ;*rcat 
nu^aurc pAttcd nwu^, ibcre oic immir ii;divjiluaU HifLl liviti}: nn tbd 
Ixiiikk Iff tlit^ Htjil%<jii, wbii H'itni»-iHl tiie tuKt nuniK'iiU c'f (hmr AndrA, 
tiwl lire wittln;; tii do JriHl^c^r lo bk Tncnriry. At Tn ArrMUl, l1i<.' Amo- 
RGUi feeling it ED ctroEiff Djffliitit hiTii. lliat th^y will nul ndmil <\i bjB 
Imtui|< btvn urltijitud by oi^y bnl thv riHvft inrdid rnolivca ^ wht^rcoBp 
fruii; hU thnt ran hv loariif d of bU cbiirncUTi it «|ifieuB to tae that bi* 
jmn;rdialc [iriudfilc ofjictioQ wilb ibc du^iiv of vriiArftiJci- : ;iEid n jh rmt 
inpottiUf' TbHi -il hdULL' fLitLiTiT pHrjml liv tiiny li>-tfTr lu thr* /jnj^a or 
tho CnrinlantiA iif »oEni> Amnricnn tru^rdy, ti>w[iich tli^ dorttb gf Andra 
tt<ouJd doubtU'H give n di;v;> and ufTvolirji; inUrc^bC. 

Amtdi iru lx>rs in tlu: 8liito itf iJutiiL\ctK'iitj »Eid from iLc coDi* 
mciiccnMstt »f ]ii)>iil]ljca be cut^Ai-ed wilh iLid-iui in clii? (.-niiAr <»r bU 
CDtiatc^'s mdt^piruJtritcF- Ilr aiiiijj discuvervd uiililury uJruin of on 
mv^ t>rdpr^ wmrb.JoiiuHl in imdnubtpd pc^nuniol rnungv, and tlin iitill 
moru dnitMbk qUHlilici uf pitiOTK'v iirid ArmiifH under privittiaa and 
frligue, hod pructirvd for liiiii o btf^lk ni|iuUti-iu Jii XUc rniikt of the n<* 
YvlutMnary urttiy^ even Wfarc? he had ad <hT>}inrtuiiity uf firrfiirmiDi; 
tbustf tcrvicc* in ibe es^trditiou n^jin^it OiiHadii, whidi g^nvc hint ihc 
^nAdeiio* oTCimfri'V, uiid r.itMnl hmi in i\n^ ruiik nf hi gtfiieral rdlicer, 
H» b«d b«on severely ivoimdwl before Qiiolrc, nlid Wni itill in n tlrtt^ 
[of canmh»^D«<f^ Ahvn, iil )773> Hiil,LfM[)1]iu huvin^ U-on evpcunted 
by tb< KiryA|i4t forM'Ji^ tlw ooEomund uf Ihiit loxvji van iniruAt4-<l tu 
kuik To the ci>EU3^c he bud riilitbited ih prcwi^niN^ uf the «noioyi it 

t^movi tounil lIjuI Arnold diJ not jinii thnt »teuduivu of principlt*. or 
thai rpPlStiMW ifcf ji id Kill ■''III, ivhich wiTr niTfiaiiTy In viihMp blin U» r*- 
■itt tht nfini(*rmt( wmirti'im by wlueh hv was iiurrmtnde<I. Forgetting 
tliat Iw luid net tb^ j-vniiur^it of 4 ^r«iLt priratv fviianv. b(? einbdrkei 
En Jil! tbe cx^^cxtiive folljc* nf a bumptuouik tnUe, and a Iniin uf uhL'I«Hi 
^Cprndecta. uTld in the naturid ooumv of ludi uu improrident mrer-ri 
be- was VKHi IjjvUvviI m OcbtA wbidi bi: bud no uiCiiUh uf liinirlmrgiiig. 
la tb» bnp* of relii'Tiri); hiinindf frmn tbe eJumoiira of h'm rrmUlorw, hn 
W«s induced to Micej^L- Ln kpvnilot^>»K iT^curiniiittait with the due di»- 
cbvJK*^ '^^ ^"^ Vvhuc fLinctJiiiiA, und which bum^e fur the nto«t pari 
prorrd umuuccsaful, were ncceunrily Mtcndtsl with the uupht dij^iis- 
troUN rcAuJtiL Froni voKUOO'aafii] a]>i^ulutiou, iIjv wrx-tcbed Arnold 
vn» now drivHi to tlif reMmrLT of uiifuiiJifu] r)ijMi]i(^eTTii*(ir in th'.- vxvr* 
r'uaf of hit nitidal iliitirt; nml when the- iicoiunr^ot' bia lu^minJaTratlnn 
came to be ciinmini'd hy the ConimiKHiimem uf CeJii^HA, a c<in«dL.'mble 
d«f>cit appTLirfd o^idiiMt liLii^ whioli hi' wjlh uiuM^ to make good, 
Miny of tm' ciiiMi'iJA of rhiUdrLpUin cmnydaloL'd of hi» iiiiiiLrriiuk e^i* 
BdkaiB : the tiavLrninitJii of l*L7[iijaylviij]iiL hroufrlit utill mow M^rUmx 
leeiKMtion* ag;iiri«t hlni, ami n li^n^ih, Eii llii' mouth uf June 177'E. ll^c 
Caotfrw« «niLHid bim ta ha nrruted^ and iriaid bv it ^iurt-iti(Lriiid> who 
J««^ bisi gitiity> and candL.*infied him to hv repriiriandcd by tlio Com* 


mmii1cr*Jii*Chicf> This dtciiion, having Wn Approved of by Cangrc^s, 
wivt e^eouml in (lie W>^imitiit' vf 17'^- FurioLi& at finding tiiraM-ii' 
thut iLtiiiflvt'd nn nil hnntlti. Iky the hiv riiut dy pnljlk' i»]iir]i4iri, Amiitil 
iiiclu)Lj;t'tl liLiiiivlf in tlih? tiitter«*it cninpliiiittrf nguiribt whnt hit pnllt^d 
Xhv njgrailuclo of his cimutrymen, and eivore that ho wouM Imve ven- 

Grftit iinportnn^e wtia iLcn nttui'lji'd t:> tlte fortrt:i9 of Wc-st-PoIiil. 
ftir ihi* preH'^TVftUmL r^fwIiK'ti the AiiicrJcitii uriiiy Iiad Ivii^ lEiaiiiEUVri'il 
and 4ifi4>ri f)i]|;hi.. If u'Lia r^gi^T^lfii n» the kc>y of comniiini cation bi?- 
Iti'eon the K^iil^fii iind Soutberri Stiiti^^- Its ^JtuiitLon in fuct tmi tW 
fidge of one of tho mwt ctnteiJenible t-miiii-iiccB nn tlic rif,'lii (jiink of 
the IIii(i}fOii> witli itri iliAihle mnge of batteries aud rfdoulitrtj Ir^fcd ta 
llitj IjuJ hidCii bj tiie iiUlest engiiiEeri» made it an excellent dcfenajrcr 

StU Lhe iK'L'upution irf wliicli ^avv b gi\'(it inllui^nce lij llie Siale cf 
ew Vork- Arnold wnn not ignnrnnt of its value, nnd it wns on iliii 
importfltit iHiiiil tbst he cust mik cy^i in prepHring fbr hr>i revcn^. 
Br^ore Uo lind y^t n>ccivi>d the appntDtmentf which h? at Iii^j^tti ob- 
tained through the comfMncd influence of nilrigue nnd importuniiy, he 
bad uddrraseil -t letter tu C^oL n»liu«>x^ •sn olticer in hia Aliiji^&M'i aer* 
Tjce, iinhDunL-In^ th^tf, b« IiaJ ^Ujtjrfd hia reh^olunonury ]iriitd|jfeH, and 
thai be vvlii-tnpntly dii^ired to riigriin tho estL-em of hit Soverdgn by 
Muinfi atrikirt^ proof of reneRtance. This letter hoon led to au uclive 
Oorreipondcnce bel^vpcn Arnold und Sir Henry Clinton, whtdi waa of 
oooTflc conducted with tlie i;Teat<^«t «ecn-cy. Its eliief object wna to 
dcrim! the mt^iuka iif thiowJi^^ the fortri^b-s tif WeAl-PuSnt. now undtr 
Arnold'ji comniiUicT, inttj ihi? Imndn <hf iIik Eiigliwh- For the purjKwe of 
«oadiicti>ig the fi^'ccotintion with greater ^eeuritv. Gen ClLntirn intrust^ 
•d it to one of his own iiicits-d*?-cttnii>, a youQ|^ man on <li8tinffuifelied 
for his nmcabie quniities fL« f4)r hin muitary tnluntq, which had ut one<^ 
Cun4;i][ntrd the nffeeliiina of bin brolhiT cilfij^er* Hnd ?L-cuied for biui the 
rvnpect jrnd csleexn of In* BiijperxorH in counimnd. After leeeiv^in^ tlie 
necp*«iry in"lriJtlionii fnnn ijfiu ClintHn. Mnjor Afidre ein^iarkcd iti 
thJa enti^rpriae on hoonl ihe Vullure iIoop*of-wur, which brought htm 
Oji tht* liud&oti m fi»r 06 King^Vtrry, oboiil twelve miles hekw Weit- 
Pvint- Fnini Ktng^ferry bla cmikniniiieLttitiiin ^vith Arnold beeutne fr^ 
qiient and conipoTfltivdy tusy ; tut before the neciasiirj itirsinjiv-inenla 
oonid he Hnally completed, n personal interview uuri LndiKjitn^ajble, and 
Maj^r Aiidr^ whk repeuteiUy urged by Arnold to lund for ihiit pur- 
pose, befor** he wotild cousenl to it, — feeling, pcThiip*. a secret n-piijf' 
umce to eume in iininediiite uontnct with a Irnitor, or cntertiiinin^, it 
muy he, Kouie doubt an to the btrict proDriety of penetr^iting the ene- 
my's lines — rel>elB as he im doubt rrgjtrjed them— under a imjiie iud 
in B chjiraeU-r which did not hehniy in him : Ihe dreire, buwever. of 
juitifying the eonfidence rejuwpd in him by Gen. Clinton, induced biin 
flt lenutri to ^iccede to the prr»]iosed interview, ivhieh wmi lixed to take 
pUce in the houac of n repined rnyali"^ of the name ol' Jo&lma Hmith- 
Durlng the night of the 2Ut of Hepteniber, Smith himtelf came un 
bturd the Vuhuren in u biiat rowed by hia own domestii:jt. for the pnr- 
po>ie of carry hig Major Andr^ to the plaee of rendeKvou«- Arnold wm 
in waiting on the bank to receive tbem. when they proceeded together 
to the bon»e oi Smitli, where i>Iujor Andre rcniuined cuneiialed during 
the w}jole of the folJnwtn^ day. At the conference ivhich then tiuk 



pWe^ Uic whole of Ute i>]miH fur lit uoniimtlon of Wpit-Pofnt wero 

_lii, juta on thp 9ippmm-}i tVf niglit, Stajor Axidrr i^i 
Jicirvd U> retnrti uxi Uuril it* VuUuru, but on hh rtaichi^J^ iho Lack, he 

tlrUuiiivviy airufigvi), JUtJ 


fDUJi<i tliat the had botn i>bli|:od tv remove to kohc dUttUicv* In <inlvr 
Ui 4VHid Ibt £rc cf It batlcrr by which *Ja' Imd been thrciamfil, mtiJ 
Ujc *e^^^llHl* of SiTiilij itfuHcJ 'in coii4*mitfnctj in jmi liirn uh liwird 
the »Juijp, In UiU i-]jirf)>«ncy, hv rcujli'ed to huannj ajiuimfy by t«ad 
to Npw York, nntl luniiit^ prwurud n p»h>i|>tire truin AtU(JJ ui»i«r tho 
mono of Jaiiie« Aii4i>fMm. ii4 n pvrion coipby^'d on IIjc [»ubL< avTriw, 
be mouiilc<I n Immc %vbidi ^ah fufiiiatifd lo him hv 6nuiU, uud yro* 
cuc<U ou hU jourficyp [Jodor ihi>i ili^^uiH?, uuJ ut'fuujfiii]iit<J 1>V 
Suitlip b« btitxtvOfiJ in imBsiug ihi? Aniericm tin>>s sini3 in rviifrJiing 
CrMnjKOid, whrrft Smith, !ift*T givirin }iim itiitniclioni eu lo hh farther 

Eraip-^**, jiartcd with hiTi]- Elo b;i3 ulr^^y imrin^ucbpd the blii^-JiAh 
■ftt Oftar 'i'um-ltf*n, "ben un AmcHcun mitiliiinmr, ^vLt *viili iivu 
of hi» coiurudu bad Uvn |ut'oIIinj£ brtwcvu ibv two urnilt'n, [^uddi-jjlj 
nudicd upon him (ivm Uvhlad a uiK'kcE. and m-lxed EiU borne by the 
bridle. Wbeii thus tnkt-n hy TiurnriM-^ Afdjcr Andr<- bcvmt tn U-iv^^ hM 
ha wmtftd pnn^nco nf Htimf, nr 1 ihonld TpiIIkt my, ihut bcinjf wboik 
bnaccuxtdmcd to dikiD^iiuauuju« or <liat;LiiHrr he coalJ otil r^cidiiy 
Aocommsdat^ bimeclf lo tl^c frart hr b;id uodc^rUhi^n to prffi^rui, lij 
jjIhct i^f pri.'H-iitijj^ tbi.' iKt^^piirt vk iili which hv Uiid in^en furiii-JiiHl, h^ 
«kkwZ to irhbU juriy thr iiuUtiumaiL In-bjnjfpd. " TV} fA** pir/// i/iMw*n 
Arfov/' will lilt* rondy uiunt-r of thv Amtrionn. u-ho thtii d^tcrih^d m 
th* i|iuin«r tit th^ \ii»ru\d ihv Kh^tixh umw ih*ft\ m ]HiW0Hioti of Nc-vr 
York' *' And I ftlto," impnulciLtly njoinvd Mujor Andrr ; btit t-carcc' 

S]ad hi- ulloTird the ftld avuivul to eicjpe hiuii nhtn the arrival of 
** tw[i»tWr niiljtUTiii-(i dinnivrttfd to haa ihtf iTror \\v hnJ romniilii-d, 
nnd tbc dan^ 14> wt^icb ho bad ripoicd himbolf. Ho thought to re- 
medy thr ous and Cicapv f^roro tbo other, hy orivrjjij^ his purw and 
nld nuich to U« c«pl<>rA, and pruinivinjc tbtim Khv iirot^^clmu oF the 
Ka^bli GorcriutKiit, und o pcntiaQcut reward* if tbcy ivould then ul* 
knr bim to pri«L In pri>j>urtjun lo ihi? rxtrut uf th(-Fi« pfouijsrt* the 
thr«^ Ani^rvnfin bi^r^amo n:ktitrnllv moiv p«iTMi^d^ nf thi- valut* tvf tli« 
phi# lh«T hod token, and inimc-ifinttdy procccdtd tc a fJooroaa «xaial- 
iMtion oi ibc dren und p(-r«im <it' X\w\t |iri»uriiT, in the nope of diteo- 
Tauig Htoit iafrmniitton a<4 to hih iminc- und i)uaIJty. Cfuicnl^ in his 
I'bovUt tbvy found t-ijwt pbnn and dt>cr]]>tioiid of thr fortili cations aud 
apprcHclm of Wwt-Pniol, ivilh vlbvr writliijj^. ^ulfitOoiit \n cuulirni tke 
Miapicium htr hud bimhL>lf inrpmdcTiily t^idtt^d, and to doti^rmbio thpm 
to Mnry Iiim to Lii^'iit -Col. /Hniictan. ut tliot liin<-' in tlio conuna^id of 
iKc odtnnccd posti of iLv Ami'Tionn army' With the ptnt'mns pur- 
pwr (if ifltiuistitJ;; ti> Arnold thai \\v' itu^X to pTi;|Kkro fur bin uwii 
•■ftftyj Mjijiff Andri: rf^iivil^d that iiJteUi|{i'ncc hhuuld immrdiau-ly b« 
itcit to Ibp commander of Wivl-P<ant, 4>f tbv urn^iit of bfi ollker An^ 
^jcnutnt an hia roiitij to Now York. On ibo rpcaint of tliiu inb>rn]atiiin, 
uvru to bavr been eiipvctc^di lEnmcdiatt^ly took llitc^i> acuhiuif 
froDi Hen- C'bntoii in the ranks cif tbe Britii^b army* 
Ai Bnnn [U Mi^T Andn' bud uut^rthunrd ibsrl ArnolO ^4a» tit BufeLy, 
bo readily acknoi»h*d(j»cd himsrlf to |h» el HriLiiilj olTirer. Oil thr return 
Hnn oA^ word* 4if Gen. \Vniihht|^on to tli« ATn<>rknn ciimi^, a ooiirt- 
BMS^»1 vru uaemhitfd for tho purpose of Irytrif; poor Andro la ti ^py. 


Uf thin court. Gen, Gj-r^n eftt fts preaidcnl, and ftmmij; the mvmtjfro 
were the Burc^n dt SIoijIhh jknd the IUafi|ni> dc l^foy^^ltc. It whm in- 

tlmjtted ti> the pnaontr by tlii.- memlrfrH uf the couri btforc the com- 
TneMrr-mfnt uf the |»ri>cprrlinp, Hiul ln> wa» at liln^rtj, if ho iliH|mhf(l, 
to di?cline irfvitig any ntiswer to the qiipntmrn aliich nhmtld he yrnl to 
hjin : but With a mnch greiitcr TwIiciliirK* fcr t^ii* prnLTvntian of hia 
honour thnn of hi« life, he fmnJdy *vow<>d Iht nnliir*' iif the project in 
^hii:}t lie fijvrl Lr^n en^'in^tdf m^d dermt^d to have no <t\hfT cure hut tJiikt 
of txcuI[iiLtiii^ tliiKL* fvlio hud Heci>uded his eiitiTpriH?. His jud^^ 
WIT? dcuply rifftH-l^il TOith the cundftiif and r/uinpo Kp evinced tliroogh- 
«Ut thi^ Irifil, and on »iij£ning his O'^Tiilfrniniittun, (b9V could not cunceal 
the Htrug^le bptxvcvn tlieir pcrsonul ftrliUi^R mul whnt they coripcived 
to be tlicir duly- As for Andre himsdf, liu cxpeacil tht fitnl iftsue, 
juid heArd ita aiintiimcemeiit with re^igfiutiinii- 

HJa last mnim*nts were wwlhy "f hiK noble tliurorter- The follow- 
ing detaiU nre From the pen of Or Thatcher^ An eyewilncM of the 

"3d OclubeTi 1T80. — Majoi Andr^ no Ioh^t lives i I »« pre^vDl at his 

cieciitivii- Ll wna a aCBQ<r of ll^ dr^epfat iiiter^l. Diirmh; hi« iirjiiri>iorMiiri]t 
bud hi* irifll, lie djiw&voicd much dipniiy of chancier Tlit >in«l!tRl ctitnpbmt 
wa* neiej" heird from him ; And he appfiiii>d lo Itel vvtx ientWAv all die l^jkcru 
whifli *ivr^ c'^cn o' *i" iMcnat id hn fnit. He Ipft n njolhcr nnr] two ^ijEtn 
IT] I'-niitUiiil. whiHii hi- lo^cd affiKrliQiintcly ; he *|iukc of thr*iH *iih ti'iidTmctti 
and wfiilc io Str llcufv Chiilon, to roi^omnicnd them lo hi^ ^»^nuiird carr^ 

" "Flic orticui' of the v'l^fd ivlto uoh«t!Liiily tornaioed with ibc priaoikcf roport- 
h1 lii ii«, (Hal wUfti lIii^j uuino jri Hie iTKinuii^ Eo atinouiiiTo to mm the boi^r of 
bin viiiicuVii>iLthi^ did fioi di^covur lUi' ^liL^hteac umotiori- HiscniiiitiTbuitOF, DiLm 
Dnd collccied^ wu itFikojcjIy ccnirH-'iTcd viih It*e tndiic^s uf t^buu around him. 
Shii)^ bw iCTvgnt TMer baihed in !*iiiis, ho d?>iir«H him Iq withdraw ntjd oot 
og^in to Kho<^ bimeelf liut vilh itii> c^mnt^ oF q m:m, Mi^ br^.ikriuGl vtns tent 
lo him every niornnii| fpiini The la Me of Germ ral Waflliinkrion. Un lluil Tiionim;^ 
he fi-cewtfii Li nquaiinl, nofl irj^lt vilh inix^iiilliTy. lie iheri iTinv^t-'iml drv«4ed 
hinnplf, ;irri hflVlTiff pliKMvI liK Ittt on Thp Whip, he tumpd MiwnMi theerticfrs 
of rlir ipitiM, !i"iri vt\it in t\»-m with uri !»ir <jf L?4ie[y» ' \(»t^\ "ftntlpTTien^ you »&e 
Ihai I am rfnily Kj fHlow y*ni-" Wlifii the fntil hour had nmvml, n «nii>g H*- 
lachrueni of tfoopi vim pLiwd undei Dm', and un immeii6i> ponmnrae of ^wople 
V>u uatcmbled. All our uHltvrs wc^rc tin.'4i.<ikU with thii exi^pption of Geritfiiil 
Wnhiiipioik uikI hii blAfft Mrhiiuhol^ ri'ivot^ throuu'ltctjt thr> rtLtLki, and 
dmpvif rtJti ou vvi^fy uHJuTwciHini'. TVlnjui Ai"ii*' cunni from his ptinoit tu ihs 

Sluctf of |iiiiiiNhiikt-tjl bi-lvvLTn t»o nun-cciiiiiuuioiii^d utlii'i^iii. wlio iHil him by 
IP oniiv Tlic look* of tlip muhiiudt rttte dirtcieJ lo h^m wjih Hiurrxl. Hi* 
miLiiicTiaDce. full of diifiiily, n/THouriccil his coutpiiipt of <]ki1Ii; and ■■ illgbt 
node wiruld oCt^ri iiti»v,HilL ihkk (o iimbfilliMli Ins Hue counleiiajici*, nlitn he 
mlulcd, ii» hp did wilij po]iif:he», all ihoic whuTii ht- n^i^oudiAr^d in the crwd. 
Hn had iiHj»rc»^d a Aam to be ihol, reipirdinjf iliai kmd of dculfi fi« motr «!«►- 
niitcfjt vviUi luthtary habiu and oj-ifiioo^t mi Uj ihc loii rnomeiU lie bt-licvnj 
chat hit villi wa? to Ijt ^nrilr^ij; hut whiti Uv ^irnvtd lu front of ilif k^^^^^ ^ 
nudo an ii)TnbiJit.niyLii4)vrii]i'Ei1, u vt|< hDi:kwiin[,cindatoppefJ for somv insunU. 
' What JA the nimtcT f ha ullicet iDid lo hun, who Mniiitandinit hj, — ' 1 am well 
pteciorcd to die,' wnt bii aiiawcr, *but diii niclliod in oJioui U> lut-* WhiU 
wifiMJg al the fnot oflFm pMon'i, I oh^frvnd u slight slio'ldcr on hii countts 
uaiicc, nnd ihal hr- thiuIu ^n cifforl m hm ihi^jil m if bttorDpciii^ to fW;\lTi>vr, 
vrhilo ho pliuifpil Iiu fo^t an u Ut^ itun^. i^id tbfi'w hife l^iki for a momphf up* 
tvnnld ; but Booa purcfltving Ihal IhD jinparationii won cornplAUd, hu «rl«pp«d 
lightly mtn tha (011, and obnrrcd, u h« proudly roiiad hu h*ad, ■ thai it would 


«nlf be a momentaiy pang/ Drawing a white haodkerduef from his pocket, bft 
tuDdagcd his eyes with a finoDeas aiid IranquilUly which penetrated the multi- 
tude with admiration, aad which made not merely hj4 servant, hut many of ttioae 
around him burst into ie^n. When the cord was attached to the ^bbel, he 
took off his hat and pa^ed the runnii^ knot over hia head, adjusting it to hii 
neck without the assistance of the esecuiiorjeT. He waa in this situation, when 
Col. ScammeL approached^ and informed him, that if he had anything to aay, he 
wa5 permilted lo speaks He then raised (he handkerchief from his eyes, and 
■aid, ' 1 beg you not to forget that I auhmit myself to my ^te like a man of 
courage^' The cart was then wiihdiawn leavmg him suspended, and he enpired 
almost immediately- As he had said^ he experienced only a momfntaiy pang- 
He was dressed in his uniform, and was interred in it at the fool of the gallows^ 
the place of his burial being hallowed by the tears of many of thoae who wit- 
nessed the close of his career. Thus died Major Andr^, in the flower of his 
age, the friend of Sir Henry Clinton, and (he honour and ornament of the Bri- 
tish army. If the infamous Arnold was capable of entertaining any honouTaU* 
sentiment, his heart must have been broken with grief and shame, when he heard 
of the (rascal end of the unfortunate Andr^. After heaping disgrace on himself 
by acceptitig service in (he ranks of the enemies of his country, he went after 
the war to die in England, contemned even by those for whose beuefil he had 
di^^raced himselL" 



TowABDs the end of March 1756, 1 left London, and went with twu 
brother officers to Portsmouth, to be ready for duty in the Afediter- 
raneao- About the middle of April, the neet under the command of 
the Admirals Byng and West, sailed for Gibraltar. At this time we 
were certain of a war ; encroachments had already been begun on our 
American possessions by Prance^ and we had every reason to expect 
her immediate hostility in the Mediterranean ; yet that fleet bad been 
detained at Spitheod for a fortnight tiLJ the repairs of the fntrepide 
(a 7^g""-8t'p we had taken from the Frencn) were completed, 
Tb]» cireumstance, with many others which attended the unfortunate 
destination of that equipment, convinced me there was something rery 
absurd or very corrupt in the administration of the Duke of New- 

I need not observe, that from my situation T often saw Admiral 
Byng, though never spoke to him but once. The land-officera had 
been appointed to their several ships ; I was to sail in the Revenge ; 
but I had a great desire to go in the CuUodcn, as in tlmt ship I should 
have enjoyea the company of two or three intimate friends. To make 
this point, I waited upon Admiral Byng, but the arrangement having 
been made, I was told I must abide by it. I must here observe, that 
if " outward and visible signs" were always genuine and decisive mark* 
of the inward man, you might have concluded, from the appearance of 
the Admiral, that he was a hero. Hiu foce^ bis person, and his manner, 
were manly and noble. 

I shall not presume to rene^v the obnolete question of the motives of 
his conduct in his partial, and^ indeed, ignominious engagement with 
the French; but I remember two anecdotes whioh ratbgr bear against 


hb pcrrHOUiil cciuru^e. I knew fruiii guud aiitlturity, lliut mir UiGii 
woftnjr aid King (li**or^ ill*- Sopftnri) frpmirncly d^clnr^d lii* nppn.-- 
htftivion timl Utff'ij fpovfd N'jI Jii^ht, His Majcitr must havL> hnd inme 
eound rcEiioiiii l"r tlU upjia^lu^tiMOH. Bi^ulvs this, J^Ujur Murly of 
iiur ri:^jiiii^ijt. ith lioiiuiirdUr n irmo n^ ever bri^dtWd, a^hurtd mc that 
Aflminil llyjiy:. f<ir Miait diarpspeclful worils In ilit? aniiy» xvhidi lie 
threw mil iJi u cnjfi^i'-lniiihi* irt Mirhircu. twrnely ""iiflVrvd hti immediate 
and gr^iit p«r»K>nn] iiftront from 4 Innd-officer xi-ho hadheurd iIie ofTeii- 
■iw tpt-t^ch. 

1 must confrsfl* I mi't with iKitliiii;; rcr^ ji^tcftblc U\ my pnrticulnr 
lft^le wliuii J went im Immd the Ilcvciigt, a 7-i-eui* f^hip. in whict jt 
W[U uiv d^:^LiiLy to Hilt lu \\\v diuulc Bhure!i or thi? Meditvrninean. 
Cupr. li*red*?riek Ciiniwn!!, \\i\t wimmnudiT, &oemed About wnty yenre 
uf ngt' ; hi? hud thp mnmtcrR of u gL*ntl«nian ; htr hiid 3 goiHl porkiri nnd 
a pfiod fuce, but th^ro w?h d miitirut huTi^htincsii in lutn which hiid not 
Uc-tn finfuncd \i\ tin: hjvilI ?ii;[mkiI tif ihoiie drtp. lie had l<i«t ail urm 
whejk rt licuituiuil im bour*l iht- j^IiirlLurough. m ilic rngagpiiivnl of 
Mjiliiewft and L«»Bfm."k ii^inilHi. iht Fri-m-h iiTid SpimiiiJ'ds» in Uif ywir 
1 744, off Sifily, Ht' wjiv a u.nn of tlit moat eoUeol*»d sind determmcd 
iH^u ntffe, uf which I will ai\ ociitar vitiic-Of in G) life's cn^a|;4<itiviit- The 
Jrn?»iBtiiih,'. rniliiisiitira uf ilio Einlisli imvid ftpiflt ftirpil, vt dcspiflcd, 
the awful but culd niilhurity af power, ^vbil;li in vitJn atlcmplrd la 
freeze Llmt »piril. But 1 aliull speuk uuirc? particiLlJirly of tbv bi&ttlo 
in ita propter placft ; 1 cnnif itnw to onr :JiilviLiic^v trnvmrl^ Jl. 

In t>iif voynge to Oibrultar^ w^ ciKoiinicrL'd n violent htorm in ihe 
Bay of JliAcuV' Wh4<]L tbo wouthvr bud eo ^r ubuti^d tbnt Jimdqrnca 
Utif^hl bt; 1)11 d«i^k rvilhoat m<]uiuriiadiiii; th(^ aailur^. I wrnt up ta itiir- 
V«rj ont' of llje ori^iii;ils uf Sulviituc %.\vX. u ttiiniesit in the Bay of 
BiKCfly, ilinpliiyhig oni' nf llie mo:^t Irtmenflnnsty mn^'nificenl RCfnea 
thsit can be itiijjj^uilhI. The niioTution nf n highly pi^rttiretqne pn.4»fl(^e 
from tbi> royal hiid iriBrpit^d rnuJirivt will bo vi-'iy up]W7iitb to doaoribe 
wbiit 1 aiiw wild fi'lt. *' They tluii ^i diivn to the sm i" ahipa, Biid 
Wx\iy^ tbi^ir bi]birJi:» i» ^ivdt wutei^, ihest men ht^e ih^ Wirrka of thi; 
Loro, uiid bilk wonders in th« dvi^p. For at hU word, thi* titnrmy wind 
(irijiGth, which liftcih iqi ir* wave* : They nre oiirnVd up \ii the bea- 
ven* and down n^in lo the di^t^p; and mnufi botil multelh wtlhia bim, 
bccnnsi^ of tfio tr<.>uh]i'.'" 

In the boginninsr of Muy, nftcr n voyag<^ of little more tbnn a lort- 
ni^zbt^ our Htvt iindicHed in Uie Buy of (lilifaltJirn Wu witk ibvn' In- 
fbrnu-d thiir wur hnd bi-en d^'liirvd in En^lund a^ninht Frufit^r. und 
that th^ cafctl^ of f^ainl PhtHpr in Minorcu, wui Uid iii^L^< to by ihv 
Dukt do HicKelitTi- t)ii this news a countii of wur met in fiibraltor, 
in whioh it wun dttcrmJJied tbut Lord Hubert Bettie's rc^mK-tit, the 
Ftuileer»> which imide |>iirt of the ^'itrnHjn. should be ae»t un buard 
Admiml Byn^^'S fi(?i'(, lo do the duly of UMrliifH, ii]ciiLjj;witU tbe iiHii^ers 
and recpiiitJi ftoTii Enj^h»nd, Ur tbe Minorca PL»j(iuifrni», and to relieve, 
if it were prncticahlv, their citmrndi's in Numt i'bi lip's- ThiK reeolii- 
tion of the council to put the English Fufiilci-M w\ hoiird the deet, met 
with opposition from the Guvtrriior of (Jihmltui.but the point won car* 
riet}. 1 iiin \{i\\i |;»JM^ to fdiiLti; «ume purllculuTH^ which 1 wvll rvmem* 
bt*r, of all inglorimis vhL niemonible dciy. 

Tha EngUbh and French tieets came in dght of cDCb oth«r on th« 




tffttipf nf tLe I9l1i uf J^lay, itjEvtf or fuur du}ii uAer u'lf Iiad iUiU(*d 
frOtt Oibnllu^ Thi? French wiw unilor ihn (?/>ni]ninn<l uf AilmirftJ 
OftlbMnVvr^- The t*iwtt";-"« turce uiiil otin wtru nrarlj oqual ; if be 
h»jd M al) the advLtutvi|ro> it u-lih ho triHirif:, that a truL- liniioli niilur 
ild not hnrv fliij^ii^d to Zian^ thi^iLii^ht of it for u nioiiK-iit. On thir 
BlC dft/ >vv WTTV i>(r t-hf- Llirid vf iJiiiurcn. ivlicri? we glmWy atnv the 
IrilUh niin ilill Myin^ lui d:ie cJti^del iif Miitjit PUi1j]i. TIil- hrarf tiJil 
TlljlfiVify iTLifl oMiUiiiieJ t') fi^tM vnt &^ifL>t hit Tiumtrnui lio>it,?^i^rt, 
though Uv lud uiilj tmir r^^iniHttA t» fttipjKtrt him, and l\wy were al< 
aiccic rvorn out nith fuiipue, t>dn^ iintmiul tu tin- dvlViici^ uf tliu filnctf- 
Karly in tW 4ft^-niiHjjj tif the UOth of A J ay j 17>^^' t^><^ Iiuc woa furoi- 
cd «n Wh *iiIi-> . lUr fleets vv^f*; u]jpiwtly I'rtuli utlit-r^ jiijJ with u very 
thvtx dbtuuuu btfMvivji ilieut Niithiiig man- [ittrapu human ftdrflfm- 
cii^n ihiiii citUTO^^', I \Ua\\ fiv^'j^r- furgt^t llit§ vrmthfiit irujiP]iurt I folt 
on obhvrvinit tt*? bvhuviour of C'apt^ i-Wni^viifl Mt that ihiy ; h<.' ctkme 
Qpon di^ckt ^ruMifd tiE hti fuli uniform, ^vith nn na^i'^t of pImHijri'i £Ut If 
litfl otijrct hiiJ Lrot<u n iuLiEri-i;;ir ffti'. lurt n LutLle. Lunl Klliiiglmm. a 
l[iU«EU iiuLTi, (wlio liJiJ cuuic out M joLN LjA re^tmi^tjt. if puuiUlr. which 
vrm iitiiiii>ned in iM Jnnri.'^ir) w\i< \tv bi-i ii*\v. It hnpppnud thiit I wim 
walking; on th« qnurti^r-dcck. imt Winj; yei ordt-riid tit my pL>ifC, whioh 
woi on the fmiocQiitic* *' 1 think." (inia Cupt. L'oriiWiill, " 1 never iinw 
■ Hnvr line than ourV is to-di:iy\ Tliv Fr^nchi tou, arcm ta oHVr faidy ; 
th'n. I ln>|ie, will Ue a ^hiriuUA diiy fui Hui^bud!'* 

Ail hanfU wi^rff nnw urilrrvd in ihdr qujirter*. imd the winnnn lK*gnn 
%o pluy^ Ailmrrtl \^>^1 It-'l ttit- vjiir mid lii'};:ih Thf* uttuck with the 
gr^MtvHt iictiYJty und upirit. Admird liyiiL;. with Uin divimun, od- 
▼ftocvd iu Lk loti^lly diiK'rcnt manjicr ; alowly autl hcflviiy, whpn he 
■bvuld har« ^^oiEiv on \vith rup>li(j utid .-irdgur. Thi< tiiglit o( thii 
*8iasiQ{C tliii^t^linfjtji. nt vi criiica\ a inoini-iit, itrutk C:i\iu Cvttw/nW 
fbr OD inwtnnt ).pcec1iU-'«*, nnd, tumm^ tis l^iril Kftinf^hnm, ami the 
#Um otfioeri dcbt iiim, lio vvcli>imi.Tl, with ntl hm bi»i\'i> adiil ui hijt 
own fiio^r '*Ou»d UijJp whut van Aduurnl Uyr^- ii.wujj I" AdmJrii] 
IVtrni'* flivUiiin w.*i ll^cn waruity ojif^njt-d uilli i\w vnvmy- In a mi- 
nute iLflct, QipL CUiinwul] iL^uiii uri^J mjL " Nijw U lUv tJum: iiur 
A^tminil imui make nil rhi^ »)i1 hi* ciin uml fall lu with ihr rrn'my !" 
But ByOjfl; t^^idcDtly ihowod Uiht tvtiM nut hit uplnmn, arid our bruvo 
captain ut JxikI ^vo up tdl ht>|x>H of iLny gixid hum hw ouniJujjt- He 
llicn rvpciiU'dly nJid ^arm^Atly dcAirtd tuc gcntJcmcn on th<^ qinirt^r- 
deck ti> Uikv puiticultir ncrlici^ uf tlie Adinirult am\ i/j rtnitmlii^r well 
h» (liluiliuTi, □!]() thv LirdijJVH uf hlji inovritiviitK^ 11*' Ml the fj;fn^ 
rouit inrlitfiiLitiiin (>f t^i] Englishmen ut inoh behaviour, niid hi^ tjrL>ut 
ir«i prtjphvtic of A futurjf tmjurry, 1 nball hvrc roninrk^ Ihiit hia 
cridcncv t>n thv ixjiirt-iimrtimlr wh^n iL <lid tnkfr fjl^Ui^^ vfiin iiuo of the 
hkM falul tL'frtl"ioiitfA A^almt the liiisiTiT: indi:c<], Ca^i. Cornwail 
Vftii u> lUrfrnTU Li inaii Iruui hU AdiLiirjil oil I Lis eveiiiful duy> t)mt 
1i4» i>VL-n glontPtmly c\|KiKt>d hlmAdf, fruui i,hL> fiin<*iTity of hk Etinl fnr 
ilk country 4 hoiuiur, to thv ccnaurv of muninl \a\\. Ui- wu» tn Byng'i 
divUtoQ, but he brokt> thv Iijk^ cmtrury tu the's arriiri;{vmcnt) 
uid attacked th« Tn<.'iiiy. Wv btid thrin' bbipu i>ii u» lU oiki'. My 
atstj<»n wai un thi< forVL'uhtl?. witJj ir»y ^VcUh t^nd KEi{;li>lL Fuiiilocr«> 
We g^y* xhem tkome vuliryt of ii[Hu1l-nr(ri>i, Aft^T the firing hud (xrn* 
liaticd about t^vu h'>ur», ll)e Fu'uch fl*«t hb^cr^d fiff: iho wind u-ma in 

TflAiTft or admiKal ersG. 

tMr fnvimr, «iid ihtrf wwe gooJ multra. Il LaiJ evidentlj^ been llietr 
intcfiti^Ti, UK Ihey aimed prmdpdly n our rifzj^ng^ no', to oonoit^r uv 
manfuilyr ^u^ ^ dUabtc iu ffom punuing tbem. A unblc cud truif, 
to ttn^piLrr fur fli^fbt 

Tilt- fjuJljiJ^t (.'aft^ Wrtrd, of llui CuIlixJro. a 7^-g™^n fchip, waa ernu- 
Utiji;^ tlj^ v3LHDt]j!i! iif Lin frk'nd Coruwall^ i-ruirdin^; >tAi| lu fall uu tJir 
ent'm^. Adm. Byii|; hitik'd fami »^ Tie tvH» adrmidog, m^il irilHrrd 
htm to fewp 7itb »tnu<fn. In tlint moint'rLt, mojiy nf hu bravo tnUan 
prcKii'd tawarda fajm. and Iweouclit him by ^v^ry tbin'Z that ^vni dear 
t9 m Bntisb tefimiilL, tu IcjktJ iWni li) tti<; {-iirmy. Wiird bunt into 
tcufN-"*' Wliut <t>m I dop my wvitby fcUowi?" crJvd he, " You *cc 
lay hand* nw ti«ir 

Thii ^ntU'inrtn, tflo, g«T4- n mnnfll wound of pvfdwiw* ax ihe coiir^* 
tnaniiil on iho dcUnqu*?iit ndmirnl, L>«ing to wlioin, the iwo largest 
ahJ|>i tti tlic fleet, <!]« KninillivFi und the (.'ulludi'Ti, wore ntit in tliL^ iio-> 
tiuii' Tht^ British u]vk'iy> tiii' at tl^c bull, thertfore rt;tny were killed 
oa iKiard the Fn-nth flwt; very fi^w fell mt out side, be<^uiK of tl^e 
eaernvB jiu'wioti for dt'iimllnhbig tin- ritfgiuLf. Cniti. Andnrwn, hov- 
nvpT. nf tJiP Drfanw, wbli?h was in Ailm. Wet»"C'i dtuiiukn, fttid who 
tint bore do^vn upon the Krendli^ was hiUvd, flu wa£ un nniiiibk 
man nnd an I'xcrlliTit (db<:cr We Iti^t Cupt. N<k<1 too» of the Pnai:r?as 
Lomxi) and I Khiiik he ditrd fmm bia leg belni^ &hot cwfty- 

1 ftlmil lierv riflute twu reuiarkrible circuiiLsmnces reHtieirtiiig Capt, 
Andrrww rtnd Cunt. Xtiel ; tliey mny be rej^^ct^ by aome, tliey will 
probahlv b* ridiculed by othen; but *■ there nr* more things in bea- 
veit nnd earth thmi ari^ dfeiLiiiL'd of by ymir phikisopber^ !" 

Tfiirl. Kool hud jt AtTiiit>: ]|]'tj«eimtru^rM that he wi.m]d lone hU l^g in 
thnt L-n^n^enieikti WImt wus the fuL]ndutii>j] of tbiA idea 1 hjiow iiM. 
Hp wan un ciuiiu'nl])' bmn- man, luul the i[n|ircs&iiiji hy im meariR dia- 
*pitit*'d him- Mj nnecdote oinp^rning the oa gnllnni Cupt- Aiidrewe 
il i>f n more icricrtaB uomplcnion, bopun&e its presage pointed direct to a 
mortiil iiBue. Thv miocdvrte Wi» ci>i]kniiJD]CLil:ed to me by Cupt. lliit- 
vi-y, fpf the RiL;:lih]i TanUt^erA. nlii« \i»h tin buiird tLt* Defianw in this 
eupjj^vineiit : he vtM u titnliejiuin of luibleinifthed truth, und wa» not 
onfv (^iptr Andrnwfc" m«ianifltL», hut hw fntimiilj* frienrl. 

On the morning of the fntLil 20th uf M»\\ Cupt. Andrewft, (whose 
Oournifti waa indiiputribEet having; f^iven bi^nal proof* of it in gcvemJ 
•0liriEiH>) appeared nl hi« brenhfivit'tnblu nnt^oinmujily thuughtful. Ilia 
frlnid Hurray Untk tbi? kind lilKirly tit rrniiiTk ii tfi him, »& luiiii^lbiiig 
uriaeLinonuble. " My Jfiir A rulrr^^vH, " viiid he to hirn, " 1 know that you 
m<^pt your dnty with all your h^iiri : Uiit 1 Mn vvved to rae yon in a 
■olcmri reverie tit thin lime; it mny have a diacourLtf^iiig etfect on 
those about yon r '* Cupt (latrey,"' replkd Andrpiv*, " mv heart 
ihtnW^ vou tor tliTs M^awmvble iidjii'nLJtli'n. I wLli ahoke off ihls dia* 
crt^ilitidjle mi'luncholy, bnt ytm will piirdim it, pprbapR, <iii account of ita 
ftitr:iordiiiury cLtnue f l nevvr wm i\ auiKTbtitioui ui^, thoucb J never 
wna such a viilgnr fed ah tu d^hpistf rehf^jon ; but bsl ni^ht I was pro- 
di|;ioaD]y im]>reucd ivith u drcain^ of vhivli I have not anv/ time to teU 
yoTi the p^irticulan* nnd it hu J-uured mc, witliout leaving n douht on 
my pArU thiit 1 ahoJI iiivvl ni) deuib In tbii dut S aetiuu ; yet deiwiii] 
upuji Et^ Harvc^, I it-ill die like a i»nn, f hope ivltli oredit to nivwif^ to 
mj^ friend*, and to my eountr)/' lie toek a mi«t nifectjonate Invc of 





llnrrtj v/h^m tliry Wfru lAu-tiii^ tu tlieir ivHprciJtfK lUlloTifl, " He 

fHtviit«» rriifrully Eiirdiircltrnt ki*ji." suiJ Ihrvvy, ''but wiih ™ld lipiu" 

Xpous, unci ifiloruliLl lo llo hij^Jivel tk-jjreo. lit, indeed, iiuWy fuU 
l hiB promise, tlioufiU he wot killct^, U/ * ciinuoo'tiftil, in the first 
-qiUitcr III ui; huur uf tht; li^ht. 

But fur tliif ini^Uinous Ailiri. Bync, 1i^ made tli4? tx-Et af hU r«lro- 
t^ulv wiy, wjtli JiitdiaipinjiQied nuJ mortified fltet, bat-k to the old 
rvlE, /o covi-r OUfKoflar, nn hv was iilcflhttl to put fortb, ilnmah tbe 
obsurd pivlc-it wjw dtf>lilut<' CVt^n of pl;»unilniily- Cfljit. tlaiid. nf the 
Purtbiid, a (iO-guii M\i, Iwic n very uctivti tiiid gallluiL port lu U;m 

iif wimi I Khnll nmv any rcLicing to tlie (tnfnrtunate find infiitaatvd 
Adtii. Brig, I o<mld Lo supported in, a* l<i iti aecuraoy, Ly soi'isjttJ mon 
fjf TtrrKity und Wuuurr itliwc Eiunies 1 hoi'cafu-r mcnluui. AuguHuB 
Xlcri'cy Ut'l^ivHrdi Earl nf UriatulJ^ at tlic lime I mu trcati/i^, «)ni- 
Biuidai tijc i^Iiu^Liii. a S^^-t^uii «hlp. Hi? iviw e»ly n H|X'i.'tati>r of tho 
actiaOt but lir* vvji»< (tM fjitETniile ncfjiiaiiitfmtv i»f Bjnu'i. and ni nn wl- 
dmcr at tho omirt-nuituLl w^s Vi'ry s^nlmtt in hix bvTiulf Vicc-AdDi, 
Snilli, Treiidcnt oHlm cfurl-martui, hnvJii^ aimcrmd Uin srilvur far liia 
rr«cn4, Lu^cd him in d very -(eriuUH iniij;rier, '' vrlirthcr, if he hud Wvjj 
im Adm. Byjigj;'^ «ii(iuLJuit uli Uiv SOiIj iif Mhv. IiU coiiduirt wuuld hiiVK 
btvu iJic aUEiM? OS llmi uf Id* frii'Tiil'nf" IJi-rvi'y replied, rhat " hU 
mwlo uf ftoiii^^ hhfiuld iTVTtmnly havi* Im^u jiint tin? «anie ivk Adm. 
BytigV— " Would y<»u Uavo uctini *ij, indeed ?" remrin'il lljt l^rcU- 
4vnU *' L'poij ray lionciur, I noulJ," answered thp iiitcrro^tL'Jh 
'* AitiJ, upua Pt^ hi>Jiuur/' rcturtcd AJuIh SmilJi> " I b«Iievi: lltut vt'Jt 

Some litil* lilof Will t\wn on ilic fi^-liting n-piitutftm of (Jkmc, Il^r- 
Vttf, on Acouuiit of »>iiie tnultiT that liml oa'Urrvd bvtu'i>pn Litn and 
Capt. ATilijLLnk* at (lilirulUr; lut Oiia hit of tlic Pri^H^ttiifit 4>f u otmrt- 
OiATtijid wiia hutli out uf pluce rjnd hi^hLy uii;;L't)vrcju-i, M^hatcrer wtut 
tbe bull whicli Lod i-xciti'd tt> IKivev'v miWipu'itt ujitduct com* 
tilctply dknnived SinUh\ iihuprVAttonH Whc*ri u<i]t mit to the West 
likdics. he LitlfTod tlo ttJoro, ut the Havannid*, with the mati hextne 
intrvpioicv and pcmevvi aiiet- ; nnd ia tliut ^ttitek ui^de thv uuuil* of hu 
flltiiit the iJfdifoi), be TrpLnUnl hm an upt i^mhlinn of the achiewmetitp 

Wlwrn thii jiuiljiTtl (?*ipl. Ward, of the Cullodcn (ivhi>» I hiive mrn- 
Uopcd bvfbn^, iriLi by DyTij^'n imxitlve Hiid ovru pcifMiiuil iirdir ri'Hl ruined 
ttmi th« action 1) uhk akki'd, nn thL^ coim-nmnhd. hy the PriKid^nt 
Sdroitk, wkut he CWnfd)thoiji^hl would how bwu the evenlual fortune 
of the dtiy, if the commiindLT af t!i>.' tie^t had dntie idit oup^vtod duly } 
" U hi toy fiiui opiiiiui),'* imiwvrcU Capt. Wird, *' that wi^mi^ht haT« 
hiuik. buruedr »iid (h-»inryed the whole lli^et uf the cnuiuy/ And 
when tie ijltprrujfnlimi rtMS ininU- tii niii4h<>P n»[itiiiii In Oil* tl*Wt, 
(wllOil^ ii4UDe huB i.^4C^ip<'d iny ri>c;L>tl(V(ron.) of whnt in> would havo 
done, bad b« Wn tK' i^immwndtir uf ili4.> wrtldtvld divjbioTi. he bluntly 
fcpJird, " Sir, hi^d 1 bci^iL ordvri'd to tiirim' Niu^cour» iulu bvllp I should 
luve |fi>ue furwurd till my jilj w^ hiiruL^d/' 

While i}i« iinritttuiiHir Admirul kvu-t nnder^'uiii^ in niitiripatinti nil 
lim LorrorM cf Uda court -m art iiil. iukdlLj:fTi<-v ^rrivod in tln^lund that 
4]ioC«Jit]c of ^Aint J'hili]>, in A^litKircn, had turrcndurcdj though with 
licimairabli; c»pitu1aliuii, to tlic Kreiich. T. 9> 

uiucJUArmuAL «ibiJT<;[i op 

otWi. vvvru eiuWkrd un buurd Llic ViJlo Ju PariHp TJit Jreadful fuCe 
□f t^at ipli-ndif] trupliy of tfit' immiirtuJ ifudiicy u tw ncll kiiuwn. 

Tlm rocuptiuii l^trj JlLimiii^tL^it U^et vvitli fmni JjU N>VL>rvigii \v\in 
mMl HLtCUfiii^ ; Olid <tn tliii :^Oth of Novouibcr^ 17^^, ^^e ^^M n(ji^ijnal«d 
onr of liA Aidcs*dc-cuiu|], wLich gave him the riuik uf CuloQcl iii liiv 

In I'V^, tin ihie dt^ih trf Ueut^Gen. Culcraft, tLe King preurul- 
c^l hiri Lofdnhi]! u'it}i ihv Otlimvk-y of thi^ ti5ih ; on thnt rcuimunt 
h^u^ *>Ti.ivtvt^ l<i Ir^dxiiil. ht ffmWki^d wiiJi it, uud ivliile ifi Dublin 
bod thi^ couituani df thiit garmuDi It wa& during ihia time thai Sir 
Duvid Duuduft thvtt Adjaunt-Gvnernl of tie Army hi Ireland, witibvd 
lu hriu(; furvvLird hi» sy^Um vrtiAulii>, Lord Uartioi^tciit. whu poHcsii- 
rd tLih'utM fw'i'i Jiiirly m)a[>Ied fur mllitnry iiifidri, auiI thim ivlinm no 
tilRf^i^T ill the hirigd^iti wm (wIUt aoquiujittHL uitli lUe ilntiilU of th« 
hirr^tuOf thu cviduiiima uf tniiip^t ikiid tJiL- tikdic^a of niudiTik \^]Lrfun.% 
hi^hlf appro/ed i>f the Gc^jicnd'a [iyHtvm, and ilnm{?dm1^dy» with the 
appmUition of tlif Lunl Lii^uti^iiatit, the Dakv uf Ituthitid^ Iric^d it 
iviLh the luith, Tlir linj«^ri.-H^ tlj^l: t:nq]4L uiadi< in It, uiid l.hti i>vid<^iit 
iitiliry thui wns to Ih? dmn-d th«rtfrom i[i Hxecution, Httndmtss, cele- 
rity und ardt^r^ wflM ito fully vjc«nii)lt^t>d um to iiiduoD othirr <.'DrpB 
ti> fulluw it« cvi"n[»ic ; so tlmt shortly iiftiT it becdmo Evourttl itt h«lli 
IdiigdoinA; jknd m J 7^ it wu^t dliecti^d to be iatplicitly fuUuwcd by 
t-v^y rv^iinL'iit in llie service. 

In lyjUt, Lfk-Jii'-OdTi^rn) Trynn, ColnneJ nf th^ d^h» di«1 ; tlie ArKi 
account of wluL'h< Lord Hnrixjigt,iii received by un eifpresd from Sir 
Uoor;;o Yuurl*» S^t^ivtary at AVur* u»tifv in^; tEiut tW King hud itppoint- 
rd liini C'ulLinifJ of thut corp». its hr hint' it na« whit fUt iMrdnhtp mut^h 

III tli(* Nurrijcior of 1 "J^Q a <Tainp wa& formed on B^gnliot TTeeth. The 
Infimiry whh dii/idi>d iritr> tiv,'» bngadi^^, arid tht; ftriit wak comiriaudi^d 
by Lora ILirrinctun. witli the tvaijrvfary rj^nU ot BripuUc'r'UcJiitrid. 
At the close of tliia rcur hi* Mnjtsty rrinccd a further proof of hi.i rc^ 
^rd k\T \i\n Lurd^hip^by appuiuLinu; htm Ci>Wtfl of the rini rt^metit 
of Lif.' finards, with the Gold Wiii-k." 

Duniij- the ct]m|:iii|^s o\' the Diikt> of York in Flandpn, Lord 
Hiirnii^toii Npitiivd to thtf Kiii^, to hv apnt with hh rcpcnvnt 
t*} neri'tr under IIia Ittiyal Hif>hi]<.'Sd{ but hih Lord,4liii/4'»p|ruiutmvTit 
of Gold Fetich rfndiTcd this incouipatihle i bat His ilajcity, wishing to 
W iiiiidt' iiopi.iEnltrd with vtrturn jiriicredingN on the Coiilinvnt, utid to 
CL»[ir(>y hJh crwn kI^qi retptvting the ojitrntionii, sent Lord Unrrtn^on 
Oil a privLilo miuton to the Duke of York, with whom he retnoin^di fur 
u short timL-, 

Id iT^n, \i\n Ltirdehip wA» promoted to Miijoi-Generjil ; in 17^1}^ to 
LieutcMmnt-GviJtful ; und iu U103« to Geuc^rnl. In 1812, he Wiih a]t- 

EiiiiEod CupmiTi, Hr»veriior^ lokil CoUAlulile of VS^indnor Cntile. At n 
c&erid'ultimiLr, his Litrdahip served oq tlje Staff uf Great Britain. 

■ l*he BliqintTt of Uw Lift GuaHi is w tiHowi ■ — .Tb«n Vt iwo gold ilicta, <mu tp- 

>wEt4in]iL]^ tj e,i4^b rt^EitbiLi ', Ilicir ihiTj- u d? ulEirfu) rtlU-,ritBU]ir D^erv nvniilh nu Iju 
lUjjL-iiy, Uliunivcr u vac'&Dcv occun of [Th: Culuiwky i^rTitlmr afLLiDHv fTv>mQiiiBH 
Lire KiuK iJuuiJuAlm m ufliixr ufbufliciciil lUil lji LLcnony, m ho DHUt b* * Fov. to t1l4 
rauiit t[E>ltl-iUch p whidi a, iu ulha >v«tJ>, qr^iAUlli; hnii to «Im ft^OMDli 


The [Present aword of the army was first mtrpduced by jjord Har- 
rington, adopted by the Duke of York in the Coldstream OuEu-dst of 
which His Royal Highneaawas then Colonel, and subsequently, by bis 
Alajesty'a command, in alt regiments. 

His Lordship died at Brtghton, on the'l4tb of September, 1829, at 
the adranced age of serenty-six. He ii succeeded in his title and 
estates by hia eldest son. Lord Petersham, a Colonel in the army- HJa 
Lordfihip'a aecoud son. Col- Lincolti Stanhope, lately commanded the 
17th Lancers, and bia third aon. Col. Leicester Stanhope, was for some 
time Deputj-Quorter-Master-Geueial to the Forces iu the East Indie*. 
Hia son Francia is alao a Major in the army- 

His Lordahip was buried at Elvaston, the &mily aeat in Derbyshire ; 
and a monument by Canora, originally deaigned to be erected to the 
memory of an illustrious warrior, having been procured, now Berrea aa 
an appropriate record of hia Lordahip's career, which ia compressed into 
the followiug inscription : — - 


Lieth here enlwnbed 

With bis Farefa^eia. 

He waa bom 

I7th March, 1753, 

Uih Sepiember, 1B29. 

TrcAdlDi to the Oepi of hii Anmton, Lord HurlnEfo'i VDlend Uw Arm>, 

And lerved wiUi dlattnclion durJnc tht AiDvrlua War, from wLlrh, un bEi r«Tu^D homt) 

Ue W4« jippoiorrd Aiil-dc-CAinp lo King Cfor^r ihv Ttjrd: 

Aed wu iDCfFitivrly Colonel of tbe e^lb, DSlh, aod iDih Rrgluiciits of Yaoi, 

AdiI of ibe 111 Ri^iiOTUl or Ijre GquiIi- 

In 1S05, LonI HarrinETDd wj» rmployfil u AmbAuador Eilriordlnary To lltt AllLrd Sa<«eisDi, 

He rflnuDiDdfd iLe Loodoa DkBliu:t duiiug ibe ihrnflrriic-l jUTailnp of NApolton; 

And wiR lOerfanle CammiPdcr of the ForcF' In Ircbud. 

At ibc ttme of bEa i1««ai«, be vat oik Df ihe Loidi of liJ» HbJ<!31j'4 Privy fJoonrll. 

Kutg^i GnodCfDH ottbe Onlmc of Coflf^t, GoverDirr of Winstar CiMlf . 

And ODF of tht <^cif CrDprjlt \n Ihe Army, 

Hv livnl IwhtVfd ind bonDuied l>y big SovcrelgDH hia ptersp hit Brotbei- S^^lfn. bli Ytmily, 

IliiTeDBalrjp tod Ibc Poor, 

*' Hilf or all M«D'« Hfuu wcr bii:" b^Uowed bt Ui Mfmory. 

To a revered Father'i Memory, 

This Monumcnl it erected 

Dy CharlES Fourlh Earl of Harriogjlon, 

lAncobi, Leiceilcr, Fitiroy, Francia, Heory, and Augaslus Stanbope, 

AonaNariai Marchioness of Taviilock, 

Lady Carolina Stanhope, 

And Charlolte Augusta, DucLess of Lfiio&ler, 



To ucedain tbe importftuvc of Lhc tlu^iim conqiiuisin Afliui iui nccuauy 

tliDl vie ahoulfi doucai accuroM mfomioluiih rcepeclinjf cnU^nilvi? rcuinnaj of 
TvhicS vcrv littJc is tit prtSLmi furrvctly Imowti ; but ihj<i uHbrRiuliori ctiiKjoi he 
obtninpd Irom lln! ^ci-'aunta of Em'opt'iUj irtiVDlU-fs- Tht ltiii<-' ipml in putsmg 
Otn tliQ^t i^^ruiili'itift in U£UdII^ Icjd licnilcd to r^nnblc the InvcUor 1o vivc in exact 
topograpl>i«kl de.iG'ip^ion of Ihcm, smtl ihc 'Ic^nttiic d»!ir.kticf ot' Asinlir Uovcrn- 
mcnU Vf}l\ i^l^Fii ju'etent obaEaclm tr> u aufHciefiTly uitriuEf jnBphcficn of rauiy 
inipfjriiml pluties, Ttia accoujiU ufilit native Atiaiie auiliori, wliun ih»>i« 94 (o 
b& hud, ura, th«rGrore. much more complele aoH ncrun^Ep rhan ihc t<!ii1Tcred no- 
Uopi collecled by tbrrrffnpnj nrho l"o nftpn only repcui vtilui tlirv linvc* Fi^nrd 
from ottiprK. Thoae foiiiiirif? whidi ib« Rti^Mitb onlfkSn^d boinv iimtr »ii^ fmm 
til*- Persian liy Iwniy, -Mid ihini! Ahieli ihev tinve receriily cohf^n*red from xhe 
Ttirkt, havf, howpvf 1', lifr^ii d( iccuinlcly and fully r^i?if ribi^d by ilio ticiiivA \r^ 
meniani ai any olhpi pun of The woflH , anJ frnrn thi« ^«urt?j?, Iiitlipfio umned, 
we purpnv- fo HiirAri On- dp^rnpiimi of ihp places In wlijth iJip progn^? of lite 

Aloiiy ilf wlmlt liue uf cf|]tiii»un*ftf llie Uu&ai&u CDumjaxiJer-tJi-Cliief. Paake- 
vic^U-Env^jiikv, wliicli rxLeiiJs froiii iIjc wrilern boiik of lIif ULe Van. iiouli- 
»(Bi, luwiifdi ibe BbtV 5iM. flK far as TrebiwHti, Oier^ i^ in> piscp tiiore hn- 
pnrtnnL Lhiui Er/CTLiRi, 'J1u3 cily ja llie kv\ lu ihv wIihIpi uf wi^^lfrn A>ia, uf ihn 
irain uf v*1llcU A n ihv tiuiJDnuiiL u «*^l EU of ihulvfu u;]«i( pan of Ctiniral 
Asia.. Eiz^JUTQ if ^ilualcd in ihe province anciently cuLltd AfDicnia M4|0r, 
•nhjch \iti to Ijigli iliiiL, arcc-ritini: lo tho hYp(T4'-i>intJDii ofiliri ArtdcciiaD h^sto- 
riani ^osL-a of CltoitnCt streamjllnw fraiil it tDvvarJ> u)^ titr four quarlors of thu 
ipforld. At tlir brgiumiK uf tHi: Sftlx ceuiury, iIhj Kraptfjr TneodoBiusi tht 

EDan^T, 09 oppcim iVoiii bin owq Epiatic lo lb<.' Arnicniiin CutboUct SU^ae the 
fnmlf{Mos. Lhnr. l\\ 57.) orJer^ a ci<y ami fnrtrmnto Wi built, whit h migbt, 
in casn of iigccmiE^, uQbrd eIig jnhabiUutR of lliuL part uf Atini^nia nuH the 
Gnsak army ptottclioji ncaiiiHr the attackj^ ot Ihc l'i?rsiaTic< 'i'bo iVin^'iLLri Aitu- 
loliUi, (.'omin3iniJei-in-(. hJbf cl llie provin^^c, was coinm ittioncd to felci^t u illt 
uccrdin^ with IM beneval^nt views of llLt I^tii|14-tot. AnaToliuf fixr*^ upon Iho 
tpot wliicb UlicI from limv immemoniil hvvti fulEoJ by (tic ArmL-niUiib KtniKy 
ThE>rb lu> butll It ciiy, I0 which llii> Armeimuta gjv* i]i« lumu or Kamu Kkkalch, 
(hot H, rhe ciiy of Harin : hui The Ur^ek^ cdlloi) it a|E«r tiq founder. '|^eodo«t- 
npfjlin. Knrih i* 4i1iiiiTecl ir» :■ pUin ^hirb frrm-i u. rimnt of wvr^nl Ifq^^k m 
ftlpnr, iind wliioh it dtxrribrd by Tfu^ Ami^iiuun hi^Ukrinn^ and Q«ngmp1i?rB it 
(tTifPuielj hcauUfiLl nnd ftrtilfl. Ft;>m thy iaitiii' [imlmrs wi- t^iahei thiit mih rith, 
welU^viiti^rfd, .ijiil fruJiful diMrict, ii; nor Inr divnut ff^m Ihi-' phci? wlif^r^ the 
awurrj?* of iVip FhH|iUrn»?<:»riqL- hiul inoJ>iLfri ilip marshy l^ird ihmugh whidi ihfly 
floMV- Hptt rtih iri foiirjJ [n gri^at abwrniaiifp, -.1^ nte iil«n vnrinm kinds rtf 
bint:^, wlitjai* i\^ic* ^iljiitf ruii^hi fumihh «ittj»b-riiihcv fur Lhr ttihubiUinic : rbe pliiini 
ue lliitkly <jvttsp*t:iiJ wiib biifti ^^1"*^- ■^t"! ("^»J"*-"L' trJin uf rn-cy kiuJ, The 
icoumijfitnis [liirL* JTc full of ^o-iiit. ai'<^ Kh^tv ii* every wberc a protbaioii of 
food aiick p-LAtuce fut ciiUlii. 

In ttiiB pUici. >ti ttir firvt uf ■ pi^luiviquF lull, whciicc maiiy refrc^tbmg ipilng* 
fl[>i», llii: nc» cilj WB». by the pumiiuiinf of ihu iiiapftor, buiU» *n<l virrouinlfd 
bv u deep Lrefjch oikd n unkparl. fuiimlii^l tiriUi kvuivli-tvwtiiii. Vr'bun, iil an 
tftcj period, i\tt Creeks antl the rtrsiini* jbared A/mtiuu briwceu iIichi, Tlieo- 
d09iopoLi>i (ccniLincd in the Iiandb t^fihe Greeks^ 'the Van^n Kin::, Kavad L, 
aadMd) obtniurd jWAii-Tiion of tlip tity in the jitt ^02* by the lrc^^cheIy aflbfl 
OoverQor Coiutuuiiui -. but bclcTc onr y(j>r biid jAvtd nv*:r, il f^ll afioia into 
itf. hflndfl oflJio Crecki. Towards iJic end oflbi: >ixlU cfiutury, tficciiy Katin 
wu fjDcc more okprmrd br the PrniiBiii|D great pari of the popiiUlion rcmoTcd 
llmntidBLij u cily in L^cniun Imk* 


In the year 647 the city wu pUbged b^ the Aiabsj tLod more than a Centuiy 
elapsed before the Greeks regained possession of it, uoderthe EroperorConatatiiiiie 
Copionymus, ia 755. Constauiioe caused the lamp^ts to be demolished, and 
rerQOTed the Mussuliuan inhahitanis, together vithtneir ptopeFty, to the Grecian 
ProTincea, It waa not long» however, before it was rehuih and inhabited by t}ie 
Aiabs: The Greeks took it more than once by storm in tbe course of the foMow- 
iog cenluTies (950-1019^) but ivere not able to maintain themselves long in this 
quarter. It is probable that Ana, or Erterum, the Arabic name of the eity, be- 
came common about this time, the Arabs havinjr called it the Land of the iCums 
(that is, of the Greeks,) because it long formed the frontier position between the 
Arabian possessbus and tbe Gieek Province of Asia (Natolia). The Armenians, 
howcYet, adhered to the natiPe and ancient appellation of the place, for^ in the 
thirteenth century, their historian, Cwiacos, relates that two Armenian noblemen 
were tributaries of the Sultan of the City Karin. By the Sultan of Karin is, 
probably, meant the Sultan of Iconieme, nho held the city in the first half of the 
ihirteenlh century- 

In the year 1247, the Mouspils appeared before the city. The leader of these 
hordes summoned the inhabitants to surrender at discretion. On their refusal 
the city was taken by storm and delivered up to plunder. Upon this occasion 
a great number of manuscripts were destroyed by the Monguls. At Inst they 
■et hrc to the town, and thousands of M^ometans and Christians perished by' 
the conflagration. Some time after, the city was rebuilt by order of the Moti- 
vols, who, according to their well-known system of tolerance, placed in it a 
bisbop, named Sarbis. This bishop completed the building of the town and re- 
assembled its scattered inhabitants. Aiter the dissolution of the Mongul domi- 
nion the towQ and fortress came into the possession of the Turks, and (here peace 
was concluded between the Porte and Persia in 1735. 

Arta, or Enetum, the now prevailing name for the city and fortress of Karin, 
or Theodosiopolia, is built in a plain of two and a half geographical miles, sur- 
rounded partly with ditches and entrenchments, and partly wiOi hills- The 
town consists of three divisions, — the fortress, the city, and the suburbs. 

The fortress is called by ihe Moslems I/sh Kaiah (that is> Fort Itsh). It ia 
built upon a hi^h hiLl and has twelve towers, which are all higher ih:\n those at 
CoDstantJnople. The fortress may easily be bombarded and set lire to from one 
of the neighbouTing hdls, called lopdack (Cannon liilL), which Christians namo 
the Sacral Sign, because the ruins of an old church are found there- Within 
the foitres9 there is also a mint, where, by command of the Sultan, money was 
fbrmeriy coined. Itsh KaUh has only one gate by which it i^ accessible, and 
the wooden magazines which contain the provisions for the garrison are without 
the gate^ 

The city itself is surrounded by a triple wall of atone. The inner wall, next 
to the fortress, is called by the Armenians ^odiat-arisb (signifying first wall), 
the outermost, iiTrAfrif^'flmi (double wall), and the lhird> or middle wall, //<- 
torhitchfn^ The breadth of ihe&e walls amounts 1o ten feet, and there is room 
enough between them for four waggons lo drive abreast- In time of war the in- 
habitants of the surrounding places took shelter within the walls, and for that 
reason part of every house and habitation in the ciiy was kept unoccupied. The 
6rst wall is very high, iheoutermoW is lower, but i a surrounded by a deep ditch, 
and stands at a good distance from the middle one, the tlisarbischcn- 

Each wall has four gates, placed cpposite to each other, and from each gale a 
bridge passes to the inirenchmenl of the next rampart ; the number of towers in 
the Sree walls is seventy-two. The cii^ Ts inhabited by Turks and Armenians, 
and according to the cakutation of IndschJdschean, the Armenian historian, it 
reckons 100,000 Mussulman and 30,000 Christian inhabitants.* A great part 

* iDdichidscheBn^inhJscalculaliDn, uses The word Dl'n, which literally meana^mi-' 
JwF ; but this must be regaidedu nn eiaggeiatEd modeof eipmion. 





tuii lal* Capt. Kichnrd SaintbiU wa* born iit lV|islinmi in Devon, 
4}& thv i£t(] of Julji l7<)Uj (olJ Blylr-' ;) atid bv thi* CmlLirf^ in tlit- mulir 
liiii; uf tin- *^I^1^T brands jf tlic SHuaMllB, uf S,ilnllii!l, wliu realded At 
BrudmridtH v/m tht; reprvAi^nlutivc of lIuLt LiMcU-jit Nurmun fumil^. 

Tho C(iiniii<*ni."euient of llie niiv:i| trtreL'P of C»pl;, SriinLliill ;vus in 
I7^ir ^i-lien, ut tli« ^g« ol utnnil iH'«lve y^artr be entered Uie merchant 
service under hh father's CLimniniiii,iLnd CDJitinuL'd xriib liim ajid uflur- 
wnrds witb on uiidi.* until l/^'^?- At this timo ho wua nppiintod u 
miJ?iJiL|iiiiaii uftli^ 3l. A1Liij]'?» uf tiO i^tjiih, Luumiii^tdifd Ivy Cupt, Wulrke, 
with wluim be s4TvhU during tW wur b his Mujt'ily's shiiis Hjunpum 
Court, nnd Antvhirief having imwi^d Iile tviiininuiinn f<:tr a Lieatenjtiii^y 
in 176). 

The pence of l'Jij3 oppem'bi to bare l»li|rht(.'d liU hvpea of nnmediatc 
odvttn cement in the Niivy, n^ he returned to tljc mLTchant semce. 
BiKin ufter the eomweitu^mpiit »f iht: Auterlciiu AVar^ he m\s c^pttired 
when makiDg ii voju^e to Neiv York In a |iroviMini transport, whirh 
be ib^n i^imiTEiandeil^ »nd la\iva tnli> Ddrlniuiilli, ntpar Biistnit. On 
bis return to HiLglt^ii<L after tbJs piece uf ill-furtunv» Mr. SiunthUl was 
placed in mmtniind of tli? \^ar\ of Sandwich, a letter of marque* <rf 20 
AU»a, Iteloiiging to tbe Ann of MeurH, Ivmi: mid Qeujjtmhi Lvbter. uf 
PiiEjIe, Til this vessel he KUrceeded in rjijrtiirinj; n Kteiich West liidbi- 
miui^ Inimr^^variUbound, \iHer n spirited engiLffeniL^nl a\' "tvveml gluaaM." 
The IridiauiiLi] ivilk vnliied ut Jt^tJ|INM^ una would have amply rocoin- 
pepscd him for bU fiirmer diaiipjxiiiitnientK ; but tbcae Anticiputbn* 
vauisliedi on heiiig hiiiihcilf cuutured with bi^ pfl^i^t brveiitveu Anyn 
after, hy tbEei- Frtndi KbjiJK iif llie lrrie» und liikeij hito Brent' Mt. 
Sninlhill wns iint di'Imned long an a nmnn^r in Fmni'F', nnd \v\% ntloiv- 
#d to TPtuni to Eiiglundon his parole, in e^cban^ for the Ciiptuiit of 
tLo Mudeete, it French liidmmiLrii Along. Lufcr Je ClmnUdoTi, wlnj wan 
tbcn a i^riaoner ofwiir in Cnglund^ By hii upplkation tii the Earl of 
diuidxivieh, iheu Gr^l Lord of ibe Admimlty, Rdlowed by that o{ hiH 
^L ttmplayerR, J^le^rH. Letter, ibir^ ^xebnnge una readily efTeer^d- We 

H ■uijdn a letter from Moni. de Chnctelon to Mt. Snintbill leJatiiiK to 

^M it, iK a document ni' auch ix uotiiru in this time of pnacv carries witlx >t 

I " 



(tkjln^lited p£oh the ohioicau) 

A^bbutlon, Teh, 5ili, I77fl. 
Siiij— 1 bn\c i«cii'cd your Iclltr, itnd am vpry aiixiouh dmt dieMofifl you are 
lBkm|r, and ibo»r I Jim mj9c]f Jih«ui to odc^irl. inny Aiiccrcd in cnu^iii^ you ti> 
rwmmi ut \uur nwn i^ouniry mid in pcndiric inc back lo mine. I have wiittcfi 
to McHn, Vmcr TkiillitMiim, in iinndon, io ne^isl yon wiTh their ;:nod officer; I 
ha^^ 0I4O h^d tht bouuur to write lo Ixinl KhdliLirnr, mid havr hjid mv rcqurtt 
lo Inm Bfcoiidod by Uflpl. Coibj', «tviiii; in Oit itpjadfoti of Admind Xeppcl, 
uul vrho, I iiTu lEiformi-if, it do nitimate ac«)UEiimance ufthe roniicr. I rcqucH 
vou IjO voitimimioutii villi my Ijjrd Shclbumc, ns v/rtU at tvjiii MoHTSr K Tbcl- 
lUAfOD bad CompLuiyi wbfj cLinncjl lud toudd niueh wti^MtoqiirjiiKl npliuiUlioBi. 
X have tba bonbur tc bu, with |ierfi-f:[ cuiuiJi'mtion, 

Your MT^fliit, 
Mov». Ltrta pi CuAKTitov- 


Released from hia parQle, and desiroos of distinguisbing himaelf in 
tlie naral serrico of hia country, it became Mr, Sfljnthiil'a first care to 
^cek Ilia adrancement in that profession for which his eiLpenence bad 
ao well fitted him. Amongst tbe various means he cmplored to obtain 
his wishes, we find in tbe following letter from hia friend Mr. Lester, 
addressed to the Earl of Sandwich, in terms quite characteristic of tbe 
time, the interest be felt in his welfare, 

Poole, Feb. erih, 1779. 
My Lortn, — I return you my thanks for the liberty you have been pleased to 
procure for Capt. Richard SaiulhiM, of our ship, the Earl of Sandwich, taten 
by the French : froiu the very precarious situation of die limes, CapL Sainihill 
would be hnppy to serve on board any of bis Majesty's ships oFwar; he has 
passed exaiainaiion for a Lieutenint as far back ss 1761, and would be a great 
acquisition to any of his Majesiy^s captains that may be in want of lieutenants 
of skill, uobriety, and a thorough knowledge of (heir business : if il should be 
convenient to your Lordship to appoint him to that station, you would add to 
the Q^ny obbgations already conferred oUj 

My Lord, 
Your Lordship's most obedient and obliged humble seiruiil, 

Benjamin Lester, 

This recommendation, with one equally favourable from the late 
Capt- Sir A. 9. Hammond, were attended to by Lord Sandivich, who 
appointed Mr. Sainthil! a Lieutenant of his Majesty's armed brig the 
Countess of Scarborough, of 20 puna, on the 16th of June, i77^- He 
woa some time acting in the command of tbia vessel, and whilat em- 
pJored in the North Sea» in company with H. M. S. Serapia, encoun- 
tered the squadron of the celebrated Paul Jones, off Flnmborouch 
Head. The details of this action, given in the dispatch of Captain, 
afterwards Sir Richard Pearson, who commanded the Serapia, make 
but little mention of tbe conduct of the Conntess of Scarborough, in 
which vessel Lieut. SuinthiU served, and we are therefore induced to 
give the following letter, containing; uu account of it, written by htm 
when at tbe Texel to his Father-in-law in Hertfordshire, 

l>eaf Sir,— I have no doubt of your hadng heard long before this of out mis- 
fortune i" beiiie; takeo, llie parliculars of which arc as follow. On the 23d uU, 
beirg then in company ^^'iin 11. M. S. Senfpis and the convoy from F,tiincur, 
aboui four o'docii ill ihe afteinoou, several of the mfrdiJini ships to windward 
hoisted ilieir colours at the ma^t-hi-'iid, and fired t^ina ; aud soon after we spoke 
with one of them» »ho at-quaiiiie^l us that a boat had been aboard of him, and 
ioformed him that the ships »hi<li were then in si^^ht off 1 liimborou*:h Head, 
were a French squadron, eonsisting of ^vo ships of -lU !^n«, one of 36, and 
a snow. The Seiapis being thi^n about four miles to leenard, we immetliately 
bore away, made the signal Eo spi'ak with her, ami cleared tlie '%htp for aciJLkn. 
About half-past five, our Capiam weni on board to receive directions from Capt. 
Pearson, and soon feiumed ^Mth orders to keep in a clo*e Ime of battle astern 
of the Serapis- We then backed our main-lop-iail, and bid by for the enemv's 
ships, which were coming down with all their sail set, there being little wind. 
We itfterwanln found tht-m lo be the Hon Homme Itich^mi, of 40 guns, eom- 
manded by I'^jul Jones, who wsis the CoehhioJoiv' ; the Alliancp, of 'M ^ns, an 
American frrijate, c^ommnnde^l Ity a Frenchman; the ralhis, a Fi-eneh frigate, 
under AmencuT* eohiurs ; and u Mnow, of twelve ^uus. About half-past aei^n, 
the Bon Homme Richard b*?ir'tn the enRajjcment wjth the Serapi!* ; at tbf same 
lime tbe Alliance fired her broadside into us, whfch we rclnrucd, and cniitinued 
fTiRaging her about half an hour, when she (jot so far astern, that out guns could 

r. S, .Iot:r». No. 13. J*s. 1830. D 



not he hrouBjiiC lo htnr op \\*fft nor Jirl «lie nnn dciitim of ag^u comjnt up. 

\ti>, KM iiPij ij^ imi in A fiTW nuuuica cfline uluJct oiif ficrn, ond io\c u> 
brpbhidir. \\ p iliep cDUiinutil tu «nu<?<^ ^■-'' rtc^rlf vni hoiir and a kiDir. ithtn 
oar abip brnn;; much damri|rcrl in htr hall, (n»«tf unJ rinitip. <^li hrnoi:), bov- 
linp, liDr txjJiE ^^Hol ■i*r,iyj ttt<ii of <^ur run* riiNiJiminiid, hiid twmtv-tii'i^ nsvB 
biiW unci wr>unJj.*<], «v ^nick t» ihii »41m|j, ^bich hud UliartJ utibly. Ttto 
AllUiiu, wbidi hvl ull vliift liirm kept a-iicm. iiov fbinc up luJ hailed uur tUp, 
(Uid then 'load nadur an ca*f uJ tcw]ii<da iJic t^crupiVi ■^hich had from tnc 
ia^nniag been litondly TVd'Ufn mcixid vriOi Jo»wf,liifi ^titpE Wn^ luNfl 
•JoneiicSt vavh oihera m ttnt tho k^iir-4ri.k guiiH cJ v^di ori^kl fi^it U^ run oa^ 
and both <hi|ii ivviy*vr»rtl limtiOTi lirv^ lb llti* titu&Tton, i)i(> Scm[iM« h4vir>|[ 
npagvd both «b[|iA Ibr lonxfl tlTik«f, iru nLto uivlpr Uw ntocttily o1 iiis\itn^, and 
fOOn tlW htif TDDin-mul went i>ircTb(v>n1 Tt^c Rnn Homtiu- kicbuH mi aluioiC 
tom Ift pic«(, *i(ifl fcvcn ffot wster in l»nr linM, «nrt wiw cin fiti* T»»«t rhi' m'Jg»- 
XBl* al thii liiTipr (':ifit. Tvirttin 03N In Ihtt dN^dful hilimlinn imil inirt ^ ih^ 
a||^, in fbn^r itf Ix-rn^ blown up or ftnkLn^, vlitpli ci^rcumlv would iititu hKiw 
pmd tf tiki' vwiE^ii'r Ititd notbi»Q Tfty lin<7. The foLlcwmg Any th^ji^c oiir tKn 

fatiinn 10 W4' thr lion Ifonunr HiolnnJ ((r> down. Tin- ni^rcltrr of kjlird and 
woundpil i1 li tni|io«i>i!r- «> hi**? ynii iiij iii'( niiiji <if iii ^hn-H-iT, hut you mufl 

CkrilX>lnthi>5«r.i|)U: in thf T'ilm U'tox U, n!io arc lU drad. 

' " YiDllTI, Ice 

TIi# foUowing ii « comparative rJew «f the force of thv veoeli mi- 

<o|iuji'iU<ka') d; l'a«IJ«tBH 

lip* a, McfL i.irv^ CmiB EMI. 

fimpU, 4t tank. CiyL ft Pnjinuti. 

Klllid ami iTAiHlnl lw- 

The rpftull nf llji» sttiins/ in which tlcrt- wim lo K'l'jtt n ilUpiTily oT 
fnrre between thi* coiiWulinp *h(ps. wnt Ui^lilj' Ifunnirnlik- to thi* van* 
quisled jwrt)-! the *nf«ly of n coiiPay lind btwn sfl-curiHl ul jui imix>rt- 
ant ]K'rii>il, und lh« ccjintnandiuj; olbcrT rvcuivfj tboio tcwwd* v/hwk 
hi* \tnvfTy Imd mcritt'd- 

Ofj l;i^ rclum from the Texct in l"^- I-itcui- SmiiitLil! wui ap|i<aftt* 
ed lij H» Af. 8, Duke, Cnpt- Sir 0, IKhij^Iih. itnv of the thipi fnrniing 
the Channpl Iti^t ; nnd wa? prpfteril in hvr nt iht? rtdief of Gibmllnr, 
uoic-r Admiml Uaiby. TIte Duke was nfti*nv[inU ont of tlic nbipfi of 
Sir Gcor(;c Bodncy*£ aquadron in the action xHlli ihc Count dc OroMtf^ 

r.Ttof 4 ■llovcd lo 1iti« bvPD ooe of Ihn moif ijmpiiiiDr|r >t-Tii>ii EKtvdKl in 

ll viiiLi iTi rhl) occ^iuti tTjDl dijiE. ruimin lYi'nivi'd ifri' hnnmir of 

, flpij thr fm'dum ufacvciAl majhu ( 1uwnt< 1lir »>ri'uniT jo o of iSCirboTOUjhj 

HR>, rcipiy<>^tT p>c«iQt»^ hi» witk «1vg3nt lrox*«. on vhk-'k ntitv a^ipfuprinU: ioacrip' 

ltff«m«WTlKl liy UeiiL WaiMhilL. inO cmrDbomcd (rv il»f rtHrnr^ nfihtnm l-jnr- 
hih ihLpi. <li*l ut* »f th" fmi4Ua wliicii Jidd crural Jir I'ltufiEfKof JrtilnnniiraH 
fir«| HhL^Al brviAwln iriQ rnul Jaqub «h^p pbfuitip-, nLtnaiiog Una Tut iJic Urirt 
iHAcl. lie wu luudi iliFiliUd 1>; thcv wbn ■twd und<v hlu. ouj ihn rcmiQiUflT;* 
«lio<f If nofinni dMopiniun rtirfiwlof liiflgmenil rhirvcla- 


%t t&e West Indies- After tbe action, it devolved on Lieut- SuinthiU 
to oonduct tbe French frigate L'Aimable to Jamaica. Here he was 
appmnted Firat-Lieuienant oFH- M, S. Unicom, Capt. Archer j and od 
the voyage to England this ehip beat off an American privateer of 
jnoch auperior force. 

The aervicea of Lieut Saintbill had already evinced hia leal and ac- 
tiritj, and shortly after being paid off from the Uotcom, he rf!ceived 
an appointment of an Hrduoua and haroKHing oature. In the eom- 
meiicement of tbe war of 17^i he wa» nominated Agent of Transpfirts 
a£oat at Cork, and conducted a body of troopa to tbe Weser and O^ 
tend- The able mazmer in which he performed this lervice called 
JoTlh the highest eulogium of Capt^ Moriarty, who attended the em- 
barlEation of the troom at Cork, and who, in a li^tter to the Na^y 
Bovrd, auerts that " nU seal and activity could only be equalled by 
the accuracy of his judgment and the justnefis of his dispoHitiens," In 
Tecominendiiig him for promotiao, lest his to doing might be attributed 
to interested motives, he adds, that previous to his arrival in Cork, he 
knew nothing of Lieut. Suinthiil, and could, therefore^ have no other 
iDotive in recommending him, than to perform a duty to tbe service, 
and a jubtiee to merit A letter of thanks from tbe Navy Board for 
tbe promptnets of the embarkation was the reply to this, in which 
liieat. Sainthill was promised not to be overlooked. 

The good opinion entertained at the Navy Board of Lieut Bainthill'a 
■bitities, from the above favourable testimony, and the tiiendship of 
Sir A- Hammond, soon procured him an appointment in that line of 
service for which he had proved himself w well quulified- In the 
month of September 1793, ]t was determined to send reinfurcemenla 
of troops to Lord Hood for the relief of Toulon, to which ser/ice Lieut, 
Sainthill was immediately appointed. In February l'J9^, he accord- 
ingly sailed trom Cork, in company with ten sail of Iranspcirtii, having 
on board the 12th regiment of Dragoons, under convoy of hia Majesty's 
ships Irresiatiblej Winchel^a, and Geres, After experiencing bad 
weather, in which the convoy were dispersed, Lieut. Sarnthill's ship, 
in company with three others, arrived off Toulon, but narrowly escaped 
being captured by a SpaniHii frigate which had chos^ them. 

Mr. ^inthill was now in a part of the world where the most active 
operations of war were going forward, and in a species of service which 
G&tied for the utmost exertions from one in the vorv responsible station 
In which he was placed. Tlie duty of Agent oi Transports is well 
known by our readers to be of no easy nature in time of war, and the 
present period was by no means calculated to make it so> Having 
arrived too late to he of service at Toulon, he was directed to proceed to 
Civita Vecchia, and had the good fortune far his -services at this place 
to receive the fullowing acknowledgment from Pope Pius the Sixth, 
whioh woa thua communicated to him by Sir John Cok IlippiiUey. 

Kmne, 13lh June, 1704- 
Sir,— At the request of his Eminence the Cardiifal Secrttary of Stale, 1 iiavn 
the pleasure to (ransmit In yrju a Ef^'d medal, which it is hi* Holiness^ desire 
Aal you will aecei^I Hs a mark of hipi particular eati^eni, and as a remcnibraiice 
of yoor bein;^ his guesi at Civiia \'eccnia, commajidinf; ilie convoy of hii Ma- 
jesty's 12th Wegimwt of Li^tX Dratfoons, 

i beg to incloM a copy of bis Rminence's letter on occiulon of my unnounc- 

D 2 


ing to him Sir James Erakine's orders for the recall of the regimenti widi hii 
thanks Tor the attention it had received from hia Holiness'a Government, On 
Ihe receipt of your letter, which had been transmitted some days atlerwards by 
the Governor of Civita Vecchia, his Holiness expressed equal satisfaction that 
both departments of his Majesty's service should have been alike gratified ia 
their accommodauoti at that place» and immediateW ordered his minister to pre* 
pare thbmark of his ^leemj nhich I have so muca pleasure in conveying to it» 
ueatination. I bare the honour to be. Sir, 

Your very obedient and humUe servant, 


The medat was struck in commemoration of the Pope's restoring the harbour 
of Civita VecchJa to its present state. 

I will beg the favour of you, Sir, to make my best respecti to my Lord UooiL 

Lieut, Sainthill, late Commanding the Convoy of 
His Majesty^s Transports at Civita Vecchia. 


The special consideration vhich the Holy Father has alwaya had, and will 
have, for the iUuslrious and generous English nation, mates him seize Ihia occ^ 
sion of the residence of an English regiment in Civita Vecchia, to give them 

E roofs of it : and as he has reason to applaud the regular conduct of the troops, 
e has determined to convince them of his perfect satis&ction, by the present of 
a gold mf^al to each officer, including the Hon. Gen. Stuart and Sir Jama 
Erskine, thou^ absent. 

But as those medals, twelve in number, are not ready, nor can be completed 
before the departure of the regiment from Civita Vecchia, Jl will be the care of 
the Holy Father to give them as soon as possible to Mr. Hippisley, that he may 
send th^m to the respective officers, and be ai the same lime the interpreter it 
the sentiments of affection, and the particular esteem which he preserves, not 
ooly for the nation at lai^e, but for every individual of it. 

The Cardinal Zelade, Secretary of Slate, in participating these Poplifical dis- 
positions to Mr, Hippisley, Member of the British Parliament^ offers himself 
always ready at his command, and assures him of his particular eateem. 

From Civita Vecchia Mr. Sainthill was ordered to Corsica, where 
he was employed under Lord Nelsori at the sieges of Calvi and Bajttia. 
The following letters, containing directions which he received frooi 
Lord NeUun, will conrej «»me idea of the active duties attached to hit 

Aug. 51b, 1 r&4. 

Sir, — You will let me know in the course of the day, how many people each 
ship of your division will carry, Aiihout inconvenience, for a very short voyage: 
also, if you have water aid provisions for the number of people your ships will 
carry: also Ut me know what men are on shore belOTiging to sliips of your div^ 
sion, in case Agamemnon should not return before the tr^nsporla are wanted- 
1 wish to see YOU with the return, and let me know if there are any Iranspocta 
berCi except of yours and Lieut. Caine's division. 

T am. Sir, your very humble servant, 
Lieut. Sainthill, Agent for Tranaporla. Horatio Nelsoh. 

Camp, Aug. 7ih^ 1794, 
Sir,— Ali the transports under your direction to be moved directly to this bay, 
and anchored under our Camp. I have directed ali the transports-men here to 
be sent to your assistance ; but you will get your ships as ready to weigh u 
possible before their arriv^. T am, Sir, your T«ry humble servant^ 

livat. Sainthill. BoiLATro Nilsov, 


And the following hurried adrnowledgmpnt of bjs aerricei on tbta« 
occaaiouit is to be appreciated when comiug from suob a source' 

Agamemnon, Calvi, Aug. 14th, 1794. 

Deajr Sir>— Your readineaa af all times (o expedite the King's service I shall 
ilwaya bear my testimony of, and therefore 1 have no doubt but you have got 
all the barrifl povder from the shore on board the ScarboToup:>i, which 1 ho^>e ii 
500 barrels : if she should not be aailed for Fioren^a, pmy enpediie her as aoou 
as possible, and doti't keep her Tor a few barrets. 1 shall be otT Revelatfa Point 
nearly all day to-morrow: let her join me, and 1 "iU see her safe into port. 
Sbould the Agamemnounot be there, she ntJI proceed by herself. I have whltea 
a liuG to Capt. M'Namaia about her. 

r am, dear Sir, veiy truly yours, 

lio&ATio Nelson. 

Lieut- Sainlhill, Agent for Transports, 

Tbe active services afloat of Lieut. Sninthill may here be said to 
haTc terminated. In December 1794, be was ordered to return to 
Ireland with a fleet of traiiaporta, and when off tbe mouth of tbe Shan- 
non, bad a narron- escape from being captured by a French fleet> 
dirough which, according to liia \oq, be actually passed io a thick fog. 
He arrived afterwards eafelr in this river with all tbe ships of his fleet. 

The neict appointment Mr. Saintbill received, was that of Resident 
Agent of Transports at Cork, in 1796 ; but in consequence of a reduc- 
tion which was ordered to be made iri this department by Mr. Pitt, he 
waa discharged in tbe course of llie following year. On this occasion 
It was the misfortune of Afr. Saintbill to be the junior olhcer upjmint- 
td, by a few days only ; and on bis retirement he received the warmest 
approbation of bis conduct from Sir A. Hammond, with the assurance 
of bis desire to serve him. After this reduction, Lieut. Saintbill was 
unemployed during the remainder of the war until 1814, when he was 
superannuated with the rank of Commander, os an acknowledgment 
for his past services. Had Mr. Saintbill adopted the high road of his 

frofesaion, his zeal and abilities would in all probability have obtained 
im that preferment which he soupbt fur; but it was bis fortune to 
pursue another, in which ^eater dilliculties are encountered and pro- 
motion more distant. In ihh he persevered, and performed bis duty 
with satisfaction to hia superiors. 

In I797i Capt- Saintbill bod received the appointment from the 
Irish Government of Agent of Transports for Convicts from Irelnnd 
to New South Wales. Although a (laty comparatively insignificant 
to his former, this was suHicienl to employ a mind ever bent on nuvol 
concerns ; and he retained this appointment until the year 1J[24, when, 
in consequence of some arrangements, the oHice was entirely removed 
from Ireland. Being now at tlie advanced age of i\G, be could lio 
longer look for employment, and having two sons in the same pro- 
fession which he had followed from his youth, bis first wish was for 
their advancement. His own aervioes, in his opinion, hnd not met 
their due reward, and with the hopes that his son, iMr- G. A. Saint- 
bill, then at sea. might benefit hy tht'm, he petitinnod the Lords of the 
Admiralfy. in ifi2:i, for bis promotion- His a|i]iliciition was nnsucci'ss- 
fiil, and ticut- Saijithill is still atrviiig as Kirst-Lioiittnant of II, A], S. 
lais. Disappointed in realizing the natural wishes of a parent, nud 
racapable of farther service himself, he died at the advanced age of (ft), 
after a life devoted lo the naval service of bii countrv. 



7>j ihr Cttitttr tifthf Vnhtd Service Journal. 

S[«,— jV* ]iBTki>Hirt labtfThu &mi of yimr wn linji to hM au impnrliil nipr^ 
itJlcbdi^ncc and rc'uw of all ivhjcL iullV be Ibroitgh youi JooTt^nl Lttrl b^fcr^ the 
|mtilu\ pcrhipj it wilJ bo fcrimttpJ lo otii? *if tlioie wfio n-lmire iJit ^lint 
wltirh lU'DiJli'ii yr>iir hii»r1i. In j>liiri> ht'rin- tlir- |iijI>U<- n fi-w rrnmrhv on ^<^tir r^ 

] nm, Kir, youn,£co, 

Dct^vi^n iliu iniiilfs of exfieuiiiK lli^ aituudtin iif iibj^cU in a couti' 
Uy, which L9 tTii* Fsn^iiciul vulKtuno^ cf mJlitury ilrsiiWn^ thi^re itiuKt 

it aprcikTti bartUy jubt to coitdvniTi iinv ^ysti^m whit^lt firtifcaftc^ ta unoblu 
an iflncrr iti cimiiviiiiiJ to iirrivc at n dcaror ktiowlctijJt of the siuiiitiott 
of th^ ftBVtirul Iructd uf counUy. ur cf tlivohj^ti in g^tier^kl a>x>tiii(l him. 
Ui4[t hn^ Wvn tJHiiiilly ^IlJiin hu xriniuTiiviit by former Ky^tvniH of 
ilr^iwiDc^. It muy be iistM.-r(e4l hy tataxy of four ciiHtuFy ronaori, ilint 
by tlit-mi^ulii-L-B, In \hv fi^4U iX^ii, thuy ouii uy ooniinuci rucoiinpitnii^ ut 
tfiO time of »LCKi(»u rttilJktiL ^uHiciLMLt iii"i;;bt into Jill thi; luciUlit^i uf 
thvir iHmiliipn. WULout reft^rring Wck lo ih^^ i-tixtiLpW uf thv moEit 
diminnuHliLnl warnuto iu |iM*t tiini**, or IfM>kiii|( to lit luiudiici of ihe 
Lilhci*r« of AL^vflrider m h\» A^v^iKH^v \t\ (iidiu, or lo tlitit of Nipolt^on, 
vhtuc knoivn |iri;dik'?tion for mUitnry pJ^ai your Juuruul ho^ plrt^idy 
uoticcdp it xaMiXt uQ B Littk' ticiibcrutc oouAidi!r»itioni ajipcutr auJBcivtitif 
ovi<lirLit Ijuw jnucki DdvLniU;;u on irtTiot^r muit receive frooi any dmr 

iM.u] of ttu' iMCiiJitirit, 

Ptir>oiiu.i rKpc-ricncp lini; Pti'ibl^ mo onU' to iipitH-lc □!> id cnr. LtittniLcO 
of lljv vtilai! M-l upon vui^fi dvtuil- Agcnvml oihcor, who u'ii» owrciLH- 
kiilvTtd d)i li:»J3t likjy 1^ r«if|H'Ct noy av^iU'Tn but tint of obuiiiing 
Lnou'li-il^c by tW armc hlaache. wa* orilVird to ittlvoncc LIj^ bn^vjtlci 
I IllleI Ihti^riilirLVtrd lo [>re|>iirp an oiitliiio of tbc ciniltiry tlifoiiflL ithii^li 
111? triL^ to piiiu. but ]( \^-\t^ nnc conijJeri>, Altli'm^li limi' j^rifvifd^ the 
gvnorxl would not movo uithont IlU plfti^ Maying atfiylliinic \tMt ttvttvT 
ihati nothing ; und that tiioii^h hi- had tbc uancej- of tlic vilWo^ irhoro 
lb? enruiy bud bis ;Ldviinci:d poald. iijid had iL'i^il tlicm in tlie tuun vf 
thv CooitTiiimb-r of il^if forcf^t it u-m ixntlenn to hiin tJiiU'Ht bt' liud 
th<» jiiHuiiim of inch pmti and vitLigrii, With iny wry mcomplelc 
plan, tbu i;oiu.Th>l bot oul |>vrlvctty coiitvuivd. 

S» ilUt^jiicil ur noi'divvh afifm-Jjvnfiion vvor could be Juid to tJio 
diiir^ of CliiM orticrft for iicvtr fjod a bti^do a liAdt-r It^^i subject to 
Brtidi mvumtioii of w:ml tif cuniidimciJ in IiUomti luid Ins Wdii-r* |Hjwr* 
erx, lorii fe» montbt iifii»nv:fcrdn b^ iumW tbu uvinruiictf of Mivb ivitL 
biit bkiod. A lo\^r oi Roniiuico fiituy tt^y, 

> ** IViiCt to hu Kullant spirill 

tk di(;d n> Ur^rla likr Hie thnuld difl/' 

If oil ooiinlrira nere^«rfvcUy fla1jtJ)« nteuf t<iwiu viiUgtw, nvoud*. 


&C- would be Bufficieiit ; but I would a»k the advocate tbr the ayatem of 
light and abade, or dHrkoeHs, and which I hope mnj uerer lead to 
cfaaoa, whether experience has abown faim that mtlltary men can un-- 
dei^tond and keep in "keeping of their memory" more todily the 
data of hia key for reading the ptan by the exact proportion of light to 
the shade in the alopea, than by the seeing printed in the heading of 
ft plaa elucidated by normals, that for every mark or normal he is to 
read twenty-two feet or tfairtr-tliree feet m heights Can it not be 
easily imagined how perplexed a eeaeral would be by his staff-officar 
saying to him^ "No, indeedrgenerali there is more light here than ahade, 
therefore it muHt be so many deuces of elevation ;" or if the whole plan 
be covered by figures, 330, 460t &c. would it not tend to confufie one 
before whom all should be laid aa clear as the daily atate of his brigade; 
while^ on the other hand, without requiring of the reader of the plan 
to understand Algebra, it ia merely requir^ of him, if he wishes to 
know the height of any one point ou the auHace or side of a hill above 
the marib or rivulet at the foot of it, to see how many of the nonnala 
it takes to arrive from the bottom to aueh point ; the less shading there 
ia Co anch a plan the better. 

The absurdity of requirinjc heists of mountaina or hilla in a poai- 
tioa on the ete of a battle ia too evident to the most auperdoial reader 
to require refutation or comment ; but because on srtch an occasion it 
ia needlesa or impracticable, does it necessarily lead to such betna at 
ail timea ao ? Does a force never occupy country for ao long in the im- 
mediate vidnity of a positiont as to enable an otHcer to take an outline 
with a few relative heights? advancing by a road lined with positionM, 
and contemplating tbe pnasjbility of having to retreat by such before 
the enemy, is it then useless to devote tbe few hours which ore not 
required for procuring cover and forage, to laying down an outline 
with a position for artillery ? though, should auch ground be Iwd down 
by the judgment of the eye, or light and shude proportion, the guu- 
nera might often find it impracticable to stand without traverses, or 
guard from entilade to their fmttery. 

The pages of your Journal, which record the atrugglea of our army 
in the Pentniiula ag:iiiist the stv^ral c. vils which tlie soldier on service 
is heir to, contain detaiU of marchos and countermarches with leisure 
periods especially adverted to ; wouM it in such ca^i's be wholly uaelesa 
to have drawings of tlie ground traversed ? Where a nine or aix- 
pounder is conveyed, surely so smull an object as a light theodolite, 
weighing unlv nine pounds, and a sixty-foot chain, might be curried- 

Your remarks on tbe Normal System, page 183, go to prove that it 
is required fur such method of demonstrating the ground, to take the 
levels at evert/ ttvcnttf-lwo or thirf^'threr feet; but on the olhe^ hand, 
by eonBidering more attentively what is required, it will be seen that 
Uje angles are only required to be taken at every change of ground in 
the side or slope of the hill, and if Nature be more attentively con- 
sulted with instruments, her undulations will be found to he reducible 
to outlines, which are very nearly straight, much more so than moat 
casual reconnoitrern would suppose. If such uuduhttiona neither arrest 
the fire of guns, nor give cover to man, of what import are they, and if 
not of any, why may not the military man omit them ? 


I should also wish aome of yoor readen to recall any period of uam^ 
paper for shading after long marcher,ryr even ejcpomre to a damp rnili- 
tary store, and t£e remembrance of the striking effect produced by the 
brush and Indian ink n^ill be sufficient to induce them to prefer Alge- 
braic or Normal^ or any aigns in the worlds except innuoicrable tigures, 
to the method of ordinary shading. Etching the slopes with a pen, is 
pre^rable to shading in such circucn stances ; but the litres for heights 
require blank spaces left for thi^m ; as indeed do, if the sliade is dark, the 
normals ; but a plan is intelligible by the latter system from the barbs 
pointing to the heights without any shodingr which the tigures would 
not effect so readily. 

As to carrying a scale of normals (page 183,) one is eaflilv affixed 
with a scale of miles to the plan ; and if the General can read nia miles 
or furiongs, he can also read the angle of the slope, though, as the head- 
ing assures him the value of each normal line is so many feet^ he needs 
no reference to scale for the simple heights or relative commands. 
Thus the result of operating by this system, is the obtaining a into-fM 
benefit, viz, the heights and angle, which is in opposition to your re- 
mark of a tingle end by double proccxt. The minuteness need not be 
had recourse to unless a greater e:cactitude be required' 

The age in which we lire, Mr. Editor, alloiv me to remark, is any 
thing but the age of bigotry ; and surely it is the part of the man of 
sense and discernment to extract what he shall find serviceable in any 
practice which meets his observation, leaving to the fool to be obsti- 
nately attached to customs, whose chief merit in his eyes is, that they 
were such as have time out of mind existed. 

Your adoption of the system of Lieut- Siborn, who deserves much 
praise for his works on military drawing in general, (though soma 
parts are object! onahle,) shows that you are not so attached to the cus- 
toms of our fathers when found erroneous ; and it mil be subject for 
commendation among all who give themselves to the study of the staff 
arrangements of mibtary bodies, when they see that any improvement 
or alteration likely to be made in our systems, has notice and un- 
biassed judgment passed on it in the pages of your Journal. 

The author of the letter on Distinctions for Service, might have no- 
ticed the Prussian system of rewarding by medals cast from the can- 
non taken in the campaign. The medals having inscribed on them, 
" Campaign 1803," &c and for a battle or siege, the person engaged 
has a cross of metal. 




To the Editor of the United Service Journal. 

2, Lower Conuaughl Place, 14lh Dec. 1829- 

SiK, — In the Novemtwr Numberof your Journal, p. fl30, jour correspondert 
F- naentious some advanlagea which would arise From the employment of Go- 
vernment vesseEa in lieu of hired transports; and in your last Number 1 obserre 
a representation of the incompetency of an officer's half-pay to support a femily, 
Botii these subjects had long since occupied my attention ; n^nd during the time 
when the administration of our Navy was in the hands of the Lord IJi^^h Ad- 
miral, 1 dren up the enclosed paper, which was submitted to his Royal High- 
ness, and, as I understood at the time, cammunicated to the Navy Board ; I 
likewise furnished a copy of it to one of Ihe members of Ihe Select Commiitee 
on Finance, which was then sitting. The chan^ which shortly aflerwards look 
place in the administration of the Admiralty depanment, and the cess:ilion of 
the labours of the Finance Committee, have no doubt caused this communica- 
tion to be oFerlooked ; but the advanta^s deriv-able from the measure there 
proposed, still appear to me to be so important, Jhal I am led to transmit to 
you a copy of my proposals, in the hope that their publication in your widely- 
circulated Journal, may call attention to ihem in such a manner as to induce a 
ferther investigation of the subject. 

I cannot, however, but add, that at the present moment, when the state of 
Europe seems to present every prospect of a long-continued peace, it appears 
every day more a^id more important to adopt a measure, which, while it will be 
a source df great economy to the public, will be at the same time a means of 
keening up the sea habits and proficiency of our naral officers, while to them 
indiTiduaTly it will diminish in a great degree the evils of half-pay, and of little 
or no advancement ; evils which will be the more severely felt, in proportion as 
peace lasts the longer. 

I am, !^ir, your obedient sorvant, 

jfb the Secrelarif of the Admiratl^. 

r,\, Manchester Street, 7ih March, 1628. 

SiH,— Tt having lalely appeared to me that a great sa^ in^r mithi be made iir 
the providing for tht tianspoti of the /jcrjon^f/ and mn/tr/f^ of warfare, amount- 
ing at different times, and under dil^rent circumstances, ty ?unis vurymi; from 
hlty thousand pounds to more ihan a million per uTinum ; 1 would bei- to lay 
before his Koyal Highire^s the \jrj\'l High Ailfznnd lIic follov%ing observjition* 
and p;utigu!ars rtblive to this subject, as aluo the cslimiili'* from whif:h those 
savings ap|ri?ar. 

By the printed papers which I look the liberty thrco wei-kfl ngo of submitting 
to his Royal ilighiiess, othcv copies of which 1 iil ihe same time sent to you, 
recjuestinft tijey might be ]iresented to bis Uoyal HiahTiess's council, it may be 
seen thai 1 am now laying before Ihe public a view of some imperl*!ctions m the 
svstem of management undi'r which the business of the Nnval ne]urtmeiit is 
carried on. such as may (1 should hope) be useful whenever iuquiiy may be 
made into the ei^tedienty of proceeding with a refonn of the system, such ai 
above twenty yeara ago was intended and commenced by two successive Hoards 
of Admiralty, in as fiir at least aa regards his Majesty"* dock-yard?). 

Among the defects in the system which t have been led to notice m ray ofEcial 
correspondence, as one unperceived source of bad economy in the commercial 
vikI manufacturing hmnches of navil busmen, are the division of buiinefl* ihe 


same id its uaturef and fhe pordoniog it cut under (he separate direction and 
maitiLgement of difi^rent subaidiirutf: boards, hariag little or no comrouaicalion 
tviih each other, and the great imperfecEion in the accounts kept by tliese separate 
boards^ and in particular inanaach m these accounts are not sui tea to bring to the 
notice of the superior akithority the comparative expei^e of prcnluGing any given 
eRect by one or other el the different means that are employed under different 
jiei^am, or diflareut boards, ll te in oollecling ioAtances in support of this ge- 
neral assertion, that the saving alwvementioned b the expense of proriduig 
meatis of traosportr baa preiented ittelf aa worthy of consideration. 

In respect lo (he meatis of eSecting the purposes in question by tbe hinng of 
traosportB on monthly pay; 1 have no reason to suppose thp ei^istence of any 
eiLtravAgaDce, impropriety, or negligence in tlie manner in which the hire u 
effected, or to imagine that the accuuDTs kept of the eipendiiure for this purpose 
are lees accur^e or complete than those Icept in any other bi^nph of naval aer- 
Tice : but in regard to the fitness of these accounts for exhibiting abstjacts of this 
expense, compared wjth Ihe e^tpense ai which the aame e0ect mi^t be pro- 
duced either by building vessels expressly for this purppse, and equipping them 
■entirely on Govornment account, or by employing now in time of peace already 
eiistjng vessels^ 1 believe I may venture to say that no such accounts are kept 
is can exhibit uny such comparative expenditure. 

Had accounts of thi» nature exlsiea, it seems ppjbable ihal man^ of the 
savings in the ttausport service which I now take the liberty to submit, would 
already have been made; but as it is, in submitting my ideas to his Royal 
31ighnc5Sf I cannot but regret that the want ofrecent ofBcialdataon some poinlSt 
prevents nie from making more tlian an approximation to what would he the 
real amount of the savings in i^uestioo- The data, however, such as I possess, 
indicate those savings to he as follows :— 

IsL If, instead of hiring transports on monthly pay, vessels wei'e employed iti 
Leu, built, equipped, and manned on Government account, the annual saving, 
now in time of peace, would amount to about fifty thousand pounds, and, in 
^me times of war, to upwards of a million in a year. See Estimate No. 1, 

2ml . If in time of peace^ instead of hiriug vessels for any transport or packet 
service* ves4e^s of war were, instead of lyijDg in ordmary, to be employed for 
those services of all kinds, the present annual saving would amount to about 
two hundred thousand pounds, See Estimate No. 2. 

In submitting to his Royal Highness a proposal of this nature, it seems in- 
cumbent on me to point out Aome of the collateral advantages which might re- 
suU from (he employment of vesseTs of war in such services in time of peace : 1 
therefore take the hberty of adding to the endosed estimates a short statement 
of these advantages, together with answ^j to soma objections which might be 
hkely to present themselves in regard (o the rotasutes in question. 

1 am, Sir* your veiy obedient servant, 

S. Behthah. 


Amongst the collateral advantages which might be made to result from the 
employment of Government vessels for the services in question, instead of hiring 
transports and packets, the following may seem worthy of considciation. 

1st. Considering (1ih( the desiderata in ships to r^er tliem the most fit 1w 
transpoit service, are nearly similar to those requisite in vesseb intended for 
general warfare, if ships built for the use of his Majesty's service are generally 
more efficient than those built ibr the service of private individual?, better ship* 
would thus be obtained for the transport service- If, on the conirar7,any of th« 
Government built ships should be found inferior, such inferiority being brought 
to notice, could not fail to tend to improvement, as there can be do aoubt but 
that Government av^t build veaseli as good in all respects as any private in- 


2ad^ Tlie affording greater faciUly to the anniug all tranaporU in such manner 
aa may be thought mgat desiiabie, whether intended to mH fvith or without 

Srd. Tlie having on hoard vesfleb employed in ihU important Berrice, no 
other |Mr«mji0^ than such u are Bubjeci to military dudplioe. 

4th. The affording an opportunity in time of peace for eip^rimeotd observa-. 
tiotu on the sailing and other properliea of vessels, wilhoat the additional ox-' 
peiue ofaeoding out vesseb to sea for that purpoK otdy. 

Ath- The employir^ officers of hia M^esly a fiavy instead of captains and 
mates of mercbantmea, thereby keeping in actual service and in constant readi- 
ness in tbe CTent of war, (with the advantage to ihemselres of full pay without 
extra expense to the public) a number of naval officers, who might otherwise be 
passing their time on shore with little advantage to themselves or to the public. 

6(t The keeping in time of peace a considerable number of petty oflicera and 
seamen under diacipLiae and in habits of actual service at sea, instsd of forciug 
them to seek employment elsewhere, or leaving them op board ships in ordinaiy, 
in the demor^iiing and uninatruetive service of harbour duty; advantages 
which vroold^ no doubt, be Ibund productive of maicnaJ energy and diapatch at 
the forming any armaraent on Ihi? breaking out of war. 

7th. Thesavii^ the expense of keeping ships in ordinary, or, at least, as ciany 
of them as might be thus employed iu time of peace ; and the bemg ei^abled at th« 
3ai:ae time to ap^Jy to use a cumber of shipa and of various arUcles, of which a 
provision is necessarily kept in store, although liable to decay, thus affording aji 
oppottuoity of subsmming new ships aud stores in thair lien ; and £uther, on the 
conclusioD of a peace, the being enabled to employ on this service a quantity of 
perishable stores, which would otherwise he to be sold at a considerable loss, 

Slh. ThG aifording advaatageoui employment to a conaidefable number of 
shipwrights and other artificers in die building or repair of such vessels, whereby 
that number of the most efficient and deserving workmen might be kept together 
dining peace, ready to effect the cmthl of a fleet on the hreaking out of a war. 

9th. As Govemmeitt is ali'eady provided with docks, slips, basins, workshops, 
and otiicr accommodaiions, together with the necessary superintending officers, 
the building and repair cf vessels for diia as well as for all other purposes 
might, in time of pcjic^', be effected on Government account cheaper than in a 
private establishment, where the Proprietor must be indemnified lor the interest 
of bis capital laid out in providing such accommodations, besides that the 
permanency of Government eatablishmen la, and tiie certainty of Government pay- 
rnenta, afford ihe means of acqniring materials and workmanship at a less ex-^ 
peo'ie than lliey can be provided by private individuals. 

lOlh. Should ships of war be employed during peace as transports, the having 
always afloat in different parts of the world, wheie troops ai^d stores are sent, a 
number of vessels ready lo be cleared and armed on t^M spot on the shortest 
notice, having on board the mobt tssential part of their crew in a perfect state of 
disciplir.e, which ciew might be ciiailv completed lo the war complement by in- 
ferior seamen and landsmen, whereby meaiiH would ofien be afforded of forming 
at tlie leasi expense a cojsrderable naval force at the spot whtre perhaps it 
might be the most suddenly wanted. 

An objection likely lo be made to the employing thipi of war as transports, 
is, that vessels built txpressly for the conveyance of merchandize mii^hl be moro 
fit for Ihe pur^iohe, as being more bulky than a ship Jmilt for war ; but in an- 
swer lo this objection, it must be observed, thai a vessel of war, when slortd for 
foreign service, actually carnes a weight of ^ns, ammunition, stores, men, and 
ballast, perhaps equal in amount to what a merchaiiinian weJl can tonvey ; that 
a vessel of war uiayt by her iJidiug, be brought as deep in the water as a mer- 
clianiman, thai capacity is a quality equally desirable in both cases, and tliat 
the overloading the vessel, so as to make her a bad sailer, and thereby produce 
retardation, a delay might equally in both cases cause a loss of interest on capi- 
tal, such aa to overbalance any saving [>roduced by the increased quantity put 


On boerd, mdependfliLly of all other diradtantages reiulling from ihe «mp!<)jr- 
menl of bad saiUrjg vessels. TTie superior accoramodaiiona usually afforded id 
vessels of war for the ifreat Dumber of men empWed Id working the guDs^ £cc. 
are equally essCDlia] for the due couteyance of*^ troops; more espGcmliy a^ 
laodsmen can less bear the ioferiority of such accommodations thaa seamen ac-' 
customed to nautical inclemencies and inconvenjencies, 

' Another objecuon likely lo arise to the employing of Government vesselB, 
especially on distant service, is, that Government having do back-carriage, as iu 
the case of &h»pa taking troops to Ih^ East Indies, or convicts lo Australia, the 
nhole expense of the voyage home as veil as out must fall upon the transport 
service oulxvarde. Bui to this it may be replied, that there are many stores used 
in (he navy of which a great part of the cost consists in their freight from foreign 
parts, such as teak-wood, for example, or other limber for construction, besides 
annaller alores. If these were (hen purchased on Goi'emment account there, or 
agreed lo be brought home in Government vessels, this would, no doubts be 
foond to be a very ariwntageous means of employing such back-carriage : and 
there seems no reason why the practice of bringing home money and jewelSj&c. 
in Government vessels, for the accommodation of merchants, might not be ex- 
tended to other valuable stores. 

In regard (o buying or building ships for transports instead of hiring them in 
time of war, an objection which may naturally present itself, is, that there would 
be on the hands of Government, at the return of peace, a great superfluity of 
shipping to be laid up or sold- To this it must be replied, tbat the actual quan- 
tity of shipping at that time in the country would be the same, whether Go- 
vernment hired transports or employed their otvn; and that il may be fairly pre>- 
aumed that Govemment wouid liave as good means of selling ^perfluous trans- 
ports, as the private individuals who would otherwise have lo dispose of ihem. 

Estimate No. 1. 

Estimated annual expense of a vessel of 400 tons, built, equipped, and man- 
ned, by Government, as a transport: 

A vessel of 400 tons may be built and fitted at £l5 per ton,* 
her cost would therefore be £6000^ Suppose the averse duration 
to he eight years, and. allowing one per cent, interest and risk on 
that sum,t the annual cost of the vessel, so provided, would be . 825 U 

Taking, as from the Navy Estimate of this year, the w^es per 
man, per month, at £2. 9s, Od.; victuals at £l. 12s. Od., and adding 
15s. for wear and tear (as from ihe Navy Estimate of 1B23), the 
monthly expense, per man, amounts to £4- 1 Ss.'Od, Supposing a 
man for even 20 tons (which, as far as I can learn, is more than 
is geoerally tound necessary in the merchant service) and thirteen 
months in the year, as is usual in the navy, the annual expense 
would be -.,*,:..., 1248 

Total expense per annum .£2073 

Annual cost of a traDsporl,on monthly hire, estimating at the price of the yeac 
I80e (when the price of victuals and pay of seamen were less tlian at present), 
that being the latest period at which I nappen to know the price of such hire : 

* Fiheen pouoda a (qq may seem a veryaniall price for building and titlkog a vessel ; 
but durine the laAt war. when both woHimajiship and materials were at the dearest lale. 
a private stip^buildtr nHered to build veawls at the rate of £Q 10s- a ton, according to the 
model of Ihe Arrow and Pari ; vessels, dh many accouDts, peculiarly suited lo the iraoi- 
port service. (See my Naval Pap«rt, No. S). The fitting of such ven&els wouIeI cer- 
tainly not exceed ^6 lOs. per ion. 

t Thii, besides die 30 per cent, allowed in the next aniclv, under the head of ii>rear 
■nd tw. 


The hire of a cranaport of 400 Ions, at IQa. a ion, amounts 
to £3B0 wr iDOiith^ Supposing thirteen months m the year be 
reckonea, the annual amouni wouJd be £4940, but (as I do 
not know whether the hire he by the lunar or calendar month) 
T^konJng it at twelve monlhs onl^t the annual cost amuunla lo . 4560 

Annual cost, as above, of a similar ship, built and manned 
b^ Goveminent . - 3073 6 

Annua] saving to Government, on each transport of 400 tons, 

by building, equipping, and manniiij^ shrps themselves - , 2487 ft 

Annual savhig on the number of transports employed in the 
present year, when the estimate for those on monthly pay is 
£100,000» 54,531 fl 5 

Annual saving on 266,763, tons, the greatest tonnage of 
transports^ on monthly pay, employed duriDj^ the last vrar i!l,4O0,59& \9 

Estimate No, 2. 

Estimate of the annual saving which would he elTected bj the employment of 
vessels of war^ now lying in onlinary* for the tianspott, puck,el, and other set- 
vices, for which vessels are oow hired : 

Annual cost of hired transports^ per vessel of 400 toos^ as 
per Estimate No. 1 ....-.., 4550 O 

Annual expense in seamen, victuals, and wear and tear of a 

i\ of 400 tonsj taken from those now lytng in ordinary . 1248 

Savmg on each vessel of 400 tons . £3312 

According to the estimates of the present year, (he total amount of the cost of 
lured vessels is as follows : 

Transport* ot» monthly pay . . . ,£100^000 

Foe tranaportatiDn of convicts , . . . 76,000 
For conveyance of troops and stores to the Colonies .'i2,000 
Ves$els hired on short service .... 22,000 

Hired paclteia 3-iA^O 

Officers' Agents afloat 4,000 


Total annual saving on this sum of £290,450, by the em^ 
ploymenl of veasols, now Ijin^ in ordinary, instead of liirmg 
vesnei* for the service in question . . - . ,£201,749 5 1 

The sums of £G500 pjiid hy (.loternmeni for carpentei's work on board trans- 
ports and for fiilini; convicT ships, and £10,000 for bedding for troops and vari- 
ous stOTi?9 on board are oinitW on both sides of thi^ account, as a considerable 
part of these expenses would be equally incurred in the case of employing Go- 
vernment vessels. 

The iavinE of a portion of the expense incurred on ships lyinc in ordinary, in 
wajies, and harbour victuals, h omiiied, as I have no Jne.ins nf e^iiniHirn]j what 
part of this expense (amounting, for the preserU year, to the aum of £157,354) 
would be saved, by the c nployment of the necessary number of these ships in 
the transport and packet »erviLu. 

* Tbew iranaporls, oti monltily pay, arc vc&sols oftf n built pirpreuly for the puipou* 
■ad as it were p^imanently er^j^ed by CJnvernmtnl. Jn Ihc above calculation, I liave 
not included the innsporls hired fui- uhorl service*- 



Sin,— Having b»n atciHcntally at PortunoutS, in Djffpmbof Ia2fi, »hm the 
trncijifl iiHrTidril fnr rpnuinil H*n.- i?riilnirkfi1 on Ihrnnl tlip );uiin|-jliip>( whjch 
vri'ii- Inking nut t}ivir tE<Jiik fniMliJ" jitit^fK^', il iiHirtnidj OL'tnLrrfJ iii mi' ilmt |^it 
Win an oppmtiuft wliifh i^oiilil *riin*nly harp Xtpi^n Nuinnlod Illh<* diipminnn nf 
miy of ttit pniiri[)»i1 mar^lim^ poum^ ^Knuioe, for irurnnu-,) Imil hr-eii ai nil 
doijlririjl^ pITkJ. ilk Ihut cioe, ihu tht cM lyilom uf truiisjior^fi miLit tiavc btxn 

iViiifliw lliu UirliHinl rtinnT^T, wliidj ^^tit •u^riirMtril \iy llicw conoid tmiiom, 
m&j lAJt tic uiu^ilrjmlfrj^ Uj yi'ui ^lufi^ftiuukiJ ruiidtf^- W. D. 

Il hue often bopn a sulject of femirk atnongrt rrof*!Jsiiniiil men, 
llmt, cumpk'tL' UK fJiir nnvi;l fri-purnticrtin nre iti ovcry '>Liii.T brnin'h of 
in*rffjcf. nnil tWoO]i;My ]jrnvML'd nn »ve ?irc whti I'vcrj uiher daas uf 
t\up whU')i wuuld btf rtijuireJ nt lln- comnienctf^jiful uf Ijusiilities, yvt 
tliJit ^v t«)nn> ovprnigtit we liave ljfL*n uUviijs uiiprejmrpd ivilh tlie 
meinn of rapidly oir(inrk.iri|j mu\ trtif^Kjiort^o^ tu any tJistiuit point »ii(;Li 
o liisdy of tToci|i)^ Qd At the bFt'iikin^ irut t>f a ir^r miiAt ulwa^A bv ur- 
prntlr requircU oitlier far oflVnare or ijpfenaivc purjMjficB, without 
rvHurtiKg: III UEt of i\vo ejipedienU. Ijotli uf ivbicL are liable to Jslrong 
objcflions, iiami'ly, tlie emptnym*? nur line-of-tniitle-*»1ii|is on ihis aer. 
viw, or luring d iiirgi> nnmb^ of m^Khtuit thipi for trdnmpttrt^. 

Atr>i]i»^t the Jirut tniLy hv wrpetl Xhv great JiJi:tariJ ^ve mi^ht in<TQr m 
the lAtin of Jin iLCtivc KiuL cdtefpri^mi; triemy. W ili&irming And Ah- 
urguuinmj; a nujal iinpiirluiit piirt of our rjavnl force nt the xrrj moment 
wuvn evi^ry effort ^nticiuM lie nuute to »ijcreii*p and pwfi*i:t JTn t'ffiirieiic)'. 
Nonp buT profeiiaii^iniil inGii dm hitve nn id«d of t\t« toliil nutivinraiAn of 
all yireviou* ordtr and nffnngement whii?h ineviiitlly follmvs the 4»ni- 
Uu'kijig a IjLrgc number of trvopa on board a rvgiilur iiLip of the line. 
Tbe iririv are dnvtii I'loiii th? deck ibey luualJy CKOUpy tv drtrnp dud 
rX|iosed birtha on the main-deck, wliere ibtA' have not wilHriuiii acrftin- 
vnodatton eitb<<r for m^esirif^ tir i^k-^ping ; tbe oflic^r* are iTLrrii^d out of 
tlieir <^!>iii«, and tbo Inrnpn tli^TnaeivrH heing oMi'fod either t4J Kk»q» in 
himimocki^f which tJi^r in |;^noml do nut ittiderstuad, irr to Vw on tho 
dc^ck, UAtmlly pjcfcr tbc latter; anA if Uie vora^e i» lonif find ntoruij, 
or tile WfMtlirr fold luid ivtt> miieli -Li'cldU'fr^ Mill be the Jiie^'JUbJe turn- 
B»(iapite^ hath amitngtt thf a^am^ii and HuUii-riir tnudi r^l]i3:HiiL>ii r>f 
ardrr and diHcipUiw iriJJ fall{>w, and ffamo nnont^iB may vory proLiuLjIy 
I'lnpac befori^ the formtr efficiency of the ship is thoronjj:hly rcattTett 

Th« ^(.^^uJ m(Hl«t tbnt of cunyevfug tFuo|jii in bired irrrcbArit sbrpvp 
a iH|imlly uliJL.>ct.iiinabl(t ; tbdi publjcity* whkcl) \* nnavoid^dilc wbim thtf 
xhif4 nre 4?nTitrn<-t?d for, defeAti! nil liopc> trf serri'ty an r<i th<> forci' or 
(k'ttinilLun of ibL' I'lcpeElilion ; and thvinntimembJe eviUwhieh haw rc- 
AiiHcd FroTn the ii^noruncc iind ni]»conduct of the injix1cr"T thi' btid jail- 
ing and Imperfect er|ulpnicnl ot itiv hhijn> udded to tbrir tolu] WAnt of 
fon^Lf to reslitt even n cirminiiii priVpitrrr^ all crDiiibifje to rMiiIrr l\ih t1ii< 
TTitfiHt iiTuufv man Tip r of eniix^eyin^ triHip* whieli nm hv devi^kdr 

A ni-ihtimi^ nntion nbnulit kKvavk bo nrepiirvd with tbe iiii*»iik of iin- 
barkinj; a conndcndjlc force rn)>idl7 ana secretly ; niid tliia con only be 


done 'by previous tptem and BrrsngeineDt, and by providing meh n 
□nmber of ships of war, Jidapted to ihU partjcular purpose, as may en-* 
anre its accomplishment with ^he li^ast poMible delay. 1 believe that 
the experience of the last war fally proved, that ertbcr the smaller 
claaa of ahips of the line or frigates, litted as trtnp ships, were the most 
ecouomicvl, ea welt as the most efficient clones of vesaela that could be 
employed for this service. They will carry with ease trom four t4> 
aix hundred men to the greatest distance n>r which they can be re* 
quiredr and of course more for ihtirier voyages. Thev are respectively 
navigated by an establisbmeat of officers and men, htUe exceeding in 
number that of a frigate, or a sloop of war. They are ^t sailers, very 
sufficiently armed, aud tbeir appearance is bo warlika, ae to deter an 
^lemy not very superior lu force from approaching them. Contraat 
the situation of a battalion embarked on board a ship of this class, with 
that of another crowded into four or five miserable traiiHportSr creeping 
slowly along) and (if they have the misfbrtune to loae tueir convey) » 
prej to the first enemy*» cruiser they Ml in with- 

J have been led by a strong feeiine of the importance of the subject 
to dwell longer than I had intended with these prvliminan observa^ 
tiona, and I will now briefly state the proposition which 1 take the 
liberty of submittin|t for consideration. It is, that a certain proper* 
tion of troop-ships should in future be considered as an indiapenaabla 
part of the establishment of his Majesty's Navy ; that the whole of 
these ehould be perfectly complete, as &r as respects their internal 
fitting and readiness for service^ and that such a proportion of them as 
would carry five or six thousand men, fabout twelve or fourteen) 
sboold be kept in commiiaion, with » commander and a small e^tablisb^ 
ment of officers on board, so that in the event of sny sudden emergency 
requiring secrecy and dispatch, troops might he silently moved to the 
coast, and embarked at the shortest notice on board %h\p»y in all re^ 
spects perfectly prepared for their aceommodation, and ready to pro^ 
ceed instantly and without convoy to their dt^atinotion. From fifteen 
hundred to two thousand seamen are all that would be required to 
complete these sliipa, supposing them to be totally unmanned wJien 
the order was given, while our regular naval force need be in no wsy 
interfered with or disorganized, but might proceed in its equipment 
with alt poBHJble celerity, 

I would'only beg leave to add one further suggestion. During the 
late atrurale, sliips of war fitted fur the purpose were very frequently 
employed for the conveyance of iiifiLntrVi but cavalry and artillery con^ 
tinned to be transported^ as ^rmerly, in Iiired merchant ships, and the 
delays and misfortunes were frequent, and highly injurious to our ope« 
rations. There can bi- no difiiculty whatever in fitting a proper num- 
ber of our smaller and half-worn out frigates for these purposey, and 
then any expedition which sails will be a complete army fully 
equipped for immediste service, and diverted of every incainbrfluoe 
which might impede or retard it. Those officers who remember the 
delays and diaasters of Admiral Chrialian's ill-fated expedition, wilU I 
am sure, agree with me in asserting that the misfortunes which befel 
it, would not have occurred to an arniv embarked on board ships of the 
description I propose ; and I confidently appeal to those who were pre- 



^u% St Uu? lundiiig in EfZj'ptt to decide irlivthrr that brilliant and rv« 
uirirkiitili' iTpenitiMii w^la iiol mosit iiutlariallj' Itu^ltUttnl h\ llie niimlMrr 
^f thipf of vi^nr, Httrii hiT thif nm^^'Vuiicr of Enxip«, xi/hi<ti ncrnnmxLJJivil 
llie ri«uC an thilt vcai^icMi. 

it At >o)iir fiJtuiv pirifld we cnmirK-ncti bohlilitioH tvitHnut any pre* 
4inij4 prcpai^tjuu of thU lort* tt ia cut to forcAoc the ciirifithiuji^ dftiip* 
puintuit^nl Mi<l c»ijnnui)9 iDCivune v( rKpciiw whitli xvould ictinicdiHlt*- 
ly i-iivui-. Till' v^iliicnl hl»l4^ nf nil our ffxinUViHtimtiatK ItsiveK vtir 
rorcign guTtlmm on tlic loirt'it poiEnibk tcalv, anri iuimed inte i^infurci?- 
lucutit to all our culuriioK u-ould btrcome mstri'T i>f tho oiont urjcfnt jl«- 
cenity. Coiilructi fur triLiih|hfrt)t* of ri*rry ili.*»crif3tJov, miurl then be 
ba^lil} viav^rtrJ into on >iid; trriJiA an ihc owners lulj^ht thijik fit to im- 
pai?, nnd witli IjhI Utile liinc i<i eiiitiihit- iulo LUl- condition unrf e^fuip- 
itiiTir 'if tUtf n^v«i-U ho ^iit^ttf I'll T Hi atifh n m4imi>nt, c-v^tv udvurjtnN 
V{>uld be tLtk»), by Ihnsto irLtcTt^ttcd, of tbt! ncccj^dticM of UovL'nitnctit, 
id tbe impcrfcclion« nod intflicitncy of taatiy of ilin vc*»<'1b ivoulJ 
Ciily Ut: dibCovrrt'd ivbt'ii it iva? Ivu Titt^ tu r^riiiedy llittn. Twit otIifT 
ini>»t xeri^jitv itbj^cilonH will jm-MMit tU'itiM'Ivrh tEJiin^iIimi^ly to tbi^ 
mind of njiy oni> whn spriixLKlr cjiniiidrrB iliis tTibjcct. 

Tlii? fint i« the cum piftitioii for Si^itirit^ii:, wbieN i^uM inevitably be 
♦x«ttfd betwEirn tho TiuiisiKfrt Service nnd the Royui Narv, (the for- 
mer |Eiviii)£ imidj bi^litr wogc^s f^nd offi^TiTig many Mi|ii<nor mdut;^ 
ini'nu) nt n nfirm-ut u-hen tveiy c»rrtimi wuuld ncoi!!s*rily be making 
10 prtpurt a \org^ fl*?et fi»f st'A. 

Thu (LMcojiii, tltit A vi^r\' ^teat pFo|ri)Ttion of the xe&talM tirod u'i>uM 
be fitted iiiJl in the Thames, or in the Enstcrn porls to which ifity U-- 
IwiBed, mid that iu udJitioii lu the delays inseparable fri>m thdr pre- 
IfiTHtiun lor tUU m-w ?»ervk"i.*, lli**/ umat b(> ciiiH'^'yr.'d :*t"|i:irjildy miiiid 
totho Wc4t^rn port*, froni which thr ^mbsirkiiriim <\f troop« ithuM in 
flU probability Li^c placid- It n-ouLJdvfy .ill oulcuhituin trj prcdi^^ tvh<*n 
liige numbor of rrK'rchflTJt vi.'Hrt^dn, niHi^r iboui nrcuTTiKtuiicci^totild be 
tVaeniblL-d nt Piyi""«th or Cork, c>p<-cially durhic ihv wlixt^r half- 
yenr; whib with our rY^Ki^I"!' troop-dnja mi dtJ^iy whjittvrr mini lakn 
pljicfl ; Mch Tiiijrht prmveil »^pi4r*il4'ly (imd Ki?cTp(.ly if it Wtu wished) 
-to ihv oppiiinttni <lt4itii)utionH and it is, porh4p«, iliiC too itLiirJi Id say 
that thr hliips cftnc^yiiiK miifiirccinciitd. in tlui tnanncr, I'p ihc Wc«t 
Indie*, Mi?iiilcrrancnn, or North America., tniulit hare performed the 
srrviu- they wettt diapuUhed un [md rt'ttM'iii.^r lu Eicyilaiidp' bi-fore un 
rimvlvldy convoy af hir*d trnntprinn. fticd niii; iindor the circum&tancea 
"I havadcBcrib*^, would havi^ oI«iivd the rbnrincl, 

TolT!n;{thia ttyjitt-n^ intu upemtiutL, it wjil be oiLly Ticcn.^S(MLrVi in- 
felcnd of tou rapidly bri^nkjilji up ot ifl-llin; nhipn whtdi from rtgu U^r^ 
bec^fjiru- tinnjijhl to tlic xv^j^fht of tbdr hk.-ikVk^ nuats iViH guii^^ In ^tv^ 
thorn uricli 1 rrpnir dk m.-iy render them pqiiiil (o this lighter s^iecirs of 
wrvicre I nml^ roinplutiti^ nil tlioir intvriiiil filliiigh, preairre tbi.-m in 
0qiuil rumlijiraA with tLt roM of oui navy for immedJulc uac; cmployiiiff 
tuch u it iiiuy Im; deeziLcd iidvbitble tti ki«p in commiuimt on thou; 
vancnix nrrvk-Li for vlikL ^ very cuijaideubk evipeiuM! in the bire (»f 
traniip^TtJt it now tvintinuaJly incurred- 




NO. r. 

Thrse subjects f^enerally wear a forbidding aspect to tbnt portion of 
our military reudera who feel unqualified to enter upon them from 
want of matbematical acquirements ; hut it la not too much to assert 
tbat clenr, general^ and practical views of these edences may be ob^ 
tained without involving the student in mathematical intricacLea. That 
mathematical knowledge is useful^ and indeed n^ssary, tn form an ac- 
complished engineer or artillerist, is fully admitted ; hence mathematics 
is the leading study at the iLoyal Military Academy at Wuttiwicli for 
the education r>f the youth intended for our noble corps of engineers and 
artillery ; indeed, it is the leading study at our other militory colleges 
and seminaries, us Sandhurst and Addiscombe- But it is allowed hy 
all who are acquainted with fortificaliuu and gunnery, that every thinf^ 
necesftnry to render an officer of anv other arm efficient and useful 
upon service, can be reudily and easily acquired tvithout mathematical 
knowledge; U-tid it is very desirable that every officer, whether iff 
the nnvy^ marines, infantry, or cavalry, should pos^'ss such gt>jieral 
jafurmation on these subjects^ as will give him contideJici? and ijitelli- 
gence when acting either offensively or defensively iimnngst military 
works. iVIany paniful instances of failure and evil oinseque rices aris- 
ing; from a want nf a general knowledge of the naturu and u^o ut the 
works of fortification might be cited from military hrjitc}ry. One of 
the most recent instances is recorded in VuL 2, pii^e 3^, of Col. Joi:es' 
Siegers where we find that a body of f»00 British tmopa laid do^vn 
their arms at the surprise of Bergen-up-Zoom, in 1814, because there 
was no officer with the party " sufficiently acquainted with the details 
of fort ill cation to point imt tlie sure retreat which the covered-way jire- 
sented to their view." Prohahlv many of nur vi'tunm oHicers, in rean- 
inj^ th*'si? remarks, cnn verify them^ hy recalling to llidr mind m<jrli- 
fying circumslanct*3 that they have witnesM^d during their hervice, 
arising from the same caufit's. Our ycmiig orticer,* should draw a pro- 
filable lesfian from )iasl miftfiittuiies, and prepart- tlifm selves for every 
exiiienty of service, hy turning tiidr atteiiticui to the couMiIeratioJi of 
the wtirks of the fMrtroftses in whifh tliey may Ih? statioiii'il ; uJid a verv 
small p,>rtion of atti'niiiiii and inquiry will riulfii'e to give an acquaiuL- 
aiice with these huhjcLC^ that canuot fail to yiehl a pmEUahk' n'turn. 
IIoiv aiany opportunities hjive we not of ueqiiiring an iiiten'sliJig 
knowledge of fiirtiliciitiun while shut up in unr sjilendld wifrliK at 
i\lait:i 'tr Gibraltar, in our colonies in AmeTica, in tlu' Ka^C and M'est 
Indif^, and in our home ^arrison?^ of PortMinonth, IXiver, Chatham, 
and Plymourh, Yet^ are tlier^' not many "ho ultorly ni';^leLt these 
opportunitien, and who pasn their garrison servrce in m{ni.\siiiU- viii/rii^ 
which mji;ht hu so easily eidivened hy an inquiring lUsir*.' to lHei]nie 
Qcquuinted with the consfrncti n smd prattie il a]iidieHiti(in <ff tlie nu- 
niLTons works aroniid thcui, and nf the various euj^incs in the Arsenals 
and Artillefy-parks. Fur from being irksome, an incpiirv nf this kind 
bec'imeJ^ daily mure and mnre j;ratifyintj ; and we venlare to ^ironnimtT 
that a happy result mu^t f'ljluw, not only to everv individual so ein- 
ploving himself, hot to the stTviee at larjre ; iuid if our end<iivonr>. (n 
simplify these huhjectn should be the means of lending even a do^en 
L\ i, JoLns. No. Id. JA^. IB^O, e 

- X roptL*R vfKW op 

iiLlc, bill I ikrtl-f laying &li1» to walk rotiiid th«ir rofiipnrtA and ditch««, 
ami to viniti tlicir urfiviiulB wttli iiiquiriniJC i]iin4)a< wc thoJl hs amply 
reniiid: auil. if Mt miM-iltv uiit. <fuT fricinl.i will itt>t rt^>it Ktliaficd 
vnth wlnjt Ae intend In jpvi* iWui, lifll will !■*■ lo dfli^liu-d wJUi 
Jh^W [tn^aitioi, aa ti> hi? led To foni^ult moK (iiilnr^fd unci KCietitLfic 
treatises- It is indeed lo he rep'cttotl tlint wc am d>>p^nd(?T]t on 
I'rt'nch n'orks fur c^in|>I<?to Iri'utiBt's <in Jijrlifitdtiin^ espcemlly »Lcn 
Ml* li.ivc FKi iitiLrLj I'liLtiir^iLfy ijii^ilitii-d r^nd pmctkiil enpneer <ijficerG, m 
Cri[nihlo of irnirnvini^ on tbi- Fri'inJi wotli* (of ^t. l*flul jiJid BoufEiiird) 
nxifl in iiK(t. An eli^Tni^iiriry trt^fiKL' »ri forril^i'itlinri hi^K frtcii |iulrlJAh- 
vd III Kti^UsU by chip cif our moht inlvnttd euj^mvor fidd otfiwn, who 
U in cWrjiCf or tilt dcpiirtmoiit f^jr Eicld-f]iatrii(?tiun nt. CbnthTtm ; mid 
thaii whom none is murt- oiimbli.' uf urmn^Ji:; vilutl i^ iilrcuily Icftmva 
witlj jTiuclicid [t;]imi](h. Fhr ilopm »L»i)' IrviitUe iikO«t fully Jiniivcr» 
tTii* puqHKi> iiiti<nc1ril. ntiil [TuntLimFt ^ome v(iluLil>!f> chiiptprs on die con- 
MtriK'liOTi of tTie TVt^U'DU-iit wulK tliul t<U|}|iort tilt? «id0& of rlitc^Wc ; 
l>it1 tiiiU wa waat. nh a nmniiftl in our liui,Q;uij(^e, aonw vi^roun lUid com- 
pete treatise on ihc constriction of militnrj- works, end on the attnck 
and defoijce uf fctrtitied |ilui'i'»i 

Wv tbke lliH upjKirLiifiliy iif rmUriDLE h wurk ;drcHdy referred t<u 
" Journals of Siegui cgrrivd on bv tlit Army timlpr th^ Duko of Wt.J. 
liii^nn in S|miii, birtwveii th(^ \v\trK \Hll uiiJ ltSJ4> wil^i Noli^/' l^y 
Cm. Johji '1\ Ji>iic», (Curp» uf itoyLii Biifiiircr#h) A id-dc<(?iimp ti> tho 
Rjng, To this iiitcrLisling 4nd liighly iiihln^cti/e work we &hal) oltoit 
ImvL- (iccLirtioii lo refer in llieat- |mper>i ; lH.-]iefLl miisl 1w lenpt^d Iruru 
rciidirii; tliU r^erkrd, but iviUioiit snnt^ YTvv]in\h knoirlcdjr? of ih^ can* 
Htfiictiim of tli@ di^fpadv^ miuses diirroiiiidin^ a place, at well at of tba 
]n'>Jo ijf tLttackj tveii thcaiJ voliimL-u ii>tL»t J<r?c ciucli of tlicir z^et ; ol- 
thou|;h O^c elcgint tuid ^crr^ct iJiiii^S uf Cul- ^'■hici lina uoijilifird ni;d 
Bmouibcd tl« ivuy u« mudi lu |Mfbsib1v in hia udiiLiiuUi? " PrkJmiinary 
ObwTTHlioiiH on the Altat^k of Fnrtresnea."' Ifere we amimt rcfmrn 
from «itraf-iing ^ |iaasa^? ?r*^m liiA iutrodiiotion, wliicli p1ac?e« in tlie 
vtrong ligbt of hi&tfiry Ihc vu^l iinp^rtoDcc of tlii^ flubjpct nodcr c*>tt&- 
drmtiun. He Bay* — 

'< Succ«ab or fftilura v n sl^9 ftspiuridy dEcidea ilie fulo of a cHmpqiKn, 
■nmtfimrn cf in army, uihI bii* moro i^iuii cincfc lliiit of a nUUu. Tho lluTura 
Iwfofi^ l':ivin m I51S, MoU m ISj'J, Acre 17TO, Fragua IT5T, »inl Uuf^o* id 
lni"J,*n" numpliHf»f#:irh <^f l^^ ahnvf. In Ills ftm, I'rurcc l04t her rncujaioh, 
the flowor iifTirir iinbthiy, unA ]wt liidiLiii corir|iie(is. By thp tf^nrtj. hIio wai 
nv*d ffom rfpjiinieiioit, ^nd IilmioO erf li«f «iiiflnit-% iiprnib«l- Th* tliirU •tftppd 
lipr mofl mrrf^MtVil s,''orrixl in hi« cnfror. iLv ^i"> fuuriri, The gri-jl#4i wnmor at 
liii HifL- ^^^ bmujiljl In thtr brink (if ^Ir^truf tion : am\ by th^ lft«i, a bKiIrri viicniy 
Gikmtil [jroi' In Kvniit Tih (iir(rvic"c*'n(rir<r his ^rillfTeit armini^ml rvij^ainllkt^ jii- 
cc^jji^jicy, ]ri[iuEu<-riiMciii4t;iiK'r^ofdicft%tt<jivirrfiiL'r|iTi.-nrr«Dtti^h<nrri^lli<: f^diin* 
of iirt;rs uiJ^lti bukuldui^ttl^ Uul llii'tilifni' no- tiifHrithl lo ntrikf? rivrry out; »i'ii- 
fciMeof dj*-' iiniiuiujici: i-i (hi* umK'rrttkiu^^ iuid k-H e1i!jI llm ckvo-*! j«]|<'.rtais j>r 
M com^try urv fn^qurudj u^Lhti) on djL* »in> and i^.eiiy rL^OiLrhn» of a ronrcu.'* 

Wt mny also g.itlier. fnnu wbiil Ii.ui bttii ^liui^f^ ">" »int.*c the peace of 
IGIT', the wj^lJujthta vtbJL'b jin- enU'ruini^d on tht* utility uf fortrfSfStis 
by tlu' brst miliisiry leiiiii^rA wbo wi>re mpgi'd \n tU^ Into »Tduoui 
fionteiH, xxbfii vro tincl ihiil a tuai of abuul neven milljone sieriing Um 
bcvn oxpt7tdv(J sirLvc? Iho pra«c on the liae of fonrcwca on Ibe Krvitch 
aide of iKv Ni-tiic^rbind*- 




Wv do unt pretDnJ to oHVr thrufi pn|iprh nn (HmEiuntnf{ any thfiig in 
the filinfW at n^vi^liy or itintr^rliutj to our com of c^npinoerH aud urtil- 
l^y; our pinn is to pri'urni ll^o huhjcuU of rortiiic^tiuTi utkI |;iuiQcry 
ia a populu- laiinncrj end freed ai pmt^b tti pmiblr from ifrluiieiditirA, 
Id Ummc mtllurj aiiJ nuvul uLlici^rB \vKi> Uiiiviuf; IiJllHU'ta lli^gltclc^i] 
Uame nnportnnt hiibitK/U. «r hvLvir ivunlt'd oiifiiirtimiLtf^ vt nt^iilyUt^ 
them.) irti\if fevl divjiOht<l ui fv\]<m- \k In cnriU'it ilmii^K our uinrt 
itkutch. We mund lo b**giii wiili furlifit«ti"n ; lo^ivci u gvnorul view 
of t^o nature* caiutmciinn, und aae of IIk dcfcnKivtr iitomcA of ourth 
nitd ilitclien tlmt Aurroiiud i plncci h-IkI Now tUof arc diapmcd* »o u t» 
oifuTil ciidi ulWr n i»iiIlihI iltrrvjice. W<- nhnW lli^ii IreuL vf Ihv cuU' 
Mructiuu iif iTfjidii^, frcld-lmttcrii-ii. liTid (li-M-woriCH ; nn<i nn tlilt purt 
of onr ^itliji/rl in m tiM'fal C" rrnvnl ai it » lu militury o#«>ri, wd tnull 
dtiT-U lit Ivii^tli otj Iti^ »LAti.irtu]>' itLi^d in tl)« ci>n»tritcti(iu f>f biitturi l<ii, 
fu fnaeinw, piliLnnn. Ac iL* wt*|| a^ tli« ait of ** Sar^piiiji."' i?r tSie 
uctior) <rf trifDclm unJtr i inti^krlry Jiie. We rtliail tboii pri> 
cried to tW Hitiirk iif h rv^uljirly fonLtli.n1 pW^ ; nml liMviiig t^xpUirit-d 
llw npprucL^ riiodt^. dniv vimp infrr(.'Ti«'« from it, on ihe Wtt muTkn^r 
of ciHidutUng the dvfviiov. W'v w\]l xhi^n iiotic<i loutc of tlic movt 
popvliO' iraprovvinontv tliut htivo hcvn proprMod ou tlxi prL-ni-^jt ru- 
ceiT«i| aTntem ; aai cltuc tfic Mibjcct hy Aho^viJi^ the iinxlr in whUi 
tiie worsB vf u furtrtA miiHt \je JiHpunedr ^ilii-ii iiitiintL'd within tht- 
artill^fT Tiin^t> r»f hlHi, in rF^ndpr ih^m d^fi^iKUile ; ti^i^tJkf^r wItIi vome 
ationn ■>□ Wfitki littiutcd on fu^^odcr iinDqiml Idciilitici- 
■utjL'^ uf (.immf.'ry will tliuit bir KitroJuorcl by iIcE^rribrdf* thn 
itloik iind rii:iHufiKiOn' i>f j^unjJO'viif r ; tW mighty iici-ncy of itn 
Tc fivci<; the nindiino now in use fur t'cuiliiLiiiiJ: tlusi n^i'm^y iu 
pwy di o^ vhf»t mid vlitll, frmn tlir- rnuitkot to tfie ^rcnti'St iiiMro of iird- 
Mlie*; iiicllidlng tli^ uriii'tJC^ nnd riinftlrltili^ of Ji^ikvy una li^lit Arhl- 
Ivry ; ■ dMCTiption of ihc VLiriouH kind* of dhi>t and iJicU in utr, und 
QlbrT intt:??!^!!!^ mfttiT Connootfd with (fiLiirit-ry *tti «Jivn' imd at tea. 

Notliiiiu; f^uiild liuvf bufik bvUi^r Ciili^oliilrJ fur drfriicr than tlic hl^h 
wmlk find |>n>jpr-i]ri^ iMittliiinttntH i>f Aiidrnt fort! fi cut icrii^ wlu'ii luivn 
ami >TKiv-« WL<ri? i!ip wcDpani uicd; mid wfimu ci> biiUi-T dmvn tha 
vrailii, tlw c[irTilh-rM>m^», unwioJiJy tMiitrivuntT L>f m Jiufif |>ii?o*! (ii timbpr 
jdiF WU'riuji'ram)) v\v\ui^ r% jn tljc miiiirxcd figure, uaJ Io i>c Uruuglit 
cJm« to xlte wtl to L'ffcct lu purpoiiC. 




Aa Ly tilt? inreiitiDii of ^i]p4»wiler and tlie Huience of rtrtiltery out 
Inr^est pmia can lie usi-d lo butlor down mn>oTirj ni i}iti\. \iiw. nj 
lOOn yunJs' dittntice, a foriificiilJ<Mi ctin*Cruoti'd imi tin- M [iIhh, nA 
filiu^vii til Vi^. X, cuiilit linvL- iu ^vuILh rti.^Atroyt.'d rtiid luid upcn at tWie 
dmai]ct'» fritm tlit lu^v covered rarllirit worki of the iuiJiitiLiit^ ; it 
th^rirfur^r b^i'ifUica m^ctuary tu liidi- uLl tlii? nulbt uf a uiudvm fortiA- 
catinii from tlie diiunt vk'i^' of hk (■ncmy^ aitd in ]>Ti*hi.Tjt m>lUiTt^ to 
his ob(«rVRTJan but mafsea of ^arl}i, ho thii^k that his shot i^uiJiint |iontv 
irtiiv thruu'^h tlii^m or butter tlmm down ; ;it thu eiimo timu ti> i^n-iura 
a lidj-lit cit wull ^fiAicJi7Jit to tO]idi.-T a ^urpriHi.- or i^calude difficult ; 
&iid liki^iviat: ihjit tbt defenders feitJl Iuavp every facility Co brmg u de» 
strdclirL' lire ufruimoik mid iiiti&keLry ti|mii every upprojidi Ut Ok \ih\ce 
ivithin the rnnge uf rb^^e w^jipnua- These con diriont are fully secured 
in ibe pres*?nl [ip|rrovii<I <yntpm of furiifying n plucpj ntid we now pro- 
ce»?d to bL«iv iio\v it is effected. 

The gri/ixiid In bi^ defended h surrouikled by u ma*s ftf etttth mlled 
n rtiFUfMif. biivLTi^ II ditcb in hi frurit, fi'trm whence tbt? eurlb for itn 
ciiiixl ruction h vxenvnwtl. This rjiin|iLirt must be bnind (■noiigh at t(kp 
la rcc^ivi^ u]wii iu evterior ed^e a mnund nf t^artb, (»i> thii^k ^m tu b« 
prouf npiiiist oannon-shoi^) t^aijed a parnptf^ and hai^a also suKcient 
•liw*- in tciir of the paraprt tor the working of gum and the free drcu* 
Intiim iif the defeMuerri* Thin pjrapel umtt be eju;bLee[i R'et thick to 
l>e pro(if o^iritt shot fired from h4<nvy anillpry, antl ni I(»n« seven feet 
bJf^h 111 Hirer elfeetitully tht- inoi^t^tnt'iiTs of thu dffendor^ ttt its reur 
from Ibti etiumy'fi view. The hidei^ of the chtchon in front oFthe rum^ 
parts ori; 9i»pjwrti.'J nt a steep sJop^* }>y rei^rUriicfit-^ ur wall^ of ma- 
■onrj. bjtliei iiAlerioriy at every litleen or eigliteeu fpet by lJ^ll^c^stB 
of liiiiiiiUTY CffifititrrfiiT/ s J t<» hlreni^ilipii rheiUt The hide <>f the diteh 
next the rumpnT't i^ th<» esfnrp, aiitl the yide nfXt la tht eminTry the 
ctni'ilcrxfii'-p- iJtyond the diieh there ia a road fuKoiviiig tha winding 
of tht^ emmteneurp oil rcmnd the fortress j about thirtv^ fttt ^vide> on 
the jrcner;d Wt'l of the country {'vbidi we lurre Mjpp^ae lo be perfectly 
level). Tbi* rrrnd hns nti its esterior sidt? n pnfapel, uhiiui eight feet 
high, ^vliieb ci-iver* it fnnn the view of the enemy xviihonlj and bi^nce 
ita name the v/wtr^d wtti/. 

The ^^[vc^tdT Vi^, Q, bhowa xhc naluK a? n tampartj parapet^ ditchj 
and covered way. 

Ai- |li|lJ|iWl. All Inmlnr .L.jit irf th- IttlllVll- 

iiK r-Ti-ri-'i' .^riii* iL>m|..'L. 

111 CdWjIitf -IWaVf ■(■■^x> 

il. Ilndemrti lUlk dI ib JS«u>p 

*r T.n*-iiiiii, -fill- <'<.*.#M-*Ar 
Mr uufa. 


]| 11'JtI tie re)i)> iUiti tlitf [iLLrajwl of tlje 4^ovi^n-il way in ililTi'ri'nt- 
Iv f-liiipod from tbflt of llo riiinp,iri. infi^miicli ax it han no yxlvrior 
vlofitr : ju Kn|i*nor iilopfl btirip u jicntlt decent inti> tlic ofiniurv tul]**4 
*Ar ;jtTriV Thv (iiily mflsonrynbuul tlio iiIucl' ia the BU]]nortiii(r rcvCtc- 
mcnt* on «udj udv nf the ditcU ; huJ tt muy lie »evn by tt:ii4pL'i:iii)^ Fj^. 
Sv lW the tvD of tli« rBHirp r^Yi-ieiiiriit uuJ tie creM of th^ ^<kd» iire 
ia Uie «H(it« liiirJxiJiJi;i1 [ilaiii<. KZ, ^vlifch Tiin^i.T'i tli? iissuirniK fmni 
weiiift di« walls, uniil lie Ims, bjr n toibaxc tind d^inj^^roitfi firiK^t^q-i, v»- 
taUwhfd LiTii4i*H' i>n tl^L* KUitimit of tJi^ ^Lii4?iB» whiL^Ii Ue tnabl Ho liy 
bnngin^ lin biittcrJii;; giiiiA to tlii^^ pluc<'. crv hr? civji upt-n a paauge 

Tlttf i;tfaf(» (or aa ii ii more cuoiinoiily cullpd tli« KPiirp) is licre rv- 
pmwnied ililrty fott hi^li, ivlitcb U a h^i^lkt difiifuU tn ^vc;il!ii1(> ; ihii 
litdgliC b |>Tocur«4l by th«d<?ptb of the ditdj btbiv tbe lovtl of ilm 
0Viiii4 and liy Uk- ln-ij^lit of the npfiof^itv ^luoi-i ubuvt^ thi.- ttnmo k'voL 
Althc footof ibe imrdjvt, botli in tlie mmpnrt midcoTerod-tiiL) , □ Mi-puf 
FiLrth js mndc liigli t-innj-gh lu timble the defi^iiJer* aruied yvllh luiis- 
Itrtry |<i firL' ovrr tfie piirapH ivitb ^^ase : tbinntep, "r tniit<ittelfr, U brmid 
— *|^^ (fniir mid a-lmlf ive\) In c^nnUtn Iv^n Timlli of men. if n^i«iL- 
Mfft iltllDUG;li it LB UBuulU' niLitin^d by only cm> rank. It mtint be uo- 
tiocdv tKat |iW aupiTJor slopi- rrf tb(< |inrii|><Lit of tbo niTupiirt, whffi pro* 
dDOrd, mccU ib^ lu^ oflli^ uppMitr ciitmtci>f)Lrp, Kit tlmillir dcfm tiers 
liaiinj^ ihfir iTiti-ikK% IrvidU-d over ibt* pjriipi^t cJiiiBiot tiw or ilffT^nd 
vbi* Awch Immi'dUfcly fu'fhn^ tb^'m : 4 fiir[riiHh \\%ax biih lt« dliHipx im- 
dcfeodvd, >in3 in whiob an enemy inittht fofm nccurcl^, w^nild hv dc- 
ive ^ tut Ibia lA obTJutird comfiJctclv. Hb vr\\\ noon Iji' I'xpluiiit.'d^ bv 
\it\^ |b« wcirkh iJi 4TU'b »! mniuior ;«« 1o rtinblc tliom to dcArjia 
oih(*r'« (lilchMt ; Ml Lbat vutli wurlt ba^ its ditch »^t|it by tbe 
l^ikirit liiv' i>f I'lmi- iiri^bbmiriiij^ wi>rk xhwi lnokH tipnik It. 

Ti*jirfv*iit an ««p|My\ ^\^h\• suYcm iniu tbt' Q>vi'r[*d-wuy, il U fuf- 
nialiAil ivith n btron)f waodvn pnlniiuiiiif;* u* bvi'n in Ki}^^ ^i, rmiiiing 
ftJou tbc foot of tbc intc^rior b[(i|h> o|' ttiL- imrn^Mit^ lltctio iiJibMJidts nrc 
IuunjIj wvi]j;e-»bupi'd> of ntrvit^ pEiLiikiitir. and kqit sn W th^tt (be 
fTAB on ill'' Hiimmit nf thi' glncU bidn tbvtr tvfie^ Iruui uu «ni<my'B 
tJut iritbmu^ 

Fi^ % tbuwji thi* nftinvi of tJitf Jilfi^ront a)<>p^» of lb« rampart and 
_ bl^ll^-VlMi il vrill be mccitHiiry to attend ti> in tht fullowinif rtplo- 
^■Cbvi- Tbt nnilU-ry for tbi.' defence of the plncf in pMted on the 
irrtfpfriri^ tit tbe nmijiiirli niviri'il in frmit by n jriirHprt nrvrn »iid u* 
bnlf fw^ bi^h : bnt as u gori m»nnt*d on it* cnrringe wurcrly ever 
«1andi above three ii^t from Ihij pround^ it ti nvciMvury to cut open- 
ing* «r rirt/yvwwrw ici tbt" piinipot ftr tbtj-untito fiie ibronph.r liifae 
cnhnutnn^ arc 4U lurrow at ibe urr^ A:t only 1» admit tbc nnuEZlc itf n 
gun iridi t'niKf* hut ibi-y tp-iii-luully open out tovvurd« llii? moiit/t, ibat 
thf giin iniry biivo u frr^ raiLut- right nod Ipft ; l>psldefc that, tht' Ani«h of 
tbp ffun on bflmjj TcpeAtiidly diachttrflcd would deilroy the uidei or 
tknii of the embtaaure if H were mndo tou nurruw : tliir object of 
kftrtBi; It at niirrow lu pi?«^iblir at tb(> iktIe iv, Unit the ifunniTH nrrving 
tW gtui tony bv :i« Miucb i'iivi'ri>d *» l!iU sMxicc will ndniit i.f ; m the 
pin rpcoilfl^ or hnn itn miirAli- dniwu biicl:, ahvr ruclj ciisc!bjr<rirj li> rou- 
Ue tIkC gQDntni to Iniul ir u^:>in, tho niirT<i\ver thi' ni^ck m, tb« U'ti^r 

^ TU« \k\^ pvt* of a woik ira unult/ i^lwl ivirvpUiuii. 


the men will be co7er«J ; ^hen Inoded. I^e ^n \a run «ut &s ftr as 

pti^sihlL* into tIii- ('TTibnuiire Ijefnre it is \]t^i\. Tin- wliiiela and Iniil of 
the gun-«irri!»g^ rest up^in p pfftrform (usiuallf madp of itronir timljer), 
otherimc the WDight of thi^ machitib and itK wruhing ivnulit teui up 
the' ^otind^ and suon reader it unlit fur an^. Thv anneict-d figure 
•hows a plan, wt'tiun. yiid cleFatujiia [>f embrasurei. 

A itfla la rtii*Uqr^ *k4 t "vlln* *f I>h ivn* niri nairiTim ^ip binh 

UlUI PlBlf4r>nJ|LtHoril*< I****!*). tll-D Rnarlri i^A'i.llu. JdlLlu. 

fkf-C Jniviirr«4irriMiir utinim- 

The plhtfhrm Itns ii little rlr^e in Lh^ rcRt to eh^rli tbt* r^coit of th(» 
riecij ^vli^it di'^cbn.rjJi^J, ant] la aid tt^ b4>ing run uni Jignin tipf^rv it it 
fired i at tbc htriid of tbi* pliLttiitriiii there is a pi^c i^f priiji-TtiTijf tiiiiLtT, 
colled the fiurfrrp Ut prtvcrl tW ^v^vel« of tJic Eun-camage fioin ruii-, 
uiijjE ti^uiJiiL llie iiilttior i*bipe of ilie (iarij|H"t, wliicli woutd injure it. 

fiuu* in enibruiUfP Jirv, bimevcr, rvidcntlj' cunfined in f Leir rsuj^e ; 
to I'xteml wliii'li, tht* yiin-t-nrriaj^ea iin* (in eerluiu oqbps) raified upon a 
inuuiid (>f eortb niitde in rear r>f the paruj)ot, br^b ertuu^h to tilioiv the 
mviftlea of the euns to hp. rua ovrr it:^ cre»t. Gun* thiia nxirkeii nre 
Ctdled harhvitc bttffrrifaf iiriil tbry are very elTt^ctJve ao li>ni£ an ihe 
«neiiijr caii bn kept at :t dihtmia-, bui if ht.' lodgi^ liim»^If within mua- 
ItetTT Mllgf of giins fti harftcSfr. the gdnners Ktrviny th#m ore ac much 
eJtpuBcd tt> the euomy's riEl^^nten, tW great lo*3 must foUow unles* 
tlicT are aunk di>ffn itilo cnibniBureH, 

Tbore I^ H pklfumt in cojjiuu-n u«e in gurriWia, fonnf<rly made of 
woijd, ]>ut i\n\v uiun? goiitirally of rant-iron, eaJled a ii/iiersiNg ptot- 
ftftm; of lurce dimpn^Mins, capHhle i»f receiving upotj the upper bu»- 
fic«of ill* aioi^-piecefl tlie lriickiti<>t Bitmll u'beels of apnrrison i.Tin^cBr- 
ringc, wliicli ia thtu ruined upon the Imv^rbuii; pktjCrujj i<> ulluvi the 
kjunn lo l>e run init onT ihi- paruprt oa r/j httrfrrU'; From whni him 
W(^]i »aidr it lUiiy bf rt^ulil)' btferieil Umt tht* Urrcjtltitt of j rHmparl 





mtmt hATQ a ccnuidcTiible bresdtli to recrare lh« pJAtfomm of the ^rxm 
■nd nutftAn, to jufrnit of tlicir tiein^ work«), and itt pir^ iliv d^frridfrti 
•noo (fmrugh tu circulate ijj iLrir icur. Fcir tliVJtc ]>ur|Hwe3 (he terri>- 
lidHn of ihfl n"ii|>HTt th usunlly ulmiil furiy fnei wjile ; the interior alopf* 
of lh« nmfiRTi hnx x hone c>niml to iu height, (kr a cnturnl M|i>p«, thut 
tbv aeiion of thi.* ^ft^itKer 4111a of trmp ridj not w^nw it owfly- 

Tbr iliinirntiurih of thv hatH]MH\^ hov<r been ulreudy aatned ; iti ofopfr 
u Dimii; ijuitc lEcntlcj fitr tla- diifi^ndv-rK to go up iLna dim 11 wiUi L-a«if > 
ujck inirtimi!! cif |>uni|M?U u« ait iiiii^ii tip u>k gua-ljatlffii'i Imvp nrjt 
bctni^iii'iiPM mii(li> In irjir of th«> |>iir[i|i«t«- Th^? lipffjlti nf tK- pxrop^Jt 
ii u^»ii and a-LnlfH and iti thirknctt cBght«i^n twt; iu int^rjtjr «ili>pu 
ia made vcrr lEccpj thitt |Jk« dL-lViiJvrs nmy lean a;!i]indt it coovcni- 
ectlv ni firi»i^ ivr?T ; JtH i-nfirmr ^liipc hik^ ft liisc sotntwhat inure ibnn 

■ta tirj^bt. iMit vii\y in prevent it xtenrtti^ nwiiy b) ibv wi*)ilbvr, but 

IOC iiijiv >ii[ik tntti h witlioiiT rruinblin 
lU^^f nvce>iHMrv di-thiu iioTHiive the thickn^^t <if Ib^^ riktiipikrt tf> about 

Ouit b<Hiih- %h')C iiijij >ii[ik tntti h witlioiiT rruinbiing it down. All 

nim-ty fvct i iKal ia, the total tbickucu from the base ot tho intvrinr 
tlopc to thjit aftbt.- n.'V^U-mc'Tit> 

0ut before wr prix^eed fjLitbor, it l/ecfunes ij«C4;>noJ7 to examine the 
tndf t)f ur autliEii^ uf tbt- ^vurkih j^inuud the \tlacf. 

Tbv w»IU Ihnt funnnHy i-ncl'ii***!! 1 pbnv bud miind or W|iiHrF towen 
tt th«ir oxtglM, (n» f^fit in Kkf^. K) to fljtJik or dvfeiid the ilitch and 
CtoUUBd bviwocn o-Acli other. The to^'crt bad tiiuolly a tirojcctiou or 
OaUony ftl top, ulE round. VBich rtfticdl loop-hoJvH cnt in tIjL' Hovrhi^ of 
the biULMn)\ thnm^b ivliicb Uic liolliiiu trf tbti icmrr could be setu nnd 
dWvndtfd- Wo 4till u^i?tbeM> ffrigretionii, or mmhitymlis, in old towi'ft. 
■upported by tbpif jiij^turot'jiiet'tjrbi'K betx^i-i'n xvbk'h thp vertical li»oj>- 
holoi Tt cni't. Unt Tvbi>n il b^tmiio iii^^^HHiiry Ci' Ibickcn the raoijinitB 
wid pAT«pct« oa bft* jiut been sbo^v'u» mid to ni^bittitutv vurth for mn- 
■oitfyt tli dcfruden were thus rtinovitl from ibc *iV* ''f '^'c rovct*-- 
ment to & di«tflni'4' <*r uljoiit ixvi-nly iV^t, ^bicli iuvulvi^d mi cnilre 
«iiwigs In tlie outlinf or triidnx ^^ ^^'<' ^"^^^'i. *" <-'ii'>"ro tlir ditdim 
bciu^ propi^fly lUinbrd nnd dofonded ; to virvitt thi(, tbci mmparU^ puL^ 
npe-ti, and ditclicB have been arranged uronnd the pluct> lu abown In 

' n-ku^it. 

« l^aili-1 ■-«1"i'»h> n.iiin. 



kiiuwloflf^o uf Kr&iiolj * t'K hiti promotian, hia Btuvtnt, lav Mtr<^tyj iiud in 
%\nvv Cflhc* I'll fiHi/rd, cn'n for luMift- VVitPiout hnvin^ rtml ViTpil onrf 
tlu* Di^cimiU* Eji»nMn. il ia hM, can utuiii Ur tlv pthlULLrriileraturc, ctiii 
u'Hri' t'l^-^:] [Illy (ir fXf«rH>- Mm^i-lf rlmjutiilly ; Wt our yoiilig seimiim 
may ruU all thv siiliitLiiitiLtl ^n\»\ irf Lhi* cT[UNk<H frnni UiJTifltiLihmv ; h^<I 
a vritft^ mLin Iitib huirl litbt " tlii^ 1ivai)tJv« at eloqtioilce imd rlieiorio 
ofttncr PLTT^ III lurne than gooU ones." Worcot'tr, wimt shull we tny 
of tlie morality uf the anoivntap l^ornnct^ nf tJii* Diviiii.' Hcvt'Lttiou 
with ^vLlcIi \yv urt liltvsi^ijili ia plc^iili^d iii L.'Mieni]Atii'ji ; but iiliiUt wv 
]ihy ihfir mi<-II(x;timl ihirkixpRs. wi- mny !»c? tiUuuL-iI tu shuu tht wmi*- 
iniiintioii of tWt jirudiRliiHi*. Wi» iir« fur frnm mtt^iulini; fo inaiiiunti^ 
IhuttfJi' drift liiuf^rinf:fsiiie not requiKitolo bim ^vI;o fltpipcs In liUr.irj' or 
politiciiJ cnttiioncc^ or H'ho*t; wiiolc lift' ii dovof tul ti> Pluiiy t hut to him 
who rcudfl only fur ijistrucliun, imd wlio^e itln>!i^ piirpiKu* t^ tioI to dttT< 
hlii]w!r witli ih^ bojim)iK iif IltcnLltiie. ]ini [ii be (juuliHiil ftr prnfi'H- 
timiul imi'ftiliirsv tfu> ustvirru In'i^tm^ex i\i^ 'iiiHiciriH tn JiU i]|i nJI tlic 
viiCiiiu'Jvir (if iuH tiEfi^, iifxl moat iif liiH wi>Jics for JrifWinaLtiinip 
Fiiiiiltj', w<i will yliiU' ivilhout fom- of coiitraclipiiou, aiicl v/\\\ icvcrl W 
the i?2cporicncv of tbc hi!it wnr fur Ulc iriith of c^tir mnortioU) that, hiid 
the lime whidj our oflitrr^ hI ncliiml ^|u-rll on Grrck am! IjMlin, Lh^jl 
lieMowetl upon the l^lf!lfs^h t!minTniii- nv slirmhl noi b^ivc hml nt ihai 
eventful ptriod, urnl vvt^^ now, *in frp(|Hf^iitty l« hhj.tli rit tlio bliinder« 
nnrl muccuriiciCfi nf our huvaI di^piLtoheH-* 

Wo Jjuvo Wen Irtl into thii di^vpslon not with a Tiew of dcpr^ 
cinting chiMicol atUintiipiiifi iiir wliich we <?nlertain the pirutpsl re- 
spect ; tn>r, of di^iciiTinii^iii; \.\tc hi^ltirr briLiidirx of th;^ piofe^amn, ut 
their lei^^urf", from Invtmntiiii^ iir n tnstp for chiiMt lore^fur from it \ 
but in the hopei* nf cf>rr4H;tiu|^ un i-rnir in |irt*jinroti>ry education, the 
balvfiil tlTL-rU iyi xvliidi nrcdmJy ubi^r^iiljiv ou ItiHird ](i<!ii-iif-mir- Gc- 
comini^ sudJenly. in a grnit inoa^urc, ihcir own ma^ti^r^, Uiys nre t^^iu 
hpt. vviiL-n tlty ^o t'l aeu* to tbrobv iiwuy in djigiir^t Himlici whidi hnvt^ 
urtVinW limn ty thfir NnTirolilJ>UiiLtw, iin(E ni?v*T U\ |ni»k into n IhkiIc 
Of^nin till tho |wriod of their oviiminution in at hund. 

LahIIy, W(t fiEmll advvrt t'» tbt' Nuvul CoJK>[;o, an in<<titUtioil vhldi 
]>n}f4')Vit:a to {;i)uibjiir nil lIio beoefitii u( a fiiibTjr F^clit^ol, ^vlth mori? pro* 
jitable objcct:i of AltaiJini«nt> It han. morL-over^ iJivine puculiur mKan-^ 
tugi*«: : thui by tlila uii'iiiib Uiyti' taWnls and dUpObiiion^ iH^i-'omo kno^vn 
to the LimtU nf the profeMion nt, tlii»ir e»rh>ni ttrijf?; Ibitt they form 
Ihoi^e conniHxions and make? tboip n<^ati:kiiiiati<!0». wliifb, <if nil olborw, 
lire thi- nnfflt likyly tu provn nsoful atin tvf^rttnblc lo thtm in after-life ; 

tb^l OurcTi "Ut inidertubea to i^mpliiy tifcni nnlU t]n?y iiit t'ligililt" to 

ha made lit-utennntM ; and that thib ostiiblialinLenl ht-in^ ait PurlHrnuuth, 
thtfy Imve uti opporiunily uf Juetly ^ntimniing thp nntiire of thf nfrvice 

* Wolfv sflhctcd lu JttdiPf U Qutb«? by having u oIRpqt in Kii boat wUo tpoU 

t lui <ut DcVtimrlvil^ctl fH-i. Ui»t tvriry one li moTD iil>iu'i1jIv in&tiuri<ni \\y lixnwn 
htiiuape lluiri |jj iii;^ '**^iM» V«j u if 10 iiLi:jc<ur (litf OiHlr»liiw iif iJ» IpirniT. at 
EloD ^liobl ibnCJrfvk Grvmcnir \% KUidly puUliM ud UuEltt viih « L«Liu lut. 


whldi lliej m aboot to enter, ajid of ^viog it np if it fella pbort of 
their expeetatioiiK. If, bowerer, a collc^mi, which u not often the cue, 
does thia, he forfeits two hundred pounda; bul, after bariag pnnued 
the course of inntmction which we ahall detail, it mnst be allowed that, 
ICL the mean while, he will not bare miospent hia time- 

The plan of study is admirably arranged. Mathematics, Astronomr, 
the practice and principles of Gunnerr, Prawing, Fortifiintion, M<^ 
dem laninuagea, and a amattering of Latin, are all giren their da« 

CpondeniLce in the scale of actual atilitTi and adminSatered in « 
u pleafliiig and entidng to the youth,* Wbilat ther ore treated in 
some degree aa officers, the salutary rod is not entirely bmiBhed. 
Their morals (an improrement withm a few years) are strictly aU 
tended to, and separate aparttuents are allowed to Uie pupik- 

Periodical examinations give opportnnities for talent to rise, and 
-medals and prospective promotion are awarded to excellence. As 
induatriooa boy may complete his plan and gain hia midshipman's ap- 
pointment in twelve months, whilst the idle are, by the regulationa, 
diBcharged at the end of two vean^ Thna emulation is excited and 
merit rewarded, and the prcneaaion u entered with an eatablisbed 

Hariiig tbus summed op the merits of the different ayatems of pre- 
timinary Naval education, our observatioos* we bes to observe, an 
merely general. There are individual cases to which thev do not ap- 
ply. A boy, for inatance, of a decidedly studious turn o^mind would 
be perhaps better aituated at a public school than elsewhere. Navi- 
gation would be easily acquired by him when at aea, and iu the mean 
while he would enjoy all the advantages of a more numerous and 
aelect society. 

On the whole, and upon the fullest consideration of the subject, wc 
give the palm to the Naval College, and we fihall conclude this article 
tiy quoting the words of Lord Colling^vood, who, although a dinsatisiied 
man, wafl a good officer and a good scholar. It will be recollected that 
the ealablishment in Portsmouth dock-yard, in those daysj had not at* 
taiued to itR present perfection, and was little known or regardt^d- He 
aaya, in Bpealciag of a yooth about whom he was interested, " Hoya 
make little progres.'t in a ship, without being well practised in navig^ 
tion : if his father intended him for the sea, he shouM have been sent 
to a Mathematical school" 

■ In eaumeraling the K^uiremcnti it the Ka^al Colle^p we have ocnitted to loentioa 
danriD^. Surely* iT llii; riiiD^ Nelajna sHpire to '* caper nimbly " in a miauot, oi to 
doable-Ahuflle in tpat ilt bajqat, to " the LascivkOUB pIcailngoFa kit," they ought to in- 
dulge their hirmEeai amljitiDa La private and at their avta eipense. The public Sod tha 
prolVru ion ought not ia b« iotultcd by tlte yearly eipoaul in the Navy Kitimatea, ofa 
iaiarttd nat/il dancing-niiutcr. ^'b shall ncil heai of a mujic-miMH, to eocounga 
thai cockpit'i cu>w, the incipienl ftute'-pla^er. 



tfOOM, by ihc Grace of GiJ, Sec 
Wb litve prit^nxod. the Chambvts bovv odoptvJ, w haw vrderijd, 


Arttcls i-^lt IB intcndi^d tlic urmr thoiild lie recruited !>v ^wlun- 
tarv erilifll^irent, but if a bullkii'iit iiunibtT dF n?t:mltFi th tuit otTrr 
flieiiiM'li'rH. ihL' ilfliL^iij^cj riMin hv AitpjLlii-<l liy \i mjiHvri|itiorit conduct- 
pd !ii^irori!ing to t)]i? fiili*« pn.-M.TihfJ iu S(ij.-(icri 11. 

AliT, II,— Kwery KrvTiclmiiifi "hull W eiilUkvl to enrol tiitniwlf 
prr7vid<<cl lio 16 OEji^lklccn yoon «f o^d, that hv W not tiHt bii civil 
rJ)Lhl», ojul tliut he in in uli tci!ipt:'Ct> At fur tliv corns iri wljich he 
vraiiivs tv vnlM. V'u^ubuird^, or men of uolori'iu^ilT Imd diurucU-r. dit^ 
fn>i lo be Hlloiwd m ft-nlUi a* rrrniiu for the French ArniVr 

Art, iti. — Tlip durutioTi of n voUininry enrolmwit VlinIL bv< *is 
ycifira in tho De|>Qrtni^iiUJ Li^frinim^ mid v)f;ht rvnra in a\} \.\>c i»thcr 
claim's of triK>TP». Nh bi»u(itv ix t» he ollovf^^ lo r(<cruila. 

AiiT< I v-^- Recruit* must cuntmct thdr cn^ngeutt- j^t Iwfure u um- 

S,Utnil?t HLVtrJiii^ lo thv rirniih invviiWil in Aniclts ihirEy-fodr jml 
r»rlj-((iur of \U« Pivi] cixJc. Thr cumlitnnis ruiiitiv*> tn tliv yjt'ficMl far 
whi4-h a recruit eDpif(t*i atv to \ic rt'pBrdi^d iu tho doiuL «*f t'nroliuciil, 
nnd ull other cimiJttinnH iirt* 1i> iw rnul ii> tbo CDnlractiiif; fuirtir* ln^rurT 
iht^ pifAcnU-d itiu^iiftluEvn Afc iiHiiCL-d. ITiiIcm it Li- Lvrtijivd utiou t\it 
(ihivi'-riitined dL>cuQi(tnt thut ificv; (otua Iimvc bvrii coi]i|ilred wjth^ 
tlie tiigii^L-niviii i« nulJ- 

«Ecmo^f u. 

AiiT- v--^Thi! fi]lL ronijilf'mcnt cf ihe pence i^itljibLivhint-iit <jf the 
■roj) including ulticLTi, non-ooniniiKsionod oAc^a, nnd HokUtTH, b 

The aiiiiuul n hcT of coii«iTtptR linnui joupt nut cic<'rJ ^Oh*>0(> 

rnrii. muf thi> ilmi^lh i>f lla' ar:iij h nvTtii to b^ l;trg>>r tbiii Ihv peace 
otiahhhhTiLcni [ilrciiiU' indicateiL 

Hhv>ji II hirgvr vht^iUIUhniviit M mjuirecl, tlie cuutin^ncy will bo 
l^rovidi'd UtT by fl tipvdlii.? luw. 

Aiit. VT. — 'I'he nniiual numbvr of conacripU tn be rni»«d. U lo bc 
iippuriiotii'd utiiiriJg the dv|iartiiii^iit>i> urro[ii)Wriif-ti[r> iiud ciinitinn, in 
pro|H>rE.iitn to the pir|iiihLl,iiin, .v> Tkikcii h\ t\w hM (^ttiHiu- 

A return of the nuuitricul proporrion or nHvumont t>| cim^ripln to 
bc called out in vncb di-pirhiiviit, in lo \nf comniuriicitvd to thn Chmn- 
itvTBi it JB also tL> be n^ndc public by pobiinic thv taU<^» up in plnciA of 
public ivivuTl. tii^clfccr Hilh an ahatrctct of thr iiuaibvr of uivu wLu Ijad 
pnlfrted dtiring the prvCT^ling jmr. 




Ant. vii.^T!ie cviiUrifn'i^t upinirtiun^ tv each cnnioti vrilt 1h^ fur* 

alihai hy \nt iuim ih«* yimlhr. Kvlta hnvQ n lo^ttTnatu re)iiiUT]4:i> Ui thft 

I, ir<L u-hr> tholi haw rijachcd Ihc ape of twenty tLurinn; ttio prc- 

Fvr tfip tint Ofcmtjon nf tl»> law, xhe ymillif, ivIki coinjil^lfd thf«r 
tivtniirtli ycnr duriiiij ihe yvan l!H(l aiij JIJ17, ou* lo U' iiicdidi^d in 
tbc k-v^ fiV iniR hut th»» ciiritJft^nt fur ^ut^li uf iin-ve yirurk is nut to 
^t«wil -IH.OIW, as preKTiljt'J in ArtjcTt v. 

Ali f>er>in(t& cnm^irvtjL'mlt'd in tiiit ]ib'>vif twn cIoiuvb wbo have ««ii- 
trtkc4ca ninrriiii^t prcvidikxly to thi^ pr<>£nul|;u1iiHi of ihh luw ari^ to be 
eatciapted from sefvinu in tbc Jirmj. 

Art- tjjj. — The fuJiuAviu^ cJu-hl'h uf ireratini* iIiuU be coniiikrLvj lo 
havi! a tp^ft] rc^stil^ntv In n ranTnn. 

I. Vourtft men who have rt'Pi^ivcJ fl divpeiiMiittoP, and lb«j whoarv 
Tfiudijlf; nirmil, c^tpnCriaUM or dvtuiiLcd an |iria>incrA, ^lov'idvd thdr 
fiUli«f, ninthfr. or tHliff. W llwir rr»idirrici^ ni urit of the c<imiiuint» of 
ibv tuki t^ntiin, iir If ilu'y Ih? iliv mnn uf uu ei^H^riatitd fiU.lkrr. w\m 
hud li^H lifKl n<Kid(^ncH' iii mtiil riiriitin. 

3. Pnaawt that nrr m^irriwlj irhmtf fnther or mrtth^r, i^hould tiiij 
father bo Jeudp r«idM in the canton, provided they do not prove tlml 
ihrT Kuve a tixrd ri<«dtlice m nnotliffr Cfiriton. 

3. Mirrifd ]jfrr*uri# >v|iw rr»»d*i in a uiliUui, altljcfii^li iWr fulln?r 0/ 

mutliFr 1*L- domidli*<] »'l«'whi*rii. 

4. Vnuni^ pprtuiH Wn mkd retldhg In a canton^ ^vho ]i«ve neither 
futhcr n:>r n»ithvr imr tutor. 

5. All pcToiinH tliut rt^Hidc in a contiin, uithou^lj they mny nol be iu- 
cludpd Til dijy of tlLt above cUntfB, pruvidi'd ihvy full tf> pruve thai 
tlw^r ^kJinii'h Imve Ii^eii rrix^riljed in hjluIIut (iinlixi. 

Art. tx. — PeruoTif who fiiil to prctrltit't nti rMracrt frriiri th(< parijdi 
regittrr, «]H*dfyin;; the lime tiii*y rvere irurn. ivi)[ imve ttjt<ir aigv wti- 
nutiHl ucoorditi^* t-i p«l*lir not"«ritty. 

Art. X. — Slnnild k W discovcrt'd Uidt a jDung man Itun vBtiupcd cd- 
ru]in4-iJt 111 tlie L-nuftcrliitiuii liat. Li.' is to hv included In tlie Ii»l fur tliv 
tincn>pdii]^ Venr, 

Aar, xi/— Th(» ooimcnption Umt of n *^initoji i* to tw compiled by the 
Alayan, aud made piddic in eocL cTomiriuiK' oT piirtUir MPMirrJju^ tu tiiu 
furui prracribed in articles flixty-thitv »nd ftixty^-ftmr oftljc uvil c<*dv- 

Public iHitiiv fibidl bt' i>Jven. wliicli will unnouacti lk<^ place oiid 
limf when tlie cortcHptinn lint v\\n\\ be 4<\)imLni.'iK and the dmwtrtg by 
lot <rf tho 4Jonti"tfeni of tlie» ouiil«»n U I0 ^jnntmpnpn- 

Abt. XII. — Wln.'n II citril<m coniprt^hond* uovenil outitmujien, tbe uK- 
ooiinKtion of ih<^ Hnit and the drirviiic of tlv orntjiii^i-iit uri; tu tiikc 
plnoe tt tbe ispiiul of tiii< cinUjj. TIifhij duties arc Ut his ^mblidy 
p^ffonnrd. mid m th** pr^'Hviiti' uf t.lm 3ub-|iri'fecl mid Mnyun* of ihi- 
futnioii^ In CLm1i>riA ^uinpMifd of one ciimtiiiriie. nr t\i n portjuri of a 
cummuni^, tie Sulr-pret'cet will be iiabj»ti.'d by the Aliiyur and lii« 

Tlif luiines i>f ibu uoiiHcripl* nUittl \tc rvad in nn audible voice, and 
nljfvtm^ miiy i.htMi In- [ulduced by tbeui. or limit rvluiidi^b* abmdd 
the)' hove caiiiv to onmjiliLiii^ TUi> Siib-nri'Wr nnj tJiL* Afityor hliHll 
drciitcf ufHin tbu t'*isu ot u rL-nmnilrunt. Tliv ourftettd U«t i*f tbt' ci>n» 
Mnjil* is next to be TcriHcd by the Aibimture of thti rvquijiitu uuU^ritLVti* 


Immoiliiitcly after the liUfi have bttvv tliunnijithl^ ufted und d«i-iii^ 
currt-Tt, tlie c^nacripte :irv to be c^IImI <fnti liy vuv, irctiordin^ qh t'ley 
fttaud tipim tlxc roll, and eacli 19 to druvr a Dutnljcr fioiik nn iit<i. stlilcri 
JB lo\iv (iLililicly iiNiifiijuced qjiJ regiuWrt'd- U'lit-n u tuuscnpt is ab- 
ttfiU, lij>^ relHtlniis or thi' I^Iu^irr LiftU: niiDutUDi^ tany dniw lor hiin- 

A^ ilin drawing jirnpppds, the iinmp* of tlm ytmng men Qr*» lo be 
iTTdrj^d uiM;iiuii[]g ti^^ tlii- priority (if the Qumbt'n th^y have drnu'n. 
WljOJi ^ y(»ui)^ rmik t^int JiikH drtiwu u nu]iib<*r xi'illiiii the Lkniouiit of 
-thr cuiJthi}{tMtt cUIiiiA a diancii&^Ltlon. Jlis rtraAuu> vie Vt he ri^i^iirdi'd. 
In rrtT'trd to all audi ciiiea, ihe Siib-]irelecl i» diretttJ to udd }ii>i own 
ophiinn r<>tpectiMg; thi* validiiy of ilic cluime- 

Tht roll of tbi> niimei of tlie |]craan« xvlio havt> drn^n numlwrii IH to 
1>L' ]iVtlrJidy rtud in tLo xivnic mantiijr as tli^' verilitil Iibt «f tb(! con- 
8i;rijTU> and ta the anid roll la to be onnvxed aa iLli«tr»ct of the pro- 

Thiv liNt U to bu |fiitli«b«d und |iusti'd up la vach c<nuni UTiti uf tlti^ 

AnT, xMi. — Thu whi.le prcx^^i^Jhigs ate io he revistd in upcn cimn 
b^ u cuuitcil cuicpiiiti-d ut' ihv Pcvfi'ftf n-hit in to bu the I'ri^idont* a 
cuiin>rlh)r of ibv IVirfcLUire, 11 ineitihcf uf |)iv' uiniend cuujictl of thr 
DL-|uiriritvTit. ii inrniWr iff the cuiuidl iff tlu* ArumdijAfnu'nt^ und n 
~if^n»»i*:d (iHicfT xrnH'itilly :il>ihiknl<'il Uy fJii? Kin^ TNl' (.'Oiiri^il will 
bold itt hiUin)(N ]» tlie chjuf towns of uLirjurroiLdisAoirL^nt iir c:inli/iu 

Tbp youn>: men ihat hnv*? drirtii iijimlvru whkh indicate tlml th^y 
MTV to ui-luji^ to lliir t^o»t)iit;ciit, um tv bu aawmblcsJj L-x«unijicdi oud 

Sboutfl ETie ynunp; men fill tn.njijmar^ ar ujnit to ustign u r»ian fitf* 
tLt'ir abH^nci^. ibi* rvi^Swd uf ll^ij iirija^inljiip. by tbu ciiuiK'il j« lo tidco 
pliicr, and t1i<t buhiiiVhH coni^Iud^'d i\m if Uioy tvuri/ prcwiit, provided 
thi-T litivc not obttJncd leave i-j postpone tbvir iittcnditn<^< 

Thv cuAtra uf wvii yv\»t dulm an vxtfuipiidu fctim «t^£viug i>ii uccLiuut 
of dtHHblliii4T4< ijri.' to Iht hjvi-itti^U'd by ai<rdicHl i>lli<'i'rh. 

AJl other (!hu.^<*^ of idlegt'J xhiiaia to exemption nre to bo dvdd^fl 
upr^ii by ^DtLmtic diiLMnrivritx or cvrl ilk'ato^ vf tJii; I^Iayitr uf tiiid euni- 
mimo ^Wicn- il)<^ cUjinihnt rv^idcEty aniJ ihrci; houdji of iumJJii^H bidon^;- 
itig to tb« aaint? cmitun. wbose >on> arc liublc to thi< ciiu^criptioii Inw* 
ur ore ^ervjEif; ut tbe Liio^ in tbi< nriny. 

With the etci>ptioii of cnt^s tiueb tw arf meiithin^ in iniiober tbe* 
tet^, iho d^'ci^imL of the coundl of rcvjaiun U amclMnivc, 

Ann xir, — Youji^ iML'n who huvj drdivit number* which indicute 
ibul llipy bt'limj: to tlir i:tjiiliiip.'nt, nic fur iLv fulW'in;^ rriiiOHH to bt" 
i-xom])ti.'<I Mild it|i]ikOL?d. Ti>e dUjHrnsLitiohii iiii^ to titkif |diic<^ in the 
otder of thi- lubit-iint^rrt nuiii1>0r>t or reLL*<i>ii< fiiir i-vmipiiini. 

}. All ronhik'riptK v^bo utv not i>ue uti^iTu A f ty-fii^veti c^fitiin(itr«8 in 
hoi^hlp fivD fcot twii inchfh iCnjjliHh mcosuie. 

^p AIL ptruiis who BuEfiT under inliruiilios i^hieh render thi^m ita- 
fit for ihv minj, 

<*t, Thr (-IdrKlAnn of u ftindly of nrpbnns ^vher^ both pari^nts nro drad. 

4^ Tbo only voii, thi? tlJut von, od if tber« h^ no ion. ibo };rnndcon, 
vr U)i> oi<]c>4t nt tK' ^rLindoona ^i u u'idow, tJUbvr, it blind, or a niau 
^ ftcvrnty yvnin uf ii|£C. 

a. ThL- I'Idvitt of two hrnthtm wbo bnvc both been drawn fur t^q 
Min*.' lei'jr. 



f^ All cMiKtiptu %vbi> liii'i^ IV brothi^r ncluuily^ jufrripijc in thi^ army 
tindt-r nhmrr^r dritfiininulLiiri) nr v^ihit bud a briftlicr iliol In thv wr^ 
^kw, <>r Tint* itiBclmriEi-il un »ri11r (or nniilary iTtitt ou aixaiint vf tvoumU 
ivctivcd, cr dliLftlUili*-* contfncU'd in the mrfvice. 

The aIidvc cliiima uf cxcnipujawiU be flOiicliuDcii m the auncbmLIy 

With lip (-vrr^itiiin uf jii-r«<riu ivha havu bc«n tii^atpicd nn nccoUTtt 

yo«n^ fn«Ti fniin Mn^ EfiHi.Til>»'ri in tbn «i)b>i«imtTil cmt^eription lint. 

Abt. XV. — Vounjc oion wbutc number* inJiciUe tbal ibvy fadnnj; t<* 
di« ountinf^ntt irp under tbc f>>llctwin^ drcumnUiiices to be cxe&iptvd 
ffiKD «riviu<f ivitlivuL bi'iii^ n'plHCfd- 

L All pPTBon* who hjvi- Tnlimtrtfily I'liHsted in the army, 

% Srmmtfti chut Dr# ro^4l4.'rtfil ut^ciintin;^ to tUe biw nf tbi^ 95 ih IK'H. 
17V&< «"d *bip ^^/itjHMitiTfi, IwiriT*, anluiiiltoi-* uml ciirilbtira, if tKor Us 
rc^iklertd ncc^vnl tii^ lit the 44ili Article uf ibi' uid law. 

3. AlcdiciJ ollict-Ts wlij ht-luiifj ti> the Njvy ur Army' 

4- Ymnig in<*ri r(T'<4l.»rIy Hulbori/ii^d tch nnitiinie their eccWiaMkii! 
■dtu^M-*. fln cnndJtitin tliAt they r»rf<>it tbt- briitflit of a diiqunaaticn 
tlioiilcL the*)' not tokv ord^ri. 

Thik tuIp unjiliM Ui lJI tlic di^itrcni perflu^iduEui or aecti whose Mi^ 
nifitvji luv puid by lhi> State. 

5. FujitU of tbff K[?ii[c Nimnn], li^rtbtT with Uie trtichn* uttnched 
CA ih^tn, pnivH^r] thf* liifli*r ttiigiigi> t<t A^vaiv Ii*n VM.trh tn lliU d»li. 

Thii srticlif im)th*i in Hiudi^ixtH o( thtioloffr ; thi.i *ilud<iiibi iif lun- 
jpU|^ : tiiv itudt^ntti a? the poiytfchn^iic ^tcnoijl^i and icWil« intended 
loutulifv VJiiiJi;; nivii for euipluyirii-uL jn iLc* SHrriccr uf tbv St^iti\ 

Tbr Atiidfnt tii nrhcHjIh >i^iri-ilicidly mli-uliiti'L] in ijihilify yi^unu nii^ 
Inr liie Army or S,\\-y. JVovidod. Injwtvir, tbnt iht^ tnid 'jiuj«On eiin- 
tiiiu« tn lirEKfC'iitc tht'tr KFtidiri, or hitvv boeti udniittvd into thv Hvrvtoo 
fnr whii^li tbf'y vt't-rt* prqiatint; th0mii4i<lvt'A ; umi uttdvr tbi.' fiinditJun 
liut thty forfL'it the iM^iirfil uf the dbpoTntatinri if thcj fltiiodon th« 
ofonfMuu »tudi«i, vt nre nul uilmfurd intii (bif M*rvivCj ur if they qiiJt it 
bvfiir^ th4> t1mi> AvM fur it vldW t(i Hprv(i. 

It^ Younj; lavn who ihall hav^ biM^n aivnri^ud a caneidi^fabU^ privo by 
thfr livvul J[i'>titiUU) iir ttiv huiiuuruhk- murk cf niL^rit docn^va by the 
Council uf tht* University- 

AxT. x\i. — Shiitihl itny yifune mrn wlui brlnn); ti> thi> coiitlniEent of 
n cmMtiin» diiitn un 4'\(?inptiiui from vrvin^; in CfinHvqiitsiL'i* of 4|U(>«iiariri 
inrcrJvinf civil fif^lit*. th^ (MrL«crj[iU fifit in rt't^tirin ]t<>i>rdjn|- fn Ehi<ir 
ffuAbar* arVf until ihcir dnimn hu judidnUy di^;idi.>dH tn iiupply tbc 
' * of tb^ nppolJantii. in the Aumt- niunn^^r as if tbcj b^id rc^i'iMVud « 

II) iiumLJinm tit U>^nv arv to lit? peremptorily dii<cul<-d by thi> Pr^fW^t, 
whim urged hy on^ of the purtitK. 

Tbu Quurt* of lu^v shull d«lii/44r tlMfir vtfrdiijt on tU<f*v oiKirt iv:tbuut 
dil«jr, whi,-D an uriicrr of (JoviTrnnient U to bu hcnnl. An Ltp^KMil nmy 
be made friini ibii dtci^i^ui- 

Aa&t- £^ ii'^^Vhi'M the whole bimijJt^>iB uf thr ciJUM-'rijilina, incZudin'^ 
ihe liHt «f «-fL-inptii>jih, dUpHnkniinn^, nr ;(jipimU, b:iH Wi^n t^vjiTimfMl^ 
iIk roll of tho nftmn of tht crrDtm^cnt of wocb cunton \t to b« AnnUjr 
cbaad ind «jca<«d by ihe Uoiinoil of it4nrisiQn. 

V ft Joti». No, n JjiT' riL30p * 

LAW POR ItfCCRriTlKfl Tllfi FttRVm ARMY- 

Yuung m^ vhu, m complinneo wilJi Afliclm J6» wny Iw callird upnn 
til rviilnri' utliera. aie lit be rutficcl tin Clii^ liAt oftho oontlnge^it c«d4U 
tinnajJ^r onlr. iheir rigliiH hein^ ilut^ ^iiirderL 

It ih tli^ DQiiri^A »f tlie Cittmdl n«kt In tiinounc^, tliat all pertfins 
^vlioac iKimes stv not inacnled on thia iirt, are dctinitrTi?iv tiemptotl 
from serrinj;; in tbc iiniiy> 'HiU iiTiiiciiiiicetiic'Eit, tvith the Wt number 
of tbfl Ltizitmgcnt, ia tu bo pubJitlicd and piral^ up in vach cuniDiune «f 
tliL' oitit^m- 

Wh«ii t)i« oottrU of drJl JutUcitiiTe eIiuU 1mve dedd«rl upnn the 
CftBM coiopreh^iid*(i in No, 16, lli.i Council In, atn^oniina lo idvir d*m- 
sJQiir ti> uniiiiuncc tltc cxcmptEufi of tbc nppolluit. or thai of tb« cun- 
4crtpl who ^vQs t^onditiouall/^ culW upon to replace bitn. 

Aht. ]tviiti— SubsbiUitL'* will ho accupled in pluce of virunp; men 
vho bf^lonjc to the conlingeiit* pntiMed n bubfttituie be lioyond ihe 
reach of tbc can«oHpltori Imv, Uiat be ii not ^bove Itirt? y^nts of «gc, 
or thirty-tive if Ua liax bi'crn n ^olilu^r, uud tbat he has tlj« bvight and 
otber- f|U!\liti^« reouisitc to Rt him for the armv. 

SuUiitutoA ^hall be admitud by tLc CuuuWt of i1«viAiitii.urtd tlieact 
of lubbihutimi is to he uniicxifd to iLt* pnitveLlin^s of lb** (.\iundl. 

A conscript whn iWs not form nntt of the Contingent, m&v ^xehangR 
with one who iv included in iti but both pvinoiks DtUkt belong to the 
BUJie 4J rawing. 

Ally ui^reemcntit which art mod^bctvecn princi|W« nnd itub^tituUv 
■fe to Ite iiihjri:t{.'i] Lu t\iv rtujiii! rules uiid funnn ^is otlier civil cintmctK- 

Tlm prini-'ipnl h r^kpnnb^ldv for hm BuliAllliLre in ou«u of d(<»«rTion 
durirkcj n period of fln« year, to be reckoned frinii Xhu day tbi* Mt of 
ftubalitutioii iicdy«i tbc sipiatiiro of the Picfect. He will, Ikjwcvcf, 
be lihetoted fruiu Im ro^poJinibitily bhokdd ibv deaeiter he urr^Urd 
witbiTi lljf ^'taLT. [ir if the NuLi^titulL' tVivn iu tlie itrniv- 

AuT- XIX, — The yuLiug men iiidudi-d in thf rtmiin^rnt, ortbolr nib- 
fttitute^p nri* h\ \iv told irlf ti ditiVrent rogimontSj ojkd rc^gibtered in the 
booba of the roBpi'ttivo i'i>rps uf tJiiJ »itmy. 

Thtfy nilJ be pecnhitted to return to their u^ual plaev of midvuwj 
nnd ci>iis]'deri?d im Mildieiri on li^ave of iibat>tjcJ^» 

-^TbMtf recTuitu will not he ordtT^d to join tlic corjM tit ^hicb They 
Woriff bnt in pr<tportion to the TV9tit« of tlie Army ; snd tli^y will ti* 
calico out according to Uio priority of Ihcir rci!ipcctive claasea, 

AST, xJt-— Thu duratii)n of tho ntriod of serWct of ioldicrs bsvied 
by ciifkwription nlmll be »ix yeim. wnit^b U to bo re<;kiinv|] frviii tht? J *l 
Jtin^ of thir y<<iLr tliey ure JiiMcrihed oil tbo Ixink^ 4>f i corpu (»f the iirniy. 

The cuutiDgeut <tf tbe yeiir IBili itbtdl be re<]iLired lo v&rvt onJy live 

lu time ofproce, all thiy Eioldiers who bate eerved the ret^aircd pe- 
riod »luLl be diitgljurged on tho ^Itl DeVi 

But ill tiiiN- of war thoy tbftJI not hv dinuhurg^d until ■ ii«w ountin- 
bu jautod the oftrpc t» repkc« thom- 

SECnON m. 

[^SiildioTit vlin r^-^Tilivi, mfiPit ^ng.t2e to hptv^ hrfon^ the 

f^ot ifrfi;n(^iu,f mihtfiirr*,^' According to the fonn( prft- 

I. 4. Upon the prodnttinn of tbc decumcnti rcquiaiU in 

tJlW ¥OR RBCRt'lTJXG TUB rRfiNt^I AllVY. 67 

cucHj d^pondii tbo rJulit of a uJdicr to rvinun in tli« cc>t|i& to 
wliicit he rurmi:tU' ImluUK^iu, iir tii jnin ij[iiilW. 

Aht. XTi[.^lhc> ppriiHl dtifmg vhich n ibnicfior may rp-tdgogi? to 
MffT^ it n^viT ft CXCiMd ttiBt flt' II primnrv I'Jiliittncnt ; but a uan mej 
W Mfnnilted Ui oTifftf^n for twct Ti'Arv uviU. 

ooldicn who rc-cnlcr tli? acrvicc arc ciktitlod l» iin advance of pcif , 
•nil tbey aiay hv rccdrt^J iuiu iLc Ocrudurincjie, ot xht Vvicnua tf( 
ill* JAuv. 

All <ith«r cenditioTU iboil bg dot«nnuied bf the King, uid made 


A«Th xxiri>— Dimug wiir.ulliinn-rflnimissiDiiedtilfioers* ondmUu^r* 
who have «n-Tt*d llic* |iri^4rril>t*t1 pirrioii, iiid reiumod lo ibcir fVimii^r 
pdttoe of rmidvncf r kIioJI Ij" tiir ■ p^ritMl nt itn ywra mljL'at^ tn ■ loen\ 
mettletj under tlir dvi^iiaiinalioD af Vctcranii. 

Vrlrrnjift may mixriy uinl hkUl' llii.'m?*'lvp4. 

Itt lim* *if ]>i'acv tJjev iliidl n*it In* lii^UJr (.11 miv duly, iifid nveu dnr- 
ifui war thpj' will uotW riMjiiirpd lo tfUmd ili*»ir uptVIcps ln*7imd th« 
BiJilATy diviBion ici wliicfi tlxcy roddo, citcrpt in conu^qiwncc of ■ \a\v 
wmde nr tluil purpose' 

AftT. xjciv. — NvM-Lxuniiii»mie^ officera or WdiviH, whtt liuvt' srrvvd 
thv pttvrrifirrt [vTind. cotinat he nguo tnlcpn into thr trmy, lnil n-ith 
tbciF own conwnl, 

Thet Ari> linblti <iiLJy to l\\6 Ittoitl itorvicff of V^t^fania, 

DJibdidTircd Aoldii'f*, wlio nre lhirly-t"o yciirs of a|fp, or ivho haT< 
■errrd t^vvlw yrairt i;i tEie army, ur whu wcrr di;ttljDr}jL-d in cciUAt-- 
Dumce of tvuUTidif, or suiiie imi>in-tunt ili».eiiM.'t will lie L'xempivd intiu 
Uatt lociil Rprrirv- 

&)i:cno\ V. 


Ab^> X2Th — All tilt- rnaotni^nU, Uvrr,, urdiiitrinncvii, niL«»i or m* 
«T<iAinniL, fnrmeriy promiilgnCed in rt'gurd lu xha rEcmiting of the 
KTinV. tiTv und rcmniji ELnnullt^d- 

The cml nnd military liiliimalii h«fort» whotn mwihf*i in ri'npfrt t* 
th« rocFuiti'i;^ of lEic army uiay he hnm^ht* will l>c jcuidt-d jii cWir dc^ 
cuMin hy thik Ian. 

Willi rmiitct til criiin*4 uf u uiilituiy cLariii.'ii-r* ju{lf:e9i am ut b? 
gQid«d in tlit*ir conoltiflionft^ &c^ hy tho. 5HAth ArC^ nf tlw Ciiniinal 

Akt, ^cxvi'-'-Evc^ry Funotionnry or public I'Hiccr, civil or military, 
wliD «W1 under niiy []n-LL-\l nliiitcvcr uutlioriRt? vr Annctimi irxcin^ 
tlmi, Afpvniuti»ik4, riT I'XL-lnaimiHp c^ctrpt in CAm^llunrv with thr pn*- 
MBl IftW, or who fthiill on liu own r^iorfiibitiiy make nnv MltrTEitinn in 
to tlMilHinntii. Dith<>r in repird lo Ihtf dntntion, or an to tint ruU^ nr 
cooditionn of eiivi^i^iiu'iiU, iipiPinln, rc-utifCAj£enitfiLtii« or of thn hrrrion 
of ihr WUrTani, Aball lie Hci:ount«d ^uilLy of nn nbukc nf uiith(«ity» 
uul lubjected to tin" iiciltUliei diietted in the Iftjtli Atl. of the Pi*- 
ntJ Code, and tbk wEtnoiit being etpiQipiftd from ih« atfll more Ireavf 

* I'mlFt iho ■imniHni-c«iinini<J<i4>tkhtL ulliuirii 111' itiLiEikb-il «i<ijiuiEilit arkil wirji-Aiir-iiiU' 
jon IQ ili« .infunttj 1 mniiifuuf.r-iietl-igi^. nud rnd'^rAviU'ifa'Avkj (VT' in ihv flu'alry* 

V a 

L\w roR hkckvitixc tub rKhvcH AH»y, 
wiattirn Burvikd bv that codv* in llic otficr catct whM it bM pn»- 

5fu:riuK VI. 

AmT. KXV11. — A Holdior i« nut to be pramoliMl to thu rank oFd non- 
oattupbditrnvd i^HioiTr Wfi'r4T hi^ la twonty y«ai-h i)f n^>, and 1ib« served 
jtjurs m tJie rrgular army. 

No fiildirr [^ to br pruiimted 1o tlit rank ol' a comuVtssumvi] otfii't^r 
h«lV)re he bdjt w»rupJ tvvn y^nrfe !«s s non-pomBiiiwir>ned ottiror. iir, if In* 
ba» not for lb« tonit' ptiriou jifohecuieJ n courst of educntion at n np^cidl 
military scbogt, oiid undvr^'uDV a nittAfuclory VKumi nation at the naid 

Aat> xihviii.^0iie tljird of tli^ vacani cnminrjtunnvuf atcoud-livu- 

tPDtmt will Tie ^Tcii to iion-uoinuiJii-iioueLl ulTiu'rA, 

T^vi>-chirdri of tW* VLkir^iit nm^Tiiii^iiiiu u1 tlio mikN vf liputrnnnt, 
cnptoin, ohf'f do buttrulcrn or ufUiulron. nniL liottl«nant-ciiit)u(>If thnJI W 
^vcn nccorJiTiff to icniorify. 

Tbc im^iutb aIiuII he Btlrctvd rimn cAptuiji» 4-itip1u)-e<l a^ pnymriAttTii, 
or iv^hij have linJ r.lii- diur^i: (if ilic^ di»ihtii^ uf h: mrph : nr ui!jiJt»Nt-> 
TUfljon. pBymu%UT«. nrid iiffictrH rif (?lolbiri^ tifc to bi> hH^^i-iI fmm 
ofliccrs who (fljajj Imvv Uv4<ji tprj^nt-niujorf r '>r trtafi'rhnfr^'tife^loxh 
chffi* AiIJiitivul-iiiLijvi'h arL< to be cbohcii from li^Hiti-niintri. wbo bjid 
bci^a idjuunUiiml ■rr|?4nt-uiajarai or fnnUf,h<Mu~dfA-*itffif ihcjs i >»J 
ndjuiJintTt frr^ii] MniciiLil-iiLiijorjiL ur rntiricAvH'ttin-it/^iji chrj'ji. 

Art. !(1E]x.^AU nlflfMni iniTst hitvi^ four yMfh fn (>A<-b nuik bcfttro 
Ihey cun Ijo pn»nn>ti-*d t*> uni'thcr. 

ihiA ruEc id ncTtr t4> be' ititVliip^cd V7(c('p1 diLTin;; :vLir. iiprtn cxFrntir- 
diuorj ocL'flsi^pjj*, or in cuiiMttuviiCt of ivmurlaljU' cx^iiJipIrs nf briivi-rvt 
vvLJcb iTiiii^i biive In-i'ii ti'coT(u.-j] in Uir Ordrr BoLik iif n nir[iK- 

Aut. XXX. — tji cnnfunnily wr<b cIk-hl- j*i':h'tiiI vit'ivH, Ih*' promfltirtn 
of the iirniy i« fr» W vijmlui'!v*Jr Tb*- fk-qmhU*^ fuW wbifli timy be up- 
ceHxnry ou tbid niiEijdCt, thiJl be proinnL^atcd in t]i<< cuIici-lJim i\f \ay\-*. 

Hence all formi-r tn.ictiiicDltj orJoniiLnc«, rule*, imlruttion*, of 
dedfaiun-i, rtrnp^eiiti^ prtiit.i^lii'ii, rirL< >iiil1 teukiirji jibruunteJ, 

This U^v, ivhicIiliLV* ]ji'i'H lii^pnnsrd nrui ailojitoiJ ny the fliamWr of 
P«orF> aa alibo by thit of thi.- lVpiitii>s iiTid hut tbit d[Ly ru-i^ivod Our 
BLancttuiii bbikit IX' i'imHiil;T<<d il Inw of lb*» Stiinr. Our dcMre, iherc- 
fort:, is, thflt iL bc li^\»i e^'d ohMtvy-i] tbrikii^rlKriit our l:Eii||;iIqin and the 
tt-rrtlururt uudir uur ^aitliorlty. 

\\\* tht'tK^ftiTv vTi\i:T Euid (.'om iiKiTuI OuF CiiuriK ft»d Tuhunnli, Pro- 
tt*ottL, AdniinwtrvEivtf bodi^v, Mud (itbpn, eoneifrni/d by ihMtf pr«w«uti> 
in ker|i flitd mniiitiuti tbi« law. luid to cimto it in ho ki*pt &nd main* 
taiitcd ; and it ii Our uill n»d pli^Dsuri-, tbut for tbc piirpoac of duly 
|]n»inul|^iLtiikg tljjii Luvf> ibtf siiid niitUnritieN hIj^iII c^iuw it to be re^i>* 
Li?red and jiuhli^iiti ,iA niiiy in-Tii nL-erujrry ; nnd bi ihe i-od ibnt il lie 
duly authorised. Wo liiivv uffixeA Oiir SL-itl. 

Given ot Fari«, the \'Jlh IMuri-h, JDJtf, and <tf tbc Twenty-third yeitr 
of Our reign. 

(?^ij;[ied) Qy the Kliig. 

Seen nnd flenittl tvitb the Great Seal, Lor>a, 

(Signed J pAJMiiTitfn, Kvep^r uf tli** <TTtnt Snnl, aiicl S*»cr**lury 

df State for Xhv AdniiniAtratK^Q of the Lawb- 
(Sijcned) M. Gouvio»-8aikt-Cv«, 8eorcury «t W<*r. 




The tiUI adrajimgea of NavaL Gunnery were no maDifestr even ia the earlj 
periods of our marilime career^ that Ihey were ael forth in various publicaCiotu, 
u lAtoae of Master Digs^ Master Boutn^ aad Master Nonoiij aulhois, who, 
ihou^ perhaps oot aware of the real trajectory of a sbot or ahell, were more 
proficient iu most pomis of practice than many of the MeotorB oi the pi«senl 
day- In describing the necessary qualificaliona of a gunner so far hsct u 
1 626, the celebrated Capl, John Smith obserres : 

" Soppouug him 1i> be a ChriBtian feaHng and sornTig the true God, and liTingio 
^X>d i^itile and esteem among meu ', he oa^t (besides tbii) to be cQni|ielent]y flipo- 
neihctd in leveral atu and acienceiT and eaperial^ in these following. 

" I. la Arilhinelic, both tiilgar and deciniBl, whnEby Ik? mty be able to woik the 
Rule of Thne (or Golden Kule)boLh direct aod reverie, to extract (heiqiiueand cub* 
root*. &c, 

"2. In Geometry, whereby he maybe sble to take beighu, deptha, am] distances; to 
Lake the true ptut of any pece of ground ; and thereby to mine, or connter-mine uoder 
die same, or any part thei«or. 

" 3' He ODgiil to be experieoced in making of rampartB, cflmuon, baakeLs of earth, 
-mad fire-workA, both for Krvice and tOLreation- 

' ' 4. IJq ouj^Kt tu \k iiaiiijate^ with the names of every member of whJch a ^ecfl of 
ordrjanceis composed, and to what u» every memheni appinpriated. 

'* 5, lie ought to know how to seifh and pry into the connitions n/nny gun or gnu* 
committed to his charge, aa to know whether truly bored, or taper bored i wbother with 
or without a chamber ; whether free fmm flai^fl (« hmey -combs). To know what 
qoantity of powder wiU serve for a due charge fur each piece; what shot will fit ; how 
mday matrosses to attend ; how many horiea or uien vWi «erve to draw any piece, or 
(in case they cannot be had ) bow many men may serve-" 

Thh slatement cannot be perused without exciting hitler regrets over the con- 
dition into which gunners' warrants havp latterly fallen, nor ought the very 
■questionable claim!^ <>f nuinbors who obtained them To be hidden. *'This com- 
raemorator of gunpowder treason, with a Ireawn upon ^npowdcr," says an old 
writer, " is commonly a spawn of the captain's own projection :" but whether 
(he lucky candidate for The ostensible otlice was an old seaman mistakenly re- 
warded thus for past services, or a favourite minion, ibe appointment, though 
not eifimlly i^uilllc^s, was equally absurd, as in euher case a total incapacity m 
the art of kitting and dpulroying icifh fekrifry must be looked for. A lamenta' 
ble coDsequence resuUeO, — the training of officers and seamen Ut the iheorj' and 
practice of gurmery w^ bo neglected, as to cofi'^ist merely in adroitness of casU 
ir»g loo^e, and then ^eLurin^ the g^^ns, after an irregidar anc] noisy subilitufe for 
exercise, iu which the hasty delivery of the word " done " nupergeded t!ie know- 
ledge of dimensions, winda^e^ and diNpart of ordnance; the proportion, force, 
and effect of ammunition; and the loading, point ini?, and giving effectual fire, 
A career of triumph over enemies, as neglectful as onrselres, prevented the sore 
from being painful, till the unexpected ^ucces? of a wary opponent exposed the 
defect. It must not be conceulfMl that our vexatious dcicals wereowing to well- 
concerted plans, as well as mere weight uf broads id e:^. The personal courage of 
our officer% and nifn was never more exemplary ; bnt the boUl and till then suc- 
cessful mode of attack by which we had ftnninilated the navies of F.urope, was 
of rjo avail with those who dei<*rmined to allow of no closing but on (heir own 
terms. When the Shannon eng^iged, she brought I jctics and gimnery, as well as 
heroism, into [day ; and tlic consequence was no more than was to be looked for; 

• A description of Coniuandir Ma/shaU'?! new modi; of mourjtin^ and ^orkiog s^iipa' 
guns ; hbcicm the nature ami ad^anta^'ta of ilii niivel properties are shown^ and lUuS' 
iraiedby the results uf official GiperimenlA, 4lOr with plan r John Murray^ 


wbhk lb«i^lknl cii(fUirLuf IIiH ihgiU* was *o imprwsed wiih Ihp docmTS power 
oS homoTiTal Itro, U to ni <[i^ai3iunLi on :i]l Hh t:\rilitViei-, — >-i Dniuh ve»pl cf 
wv Mraj ca{lt^n^lf flhioli bar| not cirifn cnal Iter giiii) httnn litl tlie dvared fbt 

np/ nRm] ftifwrdxi licivo ht-vn ^vftncA hy ntl partipi, ihaf litri^ or no pawripr dr 
jJkOt vnre Q^lovvd for praclicr: vthiiv, nntheolhtf hund, iti wnMon cvppndiliiTe 
\a aciioo wm a lubjrCT forvumiifiif. for Uitre ftinvii^wici? wni ar)thrifiat*J, is 
imt oitly a(lmli(]M>>^ Ititl rv(|i[l4iii>, hi th» mmv, 1li» Tm n-^rliint ic hlrtU liiHl we 
l»d ibiiLiTiid fmr viiirtiniWj amuapd th« Ailmimliy ui Iho nipMsiiv of impm™- 
lant(; Und our " A Ifn^lkoiiau^ Krinidt " of iIie Savy DtHcv^ wiili ilif warmth of 
ua icr-bciY, tr-ronjlri'l thrir crirlr^vDUn t bni unitu boLh Buirds luiiki* ihe 
Ihvory and |rnii:tifi! of \uvjkl Guiiiktn, vritTi the iliKririiiv uf Lirujrcliln um n^ 
*i"litit- iBi\lmrij, luorv on vhyxi of rtiiluii* (^icitnlmu fi>r ofiitf*?! lo MUiiJ, iJie 
iAit>lr iiriiiiiEiiiiiiUiuii 41]] bitiliduif. IVh iiTour fuLiLit^ luiUgoiualt will permit us 
|J3 ipkuit Kt au( uld " rulcol tlmmb"»)«em> of (oium^- oi ouw tu cIuk qiur- 
len. aJicr bUeiiiiiig a (JisiiiDce by ulo JiaDmi liable pnutice of "■ Iryiug llic 
n;iCT/* wliK'hiLlit- " rallJtiiE** at wiiiAi^ oI^cti Ui?[j-.iy> nioic (iiuii is tlrfiniMe (u 
i^ir i>p|Kj<aiF |vziT. Ikliv NeliiQiiiKii Jiiukitn i^f lewivi^i^ fire ijU Lliq '^ ivlute of 
itir fiinii^'t rvTf i« [h-rrriYjibtr, no ^CTtkv fjf lliut TaWoiu cliicf, u adrninble 
wUncier tlw f<K iffnniL* tUi pracijcc, Ucmuk ti allows many of the oieeliW of 
Ifunncry to be ovcrlookrJ » buL tlur dny hu pcrhopt Acd, and our bold, but 
iiDl hlvfl^ prudciU ilirinf , mu> in C\jtut* b« mvl viith ihc cirEQms|iectiou <»f 

It I* ibrn-foriMTituifi^I, thui he ffUa rcu^cn oui c<iut|iif]Cnt man efficient 
ccirifcrw n Lcutrjil trul uuty lo the KrtLCt, but lo thr iLiEtii>u al Urgt ^ and ihal 
tuch ii the: dujEn of Lomina;>dtfr MafaWL viU be cviocik) by a perusal of tais 
fnufvt. Alihoiit:li no ^PK Tkot amin <x>flVLn»<l thiit projcotK for ihv iidvanreiueot 
ol our nnval ptowinj nhimtfl Lhi f>ranml}i->l4'd bjr I110 Tniidium of iJic press, wc 
oonjTOluliilo li>" iincuTtTCf of vo uMitil Lui julftpiotion,— 'tJHc wLich tojiuol fEul 
cTbciagailopliQri, b^causoil potuHci too m&av adx'QQii^'u to bo ovcrL(jokf<i- 

Tliif iiivoptivft hai'iDR bcrn for npvardncf l«c ^pon under Inal, br>ib in iDvo- 
tif-K/at inH t^« Iniimmfif, ami rodrtiiiily f-iporijil ;ti bi^ LermA rjf pT»]K, may 
Ih' v^iij tf> rlijTiuruJ u iriom iififOJiil iD«WiK^i'"^ti bv tbr public If consists 
Ohititlir m <MlIitiir iHv old camitjisi, tn a itisutnnnl iljrwtioii cLiwv lo il« itunnians 
of ttn> yuEi, -ill*! it'^vnvig ibo i^or-pftn only ; u 1 fubbUtuio iar tli« othur half, 
th? mufjlu 1% tttpjior^vd by a cmlch, ri'itin^ on a Icind of bnrkof, which u ■iL- 
Itrhctj to Iho I'lipV cifl*< by \ iTniit |iit(jt. Eaniwrfinff lb« piJTpi?«p of > ^ertiLil 
|jjni(»', ,inil iiKKkHlvd ui rti fin' mul aU »i/tlUm on ibH ilm'k, hr rratin^ on d in- 
voniu^i inu'fc- Tin- trt'o pan* of iht fr*triBt»e aw aiiniKfe^l bj ,» sjnipltf bf^Hrti- 
ing. ftini'li, witlifliii b('Mi»f liable to wiLin^lnneiit, m albrtiotf! tbroi^hom of k 
ujurc orjuni rr^oJl thaii u Ltli tbe oU tain^igp, ai ivhaiE^vpr itngk ibe f\ia may br 
ir-jmryl, IS ln» lubjK'l td AC<*i(lviit Fmin ELrvi]ii3l ntr.iin Wben Iho ^uo ii run 
(Kit, rhrciiiU-b support* ti iii;t4F thp inunmnt; anfl vbrii inn itir aftvr firtnc^ 
biii!ri iIh' niuitlp; niifi lifu liiidjirdtiuii iii ult, y^'L ptrmiltiTi^ ^ ^isfitr il^ 
pirwuHi jiikil flj'vMtJun iii |H>Lririu^ lIj^ii litn^UjfuJt, biuci^ Uit crbldk m liiefnl 
ipatuiiti? riUn-% (hi- ytiTi'i niuuU-, in jecuLliu^. itw frota llie >ttt of ilu- p»n, — aud 
IB tht 3(«ij[iJ, t^iL- br«tT:b it alIuit«J b> iink lowtr in tlxc ruETUtijc; by tbu 
A^opF, bocL llie viDdnaid and IfijKicd t;uui are mid^TcJ ariiilabb; iu tciy bat! 
ftmlljtT^ Tfioy alw couttLUd'Sfwitr tuui^. ftviu buw lu iiuortrr, uf 13* uii 
<idiu «id^ die Inntu. by ilt* ircnKrAl <if iht' fun; ittMrki, wbivn jJi tlw nld cnr- 
iMfv " mwlttdt" <K iviH 111 oi>rj;i>ct yiih ilul litlbrj^u iiituiinuunliiblt bibitmc- 
lioUi dto vMlci>w4y, tuna Ijcfuic ibc lidc of likc ^ft iulcffbol w;Ui Ukii d\KO- 
lioa. Dut a Jufnl j«.idcd ^dvanMct itiU nOBOp to br told, whKJi i>» t^iai of 
Ui iaferior tiunkbcE ^f men beitifc nv» rMvaivIr *ini:>r ^ir niru imtend of oinr, 
, liiaDlj sudGoc fof iKc mo^ r tpAJiUoui wr^raiTif «f ftn Id-pounJcr. 

U<«rt«uiU it >Qqimiiii£ tW, mudi a> ilie ddccli of inr ciii«bliahed cjfTO^b 
tk*^ hnn ftltf no rwfltuil improi-einmi hu bMn JttUoduccd ^ct tbc mgn of 

KWAI. Ot NM<Rr. 


H»>rj VIII. Th» gntti diffimlty nf iin|iu(iT)g laurnl innrtnn la Thi^m Lj scrlf- 
ffvidAM ; jfti, ifkitfpflulcTit of ilir objtfu vrhu^h n ihrp limi ai. conTinuaTIy rary* 
Apj in lliEiT bHrino;, nlhrr tn* ihr^r or her mottan, and oonv^nrnTTy r^nmn^ i 
ojrrr«|»nrIin[: anmi][li:>l r>isni;i» m t>ip djwcibn rtf i»i* ^^\p, vrv all know how 
Kfy mwiHir Ihr (i.'<otl IjrctkJiirJ lu rjunk !irMig,»inl hew .TKif ihi- lulouf of 
•■ItnirTiv iJh nfti-fkilviKv iit, iiiuufi ihir vvti^lii tif tlit t^uu so iiuirli |itT.-pLiriil^ 
ibUb Jiiti>, Bui ill the iirvv c^utiu^c, viltvii iTkc ^uu a rurj out, ilip ctTiTr« of 
fimviiy ickiing uc thr crunb, Ijtcfjl motion bccoiHts perfcxilj tiMVi lintv emi 
^e prasun: on (lit pivot u urnitlj n-lir^vd hy thv travprBiuu truijk itip]JUTtiti)[ 
tllQ bivm cstriagi-, TIjv <tutlor'i yroiili Jv^i'tw icmPrlloiJ- 

" Tha ^Mf Vovolly «f 1>»M pnnrmt4 af fnwiiiriii|£, nandliiU in hftTiiig nnond lb* 
ht4rtu 4f tht i^n uuon >H i^wniifr, Imn ilip tninntnnm (whicfi liBiv runv rkAlhin^ Tri dn 
wiitk ftUppOTTiA]^ dif j^fi I Id ■ fiibl po|&| ft[ (hc tiniuta. and & uiovt^blt adc umciTbH^ 
bnvHb tlm iuva^ aihI the ljuuoiuu-" 

An incnoM of 14* in th* hantanuU ore, wlucli tlie muutu uE' h (fuu cut d^ 
tsnbv, addi a gMat dual lo our ii>ltcn or aclion <t«n in near otjoct* : buL tb« 
gccHMriOh] pngTOHioti «nlh ^hioh it ad^wcei. the ioilhar tht tncFoy iiromov- 
od, <an Bcarctlv bfl coni?eitDd wiitiQiJt ■ tinmen, h iv]uir\« bni. lo comptr* 
dM^umion a^eonti-O inH i\n* rumthtr of hhrit fln<], vith (hv uiimunl of 0i«flU' 
don don*', m tqoiI nf mir n*^Kl bntiW, Ui Ue coiivinj-vil Ww law ah nvU Um^ 
•dt btc* Bifajn t.'nmmLimli'r jUELi^ahuU^t carnage alfiird* u ibip Jii movion the 
vtnnfB^a of ittttunU^ ijljuitme ^i'* l^'r^i <r^ <fci-> yawing of hi?r htwl, whvn tl>v 
toll hftf E^^vn iKirm tlir prnpt^r 4'li.a'iiLinn^ ihiti unitiEijF tli^ x-t^rTir^^ tmO ttonwiital 

tiriiin H»nr nf ihmr r*rm] h*fcin' Ihny can !jp ttwd. 

In «n««pT in thctw who mi^hi nL|>pnu- iDLiny of the iiicDiivv]ii<?HLYa of the old 
OrrU^ vfliihl bc' rcino^c^t ly ivimtwiiKz ilie foropiilnrL^r, jl ni^y bv obwrveJ, 
that Ehti woiilrl ^vihet \}w. .'litiS jiicliTjaiion lo U[i»rL, ffoii> Ujv uhi:4^k u tmcrMiv- 
rily rrcfiTrt in itt riTOiL, Mitrt'nviir, jn umurLiL]^ j£iiii* til ^-yv, »hvri the bed uikI 
eoit) arr ffmnvi-i] ux \t\i\A, the cbii-l^ rtdubt of M&nlmirA Hill U*'iir on llm axl^ 
mr; Im in iTnr i^d currnitp^, lUt^TCfLiiib thctfuac oiwruitou ii ioa^i^ ilimu^hp die 
pnwuft* tlill Tc^liofl by the tfurjrjtoiiB ou tbc liiub siJcfi, it ii itTjiriLnl iD pro 
poitkHi to tbc mfJtiOb of i^ic sikip- 1^ uuicii fL>r ^ rrtLTHJirf^ tit^nUikt; bm iibvij 
H bH by any nu^oiii happirHM, tbr itillirruh) nl' icfiiu\iiiii(i|[ n ^mi cm UTfOlhiT 
•qnW(Vfiiatv,ii wvkx X't lonEiTinuuiitublc liuribf; aL^iion; whrrcui ^iili rbc ne^ 
cnrainittiwi, Htni if bcilb Oic bicaat iind brnch coirini-D aTimild To^^uirf trncvr- 
■ntf thfj uuj Iv ^ijuilc Jicrnairlj to bf4i t^o KU"t ■^"1 ^buji Ui wccraiircly 
totd by itt own crew ; " dit brrrch carruKif <^b {^i^^uuJir vpiU rvmoiid by 
■sren men in tvtcnty v^andni mxi tbi: pac iOi'i mouMcil m ao «(|fikdly iibort 
>pac« i^timi-.'^ Kor ifuald ihtrre br tht^ lamc objection to mfrying a r«w spare 
cnrriiifcit ni^cc (hr hmcb ^lUri tvUI contain th« breiut " in bi^lf tbc itowagtr of 

tbt CH OHF." 

Far IrttQvporlkrig: & fri">i eilbvt l1i« bfffBl i4Lr[ (Dft^ It] Lul^, nxtiitv d]« fgro 

C<>f ibc ffun on a trntisporttir, nuuty oou*triicicd, upon t»c ifUfU, or the 
vl CflTTiAgc it4c]f ivny bu dinunKJ^ud from tho dhjp'i fidc» and jn axtctrcc 
whh Irucki put vndi-r it futitJ r«n]DvaL (^ftnothi^r pon; uml C.h'< now ounvga 
is otmrorribLo ftl«o tniD 4Huarc ona, ilioulH ilti ^n\ b^ r4-i|i]]iiHl (m iSoni. 

Mfjcb hu boofi and in tdvout of rou'id vtiiniH, lii^ciittii lbi-j cai> liririg iiiota 
BUM In ilcfcncf of the o1bm*itH bu^plwt 'iiinrtfr ; but from ihr grcai^r angtd 
obtainBblp in tmoinz i^m i*iEh ('oiomanAtT MbtkIi'-iIIi nurugc, it mli be 
I6«ad dpftndcid both bv Kivra chuori ami bto.idituU jJTuriK, iiik*i* ihcy no« can 
«ll l» fir«4 ino p>r«11«(dlr«Unn. Nort^ill ihrnjtt'.itiirf' of tFi-t bnw pn-vvnt 
Ihe nntf corhut* f^n^ training \" M Jh«E 4-^"- 'Htix jirt<iti?ubly of ilofnuUng a 
#tiit wi evtfpy iidD. Li nndvfHfl ih<< nior*' vnlvjihlp by tbt i^^tumknif proricEt^Gy nf 
forufb p<T«m in %av»l Gimni^^. and ibi' gAnnvl uiiC of ftidm-iC!^u:U, m Old 
IJX^, ma ftdoimbf* fucdity of iniiJiLt, aro iitili- to ulrct a (i^iion wlipoci 
ibey raoy aiiDoy ttrnir foa nnmolfitfd. Tiie in|Krior rawf lad ifcunicy id 
]ioint]|ig \ gon tax iIib fW» cknijigr, would, ii » lo Iw hopfvJ, iutroiliiCfl » Diorfl 


refiu[fir*y»»emof hriTig; ftiid by educing tlie coefni'fHi, wliioli b crowd of focir, 

rcjUiTCtl m iisinniQ \hF tf\i\ ciirrmm^, ni-ifili? nifiu-rt lo«xucl murv aiwntiuii u> 
•in poinl o* iJilvL^k ^v^itli ^,rj mny TTiiulf lh<3 mosr eli^riliii' 

Urtll rtit be liicjili'Bqnfl wiT?i t il>w rriiwlom nboi on tVit hrurt, V\ liile vf iriHjpr- 
TflUip ibp iiJr°|\-bjlon''Tl ti-riphJ nf tTo:^r]<idr^ wl'klv li:fc*e laipty binQilii 
r<jTW3rd witii »U ihc gmvr pivtiiinii nf (~o(.'lL^r^^it itrt wtll iiwiire uflliv ik-ciUvt} 
a(l\w>l«gi-t (if Jjnav)' niH^L Biii ihrrv are YHrioiJ> iini>[irUini iHiiwidtrjiion* vt\\y 
wc fibnriliL rot o^prifl[i<l o!xr ^bliii ; for f n Ibt- iji^phi " EDjircti-of-mind " iiiij£«, 
*Tiriy thing is uliirrd by whtjfpsalp.*^^^?!, jo wUimi wt ai¥ iiidrblwl fur 
TLtut pjotf t1nii';s ilinn mrof lobatci-i iiuoVint', ■«)* 'C " wh*> vtt^ bthoy^ufnl 
[|j4U liji M^jv^iy'i Alii|i9 vri-ri:' iiuL iv v\t.-iyiLVAjifvil AUt\ cli>eu;(:d nilb iiml onl- 
[lO-iii'ir at ibi'v urft ^lit^jcur iSi^rp i* such autierlhiiij « at Oul iiiudi uC Jt 9t:fvr5 Lw 
ao bcHcr hm; bui only tu liibour auJ i^veicSiur^c ll>e *iH|r* riidfis ic any e^wue 
tw aixl fbiile WfJilhti-'* Ting renihiih of a srcui <«ltdii/i ehciilrl b? tmnv in 
tDUbi l»y tinMc, who. Jmwidg 4U ^^^lt i:ondu*icr.^ froiu a U:y tecmi mManccs, 
«rc ti^iiint: lilt iinwjfl^ly Wt'^ik's^ Kow* itL "vmimn^" n jimii-tif-UAj, ^ve rnu- 
Uitt iiiciTt Uut "ur n-f^oudnTj frigAiTt* vrill ]k tinjuuvcil hy iiisnt^ ibero 3<, in- 
simil of ]D-|JouiEdn», — rVcy Ixftrii: tp<-r Hcasy fuf ilir [oiJiin^t gf such ibi^'^^ 
Inn«uirig rfin ^'eigbt on the main-dciiV «il! 03iQr«fTy diujiniflh [bp siahihiy ond 
odd lu lIi(< fjiboiir ^Mob iltv <iciiiilf;iiR, nr fmnic, would endure in ft ^aIh, de- 
iiJea u4:tLLp^miE more mojikf atid li^quinitic mutr l^imlh for Uic wurLing. The 
»p«e ocooLijcd by C^'jcmndirn, la of i;rtuli!iiiiijp«T!Aute ihftn i> gericnJij C0Ti»i- 
dVrrd ; — tvhcn ligbljig in 1i|j;ht ^nd> and :uuii)i.b naur, il b of Utile von^e- 
qilciKMF i birt blcn*itig frwh, wilh bo muob awcll oi lo aUiti vnli^r, il nquipp* 
mii'iitioa In kfun rl^r of ihc kjdt| ^ w^jll 14 oF tlir 1fUCK4 of ibe guut^, and 
robetin^ tfttkli>'ftUls. 

Tlio ftdvccttUi for mouMiiig iihi|ifi wuh Iqt«o nmiaJ tiiU"t »upwi»e, conimier- 
in^ tbv diH?fpii4'e of uorkirrg a hcmy and n ligliL citfi, thai iIil: Jiuns^ doi>o Iv 
H hliip u in prcipnriir'n In thu fLuinclcr of thv ball. That Unt ■« rt^c i:u«e, ftvr 
who Im^'i* bttoii iTaitnti III [i(!iioEi will nllijiv ; m^d vri-ii if it wli» wi, uv would 
prfkr nn lU !i> n 'J4^]ionTid 1«iilory, from th*- tunf lukcn up in laidiix^ and 
nnng Ihc lAiirr 10 v1i:ii wonTil he n^ri-uvirv in th^ furciLpr The number nf 
nTanrTu in n civrn iimc which nn 18<['cun^fr could Itc lln-d ofl'^nfr than 9 ?4. 
tiy frirty ftf ill* fftrmpr lo thirty of ihp bnpi, woubl moir Than CQUii^iiFiaie for 
thr tJm of Mill bt>lk,— I?ti- wpiiJil in lf>L^ iTit^Ehnco n ibr ■lami'^ liiil rbt Griioll ^un 
inAlcu tony, uhlli^ ib^ orh^T ^yt% oi^ly ihiny wnundh. bird Ktpnd titund 
llrat u 32-[K)iindr'r could Tip fif«! tbrice In tin* limp fp(|ijiiiit? 10 are n 4^ 
pcjtiiider IwJcr, tit rtn-ttfoiv tpry propiTly piTf up tin- laitt-r. If wt comuund 
4 tSiiit-vf-butEli-^1iip> uiid liAve the upiLon nf rit:^')viiiK ^ln 4i] etu^ni} tiitber 
twculy »hiiui (if 4S |>uiJnJfi^ i>r rtiirty of 3:! pournJi, taiild wi^ brailuLe f fft»: 
lei us riicrive tbp fmnn't Aim- ; tln' difTMrnH'e nf ibn di'jjn«"^'r of tIi'" twii ndibifv 
is vrry JilLlr in dciiinl in^iVjnimn ; bni in nm vusv vtv hiivi: Ibirty itiHUrAd of 
Iwfiiij )i!^ii lo sioi\ aupjiiumy ih'ty uM ^Inln' Ulrtinn v-itnl aind waMa; 
if tbi;y hit thr ipppvrworki. v/e iJull b^^r lo liiuiciii tbc luiA uf mtn i^tKiougrird 
by* ibird mort nluTl^H ui'd if llity fly oxti tbi? bull, lui affput tUo fj;ciciii0t 
who can doubi ibe JilTt-jrutv of (-(Tptl btl*i'ea ibciii f If [l)c> aJi miw, t^ie 
oi>nKi|UTFia! a ; but suTdy llip clianct* of B^mi.* drot Jum^ pxocutioTi i* iu 
Rfour of ihp .^a-fioutni*r, in tlit urupgrliLin of a lu 2, In inuth of die ktc 
UYunic^U rvtp4t'linir hravf mciili tfi? dcduciJou) a-K dtJ^Hu fruia ^lorlic iilar <a- 
amplof- ami ilic rfliict hrbiug ftoni praiLicdl ikiH haa been torifouTtd^d ^iCi 
weight gf Tniisijc, in B»i^n^ h aupfriorily wlfkh ib Mlhti mliUivc llnu* j,b*Ch' 

Iho EiMOfiiMiiy of frrtiif^fly aerciginfi ibc ^urj* taiuK}l be too vBornUy nr^cd j 
foi ihcmjtli q niATi nny V<^ iiniiblc to irpjjpn an oyslcr nt a tabic'* IcnElf*. 't B^Kwld 
be held tf loamcfifnl to mm tfn- hull of a ihjp. I^Inny u pcr»n, fornirrlyt iiiiKbt 
find biraici fin lifcf ^prewncc of nn fucqiy before be kflciv irhivh ;vad qf a txJl 




Ut^ "An cflliv AjfRM,^ cUiiiutuuh Lrdwtiiiij wRaflapiMMi 

ua vj W d'jiJF 111 diii ^c|juitiniTtH ; iIihI it JS tv l Jvui Lb^ Uiv luLnCiluTiup <if 
nunWri Shi JippeUilJuni irill iiiil i.'oikdui:t i't (Ih: i>crfL-^iiuD of nuvul iJuciitrVi 

^t^KAit iJinHy* [iLisiM-^ACt] rnuAl ufllit: nuiErtuJa wLu^lii m;^*^!! UillVftnt niodifl* 

■«* fKulittv* ^~^> oLibliihcd, Hi; 1iiid truntd die incii af a in^iJl *curl lu 4 
aimpir «tic| tilfbl Drartcf Jcf^frd tho rr from, u-hicli coikgiElL^d c»f biiL n^tjt uutdit 
of t'VmnMml; unci iij itoiil un]>eccMiirr LruniplicnlJi^iit, lIiv |irrj»ir>tnrj plicia^ 
of iwiuiadtr ttnplcmcnta* and fklUiiK niio U11? idlotUnl tUUiuim. vi^rr pin «f (ta« 
tvutiov en (he " Uai to iiuiirtftB." The orders wcm (b«ii givtn b* tU oHicrrft, 
whVj bn&s sErxdy ei^oined t^ 10c lJi« o|H.Tatioiu usually pcHbimcd. rcE|Uircd no 
«nir h»|jln» fmni th« pciijik. lljif wo^H-mf lo&j bfr iiBpprfwJ ; bui vn? prcft:r 
ondnl unnubuLi)' ralticT llum luki^wnmiiirtt ; midibiiilidijIjDik mtiBi noir 
g^dirvcNiil to«ui!a ihif iirtfutit brciDch oE'duij, »d «j1)UihIi^ it^ in tho 
1 every contributed mite oia^' prvv« accQplQl>k I9 thc«o who nru inlcot 
■|>Vn Ui« fiiliji^cl, 

I- I'fcirtui tvin Al-tiOH^'— Tilt gun >i Ic b» cb«1 Jdom »kl I«P»U«d } 

powfltf tmna. tutj«. nadjir luid matcli 1[|1». la llit^ir plocui : nu<l ihv ^pQu^ Lind 
iQtfDpuciDB 10 M rrmovvd, 

3. Ij>>ii vorin i-n^* '•Ont it to bt tnkvti tn vfiter the i^nririf^gvi iFitli 1h« 
■kufv^Mirl nuTivnnU^ 4ml \3ii' HifAm ^Ir^nra; ^ml ir k rrt hh rimiupHd hh ihF cjp- 
tisr> of 1JI# ipm nnd« hv Ihr firliiLiii^ wiem l\»\X il it luirn>'. l-'u>']ir in y^ftt^nn 
■Dd jwd^rm affnlrt) n vijui l% ut In- i^ui Lii'Airii ihf cnririrl^i* and thni, « pnv 
enttUM too ofkan uc^ittcitcl. Iitihotim^.ihi: lull and isomer wad u«minn«d 
dovn MicMTwr, vA drivt-n hoiiii< by a couplf nfirnari blouvs^ |>Tv*iouiilo wi^ 
dEnfiriy thr mm^w^ 

J. Hv% uui VOUK t-i yt.—T\ic nidi; Itmkti;!* mv Eti In* i(imini\t, euuI tfip ifqii 
«U4itlly liOMTfltJ {JUL, whjir itji: ca[>[uuiuLtLiL<JA Jlc Urtvdtkui^, Tfir liv 4>rrrow« 
tbuum wldoBi \k rciitm^J 10 m mtiv \i:ttiCisv, m \]-nry ituf ttic deuL^^ iiiiil w* 
vOulderen loLr Ji« shcprs oll'lhe ii<]iiiJfi[iikr% 

4' I'mut IV iR uvTiflt— Tlir mi^Uiij "j/ilic juu l% bj iippl|' llie priming *»ii*v 
ftiKl vfbch t}i" rmUidkLE' i* ihofvuuM/ |/Lt:rcL'd, he ia 10 pliicb Ihc hil-i' m Hhs 
lucjcti-liulc *iili lU c<[> loiU' 1/ lit ]>Jinirj> wiih poniJcT, he Ak^juld plbu'iT hii 
bsid uuitf mal ihuot) over tW ti^u^, m out of il> ol^wine up- 

i. PoihT toin oi'y*.— Tiiin fl^&uld U' i:M;t"jt^d wiih the qirarier tickl(», 
it bcint ^|i<Tiii?r, wh' n nrtl plifdi ItiKii >valk lLiiq<i»|iiki», ud Itiit iimiriou» to 
ihc dtf^k*, wF>ilc It Jmvi^t l^iuic impUiiidub Kudy br iho imiiorliini oJhctT of fIo- 
VKttcn or <|i|ini»ruu, lltii donc:i the mLEi AlfanJ in Ihojr vtvifjii*, 

b^ tiBr T — Thia dcciric oHcf i» to hr ncuul-id wall peculiar ouv; and it 
ibc krli *>t>irh ihe ciA[>iAia c^f llit ^uu n^yf* thv inuK'ur ttriuic, m^kca ohJy4 (tub 
n l£o p«n, M UJi'kli tir •^a\nl»utit\^i^ niitmlti Im itp^djud Ihc i<H>md Hmt- Tfie 
Bi^mt*it llw \tHvn ii hredr tiojj l^m \atil 10 cvtiriMf ub ftriy ii|JArki wliioh mity h^ 
m^^n iv ihn dubnhirr, 

7. ffptikcr Torn avv%. — Thii ord^r thould tw cxifouiad bnikl^,lh« tout 
^M>>9**rT<^- Tho tpunflc Lt bo b? turner! roLirifl oMf* or Lwioc id cht ohnmbDrt 
1^ Iho iniiri<£'^, r>ii 'Irai^itL: ir, it l<> lu^il ii?^ h^uj t^uuuli lh« poii-iHiLli to vhak* 
Ofttfiy J^ihi'TutE wfKirk'- Kverv third found, tlie ^vu h to Iw tfornidd. VVhil* 
t^wifrtiv- ccrriii(»iiii]|. rhai^^oEiiJ uord of oicnmund vilL be hero l^li^ii, — but it 
ih* coodmioa. 'ho fcllowin^ : — 

6, SreiTDi; ^"nn cvs*— Th* pm n lum pr<ipi<rly n^s'iirKJ, thp brpf^hm^ 
nlri* Vf> bfiH vi^mI, Eliri -i|ii-oii :ind rmn^mtii ri^jtlni-i-il, nun i^viir^ tinplivTir^iri nv 
tBn«il M it* <>iir(jii- TrL>-ni(tf(-iiir>f-ifi|tf>bliiir,an4l rlie ilwkv t^^fully Hvnhhful, 
ti> tnkoftffwb^iiiV^r ^-rain* of powilvr may b^vi^ dropptni 

The \Attfi \t%rt of r^imrnhJi'lpr Min^ill^ iJptFnpiinn r»ljiip» 10 <U« ftirihty of 


iniTtt^iug Ui(f tama^ Ly luerrJjr jbwcrliaf (lj« cjiildi iuti) n fixed pivct, TT^a 

liuu uf Juice wliidi bu iiilheilo bwn a'CJJly lll'^lvl:t^'J. uliliuuiili. on sevpral ug- 
ciuii>Lift, iiij lEiipurtiiLit sUkv Luih ilrirtudu] un tl^t iuut of iLtir f ItiticiK^ - We 
nrvald 3tr\>Li|i,]]i rrtciuiinifniJ ti:!£iil<ir InmijtK ^ llii* at-'livv bRinch tff ittTtiiCP and 
^afbticr; ,— «iid ftifoi iiijn,h ^unAnml ri|jrrKiii:ri v-iuiiE I'unniiW aa anit^itLat I- To 
AHKiK oji p*cty <^ef[•<vri^lully \vUicU may virri ; for «* Ihn moliuii of lui tiigine 
Jcpviidti ou the odnuimcoi of it» pMt», *i» l>ic Dovtpr of aitiHery will b* iit- 
fluf rrc«l by tlic dctu^ay vjth fthicb ii is haiitllca. 2. To bf cerMin of a de- 
cisive nuacTi, ^, Tlj lite jiiilicKituly riilwr than qiiirkly. 4' To let tgonrmo^- 
uicu fhim tljt' rmuiiiv dir^TL JiIMc^lJon from ihfi ninio abjrct of ulluck. S^ In 
ilTuiff vviLb inidll tniiX, if oiiy uf tliciii iitiiltc, uj cut awA) lliuir lauu and ri^ 
gin;^, aikd ihroiv (bcif nnus <md sweeps ovcrlionrJ, but noi to reiiuii |K4Wssion ciF 
■>DC« unlik tlti] wliolc ■ih'ill bv lU'ftQtcd, f>' Tti b? us nuro of rm orHurly rcEitai u 
if coniLitfiilWLthliii' nutvir^ rtrUi« acn'jua; it it tnic, Lli^il a 1int-s^-butllc-i«hip ih 
a<i^i rc^omblca 4 pulti^ ^lUiii, trnd i* ii Jiurob^Nl (or a jti<uquUo flcci ; bxii it 
tl]<iulJ not bo f«rgt.^(U:», ihii, if n.-su£ciUU#d by a biWA, ahv will mu over her 
pttvy ExIvQ-uiicib hke ajackui amcn^i cbidctni,—lhay therefore tliould be ^ 
lb* »ltri uj »WMp o!l'«itb iho fir^t ji^rrapuble air of wind. 

Tixitifprj:*! lIiH n#«^ay of i^xoroiajf, eivii la thr aiiiAlhir I'tunus of vwebIh, vh 
tubniit it »ci>bT fTiAQipli' of rliu pawfrr of |jEV>rUii4i mid fanlq^s ov«t tlic? " bi-u- 
(Wn^/ewn*' of ilUI|r*cred force ; ei5 eMiicfid ui iho buiil* lw(w»n ilie Almi- 
lanltt n Spnniib ilav^r, arii) tHe Ifl^ck Jctlce, Itultsd. withoi>l enlenfru; tonic- 
whui into d^iHil, i1 wnuld h|i|ii>-u, from 0\v iit&>i ditpn.n|r lierw(>Rri ihpm^ Uiui 
(hw f()rfm'r wfl* (:tfitLi»[l liy iiUT|-irikif% i™i sU>» w-j^ biLEfin by ^uunri^ht " Unm- 
mvnn^/— Ami l flinmuilor« Dtllitr :L?«rfrlE, [!ai4. lie '^ upf^r in hL^ life Hirn«?4K] 
fl more- bnauiiAi] cnf^ciTiipn at' good ^unii^ry, than t\i» iVrn and qmarccr at ihe 
SjiEiTifurd cthibiird ii\et die iiiton." 

Il KviiiB (hjLt tliT Alminni« wai a r^marltmlily 6iir bn(E« of MO innv, |>ierr«d 
fur Iw^wly lEunn, liiit wrili fnnrtpen ouly innLmvtl^ fniir of wbidi wiriw Lut^- nm«, 
and fhit rtBt uji^tttik^imuiid j^uvtirK. i^]iv Jmd h viuiv at' t^itljly fiiuked tixett, itrid 
Wat coduuEUided by a Te»uluu fi:Uuw, wbo h*^d JiM-tiiiuinui Aul \o Hinvtider but 
lo a lupcrioi hrtx. Sbt mis fi.iruiirrly *bi|vriit>;t<l> ^nd tolled die Onicmtikor 
but Vkiis uhen^ to a^^ clipper," ai i.vt eLpcuK uf 3(^,000 dpllnre, cipn^<ty for 
MHJurJly ill ibt Hah tndiC' 11iiu equ^iii^ird. ilke armed ori ihr cuuti>rAf(icH» 
ui AugiiKL IBlJ^i ttiid WH» ]^euua1ly wt lucliut in lju(ii» Ruadb^ — lb* i;>ipt4iu na 
vboie yurvboaiiik; iki'iA, liud dit mxltf under oedca lu nm^b, tnd prrpuc for 
bfltdfi) on pLLiy MiBpicioui Mil litavfjjt; m miUl. As butb licr buaJuMs »nd hft 
dMtJimiiuiL Wfft nai«<iou^, CouDiDodorc C<'IIJC'r \mi ai^tious fijt hrr tuplu'r, 
•jid dio i^lnck Jokr, t oniiniuidrti by Ij^ut. Howpe^, vm* ordered la TmlcV W 
cluacly, TW luticr wio uLao ■ bi^uitiful brigi Imt ihc wita k bundrcd loru 
OTUAlkTi ^vbdu htr iorev woi only ynv bug tijittuii on ii i»ivot, and o iwelvc- 
^Qudcr cuTouade, niib b crfrw, iiicludiui; »ipuEiaiiii«^raJ'Lcs» of tifry-scTcn tvch. 

Uii lb« 'J^tb of Jul Ifi'J^, fiovint- embarked 4(^f> a\b\c^, ibc AlmTtwito took 
>idv:i(iIiiHf|] uf b liitcttirrtlil^: irionmiil, uid Btuli?d for )L«Tantj&b. On mj«ii[i^ hvi, 
Ugwnu villi ifruiit jiirlicincut iniiK'ijuatvd h<<T courwi. niid a1 ibvbruuk utt tliQ 
StHf ihaw porc4.'ivQ(| honi Uia raniii-bvcid, riuudmi? ta the aouthviird Undor a 
bimy pHV of «iivma^ An uduaui punuic now coininQnecd : ivnd a kFierwith 
wbich v« iH'«ro fivonrvH fnsm Fcmxrido Fo, datod n woclc after tha uflvirtUttbrdi 
Xlw fDlitJMviiig mtcri]fiin^ dotLdf, 

*' Tbui vv n Iciiialli KOl ai^hl ztf <njr frnWub-lookutt: fritodi and d^oiigb n'cry 
iniui "lib inr WTLv we<]] iic<|ijnjiittsJ vidi b^^i iu{>ciioTily of EtmigLhj '.iify «L»|H.'iif- 
od ilol^Klitiid ut du) cb4J>ce of u brmU. By Ii^ir-^p/isL i>iqu tlii' wlud bud dii!j 
ftmy, oil yt\iith wc out twci'ip^ and lir^ljH'd bt-r full Oiirly mdca v-I^Ltid. Abcut 
5 p.v. wc bad ucdrcd die cniiK fiuilicmudy lo iniQc:}! ft >boi q( h«r, and al 45 
put &, ahr abcrtvncd mil, fir»] a ^n to iffiudivard, fiad hoisLnl ^ptutiBh <o- 


lovn; aftHwa nfa ahfi wor« twice, giving \a her broadside eedi Iidm, bal— 
though from hariap &o bulwaitg our men were aU crpofled — ivilhont tf^<A, 

"If being now sunset, and not conaiderio^ it pnident to sweep under Hht 
TAnge of hergnna, 1 meiclv kept dose to her dnring the iiigfn, and baffled crery 
mannmre which was made for escape. At dawn of day, the hrira were bfr 
calmol within a mile and a<4udf of each other^ and i«naaiiied no till nooOf ihvi 
alLowii^ full time to prepare for mutual ctvilitiea- At 30 past IS, the yniA 
springing up from the wiatwaid, enabled the Almiraitte to lay up for nfl,oii wbidi 
I tacked, to get oik her weather qoHTler, and after a stretch, tacked again and 
ttd^ed away lo cUne- At 40 past 3, wiien we had mken a atabon widim gn^ 
Tu^v^sbe wore and engaged us with a rapid fire of her larboard broadude; 
Ibis was aoawertd by three hearty cheers, and cool discharges from our long 
gnn and carrooade, ti 11 she wore at about 15 past 3> Considering the great di^ 
parity of cur equipment, 1 resolved to boara at once ; the helm was therefbrc 
put np, the saiU tninmed, and we stood directly for her ; but the wind felling 
scant before wc could close^ she succeeded in btinging her atarboord jpna to 
bear, with a quick fire of round and grape, which beOei directed might hare 
prgred ^talf but the shot mostly passed over us. At 30pest 3, alightair sprang 
up, when she endeavouring to wear, brought us w> close as to enable me to tak« 
up a commnndiDg position on her laxboard quarter^ whence we raked het com- 

Eleiely, fore and aft, for twenty minutes, when her fire being silenced, we wers 
ailed with the tidings that she had struck. The breeze freshenif^f at this nH>- 
ment, 1 laid her on board. 

" On taking posaesiioD, we found the deck abandoned to the dead and the 
dying, for she did not strike till the captain, his two males, and the boatswain 
were killed, — tbe^ird mate being the only surriving officer. In the latter part of 
ibe action, our fire had been so warm^ that the Spaniards deserted their quarters, 
seeking refuge amongst the lernRed slaves; and I was happy to find that of 
these poor wretches, only one, a female, was wounded. The vessel was in excel- 
lent fighting order, the moning ropes being unrove fWiiD the &ir leaders of Iha 
lower rigginp, and frapped snugly round the masts j the topsail sheets were 
stoppered, the yards slung nilh chains, peak halliards slopped in two places, 
aod all lumber thrown overboard. Un drawing the guns, we found a round 
shot and two grape in each, and demanding of the people the reason of their 
firing so high, they answered, * thai it was the captain's intention to dismast as 
first, and then sink us at leisure.' There were several men sTationed in the topi, 
who were to have been handsomely rewarded for all the officers they killed; 
but our carronade, with its shower of musket-balls, soon settled this matter. All 
the starboard main shrouds of the Almimnte were cut oH* in a line, as smoothly 
as if it had been done nith an axe. I found out afterwards, that the black cook 
had stowed away about two felhoms of chain, promising that the first ' negro 
catcher' we had a ' palaver' witli should have it as a prtaeni from an Aincan. 
He faithfully put his promise into eiecufion, for he contrived to get it into the 
long gun, in the course of the loading; and I have no doubt but this accounts for 
the rigging being cut in the remarkable way it was." 

Thus ended an action not more creditable for mirepidity than for tact. Both 
vessels sustained considerable injury in the hulls, masts, yards, saib, and ri]^ 
ging ; but the other effects of cannonade were widely diflerent, for while the 
Spaniard, of 14 guns, only wounded six people, her opponent, with two pieces of 
ordnance, killed fifieen, and wounded thirteen. It may be added, as an anec- 
dote of '* keen cruising," that when the victors were burying the dead, " Avast 
there I" cries one, ** that fellow 's an officer— let 's overhaul him a bit before he 
goes overboard :" they did so, and found a belt round his waist, which inclosed 
a vme of doubloons 1 


noVAt MILI'L'AftV €JL1.UGU, »ANUllVftST, 

which iippi?oH'cl Ui \i:ivv uriwu "ii iIk' siiUjvpt of uur SvtPUi i>f Aliljtnrj 
Edut^tioii, iiml Ut fxUibit Ttom iiaciucictionAlfK' ilnht the itutiial tla'ory 
knd cinime uf tliiit &yiiWi]i> iiiirrp jJOiticulntl^ ua rc^'^ii^fi Santlliurslp wi* 
mnv pmceed (ci <!etail mh'Ij oF it*t jirnftinil reK^ilis us in^iy ^e gJlUert'ii 
frum till! evidtinue nf tlie Inat Hi:tH-vt.MHy ExamiiintitmH n'hu-fi wa biid 
iJic Kniiiliciitioji lowitnpfii' indvcci, iht innHirtmit imJ ljtj:hlj' nmiuiijil 
principle upon xvIikL Xhh luatitutwn is WstJ imd U"i;uUtfd btbg uiii- 
rerstlly iipjirtditud, (here i* QU ^ut^^lii^u trxiJ^^Jt m« lu lU o^^lEvioot 

TlniPMliiy iird Kridny, t'le lOtli iind llth uf Docemlwr, iv*?iv au- 

?vji;tvil Uy thi.' Oi'iioriiE- IViiikiiLnhdiiig'm-L'Iiitf t'nr Cim Uidf-y^aily 
\i\iMc EKniniiiatJon of tlic Ocntknurn Cudeti of the Jimior E)cpurt- 
mviiX. Qjid SiitHirduy thv 12i!l, fur ihut of the Officftt studying ai llie 
fteiii^ir OfpiirlirH^iit. 

Iwnii ccniiiiktL*d if tliy fwrc'lury ut Wiir, tbe Guveriior <>f ibu Cull^pe, 
(t!vn. cbe Hun. Sir Kdivurd Pujirt,) LiL-uL-iJeti- Uit Rij-ht Hcn> Sir 
Gtnirj^f Murray, Si-tfL-tary of StuW. fur Wur aud Culuiiira. lliv Qnu^Ut- 
Mjinter-ttt^ncDil <if ibi- Aniiy, (Litiil.-GniH Sir Wilbm^hUy Gordini,) 
tb*^ AdjurnMli-nprii'rHl »if rbe Arniv, (Lien^^fSvn. Sir JU'rhprt TMylftT,) 
tbt U*'i>i»ty-A[tjiitsint'Crfr>tnxl. [Major-Gcn. Mncdunald,) una 8ir 
Gturtt? S^uvdi^ ih^f Lu-u ten an I- Governor of the Jnaitution- dfojor- 
Ovn> Sir lluudrd Duu;;lu» vvu« a\sv prc.-«enl vn Oift lual day, Cii])U 

On 'rhunHluy,nftt>rtbi> Militiiry IniptfcUuiiof Om UuUulJon of Gi^tTv- 
nLvn Cadi'l8. \vhr] rt^cetvrd lbi> Cuuiirub:,ii>]ii^rH ivitLi tlicir bund und ecu 
Wm. lit huHiiii-vf> iif (br day uuitLintrnci^d »ith ibe K\[>riiinMlii>]i ot one 
(ri'nib'man C^d^-t indink' Hi-ciiuiiw niTtl Sjdn-ru'Lit TtigimnniiTLry.iind v{ 
fti'e ftCbk-iH tn thi' iirdmsiry Cidl^jfliiTP (.■nurvf rtf ATnibtntjUJix oniHiMln^ 
of Plant? mid Solid Geometry, Plane Trigonomeiry, Menatimlion of 
Hi'ijjhii jind l>ifiUncya, &G. in Cmik Stclioni flnJ Sphcrienl Trigt-- 
Diunctry. Gvnt. Ciidi-t Clt^nii^i^t Edivi^rdd jriuK^d jl very diatingn I^hed 
tfXLaiiiiiiliiiii -. ti|ji1 ^v uiideratiKjd tbul, tbr itciii'fj'l iiii^rit of Lbi> C^del 
wu« fuvoumbly oAiinijitrd hv liin MJiu'riorn. In diL* ofdimiry Mitih^m^i- 
ticid C'tnriLi', (.Umie. Cndet Kuhi-rt fi>Uc<y di«pJuy<>il tiwtl ubility, iind 
gcai^rnlly Jimir)tiiinM bU Kupi-riortty thrnn^bmit tho otbor bniiicbi'a vf 
»iudy in vvhiclt bv ^^ucce&ilvely nppenr^'d- Thin rxnmia!iuitij« »f wbidi 
Pfijfewor Lt'yliurii wua tlic intdimn* una conducted pnnripjiUy on ibuw 
jiartN uf tbi^ i'1eiiieitt;iry Mjktbt^iuiitirH ivbidt ure fmni^drntt'ly ujiplicubli^ 
t<> firactical aud prutv*>ii:in^pnr[iaiicB: mcb ok ibi* THi^^nnnrnvlncuI mira- 
tnrcmcnt of iikikoocuiiblc iidubti and DiatAncc^^ tbt- ciJculjLtiou of tbe 
cubic content* of porapota mid dtlcbfH. for npporliituiii;^ thv mnfiiai [ind 
Hiijlai of wufJl*, mnl nlbi-r MilitMjy iJiO]>wiuMnn of Pkne and Solid 

A cU« '►f lbiri*un 0*'ntl^iiK''i *'udefn \\'4-u^ r*\? (^vomkod in T^lin. 
The bixik tliv^ bnm^hi nj« wit» TjLuiLils, i^in AUtbor nboto tcr^i? i^d 
tlliplK^l Kl]fli; tiMidi--is him ffcqunitly obscure cvcntotLc profcaoed 

BOVAL UlLITAflY CUl.l.UUR> «A»l>H[: RtiT. 


■cluilar I jrol a pfirtJon oi tbu GcrLitDiiid, cIiuhptj iit bayard l>y i1ji> Com- 
Dkunonerv fn>m Iht^ volume, vfim ^xinMniod wlili n lluencjr anJ ^Icganc^ 

Thr cJiift* for rsnniinniidTi rii f-'n-iu'^, om-iiling or ci^t GvjiX\umct\ 
COfUU, ivnii TitVt callp-il up, iLiAi! iViidiTi^l » |ii>plmii "f rpin^Ton'* Tl-Iv- 
viiacliiJp into Kii^iink ikiid of a ilijiliFrv uf Krylnml iriTir Prvi^ch. Tliirn^ 
("rum ihi: dii^ri'poncifi uud pctuliartiu'* of niLTiirnLJ iilmui*. n n jrnjOk'si* 
uf »i) aligLt ditlicuilj l<i Li; curri'dlj d^tuir,— 'Jmil. iiiuking diu- iillow* 

fftirlf and hucnily oxtsrrjti^il. W'v urt- Ihtuii'I Ut obiMVi- thitt. in ^wrj 
t^iatf tbv mnltur hitltH^i-il fur tniU uvui iiurritHi Trimi thv viAfiu^vn ul JaT^« 
br th« C'ummiHxiritji.rr!4^ who severally prtdn^d tlic iKt^niEi-mcntH (if trit^ 
CladvU in nacb braiKh of sludjr with a clonr and :tnLrdiiji)r tcmtiiiy. 

Tbe but clia'i wiiidi tt('|H<iirvd fur i\\*r duy wjii coiij(jrL>H<() (>r l^^irlvt? 
0«iitl«m«n Citiiftfl fir t^\;EmiiiJJiion in GiTTvinn, n lHiij£iiAgi> »h mai^M to 
lliff nulilary jix dclJi^itfuL Ka the llU'Tary fttudtikt. Tboy trnnfilctinl tJin 
Gt4chichic ilitir SirbfH-iiihrtfSifln Kric>;rf (Hiatory of tUe Siivrn Yonra* 
War) of V*iri A^olK'nnnila^. wJtli irfi-nt jic;cur>«:y, jviiJ diejiliiyed m re- 
mhrLibli' mimum^d uf l!it claA&ic Grrcrmu fmniuiidatum ^tiiil uixci^L 
Tbe A<!jutjuiT-('fq^i]eml i<irt|i pii iiclivi' prl in thv vnutuiunxhm of t|ii4 
o\ah^, luid ut iiH ckwv pud a Jutt Uitiutn \i Ih^r |!rH>l)t-]4'ncv^ 

111 tbr; iittrrvak t^f thia A^f'a i.*<crinni[)Dlion, t^vn ci>m|>I(Tli- cOur^ci* <^ 
roiJilnry tur*cyiiJH und ^kaciiinK, wjiicli tmd brrn prTfi»rmtd, ifu- quo 
by ei);bt, tire uUi<?r L>y m.'V^ti, fr^iivWri>ii (^ideti. during tlie liulf-y^^ur* 
Wf'N' unlimitTi'd ttJ tin* iunpn'iirm of tW (Iflmirisfciimrr*. We would 
jjlldly ^frc jU tbii ^IvVnilH of t1it^i< outirvi^, did uur ipucL< fw-rmit ; lh«iT 
ncnt und utiljtv will, bow >-vt*r, hit iMiih^rntoiKl, \v\n-ti ^k- dtuto Lhul thcr 
Conwifitrd nf fikiHdioA of i^round. jilntk of rtr»:td tuid Irttundiim'Ht Mjrvvrvdi 
ill diTiftched pun%. by Thrudulitp. aitd tuid duivu t>y Wiitr^ittorH |i]uiift 
(if tridn^uJiition tiiki-n hy fhe I'^tckttT^Si^iminr.. djri;!niiii)t uf mi-imiirtHl 
tivigbU and dihlnnoiv, &c dono ^»i>rilJy nikdi-r tin* difiL-tiitn of tli# 
FfofnuoT by thu sfviral Cadets m «v.*iiJrDic «l[cicbv« uud biirvey*f 
irlucb wrrr Bijb>wqui:[illy coum'cU'i.1 iu pimifi: oicli criiirsc c]i>»iiic^ with 
WVCral fevfli^h of CLxmbiitrJ hkrU'lun^ «if wlii^b 4 imit w^o C7:((i:ri(tid by 
With Cudot intbmil l'rijfL'**or rjr insiruim^iJUi, imd in a inigli.' morntni;. 
Of Or'm? ■fn.'t'biivni in lurP^-yini;, u^l of tbem well, KTid muiiy of thrm 
bvHtLlifally vxvciJtv^J, i\w kkutchvA vf Oi^nt. Ciidot Pi^tlty ^I'vro inti- 
niicly the l>i-hl ; mdi-cd* tl)i> ^ImAjnitA i>f lUin dcsitTvinfC <'thi]il upifcnrvd 
tii> Ud oltDgL-LW irf u iimiittily thuim^ter. lEirpuHiiTi^ v^hut vt^ could huiti 
Sltii:'vU-i] fniiii n yiNirhl'ijI |iiipib On thv wliiil^. tbiH fi^lure i>f the 
CoUi>^ pfttir** sifuelf ui nn Mug cniiTji'nrly coHcluaiv<i of lu prai^iical 
vtilriy^ u well u of it* miptriot powcj and modt* yf itnjMrtiii^ c«cn- 
tidE in7»triictLijii. 

Th"- fridr-Nddm «f \hv Bimrd Itwjn wi-ft- »!»> cijvrrvd "vilb inilitnry 
dra^A'inj^a, Uitb in piMi »nd lirufchwork, iiiid untrii: vi'ry hiddly-pcui'HIid 
dclinuritioiLx of f^ruiind from r»odid)*. nil cujiit^d in u butjrii'ni-liku ttyl« 
jli ibv h*ll« by tin- iiuiilb'iinui t'iid*itfc of iltv Itiwi^r flu*** uf IJmk unoful 
btudyt wli9 aT^i ihuA fwviitjitidy trained for thi; KtdmH|i[fitt it[K.'riilKm uf 
iikirii:hiiit£ in ibi- licld- Anxongat thtae ripr-^neii-i. wc observed u map 
i>f (.lit? UuiEiliiiy Pre%Lil4-ucy. <:'r[iipriHitJ<; uboul Til^i'tii vqmiri? fept uf rla- 
UurilF work, wbicii hAi\ iwfn I'ojdod by iatitM< of ihv Ovntl^men Oulott 
for th^ uw of the l^iuirter-Miutpr-Gtnicful'B Di>partmcnt at tbe Hon* 


Gaitnln, from an oriicin^il Mililmy 8iirv^^, by Uvut.-Culoncl Sutlier' 
InniJ. S^vtml Bo(ik* of I-imilsoHMr Druwiiig wi-h- also i^xliiliitHl. mul 
in this dErmrtruont flont.-Cciilfc't Pptley nl«*> esc^lled The fnpiU cf 

iiiaijiitr iif tliFir uiaatcr, m popularly' kna^vn hf hin pubJbUed etchings 
4if iJjnt tubjwL 


On Friiliiy fiiiffnin|^r thit CotnmiitHinii^rd, oStuT the mual military »- 
efplion, pHm-tded to the llonrd iC^um, where the catflmi notion wna 
r^iunncd. A claitn of twclvL* Gciitloaicn Cu<let?i vtvre rxamitivil in Eli* 
call's Cieuiiitiiry . nilti^ xfhivb. »ui>Llitfr dnM» »f ei^ht CMmti fcinvard li> 
romplru* thrir i)ii;ililicHlii>n3i for comiiiinMnns nud cerniJicnTWH by pxami- 
nittiun Jri FurtiHoiiliuii- In thi-i f ri4|iiiry, n-fifolt wan m^wt rigidly CArried 
tbriju^h the intncnctcn of fiuriiiAni.'»t unci 1lL>td forlilii^tion, t^io (ondi-^ 
dates »ci]uittrd UtcmAi^lveA admiiflbU' — proving tlki-'m^ielves tltomii^bly 
uccjiiuiuUd with tbtir aubjec^U Oriit.-CiiJi'la Gi'ui^e Grey iiild Petley 
w^rv purliciiliirly di-'ilJii^uiwhi'il. Wr liiivi- rj»-v«r htjird n more Iiioid 
smi Intel ]i|P?Eil eTtpiflilicni of a given mbj^rt. tbnn the rTocesfl itnd 
raliojwlc of funning Inuadaltona in Fiidd Kritiftcation. :ib dt<acrihed by 
the fonnrr, xvh<>«i< mnnixr *>? Jkct^uittiikg himarJt 'tn tbiii ucciif^ivn dr«iv 
M ivuriM culiijjiuiji fruiii the Seijreiuiy-at-Wnr, wlio b«d udttn a projni- 
ntmt jjurl iii tbr I'Miiniimticiii. 

Fnun Ibe Hnurd H<iom ihtf C^innnltsiiinerK then inljo^tr[:ed t4> the 
iViodid Rooin, t4> prosecute the evamiiiCLtion of the same ciajfs tliroup'b 
the aitncU (uid defence of plof^'B, illii^trnted by the superb model tijn- 
Atrudcd un till: priuoiules uf C^iruif^nlediigiLi!, the luiMt complete ami 
limiiilifill liiirb nt Itn kind prububly iu Eunijier und ri"rte<*n"ng great 
credit on Mr. PolcJiet, the PrufenW of PortiticfltidO, hy whnm iu oxe- 
cutloD wju IU peri n tended- Here t^iedaffi waacliMelyeKaniiiicd Chmu^h 
the whole pr^ew of u tiep^j fniiti the ftirmntion E>t the tint parallel to 
tike MWuU «;f the ItutL retriMidiiutitl in the body orf the pUc-e, Having 
(HiAHiid thii ordeal in n iut«t AuiisfijGlory maMiier, thl^ ehi«B wiu senr, 
WTlhout their Pnife**iof, whrt remnined in dose oiifttiidy^ t» trat^e n field 
iPiirk <jfL ^Diiiid tn iTont of the CuILege, while tho CommJuionere le- 
pjiirrd to the Jtidin^ ScbwiL 

Here we were greatly delighted i¥ith tKe e^bibitinn of twenty of the 
Cadvlbr most adv&nced in the drill of thk muiity and ^uctrfid lirpindi 
«f militnry uiRtniPtioHj who. wiib well-irnmtd pr*ciftic»n, p«i ihi'ir 
ideedi Cbruugh the vuriou^ pncu«, tiled ihroiigti nererid orolutirmii, and 
^nollyt dearth Ui(r l<.fi]>iiiti-bnr in hte, at a ivalk, trot* and jrallop^ with 
the »kill iLiid uteudJiieKs ui i^tteraii lluMijir^. Tlio C^aimiaBionerB bt^icig 
fiiefiand f*n tinit?. eiiulil not I'iuw the very useful pfiii^tiup in tnhiii^ up 
poidtifinH nnd di[itiince>t in line Hndroliimn on bunebark, in tvhtnh (^ipt, 
Clmdwide, th^ a-nivo and intelligent Riding SJtwt^r, hnd for tamit time 
twt'Ti diul^ cxeri^mn^ this diLt^. 

From the Riding HdiW the Cummiwioners proceeded to Jnfipect the 
tiuk whidi ib« ForliJiLiitifiti Cks^ hud. meunivLlle. rxecated. Fruui u 
Uat ftf evpry vftriely of Field Work, the Comaii^airfm^rs had fhfapn, far 
thit Eriid, abosticined Fort, to lerve ixs a It'tt; either for a brid^cu or other 
object ; and in !«■ Ihnn ilu lurnr the tradn^ with iinea nnd pickets 
VOA cuiupletcd ; &jnl two proAlu wern art up for the dircclioji of n 


trarhinp p«rt)-. Thi« proof ntooo f<m'TnaJ a proctioJ cuminvntiuy on 
ikt Bicritt of our " iMilttary Education." 

naUaa of tvnt iuipt^ vIaw«. vt^c in liiniory, odbbAuijc of &tvi-it OnilW 
iB«ii Cadc^, nnd nnothiT in Lutin, uf nine. dntMl the UminfK^t of tii0 
Juiuor UcpftTttnvTit. 'Hu- iH'Mnilh i^lprt^id !>^ IIia OtmmifiBtont-n frciTn 
the Cmirvi^ of Aiktii'Ut aud Modt^rA UiAtary. foi' tho trial *ii thin Ciui, 
were " TJir rif*l TnumviTalc/' und :hc Reigns of Uenry V III. of Kii^ 
Uiul, nnd LiH tLri^e tuLci.'H?ivr». Thr furutvr prrlud wm cunviitelr nur- 
nW b^ tlifi CmXvMk: and thp niunixtiLtjoa in the Inttt^r wni onncUiciMl 
hy l4ijing ciucitioiu from tho Sec^rt-tnrvtit-War iind Qitiirivr-L^TuKipr* 
(rCDcnJ. TibL' twuLt pnivvd that thp t^luxM ivna f>riHiLj>H*od <if a mt^Hn f»f ' 
muid Hintoricid JiLfortnntiuR. it struck iin, thai the poiimc of Mo- 
d«fi] llikCirrj. ^viiicb U iKiw ronfijinl to Ruaul. nii);ljt he jtdvantn* 
f^HiUHly t.'KierK]ed nr hilber varit^]. Evi-rv wfilt-r drH«i tiifl ixOhlO 
ttWry f«ct — imd ench hon iohiq niodificnEian nf citiui and vlfoeti iiiiihmpk< 
ticsloi) nr ifi^r^tial, 

TIk- tfcwrid LutiJi Cl.-u* vrtm «xamiticd in Juv^'tml from tho ^ililir- 
^-atc BJJliuJi finividL^l U<r ilic uat i>f th? (j<-nilpiiicn CrtdcU* tlic ^. i^th 
niid Sill Sutirts XKW'rZ ouiitltd. The UiUiEdBtiuii wb* exftfllnit) V' limit i 
wa c«>uM prrhn^iK liivo wikhtid ibfr rpjtiJing of f.h» I^^t^it Tir<(t hud hf^n 
num mvuHuriid Einii diotinct. Al tho cJuw of tbv EKunuQAtioTUn th« 
Coniuiiuiunm dtcidcd upcoi rccummf tiding; tbc foliotviiw Gcntlrmrn 
CftdtlAt iiK Chr cOinplctjr>ii of tbvir (|iiibli(ic3ktit>nH, Id l)»- Ovncnd Cum- 
inBiMliiig*iu-Ghi«r. U' ircrivc uotmuwbidP^ in thi? armv,-^ 
RnliRTl Pi'tlcv, Jidtn A. CnV, 

Williarw I*, it- BTOt*ii*> JtttiiM T- Ainjy, 
Gciir^ Qrvy, ^oltttt T, En^r. 

Aol Oit? fuUirwinK Grotlenen CodctBt nil of whom hod rrcrtwd 
nwffihwTiir dd llic nfault uf public MAniimitiiMiFi whicli they ihlmicmI itl 
Jniia )t^ wuTv Iltf^v prou^iitrd ^vith crrtiJicitrA, ri-mrflin^ the ii|>i*clit] 
approbation of th» OunmiMUifieni nt tli« fiirtlit-r adrfuin^mcnt which' ' 
tbv; bftd madi? in tliL'ir utailii*", — 

£dw^ C'LvQU'iit HdH'ard* . . . iHth Foot. 
,, RiJ'crt Oh Jotm . , , , a7lh da 
Jnini?t N. Bend .... 24itii d». 
^^^ „ JuiriMt H. n. ^Rolv^nsnr . - 17th dn^ 

^K ^ Hunrj' BjLtvN S^Hh do. 

„ Jkloma K< Uuiu\pbril - - < U5tb do. 
The vbotc of tlies^ yuunic ^vutl^iifn Jiiid bet^ii uctivt-ly pinploycd 
b^ffiiij; the Inilf-yeur in tlip Pritclli'jil Chuim* i>f Militir^ Srirrtiylni; nud 
pCGutmcilng Fit^Id Workk. wilL ii cEetochmunt of tlitr ll^i^il SApppn 
and AlinorK 

GcctUmrn ('HitoU Groy mid Colo hartn^c nW c(imploT«d thp Dumber - 
ofiicpbj puhbc txiiniiuati'on, rntitlinK ihcm to KjH'cm] <cTtiAc^i^A. 
WMA fin'wnu^l witb thrift huuuumble dinliiictianB, in udditiun tu being 
f i idioawidcd f^tr mtiwiiltHJonk- 
Tfaegeiiirul ivMili of tb« I'ublic KuminiLlionii of tlio Gontli^m«n 
CkdfU mny br thuii stated : 

Fifteen U«ntl«Meii C-ridt-la bad competed tfaeir qiuLi6catio)L« in pn> 
tioJ Military t^nivcyintt 

80 n<iv.iL »iLiT.\Rr coiLoaa, »ANi>tvt'(t»^r. 

Thirteen bu) complrtcil tLf |>ractical C'inirm- uf Kwriirtwtinn. Ijt tlir 
Ooiihtructmri uf ViAd Wurk*, mkd l^jml Ikvh inAlructcd tn the actiul 

Eiffhtwii fmd fL;Ht<J public Muniination« in thHiii^h part* of ilii^ Mn. 

Eielit in till? Frrnch Language. 
Twrlvu in tbv Ottmaa, 
Twcntj-i.»v« \n I-«tln. 
Sovtfn m HiEtorr. 

Kadi of wtiicii oxominTtlianM vhv ri>ooTdt>d oh ont» fLlepf nr Ave, to- 
wurdii n ciimmi!.*iini or o-Ttificnli" ; tht* numbpr of oimmt^iaiona miw 
fhllj iJiuni-U bciiis &bE, and Uie number of Wftitieatar^gbt. 

3iiturdav bcin^ drvott-d ti> the (lulilic: i^cumLiLntinn (iftlK? ftludcntJi 
at tJip S<.'Hichr Oepiirtmnil "f thtr CtjWt*^, th*? foUowinjf (*ffii"i>r*, wli" 
bid fom[iE(?li^d tLitrir o^iur^i* i^f ittiidy, Ljpp^uftd b^cirv th^ I'onmiUHkuii' 

Mnjor G» Johnfttoue. unnttucbed, 
Cjpt. W, Kyn.-, 73d ncciiiicEJt. 
Lit^ut. K. K. Vounit. I"lh diltn. 
Lieut. If' (.1- Crnafurd, 2t1 nnigtionn. 
Li«ut. W. Rogwf*, hulf-paj- Cflpe CovuJfjf. 

The portion of tbe AlathemnticBl Cuurfv u^tvct^ by tlie Conimift- 
(iiiiierv fir l]it> ^xan)]niilii>n uF tJii>64^ olfiviTa ^vns pnncipully Cunic 
^cctioT]!^ and RpbLrii^J Trtgi»mjnii.-tryt npplK-d iv tlic purpunt^^t t^f Pruc- 
IksL jViUuitmiiv- The fvJluwiiig nurcunumg tlitr proputlLLiuu tc^^^n-— 

flrajitr Jill I II atone. 

Find the rclutjuii bi^tweeii the nWiMrr auiI urdinHicH ikf an HUppr, 
viz- Pruvv tlinl iht' eujuarr* nf tb^ tranRirprt^ uiig ii lo dut nqUKTV of 
the tuigii^ate, H4 tJie r«ciflng]« nf cbe absoiwn i« to iha M[aHr» nf th» 

Find tbe Inlitude of a place bf lu'o .iltiudcft of iht nun. With thf 
iati^rvj^l "f time Wlweeji tlie oWrvaliuiiK 

Fri>ve ilie JiMnrie nf t!ie centre uf n prrij#ct«l gri'nt drcli' fumi 
the n*ntriH of the primtlivi?, b rqiiol to the tangirnt of the incUnBtitiri, 

Ciiptnin Eyrp. 

Prove, thut wh«A i tongvnt ii dmwn to pn olllptc, and an ATdiEDtf< 
from thi.> point tif oontavt) the n^iTii'trDnhrtrap axi> it a imur proper- 
tioiinl h^-t^VE'L-n the diitUncc-Pi of iha ordinate and tJUitfent fTMiiiji«cen- 
Irr! of tlu* ctlip*c. 

Frrid the hlJliulL* of Ji ]tt!i<'t. having girvti m alttind^ fif the >un, 
nnd th(> limp *>( iht iitiuirvAlinn- 

Lieur lEuf^Tt. 

Frovo tb»t 11 liOM dhku-Q from ojiy poii^t in a parabola to th« focuti !• 
equfil 10 the dJ»tHfioc iif that point fri:"i tht' dirtflioii, 

(riven the MitiB. nllitudc and dedumtion ; find bin uciuiuthi thv vn- 
riuljmi of Uic tuunaiB*, uijd the time nf ihe «h*prvnt!(iii. 

Lwiit. YounpH 

Whpn onlinjitni ore drhtirn in anj dimnei«r of tn hypprlwln. the 


TCCta^lcfl of the wgntenta between the cdtt^ and anyiuptotei ire 
eqzuJ tu ear^ otlter- 

Fiad the error of a watch by equfti altitudes of the mui. 

In the stereogTjipbJcnt projectioDt find the projocted diflxaeter of a 
given circle- 

Lient. Craufurd. 

Find the longitude of a place by the moon's distance fjrom the sun, 

Find the sides of a spherical triangle, having given tbe three 

Tlie examination of the Officers iu Fortification 7aa conducted npon 
precisely the same nyatem as that of the Gentlemen Cudets : and while, 
at ita closet the fire proceeded together to trace a field work on the 
ground, the Commibsionen minutelj inspected the drawings, surveys, 
and pUna of fortification perfoimed at the Senior Department durine 
the half-year- Tbis Course* which was exceedingly well executed and 
highly interesting, comprised many admirable military Bketches of 
parts of the adjacent country ; and aka the joint survey of the offioers 
under examination, consisting of a considerable portion of the chain 
of heights, or South Downs, extending acrou the connty of Sussex — a 
work which evinced a perfect knowledge of the theory, and great ^ill 
in the practice* of this most important branch of militant scieoce- 

At the conclusion of the ex.unination, all the five omoers were pr^ 
seated by the Commisaicmers with rectunmendatory certifieates of the 
firet class to the General Commandiug-in-Chief. Befare quitting this 
■abject, we must remark* that the very limited period (twelve months 
imLy being altonted to those officers who have previously been at the 
Junior department, and nnt more than two years to those who have not) 
occii|>Jed by the several officers in nrepariug themselvc>8, greatly en- 
hanced the merit of tbeir distinguished proficiency; nor must we 
omit a deserved tribute to the po^ulnr and accomnli.^hcd ProfesAor, 
Mr- Narrjeu, by whose anxious and able instruction they were enabled 
to make so rapid yet effectual a nn^esfl. 

The Commissioners concluded by inspecting the various and highly 
Qsefiil niodeis in planter of Paris, one of which exhibits most accurately 
the country for many miles round the Collepe* and was modelled from 
the surveys of tlie Cudots, The^^e models are iutendecJ to be copied 
from* in order that the Cadets may more readily master the actual foa- 
turea of ground. We should aho enumerate plans of the field works 
actually comftructin^ ly the Sttidents of both Departments, as well 
a& uf the ustTonomieal problems and observations carried on during 
the term by Lhu ofiicers of the Senior DepaTtinent* at the Observatory 
of the Roy^I Military College- 

Thus temiinaled an eKaminaiion* calculated to impress a visitor with 
the very highest opinion of the judicious distrihutiofi and practical effi- 
cacy of the system of education pursued at this Institution^ alclmugh 
surpassing the late exhihitloni of the same kind at the C/ollege 
only in such a fitting ratio as its principle of progreauve improve- 
ment insures. To the sceptical on these matters we would say, *' Go 
and see with yonr own eyes, and judge accordingly,"-^— we will guaran- 
tee tbeif conviction^ if not conversion ; a< we have reason to oasume in 
U. S. JovKJi. No. 13. Jaw. t830. O 


the CMC *f nn Infjoiring ^f^^mlM't of the Lower liawie, in wlinw w* 
lUcrtbfl none but tht> m^wC ItuiiuHt inaiWE^ci. and who ciTnut^lf tnspecced 
thfl E5Ul>K»IiniPiit, M ihuso ihouJd du who uvdtTt\ik^ to critii^np it,i 
ndmijiialT^jtiiiu. While ou thia subject. w« tniir t^e f kitih rtteJ to ulTer « 

nn:ird Room ajipenrs. frnni \\s «itimt[oT] anii nintiFt'd iIiniMi>iLinv. iiLi^rm- 
veui(*iit imd innikHjUBti? os tl»tf *ceiiL» of the jzenenil eviiminutiunt ; 
fmin its cnnalnidivn, it ib 'iU» i^xiroiticly lU cJpulnti'd for Wftriii^ ihc 
innrc sutiducil viiii^tr4 of llit Gentlemen Cadets. \Vc woul*! tJicivfi>rc 
prtrjMiHtT t lint till!! iipiLrtmetil; ahoaM be (xmn^rteil ijitu n Libniry mid 
G^n^rnl Bftiiliny Ri»[»m fur ihp Cnd^tSt Utt which pwrposp il seems pe» 
cutiflHy adapled and ivell pliitoi) : iind in it*( ^u^ttd) wv xvould r«rotn- 
mond that ono rf thi* exti'i)Bi><* h:dlfc on the ^nmnd-flrtdr, vtnA fldjoiiifnff 
Ihf j^rund <?;ilni»C€, ahi^uid ht cf*nvi'rl<?d into n ilifotre fur i\\v fublic 
eiaminiillniis, witli jiuitdUi? jictsfniuiodjitJiHi for the attcHJacicc of the 
ivlmle "f the CnrietUn np^n wlmrn tliy fi|ieflmJe luifiht h»ve ii mnrf f*x- 
citing m»J li^neficinl eiT(?L*t th»n rp*iilts fri^m thi^ir pri'wnt *>Kcluiirni_ 
]{(?specin1do Tisitote tnijrht hIhu l>e iiJmitCed, pi-rhutjH innt^ ; aud the 
esnmiinitiiin mi^hl nltagi-'thtr nfanuii? u uiuri^ puMic chaforter We 
ore |H!rfecTJy nw^irc I'f Uit diL^iMficd diarr^itrd of tiny tliiri-; likr dinrtlaj 
aittrriiiiriefl by tlie Aiilhciritii.*K uf tlie Collefj:^ : — luiL ;bi» pITppI nf pn- 
rri*iis»id jmlilu'ity. WBUre pi-rauud^d, would he To prninfit'^rint^ricilly iUe 
popnlantv ot' thU trulv nationnl instltutiun. It &h'> cKOnrr^d in u» as 
un frminflion which might he supplied in aomt such fttnuiiremcnt [t» 
thi- abovci th^t tJ^e fliiccewiim w Oorcmors i« not reowJcdj u* ihey 
iAi|r[iL bfp in H flenvg of poftiaitn; iLi.- hull mi^lit tdhu hi^ |iermaiJi-j^tly 
drcfirttivd with uplprt specimt-ns uf drawini^ in every brondr, imd uihiT 

SriMh oi mafit und proficu^ncy iiu lhi> pitrt of tli? Students of both 

We Wire forcilily struck by the >pirit of iniproveioent which obvi* 
oUEily pcrviide?* uvery dcpurlment tf ihc Odlege. extending iih »-il(jiniy 
influence to the very fiep of Nntiire, Throirghrinl nil olnaien of its 
ftrMoutti'l, we t}hrit?TVed iin unvifTected E^al und eriic^eDt iTo-ejitTiitmn for 
the- pubiic ends in view ;— wliile, fiom that \^hich, a ft'w brief yvtxn 
tnncoj was but a drcnry and uiiprotitable dcnetL n vntied rmd Tomimtiu 
diiinoLu hus bt-en creaTed. jtdoniL'd with Jinble building, tulled with 
thriving wntidn. And ornamenlrd by n tine iind pi«nre*'^Tie sheet of 
vittf F, coUectMl from the tediiirTK^d «U'iirtip§ which tciinted ^nd deform- 
ed the cjitati", uilo n nohle &nd HjUubrKnifi T('*ii.TVi»Jr for the aquntic f*niirtft 
of the Cndrts- Not f* ihi* ull. A Tnwn, Mijiported by ine GJlt^c, 
hii» aj>ru]ig up in the waatt-j mnl llif nii^ivns *A sxi\tshi*^iu:v and couiiie- 
tenctr have bwn thus extended Lw hnndreiU of f»rr^iK<*n. 

Bowing, ai we iniplidily rtc*. to the princi|dt> of h jnst and per- 
vaiJinjx economy, ivo confers to havt? fiOt invohintury iv^ret at the 
dimini-ihed cMcut nf the line an wu Jirnl approacned tJif pnrnile, 
shorn, iiA Jt ',ijipeared> of cnt^lLolf iLa funiier imuihtrti ^ind ^ilnff. A1n!< ! 
the ihhpurs of redncrinn hiwe been mthipssly at wotV h^nt A imd 
D hai'e been lopped from B and C, nnd the ^anlm of Alnjura Wright 
fltid Dig^le urn cnhLadcd by tbi- windd of JJeown, It ia in flidf-de- 
fcncpi we prCHinni?, thiit llie Burvivin^ Junivr^ ^re Ihro^ving up an en* 
trunchmcnt en ifcmaitHrrvt (\ica\tl\(ttiiy and ncienufit-Htly triin-d,) to 
flunk nnd flefilnde their left, Dtiil Tiave doM<iI nnd tfnVki-ned iho syiv-tn 
defences upon xhtar ti^'hi; — tbut the S&niorv an* count met in^f a bn*tiou 


MA kat, nefttljr encoDipa&aiag an apportune knoUt to repel incur-^ 
■icnu from thcr rear; while Gurerniaent House forma an admirable 
bulwark in front, impregnable to outvi'urd force or trt^cboryt tbough 
fauapitabtj EK^coHfiible by ita gorge. 

We ooald extend our reioarks much farther^ but our limits warn as 
it ia bigh time to conclude. We would add a parting and general ad- 
tiutfiitJoiL to our younger comrades, tbe Gentlemen Cadeta^ to prulit by 
the peculiar adrantageB of instructiuu they enjoyj and to i^uaJify them- 
■elvea for future eminence by present diatinctioa— to recollect that tho 
duncter of their preparatory trial wilt infallibly influence thut of tbetr 
nrnfiiMinnnl career— and that neglected oppurtunitioji of gaining general 
lutowtedge and proftasioiial qualitication rarely, if ever, return ; and are 
«tdj remembered to be bitterly deplored; — let them also never forget 
that lubordinatioDj the link of all aodety, is the key-^tone of military 
diaoipline and success. We adri^e as one of themselves — alive to their 
hopea and feara and youthful prospectSj and, haply, not unmindful of 
■ome natural, tbougb unreasonable, repugnance to reatraintSi which, 
wbile curbing tbe yuuthiul apirit, temper and train it to the pursuits 
4»f manhood. 

We have only to add, that we derive the highest gratification from 
the power thus afforded us of doing justice to the practical utility nnd 
exemplary administration of this noble Establishment - and of referring 
tbe Huccessful rt^aultfi we have junt detailed to the able and popular 
management of its Governor and Lieutenaot-Governoi, aided by the 
xeahuis co-operation of the Officers and Prof&aHora. 


The half-yearly public examination at this institution took place at 
Addiscombe, on Priday, tbe IHb in^tanti in presence of John Lock, 
Esq. Cbainnau to the Hon- the Court of Directors, William A&tell, 
Esq. M,P. Deputy Chairman, and a deputation of Directors. Amongst 
the many diatincuished visitors preaent, were liiii Grace the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, the Bishop of Rochester, Sir Howard Douglas, Sir Au- 
gustus Fiazer, Col. Williamson, CoL Drummond, Lieul. Coi. Jones, 
Asa. Dep. Adj, Gen. Royal Artillery, Lieut. CoU Pasieyj Royal En- 
gineers, and many other eminent officers of the Royal and of the Indian 

Having in our number for August last given a detailed account of 
this fine estahlishmentj it is unnecessary for u» on the present occa- 
sion to give mure than an outline of the proceedings of the day. 

The examination was conducted by the distin^uifihed pubhc exatni- 
ner CoL Sir Alexander DickRoo, K.C.B- of tbe Itoyal Artillery. Tfiero 
appeju-ed twenty-seven Cadets for examination. Tbeir mathematical 
acquirements were conspicuous in their demon sirntions in Geometry, 
Tngunometry, Mensuration, Mechanics, Statiitticu, &c. and (some of 
tiie most advanced Cadets] in Fluxions. The examination in Illmlofr- 
tanee followed the IMathematics, and wo understand that some of tbe 
Directors, well acquainted with the language, expresaeil very grc^t sa- 
tisfaction at the proficiency of the caudiilaies- The examinutJiiii in 
Fortification closed the proceedings, and we wt^re more gmtifiei! at the 
intelligence of the Cadets than at the previous examijiation in Juno. 
They evidently understood tbe subject, though the t^xplaiialion i>f the 


B6 rOBUlGK MlliL'l*LI>AI4Y 

hiH xt<twk. Ill lE^Lcmij ilic van?d and iinnAiif couiwi (rom »n>rt Etvf^iiih'^, M. 
ctv Limnibmy hu adoplvd a clear oux] cuJopiviii^DiLve plan; ^riifmL pririciplea 
bciDi; 1\tA hijd doMii, tnA ilivir tmlli un^irMardi iltihioiiAlraUHl liy ItiqiorEra] 
focUi no r&«;) (firti ollJim itj*«iitfnlHKi uiuM -liijiifiricf li> iht- «ngiiliir ability 
Villi wliit'Ii n liiiK Uouii |i*-Trorra^c] ; and w<' ihuli Ihfrrfcire i'oifirje oll^^^lve^ -it 
Ifa^ for tli<' prMMii, ra n tw erf ihoAP pointi *liifh iirv lint treatttl "f. Tlif 
Outdor rccognwu ino princijuil tlasar^ j*rfl(HL>; InifijiSj nHin*"lj'^ Uuipn; *vlui iru- 
lirace thff miluary tife .i>i ;i pnifi^uLKi, uiiJ lLum.' wliU iirc buitijil iiiUt U'Liij>i^ 
f-iTv HfnUv' l)> ih*r Uw i*f tlw Injid, Uk! flinjer* of llieir cajnirj, or u ftding of 
3Ur. " ThiTi? aTi" irarct uny Jir^iiiti in Eyfjpi?/" lie t-iy^, '* cumpuiicil i?»- 
7 of KiUicrt by itmfessiuE. Tlie gtiiiyullj nuknowlvdiivd nupeiiyrUj of a 
Liri:^ irmy a Uion luiBlt^ on ; L>ut Un' imllicrr 19 iiuE of ir|iJmuii lliiil U n 
tui^nl irubl-wuTtliy for ^oiLicfi^rviL:!^, wlicu cthiiiiiuJM^U ufnaliDiMl ii»|jp, hIiuJie 
ulwrvi^ " uv luulLtf viU^ti tEiutr toiupu'itioa. <vr niuLi- iipt tif uki; puii tii di»- 
lurUtiJui* Uiuj ftrrci^n ir(K>p»j and taoaX re vol 11 110115 (>>^vc bc«Tj o^i^cd by tiicm. 
Il wiu viiili nnlLoual iio<i\ii llm Cb-iju iiml Cjvii^we.'II Vdslnviid iUt^w iiimntty* 
T)>c rrbcich K^LiirJt jjin^livtl ^ilh llir rjii>b kLf4Ji»«I thir iWliU ; Oir: SwIkt, fnit^i- 
lid to tiii'jr f cjL'UK^'iiiFutA, ^ciiihcd in <[<:f'?ckdiu4; ihc Kiuui') pulaui; '' (|i.7.) TiiD 
uitEiUir^ i^uulrttoi of tTOcps arc divided Jnto pc'vmiuicnt and ivrnpomiy ijuiklilieat 
•• rcriMftncnt cauicis"**/* Ac wiitKor, "iiro ^oiid niili<;iry iii^lAH.)rion% arid pjod 
modftA orraoLm^ ^*ni-; (j.-iikpururv oiiuiic^ tin-' iinLJiM of Aiifr a fii^TUn^ nrhviuniri 
br» of lll^cy. Uii^ini i>f ^aiiiir JitimliciiAin, jmirtutivTn, luvc oi' liberty, liiLtrvJ 
iVlInil IL nvul (kJLiiiMi, and oiriliuon ainciig llk«c viIlo upirc to hcixrun <md 

i(j tf»p qm]jfit*iiliorn wliioU u Inw wMirr ebouH poswM^ tho 

liUty lu ablua tbi ttocLioiL <A thai tn wUauj vaiuo, 

" WbiTU pnin and nnE^JsU wrin; llii< Inw/' 
ihegTMl Northern bdrd hai soirulj painicd, mus* jcl W alloflcd by all candid 

" Tbo c)ujJiLu'ii uf wUit-h t hu>'c juHt >ii:okiiit ant iiiuru nfL^i a^mrod hy llioao 
mililiity mau whu im »lii^Ii:, thnii thobc wlio ore niiirrivd, und liaw chJlUrciti 
bv tliojHi who I1B.TC no AHuiiy bul ilitir companioui »i afma, winj luuiw nu hofiie 
but thiif calQun, iVjqh by tlioi^* vhn iirp ihnri<iii<!tid tiy oilier and uion> powerful 
imjiwfi dmn ih* iiit«p%H (ifthuir inihl^ry mr^j-f, i.r wlio, leiviag for u liiDited 
p«nijd ijiilyt tuvf ulwjj a (Itcrjr oyva in.i-i\ uj^n ihu IJ^rH- whi^ii t1i«y wd3 be able 
lo i]ml tliii ttri'iccJ' tib,) lie, wbc muVu-- (ho army l]i» prultisiotk, tm uinller of 
nhal country, or in rirbnr ni^virp he [\ tniiii imque^tionably be iTli* b«j.L ^bldit^r, 
aitd tlitrcfofc wp (nid Ibr- i^ripiiilly jtmyl rrnidnr'l ol rncrccpDxy trocma ; on tbi* 
tiibjrf-f, IliM li>!tTTii'd nuilibf t)r^ni{H Inrmiril y mn><w of eviiicrhw. " Tli^ m^mot- 
jiWp KtjtilHj hT \i-noplinn/' my* he, "wprr [titrt of^n »rmy rriruisfina; princi- 
puUy of J a/JOO Grtpfc mcncrrant* laWnti into piiy by <''ynii; fdr tht |jiir|K>J<' of 
del brant n^ hi f brol}ii-r .^rEaicnLt^i;*' |]ic tniilLny ofi'^^qr^ tnhtji^, nntltrik cons^ 
qnrrn fi-turn to obei1i"f*rt' cm biing prrrtniied (Tion? piy, i< n!io ,illrjdpd w in a 
Diitr JHi diJH [fl|H*j<p', urid iiiJitlr ini- uf Iry tlji! nullior tci f}\ov, lliiil ullhniigb M^f- 
inh'Li-*! M-JM lbi:!f unly jjiuiiu', C^TiiH [fbiLVtllLiN I'bitf rtli.turi' i.ij^on dipir t-ncr- 
lluii*. " llie Uonians." coniiijui!* ihv antJxjc^ " wpf ofb^n liejiTfii by ilii- firurrtis 
mvrcL-cmcio m tbv p;iv ufilir CLirUhu-liiLim; uiul \l w^tt a (uiu]iT]i}ri of llur tfVJtiy 
mudc aflet the snjoiirl Tirn^c: Wm, \\i\n dm bttL^ fppiiblie ilkouUl ii^i Tiiniji'r kid* 

!>loy mioh Dunibarit*- Tlur lui^l Ijoopn of GiTirumrus iiprt thf: liJiJamii co* 
ivrLn. FEUOO ^iitiiiidi im-tcnciufiri, I'uiiiciikiiidt.'il Iry tFi^uvi di? F[Ln-. wlti% in \'M>S, 
liiLi'ik iniu till; jii^y of And^onicuk TI- KiupTfrT nf tbi' V^w^ niiil numrLlitUiKtiuu 
Ihuii infci iomy lii fiumbi-i 10 llic Oltuniius k*^!"-*^ i*i'V'r^i luldrn. iir:miq»u*3d 
llic i;icattr pan Iff AfjiL Minaf, nrhcL rM^rJcJ iht (aM uf lUc rm|rirc. and iKrac 
MUiC trocjpfl, ta Hvctiicr ibrirndlvri fui' tbe d^^di of tbcif Icodpr, ttIio bid been 
n^wxNLhuli^l tiy Mii^liAtl rulcntif^LH, iiudu ytui vs'iih tkv Glei-lki, wbuiii \\iry 
Lcai, {iLtbiiuk'b Eiiiii'h infcnur lu rrumU^r. in i>gi''r-i] rn[:jj);eiiiciitt^ nml bad iiol 
difCm uUcn Knoriji dici/ *^itf*. i^ij noxdJ p:gbi:M¥ buir c^iutO iln; <!uw>i» 
JUL of Ibccni^irpi &c- Or dir dtnib «f l^iilit lInmLid vf&oju; WE-ir]iiir,)&v^ 


nl pnwers endeavoured (o attach to themselves that anny,wit1jwhicb> composed 
entirely of mercenaries, he had made himself so fbrmidable to the irapertaJbls. 
FiaDce succeeded^ and may be said to have purchased the troops, for it was a 
moQej matter; they served long under Turenoe, and constantly disiiugniahed 
themselves; they formed the lel^ of the French army at NordLiogcnT and Cood^ 
owed his victory (o their valour, fltc. In the present day, during the seven yea^ 
that NapoleoD endeavoured to subjugate Sjiain^ his troops gained the t^tUes 
which they foug^hl against the Spaniards, and lost the greater part of those in 
vbich they were opposed to tlie British : the former were, however, national 
troops, filled with patriotism, and sometimes with fanaticism^ they fought for the 
indepeodeDce of (heir country, they were anLmated with feelings ofbatred against 
the troops of NapoleoD : the English armies, on the contrary, were composed 
of men of diff^eot nations, and almost the whole of the individaals who com- 
posed them were soldiers by profession/' (pp. 17 — 16). The latter illuatTaiion 
coiitajris a just euloipum on our German alUe3,lhaji whom no better or braver 
ever fought in the ranka of the British army ; but, after all, these fiicls brought 
forward in favour of mercenary troops, might, we conceiveT be applie<I v^ith 
equal GtneiMi to ttie uucoolestcd positioOf that a vrell'discipliried army is betmr 
Than on« which is not so ^ for whether the former bt mercenaries, or national 
iTDops, they must, accordin^^ to all experience, prove superior to leas disciplined 
armies which may far enceed them in number. 

The popubr oniniotk that troops show the greatest valour in the heart of their 
own country, and in defence of their own homes, is next ahly combated ; but 
we must check our disposition to make farther refei-ence to this interesting book 
at present, promising to return to tlic noble Autlior in our riext number. 

Among some otherwise excellenl observadons of Lieut^Gen- Bicnnier, on (he 
Manteuvres of Intantry, inserted in llie Spccialeur Miiitaife of Sept. 1829, we 
find the following eifact and modest version of llie attack by the Vjih at It^rif a. 
The survivors of the old 39t]i, who were present, could, we diinfc, tell a some- 
what difftrtnt story. 

" At the HilTair of [lori^ri, or rather Azaml-ugfim, I had sent two companies of 
the 7011] re[;i;nfnllo thu left fur the purpose ofguardingtJiedebouche of a defile 
which I had Luikily obaerved : these two comj>anies were suddenly aiiacted by 
an English regiment ; the rest of l>elaborde's division was still engi^ed in the 
principal defile which debouched upon Aiambugeiia; all was lost if the move- 
ment of die EnglishregimeiJt could jiot be arrested. 'iTie remainder of the troops 
under my orders was indi*pi'nsabfy necessary upon the ditferenl pomls where I 
had posted them, and whtre, in fact, 1 was successively attacked ; I could not, 
therefore, send reinforcemenis, L hiid not even time to do so. 1 ran myself to- 
wards the two comjkiuijes, who, not betievinp tlicmselvi^a able to resist the great 
sujferiurjty of ihc enemy, wert rttiring in good order, 1 made them fjce about, 
and iramediiiiely aftor, iir.3,and charge the EnElish regiment, which was thrown 
into complete disorder, afiiT having had its Colonel (I-alie) kilk-d, and many 
others (among whom si:vLr;il officers) kiUed, woumled, and prisoners." The 
note upon this pas-anc adds, *Hien. Foy, and afterwards Colonel Napier, in 
giving: an account of the aflkir at Roth.m» haie wiid that the enemy was charped 
by a battalion, hut 1 wan u|Kin the ground and tlit-ac gentlemen \s'ere not : and J 
am ceriiiin that all dn- old officers of ihf? brave 70di will (eslify that the l-jiglish 
regiment ^^llich atincUd our Itfl was only charged by two companies ; I will 
also aver that we were uiii more ihan 2000 men in the field of battle at Aiain- 
buHjeixa; (>i'n- Toy ^lays, accorJini^ lo auihenii< documents, we were less ihao 
2Ji00, including the tw" louijijinius driaclnil to Urtmharr.d and Cadoval. Gen. 
Toy's vtrsion is tiic cn]]y itui' one ; I think (\iloncl Kapicr is wrong, in saying 
(hat it would bi' dimiiushinj; the ^lory of ^-en. I-iborde lo give him lesfl than 
5000 men, it appears tti me liial it would be quite the contrary." Tlie General 
proceeds — 

** 1 take this oppoimnity to conir.tdict the question, more than silly, fpha fut 
tiiaUf,) and abuic all things, litlif ioidicriiU, Vrhith Colonel Napier has attri- 


billed to iM on my arrivd at thi Kii^liih Iwfu1'a<i«rt«tt tt MftoMfO, ai^t^ 1 Kiul 
b«a& nkm priion«r at \ itntim, Uviri^ tivuun^Iul, I wu |>f0vid4<l vith ?■ Iuhli^ 
ttad Ihi dotuhnmt vAudv ci^iiduoiol uiu harinj led m^ a lalcnibLv \on^ drU'ttr^ 
1 onivKi OL tliO caoit- Uoi« 1 faurid on LviglLih UommixImVi ithn, »iivmff |?h 

Itluoop* ; OIX MnStiving mv^ Jn :tp[irD»('1][irJ ;uiiJ uvtMl m" titi^ tT-il r|iri-«ii»ri« ; \n 
(hOMvbigb Ktpmvd loin« hm^iifiL^uJit^ I K^/ltMl ; bus not ihnnltr^* v. mpd'tiy 
to aonimr oUifiri, I put lo hint, m mv turn, ihr followipp rii:r':rion- ' If 
you, 5]r, «n'fl y<iiif*olf li priunfr, gnd 1 Imd aJd r<*»«rH*l lo j'j"i t\*f c^iifvrmni 
vhwb voi| hi'Ve jriil tiul (O mr, i*oiiM )~oa, Sir, I A«k, im^v'' Ihen* '' Tli^ 
(^ommjiflor* ^Srf tijurft* Ailiim) nlTa«.liH*l^ iiifiuli' Jiiiiiiy a|Vilfieiw, stiiI snfTpfiHl 
nn^ 10 i-pnlirnm rtiy joL*rn^j, <Jri arriving al Miii?iiinL. I found Sir Anhitr WfU 
Indfl^. tibi* havififl uulv jiul lure lli-i firlJ of biudr, wu itil! on ht*i5cbark, jind 
' It I pirfcrrnl f mbjirkii^ imincd^-Ui^ly. bi? tind itit anirtw ro stuil unr uf hii 
tklE^^<<?iiinpa witli uJ? 'uu di« vc>vl, inttv wliidi 1 v'triL ^\t imly t:idimi<:e(l a 
frit vrorda; md il wilT, 1 ti(i|W, br Iwli'-vril, iliid ;ifl>:r iiiif («-j->Ly t' da" (^iaIitvih 
of Ihi: riunRitj^nri', ] u»I rigl |aul hudi oil u^ktAHfil iiuiKCiua In Srr Anfirir.iu 
* I1q« llin «*iiivu "f ^Ki, KiJlemmii i.'uitit up T'"— ^Sm S<ipm, Vol. t, ji. 17fl, 

Tha fiwt «pfln«nimii mwJ» witb Hpfkm*'". Sifam Cannon n| Vjncnnoa, naor 
P'4rTV urrp Dol QltPDdcd with vptv bnlliaul rnulli, .uiJ ir appcan (hi4t chr Infi 
^iiv rutr hern morio fi>nun[ifc, Tito ciuiiiunni app!ir.ilii\ nf whrt-li Lhin nurhinp 
It <'riTHtKmi-c!, wa4 jili^o^cl :IT alaaiil fnrly pii^u rHuUinut? fmiit :i wniH^^fi lifiiri-, 
fcjTTipfT ri* Ti"pri'Jii<ni ilii* Imll {n\rr\iUf) ri( .-i iimn^d'rfHir ; Tim imjutMU^ llimwii 
tfi^Tp nl^Himi roi]T-[i.jiinrt «hbio, amX Tvirmhod fined in iht ihickii«« of iTit woiid ; 
ji riiur-iioiiriil>'r w^l^ nf^iTmrd-i llrfi] LT(f di ^e ^huni- itJ^tiEim, uiul iIji: lull pviir- 
tmii-iJ \\\v ri.'Lirt. OiUrr ri)iriJinc'jii-( tiiu^ pus^itrLy givt diflervikt JvaulUrlJuI 
tyiru uUinvm^j ilmt i)i? suiw-iuriiy nf I*i?T!ii(ij\ ItufiiiUJi Wcimi^ M*iliU*lntL llitf 
coQiulic-Utmi of llw mi4;!iirii-iy, (iriil i(> i!Uiiruiimt> jimpuTlu rim, Mill ntiiiltr Iw 
■ppticuioD lochc armiiif offililpialmLMt rminmiUf:. — {Joniviuldu Cammtr^c,m 

Tlw usrjl for(?if of FriPK'p tormiHW, on Ihc 1^ of Jan. of ihii jwar (l9ZD)j 
gf vr^J slii|Jji of ilu' Mfi* "I viinmii [S»t», vit^ :^3 tTiprt-tjf-t^ar. 41 fngiiif^ o Cdf- 
I'l^Lltik, ^«^ bn^x, (>f t tl ID '0 [{unHi-4d<, n rk^n<ler« r^rrj^iri^ iMyuiiK, 1^ hu^^ ^tf Id 
^luris, [Uiil lAi vui*Hi oioilipr iJilrtiTJ'- Tlic rMmiliir of vfs^ils biillJing in flU, 

ITjb v<ixiuut wtiLoni wiU n-quiix for (Uc ymr IftiiO, iljnulJ no pKir^onHnaiy 
Tvtrul JiMuim, 121) sliitkH uT wir, vie. I hiLeHnf-kjitltviJilp, M Jh|fiU(iir T9 ulhsr 
Tuweb j' lew culibn*. BT |r4ii»|)wrt», »nil T hleiALU-VL-iTCls- 

The fiiUoiviTJij » lilt uiititiJiuutEVH |)ti} of dm luvul ol1ji;vn uf iJiv vhtIuu 

Ai» Kngliih V'icc-Arittiind IIG/'OO A I'niUd Sbifw C'>TnitiDii^r T,11W 

A n«ic)i ihtui »a,Too A VwMv\\ rfiito *,oog 

A frroiifh (liHo je,OCK> Ar hrifc-lii^b I'oiiuuftjdoT ul'a fti- 

Ai] 1-]i>i:tthli ItAa^Ailmif*^ 
A lluu^ iliim 
A Frr-nrlk rlittrj 
All VnKbhfi <VTnia:iniffrr 
A t>mrhfliim 
;\A Kii*tmn dmo 

AftfTlhiT PniHUn iroopt luul «ia(^dtud lk<rlin, iht admimiLation of fDR7Lgn 
vu«m«^ on Ihur* by ?rijici' llmH^lJlj aacofdhe dofki trf wbo«oft« 



A biiri^b cJittg 





A l!iivia;i-h (lilto 



A Ittilvd Sliiliv 




A l^fb]icb lllELO 



fi^TAM JttwnaiJ 



wai to dispatdi a daily nporl to ^ Kln^ bo Loti^ as the comraunicatkiitf 
remaxa«d open. 

At Ewon OD the 24ih of October^ the French advanced-^aul entered B^tUq, 
and ibe ue\l day waa follow^ by the corps of Marahal DavoHat; and on Sun- 
day, the 2Gihf a deputation vent to Potsdam, to compliment Napoleon on bit 
SLrrival ihere. Prince Hatzfeldl w^ at Ihc he^d of tliia deputation, and was re- 
ceired, 09 is said on such occasions, '^ very graciously." In the eveiung of the 
same day ihe Emperor went to Chailoitenbuq^f and at Tour o'clock in the afler- 
ooou of ihe 27th» made kus public entry into Berlin. 

At the brandenburg gate he was received by a deputation of the Chief Ma- 
gistraiesr ^^'> came to prewnt hjim with the keys of the citv; without deigniDg 
to fawiour them with a took, he rushed by, and they were told to follow him lo 
the palace; there Kapoleon received Pnnce Hatzfeldt with gteat coldness, and 
finally told him (hat he did not require his services. Astonished at (his reception, 
tbe Prince went home, and Bought in vain the key of his house; the next day an 
oflEicer of the geodBnoerle waited upon him with an arrt^ and conducted bim 
on foM to the palace guard-house. The Princess, ignoisjit of the cause of this 
anest, hurried to the palace of the Princess Ferdinand, and there received from 
her husband a note written in pencil, mentioning what had occurred, and be- 
seeching her to go herself to the Emperor^ She Aew to the palace, and found 
thai Napoleon had ridden out to inspect the troops of Datousl. One of the 
royal servants who knew her, told her thai Duroc was at home, and conducted 
her to hira ; she was most kmdly received, and Dnroc had the I'rixice brought 
from the guard-house into his own room, at the same time promising to take an 
ot^poHunity of speaking to Napoleon, whose returo being just at this monieat 
anooanced by Ihe drums, he had only time to lead the 1*rince3S to a place which 
tiie Emperor must pass^ and went lo meet his master^ 

Whea Napoleon approachtd the Princess, he iiLquired her name, and imme- 
diately ordered M. de Se^r to conduct her lo Marshal Derlhier, bur she had 
only been there a few minutes when he sent for her. The aniichamber was filled 
with officers of the Emperor's suite; beyond this were yet two apartments lo 
cross bcfure 5}ie coulJ rtinh Niipok'fjn"s cabjciet. As she opened the door, he 
came to\vjrds her and said, " You irenible, Mudaml appruiich, I am not su for- 
midable/' He then inquirt:d nlller her fHULtly, &c^ anJ conversed with h^r for 
more Ih^n hjlf an hour upon all sorts of indiffiireut subjects; at length the 
Princess reminded him of ttiK object of her visit, upon "hich he asked her, whe- 
ther stie knc.v On- cause of her husliand being arrested, rihe replied in tJie nega- 
tive ; he then rang fur lierthier, from whom he demanded I'riuce Uatzfeldt's 
letter. *' You shall jud^^c yourself, Madiun," said he: " if this letter is your 
husband's, he is guilty ; if not, 1 wjll ^ve yeir all possible satisfaction-" The 
Trmctss, having looked at the Iciltr, answered, " The liand-writii^g is certainly 
ihal uf my hubbanJ, but he is a man of honour, — he is well known, — he can have 
wrilion nolhinB that c«uld coiuprumise him ; lei hint be called, SiK, und he will 
justify himself" Upon tiiis, Napoleon look tlie letter, folded it, and returned it 
10 the rrinci^ss wil'i tlii'se wyrds, *' Here, lake the letter, and tJien I shall possess 
no proof aga>hst your husband — lead him home, he is freel" Here ended 
the farce ;vhich, probjhty lo increase the effeti, appeared to have bctu fiist ar- 
ranged as a dramii. (In Thursday the aoih of October, the following article, in 
OemkarU and 1-rench, appeared in the Berliner Zeiiang, 

** Tlic day before yesterday (2eili insi.) rriiice Uatifeldt was arrested, in con- 
sequence ofliaving^iven written information to I'rince Uohenlohe of the mov^ 
meiits and positions of the Frcncl^ army : ihe letter which contained this intel- 
ligence was written by the rrincc himself, but H was intercepted and laid 
before his Alajesty the Empfror. The wife of I'rmce Hatzfeldt flew, therefore, 
to the I'alace, and on her knees implored from his Majesty her husband^s par- 
don. The Ernperoi' was gracious enough to lay the letter before her, and she 
could not help acknowledging the band-writing of Ihe Prince- * ^ee, now. 
Madam,' said ihe Emperor, ^ and judge yourself whelJier your husband b 
guilty/ However, as the Emperor is ever gracious and magnanimous, even 


IuwaiOk \m vi^cmies iur rctu/ova iho PrincoM tike Ultar, aiul pudaiipd Ihu 

But wliat *TiJ Lliii nwful Iciwr eontaiji which coulJ inako i1 "u injunoai to 
I'liu™ J!aiJL!Wa[? lit ftftduf shall hiovrtlf judjjo. lloro /olAowj th« whote 
itf/rw itliiA, uu« |>rioIcd for ;lt<: &m1 liniu> 

" l^iTlin, '2A\\\ Ocl. 1H(J0. .-^ A.M. 
« liflil. linuiri, of Lilt Attillny, wbu U vtuiLhi-il to ilii- l^eiuruL Miili; lias 
Jurt been with mt. unci (old nit iFwl Iw Um I^immi chiiri:<nl Ij y;»u lu di"sU*»y all 
111? l>rii)ijr« nt»tf iJic UswvX '. f^ii^ htif al'h^< cnirmiMLoii Imi L>vi:ii LiC(ijm|>li>i1iefl, 
hiiT rt;i' c'omjili'tinfi M It, nflcr llic niti'[Ji}(i.'in;t wtiulj lit ii»u ii'L't'ivuJ, ikiiWAr* 
lA EilML impiiuHtk' \ inc]nTini>c(] lu tiiiu \\\a\ li Mcvii^ utv^l^ jh^inili; ImU Ipivii 
ju I'ouidam yi'*li?nkj-, thut llii^ biiJ^v u^v* lln; \W"A ilnii- *.« in ihc tiirmy't 

CcwKKj, tiinJ iImI ill iiij V[mmiii Jiu itii^IU vaUj »liU ^KU[<r rra»uu return, 
lists iMld'.-l 1'll>tJrth[ l'IlL;ULU«iUliLtA, LTu' li^M^UIiijIIJ btld^C?! i,%K [JL-ni^U) flT 

Uitf pTtiviikiuimL){ vf II^lUik Licuu Uriiuo hii ivquriiod mc u> iDfiJlioD tJiiB V> 
you,und 1 uctorUmi^ly do to. I khuw uutlijiiv t/llicmL of Oiv Fiutidi Linajr, ri- 

Ma^SlintM of I'ulvliiJii. Tim Krcucb kaj tbai tht^u i^irjji l> BO,ClOO flmi^g* 
Dti>i-iiixi*rrl tliiBL k\ u nut AO,CKXl»Q[id t]i« Whi «f the cardr/ vr will to bv 
vi-tj ciucli lal(:(Ucil. 

'^ I Uv of yiM not to nntwtr jni^ ^ 1'(ilac£ vu:i HATKf^UiT. 

Ui^or r^ d. Kiicicbo(*lG *' 
ilHItffHJii wrilrrni^ nihl wnr ufT, nt tlifi i1al« iTimfijAfir^nlifiijnlTtlArfi rhp 
ien\rj nt 111* Ktrnfli, "nn- inr'iJU^-ii''^' r-fim'tmilrti^ iln'ir iirmj' whirTi it ninbiin- 
«1, i\ tft ifbfliLi,-, Mill It rcnili frtajjininiUi- mi m^-'. un lU cnmmry, Trtnrc 
H^iivfHilt uiiA. friiTD TiL4 iiruttilun, nlli^cl ujuin iii ^ivi' otl the iiiforiuitLaTi he 
toiiM mllis^r reintivt io rht Froncb, nnil Ihi* duly <iifl nnl crqio unlil ihiry hod 
t'nffTvd Fcrlin, hic. fAMdgtd/ron the MiHtoir H'tdtenUatt, ijf MM Nmr. 

bEicnimoK 01' TILE uiLtTAhT Dncr.(ii!ra fTUDs or 4UntlA, 

Thf <HTnpLfV of AuMTna jKhw4H^ iiv tmlittry hren-lmg vliidV'— MvtixfJiFgy^ 
111 llun^Jty^ ICAiiiLiIi. liL \U& QuokLttvlua, ^Ulll1>ltdJUV, kii UobcrriLift, CKiult, 
in f-Qririibiu. ini I.tib«% m Slynn In coni>vcti-ji> with liumi i^utiii ak- ittitiu 
drp'ii4iif tTiitli[)ni,itii] thi' iinti^ niinujil ?ij->cij«i<ot hoih p^iiiMnlimt'ntt amouiiEs 
Ut hiiiru iniltrim nrnoniiS {^birul \^.\JMllt.} tin* ^trlnnniVtiilinri of ^»tth i<t en- 
lipfil)' iMilLUkry. vud thfl ^hnlp^ tA >jniii'r [lie din^citun of Mnjot-i r-'ii, l^jimi 
Itmi'v <tc Ibrdi^i^^ Ttic itud of MarnptiPgyH it'ceii^l ttift (Urilinrlion iif lm-> 
pcnni Suid for The LijjlitCawdTy, from tliff t^iptmr .To9i?;iii, m iJft.S, and wmiiU 
the nine bmf? clirtip.-tl vtrth iht* r>-ariii|£ itf yuudg ht^nvt ]>michl for tUnl i^iFito^ 
t^rerbiM ici \Hiyi, Uiir iihnri^iiil ^itH'k rctimisn^ m l[iiri;^riiu», Tnniylvii»inn, 
Wid CuoiliHu LumUk buL in l^kl uivl iliu folliiwin^ ytirt, Ohh HniLihliibiimil 
mu kiiuriMUwd br « couiMk'Mlitv i^i^kut vS Mi-i^kLnbur^li iiurr^t S|imii>li hUlI- 
Ibiu, and MuldaiLui boni« of buth Jwc(iL»[iuiis. 

Coiuit dc iidbiui, tbc prtfltui insLi-ticuS piodctniwr. uoncti/cd tbu (Jix>jui ijf 
incrruiiji: tins Y»u1iU»btutrU to surfi mi riiculi iu to rcni1i<r i1b proiliiciuLi abuir 
■uflim.-ijLU' tcmtmjil tlir vibuli; Ijii|ii-iiid uiv^Uyi Lu ■i(Vi>ii4i|i»b wliidi ubjvcl, 
)k tiiktJr cvciy t-iVuU)' fr^j^nm'Cit deliver xi -^rfHt u iiijiuIh'i ijf iiiiLriis, IliuT t^itf 
cqumc populfllion of tlic tslablitbnien i suon noiuuiUiiJ (u ^iJ^.OOO- Udfurlu- 
narcly* ^'J^Lzti.-jf T'^r thi Vtrvul's widtnokiDj^, K,0OUof llip nuirit ubctlitr auiu 
OEil V»y (lin i>fivmi\iti* wbi*:!! ilj«v li^nl imdet/flnf (luring tW Traj, or bj the loin 
rrurcUci iiiid wout bf oLfC on llirtr jAiroiy from ilm rciCTdiftiUi divd btl^-mi 
IQOO and 13U, Thcac iiionncus loaii-v n^sdy cuucd llicrum of the; oubbidi^ 
pjciiti hLLLd it hftd filliTi inlo Eciicnd discccdir, wbcn \lic naiiniulloQ of Count 
dci Ibirdri^G; itot oiilj nratorvd it lo life, W cauicj n Inijcticiij rdbon^ bolti 
lunuii^ Ihr eruda tmd dqiulh, whtdi wi« mjou o^IlhI- lli» lAimi'nB, oiid ihooc 


of Major Fruncis TaTera, and the officers urnfer bis otien, have now dittipUed 
all appreheoaiona foi ihe fate of the eslabliahmeot. Hie aystem fc^lowed hy 
Ifaeae different studs and depuls is aa follows. The studa are intendedi fint. Id 

Jroduce borses and mares sufficieal to aupport the estahlishment iuelf by repro- 
uction; and secoodlyf horses for the depots. The different produce is divid- 
ed into five clawea ; the first are producers ; the second, horses fit for the de- 
p&ts; third, those not suited for the depots, — these are eveiy year sold by auc- 
tion as country aires; fourth, those fit to remount the cavalry; and fffth> diose 
intended to be cast. The depota of stallions were originally inteuded for the 
production of horses for the army aione ; this object bas, however, been hi ex- 
ceeded, and they now serve to benefit all the nei^bouring prorincea. 

The establisKment at Mezoel^egy^a is Bkuated in a piain of 70,000 French 
aCT^ in extent, wbich is separated into four principal divisions, and these are 
again subdivided. Each division is urider the direction of a Squadron Chie^ 
under whom is a Lieutenant, charged with the superintendence of a subdivision, 
near which he is obliged to live^ The total number of horses, of all desch)>- 
lions, al this estabkijjiment, amounted in the foregoing year to 2846, 

In the purchase of stallions, efforts are made to procure those of the Lipitzno 
and Cladrup btecds. The Arabian and Norman horses, which the army brought 
from France in IB14 and 1815, have tended much to restore the establi^ment. 
The repeated purchases of Arabian horses and mares show that the Arab blood 
is adopted as the first principle of reproduction^ and that by judicious selections 
in the croasiug, a stron^r and lai^er product than the origfinal breed is ob- 

In ihe beginning of April the horses are turoed into the pastores, receiving 
dry food if the grass is not sufficiently grown, and having the power of taking 
teller from bad weather in sheds appropriated to that purpose; two CtikoM 
(horse-keepers) are constantly in attendaoce upon each rudf^ (troop) ; oneis al- 
ways on horseback, and their }jorses are rarely unsaddled during Bumcaer. In 
winter the horses are all exercised twice a day, for two hours each timet at a 
walk. All the oflicera, and the greater part of the non-commissioned officers 
who are attached to the establishment, are taken from different cavalry reri- 
ments- Among the men, the Bohemians are considered ihe best grooms^ Se 
Hungarians the be^t Csikoi, and the Hungarians and Poles the best horsemen. 
The officers of both Bind& and depots are much favoured in point of pay; besides 
the regular ]>ay of their rank, each has a comfortable house, and one and a half 
. silver florins daily (about three and fourpence) extra ; each soldier has nine fcreutz- 
ers, (about fourpence half-penny) besides lodging and two pound of bread daily. 
They are all we!l clothed ; thgse iiltached io the Hungarian studs wear the gray 
uniform of the Hussars, the others have uniforms of , the same colour, with white 
pantaloons and bats ; the (^kos wear long wide waistcoats of waterproof cloth, 
a Inrge while cloak, a while pelisse, and high felt bonneu. 

ll is expected, thM in the course of four years this establishment will contain 
a total of 4000 liorses of different descriptions. (Ahndged froni the Joumai det 
HoTOM, as copied into the BulUtin des Sdencet Miliiairea, Tot September, [829. 


A new Corps, called the corps of Circassians, has just been incorporated into 
the Imperial Guard; the officers are all of noble family, and from the Caucasian 

Erovmees : the Emperor, accompanied by his young son, the hereditary Grand- 
lute, lately teviewtd this corpa, which, from Ihe simpilarity of its arms and 
dress, attracted crowds of the curious from St. PttersburB:- 

liis Majesty baa permitted ilie regiment of Finland riflemen also to form part 
of his guard ; Ihcy will be placed in the young RUiiriL 

The central school of Civil and Militniry Engineers, cstablishfU by the Em- 
peror Paul at St. Petersburg, has just undergone a complete reorganization, and 
is henceforth destined to form officers of niibtary engineers only, the profeiisora 
beini; taken exclusively from officers of that corps. Those officers who }iavfl 
already obtained coramisJiuns, will be pennilled lo folJow ibe covmse oS \TOltt*M^ 



»mii, rfliiiiiTijlhrlrpa) ■ ihvs wilM»v iilumU lu]^iii;(a,.ind wiU not be required 
to ll* tl»p pivift'isnn, Njiblf* and UHnmuiirtj will 1* iic!mi»tc<l viiJioni Ji&- 
finrtion, [irri\iilHl tfiyv ma fmui Ibuittsin lotiulmnj Vf ar^ wf Atir,uml Imtt i-ivou 
imH^fn i»f ^^iiJ i;^>[iJut:l iiiiJ LUiuniL-rr ; iJ*i^ Ciulcii -..n- Ui lie uiliicly ul lli« cx- 
fttnuCi of ilm ttutt.—Sj'etfutnii MUiiiiirtj ti!}yc.tuhcT tG'ZQ. 

the hkl£ I'iiiij'Pnn Atf TiAiidf'r. Ii « to ^l* a Doric pillar, Totimbli^n ihfl cf»luin[i 
ofTivjiiii Ht Jt^mt- ibv ihiifi, fotctircJ of one block ufrtJ jrrmilf, u k* b« u^Uty- 
fgui fn^ bi^N, aud itif wbcl'^ iunnu[ni.'i]t4 iiirUtiluii^ tin- pctlfiAtAl finij tlit crotd oa 
Ijtc pjltijji vrill be one bamlred u*^J fiftj-fuar frci his^J* "o '1"^^ '< *'^l ^'^T^" 
■nY iimilar monumriili luiuicnE or modern, 

Tbfi iriirin^bil in tu be <?oTcred with bmiiac* niul ailorntil wttJi oncimit Kiiomn 
uirtA, and Greek and liuHULn Implnviit m^lf* ^1 of cannon takan from Iho 
cnemv i il will btw ilif Rimpl.i »iw;ri]>tjuu '* To Afts-and'-r J. t'lf grat^nl 
Rrmia-" h it nt]tfctnd la bo &Uibfi4 in lwt> yeits^-^freiiaucfit SttaU 
Jiiiluin, Uflc. T. 

Coa«rAftAT:TK SmKiictn op tiis L>jri£iLRtiT Evaope^s Powehs. — Tbe 
FVmch hare bucn Kiinplaiuiiitt inucli of Ui« i^lntJvc inftirioTily uf lliuir milibiry 
Mtftblithxaoal with n&m U^ tan olbcr Kuioptan St.i1u. ait*i die ibll^^vjug d«idib 
liftTC received the oulDoritj of an almost oflici4] iunfonnMmenl, 



Pvrt ItfUlbUllllHlK. 


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OIK yrar. 

^^^» cvprfriKus 'tf llie rn-.nrl 
111*! Pnimiiii iiTiny iff £5,J-shJ 
merit, as teultd hy iJn? Itkw af 

urniy jiuh-hjiiI to t7,041,&i3^i »t&rlln(C. wliilc ihal uf 
UtKJ'. Tliu iltfifili* af flib TfT'iLt.']] TiiihLiiry ?stBblt>h- 
tn2^, vbu^h U artll in fofc^ pre n<i follow i — 

War ^MhllOytTirL 

?M?( E#L«L>ll4DH<riLH 

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Br faking the Line. 

Sim,— I beg leavE lo indose for inserlkio in ^onr Jouma], two extiacu 
from tht Memoin of Richard Cumberland, retotiTc to the rtaiemeot of Sir 
UowBid Douglas ia your Nov. Number^ wherein he claimi for hU Falher the 
houourof having first suggested ilie decisive opeiaiion of breakiag (he enemya 
liue on the ever glorious 12th April, 17B2. 

Permit me to observe, tltaiSir Howard U niher laie in the day in putting 
forth hia Father's claim to diis honour- As lo (he evidence with which he sl- 
tfiaptB to support it, 1 would temn^, that he has placed his friend} CapL 
Daihvood and Sir Joseph Vorke in rather an awkward situatkon. 

In conchisjon, 1 will only say that I enlirely concur in the sentiments quoted 
hj Sir Howard from his Falher'a letlers, " severely renrohatinK all assumplions, 
whetfaer vain or jual, of persons claimant of credit, which, if not sufficiently re- 
ported or acknowledged by t^ie chief, should be deemed by the public to bv 
derogatory to his honour." 

I am, Sit, your obedient servant, 


JuniorU, S. CIttb. 

" It happened to me to be present, and sitting next to Admiral Rodney at 
table, when the thought se«med first to occur to him of brealiing the French 
line, by passing through it in the heal of Ihe action. It was at Lord George 
Germaine's house, at Sloneland, after dinner, when, having asked a number of 

rfslions about the manifuvriiig of columns^ and the effect of charing with 
m on a line of infantry, he proceeded lo arrange a parcel of cherry slones, 
which he bad eollecled from llie table, and forming them as two fleets drawn up 
in line, and opposed to each other, he at once arrested our attention, which had 
not been very generally engaged by his preparatory inquiries, by declaring he 
•as determined go to pierce the enemy's line of battle, (arranging his mancDuvre 
at the same time on the table,) if ever it was his fortune lo brinj; them into ac- 
tion, I dare say thts passed with some as mere rhapsody, anJ all scemej to 
regard it as a rery perilous and doubtful experiment ; but landsmen*^ doubts 
and difficulties macle no impression on the Admiral, who, having seized the 
idea, held it fa^t, and in his eager animated way, went on mantmvrjng his 
cherry stones, and throwing his enemy's representatives into such utter confu- 
sion, that, already possessed of that victory m imagination which in reality he 
lived to gain, he concluilo<l his process, by swearing, he would lay (he French 
Admiral's Hag at his Sovereign's feel, a premise which he actually pledged lo 
his Majesty in hi^ closor, and foiiJifully and glonou^ily performed." 

" ITial he carried this projected manteuvrc into operation, find that the effect of 
it was successfully decisive, all the world iniows. M^ fnend Sir Charles Doug- 
las, Captain of the Fleet, confessed lo me that he himself had been adverse to 
the experiment, and, in discusi^ing it with the Admiral, had slated his objecUons ; 
to Iheae he got no other answer, but thai ' his counsel was not called for ; he 
required obedience only, he did not want advice.^ Sir Charles also \old me, 
that whilst iJie project was in operation, (the battle then raging,) his own atten- 
tion being occupied by the gallant defence made by the French Olorieut against 
the sh/ps that were pouring their fire mio her, upon his crying out, ' Behold, 
Sir George, the Greeks and Trojans contending for the body of ralroclusl'* 
the Admiral then pacing the quarior-cleck in great agitation, pending the cipo' 
riment of his manuuvre, (which in the instance of one ship had unavoidably 
miscarried,) peevishly exclaimed, * D— n the Greeks and d— -n the Trojans ; I 
have other things to Ihiuli of,' When in a few minutes after, his supi>orting 
ship having led through the French line in a gaJlapl sryle, turning with a smile 
of joy to Sir Charles Douglas, he cried out, " Now, my dear friend, I am at the 

•Ctvioc of yout Grpok* flnJ "IVfljnua, and Ihew^olecf i!om«r'i Ilimr or a* niudi 
«f il tu» vo» iiI<iU4Ut lor the cii'^niv n in onnltj^ion, aniT mir ^icrory la icfuro/ 
Thu Dficcdotc--, cofuxrily h* [ rtly»t «, I butl ftifl" TbuT i^iMiinl nflipi*r, untimely 
lOBt liO hii Counirv, uhoM- (■loflotir u'urif'd tit ivh ItK Actmirtl cf (ute Iv^ftif Jm 
laurclt. and who'diMknming wM th^irv in ilic mnna^iivro, rta^, criikrH^Am^ lie h^d 
flhji!ci«»l lo It, dill, i'% (hff rvion (loiniwl and drculed Iffna.jpiii jind jit;ajQ ro- 
paat <!;■ honauniN^ .iiirtTiiiion of ili? (^ounfiejUMt cctndiici W liifccmiitEinclin^ 
«lhci-r on thAi mi-monihlc (Iij)i-'*^Jfm#(rr </ Aiciord Vumf-criami LoKeii.n. 
IMf- ^fii^ l.ywg'f 407. 

, V lt*kfl»mfijr tH ilkfl nnlfiin in ih*? Wumt Chrnninlp, iiJ, lA, niint«d by Si/ 
{lem^l l^i^ffl^C^'^'^i^iir Numlicr, for Mov.^ngp^MU.uiK clr«r tWh^wu not 
tenntvnl a{ Ehc f^iTmcL^ fmui tbr Mtinioi;? uf Mr. CiunbcTliiiKl, with irhich Vin- 
Jci tmi tivourf^d ua. Sif HuwxiJ liu>i ilmLmcily url'rrU:i] ti^ Llinc, u vnrCI u 
to atluiT Uiditiumii tircumM^tiutAH it a uiMv\(^t nliidj 9;iiiifLU:Efiri]^ i^^Udm 
theiBt"'^!''^ 1>* i^'^ ui. ilul iu\ I'ailii'c ticvT^i cuuld bi^ jituvuilvd vn lu tlitim 
fD0T«1h4n SirGn>(>;v lUnliiuy had publicly \;iML-\A liim. — " lliut i\wn atv mimjr 
ptiwn* *liU liFinp «ho mnrmbcr vv\\ [lie deLcnty niUi whrcli hi* Ksiihrnr 
waved ibii HJbJFd ttIitti (irr**r'l ^n" coJnplunpriidl uu il ^''— ** d^JL lio mvir 
WOQJd KCf pt, wh«(i »i cviiiialimtiitcdf iiiciitef aliiin iti iJc Imitoun of liltJl diiv 
flwtt likd bcri) 4jllhddly eivrii lo luiu ," aid ibut " ihi^r liulj iirinefpkil Htnitk- 
mciiU lire bccicitifulK and ilfonRly iiprand in scvtml iifbti FjiLiift't Irltui^" 

It jtppfonio uia dicrc c^uld lap no iufdium hnc orcooduci for Sir Clmln Lo 
pursue : nz'mt ^" ^^'^ juU »<I proiH-r bnacipLci of dtioUin^ die vtbuls civdit 
on IjJH chirii sinJ " «onnrj+;," tui Mr. riuiibcrlBnd i«yv, ** to rob him of uuv 
kut' of burul, bill diat of altT'tiuiin^ lo btni ihc ifAi/ii merit crf eIli! bnllipujl 
tvlui-'^rmcrtE' Wc hnvc aivbuyi tlkou^bt thai iiiott iv nadkiu^ in Mr. Cunibcr' 
land's account bui V!h-M mcrKtanly drnifi ftom tlti' iIc1«miiijdiioii wlni^li oir 
Chorlvfl Dou^luK bail utluj^Al ^t iliiir iiiot-f nut lo my <;»r odmil any iliiitg to it«B- 
luil^i it lbc< i1i|j|jiiErt J^jgti^t, the currottl ol jiublLC H[i[>Jni)&c, i^nd coiiacqueiitly 
IC dikclikim |mblic]y all ilmro in thu nianosuvrc. 

Uui Ifac ttalcmont nov' put (on\t IdjuIi via, bo^gnd jjl flu«h tnditional lutd 

nirmlionAl circuntttann:*, Iti lliu fictv of Ibr onvv rif brought Turvrbid by Sir 
w»d ; and lliPW at* nd only ;kfovi'd by tint ti^tjctiooy of perjoaa noiv li^inj;, 
w»r« MCfUnlly prumi on ibr ofcnajGjt. and atw flnrl lustrii x^hal pQ^^Lrd. but 
rnovdOvDrr wifmliomT^d by ilic ftcriial tirfrumfirfljicvn of iImh optrjiion i pro- 
1WaDC«d 14 be <T)rTTCt by v^.<m1 oibirr highly dift^n^uialiud oAk^tT' »ho were 
prsent in thparfinti, flmi »II tlM-*- t'Oftfirniaiivr- o* wFint liu tetn, pttrmusly to 
Sir Hnwunl't STutfim^n^ nuprtrd by oiii> of '>iir lir-ii ruval histornkiiJir upon yd 
fiilWr ov^dcrH'i', for iriine of tdi iniatmuiiu arv ntW luiw ulivi" llpon diyjte TatU 
thr i^Jiir muiii rt'it. unices iliey c<id bi- disproved oi LUtrrmliint 

Nnr do vre diirik Qi^il Sir mvkMrd I>v;ijjus W-a di-vuitwl Mspniijiny frcm ihuL 
princifiTi? vftiiJiidut^l hhkh bi> dixiiuuiij^liol pHit^it o^onxHl. ?ar,aK hirTlonnrd 
Aftj% iVqumiun ]ji4jimbrmiL^m ibt L^UbcilLiEidhi^c-ipi^iriorini^ iTtJCi : but wbo- 
tfl«f ihp ori woutd ban: Irtci^ doQc a[ all, bud nui Ihfi work of iMr.Ckrk tiv-'ti 
juSUnhtd and iiudicd by Ibirj^' artjl tifliccn. Ui ih\ v\nu-*i' of ihii invMtlgt^ 
.fion Sii lliji^ard pTcnt\ inrwuk-itiblj t dkU tiie siiim-aiJon i^in^' frum IjIi Fnthor 
In tilt \k'H *?( iKii^ii, but wjlli k:rr.i: iiuuU H-imr difvuKci eIh: v*l»At; lurril of [he 
^ci U|i"it Lah^I Itoiliiry Ijinihclf. Adil ibrj^ lu ui^r upLLu<jTi> ■> brjEj^jifrjliEy iind 
JiHli(;j<ju^lj' ibinc, bccniut, \cl iht idti &r fcUK^'Mtiuii cniijp lo j coianurirPiT'iTi- 
chirr ttitm pUii (jUiiiwi il nnfy. \\it mrrit uf m/inf ii[iuil j1 imiiai niLich wholly 
tnd iwlfly to tLiiit oflji^^r^ u^n vbom fulLs all iIjc rtsfrvijMbihiy tit whicli ivrJi 
«n aci mnv iptc nh-. 'in bini ihuaI 1>« ^tcn «I1 the merit, (n lint ^vtnii iirsuo 
OfM, u tipoi; iiiui rniul f(Jl 4II tb« Ubunt', in aavo of fnilnre. Ib^x, Sjj Howiinl 
Xkoiifkn uri, " Str Gcan^t Uodncj' determined mtHit icii|lhnt!\| Dud viih trmr 
gtCBlPCiB of TDiiidi 1^1 odopl ihi' udirico of (he Cupmii) of t*,i Tlcet;"' niid »c 
cotibflf tbu vhil-i A ^twt wrvkw i« done \q iuiioticaL tnitli und u> pr<»f«»bEi.d 
merit bj Iha tUitvintEii of thoM iobomtiog fwU, Uwr< a pooititcly uuLbni^ d? 


rogKtoiT to Lord Rodney's repulatioD or Bcrriccs, cnlem Jt be contended flini a. 
chief ™uld never listen lo any adviCG or aupgeslitma that may be offered in a. 
moment of peculiar difficulty and promise by his chirf executive a^sistant- 

Anmher Correspondent ^ A. C C. seems to think that t>je deduction he draws 
frooa MrXumbcrtand't4 Memoira, conflicts only with the evidence of Sjf Charles 
Dashwood ; but we miwt remark, thai Sir Joseph Yorke completely corroborates 
the teatiroony uf Sir George Rodney's other aide-Je-oamp. Some part of Uie 
** DOte* written at the lin^'* by Sir Joseph Yorke hare been left on t in the 
Stalenient, but enough is shown to establish the /nc/^ that the suggestion came 
from Sir Charles Douglas in a proper, respectful manner; and we repeat ihar, 
unless these and other evidences, positive as well ascircumstantial^be disproved 
or ftiscredited, thecajf is iettled; and no traditional circumstances, unsupported 
b^ fresh fact^, can be admitted to shake the case which Sir Howard's Statement 
bika so cLeaily made out. 

Indian Army. 

SiH, — T apprehend the " Old MnUeegatawn^/' in your last Nnmber, must 
have sipped fiig pepper-KaUr* on Choultry Plain, in the latt ccnturvt and have 
been reposing since on his bed of laurtls, or roses, on the banks of the Thames ; 
for DO such allowances, or any equivalent for them, have bten known in Bengal 
wilhin the ptflsejit century, orat least not smce the year 1901, as, he has staled 
to eijst ai present. Out double full baila, formerly received in the Upper 
Provinces, was abolished by the regulations of 1796; but an allowance in Ueii 
thereof ^aS) by the local gov^njment of that day^ continued under the head of 
** \^izjer*s allowance/* or additional full batta, to the officers serving in the 
Vizier's dominions until 1801, when Lord Wellcsiey's government abolished 
that allowance, and granted full baita at all the stationfl of the army, in iiea of 
half batta and quotlers auppiied hy government at those stations where half battn 
and no quartersy but a contracted scale of house-reoi m lieu of quarters^ and 
watermen and swf^pers, formerly furnished by the government, ts now pre- 
scribed. There is much reason to believe that this equaiizaiioti propensity, 
which has be4'n pulling down the Bengal allowances, in many ways, smce the 
commotions (lo use no stronger term) in the Madras army in 1808-9^ may still 
exercise a very sinister influence in the Divan of The twenty-four kings- 
Lord Combermere, in Che generous spirit of true nobility, has said to his pre- 
sent superior in office, Lord W. Benlinck, if the principle of equalization must 
be enforced^ raise the inferior to the superior level, since the latter is no more 
iban is indispensably necessary for the comfort, health, and efficiency of the 

But in fact there i^ very little or no such discrepancy in the allowances of 
officers, since, by the Court's orders of 1623, tlie regimental allowances at all 
the presidencies were tquabzed. The only settse, therefore, in which any differ 
ence may exist, i» not in the scale or amowil of allowances, since, where fnU 
batia ia allowed, all receive the same rate ; hui iliat thers: aie still some, per- 
haps several of the home stations and garrisons, and in Madras and Bombay, 
where the officers rpceive only h-tif batUi, but therewidi, have either quarters 
found them by Government, or house-rent in lieu thereof, as now prescribed for 
the named stations in Bengal. f In a spirit of just and equitable legislation, the 

*1 believe the derivation of this tcnn \a from M\i\]eefia. pepper, (perhaps the Cayenne, 
or red Pepper) and lawny, t^'iJ^i and Ihc impraved gooil iiin9*<, ^'ith ihe judof a good 
old cock, or piece of beef, known to Oricntali as mallopgalawny, u rrom tie poorer 
hiessaf^e natives, who in fajlure of belter fue, add a little pepper » lurmciric, »c- lo 
reni3er their rice Boniirwhjit nioro ]>alalabl«. 

t Theabolilioa of which syilem in ]801»l>y The grant of full batia inhcu of quarLei«» 
produced a gn^ saving of eipf^nae to Governmcrit. — Sa LietU^-i^oL Baln't Me- 

96 c;oicKitJ^ro?tDtE?icii. 

oljji^fil : — liM, if mdt i]«duclioD of Uu: i:itun^ Oii Ik midir Iri ttic ullnwunci'i ot 
iillitejt <iii)»iiicntljr with Ml ihr tinrumilaiicf i of llK^ir »i1iiniioDtibJ Ilic uuiM 

Uu; wiiicli LiHS b«;Ku larifUlivnU hy ilir EivhU> mindful nnil ilbiMrintJH Ij}vi\ IIjijl* 
tiii^ uiid Uit nkicctiMn iowm lo ihe prr^inl Lime, n^lirtiurr ti Ih <;firitiNl(-irf wiUi 
ihoM- pjincjplcH 10 ttukka llie r«iu«ioQ npplimbk lo dj^ijw oflireni Hf»w in tlic 
ffrviar, wLo Imtc boon pitt^rcstiwly in ih^ rvcuipl ufil linrc 1C01, (nuirly (Tic 

4TpijruU4ii, a* lVi« >cu1« uf i whtcli ofticcn ^11 enter the Mrrici? hrtiCvforwAril- 


Sav^tl Stirvei/r. 

^tU^Somtt monthf havjrig cLipMH? «Ln<iD the fciuin of his Majejily'* ihij] 
DlOttOm fraiD hvr VLiyn^i* tnilif (rrtAil Ontin, ^nd ntti fuvuiji i*u«t m^^ c^yi?* upon 
anr idvniiumKnt uEiiionnnik^ IT« piililiE.'aiinn nf dt^. }hfchy\ (iHir-iliw ; I 
■Inll (w*l ribli(i«d ea any of youv rvadert tq infomi mp^ ti vc uk u^iri it Iw ^n- 
tifiMl ^ly till* u[3|it4niiice, in print, oHijc rnirrpri*iiig (a.j>riLin'» acooant tif lil* 

I thiEik ttipr* rail he tia «i»ti»irc.iLi''i.' lt» iim-mil tlir \y\i\iik- frimi ciyoyinglhe 

iiHviKHiftn, ftuil of ^virtiolpNng tn thrh pkwurci lUld mkIit<!uTlne hji l»r;jf uiid 
h<> vaiiml a voviipr. 

^iiinr diHpfioinimr[ii, 1 n.NiDlJfH.'l, «iw uimiiftBleJ ul Ibt kpcpinc hirk ihitnr' 
cijiujt of (.'up!, ItiicLiJLJtV Ptil»r ui(s tlir fVHHL>iii prtjWi]^, o^ ^viiicli ik^i, i^u^ 
jJHJti liirif <if aliM-utif , miJ ilw pnutilj uf ^n-at^iid^ uj fumi hi wurt frtnii; how* 
vvi. wIli'ii lW piibltL: lEiifiH'ir u r?ai|rtg)r:d foe thr; futihL-iaiK;i- uf >l:lt•mT^. tTii- 
pubhi: vOEnjdt'j li »A a tna-liti of li^lii, 1}mi xUfitc^uuM uf lire Eiuovaclioiih vihtrli 
occur oij tudi {icc^uniTiii sltonjld be puljli»Tjt^iJ,ai lt:Ti9t aj a t'durti^'jui ri'ium fuf 
tbc TiintiJiIiturF of nt ntoutij^ 

W bjUl viL l!ir itiirir^itijitf ^uhjixi of <lr)icini'ry, I cjLELtml ItHp rrfltclLiiu an thv 
Iodic piuttUitxi lu Mnrlt iBi'iikprivui L'(iinuiiUidef» tfn «arviy< fir Hiib]«i.'i, Wfunr 
lhrju«l Pcwiiiil uf thi^ir ofduou* ^erfiott i* owurded them. This irflirlivn, 3w, 
Oontt U my iBiiid fiircibly tlif ftlhcr diiT on mccIJug mih a jtudfiilbu of <T4nL 
Parker Kin;;, nho ba* btrn 9 C^mmnj.iWr ^pht yatsn \ anr] hn \.<iva iQijiit u^ 
dv^lrioiisly rmployrrl. m it >«!l knnwn by fcn junt-j* ivt NVw ni;il][uiJ, foi 4 
iktftrn irf yaiLrA, I ncvi-j liiwl the pliuiHT^' nt 'Ctinkf Crtpl. Kiiitj nnr .un I ac- 
q\iui(jU<I ■mih any pnrt of tiic fiimilj ; bui [ linvc licnrJ liidi nptilitn uf^ l,j ju 
wBotxrof Ihv Knvy, who mrt hiin M il]i> J^niilrri, in thf Ikigbtsri f^ii^tiMi: (ivn« 
V nn olhnw nnil a giiiiLlwrnun, U-n<-l tu lltN anmlmiml, hr uturcd mi^j all wlio 

In Tiu-ninnmii^ Ihe name* of lbo« duly i>iofiil offlccffl who Ubvo 10 wvU nutiu 
•d tbc fcbanki oii-l gnimucic of tJii» mtiriiiini:* hjo-HxIom Sy tfiftix *urvi;jii, you 
OVtilMd to Buno uuc!, ivho Ku rHndt'ml mocit H'rv>cv in iSul hnt l^y }lU lilfmLrj^ 
on lh« POPrt iif lahnAnTy J mMn, Wt, lluninntk, Mnirprund Survey*,; in \lm 
Nmy; thli ff»n(ltP»»u «nii, ft»r many jnrt. M-hU't nf Sir J, T, Uact^vofilx'B 
Uftg ■Jii|it and r1»4trv*tlLy nuvmrJ by ihat g^llnnf Adrntial, 11 ind^mi bo is ao 
UniTonaUy . Mr, H. Lt « CaaihriEiiip and is Lmly nn tidminbhj upMiinHi of nn 
aticicnl Ifnion. 

1 V1II MHi Kti-Lik nf finnTlii-r oflScwr cf whjtm I bavf» h'4rTl : Mr T. i;ttoij, 
M.ttl^r e^Kk M4j<iiL^\ Nljip lUAilagurar, w)io> [ mn li>M, h* in oflirT und vm- 
nifln, U, oni» of ltj« cTovtrtit rop<n in the wnrlm. 

CUllltEliPO:4DK?4Ci:. 9* 

- Sib, — Tbetip u do act o/ ihe late Mr. Row whidi Iwa itu|>iP*MO u|>i>u th* 
MiEHis of tb fbllow couDlTi-nKn an opioioa of hid sagacitv 4ud political wisdga 
note tban tht e^iablubraeat of Savings tixnkj, vhich on^ituted with hiFD ; uiiJ 
I haTc bo doubi it vas hu iDLeniian and deure« (hat llitf iiituiltfrt uf tup na^id 
pToieaHWDr (of which he hirasvlfwas ^t one lime a tuember) »xlioso iiittinws wer* 
limited^ should hare the benefit of the insiitmion: indt'nU nuUL ihv Uu- ulu«n. 
tioiis in the lulcs, the; fully participated in the advjnU£« ah'^injc ic»in dt'LhtAiu 
placed ID these banks i biii aiuce the nev ru^ea have coini> into ojtor.ition. i>in^^n 
either of the Annj or Ptary are excluded, 

Accozding lo the ^tst class of persons admilteil In ihe benvhls of liio iiiititu- 
tion, it appears that those who nrv noi en^'Jireil in huvine^t. -AU^l \\AVinz aii in- 
Hiine not exceeding one hundreil pounds per iihnwni, an- ehgible ; yet n fni'iul of 
minef a Lieutenani in the Nat~^',o^ presentincr himself al u ^viukr^ Ikuk for iht 
purpose of depositing aome money, (which he hnd olU-n done ar the sumo hunh 
before the alieraiio^i in the rules) nos informed that lie cinild iiol do >0t 4:1 hf 
appearing to be a i^entleman, did not come under (\w deMoiiiiimtion of i1i<i^ iHf- 
sonx admiiled lo the benefit of the instiluiiO[i. Now, Sir, iia yuu ntt- ^ frii'ud to 
ihe two services, it b hoped thai you wdl, el^ Kdiinr of Ihn Tiiiinl Sitvli-c Jour- 
nal, advootie Iheir cau^, as coDiieelcd with the ithctw stihjvct i luhI suri' I uitt 
that it only requires lo he pUctd in a propter liifhl ^tcforc tho^i' who liave tlie 
power to do justice to dint c^siss of hi?i Majealy's duTjful mbjecH, lo be ^'t ritzlit. 

According to the I2lh, leHi, and irtli clii5ie< of ndiniirpfl i*r*mn!i. travNk'r*, 
derks, shopmen, and warehoii><ement Ti'Vf^tLue DlKct'rs, clerKymi'U, ami di-v^inling 
miniAteri, mOBtera of day-schools, and teachen, *' q-ho^e income' does mil excised 
on« huudred and fifty pounds per annum,"' arc [icirmiMeil U» make ch'|iosiI,i ; yet 
Ffaral and Military officers, wiUi incomes under ihai <um, are cxchideii T W'v 
Buy ask, have their services to the ittate bren so unimportint, as nut Lo entids 
them to the sanic indulgences S'-, the above classes of his Mi^eiity*^ tubjccti F 


Minor PtinUhments in the Ann\f. 

Ma, Editor, — I was so forlunale .is not lo prm unnoticed a letter nii^ned 
Y. A- in your Number for Augu<ft, which induced me to rtfpr back to your June 
Number for the former lerier from the same wriler^ vhmh luid escaped my pn^ 
vious observation. 

The subject upon which iTiose leUers ireal, is nf snthviTiil importance lo r-vrry 
officer who is bktly lo huve any command, (rvin tIiokk'^ ** should he only tliat 
of a detachment for a shuri pi-riud,) ami invtilvcM so di^cply ihr- fi-i^lin^^i ani] t'ha- 

lacJers of the officers of iht nnuy w'^^^'^'y^ ^''-'^ '''■' t'"' '^'"= "f |'r<>in(iti'H( iHp 
important object which tin; wnrer seems lo Uh^u Irul in vnw, I unt irtdnrid lo 
ur^ you most earnesily lo republish bodi Ihose lell'TH X'ri-'^hcr m ibr first Num- 
ber of your nent \'olume. 

I have tlie honour to remain, Sir, 

Your mo»t obedierjl humble servant, 

(>. K. 
.Malta, 20(hOcM829. 

*,* VVe should have izreat pli^isurc in complying wirh the sui^-jirsiioTi of our 
Correspondent O- U. could we iifiVnd the i|i;it(' rH|ui-iii' fur Ihe rTpidihi-iiiion 
of the wnsihle leur'ts reftrreil t'j ; O. K.'>i ri'marki, **ill, h'lwc^iTt U'lV': ihi- i-ll'-ct 
ofcallmi^allentioii to diem, imd uf imLiihu^ ''Ul Tiu-ir sihMii'fii jh uiir \*'-i/> *. A 
reference to the Circular of die 2^<i of Ih:. 1 '\2'.t, rnvricil ni 'lur j^nwinr Num- 
ber, will prove that the Suhjtcl in r^iiF-lior^ bas not ■^Ca[>i'd tlie jHsrvadiiiif ali'rn 
tion of the highest authority. 

r. S. JocR>. No, 13. J*%. tn7A>. a 


^tCtuid MatTcrj in thr Nav^, 
Sin,-~l' ^ v^y Rurpri>iitiy tliai, ulUtoiif^h lliei^ -aw scjiiii* iv„'ijl:i1ic>rit tii llie 

'ilmoil i^t'neTuJ (Jiiinicm o1' lU vlUctiiH. ]mlis|ieuMljly (utiifbitt, ao IjtUt aiiftuion 
ts iMitl lu tUnn ^fi the prajvi fttiaiier. 1l IjikpptitJi thai. Ij^ one of ihe vtcTe^L rt- 
ffulnUQiis tvtr iflaptrd by liie AiLmirolty, iac hi*e nuw lwl> Ji^ljiitt i:ld5HV pf 

Sil yenis' hrrviur larcinurv vlJiri^'lc fui ll^v »nk of LuniEnrutjl ; Uic: (iltitr, Ul w- 
©uriU tliMA, rlniblr, flitri fi'c >iiu», \m tlic iJiuaiiuEj of Sec^tfid Mmrcr. Ni^j", 
wliul [ nam ijj pDiLit cut na lo |wculiarly ulMurd id. thai ft]lhciu;,'h» W (be NnYil 
biiUucitojiBt nU MliiIj.'^, of "fliitovuraUjrLdinx. rniik mih i}iv Jiiitjnr 1 iciLimtiTits 
ill ihc unvy, Ihr S^t'cciLu^ Mnalcr (ihv icnH^ iirTnr'ti»fii!> l>rLov Ma^Eit) (uki'A 
wfCftUiKxi vi%\\ Mmt*- llie dflia ofcfttfOniwIiiT l«vi? |'ft^*t'd ilieir cMiTnuiuiion 
Ibr I-ituiciiaQU. arid thciuforc prcrv^I lhi?'r>3eU« cfigible 1o conLmnnd (ttl Mu- 
tc«, for wbioS •Htmtion lV«ip Srinr^J ftliuicr? hove proHnblj noi jvl T^^ii^rd 
lib(i«r cmmjimtitirt. lWliii|is ynUf Si'^ or nqitk* of your ccprre^iHU'E^iin, cati jp- 
foim r-.r why u mJi", fiUtr H'^i; vtfflf«' ^crviw, it bKllL>r obW \a ut« cn^timnriJ uf 
a fiMfif ihnn orrc ^ho had screed tii.oriinicen, ar MiiHcun, — lor, I blu>b Irt tiv, 
il jB \\Q yncommon ihin^io mtcl f^omlrmpn of siic^ hnig slnndmf, arid ul nn- 
bUmiiUd nhamrriT, (•iiTTiff who liiivt* fo'iaJit. and biwn tv.'n HOunded in the 
|iti( war,) ■"rmi^ urmvlly iirnlir lh«» wtmiiiai;d ol o^p of Ihe^e ^ftiphng S^ci^id 
Mi4iiUn. ot tcutL-uly mK y«Lkn* utLin^liiia m tliv JiLLvy^und suui? fram (Iw >1«r>:hiint 
Jjfvrk'KV of lUll \m. Ii hB» Lieen ai^meTLmes ur^Atl Tfini Stound Mulan irc ge- 
canlly old^F B4ilAf«,and mor» nivritri^i ihnn Mntvi: but dii« i« nlmoft im- 
poHibk~ fi^r \\if »*^rci(y r-f i»flicbprjr M^^itpri \k lurb, ttiat ther* :irt al pTf**'i»t 
mny urtmi; Maiu'm vww nn tlifr fiomff «iiAnont, :«ni1, if n Si^rnnd M:«t''T ta 
uwtrt » r»pi'-yfl"i, lip is nev^r lon^ wirhoul sn -rfctm^^-flrdtr nr prnmriTinn. If, 
SiF.yoii think Li vati^ »hilf to imurr cliii i-ilV»n fhf mlrv ro enrrvti an nbiui^ 
iVMCli hu niitrr] ?(omf tLm«. I u-i1l trcii monvh frvxihlf ynu wiih n frtf iriortf 
wmarkt ud lliiti clrnnnf MsL^tfri, ",inh you iviH And, in » pirat niJ!iuiiifT, lo 

t um, Sir, 
Yourohediemtiuinhle stTrant, 
London, Ociol«r7tli| 1629- Uii^f.nvaTOK< 

Bu^— 1 nftdflVBOknovded^, ibai I wji nol-iw-d^c^rf ihcnrcari^nui-iLl rcUlive 
Mlbv Vupplfof oimoniitm, mtnlioircd iii y^na number for Novrrmlifr, by Vi^ 
rittu; i\ H rvrvvthin^ thfcl cftiL h^ dMircd- Dot a fcvr ycitT? hucc, dud (jf a^utun 
1 conceive prior id iu b&vjnK iakf.^ plan', n vc?f«1 I ciunmiMionrd hu^ hiiit- 
cLcd wiili one, by dip A^nt remdciit ul uif *«i'|ii>rl, of aiP of ihc iiriiKlual 
London mtilpnif aud iKlb called my iiitcuiuri Ui di« *i»bjett, Vfrilu miilakci 
mn, if \\t} ihiiiki J ilitj uolunl^d bv ft fipiriL of cavd ur compVcrnt ; it la tatiier 
ty a dviiirc lu wti uij raiitt U tho ptdblio vtcal, — our dui^ oiio onJ nil, 

Vour olicdioiit acrvujf, 


Sift, — fri tilt EUveiiih Numbti of >oui tidunblc [lerirjflitul publicaiiuii. wo 
obicrve iniliefwt.ct of Mr- Cow's " llttujrk* ou Ihc filling ufUthiis Ac," ftiit- 
tcrinj^ incMioii maJt uf our P^iiml Wjiirr-proikf CIoiIj ; Wl juij ('^i^rcM iiii 
opininn, iW 'MTip Ijidinn lULliir b<?m|4 dimolv^d in AjuiiLt uf t*n|joraiiit'. Iir- 
*fimip* luffldy mHnfum.iblc' Su<:li ou^fejcr^aliim. ftom aquanci poiHaiUnc »J'e 
MVlhiinly <]f y6u( Janmitl, mey b&ve a fcrtdrnct to r-niur a ptejudtw tt^uutttiie 
■njcl^v u4 ^^ thtrdai* IaL* an rorly nppDrtuatLy of uaurii^ you I^i4l it U 

esMnliol lo th« efficacy of ihe manufeciurer^ wheUier fbr rtsiating wel or retnin- 
i(w tdtf that the BQlvent be entirely evaporafed befbr ihe water-proof or air-tight 
&Sri» are used, aod that their apontaneous ignitioa ia not to be apprefaeju^ 
uuder iinj circumstances. We have the honour to be. Sir, 

Your very humble servmt, 

C. Macintosh flc Co. 
P'S. Maptha is eicludively used for the arttcles roaDU^tured here- 
Manchesier, J2th Dec, 1829, 

Pengiana to Widotes of Naval Officers. 

Sir, — Having just Jioticed the amount of PeauOD granted lo the Widow c^tho 
laie Capl- Bathiirst, I am led to aakj why the same allowaoce has not beeo mada 
to b«r as that usually giTeu to Widows of Officers of the correspoodiDg rank ? 
A relefence to the list of Pensions will at once ahow the difference between this 
grant, and that which the widows of Brigfadier-GeneraU who have falleo at the 
head of their brigades have received j for it must be recollected Ihat th? laie l^ 
mcDied Captain of the Genoa <bore a Commodore's pendant al the moment he 
fel!, and as such ranked as Btigadier-General. Independeiil of which, he had 
been above twenU'-five years of ihe rank of Jvll Colrrnel, and was nearJy at the 
top of the list of Pojst-Captaias - and farther, that he was the second in command 
of the Biilish squadron. Far b« it from my inieution io complain of the funouot 
bestowed on our biave military defenders i but it would be but ju«t that tha 
sam« liberal remuneration should extend to those of Naval men who lose their 
lives in action against the enemy. It jb my humble opinion that tiie wJdowi 
and children of of^cers, of all ranks, who fall in the field of batilct should be 
entitled to the same pension as their husbands would have received, had they 
lurvived the contest with the loss of a limb only^ More than a century ago, tho 
widow of a captain of a frigate,* who fell in action with a frigate of !■ ranee, 
had £500 a year granted to her and £50 lo each of her daughters I It Tarely oo 
cnrs (hat our admiiab and captains breaihe their last on the deck where they 
have so heroically commanded, but when this event does take place, I am conn- 
dent that their couniry would cheerfully make ample provision for their (ami- 
lies, and thus aflbrd inem real consolation. 

Empfoj/ment of Half-pa^ Officers <m the Recruiting Service. 

Sir,— It has long been a desideratum with the powers th^ he, to economiie; 
I, therefore, taking you for a channel throui^ which ideas may be conveyed to 
fhe above powers, beg you to insert the following, in hopes thai it may come be- 
fore thetn, as I think it a feasible plan, and wonder it has not occurred to 
others as welt as lo myself 

On looking over the Army List, 1 perceive no less than forty regimental ofh- 
cers employed on the recruiting service, in diffcTezil patts of England, Ireland, 
and Scoiland ; uow^ it strikes me fjreibly, thai h.ilf-|i;iy Officers could perform 
this duty fuU as welt, and many would he happy to do it, and be conl^^nt with 
the allowances at pre>4ent grauTed, in addition to iheir half-pay, by which meiinH 
the duties of so m'lny Otticer-'i would he r^tvcd to ibeir respective re^imenls, 
and some of the dead weii^hl employed without any addiltorial expense Lo the 
nation ; at the bame time addnig someihinL; lo the coinloTt of the half-pay, 
as he would get ari allowance for lodging, fuel, and what is generally allowed 
for recTuiJs, &c. 

Your obedient servant, 


* Capl, CourLBiiay (I be^ivvc of the Borton)* 
u 3 


*i* Uur q(tTnH|H»Bitttit ^* J. M-" m Im tilUorvriv tnte1liB*Dl Iffllor ctQ Allio- 
, an, itMtrtad ai ikIto iSS4 «f our Phtrnmlx-r tiLimlx-r. luu njmmilMd ui «mr lo 
rAUMmp tlibt Ucn. Jfouchiocr* brlnde vu " ovcnhruwn " do thM vocwnn by a 
«hai^ af t'n>nch oaTfttry. Chi w codfiafv. thai bfi^adi rhiQIuikcI ilf ^und 
ttrauith'HJl ih« >)ai,' nirii a nit innvpidity and (rrfmwdouB \ovi. " J. U'v" 
rt>»oUl«iaii« ahfitjlil Imytt Ur^rn dmiTH from Th" MUTiirikp by tf"^ Polnh L»u»cpr^ of 
t1i» tfoopd uoiiifjutinK the tir^l K*i^* H Miim, WwflH'i ([iviaion^ whieL hnd 
•dvaiHOtl In tlii^ lir%t indance lo ih* U4iit«ntu o1 1K« Spaiiiardv, and wi^o war* 
■loblj *MppnrTnJ piiid firheTcd t>v tbe SpcodJ Lri^dc unduf (j*n- llwiff^ii-'n- In 
Ittliffr rrx^iHcr* ilic inf^'TPiiCM ftf " J \i '' arc mttpiiLOii* ^W hsvp r'^inn la 
.k[u>L« tliR! IriL XifiuT iii.'n*« ttiili 111* t'onim*iiii«"f ■■ J. \l-" in the Hr^imcnl of 
jllifl Inner, ihni Tin* I'fi^nth t'ommiudfri ^►'hi'mfly *rr* ii^nrnfii of ihr> " ^r'tnitfj 
tpfrnti^Tii," or Iki^hni or<li>r cif urik-> ; N^i ifTo Tillani (^fllonrri crtikcL[«m>i, it 
fioiiM ii^iprif, filMif him no ftinli^r ihur tS^ occwmi wfiTch olli ih^m FfMlh. 
K he Ifit* found lintf H^iilt itiili TJr^Vj \'K)nT. !ind SniiU, h<* bnt, wf ndniit, cni»* 
dviijunj .luELoi, 1)ii|iniiL, iind |>iihrimt<, vnih txti vpurinx hand— -wf thill iii*v hy 
id by Jiow ln^ lidiidW Smilf Liri [hf otn^nion iu qittisliofi. VV*i twliPVf Col 
Kapiert pnrcijTlt^ lo Lf limply llii*, — X\M buttlvn ntr won by mm iu a bnndif 
ooi ill buckrdiu — \nn vn^ dth not |j]v(1^ our^clvf} lo i\\t ujurn, thouijh succcit* 
fiiUv illiiKtminl by Ibf liijioncs of >aEioli.'ou, Weil^ull be Ijuciny to liciii arain 



L'i:jTti> ScDTici. Mi'^EtUy— We w uarWrizcd to announce Uiui i mo^tiftgr 
otimpovcd «f Offlcfrt tf bollt Scrvic^H^ wa3 held oti the l(^th Dec at No, 4, ReffVOt 
SiftfTt, k> luJoM mcQiuira for ibo csiubHilimcnl of a I'mK-d Scrvirr MuiPTum, Ma- 
jot-<^OTi^ Sir iJu^vLivd iX^u^ldv pi^-^idpf! ; mJ Sir Hrrlitfl Tiij!or, having;, 4a l'if<t 
Alde-do-Comp of i\u\ iviflic, HmtoiuicuiJ hin MiV|Cil)\ iwi^i ^raviiLm and «iiUr« 
kppfobiilion of mch On lu>lilutlon. rcaolutiuna svart aiiLimin<Mitly eoterpd ihTo for 
CAnymg Iho project intu eikcu ThoW procwdtngn nol bftma yet m a sTiwpo »ii*^ 
c*i»lly poitipkfp for publioaljon, vip ettfi only si pixcnt ii»le, g<jnL*rii!ly, Oinl the 
At^ulo of Kutji^TintujnH ndoplt'd ii ^ folion'fi : — 

X > d. 
For f»ltiCoTt ol both >«rk'jcaB uixlcr lli« mJt ol' C'l^puuu in the Army 

pi'T nr«mim , , . , C 10 

l1>inkiTi|C3t f'Mptnin . . - 1A O 
VitUl lyt^Ffn-Mid rr^ttniHv^^irh th'-«nm*tp<HidMi^rjnln In Ihv N>vy 10 
fjflipnii obnv*' the ninlc of <]nloin"l ^ V fl 

A [Voviaiuitu.1 Cn)itiaill4^c wiu FurirjLN.!. of uhitb Sir lluvrarJ Dtru^lu i^L^nicuted 
(u acl IL4 (.'li, And CwniQiTtdi.'i Ifci'iy DuHn«, K.N. KavtriG Wen :ipp->inti.-d 
SccivLiry, hud trijpiiivrird Ui fta-ive laljstriprioui, tlw Otncrrs [jrr!ieiit iinii^idii- 
•lly tuliAcribt'd mrTvu^iiijf In the hIkjv« Kiitt^i uuid Uit Sircrrury vrill cunlinuu ti> 
f*Cci*c si)lHcri|'»Uiin» ana coutriliuliojiB* al Ui» nimrttcieuu. No, 4, IttTitnl SirwU 
Thunki were votrd lo the Choir nkun, lo Sir UuibcriTnylur, ajid li^Copt. Smrtfi and 
C<K&innndcr Down^ti It.N^ who bad librmlly cooinbuicd ihcii privittc Coltfctrcuiii 
to the Mimrumr 

AncrLhci tfi<3Ctinir. oFwTiTc:ti duii untiti Mill he Kivm, for die dcRttrtivo argcmiia- 
tJon of Iht UiiLltd Service- Muvt^mu i> imip^u-d fu he hdd in ll>c plOMAt month | 
tnd Khv rv9oliitiuEii and ifnuucmt^EiU, wtiCQ coioplctfp nriil Ld piiblvhed nt Itrivgth 
](] the I nilod Service J^unuT. 

Nivi.r iuf'r'^vhni t> Eloc k i^ iirt Wrav t^mu. — Adftnccrous look hu beeo 
Inttiv fuuijd 111 Elic Silvct Kuy I'uviu;!^ (tint of the Windward 1'u.9a^^) whiehi fll- 
lliot^ lying 111 to ffctjucaied % pvt, »pp«iri hjrherio lO hnvt eluded djieovtfy. 



A merchant brig^ the Augusta, from Port Plate (in Cuba) (o LiTerpool^ struck OD 
it< and received so much damage 33 caused her to be condemned m cooaequence. 
"ITi* Maiter slates il to lie fifteen miles N.W. of lh« SilTCf lUva, which will place 
it in Lai. aO* 41' N. and Loi^. 70* 10' W. nearly in the middle of the chanue]. 

It ia worthy of remaric that sodk old Spanish charts uotice some iock« nearly id 
the aboTe situation, under the name of the " Three Kayi;" but from some neglect, 
and lapse of lime, they aeem to have attogelher escaped the ooiice of chart-makeia, 

EwTiAif CE OF THE Tbames- — Shollenden Windmill, oq the Coaat of Kent, a 
veij valoable mark in the naTigalion of the eatraQi:^ of the River Thames^ his 
b«cn reported hy the Tnnity House to he taking down. It is with much ntis6u 
tioit we are enabled I0 ouDounce that it will be immediately rebuilt, 

Co*ST OF THE United States. — The Light-vessel fortnerly stationed off New 
York, is now moored off (he Capei of Delaware^ on the S.W, edge of the fivf 
&tho<n hank, in seven and a-lrajf ^iboms water ; Cape May LighSiouse beariDi 
N, 69» 30" W. distant fifteen and a-quarler miles; the centre of the shoalcsl ground 
on which is found fourteen feet water, bears H. 38" £- from the Light-ressel dia^ 
tant two and three-quarters miles- It extends N- by £. J E. and S. by W. | W, 
three-quartets of a mile ; and is half-a-mile in breadth, and very bold on its eastern 
edge, as there are twelTe fathoms balf-a-mile to the eastward of the shoaUwater. 
Vessels coming from the northward should not run for the Light-vessel vhil« bear- 
ing between N- 14* K and N. 41* E. Id a S,£. direction, Ihree-quaiters «f 1 mile 
from the Light-Tessel, there are five &thoms water. 

SrEGE or Dh rr arro a E.— Captain Creighton, of the 11th Light Dragoons, has 

{'ust published a Narrative of the Stege and Capture of Bhurtpore, at which he had 
liroself the good fortune to be present and personally distinguished- It is an in- 
teresting and complete account; aj^d we only await some expected details of ope- 
rations connected with the siege to notice the subject more at length. 

HoHOEABT DisTiNcTioKs-— AbsVacl of officers to whom his Majesty has 
gtanted honorary distinctions, (crosses, medals, and clasps,) in commemoration 
of their services, ia various battles or actions, from Maida, 1Q06, to Touloute, 

Fie1d-MaT»ilm1 . . . 

Lieut ,-G [literals ■ ■ - 
Majnr-Cencmla , . . 

Li^t.- Colonels . 

Cnptains . - , - . 
LieutenanU . , . -. 

■a 1=^3 

- p -= .2 
■e 5 E 






\ 71 

1 66 





















TofHl . - 

Ti.'il 1 ■.^& 

2,5 1 l?7 


5-1 1 S96 

^NoTE.' — Many officers 10 whom these distimrtiaM were ajipropri^, for some of tha 
a^ieAt actions, died, or were Itilled in other aclloat, before the general irrangeinAiit wes 
made for conferring the diatiiu^uiiu, and are not ihcliidAd ihoTV. 


^^^^^^^^ lOi 

^^^^ A SCCtrl'JLH (iLtKT Of XHti HlHKTtEHtd CG|rTtJ|Ll- 

{Tliii tii^uilvua lU'ifdraivti up bj bu l>0|c«, ujiyi rroi't tia vudtMid It/r^i, f/t^we MKfOl fPr 

















11 m 

4 T 







IJ 10 Jl 

«. J 

iif. »i 

IfOk lUf |S|4 ■«» H» u 

laar iHd ]9f4 T^Ht 19(1 

i»ire ima i«iv luti jmi uh^ 

A' 1 





r 3' j> 

1 J 

IVM IVm I^J> I'M UiV7 

Ittui i«i4 iv;^ iJiJt tost 

A| V 






Il 4| a 



U^ I^Vt ISM 1»1 l^f IHW 

llU>» llll thZf IxU tUM 

V 1 






* J i> 





UM L«l} l»U leu-l IHA 







Q 1 a 

D 1 

i»L imu Inl^L IflJU 14W 



7 i 



1 * 

* » 

3' A 

iqlt LNI» 1^1 1^1 I^V3 [HLlff 

UIO IKVI lliff llUt liriU 

1 < 






ol r 


4: d 

lATa ItilUl lllJT 10U LWl'l 

l^K*!- rtuiH. 

11 n 





n 1 



LMP \F^A|L5- 

7 9* 



ll«iV l^l« 


I40W l*W 

t 1 u 

C T 

H 1 


4 6 

? 4 

l>iai l-*n 


iJii* lun 

3 « T 

y a 



» 4 

1 "i 

IxiW laoQ 

|«I0 IMI 

1 4; a 


(1l 1 


T 1 


lart luon 

l«D l«t» 

« V n 

« 1 

1 e 


B T 

D » 



t T 1 

4; ft 

i « 


1 1 

1 a 

lUl IMO 


t A « 

t * 

T a 

»h ^ 


thOC M44 

1, S. 



4. A. 

6, 7. 

Muolij I TiW*iL;iT 1 

W,-,l.i«wI. X 

niimliiy 1 Frlifcaj 

1 ,SiiriLri1i> t 

^i:ii>it 1 

ISiopltj 1 Wi^tjitil. t 

TiMtiwI*/ ■ 

l^rl-liij 3 A*li||<t*j 

* ^V^UAt t 

Mortplny H 

Wnliit-I. 1 Tbm-blar 1 

I'mhil n 

HiiliiMiir 3 AiiHEiiV 

9 Urawljj * 

Tni^Uy » 

thi.r^Jjij « Fi1il»j 1 

&alari1ii> 4 

Si:t<Lih| 4 MiJlhlay 

4 'ffivvlay 4 

V*>rE|»»l 4 

Fndftj 1 »«Ei«nkf A 

tLctii'A* B 

MbUday i Tbudny 

A Wi<lHfii.|. 4 

Tiiiiv-ivr « 

^imlAy 4, SutifKf U 

Uuiiday (1 

rilP^fl) « AVnlflu. 

. a 'IJiriTiJiy c 

h^"y t 

dunir^v r 

U(ii4*y r 

TiiT'iIfl)' r 

Vl'idgnl, r 'HiMrHlii 

J Vfip)*? / 

^tloiittf I 

M«r*1ir » 

TlKtllJ* » 

W^.lhHfi. b 

Thmulay f Vritiiyy 

t ' BaiMilay a 

'Ic'-uit 11 


bV«lQraI. u 

TlLnnitKy 1» 

I'Thliy v' KB(iinl*y 

(t'Srwinv '1 

fktnihliy \t 

Wf^maI, |i> 

TbbrHlay ic , Pi)<l-y iti 

l^l4|fllay IQ dfHU.lT 

iO ; UvuUuy m 

TiiiKliy 10 

Hianli} M 

VriAty II < Sfilirii; II 

StrhDtV 11 MLHld-r 


Tn^uU/ tl 

W»1lHfl|, t\ 

PrlclBV If 

Simrdflr tH Strnttt J'J 

MmiijAy 11 1 Tiodrv 


Wnlnnl. IV 

J'liBKAay IS 

^T^J.J-) tl 

Hi'iiutr [;i Mi»m1<ij' la 

TiKklty 11 1 Wvji"* 

^ is 

TliM'vky 13 

rttUi 13 

Aii^iL>v Tl 

UiimN^ a Tii'<<i].iV 11 

lV<>.lKi(i»l. U 1 Thunrla 


Friday H 

^niarday H 

ffabUy la 

TuivljiT 1.11 W?4uiiid- ift 

iliundJty Id ! ^lAjif 


MrurKT U 

i^PWUlT 10 

7u.-4-l*J If) 

^ViOnu*!, la Tltitr>l>j in 

Viiftnj 10 ' llilunJij 


Eluiintv fii 

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Wi^>nd, It 

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af ^"*"f»*w» Ihc \*t«' ym "-k'K '*irh iitit ii»pI»* ihf ^Dnllii irr- il 

» Ac^m vlil'b f<Af f" 'he <««■ 

■(LHiulllkll AlfUTi'i 11 ihr brill of 4hi l.'<4nlnn d( (byi, for ihp ifblalv 

MnKh^n* fHVfr, ^4 kUW 

#Ual iliy llK ItHlUM Aomat Hill bt<«i tii ihr liiir iMl. Iji ihv I'tUff ^ LLip iMti yoi will Qlld 

■ III ti-t.' ■ IfciU, ki^ iiidbr .U'<icif ihT fivin nt} whloH dlr*«l> 

fvq lb CblvmH (tj, ■■ oliWi }<!» 

V IJl |ipml*(? Aukhii Imki (n Im- 'm Ihvjaifat. 





Thc Peninsltlab Melodees, — From the specimens we have seen uid houd of 
this interesting CollectiDD, which ia on the eve of publiiadon^ ve are piepafed to 
assure ila Subscrtbera that the promise held ont in its Prospectus will be fully rea- 
lized. The idea was an sdmirable onei and its eiecution, as Jar as we can judge, 
will meet ihe most sanguine expectMions of those Id whom romantic music is dear, 
and tbe word ^'Peninsula" a taliSEnan of stirring associations. We may lake this 
opportunity of correciing an omis^uon with re«iecl to the *' Spanish National Song,* 
inserted in our December number. It should have been observed that [his spint- 
ed and Poetical Hvoin was intended to fonn part of the ** Peninsular MelodiflB," 
^^■>, we hope, will " Riego'sHymn/'of a timiJar character, inserted in a prerioni 
ztumber. iTiere was a trifling error in the printing of the " Ifctional Song;'* tha 
third fltanza should run thus :-— 

" Tbfl voice of our cnuntty 
Is loud iv despair ; 
Shfi ralli to her children— , 

Sha fammaoft to * War V *' 

Da, LiAUflER^s Cauihet CTCLOFfniA,— *Hisiort of Scoteavd. — The ex- 
treme utility of a design such as that contemplated in iho Work, of which the Bnt 
specimen is before ns, is too obvious as wdt as ceoeialiy admitted to require any 
extended comment from us : — The question i« only as to the comparative efficiem^ 
of its execution — and here we have no hesitation in offering our unqualified testi- 
mony to the able and popular performance of the History of Scotland, hy Sir Wal- 
ter Scott- which forms the first portion of the undertaking. This important work 
is in most capaWe hands, and we shaUlook forward with well-founded expectation 
to Ihe progressive birth of ibe series. 

The F4«n.v Classical LrBPAitY, — Whatever Mr. Vjdpy undertakes is well 
coucei^ed and abiy executed. The *' Family Classical Library" is precisely sndi 
a work as might have been expFcied to originate with our most eminent classical 
printer and proprietor ; and is calculated to constitute an extremely usefiiJ comp^ 
nion to the other popular publications on a similar plan In different branches of 
knowledge. In the prewnl work, it is proposed to give a scries of the most ap- 

firoved Translations of the principal Greek and Latin Authors, and the First V^ 
ume, now before us, contains a portion of the Orations of Demosthenes, as tnuis- 
latcd W Dr. Ltlapd, and preceded by a Biographical Sketch of the Athenian Or*- 
lor. The work is beautiFuily printed, well arranged, and in a very neat and conve- 
nient Form. 

The Coif pahton to the ALUAMAfK-^We can recommend this volumci as per^ 
fectly adapted to its object. It furnishes, in a compressed form, a great mass of 
appropriate and useful inlbrmation ; comprehending also some matters, which tn 
even curious and scientific 



h?iEhi of five fe?t sii inches, beiug one inch 

ciRrui.Ait. under the general slaodaid. 

Horse Guards, Sept, 24th, 1829, An ejiraci of ihe article above alluded i* 

MxHOiiAr<J0UM,— With rsfereoce to Arti- i^gardin^ the Kleclion of men to be seal oat 

de 16lh of the He^lationt of the fith of to legiments ia tropical c|i mites isxaD?Ted; 

December la^t, for the Service and Reserve and CummaodiD^ Ottici^raof llpgjmenti nod 

Companies of Regiments on Forei^ Sla- Uep^^la, and Oflicera employed on the Be- 

lions, the General CommandiTi^'iD-ChLef is cruiting Seivire, are enjoined to use ths 

pleased to diieel, that the Regiments serving tilmoat v-i|-ilanre in judjpng the aye of such 

10 l^iopical Chma.Les^ ahail not cnLisE any recrtiitK as ofler iLeinbeJvr?. ho as to prevent 

KecTuiti) upder Uie aj^H of twenty j^rs ; and the inlrodiitlion into the service of any und« 

tliat, in CDntideration of luch r«stnction jia to ihp pretcnhed effe. 

age» thoi* regiments (eicepting the Cavalry) }\j (Senfral Lord Hill's command, 

■hall bs ptmitted to lake ncniiti ni iHe H^Tavlop, Adji.-Gev. 


OClKFR\[i 6R0«AJt. fJinCULAAfl, StC- 

KirliuT from ihc Ittt^lctmuB lut Htv oini- 
B4iid. ifaiKfnl >u>xriEi*eii J<m«. ^nii riiuij- 
aCWTitm *l llm K<«rv'j CorupBuic* ill 
Ki'girrii'nh ini >'flwiB«t Smiiorn. iltird 

" U\ llii: icLiy:liaii •*? uitn Ur ^■riLrp)i?Lr iIil' 

■tilfdi^fil lu liriT L;liiPi4l«< fli-filion mutt Lm 
pnii] 1u TFiM iijTu uiT'l ti>ii*MtufjOEi of rtn iri'fi' 
lijilth. ^n TtillHl**' <J«lT tTiH'J .'IrtJiilH, iM iHT 

a* 'pii^i\ih\ ef iff rliSiip,! biirl mn^i ■«'«tonril 
iwulti. Aiiil, iTipr»fanj.l^ilr|U*lllliT*J loWoi 
chi? ?t}vcLi or a I'li^xfi:^ if rliinatO' lim 
n|iinioTi of itta iMc^^L'^il UrTifi^r nttt^ of 
GiHirU) liarantulud Ui tJir uiWtJun/' 

Waf OiRcp. "Jfj^h Uct. Mafl. 
- 'Ctvrt.r»»rtf, --H#iirij i"mI wtiti antn- 
tbm rhe MoiiHVriif aF thp litnltr^nfr* M rhf^ 

RfTtrraJ b] liii f>iri]Ti4iij> ti>T ini cifittiilrni' 
liDD- ] And. upon o<iii"»tiin( »id ]<^ii ini- 
PUiM ibU h4fc b^n foTOi'rl^ c>*«n Ltpon 

Ihflin vt^rv riiirnrV t'l^n'^ »»?"* "I"*! **!"" 
■u^jix^L. tbiE tlicy all oi^ih in inttiiCmfiiEif 
lii«i tire ini^kcpjMr )■ h^ud to ^ndv ae- 
eommodalioD In hia own tuiw* nrffc* «fi- 
rvn Bflii uicn quiiFicrfMt vnon him^ and ihBf 
he rlivi nm fomjir hitnv-ir CEom Th« ptaol- 
tjaiiniiH r>[jLt cliLiiKii iiU\ic. Muiiiij A<-I in 

ottWMHH tf t^n^ ii*ni in ijommiilBiiun lorVn 
lWJ\iityta pttivtdo vLm Uio Uw d ■ recti nu 
(ho Itfaa, 

1'|ion ih» rtxU[ of l!)i< n^nn tud un'ii id 
rljuiii ttKiit tli^ tt^^i' tiriiiAni1"i tit"*' ^^in 
ho no iluubl. Ai tFirir i'lutii' "i in dtufnribjrv 
KitJj <ljf i"iOftf|Mu ul ftn'. InHT^idiLttirt. iftJ 
lh< oiraMiihv«l u»Jj;jy <i» Oif jitmco , kUi'T il 
nW^il OEfii^iori riiiljii^riLyiiEir-nt If It urri- |r(t 
bi lie n[»ljnri p( (In- irmVii^Hir tu ilnidc u|]Ofi 
fhu i]cH:n|HKin nf 1n(l|;ini- nlioiiid txi cnQhi- 
■JviyH a pr>o*i tulmlhTuli^ri of DCrnPimnilLti 
tUD lor Utt orhotnpr Im Mijfoly k tvrvii:^ , 
iltlion^h rfifm Pin hv no cktfKtha Uf nmkiD 
tuck VrrftnifffnixdlA, lailhcr Car tlii; uffiisr L»r 
tJit H'MJp'i pnivnlr'l tlir itplJun l<TlrAiii[fi 
tfcfl tniliiort. 'T'ift, hMift^ n U'rhJ ^ic^it, rtn 
(lone ^Iqt^nni' wlmhpr iheyconmrFi projrwij 
(riTt|r iSol n^St ; ami J , thvrvVnpt, nnniiE 
i?orEAiii[ la ifUJitify DT nlihiJftt tlwU T\fhi. 

uiA B *li"p<'*ilioij ic 4ct oi>iJrl«iw*ly imioroB 
Am eii^l pamorr «t ihc djautaUDify, ihtnlil 
U «7I Tlnm t1»nftaTLi« ifi* Uniiu offinr 

I jiin, OfsLiitrcniiii, 
\'9Ht ui(i«l nT^lrnni, ^iiirnlilv inmiLi^ 
II- fU>iiiwai, 

WaT-Umnp,2l*t Sun/. MB. 
Sm.-'Thr Kirt^ hiving' b«erj ^mt^hnifly 
plciiwl Lu difeit, Tint ill* H'vCTnl fulta, 
tuU vnlcn. tiiidej n^iWIi |ii::Ei>iu»t uinl ■!- 
|i>nan?vi nif ftnHiv^i an ni'toutit cf voiifld* 
ri^tiVfU 111 u^tinn^ thrhiild Im I'm^qnlnlslod 
IhiJ niDtndi^rJ, :iii(j tTiil f'trtain nl^iltT^OnU 
tf^iiJutbm relaU^F thucTo tTinl] bp auv- 
MitTir?!, I lii*c i^t liunuui tij Umwiiiil ft-r 
till' ifjfotiiiiUian ami iniiUmr uf 11** adii^iiiH 
unuor your oaflim^ml, a c npv nf liin umrrid 
Mii FFpiiltiinn. hnif hpxr* iAp i^Uiljifimn frt 
K\jUHiiiityoU' tiiut hli ^b)jc«iy IlhIs dkiTtrd. 
Oi-ii ill oIj tuk«iiiivliu:JLulfji-ijj|i now ua iIid 
ficiJh'ia lilt. tha}t. •l\inini iH-iio-l^ of na( Ian* 
ihHo (ivii jtiin-ii, IjBvn IxMnii) TDCn|>i of frt'n- 
vlDiii far wnriiiilt 'tcrty^nt m ociian, Lhoy 
rilnll in ftiiiini onjov ih^ir jioniintu wUHoui 

htJDf sUbjl-eTL-ll tu mc SaVtJllVuQirNLT klf pDT- 
lOriiLJly a|i^tMriD|h- rium (jmf tifiuit bdfbta 
Mil.' arFii} iifirdir.-nMxitirJ- 

I tiivf l+ii' linnniir tn in*, Sii, 
> nvr mml o1'r<tiriiT hiimKJi'fcrvBni, 

Udiw-ri Cuuirjraiiiliitic 

iTjunivr iiWici*Tt*r, hie rm^t n*- tv*- 

vf CM Know. 

liHaitn lod vrnpniJ, tliuicvhnki rvln anJ cr- 
i5**i* n^^tl wliirli pemwDl mul iHoHnTirm 
drii bv^)'^ "Ik rKT,(Hio: of iwnnik rrrnivNl 
III ■i-utjii, £>/ clfkon of i>u( luiil f^rca, ud 
b> -hUlilietf ci'iUbU aJJiLjuhliI iQtuloduui 
rflbl^T- r^iuX'lO; Our wiJL nihl pltukLirc i>» 
Litkt tfr-ni in^l unur 11i4 duU lioroof, tJiB h> 
VEilAtiiiit niim'ml Tn llam iliir^arrfi]f» tknll 
U: 1I411 kilr mle UIL Uiij litjit 3D[1 tbDl iho 

IATr4 iavhKh paLlttL>n> ItlJ fl]iu4iLJLH.-mLllV 

U- r«rL>iiiiuriiiluiJ [f* I'l. \i} in gmiitcd Id 
cUhcHn, tliiil tti UnuLad to wuutiJfi lad iu' 
iLiiiirii niC4>iVi«it innr-Liitn ; and ihaLI hn inti' 
ldiKh«<J lit UwpnutiiriKK] r^f tvc-hfrrtihm]r«i 
■'iJ 'i'poTii 01 iiii'dir.'iLl Lujjdi 114 jJull be 
r*i|tiirttl liy f Jm fttcKUrv-iif-VVaj. 

U&vfd Lkt4ur C'vUrl, 111 '^^ milkor, thu IliU 
(liv ot gVofimiJHir, m lti» l*iilh y^ni af Our 

Cy hJv Al^fsty'i comniatiiii 

|]|L>I»1 !lAhlf|IH>A. 
»ttft|-| *Tln*- 

?4t. If nn <iAri«T«h.irl r*rt*iTP « tvwind in 
vciion, tvhJL'h ilnli o^rnvrn thr Imaofftii 
«Tf, or n Suilr, uf itirr Mol utc ij' a limb, oi 
ihall iTfrHjVT Itofll^ I'ljurr fuT'r T*j(ial \i>\h* 
JOM (W fe liinK, hr nty >w «1i|;iU« u> pp«d«4 
» ftuBKly tn cnMav nf ana ttflr*! Ajll ptf. 



of the T«giniflnt>l TVtk, ar ilaff sppoiittnMDt 
beldbj him «l the liineh« wu WDundcd. 

2ad. If ui dfEcer ttiAll be wounded in 
«CtiDD, knJ )l shall Dppeftr upon bq iDsper- 
tioa made of lilm bv a boani of arniy oiedi- 
Ci] olBcen, uwmbled by order of the Secre- 
tary nt War, ihil snch oOicer bas, in conH- 
quefice of hia uoudd, lost a limb, or tn eye, 
or has totally h»l ibe use of a Ijmb, or ihit 
he has mstaineU a severe iojurv in action, 
fulLv equal, in evesy respect, la the long of a 
limb, he niay be reeomiDeiided To hi^ Mb- 
jolf for a p«D&ioD at ihe rate Aied in the 
andeied scale, for the tank held bv him 
when he wbs ifounded, and comrnencing 
ODC year after the wound was received : the 
eoDlibUAnee of which ihall depend upoo 
■ubsequeot eiamiDatiooH before the military 
iiHdica.1 board, 

3d, If the ofBcer ahall have loaf more 
Ibao one limb, or eye, he mavberecoDi- 
meoded for a penaiaii for each limb, or eye, 
w lost in aciioQ- 

4thr If the wouDd r«ceived by an oflieer 
in actjon flhall be so severe in ita permanent 
effects, as to be nearly eaual, but nnt fully 
etjuaJ, to the toss of a limb, such ofBcermay 
be rEcontmenHsd far a ^tuity of eighteen 
months* full pay of hii regimental rank, or 
itaff appointment hfid by him when wound- 
ed. In which rqie no pension shall at any 
Kubiequenl time be graoled to him under 
this n^ulalion. 

5th, If any woundrecrivedin action ehall 
be cenilied to be s^cre and dangerous, but 
ib its permanent effects not equal to the loss 
of a limb, the officer receiving such wound 
may, in considemlinn of the enpenseatlend- 
ingthe cure ihereot, recen'e a graluily, vary- 
ing arconhng To the nalure f>f the case, from 
three To Iweke months' full pay of the reel' 
mental rank, or WnS appninlment held by 
him at the time he wa« wounded' 

6lh. If an officer shall have lield a pen- 
sion for a wiiund teteivol in aclian for a 
term of live vears, and ahull havH been exa- 
mined. Twice at tlje least, before a IWrd of 
army medical officers^ lie may be rctom- 
mended fnr the permanent continuance of 
such pension ; buT if The ofhcer, before the 
ex|iLialit>n of the term of five year**, shall 
have so far remvere^l, that his isoun^l, or in^ 
jury ii not fullv e<|ual To the hiss of a limb, 
then he ^liall cease to receive ^U'h penainn, 
and shall hiive a ^jluily of full pay jcconi- 
ing to Ihe degree of his injury^ as laid down 
\a Article ^. 

7th- If wiiliinlliL period urri>evenrsaft<:r 
a wound haii bten ri-feivcd, an officer does 
not apply for the pension, ur, applvmt: fur 
it, the wound shall not have been profcd lo 
b4 fully and pcmianenlly e^uai to ihe los" 
nf a limb, such ol^rerV claim lo a peuioa 

shall not, at any lulaetjuent period, btt m- 

fith. No eratui^, or allowucfl As uiy 
wouod, shall b« granted after th« UpM of 
five years from the tim* the wound wai »- 

9th. \o peaiion for the lost of au <ye, 
from a wound received m actiou, ahBlt ba 
granted, unless the aciuallgu of vision shall 
have occuEied within five yean after ^ 
wound was receivtd, and be solely attnbal- 
able to such wound, 

lOth. As a general rule, the peniion 
shaU be granted acconJing to rcgimtntal 
rant ; but in cases in which office™ with 
brevet rank shall have been employed at the 
lime they were wounded, in di^harve of 
duties superior to those altajched (o their i«- 
gimental cotnmiiuons. the pensions ^hall ba 
given according to the brevet rant. 

lllh. These pensions being granted «• a 
compensation far the permanent disabilitj 
sustajned by wounds received in 
he held together with any other pay ami tU 
lonancei to which an officer may be enti' 
tied, without any deduction on accout 


H£>'itY Ham 01^40 1. 


Rankfl. Bataof 


Field-MarshaL General, or Lieu- J g-^^^- 
tenant- General Commanding- < >11-: 
in-Chief at tha lime - - 1 jg--j 

Lieutenant' General , . - - £400 

Major-General- nr Brigadier- 
General Commanding a llii- 

Colonel .-.-.-.. 

Lieutenanl-rolonel . . . - 

"Adjutant-tieneral . . , . 

* Quarter- Master-iieneral ^ ^ 
'liepnty', Adjutant -General, if 

Chitfof thv Hcpjirimcnt - 

• DepuTv - ( Juanc i - M aster-Gene - 

ral^ ifdjiio .,,.,. 
InspecTorof lloKpitala .... 
MajuT- Cum m andini' 




■Dtpuly- Adjutant- General - ./ 
"Uenuty-tjuiuter- Master-Gene- \ 100 


Deputy- Inspector of lloipitals 
CaptJiJn . ^ ..... . 

*Assi?iEiini-Ad]utant-Generil - 

■ l>i-puly- Aaaiatant- Adjutant - 

(lenrral , ^ , , , - . 

* A ssi ^T an t - (J narler - M asier-Ge- 

neial ^ ■ 

* Deputy - Assistant - QuHiter - 
Metter-GfneTal . . , . . 



1 06 



'StflflUry ID tlkO Cammaailer of 

IPaymniLkr . . ^ . . . . 
Cti.ipUin ■ 






Auiikti&lSiirKDuu !,»..- 


Eaagn .>..-',' 
Spi-ffhil IJ«t|iro»itt , , _ , 

tj^Lym .-<-.> 
RffiiDnnUJQuuUr.MiwIcr . - 
Apcthicmnr ..,.-.. 
I1n»pitiil-A<4i4hiiit , . , . 

IiTputT-rwrvejor _ , . , 

TliL? (iHii^tEb m-irlDl t^iut* tu haw iIki (it- 
Itfwimrjb occurdin;; to tFi^rir tmiy rank, if 
Uhjt pnf«r it. 

War-Oflirc. 2tM ^0^. IBM- 
Sm.^l have lilt liuuour Iii fc*]nnii--iT*viLh 
I«r Eltfl iaruiuiatiuii jiikL {;iei<1iiiie-4 tiffhi: je- 

t'oiDUl dinlcr Tdur camm^nU, foLirrnpirj of 
iaAfajfatVi HArntr>t of thv 14ih it^4»nt» 
rrfulnTinir ror in* Iwi^irt* Hir rcnwnm ami 
AUbwaiLtLii lit bt |jj^iU!i| IQ lulilicn ^rti^r 
liinK i4rTiiA. i>i wHcq cliKJifttxol ^ aduihI- 
fid, i^iniilc^t. of iqvilidcJ. 

'Ihn mTo4. ortinn, iiid (ouulahnrii whkh 
ACrompniiy ^'K' tvAiTini, ;irr< ti LtiitfTviii- Jilt 
tavmtt luir*. ordcf». ind rtguljtifta^ on xim 
Hl&E ttuti^iL-u 

Odk copy in fit iho imc iff llitt C'Cnsmvid' 
inj Olficvr, anv fof Ihv I'l^Biiriir, oii* ict i^a 
Miirgt^O. till nri" tnt ilu- uv- nf thp 1 \n\fily' 

Ul r«ni|ik vi Uld tcnJi-rik of wlilitnip VL>a- 
UinitjjE niviii?A fninih of lUlfiTaiittq qnd dU- 
chilBV, will \'Q lorwxtdfA in ihc roiiria tti x 
fow aiyh 

I httvn UiC UUEIOU' Ul Iw, Sltn 

Office- Camm«HlibK H-ll-u«).a*, 

WWrnu W* Jiiiir#}ud)p«J U tiimilinuL tv 

tnmi ol virioub A^'t* i>l J'srlt'imonT. hnv* 
fHKi' Eirnfi ■■} lima Irtri i^LnhtlitiMl for thf 
bprtwr onlvriTHe oi Our \my, ktuI fnr int- 

pmvtqf tL« pnniiition 'if .'^UiqriH by ^flht- 
in^thva t^nttoni, Atkiwwv>««^ an/ lUhvi, 
on ihtii Difrtinrvt ifler nrium pprioilt or 
Scrt&pr. n» wuundol, JUnbltiJ, cir iii*alideil< 
iu Our Smic'v 

("*«/ ^ViH on^l n^rmur^- llinr>'fnm a i, that 

4lill« tpt^LliT-d in [lw rotiri^(r> hirtsil,' and 
thiki all Uii1i«, ClnlL'm, uihI Rt'^uJiEiuu* 
tijuifijuinit [lL(in!U|HJiiH VikK ixubJL-^'lEu lilt 
mtarvBlion Krrjnn I'uDLnmnl) ht. vnid ^ *ih1 
tliitl m l>ieii lliniojf rhr iliafpi, (K^Mtip and 
ftfgiiluiioni nnnrtAil d^ thit ( )iir >\JirTant^ 
iIijlI] liAEii^ularilk he In ftirca. 

U ikOm futLtiCE WiJluiiJ riiriiiuccld te- 
tuivi; 4nJ ranlinuD (a jdl Non-I^DinniiuiaB- 
od OrHc0»Bitd Snldi«neuluLrnl [>afdrc th« 
lit dny of l]«oginb«rt W'lM^ i3v«iy bfiwlil to 
wliich tbfv mty rei|>Qi7»i('f1^ tic ontiitrd un- 

liiaUe vuiil. 

Ami Wi- do ImTrliy Jhwt pnd onW, fhM 
Iha CninniiiHiitnfni nT Our RiynJ llfMniUi 
al rhn]u>4, diV4H|| ai qllnrhcr 1>r*ontwlitim 
i( ma J in udv kIm conofni. iIihiU &mi:Lly 
i>Ejktr^c n-ud gbey Uu»Ouf Wiur*ul 4ud [tc 
IU}(ii1iiTii^iu 4iEiiicvcd Id it. 

diy of NnvtHmhrr. IH-H*. m Ihc 'l''*nil> Vi^tr 
of uur lie lien. 

Ilj lli» MdjalfV (-■'TiLiiiiuiilt 

I- All nnT>-r(ttniiiii«iihimlDHicvn>»d tf>l- 

DeCf:iiibi:r, kfl^S^^iiiLI, o |c;;Uil>l|jDk ri^til 
McUiua I'cpaiQM f-at atrrku and i*uuiidt» 
ntnain onljti«] I» *npty hnaaiii oi ptviwtm 
i<tiirl> ihty pcn 41 prCiim cln'm unrtur ULy 
tVAFTTinl* nf iPifiil.ilinni wlisrh wfrj' m liirr* 
UL itic tiin«? oriihtir vnlLdrnpnl , )jal llifj fol^ 
1u»ji])( Uutimuikd ]Ec!^f<iUu(ik untv k|jii|] tx 
in 'qTfv. niul aiapIicaNc Id uL] nov-rDiniiiia- 
■ inm'i niKiwn and anLdish udlUlai aifurllia 

2. '1,*jmt fur Mrftilinii ilull bo divrd^ 
ibtu tfir fuiu fijILuAiJi;: i^idtii'b : — 

lllI^JllV' l^UijlL of t^dTVtl.U. 

2d ri>o. Woundfl nmeivcil m ActiaS' 

^il Csti- Dwlnlili'^ «^nij3f'1«d in lh« 

4t]i riii», 1MMbi1j1i» <\f nt rdi?U.<l la (he 

t iitcni fii »Fiirir», 
^, A aiiMtnr *iati<iwl l^r nnlimtlnl »cr- 
vLn hu QO {:laijn ni a m^iLcr of n^ht tu hLi 

■ 7l!» Ocl, laOfi. 301). June, IflTj. 
Mrli ['flh IWH. 3S»hMi»rct.. mi*+ lllih 
n*r, IHIrt Iflxh ffl+i, ml*. 2ftiS MsTTh. 
1833, UHtH Inly. 1«2.'4, I9th Aue, }tn9 

4(b > ov< laari. 



dachugc, eitiier wiEli or witboul a peDAiop, 
tftBT UT period of Kirice, howerer Iode- 

4- ^o soldier, when diacfaarged, tbali be 
allowed a peD£iOD for length of Krvictolom;, 
nidas he shall have served twenty-four com- 
piece yean in l^e cavalry, o^ L»eaty-one 
yean in ihe inranlry ; but wbeo discharged 
af\er ihow periods of aervice, he may be al- 
lo¥itd a pension, not t-ice&iiDg llifi undef- 
mentloiiu ratea : vi;. l^rivate- 

6. Sei^eaDli'iviajor* quaiteT'Diutei'iei' 
jeania, trup4e[]«iDte'[najDr,cabv-ierjetn|ii, 
aerjeanu, and corp«aIi, ihall have their pea* 
siona cAmpuled at iht Bame rate ad privatei, 
with lite iolloi^ing ailditton for every year of 
Bervice as DOO-oomiDiaKioned oiKcera : vii- 

d. J. d. 

After Yeaia Rates 
of Service, per Diem. 
I. d. 

5erj«iiDta- Major 

Serjeants ■ . , 
Corponila > > 

'a 4 

IfdiKhargedfcavalrri^^'* ' ^ 
on account of) '-*^'^ 128 1 1 

Ifdif^bargedlc^^^ 34 10 
"eJt "* '^"i Infant^ i\ 10 

5- If ft soldier &haU be discharged on re- 
duction 01 disbandnieTil of \ia corps at^r a 
■ervjce of fourteen years, but under twenly- 
foiif yean in the cavalry, or twenty-one 
yew3 ID the infantry, he may, at the dls- 
credoD of the CommiMioners, he allowed 
(he gratuilj apeeified in article 46 of theu 
reguIatioDa \ and shall be eligible to le-enlei 
the Bervice, accordipg to the mje laid down 
ia acUcle 41. 

2d ClA9S- 

7. The daily ntea of pen&ion^ for wouoda or iDJiirieB received in actioo are to be ge- 
remed by tbe rules contained in Ibe following achedule : vii. 

\ I'ottJPenBion 
2 S^foriervjrenol^ 2 3 
1 I to exceed 1 10 

Provided alwayB that the DOQ-commiBiion- 
ed olficcr ahall bave sened twenty-four yearv 
in the cavalry, or twenty-one yeftr* in the 
infantiy, and sliall have been diBcharged ai 
a non-eonnnisaioncd olficer, having lerved 
without LTiterruiition a& such fur tbe ihrw 
yeais iminediately preceding bii diichBigfl. 
And no Don-commia&ioned officer Bhall re- 
ceive the aforesaid luperior rates, if dii- 
charged wbilit holding an inferior raa^ 

The period, during which any soldier mmy 
have been employed as an acting lanee-nr- 
jeant or corpor^. shall not be allowed lo 
TgdtOQnsnDD-canUQiBflionedafEcerB' Bervice. 

A soldier, eichaoging fram cavalry to ia- 
fanlty, or from any regular service, shall 
recVonhisserviceaccordiDg tothe r^gulatiou 
applicable to the corps id which he may ba 
serving i^hen' di«huged. 


First DegrW' I Second Degree. 

iMen losing two ' 
limbs, or both 
eyea, fram ! 
wnimJa, or l>eing Alen rendered 
BoscvereLv I incapttl-le of 
wounded as to be earning a livel!- 
tolaiti/ in^apaiU , hood» but not 
of earning a live- Ter^ULnngthe ddre 
lihood. and to re- of another 

Third Degree. 

quire the asBlst- 

ance and eare of 

some otijer 

person r 



s, d. 

1 e 

1 S 

— - 




s. d. 

1. d. 

s. d. 

3 e 




1 5 



1 D 

1 e 

Men able lo 
coDtrihute in a 

towurdi a 

From ' To 

J. d/ J. d. 

16 2 

1 LI 1 li 

9 10 

Fourth DegitC' 

J^fen able to 



towards a 


alihnuj^b nnRt 

for the ordinary 

duties of the 




J. d. 

t. d. 


1 6 





fl. Id cases of severe wnundx or injuries pilaU wlio will gr^nl the lowest or ihi' high- 
received in action, tlie ^nsion slialj be JiJied, f%t, or any intermediate r4le, occordiag to 
accmding to the rates in ibg foregoing sirha- tbe degree of Ibc injury received, the length 
dule, by tbe Commi^iODers of Chelsea Hos- of the toLJierV prenous service, hi* chanc- 


GUKKRAL uKl>fiA9, VlBCt LAlt^. kc 


bu (nuluci tX llie tlniq i)k HOuod «n« tv 

111 L- 

P. Any rkUD-euiiiiiaui(HKAl olfitfr or v^- 

Iiul unilur rH'Bn(y-rf>iir v*an la (h4 r^vqlrv. 
OT nrnW i*»ftjtf-rin>« iti Jh* tEifnntry, fur ii 
inrnnJiriL'lii ilUJiUiIHy cofitT.kc"."! liy afid in 

pcfu'tori, nl iht fuWvy'ia'^ rata. v|v, 

A h'fjriiil, JTuri] Uj to l*_ ^^ 

A ci^mnl, fmm 7ri. m J*. Od, 

A pl■|^^T»^^ fnuiy M. |fl *1, 

Trtk^i-lhui iljai xhf wrjpiiBl or TorjioMt 
doll Itii^t »?jvfi| 111 lcd>t fi'C miTi in rh« 
fttill lie IjoTdi "liuQ [|jhcliiff.-t]J, ddiI lht\ 
the (liBitfijiij wah nm fVE-itiancd hy ifiy 
whiit vf |i]-iip«i fan t>n Fili i>wii piil- I!iil 
(fnlnn me injury fiirwlilil the h'ltW jimy 
linve bvoa diichkfied tie coutiilprt*] by ifie 
Cffinmitt^TiDFi 10 bcptmitntni, he i.iist\\ hfs 
ewonlDEl t crDJidilLonir |Uiiiii>n onlj < nf iheir 

tO> Tbc pnMiM tiikouni or [ii>n)ii)ii tut 
pemnatiLi dltAhilUKi af^rr fouriiyn ^rni' 
wrvu'A, ■liull Le rif^ukrcd tt ilit ditfTrlUn 
of (tiia I'oiEimiikiunvri of L'h»!t4]L 1Tu«iil(jI, 
afOurrlifi^ re I^ui 1iin« thu aDldKr niuy h\iy(* 
mrwd -. ihp rlimabi in k^hird Iw inny Tjiv^ 
Ivm Hjviok' I tilt i^fsivfdl \\tt iligaljJhv as 
oAiKiiEij; lu> nio^Ai (if r?4fr>iaK B li^cLihaiil , 
ftod hiafffwd ciiurfutf »lLi[«lt«rvin^ , tint nft 
iVTikbn hIliU Iw gnMiil an Artt^TinT 4>f cIiiih' 
Inljjv^ if n han hwfti pnWiini'<l liy iipp, lu- 
Etiu^iaQL^e. Ill uilsCLJiulucL- 

TL Adj nrtn-mminiMinnn! oftMf m w1- 
iPardidiar^JuDilcTfaurtHii jrur^* vervW. 
IB (UiiiPiiiLruLr uf Jiulriliiy voM^cTnT in 
aod tiT llir KrvLf'c, iiuJ ikiI tf^ntii q v*mit tjf 
pmpiT tiini on Un rmtt.. ui^v At l^ia ilutum- 

pnrtiy fvniion. afCordiiLU tt itu* folUmini^ 

I'luifir rouiiMD )e»JS. anil flbo*fl Icn 
ysua' Kiviiu, — A twiipnnuy p*fl>ioii of Cd- 
1 Aaj far X prnotl tftunrfiBg trvtn tmo to 

VMor nn ymiit. and alxiv? vrpn ynn^ 
KiirifVh>— GiL A <1jv ''v<ji uiiG iu imu vc^n. 

VftHi^r K-^tn yi'iim' Kinici;- — fid. * Jlj 
from J>Qi in ci^liThvu monrfiB, 

In fci^^' ruti*, Hhfpi* A jimtiiilj iu mri' 
rmy. pii]p^:iruo»il lo tht Imi^ cf Lbc Ml- 
dirt'h Kvrrux. may tc E?tttiiidfic4 riueq oJ' 
TUlUffiuuJi In Kit liiI£ICIlIm» ibflu 4 tem»|«r^ 

k vit«a bim. «a n ct^EumtUationH uoJer ittt 
nviatixy af ^iv ^cttbjy *i Wti. if i1n«dI' 
dicT 1>« Jiffbir^d «<iThout bciu^ tfiuiEiitivJ 
b^ tht I'lunmiuiuDtirt, or ui^tltr ihdir duiho' 
mj, tf i>iiflfniniTl Jrj rhrm. 

Hp [n fkucrui- ci^cn nf Jitihili'y or In* 

tufj, Qddffr f'lartefln ytira' nrvjcs, ^iriLilling 
rum eiJiUrj ^imy, ci ilii cffAla^jf dimaln^ 
Ihfl lumporari ptiiiuiQ &( fii!, q d»T miiy, 
iin'l''t tarnAnlmifv ii]rcuTniU.a4^D« of «pv?>q 
wffCrlQ; fruni HPf vfcfn In- miRmPiiTiHl lo iM,, 
Anil (TflDHvJ fiiT a>i*cJlk' H'Hini. m ihiitfji. 
ckUdd of ihfl ri>i]tniiHiuiitit < tiuL tU[')^ 
pBbn ihal] l* <if«rii(«J ijiUL'iul, aad rotitTnt' 
fill %\ iin"h. »ilh thi* 0roviu]h on whifh dipy 
hatp bctn i!coidAl. 

TG. Ill all Aphtt-iAl i^iirii when ptivlonton 
A»uuEi( flTduiLbilitrtifr JK(iJtikLk ui; vrnm* 
fld, nml likcii^iir ulipn |I4.'|i!1iU]ia btc rcfuaHl, 

<|pniion of thp fpTnimHitflwn, iTrtS fho 
nvijudi iliereof. ilmll Iw t'tinifmjftinirptl to 
Tbe Rnrttuy *l Wu, in orJor ihii tlie re- 
rail maybu nirli^d ic iW nriuicnt fnnu 

14. 'I'tif d^ifHtirm ot rbo tDrnnnbiEm^ni in 
dfin^tlic raieofpenriiid flTH»itw1 fni'^mJ!!-^ 
troucidft) vf itiMMirir-i. Fkhnll bp l^Tial, ind 
fhu (urjotint of Ihc pniiion »liri11 iiir(b« lU^r- 
nipntiid on Miironiii nf arlt^rd tncnflJ* of 
ditmbiMy, ad^r ihr* mldirr ilinlt liiv* luft 
tli^ "Brwirfr, iinWt tifty ti^rriyl cirr-EimtAnrtu 
fhnit octiiT iDi] tH« brmi^lil ^nmarrl *»i[hin 
l»o j«ui after |J;A oriL-ijid tTodl i^f pcuiJDD. 
lo jnkli^ ■ rD-conniiIi'mrinn lljcreirf' 
nvfiriti fi-tn tit nittiiM M-v ol i^ji'fit. 

la. No wtdiw il\iii\ Ui' Jiv^-liLLFt^ for ihii 
Idh of one e>tf only. »bi.'ttrr it k' liip nchl 
or Ipfl. 

IG- IFh loldifirihallSLVr KrtloUe c>t, by 
fl muud, xnd nUxM ninpiv^ n(1r«r fi^oumU or 
injiirnH*iii nrHftn, nFUirhTfttJuf MidiKhttrgu 
fnipwtfir;-. Uie lou af on nvv may Th- bikni* 
ICLTO euiitiJTiiiljitii by Jii; riiiriniintCEiBri, in 
Ij.^^u^mIil pEEihiuii nl Nurb n ral^ m bii »■- 
vieu rniil diaabiEily ('ankUikol luQy^ iit thtiir 
jL|i||^Dbr. fthhltq hLin to r^^i-jva, 

17. In rkv« In w\iic\i nn oyii ahlll )]*va 
two bjl by ifu." I'lflfu (if nBrvwr. And nnL 
bv wuuflJn, ibc lui" iiiiT li" coiisi'IIpttJ by 
tlm (.'dTiLjriiHiOFuf jLt difirdifL-n;1iun, iQ Dp- 
roriiniiinf Ihv ml'' ol phFtti^ii, ff wuJeF 
louiTfu-n y^ri" »rvU*. iht lou of an oj* 
intj b« tnlitQ iiiLo ooutidcmTi"!!, toA n Unn- 

(»nlbi; fu Ltic m^olv laM dc>fii in t)ic IllK 
and riHi nrii<lu< i^f thc«» ruvulkiihiit. 

la. In ruin n foHicrchall tM^omt TolJlly 
Minil from UDuvdldabte cwtwi. ijDariy .tirrr. 
tAiUibtc fu Titnirt mlmir, and nai otiiP'UmrA 
hy tiLT, ia*ftBi*T»n«. or olhar niiK«<«i1iKl» 
hvmty liftalUt^vM Apf'fiaioiiHirTiii^aeeflid- 
iiig To Ebs fnlUininfi trali, tii, -^ 

OB?fRRAL onuHR^, G|RUULAkll> fcc 


woDea officer lea years, sad not leu than 
Snt yean ■■ a urivam, tram Is. 3ti. to 3s^ 

Curpoial, hiviDg ierved as audi for leveu 
j«arap bvm U- to U* 3fE. 

PrUalc, tiaia 9d- to Is* 

If [be ftildirr shall Li^ve aelved Toarc thui 
fouriefa years, aod iBdiadiargedwiliia go(Kl 
character, and wilh a cDn&litulion iinpajced 
by dke^flieclfiof cobniaL servicen an merease 
poteuxediq^thmpenceaday nay bead<^ 
to tbeafurtKaid ralei; buL tiit preciK r^te 
•hall be det^rmiaed at iKe di^ereiba of ibe 
Gomniwioiieni) occonliDg to the pjiDcipleb 
laid dowa in articlii 10 Dftbe^ Kj^dlBliooa- 

19. Wbenever a ease of lota] or parttal 
blindnefts shall bti iavolv^d iu so much 
doubi, as to hdve betn lepuried by a courl- 
mMial or by a mediea} oBicer to be " a 
mspicious case," tlje commitiioDen sh.a}\ 
deal wilb it, a^ to thtm may seem mosl 
ju}i t bui LD every ea^ in vliieh U u proved 
that a ioJdier hae lampered with Uis eyes, or 
that hii loBBuf aighi has been caused by vice, 
imlenperaoce, or other mtaconduet, aad that 
his character i& bad, in&tead of beiog dis- 
charged oo a peauoa, he ihall be detained 
in an eye Lafiniiary. or ahaLl l>e aent home to 
hii pariah, dj- diaiDiased without a pepsion. 

30. Kiceplin eitreme casd ofdiubilitVp 
no lofaDtry soldier shalE be di^boigt^ lor 
rupture alooe ^ ahoutd a ruptured soldier be 
dischdr^ed before h*.^ baa served fourleea 
years, Jiia case Ghal] be coobidered accordin;^ 
to the Uih dod l2th iiriictes of tlic*« regu- 

21. Any cavalry svldicr who ahall be di^- 
char|red under foiLjEe^'ii yeara' service for a 
rupture MhLch vould not disable him lor in- 
fantry feervice, may, at the di&ereiion cf die 
oHnmiBsioiiers, either be transftfired to a 
veteran or garrison battalion oi coropany, or 
be .iltoived u lemporaiy penairjn at ^ratuily, 
according to anicfe Ll- 

I'ORHin'iiE OF pi.NirnV. 

2'i' Adv pensioner refusing tu aer\'e, or 
not ap^teann^Hlicn called upon by th^jcuin- 
mia>i[>ners, oi oChur Luivful aathurity, aholJ 
rurfeit his penslorL, unless a siiti^lLLcrory en- 
plaojhoD Ek buhMiijiJundv lEJveii ; but no 
peii^ioDer wiko baa iirliulty Eerved tweiity- 
fuur jeais Ili the cavalrv, or twenty-one 
ye.irs in ihe infanliy, ahall Im li.iLiJtr to be 
caJJbd upon to sei^e. And any peu^ioner 
who nugloijlA to drdw bis peci^Lon for fuur 
Huccbuive ijuarteia ahali Irt siru^i'k ofT the 

Gnaion hsUarKl shall not be rcptaccd unless 
■hull aaliifacloiily account for auch omis- 
HioD -, and the eomnii&sionfra bhalU al Ihnir 
discielionT grant oi withhold the ar/ears. oi 
any portion Uiereof, 

'23, Krery soldier, eomii'ted by a s-ourt- 

mariiitt of bdug a doert-T, may, in additioii 
to any other punishment awanled by ths 
court, lie &tnteiiced to forfeil all claim to 

en^ioO' huch seutence shall, in all caua, 
reirorded on tlie dischai^jc sent to lh« 
CommtsBiDnera of Chelsea llospila! : but if, 
after such seiLteoco hajt been paascdT he shall 
have perfbiLned good aod fditnful, or gallant 
servicej he may be eligible for a pCDiion, 
provided that he be recoiomended by hia 
commandioE oiEcer, through the Commaod- 
er-in-chiefn in coafonoity with the nilea laid 
dowQ iu the Alutiny Act and Articles of 

24- If a soldier shall have been convicted 
by the civil power, or by a coart- martial, of 
any vicLuuA or disgracerul cDodiict, &uchai 
to render hirq unworthy of belongipg to Che 
anny, and consequently to be unfit (m tbv 
military service, he shall, an being dis- 
chargea in consequence thereof, have the 
seiileoce, or cau&e of liis dismissal from the 
service, recorded in hia diicbai^, and shall 
forfeit all claim to pension, 

25' Any soldier convicted before a com- 
pettnl court-martial of feigning or produc- 
ing disease or inhimity, or of mateiially in- 
jurrng hii health by liabitual dRinlLenneH, 
or of being detained in hoapilal by any dis- 
ease contracted by lus owu vice or intemper- 
ance, thereby rendering hlmaelf unAt far 
service, or of ab&eniing himself from au hoa- 

Eilal whilst under medical treatment, or of 
emg guihv of a gro^s violalion of ihc rules 
of die liu^ptfal, or of inlcnlionally prutcact- 
ing tiiit fLtce, -It of i^druUy aggravatkLj^- hi^ 
disease, bhuU be liable to be brought to irial 
by ihe regime iiiiil comniandin^' n^hccr. or on 
charges prtfcrred by the su^fin of ihe hos- 
piliil, and to have the whole time of such 
detention in hospital di'duclcd from hiE ser- 
vice, or of foTfeitmg all claim to penuon. 
pruvided such forfeiture form jfdrt of ihcsen- 
■encc of the court-martial by which he was 

6C, Any soldier maimed by ihe firing off 
of Jiis muBket, or by other mvans, and who 
thereby become^ unht for service, whether 
Ihe injury occurred on or off duly— whethar 
^ci'identally or inlemionally, shaLI in all 
Ciisei. be tried by a district coun-nharliql, aj 
soon after the event as possibEu ; and if i| 
shall l»e proved liefore such court that the 
injury was il^e unavoidable rvsull of mihlaiy 
service, and ujs in no nay actrihu table to 
dubt^n, negligence, dnjukcnness, or umcoo- 
dnct on liia part, the cuurt may reLotnnjeml 
tik' i^oldier lor a pension ; staling the proofs 
adduced and the ^jounds of their n^>>mmen- 
dation, or of their rejection of iht rlniim, as 
The case may be. Ihe finding of the court, 
and the cenlirmalion of the commanding 
officer must invariably lie annened to the dis' 


CBKkRAI. OADtftS^ CIRCl^LABfl, tkc* 

27. Ariy uliJiiir wbu »hlll lii' dJhiilrlcHl nr 
DiDtJlatriJ bj uLi iki'r'hJuit, wliirli iIhI hnthajj- 

«D 4m^. not Diving M hji out. iv^^litorj^^p 
■hall 1)01 Irfi umiliinl \a & p<;ij!i.i<>n. hlrnauf h 
!« bt diw'Uiir^'d fur vui'U uikiibiU^^- 

■idHT^ Aiili n.'ri>rtnf(i to i)>(i iPrLippr* ho Binj 
liBvi* ncrrfi>rFi»4*ii, or In ihr \i>>iinik Li ni4y 
Ijdvc miti^nl l|i urtiun. cr tii rhr i-JOiTtieu 
i]f lijt iMiurartrr^ Tiw nudiiiH of iIib (Jifctrici 
cou^l-JiiJiEllffl, Hlnliiii: ihc <rlii>1iT c>f tlie eit^ 
eivtintatcft Ai \hv *nw. cuutT ho unfitai*! U 

(•mtp ifirlr dttfrptlon h ^;inTlni^ ni wit^i- 

p-cmantiil iKiuimi hr i',iAiAeii fm kh:]' arri- 
tkiiCal injurr, unlfiu thi AaMift hik ncnrcd 
alMiu* 'rtiiiti>-ii jv^m, Jf th<i nnUlh^r iL:tll l>u 
nflfrH Id '**' iliichnr^^ u^ rlit mt^Lrrtoi'i, 
llii >IajDily'i pitaiurr, and ih? OETLdunl or 
any ftnlnily r-\h \x Bi^Liilinl by tUt SuTn*- 

itiUTyoT niiilfT^i^nv ttAA nni Itip pIAt^ of 
arctifcn]. Mit of il^Ttrn il>r tnl'lii^f thJill nor 
U (U*i.liiir](tiJ, buL Hiiill Iw ciiipliPi^i-L] in ttich 
it!|CiiiH''il'<lo' r^Tri-DU iluiir"! ^viiA. iih Mtc 
CotTtmnnd?rMn-<-hH<P mDy^i^cit. 

■J8- I' <L pUDtkorwr be giiilty cf jum tio- 
\tnff tti Durrii^ iDHvnlnlJitfiitrtnnipmiilny- 
nl in fiflvinr lire prnMiMian. fir nhiill k- 
|»i]iLi»lipilfj iIh* Imn tiiihm 4>f >i ijurl ur of 
iliA wIitfIv* af liiipfn^innp k ihr dihcn^unik or 
1^ Comoirti^ane^iVi in ait<lilinfi U viv olhnr 

30. hn yininfJtr Im* diHt'owpnl Lu hu^i 
rtCfl^fil <'iciii1 (41 II lonyfr pfriihl llmPi h< 
«(^tuii]1y Kfvrd, by B iWhn I'Oltv. «illi>>-ntinti, 
orcnAorv, in any rvf];imtni}il lirniti of doi^u- 
rMBt,crt If* DntiunpTTftrnialionof rii«rTiikrriik, 
DT to linv hIjI^loM ilirmirlj unj orliirr 
mnM P liL^)ifr larirof ]"?ii»i>n, [linn lit ^iiu 

ha Vb* fwdfn U lliit IfuUi vflnt daiLTHnt tjt 
wrtirr-, «urFb mrntionrfr, in 1iiv i^wnf nfltii^ 
rmriiTTinwrtrn'r* i!fCiUin|t tI^iI In a^h r^i^r,!' 
ah: erf rlir hiud> or tuihy <>» ilm "mi'-'iil" 
luTQt of tire t'ljllj, «1ia1l f\>ti-y'\ \'i\ ppri^ina , 

QU» oct» or ptiipua i&y iT"** '""J- wlm'ti 
thftll t* pnntrl (# Ih* «ili«Tkirriaii of Ubt 
itDimmlatflntn. (hey ikiaTf ^^litT itnVt tiini 
tiff the penLnHi list. 01 r?>luct the i4U- Af lii« 
fwnuon ■! tttir Ji»f relioo. Ifl 4II <*■« of 
«wr'Miii th« ptmionoT khall hav* tiia pan- 

uub Idmvj^l^iL iu iKb nuv rniv. And «lnll bj 1 

Mi»jn>-ivii i'l'iii \\'t* ppQsjju. iL-i'uDilittbertbv' 

vbolc ani(iLintui'i:n>9iK^Hr,(i] lun'h pftFt rh«r«' 
or, at th« Uuntn>Lfe>ii>iii'ifi niuy tliinb proriPr 
(0 iJirA.-r ; bill it iLi' iiv»-riLhtiPi cifL^Tabl'd in 
ivy «nDr of mnipmtititn nvn u'ltii^li ihh ^nL- 
ilJn ci>Bhi h<v« no rooirol. die pcDsiuTitr 
ihnll not be loll&i ujtou Up rtfiiuil ady p^tl 

IJ it Tiiin-'onniiUjniii-il ottipBTipT auldiirr 
Iw \nUy \ii ttif makinff^r any (ulrtimify. nr 
ipriHluriuj; luiy fmuiAm (tj.'«roBi)U chJiwv^ 
H rcK^jilft hu own fltnifvn ortLodCofui^ 
otker pcfion, lio ibftit OQ nflvleliM (bcrwif 
licUire a r^ofnptl''n<coiin'miirtitllvifind(T«'1 
IrmEipulili' iff m'Diviii^ A [»ii«icm, fli'r^unlin^ 
In ihu pnPvUiDiik of »»• Miiuny ,\ri and Ar- 
tU'lM of S^ nu 

rwh for rr^lLp* fuf Imitrllnr (ainilv, ut ihtll 
»ulK>r hia rmriilv '-y tl■^^4H1I4f ffinrjje'nEiJrrii Hm 
puruli, lim tHii)>i1iM]. by Ujn ,'\i^ uf PiirUh< 
iii<ni (tf J9 Oi-o. in. tup, 13. u[jiJ If CJ"j. 
lVpi-iip-fi7. mil br iPiyiUiln Hi (li« piHi»h 
oHircrt vooorduk^ la Uid provitionj of iIiq 

31, Any pcQLioncr or nlhtr pn«fiSi, tflio 
hlull VtithAktivlv LK'iHJiidv, ur EnKrIy iHiiPin 
ihii nniri^i ot chiintf-lc' of n ti'ldirr mha i* nr 
mav iK^-finvg miLilUil If ;i jvojinn, ot ^fiill 
Ijkply prffl#n>l io *f rlw Ii^it, ArlnpiiiKEfOUtC. 
of 4(iit[nufi nit prndoni^f or tolibrr, fvrffie 
puiyoK! uf fmuiliilftdtiy obiuming frWBRy 
ui 'tffoclA. draUpH ImfrtUcLy ftml MilfiiUr 
n»«Ml in fnrfTinsf frr nt>DnrirrfriEifig tht. lAmp 
<r hitndvfHimg of aity «m^ pviHi/m^r ar fln|. 
oifir lu KarcBald. or In for;^ng any rlrim' 
muAt nHdt'ijg rhcfi-to, b liable an buiri^ In- 
L;ultv I'limiiilnil tlien'nf* lu bp Tjun*|iaEtn| u 
n ftiWn, nrrrnnliuc t<J llu- b-H 7th UPft- f V. 
can, ifi, ]t1nitvf-M, \_\fi-iti)- 

7J. A nv |scn«i4~inT imEUivtnpH m ■ f^ol 
by iinlAF 1)1 i mairtiiEral^, li a va|7inl, or oi 
hut'LUf njiuuiiilvd Kiiy miiiHlr'iiifiLiKJOc or 
crimr, if Up nnf,iirr<i<B n {qImi niim^H t^lkcTltcr 
hn tw rf>nviri0it nr i.t/^ nt' fhn ofltrLEic fo^ 
wltl^^Ji he ^vdft inprptk^rulnl, «hn11 on i^rocf 
of wn'h ^i^nf'fnlrn^Qi ol llw irijf nsTir L^rlpr 
wliU'li lit huk ptrthiunH, hftvc lii» fvnibu 
■ii«|>p'ni|i:i1i mhiffd) nr q|lfi)fi-llic] ipIlou 
Vwoy.giibn^liiifi^lion nf 1I10 CDramiHtmi'i-f. 

An<f if Any pornion" (pvp* « t^lf* *i*io- 
inpn(t*io ln« plioi* of r^tftloncp. or Tur i 
fiiudnknt pTtT|iDkr ilriw^ Idi ficniion ui a 
pliww ilifTtifvnl fruni ilm wiiPit lir iLnuDjly 
imiili-i^^ li<< hfinll W Yiii'lr 'c have bm cicn- 
<ii>n inlicrh avvi>', ii>i1iiiv<1, nr icjKjHinJciJ. it 
1)1^ i||»nvfion nl tlin (~i>n>ini<^ri*n«'r«. 

33. \L>ii'mniinSHtn[kcd ctJiort und Vfil' 
ilwm, wlui Fi4ivii fiHicil»4 xbrmUimslo |]Cii- 
■ioii in roritf<quEn«' of mnfoTidufl. iifjal] 

undtr which iKoir pvnooDi «*«* forfiiitad. 



puUiahed in tb? orderly bwk of the regi- 
mant to which they belong, aod ft nie- 
moruiduDk of tlic fact a^WX \k unl to Ihvir 
parishu by the commuidLng officer. 
cavHi'-iATiori or pfsaioNS- 

34. Peiuianen, uot bojng oalwea of tha 
L'DJted KinifUoin, imy kiave their ppduoiii 
romiputed for a Burn of moocy. do qis T^ln- 
je^ty^s pleuuie bting tignili^d lo lh« Com- 
miMtioofn of Cheli^ HoipiLaJ by ihe S«- 
fnlary at War ; lh« money to be panl out 
of funds appropriated for tiia uu of the aaid 

35- If 1 peDsioner, being a, aadve of the 
UaJted Kingdom, thould be desiroua of tel- 
tlioj; abroad in any ol ha Ma-eKy'i Colu- 
Ain» hii pension iony be coioEnutHi in the 
■runocr laid down ld tlie precediqg Article. 
But if any peaiiooer ihall have receitfed a 
cofnmutVif aLlowaoc? fur h'n penskon frucD 
the CoinmibLOuer\, and shall at any subse- 

Sient tijne fj^iudiilciiL^y atliiiDpt to revive a 
aim to Che pensioa vo commuled, he will 
be liable to k proceeded a^iost under the 
Act of PiEkianienl referred to in Article 31. 
riL-T.n rv pECKOMNi' atavirt. 

36. No uJdierihill beallowud to reckon 
hu aervice under eighEfeo yeiTs of age. 

If a voUier at the tim» of ^nUitmeDt shall 
mbrepretent or canc^al hJB rea^ age, and liis 
real a^ he afti^rvuds discovered, he nhaU 
in no Case benefit by tnch ducovery ; if, for 
iuUuce, he a^me thai he was under eiuh- 
teen yeora, aUliOiigh he wia actually older^ 
the age specilied on his atteitalLon shall be 
the standard for caicuLitiag hia service, and 
caaiequeady hia service under ei^hleea 
yejFi of age accardia^ to such attestalior^, 
viLl not be allowed m recluin. 

37- The jlialinciian between service in 
tbe Kast and West Indies, nad lervLee in 
any oLhcT part of hia Mijtaty'a dominioQi, 
having ledaed sinL-e tliu yeir IBIB, as re- 
gards the reckoning of service for pension, 
the SAme ruJe will appLy a rtgarda the 
claim to i^ddiiiooiil ^ ay. wliich, in ibe cavj 
nf men enlisljii afier the J[)lh November, 
1829, wit] only commence after 14 ycjrs 
service actually completed, 

38. Aoy solilii^r mav be IraDhferrcd frutn 
OQe battafiOQ to uiutlicf of tlie sa.nkc rirgi- 
mcnti or he may be permitted to volunteer 
into anather regiment on the diftbandnient 
of hii^ corps, or on ila being ordered haute 
froni a foreign station \ but he bhal) not lie 
liable to be drafted from one regiment to 
nDOtldT without hm comteul, unless by sen- 
tence of a court-martiah Pensioners wha 
have Dot served twenty-one yttvt, will be 
held liable to he called upon to serve in a 
veteran or garrioon battalion, or in the mi- 
litia, or ID a regiment of tlie line within fhe 
Umitit of the United Kingdom. 

39. XoD'CDnmisuoned officers and aei- 
diers ahill nut be lilowed to rccion as ser- 
vice the period of imprisonment whilst nn- 
dor the legal sentence of a cifi] or mililaiy 
court, not the period of canfiDemeDt previous 
to trial, nnleu acquitted of the oUtnce tl- 
Jeged against them, according to the prori- 
smnm of the Alu^Dy Act and Arliclea of 

40- If any penoD di:M;harged from the 
anny for disability, or for any other cauae, 
shall subsequently re-enter the Brmy^ mnd 
shall, when questioned by the magistrate at 
the time of bis bein^^ altesLed, conceal tba 
fact, or misrepresent the cauK of bis former 
discharge, be shall not be alluwed lo reckon 
his put lervice, nor to Etceive any pension, 
if again dischai^d far diiability. 

41. If any soldier discharged on reduc- 
tion or disbandmenl of his corps, shall not 
have the oppurluuity of immediate re-enliat- 
meat into any other corps, he shall, on re- 
enlialing within three yean, be allowed to 
reckon his fomer service, provided tbai he 
shall Dot have passed the age at which dis- 
banded BOldiera may be alluwed to re-eDler 
tlie service — and thai he sbiUl in eveFjr re- 
spect be eligible for the service. The nnu 
50 re-enltating musl at the lime of being at- 
tested. decJsre his former peiiod of service 
in the ain^y, ordnance, ot uiarinca, and tha 
cause of hu discharge from his last corpa ; 
but if he should fail to make such declan- 
tion of his previous aervice, so that it may 
l>c recorded in his atteaTatioD, be shrill not 
be pem>i(Eel to reclton it ut any sub^crjuent 

42. Pensioners who shall, under t pro- 
clamation of his Alsjesty or other lawful 
authority, be called upon to serve in h vete- 
ran company or battalion, or in the militia, 
or to be attached to a regiment af the line 
within the Tniied KirLgcCom, ehall, in addi- 
tion to their previous services, reckon such 
hCL-vice, prcviJed the period thereof shall Dot 
be lets than one yoar- 

43. Any pensioner who votuotacily en- 
lii^ts Into a velerAu company or battalion, or 
the militia, or who is appointed to be a dis- 
trict, barrack, or gairJsoD Serjeant, or^a mi- 
litary clerk. Or hospital stewdrd. or who is 
employed in any other military copicily, 
shall, when discharged, revert to his former 
pension, unhsu it be prononikced by compe- 
tent iutiiOTity to have been forfeiledr If ha 
shall have served ten years or more in anv 
of the siTuatinni above-mentioned, and shall 
have been diBr'hKrgi>Ll ihcrefroni with a gnod 
character, or even if he shall have served 
lesa than ten yeam, and shall have been 
liischargeil under rircmnatnncH entitling 
hint to special consi'lernition. as a deleting 
loldHTi DJs Majesty ^1 pleasure will b« v^- 

■ 1J3 GKNEBAL OROUR4, UlRCai.AfiS, ^C 

^V mM far Ih* Bwrafcry 4t Wir, ilitl lUch luinaiioa Uka|flace,.ud ucli monl iLhII 

^^b donuHJonft ibftll UUDlk rll 1 t]nl, lioitmr. wJiu-li may b* baivAfrvr sttvinliM Inr (Ik- 
^^H MO^I^itf ifi cinf cw thrj niri ippnllnj in tulini- upon rfirfDUhaArimnis At (Jvonly 
^^f AltidQ> 4 iiml 6. cDr[?i:i tinuiiuem nf liii tcivinf- lu lIiv Icf- 
^^r 44^ Thr wrvicD) ur til wtdicr* nl |irtVut uiirulifra gf (lie y«b I&28. fivm ^nJ ttivr 
^M tn ibf iimij, r,i]B|] Ew nccujBlcly ir^i^ dqcI vUicli luua iha b«knt:9 pf owtv tclilbrV 
^P ImlnniW nf to thu-llcT |lrr, IH!jl|, ]iy ibfl ■txvii'Ba tht^l b* vtrn^rk f^nmlimLry, in*! un- 
^H T^liliT-iTy l^nnMi i^i^ltht'k*!^ niiii nnv-' tit- clf^r Bm^li mt]nLrr]ji]i4^ u« tiit tljiM^ry m*y 
^M livn fur \hc in^bi.i^>aiiLkii at thcu ivr^'lcui- be pk*iu«l !« j^yig ibnjugh the S:EivuuyBt 
^P 'I'Lv m-riud uf j^ivitf lylmli cii'ii irmn may \'^'v- 

^1 rHOrUiid iiiit f^nnineil innoHn nl Itni^h, \>y njlifuy naniuu, iltu Tinvi b* tmy ]it%a P**^ 
^1 rlip partir-vlnr IaiftI linlciiw wli>r>t thr »rri~- vtnii\ly vrrrit in hit \]B|«»fj't nnvyr 

^M 44- lilt Al4|Cf.T\ kL\trL;; (jpi'U nlr-ini'fl (a <Ln'i;l th:ir inKliDn mnv h» iDo^vd M purrKBH 
^H gnlaicd by ili« rullouin^ affile t iriVi 


For Mi^q Hitiitg ik tiia 



Xitts 7V«*n'^iUf ■ 

— 10 — . 

— 13 — , 
-^ U — . 

— 16 — - 

— 16 — . 

— IT — - 

^ la — . 




Fiw Di«.-b»rgOp tod 

Fr« I>iKli4rffQ. Lnd 
111 Mnathi l'0)i- 


Fi-M DwliRfuc 01 liujilUt 44id ill hMJ- 

litia tlijvr .klaullm' I'liy abiotd. 
r>C4 Divib»it!f , tpd LD UftilSun tbTM 

Muftlhi' J'ay ul I'Ltrikp, ukit ■< 

Montlii' Fay kbiooJ- 
FrHC Di)iL'Hiui;i?, uiid m tddiEum u 

MoDli^a' Vay ai hguiv, bdJ ma 

Tnfi LlL^hnr.-o, kud iii a-lrijijob one 
\<'nr't 1*4^ nt hmriir, 4Cikl «ei« Aud 
t-Hsli ^ nut \ Pij ^lirmU' 


Whsfv ETAiiit uf liibO in kuUition to fm 40- Dnt U] hII i-iimii uf iLoUwrit iillnwn 

uJl pii>, aS^t [mi ''iriirlv L^infuLniul ru thir h|1i' ptrKil.F 'iii" iiniiAwr *tf irvii IQ Iv it'i 
uiltn^r Mftirn hr tvrnxvi** IlUlIhtIlu'^o, !(ih1 iniHlfy Jjtrlinr^il. ilhiI rln^ nHli^rltftti iiT ilie 
ihull ticfVfblUFv] LEI lIiV rcviJ»f n^^l ^V^'J'^' iiJii^vi'luiiU iliiiJl Ihi umf^ri>t'l Uy ^i^^h in 
ntu:!! [he hjlJier [nt Wei Httl^l lhi?4 »LfgQi|jiu -u tlic CVunmcLEnlrr-in-f.'fkkrr dia; 
manthii, udil in ai'luellj jettJij.^ uii hit |fivt Trtuii time to Vtmi. ur ihc Mulrr^Oo 
^nf, fe]]i| tB iniiiLkTEEautlv cmnjcyr^ik m nvni oi llin QrdD>nr« for tfiht di'piirltitrnT 
'tr«Htir 11. llii> Ifovprnor. iimin hiiilnn'ity fni miimliiiL' nr UliiilMi^ l^iu autuhunt, o 
itirq tlir ^iiv^ary ai Wu. iiuj. in ;uJi)iiioii vhtrllj m^peiiJirijj xht ptivait^a. MCCQtd' 
u ibc }^r«l4iti, tuLhvrise llie luuc of ■ tQK lu ciiicuii»ltiiopA> 

j^urli'r'a] at £<!. t day ; ■□■! ntny F»vulfrl ibiil m all llib ili>rn4M 0UC4, a 
mb tiRkb In TintEk niDBV aUL'h tumu foi u pv- pcnml vl nul U-h^ (Imn [fD ^i^fy* %\ni\\ ^^I'lp*!' 

47h tcMuin wtiohftve at'iufllly tcntd Jl tortiiiia(ic]i ij; ortkiir^ tnowiii i*> frtumnnui 
mrtjxi [|lv lEtlWut^y. 4JI i4 jn [hi: ct}tk1fY^ tlii diHrhftivv , tWi% mUnnvl IvHn^ ftlluwnt 
itid ttbv Wid^ ^( for kcrvH, w tiik«Kat[(iil ^ui ihri *ipr«a purfiOM of ^vjnc itip mliLic 
Bl tfa^ir own rcnqiHt, amy I* lUowoJ t puji- ■lUhciml Iiun |of Ju* iloliUnlKvo, \t ttu 
unwi nl U>i]. t ihy, a< klinutn in .\rLir]D 4. uiu* liiut iT tlijin ba rl»f1^ ri^>lqEn'rl ta 



Ub wliat pco^iAtn «f pmnueDl pension he 
hiU [nfcit, io coDiaquBJi^ of accepling a 
Ine diidiaigv &t his dv^d reqiui&t- 

But QodirDg in ihifi iv^klaTioD ii lo be 
ruiutnicd. aa giviD^ aay jifrLi lo & Eoldior to 
ckim hia diuhar^e br putcLa*« or oiltrr- 
r-'i^, il beiat; iDlcndcd u in iodul^DCC to 
be coahntd upon thv dtfiBivin}^ &oldier. io 
uDportkiD ta liis good conduct, aod iLe 

49' Tf uijfluldifH purchsK hifldiKhuge. 
or receive a free ilitchnrge al his oiyn re- 
quAH. he thtJI hKve no cleim Ut pt^niioD -, 
and iboqjd he BubsequeDtly rt'-enlUt, he 
ibalL Dot he pHunjiied lo rerkDn Lis f«mef 

50. With Uia v^w of rcwardip^ mcnlo- 
nom ioidiui when discharged, aod of eu- 
couragiUE good mnduct in otheis whilst 
Hiving, his Majesty haa been pluaicj to di- 
rect that a giatuilv im addition to the pea- 
tioD. may in ceiUin fuh he given to one 
tefj^aol, «r corpora], and one private, an- 
Dually, in every regiment of an estiiblinh- 
vont of 700 i^Dk ud ALe ami upwuds. 

The mvD to bv rvcomiDondtd lau&t hove 
cijDip[fted "21 yi-ars af aotuol nurvice in lbs 
in&niiy, or 2i Id ihe cavalrv ; have aeitt 
been convicted by fwart'EnaniaL and muBt 
hive borne an iirepoachable ciiArarter, or 
ha¥e particubrly aietinguislied themselves 
in the service. 

The Eerjeanu must have lotved 10 years, 
«bA the corporal 7 years ifl iheir reipccUve 
rajiks ai tion commiiuioDed officers, and 
mual hiive Iretn dii^diiai^c^l 03 bdcIi. 

The gniiuiiy to the 

Serjeant, shall be . . £^^ 
Cuxpiiial ...... 70 


The miinn^sand H>rvi[-es of tJij- indivi^Tuals 
receivjn;; l!ie ^Tiituiiy, sL^li !»c [lulJll^lltll in 
TeginicrLUil oriius, uaA iicht tu ibu fishes 
tonhirjj ttn-'v Ik'Uiu^', iiOtr the rommandpT- 
in-Lliiel ^hdlL Lavi- contiiinr-d thr: rt^'imi-nlal 
comniajiilin;r olh[:i:[~^ rcL^mimcndHilJniir and 
afUn ihe Cok■lnli^kioDe^' ol CLii^lm-'i^ Ifospitd 
phill have nolillL'^l lu the Stsrctary-al-war 
tliai ihc ^rifUui^L'^ kjie bc^:!! phi. 

In cordis of a loi^'i-r I'Si^iLilixbrnent than 
700 rank -and filo, uiie ijidividini] iniiy hv 
reconunfnded i;vtr}' yi;ar foi lU'- ahuvtr-mon- 
tionud ^riiuiiy, lo be aeletlcU hy nllrrn,itc 
years, thiil is to mv, iriL joar a svrjtanl i>r 
Coiwral, Iho Di'-Lt ycjr a ]>riyiiti'. 

51. Jn ord<.'r lo soiiirc tli** inlere^lsoflhe 
»okiier, al the dli^aeof Ida mihtary senicc, a 
regimeiktaJ Doard shall lient'efrirA-acil l>e as- 
Bembied uniier ihe oiden of the Coitimin- 
dpr. in-Chief, fi>r dte pumos*; of verifying 
the ioJIowing purttculan. Ircrtre uiy xoldier 
be recommended 10 be di5i:huged. 

U. S. JouHv. No. 13. Jan. 1830. 

lit. liii tawica. 

The ngimeaUl lecwiH thiJl be praducod* 
from which the board wUL maka a report, 
ittting the period of the iolditr'i tervlce. the 
couutiieBiawhieb faebaiKrveii, ihewouodt 
he has lecvjved, the hatUes, vivgea, or cVd- 
pai^DS, ID which he vu preAent, and any 
insunm of renurkihJe Wveiy he may 
have diiipLeyed. 

3nd. His Character. 

The EegimoQiAl reconis shall he referred 
lo, aod parole endeoce be retjuired from 
thoM omxn of the corpe, particularly the 
medical officen, who ha\e had Itie best cf - 
portuniLiefl of vitvuing the Bolditr's con- 
duct, in ill situadoDa. If he shaJI have for- 
feil£d his service by the nentence of a court- 
tDQrtial, and iA\a^[ not have liaii such wnict 
restored, the fact and cause of such forf^- 
ure are to be stated -, and as the rale of 
peoaion to be awarded will be iufluenced by 
character, the board will. aAer the moflt 
careful iovcaligation, report whether the 
bjidier't conduct has been generaliy good, 
bad, or indifferent, in the tnms hesl calcu- 
IdLed to eipre&s their apinion* mqrfi es|ie- 
cialty direcling their attention to the Utlflr 
years of his »rvUw. 

thl. lli« lliaahilky. 

The Board is to specify the nature, de- 
gree, and CBUtte of thu dtsabililyi m ih^ 
rtjjutit, anri to alRx lo it the report from lh« 
medical olKfruri stating the origin and pro- 
giuu of such diaabdiiv, the manner in 
whiL}i it wai' ronlrni^uL, thi^ conduct of the 
man nhilsi in IJii^[]iial, and the dci^rcc of 
his unlitut:H:i fur nuiiC^iry ^-rvicc, in order 
tliat no soldiuj^ iq.jv ]h- di>j-]f^T):<.i{ as dis- 
abled, unl^'^s tlir; di^abiUiv shall be nxcer- 
liintsd lo bn siiili, as in all jirnljiiliilily to 
disijualify him pLcnjamiutly fur iikitLlary ser- 

4lh. His AcrounK nnd ('lii>nis. 

Tlii: HoanI will ust'crEain iiml report upon 
all jusi duinaiiLli of jiav, ci41thinL^ i\:\ and 
before thf sohlier Tuavcs Lhr rcLiiiLitnt, the 
Ei:1ilomPnl of h'a arrouittji ia t*' i>0 eectifiwl 
in Ills di'pdinr^e, arid KLfnrd by liini- 

l^ul no sohticr shall be Kiamihed before 
a regimental llofird, wilh a view to hisdis- 
cltar^ for di'^ability, unli-sii he rrliall have 
been previously inspcrted bv tUi- gr'ncral, or 
other iupenor otfieer in romman*!, byxvlioEs 
onier:] the reprnental lloBnl will be cun- 

1'hc Board shall ht- composed of Uiree 
olTicers: a liclil olhrer, or tlie second in 
cemmand, i^hall be tiie presidtnt, ami two 
captainishsiniemeinbtn. When the report 
of thi' lioanl nhall have been rouIirmeJ by 
the oEficer commmdin^ llje re^iiaunt, tlH 
pTesideol Ahall tilt up the djw^harge, accord- 
ing lo (he Bubslance of the regimalLta] 


Gft\KKAL UttnvHV, I'llUt l'4R9, 5c<i. 

IfriJ^fiKil b* iNc' unr'tniindinuf flJHrfr, and 
^ tfAriufiii»f1,iPiculliflivn4 ai^rMirti H?i,p\ 
Of l^q Lukirr'a 'piianLah'rK>- til l^i' .^iljuiLihl- 
Ov^iunl. lKj(ii]|fh Uir !^ri[irra] m i/ihui vSwi 

AiJ, In «fi^ <*ir of iliubijily. iv^uinrk)t 
lh» lalitii/r [>orhini1Ly tn ■ppntr Mnr* Ihi} 
CcFnh>iuiurn'rt o( tri'l^M llo*^iii=l m n^i- 
Ifttn A linntuiri njwtt hi> f^ltufii for pcniion, 
llin ■[rldiri m t^K di-tnniuiii'i' vi]l Ix' nMu- 
ed iQlIpn Inifilnl DrpM 1(f'^B1h>m. nrloLhc 
Cniwrit lloffiiitit in IliiLlin, in iiiit^ thul 
tJip TpiTiiJlit «>r i\n' n<iliiLLt^ Ami mnhr^iE ail' 
ihoiiriin ur ihou luiiant itky bo IiafiitO m 
Ibv iJiKiliiU'K* . *TiJ uji O4C A<*y Bfipuirilfil 
be thfl <'Dn»niiuiiJhcr» i^ liuld u l^ivid *l. 
Chclarti. or kLlmniftLiua. tbn pnnctpftl PI9- 

BoQiJ. LincErr [EfAtmrui atibeCfrnrfL J lot 

pforivianal obiovilionK on e>io]i niDit^ 
caiv, mtiQii ttw hnAni niJI dwiilii n^n iN* 
r]4im Tfi ft»n«ioi]. 

ir Uie rtfLcriRiial lavMiWiomHDUhVT 
been lithl tLivtti. ilm fipjnf'jHl ur MiytTiii^i 

- Jttdnnl, on^ itu taliliirie ifeonftl^i-vnl 
tfitun ahmd, or fn Hi* Invjilid iMpAf m 

li]KH] ihc rcfflit af [ht ttUlmrTAod hin- 
ili»| au|lu>riiin, ■! il^c Ist^IM' DcpAt «E 
CkiUitm, DT at iha 6anrral HjiipiQil is 
'UiiMin, llio (;Liinmnnd«d[|.<'M[>r wilJ f^iva 
thv Ti'm«nrr iindrn Tor T'hi nrriiriliDl ip- 

Asutiikm, OF ftr bis jvaitii^v ^^^ D«p6tCcn- 
' ^niv of bi* :rpmdat. <r i^^r lut Anil Jit- 

thf raw. hit m loWic- whn rnav hs^f »*fn 
«iBi frrmt thi? Inviliil J>?oAt, f^tiutham, tir 
Dom tita Gi-jitiil JrtisMial, UuLtlb, lj> la> 
tv^imcQf, i>D 11 mcilii^iL lepdft <if liti Ainom 

'pr\tBr^a^p\iit. nuM ift*f rh* (ivpirHmit o\ 
nnrt j'Jir, i]i>l'''j ifHTL^tl^ iHiri^'iffl m kc 40 
nlmaH IjytlK; CoLniiraai^Ti tiic.'ijLcr. 

^. H die rtK irf Ilib vliJiij Irt i^JiuH^ 
ncli. itf pfil ta DuTiii* him lo nuy jnniion, 
■■d tliU thaw it an v*c*tvty hir hia ^rta- 
mA «ppMiw* bMbre ib» ( nrNminwnvn of 

fEKiaujlal tkiu J, ud CJic liucliai)^ ittliiiK 
the KfBUAdt mi iKc i«i<^ban at I14 Kfrin, 
fllFtti ni1k«rl]»4lilU Lt kflOl (O dtlnlO't ; i'lhi 
CctunuwiftniiDi irmil mnrvr that 1J# Uilriinr 
lini nn rL'iicnt tii^rj will t'cimmunicare itii-lr 
JcujViiu lb lliF :^ic!l4i)r'<t>tVu, accuitlinu 
l» ArUirlr. 13. «4 iliLu /rrpiliLtrtU ; but if 
Alt CIaBBtii«ion0ia)bu|lTrnidTMilihlii0*rrf>l 
-«]MiU*. lh<^ ^-it^Pno'iitthtrinqiiiiy. 

ut>ii tDir atEo'h, bEia-U be finiLlly forAroiH 
Wlbr Adiiitmc-'jcnoTnl'i Dtpnrtnioi;!, un- 
i\\ iht: ''i*^' iKill (nvi* bmh iIh'iij"1 'i[*oti hy 
tr]«1.^omfr.tvioii«nnr( hr^lHt lifltnlMt. 

M. Ljtii id' tiie xildrri* ulltiaicid Lo pal- 
ti\iz.m diBcliiruff>. ruoblniu free dixbniviit 

fiii^t^r rp4]iii«jif' ifcnruinrirfci*, in iwdfii" ihwT mi 
a«UJiilc rr0it»r may Itt k^ptcl^ttfiBcLiwor 

4l9L' ItdlKcd tiWlX lit tlllirUti'- 

£&, H^Edicn wSn oljuia pcnniitrta to 
badianKnivndiT ili^iinqfti nqudifn for JtfB^l^i 
nl cTTwr jin't fivui frnvlimi^^t Iml rla«a 
in 4mclc -iCr^ oiiJ toldMn diic]ia[\iil in lln 
luliriiia ur j^nmxhii alftwd. « IvaiiA dd~ 
alrhcd, il EiKv KiiV4 iq bulii tUH wnidelaJ 
Iwt4lir otiv^fv' Hrvien to il>o infjuia-T. or 
twvnly'toiir ^vnii ik ihv riflVAirVv AnJ m 
Ll««t?aii»flf »iTtlne in m^h MLinwA, d^I« 
U'iniitlV'J t>ij ilii: iJul'Lieiauiu Li»l, vntiotfl 

kiam>r> nl ( MiMrt Ua«pital, p*viiJed ihiit 
(tti rvcnrvRvimdatioq Imb Ott utbLfli- cvfo- 
mntutiTifi nn Lbf ■ftiinn, fi^iti thn I'porU 
and d^vfiioJ^. ihill be trjimmiti^ tJirvaiph 
tU CuiLiLij.Li<ki'iii-L^liitr lu lliD Stmtf'-j' 
nl-W jUh "ho Will ■ih'inf¥ii"iIiq«ly'»P^' 

nf miir HAlilwr. ituhntir i\K v^wia^ UCIA- 
nallyWoM ihcm , 411 hif^ mt df imMMft n 
cU-y mav diUrmniL' ; diid uttld tu^b ^Iw- 
lUiii vbojl 1w Tf^Eiiivii iLinidiL ibe jioMi«* 
wili oaqtiDua tci di4" bi* full p«v. ivrlli'>til 
>.||nw«]irr^ : bftl in>lJ 1>ii«*B m^Urtroi lilt 
toMriT'i rjiir «JiilJ lie mvAiitfJiuvl, iiitU ^iia 
cl'Uiu tu |i*ii«^u ivttLiiiJUni dCi.'(»tdii4; lift th* 
6Ut miii Aid AtEiclc«uf lliofeET ruKulnlwot* 

Sfl, ,'Vii\ inlr'irr iliicbqixcd t'biU wrk-in^ 
febrcvl th^W, if m* Li^noi auliioFniu un 
Ifin ijmi ttunk |i(, ihhI r'nl thp cnnd I'cuhdiwt 
of IM (oMirr juiLtltics \hr iiHlulj^tim, h»v 
lIii! o^ilum o(ret'niJLi0 4JAiMii,i4i:lfV a tif*^^ 
af luid, la brcnrihomiCTllvriiiliic rciloi^y m 
xhinh lie cnriv Ih mivlh^. d* ivpiifaUid in 
Ailr 40^ Mat l4iDBuii|fa>Otr44 |trit>iaoT 
]t^]Jlnl] Im- n- *«panb' j n iha latitr etir 
hn hJiaU rmiiv( die iiuirlticd mtmbtii^ ibo- 
twy, J']r>m th% pTim t»f li»» inuin lojiivL ifl 
the pariih Bf pliuu in nbicli b« «vu vriV- 
pikll^ fltfo<roii, or If Wn'b otiwr .[iln« m I* 
may frinoir. firo^JiW 110 uidJUon^il rJipn^M 
be iiLi:uf leiL 

tit-r^^icrvmh ro uririrn ^e ^uvucisrth ii 

AT. lh# anijr dbitvivi'i i* whi^h pan- 
iiloni?r^4ti[ill Fit litljut hooi ihf fr prmbu. J* 
ime hbdfjii/ iu Uic pautul. im lienUjioM 4i^ 
HfTird hn' ilic Act ofUxSQUt 1/ licor|^ II , ; 
frndnD i^m r>r rJork paying tJyv pLBnanuCk 
tfaiU f^nmiHl or ulw Ifnin ihtm >xv ttm u 

eB?fBRAL OROKRB, ^Jtftl^ULAR^j &C. 


My«ctbi^ himvelf to tbe 

th«BHajf£100, Jaewaftr-bi^UithaAci 
«f tbfl 7th CeD. IV. Cip. 10. 

58. Mo »non employed to poj (kapaa- 
Booar* thail bua^lovfeii to charge mors than 
>bxvB-pftDCe for th« aflidavit ru^uired lo be 
tnuHmlEted qubterJ- to the Sectetary Id the 
board of CbeLsf a HupitaL 

59. Should a pen&iurieT Ioh his instrno- 
tuKU, Hod mtks m applicalion fur a fitsh 
Copy, he may be supplied therewith, Dn 
ualrng affidavit of the circuiMUiiceB under 
whifli ibe origiEul wafi lont, and provided il 
■baJI be ihown tha^ the sanie had doi been 
pledged^ or Lmprnperly ditpot«d of; bm if 
the penvoper be proved to have taken a 
fcJ»« oath, he BhaU be struck off the pen- 
■ioo liiL When new malnidtions are given, 
be ihall be liable to pay for them a i-im not 
uceeding two shillinga and tiipcnce, nor 
leu than one fthillin^, 

GO. The CommitsioneiB shaLl, a:^ hereto- 
fcre, al lheirdLscrelk>ti,difmi^t any In-Pen- 
nODerfrooi the Hoi^pilHl, if guilty of miBron^ 
doct : and upon Auch dismiasal ihey shall 
ban the power of reducing the amount of 
tbe peniioD to which auch penaionei wji en- 
titled on his admission, or of taking it away 

61. Whenever a grant of land ii made to 
a diacharf^ soldier, tiiher in mmmutah^n 
titht pension^ oi in aid of ^is btcomini; a 
Mttler, he shall be exempt from the payment 
of any fees for anch granl ; the terms upon 
which grauts to soldiers and pcrisioners are 
to be made Ehall l>e governed by aurh In- 
Mnictiona ab his Majeaty inay be pleaded to 
give, through the i^retary of Slate for the 
Colonial JJepanmenc. 

62- Should any doubts aritf, as to the true 
latent and Tneaninj^ of any part of the fore- 
Forn^ reifulalions, his Majeiitv's pleasure uilJ 
be signified throuH^h the Secre|;kry-at-\Vir, 
Ky his Mfljcsiy's enmm-ind, 

Jl>.vnv Hahdimik. 


nECh^LHlTIn^A mn i-i-nsiomm; ^oi-nTiritB, 
Revised Warrant, fnnrcl]iug all existing 
vramnt*. regulations, *tc. 
1 la 14. Divtnion of penfiiaoi iDio four 

1st. I-ensth of utrvire- 
^id. W okmd^re<:eivedrn acliniiF 
3d. lii^abiliiitM, alrur 14 year:^^ 

4t}i. ULsnhHilms, vniler 14 
years' servii'e 
M to 3L Spwial eases of diathilily, how 

10 be dealt with. 
93 IV 33. Forfaiturt of MTksion formivon- 
dwt, ^>ecm«) rn each articli. 

34Bnd9&. CmnBultlua af penaion hr a 
ntm nf moa^, or grant of load. 

3ii to 45. Ku]eB!nreckijniQgKrTiee,iha«r- 
iqg what desctiptton of Hcrjce 
nil be admitted or eif luded* 

4$ ta 66- Ccinditions under wbi^^h dii- 
chargei may be obtained, 

67 lo 62. DedoctioDs to which the pea- 
lioQur Ji liable. 


War OlHce, 33d Nov. 1839. 
Sir.— Id order to cany hia 51aj«aly'i 
Wanant of the 14th Kovemler. and Uio 
Revised Regulations for Pensioning Sol- 
diers, more lully mio effect, the King hu 
been plea&ed to issue the annev^d Suppla- 
menlary Rulei and Aniclea of War, Iw 
which soldiers guilty of malingering, muti- 
lation or lamperin? with their e^s, may be 
tried undf^r a speiriric Article of ^Var, 

The Supplementary Article 3-72 has been 
fr^niwl in Tefermoe to the 5lst Ailicle of 
the Reflations for Pensionhg Soldiera, in 
which It it diieL;ted that a regimental Boud 
shall be auenibled, to inqtiire into and ro- 
poit upon the cafie of every soldier recom- 
mended to be discharged ; and the Sumd^ 
mentary Article 4-72 has been fr^uned in 
reference to hia EVlajealy's Wnrranl, and iIm 
Hevised Regulations forgrantiag Penaiam 
to ODicen wounded in Action. 

Tho Supplementary Aitiq|e2'7i hasbeeo 
framed^ for ihe pnrpose of enabling detach- 
merit courls-niartJ:il to be ht^ld uitlun hia 
]\laje?itv's daminioDs for the trial of otfencea 
and misdemeanours, nf a character which 
may admit of \*;^s serious noliitr than hv 
being brought b^ifore diHtrict couiQ-mnttial. 
in cases in which a trial by a rcgimenlal 
court-martial would be impracticahte, the 
detachment court^-marliaL beini^ sultject in 
every other r&ipcrt to the iLmilaCions ohsejv- 
ed by regimental coim^-tnardnl. 

1 frn^ bl&o to dfbbw your atTention to tl^a 
amendment of the 91st Articlu of Uar, by 
which coinmacdin^- oUicers of rpr^imenU 
m-iVf in Certain casids, make application for 
offeDikrs to b« trjeil bv a ret;imeutal court- 
martial, far otfcufes directed to be tried lie- 
fore hiiperior can rta- martial , in order that 
rei^ruiti, and men of good condiK-t and cha- 
racter^ may have the beneht ol ihe most le- 
nient toune »l prorcedingn according to the 
jmlKmenli^hich the commanding Difii'cr mar 
eiiTciiie, as to the nature and degree of iha 
offence at the lime he applies for tKe trial nf 
the offender bv an inlvTinr court, 

1 have furtlier to call your attention to 
the amendment maiEe in ttit 70th Article oT 
*A ar, in which " Uisgracehil CoaduLl" it 
ilficlaied to raatn uy offeaca ot a ditj(raca- 


OEKKRAt onbhRft, URrliLAHM. Scf-^ 

imad la die urvnroL '^om vice <ir piUcon' 

' T!j« ppniilTj tT ft>ffblturp of |fen>.jon fur 

[tiL<(iy Ai't otf lliin ymr, in rahMiciivp^c of 
tnmQroiK inOntLi'H haviiij; i»rriirfm|, in 

VriiiJiii. (iiic1ilE).pTiiotl^]|y diicliu^ilftiiaiKti 
jrinii-n, wh' jwiinuutl i^'i life. 

In cjfJcf ihnt lln jiri]CUi:il upjit^'dtivn of 

hlM> ^^^>^rf* " UiijnitTrfx]! (.■oiidur-i." unci of- 

jn^»< rtl' a " [liiijfrncirfMl l"'har-u-l<if/' wny 

liable ID tliv Icur povxiMi] iDUi:oct(.i^]TiioD. 

td ilidi kiililiKt kiuiliy <il u^LiJiilliAry cuu' 

icI. vC uc^k<-l vT iVutj. antl </'. <il!itr ul- 

inCLd dLhlinc^Tly ■ik^iFih:'! iji tin- Arlik:l<'« of 

'tiT^ mkt nLit M Ln**1 iiiiilnr ami Iff* njFtjrrl 

|[tUir (bill " Ut*Lmccfi.l Coi^dufi" Lii>[t1i(-i 
poniifiivJ vue. tfiJ ill unnarufql prnptTiv 
thn. Sodu'^ciLi D^iuttt, i^pHUiil thclU 4<ul 
d]HbaEife"lv. furot-fly m bn^iny niDiiiiorl otiicr 
taldifn or jw™»tih, oulf-iniitilatiunp liiinjii'T' 
\np with tl]i;m'Ph.aiJd nil L-»9r»of i:EMirirLik^ 
mbliii^enjfi> vilkHv (lif comluftu fpnti<«J lo 
tit ■^ iTrcclQlmaMy vicinua. tia io nrnd^v iLv 

IE Thii iiiikritiiEliic*r Ftr^ uniiolilii'riikvH <^' l'"* 
muni. ^iIi^i^UtI uf luriinv.^ unil iJii.' ihini- 
Cttlar ofl'p'tuT Irt not tpf^ itinj in afty A nkrlc 
ofWl't "1 nirh vattr- « f«n«1j fer ihp pU' 
ttivhmcpii uf Till- <>fti;rnn ia providvd lot ly 
flivHTfTi VfirT-' nf Wnf. 

I litti llii-lkiitKiilF IuIiPh Sir- 

Vou' tiiunt ulMiJinnl livnibji? tervvql, 
]lllF<BT ILlDlNOei 

GtoHfit R- 

rftit rnt niiTiit tJovitniwaiiaf or ail 
"un K'nn 1*. 

jf^4^, p«£f n. 

gprifiic, of of f?iKiiin^ vr pruiSiu-m;; dLw^tci 
Or lulttiDiiy.^-oi 01 btlii^ udibuci] Id liniijn' 
IaK m i-aiiK^4iui iii'c uf uiAt^iiUv iiijiiniiu 
fain b«alrb b/ fiii 4>wn ricA or ioipiinpi'miH'r', 
tnri ihfwity rnn^tiinhi; KimHilf iinht for ur- 
t1o>,— *if nffthwriliTi:; liirpuclf Ijam in hni- 

Eut whikr fi)i6vi ifinLicdJ iiQDiuictil,— or uf 
rioK KuiUv uf a iCPtfw iiutaliuT; v{ Lfm ruin 
oFtJit bpi^itiul, — DL f>firiTrntiun4TlypF(itmc-t' 
iBj bii cura.^ir ni wilfully x^i-j^aii^;; hia 
Ahv.-^Tic «ti;i1) Iv liiiMM lr> h« rrn'tJ for 
dlignrvfiil oonducT. a[id tliall be »uiyjf^u>l 
la LLC ptfuiftUuicuE 4U«1 pciu3li(9 Biioiinvd ev 

tiut ofWn. 

In iIJ catiQt nh^FP a ■nlJirr, tthplh^r on 
Vof dui^j iIibU become Tni^med or muff' 

any oliicr hwutHi^^ui^U mlitkr shall lu 
fgrlWiih [.>u1 u[PVD hih irmi bufitftf it f^-inntml 
oi ilHlnct ouin ma/lia] ; — il'lli* fJmirlBfiiitl 
b^ of flpinjor*. in tlipir finjlirig:, ihni M*rli 
fnalriME^ ui iiiu[L]c''jrt^ hiu tlitrfftft of ic- 
l-klciiT, OtlJ DDlufltinieTi. tli« pO>rcCiiid<;v ut 
lht< rAun iiUikl] La irua>Eii|[tiiJ Uinjuct^ ^^ 
utijnl oliii>rtnl Ln the CmEjinit«i'krDrBaf^L'hel' 
tra llntjxnl, in finlpr tli4T ihry mi^, U'Iipti 
The CUB ccimn before (htia, bavr ihu trt^it 
inciiat uf 4inTiu/ >it a. jmX Jvi'oimi, ntlrri 
lo iT^Pl « "itliliolil ifio pennon;— if the 
C'ourt <Ksll liP of DpinioriH ii t!»Bir finJmu, 
tlini Aivl, Tri:tiiniiiu i>r miiiiljitu^ wit rKn ^r- 
k-cx of dAi£t> Hiiil nc^l «>f irHdfnt, id ihnt 
UM! lljculdif-j >)iaLl (ml te^i^liarifTfl frvu 
oui hrni^c- I'ifl *!i±U 1w iTrliuucil tbA ooi' 
ployihl un 'LL^I' -lutJdi or uiihUry work, >t 
A:i mny ttvict hinM irf Tini* Jirvcf, IhfBUgli 
iW 1 '4^mmnniJi-r-i3-r-hi<if (if cm* rncvH. 

H 11 iltoJl lir ^lovtd h> %itf %ihri(vt\on of 
a ^VDVrdl [>r liiifrnrr oonTl-mvlidl. >^al h 
KulJiur k;u IvDiiivn^f vilh Im v^r»-«r Lhni 
[inihLiI itr Jnr»i) lik>a iir i^i^it tnu lArn fbiiwd 
liy 111* ^jfc. fTHHinpnrsftfr, « otliar rnttnjo- 
iliii'l, MicV wlJitJ iliiU oot bp litwrod villi* 
tluj io Lu> di>ofiafi;u «r I'' « p»»nuQ j— Init 
hii kltnll uu 4:uiivie1i4tii hv JtlimDJ in tti 
i*y* in1imin*v iir luiiiinrt TuKpinl, iir ihnll 
liptrci la hit p,ui<li. orJifiniBiCBi, a«Dri1iu(; 
lo otir diredioi^v ^iveo fmia lime to liiiH; lo 
E>iif CJariiirrtadK in 't^'hittr'* 

in Itfii <»r ibi rvriiirhl^r of iFic pnn^rBjili, 
TtoJ— 'and il' cyoi'i<'t**i of iii^fn"'!*! nm- 
*1ul'I, I': lici'iii? Ucvit uin* ^rijunnnly foii- 
VJCtnl ftf Qu uilbiuH.' uf 1^ Lh**^''*'^^"^ flhirAi*- 
1«T. or of iQjvili'd oJfDm'n, •vhii'li m ^hf 

Silnmn erf iV rmirt tt-nArt him iin«»nnh>' 
luiniE ii7liiiirF<-L in our vivu'c, (hi; hiJj 
coD'i'inBftkAl nyifi >n AdiJilio>^ ^ Uir forA" 
gi-ingpUDiihmi'iiUH'VCumrnind »ucli ol^nd- 
«r to ]>t dlv?r]bj|fi.'il i*iil> i^noK^knjh. ni, iinM 
fur Eiijr 4i-pti4> fp^m vico tv iblBr'^TiOiin ; — 
Aik] vii'lk UJntricI m furiiMu cuEiJi-ma^- 
<iij mny dtftnvr' * nmtHjDininiMiLiiied 4jdic<i 
Of vold^if 4^ iLi. allbWAtci? in hra nf ltfn<r» 
aud uf 4d<!LUfj04l ]>4V. I'ur aft^ pgnnl i\n\ 
eircfvhrig twa yunmnliir JiAfilt^tol dnrrAcd- 
iiuut ; providwl iJi'i «ililit<r iJiitLi Lwvo Uccrj 
druDk fow (iipf* wiUi'iit iniviE inautit** ur 
(irii»dniiikfoj July nr |Ank^* wjtiiin tx*cl<v 
ntt'iiiltf. a* imvvd tfV pifirop™ to (im J*- 
liiilffri'S l">"\. Jjf by ™iiip<i"il witn"n>t ; 
^iil [irurirli-J Tjiul in *\\ tLi: focfUDUiiE <juca. 

'f'^*^. /'flJ'Sl- 
'J Iw coionii»»rniifd oft'*?*** fift^ dMU'b' 
intni m [lorTioa of Diir iTDopfi, ^vhich nij M 



Uijr tUM be HTrin^ in Oby put of our Do- 
ztiiwau, aithgugh such d«tathiDenl or por- 
tioD of oar troopa ihall coiuiit of men tnm 
diferent TegimfinLBf may. by ihe sppoLnl- 
meat of tho flenior officer in coDunand of the 
diAtnc:!, station, flaniaOD, barmck, Ul^d, or 
colony, provided he be not under the rrnilt of 
m fioki officer, TiUiout any tKbet authorily 
tfaaalbeHoui AnidloE of War, holddetacK- 
bKnt Gourts-mutuilt within our dominionE, 
cDEUEBiing afoot 1«SE than five offietn (un- 
leqitbefDundimpncticablelDa&seinbl? that 
number, when three may be sufficient) ', and 
may inquire into such diipules, or crlminaJ 
mattera, as may come befure lliem, accord' 
iDg to the rules and hrailations observnl by 
regimenud coum- menial ; — but m> ^enteuce 
tb^U be executed, uolil the superior alficer 
on the spot, uoi being a member of the 
.Court* shall have conArmed the same. 
SvppUmejitary Attach 3 — 73- 
In nrder to secure to the deserving »}- 
ili«T, when diacharyed, a provision nropor- 
tioned to the length and nalure r>r Fiib stT- 
vice, and lo enable om Com missio tiers of 
Chelsea Hospital to carry into full efTef t our 
niiet and Tegulations fur the penainning of 
joldien — We do hereby onler» that no wA- 
dier sh«ll be discharged, whether for unlit- 
xheaa, or for any oilier cause, unless his ser- 
vices, conduct, character, and the cau^e of 
Iho dischaige be ascerlained before a regi- 
mental BoBid, to be he^d for the purpose of 
verif^ng and recording all these nei^cssary 
|>j^rEiculars in tbu discharge, on nhicK do- 
cument Ihe decision of our Comniissi oners 
uf C^ielsea IJo^uLtal on the soldiei's claim 
K'iU be made. — Vhe Uoard ^hall be caiiipu:^' 
ed, in all cases, of ihrit offij^trs \ — the mn- 
jor, or second in command, shall be llie 
president, and two capuitis shall be mem- 
bers \ — and all mihiars' persons who may be 
nunimoned by the president thereof, are dl- 
reeled to atiend, and guc mforni^itjon to Ihe 
Uoard on tlie subject of iheir im^uiry: — 
such Boaid is not i^mpetcnl to awara -iny 
punishment or forfeiture of service, Ihcir 
duty being restricted to the fiiihful and im- 
partial record of the soldief's servicts and 
coDduci at the close of his miUtary career ; 
and they will be governed in this iheir duty 
by a le^rence to our rules, orders, and re- 
flations for the pensioning of huldiers, 
which regulations shall be produced before 
the Board, wlienever it In aesembied : — 
^V hen the Board is assembled by order of 
the commanding ofticer, or other superior 
authority, the members tliereof shall seve- 
rally make the following declaiiitioEi in the 
preticiice of the soldier nhose case is tinder 
inrjuiiy ; — 

I A. 8- do declare, upon my lionour. that 
I will duly and impartially inquire into d^ 

matters to be brought before ihti Board, le- 

cording to Ihe rulea and regulatiDos of Hia 
Majesty's service, and if any doubt ihdl 
arise, according to my conscience, the bsl 
of my understanding, and the custom of tha 
service in lilie cases- 

Sup}>iim€ittafy Ariiclt^ — 73. 

For the purpose of securing ■ provision for 
life to the oSi^ers of our army who have sus- 
tained serious and perxnanent iujury by 
wounds received in action with on eneniy, 
according to the rules and regulations (oi 
granting pensions to wounded oftjcen,— it 
IS our will and pleasure, that when the state 
of the oWcer's wound shall be such, aa to 
FGijuire him to be inspected by a mililiiy 
medkal boani, convened by our order 
through our Secretaiy at War ; such boatd 
shall be cornpuwd in no caae of less than 
three medical officer, not under the rank of 
a slaiTor regimenlal surgeon : The proceed- 
ings of the Boaid in the inspection of wound- 
ed officeis, and in certain cos&i of ofhccif 
retiring on full or half ptty, shall be con- 
ductea as follows ;— The senior medical offi- 
cer shall act as president, aad thall himself 
malie, and reauire each member lo malte, 
the following declaration in presence of the 
oflicerwhose case is under im^uiry : — 

I A. B- do declare, upon my honour, thai 
1 nill duly and impardally inquire into aod 
give my opinion an the case of the officer 
now before this Unard, according to tho true 
spirit ^nd iiLeanin^ of His Mpjcsty's order* 
and ]egu|[irioiiSH and the iiisTructions issued 
by hi^ .UaLcatv'b orders, on this head ; And 
I further dcclaiu, U|>on luy honour, that I 
will not, on any account, Lir at day time, 
disrlusc or di^'^over the vute i>r ooinioD of 
any pdrtirular uiciiibr:r of ihe Hoard, unleH 
lei^ue^ted to do so by cojiipelcnt autliority. 

These Boards will either be pre&idcd by, 
or report their proceedings to, the I>irector- 
tjcneral, or to the principal inspector of the 
Army jMedica! Depjrtnicul, who will trani' 
niit the report, for our decision, to our Com- 
mander-in-chief, or Secretarj -at- War, aa U» 
case may r&^uire- 

Ameiidment of AtHcU 91, P(T£< 32, 

After the words (jarrraun Courts- Martial, 
in lieu of the remainder of the Article, read 
— T^ut wbereosil may be aiivisable that some 
of the foregoing uiTences, which in cerlaia 
ca-'^es may admit of Ici^sherious notice, should 
bt' tried by regimental courts-martial, — iu 
such cases, the ol^ee; comnmoding the bat- 
talion, corps, or detachment, who may deem 
it odvisahle so lo proce&l. shaJL lay a statO' 
ment of the cabO, togelhtr witli the charge 
he intends to liring before the pfliieral or 
otlier officer commanding die brigade, difl- 
triet, or garrison, with an applicnlien M U 
proceed, ^ehich applicUion, when the supe^ 


MirT^THi.r N,^> Ai, lcia;js'i'KR. 

moid (mm ihr ;nrt rnActrb nrhflr fiflqni at ffubmlftnuint ml mlvippU^inon ol lh« 

Al & tiuicrjl tuun- Martial litld at Pno- or llicrwbmitt, in iliv piCL-UflM. of tul*», lul 

fir, in thf: Eiai luilio, uri dw 3ltl April ««* buoil fuillf > IE* wtv. nnwnrvd to li* 

Lat, iJqui. Ciinito MuiLiof , »f tkt xnli diiniAUd tLo urviMn »n4 Vt nuk* gnuA ■&■ 

Hegimvntnf Xntivfi IqEiklEi}'. wui ln«d fur ilEilii^iHi!^, 



^'ur*lnftff^ »l— rr>itTiii"i i«. — S»1I<"1 II, V, 

■, ifr>m™ floj, li - Jfffilfilt. 

Pl.ifcn'iB.— SHIM K,M (.VMaiinlffl i»i, 

U, I'uHTkaou J ii'^Arrcvtr^ M. M. ^< NilfL-^t 
L1i-*1h Kiil^llltp.1^, 1i4Ll>'iL LI- U, <'- M»8'>ifj^'' 

I'j.i ■ciiMi^— .Vrhfil II. U. t'l, AjiJirn>t« |lDt< 
UcUl' MoCI'U, 

I'hi.H.tLtrii.— flillnd H. U. P, M*rJfir. UriL 

Ji^T. <■- CliLimEip iui llu» itiu'irij, 

U- 1*1 iHiKTii.— AtI*m1 II- yt. C. -Krniv, 

Uiiut. rtfiiraiiQiip 

euiamiuh— AivitJ H' M. C. M4f«, LUui. 

fth fr>*'n«oirTii<--fiU]n3 If . a. i;. K*rkT< 

L«>u tWtiLUiH- 

1*1 1 114^41 rii-_SiJlii1 tJ, U, V- JEpiVnm (10), 
limu ^[uiThil 

vtt pM4ikarii>f f n. — ArTi*<p1 It, If- C, Jif]p1p», 

0»iii. Ch II- SvilhtikPntT. Tui ilii- \r<"lU*ii-n>iiA. 
Vt. fDhifiM4>imi,- -l«l[Tdll,»,<^ )1iUtl^j«r. 
rttiii ni.— rmiri. ■mi 4i1hi| i^iLmrrTiitilf, 

i'.iirciiifii,^-s.n*.i II. a, V. iiti* D*Vi" •< 

UailimmLth.J, Utfwnt 

UEI, l*i.mtri III. - t^AhL<1 II. M. C- ^Blrlu|M|. 
litnt, ljiiTcil'»H Eirirl II U. I'. Xrrtrw, UnL 

PtlKulJTll.— Arrlirrl ||. M. P. Va(»t, I. 
I'nfr'-'ki», rr>kiM Uvbui^ aiiif nhmcnam, 1.1*ni, 
i*avt,t<T irLThuum*'" lil,<iifl, 

V, K^tunmn.— \<*iv«il H. It- 1*. KMid 
Vtrli, A. Hcriii>l»,rrana I'hinn. 

eiiiihhB**.— RalM Tl- M' S. AllE^Tor (IVj. 
C*iiL r. I', Vnrln.ft.LrtTl». 

iJfmulP- Jh Pnm»Hi>CTii-— Arrtteil H.W.C. 

DaW:^,._lr,L^,.A II. Ill r. L;n»l. lJ*til, IL 
LiiTn.— AriL*vd II.,imt<f»riTSjCiprH 

* IVht^b-h III.— H^irWi'rt ». JS> C. AMh- 
1vp«> UVJI. L(i«c]0P>- ^B^M II. U. C. Ktapm. 
UfH. l-nrrrll 

■■ Pwnmjiiij-— eiaJLod ir M,<', AurrlniR, 

ftltt1*nW--4DllHl H- W- C- Hope, ilffiil- 

Lii¥if,--ai|liHl IE, V. M^ AlLL|*ii« (fiQ, Oipt 
C. I'. Vorlfl. 

Pll.feciiiTII''-ArTl'-«l Hi Mf 1*. I'leVcr. I4m|, 

U<iu , H. ^iirlL (Sail t'lnhDRi'M, >i;it ^ViUlmiuii, 
JJlitl. Wb Ijitf. 'fi«ii V'ln 1-n>i_ 

f-lli CApi. C. >ip(i-i. C.B. Ihun Hi<-Mina|i 
l^n irli -rf ND^iinta^ filled fi,L W^^nliir, 
iv^iiifpfi, limr. 4. ^'"iii4|r, hi ttf ««it*ff*], 

Utifi.J. P*!^, fMfl^ Cwh. 

l-ntjcidiM,— .IrtHnil H. lit-RTyflJin, l.i.^. 
Ri Dhju, mim HntJL 

y Da*Ki-— XiJUd M^ U. C liDii«t, IJ--I, 

f4i>HLfiJiii.^5i^UDi1 ir. :J. p. §p«f, W. 

J4lll>«,||lf CtrthlHrhH, 

■L A>iitiL]ri,iiH.^— ,lr»tHJ It. H. C' Umwu 
Mnl. lUrwlL 

f«r<iiAUtii-^Airlv>'d II- U- t. JUf^ihv, 
t«j Ottt. C- p. >V4b. 

F4i.imufii^-lC4U>4|t.JI. P. KHik.!*, 

', l'iji(TAjic>irTii.-'-niii1*d II. M. nr»i]i Yn- 

bX Erlik'. licul, £t>Krll, An1>vJ Uh tM^'pJy 
men part 

l\iMi>bi iJ,^Airl*iT] H. V. I'. HiiEinh-i^ TL 

ironi Uiin&iHli, 

a, I'jjfttnviHitii^Afrlvvil It. V. C- ^-ifV 
'<'4. riqii [>«iii< Mofliii, iM ft}l*b Tniiparf, 
UUHL ^VftlPT- 

I'l.* VULIili — .IrrivnJ auil ■iiLLihC IlnlOCif lllr 1y 
Jl. V. si.'DPi Vrtt^i iMiii, |j..„f. lrii»n. 

Ci>DDaJie'» iJfiil. HlfllmtiliAiii. 

W, PihiiTkur>L'Tii. ^ SihUil llir Hnridrfar 
Tiiutljoii, |.h>bE. Vinnii , Hbl *tIm« Trm^iiitn. 
l^nu WcOcv. JlrrlVi«l U- M- If1i.mam t^iwl, 

^■i»rtMi.— ^■Jlf^ II, 14- niBini Vithl* 
ItLMOuvii.— <iAk|Kl I]. M. 1'. KiMldD. Ufn- 

r, mi. 

U- Pittot'rii.-^.llpa ILK. C e>ttitJr. 
(LVj UfArp llnowfi]. 

II- PuM>Hiiuiii,^^AU«il(bt:lDdBvryTmi*^ 

PtiiicitiTii,— Amm^ II. U.l. Uniublon lHj 
H*u<. llit.Hdti xl4 U. V, a- Dftlwiul, <lt> 
I'liiruiHiht^jf Johri'iB. 

II. I'littisiuiru. — SulM H, V, K- &0]»- 
»<T, iBj L'.pi, C'. P, \*HrV». A»4»c€| (tie XiIb' 
l'niii<pp<i. iJiil, Tt niin1wi>nl. 

n. A II t » ^ KM,— \nt*t^ K. AC. n. AlllAnru , 

pr»itnHni]r>i'— UlM H- U, it, Jink|>r. tJior- 

Puftirll. A'i40| Utfui. TTimelutitiit mdI rijimitpi*, 
;io) lirat. Moduli. 
M* F««l<t)l. — SkilHl h|. M. P. ftinAAtrlt, 

Piili1«tii>P TH — lrrl*v<l H. II. StrmlD V'Uri 

Crliii. Lltqr. niiH^n. 



M, Sa ■■■■■■■ — ArttvtdibcldddibT.Nayil 
Tnapod, tnm Portipioflili, 

U. Fdatihdijtb,— S«llMl U- H' C' Hlffa- 

10. PotTiKocTTH. — Arrivtd H^ H. 3. Ali- 
ertij fiB), Com. J, T^lu^rnnb tbcNdUHrruHtf* 
■nd H. M. C. Hl^iffyu. 


Hk DtOfiit (i9) i*u luDchird ai CJiMhin db 
lk« irih of mot^nibrr. It wUL be rtratmbmi 
thtt ibc fanner brig of thli umv fHnkdeird off 
Che UaorlllH, iq iffO, vbta commrndsd hj 
Capt. Hay. TN inteiil wettti It JnHodHj ibr 
tlw Picbl Venice. 

H. U. S. CbiiiUn, (101 C«nin3DdFr Horitr^ 
Wat paU hjIT 11 CharkjuD oq fUe fOih of Nov? m- 
Wr» and ncoiaiiiJHriaiwd on ibt U4lit by Cam- 
ikiv)erR.Duai,iur UiFNgnb SeaiiaOon. IW 
CbUden li doiv in dock at CluUiun. 

H. U. B. Ra}«lK^» (]R) CvQDHDder Sir Wit 
Ham l>lck«ii, wia jnkd off ai WoDlwieh m ibe 
«t of Urf^rallfr. Tijt Halekgh wai cominliflloD- 
Ad mt CballiAin ici IBV, by Uapt J, W. DalllD^, 
uHl hai ilbcr ibeu bnu fiopJoyal In iht U«td]' 

H. U. C. TiD»t, lifdL E. BirtHti) Itlfly nq- 
^<>jTd Id It* Hurray of ib« eoniti of OnmiBfy 
and JtrKy, andrr lb? oHrT-* of Capf. H- Wbllc, 
w» pal*^ off aT ChatbtbL dd Um 19th of Utmn- 
let. Tbt Unnel BucciiidAl the Shamrock la ibli 
iFrTicv, H^ich laiirr vtiselj afipr leveEal ycari' 
tmptoyiDeDt, wu rnand uAip aU iwkd off qt 
Plymonh. to (he cirJy patr at m^. The LlbDet 
la ro tw employtd ae ■ Ttodir ru H, M- B. PHnrc 
Ra^m, aod li aow Bujag for thti lerik*- al 

H- M. S. I odBiiDM, Cafrt, CUflopj, C.B. uil- 
*d Tor ttit Wtdrern liUodi, on ihe Wd uf Nu- 

H^ U, S. Ra|>l^, tiaj Cipi, Ririnbgrnc, uiJcd 
for ihe MidilfmiiL'aa aiailod, aa ihc VHh of i\0' 

H. M- S. N^ulb Scar, ('ifl) b4^ been cnmniis- 
HluDLd al HoUFmuDih by Lord WiLliam PBKH.-r. 

H- U. B, Oj]bif«, (411 C'ApC. Napk'f, ntumnl 
lo HnnimHAih on ib<r ^[1j of Ucc^uLbcr. from ibu 
Wfii ladles. The (^aliiPt uiTt:d fruui Knebnil 
Dd ibt l-^h olirjncqiib CoiDELlbLontr Ayvou^b 
Knd ramily for iainakr*. Thi' tm<Ky lA Iht pari- 
-He* with wbicb ahr hulbren GVlvA, Ibc InvcnTJoD 
of bcr romuiiDdn, bai bvcu provrd un BrveraJ 
occulons Hnrtnii ralnif. 

H. M. S. rilLia, <'■])(. Plii-CLamncF, wLrb Uie 
E*ri of DBlbmidF, arrlvtil al Kin mi ibi' Iflrh itf 
fiepttfiiber, ami iVAi In lail Inimeihjh'ly !<* tie 
Ei»E indln. IV PdiaiHLl^ frum }*l>'innBib na 
ibr -tatii ot July. 

The uLvtfDi.iE'''"]' illaailoTJ of MLIford fiAteu 
for cuiiuiKmicaiinD wlih Ibc porta of ibc Atlnoilcj 
in aildiDDii Eo ■■■ hirh qiiaLir]»tl4jna ai a barbitur 
ami faclEhlfi firr huilillii^, Ir likclj' Ic rciHler li of 
feun iaipoTt4DG<; UiaD hltberlu. Thi' iltrrkyftnJ^ al' 
n«1y ctlehralfii ai a bullillne janl, it to be ex- 
rEmlflj asd a dirtcL cuinrDiinicariuD by pickeia 
With Cork anl Jlnblin lo b*^ cfllsbllAbul. 

H, M, H. BqlJ-doa ban hctn laWen Info dock 
Jnd brokrn up Al PfultntuuUi^ 5be «ai one of 

Ike oU clw of l*«ia brit*> aad buh ta im, 
n* BaUJoi wv prlridp^Uy UBpToytd Ih ^ 
HedlirfTabeiD, and La Ws Waa convciUl Into ■ 
powd<r-VHM], itacfi vUcb Umc ibc bM basb 
lylog In PoTcbntcr l^kc. 

A voyaRF of t Klrndflc nalDre la AttlBC Ml hj 
Ibe GoTEnuneDi of ibc ;;jii|ed t^lalrL ThF S«lk- 
crq rcfilona aod ibe Eilaodi at the ParUle (>«■«■ 
are Hkl (o be ibe priDclpa] polDii of dcslldailaK 

nM dfldKilon of itirTcpi]D» tu ihf pouidpfDr 
the luattl of Ibe Wklow'i Fund, Imn Ibr piy of 
Navftl OiLccn, ti iq faiaie fa be diicuDUatod. 
The reuoa aulgml la ibai Oh Fqikl la ulB- 
clf □e:^ jicb. 

Ir baa been trHoe Itqic Jn conicmplailoa ed tiom 
the dockyard ti Deplford, lod uhIcib bi*« b^tm 
ivDt rg Ihc ather yarda lo rtccive Ibe nuM valat^ 
bTe of Uk ■ifLQccn. Tbf ifalpa bmldlni wUI bt 
completed, And ibe ilipt kepi Ln a lure arpnacr- 
valloiL. Raddcilona arc ILkevlap raklpg pUc* at 
PlymovLlb, ud rbruithoul Ihe duckjanU la nit 
of lbeaa»L 

ThiB Mlowlng Hldihipoca btvt Utely paliil 
ihc^r axtmiaadon fur UeDtcDanla al iJte Bsy^ 
Naval Coilcrci— A Gnnc, L, P. Coxe, L X. 
jFDklu, U. S. Imtaa, A. L. Kupai, A, W. Jcr- 
PlD^uq, W. MoffU, W, J- SiaDdbMri(f, A. J. 
Tancork, B. J. SaU«tB, H. Blaoa^ O. K«ft^ 
P. W. UwrelL 



Drlnkwiitr, C- K. 

fioolb. J. tL 
l^oDp^lai, A. J. 
El loll. [t. 
CunairT, A. miFot- 
Lari>An.i. P. I>. 
Mnyih:, 1>. 
MlOO, H. S. 
SiJ¥<;r, J. rflimf. 
Wil»n, G, «i-ffd, 

Bablneioa, Ad G- 
}ir»*n.V. T. 

l^LlEiD^B, H, 

Oo.llj H C- 
4!ubzii>]ui, J. 
(■rdiiihaiDi C. 
Hand, G. S, 
HtDiiikh, P. 
JlDIej, H- 
MiicbeU, W. 
Oliver. W. B. 
Samqpl, W. 
SmlrJi. H. S. 
VVftlfe, O. 
Widfe, J. 
VuuDg, H, B. 


U'UIiaiuBon, C. C. 

CoDKilOli, W. 

iirlcn,J, O, Meiniteceqc. 

Pagei, Lonl W. North AtMr, 


ANNAbS Qr -TflU KUTlUf Fj;.BKT. 

Df »i R- 

Limvi,3< P- 1>- 
V*yai, D. 
NLaoh, H^ S. 

MUlr, H. 

Brown, P. T. 
BdrKh, C. H. U. 
DooltV, D. 

Goldimlrh, G. 

GnDlliaiD, G, 
Kud, U, S. 
Hcnuh, p. 

Lffiiy, O. A. 

liTinKiroHp T. 

HinfaAl, S. 
mitbtii, W, 

Owin, B. R. 

FUU^toa, E. 



Nortli Sur- 


V'xtb Sat. 

Speed wfilL 



iWtnebcHn. Flag-lico- 
iFkaqt u AdBlnl CoL- 

Bhtnr, J. 
Tm1l« va> J. W. 
Wrt^t, A. 
WtiHff, G. W. 
Worrtdd, W. 
Yodiii, H. B. 

AniilnBcJ. BL 
llUli,J. S. 








IfDon-H, W. B. FyladfL 

Lvwry, J. Bcnuodi H«plBiiL 


Atrilt, V^-J. Hyaclalb. 

CfvDe, W- Cblld?n, 
Ruid. R- M^ NoTtb SOr^ 

Evtlel^,J. Prinu R«|CDt 

FaLll.J. GaaftCl. 

Jjtwit, W. SbaQDoa. 


Spoiin, G' Hi-Bid. 


HolUuI, h DnM. 


L«rcUi ConDinUuvrm of the Admlnti^r. 

Lord SlwnuTr 

1801. LafdAnlrr. 

Wit Willi 

Prucc icd ' Glr P- i^tiplvu. 

, 3uotB iiambltw- 

i Wn. YouE. 

Uoiir WiHr Eniot- 
Evaif Nepcui)(til ^c^^^ 
Wau UiirHl<:a,(sd Sfm. 

pripcipql CouiK^iiciGri-tD-CiiLcr, 

Pl\rnniilh. — V. A. SirT. Pailay. 
Cnrif.— Ailia, Kit A. Gftirlurr, 
Nin^, — V, \dm. 'V. (iT-iiiip. 

Cbuaarl,- -Adip. PjtrJ Si. Vlni^ufl, 
Sjnri 8?i.— V. Adm. A. UlflvB. 
McdlEETJlUIran. ^ Vd K^ta. Jdud 

C-pt— T^Adm. Sir a. Curtla. 
H>|(6iT.^V, A, SlrW. railwr. 
jMiUca.— V. Adnv Ijiif] ftnili 

NFwfnriHlhiMl,— H. Utf.C. U, 


No^nr SllipH ih Ci»Pltriil«ioa VE fhfe comrnenfcmeDL fpl |h? Ypar, with ihe 



[L 'E 



4 - 



5| 1 


U 1 -J 








le '■ 14 








ai J A3 




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FriEflles 47 Jl 43 * ai J M 3U 4 I U 

BlLHjpa tin 141 M_J _5 ag f Bg yo — I 8 * 

7Co.tif Sc^raTD bIhI tfafLAvP at vmA for 41 Ihc lOPlBtfPOriDrDC oEUie 

0lEc?i3 al lire vm- 
mepounenEDr ihc Yc*r, 
vrlili tbv PrDiMaliDiii 


CuciniBDdcn I 444 





JiDury I. Tlw Hv^aip, It, XJede. b, F>wcU, lott off QaibnvDilirGJily of ibe uiw udt priKoen, 
Off bnrH. Li Eooibudvi Fiucb, Ukvb by tb» AudlcHi J8. R. G, Rcilk-7-B. Tbn boiU of iba 
Vclpomciv, 41, Sir Clurlca HiTjiUioiip nmltr Uka cDnuDand of LtfoL l>«k, cat oai of Reiitf*! Aa 
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Dover . 


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Jersey ■ 


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39th do . . 

N.S. Wdw 



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41i1 do . . 

Madras . 

Uover , 


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43d do . . 




44Ui do , . 

Bertval < . 
MaciTii . . 

Deal , 


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4eth do . . 

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Iile of Wioht 

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PoTTsmouth - 


A2d do . . 

Haliraji, N. S. 



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Chatham . . 


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Mauritius i 

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X. 3. Walea 

Laodguerd Fot 

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Armagh . , 



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Berbiee 1 

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N, &. WaleJi 

Cbaiham . - 



64ih do - - 

Dublin . . 

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■ Gibraltar 

6&th do . . 

BarbaJoH . 

Spike iBland . 


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Quebec . . 

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Year of 

Year of 










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reign Ser- 


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Malta . - 

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90th d» ^- . 

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ft. Cumberland 


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Londondi^ry . 


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93d do , , 


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Ceylon , . 

W'au-rford . - 


98ih do - . 

Capp . . 

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99th do . . 

^[■turiliuB . 

Cor>L . . . 



UaViiix, N.S. 

Dover . . 


3d Uii, 

Miiha . . 



Rl.SUff Corps 

Mytlie . . 

Detach m 

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3d ditto ■ . 

N^ Providence 

OyioD lUflu 

Utgiment . 

Ceylcn . . 

Cape Mounted 

<.'dpe . . 


Hoyal Afriran 

(JdIoii, Corps 

Sierra Lhdb 

RI, Ni^ufnunJ- 

1 1 

tuDd VctcniD 





Rl. New f^uth 

Wales \'crl. 


N\ S, WalM 


Royal Mdta 


Malta . . 






FrIaeiptlfiUff '1 Head-QaddfrB. 

PriAcdiuL CoKBHDdcia-LD-CfaM, uul 


K. B-H. ili«Di^»i>rY>Ht,K.a 

AdjDUnr-ljEiim].-- GeKnl Sir W^ 
Pi-ren, K. B- 

QdBner-ll4»ter-<^ii«al — GrDcnl 

LLtBt.'lielL DK¥ld Dnodu. 

MisHr-GenHal of Oip OTilamtfr^— 
Geo. Uih^DLi CDrnwkUit, K. G. 

Hon. SirW. Ho^t.K^n. 


r UenL-Uf D. Sir Maivd 

\ tliili*, K.B. 

Juiuica lul lu t>'priidrai!]F>^ — <Li«iiL- 
Urn. KmA Balnnv- 

BunyHptrDDi Mil 


"""^^-l 8.o.n, K.B. 

Cipfl of Good Hnitv.— E^rl Micaitoey. 

GLhn]ar'--G». CbHlriO'Hu*. 

ToUl Nnmbrr of Tr»pi muqaiuinl by iba C«vilry, incUdiogf i-* -, 
HlUili, Penc^btf*, tnd the liidk Fptcci . { '^^^ 

Zipcnw or diuo, ditto - .............. . £ ajA2,eoT i« « 


GrCAt BrttlJD, JcFKj'p Bod GHmwy .,'..-.....,.., ^ 49jnH) 

PlanTiiLoDi, CilbnlrarH PariDgal, Cap« Of Good EfoiKtiPit New Snvrh WiJh ^ SOjla 

EjUT Lndke (ttiar rcglmcuT' of Light DnROQiu jml flncen rt^mfmi of Paul) . tl,lJi 

















QaarlFriDUlcn, StrjcaDM, 

TnUDprlerii and Dnuniu?rk 



B«ralted . . , , - Sl^sr 

D^ac^it*<1 on nccGoni of wonndi . . . 7m 
KlDfd or <} ltd La ihf krvke ..... 40(« 

ForelfrD Tnwpi in tk? Service of Cr*Al Bt1i4iii ,.,,,. 
KiprDKur'lltco .,,-...... tnofitt II 

Vdnnlnr Uiviby , , . , 




40 Widowi Of CoIdimIb . I £M ptriDHm £14*0 

)i> . . , . LkuCcDiiit.CDlaiKli .... . 40 ... . lun 



MljDrH ........ . M . 

Capldlaa ........ U . 

LkT'u^Cil^nTI ....... . 20 . 

EdsLi-ni, Ac ]S . 

Pb^'lcJADi and Piir*Fjm ... Ul . 

Slav SaTt«B( «qd ApolWdrifi . Id ■ 


. 4flM 


. 3ll» 



• HiH Royal tlicbwu'A comcD^HkoD ■> CDmaubder'kn.C^iFr ia dited the iili April Ed ih\t jtir : 
pRTlOQlIyi biH appoinlintflll wai " 1''^cU- U^rSfaAl on ibr Sud." 

4 Accordini ID ■ rEiam of Ibc Troops rmplojoJ in Irrland, frbrrhcr CavBliy, InOalry, ArtilLtrj', 
Ullit^a, or l>l«[iirr Curpi, dortag 17V7, l7M,maa im, ibe Dvnbcri urir ff»undH;r: — 

l>UU-ict CcM-pL 






















1 BM4 








1 iMld 





Feb- tt. Id conequencc of lh# ^l^ataLhil oT titt Dakf of Nor^h rnrni lb* cOAUnavd of Uk in 
Wol Ywt MllEtii, tkt OB«n uddrrUHl ihv Prince ot Wnlet lo become Ihelr CqIchkL, bat nUeh 
hti Bfryai Hisknm, Oom a iHDiber of iDanpcFvbLe obj^dlooip t«r^ hiinfUDmelf decUixd,— «0. 
Um^-GcD. Sir Rilph Abtrcnmby declniH In pobUc onlTn, tli>( " lh« TPry dii|aiccful frciqeiwr 
ot Coant-MarHiJ, ind ibr □uD}' cmnpUlDti uf lrrfiatxrllle» Jd tbt rooJocl oT rbe Troopf In [nlud, 
hmd 100 DDftnuniirly ^huybI ibe »nn7 lot* iDn BEtic or lictnrlDDiDCH, which mair render u fomM^ 
ftbi« to evrrj MP hut The *iwiiiy^''^-*T- A lunHc./ brake oui cm hinH the fleci ■■ th* Cipe at Goai 
Hop*, wtlch iraa quelled by ihe nplricBd eienloiu o4 Geq- iHDdu apd the millurj- AU Qtt btt- 
b-riea were minnrd, and upwacda of IM piecfl of cuddoU wfit IdvIhI tod poUirvd ■■ ike Admlnl'B 
iUp i ttw fBriM«i wm healed, and red hoi b4Ui were re^dj 10 poor ima ud aink (be Trrmendoat, 
triitfh W4i at abcboT brrorF ibe Amaienlun barracksp In cxv (be inall»p[i ihoukt rernae Iq delivtr 
■p (be ileitEatea, wLib (be rineleiden, and r^nrfl (□ t^n^ince. A praclanaElon wv laned. and 
aolj two houn allowed lor ibt ma^aeen to contliler wbelber Ihey itonbJ relHrn lo (belr dntj « ddC. 
Uihrn ikty found liiai i( wu pouiLvely dEEeriDiDta ii> tiiik Uie itaip lo caie of a rerajLal* (be aifnal of 
ADbmLiBUD vu huiHed, utd (be dele^alei inett tp, 

Marcb 10. Dnblia procUimed in a stttc at iimirrecdoD. 

ApiiJ 3D, Bri^rGeD- the Hod- Tfaomai UikUaDd condoded a T»aly wilh Geo. Tnaiaalpt 1/Uivtr- 
(are, ror (be FvacDAiiDa ' oT St- DomlDfto by [be Snltah (rwpi. and U':b at (be Pfcncb Colmlati 
m» cbaw (o roUon (be fonone orlila Mjjeuy'a armid 

Slay Iff. A roree t onder tbe copunand at Major-Orn. Eyre Coolc, landed early Id tht murDlDi ■! 
Oaieiid» >ritrD Ibe towd waa altiicked on ibe Kt-ilde by a aquadtoa under Sir Home Pcjpbaia. Tb* 
Worfca betmcD Oaieori and Bm^ea wife deKroyed. and aJao a unmbei ot twjt(a dctlknrd Ibr (he Invar 
iton at Bn^and^ Thelmopa| luil re(re«led, and were ready (o fe^iubark by iwvlvc o'clocJi (be 
aame ibuiuiD^, n^ib (he Iob> cf only one nmk aod file billed, bD( fonnd U Impoirible, rix»Ea Ihe wlad 
bavlDi jai!zcued, and ■!» larfruDntng lo tiiffa, aa eoltrely lo preveoE Ibeir re^lnEng (be boali. npoo 
wiLkh (hey louk np a poiLlion nn itie p^nLhiLJi ihnve ibe rtacb, where (bey Lay (be whole oE Uk day 
■ix^uigbE apoa ibeir anni- Tbc enemy t'lilngarivaDEagc of ibf leo^ib of (liue and ibe ai£b[,i:ol^lrd 
in VFiy £tTBi furcFp aud aooD ttttr daybreak an ibc 30Tb, auacked Uic Hritlibon every aldi,Biid Hajor 
Oen. Coou wBi Qoder ihc neceuUy of larfrnderibEr On Ihka occaalon Major-{>n. Cooie mi* woanded; 
lita(.-CpL HeJyp IKb Foot, billed; and Col. (;ani>b«U,i 2d F<>« (Juanli. badly wouodvd (dledofbLi 
woiiJida). — fOOf The Hon- CoL l^nch daajteroj^ly wounded In Ebv srolu wbilalciercLalar anme compf- 
nlei ut ibe Fvoi l^aarda, by lome cumhiiAltblc tuauei fired ffom a miiRlteE on Barbani DoivnL — 1]' 
Tbc nbeUion breaka oal In Ireland. — 24. HniatllKka camiaem:!^ betneen tJiE lri?b rcbvli and tb* 
Klng'i Irtvpi at Niai,— 3H. A party of one hDndivd men or Ibe North Cork MiLda cu( off b/ Ebs 
rcbcla «i £jinlKonliyi CtA. Poote and two pilvalta onTy tKiprd. Soon after Ebc rebela made ibui- 
hliea niaaler of WeKfurd and Ennlacon^Ly. 

June -1. HiH^ LrttJi rrbcls drfE^ltd a deldcbiuenE nnder Coir V/aJfuile, near Shev^^b^y MnjundkH. 
T\iK Colonel wa* killed by j aboE lit Ibi IhmJ In [be be^luniDi; 4if (be ji^Lion, »Eitn \i\i c<ir|^» beine In 
M urnad^m nbern^ il c^iJd nul ad nllh pilvHnEagH^p ii \9i* fuft^td lo i\'(fL'it( Eh> Ac^Shj^- — a. Major- 
G^a. liHiaM'i'A] afTer a haul fuu^bT acdoOp derea(ed Elie rtbih uT Stiv Rnv. wnb \t'V luBt "f 300 Irtt 

• .UtLrnJle i^cfeaEiand (rLnmiiha leniklnaleilt in rhe "hole, lo ibt Fidvanl^r:i^ of (hi nadvei^ wbft, 
bcBfdcH Ebe imnienh: and uLninjai tntalculable in^'orlariry itf [heir nniE»ber«, yrm- aiilid by [Jit jiower- 
fa\ alEiaace uf cJlmalt, Lbi' pi^frasloD, ami a Iburongfa bit^nrkili^u of ib? counCiypBjid bj urzilml ejtpe' 
utcrc In ariiii^ A b^ndfiil vt Biicjs^ aoldiiis w^re nnable (it do ciure ihan lo piliitill many and 
briltlani eiiLUple» of itiHipline and l)ra%er>. Fur, in (ln?-l' fva, ih" mnlirnwi ami ni'jro.'s Litade ■ 
lapjd ^nngreiii and soon leflrDtd Eo baEHe tluruiHran (irLli^>i and (o dvfy bIE ihr wealih artiL oEber 
rriiiijrcf of civiLlEcll DadoUH. 

t li conaialcd of Iwo cmnpanlra of UgM Lnrjikiry, rirldriream nnacdi, K*a ^liiEo 3-1 Foal f^uard»» 
lllh Rc^inienl of Fool, 23il arul Ifldi QaOk '.-onipjolv-', mlb >lic piccn ur unln^nrr. 

; " Hit MtjxKy'B UuiErli, cujupLcDuu* upoo all oua&lauip on ihia B4:rvlci^ ba«-t ad^U'd T4> (hn^lr for- 
mtr laurels," — ItiarxTCH. 

i " Tbi' Ih^» of Ibia in^aTnjble aflii^er lo (be Mrvice Is iricparabrci and by ]jj eounlry vV'er Iv be 
laraen^k-d. " — O I * I' iTt' k . 

I Ctn. (n(>^" Sir Heniy) JobnaoiiHrved dutln^ the AmericBQwar, ami "bh (b<'n severely woiindWl in 
■he h«ail- Allht baEr> of Rit-^p iht: t^eueral had t no hortet i^ot iin^Ur h1in,andiuzrunly eici|>i^d belni 
killtd by 1 canr>an bill Ham oitc i»r Hie adJuLnln^ blltili wlithi be v/as reeiuiit^iFerlii;^ rile ciK'iny'i ap- 
pru&tb, A( One pcFlud of ibEbjTllep Eruinlbe CHjDCLunal Inluv of rre"h rebeh, IF biiCanie Dderly lotprae- 
iieable for (be KLn^'fl Ir^ytpi |u iDdlii(aLn ibiii ftcuuml : nnd nilwl ^^ ^ Ta nd i r E ■ bi? ricrrlDnB ul J^jhoBOnt 
wboTbiiwhtntvlr LiLEurhf tMckesE oT ihe Bi:(lua.:4hd whcnr^'cr The ritrit lia^dn ^oK3v^rEa1l1■1l^y pUced 
binih'ir in Dielr frmi|, az\4 b'd rliem uit, m'cr'iljly and diKredon poLnEril oiil File propririy n| a rc- 
FifJiF, Fur ibc purpiiM- of aHonllitK Tu lite inf^iiFfy ■■■ Hrpp.ij[iiiil|} of n:Fr^'i»(ing uicb lome rn-LILllirlEy, 
rbc 9eIi or Kityal Irt^h Urai^oDOH wt-ie onK'ri'd ru cbarun^ ibe ijniiieraiif biPiF} (if rvheh, ^rnii'd wlib 
pjkejt frojii irn (a twelve tfel l^nzt unil expcrirnceil In ibe pnrFkc of Fkrue focmldiiblr nj'apona. 
Tbv ln«(mcdonB tu ihd rtbeli weri' lu pierce the horsi^ Id ibe flfiiV, and Ibu4 ohrsln 4n ea*y cin- 
i\aeK ovlt liiB ridi'rp who lutnratly Tell, embairaB^cil by Ibe plan^ln; of bii borie, and (he d|iorrf#fed 

V. S. Ji.uHN. N(f. 13. J*K. 1830, K 


'tMii iTii iIm' >|n^i ■■ HhF |iTiv« tilfinr. Iji>r4 1kl'k*inijn^,> fill r*r1y In l\p fai>i*aL"_Uuv«fRH.^. 
A liav b"l> iJf rilwU mr*sVrrl Miyftr-r;(>». \i<Ff]liHiaS ifl" flt»ArX1t"». aipl ^eri' iHyto ijuk wlili 

Br<4rK<^' FiHk^ Itiimlrnl i»| lIa hm^nti^l- ni It^tt^ii"" I'^K >'' <-'^"t't t""^' »""■ '■■'■I'^Vl 

l^lflr nniit. mM ivliirni'i) lr» iJt'lr |I|j<jjl^iii . . — 1 1, X hrnlj i^f iflHt' JLiilniBviiMTibrnl nfir (iitorn^tl. 
[iir> ii«n- 4iiwhcU bj ■ ilittdimrui tiiiivi \vt. Aqj>1cLuii. «bu ii iti>i ^xflp'tnt "'lar !■<». (hit Ii* 
4n«r*uJ> pm lU- i«b'U [B nl|tir. U <)■>■-']. q« :«ir Cliirl^ ,\>('1l iiii->'h«'l <-iik m inri» d nlirl 
'trnjixi ilic Unar, iimr Pim. wbirh |u .''«[„ |i1cr i-lylt -ir^rpnl : in iri.'ii »i-fr kiFli-il ,iihl Mi4>ir Iniiirr, 
^ll< 11lpJi»p i;**!. \4»]fF<i>i illAi'ki^ #LiL ilHHir'l Ukr rih|-h Eh A \rrr HK^t ii-rtHioiL IkIiJce] Ha%' 
hthumh. ^Ii«va %0B nbnU Mf rx hlLli.«l in iht EtlUck aVhT nfnjf. ill 'h* ri?i"-iJ iii I ' < «i'>i- pLUgviBT^ 
>IJ a\T Ebi^ fdnqifi. M^lia <4|>Uikl>(r<. iiL ilu' Pirw\M PUkfl'f 11 1 hiiji|itt rTr aniliHr pvnr lohayffi.^ 
W- llriiLi-rTM^ ^Mi|i^ hK'|ci|i'»I iLUiq^rrLB dtui-TtiifHi ui ilic ^\Vir-ir^i (vlirki nn^ Tum^'b Mifl<| 
-31, l-lc-t>L 4 ;*il. I^ku .IcUdLtil ilt* f'UU >l Vk^^-tjar iTtll-i-W, kl^jOf {I*a. Hit I'larUf J^cW 
(1119 D tlt^jnvF «iT<Pi> uvpr Iho Hnnruh-mi 5I Kiirinwl MiU. iipnr (-urt-i HrwJti'. Mlfctnav. fo- 
ilicr Uui^Lj, itflfl Itfltjvrp )iiiJ it^ii*ii'iA <pf tana intiit wvf.- ^\i\fl: in lpiwbi >>( tauDoa, nuA pi4i 
^■riikilL^rf i»ruirupunMLoii. in^a. tod epiilc. n«m>k«b. 

■Ulv 4if hi* PTrHjiiiri-inriilP^ Irj f ItJ* rnDllUr ttif lii'lVj •QbilrHja ■n^n: JlllDPVl vndnly *Ht li [tj<*«« 1* 
LlliLHb|r<L 1li* (jmi'ip-r V»(i<t •»il\\ •\itiiryi\\y nitili 1^- r»lM-'l. ui* ikmiaAMlwl cjtl) by \iU,\- mm. 
ikp ihr »ii|iii«irr tiilf or 1L0 ri>p'. whiiiTL'tth" iniibity iiHlttiiini aikI iuniii^L. By ihii iiii>c JiJtFihuj'B 
fjkrcf ><■• i|]Miii»l4.L<l pm.f< Ufaa *h^ ht\l- IVfn-KLiic, bMii«wp, llitl t^c i.-IkIi b-<l u'tli-:l«<J lo 
folkit* ii|i Ihnir Hil-iTrfiK", hff rihnU'^ hl> lrQci|i> In ■ wiII-ltHi"! «]ivjrli l^i n^^^nvvi' ik'lr i^nxiivlp 
■dd n>nclui]pil hy 4i*iiiiiiii> nri'lt •) Tttr viiHuic «> nt^'W' m* >IM iiv'lJi Llirti' ti4iLti.1t il< IhUuh Ii]|i»< 
All twrrti *il«iieo rn*>Jt>-l tut t iiw piLaarH. uriir *bLc-ii ihe (jiBt-lur Xwidri bini llii E>-v« ui-jii 
tWidilipr 1^ '■brmit lirittiiuii 4ii4i wp'r* hMi' ■» ■!■ in ikctr i>ipp*i'1. |ikr*BVI «iii{rfL> MrunrLl, '«- 
*l#>imttE, "'lU'j m'rr yUUan r^ »ln'i ilic B»*i 4|rD|>ur rjieii tUoa In ■ii|>|ui uiiliiir filler J» aiuJ lu 
'*^'*n^> eIi.'Ii MWriMi'iAilho'- ,\ tfintir nr iip|<|i«i*f i»-»»i-il livin r^*-) |>p<'i <»rilii' r^ilnmkl. Jifkl Wr- 
mlnHifll milillllr* chnirMiml ■ EPi*rrtlnrj nf "(i™! ijiVn ihp >.lli|t siuL Ul^'m jb U» l-tflh J^WnUfill/' 
t^odcr nii'li kfeijUiTt Mf lA'uxTriiti btl Aiid tfi1ri«iiirE mTtrik'M, -i *><■ uiPiOMii^tli tw Jurn iwii iu n- 
■i»r ptir rifjanv 4Lf la* j[*y, Lf'rit%t4i iDimnily '•lilfii, 'blI • IniMlfuJ inrcaii* caiuaJ i arid ub 'h* 
liny rmlini^inr:, fii«vr lUDO "T ttic ifb^^li-rtrCtfu-i Anrv rtriLi^vM Ihuu lliv lotrq, Wr la^ viiltrtil 
1rti-'*lM* dciBlI 10 -li.^ 1I1U kippiJ^r^'M aniivi/^rrikinaBlUiil W iJiaU h4k0 lo vmit^ iD tur ikU 
tiTpmhoK. 4t> 4ii-liifunln| • ^Aiimr* an'i il^^p^M itit iheai aJiiiiitiir rhtr *v* ivi^iirrrd \n ilv mllLikry 
Idtluly vt Cfivjil n'tiiln. 
^ * A Pii4li)rftiiPi. i^Iiipk iloMMrk *lmiat find 4 mllrl faikiaiK« ivtr rln: vUrkSKArimnrlnl lT4ii* -if liL* 
■huritiritT M 1 io|4|iFi< mil 4 •■■rpiut«jL, Mu JmH >c Hi' W'lt of kli riukniH^in, rbw CHofly ol iMwn 
UhltiU. tidvfjbl wUt WdUiuJi, tiul Willi hU fJi|il»iiu Birfili «itiuilnL lil« aiim lu pi'i«r*n* !■ tlia 
'4i»firu«( of iti^lL Kln«*PPl ■■"■mIij. 

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! ^FUiw tiuiiiB>'iPl'f '' ifJi* iLitPi-, \i.ii\ iiii|p|i- ji nirt-jrki nlilr l|up*r»* oli vpihi am Aahj. kikL Jt^il mEV 
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July 0. Tbf Wlcblow Lonrteiiip [:am|]l«ii:Iy dlspfrHd bj iLt onlLrd totaa at Gto- Jlttdtitm ud 
£1^ L Dur 

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4lli| ionit jeomrD, priBo&rct- — 3S. IliF Bfillth [iOiHutUnfl hI HODdCinl ■t1a[:kcr] by ■ S|ildlflb force, 
Inl r'palied 'wich Ioki by Ucat.-Col. HflTUd add Ca^il. ItotB, K.Ji. — iT. Tbr PrvDT'b rrDO|w aiutckad 

■ Dd dtmifd Cm- Lake ti CmlebAr, brfore bit far»' wfiv raUi<Fif>d» and cDAprlltd blm lo ntln 
WlUl Iht Irnf dF di pieCFl i>f UddOD. 

Srpltmber 4- Tbe Haninka CocdniUia, LonI Urolcdidl ot trcliJid, advadcod agatdar tbe Fnbdi 
1( CaiTlcturp -nha ittnalvl To SllgO, leaVkdE brbknl IhriO 300 iFadd Df «ndl,lHlWtFd JQ add M blT- 
rvta of KiDpoHHrT, a qoaDiiCy 4( pEkc», ind [b?]r aick aud VDattdtd. — B. The timrrlck HIUUn lad 
mmt ifrtachijii^dri oT firilUfa fcDck^Cpa dffnltd by Ihr Frrrdcb ai CfJcOdy. — S. Tbr Fnnch, iTlcr 
PuatalnicE tta« B^Ufli of a culdmn o< Ibc rUflrquls CHjniwalEiR'a trray, dmlrr IJeni.-UtD. Lake, ntrrcB- 
der#f| ii HaLliaardiickii «( dEwrfTjad. " Hi? p4:rHVTTaurr wlUi nbkr^i Ibv EoldtEri aapputinl Uje ei- 
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barrrll of nappoivlfE fapldivd ■[ iba bead quartrn'or ibr Fruru:lt camuiAoder- Tbir proved B dcci- 
aJTC blow ro rhe rebellion. — 30. CdL Rorkc add HaJ4r ReLoW elcenlcil iDr biEb IrFSHII. 

NovfiDbfr Lft- Tbe liladd of UEaorca Pdrrendered lo LkcdL-Geo. ibe Hoa ChHT^a Sturl mud 
CominDdnrF Uarknorlh. " Tbe iDppan I bn^e cxpcTLrdEEit trOia MajHr-C^D. £ir JaJnes Sc- CUr 
I^rKkiiK, BiLi;--Geiu. Scuarr and llakLH, rhc nneniud of IJeul.rCul, Hizbanl Sitwarl) my A'lJiJluU- 
Ovperal, On ntl. aplrlrr a^ p«rHvmiDcti, of boih ilie uttcm ibd urd of (he dlilTitnr nKEiHiMt 
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— jC1.BM,SU VDlnmary ci^nlribuCtodi id aEd uT ihs waf, braidpa £iX,3^ I^L itrDlkKed Irom thm 
Brilllb StttltmtnTa aE BrDEal. — n. LeaVe Was t'"*^ ^°' ■ ^^1 ^f he bconirbE ld(0 ParJaineql fBr 
cnDnaalDif, Tor a iime Id bv liidld^, (be Ar( (rf QtF 3aili of bL» Uslealy, cbBblldK bia U^lelly U avail 
hiaiHUDf Ebr volantary nOfia of (be Briitib UElSria lo arire oai or iht kii]£duui. 

DcHDibrr e. Capir R- 8, DErkiOd, K.N- of I^ VirrvlnBEj wtib Uajor l^wrtll abd ibc Royal 
Bihkfii. aiiack Rio CaHbt» and Qnrapmw, drairoy ibc roni, auil brtitK oprhc fniu. '■ 1 oner law 
ntoTF cool ioanzfi dtaplaycd ihaJ> by Uajor l^wreEl, Litdia. Caio and V^Reairy, Abd iba aoDtcn 
and KaJdED ondrr [h*lr commandH bj aTtBcklnfr Iwo forU wilti 70 mm, defended aL EeAal by 100-" — 
DitriTcii.— ». J'TOTlalonat Tualy vf finbilriy bvt«HB Englaad tod RaHta, for riapkpyEd( W,MO 
ned a^alnK Fndcc. 


Jan. 10. 

Gfd. Sir John PbEILuk, H.B. CoEootl 37tTi Foot, 

JddF 10. 

bfajor-Gc-D. WiUlam CroBblt. Cubuvl 1-Jd FooL 

Adg. 2t. 

LiPiL't^en- Sir AdAm ^\'illLJdiKn, K-B. CuLudrl Tld Fool- 


MILITAnV PROTIIOTIONS, At. ihclx rtcfEsln^ j cominnifd a1la«ad» for iheir 

KBOa ^0¥ 31 to IJ&i: 9J COminlsHJodS! — Fji-. <Frlanr^o (JhaileaTiproQ. b. p^ 

3DEh Hr i hd». iTiincjii Henry Jldnlem, b, p- UQ- 

LONDON a.^ETTt, Kov. W- ^„ , Kd.. Charle. CruhamH b, p. I«F(, i Ad)^ 

McntQranctuLn. — Tike b. p. nT (be ikmlt^r-iiim- \\ illbm AE'Cnlloueli, h. p. lOlH I'r,; Lleq(. 

liaov^l itlbCE]'^ JiAi been rineeLlefl Fr'Hd ll»i 37lli d'OrCe lli'nry [^yjrili h. p. S|)|l] Pr, ; LleaL 

inal, (ncbltlvp, upon Ibeir rreE'lhiii^ a lOtnlihMllil Tlnjiiiiia Gee, \t. p. 41'lh )'|,; Lli'uT, TboQtAt Sill' 

aUoHBDCC {"T ibeir cainiiil^Hi''ii>: — SlalT SuiHl hunl lllivir^ h. p 1>l(| Vl- 

Surivvf \\'illl:iiii Clatpnce, h. p. j Lieut. rbjli]> Flo'pJEBl .Siiiff, — (tr, CbiirlH^i Fanrlh Biml 

BIk EutniHii, h- p- Mib Fl; Mclli. I*rirr l>a. Inv|i<cr[>r ef ll<J4p||;||^ frvm h. p. lo be lltpoly 

nald. lIubDF, i\- p- Hnb Fl.; I.Eenl. Sjl^ihda ln<|>«i:|Qr of Hospklalv. 

Jonck b. p- 5lh Fl, ; Lieul, Uoyd Henry dc . 

Ruvjnca. h. p. Mtii Fl. OFFICK OP ORnNANrK. r>i;c. 10. 

. . Frrariim In llic f;.iw;[> of Ibe mib of Ortobtr 

THiuw. DKC, II. T.1.11. — i.;orpii of Llf. Kdj;. — 1^>^■ i'-^nt. C4dv( Fr(ei 

Tht br p. "f [Jii iindj?ri"Cnii(pneil offl^en h" [|, U'rinilK, tri tf Sin^udd LEeiil,, rfifl OiQl. CAde( 
b»cn c.mceLK'd Irniji (lie Ihli Iml. micIuhEvi'j up>pn Pel'T |["licrl W'cJuht. tu \m-, &c. 

' Tbc toijl i<npprcii!ion of (hi' nbi'lllfin, iilirili ikie flH.-rl<j|vi ^rlkon ar ^ idrt;.tj lliJI hhw ivafod (o 
Tip^i, naj for a (Ime nTJirrtnl li> ibt itm*.il of ihii <l^|<^. 

t Nint(>-«i\ French 4»fllccrB, kditudLH^: drtM- Hnmbtt(» ^aiaeid, hid FoiilAEd*, T4d non-conunU- 
<kHhntr| ntlirer- »rvi1 nldiiifi, Jind loo hortof. were Hlien. 


TI7kJblV. btv. 11. 

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Bi> W rM**ii by f. liu JU>iilji1». 

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to bt CiI'^ikL, >i« Ovtk ^rtb.4«T. 
fin iwi, lj- iiri-'-ia r» CditiJiinB—tjpi- 

Cb«Elc* Cri-Vptilir^ Vnioir. ItniH b. |i. *ln JallH* TMKp', wU •»- n- Ih. <|iff., Ci|K, 
litr Mif^mi ll*iif> ^«pn, l*«i. In^iPtK, [», )ii|i |j, 
lift., ti^a fldtBK ri|p||>,a(iiii;4r., fi^ilw um. 

laui L>. 04x^— Ctf^M, i>i<-iT»»> miiiMhk rti.^i. 

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JlliM* n<>-llvj', wIjd v%k- flr, Uir illtfi 

trill U- IhL- ^Uijoi l^^b. t^r lalin MVy, 
Knti^il' TV tr Udlujiil. tkn IjjkJ «. IL H ao. 
A»iBi(, apy- lu Ell* -fiPJiOflaLl uC tjl I"-. 

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rikil'iF htai[iticr>i»u, ni<LiL li, f- <u ■>( (Ja|iib tict 
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vicr Dvi \tiv%. FniD].; JntiH ttuv JMtlgii' t'cmi. 
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hen Suuili Willi* ^*ii, t'flii»vj..iu iir Utuu *li« 
CftHhi'M, I'tifu' i|i}i, l»*j iiul Lik>'n fiE»>-r, 

Saih Dttlu, — l.ii'iii- ( tuiLi'i MunlBUij llurrv^«, 
Awn U\. \rtfm<i Oi<li>iiJti C-fi|*t i" Ixi litsMt, 
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tuf-li'ipt , lV^|lL4ii«i dim-lj, CrlrTj tv Iv Elbh tij ji, 

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Mlh niiiiL- I,lf4j<. ;<iltii t^^y. fv bii t»|'. by 
IL'Ici Kyl(,w]ii> ivi, ^ Kimltn'WiLliAtii L- Ti'tlov, 
l> I* Uml, by I'l vlr- F.Ji (ricrrtf fcQ^dlp 1» h^n-ljy p, ttfi-TAliifr 

M,t innip.— 8Hn s-ifl. JauK". Ulrtlf «IJI*r. 
fvwn k. p. ih> l* Kti^ij. I'l*^ Rlil^iik, v^ii bv m, 
fmni Mic xrvm', 

Httt ImiU.— MflllM TTrrfiy V'4'II4'|IU|I>M I'l, 

l4t hi- V-jm, vir4 VnrVnh^n, uti" tUr 
Bill IILiin. — A*<lii-hiiii^ iitiA U''i}ariLt^(r\iiii 

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iVyLok hi-fjihtar — Ijpipi.-I'aI, I'kafW .^frh. 
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nif^i'^i .-. iVtDi.* FjicI1<Ii kiiil'U.Fd KA.iim%, 
Hdtt, IP tt iJfBl, wlUtoal V' 1W lUA^r prun- 

I'bBltadi'ri.^Uml. il'Htjr |K« V*«a. iVii*! 
Ifik Ki, (4 k* L'api. i4 kfll. by p. V ICqi. Iboiiagt 
U'UrMT» Ihn L3lb Fl. l» »r LKaL <■■ W, h) p, 

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l*ih H«ct. U- tri«.— t.kBC, liiibm iita'7^t. ro 

i» OpT. vr p. *\t< T- *^ i:i(i«i«i, ^w xi,| 

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41 R, 

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f lu. MeniT Sivphen tWiiii Uiivilftt lu bv Uril- 
Ijy ji. *li'c Hnn*"ffl , H-K. lU-hifit <;i;ff'-nl, to W 
TTnPL by p. ilrr 1lolvli->. 

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h- p, r^pa lUjii. 10 t* tUuJ, rict Mn-yi •jn'' ib 

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Mljitr by p. ^in ra*ll>i>iv prviD ; Llr"!. l'r>iL 
iJiiuiiri tl:irl0n, lu (IB t'Jpt. by |^ Mn- Tykr: 
llui. ihailciNofrii lu trt U-nr. Ij p^ tin fiw 



Imr; 2tb* Gtitow, Cm. M b« Bh. br P- vkw 


IUe« Br|f«k-^UcU- PnbcUHnd* Sif i^Kmt, 
rrom Mill Fd«, a be UnL «k« lUbfrl Dtrlug* 
wh« Ri. ppo* b. p. fiojiil Yvk Bugnv. 

M VM UdU lle«t-— licw. CoUd Baebmu, 
ft4D b. p. Roytl York KanKan, lo be Utnt. tIcv 
0'll«Hi, ipp. to Ibc 1Mb Fwc. 

CmOKbtiL— HiOor AleiuHler Hope PiDtcn, 
Ifro ttib Vooi, to be lAea^Ctji. of lofuiry, by 
(t-^Tbc DQdrr'iiK>d«K<i UeM. vioall; kftIeis 
qpDD f. p. in A H^gl. oT ibe Luw. vJx4c coniDli- 
MoA Ifl dAled ID 1^< >tar lall.LiBiacceT^lt*! prnm, 
apoD b. p. accordlDK to Ui« Genertl Order or 37th 
Dtc ins : To b« CapL of lifuLfy. wilbool ff. 
lint- J^a Alhf rtoD, n-om ibr 4?th Foot, 

Uflmorudi.— Tbe DDdct-nitDtk»i>cd officer hMM 
bcAD illowed to tfUic from the ficrvict, by tbn 
hW or bi Unaiucbtd Uriit.-ColDoclcy. — Urot^ 

IriRrEt'OfRI. Bumy MmiU.<^lbonu Ohtsc 
CuFjr Riley, Ew^^ lo be Cipl. 

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lo b« Ueqt.-CaL Vlr« Sir Jotaa Uopa, prom. ^ 
brluf tfortcD, ED b? H4j«, *1cc Idrd Ekha, 
prw. ; LteDi. Jnfan Bour, to be Cipi- vEu W. 
yDDDi; HvrHei, ntiCor- Wdl- R- Runny, lo 
be ditto, vIh Sir Fr^aaU WhI^ee DiummoDd, 
m. i lint. AdvD U^y, la br dklo» tIa |lcb«rt 
C«vkbqni,Rfl.; Llcal- FtUrHvaay, lu b* dlno, 
vice ThtDU NcwtoHj rtw- i itmet Wallur DiVD- 
i, GfloL la be Cor. vir« Eun^ayr pfwq- 


BL Heal. Horae &!■.— Second U*nL Uos. W. 
F' Cowiiu, 1h;in tbe Ceylon RfKt-tdbeCoiDrf, by 
p> vice H- 5. (;iLiciricnE, who nu 

«b BfKt. l)n-— ScrJ. F. M'DowfU, Id be 
QmrltnnBelr vice lllchiuii, lEci:. 

Tib R«p. Li. Drt. — Linn, Christuphcc Tu«er, 
Id bm dpi. by p. Tier Sir SLnHiua ilcnry Stimrl, 
who iCL; COTDvt Philip Thumiu llnbcrl Wjkf- 
hiJD, lo be Lli^ut, by p. virt Towcii Strji. M>Jvr 
Tbomv rattnon, lo be Ai^i^ wirh ibv nuk uf 
CofBei. vIcF Tum-r. 

|D[b U. Des,— LifiU, WjHtam Ocinviq^ Winl, 
from L^TU Fe^ la be Ucali vice Vind^l^iir, who 

Ill RvgT. FiHri.— EiiB. Joha Gray WUHn, to 
be Ll«ul. withoul p. v[« WilUim Muaro Mac- 
kencle, dec l Pivderick AuKi^ilu^ WflbFmUj 
GtBt, lo bi Em- *Jct WUrtD. 

]2ib Diim, — Lieut. <Jn>rEc Vandeleui, from 
tDlb Id. Dn. to bi^ LIcul. vict Wnnlj vho ex,-. 

Ulb D^llo.-^ABBivii'Sur|r. I'crcy FilEpjUrirhi 
frffln h. p, aiitFl,lobcAa>iiL-Sur(.TlceOT(rtii*, 
1TL upuD b. p. 

VJih UlttCk — Lirnl- WiUiam Dean, frnia rFt. 
liii of lei HI. Vet. Baimliiut, lo be Piyniiii, vire 
HARtiJ Haclco'l, *hp icverii lu hit Tonntr h. p- 

CeySun KtKimenl." WlUlain |>iclisoD, (^m, lo 
be SHood Lieol. by p, tIcv Conper, app. lo ibe 
KL Hqfv Cd>. 

ll*Bi«*Bi1iaB'-*nB^Utpi; vr tbe BBdcr-Dtb- 
lioMd oa»« hu b«ca nnceUed rnm iht BSIk 
iBii. IbtLadv*, upM (bdr ncrtiioi a '-w n i^ Wwl 
■UoHtDoe fiir [fadr coiBHivlHH :<~Edl Hqd. 
Geor^ Fnacu Robert Hurii, b. ^ i*«K, ; 
LieDL TfaooHi Jobn Neil!, b, p^ iiutL; E«. 
Owed WyfloGnyi h. p. Ttb Ganiaon BaOaUDo; 
Lieat. JoKpfa AikbwdD, b. p. flAib Pr. ^ UnL 
Hnvy B«a Lnrlo, b. p^ I»tb Ft. ; liaat Hcdtt 
BimlbUJJtr,h.p.CaDadLxnVoiacean; EoLnaofla 
Lcweq, b. p- 30th Fi. ; Gomel Ptln NidKiBB ilc 
CiTEerct, b. p. Lith Lt. Dr«^ ; Esl \«buttl 
Relii,b. p. M Fl; Ed*. Henry ]>cJy. b. p. a± 
FUl licDU BeaDcbajnp Coldon^ Urqabutr b^ p. 
Ttat Ft. { Eoh Edwanl NoeL> b, p, DHd. ; Lta^L 
WinUm Henry Boonie, b. p. Hit ft.-. Sum. 
CunlcD Terry WlUlanu< b. p. Ittd FL 

Slaffonbblre Rrtimeat ut Ytomaarjr CtVilFy. 
— Ueql.'CoL Edward Jofan UltJeloa, B^ DD b* 
Llenl--CoL-Co[iimaiKlaBtt -wUx UoBcbliVi Rb; 
Majof Tbomaa VlkoiuiI Auon. to be lint-Col. 
vice LItlUtDD, procQ. ; Capl. EdM'Ard MoocktoBt 
lo be U^Jor, Tlce VIkouii Anaour prnn- 


UanL-Coi- CbDKblU, b^ p. la be ALJ->to-CBiiip 
lo Lleit-Gen. Sir E. BuDei» GoTcnor of Oyloa. 

II^Jw Dandu, RL An- 10 be Hil. Sw, u 
Ueoi^Oen, Sir L. Ci4f, Oonrvw of dte Cup* oT 
Good Hope, 

Major R. lf]K:doDald, b, p. lo be Akl^derC^Bp 
Id M^or-GeiL Sir Joba Keave, Licat^-Gofanov 
of Junalf Id 

Sbei. Sburl, to be Sug. to die Foiwa, In lb* 
BriHol Dlitricf , iLfie Snri. HiUoiu 

Col. F. CDcbbBjn, fid Weil India R#ft to be 
SaptiinieDdent u HDodoru.iIca |l^or-0*bBd- 
ward Codd, dec- 


ljri]l^-<^ol. Gaiable, lu be Pho^lpjl CoOBlH. 
danl ufEfar QldnBdcc DepzrtaieDt ■■ Malla. tIh 
Ihc EluQ. Col. CirdfDFi-. 

Ltcul.nCol' Puqer, to cominazhl the NDrlhem 
Di^rirt, Ireland, vie* UedL-CeL AnnilronE. 

rJeni.-Col, Lloyl^rorhe Cblcf command of iht 
Bl- Axi. al Ifae Cape qT Good Hope, vlea UeH. 


Capl. HniiUrr rDminaDi^i ihe Rl, En[inHn Ui 
DnbllD, DDiil % mixafM li appointed lu (In LaW 
Lleol.-Gtn. Fytrs,' 

A contldenbl*; re^luclLoD in the Slaff of (be 
Weal Indki hgHlali'tylAkrii plicci wbLcb Incladea 
iBl AH>lM«Dl.AdjDlJDl-r>edi;ru], Sd AuiaUol, ftvl 
iBl lli:pui)'- A>!ii'lanl- punier -MiRlrr-Genervt ; 
■dd iwo HiJDn of Bri^deti out ai DemeraH. uid 
Ibe Dtber al Aa|L£iiB. 

• Major-Cen. PlIliinElodp ool Cc^. Uaroronlp it 
eupwltd lo tiKrecd tirdend Fyura at chief Df lb* 
En^nref DopwUnEdt id JirUnd- 


unmiS, MARHUUKS AND l)lj\THS- 

Kt|>|p lull, A( ElJci»\ 1ri>4lir.ui;jr luvtriKH. 

Arllllif 1, vt ■ ilwitlJter. 

"nvntat Cvcy. IL V of ■ ita 

M lfJi'liH<iLMIi1 lUmi-lt. |)i|l4h4f, l(ir f^riy uf 
W. bitmiddil, dujiruq ni l?Filni(nE, ar ■ 

lUtr. QlEi. 4.1 rulbhK, Ei-^tml, iJio I^ily cf 

I)*." Wit, Al l*urr»^».Oic |j(|> «r l,l-*i- »i-l*. 
I'liirliHii. IV \ jkCTiii P^T 'lriiH|ii>HL tM t mia- 
t>n. [till. Al Wkbli4:tn»p »•«■<, LliE Uilj *t 

Iji SliMiiL- jtim:. lxii>l"H. ihr ]«i1vitl IJfur. 

Al 'ki'iL'iiinniiili, tlw Idilf ■>f Ijkiii. t\tii. tiU-U, 
af Mii<*><]l tlvuafH^'inrirHliLiT. utJi tun. 

rtr^r, lf.\. M * ^jiu^h-r. 

Al MuiLik> l^ii-i l(^>iiiw. iIm ldi*ly<4' LIcHl- 

M HmiUuikui IaU'' ttuinrrtri-ltkr.Lli* TaI^ 
*f Dt^ Lwu-cIlp ILN, VI < wu. 

Ar Ap Qrvfa. Kluul, tJi* t«1y uf t^tf'- Oiw, 

K-?t. «f ft llUl^lTp 

Al M-kJHPv-r ilw U^f at UmMU-Cii. 1\id, vt m 

Uvr. lUlli. Tilt \jtCi at InLfbl. L^, KiiiJ]. vf ttJt 
Majd}-'" 6bip {llvivOlcrt vf • -rAiialll i f p 

D>n-SDllH Al Kl><it«l»aHiv, lb# Ltri}«4 Ii«iit. 
Col. UaliibfiETvct ur a ha, 

D»u. lail, Al jt;^-, il» l*|j rrf CdpL 1«k1l, 
R ^.if ■■». 

IV- «>], Ju liU<>1iiu. ilhT Uti) u( Capl H' 
UiirkEey Un^nob, at iSa JkL.p^4i ^m.^, 1,1 q 


hiiV. IHIb. A» Si. CcQrtrV ITkEwm *J>i4i<. 
U*DT, W- (', Atrirhir, lEA. rr» r«i1iri^i>r-, ualy 
ilflHOiur iif ibt liiK CpI' I'l^DrtT UaHW. 

Sm, lull. tE«Mr. C1im1-< WtlhumH P,V. Td 
JviF, rlilr4 rliHulirir ul Ji^u Huy, 1^. <ir AruUn 
k> V«7t»iW KiiilH-lk- 

N'lw, flat, At Mhl.iHiNi;i, l-^i-t JiDci \^'lai 
Iw 1'h11II^T"H v( lA' TDi llHiur^ >ia 4i| n^r l«rn 
Tlupiiti rbilU^'i'*^ En|, <ir [."ulJcprkir. tkiiui, lu 
CMIi'VIii* Laiipr^, only iIoiJllil" of flir IjiIv CvI- 
3inpH A^ Klth(«iJlilL. iHf (tie ILu^i. i^m l\MH, 


Nof. fiM. At W.jiijrt|[|i, t|(«i, Hq]#ri llui' 
<lvo J 4(li T>r4«)4n GiJrij, 10 V»ipni 41^1414411111^ 
let i-i Ub imr ilolr Wtrdrll, nr |i«1r«d»i«. l\>y^ 


\o*, tail,. Al y.itc.rf, Ii1< nr WIttIp Ltonu 
I1<*|[T. tf-n. m >ni>» lltrEoQ, 

A^ J:dl4*l'-ti- r-t". ltJ<jbiri] Crivti pulwliclc. 
Hkil. l«ar liiiliA Cvin^uiy'* UvlAi i'i4Jb<V, 
lit ijrnjiH Krui>f«4 milT rtjui;J>ltfr ul IK^ Knq. Kp- 
|i«rt Citadk, «r Vjr4>,fcMi' i-i^t*. [IvibyflSf*. 

Al r»lim»ii|i. C-|ir W H, CUmpl^t. vf ibi 
Vlh ItrfniHiii, bi I'timyltVJihrlriitliu-r iilKtvr 

UcV' lit, Al rtffiJhulL. Milof W. tSLIhirip vf 

iinr.V, |j» ld'i«lhHi.l'iiiMQiijfii'i »t<^niT Bob 
Irr, H* >, la Ul^- 11, II^Jl^MtLhAiii. lilM* »f 111* 

Id tondtfn, 1 ajiuln Jmia LikaL^iHiiiip rAulnUi 
■ffVikHilKi tlii«r-I<. tMi^l Hih ^f I'uli^ud l^nolHtB, 
ur Ji1«nfatT*ofppH Id ii» ^it^innv "f }i^n\i<iti\fr 
Ipivi.iif jiiJtAiiB t.hfiiiiih. iiulvThilil urifei-mfl 
Held t-lllvd Oitnk^ti^r ot I'ltfiih'ii* *'|ii'iri', 

Ar <;lm>tVtli<r, M-J'PT Rufl., iW Itio Lfclti R'i^ 
mfDL, IV l:JiAjii)nh» t-lilroi diimiirr m ryTn«nl 
^*»alf4 I^vhiilvrT. b»i. Uir <ir ll-rcfad. 

Ijffi^iaihb Al ht, irt<iir>'«, ll>ntii«f 4i^«in>. 
C>I'L, J, W. liiUibcri, -M Ult t.u«nta. Id [h* 

IJ.4. Jd» UtVTH, 

Ijpqr- l>flVDin W«ffPn, U.A. to hClub-lh «i 
i«li, HCHii] «H|iiEi'r 4if Wn». Jliw^lry, &q- «r 
Carktili, nrtiHly 44 l>iibltfl. 

lin.nd- Ar ll'iyiwrtiilii Hi|nr.4Ji>n. Cv]f»ra 
Anil Jifei'Lf , fltiicl^lcr ul iLk Intr Ue*. (i^ l'iijv< 
Nrilnr cif WyV* «ih| pHirlhu'l. 

lu IdiuLvu. LiriL (TjI, iViHl'. 01 Ilw WiiTTj. 
I^Aiikp ?Ut, It ll*fiMp mtUt* al iIif |*hf Unf.- 
(''!»- UbiiiTjn, -tl iJk* l-riiEil Jlilllvfy. 

iir-hi (i!«. 

Ul. luiu, ivui' i,k<i..i:^i, iMtoiH. 1^ hit 

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f bill' *ll>. ^4jl>t UlHftMr VUl fUri, DD luilEl 
Vt* Uvy^l fl«4*fyif4 am fhimft IfVM IvH >. 

UcL, Stik iW*- T»KpU, 141L l^'tli nu IhvH 
Otf Iiujfhrili4i un bU pftrnft lu K>irt»|i«. 
AliTll LtillL, Lhfu. Uvlliit. IVyliiH H^elnirhi, 

■VT, IllTl. 1ti«liiuu<ki ti>>lrii*>.rt7fl> fixri- 
Mot- I4)lk> Anmt.UalH'ay-VWi roDi.Uun 


\«t.Wh. rie i:l«d, kilf par, SMIUa Itrfl 
iQf iiij AVuiAivlurf. Wt«LQb«||4. 

hf>vli HILk li<iiU)kib.piDu {AiU')j «Hh rutrf, 
IlKlitJii^inii. lUiif^L 

^\ir<iri AifiiLli1i|i"j^plnlr|ii;Uil DnntJOBK 

Oi:l. Jd. H. Kmm, litJrp:!^. Urri llmt™ni. 
jlitil IV^JiHbU \inm\ tl*ljll«> -.H^ I hrk'Jj.Jr pjLj.^HMiHMllVbdblu 
C'c*>ti) , MflM't . Ijht iLbi. 

J>V aix. I'lrnpUlii l^rui, hiiJl par* IMlk 
YfM. UrPiijilA'li], iNHfD. 

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ftj, tlDitlali«l>t' 

Kt'ri- ^Jih. J^RPs iiic hDlr-|iay, Oidaabfl 
kfc'lli'al Ik|vr1inEDl, VU. [lifuwU'*, 
\nV.lHA. M<iw.»ialr|>4>,KvyalirarH0MAHa. 

Df ^i> l^nvyai J- 1|*dJ4> k^tf^y. 

Idl>|j i4 ^«iiil>uk, Ut JilhiillclJ. Bnn.ftkl-'l- 
«n4iiiTl<v) <'H<1i>*kiir'li'r, K. S. 

tin .U*uMlrr ^J'UusruHf. t(->- 

l* LmlHij Lkm- J, t\ U^^rt, lUN. 

In lAiilm^ Hi, U'LAdt UM luMwi-ftm- 
Ei'ufe 4rf kii U«]f v>'A ihtift bnald. 

,Vr n^i, l4i-i>(. J. [It4iii<*kq>, lt.^. 

Ihf.iti]]. Al |>]mn, i» fnuvf. r«kiRuiHl*' 
Jnliii UfiUan H-lliHlr V-IUUuiii H.y 4m«< 



AcTluiMiaDpCDauyof C«k,|qifaefl|iry«ror 
bif Ige, LL<Llt--tiCD. RLrlunl O'DonaTui, Ule of 
1be«lh rttigotiet. Mijur-Cvu. Richard O'lloao- 
vtp VMt iftpqlnHd a Cornet |d tbe flUi Driroam, 
Ia irao. Hv lerred oa ihe CcnttnvDi Oom IR 
April, JTH.Utlht atu Dec. 170»<Avl W4« prtHnt 
« «U ihe piiEMlpAl flcitoat wherein lb* Brlrlsh 
■rmy wai eP^iCFd. TTw ]4ili June, IS13. be fok 
b ibc fink of Utlor^GeHnl- 

I>cc. 3d, Ai hi! bcHUf iq CkEctwBier, In ihc 
SMh yeM of bli «E«> Oiwnl OU-er NichoUin 
C<4(nr^| of {iH Odib RrclmeiK^ flrnrnl NkbuMi 
CBltrHl ilic KFTlH OA Uie tU uT Nuvemtvr, t7Vf. 
H u PMmpi La ibf Isi RdiiwDE of Foor, nwi 
WM AppoiDKd on ibe 4ID of Marrbp ITOO, ■ Lieo- 
biuiii. H< wcul Ed 17118 la OUraUtrp win pn- 
moCHl m iht tart if Isnt. Hr3, To ■ company. 
ud irtnmnL Ln i7Ja lo blagUal. He *eni oal 
lo ibc W«i lurtiei En iJitO. »aA leirtd on board 
Off Heel (Ut lb* tajnuie oT B(. BaBbi1taa< when be 
«u trnplayed by Ibe Ulr Sir Jotao Vnoi^an, lo 
LiH|»c( Bod irptut Dpoq the booki of Ohhc Mio 
■ryJol UMuelvea Eatliih iMrrhsnn^ h* after- 
«4nit WAB «rAL borne "lib his report iv Ifar Sb- 
frviby or Siaie. lit obiaJDcd chii tbf I4ih oT 
Hucli» Iffil, ft U«5'>nry In bJa rtitmeiil; was 
pfuaoivd in Feb' iIHr,iat LiaDrTnabi-ColoCHlcy ; 
■Dd tb Jnne Irai, »«• renwtri n> thr -lath HegE- 
iDviit of Infanlry, He emb'rktH ^n Mtrrb ITKO, 
rv jdD hli loicLvBeqi in rbe Wm iDrtlcii Bod 
riHDQuuled rbe tron^M In ibe laUnrt iif fdnDada 
omiy thnv yan. uaAr* Grner-tl Mailheiv, rben 
Coimnandrc-iq-Cbier In Ibt W'rti Jorhea. tie rt- 
celYed on ihE Iji of Mircb. ITW, Ihi' nnit of Co- 
lonrl In lh« vmy ; rrTuiDf-rt In llw sinnr ^ejir lo 
EuK^Bqd, lod embirlttd ae.iln la ]>ctriiibcr ftt 
Ibt WeK iDrliei, nhrrc he n>ii Jippoinlr'l Bri^- 
dirr-CenTTm), and al-o ■J[ijiicf-\ldHit'r-i:4:ib^r.iL 
He WIS wnr hraiiiiTHliaitl^ afirr lo The lilatnL vt 
1>rviiada, iheD ia a arart of inrLnrmritm, :inrt ^ac- 
fiwded \a T-^fi.n\iii^ [hjr mlimy Hh order "tul Iraii- 
inlUJTy. He wai ap[>Dinit.l oq rliL< THih fi M«y. 
1TP9, ColonpJ 4>f the jih W>i| IriHlh Ki^iin^nl ; 
o^i'ifKHl OD ihe M urMjiy, iT'Hk, rh*.- riuli vt >1a- 
jor-Oncrjl, and nat pl.MLiJ <ii| iLe SlAff <^ Lht 
Wtnt IndieJ^ AlTer mirxEMLu,: Ihe r'brllJr'n lu 
Givnada, trfi rtiiLFiiLd lit Krii^IatKl, riiirt w.ih ap- 
jHiinUd lo Ihe H4iJ|ti< .sua, in MMrh he cOHr 
Uniitrt lill Itc «ii FfLttoved lit ihr SliH oF ihtf 
Em Indlfi. ami uifab^rinenily lo ihe chE^^r cun.. 
Jf14nrt a| Bumbaj, HereceEved, nl iKi' -i:plh of 
Scpl- IH03. The rank h>E lJ(;iiteniinT Genenl, and 
relorni^ lu Eni:laiHt. lie yunB ULXl pljieed uU the 
Siaffof riv KcDl iliBlricI, u«i 4l>|Kniiied uii rbij 
IDlh orjuJy, jaor, Cnlunel dI Tlie AJEb Pool, qaB 
rtnovM UD ibf 34] oi \peiM. infv. i<r iht idrh 
Rtflia«al, iDil wka raiv>l oq itir 4ili of Jdhc, 
leil, lo Uk rank or C^tHraL 

Dtt. Tib. eqddrnly, kI hU n-ijdcnce in rhe 
llbol oT Jpney, Philip l'E|>oii, Kh). raplain m 
ib« Ru}*l Navy, ^Kprt », *frrr a ihon ilium of 
e^Uhl ddji' dqrallun. 

IVc. ILEb. Al bii BPBE, SrowuU LoiIec, W'lif. 
Ailmlrjl Sir G['UT|:e Mnnfa^nv, !;,<;. H. tgn\ HU. 

l>tf. lllh. At hjH 'iqc in HiinpehLrr. I>dI,- 
Orn. Sir Hcnrj CImlon, fiXMl,. C.M.C., k.T,S„ 
and ColoDcl of Ihe M Kciflm^nl of I'o.hL 

Al hii boDfr, Aiholf CrcKenl, EdLnburgh, Col. 
WUUui Douftlat Hqqitr Kuan, ur ibc Hon- I^K 
Indlfl Company'a Servlft. 

Dee. I4di. Al BlrUn. BurFerrybridET.lJtBl.- 
CoLWliriam Bm!ili,uf die lit West York MlblU. 

Dec. laib. At WEDd»r,a£ed >1, Jo^d KIdh^, 
£■•]. rocDtrily UeqlenanlXolDDd of the IK «r 
Royal DraKOODi. 

Dwc |»lb. At BnmpCDa, MiOor-Gen. Edwd 

J>n. Ulh. In Btrkctcy Squre, Gea. Lord 
CbaHea Flliroy, oT Wkhcn, North uiptHiAln, 
Cokpoel of the 4Blb Rt^nent- 

Lieul.-GTD. R. Blnchaia, of llie >d FwU — 
UenT.-Grn. Blni^ain fnlered tbe anvlcc on Eba 
Kb oT OcL l;ST) « to EvdKii !□ (he irfh Rcfl- 
mcni of Foot, and ohtaliied In Hay ITva, ■ IJtL 
(eaanejr and the Artjotiwry- Hf raiaed 1 compa- 
ay Id May 179JI, In Ireltsd^ wiili wbicb Le wid 
leul lo Clbalbam, where U wu dnflpd- He ma 
pruioiHed, on the 3lfl of Orl, im, to a mnpiii)' 
In difl |*td Fool ; 10 ■ Majority ia Ptb. iru. ud 
To ■ UeDUoaDtColoDelcy on ihc lOlh of IJcpL 
tJ9a. The n^meni waidraftd the it4th of A^jB. 
folloiiiDK, and lill' offlccr remaEoed aiutudacd 
llU pUced tm hnlfrpay In the tKtinqLDB cpf tTH, 
He wn aeDli En Jaly iTBfl, lo AEdfmey, 10 take 
the eiHomaqd of the fore^i miioocd There, and 
itmained till iaXy IIDD, «k» he was placed on 
Ibe fqU pay of ike fll^ Weil IwHi ReSlmrnl, and 
leiDDvcd Id Ad|uT lo ibr Bib Pool, He embark- 
ed on (be lat of Aac. acvl ^oiiu^ The eipe<1lllDii 
nailer Sir Jmnri FDllrDry, and aflerwArdallHl 
■rnder Sir RaJpk Abnerumble. He relnriiHl |q 
Derciuher lo IJiboorand In Uifrhi IMhlo Eng- 
iind. Lie uat a^aEa placed on half-pay on (he 
Wlb of (let- mOi, aad was appMnled uq tbti Ah 
Jaly, laoa, 10 life 3d Foot. He oMaiaed, on Hk 
lAlb of Sept, IMf, Ibe rank of Colonel, and on 
■be Uih of Jqly, iSM, was placefl on ihe Hone 
SlalT, on which hn coniiuani HE! the VIES Jane, 
INi^n, He tais appoinii'd En IHim 10 ihr s^EaiTia 
JMdnl, BiHl r4.lilMiied Then lEJI Ibe »Th May, 
IHlIO, wKtlL be i^a^ rvinl^eil lo Ibe ^lli9 Jit MalTi- 
Iti- was ujh i>¥<|Lif nU y e I Etplnyiil en The Sinffof ibe 
.Sufih:i( iliiTrlcti Me van ralH-'l ojl IIic ^lii Jbly, 
IHIP, iLk itir rank ul Major-Oencr^l, and on Ibe 
4ib tf June, 161 1, u iliaC uf Lkiulmimi-f^cnrEal. 

lite. 'Jllb. At PunotvUo, N.B. VJce-.VduErsJ 

Cdpr- (JuElllajii, Hhon: dc^ib wi ri.'e<ude<1 in 
our Irial nuinber, Ha< B ilij^rMlar in^raiici oTUiok 
rceaks uf turinne called " luck-'* Hl W-di bruq^ht 
by Sir K. C^H^er from buEore ihi! luaiE — pro- 
inirk-Hl lo ■ lieuin'mricy, lieriuse l«u 4*ere wanl^ 
iir^ in iht friL4in[Ji — inaLle u|iMdrdH uf fWM 
ti'iit: Mulley alLilrial LllJinertialcly afEer, by lk« 
C'lpiUre uf 4 SpjniBb Trcavire ship, on [btf I7(h 
till. ITUO, by Ibe Eibjllou t'ri);]ii:, of wbicb be 
^aHTbinl lieuTenaliT — wjk itcridenlal}^ on board 
ll]« Viciitry Bf Tiatiliar, and Tbiua^h N'ebon'a 
di?j|]b, ■iiperH'ded rbi; ^Llowrn, anil Jqiopcd al 
once |o foil CaplaLn. 

*«* Wi- have treat pVaHnre ID eoqlradlcHBf 
ibe ri'purl of ihe iU;alli of LieQt'-IW, Nicbolla, 
ihc CIvLj lioTcraor of Kemanrlv Vt, which We 
invrlTd In our IdH "u Ibe anihurily *'t n Cuonliy 
Ne^ipjpct, ami Hhlch was niaicd 10 1j>v« taken 
pj-ei oil H<^ I4di of Stpiemhcr tj«l. Lellera 
ivnden by Colonel NLrholli (id Ihe 3Ulh at Sepl- 
hive betn iTctlvcd,a[ wliieh rum hu bid per- 
fecUy reruveied liom the fever* and was In |ood 







fUi<iTiimi«i>frf.' Aial*,:d 







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■100 p,W. K. br, ciouJfi mounting. 

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N N £ .h.BJji ^ddt .oioaotoaa ds 



^f^ TUB MAKi.KiV War, ^"^^^^^ 

wtmt hi(tAH<v flf ili^titfhvrl cnrpt an^ iuilitif^d tpu«U, nnd the pone- 
nal lurratirM uf Jti(Iivii.1iLiL] <»l!iotm and mm, of whidi vp nxir imiiblcd 
trt (ti*ry to tniinv iTitorc^tiiij; B|HTirni'n» in ll»c Unitod Scn'icc Jotiraal, 
haw 4II tli« rfrincnU uf llic ulJ licroic (iikit, ^itb lIj? Aildlliiiu vf the 
hdinaiiity luul ti^^uhtijJ ferliiijfi of civiliisi'il lifr, uiifl witli tliAt liivh 
ipJriT, f^inHitMrv jj;>illiirilry uiid jirutk', ii'liirEi U jiiMly llie f^lory of tho 
preit'iit B^- l^bo partivfln wurf'iiro in tho revolution a ry wjhU'iI of 
Ami<ric4i ib n-plotc witlj JntiTtHt, but (In.* ntti-ntirm nf Europe hii> bi>on 
more ti'cviill^ ubwrU'tl Ly tlic fJuorilU rxiilitili wf ih* Tyrul, and 
the PcainMjIn. Then U. bowcvrr, U[jtin rrvind* u w:»r itithiutjjird 
liy Hivngfti uj^jiii^st iliiL'iidiBifd trudpi, In n imuiiivr inon< <.-iLtniur(li- 
nary ih:in nnr w^tb wtiEch wo nrj» Hcqiiafni^id. We nllncki* tn the 
Alariwrt vrxr cjI Jnnmicu, The Maroons wefe totalTv i^nomnt nf com- 
biwi »iuvtmi!&tB luid disci fJiuL-; tboy wi-rt rot cvmmnTidt'il br men 
of f (lucntiuti, <u{ittlili: of iiiipjLitJJi;: llii- IntU-r nmi citJiiyri\nt\d\Ji^ L\w 
Uittiwr \ litiv wiTi' llivy isUiikiLlmtil by piilriulit^ii^ or nmdv t^NibuMiiHU 
by riOi^JritL In <ill tbi'^e reKpetln ibi-y ^ttrt t.i>[»lly difrprcitt frum tbn 
(iUvrilliiH. Tbi.dr witF WAa prixlii^i^d iiui1(>ly liv n hvt^ nf plundr-r^ iind of 
a ]jf^ oltcniatinx bctw^-cri tbc mast liVpJd tiidulonuv und tbo moAl 
dorinf t^trrpriAi;, to c»btdiiL tlip nccemjirjvn nf t<iiiU-ncv> Thty h»d no 
cajitkofj, nor cavjilry ; tltrtr kjuih viiMhiiticil i/f Khvi'rdn und niuiiWu tviibout 
bnyoiMiU. bti£ wiik ibrii' tlu^y i^lfi-rEcd wlijt » ilIhiiihi iiLf^rt'ilibbv 

Tbv wbice and tb« viIliv^ popnlirinn i>r JumiiEi^d f't»rnii>d a nivrv belti 
i^xttfudin;; rouvid tbir cj^kIk. Tho tiilcrior of tht' iHland u a muuTtEaifW 
ouA 1C4HC L>f nilil Mid AuVkiffi.' iMturc It oWujiJb with immoii»c TockH, 
rtith ru^K'^d in:divitifs, mid tffii^Ji ivith siilcn aba<>IutL-ly jn-rptiidkulaTp 
Id ih^ttr T'tckt tlpre ar«* inttiuTiitih liithiiTchuiid >cm[l j^Ii-iih iit' iMtiirmiit 
b^bag^, prv«0nting< prrlu^pit. tlic mmi tmniitttic iriLU mhliciie tcci]i<ry 
m tl>e world. The wlioli? rriUTi<>r of O'v i^luiul iilHtiind^l in Lmirtiiw 
fornt triiswt or wus 4rovi.-ri>il wiih bnihh>i'ii«d, nnd with it ^fi^nniii^ b^tb' 
HMy. oiinildi^ of cmJUQidinj: buy piimbcr uf nivn. Xbc thvrtjy bniDLbUs 
ofti^u r^'udiTcd v'holi' tniiCiB of cuuiitrv tm()«h>i;d>Ii;. vAifpL to tbv Ma^ 
roon<> whi> cut n^irni^v psLsxa^j^ ibnmfzli tliem, i>r wlm, upnii tbrlr hiindi 
aad kn«(^^, tuuld iraviH undi-riiMtb ihem for tniln. ThisL* inb-lnby- 
rinlljh, inTrientc. t^rcuuus und iiiirt;:i.M'ou4 m Ib^ t'XtriOiij, hnd his^u 
W^At by tbr nild ho^, and llirciTi^h tbi-m tlu^ Alaroiratt trnvi^Ilud Liiioii 
ftll-frtiiFh, \it\i\] ciiMiltig to im opijiiiitf. cbtfir ujirrri^i^ iikUilcL-iit picked 
off niir vidMtiv and *^niT\i**. tiiid tntjilly dt^ktmyi-d wtr ■l^tpll^1Hp with- 
out ouf men Kcc^ng tUv vTM^fi'y by wham they wpr»> biii^Hri<^k>d. 

It ib ob^joijii tljut »o ciHiiitry cmid be m»T«> fuvuur.ddi.- to mvofic 

wtrbiro. In the ccotn; of iLc ishktid, from fuirt tu wvni, nm three 

llul JJEic'i of ^leiiKi CHlbrd ciK'liiiitNp tn viich p.tridlvl. tluw ikaturfll 

D( wfri^ IriiiiniWd liy htupriiiWh TCH^hii, mul ciiiiiiiiuniniti'd with 

ntbcr by liiiiurvft, irrefiuLur. imrrow, *(lvi*pj urid m^f^i^d. TLo 

n>eka Afncinj; tbr cockpils to thp Buoth w«ro idihoht iniiriThHihto ill 

every plutr, wbilvt il»p**^ %\f tW ivirth were aWUiti-dy iK-rpendiculnr. 

Must uf tbe«u iui(.:kpitK aUiitiidcd wilb Diajnljc tivc*. utiu Hir %^i{. Wft* 

tpr^d by mnikmi^rLihle nlU- wai liiMiriaiii jjl lUv fitremtv 

'Jlic? 'Mar<K>iiit tv^rv tho dvHfL'nctniitA of t1ti> MWiglnal ^nhnhiTnmm, 
and uf ii«grov« who had tied from their S|]niii«h laAiteTK mto the into* 

tr. S. J0U1.K. No. 14. Fi.» I03Q. b 




rior, wli<:a we caplur«d the i«]iind in ]6fi5. T\mt j;uaiben» h*d bma 
lACTCU'^d liy ruEiiiivuy nfiivirt uf rvtry Ji'irrijition^ Imt |inrticu!iirl^ hy 
the rcitlvn. bravtf, Hn'l fi^TocioiiH Africun trWuf of i.Kv Coromantei?a. 
AmouiE tHi* Marouni viu a olou ^^^th jot bkck <!ompIfxi4>nK Jkud ro^^u- 
lar hu»dirfmic frflturct- The whulc tribe of Waroom, liowcver, were 
uU, veil ulihIc. anil uthlvtic . autl wliirn tbif Dukif vf Ki?Dt. after t[i«ir 
KurrvTiJer unit Mhipnirnt tir lltilifLLV, iiispecieil tljtm, he pnifirmnced 
tJj^jtL did iuof.1 (.■Klraorditiurily firit UiJy of rptrn he lin<l utmost ever teeP- 
Thifir fvutfl of 6tn<Mftth ^ind u^litv »iirpriM;cl (titr oHiccrK, ThvV could 
climb Xmct like au^kcy", and could A'^cend rncli^, unA bound (nan <n«g 
to cru^* where oiir moHt acLivc toldirra could not a]i|jriiai;L. Thdr 
kpfiiEivn of vyv ^vas uiuhI vi^irimrdiiiHry' ; und fio ]if;iitp tfux tlieir Hense 
of ht'flrlng. ilmt wUh ihi'tr wir* to the groiiiiil, they wmild tl^n-tt iJUr 
movtmk^nti a.t a i]hlaT\vv. Nt uhith <^vin to ui were tutnll^ inuii(t)bl«. 
Patient of tkuAfcvT and fali^itCr Ihty »'uld si'Uct luitntiotii roots and 
hw^ from the ni»iny ^vhich hi thnt cliniatc yver^ dofrrfd ^i^aiiuus; 
nhilitt our igiionuin^ iiri'ViriLtpd uur dibcrimn^iLtiiii^ ihc unv rmm tlie 
(ithi»T. iifid c'jn'^'^iitfniiy d»'|iritfi'd uk of the u.fe of nlJ. Almost ^vcry 
ttiin |Xiid(^^^d a riHL\ liiwling-pii'fr, or miiskH, und lh«jr iLcciir*ey at 
firo WH^ proTtd by the urgnv) tu b# iiiiifiTior lo tny thi«(r on record. 

Their tnl Chiijf, CudjoCf hud carrti-d on a regular wtt aga]ii»t uk. 
ijEili] hia lUiHic brcumc ihi? TvK^lion of uLir u^rLLTnt mid llit^ termr of 
■very u'hju hilmhitaul. At length we ahiumtd from thei ^\'>it[tiUiie 
lUiin*, :i tmdy of A^mUiinviLg^tr Mnklt'K^i, locliikiio;, iind African*, called 
Blncl< ShotK. Thete men, under nn KnghHh odwriturt-r, imim-d Jann-u, 
fought ihc iluroDiift in Ihvic own style, hut with very iiifvriur «ufc«B. 
The feroctly uf the vrar, nuA l\w crUi-]tie« ijrnclintfd u\njii the white In- 
hfthltitdtit. uie iucn^lilde- At Ji-iigth, hy i}ii' nid of theiv Blntrk KhnCv, 
and DT iin mormiiuv eKpcnne of livt^tt^ ^vc pi'Mrtnilt'd to tho vichiitr of 
C'udjw^ fHwUii'itW". l'|hin H hi^h t^h\if fuTid of iit'Vtr^d aorte, culled 
FlikC Ciivo HJVhT, M-Q buiJl a tn^t af hurrnchH, Milh firur baaliL»ik3 und 
h]|£h waIIju In these 1VC kept our atorcA of movii^ionA ^n^ urn munition, 
with u tsiiisidenkblf txxly uf tiiihliii und rt^uluri. The fjitigtio ty( brh)^- 
JiLg up KtipnllrA from the eonst. hy whWi, in ihnr i^limiiF*', our troopu 
bad lUlfcrcJ grout morMliFv. wa?t i>ow kparcd, and tlif predatory excUT- 
uonn of Cudjoe wwr* eyjiwdiT.khlv tiln'ckcdp 

The f!ovi-niim>nl now thout^bt ihe Maroons were in their powur, 
CJtprciidly Hi they had been ctuieicenl for M'Veriil wet^kv* Vfhvtl thry 
ludrleidy Ivurrit^ th^t Cndjoe biml liix whole trihi> hnd dpcampvd from 
th*»ir ic*n* of opcrntion* in tho ftn!ith-»?4flt of the tUanJ, imd had mov^ 
to Trclawnoy, near the cnlfnnec of the preut Uoe of eockpita lo the 
eitrcDie iiorth-w«it *'f the iilund. The fint and Urmt of iheoe 
CDckpita miK enlled Pellv Itiver Bvttoio. It ccntniuca About neveJi 
ftcrvh nf wrdjuil nuilj ajid the jiiaccisihilj]^ Men ivt^re covered n4ih llie 
Ur^^t fori-tl-trei'H- The fmninci* u'm a men! liunre, pn^Ashle only 
by lite itioi^t vi^crauD and agil« oi mvuntainecra, and from die 4)dc* 
of i^ hieh a few riHi^u^cn ini)cht have def6(id<id tht* drfile ogiioat any 
niimhcrB or any fiptciea of attack* 

UjiJirr these 4;ira^iiiM;»iK'rq <1[(1 n few huudivd Nivogei keep the 
«.hr.lii iOnnd of Jnmni^jj in terror, Imfflfr our miLury fore**, und ohlige 
to offer tvrmi of peace. CoL Guthrie wiu sent to make the 

,Aiid tba MMt bitvoea him uul Cu<tJoe wu ohAractcri*tic ia 

rita HARbo!f wAA. 


tf JidEtnnt- Tlie daring s\ivogc tudJenly li«camt; n tiJiiM aJuve;. Tlitt 
dm^ttfttioB tunk |t1ii(.v in <me of ihp wild fEL><T]ii^»^s of tho nnEintAini, 

to (^fftl Col- Giithnv Nitd iiiluaiK^d tu iiff^r tt^niiA, Ctjr3jw n-iis mthtrr 
B ihort man. umjAinmonlj- iiout, wiili verv strong AfriijjtTi fvuliircs, and 
■ p<?cul)Dr wiUWm in hia tnaiiniTs, Hu fiuj a rrry tar^c lump uf fleHb 
upon Mq buck, wUicli >vwt paTily cwi^nd ly ihv tntleri^d rrmuiuA of mi 
i>ld Mitv crj^ttn of wFiicb the ^kirt lutd iIik akr^vtv bclcm' the elboHii 
wcrL* iriiutmg. Ttcmni.1 hit hv»il wm a ^canif pit^o of dirty \tliite 
cliAh ; 111' tiiicl :L |>iiii of tiK>Qi> <Lr.iuvTii thilt did not rtuch hti krJco«t and 
ft imiiil miJiul hilt without any rim. Oti hi» ridit a^dc liunj^ u cuvr'a 
horn, with Mnnc powder, nnJ a Lag of lirgp cut ifiigs. On Wtn Ivh *vaa 
u knife, (brt^e indit'^ Irrou^K in a Ivntlieru ^heatk, ptuvpeiiJi^d ujrdrr thtr 
flrm bv u nnrmw strftp ihut went rimnd liU «]»oiildpr, He had no nhirt, 
and h[e clollic^s and ixin \V4-t« coivrod U'ith thi.* red dirt of thecookpiE*. 
Su(;h WHS ihv Chief; and biH mi.»ri wvrv uh rnj^^fL-d and diriy ut hinmi-If : 
ftl! had guiiA And onlliianea- TIjia trejily, «fyncd in IT^Jtl. Wkj« #n if br- 
tweea rvguW be]li;^«renl»H but it aii|iul4ti?d thut in fiiturt^ the J^fa- 
rtHUis nhonld !«■ ri-gi atercd, nnc! Imve two while a^enth ^^'»flli^lg nnumgfit 
them. From lUa jteriod to the Inst and mati u^Hcinh ivur of ITf*.^, the 
rtluticn of the Sliroons to the whilta bp^ikme tBtiilly diHVrent Their 
cvnnf-ction was fntndlvi and the pluntvra hud criNLicd in iht^in both a 
ConU'uipt iinj a h.itri'd uf tin? nrgrots, wlioni, when fnnili^i-s, they al- 
wnyn FBUght and re^icired lo ihnr mtuii'ts. In thin wuj it Vfas pri/i*d 
thuT nil th*- movements -if the di*r<'H'nl chii»fs i\r Itydtr* of j^im^ had 
bij«n tH'jLUed iind int^vjwnd^nt ^ there bnd be^n no oommumofltioil 
bct^vccn thctii, and the cffrcl i.i tbctefort the moru asloniiliini;. 

0)r tbii tri'Lity Utp Miroonn at TrcZa^vney Town, llieir principal 
NV^t, hnd lJ(0<t ^rr4.'N of hind jlIIoUuI to them, A wlilli: unperintendjitil, 
with four 34UA[ani«H raided there. They bmnne attached tn the 
plUDlen^ and romlcrvii them oil homugti and wry oui^niiiiE iLvrvi^j^t, 
Un ono ncc^'isiun, win^n u hivfzie Iv^dy of Curomuntco necrova had riHen 
upon ihrir masttr*, <iml were 9ncci:*ifully copending \/Jih our troopi, 
nmrdvHrif^ ull tfmt fidt iiitti tbeir Ijunda, the M«.runiLs att;ii:ked them 
In the wamW. killed twit-ihirds nf their number, ^iml tironghi thi^ reit 
back to *ntij#flirtn- A Miijor Jnmes was tht* principal luperiniendQiit 
of tho Jliiroona. Hi? ^van the boh of the celebrated TeLider i>t'tbe JtJ[tck 
Shnt-nien ; and the f-npentitiouB Ivtrar which the Muroonrt had enlcr- 
tftinrd towiird* thit frtthrf, tbry tfinafcncd to the wn, accompanied. 
however, with ronerniion imd nireflioii, MjJih- Jumen wnn certainly an 
♦Xtraordinufv perton With ih* v-dnpniinn of n gvntli^mnn nTid xhfi 
iCiL-ncu of ii'HoUlior, lio p^At^sfini] iilj the initJticts and vv«iv cgrpurea] 

Jnility in rqiinl puirFocliijn wiih tbt^ «MuruuiL!t. Ha e>iulu bvat the 
eeteat of thi^m lii their fout racea> could fuil them in thi,<ir wrcatling- 
niAtcbfM and fawiftril-flgbtiSi itnd could wi^ur tlicni out witb falijpie in the 
duigoroui cbuKQ of tbo wild hogt in tbe mounininn. lf'> wan nn»^rrEng 
with tho riSt* ; nnd auch w«k Eih influuico smong the trilMi. thut b« 
could fttop thrir furi^ctoo!^ conflicts, anhduo their f«udH» and ptinUh tbe 
turbulent in tbr mo^i iumnwry manner. Upon thiii man the Govern- 
ment depended. i^fkkjlJr JiLum v/aa iii7H«vased of a prjiraic fortune^ and 
^v^n1d m^i-.ihiiiD^illy uh«>>nE himnelf fn^n hia duty tu uLli-Dd to hiB eAtutua. 
A liW of cumpuhory rosLdunoif irai pawed » vvhkb he r^filipd to ab<>y. 
#«o*pl upon an inorcoflc of salary, and b« iroa diamiuod fram hn t>m- 

L 1 



ploymert- T}i« AlarnonB i^ere clmgrined in the extreme nt this mr- 
ffumfttiince, njid did nil tbcy cmild Co [:ci iMiijor James a^in nniong'^t 
tbc^DL. Tli^ autliuritiw were ijiexorubl>f- Otiicr circuiiiBtiiiicea (HTCiir-- 
zy.l C<i irriimt! llie M^nmub : llie Nc^ro kLiSEtrrtreUou in i^l. Duttiin^u 
ur^nptili^ thpir rimd%, im<l finully^ n v^rv qiTcstionnhlt* net iif ^ttt^Hty, 
not til tikv <ti criKjltTj w«6 pmcUii^d tipiiri tht'Vi iit thU mtfiirtunite 
juuctiir^. Tivo Maroons had hci^n taken itp for ^iom^ otfL-ncG in the 
toivn of MoHlF^o Bj/^ and the inogtbtrAtr lind iTivm Ho^nl hy a. run* 
u^vny negio Ltfurtj tlit filavt** wf thi' liiwji, TUi- flnlijmth)' iind con- 
tmrtpi of flio I^lHrcMinK for t!»" nL*n;riie&. we Imvp alrriiity iiitii<'tfd- This 
indiguity wnc no( to bo bonii.', .ind it Ird to n most fotnl u'nr, Geii. 
Ji'uJmL-r {ind the lircjd Liritliuriiie>i, with »am« (if the nriiic^ipil |>r(if>rie- 
Irtr* of IIk" rorCh ifidc, wraU to tJie cnjiitiii, advi^mg tricu Miijor Jumcd 
itiTglit Lc rcilored to liia olRcc» and thut cunL^tA«Jmifi might he intide to 
thete THMijil*^. Tht^Mti r^c|iirMf' wiTC uiiuttL^iLdi>d Li>, aiiil iaiiiivdiuLely 
af\er Ine war hrok^ imr. Lnrii naEciirrDi, fh*^ Gcivtrtior. deemed thete 
mt-a SD fitrmidkibti*, IhiU hv dirt>cTlv ]iriichii]ii4>d jimrtiol hiw thruD^hout 
thif ikLhtiJ, uud di'tiiiiiod tho rx|>i>ditinn about tr> eail iar St. Uttniin^n. 
Tiic SiJti:cM KrigDtc wa» in the othng, having on board tlic *^!Jd F<\at, 
Cid. Fii^h ; a n^pmrul m thu liJje>it urdrt. uud, ivh^it is rxlninrdiiiury 
f>r ihi- W^kt Indies. muHiMriTig a rhnuhijnd rnnb and rih> un th«i jiiirAdf^, 
Th& Succeu wax recnlled by iigiitil, nnd mudc- io diHL'tiLlmik IhiJ troopfi. 

Lard 3iiLe4imin pn.ioe(>di*it Miimcdintoly to iMuiiti'p> Huy, whore ho 
published a vUdi-nt phiJip^dc npiiiiat iho flljirrxmni ti.'|]|ii^ thrtn thut 
Civir ttfwn wiijt ikUijnundvd hj tr<K)[is. rvki^taiiiv wn^ in vtdii, iind tljitt 
be hud stiX II jtrict* u|Hiri the heads i>f :dl who did i^ul niintndrr in fuiir 

'rhiB impolitic prDclomation stTUclc terror into tho hi*arts of nil tho 
inliabitanta, iLitd ruu^^vd thi- Mnnir>iiB from oqriWond iribmlfdrrn to the 
tiiutt dt-LtrmiiK'd rchiatu^icr. A MmiLr circum^tujivV ofntL onforturiiitc 
iiiitiin- hitd just ficcurrt.'d. Col. Ukdliriiiirt. vvbii Jiud Iweii i^iiE in ni-f^n- 
tiaU with thi? MurixitiK, hnd, during a tonftretir^, oonii'tnptEmiisty 
tukcn frvm hU ^v^ttciiLit-pi>ckel u liuiidfiLl o( n-iiiBki^t-bfdlh, itnd Ahiilc* 
iuj; ihcoi ill the fiii^ea f)f the diiefa, dcclnrcd that IhiiM? rtcn.- tfie only 
<] ^^ jt pj^r/f f J they should Jtuvo frum him. The T^luTouiia shortly aft^ 
uttiii'kcd bi^ houAe, and \vrinilLFJ n hifiu»1 itJt^L-aiirLMJimiL hiH fumily. 
Gtn. PidnuT hiiJ givni jius-iporin lo MX Mvltooti r^iptniiis to prnc**!^ ii> 
xhv Gutf^^rnar in th<' tnpiuL flljdwuy tht'ip men were *e!!Bi*d by the 
cwmmaiidmj^-olhofr <if the mihtiat ami, nolwithAtundir^ thtrir poflapDrt^ij 
WL-re ordered into irons by Lord J>jlcnrri»». Tlie Gi'difrnl c*jm:a4vd 
biiastlf highly i^ii;eiJAi.'d aX thlh bmdi of fuitii. 

On thi» Hill of Ait^. Luid IJjicutfiw tieiit hiH disjuilrh, com mn Tiding I ho 
ii^rrt-nder of the MiYmonK, on pidn of aptliiiLj L4 prieo n|Min th^-ir hcHd*. 
On ihiit day CnL SuiiditTil, witli »tk< hundred nad thirtv of the UHh and 
SOlh Lii:ht l)ra;;M«ii!*. look pout, ?*l»ml four niilt« nnrl\i uf iht- Mnrwa 
to^vii' Lord nulcarrns. al the brad of die (t5d rcginn-nr., cHiabli^htid 
liinisttlf at Vdugbijn's Field, a uiile mid n hnlf fnnn the Jliininn town, 
wbiUt n^Tcriit ihoiivind miUtJikAi'i-rp »t K^nhiiigtim i*Ht:tt^r in htK ri^nr. to 

frutect the convoys nf jiro^Hwonn. Tbc r^^nlar tr*iop& Mmo«nt*'d to about 
oO(t Th(^ Mnr<K;n tmvM Jita tweuiy milts aouth-enat of MuiiIl'j^o 
Biiy, ttiid oiuhlccn nnUt from pHlinuuth* Tbt' mod frum Mtiutp^ 
Biiy for ibr finl nine mittEi ia i^hJ, nft^r ivhich tt U 8tvep. rugtaNa, 
aiKl affording f^ic.'l1Etii'*i of drlvrn^r* again«t any hiKtilr ndvsLnre. ThE> 


*ame may be aaid of th« last four or five miles of the n»d from Ftil- 
inoutb. The Maroons, terrified by thia military array^ on the Ilth of 
Au^. sent their chief and seventven leading men to offer aabniissioii 
Add fealty to Lord BalcarraSt who hovever put these men in irons, and 
■ent them on ahtp-boord- Of all things, the Maroons bad a horror of 
bein^ idiipped from the island- One of the chieft committed suicide by 
ripping open his bowels, and this enperiment of surrender taught the 
Maroons vhat little clemency tbey had to expect from Government- 
Two of the chiefs who had come to the out-posts to parley about paci- 
fication, on their return found that the Westmorland militia had He- 
atroyed their town, burnt their provision grounds, and ill used their 
funilies- The sword waa now drawn, and the scabbard waa throtm 
awav. Lord fialcarras had with him one hundred and fifty of the l!tth 
Lignt Dragoons, diamouated; detachments of the 17th Light Dragooni, 
under Capt- Bacon ,- and one hundred of the 62d Foot. 

So iar from surrendering on the 12tb, the Maroons were so in- 
censed, that thev attacked two of- our detachments on that dny and 
severely handled them. Lord Balcarras ordered Col- Sandford to mnke 
a forward movement, which, in conjunction with the movements of Ibe 
83d and of the militia, was intended to surround the Maroon town. 
The Maroons allowed Col- Sandford to advance into a defile, wJien 
tbev opened a tremendous fire upon him from arnbushes on hift right 
ana lef^, and killed him and almost all his men. Not a single J^faroon 
waa hurt- The whole plan had been badly contrivtfd. 

It was now resolved to surround both towns, and to destroy nil the 

Ciaion ^rounds. A track wns cut through the thick brambles and 
hwood* the line being guided by the buglet of the 17th, Dragoons. 
Al^er infinite toil in the rainy season, a light field-piece was bi'ou^ht 
up through tliifl Cmck, and both towns were taken possession of But, 
to the astonishment of Lord BalcarraH, they were found abimdon- 
ed ; the Maroons, as might have been expected, had retreated to the 
cockpit with all their valuables. Into this cockpit our troops were 
made to ft re repeated volleys, the echoes of which were succeeded by 
loud bursts of laughter from the Maruons> who rejoiced at our waste 
of ammunition. Lord Balcarras now retired to Montego Bay, and 
left the command of the troops to Col. Fitch, of the 83d, 

More wisdom dow guided our measures, but, from unavoidable eir- 
cumstances, almost all car oTilposls were surprised, our working-par- 
ties were destroyed by ambuscades, aud our convoys and detachmt^ntt 
generally cut to pieces. In but one instance could we ascertain thil ft 
single man of the enemy had been killed- Many parleys took place, 
but the horror of the Maroons at being sent on ship-board, pre^-ented 
any favourable conclusion. 

Col, Filch employed a strong working-party of slaves, supported by 
several flanking companies of regulrtra and militia, to cut a line through 
the brush-wood and thurnv brambles, that he iplght communicate nith 
some corps on his right. ^They had scarcely worked half a mile fiom 
bead-ouarters, when the party fell into an ambush, the troops suffered 
Heverelyt and the Maroons massacred a great number of the Negroes. 
About a mile and a quarter from head-quarters, in another direclron, 
there was an outpost of between thirty and forty men, commanded 
by Capt. Lee, of the 83d, who had secured himself with palisadoes and 
a breast-work, but had reported that his post might ba CQ4MDa:Ri^\ii 

143 TUB MAJ<Cm>N WAR- 

the Miirooni from the Iiciglita. On the IStli uf Sept. CuL titdi, at 
oinc m thfr mitriiijigt went iv vi^til tit [ntbl, in campiLDV nilL the 
AdjniJmi of tlje fl3d and many ciiher offic^'ttt We may jiuJu*' «f ttie 
Hflliire of Ihe country from the fact, llint Cnl- Fiicli u'ui oUHgwl to 
make usv uf a cuinnuu-s^ utid to aet hiH wiitcli by that orLJeul, Dixon, 
wf iJ»e Arlilltiy, at Iicod-nuojtefn, wlio wqh Ji^ftircd l^ fire a ^M-yk-iXi 
pTtditdv nt lwel*i; oVlwk- TLrte liwor* inr*^ tlm* occupied Jn tra- 
T^miti^ {iri4* iiiil»' and h Imlf, Col- Fitcli found iW po^L uriteiinlilr^ and 
h« procopdml with n imuJl ]'i»r'y n f*'"' hundred yardit in adviima- to 
dctertnmtf \i\Hm n bcttvr pftsilion- Coming to two divtroing path*, he 
bfjiitAti-J EL injtiuto ivhi^h to take, vln^n a Audd^n vnllcy from tlic 
Miiroon» in the bfuahwoix3 kilted or w^tinilcd idaioi^t <^vcry mnn of tlie 
porlv. Col> Jni'kHin »aa tinljurt, but *imu); CiA. Fjlf:li sitting dv^p^ 
rairulff woiindcd on the Rinnip of n ir™, and hearing fMiuu: MurcmnB 
cock thi>ir Diubket), lie cnd^nvoured tu muku him hv i3own^ but even 
in tills iiurrivd vtFuri miolher bidl kdlnd him i^n the tpot. Of a rj^tum 
befnic us of mnety-thTee killvd And wounded, ^vc lind KVunt]^ killed 
«ad ouh tivvuiy-three ivoiuided, «u uccutnle waa tL«ir Grt- 

Col. Wuljmlf, i)f Uit; I3[.h Druj^iwiiH, ^viij* niivv :kp|>oiiiti^d OummoDder- 
tn-Chipf. wiili ibc rank uf MnJor-Cicn^rLil. lie clcclnrpd thnl the 
Jflhrnd would hv lypl if the trwops BiiffL*rvd nnotlivr dcft'it. Whila niu- 
turin^ hift plLinM, aik utluck vmn mudc upon a v1rori|f outpi^rit, commanded 
by Mnjai Oodli'y and Capt, While of the aid. One of the »entri« 
Imd flti'liirrd that he naw a Almouii pafMii^ jn the diirk^ Thv tiiifu 
wet^ turned nutn (ind foimrd Into two puriies, nnd mlvunepd at dny- 
br4?uk. No vpatiae of iin i^neiny nppi^arJng, they returned, uiid MfljoT 
GodJvy ^nlerin^ tiia hut, ordcri^d hi» ne^rti boy lo brin^ liim his coBctf> 
At the inatftni, the l^ty wait sJmt throuj^li tlie lieud, and n vnlJcy from 
the Miiruuna did sreal vxecuiiou ummi^t our ujeiu The |HKit was 
bravdy defended, but vt E^st Hbuniluned with conxideraUle loss. 

Gc». Wnlpolv rpBCkUfd to net on the deftndve dciring the rjiny tvo^ 
ton- Hv Iriiined hit mcti to ljj{ht infantry tnima?uvrVB nnd biitb-tipht- 
ing; ho "•i.^lttltd the be>il rill(.-->h«lfl, hfirnsscd the eni-my bv false 
ikUimi^ oftd uijtde fulnt iLttack» la draiv olT iheir LLtieniluUf whdat he 
clv^red tho cuui^try uround biui uf ih« brijfiliwuod und high ^izi&i. At 
Jrngth, mnVinc a feint mtack ni a dktune^, h& pti»(hr>d a Mnm^ body of 
tf»oj)H, with flliawitJterand fie Id- piece, up uhill, nnd titdiijbrtHk Iwpan 
to puiii ah&lls arid gr&pe-s]j<jt jjdo ih^ cockpit- The Alnroona, teiriiied 
at thi"* novel modt of attJick. ptedrkilsuly ded ti» llie next cwdipit, 
from wliicb they weie dtiven by nlinilar uieuna. They iver^ thnii driven 
fioiTi |m?il in juibL, end cut off from their supplies of wat(*r. The 
mt-DbJ^t broke <jiLt amongal them, &nd they livoiuiti {gently dJ»;tr«Kk«d. 
Still, however, ihey werH able to Bend out uumeTOua Rkjrmisbinp pnf- 
tica; and n^iwithalooilin^ we were often abl*- to aiiock theuj with 
greatly superior ntinkhcra, id ho one juatuua- could we ubtdu complete 

'Ibn* were purti*-* itLUiBti*d. when Lord Bulcarr»% eontfary to the 
■dviee of the gidlant Wahntle, renolvi^d to nend to Cuba for n piiek of 
tbe hounds uwd in that iidnnd In ehoce outlawH nnd nmawav nejffocA, 
Tbenc di>g«, on coming up with a fiigJUTCi merely growl at biui> till ho 
U(ips« when they conKiiu^ b>Lrkfng till vUa clitHHrum uilvnnt'r and to** 
nr« their priu<. KwJi cbMwiirePti only hunt with two dogv: th«y 



nn never unmusxlfd hric f^ ntlnck. azid nrc nlnnp nccofnpuiE^ bj 
oii« or tivo unnl] dogi of uxocltciit tvi^nt. calU'd Hfjil<!ra. The lar^r 
animal it the ^\*v of n vi-ry Inrjp.- hound, but wiili ihu n<>Be more piiint< 
nl. Hii akin ia mudi Imrdvr thiui that of m<iAt di>^x, flni) mi muxt bv 
tb« wbolf? Hlnjcturr. as xha Etcvrrc bcntiii^ tbry uudergn in tnuoing 
wuuld kill aij) iitlif^r (liigt 

The rhn**ciir'^ only ivnipon h kngcr tbflti n dra^n'* sword, and 
tivice M iliiok> KvuiLHhiii^ Jikv a flitt iron bdr* vf wliicli nbmit L^if^Mvtia 
iQches at tite lower fiiJ tiro lu t^barp as a rnaor. The lu'tivity <ti Oii^M 
chuHBeura no negro can clutlc : and such ii^ their tcmrifranct, that witli 
a Ctw uuticea of suit, iliey cmi nupiutt ihemseiveit fur JiiuiitLi cin the 
Ti!gttAhLi^ and fiinniirpflui ftuKl flf thii wood'*, Thty drinU iinihlntf hut 
the xtntCT lupplied by t]i« wild p4>L\ by thi- bT»ck and gra|H; wuhtv, 
nod th^ fwits dl Ihi* ccitti»n-trvi». 'Ihoirfinvavhl prtvuliorj ie thai uf tb« 
d^ar. wliidi thcv maxt not ii»c- iu \he wiiiMliiH xvht^re die ftcenl would 
trtrnv (hc'iuH Thedrrm wf U cbnawur iHa4:.hri.-k sliirt, u^jl'h at ihi.' iiL*ck, 
and iii*(il[iyhi^ a orui'ifiK : si widi* jialr nf di^cl* r.nfW*i»j^ ; h «traw h»t, 
eight infhri in thfl rim : hiu «ivorcl-lii-it, antl Jus i^otton r^ipeii fnr hi« 
dr^L fn Ihe wi>rKk, hv killv tht> wild Uo^, itud hai'ing Kkinn^d the 
lbi)(bB and hrKkx, hi; thruHlH bia fuot Into Iho raw hJd«, and with hin 
ki;rfc tflm> it luid mnkca it a liglit baol, to protect his leg* from the 
iutrtUddea tiftlitinis uad WiibIiivuihI vvbidi he hm tu penetrule. 

FotTj' of thflip rh»HU»nrA wpre reviewed by Ger. Walnole at Seven 
RivfTH, and each of thcin hnd ivra howmU hvaiAt^f ih^ linger- The Gu- 
npnil imposed Ti|iOn Ihwm iht- neceinily of enrryiiig tmiitketi*, wluch* 
liDwcvcr, tliry tfholved to thri)\v awkiy lu hOdn a^ ii ti^ht (Miniaicnccd; 
and, bt^cundly, he ^^oidd not ^dhiw (Ifin to gu <ftii in di^cei but obliged 
tbfliHi to ket'p in tbr- rfHP, IjII owiiniim migJa re(|uire iLtir iiid. liow 
fcr thrait rmtriiinta mid niti*raiitint of tht*ir flceiuUanod mode of fighting 
might have dt-itroyc^ th^'ir- t?tlicionoy, wan nevt-r j)ruvvd. To tin it ap- 
pimr* thut Dotbtnii* could be more contvmptihlo tnan hiicb an ullv, and 
tbei in tZiv very firnt reiic«i»tro tv^ty dioMcur and hound would have 
been sbt;t 

flat npinkin in war. nft it hII othpr thingA) h omnipotent. The M^ 
room, who hud hruvt^d our ttiiyi>natf^, our cuvidry, mid cnnnon, and hitd 
ov«roonic Cbc terror tlii'y hud entortaicied »f uur iiainv, naw sucuumbed 
Wnenth the? friir of thia nornc tbun Indicrun^ apcdea ikf (vtw. (ivt\. 
WjIjh'Jv UKtk a(1v<£fila|*e uf their tvnur to ne^titite, ond a triraty wnn 
nvd, to ono urtido »f which (irn. Widpule tivifrir—^" thiti the Mft> 
it Mhotjtd not \jti tent elf the ivliTid," 
No ii>on('r bud tliit himdfut Jif hfave men, less thnn Iivl^ huridrcd, 
MirrcDdovd, than they wtr^j nhippi-d to Novu Scotm, und tbencu ti> 
Stem Leune* It iini^t bo obaviVLHl, thut thin inemoriihlr oinllict t>>ok 
plao^witb only tifir iihc Trehuviiiry) irdmof AluriMJnii. Thi- utber tribm 
WPT? nr^titra], or oftvu 4-KhkT tceroily or opvidy nested in utir fnvour' 

Thii Hijum* of AsBcniLly vijti'd ih'vih hiindrtd i^uirmn f jr a Hword 
to Lofd ItKicnEfiLii, ti^bich bin l^rdhLip dudurcd ho w^mld tranntnit to 
his fJiMlerity. iu> n tottiimuy mont i^ldrioiLH to biA Duaii? and ^miiy. 
Tlie Home of Auu'mbly pii!UL<i a liiLiiiur vote ef five bundrvd ^uimvt 
tn (rcn, WAlpoh', but llijt Ticthle-ialnd^d iittieer eontenipuniniity ii'fuKed 
thvir ptwfcont^ and clvufed p<irinit*io« to gipe evidence ut tho Xmr of the 
Houot^ «f tbc spirit in wiiich the trcuty itui bten ncgvtiatvt^, «nd of \kf 



ieiia« in whieh it l}udbMn dmwn up liy hiiinit'lf ami tW Mafnon Cli3*fs. 
— ' A senw JjiiTiiinriwillt i>p|iHhiu tft lUiit which I'lv Jlimse wan (lut^r- 
niMK'd t," fiut U|npji il. Tliif" briuit ri-ji'di-cMic in^Uli^d lluillh*? ACurfloa* 
AliiiutJ hjivc tlicir arnifi rfNlofeil Iv tlitiii, uu<l lip pliiCL'^l in ^tutu tfuo 
frnfr ftrih^. Mr vvt'ri iU<c1iirpil lim cimvMon. I.lmi, \\\ JiintlWr cJJii|rAi^Ji 
he* conlil rj'diict tlicm to ^nlire siihiTiiminii l>y fflrc*' ff nrxiiH- Oi-ii, 
U'nlpoU'n ill bL^lilition lo th^ !ilj;h f^elmp uf ;i ■(fihlitT. iiTid *o the e*tii- 
blisbt'd I'rincifitvb vf g<it)(l tuitti. fdt iihliHiiiod ttl hiA Imvin^ used ho 
onutempliWc, and in every re&prct so uJloua a meonii df UTmr, tis the 
Cubii liIiHid-luiij lids. The tulv^nl niiJ cmiru^i^ he hud di»|ilit>fd bad 
Mv^d the Klnndj nnd, indijjnnnt nt the puniUfinimil j of ilit Incnl JiutliO' 
tilies, he (^fii^ed the vole of the swonl n\ such 1*^01* of iMnt^nipt of 
thtf Af^mlilv, Jind of iiidJcnution at their nvr^Ay. llmc the HoIihq «k. 
l-ntrnEfd his ItHi^r from iheir jourrfilsn trwrn Ilia being their palla- 
dium, the t;oJ of tlidr idolatry. \\v tsuih ut oiiw iiiiu ^tj obin't of their 
TitupL*ratiiHi, Kud wiik> in their eyes ^v-i.-n worm* ilinu w Mmjuu. 



Jr>RjiftfMA, fine of the Cmnoru Klnndt, U tdtnnW In \ht Mnxnm- 
liiqiie Channel, in bt, 12° 7' **- «"d 44"' 3ft' E. It lis* betweon 
(he north end of thu Itland of Jludnjjiispur and ibt continent of Africo. 

Cid Hani;raj one of the Priiicci of Johnnnn, wllh h pdrty <if true 
HiiAHiihni^jh uiidcrtLriik Co nkTHiriit » ]r!l^riiMH<:ii to Mii^cah j^kr vvbiL^h 
|H]i]mKe \\t.* ^i\\*?A from Jiinnitrtn with hit AilFownrt. Ijtit tbc^ vt^qAri in 
viiich chey emherhvil ivn* wrei^ked dI Hnfonn^ on tbo cuu'vt of Africu^ 
near tbe mouih of thrt Kod Si-a. Fnim thence tboy ^nt tj AliiHCfit, 
where IhL-y found u vessel boaml to Pcnnns- From iVrifinjc they 
vnniit to Dniiibikj UTid Cuk'uUn. hnd aJTived at the Cap(^ of Good Hone, 
wilhoul brin^; nbh* r.n im-nmjdihh their pIl^inMge, AftL^r remMlri- 
\vi^ nt the Cnpc loniL* eoTiuifcTnhlo time, under ihe <sjo and initmc- 
lion <rf ihv Rtfv, Or, Phillip, hib Wnje^ly'h Sltwp Shtanvater wu» 
flnpointcd to cimvey them to ihrir dimiinioii^' On the \'t\^i of 
Wny^ ItllJi, thpy were rp*?pived on honid, baviiif; iiruvloiihly embnrk- 
td hundry dieMls of urmt. ^e. u.i presently from the Bntiih Goveni- 
mriii to tbrir King, The ii»riy fontiimed of eiyht ti\^t\ an*^ three 
%r»Mie», via. Cid JJiiniHiii, the Prinoft ; i>ukc AhdotUh. And Brahne bifl 
vifc ; Lord Nt'LHon, and Aliiiotti his wife ; Cid Abulickker^ and Sninrbi 
hifl wile; Old Ahd^ilbdi. w |jrieAt , ftrnjicuHibo^ n Bcrvupi , and iwo 
ahivc^ip The nri|cin of tbt^ Rn^lihTi Litlea of ihe^p fifLi[de will be ex* 
plui'm-ci hen-iiftpr. Thin opportunilT *nn thonght very fivoiirnble fi»r 
intrndiiHn^ x Ahbthtnury at JobnnnUt fur which purpoBU h Mr, Elliott 
oetoTDptujied thtni under the chnnicler of r »ehn<dmnBter. 

Heiri;; wndy for ^cn by t!»r evening of ibc I7tb. wp *ftHed from 
BimiinV B^iy xiiih n Mroii^ 8.E. vviiuf. Indeiieiidentof nil the luggMue^ 
'A,-e. bHonping to the Prmcp nnd hT« suite, we had nn bnurd sundry 
vtrtre* iinrl provinionv for hin Mnjtrty'fi ship Menui, nt the KIc of 
Franco. Nevi^r did n »iNxi-of- vvnr yxil to aeu more tumberiMj up thiin 
HT were; there vua ocarc^Iy room to work ihe flijp, owin^ Xk* CLiAkit. 
cltV«tB. bdtnperB, &e. bein^ stovred upim ili'ck. wlildi iu a &inall vesArl 

lhl.4NII UK j4)ttAV:ilA- 


tu not oiiIt {«ironvenivnt> bat vxtr«rTit>ly dniigeKius; )]OUM<^r« i» thii 
«ijii« w« tiitJoil. und wtfre 4<ui]iliiyc(l tKtt whole n^lit beutiitg <iii1 of tbtf 
bar, oi;ainitt u htuTy htad ncn ilnt wetted u* fare 4nd uft. 

Thi; i«-lij|;iivi of uar jMn^tJi^i^ra IxfNii; iMl>tlJMrullk^lflUr prccluUtd thrlr 
««tln^ HTiy UiLnj: lmi, uf Ihrir own killing ujjiI cih^Liii^ : it wnh itLerrfure 

SiD-mom of lliv iliir ivhk ojijirnyiriili'd iJYotuKiv*rjr tn thvir una, th« 
ttic«T« and Mr Kliiatt U^iui^wilh the CjpEain. Far tlic tirtc few 
d«y» nhti OUT sLiiling, the fnsapngtra wen- trxirt-mcJy Bcn-aick, and 
iiercr inu/ird fruiri li'tnw. On 1,]^^- S'iUl* tl l'jiui^ mi Ln hhw n hvavy 
nTp 4if wind from xhv S.W. ; wp fiitind thiit ilii* *bip Imd *|iniTip a ]paK 
m her fttorbrHirct i?4\iiLlFr, niiil thuC an oM Itiik furwan^ Jiiiil iTioruntcd 
v«ry mudi, ^n ilmt wo were oUii^, duriiLj^ ihii galo^ to wvtk At th« 
pnmp* cTcry ttvo hnitn. in ordor \» keep her frt^o, C)n the S^, w<- 
tiliip]>t<tl two very hiruvy sch?!, wlikli iltive in twu uf out ciuart«-decl( 
porrv, and daHli^d tlip ivUfUiriril-^ttiLrter Imxi all to iticctft. 

On ^ntoririo thn nriunmhrqiic Chnnripl tbi- wcntlicr beE^Jini^ f^no, ne- 
companicd with li^hl variEibttf wiiidff, Add (;on<-nilly eiLlm ut nif^ht 
Tho firiL* »ciit1ier e^iit u>l ah i)pi>i*rtLiiiitv nf itWrvinu the diiiTiiriterB 
ofoiii Riiyal piiajufijE^r* h flnd wluiteTcr fnvoiimWe upiuion the Rev. Dr. 
Phillip niij^Tit 1];lvl* firint-d of tlieui ^liiJi- Liiidtr lija r^ire At the Cjipc 
of ftitfrfl Htijic, r*»c'r'lvmg ilir Wuntyof ihfl Brirkli fi^kTirnTocnt. lu 
WoU fliL Iho mofit marlcid nnd flMlor[nf( nttnilion* from Sir Rufnim 
Donkin and the f^riiiLripal ifihubitiiritb uf th^^ t'Lilortyj tbe zmprpf-fLion tbey 
madt- o|wn lli* o^lirir* iiri Wmrd tin' K^liCJirivatrr vmh iin\lliifiu but m- 
ti»<riu:t<iiy, itml wr Iiiul i:vi:ry reLVv>ii tty believe tluxL Dr. PI]iJlj[> ivu 
mu{*h d**oeivc4l iti th*»tn. A>-< wf. iienivd llie inluiid, (hit jJHUfH-iif^TK Ih-- 
eftrni^ ri>iii'rvi>d, lioLibng fr^iiPTil oi in verbal Eon a ninoi^ipit LWmwtvt^, 
t'Pidi'iitJy tfUhin^ llmt Ihc oHiecrA uf tbe thip sbimid nut nbiefvo tb<rni ; 
tve Wi^rc At n lov to know wbitt t\\\n pimduct could ni«n< till at lut 
tilt? uiyttt^Hr' HiiH t'Iriiftd by e!ii* Pri^ice ii^funriin^- Cujit. Itutirrls, tbat 
** jVr, F.liitrit vuhUI ntit hr ftt^n-'ufnl trlih r^ hniM' \iv Jii-ivant al Jv/ta/ina 
Hn/»J hr paid firr ikfm !"— x\th*n\^}i l>r, Phillip liud hWJi i'ifTirw*ly 
3iv(*ti to undcrotAnd tbnt h« (Mr. KLLidt) would bo |)rcivjd<>d witli 
Wh ; in fiiGtt tliey racuvt^d ibeir p^.'^nj^c with lUU undiTAUndinfl; : 
but hueh wiiit tbe eHitrr. uiid it \va» decided ihikt tbii point oheiild be 
refrrivJ tii tin* Kiiiff fin tmr iirrivul ai thu JHluud. 

Ar dHv]i;,;tit nn Tb(> I Itb Lir.TiiitP wfi mml^ ibe lil]jh 1»nd of T^fohllljl, 
one of tlkc Ci>moni IhJundh^ and i^til am. law thi^i IvliLbd of Johanna, 
bettriiif; S.K. On aearinp tbe bind the wind fiiilod un, so tlmt we 
CDutd iii^t i^t 111 tbiLl Jii;;bt' The fidlovniii^ mnriiinj^ ft Jif;bt brrcx« 
■jiTAUiit ^>|>' J^iid \^i- Ainml l^ri n>{]iin fur tbo iKland ; im Ljinljii)[ round tbe 
pnint It IrtE eLdtn, ki> uv boiitrd oitt mir Ixiiiti^ imd 1i)wn1 tin* iliip into 
th** itncb«T»|^v, Wfcting midior uWui a ijdftrtcr of h mile from tbtf shore, 
vid tainted tbr Km^ 'if i,b» Iidiind wilb Hva jriinH. 

The ;ip|]rumicc^ of Jubuima fTiim the nnclLOTaKc a mngniltc^ntly 
bvnutiful. tbt cdiintry Ix^infj; ridi jitid jdctnrepiqui- Iwyund di'ncnptioEi- 
A% fnT uit thp ^yi' L^nn f^ri|^, not » upot, In ir> W n^^i^n tbat U not 3Erp> 
rilly coviTcd with frHtt'trt** of nlmmt every dcm^ription knnwn in tbe 
iTDpieiJ climalKi; »me were ^ecn* tvma in blutcaom. and olherfl benr> 
inj£; sb[i»tnf{ ut une Ticw* from ib« Imppy tempi'rAtiire vf the elimul^i 
all U^ VLiTJun* lEiilA nf *prbig. sunim^r, and Lnituinn. The hills iprn- 


dually Tiflc one iU»ve the otber. cut^er^ vhh the ricbest verdure, ^r}llcll 
mn'h*^ Jown til Uip very vt\^^ itf llit <t'u : one lafgr nKiiiNtaJn (iWt up 
tin? Jin(*k-pTYnin<3, clnth^d witli ddiriiHis iifuit-trees from its bun^ tft 
tlie very tumirit, wtiicfi runs up mlo the cloudE to n |]ti|fht uf *t Jetwl 
two thoiiHLin^ fi-et ftntn the kvcl erf the* IpCH} Chiia giving ifac! Xaland the 
Ajinriiranc-c irf all t1i»t in deU^hlful srd luxurtaiit. 

rhiii iiiaj^nirici^ikl Ncirnery watt Murii erillmki^il by our lieing Aurruiind- 
4?il hj n gri*Bl TiiunWr of i^anoe*. iTii! Tni**it si ^pril:lTly-cuTl^1 rutted ma- 
chines J had ev«r se^tk : tli<'v wviv iiiudt? of uiie ^lid )ue^« uf wovd, 
hclloiivd out, hiiving two outrigfitrs on tnch anlc j lo the ends of theie 
oijtri|:ef^r0 were lujuird fbr^-mid-aft |i^^^^*> "^ *>rdvT Xv prtv«iit their 
c<ii>»»nJK. v*hieU th<ry ineviuhly wuuU) ilu, w«r Jt Hi>t fur ih**v- pii'cwi 
(if vvimd hring filtrd to ihecn. 'Jliey nn?twer t!w finrjmse BurpTbingl? 
yffU, hut hiivt a nif]Kt wtm r»t;"-' ft'ul clumsy uppeitrBnce; lli^v wt^re p»J- 
tiled liy hhick RJoveA, H'ith hhjiv<-d Jioud^, :Ln<l ejitiivJv nnkt^d, ttuv*/ ji 

Eirdk* founJ the wnUt : Uicy Aflt one hrfore lh<= oilitr, iht Cnnoca not 
tin^ euUjdcjttlv wide f>rr two p^rriuttfi tu ait iLbrnutt* CuiJAidi-rii]^ 
clK'ir cltmiHV uiu\ i\\vkwurt\ cimKtntctk'jfi, ility ivi^ui vm f^Al fhrf/ii^li 
lJl(* U'ntiT. hut nolbiiiff to cqiinl thr cnnripii nf th« IfldiUIiB of North 
Aenerioa thiit Hre mtule fnin the hiirk of troe«- 

Ah flottii ofi tlic e^iRfuHioii of Hncliorin^ the Bh]|> and furliDj^ uila 
waa uvcTi wc wnc bi^Avl ivith duke^., lurds, ndiiiii(Jii counts, &0. 
&{;> u hi> came i^lf ti> tolidt otir vii^hiti^ niid iJ^ ii> oJTi-r tLeir ttrrviL't^ti 
niL jpuidi-H or APriraTitM during niir s%\\y nt the hkud. Th(»y pri^diict'd 
k'tttn cf rpcommeiidftlion from varionii ulficcri ihnt had t"Uelivd 
at the [alnnd of JohLinnaiCfHifyinfftheir hoiicGtVi und thnt thi.-j wa^hvd 
well; hut vn eioiif of the^tc (ipotde undtraliioci t.hrtr cuuttnt^^ it wa* 
Uujjlluddc tu 5iid thiLC i^mny of thcfe l^lti^r» coiiclLidtd with 4 ri-umrk. 
that " the Eieiirt^r rrqtjired hfiirig fihnrph-kioked afier, mid ihHt the 
Jikhflnii«i« w«r« !iii t^ver-retichinjr itet" 1 hir^d ^^ilmtTijI T^rd Itiidnffy 
ta vnaii ond proridi.' fur ini^ di)rin>; <iitr ainy- und futind him at tit'tty nti 
impntor iki any of them. Tkrlr nviUTihncr lu caking for any thmg ihcy 
fancied miti he^oiid cuiicepiiim : uue uf thrm ncLually Lvf:;^vd Cn\i^, 
UohL'fts la ^vv him t\\& kpurilvttL-a Irnm o^ hU shoulderit. It ivilh tmiy 
IflughnLJe to »«o tho farcical manner iu which these people wvrv ilrc**- 
<^. 1 vliiiJ] JoBcriLe two of thtin, which will conviy fl"me (deft uf the 
ivhnlf. Tln-y u\] \vopt tnrbkum, mrurdin^ lothc iMJfthmieof the cutjntry* 
Adritiinl L^rd IEihIikj li'jd u ^yiy ^u^ m»\ MrnnnLviiIrd with gold liice^ 
Hiui II iiiir Ml frmit ; u iihurE-«k'<'Vi<d rt<d elnth frivk-njtitp trimiuvd with 
giJd hc*^f r«nv\\iid down tt \\i* kn^eit ] *»' htt \\innU\cTt, ws-re a. pair of 
9oIdcpiiiil«tte»,^e(irtdiiiJy ihvy wcr^ n lilil.^ tarn iiihed, hut thiiispleiidid 
upficr fiopTy, contrjf^lrd with hi* dii*ky vimikc, black teeth, m\d »Kd 
imiU, whiuh aiv held in iiii;h L-^liuialioii at Juhanim, hure 1^^k« (fur the 
trowhi'r* wi-Tv hr\r:c und lied tit the kiiw».) mi bhoiM or aiJickiuj^a, pure 
Lim upon thu whole n itioat groteiHjiic npp«ikrLinci>- romTiindorf Blaii- 
kct'ft heud-drt?aii was iht anmu us Lord Koiliu'v'e, hut llm L'oimnodort's 
cmt wiia ^toen. aiid uiiAflHiL-nlfd with bilrv^t h'ce. and Uf|:e ydlow me- 
tal huil^'NA. A bad;:e ivua suHj>irJidi.-d to hi» left hwom. bomt' 
what TPftrmMinjf n eity piner"*^ on whidi hift nniJie wnb tiij^iflved 
nc full length, wjth the yeiir niid dute on which hi*i cplvhndfd iMiatv* 
naku t«uobeii at the JhJutkI, und vho thii4 honoured him oiid the rent 
of the HAtlvts vvUh their n;juic> »nd )miAgtn of diflinotion. A pair of 


Biirer ai^illcUinAunnoantcdttiiAjLiiiiblc of Arcry ; and to com;)lctc Uio 
w|i(i]i-, lii- inui, liWf lilt rc.*l, biirr-fmitpil, Uire-lt|:ged, copper-coloured, 
with rrdniiilsaiid Lliick Uvlli. TJji-y w(T4' nil Jn-vrt-d iii I'lf wmih* l^idi- 
CTitUK uiiinniT, and Kad mmh iht* appi-uriiiiop (if u Mmpnnv n^ t,tui\]ing 
pluyi-rt, Jrv'Htvd mit Tor ptrfi>rniL»iioc nt u tviuntry fuir '1 ht? fabhiim of 
Wvnrin;; budj^fn <>f difttiiiclinii ih ^rmviHg into diMihC, fur wry ft-w liud 
(hum i fufwcrly Ihiry were much nnjrc gmctuUy wufit. Wlicn tlic lulc 
Cftpt- TlvsviT timdirtl ul Jijlijunu in 1812, If iIjub iiJverted il> llii>m. 
" Mwt 4jf oi;r illiiHtriciiiH iidnnhdi^ nud M^ici'im^n, Ar r^th^r ih^ir viHm«« 
BkkM, vhtiprit:aJOiiBiy parad>>d befuii; mc; and thiit Do inifct)ih«> iniglit 
oocLu n» to wlio nii& HuH'v> RodjjoVi or ^'itt* tlii^y wurc copper tnilii'ii of 
tbcir dignity qii their Lrcjuta/' Vvht^it cv^'iiiii^ iip[»rvHcbci). <>ar frienji 
lef^ uHr mid iivJtt uiurn^ti^ we wer^ visited Uy nn uiciiiihL^d imiiibcr ^f 
fillKNV, It iTHH 4 v*-ry uovri m'^^IiI Ui »i?ii su muiJj'^ iif Llii-ar utMnH^'ly* 
QCHittructvd inaL'hi]ii>« p»ddWd a(j(m1 by nntivtf iil^ck hluvtt, utljnj^ 
vnv LtiToru the <itbi<r. In tUtf lUrn khI oik' or luo Andjn; llidr L'uudy 
trAppin(C» f^Iiltcrinjf in ttic turn, formed u Biii^ulur co^iirut to tlic nn- 
kcd wrrldics nlio bat b^r»r« tb4.-i^i. rx]iofc(;d lo tbr btut uf iu paver* 
ful riijii. wiilumi th* xlitflit(^ni tttwiUiji, tu pruii'i't tV-in ; vvi oh ihvj 
paiidlod rmmd the diip, ib^jr witc niriaiTig (nml nnpurpnily nrappy) thv 
toofft ofiUvit country' 1 biK inorniuj^tbv vvuvm of our puAiiL'N|;crx went 
o» >h<Me. U inwut Ik' ulatcd, tU^t tbouc wouk'H u-oni of ibi' hiwvt order 
of dI«jMy»At llic Cape of Good ][i>pf, whikm the Joliaiiuciu.* Imd mnrrlud 
then?, ncid puaiiy prirvuilrd upou ti> i|iiit tbdr country » ivbioli, u will 
|ire>itft)tlj uppt'ur. tUpy nftpriviiFdii v**ry miiHi Tfgwtr.wl- Tbi^y wprt rjnw 
fsn^fuUy niutflt^ up. ttt thut their ^cch could not puiiihly bo lUHin, und 
jjuJlcd on *Ij<ifc «itlj lomc dt-gr^^e of ^HJtnpj vhcri^ ittr wprc to be im- 
lUved fruuj kill mulv ty«fl, bHV« tbi'ir hiinbiiiiJ'% for llii? rc-maJiidijT of 
Uiclr liv^h. Tbjh crLJL-^l fMipnnunim-Eil the pu^r wumuii iivver mifU 
cipatcd on l(*Di-in^ ihcir hoint^H, Air it was ki*pt hefri?t frotn iliom ; tmd 
WAon it WDB irudv kjjo^vn t*i thvrn ib:it they wero to bo vbut ui>iiccord«- 
ing to tho vUhtfim und rolij^ioo of the cuuntf y, they wctg wry niucli ilis* 
trrucd. Tlic Arnb^ put not tlic leapit redtraint upon ihr&e womon ^hiU 
■I lL« Cuiitf, nur on Wrd the «bip, fmriDg iLut ibey mii'ht Juatjy cun> 
pUin, ,tnil pndmMy vbnngt* tb^lr mlndK; but cin similar h^d w« nrrWed 
nt the lulnnd. than nil the n^ntrictioim of tlit-ir religion wptq niii in furcut 
and Ciieii buBhanda mt'onni<d iiifj that id'ter svo willed, thvy alioutd never 
cUp uyrA on mnn n^iiiri- During our htfiy, tliir ofliccrs of the eJjip 
bno dcccu to tbi-n^ : and I ^vua cbur^tnl witlj u lui-hhii^i- fruni Su^ilv Ia* 
ibe wife of Alinbekker, ^} b(<r innihtr ut tbe (.ta|H.' : *' IVII mv dear 
motb^r/' «ALd %}nf, *• tb;it 1 Airi no wii^, btit u hUv^ ; XnM hvr t kLlmJI 
dio rerj' noon j imd tell my d«nir brother, if h<^ eomoA ]i(*ret 1 abnll nut 
be able to »ec bim^ far I am lucked up tintil dentb/' TIuh nirA>4|j;c I 
afl^ruiifdii delivered Iv the mollier riud hictht^r ul Sbnon's Towu ^ thvf 
DpiiTiLrt-il til bi> iiiiic'b urfcrli'd ut pmir Suiiicluh kjtimtbm. " I iitll go 
tu Juliafnia/' mid hcrr britlbcr. " mid earry away niy HiLtor, and if I 
eimiut {*i-t bar, I will kill her buHbiUid ajid every Ar.ib I Qieet with." 
There i» no diiub( thut, if her brother euuid girt to Joh»n»a> lie xvouM 
put Xits ibivLtL into e3L«cutJu[i« fur a Maliiy'» revui^ !» huo^tii to be 
lerriblr iiiJi-etl 

In tbf ecorw uf thu djy I went on itborf, in eompnny ^ith Mr. 

148 A UtflT TO lUli 

AM, ih^ Kffifr'ji inn. wlho Ia hdrtnthc tlin^nnCirKudi it tuny bp filled) 
of Ji'hannii, Wl- fuund lli^tt ItiU iVIncu qftikv ■ IJttlt Lii^ljdi: lie 
I l^cfivofl M« vi»Ty Itijiillyt ft'id ^^'ill* o cotirl^^HV *fi inimner fur b^^ond 
^vrhal M-v ciiuld t>iiAAiMy Iipvc antidpn<c<j- lIU Wuw, ;ir rftvlt^r Uie 
ruoui wc WtTC iiJ. was uitJ&t curiauslj Ji-corulrtl, bcijig liiiiig rrtuinl with 
uifwardt "f a li«nilrf<l liule wx(«-iniv limk iHp-j^lH»Hf t fn ^k frnmes, 
Eou[>d [litreii jf x\n, inauy of th<?tn gill, were naili^d ugaJiifci the wulU 
gmd C?Llinp dW r^evt^TLii Ajim biii^ina w&tc i^Uick in, br>Etoni upvordb ; 
added to thifi diaplAy uf JuhaitJLtac cmbdliKliini^rLi, thrrt were nume- 
rous pjdiry nrb)l-v caulied <»vi.'r wIlIi the brlgliicsl mtU niuht gaudy 
&)1 ours, which served iu !ill uppvery varuiicj' thrcugliout the wnlh und 
celling, *o tbut tt was imjKi«Tltle tit diatirigtitih wlml Ihe latter tnn- 
tlqtt^d of. Uiit iipvn 1h« whoU tt |^V£ the rnom au flir urcuinfoii, nnd 
^itt the Prince's opiiiiofi, no daubti a ^cal d^^ee of elc^nnci^, TJjc 
[Ifurnltuic coiUiiHted of fuur vety 1iii« couclios, covered vrith rich 
TcniuRAn silk, wliidi tlie Priuce Infuniii^d it?i wer& hijt Wdn; nnf^ 
nld nnkcn tsjbte, and iwn very liigh-tiLi{^]iE>t1. lent her- Tmttam^d chuLva — 
IhGUi* Jkitter [irlik*le( he ijiformvd uk Wvre preripnti-d tu Inm by tho 
Otptain uf uri En|;li*h veestd. Prince* AJi ia a vi-ry fine younj; mmij 
With Urgi* cxprcahivc durk eyed, n pleasina; cuuntenance, and sbciut 
tvv«jjty-uiii> or twti yi-iim (if Qf^c- His iiLiiiiiit-ra and uildrt^sit iveT« 
very tasy, an'ompiiripj wirh an siir "f preat, HKjieriiiritT- During our 
lUy. we were (Nfnstnntiv Fanned by littte bluclc dov^ bo\i^, nlih funs 
wwnposed offenllJCTs. After parinkm^Aotnofmit. nnd hreLidmndt of rice 
and cocoa mJt> whicli wn^ v^ry t:jct:v\\vi\l, t.Eiir Prince kindly took ut to 
ttKv l\iv fiirtiiiciiliinn. whiiili fs nituiLteJ *tii ii hill cloae itl clit luick of the 
town. Onr n^J-ent lo it wvit by n *ti»c'p llight of *tt>pH, which nre fast 
fiilliug to dcpny r the furt wlib in n ^iTUli:btd conditif»nj having been 
allowed to fall c<miplcttily \o ruin ; thr i^tmv w<t^ nM dixnionntt^d. aud 
fVom bluing so Umi; exjinsed lo the wcnthtr, complctelv honcveombijd, 
and the cnrriuj^ei broken to pieci'*, «i tbul uii>ri? dungpr would bt likidy 
lonttendihe pennin»i nlin nrrd tlif guns, Ouut Uiom' who mijfhl [»e 
fired nt. It ia truly pitiable to sue stidi a fort uUowcd to fall to ruin, 
fcr it hni 0. nobJc coramand of the toi»«n, and mi^ht, if kept in 44indi- 
x\im, rcpt'l any ottnck upon :t- Abnut twe"ty-fivu yenra o^'^o, during 
%hti Miilui;7LHn(r wjirn. llie MKiltit^ii^^OM ot;i:ii]Mi'd thi.- v^ry hill tvIjicu 
ilm fort Btniidt Tipnn, and pi<ked off ibi* inhnhitnrjts a* thi*y Jippeiired 
in Jhe »itr*ef< during \hi* dny-tirn?. T\'hRi want, nT prdvisioim oom- 
pj'lh'd thrijj tiMjuit tliTs romfniiiulin;; iiitttntiihrL. thfi Johiinnrbe Imilt the 
tntttry ; hut now the wftr is tffni in titled, thi*y care iiotbint; about it, and 
allow il to fnll to ruin. A\> iifliTvvnjdB vinited the Priutv'p gnnJti], 
but it did not appi-ar that tuth-Ii raie ur twhie hud bei-n be^tftwi^d npon 
it. It mifrely eun^isted of two ionp groTi>i of fmtt.fre^'ft, inch qi nre 
pcculinr to ttopical cUmatcs. and uU thefie nrc to be found wild ia 
ubuTiJtLiice dt JuliEinniH The PricK^t^ sent one of hiti hIovo up n cocoi^ 
OUl-lret*. in order lo procure us MHiie Uiiltftf, a linidd whii;]i its extracted 
fmni the Ir4w itself. The man rlimtii'd np iiir tni- with itie jcreaiert 
*flie, cjirrving with him a gourd, n hiitehet, »nd gimblel ; wli^n nearly 
at the (op, bo cut tUrouf^h the U^rk, then borod a hole, and imme- 
dtnloly the toddy run out an clvar an cry^lal. It ie a mtuX ^KCollcnt 
beTcrftjit, wry ninch rraeic^hliny; cidor ^tron^^ly flavoured with cocoa- 
ont milk. Ill the erenrng, vre returnt^d on board* highly grutliipd with 



OBT ^j'* ^rcDrvloTit Rtid rffCRiTfid an invftntlitn la tWne wItU tli« Prince 

Oaiuy arrival on bo^rd^ 1 wnX lliv PTinc>(Mi prmcntof a stncJI povlift- 

tc:Jv9Ct7prt hj |jj» jLl.t^'Ti<)uj^t xAh* C4111U i>ff \vi Ji iix in Ow c^mtr^ lu ii 
nimll rci^irn fui liU dvJIitlrjiH TlLt^ jicxt Ueup I law himn I ftrund ihnt 
he* did not timJcrHtuTiil linw ^> uw it. tjiiii] tlie luttun- of th<* focii^ war 
c^xpUmnl Iv liim, sit wliich lii* npppcrm] highly di/:]ighti>d, and. giving 
me tt oi't*i loving cmbru^u, DbsiTVcd, tbut ItviiB u wry |;uod man, 

June I4tli. !?u!try wcixUilTi Em^dttycd wmxUn^ imd wntt^riti^ thv 
tUiti ; Duv of liur Liii'ii fell fiom tliv Lop tif a ructm-iiui irvv* n li^iK^t f>f 
abiJtit thirty f<Tt> Aiiidn ntrnugv tji say, did nut hurt hfinwlf in thv Icnsit 
In the aftcniuuri, wt* ^vrit nn fahoiv nmdii for the" |iiirjjiiKf* nf illniitg 
with Pnncv Ali. Ak wu lundvd, th« lowor limb of Ihv miii vfut )UHt 
kiiainj; Uic hufiann ; hundrudi of Uio nntivca wcJ-o uiacmbU'd nn the 
Rta ^urci Wibtdiinj; iu drulinlil^ myv, oiid wIit^M thai ^Iutiiiub urb had 
■unk bt■l)r^kEh thtr wavv, tliry Inid tt)cnL«Hv«» primtnitt* on t3i<> lE'ciundt 
with thfir fjcps tuna^d tuiviLrdpi tht- tptit w}icre it U.iiX tia mnji'HtitaJlr 
duamicttriftt. Thw *^^hx whv tmly JniTHihifiu^ aud lor nomu Tiiri4> we 
tdnoined rivotvd to tlui hp'-t ^vhi-rc wv Jud ijiiLdoiJ^ rtiuriuK lr> disturb 
llnrnb PrrKfitly ihcy uttcTc^J n Loud prflytr and tom: upon tWir knon; 
then KUndliig utiti};lit> ixubsvJ iWinprlvt-B, uud howjEii^ ha it w^rv^ to tim 
tunkon lriTnin;Lry, th^ bpgan to halUifi am] dan^t^ nhnMt Itk*> mtul jntt- 

tAfUr thih cvr^fmuny win nwT, iTicy hud rocuunt to thtir chuntn, 
llt'Utitp tub»FCi>T S^c. mid fully rriAdt? up, lr/Jii thv i^iMtilitjus wht^h 
tliry cramiiit'd i^ito thrir moutliHf h>r hjLV^rif; fji»tcd idl the dny, Thcf 
ibtfJi M'piirittLrd fcir thi^ii honict, in oidcT to brctk tUcir ftul, 1 nught 
pravioiiKly to h,ivi* tiientiuiird* tfiiii iliU u'iik che j^Tiiid of thvlr Ks« 
ntltdiiiij Jiirin^ ivhioh timn, nn ia wjjU kiiAan, fur forty diyt AJ<]hu.Tn« 
mttdsLU nr« ]tiohiLit«d frtan breaking iht^iT fcifet frrnn aunriAO till aun- 
«et, And thin wiia thv rvu^oii why our (Jinnt-r hour with I'rince All 
i*n* nanii;d after nuoftct, Oo Arriving at tlic I\lni,-uV ue found Mr. 
BUiutt, tlu: MiMioEjarv. uddt^ii ta our party. Wo were rvcoivcd by the 
Prince with hJ< uxouf itrbtinky of rn^unert, ini\ HUt down tti t dinner 
in th« KTif^tiiJj hiylo, th«r iMv hiding Litd out wM knivet^ fork*, plat«8j 
8tc Wc fortncJ a very urtbtr pjiriy, hftvin;; U4>thiiLg ilninf^ur thao 
CDCOi-nul water to dniik, th>- rvdigion uf tbc country prohiliilinu; thfi 
UEH- gf uiut? or bpiriu. TLt^ dijitJtT nan vAvrMn ; i( conMHled 4irv4.'ry 
goo<t ftnnp, nirrii'd fnwU.mtd tmM ]H,vf. \\\xtm\nMy tough- Wo ronid 
«iuj1y pvrouJVd thut tKi< i'riiice ^^".u nut a^cusrloUKid to utc a kniftt or 
B>tk i It WU4 niorL'ly I'lit i»f iDrJipiiment to uh that hv tiUooipU-d it* for 
wvucal tiintA bi> wtiJ» <ihli^('d Li hiy it down nod huvfi rtiwurnc Id hU 
fingern. m^urdin^ tn Oji.' fuF-iiiun uf b'9i oiuiitry. nhfTi* tbcy idi ^^^t out 
of ft hirgo tvucHlirii hitwl, without |i|jitr<K or di^licHi iiien^ly nim^ a ^pwn 
a^ tbvir 1log»'fk- llt« Iwn uct<>udAn(( did itor hit nt th« Lihli^with uk, 
but dintfd lu tht'ir own iiylv, in ono corner of the room, whore thry uit 
CrOM-lctCKcd ou tho Ilt»ur- D\irla^ Jioutfi", wc were cou^lunily fanned 
lij «li&vi-r», nhith wua hi^^ily r^iiuiMU' to kireji olT llie torii]i*iiting Jimt* 
^itoA and nlUy ihc hullijc^jting bi-At. 

Wtf tried hhird i't nrvvtW ujwu tbo PriTii^o to allow ui to b0« hid 
niro, fif whorJL h*s tiuJ hiurp hot irtthout ofh-ot: ho nsMpic<l an a roa- 
aoni 4nc] witii ifrcit gra/ityt " Tir^L they htiit twsrr sn'n ^ny muii but 
hjitutrlf/' uiul, '' thut wc wore no white wn ithouLd friglilm them-" 



of llowcTB fiir eacli^ very CiiBU'Fun)' iImiki up, unil each wrenth ivaa 
caTcrixl over with n twiiuiilnl nillt h^^iidkireliii'f. Evsrj- Arili ut Jo- 
Unuun i» &lli>wc(l fuiir wivi^s^, indf^pcntltbt ^if whkh thrj kt;e;> innEky 
Klavi? witmea lu t'imtij|iirn3i» Imt iitfver inurtv any of tfie uWigiuiU im* 
livua. A wnin^in nl .Uihaniii uwt^e mi-m liur liUMljuriil rJll she Ik Tni>rrieH 
td Ijtm, Afltr inurriiigi?, the wivps are not alluwtd lo see «ny of the 
maJc bmnclK's uf thi'ir fiimily bul thvir futhce, and thiry nrv kcfrt 
M cloBcIy conlineili tbul tli{.-y iire netfT ullowed t<} wulk out till iij|;hti 
diid tJivii only iu ih^Jr milEi^iI j^LirdtJjs. or on the )oof» uf ihtrir Lirii>fr'4, 
wliicli are llul, having a tmnuvnaile \mTjHae\y fur tlirui to mkp ejrer- 
ciiw. Al these tirrurs they are iiOf^iinimiiEed hy flieir hiijihsnfli nnd 
fFDiLilti aWe^ ; even then thi>y arv so cloEely mulHcid up, Ihat it the? 
wvri: til li><»Jc uvcr ihe WuHs, thtire would be* no pMsibilily of aec'wg l\ie\t 

WbviL ilinuer wu ovei> I was preaenled with un ArabiHia fip^r, a 
)iaw ihnt hud h^r^n takpri frnrn n Mnd^i^^cMr ^rliipfrjifn, end n f^Yr 
arrows; thc*j- were brtmghi iit tvith unjfh ceretnony by the Prince"* 
attvnddru, wLo pivt* me to imdentflnd tbut they weru [iroHL-nti'd to me 
^ui a rtnirn for the telescope which l gnvt lo his mti^ttr. The Priucc 
dicierviiig th;it 1 wuh pleaHrJ with ibU murk vf uttentiiiii, took a greut 
fjLJU'y tit my surird^ nnd, ivlihont ^ri^k^r c^rennony,, h\& atttudunt; avked 
we to preient it lo him : which placed mo in n very nwkivnrd siluntion. 
and nn other wny eouLd 1 cet out of it, biit by tifliin^ him tli'-it il vrua 
fjpveu to me by my falhvr iii Enj^Uitd, Evi:n th[H did nut puliafy him. 
ht ihi'ji Hiked ILU- if [ w»uJd M-ll il. aud nfTi-ivd me leii dollars for it: 
I at lai^t tutd him thjit it xvjh nnt eri>ilr»miiry in nnt fcmntry to tell n 
pnspittj however inllmju; its value. 4«nd iliaf lh« ii|>ear Mddi he had 
^vea to mc I hbiiuld pro&erve, nod show it to my frieuda in EncJiind iin 
a msuk of frit-aditiip received from Prince Ali. lie then desial^d. but 
it wsa ri'idenl tJiat he vkinhed muoh to ^t il, Jiud it could Uol hi; that 
he u'Hnied a h^vurd, fiir lie had atverid vtry huiidMimi^ vntra nf liU awn, 

A* thif PriQ(H-'« tiioe of pmyera Dppronclied, we went to aee thA 
(ddvoEi dutico; they wen? ii«Heuih[tHl iu o hqmirv. surrounded by tlieir 
nlKrnldr hnvi-U^ littlir liettvr ihnn pi^Atiui, which ure built of thi< 
bmiichva flod leuvea of the cocon-tuit trtr. One nmii wmj* lits'tiii^ with 
uUhixudght uu the tont-tDm. nu iuKLrimiejit a>mewhnt rE>»i-nib|jng Ei 
drum, wi Tinmtil from producinj! a sound BJrnilar tn the wnrd Tom-toiti : 
its cwDBtnicliou ii very Bimtde, being nothing more than a sliin ti<;d 
oviT a pieCL- of hollow n'iio<l, but it producing s(jch il drtudful injise w 
Vj he diftlirictly Wfttd for n di&tjnce of two or three miles. Aiiothcr 
ukuu uiDi hhiwijfg a shell thut hod a hole in it, the .'ifiirfx Tiifnm^f 
cumirotily caih-d the tniuipet ^fietl : thiM he blew n* ^f lift* nnd di>iich 
de(H>lvded upun hia vlJ'Tti»ii, Whoet'er hnfi lieurd thiif shell bluwUi 
must know, that when a pgrion ia close lo it, it rinBfA throu;>h hin LNiirs 
enough to sptii them. A ibinl waa rftitling pen* or si^d^ In a miu:hiuc 
miide uf phiiled hLtuibou. uhidi produced u noi^te Hometliiuji; like ihti 
raUliug nf heiieh ■torn'* in anicvc. Thi>»e iukirumeni^, in^^ompnitiwl with 
fl mpnoiunoUB ronritig ktnd uf Honir. eompo«^d Their liLirmonioUk confert^ 
wluch WBK eufhcieul to attin ih« hurdvhl bend in Climlendom. The 
dfmcv confuted of men and women half naked, f<flUiviij;i (.'iich other in 
a circle. Perceiving that it wua notlting more than disgusting mu- 



tioiui of the iMH^y^ iiccontpuiiitjd ilow uiid thtrii by u Aew dtftcordiiDt ycll*t 
wc were vi-r/ huoj; ^IftJ to ^t hwa^ (rtun litem. Aa we rrtiiaiued on 
vliocc lliia Jii^lil* till' VtiiKc very iit^Utrly i>]Fi;ri.'d uh hi» ^auch*^, which 
MnKTt, L«][j<; unri O^R^'Dty 3ci.'?|iIh1> \mt. ua Mr. Kllhitt wnn t^nlinily 
ftlonp in Ma naw hnbitiajon, 1 preferred keeping thni ^4>»tlt*Tnin fam~ 

CtJiy. Wo got LkU or nn alotp owing to the mosquhoa, nutl tlii- slavwi 
ratiiif^ their tom-Ioiixa and vi]]xin^> 'iTid ^unciup the w^hole nti^lit : auch 

btiujt tlurir iiiitil«^mrjit iliinug (lie RitauiLdau. iti irrdifr Lhut iLe? tnay 
rvtaiin awoke to vftt, hu thut Uiey junpty mokt? up for fjunn^^ ilnriri 
t^« day. 

JuDti Ifith^ Wo atl nspfrtntled at the Princ^'a to broakfa«t> after 
wbich, tiUunjif our Ivovc of Mr. Elliott, and wiahiiig Eitnt every IjtippU 
DOU aud aucc<«) in Itik new uiitltrttiUinji;, w rotumtd on biurtl. aircuin- 
jmh^ih] liy Pijnoea Ah mtd out pit&^cnger ILnjie^i: tht; IdtWr prettrut^t 
int with n Trry fini* bnw^ nnd some Hmrtrir nf Jofinun^i iii»nufflcturiJi« at 
a mimirutuof Vri^ndiifiip, iifid (ht hAvin^.ika liH baid, token puiiiE to im- 

Iiroro kiiii in wfitinp tvhUe on board tbe Shconviiior. After writing a 
tllrr for Pnnci' All, ii«ordi]i;*lo hio purticiilnr request, Co recommend 
hiiit to tliv notion of BJiy fuliirc iiHicert \vlio iniglit tuncb iit the i^Iurid, 
and ^tving biiti a d^fAUttr mu] ciniple cf cunibh'ri^, for lvIiil-U he U^^^&A 
most iMrnoitW, iinJ Eikc^wiw inbikinf^ PrliK'o Honna n fpw innull pr#^ 
Mntt, ih«v both louk th«^ir Jt>]LVt\ in lliu eiviiini' ivo wor^Lvd ancbott 
and nuli^n from JuEmnna- Dnrio^ our btay i^t Jtiliannu, tli« Kin^ wu 
vcf7 ill, >o tbiit I iiiiti not 11 opportunity of seeing him^ 

Then- urtf iwo diryLiiict racet of iith^tliitJLiiIs iit Jubaiinu, the ArulM 
and ori^nal imlivvt. For the muniii*r in ^vliich ibe Amlu b^Ciime ucv 
quainted with tliii itlcind^ ttey hove a triulitioii b» fjliowL An Ara- 
bian trader, aIwuI a ci^iittiry and \i b^Jf upi^ tdiod a Hortiigiiuae ^n* 
tictnau at \riaitod)iqiif, nni nmkiittt hii i^acnpcr in u Ijimt, arrivt^l ai Jc- 
haiuiiu where lie maUi! luch ^■H>d Uke of hiti superior uhilUiira, uiid tha 
aaUtunev of ;i ftrw nf hlH oKULlryuieJi. thiU \iv iiapijnfj mi nburdute 
antbority. which intcill rfinirtd hv bi* di'Wcndanti. AAurthi^rircum- 
Ktaneo^ more Ariibt nmc -tvnt aud foroiiKl a colony, driving the ori^nul 
natirvB to tbe liilln, which they utill occupy ; hut tbvy nre frequently 
at WHT with tbe ATithx. ^t lii> wmdd lotrn iguii't iht^oi, wrre ti uul for the 
cnntinual nttnrk'i ofihf lAJiKhijiiinsi-ii. Tbenc lutCer |i«nilplirit brramo 
DPquAintcd wtlh thi< ixliud ubout I'lirt^ yoiirn u^a, through Ki>nyo(vtky, 
i>n« «f tkt js*ivvttwrit of Murbtji^iuteHrH from which pi>nud the i.li4)iHtvr4 of 
JohoTLnu nijiy ho ilatcd. Itatety it bsa Ucaa the cuatum far the kinj(« of 
Mudugiucar tu maki; uuunul uttut^ka ti]H.*tt Jobsnmi fur the puqitHe of 
keeping it^i u hn]i])]y of ■l.ia'i^fiir tlie veurU ihut touch iit cb^Jr itJHrirl; 
and auch haro botio th<^ mva^tei tsiminitU'd by t\unp peDoh'. thnt out of 
■ertnty-throc tuwni and villa^^oa wln^h duiiri^bvd ut Johanna thirty 
fWa a^j only tbruo KmnIL tp^vnt, and acikrooly nny vilhi^'vvir r^^main. 
The MadftkCtLiiifUt uhod to lond Boi^ctlT in the ninfht And cnny off titeUi 
womun und ehUdr^n, into iduvery. Tbtf populutioii uuiti ha^L- hrvn 
nincb gr^iiitr ^Lt vt\» ilmp ih^n nt prvHi^riT;, fur now it \k ri-tlu<-pd to 
about two ihouH^nd Ambfl, mid Kve tJiaunnnd nacivcn, or bUckn, 

'J*o lUch a state <i wrctdK-diKiiw 'xmh tbia benutiful liJund reduced, 
that »i I8ll^, when Hia Mujeaty'H hhJp Nimj^ &>ii<.-lii'd tbort-, the King 
exprfBuvd 8 hupf til Capt. Ueui^er, thut tlie BritiiilL OovrrjjuieiLt would 
inLtrfier« to put a. atop totlie rivals uf tht' njitivisof Muduguioar, "For 

IW A VISIT ro run ' 

if," Mid br, " th«v cniitinEit! tltrnr haalllc inciiMfiiiE* I muflt i^uU iUa 
»liLiid ; I ncTidt lire hvTv vr\ih my ImdK doKtilutcd* aiiJ *ftf my wom^n 
and cliUdron p^iruh with hun^or : hiicI if I l&iv» it, idl my luiHCHLblv pvif- 
nlc will fvWan- mtn" Jlappily At Ifn^th for tiiin fioor iaUnd. tht' Hritisli 
Quvi-rmirmt lias iiiUifi:^rru ; uud tliruugli Uic iiiElu^iict! uf Sir JtoWt 
F4rj[iihitr, Gf^vrrihir of tEic IMiiurkEus H tri^aij hwn liti-n ritlrrecl iiitu 
with Rirljimn, Kin? <if IMLldugusc^n^, lic^iinug diil4> ttw Hth of Ckctfibrr, 
J820, l>^ ii'liit'K Rud^iriv hn& f<»^i^t*J l<* &upprt>f^ hte ftDriUol vltftcka on 
the iftlnndj and al^o the aJiivf-trade tlimajElJout tlie vholc of hu vuHt 

The tuv^ti iif JiiljiiJKia U situiilti'd dose to tlie aen^ cm tlit^ eiuL «IOc of 
the ihlam! : mirl within ihtwitli, (wlddi ja ait* in njinHnJ mntninH alkiut 
two himdred Eiohsi^h, indn»«d drher ivLtli Jiigli «toiie vvidli or pnling* 
mode of rvvd : Um- ttttevta are eHrvmcly narrttw atuVmlricaU^ ; tlie Ltttt^r 
kind of boiiJtrB, mch na the PHncc'^, &c. iLre huih of fllimv ; tlicv Iiitvc 
uiiu lurge room to receive ihtir gueMs, tbe rvsl Irdjig apprupriuted to 
tljt ivoini-n, Grtjit wreiuMTiy i* olixtrved on fiittritJt^ ihdr b<iiiM'H : a 
mf^siPiiger IS diipntdied before, to »nn»iinoe lie arriviil of any viaitoT ; 
aad uh^n at th^ door, it is ^oiut IJme Wfjre peTQiiK^iori Ie; ^nu^ttfd to 
untcf : tliU pirciuitMin, the iVincv informed tne, >vua lalci.-[i in urdvr to 
i;ivu tiniR for tJir vvoctirn to 1w rir(iii>vr:d friroi si^lit' Tiir Iiilrtlrir of 
tlit^ huUM"^ Wii% orriiLiiitoti'd much m thi' Mimii Atjiu u« Uur Priiit^r'si. 
&jii\ Imd nimy ftirt-rni'lv <t]^giis,liji^t'l]iiii-K(^|.iL'tUTW illirk oUnit, vJilch 
thi^T Cook euro to |H>inl out as heing v*rv fiut. 

'Jlity haw txvollyni buliodis at JufinnrLn, with a hamp upon the 
WIf lieEvvttn thi^ aliuuldvrs ; this humpt when auJtcd, furnia a }zrvat 
luKury for I)rr4tl(fiist. Tiiey du not b|ipriij>rijiiv rJivIr tritnlr to liiWur. 
tho ilIovi<» pt-rfnrnning nil %ortvaf hurci ^vnrk ; nor ooiild I And tltat they 
ha<l B carrin^i? ot mu^fc-yiiac-e of any aort r»ti tii* island, not even it I nick 
wjth wliL'els to uinv^ nny pcindtrouji arlit^I^ j Rhould tticy huve occjoiiirti 
ta move any thing that n very he»;vj. it h stcured to lirfi^ poles^ nod, 
ucvorduig tu its ni^jghl, bo tnuiiy aIdv^j^ Jirc euipioynl to CQrr\ it- TLey 
liMV^ n^ichtT hc-rs^a, <lng^» uor piga: i)i» two JutKr anlTna]^ nre prohU 
biled by their religion. Go&l£ tnd fowU are plwiliful and chc^np; I 
piirehufiod a pnir uf Fowls for two i?irply bntttcS] and "^vas offt-rvd a tin« 
milch it^Mtft for o cult"" pockil-lidndkerchk-f, 

I hniiw of no Knri>peiiri evi^r liimn^ iilteinpUfd to aettle amungikt 
them till the urrirul of Air. KHinit. ivho remnlntnl hut n twelveinonih, 
owtrij^ l4> lliv [ip|Mtx4ioii unJilJ-lrpiitTHpnt Tie <>xperk-n(vd ; conHvi|uviit^y 
wo knoTv littU> of iho interior of Jokuiin«. The original nntivea, I liuve 
ttircndy atJitcdt are block ; they are exceedingly uglyt hovin^ the thick 

CJng Ii|ra and ilut nvntii of th<- Africaiu The vvunieii huve their 
hi fkhiivfiX fiiiullur to lh« men, iind it h y^aivf\j pot^hlv In dtbtiu- 
ouith theTn» hut by tho nrnamPTiEB in ih«ir enTS. which are very cti rroiiK. 
Seveml of them wiiro pUii-d ntitl fiihtr ehocUlofi ronnc) thi^^ir uTikres : 
thr^o wnnu'iif 1 wns iriforiin^, were f»ronrite» of tkeir luahtor^. the 
Arahi, and ^*«ne tlio shitckles ns inflrhft uf diMiiictlen ; ihey CiTtainly 
Mppeun^J to \tt. very proud of luch an hommr; — tunny hm al»ii uute 

Johunna i« not tlio largent of the ComorA lalandM, hnf the King 
ebooie* it m hia residence ; the others irc all iiihjt-ot to him, and pu^ 
tribute; one tovuLirUi » Ljia Hijiljt. but he docb not i^xoct h from ha 
aubjeciH xi-here he rt*"l"^». 



Several British oBcerftwho have lately viaited tbia French conton- 
mentt anite in one common feeling of the advantage they have derived 
from witnessing the manceuvrea, and in ^tification at tbcir kind recep- 
tion by the officers of all ranks. 

The French have ever coaaidered this arm, even from the time of 
CharlemagnSj at least as n most powerful auxiliary, if not the most 
essential part, of their armies. In consequence, they have deemed it 
necessary, daring the present peace, to assemble a division of heavy 
and one of light cavalry, during the summer months, for manceuvres 
on a large soale. These camps (as they^ are rather improperly called, 
the troops being in barracks) were first established six years since.* 

The nne country of ancient Lorraine, rich in forage, tvas chosen for 
this purpose, and the head-quarters were lixed at Luneville, where a 
dilapidated chateau of Stanislaus King of Poland, the last Duke of 
Lorraine, and the barracks, offered means for cantoning near 3000 

These exereises have attracted the personal observation of tbe King 
of France, and more often that of tbe Dauphin. The staff consists of 
a lEeutenant-general in command, two Ueutenaut-generals in command 
of divisions, four marechauic -de-camp, u general staff composed of fl 
colonel and two chefe de bataillons of the etst major, and of a chef de 
bataillonof tbe etat major to each division, besides n military intendant. 
To these must be added the usual proportions of aides-de-camp, who 
are not, as in our service, taken from " partiality, favour, or affection," 
but are selected from the corps of the etat maJLir, though on service 
tbe general officers are allowed to appoint a second from the regiments 
of the line- 

The distribution for the present year is as follows: 



2d Jlivuioa. 

Viscomte dp 

l&t Biigade. 

Martchal de Cnmp - 

C orate dc Clary 

2d ditm dilto 

5tlL ditlu 


2d Dcigade. 

Maii'cKal de Cnmp 

Comle UandLiij. 


Brl^dc- I i*L 
al do Cimp< 
sd'Ailurg. J 9l 

Lai Clk^sscura, 3 Hjuadrotia 
MEh dnio ilillD 

} Colonel Baron 
} Ditto A'icDinte do 

> Diuo Coriite Dei- 
J monlieis. 

1 Colond Comu de 
r l^LiKscuil. 

}l)i[Lo Cimkfo de 


2d Brieadi^. 

Mari-chaL do Camji 

Cointe Alphoflxe 

ctq Colbert. 

I Dragoons, 5 squiulron^ 
ilto ditto 

Colonel de licrge- 

Ditcii de Teuilcr 
Ji- M;ii'ou'c< 

8Eh Cuiraisien, 3 Bqua^lrona 

lOiU dilto 


JCfiluntJ (^omic do 
I IhVfj <'lievalier da 
r llourlitl- 

' An advantage ari«a to tlie ^otdiurs froin llioir U'ing in camp, on n'ci'iviiig, in lon- 
»ijuea[:e of heine considered on service, a mlion of wine, w^nch Uu'y ivoiild nut olher- 
wise receive, dunng peace, in qnartcrri. 

V. S, JoL'RN. No. U. Feb- 1830. m 


The Vicomlc dc Caviiigiiac U senior officer lo iJarwn Vincent, auid 
tljrrt'furc coniiniiJjJs lb« hcuv) divyon^ llie liglit division i^ lltt- tint, 
ATiJ tiikt** tliEi rl^lit ta lii-ffirt iL^ eueLuy> Tht whol^ un? under ibc 
m»T»tfftl of Lkrut--n«n. Ll* Viac^omti- HFermet. xthn Ijtt8 evtr "iuw tlit 
fuTinnlidii i]f tbo Lii[np Iwen ciniiiiiuetl in the comnin.nd. It *a^^y re- 
i^ijirts im luiur'n prcat'riEJi^ in the field neor hit perton, ti* tibwnx' how 
jijfll liiM ix'i'n the sdcctbn fwr ?iuch nfi (ippoujtiiitfijl, Tht prt<cr»iui] 
of hJK t1ir(>c(Ji>tu. iLv c]eiirjje» uf Ijj^ iji>itrtictm]^, ami the Judjtment 
nf l»U [^[Trtrmd. pAiui him ftTit m an nUlc jijcK^sjiiir in Dciiaii. ^Iurat> 
Latmir IV[acibuiirg, imd echfrs of thu forniichib^' ^dunJ fjt'ruvnlrf turtir* 
HQil of p^I^mpt L'MwutJuii. ppi-ulmr to tlie iirnui?i of HepuhJkan and 
Impvfwl Frntifc- 

Thi7 bcKt articcn lac no douht chwKn to comniand the diviBiona and 
liri^iltrfi. tmt tliimi^ ciiLlcrteJlii^ yt*iir wiiuld dir L-frdit li* thv ilrie iif an^ 
arniy. The whi*le siiiff (pxeppt the <?hief) jind ihp (JilffreTit N'^mont* 
ar^ choused <?vvrv tivo vt^arA, and coimiat of the cnT{»ft ui the ciiM^hUour- 
in-; pnrriioJH, fJ:df of cul-U Ti-pmont (oithiT two or three wjuiidrunn) 
arr cum pTv U-il ti>4Jitile, exclciAive uf ij;mdt^s, (equivalent to out non-euEJi- 
□liaAioiieil uflicfr^ undtrtht^ gld £y[itciii,)u]akiu^ in at) 50 lik-.aiiit, leav- 
iTig their iUiiot^ in ipmrlf^rs, jisH^mhle nl Luiievilli? iiUuuf. iLt criiddle of 

On the Joth of Urt. ih^. cnmp iiQUuIly break* up, and all tbc regi- 
oifutAj with tW exception of rhtf Oircv MtJktioned iit I'UiK'ville, mnrcK 
buck to thuir qmLTtrrik, ;vLilv thir iff-nrral otiictrsi. nsi do the >latT. rvtuni 
to thi'ir bi>nn>*. nr Poris, ufLvr couipliHiiijir the iinpeciiorisi of thfii rt-gi- 
mvuK, whi^ii johi^t] tii lltvit <t«>poiH iia :trrlviiig at their rii^ruiuuoiit van* 


Our corrpiDondL-iit. who has w^ved near tivcnty year* in the cnvalTy, 
ddutits tlidt nib iLttentiuik hvue much dmwD tk> the juatly celi^hrul^d 
FrtiiL'E) heitvy c:LVJtliy< aod hi' expre»ai'B hiuiseJf lu tcnii.s irf luhinntTion 
of the Oiirn&M^n. Vet ^vcn th^ie niimf cede th(> palm in .ipp(nnLnc9 to 
the two Tvpiirients of Curaf>iTievre. Tbo»f;;h :ii>l in the t'ainp this ^'pnr. 
tlii'V WL'tc ataitJtincsd ucnr LiDii^villo, and maj be euiiaidcred as i\w I'cou 
itleai of ^iiissr c-avaferie, TUc\ cotiaist wLtn eonipU^ti.-, os do ull tha 
re|j;i[]iL'nts of Ije^ivy ULVulry ajid of chiinftiutg, of tiix affuadroiiii of 120 
men eneh^^thc- HiL»h»T» ^tuiii- hiivin;T but four H^Uiidrctns. 

The onmbint^er UMifonii in not ub?io1utp]y tiy;ht blu?, but of ibEit 

Secuimr litfht vluu*- folou red elotb, ia which Lne nrniy of Wurtemhcrg »a 
reaped. They diflTtr fnim tlie CuInihMiT in b^ivin^ Ibcir hehueta and 
ciiiruBBres of cgi>]ior, ^litli, uiimiiieiitH of white mettil in excelluiiL last^. 
The men of llie^ie two regimeiitu ere, fr^rtn being pickedn Bbsjolutely 
gi^TiEi, nod require but the ErglUb €he4t to ei^u.d ciur Lif«Gmird«; 
while their hortes are t!ie larj^Bi and he-it iu Kmnco, Uttio if nt aW in- 
ferior to the block cbnrger of our JiouathoM covniry, ll^ey ari? »Up* 
piAL'd lo cjrry 1-10 kthij^rjinih. t)r -tlm^ii 2110 lbs* or 20 aloim ; hut tlus 
lidculiitiou is excluHvi- of fimige or provisioim. 

Of the Uvt fe^m»>iiiK iif OuiTimHiers »t Lufievillc, one, the lOtli, hiu 
l)K<n tnt«1y convefted frotn tb» IHh drag/ions, na thuy liiive aho and in a 
like mauner ndded anotber regiu^tTit to tbit cinrt j thue muking at present 
IcD of these funiiidiihle corps in their B^Jrvice. Tln'ir uppeuruiice ik 
very liTie» nod thoF>hhdTig Hteil hehiiH. htuJ cuiniwiirefbrniorir JTnpoHJng 
thftn the eopppi* sirmour of tho rnmbineert. Tht< pT»wtrun nnd book- 


piece weigh ttwether, according to the aise of the man and accidental 
ciramnatanceg in their conatniotion, from 17 to 30 lbs- itad are stated to 
be, after a little use, not only far from unwieldy, but as giving firmnew 
OQ tbe eaddlC' They nerer march or exercise without them, nor, it 
may be remarked^ does their infantry ever mount the more common 
dnties without their knapsacks. Our correspondent wishes that Himilar 
inatmctiona were given in oar service; as at present, on the opening of 
a campaign, oar household cavalry and the wnole of oar infantry wi^d 
have to learn to carry their equipments or iodispeasablea. 

The GairauierH have no carabines, and, like the rest of the cavalry, 
but one pistol j the other hoUter being employeii to carry a little 
hatchet, with the handle protruding through the end of the pipe. The 
horse-shoes, of which they only carry two apare. and the nailSf are fa^ 
tened to the aide (rather backward) of the saddle, in little pocketa. 
Their sword*, which are of an enormous length, are by a new ordi- 
nance to be rather carved, so as to allow their cutting as well as staN 
biiu^. Their uniform is dark bhie, and bears a grenade on the collar 
Mid skirts, implying (it ma^ be suppoeed) their having the qualification 
on horseback of the grenadier on foot- These regiments and the cara- 
bineers are quite capable of coping for a time with any of oar heavy ca- 
valry regiments ; as, though the superior strength and size of our hco'sei 
would wear them out in a long day^ they would again destroy, long 
beibre the end of a campaign, our more pampered animal. Their dra- 
tfoonfl, still in Greece, have had the becoming helmet they wore in 
Spain restored to them, wixh tbe horse's mane hanging down the back, 
and are far better mounted than heretofore. Xliey have unwisely 
nhortened their carabines conaidf^rably, the same length of weapon 
being at present in use throughout their light cavalry as we!) as ar»' 
^^□s. The heavy oavulry still ride on the old French saddle. The 
light cavalry ore represented as biding far better mounted than during 
the late war, and greatly superior to the Prussian or Austrian Hussars 
or Lancers. Two of the six squadrons of each regiment of Chasseurs 
have the lance, there being at present no complete regiments of that 
arm in the French service. All these light cavalry have the Hunga- 
riaa saddle, to which has been added, with some other improvements, 
as in our service, a cushion for tbe rider. 

The uniform of the light cavalry and of the chasseurs, has been 
changed greatly for the worse, being similar to that of the Prussian 
hussars of Frederick the Great's time. The hussars are equally alter* 
ed in colour aad facings. The equipment of buth heavy and light 
cavalry is good, though inferior to ours; but with a view to economise^ 
which is now as much on the ascendant in France as eUewhere, they 

Srolongthe period of duration fur the uniform coats and jackets, gaining 
y management six or seven months in every delivery. The white 
cloak (and with sleeves) ia now universal throughout their cavalry * 

• Our correapond&nt was aaiDDished at tbe improvement of iheir horui : though by no 
meui ta powerful^ their adivity is repre&eiited a& being quite equal to those of Ldj- 
land -J and though their eierciiing ground \t mufh broken up and iraveEAed by diu:h«, 
fcaree i hone evei falla. Peihapa they may be indebled for [his to their being coa- 
lUntly acdUtmned ta move in aXi kinds of ground ind at all paces. Though they hSTtt 
pordiSHd bance Trom GenoaQv, they hopi aooD to havfl au^cieat from >'ruicfl, aod 
■peak mOi conMeace or the public karat ipeedily (umiihing an impnved bntd, and la 

H a 


If en oi^cer hm n lino c1i]tr|r«r killi^l, he h reimliuTiH'il la tlii^ full 
amaunt ; u'hil« in our scrvlov tliv nltowimce h ocixtnivtinWy ntl pqcml 
to i>iiu-thir<t bf llio orijtEtiiL^ jtfici- of tliv unimolj Acting at a diicourngu- 
meiii lo being c^cicntly mounted. Nothing h rcprcacntcd m morh^ 
rcuiurkable tliun tiit iJiti^riur rcuixriiiv *yi' ilivu tvguntuli^ TIjv ^Irict 
mul exjivt utleiitifm lit llt^ iiicaL uiiniiti^ iK-UiU fur irxceiMlh OjuI in uur 
iPTVice. 'The xvliole sy>jtcni it fonned an n siralc of r^ipunubililv* 'i"t 
oiilj; iu tUe diiiojpline iiml orgiiuiauliun, but i-vvn iu iiniUHction. Ki'cry 
viiUA-o^cii^r tH 11^ iLiia^vtnibb' lliitt llit men ic hu squad kuo^ aU dulniiB 
rjf ib«r Uutj' and cxtrciflrfl» as fur tlicii good order ; unJ i» expt-ctf d it 
Ihe siinic tJtiii^ to be cupable of putuug Lbein tbrougb iiU their dnlUn 
and th(» riding-&chi>ol (<'t»<rinH. Gut th^ir fiinctiuiiH ure [ilmi«t ki]l<-- 
ccirci, eiE^ept wh^ti t}ic> hubnlleri] ui^CLTi art- nbvont, Hh thoxe biHC are 
U3C|ivctml tit tuLlil lliit ditt^ti^b whjvli iii our Kt^rvti^ti atv only CKflcted 
ffuui jiaii-c»ukiviuioni?d ofHc<Td- Cii^li of tlic ffUr wlotana of tbe 
tujuudruil ih i:(iiiJi].iarid<?d hy iui i>AictE> wbu i> xi^cjKJi^iEjIr fur tb^ ibirtj 
mejj and bowiM of wbldi it I'OHfUsls. Tlivy biive rbiifj^*- ^^f T,bm iu- 
fttruriiiHi on fool as wfll n* on borsebuclc ; of ihpir equiiimeiit, hy neeing 
tht^m funiinhpd witb proper necv&sfLrieB ; tbeir maintenance') puymtiot, 

Bc&Idea iLctiri)^ towiu'Ja tlieae thtrly men iLe p^irl of Jilli and riding;- 
miiMtr, ibtfj becijnit? his c|Liaritt-mM(tr, stmidiiig Uivvtm bim, us bia 
ngt^rif jtiid frivui), mtd Ujc udmiTiMnikin of the regimenr. in ilia m- 
pen&e of his ppr«oit»l equipcncntf hnviri^ tb« itgbt to d^lino any ne- 
OCdiuriL's of >v'birh hi> nijiy not cippfovi!. TUey aro atoo hiij pavmost^rf 
iifid buv^ a rt^^iiluf debtor and tzrirditor led^r of the Huic of tbe 
fiiLLLncif> ijf lbv:i[ pelolunb* mid ure bbli? to g!vf from leujlletlioa tbu 
Btuti- of ovory man'^ uc^L-ount, EnHi sfTldii?r hira n little tiook contain- 
ing bit own LicftniHth, eopidd frum ihe above ; and besides these, tber* 
ore the rej^mcQCfll records, bo thiit yhv ^vbule of the uccouiitG ore in 

All duties ei|)ei:t^d from tlie oJUctr and soldier are not utily well 
imd?TAi4HKl, but fApnble of being cl^ltneil by ull iu tb^ most condae 
marinvr; and in all the biirrHidc roems ar« luiiptjaded tlko different di- 
re;;tioi^ii for eu(;U non-com rnibsioiied oiti(U-r nnd privutc. Tbi'se are 
Icurned by heortH itnd uLl uro I'Kpoctcd to answer iuHtuntly >vbiit Lire 
tbdr prcscribtd diitie*, undtr every ptfevble circum stance, Eijch nan* 
luiijiojpt^iimvd oOici-r nnd wtdier, iukvti mdiiteijminutvty, tvjil in cuuse- 
c^iience sEnrnl A strict examination &h to wbai inuy be ex]>»cted from 
bim. and Linswvr rendjly an to ibv specific uoca ^f all tiiiit belongH to 
Xht^ eqiii|inient iyt hie burai- or tbe mtnutitc of hh ami). Ail in o]^vti la 
Uie ^tolditrV hourly in^in^ctiLin n^iJ obwrviitiuni nnd a IikI of pUfiiHb- 
niait:^, oppiuite tbc otU:[ice». h ;*n9|jendi;d on a priiited i:nrtouii in 
evtry riKim. TbiH Mmple |irvinuTgnT;iu]i of their iniliury code may 
be ciinaidered pri'ferable to lendiuu; the Miitijiy Act, \K-h\t ila Je^ 
binguiifie Jnd ttchnicojilicfl of *^ Whcfcua," Stc^ whii^h dietroet the 
mind by reference' to ^ectiuns, wbile it i& oflen rend with Uanlt und 

■urbcmiir Diiii>ten lo inuunl llivir oiiviilrj-. A ttsnuin imm it ulJo^ed Jr^rly *0f 1*1* ]>»"- 
ebiit niUiMfM. vlfih HI t\mvt ncuivU lltii etpfiarliltirp. Iln^ hnhilittl fj>Fcr:<blx Mvit' 

Xhiirwi hud iTPiii |nirf^|mM.Hl llim opting tiy It t omip itp Mtrin»iUe» tbo t'nlonH nf 
OlIl IIuhuv. far Hyj tnuKs a pitWj (ikWut lil.) lo tJir prvvlDi:«» 4j1 LonoJju uul 
A bu:t ; they ue idJ muliicd la dte Ihuik. 


carelessnew by the adjutants in a sort of jingle from fr^nent repeti* 
tion, and ia Hcnrcely tlatened to hj the mea- 

The extent of cofrection io the power of the com man ding- officer aj^ 
pears too Bmatlj as it doea not exceed four days' confinement, and to 
award a greater punishment requires the delinquent being placed be- 
fore fl cojueil de dixciplinej consiating of seven officers, of which a chef 
ttfKadron is president. A roster of duties is hung up in erery bairack- 
room^ as is a list of the expenseH of the measj so that no mistake or in- 
justice con tahe place in the ca«e of any individual. It muat strike the 
moat casual obaerver, that all miitarea are thus avoided ; and that nt^ 
thing is left undefined or dubious, and that if the soldier errs, it is in the 
face of awarded punishment, which he is no less capable of pointing out 
than his non-commisaictned officer - while, if he feels himself unjustly 
treated, he remonstrates withoat hesitation, and brings the public dc^ 
cumenta to witness the truth of liis complaint. Such a representation 
is not considered, aa in armies formed on the German system, as next 
to mutiny, hut is listened to with patience ; and both officers and men 
answer, on aU occasions, in a manner quite unusual with us. We 
Dnderatand that the btameable mode of delivering any remark, often 
accompanied by abuse, so common in our Ejcrvice, (till, it is to be 
-hoped, lately checked by an order from the Horse Guards,) is seldom 
heard, white the Frenchman, however naturally loquacious, seldom 
eiceeda a respectful sentence, beginuing, " Mon General'* or " Hon 

Our correspondent, anxious to benefit our service by what he gleona 
and observes in other armies, cannot help drawing attention to the very 
ditferent mode of conducting the duties and discipline of the Frencn 
and £nglish regiments. He is warmly attached to his own service^ 
which he considers superior to every other; but he thinks that the 
same object might be obtained (the losb of correction ever in terrorfm) 
by a kinder manner towards the individual soldier. Perhaps it would 
be equally imposaible as imprudent to introduce into the British ser- 
vice» from the different temperament of the men and character of the 
people, a like equality and familiarity as in the French troops; hut he 
thinks a difference might and should be made between the more intelli- 

¥'nt, better educated and conducted men, and those of an inferior stamp, 
his would, by enticing u better class of men to enlist, give what every 
officer on service has so seriously found the want of, — useful, quick, and 
steady iadividuala, who can be trusted without non-com miasioned 
officers, and who, from having confidence ever extended to them, would 
not feel anxious to seise opportunities of ruahing into riot and exceos* 
Each soldier receives forty francs on joining the regiment, which ia 
expended in his vut-fiij rendering him answerable, for the future, for 
keeping up the stock of necessaries, which is leas thnn in our service. 
Each man has three uhirts, one pair of socka^ a pair of boots every 
fifteen months, (the old pair lasting double the time for fatigue-duties,) 
but no ahoea, purchasing a pair of wooden sabots for stable aervice. 
They have a coarse stahle-dreas, two pair of averallg, an older pair 
covered with leather for common duties, and a screw, &c. for the arms. 
The men are shaved hy their comrades. They have little leather 
cases to cover the rowels of the spura of their second pair of boots, pre* 
serving from injury what la packed near them. Their pay, which in- 

l.^fl r^RKNi:il ^hH¥ AT 1,1= VRVtliLE' 

vnMuen after eight yeat% «rvifc, c^ntiiitf of foTly-«ij|tht uinn n Jay, of 
which thirty litu diiilv cxpciiJed Jor Uieir fo>id, ion rtlained for keep- 
ing up llicir iitcoaiuirJes, Ac, drtd eight arc given for Ics menus plaiair4* 
They liiiil iht-ir uwn ihumiI ; mid suup ui^il brtail is Kervrd lo them 4t 
nine in iIk* morning, niid iit four In Um EifL^rnipciu nit^m and breuiL ; of 
Uio Ijilier their retvive uto pmindu u flay. 

Till- h^rruok-Toomi of tlit rutpmenta at Lunevjlle wi^Tit cl^u ami in 
^ood fitilvT i and il is a reiiulxlicjii t*> Imvf, if |nJ!Hil>lc, n htii^aSct in 
vvvrj ruL»ui. EiJch noyirr litta a stiiall iruii Wilstend. nilh n straw and 
hftjr iiialtr^itN and .1 djiik ctrvtrJi't, The u[>jiDiiJtiite]jl?i art* disfKued on 
vlitlvtis itvt-r lht?ir littids, and (li^ amm in mckn. ThHr siabie^ nre m 
*xcelittnt order niid well littered, and every five Imrses are tepnrateJ 
from the rcit liy a nvinj^ng hnr. TJicv hii^ij an idi^ii thut the stublcB 
Bpoii nnd corryJe Xh^ ifatlu-r, flud on thin Fi[:c(mnt ntv« place the horse- 
Hppointu^miiH in the &tiiSles, having Auddle-riHirnn exjini» fur the pur- 
po*c. Tho hnr»e* ore «niy fi*d iwitv n diiy- The rtttimi i>f tlie light 
eaviilrv tt^ Lmt %if\i/t\ poiiadK nt <^iirn iiml ton of liay and vtraw^ but the 
corn U incrcaatid fur tlit heavv cavalry. The com ii in la*^ hinsj and 
thp kry in kept hy tho <ptdcrly oJticcr of ooch equiidron, wlio Bct'a the 
hofci'B fell himnrlf- Tliujyii fed only twice, tlit liories afp dre«wO 
ihT(*k> timi** i*fidx dny^ and iliey ii^e tlio curry-crunb ami hrunh. 
ThoiT^h their liom^ dt^ not hespL^nV va\e\\ good grooming ajs fn our 
CtralrVf (nti ind^ tt iu wlL known nun^ d^-an thvir hirraea fio ^vell ne 
the hfnglinht^ yet the hor&ea of tl;<r 5th llun^arA had coata nearly oa 
brilliant ai our tin«t cnrtiaec-horses. Their conditioni howeveri wu 
itorthy of n htintiii[j:-HtaljlL-, fir ptcft^rHblt^ tn orjf hlaitt^d purHilv cnvnlf^ 
horwi. The inntriiciion in riditip di^erv^s tniJcli attention^ and they 
have n similur adiml of equitation to our efitabhshmenC at Si. John'* 
Wood. Tlii« ift at SauuuiT, and ttmiitfhea riding- mast ere Ih cv«ry rvfji- 
mcnl : thcjie have the rank nf captain, bnt sr« nut efiieirnt cfiit^er^ un the 
Bltungth of the cur|>H ; there arc severui other roadi-rideis, iiifcriur to 
bini.Tiuving chi> ruiikiif ncm-cumniLuioned oHit'i^r. Fheeuptain HndanU* 
alterni, ho^vevar^ give ihewordb of eomuimid to their men in the riding- 
vebooJ, beiri^ aA cnpuble uf putting tliem tl^roii^h the leuoOA ae the 
ridiiig-mRMtcrp Tticy rJde we]l> hut are fm too htilTon honeback ; and 
the rapid progresa of lliu rtl:^Ull^ behpeuka the tysttfni ax effiu*?nt. 
The Imuce ib luiighL hy the siune Palish pXtfrHse aa in oiir nervier, ntid 
ch* etvord esiereiNe i^ as lung us in our?. But unleas thi^y alJaw mor« 
pUy of the hodj nn borsohaak> thoy are right in c^ntianini; tlioir hy>- 
tem of giving point, aii they cannot give an elFi^jL^nt blow >vhea thui 
aCHlcd like Atutues on thnr iorae:^. The ridin^itfiioLiE at Lunrvillv la 
Anit, biid nearly am kr^'i* as thut attached to the Pnvi])r>n ut Brighton. 

Thetorpii* out, during th^p SMjaurn at LnnevilJe, fonr linipa a wook 
an burudaiek, tu'lee on fmt, and lh« i^eventb day i« appropriiitcd to the 
ridin|t-acha"l' Tlir eKerGiHing-ground in bul ; ivhezi firtt estiiblinhcd 
it wa* mora convenient^ from their being allowed to move ovi-r the 
wholt* ojh-ii couuLry ; bnt the fiinnpT* soon ohjectpd to ihi*, and noi* 
tb^y haife hnt n t»»* uerenj aenr the Nancy road, which, beHidi*i» heSny 
^ally, in far too i]am>w ; indevd, from thedi^ep forrowH xvhirh intc^acet 
the plain, it IK u'L>nderfu! hr>vv the lii>r«ea k««T> their legu, prorins 
then; weU in hand, aii oit tin? worst gnaind not a hor»c fdl- 

The nine rogiaienlhin the field '-\rc n^rt^ented an offering n 4pE«ndid 


•peoUde, well worthy, nya our correflpon^ent, of a trip a«ro« FVanoe 
to wilDCsa. Tbev have but one slondard, and a lieutenant is appoint* 
odporle-^tendarJ, and «o named iu the Army Li«t- 

Tbe bands ore good, and by a Ute ordinance the expense h paid bj 
the King, obviating the neccAaity, aa before, of a aubacription'by the 
officers. Many uf the sounds and marches are English. 

In order to prove that one system exists throughout the service, and 
to accustom them to exercise together, they mil the squadrona of the 
nttiments of a brigHde : the advantage of this munt be evident to all 
vrno have seen detached squadrons on service placed to act m line with 
those of other regiments. 

Their mode of evolution is now become that of the English service, 
and it appears to answer moat fullv for all the purposes of the Geld- 
Our correapondent nevertheless thinks, however advantageous the 
moving by division, which is certainly the most handy poaition of a re- 

E'mentf that the wheeling by three* should not be given up, partieU" 
rly fOT retiring in line, &c. 

It is impossible to conceive any thing more difficult than moving 
four linea of cavalry of six squadrons each, in a ground hardly wide 
enough for eight ; and yet, when moving in contiffuoiu columns, or in 
line, they never loat their respective distances^ and could have deploy- 
ed from the front, or changed front in right angles from the last, at 
anytime throughout the operations. 

The line of Hussars in front, the Chasseurs in the second line, and 
the Dragoons, supported by the shining steel-encaaed Cuirassiers, car- 
ried back the mind to those periods of the continental wars, when 
the brilliant chafes of this same cavalry decided the &te, not only 
of battles, but, for some yearst of Europe- 

Jt ta very extraordinary that they should not have some batteries 
of horse artillery, with twenty-four squadrons of cavalry. Besides the 
regular staff, an orderly officer attended Gen. Mermet from each bri- 
gaae, to expedite his orders; and it was pleasing to see the mode of 
cairving on the manceuvres. There was a sharpness, modified bf 
gooa-bnmour, that caused all to pass off with aatiafoetion ; and if an 
officer was blamedj be had no occasion to feel that his amtjur-prvpre 
was wounded. The gent-d'armes kept the ground, and turned back all 
who had not the General'a permission to be on the spot- 
One very striking custom io use during these camps carrieB back 
the recollections to the ancient armed annual aasemblieB of the Champ 
de Mars, or, after, de Mai, (the Dusaateer of the Mahrattas,) of the 
early Franks, though collected for a very different purposo- On Sun^ 
days, the whole corps is assembled on horseback for prayer, and an 
Aumonier, or chaplain, (one of whom is attached to every regiment,) 
being posted on the high terrace of the gardenii of the old chateau, per-* 
forms moss to this centaur congregation. In bad weather, the whole 
of the officers and detachments of the different regiments hear divine 
service in the chapel of the old palace. Both, we are assured, are 
strikinff military ipcctacUs, and much increased by sacred music play- 
ed by the various bands. 

Onr correspondent requests us to call upon our cavaky officers to at- 
tend these camps, as they will tearn from them, particularly now that 
our movements are on the same priuciplCj more in two daya than they 

160 rPlOltlTY or SKRVICR8 \S RltROPSAK AHMUe^. 

cnJi \vtt\e. ihxnitvA oiiil cjuitniu-ft us »ur unny in ul riresent, in their 
wliul^ Uvi-fi. Aiiirih^r CMiHi* utKu fir^>ii>fiU it^lf aa Uglily ndvuntiif^oiis 
to both »uivice», The*o vjnilfi uili brinp toj;ether the otiipen of the 
two irmi^fi, Mho buvi^ no lung iippoai^d radi otticr, and t^ rid ti? ilfncc uld 

!ii-cjitilicea und ]ii'nrt-buruiiLg», ;tliicU omr huvti grown up duriu^ ite 

Thi' Irii'iiilly, rnink, tind gf iitleirninliln- **fjMiWicl nf ihe officers ci»i« 
nnt Uut IcAiy an aj^r^eaULi^ iait^fef^iod^ ami it ia inoHt pleabiti^ li> Ece it 
ovin4?cd by tbc ciHiccrt bi?kiiij:Jii|^ u^iltc U tlic miciont and ikL*vv orai^. 
It will nol fnil ttf bt* o1/»i;rvi'(l, tbat tLc intnt and f^alUuLry which \ttvc 
rjiAKtl i»rturi?t "ftlit^ fi^nucf friiiii llie i;ijjk <if |iilvhU'». ifc ni'i^iiu p»tiiied 
kiy u LTinducl nnd maimut whi'di we itm nfii-n nmsiJr!r ii?t i>ii)y t'om- 
jiMtiyo Willi lilrlh nriil ri.'lii>»^d cml ^1irc;itirm. ANmv ^^f "itT r^^ci^ir^ 
apinions, from thv ijliring nnd rnpodauA crtiiducl of a Um]t:;d naijil>i3rf 
will bi.' iousiii witb'iiil fuUEidatiatt : Avhilc the prc-icnl tniAlJ iniMins of 
lUDHt oflicer» uf Chi? [Ljipvriid arjiiiva^ t'vw bi^ici^ in uiodenilt^ ciri.'uai- 
»tauGcSr will \aov\i tltti c\i\\igi^ iif iudibt^-LiiiLiinLe Ljjdltidiiid txL^niou 
flitmii^ thftt clam wholly en^undl^&i. W« tnn^i not mi^tuke thi? tct& 
(if Btimin|Htrte, ^wliu ]ia<l itll Eiiropif itndL^r ]r>u.vv c^iilributi^n snd tui- 
pcHiUuiib Jur (ho Bup]}i>rt »f bin aniiy^) tor ihoae uf tbc individuals ^li<> 
xverc forced 1*^ carry tliE?m into cxccutioa. 



PaKvioiM til tbo French Hcvdation, Ihnt ii(il]i>n had rn^inipnts in 
it* ttervicv ^vJjIch wr-rc formed and bud existed frcnn ifac mrly jmrl of 
the Kixtc^C'ittii cculuj), bucb Hb tliLiL of I'lrdntunt, having beru urji;iiiullj' 
thf ci^lt'tiriil'.'il " Bliiik ItiiruU," ntisjird by ujic; nf the- tuiiuly iif Mi>dlei, 
and ivhicb, n& a i^orpc tindor u ('onduiiiere, hnil piiued tntfi ibe Frtncb 
•rcrvicG. ^jiDtii could nUo htt-Ml lht< Wulluun (lUiiida, to Ix- diiUct from 
ibc middlu vf tk- nunn- century. Al present, llic Auhlriniit, (ihoTigli it 
is nut i^vnttully kni»wn.) bcvc i»<t cmrpa of u[Lqut-?<tionul>1y ihc ion^cxt 
js£auiJitij^ uf uiiy uruiy iii Eur(r[K?. now that tie Jaiij^Ltritb. wLu were 
t«iahlWiwl I'iirly in ihe fLiiirtfenlh ceutury, havi? iieen plucked imt 
" root und bruijcb." 

The IJ^tli rpfi^inK-ut of tbo ImOt now T€<Tuitvd in Onlicia^ Etnd lUit 
3filh r^'tujiti.'d ill Bolu^iiii:!, >\-err bi^th raised in IGC2. Next lo l\iem 
obi ciTrpjj.ouT owij ttuy^li nmy be mhkod Jjouriji^ dkite in ihe firllowlng 
yi.';rr ; if, lioiVL-vcr, orip or Tnnre of the other five *>f the ofd kij rr^r- 
v/jrr/f.r in onr iirui;. (iti>v<>TaL of wbicb were ^n tJie hcrviee of llolUnd 
from EH^abflira'timo, till brotiphi bock by Witliiim the Thitd,) m^j 
avl, on iiiquiryi be found of mi t^urlior dntp tbun {.'ithcr. 
' Til*? AuaLfiiui n-j^'irjjcnl vf Woutho, d"^b^lIlJ^.'d in 1800. wnn miAefl 
1642, mid ihi* Jtih ttyhnrui, unw rrs-'nuifd in Moliluvm, in IM7- Our 
Cold«trL<arji wai crctih'd in ITOi, by Cromwidl, for I\Jonk un bin jpirng to 
Scotbmd ; but beJitg t'onut-d fri>m tht> rtLuim(-iiih <if bVnwidc und Huw«U 
TiffSCf wUii;b ibili; ffi«n tht *' hch' modfl' in lS'b'*j Itmny bu ftiwd tfi take 
prcctxSvncG of ibc UXXvt fJi^rmaii cc»q«, and i* ihr fouilh iu wnicnity 
existUi-; iu Eunrt»e- Tbr AuMtriii^J iirrtiy ih fi*r beldird tie iithi-r p^niiK 
penn si'mcefc. ?\f>tbini! b"* bm»u nUt^red HtnpL* the time of the Kmpmir 
J»vph- Thit nricon from thr^ drt-ud <>f tbi- jirctrnt KnipL^ror of ^ny iii- 
tufrsuiat/j from the? bunu pruduct^d by the vliungi^fl tbal cuTunicncw Jn 


SiirOT*^iii 1731}. It » iiu'iinimjiipnr^ wirhotiraLny iifili^lmprovenienu 
of Tnimrrn arnjion, ami *vilt toiHi not cuij- rcqurrf, but demand iho in- 
trodtiL'tioii of Dti enliroly now nvtOTJi. Tht intt'rnal ccoDOiair >» Jc* 
U'arubk- ; and t\n' nppcuilmciilA <rf llie uffiecrs, jind llie rquijiui^nt uf th« 
men, Icis cncourii^iji^ iIljiei tliuat* of ueigliUiiuriiij; dt^U>. 

The FiencU liuve l.«l Uin>«» finjr»1m*-s ill ]ir«*i'nt, qI 'JWlnriiK*. Btrtfi* 
liflurg, tmfl llmmi It U p<nitem|ilfltf*i lo ri'njov* on** <tf thp Irtttvr to 
ilJ«tx^ in ard^r iW tLo sduHil of nrtilkrj, \rliccfa It in ihat dty^ nliuu^d 
bflvc IheadTivptngc of wilni^sjiin;; lh« txriiHLriictiini of botmhes ti ftu. 

TliL" .Au(rtriAJi5 exwed our avritc^iii (rf bjiviiij^ n frw miliuuul aiiJ |jri>- 
VltlCLAl rpgiiELvnU. DUl liavjji^ iLi- itihuljitauu i)f nny of xhv rcJlinirirA 
whlcli fnim cb^ir empires mfv^d in t\\*> ttime rF>giTiii>Ti|v, tliu ulfkvn 
riEivpt^. Tbi* regiment* are ca]i«l Jfui^jraiion, Pidifcli, AJomvijiii, 
Gulicianp M'Jdavi^.n, Luiuhiiirdian. (of which alUc they Imvt one of 
(ttvulfT, and ten of icifaHtry,) Jliyriiin> &c. Tliey liavt' but ouc ccttub 
«f Tyroli-flt, wliu urt; rlflirmen, but of levMul butuJiouH, aiid inuj^ U« 
cinapLired lo our lift*^ briyiwle. 


Port Pirelli Sepr 24iIl Ift—. 

PtVK dftyftflgo I fnnJod tit llu? "OUtli »ido of ihv hiirlnmr, jiiid wullt*d 
roiUud thtJ und*i»t f>riLiiidnriv« <if tbu Pireus- Oulsirle tbi> ontriuictf uf 
tlic fi>n, the rcmiiijj)! ftf th^ wallH of ihts iiuva] pta^nftl of Atbcna arc 
^bliuCtJT htJ/n- B[i[il of iij]nii:Tii!ti^ H^uiirird »t<j(Le3, df nitnilur qiiulitv to 
lliBE of liitf nt'if'ItWuriiij; rnoliH, tlu-j' muy bt- inL\-<l, miming' in ifr-iff-hi 
Icnoi niang \hv h^ach, and foiming nnglpK rurr^portf]iri|{ Co tho form of 
tbv promontory wliidi tJi^y surrounds At C-ucL of ihvsi.' !i[i|;;|ie« tinr tliu 
fwind4itiHH»ofwlkJittKTbi»p«^^'orc", fnjmlhtirKlron^ ^[umlfunitulfir ^Iiftpe, 
ta^vcr* cJllicr ofiliftiice or iilotfrTfltion. Following tbt bcnpii from the 
P]ii-u*t io thi- rGoutlmiird jiWit u mile, wLut Js ciillvil thi* Tumb uf Tliti- 
iftUtiirlei \\ K4.'L'n. l\ iKKitimte Mitude one of thi; imglefi nf the TfTiiaEn- 
in^ wolU, and cIohv doci'n to the wntctmark : it rvnith'li erf a double 
tttiini* cotBn or tuircophaf^rif htAh nppnivntly cut out of thi* ruck oround, 
till- mattnals trin^ tumilof ; and tlic innc^r cofliii biivtiif; ho lon^c witli- 
iitcKid Uir HL'tioo of rht^ uindK nnd vnvi'% Jojidiiij( to mjcIi a Ku^prHiliiin. 
One #ni! nml ont* uf thi* ud« nf tliv iniier coirin iin- vvuriiing, but iht* 
fWt of it* mn^a round ia on u lev."! with lhi> injoIc out of which lh« 
nutt-ri» tKcuvutcd -, \\\\^ iU cnvity, which in about ('ightoirn inchoi dwp, 
u AtK'd ^'i\\\ wntvr, aiuI ullox^K fii^ irisrcia oad cut to trvvry wpto 
which n>llh ttviv it froni thi- diAluibvd ^*tun. 

Nnir lo Ihii vMifnittnl ^put nrL» tin? ov*"iiuniHl ronnin* nt whnt an- 
ciontly formed ii very hrgp column, of the Bami' hind of »lor»- of wlirch 
the QciKhlioiirh^ ^iXh nrc built. Uf thib Cdliimii tliv ImHO uidy m ja 
aitii ; tiiP other pkcPA iLCc lying in n tmAv lino lookiii|; inwitrdi*] cud 
«^uual ijf U'H piecra, cmh »houl livr ni^d ii bnlf fi'tl in diainctcr^ 
Wheihpr ihU plecfr of urchiTrcturr* i'?< more or U™ nuuii-nt^ I cunmit 
vunturo to dccl^Io ; mv opinion, hon-L'ivp^ i-i. thut. it itnticlwni, nrul pro- 
bubly it mi^Lt huvi^ bi.-i.Mk intended uh w bLndmutk to voM.d* mukinj^ th« 
lutfhvuf, or to puiiit out ivhcro tbu anhci of tJic heruic ThemiBt^iclcA 
were di'iHiaitvd. 

s^yrisfi PRou thk vni>vblishbi> locar^AL 

DuriDg thti lant two ^^^iyn, thu miiuMonouB nittutu oi f hi> warfare be- 
tween ihir W]Uj:i?rvntK hiu bcf^n Ijrola-ii thr<iiJ};b, lud tlirir Uctica bavc 
bit'Ei rolKor inlcrcntin;; to ihc ueiitral jipeciAtor. Ou tli? niuriiing 
uf the '27tl3» flJiaiibft' suiimlri>ri uf Uv«nty-livL< suil were ut anchor 
Lvhiful tlif Scrophin, una with rlii^ view of i»lrt:iiuin|i it>me mlviiiili^e 
oewr twt> Df thn-e of iJr» enpmy'i shijis nt onclior on tlie iiitrth Mtlif uf 
thi? (fiilf> Ih^y ffit um\vT \vt>\^h in the courai; of the afunmon, hut 
wht'lhcf *i-cn I17 the Turk* t* nol, I cannot »ji>. Tbc luiier niso 
^ut *LJid krrpt under ajuI ail du^i ana when nffjUt ciLuie irii. thry were 
(Tui/iiig bul^vtvu tilt Soroiihit** uji<] Cepi" Pafwa^ wlitft tliL-y lntl^,l Imvn 
L'iimiiiiu'd liuTirit^ i\w vt^ht witliom ramilig ift nn uiicli<rr. Toward* 
f^mr oVloek on tht* ff^llovvirj; Tnurntn);. it uppciir* th*j Grvok f]i\<t Imd 
IwHli^Li u[j l<f llic Kiiirio plitce, and ha*l iti>iiiu (jj collision witii tjii'i'r encv 
iuir», tn>m tbc fliuhea nnd rvporls 4>r i^cal ciinit iti^cn uud hL-urJ from 
tUi< luichuTii^ nt Mitioluii^lii, AWt un Iittur aficrwudH i\w tliiie 
cni?rj^t*nn*[it «f ihr ]jKriI<-A win eonAjiiiTUtJiisly riiiifinnHl Tjy thp Tilnxo of 
u nr*>-fthip, wliiirb Uunt furtli to ilie ir«lwiird, about HJx mjli-w dJBtuncc 
from MibColonLChJ, Jl wart >v hvuuhfulJv t^leiir alnrry morning:, tlie inDOii 
watL wnniii^, tfio wind ver^ hcniity, umf n^t » cloud to lie necn m tlie 
vU'At fucc of th« heaven*; cv*ry tJiing, in fni;L. wit* Mrikiiigly i?oo- 
triwted with till" lerriliL- objvul iIml tJieu riveieil ujhju 11 iht» I'y** uf 
every lifhoTd^r- Hri hHpht wixs tim cfiiiflsiprrtfiim in 11 very few mi- 
nutva^ that, to the naked ore, the ivljole j,eenn*d l<>lip nn iirnnenaeorb of 
Etc rcfltinp on the wntery ln"rij?(m, wliiL- neiUier the firp-fcliip nor her 
olj«ct ufced^tiiL (rotritci^uti ci'idd hi' ut id! dlstin^tijiried- li) the aid 
fifiL iii^1kt>jiF]uaBi, tUtr inait* of l^tti ciiuM tr ki'iil like pillar? of lire; 
Rnd oi'^ all, (it orK< tjmt', the royiiln mid (i(her biftv kMIs ctttild be a\^ 
liorfecl, like Hie teont fliirift(( in (hi* lurid mriopv of mghtn wliilu they 
relk'Ctird from thoir ilh^minvd fi>ldE th^^ lijfbt of t^LO fliLiue&i ^liJch »on 
aftcrwiirdii conmitned item. F'ot bothc limei the bulk i*ribe conflu^ni- 
tiun t'ludujilly iucreLiHi-'d. llii^ri it biTii^n^ aljitlonury ; wliiEt- through iho 
artthicni voIuiek'4 nf Mitokc, wlndt nolbln^ hut tlie Jnrkne» of the 
tnoraing prevfTLFc^d u* froin v^eing, the wTiito inilv of fioiui? i>thvr V4%- 
i^it ouiild b(« rfttvu iiluntned, ikM thov pLUVtd by or mitnceurrcd ronnd 
tim Tiudeufi of ligbt ; nnd nt titnci tho KtillncHi^ ofthe Iiour tvm iutci-- 
rnpted by the oceatiiuiiiil reports of tiume tfuim in tbv tf.iv\v tlireeEiun, 
nerving as mhiulf noUt-^ to tht* wurk uf dfxlrueriuii and dpath. In 
nboul !kn hntir aftPt th<.i lirc» wda fint iwon, thn obnw nnd repeated ■iiii' 
cliorgcs of ert-nt ^nd uimoTinot^ the progrou of th<i eombvinljorj ; und 
in ■ few mmute« nfte'ivardK, the fX|>lufliou t>f thv mai^aiiire took plnee, 
with a »uJdL'ii liLirM taid rleraloM) intti the nlmohpherf of a tremendouii 
Ihtdyof i^rnitrJ mnlerijiK whidiat lint wew hidden by the dense voluioeii 
of *moke t-arm-d up wi^h ih*»n, but afti-ni'iiTiiB on deieeuding appmr- 
ud iik« u thouMjiml rot^ki/ta Uowly dropping from tbi^ir aeme (^f pmjcc- 
tion> H'ith the dcucc'Dt of tbia ihoLVtr of tire, the. Miund of the ejiplu- 
hion jiut Tcocbifd urt, aitd buit»t on tbf^ eivr with n c^mcusTiiun hardly t^ 
he eoiJi!vfived> uti^v frojji thL-Jnws of h vulcuno : while ihe dnrk nuuA nf 
arnokjx, nnw Bcipantted froDi hs souree, wumj gninivd It* ^fjiiiljbrjuui in 
the atmoBpbcrej bocatne u littlo Kilvvrifd oin tho top by iiic faint r»ya of 



IliAmkcm, nml ^ptoiiuTt Htiilod aXan^ wtih tlio breeze at the ijity cloud of 
tlu inarnmE. Ichivin^ anan lUe spot tvlieiicc it so furioualy orvnci B 

Thjx ivjih n hvi'fi^, ^Lidi fur );rA(iJi'ur miglii luive klni]li>i] up with 
Aidtn irntioti thi.> biirning anlmir nf tfie youthful wnrHor ; it h\ui imo, 
tiiiwtfv<>r. itf itioJ^mchuly con»]tti-ra(ioii to huTHciTLitVi niid nvoltitiff lo tho 
fv«iin|i« ; fiif, Oh wt iiiWr^ardH Icurniit^, muny uf <rur ft^Iluw-cri^alur^ui 
fell by tbtf iW'ord cui well u.i by the fire. Surrounded ly the Urcckn, 
iu aLLeimulitj^ Lu vntii^c fruiLi ibtilLumvB^ Duitjy ufthe Turkt tiitik i^iJt^r 
tho nithh'M ft^rnrd nf their »>nf*inic-Ji, nnd wiili their Mi>ic| dyi^l tlin 
WMVM, to u'}tich ilii'y hud 4romm[lu>d thL^uivolt^ct lijr tiifL-ly. 

Ttitf tmrtiing vt thin Vi.-rit«i, ttiiidj pro^^d tv t>v n liiri:t> con'«tt» fniind 
bf the Grcckt jjt auctior an tha north hide uf tlic (IuEf^^vlUl fullotred hy 
tlic rttrrut <rf lL« Turkish iqiiiidn>a to i'atrout and ttie pursuit after 
theca by htmiiliih' 'Awi, ivhidi huhu afi^r iIuvlE^^L wim nt^-n irft' MiMn- 
liKighi- rnnimuEiifftim^ v-ith ihi> phure by ii^niil, ih(< fir^t-k Hu^t only 
amitLHl a brer-viL' fiEviutrubto f»r thvir farther mtvaiici-invrit, mtd fur tfirj 
ontnifiLV »r ^L IbitiLhi ol kr^o bnulii tiudi^r suii, whicb folWvod thi.-ni 
thuh ftif jijIu tbe CAnnl», through wliicli they mode fur the town, nnd 
diichargvd ihtir UH-|^ih^4 o^ prtivjaliini* powJi-r, and auimuijitJou. wi 
that Thii hWkait* of thi» pSocr wns njxnin mUi^d, fur Tbc third time rbU 
Okmpoi^li- In tbe fi>rD>er part of thtf duy, the Gri-ek fli?(*t iiicido up to 
thiit itt their L>UL*[iiy'B>^vh;ch uuv lurnK-d nt (tomti diittuiiotj in thu Tiuttum 
of th(' (lulf. About 11 A. M, the I'Lirkh huviti^ ^ot l\nr. niiid 4>tf-fthiirc 
in their rear, filuwly but cautiouhly adtAoeed ti>wardA the Otee[«A > hut 
the kviiid ln-ing' t" \<*^ di^juMided lki hik) vartdble, thi-y huw tu 
within giin-sihoi rnngt^n whpn a mimml lirJutf eonniiPiioi^d, hut priueU 
puiJy on the Turkirth udv. After miLeh ciiUtivUR tnouci^uvriJEg and Lad 
UictKjf on one pnrt, and uutl^'(* fii^uuiLiuohip un tlw uthtrr, as fiir iw wtfid 

IiCTiuittrdr i>rii-tf til*.' Turkish firo-hhipn huviii^, piL^viiiuJy tv thi' wlnd'H 
Mxnniiiit; niMuty, rathiT huldly iLdvujiced un thi; vim of tbu fjivek lletrl, 
wu Uinnk'd imd tukoii ^mixhvnhjoii of williout iiiii(.'h ri'.^Wiiiuv, in ilii^ 
tken tii thfr wMi/ Turkish ^oeu One Greek bcwlhourdod on the 4(uar- 
tcr, and (taather on the Imw. The erewof thL* tire-shijj, viftt'i" discharg- 
ing a few uiUfikel-sLotsH jumpL-d over thv oppouito aidv of the riwe^t 
i«(:a)H>d in It laujjch. und v^t uudiri ihv prutLTtiuij ufvi'iiiL' iii* ihc fii'nr- 
Put of tlu'ir nwn nhii«. In n moim-m after thu Cireckji ^it nii ln»Jird, 
tht^ bloody fli^ w;ih Imillod down, thti vrliiti* ctom wiii lioinTt^d^ anil thv 
Mil« trifiimod fi>r brini^in^ tbt^ i^rizo intj Ihtitr own lin^-ut-lmttlu. It 
ITU a bcfUjtiiullr dear day when thin hiipwned, und icnrcel^ u ripple 
un the; Wfitirr) hhvm vihvu it iviu dJHtiirbi^d by ilit.' rm'rbernliou of liw 
|(tliiH. The (^liptLirc itf thU vt'AJK^l iiiUht Imvc Wvu gjilltu^ lo tbr Ciipj- 
lan Pacha, who wn» at no jxreLit difitiinri.- with ihf henvy Ucot, nnd ex- 
[]«cted to biiv-e 4IW11 tbtf dntriK-tioti uf Buini* of bin iidv^ritariot by inoant 
of hU UKw liri'-abip. ThiA ih thr hr«f. AniAun whi'mii tho Turb^ have 
tbtiikj^Ll i»f Libitig lir^ve^ieU om well >la the Gretk^, who hcive agaiu Ntill 
fflrther <rutrrLL[.-Iieit their vni^inie», in the udoptiuii of aruied btuln uud 
gTjn-brHits for lii^m^ ndv^tntagp nf auch opporiuniti^A of botirding aa 
thia i^utanoo alfordod' 

i'reTiotis to the Greokji elodinj; with their oppontrritn thift momfin^t 
uii txamidc of x\iv bubniou» cbnriicti^r of t!it» wur took pkco bi^fiiro 
our ey^H^ which won iwoltin^ to thr fin^liu^t iff every civiliied 



IOC l*KATH i)V A CiiftSltAh CWIKI', 

btfinff. From iht bowiprit of the Cifwif AdmirtJ'i hrfg, a Turk wuk aeeu 
Ui jump intu Ihc wnlor, whoUjtfr forced or not I coulil ncit laj, hut, in 
jiLiaem^; a Uml UiwiHtf ftHtiTfln okp of tlie cTCW in tht boat drew hia 

yjiUi^iiun, and c'ut lie fuKitiTe di-e[>Iy acutaa ihe fjxcc J vhik', u« lliy 
vpni'l left biin TiUKfijjliii^ iii iW wnvi^fc, others levelled Uirjr nui*kcl^ 
ixml liiv'l a\ liiTii t'Fom iho brig, until lie «Hnk ti> rlnv no laurr. ScoLie 
<if th« Giocka mid he wnt stivtMJ froiri the parretle thiiT wiis bnrnt in 
ibe moniing, And tlut hi* jiimpmK i>verboiird wan in Wirs^oeiice of 
luiwiiiL'»iUriiJ|jU'tl ihc lifeof Kjoie of the peiJi»k' on itmrd. by seising on 
oni* ot ibrir knivi!i. Huwever it mujr btf. it *lnmi tlic horrid character 
of ih<^ wnrfiirw now na wienilt^y cnrryinjT "i- a""' 1"""^ inui:li its ler- 
fnination u to Iw d»ured. Amid all the ^Irif^ nnd bubbiib. th*» Greeks 
nccm nut to eoiitidtr tliL-mfth-c* ab*olv«d from rtligioiis r^bw^vll[n^** h 
from boinp5 in blue vnXvt ; rtiid ibis duv bdnp St. Anl<»Tm>'a, a wtluie of 
thriH" i-unj. fi^r ibr Saint wu* em! frt'm each vewcl in tJic momiiifH 
Wliiit ii]m iU'L*[ried to ndd to \hv hirttii^mhy of tJie boly olBcfiniice. 
tvflfc orw oK rli^jr hngn fltnntlin^ ncTou, from MiitfUjUni^hf iri Cuiit Pa- 
iratiA, And birttiiig Hrc Ut a Turlu^ti mrvett? ond rir^->hlii|i tbal had Ije^i 
on »barc f«r numc daja. 

IkSATM 4)P A COltfitCA>f CUll£P. 

Tail pnpe of nnval hiktcirr ia. (iuLfl|ipily. too ofteii abiidowed bj Hrid 
»nd airecijiig fk^criptumH iif f,\mu\v ; Tttit nmon^t tli^ inktniirv« oF fel- 
luw-cri.-utufi'fi tyriLDniciilIy^ coiidtriuDod to htar^ation* except hy tlio de- 
linentiou of potta of pumi*rs. a veil ia drawn ovtr their colftuiitie* ; — 
t^vrii ill Dunle'b terrific redtui of the Liiigcrlfi^E torments of an iinpri- 
ROEied fjinily— -thi.^ iiilL-iit^e of deiipuir — -the hUcct-SAiVti druthh— and thv 
ftpiiny of hun/er ouerpow*?rirt^ gni^f,— L'gfilino, _/br6rHdo/n a' citpffitt 
dct ciipo cW f-f^i fwefi Jtretrtt gntixto tri iii«de to **Ktiliiiin^ — 

'* Ilrtw— Trusiirtii Ilii? v»le pri'lnie's *r1ful ^nare, 
I wl^ci d lnMidiij-f , ilifiii iTi;ij*si ho atnui'ej 
Uli yti, the crud woet bv wJiJch I UM^ 
U'hicli ihou vh^lt litrar — ibe dead alone cin frit-*' 

In the foUoiving dl:)cuTnt^nl, Uawfveip tic pfrinonal tliou^blA «nd fepl- 
iLigK uf a devoled itidividual present u reul piLiture uf thi* ff^riLdiLiioTiK by 
u'liic^li th? bumnn fri^me U vubJned. V«t it diviK rioE Ixjlloti- that i«i/t*rT 
unfortan^ite victitn wuuld ha capable of a aimiliir tone of mind and 
body under n\i<h HuflTi-rini^B ; for thin un1n:^aph df^toi) vran i^ittcn by 
iJi«u yv]nu by hie primui " vrrni siii'lli/' itppeiirn to huve ptMioevicd 
G<tTibide ruble literury tak-utA, Jiid ^Lo wuh. luufHJViT* i^uiltlrM of HjiiiU 
ing llitf bloud which ^av^ tIsq to ihe feud vheno? ciriginntpd nil his 
woi-ftn Ht Mwum to bavtf l«;en of a !*?« turbulent diiposition ihun is 
u^ual acnon^bt hia coiintrviiktn, ^vbo, ]ll>l^\'tl]t)■lnndtl]c iIk' ft'iviil enctv 
miuma of the delighted lioswcil. nrc o VL^idictire aud tirrtij^uat rac«. 
biid, ttilLou|;li Lliev hold some aioiul quuUtiea fii i^steem, ute reinorse- 
}fi&tk mujderen. Indeed, from perMonnl ncctliftintano^ with tb^ lubj^ct, 
w& feel obtit^i^d to confeiti, tli^t mobt of tb«jr virtues ar« tho«« of a 
Mini-bnrUu-oua pooule ; and that the cunning uwcdir attendant on ig^ 
nor&ii«Ci IB one of tJ)c Rio»t prawiiieiit feature* in the Cdtmcbji «liu«e- 


tar, Aef 00 prone to idleoMt ond undiicf, j<et ere capaUe tfh^ag 
lonaed, by hopea of profit, to occaaioiul efforts of iitduatty ; for their 
intemlB of leuure. they hare few useful or agreeable occupatioiu to 
rescue tbem from the oppresalve languor iacideut to a state of indolent 
vacuity; aud the popular profeflsiou uf " il dolce fax ntente" haa too 
many votariee to permit much genersl proepeiity. Females hold hnt ft 
d^raded station ; and the rites of hospitality, aa usual where there ii 
little social intercoursOi are obserred as mere duties, — nor U the obli- 
gation Buffidently biuding to deter him who refuses the pecuniary 
reoompense offert^ for accommodation, from waylaying and robbing his 
late guest. With such rices, solecism as it may appear^ we admit that 
they hare also fixed prind[des of action, and determinate notions of 
honour, howoFer erroneous. 

Luc" Antonio Viterbi, the hero of our tragic tale» was bom at Penta^ 
in Corsica, in 17^» and had attained the enthusiastic age of twenty- 
three, when he became inflamed with the delusions of tTie French re- 
Tolution. Having accompanied his ^ther Simon Paulo to a convention 
of insular nolablest it was proposed, in the spirit of the new doctrinetj 
to exclude the Frediani fumily therefram, on account of its nobility; 
to this the elder Viterbi objected, till, tinding his arguments overruled, 
he yielded to tbe majority. When the assembly had dissolved, a par- 
tisan of the obnoxious family reproached him tbr wavering ; and in the 
altercation which ensued, be was suddenly stabbed. On the alarm 
being given, the son found considerable difficulty in forcing himself 
into the room to attend bis bleeding parent ; and one of the Frediani 
being killed at the instant In the door-way, Luc' Antonio was suspect- 
ed of being the assassin. 

A deadly feud now flamed between the ^milies, which manifested 
itself by repeated attacks, in which the Viterbi a^ipear to have been 
more on the defensive than their opponents. The arrival of Gen. 
Paoli suspended these nmrilerous outrages ; but in consequence of tak- 
ing opposite views of political exigencies, our hero's family differed 
with that chief, and withdrew to fonlon, where they remained until 
the evacuation of the island by the English. In the interim, the Fre- 
diani had glutted their vengeance by seizing their enemy's properly, 
and laying waste his lands,— deeds for which they were now impe- 
riously called to account. By a not unusual comproQiiHe, sn intermar- 
riage was proposed and accepted, as tbe effectual means of nssuaging 
animosities, and old Simon Paulo set off to suppress the legal proceed- 
ings ; but unfortunately, his intention being misconceived by ihe Fre- 
diani, they procured his assassination on the road. Ckneral indignation 
followed the peqielration of this atrocity, and the laws assigned all the 
compensation in their power. 

Luc' Antonio became AccJt^atehr Pubiigue, and executed the office 
with such integrity, as to promise a career of honour. But chance, or 
a concurrence of uncontrollable events, exercises a vast influence over 
the thoughts and actions of men j— so Luca, unadvisedly refusing hia 
vote for Napoleon's elevation to the throne, became inimical to the 
ruling powers, and was consequently obliged to retire to Penta. fuUow^ 
ed by the harassing insults of bis former foes. In 1814^ one of th« 
Frediani was shot ^m an ambush, under circumstances which In- 
volved DOT bero and h» son in couiderable suspicion ; yvt Buonaparte's 


raoujie ftom Elbii liappeniiig then lu vugrw» iLt; |]ul»Uc at((*juion> nu 

pOftitivfr nienfttirea were adopted, nrid hv^ Mth olhirr chiefs, repa]re<l lo 
tho public rendex^ous, at tLe b(>ad of bis va»iilii, 

li^re a new miBfurtime n^^niJud hht\f m hm pcoplu Witi^ inati^ted 
tv a bkinni'th liy Uic fdli^wvra of the Ccccaldi, aUii \u^ ji^rAOt^il cii^- 
itties, ijj whicli 1»t'i> uf tlie Jailer wtre killed ; » iii*rcu|j<ju hn*:' Anti>- 
nto nml bin hoii alint'uiidtd.. TIil* Hiii)niipiirii>its (i]iUiiie<l u dt'tTee for 
the crjittiscatLoa of hU prupercy, the biiruing of hU houae, nrd tlie erve- 
tion of n piLlnr i*f Uiftkmy on the E[iot ; tEjiif, however, ^voa ri^acLaJod on 
Xhv ficttleiin_'nt of piiMi*: ifcffnir*, atid liulli futlitr ttriij son wore pBfilwiiBd, 
dfler a ^Ijort miprJ^OEimcut, Thcj once mare ri^turntd IraiKjuilly tu 
Pi-ntn, wbtrtf tliey were recejvi-d wiUi the sljou^oat i^mrlt* of itUndi- 
ment hy the p^.tiuntry^ aniJ hop^ to have cndfdf thuir duys in p(<ftL?«, 
Bui, aluM I the asiusiiatttton of DonnliQ Kredbni in 1314, tvas levived ; 
the «on cTicapcd to tl)i.i L'oritiii<>iit, but Lmh' AiUoniOt despite of rarioufl 
fritillcBS jippi'iili^, wftM iinrrifloned, mid nfitr a litjd <jf fiftci-u dayo, con- 
iJt^iiini^il tu he guillotmvu- The bu^erer dt^rrudtMl hiniaelf with greul 
prespntr^ of mf[id« nml itLcii FHittf^'hl iMuy. ixUy thjit he niiglit nvmd tlii- 
dit^ce of ft pTibhc vmcution, hv taUlug Iniiiiujiim, This f^iilmf; ui 
iU orfL»£?t» hf lioj>cd lo iucri'iUHV n dlurrha'U, utidt^r which he wos luhwur- 
ing, by BEiddc^i rt-pU'tion ; bnt the iJforti tm i\\v contrary, ocC'iaii^EAcd it 
lo ccost^, HJ thul hjii only reiioiiroe w\xa atixtvittKu. The fnlUnving in n 
Uteri) imnvliitioii cif liin oxtruDtditiAry jourud ; and ii shtJiihl Th^ itnied. 
that, finding LtniHtlf weak, be vigiied [i nn the IfSlh of Uectmhcr, but 
hv did iKft die till the 20th, when he ntretdxed hinibelf out, luid culujy 
i^ucuhiting, '• 1 om pre]iiiri*d lo W-ave lliie wurld," expiri^d. 

ItSl. 25lh Nor, — At itn o'clock m the murnuq? 1 ute (ilmiidnntlr, 
itnd With an|ib?titi^- At three id iliv iifti'friiHiri, 1 ti»ik eleven dotieK of n 
narcoiic mixture. Until ylt'Vtti ut night, I remnin&i awftke nnd vtry 
tnmqniJ ; a ple^Litiiig wnntith r:in tbrinij^Ei my vtiu^, the diurrho^ bid 
CCnxd, and tnj g{<nerul heidch htijirtivt^d' I tlien tell oali^ep^ luid eti- 
joyvd rnkfijUJid repo^ lltl one, when one of lUa gLiLird;^ ii«kud uie if 1 
U'u»i LLsli-t]], and I iTfiuld Atjircely aliuw thut J \.Vm> nauke. 

2(lt1i. — E f^U naleep »gmn nlmoAt inimediatelVj iind pniiited fiv« hoiin 
in a deep tethargv^ From thnt time till eleven I eoutimtLidfllt^niutvly 
nleepin^ ond wiikiii;;^ amused with delightful though abort drcamil. 
My sk'opinj" tbi^n dL^re-iacd, \t\iX did not i^jilirdy ceanc, and the day 
pnshi-d withont liiy feeliii^ iin inciinvtiiience of iiiu hii^d. T foniid ttie 
ciTect of tb(! v]\\]T hnd L'nrirely eeused Lo net. I ttnisht'd the StHh :lLiy 
vory iTimqaillj- At nifzhi, I eonv«r&vd with tbv' gitoli^rii bud thrve wiJ* 
diefh oflhir giJEjrd, till niidnighL 

27th.— About one, I be;;au to aleep, and woke only for a nhijrt time 
at hulf-piKt four; tht^n nk^pl a^^iii tor un hour, >vhe[i I fdt well until 
Ht.nnig, lULly my nioiith wii<t nilher bittef. Thn4 I buvi- ]i:i»ii»d two 
dnyv without tLiliug, ytl (eel ni» incoiwcnieniv. ...... .Four dni/s art 

hore v^ittM in thf mitnitSffr^pt. . . , . . 

3d l>ec.^At thrL>e Dclock to-dny J ate with jippctttf, uud pjuisecl 
the night very liauouilly. 

3d. AfoaJiiy.^Without cutijj|{ ur driiikiu);:, und vi'ithout bidng Jigl- 
,CAt«d by the privntioii. 

llthj TvitntdEiyH — Without taking itny food or drink whft(«v«r, 1 coa- 

UKATIt nr A COltSlOAK ritiKr- 


tiDu«d tTirough i\i9 [)«y iknj ni^lit in ft Miitc of health und f|ui«tr oddi- 
JqUhJ tu pJciuL< anf «no not in my nituntian. 

/ilit. — JjHut iii^Jit I did iLirt h1i^-|] at ull, yet k Jimw eiitiri?]y fhirn t}ie 
agitiiUun of my iitliHE. lu the i\utrnitij^_. ivii] aluii tlrrotreh the dnv, I 
U4a nioTt L-Jitm. It Jil nlrcoriy iiva v.\t^ rnirl att«r iliree rluyH my puW 
dde« ntjt Khow iriudi inolimitioD to ^ver, Ui« niotioc in ratJii^r mort- 
rnpitlr and thi> |iiiL4LLtii>Ti b«uviktr; 1 Sw\ no inconvt^iik'ncE c>FnDv ki&ff. 
My imogiiiuiion i* fervid, my Kiglit vltv cle3,t. nor di> I £vv\ LJif* Iruit 
!mrLi;er or diuti^hl. My DtoutJi lh Trn? from IjittmitvB* my h(*itHii)z U 
di^tiijcit. ] ft-rl vf^itr Lhrnitgliocit. fny body. At ]ialf.|nuit four, i clotud 
my f^-i'i fur ti ftfXV'nHiiuCtfa,t>irt a niiUka tfoniour nvali* me- At Ualf- 
pa«t liv«r I Wpid t<j fwi puiri jn my Left broLnt. Iiut not liiu^d. ^1y 
pulic W^J'^" U> cluiii:iiU' lUcIf Wwrtfd* ihf clbo^^, liki- a Jthc ihrcfl*!. 
Afltr <z[glit t>'clLK:k, 1 aitrpt trim^aiUy for ;ui huurn iinJ tbrn fcMind mv 
piilht* jii.'rfi.'ctly c:ilm. jV^^n 1 hk'pt till t-tvveti. vrheix my piilse be^ 
oiTnp very perceptiblv Aveaker At <»m>, my tJtroiU vvuit wry dry, witfi 
» Blingitiff Ibini- The snrae nt cighl o'clodc. witU a di^Lt |>ain iii t^e 
hoiirt- TIj^ \eh puW cricillut^a Li vppoiitiuii tv the right, denoting 
the dJsturNaiicr oci^iiAiuncd ly » wiin! <>f fbt^l. 

fkir— 'Oil the failurv (»f the firsi cican* wbicli I Imd recmime to, 1 
ln«t mv fonrn^^ nnrl my ij<khI Mfniu?, My silUijtton '.fnii truly lamcnl- 
ablv, for I wiM pf<'tluc1«(i fri>Tii idl tftlier mean« deemed cvrtitm ^ ovory 
report, every worJ, dllur^d a mind weakened by mi&fuTtuTic. Tlio phy- 
«IcJ<iii ttdrined mv to eati Udtirliie tut thnt I idiould linger lifte^n Jayi 
by HtiuvulioriH The txetwire d^licjtcy uf Uic .^dviiciitr M^fi is the 
eatttc cif alt m? prt^tcnl EipJiiy : 1 clclfrTnincd on trying ri^id^tJoni but 
It hid u euntrnTy viht.t lo wbjl I fiitd hnpL^d, liy urretitiTif^ the diarrhuo?; 
in fthori, J um unfurtui^rto in ev<ry wiiv. It u nvyv four duys hinctf I 
*lc or drauk. yet £ \u\vc no fcvi^r. 1 Jcscrr© pity, and niit rrproHcfc. 
I btuun in j hislirr loiw» evtii thun Cul<», th« pjhI may perlmiM corre" 
t^uuU to tbi- hrgiTlI)Jllt^ I HiilTvr a liuruui^ LhLi<(l, and Jovouriiif^ bim- 
gftr, with imhhnkon ronra^p. nnd unalienibl* ftrwjiena. At ten, ray 
puliiv gru^^' wvnk, and my litud hocumu ui)iifn»eJ- At imit-duy, t!it< 
right puUt ifiilicAtvJ intrrmitlnicvt and tt^eii the left. At tJiw, my 
fniUe WM VL^ry ^'.idi ; Uii^ iiiliTjiilrXL-iicy hiid ceaAcdi my sight v.icil- 
RitcH]. At fmirn the intcrmittviii-'y n^L^omnieiiced, but my lirtid ma 
Hour At i\x, th<* intprmitti'TK.-v coam^J, and thi* piilKv h^eam? &triinf>i>r 
tnd more twnhir- At nhia. jtrcnt w;ml of suengtb, the pul^e regufnr, 
tiic month dry* TuvUo, atran^t; variiitions foLJ»wi-d in tlje ptiUe, but 
it in Elan rt^^lnr. lhju<rli fiwlfle ; muulb uud throj^t very dry ; half an 
hour'n irrtjjqnd ^leeri- 

7th-^ny nix o'l^foek I hnd hnd ftrnr hourR' romfiirtbhle «l4-ep. On 
Wlldagf my bond waa gitldy^ acc^inniiunieil hy a burning ihivHt^ «ni1 
^Ml Qommotioo in my puTis<% Imlf-paAt thrco, thcruwM pt^ricct 
gaIhi In my p;Llihv. hLtt tiit^n a convuUiTc inotiun began, ivith int«ratit* 
tcncy 1^ tin; It^ft, mid NWki'r in the ri^'bt; m; tliii«t ht dituiniiJiifd. 
At mlil-4hiy. my ptilve xrii^ n^giilnr. At. iwii, 'i hurnin^ thlrHi,, wpak 
pal40. but not fevtfrifcb- At four. dccidL^d iiiicrmiitL*nt'y m bciili pnlwf. 

il With bittoN 

At *il, pulnc purfcptiy 
noto* but othcrwiw truiiquil 

LigLtt grifnt 

fiih OcV'^Al iimr, ^tn JLtulirnddi: thirit. but iilhcrHJFkv culm ; ha( 
Mine haurii'i)uit4' uleup. At pight in tlit* inurDi:ig, nflor two honr«' vury 
U. S Joans. N^. H Tttt, iW.W. « 


•tranquU re|>MC, moutli cxtr^m^W <)^i torpit »a parched na nenrly in 
prevpal M|«nltiii^ wry mdval tliir^l. Iiilirriiiiltcut nt i^lt^vpu ; <mite 
' fSfltm at twelve, tint an arfteiii thirv-t^ Half itii liinr'n rvttt tn i\it^ Juter- 
noun ; twu niiniitea b^tiuu»lnjJ* of the h^ad <m u'likJTtg, Imt perfect mn- 
^uillily of pulao ; the burning thirst wnliJiuee, anJ my etrcngih dimi- 
nishvaf but yd my hoAy h calm^ At uight, my ]fulH^ 15 vimiroua, but 
t^vry thlril pulMtiun is jiitfritiittcnt. Burnmic tlilrat; ol] tlje vvat 
citlm, At iwelvc, fuiiiul I hud had mi Luur'a tc|Kr»-, but swimiiijrif^a mi 
Wttkiiig. imd pul»^« dmtrilvrud, Q^n^rul d^hiJtty. tsp^c^intly of night. 

9th- — At three, found thot I hnd slept an hour, imd ngiiin on wnk- 
iag fdund myself g'lJdy^ with tho iifliiuJ sympti^m^- Af1<?r aevt^n, th^a 
initrmittent piiIaHtiuns loosed ^iviug wny t" extreme w+-'ftUii03» ; vi^ty 
burning thtrat. At threv r. si. half an hour's ileep, ^iccis^pd liy lliij 
UHiiiiL ByiiiptuMiK- My liend llifn h^nune trHnnnil^ ns well nn nil t\w 
T*st *iF my l>tidy ; but my ettr^miti^ were cold until evening, wbeti 
my putae lecnmo vlgoibut and regular, nnd all my senses were re- 
ntorfd to thdr pristino ucutener^, A hnrninc perpetual thirst. Ten 
o'cliH'k, — 'the fear iif iyn<imiiiy only, !ind nut llie fear uf death* eoiifirma 
me in the reaidutluu nf entirely ahstiumiig fruiu jil Di»uri&hnieui ; 
.though iii llii- exei'utiun nf tliiA &rrnitge projtrt V sn^^r the intrst 
Aightful agony end unheard of toiments- Wv innocence pjvta mt the 
OOUfDge to cnnqii(!r the aulfcrings of such prtttonged privation^ 1 fur- 
^civr llioee ,iud|;\'8 wh*> have cD]i(lcmni.'d me from sincere conviction ; 
but I «ivviii an Elertml. inL]fhn^JLl>UT halred.-'-fl hntreLl thai 1 shnll tron*!'- 
itiit to my JtTicendiiriiTi, n^'uhisL the lufumcms^ Lht? nhnmnnble, rhe 
btiMid'Uiiritly Bi>ucher; ihut monster vf inirjiirtr, fulUm'ing the im- 
pulaea Of his nrivate hutred, hn-i aacnHceil nn entire, hontst, luid inno- 
Wni familr, through rt^vcngr- The ubnid &yinptotu3 of a tranquil pulaa 
Mii'} hiirmuii lliirat alJli continue. 

iDtli-^The tliii^t dJLuml&hed bettreen »x and ei^hl A- M- 8tifl 
iddy on wuking, pulse very weuk, hut regnl-Ai. If it be frui* llmt in 
lysiuui WK presetve the memory of mundniio thitiga. 1 shall alwnys 
have before my eyes the imaee of the jirolcotor nf truth and innoctince, 
the re^pectnhte Cotmseilor Ahbuttitvi ! M^y Heaven jJiuwer down Us 
cliuiceat hleafchiga ou him iind his jmnterity. This ;viah is uttered ivilh 
id henrt Mi of thi' mo*i ■uiiccr*? gmtjr.u^le. At twelve, n niendy Lend, 
tranriLil Kt^ifnach, aynnes aente. anil I conttnut to onjoy Hiuff. Thbil 
hai rej^Lhiaed ita violence, but luy huc^r hns eeuted- In the afteiiioon, 
hunger returned several timc»! pulae nlh«r aeceleratedi utLenviae 

I Itb.-^Before midnight grwut nvidily to eat, with ineKlingaishnble 
thirst, then obtained trnnqml sleep- At ai*, pnlae much weuhened, 
and annoui^cin^ approuchtn^j diBSoJutiom Thirst more benrublc- I 
have nnderlahen and ac^hiei^ed iine of the most cxirnordiniLry tirojectii* 

Sethana. that ever was imii^ned hy uiun , jct*, I have auhifveu it. uij> 
ert'^nns incredible agonies, tu free my fiimily, my relations, nnd mf 
friend* from ignnminy ; not to give my enemies theatitiiLfatrtiondf seving 
m^' bead full by the guillotine ; and to teach the inii(uiton«, monHtrouB, 
infamoiifc ttouclier, the lempvr of the Corsican eharacter- When ha 
hems of the means by whbli I have eiidcd my Says, he will shudder 
und Lremhte, ledt ^Ujne one, cmnhulng iny virtiiei sliull nvi^nge the in- 
iicfi-eni vietEuh nf hU iniquitDUi intrignei- 




AC twi> p. u. — The vjEcesfiipe woukuww ce-uiinti; cftiar aboui on Iniur, 
IDJ puloe liiui rq^mcd a rv^lnr rij-onrr tvijtcii tu mv in uldruiiii^ 
fiverr part uf my Lh>tly in UiiiiijuiJp allZiou;;!i jjiy frlrt^j)|;tli m <IiiiiLJiJhIiL-(]. 
Six t*VWL.'— My iitiL'lWtuul [-n^uluv* iiiv hi iljeir ur^tjut sJniis }Jii:i- 
gtr Iius ct^ntpcl i-ntirely. nnd tliirst i* iniwi- [cJwabl*", My i^iyvitiil 
tir^n^th iH<iiiiii»lj:' JiiJhinjvlivf- Tl'h a'cl'jck.—DciiJ, \n r«mi»e luu sal* 
VHM M4? ftic, el t/i riHuU- tun libcru mc. lu tlii'^i' wurJs arc CLmpnatU 
my n:ti^Joub prini^inlcA. Kijicc m^ ^cVcnteeiitJi jmr, I h^ivir uliruyft 
tAJivvvJ ill uue Gii<l> Cit^aLur uf iW Umt/^rbiii, rtwurdLT itf ilic gund, 
anil vTi^n^ piuiihluT fif tho litul. ^mco ibeii, I ii&ver Wl^veil ij] innu. 

f?EL.^From on« o'oiock I lind ii K'tlmrgio »J^pp of four huurn and ■ 
half, 1 tljvj] liiy t'lir un btiLr in u BCfLrtvJy Atnoilik- alaU'i with cvcrf 
JodJCDtion of ujipn^iicljiik^ dcLttlj ? yi-t I revived, mitl now ut niiiti 
u'<luck my puUc in ivv^k but regular, ^nd my ituTat Auukinvlmi dinuij- 
iiiitcl. Ai f*i% P. M. Hiy thirst n.-lunii'iT, Ijiu di^ huiiger, — iiiy fjiciilEici 
cknr> ccm«iaTiLly nii-ilir.tireHgth in evi*ry putt. Tt-n t, if- Very liLmmj; 
thirftj ^Mjluftiuiia vvry wi^uk UJiJ irn^^iilur,— » c^wiutian of thu flilatiim 
aaJ conlm^tiuii L>f tb^ hi^art ; limjfbid uJl uvtr ; ^rvut JiBJik(< tu ttkoiii^iiEt 

i3t!i. — Al Eiildiii^bl, Hie [miKLtlmiii btHMitii^ vrry ulifclit uuil liiLfrniJt* 
CBfit, U'iiTi n bnrtiiiig lIiiT>it ii[iil g^^inrul weiik^H'M. Iii thin exttJliiff^ 
my rpU'iii <|UJti<'d lav. and witbtiuc tlia ctincurftnii^it tjl my jnii^nionl, 
nrgcd by it buruia^c thirdt* 1 etdnvJ a ju^ and dmak a cuJinidifidJu 
^faitght of irjti'^ 8uk>Li nfUT, all my cxti^inltiif* bevaint:' i^ culd* l\n* 

fulsvtiuju ci'jut'd ciLlin-ly ; idl tUv nyuipUiiMH ivf^ri' iIji/m; i«r di'UlL. 
He nniv Ktri^lcb^'d hbnihC'll' an ha ^mWtdt, iiiid vKi^luinird tit llti? jinTdifra 
vbri wvrt* guarding him. " IfCKik liijw ivcU I biivi- |;itd iuy<it\i vul.") 
Hw phyHicjuii, ^fhu h:id arrivt-d an buur bi'fr>rh.<, EUiJiiil rtir in iLuitv criit' 
Tulsi^c niomviiti whi^thcr J wituJd uitt any ihiti^. and jiiviiig uuc fuar 
or five bjHHiUFiful uf ^ini;, rt-ilut^d mn in lifv -md ntKiiglli. I tWu 
t^In dr-tiik uddi^ wuti-r Ti<n a.m. I uutr frci nkti»i4f miicb lW tiiime wt 
yntDE-d^y niuTitrn^. mdy tny thlnt hiaatv lul^rnljlf. Tutj p.m- Su pur- 
tioubiT iuoDJiPtfUJti^ci-. no hiujgvr; Uim ptdHfltioim of tbc« Imart Ijavij eii- 
tirrl^ c«iu«d. ts't\ i\ at. Ko uiotinii in the- bciirt. pulw vi ry low, tliinA 
|ieiirBbl«< [u> hunger, Jicad cltur, facuhii^s oil in u gvwJ eluif. Tell ftt 
iti(^it, i^fLrr lijdr itn hour's vvjy plji^iil »!(H.'p, firU n Ui^lit ALiivvr uvi^r 
fny thidy ; pufHiitiiinA Kt^trt^i-ly pcrL^rpulJi*. tttlU my fdcukirn arc n* ui^ual. 
&£ivtfri^^B tnt-rciuing, tny fi-vt wwrm, but uattv uiifl vari cobL 

I'ltli. — AftiT tijtr c4^ii*iilaj<iiiH iib^t/i.' dohcrihcd. 1 hitd tliroit houn 
trsjiipil i^U'Cji. uci;ijru]itLnicd by plonaiint dn-naLd. On Wkiking, Diy 
thint W4i« vtry i^rt^ut. uuiuiliudFi very wciih. lbv»o i>f tb^ hvmt quite 
censed. My tjii'iiluVn la n jfiKid kIuio. but my pbyvii^al Kiri-u^Lti de- 
cn-awd since yiT^ttirdn^- At our j-.m. ii»y tbint iiicrtJkM<^l bi^yoiid i^vi<ry 
thing, — any puW it'iu ultt-rn^tti'ly vwiilt aitd utmn^) but ah^'uyK rv^ulur, 
Ihough ihii uiutjuji fni iht; bviirt boA quite flubbidi^-d* SceU my fucultii.-* 
ore K^fd. cuuhidtriii^ the rtducc^d atntir of my hudy^ All Um- wurld has 
uUiuduiwd E»f, but J Htitl prmcrve mid tliull prL>t.'rvt< mm Iuu^ hh f livit, 
the b^t <Tf my pomnM^KJonb, my cmmiciticy- On tlii? Iflth iuhtimt, my 
tbiiit WAt tucbp thai huviii^^ lillt^d my luoutli %vitb unu-r, I could uut 
rMifit fiu-dbvriii^ it, — duni)^ ihv couvuUim» of Ihu l^th, 1 driinlt in 
(■n^bvuk-c of ihv ilocturubovv- a lumUcr of water, — aud agaiu during 

* 3 



iJiat uf llie 15tlit rnilicr tnorc tlinn Zialf n lumbler. Ttitol aWnce of 
Bpppdre. Ten o"cl«ck pt nEglit, iiiBnlferdhle thirst, as m ll»e cnurie nf 
Ibi^ dwy ; Mmle pulaiilions, wnpnith ovt^r ^U mr liodi,'. No iiiifk-iktion 
<if o"ii^'nIhii>[»6 lilit' ihoic of the j>rj=ped]iig night .Since llie iJd instant, 
1 hnvr Wen J(M>riveil of fvcry kJiiJ ul' cuii^lutiun ; tut ncwu of mv 
family, Tn iiidi uf my relutiinia ai rtrc icJ llie tmiu ^kl] nccess to tliiit 
prtuin \iiii li«eii protiibited- 8i'vi;i] iiit-xiirjljli: hoklk-r?* Imvc |iii^Bt-d 
thi* night vnd t^e (lav in tlii^ viiiidl mitiji in wliiclt f lun ninfii^Ori, "U- 
M-r^'Kkg ^vjtli liti m^utHitrtrml ngour ni^ ^v^ry ptocian cr u'util ; 4c biir- 
bnroos lind bupoTfluciUs a dcgrpi; of circuincipcction rvciuld \iv mtffc suit- 
ah\e tn the priaojja of n Al<ru;j;)io, or u Pn&ha of Bt* Jean d'Acn^, tlmii li> 
ihoHf uf iTie Fr^iidi OowritmeM, TJiry ui^t!] to jirevcnl ttti: froiu 
dyiii^, but 1 HutLcr niyii'ir tlmt I tdiuU dtKuj^pgitit nil thi^ ufffirtK mid 
meniuros nri»cT,i**i*d by ibe ministry, 

JAlh.— Vi^«roiis jmUationt until three a.m.; feTCTisb hpiit in nil my 
hodj, very liot tbir^, aitort^^di^d hf oolm rrpoec till sjX' Fainting and 
jEUriHibjlity uf half un buiir At scvt^n^ tin; jtuJautiunA rccoaiziienuedi 
InU [^>TtEiiiiti!il \-*iTy weak, till mtd-duy. 

Ifiih.^Frtitn t^n lill fonr biipiimi! t[iif'it. oilienvifiy caltn ; after fi»QP 
o'oluok, vigiKnUK imWtiitnn, n(fOPi|umifd liy iVdirilc lii^nt ; IIjce^ euuned 
fi)r iir hotir, then rL^cummoncftd Virty iainii^. It i^i now sewn iVclodc, 
and Ihc pulsation la so Llllp ptrctptible, tbat I Uiink the exid t/f my 
duyH ni^d of iciy agjuit» itiuKl Li.' ill'^iti T\ih jtiiirnat will be litkivervd 
«ft*T my denth to my pcphow, G- G, Oiiernni. who will lake cure tn 
sLHid El eopy of it To thv FrvHidt-nt* J\li'/iird, I'liiicionliiii, nmi Sutiom ; 
njn! tby fuiirth to Sii;mir Ki^^h, >vli<ini 1 rL-qtiest iit fijihJ uiy wiuhi iw I 
bcf<>re cxprtsaed to liim pi^iMMiiiJIy, 

17Ui. — Yeolcrday |>aA?td tcij ItniJqnilty- I now iiad my self the 
HniH<\ mdy my poU^ id very wt'nlc- I die vi'itb u. jiiiri- mid iEiniH'eiit 
Kiul, nnd 4?nii my dnyi with tbni imtiniiillity with which Senti'a, So- 
crates, nnd iVtronins ^ndvd tbeir& 

J8lh.— EU'visn oViwk, I urn nvixr upon efldir^ my days by the calm 
deijtii 111' tbt^ jual. Bolb huu^^r uiid tnirtt litivc ci?ii»ed to torment uiv. 
My tiiinil is L'ullectvd, my niglu it dvur. mid ii umvt'r^^il •imwity reignu 
thruiigljotit my lj9»Ft, my C4inHflioQ<:9» and C'vcry fiurt of tnv. Tb? fvw 
mamontt Ibnt remLLin to me. How n^ smoothly m d<>es a gentle rivulvt 
iLrough u Uowpry mi-iidow. The bmjj is hww bdng cxtinpushed for 
want of the fluid re<iuisitG to fe:*d th« Tlume. 

(Signed) Amtonio Vitishbu 



mzHo TUic i-cnaovAi. ^tAtir^iTtvi' or a sta^val orritm. 

Tub proTO invlng mmcrinlly cliiin^d my prwpncU fii iV Rn« 
IndiiL Sorvitc, h Irecainf iic««Jiry to turn my \leveK in ritiothi-r (Tirppiion, 
imi a frivTid Imvin}^ jgvi Ttturiir<) frum thi- island nf Juinnicu, whvro, 
ftmmi^ tLi«< roii]nii>rfiai cinu, her ]kafuwbtfil «-KteiiKiv« conn^KJ(tn« imi 
inllurnoc, hii ndvicc dqcI [KitroDii|;c deleriuincil me on taking a trjp lo 
Utat bland. Accurdiii^l>> fi^rjiiahod »itK cn-difiitiul^ to uiaii; tjf tbA 
DiDal (ijiuli^iit Liiifl TL'hEiv'ciiiibli.- iif i,]iif tiiiTfanbili? cotiimuiihy in tht^ city 
Af Kinffulnii, f cm!mrkLil a-t puFdrn^nr Jn tli? WeKt Iittlii thip Royal 


ftnd nfief n pli-imrnt pnss^e "flvtitiMrii ft it and klx u'H'kn «t' UJiinttT' 
mpUd tfiue wt'iilh»r^ HY urriv^d in tlii- hnrbuur of Kinf^lon, 

AnticJpulvtTi in iLl' mother of disuppnintment, Mv rcccmii>n, liow- 
vvvr. ipji Urnli^i^. if uot quite eu ciordjul ju my fitney liud Ipu mi* to vx^ 
pFct, Ai'bU oil ttiv »li<»]4' ti'lvTuble : buL iLe ^av hnpi-A I hail la^t-n led to 
limti fffim my rommrrdnl kprfTiIiitumn. met witli Viiili* vTiwurngi-mCTit. 
iVitdtf* I wsiftgivi'n roiindentamJ, win bnguUbiiig- 1 was re<'iiiri mend- 
ed to turn pJuntvr i und ^ 1 liLid EiiJt tlic chotcu tif fof lowiue the ku^^ 
fpoations, or fiircfiftinK (ho polri>rfciiiCfi cif wiy iidviAcrs, aFttT li little erflTe 
pKPhiii^. inwhicli a vvty nrcUy picture of tin: udvHulaizca itiid fflicJty of 
mich a mode nf lifi' wux iJflin(*»lt<Llj I ^icfjineKired. Tl\\^ ii'iflc^d, it wm 
toon iiitiiULitM to mp, ihnl Kinj^imn hcin^ pcci^liarly uuLi-iJchy, rmd 
oboTi« all inim^cnl ta tbc comtitutioni of i]i>w (Njniont^ nn tiini^ Rhoold 
be lofl in proc<?cdiHfl to ihi' mli^rior, whuro, in n purer nnd more tciu- 
pontr atmi«plivri% ) ini};lit Ix-itmic ncMtiiiCil to tlio cliiimtL-* uiid hivvc 
AC rinrf l.lii' iipiHirliJuity of cfiauyijig my iirw prnfL-ufim. \Vil,}i llijH 
fj|^w, a jounicy (iilo llii> ciHiritry ivii^ foiitiwEih di^cidt^d on, and hoir- 
trter uauilliiiftly. it hiding tittio in umjrrn with xny ificlinutiona, on tbc 
•ccoiij iir ttiira dny of my lojourn in Kin^iitnn I »cl off witli two or 
three 4C4|uaii]tanccs, pruct'edtji;- iti tkt aatne dirccCion, for tlu- pljiir of 
my probaliuEi, u coiri-i:-pWtAtbin in the Utvirt uf ibu nnniiiininK. noms 
ihlrty miW fmm iht" (.'iij\ 

Fvw i^oiinlrifM oin Lonvt more rnu^ntAcFnt >cMitry tJian Jiimaicn, o 
&ct wb[<bj in 4pitv of tb4< Hoiriewhiit unfavunriLblu tutnto of the atmo*- 

Sienr vii miittlni- tlio low loodti, iit t'traa ljajry,\iitb luKcrlv nitma 
iiAli[i|£ ftTiowt-rHp I b^ul ample oppuitutiity of vtvifyins. Tiv rlml 
livf (»r n% mile* from ibv Iwvn, our wuy led (i^'i'p n flat rorereil wilh 
A«ld« of i)ie viigjr-ciinc ; t\n* rrmiimlor of the jimniov liirou^jh a 
moantftinoufc country thivbly i'o'"i*red wttb wond. A* mc inniiij utuiig 
tbc 4ij£-£[L|c paths of th(^ vtc'rp jcd!>'itu "*, tii'vr tin thf bnnlt uf li pvr* 
pviidL-ubir (nvcipicv bundrvdit af feet in dtjtlb, wub n torrvut founilnf; 
ilimii^h thp d»rk idiym brbiM", or lunv tmefgiiLg fnim noine iijiirow 
OMtuntun-pau. u-bEdi 0'jnnniinib>d n pfoaj>pc;r nmrv vxiendwl, tin- *yo 


was raviBljeil with evfrvrttriety itf LiHibcsipt. Gt^fure lift to tUe noilli- 
imrdp an the c]*mAs Urn\ce. \w IitecL :in nmi*ii'iiiii1 ^limpiu* nf tlinE «t(jpen> 
HoTiR conlral dmm cAllvrl tLii^ U!u« Mi mi) tain*, toMvrlng nlMve thed^n&e 
voliim^e uf vnpiiitr vi'liidi encircli^d thi^m. BcTiPiLth, m cnntrasi ta the 
frownlnts ;^andpur of iUeic, tlie tl^ht ro|»oicd iwi tht* rich and verJant 
voUry ; vt, luriiitij; lc» the aoutli, rcst/d <)r Uielovol ami extt^nJi-d ^rtTun- 
kimIi, wiilt lli« DCE-iitx ill ttie dinUiia\ bU'iidiii;! ii^ lilui; lioiizc^ii viitli the 
*'lboreal nsBHrtf of the iVv Ht*rp mid tberp Ih*Wv, in sjimi* »iHaTii?«tefed 
Mi, lhi> ftni»;j [danlijr'a hoil'*^ anil ndgra vJlliife peeped furA from ft 
grovi^ of clu^tcriik-; bnnnniisr iu llii> midst »f a furtst of the liiKurJant 
and tloaaomed coffi^e-slimb. Jlut tW i^vi' aWc iMtictrnvi'v mi Hdcquiilc 
c^njc(?|»liunt>Ftry])icAlttPifiiery, purlicubrfy in lliis inland. I lore Ndture^ 
rvfr niiuiitifiil- U jimdijptl m ihv t-xltttne ; unil wtiether viewed in the 
ou'ful Tiiii^TiiMi'piiLTj- iiL ^vliii^h idie Piu ^nthmn^d Jii h&r ^Unt mnuntHTiis^ 
the rJcLm'w onri profiiaicin m wliioh die revels in the Jatv brule, or tho 
gnrifcmi^ncfA of tint und coluurin^ iu whicb she ia ^.^vcn'^vbLTc nrmyed, 
%hv alike defies iW jii-ntil or tUe pen to render her jiistJct. 

Tilt spat cf my sei'lufciiHi was a voirit-plirituliim, ihe dwell! ii(j-h<*uin: 
and prernkp* ik^wbU")! were Kiinj4ti.'d liii ihe l»r<*vv ofaKinnll wnii-al 
Lill, III the luittom and ttt th<? PHstprn cxtremfly of a deep vnlley or 
boBiEi, fEircned by the fitirfoundtu^ ntoimtaiiifip Tho^ to tbv aorth anti 
vast> niitig «ue abov*] nnutbtT, iii un iTumeiixQ Am]djitlwuli'e, iiutil lost 
in tlie vbnidn ; tit the MiuUiWH^rd thvjr wvjc b'.K> Udd, A toiiVJit fram- 
ed dou'Ti It tjivitir ut tJie iKL'k uf iJ*e Ihuibh.-, ii Lrincli of uhicb tur«iii(f 
OlTin a tmidl AfT ireful dmnncl, bnbhW inn ^ryKXitX Htrodrii ihrttii^^ ^.h# 
Wt»fk4 bulow, vvhpre it ai-rvrd tbp piiriMMtt tf turninjr h mill for tl* pre- 

EiralLon of the cotTcCj and added it tlie imnc time to ibv 1>(-auty of tbc 

Oil tiie ertiatf. Hi^d not f<Lr dihtnitV. fmrn Mir nbndf. w-t^ n mvf, aiw ttC 
tin* mniy Imunts of the cplebratt?*! OIti flinn, tn hm^ tIh^ u-rrar *>f Jn- 
XnmeB, eieiJ whose fume, llirongti tin? meilmin rf drjintiiit! tUirVt Hi Iht* 
bej^mniri^ nf the pru-ii?nt eoniurv, iLiidird li> ti\ir otvn Hliiiroi^j iiiidiT tho 
wcH-r^iiiciLilcn^d iofiritjuft. frmii u carrc»iKtiidIn(^ niutiliitiaii in one of 
Ijiti li]iiid*<, uf Thre^-I'Lii^eted Juck- 

TEie tlientre nf this siii^Hhir lu'lnjj'n ^^[[ibdrshnvjng bwn prlneipnlly 
««i Uii*< part of the i^daiid, i>itd the fiiett itii] reefnt on my urrJral in 
Jumaioa, 1 had the ^rppurtuTiity fif pickin^^ up eome inti^ri^Hlin;; pjirtieu- 
Inra fnim viirtoiia lUilividiinlB well iictiuiiiiai'd vvitli our Wro*4 bixttiry^ 
■nd Limonjr otlieri. frinn XIk JMurihm NL.'^rii Qiiiihhl. uliiui Jcmnthnn 
Bolder, the muTi whd fiimlly put !i pcr]»d to llie iinfurlTiiiMte J^iek's 
enieTj>ri>£a. otid at the same time hh eii-4teni»-* 

* I1ii> n Jii. v1iii«4r uiurihi'ifiiii dinpTr^rl inani unil \ia\A i]jriii|; wpft at itnre fli^ itinad 
and uhtiiruliDD i>f iUk Ultmlm. wfuiv rrforii, bAi'ki^l liy ifje mixi ^rpDiitiiii nnnjoM 
of ibe rivil tud unJitAcy nuO)nii(iC4. Iiv c'ontinavfl u kpnv U> dd|) , rioEt^L-d o\a (ha 
'^^^ l-apidativn , prnne |i>iii]«mT^tiL>ji,ili«n':04[ uiilifiiilF^ leiJIiifiui?^ uimiipdly lhn>iit;b 
t)icir uniJiBlci] fatlh id liia M|i^pnb(uKi1 ulTfilt^ifi. bclArm^ uns uf Uh iiTvU'Ddcn tv 
ihff cFitrm 0^ t^lti, or ^lir^ti^ nci^^ronqfloy. 'I'liit babtf v-m trnaglhflqtd by bii aliBAtt 
Mi^'-urbiiiDftn (ihnjrfi1»rc<Ti^ib,Hr'rjviiy, mil ^ndftiiiiuliJn nrnnvip. ]n mntnUiii pownr, 
lie VfHi fiiJ la IJr ■ umtrli ftjr Hiiyibrt* ini-n iu thtCulntiv; »tia bis lopointftivt ffU»rp«» 
v-Fi>-iirt IcMaBBrp^hin^; Iiu«rt:ii1j oiiii4tLpiityDfino]lonbc»Di;tU(4i a>loi:autiUo»tcifie 
ilt'likhirn tbii |iri\bLliKl, .)■ in lliq iiciiiQrt1t1;y ■fi'nry of *vlii?li be Vfusoid Tu 4*ail liimAclf- 
Ofunrimtt. vVeii i)ip (ipgrfloi ol na f-itali-. io iboiiTnA'aM ^r r^u oriLna hundnxl, utn 

One eveniEtg, hliorlly afu-r my fLvrival, liHvijri^ rvllrnl ruilitT i^rlipr 
ihnn TiAiiul, I liutt jUKt tuniL-0-iit, m tW h.illori] rtirnAF' h, Uni hud not 
jtt rfiT.|n(iW(l myntflf III hiloopr vvlim I ^iiiMenly full ihp bvri, tlio fimii- 
turi>, iind tlio ^vhole iahric in mntiixi i tbo Mimitmii thin (Krciuiont-d wni 
pf ao peculiar a kind, thnt I Knd some difhcult)' in ixriiv^'jiii;:; an acca- 
mtff idt^a uf it. It »rciiiL'd »3 ifaomtf uii|;bty jru>> (ir{>)yiit|£ u Ii-vit (in 
one Hide uf llie lioiisc^ had ^Lveii tlte biiildjiig » MiddL'n lif^ : thit ivns 
rirr^c'dod bya f>nrr nf lTt?mimr, or undiilntory mnYFinc'm, as Uight as il 
xffuB Iniiisii'iil, iiTJtl nl! a|faiii vjui (jriic-l, 'I In* fl^Jonm ^liJIimHS uf tlio 
hour, and the dL-Mh-likc calm, llic uaunL hnrbing^r nftWfie vitiiaibn^, 
mad? the drcu mat mice more striking oud pncrptifjle. Nut v biehlli 
of a\r aulfick'iit t^ rusOi* iIjl' »urrimndji;)£ J'uIjh^ wan stirrings <-Tery 


■PBioblid «t weaiiiif juialcr Lvftfro iLc ^4UU1iPU Uouk, wlw^ iW Aimir (if »mo r- 

pt*fJft> M ■ nufViLtwbDn the ■fvnu trf llincflpluil mii v rvinatu diU lS?y l-uuM eiuI 
onaiii if bit proieinily, Iw itouUI itulLL^^nly, ih flkog|^lk tin «|miVf fnoi T|i<3 nflrth, 
ipMBf oiDoii(i« ihiTo, xriA wii-h A'!*i ihw vi'tiiimiUin nr ttrmrwhirh henp/rr railnl lo in- 
■piR. timi 4Uiuu;jli a iiKc mju xjit nirpn^ foi hn tapiuic, dud u: alive, no <i[ifi nf Uw 
ifiulEludv vlronptcJ (0 >nol?»t liiur. iJoUmz up lli««hfg] inuljklEU haiMl. th' wIjuId 
viould i«niptiwa pnnmEa ^aiu1v« bttotn uldi. JU ^oulil llmii, uniini'd l>ylhc pfr- 

pnn^jjKilly ^f fnctri. iTtH rflfnt la ili»i wawIa ; lArrri'tiniiih Itn witiilr! r^iry pilh hini vac 
ar oinrf af rht fannlf ilavn,— fur nluik. Ojuii^Ii iitNEirjiiun niicl haA af changr, uor (if A 
vvty uuuJvUi (tiiLpvrirnvvt I «n'l it va^ i#in'jk<i3, tlitt lliti^ tnuiiiciit hojuuru |irU' 
Jarnd 4 mori uluUry cFdcE, Uic^y invATiatily rrlnrmnf^ Rliwk and hcnJlky. 

\ni r^iiLmiitil, ti] iliu iiitiii|iholil(of tiu^ I^Ik" ^tollnl,lml, il>wHi tn imlupibcCm nen 
of roJoiiffJ m^n. ilrifffi-Unl ftri^ifilUy Uiviu runiway rcuTm*, iritl n rrninnmil nf thai 
mmiT, pnnr^plly rnmpiiv'il of »Jiia, vflwU (Ijc (n>i >iuiu]K:U]| milituuiB, r^^ ftpHiiiirdi, 
brvu^liT ibUj tlic ^^t\d lo ci<]»i>>t i^cir f.Dulbli ukuiiEuufft, uiifitii I'vra aiii] V<^ijiibleip in 
tbt TE^f ItJi^'t- Al ihc mbwicjiirol corn^itnt of ihv atiind, difiy cita^itubod tiitniHlvri 
in diB*r impunMrAltlo wilili. knH lii«i lor briirly a fpntiiry twcn t1t« |i«»l ul'lliu iajumj- 
HVj miiditB- Khbv isvi'iy QmiraMr nifcr, ?*(■) a p]amiil''r' ffir Ib'^ir f'(¥<liirri, anJ f»4rnEy 
tfvB tfiT Unil :i-btsi]. I7 ilhj iinvcmoi. ?sLp Cliiiil« Lyitl^iun, ia\i I'^iry liosiJLt ttretn|}i 

igiEul LbeiUi L'diil 11 IftLitlit* m ITlO, unilti llir ^o^tfEiniciil uf^ TtBlmviii^y, 

liiinf diitfin Frain llipir fnttRiUBai, pntit'i|M.Uy W t boJy of Muai|Liiio IniLiKhf, lil^D 
iaiaxafhr UtC |HiFp<iK'< lti«ry ntu^tpIiMl l]it» ptu'im: ownurot piiulti to lliitm. niitl tim-o 
Ih* Mitoaowfer dE 17%. hirnc* frkiiuinn! iinu'Hul HlbjiirU» muli-rm^ iNi'imtpUn umv- 
nriill* vfvtrtaMp iu Tli^ Ccjliinlilit df^lvcibly In vOV ff lJiu oi1Ji;l(^) ul (Jic dEirinal irticy 
[DDiti; vllL tJivniH LU UTTOiiuiJ il^'^rrjlDft fron> Lbv rili^n Out Qf lltrsr, lIk Mui-d^pii 
Cjuuhi;, eb:tL?0 by tLi pramiKd icwarJ. iiiidoilaol ihn fopturo ol «ur huro ^ Ik; filnplid 
ihc CUriilUii i«1rvhi>rt 11 ci rounlMr i^TiBrnk lu eIlu fiii^c influvr^oo of liit nELbi^DicE. and 
look ihv miiiHj vl Jonntlnn lc<<i4lt<r- Iti'm;; htII atiiiLAlaind tviili flip l^nittt <iJ L|»r^ 
lugiHtv, u^ell lu trie ir\triroir tnllii unit |>]Uhtt ufUim? aljihul E(inifiiiLi[inhJr foti^tt. 
tit ui nut villi M y^mu^^ Muoi^n, ]ti* iri^j>L>LtH, tLion^ hi Ile4 niv fiiiilt» aihil torj/jJoni of 
lUtctB. Al t1i» fnuH jI imkLKr Ic inhi t^at iKo wl^nlu inland wnm tru i^ic afurt fgrOic 
Mvie purpow, trtiiir-4 of t/oupi wtru tooii"i»^ l*if rwmTry m ill ^lirvL^liorLB, buJ dl Lbo 

^'ffT ar^aiiJ^raEtlc Xitnri ilir In'iil ku^uricy uud 41(1 vlij/ ul RL^diEtin tinftdt' loiiiirti fm 
hii imotpiDivt, Wkii turikplcLi'lr fnitinl. <>:>(■! llii'y Jiud Krupplnt, but iHv mjjcnoi 
»tnn£i]i of t'lp i^iCrtr outilf^r-l liim i" r^rnpi. AHijni,'d». biiHk'd frum rovorl to <av<r(, 
irjd uririiit'l] Dihqiuprnl by li^« Qtmotl iu^>4>ihi]ti]BQ «iur1ibDJi^ hi- lull into ibi' h^nJi vf 
111! JroJIv iiil*rr«ry, lU Ui/ wisi alr^-pmir unJni * tnr,- iU\ iVi^an-xiiii^^ atler -t tTnjM- 
i«U fttniinf lr< I'k v/ti''U h' iiii'ri>?i!(il In ilimmLn^ and ■n^i^rHy woufiilin^^ Iliu npiinritirii, 
h* miTP rnnnt alljiiv^d llirouuti Jii> liuiuti. UuL ^I» Imur wii cumo, mn] iii Ulk ill]jlu 
baviDB lo <(w Bii n^atvnt xflllcr. lu: vtUi brvu^lit d«wji b« 4 niutUii-tlicpl, nn ^n wna 
iHmDUii|> titfl nppQjitin bill, aiul Lhv vi^'Uir «iitti;rL|; bia hwd tram tlio body, icoaivuil, on 
picwQUn; 1I 10 Ih* AaLh(inti««, Uie tlipilAiP»l torn. 

SbR^ll^K AfLOAT 

iliini; animat* anJ inflniniTile whs Im^hcd in tlie mast jirjitoimil tron- 
(juillitv- UnTiri^i^red fur bucJl u ph^nniii«nan> for an iimtant my mind 
ynfl imprea^ed uitb thnl vague oiiiS undefim^d sontntion, a tniiture af 
Fcurprifle tL»d mvi?, wLk'li oatr umy lie 9U|j;T0fied to experivJKMr \y\ivti Ui^ 
IqiAgumtitm iri (IsItLded by tlie Jdt^ i>f n sEij}ur]iLLU]rd] iiillucfice- Thn, 
howevQtt initantlv gure place to tite convjt^tjuii, cliat ili)« coidd W no 
other tfiHii a v]ieciini'ii, tlie tintt I liud «ver vitTic^ej], <hf tbo^e i?i)iivLiU 
hionR nf iititur^j of hucIi fri^quvnt ocourreiiae in xIixa pari of tte warJd ; 
and I trarnvd next momijig tiiat iU\a hud been vi\e of tLv amartest 
sliiHrkd uC un ruitliijuuki' cKpcnuijceil (vi uiiuo f furs. fii iu prvjKr 
pliwL\ r f^hiU hnvn ti> irenl xii*>ro liirgply «ni liis nul^iwcl^ having Iwcn 
an cy^wwltMOH i»f %ome ivinurlruble pUi^nomtuta ntK^itfiiriL* iho erup- 
tion of M'tnt Sf/ttfj tier ^th&ytt\c:iTi(t in the ialsnd of St. Vincent'*, on 
the a7tli of April, iyi2, nnd others, in connection with the creat 
curtTiftaak? nt Carracns. which inn^ thrvw dome ul'^^ liglit on Ute ttivorj 
(»f tlivw great ivuikiugvi iif nuiuri', and nt teuat be uilcrc^ting to men of 

A fe^v weekd' trinl of ihti mor.olunous and snUtary life of u j'hmter, 
imlficedj wJtli m^ urt^inal di&rvli^k for the ij;nf>b[o ditLlinjr itself, thun 
which tho filufttion of ihc pimncat bnilor or aoidJcr uppi-iircd to me far 
inorr mpectahle> to mukt; mc ht^artilv aick of it: not that my nituii- 
tTnn wnn by any mv^nn nkin In thut of thi' gciieriil nin of th^ lyros of 
th^ tircifuision. yclept hook -k copers, (ur, unijer Icindlier uuspices than 
tlie Imtt'rnjty cua gpniTnUv tHiastr I wne plnted on the Ctitiitv of a friend 
of vtxc of my nitiron«, a\ii iin the score trf comfort, nuy, even luiury, 
mdiil^tnce, leisure, and comparative independence, tlierc ^vai nothing 
lu ciitiiplnin of. Gilt I Imu no soejpty ; R>^>!nAon Criihoi' liijimelf 
HCaTfety experieneed a more lotiJ isolation frnm the world. For, aU 
thoiiifli 1 had brought Witb m? introduciions to ^omc reapucluble neigb- 
boiinn;; fumilin, the dbtunce to thesis in n ountry vg ]m]»raet]ctl>Ic 
waa Hitli n* lo preclude any vetv frtunent Tiaits ; su llial the onlj 
cirili^trd bL'iijj: iviih ^vLool I cuuld eichun^e UWha, waa the Creole 
ovf-net-r, or manager [>f the eslnLe, crnnpfired with wliom Man Friday 
inu pt^rhap^ !i more ititeLIi|:;ent. and certatnly n fnr more iimudng com- 
panion. KcvtT bnving betn out of the ifiliind, and rarely beyond the 
precincts of thv properly which be superiuCen^i'd, the drcunibcrilied 
urbil ofhiH id^'iifl, inaipnblt of rim^iuj* bcyuml In^ u^ricuEtund pursuits, 
tfl»rrt's|HnnIi'cl Ai^nirdingly. But if there wia a. jiaiK^Elj of ideiw, be ivo* 
iL uiiin *if ulitl fetvor \v^«r*U ; im<l whiC wat unotbtr stUEiihling-block to 
our inlorcoxirKO, ho v.-a& nioroovor ostrenifly deaf, Vnv ufiiir day 
would he Hi at the door of the man^on-houac, ^dnch commjuidcd a 
yI«w uf the works, ivith a pipe ot segor in ha niouthi nctircety el* 
chaEk|rin^ M woriL 

He had for a miBtfesfi, n circiimstonee of common oeetirrfnm in the 
Cfiloaivs, one of the negreitea of the eslutu^ who superintended the 
mina^tf uud whose control o^ur tl*e houa(."bold uinde her u person of no 
Ajnall conskiuntiicv In our little Inniily. Fur rtdnine ^bich II would he 
djfliinih to divifU'— >luT age veTf^ing cm furty, acid the trmi cju-emblt ot 
her 6.Mv ehiirin'i being rHtber an B:ifidoie than exc^if^tnent to uny of 
th» fioftvr f^elingfl, porticiilnrly in a 1>oy of dxtcen^he toob it into hi* 
bead to imiLjfiut aomitbing efiui^'ocid t>et^vevn us, and oceiVAionoUy 


cnnrod vomc rt^stivL* fpFLiii^^, 'Hiin and titlior eircunii^Uvncoa contrj- 
btitt^d let lill trp tW EiictLMiri.' uf ii di^liktf, vvri^iuc Iv dip^cuaL nt tl>e 
rt<tlr,iriit ittifcti I vxiti-n(!j»ci'd ; %md uhih nnr mIl' iaou tiKik po^stChAlon 
of my miiidt that of cumricipHlini; tny^t'lfr Aun t^, mat gr^^ from my 

Uamg littlo (o i-npfrct fram Xhv lukewarm patronsKc of my friPnd» 
lA Kin^UiDj on tiiltiit;!^ biich ii ntiji ivjthniit tlK-if knonlcdtc^ or pnrti- 
diiutimi, mv ltti>u>:)il;« naturally recurred tn that jir^ifci^kiM I }uid bu 
ivfrnily qiiittftl. tl^t tiirly bi^ia fur Aliii'b Imd iiL<vc<r !>«'n ixiiiLfniihtkf^i], 
My tiltf |ireilll<>rtl"n r<»T ih*' tra npsiln rrturnfil ifi fi;^l J'rjnv, nnd W- 
oiLni^ Ui« pivot ni] n'hj(^h ull uiy vngui.' and lialf^di^cftod jihna n^^v 

The incJiiLatiDnt^-(tlic orijtinal soutcu of whif:li it U by oo meima 
di^i-iJl tu travv In llje early impTeuitmA derivnJ ftuiii \\m ittl-rii^niB»* 
in^ 1I1CI114.- uf my Juvenile uuyM, tlie ^me, ticiirlv iit \\\ AL'tiiTh. of X\xq 
BriDkli navy, mtil thv impLring nid of the inn;;^ itf Dtbdin. tlit^ iiira of 
which Ktill vilimte on my rtcullwiion, and coxijuTt up niflTjy n dvlight- 
fill afVociatioD of thougbt^)^ ivhich hud aa Jgn^; slunihvrotf, wni ir no 
until dejrrtc ri-su&citiited jnd noiirinlitd by ibv rk-w itf tlie tiijyenti*; 
elrnx'iit, whicb ticuuiiuTiidK . iu oiy hiZ jtury nLmlilob, I um^hl a ^IJmnHt* 
of from turn*? hjgTi iruMmtrtir-rid^p. stretHiing ili c^pLnislvo ^oiom m- 
UirnUntitle^ nud itmuiroiitly unruDtcd, in the didUtiicc, It wm^Id bo 
difficult, (Mirticularly to ihut vt-ry nmnciotiH (!b»s m Alter- uf- fact filkii, 
(vrboK: train of tboUKhl, tmd ftctiun, alwiiy* oircbanlcnli diflcIaiDiing 
uny zifTiutly tj tbr iiilclhx'triitl or ivV'IlI, civniptchf ud unly llitr luiigibltij 
with whom it in nnUimlly thi- liislibn tiisHefr ut the puprcMJon nf aim** 
«f IUl* hiiHl fwlingB I'f K'Wt n^inrtr, ;l« Uon)cnn|^ tiu |>iJMig iMitLTncal 
vT t^uUniia roiimnc^,) to ifivc an idc-n of the uinaljimit nrij illuHona 
which xWmt occflsions m^^irr fuikd ta conjure up lo my yoiithrul fdiLcV' 
Whnl v]«iiniA do[itvd lii;fore my itiiJi|;i]iiLlJi)ii \ The tuail uf kldvl']lt^l^E^ 
trvtdinf; [itfrh)k[>i4 tn fuuiv and fuilum', vTit)< Iji^forL' iiu* : iiml hkt^ tbv 
■lte]»her<I in the f[ibli>r onvu^win^ ttsplirdd en-vt, IuihUi'I!! of rhu Hicrm, 
drciuiiin>; hut of untooth viV^a and sophj r br«rA<^ 1 lon^^ud uuoe looro 
ti} hv' ruiigiri^ itH UiundW^ (Jvlds. 

Th« mvat occcahjblc of the Acquaintances before referred to> wn« «iie 
wbu dwvlt in A UTrif^hbuuniLg vrdlty, >vbvrf he cultivuii^d li amuli L-uTTeiv 
wttMt, afu'hti'h tip u'liji tlie i^roprietoT- Thi« ^^utl^ii^iin^ Av'hoin [ bud 
aan OT Irvcce mot qI ihf militia muBlpri of tho dUlricl, — nli The 
whiter i>f cortidn u^^e leiit^ obhj^^iLl to survc,— oiid who on thoai' and 
aoiiie otlirr (H:cii>iii>ii!« \t«,\ ^h^xvii nic miLhy iiUtnibiiFi) and bod evjm-rd 
mi^eli intiTfi'At ri->|iectin^ int-, hud putH^I the iiu^ridiuiL of a lift- of ^reat 
rici»iMidL- ziml udveitCiire, chieJty nt flen^ The Tiurnitioii of mhny 
liit0r«itljig ciri'nTitk*;iiic«a referring Xs\ Ida vt^ynj^ »nd bnJr-tirenittli 
ttftfOpm, t* amy \\v ttip|ioiu?d. wcro not of n nature to oilay my |irt-iEcK 
minnnt incliuMtion: ti him 1 (Anally confidi'd my wl^hcti mid plnni. 
v-tth which I Lkid tbir nali^fucliun tir liml bin omninuH »i> L-uliivly 10 cu* 
Incidi'. ihut with l!ie hitidly prorii-r of -wvy aujAun^e I niijjht >XM\i\ in 
Awd of ill furthering my vieiv*, of x^'fijch thi- iii^-uni of iroiiitport farmy- 
iv'lf mJ bLi;^i^< xtiiH tbo iniiNt i^h«ntiul, J mud^f up my mmd, und 
vilbiii u fvw ho»rv nflf-f 1 vvii» f'f yr'id/ff. 

Aly iiticntioiiEi twm^ aimounccd lt> my Cfeoil^ in(-»*iiniLrf one line 


momicig, early mrkunte^, lik« flil BUs, on my nrule, with Evn ctAiit 

oeffToej) to carry my 1i»gf;aj{L', ] s:il]it4 forth, and witli thv btiuymit 
feelirigs and li^bt-iicartiMljii-Hi iif t^iifvAoclitj^ yuuth, Uh^^ ttv bird 
Let louM Tmui iu oij^f, Wiling II IieulL adieu tu tlK.-rp« droiry miUeuiU'A, 
rec:klcs& uf the uriLTrtuin futuit. mul wiliiuut a aiuj^le icitrmlvv t:urc oa 
tha ficor^ uf thi? reception ] iniglit rnt^et ^itti frum iny |utir<»iiV} lo ivlii>m 
I kid not tile opjiottiiTJiLy of prvvioEiJily rammu^iicating my OLavcmi-rits, 
I mutJc the In^il of my vvny lu Kiiig^loii. 

Like tlie hero'* — my cquestrimi i^rwtotype— my journey had alao ita 
luIvenLurL' ; for uiiile j^^Q^^i^jf "'^^ cumjrlLtocnlU ii^AOfli'il in certuiii 
waking (Irennis, iny prcwri-sji wu» arreiied. if nut like hh by thy 
Diuxsle of a mblier'n n)ii»it|Ht, liy s^mk^ object auHidontly foriTiiiJdhl^ lo 
Urrity iny Mi^Ee^ a line s|>irr ted umtniil. vhicb, tudd&nly dartij>^ to the 
other aide of tiivmodt complotcty UTisiiippL^d mc!, nnd, It^avin^ mc ^prnwl- 
ipg in llic du«t> hi:! ofl' lu il^ubk'-ijujck liij:iL' hi tbe d,iriH:tioii of ikc 
city, friiin \vlddi Are utre dLaluiit uj^I^ ul)irui thi^e uiiltv. 

On my nrrivjil in KJngiiiin]^ nty \vishf^*( ent^uunter^^d na olMtcdo; n 
roquUition to luy friendB, Itmited solely to fli? I.n*i«j;; piit in n v-a^r tit 
ri^tiiMt l<] Kn^Iund, WHS fi^rlhwitb complied wait, and in n f^w <lny« 
1 fuund m)hdf on Lortid a Hatt n^^w ship, tUi^ Tullocli CiJfcllc, of 
nbuut five biiudred Lun^ barllivn. ijomiiudly oh ae<:oud muw^ ThiH ur< 
rjnj^^mcni \ mstXe with iny pEirtii;i|muonr and in nccordann? with 
iho WewE uf retnriTing to tlit^ proff^^tim ; at tlje Enme tJmi* that It 
Dtkvcd the i^^penpti^ of piiHi.i|;tj-in{iJify, it ult'Ltrded mv an cKCr^iloot oppor- 
tutiity (}f udJm^ to mf bU'ck uf jirkivtlcul niLutii^I knowlvd^i.*, 

TLi* occutreJ a frw ^rvcka priof to the ciHunivncfmciii uf hiifltilitiet 
in ]i^iy aiiil iHtr sbip nindp one "fa llfiiL uf fifty vail, wlirth left l*ort 
Rovttl in ilic ninntb nf Jnly in tbj4t yeir, nrid^r tbe protection of tbe 
Goiiatk cf 74 ffiinc. oiid the Cnlypso BJoop-of-wnr. 

The WiNLt.hi^t ct;ntini)vd An^, and ull w^a as tiiVDumbk ds coiiltl be 
vrialK-dr until Wi^ Lad it^nclit-d the p.^ndkl nf the tifrniudns n Ultl? to 
the norih-vmU ulii-re we fjieiriLnU'rix) u fuiiuus hnrrk-une. The Ki-bi^on 
of thMLS vo o[\vT] fnidl 10 4hjpx 111 ihii( latitude, hud noiv arrived, nnd 
the »quft]Jyr luw^rin^ weather, ihe huvbin<f^rv ivbidi j^vnendly pruct^t 
them, bad nrerailod for some davs ; but oa ibc evtiking i>f the cvi-rjtfuJ 
night illicit Ubht-nd in llie privsidijij^ demtni of the atonn, Kppeirancei 
bad brcjmnu ai> iiuidj tnurir tbrt^K'uin^. thul by ni^Jinl fruuj the Cum- 
modore'i ahip, the wh^ile lieet wire ordered to mukp all the eiiinuirdi* 
nary pri>[iarjLtioMH uaud on snob <ta?uiiiojis^ Evory fhjp tbrough the 
dim vhbt^itro uf n murky atnuiaphurv, im;;lit U^ nocn ret.'tin^> furtiug, 
Striking top-gallaiic ynrdi and imutA^ ond tukin^ all the t^rec^iition* 
whicb prudeHte, aided by tipeni^iiee» foulii diL-iiiit^ und wbieb the mo- 
ment htvfjitid ti> deutuud- Oa hourd our uwii i<ibifi. evt'r? ihin^ was 
fiided, inve the muin-top-nnil, close ret^ftd rand tbi? mnin and foro auy- 
saijt. Ttw wind nt tuntvt blew hurd in iquallK from tbe tuiith-wc>Bt} 
and the ireuther wii^ tbiclr, hiizy uud runV' AUmt midni^rhl, bow< 
ever, juat oa the middle walch hnd ri-beved the dcuk. tlit ^iiid 6(id- 
clc!iily lulk-d ; the dtiimr mu^i of dnrk Inhering d'Xids ^vhich had xu 
long oWnr^d th^ faee nf th»^ heuvi^Tta^ l>roki> ; the imtim, nhnitt the 
full, Ahon? forth in utl Jier brilliancy, und wu began to flutter ouiH^ilvet 
\Tc bad fur oticc b^^cn agrf-cnbly dcct-ivcd. 



Willie lliuii cuitj^mtulatij]^ vw\\ uttTi-r uti tliv furuifiEililtf clm)if:«. full 
nf rli-aalrg nntit^lpniion* of ihc pirwjwTou* lofminiTifin <»f tht? vojQgo, 
utia a ipccdv ligM uf tW wlilto ctilfii of uur nativu lend — how niuny, 
nluM f wrth ihoUF^Iitir ]H.Tliii]ihH thiiM (ic<!itpUfl, It] one hlinrt htmtj Vfi^te to 
he liiifrird " to thiit boufijc ffom whence no trcvrllcr rclurn*/" nnd lo 
cluAC their UKirtdl voyagr ju tlic gulf M'lik'h rvfii thru ^I'Aa yuwuiu^ tt' 
rpoeire thpui— ^u litlU* whk^t 1 a,u, the sviciil, u'lili;}i iu% I lit<- 
fckro waa froEi] thtfintillm-iirJ. and find <?on<idtni1ily nuHltrnti'dH nuddctiljr 
fltw round to tho iH^th-weBt. and with mje ircTnpndmiB jiiiBt, <^r rnlbtT 
rnpltiftioii, wliidi untiling euxiH reniut. ture the aitlls fntni Utc yunln, unij 
lljrew- the ship with n drenJful otash on her bcflm-enda ; even the 
furled NuiU wvre i\i\\l In (Dltej>> and ibf cluse-n-tfi'd niriiiL'toji-Huil 
Iklnwn lJh*» n Tiig o«t of ihc? Ixrit-rope : In ihis we |inilmi^lj' owik! rhp 
piy«i«rpnttoii of thv nbip amt our IJvov; u ttoulcr vail might Itavi' in- 
Tolvrd the 1o)i9 of thi^ iimat?, \iT tiifisisi'd tbr i^hlp; fih it ^viis^ wc were 
Ittr lome lime in a iiulUdcntlT criliciU vliiMinn> The «hip on her side, 
l)}(; crew hungiiig on by tliv wt^athct ^utixnU'S niid rr^iii^* uimblt to 
move, tvtt jiN tfi Miuod tlit! puaipa, or tiKf (iny mfHAntv fur hor jiri^hi^rva;- 
Uon ; the %pa. ntie vnvt «x[nna? of fonm, from irhicli a conntiint ■prny, 
l(We driwipg »I«*t, wiitinually drifts] ovtr tIjQ LitUvarhfj hud all tfie 
appoarnncc of a mountnmoU!^ dctjort covirrd with aticiw ; whiJ-st thnmj 
pdrtcntoiui mcteoTn f^ the fltorm, regarded hv se^imcm with Midj nu* 

trtrr^titiourt uwe^ ^l^umeJ hl^h aluft wUh a kind li^lil. Hiid m^emed to 
lOTpr nhuut ihp Tnnai-heiiri* nf ih^ Ti*»«»l. Nrvrr h»vi* 1 airitv Piip(^- 
rieii(?rd itieh a ni^ht ; it vvirmpd li« if the reign of ehaiH wm unct? tnom 
flt liund, and tho (M»ri(tictm|^ e1t*ni(inttp in the luax throi'k of u gvin^rDJ 

TJir L-ri^ift at bitgth paHsed^ alx>ut <! A.m, it inDderattd. and the tilijp 
iVMirned pTadimlly ii tnuTf ervvl ]»ri).ifiofi, Kstfrj-rly wmh iht* lint tikw 
Wtfnt Kolxi^d lo aoiind the pnmps. having evi'ty rfr'n<i'>n to finr. from 
th« Hhuok and honvy slrnining rtCGivc-d from the lir«t fury of the iLitt, 
thul »iln' hud H|)rniij' u Itidi : this, huivcvyr, wan not iJu' oiihl* ; boini; 
ni^arly a now iiud iriiMrkidjIj sli^ut-huilt ihip. ihe wenthcrs^d it nohlj, 
imd kulFi^nl hut \\U\& hi ci^mpari^mi witli thv ^uutfi' |):irt of hiT 
cnnsortit. Snmii nf rht-H« fonudi-rt^d during the night, iind luihhi^ thi> 
rest tho ill-fatt*d Cnlypio, which, run on bourd hy n tnorchimt nhip 
colled the Dalv, went *h»wn with a crew uf one Lnndrcd and twenty 
>0u1^ ftll of whnni iit^Hnheil. 

D»y|]|;ht nmdi' uii bcUtT ucnaaliili'd »Uh thi^ dl^nnlrrmKoflVctN of the 
tem|n»t. Out of ji llcf r, of hfly tiul in i"oni|inny tlit ("vi-ninp bfforp, 
not rnnri* thsin fifteen or lii'i'nty wi'n* now to ho wi>i\, nuini uf which 
had miffi^rfld more or Iom. Iloro wdi tu he* neon a hulk with not n *,|nir 
■lactliiii; ; UitTLv onotlirr with otdy hi-r Imi-i-r-mLuU, T}il' Ci>di moi!oiv'i 
•hip» the OulJiith* uf thv Ihif , ihlh a^'li iik the dinEnnvei, with ul] her 
laiKmutd (lonr ; nbi\ nmonjj thi- Htii, i^^^irrirocfd n ^i*ry mirniw i'Hi-iip»», 
Tutrinit twvn thrown on her hokini-LvnU hy the fntul puff, and roiiicuod 
frooi an imminently poriloUK corLdition hy th^0 ^virig wuy, 

[To he ccDikiUfll.] 

uir, mouiuMU oy Tim HnroiAT. 

^TFif fnlliwrng fmgniffnt, t%k£ii fnmi Ui« j aLirnul of n young I'rencli Oiliccr, 
I doitblitu »niprp»l out r¥niJeT*_ It »g iKe uiiaidtnnw! ^■cilul cf a linr afliiif, 
— Uifll toiiohtlonc at Thr- nw rvr-rnii ^ jinr] tn clothing thf uarr.iiivti tci liit [M>gliah 

of thfl tirijjinal,] 

I jiiiKitn my ri^iiuent oil tlte evening of tbe 4th Hcnt. The Cii3o- 
nvl, w1i4>m I (iii\ni\ himitiLi/ltinfi wlih tlio resr; of tfii? of^iot^rB, rvn^ived 
m« at lirai with tha bluiunyisof llh old compajpn^r; but, hiivinjf read 
the Icttere of rt-conuni'ndotiftii with whicli 1 liiiiJ been furnittlied. ne o«- 
rvft«ed bis Uncle jrt-Uuck niiir^tnchiiKi, nnd u-jtb tvtiat: vTcrl tu bini»«]f> 
adilresiLi'd nie iit ii tun? of auflnens ;Liid vui]('iLiuLlun< 

1 witH riejct intividucfd Co my CHiiljifti, wb<i IihJ jnst rettimed witli ■ 
rL'i'iiiiTiriilring party. He was a tall. *un-bnrnt velerfln, of a peculiarly 
hnr»b nnd repulsive couiilonniic^. He liad risen from the mnka, and 
Du'cd his elovattuii, nnd ib>^ croi^^ <]f lioiiour ^vitb utiJclj be i^um dcco- 
rcited, tu ]ji« i-iMuriigc und cciciituct jiIdhC' A bullet flmt Iivd iiitidt? its 
wny tlirmigli bis Junj^i ut ibe liultle of Jeriu, hjd foriurmtfly left xm 
other tniiie uf ii^ r^Vii^i^k, thfln a erat^ked piping vinfVf wbk'h nfr^red r 
ttmnge riMitraBt to tbe gigantic jitoportioiis of hit person- On Icspn- 
Inff that 1 Imd just ^njiitcd Ibo fllilitary CuUpi^e at Foiitniucbleaa, tlie 
H>ldicr of fortune made n wry fnct. " My lietilL^nflMl," aaid lje. " wan 
kElh-d yeMerdiiy." I uiidefatixxl ibt hicoitii: sori^dbui ; I was not 
tbfuight iv^ffthy to rephit^e hrm. t bud »i billJT ri'tort at my tongue's 
emit but prudence rtf»ir:^noii the expteaaioit of my feuliiiga. 

The ui<win ro&e behind Iho redoubt of Choveriuo, wbit^h wan witbin 
c*n[»on-*hot of our bivouack- Tbe Eilvcr pUnd that vTeiiinp nppenred 
Inrper und mon; liery tbaii ubuoI. And fvr u uiCFi^ient tbe ri'doubt Bt^rmed 
like n hkck sjieck nttacbetl lu ber ^binirij; disb- An old soldier who 
ntuod nenr tne, remiLrked ihe det^prned colour of the orb, which com- 
munieatod to the redoubt tb« uppmimuw of a vulouno on tbe point 
of m rruptinn. *' How red she is!" tried old IMim^iiche ; " ihat 
fkaimi^ ulti redoubt will not be lud ix botgoin ; 'tia an iiifiiilible *\^" 
T have ever Ix^lmj iu(.'Liui:^d to Mi[vrstitienr und audi a predictiou at Huch 
a morrif^nr^ offceti^d me with nn micfltiiforliible ienftftium. I luy down, 
but fllcirp flud my eyielids- Uuiihlt to reniain long in the anme pod- 
tion. T ri>aii and toolc a tuni, my cyea involuntarily Axed on the Inng 
rauije "f fires tbut covered the bdj^bt* w\ the olhtr aide of Ibe villoge 
<jf Chevfif ino. 

When my blood avos •tnTTei^nily eoofed by the sharp uij^ht inr, t re* 
tarnird nenr th(^ hrtt. Wrnjipin^ i»ivHi>]f ciir^fLdly in my cZouk, I chjM^l 
my cy^f, bopbi^ In bleep inundly till morning- lint ]ML>qiheui wa» 
mexornbU^- ImperecpUbly my ideas nssumed a nioimiful bur. A 
hundred thcLHund nivn coveivd the pluin which served fur uiy hard 
fonchr poonmdf hnil fought bi'Md^ romriuk' on many n kI^'tiuiw dny; 
friend hnd tried friend in tbe bour of need ; and djingtrt ihureil h%A 
ulUitbvd more do^oly limn yvfltn of i>pdin:iry feilou-sbip- Hut 1 ttood 
•June .imonj^t this voAt crowd , na >plcndid rccvUcction* aignnltEed my 


name; no recwd of past Khtrrenuiit iUustratcd mj tmi^n aword: 
unongat tlwse warnaia grown grer under tbe barcnt of battle, I evM 
ikot £im a alDgte friend. AnotDer tbougfat came acron me. 1 i^ 
fleeted that Rboald I be woundifd, 1 aboold be tbrowo into an b<iapiul, 
amidflt beape of mangled fiuffervrs, abandoned to tbe carelesanMa of ig^ 
DMant nnfeeling surgeons, 1 tho'ight of tbee^ toOt Eliaa ! of tbe puwt 
tbat would rend thy bean, couldit tbou but Bee the cold barbantj of 
tbe operator^ backings and hewing, and mutilating the fnune nu irhioh 
thy looks ao oF^n huiw with fondness! My heart heat quick. Mid 
mechanically I arranged a silk hartdkercbief and a pocket-bouk, so ai 
to form a sort of cuirass for my hrcasL Orerpowervd with fatigue, I 
fell into an nneaay dose, and at each moment some sinister idea would 
visit my dreams, and awaken me with a sudden atari. Fatigue at 
length prevailed, and the druma beating the rei>eiUez, roused tno fnan 
a soond sleep. We were ranged in order of battle ; the roll was called, 
the arms were piled, and to all ap|)earanc6 our tranquillity was dea> 
tined to remain undisturbed for that day- 

Towards three o'clock an aide-de-camp arrived with an order. We 
were imTnediately under arms. Our sklnniHhers advanced into the 
plain, whilst we slowly followed; and before twenty minutes bftd 
elapsed, we could discern the RuBsian outposts falling back upon tbe 

We were flsnked by a corps of artilleir on the right, uod by another 
<m the left, both of which were considerably in advimce of ub, and kept 
up a smart fire against the enemy. The latter returned tbe compli- 
ment in their best style, and the redoubt of Cheverino soon dluppeired 
from our view amidst clouds of smoke. 

Our r^ment was sheltered by a risuiff ground from tbe fire of tbe 
Russians. They seldom favoured us with their shot, (which was re- 
served almost exclusively for our artillery,) and when they did, It 
passed iuoffensively over our heade, or at most, sent us a sprinkliog 
of duat and gravel- 
As soon OB the order to march had been gLTen, the Captain of mj 
company fixed bis eyes on me, with a degree of oltentiun that compell- 
ed me to twirl my newly-fied^ed mustachios in my tirtger atid thuoib, 
with OS careless and Holdier-Like an air as 1 could noastbly aisome. 1 
may affirm with truth, that the sole fear which I experienced arOM 
from an anxiuus dread leat my comrades should imagine thatlwM 
afraid; and besides, the inoffensive bullets of the enemy contributed 
not a little to sustain tbe heroic equilibrium of my mind. Self-IoTft 
played ita part, and whispered to me that I was really expijied to Im- 
minent pent. Was I not actually under the lire of a battery ? It wai 
ouite delightful to occupy the post of danger nnd of honour, and yet to 
feel BO much at ease, so totally undisturbed by those villainous bullets f 
And then, with what triumph 1 sboultl tell tbe glorious tale next win- 
ter in tbe crowded saloona of the enchanting Madame Saint Lu»n 1 
How would proriocial beaux and Parisian badaudt sink into iniiifiitfi- 
cance before the hero of Cheverino ! How would pympatbizintf bhnd^$ 
and lively bruntttex shudder ut tbe fearful story of siege mid breach, 
whilst many a bright eye would beam witli admiration of the young 
soldier modestly insisting that «ucb feats as his were hy no mi-ans un- 


Tht Colonel, Tiimg vi ftxmt of tli« rp^meoti panned bj tut company, 

ptUd hff. " fiip jotir firint niTLiir/" My ropfy wns n niLinul smilt. wliich 
I i!iiilcnvoun.Hl tu n-uitvr morv I'^Vctivt-, by i»t«iiUitiou«ly brufihriji; my 
cvut Au'Vt^, wLiivli Uiii bdijn H^iiLtU^rud ^vith it litttij diri by u bulVtlmt 
hud almck the |>round it tbc distance uf ubditt tu'iMiLy jictcra fruiii uur 
liue^ TLiti iluaainUiai Luwi?vor, ptrLvivtd \\w ill-nu^c^eu <ff tlic^jr uiUH- 
hi>iry, ii} i^V-icti ai wlijch ihfv iKuhKLHnled hoivicEers, ibiit soim did i^m- 
udvrublc «)iecutiiia in xX\e bulloiv iti wbti^h vvc> wl'IV f>usl{?cl. The 
bufUJDi; of a ^hcii lit ^uiuif Jittli? dJfiUfiCti cornvdulf tny dioko, und 
Icillvd u a^rJL-ant du^i: b/ my i^idc, 

" I coiigriiulntc you," aiud my harJ-fealufed Cdpliuiit as 1 pick^^d up 
ixiy chiiko^ '' yuu a^d fufiuiit^ iirv tjuit fur ibJs day iit l(!a>il/' I was 
awLire of the super«ition ccniinuii Limoug niihiiuy mon, imd wbith 
hohid ihikt '^ uon ffif iu iiiern," im tin Ei^imn lu^ infiilJiblv uii thu Acid uf 
buttio iLJi IU ki liE^tirt uf Iau', Kupliioiiig my d^uko w^lb uji iiir ol uii- 
duuaied giiict/n— '■ Ptir DUul" aaid I, *" liat ii what 1 call u niuat 
UUC^tuth ivay of tviKbiug u solutu/' Tttr tiprujius uf tbp circuinfltiiEkCr 
eUHbltid ihu mrty jt&l In }iU3,s. Aly Cupliiin u^jiiu iilfi^ri'i] mr bin tVbvl* 
tations ; '* Thii owning," aniJ hp. " yuu will cuitiiulieiJ a cciiiipiny- I 
hnvv it vrfgfntitmmt Uint tny bed t« prt'j'afod ^ I hovt nhvuyn boon 
viMitidca \vhon thk; utHcor iLtxt mt^ Im^ bud a ULirruw ehol^i; ; rhml," 
added be in nlwc^r tone, an if ashuULfd <jf hU bLipc'r^titiuuTh fimbudiiiu^* 
" *m Hucb ocu^luubr Lhe Liaiiiu uf oij Uciiitaunt uhvayn bt^un wiiti 

IL I'/' 

HtfTv ] tbuu|<hL It opc^Hiiary to uiKbmc the iacreduJuUB sir of au 
**[/nJ Jhrlf \\i^}Ufi\i ill rGubly Mtriick \v\x\% lh« i»iiiittti.'r prtnutjf, thut 
nujfht have made aji impri'-^iion vi\ a bt.-tter dnd un oldr^r ai^ilciicr thau 
layaelf. CtmBtripi uh 1 ^vua. I fell tht ni^cti^sity uf dihSi'udJiug my 
Willi 111 viJt>i ; I felt rbnt \ iLitist itjijK'iir cuIToiih to the xveaknmH of hu- 
in»niiy. iiud itmcnlly inapiifiibb* to dmii^er- 

At ihc> rxpirniioi) cif aiiothc-r htdf hour, the enemy's bre hkxd percep- 
^Uy diiniiiSahi'il, iind <|nilt)iii; thi.' rt'trcfll whith hud sbellLred us, wc 
thrii in.ircht'd uj>uu the ri-dcmlil. Wt wtt*? w^^innjn-d by tevirid dia- 
vburgeHuf niusbtlry. ^^liith liLiwevtr did us iicn\jiisid(*ruhle mJaiL^hieC 
The whlsUing of :h4? \Ms cauwd mi^ '^nme fiurpHnf, mid indiu't^ cio 
now flud thfii to turn my bentl^ ut the risk of exdling Che jukes of my 
CJDiradvB, \\\\i3 wvrv uiurij fuutiliunzvd ^^ith the eound' *^ After ikUf'* 
mpented 1 to vi>-wlf, *' ft biittle i« Dot u terrible au alftur ^ I had 

We Lidiiniced in (tnnbW-qniek time, covered by our skirmkhers. 
On a faudden the RtiHsi^nK g&ivc ihtee huszaa — three dLttmet buiEXfia, 
und Iben nwoited our ehutge iu iiUencet nnd ^viLhout driving u triggeTi 
" That dead atiUuLHfB," nuid my L'u}>tuiii, ^'^ bedefl ua no ^ogd," 1 
tboL^:hl 4o tuu. mid cuuJd iiuL bt:l|j jnti^rjiivlly cdntrasliujt the ttiuiidlu- 
1IUA (.'ImiuiLjr of uur Itiiolia with thij iinposmg and awful silence at the 

Wo arrii^ed nt tho baie of the redoubt, the ntounds nnd pi^li&adtfi of 
which hiid been luvelltd by our fire. Our si>l<licr8 ru&hed into tbv 
uujiJiJi; mill* with crjtj* uf " I'lvt: t' Emptreur i" Considering ihub they 
bud olrHkd} hhautvd ak toudl^. I ivus reHlly UHtoal&bed ihitl their 
tbrt>at£ eoiild boid nut lon^^er. Never ihitTl I fijrgi*t the tpt*crtncle 



MV pmW AKrAlft. Ifi3 

v,-h'\eh I wltHMwcl at lti:it mnmpnt. Thp volume of smoke had gradu-- 
itl\y rjntrii, nnd roniuia^d ttuHpv^nck^il like a ciiiii>pv nt on eJc7atian of 
tii'cnty fok>t abtivi^ tho redoubt. TJiroii^Ei an iiliiii>i>plK*ri^ vt ihin blujAh 
mpoui, xvc could pcrcn'vc iJie Ru^an grenaditr&n nioilun|*w like 
stotutM Iwlimd ihi^tf half-de?itru3ed jrampvi, ta*:U tivUMcr nlih muh1tt?t 
ia reidmetib. hh left eye li>ed upuii liix iidvjinrliljjf fiw. Iiih rrglit i^un- 
m1^ hv tlie bnrrtl mf h'\s pf^cp. At fmv of thr thistiniiH, at a tmv 
pAC«c' di^timee, Ktoud an uriilli^ry-mjin by hit piu, with n lighted 
match. An involuntary chill crept ibnmjfn tay vcitM ; I fcit «4 if mj- 
In&t hf/iir W4id At hauJ- '' Now the dti»ce brgiai," cried my Cuptnia; 
— *' Giioii lit^hi !"— ^they wtrf lljt la^l xvuc J» he tfveir apoke. 

Thi? driiui-s biiit: ill nn iiiKtrmt i^wry miiKkcl ww levellj^ and nre- 
W-Mied- 1 tloned tnv i-yt>s- n horfildi* tTrmli wui ht-nid, lUMtedtd by 
iIk" cries and groum t^i the ivoundvd. I looked Around, buTftribed. tv 
find mT^cIf still an inluibilant of this world. Th« redoubt was ■^•tlu 
rrLV(d{>^K^ LEI Miii^lii^H At my fei't by ihv Jyij»!^ UDtl the dead. Among 
tije [utter ULis uiy mitir Ciipluijt ; \u^ head iviia &liuttt:red Ity u muhket* 
Itnll, and hit lif^-^iloml Titc-iitifiilly hi'Tinfiircd me. Of my whult cinn- 
pany liut eIt nieii, hvbidos uiyb^lf, remained htnfLiCit]^- 

A moment of sCufior auccvi'dvd Ihi^ fearful carnai^e. 'tlm Culoncl» 
£xNL^ hiA f huko en the |wiut uf hia Hivurd, won the liM to Kale the 
ptiMlit'l. with sUoi4ts uf " rUt I'Ewfimfr .'" All iLul aiir^ived of 
Un* fi-j^itnriit ItwtJinily fiiUowtd lifm, I hnvi^ mi itrrcim! rve*dl*Tii£»rj at 
vrhni eTiNittcT. 1 only Icnow (lisit w* ntslied into Uje r<-djnihl jiplLriiplI, 
And fiJUgE;! h^nd to hurid in the luiditl of a tliii^k HUiuku ttut pruvt'iilod 
ud from iliatiii^uinhin^ thi^ fiLi^litest object. 1 struck Qt miidoni* hut 
yet btruck liuinr, fujr lay Auhre wab covered with blooJ. Al luaL a about 
of vieUiry n^Hched iii) eur, jtnd. uh the Muohtf ^ntdiiidl) db-ru'rM'dn I 
cnihl pt-rmve the hleLttiiij,; corti-fi with wbidi th& ground wnx 
tbiokly i»trt>W(sl. iind the aiiLnau eiicunibered with ]iefl|i6 i^f the uliiiii. 
About two huudrod nitn iu l-'risncb unifurins werejjfoupfd togetlier in 
dinor^er ; tnnic loadiit^ thdr munket^, wkibt others wiped tbe clotted 
^e from lEi^ir bu^oueta. ElevtJL ItuabiuD [tnttuuert graced tlie tri- 
umph of ihi* victors. 

The Colonel wiLi fitrt*tebed blec'ding upon ii vbcittertr] miimrjiitHun 
dauBl- A l<*w KoldierH eii(;<^rlv tiiirriiunat*d bim, uud orteivd UiHr u*- 
aiatanci?- An J npproaebed, ** WlierciM the Acnitir captflLn?'' c^kcd ho 
of a acfjttint who aupuorlcd bin ItDil. A fihru^' mis the sidfuiliciint 
rrnlr^ '* TIla wnEor jb^uti^rmiit then t" " Herv it Miiuj^icur V ■ , 
ivlid Joined jffirtPfday frrm FoTitni nobi enu ," Bajd the lerjctint. in it lone 
of thv uicMt euriuLli* tott^-jroid 'i'be C-oIuiiel umil^d billi^rty, inui 
tarnin^ tfiwiirdn iml^ — ■" You tim in ^'ioirmmnd of tho plamt," naid Jiv; 
'* fuftify the bfcudj wJtb tbrite vvo^gon^, fur the em-'oiy U in force; 
but Otrn> C^— will fluppi>ri us." '' Colonel." repliisl I, with ii Wk 
of annivty, '' y«u are Sfverely wrumded/"— *' Tut, man f wbvti of that ? 
Tho redunbl ib tak«n !" 




Tjih dtiPlh of Itcar*Admiim1 CliaiobcrA. rfcurvM in cur Novpmbtr 
numbpT, uccoiupjiiiitd viili uu uEitliiic of Km putilic cnreiT, li»v irlii?iiG4l 
tile rnlfowin^ HkHulj "f h'w jirivute ('liuruol«r frvirii mi iiidividLial wbo 
, wall knfw and aprirecinieil its wottli. 

Tho fiubji'ot of thk Aftfimiir (^«hun1J nARic itood itcondoQ Uic ralircd 
OT euprriinnuntcd lint uf iLv Koyul Xnv^) woo ibc- liftZi tDq iif ihi' 
Intl.' TlioEjiNA Cliiimhriv, Kv)- of Stikdjcy, In Wnnvjcktiljlre, ut whic^h 
phirv, und jtt T)iui«uTth ill lla- lutar cuimty. hh liiiiiilv licivp rt^t^^nl on 
Uii^fr iiwn Fbtui^it fvt^r iinct^ lIia relj:n nl Rdivanl ihi^ Thifd- TnivordH 
m c]4>ho af tb« la&t conturyn thi; Admirnl went to ri^Atd^i ui Ku^Oy. for 
ibc cduontioa of liia huis, nt tlii^ ^idvLnitL^d Or»mniar H^lii><il m tlmt 
lovii, founded ill Itfif?- ^^''d b«cfliikO so muub iili;>djcd to tlt^ iJt^^li* 
'buurhcHid, tbftt hiT m-vcT ufU'rwurdi cboij^od hu n-hidvii4T. 'I'lw irii4- 
tevi. mu4t4-ri, mid ini[Ti]H, nf tiut rWi^bntti'd K^at of Ipurnlng, Lndivi' 
dually 4-ntfTi:tt]ied fur bim thQ hig\\i?^i tv«p«ct. Many of tEc kllvr> 
ooniitfclvd With i»nmo of tii» tint funiJicR Id tb^ kingdonTtwill, on pcr- 
wOfS tbia» cull to thv'iT rcojIJ«:tioii, nmoiit; other acU irt kiiidiiL-w 
TVCtil/ed Hi Ilia bmid». lbi.i iimJiL-usf /^lA'-i [>rCiKL9l uiiU i4her Jihaf Jnutt Ihf 
ianhv tbry bnvc nutilrd ut tbe di!]TUitid<i[i of, vhtii drir)lciiif^fi.<ii ui tba 
Admirul't ; who, during the well-vTiminTlvd union, wa^ ii\wx\-i ut^ tnucb 
gntiftud 04 the b^EiL'^-in^' pLkrtv, niiit ttmk Kiie«ial caro tU-r/thoiild hv 
no want of nntmuiutkou. IF In ocddcntnlly auw any vf the bi^jA. iji 
Uirlr Ticrnimbiitkitiunii. nUn cbaac(.-d to bi: " nxil of }xiiimJh>" going in a 
directlrni wlii-rr bo knew liiey would IliU in whU oai^ of ibc mMtvTit, 
h# bnilml tWm in tb^uLi wi^ms. " Voung g^nil^iikpii, iIiltu^b daninrr 
A^hcnil ; if you take my Qdviue, you will 'bout abip/' TIiib friendly 
bint wiu ahvAf I nttcnd^d to; in inort, ^vi>ro tbv anecdotes, illtihUBtlve 
tpf Lbo iinderiiitinf: kindnen of hvK liv^irt- tetfurili^l, ibpy would liJI h< 
vnbimp of no onlinnry tbp, Wbi^Uirr wc licbold him " wjiJkifi^j tbt 
qijnrlpr^dock/' or *e"in."".l by bin own rtnv»ii[o, bi? wus oqUEUlynn bonunr 
U> tbtf (itiblii: Mfvioei, nnd to ppivuu* nwioly. His domysiimtcd hubJlM, 
chk-Trfal itihpoution, and dcliKhtfitl temper, cuiLncotly ^uuliA^d bim 
for Iht \a\tcr. . 

Tir ibtT Navy \iv wiu dt-\^tilly utlucliBiJ, ^Ityaya LiLhin^ u mm \\vp]\- 
inlprtfit in nhalcvot n|>poftaii»*d to tlinl amice, frftjuyntlv introducinji 
nautical iibrTUooWr iu bm (.ujavi-rHtton und cjiintolury c»rr«ih[rondi-acc; 
uf iW InttiT, tbti MLii^vinff i« n vtrrbatiiii tinooiuiun, cuiiiid from a IcttVt 
nddrOMttd !■> IUj* btograj>]i(^r, tbo lu^t tiaic be ever It-ft Hu^by. 

"' My dear ^— ,*-l propuK jpetiding a few dayi with jou on i*y wurn 
home, uDil ibvU ^fi uriilirr vi^iflit (nirnl anil m'^rhir itfmitfmj,) it f o hm^ en 
Humhy. M'bfiiL I biivp pniil my vj«ir tin yoiu slull hrin^ tnywt loan vttlior 
tn ICu'/liy Itnrtiotir for ilii? uiimr- EInvn hud pn iiitiuk of i^rt ni foy itartMianl 
hand, vihlcli i», Thcrik God, bf.^ursr. Ciiyc my Ic^ie m Miidnm. Long may yon 
liviv and merry be joui tjcsui^ nd^B 

" Yuur ■(Twtioii4iF. 

It u not vtrjf uaeomtAftS lu And cbArjJClrr« on ruouuni exits wbiiJi 
n^vtr oijittvd L'-lW^cfV, Ijut in no iiintince wm- th« benvlil of tbe old 





odagttt '' diT mitritiu nit ain f/mftm," hsw requiivd likuii in IJlu prcicat 
Ufa UDtopbisticutcd manncn. nttiLtility* and ikei'or-fiiiliD^ ic^^l'licunotjri 
noderrJ hint u fATauritc nL ^lat sigljti ujid « valued friend im ziitm 
intim.iu- mMjuiaQtitiu'L'. N'« ["Cfw^j [xihKea^^ nor* (prutilnr charkv to 
vnerj icf «[>tatiDn of the trrm, injNtmtj«'h tlmt Urn voice of Kanil^ Vnit 
n4rv<>r toJerftCwl \a hit prom^icc- Th« nAturnl Emilc of boncTolonco 
wUdt cniMtantJ^ Nmitigd on liia hua c<rU[iti>Ti*»ao, tvav t)ic ooirrot in* 
^x of hift heart In pi>UtJCi, be was [«}'aUy itvlf, lad ua tUu bii> 
nmuici-uiviil of nay gn^m antional okfuaurc, iVuqueiitly ubm-ri'pcl. that 
'* thmf nt xhe hplm ought la be the bar Judgp* ni>tr Ui at^r tbe v««ul 
of tbu tiatu." la pmon h» wju, in ^very mpt^t, a natili- (i^urv t^ a 
Quui- T4> a ftptf uudorMocdiiij- viu vuiivruddHl a UL^ciiUar broinau cif 
duiracftft, and bav^ng oacc *^ »iba{ied but ctjunr," (whiiib b« bctw did 
witbout fatrkt rcftn-encc to '^ htmiaga quiI d^^UDcrnp* &a.) be did not 
chftDoe Jt VII evtry irJviiil occiunm ; in vtlter Mfrmli. hp «up)KTrt«d hii 
4i{rilt£tiii wlxli itiflt tiendttica. vhlcli ihe dMJbar!it« formation of ihi<ii), 
iind ■oumlnirtB of bit judgmeut juvtili^. 

Hl' wwi wt^lJ hiLo>vri tr> most iif the Jeudi»j; (iimili^s of tb« couiityt 
with uiLLEiY of svliuni be wm im tb& itiimt Lalirnitlc tprmi of &icndAbi|i> 
The luTc iMun|ni]t of JIi^rtfiiTd L^vizitW hia (mrtii^uLir regiird for bipj on 
rtriAim iX'^iixhinH. The Actmirnl't honnv wiu firi>(Hl t'lir ^atid old Kng* 
tish ho&pjtiilitv, whioli wiiH jJmoLt dotly «liar(iil liy ri^iottoot or fripuda^ 
und altbou^li iic iiowr felt io bai>pr oti whrn fiurruumlvJ by iiium, ivt 
kit habtU uf r^^ulnrity Hf-re f|UJtf prui'tTbiiJ, ijicl hi> niow-tiicriU like 
cluch-vrufi. Iij bvime of tbu Ii-civta fjf cD0dulirJic«. received by tbe 
wriUT »f tbii inwrioir ou ibL- dvniiip nf ihiii ^vurlliy mull, the following 
piiUfig«« micuf ; tliini* kliiLpcKt ia niiiitmiil tonnjv, w^ra n/ritl«n by fm^ 
■ioDt BOcoanvutcd with Ibo ua. '' llii duiixtsitian and temper nvrt 
hi««T¥qlr." — '" W« cannot itil by n xantc dmimbtt? cburt lliun tlint 
■doptt^ by the g<nA M AJmirAf." — " Uv ihi^KvtiiM tu tlio Ujirib, ru* 
ipvcied dr^il tiLini'Mt^d by iilt : [ ubuithl fear he wiin tbi^ liut of a pecu- 
liar KfietTioifc (if men. There h-hm n liiii- ibiih of the m^iimiui plHybi)c»bi>ijL 
cvvrj tbtnf^ ho did; aa bonij^t fr«ukii«iu whiuh no buidAmun war nt- 

Notliin^ could no<iitilj]y cKoeed iho AtTectioiiat4> nnd unccA^in^ littriu 
ChHiit uf hiK klud lia^Iiy fVieiida, wIjuhu nniivoA diiIicIluiIc In voJitrilniEv 
In hU f^ffiftitx (in (ill ncentlnnt flven niiTidpuW'd hu wiilie*; be dwrJt 
nflrtieutuly c-n tb<.-%D inoilimLible btimtiri^. ivtiflm tin hi* d«]it^i-l)«<d' 
rtrn fo]Ji>«iii(j drouniKUiicy oJilod ^Tvaily tollie bapfiinuH of hk dc- 
dtalajf yvump In Itf^".'^!^ liiAikon(lhc itt-v. WilEibiui ChthmbtrrFi, U.U.) 
naigiitiiK ibo Curacy tif Kujfby, whiicU \\v hail liM f^t iwiflvc ytura, 
t4i taluf pfKteuuoii of hU Vifjit ra^'i- iit Ahbfjury. lli-rku, bw I'L&rUlannvni 
prMMM him with toiro i^lc^nt m^iudinr tiliite, jm u 1<ik<<ii of llitfir 
«atann, BccomponJcd by Ihi; uiiitiiuKittif tbankk of tUi* ParlnTi f*xpni)44ed 
m tbe hantUomcHt tcrtnft> fur tlu' fuithfult ecuIous, and i^oticiciL'ntiouA 
di*clntq»of iht'Biicred funi^cionn of hiadfico, during tbt^ above period; 
th]« piifilLc li'iiliinony of upprirlmtioii Vfna u sourvc irf btiirtfiflt grutl^ 
Ae&tJOn totbt- AdnLiml. 

Il b M<n«whAt ungukr that the? iMn^'ii« whidi teriTibiHti^l hti mortal 

tiorvcr, rrgaltcd i^ n icn.'at toi-uHijri* tf<itJi tha dnivp intur««t ho r^ttuntd 

tu die lost in NavaI nff^iim; tvr l>oinK anxboB to ace other portjcubira 

U.S. Jocki. Ko 14 Kin. lH:ti). o 

reap^tiiig Capt. DiekfOBon'a Court ftlariial, than thtwe JettileH in hu 
own paper* he left hii fire-side on ti diilly dnv^ Rud rupjiired to the 
newa rtMicn for llml rmrpose, lW (oosequence ww n tovcrc cold, fllt«id- 
Bil wiLh iui^rriAl i[inHLim»lIi>ii. 

On Iiis deatli-bfil h*» nlTiirilf J h mofit inipreauve nuujtlc «f pMieiice 
jutil fortitude, U in peti^d wiih pioiiM renigTiJiticiii, und nlllinii^'li Ima snf- 
feruips '<ir some d^iys preceding hia disSiiUitinii. were nnl only inlecHe 
Ijut JnctssLint, a murmur lu^vrr escaped Im iips ; oa lie coutnxty. he 
bivaLlii^d nit Mriiliiineitts but Xhirse of tbmikfulneAtj for tijc many Gle&E- 
iugs hi' had sii long enjoyed^ and uflVfi'd up to Heaveii hia ftfneut 
prayers fitt (lie hupprness of those wim hnd [■ojitribuiiil ii>warda ihem, 
tieit furgetting hia doireHiics, Iti^y having nil lived luti^ in hin »trvtire. 
Hi< wus 6«neiblc to tlie last, and liib tmin^ fit miiid vns in tbuf tranquil 
Haiv wUicb nolbiiig but a wUl-siient life, Rafted on the Iirm hope 
of Mlvnlioii^cimld produce, H^ dJcd ah full of *' fditb »jid t^ocJ xvuth^'* 
A* of V-'Utk; wbde the wbule teiKiur of bia TJfe Lna left every ju^t 
ground fnr hidi*f Uiwl when ^' the last trumpet shalt Bound/' 

•* Ir [liiaveii"5 ^rrJl iog-Zoiv* it wdl d:tC[j appcjr^ 
Tliflt ibis jObit Eailar kept hU ntkttniiig atn" 

Hin dvalli wu!« viewed at Rugby as a public calamity, nut morv hy 
the rich than the poor ; to the Utter his piirrie nnd friendly udvke 
were altvjys op^^n, and so great u'.^■^ the reK|>eizt paid to hJK inemary, 
that the uppearonoe of tb« prineipal inhEL^itantA vf Ibat respectable 
town more reaomtlcd a period of ^^ncral muuraiuf^f than thut uf the 
lijes of a priv^atc friend. Uia religious piiiicipka were purliculnrly 
huund and nrthiidijx, fur ht- whb ii jiriu'tifJilly pioii« man- He married 
n daughter of the late Cnpt. Wend, H.N- hy ivhom he had four ebiU 
* dren t ber miniaW^j qiudilies renderud Eier worthy, m evtrv rttpect, of 
$>o good Q hiibband. >She died in ltil£. Uih eldest w^n («l)udeo to bc- 
(bre) «nd only dAUfihlcr survive him ; ibe Utter married CJeorgo Harru, 
Ewh of Rugliy, H luiiu unNst highly catctmed and r«ptcteil. 

So line a izharacter as the [ate Admiral CliHuiheriL dv>fi-r7e4 u miieh 
more nhle pen thm that employed on the present oeciisiou. ^vhich 
eourti no lantfii!!^ but ivimt conveys Ibe hoacst truth j and as the 
picture here nkeiclLcd wiU meet the t;yc uf many who wero well ac- 
quainted vilh tbe original, the ortiBt [ixltbough di^chiui-iaf; il dcbl irf 
graliuide. lUiKiuuliug to filial otitigaliouB, In rendc^riug Unn jtiit irihttle) 
Bppenli to them ivhether it be in the Kligbtefit degree loo highly co- 



We majr appear somenhal incoDsisienr, ivith reference to our former dt^ 
claimer, in recumng to this topic, tliough, in fad, Uifi following diouphla were 
put together previous lo the publication of Gen^ Sir Rufane Donkin'd tetter 16 
the Editor of tiie Quarterly Review^ That liveW Sallys however, from the acute 
pea of the author of *^The Dissertation/" knd the note of the Reviewer in 
reply, (see Quarterly Review, No. 820 '^^''"g'"^^*'^ ^^'^ increased thu interest 
of Ihe subjectn we are tempted to relax firom our ori^nal vo« of Bbstineoce, 
though fttill professing complete neutrality. 

It were an onnotihy couT^e to make sport of the errors or wanderinn of real 
travellen^ who peril life and honour in the cause of discovery ; but the cavils 
and disputes of peculators in ^ogmpby, their theories and conceits may be, 
and certainly are, fair game. Aud it is not a liule curious to remark the ease and 
eoofidenc^ with which the hom^tettUrs of these malleis dispose of rivers, fakes, 
and deaerls, their " supplied counct" and their " tenninalions/' in comparison 
with the difSdence and caution observed by all those who, from actual know- 
ledge and experience, feel the extreme difficulty of coming to a just conclusion 
on anything tut that which they see and know- 

We shall not, iheretbre, follow these examples, nor give a dijsenatfon upon a 
" Dissertation," but leave the great controversy to the high contending parties ; 
waiting patiently till time and the enterprise of future traveUers shali have put 
the question beyond a doubt, then, and not till then, shall we give license to our 
belief. The smart skirmislj that has arisen between these two able tacticians oq 
BPcondajy points (which not unfrequentiv supersede the mam argument), may 
still perhaps afford some an^usemenC to the Headers of the United Service Jour- 
nal, and consists in the gallant General's charge on the flanks of the Reviewer's 
criticism ; one, at lea^i, of which we think he has succeeded in lumingt if not 
in demolishing altogether, and that is, the charge of mis-quoting and suppressing 
Beechey's description of the Northern Coast of Africa, and the country of the 
Syrlis, from parts of his book,* which would, if fairly given, have supported in 
a great measure Sir It. Uonkin's tuppoiiticns as to the " termination" of this 
grttU un/ound river- The Reviewer, on the otiicr hand, who is perhaps not 
only a general in his own corps, but a Jield'Uiarshal, or commander-in-chief, 
takes a lolly position, and certainly returns a heavy fire upon the gallant and 
undaunted author of " Tfif Leitir.' 

We are the last persons in the world to think or speak lightly of the impor- 
tauce of geographical discovery, or the services of those who have devoted them- 
selves to il > on the contrary, none can feel more deeply interested in what has 
been already done by European Iravelieis, or more anxious about what remains 
lo do. With these feelings, the following remarks and refleciions were written, 
and with these impressions we submit Ihem to the ileader. 

Major-Gcn. Sir Rufiine Donkiii has recently published ** A Diaserlalion on 
the Course and probable Termination of the Niger," the result, as he says in a 
neat dedication to the Duke of Wellington, *' of those leisure hours which his 
Grace's triumphs have imposed upon the British soldier." 

This intelligent officer, who was for a time acting-Governor at the Cape, dur- 
ing the absence of Lord Charles Somerset, is evidently well-informed and expe- 
rienced in the subject on which, tou aiaore^ he wriies ; and a long residence in 
Africa, with those habits of observation which alone enahle travellers to lurn 
their travels to ^ood account, renders his book on this interesting and intricate 
subject well worthy of aitention. 

Without pretending to decide a question that has so long baffled the inquiries 

■ A voyage lo the Pacific and n^hring Strait, for the purpose of discovery and of co- 
DWiaiingwilh the Eipediliona under Capls. Parry and FmntLia, perfomifid in H-AI'S* 
Blossom, in the Yeui »S25< 2fi, 27, and 28- By Capi. F, W, Beochey, R.N.F,E,3. 
Id ou voluiDe, with numerous plitet. 



of IhelrarD^r •» Itilrtli oiii mudfin who hpvc iim <Drn i^iui iplriind qthI ingPiLl- 
tuxi DUaerUUion, miiy tw veil piniuil ur h.ivp ^ hntf imiIki' of rl>t vrry thka 
mustier in vbtch Sir R.D. hat Ui-itikI iV- Thf* hlxiiirn ni Hsiji ^ml l^inf, of 
PpnhKfn :iTid C'la[>|H<rI[iri, luvir niiuln iiHof (Ihi |irv*>'iir liny wMlt ttcqiniiiml vtilh 
the diflictjUiex ni imcin^ tlijs Ijar-fajiiui nt«r, jiiiii oj' rccoiieiliii^ (b* fiactH (iEk 
terveJ Uj^ iIiok uulct^jfLtm^ aiii now Umaalcil U^iulloix wit^i ttu; accouati qf 
Gfcck ajiil RcypttaJi ^ntcTi on iht ubject i Sir Itiihixf's first uliJFct tcenia lo 
be Iti iliDW) iljDt Ln iUdw rvrly biMonc*, w« filwild lj«itiii by f«ii«Ui»v: « river for 
itif n%Q'. ^Iikh vruuliJ ul oiiifO ^ bt |o icoiu^c ilic vunli4J]Cii«iL nhuih itiiin^n 
\u t\iv .itcumiiifl or eIiow tiii'clkra* trho d«dv tW ihrr hHTv ueti fhtM Niftfr. ix 
iht i<iTd( ijvci >uppo»cd to bd io ctJIcdf runnm^ ia iliflci^nEt cind tveo iii ad- 
vene djrecitiaDs i and bis Ihnory vr^ll bi botl utuJenOood by quDting bit cvrn 
pliuci tnd |Hrspicu«ua iiuii^n^e — 

" Tb< dwdnmtum ni |i(nttflii[Liin, u I iLinIunUint ilu? lOALUr. 1j<u htm to tiw] i 

Slrinr uC^nLntl Afru-a. whidi PiChtciDV md 1»lh<-^ LinL^kcJkC wntrn riillr4 lb* Ni^rr, 
^v\i fn Blill CilII fiA , wbirh tbill nitjitt Hoiv Uio l^ia AUnbl^i:. or inU iitq* fi'*4l 
cvalnl Ink* or ni^nK , ar lov iE»<^f in ronirtl ancjt ; nr ubiid iT«ajf with iTi« I'^ryp^'^^ 
Vila : nf empty ii«lf hyiomr otbi'» ^hafiripl intn Ibr- WwlilTrniiiFiin vt, llimr tppcBF 
ID bo oil iliu luiHJa by Mtiitlk <i t't^i t\*^T k.Liowii td fiitlin CouDkl AlVka, butttlinit 
tDratiailiDn U uaLmmn, ma be ddpaial a'. 

*■ 1b tlt« counv 0^ my ivwiucltCA t wua vupe^iwl tUi iho luiun vHt f««gnf>b«n 
and tat*Ll«n bid hrltir>r1o lailnJ m uHlnifr Hut ifn'thon *)u, lirv:tLiu< i\\iiy tnd nuft* 
B vfrinl nt K^mmklin] nrror. in hUHng Jid itl^j^ft uf tlmi iRirch r^ hn rA« >Jiftr, nr 
raiKflT lIli! Nilfs (.rur by the tuov gf Nilv. iIk- erv^t tivnt urUismjal Afnci buLcoa ^ 
iietuU> kiiunu tit nrkJoCiL BuJ AttkiiOB vvillon, ) kiiiiitn<) vf KUcbuiK fw v^ ^ iJr — en A 
Vi^L-r .atidlbv^3iLLycilrb>b«u tridtA^DunD^luunao tadrhOiiL^JF m tiHite mw iivilividiMl 
riviT. ciuiilitMn aiul tirviEniltntuh irhiL^h Ii4iu \MXti iinilii4lul u1 iwaml djjtiiU'i. fKivt, 
Add llir'y liHvfl rbiitrnnrmmdi'il 4 »^'**ifK- ;i|i|)t]liiinu iaiTTi a ^Jimrir tnd iii'%cn^ti%i' r>nc, 

" My iltfniLH i" iliv foTlfiwin^ \f\ti^"* wUL Ik. Lh :uL»[jrilr ullui mntl of vlinL hu bcvn 
MJ'I of rln? Ni^i-'T frorn ilio Jinn't uf J [rrcik'lu* unil Ttulrnij, do»D (o diCK of I'dfli tnd 
DanK&ih^ 1Klf«'|t^4Ull<)J^K iW mariy nppnrpnl rontmdicliont ft find in it ; ami thU I 
hippto d4>. ^'''y l^' Old ivotffvMlinn nnd proLh«r uw ul * icrqjHTmlii^l|ivlid4], la MIrnT' 
inif noT ihr Vilotivii Df Tlir ^loi^rq^hti'd) prol^^nnh ^olurt m, 

" Myremrvlt<tlM']|,kliiil]biiliTu:Lv<Jurilitdiat:]iivur. UDlufllitt Ni^rni J*J tt« hlthrttb 
ilomBoJod, Yliigli iliiUl until iit iUvlf all tb«L liu 1i«4 irlifrd I7 nnrJvot tml .l/abLiQ 
Vnlfl»k iukI by nUjvct, of v^vrml f«il«B WftlaiiitE ^orth and (xnliftJ Afnf*, — but to 
fttinw tbul ilJ, ni mokl nl wKai hu bean said n' wntion, it Mpltfld 1u ti Kile. I^li ti. td 
■riBKi N lIo Of icTGol rivu , «ad ool lo tnj tfvilk- ««»— willtenuouciLvaUtfVtthfpotAnd 

Having irrnnTmulyooiKlmcred a mtij) of Central Africn from lUtt orijpanlleit 
of Plolflmy, oiir gidiimt AiUhoi prncppfl? lj> totnpurc il with other writftm, pwit- 
nilaTly wjih the chart of CUfipenun itnil Dt'iihiim. nnH at ii nppnn to m, uta- 
bh^liei the ULU>r imrmtjalMl kiy of (ho Nig«r of Pntk mkiDM " Hniiblo, at fiai 
1ii.-eri trroriijly uivi^d by urtme ijv^nluan in Afrioui jtco^r^pliy, rnwinlv the 
fchiihem [:*«iH ; h* rfions alv? with iiiijch injfpnihtff tlie grfnt jiifthnTiiljtv ihnt 
vilsEs, iW vlie tiTiftl WTJniHSlKin i*f iliii mimji'limilpd river rtid nnw mn neaily 
pftrLi]li--l vfcith ihr SiU of l^typt, implying iirin ihn Mf^liferninTOn Sp:i, ci^M c»r 
tondearPFi Iv the wtalwani of iia no le«; celebwiei! siiler "trciim, 

Wt K. D. Sttiinr to I'lirich bia own iliturj' on tliia ]>uiMt fti: ush a fumlliir buE 
•ilindilp (iTiii) bj wliftt 111? fint^i jn Dmiiam*! Account of liii Jnnriiiy to tlie 
Eartprmhora orihcTiebftd,>yh(jrr \iv tlii>iu;ljl he -.'ould Trace the betj ofnnvef; 
a fid jfCL'tf, Oa Sii It- (olli 11, JujJ wiiicti wtu cuiiftfTtitd to biai by Sbttk UamCK!. 


Tl ii^rUimTy doc* aiiitr-Jii Lli^t Ki^r is -k [?riu appbvd by tliL-abnrL^inuiif diOK 
Cfiuulrict ID a black or JcC|> river; l« Wau^r^ ja a j^cfierol ci|jiuu(oci, Jciiottu^ 
bll or any of tho»e pwli wliercgotJ »» <if hto bwn found. 

The Crcncril dwcfli mucb on a river trbicli be ciJli tbe >'ilK* or |^iv«l fivel> if 




tkimou, Lbiv whirJi his Iboor^ nscilwa nil th« a»«1 nvcra t^rvm (}■« vrmtl find 
«aulb. lHjw«ir(T jKimttl by (Liir»on( wrikn ol dilfcnvnl A^^t ind oountrtn^-atid 
10 tnhich ttc giifu ■\4iiiiLiilJy i riorllivrty diiw^tLunj punLltoL u b^lbrij itutd » tnib 
>h« gmt E^ypilan ^i\e. CJur kurhnr, hanv*n, riw« rioi seem m Ji*l"iTf Ttiat 
tht> Btrtttm It non in bv fcmnd, hui thmt (he foiirt? or lime nu bfwit tui trmth 
Ufj il:« «iHinr iif Tlir riifr^ niid iJml ihi- trmi pirpiimuLalJiiii of land fau fDillv 
cliokol iiji ami obliTvniU^I i^s paih, r(niveniii^ Jt iirto a iw*mp or qviickund, 

' ' l^t iMson^iir fratD lUntEfl^, bo^ hTJII noid fmm «hal tn k&ow of lb* niLlvra 1/ iLe 
Cffunin jf whic}] I am no* moir LmEni*4!i4L*ly f<pi?iLii]g, I huve no ilouhl but ihfcl, m 
rary mnHilr 'fWB^ llir LifiifpJ Pi'igErnnil <■«', rhnl u Ihv Nile nf It^trno^i, Atii rail IfiKt 
(^ kCK, in all till* (iitiTiiJ^'^^'^i^G uf •< mildly iL/^iia. lonnia^ a jrmnd etta^ry 01 Sitrhnnr 
wbttM iWw iha tftiuluiiid 11 . iui[n>i, AE EiJiii lu i loEuvtuiiu vi:itij^n uf ji UniljiiLDi tSiil 
ihfl ^'igWf Oi Niiti, At titi L-41II11 il, niv.\v ilD way [u tLi: Mcdir^rnLUOin ; althau^h tbc 
hounuft taUn. or Hma ol l>u mnHvilnnv Lu^ mtd* li^m la^r^ ^m ii Jom lo IhruiLuh 
ih« Nil* Af ^yp*- '^'<^ ijiMiiiiiin loll to\ytA atnlvi tui-U ■ niriipcqidDn i<, whiimw- 
InlnjD in nluH hji Luve |t(»1tir»^ ta ^^rvni H Fhnn^ in ilm Tik:? of the^nuEry, u Q) 
CUM • gtmt trmt irlitcb t>H^ DoMiQii iimj ihc dqAh '0 ilnji »liori iu ^ lirieii uf wuil- 1 
will »Bbiini dio rollanin^ fuiU ivtJ my^ nAcaliivaa on il^cnii u Ltc tulutiou u( tlii» ({lac*- 

" \V« kiKAv from ill riccnv» m wdII fti from wne of Ttie cLilcir modi^ni trnvollcrt, 
dut Ibq ««£')■ of tliOkc ilcACrU mliicli tiv ta Uw wcaLwarJ uf K^pl an^ «ui nMirlnii|r uii, 
&Bil bVTcwuif . W J^ L^utintiEit And irnuiiiliblD inniAil, dit TullRy of tijv KUp uf F.L:]rpt. 
Wo HC ihA IVmmiiii ip-aJusll-r .|iinjm>biiiv' in UifUl, jiniiicu ]ar!y vCl tbcir HratDm 

DQiT tlnod bB Irlit* <niU^ vitiu- tA wEkivj iiiin:irhE« w<iri« 4hlt vitiM' -t tuv yr:trt ago, 
ittfiuiur itiQ iDvitn of the jrnjiidjui; ucdi Tbc Apliyni. burird alnioit up to the hcadk 
Ullltip limitiV Lk'Aicd lirr iluwu lu ihfl Until, bUUIoI tijudJiy iUl' tlciitldlui^ |Fruj(iiiu ijT 
ibkB mii^ltly MoJ'tiitoJ i an «:«di luwewcr, a«| ijuiU ciCuJlrLcU (d IJJC tur« /or il it kjiotta 
«va tu tu mn>t r«liiHd muJ cukivtlnd paiti d( WaatirD Kvropa. ] Iwva tvbn ili ia- 
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hhill tn^r m lliis globfl, thu rH'DTtli d1 t^pl aiul h«r ^briri th^ll rip prfiprvrnf, 
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to tbc r«mo1o*t pnaitnly in ihr cf>inp((1c«1, tnil tninqreilt ojiil Ibe idom (trnybic M^DDcr, 
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of bJm who, jUiJEiling To tfir l-'yrtfn^dii, toM liSf virlflriuiiv liLinrlt, * tq recnllccl !ti«t Itom 
ititjr ■uniiLiiv fiirfy ceiiiurii^a vririv lonliin? Jomi un ibtun.' iilinU tint ^rM-timi ta Jn- 
perulmlrl-: iriiot^ii in ibv tnumlEVtb ipf nil Uui nuij uf hIL fmumwriLvn irf iIjv htnlory of 
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iftpitiKvlvHi bv ifm mklrumcnL-LiIJi) of ilir baiU ihuu^li itiJioilelj irpiDfluiibL- ijjuii'rul 
«n wFiicb lUik rcE^uTd of bia j^lor^ la nq^r brrc imcrd , but th<* aAinn m-t wkicii civvB io' 
tDortUity In lliD uEily ontq ilc^lml jN'tipalpoD, wlU ciHifct Jl «4 ieii|ivruJinbl^ vtk hu 
^aiihit jJwuw iniTflvrui i^rtrnibpror kt ipViisrTi**/' 

TbuA di«ii IliK IfAnieil Odiji-ibJ Einm up Ins rcflfclioiis oii e1jp mighty chinjfCA 
of tbc elvDientU WM'M, diHi liiuidJnig tuuutries us t^ily na nitt«ui](i,swoepLD( 
fftnn llcTodolui down to ihc Htfiu of Waterloo — euncct al o[ic« liov dfiply 
skiUod Iif IF 1(1 iniin-nl bre btiJ *■ modem iiialouccs" 

Wo bavu omitTccL ta iiUlc dml thiii ctcvor bitic bciok is illuslfarcd wiih llit^e 
QUlline nupa of t)ic Mat of our inmiihc*! being first) h trantcitpl of tbc v«j 
earioua daonmeDt ^ven by Sultan IIkUo fo Cupt. C'tfmpi^rtini diirini; >iiH Bnt 
r«Ld«nct M SBoknltoo — eiovoddly, ibt: general map of Centml Afriiu liom Deo- 
ham'f qiwrto — and J!*»[ly, Sir tiuEiuitt lS>nliin*» own inftp| LOoOfUou; Lo f tolemfr 

NiufrAjiia Nwonjoiio hibem,' 

Li'CAH, Ub> ix. U 448. 



Wjiilsl nc are upon thiA lu^ltly ciinoLis vtd inlcrc^Lini; lubjec^l* it »«cur* u> 
m, Ihdt the arn^iTixr f«vouT wjth which the iraida of vur counlrymcn DenLam 
hod Cluppurlctn in iScrtUTm nnd I'onimi A'hoi wore itceivpd, mJ lUn imtreai 
whwl) «ai c^cirtd E*y Uh? Bncctsf of ihojr ?nlar|irHt^, will rtndir n brief JoLft^ 
^>Kt or the uvcnt* (jf thiF fui Tew ycara. in ediuwilloil wjth tlijt subJccT, rtoii(»- 
wtriUntg rjntv. bi\ uvs(\Ai liid Ihftpubhr miTEd. wbidi ao wnniiE^ 9ympnlbuti?<t 
Willi i|j*' Tr-ivvllun jri \\ic mduons ppril" <*f th*»r jnunipy nod tlidt lujijiy return, 
will ikjE lL*»riiiiii la liv-Iitw p r^r f»f |frari?ful ^«cDUt^ff(lon lo the mcmDry vf thoso 
bi^vf iptriu wlio huF^ 1^ quLcklv peri^dhii:! m iIil^ fruif orAiriran ditcovtity. 

Wlmn the frgrif I' (hull cull to n^nd the iifrniM of Ifitphi^j Ouducay, iVnham, 
CUppfrUiii, T-Jftlfr, Tyrwliiit, Ijiirnr, PeHiT*, nJoVfOti, Morriwn, iW younger 
Park, nd rhAiiph lut nui l^a^t, ItflEoni ; all jmw enturnhpil [ivncnEli ihv tindi 
of AfVin: all led hy the ni'dnur of nohle minds, t« devote thomtHvix to tba 
OiUiiV ofdiitovvry ; nnr] whffn we view them ifiiing ftirtri in Lhi^ |ifim*' and vj* 
(Wif uf life and lnultli.lFr.ivply i«idu(JB lo eictl tud* oiliiT in ih^ T^lT^^ iiud whh- 
m a iciy f*w fllion vwir? lU *atcifi*i:d lo die huiroc^i uf c1imi..i ■ 1 1 In- pnrilH flf 
ihv CQiinlry; whiti Wn bm mu^l dev[riy iyiitjiJtJjt£f uilli l^(Jlr ti.Mina nnd 

kiDiIrv(7i whi]«i herccorUa iiU own fpnu debt ofi^T^Utude lo ttnat N|>]rii amd in* 
trvbidity f 

It 14 wilii frcUnp of |>«cu1iLir pkuiiin, lUiil ]}»! luuit '?t Cii|iL Lj^on b oiiiit- 
tnl ;iE ihp 9uJ eijvmeniljuu of t^^liiml ipixib ^ho h^ye ialivn ; u he atjl! lit^ 
Ihoueh Aill uniired in die pkinuic of scicntitic kiiot*lcd^ and mcvfuJ iliKuvciy, 
Tliis inwlli^ni offittr, wTiow? ortcr W been as full pcrhftp of pcfil und *d- 
vcnttin: a* iinv tbnt huvc br^^'D [iii'iif<^, v^b iitxiiviBlcdf it xyiII b? i^mcinibfTcdt v^idi 
Mr. Uiwhir. m the Af»i Enyr''*'* miMion lo the iQlcrior iiiMi\% wlmli n-lvviccd 
no fuithcr ibtm lUmirzouk, and whci'o IJapI. Lyon hod the la:d mi duty ici per- 
fijon tt> hi« friend ind componion. 

Tbv f^iEicral hf-vUh of Mr, Idtch^ ■^oa by tig (nr:uii« cood| t-nd il would ap- 
pGAJ thattn und«nKlGiTi}T ^ orduoua ii s^rfi^ lo ||ruutly ui jmc^cu Uivd h^s owa 
AlheH OAd FCiourcaatUi wdl q£ the tiyin^ hardihipi hi.- uiu likuly to 4]iicxfurLtirr> 
Hvdivdat MaurMulEjhritl very litilo nnvftil iriformurion multed from ltu« joiir- 
(Iffy; but Cifti- hyyn liutubly d«acrib«^) itfl iirifurttinuli* t*<nniTiii]inTi, Ou hii re- 
larti fran Afria he hli^rtcl wliIl CApi. Pnrry ih*i iKiiiorij^ rfUii fjrvt qfid Brpond 
<iffr>mfir to nnvi^ntr thi^ Amiii: ttJii, ;iiid ro1nFTiingth«^ncc hss mndrii^i] vuvu^iii t4> 
Si^riih Amprim; and h rnw fillmn :iii urdnmii und highly rt^ipofinihlp hWiUqH 
in Ihr trrriif nf ihr* l^rairiliim Mimii^ (^nm{wiy. li^ifMy fo thnrndviintJii^T nind 
Mtkiiftcliun, mid r>^j>iit|j, a^ vtf nnn:i-tiily h<i|>v, ]u* Hi-tl^Mriivil r<rwaiil, in (hi' ^c- 
quiiiiion of wfjilih ^nd hrtnour- 

TliR fjtc nf IIHjnrt III 1824, and diikt of iJjd yourpcr Park in 11^37, who rach 
(leriilitd jfttr fiLLviru^ pFiifCnilj-d buL a fborl iJiaUirii^u frooi dit nuullivrn (^uiui. in 
ibv "Kiiiitibourhuod of Il<?thii", wtiir Tiiiii;h mid di.-wn'fldlv JhiiiuhIoJ; andiikJwufh 
toiEir hurtiiii^-? wurv i^nLvrlJLiucil of ibi'if Jirddu hMing bt'via tj^iklf'tivd by iliv i^i- 
nruDiuriUEUly vt Uir ^mlivi^, itufb rc|Jon> rcil on no crrtain bundation, vid it a 
ttirttas]y grvLtfyiua to recurd, lEiiit of all dir infn w1k>w fntc ^*r iirq Umvntinij 
llwrv is nojiul ground fcircluLL't;in£JkiLy ofdicir MilTrrhivx c>r Eikiffiuluiif? lu the 
wbi'Moftbe cuutitnn Uiey litiird ; biiluii'^ CL>nIrAr^, that ta nil thr tmiiiua 
ionm uudtr wLucb the ^crtiuK of «>ii:h advrnturcr may Wo kd him to pfiinfrut 
bintjolf to UjtLr uioiuthtfd Knae*, ibcbehoviom nnd lrcntrnf<Tii nf ibc rb^ldrcij of 
tbes^l lownrdji them have bcen^ with vtry fi?w flKcrptioci*, umfomilj kiwi and 

In 1 Jf tibiirii>, C-lupcwrtoii'n, a^iJ Lnniler'n inleTMling volumoi wdi be fi»und 
■II Kliiil ii kiiowu of inc fate of Oudvfiay, Toohs 'J\rwbit1, J'mroo, and Mvr- 
mon ; and iiklioa^h lliat of Dr, Hicikion h nfrt a«etrtiiiti«d, lh«n ih laiut, vtry 
luNl iKiytr U'tltwi thuthvcEin haTf (iirviv«(i,wtltioat lam* tidLnpt of hLtn huxiiijf 
croMtd LtodAi in hjn wundurin;^ [o and fm bvlwvcn Uonia^ HurrurUf and 
Bftdagiy, or htva Toaclii^l noiuo <ti our tetllcrnrriK nn ilia touthpm lynd. 

Poor f^ndot'i account of Cupt fliippirrtni^'^ dluttaund dfjiiti ht *tjif k itoo, 
HTid of bif mortiflccriJori :iiti1 ilf«pn'i nr F^ndtni^ m ih> Noltan Hatlo ■ j^aloiu tr»- 



D^ iojlaad ol ■ couAdiui^ fr>«Ddr >m datfib inltmtinif ; and ihti fcUvwieg tvi«r 
■COOttOl of CoIj DenbaoL^v A^ath U SWA L«on(> oa^ b«9 rvlied r>n u luthoitlic. 

Utving boon appginttil \o BuprnjilcDd the wliole uiiflbliahiiiL-iil ol tlk« block 
papnUiiiKi M Sun> Leiyir^ be rtnhatbvij m the tatlpr citd of l&i6, uMi imvcd 
itifire nf^er a p*B «Ml nxl pT04|i«rwi4 roya^t of rHfljty-f]|{l>r d«^f j and hontvsr 
h« mi^liT h*v« ■f)M«ctAi4Kl thf iluigr-i^ i>r ihv dtmnit, (nTiil «hi» run tupjmtc h« 
vn% ii]s»ruibl<> In ihitenHfrirlhefiperlCncp Yte Lid Uiit f j tTiEllit rhvtrfiOly filvy*f 
lh« call of litttr, nnd il tlvn tijip€3rf^ mint likrlj tJiir, m IlU nppoiTiEiiiFJii i4im 
«»perim?nul , Sli ooDnmanrf thtrewouM h< Imi irmjmriry- 

11 tnon npiwawd, hoK^vi-rr ilifti hi? Ulent* »*n* |i»vnUiifly fitted to jTspple 
wilb Its difliciiltirt^iMiil to Bineli^nTiie the fondiUfni nrili* wn-ichdl belny>i cofn- 
mliUkfl lo liL*i diAf^D. He I'.nv^n^d with nil the nrdaur nud 4!ntfauiJhUm of hii 
ctnrapirr, info ilii? ohjnru ^irfurt liiri} ; iui twrdHit^ utlncbnl ii iha p^aple, wltDm 
he ciLJLtd hi!d tli>ck. und n'i!im-fl tu ihink ijinikvlf vtclmurd iri noiut lueji^iirt Id 
b* thy infltniint'Ni of if^ciditiK ilit gnyil ijuialion ol lliv- ^jr.uilJwljiUij of (n* Ih- 

Full of this idoi, tic vLsiied Lhf Tiiiouj rilltgn ui the ^Icnfr and 9oon ivii- 
ddcd liimaeir bcWed bjr nL] cl4M«i ^t Uic |i«nHvp He bt^.'AUte « ii^i.-E»l]rr uf 
coimciJ ; aiud it » wtll kuovrii lliiic dir lii^^licii fxpectnlionH vrcti: runn<?d by the 
iiilwbtbuita tliat h\s itppuidUiiCUl wouU be a blruiuc to ibm ui^tVfrUiacUe ncnle- 
fnent. En ilir UtLci end ot (he ymr IQ^Ti be ruit^ ihc Ccid Co'iat and F«f- 
nimdo I'o, u^ on his rcium, triis inroinol whh ihe ptivcmiiK-tji of thi? coioDy, 
m ci^Ktjuciicq of tH[< deiih M Hnjor-Gvii. Sir Ndl Cmnplit^U. linviTii! now 
Xvrd nmn ihfta aycuwiUioul any ^fhoua illnrur^ hi^ Mfi^ual &>TifiJeiice in 
KiiDKlf beotfPC OOOfinnedi vid il mny veil be feniT'^ iJiftI ho wni led to rcloi in 
fOtae dfgvce bit nil« of tivitig, f>r vilhin u montb fn>m tlic d:iy of hip Undinv; al 
Fr»C TowD| h« wua Tidanlljr auaclted by Hnj fevi^ of tl* oouLtrj, wJijcb lu Uift 
^tm etofiad Ilii nuitonou Dind ocbvef hu bnefyci LriUiani cnnDf, 

rvi>a Uuinble namn, yet «el! ^ntill&j lo Ihcir t\\ie thaie ol the falnl hanoiiM 
of th«* tnttTDri-ie(, y« f»maiti 1^ he n memlw-radf and thuw* »re Hiilrom, iho 
honp^t atnj tnduqlnijua fliiij-<or^>Piit€r 'rQni Mjilto, And CobuitbUH, t\iv |>HrKMiiad 
Wfnnt nf C<ri. Deriham^ both of wrlDHi pirlornwd Uk vt}\iAe jcioj^jiiv to Bourv 
nail, and fetumnl with ih« tuoMuftLl mEiabers oi llie rni4«ion 10 London is 

Cohunbutt, who from hi* iibiik iwilii noi but tw eniHtitciyd ^v Haif>Jci4iCiL q»- 

MClMt€ anil ToyuiEf nf dmcnviry, HltiTwnrilb Ui:uiri^)iiuif.-(] CupL (:];ip|i«Ttt)Ei un 
hi* M^tTOvl ^nt\ fuml jivitiiKj lo SHCkittriu, aiid ^iH* ji b< tirhii4»l, ilif kcM vtiiim 
lo ihc chmELti? DEI ihni OL^ctLsioEi' Ic ia ;i Luli: iJii^Liii tliiti he u jioi oiuujcnt^ 
)il tdl by Copt. C')u|ii*nun ; but CoK Den^uiiu, nu kiiaw, euterUiiteil a nzy liikjli 
upinimi uf bi?k i|U]kLLltt:aliniia foi aiiclj no iLuderUknig. m be xvaa uii ci^wri vnAvi, 
aattv, rook. Uihir, uiiil IritvtHrr. and itc(|u.Ljiit(t1, uioi^ i^r l^n. wil}i uIiimvE mI) 
the luwuatfo uf thi: L-ui,biid of Hibtiirrrj LiiiupC' Mv hill EiikWjJ. hi>ncvef. 
a b%S heallb, and il iru not fipcctcd he couLd Wkihiuojd the midi of Uic 

1\Hjr IliUnihTii wliD lixd luflertd pcihapa ntoit ttiwi Afir vHtnr t£l]vt tUtuntav 
pony, ^A5 tiK> bi]^i|>ir id fiiiJ^Q^^ LunvK dqi:c iDnit in (>M Kiix^i^J ^ cJuuk of 
■enin eiposiuK btmscJf to siiniliu trjnli : aud tonK AppoiuUoviit wot vibuiLiml 
f^ Iwm m pni? t>f the liockyupbh He died, we bj'bpve^ ivbout trvo ^enra afio, 
■mldnl uftuulTymi^n und fnamU; «rliiW roof CQlwnbiii^ u'ldv iuietl>ui lo ihv iud 
Oft&loguc olroidy Cuumcralod of thouo who djfid upon tJ«c liuld. 



Thb fiiUowbg design of a Perpetual Lew, fannd uoone the papers 
of tli« late Capl. Philip Beaver, RN. and proposed to him when 4 
Lientenafit, has been forwarded to us by the Author of hia MemoirL 
C^ W. H. Smyth. RJJ. ^^ 

The wheels, fixed horieontaUy betvew th« ke«l and tihe laka ^mL 
where a perpendicular rafaed on the plane will pass abaft the wheel 
and before tne cabin partition. 

AAA, n wheel, one foot diameter, to project two inchea without the 

BBB, the biTcketB, two ]i>cbe« deep, three or ivTir bnnd> ^ 

Ci the axil of other wheels with siit cogs. 
■ D, a thin plate inst^ of epukes- 

E£, a wheel with 1^ cogs, moved by coga on a;cla wh<«L 

F, a socket to receive the rod or spitidle, 

G, a cap, coTering half the projecting pert tf the wheel, te oMiat 
the votrix in the chamber. 

The wheels to move on pivoiB- 

A copper tnbe, of an inch or three quarters diameter, to be fixed 
tbrongh the centre of the keel, perpendicular to its plane, and extend- 
ing afew inches above the kelson; another tube to fix in the former, 
aupported by a cylinder of wood, lUclodnE the pipe or tube, well se- 
cured to the helsout and one of the orlop deck-beams, and riuing up to 
the quarter-deck abaft the wheel and before the cabin bulkhead^ on 
which the rest of the mnchinerv is to be fixed, in the form of a clock, 
which receives its motion by a long rod, fixed in the socket of the se- 
cond Avheel, with 60 cogs on the upper end to move the third wheel. 

The first revolution of tlie second wheel* containing 120 c<^b, will 
be equal to 60 feet of the ship's progressive motion. One revolu- 

19^ A [MUCrKTUAL Lo(3, 

tioD cif the Uiird wh*vl» llic li«l in Uip cloclt, fixed iiL-rpeiit^kiilur ihe 

Ii>it^ KpinLlli* living It uilAiijii. HO <ti^h vtiN bi* ei^tial lu ItfX) fci;!. The 
fhi]rE)i vrlin^fA rfVtjUjtion rqiinl fo l>,fKXI fn^I. nt-arly n gtn^nph]i<n[ 
mile, cfiiitaiiUHg us Ihr* funnor W> t-ogii. 

Aa I lujvt? hnU tin opjNiftiijJtty til Iry wliiit rcftiAtitnof tlic whouh muy 
meet in llit wnlcr^ or tvJiot the nppftt«lu!i will he rdn^di^d by frictifm. 
I allmr tlie (lilT<.'rfiice Lit runduEii* liut lb« firsL expcriiiii-tit vvill fmiIv 
f!*ienitijit: ii,, Mud oan ln:- n-iiilk-d hy linving ihc fmirtU ivlipil, witli 
fvwtr or grt'utiT nutnter of &>^s to complet*^ ono r^Tolution ^-xrnlly 
eqiiul U II ^■i>^riLpliical iniltrT when d^terrnJn^d, i>lhi>r trisiln mar l>if 
coiLBtruclt'aat pUtu'ture | a^ a fiftli ^vhtel, wilh 7^ *^g^. ^il' ^^ c^tial to 
19 iail»; a sixth, ivjth 12U cogti. «qti«l Ia940 niilchi &:c. &c. 

Cure dtufiKI bt taken tliJit uulhin^ tirucbeH or rc^tt jii^Liiitht tlitr vat,v 
fit tbe pipe nr tube, Irst Ih? mncinn Fm? injiiTed hy hpiidnij;: the r«d. 1 
do not Qioiiiv thnt tilt* fifist, or Imckel-whvvl, i^hould be contineil tu onv 
foot diiiinc't^r* but to cmo siiifiiMi; (^ thi« breadth nf iEil* Ucg\ j nor tlio 
jKCond wlcct to a ccrliiin number of fret : only obserTp. the diameter 
(if Ctnt wheel \v'\l\i cv^9 on the bnuiid, ivhicb also nu^lil Xi> hv of the 
^reuieNt ili^Lint^tirr the keel ^vlU alhix/^ fihuU ko cornrApo^id. tijut oue 
iwolnthiii of Tbe si-fond 4'(|ua]s 60 fi-^t of tlit^ fhij^n pn^pvKiiv^* moljon. 

F^irtlier cihtr^rviij tEi^ 5^i:i>iid wbei^ cnTi <'i\\y niov^ on h pjvnt b«low, 
(nr in the upper end of the axis must be a udret to reci^ivv the »qiiare 
point of the rod thut niOT«3 in cy^UndcT» or the axi^ mny be painted, 
lujtl ibf Mveket i^i tlte foil- I ^Itu itieuu tliiLl the to^hvt »f I'hpnib^r iu 
which the iixU moles, shull enter a liit!r wny up tht r^P*" '" ■^^•* ^^*^'' 
to fit rhiH(- TO prevtht n lenity fthuiild the ejrIiniW nf wnm! n'liirh in- 
doN,cs tho pipe ba broken by mv iiceidcDt ; bni ait it mu^t run fiontc 
vay ncnr tno after -mugaainc in tiro deck nhipi, nothing but n ihot oin 
pObHibly jnjiite it> 

1 iihu think that in lar^c ^hijia, \t wiftAA bt bL-tter lik bare thv ruiJ 
in tivo pnrlK, the lirst ending on ihe lower gnn-deek, nnd the ibirri 
wheid yiintx^d to tbe I'jwor enil of tbe flecci;*! n«l ; boiv^vtr, slioidil 
thi> plnn be adopted, tbjit and tiimty other imprirvcToente moy he made, 
to (tducc the frictlmi nnd facilitate the motion. 

Thtf cnp 1 (nentioiJud to cover half of tlie pngetttn^ iinri of wheel to 
nM%ht the vattix, may tw well be pnrt of ebomber descriiwd hv tJie evme 

N.B. I will thnnk yoa to let no copy bo token, and will thank you 
for nny improreuicnt you mny muke- 

Your humblv tt-tvHut, 

Joan Ba**ktt. 

RKCTOEI 0¥ TI1K ^l£KVfCt(«t OP TiJ U L\TK 
LIBUT.-CEN. riJR MlLKb Nic;tlT]^CAl.L, K.C.1I» Eg »L|>. 

Tttl« nfltcer, whit tticJ iit (Jluuccstcr uu i\tv \9ili S»:jjL Lint, in birt 
sinjtfirGt yenr» vniirrtl Urn Mr in v in 17^7. uh an Brinign inthrfSi!, 
uif) Jom^fl ihjit carpi at jACndrtii in ihu hiimmrf nf tW TiillHivtng yn^T. 
He nerved vvilEi the ;irijiy unUvr ?^ir ^V. i^Ii?aclD"'», iLTid wan i>r^':tn'il ut 
tlic iL^Bkuk ^ud cd|itur<' iif DciidiL^il, in Au^EU^t IT'^^K); iainicdjAiEly 
after nliidi he \va> ajipumicd Ufit&ul?^ Major to tlii' Kiii^^A tiinrpH in 
laJiu. JrL the lulter ('u|>LLOil_v lit- tviia ul Lht? ?u<;gir uud t^iplurr of WlJ- 
piuieherry, i\i^ kit'^ nnd niianh of TSaneiilun-, tli*' kdifinJfkj* of Suven- 
drou^ null Outrnrlrfto);. niid hi tltL' gL^niTni lOliuu nvar S^riifouYiutuui, on 
\\i* t^tli ^tayj 17^1- ii^ Kvnimnvd a» Ijri^^ultT-injjjur Jiinn? both 
cjunptJ^iiH jti the AlvAurr, aad wt^ present at erery^ nlfjiir lu ^vbicli thi? 
Hfit Lrigudc of till: jumj wius I'Ucfigtd durii;^ ihut jitrlod, uiid |mrti- 
mUrly io ll^v geuvrril MUnt^k Mt T't^\tMt\ \ntiittiiu. iinJ^r the ivaHi of 
8<<rrngnj>Atjjnij rvlien nil hi* reduabu were Mormi-d, nml one huiidn*i 
ptvrvs L^f cannun tokvn ^ a vii^Uiy whicli coui^ivlk-d the eiHUiy to sub- 
mit lit i^nns diutntAxl by Lord L'ori;\v^]JiBr i^fid ^vacc wna signed in 
MdrcJi fiilluiviiig. 

In tbi? BOiiJi- EiiLunLiuLi* and uilli ihc iujtie bri^hid^, thiH ollirpr In 
j\i4fUKt 171^^. wim pri-inTit at ilm niegi* ncid capture of J'i>ndicli**rry, 
■fl4.T whirb hv tvat pompcllvd b)' iMilUprh>ittinii io returti to Knghmd. 
Oa Lib urrjvut bv wjm np|>viiit^d aid-de-c^mp ti ^l.irqnib CumwalJiR, 
tkcii coainuuKlinn ihc tuiitiTn diatrict, but Imving ahortty uiftvr piit- 
oluMd t minority, be vru» 4pp4imtk-d bri^ad<^*in^ur tu the ditlrlcL lu 
tJw mnu yei^, )T!'^i hv pLin^hMt'd the lieLJleimjj1-Li)]oTie)L7 of thp 
115th ri^jpmput, nnd huiHng voluTitoiTcd hi^ urmep* witb th* etpvdi- 
tKm tbt-a titlittjt oat un4L>r Sir Kulph AbiTcrombiu, tor the H'e«l In- 
die*, i»e wat pluced ia jroDiinniid of tbo ll3d : hut thtit eoq>s hviUfZ won 
laltcr reduced, Lc wa^ reiiiwvd ti the 3Mth> which he eomniitndrd 
during all tie ii^rvki! in uhich it wus t-ug^j^i'd m tbeW»L [adieu, iind 
nt tb*" r^pturi* of Trinldiul in 17S*7' 

In tbeeipi^ditionn^kiinBt Porto Hico. L|Lmt,-C«I. Nij^biingaJl attend- 
««1 mr Haiyit v« v:<(lra uxdi^du-aamp, it not boinj prAclu:ublG to empluy 
ihi; ^liU (Jii thiit a^rvico ; (}utr in cnnac^Qcnec 411 severe illnt^-iH} hv uan 
cmipcJJtd tq resign iimi olh<u ia Au^iifrt J7^7i and io return iv Eii)*- 

Lieiit,-f^l- Niglilinf^ pnifi^ndcd In I79rt, to St. IJomingrt, u* Vm* 
puftV'Adjutanl-Goav^rqi to thy forcuw in tliat culouy, from wbctnco be 
rvlumtd in cburgi> of diKpulths'S, in Jnly uf tbi* sdmo yvar, 

K*i\j Jn Jjf^i the Lii-utrnant-Coloiirl tvoA (^niploTt'd on a purliculf^r 
icrriur ivllh Mnjor-OcuH T> MaJtLiiidr uud ntulcd Mith that ollicer^ in 
tbti CnmiTTn^ nij » rnibHion In Ani^rleii, J^unMlcH, »tiid Si, Hnmingo. ]I« 
relurnod to Kn^land in JuJy, and wai uppointcd u -Vuthtint-Adju- 
lont-UentTol to tli^ army duKlino*! for tbo Hk^ldcr expedition t lui buch 
be wtkH prwnnl in the jrciici^l iictiori* yf Iftth Si-pt- mid 2J Oct, 

In jHnuurv 1EX)0> Licut^-Col- Nitchtiji^nitl Wvn (t^ti'm riiijdrjVL'd under 
M.ijor-Gt'n. AluitUnd, in QniWvu BtLy lUiJ on the luiiaL of Fmnci?, n« 
Depncy-AdjiiMnt-Gfui^ral, nnd r^nm^d to Kn^Inni U'if.h ditpi^tcbvh 
la July fiiIJ<>sviiL|:- 

UcDcxt nerved aa AHinlanl-Qiinrtcr-MiiatcnUfntrkil i[i the Eo^Utii 


t\hiticit anil nn the prelim lit afim of peace teing i»ign^ b«twe«D Hng- 
lajirl and FriTrce, in OcU^)er IflOl, llie Llfwlp(i!iut-Ci»liniel »rc*>iii[iiinie<l. 
M decrtujy. the Briliib AmbMuukr, Litrd Cnrriivjillb, lo Paria nmT 
tile Cmi^resa at Atnit^Jit 

IfL 1603, Li«ut,-Cd. Nichtinpall pr0ce*d*d ti> iho Eort, Indtea as 
Quart er-Moatcr-Geaeral : lie joined Lord haMa nxmj in tht; ficM <m 
the unrth-;vesi frcmUtf, and n-un rrcscriil nt tliu Bctit?na atid aiegea of 
A^TiL Hnil LiiHwirrt'p, Oil this S5tlt 8i'pl. hi tlic tkmv jcstt, he rei^ft 
ttath^ Brevet Tnnk cf Colonel- 

lii }Wf5j Vv\. Ntf-htii)gii1l WAG npfifiinli^d Mdrtar^ SKTotarf to tliv 
AEnrquLs Carnwnllb, then Governor-' Gcncrul and Ccimiiinnder4n-Cliicf: 
and after hh Lord&hlps deceasti the CoJontl remuDed in India as 
Quiirter-Maaier-Oentnlr until 1807- 

CoL Nightln^ll 111 Fobniarj' IflllU, wcis appointed a Brigndier-Gen . 
to the forces undi?r Majur-Genr Brpnt 8penoprt destined tcrthe Pen- 
Sntuln. At the hattZee of Rolvfa oTid Vdnictn* hu ^^a in ra^mtnand of 
the 30th and 65d rc^giments. forming the third hriffade, Dtid for 1i^ 
conduct on fhraL' occufiiotisj received ihv Uiniikn of PnjlittnienL 

In Dert'iidjer iROn, Lh ii'ax nppol]jti.'iI Govi-nior and Ci^muTOTider-In- 
Chtef Bt Now Smith Wnles, Iml this nppointmFnt he wn« compelled lo 
rttJinquiKh, l>om n long and piiijiful iitn^?- Attor cm'TJi^ wme tione 
on the tonte tt'ifT* he ^oa rignin appoint^ t'> thut of Spnin and Purtu* 
imt B4 a Major-Gcneralk having obtuined tibnt rank on the 25th Julr, 

He woa next nppoinred tf> the cnminond of a bHpd« in th* first, 
^r Brent Spencer's, division, canit«ting of ih^ So b&ltAlion S4th, 
3d hLttt^lon 43d, iLiid T^lth rv^mecte; but 8ir Brent belnf^ second in 
coniniand of the am:yt and fref|uently employed with other divistu&s, 
the comuiiuid of the fif»t divi&ion dc^volved on thL' ^fajor^O^^ut-'T'Li, und 
thiH imporiJint UMht \u^ held iu ihe nction of Knentes D'Onor, H'h^^m 
ho wiw wniindpd. SWil^ Fifter heing removed to the stuff in Rflriupl, 
i>n hii Lirrival thcri- he viis nominated to the cotnmnnd of a feld 
dirision of thv itmiv* n^iiT the frontier; but htforc he ji»itird thr *IM* 
tion. hi^ vsnn npininteij hy llie G<iverjjiir-G^iitf;dH Lurd Miatft, to the 
cliii-f cojiimand in Javu luid its de|]i-tuti-ncieE(> with a wot in the 

la 1814, the 3Tftjor. Genera! commanded in person the foree ii(r>*^"*t 
the Ifajoh of Bout, ivho Lad s^B^^inhJcd 3^000 men in i.\ fortifii^d poDitioa. 
TIjc cfuiinin i>f iittnck vrna formed nnder tin- iioinwtiod of Licut.*Ciri. 
M'Leird of tlte CiMt : that eorp?H and the flunk cirm|jiuti^F< vf tJte TFttli, 
eumnl idl T)efore them, ntid tn lesi thim mi hmir were in posueEi^ion «f 
the pfttaoe, T.h>* l^djub vseitpin^ with grvnt difficulty in ditfii:uise> 

After settling the eourrtrv, find eatfthJishing the Brititili snpreTrocy, 
the Mnjor-GtiittiJ ivlurneS to JjiTa, where he continutsl till iBlS, 
when \m was iip|Tointed Cammaiidei-in-diipf ot Botuhay, in wldidi 
eiipnrllrj nnd lu s^oond in the Cmineil at thnt Presidency, he ma- 
tlnui>d till I819j tvhe:] hv retunt^l fo l^n^lund. 

At thf timt? ot Ilia doiitb, Hir M Lies NjulLtiu^ll wie Cidnnd of tlio 
^Oth Foat, niid a mcml^L^rur the Hixihe (*f Gommona. In 1815. he had 
the honouf Iff hnving U'lif^xrcd c<m him the title of a Knight Contmuider 
of (he Hjith, 


Uf> EtJTon, — ^inifl tlic ju»tic«, not bi ny lilHirJilitv tti llic Hu;irrii?r ntillmri- 
lOwojJ* tht br*ve jiiij moiiionuua men whu compose ihf L uitcil Srrvio«» 
bm be mtninnl by an npprehcTkBio^i of incrtcmio^ \\i*.- buFthm, wltiuh 
fi4BE]Wt><J>iDn] for tlic RQi^ict ioi^Kinii on tb« pubtic, imy omBun: nlci^ 
AiruALfh t^uL vt-p<]ndiliiro iii:unLfe lihulv ta to lalAruttng ^i yoitr rroJvrs* 
your Jounuil lor luil luoulh, 1 f^cuaEnauKatL'^ my |ii«pg^ fur ojuployin^ 
'jCcivnuurnt vhmIb as tmnffpoiU, thtroby tUlaiamg wniidcrntitc uvid^ to tlic 
IjHiblic and Ihit boiiwfil of fuiUpijr iiiid occatiotsd prniDMioh b> thb ptrt^'Untl, « 
niwuro wblch I hava lli« hDtitlWtioii otidVing I nm itol Ihaouly one ii> rticniEi- 
tend- I hkTfl now tQ eofDmuDicaiL' tmothcr vconitmicikl mpaffitro^^-Ihol ikf 

bivipond T im Ivrl in a(f»i\ fnr rhp iddhi pniT, iit iW fiirm in Mtith il svjis liasEily 
Srann up uid raminunifiiied io a lMenil>r-i of ih^^ Imu CrkmnilitRLi ud FiL^uiirc 
Among^ iIlc bcnodls rlenwitik to the nen'LcE from lhj« mcuiiTn is ihat of 
' ^lEvepittg uji iti awt tif peaou a, ikrldon pmnnnet m tli£ nvil tinnr^h) u Uic prtv 
^.DuAM nuMJiuni ndii[ive tu tr^insporLs did in lui^rd lu i1l£ niilitiiTy hmiiclk ll 
Vtm aljku i>M Lbii iiiiw>tim Oiai d^^H^utltil ^m iiniLlicubJlity tiiwJ iH-^uiiiiniy of^ 
■ud Uic icrr iuporiAEii Lc(te6u itcriv^ilo fraiLi. a ^y^cu) of up(j(u|j|'itiii: Aticl 
CtJcpplcLr tuuuliun fur all \\iG peraoimel of Jic Kixigi Mt\\*iv, by uimui oT 

liiiiaUfttiuiu vf t^tl ^pChiT.T ^ml f^rU Si. ViumiN himJ lui v|i](;Ti Mn PiU 
'<&rad flnkd* fui [fii^ ouUoi. lo nn tHloni muizh btTouJ v^1i4it wu u,tkpd Fiir.* 

ThcnviDfE^ Co be mmlEby miiaiifftctujiDGon (jovcrniiK'dL oLcounli Aiiac tr^'U 
A* Ebllowjne ^mirrip*. 

C«aumtU of cnpibil m &L ItitTCf lulfi of ijiti:rutl Ihou i« cau Lw pitJCurrd at by 

rwnranoc opiintl diiwc of l)ic urLicIv, for tli« pro^clioti ofwUich »iii(al bu 
beta taicj out- I'bu privuit: rniiriiifiUiTlurur ibu#L bt innun'J ui,;uiuai ibv cbAncr of 
ft dltfoOtir»UB.iLco oriTii! di^iuuiid, aiihin^ from a dcicn^iinattoji lo oinployuciDlUvr 
liMnuftclUI<D% cts Atto isonvnillhcMif alien of novd For tttp arltclc Jti tliao of ptflcc. 
Do*«mm«Rl cnti «l«nrt rjr cdntniiiL it* iivAmifj((?lof3' inoFf Tiisriy (hnn thg pnvatc 
imtpridi^aj, uikI hii, mnrfnvi^r, vnrhi^r nnhc^ uf iKi^ ebhn^^ ftiirii vnit ii> p4^t ; 
•nd.RLtliough tu tirno ijf (loncu. n ittEEUAhd for ihf u» vf mnchiiiury niijUiu^iuJ 
Ijt UnU of WAT. niay ba loo Liulc; yet all t^ur poriion of i^iiijuJ bh()oadiMl la 
bmliiisgi Apptrrabk lo ujtu uk ■tnti^luiiaii->i, i?i ni^ prulitiibW iii iiuit vf pom 
%A of mt; Hml a« in )lii-< b^mrk Hn^'^luyttlt Ui^ dnmindH during pviKitt >t* 
LihvHV* tiifn^irna rri Af!of<| \tforl< Inr an jrnpip nuinbpr of ihfi beat npi'rHLivri'H, lo 
krpp tjp 3 ikfb'inii MiJ.blinlinif:iii, midy for tUing iiion ihi' brt^atHig cnit ofwni', 
Tmirnat^rr a^in^t tlir t^xoibimni phc^u rcquiri'd by piivuic iimuufdfiurcrA m 
war rlmr^ vrbcn ilit qijuiiUU» n-qmn-il mv envi, aiiJ whpu il u kiiomi thai lU 
iU V*«fi> t^Hfy Tiiim Til" obtjumnj by iaiivi-mmi?itl. 

I Abhouol] ju lh«i litiir iif iiitkinu iiojiinu^U iJio pHouaii-ronl for lony h« inod«- 
rtbf. >vt the uijiiit)Oii> of jhiot!. and i^Lttcr vlT-.Lijliii;u altornaixU eWajv to tan- 
tiaoion, Lire fnquciitly riiiiud Itr nudf r Lliirw jiiicvB viivrbjlaiil, WU^u liit; cu|l 
OfnintCiLata w ^nJ^i(^.lllsbrp !aji|iiHiii» io rnll> ibr miuiuCiii UJrvt tMjvfr nppLks lo 
itir ogntmctiuic iiiilltojiiii'jr fo Imvn biii jirKr'n JiiiiiEiiilivJ ; but us hOim tu ihe 
m of 11 miiCcriiJ, cf tlii- price of woilnHambip rise*, 6r whwi rui iiicnsin- 
lOitd rtqu^rea the hyioi; ouL addilicrnnl cipitab W iiprci fiLLl? co ^pply Tur 
"' Id money or monfy'awonb, wfjicH fJovrTniiirnt Wdun) find thciD»clT«y 
>1e to avoid yiddmK ta- NuiTibrrtfHi InMancc* of ibiA nmio bfi found in tbo 
jbftok* wbicb 1 ^wvi tt^taruirunb from the Im n^rdn xa. Poitimnuih fhicW-tnl, 
to Ox Iblol pciiod qC i)iu jdU ^a. In Ihuc coninicu ^ith nukiiuiticiur 
hII lUc ad^UitogcA aruuig froia Oie purab^e vf m-ttcrjols when ihcy ara At 
ft lov priot, — b»idn al!a«n ^in oiruaniHUnrtti uiflhnuglii of al tht ijme of 
ii»ikin£ coDtRiclv, — aru girt>nlQllu> mmiufiK^turuta, ijut lo GiivummorkE. ^uob| 

Sm Pky Kaval Ptfturi, X'n^ 3» pa^p b14, ind No fi- 




2ti\y. AH iinidm of which ikit KUQd[JCvt of qualiEj dv|iOQd!i on mnnubcturmu 
firoHflVJi, fwi ciimittc <jf bcin^ uiccriaiiLcJ, or ua.p>bk only of bfliug ucortaibvil 
villi iliftculty, auct t}ic uctcte ii f&brii7atcd,-^4uah la canvm. 

Sdl/. All of which ihrir filTJcra for their int«nc]«il ^urpnur* n iioc capi»ht« of 
hatifi slricllv dotiivd ; nriwtiich ftr« nuMtlMi? of iiA|imvrm^T, roller iin»- 
^iiinty, whtcd coh-i^ioflciOj ■flbfd froundi fer uiftnutrmuicn lr> ur^ th* latro- 
(h;vlioit of iiav moJiricUiDiis ot^ Inc urtido, with a viaiv it ttio nhiTiitiinvnt of 
oKC'tuuvc cQ[i[Tncu for fiimisliing llmm^— u tton work, pjmpt, hm hnnhai.* 

llhly* AN tiiali ^ainnj b^- rtfintuiuftitturetL frvrm lAQri^-^aul or dWMged uiii^Ta, 
from ^i>riiciiif of nuttciftU osmliiff Mi ^xtxitj at unlii for Hut prinrip*! ute for 
Mhtdk Uifi}' w«rd obUUiWd, &r aocb Dia»ncLli, u ULin^ them nHn^ unrS iKi^ mi- 
(Arinls principally tVqQJilte, might enuMe Thut iTtrkli<nal eo t# cilitamfiU on man 
^ViuVa^vyat Icrtn*— infi-nor rordagr; irrm iwnp*, aiwl nil "Id meMl nRicles; 
fuiartj uikil nil imiill Hitirtc^ t>f iworHl, 

AthJ|, Ank^lM whicli, h; nflordiiig Gin(i1ciyTn«ni for yo»rip haiidi incl old or 
Inrtnn m^n, would ptiiihle (iouernmctit lu irnin up withwu psppFi*e, a coiaidi^F- 
able mim ber oT boy« forthff fljliire wipply of aniflnvr, iiinJ nil mhrrtt *imTilcjy«l 
ia ihe tervkv:, imd lo Irsti^ llir «tfvii9« of f^luiTiiiin}! ft coutklprablu ouiiiber for 
l1i»< superior t^mplo^mpnia of [|je ^Frvjci^; i^ :i]»u (u ^ivt triipluvUKiiC und |iro 
|>orlk}iJiUe |>uy lu iiitrtlunuub jaili^'ej)^ ^lieji olit oc iiillnn. witlioui incumug the 
cupcLuv vbicli alHjys Lai, nnd ujvidya will otUcrwLii' lake y\atx, Uum lIic mtuc- 
taiicc rrltlti auprrauhua^ ordi^ckai^p inliii loller vriirs, Ji iriin whow youlhaitil 
ij«n oTHLEi'iigiV Art knoniL lit Ijhvu hi^n im^riiLinouNly etni^ktveil in llie Bt^ivice. 

It n CKfl 1ji lime of |j4ttci: Ihut the di1IiculliF« mv m m gieni a iJp^rer vx|^ 
cieutrd, oj lUe <%Mi cjipcnsei iiiuurrn!, wi^idi ll^L^e ftoni Hant of co-opcraiion 
in the dtJTrrent departmrtilp, or from camhiuaiicni^ of workmen, inntiHmctiir«r« 
or mrrcWnts, 35 in timt of wsi. In limt u£ mtttrt, nil (hr wntita nf ihp Na^y 
«an bcfirriaccn l^ny; lurfi^rc thi; n«cd enists ui jupblyiiifc ^-hrmt (uid Idwurc U 
thcrehy arfiiKlcil uf giving ordcrl In deUll. m ropifd to all ihe KwcniJ articles to 
luLTC Irem ready ty a certiuri lime, nmply long eiiou^h for lite pur^iosc, A Su- 
fi^^uir^' rtTworlcriitEk aru always rrudy enough to br tnj^Rtd, und tiicTchnnlK niid 
mikTmfucrurm nvc awittc, tliui the qiunijlioii orariicIcA ruquiieJ for ti ]ifEti^i: tnjv 

(ly .iiewj5uiiill,ci>iripjiud lo ihmuiflUiifiii m llit murkci,aBtoii.4iJrril iinprobji- 
loihf^ any coEiLbinaiioa for cuhaaCLUg pnce* lo agrealdc^cd could be sLici:e<i»- 
liil: «-hprcA£, in tjmeof wir,artiGc<rB of conam di^eNplions know thar^^iinagh 
of 1h« dn^t tJo Eiul L>\rB( ir« tii^counlTj to vuppljT ^^^ ilfioihd, md the m^r^haiil 
«iu1 niiiiLiiliit'turer iliO know Itmn eii^chencirr ihalnt cTtiaii htties dunng; wu, 
OovemmEnE cannot fure^ cr d^tay iIl^ ftC(Luir«intiLit of ft vjriMy of uticlu, thai 
tlu-fi^n.' ihj-y ar* iinrJtrihe neceisily<if [>iyiiig any high pn« tlini maybe flt*d 
upon b}' a c^nnhmat^JVi \it (lio*f? witn h-ipp^ b> poifMt trie ttnrn rri^iiire'l, or 
ihr- meanA of fTianufacEUhng Id ytuti qimrtiniit^ nnh^lp^ of whirh the im\-3l dft' 
maiol is flo immrnse, n* for eopper th^lhi^t:. wnlniff, and wijI pIiI]u 

Tbiii thr mrUnicl nrii^c!!, in iirntf of war, have risen gr^nTly hfiynnd the «j- 
liiinrcmenr of llie inaApl pnce* of mnierluls and w.Kkmaniqhip, tnnny r\ampTri 
iiij};hl Iw adfluwrl ; liiit inking that oTsuil-rlniUj it ^vill Im wen -ui rvfrrpnct ro 
p^icos, lliUL Iht' IJnitiK uf fiuJdeu kiid gr^Rl iiicn^.4i> of ^ficf, ^mvif li^eu thn yii^n 
iQ which llio wmiW of G^Vbtiuneiil vwui* rho gn^te^l; Ji for i-iunjUc, In iTif 

Jntn 1G04 and 5, ttje pnce of Via. 1, li^d [Lsaiu from i^. G^. nyonl^ ID !«. fli/- 
■j^ beinji; iiljom X70 per Ion. Li tlie \iisl year of Jit niir widt rriiiicr, Diuncly* 
Mtitih 1614, flfti bein^a,hotil £6^ per lon^advarjUgvwu&tiikei] in in ilill i^rvJiivi 
degree of ihv nwht uf (.iovcnirnfiit, nid no Zeis llian 2f. 6(/, per yitrJ wiin tmid 
for Nu. L Tlk^l tliik hjuli iirit:c via in connccjuQici- of combuiUiuti uui lunJIy 
he doubled) iincc the djiJiL-roticc it Ulu vij»t of ibu nikUrhHl, couM iio( iiArc cx- 
<«<leil tweJre or 8fl«rj ihillinicB in ilie ho\U wlieieai the ctnl of ilio bolt wu 
niwd frcim TJ. lOi^to £S. tii. fAd. i diHfrrcrccof ill* tOi. Bi/^ or thrrc limn the 
dili't-rvntt cxc^iiunirtl by the oiiira cciii cft^ie muioriul. lUdi vIv^^for^.l^Kf ■nil' 
clollj miin III notary, orilered in the yelr 1604, b*cn Cnrrifd iiil*> ein^cglwiH, iHa 

Miinul MVLnn at Uut period of IQI4, iroold tmve been jocreascd to double 
1h< cftJmMM rate afl sp«ciAed above. S- Dbntiiam* 



Few woiks of fictioa publuhed in Eaodem times hav« cKaled, or deaerred to, 
create, whftl is called a greater BeLjaatioD^ than Cyrit HMvuton Partaking just 
a» rnucb of a miliary character aa to givft to it a kind of interest then p«rfect]j^ 
novels jBt iDlallj &ee from the most remote approTiimation lo pedantry or pro- 
fessioDalimi, tliat powevful laJe at once established for ita author a high repiita^ 
tiou amoDg the tvHters of the day, and led audi as perused it to look forward 
with socnethiog like impatience to a freah eaaay frtwn the same vifted pen. Whe-' 
ther the exptciatioiw thus excilfd will be realized by the perionnance now pro-' 
duced, Mve of course pretend not to decide; but if they be not, we have oo hesi- 
tation to say that tlie fact will exceedingly surprise us- 

Notvrithstanding all thai bad been written on the subject of the Peninsutaj 
war, in the stiape of hiatorisB, narratives, recollections, and personal memoirs, _ 
the people of tlnglaud have possibly fell, up to this moment, thai a eon' 
cise ana spirited aketeh of the late contest was wanting^ Mt^ Southey has, 
it is tru^ descrrbed the progress of the struggle from beginning to end with a 
dej^ree or eloquence and b^ty peculiar only to himself; butt unfortunately for 
tlie cause of truth, not lew thau hi* own reputation as a historian, Mr. Southey's 
great woik is to be esteemed a* little better than a romance. Far be it from us 
to assert, that the learned and aouable Loureat has in any instance wilfully jier- 
Terted facti, or knowingly dec^Tod his readers. If there be one man in Eng- 
land leas chai^eable with these alfocities than another, that man is Mr, Southey: 
but the rery opemiess of character and generosity of hearty which render 
him ipcapablc of such crimes, totally disquahfy him for the oETicc which he hu 
somewhat unnecessarily assumed- Air.- Southey sat down to write under the 
influence of aUong prejudices, originating in his own innate sense of what a 
people owe to tliemselves ajid io t^ieir country, and fostered and brought to ma- 
turity by Ikia intimate acquaintance with the traditions of chivalry. Tie bad 
admiretl, as all riglit-tliinkiiiig men admired with him, the sudden spirit of oppo- 
sition displayed by Spain to the attempts of the great u-rurjier, and remembenng 
nliat Spain once wa«, fiot ^ouking lo what she hat! since bcfiomCt he ccjsed not 
to watch the future conduct of htr sons, through the medium^ not of reason but 
of imagination. In ti^e same spirit, Mr. Soutbey, from year to year, recorded, 
in the pages of the London Annual Register, the event'* which arose out of the 
critical movement of ili^ (ilh of May, till his mind bvcamv nt laai so perfectly 
imbued with a partiality aniuunllng to prejudice, that no bl^itements, from what- 
ever quarter cmauaLiitg, could aflo^wa^l5 restore lo it its natural lone. Hence 
his eitravagafkt lauduiion of Sptuiii^h gallaniry and S^>ani*<h endnrance, qualities 
of which those who sencd liie luiiyesl in Spain witnessed the fewest specimens; 
and hence also the gricvoU-'Uy incorrect ciescriulions of almost I'very military 
a[>etatiou, which diahgute his oilierwise delightful pages. Mr. Sonlhi'y's work, 
therefore, though ninguhuly attractive in it5elf,«a3 a mine of atiitiaiical lore, no" 
less thou as the productiou of a man of genius,— is, wlien regarded as a history of 
fhe late war, absolutely worth uothing. 

Tlie next work of importance aftiT Mr. Souihiy's, ^forwo tpeak at present only 
of such pvrformancos as describe the whole or a large ]iurfion of the late war,) 
is the Narrative of the Mac<^\fis of Loiwlondj^rrj'. As fjtr as it ijcjes, ]>erhaps, no 
description of recent evL-iits advances a better claim 1" be receivect aa autborita- 
live and deeply interesting ihim Uiis. Wiihoui aiming at the dignity of hwtory, 
Iris Lordship tui^ contrived to mix up with his account of his own |ieraonal pr<:- 
ceediu^ more accurate details of the opcnitions of the Allied army in ]^r nemi. 

* Annali of the I'cninaular C<iin|>ai|^na Trom IflUB in \R\4, \\y the Jiuihur itf CyfLI 
Tliomtfln, in 3 vd^k 12mo. with platcA. 

U. S. JouRK, No. 14, r III, IfloO. r 

202 AJtSALi^ OP rji& 

^han klnbp?! linjr moii biaiHlc;]! hiciurlf <!«i1d Tkarc darin; whiUt hu him ihronii a 
ncidi of ifilcimi lutahii pas<4 vhjch wilt pfoliobLv be Icll l^' U:tc civiluato 
trie full lu much Ka Lt iJw uulitar^ readtr. iSul tlic Muquis or Lvndondcnir'a 
Nairni'vc it, unforluuinLflj', in;aii}p]i7lv> ll CQnUiiir n ki^|>1ii<i piCliif* of a 

prifif Uut oiO^ ?f u |mrl. uf iho rfJiiiiidliir wclt ; uihI m^ Uir 4 down, abruil aa 
miicli uruiim^d that iF *i\oa«i whom it dooi, u gKiiifitd wjih hiLvini: bca^i 
OLtTicii ao br ouvteui)* by id magic. Mor u thit :il]. I'bouub delightful fonls 
imiphciEv and th« cinilonf ot ilt fviLVnl lont, 1*io Mar^utic'v uorit 4 uiji)U4p- 
r»nn4bly\no Iomk- SpOi'ublloat uiJ 0|itniuni arv iutvrwotVri tcua^wtM too 
frrc^aimlly «vitli the dvKnpUon of tbct*: and Cli» na^r bMf]ni» oocuiOJi^ly 
tirwU ui lollowmg^ a ch&rn of aigiLincnt, vhich, whfthcr louAd or uiuomid in me 
bb^lFJct, 1^ ncvw of no ymUi^ v!ui?r4>r. 

Of Tol, NtifHcA (^Urijiii'ht 9ml oliLhnK»M Ttl«rriry» bo h\llt> limn to HaTi*'^' 
imn- VI* ildjvpred Mir opiuiOTi M l^^h, ihm ii ^vrti k n«fllfw rppf UUon nf 
nlai VIM > Ihrn, 10 givt jud^nicnt ^uiu.'C'rniiig 11 oaw, Tor thi? mulrnt m 
ilir arlf>f war. ai wHl ^t fiir il(f nwlilit-r ntJiu lijit vimlivil iliar »rl ulnwily. il *nl 
r«i>TiMii^, ut iony Hh the Eu^^litli Wn^-uci^ Li^ls (^ Ijii ^ liiitL-liiHilEp^iirit only ti^ 
c>ii(M- ilA >iaii*m«nu w i^vnet^ly lO^n^cL aiid jLttlicjiUUivp, )nil htaaiiMt; ji cruiii- 
|*K liim vp-ho naij> ic lliiDk. No J^uU Col Naiiicr lias hi* pr^juJita* n» wffll 
ci Mr. S4jiitlii-y ; tlilli he wrJtu Ukr a suMii^It Hp •'ulrnu.jJti (.ht? atrucJiJcs of 
llki- FrciJth. i[idcr4> <rhni*:nT an c[j^,(jiluiiitvnflh->, hjuI holiJs rn uiiur c^ulvmpt 
th*^ Tiiiinh.''! Fxtrtjuiiii Iff 'Ei« &|iiiiiiLird».liLit ht- u ai fai fn^iiL ■kiijfiu;; lo ihr oiw 
i,iiul% 411 viialium titi 1:4 (lF)iu>rt» uf ctliihamfi: llw oihci ui a lL);lit iibwiultly 
fjvoufablc, N cTt fill cloBti Col. Niipitr'it "ork, spttudid and ?|aboi:iIe m h i»« 
imy not be tb* tort of woik la m("fy wnrlcrj in (rticinil. Ii Wt pfthap*, 
too hcJTiTlilir, too profi^iuianii], tJU KCtiadil^r lo be rvlulicd fi* ito oxcdlenciEa 
dcam-<i hv ilit moi* of torelo** reodcn, 

WiiJ^ \ticti; iacii iiDf'ivf: liim fti the furc, tho autlior ol Cj'rit TliomtoD dc- 
tcraimcd^ il Offoarir, t» f^-inpl* tn ivlul Iti hm moiJunOv dtnominoicd Ajin.ils 
of Mw I'riiin^iilur Liuii|ittluikJL No lifU wuld li^vn bvcii better clioaeUf — 
HOT tnc/Hly »iLh roromiuc lo Iho fiobalilc oUieict cf lh« vork uptjn i!iu public 
11 hrcc. but Jn r^tpcct lo ilw cooloiiU of Ibc VbluEQ«| lo irhic}! Jt 1* prcAied. 
Hkmc nrv liu^nHy umI inity uhflt lh«y profwi lo b*— annuli of Iho mMt olo- 
rioi» iinifi£tu ill ^hicU ihia cfmrjinr wm avtr Aig^^J; rirwl Ih^y o^n^in, 
Ifirmr^iry i&tufcing. oit of Oiu clmntt nnd nifMi oirfccis^ ikfltehM of thfl ^ir&- 
cveiliQijti oT wtrn DVintful ymrt tthtfh w rocnrii^ In hflva ft»n- Sicnrmg 
^4 middle tymrv, niir ituihor ii^ihi*r uffKfi tt> 'pxitJi ihv invaHcff in t^o c«. 
Joijn of li[»<iil-thEnty harh.tricinM, ror ll*^ inniltd in ili^ I'^hl nf Iiravt 
and dAVrtinrl piii.rlou: hui gltin^ to mdi prny thn htukn^ f^f tnfrit «]>irh 
R^pAn to Mm la be dae, Ik? Usic«^ urori t«th thdr n^lotlvfi itnriloas nf 
c«injn.\ So fur {]ic ncrk HniiA to ui lolf tii.t^uUa^ly hnppv» nof U ihrrip nny 
noint, miF <jiir, itJ i^'hicli m- oja dioLijrci m it jusl^ ^ouiid of mit-pnui?. 
VtL rvi:ii [hut itUchi^t ttr tilt: ;lulliM^m ^rui* (hiiii U» (hi- niillifkr^^^cV thi* Mti^lc 
cki'uiiKtEbjux' >%tui:h ti:ud» u lo^outj'' 'I' ^ li^* uIaoIuW honrriTB U, Uiut it Iiha 
*litit apiicattd 41 lilt aiosl |jiui*Uiouaj.*V,^'V. 

IRiOimli vt-' it^Lb^l ut llii bqtiuii' ^^ Jiia inpcr, tlml dtc (•co|iIe7 of F-riKland 
TOitthl still cipnivurL' di« wkiiit uF h>i.^' '^'Uuual, af it WDrv,LirUii:[iiJj[ai]r LiEitory 
of \Mt liii»«, ^r itv wty ibr frijm thiiihuif Ijiai tb« piT?™! a ^le mommt ni 
^bich ti ED'L^ be bfOLt^M Dutt« (Jid bcjl advau1«i{C. Oui}i« aulmry^fviLl] nvhIi 
10 nomtrciu? and 10 pcwrrful to contend a^ilidi* ve cofioot but ti'ir*rd the nt- 
IciDpt now mnilr, cvtn by Ihr: »nEliot of Cyril ThcrDton. u a loLl ouc Siilh 
if thif dil^^uttv call br ovtrcunir, aixl (inr)i)r(lji>D9hLy it 11 a sfliioui «lCfe hij 
Ko^ct^k i«T wc ihiiik, cuiiaiiir at Wil wc hlmll i:ruitE]y diittruBt out ovtit jud]^ 
nitfil m ■\k1i mflttu* far iHo fuiore if v.c be J*cciycd now. 

IlcaDwil bf <'itjrvc[i}4 tl^nt vi-i iimald 4lt«mpt to givct oi a ^riO'l IiLa ihr fVF- 
uAt, any oKllnjff bov«T4<r bri4ff, uf i>m dCiiktvuiW of (hew vohtmit*. TticliJchu 
bMntold » ol^otirtlifltwctf wo iLuwiwonougbftAlo Irll it n.fuin. ur loold qc^ci 
op«ei ryat vcftd^n to follow ui. W« muM eonUat ountiUvt, ttiitvfcni by 

VDnvTTinir hhhg ifDfuml IHca of The plnn on which dpi. llamiltm's Hkurry u 

ita^mpulrfl ; And -.'f*vt trjti»r"hirip an ttirart "r tiAn, *ilU tijt vn-w of nutufyinc 

ihf Hnii1>ifiil, tliMt n'HiT umvr \mn\rK eiiid llii> imivii^L4'JLi« ut inxiju* riKiy 1hi d^ 

ak\/*tt lU rraikbltf tAmm, wa kIikU JentH ilii; book Ui \n»h lu ohu wiy^ u tt 

The Aunab of ibr rmiLuuTar CamnuiifikB arc prcfiicod, u Oirr dUichl lu tir, 
^th • nwcitp but trrll-ilizntpil ihttch vf (be i:ondJlHiu uf thr rcTKinuW nw 
Ifew^ fram ihc pcriixl cf ih« brv^kiuif out of tli? i'lwovh ltc«u1uUoii, iIvhu Iu 
tkv ooirubRx^iitEiit of NopdtWt infitfoou* Atlcmiil to anuciL thcuik lo [>ic urowu 
•r Pnti^r. llioufh «t prrccitc m thb liulc to aisticEuith il from vtvwi of liic 
'wkm l«ii«flrtion which hntt T)«n ukciia u wtll by the FnaicW u 1>y oEhaTv 
ofouf </wu vrfttcrA. lUlL wu cudcvil concuhl ^toid t^rTntdvni iKfti ihc iLuihdf hai 
vonfritod k> CTDwd, vithjn % very nvi^w campoi^, us much of intbrmAtion u 
wHI be Imnd atWIrrod looialy and TncT^'Iy citcvhcrc. Thu doti^r )>o ^o- 
«Md* to defiil tb^ miift nf mrirft ftl^if^h phvi^nrl tlir^ ^'v \n Iho fl^l^nnw r>l Ju- 
■oTi iiRii;— iLift nia?k ftllianvp. whic^ ludfor its t*jirc?V the Jrtinenibtijmcniof 
Fdrtiigqff— the tmriyuca and cuboid ^hictk were camod on if Madrid. — llis ca- 

£lina fifths }|[>a»tof Boiirhon mthm the t[r»fp of »« rvlerill«4 rm-my, — atv\ 
&]1y, llio ljr>frt Eltdi<r,iEiori Ihht il huii rM<(sl to hi* ii Kji^uI oti^- ThU niHrrli 
of Krpiirli iTtHipv rmm Ui4< Pvr>4ii«Uh Id (lin Ti^ni^ La libewiwt ii-:ired : thi? flighf 
of rhr K'tkgAn/^ firml V'. mj the aulkiuiqiient lijiplny oi ihr rrmrli ?jig;I'^( trom 
ilir lo^^M^ of l.itUin. nrr Hf^nh<*d ; whiljico ihe mmremrnri nf r>(htr cohimnt^ 
thf 'Vi'iLjkMiioii rif M.iETrirl Uy >IiiriT, ami thr p>]iiilfir fririiiTimiorit (!i^im«i)iivi]l 

ri it, jn-T ffvinijh, iiivl nrt mtr* IIi4r tjrioinjh, of njiire IB ■fliinirtl. Finally, 
ncr>r^li]i^ i1\p I'lMi fiTi^Tiinf the SpRninnl^ in ih<'ir own dcfcn'^e, ihi-' former 
nrvv ufSarii^oz;!. tltL' hntili- ot Rav^Ti, mrr siuthor ^iiutciis lu introJun a BriUali 
uiiit iiilo iJiv lickJ, by brjtlly nnd lucidly aplmujEiglhn cii'cuiii^LiUK'rB which 
hd lu the viviorji'i uf Koli^'» uthI Vimtero. 

Pr«m ehi* jhfuk d^i: muUiui ^mxiiwls eu jtconl iu rc^lur tinlei evm 
«mtt rHlculqDtd hjuUixl iIil- Imuc ufih? ^iii, as from y nil Id yeu it oTCurred* 
AA«ir wudy^ins the i^mi^n trf tfie Itnl laiufiAigti. und ukinf; 41 fivoumMfi mir 
vf the toikT«LiLjur) uf Cii'TrA) hr ik-K'nlm |hv pnTCMilirifp <irt tliv ^j^LTt dodi of 
IhaakiWii taw\ Ific S^ianuurtt, wliidi wnnr hmping pac«i oa it vcre, vriili the 
d<BTwi w e of I'oitiiKiU Utiiier liiii head we hm t wU-told outliix^of th? 
■pwMiPM both Jn ih* Karth and Souib of &fftui 1 af Ihe upoiniiiiDut iif Et Su^ 
pvmN JuMa, ofth* viaknl prnwdinpt of CuHtn, df th« d«ltsil of JJbk«, Jiid 
0IC bstlle oflNidtflL; imd tlun nv<imaff ti> Km iimpr theme, Ihe author bnnp» 
«• buA ovnin ir> titc prrx^wdnig* iii Porliieik] nhicti nnno ovt of ihtf smocoh 
«f lh« BfAuh ^ftnt. Tlu: rceoll of Sir Hugh ncilrymiiln 1- tr>u{ilii>d u^icir} 
mim Ibui dMOiibed; nntl ^ir Soha MoOiV| wilh hia i^dknl fiiunl, ih jjuI 

71i*tfttrn|i>lgn wb^dh falloiKd it well dncnbad] 4i H hai boc-n ^r»ll i!ritrrrib»d 
a domi Vjmn already ; l>ii( we cannot at ripftierit miuo lo noiicc thi^ diMtinplJAn. 
Phit ahnUiteTy <iniHlt]iiiniii^t yet«qiiiv(ii,':i1ry twTOftlliiijrtli^ .ir>^nTn[>ti«rii»d huudfu'or 
Iho linrijJi inny, 1 i*jii H^icmhon lUxi^iii him Sttt ni«Ht of iJijJivr' 10 wliith be 
ililafefthiin *i]iifb*d 1li> ermlJ^nila. Oisii for rhr prvnpiiare rem-ni npmi rnnntriri 
then was no oefTuion : ami vhai (he tin>n<|[ pmvmer rif niilhrm mitflft liiirv bnit 
drltntnl, ■ad ouf^lKihaTi' heni drf-'niJi'ii. I [II ihe n^CflU <^ Nft|j<>kMrtii ijiui lir:- 
nukay. On Ihn aihjiict, howt'irr, vii' hxve oiirvlvrt •mnf rJ/iM wiikh 4»eu^j?d 
ifie tnowUiitv'' nr citmuljtmliuTi (if ilie IVriiiLaidur Aiinidiit. <hir*pneevhi]L not 
pfnn;i lu 10 dvrti tu^re uprin iSe inrniTt nf th» ini-moniJjIe nTD|iuLEn 1 but we 
piiLjr tukr :iii isiil)r opportriiiiiy of nvtnihu Uj ci (jui^iuiu to mu*:li di^L.-iiv>^ ; 
<iiiiiH*inill,|H'rlMi*», imiiln>i'ouuliU«i"UTttotnV (Ifihi.-Mi'cininl nnt^mf iIil- }iTiu- 
(Ijui nii>i'riihijv> wliiL-h fiillnvrL'd ijic iV-cinhvkiiitiViL ijf MLiorf*> ^miy«Hf caunal 
■pfttkuafdvi-iudUi^ Lt'LMiK WeniJcnirpru(vdtoiieenin«tiu''l.'mii.lUimhL)irA4ound 
wnsFUid niiLUrr eJouiiuiN, fuJ line info the error which Hi< ^uudiey has cnMrni'- 
tod nith leftieiito ti> t>ie ic^-orirl lir^^ of Snnmoci, We tbould b*H' Ihuutthl ihm 
he biuTR <iinjirllkii>u nkcm* uf ivdf u il i», tlwti lu t'opy ell tUel ZueUrlna'e roraui- 


tic ^iBundfl u/ the dcvcAkiD of iljfi Sairuraziintv <>f ^vi- daHinc bnttitry of the wi^ 
men. md ^i^Kivp aill, |}f Ilw IvroJHiii rf iSlHfnt hlm-iJf. nf I^hWIus wif kntiw^ 
by lb*< fUilfliDrfEii* of ihiM» wlio luvpi unilcr hijti^ timj i\tuvv uiivor litfid a mom 
McnemAil (Juirkluu l bow could Cii|n. llnLaillui) lK>row upi>[i liim tbc cspiilHit 
cf lieroit: ? mid t« it> Uie woiiiwi — we were lui^ucd ou the ajJuL, lliat willi obi; or 
tWD ciLCF|4iaii5. llf^y diti ticiJiri nifire um leti than wunmi Hluay^ do wlivn 
|j|^Hi[dit lo tbf? fjjijuh. 11ii?y pridiirvd miii:li,^ihiF)' ^ivti L\»jpituit iu llicit Ail«ud- 
«]<i* vpoti ihv «ic1i v^d viPouiidcJ. luul otMunkiiJiilI} cuiivr^cJ brouJ uid «kiic lu 
^vii luuliAiiila aijd [luhcn LUruu>;li n tiaxv-r JliCi— bui u to voikinc: cumi ai^ 
diipmine the ripproncti of tl'it TiTiiich " lo liic ItiLifr't poirit," ntl iIilj icwhnl 
Mr, Unii:li«1 ivould ct}\ /'I'Jf/f. StiU» the -loi^ i" u *tiy Wuntifd tnai^ *i«l 
Wf nrv iKji ^un? t]>;ii lU n^pLliti'm. ri^n by {.'i\y\- llm]iill.on, >t]-ll «lo auir l^unti, 

111 Oiift mucjtuT wc (lie earncil om ttoiu wi-rinp lo wirrict, nuj ffom wjnlcr t* 
■prma ; llii^ mLttcinonrd of the iiofiTjtc poufTi bcinti itiituxlL^ uiki] '^muhioal- 
ly d*hnw(trt, ai wccU in tJip enbifiei n^ in ih^ finlii, Of lli» ™m|^iiKn nf liklDi 

not gittlv^rvd Lib uiutdntJi from tli* founiain hvaA. ni luiai wu couLd put hun 
nghi n a vanaiy oi' minulo poinli. and doit anH iKon iipoii importTiui oi>cl 
Bat foi a popular firitory, we (|*> tiol leniiw tlmi thi» iinry wvi Iwti mon 
f^ltarlj' told* iiTid wtp ui> uirv th^l t\w |iii|]hr m iP-ctvnL uiH i-tm'in il u tt 
dA«i>rvk«K "Hift NLimHu'i^ of l|i* ft[)*-fB[km4 cj IfiU>. 1> mjon the wlmto i-Kvlluni- 
ly flnwii U[t Tbr ilrrfigi^t and ctttonsof Vl^uij^nn. nor If-e* iTiiiii iIil; TriaTiU'UvreB 
of h« illujTF»mi» ofipnnpnj, arp w*H ^>ii ; but ln-n-, !n Micvrbi-iT, nnr aniiior 
tn»iitt niorr Uurk h'< nu^bl In (In Vi Ibi' iiitmEWMi rJ^inKmEiiiMi-H- Jt m i VTfil 
tninrjili^ E/i ^ujijMiiif Ihiil ** (lie ( rfivcmmpiil of l\iriiigjl c4iw**'il mntjfully" inln 
I,nnl WHIlngiriii't \l4^iv«. Titf 4 rnvormuriit of I'artup^l did m bc»L tn dtwnrl 
htn piojivl*. juitl ricibiziE tjui Jiia crwn ■?\trjj>n1i[iiu7 firiuitvii uiiJ dpLiiioQ, 
duarfl tvpn i[]f.< irjjjitifrti ubirfliciK't wtiith t^iii u^oriMl to llio ardur uf rviir^nl 
dnvHiMlictri. It]i|wrfi^-t, linwr'vur* lUil tilnHJikiir-f A'lh, fmiii tlir- jmltirH iiflbv ifai- 
crJfiiv nQ|iirrtir|, fur luidrrlud^-Kuf ihc ijElitiljiitjuih Uvi:;M lwli;iiLt> wjlJi tlit^-it >loi-M 
Will lUi'ir tl^ici* »[J diiir junifMUpii. (j/ wWU Miuth'Iiu reujird all iIb bmetll* 
duULE his proinii'iC'T ball in fmut t^f ibc Imn, 

Tlitrr is ijiit imml, ImwpTpr, aMinmiinl "iOi t^i- iircjcttilinp of llfflMBompril- 
OiH jRtr, iiiiE> wiiicb rtr 4IE- nu]-|in]vJ lu fuid (luL (Jfcpl. tJuijitllNL bftn riul tn«lv 
fiiHy niiiiTtit ^ vfr nlttidr to i!tr conJucL of llie Corto, oxmablcd viitluTi di« 
v*dJU of C'ddiir. iind attiiii* ns tlic o^cnstblc Goi^dmeul of Uil- &{fiujiaU nklion. 
Wc uc toM cf thai bo<]y t>nly ibnl il dvcUirtd the (rcpwrj lo be inEdienablc Ut ibe 
llouiv nf iSouiKipuii; ; tbut a r^fubit^^ Eorp miHb oTa tnndcnejr f wnnja nlulraol 
kglalfllifin; and that a prOKfitci lor loiulutini: (be rriimnruUiticdi of lb« ColoniM 
unn pojapd int« n Inn. A)l ibia is mii> tELCui;b; buL if Clir condnd of tkc Coflsi 
Whs (o bi> diifiunvvl 11 nil, il mi^lit to Imvc been didcuHed more (vMy. Notono 
wtitd Ik uTiid <pf lhiirDrimiuiiii:&lu>n4 wbirh |inH«d Wvcon thit oiiUioruHi ngmi4 
of ^icJUth AmBrica uiid Ihu mqlbnr trmiTili^f h to thv oanavi^wnciv vbicb wiw 
to niiuo U|>oii a ttftabi pOAubU tonliTigmicy^ Wu b^Ar notluufi ufu d<M:lkm- 
liOQ o(i rlio |inrt of tbc Suprmno UovcrnnurnE, ilini America niu'-t ^ wiiik Sp^i; 
thai if S[Kiiii v^i^rn fi-itvwl in Pilimit lo Franw, Amonri niii»t tub^il iJa^ and 
ihM UTidif ntl nn-iifiiittitinvi wIiuMvdt ri'mid a iliimfinK-nniirK bv kuctiontd. 
A* lint* (LTT tti> cfli^htoiiod (111 ili» Htibjiwt (^ i\tf iiiiMin ulmb tbA fupp) j«« «f 
■mi iTid moDFT QTini^l hy Orojt llmnin^ far iIjC rrkliiicuv of tbr mmnVHi 
fDDiny, irriv rurmrr \'(»i :| ijUnMe it inid of the pxwdiliorn tbtefl oul JUlJ 
(Ofit forth froin C'lifbi eit rhi< fvi^hifnl mniflHii, ii» ifim^*^! iW rnlniiin rn A^llim 
llir f«muit» Mf rtifl mntl^iT niuntry, for l*IfnT nr fur xofti*; niir if ri hint Uvnwn 
niii of ttw waci afv,i'Unrioii\ wtiifli vipt* tluni fSffi*!! iin, h.*H»**n tliP a^fnuof 
Joirpli oiMi irtrni] iif ihp mocr InduiTitUl tiwh in dit |miriiirti^ tiinvrrniiwai. 
Wt* du iiri nfy> Elmi to Tioiir'c ah ihae polnu ir^v abtuLuirly lEmiTJibetii upon 
C4pt. IluMiiLiuii, bijl if hv W4 rDKtIo dnctibr tbt (>rQO«diiHn< f^ iJit &fiii»ia1> 
t*(»i>(iinii^r)1 »i uJI. il p^rrrkf^ Lit ihai lifr m^ht in )iiiiv doiii' vt uortn'tly. 


The caiTipa%n of 1811, though not without its weight id deternuniDg tlie 
filial re»ulta of lh« war, and abounding in bnltiaal affairs, wiu, peiiuLpa, the least 
dectSLve of anj thai took place during ihe contest. It is not, however, on thai 
cccouDl, ducribed either correciLy or briefly by out author; OQ Uic coDlraiTp 
tiie nmrderous af^ir of Albuera* and the strife at FuenteSt ai-e each depicted m 
jnat and glowing colours; whilst chticivnis are adventured auffioienUy bold, 
if Ihej be not absolutely juaL Their justice, however, il is not our part to 

" Let the gaH'd jade wioce, our withers are auwrung." 

llkeTe are fen sections of the Peninsular AnnaU morv delicate Ihati the oun- 
paign of 1812. ComnieTicLDg with the most brilliaol asd uolooked for luo- 
Gcases, it tenninated in the retreat from Burgos, a movement which undeniably 
produced, al the moment, very serious discontenti both at home ^nd abrouf* 
Perhaps, too, there is no portion of :he eventful history of the Duke of Wd- 
tiD}^oo on which men are more apt to diOer in opinion. We are not called 
upon to give sentence one way or the other,^— but this we must admit, that 
Capt. Hamilton haa extricated himself from this dilemma, if such it be, with re- 
markable address. After describing the capture of Etodri^ and Badajos, the 
subsequent manipuvtes of the hosdle arms, the battle of Salamanca, the ad- 
vance upon Madrid, and the investment of Burgos, he gives us in detail, both 
the circumstances of the retrogression upon Tormes, and a brief and sensible 
critique upon the latter movement, in which he lays the principa] blamCj paitly 
upon Generals Blake and O'Donoel, partly upon the finiish Ministers- Wb^ 
Iher the occupation of Madrid at all, al that particular Juncture, was or waa not 
an error, may be questioned, — but if it were, the consequeoces arising out of it 
were amply redeemed by the campaign of 1813, 

Never was advance more splendid than that which began upon the frontien 
of Portugal on the 1 6th of May, and ended at the foot of the Pyrenees on the 
21st of June- It was beyond all comparison the most magnificent, as well as 
the best arranged man<puvre ever executed by a British army ; and the battle of 
Vittoria to which it led was the most important, both in its direct and contin- 
)^nl consequences, of any that was fought during the vhole war. By that single 
victory, the Peninsula may be said to have been cleared, — for the detached corps 
of the enemy which sliU polluted the Spanish soil became comparalivdy power- 
less,— whilst its influence in affecting the decisions of the Northern power*, 
then wavering between the desire of peace and the hope of farther successes, 
was immense- To ihc victory of Vittoria, indeed, even more than to thai (rf 
Leipsic, Napoleon^? Iir'^t abdication was onini;^; for had the former not been 
won, ihe latter never would have been fought for, — yet there are historians who 
forget ro record this, — or to speak more accurately, who studiously keep the fact 
out of view. We do not envy the candour of (he«e men's minds, to whatever 
nation they belong, and wc will not do so much honour to their names aa to 
transcribe them. 

The same spirit which characlerizes his details of the Oiwrations of \Bl% give 
a tone to our author's narrative of ihe c:impaign of 1S13. lie describes the 
siege and capture of St, Seba&lian, the battle of the Pyrenees, tlie crossing of the 
BidassoB, and the several nciions in the south of France, with great spirit aod 
fidelity ; indeed, no man can read his narrative without leceiving fuU Assurance, 
that the utmost care has been bestowed upon its compdation. Such, however, 
IB manifestly t}ie case vriih the entire work from beginning to end. Eve^ 
source of information within the author's reach has been sedulously explored; 
general impartiality has been exercised in using the materials obtained for il; 
and if here and there a trifling error may be discovered, it is not more than 
mifi^kt be asserted of the mo-ti admired history irk existence. 

K everting for a moment to Captain Haindton'^ note on Colonel Napier's 
view of the Capture (or Sack) of Cordova, for which, the former observes," Colo- 


pinundi Hh niAlrfniriiil im l>i4[viriL% " JuLiniAl of CJ|H'MLiuiii'." mufiniuHl liy die 
loforninliEin cnUrctiHl cjik ilie ipcrL by fl livuiigijitliol SrUinh h^kj^ Cii^lu 
HftinillOTi a|i[>L'DrTt lo Iny i;rtiit bIrs* on thr auihfnil^ of Umrral I'oy, ythoM «&- 
coiinl oflhai affmi W (iiMri^-' W U rnii>t nut Ih- Dt-rilooKnit llwt fgjr'i bouk 
U jKatllanioui, Xhul \if "jo jio( ikn (ye-vviliirfti of (lir: traiuHdioo, anj i\iM hr 
wu»b«uiJ««j fl l*nUTie*1 tiicrnj oT Diipccil after Ibc reslaniiuiL We arc not 
UDOClm* Aiii(»iigil itjoK will} are incUnel fo pnllblc (he cp»p] dispofilion aiid 
iruilcn acU of the Trnkdi trnnpg iluruik; lEicir tiwrpntitkn o4' lhr i'Miii^nuln ; hut 
WG fltJilc ihfflc frU-'W m jtjoof oi lliF J[lfn:ulti*a an J pr^rplcitily utidcr vhicli lliii 
CviutcicKiliou UikLofinn ibual tflt^Jtjbtv Inboiir. 

Wo ^flll Ponclodc?, ^9 vo pnjmKcd' lo do, wi<b C'vine a cwiple of pxtntdj, 
illuTli^tiTO vi tfixt nuihot'v p"Avr t^f tiv»crip1iori ; and vitli a hft;irty tinroojmen^ 
daticm of hm work^ a« up« iKiLt wiililii*! la llw g«(icraL op^bntion «f liii »uD' 

Thff fotlovriDg M CapL lIunLKon** mciclw of iDir^i^vin^ hi« flhsich ofihd n^ 
fiuf ofUolifa. 

" II vu uomiag, nndtt film jiaj qiiiat lirauBy lerracd to liia^TMoci tht vxmit of ika 
inifWQ^iag Cffflflicl. J'ht hetglkia of |{<ih^B. l)iniifjh tipap in^l hiJlK^nlt oi UTWy ut- 
kvuKl fw 4if i^f iieTTur* nnrt mofc imponni: fcA^fin nf mniinime v€t\iyrj, The neat 
aitd clroufhT uf HilniinurhBcl ttulirivuil l^uin uf Eiiu<:li i<l' ih^L tirivhlQi^v of vurdun whidi 
i« I'DrniiiuiL in n uipliK-r niij iiiEUti vdnubEc cliiruir?, Uv\i: uml thviu Uic Uix uf Uu; 
hpi^hU wii* u]d(inwJ hy Ji*Ep rawiuc*, »uru hv 'I'" **"U.-f Turrculs, iLt pf(i'i|ijEijut htnit 
«r vhirb ^vflrv «'(-iuii>[iiilv~ ovqrv) i>itti wixkL; uml btl^H', aLluud^d ^avn of thi) ecrk^ 
tfiv Mhri ohvft: ivhilh iJhirir>R» Willi itt iinrn^it tvilln luid fi>rtn<iiii, tnA ntupcntinm 
Lctucduft. rav ici ihc miUdte (Lfiuiur'v- 'I'o lik^^ 'ttA the ptk^wct nai EviubAivd bj Uh 
IvCLv ftuuuuii jf iljf: ^IuilLd Junto, ted i>n Ott ^ni bj iLn AiJaaUL-. 

*' A* (he fcdihj f otuA rvnauDcuL lU DiI««aH towdi tint iU*b wcliviiv in fnioi, 
111* VASMijr MA* ao dciDonttf^liob of hoittlify ; uiil all wti Hill auJ pcocotul* u «vS«k 
Iba gCttttM tandBfl hit floi.k fiTt the tiillf^ jjQbruTft. nnrl ilm [Hduuil vnM foiih iu ItU 
lahimn. rhtollinv hi* maim nm^ in ihi- *liuiiv - SufL •»»% thr vnnp ahouL la Ivf caa> 
iKJal^ iu LlicD^gf itiiBijjii[^ ^^ th? bnl ton^dtimhlD 0klf)L>uriji)[ of CnKuli EtkvJ, la 
a fQUH aApun, jwl, nrjilc, ncl grncriJui, JU Boy <kf w|ii?!k hitUprj IxOr* P«(ird>** 

UiiTLB Of Aiortft*^ — " j\houJ *'iglit a'l^lnrk on iha ]TioTn>ng; nf thv J(!tS, the 
FmncTL army VCYO olivrrril io In in ino^nii . and thortly nf1<<rwih1t a mtm^ Surer- at 
OviIrT, HiL^ijKirli'il liv ivii I'btuiiiEit cjf E Tif J ijU'jr mill wi^ra! ^/uotp Juiitil ft*tv\ liif. %tiiu|4'J 
vTbUJLiI ImitaiTii UiL' I'li^Jirt •JiJ lljfi 4\1huLi4i, Olid iJni'tu.'J iin niiin'li Ttjwflnf* i]«: hi'n\\it)^ 
Tic artilliiy imnirJiiiUily npcnRd fire, and d W-*-^ mrmcjnnJi' wi" krpi up «[i hoO» 
arioth with |;iPii' nflvri aa Thf piriof^hn Urili4li, fiom Ihfni adianUct^ nf tr^mnd- ta 

nim. tdvanccd irtih UiDit»in U)dv of liii nmiy, and wiihoui opponirion. loDk puttcuion 
vftliD lieijfhtft OQ fbfl lif^Ekl flank wlbt ^^atiitiiTA- Ttii^ itJiiiLuI lIji^u i.'iFU]iiii.iii.tU' I'bu 
fi|iilni>b lfau|»4 tAcr a ihon itai«UM,^» were drivEu I'toiu iIkit ui^ubd. aad &ijylt thub 
farmed bif army in & liia, CJttimdtDf to ibo ValfOnhj rutui, and nikiag thai pf tha 

" li iHTHrfiri irfntjxnTl^ ivi'ntiHl in ihp lufBLv at Lhfi Amy. ihal iho flMDiy vhouM h? 
^[iivru fiaai ihif (vtTiiTHuoihji;^ ni-uiui^ hu Uul tiiui uaucocJ, Ikcwfoid diiv^Ltd n OCA 
fdieniprnt i 04<n- Co^'t (Li'li^ton vm pltcAl ^ii no olllquc iidCp wifh iU rif^Ul flaEik 
Thrown torV^ invi 4B cndnavour ub> r>MO 1a liiiiig up tlit 1^}ij(iu.h li(ru|]ii tu ihc churre- 
'Hhtfaltpd. A hf«vy tiro vu lic^ir irp t>y llu^ trvui'h AjiELtttry, uiuj at^liaf^ dnvaW 
H^CL foTLviL ihniL til n-titn in ninftiiunn, *ii-n. ST-T%-jrl'* rlikuinn, (Wn-forp, wm 
brouifhl ut>, mul pjiMiinv Lhiim^li On^ Siiimianlh, mEvamrd iv t,<:iiiL njAC'HJntL of ihii 
heJlfjt*. -\E iltiB pr^rim] n ktoEin dfriijn r4m< i>n« vihirh t'likjjdutul^ Jdjliciihi the aluiot- 

Iihrtfl, anJ r^odmwJ is iin[i4Mcitj|« in diwjn lf>* iftovi'-ncnu ol' Vm ciiceCj^ it *iiy Jji- 
iftt-f, I l>* iiehi (LricniLr. itniTi-f (.'ol- f Alhurir^'n fjormuTirm 4^1' (Itu IIijHh» fLci li^L, ih* 
vcDiiil LtiRalion IAlIi. anil llif; ^Hh!. wif j|i iliR lu^l ii| ili'pti^^'iii£,-»[|]r wm li-uhti^ IHIU 
lidioui aIoiiCh htivUij: I'lM^pkltJ tU uiuiiuru^EC'^M'lwii q rr;;ijiK:iii iif FoIjiJi luitcrn, 
whiuli tiiulnr Mbt'lr^'f i>f Ihr mtri hnd «ir<Inii liif ir llnnk* mn^Sr * liino\tA fharco IVain ilio 
i«T. Tfn iwuh vfn*, ik»i ilif »hi>lc hri|fB(J(, with tbt oiwpxioo af ilm 3lsi, vhich 


iti'lAtAut AtaiilioDtg, mIlIi rlia n*-af^. ilioa IhidIi yott bajond ^ fi^ht <»f ilta 

mil^ilf, an^Dt Ota. LiimLeiv, and ilfc Luih uulJtiijr dicj mmiJejiblv vhcvIwd iu dit:ii 

'* 11 VIA iirkd*r tuch circniTiitanru titai ih« tngndff of (run. IlaagbloQ vat a^LvtiLMd 
hv vQTnnvt. li inti*\}}]v. i1io fnrloDtf oE [hi? Any. A eonlcAl of tbc iDCiii l^lonilv anil jurTi- 
•fldoLiA dLd^rai^Ur; Ruuni. Tlii k'flilici|; ic^'inirnt, [lie 29ih. iu> toonc; rcaL:iLCi] ittn tun- 
mikuIUu: liiijjfliu. lEimi ii vmb Linuikil Fiy u ^ii; ofiimiivtTv uiiJ iiiillurr. wtiidi simml 
bafiH: ihrau^ti tht TuaJi*,— anJ m Umlin^ ropDuinr lo ibj rhar|i-L:, Gen, ]lou|^lan 
fili pitirc» J With wuvpcU, L'uf^rtTunjifllj'H iho inUnvofilinn of a nlftcp Iml lurmw cull»y 
*»mlrnj1 d impn*iitiU in n-irh ttn* i-rir-inv willi rhii' Iwrnhfl, iiiiL Hip'Jmh wiit (lir&-f*tl 
at '\ia\t Bill] optn drc ■ 'Hir.' A'xb uml lUili thfln coulc u;), mU uBUmuig lliajr pcsiUoQ 
in loiD, LJtit >(j ii^^ir i^dt nijifii p4ijt-l L11J Lvi\k hJo v>elIj 'ic^imvia cnon^- 

VHlB^^i lefl, ud dttfciiJ Ltio <[if |>uluil liuifjltu Trum Uiv vBiivjr. In tlm uju^ntiDu vt thii 
lUOttDiailT, IrVII. i'lih'. \ifH\ nlll]t>kl ilVfTV m^llVltlLia^ Mlill^liEil ti> Im iIaIF, tuf-rm ^imfuU'^. 

Ildf VmiUii]' larii^'kEili', tm cFa^!i\ii£ riii? jiuf'Tit. nsw h-4^*ivi.>il auIi « lim ttt iri-niiimluu^, 
lh4t JHLt Rnt ETciiiM, bill iittLiiiiify rKokVjiijj; ilt iinjuiiit, 'ILM^jnl, bl'iUM-;ligm ilm if< 
DHUbifer 4f fbil iIf^Ki>min ciinflirl, 1 dc^rn; i>l' ilMiliiiPM auJ iurrvpi'Liiy iinpHibk U} 
te miwHd. CdI- >ir It ilfiim M^r», <»ipiu4ndii»^ |ti4 bh^^vdo, vHlllEsd cvlj in 
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Worlds,''— 'IP Jit Colnnol jranic»l^jr styloi Dliondt*, Ui lii* fannib^u miJ njiirilrtl 
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ftuidf'd ibt roiliU^y opcralioni of the ivrit^v. Wtwoublgivi'Ciibiin'l W*-llr>lnT"i 
k<tcr annonnciiie tHis riclnry, trul tliAt u documenl of pc^cubnr tfjlrrtit lo vic 
fiiorcnioml nnd(» clnimN our dlnpo-iiblo rjioce- 

It i<ntfrn«viry 10 pniiiiiNr^, JiQt Mirjnr Miiriro,linYiiig succeeded ;d pulliof^ the 
i^iiriflQln aflUrrt of LanoratalrDm.AppUod foroiid wm immr^itrv J Lo lh« muiJ^Ei?- 
mcnt of Iho Ccdal Djitn^H; tbont ncrc compoin^ of cgitacii pi-uviiiuea OMigooJ 
in parp«tui1y (i^ 1\iV Coropiiny hy Ibo Niiaia. u a comiootaiioD far hi« monlhly 
■ul»i^ approiimlid lo uii? intuuliHrnncv of ibo Bvbnidjnty fcmp lit hii ciLpiuf, 
HydffAUd. In liiifl tivvi Imld, lo llui full ux luHorirnii uh Ihh tutv chai)^ nod 
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tvMimbPtl ■uprFinifiKlfTicf-, wcpu him giiliino ojiihiorifr flom uH cIuai^ oT Ihv 
<^fld«d l3ii«inM wh«p ho vu known hy the apptJlftnon Df"Tht I'^aibcr of il»o 

tus UPS or 9in thomas munbo. 2li 

In tiMmvon nmcr w*r vrilli SvmdlfJi tind Ihc Kajoli of Bcmr br«l« oui. and 
the btltie oT Ah^c wns fovclil on l^c SlH S<pt. 16U3. Shortlj iiAurflbv ^l- 

lawinX l(iilar,1o whicli vrv Itnvc ftiluJrd ulmvi.^, wim nddraMod by thr coiir|vi-ror 
Mt thtl OMmorahii ilay in Mnjor ML^nm^ who had cimclflDd certain ilia ^u>i dorm 
liMCftdiag ibc balilo* On tho inl^rcat DDd nloc of thiii doonTUcct it \t unn^ 
CttMory for u« lo cwniniODt. 

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of liHtiAf fuui if(ilmLiL] 111! my ^Uhl 1 uiii hIjueiC (n (-itc jruu 4fi jivi-ouul uf ilit ImUlv uT 
Auyn, ta uimtci lo joui IdLIC' of tLo Iftlh OcUbci ^ IQ w!iLch I think I vlinU tolw ftll 
thfl doiiljU vliirii miiil nUurally ooi'iir Ui iiity mab ivbo lai>lu aI EK;Lt tnnnAEliob wtllt- 
riiil ;^ iitlkrinni iTtivb^ljtv nf ihv fnion Upfrtrr you wiU ncnit^ llui^ ^na vnW man iiin- 
bjibly )iLivc b:oii iny |iubllc Ic'icr la llic (Juvcmor-Crcapial zv^nrdbi^ llic accbn, a copy 
of wIiil:!! vaa>cnL Ui titiu. Cunijibi;!!, Tlml luUui wJI »;jvu jwu « pjucrol viiiliu*^ ul the 
Atcb. Vobr princrjinl ii1|jfi;LiurL (u ihc uvliun ik, Lhitt 1 dolAi'hcd Ci}l' AtcniiUJi* 'I'hc 

not hininfpr ihiin aiitif- W* *t*rt •Utiirom tt v.n^fpi' lh* puemj il TTia nuat liniP. had 
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itiB it'iii ■ l» to i;i4ivli U/ ilir i^rwrn* I by Umvulorn iwJ, E^uml tUt liillb bfllwwa 
Avdiupfitv and J&liiP ; kdJ I bnva u ftbitftf, |}iw thv MMnlion hu BtocfMiyi^' 
hfM, IrtRDU bol^cor|l4 could Dot pus dUTDo^li lli« «iUa« dtiltv tn «B«d«y t Mt^ilj, 
baoLrivt ii vbfc :« lu nnmhaiidod, Lhni d' trip if n opun oid of thn ronilt utnuf h tluiA 
bnU, EJtc CfLtiit J n^iiflii Gavr p4Aod ii> iliv vuuUmijrO tthilo itc wsnr ifuifw hilliBDiinh- 
ttiiri. AJiJ lliiij tilt! o-tiuB wuvM IiiitT \iaM •.ii'layoiX, »i prvtiuLili ivuidvi nttu^lliof. 
Cot. f^tEVCOkm an J 1 hcj^ ni-^tcr mar? limn invl^t: aiik'^ lIliU&i TrucD <atli cUhi ; unJ 
wfi>B I (VDVuJ fnrwanl Ut (lia 4ct3i>u at L^u ^?<[. wu u«ri> nut iiLUch uthi^i (,^ui vtjflit 
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moa hirtstrrahs of eIw (OunUj. Ttknir huru: wuiu to uiiiiu^mUB, IhiT wiihum m wmy 
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fdh* inour Drtii HTVbx'. whu vrrv o^^^u^tarncd t4 tiiuoiitc dilJ k^wtIoa oflutioai, cUl- 
ODi bi uipUiyed Ijd-c, dj, beiQg quivcfl af tlit CJurnDtit, ihe^ art t* wall bnu^n u %a 

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Jua, Mtikh war the piuKipi] phcv in iIidfe jmi^tiiuj. and s^n Uh Dine w iho djsljici 
in whirt Owir wtro gomnpoil , but their Ion. in irhu-b ^u Ihtir Ulonliy, nbich I *t^ 
tfi tntfk. vut ai kvyit, wiiirb «W tii <rr ci^Ki mJci lm\i} Ikikinlua- 

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DuiniluQ. lU 1 ihijui^kii. un tbu 23lI. T^ilI wWcl 1 driivcd ju Uicj LTiiLiiid irf uLcamp- 
niCDl, ! fuuEul tbui 1 i«oi uui iitviti i^uii Avt ui kU luiba fitnu ii' I wu lIivu iiiTuiiuul 
dtkl tkfi «h drr l^nJ nrnn^lbcd. and dac inftntr^ mti olvuL lu fallow-, Lul ntiii «rill tn Ibo 
pDUTuI i AJ til tn-init, Li •t-u nprABurv u^tftrUim tb-hO pmti i tnd I mubl do! vn- 
btH tnT^^nnmuErK «<Liluiiir myntinl<' rnrrr. Kill I Ti*ilipviid thi- rfjutrl in Iv tnifi, aoH 
1 dvffitjiimt Id ntcoLl tfic rrJamni^ If it tciuliikiI ilill vipun l^r ground, I BpTtted 
C'uL ■^Icwcuxiu vf tFiinilc1i?Mniu&ii"U. iiml 'loirnl Men lo iihuy? fmi>iifJ, ir)dn iBVch* 
itt^«0 I fUdud uut<»ill> dicir luljLiilrY, livl tboircn^drY uih'aLnpiHl in ■ mvit fiirnikltide 
pHilfoa, wbich. by fba by. ir «duI J hftvv baan Lmputtil^io fov mo tu biuoIi, U, whcp tlw 
iBftatrycliiiiigiid iVir fmni, f'^ry bad ttken titatn oc^uji;^ ihi: nqly pKifetgf^ Ibanwu 
Utnu the Kiiiliiii. 

" Wlxn \ riiiLud lliuir wliplo ttmy, nml ctiulcniy]ii\td ^itm positlui*, cf tonnicl CUb- 
iidarol ^tiollufr 1 abould ttiark jminodialalj, ox would delay liM ihc ^>ilUm\a^ ui3TC- 
lu. t dclDnnrtwd upon 'hp iaiTn«diAlc ati^k, bcnuio 1 avc chvh ibti if 1 Mt^mpr- 
tfta n^n M my tump al Niiilniah. I nhnuld \ttfi> bd^i fDlluwpii Uti(|i{<T ^iy thi^ wlmle 
df du anany'a raBidn^ urxl [ ndj^liE hnn nfli'inl umn Idu: irMnid (»f :LriiirLiri|r, I 
niflu hai4 Im*tl ■tui-knl iTiwroin Hicitiuniiiw; midt ai ull OTtiikU» T «bi>iLld buvr TuiLurl 
it nrv didkcii k In Hcurc my l4iT''f:<^» ■■" I <1iJ- in 4i>t pliK^ ^ D'lr tht cci4^y*i <Drip, 
io wh»h ihi-y 4huiil<j knon u uii ^ I thvr(ifH;in> ili'Ufiiiin?^] upon iht Mii>ab iniincdiae«ly- 

I" li VIC tfcn.-ikniv 1 mmi lifaf^rnr^ niip j Ijiit fiur gum w»nj nul (dt^nml^ Otti htJi- 
\ih\a. iri^l iht: [f^itcitc ^ijo wcic ffnplaytii to draw Lhcm. wen iTioC. tnd limv fwild mil 
all bu driiHU jm. Vi:l tgrui: w^iv ^ am liU <u[iUiiikail Id lir< at lim)j u tliv iSna could W 
«fa«y iiai-. l^up r^ic: a« die action wu, mif Ldh* would hAt hava«BC«CKla<lnii&-bBU af 
ilapiv«an( aa]Dun(, if ii kid ntt Ijocn for amtaEakg ia liio v0ir<t vhc ladlW pK^uuiA 
vbiok tf*ft 4d11iv nifbt l■^k^d Rntlina, 


212 THK MfH ttW ffIR THOMAS Ut^MtO. t 

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iQIa,'* lfe> hid «Hm iotUiVj . ul lLi>«iPa[njui'I'>l I'l hkbhju. Ai won «• t hit 

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fllilli(u<, fntlewMlh* pArjidit, vir] Iha prit lau va huUliuhI will Iboc >n> tadkn. 
Awrtm oil vrhirli rrtilff^ fruai tliib niiUilU tt** lh« oecikhL/ ut imfuJunInt Vbe c^ 
talrj inia llw mitiiKui< and iho dTlkia, Wng Wfoia il «tcs Elmc, by ■ UdX cw|v 
Ion BWDyiarn, tini Ji* wiErtiiJ ^Tiacflry. irkicK I iMrnJcl in bnnf fanrard in « 
fbM pomit al lb* hc«l ot llv da^. llvl 11 wu iw«*uafy T/< linng fomajd tb< (araii^ 

lln^4oitnwdk Avothv «iL nnlilBf Mo Al wu. iIae m hod iWei h mcr^c Itfc^ 
Mad t uamiofkliviHiif UiuhciiI u(i imr nHodnl : Ud vinfylbi)^ inUiAiiy *liu luiJ 
[OHfltmcd 14 he dcB, temrd tlwir fmu noa oar b*cik 

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JaiwuMnn ni ni*dr nprtn Ow mrpi mIWYhI ikfiv, nil I nun ■ HmrtB^nl tjiCA M 
*4oi idiAr In>D|4 uitu fioiL «u kff, ^ncr tlic fntmy'i nfti bid bccb ^fcak^ ; m4 it 
woold ht*v btca b »ir11 tj Tl^vq kl k ktuiiG i:iidnt> lU Uiai m««Eii«al wBi ■**!(■ 
ffioflfwtr, I de cut yrtth U cUl *af kjIecLidii uiwi i^ o^ii-cr vUo Irt] |^ p^yaclh I 
iBBOQt Ac r«nW|q«'qrt> of hd uutiilc , but I muil vljju<flnlj^ Uoi ii «i« evl pei- 
rfbl* Eerft«i«ft u knd % boJf mto 1 h»itAf Ar« th«Q btdid iJ:4|k<^iMCi act that day 

" AlUi ibe actioD ikrc vu co pmoh, ti«r«iM ma cwnlrj «» but dicii bk * itaH 
» jBi^i I It v« Mar ^A fiks uw kTSm "U evsr , uid wt puied the BiEbi on (W 

1 *•■ *knvt ir ]Ti«w iQfwwil. BBd ka aIw mond ma lMia>dnfl- U* Jid met rao^ 

mj hOfT UU n-iimc- llr fM nmiDM iiiMWklmh io Ibft tovlil. jbuI tiriwd al IkiH 

Ivlun, abni v^l mn}m 6«cb « Eg £a ««iiir«iiL •! <1^L Ja m lagniuif of div Mlh. 

*n<«ncnTpu«ediUii^«ftUlt>dai-b0Ktiiwlw ou^ ffmbe Md «f bu- 

lllT Ibtf W| tdilrHfi 1^Gtiii¥t. ^hfjc lljrr arrived ii ibr nurtatl d^ ]ii[{L:«r t^ 
Mdf. ARb^U diftiruliirt ^( iIjf aiy^i nf Uic 23J. Cnluac] f b^rvniuq »« in sc tUM 
lofaUov tlirtii, »d did bat ila hi TiJi lIic t^di. Tbc itflwa (ot nWh li« ■adA^ruiwd 
till tlifel dav iRitf, Thai 1 an|^1 bttv ^ itouiil «f ibg Maulaiac* of hit vu^tv^b lit ^cat 
mv woandfd AcMim, vaaj of wlum, allw alii iMmiH dnHBvd Ibr aa»iU a «hL, !» 
laaqt of ilir iHrtvarrninaMf ofnadifal nr*, I liidiriB 1 loaf akd dlh-ult Hgai&a. 
dbAnith Ibt Nuu* at&idaiv tu iudutv tbrm 10 aaliiii v j vouoilBd latoaij a( AvNi- 
MaV ioMa i aad t coald not aTW* iIiveu Id iltpul imlU 1 Ltd Mttkd tWl pcuL B«- 
aUca, I knew ibutUcActor bid fvtmi i&t OUut. ud ihaii to aajpai tb*n • day 
wiiaar nr a d^ lalir roblif mtl* =>> iliflai«bn- &wv iba hall^ SVaaatta ka*talb«B 
haAiiDpaar lu Aanmi'- I ^at* ria^iiiftl thr \iain'« IvaRmnw. llMf I^Kl 
ihraiieMtlicmbrouf^mCapertiay Ohaau aod I numl ic ihc lOmhvaaA. i*ih> 
■ilthbHiiAood 1/ Arufal>«L 1 <Wa mi clculy J>al it-ry iuiopIoI lu adiBpt 
Aailcft ar Aaiawur, and 1 nattd a^ «t ikt aHfkwaid, aaJdaBtadad ikc A^iataa 
(ihavi, aad iioppdi $i?iiiAiti. SmrtuDo lUl AHHrni on iLi aisL 1 h*ard (U la- 
ldlf|Hweatfwd*h. and ibitiht Piiiti ar iVrif Tt*^csa>* t* tW «duf^ inaL aa anaj. 
laeaaM OaObaoiai ilvSAih, and Uai ■ narrU^ 1 toidnd uwT tir* otj alls idaoc 
in aiibidaTivbT vthtdi 1 hr^ h^W aM oui coat vji. and dw T^iEua'aioritaiin. I 
h*va bc«B Bfar iW Kaiali of Hfnf mv di^^ la ilie caunc af ntlnuh ho hu lurchrd 
■*! IBS £ and 1 BipaM l^l bt u aw olT » his nn fDuoer^rH fiadivf ihal ^ cod do 
DftlMaglaiifb llibai j» (ha caw, 1 hhdl uid Wniaoftuitva epvoAmaUan. 

Bdkaa IH r«B piaii boowly. Aavii?* Wiuhuv." 

W« lA*(<dvc4l aaWt fai tlm r^HHranrl L«n ftniiEiar faaation of SirllvNMt 
Bluiicv*a m««t flat v« luuaE hAitrn id ie> ctHUoMnt^ ihaoth pimaturr, ro^ 
•MMMtaft. la April leoe, lie at la^ih rtTniliod En||hiM,^1h tli* rank of 
liMMMHBUColoncl, aAcf ivcnly cithi ^mn' uiriotCfnpMd actvin lu India : 
a wddiaci of liiL yv^n it> tfu Unttfh Itlmdti w^cit tic noa ttctiTi:^ 
tad Witt tatttniif dtctioclioa, and fipyiv oarnKJ a lady ^Ho kto d«tt* 
ID tUa dkowa. Col. Muiir* ■vtarr^d Id H&diai m Idl I, aj rii« hawl of 

In |h« irar vHh th» Pindairifa and MaLiaia*, in IHIT »d tb^ foltoarikg j«ar 


Colonel Munra, wiih the rank of Brigadier, was at length ™tified widi an ac- 
tive commaod. For the admirable manner in which he conducted his portion of 
the openboni, we must refer our reader^ to hi? life ; the deuils c^not be read 
without b«fjefil. In the field as in the cuicfaerry, henaa ajike shrend, eaergetic, 
and successful. 

Harrng resigned his military command at the concluaion of the war, Sir TTk>- 
naft Munio, accompanied hy his family, again visited F.nglaud in 1819 ; but tui 
talenta for government were too necessary to the :itHte to allow him lepose ; and 
amidst the most honourable testimonials of esteem, he relumed to Madras, aBauc- 
cessor lo Mr. EUiott in the Government of that Presidency, ile had now Ihe 
rank of Major-General, with the insignia of K.C.B.; and in 1826, as on addi- 
tiorial mark of favour, was created a Baronet. The Burmese war occurring most 
inopportunely for hi:i views of finally and immediately quitting India, he sacri- 
fice bis pt>rsoiia] wishes and convenience to the public service, in retaining his 
office till the conclusion of the trealjr. Having at length, in 1B27, made eveir 
arrangement for returning (o enjoy his well-earned honours in his native islandf 
he proceeded to pay a farewell visit to his old friends, the People of the Ceded 
Districts, for whom he had continued to feel a slroirg interest, — and being at- 
tacked on the 5th July with cholera, then prevalent in the country, he enpired 
amongst them on the following day, near Gooty, where he lies interred, never, 
it would appear, was functionary more deeply and universally lamented. 

While the milifary movements of Sir Thomas Munro, with very inadequate 
means as in 1 Bl 7, were most skilfully directed, no one more sedulously studied or 
more thoroughly understood the hahita and character of the Natives, or has suc- 
ceeded so well in managing and attaching them- He addressed tl>e people through 
their own dialects with whTch he had made himself familiar, — an example which 
demands a more general imitation in every i^uarter connected with Colonial 
Government- Pron^undly versed in the political and social relations of India, 
his active thot>ghl appears to have equally embraced every topic of ilfi literatun 
and topography, while his knowledge of human nature was equally extensire 
and mmute^ His views of society arc traced with a sin^flcness and power which 
convince ; and if there ^ppeat an occ^slonEil shade of nioicism or singularity in 
his philosophy, LL is dispelled on the juslunt by the charms of a cultivated wit, 
and the redeeming indiicnces of domi'Stic ajTeciion and comprehensive btnevo- 
lence. To the attractions of Nature lie was a.s confe:*scdly alive Jis her most sen- 
timental votaries, and his local predilections were distin^ighed hy their warmth 
and permanence' llis pnifes^mnal and public zeal are proved to have been 
unbounded, and to have suffered no diminution under circumslanceg of per- 
sonal diftappoinimeni or digguht. 

In trenching, ag we have been tlius tempted to do, on the domain of the bio- 
grapher, wc would guard our readi;r$ against ihe supposition that our language 
conveys an aclequare impregsion of Ihe masterly yud elegant skeiches of iMr-Gleig, 
nor of the sound selection and hiippy arritn^,'ement of his materials. Vorlunatelyso 
much remains of Sir Thomas Munro's correapmidence and |>apers, !is to form au 
almost unbroken chain of narrative during half a century, comprising the most 
important periixl of our oiientiil empire ; and the series is so judiciously con- 
nected, the links arc so fine, ami iho whole is so skilfully woven, without unne- 
cesaary digression or disserL.ition, inio us natural order, that eveu when guided 
by the biographer, we still keep si^^hl of his gifted original. 

Wc huve been advi^^dly particular m giving an outline of Sir Tliomas 
Munro's career for the general in formal ion of our reiulei-s ; — but of the multifa- 
rious, interesting, and always valunlile details comprehenJed ni tlicse sterling 
volumes, we Jo not pretend to have furnished more than a hasty glirnpse^ It 
will become, we predict, a standard work, inseparable from Indian hisiory, 
civil, military, and topographical; and i^vitl be didy priced by ihe ^neiiil 
reader, if we err not in thinking it drjcs honour lo our literature, as well as hy 
all who feel intcrcrt in those regions on winch it dirows the light of a supi-nnr 
imtelltg^ce and au acknowledged aulhoTity- 



*" dot voo» flghi in«9« bt«t«l V in&cBiiibtof Adt^mttceaaoy^ind tfact of 
tlifPowafcoMu,ufthriiimnfl*Md<diftkBi,Mrfiil ikubnuttdtATM iWni 
dttnilwjdoui ibcloritgo oftQcaoaj; but tl » « pval dracpuci^ al but in 
all tlut n^^anli Uw atUck of Tor^fivil (Uin, » wtl u naAwa lad HrSt It 
IBA lunira til^mrwm *iib irwpt «W hu^ li> drimd jiUio^ bccutc Uur t» 
il«i«k^ nkwt pUnibc|iriadpilfMl^ fa ihi* f^ion k ■» tWl iiiUi<lMaat o« 
Mt« m-oigiBdaea Irne*, flfao no ■■!« aotfOftdb Jtc ficUt^Jba ddbnlft 
[Imc tt««v bn*d) Aw fKMDort tooep*; ■ tyy wmitfc Jili i«> Mc n f wticfc 
Occ ii nTiJ J itiiir &< Pmiaauhr fiar in 1 309, 

«•« tettn M ih< fiiiB* U l^idbb IrfaFacacfa «v<|ii^ vUA «m nfaictf 10 U 
an ■■■ b tF i m4 to whivb *1 acuvoK ^ppawd w itavaoc** Bvt iha SptnUh 

boJj of ^Wtififrw tM tmlfOiH long apnicoecd tu vru. 7W bem wid; of 
Aiii|0>, bwnaglatoa >w« g » i« Sbiv^ma, cActd, to in Umm drftaar of ihu 
6rmi»tU4iMMwiQiwteli thtrted oottrad iWn>»lt«« M a *•<( MM 
l«raw,''(p. IOi^Vr>u*iMdrto«dviitfi»9iB«n] piDnpiUhfivfaid aom, 
bii vl* »0M 10 w IllmO!*^ to A« Una of ZiasDca. b«s to rHK U. d* 
Chwabf^to 1^ rwdkql rtwin a w of C^. Kapwr ^ iMi muulubk d*. 
faic*, on pcmnf nlurft* W Hitl, «# lUak, cniKid» vilb Ibe anligfatttofti 
MtfftDC n hit «*ll-fmiin(lfd MmUaa, lh» ^ It «m bM |BlHdl>a^ nor ww if 
eanifar Mf «h8lt aor fiMtltoik, Bor amrto of inrDr.tMiia ihiwi nmhtorrl 
toadffMOilkr div«tt«aMBv ite uclKb tbr dcfti>cv 1/ 7aw 

" Fbcv^* co u i ^ i u U. de On»iny, " air gi1h«i b? towlwdial o pwili aQf 
■i*osl ^ Ml ; pnd ^'m^a^tkm* nfcUni itiiik tifourr ^^4 ^ jpwl coaJurt of 
baojtkni^ tqvadnw, umI btitorkit ^io ibt vktotjr to conlatt and hMdn. 

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cruniited, mam. ^^^'*^ or douoy ^ '*****'*'*^ ■■d nnUnir taft mtttv k i 
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riMj ; dtoettioo to tie htmt bcco »*» impamble : iW soUkr fa mn lla 
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Cfie W b ipmvBlpOAd nfa TewnxliiDw to 1— irwiCiKgi, cIbom 10 hv«^ 
rf, and ^ tfBf b««cAto b«cicr. Thm^ gtoctolly ictoking, totoki Ifht k» 
biaWlr in tbiirvim t«rTite«7 AdI iq tbal orotf «oc«i7?'(p. 90.) 

M. dfi rhJurfiRV Ibm «(»• A* ditftoto of Oif Ronan aiKM* EdotoM BPdor Iha 
■tit of ItooM, tod *« OTctihnv «f Ibo VuukU tij Udtf^a^ m tba boMoT 

71« oat «ifart u fa]o«t«d -ip m the Ptcood thafii«-,«ticrv ^^9a the ladcnf 
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ototot ptoiod- 

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■id OD^ccosMBMnd eJcfn fraJmJ, and thv bm looirM f'aayiwj of old mL 
dina ; ud >■ 1hi> fsmrr rsnnot *ii« wiibout iKp laUv*, tl fnllnvm tb«l in g i ^ nJ 
Am iaftinj vhk^ h*> llto hc4l roJrn U tb* l««L Tht <)iiHCiea b tovcvfaw 
mlTr-ritT- iht mmtTTiirirm -f-Tm nTrrrtnnrtlti' n r i H i ai nf if^- fif'n 

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t^nt lU €vtph m^ diacipliac^, eifcaniciidi wd iwiijjn Md of ban iJditoi; 
V11J1 ludi c«^u, L«(Utioin niU dp ibdr dal7> bo Htotot ■■!« vbto dnv^ 
litovci Avy mij U plucd^ 

FVl««^4<h(;w»,pirltH. Jc rbtaWr (««toi 
^tfr«HiAiT*f*« WvialbirADiala, V«LK.^-to- 


" Tbe pMwbtjf iiihl FcfliiiEi of yfii^lk 1 kiBv>j h^tvi* iirfikcm, vjll undmlilrtllv 
ttvrciM MiDB iiiHiKTiui: u|ivi> the b;Li(ixU<]iLi» irid au|j;tnct)l the imJoLif vijlh wMcTj 
ibcy Afc ftniratlicJ . Uui (htM uanh* «ij i-nly ftcccMnry,[ind ticiaae but ft icin- 

eDRiry and vombk inOuonoc- Soldicra brm^^ nuirct^Tcr bound to obscrTc a 
lind ofwdipicc lo'^iirdi iat^r lunoRon, in t*try thitkjj mfionrti'rl witli tlic tor- 
vitVf tbd tiwawilvoA iQ ft utiilo cf il<:|]»tidcincur waicb I'v^dur* Ibm «ii«itp- 
Ikl^e cf (bo cfibel of pa«jon», 1>iai rauiB nbch m^rzisn ihc ina*t irtduonoc 
upon rruops h| undenTabty. die Dpitiicii ^vhicli xhvy liavv of tSe ttUvuU of (bo 
SonfFUl wHf] cnmmDtidt t^i^m." (j>[i. 40- -IL) 

iTin third rhniilor coutaimi aoma Tk^llooijuuf upon [h« or^niulioD oTnmnKf 
AVma which i« Iric lolionin^ clear ri«iw <rf t)i« diff«Tciit nicde^ of OfiltgncvQictii, 
and mm <?rtni^»jrrict(, 

"Tlw'it' ar»' fiiur <li«inct iTirnlw af Arlvincenk^m, by «?niority, by chriic*, hy 
^^lt^^hfl«', iiiTtJ by pIccri'Mi, 

" TUp fVrst mode, wUtdi prrju-nw :iii Eippcarjncp of Jmtl*p in ccitnln r^pccts, 
prinliiCH ihf most ilrtiistfrjii^ rt^idi*; <enii:>riiy u blind : it rtlUiHunhti ihe fire 
of ^iiuliuiori, hnil o[i1^ vujiplJi'j iih with rillicvri wliu liiive Ifrown old m Ihp in- 
fVriur [E^^^'"^ - ibi' )i4'ud frf (hi^ >]nn), <:]iilti-d by w\ cstniml w^ll« in iLmi^ uf wkp, 
fulfil Sif inipo-uni funcuu"* wliidi iti' cnuftdtu Iq him; lln: Wa in>0|« ihm 
find ditm&vtvti }j.irJyiivd. and \\U' uTiuy Ijiicoidfi ii Wly wltliuiiL u souL FrDV 
^^^ exprriMiicfci lUj^^nid comttjtJi hit in l^OU "' fy- 6A.) 

T!u' iiitqtinliiy of \l\t maoih! urid |i[iyiiit:fll yioittrJ of Ibc iHiforrixrjriip Duke of 
|]niii9tiick> vlio >nin i«\fiii> 't*"d lean of age when, in lOOfl, he underlook ihts 
cbicf cvmrnuid citj rhr Pruaaian nmiy. no doubt Ird to ihaE traiu of inililBTV 
prmn wbidi rfrinTriciUid in the fnLAl biiUlfH <>r jliLcnbuJt nnd Jfjnn, niirl Hually, 
Uid rmsiid pn^Mtnitv <>! llic fui^L uf >JQ|ioItoi4 , lE [i, hiry/cyet, i^itilmhU , thnt i]i« 
mit^liiFT folcni whif:}! ikn Pnncc bnd ahovn duiijig the Seven iVor'n WjLt, ^hrn 
bu noriic nos often a^ioeinlcd wjtb th:il of tbu gwjl »cdrTiek, ancJ not the cir- 
oumilanuft M Wii tminrif'ji U'd to tlio co»B<biiKi(t vLjdk viitu ri'[iotod in biia by 
iho KiJig of I'ruMin, «1iu riiiBbt Imvc cullod to miffd tliai Zivtliori wi* Hiily^tit 
ubcn h«4fcHdf J Dia I'CitLl^' uf I'or-Tiii, inil ihAl Suwair^ll' nu iD^cnly *rli4ri lid 
nndc ri rvlrvnt, of which Mi^rtnii ii rcp'jrtfd lo hiivcrndj "jc dor»T>c/oii louto* 
ynt OlmjnsiiiH pi>ttrr«l1i' d«3u SiiiH4Jr du Ut'iLiirul SoiiwarrrilTr" S^nrli initantT^i 
of"' gwBfi <i'M Ago '^ :irfl, liowovftf, of rarfl ofcitrfitiCft, md ought itoL tu hn looted 
fbr tn iht^ niiliUTy rattM'- 

" irnronrliTionnl ftrtrinrrniPHt by rboicp," corlltittei M. dt ChRmbrayj pbc« 

prar.Tii»*fl in Any <Iiiridiiiii ^ftny. iThiiicr I* (inly oi[rirri«r<l or» ct*TtikiiT iflndiHniM; 
thii it m uT, nn offtcer* pan bp nclecipd Tot proTTioncn vrlio nr*' iini in n ■(tii«- 
tiuii tiL'Tcmilrml bi thn hwi cr ordininc**, or aomrliuita by cieiinm, *nd nmr^ 
|}».']m fivviit and irjtrl^uF Ldwap prvM.Tr(r a i^TvaX mOuoJcC' 

" r^iijrnliLiriiuil .wivaiitriTK'Ui by imrtbuNL' wo»dd W mii.'in!ed wJdi llin 1iul 
dfv'f^ of iuLMioEubty^ ^trid wimld ind imty ilrhliuy PmuliLLiori. tnit tbr niililf 
ffclinsfi thai oiigbt ic tn! |ircacrvi!d v ith to much cure in iljt bvLirl uf t^ii; loldii^i:: 
tbrtrroj-fi vc ban: m trtimj^lc of udv^iKtincul by pufchuar- uiiqualiAnl by du- 
Mmiiiif^d tnlr% -ind ufdl»^i^tYSi or unact'omiitUJicd by gotj of th« tvtv {Jrvcodioi; 
inode», ^cby butJi ofEbr^rn. 

'■ Adiadccmccitly e Wtion cao oidy be employ td re(iin»tii tally. ]d tbit mode 
Ihcrt n no r<?Kr ofpcnons noloFloQily incnp&blc or Ml eondudcd bcin^ pramol- 
<■! 1 Ihc cl«lion Will dp^P^*! mwh <in tlio compiHilinn of ibp dorrn of officer* i 
ihftl of ■ ociq>i coiTiponctJ nfunv^dLicaTnl Tii4^» tbkitiy Li dlffhv^nt diri'ctioti Trom 
thai of tt Liarps cif r>i!!(cri wril eJueared niy6 inirtmeicd Under ftny ciixuni- 
flBnaeSf lliin moJc of aJvuitoeifieri is pi'cjiidjciid Ic ili^cipliact nod mtty bc<:omc 
frUil in limti? ordLslnrb.nriJV, Ell nn jiicrmmi^ni m th4 biinJi of the fuciiooii Be- 
•Id^i iTifif fmir riijd'^ ^iidvnnpi-mcril, thitru uffl msifi*' oOitrs whicb r»ull from 
Ifc^comhiniiticp-'* (|i- flr ) 

M. df t tiiiiibniv JiM'* not take urion liuntAlfto dotormine whitb ofiheic dif- 
fi^rvnt model of BdvnnccmcnL, or wbal cDmbimilion aftbom ii mottconduQivft 

U) 111* ifiwrtftu vi't lUitA, wImvIl ho tUi>#i nitut be coatHl«r«4 in o politrcal u 
muil u inifiiAr» poinl of view he, however, ^nulv vli«Frvr-<. riwt <^ ihv njodv of 
advanctnncjit lij piirchaft? i* pHiilmtlT a p4i1i1ii^il m^»m^11 ; iltTi in i^mlpavour- 
lAff to avoid th* wnAu rcviiltrn^ from prrnnnrmii Uy wn^nnXy, m4 fiijl Into llioiii 
ivbkch fbLhn* pnAcAion bf vhoici>; fli'fl ihiii prannrr rr pn11hr4l wafoni ar» 
nETayi ofipoBftl ID Iha Bi1i^[irh>n of ■ niiHif nf ttlnno'^mrtil. whlrii m all lu 
hftanngi wwilvl br, in » milii^iy poini of rjpw, ilii* hrir." (>(',) 

The cvMlPDl af |>rmDMinii tinv foUo^vi^ in ttii* llririKh --tFitiy, i* h iMfnltinaHoTi 
»rf (W Af#«« fir^i unnl(^ jK)m((?i] mil liy M t\f t'hsnt\\'nf. af»il f*, jwi'luipB, at 
gnTii>mlIy lvm»>ftclp'LJ l^t i^ intnvctt if ihf ktnn;dnm n nnf oilipr thbi rmjld tip 
d^'itnl- lly 'i iliif xuppirt of oiJTan«ti3cr>if:y u uuurod« Ehc dcttcmi^nt ofpr^i- 
rTKiiiuiL ii kf|>i up^ ll)i^ tLunu oi liurd u'[>'4i'<^ ;^rf libtTdlly flckuuwlL^luni :-^ 

iivtiL'L> dws riul tijf-ULiibet ua widi sii^iTrimijuHCf'iJ tdmnn, nut viui xuriiriftr ij?l 
ijr ,iif iiiMii;ii*^i'ritUU: tlL^iijuifil ujmju vLitiuiy ■iiip] nvjitiun, Lfki: «Li lmiTi4u lu^li- 

meal . but wi! sbuuid c<.i(iiidri Dunrlt^:^ eiiLhv of An uiicTdUdVl hidjllFicikcc ht 
1^10 pi(;iL)Uu f iritJuLu uf th^l illiulikiUk t^nnoS hy hIj<4U iI was fuun^Itd. nviv 
wf lit riimico ihf itEi[iof(iif;ity which M. dc Cliambtay't olsf-iTrttiuua uAqkI us 
of ockncvrlcdi^Liiii jtit grnvfixl cjimUcscc. 

rhi:MH jiKur ran IBXr>. 

TIjc fl^Ilcitfi^i^ t> Uit rciun; m^idc b;* ibc Mfobur al Wu lo ific King \^ 
Couiic]!, Lif Lhf .ijuinbtr arufTLcrrf, including ihc Iu4l annual ^lksta] pnttOKitair 
vcordiug to iJrp TntiJuiry ^jixliimtii^u iif rhr l^U Uw. 

. Mikrphub of France . - > . I*} 

OBifori of lUo <;<-n*Til stiff - V,608 

ut lb'' Kmti'a II^iuakIiuM - . It441> 

^^^— tiondnncoiifi ICoyalu . fl/U 

— CnvDltj Gard? Itoynl? (f rmcfi) b^S 

Infantry drlw rliTlo ;d*«oJ SCO 

— Inftniry of llie Lint- (Ffpncbj T,I8T 

^ (Sti-i«) 4*j 

-: Royal Anillprj . , 1,180 


^ l^arrlfcQ Cciij]Hia]ct ^ , 2^4 

MpHioiI ^laff . , 3ao 

— Vetrricwfj Stii^soas , , I4Q 

^^— ^ CuJiiiui]ii'ji4it . . 130 

Total , , . 10.710 

CATAtttf or Tat OAiifK sar^uu 

A tUgimvrhis of riurwiMM, 
« clilui llutvar^ 

4 rlitifi liihctMr 

6 <lliiD Chaouunip 
Q rlitio DrtiflWin, 
1 ihiin nunr'ArtilUiy. 

, <i K^imenlsof Cuinuicnii 
15 tlitto Huuurt, 
fi djlio ljmc0ri. 
It difTo ChMnuTv^' 
to dicii) nngoonii 

5 (liiUi ArliFtfrf. 


Vei tlv thoTL proitppfitjit la tha '* I'orpign MiACallftiij" oHiBrod au our lH«l Aom- 
ber, wt otiuUcu ^jTiom urjcuurifoiLtly vie miifti tMcm) id in:a:^s,( t1)« pn^bkhiliiy 
ijf llip Ank-rjcm ponlirMvit aflbnliiyf lu anj (i^hj^i-mniij^r far out nZ/uM^ ■ 
ihal otir tTaJr.'!? in llKiiif ]jji]tmli<« will aitnliuLii tliin ooiJ-HJcm In hfrniutnsil 
ijV^Ui4a, iv;' Lni'i imr CoiilUHt vrnlt-.tvuiifH Ui U' imptirlLjtJ Will ]>rjfv<-nl ibt pouU 

bmiy, stacl mil iici;»pf. m lEonr-niriJi, the riklluwjiif ncirurt 

Bwnopon Uk<i MiliMry Acncfi^y uf W^i-Uomt, iJiAdc Itr the SccTCUij of 

NctbiRf CUB .lUfTMi* 1M luiowlciJat af Uw cftdctA ill cvRry t>n(.»j ttiit rnorcfpi 
iMhwiWicrt «JculiMiDi]. Tti? iir><»l ooinnlicalcd prahlcoiD m ifCxmnlry vtvn 
drtwnwitb th« trtaUvt ntainciB, tU-ikriiy, nnd rin^jDiofii nod nil tb«^|iMVh 

tiOM^ ^tbouBh difHobU utieJ r.'oin^iLiaitiiifrf it^fi' iii»fl]v(d with n ptomntitudc OaJ 
naoln— whieb ftatobuLiad iia^vfad ni«rabGir* of (be CoTiiiDMHJn^ irlto ore go^ 
judgw in iDcti miifrcTL 

Im oiviJ Olid mihtiry vn^ititcnng, tlw kni^wLod^ of the cndob vsu not loiiH 

lldfVif?, Lvith iWipivi Ui inniYiP^Uaii, Ihf l^-oniiuixiioivra xri« ol>l]j;t<l io eon- 
Cac, choT lEioilfiEH In tehri an- wanting; n.m| it v'-hciU kn Mlk^Hntv of futuJi, in 
orH#r rt>al Ifio aicnficinv may tic 4l>k' lo procure Ihum. 

Tin* popili havv Tnn-U» ii rt'nuirkiil'U* [uoh't^w >o natiimi pliiMwiphjr. in which 
in indii'lM morhrkTiic9« opiW, Hi'Tirit'ii^, inHj^rieiitin, urifl ^virfinomy ; hiii ii ii 
ohwn-abi*' ihiil ncwiyiici^ ilip appbrnTion of whlrih fnrilitJiU^ fliw irviiKmnwiim nf 
d» wnnUnf fommnrid duinig ninrwcfivrcji, luivr horn for^oufin; ilip iiikinMithit 
iCqucst fhiu thr ftrTidi pliiccd ui Jiv tliipOEiitbii nf ctie ut^iLHciny ma/ tjfi nug. 
mnitnl, for x)w piir^KHp nf piiabtiuK il Ja* [*fw\\tv thr ajuuiMtUfi oi'cpiiarj for 
llicw efperiiiit^his. 

In Uurriiii^ Kn^ntb, Uir cmliilA aim li»a lU |iUTiiy oraco^ot, diiiTi mi ivHiliiiE 
mud iTAvt-Xmui^ c[irn'(i]> lIjl «M3jlkA »JUlj.-n in ihul U»i|;ujigu. Tliw Cluinnjiuiiia- 
«n o.i|iiid4;j iLat (bia ubjuiL Ld!i b«i-ij ubuifjui]. 

The GoviiriJicifQt [ju( iiiiMj*^ eiinliJUWd mi)' ]jtijft'nirr*liip of chmDiitry, tlw 

4; L'i,N4iuiin>t)ntink A^>uru4:iiUui)f iIjc ftilvauLiiJi? of ihii KCttiiLC to the irt uf wst 
in puikuUr, ikuIU xbuly tfc i protcucnlup of chcmistryt inmcnLlogy, Emd 
Cmogy ouLliflhoii by iIid Cpn](rc», uid llu* prcfnnor pUcca on iho sudc iooE^ 
tncu lit* oiljvr proFiTAeonH 

Tli« pijpiLfl liATit (Qjvif cniU proErcan In dra^iog: ; ihey nri; \try <KpfTt At in- 
fantry LHnonTrVflf hul Uicif knowlci^^e of ulLlIcTy Toave* mitch lo lie c]«ir«d, 
which pro^ccdi ttam rhf ihorl tjmu dcvotc-l to iliii tmnch, The Cuiamiuian- 
flra ore, thcKfort, of opinicn, kUiA iht (iinr v^Kidi ir-t impoTinnrp dcinandi 
dii^t to br f^ninirrl, in orikr iluil Elm <niitou niay b<r occupiciJ wilh The «\iictjlion 
of ■ifge-pivcM*, rnid thfl kUwIy at' pyrotaohny> 

1^ poliOQ Atid diaciphnc &» ciiotllont ; bui tho L'ommiitioDcrt claim, in 
ftrieuF ef Ihn «ff1ccn who aupporl it, an ini>T«ur "f pav ai p iijti ladomiLiAca- 
tion far L'ltir IroubLct and far n doty tn iui«lf uu^ittftil ind niva^fObla; atid 
which, tccordmf To ihv ir>iipi<CiinrB, cbnTiat ht irm Uboittlly rfmnninWl. 

■pifl ppflimffn ijf r'i*i afiulomy wiiTi rwpact »o the fodNl of thw eadau, their 
CloCbinHi rMKWi^nH, Jfcf- huf a ni>r «*^hptn t\vt atimtinri oi' tlir inipccloM ; (h«y 
l»ftT# AUUPTod iii1<^ th« (]«tikil of all ihvfo ohjooTi* and h;Ar Fcimtl rhom, in avarj 
totpact, vftLl Tvtfnldlfd. Thrv i^fufludA hy pt<|jiinnina for the rr>n«iriir-i|oii oft 
chapil it>d an mtEnniiryr nf-ilhurof whirh tti(» Mtablinhm^iii pfiUrtWi, — Bttltfiiu 
dtw SritHcH lf[/iwiV#i, Xn. lit. 

ActMWdin; to lh« \vsi dnyti t}u\ under itie dJirction of di« SecreUry of the 
Kary. fin ibv fw Iftlf*. iherr wtr* M thai time thiny-fve ctpuuna, thi rly'tlirfw 

218 FOKHIG^ Ml&<:i«ULJ^Ny. 

nf whftEir; VFfv uhTEVet orAiaerka, one a vlut* of Eai^iiuil.iibl uav uriivlitftd ; 
ihiriy-Avf QiiisK^ri romnutDdiu^p two litiTnttrd Dii<i J^^jr-vivti litiLUdHAiiti. £ucty- 
Ihrtp «urj^Eotis, liftt-four (iitVKrn?' mitte^ fifriy^oiui iniyiDiuLitn, nine duplfttfi*, 
twiriiy-ihrfp molOijpmi^ti vUa hud Btrri-Ll thrti lime, foiir Uuikdn^ oiui Ibid^ 

Tlir (jtirps ufHuiiiiii-i L<i coifiinj5"<l of ouc li-jutciiaiiHrolouel void BBiiHJuiit oifl* 
cnuuiJ*, iwuoLY'ftfiii [IrU licmcHWiOi mid lifln-u mj*ijil Ijffuuawiii*. 

Tln-it Of<r iiilwil a<nH »i;»kIb of t^iu liiir «f wfiuly-iour r*JW '•ct 1 <meof 

iJucIli?, vU. iltv lnJi'iJiTtLiliMJi Aijil tJic Cviiuilui, bi Do!<ton, the ftnnUin* iha 
Wt^Uiimuu, *ml llic OKiij al New Y«ik, ond i.he Nonh (.'•poiii'", "t (if»pi^tb 

There aJC ttvcn fniate* of the 6r9* dnw, iWl « lo juy of forljr -f^njr jfao»; 
li^Oi l^ GuL-iTJf]» unU iht 3rnn(lywi»f, on the Pituilic UodUt^ ihc Jdv*, in 1^ 
MrtlJkTKUMiTi. ^r^ iht HuU^mi, oi» Oio i:r>uj( «r Brofil i ihc cLrae olhcn Arc io 
duckjTu, tlic (.'iiiu4SutUs,aLiitl (iic Cun^iiNtJOD. ol Now Ynfk,W}d lh« 1^&' 
mnc, tl Wb9ltjnj;iDn : [Ic thmy-^^in frjgnici ofthfi ^vcciui cliu* *JV four m 
number, tbc Conxrcui ikl Wtihini^diij t^»e C^nsiollulii^i nod ttjQ MoiCAdHiibti, 

Of MniiTcii tilonp (*fwnf, ihtte ajc two of twcoly-foar pun*, and tlia rnt utt oF 
OJglilcuij yLt[J«r Ujt i^rvQi^r part ar« abnud, ejthar in flw tvsi hriiiiiq, iht jModi- 
Icmtican^ or oik iht cim^l of IfraiiK hour Hlioonan aw atfui^l wiih iwvlvv, 
Ui4 ttino vitli iJitVQ ^ii». AllDgviher ili« nuty aftlw li'mli-J MjUr« iriiouni« 
lu thin)MHi^lit vwivU, twenly^Eit? Qr<A)iich are M caa. and thurut pcrfckrEi] lh« 
otdnmrv ciuiy ttvuidu^ th^iti, Ave meu-d'Wa' and »i Ingalvi arc upoti th« 
tlockiv^JfkJ/ftiq daSaencrt Mihlairfa, N*t. 10. 

_ _ . .. , PRUSSIA. 

Ills Majesty ihe Emiifiror of Tlu^ta hiu been ptcucd U Jkd Jr«ia (he fallow- 
ing rnecnpt to l^cul^Cni^n, Oaron Von MufBing, Jocd SQpl-23iJ| lti2U 

*' Your ju Jif iofli couria&la and pfiMeTtftm^ midtun'OiiriHn^ liatwil iKOijtK ■!»• 
C^Hried in oonvinciQ^ ibe Hi^ii of ihc dangar of tis ■^ruAtuin, in vail ni of our 
Mbcvre vrisJi Io preuivp thc^ niToniAii t,inpii« from lbs ftiiaJ conivftLien«?i la 
wludi ihe -furiliM pr(igr*^« of \iiv vkTorioi:* Rufflmii arms mishi lead- DuJy 
apprei:uliji|f \our i^iiciatli, Iht Divan r^solvei in eiiLflr vnlo m-pWhaiioti* Inv the 
rtatofQiioij of ]ittice. Tile txerlLoiis whii-li yau liavv imide (i> ]>rjn^ djoul sa 
dninble ii jmliIi, havt givuu you jmllBfJUiabli: HumiM !■> iKir Romiinri-. lud in 
uiilrr (iiiil you amy posjui a jplundid proof oi^r feeling tofr>tnli yati. «'e liiivir 
tj>lJOLi]i«J YOU CtstuJ CroiiM uf iTjir OnJif of Sl SVLiidimii of ihu nratcLiiBhtiui 
UH^ota OEwliiLih w« lerewilli svad you. to be wvi\i utcordiiig u» thi* ttaium^ < 

" Yfiur wtU aflocteJ, 

Pnwiinfic StaaU Zeifuag, Df€^ 31. (SiEued) " NivftOL^k" 


If 14 Mjijpsly Ih^ FninperoT wjii pr^wnt ai a review cftFi« troops ncMr Tinti on 
|li« t7lii of Srptcirnhtr, «bth Piivrimenu were madfl upim n ^pw kind of rofl'TT, 
nudfl of ejrth, whirh ih hrtfi»dwl Tn bp rinployfii in reitTonJung a ftirtiflod mmp. 
Hiii UAvtt, tiLe iuvi-uuon of tiu l(T)]i«rhi| lliglin^w the Arrhrhi^f MniLinjliaiir 
misted, if itic r«|jon» un Iv bu bi^linriH], tbi- nio^t dettnicLJ^K dm uf wvcr^ 
baUfria of htiL^y ftitilkry, wiiicb wudu but u aU^lil Juijireniufi upon il-— -^^•' 
tmtttir MilUaiiet J^ectnier, 1020- 


Tbu Empffpor otipudcd fl^mndftvitwheUI al Knuincyc-Selti,™ ilic 23d July; 
tlar Iroopfl DUiiiflir^ of fifVi^pn baltalioTiB of inf\inli7, olgbl iv^ imcubi of ouvvli^i 
and s^vvml batrert-t of u'lillcry- 

Afr«r ihp mnnau^fEq TmJ FermlrvHed, Ibe caloun, horve t^l^ftod oth«r tfi^ 
pliin talrrri At Si1i<tnii, weto catncd \q Ihumph befortt the tr^ojm, who ttluUil 
Ih^/m wiiti i^n*(t cbwn. 

A loabifrvlfi of itii< If^d A^i^fusi, modlfttd by > Oah of Iho 4lh October, d*f 




tfll. A levy of two rofTUifM lor every fira hundicd xniLi thall be offectod 
thAxii^boui the vthol? RmiJAn P-mpirat wiLb lh« citMpti«o of lh« Movincrt oF 
OrwiA >'»<l bcEffnnbtft ; Uui lory tiJI nplnoe lK« loiMW ■DfUined ui tfifl vnir 
wub Ui« 'Hirbi. 

ad. The levy will coninrrfnM u tha 1 3fh NfW«nib«, DTnl will wwninat* art 
Iho Inst cLry irf Vtecpinhpr, IRIQ. 

3^9 Rwniiii of IrTir^ mipiifir (o the D5th, (tho pTn«nt l«»y»') who Tr>Ay hnve 
ohtsiiHf] 4 tJTmponiry fwrnpilrm, will hv requjred to joJn di tne Mm^ tJm" ifimi 

4llk C>n iWi nocwrton, the Umiied height of ir^^nilts wf I! b^ trrliicw! to iwo 
MOhtllW. ihmr Hmrxkock (fimrf-^Ft, nine inch^: wirrn h\ro%, }>Rndt mciuLirr). 

ddi. Th« rrcrulta iu br- ut lea.^1 tT^Ei'T^ri) uiid ui mosl iJtiny-Atf! ycnn of akiY. 

<Ilb. Tht ptO|>ricT«rt, loii»I AUlliuriDesj winl ojrjKjralJoiiSj who urr ublli!^] to 
Ibrai^li wimiti, will, un i!ip aiti*ul ofllie iui"» nl UJttUef town of Ihi? ijriiviiiw, 
W Tii^uiF'il li> jiay diK una attoity-UKn ruublvi, it mm tijual tu thr kiiuniiat of 
thr line d|»bura*in?n(. 

7«b- The BubBiiUnor tiiLlierta nirrnibed id kind by ilit uznp natbonlies, 
during Lhc ii»n^i of i1j« rviruito U> iht uhicf town of (he i^roiiricct vriU bi! pniil 
to thfl UovmJinenl iit nu>iiay. 

8th' J«tvfl will TiBve Uie power, u liereKrfare, of prucurinff «absiituto, if tfiey 
do ooi prefn Krving tn [letfcn. 

Sih. The RiiT^EitrT of marine will Tfcrioualy deducl tlw <<oMin;^nt naoE*<ury 
to c<iTDptfti? hii scfvic*; \ho rcmninder oTthf levy vrill be dirwtwl lo the mili- 


Hw Ccun Gu«Ei>- nf Stuucurd coiiuiiu a ruyal orJiuiiniit, tlnit^d Juiiutfry tlir 
Ml, of which i\iv fidlunjn^E iq ihv im^mublV' 

" AriinLiUfd by a ilmn: h> Iiotlohi 4/id preicrvc the mf^mory cf hiilUt Mojcity 
nur fttihfr, nod of his firtnt nanca «d ogr rovEil house imd la lhc lUtCi ^c Imia 
r(tuli-4<l l^» {ujtid a netr rirdflr of Kni^E^thood^ nnd lo ciiU it lhc ' Woyxi Wit- 
innbnf Ofd«r nl' Kn'jrixb/ Wi^ hnvi- thou^-ht (it to cunibinr th<r roiuiJaUoii 
of Ihb «rt»f wtlh ilii? t^DoimiruiDr^iioii ontcrtd by uuf laiv *'ixlliti of ihu iicrpopt- 
aanof tfie roya\ dtn^iiy by oi^r Ijoiuc, vrhtth OHuri thn day, and ofcroHiriRly 
deoNV the fbllftwma re^hticrn* foi thv »ww order, 

^n^n! follow thp ppTtimiltm iji mriu mIicIh-) 

'!!)« onlfT hflii cirdv i^im cUmt. lliat i>r tlitf km^iU: llifl irulDnlB on a ffCld 
MAncJtod cpohf, Ki'liaUi^H Inlo ci^t r>oirLTS' In xbe contre i% we cfitayoffb^ 
iMt Xmff Frederick o* W irtcmbortf^ vith hi« nnm*. and or Xhv iTVrrwtnp vroftlt 
" Vor Mtnl," wi(h rlhc mono of the dwwucd monurfh, " God and my ngiii-'"^ 
jAff/TMnr Zntunfi. Jih. 4- 


Tlkv wndiPbE youog imw to Fnuicc. tii ardor Umt dicy tnoy be inilrULicd in lli^ 
Kiuii;«?f rn iuJniiuijtUaLiDiif ^uiJ lli the i^npful nrti. lini iml benii dinctrnliFiurd 
^mn 1^6. »hoit ^rty-«kA yuuuK mrn, dsitiuud for fl Bcieniifk ciinj?', wci« trrit 

Six Eijjpiiuut have been whe to Toulon to Icftru thirarl oTboihUnj; ihiptof 
iffer. The )^oimij; brother of Noureddm lky» fi Muiop-Gciicml m iJic **f\ict ef 
tbt i'achn^ und lour ne>r pupil-i, i"bo ore to npply dicmselrei to the alady of 
iiuil vnrigiu nn^niiriicLurM, rim coinv to IVrun JLcd^ully, thijij-faur 
Irocn thn n|»<N of oiylit lo tiftctn.lmtc 4rdved uL Miini^ilLvi ; thf^^ nro 
for lilt ■^Ui'lj r>riiyurui[ti<'4j numi urc^hcclurv, imJ lhc jt^qnin-ini'iit oC 
)r> oUick.' mc^hiJUJCil oris; Unfiy udjcr piipda arc to fulluw tlji-ihh In fln«, 
bundrcii otmI ii^^cn <jiher indji'idualr, far umilar purpu^t^^^ i^ni lo ai'rivo in 
Ff»nct, iudepcndcnrlv of those young ri.7piitinB w-lio (iir to prowcnti. thdr 
<udiv« in En^liiriil and AtiMriP^Aic-— ^''^'f /"""* ''!'"■ J*t^ftt^ '* M*" HfHier 




TnE tisunl iintf-f^PArly examinutiunof ihe.stridents at thh NiLtionnl ^u 
tubluTi merits toulf yWcG in Decii^tnhvr^ ^r&viatu tn lliv Ciiii'»lm»«vu«ntion, 
fll \^htc]i nil the iiriiccrfi of tbo ostiLliIibhinvTit itUenduiL The moJo i>f 
eonductin^ thccxnmi]mtion>ii cilbrr by ciirc<t r|utstifiii, vUti voce, or by 
■ j>rii]ietl [>i3ppr, tiuiitiLJiuiii* tlit^'^ tu v\]iil-}i niJ^vtrra are Ui W wtittt-u. 
the miestmns on ench siihj^'ct ljfiP|!; piTPn wirhniit tbp :*iuileiit"* pr^vf- 
0U3 linowlecJ^e of lUem, Tho following iv a brjofik^ndi of the proc^eil- 
in^ on the ri^ci'iit uocusiuiu 

The jnmor clat^f ivns examined iik, anj^vc clcivr auJ >uti»fincti>ry dv 
nonMmlionb fiouk, Eiiclltl'^ Geometry. 

'£v til? ae\i <^1ji!4<(. wtn* givvu vuriuui i^uestloiui m Algi'bni^ a.n far un 
•qn^itjmm. m rii:)it->fltig1ed plane nnd tph^rical Tn'goiiomeiry^ avid ttie 
Applii^CJnn of t^a forni^f to the taRiuurcmcJit of innweeflibic bei^bta 
and diatnacCH- 

A juELior class in Antronoiiirt pn>ved nmonCTt otiicr jprobkma, tLiil 
" the ^!!r]1]Elttl^ intEf>iei.'t4 tim E{orj£iiii in the East und Wi^sl PninU ;' 
nnd thni "tb^ Altitade of tbo Pole aljov^ the Horizon k iiht-np cm|1]q1 
lo iho latitude oFtbcf plate." 

Ti> iiif- scninf clft»e-i in navigation were given praoticul ijiicatinns as 
to the mode of ob^ervjiig vith the sextaTit* und rhc construction and 
DBF {jfaij azimuth compiL^^^nn^^iered rivu tyiKr. 

Alio the ninnner of working a clny'i ^mrk, the tatttnde by niendftir} 
ultitudES, both above afid below 1b« f^letrnle*! pole, «nd by double alti- 
tudes of the »un : the method of r^itiD-f a clirunometer, and of ubLflin- 
):ig the lun^itude from it, na wfl! na by mennA of the Utnur d!i^t!iiice ; 
ulio tlic EuelLm) of Ii ruling tki^ tiutt' of high wuter nt aiiy yljii^e. and the 
iwveniE meuTia of a^i<erta[ntng 1,he vHri^tiTin of the (TDETipa&s. Rvnmplea 
of eBi;h of tlea^ pmbLems tvere individnttUy solved, 

Tho aonkc? cb«B vro^ examined in the coneiructioo and use of the Tlieo- 
dolite, with ita adjuatineatfi and upplicatimi ia the oicntturenieMt of hii- 
moutul JtJjd viTticiil 6Jif^'1e6' Thu ui;iiiiier of «Etrvi?yiu^ a liurUmr, and 
alio rt lire of cnust u-hifh h inpcHsiibU' to a *hip sailing along it. 
Th^ d^tcription nnd use of n |Wrtiil>le Irflnsil TcIo*MrpeH xvith it* vu- 
naU4 udJUAimetita, and the readieet method o( placing it in th« plane 
of the mt^ridtjio. 

A clfLsi in rortifioation wtre tctpilred to delliicutr a Cnnnleriiuaid, 
und a rerlical phm nf n Hamnarf, Pwrapet, Tovertwdy, nnd fllnn's, 
iit»iing thi? einct proportionate ciimeniiionii of tndi, Alun a Mofrivvork, 
and n (.'rosvnworh, mid Ui giv? the projKirtioni of vac-h- 

The above forined the priticiTml cxiurro of evnininatioii on mcthcTn;!- 
tk'Ol subjiMtfl, QueBLiun» in the histiny of out cnuotrr snecei^ded, 
Oivnl ^itt4'riti<n» i* jmid at thi? CoUej-e to thi^ branch ofedin^fttioii, the 
L'^uminutiun in ivhich compHeeH th« whole period from the inirodoc- 
tion of tlje SaTOMH into fh* inknd to the present timi*, and tisualiy 
occnpifJi ^n cntiTo d,iy : the TCplics to the TdHcios qucstioos- — embrncirg 
thr principal events of an entire reign— the ciusefl %v^hich hnve Ii;d to 
lhi< must iuipcjrtEUit cbjin^e!^ in tht; pjrernment of ihe country'^coTn- 

flviH dvncriptJoniit <jf the mint dii^trri^uihhf^d engng^ments bv m'U and 
Knd.^c, w«r« given iawritmgi and ihe correct intormaticnaioniftfiled 


by fhfl Pupils on time subjects, called A^b tbe warm encomiums of 
the officers present. 

The progress of the senior students in the French lan^sge was tnoat 
EatksfactUTj ; and some very capital specimens of their proeress in 
drawing, nnder the able directioQ of Afr. J. C- Schetky, were submitted 
to the inspection of the mastera and TJsitOTS who attended. 

Tite e&amlQations occupied a week, and at their termination the two 
prize medals were adjudged. The Btndents being collected for thii 
purpose. Professor luman, in presence of the first Lord of the Ad- 
miralty, the Port Admira], the Commissioner of the Dock-yard, and 
other officerH, bestowed flattering expressions of encomium on the pro- 
gress which Mr- David Melville Ross had mode in his genera] atuoieft, 
and aivarded to him the principal gold medal. He aUo complimented 
Sir Frederick William Erakine NicoUon, Bart, for the able manner in 
which he had passed his examinations, and awarded to him the iecond 
medal. The ProfeKsor then expressed his approbation of the progrew 
made by several of the other students, after which the vacation com- 



Charles, by the Grace of God, King of France and Navarre. 

Having examined the Ordonnance of the 27th Au^st, 1814, and 
particularly the tables which contain the scale of pensions awarded to 
officers and soldiers of the army. 

Having deliberated also upon the 2Gth Article of the law in re^^ard 
to the finances, bearing date 25th March, 1817- 

Wishing to improve the scale of military pensions in oa far ae it ad- 
mits of amelioration. 

Upon the report of Our Secret ary-at-war. 

We have ordered, and do order as follows r 

I, The table of military pensions fur length of fiervice, contained in 
the Ordonnance of the 37th Aug. 1814, is abrt^ated, and the annexed 
scale is substituted for it. 

It, All military pensions awarded from this date, are to be granted 
according to the new scale. 

Ill- In the suppositious years which are allowed to be reckoned on 
account of campaigns above the period of actual service, a fraction of a 
year may be reckoned a whole year, and the same rule holds good in 
motions of several years> 

jv. Where the former regulations have not been abrogated by this 
ordonnance, they are to continue in force- 

V. Our Secretary of Slate for the War Department and the Minister 
of Finance, are directed to he guided by this Ordonnance, in as far as 
they are concerned. This Ordonnance is to be published in the Bulle- 
tin of Laws. 

Given at Our Palace of Saint Cloud, the 10th day of October, 1829, 
and the Sixth of Our reign, 

Charleb, the King. 
CoHTB PR BouRUDNT, Secretary at War. 


NOTES CN nrUTAltr ftWftlONft, 
PEN6(Q&-S yon J.EJvij11[ Qf .&£.^yicE. 

I ii-BUrioi-rjDnenil .>,... 



CjipKin ........ 

Lieuusuriui -..,,- i . * 

Aiijii'ant-!*fln5-Offificr ,,.-., 

rnrpanl. Uiigodlvr • • 


Canln d'Arttttc™, !■! •nil fld f'l 

d'El«('A1»U<r Am(if<-r in Ihr Arwnnh 
Garde du Ccme. XI C'tiu. Gutlc d' 

Al^lWlJE^ 3Jrku.CuLdlKl(r| <rf Aj 


Clirdn Au i'pn\f, 3d Tlun 


MrutFr-WufkiujiD in ihc Itoral Mflnu'f 

riiUie* uf AniiB tud Fuuadoriu < ■ ' 
OvvrivJ of like tkinv . , - ^ . - < 
Intcn^nnl Mditairv ■-..-. 
Sint-iDCTtJanl Mkl^mm . . . - . 

AdjotniBiu unt-iaunidiiiii MiUuim . 
(Ifficiej dc Saul* til chtf il"Anii*ex ell 
Ofiiacr dc **ari1^ laijiKTour . , - f 

OHinwrdff Sant^ en 
f1'Ddmini«E'3lN>h ' 
■Icf hi>pilai]i 

VcltHDiUy SiiT^«D, lot CIam 
Duro. adClui , . . , 

Coiom^uBi'e 4i4aium«tf .... 
AtijuinT ruin CnmiiiuAtiTU (1?t giitiTci 

Mft^flr - - - I 

Aiifp'Major . f 
*l(ni \' A idi?-M ajor J 

Tfc*. cflaThfr-| Muimuni 

^in (lilt yr<!tr« il- 
I nrtoDBJ far 




I son 









4 on 







































*^* Tbp pcijtmni lu hiduWBt vr unuiia] iiioliiilJci hj uqtlDiiLt, on init-fiivith vTllic 
uHLimiuin of dinu blicvirU 'ur lon^li of >orvifc» according Ut liLr lopociive ruU ot llir 

^rtttty^al-^Nai, (out* » Rn|i|iMnvT. 




TO Tiir tiurf>n or mr t'KiTFE> stkvrct jotiKsnt.. 
CcioHcl ^apitir m r^pttf to OVnfra/ Brcnuv:T^ 

Ml- Tji'in^Ut — Ori^ Bi'imicr'j vbsf rvmiijui upon Uie Wtlc« of Roti^t mud 
Viuijait;!, Utnuud aomr cT|iUiLulJun i>ei %i\y put. 

Syith, Kspcct lo ihc fiATii lUlioOf Ihii Grncral affinu*, ihtil lie, wilh ailj mo 
Fnbcn coTDpjijitei Lrok? iIk 'Jl^th 1 said a uiAu'c ^ti^f^/ivaotEackcd ihat cwpB, 
lifOiH^ my Lnquirivi W lu Hmi cuncluaion , biil I cimuof prrlcnd on l»TJi«Fiy lo 
cwiU^itil af« wl>o viki an v^t-wildiiM) hihI it ie t'&t 'Ihi oAi^vr* cif i^ 20l3i f^vi- 
mont 10 ((Jijfirm ct dtny ttic GcLLcral'i tUlcititiLl, Aj)p4:nnmco« urc dcfcillaV 
«]y«ivh11j' M \\-j jjunibers in a guddcii alUck. Vcl CoioejcE ^'n^* who 4u odo 
>rj6i>iicr«i coiikE frfjdi ilul ^touniBtaa«i if he yd hvDA/fl;iv4? »rttiE6iolcir^ 
tiers I cnnnut forbear relating an atitcdfHi- of Ihat Im^p man. I 
ICunl, lUul wIliIaI in die mid^t of his caplon, ho nerct c«iis(!d, ri^^^Ordlef* of 
ttwa !i<e, to wa^'« liiu hiii, and a* Toug as his voico could bf Ii&ikI, tnJlod oa 
IkcKof hi) n^g'iTiiciil who remained licilifjDg, to pefTdveTe and obargc IhO nxwtioy. 

Wilt re*[ji?Pi to fbp gfijunrJa iipmi ^uhicb I sivo 5000 men re Jjibordp, 1 oin 
ftdd ucikirju; r4> my Utt- Ueii, Itrenmer mtutT. f>e llie bE>it judge af ibi' fact; but 
If ihi'A' 4€re only 19lH> rivridi, I Jdli>>r& In my <i|fimciii, \h%\ tt inu « nuU act 
Id ^cifrt^ lliG hiig^T^ of ^ViaoibugeirEif u rosber ittri to remain *o long oa ibv 
pl«JD ofK'jri^:! ill aHvan<?c of tho^o Jieiglits, nnd thai Lnbotdc'i soncralihip tv- 
■olvM imwlf irirt ji//rrriinnrcJolfy. Tliii, hr>wpvitr^ n nipjwlj opinion fl^in*! 

Om. hrcnnirr m\^\ii «(!! M bun if T hnd cillribiUPd fn him thr r^prfftilm 
quoted III your inLtrioi nibiive lo \'iinifto, heletlcI^, *' f(»ii tbr rpicrvF of Ctcn^ 
Ki.-llp[nj;ii) cwmr r^j'" ukicli unplJo>i igrignitci^ uf llii: dispu^lticn lUjd fUilp of 
llw KfvillIj iiiTii^ |tr»ivii.iLi4 in ihp jiriiuii* Bui tfic Cpcnr^nl 1i:iB proluibL)' vt*n 
Miuc ln«ccijrpjl4< cilnu:! fruui tuv \vnih, iia budi tliP mijfiEiiil Icii uuiJ tin' IrShv 
iMba of lit) Ibc Cuuiil MuLliUw Duciiiu nrr di^i^r— <" If ihc rv*vt¥t^ Imd yet 
ihar^eil^'' ^' Si k tmltvc amit dtyii liyPMit ^" >'uw ibi* wu* uuiilicf nu vit- 
*oldlcrlike nijj' a foQiiib i)Lii^tl]on troD^ a jduu luil takirn ki) ^m uadiLct^tMful 
duiitc^ Lie Imi) Kvn Icjtiu n'UirLKul b^ tlic* nirLti^ und tw mtundlj wJtilLi^d lo 
lma*r ifljiicvrn iiilAiV liml \mu ctriiLiinrd vfliU (be cbtilfV uf Cbn rc^rtt, iu 
•liofl, if .ill hope of rtud iticvcaiwai eMiiijuiahei. 

Till? f>enf!ni[ sayyi, ibnl he first tan Sir Aithui Wdlnlr-y it Moc^irn. It i* 
pfobntU] iJiMt HB thpTf yen Wo CommoiidcfMn-cbiof, C«n. Br? nnitr mny lini'* 
ViUtftluTi %it llnfiy llurninJ for $ir ArlTiur; nnd flj^Hiruit lh ixtMildf ihnt Sir 
Artbut WcllcaUy mivloc^k wme olbei Freiicli officer f«i Bfcimur; cilbcr sup- 
lioution w(nr\i\ TLconciL' conflicl«ig authunlica; for 11 •'M Ujq Duke uf Wei- 
JiOgKu^birpioU'^ho rcbicd t? lac tbt^ wnvcraaUoD loquciiiaa- 

41^ J aiDj SiTi your obcdii<oi q?rvnnt. 

Uf. EmTOTt^En 4 Hmfl-ik inicrtcd in Itui nionlh*« numlitT of tbv United 

t Joumil, ynu arc tn gonrf bi lo evprnn rt with ofajiftin htttrinu fma\ ir«, 
'Ibi* invitation you 'miy m^nn to rail ftir » n-jnirnl^T 1'»ih(» i^bBPi-vaiiinn 
on vty form'T jHltpr, nil 1 cflii w^y in, iliflt 1 nm pftrt*«ly roTuriflu:^ frf Tha 
tTPit 1 foil iiitn^ in HnpriCMltig ih* rtrfct brij^dp of Grii. StuDrt'f divli^nri Tf> hnve 
liAf.ti cnriiiiiirid^^'l At Albiif-ra by Gen, Uoit^ljton. I uLludeil, at Via eiidtntj to 
hni^vda m'ArThmwn by thi! r rcnch civalry ; and if tbt iuforrntc dniwii fVom 
MVAt la in Qtitrj m\\neti jiiit, ttji; ninm of ilio unnimiLbri' unri iJifiitfy huL 
.tildp : ifg CD tbi- oib0 liand, yon lliiNk Oiul JUiy fuilhei tni'Liibiuioiis of nrtic 

* 11]« pimnl CelDaet Sfr O. lU B. Wny. Kl. tnd CD.— £ph 


inSi CUREtK6P0^1>l£^cR. 

can be ofuHiin fgnvfenUns the vtry Uudvhk unil«rt«kkug inwhJah y<m ftrv «k 
ftf^, I c>ui bMuro you lluT, 119 yi^u liitYf aJwoyi bnJ my best wiuitVf iq you 
nay m mtv Ijtric voiutneuHl wtm^'wr md it lai^y be in >ii> j-ioAvr iit I'Ctii-ler. 

la tiJiltavouniiti to cuicnd thr liiiovJcd^c cif Il>c scif nf4 of wu, ft ^vidp fidd^ 
10 opcri lo your tuntjoni » iot t:hou;:h the hbt^i^' of mnnkind n liltio inoir tfrnn 
^\i! lii>^lqTY ^f (Uoir wan anil ttjcwn^ion", flic (h^'ifn^j? vf war iispM i* »til1 mf •- 
fopCfl jh Jurkni^vK aird ptrjilfxiEy : unil ilmii^L rei^uiring, from ^ic TottI nhhcnw 
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mill a(>r«'] u])Cin hy Itio^c vbo enter on the ini1>laf)i proffsti^n. 

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unlbrmpniply, a veiy lAif«rent t/ridfiicy- Hcf^niife iTieic is Irttfc ihm cnn be di»- 
LJiiL'lly liiu^ht, II is too hiuUly cuiidnJad thai iberp \» llitif! tu be litirTii?f| ; 
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Ink. dgca noi bc,ir uiioii il- 

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und k«iowl«dnp iccin lo be *!oiic n<i]ijirrcl, foi few h*itr aitaintd |y »ny rmik 
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diHcrcnt conAi-t^iiuiicts nmy rCHuLt frcm \hc BkJful 4i)il unitkillVit ctfctjdoii cf 
orden- Tlie LiipiaiN wlio posti or wiihdmv^a a picket^ can only fccfivc c^cpk- 
ml dircGtioiiE for bi? coiiducl; tbe manner of miryin^ Ibeni idto effect must dc- 
poml upon hiiTiBpIf, und on ihM ifiannoi Uio Uvts oftbow enlnistod lo fiie rhniT^ 
miKii eJpo depL'nd, Tli« you»|^«t «n!4i^ri whv a^-^lroie to fijmt up lik cuImIivj- 
iian m Din^f or uko diwi nor^ or dft^t nnl knnw host, tii Ail«nd 10 tb<- ili^a^ly 
and convcE linng <t( lu£ i»«ii. ntiiy liiEl by Itis owu mAtlnntian, ai havQ tlio blood 
ofoUien to ■insw^r for. Hha l?rrible rc-i^Huiiitiihiy, invKuiiig with ircreuing 
nink, vliicU thit prnrHtmn of urnti i-uluib upon aitJ otftoci*, can b« met only hy 
diK coniKii-rirLoii«i;n«i! i^f linving cvprlvd «v#ry |k>w for the lEiiiinmGiU of c:[U3li- 
iLi'e niH'cvMry fur thu clucbar^ of dutt«a,on vhlcb not only ib« bt«a uf bim- 
dwdii nnd uf ibon><ind\ bul even ihc linuAur ninl rvniiUiUi^ri of tW couniry 
may depend ; ^nd whidb liavobc^dcA in ba pcrfonuvd in ihii nion trying ilnio- 
tvnuv wbon iniinnt do^itK »nd bomldv mutJlaLi^ ut thrrtilipniiig in ctvrydk* 

I bi^ to lUiiii<rnili* wliikl 1 liRi'f brn» AtitTnl, by ivio vriry Htrlklug ^r.imp1fli : 
Aiid afi I termprfy [irniil«l fiui in ynu bow fttvn man, mippiWd to bo W tb(? very 
bend nf bi!i pnifiuion, wnn iiUl n-raovi-d fm,ii bnilnj 11 )lih vifw of that mn»i 
difllcull pmft^^iori, itiid En vIidi cmi»i<<|iieni'f7i I114 crrror leil, in I [low brj^ Li 
]iomi out to jtFii, \\a- conwciui-nii? lli-il Iiuvl- m11tt1.1t from Ihr iiiuiL>ii<.'ily uf 
Olow, wbii»«' Miljiinliiuili'i jnk .md *ini;iTifin imikc llii-ni Ijinrj i|ieiiT*U(« fWi: 

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thuE of 1 nnniKiiI, nmy in eIif utiiJ> Lpud \o caujiequ^J^is vqu^lly ^lUaL 

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I'cviidi •irmv, utiTUr Nniiolforit croHcci like AIui> ititii c;t4]ir vrry inddi-nly an a 
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fur JLrLttlery Uv cloac uuilci tlip walli of Iho pber, and a4 ibv infaiilry cuuM iiui 
cren prtxred wiflioul mnVin^ 1 InnK ii'J f^inuin^ dftiWt fr>riiint iiafi here 

Slirr-i in irii? hcinctit cf n dtjiui^t of mlv^iEr^. tht nir:>kiii of am^^lirii; itif <nm< of 

(Mhy wuulJ huYC fiu^mtcd liie wKotc o1 the cuicrpTifo. Uul ihc AuMtinn o^ 
ecf, nowcPCT brave he nuijHt hiivc t>eon trSflh aoTin^ ondM the tyei ofhi-v frupc- 
rion^VfU (oinily moiiKiI'lu ofjicliiigior htm-<*|f: lit- not otil/»Ntn*fd iht I'nnch 
lo dmc kIi*^' ouiut lUcng midt^r vuvee cl ilic nij^lit, iitinDst without mnK-i'niion, 
hat cttpitul^Tud 0* «auLi nd two pieces of artillery Jiad been bruudkl to bt[ir uitnn 
tlu yjljee, Dl n mcrc*ly noinina] rkn^et tirid b^ore q cmgle tlone e4' (l>? uarlu litil 
been injured. The hriMirk ;ifi)t«urttd <mi their marth, iniprropTcd Gen. fWlo, 
uhn ua^ innivhEdLJ tA join Mvlut, by Ittu or tbreo honn, 4tKl ■ilrnnnud/ (T'l^'ied 
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ftOLiU'd idftinU A faiA addinonai bntrahoiAs. kuII leaa ouiuiisi nn ^ildulonAl ^Lmiv- 
* |L loiaat JG ponw ■npi-rttu,'* way* Kfedi^rkefc the Sp-'Ond ; "de emiqutr la eon- 
djjiie d' iin Iwnme nm n^d mi'? iilsiof ^an* qa' jl y ail ni tmnfbee ouverfe nl 

Hirinff, ai4 in daiy hcniiul, eirrrn HiptalTtA tli« preference, I nan eonw (o th« 

When, ;ift<T dip cmi*iroji1ifl i>f V\xo, \'\vtixv\ wm i^kph by ihe Ffpneh. in th* 
witiief ol" ISlt.^j ihe r-iiiHini *if Mil* AntJnmi nrmy cmihfri to fhr tpft b^ink rtf tfii* 
|>Liii]ti^, in itrdtT Ki JEfui i\\« Ruuiuiiii, ivUo were adviinriij]^ In i}ih dtr^iclKm of 
KrriiH. "Xh*. imly brid^ze Wvill^ hci miiii-d, mhh If n iii dtkrv<i of :i ^iiTu^K^rnV 
l^kki^l, iiud ttie of^lctT dirk^ttri iu Iije [lie u.uin Juul ti withdcitw mm amoii ,i>i 1^i> 
enemy iliuulJ iiii|iroJLt1i' \olhm^ crrtjinly cunld he viJk^z, itnil yet iIj^ uit- 
lipippt niiin vii »fiE.iih di>A «impl« iluiy di^t^nl^-d waB untf|u.d tu ila eieciitjcjn. 
lit; jlluwrd liiiiiHi-tf ii> lie cn)oTed wnl liaitifii f^iiE tjf liU \ni*K [Sw Itai^ji'i Me- 
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Tbr*Linitiitr WM» thu tln?> wtjc rniililej lu uuia die iivej. i4nd U» itlJU'K 
theAllttd If my ^l Aust^liliibeForr die latLer wcze iVlly prepareil lo mii-x iWui; 
t\a TcsaU 13 yfU Imn^n. In IIO?, llip Diumbc ntrp9(?d dte fifrncb iur lix 
vnLs i ViiilI )i hiTril'-Ll iUrm ttir <udy ilirr^" davn in iHO.^f ii mimi have iltuii^nl 
fbc iiiit "f di<! catUfiuiF^fi : foT not ouly wm'<' fitjittcnjiia rkniiici^ luJtnrirJna rrn (heir 
iiuib> uid 111 thca ttar in every directive, but the l^m»iei; d^dimition »f w»r 
Mtually arrived m thc>r tinmp die drty .if)i]-r (he batde Find been fnut^hl. flul 
the miniBicr ^*lKt wiu dir bou^ri inslm of nnilins il* » n U^uuici would bnvc 
done imdrT Hnidui eircuhMTUiMBi lO thu TOrj ciajgln of ibo Or^nqnrraif. slutt 
nvKV Hitb II in im pookct Ihe inoinent ho know lh« turn evvnfn hitd tHke^i nitd 
«»tvW on lii> uiibiLp|«y country, 1»y thiji IriHn pIvM «f diplomncy, dvpmr^ 
vuUy «U»cr at l^e liiiOL^ iii die wik Lbiit tbilowod die dimth^iu bntlio of Jann. 

To Bnkfi ony rvtl«Olimii oti fiKAmpltii of ihii kind would be neeJIe^i, ihey 
•hould l«id to I«fl«ctrani4! ffir it m Vmt n pnor eviiiian of the aiibjeot lo Bay, tlnit 
fteh imiarocii nra iieita^'UalilLol^v (■> ngur: niml hiia bnpptim-d nric& mny Vinp^ien 

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tfi»i4ut>u that dadyftJI rp dn- hit Af offieern»iiiriei<iir loeiill Utr wury iriurtjun; 
u H uoT MKiij^h Tor (r^Mrmim iiundk in know Ihal tlw hniipinei* ollbuir tubordu 
Ii»t9« It luinuliii U> in \witvr, m v:r\\ .lb ikeir tdily in wnr ^ I'liff nblcti 

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ncr, ibot 1 ctmnol here rofrainfromqUQlin^ his AcrJi'* ** To aaiat andcoitaoLv 
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niiUa<m, uciL murvly Ihc i[itfkri>fii puuilK liL'u^Uu* iIkeI lM^ nuti kn^jw, hut ulw 
»|]ultli4Jr vlMWt lu; aoit abof« all, ta ocquiH IbcQivclviu (Lhn i^Dvr«j huuIj a 
knowtedgv ul Ituiiun italurv ut U> be ciiiunfc of ■nmutiiiif man, wJto lu llic pre- 
■ont fta]« ofiiicjcly Ukc litilo mivrcit m iktt rtMm of qurTel, to br^T^ 4h« dan- 
iCvrs, ud b> b44J up afTJinAi the fvli^j44 uriJ pnoliun* alall Enilitvi^ uni«r- 
|vin«. Suuli ahuuU liH tJ)i- caadoct ofofJii^tri buTh iii yntjct ^Jid in utU: dudi 
WW Ihe coitiluci of tJioa« ot ^ilvTion?, whi> dT t^f he>nd of ibvir muni|>iilif «v(rr- 
thr«w b|] lh« entmi« thai ^rpr HiirrH tn fn<-^ l>i^f>.'' &^. Ikc. Uountgo i< her« 
pancrl over u fllmo*ii n TratHfr nf courw ; and jt\ addrfjismg myipir <o Tinrnh 
nf1]i'4Tif, whn hav4< rhaf n^imlttj^ t ini^liT do iTiP sariif, »tfr* it tig* thui loo m>iiy 
of ihffn luoli upon il ns t^ovpring more sim llian ir i-i^nMy r1c*s; forg^TliJiK ulso, 
Ihnt th^^re is n vutilr dilfcipnco bctmvn tbr mr^iv ccribii tiJiElonol roiiniffc th^t 
hrinjfs evfn ilie nrlTaT*! loliJipr in th^ rlujr^*- iir thp brck o^hn tiiprnof, and the 
hi(h*r species of liennsm ihal *' imllpa in da^T^j^r sipni and wdd," befoie wliioli 
olwmc^l^fi, a^rpilli ng Iti anlinury mvit. sink iiiLo in^ii^nLtirancp, .mil ihv vers a]>- 
ptj^nrtiico of wliith tn chu ffonl iif l^iiliJc is. '* rtunli u Uiuurand meD," 'Il^tine 
uliu kriew iJn3 BniJ*h iirmy durng die waj know dim ihh unblti *urt of spirit 
Vita riul waiiciiiH Li] 111 mulu; wlieLhtvil wastilwiiv^accainffsnitd by lIiu drgrec 
tif tirefrtiiiuTiLi] kiio»lffillgr,:iiid hubil of iTFlttTitm, llnit could iiloiie liait miitil k 

criurs fiCihe bravr, if cituti tbi^ir Unvc Ijvi^ti. A^mll lie nvviluokvi] ill tlic tuntrc 
that tltcii ipHUtilty \im ihcd ovi-f thrif coui^lry'i fauie and uriii«, 

J. U.-- 

Jidin £;?rii to the Hediitir. 

the ju^tj^tcB u v^islicis to inJ^T ^ko Ring's snnU* in your Jiunaii— ikud v^tn I 
noOQ for the DI(.vck Ac Qnndmtktf J fotiud CrgM[i:^iaia, and Th^ (JuiM-drivcr, iitid 
aftmc cha]>9, w^i wutjiiir;. likn i?ws on u juij-diiy, lo mltlc ri kJuIi:. So, wIujd J 
h(3vo in Aitu, ib-r j^ot* ifiMi' cli>?orH nrid uiuvw out — *^ Hurml;] Scun ^p^U'i an 
Drlh«r,--liii"lUlnVloric^og9 j*t/'— " Wd|,''r*Bya I." wlmloflhuT ifttfdkin 

Gi bility, wliv ahoul^ln'l bo «lhow U ? 1 It ju^l fly 'tin jnolJitr h.-itvt whi.'ii L 
(S, — BO lukc'il dill of lliiiH" Ho***ome¥(ir, !U I #*Hic] tbu lifoarfndu wiw i>[d.jr 
ID a purEvr's 17'i"< down wa nu ; ihen wa bugtru (u dnnk, iind of couno U^ 
•in^. So ili«> hfljs, " ?iaDn/*Kiyi Ihcy, "tp Ua b sIbT*;"— >' J will boV' tayi I; 
" litfffl jiwi*' — 

" Our altip tri: uu Llic Ciiut of Ftibutv'» 
AoiL "kai nuB lirJ lEnpJvy i 
AU TcwU nitii UiCuJliml Ab^, 
I'olqkc^ l»Utii, ordiitro^ . . , ," 

■' Gh 1 kiuk yam >Uip,*' roun tlicy : *' «]«« u> ftuminut afagul Igvi-," " V^hy" 
■ay* l| *' liww ClLii aliip ^ luvd liv Kjivr^i^l ? dou'i we all iliirk lu our barkiea ! 
& lliu'n^lura ii williM. Uont diey ifcLl e^t ^liurti-IuU ntfrul vtiiid k invtcrf 
SgiiiQ choudtiMiiiLUsl r«d)(tr> ibinks wc idudciL mjirr]', xcon nt* Vr iivr«r tUigli- 
uijecy* & i^r fHJiiily* lUfty^ bvcuin cxpc^naiv 10 ttiecomitiy . fiuuUfy cliupil u if 
tin »kiLbi:tT uTsiTiljAailiuii U to tie deui«<l W your dortndcu^ Si tlic Lh^a of Kh^ 
tur be Jcrccletl, by ix>l<i ccnAicJcnuhntit of iKilUm fc pvi^sc. H'iv^i for cwr 1 
Bill II uiav ^^ucc to many a fiinArl-un I0 griippLn a UrUr ffbst won^i oLriko, Llio' 
9I1C keep* nim in I0" , — m- jok? J nun idl yim, — mnk<^ ciiu bi#v« 4t >f tt hUw 

■ Bfc[«nlii>iH, I ijnolO fioni rotcjUvciiuu, bul l!ie word* of mch t rrilci «< doI 


I»KK Kl^l'tlMUItTiJCK. Kt 

Hm bfGVtJbone, IB murh lit A litrH pt^ mviild in a jmwdaM'cTaTn."— " Holla, 
Stin f* bovl* CroMgnirj itfliawFi th# iihle, — " hnw yoii ^iltjril ihr Aiiirli on 
l>iBtt>ct f mitMd «f IritVing Hkfi a thiimy in wa-vthI, fii^ rn dciw ijunfi^f^ 

mfikind love nfir 1 rJo '"*—*' Hmvi\ Sum f i:riw Ihe yu*ll^Jfl*i--i.— '■ Yi>u be 
d-^. mt I, ■' iifi mcire brHVO than yrju ; an if ytm don't kw^j your tacts bp- 
hvjwfl, 1 11 Tinrk tUr firrt (rf June imo your ucly mu«." So» when ttitywM li- 
l«ni, i jtuniE TbMA B diuy ns I rvip n^yaelf. Ixtut tn^iiik; hi \v*k :■— 

p. " K«iii« nr the lljnrk^ (Jiuitisnl Cikrt «l»iilr. 
J, Same in iltc lock-pii \ov\:i in Jjva btlvw ^ 

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^ I>mnc llio full ftt&. the koiok./ vijlum blo^** 

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^mt f'fiiuifniJii Miivt tvttj hin Uuv|j J»]jviljuu. 
To <Lu«i lay iut><"V£ti^i 'f * i^t- 1 'LaATi. 
I btbi li I »nk^ uouU'lu iwtmp a otiliun. 

Fur drjHr jin tlioii tc^ bw. H" ^tvv ^i* <^^' 
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And cold Lliy b»bE, an any Dfirtli-niiiil iliowr." 

Juil at ihiK tippuifiHiiby, m buuticca S<]uire llcany^ y/iili u little book in hit 
fljpprt ; k 'P^Jlljijiit wtUog lo Uv^r wbai wt was a laiiiiu on, be bn^kft nut uritb 
^'' WIml dH^dt!^il\ (Jir: Dit^ruinR c*i' all IIhh ^" kiijh he,—" litre's On; KloryDun 
Bnuith Navy tumUtrik; lo tlie d^fl, iicordiu tit vour MilditiDyi. At S^iiU, & 
inivirlliii M*d*Uipiuen, &. otbor dtUutliiiiimijih lii^rt 'lonc vrjinis ig pui ilu"n 
(liv unjydisfijs |>rt'dJ?ltksbiiM,*'^I tait biirdly conjc llial wurd — " fut a sailor's 
tiA i HHrVLri iiiftVra hi* bcfo Briejti a feniJilv'B liJind vroi ia juil jjulImK iiinmed 
U> loiDcWly fUe ; & a Ibinf bkercLf^ out n jirull^Ji^il mijiLiu ofuJiii ^ ribbildiy. 
Si toUt il a piilur of sti nmnner*.— Sol umimfn. ifjdcitJ! Nolliiiit; but dj)i< 
(Uiliu BlLti|>^&. E^mnk bitnidf is fcol & miciil er]ufl'li> brioE^ Y'a m^ltvn & rairc 
child bjD bridtf I Out irpcjn sudi s^»iiui I Cirn (>■«« orfbcn find btoiiu- 
BfTfi Tor h<fvr <cni«i tbix bfirc ficribblr^r k dubf bia ncxi^rnsfi ' l^ifc un lionrd 4 
mari-{?f-wnr,' Ifimcb nrr Hit lutbauin haLbJift thcro, Sara, I COn ncv» rcjpod 
your bTT-ithcfcn, BJi I bovc done" 

Wcll^ t^icrc wc v'ul Ibkcn slap abuk, u the log-book bu it.k notabk l« box 
•fft cos the Squirt woa in n burning ngv i till 31 list CroBsgmin swoni ho wi>u1d 
untwist llir wnolFi yum, on lL wiim t n lonf nn. " 1 'm f?r you wlit^n Iho iihip'f 

Cxi oli^" ttya I,—" Jxrt*ii ii'rui' whot till- chop JuAi obnui : 1 l^kuA Ufa in % 
»kcy, foi ioilort is no more unmoral noT oib« fOspU, & if iboy ii a litll^i 
ibortlet* ot lo^ don'l ilicy itn'i: tlic country wiib mutily dilligoiiH 9^ oirunsbun. 
blow high or h\nvi low, i; nsk ihvir ljml>» Ic hvw crrry hfflif ? Who dure lay 
Itiat blAok^t ib0 frli(l« nf lliri^r ^yo ' A tn^n-oi-wnrr )»*t'i«1 »r ti^inp bt^ltowv^l 
agafntr ^>y luc^h wmififfrmv bt^^i^r^ ia wliui any HrtTUn niiiy b« protid of, lu o 
TBodOl ir> ilio t^ibolc world, of proppcf dlurpUn It ounaruit. f>tv mo tht 'i>ii* 
h^uitj for I Ihmkt il Utlcr lo bv bori^d ir 4 ship thin dy a oDlrvl dr4lb nthora, 
rmto now, pot oiH "*-" I'ny <nif " *^n« rrn^tErain,-— " why it'* ai dark as a 
|Hiiitp-w4ll ! IHH Idff ikp (nmt, St pfiK< vlmifr inriu- in^iri* jtToi; md hnnly, vft^'LT 
invn tbut t>ii< d^(> Jv itntf iinn|^, fi^r iho T^nirllAqirinl ihai^ itiTOk in ibc window, 
will «Arry nfl' ibr* iinokf," 

Srt, wiU s**' mtpW a vniling for ibt ^llini, Iha S^i^lffl sny*, " Why, Sam," «/• 
he, ^' if.1 m^^nkliun'd in dir^ Um Tiumbvr of the .Inrnul as joii onit surb n ihinr 
irj, i^ai oYjr htn^ it goin lo l^i rbr Tivlfren k uiinn tiav« » niunivTiun) lo »li>« 


their cuTOVilp in-'*' *^ 'Tir%l *• no ovt^rc tluui pro]>]>D'i" Mya 1( *' >uch Vfoi uo* 
CBTDl be tt>o much loguhcr; & I orily hcpcit cwr? acAAifui G"i''l4 fonv-iij wjtl 
tya a hiroi ou hit luninrd, thai he laav ^i 1 for^^ci lo bitn^ lumumt fi>i ffn." 
" Diki llicre't lhine> Cnud" at Uamc nlKnrJy," rf:p1i» llcixi'l^t " if every boJy 
trould fork-DuI ; ihcrc'i one of tl;c Sf<cU?rry» orih? Admiruli^y ii rkoVQ to have 
Ibuiul a l»/of No^i'a loif-bLtoJc, h n kvrli^-midior, h- ULnnjrhi lo tlt« Ar)(t on 
tfmTnbli! Muuntum, yvtmi^o, — wuni J>tf htin<l 'tin cn^ F" '* ^'ot xiiiLvM ili^ 
TrudrDKaiu houiuI, and the ^IvFVi^Unfli ii c<kr^>0Fal«d v^ul^ n CfiarUi'," Ur-iwla out 
tho Qujll-dn^'cr,— l>ui m be 1«igg*d mo betiding my tptuigs, Ue clapped ha 

HejT a tupplo oJ di™ bcmT,' put on tlip iuM*, Crf»t*pnin Tcadi ilic li(Me 
book ;— but Loi'U 1 O^e !S'|iiit« uced^ri liuv,j pm lug Imi'k tp, wlisn every pa^c 
Ulli plainly ili ftgtiUup actry, & no rc^lnr (05. " |e it litel^', " rati I^ " an a 
imiiclc booby, uttli q f^^tr u lon^ n a ropt^n^Tk. should be «^ at rbo Eit- 
h*'inl lnnk-oi](^ thf ftrtf nitf ln» itim !iririaf . Jw \n u mil tt-btie hr wu* a hutTer 
fLiraiigui' ?" " No,"* iLtiBitn Cif>s4i,^uri ; ** !iii evcti if ri j^om^blv, lie coudct 
wjtlinut riivyne h»l«ftli»lioii bnvtt haii'd the fjM^TUriSerk ivith, '% lutj^ *ail, 
broad on the writiher bnw ;' not hitve mtide oiil, iFiro ihe f^laom^H u li<iv uhe 
vui on tht ^T^rbnnrd tACk. And fhrn 4^in» fhi^ Jf>hnrky iC:iw (^tearfi hf vrtnf 
aloft ih Jhe Rale Id kyw n imi'fiiil.anfl ™«iiHim<* two men wf?iT ttevhfd off 
lh(f wparh*'T foie-ynrd-irm \" "\Vi.'ll, Sir, ihMrp '* no eviilfifw^ lo itie "'nnirirj," 
My* (h« Uwytr'n mjiit ; " You bo d— d," jHyji 1. 

" tt itmck mp," ohwrvpn <lii? Sqiiirp, " iii ttie (jiioiition ntiout b^^^tttltj ham 
siDtU niibtrof a k-l^Tci Thun a ihTp : Al Tvras mmiimi lurnn^^i-d iii i»in U imif^d 
Ks ihf- niutjny ui ihc Notv liuptirsf in li??. hj yeW -vy \uv lidistnliuii thm the; 
PwriiiKt^e? ii!>d IflJ MM*uJ;i>i in Ihtr yriir." " U«I.*'tfJt» Cciwniir-iiti,— " lliem m- 
itiftrkh ifurt lumt: ii^iiuiivlL diuii thr tiiiii nliiiti! ihi: irikOLfi-iai-^'m^ it urdiTid to 
ml a puif: uf iiufjs EcJiJ-; , & lb; jiblri di>viM [lit ccvfcf Al turiar of a cRpUin, 
wjide iJll- cn-w wu ^ ipliiijug Lhcrt aides lafl^Li^ nl cm^ coLtJiU bo icte by a icuri 
yroi Iwd nor Irw*^ ih*.- tletk of u liiici/'— *' 'High *iraiii/' nya oM lleiiriy.— ^' I 
yin \i.iM #)Lb Lhc iivty t>f jLMilt>rV t^ljijcklinn hum ijndi^r Ihccbiii, ihtu tbv cn^ 
lib {jf A c^tiLtfjiit. 8t lliru kliiilhitL ViiiriU wilb ht^c-"**-" Dtlh^^c imii of llinl," Miya 
J; " nor » wuid ofpuor JUdmni jujd ibr ^i^aniig mcrdiaiit^vmrimtL ; nut ttv 
widkinc tJie plank >iQr> . iior tho <lrDvoiiii^ cuii l«int bia wnicr-pmf« pipe ; (»0f 
the iQUiiririf yDrda ^Jtli oflietn; not l1ie octm cnpU'm ciyir & civin pardou of 
the mip'i cumpany-"— " If tha['j a i'jct," >>nd5 Cfoe^jniin, ** ilt |Kwin ilmtiEo, 
& if false, ilB simnmi »ti]l.'*— *' Tlion yon think it l fiuTano of folabo^d ftoa 
bfipnnJii to ™Jj" laya tli<' ^^|ujni ;^ — "^^tn :to," My* I,—" 'uM. ** hhdlou!* »biv 
IhcF triAO or not." iqucoki >br (iuill-diiTcc " Skut your m«ddllTi potnty-lrtip/' 
tay* I j *' or I *11 muzilc you « for jrou irc oaya dliorc-ituu'b, and caa'l idl tbe 
mtun-bowliiio from [hp I. :iptaiti"t buckh*'" 

W«IL then, bodiLcr'iJ luJitur, ibii Hdl^r Eork^ ttruvnge atu^T aboul J^lalra bnr- 
bour, Be tbo amiiEhu huu-Ufoiip; & of a badvunKir m Stnuiu Tnatn, which bw- 
•uLu the undiriEtiiudiu la cvory vray. I iioci 31alta [d« »<rtl to hooA tn lucli a 
urnauvl t4i«U:f 1 thicks I now FcoLe iTd skorchiD) sweLtrm cbmcl; 3/id Ld 
U^fl4, aikI cni^j,aiid clatter of iticd^Tirt «wii noysi^ii, id now li TLiipiri in my c«r 
Wh<!n you gc«4 atdtoif, all ttm bo^^rv tilaminiT t»iLb pernesiiriiLil imptTToriniryp 
<jiig;in Okil " nix niniiL^iairy, nit muii^fkarrv," ft" thv »t0]u that l^:4at iijto tha 
town, nruwiii^ I im]i|Ki«i-, to otit Itufioiorrord-sEhrefl- Ay, miLhy * ihf trip I 
havp look to lhi> l.'anallSt thn:>u^h I'orl iSomb. nhura liie Fitred on^ ^rnctnlly 

Crid ot ihoir ridcTt, oitd nint inio town fbro(rir-rt- And I havo (orTi l^i^ir 
'iDgfi tTirei, and ibe little f«cldv cnltivnit^f likt^ inuii:iri1 K cm« in n qutdnint 
^nie. Anil I bnv? valkt in tIit HnlTimirul giml<-n4 m Flnmn, w^tinrn ull itiR 
vtmni4-i] «:ii m £ililrt4. uml Ww vtiltii^t-rifhcon a> hrtty a^ heiH in u ut-biir^k^t, 
a byina tml ibeir ki-rlinri't. 'V\\i^n. hniini'r'd Sir, I din^d on ii(p]irjiiftdf 'if holattf 
<Mw1fl*, ^ ^ii^U hi\ivl vHb inrtt. & [iL^rani:, k mhoT poi cnin|Mnlartg, Tljey 
nyt mo pawltry it, fniimrd liy itprinkbn bran ovor munnoor, bill a* I 'm ix>t 
OVttF ntc*, 1 novi-r henqiuicd t?w tmolb. 


coRRii^foNitlJNce. !^J 

gQf*, or ■]iiconjOr^e(it)LLiiuii,i»T i^vmutmf uK cnit»mjiiy ^p<« itltuui far ^ittWy- 

riMlj ; k they tliialu oil itic wotid it KkiJlurc^tcd bUinf dium Jk liicir cofn-luw^, 
llj^r lcvvc^i> Tlicn, SiTi uU the I'liiixliflliru^iii fvnj^ away^ utd h?a lika 
doublcT u]lo^^'illl« i and !ill rlinr rtivt* bns h**! ^ Iw^ks !il the (JtiTOst, !t a pufi 
al tlie CUiirc'L, \ il Lurlvj riitjH<l^ ft a iliiimtilkHT, & H c^4!<?Cip,— 4 ili^y JaiiMi, 
aiic! piUriit^U, mill iniLtli^^riidi'k itliU uiuU citii, W'humvof 1 woni tn ALironer^ 
IciTUE*, hit nrvertu wn& almiyK n clcnnng avay far a ihcvo : & }ic \ru b j'llly 
^Octn whcl «"in Uail-Mlcw with pvptj one, Ai laifcrl al ctptnwj,— only be bfcvka 
one diiy, mH Ifu^n t^nWiIy rur^ri for liim, 

Sfif whoii T vwnrr T woml riU tr> ymi ahmil rlir |jiil4> h^^nk, Ihp Sf^uirp tfJil 
DifT likr* iiaudI uny f>f riiiiiTiii'iic'in i^'at by ulrig lUTRimii The m?Hii1 &. ih^ 
IjiMfl of ra mail, iu wlinm Tom ri|ipfiT wfl» ^ Ibtil, — ikml yon iioe Jic depil tick- 
ed ijiJu ou) of hi* cL'Libbjn for tioiii a kii;i^i<r liiu* iluiii liiiitFtelf. '^ No," snyi I, 
"tliul riihuii TJiJiy ilu foi a luidii^r. uru surpti* but 1 'II h}o\^ hiiu up Iti hrapi, 
ftiijTi cIlju Ui tiLrLii/' y^Oj lluniiiT'd >*^ir, \iU'sv trj ImmJ fiim i^iil- 

Vour burubi^l Sarrcjil« 

Sk'idt SiJCtd>) SxH Srjcir. 

jjliucSviWiujtj, Dec.aotb, 13M. 

Colonel £^f^rr« 4/rrd India, 

Sin. EditoRi— 1 hAv« not yet rtei?[i L'oloocl Eiani'A work, btpt T rtad iJia 
ob.icr*alioia on il in tUfi ITtiib.d S4^rvii:c Jr>urTiiil, yiitU ■ stfoiiK ciwicurruiir c<>n- 
victibn *>f Dtf Yviy i:<ttttn:\ Mi:w yAiicXi tl>c 0>tu[i<L bu lukvu of lliu i|iic»4]onp 
jb- KIpUiuiIiJtLi^f mi: Ulc f^ovcriioi of Batiibnv, %*it;1 fm AmbMvodar or Rnvoy 
mm t>^ Elcu^al Covcrnmci;! to tike Court of Cikboli m iHo yvttT IROB f>i wbtn 
it WhU iliougfii iJkcU thjil UooniipajlP migljt lur Jui^king lliiit way; und in a wark 
JUr- lsl»Li^u»loiii' uAiTWLiriti jtubllKbcd, lumn liatiiiU arv jfiwri uf tb<i Utiti^LOtiKl 
*tu1f ofthut (loviTumi Ll, tUo iinriuit auvLiU'ifTi of wlui^b, Snju ul Modi, ii >till 
ft rofu^AQ wjlii our Uovi'raniDutt by wliom, \ boliovCf bo is fiijiporlcd, iliat ii, 
hoi D pi^^uniary iriaLitlDnBDCc^ having bocD dnvtfh from hii fiouritiy by iiit«4lJinu 
Ivudi and boitibliLK. 

Hinijc'il Siii^h, lhk» pniii*iji«l SeSt,h fbiflnniiip intftrpoBi>4, by bin ninhoMty ovar 
ibu Sf'ikh iiUU<a ifi tlio Puiimiib. a roEiniry of ibc Klvr KEv^rt, brtwpcn ill nnd 
Cabul: and poreovcr ini?r^Jk'S ir* i^w 'ifftiin nf Ciibiil, hnviog Jnki*" thr op- 
ponunty of ibpir ir^Trm^jl fi.Hiir1>i lo ilf^ •tn- Xli- IsiVr-ly tcr>t lii^ fmliansy nr 
?E>[tiiniuiotj of ■i'>:iki- vtn Tr^ St. \'Mt-n\vit^h^ nml h[iK Huvitmi, rrHhi'b. Aec- 
nlKrfn in liin (^rvirtJ for improving lii-. irtiop*. Tbp llriTiAli tiiinl<tpy mJ^rbi au 
irmpi Irt I'MlPr Iiiicj j irrjiiy wliU h^m, bflving iar iia objwt ihf rviiitinitmrni of 
illc GoTfninicnt aod iiudionty of the Kiiw qF Ciibul : bm if Il«iyi?JI Sm^'h dt^ 
mui'n^tl, hi.- sliuuU he loJd tliii^ vnt tfivA^\.hu ^.is ta.k(?n and iniiit I>d curtivd 
iaUJ tiifvai, vbtdi would bi' iltjfiff willnfiiL utiy iii1iirfHrwrii.'F wJtb bn hur^'s pro 
ildvil iiU oppiMUiiKi, hvi:ii'I ur aviimi). vp^s ijlli-iiii In liiv luc^tiiiirt ilcL^iurd (i& 
ccMory fuf aErvjiHtbcuiiig tlv iiutur^d 4iii\ propix f^iilitr of uiLr jioHts^iant id 
Uindaiaii. Moit Uki^lv nt iliould b^te to come lo Unnuliuci uilb tJiia uro- 
(t&u; UfdanbLtiou) i;bldtul[i ; but iIilI tibuuld imt frLsuait lIjc dcaiiu, licit 
povrcnul hi L-nrJrj, but by nrmft mid by pobiicrul ijiAmiGciiicEil bi biddiiifc oiiL 
Ciicuut^Ufmvut lo Lbv JilTcn^iil diiT^fg, Jic^y vvould l>« luaJu tu bu-op^ratn ot b« 

Hm Indus it doiibUF» tlie proper frontier or bonier of ihc empire oflndit 
or IlindosUiii nnd ihv Briu>b (rovvtomcdt »bou1d lose no time lo ?nyiotr ffifck 
ma/f (ijuM wbv^ rnijKbt tonk iu.i^m^ tb>il rivr^r from (he WHtwud. by nwrtiubbsh- 
injr ihv kiJttflom i}^ ('^buE, bin\ fiupportirLH ^>Y ntl rcquisilp itvtKnK tbr< uuthaiiLy 
ana f^YcriimciJl of Oic proper loveri^Atn oLilmi roiiotrv, which hn* of Into ycon 
tumbled to pivc<4 by iiktcfnal discord i and t^iL^n makv the bbiikH of thfl Indm 
Ibc ipot on vhioN oar cmpbc^ in India muvi 1>c maiutaincd or sabiluocl. It 
V"MtlJ not do to 1^1 nn invadinif :irmv ETt m foDtcnR fiiTtfvpr inio iba intCftor ; 
*■ muht plant our «p<^ir wkwhi AUiiQridur vnictDd birt iiltur%, K^^ 

Eivipmimt amit tpialitiet *tf EigkUen-Gitti Bngt. 

Mn. Edttoii,— H«vi«f pwrvtil *iiitih y«ii> in aeTcre, a* wll u tunny diniia 
in th 1^ighreiM)-go]i Brt^r xnd, Ukh' Ltiu:^! olLtir ufTiu^ra nljo hitvv ilun« Bf^lJt<LJl)£ 
tnucli aiCurhtid Lu t]it:iu >u Lugs, I iim luduoi^l Xo ln^OAa uii yuur iUU:iiIJun \\m 
foUywiny uiieiie*:— A*, wilhom Joubi, uuiiiblp is tirdunibk lu nomiiml fuicts. 
touM UiH 1Ui' Iwu Wi^K JrOLi sic-pouudurit miEi whkb tlufiit in^clij on: mpplj?J, 
be veil i^ifdiLUiitci] fur twu jiJililtDiwI Uiiri-tHWL? puviud^E c^nuLindrs ^^^ <l litE^it 
brayi mI'Uuu^hIcj Ihi i^ivcu iu Ucu of llic LkjuI'ii caiTOJiude, whitli* whou a clmar 

!gu IS rt'iiiiiii.-ifk t:uuI(J lie livujJi^J up on tliv (ot^vnaiie rntd flfiiil cvti jdJ ? The 
DiLg itijiLi;ji Yiitt not beiJ witlioul j^wiitg ivio points, art s»lway9 UijEiiicig wolcf 
when tiie TC^tl is carryinB mil, am na litflvj m the ihiny-tvo pouiniet catro- 
nadeii and are, coniiMrBtivcIv Apculiiii^, inhLf^nitiuut m troitdsHle guTiA.— Are 
not rV lArii^c piH^i, ILK now tilUnJ, ilrtrinHntiil t« Aiuhed vtniGU in siuling oa a 
winJ f lilt vuilj «nid out of bolh nmin-Mils, nuJiiiiB; [tlong iJic Jeep wailCj i» 
fopfeJ under thii dcok, and forms n r«]itirig pon-pno die iinpohjs of tin- vc^e'I; 
(hia in a nktajun? cnri W| and ^Ivtny* in uvrndijir, by op^boig the sb^m and L«e 

Eh>rifi, liijt ci^i:li xlu^n du: iti cumpnaM^U Ui iiiak^ntf ita wcupa ;^wete ilicy not 
letter uj lirei Imuidjud vtii^iutitLi jjuop, at any nitu wittk a^mall lo^ one hvlvri»H 
tbc round liDU^i:^, n^vLriiiljLng' on arm chefT, niid uaod (or Ihal putpoti^?* "ntc 
rvmittudec ol U^e tciiili-tiraja w^tu nex-Bt bvutr plumed Ihau m tite i^aik'/ooiq, 
wheucc III iMKiei pistol*, bliiti li^hla. i-oc'Wft,&f- m t^ienliin ; noM^ht liut «iictu 
of rvfandJu&iiL U-^s eti'tflli-d thuiti : the &uaicl;tib un eiUL^r ^iiuiltr witli vrhidk liitsf 
vwrt an^iriLLtly titlctl vkciq b^fUdme!^ iiietVil lar a ipnng u otcjiiLLiii Krquin-d^ 

Could not ail iron idJer be mod lo work imdera ihiCiin^ d«ck,3iid ibui docll 
bff irrong enough (o fiH*^^ the hto afipr-fiirmiaiJe* im^ i*h»ch, wuh ihc two fofe- 
mnil c.irronndi'f^qhi^tdd }ieat\ Inicks, rnrlftecuiivenivnit uf mfivintcthem f^witb 
rtiff uronUm iill>^r und ii:& ropvt, ti i? impoblMi^ lr> work ^Wm i:hLi4»*f«- 

(^tfndd unl IfiA 1ioal be dfopprd ec wiLhiii ci^litet^n inchfta ol' tktc <-nt«rin|^ if 
Tbr baLcUHD^i, ianrriDg ibe vci^hE T there novild be room for a cDrmruda to 
piui under mi n ^ling 

Could not \hv pmnnc^ for tUiii c\a» of vt&tpl rurrjr iliH^r liimtU uft^ m Qj to 
{<]i:tb1c IheOi bftUFtO t^iayy mi hih^aji vmI f 

Am 1^1 iffcaL advauinut^ d^r^vcd iiviu ki-e^ntit! the carxjnaJvi athwoft, ibn 
flgblloig bolu ilwnjb m, 4ud leid; foj c^uuten? Tlic vfiaeL^itl ml better, and 
be leM dialj^^ffcd nul^ llje nei^dit olT her ^iiwa^br "dL b<^ eusdir tTimmvii hy 
Uuiniii^ dA, or furwuid, tvnij tlir? beam ^jftha riL-bu-Tii-giin Uu^b; iliis ■» no im< 
pcdiutiut to woikiiii^ iliriaik 'lud Hit- %ljtm^ boLta aiv with didicully sliipp^dj 
vi\vat cliiffiiir^ lit lit^vy we^lhur, I thiiU cur^cludr wUb u tVw c:it/^i.'ivutioiiR ;t4|i* 
tlvc lu tbi: vusrl iu >Ali]ch I sfrvcd^ SHp irns one of tlie lori;*^!, niciuufiii][ Z^ 
Eona ; nc bad on boiird foTly-riv-e toii# cf jroii Uillaiti Iwq cbnin cables, three of 
befopi hiiwiofi, mowcdjicri, &c. ftiul >v*»cii cotnplvt*; witfi prcvisiom ivnd wairr, 
abn >low«d thiit^-iiifmdddtbTVU'quarlcttoui of tlic LiUlDr, Thou circumiqimionl. 
tbc wM tivcrly und buoyant ; uar ncu the evc^r cnnL, even v^btii run to a Hbitfle 
doVa dlowiLiicc forthccTfW, of bread , witer, k<^ She wn*, bti^tevcr, poflJcul^irU 
delicftlc in her trim, n?^er sniting when EJ^^hlt a]iboi.i^b she prciicrvfil bcr »lilF. 
T1C41 ; it would mukci n diU«ivnoe of u knift micl ■ hnlf on tdl poinln in a lop-^- 
Lnntbncai'' Hi-r bi-j^ttruu vraa with (iiiiei^liLiurika KlU-dubixFl ilu ftjr*- litTlflinv^, 
and llie cuaks mukinij About thirty-one loiji ol wiic'r ^>^^ *^^ EikiMitJia ]inrvi< 
»ion», bvt dnd^ of water, foro 10 feet 10 intbct, att U foet i inch«9,by Ih* 
alCia ^ feet a incbos- M id-ehip porl, 4 fec^ 11 mobiri or (ive ftfcl- 

Thua we^glitedj «lie tnUod wvli oit all jiomt^ tbo boom muin-bii Tiuyinp 
VTV Itoni 3 ItidS Lnfbus to 3 Fuel 4 iiidiea by ttiA it^ru; orur or undvr ihjB, 

* ItliulHwa HUd, tb« pHH tfcn builr for khaliarini; thanw. 1 birv iavariahlj 
fiaupd ltia[ Ihay p»^ rlir tUmlkrr uf t1)a frirnnuEl* ; iSfl vind, (ii I tvJ'or*' ohvfreilj 
and iillb It Iba nin, bmui undur iliri famiflr, >a rme ^om the ?T[vture, ran he plar^td 
oqdibdcch in artiun , and nhai in none, it m gumi latuiiuir fuf the aucuiy't Im^rdcrir 

fpre-ELiiLSt i^rijilit^ thfl miir.-m^ti rakii^ u lqucIi hi poiiiblc, wjtlioui LiiiKrr«r- 
InR *ith th« set cf lltr u^tur^ mam-4iil. AliliOLigU ilir:> mam hwm raay b« 
fudiin*! rti diBm&f«, ji lOLTtiTurir-ixiW by C'orjimanS« ^MPtr, for tlj* pHtpoe* 

bt iMrtlriprttly tii^nt (n b^irn «hol nrTHVi wiihom ttaUfciig. Many <tf Hi*- fon^iw 
ii»E rt^rt'-mHwii liavp pniliaMy lii^ix r!isrin!iftl und tCTisidfrtrl by ibp eommiiip* 

noitrin^ nrw in vrhar I have b^rn iUtlng Ynd, liowMcr, Mr FjfHni, nr>( 
only pve ui t!ie oppjrurity, bni hnve (hewn u* the uUliiy nf cnmmunlrHhnjf 
luid circnlatirijf Dur ideus. I ant, Sir, youi obcdlrtii wrvunU 

Ci^freclhn qfan £rrar In Iht " Auuah oflht Fcnintular CampaigH$" 

Mil. Kuiioc,— Allu*v mo» (lin?uytj tlm tnedmm af tbt Uniti^d Sflr*ktf Joof' 
n^, 10 ctirroH i niitimifin^ni of iomo otcofPetitca in the \j(xXX\< of Viltona, 
(vaiiMonlioTiAl 1 tun eonvmeed,) ihul appears m the '■ Anutk o! rtj* Pcti^rumtHf 

In IhHftOroiint of lital Jay 3« t^ivpn in Thi^ worl? in quttEtion, itv Iho following 
wordii, vol. :», p. ■»|J1J: ■•"IVn brignjpjj tft W(r HTlillcpy w^w tln*h movifl fur- 
«W<4 to ttio lioiil. aad Ibu4 lupportod, ib» centre coluann^ coftiinued ihirit ad- 
Tanp* in tirip order" Again, in t\v* i^irn? vohme, page tlOl, '* The altark on 
Abpcjpjco w*t no lm» q»iffi***flfiil ; tsridi-r cnvpr of The firi^ of fw'n hrnfitdpf of 
hont ■rtlllvry^ C'nhm*i| llaliH'5 hn^aJe, uf l}i>^ r>eminn l«^mn, »>1v»nf-M) 10 
lh# aitirk. aiw! drnwp thp enemy fmrn (he villng**/' \e. Sir- Nnw, Sli, bad thfl 
anUiflf iif tbci Annnl" liirTi*?d ifi the guwtie of ilm( day, lie would bnve «wn thai 
tbc ■ndlcry i[in|('*n nf l»pn.' c'miKird cf f itjit IJubounJirn'n hri^e o^ wn* 
p«iiid*P(, wJ of Ciipth KJinway'i ii-ndp i\i bone imilleiy, midiT four of vihrnt 
nxv ih^ Klrfivr-iiii-nhoiii-d Lorpa !idv~.iriteJ, and mjr uddn Ihe iiiv^r of Ef^p bii- 
^dr« of kmnw jtrldlffy, Jii^tjcn tcf Lb* niriiiory nf tli«t Ki^llaiil ytwt^^ iikim, 
(CftjiU DuUnirditu] uuw iiu uiuiv, 11:4(1 icpi ^^"' linrodui-niuri of hi* nuims ftUft. 
thv fuTtowin^ eiTraei from dti^ kUcr of Ihe {ibi,'n't rkfurquib uf \Vi'}1iri;*ioii. 011 
tbc ojudvicl t^f lliL- corps ff Jir lillttry m ib.iL mFincjfflbIc laille ; " "lliti Jl»it(ib 
ftitfUfry. ^kn>ij^hvul i\\v fXwAr of \\v-, Any, wvi mOit juJiciuuity plncfiJ by 
Litiii^^'oluiHil Dtiknoiu and wia hcII ^cricd, tbc Mttrquit CtJiDjdcicd di« 
whuk AiTnj m (jUfik^LjIai^y indcblcd 10 ihai (oq>s/^ 

1 icniain, liq, 

J. T>. 

\* To tbv biTU abcrfc imird, ai well lU bO ttic pillQiitry iind promtjc of tbc 
offlcicri Cupl, Dubouniiru, wlw A-M od dje UFoiiiion ullndv'f 10, v,v ]ii<ii nillmg 

Le/e OtvuUitihfi$ of Stars* 
Mm. KsiTon.^lii ccn^oqupncr oftf^ti mcruuini; luli^nMi nilli ^bicti the ob- 
nrwtfroiK of the <tcc\AffHiont nf fiUL-d itan. ty d>c m'^on, arr rognrdcd. 1 land 
yau lhC4* <>f Initi lll^h^ Tliu <]iLMrii>n vnl hy tlu' A^lr-«Miornii,il Sotripty, 114 10 tho 
nvon why tlir^y <bould l>« pRjMclvil ^i" (bp liiou-r dMc^ )iiui 1>ftvri fliit nifunn of 
producing vnnouk in^ninua ihoonan, wlulo nf the Mtaf tmici \ tuluikbk ii*tiBH 
of gooijrapliicii] poinli wdl bff daimnniiicd, uid many dafii atiorJod for ucor- 
lAinini; rht rnn? IIiiutb of I^u parili. The proji-oiion on tlia dup ii now ijudwii- 
thlfp itwm tltv iimiilidnr<"j:i( widrhcr nf many Dstronomcrt ; bid il may iritr 
frona !ii!jiikljit|r thr viioid fiviiH b^ iIlc ttir finly. hy wftKih it muy }»• n-ialni^d on 
ihv ivllaa of 1li« «y«, 111 tha miUkEiitT otiwrvahLo 111 ih* (urniruf lay. SucU of 



your torrpflVtnltinUt, llt^^Airi*, A4 tt* in |v»mtiaii of IclHoipESv hid bctMr 
Ml^ ta lhi« pftitttf for It jii «1i11 Invalted kn foniuLcnblr myiLrry. 

Turs^ay, Juuuit? Alii, 1090^ 
75Tauri- An uuUiDUnoou* ^mniDnioii %l T hmri, 12 miiiulH, Ift-SO **- 
condt, »dcTcal limp^ T1i« mlar v^Luiihfd vith all tit Intxic. Tbv evMrvon wav 

ni>i Invlcfi] ifir nn aoooont of thr pmvitritty of vOT^un Xo ihv Hiirli Luiui flr4C- 

vurv IwauiLfuHy ctDEir» and i1l« seut puiK'utuly roumi q[ itic niwuvi of dmp- 

EoaianQQ. Iha cmttntaa va4 nol »cn On accoiLnt of Llic xcc, vh>ch ivpcatully 
imipd ov*f Iht c;r*pia<c of Ibr lelMCopr. 
I ti^ T*«iTTi IV. ( ? ) liiimiT*mn ^T fi hour*, ay mlnulH. aM « MKr<^ink Thl* 
WAt J^ miinll Miir ofiktinrii dieeightli iiiti^rijitidr, ll apfn^rvil Unlflh.aTidiiMmed 
in tow mii^ of ITU Imtn? nithi? inrniipnt of npiinrnin coricna, 

AMobuiin, Jmrncnion III lO haun, 41 niinun», iJ'15 »«oiiJi. Tlitolytvla 

thi^ tflt^MOj* ft»w fiwni itx. Tilt* &Ur vaiiialwl viry hiiiliJt'iilVj hjiiI 81 ill* tt(K 
rnftit bjiptninE tii Iiavv a iliiitmiAlieil rvdnb!^ Al about liul(-(Kiil faur in A» 
oiomirigp iliiT niTOn »;» ifrtUfiR aniori^i t j[)uur.t En Hiv woLctti IidiUdi^ where 
her ii9c U-'cimT: ti^rv imMy^ uivl in uiidubLiri;^ tiioiioii. At 11 haura. ^l lui* 
fiuttB^ liclcrcnl lijuc, the mu hul iroi iv4[r|KanNl ; imi ai tSnt insUul B bny 
clofiJ-bnuk urtHa> wliicli [ir«1uJrd brtlit^r vbsurvniL^n, 

I Ijii^ki Oiit ijtij |hn>vi; nf init:r?ii to lu^nii^ irf }i?ui uvau^ruu* ic^ulcrt. TLc 
Lcl»cu|)C Wiu « tlic feci nctin^nikitic. of Ai j^icbu 4|Ji.-ftur7. by TvUv< U ww 
Uifti la Ihc oia™ ALF. vritli the iJti»Pi uf l*l» a*I]ii«tJ lo ihe niijcii. The tWer* 
moraclrr f?11, iJuTiae l!ic obsenrououat ffom 3<r FnnnEmt. Uj ^4-[}; thv burc>ii>rt«c 
wrt (rtHlicmaiy lA 3005 mcheSf uid llie hy);^>mclcr rmiitA frvm 646 to 8Jiu pur**. 
A 4^0 Id W.NhW. brcr» wflA Uowini;, tint lli« ifLflUutiicut wu perfectly fttody. 
Tlic rti<ii>n\ Ajft na» 12 daypi. miJ Knr mtition nortbcrly- 

1 fLfo, tkoLT Sir* jourv (niljt 

Cnscrnl, Ikdfoid, Jdd> Clh, 1B30. W. H. Smnr. 

Mn^ Bniinu, — Feeling coiifideDt ih^n h ta yimr imeiiiiuii li> Uc cotnctlaiSl 
[DftlcrT yon pn^cni to thfr rea^li^rs in tht' UnitiiJ Si-T«i^ Jourciii!, I nm iodtTOHl 
lu nmint ymir aitpntion tu an anick* in your November ^^ulIlbf:'rJ p^i^ 149. 

*'Tlie niu&( BaiisGictory frxperjmeiil* (kt, &c/' 

I bthtvc [ im f^onecL lu ^ti»g, ilie Qoty exiwimieal cf lliHi natiirv rthiliiiri] 
bcfcrc Kit UD)d Ili^Uucv ilie Lord Hi^lt AdtniiHl nl PuiIkulouiIk wu \\iv oiif 
eufcutcJ by tlie Royal Muiifce Artillcrv. uodcir Lieut, S[cirfu» of ihai coip, lb* 
pAriiuiilnrg of ivhkc1> a/r deUiW in Ji Iclt^f copicii jnio Mr. CWt boolc on the 
ftuhjtcl, dl j>«ut 7\. F^irn cminpjitriiig llir tinif uiid ullivi pnrticulHift nirdtLonc^d 
in j/cnjr n:tir'1<-f U n]h|jCiArft ti> hr- tire i::ipetimnil yiMi ulludtt^ Im 4lr)i[itt|:h rmi- 
n»uily aiaicr) to luvr uL«n pUce from ;l fci^ctlr. TrtuLj lii> liniitiloJi;r of ilie 
Muriop Aitillt-ry, 1 knty/i tliey at« nol de»inju» of puftiin;. oiiJ would iJialikt 
bemp tnifTcdCix oiBltm crctpina intolbc Service InlclyQiid n-mch lo bo iTKrcttcd), 
but Htill th^fir mpritH, vhn^pi'i^r ihcy mny bp^ oUj^liL n'>T to bf ^wtn lo f>"b<T», 

1 EOinalii, &r, witli the bdil wiidcs For Lho pmapfrily iif i« Unitud Sorvio* 
Joufiml) Your inn«t obniLcut tcrvui. 

F. P. 

E>tcainbcr 37tb, 182fl, 



Biiwaek's Tactics ASt> Mahcedv&es of Cavalry. — A Second Edition of 
Major Beamish's able tramlatiOD of CounlVcm Bismark^a L^cmtESON Cavalut 
Tactics, with the Elements of Manceuvres by the latler officer, haa just been 

SubliahHl, In Bjtdition to hit copicHia and valuable notes to the work, Home far- 
ler obsetvatJons on the much-discusaed movement by Threes have been prefixed' 
to the new edition by tbe Translator, who has already enumerated the principal ob- 
jections to the'erapfojTnent of this operation in cavalry manceuvrea. Out readers 
of that arm need scarcely be told, that one of the n«w features of Bismark's Sys- 
tem ia the wheeling by sub-divisiona in lieu of the old method by threes. We 
propose resumingtbia Bubjedt as comiected with the revised regulations, now under 
eiperiment, of our own sfrvic^, 

LiTitABT AMD Histo&ecal SoctETT OF Qi.'EB£C. — We have been favoured wiih 
a proof copy of the First Volume of Selections th>m the Tmnsactions of the Llte- 
HAET AND HISTORICAL SociETT OF QtTEB£C- This Institution, which owea il4 
origin to the enlightened views and liberality of the Earl of Dalhouaief late Go- 
Temor-General of British North America, was founded in January 1B24, and 
united, in Jnne 18^9, with the Society for tqe ENCOtiBAGEUENT of Arts anu 
Sciences in CiSAnA. The Volume under notice ia the first attempt to record 
the results of the Society's labours, and, at thia early stage of its eatabllshment, offen 
a misceilany of much promise, both aa regards ila peculiar and general objects; — 
the one being connected with researches in the Geology, Mineralogy, GeograpPi^, 
and Vatural History of our vast Colonics in North America; the latter having m 
view the advancement of Literature iti those rising countr lea. Amongst the papera, 
we obserre an elaborate article on the Geology of Lake Superior, by Comniander 
H- W. Bayfield, R.Ns who» we understand, ia one of the most active members of 
the Society^ We have also noticed a Journal by Lieut- Baddeley, containing de- 
tailed observations on the Geognosy of a pan ot the Sagnenay country, — Notices 
by Major Meicer, R.A. &c. Illustrations of the Geological A>rmatlDna and other 
objects, are appended. It is ^ughly creditable to the ofRcers of the United Service, 
to find them everywhere forwani in promotiug the objects of scieuce and the 
public good. 

Tub Histoht of Maiiitime and Inland Discovery..— The Cabinet Cy- 
clopiedia maintains its promise. Under favour of its leanted Editor, we must, 
however, beg leave to queation the course of " most admued disorder" in which 
the works comprised in the Cabinet are deatined to appear. For the regular, 
rather than the interrupted, succession of ihe volumes treating of the lame subject, 
the "Ayes/* we are petsuaded, would preponderate, if put to the public vote. 
Yet, though the thread of Sir Waller^s Scottish Uiatory be broken to our hope in 
the present instance, we readily yield our due commendaiicn to the merits of " Ma- 
ritime and Inland Discovery," the first volume of which has appeared. Com- 
Cslijff into a small compass the most celebrated, rare, or curious accounts of 
rel and Discovery from the earliest down to' ihe middle age^, this volume is 
undoubtedly rich in geographical as well as i^encral information, and the work pn>- 
mises to be especially interesiing and valuable to our profesglonal readers. 

The Puhsvit of Ksowledgs under DirftcoLTits, — Although, generally 
(peaking, we think that the inarch ofeducaiion, and cheap, if not "useful,*' know- 
ledge haa been puiihed to the verge of e\travagancc and counier-utility, we freely 
admit the plain and practical u.^^efulne^s of the ItiTle volume under the above title. 
As an incentive to honest industry, rational improvement, and legltimiile ambition, 
its principle is unexceptionable, though the election of biographical illusiiBtions is 
scatctly so judiciou* as might have been expected from the wide field presented. 
The scientific details in Franklin's Life strike us as being superfluously minute, as 
well as less clearly and familiarly ahowti than suits the object of the " Library of 
Entertaining Knowledge." 

U. S. JouRN. No. 14. Fed. 1830. H 

^36 EmTOR'!^ VORTFrtl.lO- 

liu b«Jt»i iuvcnicd by Mr. Joluii, ni' Plymmilii Dock-ynirf, TJiirrt nrt no tim- 
\mt% uiviJ, Atl Lhc pIjLuki ci^minc; up rum tlit k^ul to th<^ gun-witc dijii^oritiliy. iiui 
very (lout, bul mndcred ttronf; hy bcini aijuiii tiroxatd Wy cUiurt jIho Jiagonflliy 
ptacodf but in iho n{i|triiai< dmictiAci, T^< boiki tt> cuiiiirucK^I it itionsi^r lh;iii 
liiQ ordiiiiiry ixw in u«u, ihta awinu uovpr open in (trai<iii>g, whiaii prtvi.iiiu luukJiur ; 
Utd auoihcr b-fcat ndiarita^e it^ thnt the ii mly Litilf t^i^ ^jrfi^hT of e-nt- on rh^ uiii 
COiiitniciion of Ibe eiudc vjh- Thm h:^ bwn oiar- on irial .iru^'livil tn tfte Hntan- 
DiiL, (lie Ua^'ifliip ; and litiioufli having been m consuuit vk for «i^ht««ii mcrirfac, 
Lt hii Eioi ri>()ujHij miy other repair itiau Ibe gun-ircle tin-itk. Tli^ ^iluukt an nil 
ftijteiipri (fH^vther by coppcj nail^ Tiuckly st^u TJip re^wris of ih*;ir inllily ovpt ihe 
Oiflifr ltc>:tii liaiire bet-n nt f!(ToiimbT»^^ ilmc ^11 lioiVH ^r^ ordpnnl to bn built od thki 
plnn Ln fiiTiira, 

r^VJhHKi T-% IW THE StA^— Tlie phnsplionuupTiL-likc liL-Uta Qbwn«d iu the Mvx* 
kiil] mi,9liiiip viUh ^ifQEer btilliuiJi:y fm April) iliaii J htid ninLitoJ ibnm iu any 
uihcr pHil of llie iiCEELii ; htmi ilii* I ■:uil4>m:u^1 AitWut uii&uk^ ^ 1 b«atawcd ^rcaC 
■tIdCLori (u Uke iiLbject, ami buH \hiz luiquicKtiicr of gltii.'r> : aoiui: of (livsr tititii* 
WVn lery ini'^F, auil Duht'd Ijkt Uir piiaimt iif a tmiriun^ kiiiidUeiiib at ^ loiiK 
diilAai:!; fichni Ui« Te»eU 1 u}i»i-rrri] ihiit tlic litilc thin'me epirklCK nrit tu^ru i^qci- 
fined to the »iJe» of ttio rrtMA aiu\ tir ivjxI*l', huJ i\ia\. ihc waw* when ihcv Sjokc 
lOlO foEUD titc/ n^f tpfirkU, wliicb is ouitc diifn'reiil fxoo what nc hod riouci^J btfofc 
in thv pana|[V oot, arLd tn Hiv Caribhcu* »oi». Tbti cdout qf tliu wuuir in ihc t<vi 
of Mexico 11 a datk inili|£a, duik^Tf nr ijnire iiitciutu ilmn tJml oftUir ofcun »;itiio 
mUy. Tlic voIolif of ibc ico in the FIdfiiIli sircamt in ijic chanrjcl of ihal nniUCj 
ttndaiotig; Oitr lioc of AiDQriphn cotui, i^ « Bnv hlii?, not to lulcui- M tkui of the 
AOa of MvIlICO, or rif tiie oci^nn ^iTibr^iUy- Ci>nlr.iry [u |)r, t'runkliu'jk vatir^ion,* 
iJiC ipuklv* arofluj} irt th« vii,tbr of Il]« I'lunJu itroAm, on m otlwr parU ofllio 

eoitimnndod by Ijfuit. , IE N. tiiiltni from Uvorpooi ontfOth Uac- l*iS7, und 

oxp?rJi>iiGn1 conimiirH ^1» from ilte W. Aod S.W until ihv nM Jon. |B'J8, vhon 
It Iwtaiiip calm; cliii, houpver^ rax^ ni ihort diiralioJi* the wind riling Dffnin from 
the vtenly cohliiiiiiniz to hlii\« hiinl until iliii "ioih, whpii ii ihilWrl io The V-E- uiid 
E.N^E. Oil [Ijc 3m of Fi^li. silt csiiiii? Ml ^ight uf Fono Saulu, lifl^r a pLusui^' of 
fivr week) anil ihita itiiys ; vrhitli *oiiuge lim oflcii tnai^ti umde lu *yvoii or eiijhl 
day» T TliF «;h!f^tri)' current duriji'^ tl>e ItdJuiis conlvniioD witli ailient gu1^3 fof 
thiti^'LU'O iJiiv^t from iKr itqxuti^rr fium ll4i:iUy Ui^ULs (whictk wvrr t^h^ii ai ■■i]f)it 
r.K. on ihc Jd Jao. Wjijik S.£. aji ItjU^ucbO luii wi tlio vt^s^l iw I<?a iliiiii 
fi'^ 13', whkch vnts di!ie[Tninerl by xhc cKioiiomcEfr, aad ilie raakiiiii of dtt Uod 1 
Between tbrbtitudia -i^- u.V N. uml-H^^.a' N. in iwemy-fonr Louts, the vcthI wu 
WJi roily-fi'c mdes lu ihe eoalwftrd. From 14- ^'J' Uj *J" 44', thirty miU:* m the 
Iwvuty-four houiY ; 'md iljirty miica in (wtdly-fciur Uovtt (Iu: Iwrv imurci^iiie (layjt, 
IQ iaiituile 40* 36* : m <kfee thrq^i dnye, the currcni Kt due rost. there bemK no 
dilterQDCe in tho i^b««rved kiiiudtu; utid ihmv h^ ntJCounl, Ttio nctt dor (17th 
Jam,) Lh« currciit ael lifUeD mdcB uiat^Hy, luliludv 3t>" 1^. Uu tJie 3d V^Ab, tha 
ciiireiit 9«t tvci iTiiIci in ihi^nuiwan) ; on iliu Aih, Forco Sooio wu »^u & by W. 
fiuty-siK inilpji, iind unfortiifiatfly oii ih^i doy. by *n aooidoni, ihe ehronometor 
lloppfd. After nna?iifiy Aladuira, iVin nimint'wt Io Ibo writwafd, vtrilwMl by hi- 
iiHn, JinH rlifi mnliiiiif the Jnnd (t.>7th leb.) of rttiuf^vla. Thu dtfh-roEicv bvrw^d*-!] Ib# 
LoiLifiLude hv uccourkf^ itrirl tU^il hy Uinor, wbieh by the hind^fdll wai euiFt^ei lo d 
luiLi!^ WW e.ljfhty-yitrl^i milj'< fitify : wfurh fTrirn tl><' (imft wi» *-\|ierienced tlie Ir-id^- 
wiuiit, givu ih^ avon^ of a wflsiwLy mtrrent Avu snd a hitlf iTiUe« in ttt«nly4cmr 

mpuuDg b«nrf<n Imi^fiCB tnd Lij(u|w, i havt \^^\i Hiii^uiivc lu Nunilry ciicuiualAWiib 
rtliflit^ to ii, by w\,r.h to lr*o*y whqo «iit itt in il ; Hod Uiidrft Iha eujf wi«J xitli ffhirfc 
It 4 ihti"i|i«niirt, I hnd 'hai it <t aJtvvyt wtmor ilmn the «" on eirk tid? of ii, and iliat 
ildoi^ hni <pkrkle m the Big;lil." 


mllM^ Tlin Burltm curiml of lire inrdn. iltitrd-i uii ttii* itrcngih nfihA wind ; Tn 
ISI3, during n voyi^r (o .lainduH, wt: fomid ihf im^niLir- rii^ii miJ*ri adit- ^- 

FttL* or TSii Miinj!! fi;t- — 'Flit l'\tm tVnltim^ ^'"h'*i ' gulf-wwH/ 
fisuTiiJ in itiv Meiic^n sva in A[iii1. w-u in llowi^r. ^iiid complt'li-ty i^ovfn^l with 
TOUff bcr[iiL-1r>, Tin: iluliiilnr fruii-JikL' jj'f<:'TnlftktSi iiiJln--i>r in be itiUudtifl T»y 
Naliurt t> HOAti 10 ikithtim tfi<: plAiil u[io]t tiie ''■]irHi-r» '■« iUr^v on hdlovr JuuJ Altud 
wiA ■ir, aod hovo conntctjuff lubca. l^ ilic Idiiiu^U-* aA" Lif i\i' in tliis icu, wu 
moi with «ie ^*h/ rn pamllei Hotis S,S,E, i\nd N NAV, It ftuwiin likn Iho frrii 
UM! ^hcr mptojTHnimT on \W Tenrp*. In tulma, thtfutM floats u^ai ibp iuifiicc', 
lomc of lilt Itavct fljipparing rihovt wiwet ; thut whii:^ vo rxamiocd in the w«ci 
ftf Th* KloriHo efrrain^ was old^ brown, and ^yjvi'rod ^ith brmidcA, m n nmch 
ITMlCr fl<<gr™ iKun any wt h.nil bcriiry aeen, frorfi frhicli we may infci tllOt ll dOTl 
not on^iiiutd litin-, u± 19 iup|f04fd lay I'tMepeniuiiA, 1 liiitf* i«omv doiibta dbOQl lU 
bviii J produced upoD iho burfCicii ol IIig wst^r, uu I lin^n hoati miJiiv |>i(icr>9, aomc 
of Aiew ofbrgr "ifn, cntning up from ih* rfepp j lookrn?, iherdort, at liie pstTlicii- 
bir nabitiV nf ibiK rnunnu tiUni, unlefl itll or tiMtrly iifl cf ii« au bladdi-ra wcr^ 
hrcilIAnr Ihii Bwrf nriimi of the wavw, could iini, rcnnf^iMv**, *iiik Ihem below a 
few feel from tli^ %iirfncp^ and 1 nm ^iirp. I bnvr wni'^h^ct ptOL>k!<L atoenil ta ihtf 
mHtux tnm * 'Trrifh of <«o aiid thrpc fridtrjiTfi, iltJTinn .t ralm, nnd in liybi windi^ 
■nd tliHi Hoi^i ; wlirr'b ihf.y <'ould nol di> iflbi.' ujr hUiHi'ltiri wph- lU'itroypil. I nm 
ofoplniuu llial Tlipy ^kiw nu Ib^ rnclis nl tliobotlnirkot'tbrtJC'i-Aii, Knd tlkJil by wmr 
mpuii the iitixi UFnomM wri,iriiti?d l>otu ibi? rott, iuid dir pliinl iirJirmdiutply 
ttcmdn by Ihciud tifitsair bbddtn.deniKiitt] by NaLiirc fur tbis |>urpatF ; ] hlvf- 
mtrer htvn able M ttAvt- nny ii"ir%, or pii-tP^ of jU.iiji^ mibni^m (o iIil' |iIilii(, but all 
thp |iii-i-r4 ipjirui pii dii' Mtiniuiji uf iSe mam *irfu lu biAsr biTii bmkrii tburi off. 
AUbiJUj^b 1 iiiUf thi».'\] a aitit opinioD. I do not man 10 drn;r (be jnniibiliLy uf 
ilB nentmimE on t^^c surliicp of ibc orcim, u*i hti nunlTOgiis tircntmUmcc iMpfltiiinj 
u buid rr2«l'>b1^ bn- conic iiTnlrT hiy blraiTvitiun ; I iriciici tUu " Jxive liunl/' of 
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at prrwptiMi' dowhrr, fruil, or irrd 1 lE may be propoj^ntod by cvi'fully tiikiiig u 
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glturi** by phHiriomcicr a.t" 46' W, on a rtturu vujugi- I'ruin dip racifto, On a 
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Gitnw AV i& W. UN l1ii< m J mil-, 1 8^ A. In ihf Ciiidrbt-au nvb, 10 fbc ^oulh uf 
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mftj b« obofTfcd. in c:b'\Jii>i ibot temark*, tW lh( fn'tt-wi'o*! tJHtmds, lifco other 
Healing iiorbi-j^ in luEJ^iiLnlim] lmr>ij irnd nM tniitt«nii1y, I0 tba H3i of n curmnt ^ 
lliu, in Uip Flondn clmnno^ wb?rr 1\io i(n:rLiA ruru Ibrcc <ndci an hour, tbt/ua 
w<« in line lii^i N- bplf T., mid a.* tiif. tbnnnci widcnpd^ >. by E, half E, ,^, 

Bt.'rrtjxio Sji:irj^ oi- Sifi-TiMnivc U^^aic^ r|ii>u Nr\TfoiTif[>i,49ii> t<i -nti 
Elioi,iiu Cii4M(tL, Trocii iho C>rc[il liink M Nctvloundlarul la tlj« Eniiliih 
ebftnnci, k mu fcwnd thot wbpntivifr «j*|>ppJiiclicd [ownid* tbc ^i-fitit, ordaii^*f» 
laid dovrn in thv <ihurl>s tliv w^wr ohuigcd from tli« ilMp blufl- nf Iht* oi^pan ta 
fCTAtTi ; in Kotati mtla^iCM lu u Li|j;tit pM fiwn ; and Ihi4 Dnlnnr WiU 1101 tin* 'fflwt 
uf Biiv ciifiifA It! Ihu Biata of 1l>? AtmAhp^FTi', bill n>niAin«il tbii HAnif ituilfr Th* 
diflVroiii aJ(«T«U»Uf of iuii'tliin<',cln*idy vwihur, itncl liatii. 'Ilipw rfiungM w^rr tt> 


i*mukmlHfi, ihxtliej baaiOF ibefubjevicifccnn^naliDU mi board, aud txrapied my 
Mltnlion [qriirrilHrty. On flti in^i^ioliiiii oflhtr didTl, 1 aiiiiK In llie eDiicJiiFli>'i if^lj 
u tbi* jiftrt i^r Ihe nciith AllHillic. lym^ bMAPru Ntr^fuuliLlUilil uvt Ihc Eii^i^l 
chHiintl. criU3»i the jucvtdJftLi of ibr tolc^uic labudi uf UeliDd aixl itir Ait^re*. 
IbcTV itnt caautciiitg lamifigilioiis between tlic 9iil>LfitrMnTixn fJi?i of Iceland odi) 
ibcoe of Si, Michod of ihe .\xgrtB, und that tbir spaces of ^ttrn wnlei* i.nrr "Ukli 
nc niird in Uii^ (cut«, ivcr tnJtcfliiDns uf ihe fup«f jor vkvuiou <pf t^ tvliviri pt 
Lh« ocno in llic turn of commonicBUon bclwrcD the tiro lotcuic U»d* abo** 
bftd'Cil p and (be coincidvnoe of tha wtter diangiu; culour u ^n vppwkfibed tfw 
jitfcreikl rwki, fthoalB, and uleb, vtsont in xlic ctiikrt Ju tlm put a tli« Atfaaric. 
(iodic of whjcli have ban T«nficc) vuppi>rtfd the probabilUr uf the cooctuiicm 1 
bui dr««»a^ AaamiD^, thtrrfjrf, ihbt fhnc bunks iwfu<h i ^nevivc to bo dc- 
tiLchcd, ihu » tn lar, hiving dv«p ^at^r belwnn Uu-iu from N. la $>-) riiit, Mid 
arr ihfi liiK-B or conducton ^f ivilcaruc mftU«i ftoai lovUnd io Lh« Atnvi ; wv nay 
tvadiiy accoujii for th« appearance uid dinppnmice of luch nloiiiia, rochi, A:c- 
u 1*"« liland, ihfl mck* wpo by SirChwIei Knowlis^ (how Ir^ot^ for by Ad- 
Bnn.1 Kodaey, a«Eu'iiii1 of iTiUnd. Jarjiieil liLarid, Vie l>«virt Uci;*:, anri thu 
£iglit Slnnva iiiirlli nf {l\e Midcim, Itc. Ac. hnouip we have tiTKloubrwl pnwfi 
IhM ■iitKinarme volmnori throw up ivlnndt itv\ mrki from a vrry grmr dcpih, n* 
In t!ip in^tanctr r>f 5a/Ttfifl island oST St. Mich^el\ : aori thii Kbni» disn;>pMr 
ftfUfi th^ 'ame muse, us iiit^-titct^i) m iht 'Ltbiueriiuii trf Coidvrrmn'i tthiruU i?n Tti« 
coatl of lis-laiid, mid RuUr^a hie at die Cat^R *>f Gixhl llopf. 1 i-ii[i»iil>r, Omn^ 
fbrc, ihAi frum die loD^ituilt of lO* W . iu tbv Buika of Newfoundland, \n<X frvin 
the MJuL-jru lu tcvland. iliai is, from A?* N- io tlA** N, L^ie wmci iiuiuprifrd viiJim 
llqU VrV^t i> tUrr hi^ of the djflcFFut brjjii^bv* of tulvumr^if' vulcairic nutLrt in ihe 
noFili ; >uid dm may accouai for tb« frt^^titia ihocka of canln^uitku feli iii Crevt 
Briuiin and Potiiiee'iE. As ^ aa Riy omi idcM i^ o^Ofniing i^i:aiii>ta, 1 ftJii 
trilling ti> brljf^f thM iKrou^iuui tlte vImUt e«nh ih«j nrt conneftrtl br >ub(cEiii- 
oiwa QuJ >iit>Aftniic tnhci or clifmnclt, nud iliii bypothf^u ii bomc our K IncU 
■9 plaiD, ai to be BbiHat dcnionstntire wilh fic^ud w HLrttjqaalce>, wbicb )milo»o- 
pbcn c wi wdtr «• i»ceMiDD«d fay ■ublRnjinaii fin ltd W3i((7r cmiin^ id cif ja- 
ding nMcnts BiM. Upon lhi» t]?<p of the object, tto mighl cnny nni bur fniTn 
(he JudetlW lo tliB Cuiaritti, i^.-K^wcJinci on io t^e i'apc W^U Si. IkUnn^t Lc. 
fte-acd i1 hM aft^n stniot iDt,wilh ri'i|t€ct f4) ifie Atliiniirie l^lund of tli? Ancii^at^ 
if Butrh ever e^ist^il, tbat ii ofvupift! Uiftf ^cii-v uf i>i« ocenn lyiue betwvon ^OIW 
&Eiita and Ebir Aj-otv^, frd that iFme islnrd) fornied Ihrt ttirtrnxv^, the «iitre pnt 
faaving fiuok into the bn«mn of thf df^p by i^e ugency of volcuiio fire. J in^ 
olnff r1k»e rernArifs by ob<«miLj{, rbal ll« apluin ^^n ofhei.*t of the navy, poMMa- 
ing eip^-ncntc and itlenLlic Itiin-wledgf) of the vfssel m whii-U 1 wsi, ftppMrrd a| 
fini «»pucal »idi resyvtl lo ray hypodiHis but ai ImI^ from \tis owu 3freniiT« 
olnertaiiuiij, (wc^^nt fuHj <x»niiiJi«J "if its piobabdny. jE, 

REHAlL&b on iiTl; F4LI, oj Tei41-£HhI1LII ia fif£ W&iE>t» tf*l iPPKOirH- 
i>(» SflVfcm^oi TM>w A Diir Sti. — Ou dm id uf .Tune, lfi2B, a Hirtmg gnle 
(tov the 3.W.; 5iuiin/«cM* nu/vHj floiliTj^ on il*e waxtt, acul Ujl Arai-ricnn /am, 
«r Btripvd-triu^d fulU and /V^Kr/^m /V^^iVv, i^r Biormy ifVUtl CpilJrd by 
iMilan ' Modicr Cait^ya ChiohoikS,' were diaitotlmg arihUi ihc fwuLkiD^j of the 
■pnysuxJ ^^^ roorJDiWfnd- M ciRhl a-v. the (trqpfmture of iliewa^erwu 
66' of l-'ahrcnhcii ; ht^vy nea^ breaking avor iht tvucI. At nooji^ ibe Uutudr, by 
obacmitioi], was 41<' 27 N' uid the loitgUiidc, by uccounl^) Al' 39' W^ placing 

* L TTioy be worthy ur DDtiet. u t ciffuiiLsLanot MnngUicniDjE my cpinian. ihaL tho 
M»duu, Polypi, \f- w^t ihhniluly imt* ftbund&aT la lh?«a apa^^ei of urt-an vat^r, l^>a 
iaVboK afn bEm^o^uUf ; indfed. tvjvftvirfUui l»rnr l^i« uf thrsp anmuli mvre tan 
in die UUvf. iKv} 'A'dtc frnertlly uf w M14II urbirulu kind ; wbemu in iho gnea witar 
tbey Hcnp fie^apni^y fmaa lime to &«c ftei f]iuii<«f, of «D u&aite mieiy vf tbapct and of 
tho mtM brilbini coldun. 

t All Ihov iihindiBn &I volr^anir or^Bin. 

f Vm lon^tiuda waiia AfproEimilkm lo lh« inw, vwiSod woe Aftw bj bur. 

our poiiuuri alwut % dc^rw saith at ihc* iaII qT r^ f trcol Btml nf Xewraundlofiil. 

Tfi* •yini^sioiiiulwr" sinod nt 30" OO': iTic tliL-rmrinjMfT in th* nir 70% nnd (he lem- 
pcrature ufiJ^e wuii? ts'i'. At niiH imJt tfi^ur iiiilrliirily titrumv very cold, and the 
wlouf of titv Hiitfit uiiKQ^rtl logtrro. vinU « Iua hUTk% lih^ NlniEii, itsLini;; iiiHih dio 
•ui-ru«, iwlialLu^ aouLidlni^' At ucii* liour ili^rl> lomuif* r.u, Uivd for iuand- 
ia^c* wilti aiihr (sithQun cf Ijiir, inj liolloui ; pitsdinJ a ijuAuUty otjhcttt m Wut uoith 
and »ullj i tuM aen«j1ily hictrvigui,', M two r,¥. the li'inptraHiie oflJie *ftlcr 
bad fallen to 58' ^ .-ilLereJ iht cunrsi: froifi cut to K-N.E. (dLiciE ritflii r-^.) JQ 
IwfiOof UhliiniL; »0T]ijdiEivr»- Al four r,w. fwK> ; '1'^ '*»c 54". (fpillna miLecii Jih 
grta «HCc nooci^l aud thp wulftf 53". ^fiiUpn i*n dtgrets.) Al ei^lil r-w. the air 
/■k^*, ajkd tLq wtLicr 5G*, (foutUftn Jcp-eca itibce iKtod,) no pioumljjii^ with iievoMy 
fiiiJujin? of lijfc. At nudiiig^ Bir 5-1*, wotfir 50". At ivo a.u. <3d JuutJ «^C tir 
CS*, waiE-r ^fl* i and m etghl a -w- Ihfr air wns nt 64^ cud Ihc vna^t 6fl*> The di^ 
diiCtJOiis fa tw dmh-n Tram that obuorvitioiif nr#, iKiii thtrc apficon to be dccp 
wrandthffv nearly a rfi^Ktee aouJh o/ihe injl ol'thu Cteai Bsmlt, wServ fortj filtiomt 
b Biukvd upon xhe chiirl, fbaE Ilia (nniilioD Eroin wiLiru mr and aoa, lo c<j|d, ii 
luddtu njiil pnl|>alltfcfli cronflirig thii hank ; iav\ il mny bt fflrthei remaikoii, ihxt 
from A <mn;; CE-ti^. Elie wiTid ltH^i»ft| gn much, As lo (ipcume at oup Iiehi^ li^hl, 
■nd die Hti coniidomblv If.ta tiirhiiljrut- The njr full qo roM, ami Ou-rv vm «uch 
• diinHiuIJoti in 1h* iitinoiiphf^i^ imd Anri?r, thni the oipiain roiiFidr>rccl ii u ^^'^ 
Bdn Ihvil icp of ?nTii/* df^criptinn vfm hj^h?, hut /ud frnin view (ly iht fn^, in wfndi 
opimort [ fLilly ixiTiLtirred. h #111 l>e srnn ihat ihr Lpitijipnittrp of liritli [In- hir mid 
HaiiT, [iniJually nsi- n*wp ndvaii'^pd xa ihf msiwarfl : nnd at tight ihe nrxi mnrit- 
«iiK> tlie 1^ had n-guiurd the sumc dogrte of temperature ilui hud btm jEidbiiiid 
al lliriioon frf dit |)rT'ttrJui|^ day tu tiiut on whkh yv readied dm |{r<^ii vraiL-r, 
but the ALT H^K ^idt %ix dejfrees <:otdi*i. Jl has bi.'en frFqucoily miiiulLcU by nOxii^ 
live To>T»Ki,TT* Uiiit dir tirHiiJeriUurr: nf dip wAiti o<i!r bnu^s ot lire occaai, ii CJildcr 
ftu ihM of Ihp AJi lad of the deep kA' T]iJ9a (u 1 hoTr shown nhore, wn? vrry 
Mnurkubl*^ en iltc naudiem cicircinf of thr Grgflt Bank of NcwfoLindUnd : hnd wo 
bfiM CHJ dji- bonk, ii » pmbabic dial the dif}brenc;e would bavc Aiuountti Ut iwcilf 
dqpfoSi u hot been ci^rfuerrcuj; viiilt us ll oidv amounli^d to fourteen dcb^ec^; 
bntth* differciict of Icmptralurc Vlwrcn \hv dc"T> Be*, the nit, and tUp wniprovcr 
trtaki, furids (uc(i*;JiiiK*y "n difFurcot |-«vrls *>f llw wodJ, and i& nul ovfipy wlicrn ■» 
p«lpaUy vudantiEjan Iho NfnvfuuirdlandUank. Tliu ^na.\. diAerciic^ bct^'osfi tho 
tvmpVMur* of ihc deep ica HtitJi of the tinnk, and the trjCvrover tUn HLtuk iitvlf, 
J^M tttrtbiitod (0 iJiG ^«nrriLth of the Flandu sir^arn, whtilk ■» inid in flaw piul 
"' approEWhiriH iio"in<Jin(i^ m the Lneliah phflantl, Iho temptrature of "he »ir 
from 6U* lu (36*, (ffoni Ihe I Sih to IKc C?!* Jun»,) and thiil C"f Ihp wQivr, 
M" to 5sr. Un iho lot!., Li wo* CU-; on (hp ^lii, y}'; find on lUfl V*Jd, 
w» pifnicV fivindinjE* in tr^viil^-AvM fiilhoini, h ifnt a(>o .*i^, bmu^ a 1^4 df 
dfl||Tfl^: i rhinlf ii TrfiibabU- rhJit ftn ihe /lit wnwpre lu dcrjp sniiiiduigi, 
colour of ttwwnik^f nu uir cifrnmciof ihn Hank ^ve eiu J[LdiChiiJr>ri of up|jrrwcli 
vmttAinn I ha»r not wifllcieTH diiti lo ^'HdIiTp m^ in t<ir*ir a siti'-f-wuiry rliifi- 
of tht cuukP of Oh- mnHrkiihk' din'rmu'f in (lit? (^ol^u uf te LiiiPtriEucv ufilic 
ohm>r*t>d in pHuiiti}: \hi- Niiwruundltiid Ibnk. iitd ihm whxcli uln^Ubu wi^il- 
ffrjiii (hr vnUmiCiT ui Lhc tlanliib cbnuiich wr pused di« foimei in hjiiiudu 
2'A\ and the c[ianj;c indiiulcd d1 the CDtrai]4:c? of cur chjiLiiirl vr.u tJi ^o" 4', 4 
?* of 5?1 milts i und ctai* if iTh! cir':um»Liincfl of die FloiiJa »Ucftm fAisiui^ 
)tii« tail uf ihv (jtftii ttmik wrrf^ fully mtuMinhed, 1 am of opinioD, thni Lt 
BOl PBUuci >l» (JOpii-il [rnipemlufii sulttuc-ntly I'n^, in a distaiwe of mow 
ittoWBud luile*. HA lo create i djlTerence of fcimwn or twenty dej^ricra be- 
lt and tlw w;»tCT over dw Biuik, In ihr latitude of 110^^ ivhere ih? cxin'^nt 
Jtet uj Sfty-dnht milfs K. bv IC. jd tJin iwciity-fouf hoara, die lerapcrtitarc of the 
it m iUv ttKiuu mu f oj'', and that of the oir ?B' i on the Ui or June, ihc iby 

CDtiirt%tJ) ly Bictiu of hydi«g)ea gu uid <iiU ti> lEiilWiir ih^ (<hflnK>« 
« lUhflBpliDre. h m rklrciHlf aMIildvr, if I may iiu tha Dx|tmii4tn. 

:H0 KOlTtlk'H ruHTPUt^Hi. 

hvton wv 0vp«ii»Qud lh*r chtrn^ on Ihc Mimmlfy dxiie Gnat Bank, Llie Urni^ 
iwture of the ■ftlpf wju 12% and ihjrt erf die an fO- ; tjUiiiB Ti* of variHlion iu l!ie 
»THWr,iiiid B* in ihai of llieair: oi» Ihe Hopicil line, iiffilu- lUvajjioli, Uit Icth|h> 
mliirt of iht JtrehBi wa^ai 7.1', whUji [li« ajrwut .ii 7^' M iiooii. IV^fia |]i«r oUti- 
vutino^ It u^>iiciira, iltul Lht walur of lliu tln'^iiii wu Whrntr jji 19* N- (lum un xUc 
erojui^ Ij 4l" < I kiiiJ« uuL "liiit cuuld CJvJUr l]iis Jidcrtiice i" 4 liiBianf^i ufH.^O 
iniJt^. :^u cifulr- > lu ehpi^^jliiLiciu, tAcviil tbat (Ik: ftiuiJ wu Ijlcnfing, jji tijc Ivttcr 
GftM fjuiii tJK< N^ -in^t NvV- liiiJ iit djt: kirrjirr fjvin S>^-L\> b> SAV. : iinill be tt^tt 
tuu, till] iri .1 (liircrettiE of ^uUUJe of 102U iiii!«, lliot ii, from 3:j|- to lOjof the 
iLNupTJulun: wJ lln.- ai« "i* t"*=^'**''y ^^'■' "i"*^* •■^•l * diflcrence onlj-of 3" iu (hat of 
Ihc water *ri tlio Florida *irfnni and tbc waivr stJulh of tJn- Uront Dftfik. ilail ^tc 
kClVik!1]r Bcai ifrc whirn Hr cTtporivricrJ tiic niiliLrti duvi^ tA' the air and water od 
ihc Uiil of lilt Hftfik, lliii tircum^laiite wvuU Im^c ciocouiilcd, in a flrrut itiffviinrD, 
for thai diaugc ; biU uol liavio^ 4^n uny, allhoueh wc li^-id r^ fjoiibt of \hvr4 biiiit|{ 
■omo in our imracJuita viuhu*), I ciflnol c"n tlim at ciifinmi Ijut i am in^lkriM 
rather lo admit thk» as Ulv aiuAc, Uian ibi? rtHnnll) of th« Flondu Gii^om n-pnim^ i1. 
1 shall now proMwi lo ilulfi die ciicmuatifn^M wlijch oocurcwl <m iiwirnHflhiug 
•owdingi ixi ttievoyiEff (0 the port of Vera Cnir, fcp. lor HVertl dj/i Wfure ►'ft 
triad» the Uunb^^an uliiida, (which ivae on tlip a7ih I'tb.) the tem|><f^riire of the 
waitT liatl tieeu imifonnly at 77", liejTig from on* lo Uire* d^ryea wifmet iliui the 
aimospherr: ihe clny,howi?vpt, w« artivud mihiu the ti»laru!a» Ibr it^niitf^mure of 
iJie trjftr, inswiirl of faJIidg^ row one decree, dial i^. to Ja*, wlwht tin- ulr was 
TA" Hjid T!^- Theiv 4rv *<oumJiu^ fill \tviv, nnct uXso on ih« Am Bnuki suid it 
may hr obtKrvpd^ trial jn:i\ty of l]i«> inl'iuda hi^ru. MUi^ri ili Giiikilatau[tt. Ncvti, Si* 
ClirJifoplier, &c> art vokiuiic l\md*. wluch may probnljly ncoounL fur tlie tists fif 
^K ill c till uiLiolcr LL) Uie vmlcr ; iujd I tjavc eid doubi uptritr u u C4u«i< in iJit>- 
dui'jn^, un »Din<^ lbiiik«, v ci^iittujy vfliU, uk in thr pivwiit Knst* iv tiiii tituully »- 

Eciji:u(i:Jh Fium tJic Cimnd I'ti^iiiHU lik, tu t)w HTntm^jd cf Juriiuott to the 
iiroutlk, or CampccbcBaQk.iht iJHiiiKiriiluic tiitliv wulci wm 7S', the BUtirjriD^ 
fiTjiti 77~ ia W. O'lBirikiiiti, s/undjiini in (wcruty-Xi^i-'n fdihoimt dm LhvrjiKiinvtcr 
in the vvAlcr felt to 761"^ iIjc iir-\^ iIh7> in tliiftui?n aiid iwriit^'tivi^ futhumt, il fdl 
to 75', «nil on var quiLtiof iJ>c Dtiu)^, it mar lu T0„, It iimy be piupcf lo rcnuirk 
Ih^rt'T that durinif a etroiiz nor'M^ hc foiind tltul the dminkonxcter in the sea of 
Mcsieo, Idl from Wsir, 7Q"wflk'r, to r3'ft*i, and 75" waieTj n dinniMHtlon of 
lii dt^rc«A in thu o^t, utd ibrDo in ihu wntcr; but H( Vcm Cru^ ilutLi>^' ii Hv«ra 
mifih, ihc tvmj^fsraiurtj oi ihc njr fdt, in ajvon buuia, luci d<s^nji!a i ihai i9« from 
70" t*> 6^"- Tmii ^.dl oF tjiv iliurmomcter oh Hit t'iuopeuJi* liank, in ihc tiril in- 
ilDnoc» was so irdUng, thai unliar* Hirict ullonlion hod been pn-Mi tliu vircunittanQH 
miifbl bnvp >ii:n|wd notice. Uu r^indimi^ und 3i>undiii|i in forty (iithoauB, on ti» 
Hrv Tiiptntpn Hujk, Ihr IVtit Xptil, the aip wua Ti< und die waU'r T-l*- Tlte day 
bcloiv, It WBR Ihf *»ine, ^fft were tiu-n oa tlie tmltfr tfda^^ ol the bank) : f"i tlie 
IHU, t]i[! wau.T WiU :il 7:^'^; on Uie 1 7th ^od Itiih li wlu at 77*, arid h:u1 rNil luvn 
lo^rtt tluui lO" iiiit'i? leaving Vfr* Cnti, an ihat [bym was a fall nf thro* ilAp<M« 
thiiti ilir iW^i ?«'Li In hvi]iidii}g» : some Cfiii4« miLnown^ no di^uhi, erentcul th> Iff^ 
EuhiTjLy fduL of itH r:diinh^ 1o 7:2" or the 18lh) nbov« fiol«d ; vc miy. probably, 
Wi: bLtu jjLi>iiiiL( ovi'i .1 sjiiL iif i|ij» htuifc, or a rirtnchfrl bank, whirh wtiuld txOm 
Aii>ri h f^l] Jn did TcmiJi^rJlurc, cht }{roitnd htre bcina imperirtll}' kfmwiT, ;Aml «rfi»< 
nctmsly Imd dywo, Wln'ii wt ImS j(ul jiiirj KlonJ* ttrwmi, dit* thi^rmitmci*! jr 
die i*.»[(r (v»c tFiii" Jiv'ot. lU&l II, iivm 74" ti 7,1', ib^ mr wiw nL TO*, die wftie" 
btin« jHJ/c t'lr^i U> lilt liiiiid i die ivmd w>i>< \ni'iidjlw Wn N. to N.Eh and the 
colunrof ihf ru dajk Iilui:; mr HciL'bortd in Ifnuirirah tht neit munduif. -t. 

S*>Jl> [i*Ml llETlTtlTB U\Ul'4t. >'uVj^ StUriA, Ail» TUL BlHiIIOVI U|,«.^ 

TfiL: lullumuic arf.'oknil of & Sand-lnuik hLkjvc wan^r, ju ibv >"ijriU AlUmie Ocran* 
eminotbc loo Wfly^ircolalcd, iu the djm^ci li«i r*iu!dy in ilir Intel of our hora©- 
wAhi-hcnind Wtii hulianten, and gth*i vcjad* fi^in Ainciiuii , and il ia firohiblo 
fbiit utmitt (if \}tc inanv rnimuiiii *Hi|>B lijT? ihcrean icriuuniEcd their *o}*au. On 
91<l Auff-1fti)7, lliobn; Jowph Humr^ of f.3fcriiock, liatlmy, MmIp^ on Wi pft»- 


■Igtt from AJaUtld id ijvcruao[« riiAf^ovfreil 4 wnrMtvnk in rafitiid^ ;(9« N, mri 
I^ilgitode 04' 20' W. Aj llip Vftwi pnwiNl wiihin n <[unrur of t mllp irf Ihe a>in- 
^t, the vhjte Mml frit hvh ntinvr^ vrnier. and vcninditi^ il ihni di^iintc viru ab- 
lUink^c] in TO fiiibnm* wiih:f, miidv lifiiuim. ?'uitii a hird'voyp ritw which ilip 
'AlttLu^Mr. At^ju]Ji:t NuDii}, luuk uf Oh^ biiiikt ir iipjiiivrj-i] in br-^rf ;i Lmm^-ibrw 
fbnu» llic (jfH-uiii); fociiJi; diu SAV., t^w CJileiiL of ilu' luiik wiu isiiiuuted al ciuL 
toon JiiiL Wirh [Dik>oi tlim quiil^^rt m [iiiiit. Hiii iLiiiifi'rinth biuL b iiliuilixl 
th of L|it lkfiiLM(lji«t Jibuut ^lUT Jiiilr^, and cmniiil) shouM bt i[inc>i?i by q 
uf i«ur,* Hml lIj i'.uu:l tJii' di'li^iniiufHl vrilli tTitiiuLv. Tlji' nWvr KVOJim 
<iji]i4juiLmU<-^ by Cii[i(. Jamo V>»Ui'r, uf Uiv Ijiuk Scii'iic;'* 1/ 0»:^:i»wi't : \iv 
rd die JiLfofmjktioTi tram hu c^icf inatFi I^lr. huiL», vrlm at (ijc iiuii^ of Uir 
fy,twiuurtrtl wflb? muptW't iHTtniBFifmioco for a firw buf litti of forid, hm hr 
VtOiiLl not JpfttiL it. Cftjit. I'otli^r uIuCI'VL'H ihnl, *' it tJiis ilariiEf^fitnjf bnnk li^r dl- 
rocUy A tho irtok <if all \c«ct1a puraitiD); a uortli-ciuEii'ly cuiinc IrtnTi IW Klonda 
Cbanutl, t doctn it m^ ilvty lo pvv ii tV- ooriicm puklicitj. in hujju ihaT il vill 
b*lh*iB«i)»of«uviDi; ta\my vqEu^Uip Live*, hnrJ much pTU|#Tiy. Mauy of 'Mir vci» 
In from Jmnii]<^ HuiiduM*, Mi'4 l>r|cixiLB, ^^ uir riUfjpcBi^d lo inivt' tbiindi^rad 
. an, >*hcQ dill bank inn*' luiva caiued the Iimh of ivwnlr u it liu* wilh oul- 
•tn>icJk(-d :irinrL lo tvwivi- ik>m." M:iy not l\\o Uuiy» ContvHi, Acorn, and olhon 
iif bu Mijffuly'ii Kkipii, whioJi no ^iipfituHMl tw 'uvt fonndcrvd At ka, hava l>««n 
vriKktd juhI iivdrvihulni^rl upnri ibis hnnle f 

The IItvil'v Hock ik -riii' Noitrrr Ati.ANTcr, |R!i^_^(~iipr. Swnlnianr of 

tbvSt. G«rgv> nf I jviHf(Mwil, fnmuhul inmr irif'>rni-itinn rcspwtino; Thp " Uo- 

Ta Rnrk/' niurih i«r^f tinporlnni^H I't rniiriiu-rq II u neir ib'- mmiilt ~')f tftf- Tji^ 

lb C^haiini^, vhI kiil down ^11 xht> dknrii ns doikbrf^il. Ln|ti. >wiLirHr]rj ^avn, 

Conimry winiti L<id mt* inorr lo \ht WHitwaid tbiLn the nrnkihinrnMl truck 10 Msu 

nA. 4uuJ oa Saturday. iJiv 2Ttb Jutiv* I obsvrreil al noon, in l^iktudi' M" 30' tf, 

LoQjpliUilt? bj dirtmuuu ivf U" Itf W. Ujuitij; n liuf liirrt/e, 1 slf-'pird S.^AV". 

ttDDIfHMr uul ttL Hvir o'cluth full in vritli bit;ikei>. and '■ rotk,HLimnt iivl'ii vvilli 

Wftter'* cidiju, Bt* iImU we >a» it disimt^ily wlicu ihr vialcr rectijtd frurn n, Ufiiig 

I odi) IHO luili^ dbuir^t' I Miinji?di4i1f1> c^r tbc loii^iLuUc by titi; cbroiiomeltn* 

isritb thir iljBinii<.'ff mn fnjin intttu, iii4ifi: diiii dnni;vj lu lie in 'Kj" 2i>' K- vrul in 

|« 13" IB' W. I Imvr not Un' LtflaC doubt c/f ruy l^JiKiIud*^ bfiin turnitf >w 

had Qiy cljronomclcri many poyaeca lu India, uijd dii:y Uxvc oiwayt proved 

TbU dancerou* reck hj" btfri v^fiH[*il V the MuAifr of ibr VortMudc, 

iblui) Aiid bifl (alpHirrrutLoiiH pluci' it ui iiLltluilo -iti** ^H' ^. Luid liin|:ilada 

a' \\, wintb i* (I ditftwrifc « T' io ihc lulitudci and X^' m thr laiiiriHidc, tu 

iTCft hj Capli Svminton, wboflO o1j«crralJoiii, ho^*ncr. hl'c more lo be dcpmkdcd 

lOUj on account of hi* pR»(ji»o<> «i* an obwrv^r^ flurt ibo tHrd coiTp<;lnrji«ii of hi< 

inxionnvren. iL ^ppviLc* thitt C'tpi- Mucryiill, uT H. M, S. AfickIov, ^bo vm 

flat to *nHk tiiiA rock, Imd loturuiid uiLiuccaiiful ; DovorEhcloirt, wo or* <]u^iat«d W 

jiplaCf cyory T^Liinco on CapL Swainico't tnliiDmy. and thcTaForo ticUc* in ttt 

{4uiiUD0f . Lr^ir rca>Kjn i« ilui : if roolit unrl tlumli m p«rti or lh« tva, n^nr londt 

rlnrvTRil by Llkfiiiwindft n| viontctA. for two or ihrdi^ f«aiiiri«i« prrnoiu lo Ihftir dj»* 

Co?fify, biLv^ 4>itL4lnl rhf Tioiifi> ofthp nuiriner^ durino; ihaE fmi^Eli nfTTine, hav dif* 

(JRilt LI mu>*t bu In mrjbo r^ai^dy ij|>on Ibr tilr of 4 merv tpffk in ibr mtdiT of tbi> 

flcmn, otcn Ihout^h ibt (HHition ifivHi nf il shnuki .-ipproiitnaTc To ih< irmhl A 

4>nittoD of tiiii> or thn<v niilw ftnm lli« in]« jjojUUcih, vrmjU, pvdn|ii| prewnllbft 

* Thnrt hu iktio lately bttin dtvzoycmi 1 il^oil utar tho Aiaru, ivnil ool- Sfuiih nf Bfir- 

nodn r il il* inidviiluiHl dial UJcu-uf-wAJ liivt rf^cn ^uL tv cnpluEU d^iu diiium. C&pl, 

fitrj-BlI h;lh woi Ed Louk fur Ike ftjrnv^r , wt Wpc tliu mulLa wdl br miuK^ fPuMiCt ami do! 

«{ iLp ni Uk* llidtc^mphic (IfHca, an kIJ oEJiar hvdTD|;mptiif.-Bl tinlim liavc bitiforro 

An VFinn*! HCHk {in ihi* aiitj^t, ^minuiinH l^m ili^i <iirir<:t, wnukl nafly !■■ h 

ad ^pkK the Muticoi »orid wiib hofx. thdi (lit itora nfuuful tikfarmftkin now 

apijf *irj|r uu Umlut«v*iuid m Ujc djtvtnuf tlic Aduitfjlty wuuU iH>r bv Ivit to 

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ftpptfli'ancv uf SD tinJkll an Db]ec[« t^spvciully ir llie valcr shouhl hii|i^i:ri iv h<t 

rtdml thtfe be w<i[ti iollickuL loiglit tvtd pos* wilhiu a few jnirds of lEjc roct 
williout percdvUig ii. — A Binguliir circuuiblAiii't. iu |iuiril> wan rchi^d by in olSntp 
fiH huviug occunvd in ^Tin^i^ puit vf ilw Muilj1rttuu«ii. A frij^filn, fl lipUvw tlit 
UiJiUmiEtil,) rtliilat cn-tmii^, -auji l)ccaLnicil : llie wtAiltcr bcin^ Finer ^^ niidilii]>. 
men ulrtuiitd Irravc t:> bulic. iisid one «f tbem oq jumfiinf; ofT (lie qujirtuTi wu 
broii^ht u|^i by n rook a frw f*ct un^ltr tbt? rorfue*^ of %ht wflkr, ugninst iJis htrp«T»' 
dJCLii:it ^kilc ^r«i)iidi t1tc <<iii|i vtoa mslini^l It i« well known llml l!it UocUalf 
westward uf St. KilJii, ulrllOll^U hiaiiJinv sciuc yiuds above Ibe aurfi^ce of the 
Mem, VIU& fur a vory long itmc oom^dered doublfuL 

Rock iir tuk Noqth Atlakvu, — 'Hio ihip InilerrnUy, in htfr vayaje from 
Di^mcnru tD Loudon, diKcuvBrud a tock, Ht 30m- P-M, (date nol ^ven.l on Uie 
eUrbunrd-bfum. dteUiil oboai thioe fthipo' icnglhi- Ihe vvseel b^ at this time E^>- 
ing l»o and n fiofrmite? per hour, rti(>i > hoaiy null fsnm t)ieN W. ^ as rach bitcs 
<!vediii|; iwell mti^, ii wiu criTirely cntPTecl, bul at iiii«rvala it 3p]v«arE!<l fevvml fvet 
iibtivi; wxli^r, ami jierfeoily jwrihtndienlnr. From s\te mnflijiflail lE mm SPen ihruii^h 
ttie imni^pnrvni fluid, lo a gif^nr depili bdnw tfir^ ^ttrltuv. ntjd appented in be ct^ne- 
nhrtpwl. Al the prpcrrling nw>n, Lbi' nh'^Tvivl I^iTifurlr win 4."i"i0' N- ;iml longi- 
turjp by thrrjuoniPTiT 'j.'V K/ W^ Ttip ^reijont is ai^ed by R,, Wiioil*!!^ Mnsfer; 
r. K. C'lialnitn^ Mule; ftnJ by Mtasrs- VV, Wendi, G- lk'"dcH, M. Elk in, Pwi- 
KwntiTib.— Tlie |j<»&aiuJi of ibi* roct u 320 niilfi nor^b of tlit IflamJ of 5i. Mi- 
diiwl uf the AtoTfu. TlkL-re arc fi^'ki luajlii^d uii iJie dians iu ihv 5. Li!, arid Eo ihL- 
N.rJhW.of i(, T^>e »[>DCL* wliervin ibin rvek ttoji bp^h. is JccjdEdly vulcHiiii;. giid it 
10 tJijlaL ulL ini|jrobiljlt!t lIuiE ttm 'ock nmy subutei^t:; in tli^ went uf vbjcbi Ihi; 
wcll-Atie^Lei] aulhiJiUj abuv*? would be queMioiii^ ; <tnd ilicrr ah? tome ^v1l-i;i- 
formed people so inciedulous in thne matTeri, ihaL pFrlinp>a noibina ihort of ocular 
proof, <>r ibe btfjlting iSn n-i^cl p^^i tut such n ilanbttt.vruuhl ^iiitiAfy tficm> I ha^1t 
tto doubl lb;<( Enuiiy im liofit^t skippL-t'^ vemciiy Utn Lccri intpuKind on cwcDHiont 
Kit dii) nature, wben peir-ciW contonnnl with truthh T^o:ie penona nho ftre upt 
to question or dTr^bcliuv^ ofT-bniiflf lliii>uii1?< ;t;jvi'n by inivin^Llorv cf rocka, 
irhoaifl, ItitnkA, i^^lvls, utmI I>£OLLlc^-F>i, ectin in U^e ^loriK Atjamic. ntid allnbule surU 

■ent •■ m ihe flm\TJ and dtpurture" of the slion-hvcd Idind of Sabrjua, \i\iaii 
tiieh u dediotiBtmbli^ iici would fiHve inlormed Ibenn of tb« pD^aibility of islandi 
aivl tovk% niin^ out of the boiiurii of llie deep une day, bud dinpp&inn^ tho 

DABrovnot79 RrtiGT or GuvAKf-vt-^Thfl CEini.orL A^^rcr ilAtn Eb^f Capt, 
Knclienrr, nf ibe uliip Sulfolk^ on hu last ouriiranUbnunil pu«9:igf^, Ii:ie1 diir^overod 
n dan^etoiia rld;^ <if hreit^'K, bearing S. .'iW" E. by CL>mpfl», from Lady Dnnkin'j 
monuTinentH (which iiiintls over ihi? town of J*orl St. I'Ui^lioth, in AI^oh hay, smiih 
coluI cif Africii,} diiLiiii iibur^E ii^tcn urtjc^bi l^ai^e^ : ii lips diraelly In tbi^ v^iy uf 
nil buitiewunUhiuiiil Ijidumim raulbig |b[^ Und ben-iilwvix; iri eimtnce, there. 
f[)tVi uuinot bti l«j fruKiti madt: itubLiu, 

LivtftPO&L TiLE^iiupii. — Tlic Ti'le^m[Ji suilion at livenxml commurjolalp 
in Sepiiiiiber iea9> with tliul al llulyhejid, dialint IflC mu«, and rcoeiyud vt 
■tiswer ju i6 KCoudB, brinu tbi: pbuTLesL tjiri<? iu ^hicb il biu erei been done- 

Ontr.BViToitir kt St. IUle.i4. — An UbBecviiltify bfls Utelj bwu eitabi isliL-d 
at t}it IkliuiJ of Sl^ llcLcnan lU geographical silu^lion bads ut lu Ijtjbevt: ibiit 
il nuy be eminently conduciva Id the pro^rHs of Ailrouoniy* 

SuoAi't IK TUK Ai'3iBAL&^i'H *Kit 1nMi\m Sr.A^. — Thc iliip Mari|uijt ut 
LfcMdinrn, bound from Sidnty» New Soul>i Wnlea, to Cukiiita, louched ai* a new- 
U ditcevcred >hihd ulT Cape Uireciioti, oti ilic emiorii cnast of Nuw ILolUnd, on 
6lh June, 18^7 ; and ngiko touebed on n ^hoal cilT ^^uUiu liliuid, ta t\u. ^nit of 
ttibo, on 11>th July follnwing- Sho got of] from holh iboab witFkr*iit Janii^c^ 

Shout I'^nhiHii;'.,— M, M, S- llerdd, nwlc (he pwaiiffo from Ibc C'liveoi, or 
wjjidwiLttJ pikMUyu uf tbti tJubaiuaa, lo HJuiHltLi[pi in Uie English CbiLQnel lU thn 



«kort 'PA«* of nliwiMn dM-. nn oWmcl of licr log for llial timr. aolinit thit 
Viivdov «cc. would be of wrvii^ lu msiin«». — IL M. S^ Undoxinicd amved al 
I^irtiin<mth, in LSoormbcr 1838, from -Sj_ itclenn, in iwpniyiiK Jiiys, "no of rfao 
ahonaitt, if nut tint i;|L{>rtrAl mn vv<.t timilii-^Wr? huvu lK-i*n u&mKiL thikt 11^ J\1. S, 
NtwculLo^ mil Ifom llnlifiki^ Nova Scutiji, i& |*tirbimovtI», if» ilit uaiMftmiung uliuft 
'fpDco oi TiEDc af twclm daysl Tins ii i^pecd Vfith > 'reng«i}Fe. — Tbt AmcTicQii 
'%ri|7r Am^ric^in, Mnckr, IVLitlur, nrri^'Hd ;it %L Ja^'o df Cuba fmin l'hiLEuIi.<lpKia in 
•IghF (|av4, wlna'i la ThC' iliorii^l |w»^:tg@ ev^f iiiail« hrfTwepTi tUovi- ^iQut-i.^UfH- 
10?H. — II. M- S. UDrhnm, 5?, VcuL't, saiJed from LtermiiJa on Lst iJfc. I82B, nnJ 
imTcd at PdjBf.111, \^vt Vtovii\ifinie, nn ihp 5ili, hnvmg mn ihe riiRTHiiPk^ b?iWF«Ti 
lfa# tWE) itliiJiJa in thv short ^piii^f cf four clays; tier vtiloL'Lly tmi^l Uuve 1>eHi 
ftbom iuu niik-i a ilay- 

Siit^UAEin Paoi'qiitids^ nr Fuutio^ AuviLVrni. — lu Gntnaoy, lu well as 
S*isltri iinil >i:irvriiy, lUv iiticitui Niirciabtn? tWriilanl ^^6 fontiprl> tiapluvnl for 
\\w 14'UE'^htM uui\ iiiii't\Lm-* n^qmivil l^i tijc ar^tiiuli^ l Itk llih nUuJiLrtl tlici oM nnli- 
tftrx wntrr* muallv ivfmwl ; ii niiiitaci lo biivt? Ijecu cqui\uli?m lu ifi*: pr<»i:iu 
NuicmbcrarooT, A'Z/mf'rrj^rr^Mr'fjrAr'tAti^iluii] ttai'lly lo 10 3373 Eii^hah ludjci, 
■Jid Uic wujijiii of ilic »ltiii k¥A4 onoci^hth Iths dtari il uiiLEUt lo \mvr Wtii, oix'uttI- 
m|; L» llii: ilutniiclcr uf Ok« bort: uf llaC pici^e. Sudi, M IcLiat, i^llv o|iiiiibh i^xp^rn*- 
cd b^ th^ Gcrmui nrilon. The DaoiBh rrn^JDccrs, however, ihink| ihni in Ihu a^tf- 
acnl attiklfiry no ftllowiwic" wai madi? for liio windnge of the ^\m\ Had the' ilii:? 
■hot wrm oildtf lo lit I'^ni^rly^ Lt tppt^nr^ Uinl ul llio oDmnicnci-'mmE, or tr>w-ipt.h 
iLc cod of ibfl tcvcntccnth ccpliirv, lu tlii^ nortltfnj i^rjiciiab, it iiaizdiird \vu» uin- 

E loved iindDr iHe nikmi} of lln? NHTrmhr'tr l^titniliird» tliougli \< ditftrod from il a 
UliT- Sinvr th^l limvt umufn aliot, we»^\tUi^-i-X itttwuiUf iit a li^udcit Im! U>t i^ricli 
ing 3ft. hii* iM-n mn inpUot m ilmmtl« ; ind iha toUowinfj tublt «nhibin the ^Ulfiii- 
CDoc o1' thtf coljbru of tl^fi g^'ii'^i "^^ thi? diaitt^ten of tbe ahol in Viiriviis Etiropoui 




.... iVtHia - ' . 3*710 

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{Dtiuiiaih (an* , „^ 

lAPosiirivrv AdieiU . . . A-Ild 

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.... Pmtii-U . . - a-im 

UpHhIcn. AiiVrLl - , - 4'"l 

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IHHttlt for Ihi- % L)«| 

Itrf-al <(fH>l U I l>'Mil 

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Ilk rki0 inmll 


LKATiT or TEir- rii [.i«u*tioh or rownLP,— Cnpc, Siiniiurvi, of i1ii> rhmiuli 
liEuL publiihpd a (lit^ory of Jit iiifltimiiUitiijii of i^injmwilrr, nf wlijcli, 
l|jh hv diAcUiiUFi Wmu thi< miOmt. il huviiiK Lfvji tuui-lil fur u loni* Eimi- In ihn 
ljnilitiir)f »:but>lB <»r IH-imrHrli. h*r Im* btcii lidJ tr.iimiiBiliU' fiu il, niwl »lif tulifttl 
Ihui fivEii luv lu iEiui:U iIlvcukiuli oit itic CoiAiikCiil .— ihr I'ullnwiui; '%* d\v (UiiiTy. 
Tiw lurbtm of ibc pi^wdcr Jin: JiiflaiuL-tl »uci't«ivcl>, but hi u Amw it liiiic, lliai. 




wait nn cirdjunry tliiirgt, motl of tbA gniu ot («ttd« in- itiflon»e*i bJore tlie 1ml- 

Ob tbfi Gijafmr<t i ^ttaiti iim**. (hp ilunrnin of wlucU di'ppndii on Tnfr inrp naA ihe 
goodiiiMof Uiiiiiniim. llw iMt<*i.*iij nl ihi- «», ntid thr qiiBtilvof the siirmwrnliiig 




'I'Ijc KiDg hitliifr bcon pimwl U> {wm^t 
Ow oOivcrt of iht infni^lr^, la wnr ft bliieli 
wkihilivJi over Ujc blw (ii«l aa , cuil ofTduly, 
an] QDiiEr liie nil e-i^IWi off duLj'pWh] Im!*- 
inc nlto hHii pluied la or^lrr. tUm llic viult 
tbiiJ III fiiluK be wiim iiivtii rt»Miniai nl 
(Tulyonij^ civot the hljc j[t/*x\ t^ml.m thp 
c^uMllK. — 1.01^ tlill l:ollV■)^'^^ it uL-coi- 
HI \ » iLi i/iJer 1'^ |irt?V7iiL iiLJh*ji«:Q|iliuri, Eu 
pAhiUbtanH itit «cuuJaiuri»Lit)> the uffi- 
ffn thdl wwi (bu Itlue fffttiT coat, and rod 
rtaattn, hod Ihivw on wfucli liny iliull he 
CDOdAind » brinj^ un iitulTiluiir- 

Thv bhitt fTi>iil HfMt ninjhc]<ri>rn upon a\] 
du1>H aff urade j nnmoK, ^Inlta. bnll-iimt:- 
1104. wtfirlimc pBrtiflt. IaT|?iiv diilujt, jdioh:- 
iton* of liciiTJvksH liD«pttiJ*. ami nniPli^i of 
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■ud Courb cif Idi|ULrv, anil tonmiiUoc*. wf- 
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LorJ IliLl, Commanding in Chu:f< 

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llonc Gujmb, Jon, I, 1830. 
Ilii MuuTv having baao plvaaoJ* by 
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fon- of rlw tnrviee ll Un^ Ifld tht pankiu > 
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FiiF t^uDdiLioTn udur ulii<;li iliiehkrrM 
BUT he<ibuuuMl» xtv pugu 112, Nu. 13. 


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I'll VIU.PI4 ^ Enlist H U R Iti^mifrtitril, 
liruE. J(^ n, JnliLn. Jut Hid Wt>i In^Lrv, Bihl II. 
M, 1^. 0|-»Miih. Uml. T, lliiibui.. 4tf St. t>'- 

3L, 1*LT«i>lilHy— AMi\>d tl. H- 9. ArEhliiT, 

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Ptm.Pifii, — A/tl>n1 H, H. C BfwnbCa. 
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riB>C:Din. [L EJl^DiE. 

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n. V. Jar^La^n^ U'll HanioiA* kmJ pui'Ii'WwI In Ui* 

to. Po»T4iiairTH, — ;i«ll«.| IL If. O. ShIm,^ 

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haitriKir in [vy nil. 

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rrrh> fniiii ItoiMiuii AyiTfc SlJli-rt I'fLh OcfUlwrp 
tail from HoiLlt Vl.(t« 4.h mil OiIobiT, 

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(li>l l^iir. >iih, Airil IffVPivTt, LWBL WorrK 

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IhiBfAmli Avoi iiir Mv4lir-Triiiv>ii>- I'liti (iLlirtt- 
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Cui>, 11- Til. Jflii-up., fur (lt« Wril Ii^IIb BlaUw. 

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for IUl]r>« itixk U^imodr, >nd IL M, P, 

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foil mini. 


Pl|6l. 1\ 

T-4>f. A. 

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M'Vil.o«, II. W. 

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BtJiLuii, A. Hiuhnitt, 




Vlcc'Adm. Hob. S^ H. BluckmoA, BL K.C.B, 


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R. P. RowUr 
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Boo. O. Poalett 
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Adm.BJghlHoiL^VimiDi B«tI of Northed, O-C.R. 
, P. Hirryal, c.l- 







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{«lri DfMMlhrr, airivFd ai Plymonlh, from Hi^ 
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Li.W. H. Kuvell . Ptyinoqih- CrnEiri. 
F- J. Johdwn ... Id JfDaary, hUhI for Wnt Ib4Ih. 
W. H. Bflwytr . . Plymflaih. CnilKr. 
<!. W. Hamlllon . . plymosih. Ptidnt. 
i. P. l>cvanihtrc . . PlynuiDtb. GB|nl-ihEp, 
E. Hawker .... PLynHqih. Fna^tjur. 

A W J CUflofd c » / ^*''^" ^"^ Plymoam, Wd NoT#iBl*r, Left 

' ' ' \ Madeira DO Vh Dccftabvr- 
Ll. R. fjmty . - . PlymoLlh. CTnlvf. 


Rnr-Adm. Hon. Sir Charln Fbkat, Kt. K,C-H. 

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Cork. Sl OHHie'i Cfaamipl. 

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Rl, <;nriic'i ChaoTwk. CniliUi, 

CoT^. Pj.aa-aHir. 

Irkih SUiIaiu 

Skil T OnJiB Me 

U. S. JouRN, No. 13, Jan. 1030. 





Vlr« Ailni. HU p. Mdkvkii, K>OJ- 




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Hon. ]*, P. Hiiy^prl™ 

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Cvnmtdan C- M, Scbmbcrs, C-B. 


C. H, FrHDudTlfl 

Gdh lU 


H. G- CaJpor* 

in October, ■! Fort JkckKO. 

SUIlt Joly, laJLedp rfom SL Htlcni, fW Akh- 
■ioiu Sl Uelcu, Ut S<pt«nbfr. Cipa, 
lOiti Oclobar. 
{July, at HflaHllu Ber<^U^ Btth StpWa- 

' J. Lyofii . ^ - . . M'uUlDi. 

. C.M.Schoi>,b«t.c,. {"pVi^^HiV"'"*'*''*' *^'^'***"'''*"'"*""^ 

{El HoiLLardn.J.S, \SepUiiitttr, nlWd, from Cape, f«- Muildv. 

Chndim. . - . / Madatuar. 

Bnr-AdJP. Btr B. W. C. R. Owen, K.CB. 

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Crecodilc . 
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J. W. MmliiDe . 
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Lt.J. B. B. H'Hurdy 
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Vtc«-Aidin. noil. C- E, FkcDOiit- 

iiaiy. It BartndDFi. Avsul, tl V«q Cm^ 
from Jamaica, kftlb Ncrcmber. aaHFA, fK 
FLtD-tHir. S9il Seprember, Cnn^oi. 

iAqpi«t, at FonBoyal. ^ih 3upiemtKr,AlSl« 
Jigo d? COa- 
CnatorCaliB- BAhtmah 

IAntdit, fti ConfH. Hit StpicmbtTf nt Poit 
ijanuka. Adedh, at Cnncoa. Octobfrp at 
P«i Royil, from 3i- Jago. 
IBih Jaaaary, Ifl30, ulled. from PJynxwl^, t^r 
WcH Inlltk 
Jnly, at Caracn. Ad^hI, at Port Roj-il. 
Fori Royil- Goard-Alp- 

1 September, Lt Gaayr^. At Barbadoea, OvB 
Dfmfnrq, OclQbA ^llb. 
New PrQTkil<>dA-. 
Ai^fl, Babaraia. 
Angdii, Bahanui. 
CobB. NoniabA, JmnalcA. 
AB(qMj Ba^mu. 

ijaly, at Havaaa. Svptcmbcr, Iknmda. Im^ 
maiea. Navembvr, at Cuba. 
iAoBoK, at Cdra^oi. 1ft Scpt#mb«r, KafiBL 
October 5th, Btrmoda. 
Bahama lilandi- CniUJDK. 

iADBul,aiCvmfOB. Jamalei. Navuvj In Sep- 
Saoth Oclobpr, liillril, from PorUmodlb. flik 
Dtcfmher, at Madvirip od hb; to Weflt 

IfabBniM. Jamalci, In September. 

iAngoiti Itia VfHc^om Jimalci. September, 
It Httfiirt. OcTDbcTi wx l«»i\c*.. 

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„ flttfa AtpWnbcr, iBtWl, rnin PortMBoHLlW 

«o«tt . - . . le . R. Owen .... J Weit Udio, 1H 0et(i6<?r, Maddrfcluk 

HmIh W . T. Botder . . - . ! ^""^ *l«« Lhuh. Fenundo Pa. fln. 

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Proteeior ... . Wm. Htmu . . . Bw( Coui o( B^B^IiDd. Blver Tbuiv. 

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( mihOD, Q.I. 

K^^k fi^ - f Portinoqflu Jmly, ptid off. lab D«Db«r, 

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I CapL R]. Hob. L«d W. Fi^cl. 
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^■Ti , . . . , M . W. P. OimM, 0.*. . AiFoAmDnib, pniHrtDf ID piT«r. 
RdvlHW . . . n . Hon. H. J. H«d . . iHh Anful, p^ld off » ForloHnih. 
Riklch .... IS . SJrW.DJckHn, BL , 4th Dccvrnhf, paid off ii Wnlwich. 



Wah or LTffl. 

HiKD, ror L'ALmtbJ* Jbiiu, (H«td Mo»y,) 
capl. lad Kyi\V^ JTM.— Piy. \Uh Nov. LAW.— 
Ari. WiUUpi H'Jnerhejiy, t, Jjunci'iirm, Adel- 

Wjr or isffs. 

Ai.ACBiT¥, far Pinikil MlaUrt, diHtoyed, 
cjpt JdlH S, 1925.— F«y. OcL SS, I8M.— Aft. 
WllUtm U'lDFrhrnj, 1, jBDHl^fiUfrl , AdtlphJ. 

CaHibiih, fuf Gmk PLrAlicik VciwI ritaUv^'. 
rdj (BodDTy Money,) «pl. Jin. 3L, anJ Jddc P, 
LSU, iDd July U. »».— Pay. Oct. »> kSU.— 
Axil. MiDde & Co. 11, Gr»l Gccrit-ilrwl, Wcsl. 


If lDiT<i, for Ptnha dt Pnafii Bounty Hooty 
for IS1 fiUvtt* »pL Oct, ■> IStt : El JUD, 
BoDhEy for 40? filtvci, upt. Nuv. 13, IflfS ! >ad 
TrldDiiMLD, fioBPty fw \tl }^\\yem, cipr. N<h*. U, 
ll«a.— P^y. Not. SB, leM.—Agii. T1m«iii» Sill, 
wrll aiid Sov, tt, Aiuidel'ilrHl, SifBiul. 

AhAhahthii fw Tj VcDEDFr dc It Pcrle.— 
CdwI. Jnw 15, IHB. — rronoDDccd ro h«v* bcFn 
■ Vrtvl lA War, aot 30 Htri on IkuM- 

FjHRCHiix. for [d Peiite HkFiiuHilc. — CouL 

NoiTH Stab, for B«nl« E|flgeqki,iDd Cui- 
pndon, (Bovnly Honry,) capt. OeL ir, uhI M«v. 
I, ISW^Piy. Not. fij ISlD,— AgL Jofan HJq. 
manj 7S» Gnu RaiKU-itrHt. 

PiiiriiQti, ioT NeovoVlTxIn. Soooty Mdbey 
fw-aH Zf1ivei,«Dd Uolely of lh< UoUaHlCutOi 
capl. July n.lSM,^ Pay. Nd¥. Mt ISIO,— AfU. 
HianHi HlilweU uid Sou, SS, ArandtlWrtt, 

{BotiDly Honey,) capl. Jnnr D, IBU, and dfo Pi- 
ratical Voiatli dcatroytd, (Bounty Money,) npt. 
Jan. Bl, laU.— Pay. Oct. M. ]Bl»,— Aft, WlUkm 
M'Emrheny, 1, Jamfa-Krcel, Adelpbl. 

flyniLLi, for Paony, Ek«D(y Moixy mwl M«i. 
cty of Ihf proctflU of tbc BchDoner, Ak. eap4. 
Ilarch 10, ISW. — Pay. Not. 14, IBU.— AfU. 
Goodt tnd CLariu, 15, Stureyativft, Strand. 

VicTDHT jutd Sfiii*i Ttoder, for S'lsam, 
capt belwt«D ApHl 4 aul July «l, 1S9.— Pay. 
Oct. fi, 1S90.— Asl- John BiEdiDh, PpnawooUi. 

rR]l£S 'l]>Jt,'DlC:ATEll IN 1H1 fllOH COURT Or AP1I1HALT1» At RlPORTBir TO THR 

JuH Uj I9».— PronoBDCcd l« htvi t«4n b T4» 
id oT War, and t1 Men oc boanl. 
IhParATioiiLE.fcM- U Bmbe*' capt. OflL Hi 


bavi % VanaL of Wu, Bod «B Hu oa tnud. 



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i^artUDtiinli. — .Ud. M.IUUriRlL 


Cnk.— -tilm. Lur\1 CanlDp*. 
MjiDouili,— AOm. flit T- Pailflj. 
Doiviii.- -AdftP, £, tvlwUlfh 
VarJh trt — AiTin, A- likkwu. 
Uciliicn-iodii.— Ailiri ,L-M<t h dill 

Cip*. — V.AilLn, SlilL Cnrtlk 
Nb"* — V.Miiu A. G«Jii*. 
Eul liiAL« — V- Ailn- P- H>in.r 

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pled«i Qfplal'. vnfMD lilllO >lr*-> nlfiviFi«6>r hii hllvnllmi IqUu I|uiI< *A ilia (lovlluf VntlrAi. — H' Al 

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p|i-t, Trimikiai, fJ, sir Koh^rt HxiIhfW, anil > I Iq' -'. •ilM tar Kii^il*. imI nfanvil wLlh full i>ri4- 
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■iBa *»'i1 »|>ii]ri>IiB Uhiv for lilt Himi |iurpfo . bimL ubHlDod ilrtJlar Ml^iAfrloD, — f. KEvIL>iIl|«( 
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