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G-ivcN By 

Mrs. C. W. Ernst. December 1. 1919. 




* i 


f . 





ON THE iBt OF JULY, 1855. 



or THE 








Bakor Lilirftry 

• ■ i ' 

N ■ » • 


WILLIAM H. DUNDASjOfYirginia. Second Astittant Itntnuuter GentraL—MaH Arrangements, 

JOHN MABBON, of Georgia TMrd Auiitcmt FMtmatter fimeroL— JFfnanoM. 

JOHN OAKPOBD, of PennBylTanis.. Ofdtf Cterk^-^IfugpeeHcn qf Mail Service, 

WILLIAM F. PHILLIPS, of Yiiginia. Auditor qf the TnaturtfM ^ ^^ QS^ct DtspOKftneta. 

SetaemJ^Y^^i«i^* ' 

• - . '■ ■• , * • . ■ * ' ^ 


t^ C. W. ERNST 

DEC. 1, 1^19 ^ ^ 



. \ . I. 

1 1 




The direction and management of the Post Office Department are assigned by the constitution and 
faws to the Postmaster GeneraL That its business may be the more conyeniently arranged and pre- 
pared for his final action, it is distributed among seyeral bureaus, as follows : The Appointment Office, 
in charge of the First Assistant Postmaster (General ; the Ck>ntract Office, in chai^ of the Second Assist- 
ant Postmaster General; the Finance Office, in charge of the Third Assistant Postmaster General; and 
the Inspection Office, in charge of the Chief Clerk. 

AppomxMSNT Ornos.— The First Assistant Postmaster General has nineteen clerks. To this office 
are assigned all questions which relate to the establishment and discontinuance of post offices, changes 
of sites and names, appointment and removal of postmasters, and route and local agents, as also, the 
giving of instructions to postmasters. Postmasters are Aimished with marking and rating stamps uid 
letter balances by this bureau, which is charged also with providing blanks and stationery for the use 
of the department, and with the superintendence of the several agencies es^bUshed for suppljring post- 
masters with blanks. To this bureau is likewise assigned the supervision of the ocean mail steamship 
line8,''and of the foreign and international postal arrangements. 

Contract Office. — The Second Assistant Postmaster General has twenty-six clerks. To this office 
is assigned the business of arranging the mail service of the United States, and placing the same under 
contract, embracing all correspondence and proceedings respecting the frequency of trips, mode of con- 
veyance, and times of departures and arrivals on all the routes; the course of the mail between the 
different sections of the country, the points of mail distribution, and the regulations for the government 
of the domestic mail service of the United States. It prepares the advertisements for mail proposals, 
receives the bids, and takes charge of the annual and occasional mail lettings, and the adjustment and 
execution of the contracts. All applications for the establishment or alteration of mail arrangements, 
and the appointment of mail messengers, should be sent to this office. All claims should be submitted 
to it for transportation service not under contract, as the recognition of said service Is first to be ob- 
tained through the Contract Office as a necessary authority for the proper credits at the Auditor's office. 
From this office all postmasters at the ends of routes receive the statement of maU arrangements pre- 
scribed for the respective routes. It reports weekly to the Auditor all contracts executed, and all orders 
affecting accounts for mail transportation ; prepares the statistical exhibits of the mail service, and the 
reports of the mail lettings, giving a statement of eadi bid; also of the contracts made, the new service 
originated, the curtailments ordered, and the additional allowances granted within the year. 

FiKANCB Office.— The Third Assistant Postmaster General has twenty-one clerks. To this office 
are assigned the supervision and management of the financial business of the department, not devolved 
by law upon the Auditor, embracing accounts with the draft offices and other depositaries of the depart- 
ment, the issuing of warrants and drafts in payment of balances teported by the Auditor to be due to 
mail contractors and other persons, the supervision of. thetacdlhiolp of offices under orders to deposite 
their quarterly balances at designated'->points^ and the si^rinten^Rice of the rendition by postmasteiB 
of their quarterly returns of postages. It ^s charge of the dead-letter office, of the issuing of i>06tage 
stamps and stamped envelopes for the prepayment 6f }>ostage, and of the accounts connected therewith. 

To the Third Assistant Postmaster General all postmasters should direct their quarterly returns of 
postage; those at draft offices, their letters reporting quarterly the net proceeds of their offices, and 
those at depositing offices their certificates of deposite ; to him should ^o be directed the weekly and 
monthly returns of the depositaries of the department, as well as all application^ and receipts for post- 
age stamps and stamped envelopes, and for dead letters. 

iNSPScnoN Office.— The Chief Clerk has seventeen clerks. To this office is assigned the duty of 
receiving and examining the registers of the arrivals and departures of the mails, certificates of the 
service of route agents, and reports of mail fidlures; of noting the delinquencies of contraetors, and 
preparing cases thereon for the action of the Postmaster General; famishing blanks for mail registers, 
and reports of mail fSedlures ; providing and sending out mall-bags and mail-locks and keys, and doing 
all other things which may be necessary to secure a faithful and exact performance of all mail contracts. 

All cases of maQ depredation, of violation of law by private expresses, or by the forging or Ulegal 
use of postage stamps, are under the supervision of this office, and should be reported to it. 

All communications respecting lost money, letters, mail depredations, or other violatlcms of law, or 
mail-locks and keys, should be directed '* Chief Clerk, Post Office Department." 

All registers of the arrivals and departures of the mails, certificates of the service of route agents, 
reports of mail Mlures, applications for blank registers, and reports of fidlures, and all complaints 
agtdnst contractors for irregular or imperfect service, should be directed <' Inspection Office, Post Office 






AARONSBtJRGH, antre, Penn J.O.Kiirtz 

Aaron's Rtkn, Montgtymery, Ken T>arrid 0. Tally 

AbberviUe, La FayetUy UiM..Mi8S Nancy S. Arnold 

AblwTille, Henry, Ala. James W. Stokes 

Abbeville, (c. h.)-466«>iBe, S.C...John McLaren, jr. 

Abbeyville, Medina^ Ohio David Allen, jr. 

Abbot, Piscataquis, Me Jefferson P. Moore 

Abbott's Creek, Davidsmh N. C EUsha Raper 

Abbottstown, Adatns, Penn George Jordy 

Abb's Valley, TazeweU, Va H«becca Smith 

Abbvllle, (c. h.) Vermiaion, La-.Alanson Spatdding 

Abel, Fleming, Ky James W. Johnson 

Aberdeen, Ohio, la Daniel W. Bisson 

Aberdeen, Monroe, Ark Henry M. Conch 

Aberdeen, Monroe, Miss Benjamin L. Howell 

Aberdeen, Sroton, Ohio Arthur Mitchell 

Aberlbil, Macon, Ala. Thomas L. McGowan 

Abe Spring, (Mfimm, Fla William M. Christian 

Abingdon, Jj^erson, Iowa..... Charles H. McCnllock 

Abingdon, J^ox, 111 David Reece 

Abingdon, Barford, Md William H. Peirce 

Abingdon, (c. h.) Washif^ton, ya..Leonida8 Bangh 

Abington, Windham, Conn John Williams 

Abington, Wayne, la Daniel Weaver 

Abington, Plymouth, Mass Jesse E.Keith 

Abington, Montgomery, Penn Moore Stevens 

Aboite, AUen, la Benjamin Ruffner 

Abscota, Calhoun, Mich David K. Kimble 

Absecom, Jefferson, Iowa Peter Shipler 

Abseoon, AOantic, N. J Jonathan Pitney 

Academia, Knox, Tenn Thomas Smith 

Academia, t/umoto, Penn. Sarah Ellen Todd 

Academy, Ontario, N. T Benjamin Haight 

Academy, Pocahontas, Ya.. M. D. Dunlop 

Acadia, JUen, Ohio John Heaton 

Accatink, Fairfax, Ya John W. Swinker 

Accident, AUe^/hany, Md Richard Falrall 

Accomack C. H., Accomaok, Ya...Thoma8 P. Lilliston 

Accord, TTlOer, N. Y Moses J. Schoonmaker 

Aoelanus, Contra Cbsta, Oal M. J. Hough 

Achor, OnlumbiafM, Ohio Samuel Young 

Acona, Holmes, Miss Wm. D. Lehr 

Acquinton, ^ing William, Ya William M. Gary 

Acra, Oreene^ N. Y Richard Y. Mudge 

Acton, Middlesex, Mass Samuel Despauz 

Acton, York, Me Horace Bodwell 

Acton, Marion, Ind ; Peter Swigert 

Acworth, Cobb, Oa John W. Grantham 

Acworth, Sullivan, N. H...... Charles M. Woodbury 

Ada, Kent, Mich J. H. Withey 

Ada, Hardin, O William F. Green 

Adaies, ITatchitoehes, La. William Smith 

Adair, Adair, Iowa. Thomas K. Johnson 

Adairsville, Oiss, Ga D. M. Hood 

AdairvUle, Logan, Ky. ; Isfaam J. Inman 

Adaline, Marshall. Ya John Parriott 

Adams, Initin, Oa James K. Brown 

Adams, Berkshire, Mass George A. Lapham 

Adams, Armstrong, Pa...; James Adams 

Adams, Hillsdtde, Mich Benjamin J. Kenyon 

Adams, Adams, III t Thomas Tripp 

Adams, Decatur, la William Goldsborough 

Adams, Jeffigrsumy N. Y Maton Onrtiss 


Adama, Seneca, Ohio Edwin Bernard 

Adams, Walworth, Wis« Selah S. Porter 

Adams' Basin, Monroe, N. Y James B. Dresser 

Adamsburgh, WestmoreUmd, Pa..D. W. Hlghberger 

Adams' Centre, Jeffersony N. Y Danforth Doty 

Adams' Mills, Pulashi^Kj Paschal H. Saunders 

Adams' Mills, Muskingum, Ohio,.. Horace A. Smith 

Adams' Run, Colleton, S. C James Legere, jr. 

Adams' Store, Coosa, Ala Charles D. Hill 

Adamstown, Frederick, Md...Adam Kohlenberg, jr. 

Adamstown, LancaMer, Pa Abiram Kegerrlse 

Adamsville, FrankUn, Maas John Wilson 

Adamsville, Cass, Mich Martin G. Sage 

Adamsville, Muskingum, Ohio. Henry S. Roff 

Adamsville, Crawford, Penn Loring Mayo 

Adamsville, McNairy, Tenn William Q. Rogers 

Adamsville, Newport, R.I Philip Manchester 

Adamsville, Washingtony N. Y Clemens Gibbs 

Adamsville, Marion, Fla. John Adams 

Adamsville, ^reen. Miss ...Lewis M. R. Knobles 

Adamsville, Marlborough, S. C Jesse Bethea 

Adarlo, Wau^fiara, Wis Daniel Root 

Adario, Bic?dand,Ohio Mathias Buzzard 

Addison, Washington, Wis £ii P. Tabor 

Addison, Du Plage, III Henry Bartling 

Addison, Steuben, N. Y H. R. Jones 

Addison, GaZlia, Ohio E. B. Ramsey 

Addison, Somerset, Penn .....Ephr&im White 

Addison, Addison, Yt George A. Gage 

Addison, Lenauiee, Mich William J. Mosher 

Addison, Tuscaloosa, Ala James C. Little 

Addison Hill, Steuben. N. Y Bligh £. Wood 

Addison Point, Washington, lie Oliver Nash 

Adeline, Ogle, 111 George W. Mitchell 

Adell, (c. h.) Z>a2Za<, Iowa Leroy Lambert 

Aden, Sheboygan, Wis Reuben Abbott 

Adelphi, Ross, Ohio Dama Bartlett 

Adena, Jefferson, Ohio Peter Hixson 

Adirondae, Essex, N. Y Henry N.Haskell 

Adkinsville, Wayne, Ya....: Milton J. Spurlock 

Adolph, Chatham, N. C William G. Harris 

Adrian, Lenawee, Mich Clark B. Backus 

Adrian, Seneca^ Ohio Moni^omery Noble 

Adriance, Dutchess, N. Y Peter A. Baldwin 

Adventure, Ontonagon, Mich Wm.Burtensham 

Afton, Rock, Wis Ira Avery 

Afton, Vnion, Iowa John D. Wright 

Agawam, Hampden, Mass Lyman Whitman 

Agency City, Wapello, Iowa Joseph Myers 

Agnew's Mills, Venango, Penn... William H. Porter 
Agrioola, Mahaska, Iowa... Washington H. Lantee 

Agua Frio, Mariposa, Cal Benjamin F. Whitten 

Ai. lidton, Ohio Isaac Springer 

Aid, Lawrence, Ohio ; John Adams 

Aiken, BamweU, S. , B. T. Rogers 

Almwell, Catahoula, La B. K. Davis 

Air, Johnson, Mo James Bothlck 

Air Mount, Clark, Ala John Hope 

Airy Dale, Huntingdon, Pa Robert EL Allison 

Akin's Store, Montgomwy, Ark Edward Akin 

Akron, Frie, N. Y Silas Tabor 

Akron, (c. h.) Swnmit, Ohio Edward W. Perrin 

Akron,' i^UUoii, la John Whittenberger 



AlabMUft, Ckneaee, N. T Selah Yosbnrgh 

Alameda, Alameda, Gal Arthur S.Barber 

Alamo, Montgomery,IvA T. N.Myers 

Alamo, Kalamazoo, Mich John G. Tarbell 

Alamo, Cbntra Cbtta, Gal^^ John M. Jones 

Alamode, Beynolds, Mo Henry L. Legate 

Alamntcha, Lauderdale, Mls8..Thomu B. Lncy, sr. 

Alapaha, Lovmdeg, Ga Andrew J. Liles 

Alaqoa, TRiZton, Ha James Eyans 

Alba, Bradford, Penn Adarial H. Case 

Albany, Baker, Ga Edmnnd Richardson 

Albany, WhiU9ide8,TXL George G. Dennis 

Albany, OarrdU, N. H Nathaniel Onrrier 

Albany, (c h.) CUnJUm, Ey W. F. Harrison 

Albany, Qreene, Wis Eugene F. Warren 

Albany, Oxford, Me John Hunt 

Albany, 0^ h.) ASbany, N. Y...CIomeUas Yosbnrgh 

Albany, Tutoaxavoai, Ohio JohnMcFee 

Albany, Berkt, Penn Benjamin Leyan 

Albany, Benry, Tenn JTohn Dillahunty 

Albany, OrUant, Yt Winthrop Howard 

Albany, Ddaware, la.; Elisha Bergdoll 

Albany, 1^'nn, Ogn ...James H. Foster 

Albemarle, OarrM, Miss Alexander Gray 

Albemarle, Assumption, La...Ferdinand Bayillangh 

Albemarle, (c.h.) SUunly, N.O B. 8. Moss 

Alberts, Jjtuexne, Penn Simeon Shoemaker 

Alberton, Howaird, Md Alexander F. Gaw 

Albertsons, Ih^in, N. 0. Amos W. Simmons 

Albia, Momrot, Iowa John Phillips 

Albion, (c. h.) Edwardi, HI Joseph WUliams 

Albion, /Vovidenoe, B. I Runl P. Smith 

Albion, ifarsAoIl, Iowa Hesekiah H. Seymonr 

Albion, (c h.) iVb&le, Ind John Decamp 

Albion, JfTennebecX;, Me Artemas libbey 

Albion, Dane, Wis Perei G. Burdick 

Albion, Ocdhoun, Mich Anson Thompson, Jr. 

Albion, Orleans, N. Y Jonathan 0. Willsea 

Albion, AsKUmd, Ohio William Spencer 

Albion, Brie, Penn Josiah Salliyan 

Albrights, Da Moines, Iowa George S. Albright 

Albrightsyille, Carbon, Penn Morris Eyans 

Albuquerque, BemadiUo, N. Mex...Henry Winslow 

Alburgh, Qrand lOe, Yt. William Brayton 

Alburgh Springs, Grand Isle, Yt. Jason Washburn 

Alooye, Fmd Du Lac, Wis John Berry 

Alden, McHenry, HI Newton M. Oapron 

Alden, Hardin, Iowa Lott Cloyer 

Alden, Brie, N. Y Elisha Saunders 

Aldenyille, Wayne, Penn Julius T. Alden 

Alder Brook, Independence, Ark Henry Niell 

Alder Greek, Oneida, N. Y Obancery Piatt 

Aldle, Loudon, Ya Elisabeth Stoyer 

Alert, BuUer, Ohio John Iseminger 

Alexander, Washington, Me B. W. Tyler 

Alexander, Burke,Qa, Oscar L. Shewmake 

Alexander, Genesee, N. Y Abial W. Ensign 

AlexandersyiUe, Montgomery, Ohlo....M. M. Dodds 

Alexandria, Benton, Aia Robert A. McMillan 

Alexandria, Madison, Ind....Nathan E. Tomlinson 
Alexandria, (c h.) OatmpbeU, Ky... Frederick Brown 
Alexandria, {c. h,) Rapides, La...Eugene B. Biossat 

Alexandria, Clark, Mo Andrew Maxwell 

Alexandria, Grafton, N. H Horace Ballon 

Alexandria, Jefftrson, N. Y Andrew Cornwall 

Alexandria, Lteking, Ohio Henry Y. Owen 

Alexandria, HunUMdon, Penn...Henry C. Walker 

Alexandria, De Kalb, Tenn William Floyd 

Alexandria, Alexandria, Ya. Turner W. Ashby 

Alexandria, jll&eonder, HI... Samuel A. McPheeters 
Alexandriana, MecJdeiumrg, N. 0... J. M. Alexander 

Alfont, Madison, la Hesekiah W. Moulden 

Alford, Berkshire, Mass Mark B. Yan Deusen 

Alfordsynie, Bolbeson, N.C Sion Alfbrd 

Alfred, York, Me Silas Derby 

Alfred, AUegany, N. Y. William S. Crandall 

Alfred, Meigs, Ohio Peter HoAnan 

Alfred Centre, jiZ2i^any,N.Y......Gideon 0. Green 

Algansee, Branch, Mich Jonathan Boyee 

Algiers, Orleans, La. ...John 0. McLean 

Algoma, Winnebago, Wis.......George W. Bardwell 

Algonao, St. Clair, Midi John .K. Smith 

Algonquin, Hbtu/hton, Mich. Joseph Coulter 

Algonquin, JTflinry, m Jonas S. Cornish 

Algonquin, OamU, Ohio Hiram Tope 

Algooa, SpartanbwrgJi, S. C Willis Smith 

Alguna, San Batricio, Texas Putnam F. Shlpp 

Alhambra, Madison, 111 William J. Lowry 

Alisonia, FranJdin. Tenn William B. Deerj 

Alkire's Mills, Lewis, Ya James Alkire 

Allamuchy, Whrren, N.J Mo^ Hazen 

AUandale, Habersham, Ga Robert Allen 

Allaquippa, Bedfond, Pa Samuel S. Fluck 

Allatoona, 6ius,Ga Pleasant L.Moon 

Allbright, Preston, Ya Leonard Poston 

Allegan, (c. ti.)AUegan, Mich John J.Jones 

Allegany, Cattaraugus, N. Y Erastus Willard 

AlUeghany, AUeg7iany,VA Thomas Farley 

Alleghany Bridge, McKean, Pa Nathan Dennis 

Alleghany Spring, Mon^omery, Ya Charles A. 


Allemanoe, Gui^ord, N. C William R. Smith 

Allen, AUegany, N. Y WiUiam Manning 

AUen, CMMcrland, Penn Peter Liyinger 

Allen, Guthrie, Iowa. Wesley Mount 

Allen, Edgar, 111 James Madison Clinton 

Allen, Kansas Ty...........Charles Withlngton 

Allen Centre, Union, Ohio. Reuben Foete 

Allen Centre, AUegany, N. Y Chester Rotch 

Allendale, Greene. Ky James A. Howell 

Allendale, BamtoeU,, S. C C. S. Kirkland 

Allendale, Ottawa, Mich Richard Roberts 

Aliens, Miami, Ohio Benjamin B. Dayis 

Allen's Bridge, Marion, S. C Tristram Rogers 

Allensburg, Highland, Ohio.....Charles W. Newton 

Allen's Creek, Amherst, Ya. Alexander Miindy 

Allen's Fresh, Charles, Md John T. Golton 

Allen's Groye, Walworth, Wis. John Dickson 

Allen's Groye, jSbo<<, Iowa. John Connor 

AUen's HiU, Ontario, N.Y Ogden E.Pierpont 

Allen's Settlement, Claiborne, La.. James W. Miller 

Allenstown, Merrimack, N. H.., Samuel Martin 

Allensyille, Switserland, la. Philip C. Ross 

Allensyille, Todd, Ky DayidB. Hntchings 

Allensyille Vinton, Ohio Joseph Wilcox 

Allensyille, Miffiin, Penn.. John M. Horrel 

AUenton, Wilcox, A1&. C. B. Lowe 

Allenton, Washington. R. I William H. Allen 

AUenton, SL Louts, Mo John T. Brown 

Allentown, Monmouth, N. J William C. Norton 

Allentown, AUen, Ohio Peter Bresler 

Allentown, (c.h.) Lehigh, Penn..Maria£. Hombeck 

Alley's MUls, Cass, Tex Daniel N. AUy 

Alllanee, ^ark, Ohio Agustus Kerr 

Alligator, (c. h.) Cblum&to, Fla Edward B. lyes 

Alligator, St. Mary's, La Stephen Delucky 

Alligator, Owen, Ind C^s Marshall 

Allison, Logan, Ky Fountain S. Allison 

Allison Creek, ForX:, S. C. Joseph Miller 

Allowaystown, Salem, N. J George Remster, Jr. 

Allsboro* Franklin, Ala Leonidas M. Drake 

Allston, Fvdton, Orrin G. Greely 

Alma, Marion, 111 T. 0. H. P. Hatton 

Alma, Dubuque, Iowa. Joseph G. Wilson 

Alma, WedMey, Tenn Alexander Ralston 

Alma, Bage, Ya James L. Gillespie 

Alma, Wright, Mo John A. Hyde 

Alma, AUegany, N. Y Samuel B. Stebblns 

Almirante, Wdton, Fla. John B. Meigs 

Almond, Fortage, Wis Edson Doolitue 

Almond, AUegany, N. Y.....Wa8hingtsn Richardson 

Almond, Randolph, Ala. Almond P. Hunter 

Almont, Lapeer, Mich Daniel W. Taylor 

Alna, Linown, Me Rodney C. Jones 

Alpha, Greene, Ohio Joseph Blddal 

Alpha, ClitUon, Ky. A. C. Dayls 

Alpha, Scott, la Christian Young 

Alpha, Ntvada, Cal A. J. Alston 

Alpine, Tompkins, N. Y. Samuel Mix 

Alpine, ChaUooga, Ga. Isaac S. Smith 

Alpine, dark, Ark...... Dayld M. Kent 

Alpine Depot, Morgan, Ya Charles A. Swann 

Alps, Renssdaear,^. Y Thomas Ten Byck 

Alquina, Fayette, la. BaOis E. Jones 

Alstead, Cheshire, N. H Eli Wilson 

Alston, Fairfidd, S. C G. W. Ashibrd 

Altamont, (c. h.) Grundy, Tenn Wm. C. Hill 

Alta Springs, Limestone, Tex...George W. Simmons 

Altay, Schuyler, N. Y Ethan Jackson 

Altenburg, Perry, Mo Emanuel Bstil 

AKo, Hmnardjlt.....^ 

Alto, And Du Lae, Wit.... 

AUa, CKnUtH, lu 

Alto, ZadByVt. 

iiiTui U. Wo~<ii> 

....It. B. Lti 


AlloD, J:«(, Mktu-.. 

n, (^ h.) JCi 

AB, (k IO Scnbni, 
on, Aiu(m»(, K*. 

«a, Aditnqi, N. K 

on, mvme,S.Y. .OII1 

«o Bu, J^lhup, N. H...._Vl]Uiim 
Altcn wa^Maan, Ttan. WUh 

.Abnliuii B. Hmnnell 

.... JOHpb W. SlHk 

.UuTin B. Gonloi 

AnundiTtUe, ^iit, Oa.. 

Hibnn, iVuion, ** 
n^ UIU^ iduiH, 

. ..7,JlhtattiIri,0bV 

Ambf^, HbtJbdi^toi, lo 

Aniiuj, Z((i nu.. 

AmboT Oantn, Oihc^ N. Y Wm. Sargeuit 

AmbnaU, 2m,Iow«._ Jobo DanlBon 

Amelia aiermeiit, <Hlla mUluo fi. C, Bt«Ung 

Anwinl» Unkin, DvlAat, M.Y.-Amulah Hlbduunk 

Amsria, WtbaA^ Wm.Botklr 

.- jg^ mdk.JS Laonud E. Hurini ' 

'- h.) Anitiler, a*....Wllllun ^ 

I*, (e. h.) Anvler 
lIlD^TAtBI^ Muj... 


— Lorini H. TIOUi 

. .i'pS<ovN.'^.V.'.'.'.'.'.".7."!riioin«M^B[oft 
AniHTllla, jlMou, Ohio. Lonnia FnlUin 

,_.. . „„„... „. ...MoOdrA. "— - 

Anluira^ (e. h.) 

Amhnat, Zarote, OUd .John W. Psiwni 

AmberM, C.&, .AmAwit, Tl Junu P. Bmllb 

*in1i»Wt, Immski^ Qt~ JuliD Spriggi 

AmtariUi^ SamiJuitHudi, Tft...Robgrt C. LUbun 

Amt^, Clorl^ irk. .Junai R. Thompson 

Amity, JriAnmi, I» - ..Alban H. Aduu 

Ami^, Omm, S.Xm « .IlMM Bat\ 

Amity, H&>M>vloii, Fann JamHHiigbH 

Ainltr, SecU, Ion. ..PhlUp Bakn 

._,._ ,.__ „™ ™_ --«MlBg 


. Aml^, Yam BOl, Qn- 


AmltyrUle, AuHt N. T. Ushud J. CotBdlna 

' lU, *W6v, Twm „ ~ ■ - ■ 

MB, f aSorotwA, N. H.. .. 
duB, MoTOgmery, H. Y.... 
dun, ^ctim, Ohio 


autardam, Baiiaiirt, Yn. A. A. Woodaon 

AuBWLaiknbU U^khKlrk 

Anaooitla, Waihingtm, JKC. _— .John Loyd 

Audmokfitut, lu B*tk Kamudr 

AiunB, Tietaria, Tax ..Alsuniler H. OnmmU 

Aulomlnk, Jfimna, Pa ..WUliUB & Whita 

Anu»M, (0. hj •>a>K(,Iowik.SHi1 A. Gannlniihun 

Animdiilt, BuOcr, Fft Hlnu H0O17 

Aiiud>l&. Jhir/oi T>. WiUlmm Ou^ 

Adh^iu, ndwiOtTex...... Alaiuidar H. Grouwall 

AuiinuHovk, IntUnctDn, M. T... JtmM ThomMU 


Ancdant, Zio>u,WU. Oa 

Anenm, CUiniMi, S. Y ....-Petal P. B 

i.LetAltm,CUiaiUailt.Y~ ~ 

-•- "— ■-jftimAl*.- ..-m. X. «..« 

I, PL DSTld WoodiBctoa 

, uHwiigTenii...-. HiTrarKeUair 

Clonk in.. Hidud J. IMU 

Andenon, ^h.) Madimm, U. JoHph FnlEbn 

Anderwn, nlirnii, N. J Joanli Andsnon. 

Asdanon, Mitttr, flb....^ WUUun T. AiiMln 

AndenoB, JVrutUiH, T*nn._ _.LuklB VUllj 

Andanm, C. O, .AndirMi, B, C......XdinBnd Wabb 

AndaMon, (0. b.) Orima, Taiu. _J. B. Huiia 

ABdanonbo^h, Any, F*....John B. UauMnBUi 

AndciMin Urw, apMxr, I* AmoaOabom 

Andamn'i UUli, finder, Pa...8Hnad H. Audanou 

Andanon*! MUli, FiOaiu, 8. Cut«i C. Portar 

Andanun'H UUla, g o fawf, Plor.HAnpa L. Andemn 
Andamin'a Bton, CtiMitf^ N. C- AndraisaB. 

Andanon*! Btota, JbSiUry, Tann-.W. T. Andanon 

AndanonTlllB, tYuMin, la.. ~ K. Shrlnar 

AndanonTllla, .^mlcrMn, B. Cnuiidi E. HurlHn 

Andea, iMatom, H. Y Aleiuder B. Songlaai 

AndinUe, Arry. Pa.; Dtild KoebaudorlW 

Andon, iWlada&Mi, Pa- Franklin W. HaBT 

Andorar, IbOan^Oomi ...WUUuaaok 

Andmat, Auryt 111. --Geoise B. PataiHn 

Andonr, oHfiri, Ha Bamiul A. Allra 

Andorar, Xua, Uui Hobart Gaik 

Andorar, Jftrrfaacfe, N. H. Bann»l BnttorAald 

AndOTtr, iSUuz, N. J. :...BTlTeatar B. WhKe 

AndOTarl JrtWiSa, <»ilo...'.!! junaa B. HoriiT 

Andmar, n^idaDr, Tt...». .J^m B. BUnnlns 

Andrac, (e. h.) JaettM. Iowa. HraryTodd 

Andiaw Cbapd, Madiim, IiDB^obn W. HaKwH 

Andran Mamrm, OUo ~ Bbanaiar Sakan 

Aadnwi apMtunanla, Ta. Bamnal Aodrawi 

Andnwi Willi, DoTUBfitm, S. C John Andrawi 

AadnuvlUa, FraaUin, N.Y .Joae^b B. Day 

AUoAtboi, F . 

Aunawaikajlle fjiU^ Ala 0*aig:aC. nniia 

Annnran, fiennr, III. Banjanila 0. Sugmt 

Annln Cra^, JCcKUn, Pa.... Joaaph Hodgea 

. — 1 j^ EuOfXaM-.... :WlUl«in W. Chard 

£<bnoii.Pa. John Pranla 

sntaa, Minn. -.Sobart U. Jobnaton 

Aualm, SMa, 0..._........ KInaej Boblnaou 

Auon, Siiurait, U* — IMindmBaald 

Anroil*,JV'(H AlHn,Oo«n. Borr ParUna 

Anarala, .Dorta, .—Bamiwl 0. Eddhigton 

Antartown, nofr. Pa..—. John Ball 

Aathonj, J)da(iiar(,Ia........ JoaaphBacry 

Anthony, Kat, V~ I- Gldton L. Jolmaoa 

Anthony'! Ciaak, GruaArtcr, Ya_ William Bodgn 

Anthony gboali, XOert, fli JToba H. Sntftli 

AntlMb, Tratp, Oa. — «^.J)MPld L. Btukay 

fitUHfc.XaJ^I£ JohnlLClaA 
Uub, Jlft fan t , AU..._......»M.jBina* Bddtai 

An•fad^ JliHine,Ob)o. Chonaa Ullahall,]r 

Aniloob, aOitm, Iann....M.J(raalah H, H«K*nda 

Antlorh, Ttri, B. a _._....knftii H. WhlHnant 

AaUoeh, Lmaaa, Tai — Bilay T*U 

Antknh, Cbiiira OiifthCU...- IJeorga B. Clark 

'-•-^ ""- '■^^ Wi.B.Spaar 

.Oharlat HcKaan 




Antrim, AUegfumfy Pa ^.Bobert M. Ross 

Antrim, Siiawane, Mich John Near 

Antverp) Jefferton, N. T Henry Oreen 

Antwerp, PoAMing, Ohio. Robert Murphy 

Anyil, Clark, Ark ^. Asa B. Beall 

Anril, Sumter, Ala~ James T. Prajtor 

Apalachioola, FrankUn, Fla..Bei]jamin F. Simmons 

Apalachin, Tioga, N. T Ransom Steele 

Apollo, ArrMtrwig, Pa William P. McGulIoek 

Appersons, Chaariu City, Ya JFames P. Apperson 

ApplebachsTille, Bucki, Pa Henry Applebach 

Apple Greek, Cape Cfirardeau, Mo....Qeo. Giodfeltcr 

Apple Greek, Wayne, Ohio Of orge Messmore 

Apple GrOTO, York, Pa Daniel S. Mitzel 

Apple GroTe, Morgan, Ala William Ryan 

Apple Grore, Folk, Iowa..... Morrell G. Keith 

Apple Grote, Meigg, Ohio Spencer H. Haymiin 

Apple River, Jo Vatriess, III James M. Irvin 

Apple Tree, SaUne. Ill Henry Gamer 

Appleton, Licking, Ohio D. T. Hobart 

Appleton, Itrry, 111 Nathan G. Gnrlee 

Appleton, (c h.) )ftnne&a^,WiB..Henry S. Bggleston 

Appling, Ooltanbia, Oa Henry W. Gerald 

Appling, Jej^xdn, N. T... Marcns Rice 

Apulia, Onondaga, N. Y Edwin Miles 

Aquasoo, Prince George, Md........J^ohn W. Thomas 

Aqnia, Stafford, Ta....... George H. CoekreU 

AqniUa, FrankUn, Ga Samnel Knox 

Aransas, R^vgio, Texas Daniel M. Hastings 

Ararat, Patrick, Ya. William T. Moore 

Ararat, Suvmifuxnnah, Pa Albert Bnshnell 

Arator, FttUt, Mo. Charles S. Bohannon 

Arba, Randolph, la Henry Gammack 

Arbaeoochee, Randolph, Ala. David Greamer 

Arbela, Scotiland,'i/i.Q Mo^an Tucker 

Arborvitae, Pike, Ala Daniel McKinnon 

Arcabutla, De Soto, Miss Osbom f: West 

Areadla, Wayne, N. Y Samuel Baldwin 

Arcadia, Morgan, 111 James M. Dougherty 

Arcadia, Washington, R. I Elisha L. Bagg 

Arcadia, HdmiUon, la John J. Gay lor 

Arcadia, Person, N. G Samnel M. Graft 

Arcadia, Madison,Mo G. B. Nail 

Arcadia, SuUivan, Tenn Thomas Fain 

Arcadia, BienviUe,lA Edward J. Beard 

Areanun, Darke, Ohio John Smith 

Archer, Harrison, Ohio Anthony G. Nixon 

Arohbald, Luzerne, Pa. Peter Walsh 

Arch Spring, Blair, Pa Israel 0. Galdwell 

Areola, Loudon, Ya. Matthew P. Lee 

Areola, Warren, N. G Samuel T. Alston 

Arden, Berkeley, Ya Joseph G. McWUliams 

Arena, lotoa. Wis Wm. A. Brodie 

Arendtsville, Adams, Pa. Peter Eyster 

ArensTille, Cass, III John L. Gire 

Argentine, Oenuee, Mich William H. Hicks 

Argo, Hall, Ga Philip M. Byrd 

Argo, Crawford, Mo James B.Braly 

Argo, OarroU, HI George H. Garpenter 

Argo, Lucca, Iowa. Matthew Irvin 

ArgosTiUe, Sch(aiarie, N. Y Orrille Hodge 

Argus, Montgomery, Ala Edwin W. Allen 

Argns, Cleurbome, La P. P. Massey 

Argyle, J^nobscot, Me Issao F. Bussell 

Argyle, La Fayette, Wis John Z. Saxton 

Argyle, Cumberland, N. 0. Duncan McLauchlin 

Argyle, Jeghrson, Mo. Wm. L. Lemaster 

Argyle, Washington, N. Y John 0. Sill 

Argyle, MoBonmi^ 111... George W. Welch 

Argyle, i>eoatur, Ga. James E. Martin 

Ariel, Wayne, Pa. Daniel Evarts 

Ariq>e, Bureau, 111 , Heni^ A. Morgan 

Arkadelphia, WoOker, Ala John M. 0. Whorton 

Arkadelfriiia, (o.h.) Clark, Ark...DaTid G. Anderson 
Arkansas Post, (a h,). Arkansas, Ark Thomas P. 


Arkport, Steuben, N. Y... James Hurlbnt 

Arkriile, Delaware, N. Y.. Gritman Elwood 

Arkwright, Chautauque, N. Y Bama W. Phelps 

^rkwright Summit, Chaiutaiuque, N. Y....Martin H. 


Arlington, Hancock, Ohio Bdwln B. Yail 

Aritngton, Bennington, Yt .John B. Lathrop 

Arlington, Bureau, HI James Wangh 

ArtingtoD, QOumbia, Wis Harr^ J. SUl 

Arlington. Van Buren, Mich Galvin T. Blglow 

Armada, ifocomd, Mich Hiram M. Snell 

Armagh, Indiana, Pa Joshua M. BarUey 

Armiesbargh, Parke, la Rufus K. Harris 

Arminda, Knox, Mo Hezekiah G. Lyon 

Armington^ TouseweU, 111 J^erome B. Tenney 

Armonk, T^tchexter, N. Y .Israel Townsend 

Armstrong, Wahash,Ill John Albiets 

Armstrong Acad. Choctaw Nation, Ark.A.G. Mofht 
Armstrong's Mills, Belmont, OhIo..Alex. Armstrong 

Armuchee, Floyd, Ga Stephen Ball 

Amandrille, St. Landry, La Alphonse J. Patin 

AmettSTille, Monongalia, Ya .George G. Gj 

Ameytown, Burlington, N. J John 

Amheim, A*oi09i, Ohio, W. G. Davis 

Arnold's, Owen, Ky Samuel Johnson 

Arnoldsburgh, Qilmer, Ya Peregrine Hays 

Amoldsville, Buchanan,'ili.o John F. Moore 

Arnoldton, Qimpbdl, Ya La Fayette Lee 

Arnoldton, XTlster, N. Y. Benjamin G. Arnold 

Amon, win. 111 J.Goodenow 

Aroma, Kankakee, III Alvin Wilber 

Aroostook, Aroostook, Me Ansel T. Mooers 

Arrittgton, WiUiamson, Term Robert A. Sayers 

Arrow Rock, Saline, Mo Samuel J. Herron 

Arrowsmiths, Defiance, Ohio Miller Arrowsmltb 

Arsenal, AUegTutny, Pa Wm. Johnston 

Arthursburgh, Dutchess, N. Y Yermilya BnokB 

Artie, De Kalb, la .'Amos Stems 

Asbury, LaSaUe, 111 Jauies YanosdoU 

Asbury, Fayette, Ala James M. Smith 

Asbury, Warren, N.J Isaac Bennett 

Asbury, Psrry, Ohio George Kishler 

Asbury, Montgomery, Tenn John Gold 

Asbury, Troup, Ga William P. Ragland 

Ascension, Svttivan, Ind Samuel J. Gummins 

Ascutneyville, Windsor, Yt George Dake 

Ashapoo Ferry, OoUeton, S. G JohnGlark 

Ashaway, Washington, K. I Isaa&Gundall 

Ashboro, (c. h.) Randolph, N. G....Lucy A. Baldwin 
Ashburnham, Worcester, Ma8S....Saml. Y. Whitney 

Ashburnham Depot, Worcester, Mass J. M. Frost 

Ashby, Coles, III B. F. Bulla 

Ashby, Middlesex, Mass Nathaniel Whlttemore 

Ashbysburgh, Hmkins, Ey Samnel W. Cox 

Ash Creek, Oktibhehat, Miss R. G. Martin 

Asherey, Hancock, Ohio Joseph Twining 

Ashe's Greek, Spencer, Ey Alden J. Quint 

Ashfield, Franklin, Mass Richard Cook 

Ashford, Windham, Conn Dyer H. Clark 

Ashford, Cattaraugus, N. Y John Yan Slyke 

Ashford, FmdduLac,WiB John Mauel 

Ash Grove, Greene, Mo ..George W. Hancock 

Ashipun, Dodge, Wis Thomas B. Elmore 

Ashland, Newaygo,Mleh..... JohnBetts 

Ashland, OzfreS, Ya C. L. Roflfe 

Ashland, Forsyth, Ga Thomas Thornton 

Ashland, Greene, N. Y Sanford Tuttle 

Ashland, Wayne, Tenn John G. Johnston 

Ashland, Middlesex, Mass James H. Jones 

Ashland, Bertie, N. C Augustus Holley 

Ashland, Henry, la William Millikan 

Ashland, (c. h.) Ashkmd, Ohio Alexander Porter 

Ashland, Wayne, Pa Charles Parker 

Ashland, Wapello, Iowa Morris H. Beck 

Ashland, Richland, Wis Wm. Thompson 

Ashland, Greenup, Kj George S. Page 

Ashland Furnace, Oambria, Pa... Joseph A. Conrad 

Ashland Mills, Jackson, Or Abel D. Helman 

Ashley, Pike, Mo Joseph HoUiday 

Ashley, Delaware, Ohio Jonatjian M. Goomer 

Ashley, Kent Mich Patrick M. Tully 

Ashley, Washington, 111 J. M. Lucas 

Ashley Falls, Berkshire, Mass John Seovill 

AshleyviUe, Hampden, Maf>s Edward Eneeland 

Ash Park, Cattaraugus, N. Y A. M. Green 

Ash Ridge, Brown, Ohio, Andrew Potts 

Ash Ridge, Pulaski, III. Lewis K. Barfield 

Ash Run, Pendleton, Ky. Alfred D. Moore 

Ash Spring, Harrison, Texas... John M. Whitefaom 

Ashtabula, Ashtabula, Ohio EseklelG. Root 

Ashton, Clark, Mo. John W. Sndery 

Ashton, Dane, Wis 8. T.' March 

Aabton, Monona, Iowa Isaac Ashton 

A8hton*8 Mills, Frederick, Ya John Bboek«y 




Aahnelot, theshire, N. H Delos G. Ball 

AshTille, (c. h.) SaintClair, Ala John D. Byrne 

AshTiUe, tHckavoay, Ohio William R. Stouch 

AsfaTille, (o. h.) Bwicombt, N. G...Wil)lam L. HiiliaTd 

Ashwood, Temasy La ^ameti C. Dougherty 

Afifawood, JUaury^ Tenn Isham Malone 

Aspen Grove, IHUiylwmiii, Ya Barnes A. Lack 

Aspen Orove, QxXhounf Fla Henderson Sneed 

Aspen Wall, CharlMU, Va James R. Hill 

Aspinwail. Dubuquef Iowa Milton M. Johnson 

Assabet, MiddUseXf Mas« Amory Maynard 

Assamoosick, SouthamptoHy Ta James A. 0-fllett 

Assumption, (e. h.) ^sxumpfMm, La .Charles A. 


Assyria, Barry, Mich Richard Jones 

Aston's Store, Marioiti Ala Andrew M. Aston 

Astoria, FuUon, 111 Jacob Beary 

Astoria ClaUop, Ogn « Truman P. Powers 

Astoria, Qnumty N. Y Edwin Mills 

Asylnm, Bnzdfordj Pa Julius G. Brown 

Asylum, OranviUe, N. J. F. Harris 

Atchinson, Kanms T. Robert Kelly 

Athens, Dodge^ Wis Henry H. Ashley 

Athens, Fxyette, Ky John B. Parker 

Athens, Henderton, Texas JohnColUns 

Athens, (c. h.^ LimesUmtt Ala Robert G. David 

Athens, (c. h.) Clarkf Ga John Grawford 

Athens, Menard, 111 James Mott 

Athens, (o. h.) Clairbomef La... Arthur McFarUnd 

Athens, Snmersetf Me G. L. Palmer 

Athens, Monroe, Miss Siltis P. Kendrick 

Athens, Qdhoun, Mich Adolphus G. Waterman 

Athens, Clark, Mo George Gray 

Athens, Oreenej N. T James G. Foster 

Athens; (c. h.) Atheng^ Ohio R. De Slelfrner, jr. 

Athens, (c. h.) Bradford, Pa Walter Olmsted 

Athens, ilfcJfifm, Tenn Francis Boyd 

Athens, Dakota, Minn Jacob Whittemore 

Athens, Windham,\t Jonathan Golton 

Athensville, Oreene, 111 ....John Armstrong 

Athol, Worcester, Mass. John H. Williams 

Athol, Warren, N. Y Michael Byrnes 

Athol Depot, Worcester, Mass.SilTanus B. Twitchell 

Atkinson, Christian, Ky P. S. Atkinson 

Atkinson, Piscataquis, Me JBlisha L. Hammond 

Atkinson, Rockingham., N. H L. P. E. Richards 

Atkinson Depot, RocHngham, N. H.... Jacob Irving 

Atkinson's Mills, Mifflin, Pa Amos J. North 

AtkinsonviUe, Qw^, Ind Wm. A. Connelly 

Atlanta, Logan, 111 .George W. Rowell 

Atlanta, FQton, Ga Hugh M. Boyd 

Atlantic City, AOanbie, N. J Robert B. Leeds 

Atlas, Genesee, Mich Albert Swift 

Atlas, Bdmont, Ohio James A. Barnes 

Atlas, Pike, III < John S.Bali 

Atsena Otie, Levy, Fla .' Augustus Steele 

Atsion, Burlington, N.J William W. Fleming 

Attalaville, Attala, Miss Silas H. Clark 

Attapulgufl, Decatur, Ga r...£mery Lassiter 

Attica, ibuntain, la G.L. Richardson 

Attica, Oreene, Wis J. E. Hunter 

Attica, Wyoming, N^Y Moses Golcord 

Attica, iSsn«ca, Ohio.k Marcus Schuyler 

Attica, Lenawee, Mi<}h...i Amos Kendall 

Attlea, ^zrion, Iowa Samuel G. Child 

Attica Centre, Wyotning, N. Y William Tanner 

Attihi, WiUiamson, III Wm. N. Mitchell 

Attleborough, Bristol, Mass Lyman W. Dean 

AtUeboro^ Bucks, Vsk Alfred Marple 

Attlebury. Z>u<cA4Ms, N. Y John Pulver 

Atwater, Fbrtage, Ohio Homer Hillyer 

Atwood, De Kalb, Ala Thomas Losran 

Atwood, QirroU, Tenn. Wm. J. Kirk 

AtA>beenaube«, Fkditon, la Hiram R. Fenlmore 

Auburn, Oannnn, Tenn Abn<>rN. Fisher 

Auburn, Ifinds,U\»B John E. Kelly 

Auburn, Mae&n, Ala Spence M. Grayson 

Auburn, Gutinnett, Ga ...Boiling A. Blakey 

Auburn, Sangamon,l\\ Hiram Tibbets 

Auburn, (e.h.) De KdU>, Ia...Tlqiothy R. Dickinson 

Auburn, Mahaska, Iowa William B. Godfrey 

Auburn, Wake, N. C James J. Ferrifl 

Auburn, Amd du Lae, Wis Charles Crownhart 

Auburn, Androseogqm^ Me Freeman Newell 

Anbury, Woros^er/hLtm Slisha M. Knowles 

Auburn, OaMand, Mich Eugene .T. Smith 

Auburn, Lina^, Mo Andrew Cochran 

Auburn, Mcckinffham, N. H George P. Clark 

Auburn, (c. h.) Oayuga, N. Y Eltnore P. Ross 

Auburn, SchuyUeiU, Pa Isaac Hoffmeister 

Auburn, Geauga, Ohio James Mayhew 

Auburn, Ihuquier, Ya i Samuel G. Francis 

Auburn, PUuxr, Cai J^mes Bowen 

Auburn Centre, Susqtiehanna,Ftk. Cor. H. Low 

Auburn Dale, Middlesex, Mass. ...George L. Bourne 
Auburn Four Corners, Susquehanna, Pa.D.Bu8hnell 

Auburn Hill, Franklin, Ga George W. Bowden 

Audubon, Montgomery, 111 John Sanders, Jr 

Auglaize, Van Tl^ri, Ohio John Webber 

Augusta, Benton, Fla Albert Clark 

Augusta, (c. h.) Richmond, Ga... James M. Smytiie 

Augusta, Hancock, 111 ~ Samuel B. Mead 

Augusta, Marion, la Samuel H. Hogshlre 

Augusta, Des Moines, Iowa. H. T. Fairbanks 

Augusta, (c h.)Bracken, Ky John W. Sallee 

Augusta, (c. h.) KenneoiBek, Mc.Wniiam S. Badger 

Augusta, (e. h.) Ptrry, Miss William Harrison 

Augusta, Saint Chaiiss, Mo. Diedrich Baare 

Augusta, Sussex, N. J Alpheus Gustin 

Augusta, Oneida, N. Y Henry L. Hawley 

Augusta, OarroU, Ohio ,.... Alexander McLean 

Augusta, Northumberland, Pa Wm. Raker 

Augusta, Jackson, Ark Thomas E. Erwin 

Augusta Station, Marion, Ind. ..Jos. Klingensmlth 

Auman's Hill, Mon^miery, N. C John J. Leach 

Auraria, Lumpkin, Ga T. E. Willis 

Aurelius, Washington, Ohio Albert G. Grubb 

Aurelius, Oayuga, N. Y Cornelius M. Feek 

Aurelius, Ingham, Mich Enoch S. Howe 

Auriesville, Montgomery, N. Y. William Irving 

Aurora, Washington, Wis Charles A. Cron 

Aurora, Marshall, Ala William G. Jordan 

Aurora, Kane, HI Edward R. Allen 

Aurora, Dearborn, la Josephus Clark 

Aurora, Marshall, Ky Milton H. Eggner 

Aurora, Hancock, Me Roswell Silabj 

Aurora, Cayuga, N. Y John Marsh 

Aurora, Portage, Ohio Noble A. Witherill 

Au Sable, KendaU, lU... Ebenezer Henderson 

Au Sable Forks, Essex, N. Y...ThomasD. Trumbull 

Austerlits, Kent, Mich Nathan D. Saunders 

Austerlitz, Cbhrnibia, N. Y Aaron Bell 

Austin, Dremont, Iowa James F. SmiUi 

Austin, jRo5S, Ohio S. W. Bush 

Axistin, Travis, Texas Benjamin F. Johnson 

Austin, (c. h.) Tunica,mBS Daniel L. Furgeson 

Austin, Oakland, Mich David A. Wright 

Austin, ScoU, Ind John Allen 

Austinburgh, Ashtabula, OhicOliver B. Henderson 

Austinville, Wythe, Ya.., William Kohler 

Austinville, Livingston, Mo Andrew N. Austin 

Autaugarille, Autauga, Al...George A. McAllister 

Ava, imimrfefi, Ga Robert N. Parrish 

Ava, WinnihagOfia George R. Emery 

Ava. Oneida, N. Y Silas C. Morse 

Avalanche, Bad Ax, Wis Ransom P. Gillett 

Avalon, Baltimore, Md J. H. Hann 

Avator, Pettis, Mo Charles C. Bohannon 

Avery, Jifonro*, Iowa Justus Selby 

Avery, Jo Daviess, HI William Avery 

Avery, Crawford, Mo William H. Sellers 

Averysboro», Bamett, N. C Neill S. Stewart 

Avery's Greek, Buncombe, N. C Philip J, Israel 

AriUa, jybble, la Noah J. Hill 

Aviston, Clinton, 111 Joaiah C. Shelton 

Avo, Ptitrick, Ya Alexander B. Dark 

Avoca, Livingston, 111 James McDowell 

Avoca, Jeffh-son, Mo Salathiel Cole 

Avoca, Steithen, N. Y Oscar S. Smith 

Avoca, Lav)renc6f Ala Thomas Maaterson 

Avon, Pulton, HI Stephen Tompkins 

Avon, Hartford, Conn James Hilton 

Avon, St. Genevieve, Mo George W. Griffith 

Avon, Rock, Wis Nelson Kinue 

Avon, tiunkUn; H/tt Electa M. Towle 

Avon, Jonia, Mich Harvey H. Yinton 

Avon, Livingstou, N. Y George Hosmer 

Avon, Lorain, Ohib Hiram A. Langdon 

Avon, Nelson, Ya Robert P. Smith 

Avondale, C^iester, Ptt. yT... Rebecca F. J. Brown 


ijniimt, Pithuim, 

AToa Ltke, iMrain, Ohio Ardiitald B. Ciw 

Arnnllla, i>fAui«, Ohh> ^...Jmeph P. Ajm 

AjonlUa, jiMct, H.O Jotan W. HuUn 

1 in. n_i u. eunnel Ajm 

...BrmUng guntwl 

_,._. , — .-,- . - -Oeorga 7. Hud 

AyiTlUs, "-— - f- ■■ --"-"-.. 

Anaftun, ^nuiuQi K. T..»» 
Aynnis, itanen, U 


Aitalu, /(^im, Wit 

BIBCOCK HOIi, MkuIo, N. T....Feleg B. B&bcogk 

BcbccBk'i QicTe, i>y Av<< U> Joacpb B. HnU 

Bsbjlon, Sunu, N. E, L(ima« Shdud.Jt. 

Bidin, Aftoffi, Wb. Babett Uttsbst 

B*£aloT'i ^iS, KUi^vania, TkPatn S. Qnwiut 

Buhdoc'tBatnit, Aclxnt, B. 0, B.P. Tamu 

BMhMu'i mUg, aoToU, Ud JMtM Bustunu 

B*ck Onek, ffiimrd. ^. Jotl X. Bhdhj 

Buk Creek Tolltj, Fredtrick, Tl..K. T. LnAhut 

Bkdd'i GuUe, ,Surn, Ti- .WlUui A. Warren 

nuun Creek. ^arL St.... ..Qenrve H. R^| 

Ball Danis Kiuz, Taun WDIlam 6. Callmy 

Ballan'i tiny, SL Lrntdrn, I^ Joho I.;imii, Jr. 

B*lianiiad,ClkB«(i«,aa.~ -JudnB. Kdlf, 

B>U Htmntaln, OaOana, Ukb 

Ball PUT, Mmnt, TenD..... 
BaU Pl»7, C**r-" - ■"- 

Bang*]], DatehaM, N. Y.... 

Bugor, t^nMIn, H. T.... 
Bank liok, iCenton, K/..... 
Baakston, CAoediv, Ulo... 

i.-bMe 0. Hajnaa 

.Olaik A. FaUenm 



, N.a.J.P.BiiiD 

mil, LUc^fOd, Otam Leonard Kennaj 

'"--■— "havlra Ktitim, ima 
.,._... , synicrdon, N. J...__....Abel Welater 

Bapdit TaUej, IltKH^ Tb WilUam W. Feerr 

" — ■— '- h.) Swl, Wia. Low F. PerMu 

legfiSirdy, Ta. JiAxi Hathiaa 

,fiiinlv,V»._ -...Joaeph B-BwrbM 

Bailiar, 1l!iiMna(sii,0lila jMte JOhnmn 

Batban, CUumMo, n* John V, O. Darii 

Bsrlm^ Oomoa, IRIL m Anwa C. Paiam 

Barliar'a Onaa Xoada, JHt vf 1^^ Ta_...Iliom(« 


Baitiamlll*, ^^ta 
rbarrllla, lRuA<m 

BerboDnrjllfi, Orangt, Vl 

lubooTTlile, IMowore, N. 

le, Iwoware, N. 1 

I .... Jmoda O. 

I .IraJ. Bukn 

I ...Jacob HeiB 

I LdT. Ckithtar 

bwKHiui, Aiu<;<u>, >■ mnlal B. EaglaT 

Bark Bhant;, aanaiK, Kicb Url Bajmond 

Bartejmwd, Aortmiiirah, & P. W. HIUv 

Btrlan, HUMnwlen, Oblo. L. LafUu 

Bar Hllla, Fort, M* _aam»l Bawrer 

Barnard, iraidiar, Tt. D. F. Bnniad 

BamardaTllle, £dana, Tatxn— .— ■. John A. Bamaid 

Banufat, OcMn, N. 3 NaOtaslel Watarborr 

Bamegat, DuUluu, N. If. John B. tfatUini 

BanunDla, arJuJutrit, N. T Jaaaa Natbaw^ 

Bamea, INisUiuid,Ofalo. JteTid B. D>r 

BariHr Ooman, X«Hif t N.y............HoraeeLneaB 

BaineaF Oroaa Boadi, Dolt, Ala_ CoIddd Baruai 

Bamea' Htora, niJk«iAvii,IUu...BamQalA. Bamaa 

BaraegrlUe, itta, Ga F. N. Bamea 

BameBTllle, ikntgamay, Md. Lemud Hara 

BarnearUI^ Bdimmt, OUo, Benjamin Uaekall 

BanuarUla, MarUn, 41a.. DaTld B. E^l 

Bamet, ChMMJo, Tt — ..Andm J. Ubd 

BanuTi, Pmipt, Ark KkbmDBd A, Joou 

Baiohart'a Uiila, BiiSer, Pa. Hlohaal SMii 

— ttUr.S.i johBOaM 




Barnstable, BamOdblet Mass GalTin Stetson 

Barnstead, Bdknapf N. B Elipfaalet 8. Kutter 

Barnwell C. EL, BamtoeUt S. C C. F. Tobin 

BarraekSTille, Marion^ Ya William B.Ice 

Barrallville, AUeghanif, ^d E. W. Hall 

Barre, WorceiUr^ Mass Charles Brimbleoom 

Barre, Washingtony Tt Frances L. Hale 

Barre Centre, Orleanty N. Y William H. Oates 

Barre Forge, JSuntingd&nf Pa. S. M. Green 

Barren, Hdrrisorif la Geoi^e Arnold 

Barren, WtUianuon, Tenn... William C. Hendricks 
Barren Greek Sp'gs, Sonursetf Md...Thos. B. Taylor 

Barren Groye, Bureau, 111 Orren Hasard 

Barren Hill, Montgomery, Pa Nicholas Freas 

Barren Hill, Henry, Tenn James Walker 

Barren Plain, BoberUon, Tenn.Granberr7 B. Mason 

Barren Ridge, Vanzcmt, Texas. James Bundy 

Barren Spring, Wjfthe, Va Charles W. Lyons 

Barre Plidns, Worcester, t/l^BB Edward Denny 

BarrettSTille, Lumpkin, Ga Beuben Barrett 

Barretille, McHef^ry, 111 Frederick Bryant 

Barrington, Oook, HI George T. Waterman 

Barrington, Strafford, N. H.; •••••.Hiram Hall 

Barrington, Yatet, N. Y... Job L. Babcock 

Barrington, Bristdl,'B.^ I George B. Kennicutt 

Barr*8 Store, Macoupin, Hl......Wm. H. Blohardson 

Barry, SchuylM!l,V9, John A. Otto 

Barry, Pike, HI Londoree N. Ferris 

Barry, Fred&rick, Md James W. Hamilton 

Barry, Jajckson, Mich John Haddock 

B%rTj,CUay, Mo William Atkinson 

Barry, (Myahoffa, Ohio William Stoneman 

Barry's Bridge, Mecklenburgh, Ya..Robert W. Land 

Barryton, Choctaw, Ala William D. Humphrey 

Barrytown, DutchesM, N. Y Joseph Martin 

Barryville, SuUivan, N. Y L. D. Fuller 

Barryville, Stark, Ohio Nimrod Smith 

Bart, Lancaster, Pa Elizabeth Miller 

Barter Brook Augusta, Ta Thomas W. Shelton 

Bartersville, Bontotoc, Miss Ranson Mauldin 

Bartholomew, Chicot, Ark...Charles C. McDermott 

Bartlett, Ooos, N. H.. Alexis Garland 

Bartlett, Washington, Ohio Mrs. Susan Crow 

Bartlettville, Clark, Iowa Levi Koontz 

Barton, Tioga, N. Y Seymour Wright 

Barton, AUeghany, Md John Jones 

Barton, Orleans, Vt William Graves 

Barton, Lotondes, Miss William T. Barry 

Barton, Washington, Wis Maxon Hlrsch 

Barton BXa, , Schoharie, N. Y Jacob J. Barton 

Bartonia, Mandoiph, la^ ....James W. Locke 

Barton's Creek, Dickson, TennJS. W. Cunningham 

Barton Landing, Orleans, Tt Albert S. Eaton 

Bartonsville, Monroe, Pa John Butz 

Bartonsville, WinSham, Tt Lucius W.Adams 

Bartonville, Walker, Ala A. S. Burnum 

BartTille, Lancaster, Pa Thomas Ferguson 

Basco, Hancock, 111. Martin Shuey 

Bascobel, Jackton, Ga Milton Matthews 

Basoom, Seneca, Ohio John Miller 

Base Lake, Washtenaw, Mich Jeremiah Dudley 

Basham's Gap, Morgan, Ala. James H. Basham 

Bashan, Meigs, Ohio Altamont D. Bowers 

Bashi, CZarX;, Ala. «. George Carleton 

Basin Knob, Johnwn, Mo John Winfrey 

Basin Lake, ColumJbia, Wis Charles Bolles 

Baskenridge, Snmerset, N. J Beiijamin Smith 

BasnettsYille, MarUm, Ya Philip S. Basnett 

Bason Springs, Orayson, Tex Isaac B. Walker 

Bastrop, (c. h) Morehause, La John W. Mason 

Bastrop, (o. h.) Basirop, Texas John S. Johnson 

BataTia, Kane, HI A. M. Moore 

BataTia, Branch, Mich John Barr 

BataTia, Genesee, N. Y William Seaver 

Batayia, (c. h.) CUrawnlt,0\Ao Jesse S. Dustin 

Batavia Kill, Ddaware, N. Y John Loughran 

Batesville, (c. h.) Independence, Ark Beuben 


BatesyOle, Hobtrsham. Ga. Joshua Sutton 

Batesrille, Quemuy, Ohio Samuel Qebhart 

Batesyille, Albemarle, Ya William H. Walker 

Batesyille, B^aley, la Lewis L. Thomas 

Bath, EdgefiOd, S. C Sumner Brown 

Bath, (e. h.) Masxm, HI Giles S. Town 

Bath, Sagadahoc, Me Joseph C. Snow 

Bath, BeoMfortf N. C Joseph Bonner 

Bath, GrafUm William W. Hutchlns 

Bath, (c. h.) /SKeu&en, N. Y Jesse Yandehoyen 

Bath, ^mmii, Ohio Francis Andrews 

Bath, Northampton, Pa Henry SchoU 

Bath, C. H. Baih, Ya William H. Bryan 

Bath Alum, Baih, Ya James P. Wood 

Baton Rouge, (e. h.) East Baton Rouge, La J. 

Baton Rouge, Chester, S. C... Augustus F. Anderson 

Bat«to, BurUngion, N. J Jesse W. Richards 

Battenyille, Washington, N. Y Edwin Wair 

Battleborough, Edgecomb, K. C.Theodore Schrader 

Battle Creel^ CaJhoun, Mich Alonzo Noble 

Battle Creek, Marion, Tenn George W. Rice 

Battlefield, Lavderdode, Miss James M. Trussell 

Battle Ground, Tippecanoe, la John Dutiel 

Battle Ground, Eauinuel, Ga Charles H. Colsen 

Battle Springs, Madison, Miss John A. Forrest 

Battle Swamp, CecU, Md Thomas Taylor 

Battsyille, Barbour, Ala Fletcher G. Thweatt 

Baughman, Wayne, Ohio Yalentine W. Ault 

Baumstown, Berks, Pa. George W. Jones 

Bayington, Washington, Vst James McCarrelt 

Bay, Pope, 111 Alexander Jinkins 

Bayard, Oc^miftiana, Ohio Allen Williamson 

Bay Hundred, TaJbot, Md. Augustus Wittman 

Bay Mount, Greene, Tenn John C. Martin 

Bayou Barbary, Livingston, La Wm. H. Wilder 

Bayou Boeuf; St. Landry, La Thomas MoCrorey 

Bayou Chicot, (c. h.) St. Landry, La.. Jas.^Akenhead 
Bayou Goula, JberviUe, La...Francis Marionneaux 
Bayou Metoe, Pulaski, Ark William Fitzsimon 

Bayou Ramois, SL Mary's, La James Collins 

Bay Port, Hernando, Fla John E. Johnson 

Bay River, Craven, N. C Frederick G. Alfred 

Bay's Bottom, GaUia, Ohio Nelson Layne 

Bay Springs, Tishemingo, Miss Henry CoUier 

Bay Yiew, Northampton, Ya Jesse N. Jarvis 

Bazetta, TrunibuU, Ohio Herman Pierson 

Beach Branch, Bieat^fort, S.C..Thos. H. Willingham 

Beach Grove, Luzerne, Pa Andrew Cor&ight 

Beach Haven, Xi&eeme, Pa. JohnR. Anderson 

Bealeton, Ihuquier, Ya Alfired Beale 

BeallsviUe, Washinifton, Pa John W. Mitchell 

BeallsviUe, Monroe, Ohio.....AlexanderMcCiillough 

Beamsville, Darke, Ohio John McLougblin 

Bean Blossom, Brovm, la. Robert McHhenny 

Bean's Station, Grainger, Tenn Woodson W. 


Beantown, Charles, Md Edward D. Boone 

Bear Bone, Caloasien, La David A. Lyons 

Bear Branch, OAio, la Jonathan Cole 

Bear Branch, Richmond, N. C P. P Terry 

Bear Creek, Jay, la... E. M« Lewis 

Bear Creek, Montgomery, HI William Russell 

Bear Creek, Cedar, Mo Beigamin A. Marshall 

Bear Creek, Pidnam, Tenn. ~ ...Robert Peek 

Bear Creeli^ Luzeme,V9, Stiles Williams 

Bear Creek, Sabine, Texas Lipscomb Nowell 

Bear Oeek, Henry, Ga. S. 0. Hightower 

Bear Creek, OoluiMia, Ark James Ivy 

Bearden, Ixivaca, Texas Kinchen Mayo 

Beasley's Fork, Adams, Henry Kennedy 

Beardstown, Oass,Jl\ James Shaw 

Beardstown, i^rry, Tenn Josiah Wilbum 

Beard's Creek, Liberty, Geo B. P. Harrington 

Bear Gap, Northumberland, Pa. Jacob Leisenring 

Bear Grove, Guthrie, Iowa Nathan Davis 

Bearmont, Schuylkill, Pa.. Leyi Fehler 

Bearsville, Ulster, N.Y, Christian Baehr 

Bear Swamp, DupUn, N. Luther R. Loftin 

Beartown, Lancaster, Pa Martin Leber 

Bear Wallow, ^rren, Ky James E. Terry 

Beaseley, Ji^er«on, Fla Charles W. De Witt 

Beatie's Bluff, Madison, Miss James H. Dunlavj ~ 

Beatties Ford, Lincoln, N. C .William B. Withers 

Beatty's Brklge, Bladen, N. C....Douglass P. Beatty 

Beatyestown, Warren, N. J James Fisher 

Beaty's Mills, Marion, Ya. Joshua S. Wilson 

Beatty's MUl, Scott, Ky William Waldi 

Beaufort, (c. h.) Carteret, N. C William I. Potter 

Beaufort, PrankUn, Mo Ell Yalentine 

Beaufort, (c. h.) Beaufort, S. 3eQjamin B. 





BMamont, Ltueme, Pa Beqjamin J. Horton 

B«aumont,(e. h,) Jit/^«im,Texu...Win. P. Herring 

Beaumont, Chamam, N. G John M. 'Green 

Beaver, Pike, Ohio. Andrew J. McNeal 

BeaTer, Andertonf Texas William I. Hamlett 

Beaver, (c. h.) Beaver, Pa Miss Jane Garter 

Beaver Brook, JSuUiwmj N.T...Gha0. S. Woodward 

Bearer Creek, Bondy HI David W. Wise 

Beaver Greek, WashinffUmt Md..Dewitt Glinton Wit- 

Beaver Greek, Cblumiria, Wis Edward F. Lewis 

Beaver Greek, J7afe, Ala James Toumans 

Beaver Dale, JFhyette, Ala LaQrand Shepherd 

Beaver Dam, Clark, Miss Berry McCarty 

Beaver Dam, MddUburgj S. G Wm. L. Leggett 

Beaver Dam, Ohio. Ky ElUah G. Williams 

Beaver Dam, Kosciusko, la .Samuel Rickel 

Beaver Dam, Union, N. G Calvin Tnill 

Beaver Dam, Goochland,'V^ William Salter 

Beaver Dam, Bodfjie, Wis. James H. Ward 

Beaver Dam, Alien, Ohio Frederick Shull 

Beaver Dam Depot, Hanover, Ya—Lancelot Philips 

Beaver Dams, ChanttiWf N. Y James Watson 

Beaver Dam Springs, Hickman, Tenn..Alexander M. 

Beaver Grove, Biiflcr, Iowa Samuel B. Ensign 

Beaver Kill, SuUivan, N. Y George 8. Joscelyn 

Beaver Lick, Boone, Ky John W. Tucker 

Beaver Meadows, Qirbon, Pay..Benjamin F. Fruit 

Beaver Mills, Cherokee, N. G Thomas P. Hull 

Beaver Ridge, JCnoa, Tenn Rufus M. Stevens 

Beaver Rain, ZFnion, Ark Needham Powell 

Beaver Springs, Union, Pa..., Reuben Keller 

Beaverton, Marion, Ala Sarah J. Marchbanks 

Beaverton, Boone, HI Samuel Clark 

Beavertown, Union, Pa George A. Smith 

Beaver Valley OolUTnJna, Pa Allen Mann 

Beaver Valley, St: Clair, Ala Jackson Phillips 

Bechtelaville, Berks, Pa Isaac H. Bechtel 

Beckamsvllle, Chester, S. G William Anderson 

Beckersville^ Berks, Pa , Jacob Becker 

Beckett Berkshire, Mass Alexander Clark 

Becketsville, TaUapoosa, Ala...William J. Bobbins 

Beckett's Store, Pickaway, Ohio J. A. Beckett 

Beck's Corners, Myrtgomery, la Philip' Saidia 

Beddington, Washington, Me Robert Collins 

Bedford, Pike, 111....: Thomas M. KUlpatrick 

Bt^dford, (c. h.) Lawrence, la... J. Wesley Newland 
Bedford, (c. h.) Tritnhle, Ky...Ambrose H. Talbott 

Bedford, GaJ^umn, Mich John Reynolds 

Bedford, Middlesex, Mitss Henry A. Gleason 

Bedford, ffiUsbormgh, N. H Oliver L. Kendall 

Bedford, (c. h.) WeOchetter, N. Y...Bei]|j. J. Ambler 

Bedford, Cuyahoga, Ohio Ransom S. Benedict 

BedfoM, (c. h.) Bedford,.F9k Andrls Saupp 

Bedford Station, Westchester, N. Y..Step. R. Barrett 

Bedi, Ori'mes,Tex&e T.P. Plaster 

Bedminster, Bucks, Pa Edwin F. Scheetz 

Beech Bluff, Dallas, Ark James M. Lea 

Beech Greek, Clinton, Pa ....JFoseph Brownlee 

Beech Greek, Clark, Ark G. L. Bourland 

Beech Fork, Whshington, Kj...^...Jdhn M. Bodine 

Beech Grove, Mush, la George D. Hamel 

Beech Grove, PMUps, Ark Salashiel Sherrod 

Beech Grove, Q>jffee, Tenn Bex^amin F. Moore 

Beech Island, mlgeJUld, S. G Thos. M. Foster 

Be»'ch Land, Washington, Ky William H. Ryan 

Beech Land, Licking, Ohio Stephen G. Williams 

Beech Spring, Lee, Va Josephus Grabeel 

Beech Wood, SuUivan, TT. Y, John Moersch 

Beech Wood, Sheboygan, Wis.. Robert Dinwiddle 

Beech Woods, Warren, Pa. Ansel Franklin 

Beechy Mire, Uniwi, la Eiyah Van Zandt 

Bee Greek, Bledsoe, Tenn.George Alexander Moyers 

Beehive, Clinton, Mo WlUiam J. Smith 

Beekman, Dutchess, N. Y Jonathan Sweet 

Beekman's Mills, Somerset, N. J Charles Corle 

Beekmautown, Clinton, N. Y Philip B. Roberts 

Beeler^s Station, Marshall, Va....... .James Pritche^t 

BeemerviUe, Sussex, N.J Gabriel L. Dunning 

Bee Ridge, Knox,1Ao Sylvester Shultz 

Beesley's Point, Oatpe May, N. JwJoseph D. Chatten 

Bee Spring, Edmonson, Ky JPrederick Meredith 

Beetown, Grant, Wis Frank Barr 

Bm Tree, Kershcm, 8. G. William L. Piokett 

Bel Air, (c b.) Harford, Md...Nicbola8 B. Holland 

Belair, (o. h.) Lancaster, S. G Charles P. Evans 

Belair, Richmond, Ga William P. Crawford 

Belcher, Wishtngton, N. Y Andrew T. Crawford 

Belchertown, Hampshire, Mass. P. S. Bridgman 

Belden, McHenry, 111 Stiles Slllimsn 

Bflden, Wahaih, la. A.M.Kennedy 

Belfast, Northampton, Pa John K. Patrick 

Belftwt, W&Wo, Me Joseph S. Noyes 

Belfast, ^a<^any,N.Y Alfred B. Hopper 

Belfast, Clermont, Ohio James S. Johnson 

Belfast, Marshall, Tenn Robert Williams 

Belfast, SaUne, Ark J. W. Dawdy 

Belfast Mills, RusseU, Va Charles H. Mitchell 

Belford, Nash,'S. G W.D.Harrison 

Belgrade, Kenrubeck, Me Frederick Spencer 

Belgrade MiUs, Kennebeck, Me George H. Foster 

Bell, Highland, Ohio „ William Calvert 

Bell A\t, Crawfdrd,'ni James M. Barlow 

Bell Air, Gxiper, Mo. W. W. Norrle 

Bell Air, Bdmont, Ohio John S. Anderson 

Bellasylva, Wydinitig, Psl. Charles Sehrage 

Bellbrook, Oreene, Silas Hale 

Bellbuckle,. Btt^ord, Tenn William J. Peacock 

Belle Air, Clay, la..... John S. Bayles 

Belle Centre, Logan, Ohio Samuel Dennis 

Bellefafr Mills, Stafford, Va John Clark 

Bellefontalne, Choctaw, Miss William McCombs 

Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio William V. Marquis 

Bellefonte, (c h.) Jackson, Ala... William. J. Greene 

Bellefonte, Laclede, Mo Andy S. Hudson 

Bellefonte, Centre, Pa. William Cook 

Bellefountain, Ccdumlria, Wis John H. Bonney 

Bellefountatn, Mahaska, Iowa....Daniel W. Counsii 
Belle Haven, Accomack, Va...Jo8hua E. Humphreys 

Belle Isle, Onmdaga;, N. Y Henry G.White 

Bellemonte, Lancaster, Pa Samuel Spindler 

Bellemonte, St. Louis, Mo.... Robert A. Walton 

Belle Ombre, Ballard, Ky Martha A. Thompson 

Belle Plalne, Scott, Minn Edward P. Berray 

Belle Point, Boone, Iowa Joseph Gadwallader 

Belle Point, Delaware, Ohio James Liggett 

Belle River, St. Clair, Mich Pierce G. Wright 

Belle Vernon, Wyandott, Ohio...Ezkl.£kleberry,jr. 

Belle Vernon, Fhyetbe, Pa Robert Boyle 

Belleview, Tailbot, Ga. James Barr 

Belleview, Rusk, Texas James D. Sessum 

Belleview, CaZhoun, 111 Henry G. Hart 

Belleview, Christian, Ky William J. Lander 

Belleview, (c. h.) Bossier,lA L. Rathburn 

Belleville, OwmcmA, Ala William W. Strange 

Belleville, Hendricks, la Clayton T. Swindler 

Belleville, (c.h.) St. CUdr, III Champness Ball 

Belleville, miynie, Mich John Boy ce 

Belleville, Essex, N. J George W. Perry 

Belleville, Jeffh-son, N. Y Daniel H. Chapman 

Belleville, Richland, Ohio El^ah Clark 

Belleville, MijffUn, Pa. Henry S. McNabb 

Belleville, Roane, Tenn Joseph Kimbrough 

Belleville, Wood,Yak Mounce B. Penny backer 

Belleville, J^VKnuwe, Minn .Wilson Bell 

Belleville, Dane, Wis •. J. S. Sylvester 

Bellevue, Huron, Ohio Amos Woodwa^ 

Bellevue, Eat(m, Mich William M. Grant 

Bellevue, Jcmkson, Iowa William T. Wynkoof 

Bellevue, Douglass, Nebr Daniel E. Reed 

Bellfkme, TazeweU, 111 ...Gyrus B. Chase 

Beliingham, N&rfdUc, Mflss Ellery Thayer 

Bellmore, Plark6,lsi^ George G. Snow 

Bell Mount, Somerset, Md William H. Roack 

Bellows Falls, Windham, Vt William P. Barker 

Bell Plain, Marshall, 111 ....^...Robert S. Hester 

Bell Point, Cfites, Va..... James Adair 

Bellport, Suffolk, N. T,« William Raynor 

Bell Prairie, Bent&>i, Min. Ter Frederick Aver 

Bell Prairie, Lewis, Mo Elijah Haydon 

Bellsburgh, Dickson, Tenn John J. Hinton 

Bell's Cross Roads, Louisa, Va...Andrew J. Perkins 

Bell's Landing, M&nroe, Ala William W. Hunt 

Bell's Mines, CritUnd^, B^y James W. Ralph 

Bell's Store, Fairfidd,S. C James Lemmon 

Bell's Valley, Rockbridge, Va William H. BeU 

Bellton, MarshaU, Va J. L. Earnest 

Belltown, ifonfde,Tefan..... S. M. Henderson 

BeUvUe, Orange, N. Y Augiutiiii J. Burt 





^•Uview, Zedonon, P» John Hean, jr 

B9UTil)e» flomtZton^FIa Allen 6. Johnson 

B«llTill«^ (a h.) AuOin, TexM-Benjamin Orenyille 

Belmont, jSliemtcr, AU James W. Harper 

Bflmont, Orawfcrdt Ark Hugh B. Fraiier 

Belmont, &oiura2es, Texas H. H. Beattv 

Belmont, Waldo, Me ObarlesR. Wormell 

Belmont, Panolk, Misfl ; David Butts 

Belmont, Bdmomty Ohio..., Mahlon T. Fawoett 

Belmont, Newberry^ S. 0..... A.J. Longshore 

Belmont, FayetUt tunn William Clayton 

Belmont, Loudon, Va...,.., William G. Wilson 

Belmont, San Francisco, Gal ....Marcus Flashner 

Belmont, Middlesex, Mass John L. Alexander 

Belmont, BuUitt, Ky WiUiam Patterson 

Beloit, Beck, Wis Allen Warden 

Belpre, Washington, Ohio JSbenezer Benedict 

Btlton, Anderson, S. C~ Jonathan B. Lewis 

Belton* Bdl, Texas .T. A. Supple 

BeltsviUe, Prince Qeorge% Md John Simms 

BeWidere, Boom, Til John Saxton 

Belvidere, (c. h.) Warren, N. J Adam B. Searles 

Belvldere, AUeghany, N. Y B. Lyon Shays 

Belvidere, LanunUe, Yt Charles B. Weston 

Belsora. SmWt. Texas Radford Berry 

Bem, Qretne, Wis \ .WiUiam Cook 

Beman's Cross Road.^ Scimjpson, N. C. George 

W. Draughon 

Bemis' Creek, Oaimbria, Pa Joseph Graham 

Bemus* Heights, Saraitoga, N. Y» Henry Lent 

Ben brook's Mills, Zntrd, Ark.... ...Henry Benbrook 

Bednrseyille, Adams, I^sl. Wm. Orerdeer 

Benedict, Charles, Md Thomas J. Stewart 

Benerola, Washingtm^ Ifd Jonathan Newoomer, jr 

BeneTolence, Bandolphi Ga John T. Fentress 

Benesett, Elk, Pa WiUiam A. Bly 

BMLfords* Store, Somerset, Pa ,..Josiah Snyder 

Ben Franklin, l^mar, Texas ,Mark A. Nidever 

Ben|;al, Clinton, Mic}^......''^ Cortland HiU 

Bengal, .Su22o<A, Gft..,.,....,....,..., Thomas NevU 

Benhaden, mikuUa, John H, Rhodes 

Benioia, Solano, Cal,, ...,.,. T. T. Hooper 

Bennett's Corners, Madison, N. Y Micah Floater 

Bennettsburgb. Ibmkins, N. Y Caled Keep 

Bennett's Corners, Jackson, Mich.Grindal Reynolds 

Bennett's Greek, Steubent N. Y., John Ooston 

Bennett's Gross Roads, Sampson, N. C...R. F. Allen 
Bennett's Seirry, Jttckson, Tenn.Wilson T. MoColgan 

Bennett^s MUls, Lewis, Ya. William Bennett, jr 

Bennett's River, IkiUani Ark WiUiam S. Jones 

BennettgvUle, SL Clair, Ala WiU H. Benson 

BennettsvUle, ChewwaQt^^* Y. David Yan Home 

Bennettsvilie, Marlborough, 8.C«..Al«x. Sutherland 

BennettsvUle, Clark, I» Jacob French 

Bennettsvilie, Hancock, Ky James H. Moorman 

Bennington, JBillsborovgh, N. H.Geo. A. Whlttemore 

Bennington, Marion, Iowa £sraH. Baker 

Bennington, Wifomingt N. Y..Chaaiioey L. Hidden 

Bennington, SMawassee, Mich ..Lemuel Castle 

BenningtOQ, JfoiT<w,Ohio ;.George N. Clark 

Bennington, Swit^rUmd, la Hugh R. Hale 

Bennington, Bennington, Yt....~...Traman HuUng 
Bennington Centre, .8^mfi0(on,Yt.Alflred Robinson 

Bemson, BSamUion, N. Y Leonard Anibal 

Benson, RtiUand, Yt.,.., C. Higgins 

Benson, FrqjnJtUn, Ky. A. B. Dool^ 

Benson Centre, HamOim, N. Y King H. Hall 

Benson Landing, Buikuid,Yt P. G. Ladd 

Benson's MiUf, Pickens, S.0 WUliam Oliver 

Bent Otwk,Apoomattox, Ya. Wilson Hix 

Bentivogiio, Aibemarle, Ya Lyman Burnfaam 

Bentley, mehmmd, N. Y Margaret JB. Cole 

Bentley'e Corners, J^son, N. Y.» OUs WUlard 

Bentleyville, Washington, Pa......Mark MitcheU, Jr 

BenUy Creek, Bradfind, Pa Ben^ F. Buck 

Bent Mountain, iZoafMike,Ya......^Tliomas Baldwin 

Benton, Loumdju, AJja. James Braier 

Benton, <c h.,) Saiinty Axk Herman Levi 

Beaton, Blkhmri, la. Henry Bartliolom«-w 

BentoB, (a h.) PrwtMiin, lU John G. Goesaman 

Beaton, (o. h.) MarshdO, Ky» James T. Clark 

Benton, Yatoo, Miss- Albert Johnston 

Benton, WiuidMaim, IHcli. Chester Parsons 

Benton, (e. h.) Sob/O, Mo F. G. Allen 

B«aton, Qrafioa^ N.H.. Amos Whltsher 

Benton, Fates, N. Y John L. Lewis 

Benton, Htil/mts, Ohio Hosack Reed 

Benton, CUumMo, Pa Daniel Hartman 

Benton, /^^ Tens .WiUiam B. Reynolds 

Benton, LafayeUe, Wis William Hannan 

Benton, Kennsbeok, Me Andrew H. Richardson 

Benton, Harrison, Tex B. H. Martin 

Benton, Benton, Minn Alonso Byington 

Benton Centre, Yates, N. Y Myron Cole 

Benton City, Benton, Iowa Wm. C. Stanbery 

Benton Ridge, Hancock Ohio...* Philip Ballard 

Benton's Ferry, Marion, Ya Sanford B.Hall 

Benton's Port, Van Buren, Iowa.. .Robert Cre«swcU 

Bentonsville, Johnson, N. C David H. Bridgers 

Bentonville, Payette, la Albert Cortleyon 

Bentonville, Adams, Ohio A.'S. Brownfield 

Bentonville, Warren, Ya Lewis A. Smith 

Bentonville, Benton, Ark W. L. Featberston 

Benvenue, Dauphin, Pa ...Joseph Smith 

Benwood, JforsAofl, Ya Smith HoUowav 

Bensinger, JElk, Pa. George Wew 

Berea, OranvOle, N. C JEI.S. Wood 

Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio George W. Whitney 

Bearear, Madiwn, Ky WUliam B. Wright 

Bergen, Ckneaee, N. Y Horace S. Green 

Bergen Iron Works, Ocean, N. J Joseph H. YanhiM 

Bergen Point, Hudson, N. J D. L. Zabriskie 

Belter's Store, Pittsylvania^ydt. Samuel Berger- 

Bergholtft. Aui^ara, N. Y John 8y 

Berkeley Springs, Morgan, Ya Andrew J. Qrone 

Berkley, Madiwn, Ala John H. Normentt 

Berkshire, Berkshire, Mass Stephen T. Whipple 

Berkshire, Kane, III JBhUander A. Huxley 

Berkshire, Tioga, N. Y .'.....George WiUiama 

Berkshire, Bdavoare, Ohio James P. Crawford 

Berkshire, Gwinnet, Ga...... William J. Nash 

Berkshire, Franklin, Yt .PbUander Ladd 

Berkshire Yalley, Morris, N. J Bliezer Lamaon, 

BerUn, Clinton, la..! Dickey Shepherd 

Berlin, Hartford, Conn ..Henry N. ualpin 

BerUn, Marquette, Wis Cbauncey Yedder 

Berlin, Sangamon, 111 Thomas Pollock 

Berlin, Worcester, Md ,. James Buttingham 

Berlin. Worcester, Mass Bufus S. Hastings 

Berlin, Cbo9, N. H Greenlief Coffla 

Berlin, Benssdaer, N. Y Rowland Thomas 

Berlin, HoUnes, Ohio »...Philip Ley 

Berlin, Som^erset, Pa Charles Krissini^ . 

Berlin, MarshaJl, Tenn, ....James M. Boren. 

Berlin, Southampton, Ysi. MUton D. Butler 

BerUn, Wiuhingtont Yt..... Moses Strong 

B^rUn, Ottotoa, MJbcli Samuel L. Bigelow 

BerUn Centre, Bureau,.Jli.. Solon P. ^ngham 

BerUn Centre, Mahoning» Ohio.... J)avid Routsawn 

BerUn Crosp Roads, Jacskouy ObXo Jos. Minks 

B<a>lin Falls, Cbof, N. H.... Jones D. Homer 

BerUn Height^ .EHe, Ohio £U P. HiU 

BerUnsvUle^ Northamj^<fn, Pa Abraham Gish 

BerUnviile, Brie, Ohio Joseph K. Otis 

Bermudian, Adamt, Pa...... Henry B. Smith 

Bernadotte, FkiUon, HI John M. Lewis 

Bernardstown, Franklin, Mass...D«niel W. Temple 

Berae, Albany, N. Y WiUiam Reinhart 

Berne, Monroe, Ohio.... Benjamin F. Penn. 

Bernhard's Bay, Osvffgo, N. Y Almon Dickinson. 

BernvUle, Berics, P&. Jno. Yeag«r 

Berrien, Cherokee,. Ga Henry Carrel 

Berrien Spring, (a h.) Berrien, liUeh~.Adam Small 

Berry, I>an^W\8.,... Charles Hinricks 

Berry flburi^ Davphin* Psi......k.. Henry C. Beshler 

Berry's Forty, Mmngi^on,.Ej^ Uriah G. Berry 

Berry's Ferry, Clark, Ya. John L. Lindsey 

Berry's Lick, Butler, Ky Benjamin Porter 

Berry's MUl, Union, Ky Daniel S. Berry 

BerrysvUe, Xnox, la Andrew Berry 

BerrysviUe, Highland, Bnos West 

Ben^ton, Otss, lU Jesse Crews 

Berrytown, Kmt, Del Edward D. Mlleham. 

BerryvUle, CistrroZZ, Ark Isaac Plumbe 

BenyvUle, Clark, Ya Christian Bowser 

Bersheba, Henry, Ga.... WiUiam H. Spier 

Beraheba Springs, Ch^undy, Tettn....Cbas. W. Reee 

Bertraad, Berrien, Mieh. Daniel C. Hlgbee 

Bertrand Prairie, Winn, La .Thomas Harvey 

Bcorwlek, ffSirrtn^ I]L....«».......*»»«John &. Vwtttt 


Berwiak, Snitca, Ohio 

Bentlok, eWumWo, ¥%.... 

Benrhik, SI. Jbrv'i, Lb Jisug E 

Bartalli, Cliluii&, Sa Hhut S. I 

Bethitto, MMion, Dl Wmiml 

Battunli, tbngOt, N.C Bogsne C Ii. 

Bsthsnj, XanBmm, Oodd Nutbui Cluk 

Bathuiy, Aitufa, Tuu..„.. „JoBhiu Ohflrrj 

BMhiuly, OcncKE, N. X Cuiol A. Ho^og 

Vttb»aj, BuOtr, Ohio Vetit VOIIuiuod 

BKthur, <e. h.) Wbmc, p*. RoM. H. Lumitei 

BelhBiiT, Owitc, Vs Atennddr Campbell 

BMluinT, (e. h.) BarrUai, Ho....TbDmtaii H. Tern- 

.JoHph Salloi BlgOiegk, AriyeA.Oa....HiittlieirX.CiiniiinEhuii 

'"'-■■ "■" Big OnaJc, Hnpider, Ls. 0. A. Hooper 

Bl; Cnek, JoAnnn. Ho. Oolemsn F. ChunbUn 

Bidul, WUm, All 

i%f«,a.o w 

~omb, fitttiB, H. O....WI 


r. UiAunnbell 


Bithal, Ihirfita, Ohul... 

BMh^jSn .. . 
BtOM, fRnnbls. 

Bith^ Cbrmmi, Ohio..... 

BatbO, Bail, P> 

Sffhd, Tint. B. C 

Bh S. BHDDni 


...._AJ. Tboiugoii 
....mlllmm R. Bopo 

...'.Kldunl Hmdicson 

BMhei, JndcnM, T»ii« 

....ChulH Onimore 

'llUun F. Mllln 

BetUTOle, &n«a, Ohio JimnLeirta 

S«iilah, JMnwn. N, 0. Stephen :^W 

BMlah, AnCoB, lowi. Lnid 7. North 

...Mid B. Bflbertam 

AwUwftm, N. J. .Ohute* 0. UcMroj 

. Oms, Kwi - Jomh V. TmA 

^^-"—~ OUik. _ JohnKeyhof 

Beroly giriM, ^im, IUm. 

mHMu(«ii,OUi>. __ 

(0. h.) AonMftl, T*. John 

OMMm, Kj. „ John J. C^dweU 

Bnl/l_ __ 


KdOaM, ni^ U* 

BHwdllBH.AiUi Ai 

«1 B. Trnelc 
m. HcOnskai 
..John Bleklar 

Big Bbkv, oaUiuid, 
BM Band, «*~ "- 

■nqF' i^u .-...-.—.... TT uuun uonaim 

fSaOonu, TtBB J)mnT Lot 

OoUuid, Ubih .b* Sn 

..JB. W. KlrnhiU 

Big Brook, OwAta, N. T... 

— ...dumieoy Hmrden 

AUM noEntt 

John W. WIOMnpooo 

IHH K. Juklon 

ngby Fort, JToiinM, Htn 
BlgbTTllle, JKniiv, I«m. 

BlaOuM, jK. lanrWli* _ 


Big ClMT OMk, Onam BHer, Tl..A. H. UfCli 
ng Cole, JEdoju, Tl„,..„....„.. ...... Angaitna P 

Big Cr»k, J^Of^ Ark... .BiEn Kmi 

Big OrMk, Ibrt Bad, Tout ....OaorgeB. PlUnt 

Big Orert, SofM, N. C... 

Big Greek, OaVumH, HlH 

Big OtMk, SMSy, Tens 

BlgOreok, Bte/Wd, S. a .... 

Big GtHk, IkSt, AU... 

Big Cnek, Sl«(6ai, N. T. 

...Lonii B. Bun 


.Chules Hlek< 

^!!!. .Daniel T. 

_- „ _, , — .w. H. UeuaiT 

BliPalle, Oroide, K.C- John A. Uarrar 

BlgI1»t,SMrrj,Aik WHllun T.Cipert 

BlgPUtta. Chanimg. N. Y. Nelnn Hotohklu 

Big Foot Valtlt, mimrOi, Wli...Blbrldge C. Ajti 

Big Pork, JUimtgimitrs, Ark .Tfaomu J. Biil« 

Big Oladu, Aitsdl, Va. Daniel Runer 

Hg HIU, Madiien, St WnUam W. Bmllh 

Big Hollow, Greene, iS.Y JohnB.FWi 

BIgliland, jrru«m,Otaio. WUIUmWylle 

Big Iilandi Bn^ord. 'Va. .JohnF. BandnTuit 

Big Laurel, JfixKiMt, N. O. Btmhen Waller 

Big Lwk, Bumetit, Ti 
Hg Link, rawcnk, 0___ 
We Meadow, erayiim, Ti 
Bfg MlUa, Sathe^er.iid. 

Ta... John 0. Omar . 


Big Oak, Ktumr, HIv E)l T. Slbaon 

ffig Oak Flat, niel(flWK,CaL Jowph W. Butler 

Big PatiOlga, Bi^ei\ Ala. John F. Nlion 

Big PlalD,lbu«Kn,Ohio. '-■-- " 

Big Fool, ^^Me, Ala..... 

Big Fool, KmUe, Ala. 

Big Prairie, m^Obfo,.. 

BlgPralrla, ^^ 

Lorenio D. OdeU 

_.„ , ,_„ Ephratm H. UHht 

BIgBeadr, IHnotuoH, TEj John H. Vomler 

Ug Rlvm MlDi, ». Fnnt»Hi, Mo WUHam Qoff 

Big Rock, SbM, Iowa Pater Ooddard 

Big Km*, Kme, HI Jo«hil« H. BhodBa 

Blok Rook, Steaarl, Tenn .William Stone 

Big Rock, HiieiMJI, Ta. 8. W. WMte 

BlgBan, J<;»T»i>,Pa. .Jamea 17. GUlMple 

In Creek, Z««:s,Ti 

Big 8i ■ — Inniiwr 


Big a, 

Big 8) 

-IbiO, Ala iBaaoWhorton 

t*enrft((«, Kr....Wllllain Wiseheart 

iiAer£aqa,Pa-...».........JoaeEA Hood 




liy, HI John 8i 

Big TrsB Oomen, Srit, V. Y- .JameeOralg 

Big Turds, HVomMle, Ohio Thoraaa Wolrerton 

Big ValltT, Jhnmu, Wig Hom Herrlek 

Big WsDhoo, BbS, Oa Jamea R. F. Lnek 

Big Wood!, Pu Bigi, IB.. John Wame 

BlDoriM, JKdmeten, Uaia .Wm. H. BluUhaid 

BDUivIr, ll&tAAwlciii, Aik -Hiram H. Bamw 

BllUngnflla, OttJDB, la — * 

Bll«^ .MhIsii, Ite 

Bingham, aimirtA He 
Kn^iaa, iWter, 1^... 


, -o^ L a ne at t tT j PB..-i 


BIrdiardTllle, ;!_„ 

Bliduttarlll*, CtiHlaiid, 

Blrdi laland, OUbI 

.Ihomp. Brabakm 

ffincH. Hal 

.John S. Birflhul 

.DmrrBli ' ' 

...J. 0. L. 




Blrdsrillo, Burke, 0%, «^O0eph B. Johm 

BMtrtlle, IktnxuU, Tn Wm. QustIb 

BlrdbnriUe, Mis$iuippi, Mo George W. Kenriek 

Btrmlngham, MaarmdUj Ky^ Laban 8. Looker 

BfanBingfaam, PonMoet ^^ JBeoJ. Longhrldge 

Blrmingfaam, Sckuyierf 111 DaTld McGxeery 

Birmingham, V<m Buren, Iowa....George P. Martin 

Btrmlngham, Oaklandf Mich Orrm Poppleton 

Birmingham, Erie, Ohio A. M. Smith 

Birmingham, ffwitingdon. Pa. James Thomson 

Btflfaop HiU, Sfemy, 111 JohnBrieson 

BIshopTiUe, StmUer, 8. Charles Spencer 

Bissers, Oeauga, Ohio William Harpham 

Biitenean, Busier, La Simon W. Doyle 

BiTlngsyille, Sbartanburgih, S. 0. E. 0. Leltner 

Bladilysidlle, Wayne, Ohio Jesse Cmll 

Blackberry, Kumt, 111 Joel Fish 

Maekberry Station, Kanei IIl...Newton S. Pomeroy 

Black Bird, New QuOe, Del Wm. M. Johnson 

Black Brook, CUfOon, N. T John Rogers 

Black Greek, Scrwm, Ga Moses N. McOall 

Black Creek, Luaemt, Pa Amos Rittenhonse 

Black Creek, SuJUvan, la Jackson Hinkle 

Black Creek, JToZmes, Ohio Henry W. Sill 

Black Creek, AUegcmiy, N. Y Thomas Carpenter 

Black Creek, Wayne, N.O Banyan Barnes 

Black Earth, l>an«. Wis .Royal A. Pierce 

Black Face, NoOoway, Va Reps Connalley 

Blackford, Hancock, Ky Pins M. Montgomery 

Black Hawk, Ibnd du Lac, Wis..Rnfafl M. Harwood 

Black Hawk, CbrroB, Miss .James A. Lnndy 

Black Hawk, Knox, Iowa Mannel E. Mallo 

Black Hawk, Beaver, Pa Hemnr Briggs 

Black Hawk, Nteholat, Ky Henry Y. Myers 

Black Hawk Point, €bnoom»a,La .Joshua Johns 

Black Heth, CheMierfidd, Ya Hiram P. Moody 

Black Hill, Kimfman, Texas Wiley T. Bams 

Black Jack, De Soto, La Robert Hall 

Blackjack, Latorence, 111 William E. Robinson 

Black Jack, Robertson, Tenn.... William S. Simmons 

Black Jack, Scott, Ark Stephen Graves 

Black Jack Groye, fTqpjfctnf, Tex J. D. Cole 

Black Jack Yalley, Spartanburg, S. C... Ji. Bearden 

Black Lake, St. Lawrence, N. Y. Peter Bellinger 

Black Land^ TithemMtgo, Miss .Luther W. Redns 

Black Lick, Indiana, Pa N. P. Turner 

Black Lick, Franldin, Ohio Thomas MoCoUum 

Black Mingo, Wmam^mrgh, S. CStephen Britton 

Black Mountain, McDoweU, N. C Elisha C. Neal 

Black Oak, CharlegUm, 8. C Arnold J. Harrey 

Black Oak, Wayne, HI J>. M. Williams 

Black Oak, J9opfe»ns,Tex D. H. Campbell 

Black Oak Groye, Hardemcm, Tenn G. F. Smith 

Black Oak Point, Btekory, Mo. JUobard I. Robertson 
Black River, Jeffbrson, N. Y....George W. Haselton 

Black Riyer, Lorain, Ohio Mark Z. Lampman 

Black River, Sumter, S. C R. E. McFaddin 

Hack River Chapel,iVeto Hanover, N.C.J. M. Corbett 

Black River Falls, Jackson, Wis E. S. Crossett 

Black Rock, Erie, N. Y George Johnson 

Black Rock, Rappahannock, Ya^^... James H. Myers 

Black Rock, Baltimore, Md Benj. Gorsueh 

Black Rock, Fair/hUd, Conn Alanson Allen 

Black Rock, Bruntwick, N. C M. 0. Turrentine 

Black Bock Dam, Erit, N. Y Henry A. Bennett 

Blacks k Whites, NoUowaiy, Ya..Leonidas A. Hawkes 

Black's Blnfr, TPtZotM;, Ala .James A. Tait 

Blacksburgh, Montgomery, Ya....Charl«8 H. Smith 

Blackshlre'g, Jforibn, Ya Ellas Blaokshire 

Black Sfring, J%z&iK;»n, Ga Samuel G. Chandler 

Blackstone, Worcegter, Mass Darius Bennett 

nack Swamp, Sandusky, Ohio Samuel Rltter 

Blacksville, Monongalia, Ya...Nathanlel P. Eeigley 

Blackville, BamvodL S. C Tobias E. Still 

Black Walnut, Halifax, Ya John M. Owen 

Black Water, Kemper, Miss Joel McWUIiams 

Bla(^ Water, Sussex, Del James Turner 

Black Water, Morgan, Ky Archibald Day 

Black Water, Sussex, Ya John H. Ellis 

Blaekwell, OasweO, N. C Gerard J. Parish 

Black Wolf, Wirmebago,yf\B, Warren Morley 

Blackwoodtown, Oamdm, N. J J. H. Duffleld 

Bladen Creek, SUwarl, Geo Lewis Lee 

Bladensburgh, Prince Ckorges Md...Chas. L. Gault 
Btadmsbwrgh, Knox, Ohio John Hapna 

Bladen Springs, Choctaiw, Ala...Henry W. Stafford 

Blain, Firry, Pa John Stockton 

Blaine, Laxorenoe, Ky Samuel Sparks 

Blain's Cross Roads, Chrainger, Tenn..Sam1 Shields 

Blairstown, Warren, N.J Henry Space 

BlairsviUe, (e. h.) UMon, Ga. Wm. B. EUineton 

Blairsville, Posey, la John B. Gardiner 

Blairsville, Indiana, Pa Wilson Knott 

Blairsville, Fork, S. C William Crosby 

Blakeley, Luzerne, Pa Levi Lillibridge 

Blakely, (c. h^ Batdvrin, Ala... James H. Stanmyres 

Blakely, Earfy, Ga William J. Cheshire 

Blakely, Stokes, N.C William Withers 

Blakesburg, Wapdlo, Iowa. Samuel H. Butcher 

Blanc, FuUon, Onlo Jtuben Mason 

Blanohard, Piscataquis, Me Cyras A. Packard 

Blanehard Bridge, Hancock, Ohio...Aquilla Gilbert 

Blanche, Lafc^ette, Mo. James B. Dillard 

Blanehester, Clinton, Ohio Samuel Baldwin 

Blaadlnsville, McDonough, HI Delavin Martin 

Bland's, Saline, Ark Stephen Chennault 

Blandville^c h.) BaUard, Ky .Osbom Belt 

Blanford, Hampden, Mass David P. Robinson 

Blanket HUl, ArmOrong, Pa William Sinclair 

Blanton's Cross Roads, Horry, S. C J. T. Moody 

Blauveltville, Rockland, N. Y... Simon D. Demarest 
Blawenburgh, Somerset, N. J...Comeliu8 S. S^ryker 

Bledsoe. Hickory, Mo J. C. Montgomery 

Bledsoe^s Landing, Crittenden, Ark T. S. Craig 

Blocker, FuUon. N. Y Theron A. Hamlen 

Blendon, Prantdin, Ohio C. P. Griswold 

Blish's Mills, PrankUn, Mo .Langdon Caldwell 

BUssfield, Lenawee, Mich Joel Carpenter 

Blissville, Je^«on, HI Solomon Patterson 

Blivens' MiUs, McHmry, HI Rachael Blivens 

Blockers, CwMerland, N. Love Culbreth 

Blockers, Tusealoosct, Ala. William G. Blocker 

Block House, Scott, Ya Isaac 0. Anderson 

Bloekley, Philadelphia^ Pa Joseph Lents 

BlockvUle, Chautcutque, N. Y. Isaac vosburgh 

Blodgett Mills, CorUandt, N. Y John H. Tanner 

Blood's Point, Be KaiXb, HI, John Lee 

Bloody Run, Bedford, Penn James B. Farquhar 

Bloom, Cook, HI Robert Wallace 

Bloom, Ru^ la George Hlttle 

Bloom, Wood, Ohio John Weaver 

Bloom Centre, Logan, Ohio Edwin Pratt 

Bloomer, Smatian, Ark A J*. Brooks 

Bloome^, Hamp^dre, Ya WUliamSummerviile 

Bloomfleld, Hamard, Conn...Henry Whitmore, jr. 

Bloomfield, (o. h!) Oreene, la. William K. Routt 

Bloomfleld, Ed{mr, HI David Bailey 

Bloomfleld, (o. n.) ^vC», Iowa Abram Weaver 

Bloomfleld, Ndson, Ky William B. Finley 

Bloomfleld, Som/trsd, Me Joseph Locke 

Bloomfleld, Stoddard, Mo Reuben P.Owen 

Bloomfleld, EssMt, N.J \ Jacob C. Ward 

Bloomfleld, Morrow, Ohio Robert PattQn 

Bloomfleld, Crawford, Penn. Chelous Edson 

Bloomfleld, Loudon, Ya. William H. Gill 

Bloomfleld, Essex, Yt Samuel N. Silver 

Bloomfleld, Walworth, Wis C. W. Read 

Bloomingburgh, SuUivan, N. Y...Thomas Stevenson 
Bloomingburgh, Ihyette, Ohio,.....W. R. Southward 

Bloomingdale, Pissate, N. J.. William G. Smith 

Bloomingdale, Jefferson, Ohio John B. Slmerall 

Bloomingdale, Essex, N. Y Edward C. Conger 

Bloomingdale, Du Page, IlL Hiram Cmly 

Blooming G^ve, Fraa^Mn, la John Kintf 

Blooming Grove, Orange, N. Y. Henry F. Breed 

Bloomingsburgh, Fulton, la. JUehard Coplen 

Bloomingport, Randolph, la. Simeon Adamson 

Bloomington, PtXk, Ogn A. Y. MoCatty 

Bloomington, (c. h.) Monroe, la John M. Berry 

Bloomington, CUnton, Ohio Henry H. Bruce 

Bloomington, McLean, HI George D. McElheney 

Bloomington, Morgan, Ky Elijah WiUiamfl 

Bloomington, (c. h.) Macon, Mo...Georg^ A. Short- 
Bloomington, Tbaton, Tenn...William H. Mol^uiston 

Bloomington, Mennipin, Minn. Joseph Dean 

Bloomington, Jtteghany, Md James Bell 

Blooming Yalley, Orawnrd, Pa..George Roudebush 

Bloomingville, Erie, Ohio. Andrew W. Prout 

Bloom Booe, Broum, 0^ Joseph Brown 




BloomBburg^, Cbi!Hm5i(^Peiui. J*bllip UnftngBt 

Bloomsburgh. HaUfax.ytk Aleznoder Watkins 

Bloomabury, Warren, N. J James Gatdner 

BloomVille, Ddaware, N. T Si B. Champion 

Bloomville, KanJcalee, HI Henry S. Bloom 

Bloomville, Seneca, Ohio William Dewitt 

BloaervUle, Cumberland, Pa WiUii^m Green 

Bloehargb, Tioga, Penn. Alexander H/Gaylord 

mosfiom Hill, Princess Anne, Ya—.T, J^ Btberidge 

Blossomhill, Caddo, La Isaac Hughes 

Blossom Prairie, LaoMT, Xex..Thoma8 J. Dickerson 

Bloasrale, Onddja, N. Y JohnBloss 

Blount's Creek, Beaufort, N. C C. I. A. Ruff 

Blount's Perry, CtAumma, Pla. Solomon Rouse 

Blount Spring, BUmni, Ala John H. Henderson 

Hlountsville, (c. h.) iSKoun^, Ala.JPhilip H. MusfErove 

BlountATille, Joms, Ga Sandford M. Tufts 

mountsviUe, jETenry, la Edwin HouKe 

Blountsville, (c. b.) SuDivan, Tenn John Powell 

Blowing Cave, Decatur, Ga. Wm. 8. Backley 

Blowing Spring, Litnestone, Ala Henry Stanley 

Blue Ball, Cecil, Md John L. Biles 

Blue Ball, Butler, Ohio , »... James Logan 

Blue Ball, LanoaUer, Penn Henry Yundt 

Blue Bell, MmUgomery^ Penn Levi Miller 

Blue Bluff, McCUUan, Tex .John H. Bowen 

Blue Branch, Bua-leson, Tex Jos. Jackson 

Blue Cteek, Adams, Ohio John L. Thompson 

Blue Creek, BaJbersham, Ga. Young Davis 

Blue Cre<*k, FrankUn, la Michael Fries 

Blue Grass, <8bo<^ Iowa. JFos. N. Reynolds 

Blue Grass, FuUon, la JFohn Mathews 

Bjtne Grass, VermUlion, 111 John Carter 

Biue HiU, Hancock, Me EI^Bderick A. Holt 

Blue Hill, WUltamson,Tex..: James 0. Rioe 

Blue Hill Palls, Hancock, Me Simeon P.Wood 

Blue House, OoiOeton, S. C. Wm. B. Rowell 

Blue Lick, FranMin, Ala A. T. Bands 

Blue Lick, Clark, la Thompson M. Delta 

Blue Lick, AUen, Ohio Wm. Pier 

Blue Lick Springs, Nicholas, KyJ^osiah W. Denbam 

Rue Mound, Z>an«, Wis. Bbeneser Brigham 

Blue Mountain, Izard, Ark. David R. Shannon 

Blue Plum, WasJui^fton, Tenn Henry Johnson 

Blue Pond, Clierdkec, Ala Shadrach H. Sadbury 

Blue Point, Wayne, HI. Moses Buck 

Blue Ridge, BcAeiouri^ Va ..Samuel Obensbain 

Blue Ridge, Falls, Tex David Barcli^ 

Blue Ridge, Gilmer, Ga. Enos M'Lure 

Blue Ridge, Shelby, la Andrew Jarrdl 

Blae "Bjo^ Muskingwm, Ohio John Henderson 

Blue Rock, Chester, Penn Charles Rettew 

Blue's Point, Crittenden, Axk John L. Barnard 

Blue Spring, Marfan, Ala James M. St. Clair 

Blue Spring, jSlmy^A., Ta. Williim Aumann 

Blue Spring, Stewart, Tenn. William S. Bibb 

Blue Spring Grove, Barren, E7...Thomas S. Walton 

Blue Springs, Joc^xon, Mo....... John Murray 

Bhie Stone, Tazewell, Va Zachariah S. Witten 

Blue Sulphur Springs, 6Veen&ner,Ya.- J.H.Argabrite 

BlneviUe, Christian, HI J. A. Halibsd 

Mue Wing, OranvGle, N. C..^...George W. Norwood 

Bluff, Savk, Wis '. Prescott Brigham 

Bluff Creek, Mahaska^ Iowa Thomas Sumner 

Bluff Dale, Greene, IH ~ John Russell 

Bluff Point, Yates, N. Y Charles E. Moore 

Bluff Point, Jay, la Paul W. Jellif>on 

Bluff Port, Sumpter, Ala Thomas W. Sims 

Bluff Rabun, Laurens, S. John S. WoU 

Bluff Spring, Talbot, Ga .William B. Marshall 

Bluff Spring, Attala^ Miss William Barton 

^nS Spring, Johnson, Mo Samuel Bolejaok 

Bluff Spring, Talladega, Ala. Stephen P. Steed 

Bluff Springs, Gibson, Tenn James B. Merick 

Bluff Springs, Travis, TexaA .William S. Smith 

Bluffton, (o. h.) WeUst la S. G. Upton 

Blufftoo, Beas{f»rt, S. C John G. Bulchen 

Bluffton, Tea, Ark John T. Briggs 

BluffvUle, Carroll, HI JohnVL. Melandy 

Blurton, Waushara, Wis T. H. Walker 

BlytheviUe, Jaxper, Mo John C. Cox 

Boalsburgb, Cadre, Penn jGeorge Jack 

Bo&rdman, Uahoning, Ohio Arthur Patridk 

Boardtree, CAerofceeJj^a LUUebarry Holcomb 

Boatland» JbntreM^Tenn .Sokunon Albertsoa 

Boas, Om^ Mo, Jc^n Shiiiley 

Bodega, Sonoma, Cal. J. M. MUltf 

Bodenham, Gdes, Tenn v Lewis Coaby 

Body Camp, Bedford, Ya...... Jars. Maria Robwrtaoti 

Boetia, mreer, Ohio John Roberta 

Boeuff Prairie, (c. h.) Frarddin, La... Thomas BeUew 

Bogard, Baviess, la Joeiah Lea 

Boggsville, Jatkscn^ Ya D.C. He«kon 

Boggy Depot, Choctaw, Ark.... C. J.Wright 

Boght, Albany, N. Y...... WiUiamG. Groesbeeek 

Bagnechitta, DalUis. Ala Lewis Bsgestt 

Bogus Run, ^ark, la James M. Tucker 

Bohemia Mills, CecCL, Md John Walston 

Bohan, Mercer, Ky James Wilson 

Boiling Springs, Cumberland^ Pa. Jkdam M. Leidileh 

Boilston, Henderson, N. C Thomas R. Murrajf 

Boke's <>eek, Vhiqn, Ohio AmosS. Davis 

Bolands, Itawamba, Miss..... Joseph G. Green 

Bold Springs, McClennan, Tex John F. Dunn 

Boligee, Greene, Ala William B. Johnston 

Bolingpreen, Bdmes, Miss ..Levi Anderson 

Bolington, I/mdon, Ya Daniel Boland 

Bolivar C. H., BaUvar, Miss Isaac S. Robinson 

Bolivar, (c. h.) PbinseU, Ark... James C. Brookfield 

Bolivar^ jBoJivor, Miss John Gibson 

Bolivar, (c. h.) Polk,TAo... Leonard West 

Bolivar, AUegany, N. Y Merrill Cowle» 

Bolivar, J<ickson, Ala .....John E. Wallace 

Bolivar Tuscarawas, Ohio Henry Keefer 

Bolivar, (c. h.) Bdrdemant Tenn ... Chas. H. Dorian 

Bolivar, yrederiek, Md Joshua D. Koogle 

Bolster's Mills, Cumberland, Me .Wyatt Turner 

Bolton, Tolland, Ct Blisha K. WilUams 

Bolton, WittioMsan, III Burgess S. Young 

Bolton, Worcester, Mass ^ Joshua E. Sawyer 

Bolton, Warren, N. Y Stephen Pratt 

Bolton, Chittenden, Yt Edward W. Bates 

Bolton's Depot. Hinds, Miss Seth H.. Pond 

Boltonville, CbM, Ga J. Y.Stanback 

Boltonville, Washington, Wis .Garret Maroallua 

Bolt's Fork, Lawrence, Ky Edmund Gibson 

Bombay, Franklin, N. Y Person Rolfs 

Bon Air Springs, White, Tenn....Almarlon L. Pao|^ 

Bonaparte, Van Buren, Iowa. Jehial Gregory 

Bonaparte, Dupage, 111 Horace Dodgs 

Bon Aqua, Hidcanan^ Tenn .J. W. Hardwicks 

Bonbrook, FrankUn, Ya Stephen Showalter 

Bond's Point, Christian,VX Tbomav Simpson 

Bond's Yillage, Bampden, Mass...Nathan D. Wight 

Bondville, Bennington, Yt Chester B. Williams 

Bone Creek, mtchie, Ya. Andrew Law 

Boneta, Clark. Mo. Rosswell Schellhons 

Bone Yard, ^Aemtn^o^ Miss James M. Kirk 

Bonham, (o. h.) Fannin, Tex Harvey P. Dysv 

Bonhomme, St, Louis, Mo James A. Cummings 

Bonite, Guadalupe, Texas Henry R. Cinwfinil 

Bonn, Washington, Ohio Isaac Hill 

Bonnet Carre, St. John BajOist, La.AdoIpbe Madersr 

Bonny Doon, J^krson, Ga John W. Clark 

Bonny Eagle, (Mmberland, Me...Nathaniel H. Lans 

Bonny Hill Steuben, N. Y John S. DePos 

Bono, (c. h.) Lawrence, la James W. Prow 

Bon Pas, Michlavd, 111 William Higgins 

Bonsack's, Boandke, Ya Jacob Bonsack 

Bonus, Boone, 111 Daniel W. Wicks 

Bonwell, Edgar, 111 WlUiam M.Jones 

Boone, Boone, lU James Alexander 

Boone, Dallas, Iowa .George Knight 

Boone, FrankUn, M.6. Robert* Bay lias 

Boone, Watauga, N. C...*^ Jordan GounoUl 

Boone's Mi)l, J^anArlwi, Ya Jefferson Wads 

Booneville, Oneida, N. Y Archibald Bambsi* 

Booneville, (o. h.) Owsley, Ey Moses C. MeNew 

Boonesboro', Madison, Ky ..John Stevens 

Boonesboro', (c h.) Boone, Iowa... Samuel B. MoCall 
Boon Grove, (e. h.) Forier, Ia...Stephen R. Cbapla 

Boonhill, Johnson, N. C Willie Hastings 

Boonsborough, Washington, Ark E. W. M'Olum 

Boonsborough, Washington, Md...Samnel H. Smith 
Boon's Creek, Washington^ Tenn.....ThomasA.Faw 

Boon's Grove, Washttuiton, ,ixk. Banj. F.Reacsr 

Boon's Hill, 2^'ncoZn. Tenn. John Wood 

Boon's Lick, Howard, Mo Urban C. Cavanssi 

BoonBprijiA CUnton^ Iowa. Philo Bnnkt 




BoontDD, Mbrris, N.J B. K. ^mfsnaat 

BoonTille, (c. h.) ScoU, Ark Larkln 0. Walton 

Boonville, (c. h.) Warrick^ 1% ThoB. Hncbipeth 

Boonville, (o. h.) Cboper, Mo....: Honry M. Uark 

Boonville, Brazos, Tex William Mcintosh 

Booth, Htr^evnMr, N. Y Zacbarlah Popple 

Boothbay, Lincoln, Me Benjamin Blair 

Booth Oomer, Ddawart, Pa Thomas Booth 

Boothsville, Marion^yt^ BUas Martin 

Bordeaux, AbbemUt, S. .Joseph L. Bonchillon 

Bordentown^JSMrlin^ton, N. J Thomas Bennett 

Border Plains WibtUr, lova Sherman Hart 

Bordley, Uwum, Ky Charles B. Ross 

Borland, Newunon, Ark Elbert 0. Wade 

Borodino, Onondago, N. Y David Becker 

Boacawen, Merrimack, H. H Worcester Webster 

BoasardsrlUe, Monroe, Penn JTcsepfa A. Bossard 

Bosserman's Mills, Perry, Penn..(}eorge Markel) Jr 

Bossier Point, Bossier, La..... James H.Brown 

Bostiek's Mffls, JSichmond, N. O.....Titotam Bostiek 

Boston, Wayne, la .John Deal 

Boston, NeUon^ Ky...^ WUUam J. Carpenter 

Boston, lontL, Mich. ♦..«...»».«..«».«»«»»«. Ammon Wilson 

Boston, a Hi, SuffdCk, Mass JMwIn a Bailey 

Boston, Erie, N. Y.... James L. Drake 

Boeton, SuwmAt, Ohio.... .JoUus D. Bdson 

Boston, Tnaianuon, Tenn..... Beth Sparkman 

Boston, (c h.) Bowie, Tex Orlando L. Poole 

Boston, (Mp^per, Ya. *. Charles Smith 

Boston, Thomas, Ga. David B. Watson 

Boston, North Hampton, Pa .'.....Samuel Waller 

Boston Comer, Berkshire, Mass.Abram J.Yesbui^h 

Boat's Mills, Ottbarras, N. C Simon Bost 

Bostwlck Lake, Kent, Mich L. D. Hoag 

Botanic Hill, Nash, N. C .JohnQ* A. Drake 

Botavia, Jefferson, Iowa James M. MeClellaad 

Botetourt Springs, Roanoke, Ya Ransoh Jet^ 

BotheUe, Fiand dw Lac, Wis Nelson Phillips 

BatUe Hill, El Dorado^ Cal Samuel M. Jamison 

Bottsford, Sumpter, Ga L. B. Causey 

BonckvOle, Madison, N. Y .WilUam CooUdge 

Boulder, Linn, Iowa Jpshua Smith 

Bonlwareville, Newberry, S. C JTames Boulware 

Boundary, Jay, la Daniel Heister 

Bound Brook, Somerset, N. J Jeremiah R. Field 

Bounty Land, Pickets, S. C. Mrs. M. S. McElioy 

Bourbon, Marshall, la DanL O.Beeman 

Bourbon, OoUs, 111 WiUiam Chandler 

Bourbon, Crawford, Mo A. W. Hill 

BonrbonUm, Boone, Mo Wm. L. Wayne 

BournevUle, Rots, Ohio Daniel T. Evans 

Bontonville, Westehesitr, N. Y /. Seth Abbott 

Bovina, Warren, Miss David F. Oowan 

Bovina, Ddamare, N. T. .ThomiM M^Jtoland, Jr 

Bovine, Qibson, la Jolin Kirk 

Bow, Merrvmack, N. H. John T. Jiforflsan 

Bowdark, Qreent, Mo LowryB. Hall 

Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, Me. Enoch Rigos 

Bowdoin Centre^ Sagadahoc, Me.ChaTles W. Ridoute 

Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Me Charles P. Quint 

BowdoD, OarroU, Ga. .Edwin G. Wimble 

Bowdon, HsUadega, Ala. .John W/Baxton 

Bowen's Prairle^Jonefylowa. Unooln C. Eaton 

Bowenston, Harrison, ....Stewart Price 

Bowenville, Om-oO, Ga. ....William W. Moore 

Bower, Clearfield, Pa . .George W. Elder 

Bower Bank, Piscaiaquis, Me w...H. G. 0. Cass 

Bower Hill, Wstihington, Pa. John Bowen 

Bowers, SoidhanMton,yfak William Lanklbtd 

Bower's Mills, Lanorence, Mo B. W. Richardson 

Bowerstoo, Harrison, O Steward Price 

Bowersville, ^ankUn, Oa. Job Bowans 

Bowersville, Cfreene, Ohio......Hercbnleas T. Sutton 

Bowlesville, Ituoaststa, Ya. Natkaa H. Payne 

Bowling Green, (c. h.) 0ay, Ia.Clintn M. Thompson 

Bowling, QTtamtMMetHe, 111 J. A. MKAanahAh 

Bowling Green, (c h.) Warren, Ky... JaMes T. Don- 

BoitUng Green^ POee, Mo John J. Mltobell 

Bowling Grsen, Wood, Ohio, Levi C. Lock 

Bowling Green, OkrdUne, Ya.......Robert S. Wright 

Bowling Green, Stewart, Tenn;...Nathan T. Allmon 

BowlingsvUla, lMon,&,C. WilUs Allen 

Bowman, MarshaO, Ya YlnoeBt P. Qorl^ 

Bowman's Greek, Jfyaming, P»......Abr«haiD IrMr 


Bowman's Mills, Rodeiitffham, Ya...Wm. W. Llttell 

Bowmansvllle, JStm, N.Y Eli H. Bowman 

Bowmansville, Laneoiter, Pa* Samuel Bowman 

Bowne, Kent,M.i6h Justus G. Beach 

Bowshersville, Vfyandotl, Ohio Albert Mears 

Boxboro^, Middlesex. Mass N. H. Talbot 

Box Creek, Cherokee, Tex.. John A. Box 

Box Elder, Wiber. Utah Ter. Salmon Warner 

Boxlbrd, Essex, Mass ElishaG. Bunker 

Boxford, DeKaJb, Mo... Daniel Y.Ellis 

Boiiey, HamtUon, la. Phineas G. Pearson 

Box Spring, Itilbot, Geo Hesekiah D. Williams 

Boxville, Montgomery, Ga. William D. Wall 

Boyd's Creek, Sevier, Tenn Thomas 0. Brabson 

Boyd's Ferry, Pitt, N. C W. I. Lau^inghouse 

Boyd's MiUs, Quhocton, Adam Gardner 

Bead's Station, Harrison, Ky Thomas Boyd 

Boyd's Tavern, AlbermaHe, Ya. A. J. Shepherd 

Boydston's MUls, KosoiuOco, la... Abraham Deardoff 

Boydsville, ll%afee^, Tenn.. Edward R.Codk 

Boydton. ifedUen&uf^A, Ya....CharlenR. Edmonron 

Boydton, York, S. C Andrew J. MoGill 

Bt^er's Settlement, Buchanan, Mo Henry Boyer 

Bojrerstown, Berks, Pa Daniel B. Boyer 

Beykin's Depot, SotOh Hampton, Ya..John C. Sykes 

Boylmr's MEH, Benton, Mo Herman Frfsok 

Boytston, (hwego, N. Y Asartah Wart 

Boylston, JVbrcester,'M»M Eli B. Lamson 

Boyleton Centre^ Worcester, Mass Henry White 

Bosrah, New London, Conn William Fitch 

Bosrahvllle, iYeto London, ConnUlames M. Peckham 

BraoeviUe, J^^umbuO, Ohio Franklin B. Stawe 

BracevfUe, Orundy, HL. Nicholas Cotton 

Braokenvllle, MOan, Tex. L. H. Bollnger 

BraAmey, Susquehannah, Pa. John W. Brackney 

BraddM^'s Field, AOef^uiny, Pa Heniy Bailey 

BradenvUle, Westmordand, Pa... William S. Braden 

Bradfbrd, (^lickasaw, Iowa. E. A. Haskell 

Bradford, Harriton, la....,.^. Ulrich H. Hon 

Bradlbrd, Steuben, N. Y Edgar Munson 

Bradibrd, Pmobseot, Me Thomas R. Kingsbury 

Bradford, Essex, Mass William Tenney 

Bradford, Merrimack, N. H John W. Morse 

Bradford, Orange, Yt Moody Colby 

Bradlbrd, Coosa, Ala... Gideon Stringer 

Bradford, Starke, HI Alfred Foster 

Bradford, McKean, Pa Jkbraham K. Johnson 

Bradford Centre, Orange, Yt John L. Rogops 

Bradford Springe, Sumter, 8. Wm. J. Reynolds 

Bradfordsville, Marion, Ky Augustus Rydmr 

Bradtoy, JiKsfeson, HI Daniel Snider 

Bradley, AUsgan^ Mich. Esra Whitney 

Bradl^r^W*) Sumter, S. Matthew E. Muldrow * 

Bradsfaaw, Gil)u, Tenn William F. Simpson 

Bfifiy) Kalamazoo, Mich. Thomas B. Finlay 

Brady's Bend, Armstrong, Penna..Chas. B. Gillespie 

Brady's liill, AUeghany, Md Samuel D. Brady 

Bradjrvflle, Adams^ Ohio., Samuel Hamer 

Bradyville, Cbumon, Tenn David Patton 

Bragj's, Lowndes, Ala Robert D. Twombley 

Braggvillo, MiddOisex, Msm Dennis Hartsbom 

Bratnard's Bridge, Rensselaer, N. Y...Beth Hastings 

Braintree, NoifoUe, Mass E. F. £. Thayer 

Braintree, Orange, Yt Silas Chadwlek 

Braintrem, Wyoming, Pa James B. Sturdevatft 

Bnunah's Comers, Schenectady, N. Y.....John Ladd 

Branch, ifiM^ftModc, WisL William R. Wllklns 

Branchy <c h.) Branch, Mich Oris F. Davfs 

Branch Creek, Huntingdon, Jnd Horace Miner 

Branch Dalo, SdutyOeOl, Penn Abraham Sk«lton 

Branch's Store, Bi^Mn, N. C James G. Branch 

Branch HOI, Oermmt, Ohio Jonathan Hildreth 

Braneh Island, Pickens, 8. C .Joseph Young 

Branch JuncOoa^ Wistmordand, Pa..Wm. DonncOT 

Braneh Por^ Yates, N. Y., WUliam S. Booth 

BrandivUla. St. Clair, AJa. DavM Forman 

BnmcfavlUe,' Snssex, N. J Peter G. Qrsbomo 

BMudbviUe, Oranoeburgh, S. C J. L. Rhoad 

BfmnehvUle, SmUhampUM, Ya...WllUam A. Jqynor 

Brandaubvtgh, (clU Mud, Kv B.O. Brown 

Brandon. Rankin, Miss Walter W. Montague 

Brandon^ Knox, Ohio....*....... Washington HUdreih 

Brandon, Oakkind, Mich ;Andrew B. Travis 

BMndon, ieueiaMci, y t Bdwanl Jackson 

Bnmdon, .Buohanan, Iowa.*...»8amiiel P»>BMoaiiGl 


_ _ _ uch, PriHet OUrat, TkJunnV. Ldc 

BrudonilU<.ftuCin, V* JindB. Higan 

BhuI'i IronWorki, mMii0m, R. I. L. A. Pmlmor 

Bnndt, Muati, Okto .Oainn W. BImt"'— 

Bnodr Station, <%tenr, Tl ^bgit A. 

Brudjwla*, Printt Aargift, Hd. mulun H. K»lj 

Bnsdjwisa, iSKtttv, U. .WIUlu Dlinon 

Bmdf *l» tUnoT, (AoCir, F*...Vid. W. HcOIbi* 
Bmndjwin* SprlDgi, JVw CtaUbvlM—JuobFDalk 

1*. Jliir™„K7.. 


on, Tt. PeDbrokaB. 

ih WilMc 

dtIb, (c h.) AMiitrfri, Xax ChulMWIIki 

oa Sutinjo, Oaunm, Tu. i""- Uimh 

Edmaod BnUlud 

Br«enQrt, CTmr 
Br^nlgiTUI*, £< 

...Lemu^ J. Pattmou 

D, VbAteitbbraA, Kj 

..Xanjunlii r. Arnold 

, jmtiM, Ohio _ 

BnoNK, A uufi^Uo. - .Qiutki 

Bnm«M, McLwiij'Xj 3«i]. F. 

KaBhui, (o. h.) IfbtkAutsn, Tn.-Jtolm Q, 

BnBmrtU*, iV«Me "■■'- 

Btratami^ fWBs 




iTDle, /enniiwftl*- Jdo. W. RmuUi 

nD, Onondniw, N. T ^ohn L. Bterau 

«. Anrmi. B. 0....; .^....Wylr Hucff 

" Bcewrtw, Smut 


Bnwitar'i SUtl^AilBam, N. Y._L. B. Da lonait 
Brtok Cbnwb, Wfat, Teim... John P. W. D. 0«rtaa 

BrfdcHTUl*, tonoufar, F«^ Jacob HiU«r 

BrlAlud, JJUH^bargh, Ta..._AtnM W. Hanhall 

BiloUv.ViHftfm, Wm. — Bnooh N. Bamiar 

Briok KaaUnx Hmm, CMI, Md. ~' ' 

BrIcA Sgho^BoDH, ibdAsn, A 
BHuk aton, Niwun, 0* 

L....Wm. B. HoDft 

— flVfL Yonu 
DH H. SBttIn 
I. M. Joluuoa 

flobidai W«t 
.B. I. Wmv 

SrldfaWn, ite-I:, la.....^.. 
BtUgBton, CWmtirlanil, H 

...mUlaffl J. H ^dm 

....John Graham 

BrMinratn, Jlymc 

BrMnvatw, imUaMi, Ohla JaUab W. BUk . 

Bildcnato, Araalocli, Ma .Chailu Klddar 

BrUgniatB, AMU Pa Stub 8. 8nbi 

BrUgavatar, BaiiOigham, Ta ^oha Mnkal, jr. 

Blidnwatar, Bmit, H. C Hanr; P. Lln^ 

BMitOnA, en^iim.'Vt. „JobiiK. Ballard 


uftoR, Uleh... 

,,.Abiwr B. Wblpela 
.^.Hanrr B. Oraiidal 

Harmon Orins 

-Joaiab Lartogiia 

. Hatha V H. Rob«t»B 

Har, HajOnnt, Tn. .WlUlam O. Walh 

rllla, Jtarlbmiiffli, 3. a.... John W. Stnbba 

d, iWio-IU. Oottii Oadi 

i, £iMpd«, "— "-"— ' »->■■ 


r. O...Lawm>M H. Brio^ 


BrinUaTTllla, EaKftai, N. 

BrlntoB, CAamx^B, Ohk 

Irlna Bun, HaniL Ta...., 

vliMrabusli, Ibaniier, Ta_ Joaph D. Tnlloa^ 

iilitol, So^Ard, CSoin. ^Oao B. Wtcihall 

...Xanjamln Uofltt 

BiMdU Ornflim, H. H.... 

....Oasar F. Vowlar 

BdaM, Jfcwn, Ohli 

Briitol, A>aK>..... 


...Vrlibaa J. JaikaeD 

■an, tmn...^ Jaanh B. Andamu 

S OoMrfg, N. £ .UaaRa Oondliic 

n, Piina )niKaa,Va_J. B. KiBebaAM 

. B, AMdoO, QL. Kaobao Hnnt 

BrMoMlla, Bam, Ukb^ .WOIlam P. BiMd 

BrlatalTlDc lyiaiihdl, 0U> .Jacob HaanMmd 

BdUoil NaA, Marim, B. O...G«irRaW.Woodbun 

BriztalB, .«lHaiiMii,Ta..... .WUUam Janki 


Bna4.Aia,JMv™<n'>Pa. John Cadwaladar 

'■— Bniic,atrtf^Oaia UUin Hnbbaid 

OiaA, «wn .imc, lU~ff. W. K. Ooodbaod 

Ibrd, at^tk,Yt. John Bobarta 

haadrUlly Mmnt, Pa-.Ghukl D. BtMdbaad 
Mopntela. aehuyOcia, Pa._....Joaeph Folnl 




Biocd Ripple, Marian, la Junes H. Turner 

Broad Rtyer, Bfbert, Ga. Jasper Khinebrew 

Broad Rock Miilg, Brtywn, Ia„ Fountain Miller 

Broad Run, London, Ta. ^ohn Jones 

Rroad Run Station, Ftrnquier, ya...QeaB. Cochran 

Broad Top, Huntinffdon, Pa Jeeee Cook 

Broadway, Wirren,N.J, William Warman 

Broadway, Newberry, S. G Thomas F. Anderson 

Broadway Depot, £ocHf^ftam,ya...JohnQ. Winfield 

Broadwell, Harrison, Ey A. J. Beale 

Brock, 2>arJlce, Ohio George B. Medford 

fooekett's Bridge, HerTcifner, N. Y....A. Lamberson 

Brockport, Monroe, N. Y Samnel M. Olden 

Brock's Oap, Rodhingham, Ya... Samuel Cootes 

Brocktown, jPOrc, Ark John Davis 

Brockyille, Clauckamas, Or.....^ Daniel Broek 

Brocksyille, EUm, Tex, Joshua W. Brock 

BrodEway, St. Chair, Mich ; James Bcyoe 

IteookwayTille, Jetton, Pa Asaph M. Clarke 

Brodie's Landing, Decatur, Tenn C. S. Brodie 

Broken Arrow, S^ Clair, Ala...»J^anci8 B. Wi^er 
Broken Sword, Orawjbrd, Ohio.....WllIiam Wingart < 

^onson, Huron, Ohio Tsaac Sanford 

Btonson's Prairie, BroMch, Midi J^alia A. Carr 

BronzTlUe, Westchetter, N. Y .L. 0. Underhill 

Brook, Jaxptr, la... Samuel H. Benjamin 

Brookdale, SiJtsqmkmnah, Pa William Monfort 

Brookdale, McHenry, III John SfcMahan 

Bvookfleld, Ibirfidd, Oonn Homer Lake 

Brookfield, Worcester, Mass ......Francis Howe 

Brookfleld, OarroU, N. H Daniel Wiggln 

Brookfield, Clinton, Iowa Stephen Lockwood 

Brookfield, Maduian, N. Y ^.Benjamin Gorton 

Brookfield, TnmbuU, Ohio .' Ira Hart 

Brookfield, SPtaga, Pa. George W. Northrop 

Brookfield, Orange, Vt Benjamin F. Abbott 

Brookfield, Wauhesha,W\B, William Gillet 

Brookfield Centre, Wmikegha, Wi8...Hiram Shower- 

Brookhayen, Latorenee, Miss. A. 0. Cox 

Brooklandyille, Baltimore, Md Joshua K. Fuller 

Brooklin, Haneodc, Me Calyin K. Higgins 

BrookUne, Madiiton, G%.. Samnel Eberhart 

Brookline, Norfolk, Mass Alexander H. CU^p 

BrookUne, Jackson, La JMwson W. Kennedy 

BrookUne, Hillsborough, N. H...Sumner S. Kendall 

Brookline, Windham, \t Bursillar Stickney 

Brooklyn, Oonecuh, Ala Julius G. Robinron 

Brooklyn, OampbeU, Ky Sarah Collins 

Brooklyn, (c. h.) Windham^ Conn Beqjsmin E. 


Brooklyn, Schui/ler, 111 CM. Leaoh 

Brooklyn, Noxubee, Miss .James S. Slaughter 

Brooklyn, Jackson, Mich George P. Cook 

Brooklyn, (o. h.) Kings, N. Y...Danl6l Van Voorhls 

Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, Ohio .Gurdin WoodmlT 

Brooklyn, Stuqudiannah, Pa SaUey Bfl^ley 

Brooklyn, HdUfax, Ya WIlUamEasly 

Brooklyn, Grem, Wls....« Ebinetus Collier 

Brodc Neal, OampbeU, Va Samuel S. Whitlow 

Brooks, Waldo, Me Andraw D. Beao 

Brooks' Groye, Lhingston, N. Y Nelson La Rue 

Brooke Tan Yard, Mouxm, Tenn John R. Brooks 

Brookston, White, Ind John Holloway 

BMX^sville, Addison, Yt Hiram Rider 

BrooksyOle, SUnmt, Ala Mahlon Scott 

Brooksyille, Randolph, Ga .William J. Whaley 

BrooksyiUe, Hancock, Me. .John Walker 

Brookyille, St. Croix, Wis Wm. W. Holman 

BrookyOle, OgU, 111 Jeremiah GelUnger 

Brookyille, (c h.) fYanJdin, la. C. B. Bentley 

Brookyille, (c. h.) Bradem, Ey William M.Dora 

Brookyille, Montgomery, Md...Zacfaariah D. Waters 

Brookyille, Noxubee, Miss Hugh H. Moore 

Brookyille, Marion, Mo Thomas F. Probtseo 

Bro<Ayflle, GranoiUe, N. C Samud H. Cannaday 

Brookyille, Oenesee, N. Y Lucius Famham 

BrookyiUe, J^ffers&n, Pa E. L. Blood 

Brookyille, J^&san, Iowa... John W. LaJbree 

Broome Centre, SdhokariA, N. Y....William M. Rogg 

Broom HiU, Clark, la JohnT.Littell 

Broomsbnrg, l^ngkaan, Dl Samael Broom ' 

BfOtherton, il»n« ArumdA, Md..N. B. WorthlngtoA 

Brotamanyille, Warrtn, N. J. Charles Walker 

grower, Serictf Pa...«»»». ««..... w».«.. BId i > j r d H. Jonss 

Brower's BliUs, Bandolph, N. C Al&ed Broww 

Bh>wnfield, Oatford, Me...; .Jesse P. Sweat 

Brownhelm, Lorain, Ohio. Samnel B. Curtis 

Browning, Schuylar, lU Thomas J. Kinney 

Browning's Ferry, Henry, Mo... Jaoob A. Browninf 

BrowBing^iUe, Bradcen, Kj. Abner Holton 

BrownlngtOD, BuUer, Pa R. Duncaster 

Brownington, Orleans, Yt William S. Addison 

Browns, Mirfidd, S. C John R. Kennedy 

Browns, Cass, Mich — ^ Clark RoUson 

Brownsboro, Haaderson, Texas Dayid M. W^r 

Brownsborough, Oldham, Ky... Robert Mason 

Brownsburgh, Hendricks, Ia...BenJamin M. Logaa 

Brownsburgh, .Bucfc«, Pa Stacy Brown 

Brownsburgh, Rockbridge, Ya... James W. Gilkeson 

Brown's Corner, Kennebeck, Me .George Shaw 

Brown's Comers, Wood, .Justus Stemes 

Brown's Core, Albemarle, Va.....Wmiam W. Brown 

Brownsdale, BuUer, Pa Dayid DoutheU, jr 

Brown's Fork, Greene, Pa William C. Leonard 

Brown's Oroye, Ohio^lLj John G. Brown 

Brown's Mills, Washington, Ohio..Thomas Bracken- 
Brown's Mills, BurKngUm, N. J... .Benjamin Taylor 

Brown's Storo, Warreui Ohio D. H. Maleham 

Brownstown, Senier, Ark....Burton H. Kinsworthy 

Brownstown, (^h.) Jackson, la. ...Mary Dunbar 

Brownstown, Wixyn^ Mich...Alexander M. Aigeno 

Brown's VaUey, Montgomery, la Robert Carson 

BrownsylUe, TaOadega, Ala Reese B. AUen 

Brownsyflle, iTwton, la Henry Rider 

BrownsyiUe, Sdmonson, Ky Benjamin Hatcher 

Brownsyille, (c. h.) Otmeron, Texa8....F. Curomings 
BrownsviUe, PiKoUiquis, Me....William W. Willard 

BrownsviUe, Washington, JAA. J^ohn Brown, jr 

BrownsyiUe, Hinds, Miss Andrew J. Perry 

BrownsyiUe, SaHnei Mo .Thomas Fanell 

BrownsviUe, Qranville, N. C Mary C. Griflln 

BrownsyiUOf Licking,(M.o J. F. Bane 

BrownsyiUe, Fayette, Pa Isaac Bailey 

Brownsyille, Marlborough, S. C... Simeon Emanuel 
BrownsyiUe, Haywood, Tenn...WilUam McCormiek 

BrownsyiUe, Windsor, Yt Samuel Parker 

BrownsyUle, Cass, Midi Jonathan C. Robinson 

BrownsyiUe, Ibniey, Nebr Richard Brown 

BrownsyiUe, Prairie, Jtrk ...John Wright 

BrownsyiUe, Houston, Minn Charles Brown 

Browntown, Bra4fonl, Pa George M. Black 

BrownyiUe, J^erson, N. Y George Brown 

Broxton's Bridge, Oaileton, S. C A. B. Yam 

Broylesyme, Washington, Tenn A. A. Broyle 

Brace, McDomugh, HI JohnS. WOson 

^o«^"^ ^«» Ala. '. JoelH. Rainer 

Brace's Lake, FuUon, Ind BenneyiUe Stamm 

Braeeton Mills, n-eston, Ya J^ohn H. Hoffinaa 

Braeetown, Frederick, Ya WUliam Timberlake 

S!!?*lJJJ*' ^a^U^t;:. John McCord 

Braoeyjle, ^arnrf^ Md George Mering 

g[»f ▼^«» ^ ^^ v-Joel ft. Rainer 

5»«in, ^«^> Ky .....Samuel Mobley 

Broin,^Mtfen Pa j. p. wick 

Brnlngton, £mg <£ ijueen, Ya JohnBlane 

Bruin's Cross Roads, J^ke, la Wm. O. Phfllips 

Bruly landing, WL Baton Rouge, La T. Bourg 

^umfleMyille, Arias, P* Z. Henry Yorgy 

Brummtls, Davidson, N. C John Hinds 

Brunenbnigh, D^nee, Ohio ....George Moss 

Branerstown, Putnam, la JTohn Merryweather 

Brnnner, &6<w«an, Ark... David L. CormaA 

Brunswkdc, (e. h.) Glynn, Ga...Alexander Scranton 

^nswiok, Ftoria, HI WiUiam Fahnestock 

orans^ck, Ckmtberland, Me Robert P. Dunlap 

^"^!^ Oftartow, Mo *....Willis H. Plunkeli 

Brans^ck, Medina, Ohio Morris GoodseU 

Branswii^, JEkMsr, Yt Chauncey H. Fitts 

^??!!?^ Landing, Jssaquina, Miss A. M. Gnin 

Brash Creek, XocZede, Mo .James Hugh Hart 

Brash Cre^ Randolph, N. C Thomas Brooks 

Jtoosh Oreek, Perry, Ala M. D. Cannon 

BniA Creek, Beaver, Pa ..Robert Porter 

2*™^9^^^> ^««^»»- J«"n«8 M. Kerby 

Brash HUl, Du Page, HI B. FnUer 

firaShland, Deknoare, N. Y Edward MoEensle 

Brash Beint, DeXalb, HI Harrison Maekey 

BraABiui, mOdngUn,^ .JaaetClaA 




Brash's Mills, FrankliTi, N. Y Heary N. Brush 

Broth YaUay, Indiana, Pa Mattfa««r WUson, Jr 

Brush Yalley, Bienville^ La. James £. Cook 

Briishyille, Queens, N. Y Henry W. Rowland 

Bmshy Greek, Anderson, S. C William D. SItton 

Bmsby Fork, Ooles, m.„.^ Benjamin Maddox 

BruRby Fork, Scito, Ohio George W. Swaiita 

Brushy Prairie, La Orange, Ia.ljeoiiard Appleman 

Bfuynswick, Ulgter, N.Y John Lang 

Bryan, Saline,Mo Isaae Neff 

Bryab, (c. h.) WmiavM, Ohio George W. WsAt 

Bryan, Kaneas Tar M. E. Bryan 

Bryansburgh, Jtffanwi, la. Jamea W. Ohapman 

Bryan's Store, Moore, N. C ....S. 8. MolTer 

BryansYille, York, Pa Barnes Y. Bryan 

Bryantown, CAar2e<,Md ^ Rlehard M. li^yer 

Bryant's Creek, Monroe, la. .Charles G. Qunr 

Bryant's Pond, Oxford, He Rufas K.Dunham 

Bryant's Station, Milam, Tex Jordan P. Arnold 

Bryant's Swamp, Bladen, N. C Robert Tait 

BryantsTille, Laiorence, la :Chartes G. Back 

BryantsTille, Oarrard, Ey frames M. Phillips 

Buchanan, BaUimore, Md Thomas King 

Buchanan, JUe0?um!f, Pa Daniel Bei^ 

Boohanan, Berrien, Mich .Thomas L. Rolis 

Buck, Lancaster, Pa Robert MarofatMok 

Bock Branch, Barbour, Ala George R. Seroggtns 

Buck Creek, iSbn'ven, Ga.. .George H. Maner 

Buck Creek, Oreene, la. ...Aaron Hagaman 

Buck Creek, S^rianburff, S. C P. W. Head 

Buck Creek, LasaUe, 111 Nathan Woolsey 

Buck Eye, Laurens, Ga, Nathan Tucked 

Buck Eye, Cfarrard, Ky .James H. Letcher, jr 

BodL Eye, Putnam, Ohio F. S. Godfrey 

Buck Eye, Yolo, Cal Jf. M. Charles 

Buck Eye Cottage, Perry, Oh!o....lBaao M. Hatcher 

Buckeye Furnace, Jocfcilon, Ohio A. Sou!e,jr 

Buckeye Run, Doddridge, Ya. Mark Ihiiris 

Budceyestown, Drederick, Md Grafton Dn-rall 

Buekfleld, Oxford, Me George Thomas 

Buckhannon, Vpshwr, Ya Thomas A. Janney 

Bnckhead, Fairfidd, S. C John Q. Amett 

Buck Head, ifor^^an, 'Ga. Jesse W. Jackson 

Bnckhead Causey, CUZeton, 8. C.Reuben Stephens 

Buck Hill, De KaJO), la Harris Boofre 

Bock Hill, Yaiabuslia, Miss.. J. B. Porter 

Buck Hollow, FrankUn, Yt Noble H. Buck 

Buck Horn, Brown, 111 William Frank 

Buck Horn, Independence, Ark... Aixrtjstead Younger 

Buck Horn, Ohio, Ky HeHryMcSheary 

Buck Horn, Pike, Ala JV. 8. Clary 

Buckhorn, Winston, Miss William Kirk 

Buokhom, BienviUe, La. J^ames D. Mines 

Buckhorn, Ooiumina, Pa M. G. Shoemaker 

Boidkingbam, Bucks, Pa .Jamee 0. Iden 

Bnokingham C. H., BuckingJutm, Ya... Robert Shaw 
Buckingham Mine, Buckingham, Ya..C9ia8. G. H«sse 

Bndkland, QaJUs, N. C Samuel E. Smhh 

Bnckland, FrarUdin, Mass Samuel Townnley 

Bnekland, Prince TFtQiam, Ya John 6. l^rone 

Buckland, Hartford, Conn Wlllism Jones 

Buckleys, Jasper, Miss. Joseph B. Buckley 

Baokner, SajoraimentOy.Q9l„ .James Buekner 

Buck Point, Joofcwm, Tenn Edward M. Casen 

Buckram, Queens, N. Y Lot Cornelius 

Bucks, Ooluminana, Ohio Isaac Miller 

Bucks Bridge, SU LoMfenoe, N. Y WlUiiim H. 


Buckskin, CKJSson, la Jaebb Skelton 

Bueksport, Hanoodc, Me Hosea Oreutt 

Buoksport Centre, Ebmcock, Me Nehemiah Cole 

Buckstowu, Somerset, Pa Walter Ohalfhnt 

Bucksrllle, Bwks, Pa .John H. Buck 

BucksTiUe, Harry, 8. Henry H. Wright 

Bockton, Warren, Ya John R. Jenkins 

Back Tooth, OaUuraMatu, N. Y Johxi Boardman 

Bneyrus, (o. h.) Oravoford, Ohio... Alexander A. Rubl 

Bnel, Montgom/ary, N. Y .Oonrad J. Hinne 

Buena Yista, OarroU, Tenn...Robert P. McCradcen 

Bnena Yista, Du^n, N. C. .John Swiason 

Bnena Yista, Jesfferson, la.^...... Nicholas MatarlUe 

Bnena Yista, Washita, Ark. Frauds M; Crotb 

Bnena Yista, Harrison, Ky , Robert Smith 

Bnena Yista, Ifonroe, Ala....^« w...jr. W. PiMrrin 

Boina Yiata^ StejuAenjoii) QL..^.... Janei'lt flmWh 

Bnena Yista, PlaUe, Mo John S. Dnncatt 

Buena Ylsta^ Onckasaw, Miss. Uriah 8. WHUadul 

Buena Yista, CKntan, Iowa. 1^ William SootI 

Buena Yista, Shdby, Texas Robert L. Pt^ker 

Buena Yista, QreenviOe, S.C WUliaxs F. Lestnr 

Buena Yista, Marion, Ga Heaekiah K. Lamb 

Buenn Yiiita, ^aearatoas, Ohio..... Aaron Keini 

Bnena Yista, Bortagt, Wis Orfeno 'ReaTei 

Bnena Yista, ABeghany, Pa James M. Rowaa 

Bn^aa Yista, Prince Georges, Md....Wm. T. DuTall 
Bnena Yista Furnace, Rockbridge, Ya...8. F. Jovdaa 

Buena Yista Springs, Logan, Ky Dudley Jeffriet 

BnllUo, WadiUa, Ark .Janes A. Norrlf 

Buffalo, DaOas, Mo John H. Pain« 

BnflUo^ (c. h.) .^^N.Y .James G. Dickl* 

BnflUo, Ouemsey, O^io 8. P. Dennison 

Buffalo, mukington. Pa. John H. Smitii 

Buffalo, Putnam,ytk LewlR H. McCoy 

Bttffiilo, White, la Jonathan W. SlnytMF 

Buffalo, Henderson, Texas A. M. Cobb 

Bufltao, Humphreys, Tenn WilUam Hill 

Buffalo, Moare, N. C Wesley Mclv«r 

Buffalo, WUkinson, Miss Hansford lAnehart 

Bnffklo City, Marion, Ark Edmund B. TunstlH 

Buffalo Creek, OamphtXL, !DBnn Joshua Dunoaitt 

Buffalo Creek, Bodibridge, Ya .John F. Wilson 

Buffalo Cross Roiuls, IMon, Pa.... James MoCreigfat 

BuffaloFord, Wythe, Ya John Crockett 

BufllELlo Ford, ^andofpft, N. John Pope 

Bufilslo Grove, Ogle, 111 G. D. Reed 

Buffalo Grove, Buchanan, Iowa A. Richardson 

Buffslo Paper Mill, CleoeUmd, N. C L. Gardner 

Buffialo Plains, Erie, N. Y ^Toseph B. Scott 

Buffalo Pond, Washington^ Ya William J. Lodi» 

BnflUo Prairie, Bock IsUmdy Dl...Flavel I. Whitney 
BufiUo Ridge, Washington, Tenn.£dward S. Shipley 

Buffalo Rnn, Gentre, Pa Christian HartsooK 

Buffalo Sprinn, AansherO, Ya »P. Richardson 

Bufbrd, OAio, Ky Samuel K. Bell 

Bufbrd, Highland, Ohio. William Scott 

Bufords, Be^ord, Ya C. H. Kent 

Bttlbrd's Bridge, Bamweli, S. C.-Mnrtin H. Rhodes 

Buggabo, WiUces, N. C Obadiah Sprinkle 

Bug Swamp, Horry, 8. C... Thomas Sesai<me 

Bulah, H<moock,Q^ George Boyer 

Bulah, OM&N» Tenn Daniel Glen 

Bnlger's BUUs, Ooosa, Ala Leroy M. Partcer 

BuUbonns' Grove, £iznlcaAee, 111 Peter Mukants 

Bull Greek, Wood, Ya William McKinney 

Bullitevllle, Boone, Ky Absalom Graves 

Bullock Creek, York, S. C John G. Davidson 

Bull Rnn, Grainger, Tenn John F. Hnddleston 

Bull's Gap, Hawkins, Tenn..... ..Anthony B. Keeler 

BuU'8 Head, Dutchess, N. Y Frederick B. Shultfe 

Bull Swamp, Orangeburgh, 8. C.-William Knotts 

Bulltown, AvuBftm, Ya .James M.Benrw 

BnUvlUe, Orange, N. Y William W. Wnllaee 

,Buneomb, Btntotoc, Miss.. A. J. Miller 

Buncombe, i>uftt<9ue, Iowa Israel S. Bigeknr 

Bundyeburgh, Geavga, Ohio I. W. Mooce 

Bunger's Mill, Greenbrier, Ya....«Wallace Robineon 
Bunker Hill, Macoupin, IU...Philander C. Huggins 

Bunker Hill, Ingham,W\f:h Almon Oeaier 

Buixker Hill, BuckSyPsi. Henry Ochs 

Bunker Hill, Bedford, Ya Geozige W. Sanden 

Bunker HiU, Butler, Ohio William R. Piereon 

Bunker Hill, Smith, Miss B. D. Anderson 

Bunker's Hill, Giles, Tenn TheopbUns Harris 

Bunker's HiU, Oaiawba,li.C Burrell C. Allen 

Banker's fiUi, Grant, Wis H. J. Lord 

Bunn'i Bluff, Oron^, Tex .Joseph Bnnn 

Bnras Settlement, Plagveminea, La...FrederiGk G. 


Burbank, mtyne, Ohio..... John G. Hower 

Bnrbols^ JVanftttia, Mo James Johnson 

Burdett, SOMyler, N. Y^t Herman H. IngereoU 

Bureau Junioti<ln, Bureau, 111... William M. Shields 
Bnrgaw Depot, New Hanovet, N. C...John N. Bowden 

Borgeis, C&Mom, Iowa John C. Boman 

Boijless' Store, Northumberland, Ya-^Ethelberi B. 


Bnrgettstown, Washxngten, Pa Jesse Spencer 

Burgh H11V TVuirtbttB^ Ohio. Richard Hays 

-Butk, Benten, Iowa. „ Lewis W. Biyeon 

MvA% ^nmtiils N. Y .Giles W. Smith 




Bivke, QOedomctt Tt..... M. ^. NawoO 

Burke, i>an«, Wi; «.,..AdAm Smkli 

Burke's Garden, JiiM»dl, Vft...8IUMUfteh Heninger 

Burke'A Mills, Avffi^ti, V». Gideon Gftrbeir 

Burke's Station, ihirfaxy Ta. Jeoaa Hinds 

BurkesviUe* (o. h.) CwaibeirUmiy Ky. Jtf . li. Alexander 

BurkeYlUe, <c. h.) iVetcton, lexna John A. Hall 

BurkittsTiUe, Frederick,!^^ ^.Ecra WilUard 

BurkittsTille, AUaUiy Miss B. F. Goake 

Bujrkstown, Baltimore^ Md Bominiflk J. Boctfk 

Buvksvjlle, NcUoway^ Ya Jftobert B. Lee 

Burleson, Franklmy Ala Adolpbiu A. Httgbea 

Burlingham, Sudiivany N. T Amml Abbott 

Burlingbam, MxegSy Ohio «....»....Job PblUips 

Burlington, Hartfwd, Oonn~ Borneo Elton 

Burlington, Kmti lU ..John W. IfiUithorp 

Burlington, OaxroUyjA,.., .James M. l^ant 

Burlington, Dts MomeSy Iowa .^JaoMs Tisaaxd 

Burlington, (e. h.) Boone, Kj 4BeEg. f . Mazfisld 

Burlington, PenohscUt Ma ~. AmiziLibhay 

Burlington) Oodkotm, Mi(A..~ Jo»pb & Perry 

Burlington, Middle9ex, MAsa..,....-.......'SilBfl€uikv 

Burlington, BurUngtotuti. J.,.^BBxay BoUenback 

BurlingtoQ, 045^o, N. T JFohn Gnahman 

Burlington, (c. h. > Xovireafie, Qhio.....OamiU«s Hall 

BaxUngton,.J?r(icOfor(;^, Pa JOenry Voaburgta 

Burlington, Chittendeny yt... J)ouglaiS A. Ban&rth 

Burlington, itooae. Wis ..Orson Sheldon 

Burlington, Jaampshire, ^a Samuel S. Wilson 

Burlington, f latts, OtseffOy N. T. A. E^AxasM 

Burner's White Sulphur Springs, JShenandaahy Va. 

^oah J. Burner 

B«Mmer8TUl0, BarbouTy Ya JSIorgan H. Burner 

Burnet, (a b.) Bwmety Taxaa... — Lo^ui YaadeTeer 

Burnett, Doc^ty Wis ~ Xyman Smith 

Burnett's Cre^, WMUy la William 8. Bayls 

Bumbam YUlage, WiMoy Me .JOias MilUkeu. 

Burning Spring, Wirty Ya. .<John Y. Satbbooe 

Burning ^ring, Floydy Ky -...BUjabPatciek 

Burns, La O-ofse^. Wis........ lAthxop A. Yieta 

Burns, AUegansfy N. Y...... Philander S. Jones 

Bfirns, ShiawMsefi, Mich John I. GayloAi 

Burns, Hmry, HI „ .James £.Ganon 

Bwms' Corners, if(»Tcn{;,.Ohio J)aniel Bums 

Bjomside, deeurfiddy^A Jlames MeMurray 

Burnsville, (c. h.) YoMcej/y N. G...... Jesse M. Broyles 

BurnsviUe, McBonoughylH Jiibenezer Bishop 

BurnsviUe, Bar&wJamewy la.... James H. MoMiUan 

Burnsville, BaUaSy Ala .Warren B. Andrews 

Burnt Gabins, FuHtony Pa Jamison Kelly 

Burnt Gorn, Monrocy Ala .T. >H. Maiden 

Burnt imMt^JSaratoffo, N. Y ..Samuel B. Edwards 

Bojnt Ordinary, Janus CSiy, Ya... JUchard J*. Gate- 


Burnt Prairie, White, HI Jehiel H. Beeves 

Bnrnt Stand, OarrdU, Ga .....Robert A. Beid 

Bia^triUa, BnmswicJc, Ya .Wm. M. H. Johnson 

Bur Onk, Mercery Mo J. M. Saliee 

Burrag^Tille, Warouiary Mas0...GharIes W. Burrage 

BurrillTille, ProwUmey R. I JDaniel S. Mowry 

Bai;ritt, Wirm^Mji^ HI Joseph Manchester 

Burr Oak, Wmneslvicky Iowa ..Samuel S. Bdden 

Bi^rr Oak, La OoMe, Wis John Molntosh 

Burr Oaks, St. JoB^hs, Mieh — ....Samuel Needham 

Burr-s Forry, ScMneyLtk GilmanB. Burr 

Burr's MUls, J^eraonyN. Y Silas Thurston 

Burrsville, OaroUtiey Md James MeWln 

BucrTllle, LiteftfieUiy Gonn -. tieleon Roberts 

BujraonTille, Bucks, Pa JEphralm Shank 

BurtohTfile, St* dairy Mieh .Jonathan Buxteh 

Burton, Wet^ Ya — J)anielS. Bemley 

Burton, Adams, III JsaaoN.iBnlow 

Burton, ^lemtgoy Ohio..... .....DanieLL. Johneon 

Burtons, !Ksbemivffo, Miss.... «fQseph F. Bavnett 

Burton's Gotners, Boone, Ill...«BeDJamin P. Fatten 

BurtonaviUe, Mmtgomeri/y N. Y David M< Seott 

Burtonton, Oopiah, Miss.... Almaaser W. Seott 

Buj^tTille, Pot^, Pft .BUsha H. Burt 

^urwell's Bfty, Xsk ^f Wight, Ya ~.J. 0. Thomas 

Burwick, 1$^. ATarj/'j, La Andrew J. Forbte 

BusbayriUe, Houston Ga....*.*.^ Daniel Pv iGunn 

Bush KiU, Piki, Pa. Henry Peters 

Buahnell's Baain, Monroe, N. Y...Samuel Fairbanks 
BushnellsTille, (^eens, N. Y........ Frauds P.. Dewey 

Biuh's MiUa, Lewis, Ya.........^.....*... J^eiflg^h HaU 


Biufli's Stove, Laurd, Ey .George A. Bush 

Bushvdlle, JF^ankUn, Ga John Johnston 

Bushville, SuUkMn, N. Y Myron Crane 

Business Gomcr, Van Bitreny Iowa... Julius L. Clark 
Buskiek's Bridge, Wasftingtony N. Y... A. Houghton 

Bnsseron, JEno3:,Ind David H. Morgan 

Bustif CfMutoMquey N. Y... Yalentine C. Clark 

BuatletOD, FhHaddphiOy Pa Howard Banes 

Butevilte, Jfonon, Oregon Isaiah W. Case 

Butler, BeKalbyla. :..Robert Work. 

BntLer, Bates, Mo .C&ristopher C. Fleener 

Bntler, BKineA, Mich John Hager 

Butler, Baltimore, Md. .J. D. C. Dunean 

Butler, -.^KUand, Ohio Thomas B. Andrews 

Bntler, Wayne, N. Y Lester Watson 

Butler, (o.h.) Ohoctaao, Ala WUliam W. Wier 

Butler, Rdton, Ky. Alexander W. Dillon 

Butler, (ch.) BidUr,l^ik Daniel CoU 

Butler, MLumikie, Wis John W. Geib 

Bntler, Kookuk, Iowa. William Waugh 

Butler, Oirter, Tenn »......J. F. Perkins 

Bwaer, Haylor, Ga. James WiUiamson 

Biitler, Laateastery S. C Thomas L. Clybum 

Butler, Butber/ord, N.G Morris R. Moots 

Butler's Creek, McBoiudd, Mo Ezekiel Gibbs 

Bntler'a Point, TtmuZUon, HI ....George W. Pate 

Bntlersville, AMderson, S. G James Jones 

BuUersviUe, AUen, Ky Wiley W. Davla 

BntlerriUe, Jennings, la^ Edward Hambleton 

Butlerville, Warren, Ohio. .William Yaughn 

Bnttahatohie, Monroe, Miss....-'..James A. Sillaven 

Butte desMorts, Winaebago,^^ Harris l^rown 

Butterfly, Oswego, N. Y John Parsons 

Buttermilk FaSs, Orange, N. Y...Timothy O'Leary 

Butternut Ridge, Seneca, Ohio Henry F. Nfles 

Butternuts, O&igo, N. Y William D. Babcock 

Butstown, NorthamjptonyPtk Emelius Nimsch 

Buxton, Fork, Me Joslah Benry 

Buxton Oentre, York, Me Jonathan C. Lewis 

Buycksville, Cbosa, Ala William H. Spigener 

Bnssard Rcost, J^anJdin, Ala James P. Bell 

Buzzard Rooet, NichoUis, Ky... Andrew W. Sboroat 

Buabeerille, Coffee, Ala Oliver H. Busbee 

Byberry, PhUaddgpihiay Pa Henry J. Brown 

Byersville, i«mW«&m, N. Y Robert Denlson 

Byfield, jSswas, Mass Samuel S. Moody 

Bybalia, MavthaU, Miss Asahel R. Chilton 

Bybalia, Z^non, Ohio Rees Miller 

Byington, Pike, Ohio Baylls James 

Bynum's Creek, PancAa, Miss Jesse C. Carothers 

Bynnmvilie, Ghariton, Mo. .Jacob E. Bro^man 

Bjrme, JaaX»on> Tenn Brioe Byrne 

BymevUle, E^oarrison, la. Samuel Fits 

Byroniville, DodLy, Ga. W. H. Byrum 

Byron, la Porte, Isl .Elizabeth <SaIisbuiT 

Byron, G^«en«, Ohio Michael Folkerth 

Byron, OgU, lU Silas St. John Mix 

Byron, Oxford, Me George D. Austin 

Byron, Staawdsseey Mieh Nicholas Guliok 

Byron, Qentsee, N. Y J. W. Seaver 

Byron, Fond dw LaCy Wis. George Parker 

Byrcm, Atckison,i/Lo Thomas J. Jones 


CABELL a H., OabeO, Ya. WilUam 0. Miller 

Oabello, CbrroiK, Ohio .William Ruttledge 

Gi^in Creek, LewiSyJLj .....John D. Tully 

Cabinet, Moidgoiuuryy Pa JToseph T. Pearce 

Cabin Hill, Ddawarey N. Y James Marshall 

Oabin Point, Surn/y Ya John I. Deal 

Gable's Yalley, Johnson, Tenn Henry I. Money 

Cabot, Oakdoniay Yt Harry Rnss 

Gaof^pen Depot, Morgan, Ya John W. Poiterfleld 

Cache Cieek, Fob>, Cal Archibald McDonald 

.Gacfaemasso, DaUas, Atk James A. Gray 

CaddoCove, Mmtgomery, Ark William Farr 

Oadeoreta, diociouf. Miss Benjamin Savage 

Cade's Cove, Blount, Tenn George W. Font 

Cbudiz, Ifenry, la Jacob Meek 

GacUz, OreeneyWia Wesley Swank 

Cadiz, (c. h.) 2V*i^, Ky Miles B. Kenady 

Oiuiiz, (c. h.) Hiarrison, Ohio Obediah Slemmons 

Cadiz, Gattarauffw, N. Y Robert Reid 

Gadoeia Yalley, Bdaware, N. Y.Alexander Kiersted 




Oidron, Oonway, Ark Dennis Hall 

Oadwallader, Tuscaramas, Ohio.....WilUam Fleming 

Oadyrille, (MnJUm^ N. Y ^onatbun Green 

Oageville, Haywood, Tenn .Isaac M. Johnson 

Gahaba,(c. h.y>aZZa«, Ala Robert J. TraTers 

CSainland, Bent&n, Ala Leroy Bedwell 

Gain's, Owinnett, Ga Adam Pool 

Gain's, Lancagta-y Pa Robert Smith 

OWnsville, Wihorh Tenn William T. Harris 

Gaintuck, NewHanooer, N. C S.F. Wilson 

Oa JxA, Cfumberiandy Va ....Edward W. Sims 

Oairo. Decatur, Ga »....;John McEaohran 

Gairoj Alexand€r,lll Bryan Shannessy 

Oidro, Starky Ohio ~ David I. Shafer 

Oairo, Henderson, Ky Herman Nottenins 

Gairo, Oreeney N. Y William Pierson 

Oairo, Tishesnungo, Miss R. W. Olansel 

Cairo, Edg^fUM, S. C ^-. J. BL C. Freeland 

Calais, WaahinffUm, Vt Ira Kent 

Calais, Washington, Me Edgar Whidden 

Oalais, Monroe, Ohio..^ ^...^ Joseph Wehr 

Oalapooya, lAnn, Oregon .Hugh L. Brown 

Calaubria, Rowan, N. C Solomon J. Peeler 

Calcatta, CUumbiana, Ohio.. John Thompson 

Caldwell, Essex, N. J Zenas a Crane 

Caldwell, (c. h.) Warren, N. Y ...Hiram Wood 

Caldwell (c. h.) Burleson, Tex Martin K. Snell 

Caldwell, Orange, N. C Lambert W. Hall 

Caldwell Prairie, Baeine, Wis...Norman M. Sheldon 

Caledonia, Fidaski, 111 Henry W. Hufi^es 

Caledonia, Racine, Wis Henry B. Roberts 

Caledonia, Lowndes, Miss JohnF. Gardner 

Caledonia, Kent, Mich Peter D. McNaughton 

Caledonia, Washington, Mo James Vineyard 

Caledonia, Moore, N. C .Frands Mnnroe 

Caledonia, Livingston, N. Y Orange Dean,Jr 

Caledonia, Marion, Ohio.. Henry Speaksr 

Caledonia, QirroU,lA ....Amos Lawton 

Caledonia, EUc, Pa Mrs. Charlotte Paiidinrst 

Caledonia, Henry, Tenn .William M. Maxwell 

Caledonia, Rusk, Tex James N.Dillen 

Caledonia, Goochland, Ya. William H. Parrish 

Caledonia Station, Boone, HI Samuel Parks 

Calhoun, (e. h.) Gordon, Oa. George W. Ransom 

Calhoun, Pontotoc, Miss ,..Anson Q.Smythe 

Calhoun. Henry, Mo Matthew Arbnckle 

Calhoun, (c. h.) McLean, Ky...WUliam H. Williams 

Calhoun, Axvderson, S. C JTamesF. Mattison 

Calhoun, Richland, 111 William C. Bruce 

Calhoun, CoLumbia, Ark Littleberry W. Baker 

Calhoun, McMinn, Tenn William Rogers 

Calhoun, Harrison, Iowa John H. Johnson 

Calhoun's Mills, AhbtoiOe, S. CTheophilus A. Rogers 

California, Branch, Mich .George L. Guy 

California, Gampbea, Ky .James M. Young 

California, Yalabiuslui, Miss John G. Brody 

California, Clermont, Ohio Robert J. Yanosdcd 

Cali&rnia, Moniteau, Mo JohnD. Wood 

Calk's Ferry, Lexington, S. Joseph Sutton 

Callao, La Porte, la Peter 0. Bonham 

Callaghan's, AU^Juiny,^^ Joseph T. Steele 

Callanan's Corners, Mbany, N. Y Jacob Latta 

Callands, Pittsylvania, Ya A. H. Moorman 

Callensbjtfgh, Clarion, Pa David Guthrie 

Gallensville, Pendleton, Ky ^rohn W. Hume 

Galloway, Harlan, Ky ......Charles J. Calloway 

Oalmar, Winneshiek, Iowa. Alflred Clark 

Gain, Chester,P% S. G. WilUamaan 

Calno, Warren,1i,.3 Andrew Bibble 

Calumet, Cook, HI-. Corydon F. Stewart 

Calumet YUlage, Ibnd du Lac, Wis...Artemisia H. 

Calvary, Athens, Ohio Sylvanus Howe 

Cblverton Mills, Baltimore, Md Geo^e M. Boioe 

Calvin, Huntingdon, Pa Robert A. Oakman 

Galvft Pi'onkUn, Mo ........Josefdi W. Champion 

Camanohe, CUnton, Ibwa Geoi^ W. ChaA 

Camargo^ LawxuAer, Pa. H. H. Broneman 

Gamargo, LinctAn, Tenn u..John Cax^bran 

Camaripe, ifonroe. Miss. Hiram Hood 

Camargo, Jeffkrson, la William Friedly 

Ouaargo, Montgomery, Ky Adam B. Dishong 

Camargo, Jjee, Iowa. George J. MoDanidi 

Cambra, i^u^eme, Pa. William £. Barrett 

CMRbriSy Jffiaganif V. T.. Darwin 8. FallowB 

Cambria, TI^2^n«,Iowa... .William McCutohaB 

Cambria, Cblum&i'a, Wis. William S.Po«t 

Cambria Mflls; mOsdal^ Mleh £. G. Kellogg 

Cambridge, Jkdlas, Ala Claudius M. Ooehran 

Cambridge, Bane, Wis Nelson Ford, Jr 

Cambridge, Bltyns, la Nathan Raymond 

Cambridge, Hmry,m David W. Smith 

Cambridge, (c, h.) Dorchester, Md Joseph Flint 

Cambridge, Somerset, Me David Bailey 

Cambridge, LenatKc, Mich Sylvester Walker 

Cambridge, SaUne, Mo. Burr E. Powell 

Cambridge, (cAi.) Middlesex, Mass. William Caldwell 

Cambridge, muhington, N. Y J. R. Livingston 

Cambridge, (o. h.) Guernsey, Obio..Jamee 0. Grimes 

Cambridge, AbbevUle, S. C. H. R. Goodman 

Cambridge, Lamoille, Yi William H. H.Wood 

Cambridge, Lanoaster.Ftk John W. Irwin 

Cambridge Port, Middlesex, Mass Samuel James 

Cambridgeport, Windham, Yt....Cyrus W. Wyman 

Camden, Wilcox, Ala D. 8. J. Wocdf 

Camden, (c, h.) Washitti, Ark...Robert A. Callaway 

Camden, Kent, Del Samuel IMokson 

Camden, CdrrijU, la. Thomas Cline 

Camden Schu^>er, HI John A. James 

Camden, WUdo, Me Bei^amin J. Porter 

Camden, JfodisOTi, Miss. J. M. Walkegr 

Camden, HiUsdale, Mich. Eason T. Chester 

Camden, Ray, Mo La&yette 8. Manefee 

Camden, (o. h.) Camden, N. C Abner Dealer 

Camden, (c. h.) Camden, N. J John Hann* 

Camden, On«ida, N.Y Aaron Stone 

Camden, PreJtile, Ohio A. W. Yoast 

Camden, {c. h.) Kerduiw, S. C.Thomas W. Pegoes 

Camden, Benton, T«m Henry H. Farmer 

Camden Mills, Rock JOand, HI Robert Boss 

Camden Point, Platte, Mo... William W. Chappelear 

•Camden Station, Lorain, Ohio John Soott 

CundenviUe. Anderson, Ky...Grandison Utterbaek 

Cameron, Steuben, N. Y Wickham B. Grodker 

Cameron, CUnton, Mo Theodore A. Fowler 

Cameron, Warren, Hi AugusUn B. Hawkins 

Cameron, Marshall, Ya William McConongfay 

Cameron, CUnton, Pa *Epaphras B. El<&ed 

Cameron, MHam, Tex. Joseph T. JeflMes 

Cameron Mills, Steuben, N. Y...Alpbonso Hubbard 

Camillns, Onondago, N. Y Oliver Kimberly 

Campbell, Luzerne, Pa.. Jacob Myen 

Campbell, Coles, 111 John PhlppB 

Campbell, Winnebaga, Wis Apollo Austin 

Campbell, Laurrence, Ohio Robert Scott 

Campbell 0. H., CamipbdL, Ya Robert 0. DosS 

Campbell, Ionia, Mich Richard D. Hudson 

Campbell, Orange, la St^hen Scarlett 

Campbell's Bridge, Marion, S. C... William P. Camp- 

Oampbellsbnrg, WaMngUm, la Robert Denny 

Gampbellsburg, Henry, Ky James R. Tutt 

Campbell's Corners, Oakland, Mich Sloan Gooley 

Campbell's Mills, Windham, Conn Elisha Potter 

Campbell's Port, Portage, Ohio... John H. Boetwick 
Oampbell's Rest, Suttivaai, Tenn.Thomas H. Murray 

Campbell's Station, Knox, Tenn Robert Russell 

Campbellstown, Prebie, Ohio...Matthew MeWhinny 

Oampbellsville, Taylor, Ky ..William A. Groucn 

Oampbellsville. GUex,Tenn William Peaton 

Carapbellton, Jackson, Fla James P. Goker 

Campbellton,(ch.) Qmpbdl, Oa..William B. Swann 

Gampbellton, St. Clair, Mich Cortlandt Lindsay 

Campbellton, I^ankUn, Mo Urban (Heve 

Gampbellton, Bawamba, Miss Edwin G. Thomas 

Campbelltown, Staiben, N. Y Aden J. Pratt 

Campbelltown, Lebanon, Pa .John Wolfersberger 

GambellviUe, Dutchess, N. Y •..Gushing Green 

Campbellville, SulUvan, Pa John Campbell 

Gamp Branch, Warren, Mo H. H. Gerdeman 

Camp Call, Cleveland, N. C .William W. Green 

Camp Charlotte, Pickaway, Ohio.... Levi P. Whisler 

Camp Creek, Jejfferson, Ark .J'oseph Modnnc 

Gamp Greek, Butler, Ala. N. R. DanM 

Camp Greek, Crittenden, Ky D. A. Flannary 

Camp Greek, Greene, Tenn Daniel Kennedy 

CampoUo, Ftyntouth, Mass , Nelson J. Foss 

Gamp Ground, Pickens, S. G J. A. Ballanger 

Camp Grove, Stark, HI Henry Kellon 

Camp QiU, TaUajtoosOf Ala * Joshua F«tilk 




Oamp Iiard, Marion, Ha Allen B. Mnnden 

Campobella, SparUmimrgK S. 0. David Patton 

OHnpo Seoo,'Oi2aM(nu, Gal.^ T. M. Pawling 

CMnp Point, Adam i, HI Orandlson M. Hess 

Camp Ridge, WUUamtimrgh, S. C — Gbarles W. Cade 

Oamp Run, Crawford, Ohio Matthew Torrenoe 

Oamp Spring, Xatorence, Ala William A. Milam 

Oampti, Natckitoehei, La. Jacob A. WolAon 

Oampton, Gfrc^fton, N. H William Clark 

Gampton, Kane, 111 Eldredge Walker 

Oampton Village, Qrafian, N. H. Benjamin F. Cutter 

Oamptonville, JU&a, Gal S. J. Bowlby 

Camptown, .fiuex, N. J John N. Crawford 

Gamptown, Bradford, Pa. Gyrus Avery 

Oampville, Tioga, N. Y.. .George K. Steele 

OampTille,'Z«^>2«Zd, Conn Ludns J. Hall 

Oana, Jlsfinin^s, la John B. Wilson 

Quaaan, Tiffah, Miss .James O. Oampbell 

Canaan, Ckuoomadt, Mo Robert S. Biles 

Canaan, LUd\fldd, Conn William Watson 

Canaan, J^BIkroon, la. Snooh Rabonm 

Canaan, Sonurut, Me....» Alexander B. Atkins 

QUM0XI, Qraftm,^. H Edwin Cobb 

Canaan, CUum&to. N. Y.. Samuel Frisbee 

Canaan, Wiyne, Ohio Solomon'Zuver 

OEuiaan, Wayne, IPt^ ^ Philip W.'Lereh 

Canaan, Etiux, Yt. Francis L. Brown 

Canaan Centre, OobaiMa, N. Y. N. W. Williams 

Canaan Four GomeES, CbUanbia, N. Y. John W. Pitts 

Oaoaanyille, Jthem, Ohio Nehemiah 0. Warren 

Oanadioe, Ontario, N. Y.... Robert Ogden, jr 

Cani^obarie, Montgomery, N. Y.. .David Spraker 

Canal, Onondaga, N. Y John Lakin 

Canal, Venango, Pa. Isaac Hanna 

Canal, Warrick, la.. J. H. MiUer 

Canal Creek, iSizn Fde, Utah Ter.. James Allied 

Canal Dover, UtacaraMHU, Ohio Joseph W. 


Canal Fulton, ISark, Ohio Oodflrey Bemower 

Canal Lewisville, Coshocton, Ohio... ..Henry Murray 

Canal Winchester, JVanfcZin, Ohio Peter T. Krag 

Ganandaigua, (c. h.) Ontario, N. Y....N. G. Cheeebio 

Oanandafgua, l^emuMe, Mich Philo Wilson 

Canarsie, ifif^«, N.Y Andrew A. Myers 

Oanamuga, Polk, Tenn Hiram Phillips 

Oanastota, Madison, N. Y.. Edwin R.White 

Candia, Sockingham, N.H Stephen B-Fitto 

Candia Village, Boekuigftam, N. H...E. W. Sanborn 

Candor, Tioga, N. Y John J. Saokett 

Candor, Waehington, Pa William Bigham 

Candor Centre, Tioga, N. Y Hiram Smith 

Candy's Greek, Bradley, Te Robert S. Holt 

Caneadea, Mlegany, N. Y Henry Burleeon 

Cane Bottom, LattderdaU, Tenn Henry Willard 

Oane Greek, Butler, Mo. Ezum G. Soott 

OaneCretdc, Kshemingo, Miss J. P. Yonn^ 

Cane Greek, Chatham, N. a William Lindley 

Crane Greek, £<noo2n, Tenn Samuel Talley 

Oane Run, Mercer, Ky P. G. Depauw 

Cane Spring, BulUtt, Ky Sexton R. Samuels 

Caney, Matcigorda, Texas .Presley G. Evans 

Caney, Morgan,Kj David I. Lykins 

Caney, Wisftita, Ark .John MoNeely 

Oaney Branch, Greene, Tenn... Anderson W. Walker 

Caney Fork, Wirren, Tenn.. Leonard Adcock 

Caney Head, Tyler,Tex» .John P. Jordan 

Oaney Spring, MarthaU, Tenn. J. M. Knight 

Caneyville, Orayson, Ky Stephen W. Bond 

Canfleld, <& h.) Mahoning, Ohio... William Schmlek 

Oanfleld's Comer, Tioga, N. Y Gla|k Hyatt 

Canieello, Bockinidge, Va..» Alexander N. Bell 

Oanisteo, Steuben, N.Y Franklin E. Whitwood 

Cannaday Oi^p, Floifd, Va.. Isaac Lemon 

Cauneltcna, /%f*ry. la.. .D. L. Aimstrons 

Cannon City, Biee, Minn B. F. Haviland 

Gannon River Falls, Cfoo^Ume, Minn.«Ja8. MoGinnis 

Cannonsburgh, Kent, Mich Thomas Noy 

Cannonebnrgh, Greenvp, Ky. William L. Qeiger 

Cannonsburgh, Hancock, (Mo Fuller Ballard 

Cannonsburgh, Washington, Pa Beivlamin Sodth 

Cannon's Ferry, Susteai, Del Charles J. Smith 

Gannon's Mill, Odumbiana, Ohio William Hays 

Cannon's Store, fhartaninirgh, 8. John Y. Jackson 

Cannon's Store, Sevier, Tenn William H. Gannon 

Gamonsville, Ddenoare, N. Y William K. Owen 

Canoga, Seneca, N. Y William U. Smith 

Oanoochee, Emanud, Ga Benjamin £. Brinson 

Ganoper, Adams, la Lewis Mattax 

Oanotia, Oau, Nebraska Terr'y B. B. Thompson 

Canterbury, TVtndham, Conn. Marvin H. Sanger 

Canterbury, Kent, Del James B. Conner 

Canterbury, Merrimack, N. H Josiah E. White 

Canton, WUcme, Ala Edmund Gaillard 

Canton, Jackson, Wis Samuel Harmon 

Oanton, Lawrence, Ark .*. Wiley G. Jonee 

Canton, Hartford, Conn Uriah Bailey 

Canton, (c. h.) Cherokee, Ga J. H. Wood 

Canton, Washington, la John L. Anderson 

Oanton, FuUon,m Parley G. Steams 

Canton, Jacfe«o?i, Iowa. Thomas Smith 

Canton, IHgg, Ky William J. Fnqua 

Canton, Oxford, Me Cornelius M. Holland 

Oanton, (c. h.) Madison, Miss William Priestly 

Canton, Norfiak, Mass Caleb S. Taft 

Oanton, Salem, N. J William Plnmmer 

Canton, Tc. h.) Si. Lawrence, N. Y..Ama8a 0. Brown 

Canton, {c. h.) Stark, Ohio Nicholas Bowr 

Canton, Bradford, Pa. John Van Dyke, jr 

Canton, Lewis, Mo John N. Hughes 

Canton, VaM^ad, Texas William W. Sitlle 

Canton, Wayne, Mich Augustus Andrews 

Oanton Centre, JTar^oni, Conn Simeon Mills 

Canton Mills, Oxford, Me Horatio Austin 

Cantrelle, SL James, La Louis Decuires 

Oantrell'e Grose Roads, McMinn, Tenn....B. P. Cobb 
Gantwell's Bridge, Ntw OasOe, Del J. W. Vandegrift 

Gap An Grey, Lincoln, Mo Charles B. Admire 

Cape Elizabeth Depot, Cumberland, Me....... John L. 


Cape Fare, SUme, Mo Joseph V. Bagan 

Gape GHrardeau, Cape Oirardeau, Mo W. H. Gale 

Ca{te Island, Came May, N. J Samuel S. Marcy 

Capell's Mills, Richmond, N. G Pleasant R. Gapel 

Gape May, (c. h.) CUpe May, N. J John Farrow 

Gape Neddick, fork. Me ..George M. Freeman 

Gopeville, Northampton, Va...; William S. Jarvis 

Gape Vincent, Jefferson, N. Y Jacob Beringer 

Ci^li; AUemakee, Iowa Orin S. Conkey 

Capon Bridge, Hampshire, Va. Evan P.Cooper 

Gi4>oii Springs, Hampshire, Va....Samuel M. Mullin 

Gapp's Creek, Newton, Mo John P. Osbom 

Gaptina, Bdmont, Ohio Michael Dorsey 

Caraway, Bandolph, N. G. Branson Briles 

Garbondale, Lutarne, Pa.*^ Anthony Grady 

Oarbondale, Jackson, 111 Asgill Conner 

Garbonton, ChaOuim, N. G R. A. Stuart 

Oardiir, Onondaga, N. Y Timothy Guddiback 

Cardiff, Wtrren,'Mi8a Francis I. Anthony 

Cardington, Morrow, Ohio G. L. Salsbury 

Gardsville, Jone, Geo Robert Caldwell 

Carey, Wyandott,Ohio Abraham Myers 

Carimona, IVlmore, Minn .'.....William G. Picket 

Carlile's Mills, JPtrry, Miss.... Jehu Garlile 

Garlinville, (c. h.) Macoupin, Ill...George W.Wallace 

Carlisle, SidUvan, la James K. O'Haver 

Carlisle, (c. h,) Nicholas, Ky R. S. Garter 

Carlisle, JEcUon, Mich Edward D. Lacey 

Carlisle, Middlesex, Mass Gooi^e W. Green 

CarUsle, Schoharie, N. Y John H. Angle 

Carlisle, (c. h.) Cumberland, Pa John B. Bratton 

Carlisle, Warren, Iowa A. B. Shoemaker. 

Carlisle Springs, Chcmberland, Pa... Anson P. Norton 

Carlisle Station, Warren, Ohio Henry Ebv 

Carlookville, Butherford, Tenn E. Oarlock 

Carlow, Hopkins, Kj Thomas J. Jackson 

Carlowsville, Z^aOof, Ala Jonathan S. DaTidson 

Carlton, Orleans, N. Y John Pratt 

Carlton, Barry, Mich Enoe Dryer 

Carlton's Store, King <£ Queen, Va R. H. W. 


Carlyle,(c.h.) Clinton, JH Charles Mcdain 

Carmel, HamHion, la Albert T. Jessup 

Carmel, Walker, Texas Phillips Fitzpatriok 

Carmel, Penobscot, Me Israel W. Johnson 

Carmel, (c. h.) Putnam, N. Y William J. BhJce 

Oiirmel Hill, Chester, S. C John W. Estes 

Ottrmi, (c. h.) White, 111 Philip P. Hunter 

Garmiohael's, Greene, Pa Alfired Frost 

Gannon Ri^r Falls, Goodhue, Mion. Ty James 

M. Qrunifl 




Oament Prairie, Perry, 111 ». James Campbell 

OameBTilla, (c. h.) FratikUii, Oa...Johii M. freeman 

Carolina, Hayvoood, Tenn Lorenso T. Hart 

Carolina, Tishemingoy Min William H. Walton 

Carolina Female College, Anaony N. C.WUUam A. 

Carolina Landing, Wcuhington, Miss Frederick 

Q. Tumbull 

Carolina Mills, Washinfftoriy "R. I J. H. Baboock 

Caroline, Ibmpkiru, N. Y J^onathan Norwood 

Caroline Centre, 2bmp7a'n«, N. Y...Thomas£ighniey 

Carondelet, St. Xouis, Mo ^obn Fester 

Carpenter's Creek, Jarpery Ia...QeQrge G-. Thompson 

Carpenter's Landing, QUnuxsUr, N. J S. Lock 

Carpentersville, Putnam, Ia...~.... Philip Carpenter 

CarpentersTiUe, Warren,'ii.J Jacob D. Carpenter 

Carp River, MarqudU, Mich Peter White 

Carrick, AUeghanyy Pa .Christopher Linhart 

Carritonk. Somerset^ Me '. Joseph Clark, jr 

Carrizo, Tl^b, Texas Henzy Redmond 

Carrol, Walker, Ala. Winfield 8. Leith 

Carroll, OarroU, la William H. Ewing 

Carroll, Penobscot^ Me ~ Galen Gates 

Carroll, Cbos,N. H .Jonas Howe 

Carroll, CUnton, Pa Henry Bamer 

Carroll, Ihir/Seld, Ohio, Andrew Saylor 

Carrollsrille, lUheminigfo, Miss R. £. Ciayton 

Carrollton, (c. h.) Pickens, Ala... Andrew J. Roberts 

Carrolton, QtrrMl, Ark D. S. Neese 

OarroUton, (c. h.) Oarroa, Ga John W. Wood 

Carrollton, (c^ h.) Oreene, Ill......Mar8hall Dolaney 

Carrollton, CbrroB, Ky .Joseph Soott 

Carrollton, Jeffkrton, La Harman H. GogroTO 

Carrollton, (c. h.) OarrdU, Miss Jacob V. Wolfe 

Carrollton, (c. h.) OamroU, Mo Abram Walling 

Carrollton, (c. h.) CUrrcU, Ohio James S. BeU 

Carrollton, OarroU, Md « .George R. Rhodes 

CarroUtown, Oambria^ Pa Henry Scanlan 

Oarrollville, Wayne, Tenn William L. Montague 

Carrsrille, LivinffsUm, Kj E. H. Angle 

Carrsville, Isle 6/ Wight, Ya Edward Rawls 

Carson Yalley, Cdrson, Utah E. H. Knott 

Carter Camp, i%tter,Pa. ......Isaac Hopper 

Carter Hill, Erie, Pa. u David White 

Carter's Bridge, Albenuuie, Ya William W. Pace 

Cartersbuig, Hendricks, la J*. B. Keer 

Carter's Mill, JbuHanaf Pa Samuel McCartney 

Carter's Store, MchoHaSt Ky ,..John Carter 

CartersTille, Oaus, Ga .Jesse R. Wikle 

Cartersville, Tishemingo, Miss. John G. Barton 

Cartersville, DarUngttm, S. C William J. Carter 

OartersTille, Cumberland, Ya...Chas. R. Carrhigton 

Cartersville, Oswego, N. Y Robert G. Carter 

CarterviUe, Nodaway, Mo. Hiram Elliott 

Carthage, Tusksaloosa^ Ala. Theron Browne 

Carthage, Rtush, la. Francis B. Blacy 

Carthage, (c. h.j Paatda, Texas. J. H. Anderson 

Carthage, (c. h.) Hancock, Ill...Caswell R. Hendrix 

Cartlu^e, ChmpbeU, Ky JFames G. Carter 

Carthage, FrankUn, Me Harrison Storer 

Cartilage, (c. h.) Leake, Miss.... ..Thomas C. IJndsey 

Carthage, (c. h.) Jasper,Mo. J. Fitsgerald 

Carthage, (c. h.) Moore, N. C ..A. H. McNeill 

Carthage, Jeffartofn, N. Y .Benjamin Y. Buxton 

Carthage, HamSHon, Ohio Benjamin Bonnel 

Carthage, (c. h.) SmiXk, Tenn David Won 

Carthage Landing, Dutchess, N. Y Gilbert Bndd 

Carthage, Johnson, lowa..^ David J. Wilson 

Carthagena, Mercer, Ohio Charles D. Peaalee 

Carticay, Gilmtr, Ga J)ani^ E. Slagle 

Curver, PlyTnouth, Mass , Daniel Shaw 

Carver's Harbor, Waldo, Me David Yinal 

Carversville, Bucks, Pa J. Paxson Hough 

Carverton, Luzerne, Pa Rufns Carver 

Carysvillo, Champaign, Ohio Samuel Bowersock 

Cascade, Du Buque, Iowa William S. Hall 

Cascade, Sheboygan, Wis Eaekief T. Efher 

Cascade, Pittsylvania, Ya James J. Tinsley 

Cascade, Kent, Mich M. W. Alfred 

Cascades, dark, Ogn Isaac H. Bush 

Casco, Cumberland, Me Richard Mayberry 

Casco, St. GUdr, Mich S. A Fenton 

Case's MUls, Travis, Tex Sherman Case 

Casey, Clark, 111 .Jonathan Maring 

Casey Creek, Adair, Ky B6bktB.Ferrell 

Caseyville, UnUm, Ky Jam^P. Finnia 

Caseyville, Cbpiah, Wm John C. Casey 

Caseyville, St, Clair,m Egbert M. Biallory 

Casher's Yalley, Macon, N. C Jonathan Za6hary 

Cash's Nob, Montgomery, Ky .....William C. Shubert 

Cashtown, Adams, Pa. Jacob Mark 

Cashville, Slpartaahurgfi, 8. C^.... .J.M. Fowler 

Casnovia, Ottawa, Midi * Ransom Surrarer 

Casons Ford, Columbia, Fla.... ...James L. Sanderlin 

Cass, Venango, Pa .« Levi Dutdiass 

Cass, Du Page,Jll Thomas Andma 

Cass, HtOsdale, Mich Timothy Johnson 

Cass, Hartcock, Ohio James Yidcers 

Cass, FranJdin, Ark .Grimalda C. Sadler 

Cass, Lawrence, Tenn Samuel McBride 

Cassadaga, Chautauque, N. Y .Charles PhUlipB 

Cassapqlis, diss, Mich............ Jbrederick A. Gravea 

Cass Coe, Arkansas, Ark Ccalkley B. Mayo 

Cassity's MUls, Morgan, Ky W. W. Phillips 

Cass Lake, Pmbina, Minn........... Francis Speed 

Casstown, Miami, Ohio Reuben Hisk^ 

Cassville, (c. h.) Cass, Ga........ Arthur Haire 

Cassville, Harrison, Ohio Hugh M. Mitchell 

Cassville, JEAxrryr^o M. L. Wyrick 

Cassville, Oneida, N.Y Norman MeniU 

Cassville, Howard, la... Patrick Hartin 

Cassville, Huntingdon, Pa.... James Henderson 

Cassville, Ghrant, Wis John Geiger 

Caasville, Monongedia, Yii ......Peter A. Layton 

Cassville, White, Tenn »...John L.GriB8Qm 

Castalia, Erie, Ohio JalUer Billinga 

Castalia, Winneshiek, Iowa. .....Lucius W. Smitii 

Castellan Springs, SumneryTenn A. R. Wynne 

Castile, Wyoming, N. Y........... .Ludus Citrter 

Castile, Clinton, Mo JU)l)ert H. Saunders 

Castlne, Darke, Ohio D. B. Clevr 

Caatine, (ch.) Hancock, Me Charles Bowsers 

Castle Craig, OampbeU, Ya... William H. Haslewood 

Castle Creek^ Brdcme,N, Y Moees Puffer 

Castle Credc Comers, Broome, N. Y Daniel W. 


Castle Fin, York, Pa John Finley 

Castlefin, J'<;^er<on, 111 .George W. Treese 

Castle OttoYe, Jones, Iowa JBenaJah Beardsley 

Castleman's Ferry, Clarke, Yst 8. D. Castleman 

Castle Rock, Lewis, Wash. William Huntington 

Castleton, Barry, mch. Sheldon Whitcomb 

Castleton, Senssdaer, N. Y...Lawrence C. Hogeboom 

Castleton, Bufland, Yt Gustavus Buel 

Castleton, Calp^er, Ya. A. G. Corbin 

Castleton, Marion, la John B. Anderson 

Castor, OaldweU,lA Asa Anderson 

Castor, BdOxnger, Mo PhiUp D. Whitener 

Castrovllle, (c. h.) Medina, Texas John Yance 

Caswell, La Faydit, Miss J). M. Nelson 

Catalamet, Lewis, Wash James Bemie 

Catalpa Grove, Greene, Kj John Yictor 

Catalpa Grove* iforsAolJ, Tenn Richard Tanner 

Catalpa Grove, JSoiton, la .....James Emerson 

Cataract, Oui«n,Ia Alfred N. Bullitt 

Catasauqua, Lekigh, Pa JLugnstus H. Gilbert 

Catatonk, Tioga, N. Y San&rd H. Daniels 

Catania, ^Torru, Ga William H. Jackson 

Catawba, Oark, Ohio John L. Cartwell 

Catawba, York, S. C J. A. Hill 

Catawba, Roanoke, Ya William W. Brand 

Catawba Creek, GasUm, N. C Alfred C. Dickson 

Catawba Springs, Jjincoln, N. C Andrew J. Derr 

Catawba Yiew, OaldweO, N. C Joseph Skenrill 

Catawissa, OoUmbia,^ Casper Rahn 

Catfish, £ir^ a C Jsaiah W.Moody 

Catfish Fumace» CSarion, Pa.^ John G. Beaver 

Catharine, £bftt<y2er, N. Y 4..Levi H. Haieen 

Catharine Lake, Oiislow, N. C John A. Avirett 

Cathcart, WMte, la Frederick B. Bishling 

Cathey's Creek, Henderton, N. 0... James Hamblen 

Catlett, Fauquier, Ya James M. Peters 

Catlettsburs^, Greenup, Ky Nelson P. Andrews 

Catlin, Wtnonoy Minn Rufns F. Wells 

Gatlin Centre, Ckenmng, N. Y .Joseph Cooper 

Cato, Cayuga, N. Y ^ » Edwin G. Allen 

Cato, Cbcke, Tenn Andrew C. Hnff 

Gaton, Steuben, N. Y Samuel H. Smith 

Caton8viUe,Aitt»inor^Hd Joseph P. Fusting 

Oato Springs, Jtankin, Miss... ...Rankin a Nonuaa 




Catoosa, Xnfi^Mn, Q»..... James B* Ctordon 

Catskill, Ortau, N. T Joseph ioeeibmj 

Oat Spring, Auttin, Tex B. N. Clarke 

Oattaraugas, OaUaravffMf N. T OrriB W. Tabbs 

Oaudle'B Shop, Bibb, Ala, ^....Stephen Oandle 

Gaughdenoy, OnoegOf N. T Gbarles Breed 

Oaulk's Field, Kent^ Md WilUam B. Apsley 

Gave, FrankUn, HI John W. McCreeiy 

iiaye, White, Tenn .T^illlam Anderson 

Oave in Bock, Hardin, HI ..G. D. MiUer 

Gavendish, WincUor, Vt Aaaph G. Flet<dier 

Caye Pump, Camden, Mo.....^.... George W. Moulder 

Gave SpHijg, Floyd, Oa .Walton B. Webster 

Gave Spring, Deoaiur, la... Bdward A. Jocelyn 

Gave Spring, Wright, Mo..., Ji. R. Bobinson 

Gaye Spring, Roanoke, Va. George G. Hartman 

GayettsTille, We^mordand, Pa. Fayette Morris 

Gayuga, Binds, Miss.. JSiBjvrsoA Foots 

Gayoga, Jackwn, Mich.. Michael S. Brown 

Gayuga, Cayvffo, N. Y UTolm Barrett, jr 

Gayuta, Schvvlfr, N. Y Jacob Swartwood 

Gayutaville, Schusfkr, N. Y.. Nelson CteiflBn 

Gaienovia, Jfodison, N. Y 6eQ(^^ 0. Brown 

GaxenoTia, BichUmd, Wis ...Stephen J.K)oUyy 

GecU, TfliuMfmton, Pa.. Robert Johnson 

GecUton, Owi^Md GeovgeB. Pennington 

Gedar, Cedar, Iowa Gbarles WilUams 

Gedar Bayoo, Zdberty, Texas. W. L Mills 

Cedar Bluff, (c. h.) durokee, Ala John Lawrenes 

Gedar Bluff, (Haibbeha,ilLiBB, George Maddox 

Gedar Bluff, IbtzewelL Ya .Thomas M. Scott 

Gedar Branch, CUmpbeO,. Ga William BaTenport 

Gedarburgh, Oxaukee, Wis Hugo Bodo 

Cedar City, Iron, Utah Isaac G. Height 

Cedar Creek, Suuex, Del J^ames Ward 

Gedar Creek, Rutherford,^ N, C.Isaae W. Maxwell 

Gedar Creek, Wasfan^an, Wis J^ohn C. 1\>U 

Gedar Greek, Airry> Mich Solen Bond 

Gedar Creek, Ocean, N. J David J. C. B<^sers 

Cedar Creek, Richland, S. a..Hilliard D. Hamiter 

Gedar Creek, Oreene, Tenn William Girdner 

Gedar Creek, Scott, Aric James Gibson 

Cedar Creek Frederick, Ya Ge<»g» W. AUen 

Cedar Creek, ^2oy<2, Oa. James A. Green 

Gedar Creole, Newton, Mo Hamilton Hartley 

Cedar Creek, BaOrcp, Texas... ...William A. Oatman 

Cedar Falls, Biaxk JQdtok, Iowa...Andrew MuUaricy 

Cedar Falls, Randolph, N.G WilUam S. Marsh 

Cedar Falls, ChreenvOU, S.C. ..Mici^ah Berry 

Gedar Fields, isk qf Wtght, Ya... Nathaniel F. Powell 

Gedar Ford, Orainffer,.Teiin Anderson Acuff 

Gedar Fork, J>€lla, Mich. Xdwin S. Briggs 

Cedar Grove, Je^/^Mtn, Ala ....L. W. Herring 

Cedar Grove, Sheboyaan, Wia.... John K. MuUer 

Gedar Grove, JVonArMn, Ia...Emttnuel H. Chambers 

Cedar Grove, Orange, N. C William W. Allison 

Cedar Grove, Breekenridge, Ky Samuel T. Elder 

Cedar Grove, Kaufman, Texas W. Gibbard 

Cedar Grove, Lucas, Iowa John May 

Cedar Grove Mills, JBocik&ru^Ya..J. A. F. Randolph 

Cedar Hill, Mbany, N. Y ...Thomas Brooks 

Cedar Hill, Anson, N- C Robert H. Bnitas 

Cedar Hill, />a2Ia«, Texas William L. Berry 

Cedaria, Mecklenbttrg, Ya John B. Tnnatall, jr 

Cedar Lake, Herkimer, N.Y. Fiechariah Townsend, 2d 

Cedar Lake, fRitMAaro, Wis..... Wilber Potter 

jpedar Lake, jMke, la tLewis Warriner 

Cedar Lake, QOhoun, Mich ..David Aldrich 

Cedar Plains, ifofi^n, Ala Joseidi Hetrbog 

Cedar Point, Plage, Ya.... ~ Bdwavd W. Wool 

Cedar Rapids, Z^n»,.Iow» .HiHuar Bldiop 

Cedar Ridge, Murray, Ga...........Samuel J. Chesnut 

Cedar Run, Lycoadng^'Ssk Lucius Tmman 

Cedar Shoal, (Mster, S. JTames A. H. Gaston 

Cedar Spring, AUen, Ey. R. M. Spllman 

Gedar Springs, Wythe, Ya Isaac G. Keesling 

Gedar Springs, CKintoijPa.. Tbomas J. Fox 

Gedar Springs, Cherokee, Ala. .John S. Wilson 

Cedar Springs Asylum^ J^xarlanburgh, 8. C....*N. P. 

Cedar Swamp, Queau, N. Y UFames Loyster, Jr 

Cedartown, Patk, Ga .-Brooks M. WilUngham 

Cedar Tree^ Hemando,.ina, James M. Bates 

Cedar Yalley, Wayne, Ohio John Beale 

GedarviUe, Qmibakmd^ N. J ......jDavid Gale 

Cedarville, Herkimer, N. Y .William H. Morgan 

GedarviUe, <>een<,Obio Adam W. Gebom 

Cedarville, Washington, Ya Jamee Orr 

Cedarville, jB{Z^a(2Q, Cal. .William R. Smith 

GedarviUe, Sttphenson, lU William W. Robey 

Gedron, Oumberland, lU William H. Woodbury 

Oedron, Clermont, <)hio...,..^ James M.Hite 

Gelestia, Marsf^aU, Ind ..JPhiUp Dimcomb 

Celestine, Dubois, Ift ^Joseph Streigel 

Gelina, (c. A.,) Mercer, Ohio Jacob BroadweU 

Celina, Jackson, Tenn I«ndoii W. Oglesby 

Centenary, Marion, S. C .fvan A. Rogers 

Center, MonongdUa, Ya. .....Jklphens Semasters 

Center, MUtok, Wis John WaUahan 

Centerton, Morgan, la ..William H. Spencer 

GenterviUe, Jku/is, D[tah»<*« A.B. Cherry 

CenterviUe, Alanieda, Gal Reubeu Z. Clements 

Central, Qilumbia,PA Peter Hess 

Central, jUnn, Oregon.... ......Joel Ketehum 

Central, St, Louis,l/Lo Martin L^ere 

Central Bridge, Schoharie, N. Y John G. Ciiryl 

Central City, MaHon, lU ...H. K. S. CMelveny 

Central College, t^nJdin, Ohio...Austin Stebbins 

Centjalia, Marion, HI James M. CMelveny 

Centralia, JhUnigw^loyr^ William Wolf 

Central Plains, Fluvanna, Ya..., Jefferson R. Noel 

Central Point, OaroUne, Ya PhiUp C. Samuell 

Central Square, Oswego, N. Y Thomas Warner 

Geutral Yillage, TFinci^m,Cotin...JonathanG<Mrton 
Centre, (c. h^ Cherokeie, Ala.... ...Dennis L. R. Butt 

CenUe, Montgomery, Ohio J)avid W. Swank 

Centre, toward, la Thomas W. Banks 

Centre, ^li2&o<,G«. Simon P. Yiele 

Centre, Ainren, Ky ^.Thomas £. Newman 

Centre, Chi^fbrd, N. G JUdrew C. Murrow 

Centre, J);rry, Pa Jacob Bixler 

Centre, Rusk,Tl&j. , John F.Robertson 

Centre, Jhfge, Iowa .George W. Farrens 

Centre Almond, AUegany, N. Y L. S. Rathbun 

Centre Hanuit^B^ Belknap, Hf^ H...Daniel Bickford 
Centre Belpre, K^«9^0^pn,Ohio...Geoi^e N.Gilbert 

Centre Berlin, Rensselaer, N. Y James A. Culver 

Centre Bridge, J9^«c^, Pa Thomas B. Scott 

Centre Brooii, .MtdcOiCsex, Qqjux Clark Nott 

Centre Brook, Otsego, N. Y John W. Pearce 

Gentreburgh, Knox, Ohio .Bnoch Nichols 

Centre Cambridge, W^i^ngUmm N! Y. James Eenyon 

Centre Canisteo, Steuben, N. Y. P. 0. Stephens 

Centre Conway, OxrroU, N. H C. P. Lamson 

Centre Cross, J^ks^, Y»„ .George W. Dillard 

GentredAle, Providenee, R. I... James H. AngeU 

Gentrefleld, Ontario, N. Y Joseph White 

Ceptrefield, Oldham, Ey Henry P. Norton 

Gentrefleld, Highland, Ohio Andrew J. Dnnlap 

Centre Groton, New London, Conn G. L. DaboU 

Centre Grove, Museaime, Iowa John B. Hanson 

Centre Guilford, Piscalaguis, Me... Simeon Lombard 
Centre Harbor, Belknqp, N. H....John H. Moulton ^ 

Centre HiU, Oerdre, Pa James A. Booser • 

Centre HiU,i>e iSWo, Miss JSUjah Stannard 

Centre Lebemon, York, Me Daniel Wentworth 

Centre LincolnvUle, Tf^ZOdo, Me Luther Sperry 

Centre Line, Cmtre,^9k Cyrus Cronistei^ 

Centre Lisle, Broome, N. Y Ellas W. Seymour 

Centre LoveU, Oxford, Me George Russell 

Centre MontviUe, Waldo, Me William Nashe 

Centre Moreland, Wyoming,'2%....^...,Ii.Yi,3wiXiem 
Centre Moriches, SuSbUc, N. Y...Mahlon Chichester 

Centre Oesippee, CbrrpIZ, N. H. Moses MerrlU 

Centre Point, Clay, Ind..... B. S. Shrewsbuxy 

Centre Point, Monroe, Ey...... Wilson L. Biggerataff 

Centre Point, Sevifr, Ark .JMoses HiU 

Centre Point, Zftn^ Iowa,.. John Cair 

Centre Point, HendersonyT^i^^o^ Daniel M. MoCaUum 

Centre Point, Qrang^ N. Y John Lougheed 

Centre Point, i^^MW, HI.,.., Zimry Pond 

Centreport, Suffolk, N. Y Robert 8. Dickerson 

Centre Ridge, Men!er,JXL Almond Shaw 

Centre Bntland, Ruffand, Yt P«ter Dudley 

Centre Sandwich, OarroU, N. H Christopher 0. 

Centre Shernian, Chautauque, N. Y...W. L.;FreemAn 
Centre Sidney, Kennebec, Me.,.Alpheus S. Hayward 
Centre Sqvaxe,MotUgfnnery,l?9^Btia^m H. Shearer 
Centre Star, iMiMUrdnOe, Alft*~-«-*>WiUiMn J. Xapp 




Oentre Strafford, Strafford^ N. H Demeritt Place 

Oentreton, iSxJem, N. J Ethan Trenchard 

Gentreton, EPwron, Ohio John McWhorter 

Oentreton, Mercery Pa Samnel Ck)Ieman 

Centre Valley, Lehigh, Pa. Jacob Jacoby 

Centre Valley, OUego^ N. Y Oliver P. Thrall 

Centre Village, Oamden, Ga J)omingo G. Aoosta 

Centre Villaie, Broomt, N. T E. P. Northrup 

Centre ViUage, Delaware, Ohio V. H. Ford 

CentreTille, Leon, Tex Neal McEachem 

Centreville, Montoomery, Ark. .Fielding Strawn 

CentreviHe, (c. iu) BiM>, Ala Josiah S.Kennedy 

CentreTille, New QuOe, Del James L. Deltiplain 

Centreviire, Leon, Fla .'. Alphonzo R. Combe 

Centreville, WUkes, Oa William G. Turner 

Gentreville, Columbia, Wis ^ohn McConochie 

CentreviHe. (c. h.) Wayne, la John B. Stitt 

Oentrevillej Baunon, Ky John W. Harcourt 

CentreviHe, SL Mary**, La Joshua B. Cai7 

CentreviHe, (c. h.) QtMen Aame, Md. Elizabeth J. 

CentrevUle, Barw^xMe, Ma88...Ferdinand G. KeUey 

.CentrevUle, (c. h.) SL Jot^h% Mich S. Shipman 

CentreviHe, AnUie, Miss Thomas Gain 

CentrevUle, Mwre, N. G NeUl McLeod 

CentreviHe, HunUrdon, N. J David Van Fleet 

CentreviHe, JUegany, N. Y John A. Thompson 

CentrevUle, Momtgcmery, Ohio Jl. M. Anderson 

. CentrevUle, Cravqford, Pa Stephen Poet 

CentreviHe, Keint, B. I James R. Tanner 

CentreviHe, Reynoids, Mo James Grownover 

CentreviHe, Laurens, S.0 OUver H. P. Jones 

CentrevUle, JSKckman, Tenn..Archibald M. Williams 

CentrevUle, Bnrfax, Va. Betty D.Grigsby 

CentreviHe, Appanoote, Iowa. Daniel P. Sparks 

CentrevUle, Kansas...Bei^amin F. Wale, jr 

CentreviHe, JJameda, Gal Reuben L. Clements 

Centre White Greek, Washington, N. Y... J). Fowler 

Ceralvo, OarroU, Miss Moses M. LiddeH 

Ceres, AUegany, N. Y Qemgo J. Adams 

Ceresco, (Mhoun, Mich Albert J. Vorhees 

Ceresco, Ibnd du £ac, Wis JUbert M. Skeels 

Cerro Gordo, Holmes, Fla Henry Hewett 

Cerro Gordo, Piatt, 111 George Peck 

Cerro Gordo, Randolph, la George Slack 

Cerro Gordo, MBit, Iowa Bruno Tzschuck 

Cerro Gordo, Oolumbus, N. G JiUped. M. Noble 

Chadd's Ford, Ddatoare, Pa Isaac Watkin 

Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga, Ohio Lorenzo D. Mix 

Chalk Bluff, Ghreen, Ark WilUam LiddeH 

Chalk Level, CunUferland, N. G... Andrew H. Dewar 

Chalk Level, PittiyUtanui, Va WUliam G. Tate 

Chalk Level, Hopkint, Ky Gabriel W. Jennings 

OhalkviUe, Chnter, 8.G Herndon Chalk 

KiJhamberlain, JUen^ Ind Lorenzo D. George 

Chambers, (c. h.) Chambers, Ala...Nathan Y. Hunter 

ChambenA>urgh, Pike, 111 A. S. Jackson 

^ Chambersbui^, C^rk, Mo Woodford Becket 

% Chamborsbui^h, Orange, la. linus Gampbell 

Chambersbui^h, JSAmitgomery^ Ohio...Henry Jackson 

Chambersburg, (e.h.) Franklin, Pa John Noel 

Chambers Greek, HUif, Texas James M.,£ewis 

Chambers' Mills, BuOeingham^ Ybl Charles S. 


Chambersville, Dallas, Ark.. Fielding B. Samnel 

ChambersvUle, Indiana^ Pa .George Swan 

Chamblissbargh, Bedford, Va Richard A. Lee 

ChampagnoHe, Union, Ark William H. Adams 

Champion, Trumbull, Ohio John Woodrow 

Champion, Jejfferson, N. Y Oren O.Johnson 

Champion South Roads, J^erson, N.Y. M. S. Twining 

ChamplonviHe^ HiyetU, Tenn Jack T. Champion 

Champlain, CUmton, N. Y .David Finley 

Ohampoag, Marion,Ogn James OaeteHo 

Chaoahachee, TeOlapoota, Ala .John B. Brooks 

Oianceford, York, Pa Joseph Tosh 

Chaneeford, Henry,Temi Thomas Poyner 

ChancellonrviUe, Spottsylvania, Va J. G. Pettus 

Chance Prairie, J3ur2Mon,Tex...WUUam W. Duncan 

, Chanceville, Monmouth, N. J Jacob M. Hetfield 

Chandler's Springs, ThOflK^gra, Ala. Joseph Chandler 

ChandlersviUe, Muskingum, Ohio Isaac Britain 

CiuKttdlerviUe, Chester, Pa Thomas H. Brown 

Chanhassen, Hen nepin, Mln. Ter H. M. Lyman 

ChK&nahon, VFa{,Illinoli............SenryHendorBon 

Ghannlngville, Du A(9ue,Iowa..MartinH.Cartmell 

Ghantllly, Lincoln, Mo MUner M. Tucker 

Ghantilly, Hurfax, Va John S. Roes 

Chapel HiU Orange, N. C James B. McDade 

Caiapel Hill, Monmouth, N. J GomeUus S. Mount 

Chapel HiU, Marshall, Tenn John H. Robinson 

Chapel Hill, Perry, Ohio Peter Goyle 

Chapel Hill, Washington, Texas John Q. Wallis 

Chapel Hill, La Ihyette, Mo...Thoma8 W. Riding# 

GhaplnvUlo, Ontario, N. Y John J. Bush 

Ghapinville, LUc/{/idd, Conn Horace Landon 

Chaplin, mndham,Coan Lester Bill 

Chaplin, Ndson, Ky Thomas 1^. Marshall 

Chapman, IMion, Pa Samnel G. Harrold 

Chapman's Ford, TbOopooM, Ala Ely W. Pharr 

ChapmanviUe, Logan, Va Bnrwell S. Chapman 

Ghappaqua, V^stdiesler, N. Y Levi Hunt, jr 

GhappeUs Bridge, Newberry, 8. G A. M. Smith 

Ghaptico, St, Mary's, Md J. T. M. Robey 

Ghardon, (c. h.) Geatiga, Ohio Reuben R. Bourn 

Charenton, 1^. Mar^s, La E. G. Growson 

Chariton, (c. h.) Lucas, Iowa Beverley Searcy 

Chariton Mills, Putnam, Mo Thomas Hai^rave 

Charity, Lincollai, Tenn Jesse L. Bryant 

GharityviUe, Brtdeenridge, Ky George W. Allen 

Qiarlemont, FraaUdin, Mass D. B. Hawks 

Gharlemont, Bed/ord, Va John Davis, jr 

Chiles City G. H., Charl»» OUy, Va...John J. Fear 
Charles River Village, Norfolk, Mas8...L. B. Russell 

Charleston, CbUs, 111 Jacob J. Brown 

Charleston, Mississippi, Mo David Swank 

Charleston, Penfobsc(ri,Me Mark Hatch 

Charleston, KalamoMo, Mich Harry A. King 

Charleston, TaUahatehee, Mi8S,...Henry L. TrewoUa 

Charleston, Lee, Iowa John Grippin 

Charleston, Montgomery, N. Y...Daniel W. Schuyler 

Charleston, Tiogct, Pa J. W. Bailey 

Charleston, (c. h.) Guwleston, S. C... Alfred Huger 

Charleston, Bradley, Tenn Samuel KeUy 

Gharfeston 4 Comers, Montgomery, N. Y...1. 8. Frost 

Charleston, Franklin, Ark E. M. Richardson 

CiMrleBtawn, Middlesex, MaJBS G. B. Rogers 

Gharlestown, CkcH, Md J.V. Black 

Gharlestown, Clark, la EUas Long 

Gharlestown, SidUvan, N. H Josiah H. Hubbard 

Gharlestown, OalwMt, Wis Henry ModUn 

Gharlestown, Portage, Ohio Nehemiah Heath 

Gharlestown, Wuhington, R. I George W. Gross 

Gharlestown, (c. h.) Jeffersxm, Va John P. Brown 

Charlevoix, JSmmeft, Mich George T. Preston 

Charlesville £^ordl. Pa Joseph F. Gorle 

Charley's Rancho, BuOe, Gal O. M. Evans 

Gharloe, JRxtddir^ Ohio Joseph Sherley 

Charlotte, TRuAinoton, Me Horace Glapp 

Charlotte, BalUm, Mich Gyrus Gummjngs 

Charlotte, ^. h.) MexUdx^fSnirgh, N. G F. M. Rose 

Charlotte, Jfonroe, N.Y arenas N. Golbum 

Charlotte, CMtlenden, Vt Caleb E. Barton 

Ciiarlotte, G. H., Charlotte, Va Alfred A.Wilbon 

Charlotte, (c. h.) Dickson, Tenn... James P. Priestly 

Charlotte, Qrant, Wis A. A. Bennett 

Charlotte, CUnton, Iowa Jeremiah Case 

Charlotte Centre, Chautauque, N. Y...Mi8s Loanda 

A. Lake 
Charlotte Hall, SL Mtn^s, Md...Thomas G. ReeVes 

GharlottesvUIe, Hdncoek, £bl Samuel Byers 

CharlottesviUe, (c. h.) Albemarle, Va. WiokliffA 

Gharlotteville, Schoharie, N. Y...WUliam T. La Mont 

Charlton, Wmxster, Mass Alfred E. Fisk 

Charlton, Saraioga, N. Y John A. Sweetman 

Charlton Depot, WoroeiAer, Mass... JuUus E. Tucker 

Cbartiers, Washington, Pa l^hralm I. Agnew 

Oiase MUU, SL Lawrence, N. Y...Thos. J. Wheeler 

CaiaseviUe, Murray, Ga Dean W. Chase 

Chaseville, Benton, Tenn Joseph B. Matthews 

ChaseviUe, OtMgOy N.Y .John Hurd 

(Siaaka, CbrMr, Minn Thomas B. Hunt 

CbaJtSkty, Bradley, Tenn Ake Henry 

Ghateaugay, franklin, N. Y Ransom B. Grippen 

Chatfteld, Crawford, Ohio .James M. Stewart 

Chatfleld, FiOmort, Minn Grove W. Willis 

Chatham, San^unon, HI C. J. Norton 

Chatham, Barnstable, Mass Josiah Mayo 

ChBtham, CbUmUria, N. Y. Seth Dal^ 




Chatham, Jform, N. J William R. McDongall 

Chatham^ Chettery Pa. ..Rachel B. Lambom 

Chatham, lAching^QlAo James Morford 

Chatham, Buchanan^ Iowa. Charles Melrose 

Oiatham Centre, OAumbtOt N. Y J. Y. H. 


Chatham Centre, iMma, Ohio J. D. Whitney 

Chatham 4 Comers, Columbia, N. T.UFohn H. Memck 

Chatham HUl, Smyth, Ya Abraham Landreth 

Chatham Rnn, CUnUm, Pa. Henry Myres 

Chatham Yalley, Tioga, Pa James N. Wylie 

Chattahoochee, GadilAen, Fla John B. Jordan 

Chattanooga, HamiUon, Tenn...Har7ey T. Phillips 
ChattoogaTiUe, ChoBUooga, 6a.....Williain L. Gwynn 

Chamnont, Jtfferton, N. Y Alexander C. Hamblin 

Channoey, jJmens, Ohio William H. Edwards 

Chautanqne Yalley, AUegany, N.Y....John H. Roes 

Chazy, CiinUm, N. Y Rnseell C. North 

Cheap Yalley, Henry, Tenn .....James A. Nance 

Chebanse, Iroquois, 111 J. W. Bearer 

CheeksviUe, Marion, Tenn James Griffith 

Cheetowago, Brie, N. Y... Nathaniel Illingworth 

Cheeeeqnakes, MiddUsee, N.J Nathaniel Euilyer 

Chehaw, Macon, Ala .John L. Robison 

Chelmsford, Mtddkiex, Mass £11 F.Webster 

Chelsea, WtO, 111 Matthew Yanhome 

Chelsea, Wuhtenaw, Mich Elisha Congdon 

Chelsea, Suffolk, Mass Gideon W. Yonng 

Chelsea, (c. h.) OraMge,yx Aaron Davis 

Cheltenham, MmUgomery, Pa...Thomas Rowland, jr 

Ohemnng, McHmry, 111 Henry C. Chandler 

Chemnng, (^emung, N. Y .Henry Baker 

Chemung Centre, i^unnvmg, N. Y Daniel Bean 

Chenango, Loewrmict, Pa William C. Ebrbeson 

Chenango, Broome, N. Y Hawley Thomas 

Chenango Forks, Broome, N. Y John B. Rogers 

Cheney's Grove, McLean, HI Henry McMackin 

Cheyneyrille, Rapides, La Walter Bailey 

Chenook, JPacific, Wash Washington Hall 

Chennba, Lee, Ga ...William I. Parker 

Cheohee, Pickens, 8. C Asbtiry B. Grant 

Chepachet, Providence, R. I Horace Kimball 

Chepultepec, Benton, Te. Hiram Pierce 

Chepultepec, Blount, Ala Wilson B. Dearer 

Cheqnist, Davis, Iowa D. Swinney 

C^eraw, Chesterjield, 8. C John C. Evans 

Cherino, Nacogdoches, Texas John N. Fall 

Cherokee, BtMe, Cal Thomas McDanel 

Cherokee Heights, AbbeoiUe, 8. 9. William Speer 

Cherokee Iron Works, York, 8. C.Renben Swann 

Cherokee lilne, Cherokee, (3teo P.F. Rainwater 

Cherry Creek, Ckautauarue, N. Y Silas Yinton 

Cherry Creek, Pontotoc, man Nathan M. Berry 

Cherryfield, Henderson, N. C G. L. Glazner 

Cherry Flat, i7utft«r/>rd, Tenn Amzi Bradshaw 

Cherry Flats, Tiooa, Pa Nathaniel A.Elliott 

Cherry Grove, S^uyler, Mo 8eth W. Hathaway 

Cherry Grove, Wishington,T^im Matthew 8. 


Cherry Grove, OarrcXl, HI Samnel Shelter 

Cherry Grove, Saline, Ark Thomas H. Crowson 

Cherry Grove, JSTamtZton, Ohio Samnel Morison 

Cherry Hill, Erie, Pa Ira Harrington 

Cherry Hill, Brooke,y% George Hooker 

Cherry Hill, CiM»7,Md Joseph T. Brown 

Cherry Hill, OhMoutt, Miss John B. Covington 

Cherry Lake, Madison, Fla John 8. Wyche 

Cherry Ridge, Wiyne, Pa John J. Schenk 

Cheny Ridge, UmUm, La William 0. Oarr 

Cherry Run Depot, Morgan, Ya Robert 8. Roach 

Cherry Stone, Northampton, Ya Edward T. 


Cherry Tree, Venango, Pa Ninian Irwin 

Cherry Yalley, Otsego, N. Y Charles McLean 

Cherry Yalley, Winnebago, 111 Alfred Johnson 

Ch^ry Yalley, WUsoH, Tenn. ..Wilson T. Oartwright 
Chenry Yalley, Ashtabula, Ohio...Lockwood Lobdell 

Cherry Yalley, TRufttn0>ton, Pa Ebenezer Smith 

Ch erry Y alley, Crawford^ Mo James Wheeling 

Cherryville, NorOiampton, pa Robert Wentz 

Oherryvflle, Haywood^ Tenn Hiram A. Partee 

Cherryville, Hunterdon, N. J William Large 

Chesaning, Saginaw, Mich Jesse L. Fisher 

Chesapeake, Ztfwmice, Mo Samuel C. Hale 

Chesapeake City, ObcHj Md .John W. Collins 

ChesheHs Store, Anderson, Ky...Albert G. Mulling 

Cheshire, New Ifoven, Conn Levi Munson 

Cheshire, Berkshire, "VLsjeis Russel C.Brown 

Cheshire, Onteno, N. Y Robert Renwick 

Cheshire, OtOfti, Ohio Amasa Yan Gilder 

Cheshireville, Chenango, N. Y Leonard Foot 

CheanutBluflb, i>yer,Tenn lBaacA.Nunn 

Chesnut Creek, AtUmtga^ Ala Andrew J. Cooper 

Chesnut Flat, milkeT, Ga John W. Williams 

Chesnut Fork, Bedford, Ya William P. Tinsley 

C9iesnnt Gap, 6iV{fiwr,Qeo Reeoe J. McClure 

Chesnut urove, SheUjy, Ky B. F. Booker 

Chesnut Grove, Lycoming, Pa...Zeboeth I. Brittain 
Chesnut GtTove, Davidson, Tenn...Raford Fulghum 

Chesnut Grove, Cheater, 8. Samuel J. Lewis 

Chesnut Hill, Perry, Ala Anderson B. Davis 

Chesnut Hill, JRiskinaton, la Samuel C. Tkylor 

Chesnut Hill, PkUadOphia, Pa Samuel Batcher 

Chesnut Hill, Ashe, N. Aaron Senter 

Chesnut Level, Lancarier, Pa Barbara Johnson 

Chesnut Mountain, HaU, Ga...Ambrose Kenneddy 

Chesnut Ridge, Dutchess, N. Y Edgar Yinoent 

Chesnut Ridge, Lincoln, Tenn P. G. Proeser 

Chesnut Ridge, Vhian, Pa Catharine Brown 

Chess Springs, Oambria, Pa Daniel litzinger 

Chest, Clearfdd, Pa. Thomas A. McGhee 

Chester, Middlesex, Conn David Henshaw 

Chester, Dodge, Wis Justin Jacobs 

Chester, JF%no60ooe,Me Walter Haynsfl 

Chester, Owinndtt, Ga James A. Pi^gett 

Chester, Tfhyne, la Samnel E. Iredell 

Chester, Bandolph, HI Alexander Dunn 

Chester, Hampden, Mass Thacfdeus K. De Wolf 

Chester, Eaton, liiefa William M. Rich 

Chester, Rockingham, N. H Alfred S. Dearborn 

Chester, Morris, ff. J Daniel Budd 

Chester, Orange, N. Y Charles P. Smith 

Chester, (c. h.) Meigs, Ohio William Blitchell 

Chester, (c. h.) Ddaware, Pa Charlotte Doyle 

Chester 0. H., Chester S. John R. Allen 

Chester, Otbson, Tenn William West 

Chester, TWndtt>r,Yt George L. Fletcher 

Chester Cross Roads, (3(6atMra, Ohio... W. £. Mcl^llin 

Chester Factories, JHSzmpaen, Mass A. C. Root 

Chesterfield, Ne!u> London, Oonn...Peter Wickwire 

Chesterfield, Madison, la Morris H. Gustin 

Chesterfield, Macoupin,!!! Joseph Rafferty 

Chesterfield, Hamp^iire, Mass...01iver Edwards, Jr 

Chesterfield, Oashtrt, N. H W.R. Plaitts 

Chesterfield, FuUont Ohio James M. Hough 

Chesterfield C. H., Oiegtafidd, 8. C William A 

Chesterfield Factory, Cheshire, N. H... Samnel Bur^ 

Chester Hill, Morgan, Ohio Richard Stanton 

Chester Springs, Cheiter, Pa Rudolph 8. Harley 

ChestertownTiTewE, Md John L. Stam 

Chestertown, Warrtn, N. Y William Hotohkiss 

Chesterville, FraiHeHn, Me P. M. Withington 

Chesterville, Chester, Pa John Stevens 

Chesterville, Morrow, Ohio Anna Goble 

ChestervUle, Kent, Md Henry M. Bollison 

Chesterville, Pwtotoc, Miss Simeon McCord 

Cheviot, Hamitton, Ohio Thomas Wills 

Chewning, 8L Clair, 111 George W. Smith 

Chew's Landing, Camden, N. J Joshua Sickler 

Chewsville, Washington, Md Luther D. Betts 

Chicago, Cook, lU I«aa« Cook 

Chichester, Merrimadc, N. H..Thurston J. Carpenter 

Ghlckahomeny, \aimo««r, Ya Willliam Chiles 

Chickamaw Bend, Madison P, La. John Neely 

Chickamoga, ^omlEton. Tenn Smith Finley 

Chickasaw, Ifmjcr.Ohio David A. Stevens 

Chickasaw, FrankUn, Ala William J. Brewer 

Chickasaw, Chickasaw, Iowa George R. Rowley 

Chikaliih, KB, Ark Burk Johnson 

Childersbur^, TaUadega^ Ala George Butler 

Chickasawhatchle, Lee, Ga Henry D. Miller 

Chick's Springs, OreenviUe, S.C Alfred TaylOT 

Chlco, Butte, Cal John Bidwell 

Chicopee, Hampden, Mass WUliam W. Johnson 

Chicopee Falls, Hampden, Ma88...Le8ter Dickinson 

Childersburgh, TaUadega, Ala. George Butler 

Childress Store, ifon£amfier2^,Ya...Stephen Childress 

Childsville, Yancey, N. C A. D. ChUdi 

Chihowee, JSZoun^ Tenn U Robert Jemee 




GloTer Bottom, SuOivan, Tenn...WilUam M^Glellan 

OloTer Creek, Highlandf Ya GhriBtopher Carlisle 

Gloyerdale, Putnam, la. John Sandy 

Cloverdale, Botetourt, Va... Hiram Blartin 

Olover Depot, HoMfax, Ta. Isaac Adkiseon 

CloTer (harden, Orange, V.O John Morrow 

Clover Green, Spottsytvania, Ta... William R. Powell 

Clover HUl, Hunterdon, N. J George W. Nevins 

Clover Hill, Mount, Tenn John Gault 

Clover Bill, (c. h.) Ajmomattox, Ya...Elbridge B. Land 

Clover Hill, Greene, Ky Joseph Perry 

Cloverland, Clay, la James M. Lncaa 

Clover (^chard, Orange, N. C Peter Fonst 

Clover Port, Breckenridge, Ky George La Heist 

Clover Port, Hardeman, Tenn I>avid Thorn 

Clovesville, Delaunire, N. Y John Kelly 

Cloyd's Creek, Blount, Tenn Andrew Ferguson 

Clyattsvllle, Lovmdes, Ga. James M. Clyatt 

Clyde, Wayne, N. Y James Chapman 

Clyde, Sandusky, Ohio James C.Wales 

Clyde, Jowo, Wis Ephraim Norton 

Clyde, Whitegidei, 111 Thomas Milnes 

Clyde Mills, SL Clair, Mich Ralph Wadhams 

Clyman, Dodge, Wis Frederick H. Ehinger 

Clymer, ChaiUauque, N. Y H. 0. Mackres 

Clymer Centre, Chautauque, N. Y...Alex. Maxwell 

Coal Bank, Oo(^r, Mo Joseph Stephens 

Coal Dale, MtuMngttm, Ohio.. Abram Garges 

Coal Grove, PiJce, Ky Stephen M. Ferguson 

€k>al Grove, Larvrence, Ohio William P. Israel, jr 

Coal Hill, QoochUmd, Ya. WUliam A. Deitrick 

Coalmont, Hvmtingdon, Pa Ezekiel White 

Coal Mountain, Ibr^h, Ga George Kellogg 

Coal Port, J&ujuzno, Pa John Fulton 

Coal River Marshes, Raleigh, Ya.-.Lewis McDonald 

Coal Run, Waihington, Ohio Jeremiah Wilson 

Coalsmouth, Kanawha, Ya R. H. M. Smith 

Coal Yalley, MUghany, ¥a ^Archibald McLees 

Coate's Ttevem, York, S. G William P. McFadden 

Coatesville, Ch^ier, Pa Martha F. Gordon 

Coatesville, Hendricks, la Robert Patty 

Cobalt, AHddlesex, Conn Charles F. Rich 

Cobb, Jackton, Iowa William Wilcox 

Cobb's Creek, MaOiews, Ya Alfred Billups 

Cobb's Fork, Decatur, la Smith Reiley 

Cobb's Mills, Cherokee, Ala J. M. Moseley 

Cobbsville, Johnson, Ark Francis K. Jones 

Cobbville, mfair, Ga...... Edward G. McDufBe 

Goberlys, Union, Ohio William Bales 

Cobham, ^I6emar2e, Ya, M. A. Thompson 

Cobleskill, Schoharie, N. Y Marcus Sternberg 

Cobleskill, Centre, Schoharie, N. Y...Jerome iSrance 

Gobnm's Store, Union, N. C E. C. Stewart 

Cocalico, Lancaster, Pa Richard Flickinger 

Cochecton, SuUivan, N. Y William McCnllough 

Cochecton Centre, SuUivan, N. Y...Ozias D. Stevens 

Cochesett, FlyTnouth, Mass JUbert Cop^laad, jr. 

Cochituate, Middlesex, Mass .Charles R. Damon 

Cochran's Cross Roads, Harris, Ga Cormick Mc- 


Cochran's Grove, Shelby, HI James Cochran 

Cochran's Landing, Monroe, Ohio, William H. Cramp 

Cochran's MUls, Pickens, Ala J. N. ColUer 

Cochransville, Chester, Pa Oliver Alison 

Cochranton, Marion, Ohio J. C. Shepherd 

Oochranton, Crawford, Pa Hngfa Smith 

Ooekeysville, BdUunore, Md Gist. T. Cockey 

Cockle Town, York, Ya Thomas J. Crockett 

Cocknim, De Soto, Miss Joseph H. Brown 

CoddingviUe, Medina, Ohio Joseph Woodruff 

Coddle Creek, Oabarras, N.C J. E. Pressly 

Codorofl^ York, Pa George Snodgrass 

Coelk, Lioiiuston, La J. T. Folder 

Coe Ridge, Ouyahoga,0hio Asher M. Coe 

Coesse, Wlutl^, la Horace Cleveland 

Ooeyman's, Albany, N. Y Samuel King 

Coeyman's Hollow, Jlbany, N. Y Edward Shear 

Cofer, E[ardin, Ky Robert Funk 

CoffiideUah, IVeshoba, Miss .John B. Adams 

Coffee, Clay, la. Andrew J. Baber 

Coffbe Corner, Ocsffic, Ala Jesse Gainer 

0(^ee Creek, Porter, la William Thomas 

Ooflbe Landing, Hardin, Tens lAomas Parkes 

Coflbe Run, Huntisigdon, Pa. James Sntrekin, Jr 

Ooflbevflle, dark, Ala John W. Figures 

Coffeeville, (c h.) Yalabusha, Miss C. C. RaddiclC 

Coffeeville, Z^shur, Tex .James M. Monroo 

Colfin's Grove, Ddawwre, Iowa Clement Coffin 

C<^an House, Lycoming, Pa .Charles Person 

Cogar's Landing, Jessamine, Ky Thomas 8. Cogar 

Coghill, itMinn, Tenn ....W. S. Gonldy 

Cogswell, M* Henry, 111 Truman Farmaa 

Cohassett, Norfolk, Mass Zenas Stoddard 

Cohocton, Steuben, N. Y .....Walter M. Eldred 

Cohoes, Albany, N. Y Geoi^ H. Wager 

Cohuttah Springs, Murray, Ga... William T. Amosfl 

Coila, WasUngtan, N. Y William Weir 

Coila, Coamm, Bliss William Smith 

Coii^ock, CurrtiucX;, K. C D. H. Cherry 

Coitsville, Mahoning, Ohio Thomas M'Geeheo 

Coker Creek, Monroe, Tenn Austin Fry 

Cokerville, Mmroe, Ala. Stanford Mima 

Cokesburgh, Hunterdon, N. J Oliver W. Farley 

Cokesbury, AbbeviUe, S. C Maurice Strauss 

Colaparchee, Monroe, Ga Thomas D. Ousley 

Colchester, New London, Conn ....David A. Fox 

Colchester, Chittenden, Yt E. S. Hina 

Colchester, Delaware, N. Y Perry Radeker 

Cold Brook, Herkimer, N. Y Cameron Moon 

Cold Brook, Worcester, Mass William B. Sibley 

Golden, Erie, N. Y Richard 8. Shelley 

Goldenham, Orange, N. Y Beverly K. Johnston 

Cold Neck, Cooper, Mo Be^}amin B. Brereton 

Cold Spring, ikirfidd. Conn Oliver S. Botsford 

Cold Spring, Shaby, 111 Jesse Johnson 

Gold Spring, Harrison, Ohio Joshua Gop« 

Gold Spring, OxmpbeU, Kj Joel H. S. DeCourcv 

Gold Spring, mUdnson, Miss David Buck 

Gold Spring, Com May, N. J...Richard D. Edmunds 

Cold Spring, IhOnam, N. Y Alfred H. Ladae 

Cold Spring, PUk, Tex .James A. Hall 

Gold Spring, Et^efidd, S. G John M. Clark 

Gold Spring, Jefferson, Wis James H. Fuller 

Cold Spring, El Dorado, Gal... John M. Goetsdunes 

Gold Spring, Berkshire, Mass Alonzo Waterman 

Gold Springs, Noble, la Harvey A. Adair 

Gold Spring Harbor, Si^ffolk, N. Y..Samuel A. Jones 

Gold Stream, Hampshire, Ya Elizabeth £. OBatX 

Gold Water, (c. h.) Branch, Mich.Corydon P. Benton 

Gold Water, Doddridge, Ya PhiUp S. Cox 

Cold Water, Poinsett, Ark David Block 

Gold Water, Marshall, Miss William Boyd 

Gold Water, Elbert, Ga .'Barnabas Barron 

Cold Water, Delaware, Iowa...WiUiam Kirkpatrick 

Gold Water, Wayne, Mo. L. F. Dalton 

Gold Water, Mercer,Ohio Joshua H. Bye 

Gold WeU, White,Axk Emah Little 

Cold Well, Vni&n, S. G W. H. Sartor 

Colebrook, Litchfield, Conn Reuben Rockwell 

Golebrook, Cbos, N. H Hezekiah B. Parsons 

Colebrook, Lebanon, Fa William Coleman 

Colebrook Dale, Berks, Pa...Christopher K. ShnltE 
Golebrook River, Litchfield, Conn...Ford L. Bidwell 

Cole Camp, Benton, Mo William G. Blakey 

Cole Greek, Ibuntain, Ind Aaron B. Applegate 

Coleman's Cross Roads, Edgefield, S. C.Matthew W. 

Colemanville, Lancaster, Pa Samuel Allison 

Colemansville, Harrison, Ky William T. M'Nees 

Colerain, I^TikUn, Mass Calvin W. Shattack 

ColeraiUy^lerMe, N.C Henry White 

Colerain, Belmont, Ohio Joshua Maule 

Colerain, Lancaster, Pa A. D. Whitesidea 

Colerain, Jackson, Ark Robert Boales 

Colerain For^, Huntingdon, Pa David Stewart 

Golesburgh, Potter, Ponn D. F. Glassmira 

Cole's Creek, Columbia, Penn Alinas Cole 

Cole's Ferry, TI^Z«on, Tenn John F. Coles 

Cole's Mills, Ddaware, Ohio Hugh Cole 

Oolesville, <SKoJte*, N.C Thomas Martin 

Colesville, Sussex, JH. J Joshua Y.Coleman 

Colesville, Montgomery, Md Hilleary 0. HigfsUnn 

Colesville, Broome, N. Y Nathan K. Williams 

Coleta, Talladega, Ala John T. Ragan 

Col&x, CUnton, la Samuel Duke 

Oolita, PoUc, Texas Samuel Rowe 

C(dlamer, Copiah, Miss Elisha P. Miller 

Collamer, C^bciter, Pa Thomas Bafesr 

CoUamer. ¥^indham, Conn Daniel Gordon 

Collamer, Cuyahoga, Ohio Sargent Carrier 




OoIIamer, Onondagci, N. Y ...Junes Steveiiaon 

GoUamer, WhiOej/t la Jacob Bafler 

Oollege Corner, BuOer^ Ohio J. M. G. Howe 

College Hill, La Fayette, Mis9 Mary T. Smith 

College Hill, HamUUm, Ohio...Bclward B. Serisyjr 

Oollege Monnd, Kat^fman, Tex. John J. Beck 

Collie of St. James, Waskir^ftonf Md... J.B. Kerfoot 

Gollegeyille, Sdline,Axk William Ulmer 

CoUetsville, QOdtoeU, N. C Scrag Webb 

Collicoon, SuUivany N. T Aaron Fraser, Jr 

Collicoon Depot, SuUivan, N. Y... William H. Curtis 

Colliers, EAgefUld, S.C Samuel C.Scott 

Collierstown, Sockbridge, Va Henry McCorkle 

ColliersTille, £fA«Z6y, Tenn Isaac Taylor 

Colliersville, Livingston^ Mo John Oraham 

ColliersTille, OttegOj N.Y Jared Goodyear 

GoUina, .filrie, N.Y Thomas S. Hibbard 

Collins Centre, Erie, N. Y Phillip H. Perry 

Collins' Depot, Hampden, Mass Warren Collins 

Collins' Settlement, Xetm, Ya Porter M. Arnold 

Collins' Store, Orant, Ky ^ John A. Collins 

OollinsTiHe, Hartford, Conn Seth P. Norton 

CollinsviUe, Madison, HI Leyi Lancaster 

Gollinsville, Lewis, N-J^ James A. Pratt 

GolliusTille, Butler, Ohio James M. Steele 

Cologne, Mason, Ya..... Charles C. BfiUer 

Goloma, Cherokee, Ala..* J. L. Cunningham 

C^oma, WhitesicUs, Ill...Axtema8 W. Worthington 
Goloma, (c. h.) El Dorado, GaU.... Robert F. Davis 

Goloma, Waushara, Wis Huntress Ross 

Colon, ^.Joseph, Mich Ix>ransie Shellhouse 

Golona Station, ^enry. Ill Montreyille Davis 

Colonel's Fork, Pickens^ S. C €toorge W. Phillips 

Colony, Knox, Mo Thomas L. Durkee 

Colony, Delaware, Iowa Jacob B. Moreland 

Colosse, Oswego, N. Y Matthew Bradbury 

Golton. <S%. Lawrence,!^, Y....,.AdolphttS S. Tupper 

Colt's Neck, Monmotdh, N. J .Tunis Statesir 

Columbia, Henry, Ala Andrew J. Goe 

Columbia, Chicot, Ark .....Wesley L. Moulding 

Columbia, ToUand, Conn...^ ».Chauncey K. Hill 

Columbia, Ibyette, la Daniel 0. Darby 

Columbia, Monroe, HI Christian Breidecker 

Columbian, (c. h.) Adair, Ey... William N. Robinson 

Columbia, (c. h.) QMweU, La H. H. Rice 

Columbia, Washittg^, Me Truman Wilson 

Columbia, Jac/c«o», Mich John H. Da Bois 

Columbia, (c. h.^ Boone,'M.o Ann Gentry 

Columbia, (c. h.) Marion, Miss Jesse Warren 

Columbia, (c. h.) TyrreU, N. C...Wllliam W. Walker 

Columbia, Qws, N. H .Alonzo Eastman 

Columbia, Warren, N. J John J. Yankirk 

Columbia, Herkimer, N. Y J^omee B. Hawks 

Columbia, ifarion, Iowa Samuel S. tV'alker 

Columbia, HamiUon, Ohio.. Abraham Knicely 

Columbia, LancaOer, Pa .Amelta S. Moderwell 

Columbia, (o. h.) Richland, S. G James B. Glass 

Columbia, (c. h.) Maury, Tenn Edward F. Lee 

Columbia, BrazoriOjTex W. F. Swain 

Columbia, Fluvanna, Ya Joseph Hodgson 

Columbia, Tuolumne, Gal Alfred A. Hunnewell 

Columbia Centre, Xtdnn^, Ohio .David Herron 

Columbia City, Clark, Wash Samuel D. Smith 

Columbia City, WkiUey, la J. A. Berry 

Columbia Cross Roads, Bradford, Pa William 

Columbia Furnace, Shenandoah,Yau Samuel B.MyerB 

Columbiana, (c. h.) Shelby, Ala W. M. Allen 

Columbiana, CUumbiana, Ohio John Hiner 

Columbian QroYe, LunenburghfY a William M. 

Columbia Station, Loraine, Ohiq...Trueman Dailey 
Columbus, Hanpstead, Ark...Matthew Y. Cheatham 

Columbus, Obhin^ia, Fla William H. Watson 

Columbus, (c. h.) Muscogee, Qa R. C. Forsyth 

Columbus, (c. h.) BarUu)lomew, Ia...Ara E. S. Long 

Columbus, Adams, 111 MTohn Gktult 

Cfdumbus, (c. h.) Hvckman, Ky James M. Moore 

Columbus, St. (flair, Mich William 0. Fuller 

Columbus, (c. h.) Loiondes, Miss ....Jacob Isaacs 

Columbus, Johnson, Mo J. H. Rogers 

Columbus, Sabine, La John A. M. Goodwin 

Columbus, Burlington, N. J ..Thomas B. Black 

Columbus, Chaumgo, N. Y...< Grant B. Palmer 

Columbus, (c h.) mnkUn, Ohio...Thomas %>arrow 

Columbus, Tf^mnifPa Edwin C. Stacy 

Columbus, (c. h.) CbZprodo^ Tex J.'M. Harrison 

Columbus, Oolwmbia, Wis Addison Gri8W(dd 

Columbus City, Louisa, Iowa William A. Golton 

Colusi, (c. h.) OMtMt, Gal William Yincent 

Goman's Well, SussexjTsk, Phillip H. Taylor 

Comfort, Jon««, N. C E. L. Franck 

Comfort, J^ekens, Ala. Henry Yail 

Gommack, SuiJBPoUc, N. Y Charles S. Cutting 

Commerce, OaMand, Mich Thaddeus A. Smith 

Commerce, Scott, Mo N. C.Johnson 

Commerce, WHson, Tenn Abraham Britten 

Gommettsburgh, Washifngton, Pa... William Melvin 

Communia, Clayton, Iowa B. F. Weia 

Como* WhUesides, 111 „ Addison C. Hopgood 

Gomo, Henry, Tenn Edward James 

Como, 2>eiSMo, Miss J. E. Stratto* 

Gomo, Bradley, Ark Henry N. Darby 

Comom, a>oA;, HI Blvin A. Hempstead 

Comorn, King George, Ya H. C. Bruce 

Competine, Wapdlo, Iowa Solomon McReynolds 

Compromise, Pulton, Ey...... William R. Dickinson 

Comstock, fotonuuroQ, Mich Joeiah Loveland 

Gomstock's Landing, Washington, N. Y A. Clark 

Con, JcMper, Iowa John Q. Deakln 

Conchardee, TaUad^, Aia...Augu8tus A. Pahner 

Concord, Sussex, Del. Littleton H. Smith 

Concord, Morgan, HI E. W. Wiswell 

Concord, Jeffierson,W\9 Horatio N. Carlton 

Concord, Montginnery, Md, Harvey G. Shepard 

Concord, THppacanoe,!^... Jacob Hoover 

Concord, Lmiiisa, Iowa James Latta 

Concord, Lemis, Ey S. Stevenson 

Concord, iSiomerfet, Me Oren O. Yittum 

Ccmcord, (c. h.) Middlesex, Ma8S...Charles B. Davis 

Concord, JocXrwm, Mich Hiram C. Hodge 

Concord, OaUaway, Mo Joseph A. Miller 

Concord, (c. h.) (Mbarras, N. G Henry A. Area 

Concord, (c. h.) Merrimack, N. H Jacob Cart^ 

Concord, ZoAre, Ohio... , Roewell Burr 

Concord, Latorence, Ala Pleasant Ponder 

Concord, Ocdhoim, Miss Isaac F. Turner 

Concord, Prar^Un, Pa William Johnston 

Concord, Essex, Yt H. Judevine 

Concord Depot, OampbeU, Ya...Thoma8 L. Arrington 

Concordia, Darke, Ohio .Christopher C. Walker 

Concordia, Bolivar, Miss Daniel Temple 

Concordia,. Ftyette, Tenn William A. Martin 

ConcordvUle Ddaxoare, Pa G«orge Rush 

Concrete, Dewitt, Texas J. P^ Eindred 

Conehatte, Newton, Miss .Jesse M. Pace 

Conemaugh Furnace, Jf^stmordand, Pa..George Rhey 

Conerly's, Pike, Miss Bex^amin Lampton 

Conestoga, Lancaster, Pa.. Adam Eendig 

Coaesus, Livingston, N. Y Hiram Boyd 

Conesus Centra, Livingston, N. Y....Hemon Barnes 

Conesville, Schoharie, N. Y Levi F. Stevens 

Conesville, Ooshocton, Ohio .Beebe S. Cone 

Conewaga, Tork^Vsk , ...Samuel M.Eisenhart 

Conewango, Catiaravg%»s, N. Y...Charles McGlashan 

Confluence, Warren, Ya .James R. Richards 

Congress, Wayne, Ohio Anthony Eline 

Conkey's Store, VermiOion, HI... William A. Conkey 

Conklin, Broome, N. Y..... Edward Y. Park 

Conklin Centre, BrooTne, N. Y Sylvanus Judd 

Conneaut, Ashtabvla, Ohio .Thomas I. Garlin 

Conneautville, Crawford, Pa. William Meyler 

ConnellBville, Ih/iette, Pa Provance McCormick 

Conner's Mills, Ooqper,^o James F.Conner 

Connersville, Harrison, Ey James J. Laughlin 

Gonnersville, (c. h.) JFbiyette, la H. Ooodlander 

Conn's Creek, S?ietby, la ....Thomas E. Shorr 

Gono, Iowa, Iowa Alexander Hutson 

Conooocheague, Washington, ^d. William Stake 

Con<dB, Oalkotm, Mich Ira M. Lawrence 

Conotton, Harrison, Ohio Isaac H. Wilson 

Conquest, Oayvga, N.Y JDavid Horton 

Conrad's Store, iSocMt^Aam, Ya... Joseph H. Conrad 
Conshatte Chute, NatOatochu, La...Jas. R. Bosley 

Conshohocken, Montgomery, Pa £. L. Scfarask 

Consolation, Shdby, Ey L. D. Bryant 

ConstablevUle, Lewis, N. Y JL. S. Miller 

Constance, Boone, Ey .William Turner 

Constance, iimra, Wis Daniel W. Thorp 

Oonstantia, Oswego, N. Y Sereno Clark 


C!opper Bridge, Haneooky Tenn B. 0. Ford 

GopperTiIle,-(7AeroA«6, N. 0. :.Peter Moeteller 

Com, MUchdl, Iowa Alexander H. Moore 

Coralj McHenrys 111 Elijah Dunham 

Coram, Suffolk, N. Y Richard W. Smith 

Cktrbettsville, Broemy N. Y Ira Corbett 

OordaTille, Wbreaiery Mass Chirtls Wood 

Cordelia, SoUmoy Cal A. 0. Lamoroe 

Cordova, i^oc^ island, 111 William Marshall 

Cordova, Orcmty Ky Jeremiah Morgan 

Cordova, Ztnooln, Tenn John Corder 

Corfu, Gmext€y N. Y Robert Millar 

Corinna, Penofticot, Me Volney A. Spragu* 

Gorinna Centre, Penahwcuty Me... Freeman Knowles 

Corinth, ITotrd, Ga David L. Grimes 

Corinth, Penobtcot, Me^ Elbridge H. Bri^ou 

Corinth, Saraiog<iy N. Y Thomas L. Ostrom 

C(»inth, OaMwdL, La Marcns L. Ronton 

Corinth, Orangey yt William Spencer 

Cork, Dtar^xjmy la Bryant Conneilv 

Cork, Mhtabttkiy Ohio.... G. H. SechevereU 

C(»-k, BuUSy Ga Hnbbard WUliams 

Comersburgh, Mahoningy Ohio Adam Lynn 

Comersvllle, MarshaUy Miss W. D. Wright 

Comersville, Hickoryy Mo Shadrack Mustain 

CornersviUel OOuy Tenn William E. Baird 

Comett's Mill, Letchery Ky Samnel Cornett 

Com Grove, Benton, Ala J. M. Tea^e 

Coming, Steubeny N. Y George W. E^er 

Cornish, Torky Me. Horace A. Pike 

Cornish Flat, SuUivany N. H Orlando Powers 

Comishville, Meroery Ky Garland Symmes 

Coraplanter, Venangoy Pa Thomas Moraa 

Comton, Cumberland, 111 Leman H. Faunce 

Comncopia, OarroOy la Jacob W. Fonts 

Cornucopia, Jbn«s, Ga Abram D.Jones 

Comville, Somerset^'ilB Marcus Parsons 

Cornwall, LUohfieldy Coma Horace Hitchcock 

Corwall, Orange, N. Y Henry F. Chadeayne 

Cornwall, L^Mnon, Pa Robert W. Coleman 

Cornwall, Addison, Vt Eli Stone 

Cornwall Bridge, I«;cA/!«2e{,Conn...Myron Harrison 
Cornwall Hollow, LiicMddy Conn. John B. Doughty 

Cornwallville, Greeny N. Y Samuel Tuel 

Cornwell Turnout, ChesieryB.G James Boyd 

Corowaugh, L of Wiaht, Va Edwin L. Ballard 

Corpns Christi, (c. h.J Nueces, Tex H. W. Berry 

Corsica, Morrow, Ohio James McClune 

Corsica, Ji;2^«on, Pa Mark Rodgers 

CoTsicana, (c h.) iVavorro, Tex L. T. Wheelw 

Corson's, Lycoming, Pa.........^ J)aniel Corson 

Cortland, Kent, Mich Philo Beers 

Cortland, Jackson, la Jacob Brown 

Cortlandt Tillage, Q/rOandt, N. Y... Hiram Crandall 

Corunna, Shiwcusee, Mich Edmund Green 

Corvallis, BetUon, Or J. H. Slateir 

Corwin, Montgomery, Ohio A. C. Pierson 

Cdry, Frtmont. Iowa Samuel W. Ripley 

Corydon, (c. h.) ITarruon, la John Elliott 

Corydon, Benderson, Ky W. B. Pentocort 

Corydon, Warren, Pa Ellis Gamble 

Corydon, Wayne, Iowa John Hays, Jr 

Cosgrave Hall, I7hton,Pa Henry Benf(M: 

Coshocton, (c. h.) Cbshocton, Ohio... Henry N. Shaw 

Cosnmne, SacramMUo, Cal William D. Wilson 

Cote Sans Dessein, GiUawayy Mo W. A. Bennett 

Cotile, Rapidesy La Robert M. Henderson 

Gotland, Neufton, Tex .James Herriti 

Cotoms, Montgomery, Ala Amos Jones 

Cotoosa Springs, CWoot, Goo A. N. MagUl 

Cotswood, Newberry, S. C Allen 8. Scruggs 

Cottage, Montgomery, Md Susan M. Bunting 

Cottage, Onittaraugus,N.Y: Israel H. Alden 

Cotto^, Huntingdon, Pa. Benjamin Hartman 

Cottage Furnace, EOOl, Ky James L. Wheeler 

Ootta^ Grove, WiuMngton, Min...Stephen F.Doug- 

Cottage Grove, Lane, Oregon G. C. Pearoe 

Cottage Grove, Henry, Tenn John W. Todd 

Cottage Grove, Ame, Wis..« ...Horatio B. Gatlin 

Cottage Grove, Union,l», Samuel H. Crawford 

Cottage Hill, Du Page, HI Geny Bates 

Cottage HiU,ikiiMierdaIe,Tenn.»Leonard Dunavant 

Cottage Hill, JSL Joseph^ la. Joseph P. Jones 

Cottage Hill, QreemeUy S. T. H. Stokes 

Oonstantia, Ddamairt, Ohio ^C. G. Scott 

Constantia Centre, Osmego, N. Y Jacob Lince 

CcmstMitine, iSt Joseph's, Mich John K. Brlggs 

Constittttion, Waxiwngtaiiy Ohio J. H. Demlng 

Constitution, J^hsm^n, Ark...Dewbart LeBonrland 

Contoocook Tillage, MtsrriiMx^y N. H Isaac D. 


Gontreras, JSuOer, Ohio..... Ezra Bourne 

Convenience, Fay^ttA, Ohio John De Witt 

Convenient, SmiUh, Tenn Warren Nichols 

Convent, SU James, La » Leon Blouin 

Conway, I^ankUn, Mass Thomas S. Dickinson 

Conway, Aroottooky Me Owen Doyle 

Conway, Livingston, "Mich Hbnry Snyder 

Conway, CkrrMy N.H ..William Si Abbott 

Conwayborough, (c. h.) Horry, S.C...Thoe W. Beaty 

Conyers, Newton, Ga.... Graves B. Almand 

ConyersvlUe, Henry, Tenn. H. P. Barber 

Conyngham, Luzern^ Pa.. ....William Drumheller 

Cooch'8 Bridge, New QuOe, Del William Cooch 

Cook, Erie, Pa Chailes W. Baker 

Cook's Comers, Srie, Ohio Elihu Parker 

Cooksburgh, Aibany, N. Y Talentine Fero 

Cook's Comer, DrankUn, N. Y Ctoorge J. Cook 

Cook's Law OlEloe, Elbert, Ga Bud 0. Wall 

Cook's Ran, ^CUnion, ¥9. John McClosky 

Cook's Store, paddo. La William B. Cooke 

Cook's Store, l^ayettey Mo Morddcai M. Cook^ 

Cook's Store, AppHngy Ga Instance COok 

Gookstown, Burlington, N. J Joseph M. Reeves 

Gookstown, MiyetUy Pa... Robbert G. MuUin 

Cook's Talley, Oattoway, Ky Henry W. Cook 

Oooksville, Howard, Md...» William Cushen 

Cooksville, iSoeX;, Wis John B.Collins 

Cooksville, iVixrubee, Miss James E. Holt 

Coolbaughs, Monroe, Pa... John Coolbaugh 

Cool Spring, Wilkinson, Ga Willis Allen 

Cool ^ri^g, J^er son, Vsk John Scott 

Cool Spring, JrsdeO, N. C Marshal Tumer 

Coolville, Athens, Ohio J(^n Pratt 

Cool Well, Amherst, Ta Charles J. Ryan 

Coomer, Niagara^ N. Y Theodore M. Titus 

Coon Creek, Jasper, Mo..... Noah Standley 

Coonewai*, PorUotoe, Miss J. W. Freeman 

Goon Hill, Sa/tOa Eosa, Fla William L. Williams 

Coon Island, Wa^tingion, Pa Robert Holmes 

Coon Prairie, Bad Ax^Wis Cyrus F. Gillett 

Cooper, Washington, Me Asaph Sawyer 

Cooper, Kalamazooy Mich Edward S. Wicks 

Cooper's, *Frankl4ny Ta Robert Wright 

Coopersbnrgh, Lehigh, Pa mTuo. W. Ochs 

Cooper's Gap, Ruther/ordy N. C Caleb King 

Cooper's Mills, Xtnodln, Me Allen B. Kincaid 

Cooper's Plains, Steubeny N. Y...Joseph Hammond 
Cooperstown, (c. h.) OtsegOy N. Y....Cha8. J. Stillman 

CooperHown, ifenitoiooe. Wis John Bartelme 

Cooperstown, Venango, F& Jimea Tannaten 

Cooperstown, .0roton, 111 James M. Warren 

Coopersville, Dearborn, la John Kemp 

Coopersville, FentresSy Tenn... Emanuel M. Robson 

Coopersville, Dniony S. C Alexander M. Latham 

Coopertown, Robertsony Tenn David S. Alsbrook 

Coop's Creek, Mariony Tenn William Rankin 

Coos, Cbosy N. H Albe Holmcjs 

Coosa, Floyd, Ga John W. Stett 

Coosawattee, Murray, Ga. .J...ohn H. Hawkins 

Copake, Cblumbia, N. Y William Eliiott 

Copano, RtfugiOy Texas.. Walter Lambert 

Copeland, Tfe^tr, Ga. John B. Coffee 

Copenhagen, OddtM^ La William C. Redditt 

Copenhagen, CaHdnoeSLy N.C Joseph Corpening 

Copenhagen, JJeiois, N. Y.'. Gustavus A. Scovill 

Cope's Mills, JeJ^son, Ohio Martin Adams 

Copi, Johnsony Iowa Avery J. Bond 

Copiah Creek, Copiah, Miss Madison G. Norman 

Copley, Bummit, Ohio Byron Chapman 

Coplinger*s Mills, Oedair, Mo Andrew Masters 

Copopa, Lorain, Ohio Thomas Chnrchward 

Copperas Creek, FuUan^ HI John MeCan 

Copperas Hill, Orangey^t John Reynolds 

Copper Creek, Rock hland, 111 Dennis Pnllen 

Copper Hill, Hunlterdon, N.J Jndiah H. Kuhl 

Copper HiU, Floyd, Ta> Sfeimuel Griggs 

Copper Hill, ObrroO, Ga Thomas Fftm>er 

Copper Mines, Pdtkj Tenn ....John B. Newbeiy 

cow - a 

Cbltlge HtH, jnitMiv<«. O...NUhuilel U. Hathev 

Ositage Hm, Dh Siiiue, Ion Elchsnl Orcenliy 

Cottate BoDW, Lincoln, K. C.-Bobeit H. MoitIkid 

OotUge Honla, BtoJordjUA LctI B. FInle.v 

CotUee Inn, £a .ftqiitti, Wli. Illnun lornlwrger 

CottagaHllL jriuttu«,Qft. Oiigibj E. Thomu 

CattleTllle, ^ CAariu, Md Reien A.Tseut 

Ootton Gin, JhertoM, Tei JamcB S. Will. 

CoCtan Gin Fort, Hmnt, UlH John L. Sobbg 

Cotton Grove, AwWuBvN.C John Miller 

Cotcon GroTB, JCiittien, Tenu F, H. Hudgme 

Cotton Bill, JtoBdoip*,"". '■ " " ■■ 

Cotton aai, niyau,Vi. ^.Thc 

Cotton. Ptsnt, TKfpaKHUrm -Jchi 

Coctan Plant, ffiu*-, Tex Th< 

Cotton Want, a JVaiwfi, Ark-Samuel Shnpson, jr 
CoHOD Ridge, Aiiu>iintii,UlsB...£dniandGiuinawar 

Cotton VaUey, Macon, Ala. A. Loctwood 

Oottoniille, ibnliaa, Ala. Saiid Rickeiu 

CiittonTllleitraotlaB, lowik gamsel Cotton 

OotlODWOOd, ^01(0, Ci]~ William Lean 

Cottonwood, ChrMvHfKt P. n. Munren 

OoMonwood, aabitlH, m _ .TbrnatmBiiji 

Cottonwood OrsTs, Burnt, 111 —DiitM I. McCoid 

CoUoDwood Point, I^mitoit Mo... William O. Eule; 

Oouttlhlll^ a. Clatr, Mlcb Saotnol Roberb 

OMnH Poii &nuesNe, UaM RandaU Eelle; 

Onlta^ Stnvj^m, Mo Suning Conlicr 

OanUarfrtllLjEBiKf^pt, lil. Henr; Taylor 

OoaBdl Bhilk Ateioalanfs, Iowa,.,J. G. Johoaon 

CbimcU a^l^wu. Latham Smitti 

CobimD OraVe. £iiuu. .Thomaa g. Umnilton 

OonncllHlll,ffErntoN,bn....~ Oiwrge Shober 

Oonii^ HIU, JoDattm, in John tfoCalllnttr 

CoutnlllB, ZccAutoB, g. O. J. H. Coaots 

Conn^Une,£tei»lii,TBnn .Waahinglon P. Babo 

Onm^ Line, PUa, iik Daild A. Walton 

Conn^ line, OuapMI, Oa Jameg Hutcheion 

Count; Line, JViin!on, Hln.. ..AntlH)n]> Qrebain 

Conn^ line, IKiifara, N. T Bldildn Obmami 

Oonn^Llne, I>avia,H,C. .John WeilsT&cleg 

ConrtHUI, TUIadm, Ala. Nlcadennu IbM^lar 

Omrilimd, MhiNb, Wli Hones Itoiil 

Conrtland, lavmM, Ala. AlETsd D. SIranuHu 

OmrtUndt Btatknii A XaU^ID .Otaaanoer Lnu 

ConrtnejTflla, .iB«>my, Pa......WIIU(im OairtnaT 

Oonrtrlihtl HUK, Ao^hKi, III. Jowiih nwmu 

Conahatlae (Ante, JMcMMikd, IM.....J. R. Biatiij 

fJon, SiMt, Mm. _ Aldea U. Bnam 

Com, FM, irk .JohsHB MoIJMliBl 

Cove C»d, Bmtim, AU. JOkn O. ItHiKa 

Oon Cnek, nuiud, Ta. H. W. DUt* 

Core Hide, amain, Oble. WlUlam B. WMcott 

Ooiantrj, nomi, O/bb BlMWr Hunt 

Co<snlTT, C^tMUge, H. I ...Onrga W. Omiih 

OoTentrj, Kail, R. I Joel H. Spencer 

GarentTj, Orliant, Vt Holland Thraahar 

OorentryiUla, C^aanM, N. Y Palag Pendteton 

Oaventry Depot, IMoH^Ot. Jared dark 

CoTOrt, Smcca, N. Y „...ifjnBi R. Colo 

OovBerllle, MbtrmarU,ym, ......John A- Hanmer 

OoveCTllle, Mutnt, Fa Simon M.Btrt^t 

CnerUla, Eantega, N.T WUUaoi Wllcoi 

«__,__._ .. .r.v . . ~. ----■, g.womaHi 
..CUab Klni 

I A. Btldirln 
im J. Martin 


Oowea, llaam.'it.O.... 
Cowlkee, Bmiom, Ut 
On.l.»aK Wftmim ,, 

i . . ORE 

Cowlitz, Laett, W»h. Tor E. D. Warbaa 

CowiMsnra Bridge, JBtghaxn, Ta Thomaa W. 

Cowpen Breach, Ammdl, 8. C- John S. BeaM 

Cowpeui, AurEiMhiirK S. Robert acmuci 

Coflpor HID, fotam, S. C. Jennet McNair 

Coo Skin, Oairh, Ko. John & Potts 

CoiBBCkle, Om, N. T Beurj Hermana 

Coi'i Mills, JIOiKlDlpt, H. C Ulc^iah Doi 

Cai> Hlllg, II^M,I* A. Caffer 

Cox'i MDIi, fiOnur, Ta. OHtk P. Coi 

Coi'i &%an, IHhMwCm, Tenn WDliam P. Blali 

Coitown, &rH Vm. John M. Bchollenhepger 

Gnivilte, Df Kaat-U^ .Thomaa G. A. Cot 

CoiiUle, ««, H. C 1 XWiin Ooa 

CoytelSnnCjlinn Hwgaretle C. DbtM 

Ctab te^3,Z&5St^)r."""~ 8.)!. Hlgju 

Cwb Orchard, ffnr. Ho. Clayton Jaoota 

Crab Ordiard, fKBiiBuiii, Ill...B«|f. F. Knamlnnr 

On* Orchard, HtAcTa>M<l 

Giab Ttee. Ifiiyisanl, H. C- Hinm HcOrsokea 

Crefton, Otntbm, Ta. Jamea K CampbtM 

Crartdnry, Orimu Tt. Notoon fiaad 

CraflivUle, fltcrt, 9%. Eellj BolUna 

Craig, Ae&BHoii^ la. DaTid «wlirlde* 

CnlgtiHd, UiuotK, Tmn 3sni»t W. oiut 

Craig'e Creek, Onila, Ta. -Hamnel WatUM 

Cmg'i Perry, IK^^Ky. .Iiaao E. IDnlg 

Craj^'a KIUb, ffbiWlIitpie, Ta. Rob«« O. Onlc 

CrUgirUle, OnBye, 9.X. Williaui B. Hnnter 

Craigsvills, .Aivw<a,Ta. Bobert B. Ora% 

Gtalgnilla, ZoHcaiter, 8. C. N. ROralg 

Crajn'g Ccnen, iArMiicr, N. Y Job Biwiui 

Otaln'i Cnek, Jfcon, H. O. .O. Sctasrmerhwn 

CralneilU^ SmtonM, Ttnn.... Cbarlee Baynle 

Cranberry, iBJiBaeie, N. J. „John S.Oluk* 

CreubciTy, .JJIn, Obio. laaac Parks 

Cranborry, Vhuaujo, Pa. .Jamu Skinnar 

Ci«nbcrry Creek, AitaK, V. T KnaieU Walk 

CnnbeiTy Ftrg*. HWaw, N. C J. C. Hardia 

Cranberry litis, .Biiiwiot, He.^....Wailam P. Pnble 

Cranbarry Plalna, Oarna, Ta. John fccly 

Cnmbarrr Pndilis jMrcor, Ohio Ghri>to|Aar 

OmnaCne, HWi,Ma Pairinglon Packwood 

Ciaiu'i Toija, .AiMMf<>M, La. E. Fern 

CnHK^aOnnra, AipAauM, ni.WlllIsm H. Holllnbd 

Cmnearille, jWgi iy. Ohio Hoiatia N. Cnrtk 

CiueiTllla, M adaami r^ N. Y...,.JaEaKlah GroU 

Ct«B«vriUe, JVu&k Tk. Jaoob 8.]Ebdi 

OrainifllU, Am^ N.J — HlM S. IlunHia 

Onry^ Hfllt, a. IMBWCB. N. T JtalhHi O. B>«wd 
Oialer^ MUl^ InUt, N. O.... — ..QalBtoB BBUim 
Ctaren^ MUa, IRwTaa.WilUaiBj.airnhon 

Oranoarflla, Ooafu^ Mo. Jtnm P.Wyna 

Cnwiad, (c h.> Jbrnid, Ala.<talB(an A,H*lgbbonn 

Owrtird, MDotta, IIL Jalm Stiitwi 

Otawted, KiiMiHiHL Ms. — BphialB H. Wrikbt 

Orawbrd, Hyawftt, dUa....„ ...JdIobob iSe 

Orawfiiid BemlDary, Qiuwibiii, Mo J. L. Jtenck 

~ " ~ ^biM,K.a JiBBohUOibb 

idiiUiOhk) Jtarld Park 

(tewlivdafiae,<o.h.) lUuiAm, ea.„...JaB>« H. 

CrairtordnUlB, la.h.) M i mig mmt, la-a.W.SDRkr 

CmwtvdntIK, muUMfta, Iowa. Sobeit iJln 


Crewti)ni«?IUa, X J nil in, llba_ni.., 
0iaytonTaia,.JiiifaW)l,8.C..._J. yi 

Cnaahdila, JiiAiiwa, H.O. AwsMr.iunM 

Oreaaantown, IHdtrW-, Md.-Jacob H. SMwadte 
Cnod^ Milli, lia)o^ila..._....WIIUHt B. Hmt 

Crii£AaaBn,aiBl;JHittoi|,lrk. Jt.B.fii^t 

CnekOnrtrek IMmii,N.T..~....~.IIinaM Akl^ 

OiMk B«B»l,i(»%aa. ».....Jobn W. Hoitat 

CtwItebAw^Kj ~....Jv*«l0.WlnAl7 

Oraaoaot, Ar^wa, M. Y„ — Natban t. Phfla 

OvMM at}, (0.1^ OamM, 




.Crete, WiUy 111 Cyrus Holt 

Crave Coeur, <St. Louis, Mo WaBhington Ross 

Crichton's Store, Brtmhoick, YduMartha J. Tumbull 
CriglersviUe, Madison, Ya ^Marcus D. Call 

.Crimea, Ottawa, Mich ". Qeorge A. Kead 

.Cripple Creek, GreenviUe,^.C John H, Harrison 

.Cripple Deer, Tishemingo, Miss... John M. Thompson 

Crisis, ifordin, Tenn Eli Bynum 

Crisp's Cross Roads, Harrison, la... Anthony J. Crisp 

^Crittenden, Grant^ Ky.... iJames O'Hara 

Crittenden, Z>ouie5«, Mo....: Wesley N. Pryor 

-Critteaden, Erie, N. Y .....Henry P. Sadler 

Crittenden, FrankXin,Ul Benjamin F.Pope 

Crittenden, Out, la Alexander Murphy 

Crittenden Springs, Crittenden,, J. Ruther- 
ford ^ 

^ikockisamaie, Genesee, Mich GeorcB Crocbar 

Crockery Creek, Ottaioa, Mich John H. pavison 

Crockett (c h.) IlausUm, Tex William F. Wall 

Crockett'f» Blim, Arkansas, Ark Isaac Currey 

• Croghan, Lewis, N. Y .....Joseph Rivet 

CcQghan, AUen, Ohio Erasmus Thompson 

Cromwell, Cbca,Kd .".....James Wai-burton 

Cromwell, MiddUsex, Conn Charles Kirby 

. Cromwell, Noble, la .' ...Abel Mullin 

Cromwell, :0Ai9, JSly- Quifitus C. Shanks 

C^ook«d CredE, OarroU, Ark Joseph B. Baines 

Crooked Cfaraek, Steuben, la. Theron Storrs 

Crooked Credk, Monroe, Mo T. M. Sidner 

Crooked Cioek, Skkes, N. C Stephen H. Poor 

Crooked Cr«ek, Tiioga, Pa S. J. Holiday 

Crooked Fork, Jfc»van,T9nn JHiniel M. KeHy 

Crooked H*t^, Mctnigomery, Pa. William Wildermuth 
Croom, iVtnce Georges, Md.....~....John W. Col&en 

Cropper'a Depot, iSA«%, Ky • J- H. Myles 

Cropseyrille, KensselcxT, N. Y ,John W. Clum 

Cro^eU, ^t Clair, Ala J. W. Jones 

.OroBbyrilto, ChsxUr, S. C Chesley Crosby 

-CroBbyrilli^ Steubm, N. Y ....John Crosby 

' Crods Anchor, Spartanlburgh^ S. C... W. J* Whitmire 

Croflsah^ime, Ptrry, Ohio - Joseph Focht 

■ Cross Creek, Jj^son, Ohio , Adam Reed 

vCiofiB Crook TJUage, Waskm^Uiin, Pa...C. Simmons 

• Cross Cat, Lawrence, P& David Bower 

C^OBs Foric^. Ciuilon, Pa «... Moses Clements 

Cross Hill, Laurens, S. C James Carter 

Croasingville, Crmtford, Pa...... m. .Warren QUI 

f Cross Keys, Jfocon, Ala. ...Sanford E. Macon 

Cross KSys, Be ITalb, Cba. John Y. Flowers 

Okoob. Keys, Ckanden, N..J ......Joseph Nicholson 

: CsossKoys, Onion, 8. C .Daniel S. West 

Cross Ksys, Roane, Tenn Samuel Johnson 

Cross Keys, Bodtingham, Ta. Franklin Pence 

Cross Kfll Mills, &r)l»,Pa...4 Jacob Newcomet 

Cross Plajoos, EspUif, la. Alpheas O. Hunter 

- Cross Plains, JSbWtam, TemLWUUam F. Patterson 
Cross Plains, Dane, Wis WSUlam Baer 

' Oirass Plaias, JBoiton, AJa..........^ ...Jacob F. Daily 

> Cress Plains^ HhOton, Ark wJohn 6. Shaver 

. Cross PlsiiiB, jBbrrcn,sKy ....Thomaft M. Piper 

Ch>ssiMvU Wknmtam, la. Jaiaes Townsley 

< Cross Ssdm, MOeminffa, M)BS....~Johii M. JBowsU 

Cross KtmW) West Chester, N. Y WiUiam Hnnt 

. Oross Roads; Jm^soR; Miss Pirtar MoFairiey 

Cross Roads, Jfodtson, Ohio WilUam Stromj^ 

Crmo Roads^* 9orkf i9a..»..^...'.<.*.. Joha JLogaa 

Cross Roads, Scott, Ark JS, BL.'Chism 

*.*CcoBB RoMds^ X^iS^taiivi, VtL Ellas James 

.. Ochea Roods, JMmeh, ill ..Wesley Reynolds 

> Oh)SSoD'»Mot«,ilan<MB;^ Aife.^. James W.Crosson 
€ioss ntoNto,'fi»ctot4»;Mou.... .Joel BwHalbert 

• OrosBTillo, JL um lfk in , Qa..;......Tnimaii H. Sonftrd 

Crow Creek, Saline, Mo Thomas R. £. Harvey 

Crowder's C^e^k, Gaston, N. C lawson W!ls<«i 

Crowder's Mounjtain, Ga£ton, N. C John R. Oats 

Crowell, Jackson, Florida Jesse Crowell 

Crow Meadows, Marshall, 111 ..Allen* Gray 

Crown Point, (c. h.) Lake, la Joseph Jackson 

Crown Point, JSjsea?, N. Y Chauncey Fenton 

Crownsville, Anne Arundel, Md ...Brook Mead 

Crowds, Alleghany, Va... William H. Crow 

Crow's Pond, Daviess^ Ky Walker Glover 

Crowsville, ^p^rucnburg, S. C.James M. Lanham 

CrowviUe, W(Xrrick,l&:. John Bohall 

CroxtOn, Jefferson, Ohio Peter Dallas 

Croydon, Sullivan, N: H..... David W.Frye 

Croydon Flat, SulUvan, N. H Delavan D. Marsh 

CrugerB. West Chester, N. Y James F. Ferris 

Crum Creek,. IMUm, N. Y...Mr8. Lydia A. Yauncy 

Crum Elbow, Dutchess, N. Y Israel Marshall 

Cruso, Seneca, N. Y : John G. Evans 

Crystal Lake, McHenry, 111 James W. Marlow 

Crystal Lake, TF&tfpdoi, Wis W. C. Carr 

Crystal Springs, Aittiiuga, Ala Jacob P. House 

Cuba, Owen^ la.:.... WUliam L. Hart 

Cuba, Shelby, Tenn. Robert F. York 

Cuba, Sumter, Ala...... P. P. h4i 

Cuba, Monroe, Iowa Ebin Judson 

Cuba, PuUon, HI. George Whitaker 

Cuba, 2{uther/ord,ii. C : J. Gilkey 

Cuba, Kent, Mich...... Aaron Brewer 

Cuba, TV/aj/JeWjGa James P. Wehb 

Cuba, AUeganyf N. Y Aaron W. Dunkin 

Cuba, Clinton, Ohio Henry M.Green 

Cub Creek, Charlotte, Ta..... James S. Buster 

Cubehatchee, Macon, Ala William B, Haxding 

Cub Hill, Baltimore, Md Theodore "Coyer 

Cuckooville, Louisa^ Ya William H. Harris 

Cttddebackville, Orange, N. Y Peter Cuddeback 

Cnddyhunk, Talabusha, Mis8...WiUiam H. Lovejoy 

Cuero(o.h.^ De fTt^ Texas D.B. Friar 

Culley, Suuivan, Pa.......... Jonathan Colby 

Culloden, Monroe, 0& * ..John W. Persons 

Oulmerville, AUeghany, Pa Samuel Carnahan 

Oulpeper C. H., Cuipeger, Ya Edward B. Hill 

Culp-s ^tove,, Ritchie, Ya....M...Nimrod Kuykendall 

Culver, CblAoun,. Mich Davis S. Culver 

Culv,erton, Hancock, Ga.... Henry C. Culver 

Cumberland, ilfflrion, la Andrew J. Yan SicUe 

GumberlaAd, Fayette, III..... Ezra Griffith 

Cumberland (c.h.) Alkghany, Md.Wiltiam A. Taylor 

CuBiberfaiadt.CliTn^Iand, Me..... David Gray 

CumberlsAd, GuerMey, Chip.., Robert Savage 

Cumberland G. H., Cwnberland, Ya...A. OberndorlSer 
Cumberland^ Grundy, Tenu...«..»,..William G. Quinn 
Cumberland Centve, O^mdcrZdvid; Me... Samuel True 

Coanberland Ford, Kno^i Ky Rufus M. Moss 

Cumberland Gap, CUiiborne, Tm»ii... John G. ^ewJse 
CumjtMrland Hill» FrovideBce, B. I......£dmund L. 

Cumberiand Institute, ITftOs, Tenn...C. McDowell 
Cumberlatid Iron Wosks, Stiwartt Tenn...Judson 

HoEft .... 
Cvml^dand Valley, .6eQ|/^n2, B»JacQb B. Anderson 
CundtnsTUle, MamOton, ObiQ...Jsaepli F. Lakeman 
Camming, (cb.) MirsyOh Ga.....>... James A. Bogle 
Guauatog8Vi][lo,^tmiQ»MyBliss...Mason Ci upm i n gs 
Cuxnmlagton, Maompi^ Hl...Ds(DBS>sey If. Solom|»n 
Oummington, £Cam^uv,. lfM»»>'*«Wl)Uam Swan 
Cumiaington Wesl viikmf^Umpthvrt, M as s . E l is ha 

Mit^ell ^ 

Cummins, .4fiteaau,..Ark....,...JCd«ard C. MortDn 

CuaminsvUio^ HunJtmgdoti, Pa^^WMIiain Cummkis 

dmnfn j^Mft'i^ JBffirfTYtPi. -TftTt in iJ G. Cunningham 

Crossvills^ J Mi i rf i iM, Tenii.t James Scott. Coimiaghaiii's ^Ua% .Bmmm, .Wi* Cv...*.'John W. 

Cresswicks, BmUm^n, S, J ...Obovles H. EUls 

Grotoa. JAmtevdon, K.'X JIbwton Gary 

Ckoto< Lidkmg, Ohio.......'. .Vi«urod U. Pa(^e 

•Orotois, Ddavtore, JN. T.,;..,»..ABdi:aw T. Trfladvrell 
Qraton, iYsMNijMPO^ Midu.^. ...... JWenoD Morrison 

Orotdn, lieS) Mwa. ..•,J........BDrign B. Well^ 

OrotonreoravvCAcNuia^, JC. .Y...Caiorles H.Cattip 
t 43ix4«iFUk^ ltet«A«K<9sN.Y...WiUiajnS.BailBy 
»' <k«tdA IJhDdkfe>1IM«lwMdr,.N.Y...JaiD8oMoCkira 

4kvt^ef% 9toH, DateftsM, ^ T..... Joshaa Brawtell J 

<)l««rOr««k,J«MN«^&<k^.««/.4^.JlatMrtflle«tai|t Qmo^ 

Cunningham •' 

CuxHsviUs, Dcwim, Ky.........*.. ,.*.,A. 3pray 

CurdsvillO) Buekivgham, Yak*^..»u,., Albert Baldwin 
Cureton'S'BrJdgie, Hemrvi Ala»«.«..»»... John A. Wood 
Cilz«toii?8 Store, Xonotufier, &C#WlIliam J.Coretpn 
Qoxit^'Mckpmdencef ^k.Ma«..J2aob(vriah W. YiocU 
Cniilsvillo^ Cluiau,. BK.......^........Rol)ert Thoone 

Cdnan, jStaag, Mo..»m».«*.«.« > . *. . . Alwtan ^tor McCnOah 
Carrltnok a H.,. Omritmk, H. .a... JBv«eno MoitDn 
Qtuty^UmM^Washingtan,(Hi,,JSiytSaK^ A. MoOis 
Ooivy'st Ran^JiiniM9»,.Sr*> ••««..*«...« Jamss SiKle 




OnrtiB' Corner, J^mnebeck, Me Srttaon BNivtttt^ 

OortiB' Mills, Alamance^ N. Clement a Or^ 

OiirtisTille, (PaolumMef Cai. ."J* M. Reel 

Oartisville, Berkskiret Msm Marahatl a Keatb 

Onrtright, Qreme, G» John OwtrigW 

Onrwinsville, Glearfidd, Pa -Sftiatiel Way 

OuBh, Ctoir/fcM,Pa AsaWhitd 

Onahlilg, Lincoln Me Thomas O. Kellwan 

Cnshing, Tuscaloosa, Ala M. B. Sieftdor 

OiurhingsTille, Bwrke, Ga JFohn G. WilliamB 

Oosblngville, Patter, Pa Alonao Hovtoti 

OtiSdawHgo, Orcnofard, Pa...... Gideon HoBtek* 

Cnsseta, Cha-nbersj Ala Jamea H. iSrwia 

OofltanJs, Oraw/brrf, Pa Hiram Power 

OntchogCie, Suffiflk, N. Y Thomas J. OonkUo 

Outhberti, BandolpfhyGtk SamtiellS. Peaooek 

Cutler, WasMngtotti Me Isaac Wlldx!«» 

Oat Off, mttton, Ga Hope H. Gintt 

eattingflrille, RuOand, Vt Charles a HoMefi 

Ony^ahoga Falls, fh»mmU, Ohio J. L. Hommetfieii 

Cuyler, Oortlandt, N, Y Amaziah Parker 

CAjlerville, LivingeUm, N. Y Melvin H. Bale^ 

Cynthiana, Poiey^ la Green Hindman 

OjntfalaBa, (c h.) Harrnon, Ky David A. Givina 

Cynthiana, Pikti Ohio J. W. Ifeffle^ 

Cypress, Umon, Ky Franeis H. ^oose 

Cypress, Scottj Mo Charles H. Kew 

Cypress, Mmre9, Ark James A. Bamer 

Cypress, Kmosha, Wis Thomai B. Pike 

Cypress," rojoo. Bliss William C. Grew 

Cypress Bend, ChicxA, Aitk H. L. Obannon 

Cypross Creek, Johnson^ 111 Jacob Kiestler 

Cypress Creek, Bladen, N. C William J. Parker 

Cypress Inn, Wbtyne, Tenn Brinkley. Hopson 

Cypress Mills, Perry, Ark W. H. Ivey 

Cypress Top, fram>,Tex S. A. CSiambeM 

Cyruston, Z^'nco^n, Tenn J. K. Moores 


DABNBT, PiilaskLKy..: Joel Hubbel 

Dacota, Winnna, Minn Nathan Brown 

Bacnsiille, Picikens,^0 Benjamin F.Morgan 

Daderille, (c. h.) Tcklapoom, Ala A. J. Lowery 

Dagger's Springs, Betkowi, Va-.P^ttrick A. Bhteher 

Da^tt's Mills, Tioga, Pa-. A. B. )>ewftt 

Dagsboro, Sussex, Del John Smith of M 

Dahlonega, 2>umpMn, Ga George'T. Quilllan 

Dahlonega, Wa»Mo, Iowa Jehn -Moore 

Daingerfield, Tttos, Texas John A. Shaw 

Dakota, Waushara, Wis ....Jabes B. Seley 

Dale, Sjaeneer,!^ ^.Tbcmas Walkw 

Dale, Wyoming, N. Y Sidney S. Monroe 

Dale, Berks, Pa David Schall 

Daleville, Xm^crdStziiB, Miss John H. HiU 

Dalevflle, IMe, Ala Bsaii Brooks 

DaleriHe, lAveeme, Pa Michael Latonch^ 

Daleys. Montgom/ery, Tenn Joseph P. Daley 

Dallas, PuUim, Ky ...^ ^John Bobbitt 

Dalla?, Madison, La i William T. a PuA 

Dallas, La MtpOte, Miss , John T. Raybuni 

Dallas, 6freen«, Mo..., John Smith 

Dtdlas, Highbmd, Ohio Isaac I^ Reader 

Dallas, lAueritt, Pa Jacob* Rioe^ 2d 

DaUitf, (c. h.) DaOas, Tex .^homaa F. CHi«6iiileld 

Dallas, CfHnUm, Mich AlaikiBon Parks 

BaUas, JTars^ioU, Ya..... John HL Beaton 

Df^as, OagUm, N. C; Andrenir Hoyl 

DaBas, PoUc, Or^on John H. Lewis 

TM\9B,' Poidding, Ga ..tFilHam J.Ohastain 

Dallasburgh, Oioen, Ky J. B. WfaeHtiley 

DaRasbnrgh, Wierren, Ohio WiOJam J: Hin 

Dallas City, JOomeode, lU...... .John M, Finch 

IHdlftstbwn, Tork, Pa : ; Jaiolee Cross, tr 

Dalnuttia, Northtmbetlatid, Fa .FraBkllA 'Fi^^r 

Dalton, Wayne, la ....Clarfesen Beyiiolds 

Dalton. Berkshirt,Maae..'. ...Franklin Weirton 

Dalton, Q90$, N.'H: ..; Jiunea B.'Somnto 

Dalton, Wiyne, Ohio i...E. W. Cahftl 

.Daitoa, llrfdlfteld, Oa Bdward H. Bdwardb 

VaAioh^ OkiOiasaw, Mise....^ ThottMui & DaKdA 

Daraailseotta Mills, Linootai, Me Joeeplk HalneB 

'DamaflcoTlUe, Oohmbiana^ Ohio Ma^n Dele^ 

Dkmaecntf, miyne. Pa... :.... Nathaniel W. Tofl 

TBtioxtMtut, J^Kurtawburighf S* Ot.<'.«neMep GatftMMl 

Damtiein^ Mm^gamery^ Md.. George W. HHton 

DaoMuMRiB^ St^benton, 111.- Norman PhiUipc 

Danasefcn, Bhnry, Ohio James K. ThompMU 

DaQ% Wbrcmter, Mast Nathaniel L. Johnaoft 

Staboro, BuOa, Pa. Henry P. Sands 

Baaborgh, WOhet, Ga John L. Anderaott 

: Baafonry, (c. h.> ibtr^eU, Coun...Franci8 F^iinsfaild 

Daikbary, QniffUfn, N. H Ichabod 8. Johasoa 

Daabory, SbahUf N. ....Lemuel PitEer 

^takiy, Du Ptge, Dl Milo F. MeaehsM 

Daaly, IbomWiM, N..Y Sherman Milkm 

Danby, RyOemdyYt — Andms Egglaatott. 

Daaby, lonkL, Mich. ......John Camptov 

DBBbsr JtamOoTXkttnfSuaand, Yt G. L Loeh» 

Bmieyvm«) Ai^9rwood,Tenn George W. Parrott 

Baodfld^a, (c h.) J^^b-jon, Tenn... William D. IWa 

Dane, iliyMy Wis... .» funnel Huntingdon 

BWkgr^ €^imn, Ul William 0. BaxtoM 

Btaniel'a Mills, Button, N. C Charles Holemaa 

BtoBielsTllle^ (o. };k.).Maditon, Ga... Anderson Phillip 

DanlaLBTille^ l>A]M(Hi,TenB..... N. C. Pantefe 

Itaiielivjlla, apctUylftonia, Ya Lewis S. C0171M 

Danieltvilie, JVMAompton, Pa Cheo-les B; Daniel 

TkJoifiYUnL, Stai/Lfiftt, S,C Joseph H. Rashiog 

Damnemora^ Omton, N.Y... Heman LowrV 

DwuMsr'a Qtmb BMda^GhairUam, S. C... Archibald 
R. Daiiner 

Dan River, B^ddHghamj N.C. John A. RaitUfl 

Duieville, IMi^afan, N. Y Merritt H. Brown 

Danton, VUhmdngo, Miss John J. Blythe 

SftBtibe, ZbrJUmer, N. Y Peter Greoa 

Danvers, Etmo^ Mass Levi MeniU 

Daikvevi Centre, E»9tm, Maw Henry PremlM 

Danvera Port, Enex, Mass.... David Maail 

DanviUO) (c. h.) TM, Ark. William N. Ma^ 

Danvill^ AMRKer, Ga........ Benton ByrtI 

Dtmville^ (e^lk) VermSOMn. Ill Josiah AlBxanaaf 

Dnville^ (c. k.) Bmdricks, la... WilUam W. Matkiek 

Daavffle, Boyk, Ky.« Wesley ft. Oieatf 

Danville^ AndxnMggini Mc.Jeremiah StinchfleMI 

Danville, TiammingOfmBu Jauies H. Bnlbvtl 

Danville, (c; h.) Jfon^omery, Mo W. S. Watkio« 

Danville, JRodeingkam, N. H £nos T&wkdtim 

Sauville, Ifbrren, N. J...» Aaron Yan Butk^M 

Baavilit»JS»(MByOhio , George H. DavidMll 

ItaiviUe, (c. hj MonUmr, Pa Thomas ChalihBi 

Daofville, (C. h.) iMedoma, Yt...Sa»iuel B. MattockM 
Daaville, PUUylmcmia, Ya.........John M. Johnetoli 

DaayiUe, Montaomety, Texas ....John E. Qoiw* 

Itaaville, Am MMms, Iowa. Harriet Meesengw 

Banville, JCn^aa, ▲!«.....>... Stephen SimpMn 

Du Webiter, Bm/ry,la^ Davie Hayaet 

D'Aitboae, il^ii^La Joseph H. Morrow 

Darby,'Z>62(neare, Pa ^ Garrett Pearaon 

Darbgr, IVatilrlifi, Ohio Joseph O'fifavm 

DarbyiGreak, Madison, Ohio Peter E. Ondtiier 

Darby Plains, {^•^on,Ohio Henry J. Um 

Darby vllle, Pickavtay, Ohio.... £iU«h BeatiiM<d 

Durdainelle, JPHi, Ark..... George Magaetfa 

^Mdea'a More, Namemond, Va...R6bert A. PinBCf 

Daiiea, JPi»ltjUld,'Ctaak..l Ira ScefMd 

Daxiea^ Meimtdth,^ William T. Tlrarjft 

Aasrtsn, €f&iine^ N. ¥>......... W4 (^nartna GrMvai 

Darien, BfSUiooHA, Wi».«... Henry n«y 

IlMrifln CttatPa, fitoMas*,^. Y. Benjamin Yiokn? 

Olupi^n Depot* Fsaim^fidd, Coan.<:..... .Isaac H. Oocft 

Dark ConMT, ObNifMI, Oa George W. MoLarlHf 

l^uk»,J>a)fhB,Cltiki.,» -.. £UaBW«Di«^ 

IMkeevffle, AM«JUay, Ya.......< John Wyaontt 

DUiliAgton, JTbHtoMMry, la Alexander H«av« 

DiarMflfton, ^ Hdma, Ltk ...Baniabas PipkM 

DatrtlAgton, ^o*:^^ Md.... ...J0B^)h R.»f 

BMPlington, BtKMr, Pa John MeClymomM 

Daittilgleil O. H. ikuHmalion, S. C....&>mlJ,WllMii 

Darlingtoir^ £a/ayeM«, Wla Martin K. Joaei 

Darliagteii WLd^j^ P¥ime Mvtard, Ya...JaiaavA 

DanteaMwu; JBfi<^«m«ry,Md.; L. W.tlaadl«^ 

Dantown; BtiOer^ ObkK John MeMaaiMMfc 

DoHfbrd, iMvfTMttfl^ Wia.>.. ....Lorrin R. Mivli 

Dartinan^-llNftoly lCaaa«..;.;b........Chai4e8 VtMktf 

DttViili^ l»nib«M*^i Ytf.... ;Be^hl«r:9o(l 

Iktfwla^ OorAf, m.....J:...... I.HmIi Mrtirtt 

fkaj^wr^^g^T9mt Atk.........l Adelphag WiMi 

~ •"'■ JMlipMfii Pa».v ....:«i*wpe O. 





SaTMkport, W^fonUng, Pa. JoshoA Swartwout 

Davenport, Scatty Iowa A. F. Mast 

Davenport, J)daware,Ji.Y John Sherman 

DaTenport Centre, Ddatoarey N. Y £. R. Brown 

DavidBborongh, Washinffton, Ga...T. W. Hardwiek 

Davidson, iS^tvan, Pa Jesse Pennington 

DavidBon College, JKgcAZen&uraA, N. C...H. P. Heifer 

Davidson River, Henderumy N. C J. W. Killian 

Davidsonville, AnneArunddy Md...£liEabethDavall 

Davidsville, Somerset, Pa Joseph Shoenutker 

Davis Kansas Thomas HodLbee 

Davis, Mdioaukiey Wis ^ Peter Stephan 

Bavisfooro, Wuhinffton, Ga...Hud8on W. Shepperd 

Davlsburgh, OoA land, Mich John C. Davis 

Davis' Comers, Adams, Wis ..William A. Davis 

Davis' Creek, Ibrsyth, Ga Jsmes £. Btacbtock 

Davis' Creek, WdskinffUm, Iowa. C. G. Maynard 

Davis' Creek, Dubois, la John A. Wineinger 

Davis' Creek, Ihyette, Ala ....Green M. Richards 

Davis' Mills, BamwOl, S. G Needham Davis 

Davis* Mills, Bedfind, ya...Aug:astine L. Thorman 

Davison Centre, Gautet, Mich .^Seth I. Wicker 

Davison, Jasper, Ind Charies G. Hartman 

Davis's Cross Roads, MarshaU, Ky...Wfilliara Noel 

Davis' Store, Be^&ni, Va Henry M. White 

Daviston, IhyUnr, Ga .JnlivsC. Lockhart 

Daviston, Tallapoosa, Ala J. 0. Davis 

Davistown, Qretne, Pa David L. Long 

DavisviUe, Bw^s, Pa .....Samuel Chambers 

Davisville, Jasper, Miss James S. Tenal 

Davisville, Washington, R. I James M. Davis 

Davisville, Shelby, la ^..Ludns Walton 

DavisviUe, Wood, Ya BaleyL. Clark 

Dawkin's Mills, Jackson, Ohio...George W. Brown 

Dawn, LivinqsUm, Mo William Hixon 

Dawson, Hclbersham, Ga Isaac A. Gibbs 

Dawson, JihyeUe, Pa John Davis 

Dawson, Sangamon, HI Jo#iph Y. Winn 

Dawsonbn^h, Fremont, Iowa Jacob Dawson 

Dawsonviile, Oreene, Ya .John G. Hemdon 

DawBonville, Montgomery, Md Thomas D. Darby 

Day, Saratoga, N. Y .Samuel Y. Rockwell 

Day Book, Yancey, N.C Melchizedec Chandler 

Day's Store, Hopkins, Ky Joseph Day 

Day's Store, Greene, Pa Frank Day 

Daysville, Ogle,m William J. Mix 

Daysville, Ibdd, Kj WiUiam H. CampbeU 

Dayton, Green, Wis... George E. Donean 

Day ton, /ottfo, Iowa .....A.T. ChroiS 

Dayton, Marengo, Ala Thomas M. Cunningham 

Dayton, La SaUe, 111 George W. Makinson 

Dayton, Tippecanoe, la Samuel Favorite 

Dayton, Oattaraugus, N. Y .James H. ChaiTe 

Dayton, (c. h.) Mbn^jomery, Ohio...£dward A. King 

Dayton, Eockingham, Ya John Niswander 

Dayton, Tarn Hul, Ogn Cyrus Jacobs 

Dayton, Berrien, Mich .J. M. Philips 

Dead Fall, £uC2er, Ala....» .William Hightower 

Dead River, Somerset, Me .ThonuM Butler 

Deal's Mill, Oaldtodl, N. C .William F. Deal 

Dean's Comers, Saratoga, N. Y».ConieUus J. Wright 

Deansviile, Onedia, N. Y .James J. HaBchett 

Dearbornville; Wayne, Mich David Allen 

Bearing, OamiUon, Tenn .Gilbert W. Dearing 

Deasonville, Taaoo, Miss............Samuel D. Graham 

.PeatsviUe, Ndson, Ky Thomas Conn 

.Dsatonsville, Antdia, Ya Alexander C Tucker 

Dsavertown, Morgan, Ohio...., ....Thomas B. Jones 

Peoapolis, Madison, Ya. ^....Joseph H. Towles 

Decatur, Margin, Ala James M. Means 

Vacatur, (o. h.) Zfe 10126, Ga. ElUah Rosser 

Decatur, Maam, HI .John P. Post 

Decatur, (c. h.) Adams, la John H Nuttman 

Decatur, Van Bwrm, Mkfa .William N. Pardee 

Decatur, (c. h.) Newton, Mias Jesse Huey 

Itocatur, Otsego, N. Y Hamilton Waterman 

Decatur, Brofwn, Ohio .Joseph Stevenson 

Deeatnr, Meim, Tenn .Joseph MoGorkle 

Deoator, MiJUn, Pa Eliaabeth E. BIgler 

Decatur, Qrtme, Wis .James W. Baiucer 

Decaitor, Deeatwr, Iowa .Thomas Black 

Decaturville, Deoaiur, Tenn...David & A. BftoKlrath 
fiwMurville, Washington, OY^^JlhSlin 8hnMler,Jr 

SeelMrd, FrankUn, T«nn .....AaroB Lynch 

fiMkafs Greek, iYotom Ya. ,... J^Tid a Uikm 

Deckertdwn, Sussex, N. J John A. Whitaker 

Decorata, Winneihiek, Iowa William F. Kimball 

Dedham, JOTancocA-, Me W. P. Spofford 

Dedham, Weakley, Tenn Nelson 0. Underwood 

Dedham, (c.h.)iVbr/o{A;, Mass Elisha Ilkayer 

Deem, Owen, la Adam J. Deem 

Deep Creek, Anson, N. C Eliel Woodbum 

Deep Creek, Norfm, Ya Harrison E. Weston 

Deep Creek, Anderson, S. C Hiram Bott 

Deep Cut, Mercer, Ohio E. P. Howell 

Deep River, Middlesex^ Conn Hyman G. Loomie 

Deep River, Lake, la... Nathan Wood 

Deep River, Oua/ord, N. C Cyrus J. Wherter 

Deep River, Foweshiek, Iowa.. Timothy Parker 

Deep Water, Henry, Mo John H. Austin 

Deep Water, MarshaU, Miss John H. Terrel 

Deep Well, IredeU, N. 0.,. John C. Hargrave 

Deer Brook, Noxvbee, Miss. ..Alexander B. Stevens 

Deer Creek, Livingston, Mich William How 

Deer Creek, laaquena^ Miss Etheldred £. West- 

Deer Creek, Douglas, Oregon Lewis L. Bradbury 

Deer Creek, TaeeweU, 111 John W. Osbom 

Deer Creek, FWis, Texas James M. Wright 

Deer Creek Works, Harford, Md John Jewett 

Deerfield, Oneida, N. Y Joseph Oster 

Deerfield, Randolph, la Festus A. W. Lindsay 

Deerfield, Penobscot, Me Joshua T. Baldwin 

Deerfield, Lake, 111 , Eliab Gifford 

Deerfield, Lenamee, Mich Wallace A.McKee 

Deerfield, Franklin, Mass Charles Williams 

Deerfield, Rockingham, N. H E. F. Stevens, Jr 

Deerfield, JFbrtc^e, Ohio Nehemiah L.Wann 

Deerfield, Augusta, Ya Robert J. Glendy 

Deerfield, OarroU, La W. C. Purvis 

Deerfield, Dane, Wis Benjamin Baldwin 

Deerfield Centre,ieocA:t7i^Aam, N. H.Mr8. C. F. French 

Deerfield Street, Cumberland, N. J William R. 

Deerfield Yillage, Warren, Ohio...Clinton D. Roosa 

Deer Grove, Oook, 111 Mason Sutheriaad 

Peering, HiUsborough, N.H WiUiam T. WiUdns 

Deer Isle, Hancock, Me John P. Johnson 

Deer Lick, mOiams, Ohio Elias Barrett 

Deer Lick, Mason, Ya Gasper Myers 

Deer Park, Suffolk, N. Y Gideon Seaman 

Deer Park, La SaUe, HI Richard Shapland 

Deer Plain, Oaihoun, 111 Edward C. Bosbyshell 

Deer Ridge, Lewis, Mo Samuel Warden 

Deer River, Xeioif, N. Y Edward L. Hulbert 

Deersville, Harrison, Ohio Robert I. Edney 

Defiance, (c h.) D0ance, Ohio William Moore 

De&anceville, CUnton, Pa George E. WiUe 

D^Hetsville, Rensselaer, N. Y Robert A. Down* 

De Graff, Xcyan, Ohio Andrew J. Lippincott 

De Kalb, De Kalb, la Elias Brown 

De Kall^ (c. h.) Kemper, Miss .James W. Garter 

De Kalb, Buichanan,Mo Henry Brets 

De Kalb, SL Lawrence, N. Y Stephen SIosbob 

DeKalb, GfOmer, Ya William L. Stalnaker 

De Kalb, Bowie, Texas John M. Kimball 

De Kalb, Oraw/ord, Ohio Thomas A. Mitchell 

De Kalb, Centre, De Kalb, lU Jackson Hllaad 

Dekorra. Cotumbia, Wis George Sge 

Delafiel4 JViiukesha,'Wla Frederick (Mrman 

De Lancey, Madison, N. Y Lewis C. York 

De La Palma, Brown, Ohio William Weeks 

Delavaa, TaueweU, III J£ben P. Sanlord 

DeUvan, Wdworth, Wis George Cotton 

Delaware, RipUy, la R.W.Cham(^ 

Delaware, Indian Country, Nebraska J. Findlay 

Delaware, (c. h.) Ddawcare, Ohio...George F. Stayman 

Delaware, iY^e, Pa Albert G. Broadhead 

Delaware Bridge, Sullivan, N. Y...Sylve8ter Biapee 
Delaware Genfare, D>da)wave, Iowa...Henry L. Ryan 
DeUware City, New CasOe, Del...Edward H. Foster 

Delaware Grove, Meroer, Pa...... Lewis HauM 

Delay, Xa Fa^Ate, Bfias Washington Price 

Delay, JSsdlrson, Ga James Del^y 

Daicamp, BUeharLlnA Samuel Sailor 

De i e rt ab l e HiU,/VAe,Ia Stei^en ChappeU 

Delhi, Jersey, 111 William A. Scott 

PfXbKifi' h.) Ddaware, Iowa William Prtee 

Delhi, U. h.) DtUxware, N. Y...Crawford B. SmMos 
IMW9 Jfcwwwii Ohto............. ...John Kennedy 





IMhi, MtmeftcMo, Wis J. A. 0. Steele 

Delhi Centre, Ingham, Mich Priee W. Welch 

Dellona, Sauk, Wis Robert Gamp 

Dell Prairie, Adams, Wis ThomM Rich 

Dellton, &iuA;, Wis Levi Htintingdoii 

Delphi, OoKfmade, Mo Edward McMillan 

Delphi, (c. h.) CbaroU, la Samuel D. Oresham 

Delphi, Onondaga, N. T B. H. Hill 

Delphos, Vim mrt,Gia.o Mary Risley 

Ddray, l^ifm, Oa Richard A. Ford 

Del Rey, IroqwjiU, HI Lenrari Boyd 

Delta, Parkt, la Henry P. Arts 

Delta, £zton, Mich Bgbert IngersoU 

Delta, OnedUa, N. T Eliaha A. Walaworth 

Delta, FOttm, Ohio & C. Allman 

Delta, McLean, III James M. SaTidge 

Demassville, PmdleUm, Ky Henry Bollock 

Dement Station, Oglt,!!! Thomas Smith 

Doming, Hamilton, la Boaz W. Williams 

Democracy, Knox, Ohio..... nJames S. OUcreet 

Democracy, Pike, Ky John Clay 

Democrat, Bunomnbe, N.O John A. Garter 

Democrat, Iroquois, 111 Peter Y. Lowe 

Demopolis, Marengo, Ala Edward A. Taylor 

Demos, Belmonl, Ohio ..Henry McMaster 

Dempeeytown, Venango,¥sL. Peter Dempeey 

Denison. Herkimer, N. T William W. Harris 

Denmark, Lee, Iowa ». Edwin AlTord 

Denmark, Oxford, Me Levi P. Sawyer 

Denmark, Lewis.H. T Morris Hartwell 

Denmark, Ashtabula, Ohio Ebeneser Williams 

Denmark, Matdison, Tenn John H. Wray 

Denning, Ulster, N. Y John W. Smith 

DenniS) Barnstable, Mass Howes Chapman 

Dennis, Putnam, Ga John 0. Beardin 

Dennis' MUls, St. Helena, La William Dennis 

Dennisville, Amdia, Ya...... Ellsworth Howsan 

Dennisville, Oape Maty, N.J John L. Chance 

Denny, Warren, 111 William Mitchell 

DennysTille, Wuhington, Me Benjamin Kilby 

Donoon, Bacine, Wis Haas C. Heg 

Densontown, Bankin, Miss .Georgia W. DaTls 

Dent, HamOton, Ohio William Cox 

Dent, (c. h.) Dent, Mo... James M. Orchard 

Dmton, (c. h.) OaroUne, Md Jacob Albnrger 

Danville, Morris, N. J David Menagh 

Depanville, Jeffkrson,^. J Aaron Snmner 

De Pere, (c. h.) Brown, Wis.. .Joseph Kieper 

De Peyster, SL Lawrence, N. Y F. J. Wheelock 

Deposit, Ddaware, N. Y Silyester D. Holoe 

D4>ot) Graves, Ky Melboum Saxon 

Derby, iVew ^atwn, Conn Thomas S.Shelton 

Derby, Orleans, Yt Person Tme 

Derby, Perry, la Samuel Hargis 

Derby, Steuben, N. Y Hennr S. French 

Derby Line, Orleans, Yt Samuel Cheney 

Derickson*s M Roads, Worcester, Md...J. M. Fooks 

Derfnda, Jo Bcaaiess, 111 William Johnson, Jr 

Deroche, HotSjprings, Ark Geoi^ W. Snow 

Tkarry, BoOdnghoM, N. H Ithamer Hubbard 

De Buyter, Madison, N. Y Stephen O. Sears 

Des Arc, Prairie, Ark ^ John A.. Frith 

Deserett, Bladen, N. C JTohn Smith 

De Soto, Joc/rfon, 111... ........ ....Franklin Campbell 

De Soto, Burt, Nebraska JohnB. Robortson 

De Soto, Paiddina, Ga B. F. L. Ware 

De Soto, Jasper. Mo Simeon Moor 

DeSoto, Tauapoosa, AIa William Milner 

De SotoTille, {^oetow, Ala Warner Bailey 

DeSota, TaBamoosa, Ala William Milner 

Des Peres, iSK.Z<Nit«,Mo George Bellas, jr 

Detroit, POee, 111 ThomasJ. Ownbey 

Detroit, iforion, Ala.. William W. Dayidson 

Detroit, Som€rsk,Vj^ Wflliam A. Frye 

Detroit,( e. h.) X^yne,Mich...Thomton F.Brodhead 

Derereaux, Herkimer, N. Y William M. Dutton 

Devil's Creek, Owdey, Ky S. R. Shackelford 

Devon, Henry, la Isaac Baker 

De Witt, De WUt, 111 John M. Richter 

De Witt, CUnton, Iowa '. Reuben D.Coon 

De Witt, Clinton, Mich James M. Estes 

Do Witt, OtrroU, Mo Horace L. Thomas 

De Witt, Onondaga, N. Y .James L. Willani 

De WittvlUe, Chautauque, N. Y Hiram Russell 

Dexter, Penobscot, Me....,» George HamiltoB 

Dexter, Washtenaw, Mich Charles J. Kellogg 

Dexter, J^krson, N. Y Julius C. Riggs 

D^Hanis, liixiina, Texas H. J. Richan 

Dials Creek, Orange, N. C Oxford Moiae 

Diamond Bluff, PUrce, Wis. Charles F. Hoyt 

Diamond Grove, Jasper, Mo JTohn W. Walker 

Diamond Grove, Bnmswi^, Ya J. W. Rawlings 

Diamond Hill, Jnson, N. C William Perry 

Diamond Hill, Proovdence, R. I... Eugene M. Mason 

Diamond Hill, AhbeifOle, S. C Ezekiel TribU 

Diamond Lake, Lake, ni Samuel A. Stockwell 

Diamond Smriiig, El Dorado, Cal...C. N. Notewan 

Diana, Leuns, N. Y Alanson C. Caldwell 

Diana Mills, Buckingham^ Ya J. J. Newton 

Dies Creek, Cape May, N. J Charles K. Holmes 

Diokensonvllle, JKtoMB, Ya Robert C. Fu^^hte 

Dlckersonville, Niagara, N. Y... Sheldon C. Town- 

Dickeysvllle, Orant, Wis Charles Diokey 

Dickinson, l^rankUn, N. Y Simeon C. Harwood 

Dickinson, OumherUmdy Pa. John Anld 

Dickinson, FraaUdin, Ya. Washington Dickinson 

Dickinson Centre, DnmOin, N. Y Harvey M. 


Dick's Creek, Maeon, Ala. Matthew W. Dick 

Dido, Chodaw, Miss Samuel L. Scott 

DIghton, J9rutol,Mass Charles Talbot 

Dole's Bottom, Bdmont, Ohio...Bei\jamin Lockwood 

DiUlngersvllle, Lehigh, Pa Erwin Burkhalter 

Dillon, Ituewdl, 111 Thomas L. McCreary 

Dillon's Run, Hampshire, Ya Isaiah Lnptoa 

Dillsborough, Dearborn, la Moses ^lott 

Dillsburgh, Tork, Pa Henry G. Sidle 

Dilworthtown, Chester, Pa.... Abraham B. Darlingtcm 

Dimmick,£a SaUe,JU Archibald Long,jr 

Dimock, Susqn^anna, Pa George W. Lewito 

DingmanVi Ferry, Pike, Pa Martin W.Dingman 

Dinsmore, Shdby^ Ohio Jacob Wiibrd 

Dinwiddle C. H., Dinvriddie, Ya H. H. Hobba 

Dinwiddle's Tan Yard, QunpbeU, Ya...William m 

JUrt Town, Chattooga, Ga Franklin W. Cheney 

Disco, Macomb, Mich Henry F. Keder 

Ditney Hill, DtAois, la Samuel Jacobs 

Dividing Creek, Cumberland, N. J Samuel Sloan 

Dix Creek, Chickasaw, Miss Cyrus A. Miller 

Dixfleld, Oxford,Me Ephraim Marble 

Dix HUls, St^ffbUc, N. Y John H. Durye* 

Dixmont, Penobscot, Me...^.... Frederick A. Butmaa 
Dixmont Centre, Pmobsool, Me...Thomas J. Banks 

Dixon, Van Vl%rt, Ohio.. Ephraim S. Davis 

Dixon, Lee, HI Eli B. Baker 

Dixon, Sootl, Iowa ....Rodolphus S. Dickinson 

Dixon's Mills, Marengo, Ala Natlianiel J. Lewis 

Dixon's Springs, Smith, Tenn...Wm. S. Alexander 

Dixonville, CUe, Mo.... Jeremiah DixoD 

Doaksville, Chociaw Nation, Ark J. P. Kings 

Dobbinville, (Mmberkmd, N. C... James Kirkpatrtck 

Dobbsvflle, Pukuki, Ky WUliam F. Dobb* 

Dobbs' Ferry, West Chester, N. Y...E. W. Walgrove 

Dob9on, Surry, N. C Absalom Roby 

Dockery's 8Uxn, Bichmond,Jf. (^Ann E. Dockery 

Doddsvllle, BfcDcmough, III George H. Young 

Dodge City, Nebraska, Nebraska William R. 


Dodge's Conors, Waukesha, Wis John Dodge 

Dodgeville, Iowa, Wis George W. Bnrrall 

Dodgefille, Des Moines, Iowa Henry P. Kynett 

Dodson, Montgomery, Ohio J. B. H. Dodson 

DodsonviUa, Jackson, AJa. Jacob Gross 

Dodsonville^ Highland, Ohio Adam Orebaugh 

Doe Hill, Highland, Ya. John R. liSurit 

Doe River Cove, Carter, Tenn L. W. Hampton 

Doe Run, CheUer, Pa John D. Worth 

Dogwood Grove, New Hanover, N. C. John W. Cowan 

Dog Creek, Putnam, Ohio... Hervey Bacon 

Dogtooth, Alexander, III JefTerBon Martin 

Dogwood Neck, jBorry, 8. C Peter Cox 

DolingtoQ, Aidfct, Pa.... John R. Bitting 

Dolson, Clark, 111 John B. Beadles 

Dolton, Cbok, lU........^.. Andrew H. Dolton 

Domestic, V^Uiams,Obio Theron Landon 

Dona Ana, Dona Ana, N. Mexico Philitus M. 

Donaldson, SchuyUdtt, Pa.. Sam]iel Gaskins 



Dooahtoon, iVi^, Ky Peyton Thomas 

PMAlclsonTiUe, Ascensum, Jj& Andrew GiAgry 

BomnaldsTille, AbbevilUf 8. C... John N. Seawrigbfe 

Donegal, Westmordand^ftk AdamOover 

Sm^han, (c. h.) Eiplej/^ Mo Josepth Thaooisoh 

Pooipfaan Kausua Ty John W. Forman 

9oaaaUy,JF)9^nPa « Johnfiwftrla 

DonnaUy mnB,rerry^ Pa JohnB, Donnally 

Doouelsvilte, Ckirk^ Ohio WlUiam Ager 

Son Pedros Bar, Tuolumne, Oal......Rintaard Smith 

Dodey's Farm, MeLeimy 111 ^..^.WillUm Dooley 

Poor Creek, Vane, Was....^ ^..oJohn W. Sharp 

Poor YiUa«e, La Pdrte, la ......John h. Hyde 

Borcheat, Claiborne, L& ^ •••Jackson S&eB 

Porcheate, Oolumina, Ark John R. Smitb 

Porchester, Norfolk, Maaa «.JU)bert Yoao 

Parmansnlle, Albany, S. Y ...William Ward 

Porrance, Stark, 111 Channoey P. Fuller 

Porrance, Luzerne, Pa Andrew J. AmmermMi 

PonrvUIe, WaOiinfftm, B. I ......^Oharlea Yais 

PorrvUle, MitpeUo, Iowa...... Hadisoii M. Melvin 

Porset, De Kalb, lU ...Alexander McNiah 

Porset, Athtabtda, (Hiio... .Jamei B. OoUios 

Ponet, Bennington, \t Byron Sargeant 

Poney, Wooc^vrd, Ky ......Bea^amin Uonroe 

Porseyrille, AUMhany,!^ Idward McGovfcto 

Poty's Corner, Steuben^ N. Y...Oeorge Q. Bahoock 
Potyville, Fond du Lac, WiB....Jamea MoClemeiitfl 
Ponible Branches, Ltncdn, Oa... J. C. Cunningham 
PonUe Branches, Anderson, S. G...John S. Walker 
PonUe Bridge, Lwunbwrgh, Ya ... Jos^h If. Hardy 

PovUe Bridges, muon, Qa Charles Y^ Collier 

Pottble Bridges, Laudersdale, Tenn...W. T. Boimd* 

Ponble Cabins, Henry^ Qa..~..Shatten C. Mitchell 
Poable Pipe Creek, CdrroU, Md..... J)aniel P. Saylor 

Ponble Shoal, CUvdand,}i. John 2. FaUs 

Poable Springs, Benton, Ark^.. John W.Phagan 

PonHe Springs, Qdaveroi, Cal...Nel8on T. NorcroM 
PoiiUe Springs, Oktibbeha, Mias Washington 

Ponble Springs, Joojfexon, Tenn... Robert L. Lindsay 

Pouble Wells, Warren, Qa Jethro Darden 

Poaglas, Kansas Ty kOeoige W. Taylor 

PonglasB, Worcester, Mass .Pavid Holman 

Douglass, F\xyetbe, Iowa James Boale 

Pbuglass, NaooffdocJies, .Texas... Jamea W. Johnson 

Pouglass, Montgomery, Pa Aaron K. Stauffer 

Pouglassville, Berks, Pa Michael Ludwig 

Ponglaasville, Walton, Flor JohnMitobeU 

BoQ^assville, Cass, Tex Jamee 0. Q. R. Patton 

PougiassviUe, Pike, 111 WflUam Bowara 

Ponthet, Anderson, S. G....^.............;.WilUam Orr 

PoTor, JR^^gseU, Ala .P. A. Morris 

Pover, jFbpe, Ark.^ .»W. B. Young 

Pover, (c. h.) Kent, ]3ieL~»......^.«.Qeorge SteTonaon 

PoTOr, Bureau, 111 .Allen B. laaac 

Pvrer, Mason, Ky John Qataa 

Pover, (o. h.) Piseataquis^Me Abfjah B. Chase 

Poror, Lenawee, Mich Benjamin W. Alien. 

Poerer, Aor/oU;,Mass Ralph Sanger 

PoTor, La Fayea&, Mo Chafles Whiting 

Pover, (c. h.) Strafford, N. H...Benjamin F. Yittum 

Pover, Morris, N. J.....«... John M. L6aey 

Dover, Dutchess, N. T Hiram W. Gba|«ian 

Pover, OuyahiMa, Ohio Jonathan Spencer 

Pover, York, Pa £nglehact Metehinger 

Pffver, (c. h.) Stewart, Tbnn Jamea W. Hatcher 

Pover, Windham, Vt Presson P. Perry 

Pover, Iowa, Wis .^ Nathan Powna 

Bover, JiandUpIi, Ga..^ William J. Stephens 

Pover, I>«,Iowa * ^....B. A.IMckey 

Pover Hin, MarUn, la. .^William H. Ponahey 

Dover MUls, QoochUmd, Ya...... William G. EUis 

Dover South Mills, Piteataqaity M6.»Woodmaa W. 


DovesvUle, Rockingham, Ya. Ulrick Wittig 

Powagiac, Oass, Mich JToeU B. HoUister 

Powling, Macon, 111 — ......«.......;.. William Bowling 

Pownatd, Iowa, Iowa. Wflliam Powoard 

Pownerville, Sierra, Cal...... .....James Gemon 

Powner's Grove, Dupage, to. ...Jamee Pepue 

Powning's Mills, Sb-ti0ord,,V.M,».QbaAeB Bickford 

Powning^ville, €hvnt, Ky George W. Salyers 

POTmington, J«H^i,.Ohio-..*- ...... J^vi Reavea. 

Powningtowa, C^$^, Pa Thomas Soott 

PownsTllle, Vnion Parish, La.... ..Philemon Y^ilhite 

Pownsville^ Delaware, N. Y... Rensselaer W. Slwood 

Poyleaburg^, Franklin, Pa ..Philip S. Poyio 

Poyleetown, (o. h.) Bucks, Pa George T. Harvey 

Pracnt, Midaiesex, Mass .....^...Simeon 'SliaX 

Price's, Lwm, 0........ Samuel Divine 

Drake's Branch, Charlotte^ Ya...Stophen Bedlbrd, Jr 

I^rakestown, Morris, N. J John N. Sharp 

PrakeaviUe, Morris, N. J.. Albert B. Rj|y;i 

Prakeaville, Davis, Iowa £. M. Kirkham 

Prake Town, PUulding, Ga....,..., J. M. Bryant 

PraneevUle, Ibir/ax, Ya ........Henry Bicksler 

Praper, Salt Lake, Utah.Ter....,., ..David Jamet 

Prapar's Valley, PuUwkiy Ya George Painter 

Prapersvllie, MecklenburgH, Ya. Lewis Williama 

Prauglfeon's Store, Sampson, N. C Kilba Losaiter 

Prawbridge, Sussex,De\ Caleb B. Paynter 

Praytoii, (o. h.) Dooiy, Ga«. — Henry J. Davit 

Drayton, MofOgomery, Md .....Caleb Stabler 

DraytonsvUle, Vnion,.B. 0... w..Bowan Jennings 

Pxeeden, Lincoin, Me George TheobaUl 

DresdMi, Mmkingum, Ohio Samuel Adamt 

Dresden, Wmldy, Tenn.........Samuel Q. Anderaoa 

Praaden, Naoarro, Texas Henry S. Groasland 

PreadMi MBls, Lincoln, Me....»...... William CSuam 

Piesaerville, Cayuga, N. Y ^ Joseph .Dresser 

Prewersbnrgh, Franklin, Ia....George A. Richmond 
PrewrysvlUe, Southampton, Ya....«....W. H. Drewiy 

DrewBville, (Xbsisfttne, N. H Hope Lathrop 

Dripping Spring, Edmonson, Ky H. M. Cochran 

Drowning C^eek, Burke, N. C.Pinckney Warlick 
Drowning Fork, McDonough, IU...Jo8ei^ Crafford 

Drummond, Anderson, lU Bphraim fiammack 

Drummond, WaskivgUm, Ga ...William Birch 

Drum's, Lumme,^ George Pram 

Drnry, Eodc Idand, 111 J.C. Kimbrei 

Drybnrgh, Halifax, Ya..... John J. Throckmerton 

Dry Creek, Kenton, Ky Thomas R. Lindsay 

Dry 4)reek, Covmgtan, Miss. Daniel McLauria 

Dry Creek, Lancaster, S. C P. T. MoUer 

Dry Creek, Lautvace, Ala Sigmund Brock 

Dry Ocaek, Tuba,Cal Robert McAdam 

Dryden, Lapeer, Mich............ William QnatenRHMi 

Dryden, Tinipkins, N. Y. Abraham Tanner 

Dry Foklc, Barren, Ky .....^....Alfined P. Maury 

Dry Glaee, Camden, Mo Thomas Turner 

Dry Hill, Lauderdale, Tenn Jacob Gingry 

Dry Ponds, lAncoHu. N. C William W. Munday 

Dry Bidge, Bedford, Fa^. Frederick Hildebrand 

Hrj Bidge, HamiUou, Ohio...WUliam H. Markland 

Dry Run, PnmkUn, Pa William W. Pflei 

Dry Rnn, T(shemda»go^ Mias John G. SkiUman 

Dry Town, Oalamras, Gal .........A. G. Sneath 

Dry Valley, White, Tenn. Bran ton D. Hunter 

Dryville, Berks, Pa Reuben B. Pry 

Pry Wood, Bates, Mo ^ Jamea Graoa 

Piiane, Jones, Iowa Albert W.Barkcor 

Duane Fnudetin, N. Y JohnPhippa 

Pnaoeaburf^, SchenetOadif, N. Y Truman Case 

Puane.Street, HdU, Ga.... Simpson Herrin 

lkihna„Pukuki, Ya. Henry C. Trolinger 

Dublin, Fbyeiie,Ala^ James Killingsworth 

Dublin, <c. h.) Laurens, Ga..... Francis Thomaa 

Dublin, Wayne, la Sara Walton 

Dublin, Harford, Md...... .»...T. I. McCanshind 

DubUn> Cheshire, N. H Asa Heald 

Dublin, FrankKn, Ohio John Eberly 

Dublin, Bucks, Pa. Joseph H.LouK 

Dublin, Chraves, Ky ....S. 8. Brown 

Dublin Mills, Ba^ford, Pa Adam Weidman 

Dubuque^ Marion, Axk........ William B. King 

Du Bnqne, Du Bwfue, Iowa Cfaarlea Corkery 

Duck Oeek, maker, Ga. Bobert W. Blacikvell 

Duek Graek, Trumbua. Ohio Jesse FantoD 

Duck Creek, DaUas. Tex William M. LyonH 

Dnck Creek, Madison, Ind WUliam Barton 

Duck Hill, OamiU, Miss .^...Chesley Halloway 

Duck River, Mekman, Tenn......James M. Bigham 

Duck Spring, De Kalb, Ala Nathaniel S. Penn 

Dudley, Wortester, Mass. Moses Barnes 

Dudley, Hardin, Ohio. ....Samuel Hopkins 

Dudley, Laneatter,a. G A. B. Blackman 

Dudleyville, Talapoota, Ala......Thomas A. Brooks 

PndlaytoVB, Jaokton, la..... John F. Otte 




D«e W«et Cbraest M>bnme,(kO A. Wiskiifgtoii 


Duffield, ChdHM. Md....;. i:.:^!lBabetiiDaffee 

Sttfflelds^ J^ljbnnnt Ta ...Saonidl Y. B. StrMer 

DnriB Barti, ^yett«, Obio ....Wffliain A. Ph«lptf 

Dogger's Ferry, Garter. Tcnn, Daniel S. Wagaar 

Dag Oct, BendersoHim <John D. Miller 

Dag Spur, Qtrroflv Va...;., ..James €Mlemere 

Dugway, Otuteffo, N. Y;...« James Barknr 

Dukedom, Weakievi Tenii Fi^gtoiii Wright 

Dulcl, Hblmety Miss........: Bailey C. boYin 

DuUnsville, Madison, Ta..^ Burr P. DiiUn 

DamsrilB Store, Ridkimmdj N. 0^.. Jobn A-. €babam 

Dumflrles, Prince TTiBuziisTa Henry Mooore 

Dnmmeraton, 'Wmdham, Vt. Radolpli A. K&igiit 

DamoBtville. Fait^MdiOMo 8. Di Radebaiiqsii. 

Danaways, Clark^j ..Jesse Pow^ 

Dttnbarton, JferWnuEdk, N. H filosea Perley 

Danbarton, BarmoOL, S.C...; 01 KiUin^sworth 

Donbarton, ^danW) Ohio Isaao Sakfais 

Duncan, Wbed, Va. William H. Bakor 

Duncan, Sheboi/gan, Mich..., Bela ObB{Mnan 

Dnncan, Metwti Ky ^Abraham B. Voorhies' 

DoBcannon, i^srry,^ I^..v. JS. W, Keesberry 

Duncan's Greek, ClmMkutd, N. C... James Mclteland 
Dancan's Falls, Mu$hin§tun, Ohio...John Westbay 

DuncansYille, Bamwdlf B. Decani Bowleg. 

DoBcan's Woods, Oranfftj Tsx Reeee A. Meyers 

DoncansviUO) SUair, Pa John R. Yan^m 

Dancanton, WkiJU, DI Richard Lsngford 

Dnncanyille, Thcmca^ Ga Jackson J. Marah 

Dandaff, aatqwhaunnak, Pa Charles CCSiurch 

Dnndarrach, Robuon, N. O...Norman MeGrtmmon 

Dnndas, CkOumet^ Wis Btias Beach 

Dundee, Kom, 111 Allen & Hollister 

Dundee, ifo»»roe, Mich Allen B. Ward 

Dundee, YajUtf N. Y..... .Loclen Ct Motzdock 

Dundee, 3VMeara«MU, Ohio Jacob Yanney 

Dundee, S^aehferd, Ind .....Thomas Rapier 

Dunganon, CmmAiana, Ohlo....> Jaaaem Heigao 

Dunham, MeHbmy, III Wilson RandaU 

Duhkord, Qreend, Pa George Kabaart 

DunkinsTflle, Jdeantf Ohio Perry G. CihaMbers 

Dunkirk, Oc^oertf Md /........Charles H. Johnson 

Dunkirk, Ghatdauqu^ N. T George B. Stockton 

Dunkirk, Done, Wis (Hiier Lyon 

Dunkirk, Hardin, O. William S. Wiley 

Dunksburg, P«tti», Mo Bei^amin F. Dunkles 

Dunkle'B Store, Lavurtince, Mo James 0. BaOdwia 

Dunklin, iSfreenviUe^^Q John C. Sullivan 

Dunleith, Jo DavieM, Dl. James Robtnsoir 

Dunlap, BamiUon, Qido.,,.*.^......^ Jesse S^buble 

DonlapsTille, C%»on, 1.. ..Joseph CSorrington 

Duntevy, VTorrm, Ohio Wiilikm W. Ivins 

Dunmore, lAwemt^ Pa Francis Quick 

Dunmoore, Pwahomia*^ Ta. John W. Warwidc 

Dunnings, iMB&mti Pa.. Hiram Qriflin 

Dunningsyille, ll^AMMfon, Pa. Boyd Bmery 

Dnnnsburgh) GUnton, lu....... ...Jacob Myers 

DnnnSTille, Atbanp, N. 1 John Johnson 

DunnsTille, £w«9a;,ya RIdiard Sanndars 

Dunstable, MiddleaeaB, Mass WilUam Dunn 

DuntonsTille, Edff^Ody 8. C John Cheatham 

Duplain, GUnton, Mich William H. Faxon 

Dupont, Jeflimoni la Willimn D. Houghton 

Dtipree's Oifd Store, GharloOB, Va T. I. Morris 

JiuqvkeBne^ AUegfiany, Pa William McConnell 

Duquoin, Parryj Itf. ..,....; .Chester A. Keyes 

Durand, Hmf^Ohio*.*.** D. F. Welsted 

Durango, Du Jmque, Iowa Presley Samuel 

Dnrant's Neck, Perquimans, N. C.Alexis A. Perry 
Durbin's Comers, WOUams^Obio Abraham G. 


Dnrell, Bradford Fa Simeon Decker 

Dnrgan's Greek, Lewis, Mo Pnmal Sievmrt 

Durham, Androsoogffin, Me .James Stront, jr 

Durham, MiddtMem, Conn.. Asfaer Robinson 

Durham, Strafford, N. H Alfred D. fioitt 

Durham, Htmoock, Dl Jehu Meguire 

Durham, 0){unilla,Fla ......Durham Hancock 

Durham, Chrtsnt, N. Y James H. Oowles 

Durham, Bucks, Pa....v..> William Bennett 

Dnr)iam Centre, Middltteati Oenn Catharine G. 

Durham's, Ottm^ N. C ChsxIflsT. McMatinein 

Duhi]tf*s Cseek, -Jtaa^/SMi, N. C...JioliA B. Bonnet 
DbihAmtme, Oneida, N. Y...MrB. Amelia Stillmaa 
Burhamville;- XaudmioJe, Tenn...JaBie8 H. Boram 

Durliach, LonciMtcn, F^..». ^ AJohn Elser 

Durbc, BenUmiVjo^ Alexander Blue 

Dhroc, IkvoBoria, Tkl.^ Edmund Weekley 

DutteWtiUe, BSchsnond, Ta... George H. Landon 

Dttshorfl^ SKOivan, Pa» Jacob Millar 

lMxibGi»ek, Washington, Iowa...£obert Kincade 

DictdhNeck, Meretr^H. J Bnoch Forman 

Dutehvflle) OrcuwiOe, N. Y £J\}ah Hester' 

Datotaburgh, iANcro«,Pa. Lawis Brodbead 

DnvaU'S' Bluff, Prairie, Ark. Patrick H. Wheat 

Duzbary, PlywunOh, Mass .John Holmes 

Dwight, DMngstOn, 111 John Conant 

Dyberry, Wstyn«,FA Bphiaim B. Kimble 

I^cusbnrgh, (yatendtn, Ky :.John Gellatty 

I^ersbnrgfa, jDy«r, Tenn. ..Joseph W. Echols 

Dykettaas, Putnam, N. Y ElQah Penny 

Dyson's, Gkiamiey, Ohio ...Alexander D^mn 

Dyson's Mills, Edgi^ldd, S. C Hiomns J. I^sod 

DysortviUe, McBmeeO, N. O. Alberto Hlggin* 


BAGUI, LaSaUe,m Isaac Painter 

Eagle, Warrtn, Pa. S. L. Williama 

Eagle, CUnton, Mich Arohelaus SiMM^ 

Eagl^, WyoiHing,Ii. Y. Cyril Rawaoa 

Esi^e, SdncoOe, Ohio ...John W. Williama 

Ea^e. Waukesha, Wis ..: Charles A. Bronsos' 

Bi^e^ Ha rrison, Mo^.*.. Leandmr G. Jonea 

Eagle, HUion, Ark.......... Andrew M. Pngh 

Ea«:le Bluff, WHuma, Mlnn..WilUam W. Bennett 

Eagle Bridge^ Bensselaer, N, Y Eli Barton, jr 

Eagle Cliffs, Jfonnw, HI...... ...Stephen W. Miles, Jr: 

Eagle Creeks Bradley, Ark... James McDaniel 

Eagle Creek, Benton, Tenn..; William S. Bubbs 

Eagle Creek, Lake, la A. Hi. Andrews 

Eagle Falls, Bockingkam, N. C* Franklin Harris 

Eagle Foundry, SuntinMton, Pa John Hamilton 

Eaglb Furnace, jSoane, Tenn .,.Je8se Lincoln. 

Eagle Furnace, Vintott, O T. R. Stanley 

Eagle Grore, Etbert, Ga. William Bowers 

Eagle Harbor, Orleans,, N. Y J. M. Jackson 

Eagle Harbor. SougfUon, Mich Henry Senter 

Eagle Lake, Oakland, Bffiich Samuel Markbam 

Eagle Mills, Jiensselaer, JS. Y John H. Mambert 

Eagle Mills, htdeU, N. C... ...... Andrew Baggasly 

Eagle Mills, Jitmien, Tenn Calvin L. Herbert 

Ea^e Pass, Kinhey^Tbx Ludwic Colquhonn 

Eagle Point, Ogle,.!!! ;Ma8on Grary, jr 

Eagle River, Houghton, Mich John Senter 

Eagle Rock, Wake, N. C. WUliam H. Hood 

Eaglesmere, SuBiisan, Ph.. — Joha Armstrong 

Eagle Town, ChoetamJfaiion, AEk...Amzi Robinson 

Eagle Town, .BbimSisn, la. M. M. B^mdy 

Eagle Village, Boone, la Nathan Crosby 

Eagle ViUt^, Wyoming, N. Y....William & Agett 

Eagleville, Ashtaluda, Ohio Sylvester Stanly 

Eagleville, mUdamson, Tenn Chesley Williams 

EagkfVille, Jlontgtmery, Fsk. Daniel Bruner,jr 

Bagleirille, ItiUand, Conn .EUphas B. Hibbard 

Bakin, MUg^uMny, Pa Noah Stahl 

Barles, MuMenburg, Ky S. W. Earle 

Earlesville, Spartanburgh, S. C Oliver F. Earte 

Earlvltle, La StdU, 111 George W. Norton: 

Earlville, Madison, N. Y Joel 8. Loveland 

Earlvflle, Berks, Pa Jacob Van Deusea 

Earlville, Portage, Ohio K. T. Dual 

Eariy Grove, MaxshaU, Miss WilUam M. Parr^ 

Early Grove, Lincdn, N. C Joseph Best' 

BarlysvlIIe, ^ittemarle, Va Franklin Sampson 

Barpville, t^Aur, Texas S. J. Taylor 

East Abington, Plymouth, Mass...Charles H. Davi* 

Eaatahie, Pickens, & G Thomas R. MoKinney' 

EastaBoga, 3hlfad^^Ala .James Montgomery 

East Alton, Bdknap, N. H. A. T. Oilman 

East Amherst, Brie, N. Y.. John C. Mitet. 

East Andover, Mtrrimack, N.H Caleb Croali 

East Ashfbrd, Qiitaraugus, N. Y Alonao WUtaa 

East Auburn, Omheriand, Me JohnC. Brig«» 

Bast Aurora, Brie, N. Y James M.^PayiM 

East AtoA, lAmn^tfon, N. Y Anson 

Enrt Baldwin, Oismberkmd, Ma...D. T. ''' ' 




BMt Barnard, TFtndtor, Yt CbannMy Walcott 

Bast Barre, HiaUinffdon,'PA J. G. Couch 

But Barre, Orleans, N. T William Love 

Bast Beekmantown, CUnton, N. T... John W. Elkins 

But Bend, radkin,H. C ^..Richard PhUlips 

Bast Bergen, Oenesecj N. T Gilbert Churchill 

Bast Berkshire, Franklin, Yt Rodney C. Gates 

But Berkshire, Tioga, N. Y John G. Bunnell 

Bast Berlin, Adamu, Pa JToseph Woods 

Ba«t Berlin, Harford, Conn Edward WUcox 

But Berlin, SL Clair, Mich John A. Warner 

Bast Berne, Albany, N. Y Zebadiah A. Dyer 

Bast Bethany, G!efiiMe«,N.Y... William H.Rumsey 

But Bethel, Oxford, Me Charles B. Swan 

But Bethel, Windsor, Yt .OliTerH. Boooks 

Bast Bethlehem, Tfkshinffton, Pa....IsaaeM. Cleaver 

But Bloomfield, Ontario, N. Y Harvey Hobart 

Bast Boston, Suffolk, Mass Samuel C. Allen 

But Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Me...Con verse Hatch 

But Bradford, FtndbsooL, Me Lewis H. Todd 

Bast Brewster, Bamstakie, Ma88...Geo. W. Higgins 

But Bridgewater, Plymouih, Mus H. 0. A. Orr 

Bast Brook, Lawrence, Pa Mathiu Fisher 

But Brookfield, Tl^oe<£er,Ma88...BramanD. Adams 

But Brookfield, Orange, Yt Laogdon Marshall 

But Burke, Caledonia, Yt C. C. Newell 

Bast Bnrnham, Waldo, Me Samuel Barrows 

But Calais, Washington, Yt y.—Asa Alden 

But Oamfaridgp, MideUesex, Mass Andrew Fogg 

But Cambridge, Mmry, 111 A. M. Randall 

But Canaan, Orafton, N. H Jonathan Barnard 

But Canaan, LOchjield, Conn Harvey Lawrence 

Bast Candor, Tioga, N. Y Ebeneser Lake 

But Carlton, Orleans, N.Y Reuben Reed,jr 

But Centreville, Jkdiana, Pa... William Carnahan 

But Charlemout, FranJdin, Mass Horace Wells 

But Charleston, Orleans, Yt JonuCarruth 

But Charleston, Tioga, Pa. Alonxo Whitney 

But Chatham, Columbia, N. Y G. W. Sliter 

But Chester, J&)d(nn^^m, N. H R. Shirley, jr 

But Cnester, JV^tcheSter, N. Y... Alexander M. Lane 

But China, Wyoming, N. Y Heman Wilson 

But Oarendon, JRttUand, Yt John C. Spencer 

But Ciaridon, Ckauga, Ohio Charles S. Field 

But Clarksfield, Huron, Ohio David Milner 

But Clarkson, Monroe, N. Y Thomas Tolford 

But Cleveland, Cktyahoga, Ohio :D. R. Hildreth 

Bast Oobleskill, Sehoharie, N. Y...CIinton Nethaway 

"But Coneord, Bureatt, 111 Tristram C. Dow 

Bast Concord, Erie, N. Y Lysander Needham 

East Concord, 3krrinuuJc, N. H,... John M. Dearborn 

But OoneUble, FrankUn, N. Y Joel Perkins 

But Corinth, Penobscot, Me Henry E. Dexter 

Bast Corinth, Orange, Yt Reuben Page 

But Craftsbury, Orleans, Yt. James W. Simpson 

But Creek, Oxpe May, N. J John Wilson 

But Creek, Herkimer, N. Y...Wm. P. Euterbrooks 

But De Kalb, SL Lawrence, N. Y W. N. Smith 

But Dennis, BarnstcAle, Mass...Lothrop Howes, jr 

But Dixfleld, Oxford, Me Esek Randell 

But Dixmont, Penobscot, Me Amos Whitney 

But Dorxet, Bennington, Yt Plynn D. Ames 

But Douglass. Worcester, Mass Norris Yates 

But Dover, Piscataquis, Me Esra Towne 

Bast Durham, Cfreene, N. Y Amos Cleaveland 

But Bddington, Penobscot, Me Luke S. Mills 

I8ut Eden, Erie, N. Y John G. Dayton 

But Eden, Hancock, Me James Hamor 

But Evans, Erie, N. Y Charles & Clark 

But Exeter, Penobscot, Me John Cutler 

Bast Fairfield, CWwrnWafia, Ohio, JTohnP.Farr 

But Fairfield, Franklin, Yt Isaac N. Randall 

But Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass.. Jne. H. Robinson 
ButFarmlngton, Ontario, N. Y...Bdw'dH. Nichols 

But Finley, Washington. Pa JohnS. Knox 

But FlshkUl, Dutchess, N. Y... William Haabrouck 
But Florence, Oneida, N. Y...Aaron H. Thompson 

Bastfori, Windham, Conn Joseph Dorsett, jr 

But Fork, Macon, Mo^ Angus McMuUen 

But Fork, Adair, Ky EU Perry 

But Fork, Cbntoay, Ark Bryant Y. King 

But Foxborongh, Norfolk, Mass .J. Kingsbury 

But Franklin, fyanklin, Yt Walter D. Crane 

But Freedom, Bkdr, Pa William Anderson 

XMt Fzwtovm, Bristol, Bfua......Beual Washburn 

But Fry eburjA, aa!/bre{,Me AsaO. Pika 

Eut Gains, Orleans, N. Y Horatio Ball 

Eut Gainesville, 1f^omitur,.N^Y...Jno. D. Brownell 

Eut Qtlmaj, Saraisga^V. Y William Bogert 

East Genoa, Cayuga, N. Y....^ George Hdden 

Eut Georgia, Franklin,Yt Guy R. Butler 

Eut GennAn, Chenango,!^. Y Luke Carr 

East Germantown,. Waynt, la .Jacob Sowers 

Eut Glenville, SchmedaOy^ N. Y...JEloswell Kelley 

Eut Grafton, Renssdajor, N. Y Joshua W. Hakea 

Eut Granby, Hartford, Gonn...€harles O. Cornish 

Eut GranvUle, Hampden, Mass Carlos Gibboni 

East Greenbush, Rens^kuar, N. Y E.P. Stimson 

Eut Greene, Chenango^ N. Y David F. Smith 

Eut Greene, Erie, Pa Joseph Smith 

Eut Greenville, Stark, Ohio Joseph Doll 

Eut Greenwich, TI^Atii,0f((?n,N.Y.JuS. Robertson 

Eut Greenwich, (c, h.) JKi6»(,B.I .James Slocum 

Eut Greenwood, Mwudtngwn, (Miio...Lawson Jones 

But Grove, Henry, Iowa.. ....Joel C. Garretson 

Eut Groveland, Idving/Aonf N. Y James P. Yan 


Eut Guilford, Chenangoy N. Y Samuel Elwell 

East Haddam, Middlaex, Conn Alfred Gate* 

Eutham, BartutabU, Mus XJeorge Seabury 

Eut Hamburgh, Erie, N. Y Abner D. Potter 

But HHmilton, Madison, N. Y....Franklin Blanding 

East Hampden, Penobscot, Me William Cary 

Eut Hampton, Middlesex, Conn... William G. BueU 
Eut Hampton, Hampshire, Mus...BbeneBer Ferry 

Eut Hampton, SujBMk, N. Y Thomu T. Parsons 

Eut Hanover, LvSanon, Pa Thomu A. Harper 

Eut Hardwick, Caledonia, Yt Lewis W. Delano 

Eut Hartford, Hariford, Conn... Ed w. S. Goodwin 

Eut Harwich, Barf^stable, Mus B. F. Eldridga 

East Haven, Mw Haven, Conn.8tephen Hemingway 

East Haven, Essex, Yt. David C. Hudson 

Eut Haverhill, Essex, Mus John W. Ladd 

Eut Haverhill, Chrafton, N. H.-.. Niles Doty 

East Hawley, Wayne, ]^......£benezer Richardson 

Eut Hebron, Oxford, Me Isaac W. Marshall 

Eut Hempfield, Lancaster, Pa John Shreiner 

Eut Herrick, Bradfcrd, Pa Jeremiah C. Barnes 

Eut Highgate, .fVon/cZin, Yt Smith Farrand 

Eut Hill. Uving^mt, N. Y... William Robinson 

Eut Holden, Penobscot, Me Henry C. George 

Eut HoUiston, Middlesex, MuB...Harri8on Whiting 
Eut Homer, CorUandt, N. Y.....George Geutcheus 

Eut -Houndsfleld, Jefferson, N. Y Nelson Jones 

Eut Hnbbardton, RvlSland, Yt Seneca Root 

Eut Jaflfrey, Cheshire, N. H Alonao Bucom 

Eut Java, Wyoming, N.Y William P. Dav 

But Jewett, Greene, N. Y Alanson Woodworth 

Eut Kent, Litchfield, Conn...Bei\jamin Tompkins 
Eut Killingly, Windham^ Conn... William A. Stone 
Eut Kingston, RockingJuxm, N. H...»..B. L. Morrell 

But Knox, Wcddo, Me Jesse S. Smith 

East Koy, Wyoming, N. Y Isaac Quackenbush 

Eut Lake Geofge, Warren^ N. Y H. C. Low 

Eut LandaS; QrafUm, N. H... William L. Shattuck 

Eut Lansing, Tbnipfctnf, N. Y John Ludlow 

But Lebanon. G^££/%on,N.H Caleb Plutridge 

Eut Lee, Berkshire, Mus George R. Sturges 

Eut Lempster, SvXLiwm, N. H Alonzo B. Parker 

Eut Lewiston, Mahoning, Ohio Daniel Thoman 

Eut Lexington, Middlesex, Mass William H. 

Smith, 2d 

Eut Liberty, XMan,Ohio Thomu F.McAden 

Eut Liberty, Men,. 19. ....John yriedline 

Eut Liberty, FayeUe, Pa .WilUam Beattie 

Eut Limington, York, Me Henry Small 

Eut Line, ScaraUxfo, N. Y B«>bei-t A. Ogden 

Eut Litchfield, LiJtchfidd, Conn Charles Carter 

EutLivermore,.4«dr0«(xy^n,MeJonathan Lovejjoy 
Eut Liverpool, CoLwmbiana, Ohio...Jos«ph Forbes 
Eut Long Meadow, Hampden, MaM.Henry J. Cooks 

Eut Lyme, New London, Conn .Jirah Kellog 

Eut Macdonough, Chenango, N. Y S. Randall 

Eut Machi^, Washington^ Me Gyrus G. Folsom 

Eut Madison, Somerset, Me.... ftfelvin Lincoln 

Eut Madison, Cbrroa, N. H Luke Nickersou 

Eut Maine, Broome, N. Y Silu Brown 

Eutman, Orauford. Wis Philander Green 

Eut Marion, Livingston, Mich Daniel Bentley 

East Marion, StvffUk, N. Y......6eigamin C TuthOl 





East Mitfshfield. Flvwumthy Mms Tilden Hall 

XMt Medway, Norfitk, MaMB O. H. Holbrook 

JBaat MiddleboroQgX Plymouth HasB...Nath. Kddy 

Xaat Middlebary, Addiim, Yt Royal D. FUrr 

Xaat Monmouth, KeanAeck, Me...Jaiiie8 R. Norris 

Monroe, Uighlandy O WilMam Cfaerry 

Montpelier, TTaiMn^fon, Tt... William Oorliss 

Montrille, WiOdOf Me William Ayer 

Moriches, A^ffoUc, N. Y Jacob H. Miller 

Bast Monltonborough, OartMj N. H B. Shaw 

East Naasan, ^auMiaa*, N. T E. S. Strait 

Bast Newfleld, Ibmpfeiiu, N. T H. D. Blakeelee 

last New Market, DorehesUr, Md... James W. Raw- 

East Newport, Ptnobteotf Me Joseph 0. Small 

Bast New Portiand, SomeneL Me M. McKnight 

Bast New Sharon, JVonJUtn, Me^.Elisha Small, Jr 
Bast New Tineyazd, IVankUnf Me.,..*,...F. Bntler 

Bast New York, Xina$, N. Y.^ Philip H. Reid 

Bast Nortfaport, WaldOy Me Miss Emily Stevens 

Bast Northwood, fioekinghaim, N. H...G. W. Ashby 
East North Yannouth, CkmherUmA, Me...I. S. Dunn 

Bast Norwich, {^usent, N. Y John Yemon 

East Ogden, Lmawee, Mich.........WilUam T. Stow 

Easton, FoarfiOdf Conn Heaekiah Lyon 

Baston. (c h.) ItaOoC, Md William T. Rowlinson 

Easton, JSKibrf, Mass Thomas F. Datidson 

Baston, WcuMnffton, N. Y Stephen Batt/ 

Baston, Wayne, Ohio. William H. Redinger 

Baston, BHcfumatif Mo James McClain 

Baston, (c. h.) ITorthampton, Pa. John J. Herster 

Bast Orange, Delaware, Ohio U. H. Hyde 

Bast Orange, Onuige, Tt Lathrop Fish 

East OrangeTille, WyoauMt N. Y Alonso Crane 

East Orleaiis, BamAiMe, Ma8S......Freeman Doane 

East Orrington, AiMbsootf, Me Warren Ware, jr 

East Otto, QOtaraiuffu*, N. Y Stephen Laiag 

East Painted Post, Steuben N. Y H. A. Bnrt 

East Palermo, Waldo. Me JToab Boynton 

East Palestine, Cbbmbiana, OhlcJiiss Mary Craig 

East Palmyra, Waifne, N. Y Jacob Sherman 

East Parsonfleld, JPbrifc, Me Simeon D. Mndgett 

East Paw-Paw, Lee, HI Andrew B. Breese 

East Pembroke, Gmetee, N. Y Reuben Baboock 

East Penfleld, Monroe^ N. Y Truman Mattison 

East Penn, Oarbon, Pa Reuben Dinkey 

East Pepperell, MiddUeex, Mass Crosby Lewis 

Bast Pharsalia, Chenango, N. Y George L. Baker 

East Pierpont, St. Lawrenee, N. Y^Buasel F. Wekh 

Bast Pike, Wtfomiinff, N. Y Spencer 8. Hammond 

Bast Pitcaim, St. Lawrence, N. Y...Leonard Peabody 

Bast Pittsfield, Smenet, Me Hinun B. Connor 

Bast Pittston, Kmnebeck, Me.., Harrison Small 

Bast Plainfield, SuUivan, N* H...Sn8an Ann Martin 
East Plymouth, Athtabula, Ohio... William W. Mann 
East Poestenkill, Sennadaer, N. Y...Oeorge Barber 
East Poland, Mtdraecoagin, Me.. — Oilman Martin 

Eastport, WaehinatonyJie Warren Hatheway 

Eastport, mhenungo, Miss Samnel Dewoody 

East Poultney, EuUand, Yt John C. Derby 

East Princeton, Woroeeter, Mass... Joseph Whitoomb 

East Baisinville, Monroe, Mich WiHiam P. Gale 

East Randolph, Cbttaravgue, N. Y...Horaoe H. Holt 
East Randolph, Norfolk, Mass...Thomas White, jr 

East Randolph, Orange, Yt :..George W. Grayes 

East Ruidolph, CUumMo, Wis John Oonterse 

Bast Raymond, Cuanberkmd, Me.. W. R. Lane 

Bast Readfleld, KamAeck, Me...Joseph A. Sanborn 

Bast Richland, Bdmant, Ohio Ounnel Hatcher 

Bast Ringgold, i\<d«ioay,|Ohio W. 0. Finkle 

East River, Mereer, Ya ..Wilson Jones 

East River, WaUon, Fla Edward Bedaole 

Bast Rochester, Ckibmbiana, (niio...Jsoob Emmons 

Bast Rockfort, Ouyahoga,QitAo Horace Dean 

Bast Rodman, J^erum, N. Y Thonus Wait 

Bast Rozbnry, WaahxngUm, Yt Samuel Ru|jg^ 

East Rumflbrd, Oxford, Me Alvan Bolster 

East Rupert, BavKingion, Yt Harmon Underbill 

East Saganaw, Saganaw, Mich M. B. Hets 

East Salem, WaehAigton, N. Y Edwin D. Minor 

Bast Salem, Juntoto, Pa Joseph Knrts 

Bast SaUsbnry, Euex, Mass Cyrus Dearborn 

East Sanbomton, SeUenap, N. H...Andrew A. Phfl- 

East Sandwich, BanutaUe, Mass«..JoBeph Bv«v Jr 

East Sandy, Venamgo, Pia John Pettit 

East Sangerville, PiecataquU, Me...Be^{amin Lena 
Bast Schuyler, Herkimer, N. Y... Patrick M. Smith 
Bast Schodack, Menueiaer, N. Y...Nichola8 Lester 

East Scott, OxrOandt, N. Y Alvin KeUogg 

East Sharon, Pttter, Pa....... George W. ShemMUi 

East Sharon, NdrfOk, Mass Warren Cobb 

East Sheffield, Berkehire, Mass...£Uiah S. Deming 

East Shelburne, Franklin, Mass Henry M.FlBi 

East Shelby, Orleans, N. Y P. B. Jackson, Jr 

Bast Sheldon, FranUin, Yt Moses Wells 

East Smithfield, BnuHfiird, Pa...Bfarons B. Gwonld 

Bast Springfield, Ots^ N. Y Byron W. Graj 

East Springfield, J^fireon, Ohio...Samuel LIndsej 

East Springhill, Bradford, Fa Moses Quiabj 

East Springwater, LMngdon, N. Y...Isaiah H<Hrtoft 

East Standish, Onmberkmd, Me. Joseph Webster 

East Storing^ H&yne, Pa. Charles Bortree 

Bast Stetson, Ptnobeoat, Me Bben Dnaser 

Bast Stoneham, Oaford,lA.o Joel S. Sawyer 

Bast Stonghton, Norfolk, Mass...El^ah Blanchard 

Bast Strong, F^ramJdin, Me Samuel Nevens 

Bast Snffleld^ Hartford, Qmn Francis A. Sykes 

East Sullivan, Haincoek, Me Joseph Baaa 

Bast Sullivaa, Chetkire, N. H.. Caleb Goodmnr 

Bast Sumner, Oxford,}A» Bethuel Oaiy 

Bast Taunton, BrittoL, Mass....:.Beigamin B.Taarl€r 

East Thetfbrd, Oroi^^Y^ Irenas Perkiaft 

Bast Thomdike, WcMo, Me .J>avid Thompson 

East Towttsend, Buron, Ohio John Miller 

East Trenton, Hancock, Me... QUman B. Hodgkins 

East Troupsbiurg,iaCcu&eH, N. Y W.Ten Broeck 

East Troy, Widmeih, Wis.... John D. Hawes 

East Troy, Bradford, Pa Andrus Oaaa 

Bast Trumbull, TrundniU, Ohio...Jeeee H. Whseler 
East Turner, AndrooeoMfin, Ma......£aekiel Martiit 

East Union, Xcncote, Me...Eaeklel G. D. Beveiidgt 
East Union, Wayne, Ohio........ Jfimanuel F. Sander 

East Union, NixkoUu, Ky.....^... John L. Gardner 

East Unity, auXbboan, N. H Tappan SanlKHrn 

Bast Yarick, Sentca, N. Y Benjamin Barrick 

East Yas8alborough,£enn«&edk, Me Joseph Bowman 

East Yenice, Oaiyuga, H. Y.. Lewis Seymour 

Bastville, Bandog Ala James G. Oospor 

Eastville, (c h.) Northampton, Ya. Leroy Oalhan 

Bastville, Bath, Ky Bphraim Goodwin 

Bast YlrgU, OorOandt, N. Y Alexander McYeaa 

Bast Wi^efleld, OBuroU,N. H Alvah BubmU 

East WalUngford, ButUmd, Yt Joel CoastaatiDO^ 

East Walpde, Norfolk, Mass George W. Johnson 

Bast Walton, Dekiwart, N. Y......Jame8 A. MeOall 

Bast Wareham, Fl^mouih, Mass..8. T. T. Sherman 
Bast Washington. SuIUoan, N. H...Edmund Davis 
Bast Wateribrd, Jtmiaia, Pa...Andrew J. Ferguson 
East Weare, HmOtmrngh, N..H.Bdmund H. Smith 
Bast Westmoreland, Oheihin, N. B...Fosler Wight 
East WestviUe, Mahoning, Ohio.. Jonathan Stanley 
Bast Weymouth, Norfolk, MaBs.giagariah L. Bicknell 

Bast Whately, IWinftKn, Mass Joaiah AlUs 

East Wheatiand, Will, Ill.......^..Amaaa S. Thomas 

East Wilson, Niagara, N. Y David H. Sweet 

Bast Wilton, FrankUst, Me.. John M. DmiT 

East WUton, HOUborougk, N. H... X. PettingiU 

Bast Windham, Greene, N. Y Ira Shennan 

East Windsor, Har^fifrdr Conn William MelaU 

East Windsor, Berkshire, Mass Reuben Pieroa 

Bast Windsor Hi]l,J7ar</brd, Conn ...J. H. Charlton 

Bast Winthrop, Kensubeck, Me Asel Perkins 

Bast Wobum, MddUsex, Mass Jibert L. Richardson 

Eastwood, Tbomas^Qn. Jdfired Bryant 

East Woodstof^ Windham,Ooim Caleb Maj 

East Worcester, Otsego, K, Y John Champion 

Baton, Baton, Mich HenxT Perky 

Eaton, Madison, N. Y John T. Whitney 

Baton, («..h.) iVeNe, Ohio Daniel Keid 

Baton, Wyoming, Pa......^u.....Onral W. Be^jaosin 

la«on, €fS>son, Tenn B. T. Dodd 

Eaton, OadOr, Mo.......M..k..»M ^..John Vngwt 

Baton. C^vfford, 111 John Baton 

Baton Centre, OarrcOi N. H Brastns Baker 

Baton Rapids, Eaton, Mich Amos HamUa 

Batottton, <c. h.) Fubuan, Ga. Sidney C. Pmdden 

Batontown, ifonmouM, N. J John P. Lewis 

BatonviUe, Herkimer, K. Y .Arthur D. Ward 

Ban Siatae, Fiorkige, Wi8^......JittlMnthQn Wil«r 




StonesEer, Au2tan%£a. ..< Jftcob Hartold 

jgbmuBxetf MorffttfifOtk ...John Ihirdin 

Bbeaecer, Soltnei, MiiBS..... William Tf. Henry 

BbeneBerTUle, Fork, S. G Alexander F. Pewell 

Sbsneburgh, Cbm&ruvPa. Mkhael C. MoCagoe 

Bbersly's Mill, (Cumberland, Fa Ohrittian Eberly 

]0Uio, Macon, Tenn Prier W. Garter 

Sdio, Dak, Ala Francis J. MarsLall 

Bokele, Bdmont, Ohio .John Eckels 

Bekibid, OolUmm, Mich Heniy Q. Bubbell 

JBckmansTiUe, Adams,. Ohio John Monriaon 

Soleto, Kameg, Tex... .....B. W. Qillock 

BcUpee, JUaam, Tenn Francis L. Snbank 

Booaflna, Wtuhinffton, Fla D. B. Goleman 

BcoDomy, BiffhUmd, Ohi6 Egbert G. Boatright 

Xoonomy, Wayne, la Abecdoan Wri^t 

Bconomy, Beaioer, Pa... B4nnelin8 L. Baker 

Beoroe, Wayne, Mich.*.... David LaBlanc 

Eddiagton, Penobtoot, Me... Thomaa Wiswell' 

Bddytown, Yaie*,liLY Philip Boof 

Eddyrille, Wapdio, Iowa... Michael Welch 

Sddyrille, OaUaraugut, N. T Wm. A. Beaitlgley 

BddyviUe, (c. h.) CbUureB^ Ky William Hall 

Bdeo, (o. h.) Bryan, Ga. ElQah Etaurbee 

Bden, aancoek,JA Hiram Barrett 

BdMQ, Hamoook, Me^...... Nicholas I. Ihomas 

Bden, In§fiam, Mich ......Bfenick W. Ghapin 

Bden, Brie, N. Y HfrattR. Jones 

Bden, Ibn du 'Loa, Wis. J*eter YaQdervoot 

Bden, Ti^tmbuU, Onio..... Jeha Woodward 

BdMK, RoMdoti^ JH.C, Joika C. Andrews 

Bden, Laurens, S. C....... WilUam Mahaflby 

Bden, MeKean, Pa.......^ JohnM. Biasington 

Bden, Laimoiaie, Yt Samuel Balding 

Bden^ fhyeiU, Iowa ...~ Jiames R. HiU 

Bden, TazweU, 111 ......Jefferson L. Summers 

Bden, Vameait, Tex David A. Roark 

Bdenburgh, ahenandoak, Ya. Bichard Miller 

Bdenfield, Inoin, Qa..^...^ Oscar Edeafield 

Bden PraM9) Sunnqain, Minn.. Jona$ Staring 

Eden's Ridge. SuBivan, Tenn Joikm Shaver 

Xdenton, dUrmont, Ohio Henry Morgan 

Bdenton, (c. h.) Chowan, K. G ^Fames N. Floyd 

Bdenton. SL Lawrence, N. Y BeiJ. F. Partri^ 

Bden YaUey, Erie, N. Y Jossph Webster 

Bdenville, Orajnge, N, Y Legrand Mead 

Bdes* Falte, OumAerhmd, Me Wilkinson fides 

Bdgard, St, John BaptM Parish, La......G. B. Ferret 

*Bdgeeomb, Z^ficoIn,Me .Samuel Wilson 

Bdgeileld & H., Edgefidd, S. C Andrew Ramsay 

Bdgdfleld, Attala, Miss WUliam Knox 

BJge Hill, King George, Ya. James E. Jonea 

Bdgemont, DMaoare, Pa Hiram Grsen 

Bdgerton, IFiJKams, Ohio James Winters 

Bdgerton, iZoefe, Wis WRliam G. HaU 

Bdgertown, (c. h.) Duka, Mass...8ilTanns L. Pease 

Bd^ington, Soek lOand, 111. Edward Borrsll, Jr 

Bdina, Knoa, Mo James A. Beid 

Bdlnborough, i(He,Pa. Marcus Saley 

Edinburgh, CfoarrardyKy .John T. LeaveL 

EeUnborgh, Johsuon, la.... ...W. P. Rush 

BiUnburgh, Pm ob se ot, Me ..John L. Sargent 

Edinburgh, ITiZbdab, Mioh...Alonn> £. Richmimd 

Bdlnburgh, Leake, MiSs Johnson M. Hooper 

Edinburgh, Sceratoga, N. Y John Barker 

Edinburgh, Portage, <Mo....^ William P. Davis 

BSInburgh, Lawrence, Pa. James Mitcheltree 

Edinburgh, Mereer, N. J Thomas Leonard 

Bdinbnrgh, Omwron, Texas...... Elihn D.Smith 

Sdinbureh Cetttrey Sotratoga, N. Y Levi 8. Mayes 

B^sto, Leseington, & 0...» Jamas E.Golemaii 

Bdlsto Island CUIetoM» S. C. Henry Bailey 

Bifisto Mills, Edg^fUldyS, G Pittrick I. Goleman 

Bdmeeton, Otsego, N.Y. Jlobert G. RasaeU 

Edbnonton, Airrt% Ky....^..Wflliam 0. Newman 
Bdrntonds, Anmoofaiv va. — Nicholaa S. Edmunds 

Edna, Cass, Iowa. William S. Townseod 

Ed&eyville, Henderson, Ji.O .William Goston 

Bdom, QOaner, Ga...............Ihomas R. Trammell 

Edom, Eoekinghann, Ya. Thomas H. Hopewell 

Biom, Vansant, Texas..................DaTid O^Roark 

Bdiay, JbooAonio^ Ya..... .....Robert Moore 

Bdsallvfl^ Bradford, Fa. ^^J. M. BdsaQ 

Idwards, SLLHwrmce,^* Y Justus B> Piokit 

Idwwdty iSfcatomp an , Wis..: Jfidwatd Mewkonse 

IdWErdsbttCgb, PMUpi, A>k.........J.<X W. Tolliaon 

Bdwardsburgh, Oass^ Mkh Dethic Hewitt 

Edwards' Depot, Binds, Miss...!I!heodore Jungherr 

EdwwdBport, Knaac^ la..... William SehafiiBr 

Sdwanlsvilbs <o. h.) Madiooin, Ill...ThoB. J. Prickett 

Bdwardsville, SL Lawrence, N. Y L. S. Weaver 

Edwardsville^ Ifhrren. Ohio John Mason 

EflEhigham, aarrdU, N. H JToeephns L. Diak* 

Efflngham, JJartmgton, S..G John J. Stselfr 

Effiingham, ^ffltigham, HI John Ha&ey 

Effingham Fails, QtrroO, N. H Gyrus T. Lougea 

Eflbrt, Monroe, Pa Patrick Daily 

Efird's Mills, Stasdeg, N. G Simeon H. Efird 

Egremont Plain, Berkshire, Ma88...Harlow A. Yan 

Egypt, Mmroe, N. Y Josiah G. Aidrich 

Egypt, Bffmghasn, Ga.... George Foy 

Egypt, Myate,.'E%nn„., Anthony Matthews 

Egypt, OoUiTttdc, Tex W. J. E. Heard 

E^rpt, Menroe, Ya. Augustus Owfnn 

Egypt MiRa, PCte, Flu « James Martin 

Egypt Mills, Belmmtt, Ohio Samuel L. Galdwell 

Eighteen Mile, Pickens, 8. 0. Lemuel KendridcB 

Ela, Lake, 111 „ Gharlas Quintin 

Slamsville^ Pafyick, Ya James a Moir 

fflba, Dodge, Wis John M. Stewart 

Elba, Qenesee, N. Y Alva U. WilUa 

Elba, Osffsc, Anj ...............^........... John Iv. Helua 

Elba, Fayette, Tenn...^ B. F. Buckelow 

Elba, Jackson, Ya ..John O. Gustnod 

Elberton,<c. hi) Elbert, Ga. James M. Wyobe 

Elbinsville, Bedford, Pa. William lAshley 

Elbxidge, Bigar, HI Galeb Wentworth 

£lbri(^, Ononaa0t, N. Y .....Alonzo Wood 

£1 Dara, Pike, HI Samuel Lippincott 

Elder's Ferry, Jackson, Miss ....WUliam G. Elder 

Eldertville, WashingLan, Pa. George G. Hopkins 

Elderton, Armstrong, Fia John Ralston 

Mdsxrsb, Hardin, Iowa ^ Alexander Smith 

El Dorado, Union, Ark Jc^n A. Avera 

El Dorado, Clark, Mo Benjamin W. Hunt 

El Dorado, C«^9q»r, Ya....: John T. Jones 

£1 Dorado, Jbm2 du Lac, Wis... James Hammon 

El Dorado, IMtOe, 0..... Andrew Sterling 

£1 Dorado, Fiiy^Ht, Iowa. Bez^amin Iliff 

Eldred, Wayne, Pa. Thomas Y. Boyd 

Eldredville, SuUivan, Pa. Thomas J. Feck 

Eldridge's Hill, Salem, N. J... .Charles M. Fogg 

ElevBitton, Johnson, N. — «. D. H. Holland 

Elgin, Jrb^iette, Iowa. BeivJamin Dimond 

Elgin, Kme, 111........... Edward S. Wilocot 

Elgin, CoMaravgus, N. Y Jacob S. Nottingham 

Elgin, Genesee, Mich. Williun Moore 

Elida, jilkn, O : Jesse J. Johna 

BlJda, Winnebaffo, 111. — Galvin Briges 

El^'s Groek, Boone, Ky ...John H. Grawltard 

Elimsport, Lycoming, Pa* m R. JP. MoCormlck 

Eliaa, Mercer, IB D. F. Noble 

EBza, Mack HaMk,lowa. John G. Forbes 

Eaiaabetii, (c. h.) Jackson, Ark John S. Goe 

EUxabeth) Jo Daviess, IB...... Abraham Reynolds 

Elisabeth, Jifwriaon, la Asa S. F.Jones 

Elisabeth, AOeghany, Pa. Ephraim A. Davis 

Elizabeth, Essex, N. J.... J. G. EUnchmaBr 

Elisabeth Gity^ (o. h.). Pasquotank, N. G...George A. 

EUsaJtMthport, Essex, N. J Henry Fiscfaer 

EUsabethton, (c. h.) QiHer, Tenn. James A. Bnrrow 

Blizabefchtown, (c. h.) Hardin, IB John E. Mott 

Elitabethtown, Barinatomew, la — .WilUam Ykuwy 
EliaabethtOwn,(c. h.) Hardin, KyJohn B. Quiggins 

Elinbethtown, Plumas, Gal Lewis htaxk, 

SUsabsthtown, (c. h.) Essex, N. Y Levi D. Brown 

Elinbethtown, (c. h.) Maden, N. G......3. F. Bbuddl 

EUsabethtown, BimiUon, Ohio. Isaac D. Mills 

EEsabethtown, Lancaster, Fa B«i\}amin F. Baer 

EBaabethtown, Jfonroe, Mo J. H. Grawferd 

laisabethville, Dauphin, Pa.....ThomaB J. Woodsida- 

BUmville, Fleming, Ky Henry B. Taylor 

EUaavUla, COumbia, N. Y Henry Kipp 

Eliaavllle, Boone, Indiana. S. M. 0017 

Elk, nnton, Ohio James Gibson 

Eikiadef, Clayton, Iowa. E. D. Stockton 

Elk Greek, Erie, Fa Hiram Hill 

BBc OnsI^ (htiyfoi^ Ya Peter Gatron 



Klk Cross Roads, Ashe, N. a.....««.^.Wiley Church 

SlkDale, ChesUr, Pa Samuel Bughes 

Blk Jork, VtBTnon, Mo waUam Crawford 

Blk Grove, Oook, 111 Oalftb Lamb 

lak Groye, La IhyeUe^ Wis....... Edward Leslie 

Blk Grove, LafbLyette, Mo ^braijam Larsh 

Ukhart, Sheboygan, Wis J^edeiiok D. Spalding 

Elkhart, Elkhart, la Bradfturd B. Sherwood 

BllEhart, PoOe, Iowa .Xhoe. J. Longneeker 

Blk Hill, AnuHa, Va ..Waiiam A, MUeston 

Blk Horn, Washington, Il\ .BdUn 8. Fillmore 

Elk Horn, (c. h.) Walmarth, :Wit Lot Mayo 

Blk Horn, FrankUn, Ey Beiijamin 8. Arnold 

Blk Horn, MmUgom&ry, MQ......Bavid R. Clarkson 

Blk Horn Grove, Qmrdl, 111 ....XJalvin Tuoker 

Blk Lake, Susquehannah, Pa^ QrrinF. Fargo 

rakland, Tioga, Pa Joel G. Parkhurst 

Blk Lick, Somerset, Pa..-. Gabriel Miller 

Blk Mills, McDorudd, Mo i.» JauuM A. Scott 

Blkport, Clayton, Iowa « Daniel Mofar 

Elk Prairie, Bmtim, Minn Joseph Thompson 

Elk Ridge, McDmuM, Mo £lam Mo£fett 

Elk Ridge, QiUa, Tenn wJ James J. Walker 

Blk Ridge Landing, Howard, Md......Geo. H. Pocock 

Blk River, CUiiixm, Iowa WUliain G. Haxm 

Blk River, FroMklvn, Tenn Miohafil B. Winford 

Blk River, BeMUm, Min. Terr J. Q. A. Nickerson 

Elk' Run, Fauquier, Ya.,......^ Harvey B. Rails 

lak Run, Blade Hawk, Iowa Daniel G. Ellis 

Bik Run, Tioga, Pa, Northrop Smith 

Blk Spur, ymkes, N. C .....James Roberts 

Blkton, OroAoford, 111 » John Rathbon 

Elkton, (e. h.) Todd, Ky.... .William R. Bean 

Blkton, (c. h.) Cedl, Md J^ohn E.Brown 

Blkton, Hickory, Mo ....And»w Yort 

Blkton, OoLtumbiama, Ohio Jat^oiw Kemblfi 

Blkton, €)tZe«, Tenn » A. L. Harney 

Blkton, Umpqua, Oregon W. W. Chaixmati 

Blkville, WiUces, N. O,. Oalvin J. Cowles 

Bllctfay, OaTtier, Ga .^William Erwin 

BU^oy, BUmnt, Tenn .^Andrew Bo^0 

Ellenborough, Grant, Wif> ..John H.Barn«tt 

BUenburgh, CJtnftm, N. Y....>..Riiseell W. Ransom 
laiengowan BaUiTnare, Md........jroehua.M. BoRley 

BllanviUe, UUter, N. Y George N.Sinsabaugh 

Ell«r8lie, Harris, Ga «...'.. ..Wanren W. Gibson 

Mlerslie, SusquOumna, Pa.. Jasper Stanley 

BUery, Chaadauque,'Si.Y Wm. 8. Soofield 

Elkery Centre, ChoMUmque, N. Y... Jeffrey R. Thomas 

Bli Grorve, Henry, Tenn ».. Y.D. Walker 

Bllicott, Erie, N.Y ...« .-Isaac Beuel 

Ellidoii's Mills. Honjaard^T&d George Bond 

BUloottsville, Cfattarangus,^. Y JEEonee Raxey 

Islington, ToOand, Conn Henry Gunn 

BUington, Chautauque, N. Y John F^ Farman 

BUington,, Wis Stephen D. Mason 

Bllingvrood's Corner, Waido, Mew-Rufns B, ElUng* 

Elliot, York, Me .Jeremiah Libbey 

BUiott. Jasper, Iowa...... ....«* Levi P. Wilson 

BUiotta, FiOmore, Minn. Ty David Dickerson 

BUiott Depot, Ibrk, Me. .Jei«miah P. Shapleigh 

Mllott^urgh, Perry, Pa. Oadwallader Jones 

BUiott's Cross Roads, Morgan, Ohia...ElUah Elliott 
El^ott's Cross Roads, Clinton, Ky....Hiram R. Hays 
BlUott's Ranch, Sacramento, Cal...Iiewis T. Mitchell 

BHiottsville, Piscataquis, Me John E. ^wyer 

BUlottsville, JtAerstm, Ohio John C. Elliott 

BUisburgfa, Jefferson, N. Y Jeremiah Lewis 

Bllisbnrgb, PoUer, Pa Harry EUU 

Ellis Grove, RanddLph, 111 ^....George S. ElUi 

Ellison, Warren, 111 A.B. Yoho 

EUiston, Madison, Ky.....^,. Thomas S. Ellis 

EUistown, Pontotoc, Miss Samuel H. Hall 

BUisville, Ookanbia, Fla...«.. Isaac S. Ogden 

BUIsvUh), Bladm, N. C. Hugh Bimpaon 

BlilsviUe, Fulton, HI » Anson Smith 

BllisviUe, Jones, Miss Moses B. Welborn 

BlUsviUe, St. Louis, Mo ^.Daniel Andraa 

BUisville, Louisci, Ya WiUlAm J» Kennoa 

BUlttsvllle, Monroe, la James 8. Sharpe 

Ellsworth, JMec/i/l«W,^Conn C. F. Peek 

BUsWorth, Hancock, Me Stephen G. Woodward 

Mlsworth, Ihxas, Mo- WiUlamGt^t 

BUiworth, Mahoning, Ohio...»Joh)» 0. Fttsselman 

ISlswerth falls, .QancQcfei, Mtf. Daniel Woottat 

SUwood, Muhkinbwgh, Ky Hugh W. McNury 

Elm, BaUard, Ky., John W. Peeblet 

Elm, .Fliyette, Pa. MTaoob A. H. Miller 

Blma, ^Srie, N. X • Waarren Jackmao 

Elm Bluff, i>a22a«, Ala ,..,.J. Z. Hearst 

Elm Creek, FaUs,i:eja» Robert OhUden 

Elmer, Salem, N. J. ....John Johnsom 

Elm Grove, Z>e Sato, Miss...*....* Job UtxftA 

Elm QrOY9,Jdams, IU........> John Bpenea 

Elm QroYt, JEershaw, B..C A. A. McDowaU 

Elm Grove, €^av\/bfds Mo......... .John Butt 

Elm HUl, Davidson, Tezux.........Jainee H. Charlton 

Elmira, JEaion, Midbi...,.,.,..., Joseph Narstraut 

Elmira,£tarfc,IU ;.. Thomas Lylt 

Elmira, (c.h.) Chemung, N. Y Daniel Stepbeni 

Elmi», lyton, Ohio George L. MarkH 

Elmonte, CUnUm, Mo... John T. MoCartiwgr 

Efanore, OttaMi, Ohio... Eraetus M. B aadl 

Elmore, LamoiBe, Yt«...^,.»....i Norman Oamy 

Elmore, J\H>iia,IU .Jason WUkiot 

lam Point, Bond, HI WiHiam PaUbiy 

Elm Springs, WaOtingtontArk. ...Wm. 8. Deavev 

Ehn Tree, ifancodb, III .WUllam Johnaoa 

Elm Tree, maJdcu,!lenn ....John F. GaTitt 

Elm Yalley, Allegany, N. Y George J. OaboM 

Elmtille, OoSeton, 8. C Thomaa J. Siftnmtl 

Elm Wood, SaUne, Mo Moses Woodfln 

Elm Wood, Peoria, 111 Aneoa S. An4x9Wl 

Elon, Amherst, Ta. Jease KeUy 

Elon, AsWey, Ark.....^ Wm. J.Gapq^beu 

El Paso, El Paso, Texas A. C. BMfl 

Elrod, SipUy, Ia...~. .......^..^JTosiali 0. Bartiuitt 

Elton, aittaratimM,.N. Y........^. — Reuben Bie'WS 

Elton, Bdgefidd, 8. C Joseph Adamf 

Elvim, cordon, Iowa — John CbqII 

Elwood, maker, Texas John W. Barretl 

Bly, Jforum, Iowa Peter Klina 

Elyrla, (c. h.) Xoraiin,.Ohio... .George E. Nieboli 

ElysbuKh, liorlhuanberland. Pa Ann Ckdlflll 

Elyslan Fields, Harrison, Tex...WiUiam H Watsoa 

Elysium, McHenry.lVL 0. A. Hitohoook 

Elyton, (c. h.) Je^stm, Ala......Thomae J. Wright 

Bmaua, L^iah, Va ^...JToseph Treiohltfr 

Emaas, Bedford, Ya Alexander Ktmy,Jt 

Embarrass Point, Be^r,.Hl Jacob Honsel 

Embden, ^MnerM^Me............ — ^.Jonathan EatfuH 

Embden Centre, Somerset, Me..«....JUchard DelUng 

EmbreeviUe, Cbtster, Pa WIUlBm W. Duittftt 

Emeline, Jddeson, Iowa WiUiam McFaddafl 

Emerald Grove, Eock, Wis* Asa G. Ransom 

Emerald Point, Jlbri^aii, 111 .Jos^h B&ayi 

Emery, Futton, Ohio Michael Poormaa 

Emery's Crossing, ¥uba, Gal......Jamee W. EvenM 

Emery's MiUs, I^lvMe ...Justin B. Menitt 

EmigsvUle, York, Pa ............George WehHjT 

Eminence, Logan, lU John ElftWCB 

Eminence, Henry, Ely...... Benjamin F. Turner 

Eminence, Schoharie, N. Y Henry A. Cleavelfod 

Eminence, Ob. h.) Shannon, Mo...Thoma8 T. Chilton 

Emlenton, Vencttiga, Pa........« Henry Gormly 

Emma, WhUe, lU William L. Garrisoa 

Emmet, Zofte, 111 David Jones 

Emmett, CblAoaa, Mich ...HoweU Sandford 

Emmett, Dodge, Wis RoeweU OrandaH 

Emmettsville, Bandolph,JA Dennis Thornbnry 

Emmitt, WtOdnson, Ga James U. Floyd 

Emmittsbur^ Frederick, M^......... Joachim Bldar 

Emmorton, Hartford, MxL ...Emmor Morriaoa 

Emory, WaMnfion,YA,.*^ Edmund Longley 

Emory, £fobn««. Miss ^..Walter D. Brail 

Emory Iron Werks, Boon, Tenn...... Jacob A. Work 

Empire, WMteeides, HI Joel Harrey 

Empire, Fanddu Lae, Wis... Tunia I. BurhyM 

Empire Iron Works, Trigg, Kj Daniel HiUmaa 

Empire Ranch, Tuba, Gal.. Salmand Moody 

Emuck&w, IhUapoom, Ala. WiUiam G. Ray, Bt 

Endor, Wk, lU... ...Bben W. Beach 

Energy, Clark, Miss AUen A. Cttrter 

Enfield, Harford, Conn... Andrew W. Seott 

Enfield, Bonaibeoot, Me John 8. Patten 

Enfield, BhmMshire, Masa ....Cyrus F. Wooda 

Enfield, Haiifaa, N. C J^ewis H. Whitaker 

Enfield, GraftoK,lH. H James F. Bryatnt 

Enfield, Tomg^kinSyVi. Y...............0b4u:lea Van^on 




Snfleld, King TTtOiam, Va John H. Bnrch 

Enfield Centre, Tompldtu, N. T. William D. Bagley 

Engellville, Schokariej N. Y John H. Engell 

English Neighborhood, Bergen, N. J..Edwin S. Rom 

English Prairie, McHenry, 111 Darius Kingsley 

English Settlement, Marion^ Iowa ..J. J. Fast 

Englishtown, MonmoiOh, N. J J. B. Clayton 

Bnnisville, ffunUngdon, Pa Alexander Stewart 

Enoch, Jfonroe, Ohio Samuel Uudsey 

Enoe Mills, Orangey N. C John F. Lyon 

Enon, Bureatij 111 Apollos W. Ballard 

Bnon, Macon, Ala Nicholas W. Persons 

Enon, Clark, Ohio '..John Wallace 

Bnon, Berry, Hiss ..» P. J. Myers 

Bnon College, Sumner, Tenn E. L. Payne 

Enon Orove, Heard, Oa ..William N. Urquhart 

Enon Valley, Latorenoe, Pa G. R. Patterson 

Enoree, Stoartanlnayh, S. C.NichoIas V. Van Patten 

Bnosburgh, FrankUn, vt Bsbon Dawson 

Bnosbargh Falls, Franklin, Tt 0. P. Chadwick 

Bnsenada, Marion, 111 William C. Alris 

Enterprise, Oitahouku, La Hugh Keeuan 

Enterprise, Votutia, Fla Heman C. Oleason 

Enterprise, Wayne, TO. Henry W. Famsworth 

Enterprise, /iMafoa»$ee, Mich.....>.. .James M. Blood 

Enterprise, Laneatter, Pa John Bender 

Enterprise. MDondld, Mo Alexander P. Loye 

Enterprise, Clark, Miss Qeorgs W. Rhodes 

Enterprise, Spencer, Ind.. George Toung 

Enterprise, Black Hawk, Iowa Daniel B. Teeter 

Entwprize, i>e62e, Ohio.. John H. Coffinan 

Bolia, ToSdhatchee, Miss W. R. Boothe 

Bolia, Dane, Wis JPascal P. Winslow 

Ephratah, FuUon, N. T Aaron Nellis 

l^hratah, LancoKter, Pa John W. Gross 

Imping, Rockingham,, N. H JTames L. Rnndlet 

E^Mom, Marrimack, N. H John Wallace 

K»worth. Du Buque, Iowa Hesekiah Young 

Banality, Anderson, S. C Thomas H. MoGann 

Equality, Cbosa, Ala Braddock Harriss 

Bquality, (o. h.) OaUatin, 111 Wm. H. Crawford 

Equality, Jackton, Tenn E. H. Matheny 

Bqninunk, Wayne, Pa Daniel C. Scudder 

Brasmus, Oaston, N. C Manuel Ford 

Brastus, F^ankUn, Ga Isaac M. David 

BroUdoun, Chester, Pa Mrs. Mary Ann Fulton 

Btto^ WMUsides, lU Joseph Orover 

Brie, Roane, Tenn .James R. Robertson 

Brie^ Monroe, Mich James A. Consino 

Brie, (c. h.) Brie, Pa Beigamin F. Sloan 

Brteville, Madiwn, N. Y Amasa Jackson 

Erin, iTenf, Mich Richard Giles 

Erin, Biichanan, Iowa William Fanning 

Erin, Merriioether, Ga Hamilton G. Sullivan 

Erin, McHenry, 111 ^...Peter McFarland 

Erin, Chemtmg, N. Y .John Oaywood 

Erin, CdUunm, Miss.. Daniel Blue 

Erin, Jasper, Tex „ James A. Craige 

Erin Shades, Henrico, Ya Solomon Lorensline 

Brrol, Coos, N. H .James F. Bxagg 

Erring, PrankUn, Mass...^... ...... J)ay^ Blackmer 

Brwinna, ^uofcs. Pa Oliver Worman 

ErwinsvUle, Ckiodand, N. a Charles Ellis 

Erwinton, BoamwdL S. C James D. Erwin 

Bsooheag, Kmlb, R. I John R. Hazard 

Bsconawba, Ddia, Mich Aden Chandler 

Bsom Hill, PavJding, Ga. JTames Wheeler 

Bsopus, erWer, N. Y Cheney Ames 

Bsperanee, Schoharie, N. Y George Priest 

Bq>7y CUumftio, Pa. Ree^na Worman 

Bipyville, Crawford, Pa. Russell Marshall 

Bsiex, MOdUaex, Conn William Latimer 

Bswnc, Euex, Mass Albert F. Low 

ClmteiHMlch...; .WiUiam A. Hewit 

Buex, N. Y Robert Fortune 

FuUan, Ohio R. A. Howard 

c, Chittendm, Vt ^ A. M. Butler 

:, VermOUon, 111 _ Charles Foot 

Estill's Mills, Platte, Mo. James D. Jones 

BstillvUle, (c h.) Soott, Va..... James L. Shoemaker 

Etna, Penobecol, Me .....Jefferson H. Whitten 

Btoa, TbmpMiw, N. Y Walker Marah 

Btaa, Zdehing, Ohio. OellaE. Lamson 

BiBa, Aanooer, Va. Lucius H. Minor 

«■% Ikoatury Xenn.......... fitlvan F. Lockwood 

Etna, AUeghany, Pa Christian HMMr 

Etna, Macon, m L. P. Garrison 

Etna, ScoOand, Mo Andrew Hont 

Etna Centre, PUnobecol, Me Timothy B. Carter 

Etna Green, Ko$eiu»k», Ind Levi Kehler 

Etowah, au«, Ga Mark A. Cooper 

Etters, York, Pa Isaac Fraser 

Eubanks, Ooltmbia, Ga „ E. Lockhart 

Eubank's Mills, Johmon, Ark John T. Homer 

Euclid, Onondaga, N. Y. Allen V. Snyder 

Buclld, OUyoAogKi, Ohio Charles Fftrr 

Bn&ula, Barbour, Ala Johnson Wellboxae 

Eugene, VermOUon, la ...Meredith Washbimi 

Eugene City, Lane, Qr^s<Ni.......JBugene F. Skinner 

Bunarlev, auttOa Thomas H. Ligon 

Bulla, Macon, Tenn-...^ James Kerley 

Euphemia, Preble, Ohio .Thomas R. DequasSe 

Eureka, Winnebaoo, Wis W. C. Dickeorson 

Eureka, WMUford, 111 Asa S. Fisher 

Eureka, St. Francis, Ark. William T. Mebane 

Eureka, Humboldt, Cal Tristram H. Fbes 

Eureka, JoAmon. N. C Oren L. Dodd 

Eureka, Monieaim, Mich Orpheus T. Nelsoa 

Eureka, Boone, Mo James Fulkerson 

Entaw, (c. h.) Chreene, Ala. Adolphus 3. Murphy 

Evans, Brie, N. Y James S. Stray 

Evansburgh, Crawford, Pa D. M. Calvin 

Evansbnrgh, CbiAocton, Ohio William Maxwell 

Evans' Centre Station, Brie, N. Y.Alonzo D. Winslow 

Evans' Falls, Wyoming, Pa EUicott Bvaaa 

Evans' Mills, Morgan, HI John H. Austin 

Evans' MlUs, J^^^ion, N. Y Henry Walradt 

Evansport, ^je/fonoe, Ohio Houston RosseO 

Bvansville, muMn^iton, Ark..Daniel W. Dannenbearg 

Evansville, (c. h.) Vanderbwgh, la. Ben Stinaon 

Evansville, RamaMph, Ill...jronathan Chesnutwood 

Evansville, Pretton, Va Hiram B. Hanshaw 

EvansvillQ, Rotk, Wis N. A. W. How 

Evansville, Columbia, Pa..... Joseph Lilly 

Evanswood, H^uipaca, Wis EvanTownaend 

Evenine Shade, Lawrence, Ark .Wm. Vanghan 

Everetrs Spring, Floyd, Ga....Thomp8on P. Everett 

Evergreen, Dwuquit, Iowa Lawrence Duggaa 

Evergreen, AppomaUox, Va F. M. Boatwrif^t 

Evergreen, Anderson, S.C E. J. Barla 

Evergreen, Cbnem^ Ala C.L.Gnakt 

Evergreen, Neiwbm, Miss William J. Lovett 

Evergreen, Avoydlas Par, La...Alan8on G. Pearca 

Everittstown, Humkrdan, N. J Charles Roberts 

Everittsville, Wayne, N.C R.T. Hoekins 

Everton, Fayette, la WiUiam Kerr 

Ewing, Hocking, Ohio Daniel K. Hitt 

Ewing, J!Van&im.Ill Bennet Scarborough 

Ewing's Neck, (kimbeiiand, N. J... Joel S. Robinson 

Ewington, BgHngham, 111 Samuel Moflit 

Ewington, OlnJtta, Ohio Andrew Edmiston 

Exoelrior, Mennqrin, Min.Ter CharlesOalpIn 

Exchange, Warren, N. C Thomas Paachall 

Exchange, McCraeken, Ky.. W. H. Kidd 

Exeter, Kosciusko, la. Wesley J. CorbM 

Exeter, Scott, 111 James Neely 

Exeter, Penobscot, Me Joshua Gammon 

Exeter, (c. h.) Roddngham, N. H...Danlel Meloher 

Exeter, Otsego,lif.Y WiUiam P. Jonea 

Exeter, Monroe, Mich Amos R. Palmer 

Exeter, Luxeme,VsL Jost DriertMch 

Exeter, Greene, Wis Harry W. Lse 

Exeter, Wa^ington, tL I Samuel S. Fisiher 

Exeter, Sandusky, Ohio Henry Nichols 

Exeter MlUs, Penobscot, Me John Whitney 

Experiment Mills, ifonnx, Pa .James Bell,Jr 

FABER'S MILLS, NOson, Va...Henry G. Roberts 

Fabius, Onondaga,Ji. Y ...Sherman H. Corbin 

Fabins, Hardy, Va Abner Bean 

Facility, ifiKnn, Tenn James H. Reagan 

Factors' Fork, Wayne, Tenn George GriggB 

IVu^ry HUl, Ndnsemond, Va Thomas H. Martin 

Factory Pcint, Bennittgton, Vt Cyrus A.Roberta 

FaotoryvUle, Wyoming, Pa Stephen Casswell 

Faetoryville, Tioga, V,Y Silas Fordham 

Fair BlulT, OoUmbus, N. C Edward W. Halidy 

Fairbnm, JOtyette, Oa. JB, & I^kaa 





FiiinUe, Stuquthannah. Pa John Hancock 

9air Doaling, Manhallj Ky James A. Filbeck 

lUrikx G. U., Ihir/axy Ya. Robert Alliaon 

Vkii&z, FrankUn. Vt Stratton B. Hunt 

IWrfiax, Monroe, la. A.J. Helton 

Fairfax, Highland, Ohio John Dickey 

Fair&z htution, fkirfax, Ya... Jonathan Kichardson 

Fairfield, I'ickent, Ala John E. Ellis 

Fairfield, (c. b.) Ibirfidd, Conn Edrnond Hobart 

Fairfield, Nelson, Ky WiUiam K. HarshaU 

Fairfield, i'Van^fin, la Thomas Irwin 

Fairfield, Wayne, 111 J.W.Bumhill 

Fairfield, (c. h.) Jefferson, Iowa...Nkhola8 M. Bright 

Fairfield, Somerset, Me Henry S. Tobey 

Fairfield, Lanmoee, Mich Afred Bailey 

Fidrfieki, Herkimer, N. Y Jarius Maiber 

Fairfield, Greene, Ohio William S. Scudder 

Fairfield, Adams, Pa Jacob Brinkerhoff 

Fairfield, Bedford Tenn M. T. Cooper 

Fairfield, Jiockbridge, Ya Harrey Risk 

Fairfield, Franklin, Yt Ormond Bradlev 

Fairfield, Jtock, Wis .George Famsworth 

Fairfield, Hyde, N. C WlUlam Sadler 

Fairfield, i'V e«ton«, Tex Ihinbar Bragg 

Fairfield, Marion, Oregon Isaac N. I^wrence 

Fairfield Centre, De Kalb, la. Edward Wright 

Fairfield Corners, Somerset, Me Nathan Fowler 

Fair Forest, JJeshd, Ark James M. Arnett 

Fair Forest, Onion, S. Jasper Gibbs 

Fair Garden, Sevier, Tenn John Walker 

Fair Grove, Davidson, N. G Green H. Lee 

Fair Haven, Neto Haven, Oonn...G«orge P. Thomas 

Fair Haven, Bridoi, Mans Joseph Cutler 

Fair Haven, PreUe, Ohio Charles Pierce 

Fair Haven, KtUland, Yt Robblns MiUer 

Fair Haven, Cayuga,Ji. T William Wyman 

Fair HUl, ObcQ, Md Daniel H. Sutton 

F^iir HUl, Marshall, Ya James Taylor 

Fair Land, lAvingston, Mo... Spencer A. Alexander 

Fiairland, Shelby,lud Isaac N. Odell 

Fairlee, Orange, Yt Jerome B. Bailey 

Fairmont, (c. h.) Marion, Ya William Nuznm 

Fairmont, Clark, Mo John T. Board 

Fkirmount, MaarthaU, la. Gasper Fox 

Fairmount, Sabine, Texas Wiley G. Faircloth 

Fair Mount, Onondaga, M. T Atwood Griffin 

Fair Mount, HwUerdon, N. J .John Yesoellus 

Fair Mount, Miawi, Ohio Ezra Morris 

Fair Mount, Gordon, Ga : Joseph M. Bogle 

Fair Mount SpringSi Luzenu, Pa JDavid Goes 

Fair Plains, Green, Tenn John Rader 

Fair Plains, Montcalm, Mich Josiah Bradish 

Fair Play, PoUc, Mo MlUer.W. Easley 

Fair Play, Pancla,Tex. L. Wilson 

Fair Play. Hot Springs, Ark...8amuel W. Reyburb 

Fair Play, Morgan, Ga. .Jackson Cheney 

Fair Play, Greene, la John W. Coffey 

Fair Play, Grant, Wis JSUiot G. Hngins 

Fair Pla^, Benion, Ala Hiram H. Johnson 

Fair Play, Pickens, S. G ....Thomas J. Sloan 

Fair Point, Cooper, Mo Horace W. Ferguson 

Fairport, Muecatine, Iowa Elijah DoUarhide 

Fairport, Monroe, N. Y JeremUkh Chadwick 

Fairport, Lake, Ohio Robert McCormick 

Fairport, GranviUe, N. C D. P. l^aschall 

Fair River, Lavorence, Miss... Alexander McKenaie 

Fairton, (hmbeHand, N. J Wflliam D. Barrett 

Fairview, Washington, "Hd George Seibert 

FUnriew, Bandolph, la. John King 

Fairview, Ftdton, III Henry W. Kreider 

Fairview, Jones, Iowa BU Jessup 

Fairview, Todd, Ky Thomas H. Shaw 

Fairview, PeUis,Mo Jesse Pemberton 

Fairview, Buncombe, N. C James Ownbey 

Fairview, QUtaraugus, N. Y Amoa Pettit 

Fairview, Guernsey, Ohio Joseph Johnson 

Fpirview, Erie, Pa ^...Daniel Weidler 

Fairview, GreenmUe, S. C James 8. Peden 

l^drview, (c. h.) Hancock, Ya John Wilson 

Fairview, OatUu, Ark » J. D. Scott 

Fairview, JY-ankKn, Geo James Attaway 

FMrview, Concordia, La .WilUam T. Glassoook 

Fairview Yillage, ifon^om«ry, Pa...SoIomon Shulta 

Fatrville, Wayne, N. Y ..Lyaaa A. GrandaU 

F^ijrviU^ Chuter, Pa.....................AnM SbM^km 

Fair Water, Fmd du Lac, Wis Henry Boardman 

Fair Weather, Adams, HI Abraham High 

Faison*s Depot, DupUn, N. C ....Isham R. Faison 

Faisonville, Southamptim, Ya William G. Wrenn 

Faleon, Columbia, Ark Leonidas H. Stewart 

Falconer, Chautautiue, N. Y Harry Abbott 

FHlkinstein, Pretton, Ya...William A. Falklnstein 

Falkland, Pitt, N. G James L. Cobb 

Fallassburgh, Kent, Mich H. M. Brown 

Fall Creek, Marion, la Samuel Trittilb 

Fall Creek. Early, Ga Simeon l^ner 

Fallen Timber, Qvmbria, Pa Jones Rollin 

Falling Bridge, OampbeO, Ya William Cock 

Falling Greek, Wayne, N. G Mici^ah Cox 

Falliug Spring, Greenbrier, Ya John Bun,Jr 

FalUng Spring, Otark, Mo WilUam R. Nem 

Falling Water, Putnam, Tenn JohnChileut 

Falling Waters, Berkeley, Ya Elenora P. Strode 

Fall River, OoHumbia, Wis S. C. Higble 

Fall River, Briitol, Mass James M. Morten 

Falls, Wyoming^ Edrick Frear 

Falls Branch, Washinglon, Tcnn Wm. S. Crou^ 

Fallsburgb, SulUvan, N. Y Edward Palen 

Fullsburgh, Licking, Ohio Lorenzo D. Balocm 

Falls Church, Fairfax, Ya Simon J. Groot 

Fallfington, Bucks, Pa. Thomas Powell 

Fairs Mill, CbbeU, Ya Uwrence £. LetuUe 

Falls of Blaine, Launrence, Ky T. W. Everett 

Falls of Rough, Grayson, Ky Willis Green 

Falls of St. Croix» SL Croix, Wis M. M. Samuel 

Falls of Schuylkill, Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph Evans 

Falls of 12 Pole, Wayne, Ya Francis A. Spurlook 

Faliston, J3ar/or(i, Md Robert P. Titos 

Fallston, Beaver, Pa Samuel Edgar 

Fallstown, Iredell, N. G John Young 

Falls Yillage, ZM>MUtd, Conn William S. Marsh 

Falmouth, (c. h.) Pendleton, Ky...John B. Rawllnga 

Falmouth, Cumberland, Me £sra T. Williams 

Falmouth, Fayette, la Alfired B. Walker 

Falmouth, BamsUMe, Mass Fl?ederick Davis 

Falmouth, Lanoatter,V%. Abraham Collins 

Falmouth, ^afford, Ya Murray Forbes 

Fame, Choctaw, Miss Harmon Liidc 

Fancy Greek, Richland, Wis, Josiah MoOask«y 

Fancy Farm, Graves, Ky John Peebles 

Fancy Orov& J3«{/tm2, Ya Elijah C. CundilT 

Fancy Hill, Iredell, N. G. James Mears 

Fancy Hill, Rockbridge, Ya John Poagoe 

Fancy Hill, Jfurray, Ga. John R. Cain 

Fannettsburgh, FrankUn, Pa George W. Swank 

Fanning's Defeat. GoUad, Tex Daniel Lloyd' 

Faribault, Rice, Minn Alexander Faribault 

Farley, Platte, Mo Luke P. Stiles 

Farlow's Grove, Mercer, 111 John H. Park 

Farmer, Seneca, N. Y.... Jacob D. Wintersteen 

Farmer, Defiance, Ohio Wm. M. Brown 

Farmers, Merriwe£her, Ga... .Milton Clay ion 

Farmers, Fleming, Ky.. John B. Zimmerman 

Farmers, York, Pa Henry Boose 

Farmers, Kosciusko, la..... George Moors 

Farmersburgh, Clayton, Iowa. Charles Watkins 

Farmer's Branch, Dallas, Tex.. Robert M. Gook 

Farmer's Greek, Lapeer, Mich Onrille 0. Moras 

Farmer's Greek, Jackton, Iowa William Roberts 

Farmer's Farm, Iroqucit, WL* William Stump 

Farmer's Grove, SonihampUm, Ya....C. F. Urquhart 

Farmer's Grove, Greene, Wis.« Obadiah Amss 

Farmer's Hall, Knox, 111 John W. Stephens 

Farmer's Hill, Duichese, N. Y John B. Barker 

Farmer's Mills, Putnam, N. Y .G. K. Townsend 

Farmer's Retreat, Deoarbom, la .George Bosse 

Fanner's Yalley, MeKean, Pa Andrew J. Otto 

FarmersviUe, Idnondu, Ala. ..Samuel D. Gmm 

Farmersville, (c. h.) Union, La..JAatthew D. Majes 

Farmersville, Ftsey, la Moses Phillips 

Farmersville, COttaroMgut, N. Y JTna T. Cummings 

Farmersville, QddweO, Ky J. A.Greer 

Farmersville, Montgomery, Ohio. Joseph CUas 

Farmersville, Dodge, Wis Joel A. Bradner 

Farmersville, Chattooga, a«........WiUiam A. Meroer 

Farm Hill, Ainiett, Ark John P. Mardis 

Farmhouse, Cfterokee, Ga Isham Teas^ 

Farmingdale, Queens, N. Y... George Yan Cott 

Farmingdale, Kennebec, Me George Tarhta 

FHrmingdale, Mommcttth, N. J^Bslstead minwright 




VM«mtfi'« Ranch, San Joaquin, Cal ..Ssmael 


IWBt, Hardin, Ohio. » .Lorenio B. Baker 

Forest, Oeneaee, Mich John Orawlbrd 

IVyrMt, Richiana, Wis .....Reason J. Darnall 

Vorestburgh, SuUivan, N. Y Isaac Pennev 

IVnest City, Ibmpkins, N. T John W. Bnrdick 

Btevst Gi^, iSSferro, Oal William Henry 

Forest Dale, BuOand, Yt Charles Backus 

Forest Depot, Bedford, Ya. Theodore E. Reynolds 

Fdrest Grove, (Xairborne, La. Franklin Taylor 

Florest Grove, Elkhart, la Brice Larimer 

Forest Hill, I>eeatur, la Reuben Gibson 

Forest Hill, Ofuon, Pa Ammon H. Lntz 

Forsst Hill, Harford, Md J«manuel J. Schmauk 

Forest Home, Ann Arundd, Md Wm. H. Engel 

Forest Home, Newton, Ark William Bristow 

Fewest House, WjMkttha, Wi8...Matthew Killmister 

Foiest Iron Works, Uniim, Pa.. Daniel B. Reber 

Forost Lake, Sutquthannah, Pa. Elishi GriiBs 

Forest Oak, MonJtgmnarjf, Md .Joseph TluMnpson 

Idreston, Ogli, 111 ~ Wm. F. Daniels 

Forest Retreat, NiefuHoM, Ey Joshua H. Watson 

Forestville, Wakt, N. C ~ William J. Bddins 

Fonstville, Hartford, Oonn Chauncey Goodrich 

ForartviUe, Shaumdoah, Ya. William Whistler 

Fteestville, ChetUr, Pa Robert A. Johnson 

FbrestviUe, thmOawpu, N. Y .B. Tubbs 

FerestTille, Ddavaart, Iowa. Thomas Hickcox 

Forflkx, Lum, Iowa James Ure 

Forge Yillage, Middlesex, Mass Lather Presoott 

Foned River, Ocean, N. J Mrs. AUoe Pearson 

Forkland, Oreene, Ala...........WilUam H. Townsend 

iy>rk lack, NichjoUu, Ya. John E. Hall 

Fork Meeting House, BaUimort, Md B. Carman 

Foffkner's Hill, Ladtde, Mo Mic^jah Forkner 

Fork Ridge, MaarthaU, Ya. .John M. Dakar 

JoKkA, ChoBrUon, Mo George Young 

Forks, Wuhinfftion, Ya William Edmonson 

Forks of Elkhom, FrankUn, Ky. Chesterfield 


Fmrks of Pigeon, fioytoood, N. C Joseph Cathey 

Forks of Potiuoac, Haanpidurt, Ya N. B. Guthrie 

Fbrksville, Lake, 111 Clark Gale 

FMksville, Mechlenbwrgh, Ya. Baton J. Moseley 

Forksville, WieMta, La. „ James H. Milling 

Fnrk Town, SomcrMi, Md Arthur H. Lankford 

Fmk Union, FUmanna, Ya. George H. Snead 

Forlorn Hope, IkaripMo, Osl.. .Jack W. Smith 

Formora, AielJce, wis.............Sinieon D. Powers 

Fumey's, LiMoain, N. C. Andrew Carpenter 

Forrest Home, Com, Texas Daniel H. Moores 

Fonyth, (c. h.^ Monroe, Ga. Gary A. King 

For^th, (c. h^^taiMy, Mo John W. Danforth 

Fort Adams, WOkinMon, Miss T. M. Kinoade 

Fort Aneieat, Wbrren, Ohio George Harner 

Fort Ann, Wadtinf^on, N. T George Clements 

Fort Arbuckle, Choctaw, Ark jr<An H. Strain 

Fgrt Atkinson, Winneaheik, Iowa.... .George Cooney 

Ftat Atkinson, Jefflanon, Wis., Milo Jones 

Fort Browder, Barbour, Ala. .John A. Walker 

Fort BofBngton, Cherokee, Qa..Jfelson L. IMckerson 

Fort Butler, Orange,Via^ .Josiah A. Lee 

Ftet Calhoun, OnuUia, Netar Gea W. Nevill 

Fort Craig, Nt/w Meaaco Ignacy Snmonski 

Fort Clark*, AUuikua, Fla. Wm.H. naboock 

Fort Covington, FnuMin, N. Y^ames H. Winalow 
Fnrt Crawford, Ooneenk, Ala........ JTames L. Sewell 

Fort Dade, Hernando, Flor.........Franci8 B. HMan 

Fort Davis, Bexar, Texas T. G. Pitchw 

Fort Defiance, OaidweU, N. C~ Thomas Lenoir 

Fort Deposit, Loumdee, Ala. John H. Stone 

Fort Des Moines, <c faO Polk, lowa^Wesley Redhead 

Fort Dodge, Webtkr, Iowa. Wm. Williams 

Fori Bdward, Wuhinf^n, N. T.....James Mclntyro 
Fort Idward Centre, WaehSngUm, N. Y...BIidta H. 


Fort FairfleU, Aroodook, Me Porter Boss 

FortPoote, Kmper, Miss Wm. Cathey 

Fwt Gaines, Early, Ga .Spencer Caldwell 

Fort Gibson, Cherokee Natbm, Ark..Thainas Lanigan 

Vort Hamaton, Kinm, N. T .Joseph Crodter 

Vort Hamilton, iliiKKMm, Flor Jersmfah W. 

fftrt Barley, Jladbia,Fla..^.........«Wyatta Allan 

Fort Heml««e, Cherokee, N. C Joel BowUnA 

Fort Henderson, IMapooea, Ala Allen Kimball 

Fort EUll, XolBi, 111 George Thompson 

Fort Howard, Brown, Wis... Oscar Gray 

Fort Hunter, Montgomery, N. Y Peter Endeis 

Fort Jennings, Putnam, Ohio....<....H. J. Boehmer 

Fort Jessup, Sabine, La C. P. RogerB 

Fort Kearney, CIad(»iiuu,Nebr..Wm. H.McYaughan 

Fort Kent, Arooetock, Me John L. Turner 

Fort Lamar, Madiaon, Ga. .J. N. Montgomery 

Fort Laramie, Nebr JTohn 8. Tatt 

Fnrt Leavenworth, Kansas.. Hiram Rich 

Fort Lee, Bergen, N. J Michael O'Nell 

Fort Littleton, FuUon, Pa .Thomas M. Hedding 

Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa Henry M. Salmon 

Fort Martin, MoneetgaUa, Ya. Joseph Snider, jr 

Fort McKavitt, Bexar, Texas E. D. Lane 

Fort Mill, York, S. C James M. Morrow 

Fort Miller, Waehington, N. Y...Thoma8 McFadden 
F<urt Montgomery, Cherokee, N. C... James L. Nelson 

Port Motte, Oraniftburgh, S. C. David W. Barsh 

Fort Hain, Jfonl^omery, N. Y John P. Ferguson 

Fort Plain, IfZerren, Iowa Anselm H. Bartcer 

Fort Prince, Sparianbwrgh, S. C* A.C. Bomar 

Fort Recovery, Mereer, Ohio John W. Johnston 

Fort Ridgely. Pierce, Minn. Beig. H. RandaU 

Fort Ripley, Wanahtak, Min. Terry Solon W. 


Fort Scott, Kansas. Hiero T.Wilson 

Fort Seneca, Sentcck, Ohio....» Lorenso Abbott 

Fort Smith, S^baatian, Ark...Saml. H. Montgomery 

Fort Snelling, Dakota, Min Franklin Steele 

Fortsville, Saratoga, N. Y Truman Wilcox 

Fort Thorn, Dona Ana, N. Max... AlexV Dnvall 

Fort Tyler, Hernando, Flor David Hope 

Fort Union, Ibos, New Mexico J. W. Folger 

Fort Yalley, Houetim, Ga David N. Austin 

Fort WnfOilta, Chickataw Nation, Ark... .Chapman 

J. Kinney 

Fort Wayne, (c h.>.iasn, la John G. Maier 

Fort Wilk^ns, Houghton, Mich Seth Rees 

Forty Fort, Luxeme, Pa Elyah Shoemaker 

Forwardstown, Somereet, Pa Isadora A. Riffle 

Foster, Providence, R. L James G. Cook 

Foster, Bradcen, Ky R. T. Lindsay 

Foster, Fond du Lac, Wis Egbert Foster 

Foster Centre, Providence, R. I Job W. HiU 

Fosterdale, SuUivan, N. Y William Roper 

Foster Mills, Cherokee, Ga Ira R. Foster 

Fosters, Tuscalooea, Ala John L. S. Foster 

Fosters, Marion, 111 Hardy Foster 

Foster's Bar, Yuba, Cal... J. B. Whitoomb 

Foster's Cross Roads, £(«2«oe, Tenn W. Foster 

FosterviUu, Oayvga, N. Y Abner Sanders 

Fosterville, Rutherford, Tenn Thomas Edwards 

Fofitoria, Bkdr, Pa... Levi Stahl 

Foetoria, Seneca, Ohio Philip Faulhaber 

Fonndrvville, CbUanlria, Pa Samuel Henry 

Fountain, Adams, Wis Robert J. Clark 

Fountain City, BtMUo,lfiM Marvin Pleree 

Fountain Dale, Adams, Pa Samuel Buhnnan 

Fountain Green, Hancock, UL A. W. Stevenson 

Fountain Green, Chester, Pa Joshua P. Lee 

Fountain Head, Sumner, TennXileorge H. Patterson 

Fonncain Hill, Ashl^, Ark £. Klrkpatrfek 

Fountain Inn, OreenvOle, 8. C Wm. MoNeely 

Fountain Run, JTon^-ot, Ky B. W. Stone 

Foantiin Spring. Wood, Ya .Jerome B. Paden 

Fountain Spring, SchuylkiU, Pa... ..Jonathan Faust 
Fourche a Renault, Washini^on, Mo...John dancj 
Fourobe Dumas, AandofoA, Ark.. Jranels M. RusseU 

Four Corners, ^uron, Ohio Edward W. Cooke 

Four Mile, DmUdin, M.0 Martin B. Hodges 

Foot Mile Branch, Bamwdl, 8. C... James W. Robert 

Four Mile Branch, ifonroe, Tenn Wm.M. Smith 

Four Mile Creek, Brie, N. Y Blisha P. Adams 

Four Mile Grove, Let, HI Robert Hopkfnf 

Four Mile Prairie, Vaneant, Texas J. M« Harrleon 

Four Mile Prairie, Fkyelte, lll...Lorenao D. Morey 
Fourth Croei4ng,aila«mu, Oal... Alex. C. Beotaboof 

Fbwier, iSL Lawrence, N. T Jabes Glasler 

Fbwler, TrumbtiU, Ohio. Isaac A. Smith 

Fowlers, Aioofce, Ya Thomas Baker 

Fowler's Creek, Pickens, 8. 0« Moses HenAAoks 

Fo'wler't Creek, Ejmten, Ky ...... ........Joel IMman 




Fowler's Knob, Nicholas, Va Edwin C. Trent 

Fowler's Mills, Geatiga, Ohio Reuben Harper 

FowlersTille, Livingston. Mich Truman D. Vis}^ 

Fowlersville, tWumWa, P^ Jacob Creasy 

Fowling Creek, Caroline, Md Samuel W. Collins 

Foxborough, Norfolky Mass David Hersey 

Foxburgb, Ibrest, Pa. Charles J. Fox 

Fox Chase, Philadelphia^ Pa James M. Ramsej 

Fox Greek, St. Louis, Mo James Shields 

Foxcroft, PiscaiojquiSj Me Joseph D. Brown 

Fox Lake, Lake, III William H. Hall 

Fox Spring, Overton, Tenn J. C. Sewell 

FoxTille, Fauquier, Va Charles P. Chilton 

Foxville, Frederick, Md Sophia Ridenour 

Fragoletta, Marion, Oa. ^ James J. Mapp 

Framingham, Middlesex, Mass.?. John Clark 

Frampton, Clarion, Pa Amos W. Corbett 

Franci5TiIle, Pidasid, la Alonzo Starr 

Francisco, Gibson, la John Perkins 

Francisco, Stakes, N. C J. W. Bitting 

Francisco villc, Jackson, Mich H. £. Francisco 

Francis Creek, ManiUtowoc, Wis. Q. W. Burnet 

Francis Mills, Ocean, N. J William Francis 

Francistown, Hillsborough, N. H .Chas. F. Patch 

Francisville, Crawford, Qa Francis E. Bacon 

Franconia, Grafton, N. H Alvan Grimes 

Franoonia, Putnam, Ohio Peter Myers 

Franconia, Montgomery, Pa Tobias S. Reiff 

Frankenlust, Saginaw, Mich .John Schmitt 

Frankenmuth, Saginaw, Mich...Goorge A. Rauzen* 

Frankford, PW«, Mo Daniel P. Stark 

Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa John Deal 

Frankford, Grr^nbrier, Va John A. Arbuckle 

Frankfort, (c. h.) Clinton, la B." B. Jeffries 

Franfort, (c. h.) Franklin, 111 Milton S. Clark 

Frankfort, (c. h.) Fh'anklin, Ky ...Benjamin F. John- 

Frankfort, Waldo, Me George R. Sullivan 

Frankfort, Herkimer, N. Y Absalom Hotaling 

Frankfort, J\oss, Ohio John Ferrel 

Frankfort, Hampshire, Va '. L. P. Moore 

Frankfort, Franl>lin, Ala John B. Hamilton 

Frankfort Hill, Herkimer, N. Y E. Wetmore, jr 

Frankfort Mills, Waldo, Me Dodge N. Ewell 

Frankfort Springs, Beaver, Pa...Willium R. Foster 

Franklin, Henry. Ala John B. Appling 

Franklin, (c. h.) Htard, Ga Charles W. Mabry 

Franklin, (c.h.)JbAn£on, la James H. McClellan 

Franklin, Morgan, 111 Harry Reinbach 

Franklin, (c. b.^ Simpson, Kv Thomas S. Mahin 

Franklin, (c. h.) St. Mary's, La. £. Howie 

Franklin, Hancock, Me David Springer, jr. 

Franklin, Holmes, Miss William H. Drennan 

Franklin, Oakland, Mich ..B. D. Worthing 

Franklin, (c. h.) Howard, Mo. J. W. Chilton 

Franklin, Ntrr/olk, Mass Smith Fisher 

Franklin, Macon, N. C J. R. Siler 

Franklin, Merrimack, N. H David Gilchrist 

Franklin, Delaware, N. Y William Waters 

Franklin, Essex,'S. J Sebastian Duncan 

Franklin, Milwaukie, Wis Michael J. Egan 

Franklin, Warren, Ohio John E. Kinder 

Franklin, (c. h.^ Venango, Pa Adam Webber 

Franklin, (c. h.) Williamson, Tcnn...L. C. Waggoner 
Franklin, (c. h.) Pendleton, Va...... William Hammen 

Franklin, Franklin, Vt .>... Harlow M.Cheney 

Franklin, Fulton, Ark Levi Bowling 

Franklin, Decatur, Iowa .....m.. Elijah B. Hale 

Franklin, Lane, Or Enos Elmaker 

Franklin Centre, L«s, Iowa... .....Augustus Ehinger 

Franklin City, Norfolk, Mass David Dean 

Franklin College, Davidson, Tenn T. Fanning 

Franklin Corners, Erie, Pa Ivory Hawkins 

Frankllndale, Bradfora,J?A Lemuel T. lloyse 

Franklin Depot, Southampton, Va..... Alexander W. 

Franklin Falls, Franklin, N. T George Tremble 

Franklin Furnace, Scioto, Ohio John F. Gould 

Franklin Furnace Sussex, N. J John H. brown 

Franklin Grove, Lee. Ill A. R. Whitney 

Franklin Mills, Portage, Ohio T. D. Griggs 

' Franklin Springs, Franklin, Ga R. W. Royston 

Franklin Square, Columbiana, Ohio.G. M. Chandler 

Franklinton, Waihingtonf La David Mage« 


Franklinton, Henry, Ky Franrts Gross 

Pranklinton, Franklin, N. C A. D. Ellis 

Franklinton, «S(C/ioAarte, N. Y John Russell 

Franklintown, York, Pa Henry Ritter 

Franklinville, Carroll, Md James II. Steele 

Franklinvllle, Fandoiph, N. C William Mills 

Franklinville, Gloucester, N. J Samuel Porch 

Franklinville, Cattaraugus, N.Y David l^cCluer 

Franklinville, Columbia, Pa GeorgeSbiek 

Frank Pierce, JbAnxon, Iowa. William H. Fry 

Frankstown, Blair, Pa Matthew Simpson 

Frankton, Madison, Ind Jacob Moler 

Franktown, Northampton, Va Thomas B. Fisher 

Frankville, Alleghany, Md James H. Thomas 

Frankville, Winneshiek, Iowa Thos. Bell 

Fransonia, Richland, 111 Eli S. Hanks 

Frazer, Chester, Pa Andrew Bear 

Frazeysburgh, Muskingum, Ohio Richard Griffee 

Frazier's Bottom, Ihitnam, Va Robert M. Hall 

Frease's Store, ^rk, Ohio Abraham Burd 

Frederica, Kent, Del William M. Timmons 

Frederica^ G?j/nn, Ga James W.Armstrong 

Frederica, (c. h.) Frederick, Md J.J. Smith 

Frederick, Mahoning, Ohio Newton J. Price 

Frederick, Montgomery, Pa Abraham Fryer 

FrederickBburgh, Washington, la John Cromer 

FrederickfkburKh, Osage, Mo William C. Reehm 

Fredericksburgh, Wayney Ohio...William J. Stafford 

Fredericksburgh, Lebanon, Pa John Paine 

Fredericksburgh, Gillespie, Texas T. C. Dosf 

Fredericksburg, Spottzylvania, Va R. T. Thorn 

Frederickshall, Louisa, Va Frederick A. Keeper 

F^edericksville, Sc/iuyler, 111 Samuel P. Vail 

:^tfdericksville, Berks, Pa David Frederick 

Fredericktown, Washington, Ky...SamuelO. Fowler 
Fredericktown, (c. h.) Madison, Mo...Alex. C.Lewin 

Fredericktown, Knox, Ohio L. S. McCoy 

Fredericktown, Washington, Pa Israel Dalbey 

Fredon, Sussex, N. J Isaac V. Courson 

Fredouia, Chamberg, Ala James L. Robinson 

Fredonia, (c. h.) Crawford, la Elias O'Bannon 

Fredonia, Caldwell, Ky Hiram M. Witherspoon 

Fredonia, H^s/t^naw,Miuh... John F. Schneeberger 

Fredonia, Aus/c. Texas S. F. Walker 

Fredonia, Chautawme, N. Y Lorenzo Morris 

Fredonia, Ozaukee, Vfin Charles G. Meyer 

Fredonia, Licking, Ohio Thomas B. Peare 

Fredonia, Williamson, 111 Philip J. Russell 

Fredonia, Montgomery, Tenn Johu H.Adkins 

Fredonia, Pontotoc, Miss A. J. Jones 

Fredonia Mills, OampbeU, Va...Thoma6 C. Coleman 

-iTree Bridge, Gordon, Ga Enoch Humphreys 

Freeburgh, Union, Pa Edward Bassler 

Freeburg, ^ark, Ohio Edward Marsh 

Freedom, Oioen, la Isaac Mark Darnell 

Freedom, CurroU, Md Jemima Wadlow 

Freedom, La Fhyette, Mo Jacob Welborn 

Freedom, Wijddo, Me Levi F. Watts 

Freedorij, OarroU, N. H Alvah M. Davis 

Freedom, Cattaraugus, N. Y Enoch Howlet 

Freedom, Piirtage, Ohio Orsamus L. Drake 

Freedom, Outagamie, yf\% John Brady 

Freedom, Beaver, Pa John Graham 

Freedom, La SaUe, 111 Norman Smith 

Freedom, Harrison, Tex Charles B. Dickaxd 

Freedom, Wayne, Iowa William Camp 

Freedom Plains, Dutcfiess,ii. Y S. Mandeville 

Freehold, (c. h.) Monmouth, N. Jw....Wm. V. Ward 

Freehold, Warren, Pa Alinos Matthews 

Freel, Polk, Iowa Matthew Cowley . 

Freeland, Baltimore, Md James L. GemmiU 

Freeland, Luca^, Iowa James T. Plymate 

Freel ands, Muskingum, Ohio Morgan Morgan 

Freeman, Franklin, Me Marshall H. Whitney 

Freeman, Floyd, Iowa ....John Blunt 

Freemansburgh, NortltampUm, Pa... Geo. Bachman 
Freeman's Lauding, Hancock, Va... James H. Gibson 

Freeman's Mills, Mason, Mich Charles Freeman 

Freemansvilie, Cherokee, Ga... Joseph W. Johnston 

Freemanton, JEffingham, \l\ John C. Dufebaugh 

Freeo, Wasfiita, Ark James Thompson 

Freeport, Shelby, la Alexander Cory 

Freeport, (c.h.) Stepftenson, Ill.Francifl W. S. Brawiey 

Freeport, Cumberland, Me SamuelThing 

Freeport, Harriion, Ohio .Joseph Allen 




Freeport, Amutrang, Pa. Hagh D. Gallagher 

FreepoH, Woody Ya Samuel Waick 

Fweport, QueenSy N. Y Willet Charlich 

Freeport, Winnes?ieiky lo^t^ Darwin Knight 

Freeshade, Middlesex^ Ya. William G. Wortham 

Freetown, BristUy Mass Joshua Shove 

Freetown, Jackson, la George Motaingor 

Freetown Corners, CbrUandt, N. Y...Wm. W. Swet- 

Free Union, AU)enuirley Ya. JTamea L. Eagon 

Frelsburgh, QAoradOy Texaa Charles Jordt 

Freistadt, Ozaukee, Wis Henry Eilers 

Fremont, Steuben, la. John Russel 

Fremont Obion, Tenn..... Charles H. White 

Fremont, Mahaska^ Iowa. John Q. White 

Fremont, Samdiuky, Ohio Lucius Caul 

l<Yemont, JtauKonba, Miss George W. Williams 

Fremont, (e. h.) Oedar, Mo Jabez B. Noe 

Fremont, Skivtassee, Mich Alonzo Howard 

Fremont, Br&ion, Wis Ira Sumner 

Fremont, SuUivan, N. Y Carlos P. Holcomb 

Fremont^ flitt^ttier, Ya Henry Williams 

Fremont Centre, SuUivan, N. Y Simeon D. Wood 

Fremont Centre, Lake, 111 Isaac H. Smith 

French Broad, Buncombe^ N. C .J. S. Burnett 

French Camp, San Joaquim, Cal...Robert W. Noble 

French Camps, Choctaw, Miss R. J. Irving 

French Creek, Allamakee, Iowa William Brooks 

French Creek, Knox, III E. A. Ellsworth 

French Creek, Chautauque, N. Y.Willium II. Jones 

French Creek, Mercer, Pa Francis Dunn 

Ifrench Creek, Vpskur, Ya Lorenzo Bunten 

French Creek Church,.02a(2en, N.C...D. A. McMillan 

French Grove, Bureau, 111 Shaler Brainard 

French Island, Spencer, la James Esliridge 

French Lick, Orange, la William A. Bowles 

French Mountain, Warren, N. Y George Brown 

French's Mills, Bradford, Pa John Brownell 

French ton, Upshur, Ya Joseph Groves 

Frenchtown, Hunterdon, N.J.Dawitt Clinton Hough 

French. YiUage, St. Clair, 111 Michael Mash 

Frenchville, Clearjidd, Pa Francis Coudriet 

Fresh Pond, Suffolk, N. Y Albert G. Mulford 

Frewsburgh, Chautauque, N. Y Huuh A. Frew 

Freysbush, Montgomery, N. Y John I. Wendell 

Friar's Point, OoaJioma, Miss Geo. W. James 

Frick's Gap, Walkir, Ga William Simmons 

Friedensburgh, Schuylkill, Pa Charles Krecker 

Friedensville, Lehigh, Pa...Reuben Leichtenwalter 

Friendfield, Marion, S. C Moses W. Brown 

Friends, Chautauque, N. Y Nehemiah L. Finn 

Vi\&[iA», Ashland,0 George Witwer 

Friendship, McDonough, 111 William Allison 

Friendship, Anne Arundel, Md Robt. S. D. Jones 

Friendship, Harlan, Kj Thomas M. Harris 

Friendship, Lincoln, Me Nathaniel H. Cook 

Friendship, Ouilford, N. C John Hunt 

Friendship, Allegany, N. Y Ira D. Hartshorn 

Friendship, SunUer, S. C Ellis R. Richburg 

Friendship, Franklin, Miss Milton Smith 

i^iendship. Dyer, Tenn John F. Sinclair 

Friendship, Scioto, Ohio Wm. Yeach 

Ifriendship, ^utier, Ala Henry Terry 

Friendship, Harrison, Texas R. P. Taylor 

Friendship, Fairfax, Ya. William Payne 

Friendsville, Wabash, 111 WlUiam R. Wilkinson 

Friendsville, BUnimt, Tenn David Morgan 

Friendsville, Sutq^tehannah, Pa. Miles W. Bliss 

Frlnk's Grove, Buduman, Iowa Thomas Frinks 

Frisellburgh, Carroll, Md Edward S. Everhart 

Frontier, Clinton, N. Y Anson Hogel 

Front Royal, (c. h.) Warren, Ya...Gideon W. Jones 

Frost, Pocahontas, Ya. FrancLs Derer 

Frostburgh, Alleghany, Md Joseph Walsh 

Froaen Creek, BreaUuU, Kj Benjamin F. Sewell 

Fniit Hill, ChrisUaii, Ky William D. Ferguson 

Fruit Hill, Clearfield, Pa Henry F. S<-hoeninK 

Fruit Hill, Edgefield, S. C George J. Strother 

Fruit Hill, Shdby, 111 Ahraham Trout 

Fryburgh, Clarion, Fa. Paul Sterner 

Frybuigb, Auglaize, Ohio Andrew Gutmann 

Fryeburgb, Oitfbrd, Me WUliam H. Abbott 

Fryer's Bridge, Fike, Ala Nimrod L. Hudson 

Fryer's Ridge, OmuHXy, Ark K. F. Bearden 

Fryer*t Ponds, iiurike, Qa. Martin Godbee 

Fulda, Spencer, la ^ Nicholas Fisher 

Fuller's Point, Otles, HI Joseph Keller 

Fullersville Iron Works, St. Latorenct, N. Y..Gharle0 
G. Edgerton ^ 

Full wood's Store, Mecklenburgh, N. C J. S. Rekl 

Fulton, (c. h.) Hempstead, Ark R. D. Walker 

Fulton; Whxtesides, HI WUson S. Wright 

Fulton, (c. h.) Itawamba, Miss John *W. Justiee 

Fulton, Barry, Mich Andrew J. Bowae 

Fulton, (c. h.) OaUavtay, Mo Robert Read 

Fulton, Davie. N. C William R. Sharpe 

Fulton, Ostoego, N. Y Albert Taylor 

Fulton, HamiUim, Ohio Joseph A. Reeder 

Fulton, Westmoreland, Pa. Robert Thompson 

Fulton, Dallas, Ala Peyton P. Daniel 

Fulton, Sumier, S.C ^ Jacob Y. Welch 

Fulton, Lauderdale, Tenn Joslah M. Alexander 

Fulton, Bock, Wis. Orsin B. MeFsingvr 

Fulton, Fulton, la. Robert Aitken 

Fulton, Cobb, Ga James A. Itagsdale 

Fulton, Jadcsan, Iowa. William Marden 

Fulton Centre, FidUm, III Lorenzo D. Ayres 

Fultonham, Schoharie, N. Y C. B. Best 

Fultonham, Muskingum^ Chio John W. Herron 

Fulton House, LancasUT^ Pa. Harvey Swift 

Fultonville, Montgomery, in. Y William Shuler 

Funkstown, Washington, Md Oliver H. Snyder 

Funny Louis, Catahoula, La E. W. Yauoey 

Funstonville, Lycoming, ]ftk Brittain Magorgel 

Furnace, Erie, Ohio Parker Lewis 

Furnace, Berks, Pa. John C. Shearer 


GABRIEL'S CREEK, Madison, N.G .James B. 


Gaddeysville, Robeson, N. C James Gaddey 

Gaddistown, Union, Ga Newton K. Williams 

Gadfly, Barry, Mo Jonathan BuUack 

Gadsden, Cherokee, Ala John D. McMichael 

Gadsden, Richland, S. C Wm. B. Flowers 

Gage's Lake, Lake, 111 Amos Wiight 

Gage's Point, St. Francis, Ark Parley P. Hill 

Gananna, Franklin, Ohio John T. Baughmaa 

Gainer's Store, Fike, Ala Wm. N. Henderson 

Gaines, OrleanSyJi.Y John Hutchinson 

Gaines, Tioga, Pa William Griffin 

Gaines, Genesee, Mich B. C. Covert 

Gainesboro', (c h.) Jackson, Tenn R. C. Kiric- 


Gainesboro', Frederick,YsL J. Y. Brown 

GaineslMrough, Van Buren, Iowa .Isaac Nixon 

Gaines' Centre, Kent, Mich Peter Yan Lev 

Gaines' Cross Roads, Rappahannock, Ya. John 


Gaines' Landing, Chicot, Ark William H. Qainee 

Gainestown, Clark, Ala James M. Jackson 

Gainesville, Sumter, Ala Acmon Post 

Gainesville, (c. h.) Oreene, Ark .James F. Davies 

Gainesville, (c. h.) Hall, Ga Henry 8. Campbell 

Gainesville, Hancocfc, Miss Joseph A. Johnson 

Gainesville, Wyoming, N. Y Wm. Bri8tol,Jr 

Gainesville, Allen, Ky Charles C. Stark » 

Gainesville, J^nce Wm., Ya. A. J. Wicklifl^ 

Gainsville, (c. h.) Cooke, Tex George Y. Bird 

Galatea, Harrison, Tex John G. Rol>erts 

Galena, Floyd, la Charles Frederick 

Galena, (c. h.) Jo Daxiess, 111 ..Bernard Gray 

Galena, Delaware, Oliij Harlow Allen 

Galena, (c. h.) Stone,Mo John D.Shannon 

Gales, SuUivan, N. Y Catharine M. Burtis 

Galesburgh, Knox, 111 David Sanborn 

Galesburgh, Kalamazoo, Mich Wm. A. Blaks 

Gales Ferry, New London, Conn...R. W. Matthewson 

Galesvllle, Washington, N. Y Samuel M. Burke 

Galesvilie, Douglass, Or George F. Hall 

Galeyille Mills, Ulster, N. Y Jesse T. Conklhic 

Gttligher, Ouo'nsey, Ohio Alexander Caflsel 

Galilee, Wayne, Pa. Philip P. Brigham 

Gallon, Crawford, Ohio Daniel Ribhi* 

Gallaher, Amw, Tenn Robert W. Hanfia 

Gallatia, S^ine, 111 Oscar F. Inrln 

Gallatia YaHey, OorUandt, N. Y Eiisha Woods 

Gallatin, PccrA<,.la Solomon B. Garriguft 

OaUaUn, («• ^) CbptoA, Mlas...Charte0 K. gwisn*/ 




OellAtin, (c. b.) Daviess, Mo Robert F. Owingg 

Qftllatin, (c b.) Suviner, Tenn Thomaj< Boyen 

f^anatinville, Columbia, N. T John H. Miller 

Chillaudet, Marion, Ind ....Jay Terrell 

€(allia Vurnace, GaUia, Ohio... Morrison A. Bentlej 

Oallipolis, (c. b.) GaUxa, Ohio W. R. B. Steveas 

Oalloway, La SulU, 111 Francis Qalloway 

OaUupyille) Schoharie, N. Y Lyman Baker 

Oally Greek, Pope, Ark Kirkbride Potts 

Gait's Mills, Amherst, Va David T. Staple 

Oalam, Perry. Ill , J. P. Burnell 

Qalva, Henry, 111 ^.....Oeorge Farr 

Qalreston, (e. b.) Galveston, Texas Jobn B. Root 

QnlrmtoUi PiUsylvania, Va Robert B. Cole 

tJalveston, Oass, la..... Melvin B. Knowlton 

iiiAwBy, Saratoga, N. Y Jebn Whiteside 

CktmUer, Knox, Ohio .James Young 

Oambles, Alleghany, Pa James Torrence 

<}ame Point, Stafford, Va Abel 8. Lewellyn 

Tandy's Cove, Mi/rgan, Ala Henry Tarney 

<}ange8, Bichiand, Ohio Jacob G. Rupert 

Oangea, AUegan, Mich S. M. Thompnon 

Gansevoprt, Saratoga, N. Y Hnriow Lawrence 

Gap, Walker, Ala William Gravlee 

Oap, LmtcaaUr, Pa James Hopkins 

Gap Civil, Ashe, N. G Allen Gentry 

Gap Greek, KnMc. Tenn David F. Dearmond 

Gap Creek, ^xAe,N. C Wiliinm H.Geniry 

€hip Grove, Lee, 111 William W. Tilton 

Wlap Mills, iftmroe, Va Jacob Otiborn 

. Gap Springs, iV2Ar, Ark James H. Gilliam 

Garden, ^<A«fU, Ohio Daniel S. Johnson 

Garden Grove, Decatur, Iowa OaroN. Kellogg 

Garden Plidn, Whiteside,l\\ James A. Sweet 

Garden Prairie. Bnone,lYi CyruA H. Avery 

Garden Talley, Smith, Tex J. L. Davidson 

Garden Yalley, Eldtrrado, Cal... Simeon L. Stewart 

Gardiner, Kennebeck, Me F. P. Theobald 

Gardiner City, Umpqua,Or Madison Scobey 

Gardner, Worcester, Mesa Levi Haywood 

Gardner, NobU, Ohio William McKee 

Gardner, Grundy, 111 Absalom Gleason 

Gardner's Bridge. Martin, N. C.Wm. J. Harrison 
Gardner's Lake, New London, Conn...£lia8 H. Beck- 

Gardnersville, ScTioharie, N. Y...Robert S. Conyne 

Gard's Point, WubasKUl Barton P. Baker 

Garland, Penobscot, Me Lorenco Oak 

Garland, Warren,Pa. John McMaster 

Garlands, AWemarle, Va Nathaniel GHrland 

Garlandville, Jasper, Mis.^ W. A. Payne 

Garmon'H MillR, Cabarras, N. Ishoo S. Linker 

Garnaville, Clayton, Iowa Robert C. Drips 

Gamer's Ford, Cleveland, N. Henry Schenek 

Gametts Station, Harrison, Ky. Tandy Witcles worth 

Gamettsville, Mead, Ky John C. Lawson 

Garoga, FuUon,T:i.Y Ohauncey Hutchinson 

Garrattsville, Otsego, N. Y John T. Mather 

Garrettsburgh, Christian, Ky Hillery £. Bacon 

Garrettsville, Portage, Ohio Robert Lee 

Garrettsville, Lycoming, Pa Enos Garrett 

Garriott's Landing, Trimble, Ky. .. William Garriott 

Garrisons, Putnam, N. Y John Garrison 

Garrisonville, Stafford, Va James W. Stone 

Garrote, Tuolumne, Cul ...Gage Tucker 

Garry Owen, Jadcson, Iowa John M. Hayes 

Garyaburgb, Northampton, N. C.Roderick B. Gary 

Garysrille, Prince George, Va Charlotte P. Gary 

Gasconade Ferry, Gasconade, Mo Jacob Sehiefer 

Gas Factory, Lincoln, Tenn Thomas W. Hayes 

Gaaper Mills, Wurren, Ky Henry Potter 

Gasport, JViap^rro, N. Y Alfred Colwell 

Gasaett's Station, Windsor, Vt Wm. H. Spafford 

Gaston, Sumter, Ala Joseph £. Westoott 

Gaston, NurUiampfon, N. C J. W. Pugh 

Gaston, Fremont, Iowa Lester W. Piatt 

Gates, Monroe, N. Y Chauncey Howell 

Gates, McDonald, Mo .Geo. W. Nutting 

Gate's miU, Cuyahoga, Ohio Hiram Webster 

GateavlUe, Gates, N. C Shadracb W. Worrell 

Gatesville, (c. h.) G/ryell, Tex JamenC. Newlon 

Gatewood, BipUy, Mo P. W. Smelsor 

Gaitley Bridge, f\iyu,y\ James H. MUler 

Gavers, CUurnticn. Ohi Samuel Kwlng 

Gt)ieji Glri:*!:^.,! 1 ( raoa Howard 

Gay Hill, Washingion, Tex Francis A. Thomaon 

GaylesviUe, Cheroku, Ala Jobn M. Hendrix 

Gayoso, (c h.) Pemiteot, Mo George W. Charlton 

Gaysville, Windsor, Vt Rufus L. Fay 

Gebharts, Somerset, Pa Simon Vought 

Geddes, Onondago, N. Y Tfaodias Sammons 

Geesville, /bpe, Ark Joseph Brown 

Geiger's Mills, Berks, Pa Isaac Geiger 

Oenegantslet, Chenango, N. Y Alvin Gray 

General Wayne, Montgwnery, Pa David Yonng 

Genesee, Genesee, Mich Chauncey B. Herrick 

Genesee, WavJusha, Wis..... George Hardy 

Genesee Fork, JWter,Pa Dwight Genong 

Genesee Grove, Whitesides, 111 John Yager 

Geneseo, Henry, HI...., Harry McArUiar 

Oeneseo, (c h.) Livingstun, N. Y W. E. Laodentole 

Geneva, Coffee, Ala Henry A. Yonge 

Geneva, Ontcuio, N. Y Luther Kelly 

Geneva, AshtaJbvla, Ohio E. D. Kassofi 

Geneva, Walworth, Wis Timothy a Smith 

Geneva, Kane, 111 Alfred Herrington 

Geneva, Talbot, Ga Daniel H. Smith 

Geneva, Lenawee, Mich Wm. Ty>wc 

Geneva Bay, Wahoorth, Wis Kiah BaUej 

Genoa, De Kalb, HI William H. Allei 

Genoa, Livingston, Mich..... Albert Tooley 

Genoa, Cayuga, N. Y Theodore N. Millei 

Genoa, Ottawa, Ohio A. B. Rudet 

Genoa. C2arA;,Ark Woodson Vaden 

Genoa Cross Roads, Delaware, Ohio.. Vernon Franklin 

Gentry, (ch.) Gentry, Mo John B. Hundley 

Gentryville, Spencer, la Frederick McKaason 

Gentryville, Gentry, Mo. Booker Smith 

Gentsville, Abbeville, S. C William Long 

Oentsville, Walton, Fla John Ghent 

George's (>eek, Massac, 111 Wm. I. Simpeon 

George's Mills, Sullivan, N. H. Daniel George 

George's Store, Ztnooln, Tenn B. C. George 

Georgesville, JVatiAtin, Ohio William Socytt 

Georgetown, (c. h.) WHUamson, Tex... Evan Williams 

Georgetown, Washington, Dis. Col 11. W. Tilley 

Georgetown, (c. h.) i^tssex, Del James A. Wolfc 

GecNTgetown, Mandolph, Ga. Green B. Lewis 

Georgetown, ^c. h.) Scott, Ky William BIcDaniel 

Georgetown, Floyd, la. James Burger 

Georgetown, VermiilUon, 111 Wm. H. Redmon 

Geoi^etown, Jackson, N. C Nathuuicl G. Abrams 

Georgetown, Sagadahoc, Me Zacheus Trafton 

Georgetown, Copiah, Miss C.Traweck 

Georgetown, (c. h.) Pettis, Mo B. F. Curmitt 

Georgetown, iSueiS, Mass Samuel Wilson 

Georgetown, Madison, N. Y A. H. Niles 

Georgetown, (c. h.) Bromn, Ohio... James T. Morgan 

Georgetown, Beaver, Pa.... Charles Oalhouxi 

Georgetown, (c. h .) Georgrtnv)n,^.G...\Sm. BfcNuIty 

Georgetown, ^urjtn^ton, N. J Nathan W.Fraaer 

Georgetown, iM.FUyeUe, Wis M. T. Parkinson 

Georgetown, l^ir/Ie^ Conn Lloyd Seeley 

Georgetown, Ottawa^ Mioh Stephen L. Lowing 

Georgetown, El Dorado, Cal Amos W. Stowe 

Georgtown Cross Roads, Ktnt, Md...T. K. Gooding 

Georgia, FranJdin, Vt Siimuel Fairbanks 

Geoiigiana, Sacramento, Cal John M. Sidwell 

Georgiaville, Providence, R I Ileury C. Arnold 

Georgia, De Soto, Miss James G. HamUl 

Gerenton, CairoU, Miss Richard Small 

German, Chenango, N. Y Alf xander Ferris 

German, Darke, Ohio WilliHm BrowB 

Germanna, Orange, Va. Edward Beal< 

Germane, Harrison, Ohio Andrew Lyneh 

German Settlement, Preston, Va...Dtivid Ridenoui 

Germansville, Lehigh, Pa David Rom 

Germanton, (c. h.) SUSeeSi N. C...Reul)eu D. Golding 

Gtormantown, Marion, la John W.Oombs 

Germantown, Mason, Ky Andersoa Doniphan 

Germantpwn, Columbia, N. Y Elias Millei 

Germantown, Montgomery, (>Mo..William S. ZeHen 

Germantown, P/nladdphia, Pa Jonathan Well 

Germantown, Shelby, Tenn William N. Morgai 

Germantown, Clinton, 111 Franci:4 Hankam| 

Germantown, Adams, Wi Kra^tU4 Hubbaii 

German Valley, Morris, N. J ...Jncob M. Hagei 

Germanville, JEdg^/ieUi, S. G Asa F. Lang^rd 

Germanville. Jeffersfn Iowa J( hn & Btt<ic 

Germany, Warrm, Pa. Mrs. Uar.iat BMsf B 




Qerrardstown, Berkeley^ Va. George W. Hoke 

Gerry, Chaulauque, N. Y.„ Kdward Taylor 

Oettysburph, IVelle, Ohio Mary Ann Watt 

Gettysbur^ih, (c. b.) AdarnSj Pa...William Gilleepie 

Ghent, Carroll. Ky Soott Tandy 

Ghent, Columhfa, N. Y Philip W. Mull 

Ghentsvillo, Henry,Q$k Austin C. Miller 

Gholson, iVnxubee, Misp Simppoii R. Stevenson 

Gholsonyille, Brunswick^ ya.^Nichola8 W. Kawlings 

Giard, Clayton, Iowa. Isaac Mathews 

Gibb's Crops Roads, Smith, Tenn Gilbert Gibbs 

GibbviHe, Sheboygan, Wis .George W. Arentsen 

Gibesonville, Hocking, Ohio .John L. Williams 

Gibralter, Wayne, Mich Hiram Blakely 

Gibson, SusqtuJiannahy Pa. Renben Tuttle 

CKbson, Pihe, QliAo.t.......^ Abishai Ruckman 

Gibson, Steuben, N. Y Butler S. Wolcott 

Gibeonville, Livingston, N. Y Joseph Wilson 

GibsonTille, RusseUs Va A. P. Gibson 

Gibsoaville, Sierra, Cal Noblie C. Cunninghad 

Qibaonville, Omlfwrd, N. C Jerden A. Neese 

Gibson's Store, Richvuond, N. C Noah Gibson 

Gibson's Wells, Gibson, Tenn Abner G. Ijaiii 

GiddiDg.«, SauJt, Wis Ransom Smith 

Oidley's Station, Jackson, Mich..Ransom £. Aldrich 

Gilbert, McClennan, Texas William Jackson 

Gilbertsborough, Limestone, Ala Lewis Nelson 

GUbert's Mills. Oswego, N. Y Stephen Griffith 

GUlMrtsviUe, Montgomery, JPtk ..J. W. Hillegass 

Gilboa, Schoharie, N. Y ....: Harvey M. Bliss 

Gilboa, Putnam, Ohio.. J^ohn £. Greighton 

Gilboa, Louisa, Va Nelson Lipoomb 

Gilchrist's Bridge, Marion, S. C D. Gilchrist 

Gilder, GrefnviUe., S. C William L. M. Austin 

Gilead, Oxford, 'i/Lvi Benjamin G. Coffin 

Gilead, Tolland, Conn Miss Caroline Post 

Gilead, Miami,lA William H.Wright 

Gilead, Calhoun, Til Daniel T. Simpson 

Gilead, Braudi, Mich Emerson Marsh 

Gilead, Wtod, Ohio >..Seth C. McDonald 

Gilead, Lewis, Mo... William Odor 

Gillford, (c. h.) Belk-nap, N.H John C. Moulton 

Gilford Village, BeUcnap, N. H Meshac Sanborn 

Gill, Fran'.lin, Maps Joeiah D. Canning 

Gilleland, Travis, Tex Stephen Boyce 

Gillespie, Macoupin, 111 Thomas W. Chandler 

Gillespieville, Ross, Ohio William Day 

Gill Hall. AUegkany,Ps. William Snee 

Gillions, BaJcer, Ga ..., John Boutright 

GilllBonville, Beaufort, S. C .John Moore 

Gill's Creek. Franklin, Va Booker P.Robertson 

Gill's Mills, Bath, Ky William Ragland 

Gill's Store, Lincoln, Tenn William H. Bailey 

GlllsTille, Hall, da, Charles R. Simmons 

Gilman, HaviiUon, N. Y Ellas P. Oilman 

GilmantOQ, Belknap, N. H Alfred Prescott 

Gilmanton Iron Works, Belknap, N.U.... George W. 

Gilmantown, Floyd, Iowa William Gilman 

Gilmer, Lake, 111 Joel B. Thomas 

Gilmer, (c. h.) Upshur, Texas DavlJ L.Neel 

Gilmer's Store, Guilford, N. C.Joeeph W. Gilmer 

Gilmore, Tuscarawas, Ohio Philip Laning 

Gilopolis, Robeson, N. C Edmund Lilley 

Gilroy, Cooper, Mo Waid Howard, jr 

GUroy, Santa Clara, Cal Lucien C. Everett 

Gilflum, Ch^ishire,^. H Ezra Webster 

Ginger Hill, Wiishington, Pa .....Robert Preston 

Ginseng, (c. h.) Wyoming,\9^ Floyd McDonald 

Gia Town, Irwin, Ga Thomas J. Boynton 

Girard, Macoupin, 111 .James Michaels 

Girard, ^. h.) Ru^seU, Ala; Samuel G. Beckwith 

Girard, Branch, Mich Joseph C. Corbus 

Girard, TYumlvJl, Ohio WilHam Johnson 

Girard, Erie, Pa Monroe Hutchinson 

Girard, Burke, Ga Samuel H. Buxton 

Givensville, Pontotoc, Miss C' D. Waller 

Gladden's Grove. Fiirfield, S. C...D. McCuUough, jr 

Qlade Creek, Ashe, N. C Andrew Carson 

Olade Hill, Franklin, Va William Pannill 

Glade Mills, Butler, Pa., Thomas McLaughlin 

Glade Run, Armstrong, Pa William M.Findley 

Glades, Morgan, Tenn Louia Veney 

Gladosborough, GUrroU, Va JohaH.Hiet8ell 

QUde Spring, JTarmon, Tex John L. Sberrod 

Glade Spring, Washington, Va »A. 8. Orr 

Glade's Cross Roods, Putnam, Ga... Jamos McKeneic* 

Gladesville, Jasper, Geo Moees Chapin 

GladevlIIe, Preston, Va Ashf«^ Brown 

Gladeville, Wilsfm,Tenn JohnM. Bland 

Glady Creek, Barbour,\& „..'. Jesse Phillips 

Qlasco, Ulster,N. Y...'. ...Henry D.Martin 

Glasgovr, New Castle, Del Robert Cann 

Glasgow, (c. h.) Barren, Ky James R. Barrick 

Glasgow, Scott, III Campbell Young 

Glasgow, Jefferson, Iowa George Chapman 

Glasgow, Howard, Mo J. T. Marr 

Glasgow, Oolumhiana, Ohio, William B. Orr 

Glasgow, Thomas, Ga John A. Mcintosh 

Glassborough, Gloucester, N. J John S. Stanger 

Glass Creek, .Burry, Mich Chauncey H. Brewer 

Glassnevin, Dubuque, Iowa... Matthew McCollough 

Glass Village, Conway, Ark William R. Turner 

Glassy Mountain, Pickens, 8. C J. G. Ferguson 

Glastenbury, Hartford, Conn Benjamin Taylor 

Glen, Montgomery, N. Y Adam Smith 

Glenalta, Marion, Ga Daniel Majors 

Glenarvon, Fluvanna, Va Cornelius P. Snead 

Glen Brook, Hart, Ky .....John B. Cobb 

Glenburn, Penobscot, Me ., Mary Merrill 

Glenooe, Gallatin, Ky Philip O. Turpin 

Glenooe, Bolivar, Miss Dickinson Bell 

Glencoe, BelMont, John Welsh 

,Glen Cove, Queens, N. Y Richard M. Bown© 

Glendale, Berkshire, Mass John H. Strong 

Glendale, Camden, N. J Ephraim Tomlin«m 

Glendale, Hamilton, Simeon L. Olosv 

GlenEaston, MarslmU, Va William B. Simpson 

Glenfinlas, Jefferson, Mo..... Zebhlon Pritchet 

Glengary, Berkley, Va ; John D. Barney 

Glenham, Dutclie^s, N. Y..; George W. Wescott 

Glenn Grove. Fayette, Ga~ James H. Edmonson 

Glen Hope, Clearjield, Pa, William R. Dickinson 

Glenmore, Oneida, N. Y .William W. Barber 

Glenmore, Buckingham, Va. John C. Fiti 

Glenn, McKean, Pa. Sarah Clendenon 

Glenns, Clark, Iowa Martin Hood 

Glenns, Gloucester, Va William Masson 

Glenn's Falls, Warren, N. Y William Peek 

Glenn Springs, Spartanburghf S. C.Robt. A. Gates 

Glenn's Valley, Johnson, la Franktin Hardin 

Glennville, Barbour, Ala Henry 0. Screws 

Glennville, Schenectady, N. Y.Adam 0. Van Patten 

Glen Riddle, Delaware, Pa..'. Samuel Riddk 

Glen Rock, York, Pa. EmasBel Sheffer 

Glensdale, Lewis, N. Y Sherburn D. Mason 

Glenville, Fhirfield, Conn.. Joshua L. Mosher 

Glenville, Gilmer, Va William E. Herndon 

Gldnville, Harford, Md James F. Reasin 

Glen Wild, SuUivan, N. Y William F. Bowers 

Glenwood, Erie, N. Y Stephen Hedges 

Glenwood, Susquehannah^ Pa Edwin R. Grow 

Glenwood, MiUs, Iowa 0. N. Tyson 

Globe, CjMweU, N. C Jesse Moore, jr 

Globe, Johnson, Mo John Oliphant 

Globe Creek, Marshall, Tenn Benj. P. McConnell 

Gloucester, Essejc, Maj>8 Gorham Par^ono 

Gloucester C. H., Gloucester, Va.ThoB. B. Taliaferro 
Gloucester City, Camden, N. J.. William 0. Mulford 

Glover, Orleans, Yt !..l8aac B. Smith 

Glover's Gap, Marion, Va David Warrick 

Gloversvil le, FulUm. N. Y ls«nr Combe.' 

Glymont. 6'iar/ej, Md Thomas N. Getting!* 

Glymphville, Netuberry, S. C John Glymph 

Gnadenhutten, Tuscarawas, Ohio...Gnstavu8 Fox 

Godfry, Madison, 111 Timothy Turner 

Godwinville, Bergen, N. J John B. Wortendyke 

GofiTs Mills, Steuben, N. Y Henry H. Bouton 

GofEstown, HUsborough, N. H Philo H. Pattee 

Goffstown Centre, Hillsborough, N. H...E. R. Poor 

Gogginsville, Franklin, Va Lewis H. Tumbull 

Golansville, Caroline, Va William W. Dickinson 

Golconda, (c. b.) Jbpe, III Wm. A. Lowth 

Gold Creek, Brown, la Jonathan Aurandt 

Golden Comers, Wayrte, Samuel T. Brothers 

Golden Grove, Greenville, S. C.Chas. G. Garrrieon 

Golden Hill, Dorcliester, Md Moses L. Keen 

Golden Lake, Jefferson, Wis Adolph Scbenber 

Golden Pond, l9igg, Ky Daniel Flora 

Qolden's Bridge, West Chester, N. Y...Orin P. Friwt 




Oolden's Poitit, Hancock, 111....'. Oidenn Alkire 

Qolden Springs, Anderson, S. G...S. T. Rich&rdson 
C^den Yalley, Rtttherford, N. G...Beigamin Ham- 

Odd Hill, Rowan, N. C Francis W. Scott 

Gold Hill, Buckinghamy Va .' Wm.C. Word 

Gold Hill, Hopkins, Tex J. C. Marchbanks 

Goldin's Ridge, Lauderdale, Tenn...Jame8 Gillespie 

Gold Region, Moore, N. G Bethuel Coffin 

Gold River, Jackson, Or Davis Evans 

Gtddsboroagh, Wayne, JS. C John Taylor 

Goldsboro, Poinsett, Ark Lemuel McGuire 

Goldsborough, Barthatomew, la Henry Wiggs 

Goldston, Ghaiham, N. C George W. Goldston 

Goldrille, Tallapoosa, Ala A. G. Beekhkm 

Goliad, (o. h.) CMiad, Tex Joseph M. Goffe 

Goline, Dale, Al John McNaughton 

Gomer, Allen, Ohio William W. Williains 

Gonie, Strajffinrd, N. H Charles S. Whltehouse 

Gonzales, (c. h.,) Gonzales, Tex J^ohn V. Law 

Goochland C. H., GhochUmdy Va. John S. Swift 

Gooch's Mill, Cooper, Mo William D. Gooch 

Qoode's Precinct, Clark, Ky John Hughes 

Goodfleld, Meigs, Tenn Abraham Cox, jr 

Good Ground, Suffolk, N. Y Hiram Fonmier 

Gjood Hope, Mihoaukie, Wis George Schmidt 

Good Hope, Cumberland, Pa Samuel Shaeffer 

Good Hope, WaUon, Ga Wm.H. Richardson 

Good Hope, Fayette, Ohio H. C. Coffman 

(lood Hope, Leake, Miss. John G. Billingsley 

Goodings Grove, Will, 111 Samuel Blount 

Good Intent. Washington, Pa James Roney 

(Woodland, Knox, Mo William Saling 

Goodlettsville, Davidson, Tenn... John H. Galbreath 
Goodman's Cross Roads, Harris, Ga.Wm.0. Johnston 

Goodrich, Genesee, Mich Shepherd Wheeler 

Good Spring, WUliainson, Tenn James M. Reed 

Good Spring, Limestone, Ala Samuel Wickham 

Good Spring, Moore, N. C 0. A. Burgess 

Good Spur, CarroU, Va James L. Mitchell 

Goodville, Lancaster, Pa Martin E. Stauflfer 

Good Water, Coosa, Ala William Adkins 

Good Water, Winn, La Adam Riser 

Goodwill, Franklin, Ga John JaiiieB 

Goodwin's Mills, York, Me Silas M. Emerson 

Goodwynsville, Dinwiddie, Va... Marvin R. Griswold 

Goodyear's Bar, Sierra, Cal Julius Meinhardt 

Goose Creek, Riichie, Va William Douglass 

Goose Creek, Smith, Tenn Joseph Johnson 

Gordo, Pickens, Ala Henderson EQcks 

Gordon, WUkinson, Ga Washington J. Solomon 

Gwdon, Darke, Ohio. John Layton 

Gordon's Springs, Jfidker, Ga G. W.dordon 

Gordonsville, Smith, Tenn John Gordon 

Gordonsville, Logan, Ky Aaron D. Kennedy 

Gordonsville, Orange, Va William H. Mann 

Gordonsville, Lancaster, Pa Joseph H. Black 

Gordonton, Person, N. C.Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gordon 

Goro, Hocking, Ohio C. B. Culver 

Qoresville, Loudon, Va Cornelius W. Paxon 

Gorham, Cumberland, Me Samuel W. Lord 

Gorham, Cbos, N. II John R. Hitchcock 

Gorham, Ontai-io, N. Y George B. Cook 

Gorham, Ftdton, Ohio Amos Boyd 

Gorsuch's Mills, Baltimore, Md Stephen Gorsnch 

Goshen, Montgnrmery, Md...MrB. Henrietta D. Peugh 

Goshen, Cherokee, Ala Henry Fulcnwider 

Goshen, Addison, Vt Charles R. Capen 

floshen. Litrh^ri/f.Q^nix Norman Norton 

Goshen, Line /-, Ga ....„ B. W. Moore 

Goshen, (c. h.) EVchart, la. JSlbridge G. Chamberlain 

Goshen, Hampshire, Mass John L. Godfrey 

Goshen, Sullivan, N. H Eleazer C. Converse 

Goshen, (c h.) Orange, N. Y Charles T. Jackson 

Goshen, Clermont, Ohio Daniel Holmes 

Goshen, Oldham, Ky Samuel H. Moore 

Goshen, CUpe May, N. J John W. Swain 

Goehen, Lincoln, Tenn Archibald McKee 

Goshen, Walker, Tex Charles J. Kerr 

Goshen, Story, Iowa Jeremiah Corey 

Goshen, Mercer, Mo Henrv Neill 

Qoehen Hill, Union, S. C David Gross 

Goshenville, Chester, Pa Saml. D. Hlbberd 

Gosport, Clark, Ala Alflred Davis 

Gosport, Otoen, la John B. Kerr 

Gosport, JKhrion, Iowa Samuel Payne 

Gott's Cross Roads, Sullvoan, Tenn R. P. Gott 

Gonldsborough, Hancock,'hLe Amos G. Guptill 

Gourdvioe, Union, N. C Joseph E. W. Smith 

Gouv^rneur, St. Lawrence, N. Y Wm. H. Bowne 

Govanstown, BaUimore,Md Cornelius A.Kelley 

Governor's Bridge, Anne Artmdel, Md...S. Anderson 

Governor's Island, Macon, N. C Mark Coleman 

Gowanda, Oattaraugtu, N. Y David N. Brown 

GowdeysvDle, Union, S. C Thomas J. Orr 

Gowenaynie, Greenville, S. C W. D. McMakin 

Gower's Ferry, Oodar, Jovrtk, Robert Gower 

Graball, Itawamba, Miss G. W. Williams 

Graceham, Frederick, Md Simon Meredith 

Gradyville, Adair. Ky William F. Grady 

Grafensburgh, Adams, Pa.. David Goodyear 

Grafton, Jersey, 111 W. H. Allen 

Grafton, Worcester, Mass Hasket D. P. Bigelow 

Grafton, Grafton, N. H Horace Barney 

Grafton, RerMSdaer, N. Y Potter Maxon 

Grafton, Lorain, Ohio Stephen H. Brown 

Grafton, H^ndAam, Vt Fabius Bancroft 

Grafton, Monroe, Mich..r Josiah Littlefield 

Grafton, OMLvkee, Wis Jonathan C. Downs 

Grafton, Oxfiyrd, Me Stephen S.Bean 

Grafton, Taylor, Va William Powell 

Grafton, Yolo, Cal A. Updegraff 

Grafton Centre, Grafton, N. H Isaac B. Martin 

Graham, Independence, Ark C. W. Waugh 

Graham, Nodaway, Mo Andrew Russell 

Qnhaxa, Jefferson, la Charles K. Lard 

Qnibam, Alamance, N. C Thomas J. JOnes 

Graham's Forge, /Yi2a<M, Va M. B. Tate 

Graham's Mills, Shelby, Tex James M. Graham 

Graham's Turn Out, Bamtoell, S.C.Mary A. Tyler 

Grahamsville, SuUirvin, N. Y Nathan C.Clark 

Grahamton, Clearfield, Pa ..James B. Graham 

Grahamville, York, Pa Robert Graham 

Grahamville, Beaufort, S.C William P. Zealey 

Grampian Hills, Clearfield, Pa Jonathan Evans 

Granby, Essex, Vt Loomis Wells 

Granby, Hartjbrd, Conn,. ...... Edward C. Tallmadge 

Granby, Hampshire, Mass Henry H. Stems 

Granby Centre, Oswego, N. Y Wm. F. Ensign 

Grand Blanc, Genesee, Mich Joshua K.Abbott 

Grand Bluflf, Panola, Tex A. L. Vawter 

Grand Cane, De Soto, La John B. Gamble 

Grand Cane, Libfrty, Texas, Hugh M. Farrier 

Grand Coteau, St. Landry, La. S. J. Barry 

Grand Cote Prairie, Pary, 111... John M. Woodside 

Grand Detour, Ogle, 111....' E. W. Dutcher 

Grand Eoore, NaUivUoches, La Willis Jenkins 

Grand Falls, A'ewton,Mo Peregrine B. Scott 

Grand Glaze, Jackson, Ark Joseph 0. Ewing 

Grand Gulf, Claiborne, Miss.... Jeremiah C. Grifflng 
Grand Haven, Ottawa, Mloh...£benezer W. Barnes 

Grand Island, Erie, N. Y Daniel Morgak 

Grand Island, Oolusi,C9l Thomas Eddy 

Grand Isle, Grand Isle, Vt A. H. W. Jackson 

Grand Lake, Chicot, Ark Moritz Frank 

Grand Ledge, Eaton, Mich Samuel Chadwlek 

Grand Marsh, Adams,^^in Ralph Patrick 

Grand Meadow, Clayton, Iowa Linus Edson 

Grand Mound, Clinton, Iowa Solomon Barber 

Grand Mound, Thurston, Wash.Leonard D. Duargin 

Grand Pier, Hardin, 111 Joel Hall 

Grand Prairie, Plaquemine. La...Goreham P. Ayer 

Grand Pnirle, Kankakee, 111 Job Williams 

Grand Prairie, iark?, Or Jon«t*^«ri Bntler 

Grand Prairie, Marquette, Wis. ...Lyman K Thayer 

,Grand Rapids, Kent, Mich Truman H. Lyon 

'Grand Rapids, P3rlage,Vf ib Eusebius Lavlgne 

Grand River, Wayne, Iowa Harvey B. Duncan 

Grand River, Oaldvoell, Mo N. C. Woolsey 

Grand Saline, Cffierokee Nation. Ark...Rob't D. Ross 

Grand Spring, Dane, Wis Jenkins W. Scovllle 

Grand Tower, Jackson, 111 Bennington Boone 

Grand Traverfe, Grand IVaversf, Mich L. Miller 

Grand View, F/lgar, III Thomas J. Langford 

Grand View, Lmiisa, Iowa Nathan M. Stone 

Grand View, Washington, Ohio Anthony Sheets 

Grand View, Boone, Mo Thomas S. Sneed 

Grand View, Spencer, la Jacob B. Livengood 

Grand ville, K^nt, Mich Horace O.Weston 

Granger, Allegany, N. Y j Freeman Atwood 




Granger, Medina, Ohio Royal N. Hickox 

OrangersYille, Maoan^ Ga William Gilbert 

GcangerTille, Saratngay N. Y Oalvin J. Reed 

GnuQiteville. Edgffidd^ S. G B. C. Hard 

Grant, Grant, la William Hall 

Grantham. Sullivan, H .H John N. Brown 

Grantsborough, CUmpbelljTenn James H. Grant 

Qrantsburg, Craw/urd, la Wra. Q. Roberson 

Grant's Creek, Switzerland, la Mrs. Sally North 

Grant's Hill. Gentry, Mo James E. Gadle 

Grant's Lick, Camp(tell, Ky John H. Gosney 

Grmtsville, Alleghany, Md James Burton 

Grantsnlle, Onoda, Ga William B. Smith 

GrantYille, Norfol'r, Maas^ Alvin Fuller, 2d 

QranTille, Delaware, la.. Jeme Brackin 

GranTille, Washington. N. T Marcellus Strong 

Granville, Licking, Ohio. Darwin Humphreys 

Gjranville, Bradford, Pa Luman D. Taylor 

Granville, Jaclcson, Tenn « White Myers 

Granville, Monrmgdlia, Ya Marmaduke Dent 

Granville, Addlvm, Vt .Eiyah W. Allbee 

Granville, Bidnam, III William A. Pennell 

Granville, MilwauLie, Wis Elias Wambold 

GranvUle, Atahofh-a, Iowa Martin Poling 

Onq;>e Grove, Greene, Ohio Andrew Fogg 

Grape Island, Pleasant, Va James L. Bailey 

Cirass Hills, Carroll, Ky Lewis Sanders 

Grass Lake, Jackson, Mich George G. Lord 

Grass Land, Harrison, Va Andrew D. Coplin 

Grass Valley, Nevada, Gal Erastus Mathewson 

Grassy Cove, BU.dsoe, Tenn Weatherston S. Greer 

Grassy Creek, Yancey, N. C Joseph M. Blalock 

Grassy Creek, Livingston, Mo Solomon R. Hooker 

Grassy Creek, Russell, Va Joab Wilson 

Grassy Knob, Jiutherford, N. C Wm. Davenport 

Grassy Pond, Spartanburghy S. Q....J. Q. Carpenter 

Grassy Pond, Jefferson, Ky , Wm. Arnold 

Grassy Valley, Harrison, la George W. Wolf 

Gratiot, Atuskinghum, Ohio Stephen B. Tucker 

Gratiot, La Fayette, Wis .J. C. Frederick Rodolf 

Gratis, Prehle^ Ohio Abraham W. Neff 

Qratkude, Sussex, N. J John Hunt, jr 

Grattan, Kent, Mich..... Edward S. Bellamy 

Grate, Dauphin, Pa Daniel Lehr 

Grata, Owen, Ky Jesse Luter 

Gravel Hill, McNairy, Tenn Leroy M. Hugglbs 

Gravel Hili, Buckingham, Vak Beverly A. Brown 

Gravelly HHl, Wadm, N. C WUllam W. Anders 

Gravelly HiU, VeU, Ark Lorenzo R. Frle 

Gravelly Sprinpr, Lauderdale, Ala E.G. Chandler 

Gravel Ridge, Bradley, Ark A. B. Coward 

Gravel Run, Washtenaw, Mich John A. Bently 

Gravel Spring. Frederick, Va Daniel M. Hart 

Grave Run Mills, Baltimore, Md E. S. Morrison 

Graves, Hempstead, Ark Thomas Ferrell 

Graves, Caswell, N. C John D. Kesee 

<}rave8end, Kings, N. Y Gilbert Hicks 

Graves' Mill, Madison, Va John H. Graves 

Gravesville, Herkimer, N. Y Henry Bills 

Gray, CumJierland, Me Daniel Hall 

Gray Hawk, Owslei/, Ky John Farmer 

Gray Rock, 'fitus, Tex B. L. Blake 

Graysburg, Greerie, Tenn Nathan Morelock 

Gray's Creek, Cumberland, N. C.Robert B. Simpson 

Gray's Creek, Monroe, Iowa Robert Kirkwood 

Gray's llat, Marion, Va Enoch Toothman 

Gray's Hill, /eoan, Tenn H.Gray 

Grayson, (n. h.) Carter, Ky Benj. F. Crawford 

Grayson, Crittenden, Ark William Rives 

Grayson, C. H., Grayson, Va James Waugh 

Grayson Springs, Grayson, Ky.Manoah P. Clarkson 
Grayson Sulphur Springs, CUrroU, Va.Benj. F. Frye 

Graysport, YallaJmsha, Miss Henry M. Ringo 

Gray's Valhjy, Tioga, Pa James Gray 

Qraysville, Monroe, Ohio Frederick A. Lamping 

Graysville, Herkimer, N. Y William L. Gray 

Graysville, Todd, Ky A. G. Wilcox 

Graysville, HurUingdon, Ptk Wm. S. Curry, jr 

Grayville, IMitte, ill Amzi A. White 

Graysville, Morgan, Ind. Francis M.Gray 

Greasy Creek, Flayd, Va William Slufher 

Great Barriugton, Berkshire, Ma8S...S. R Sumner 

Great B^nd, Jefferson, N. Y ....Samuel McNeill 

Great Bend, Meigs, Ohio Nehemlah Bicknell 

Groat Bend, Susquehannah, Pa...». Joseph Du Bois 

Great Bridge, Norfolk, Va William Hambnry 

Great Crossings, tSctOt, Ky Philip B. HudsoB 

Great Fall*, Straford, N. H Harriet S. RusBell 

Great Mills. St. Mary's, Md Henry Stainhle* 

Great Pond, Hancock, Me Tobias Lord 

Great Valley, Cattaraugus, N. Y.. Andrews L. Norton 
Great Works, Penobscot, Me...Greenwood F. Barton 

Greece, Mimroe, N. Y William FaU 

Greely's Grove. Buchanan, Iowa Allen M. Coy 

Green Bank, Burlington, N.J William Sooy 

Green Bank, Pocahontas, Va, WUHam L. Brows 

Green Bay, Brown, Wis Edward Hick* 

Green Bay, Prince Edward,\& ..Jacob Gregory 

Green Bay, Lee, Iowa. ^...Francis M. Jolly 

Greenboro, Oswego^H.Y Henry Wright 

Green Bottom, SheU)y, Tenn John Bond 

Green Bottom, Cabell, Va ...Thomas E. Hannan 

Greenbrier, Northumberland, Pa Daniel Hein* 

Greenbrier Run, Doddridge, Va...Wm. F, Randolph 

Greenbush, Warren, 111 Lewis L. T7ry 

Greenbnsh, Penobscot, Me Cyrus Sprago» 

Greenbush, Grant,l& William Haya 

Greenbush, Clinton, Mich.... M. Avery GhappeU 

Greenbush, Scoit, Miss Caleb W. Taylor 

Greenbush, Rensselaer,!^, Y James Hallenbeck 

Greenbush, Sheboygan, Wis Erastus Keach 

Greenbush, PreMe, Ohio Levi ^Stubbs 

Green Gamp, Marion, Ohio Thomas B*. Berry 

Green Castle, (c. h.) Putnam, la.. . Henry W. Daniels 

Green Castle, Fairfield, Ohio Samuel Weiser 

Green Castle, jFVanA^2in,Ta...... ...William McCrory 

Green Creek, Cape May, N. J James W. Johnson 

GreenCut. Burke,Gi& .James E. Palmer 

Green Dale, Marion, 111 John W. Eblia 

Greene, Androscoggin, Me Nathaniel Harris 

Greene, BoUinger,Mo Oliver E. Snider 

Greene, Chenango, 'Hi. Y William D.Purpl* 

Greene, Lancaster, Pa Fleming McSparrow 

Greene, Wapdtjo, Iowa Hiram F^rederick 

Greene Corner, Androscoggin, Me Alfred Piero» 

Greeneville, (c. h.) Greene, Tenn William Boyoe 

Greenfield, (c. h.) Hancock, la Joseph H. Oorr 

Greenfield, Greene, 111 Ephraim M. Gilmors 

Greenfield, (cii.) Dade, Mo William K. Lathin» 

Greenfield, (c. h.) FranUin, Mass...D. N. Carpenter 

Greenfield, PoinseU, Ark Lemuel Tolland 

Greenfield, ^tU«2>orou^A, N. H Jacob Stephenson 

Greenfield, Highland, Ohio Charles W. Buck 

Greenfield, Erie, Pa Lyman D. Geet 

Greenfield, Sullivan, Te James M. Crockett 

Greenfield, Nelson, Va Samuel A. Ferguson 

Greenfield, Milwaitkie, Wis John Cooper 

Greenfldd, iruter, N. Y Elias Newkirk 

Greenfield, HancoelCf Me Samuel Wheeler 

Greenfield, W^.vn«, Mich William Button 

Greenfield, Beaufort. S. C Frevlove Daniel 

Greenfi<'ld Cen t rH. Siratoga, N . Y.George F. Johnson 

Greenfield Hill, Fairfield, Conn Wm. Bradley, jr 

Greenfield MIIIa. Frederick, Md Meredith Davis 

Greenford, Mahoning, Ohio William Roller 

Green Ganlen, Will, 111 Noah Johnson 

Green Grove, Contoay, Ark John Murray 

Green Grove, Clintot), Ky Jnmps M. Bristow 

Green Grove, Luserne^ Pa Nelson Callender 

Green Hall, Owsley, Ky .lames D. Foster 

Green Haven. Dutchess, N. Y William C. Carl 

Green Hill, Chemung, N. Y lliram Roushey 

Green Hill, Rtdherford, N. C AVm. B. McBntir* 

Green Hill, Stewart, Ga. Adam Carson 

Green Hill. Lauderdale, Ala John W. Lemaster 

Green Hill, CUambiana, Ohio Reuben Olemson 

Green Hill, WUsm. Tenn... .William W. Masterson 

Green Hill, Campbell, Va John Pannill 

Green Hill, Delaware, Iowa... Nathan B. Talmadga 

Green Island, Albany. N. Y Austin Child* 

Green Lake, Marquette, Wis William H. Burling 

Greenland, Rockingham, N. H.... John G. Pickering 

Greenland, Bg,mwdl, S. C Wyatt W. Tyler 

Greenland, Hardy,\sL. Samuel W.Davia 

Greenland Depot, Rockingham, H. H James B. Band 

Greenleaf, De Soto, &llos William K. Thwsatt 

Green Level, SmdhamjuUm, Va...Alpheus W. Coker 

Green Level, Wal^e, N.C Thomas L. Johnson 

Green Meadow, Jackson, Ohio .Thomas W. Leach 

Graen Mount, Adams^ Pa> John Weikert 




dreen Moant, Bockinghwaiy Va Samuel Barley 

Sreen Oak, ^ttZtoo, la. Samuel CMrruthers 
reen Oak, Livingstorij Mich George W. Cropsey 

Creen Plains, NortliampUm, N. B. Moore 

Green Plains, St. Francis, Ark Leander Pursell 

Green Point, Kings, N. Y Isaac K. Snell 

Greenport, Suffolr, N. Y William J. Wheeler 

Oreee Kidge, A^u, Mo Hawkins Barnes 

Green Ridge, KnnXf III Asa Greenwood 

Green River, Henri/, 111 J. A. Sawyer 

Oreen River, Chlumhiay N. Y Lewis R Adsit 

Green River, Windham^ Vt William L. BilllngH 

Green River, Bart, Ey. William H. L. Renfro 

Green River, Green River, TJtah..Robert Alexander 
Green River, Henderson, N. C... Meredith Freeman 

Gfreensbnro, Greene, Ala Hermann Kohnen 

Greensboro, {c. h.) Greene, Ga Wm. L. Strain 

C^ensboro, Henry, la James W. Crowley 

Greensboro, OaroUne, Md William N. Glenn 

GreenSlwrougb, (c. h.) Choctaw, Miss... J. Singleton 

€(,reeuBboro, Ouil/ord, N. G Branson G. Graham 

Greensboro, (c. h.) Greene, Pa... ..William Bouizhner 

Greensboro, Orleans, Vt Thoman Ayers 

Greensboro, Greene, Ark Alexander M. Davis 

Greensburgli, (c h.) Decatur, la... John M. Watson 

Qreensburgb, (c. h.) Greene, Ey James B. Moore 

Greenf)burgh, Mercer, N. J Joseph V. Palas 

Greensburgh, (o. h.) St. Helena, La..H. R. Strickland 

dreen'sburgh, Preston, Va Francis Hawger 

Greensburgh, Trumbtdl, Ohio George P. Curtis 

Greensburgh, (e. h.) Westmoreland, Pa ^ John 

Greenusburgh Crou Boads, Sandusky, Ohio... JTames 


Green's Creek, OatahovHa, La Mosos Collins 

Green's Fork, Wayne, la Thomas M. Eerr 

Green Shoal, Logam, Ya Barbus C. Toney 

Qreen'fi Landing. Hancock, Me Stephen Wells 

dreensport, St. Clair, Ala James M. D^nson 

Green Spring, Seneca, Ohio Robert Smith 

Green Spring Run, Hampshire, Va John Dally 

Green Spring Furnace, Washington, Md B. F. 


Green Springs, Thinlumne, Cal James D. Tabor 

Green's Store, McMinn, Tenn... Jasper N. Stephens 

Greonton, La Fayette, Mo E. Buchanan 

Green Top, Schuyler, Mo William M. Lansdale 

Greentown, Siark, Ohio Abraham O^rpenter 

Greentown, Howard, la Isaac B. Van Ki'k 

Oreontown, CurrUtuik, N. C Benjamin N. Bray 

'"reen Tree, Alleghany, Pa David Frew 

reen Trne, WMt^, Tenn Zaohariah Anderson 

reenup, Cumberland, 111 Reuben Bloomfield 

xeenup, (C. H.) Greenup, Ey Joseph Pollock 

Greenvale. Jo Daviess, 111..... David Cluy 

Greenvale, J^fferxon, Tenn Isaac Alderson 

Green Valley, Bith,\h. James Howell 

Green Village, Franklin, Pa John P. Wallace 

Greenville, (o. h.) Butler, Ala... Alexander M'Eellar 
Qreenville, (c. h.) Merriwether, Ga...John Robinson 

Greenville, (c. h.) Floyd, la. Cyrus Bradford 

Greenville, (c. h.) Bond, 111. ...•i. Samuel H. Crocker 
Greenville, ^c. h.) MuJUehburgh, Ey ...F. B. Hancock 

Qreenville, (n. h.) Wayne, Mo Jeremiah Spencer 

Greenville, Piscata/'uis,'M.e Charles W. Gower 

Greenville, (c. h.) Pitt, N. C David Lawrence 

Greenville, (c. h.) Hunt, Texas William C. Reno 

Greenville. Greene, N. Y Bradley 8. McCabe 

Greenville, (r. h.) Darke, Ohio C. Sloan Smith 

Qreenville, Net) London, Conn C. C. Thompfion 

Clreenville, l^omdcnu, R. I William Winsor 

GreenvillH, (e. h.) Greenville, S. C Susan W. 


Greenville, Augusta, Ya. ..Henry Shnlts 

Greenville, Mmtcalm, Mich John Green 

Greenville, (c. h.) Washington, Miss Jacob Foth 

GreenvillH, Zuca«, Iowa Xury E. West 

Qreenville, Outagamie, Win Burnett Mills 

Qreenville, Washington, Ark Jeremiah Brewster 

Greenwell Springs, E. Baton Rouge, 4ia...Kobert S. 


Greenwich, Fairjldd, Conn Samuel Close 

Greenwich, Hampshire, Mass James Hanks 

Greenwich, Oumoerland, N.J Kdwin Eastlack 

Greenwich, Washington, N. Y William C.Allen 

Greenwich Station, Huron, Ohio...Hiram Townsend 

Greenwich ViUage, Hampshire, Mars Ira IIa«k«D 

Greenwood, Johnson, la Robert Vanbom 

Greenwood, Jdarauetie, Wis Simon C. Dow 

Greenwood, Caddo, La Asa II. Rhodes 

Greenwood, De Kalb, Ala .Jeptha £dwards 

Greenwood, Ostford, Me George W. Patch 

Greenwood, Doddridge, Va Charles G. Ogden 

Greenwood, CarroU, Miss JesseC. Wood 

Greenwood, M' Henry, 111....../ James Simmons 

Greenwood, Steuben, N. Y John Davis 

Greenwood, Cc^mbia, Penn. Joseph Heaoock 

Greenwood, Jackson, Fla John B. Whitehnrst 

Greenwood, AbbevUle, S. C Felix G. Parks 

Greenwood, (e. h.) Sebastian, Ark...Jame8 Johnston 

Greenwood, El Dorado, Cal ....Samuel B. Jaques 

Greenwood Depot, Albemarle, Va James Brnee 

Greenwood Furnace, Huntingdon, Pa John A. 

Greenwood Valley, Wiiyne, Mo Leeandrew 


Greenwood Works, Orange, N. Y Harvey Shove 

Greersville, Knox, Ohio Robert Greer 

Gregory's Mill. Granville, N. C... Thomas J. Gregory 

Greig, Lewis, N. Y Winslow P. Burhans 

Greigsville, Livingsum. N. Y Frederick A. Gray 

Grenada. Yalobusha, Miss William M. Hawkins 

Greshville, Berks, I'a Jesse Bechtel 

Grey Rock, Harford,^d Joseph Ross 

Greysville. <SuUtt>an, la Samuel S. Brewer 

Griffle's Mill, Scott, Ey George Griffie 

Griffin, Pike, Ga.... M. A. Bowdoin 

Griffinsburgh, CmZmp^t, Va John Conner 

Griffin's Comers, Ddaware, N. Y...John A. Person 

Griffin's Mills, Erie, N. Y Benajah Stockwell 

Griffin's Mills, Lowndes, Ga Mitchell Griffin 

Griggstown, Somerset, N. J Jaques Cortelyon 

GriggsviUe, PiA-e, ni Jacob Parsons 

Grimesyille, Grim^s,Tex Jonas Johnston 

Grimville, Berks, Pa Daniel B. Grim 

Grind.stone, McDonough, Ill...£liphalet P. Munson 
Grindstone Point, De Kalb, Mo... James M. Wilson 

Griswold, New London, Conn Elisha S. Bill 

Oriswold, Hamilton, 111 Gilbert Gri8Wold4 

Griowold's Mills, Washington, N. Y Charles M. 


Griswold sville, Jones, Ga Samuel Griswold 

GroGTs Store, lAincaster, Pa Samuel Groff,jr 

Grogansville, Rockingham^ N. C.John P. Grogan 

Gross Tete, Iberville, La J. L. Orillion 

Groom's Comers, Saratoga, N. Y John Palmer 

Grooverville, Thomas, Ga Joshua S. Groover 

Grotnn, New London, Conn Simon Huntingtcn 

Groton, Middlesex, Mass Theodore Andruss 

Groton, Grafton, N. H ,. John A. Davis 

Groton, Tompkins, N. Y Martin S. Delano 

Groton, JTuron, Ohio John P. Deyo 

Groton, Caledonia, Vt John Buchanan 

Groton City, Tompkins, N. Y Lyman Warfleld 

Grouse, Kane,l\\ Newel W.'Thompson 

Grout's Corners, Franklin, Mass Martin Grout 

Grove, C/uitham, N. C T. Boling 

Grove, Allegany, N. Y William Jones 

Grove, Elbert, Ga James A. Ramsey 

Grove, Taylor, Iowa Andrew Viunedge 

Grove, Walworth, Wis R. S. Hendnx 

Grove City, Franklin, William F. Breck 

Grove Creek, Delaware, Iowa Nathaniel Ingram 

Grove Farm, Henderson, 111 Andrew McDongall 

Grove Hill, Clark, Ala Henly W. Coat© 

Grove Hill, Warren, N. C William M. Powell 

Grove Hill, Page, Va William C. Eite 

Grove Hill, Jacl<son. La a Nathan Mixon 

Groveland, Tazewell, III Lucius Stockwell 

Groveland, Essex, Mass Nathaniel H. Griffith 

Groveland, Livingston, N. Y Addi Amer 

Groveland, Fulton, Ohio Benjamin Eddy 

Groveland, Winnebago, Wis Willi»m H. Scott 

Groveland, Putnam, Ind Daniel T. Summers 

Groveland. Oakland, Mich .John Mason 

Groveland Centre, Livingston, N. Y £. P. Fuller 

Grove Level, Franklin, Ga James £. Simmons 

Grove Mount, i>ytfr,Tenn Richard Henderson 

Grovenor's Corners, Schoharie, N. Y...J. McCulloch 
Grove Port, FrankUn, Ohio Samuel Sharp 




Qrovos, Rwih, la W. A Bush 

Groveton, Prince WilUairij Va....John T. Lcachman 

Groveton. CVw*, N. II WillisUn K. Richey 

Groveville. M-^rcer, N. J Joseph Walton 

Gnibb'8 Mil's, Putnam, Ia....CollingAVOod C. Grubb 

Gr«bville, Jeferson, Mo E. F. Frost 

Grundy, Ptlaski, Ky Eli S. Salger 

Gnojit Station, Russell, Va Daniel S. Hoge 

GuiWerland, Albany, N. Y Heury Sloan 

Guildcrland Centre, Albany^ N.Yt^Abm. V. Mynderse 

Guildhall,- (c. h.) Essex, Vt John Dodge 

Guilford, Nno Haven, Conn Franklin C. Phelps 

Guilford, Piscaiaqids, Me Henry^ Hudson 

Guilford, Chenango, N. Y Nathan W. Cady 

Guilford, Medina, 0\iio Joseph Ross 

Guilford, ^Vindham, Vt .Elmer Mason 

Guflford, Dearborn, la Robert Chidester 

Guilford, Accomack, Ga Thomas R. Fletcher 

Guilford, Jo Daviess, HI Ebenezer Baldwin 

Guildford Centre, Chenango, N. Y...G. F. Humphrey 

Guilford Centre, Windhaniy Vt Samuel L. Sibley 

Guineys, Oarnline^ Va Wm. F. Catlett 

Guionsville, Dearborn^ la Joshua Wilson 

Gulf Mills, Montgomery. Pa Daniel Kenzie 

Gulf Prairie, Brazoria, Tax Horace Shattuck 

Gully, DarlingUm, S. C Robert N. Hicks 

Gulley's Store, Johnson, N.C James H. Bryan 

Guraborough, Sussex, Del John D. Littleton 

Gum Creek, Dooly, Oa John F. Lewis 

(Jum Grove, Union, Ky John Dyer 

Gum Hill, Tipton, Tenn Johp Sharp 

Gum Pond, Baler, Ga Wm. B. Crawford 

Gum Spring, Louisa, Va .'..Micajah Parrish 

Gum Spring, Smith, Tex Drury S. Nance 

Gum Spring, Newton, Miss ..Alson Red 

Gum Swamp, Marion,^. C Henry Berry 

Gum Swamp, Pulaski, Ga Chester Brown 

Gum Tree, Chester, Pa Robert Fairlamb 

Gun Lako, Barry, Mich Nathan Barlow 

Gun Marsh, AU^gan, Mich Joshua R. Goldsmith 

Ountersville, Marshall. Ala John M. Scott 

Gurleyville, TUland, Conn David 0. Conant 

* Gustavus, Ti-umbidl, Ohio S. H. St. John 

Gustavus, Greene, Tenn James W. Jackson 

Gustin, Adams,Ohio Jonathan McMillen 

Guthriesville, Chester, Pa Alexander Rigg 

Guthriesville, York, S. C Francis A. Erwin 

Guttenburgh, Clayton, Iowa John P. Kriebs 

Guyandotte, Cabell, Va Henry H. MUler 

Guy's Mills, Crawford, Pa Andrew Radle 

Guysville, Athens, Ohio Abraham Parrill 

Guyton. Effingham, Ga Thomas P. Elkins 

Gwynedd, Montgomery. Pa..., Charles G. Jenkins 

Gypsum, Ontario, N. Y Marcus Persons 


HABOLOCHITTO, Hancock, Miss L. Kimball 

HfM5kl)erry, i2oc««, Tenn Joseph Anderson 

Hack(!nsack, (c. h.) Bergen, N. J...Steven T. Vander- 

Hacker's Creek, Lewis, Va Robert Coyner, jr 

Hackersville, Barbour, Va Ab'm M. Tolb6rt 

* Hackettstown, Warren, N. J George W. Johnson 

Hackneys Cross Roads, C/ia</mm, N.C... J. Hackney 
Haddam, (c.h.) ificWZ«se.r, Conn... Samuel M. Kelsey 

Haddam Neck, Middlesex, Conn Samuel House 

Haddonflcld, Camden, N. J Adrian C. Paul 

Haddrells, Charleston, S. C Henry S. T'^w 

Hadens, Madison, Aia John T. Hadtu 

Hadensvillo, Todd, Ky Burnley D. Smith 

Hadensvifle, Goochland, Va Robert B. Uaden 

Hadley, Lfipeer, Mich Chauncey S. Rendall 

Hadley, Will, III John Pratt 

Hadley, HampsJrire, Mass Edward Stebbins 

Hadley. Saratoga, N. Y George Kenyon 

Hadloy's Mills, Chatham, N. C H. Henderson 

HhA\yme, New London, Conn John F.Wells 

Hadnota, Carteret, N. C Elijah S. Bell 

Haerlem, New Fork, N. Y John S. Kenyon 

Hagaman's Mills. Montgomery, N. Y H. Pawling 

Hagof's Grove, Shelby, Mo John Ha^er 

Hag. « m-n. Waynf.lft. G^eorge Debolt 

Hage -^ • ., (c. h.) Washington, Md.Samuel Ridenour 
H;' ■ ■* >wn, Preble, Ohio Joseph Brown 

Hagpraville, Bucks, Pa ~ Samuel M. Yoder 

Hagley, Oass,lll Samuel Craven 

Hague, Logan, Ky Mortimer C. Owens 

Hague, Wirren, N. Y Alvah Beyins 

Hague, Westmoreland, Va. Wm. B. Chouning 

Hahire, Lowndes, Ga « Berry J. Folsom 

Hainesburgh, Warren, N. J: Jacob M. Blaif 

Hainesport, Burlington, N. J Barclay Haines 

Hainesville, Lale, 111., Nathaniel Pitkin 

Hainesville, Clinton, Mo John R. King 

Hainesyille, Sussex, N. J Hiram C. Clark 

Hainesville, Berkeley, Va James Turner 

Halcottsville, Delaware, N.i Jonathan H. Dean 

Halcyon Dale, Scriven, Ga : Willis Young 

Hale, Shiawassee, Mich Ira Stimson 

Hale, Ogle, III ■. Joshua Wiite 

Hale, Hardin, Ohio Jonathan H Sieg 

Hale's Corners, MUwaukie, Wis Wm. Hale 

Hale's Eddy, Delaware, N. Y Elias Greenman 

Hale's Ford, Franklin, Va Asa Holland 

Halo's Mills, fhntress, Tenn.: ..,..3. D. Hale 

Haletown, J^jrfes, Mo Thos. H. A-ustin 

Haleysburg, Lunenbur^,'^A George A. Lipscomb 

Half Acre, Marengo, Ala John P. McDuffee 

Half Day, Lake, 111 Moses Hubbard 

Half Moon, Saraioga,'ii.Y Wftrren Rulison 

Half Moon, Centre, Pa ..Simon Sellers 

Half Way, »/ay, la Samuel J. Current 

Half Way, Pbik, Mo...i....". .'...Jolin Vanderford 

Half Way House, York, Va George W. Smith 

Half Way Prairie, Monroe, Iowa L. 0. Haskell 

Halifax, Plymouth, Mass Eliab Poole 

Halifax 0. H., Halifax, N. C Fred. S. Marshall 

Halifax, Daup/im, Pa...; William D. Waldron 

Halifax C. H., Halifax, Va James S. Easley 

Halifax, Panola, Miss .'...John Bishop 

Halifax, Windham^ Vt Stg)hen Niles 

Halifax, Wilson, Tenn Wm. R. Rutland" 

Halifex, PoZAr, Tex Wm. McCormick 

Hall, iaiorence. Mo Abner P. Wilka 

Hall, York, Pa Michael S. Bower 

Hall, Morgan, la ; ...J. C. Brewer 

Hall, Appling, Ga ..Middleton Graham 

lld\\, Hopkins, Ky , ..Holland Gt)och 

Hall, JFVanfcKn, 111 Jacob S. Clari 

Hallawoka, Chambers, Ala... Marshall J. Thoinpson 

Hallettsville, Lavacca, Tex.- .(J^l^tlpus Ballard 

Halloca, Chattahoochee, Qt9, : Henry J. King 

Hallowaylille, Bur^u, III.. Saml. S. Halloway 

Hallowell, Kennebeck, Me Thos. W. Newman 

Hallowell Cross Roads, Kennebeckf Me ;.Erastua 

S. Lopmis 

Hallaa's Ferry, Noddaway, "hlo ..Amofer Hall.<«i 

Hallsborongh, Powhatan, Va .Wm. A. Martin 

Hall's Comers, Ontario, N. Y.....„.Gei6rge Renwjck. 

Hall's Comers, AUen, la ........Isaac HaU 

Hall's Cross Roads, Harford, Md R. L. Morgan 

Hall's Cross Roads, Franklin, N. C R. T. Harris 

Hall's Hill, BtUherford, Tenn ,..^ohn W. Hall 

Hall's Port, Allegany, N. 1[... Jabez Card 

Hall's Store, Sussex, Del William S. Hall 

Hall's Valley, Morgan. Ohio : Mills Hall 

Hallsville, Di^plin, NPC. ....Ed^rard Armstrone 

Ilallsville, B'ione. Mo '.'........George W. Pettltt 

Hallsville, Montgamery, N. Y Uriah Potter 

Ilallsville, Ross, Ohio Samuel D. Buch waiter. 

HrIIsvIUp, Pike, All ..John A. Stringer 

Halltown, Jefferson, Va '.....George W. Fox 

TI«?l<»onrillft. ChcMer, S. C J-^hn A. 

Halhey Valloy, Tioga,!^. Y Israel S. Hoyt 

Hambaughs, Warren, Va... William Boyd 

Hamburg, Madison, Fla.l ..Joseph B. Watts' 

Hamburgh, CSzZcan'ur, La Jo?iah Johnson 

Hamburgh, St. Charles, Mo William King 

HamDurgh, S henan/loafi, Va Isaac Pinker 

Hamburgh, Van Zandt, Tex....i....Jamc3 Colthorp 

Hamburgh, Perry, Ala ........Uriah Morae 

Hamburj^h, Netv London, Conn...H. A. Brockaway 

Hamburgh, Macon,QtL Thomas H.Morgan 

Hamburjrh. Clark, la Alfred L. Beck 

Hamburgh, Calhoun, 111 ....N. J. Woodin 

Hamburgh, (c. h.) Ashley, Ark Abner W. Files 

FlHmburgh, Franklin, Miss J. M. GriflBng 

Hamburgh, Sussex, N. J....» Robert A. Linn 

Hamburgh, JiVie, N. Y Levi Lawrence 




Hamburgh, J^erAr.f, Pa Daniel Wolff 

KajnhuTghj Ikigejidd, S. C Richard Campbell 

Hamburgh, JTardiriy Tenn Wash. G. Campbell 

Hamburgh, Livingston^ Mich Leland Walker 

Hamburgh on the Lake, Erie, N. Y T. B. Rogers 

Hamburgh Village, Livingston, Mich...C.G. Warne^ 

Hamden, New Haven, Conn Leverett Hitchcock 

Hatoden, Delaware, "S. Y ..Jabez Bo8twick,jr 

Hamersvillc, Brown, Ohio William K. Fli«k. 

Hamilton, (c. h.) Harris, Qa Albert -G. Bedell 

Hamilton,. 3fanon, Iowa' Isaac Willsey 

Hamilton, Steuben, la.'. Ben^ah B. Long 

Hamilton, Shelby, Tex Daniel Brittain 

Hamilton, Boone, Ky..^ Calbert B. Johnson 

Hamilton, (c. h.) Monroe, ]!iIiss...Wm. C. Blackburn 

Hamilton, Van Buren, Mich James M. Lumbard- 

Hamilton, Ess^, Mass George Appleton}^ 

Hamilton, ifar«n, N. C -T. W. Ward 

Hamilton, Madison, N. Y Henry G. Beardsley 

Hamilton, Butler, Ohio. »..L. M. Furrow 

Hamilton, London, Ta Ih H.'^Janhey 

Hamilton, Je^erson, Pa .* Robert Hamilton 

Hanulton, Butte, Cal R. L. Patton 

Hamilton, JBTancocAr, HI JohnS. Cox 

Hamilton, WacJiita Par, La Abram H. Scribner 

Hamilton Landing, Jac^$(m,-7enn...O. P. Hamilton 

Hamilton's Creek, Davidion, Tenu E. G. Rowe 

Hamilton Square, Mercer,'S.J Moses A. Hooper 

Hamlet, Chatitauque; N. Y Timothy G. Walker 

Hamlet, Mercer, 111 Graham Lee 

Hamlin, Qibea,Y& JahieB C. Black 

Hamlin Grove, :^u^u2>o?i, Iowa Nathl. Hamlin 

Hamlinton, Wayne, Pa..., Bntl^r Hamlin 

Hammond, St. Lawrence, N. Y... Orange G. Waldo 
Hammondsburgh, Warren, Iowa...TlioB. Hlghtower 

Hammond's Store, Anson, N.-C WaltferF. Burns 

Hammond!?villQ, J«^r«on, Ohio;..Wm:. H.Wallace 

Hammonville, Hart, Ky R. S. Thomas 

Hamorton, Chester, Pa...".........;....RtSth A. Gauge 

Hampden, Columbia, Wis Benjamin Chase 

Hampden, Marengo, Ala Henry W. Hatch 

Hampden, Penobscot, Me .Samuel Phipps 

Hanipden, Geauga, Ohic... Johui Bi Griste 

Hampden Corner, Pend6sco<,"Me Chas. P. Flfleld 

Hampden Sidney College, Prince Edward, Va.Tho- 
mas C. Miller 

Hampehire, ^an«, HI*. '. . . ...HezdkiakT: WnUams- 

Hampshire^ Maury, Tenn.... Joel Leftwick. 

Hampatead, Clirrott, Md.; ;'....'. .Jbhn L. Hoovwr 

Hampstead, Rotkinffhatn, N. H £ze^el BarUett 

Hampstead^t'7^ George, V8r,..Geof5;e W. Scr|yn;er 

Hampton, mndAaw, Conta William Brbni'n 

Hampton, Rock Island, 111 Soranu^ Xit Bri^ttUii 

HAimpton, Saghnato, Mich: George E. Smith 

^Bemjftoti, Jiockinghatti, N.. H ..:.J9hn A,,,Towle 

Hampton, Wasfiingtn7t,^.Y.:.AakTon C.'BroTJigbto» 

Hampton, Adams, Pa Jacob C. Schriver 

Hampton, (c. h.) Elizabeth City, Va.W. Ma^senburg 

Hampton, Calhoun. Ark James H. Means 

Hampton, (c. h.) jPtatte,'Mb.... James 'McDiiniel 

Hamptonburgh, Orange, N. Y.Abel B. Watk'ius, jr 
Hampton Falls, Rockinghaw., N. H... Jas. W. Green 

Hamptonvllle, I&<fWn, N. C... .JOsiah Oosrleer 

Hanauer's Store, Randolph, Ark. Jatoes Wi' Reteve« 

Hanchettville, Dane, Wis Asahel M, Hanchett 

Hancock, Hancock, Me Pelaitiah Moore 

Hancock. Wamhara, Wis... Benjamin Chamberlin 

Hancockj Washington, Md ;. Henry Snydeif 

Hancock, J5terA-jf^'V«, Mass .....Hiram S. Smith 

Hancock, HUlsloro,'N. H John Whitcumb 

Hancock, Delaware, N. Y Nelsorn G. Hyatt 

HftiicipcK, Adctfson, Vt.... ...:.R(Jt4l' Jlint 

Hancock, Harrison,' Ta...'. Williim Hancock 

Hancock's Bridge, Salem, N. J......Dalymore Harris 

Handsboro, Harrison, Miss, Jacob T. Liddle 

Handsome \le% T^rre7i, Iowa.......G.i^.Coverdell 

Haneyville, -iycoThiny, Pa G. W. Glover 

Hanford's Landing, Monroe, N. Y Jiliaa Avery 

Hanging Rock, Lawrence, Ohio James Martin 

Hanging Rock, Kershaw, S. C James M. Ingrem 

Hanging Rock, //a»ip.?/»ire, Va Mary C. Blue 

Hannahatchee, Stewart, Ga.^ David Busfey 

Hannas, Sumner, Tenn William D. Senter 

Hanna's Mills, Mahoning, Ohio... Nathaniel Smith 
llanncgan, Cherokee, Ala, James Newberry 

Hannf>gan, Rush, la William R. .Leisure. 

Hannibal, Marion, Mo J. 0. Berry 

Hannibal, Oswego, N. Y Palmer Eetchum 

Hannibal Centre, Oswego, N. Y C. B. Hancock 

Hanover, Oxford, Me Albion K. Knapp 

Hanover, Jo Daviess, 111 .' Jonathan White 

Hanover, »7ac7.;50», Mich .'George W. Kennedy 

Hanover, PlymotUh, Mass Stephen Josselyn 

Hanover, Grafton, N. H D. F. Richardson 

Hanover, Morris, N. J Francla. A. Tuttle- 

Hanover, £tcA:^'n^, Ohio George Hollister 

Hanover, York, Pa Theresa C. Myerjf 

Hanover, Cbosa^ Ala ;.John C. Brown 

Hanover 0. H., Hanover, Va John H. Taliaferro 

Hanover Centre, GraftOn, N. H........Elihu.Hurlbnt 

Hanover Junction, fork. Pa Edward Snodgrass. 

Hanover Neck, Jforn>, N. J ...James Ely 

Hanovorton, (Mumbiana, Ohio Thomas T. Ickes 

K&nBon, Plymouth, Mass Cyrus Driew 

Hanson, Marion, Mo James Hanson, 

•HansonvUIe, Ritssdl, ya....'.......MJ^ea.M. Hanson^ 

Happy Creek Station, Warren, Va...*... Ewell Bakeir 

Happy Valley, Carter, Tenn.: NathlT L. Taylor 

Haralson, Qmeta, Ga George W^ Perdue 

•Harbour Creek, Erie,-FaL '.,.Chaiilla Stinson 

Hardaway, jl/acon, Ala Wm. B. Duncan 

Hardin, (c. h.) Oalhoim, HI.. ..i..... Benjamin F. Child 

Hardin, AllemaJcee, Iowa Alonzo D. Frazier. 

Hardin City, Hardin, Iowa ...Beriah Wright' 

Hardingville, Gloucester, N. J l||)aniel B. Brown 

Hardinsburgh, TI^ZttT^ton, la 7.. Aaron Hcordin 

Hardinsbupgh, {c^ h.) Breckenridge,Ky James G..* 


HardDisville, STidhy, Ey .' ....James C..Blyth6 

Hardinsville, Crawford, JU David Dyv 

Hard Money, Kihduifoonee, Ga..4...C. A^ Cheatham: 

Hardwick, Worcester, Mass 'Albert E. Knight 

Hardwick, Caledonia, Vt Sajnucl M. Hancock 

•Ilardwicksville, Ndson, Va.,,...Jqhn W,.Yarbr$|Xgh. 

Hardy, Liicas, * l..'....,.... .James Dean 

Hai-ewood, BaUirnore, Md :...v..jQ8bua Hitch 

Harford, Cbrilandt, N. Y , i...Maryin Tyler. 

Harford, &i8quehannah. Pa. .(^orge W. Seymour 

Hargrove's Tavern, iVam^mjOnd, Va...Jas. Hargroyfi) 

Harkleroad, De Scfto,mBS Wm. N. Browi 

Harlan C. H.^ Harlan, Ky....| Carlo B. BrittfUu 

Harlaa, Allen, la ...William Cuttff; 

t Harlem, Winnebago^ HI ^........Chauncey [Wildier 

Harlem, Delaware, Ohio .....'.,......, Wm.,TQmkinai 

Harlem Spring, CarroU, Ohio ..Ebenezer Howey' 

;Harlemvillc, Columbia, N..Y...,...>...;..Bleazer Trticy 

■ Harlonsburgi^i^t&rence, Pa..'........4 .Henry Stall 

•Hanleysville, 3Ci>n<^omery^ Pa.,.....3Amu<el H, Coasell 

Harliugen, Somerset, N.J... A. F. Hm^t 

Uicrm^, Wk^Ungton, Ohio......*.,. Jlenry IL;]ijfJQ:wft 

■■ Harmarville, AUeghan]J,'Pii*:....Jlj^^ld -P. TngersOll 
Harmonsburgh, Crawford, Fa....iJames Whitsides 

Harmony, CUiy, la .....John Beauchamp 

IXarmony, Sitmerset, Me.^,... ...... Mark L. Simoaton 

Haimojiy, Washington, Mo Gibbon C. Wingo 

naimony, Warren, N. J Adam Ramsay 

Harmony, CAawtaugufi, N. Y Daniel Williams 

Harmony, York,.S:C ..,......<...;..Jo8eph McCosh 

Harmony, Kent, yLd..::.. .:..... George W. Price 

Ilarraotiy, McHenry, 111 ..Chadea Crego 

Harmony, Elbert, Ga .'.James H. Reynolds 

Harmony, .Hplifax, Va...V..„-.:..',Ni6M«Ma4X..Wade 

Harmony, Owen, Ky. ...:,... .John L. Wilhoit© 

Farrnony, CJ>t^\ Ohio Joseph Wise 

Ilai'mony, JJuder, Pa Jacob Staufler 

Harmony, Jefferson. Iowa rJamea ■^* Galliher 

Harmoliy College; stiihter,'^.!.*. G. Morgan 

Harmony Grove, Jackson, Qk,,..'. C. W. Hood 

Hui:mony Grove, Taylor, Va Jonathan T. Curry 

Harmony Hill, i?M^, Texas..!. ... W m. M. Johnston 

Harnageville, Pickens, Ga ...'. Samuel Tate 

Harnedsville, Somerset, Pa Samuel Hamed 

Harold, Montgomery. Ark Gibson K. Robinson 

Harper's Ferry, Aboeville, S. C.Henry H. Harper 

Harper's Ferry. Jefferson, Va T. A.Herrington 

Ilarporsfield, Delaware, N. Y Johnson JB. Brag; 

Harpersfield, Ashtabula, Ohio Oscar F. Gibbe 

Harper's Home, Brunswick, Va...... Abram V-. WiBs 

Harper's Mills, Pendltton, Va Amby Hw^er 

HarpersviUe, Sidby, Ala Jesse C,. I$« Condon 




HarpersYille, Broome.^ N. Y Ileni^ A. Olendorf 

Harrell's X Roads, Cherckett Ala G. W. Harrell 

HarreU's Store, New Hanover y'S. C.Ollen M. Lewis 

Harrellsville, Hartford^ N. C Abner Harrell 

Harriettsville, NwU^ Ohio William Magill 

Harrington, Harntlt N. C Wm. D. Harrington 

Harrington, Washington, Me Lnther P. "Waas 

Harris, Louisa^ Ya Thomas Harris 

Harrisburgh, FUyttte^lK R. McWatson 

Harrisburgh, Fiontotoc, Miss JTohn H. Long 

Harrisburgh, Harris, Texas Dewitt C. Harris 

Harrisbtirgh, ^66eriZte. S. C Dewitt C. Tillotson 

Harrisburgh, Lewis, N. Y Oren E. Moody 

Hacrisburgh, (c. h.) Dauphin, Pa John H. Brant 

Harrisburgh, Franklin^ Ohio Henry Miller 

Harris Depot, Mecklenburg, N. C S. J. Harris 

Harris' Hill, Ene,li. Y Joseph R.Koch 

Harris' Lot, Charles, Md J. H. M. Button 

Harrison, Winnebago, III S. S. Richards 

Harrison, Cumberland, Me Thomas R. Sampson 

Harrison, Westchester, N. Y Edward Willets 

Harrison, HamitUm, Ohio William H. H. Smith 

Harrison, (c. h.) Hamilton, Tenn S.A. McKenzie 

Harrison, Delaware, la Jacob W. Miller 

Harrison, Green, A\a Buril Smith 

Harrison, Louisa, Iowa Jacob Mintun 

Harrisonburgh, (c. h.) Oatahnula, La E. iletcher 

Harrisonburgh, (c. h.) Rockinghamy Ya. Robert 

H. Smith 

Harrison City, WeHmoreland, Pa S. Higfabarger 

Harrison Creak, Cumberland, N. C...Robt. D. Melvin 

Harrison Square, Norfolk, Mass Isanc Field 

Harrison's Mills, Crawford, Mo...John W. Harmon 

Harrison Ynlley, Potter, Pa Le^is Manning 

Harrisonville, (c. h.) Monroe, 111 N.B. Harlow 

Harrisonyille, Shelby, Ky Robert J. R. Baker 

Harrisonville, (c. h.) CUss, Mo John Christian 

Harrisonville, Baltimore, Md... Nicholas N. Haigbt 

Harrisonville, Gloucester, N. J Charles Wriggins 

Harrisonville, Meigs, Ohio...James H. Winterstien 

Hturisonville, Fulton, Pa David Mitzler 

Harristown, Washington, la John H. Trueblood 

Harrfsville, Marquette^ Wis James Harris 

Harrisville, Montgomery, N. C» Nelson Harris 

Harrisville, Cheshire, N. H .Charles C. P. Harris 

Harrisville, Harrison^ Ohio John Romick 

Harrisville, BuUer, Pa John B. Curry 

Harrisville, Randotph^lnd George W, Inman 

Harrisville, Simpaon, Miss Green<P. Touchstone 

Havrodsburgh, Monroe,. la Josephus D. Urmey 

Harrodsbur^^h, (c h.) iforcer,Ky... Walter Wheatly 
Harshmansville. Montgomery, Ohio. Jodm Simmons 

Hartfield, Chautauque, N. Y Edward T. Hovey 

Hartford, (c h.) Hartford, Conn... Wm. J. Hamersly 

Hartford, ForsytKQiK, David Graham 

Hartford, Ohio, la. Jk. Y. Msryman 

Hartford, (c. h.) Ohio, Ky...,M,.»..'.^ J. T. Benton 

Hartferd, Oxford, Me...., America Bartlett 

Hartford, Washington. N. Y Solom^D S. Cow«n 

Haitford«*7Vum.&iKZ£, ObiQ4<»..^«..u,M«;«jJohn YHman 

Hartford, W7w/5w, Vt Mfustin 0. Brooks 

Hartford, Washington, Wis...Gustayas Streekewald 

Hartford, Putnam, Mo John J. Brasfield 

Hartford, Warren. Iowa John D. Hartman 

Hartford City, Blackford, Ind James Lyon 

Harthegig, Mtrrer, Pa Henry Fulton 

Hart and, M-Henry, I^...,,.. ..Matthew J, C<«ncklin 
B«|it]md,-^j«^«4^%,«Mi]w.-«. • w^M^aio* < IV o n eott 
Hartland, Hartfor'i, Conn.....,..Luth<;T IL ^tebbins 
Hartkma, Limngsion, Micb<vr...wilU«i& Kt. Hayfwil 

Hartland, Magara, N. Y ..........Edmund Yoke 

Hartlaud, i7aron, Ohio .....Sparrow Snow 

Hartland, Windsor, \t Gilbert M. Hatch 

Hartland, Waukesha, Wis E. Q. Benjatiin 

Hartland Four Corners, Windsor, Vt.... John W. 


Hartleton. Union, Pa James Madden 

Hartleyville, .<4<^m«, Ohio...., Benjnmin Norris 

Hart Lot, OnoTuiaga, N. Y E. P. Cornell 

Hartman, Polk. Iowa J. D. Hartman 

Hartsboro, Warrick, la Isaac H. Shrode 

Hftrts Grove. Ashtabula, Ohio William Jarvis 

Hartshorn, Orange, N. C Henry Foaleman 

Hart's Location, Cbos, N.H...Nathaniel T. P. Davi« 
Hart's Mills, BipUy, la...... Dani«^McF. Paul 

Hartstown, Crawford, Pa Joseph K. St. Glair 

Hart's Villazo, Dutchess, N. Y Isaac Q. Sherman 

Hartsville, Bartholomew, la John R. Morledga 

Hartsville, Berkshire, Mass Austin Brett 

Hartsville, ^c. h.) Wright, Mo James R. Bowman 

Hartsville, Bucks, Pa '. John Eugart 

Hartsville, Darlington, S. C John D. Johnson 

HHrtsville, Sumner. Tenn Richard Averitt 

HiCrtsville, Austin, Texas A. W. Hart 

HartvUle. Stark, Ohio Jacob B. Machamer 

Hartwell, Hart, Ga John B. Benson 

Hartwellville, Shiwassee, Mich... James H. Hartwell 

Hartwick, Otsego, N. Y Thomas Mcintosh 

Hartwick, Delaware, Iowa...-. John W. Clark 

Hartwick Seminary, Otsego, N. Y Wm. Davison 

Hartwood, Stafford, Ya William Trvlna 

Hartwood. Autauga, Ala Norflet Ivej 

Harvard, Worcester, Mass Zophar Wetherbet 

Harvard, Delaware, N. Y Henry B. Clanson 

Harvey, Hancock, la John Harvey 

Ilarveys, Greene, Pa DMvid W. Grey 

Harveysburgh, Warren, Ohio Budd Scroggy 

Harvey's Five Points, WestmoreUmd, Pa JohLU 


Harvey's Store. Charlotte, Ya William T. PugK 

Harveysville, Luzerne, Pa Robert S. Patterson 

Harwell, Cedar, Iowa. James W. No* 

Harwich, BarnstaUe, Mass Obed Brooks 

Harwich Port, Bamstablp., Mass.Benj. W. Eldred^ 

Harwinton, Litchfield, Conn Lewis Catlin, jr 

Hasbrouck, SuUivan, N. Y William M. Hall 

lla^kell Flatts, Cattaraugus, N. Y.Morris N. Brown 

Haskell's Ranch, Sutter, Cal J. Lefevrs 

HaskellviUe Laurrence, Ohio John Tiernan 

Haskenville, Steuben, N. Y James Walker 

Haskenville, Greene, Ky Robert Haskins 

Ilasxler's Mills, Murray, Ga William Hassler 

Hastings, (c. h.) Barry, Mich Nathan Barlow 

Hastings, Oswego, N. Y Henry C. Dev«ndorf 

Hastings, Eichland, Ohio Joseph Hastinn 

Hastings. DaJcotah, Minn. T Henry G. Bail^ 

Hastings Centre. Oswego. N. Y John N. Holmes 

Hastings Upon Hudson, West Chester, N. if ...Isaat 
Lefurgy, jr 

Hat^ Lancaster, Pa Esaias Kinier 

Hatboro, Montgomery, Pa Jacob Y. Reading 

Hatchers, TtiUadega, Ala James A. Munros 

Hatchy Turnpike, Tippah, Miss James Box 

Hat Creek, Campbell, Ya Pleasant C. Howard 

Hatfield, Hampshire, Mass Josiah Brown 

Hausertown. Owen, la Jobii G. Hulett 

Havana, Dallas, Texas Daniel Cole 

Havana, Huron, Ohio Peter O. Jump 

Havanna, Greene. Ala Joseph K. -EllioU 

Havanna, (a. h.) Mason, 111 Orlando H. Wright 

Havanna, (c. h.) Chemung, N.Y.Jeremiah MoGuirs 

HavensTille, Bradford, Pa Daniul D. Watkins 

Haverford, Delaware, Pa William Y. Stackhonss 

Haverhill, E-^sex, Mas^ James V. Smilev 

Haverhill, (c. h.) Grafton, N. H...IIenry Wi-Redlng 

Haverhill, Scioto, Ohio Pearson McCoy 

Haverhill Centre, Graflan, N. U Russell 

Kimball, 2d, 

Haveratr<iw, Fockland, N. Y Samuel C. Blauvelt 

Ilaviland Hollow, Putnam. N. Y.John Laurence, jr 
Ilavilandsville, Harrison, Ky... Henry A. Haviland 

Havre De Grace, Harford, Md Christfan Cose 

SawBeauflb, Onslow, N. C J. W. ^Bhompson 

Haw Creek^..6en^, Mo .Io8eph Shouvcnel 

Jlaw Cceek, Knox, 111 WofKiford Pearca 

Hawesville, Hancock, Ky Milton L. Cooper 

Hawfiolds, Orange, N. C Samuel N? Tula 

Huwkerville, FrankUn, Tenn John Oliver 

Hawk Eye, Des Moines, Iowa Ransom Gillmort 

Hawkins Landing, Chicot, Ark J. L. Hawkins 

Hiwkinsville, (c. h.) Pulaski, Ga Matthew Grass 

Hawkinsville, Oneida, N. Y William H. Col« 

Hawk Point, Lincoln, Mo Alexander Kennedy 

Hawley, FrankUn, Mass Calvin 8. Lon^ey 

Hawley, Wj,yne, Pa Patrick Jo^on 

Hawley's Store, Sampson, N. C Daniel Ray 

Hawleysville, Pige, lown James M. Hawley 

Hawleyville, Fhirfield, Conn Daniel B. Hawley 

Hiiw Patch, La Grange, Ind Timothy Hudson 

Haw Ridge, Dale, Ala Isaac N. Preston 




Hawsburg, JtappahanTioc^c^ Va A.R. Barbee 

Hawthorn's Mills, Pik^ Ind George W. Glover 

Haydenville, Hampshire, Masa Lewis Warner 

Hayes' Store, Gloucester^ Va Thomas H. Hughes 

Hayes Store, Madison^ Ala Alex. W. Hayes 

Hayesville, Ashland, Ohio Richard D. Emerson 

Hayesville, GheifUr, Pa James Hayes 

Hayfleld, Crawford, Pa .....William Skeels 

Hay Market, PrinoeWilliam, Va... Thomas A.Smith 

Hay Meadow, Wilkes, N. C Lewis Sebastian 

HaynervlUe, Renssefaer, N. Y Ira A. Button 

Haynes, Orainger, Tenn Joseph Yadon 

Haynesville, Aroostook, Me Daniel Cnmmings 

HaynesvUle, Claiborne, Ala James C. Taylor 

Hayneville, I^mondes, Ala Edward W. Thompson 

Hayneville, Houston, Ga John Henry 

Hays' Creek, Carroll, Miss John T. Cain 

Hays' Spring, Jtff&rs<m, Ky Archibald Hays 

Hay Stack, Surry, N. C Anderson Fowlkes 

Hay's Store, Montgomery, Ohio Isaac Hay 

HaysYlUe, Dtiho^'s, 7a I>ewitt C. Bruner 

Haysville, Marion, Ky Ebenezer G. Martin 

HaysYille, Dallas, Mo.... Wm. G. Hays 

Hayters Gap, Wuhington, Va Samuel Helton 

Haywood, Chatham, N. C Richerson Paucett 

Hazard, <c. h.) Perrj, Ky Cyrus E. Crooks 

Hazardrille, Hartford, Conn .John Olmstead 

Hazel Bottom, Barry, Mo Wm. B. Taliaferro 

HssleBell, Cumberland, 111 .John B. Kelly 

Haeel Green, Chrant, Wis John M. Chandler 

Hasle Green, Morgan, Ky Reuben W. Landrum 

Hasle Green, Tishemingo, Miss Henry Hassle 

Hasle GroYe, Saline, Mo David N. Jones 

Hasle Grove, Lawrence, Ark... Alexander Campbell 

Hasleton, Luzerne, Pa John H. Ruekman 

Hariettville, Kent, Del W. D. Vashell 

Haslewood, Ballard, Ky £. H. Bridgewater 

Haslewood, Chester, S. C David Moffet 

Haslewood, /SK«pAcn.5on, III Liither C. White 

Haslewood, Wright, Mo Thomas M. Johnson 

Headley's Mills, Fountain, la.. .Thomas F. Townsley 
Head of Barren, Claiborne, Tenn... Edward Kelley 

Head of Clinch, Tazewell, Va Francis M. Perry 

Head of Paint, Morffan, Ky Nathan A. Brown 

Head of Sassafras, Kent, Md Thomas P. Davis 

Head of Tennessee, ^a6un, Ga. A. G. Dillard 

Head Quarters. Nicholas, Ky .... «...John G. Conway 

Head Spring, De KaJUb, Ala Abner Phillips 

Head Waters, Highland, Va... Stephen J. Reynolds 

Healdville, Rutland, Vt Eliab G. Reed 

Healing Springs, Davidson, N. C Wm. C. Bue 

Hearnville, Pu/nam, Ga William Hearn 

Heart Prairie, Walworth, Wis George Esterly 

Heartwellville, Bennington, Vt N. W. Halliday 

Heath, Franklin, Mass George Temple 

Heathland, Henry, 111..'. » A. F. Heath 

Heath's Creek, l\nis. Mo Lucien P. Wooldridge 

Hoathsville, Halifax, N. C Beverly B. Daniel 

Heathsvillfl, (c. b.) NorthwnherUmd, Va.W. D. Bell 

Ilebbardsville, Henderson, Ky J. T. Pittman 

Hebbardsville, Athens, Ohio Louisa Earhart 

Hebron, TnUand, Coon Charles Post 

Hebron, Wushinjjton, Ga Marshall H. Bland 

Hebron, Pbrter, la Thomas Davis 

Hebron, MeHmry. Ill Samuel W. Brown 

Hebron, Oxford, Me Mrs. H. G. Barrows 

Hebron, Qrafum, N. H David Hazleton 

Hebron, Washingffini N. Y John 8. McFatland 

Hebron, Potter, Pa Stephen P. Reynolds 

Hebron, LicIcing,Ohlo Silas B. Wo^lson 

Hebron, Tyler, Va Amos Gorrell 

Hebron, Sparianburgh, S. C Harvey WafiFord 

Hecker, Monroe,l\\ Augustus Rittmeyer 

Heokert's Mills, GUm^r, Va...Wm. K. Moneypenny 

HecksherviUe, Schuylkill, Pa Dennis Maher 

Hecktown, Northampton, Pa .Jacob Scbweetzer 

Hecla, Carroll, Teun A. R. Cams 

Hecla, Noble^ la La Fayette Lanson 

Hecly Works, Oneida, N. Y Ralph B. Shelly 

Hector, Potter, Pa John L. Wilber 

Hector, Schuyler, N. Y Simeon P. Bradford 

Hedge's Store, Pickaway, Ohio A. J. Hedges 

Hedgesville, Berkeley, Va Henry Hull 

Hedgesville, Stenfyen, N. Y Sebring Clarkson 

Hddlersburgh, AdamSj Pa Leonard Delap 

Heisterburgh, Fiyette^ Pa John S. Conwell 

Helena, (c. h.) PhiUips, Ark William D. Hornor 

Helena, fc. h.) Pkorut, 111 Thomas Mooney 

Helena, Mason.Ky Ell P. Adams 

Helena, St. Latorence, N. Y Hannibal Andrews 

Helena, Iowa, Wis Alvah Culver 

Helena, Karnes, Texas Thomas Ruckman 

Helen Furnace, Clarion, Pa James McKim 

Helenville, Jefferson, Wis Ortgies BuUwinkel 

Helicon, Pike, Ala Duncan Graham 

Hellam, Tark, Pa Abraham S. Hiestand 

Hellen, Elk, Pa.....*. Chauncey Brockway 

Hellers Corners, AUen, la Peter Heller 

Heller's Cross Roads, Harrison, Ohio...H. B. Heller 

Hellertown, Northampton, Pa Samuel R. Weber 

Helton, Ashe, N. C Johnson Perkins 

Helton ville, Latorence, la J. C. Foster 

Hemlo, Whiiesides, 111 Asa M. Abbott 

Hemlock, Oambria,P& Henry Schnetberg 

Hemlock Grove, Meigs, Ohio Byard McKinly 

Hemlock Lake, Irivingston, N. Y W. B. Lemon 

Hempfleld, Lancaster. Pa John Seachrist 

Hemphill's Store, Mecklenburgh, N. C.w..R. Peoples 

Hempstead, Queens, N. Y Ebenezer Kellum 

Hempstead Branch, Queens, N. Y...J. Hendrickson 

Henby, Montgomery, Ohio Alexander Deen 

Henderson, Knox, 111 Edwin T. Ellett 

Henderson (c. h.) Henderson, Ky....Jas. E. Ricketts 

Henderson, GranviUe, N. C W. W. Reaves 

Henderson, Jefferson, N. Y James-E. Green 

Henderson, Houston, Ga Thomas S. Cobh 

Henderson, Mercer, Pa Jonathan Henderson 

Henderson, (c. h.) Rusk, Texas John McClarty 

Henderson's Greene, Mo P. Henderson 

Henderson, Sibley, MIn. Ter fCarter H. Drew 

Henderson's Mill, Greene, Tenn Jos. Handerson 

Hendersonville, Anderson, Texa8..Daniel Henderson 
Henderson ville, (c. h.) Henderson, N. C. ...A. Miller 
Hendersonville, Sumner, Tenn.Charles Clendenning 

Hendricksburg, Luzerne^ Pa William Barkman 

Hendrick's Store, Bedford, Va Francis H. Board 

Hendricks ville, De Kalb, Ala Joab Hendricks 

Hendrysburgh, Belmont, Ohio... Hamilton Murphy 

Henler's Store, (c. h.) Hart, Ga John S. Henley 

Hennepin, (c. h.) Putnam^ 111 Chester I^y 

Henniker, Merrimack, N-. H Hiram -^Bvll 

Henpeck, Shannon, Mo Andrew McElkrafMy 

Henrie's Fork, Gilmer, Va Asa Andrews 

Henrietta, Montgom^ery, Tenn Robt. T. Gupton 

Henrietta, Jackson, Mioh Reuben Hastings 

Henrietta, Monroe, N. Y Matthias 9^ Aiif^t 

Henrietta, Lorain, Ohio John C«ates 

Henry, Marshall, 111 P; M. iJasney 

Henry, Sussex, Va Joseph -A. Rogers 

Henry Clay Factory, New Castle, Del Jame»Toy 

Henry's Cross Road.<t, Sevier, Tenn li^isha Gates 

Henry's Cross Uoads, Todd, Ky...Willi»in J:H«nfy 

HenrysYllle, Logan, Ky Willinm- Fi Henry 

Henrysville, Marshall, Ala Hugb Hemy 

Henuj^sville, Monroe, Pa James HeoTjf 

Henryville, Lawrence^ Tenn „..;...(^J. Vawi 

Heasonville, Greene, N. Y Simon Wfnfield 

llpntsville. Union, Ky Hcn^ .%. Hemts 

Hepler, Schuylkill, Pa A. B. Karterman 

HerbifTt, N s'loba. Miss Henderson M. Walsh 

Herculaneum, Jefferson, Mo Charles S. Raokin 

Hereford, Baltimorej Md Thomas-Toft 

V^Tl^i-it^Berlcs, Pa Samuel -^Xekf^flR^ , 

Herefords^ Mason, Va James Xx)l"«^l 

HerWt3t»i?j (c. h.) Herkimer, N. Y.Hufa(lrai4^BMMari 

gan -'■ - 

Herman, Ripley, la R. W.-Usk 

Herman. Dodge^ Wis Bartholomew Ringla 

Hermann, Gaaconade. Mo Francis W. Boing 

Hermaunsburgb, Wasfiington, Ark...Jas. S. Hukfll 

H<>rmitage, Floyd, Qh Joseph Waiters 

Hermitage, Decatur, Tenn Thomas B. Jarard 

Hermitage, Coles, 111 Thomas Kemey 

Hermlcage, Wyoming, N. Y Horaxse Blodget 

Herimtage, Mercer, Pa John HoagliOul 

Hermitage, Augiuta^ Va John W. Palmer 

Hermitage, Hvclcory, Mo Thomas Davis 

Hermitage, Washington, Miss George B. Fall 

Hermitage, Point Ontpet Parish,lA W.G. 

Bozeman, jr 

HIC 6 

Bmmlt^p^BnKlfcjF Ark John D Singer 

HnniDD, Kma, III - Samnel WllauD 

HennoD, I^ttnOKOt, ^lb~ John H Hinckley 

llMinoii, SI. Lavrtua N Y Lewis R. Jerome 

Bernudo (c, h ) DeSaU, Ubg Stephen n Miller 

HiHiwiida, Jtuim, Ala Junrg M Iii.vii 

Uerrlck, Bmlfiira, Pil George W EUlstt 
BmO&LCimtTlt. SmpahianiUlyPi A W Biraocli 

HeiTlckTille, BrmtA^ Pt>~ *u B. Brown 

Htning, jlllen. OhiD a«irgs E Stnynr 

Harrington, Aaa^ia, Teiu Wm HerrlngMn 

Htrrinttsfill^ ifbpAany Plu JidiD McfcHsn 

Henhey^ Hill Zswmwk, HI. John BerBhejr 

HgttBMrd, (o. h.) ArnutMiuiLN C ~EdirIn BnWB 

Hni^ltowl.-A'&KviLlty. ^John Collard 

e. ranrtign, Ta _ „ - Jumei Hswka 

>• Middleton 

A asunreni 

tbtrtcka, runt P_ „ „ 

SBunnTllle, Onaa, NY , Simon WiufieUl 

MTetton, l^. Laaront N Y Dtrul B. Thnntun 
Hevener'i Slors. Htffliland, Va. „ Wm Sujiler 
He»erlitille, BmdfiTi Pn. -Jamsa Ilawrlev 

HewlElTllle, Baau Va. John H Atrel 

Hlckman'a^end Jhiiuttspf, 
aickiBT, dm*, Ohio 
IDckorf, H&lAintrtm Pa 
HIekor]', Lalt, 111 
Hickory Barren, a-rou Ho 
HlcbicjOamen Barrn Hid) 
IDcfeoc; Corncn Siagara.S 

"- "— t, jdBWw, Ho 

i (^]W«,T8nn_ 

, k Jtaj^lll 

ntckorf llat, Oim^ ic, Ga. 

Goorge B. Ketcham 

Lewte Fkmlog 

Win M Elllioa 

Ark. E Hickman 

Qwtm 81 

Hickory Gmve, SmtOiflax Jacob Toungblaad 

Blckorr Head, Isnaurf r, S. O N. J.Uongli 

Hickory Hill. HtrJdR, III Wm. P. Hc»)<l« 

Blckoiy Hill. CkaUr, Fa. .WUlion W. Andrewi 

JOtlUKjnm, ait, Uo_ ^.Jetaili BoUngei 

WSmj Hai. JWiiArt, a. C...~ .bawi EUil 

Hieb^ Hill. OUi, Texas. -....Xairta A. PaUlUc 

Hickory Lwel, Onr^ 0*. Junu Butlr 

Hickory Plain, iWfrfg,Jlrk._Wl]llam H. Haacoct 

lUckor; Plaini, Ff AtnAini, Hlai Joae^ Touni 

IDckoTy Point, Znir. Ii .Wm. A. Hlcbol. 

Hlck^ Itnn, (brim. Fa. Samnel Sayloi 

nUifcorj. Spring!, HWtJk. Mo. 8. C. Hardli ffar/in*. Md John Warn 

Hickory Wlche, fhvcae,Tenn James M.Lnoi 

Htoksbnrg, Dnrchaltr, Md John W, Roheitot 

HMlsford (c. h.) ffnwnt-dte, Ta......'.Z. K. S. Tumei 

Hick-e HiUe, De Kalb, in _a«oree A.Oilli 

Hick's Itnn, EH. Pa. Jima lUr 

HIckBTllls, KuarrfnTd. N, C R. H. Hlcki 

Sckirme, Btfmct, Ohio: Gwrge V. Danfiinl 

HIcksTllls, Qkkhi, N. Y .DaTldSuaml 

HickivlUe. Tluowli, Va Pet«]t. HL 

Hlco, OiUaway, Ky _ William Hard; 

HIco, B™im, Ark „ .Cadrcen Qonte 

Hleo, Chrroii, Tenn J. H. Btiganc 

Jlbiabam .VcKissack. 

Tbodon 01111* 


?.»...»».... Joel Aboej 

....Albvd London 

John a Smith 

.George B. FlMli 

3.7.'h triet >^B«a 

1 DaTid I- Breren 

- Jamea Ik TenrtUigier 

Stephen S. Eeyel 

Vt J. K. Johnaon 

'. .itan'iel McClean 

, John B. How* 

Jamoa QlUogly 

r._ ..J. rI Halona 

JEennath UcBh 

John B. BiBtlaer 

....._ ...Bd«»rd Saiky 

Otirer P. DavtoOB 

...... Wmiani UcGrwir 

Wesley M. NbU 

, .Emannel Qnyei 

,.U. 0. B. BloaUsBsld 

'.".'.'.'..,.0. N. Ilolhiook 

.-jiniiainln F. Abbott 

M....~Jiahn,B. Jackaon 

S.C LH. Dickey 

■„ C. II. Marshon 

(Inn.. Wm. W.CaU 

T..........UDrgan Sbtil 

. III...HnmphreT HUal 
..-Cbatlea P. Pdabiv 

......Geoin Bcotl 

._~.Fnincia A. l«tbaia 
Anitln H. Wdeh 

■™™'.l....lSS Jmea 

John B. HatUway 

,G. Ulngah Dnrhan 

..Harrison SummerOT 
...EIlKldn 0. Mitcbcll 

.- .ToMipb Porrin* 


Jacob Ulller 

..~ laalah Oo* 

?. WllUara Hnghal 

Ttaomaa J. MnrdiT 

.Imac T. Parker 

.~ hfU Bobs 

Ardilbahl llnnnM 

.AbraliMn Onill 

..Hw..Lamuel L. Reerel 
L-...Vm. B. li. Vawdun 


la.. H. L. WUbora 

_ThoDUB F.Di^M 


„ Elehanl F. Drak* 

WasblnEton H. Peacock 

..... KdwanlVlyon 

_..-.. wniiam E. BnnI 

Harrsy W. Dana 

waey Pedd* 

J. H. HcOormlall 

murt, ni..T. P. OcoKg 
.......Wamn Chapman 

.Thomai H.^iaiB 

lbs... -.II. E. Chambeia 
M. No.. Janua L. RlokiB 
(. N.C.....J.H. Pahur 

,N. U B. futile. j[ 

.Tlionas Johu 

ad, Obio... Job* Baekln 

Pl Aachel Standlw 

..Eliut A. KMhefftnd 




HlllsboFough, Lnudons Va John Jones, jr 

Hillsborough Bridge, HiUsbaroughy N. II...Ephraim 

Button , 

Hillsborough Centre, ITCUsboroughy'S. H.„ B. Priest 
Hillsdale, HUladalt, Mich. ..Frederick M. Hollovray 

Hillsdale, OuU/ard, N. C Anselom Reed 

Hillsdale, CbtumbiOy N. Y ..Joshua IJ. Bulkeley 

Hill's Grove, McDomugh, 111 Charles G. Gilchrist 

Hill's Grove, -S^^ttiran, Pa Fleming Webster 

Hill Side, Oneida, N. Y George Fletcher 

Hill's Store, Randolph, N. C Samuel B. Hill 

Hill's Valley, Williamson, Tenn James B. Hill 

Hillsview, 'Westmoreland, Pa John Hill 

Hillsville, Qirroll, Va Churchwell F. Worrell 

Hillsville, Latorence, Pa William McCreai-y 

Hill Top, Wayne, Pa William Patridge 

Hilltown, Bucks, Pa Abiah James 

Hilochee, Washington, Ark Daniel B. Neal 

Hilton, Jfonroe. Ky W. R. S. Taylor 

Hiltons, ^S^u'an, Tenn Peter Yoakley,jr 

Hinckley, Medina; Ohio Alanson Wilcox 

Hindsburgh, Orteam, N. Y Jabez Allison 

Hinesburgh, ChiUenden, Vt Edward W. Gibb 

Hines' Mills, Ohio, Ky Warren W. Hines 

Hineston, Rapides, La Joseph T. Hatch 

Hinesville, (c. h.) Libert;/, Ga L. S. Quarterman 

Hingham, Plymouth, Mass H. J.Gardner 

Hingham, Sheooygan,'SV\a Dennis A. Kennedy 

Hinkietown, Lancaster, Pa John Wickel 

Hinkstown, Nicholas, Ky John McConnaughey 

Hinmansville, Oswego, N. Y Ira Betts 

Hinsdale, Berkshire, Mass Monroe Emmons 

Hinsdale, Cheshire, N. H Elisha W. Hunt 

Hinsdale, OaUarav{fus, N. Y Thomas T. Wasson 

Hinsdale Depot, Berkshire, Mass E. T. Nosh 

Hlnton's Grove, Pickens, Ala Henry Eatman 

Hintonsville, Pasauotank, N. C E. W. Albertson 

Hiram, Oxford, Me Noah B. Hubbard 

Hiram, Portage. Ohio Alvah Udall 

Hiramsburgh, Noble, George McClure 

Hitchoockville, Litchfield, Conn Josiah H. Sapre 

Ilitesville, O^les, 111 John K. Boyers 

Hiwasse College, Monrre, Tenn Robert E. Doak 

Hix'8 Ferry, Randolph, Ark Erasmus D. Pitman 

Hoag's Corner, Rensselaer, N. Y 0. C. Thompson 

Hobart, Delaware, N. Y William B. Champlin, jr 

Hobart, ZiaAr«, la Jef^se B. Albee 

Hobbie, Luzerne, Pa Peter Readier 

Hobble, Sumter. Ala Caswell Eads 

Hobbieville, Greene, la William B. Evans 

Hobbyville, Spartqnburgh, S. C William Hunter 

Iloboken, Hudson. N. J Mary Mulford 

Hockanum, Hartford. Conn George A. Hall 

Hockersville, Dauphin, Pa Martin Hocker, jr 

Hocking Port, Athens, Ohio Erastus H. Williams 

Hodgdon, Aroostook, Me George H. Smith 

Hodgdon's Mills, Lincoln, Me John Gould 

Hodges, AbbeviUe, 8. Charles M. Pelot 

Hodgensvil'ie, La Hue, Ky William D. Martin 

Hodge's Prairie, Seiiadian, Ark....Wm. G. Woodson 

Hodge's Bend, Frjrt Bend, Texas A. Hodge 

Hofifman's Ferry, Schfnec'adj/f N. Y John Carroll 

Ilogansburgb, Franklin, N. Y Alfred Fulton 

Hogan's Creek, RocJdngiiam, N. G Richard B. 

' Henderson 

Hoganville, Troup, Ga William Hogan 

Hogback Valley, Jadcson, N. C W. Barton 

Hog Creek, AUen, Ohio James B. Hagerman 

Ilogestown, Cumberland, Pa John B. Leidig 

Hogle'fl Creek, St. Glair, Mo Abram Miller 

Ifog Mountain, Hail, Ga Elijah Puckett 

Hobenlinden, Chidcasaw, Miss.Osborn S. Jennings 

Hoke's Bluir, Cherokee, Ala William B. Wynne 

Iloladays, Adair, Iowa George M. Holaday 

Holoombe, Burke, Ga George S. J. Price 

Hotoombs Rock, Bedfrrd, Va E. Parker Lane 

Holden, P^obscot, Me Luther N. Jones 

Ilolden, W/rcester, Mam Charles Chaifin 

Holderman's Grove, Kendall, 111 Brownell Wing 

Holderness, Orqfton, N. H Jonathan F. Keys 

Holland, Hampden, Mass Elisha Kinney 

Holland, Brie, N. Y Oliver G. Rowley 

Holland, Venango, Pa David W. Henderson 

Holland, Orleans, Vt Joseph Fletcher 

HoUandf OUawa, Mich^ Henry D. Post 

Holland, Hunterdcm, N. J John C. Britten 

Holland Patent, Oneida, N. Y John T. Thomas 

Hollandsburgh, Parke, la L. D.McGilvroy 

Holley, Orleans, N. Y Horace B. Perry 

IloUidaysburgh, (c. h.) Blair, Pa....Wm. G. Murray 

HoJliday's Cove, Hancock, Va. ..Samuel Roberts 

Hollidaysville, Wortfu Ga A. M. Giddens 

Ilolling^worth, HaJberslun, Quo L. 11. Wiljfht 

HoUis, Peoria, 111 William Maple 

Hollis, Hillsborough, N. H Wm. N. Tenney 

Hollls, York,Mo Henry K. Bradbury 

Hollis Centre, Tork, Me Thps. C. Mulvey 

IlolUston, Middlesex, Mass Abel Pond 

HoUowayviUe, Bureau, 111 Samuvl S. HoUoway 

Hollow Creek, Lexington, S. C Uriah Croni 

Hollow Square, Chreene, Ala Samuel Beok 

Holly, Merriwetker, Ga James F. A. Peebles 

Holly Creek, JfMrray, Ga E. M. EUia 

Holly Grove, Walker, Ala A.uguston Williams 

Holly Grove, Stewart, Ga Joseph Wood 

Holly Grove, Madison, N. C P. H. Neilson 

Holly Hill, Charleston, 8.' C Wm. B. Thomas 

Holly Leaf, Gibson, Tenn J. M. Bald 

Holly Mills, Oakland, Mich...;Truman C. AVebster 

Holly Point, Ashley, Ark John Bullock 

Holly Retreat, WUJdnson, Miss Geoi^e Jackson 

Holly Rivet, Braxton, Va Thomas Saulsburj , 

Holly Spring, Walcc'S. C Archibald Leslie ' 

Holly Spring, Wood, Tex P. M. Gunstream 

Holly Springs, MarshaM., Miss E. I. Bracken 

Holly Springs, X>aZto5, Ark 8. L. Proctor 

Holmdel, MonmmitK N. J Thomas W. Thome 

Holmesburgh, Philadelphia, Pa J. P. Comly 

Holmes' Hole, DuJces, Mass George Dunham 

Holmes Mill, Jefferson, Thomas Holmes 

Holmes Valley, Washington, Fla..Norman A. Camp- 

Holmesville, ioporte, la Nicolas Young 

Hnlmesville, (c. h.) Appling, Ga... Henry Pindarves 

Holmesville, Avoyeles, La Wm. H. Bassett, jr 

Holmesville, (c. h.) iV.e, Miss R. H. Miskell 

Holmesville, Holmes, Ohio T. N. Taylor 

Holston, Washingt n* Va Isaac A. Worley 

Holston Valley, Sullivan, Tenn J. R. Delaney 

Holton, Ripley, Ind » Henry Yater 

Holt's Mills, AlamaTice, N. C James W. Ferrell 

Holt's Store, Alamance, N. C Edwin M. Holt 

Holy Neck, Nansemond, Va Jethro S. Haslett 

Ilolyoke, Hampden, Mass J. M. Cavauaugh 

Homasassa, Benton, Fla James Edwards 

Home, Indiana, Pa ; Robert Cannon 

Homo, Jefferson, la Mordecai Brooks 

Home, Van Buren, Iowa Charles IliUes 

Home, Salt Lake, Utah Samuel Bennion 

Homer, Champaign, 111 John B. Thomas 

Homer, Calhoun, Mich Dwight Nims 

Homer, Cortlandi, N. Y George Ross 

Homer, Ruslt,ltk A. C. Bridges 

Homer, Licking, Ohio Edward Williams 

Homer, (c. h.) Claibarrte, La Wm. B. Gill 

Homer, Webster, low & Phillip K. Detrick 

Homersville, Clinch, Qa. .John H. Mattox 

Homersville, Medina, Ohio I.Ezra iiosit 

Homo Spring, Holmee,¥laL Dempsey Fmnell 

Homestead, Iowa, Iowa.*. Arunali Hibbard 

Home wood, Scott, Miss James C. Harper 

Hommeny Creek, Buncomb, N. C Joshua Curtis 

Homochitto, Franklin, Miss Nathan Bunckley 

Ilomowack, Ulster, N. Y C. G. Taylor 

Honeoye, Ontario, N. Y Stephen Albro 

Honeoye Falls, Monroe, N. Y .Oeorge B. McBride 

Honesdale, Wayne, Pa John Y. Sherwood 

Honey Brook, Cf tester. Pa David M. Anderson 

Honey Creek, McDonald, Mo Bnrton McGhee 

Honey Cut, Baldurin, Ala Edward P.Brown 

Honey Grove, Fannin, Tex Benj. S. Walcott 

Honey Grove, Cfectar, Iowa Samuel Mocy 

Honey Grovo, JuniaXa, Pa Joshua Beale 

Honey Path, Anderson, S. C .John I. Shirley 

Honey Point, Macoupin, 111 George W. Wallace 

ifoney Point, Humphreys, Tenn Thomas T. 


Honeyyillc, Page, Va« -Albert G. Rickard 

Hood's Mills, OarroU^ Md John Grimes 

Hoodaville, Marion, Va Alphcus N. Millaa 




• Indian Ford, i&oddard. Mo John W. Sivinny 

Indian Grove, Livinffston, ll\ John Damall 

Indian Hill, ^hbttiUt, S. C Thomas J. Lyon 

Indian li\\\,Elbert, Ga Samuel Ham 

Lndian Mound, Stewart^ Tenn John Richards 

Indianola, (c. h.) WarreUy Iowa.. .John F. Mouohon 

Indianola, FermWtow, 111 James S. Sconce 

Indianola, Qdhoun, Texas David Lewis 

Indian Orchard, Hampden, Mass...Elisha A. Fuller 

Indian Orchard, H^yne, Pa Calvin V. Lillie 

Indian Prairie, War/ne^ 111 Alfred S. Hargrave 

Indian River, Brevard, Fla. George E. Stowell 

Indian River, Lewis, N. Y Darius G. Bent 

Indian Riv-r, Washington,Me..Ahr&m K. Makenzie 
Indian Springs, Washington, Md... Lancelot Jacques 

Indian Springs, Bu^, Ga Dabney Knight 

Indian Town, Currituck, N. C Gideon C. Marchant 

Indian Town, Tama, Iowa Isaac Butler 

Indlantown. WiUiamshurgh, S.C A. L. Crawford 

• Indian Valley, Floyd, Va Robert W.Phillips 

Indijin Village, Washita, La Joel Tatum, jr 

Indigo, Delaware, James Fleming 

Indigo Head, Ooffec, Ala Nace Collins 

Industry, Franklin, Me Nathan Goodridge 

Industry, Beaver, Pa Jacob Ross 

Industry, Austin, Tex J. G. Seiper 

Industry, McDonough, 111 Joel Pennington 

Industry, Grainger, Tenn Robert L. Turley 

Ingham, Ingham, Mich David T. Weston 

• Ingleside, Hardin, Tenn John A. Smith 

Ingleside, Warrert, Ky R. W. Thomas 

Ingraham, Oolumbiana, Edwin Dutton 

In graham, Jfi7te, Iowa Tames H. Goodman 

Ingraham, Warrtn, Miss Wm. H. McKinney 

Ingraham, Clinton, N. Y John Vaughan 

Ingraham Prairie, Clay, 111 Osman Pixley 

lii^rtasi, Randolph, Ala James C. Mitchell 

Ingram's Cross Roads, Lauderdale, Ala Moses 

Ingram t 

Inland, Summit,Ohlo John Hunsberger 

Inland, Cedar, Iowa Reuben Baughman 

Inmansville, Rock, Wis Jacob Fisher 

Intercourse, Sumter, Ala Samuel J. Truett 

Intercoui-se, Lancaster, Pa Benj. F. HoU 

Inverness, Columbiana, Ohio David Rose 

Inverness, Livingston, N. Y William Frazer 

Inverness, Cumberland, N. C .".Hugh McPherson 

Ion, Jllamakee, Iowa '. Charles W. Cutter 

Ion, MoreJioust, La William Dyer 

lone, Effingham,, 111 Aaron W. Henry 

lone, Erie, Waitstill G. Hastings 

loni, Anderson, Tex William T. Sadler 

Ionia, (c. h.) Ionia, Mich William Yerington 

Ionia, warren, 111 Luther C. Hibbard 

Iowa, Perry^ 111 Marion D. Hoge 

Iowa City, Placer, Cal Joseph Colgan 

Iowa City, (c. h.,) Johnson, Iowa William Vogt 

Iowa Point, Kansas, John 8. Pemberton 

lowaville. Van Buren, Iowa William T. Starr 

Ipava, Fulton,!^ Robert Ramsay 

Ipswich, (c. h.) Essex, Mas.s Stephen Coburn 

Ira, Cayuga, N. Y Lewis L. Suydam 

Ira, Rutland, Vt ....Norman Clark 

Iranistan, Cass, Iowa Eber W. Buck waiter 

Irasburgh, (c. h.) Orleans, Vt Charles C. Eellan 

Ireland, Hampden, Mass Chester Crafts 

Ireland, Lewis, Va Willington V. Chidester 

Ireland, Du Bois, la '. Alsephns McGennis 

Ireland Corners, Albany, N. Y J5. H. Ireland 

Irisburgh, Henry, Va George A. Ralls 

Irish Grove, Atchison, Mo Harvey Williams 

Irish Ripple, Latorence, Pa Thomas H. Davidson 

Irishtown, Mercer, Pa James Long 

Iron Creek, Portage,'WiB Shubel Lewis 

Iron Creek, Washtenaw, Mich Samuel W. Wells 

Irondequoit, Monroe, N. Y Caleb K. Hobbie 

Iron Furnace, Scioto, Ohio Cornelius Moore 

Iron Hill, Northampton, Pa Wm. Kessler 

Iron Hills, Jackson, Iowa Henry K. Landis 

Iron Mountain, St. Francis, Mo John G. Scott 

Iron Ridge, Dodge, Wis Isaac Waml:K)ld 

Iron Works, TmUadega, Ala George P. Driver 

Ironton, Larorence, Ohio B. F. Cory 

Ironville, ThzeweU, Va Henry Parker' 

Ironwood filufl^ Jtawambaf MisA-Henry W. Stegall 

Iroquois, Iroqtu)is, 111 S. L. Urmston 

Irville, MusHngum, Ohio Jacob T. Fouch 

Irvine, (c. h.) EstiU, Ky William J. Clark 

Irvine, Warren, Pa William A. Irvine 

Irvine's Store, Weakly, Tenn Samuel Irviiie 

Irvinesville, Nicholas, Ky John B. Taylor 

Irving, Chatauxjue, N. Y Jehial Sackett 

Irving, Barry, Mich Leonard K. Powers 

Irving College, Warren, Tenn Henry R. Etter 

Irvington, Westchester, N. Y P. M. Warman 

Irwin's Cross Roads, Washington, Ga..Wm. A. Irwin 
Irwin's Station, Westmordar^, Pa..R. R. McQuistion 

Irwinsville, (c. h.) Irxoin, Ga L. M. Col berth 

Irwinton, (c. h.) Wilkinson, Ga....Richard L. Storey 

Isabella, Worth, Ga Gordon Sumner 

Island Creek, Jasper, 111 Albert G. Coldwell 

Island Creek, Jefferson, Ohio Thomas Blackburn 

Island Crfek, Hancock, Ga Augustine T. Berry 

Island Ford, Rutherford, N. C Richard L. Harris 

Island, Number 66, Coahoma,, Miss-.Tlios H. McNeill 

Island Pond, Essex, Vt .Henry M. Hoffman 

Isle au Boia, Jefferson, Mo Samuel H. Mead 

Isleborough, Waldo, Me ...Nelson Gllkey 

Isle La Motte, Grand Isle, Vt Jesse W. Holcomb 

Isle of Shoals, Rockingham,!^. 13, T. B. Laighton 

Islip, Suffolk, N. Y Selah C. Smith 

Isney, Choctaw, Ala Thomas Bonner 

Isoni's Store, i/awry, Tenn Wm. G. Cathey 

Italy Hill, Yates, N. Y Luther B. Blood 

Italy Hollow, Kates, N.Y , William Scott 

Itasca, jBewtow, Minn John C. Bowers 

Ithaca, (c. h.) TompkiThS, N. Y... Arthur S. Johnson 

Ithaca, Darke, Ohio Joel Thomas 

Iverson, jBt'emnKg, La James Monroe 

Ives' Grove, Racine, Wis Charles A. DeBerard 

Ivy, Yancey, N. C Daniel G. Carter 

Ivy Bend, Madison, N. C Joseph P. EUar 

Ivy Bluff, Morgan, Ala ...Middleton R. Kirby 

Ivy Creek Mills, Bedford,\ak Albert McDaniel 

Ivy Island, Edgefield, S. C Thos. H. Pattison 

Ivy Log, C/mo7i, Ga William R. Utter 

Ivy Mills, Delaware, Pa David W. Eyre 

Ixonia, Jefferson, Wis Jonathan Piper 


JACINTO, (c. h.) Tishemingo, Miss...Chi8ley D. K«y 
Jacksborough, (c. h.) Campbell, Tenn...G. W. Smith 

Jack's Creek, Henderson, Tenn A. C. McCorkle 

Jack's Fork, Texas, Mo Reuben Harlow 

Jackson, Clarke, Ala Rudolph E. Priester 

Jackson, Stephenson, III C. Van Brocklin 

Jackson, fc. h.) Butts, Ga..^. W. B. Hunt 

Jackson, fc h.) Breathitt, Ky J. 0. W. Cardwdl 

Jackson, (c. h.) East Fdiciana, La... Abm. Hagaman 

Jackson, Wcdao, Me Edmund Chase 

Jackson, Jackson, Mich Reuben S. Chienney 

Jackson, (c. h.) Hinds, Miss C. R. Dixon 

Jackson C. H., Jackson, Miss Samuel Davis 

Jackson, (c. h.) Cape Girardeau, Mo H. Sandford 

Jackson, Coos, N. H Oliver P. Meserve 

Jackson, Washington, N. Y Charles N. Button 

Jackson, fc.h.) Northampton, N. C....J. W. Newsom 

Jackson, (c. h.) Jackson, Ohio, Lot C. Steel 

Jackson, Susquehannah, Pb, Gordon G. Williams 

Jackson, ^c. h.) Madison, Tenn Jas. Hughes 

Jackson, Louisa, Va Abner C. Isbell 

Jackson, Oalevaras, Cal William M. Rogers 

Jackson, Lawrence, Ark. Rufus W. Martin 

Jackson, Adams, Wis Harvey T. Rawson 

Jackson C. H., Jackson, Va E. B. Wright 

Jacksonborough, (c. h.) Scriven, Ga...T. A. Burns, jr 

Jaoksonborough, BuUer, Ohio James M. Stokes 

• Jackson Brook, Washington, Me...Sewall L. Boulter 

Jacksonburgh, Wayne,lA John Berry 

Jackson Corners, Dutchess, N. Y Jacob J. Stall 

Jackson Furnace, Jackson, Ohio. ..Luke P. S. Smith 

Jackson Hall, Franklin, Pa Thos. C. Fitzgerald 

Jacksonham, Lancaster, S. C I. H. McMurray 

Jackson Hill, Davidson, N. C Richard L. Surratt 

Jackson Hill, ^partanburgh, S. C A. F. Jackson 

Jackson Point, BreMer, Iowa Stephen D. Jackson 

Jackson Port, Jackson, Ark James H. Gray 

Jacksons Camp, TbOapooxa, Ala George Y. Jarvia 

Jack£ion*6 Creek, J^birfUJd, S. G David Willing 




Jackson's Ferry, WyiJie, Va Robert Jackson 

Jackson's Mills, Ocean, N. J....Beiyamin Matthews 

^acksontown, Licking, Ohio James Clark 

•'ackson Yalley, SusgneJtannah,VaL...Cha&.Ca.m'pbe\\ 

^aeksonville, (c. h.} lienton, Ala John Y. Nisbit 

Jacksonville, (c. h.) Duvcdl, Fla William Grothe 

Jacksonyille, TeJfair, Ga John McDermid 

Jacksonvillo, (c.h.) Morgan, 111 Samuel Hunt 

Jacksonville, Switzerland, la George McCuUoch 

Jacksonville, Burlington, N. J Samuel Fort 

Jacksonville, Tompkins, N. Y James Mattison 

Jacksonville, Darke, Ohio William Hole 

Jacksonville, Lehigh, Pa John Hermany 

Jacksonville, Windham, Vt Martin Brown 

Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas ...William McKinney 

Jacksonville, Bourbon, Ky Patrick M. Hill 

Jack8on^^lle, Tuolumne, Cal George B. Keys 

Jacksonville, Jackson, Oregon S. H. Taylor 

Jacksonville, F)'anl tin, Me Ephraim H. Heald 

Jackson Wood,.^mite, Miss Drury Cook 

Jack's Reef, Onmdaga, N. Y... Cornelius M. Emerick 

Jacksville, Builer, Pa... John Boyle 

Jacobsburgh, Bdnumt, Ohio John A. Weyer 

Jacobsburgh, Northampton, Pa Henry Knecht 

Jacob's Church, Shenandoah, Va.....J. P. Coverstone 

Jacob's Fork, Catawba, N. C Alfred Ramsaur 

Jacobstown, Burlington, N. J...^ Daniel L. Piatt 

Jadden, Grant, la Thomas Smith 

Jaffrey, C'leshire, N. H Ethan Cutter 

Jake's Prairie, Gasconade,Mo John D. Butler 

Jake's Run, Monongalia, Va Richard D. Tennant 

Jalapa, GranX, la John H. Baird 

Jalapa, McMlnn, Tenn John Thomas 

Jamaica, Queens, N. Y :...Martin V. N. Ryder 

Jamaica, Windham, Vt John Williams 

Jamaica, Middlesex, Va John E. Segar 

Jamaica Plain, Norfolk, Mass Robert Seaver 

James Bayou, Mississippi, Mo Matthias Peterson 

Jamesburgh, Middlesex, N. J Joseph C. Magoe 

Jamesburgh, Ulster, N. Y James Baker 

James' Creek, Huntingdon, Pa... David H. Campbell 

James' Fork, Sebastian, Ark Fi-ancis M. Moore 

James' Mills, Monroe, 111 James B. Harlow 

Jamesport, SuffoVc, N. Y David Williamson 

Jamestown, Boone, la John M. Walker 

Jamestovvn, Clinton, 111 Spencer Shepard 

Jamestown, (c.h.) Rtissell, Ky Iliram Campbell 

Jamestown, Moniteau, Mo Absalom Wilson 

Jamestown, Chautatujue,'S.Y Rufus Pier 

Jamestown, Guilford, N. C Pickney N. Wheeler 

Jamestown, Greene, Ohio Charles Dingess 

Jamestown, Mercer, Pa William Gibf*on 

Jamestown, Muscogee, Ga Nathan J. Bussey 

Jamestown, (c. h.) I^ntress, Tenn J. P. Martin 

Jamestown, Grant, Wis Harlow H. Howe 

Jamestown, Newport, R. I John Congdon 

Jamestown, Clinton,ll\ William H. Uzzell 

Jamestown, Tuolumne, Cal benjamin A. Mardis 

Jamesville, Oncmdaga,li.Y Lemuel Hawley 

Jamison, Orangelmrgh, S. C J. P. R. Miller 

Janelew. Lewis, Va David H. Smith 

Janesville, Bock, Wis Elihu H. Strong 

Japan, Lafayette, Mo...: Eli Adams 

Jarratts, Sussex, Va William T. Payne 

Jarrett's Ford, Kanahawa, Va. Squire Q. Jarrett 

Jarrettsvillo, Harford, Md Thomas H. Barton 

Jasper, Walker, Ala Levi Sides 

Jasper, (c h.) Neioton, Ark Harmon F. Cooper 

Jasper, Hamilton, Fla Stephen S. Smith 

Jasper, (c. h.) Dubois, la Dominick Eckert 

Jasper, Steuben, N. Y Url W. Metcalf 

Jasper, i'jX'c, Ohio Samuel Weaver 

Jasper, (c. h.) Marion, Tenn David Ghaudohi 

Jasper, (c. h.) I*ickens, Ga Adhi Keeter 

Jasper, Ja&per, Tex William W.Maund 

Jasper, Schuyler, 111 John Howell 

Java, Wyoming, N. Y John Smith 

Java, Lucas, Ohio! William Taylor 

Java Centre, Wyoming, N. Y Patrick 0. Connor 

Java Village, Wyoming, N.Y Thomas B.Rlng 

Jay C. H., Jay, ia William McOormick 

Jay, Esssx, N. Y George G. Tobey 

Jay, Orleanf,^t Lanson Sanborn 

Jay, I\ankUn, Me Stillmail Noyes, jr 

JajnetrtiUe, Bremxr, Iowa George W. Maxfield 

Jeaneretts, <SK. Mary's, La Paul Prevost 

JeansTille,'*ii*?cm«, Pa Charles S. Fowlex 

Jedburg, Charleston, 8. C Jesse B. Varner 

Jeddo, Orleans, N. Y Zaocheus C. Ilaskins, 

Jeddo, Jefferson, Ohio Joseph McAlpin 

Jeff. Davis, Noxvbee, Miaa David Edwards 

Jefiernion, Jefferson, La Wllmor H. Zimmerman 

JeiEferson, (c. fa.) Jackson, Ga... Augns. C. Thompson 

Jefferson, C^tnlon, la Burr Bradeu 

Jefferson, Cook, 111 ., Amos J. Snell 

Jefferson, Lincoln, Me John N, Bond 

Jefferson, Frederick, Md J. Henry Keller 

Jefferson, Cbos, N. H Charles L. Plaisted 

Jefferson, Schoharie, N. Y Geor"fee W. Chllds' 

Jefferson, ^c h.) Ashe, N. C N. 11. Wuugh 

Jefferson, (c. h.) AsldahuLa, Ohio... Stephen D. Dunn 

Jefferson, Greene, Pa : Hiram II. Lindsey 

Jefferson, RviJierford, Tenn John Jonoe 

Jefferson, Ckiss, Tex W. D. F. Mooro 

Jefferson, Poto7iaten,Va Henry Tyler 

Jefferson, Marengo, Ala John Bcsleder 

Jefferson, (c.h.) Jefferson, Wis George Trucks 

Jefferson, Chesterfield, S. C John S. Miller 

Jefferson, Oarroll, Miss Jonathan Durdin 

Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo E. Thompson 

Jefferson City, Cbk, Mo John S. McCrackin 

Jefferson's Comers, WMtesides, HI Charles 0. 


Jefferson Furnace, Clarion, Pa John Haslet 

Jefferson Line, Clearfield, Pa John Hoover 

Jefferson Mills, Je^erson, Mo..... Wm.B. Dunnavant 

Jefferson Mills, Cbos, N. H Himan C. Dexter 

Jeffersonton, (c h.) Camden, Ga John May 

Jeffei;^onton, Oulpeper, Va Dennis McDermott 

Jeffersontown, Jefferson, Ky J. P. Funk 

Jefferson Valley, West Chester, N.Y...D.Loun8bury 
Jeffersonville, SuUivan, N. Y... James Pw Bogardus 

Jeffersonvillc, Clark, la Theophilus L. Elmer 

Jeffersonville, Twigg8,Qa. Ellis Long 

Jeffersonville, Mtyette, Ohio Horace K. Pearson 

Jeffersonville, Montgomery, Pa Mrs. Mary Bean 

Jeffersonville, Lamoille, Vt .Xevi A. Carleton 

Jeffrey's Creek, Marion, S. C.Jos. S. Cunningham 
Jeffrey's Store, Nottatoay, Va...Edward T. Jeffreys 

Jeffries, CUaifidd, Pa Thomas Henderson 

Jelloway, Knox,Qibio Joseph Pinkley 

Jena, Bell, Tex John Adams 

Jena, Tuscaloosa, Ma, Thomas P. Robertson 

Jenkins' Bridge, ^SS. C2atr,Mo Edmund Nance 

Jenkins' Depot, Hardeman, Tenn... A. J. Strickhn 

Jenkin's Store, Union, N, C Robert N. Bivens 

Jenkintown, Montgomery, Pa William Cottman 

Jenksville, Tioga, J^.Y George G. Nixon 

Jenner's ^Roads, Somerset, pa John Kepler 

Jenncrsville, Chester, Pa William Hughes 

Jennertown, Somerset, Pa Hiram Carver 

Jennings, tVanklin, la John A. Sawerland 

Jennings, Hamilton, Fla Robert Williams 

Jennings' Gtip, Augusta, Va ....James A. Frazier 

Jonning^ Ordinary, Nottoway, Va Abner II. 


Jenny Lind, Sebastian, Ark James J. Baker 

Jennyopolis, Benton, Oregon Richard Irwin 

Jericho, Ferry, Ala Stephen S. Pool 

Jericho, Queens, N. Y Albert G. Carll 

Jericho, Wayne, N. C Geo. C. Potts 

Jericho, Chittenden, Vt George B. Oakes 

Jericho, Kane, 111 Eldad M. Calkins 

Jericho, Butter, Ohio Robert Steele 

Jericho, ifenry. Ky James 11. Moore 

Jericho Centre, Chittenden, Vt Orlii Thomson 

Jernigan, Orange, Fla Aaron Jernigan 

Jcrnigan, Barwur, Ala David Averett 

Jerome, Union, Ohio Lyman Andrews 

Jerome, Howard, la Cbas. P.Baldwin 

Jeromesville, Ashland,- Ohio...Benjamin Hargrave 

Jersey, JAcking, Ohio Leonard Headley 

Jersey, Oakland, Mich John Lessiler 

Jersey City, Hudson, N. J Samuel M. Chambers 

Jersey Landing, Jersey, 111 James Scmple 

Jersey Mills, Lycoming, Pa Levi Fisk 

Jersey Prsdrie, Oass,l\\ Andrew \Vright 

Jersey Shore, Lycoming, T^a Robert Baker 

Jerscytown, Montour, Pa J. A. Fuuston 

Jersey ville, Jersey, 111 Chiurles S. Jackson 




Jerasalein, jSnc^Aampton, Ta Richard H. Blythe 

J^uaalem, Davity N. C Joseph W. Hodge 

Jerusalem Mills, Harford, Md David Lee 

Jerusalem South, QueenSy N. Y John B. Post 

Jessamine, Ji»5amine, Ky William J. King 

Jesse's Store, Shelby, Ky Warren C.Jesse 

Jesuit's Bend, Ptaquemine, Ia John L. Titus 

Jetersvillo, Arrulia, Va George H. Southall 

Jewell Hill, Madison, N. C Joseph J. Gudger 

Jewett, Greene, N. Y Alfred Peck 

Jewett Centre, Greene, N. Y West Chase 

Jewett City, New liondon^ Conn H. T. Crosby 

Joanna Furnace, Berks, Pa Bentley H. Smith 

Jobe, OregotiyMo William Hall 

Jobstown, Burlington, N. J William C. Curtis 

Joe's Bayou, OarroU, La J. B. Tompkins 

Joe's Lick, Madison, Ky John Gay 

Johns, LibeHy, Tex Clark A. Wiggins 

John's Branch, Avdrian, Mc.Charles H. Benning 

Johnsoi^burgh, Warren, N. Y John Noble 

Johnson, LamoUlt, Vt Daniel M. Dow 

Johnson, J/cZ>onou^^, III Salem Woods 

Johnson, Joives, Iowa John Tilson 

Johnsonburgh, Warren,lH.3 Robert Blair 

Johnsonsburgh, Wyoming, N. Y...George W. Merrill 
Johnson's Corners, Summit, Ohio...Joseph Witner 
Johnson's Creek, Jefferson, Wi8..Jeremiah Van Bus- 

Johnson's Creek, Niagara, N. Y Frederick J. 

Johnson's Cross Roads, Monroe, Ya.Morrls Johnson 

Johnson's Forks, Morgan, Ky Wm. S. Lykins 

Johnson's Mills, Pitt, N. C Lewis B. Pugh 

Johnson's Mills, Clark, III Andrew -S. Gross 

Johnson's Ranch, Sutter, Cal William E. O'Rear 

Johnson's Springs, GoocJdand, Va...Wm. S. Crouch 

Johnson's Station, Tarrant, Tex Jason Watson 

Johnson's Store, Anne Arunddy Md. Addison Johnson 

Johnsontown, Northampton, Va Albert G. Holt 

Johnsonville, Cumberland, N. C.Samuel £. Johnson 

Johnsonville, TrumhuU, Ohio John W. Jackson 

Johnsonville, WUHam^mrgh, S. C John C. Dye 

Johnsonville, Eenssdaer. N. Y Gilbert Miller 

Johnsonville, Anderson,Ky John F. Bean 

Johnston, I\nnsett, Ark Wm. H. Greenwood 

Johnstonville, Monroe, Ga John Johnston 

Johnstown, Moore, N. C John N. McNeill 

Johnstown, Cumberland, 111 N. P. Gray 

Johnstown, Barry, Mich John Culver 

Johnstown, (c. h!) Fulton, N. Y James Dunn 

Johnstown, Licking, Ohio Alfred Tollett 

Johnstown, Cambria, Pa Bphraira Buck 

Johnstown, iJocfc, Wis*. p. R. Spooner 

Johstown, Cass, Mo J. L. Downing 

Johnstown Centre, Rock, Wis—Erastus S. Johnson 

Johnsville, Frederick,Md John Kinzer, jr 

Johnsville, Montgomery, Ohio Samuel M. Heck 

Johnsville, JhOc/iess, N. Y Abraham Way 

Jola, Marion, Iowa Joseph Clark 

Joliet, Will, lU Cfi^neh Zarley 

Jolly, Monroe, Ohio Leonard Chalky 

Jollytown, GVeene, Pa John Hagan^ 

Jonathan's Creek, Haywood, N. C Daniel Howell 

Jone, /oioo, Iowa John Wykoflf 

Jones', iSfcott, Ky John Jones 

Jones' Bluflf, Sumter, Ala .'...B. F. Kennedy 

Jonesborough, Grant, la Samuel T. Jay 

Jonesborough, Jefferson, Ala Samuel A. Tarrant 

Jonesborough, Bxyette, Ga .^L. Johnston 

Jonesboro, (c. h.) Union, 111... John Evans 

Jonesborough, Washington, Me... .George W. Taylor 

Jonesboro', Saline, Mo J. M. Fix 

Jonesborough, (c. h.) Washington, Tenn...George W. 

Jonesborough, Brunswick, Va Robert B.Jones 

Jonesborough, Tippah, Miss Abraham Slover 

Jones' Creek, Anson, N. C Peter Jones 

Jones' Creek, Bandolph, III James Dean 

Jones' Creek. L^ierty, Ga Sieldon M. Chapman 

Jones' Ferry,' Morchaust, La John Joneb 

Jones' Hill, lusealoosa, Ala John S. M'Callum 

Jones' Mills, Washington, Va Furney Jones 

Jones' Mills, Yalobusha, Miss John K.Jones 

Jones' Mills, M*Nairy, Tenn. Samuel C. Jones 

Jones' Mills, MerriwOhar, Ga A. H. Mathews 

Jones* Mills' Weitmordand, Pa..... Robert W. Singer 

Jones' Mine, Randolph, N. C J. L. Sullivan 

Jones' Nursery, Clark, Ky Fauntleroy Jones 

Jones' Spring, Berkley, Va John Stucksj 

Jones' Tan Yard, OaUaway, Mo Horatio Jones 

Jonestown, Lehanon, Pa. John Bickel, jr 

Jonesville, Hillsdale, Mich William H. Tuller 

Jonesville, Saratoga, N. Y Norman B. Prentiss 

Jonesville, Yadkin, N.C W. T. Paullio 

Jonesville, Monroe, Ohio .Charles McGonigal 

Jonesville, Union,S. C Charles Cunningham 

Jonesville, Harrison, Tex James W. Motley 

Jonesville, Weakley, Tenn John B. Halford 

Jonesville, Chittenden, Vt Jabez R. Jones 

Jonesville, (c. h.) Lee, Va William S. Vaughan 

Jonesville, Sauk, Wis Alfred Gill 

Jonesville, BarOiolomew, la James G. Stewart 

Jone Valley, Cblaveras, Cal James H. Alvord 

Jordan, Greene, Wis William Warren 

Jordan, Onondc^a, N. Y ......William T. Graves 

Jordan, FiUm^nre, Minn Asher H. Palmer 

Jordan, VcrmUlion^ 111 Andrew J. Atkisot^ 

Jordan's Grove, Randolph, HI William Bleek 

Jordan's Mills, Orangeburgh, S. C John Jordan 

Jordan's Saline, (c. h.)Vamant, Tex J. W. Chrestman 
Jordan's Store, Williamson, Tenn...Wm. P. Rncker 

Jordan's Valley, Rutherford, Tenn Ezra Reed 

Jordan Village, Owen, la JohnHoffa 

Jordanville, Herkimer, N. Y Adam Miller 

Josco, Livingston, Mich Levi W. Munsell 

Joy, Wayne, N. Y Enoch Granger 

Joyner's Depot, Edgecombe, N. C....Wm. D. Farmer 

Joy's Mills, Burke,QiA Samuel H. Littlefield 

Judah, Greene, Wis Josiah Bidwell 

Juliann Furnace, Centre, Pa. John Adami 

Julian Gap, Hamilton, Tenn Jestfe S. Ragon 

Juliet, Lawrence, la James Davis 

Juliustown, Burlington, N. J B. B. Antrim 

Jumping Branch, Mercer, Va.... ..Robert D. Shanklin 

Junction, Du Page, HI W.J. Mowry 

Junction, Renssdaer, N. Y Isaac T. Grant 

Junction, Piulding, Ohio J. J. Snyder 

Junction, Hanover, Va Wm. P. H. Davenprot 

Junction Store, B<ketourt, Va James M. Jonee 

Juneau, Dodge, Wis Silas H.Coleman 

Juniata, Perry, Pa. Thomas McDoneld 

Junior, Scioto, Ohio Henry W. Norris 

Junius, Ibnd du Lac, Wis Quimby Hayes 

Juniusj&neco, N Y Harvey Deuel 

Juno, Henderson, Tenn James L. F. Sherrod 

Juno, Lumpkin, Ga William Burt 

Justus' Mills, Hempstead, Ark John Justus 

KABLETOWN, Jej^son, Va Daniel A. Hill 

Kalamazoo, (c. h) Aolamosoo, Mich..Wm. H. DeYos 

Kalamo, Eaton, Mich Joseph Kent 

Kalida, (c. h.VPutnam, Ohio Andrew J. Taylor 

Kanawha C. H., Kanawha,ytk David H. Snyder 

Kanawha Saline, Kanawha, Va C. C. Watson 

Kane, Greene, 111 Nathaniel M. Perry 

Kaneville Kane, 111 Matthew Hanna 

Kankakee, Laporte,Itk James Van Amburgh 

Kankakee Depot, Kankakee, Ill...George M. Stowell 

Kanona, Steuben, N. Y John Ostrander 

Kansas, JacJcson, Mo Joseph C. Ranson 

Kansas, Walker, Ala James Hogan 

Kansas, Jefferson, Tenn John L. Jacobs 

Kansas, Edgar, 111 W. F. Boyer 

Kansas, Graves, Ky John W. Smith 

Kappa, Woodford, HI F. Neirgarth 

Karrsville, Warren, N. J James McRea 

Karthaus, CUarfidd,V% J. F. W. Schnars 

Kaseys, Bedford, Va Christopher Musgrovr 

Kaskaskia, (c h.) Randolph, Ill....Pbilip W. Unger 

Kasoag, OnoMo, N.Y l....William J. Dodgf 

Kasota, Blue Earth, Min. Ter Jos. W. Babcock 

Katahdin Iron Works, Pisoaiaquis, Me Ruyal 


Katonah, Wist Chesier, TS.Y David Putney 

Kaufman, Kaufman, Tex U. B. Gray 

Kaukai^na, (hiiagamU,'^\s John Hunt 

KayBviUe,27avu, Utah Ter Samuel Henderson 

Kearsly, GtTuset, Mich David Brown 

Km Bildg^ Chickaimii, tUH....Ihaiii« I. Eanba 

Kutchla, A solo, Ll WUHkm A.Tturpt 

K>d['(Cniinh,inntiii,lB J^brlitUa Seek 

KHGhU, AwiInuTu H.aSUgncr 

Rcedmlll*, H&tbuKm, Ma .^dnnl Biillf 

EHl>r> Conwa, jU£aRy> X- ^ ^M' K***" 

K«bT^ Btan, FroHkUn, Pa,...- Xawli Knftr 

KwlinbDigb, HVMiAv^Vk. „AnKHler 

KtOm^ai^m Aim, Mldl...CbulH Di 


la, (a. h.) tSuUn 
la, &W, N. r,.... 


Keaalf IV. .yortAomp^n^ 

Kwlei'i CrOH Lansi, JfjcAobu, Va. JotaD R. VtDgliB 

Ktaolck l>«pol, JIbtmarIt, f k Wm. H. SmKk 

KMchun'i Cdtiwi, SaTaloga, S. Y WllUun W. 

KHtihnmylUB, Tinga, N. Y. Jun» OudIb 

KetU«Craek,iU)<r,P». Ifm H. Prkbard 

KMtle Cnek, H'are, Ow J>]>la W. HUllBa 

Kawunii, I£inry, 111 C^IthUi BIhh 

h'ls !^lt. 

Kallaj'a MUU, iatoTBWe, Ohk...' 

Kallwaf Uli, Cbyiuo, N. I Kaovaa Wlaka 

KsUogirUla, .itUoMo, 01ila....BuiJuiln Watmon 
Kalln-iCnak, AOiir.Alk ^i^Qnhui BeiTen 

Sallj'i ^rjii(, Ibnadua, 
KtUjtrOiujBebmart, ft... 

KalHv iWbim, la 


KambiHfilla, C« 

fiflmp, j:a^fiwm,-rflx......... 

Kempur Bprln^ Antper, H 

....OmiTUla J. KallT 
WUltun awiA 

I B.aMiiab7 

h.) ilupltn, S. 

KandiJI, Kodak lU Janmteli Bheniud 

Kandill Crttik, JTAun, Fk Jabn V. Hdllc 

- ~ ■ 1M,S. ~ 

SsBdiai'i HIUi, SonitmL I 
KmdiU'a SUf a, ^aaJeKN. 

P. BUchddti 

andaakM«, FoHbtail, Ut-Tlnuthj 

iLBBsemu, JtanAaU, Ala. Jk 

Keunabui^ Ibrt:, Ha 

Kflnnabiuk Dqoit, m*, lU. Ho 

K*DDabDiikp«t, York, Ha 

K«uiid;>, Sruuknat, Ta. ...labi 

KaaiHtti Sqiun, CAaiter, Pa. .Sha 

KaoDDB, BdiMM, Ohio .Jobn A. Ba; 

Kuuumabnrgfa, ^Uk, Ohio P. NIcbolu 

>, OalagiHiiii, Wla. 
Hill (Aata; N. V, 

ilBStoD, Biwifiird, Conn., 
iBHUHi, Ottkiad, Uioli.., 
iDgUin, XHUvAnt. H. 1 


t, JUna>,H.Y 

Kant, J^gH-im, la.... 
Kant, JV^vbm, Hd... 
Kmlon, (c II,) ilin ' 
Kmtmiuwn, Aam 

r." Jamaa FgOi 
....BobMi Bud 

■ten, &i OrtOI* 

.Albert Zunebweit 
. O.DuwmB 

...Ban]. V. HaTaca 
rmum Pattmon 

Kantqoky, VtmuttieH, lU „ 

KmtuekjHiwn, Oragtim, Tax. Ban]. P. 

KanjoD, Jootigii, Aik ..." 

Kooknck, La, Iokb. 


Kerbrakaon, Iflita-, N. Y..._ Halbtd Vanunj 

KanumlUa, ArnU, N. C JotanF. Knoai 

Karaefnilla, Jtftrni, Va .QIlH a H "' 

fMi"! av^ SaMrldgi, Ta..._ John 0. 

ItaWa sum. ClarUm^ WllUam 

Ktnnfli*^ ChMiarliiiii^ Pa. .OivM Btmr 

U«iiT K BarlboU 

cb RolHTtlhlbM 

...HairH. Baabmsk 

'.'.'.. .!!!^GuM A. Bhav 

Kaj.TlLle, CAnrWte, Ta Oeonn N. Ball* 

KflitiMiille, (d. b.) CAonlm, Mo-John W. Rtddtu 
Kty V/at, (c b.) Jffluw, Fla.-Joaaph C. Wtailloa 
" I-«-*,M- " - ■ ■• 

a, Chobtattqttt, N. Y... 

,IUehu4 P. Sacburr 

. Clienlae A'atiiM, Ark.... 

....Waltw U. SnlOi 

back, OgU, lU Atonu 

KlUingwaith, JUddletex, OmB Hortaee BcdBeU 

"" ik, /<taslafiift, M& .Oyrni L. lUnr 

:k, Lanrnil^ Ta-.-Tbomn* W. Hcrtdith 

KlBbOlUD, ffnOKKV, Ohk 

KlBiiejrl Btora, fbU^ Tann Jan 


ElndarhMk, BnauA, Mlcb. 

Kindartiook, CblmMa, N. 

Kinderhnok, BOx, la, John KboadM 

King A QaMD, C k. A3>v <« ew™, Va WUUaa 



, , ..laa Laioa 

FhOade^tria, Pa. Thoraai Palmer 

, Oiyiva, N. Y Waltar O. Bradlejr 

}Iarrit, Ga. .........Oeorge H. Btvbm 

T.„.,._ ii. o iiw, Kinc 


King^ MilUtXaiH. HI 

K<Dg^ Koutaln, GatOm, N. C.. 
Klng^ tWnt, Oidi, Ho ~. 

Klii(^ SMUunaa^ CAcHM«4 N. Y.W 

m Walker 




Kingston, (c. h.) ^utotf^o, Ala... Alexander Sample 

Kingston, Cass^ Ga James C. Hately 

Kingston, Z>e Kalbf 111 George H. Hill 

Kingston, Madison^Ky James B. Heatherly 

Kingston, Somersdj Md Henry Bfilbourn 

Kingston, Plymouth^ Mass Horace L. Collamore 

Kingston, (c h.) QiUiwell, Mo Franciji H. Green 

Kingston, BockitMhcany N. H Oren SpofFord 

Kingston, (c. h.) Lenoir, N. C James M. Wooten 

Kingston, Middlesex, N. J Charles B. Moore 

Kingston, (c. 1x.) Ulster, N. Y-. William Kerr 

Kingston, Ross, Ohio John R. Pontiiis 

Kingston, Luxemt, Pa Abraham H. Reynolds 

Kingston, ifarffweite, Wis George B. Worth 

Kingston, (c. h !) Washington, R. I.Ed. H. Ohamplin 

Kingston, (c. h.) jBoane,.Tenn Robert D. Duncan 

Kingston, j:>ecaJtu,r, la 8. R. Parvin 

Kingston, Adams^ Miss Caleb F. Farrar 

Kingston, Des ifoines, Iowa Lncius H. Fraasell 

Kingston Centre, Delaware, Ohio... James N. Stark 

Kingston Mines, Beoria, 111 Samuel Hntchinson 

Kingstree, (c. h.) JfUUanuburgh, S. C Adam J. 


King's Valley, JBenton, Or Rowland Chambers 

KingsviUe, Ashtabula, Ohio G. G. Gillett 

KlngsTille, Clarion, Pa William King, jr 

KingviUe, JbUad^fO, Ala JTesse Calhoun 

King William C. H., King WiOiaM, Va.Thomas Cobb 

King Wood, Hunterdon, N. J George Mason 

Kin^'ood, (c. h.) Preston, Ya Joseph Jackson 

Kinisaw, Tama, Iowa Anthony Wilkinson 

Kinkead, St. Francois, Mo Samuel Kinkead 

Kinlock, Lavorenct, Ala William J. McOord 

Kinney's Four Comers, Osw^o,N. Y ...James 

Martin, jr 
Kinnick Klnnick, fiX. Croix, Wis..Dayi8on Williams 

Kinniconick, Lewis, Ky Nathaniel R. Garland 

Kinnies Creek, CumherUmd, N. C Daniel Cutts 

KinsaJe, Westmordand, Ya* James W. English 

Kinsmans, Trumbull, Ohio John Kinsman 

Kinston, (c. h.) Lenoir, N. G James M. Wooten 

Kintnersville, ^ucZ», Pa Levi F. Sassaman 

Kinzers, LanoasUr, Pa Robert T&gert 

Kinzua, Warren, Pa Richard Powell 

Kiokee, Cdumbia, Geo William McLean 

Kiomatia, Red River, Texas Travis G. Wright 

Kirby, Greene, Pa John Hudson 

Kirby, Wyandott, Ohio James C. Culbertson 

Kirkersville, Lidcing, Ohio Owen Kelly 

Kirkland, Oneida, N. Y. Charles E. Hart 

Kirkland, Oabarras, N. C Robert Kirkpatrick 

Kirk's Cross Roads, Clinton, Ia...Hiram Dougherty 

Kirksey's Cross Roads, EdgeJUld, 8. C 8. Stevens 

Kirk's Forry, Tensas, Ja William H. Bowman 

Kirk's MUla, Lancastcr,F& Levi Kirk 

Slirksville, Madison, Ky Thomas Brown 

Kirksvllle, (c. h.) Adair, Mo Robert M. Parcels 

Kirkville, Butler, Ala James Kirkpatrick 

Kirkville, WapeUo, Iowa Henry Crabbs 

Kirkville, Onondaga, N.Y Joseph Hoag 

Kirkwood, Broome, N. Y Peter T. B. Emmons 

Kirkwood, St. Louis, Mo Green Harrison 

Kirtland, Lake, Ohio George Frank 

K^&tchoe, Natchitoches, La Wm. P. Owings 

Kishacoquillas, Mifflin, Pa Bei\jamin Garver 

Kishwaukee, Winnebago, IlL... Samuel M. Benedict 

Kiskatom, Greene, N.Y Jacobs. Bloom 

Kiskiminitas, Arm^ong, Pa WiUlam H. 


Kitching's Milla, Orangeburgh, 8. L. A. Caller 

Kittaning, (c. h.)Arm^rong, j?a Simon Truby 

Kittery, Fork, Me Albert A. Hayes 

Kittery's Point, Tork, Me ~ Jos. Seaward 

Kittrell, Oranville,li.G Elisha H. Overton 

Klecknersville, Northampton, Rt... Charles Kleckner 
KUne's Grove, Northumberland, Pa.. Josiah F. Cline 

Klinesville, Huriterdon, N.J Miller Kline 

Klinasville, BerA»,Pa Peter A. Kline 

Klingerstown, ScJtuylkill, Pa John Weist 

Klntt's Tan Yard, Oabarras, S. C Levi Klutz 

Knap of Reeds, GranviUe, N. C Carter Waller 

Kuaps, Oarter,Kj ^ Daniel T.Pearce 

Kneisley, Greene, D. S. Huffer 

Knight'fr Ferry, San Joaquin, •Gal...George M. Dent 
Knigbtstown, Benr}f,Jtk ^»M..AmoB D. Fithian 

Knightsville, Providence, R. 1 Cyrus Olney 

Knob, Taxewdl, Ya R. B. Higginbotham 

Knob Creek, Harrison, la George C. Johnson 

Knob Fork, Wetgd, Ya .James I. Pettigrew 

Knobnoster, Johnson, Bio John B. Bowman 

Knottsville, Davies, Ky A. H. Clements 

Knowersville, Albany, N. Y James Keenholtz 

Knowlesvaie, Orleans, N.Y Oliver Davis 

Knox, Albany, N. Y Henry Barckley 

Knox, Stark, la Jacob Bozarth 

Knox, Knox, O Jacob Iilsher 

Knox, Clarion^Va, Francis Thompson 

Knox, Black Hawk, Iowa Manuel £. Mallo 

Knox Corners, 0/i«u2a,N. Y James E. Knox 

Knox Hill, WWton, Fla David G. Gunn 

Knoxville, Grune, Ala George W. Knox 

Knoxville, (c. h.) Crawford, Ga..Pranci8 H. Murdoch 

Knoxville, >ranfcItn,Mis Sterling H. Whitehead 

Knoxville, Knox, 111 Jacob W. Brewer 

Knoxville, Marion, Iowa... Andrew C. Cunningham 

Knoxville, JZoy, Mo D. H. Wright 

Knoxville, Jej^r«on, Ohio Abram Peters 

Knoxville, ^¥^a,Pa Hiram Freeborn 

Knoxville, Cherokee, Tex William A. Pope 

Knoxville, Knox, Tenn John E. Helms 

Koch's, Wayne, Ohio Sturling Bucher 

Kokomo, Howard, la Alft'ed H. Plough 

Koro, Winnebago, Wis James H. Foster 

Kortright, Delaware, N. Y Joseph W. Barlow, jr 

Kosciusko, Attala, Miss Shelman Durham 

Koskonong, J^Skrson, Wis Wm. I. Graham 

Kossuth, Des Moines, Iowa Samuel D.Colburn 

Kossuth, Boone, 111 Henry Fish, jr 

Kossuth, Auglaize, Ohio William Gamble 

Kossuth, Wasldngton, la Spencer D. Peugh 

Kossuth, Clarion, Pa Edward Hester 

Kossuth, Clark, Mo Edward T. Peake 

Kossuth, Tishemingo, Miss William F.Wallace 

Koszta, Iowa, Ibwa William Hench 

Kowaliga, TaUapoosa, Ala John Lamberth 

Kratzersville, Union, Pa Samuel R. Yearick 

Kreidersville, Northampton, Pa G. H. Young 

Kresgeville, Monroe, Pa Henry Neff 

Kripplebosh, Ulster, N.Y Stephen B.jChambera 

Kroh's Mills, Carroll, Md !..John Krow 

Kulpsville, Montgom^y, Pa Franklin E. Baker 

Kunkletown, Monroe, Pa Reuben Stever 

Kurtzville, Berks, Pa J. Kurtz 

Kustushaw, Neshoba, Miss Wm. H. Waner 

Kutztown, Berks, Pa .' George J. Fister 

Kutzville, Berks, Pa John Kutz 

Kyger, GalUa, Ohio David Tate 

Kylerstown, Clearfield, Pa Eleazt^r Hunter 

Kyle's Landing, Cumberland, N. C... David McNeill 

KyBoryille, Livingston, N. Y Abm. S. Thompson 

Kyte River, Ogle, lU A. D. Clark 


LABADDIE, F)raiiklin, Mo .Thomas J. North 

La Belle, Greenup, Ky Mlohn Means 

La Branche Landing, St. Charles, La Octave La 


Lacey, Drew, Ark William B. Daniel 

Lacey, De Kalb, 111 Jame;* Rowen 

Lacey Springs, Rockingham, Ya..William H. Barley 

Lacey's Spring, Morgan, Ala, Thomas H. Lacey 

Laeeyville, Wyoming, 1?a Ephraim J. Keeney 

Laoeyviile, Harrison, Ohio.. Robert S. Lacey 

Laekawack, Ulster, N. Y Ge<s'ge W. Northrop 

Laekawazen, Pike, Pa John M. Williamson 

Laekemnte, Polk, Oregon Isaac Staats 

La Clair, De Kalb, 111 ; Timothy Goble 

Lacon, (c. h.) Marshall, 111 .James W. Maxwell 

JjicoxM J^erson, Ky A. H. llussey 

Laconia, Harrison, la Thomas Pattinson 

Laoonia, Desha^ Ark Churchill H. Blackburn 

La Cote St. Marie, Marquette, Wis R. Thompson 

Lac qni Parle, Dahkotah, Min Stephen R. Riggs 

La Crosse, La Crosse, Wis Harvey £. Hubbanl 

Lactin, Cedar, Iowa Martin G. Miller 

Laddsburgh, Bradford, Pa Peter Sterigere 

Ladlesburgh, Frederick, Md Samuel Blrelj 

Ladlga, Benton, Ala John R. Graham 

Lad)(iE»> Mondgomerif, la Martin L. Kadisill 




Ladogo, Ibnd du Lac, Wis Leonard W. Tarwell 

La FargeTille, Jeffenmt, N. Y E. W. Bedell 

La Fayette, (c. h!) WdJktr, Ga John Caldwell 

La Fayette, Stor^HL Thomas W. Ross 

La Fayette, (c. h.) Tipptcanoe^ la Jacob Walker 

La Fayette, Linny Iowa. Elcfaard Laning 

La Fayette, Christian, Ky H. S< Sypert 

La Fayette, Sussex, N. J ^ A. A. Richards 

La Fayette, Onondaga, N. Y Reuben M. Handy 

La Fayette, Madison, Ohio Joseph H. Bradley 

La Fayette, McKean, Pa William N. Tenny 

La Fayette, Macon, Tenn Peter Dance 

La Fayette, Montgomery, Ta .George Baughman 

La Fayette, WalworUi, Wis Ezekiel B. Smith 

La Fayette, Yam Hill, Ogn George B. Goudy 

La Fayette City, Jefferson, La. F. B. Yon Harten 

La Fayette Hill, Fluvanna, Ya...-....Wm. G. Wood 
La Fayette Springs, La Fayette, M18.H. D. Mcintosh 

La Fayetteville, Duichess','^. Y John Klllmer 

Laffing Gal, Cherokee, Ga Samuel M. Hunt 

La Fomba, La Fayette, Miss John McKelley 

La Fontaine, Hdrlan,Kj John M. Persifull 

La Fontaine, Wabash, la.. George K. Cook 

Lagado, Wilson, Tenn Turner Yaughan 

Lagle, Bradley, Ark Peter Wagnon 

La Grange, Franklin, Ala John Acock 

La Grange, (o. h.^ Troup, Ga J. H. H. Colquitt 

La Grange, (c. h.) La Grange, la E. Rhuebottom 

La Grange, Oldham, Ky Thomas S. Wells 

La Grange, Penobscot, Me Andrew B. Dyer 

La Grange, Cass, Mich « William F. Tinney 

La Grange, Lucas, Iowa Thomas C. Stewart 

La Grange, Stanidaus, Cal L. M. Booth 

La Grange, Lewis, Mo Joseph Fowler 

La Grange, Wyoming, N. T George H. Morgan 

La Grange, Randolph, N. C J)empsey Brown 

La Grange, Lorain, Ohio Hiram Prichard 

La Grange, Wyoming, Pa ..Orlando Osterhout 

La Grange, Fayette, Tenn H. H. Falls 

La Grange, Fayette, Texas DayidG. Gregory 

La Grange, Philips, Ark < Jesse Everett 

La Grange, Walioorth, Wis Thomas Waterman 

La Grange, Chester, 8. C Jacob F. Strait 

La Grange Bluff, Brown,lll H. F. C. Johnson 

La Gran^ville, Dutchess, N. Y...Brooks Yermilyea 

Lagro, Wabash, la Benedict W, Lowry 

La Ilarpe, Hancock, HI Henry C. Coulson 

Lahaeka, Bucks,V9i Wm. Balderston 

Laing's, Monroe, Ohio Samuel Grimsbaw 

Lairdsvllle, Oneida, N. Y Hector W. Roberts 

Lake, Washington, N. Y Walter G. Stewart 

Lake, Xtuerne, Pa Abram Bisher 

Lake, Stark, Ohio J. B. Woods 

Lake, l^-inity, Texas A. M. Wilson 

Lake, Cook, 111 S. J. Prindle 

Lalce Charles, Calcasieu, La Charles A. Hardey 

Lake Comfort, Hyde, N. C Reuben Benson 

Lake Creek, Williamson, Tenn S. G. Hindman 

Lake Creek, Lamar, Tex ZachariahR. Terrell 

Lake Creek, Pettis, Mo John G. Bruehl 

Lake Creek, PbUe, Ga ..Abner Darden 

Lake Creek, Win,iam,son, II] James T. Powell 

Lake Five, Waukesha, Wis Patrick McGovern 

Lake Fork, Ashland, David Dillier 

Lake Griffin, Sumter, Fla James L. Hawthorne 

Lake Hill, Ulster, N. Y William M. Cooper 

Lakeland, Suffolk, N. Y Charles Wood 

Lake Land, Washington, Minn Freeman G. Tyler 

Lake Landing, Hyde, N. C Selby Watson 

Lake Maria, Marquette, Wis Daniel R. French 

Lake Mills, Jefferson, Wis Miles Milard 

Lake Pleasant Hamilton, N. Y Aaron B. Sturges 

Lake Providence, CarrcH, La Isaac N. Kent 

Lakeport, Madison. N. Y John Brexee 

Lake Ridge, Tompkins, N. Y John Moe 

I^ke Ridge, Lenawee, Mich Henry Darling 

Lake River, Clark, Washington Ter-...Marshall R. 

lAko Road, Niagara, N. Y JTeptha W. Babcock 

lAke Station, Lake, la Silas L. Sergent 

Lakcsvillo, Dorchester, Md John S. Staplefort 

Lakuton, WaJbojh, la. Wm. W. Depuy 

Lake Village, Belknap, N. H.........John Blaisdell, Jr 

Lakeville, Litchfidd, Conn Lorenzo Tupper 

I^eville, Oakland, Mich ,.Isaac S. Byman 

Lakeville, Livingston, N. Y......^ David Gray 

Lakeville, iSS. Josq;>h, la .B. W. Ryan 

Lakeville, Dahkotah, Minn Gri£fin Phelps 

Lake Zurich, Lake, 111 ....Alexander Fortune 

Lamar, Marshall, Miss S. L. Trcadwell 

Lamar, Randolph, Ala James S. Pearson 

Lamar, Befugvo^ Texas ,George C. Givens 

Lamar, McHenry, 111 Isaac Griswold 

Lamar, C2tnton,Pa. William P.Ward 

Lamar, Jasper, Mo J. C. Parry 

Lamar, Henderson, Tenn .Thomas McMurray 

Lamartine, Clarion, Pa J)avid£Bhelman 

Lamartine, OarroU, Ohio James Harper 

Lamartine, Fmd-DuLac, Wis Wm. Townsend 

Lamartine, WuJiita, Ark Thomas P. Dockery 

Lambertsville, Hunterdon,'S.J Thomas Thomson 

Lambertville, Monroe, Mich Jacob Beitzel 

Lambs Point, Madison^ 111 ...Wm. J. Rosberry 

Lamburgh, Iroquois, HI James Lamb 

La Mine, Cooper, Mo Freeman Wing 

Lamington, ituMeU, Ala Pleasant Philips 

Lamira, JBetmcm^, Ohio .Oliver G. Metcalf 

Lamoille, Bureau, HI Henry Hopkins 

La M6tte, Jackson, Iowa D. 0. Montague 

Lampeter, Lancaster, Pa Henry Miller 

Lampsville, Bdmont, Ohio Wm. C. Thrasher 

Lamsons,' Onondaga, N. Y Merrick S. Thompson 

Lanark, Bradley, Ark William Childs 

Lancaster, Cass,!!! Samuel Christy 

Lancaster, Jefferson, la Corbin Byfield 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Garrard, Ky,...Harvey D. Brown 
Lancaster, Worcester, Mass... ..Christopher A. Rand 
Lancaster, (c. h.) Schuyler, Mo...William S. Thatcher 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Cbos, N. H..... Harvey Adams 

Lancaster, Erie, N. Y Henry L. Bingham 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Fairjuid, Ohio John L. Tuthill 

Lancaster, (o. h.) Lancaster, Pa.. ..Henry M. Reigart 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Loficaster, S. C T. R. Magill 

Lancaster, Smith, Tenn Michael Lancaster 

Lancaster C. H., Lancaster, Ya Warner Eubank 

Lancaster, (c.h.^ Keokuck, Iowa...Leonida8 Crocker 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Grant, Wis George W. Ryland 

Land, Whitley, Ind Thomas Neal 

Landaff, Grafton, N. H Samuel P. Peavey 

Landersville, Lawrence, Ala; John lenders 

Landgrove, Bennington, Yt Selah Warner 

Landia' Store, Ber/i«,Pa Nathan Landis 

Landisburgh, Perry, Pa John Burtnett 

Landisville, Lancaster, Pa Martin M. Swarr 

Land of Promise, Princess Anne, Ya... Josiah White 

Landsdown, Prince WiUiam, Va... B. B. Trenia 

Landsford, Chester, S.C William D. Fudge 

Lane, , Kansas Ty A. F. Powell 

Lane Depot, Ogle,l\\ D. B. Stiles 

Lanefield, Haywood, Tenn..., C. B. Revelle 

Lanesborough, Berkshire, Mass.... .Geo. R. Rockwell 

Lanesborough, Anson, N. C William Allen 

Lanesborough, ^isquehannah. Pa.. .Lauren Norton 
Lane's Brook, TKuAittpfem, Me... Benjamin A.Strout' 

Lane's Creek, Union, N. C .Thomas L. Marsh 

Lane's Cross Roads, Hamilton, HI . . . .Fieldi n g Broy les 

Lane's Prairie, Osage, Mo William L. Pinuell 

Lanesville, Harrison, la Hamilton Tresenriter 

Lanesville, Floyd, Kj , James S. Layne 

Lanesville, Kina WiUiam, Va...Lycurgu8 S. Arnold 

Lanesville, Liichjield, Conn Isaac Northrop 

Lanesville, Essex, Mass .> Levi Denixen 

Langdon, Stdlivan, N. H. Royal Shumway 

Langley, Fair/ax, Ta William Means , 

Langsbury, Ctimden, Ga. Ifaac Lang 

Langston, Jackson, Ala John Snodgrass 

Langsville, Meigs, Ohio William McMaster 

Languelle, St. Francis, Ark A. G. McDaniol 

Lanier, (c. h.) Macon, Ga. S. N. Dawson 

Lannon Springs, Waukesha^ Wis....Wm. N. Lannon 

Lansing, Outagamie, Wis. L. S. Augur 

Lansingj Ingham, Mich Yan S. Murphy 

Lansing, AUemakee, Iowa....Thomp8on E. Williams 

Lansing, Porter^a. E. H.Johnson 

Lansingburgh, Rensselaer, N. Y.... Sydney D. Smith 

Lansingville, Tompkins, N. Y Dana F. Fox 

Laona, Chatdauque, N. Y Nelson Homes 

Laona, Winnebago, HI » William Randall 

Lapeer, Oorttanat, N. Y Royal Johnson 

Lapeer, (c h.) Lapeer, Mich N. B. Eldredge 




LaphamsTille, Kentf Mich Oeorge French 

Lapland, Madiaon, N. Willis W. WiUiford 

La Pointe, La Ptrinte, Wis John W. Bell 

Lapomba, LafhyetUj Miss John McKelly 

La Porte, (c. h.) La Parity la Thomas D. Lemon 

La Porte, Lorain^ Ohio Obadiah C. Champlain 

Laporte, SuJlivan, Pa Walter Spencer 

La Porto, Clarke^ Iowa James Hall 

Lappon's Cross Roads, Wuhinffton, Md W. B. 

La Prairie Centre, MarshdUf IIl...Lero7H.Wetmore 

Laredo, H%&&, Texas Augustine Soto 

Larimer's Station, Watmordandj Pa..Robert A. Hope 

Liarissa, Cherokee^ Texas '...S. M. Lemon 

Larkinshurgh, Ctay, III Levi B. Anderson 

Larkin's Fork, Jackson^ Ala Thomas B. Griffin 

lArkinsville, JocA-fon, Ala David Larkin 

Larned's Corners, OrUariOf N. Y G. G. Benham 

liarone, <S()7»€r«rt, Me Tilly Emery 

Larrabee's Point, ^(idixon, Tt Henry S. Gale 

Larue, Mariont Ohio George W. De Long 

La Salle, Monroe, Mich George Graham 

La Salle, La Salle, III John H. McFarran 

La Salle, Ozl^^oun, Texas Henry F. Jones 

La Salle, Niagara, N. Y William Murray 

Las Casas, Sutherford, Tenn Robert W. Martin 

Las Cruzces, Dona Ana, New Mex... James A. Lucas 

Lassellsville, FuUon, N. Y Martin Dedrick 

Lassens, BiUie, Cal William P. Mayhew 

Ltusiter's Mills, Randoiph, N. C E. Lassiter 

Las Yegas, San Migtbd, N. Mex E. F. Mitchell 

Latham, Pt^«, Ohio Thomas G. Parker 

Latham's MiUs, WeaMei'f Tenn Thos. J. Latham 

Latrobe, Wesimordand, Pa John W. Coulter 

Lattas, RoM, Ohio Timothy H. Davis 

Laubach, Northampion, Pa Samuel Laubach 

Lauderdale Factory, LauderdciU, Ala...T. S. Foster 
Lauderdale Springs, Xauc2erc2aZe, Miss.. Wm. P. Hobbs 
Laughlintown, Wegtmordand, Pa..Thomas B. Patton 

Laura, ifiamt, Calvin D. Harb 

Lauramie, Tippecanoe,l& Julius Isbam 

Lauraville, Baltimore, Md Charles Bernasco 

Laurel, Sussex, Del John Ellegood 

Laurel, i^mnArZm, la William S. Geyer 

Laurel, Clermont, Ohio Robert McLaughlin 

Laurel, Washington, Yn David Rambo 

Laurel, Dougl<iss,Or. Ty Willis Jenkins 

Laurel Blu£^ Muhlenberg, Ky Samuel Turner 

Laurel Bridge, Laurel, Ky Isaac I. Black 

Laurel Creek, ^toyd, Va Wilson Peterman 

Laurel Creek, JFhyette, Tenn Motier L. Davis 

Laurel Factory, Prince George's, Md... Jesse Duvall 

Laurel Fork, Bath, Ky John Latham 

Laurel Fork, CUrroK, Va Hiram Bolt 

Laurel Furnace, Oreenup, Ky BenJ. King 

Laurel Gap, Oreene, Tenn M. D. Strong 

Laurel Grove, Pittsylvania, Ya Alfi>ed Anderson 

Laurel Grove, Oreene, Ky Elijah T. Scott 

Laurel Hill, OarroU, Ga D. M.Bloodworth 

Laurel Hill, Richmond,^. C... William C.McFarland 

Laurel Hill, LuneTtburg, Va Littleberry Tunstill 

Laurel Hill, Neshoba, Miss Hugh McDonald 

Laurel Hill, West Ihliciana, La W. H. Lemon 

Laurel Mills, Rappahanyiock, Ya C. F. Chelf 

Iiaurel Point, Monongalia, Va A. C. Frey 

Laurel Springs, Ashe, N. C Stephen N. Wilson 

Laurelton, Hardy, Ya Lewis C. Barbee 

Laurel Valley, Cherokee, W. C WiUiam T. Vest 

Laurelville, Westmoreland, To, J. Lobingier, jr 

Laurence, Kansas Ter C. W. Babcock 

Laurens, Ostego, N. Y Jitch Gregory 

'Laurens C. H., Laurens, S. C E. Anderson 

Laurens' Hill, Laurens, Ga David Harvard 

Laurinburgh, Richmond, N. C... .Robert D. Dickson 

Lausanne, Oarhon, Pa William Hartz 

Lavansville, Somerset, Pa John W. Everstlne 

La Vergne, Rutherford, Tenn.... .Lemuel R. MuUins 

Lavinia, CarroU, Tenn Alfred B. Christian 

Lavona. Fulton, Ohio .Oilman Cheadle 

Lawn Arbor, Ptik, Or Marshall B. Burke 

Lawndale, Logan, HI Gilbert Carpenter 

Lawn Ridge, Marshall, HI Charles Stone 

Lawrence, Van Buren, Mich John R. Haynes 

Lawrence, Washington, Ohio William Hume 

Lawrence, Essex, Masa .Bei^amin F. Watson 

Lawrence, Monroe, Miss .William T. White 

Lawrence, Marion, la.. A. Vines 

Lawrenceburgh, (c. h.) Dearborn, la F. Jackson 

Lawrenceburgh, Anderson, Ky Johnson Malone 

Lawrenceburgh, Armstrong, Pa S. M. Robinson 

Lawrenceburgh, (c. h.) Lawrence, Tenn ...L. M. 


Lawrenceport, Lawrence, la .George N. Steele 

LawrencevUle, Monroe, Ark James G. Gay 

Lawrenceville, (c. h.) Cfwinnett, Ga T. Allen 

Lawrenceville, (c. h.) Lawrence, 111. ..Edward Thorn 

Lawrenceville, Dearhom, la .Godl^ey Krummel 

Lawrenceville, Mercer, N. J Charles Vancleve 

Lawrenceville, St. Lawrence, N. Y W. C. Bllsh 

Lawrenceville, Tix)ga, Pa Harriet R. Mann 

Lawrenceville, Henry, Ala Mumford Collins 

Lawrenceville, (c. h.) Brunstoick, Va...R. Kirkland 

Lawson, Pulaski,QB. Darling Johnson 

Lawsonville, Rockingham, N. C J. B. Holderby 

Lawsville, Centre, ^isqtuhannah. Pa L. Smith 

Lawton, Van Buren, Mich Albert H. Thompson 

Lawton, i9urA-e, Ga .Berrien A. Forehand 

Lawtonville, Beatrforty 8, C Edward H. Peeples 

Lawyersville, Schoharie, N. Y A. A. Osterhout 

Laytonsville, JfoiU^omery, Md Francis L. Bell 

Leacock, Lancaxter, Pa Michael Bender 

Lead Hill, Muhknburg, Ky James B. Hancock 

Leading Creek, Levtis, Va H. W. Sleeth 

Leadsville, Randolph, Va J. W. Phares 

Leadvale, Jefftrsan, Tenn L. D. Franklin 

Leake's Store, Tf^sAito, Ark Samuel Leake 

Leakesville, Jasper, Ga .William G. Smith, Jr 

Leakesville, Oreene, Miss Daniel Mclnnis, jr 

Leaks ville, Rockingham, N. C Jones W. Burton 

Leander, Oravts, Ky .Charles E. Hay 

Leasburgh, Caswell, N.C William Lea 

Leasville, Lauderdale, Tenn Thomas F. Lea 

Leathersville, lAneoln, Ga Robert L. Walton 

Leatherwood, Chiemsey, Ohio .Christopher H. 


Leatherwood, Clarion, Pa James Laughlin 

Leatherwood, Lawrence, la Douglass McAfee 

Leatherwood's Store, Henry, Va B. F. Gravely 

Leavenswortfa, Darlington, S. C .T. E. Howie 

Leavenworth, Crawford, la Marcus Clark 

Leavenworth City, Kansas Terr Lewis N. Reese 

Leavitt, OarroU, Ohio Samuel Allen 

Lebanon, ^c. h.) De Kalb, Ala Geo. W. Malone 

Lebanon, (c h.) Searcy, Ark John M. Hensly 

Lebanon, Ladede, Mo Alfred 9. Cherry 

Lebanon, New London, Conn Calvin Prase 

Lebanon, Cobb, Ga J. G. Felton 

Lebanon, SL Clair, 111 Peter J. Osterhaus 

Lebanon, (c. h.^ Boone, la John M. Scott 

Lebanon, (c. h.) Marion, Ky Henry L. Mudd 

Lebanon, York, Me Frederick A. Wood 

Lebanon, Grafton, N. H Calvin Benton 

Lebanon, Hunterdon, N. J Henry Dilley 

Lebanon, Madison, N. Y Edwin M. Lamb 

Lebanon, Tc. h.) Warren, Ohio Elijah Dynes 

Lebanon, ^c. h.) Lebanon, Pa...BIr8. A. L. Ruthrauff 

Lebanon, ^&&«t)t7?e, S. C Joseph Ligon 

Lebanon, (c. h.^ WUmn, Tenn T. J. Wilkinson 

Lebanon, (c. h.) RusseH, Va Geo. A.Pruner 

Lebanon, Mariov^ Oregon Ellas F. Colby 

Lebanon, Van Buren, Iowa... David A. Humphreys 
Lebanon White Sulphur Springs, Augusta, \a. 

Minerva Holt 

Le Boeuf, Erie, Pa Perry G. Stranahan 

Le Claire, ScoU, Iowa John F. Newman 

Le Claire Centre, Scott, Iowa John Lincoln 

Lecomte, Rapides, La Joseph L. Sharit 

Ledger, Yancey, N. C John C. Green 

Ledlies, Meigs, Ohio Joshua P. Coburn 

Ledyard, New London, Conn ElJ^nh Bailey, jr 

Ledyard, Cayuga, N. Y J. H. Fulkerson 

Lee, Penobswt, Me Gustavus S. Bean 

Lee, Berkshire, Mass ~ Albert M. Howk 

Lee, Strafford, N. H Nicholas D. Meserve 

Lee, Oneida, N. Y Asa D. Johnson 

Lee, Athens, Ohio James M. Gorsline 

Lee, Warrick, la John Fuquay 

Lee, Ogle, 111 Galusha B. Alverson 

Lee Centre, Lee, III Daniel Froet 

Lee Centre, Oneida, N. Y Charles Stokes 




Leecbburgh, Armstrongf Pa .William Fitzgerald 

Leecbburgh, JoJimorif N. C John. W. Steuart 

LeechTille, BeavSwi^ N. G .WUliam J.>Iartin 

Lee Creek, wW, Va Barnes Beckvrithjr 

Leeds, Qolua^Mxu Wis Dewitt C. Strong 

Leeds, Androiooggin^ Me S. L. Lotbrop 

Leeds, IlampHivrt, Mass, Thomas Musgrave 

Leeds, Gretw, N. Y Sillefck D. Smith 

Leeds Manor, Ibvquiert Ya John S. Payne 

Leeds Point, AOantiCy N. J Buth C. Leeds 

Leeds Station, AndroKogginy Me .George Seals 

LeedsTiUe, Monmouthy N. J Joseph Thompson 

Leedsville, JhUchess^ N. Y....» Joseph D. Hunt 

Leesburg, Cumberland, N. J James Ward 

Leesburgh, Cherokee. Ala James B. Land 

Leesburgh, KosdmkOylA .William B.Barnet 

Leesburgh, Harrison^ Ky Bushrod T. Boswell 

Leesburgh, Highland^ Ohio Charles M. Bentley 

Leesburgh, Mercery Pa Benjamin F. Oordon 

Leesbui^h, WcuJnngtany Tenn...Samuel B. McAdams 

Leesburgh, (c. h.) Loudon, Ya li. G. Saunders 

Lee's Cove, JShOby, Ala Henry J. HiU 

Lee's Creek, Crawford^ Ark Hiram Brodie 

Lee'9 Creek, CUntoiiy Ohio William T. Pierce 

Lee's Cross Boads, (Aanberland, Pa...Daniel S. Croft 

Leesport, JB^rA;<, Pa Adam H.Gemant 

Leesville, Middlesex, Conn Daniel Penfield 

Leesville, Lawrence, la.. John Holland 

Leesville, a2ir^ Ey C. L. Cosby 

Leesville, Schoharie, N. Y Garret Hone 

Leesville, Jiobe$on, N. C Bichard G. Ashley 

Leesville, OarroU, Ohio Garvin Lawther 

Leesville, Lexins^, S. G S. Boukuight 

Leesville, Campbell, Ya Abner Anthony, jr 

Leesville, Boone, 111 William Lee 

Leesville, Ijouderdale, Tenn Thomas F. Lee 

Leesville Cross Boads, Crawford, Ohio... J. Clements 

Leetown, J^er$on, Ya L. B.Beckwith 

Lee Yalley, Jyau;/rtn«, Tenn.. John Mitchell 

Leflore, OarroU, Miss Nathan A. Milton 

Le Grand, MarahcULXowa. James Allmon 

Legs, Watagua, N. C F. M. Boatwright 

Lehi, Jefferson, Ark Solomon W. McGenee 

Lehi City, Utah, Utah J>avid Evans 

Lehigh Gap, drbon, P-a Reuben Leh 

Lehighton, Cdrbon, Pa Thomas S. Beck 

Lehman, lAueme, Pa William Major 

Leicester, Worcester^ Mass Henry D. Hatch I 

Leicester, Addison, Yt William Gilo 

Leicester, Dane, Wis William W. WeUs 

Leidy, Clinton, Pa Joseph Summerson 

Leighton, Laiorencef A\& « ...Robert B. Wilson 

Leighton, AUegan, Mich Charles Furber 

Leighton's Corners, QirroU, N. H C. Leighton 

Leiper's Fork, Williamson, Tenn...H. W. Alexander 

Leipersville, Delaware, Pa Miles M. Stillo 

Leipsic, Kent, Del George W. Spicer 

Leipsic, Orange, la Spencer Smith 

Leipsic, Ptdnam, Ohio Robert J. Lowry 

Leitersburgh, Washington, Md...Benjamin F. Slick 

Leithsville, Northampton, Pa Joseph T. Hess 

Lelaud, Jackson, Or McD. Harkness 

Lemington, JEssex, Yt Chas. C. Lyman 

Lemon Creek, Richmond, N. Y Jacob M. Weir 

Lemont, Cuok,lll Horace M. Singer 

Lempster, SuUixxm, ^. H Lemuel Miller 

Lena, Hdton, Ohio , Joel Brigham 

Lena, Stephenson, 111. Wm. Allen 

LenartsvlUe, Berks, Pa Benneville Lesher 

Len's Creek, Kanawha, Ya John R. Walker 

Lenoir, (c. h.) OddtoeU, N. G James Harper 

Ijenoirs, JRoane, Tenn William Lenoir 

Lenox, Berkshire, Mas George Wells 

Lenox, Madison, N. Y Joseph W. Bruce 

Lenox, Ashtabula, Ohio John M. Ray 

Lenox, Susquehannah, Pa. Dan Payne 

Lenox, MacomJb, Mich Mason Harris 

Lenox Castle, Rockingham, N. C H. Brannock 

Lenox Furnace, Berkshire, Mass W. A. Phelps 

Lenoxville, SutquehannoJu Pa...Abraham Churchill 
Lenude's Ferry, WUHamwUTgh, S. G....S. H. Lofton 

Lenaburg, St, Clair, 111 Peter Baumann , 

Leo, Alien, la John B. Blue 

Leo, I\iydtA, Iowa Delos Eaton 

Leo^ Habersham, Ga. Joiiah D. Janrard 

Leominster, Worcester, Mass Charles H. Golbnm 

Leon, Oattaraugtis, N. Y ., Ezra W. Cooper 

Leon, AshtabuUh Ohio M^riman Barber 

Leon, Monroe, Wis Charles J. Matteson 

Leon, Madison, Ya. Nathaniel Tatum 

Leon, DBcatWylowa-, Joshua M. Davis 

Leona, Leon, Texas D. C. CarHn^ton 

Leonardsburgh, Delaware, Ohio...Otho H. Williams 

Leonardtown, St. Marys, Md W. J. Yates 

Leonardsville, Madison, N. Y James H. Brand 

Leonda, Miami, Ind. Walter A. Shaw 

Leoni, Jackson^ Mich Alden S. Luce 

Leoni, Sutler, Iowa.... Abner G. Clark 

Leonidas, St. Joseph's, Mich Martin C. Watkins 

Leopold, Perry, la. John Cody 

L'Erable, Iroquois, 111 *.Peter Spinb 

Le Raysville, J(B/^«m, N. Y Horace Grover 

Le Ray^vlUe, Bradford, Pa. Amos 8. Baldwin 

LeRoy, McLean, 111 James Yandeventer 

Le Roy, Genaee, N. Y A. T. Drake 

Le Roy, Medina, Ohio .*... Benjamin D. Anittin 

Le Roy, Dodge^ Wis Peter Potter 

Le Roy, Bradford, Pa. Marlin Holcomb 

Le Roy, Ingham, Mich Perry Henderron 

Leslie, Ingham, Mi<^ Hiram Godfrey 

Le SourdsviUe, Buller,OY^ Jacob Simpson 

Lesser Cross Roads, Somerset, N. J Martin Bunn 

Lessley, Benton, Mo S. H. Douglass 

Lester's District, Burke, Ga Richard W. R^ers 

Lesterville, Rei^Mld*, Mo Marshall Parks 

Le Sueur, DaJwta, Min. Ter K. E.Peck 

Letart, Mason, Ya Chas. Wesley Sayres 

Letart Falls, MeigSfO... G. L. Piper 

Letcberville, 6reene,IQ. George B. Mason 

Letimberville, Marion, Ohio John KIrkpatrick 

Letter B, Oxford, Me Charles Abbot 

Levanna, Cayuga^ N. Y Seneca Boyce 

Levant, Chautauque, N. Y Joseph Shaw 

Levant, Ftnobscot Me... Joseph R. Sawyer 

Levee, Montgomery, Ky I. P. Turner 

Level, Richland, S. C Jeremiah W. Entyminger 

Level, Warren, Ohio ^ William McFerren 

Level Green, Craig^ Ya..... William Thomas 

Level Land, AhbectHe, S. C Hugh Robinson 

Leverett, FranJdin, Mass Francis Fnury 

Levering, Knox, Ohio John Levering 

Leverington, Philadelphia,, Pa Arnold Highiey 

Levi, JocA-son, Ohio John Kennedy 

Lewes, Sussex, Del.. Jesse T. Pool 

Lewis, Vigo, la Peter Y. Bu^kirk 

Lewis, EsseXyV. Y William Thompson 

Lewis, Brown, Ohio... C. C. McKee 

Lewis, OoLsz, Iowa Stephen U. Myers 

Lewisberry, Tork^ Pa. Jacob Smith 

Lewisboro' West Chester, N. Y C. M. Ferris 

Lewisburgh, Conway, Ark Jknderson Gordon 

Lewisburgh, Cass, la Peter Chidester 

Lewisburgh, Prthle, Ohio William Kelly 

Lewisburgh, Union,VA William W. Crotser 

Lewisburgh, ^c. h.) Marsludl, Tenn... James P. Smith 

Lewisburgh, (c. h.) Qreet^frier, Ya S. S. Smith 

Lewis Centre, Delaware, Ohio... James A. Nettleton 

Lewis's Fork, Wilkes, N. C Elijah Dyer 

Lewisport, Hanoock, Ky Gabriel J. Pate 

Lewis' Store, Spottsylania, Ya John T. Dav 

Lewiston, Niagara, N. Y Benjamin CorneU 

Lewiston, Androsc^gin, Me William R. Frye 

Lewiston, fbrsyth, Geo William L. Manning 

Lewiston, Trinity, Gal Cephas Wood 

Lewlstown, I^ton, 111 George McLeran 

Lewistown, Logan, Ohio, JDaniel J. Deardnrff 

Lewistown, (c. h.) Mifflin, Pa Charles Rita 

Lewi8ville,(c.h.) La Fayette, Ark. J. M. Montgomery 

Lewisville, Henry, la Samuel Hopper 

Lewisville, Monroe, Ohio......Theodore Bennlnirhaus 

Lewisville, Chester, S. C Joseph Wylie 

Lewisville, Brunswick, Ya. James II. Moora 

Lewisville, Chester, Pa Joseph Hughes 

-Lewisville, Denton, Texa^.... T. J. Dorset! 

Lexington, Lauderdale, Ala B. B. Westmoreland 

Lexington, (c h.) OgUtlunpe, Ga Robert Morgan 

Lexington, (c. h.) McLean, 111 Jonas Fell 

Lexington, (c. h.) Seott, la William E. Rae 

Lexington, (& h^ Ihyetie, Ky Squire Basseti 

Lexington, Miduetex, Mass. John Davit 




Lexinf^ton, Samlaa, Mioh Clark M. Mills 

Jj^xiagUm,- Somerset., M« Daniel Boynton, jr 

Lexington, (c. b.) HolineSy Miss Henry S. Allen 

Lexington, (ch.) Lafayette^ Mo-^Montgomery Bryant 

Lexington, Greene, N. Y Franklin B. Lament 

.Lexington, (c. h.) Davidson, N. C A. C. Hege 

Lexingtonj Rieldand, Obic... Ebenezer Craig 

Lexington C. H., Lerington, S.C R. Harman 

Lexington, Henderson, Ttmn Kobert \V. Hall 

Lexington, (c. h.) Jiockbridge,YA...ThQa. B. Plunkett 

Lexington, Jiurleson^ Texa« John B. Nunn 

Leyden, FVanklin, Mass John Mowry, 2d 

Leyden, Q)o7.; Ill < M. L. Dunlap 

Leyden, Lewis, N. Y Thomag Baker 

Leydun, Rock, Wis. Nelson P. Bump 

Leyden Centre, Chok, 111 William Emerson 

Liberty, Adams, 111 James H.Wells 

(c. h.) Union, I& D. S. Pierwn 

Qisey, Ey.. >,. James Belden 

Waldo, Me , Ezra W. Reeves 

Jackson, Mich Justns Chapman 

(c. h.) Amite, Miss E. M. Bramlett 

(c. h,) Clay, Mo Joshua B. Tillery 

Suiliran. N. Y R. Y. Grant 

lAhevty, Montgomery, Ohio Perry Markei<l Lincoln, Waushara, Wis Henry D. Bingham 

Limerick, Tork, Me Simeon Barker 

Limerick, Jefferson, N. Y John W. Edwards 

Limerick, Montgomery, Pa Frederick W. QrafT 

Limerick Bridge, Montgomery, Pa Miss H. Frick 

Lime Ridge, OUwnbia,Ffk Hunry W. Creasy- 
Lime Roclk, lAtcJifi^ld, Conn Wm. H. Barnum 

Lime Rock, Providence, R. I Reuben M. Wilbur 

Limestone, Clarion,¥& John P. McOinity 

Limestono, HamiUm,Tenn Jonathan Wood 

Limestone, OattarauguSi ^* ^ Nathan L. Sears 

Limestone, Iroqttoix, HI John Ijash 

Limestone, Desmoines, lowft... Wm.H. Swank 

Lime Stone Cove, Oir^Tenn David Baker 

Limestone Springs, Spartanbui-gh, S. C...C. L. Clarke 

Limestone Springs, ^e«««, Tenn John Love 

Limestone Station, ^arruon,ya. James II. Morrison 

Limestoneville, Montour, Pa John T. Newcomer 

Limetown, Washrngt&n, Pa Michael Sanders 

Limington, York, Me Isaac L. Mitchell 

Lincoln, Penobscot, Me David S. Plumly 

Lincoln, Middlesex, Mass Charles L. Tarbell 

Lincoln^ Grafton, N. H Simon Tuttle 

Lincoln, Morrow, Ohio Robert Blakee 

Lincoln, Addison, Vt Enos P. Hoag 

Liberty, Tioga, Pa — Horace Fellows 

Liberty, Dc Kalh, Tenn Isaac Whaley 

Liberty, (c. h.) Bedford, Ya Reuben Parker 

Liberty, lAberty, l^exas James Wrigley 

Liberty, Keno^ia, Wis. S. A. Didama 

Liberty, Washita, Ark George Adams 

Liberty Corner, Somerset, N. J Nicholas C. Jobs 

Liberty Corners, Crawford, Ohio/... George Parsons 

Liberty Creek, Rapides, La W. B. Shelton 

Liberty Falls, Sumvan, N. Y...Robt. T. Humphrey 

Liberty Hail, Washington, Ya Joseph Snodgrass 

Liberty Hall, Newberry, S. C.Thomas H. Cromer 

Liberty Hill, ^V^Uianlson, Texas Wm. O. Spencer 

Liberty Hill, DaUas, Ala George W. Norris 

Liberty Hill, New London, Conn... Hyde Kingsley 

Liberty Hill, Pike,Qa. William W. Head 

Liberty Hill, McJCean, Pa ....Francis A. Hackett 

Liberty Hill, Iredell, N. C Abner Feimster 

Liberty Hill, Kershaw, S. C Wyat Patterson 

Liberty Hill, La Fayette, Miss John H. Jones 

Liberty Hill, Washington, Ohio Thomas Ellison 

Liberty Mills, Wahasli, la John Comstock 

Liberty Square, Lancaster, Pa Joseph P. Hntton 

Liberty Town, Prederick, Md John H. Spohn 

Libertyville, Lalce, 111 Horace Butler 

Libertyville, Jiyferson, Iowa Henry Karns 

Libertyville, Sussex, N. J.... Levi Beemer 

Libertyville, Ulster, N. Y N. Elting 

Library, Alleghany, Pa William Stewart 

lick Branch, Parke, la Enos Newlin 

Lick Creek, 7faK«, Mo.... Thomas J. Ellis 

Lick Creek, Van Buren, Iowa John W. Ryan 

Lick Creek, Hickman, Tenn Ebenezer Killaugh 

Licke, Ihnnin, Texas Edward H. Dodd 

Licking, Texas, Mo Elisha A. Walden 

Licking Station, Morgan, Ky Joseph Gardner 

Licking .Yalley, Muskingtan, Ohio...BenJ. Wickham 

Llckvillc, Gri'Anville, S.C Samuel Moore 

Liddesdale, Colunihia, Ark George M. Watson 

Light's Corners, Wuldo, Me A. D. Matthews 

Light Street, Columbia, Pa John H. DeWitt 

Ligonier, Westmorelana, Vsk John Harnett 

Ligonier, Noble, la., George. McLean 

Likens, Crawford, Ohio James Winters 

Lilesville, ^n«ow, N. C Edward R. Liles 

LUecash, WiU, 111 Asa H. Loomls 

Lima, Adams, 111 James P. Archer 

Lima, (c. h.) La Grange, la A. 0. Yah Omum 

Lima, Washtenaw, Mich George S. Freer 

Lima, Livingstf.n, N. Y „ S.P.Cargill 

TJxoA, {c.h.) Allen, Ohio Samuel Sanford 

Lima, Delaware, Pa... Walker Y. Hoopes 

Lima, St. Tammany, La Enoch Talley 

lima, Rock, Wis ^ Newcomb Kimble 

lima, Greenville, S.C J. H. Goodwin 

lima, Fayette, Iowa Harvey W. Light 

Lima, Randolph, Ark Andrew Mcllroy 

LimavUle, Stark, Ohio Myron M. Williams 

limber Lost, Adams, la Rezin Todd 

lime mily Bradfordj Pa. J. ]f. Gbamberlain 

Lincoln, (c. h.) Logan, 111 Michael Henrickson 

Lincoln Centre, Pen^scot, Me..Richmond Hayward 

Lincolnton. (c. h.) Lincohi, Ga Stephen B. Smith 

Lincolnton, (c. h.) Lincoln, N. C.BenJ. H. Sumner 

Lincolnville, Waldo, Me John C. Perry 

Lind, Waupaca, "SYia Nathaniel Pope 

Linden, (c. h.) Marengo, Ala ..James Woolf 

Linden, Copiah, Miss Benjamin F. Nelson 

Linden, Atchison, Mo....^ Preston J. Rudasill 

Linden, Genesee, N. Y Evander H. BarrasS' 

Linden, Lycoming, Pa Thomas Johnston 

Linden, Iowa, Wis Thomas S. Ansley 

Linden, Perry, Tenn Robert M. Thomas 

Linden, Genesee, Mich Claudius T. Thompson 

Linden, Montgomery, la. John B. Hooper 

Linden, Cass, Texas Fielding Spell 

Linden, St. Francis, Ark.... Charles L. Folbree 

Linden, Warren, Va Geo. A. Turner 

Lindenville, Ashtabula, Ohio... Calvin O. Wick 

Lindenwood, Ogle, III Daniel Gififord 

Linder's Bluff, AppU-ng, Ga Joseph L. Robinson 

Lindley's Store, Almanace, N. C John Newlin 

Lindleytown, Steuben, N. Y William More 

Lindly's Mills, Wusliington, Pa D. D. McCoIlnm 

Lindnersville, Schuylkill, Pa Jacob Faust 

Lindsay's Mill, Trigg, Ky S. 8. Lindsay 

Lindsey's Creek, Choctaw, Miss Albert G. Young 

Line, Morehouse, La....... Thomas M. Jones 

Line Creek, GreenvUle, S. C William Riley 

Line Creek, Montgomery, Ala Wm.Z. Dixon 

Line Creek, Oktibbeha, Miss..... John C. Hlnes 

Line Creek, PtUaski, Ky Henry B. LinTille 

Line Lexington, Montgomery Q}.f Pa Samuel 


Lino Mills, Crawford, Pa John McEwan 

Line Mountain, Northumberland, Pa...Felix Maurer 

Line Port, Steioart, Tenn ..Thomas B. Brigham 

Line Store, Cbpiali, Miss James 0. Smith 

Lineville, Pancla, Texas Lewis Medyett 

Linglestown, Dauphin, Pa.... Thomas Bamett 

Linklaen, Chenango, N. Y John L. Eaton 

Linn, Onondaga,'^. Y v...>. .Reuben Bryan, jr 

Linn, (c. h.) Osage, Mo H. W. Neill 

Linn Creek, Camden, Mo... T.J. Kelley 

lAnuexxB Aroostook, Mo Daniel Howard 

Linneus, (c. h.) Linn, Mo Wm. P. Menefee 

Linn Flat, Nacogdoches, Tex..Thomas R. Henderson 

Linn Grove, Adams, la Bphraim Parker 

Linn Grove, Scott. Iowa Alexander Wells 

Linnville, Licking, Ohio William Orr 

Linnvillo River, Burke, N. Nelson P. Lindsey 

Linton, Des Moines, low^a... »...John A. Downer 

Linton, Greene, la Thomas Mason 

Linton, Jefferson, Ohio Isaiah W. Grafton 

Linton Mills, ChsKocton, Ohio G. W. Phillips 

Linwood, Cherokee, Tex Thomas Hart 

Einwood, LoLwrence, Ark... James Blackwell ' 
ion's Beard, Sevier, Ark , Ira Smoot 

Lionville, Cfiester, Pa Joel Hawley 

lisbon, New London, Conn John Bachdder 





Lisbon, Kendall, Bl George McEwen 

Lisbon, Andrascoggin, Me Joshua Gerrish 

Lisbon, Howard^UlA Samuel T. Murray 

Lisbon, Grafton, N. H John R. Thompson 

Lisbon, <SK. Lawrenu, N. Y... Charles W.Dillingham 

Lisbon, Bedford, Va John W. Jones 

Lisbon, Waukesfui, Wis Thomas Weaver 

Lisbon, Union, Ark D. S. Arnold 

Lisbon, "Ptawr, Cal George W. Applegate 

Lisbon, N6ble,lQ. James Walker 

Lisbon, Claiborne, La Thomas W.Poole 

Lisbon, Linn, Iowa Martin Floyd 

Lisbon Centre, ^.Lawrence, N. Y John Bell 

Lisbum, Scimmtm, N. C Clifton Ward 

Li^um. Cumberland, Pa William Lloyd 

Lisha's Hill, Albany, N. Y Peter Lansing 

Lisle, Osage, Mo Herman Hundepohl 

Lisle, Broome, N. Y '. Wm. H. Stoddard 

liiBle, Dupage, 111 John Thompson 

Litchfield, (c. h.J Litchfidd, Conn...Geo. H. Baldwin 

Litchfield, (c. h.) Grayson, Ky James Prunty 

Litchfield, Kennebeck^Me Thomas J. Foster 

Litchfield, Hillsdale, Mich Almerin Sheldon 

Litchfield, HerJdmcr, N. Y Lyman Gaylord 

Litchfield, Medina, Ohio J. IL Carpenter 

Litchfield, Bradford, Pa John'Layton 

Litchfield, Montgomery, 111 James Cummings 

Litchfield Corners, Kennebeck, Me...Wm. Robinson 

Llthgow, DtUchcss, N. Y Wm. Sutherland 

Llthopolis, Ihirfeld, Ohio William W. Hite 

Litiz, Zawcasfer, Pa Daniel Kreider 

Little Bay, Oalhoun, Ark Joseph E. Strong 

Little Beaver Bridge, Columbiana, 0...M. Laughlin 

Little Black, Choctaw, Miss Thos^G. Cavadine 

Little Black, RipUy, Mo Wm.Lucy 

Little Britain, Orange, N. Y Daniel A. Shuart 

Little Bull Palls, ifaro^Aon, Wis Truman Keeler 

Littleby, Audrian, Mo Daniel McSwain 

Little Chucky, Greene, Tenn Anthony Rankin 

Little Chute, Outogamie, Vfia Peter Maes 

Little Clifty, Tbdd, Ky Jacob Hunter 

Little Compton, Ntmport, R. I Henry T.Brown 

Little Compton, Carroll, Mo Wm. C. Edmonston 

Little Cooley, Crawford, Pa JoAua Hamilton 

Little Creek Landing, Kent,De\ C. H. Heverin 

Little Detroit, Taeermll, 111 Jacob Hepperly 

Little Eagle, Scott, Ky John S. Getty 

Little Elm, Denton, Tex .Christopher C. King 

Little Falls, Herkimer, N. Y Horatio N. Johnson 

Little Falls, Benton, Minn .James Fergus 

Little Falls, Passaic, N. J Robert Beattie 

Little Flat, Bath, Ky Daniel B. Crackroft 

Little Gap, Carbon, Pa Samuel Zlegenfas 

Little Genesee, AUegany, N. Y...Ephraim Fairlamb 

Little Georgetown, Berkley, Va Eli Fleming 

Little Grant, GVan^, Wis C. Underwood 

Little Gunpowder, BaUimere, Md George King 

Little Hockhocking, Washington, Ohio. Jacob King 

Little Lake, Adams, Wis Robert H. Grace 

Littl« Level, Bacahontas, Va Josiah Beard 

Little Lick, Chatham, N. C James Womack 

Ltttlo Loutre, Montgomery, Mo... Madison H. Stone 

Little Marsh, Tioga, Pa Amasa Clark 

Little Meadows, Susquehannah, Pa.. .Harry Barney 

Little Mill Creek, Delaware, M. C. Bean 

Little Mountain, Newberry, 8. C.Fred. H. Dominick 

Little Muddy, Franklin, 111 John Kirkpatrick 

Little Osage, Bates, Mo Robert W. McNeil 

Little Pine Creek, Lycoming, Pa Benjamin Kirk 

Little Piney, Pulaski, Mo Thomas C. Harrison 

Little Plymouth, King and Queen,\A.J. W. Courtney 

Little Port, Clayton, Iowa Dennis Quigly 

Little Prairie, (^awford. Mo Benjamin Wishon 

Little Prairie, Cass, Ga Henry McCrary 

Little Prairie, Walworth, Wis Adolphns Pick 

Little Prairie, Hopkins, Ky Reuben Medley 

Little Prairie Ronde, Cass, Mieh....Benj. Hathaway 

Little Rest, Dutchess, N. Y Bennett Humeston 

Little River, Cblumbia, Fla Geo. E. McClellan 

Little River, AUtxander, N. C George W. Long 

Little River, Harry, S. C Benjamin N. Ward 

Little River, Floyd, Va Samuel Strickler 

Little River, AUen^ la T^wIb P. Dille 

Little River yui&ge, Androscogginy Me Aaron I. 


Little Rock, Pulaski, Ark John E. Reardon 

Little Rock, Kenddli, 111 J. T. H. Brady 

Little Rock, Marion, S.O John W.Bethea 

Little Rock Fish, Cumberland, N. C... Amasa Alden 
Little Sandusky, Wyandott, Ohlo.Robert W. Malone 

Little Sandy, Morgan, Ky Daniel Horton 

Little Sauble, Mason, Mich Charles Mears 

Little Skin Creek, Lewis, Va... Hanson M. Peterson 

Little Spring, Madison, Ark R. D. Troutt 

Little's Mill5, Richmond, N. C.Thomas R". Baldwin 

Littlestown, Adams, Pa Matilda Jones 

Littleton, Schuyler, 111 Talbert Crawford 

Littleton, MiddSjtsex, Mass William Ilurter 

Littleton, Grafton, N. H Cyrus Eastman. 

Littleton, Halifax, N. C... James M. Newson 

Littleton, Sussex, Va Augustus J. Stephenson. 

Little Valley, Oattai-aitg%ts, N. H Fuller Bucklln 

Little Warrior, Blount, Ala II. D. Harbin 

Little Yadkin, StOees, N. C D. N. Dalton 

Little York, CortlaneU, N. Y James E. Gushing 

Little York, Warren,l\l John Lozer 

Little York, Wetskington, la William Wilson 

Little York, Hunterdon, N. J James IL Murphy 

Little York, Nevada, Cal J. E.^Squire 

Little York, Montgomery, Ohio Henry Fritz 

Little York, Montgomery, Ga Duncan D. McRae 

Littsville, Noddaway, Mo John F. Davis 

Litwalton, Zancas<«r, Va Wm. L. G. Mitchell 

Lively Oak, Lanea^er, Va John S. Chowning 

Live Oak, Asoensian,!^ H.V. Lamare 

Live Oak, De Witt, Texas Wiley Duran 

Livermore, Ohio,Ky Joseph L. Bard 

Livermore, Androscoggin, Me William Child 

Livermore, Westmorekmd, Pa Richard Frceland 

Livermore Centre, Androscoggin, Me...Abner Moore 

Livermore Falls, Androscoggin, Me Comforf 


Liverpool, Onondaga, N. Y Arthur Macarthur 

Liverpool, Medina, Ohio Shelden C. Pritchard 

Liverpool, Perry, Pa H. W. Shuman 

Liverpool, Brazoria, Tex William M. Scott 

Liverpool, Yazoo, Miss S. F. Calvit 

Liverpool, i'Vdfcm, 111 George Prichard 

Livingston, (c. h.) Sumter, Ala Josiah L. Scruggs 

Livingston, Clark, 111 James Hollingshuaid 

Livingston, Madison, Miss R. £. Andrews 

Livingston, PoUe, Tex D. D. Moore 

Livingston, Essex, N. J » James Collins 

Livingston, Columbia, N. Y Henry Hare 

Livingston, (t. h.) Overton, TenB.Andrew J. Qoodbur 

Livingstonville, Sch6harie,V.Y John B. Judson 

Livonia, Washington, la.. James A. McPheeters 

Livonia, Point Coupee, La James B. Johnson 

Livonia, Livingston, N. Y George F. Ramsdell 

Livonia Centre, Tl^n«, Mich Smith Jones 

Livonia Station, Livinggton, N. Y John Locke 

Llewellyn, SchuylkiU, Pa EiraCockill 

Lloyds, Essex, Va Bevan D. Pitts 

Loachapoka, Macon, Ala James P. Durr 

Loag, Chester, Pa David West 

Loami, Sangamon, 111 H. D. Gifton 

Lobachsville, Berks, Pa David Lobach 

Lobdell's Store, W. Baton Rouge, La...Charles Noyes 

Lobelville, f%rry, Tenn Wm. N. Baker 

Location, Coweta, Ga Benjamin Gray 

Lochbee, Poinsett, Ark Benj. P. Freeman 

Loch Leven, Lunenburg, Va Wm. T. Blackwell 

Loch Lomond, Goochland, Va Wm. Fontaine 

Loch Sheldrake, ^tUivan, N. Y...Jonathan W. Low 

Lock, Kt¥)x, Ohio Eber Smith 

Lock Beiiin, Wayne, N. Y Edward B. Pynchon 

Lockbourne, Franklin, Ohio J. A. Sarber 

Locke, Chyuga, N. Y Barnabas King 

Locke, Elkhart, Ind Levi S, Stoner 

Locke's Mills, Miffiin, Pa.. Enoch E. Locke 

Locke's Mills, Oa;/ord, Me Alvah Hobbs 

Lockhart, Caildwetl, Texas Edward Heppenstall 

Lockhart, Macon, 111 Calvin J. Lockhart 

Lockhart's Store, Holmes, Miss Sampson Batters 

Lockhaven, (c, h.) Clinton, Pa N. L. Atwood 

Lockington. S}ielby,Oh\o James K.Gillespie 

Lockland, Macon, Ala John W. Brown 

Lockport, WiU, 111 Patrick O'&Iarah 

Lockport, OarroU, la Gilbert C. Seabri^t 

Lockport, Henry, Ky John H. Rowiett 

Lockport (c. b.) Niagara, N 

IdclqKirt Slstioo, mumonJand, Fa-Kobt M. anhsm 

LoctrldgSf J^tnon, len ....^...,..... EU Smith 

Iddu SUtfon, ^ JomAi, UiclL „.Iib C. Abbott 

L«k'i TllUce, Aflitl'UB, Uua Eli Ames 

LDakvine, Airjldd, Ohio. Bdnud T. Hltbofl 

Lociut Camai, Cicnnonj, Obio ^ohnWiigast 

Locuit Creek, Loniia, 1 

n, Aik.... 


■k .GeorgB W. Ounpbell 

WiUiun KImbell 

Kv„..AbTabaiji ThompBOQ 
t, lit....... ..Samuel Gdrdom 

Lociut arore, M&i&mtn, 1U..-.IIUM. H. Babbitt 

Lwnat mil, CbnidL IT. 0. - Stephen H«al 

LocaaCUill, HftiMulMbPl SaA OUcKDlght 

LoODiC HUt. ^nlcmH B. C .William H^or 

Locust Bill, JHddbWK Tk. Jolin W. SbhIsI 

Locust lAoe, ^wCtt, Ta _ James W. Cooper 

iKwnet Level, mufax, Ta Charles W, Walker 

Locust MlllB, BraAat, Kj William A. tepper 

Lomut Minint, Jcmnacl:, Vil... Nathaniel B. Lecato 
Locuat HoDut, Wathinglon, Tenn.Thoe. C. McAdams 
loeuet Shade, KuiWn, N. C. ""'- "-"■ 

Locust Shade, Oxiian, Turn 


....Philip J 
ionce U. Ajiei 

. JUohard B. OtM 

LodL Jatitat, Ibnn- 
Lodl, Simim, H. J.... 

Lod^ H&AuA, la. .»...-....» » ».Eiuiia 

LodiCentie, Sehho, N. T. -AbmnlA Toi 

Lodore, AmMi, Ta. 
hogaxit Dtarbom, Is 

-..-Qeorge L. \^ 

L^a, SAunUr. 
Iii^n, (e. b.) BoMng, 01 
Logao C. 11., Logan, Va.., 

Ii^iaii, Edaar, 111 

Li«an Mills, Zcvan, Kr.. 

Logan Mills, canton, Pa. 

Logan's Creek, SeytuAit. Mo .Thomas Barnes 

Login's Ferrr, ..4D(irAanli, Pa. Hugh Logan 

LoganspoTt, iAr^b^Id........... ..,Mo9«s Brown 

LogaiLsport, (c h.) uui, ~ 
Logansiwti, "■■"— ='- 

'm.H. Ilalnes 

'.8. H. Patrick 


jjoganapnn, AHuer, a J ,....».. 

Logan's Store, AitAtr/bnl, V.C.. 

LpganTJUd, £<van, Ohio R. E. Vi 

LogaiiTill^ro>-ft,Pa.... " ' 

t B. Youdgman 
ij»b A. Sc^irist 

LogUok,; _ . 

LnnbardTill*, Oell, Md .Wm. U. C Reynold 

Loffibardjr, CUvnMi, Oa John Megahv 

'—'—■'-'' — *, ifwHmtBFs*, '■- ' ■■ ' 

Londonderrj, Ouemity, Ohio Wm. D. Lsthan 

Londonderry IFiniCian, Tt Isaac W. Oibeoa 

Londonderry, Olirter, Pa. Josaph VIckan 

r — j„„ OroTe, Cft«ter, Pa Daiid Walton 

" Ter Isaac Honibni 


^'if^j'.".'.""!s«muel S. Cake 

ilo Archlmldes 8, Tldd 

S. C John J. Forrestet 

1 Junei L. Kennedy 

Long Branch, J't'an^fiik Ta... Stephen II. Gunnady 
Long Branch, Afonuiouli, N. J John A. MotCird 


Samuel Martin 

Jamas Brown 

, Ky. J. P. Mosely 

...Andrew II. CUoedinst 

dow, tbge, Va Hark R 


ig Old tlelds, Prina Gtarga, MdJa 

1 R. Decker 
f. Thatcher 

oug Point, Waihisgtim, Texas John M. 

iong Point arore, Camierland, ni...J. 6. H 

-_d. CbidKeO, Ky.... 
>oud,JVfi»b(TrAr, B. C 

• hn Moor* 
rl Wrl^l 

loi^Eidge, JWiaWAConn 

Lone Ran, A#Endn, Ky. WiUlam Qteaa 

Long Ran, ^bfiHd, B. C Jacob N. O'NeS* 

Long Saoannalila'aiiiiltoii, Tenn...JobB Andenon 

Long's Brldge,^ancoct-,Oa Janus Buy 

LODg'i Mills, AnndoJpA, N. C- John Lodk 

Long Street. Si Sola, La .William C. Peyton 

Long Slreel, Moon, N. C John Sbemiard 

uHQa. OoorgaWiiker 

ajfcr, 8. e.V. Maaej 

Long TomrXaiUjOrHon..... A 

Longtonn, lUirJietd.a. C 

Long Valley, Jfoniw. Pa. Jacoh Krcsge 

Long View, A^Ale^, Ark... ....... ..Lorsnso P. MarljEi 

Long Vle«, Jfotiran, Tenn Jawe Adklna 

Long View, Cllriilian, Ky. WiUlam B. Badlbra 

Longwood, /liyrtl!, Is Ross Smiley 

....Q. a. a 

s, I-rMid^mx, B. I Heiard SI 

e, AM, Tenn Leonldai U. McGlunls 

1, P"^ Kt Rlehard M. SerreU 

QIais, ClliUm, 111 Lawrens IMrer 

Lt.aifa,Uo .WiUlam S.rreshonr 

llle, Kent, llleh Andrew Loomla 

• 'tCntk^X^km, Tsno, .„J. B. Teagua 

LooneyTille, Erit, N. Y.... 

isiUie, & 

s, N. Y.... 

John B.KIng 

..Peter W. Munka 

LDOiBboma, SiS^ Hiss. 

Lorado, Oreeru, Ark ..i. r. uarru 

Lonunles, SheUm, Ohio .Bernhard Mayei 

Loran, Sl^ihintan, III Jacob S. Lashells 

Lords VaUey, FilU, Pa .Simeon Lord 

LordsTme.itJflBaH,N.Y Air* J. Lord 

LorentK' Store, £^isAv, Va........ .George W. Lorents 




Xioretto, Maricny Ky Ann S. L&ncaster 

Loretto, CamJbria, Pa Patrick Shiels 

Loring, Kawtcu Q«orge L. Tonng 

Lorraine, Jeffergon^ N. Y Parley Brown 

Los Angelos, (c. h.) Los Angdoty Gal.MWm. B. Osbom 

Lesantville, SancMph^ la Lemuel Wiggins 

Lost Branch, Lincoln, Mo Joseph S. Wells 

Lost Creek, Salmty Ark Elvira Beayera 

Lost Creek, Lincoln, Mo William Palmer 

Lost Creek, OampbtUf Tenn JTacob Sharp 

Lost Creek, Harrisony Ya .Samuel Cookman 

Lost Creek, Breathitt, Ky 0. IL Ward 

Lost Mountain, QM, Ga John Moore, jr 

Lost River, Orange^ la Thomas W. Riley 

Lost River, Hardy, Ya Samuel Hu^r 

Lost Run, Breckenridge, Ky William Davison 

Lost Yillage, Plemisoot, Mo Oeo. W. Bushey 

Lottridge, Athens, Ohio Edward Lawrence 

Lotts, £dffefield,S.C John Lott 

Lottsburgh, Northumberland, Ya L. S. Winstead 

Lottsville, fTarren, Pa .James L. Lott 

Loudon, Merrimack, N. H N. S. Bachelder 

Loudon, FrankUn, Pa John MuUan 

Loudon, Moane, Tenn BenJ. F. Davis 

Loudon Centre, Merrimack, N. H Ira Osgood 

Loudon Ridge, Merrimack, N. H N. D. Clough 

Loudonville, Ashtand, Ohio JTohn C. Larwill 

LoudsviUe, Habersham, Ga V. Logan 

LonJna, Randolph, Ala Eliphalet 8. Barber 

Louisa, <S%0pAen«m, 111 E. F. Clark 

Louisa, (c. h.) Latorence, Ky John M. Cook 

Louisa, Ozark, Mo John S. Howell 

Louisa C. H., Louisa, Ya Robert T. Gooch 

Louisburgh, (c. h.) Franklin, N. W. Arendell 

Louisiana, Pike, Mo Joseph Richardson 

Louisville, Barbour, Ala Iteniel McKenzie 

Louisville, (c. h.) Jefferson, Ga Wm. A. Hayles 

Louisville, Clay, 111 B. G. Sullivan 

Louisville, (c. h.) Jefferson, Ky J. W. Brannon 

Louisville, re. h.) Winston, Mi88...W. B. Shumaker 

Louisville, Lincoln,Mo Increase Adams 

Louisville, St. Lavorence, N. Y.. William H. Bancroft 

Louisville, Stark, Ohio Adam Rodabaugh 

Louisville, Blount, Tenn H. Talbot Cox 

Louisville Landing, SL Latorence, N. Y..R. D. Marsh 

Loutre Island, Warren, Mo James Stewart 

Lovelace, WiUces, N. C Larkin LBicknall 

Lovelacevijle, BaOard, Ky Andrew Lovelace, Jr 

Lovelady, CUdioe^N.C Israel P. Connelly 

Loveland, Clermoni, Ohio James Loveland 

Lovell, Oxford, Me B. F. Cutter 

Lovells Creek, OxrroU, Ya Anthony Lewis 

Lovelton, Wyoming, Pa JTohn Pfouts 

Lovely Dale, Knox, la John Downey 

Lovely Mount, Montgomery, Ya Geoi^ Keister 

Love's Level, Union, N.C Richard W. Tarlton 

Love's Mills, }Vashington,YA Leonidas Love 

Lovett's, Adams, Ohio Addison Turner 

Lovett's Grove, Wood, Ohio Peleg G. Thomas 

Lovettsville, Xouclon, Ya John Snoots, jr 

LoveviUe, New CasOe, Del Aaron Robinson 

Lovilia, Monroe, Iowa. Michael IIittle,jr 

LovingBton, (c. h.) Nelson, Ya...Robert B. Stratton 

Lovington, Moultrie, 111 Stephen Cannon 

Lowell, Henry, Iowa Edmund Archibald 

Lowell, Johnson, N. C Nathan Coleman 

Lowell, Fienobscot, Me Joseph Stickney 

LoweU, Dodge,WiB Richard Chatfield 

Lowell, MiddUseat, Mass Fisher A. Hildreth 

Lowell, Onada, N. Y William Wylie 

Lowell, Washington, Ohio James S. Williamson 

Lowell, Orleans, Yt William Brown 

Lowell, La Salle, 111 William Seely 

Lowell, Kent, Mich Cypriam S. Hooker 

Lowell, HoU, Mo Charles M. Thomas 

Lowellville, Mahoning, Ohio Henrv Smith 

Lower Bank, Burlington, N.J Samuel Weeks 

Lower Bartlett, Ooos, N. H George Pitman 

Lower Bern, Berks, Pa Joseph Obold 

Lower Chanoeford, Tork,^^. Joseph MeSheir/ 

Lower Columbia, Cbos, N. H DexUr Lucy 

Lower Gilmanton, Belknap, N. H J. M. Gilman 

Lower Lawrence, Washingtim, Ohio J. Cawood 

Lower Mahantango, Schuylkill. Pa Joseph R. Gasman 
Lower Marlborough, Oalvert, Md P. T. Kenny 

Lower Merion, MdnUjnmery, Pa H. Egbert 

Lower Peach Tree, Wxkox, Ala Jacob Mayer 

Lower Salem, Washington, Ohio F. C. WlUson 

Lower Saucon, Northampkon, Pa... Peter W. Leldieh 
Lower Squankum, Mirmmottth, N. J.E. B Wainwright 
Lower Three Runs; BamweU, 8. C....Iiaae A. Wood 
Lower Waterford, Oaledonia, Yt..Lorenso Bingham 

Low Hampton, WhsMngton, N. Y H. Leonard 

Lowhill, Lehigh, Pa. Peter Lents 

Lowndes, Wayne, Mo, Elias Reed 

Lowndesborougb, Lowndes, Ala M. Douglass 

Lowndesville, AbbemUe,^. D. F, Freeland 

Low Point, Woodford, 111 William Dodds 

Lowranoe's Mill, Lincoln, N. C J. M. Lowraoee 

Lowry, Athens, Ohio William Lowry 

Lowry, Bedford, Ya Nelson Lowry 

Low^viUe, Hardin, Tenn ..N. F. Cherry 

Low's Comer, Sullivan, N. Y Abraham B. Low 

Low's Ferry, Knox, Tenn Samuel D. W. Low 

Lowillle, Lewis, N. Y George 8. Case 

Lowville,Cb2ttmota, Wis Stephen Brayton 

Loyalsock, Lycoming, Pa. Stephen Tomlinson 

Loyd, Ulster, N. Y Samuel D. Bond 

Loyd, Riehand, Wis Jacob Fellows 

LoydsviUe, Belmont. Ohio. Joel Elliott 

LoydviUe, Benton, Ala. John Loyd 

LoydsviUe, Clark, Ky Elijah Loyd 

Loy's Cross Roads, Anderson, Tenn L. Miller 

Lubec, Wishington, Me. Sabine H. Kimball 

Lubee Mills, Washington, Me .Wincknorth Allan 

Lucas, Bicfdand, Ohio Ecekiel Ervin 

Lucas, Henry, Mo George W. Brumet 

Lucap, Monroe, Iowa. Thomas C. Stewart 

Lucasville, Scioto, Ohio Thomas McGilligan 

Lucerne, Knox, Ohio Joseph Conger 

Lucinda Furnace, Clarion, Pa Nathan Evans 

Lucky Hit, Lim,^ione, Ala John L. Blair 

Luda, Wai^ta, Ark John Carr 

Ludingtonville, Pidnam^ N. Y Gkorg^ Ludington 

Ludlow, Dubois, la Julian F. Huffar 

Ludlow, Miami, Ohio Joseph B. Carrell 

Ludlow, Hampden, Mass. Jerre Miller 

Ludlow, Scott, Miss William H. DensOn 

Ludlow, Windsor, Yt Charles S. Mason 

Ludlowville, Tompkins, N. Y Warren Seely 

Luke's Corners, WHliama, Ohio John Luke 

Luk-fii-tab, Choctaw Nation, Ark. James M. Skelton 

Lumber Bridge, ifobeson, N. C Stephen J. Cobb 

Lumber City, JkJfair, Ga. William H. Wootten 

Lumber City, Clearfield, Pa Daniel W. Robbins 

Lumberland, SuUivan, N. Y C. C. P. Eldred 

Lumberpor^ Harrison, Ya. James Y. Homer 

Lumberton, (c. h.) Robeson, N. C Albert Lawson 

Lumberton, Clinton, Ohio .William Yautress 

Lumberton, Burlington, N. J Thomas Joyee 

LumbervUle, Bucks,'Ph Cyrus Liveiey 

Lxanjlkln, Stewart, Oik John C. P. Ewing 

Lundy's Lane, Erie, Pa Wallace Sherman 

Lunenburgh C. H., Lunenburg, Ya T. K. Lear 

Lunenburgh, Worcester, Mass Daniel Putnam 

Lunenburgh, JSjwa?, Yt George F.French 

Luney's Creek, Hardy, Ya John W. Moore 

Lura, Oass, Iowa Peter W. Nisley 

Luray, Henry, la Thomas Gough 

Luray, (c. h.) Plage, Ya Thomas M. Almond 

Lusby's Mill, Owen, Ky William Lusby 

Lutheranville, J^:hoharie, N. Y Piirlia Brown 

Luthersburgb, Clearfield, Pa...Augustu8L.Schnell 

Lutsey, Liueme, Pa Frederick M. Jones 

Lucerne, Tl^rren, N.Y John B. Bumeson 

Luzerne, Fond du Lac, Wis JSdmon Palmer 

Lybrand, AUemakee, Iowa Hiram Jones 

Lycoming Creek, Lycoming, Pa... Alexander Thomp- 


Lycurgus, MarsME^ Ind .TJriah F. Townsend 

LycurguB, AUemakee, Iowa James Shepard 

Lyman, York, Me John Roberts 

Lyman, QrafUm, N.H James R. Young 

Lyman Centre, York, Me ,Hiram Waterhouse 

Lymansville, PMer, Pa Horatio A. Nelson 

Lyme, New London, Conn Charles W. Walt . 

Lyme, GrafUm, N. H David C. Churchill, jr. 

Lyme, Huron, Ohio John Seymour 

Lynchbnrgh, Highland, Ohio Norman W. 





Lynchbttrgb, JAncdLny Tenn Bei^jlunin H. Berry 

Lynchbnrgh, CcimpbeU^ Yft Kobert H. GlasB 

Lynebbiirgb, Harris^ Tiezas A. B. Jones 

Lynchburgb, Cbosa, Ala Thomas M. Lynch 

Lynchburgh, Todd^Ky James T. Porter 

Lynohburgh, SumteVy 8. C B. W. Durant 

Lynch'B Creek, Marion^ S. Henry Davis 

Lynch's Lake, WiUiaimlnirgk,8. CAaxon F.Graham 

Lyndeboroagb, J9t22£&or(K<0'^ K. H.... James S. 


Lyndley, Grundpy Mo Alexander S. Hughes 

Lyndon, WhitesideSy lU WiUiom W. Gilbert 

Lyndon, Ckdedonia, Yt ..v.John M. Weeks 

Lyndon, Aroostook, Me Ivory Hardison 

Lyndon Centre, Caledonia, Yt—George B. Bandall 

Lyndonville, Orleans, N. Y William Mudgett 

Lynn, Warren, Iowa L. S. Spencer 

Lynn, Essex, Mass Jeremiah C. Sticknoy 

Lynn, Susqueha.nnah, Fa...., David G. Sherman 

Lynn, Eandolph, la Peter M. Ellis 

Lynn, Oadum^ Wis Alonzo U. Hyatt 

Lynn, i^. Clair,, Mich William H. Munson 

Lynn Camp, Knox, Ky Stephen D. Colyer 

Lynnfleld, Essex, Mass James W. Church 

Lynnfield Centre, Essex, MaAS S.N.Newcomb 

Lynnville, Morgan,lll Wm. W. Anderton 

Lynnville, Jasper, Iowa.. Joseph Arnold 

Lynnville, WarricJc, la John Lynn 

Lynnville, Lehigh, Pa John Selberling 

Lynnville, Giles, Tenn James Ham 

Lyons, Clinton, Iowa Samuel P. Cox 

Lyons, Jonia, Mich Dorus M. Fox 

Lyona^ (c. h.) Wayne, N. Y Daniel Watrous 

Lyons, FuUon, Ohio .....Jinks Mory 

Lyons, Cook, 111 William Luon 

Lyons, Walworth, Wis Thomas B. Bullen 

Lyons, Fayette, Tex Norman McKinnon 

Lyonsdale, Lewis, N. Y Joel Ayer 

Lyons' Falls, Lewis, N. Y Bussell Strickland 

Lyons' Farm, Essex, 'N. J Alexander McKirgan 

Lyons' Landing, Bladen, N. C D. Lewis 

Lyons' Store, Hawkins, Tenn William Lyons 

Lyonsville, Cook, 111 Bobert Vial 

LyonvUle, JacA;5on, Ala M. B. Lyon 

Lyra, Scioto, Ohio .....Albert M. CoUett 

Lysander, Onondago^N. Y Barclay Wooster 

Lythonia, De Kalb, Ga William W. Wood 

Lytlesville, McLean, 1(1 Campbell Wakefield 


MoAFEE, Mercer, Ey Frank M. McAfee 

MoAlevy's Fort, Huntingdon, Psl....Q. W. Patterson 
McAllister's Cross Boads, Montgomery, Tenn.... Wil- 
liam C. Batson 

McAllisterville, Junicda, Pa Calvin B. North 

McArthur, Vinim, Ohio J. W. Caldwell 

McBeen Depot, Eichmond, Ga James A. Fulcher 

MoBridesville, Diiion, S. C Stephen Kh-by 

McCall's Creek, FrankUn, Miss. J^ames Herrington 

McCall's Ferry, York, Pa William Bichardson 

McCammac, De Kalb, Ala Ashael B. Gilbreath 

McCantsville, OraimehurgJi, S. C J". C. Edwards 

MoCandless, Butler, Pa John M. McCandless 

McClearys Bluff, Wabash, III Joseph C. Orth 

McClelandsvUle, New Castle, Del....Wm. McClelland 

McClellandtown, Fayette, Pa. David B. Biffle 

McComb, Hancock, Ohio » William Mitchell 

McConnells, Tuskaloosa, Ma. John McConnell 

McConnellsburgh, Fidton, Pa Daniel Fore 

McConnell's Grove, StepheTison, I11.0he8ter W. Nash 
McConnell8town,£/un<tn^don,Pa......Henry Barrick 

McConnellsville, OneuZo, N. Y T. A. Wilcox 

McConnellsville, (c. h.) Morgan, H. S. Whissen 

McConnellsville, York, S. C..^ Joseph P. Moore 

McCordsville, JBancocfe, Ind Nelson Bradley 

McCormick's Springs, Lewis, Ky... J. H. McCormick 
MoCormickstown, Martin, Ia....Wm. B. MoCormick 

McCoysville, Juniaia, Pa Joseph S. Laird 

McCray's Store, Alamance, N. C A. G. McCray 

McCulloeh's Mills, Juniata, Pa Abraham Given 

McCutchenville, Vanderburg, Ia...Saml. McCutchen 

McCutcheuville, Wyandott, Ohio John Myers^ 

McDaniels, Orange, N. Henry Cook, sen 

McDaniels, GaUia, Ohio Friend McDaniels 

McDermott's Bridge, San Joaquin, Oal W. F. Mo 


McDonald. Hardin, Ohio.. .....John M. Abston 

McDonald, TWlkinson, Ga...... Leroy Fleetwood 

McDonald's Mill, Montgomery, Ya.Edward McDonald 
McDonald's Mills, Richmond, N.O...M. B. McDonald 

MoDonough, New Castle, Del William A. Bryan 

McDonough, (c. h.) Henry, Ga. David Knott 

McDonough, Chenango, N. Y.... Theodore Hill 

McDowell, Highland, Ya George W. Hull 

McDowells, Crawford, Pa John P. Thomppon 

McElhattan, CUnion, Pa Jacob Dice 

McElroy, Doddridge, Va Zadok M. Fnim 

McBwen's Cross Boads, iforroiD, Ohio....B. Mitchell 
McBwensville, JSrortlmmberland,Va..Q. W. Armstong 

McFarland's, Lunenburg, Ya AsaG. Barnes 

McGaheysville, Rockingham, Ya W. T. McGahey 

McGary, Hancodc, 111 .James Westfall 

McGhee's Store, Jizction, Ohio ..John W. West 

McGtowansville. Bedford, Tenn ,L J. Long 

McGrawviUe, CorUandi, N. Y Leander B. Palmer 

McGregor's Landing, Clayton, Iowa Y. B. Miller 

McGuire's Store, iloyd, Ga .Terence McGuire 

McHenry, McHenry, 111 W. F. Coleman 

Mclndoe's Falls, Qdedonia, Yt Worcester Hunt 

Mcintosh (c. h.) Kinchafoonee, Ga....C. W.Birdsong 
Mclntyre Creek, MarquMa, Wisc.Charles Mclntyre 

McKaig's Mills, QAwmMancL, Ohio M. Armstrong 

McKay, AshUmd, Ohio. ^ Levi Spencer 

McKean, Erie, Pa Titus D. Chellis 

McKeansburgh, SchuyVdU, Pa Joshua Boyer 

McKeans Old Stand, Westmardand, Pa...H. H. Null 

McKee's Half Falls, J7n«>w,Pa. P. Hilbiah 

McKee's Port, Alleghany, Pa....William E. Harrison 

McKenzie, Lane, Oregon George H. Armitage 

McKinley, Marengo, Ala John W. Dial 

McKinney, (c. h.) CoUin, Tex John W. Haynes 

McKinney's, Ritchie, Ya Catharine McGregor 

McKinstry's Mills, (XirroZJ, Md...Samuel McKenstry 
McKissack's Grove, Fremont, Iowa..Thomas Farmer 

McLoijx's Mills, Waldo,yLe John Hanly 

McLean, Tompkins, N. Y Daniel B. Marsh 

McLeansborough, (c. h.) Hamilton, 111.... ..Abraham 


McLean's Betreat, Daviess, Ky J.L. Shaw 

McLean's Store, lippah. Miss James W. Paine 

McLemoresville, CarroU, Tenn Charles O'Neill 

McLeods, Greene, Miss Norman, McLood 

McMaths, Tuscaloosa, Ala Elisha McMath 

McMillans, Pana^ Tex William McMillan 

McMinnville, Warren, Tenn. Smith J. Wallmg 

McMinviUe, Yam HiU, Or..., ; E.G. Edson 

McMullen's Mills, Greene, Ya N. McMullen 

McNutt, Sun Flower, Miss David W. Heslep 

McBae's Store, nifair, Ga Elyah Wells 

McSherrystown, Adams, Pa Elizabeth Will 

McYeytown, Mifflin, Pa George Macklia 

McWilliamstown, ChestxTf Pa J. W. Gilbough 

Mabbettsville, Dvichess, N. Y... James Mabbett 

Mabees, Jackson, Ohio Michael McCoy 

Mace, Montgomery, la. Jesse Williams 

Macedon, Wayne, N. Y.. Calvin Tucker 

Macedon, Mercer, Ohio Luke Johnston 

Macedon Centre, Wayne, N.Y IraOdoU 

Macedonia, Montgomery, N. C Malcom Lamonds 

Macedonia, Carroll, Tenn George H. Prince 

Macedonia, PottawaUamie, Iowa Joseph Z. Losh 

Macedonia, CheroJeee, Ga Joseph B. Lively 

Macedonia Depot, Summit, Ohio.... Moses N. Boach 

Machias, (c. h.) Wa^iingUm, Me Amos F. Parlin 

Machias, Cattaraugus, N. Y William Loomis 

Machias Port, Washington, Me Matthias Finney 

Mackerel Corner, Carroll, N. H...Ahdrew L. Ilersey 

Mackford, Marquette, Wis John W. Carhart 

Mackinac, (c. h.) MichHimakinac, Mich... J. P. King 

Mackinaw, Huewdl, 111 .Christopher O. Neville 

Macksburgh, Giles,\&. John Porterfield 

Mack's Meadows, Wythe, Ya Thomas Wood 

Mackville, Was?iington, Ky John M. Smith 

Macomb, McDonough, 111 .....John W. Atkinson 

IdLacomb, Macoml), Mich Calvin Davis 

Macomb, St. Lawrence, N. Y David Day, 2nd 

Macon, Marengo, Ala. Sinclair N. Steele 

Macon, i^'&6, Ga. James A. Nisbit 

Macon, Noxubee, Misa James 0. Williams 

Ua£dii, Ltntnov, Uicb ^■-■'■^ Inae! Pentoctfin 

Xteaa, H^/tUt. Tenn „ .WtUlBm E. Dalj 

XKOa Dsnot, n&rmi, N. NiChnD MtUm 

. HKDngle, £aU^ Pa....„ _ AHTon RrdmBD 

UMUwiwlu, JrryaUell, H* .BkptlaU Fonmler 

HuddeniTUIs. ITiailintdim, Pa. BobiiTt Middcu 

Sbdolr, «ir%«, Wl«_.„ John V. Pholps 

MidlKifi, JUiu liiircn, CooD Amnsl F, Wlllttrd 

UndiKia, (a. b.) MatUm, FIl.. ^obn L. Miller 

tbdEnn, (e, h.) JK>n]BR,aa ^ohn S. Walkoc 

MHdixm, (e. h.) Jr^nm, U — Roltn DMlittle 

MidlHn, Sms-wt. 1I« .TajInT Moahoc 

Undlson, LMni/ttm. Ukb .Daiini Lewli 

HadlmL Jbwm, Ma __. Junei vr.Eubuk 

Hkdloon, JforHt, H. J. _ _.WUlliim H. Styn 

muUKm, JHhHMh, N. T. .I«>c Curtla. 2nd 

HHdiMn, RsdUqrtoisir. C- John H. R*v 

BtadiBii, Laia, Ohlo..._. -Lewji Farker 

UHdlaoa, ;t»t(9»n!anil, Pa Juiw L. Brmrii 

tbdlnn C. IL, JAdtem, T» Hir&m Oimr 

Mudltmi, ZloukWii J<Aii N. Jonci 

HWllHii, OimiU, H. H 

HucUaon. Orangt. Tei 

UBdluBhon^ n^wne, Obio- 
Jladinn OtHrn R«id>, MuUMi 

,Hueh Ochlltrcs 

, ,.. j.)i»P»*H. Kji.i'.C.HHdwicI 

UBdIionTlUe, A nmnumy. La. ^0«i CdIdiup 

Uadlnmillle, lladbm. Uisa J)aiilril H, Olt 

MadlionTflle, Mmrae, Icni L. Swindler 

....CharlME. Smitb 

4. T...Ki(ihivl Whllne. 

.William A. Hagood 

MagnoLIu Mills, Du^ Ela^.Tbamos J, nendrlck 

SIkgnolla Sprines, Jantrr, T«u „K. L. Walkf 

Miffnlra'B fllore, WaihingUm, Atk..M. M. Ma:(uli 

Mabola, .4rfMW, Ohio William E, Chlnn 

MabalUTllla, JKinniii. la. Jacob Vanelrbi 

Mabanc^, AbAnnlafiDHl, Fa vriUlam Dippc 

ItiititaBiAChamfa^m, HI Robert F. Cuao 

MahoB, AmMuilgii, la. QuIncjJ. Drummon 

HstHnlng, Slatt, Ohio. William Klnisbiir 

Mabooing, Mdiami, Pa. Jacob Brllhu 

Mabopso, Oa/ttanlL MliA Daniel T. «ei^ 

Habopan. PiUium, N.T Rsnbni D. BnMwi 

Ualdni Cnek, Brrl'i, Pa.. .OurRit D. SCItn 

Moldan Spring, Ta^mlt, Ta Daniel IIdeij 

. Malaga, fflwuxXcr, K 

Ualeoliii, J^^ram, lUw.— 


SrrriLteffa, H. Y. OwrKS I!. Dsnton 

Malta. Morgan, Ohio QeoTiro S. Hiam 

MalluTllle. Suraloga, K. Y LftiIs WatPrbory 

Milngin Grove, lit. 111 WlUiiim T. Morgan 

MaHem. CUmU, Ohio .C. G. Paeaslcr 

" ilbli, Saairan, N. Y ■Wllllaln JoTdon 

nock, 1*^91 Chattr, N. Y...EdvDTd gnunon 

tb Care. Edmaadum, Kj Wm. S. Minor 

Manatk, Lownda, Ala Pi-yfon T. OraTH 

Manahawkin'. Oc«™|n. J siuniiel M. Olipbant 

Manalapln, Mnraiumlh, S, 3, Jobn I.Conorer 

Ma—."— n— - T^ laaacYoder 

Ma ,. Srsnkim Bninch 

Ma Fa....Jain*a HcOllnchcT 

Ua la. Arlalldn DaiRi 

Ma „.,.rohn M, Dnncan 

Ma nn,..BKlp!i W. Hanghton 

Ua Ntnrtl B. Lrlgbton 

Ha .Heltire l. Mlllikca 

Mb ij LoaodnMIUcr ' 

Ma .....,..EdHln J. CmmrlDo 

Mo John P. Allen 

Ma Hoh.. AlanmaOaM 

Ma ....„ William r. Benr . 

Ml Y..'.. ...'.". ff. k.Cola 

Ma > DsTid Dunba* 

Maiii.iiBntQi. J vTj<,ra-.. »....»... ...Jobn Dr»or 

Mancbester, Suapttr, S. C.:— .Alexander Campbell 

ManohMtor, CH^Teno .HarrtiDO SbarkelBird 

Manaboitar, (o. hj Bomingtm, ¥t _.?. W. Hot 

HandHder, CAeitenItU, Ta .WUllam A. Pbanp 

MaDotaotn, Oeean, H. J. „ -William tottf 

MaiuAeiter, C^imbtrbaA N. J. R. HnrdilMni 

HanebMln, Jnnfanfc, X* :AddlHni Pmnn 

Manehertsr Bildga, IXiUAai, H. Y... Jidm K. Millet 
Hanetnater CenUa, Ontario, N. Y...Wm. II. Cooka 
Mincbeiter Slndon, ibrf/anl, Coon H. Hudna 

Mandarin, Di^^T^..'....'.'".'.'. John C. Brown 

MandeTllle,£r. ItntumanyjjA,.. Franpola Ddtt 

Mandeiille, Oimlt, Mn John W. Smith 

Maogoblck, Kii^ WOMan, Va Daild RIdar 

Mangiun, mekmaad, N.O D. B. Patlenon 

HenliaBiet, Qiunu, N. Y. Boberl U.Tltiu 

"""■"""■" "-^am, la. Volner Bmlth 

I, Ohio .flaonn W. Stnliht 

KoB nn, N. Y. Jame* Bi^ls 

itr. Pa. Andnir J. Kbr 

Htttiaer, N. Y John Markefl 

it Mich. .'inthn B.' Smith 

Wti Sjlvestw A. Wood 

^ liMam, WT>.....F. Boroberdl 

Monllua, drroU, Mo Pontaslan B. Dnrr 

Hanliut, .tU^on, HIeb William a Meeker 

Uanliua. Onoiulaga, S. Y Illram Binltb 

Uanllni Centra, Ommiaga,S.Y Itilpli Cbapin 

Manll ui Station. Onatdaoa, N.Y. Jeler J.Ttrpen oInE 

Manlyrille, Hairy, Tenn r. M. Stroud 

Uanubigham, £uuer,A]a.. ........... .J>. J. FeTEUon 

Mannington, Marim, Va - Thomas Krvln 

Mauibotongh, Amitia, Va Wllltsm H. Burtan 

Hann's Choice, Btdfard, Fa. TalentlDO V. Werti 

MannaTllle, Agirum, N. Y Jomeg I. 8t«la 

HanDaTllIa, jSvlor, Ey Edmond Penn 

Mimnr, (e. b.) Sabine, In. Robert B. gMUa 

Hanomlnoe,«onwy,Mla J. A.WfUii 

Uansr, Laneailer, Fa Abraham II. KaulTnuui 

Manor Dale, IFuAnonlnid. Pa... William l>. lIuniH 
Manor Hill, BvnUngiim, Pa. L Clark WaUier 

Maoorillle,' ;Shu;»fc, H.' Y.'....'.'." Jenmiuh a Wflb^r 

Mananeld, ToUand. Cona.. Komnol !L Fnller 

Uuunelil, Jlr»M,Maai Maraliall P. Shaw 

MaoiJleltl, (c. h,r.A^StoicJ,"bblo..?^b IMriE^^ 

Mansfleld, \c. h.) Diala, La. IL E. H. Buck 

MansHeld, KoKlalt, 111 .Whllmaa Stone 

Mnneflelil, Tioga, Pa Bonjamla M. Baflej /torJt,'la.,.'.!","!iir..aanineHI.JobDalan 

Manntleld, Diitduii, M. Y John J. Hall 

MamOeld CeDtte, IWJcm^ Coim. Urang Pariah 




Maztsfield Depot, ToOand, Conn Xewis Brigham 

Mansura, AvoyeUeSy La A. La&rague 

Manteno, Kankakee, 111 J. E. Labrie 

Manti, Fremonty Iowa Edmund Fisher 

Manti, San Pete, Utah George Peacock 

Manton, Prpvidencej K. I Christopher Holden 

Hanton, Mariony Ky « Martin H. Kendall 

Hantua, Pickens, Ala William P. Lavender 

Hantua, Guernsey, James Porter 

Mantua Centre, Boriage, Ohio Jacob W. Foster 

Manyille, Ftwidence, R. I Carlile Vose 

Manwarings, Shdby, la. Simeon H. Rhorer 

Maple, Ionia, Mich Joseph H. Rowe 

Maple, Br&wn, Ohio William N. Conover 

Maple Creek, Washif^ton, Pa. Samuel Frye 

Maple Furnace, JButkr, Pa Matthew S. Adams 

Maple Grove, Barry, Mich Joel Hyde 

Maple Grove, Aroostook, Me Edward S. Fowler 

Maple Grove, Knox, Ohio Richard Robert* 

Maple Grove, Otsego, N. Y .Olney Braley 

Maple Grove, BradUy, Tenn Robert H. Pharis 

Maple Grove, ifonttowoc, Wis Josiah N. Cheney 

Maples, Alien, Ind Robert S. McCune 

Maple Springs, LafayetU, Miss... William S. Nichols 
Maple Springs, Bed River, Tex.William Humphries 

MaplesTille, Bibb, Ala ...Wiley Foshee 

Mapleton, Abbeville, S. C Samuel G. Edmunds 

Mapleton, Niagara^ N. Y ^^.Isaac H. Oliver 

Mapleton, WauJcesIia, Wis.. .Samuel Breck 

Mapleton, Stark, Ohio George H. Snyder 

MapUtown, (Greene, Pa. Charles A. Mestrezats 

Mapleville, H'ovidence, R. I Samuel Hudson, jr 

Maquoketa, Jackson, Iowa Wm. C. Swigart 

Maquon, Knox, 111 Allen Hamrick 

Maradosia, Morgan, 111 John Walihan 

Maramee, Crawford, Mo William James 

Marathon, Oortlandt, N. Y Richard P. Burhans 

Marathon, Clermont, Thomas W. Abernathy 

Marathon, Lapeer, Mich Chanqy Maxfield 

Marble, Madison, Ark Gilbert Hudson 

Marble Creek, Jessamine, Ky John M. Taul 

Marble Dale, Litch/idd, Conn Joseph Watson 

Marble Furnace, Adama, Ohio Townsend E. Reid 

Marble Hall, Hawkins, Tenn.... John B. McFarlaud 

Marblehead, OUawa, Ohio Alexander Clenimons 

Marblehead, £S(sex,Mass Samuel Cox 

Marble Hill, Lincoln, Tenn Alien Johnson 

Maibletown, VUter, N. Y C. M. Van Buren 

Marble Valley, Cbo«a, Ala H.W. Bowers 

Marcelline, Adoans, 111 J^ohn C. Anderson 

Maroelion, OdumJbna, Wis Andrew P. Sipe 

Marcellus, Wasldngton, Iowa. S. W. Stone 

Marcellus, Onondaga^ N. Y Hen. T. Kennedy 

Marcellus Falls, Onondaga, N. Y...Joseph H. Steele 

Marchand, Mdiana, Pa John Y. Smitten 

Marco, Greene, la. John S. Benefiel 

Marcus, Jadcson, Ga. Allen Justice 

MflO'cus Hook, Bdaware, Pa....l John R. Casey 

Marcy, Xa Grange, la Thomas G. Starkey 

Marcy, Waukesha, Wis.. William Costigiu 

Marcy, Oneida, N. Y William M. Mayhew 

Marcy, FrankUn, 111 Harral Lemme 

Mardiftville, TaUadega, AIa Noadiah Woodruff 

Marengo, lotoa, Iowa Rezin A. Redman 

Marengo, Laurens, S. C William G. Coleman 

Marengo, McHenry, 111 Anson Sperry 

Marengo, Qilhoun,Mich John Evans 

Marengo, Wayne,^. Y B. F. Pound 

Marengo, Morrow, Oliio Isaac P. Freeman 

Marengo, Crawford, la. Lewis B. Stewart 

Margaretsville, Northampton, N. C.Jos. W. Cocke 

Margaretta, Clark, 111 William B. Marrs 

Margaretta Furnace, York, Pa Thomas Himes 

Margarettville, DeLaware, N. Y.....George G. Becker 

Maria Creek, Knox, la Joseph Chambers 

Mariana, (c. h.) Jackson, Fla Henry O. Bassett 

Murianna, PhUips, Ark David A. Wicker 

Maria Stein, Mercer, Ohio Mathias Gast 

Mariavilie, Schenectady, N. Y Hiram Hansett 

Marietta, (c. h.) Oobb, Ga .William P. Groves 

Marietta, FuUon, 111 J)ariuB T. Morgan 

Marietta, Onondaga, N. Y Alanson Hicks 

Marietta, Shelby, la Sylvanus Robei-tson 

Marietta, (c. h.) Washington, Ohio....Nath'l Bishop 
Marietta, Itawamba, ULiaa El^ah Oliver 

Marietta, Xancosfer, Pa James Cushman 

Marietta, Marshall,IowA Josiah Hambleton 

Marietta, Crawford, Wis Oliver E. Wise 

Marine, Washington, 111 John Ellison 

Marine Mills, Washington, Minn Orange Walker 

Marion, (c. h.) Perry, Ala ;.... Henry F. Godden 

Marion, (c. h.) Crittenden, Ark Thomaa Grant 

Marion, (c. h.) Twiggs, Ga Henry P. Keck 

Marion, (c. h.) Williamson, 111 Joseph Hopper 

Marlon, (c. h.) Grant, la John W. Dodd 

Marion, (c. h.) Linn, Iowa H. H. Welsh 

Marion, CHtttertden, Ky Julius N. Sutcliff 

Marion, (c. h.) Union, La Daniel Puckett 

Marion, Washington, Me .Phineas Foster 

Marion, (c. h.) Angelina, Tex Jacob Davis 

Marion, Livingston, Mich Peter L. Wiilhelm 

Marion, (c. h.) Laiiderdaie, Miss... Jobal B. Hancock 


Marion, (c. h.) Cole, Mo Thomas Gregory 

Marion, Wayne, "S. Y Levi Clark 

Marion, (c. h.) McDoweU, N. C Edwin S. Hull 

Marion, (c. h.) Marion, Ohio Albert H. Brown 

Marion, l^ran^*Ztn, Pa Jacob Greenawalt 

Marion C. H., Marion, S. C John McMillan 

Marion, Hartford, Conn Thomas M. Beecher 

Marion, (c. h.) Smytfi, Va James H. Francis 

Marioni, Kenozha^Vfia Samuel T. Rice 

Marion City, Marion, Mo William Cherry 

Marionville, i^Mi, Pa John D. Hunt 

Mariposa, (c b.) Mariposa, CaI...John F.'McNamara 

Marissa, St. Clair, III Wm. White 

Marits, Morrow, Ohio John Christy 

Markesan, Marquette, Wis John K.Oliver 

Markham Station, ihuquier,y& Bexg'amin T. 


Markle, Huntington, la Bei^.P. Wieley 

Marksborough, Warren, N. J John S. Ball 

Mark's Creek, Richnumd, N. C.John W. Freeman 

Marks ville, (c. h.) Avoyelles, La James Rey, jr 

Marksville, Page, Va Paschal Graves 

Marlboro, Pitt, N. C Wm. G.Lang 

Marlboro, Cheshire, N. H G. D. Richardson 

Marlboro Depot, CAwWrc, N.H...George W. Garfield 

Marlborough, Hartford, Conn Asa Day 

Marlborough, Middlesex, Mass Joseph C. Cotting 

Marlborough, OarroU, Tenn John Travis 

Marlborough, Monmouth, N. J James Thompson 

Mai-Iborough, Vlster, N. Y John Pennock 

Marlborough, Chester,Va, Isaac Martin 

Marlborough, Windham, Vt William Wallace 

Marlbrook, Hempstead, Ark John W. Williams 

Marley's Mills, Randolph, N. C Thomas Marley 

Marlin, FoMs, Tex Zenas Bartlett 

Marlin Bottom, Pocahontas, Va.,.— James A. Price 

Marlow, Cheshire, N. H Orville F. Mack 

Marlton, Burlington, N. J Alexander C. Wills 

Maroa, Mojcon, 111 John Crocker 

Marple, Ddatoare, Pa. Bbeneaser B. Curtis 

Marquette, Marquette, Wis George R. Bartlett 

Marr, Lawrenxit, Pa John McClung 

Marrinette, Oconio, Wis John B. Jacobs 

Marriottsville, Howard, Md Robert Adair 

Marrowbone, Cumberland, Ky Walter J. Pace 

Marrowbone, Z>awd»on, Tenn J. Crockett 

Mars, Bibb, Ala Robert Oldham 

Mars Bluflf, Marixm, S. C John M. Smith 

MarseiUes, La Salle, lU Albert Butterfield 

Marseilles, NobU, la John Longyar 

MarseUles, Wyandott, Ohio John M. Chesney 

Marsh, Chester, Pa Jesse Hause 

Marshall, (c. h.) Cterfc,Ill Robert S.McCabe 

Marshall, (c. h.) Calhoun, Mich J. H. Montgomery 

Marshall, (c. h.) Saline, Mo Michael Flynn 

Marshall, Oneida, N. Y Solomon A. Hitchcock 

Marshall, Bath, Ky Levi Fratman 

Mai-shall, Highland, Ohio James P. Bayham 

Marshall, Oc. h.) Harrison, Texas Ozias J. Taylor 

Marshall, Hnry, Iowa James D.Bryan 

Marshim Prairie, Newton, Ark Pleasant Fowler 

Marshall's Corners, Crawford, Pa... Joseph D. Pelton 

Marshall's Creek, Monroe, Pa Henry Peters, jr 

Marshall's Perry, Grainger, Tenn...JameB Shields 

MarshallsvHle, Wayne, Ohio Henry Winger 

Marshallsville, Macon, Ga Isaac Johnson 

MarshallsviUe, Greenbrier, Va Henry Hedrick 

BfarshaUton, Chester, Pa George Martin 


M.i-tin, .JUbhm, Mkh E. Fhotlcptacse 

KaMlDdMb jMdbloihirfA, N. C...Jam« W. Mulln 

IStMo^DepohOlbanbiafS.Y HurUnBsm 

mrtian, (c h-lOiBlm tmW, Cal Hinun Pogg 

UutlDihargh, lfQtlki<vtoii, Ii_Jii8eph lAnriuiiiller 
Haieiiubattli, <^ h.) Imi$, N. X.. Juw H^BbddDD 
£«»0tala. .Wm-Kenmluu 

1^%, Ko JahB T. Martin 

iDi^ £Mr,Fa BenliuDln t-OihtMaey 

jmnmaDHTgli, (o. h.) Siriefcjr, Vi. J. Thornton 

Hartin's (S>mFn, Shtlty, la Wm. 

lIt>rtlu'9Cr»k,£aw(n«, Ark B 

Htrljn'a Creek, KarlAamptim, Pa.-.Oei 
lliirUn's&Mk,/Wmi,SC.„. "" " 
Hartfn^fl Depot, ZdttrtTU, S. C.-, 

Hmia's Feny, admn!, <Hih> •umi umi^ 

Hutin*! To^ jMDfi, Ky J, D. Irwin 

HM^nt Uam KUna, ^IMti, N. C...Jahn L. UarUn 

Hartln'i HIUb, Ntllan. Va EUaha Q, Thoumond 

UartinnlUe, Olart, III Uicliai!] Pults 

MartinsTlUB, '" "- '' ■ 

Martir— '■ 

ryan KUlett 
AddiBOD F. Mutin 


Andrew Wamplei 
. ., . , . . Nathaniel UcCord 

■uriiuinlle, CUnim, Ohio John Hunt 

Martlusrtlle. (c h.) 3mTy,Yt 3.Fgt»l 

HtitiUle. Oisuga, K. T Jamei 8. Tillbrd 

Uut£, etas, la OcorEB W.Jetl 

Hhi-vbL ftzl*.. Mo MeWlnW. Dickey 

"" Elian Good 

John T. Thompson 

JSTlUa, Jtow„ 

HurBTille, Ouv^^ V. 

UarysTille, futsH, low* 

UvyaviUe, AoAetiin, N.C ..AleUDdar Boirlui 

Uaryarille, (c.h.}jniiii, Cal .Philip W. Eeyaei 

UarjiTillc, Euiau Tar F. J. Marthal 

Haiytovn, IbiKt Da Lac, Tni...,Feter J. Brogchoi 

...Hen^ Sesler 



M. H^...G«Tgs W. Scriptare 
"-yid W. Taodjko 

on, joctHn, Teni 

on, Harm, Tt. auunanan 

onlMl, OTiRffipN.C. JohnK.-I'uiattD 

un llalJ, O&i^n, Tea □....., ...... ...John Uolloiuan 

DD'aOrovB, JAi'Ji«>)i,Ti:nn»....H9nry B. WiUou 

OQtowD,J%j/f'^ Pa-..-.. ....«-.. Elleha lu^bead 

on Village, -ffiaibrmMraA, N- H.-.Jamea Tait,lr 
ouilllc, Lxuderdale, Ala John Harrlaoc 

Hasten-a Corner, Klatipa. WDUam HuUn 

MDBthope, POx, Fa 

Uaat Yari, JHbrJmui^ H. 

Matamora, Hard 

MaUunoraal Pike^Vi 
Matchelt, Barlct, 0.. 
MatildavUle, Clardm, Fa.... 

datildavUle, i 
ilatiolcui, if 

_ill^ .Mitmr, Wis 

iuaLiiuuu, fifw £i]rtjl. HfDD— .... 
Mauldlng-a UiUs, ll!iyiu,III 

"— -■— --"n,' aimittlanili'ii"j 

Mnatiia, Vigo, Ja 

Mavols, Haraii, Mo.- 


.X Greek, Oaidat, Ho .... 

Maxhno, dart. Ohio Samuel Marrin 

Maifleld, FUmiiial, Ua FmnkllD TonrtlllaU 

Haj, l/ORcatier, Pa.... 

MayhlntoD, JVcD^errv, S. O Jamea 

....John U, Ehiren 
....John WllRird, er 

fc^Ta ..John W.Ed 

«, N. C.Owrge S. Do^Ia 

H. Y .'.....Lorini 

Slsphtn Rlcht 

Majportlima,Biiwi,na- Ml 

Mai'a LandiDi, (e. hO AtlnKfe, N. J,... 
sum, 1^... Edward 

Mai'aLlctJBawmK:"" '-"■ " ^ ■ 

Ha;BiUl«,(o. h.) Clav, iii »>i...^. ^ im.^...c; 

Majnllle, Jliuim, Ey„ Benjamin 0. PlckeU 

HaiailUe, Jaekum, Oa. Abram Alklna 

Ha^gtill*, (e. h.) Oc KOIb, Mo Jamea Grant 

HariiUle, MadiKm, Ala Samuel M, Wcaier 

MuTavllla, Bmlon, Ark Jamei McFoU 

Majgillla, Jferw, Pa. Ovagt E. Hagsenplurk 

MbjitI11% Grtetu, N. C _ .George W. Moor* 

«. . .... ^_ »_j » fl. Andflaon 

ma, Onm^, IT 
-1, IRirrBi, Pr 
le, ZAtm, Ho, 
lOomerB, (* 

C. W. Ito>al 

..Jonathan Ubtt 

....Brury Qrii 

.Fleming W. Eauui 

,'Ofaii>...Saml. 3.Vanile 
Meadow creek, cmiue, i>l. C Wm. S. Bradfl 

H«dow Dolo, Blahtani, Va Jamea Sia 

IS^Aam ttim, MuAtngvM, Ohio C. Eprli 




Meadows of Dan, Patricky Ta James Keynolds 

Mead's Basin, Passaic^ N.J Thomas Hunt 

Mead's Mills, TTajywc, Mich Cjrus B. Packard 

MeadviUe, ^c. h.) i'Van Win, Miss-Fielding J.Whitley 
Meadville, (c. h.) Crawford, PaJames E. McFarland 

Meadville, Halifax, Va Jeremiah While 

Bfeadville, Mead,Ky Sigmund Oriff 

Meagher, Bureau^ 111 Amos Walters 

Means, Harrison, Ohio John McGuire 

Meansville, Union, S. C Albert G. Means 

Mecca, TrumAuU, Ohio Milo Powers 

Mechanlcsburgh, Sangamon, 111 Morris Bird 

Mechanicsburgh, Champaign, 0...F. £. D. McGiuIey 

Mechanlcsburgh, Henry, la Thomas B. Keesling 

Mechanicsburgh, 04,niberland, Pa...William Eckels 

Mechanici^bnrgh, Macon, Mo..... Reuben Brown 

Mechanicsburgh, Oiks, Ya. Iliram Rider 

Mechanic's Falls, Androscoggin, M.e A. D. Dwinol 

Mechanic's Grove, Lancaster, Pa N. H. Gillespie 

Mechanicstown, Frederick, Md Reuben Osier 

Mechanicstown, Carroll, Ohio Silas Potts 

Mechanicsville, Jusper, 6a. Burrell P. Key 

Mechanicsville, Saratoga, N. Y John Elmer 

Mechanicsville, Oznnon,Tenn Samuel E. Burger 

Mechanicsville, Sumter, S. C John C. Strother 

Mechanicsville, BusseUt, Ala. James Sharman 

Mechanicsville, Rtttfdand, Yt Austin L. Morgan 

Mechanicsville, Bucks, Pa Stephen B. Wesner 

Mechanicsville, Louisa, Ya John Q. Watkins 

Mechum's Klver, Albemarle,'^ v^ Wm. P. Jarman 

Mecklenburgh, Knox, Tenn... James G. M. Ramsey 
3Iecklenburgh, Schuyhr, N. Y.... Daniel B. Wheeler 

Medary, Putnam, Ohio William Kraufss 

Medarysville, Pulasid, la Moses Cherrie 

Medelline, Parle, la Nicholas Mothorn 

Medfield, Norfolk, Mass Walter Janes 

Medford, Middlesex, Mass James C. Winnek 

Medford, Burlington, N. J Thomas A. Potts 

Medford, /\ice, Minn ; Smith Johnson 

Media, Delaware, Pa Charles R. Williamson 

Medina, Outogamie, Wis .Cornelius Koontz 

Medina, IVlnnebagOy 111 Samuel Plllsbury 

Medina, Lcnaxvee, Mich Baxter Lyon 

Medina, Orleans, N. Y Daniel Stan- 
Medina, (c.h.) 3f(.dina, Ohio Joseph Whitmore 

Medium, Marshall, Tenn Washington Hunter 

Medoc, Jasper, Mo Elijah Penington 

Medon, Madison, Tenn George W. McQuire 

Sledusa, Albany, N. Y James M. Hallock 

3Iedway, Norfolk, Mass Samuel W. Metcalf 

Medway, Clark, Ohio , D. I. Stiles 

Medway, Greene, N. Y Frederic S. Green 

Medybemps, Washington,Mo Ezra Whitney 

3Ieeker, Washington, Wis Georg** Schutz 

Meek's Hill, York, S. C James M. Whitesides 

Meeme, Manitowoc, Wis Henry Mulboland 

Meeting Street, Edgefidd, S. C Jobu S. Smyly 

Meherin Depot, SouUiampton, Ya N. R. Joyner 

Mehoopany, Wyffining,V& Joseph T. Jennings 

Meigs' Creek, Morgan, Ohio Benj, F. Fouts 

Melgsville, Morgan, Ohio James S. Reeves 

Meigsvllle, Jackson, Tenn Amos Kirkpatrick 

Melendez, (c. h.) Benton, Fla. William Hope 

Mellenville, Cblumbia, N. Y Jeremiah M. Storm 

Mellon ville, (c. h.) Oranffe,^^ Isaac Winegord 

Mellow Valley, Bandolph, Ala.... William H. Miller 

Melmore, SeTieca, Ohio Moses King 

Melon, Barltour, Ya James E. Hall 

3Ielpine, Muscatine, Iowa Elias M. Mackemer 

Meh'Ode, Bockingham,\ a, Reuben N. Harrison 

Melrose, Clark, 111 David J. Riffe 

Melrose, Middlesex, Mass George Howard 

Melrose, Buih, la.^ John Abernathy 

Melrose, JacJcsnn, Wis , Mark Douglass 

Melrose, Nacogdoc'i^, Tex William Jacobs 

Meltonsville, Marshall, Ala James W\ Hodges 

3IelviUe, Chattooga, Ga. Alfred N. Kindrick 

Melville, Alamance, N. Henderson Scott 

Melville, Dade^ Mo James R. Long 

Melville, Caroline, Md John J. Fisher 

Melvio, BaUard,Ky Thomas Rudd 

Melvin Village, CarraU, N. H Ezra Shepherd 

Memphis, IHc7:ens, Ala Sidney G. Coleman 

Memphis, Scotland, Mo William S. Duckworth 

^Memphis, (c.h.) SlieWy, Tenn W .H. Carroll 

Memphis, St. Clair, Mich Linus S. Gilbert 

Memphis, Clark, Ind John F. Diets 

Menallen, Adam<', Pa Jacob Eppleman 

Menashsv TVTnneliago, Wis. Jeremiah Crowley 

Mendham, Morris, N. J John J. Ballcntine 

Mendon, Madison, la Thomas Jordan 

Mendon, Adajns, 111 John L. Arnold 

Mendon, JVbrcester, Mass W. H. Aldrtch 

Mendon, Monroe, N. Y L. 0. Hill 

Mendon, Mercer, Ohio Alex. S. Moncrleff 

Mendon, Rutland, Yt Amasa Nichols 

Mendon, Westmoreland, Vs, Philip Fisher 

Mendon Centre, Monroe, N. Y Samuel Cox 

Mendota, La Salle, 111 D. D. Guiles 

Medota, BahkotaJt, Minn Hypolite Dupfns 

Menelos, Madison, Ey John Dozler 

Menominee, Chippewa, Wis Thomas B. Wilson 

Menominee Falls, Waukesha, Wis... William R. Hesk 

Mentor, Lake, Ohio Daniel Holmes 

Mequon River, Oza■ukie,^\iB ....A.Zimmerman 

Mercer, Somerset, Mo Asher D.Whitcomb 

Mercer, Mercer, Ohio Smith H. Clark 

Mercer, Mercer, Mo Frederick Fry 

Mercer, (c. h.) Mercer, Pa John Sloss 

Mercer Salt Works, Mercer, Ya Alex. S. Turk 

Mercersburgh, Franklin, Pa Eliza Carson 

Merchant's Bluff, Darliiigton, S.C...Wm. H. Cannon 

Mercia, Bock Island, 111 :.. James J. Stansell 

Mere, Macomb, Mich Isaac Brabb 

Meredith, Delaware, N. Y Edward Douglass 

Meredith Centre, Belknap, N. H...lErael P. Pluromer 

Meredith Mills, FuUon, la Job Meredith 

Meredith's Tavern, Marion, Va...Decliford Meredith 

Meredith Village, Belknap, N. H John V. Barron 

Meriden, New Haven, Conn Bertrand L. Yala 

Merlden, Sullivan, N. H Converse Cole 

Meridian, Cayuga, N. Y W.S.Ingham 

Meridian, Ptiwdfcfow, Ky Heber Shoemaker 

Meridian, Lauderdale, Miss Alfred Beck 

Meridiauville, Madison, Ala John Kirkland 

Mermaid, New Caslle,J>Q\ Milton Steela 

Merom, Sullivan, la Porter Burki 

Merona, McIIenry, 111 J. R. Mack 

Merrick, Queens, N. Y Carman Smith 

Merriam, Noble, la James Cunningham 

Merrillaville, FrankKn, N. Y... Jeremiah D. Merrill 

Merrillsvllle, SLClair, Mich John D. Jones 

Merrilltown, 2Vavw, Texas. Nelson Merrill 

MerrillvUle, XoAe, la Daniel H. Hall 

Merrimack, Sauk, Wis Joaiah M. Haines 

Merritt, Ban-y, Mich David W. Smith 

Merritt's Bridge, BamweU, S. C.John D. Plunkett 

Merrittstown, Fayette, Pa Alexander Brown 

Merrittsville, OreenvMe, S. C Davis W. Hodges 

3Ierrow Station, Tolland, Qt Joseph B. Merrow 

Mcrryall. Bradford, Pa John H. Black 

Merry Hill, Bertie, N. C Jehu N. Webb 

3Ierry Mount, Warren, N. C Henry P. White 

Merry Oalcs, Barren, Ky David B.Dentou 

Merry Oaks, Hamilton, Tenn Samuel H. Hunter 

Mershon's Cross Roads, Laurel, Ky Abraham 


Merton, Wankesha, Wis Edward Hackctt 

Merwinsburgh, Monroe, Pa John Merwina 

Merwinsville, Litchfield, Ct Sylvanus Merwin 

Mesopotamia, lYumbuU, Ohio F. 0. Easton 

Messina Springs, Onondaga, N.Y...Rufus R. Kinne 

Messongo, ^ccomoc/c, Va Thomas A. Northam 

Metamora, Woodford, III Charles H. Chitty 

Metamora, J^Van/.lm, la Peter C. Woods 

Metamora, Lapeer, Mich Eber Barrows 

Metamora, i^wZtow, Thomas W. Fowler 

Metea, Cass, la Elijah T. Moora 

Metedeconk. Ocean, N. J Abram 0. S. Havens 

Mcthuen, Essex, Mass John Low 

Metomcn, i^nd dit Iioc, Wis Giles Egleston 

Metompkin, Accomuuik, Va JohnL. Snead 

Metropolis City, Massac, 111 A. B. Browne 

Mets, Steuben, la Justus Barron 

Metuchcn, Middlesex, N. J Thomas Vansiclen 

Mexico, Miami, la E. Nelson Banka 

Mexico, Jc^crsow, Ala Hiram Roberta 

Mexico, Oxford, Me Lewis Reed 

Mexico, (c. h.) Audrain, Mo W. D. H. Hunter 

Mexico, Osv>tgo, N. Y John A. Fort 




Hezloo, Wyandatty Ohio Jarad M. Hord 

Mexico, Junia/o, Pa DavM Qingerich 

Keyer's Mills, Scmerset, Pa Qillian G. lint 

tfeyerstowa, Lebanon, Pa William TTrich 

MeTersville, De Witt, Tex Adolph Meyer 

Miami, JDade, Fla Geo. W. Ferguson 

Miami, Saline Mo W. T. Williams 

Miami, ^amtU<m, Ohio Aaron W.Taber 

Miami, Miami, la..^. David G. Jenkin« 


Miamisville CUrmont, Ohio Mark Buckingbam 

Mianus, Fairfidd, Conn Jamea L. Newman 

Mioanopy, ALachua, Fla. J. P. Garrison 

Micco, Crtek Nation, Ark Ward H. BaUey 

Miccosukee, Leon, Fla. George £. IXennis 

Michaelsville, Harford, Md Jacob J. Michael 

Michigan Bar, Sacramento, Ca]...Wm. S. Hamelton 

Michigan Bluflf, Placer, Gal Peter Dllts 

Michigan Centre, Jackson, Mich...»jroeiah 0. Riley 

Michigan City, La Jbrte,Ia Thomas Jernigan 

Michigantown, ClirUon,I% William Strange 

Midbridge, GUes, Tenn Bamual H. Stoat 

Kiddagh's, NortJiampton, Pa~....George B. Middagfa 

Middleboro, PlymauthjMaas Sidney Tucker 

Middlebourno, Gtiernsey, Ohio Alex. Kirkpatrick 

Middlebourne, (c. h.) 2i^Zer, Va William Swan 

Middle Branch, Stark, Ohio Aaron S. Wise 

Middlebrook, Augusta, Ya Robeit M. Firth 

Middlebrook Mills, MwUgomery, Md,..Ja8. G. House 
Middleburgh, SchoJiarie, N. Y...Nathan T. Rosseter 

Middiebargh, Chsey, Ky Wm. N. Hatter 

Middleburgh, Carroll, Md David Hope 

Middleburgh, Unim, Pa H. A. Smith 

Middleburgh, Hardeman, Tenn 0. D. Bryant 

Middleburgh, Shiaxoassee, Mich...G6org|e W. Slocum 

Middleburgh, Zioudon, Va Edwin G. Brown 

Middleburgh, Cuyahoga, Ohio Wheeler Wellman 

Middleburgh, Boone, Mo Bennet H. Clark 

Middleburgh, DuvaU, Fla John Hoas 

Middlebnry, Elkhart, la Henry S. Alderman 

Middlebury, Mercer, Mo Royal Williams 

Middlebury, Summit, Ohio Blijah Curtis 

Middlebury, (c. h.) Addison, YLEmerson R. Wright 

Middlebury, New Haven, Conn £11 S. Smith 

Middlebury Centre, Tioga, Pa Henry H. Potter 

Middlebush, Somerset, N.J Peter S. Brohaw 

Middle Creek, Monroe, Ohio Alfred Ogle 

Middle Creek, WaJce, N. C Thomas G. Whitaker 

Middle Creek, McMinn, Tenn .Joseph Smith 

Middle Creek, Union, Pa William Barth 

Middle Greek Mills, Boone, Ky Thomas Roberts 

Middle Fables, Scotland, Mo Robt. A. Bryant 

Middlefield, Hampshire. Mass « Solomon Boot 

Middlefield, Otsego, N. Y Harrison North 

Middlefield, Geauga, Ohio Elmore W. Clarke 

Middlefield, Middlesex, Conn George W. Bacon 

Middlefield Centre, Otsego, N. T A. T.Bigelow 

Middleford, Sussex, Del John M. Rawlins 

Middle Fork, Clinton, J& John Evans 

Middle Fork, Randolph, Ya George S. Grove 

Middle Fork, Henderson, Tenn, James Mitchell 

Middle Fork, Macon, Mo....» James Flore 

Middle Fork, Hocking, Ohio.Samuel McClure Hunter 
Middle Granville, Wiishiv^^fton, N. Y.Wm. H. Wing 

Middle Grove, Fulton, 111 Timothy W. Morse 

Middle Grove, Saratoga, N. Y Hiiwn S. Freeman 

Middle Grove, Monroe, Mo John S. Gonyers 

Middle Ground, Scriren, Ga B. L. Boykin 

Middle Haddani, Middlesex, Conn John Carrier 

Middle Hope, Orange, N. Y John Hardwick 

Middle Island, St^ffblk, N. Y Bei^. T. Hutchinson 

Middle Lancaster, Btitler, Pa....^ Henry I^ueben 

Middle Mountain, Botetourt, Ya Jamed Scott 

Middle Point, Van Wart, Nathaniel Sykes 

Middleport, (c. h.) Iromiois,Jll....J)9niel B. Gardner 

Middleport, Niagara^ N.Y Rolyri Craig 

Middleport, SehuylktU, Pa John Becktttl 

Middleport, Braxton^ Ya Eira B. Clifton 

Middleport, Meigs, David Pangbnm 

Middle Kidge^ Newtrni, Ga James Riley 

Middle River, FrankUn, Ga Michael Ragsdale 

Middlesex, Yates, N. Y .Oliver S. WiUiams 

Middlesex, Wasfungton, Yt George H. Lewis 

Middlesex W\\]»gfi^ MiddUux^ Mom... John £. Chaise 

Middleton, Euex, Mass...... Ainoa Batohelder 


Middleton, OarroUf Biiss..... John M. Owiy 

Middleton, Straffcnrd, N. H.... Jitz Henry Hamilton 

Middleton, Dane, Wis John L. Cliffoid 

Middleton, Bviherford, Tenn Robert B. McLean 

Middleton's Store, u4pj9^iirMr,Ga.StepheD S. Middleton 
Middletown, (c. h.) MidcUesex, Coun..Norman Smith 

Middletown, Livingston, Mich Darwin A. Palmer 

Middletown, New CdsUe, Del Chas. Foster 

Middletown, Logan, 111 Colby Knanp 

Middletown, Henry, la B. F. Muri&j 

Middletown, J^ersaa,^ Ky Besjamin P. Johnson 

Middletown, IVederide, Md Henry Herring 

Middletown, Montgomery, Mo.... Jas. M. Crosthwait 

Middletown, Jks Moines, Iowa Thoi. L. Sei^ient 

Middletown, Motunouth, N. J .Samuel J. Taylor 

Middletown, Orange, N. Y Hiram Y. lUng 

Middletown, Hyde, N. G Lorenzo D. White 

Middletoyfn,Butler, Ohio Jno. Hamidi 

Middletown, Dauphin, Pa Catluurine A. Stonoh 

Middletown, Rutland, Yt Moses £.Yail 

Middletown, Frederick, Ya Jacob S. Danner 

Midddletown Centre, Susquehannahf Pa...Perrin 8. 

Middletown Point, Monmouth, N. J...George W. Bell 
Middle Yillage, Queens, N. Y.... Jonathan F. Latham 

MiddleviUe, Barry, Mich Winslow W. Ralidl 

Middleville, Sussex, N. J Joseph Andress, Jr 

Middleville, Herkimer, N. Y... ...Samuel G. FrankUn 

Middleway, Jefferson, Ya Henry Smith 

Midlothian, ChesierjCeld,\9k James Morrissett 

Midview, Henry, Ky Isaac M. Underwood 

Midville, Burke, Ga i James GrilBn 

Midway, Airbour, Ala Tt^omas Hania 

Midway, FuUon, HI Robert W. Gomhe 

Midway, Spenoer, la Josiah J. Gwaltney 

Midway, Wooc^ord, Rty......r Joseph G. Ke«n 

Midway, Madison, Miss..... George W. Stewart 

Midway, Cooper, Mo Albert G.Tompkina 

Midway, Davidson, N. G W. G. Beard 

Midway, BamtnU, S. C Peter Careen 

Midway, HotSlprings, Ark James M. Hammond 

Midway, Monroe, Tenn Jeese Cunnyngham 

Midway, Craig, Ya John W. Peck 

Midwf^, i^pUf, Iowa Jefferson Robertson 

Mier, Orastt, la A. B. Cravene 

Mier, Wabeuh, 111 Gabriel S. Goldsborg 

Mifflin, Ashland, 0^ John M. Crofy 

Mifflin, Iowa, Wis Charles H. Ods 

M.ifliin, Henderson, Tenn .G. W. Coeper 

Mifflin, Crawford, la Malacbi Ott 

MiiSinburgh, Union, Pa. Joh|i Foretcr 

Mifflintown, (c h.) Juniata, Pa Susan Baroavd 

MifflinviUe, Ooltmbia, Fa G. H. Hmi 

Milam, <o,h.) SabiiM, Tex Gideon A. Noilbnl 

Milan, Ripley, la Leonard K. Knowtt<A 

Milan, Jfonrotf, Mich Treman WlleeK 

Milan, SttUvoan, Mo Jledgeman T. McClenahan 

Milan, Coos, N. H Hiram T. EUingwood 

Milan, Dutchess, N. Y John CrandaU 

Mihia, Erie, Ohio Lyman Walker 

Milan, Bradford, Pa Guy Traoy 

Milburgh, GreenviUe, 8. John Weaver 

Mileeburgh, Oentre, Pa John S. Proudfoot 

Milestown, St. Marys, Md Wm. H. Gamer 

Mileetown, PhOadeLphia, Pa Bennett Medavy 

Milford, New Haven. Conn .William Brotherton 

Mitford, Jefferson, Wis Nathan S. Greene 

Milford, Kvnt, Del W. N. W. Doreej 

Milford, Hvfni/tTdan, N. J Charles Brodk 

MUford, Jroquois, 111 William Onj 

Milford} Koeciusko, la Timothy Goodwin 

Milford, XOit, Tex William R. Hv^taon 

Milford, Clark, Iowa JosephNorrii 

MUford, Penobscot, Me. Peleg Ball 

Milford, Worcester, Mass.. James H. Barkw 

Milford^ Oareline, Ya Wm. N. Jordan 

MMford, Oakland, Mich Eiial M. White 

Milford, Bracken, Ky James M. BrownJog 

Milford, HiUsbaroi^h, N. H .....S. S. Sticknegr 

MUford, Otsego, N. Y....^ John Eddy 

Milford, Clermont, Ohio Amos wh 

Milford, (o. h.) Pike, Pa John R. Welle 

Milford, fl>reent'flIs,a.C .William J. Gibeon 

MUford, Boter, Ga. Walter B. Maeon 

MUford Centre^ Ukioti, Ohio X)Uver 0. KennMr 




miford Square, J9uelt<,Pa .C. R. Himmelwrigtat 

MUfordtoQ, Knoxj Ohio John Stevens 

MQitary Institute, FrcaMinj Ky.... J. T. Dickinson 

Kilitary Road, Jej^son, N. Y Daniel S. Becker 

Military Springs, IhyeUef Ala Martha A. Gribbs 

Millard, Waltoorthy'WiB Allen Loomer 

Millard, Wayne, N. C... Sanders P. Cox 

Mill Ark, FuUcn, la H. D. Hoover 

MUlbach, Lebanon, Pa Oliver Weigley 

Mill Bank, Ghranmlie, N. G Eaton Davis 

MIU Bend, Hawkins, Tenn Absalom L. Bnram 

Millborough Springs, .S(antA,Ya...Johnn. Dickinson 

Mlllbridge, Washinffton, Me< Warren Leighton 

Mill Brook, Warren, N. Y Bdwin A, Bush 

Mill Brook, Litchfield, Gonn Harvey W. Pinney 

Mill Brook, Warren, N. J Chaa. Labar 

Mill Brook, Wayne, Ohio Timothy H. Baker 

MlUburgh, Berrien, lAich Enos Fenton 

Millbum, Ballard, Ky Hermon Reed 

Mfljbum, Lake, 111...! John Thayer 

MiUburn, Essex, N. J Albert D. Traphagan 

Millbury, Worcester, Mass .William B. Fenner 

Mill Greek, Hipley, Mo Amos Ponder 

Mill Creek, HuntinffUm, Pa Loyd Meredith 

Mill Greek, Ftdton, Ohio Calvin Ackley 

Mill Greek, Berkeley, Ya James H. Clendening 

MiU Greek, Sabine, La Eiyah Self 

MiU Greek, Bowie, Tex Isaac N. Lasseter 

MUl Greek, Izard, Ark William Bnblett 

Mill Greek, Owrton, Tenn John Rose 

Mill Creek, Rock lsland,l\\ JohnW.Haynes 

MUldale, Warren, Miss Andrew J. Oreen 

MUldale, Defiance, Ohio Oalen B. Abell 

MUldale, Warren, Ya.' James H. French 

Miltedgeville, Baldwin^ 6a Thomas M.Cook 

Milledgeville, Cbrrott, 111 :...Wniiam B. Winters 

Milledgeville, Uncdlm, Ky Nicholas Wolffln 

Milledgeville, Montgomery, N. G Wm. E. Borage 

Milledgeville, Mercer, Pa Cookson Long 

Millen's Bay, Jefferson, N. Y .William Richards 

Mileray, Dwmque, Iowa William Potts 

Miller, Kansas Ter'y Jngraim Baker 

Millers, Ixttorence, Ohio M. L. Shepard 

MiUersburgh, (c. h.) Jfercer,*Ill..HiramW. Thornton 

Millersborgh, Bovarbon, Ky James Bassett 

MiUersburgh, (MUiway, Mo John K.Boyd 

MiUersburgh, (c. h.) Hoimtt, Ohio.... Joseph Tidball 

Mtttorsbnrgh, Dauptmt, Pa. Oeoi^ Bowman 

MtUersburgh, RtOker/ord, Tenn...3urrel G. White 

MiUersburgh, Jotoa, Iowa Eli D. Akers 

MUler's f hapel, Dyer, Tenn G«orge Miller 

Miller's Mm, Bath, Ya James M. Johnston 

Miller's Place, Suffijik, N. Y 8. R. Davis 

MUlersport, fhirfield, Ohio...Ferdinand Armentrout 

MiUer's Tavern, EsseXfYsL John C. Brown 

Mfllerstovm, Chrayson, Ky Wm. G. Bowman 

MiUerstown, Champekgn, Ohio Hardin A. Smith 

Millerstown, Perry, Pa .^...Jane W. Jennings 

Millersville, Adair, Ky Archelus A. Strange, Jr 

MfllersviUe, Anne Arundel^ Md....- George MUler 

Millersville, Lancaster, Pa Peter H. Lyne 

MlUersville, Marion, la Wm. Winpenny 

MiUersville, BamtoeU, S. G Gabriel E. Miller 

MlUersville, Rcbertson, Tenn George K. Link 

MUlerton, Tulare, Gal Hugh A. Carroll 

Mfll Falls, Marion, Ya v Marcena Davis 

Mmfield, Athens, Ohio Henry Brown 

Min Gap,' Highland, Ya DaTid Y. Rnckman 

Mill Green, Harford, Md Ghas. Biles 

Mfi! Grove, CM>b, Gkt Samuel Burdine 

Mni Grore, Erie, N. Y John Holley 

Mifi Grove, Sumter, 8. C Wm. McGutchen 

Mffl Grove, Oioen,Ia Bdwin P.Carmack 

ism Grove, Henry, Ala John W. Irwin 

Mill Grove, Fayette, Iowa Jacob Kaulftnan 

MUl Grove, Stephenson, 111 James Young 

Mill Grove, Ifo^^an, Ohio Jasper J. Israel 

MSlHaU, Clinton, Pa David Clark 

Wa Haven, Soriven, Ga WUkins H. Nunally 

MIU Knven, Adams, Wis John M«Umber 

IttUhefm, Centre, Pa Wm. L. Mnsser 

Xni HiU, Cabarras, N. C. Jacob Stirevralt, jr 

Mfllhousen, Decatur, la .Bernard Harderback 

MiUean, Brazos, Tex Arthur Edwards 

MilUken's Bend, Madison^ la.;. Jacob Sartorlas 

Millin, Burjce, Ga Robert H. Gray 

Millington, Kertt, Md , William F. Smith 

MilUngton, Albemarle, Ya Thomas Ballard 

Mill Plain, Fairfidd, Conn Bamabus Allen 

Mill Point, SuUivan^Teun John Harr 

MiU Point, Bocahontas, Ya Samuel T. Clark 

MiU Point, Ottawa, Mich L. M. S. Smith . 

MiU Port, Fayette, Ala J. R. MitchcU 

^'MiU Port, Chemung, N. Y..... Luna Whit* 

MiU Port, Potter, Pa Rodney L. Nichols 

MiU Port, Washington, la Sidney Redfield 

HiU Ray, Bullock,Q9. H. B. Hodges 

MUl RidgO; St. Francis, Ark Rensselaer Yaun 

Mill River, Berkshire, Mass H.N.Wheeler 

MUl River, Henderson, N. C John W. Erwin 

Mill Run, JVeston, Ya Andrew J. Fiks 

Millsborough, Sussese, Del George W. WiUIn 

Millsborough, Washington, Pa Geo. W. Wilson 

MiU's Branch, Van Buren, Tenn John B. HUl 

Mills' Comers, Fulton, N. Y John A. BeUis 

Mills' Gap, Rtdherford, N.C George J. Mills 

MiUs' Mills, AUegany, N.Y Amasa S. Ladd 

MUls' Prairie, Edwards, III Thomas WUkinsott 

Mill Spring, J^erson, Tenn B. F. McFarland 

MUl Springs, Wayne,Ky T.C. Brown 

MiUstadt, St. Clair, III ^ Francis M. Faas 

MUlstone, Somerset, N. J F. Y. L. Disborougb 

MUIstone Point, Washington, Md.. Jacob Myers, ^ 

MUl Town, Adair, Ky Matthew M. Tucker 

Milltown, Chesier,Fsk Jesse Matlock 

Milltown, Crawford, la Libbeus Fristais 

Milltown, Washington, Me Mathew Hastings 

Milltown, Chambers, Ala William Gragns 

Milltown, Putnam,'S. Y Floyd Brush 

Millview, Fiuquier, Ya Thomas Johnson 

Millview, SuUivan, Pa John Molyneux 

Mill Yillage, Sullivan, N. H Parker Richardson 

MiUville, G^n<, Wis WUlIam Kidd, jr ' 

MiUville, Butler, Ala James L. Tha^ird 

MiUvUle, Jo Daviess, III Wm. N. Donns 

MiUville, Woodford,Kj Samuel MUes 

MiUville, Clayton, Iowa Barney Whits 

MiUvUle, Henry, Ind Andrew J. Cromer 

MiUville, Worcester, Mass WUlard WUson 

MiUville, Cumberland, N. J C. G. Leaks 

MUlvUle, Orleans, N. Y Thomas 0. Castls 

MiUville, Butler, Ohio Robert Ferguson 

MUlville, Columbia, Pa t.. .George Masters 

MiUvUle, i^rfanfrur^A, S. G WiUiam P. Hoy 

yiilVriilef Lcffayette, Ark Thompson Brister 

MiUvUle, Lincoln, Tenn Curran D. Benson 

MillviUe, Ray, Mo George A. Mason 

MUlvUle, King George, Ya Robert Frank 

MIU Way, AM>eviUe, S.C «....John Cothran 

Millwees, Anderson, S. G John MUlwes 

MiUwoody DoUey, Ga .John H.Pats 

Millwood, Linccin, Mo H. P. Mudd 

MiUwood, Jackson, Fla Joseph Irwin 

MUlwood, Knox, Ohio Lewis Britton 

MiUwood, Clark, Ya Mrs. Mary B. Littis 

Millwood, CoUin, Tex .^. James Smith 

MUlwood, Westmoreland, Pa .*..J. W. Akers 

Millwood, Kosciusko, la Jonathan D. Koffisl 

Milner, Pike, Ga Willis L Blilncr 

Milner, Randolph, Ala Israel Putnam 

MilnenrviUe, Gfuemsey, Ohio Jacob F. Meredith 

MUo, Piscataquis, Me James H. Macomber 

Milo, Tates, N. Y Peter Wyckoff, 2nd 

MUo, Bureau, lU Isaac Sutherland 

MUo, Pike, Ala Jason Tyson 

MUo, l>^nce,Ohio Jacob De H. SerriR 

Mfle, Brown, la....! James A. McKinney 

Milo, Wetzel, Ya James P. Fend 

MUo Centre, Yates, N. Y Wm. HoIcKgi 

Milroy, Rush, la John Toig 

Milroy, MiffUn, Pa Isaiah OopHn 

MOton, Van Buren, Iowa Jacob Yeager 

MUton, LOehfiOd, Conn Alban Guild 

Hilton, iS^sffiB, Del James Ponder 

Milton, Santa Rosa, Fla William B. Amos 

MUton, Pike,ll\ Abraham H. Selders 

Milton, Wayne, la L. C. Ghamberlin 

MUton, TrimbU, Ky E. L.Taulman 

Milton, iYot-ZoIA;, Mass Nathan C. Martin 

Milton, La Ittyku, Miss James B. Irwin 




Milton, Randolph, Mo. Franklin Davis 

MUton, MorriSy N. J Squire Lxun 

miton, Straffirrd, N. H EEekiel R. Lord 

Hilton, Ulgter, N. T Peter M. Carpenter 

miton, Mahoning fOYiio William Porter 

lEilton, OuwdLy N. C James M. Allen 

Milfbn, NorOwmbedand, Pa... James H. McCormick 

IfUton, RuthetfoTdy Tenn Henry W. Fagan 

Hilton, WQJeiMon, Ga Joel Deese 

Hilton, Xaureiu, S. C .James G. Williams 

Hilton, Chittenden^ Yt.. H. B. Smith 

Hilton, Rock, Wis William T. Morgan 

Hilton, AntaugcL, Ala ; John H. Barlow 

Hilton Mills, muJUngton, Minn......Lemael BoUes 

Hilton MUls, Sbraffbrd, N.H .John L. Swinerton 

Hiltonsburgh, Monroe, Ohio Vance Johnston 

Hiltonville, Wood,(Mo William Ewing 

HiltonVllle, Tl^yne,Mi8S Wm.G. Home 

Hilville, Rtuk, Tex Edmund W. Hattom 

Hilwaukie, MUioaukie, Wis Josiah A. Noonan 

Milwaukie, Clackaimae, Oregon...RobertR Random 

Hina, CAautau^tce, N. T John A. Hill 

Hinaville, MotUgomery, N. Y BUas A. Brown 

Hinden, (o. h.) Ckubome, La Geoi^ L. Trott 

Hinden, Montaomery, N.Y Walker Keller 

Hindenville, Montgomery, N. T Mathew Smith 

Hindoro, La Crosse, Wis Leonard Lottridge 

Hine Creek, Hempstead, Ark P. R. Smith 

Hine Kill Falls, Seh^Oake. N. T.....Peter Y. Mattice 

Hine La Motte, Madison, Mo T. F. Fleming 

Hlneral Hill, Stoier, Ark JohnS. BoUah 

Hineral Point, /moo. Wis Stephen Thomas 

Hineral Poinl^ Tusearateas, O Alfred Davis 

Hineral Ridge, Boone, Iowa John Ridpatte 

HinersTille, McDcnoeO, N. C M. H. Yan Dyke 

Hinersville, MdgSj Ohio Yalenti&e B. Horton, jr 

HinersTille, SohMyUcSa, Pa .Joseph H. Richards 

Minerva, ITocMton, ^ .James W. Belvin 

Hinerva, Mason, Ky Henry Hubbard 

Hinerva, Essex, N. T Absalom P. Morse 

Hinerva, Stark, Ohio Charles M. Malin 

Hinetto, Oswego, N. Y Calvin Gifford 

Hingo Flat, Randolph, Ya Wm. H. Wilson 

Mining, Morgan, Mo Joseph B. Norris 

Hinisink, Orange, N.Y John J. Bockhover 

Minneapolis, Bmnepin, Minn.T Charles Wilooz 

Minneowah, Winona, Minn.T..........John A.Torrey 

Minnesota aty, WOxahaw, Min. T....Rob>t Pike, jr 

MInnetouka, HeiMupin, Minn. T D. P. Spslford 

Wnonk, Maxskcdl^ 111..... Charles Dobson 

Mlnooka, Grtmdy, HI I. M. Scott 

Minot, Androscoggin, Me John Freeman 

Minster, Auglaize^ Ohio Frits Kramer 

Minto, Matoamba. Miss .Wm. Knox 

Minton, Worth, Qeo Thomas Everett 

Hintonsville, Gates, N. C John G. Trotman 

Hintonville, Quey, Ky James Davis 

Hint Spring, Augusta, Ya.. Aaron S. Bledsoe 

Hirabile, Caldwell, Mo. William £. Marquain 

Hiracle Run, MowmgaHa, Ya Adam B. Tennant 

Miranda, Rowan, N. C Joshua Miller 

Mirickville, BriMM, Mass WUIiam Simms 

Mishawaka, St. Joseph, la Mi^or H. Smith 

Hishicot, Manitowoc, Wis Frederick Ulrich 

Hissionary Station, Floyd,Qt9^ William J. Smith 

Hission Point, La Satte, HI Ebeneser Neff 

Hission San Jose, Santa Clara, Gal J. J. Yall^o 

Hission Valley, Vidoria, Tex....Edward Parkinson 

Hississinawa, Darke, Ohio .William H. Light 

•Hississippi City, Harrison, Miss Wm. M. Burton 

Hissouriton, SL Charles^ Mo Gordon H. Wallace 

Mitchell, Sheboygan, Wis .Albert Rouusvilte 

Hltchell, Lawrence^lA George Sheeks 

Hitchell, Mitchell, Iowa Daniel G. Frisbie 

Mitchells. Walker, Texas Wm. W. Yiser 

Hitchellsburg, Boyle, Ky J. P. Mitchell 

Hitchell's Comer, Orange, N. Y Elmore Harlow 

Hitchell's aaiBjlndiana, Pa John C Conner 

Hitcheirs Saltworks, Jefferson, Ohio.... J. Mitchell 

Hitchell's Station, Oujpeper, Ya John Wharton 

Hitchellsvflle, RoherUon, Tenn W. M. a Barr 

Hitchellsville, SaUne, HI UToseph Diarman 

HitchellviUe, Steuben, N. Y. .R. P. Hason 

Hittineague, Hampden, Mass Luke Bliss 

HixensviJle, FranlOin, la. JEdward Wttllams 

Ifixtown. lioga,VsL, .Christopher Schoonover 

MoMle, (c. h.} MabOe, Ala.....Theophilus L. Toulmin 

Mobley Pono, invert, Ga. T. R.Smelie 

Mocksville, Davis, N. C Calvin U. Rich 

Mockville, Oats, Mc ^ C. Mockbee 

Mode, Shelby, 111 ElishaRoley 

Model Mills, MuJdenburg, Ky J.G. Myers 

Modena, VUter, N.Y Henry Deyo 

Modest Town, Aooonrnde, Ya William B. Jacobs 

Mol&tt's Creek, Augusta, Ya............Henry Stewart 

MolTett's Store, Oohmbia, N. Y. ..Edwin Sackett 

Molfettsville, Anderson, S. C William Sherard 

Moffitt's Mills, Randolph, N.C Wm. D. MoiBt 

Mogadore, Summit, Ohio .Charles Norris 

Mohawk, Htrhinter, N« Y Leonard B. Root 

Mohawk Valley, Coshocton, Ohio >J. Moore, jr 

Mohican, Ashland, Ohio. » Thomas A. Eagle 

Mohrsville, Berks, Pa John H. Mohr 

Moira, lYankUn, N. Y Darius W. Lawrence 

Mokelumne Hill, Ocdveras, Cal..Albert W. Goodwin 

Mokena, Wm, HI Harvey S. Higgins 

MoHne, Rode Island, HI..... Absalom B. Williams 

Molino, Ztnoofoty Tenn D. G. Hall 

Molino, Oswego, N. Y Eli Strong 

Molino, KppahjMlaa Henry F. Morrison 

Molino, del Rey, Arkansas, Ark Caleb Hewitt 

MoUtown, Berks, Pa Abraham Ghraeff 

Momenee, KankiOcee, Ill.........George W. Yan Kiik 

Monagan, St. Clair, Mo. Joseph S. Hemdon 

Monches, Waukesha, Wis Patrick O'Reilly 

Mon Dieu, Linn, Iowa. Wm. P^ Gardner 

Monee. WOL 111 .George W. Backus 

Moneek, Wtnneshiek, Iowa. .Jiewis Boughner 

Money Credc, McLeem, 111 ..William D. Moon 

Mongaup, SuXUfxm, N. Y Peter B. Decker 

Monganp Valley, SulUvan, N. Y .Wm. Gillespis 

Mongoquinong, La Orange, la Hiram Smitili 

Monk's Comers, Charleston, S. C JSfary M. Von Hagen 

Monk's Store, Sampson, N. Archibald Monk 

Monkton, Addison, Yt Ira Ladd 

Monkton Mills, BalUmon, Md Samuel Miller 

Monmouth, Warren, 111 A. W. Noe 

Monmouth, Adams, la jUvan Randall 

Monmouth, Kennebeck, Me William G. Brown 

Monocacy, Montgomery, Md. Nathan T. Talbot 

Monon, nhite, la. Wm. J. Bledsoe 

Monona, Clayton, Iowa. UTohn H. Brown 

MonongahelaCity, Washington, PaJohn W. Smith 

Monoquet, Kosciusko, la. Joel Lamson 

Monroe, Jasper, Iowa John Hiskey 

Monroe, Morgan, Ala .Joseph G. Brown 

Monroe, FairJUUi, Conn William A. Churke 

Monroe, (c, h.) WbUon, Chu I^^oy PattiUo 

Monroe, rerry. Miss .Oliver C. Rhodes 

Monroe, JETart. Ky Joshua Brents 

Monroe, (c h.) WachUa, La Charles Delery 

Monroe, Waldo.lA.'e Timothy Mayo 

Monroe, JTmiiUm, Mass Samuel Stafford 

Monroe, (c. h.) Monroe, Mich l^^nusev M. Winans 

Monroe, Sussex, N. J William Inglis 

Monroe, Orange, N. Y James H. Bertholf 

Monroe, (c. h.) (Mon, N. C T. D. Winchester 

Monroe, Buuer, Ohio Peter Vlerebome 

Monroe, Overton, Tenn ....William W. Windle 

Monroe, fc. h.) Qrune, Wis Alfred Goddard 

Monroe, jLautrens, S. C JTames M. Shockley 

Monroe, (%i^/t(m,N.H George L. Williams 

Monroe, Monroe, Ya Hugh S. Tiffany 

Monroe Center, Waldo, Me David S. Flanders 

Monroe Centre, Ashtabula, Ohfo.« Xtoorge H. 


Monroe Mills, Knox, Ohio... Henry Boyntan 

Monroeton, Bradford, Pia^ Anthony Mullaai 

Monroeton, Rockingham, N.C A. M. Whitsett 

MonroevQle, Cbliui, Oil......: R H. Pratt 

MonroeviUe, Monroe, Ala. F. W. North 

Monroeville, Huron, Ohio William R.Jacksaiai 

MonroeviUe, AUeghany, Pa James Lane 

Monroe Works, Orange, N. Y.«. Hudson MoFarlana 

Monrovia, Manan, la. .......John McLellaa 

Monrovia, FreiSerick, Md Jacob Cronlse 

Mousey, Roddand, N. Y .John H. Wigtoft 

Monson, Piscataq u i s , Me A. G. Houston 

Monson, Hampden, Mass ..Foster Pepper 

Hoiitsgaey lhiiiX^HMS.............»Eli8ha Wright 

Hdbmcimi Batx, Ti Tbomi I. BnndluT 

M«.ni«D» Oud, HimUte, Mui. B. Rmn 

vii, IHmiyKii.... 1.3.BH 

loclm, BianiBt, La — 


a, Jforawfia, Wb.. 

homu PnrUni 
....MllUm Jndd 

HODlarsy, BiaMani, Va.. 
Hontirey, ^AlecOlt, S. 0.. 

Monteraj, OiDBn, Kj..,. 

HoDtar*;, BaaUm, HIh.... 

....Jouttwa H. Ysldell 

1l0Dt*ny, itevit, Ko 

HontanllD. 5A(1&, _._ 
■fmtntllD, Bata, Mo... 
MonttTilM, BOek, Oa. 
— -' nJbt,tlU.. 

Houtanj tABdlnff, CmuDrdAi, !«.»„ 

.Wm. WlUun 

II»taiiu», POit, nL~~ H«iT A. Swninlt 

VoDtoiaags, Mam, Qi WOIlun W. ObtIi 

HoBluDiu, Airkb I»-. JamnH. MaPhiTaB 

MODtnami, fWiya, H. T 3. W. Badloog 

HontcmiBi, (Mm, K*- John D. Wniiii, 

Kontaniu, MmerTObto^ .AiUm HnanuiD 

If ODtuuou, («. b.) TtomiMab, lowaJoddi F. BUrtln 

Honbsooift, JfcJWrv, IflBn ^. H. MoKIbbm 

HoDteumii. nutwwu, CM. JioHi T. Hort 

Honttbrt, ffrant,W<». .fiTlTeMn D. Qntn 

"— ,, ^ 1^) ito,rt™Mry, A]».„. JL P- Jlue 

T, Ortuvff «■ f Fnueli Oolwall 

MootgoiiHr;, SOi^Csit, Ohlo...J(thD W. Pttrjaan 

Mmtgoaarj, Kan, lU. Btlpb Ghji 

Hontgomnrj, Atmtur, !renii-.„„— -,,-.-F. K. Tkjior 
MoDtgoiotrT, MnimuTy, K. CJtmm W. HcRas 
HoDtgomarj, (o. h!) Ma^gaatcry, Texa«...fieDrj R. 

Mon^mery, JVanWdi, Tt...Aiigq«lii» 0. Whsaler 

Hontpnner;, Janiaqit la-, -uhapmuj A. LflWis 

Uoat^nurj Oanm^^wLtfiti, Tt -.0. GrHD4 

■CoDtgoiiwrr Oroii Koada, ffwiii, ObJa...B. Margu 

lIon^imiT^ Itttf, Prrry. P« Lewlt Poller 

" -Ule, Umtgimery, Pa M. YonnK 

(ontfiiilla, Aduj 

Id, (v. b.) Jtfflriim, Fl 
1^ (c. h.) jMper, Q... 

kIoiitl»1La, ^ 
HoDttoello, (c. 

llaiillnUa, (s. 
HooHctlli), (a. 

KontDHnaor, rJ M i r a a ai^ U. Jm. U. BtoekloD 

MoatMO, Am, Irfc Eobert 8. Haipv 

lit, IVHuiflaaM, Wl« iMao Kdvh 

^MIv,AliL Jonai Hahorln 

IL Motrlt, H. J ..BtaphHi W. Baldwia 

ilhr, CKicliatam, lUm.....^ JlaaM HoS 

"— BaetArd: la. -.Onrg* j. Bran 

•..XtfrtB Wrijdit 

Moolp«ll..._ , 

Mantpetier, Oaek/wi, 
HoBlpalier, irOUonu, i 

....Xlbailn O. BllBun 
~Wrg«W, Doawdl 

r. Kin, — .......wiiiiun CalSiS 

HoBtroH, (0. h.\ mrimsKlaiiii, Ta-.O. W. Goldabr 

MoDtonaTlIla, £y»m<i|0. Pa. Jimca Bcnnstt 

MoDtTttg SpriBgg, BUmkt, Tun A. WHtwn 

MoDtUlla, JVoo lAidrm,Cr»iB Wdi. H. Whwlv 

MontTills, mUd^ Us..- Aaron F. HeFariud 

MoDtTllla, Oeauga, <Mo .Owrn W. Qarritt 

Manttllla, MuTrii, N.J BUnben V. BsMwln 

M onn[[lt, BtrtOart. Hau WUflam W. Langdn 

HDnnmnt, SinufaiUL Man Erutni 0. PiirktT 

MoDument. Piln, lU JlaTld Bollta 

MoDdru, OtshkH. y.. DbtH drnio.jl 

Moodus, Mtddbux, Conn a«rga Vakeanas 

«. I J. P.M. 

. — .^, iq C7iiiitoi, s. ; 

Moon, ja(S*i"iy, Pa.... 

XooBaj, JoehDihlL. „.. 

HodBi, AMdt, Ohio 

Hoon'i, (06, Ga. ..„. 

Hoont lUnob, COuil, CaL.... 

Hoonflcld, AcftHTfORt^ la— .«-..-. ....DquumiauB^ 

Hoanftsld, JWcbila^ Kj BobartW. Horn 

Uooisfield, iforrixn, OUo Bamnel Wat 

HMnlleld, Iq. b.) Oartlr, Va „ Jt. W. fiilknMB 

Moore'., Clas, l'- 

mwnsnjraii^L^VHVeHBW, n. u-.-— J- W. IcoB 

Moonabuisb, AiKul^ It Samnal Wnrdljt 

Hooneborgh, irmtrwr. Pa. Hugh HcWllUanu 

Moon'i Btidn, nuoIooH, Ala..^TbainBg McCracka 
Hoora'B Cieek, Nan SauHtr, H. O.-I H. AldemiaB 

Moon'* Fotlu, CIdiCDii, N. Y Aaa Corklu 

Moore'i HDI, Dearbomjlt Wm. J. McCnaiy 

Uoon^ HillB, Jackmtf Ta-....-..- .»..!>. S. Hoot* 

Mooro'e Ordinary, JVmce £a»ard, Ya. .. W. fl. B. Jnd- 

Moore'e Pralrlo, Ji^rwn, lU ft. A. Wnibanka 

Moore'i R«at. ^murffon, T«nn......AnHt]n L. Uoor* 

orka, Jf^nm, Oblo... John C. O nlnay 

Moorerllle, Aooon 

'— ■■ Erit,H.. 


Booriand, WWK, Obk 

Uooae Meadow, TtOimi, Oram WlUlard Fulht 

MooM Blnr, Bnurtd, Ms Phllandei M. Colbf 

MooKp, mmMoji, Cann- Jot^h 8. flladdlDf 

Horalei Do LwraOBf/oelwn, Tax. A. Bakat 

UorantoB, JbriDH,Va. jOthoUonn 

HorailB, CnnoffO, «■ 1-- .CbulM K. Alkas 

HolaTla, J«ua«iie,lD«B.. ...Edward Relgb 

Horaiu StatloB, aariaega,V. Y. .HIrHBi Wileoi 

MoreanrlllB. ^n]FcUei.lia J. U, Bo;a 


MoreUnd. Snirten, Bi ~.Tlianiaa a Wood 

Uorsland. ItcuqtOa; Va. Janus T. TorMr 

MonUod, SAutbr, N. T..~~ Jobn H. BaanW 

Honlaiid, Zw»«Au, Fk. .Tbomaa OBp,k 

Mommn'* SXta, 2»Hnatt, Ya ,T. J. Goldlu 

u . . =.... AAn SlephaniW 

leiUla, (c. h.) B 

Ddgaor*, N. Y.... 
DwcUwHn, T(... 

_JobB Moratt 

.. -Alexander McOaiulaDd 

MatBBM^<it b.) (WoHi Kj 1. ILMaCoimM 

Horgu'i Cngh. BaUmt, Tenn 

Horgu'i Folk, POit, 0U» 

HorgBD'a Hilla, nxm, N. C... 
Morgan'! Ridge, JKvigit, Ta.,. 

Horgintonn, irnyon. In. lUubmOriffltt 

Moi^utown, (e. b.) AuOer, KjJUelurd S-Tbomton 

MorguitawD, Arlit, Pa .William Eiani 

UoTgaDtown, (e,b.) Burke, N. B. 0. Pnrtoii 

Morganuurn, aemU, Tenn M. Jon« 

HorKantawn, (s. h.} Jfmaualia, Ta... Jamag Bhay 

MorganTlltg, Billtiali, Hlch R-W. Drinker 

MorgaDTllle, Oatau, H. T — German Lathiop 

MorRanu, iWnf tbww. La... XSwtIm Morgan 

Uorfali, Eua. N. T .Otta T. Bletunciiid 

HorlThen, fURiU, H. Y. JamH H. Panning 

Morlngrllle, (TAoMon, N. C, Alfred Horing 

UorlOKVllla, md Clialtr, R. T I»ae H. Barker 

MorlaD'aarare, Miviu. 1)1 Jotan Morlan 

u Hill, Jbritae, Ion.... 

Morrill, B&iti. ifs... '"!!!!!!"!!! !!..'j»ppii H. Mean 

Horr1JlvlJ]& Jforf^n, Ih Joeaph S. GuCridge 

Korrla, (c k) fffundj, !>.. George Pleher 

MorHmii^ H^ CAufrr, N. T...HarquU L. Mann 

MarHs' CImrcti, CdnsieO, Ta A. H. Jennings 

ai Roads, niiltfli, Pa-Nlcbolaa JobnioD.Jr 

MorriadiUe, Cifar/tW, Pi 
Morrla iUII, JbiA, Va...,, 

'b UQI), JkuAuo. 



Harrletown, (n. h.) Marril, N. J Nalhon B. Ldk 

UarriitovD, «, Lawrence, N. Y .John Lowe 

Karrlstown, £inMdlc,V( SamL M. Pennock 

Korrislown, BOmant, (Hilo JoMpb K. Hllcbell 

HorrlstoHa, (frsfiwv. Turn D. P. Read 

Horristown, Out, Ho Aleundsr Ktee, er 

UorrlaTlIla, (c h,j JWhUhii, N. Y.-.-Janu* HdMoii 

MorrlgTllle, AUbi, Pa M. H, Wrl^C 

Horrlavllle, rawmltr, Va .BtDjamln W. Allen 

HorrisTllle, Ibndriito, la. .Iiaac Lairance 

HorrtiTltla, W 


...Daniel Ollbert 


, TtunH^ ill.... 

3 R.O(bori 

Kortoo's Cornmi' »<^ N. Y, 

Konon's Store, .^buuiue, N. C B. 9. Harton 

KortaagTllle, Wm^ardtlXj Samoel lAwrenn 

MortonTllte, Onmtt, V. Y Cbarlti P. Mortmi 

Uortonvllle, 0\altr, Pa Jobn C. EIr 

" . " - !.».- iH.amflh 


<mia. 0*.... 

.... JIarUn S. Sanea 
Jobn I. Pike 

[bdd O 

Mo»M«, ifl^■to^, Ala. .Daniel 

MoKow, HathylA.,.. .Jamei Trtmbtf 

Uoeoow, JTiimMiK, Iowa Chailea W. Ooolej 

Hoacuw, Bi^a»an,lt3 J. B. Harrb 

MoKow, HlOtiate, Mkb .ObarlH W. Udd 

Uoacov, MtingiUm. N. Y Horatio Jonei, 3d 

BOMOW, CItniml. Ohio Thonm Fat 

Mmcow, ftifeUe, Tenn John w. Dje[ 

Itoeeov, Liatmt,r- ' ■ ■• ■■ 

icow, fWc, Toiu,.., 

'. Leggett 


Moscow Hltli, Morgan, Oblo John Blackburn 

Moaeleni. JMO, Fa ^SoSaBm LBlbolgpergsT 

Hoaeler Hall, £«sir, N. 0. John ioynH 

U««lej'a QroTe, Z>all«, Ala, Lewla P. Howler 

HoHlj Han. JIadiKm, Fla O, B. SnlllTaa 

MoMlj'i BtQt» lytmOiit, Oa_ Daniel Blw^ 

Tille, SmCaaa, N. Y.... 

. Ja «ijreB(.Mo 

ling Ford, CAoHeM, Yd. 

HfllB,." '- "' 

Ib, Paria, 10. 

Ireek, j;HRrtoi«, Ti 

Hoot Craek, J^ 

Moaej Creek, .^l,_„, ., 
Moeij Grorel aniififcr, PI 
Hotkr, Pmdblm,Kj 


., Ky,..: 

, . _. Cioter, N. Y..„.H.H.RolMrMon 

Mott'iComFre, IbiHatiiu, H.Y John D.Lnll 

Motmile, St-JeitpKi, Hlch .Wllliuii FanoadU 

MottTllle, Otuadagu, V. Y ..Alanson Wataon 

Moutlon. (c, h.) Lawraia, Ala. JS. HcSoiiald 

Moaltonlnnmgfa, amvU, N. 3. B. B. Tlinnton 

MonltonTllle, Miditm, m SMphea R. Weticore 

trie. SparUntbur^ B.C..,-...Ji»1 H 

Id Baybn. .ftitfu, La.„ .W, 1 

Monut Adama, ArlamvH, Ark.,..Adolph Radgeiky 

MoDDt Aerial, AOtn, S.j W. B. AmcM 

HonnI .Xtna, Btrkt, Pa .ChriaUan StrobB 

Monntain, TipUm, Tenn Jamet W. HiO 

Moiiataln On^ Jt^cfts, Ya... Xaeoisnt Yanrim 

Mountain Creek, CUmiAa, N, J. W. Gabriel 

Hmintatu Creek, j4»dB»»ijB. C James HcCown 

Munntaln Creek, IKirrm, Tena Robert Wabti 

Mountain Falla, FrKlenA, Va J. A, Rnsiall 

D Home,JfcDoi«B,N.C.„.JohnBrlght,Jr 

,9 Hill. Sarrii, Ga .J<An t. BrowB 

nF""" r>™._~ II. Thoa.N.O. Qnarloi 

in t Hony Walker 

In 8 .'e-'clll^.J. NmWB 

lacob Shnmwii7 
'....John BUnd 

. Adame.Jr 

Mount Oamel, Fran 

Mount Carawl, Cleriwnt 
Mount Carmel, JVnrtftKmi, 

Mount Camiil,'(o, h.) Oirr 

.,..011ben AdeOM 

John Storm 

....William Steele 
.,.H. H. Cnmbaek 




Mount Clifton, Shenandoah, Ya James SticUey 

Mount Clinton, BocleingTiain, Va W.D.Hopkins 

Mount Comfort, FayeOet Tenn William A. Mav 

Mount Comfort, Bancock, la. Robert H. Church 

Mount Comfort, Cherokee, Texas... William A. Gates 

Mount Crawford, Rockinghmn, Ya P. A. Clark 

Mount Croghan, ChtsUrfiddy S. C J. H. Taylor 

Mount Pesert, Hancock, Me John Somes, Jr 

Mount Eaton, Wayne, Ohio.....Anthon7 Knoble, jr 
Mount Eden, Spencer, Kj......Thoma8 M. Eastland 

Mount Elba, Bradley, Ark.. Robert Cherry 

Mount Elon, Darlir^^ton, S. C William Huggins 

Mount Enterprise^ Ruik, Texas Charles Yinzent 

Mount Eolia, Vmon, Oa S. J. Smith 

Mount Ephr^im, iVooZe, Ohio John Keller 

Mount Ephraim, Oomtden, N. J...Champion Goldy 

Mount Erie, Wayne, 111 Andrew Crews 

Mount Etna, Huntington, la. Jesse Calrert 

Mount Eutopia, Augtuta, Ya Jacob H. Flecker 

Mount Freedom, Jeuamine, Ky .Isabell Sutton 

Mount Freedom, Ftndkion, Ya...Wm. S. Arbogast 

Mount Gallagher, Laurent, S. C B. F. Jones 

Mount Gilboa, Benton, la Jacob Jones 

Mount Gilead, Mcuon, Ky G. C. Richardson 

Mount Gilead, Morrow, Ohio .Caroline R. Sharp 

Mount Gilead, Montgomery, N, C....John F. Allison 

Mount Gilead, Loudon, Ya Isaac Eaton 

Mount Hawkins, Perry, HI John F.Griffith 

Mount Healthy, HamOton, Ohio... Joseph F. Wright 
Mount Healthy, Bartkolamew, Xa William W. 


Mount Hebron, Chreene, Ala Philip G. Morgan 

Mount Heron, Darke, Ohio Isaac Wisener 

Mount Hickoi7, ChaUooga, Ga G. B. T. Maddox 

Mount Hickory; Chambert, Ala William Clark 

Mount High, mLrshaU, Ala John Pridmore 

Mount Hill, Mormin, Ala Samuel Haslett 

Mount Hilliard. POee, Ala John T. Barber 

Mount Holly, (o. b.) BurUnglon, N. J...William JS. 


Mount Holly, Warren, Ohio ....Josiah Craft 

Mount Holly, BuOand, Yt Alya Piexve 

Mount Holly, Union, Ark James H. Capers 

Mount Holly, Charleston, S. C....Theodore C. Tharin 

Mount Holyoke, Henry, Tenn James Cowan 

Mount Hood, Tarn HOI, Oregou...John Richardson 

Mount Hope, Laurrenc^ Ala James Streeter 

Mount Hope, Grant, Wis William Whiteside 

Mount Hope, Orange, N. T^ Isaac Tuttle 

Mount Hope, McLean, HI .,. James Murphy 

Mount Hope, Holmes, Ohio William F. Cram 

Mount Hope, Lanca.ster, Pa A. Bates Grubb 

Mount Hope, Delaware, Iowa... Stephen R. Reynolds 

Mount Hope, De Kalb, la William P. Means 

Mount Horeb, Nelson, Ya William C. Roberts 

Mount Ida, MontgoTnery, Ark James A. Stall 

Mount Ida, Montgom^ery, Ky Thomas T. Pobyns 

Mount Jackson, Lawrence, Pa John L. Hays 

Moont Jackson, Shenandoah, Ya...Beuben A. Bird 

Mount Jefferson, CbrroU, la... James ]>elzell 

Mount Joy, Lancaster, Pa Joshua Leader 

Mount Kisko, West C^iesler, N. Y...Harrison Young 

Mount Landing, Etsex, Ya J. J. Gouldman 

Mount Langum, Iroquois, HI James Byms 

Mount Laurel, Ha^faa}, Ya...Clement M. Adkisson 
Mount L9.\ae\,Burlington,Vf. J..Hannah J. Roberts 

Mount Lebanon, BienvtOe, La Hiram QIUm 

Mount Lebanon, Alleghany, PaJoseph T. McKnigfat 

Mount Leigh, Adams, Ohio William L. Blair 

Mount Liberty, Mari(ni,m Hugh Gibson 

Mount Liberty, Knox, Ohio. P. S. Wilson 

Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Ala J. A. B. Clemens 

Mount Meridian, Putnam, Ia....Willlam S. Bourne 

Mount Meridian, Augvxta, Ya, James Craig 

Mount Moria, Hempttead, Ark James Munn 

Mount Moriah, Brotim,JA Tr«.pwnii Milnes 

Mount Morris, Ogle, 111 F. G.Petiie 

Mount Morris, Jjwingston, N. Y Moses Clark 

Mount Morris, 6iireene,Pa W.G. Morris 

Mount Morris, Waushara, Wis A. J. Tanner 

Mount Moume, Ireddl, N. C William J. Brawley 

Mount Nebo, Lancaster, Pa Joseph Engles 

Mount Nebo, Yadkin, N. C. Nathan B. Dozier 

Mount Nebo, JZiZo^tuAoy Miss...... John P.Boydston 

Mount Niles, St, Clair, Ala^., .William Thaxton 

*Mount Olive, Clermont, Ohio Hiram Carr 

Mount Oliye, St. Marys, Md... John Shadrick 

Mount Olive, Izard, Ark HenryH. Harris 

Mount Olive, Elk-7iart, la.... Mahlon Woolverton 

Mount Olive, Macoupin, lU .Thomas J. Carr 

Mount Olive, Cbosa, Ala John Works 

Mount Olive, Wayne, N. C William F. Pollock 

Mount Olivet, Bracken, Ky J. S.Hogne 

Mount Orab, Brown,0 Levi G.Marshall 

Mount Palatine, Putnam, HI Ephraim Reynolds 

Mount Parthenon, Netoton, Axk. Andrew J. Been 

Mount Pelia, Vfiakley, Tenn Jiphraim P. Knox 

Mount Perry, Perry, Ohio John Danison 

Mount Pierce, Fairfax, Ya John H. Urquhart 

Mount Plnson, Jefferson, Ala...... James M. Hagood 

Mount Pinson, Jackson, Ark James Martin 

Mount Pinson, Madison, Tenn J. C. M. Garland 

Mount Pisgah, AkxavMiT, N.C R. 0. Bennett 

Mount Pisgah, La Orange, la ,Fred. W. Austin 

Mount Pisgah, Clermont,Ohio Cyrus P.Hayford 

Mount Pleasant, Monroe, Ala Jason Staples 

Mount Pleasant, Union, HI .Daniel G. Standard 

Mount Pleasant, Martin, Ia.............Levin Brambla 

Mount Pheasant, ITenry, Iowa P. G. Tiftaay 

Mount Pleasant, (c. h.) Zttw, Texas Elam Riddle 

Mount Pleasant, JFYederick, Md John W. Ogbom 

Mount Pleasant, Oakland, Mich. Wm. Banghart 

Mount Pleasant, Hunterdon, N. J... S. C. Eckel 

Mount Pleasant, Saratoga^ N. Y H. C. Granger 

Mount Pleasant, Jefferson, Ohio David Chamben 

Mount Pleasant, CaJbarras, N. C P. B. C. Smith 

Mount Pleasant, Westmordand,V9k G. W. Keller 

Mount Pleasant, Maury, Tenn Henry A. Miller 

Mount Pleasant, Spottsylvania, Ya....O. L. Chewing 

Mount Pleasant, Aocine, Wis .Peter Folger 

Mount Pleasant, Ocddwdl, La Th(Mnas Meredith 

Mount Pleasant, CamXL, Ark. Laban M. Stroud 

Mount Pleasanl^ Zau^renee, Mo John A. Cowan 

Mount Pleasant^ Kansas Thomas Fortuns 

Mount Pleasant, Xaitrefu, S. C.ManoahMcPherson 

Mount Pleasant, Olynn, Ga Sanuel A. Hooker 

Mount Pleasant Mills, ITHion, Pa John Schnee 

Mount Polk, Benton, Ala Daniel M. Walker 

MountTrospect, Crawjbrd, Ia...John H. Mcliickls 
Mount Prospect, Whitesides, HI Charles James 


Mount Prospect, Obion, Tenn James M. Hnntei 

Mount Prospect, Barlour, Ala John W. Norton 

Mount Pulaski, Logan, 111 Ezekiel Bowman 

Mount Retreat, Pulaski, Axk Philip Bilby 

Mount Rock, Cumberland, Pa Jacob Bixler 

Mount Rose, Mercer, N. J Paul M. Tulans 

Mount Salem, Putnam, Ya Joseph B. Hill 

Mount Salem, Sussex, N. J George 0. Castertino 

Mount Savage, AUeghany, Md. Thomas Whelan 

Mount Savage, darter, Ky..... Kirk C. Yaldenar 

Mount Scott, Douglas, Or Andrew J. Chapman 

Mount Serene, Barbour, Ala Aaron Brown 

Mount Sidney, Augusta^ Ya James E. Ross 

Mount Sinai, SuffoUe,'S.Y Charles PhiUips 

Mount Solon, Auguda, Ya Henry Blakemora 

Mount Sterling, Choctaw, Ala...Thomas H. Lanier 

Mount Sterling, Brown, 111 John P. Nys 

Mount Sterling, SuHtserland, la J. W. Murphy 

Mount Sterling, (c. h.) Montgomery, Ky....Edwin G. 


Mount Sterling, Oasconade, Mo F. C. W. Owen 

Mount Sterling, Madison, Ohio Jeriah Swetland 

Mount Sterling, Van Buren, Iowa....H. K Bradford 

Mount Sumner, Jo. Daviess, 111 George A. Paigs 

Mount Tabor, Monroe, la Porter B. LunOQr 

Mount TabOT, Union, S. Wm. E. Johnson 

Mount Tirzah, Ptrson, N. C WiUiam T. Noel! 

Mount Ulla, Rounm, N.C ...James Cowan 

Mount Union, Stark, Ohio Joseph Barnal^ 

Mount Union, Huntington, Pa George Eby, jr 

Mount Upton, Chenango, N. Y...Channcey S. Graves 

Mount Yemen, Mob^, Ala J.Gorgas 

Mount Yemen, St, Prands, Ark F.J. Izard 

Mount Yemen, ^c. h.) Montgomery, Ga F. McBsa 

Mount Yemen, (c. h.) Jefferson, HI ...Daniel Keraxj 

Mount Yemen, Dane, Wis Hall C. Chandler 

Mount Yernon, (c. h.) Posey, la John B. Wilscoi 

Mount Yemen, Kennebeek, Me Abner Small 

Mount Yemon, (c. h.) Sock OauOe, Ky3. G. WilUans 




Mount Yernon, JUdcomh, Mich Jease Fangboner 

Uount Yernon, Lawrence^ Mo...DaQiel R. Bradfoid 
Ifount Yernbn, HiUshorottgh, N. H.Daniel R. Baker 

Mount Yernon, Rowan, N. Baniel S. Sheek 

Mount Yernon, (c. h.) Knox, Ohlo.F. I. Zimmerman 

Mount Yernon, lAnny Iowa Joshua Hess 

Mount Yernon, Cluster, Pa John D. Koss 

Mount Yernon, Providence, R. I Owen Howard 

Mount Yernon, Monroe, Tenn... Newton J. Spilman 
Mount Yernon, Wtst Cfuxter, N. Y.Dayid R. Cooper 
Mount Yernon, Wabas?uiw, Min.Stephen M. Burns 
Mount Yernon Tannery, Frtdtricky Ya.Ii. Y. Shearer 

Mount Yictory, Hardin, Lewis Holden 

Mount Yiew, Anton, Mo George W. Rives 

Mountville, Laficaster, Pa Benjamin A. Witmer 

MountTille, Troup, Ga Isaac Fincher 

MountTille, Xaurenx, S. G Alsey Fuller 

MountTille, Loudon, Ya Nancy E. Lumm 

Mount Yinco, Buclcingham, Ya... John S. Tompkins 

Mount Yision, Otsego, N. Y W. T. Keyes 

Mount Washington, BuUitt, Ky W. A. Foreman 

Mount Washington, Schuyier, N. T.Orrin Longwell 
Mount Washington. BaUimore, MdJToseph J. Gam- 

Mount Washington, Hamilton, Ohio C. Dunham 

Mount Washington, Morgan, la W. H. Parker 

Mount Welby, Prince George, Md James H. Lee 

Mount Willing, Lowndes, Ala A. M. Simmons 

Mount Willing, Orange, N. C Wm. H. Lasby 

Mount Willing, Bdgefidd, S. CLouis W.Youngblood 

Mount Tonah, Habenham, Ga Szekiel McCraTey 

Mount Zion, Woodfford, 111 James Mitchell 

Mount Zion, ^ancodk, Ga Henry S. Beman 

Mount Zion, Ld>anon, Pa Samuel Goshert 

Mount Zion, Oampbdl, Ya Lewis Page 

Mount Zion, TaUapoosa, Ala .John Coffman 

Mount Zion,Spartanburhh, S. O..Marcus B; Chapman 

Mount Zion, Simpson, Uiss John Norwood 

Mouse Creek, McMinn, Tenn James H. Magill 

Month of Beaver, Floyd, Ky Thomas P, Johns 

Mouth of Hiwassee, Me^s, Tenn 3. Holman 

Mouth ot Indian, Monroe, Ya Thomas B. Fowler 

Month of Poca, Putnam, Ya John Yanden 

Mouth of Sandy, Henry, Tenn John Cooney, jr 

Mouth of Seneca, PemUeion, Ya... Aaron Boggs 

Mouth of Wilson, Grayson, Ya S. J. Bryant 

Moweaqua, SheUby, III JohnM. Lowry 

Mowrystown, Hig}danA,Q(tiio .Wilson Ball 

Muchinippe, Logan, Ohio Moses Smith 

Mud, OaheU, Ya Thomas Roberts 

Mud Bridge, Cabell, Ya John M. Rece 

Mud Creek, SL Clair, 111 Henry Koehler 

Mud Creek, McNairy, Tenn .Joseph Anderson 

Mud Creek, Henderson, N. C Henry S. Lain 

Mud Creek, Eaton, Mich Joel Bailey 

Mud Creek, Ihyette, Ala Joseph A. Smith 

Muddy, Tarn HUl, Oregon .George Davis 

Muddy Creek, Preston, Ya Samuel B. Crane 

Muddy Creek, Forsyth, N. C Abraham S.Teague 

Muddy Creek, Champaign, Ohio James Woodard 

Muddy Creek Forks, York, Fa John Manifold 

Muddy Fork, Clevdand,'N. C William Gates 

Madge Station, White, J& Gardner Mudge 

Mud lAck, Chatham,^. C James Woody 

Mud LicE, Monroet Ky .Thomas Webb 

Mud Lick, Jefferson, la. John King 

Mud Spring, Denion, Texas Charles MedUn 

Mud Spring, El Dorado, Cal G«o. W. Critchfield 

Muhlenburgh, Xitfeme, Pa. William S. Monroe 

Mukwa, Broum, Wis Wm. N. Davis 

Mukwanago, WaukesJui, Wis.... ..Andrew E. Elmore 

Mulberry, Autauga, Ala Charles 0* Dickerson 

Mulberry, JocA^on, Ga Delmas R. Lyle 

Mulberry, Wilkes, N. C John M. Yanhoy 

Mulberry, Clermomt, Ohio .J)avid G. Sparks 

Mulberry, Irtncoln, Tenn JTohnM. James 

Mulberry Corners, Geauga,Obio E. 0. Lyman 

Mulberry Gap, Hancock, Tenn......John W. Graham 

Mulberry Grove, Harris, Ga.. William T. Smith 

Mulberry Grove, Bond, HI R. Blam 

Mulberry Grove, Hopkins, Ky P. D.Clayton 

Mull Grove, Catawba, N. C Jacob Mull 

Mullico Hill, Gloucester, N. J Joseph Harker 

Mullins, Shelby, Ala. John Goodgame 

MuUln'8 Depoti Manon, S. C Stephen Smith 

MuUoys, EobertMon, Tenn Jacob Warren 

Mumford, Monroe, N. Y Duncan McNaughton 

Mummasburgh, Adams, Pa '..Samuel Hart 

Muncietown, (o. h.) Delaware, la Juhn Brady 

Muncy, Lycomiiuf, Pa John Whitlock 

Muncy Bottom, SuUivan, Pa James Taylor 

Munday's Landing, Wooi^ord, Ky... Joseph T. Curd 

Mundy, Genesee, Mich George Judson 

Munfordsville^ (c. h.) Hart,Kj James C.Rush 

Munger's Mill, Shannon, Mo Marvin Munger 

Munnsville, Ooohocton, John Camahaa 

Munntown, Washington, Pa...... William Hamilton 

Munsonville, Cheshire, N. H Frederick Brooks 

Munster, Cambria, Pa Patrick Bradley 

Munsville, Madison, N. Y Wm. O.Sumner 

Murat, PMildiiw,Ohio Josiah Suyland 

Murdocksville, Washington, Pa Joseph McClarn 

Murfees Depot, Southampton, Ya J. W. Murfe* 

Murireesboro, Pike, Ark Wm\ H. Preston 

Murfreesborough, Hertford, N. C.Samuel J. YTheeler 

Murfreesboro, (c. h.) Rutherford, Tenn Wm. 

Reuben Butler 

Murphey, (c. h.) Cherokee, N. C S. G. R. Mount 

Murphree's Yalley, Blount, Ala B. B. Murphree 

Murphys, OaJaverai, Cal A. H. Stevens 

Murphysborough, Jackson, HI Wm. H. Herd 

Murphysville, liason, Ky Samuel Derush 

Murray, Weus, la W.C. Stockton 

Murray, CaUaway, Ky D.M atthewson 

Mdrray, OrUans, N. T....* Asa Clark 

Murray's Ferry, WUUamsburgh, S. C T. China 

Murraysville, Jackson, Ya James F. Scott 

Murraysville, Clark, Miss EUas H. Murray 

Murrill's Shop, Nelson, Ya William S. MurriU 

Murrinsville, BuOer, Pa William Murrin 

Murrysville, Westmoreland, Pa Josiah Harvey 

Murval, Rusk, Texas J^. H. Watkins 

Muscatine, Muscatine, Iowa ...Henry Reeoe 

Muscoda, OranifWiB James Moore 

Musconetcong, Tf&rren, N. J Andrew Sailor, jr 

Muse, Muskingum,0 Henry Onstot 

Muskego Centre, Waukeslta, Wis Thomas Taylor 

Muskegon, Ottawa, Mich Daniel W. Holbrook 

Muskete, Navarro, Texas Albert G. Hervey 

Muskingum, Muskingum, Ohio J. W. R. Lane 

Musquito Creek, Macon, 111 £. S. Colwell 

Mustang, Lavacoa, Tex A. M. Savoy 

Mutual, Cfiampaxan, Ohio Francis A. Morrison 

Myersburgh, Bra4/crd, Pa. E. R. Myejr 

Myersville, Frederick, Md William Metzger 

Myers' Mills, Vermillion, HI William L. Harris 

Myra, Shelby, Ala Hugh M. WiUiams 

Myrtle Creek, Douglas, Oregon Lazarus Wright 

Myrtle Springs, Bowie, Texas Orren D. Battle 

Mystic, Ifewltondon, Conn Henry Harding 

Mystic Bridge, New London, Conn...Peter Forsyth 
Mystic River, New London, Conn... ..Caleb £. Tufti 

NAAUSAT, KendoU,J\\ James Stevenson 

Naches, Houston, Texas .James R. Bracken 

Nacogdoches, (c.h.) Nacogdoches, Tex.Frederiok Yogt 

Nacoochee, Habersham, Ga Charles L. Williams 

NafEs, J^on^tn, Ya Jacob Naifs 

Naglesville, Monroe, Pa Samuel Case 

Nahant, Essex, Mass Welcome W. Johnson' 

Nahunta, Wayne^ N. G. H. B. Ballano« 

NaU's Creek, FrankUn, Ga Eli T. WUmot 

Nail Factory, Gaiion, N. C Thomas Darling 

Nairn, Sdoto, Ohio Laughlin Noble 

NanaflUia, Mdrenao, Ala Francis Duncan 

Nanaupa, i^bnd au La6, Wis.....AbUah A. Hubbard 

Nances Creek, FuUon, Ga A. N. Clardy 

Nanjemoy, (7Aar2u, Md R. D. P. Ratdiff 

Nankin, mcyn«,Mich Asa Martin 

Nankin, J^/tZand, Ohio James Alberson 

Nantiooke, Z«u«r7i«, Pa Lewis C. Paine 

Nanticoke Springs, Broome, N. T...Granville Gates 

Nantihala, Maoan, N. C T. P. Siler 

Nantucket, (o. li^Nanltudcet, Ma88..Charles P. Swain 

Nanuet, RoiUdand, N. Y David P. Demarest 

Napanock, UUter, N. Y .....Charles Yer Nooy 

Napa City, (c. h.) Napa, Cal George N.ComweU 

Napaaha, Dodg^ Wis Robert E. Jonw 




Nftperville, Du Pagey 111 Robert Naper 

Naples, Sar/tt^ ID ^ A. Lindsaj 

Naples, CarnJberlandUl&» John P. Davis 

Naples, Ontario^ N. Y H» H. Watrous 

Napoleon, Dezha^ Ark Charles A. Stewart 

Napoleon, Riplty^ltk James C. Littell 

Napoleon, GcMatin, Ky William L. Richards 

Napoleon, /ac/cson, Mich Adoniram J.Hunt 

Napoleon, (c. h.), Henry y Ohio Orla H.Tyler 

Napoli, CaUtaraugus, N. Y.- Silas Earl 

Narragansett, Washinfftotij R. I....Joseph Eaton, jr 

Narraguagus, Washington, Me Nathan Godfrey 

Narrows, Pike, Pa David B. Ridgway 

Narrows, Noddaway, Mo.... John C.Blakely 

Narrows, Jefftrson, N. Y Thomas W.Collins 

Narrowsburgh, Sullivan, N. Y J. M. fiivins 

Narrow Valley, Benton, Ala John B. Camp 

Nash Depot, Vanderburgh,lA Richard Nash 

Nashport, Muskingum, Ohio ..William Lynn 

Nash's Ford, Bttssell, Ya Samnel H. Nash 

Nashua, Hillsborough, N. H George Bowers 

Nashua, O^Z^Ill George M. McKenney 

Nashville, (c.h.) Washington, 111... John N. Vernor 
Nashville, (c. h.) Brovon, la.. .....William S. Roberts 

Nashville, Chaviauque, N. Y Nicholas B. Brown 

Nashville, Holmes, Ohio J. W. Kincald 

Nashville, (c. h.), Davidson, Tenn...S. R. Anderson 

Nashville, Bomte, Mo Gilpin S. Tultle 

Nashville, Milam, Tex. A.C. Thomson 

NashTille (c. h.) Nash., N. C ....George N. Lewis 

Nassau, Renssdaer, N. Y David M. Oonklin 

Natchez, Adams, Miss Richard Elward 

Natchez, Martin,lz, John P.Davis 

Natchitoches (c. h.) Natchitoches, La Fairman F. 


Nathan's Creek, Ashe^ N. C Andrew McMillan 

Nathansville, Conecuh, Ala Nicholas S. Travis 

Natick, Middlesex, Mass Calvin W. Perry 

Natick. Kent, R. I John W. Martin 

National, Clayton, lo-^n Isaac A. Stoddard 

Nation Ford. York, S. C Mrs. Emily Creighton 

Natural Bridge, Jefferson, N. Y Elkanah French 

Natural Bridge, Rockbridae, Va John B. Luster 

Natural Dam, Crawford, Arii Andrew Morton 

Natural Grove, WiUiamsburgh, 8. C..W. H. Cockfield 
Naugatuck, New Haven, Conn...Stephen H. Nichols 

Naumbnrgh, Lewis, N. Y Jacob Robl:, 2nd 

Nautrill, Bremer, Iowa John H. Messinger 

Nauvoo, Hancock, 111 .....,.John Bauer 

Nauvoo, Tioga, Pa Daniel W. Canfield 

Nayarino, Onondaga, N. Y Martin L. Gardner 

Navarre, Stark, Ohio , Peter Swick 

Navarro, Leon, Texas ......A. D. Perrin 

Navasota, Grimes,TexM Jeremiah Lee 

Naylor's Store, St. Charles, Mo. James Naylor 

Naaareth, Northampton, Pa ....William Beitel 

Noabsco Mills, PrinceWiUiam, Va. Zebulon A. 


Ncal Dow, Cb66, Ga Martin L. Ruff 

Neatsville, Adair, Ey Joseph G. Campbell 

Nebo, Hopkins, Ky Charles S. Green 

Nebo, Jefferson, Ohio William A41mon 

Nebo, Pulaski, Mo B. F. Sapp 

Nebraska, Crawford, la Hiram B. Meylin 

Nebraska, 0:)lwnbia,Qo, John Smith 

Nebraska, Sheawassee, Mich E. B. Smith 

Nebraska, Jefferson, Tenn George Williams 

Nebraska, Columbiana, Ohio Thomas Cannon 

Nebraska, Iroquois, 111 Hamilton Jefferson 

Nebraska, -4j7pojftattoa5,Va... Samuel D. McDearmon 

Nebraska Center, Nebr William C. James 

Nebraska City, Nebr ......William P. Walker 

Necedah, Adami^yfU , Elipbalet S. Miner 

Necot, Linn, Iowa George C. Perkins 

Needham, NorfoUc, Maas George E.Eaton 

Needy, Clackemas, Oregon John M. Bacon 

Neel's Creelc, Jefferson, la Joshua C. Tibbets 

Neelysville, Morgan, Ohio Jacob Kraps 

Neenah, Winnebago, Wis Ira A. Torrey 

Neersvjlle, Loudon, Va Thomas Vickers 

Neffaville, Lancaster, Pa Daniel Hoffman 

Negro Foot, Hanover, Va Charles Vest 

Neighbourville, Mi>rri», N. J...Davld Neighbour, fr 
Neill's Creek, Cumberland, N. C.Corne'l. H. Cofi-jld 
Nekama, Winnebago, Wto; Nathan Caritfll 

Nelson, Cheshire, N. H Ruel Nims 

Nelson, Madison, N. Y John Donaliteoii 

Nelson, Portage, Ohio Ezeriah I. Pixley 

Nelson, Tioga, Pa Morgan Seely 

Nelson Hill, EffinghaTn, 111 Isaac R. Elder 

Nelsonport, Potter, Pa John S. Bartv 

Nelson's Creek, Plumas, Cal John C. Lewis 

Nelsonrille, Athens, Ohio Charles A. Cab)» 

Nelsonville, Marion, Mo ...Thomas W. Anderson 

Nemaha, Richardson, Neb Stephen Story 

Neosho, (c. b.) Newton, Mo Thomas M. Johnston 

Neosho, Dodge, Wis Ossian Clafk 

Neperan, Westchester, N. Y...NathanielU.TompkinB 

Nepeuskun, Winnebago, Wis William Elliott 

Neponset, Bureau, 111 Joseph Lyford 

Neponset Village, iVo»/oiA, Mass Charles Hunt 

Neptune, Mercer, Ohio Jeremiah Bio« 

Nescopeck, Litzeme, Pa Joseph W.Frey 

Neshannock Falls, Latorence, Pa... Samuel lolstein 

Neshkoro, Marquette, Wis Omez il. Ralph 

Neshonoc, La CVos«, Wis Monroe Palmer 

Nesquehoning, Carbon, Pa. , Ralph Corby 

Nestorvllle, Borbour, Va Geerge G. Campbell 

Netherland, Overton, Tenn Richard Poteet 

Nettle Carier, Overton, Tonn...Rawlings H. Johnson 

Nettle Lake, WUliams, Ohio John R. McConnell 

Nevada, Greene, Wis Zina Round 

Nevada, Grundy, Mo Christopher J. Wooda 

Nevada, SiSory, Iowa Theodore E. Alderman 

Nevada, Stephenson, 111 Geo. W. Loveland 

Nevada, Wyandott, Ohio William McJunkin 

Nevada, Mercer, Ky Charles H. May 

Nevada City, (c.h.) Nevada, Cal....Wm. H. Endicott 

Neversink, SuUivan, N. Y J. G. Childa 

Neville, Clermont, Ohio Robert Wardlow 

Ne-vin, Highland, Ohio William W. Malcom 

Newago, Netvago, Mich Robert F. Tracy 

New Albany, Mahoning, Ohio Charles Taylor, 

New Albany, (c.h.) Floyd, la Francis M. Gvdn' 

New Albany, Pontotoc, Miss C. T. Bond 

New Albany, Bradford, Pa. Benjamin Wilcox 

New Albion, Caitaraaiffus, N. Y Whitney Jewell 

New Alexander, CtHuvrMana, Ohio Nicholas Ickes 

New Alexandria, Jefferson, Ohio Thos. Chamben 

New Alexandria, Westmorelandy Pa .Thomas G. 


New Alsace, Dearborn, la. Mrs. Mary Kesaler 

New Alstead, Cheshire, N. H James F. Isham 

New Amsterdam, Harrison, la C. W. Aydelott 

New Antioch, Clinton, Ohio David Marble 

Newark, Newcastle, Del Matthew Macklem 

New Ark, J^endaU, III -w Thos. HoUenback 

Newark, W>rcester, Md Handy Bowea 

Newark, Knox, Mo Harvey Sisson 

Newark, (c. h.) Essex, N.J Charles T. Gray 

Newark, Wayne^ N. Y Hiram Clark 

Newark, (c. h.) Licking, Ohio JEdmnnd J. Ellia 

Newark, Wh£te,Tenn Rodam Russell 

Newark, Caledonia, Vt. David F. Johnson 

Newark, Wirt,\B. A. Hawley 

Newark Valley, Tioga, N. Y William S. Lincoln 

New Ashford, Berkshire, Mass .James Dewey 

New Athens, Harrison, Ohi© Alexander Mahood 

Newbagon Creek, Pesquctank, N.C.... JTno. D Bailey 

New Baltimore, Greme, N. Y Henry Slingerland 

New Baltimore, /Start, Ohio Willin Underwood 

New Baltimore, Fauquier, Va....Frcd. W. S.Grayson 

New Baltimore, Macomb, Mich Thos. M. Crocker 

New Bavaria, Henry, Ohio Charles Hornung 

New Bedford, (c. h.) Bristol, Mass J. C. Kent 

New Bedford, Coshocton, Ohio Josiah E. Fleming 

New Bedford, Lawrence, Pa James H.Wright 

New Bedford, JfonmoutA, N. J Jacob J. Smith 

Newberg, Oxss, Mich Rulef D. Crego 

New Berlin, Chenango, N. Y George W. Sumner 

New Berlin, Stark, Ohio John B. Picrson 

New Berlin, Ionia. Mich Alonzo Sessiona 

New Berlin, (c. h.) Dhion, Pa Henry D. Maissa 

New Berlin, Milv>aiikie,'WiB Nicholas T.Loomit 

New Berlin Centre, Chenango, N. Y..Avery Williams 

Newbern, Greene, Ala James W. Hogan 

Newbern, Jer*«^,Ill ^...John G. Doy]# 

Newborn, Bartholomew, la Charles Harry 

Newbern, (c. h.) Craven, N. 0... James C. Stephenson 
Newbern, Difer, Tenn James Chnrchmaa 




Hewbern, Marion, Iowa .Fletcher Gain 

Hewberry, Wuyne,Kj ;. John H. PhiUipg 

Hewberry, Greene, la John Ijander 

Vewberry, Lycoming, Pa James C. Funston 

ITewberry C. H, Newberrj/t S. C Sol. P. Kinard 

Hewberrytown, York, Pa Jesse G. Hays 

Vew Bethel, BerUon, Ala Bezvjamin N. Page 

Hew Bethlehem, Clarion, Pa Thomas McEelvey 

Vew Rloomfleld, CaUaway, Mo....Wm. H. Alexander 

New Bloomfield, Perry, Pa Isaac N. Bhatto 

Newborn, iVet^ton, Ga Qide<m Roberts 

NewRoKton, WinoUiam, Comi Harvey Lamson 

New Boston, Spencer, la. .Thomas B. Phillips 

New Boston, Zee, Iowa Josiah Harvey 

New Boston, Macon, Mo William Ratliff 

Now Boston, Mercer, III Richard Thomas 

Now Boston, Berkshire, Mass.... ..Samuel G. Parsons 

New Boston, HiUsborough, N. H... James M. Qregg 

New Boston, Henry, Tenn Benj. T. Bowden 

New Boston, Lewiis, N. Y Thomas Taylor 

New Braintree, Worcester, Ma88.....Gharles B. Frost 
New Braumfels, (c. h.) Cbmal, Tex.Adolphu8 Benner 

New Bremeo, Auglaize, Ohio Adam Knnzel 

New Bremen, Lewis, N.Y James H. Morrow 

New Bremer, Cbok, 111 Moses R. Ballard 

New Bridge, Lumpkin, Ga Samuel Stephens 

New Bridgeville, York, Pa John Eckert 

New Brighton, JReaeer, Pa Charles H. Higby 

New Brighton, Ihuquier, Ya.....8ila8 H. Newhouse 
New Brighton, Richmond, N. Y...Uichard MeKensey 
New Britain, Hartford, Clark 

Now Britain, Columbia, N. Y Allen B. Davis 

New Brunswick, (c. h.) Middlesex, N. J..H. Sanderson 

New Buda, Decatur, Iowa wOeorge Pomuts 

New Buffalo, Berrien, Mich... Reuben W. Smith 

New Buffalo, Perry, Pa William Jackson 

Newburgh, Macon, Mo James B. Murly 

Newburgh, Franklin, Ala Frederick G. Wilson 

Newburgh, Mirric/-, la Achilles £. Robertson 

Newburgh, Washington, Wis Lucius Frisbv 

Newburgh, (c. h.) Lewis, Tenn Albert G. Cooper 

Newburgh, Penobscot, Me Jabes Enonlton 

Newburgh, (c. h.) Orange, N. Y J. Casterline, jr 

Newburgh, Cuyahoga, Ohio L. S. Webb 

Newburtch, CumberlanU. Pa John A. Rea 

Newburgh Centre, Pennbsont, Me...L€onard Jackpon 

New Burlinzton, Delatoare, la J. S. Hutchings 

New Burlington, Clinton, Ohio David Sprague 

Newbury, Merrimack, N. H Esek Young 

Newbury, Geauga, Ohio ..Anson Matthews 

Newbury, Orange, Yt. Simeon Stevens, jr 

Newburyport, (c. h.) Essex, Mass John M. Cooper 

Newby's Rridge, PerquimdnSy N. C....Jeptha White 

New California, Grant, Wis M. Bartholomew 

New California, Union, Ohio...8am*l B. Woodburn 

Sew California. Jackson, Ya...M. Benson Armstrong 
ew Canean, Fairfield, Conn.. H. B. Hoyt 

New Canton, Kent/m, Ky Wm. J. Roddick 

New Canton, Hawkins, Tenn..... L. H.Rogan 

New Canton, Buckingham^ Ya.....> Thomas F. Baber 

New Carlisle, St'Joseph, la .0. W. Druliner 

New Carlisle, ClarJc, Ohio .Thomas Wise 

New Carthage, Madison, La. L. E. Love 

New Castle, (c. h.) iVeio QuUe, Del. James Duncan, jr 

New Castle, Gentry, Mo William H. Waters 

New Castle, ^c. h.) Henry, la. Jacob Mowrer 

New Castle, (c. h.) Henry, Ky Isaac N. Webb 

New Castle, Lincoln, Me Joseph Brown 

New Castle, Westchester, N. Y Charles H. Kir by 

New CaAtle, Costhocton, Ohio...Sam'l H. Zimmerman 

New Castle, WHkes, N. C Mrs. Diana A. Hunt 

New Castle, Larorence, Pa. David Tidball 

New Cafitle, Hardeman, Tenn John J. Polk 

New Castle (c. h.) Craig, Ya T.J. Wbarton 

New Centre, York. S. C Myles Smith 

New Cenireville, Oswego, N. Y ...Uri Salisbury 

New Centreville, Jennings, Ia....Wm. S. Roudebush 
New Cbamberdburgb, QAumbianay Ohio...John L. 

New Chester, Adam^, Pa...Theodore'Taughinbaugh 
New Church, Accomack, Ya.... William H. Marshall 

New Clyde, Whitesides, 111 Joseph H. Broth well 

New Columbus, Ou;en,Ky A. Price 

New Columbia, Onion, Pa. Jacob Meekly 

New Columbus, LtuenUf Pa. James S. Woods 

New Comerstown, Tuscarawas, Ohio...E.Laugfaead 

New Concord, Oullaway, Ky Cyrus Owen 

New Concord, Muskingum,0 Noble Kelly 

New Coosa, Union, Ga ..William C. Hughes 

New Comer, Belatoare, la ,Jacob Hatfield 

New Corwin, HiOhland, Ohio Isaiah Roberto 

New Corydon. Jay, la George Stola 

New Creek, Hampshire, Ya Thomas Crawford 

New Cumberland, Tuscarawas, Ohio.....MeCauslin 

New Cumberland, Ouunberland, Pa... John G. Miller 
New Cumberland, Hancock, Ya... Spencer A. OriJBn 

New Danville, Rtislc, Tex Andrew R. Hamilton 

New Derry, Westmordand, Pa. John McAfee 

New Diggings, La Fayette, Wis Wm. L. Robieon 

New Dnblin, jS»mp«on, Miss Duncan Weathersby 

New Durham, La Porte, la Bell Jcnninge 

New Durham, Hudson, N. J....t Henry Ackerson 

New Egypt, Ocean, N. J Abigail Wallin 

New Elizabeth, Hendricks, la. James Gibsont 

Newell, ^n(2er«on, S. C J. C.Smith 

'Newell, FermiHion, 111 John P. PhiUpe 

New Eng'd Yillage, Worcester, MaesJ. W. Harring- 

New Erin, Stephenson, HI Hanson Bacon 

New Fairfield, Fairfield, Conn Seelye Bamnm 

Newfane, Niagara^ N. Y John J. Cutwater 

Newfane, Fond du Lac, Wis Harvey Parsone 

New Farmington, Jackson, la. Elon B. Stephem 

Newfleld, York, Me Mark Wood 

Newfield, Tompkins, N. Y J. H. Anderson 

New Florence, Westmoreland, Pa Robert Given 

Newfoundland, Morris, N.J John P. Brown 

New Franken, Brovm, Wis J. M. Burkard 

New Frankfort, Scctt, la John Colvin 

New Franklin, Stark, Ohio Samuel Hershberger 

New Franklin, Wayne, 111 James Allen 

New Freedom, York, Pa. Eli W. Free 

New Freeport, Greene, Pa G. G. Nusom 

New Garden, Wayne,l9k Stanton Judkins 

New Garden, Guilford, N.C .' John Russell 

New Garden, ColumJnana, Ohio... .,. James Graham 

New Garden, RusseU, Ya. Zadock N. Gardner 

New Garden, Chester, Pa Jacob Taylor 

New Gascony, J^erson,Ax]s.,...„, £. B. Mason 

New Geneva, Fayette, Pa Samuel R. Dilliner 

New Gennessee, Whitesides, 111 Caius Thorp 

New German town, Hunterdon, N. J John P. S. MiUer 

New Germantown, PeiTy,P& Thomas Segar 

New Germany, Franklin, Mo Thomas H. Baker 

New Gilead, Moore, N. C Hugh McDonald 

New Glarus, Gfre«n«, Wis John J. Tschndy 

New Glasgow, AmJterst, Ya Yalerius McGinnia 

New Gloucester, Cuniberland, Me Joseph Crooi 

New Goshen, V^o, la William L. Shney 

New Gottingen, Guernsey, Ohio.Geo. W. Heidelbach 
New Graefetaberg, Herkimer, N. Y.Richard Holland 

New Grenada, Fulton, Pa James McSteenkard 

New Gretna. BurUngton, N. J Sarah S. Cramer 

New Guilford,' CbsAoc^ Ohio.William P. Thomhm 

Nlw Guilford, Franklia, Pa...y Jacob C. Snyder 

New Hackensack, Dutchess, H. Y...H. D. Needbam 

New Hagerstown, OarrcU, Ohio John Moore 

New Hamburgh, Dutdiess, N. Y.Thomas Burroughs 

New Hamburgh, ifercer. Pa John George 

New Hampshire. ^i/^2at2e,Obio..Jas. J. Hutchison 

New Hampton, Belknap, N. H James Simpson 

New Hampton, Chickasaw, Iowa Osgood Gowin 

New Hampton, Hunterdon, N. J A. W. Grant 

New Hampton, Orange, N. Y Hiram Phillips 

New Hanover, Montgomery, Pa.Fred'k. Brendlingtr 

New Harmony, Br&wn, Ohio Luther Lyons 

New Harmony, Posey, Ind Nelson Feleh 

New Harmony, Chambers, Ala..Wm. H.McWhorter 

New Harrisburg, OarroU, Ohio John Coyan,Jr 

New Harrison, Darke, Ohio Jacob Wood 

New Hartford, Litchfield, Conn Daniel SI. Bird 

New Hartford, jPiibe^IU Thomas Alton 

New Hartford, Oneiaa, N. J Jacob Harper 

New Hartford Centre, LitcJtfi^dd, Con... J. C. Mason 

Newbart's, Northampton, Pa Michael Newhart 

New Haven (o. h.) New Haven, Con...L. A. Thomas 

New Haven, GaU43Jin, HI Samuel Da^lej 

New Haven, AUen, la ^...M'^Rnfus McDonald 

New Haven, Ndson, Ky Joseph Brown 

NEW 9 

Krr HiTSD, Hamrnb, Ulch. Jobn P, Quick 

MmrHw™, Onoqfo, N. T Bolomen Whtt»,lr 

Raw B»«i, Omn, Ohio Ena Btevsrt 

Hnr HftTSD, JdditDn, Tt .....Brumiu D. HiU 

X*T H»«i, CbtrnMo, Wli J). U. Bsldl 

Hnr H*Twi HlUt, Aidim, Vt...Mn. Jua Huritt 
Vtw HebroD, Crawford, lll«SuniiBl G, BirnrUiEW 

New HIgbluiiI, £»,Pa Chulu Stubbi 

N»wHILl, mile, N.O Robert M. Brown 

New Hollwid, Pickarcay. Ohio N. R.FerguMn 

JS9W HnlliDdf Lancatlcr, y%..^...... Peter KaBm 

BowHollMd, TnibaiA,I^ Iml« Dtiie 

Kg* Holiuhi, CUumd. Wb Wnilun P>ul»D 

KtvHopt, JTudftm, Alk Oeorga BuihU 

ITtw Hops, iVUim, Kf. LswrsanJ. Bnrj 

Haw Hope, Ctnoiis. Ho Nloholu A. Hut j 

JItw Bora, Iredell, S.C Juaes HcHugne 

Raw Hose, Srovm, Oblo Owhi I. BUwut 

Haw Hope, airoUn&'Ud .Wmie Oocknn 

Haw Hope, Bxii, Pa. Junee P. Smith 

IVaw Hope, jHouito, Vs....„.....»Thom£on O. Stout 

Haw Hope, IRiAalk.IU John :?, Scherar 

Haw Hope, Mariluia, Temi ~ J. JL, Monte 

Haw HoDu, Ttrk, S. O. Theodote D. rultoa 

Haw HndeoD, jaigeay, N. T_. J. T. D. Kelly 

Haw HndKm, Ooifawf, Mich. Alui«n SmlA 

Haw Hnrlnr, OWer, N. 7_Ju»b J. Tui Steenbergb 

Haw Iberie, SI. MarUnt, lA. John DenlcouiC 

Hawlsxtod, BartMil, Conn Henr; Kllbonia 

HewlDeitan, RaMnalmy N. H-F. W. de ftochcmoot 

Haw iDitttnta, iTed^ N. C. WlUliun J. Testel 

Haw Interest, JIaiKMplk, Ta JwLsh Sinunona 

HawIpiw1eli,fiiart«iiwt,N. H Jahn PeaboriJ 

Haw Iraluid, Neaton, Ulu. Thomu W. Vance 

Hew Juper, ffl-eeBi.Ohlo WiUlani H, Moore 

Hew Janudem, BertI, Pn Benjamin Kelohoer 

Kew Kent G. H., ZHh Xatt, Va-Bobert A. Chandler 

Haw Klngaton, Ddftnin^ H. I Iiaac BIrdalU 

Haw ElDEBtawo, Cumberland, Pa...Da'ld EL Swller 
HawUrkT^lUlte, AUon, H. I...OaiTetl A. Newklrk 

Haw Lanastsr, Ti^on, la. Isaac Harhlt 

Haw lAncaster, IRBTefLlll James H. Black 

Haw Labanon, He £UMll Allen BIgelow 

Haw Lebanon, Mntr, Pa Sobeit C. Gordon 

Haw Labtnon, BiMtm, la J.. William 9. Doddt 

Hew IiebanoD, abniMa,N. T Moses T. Tllden 

■ Hew LabaooD, MaUffamtry, Ohio Jacob Adami 

Haw Lebanon Centre, Ctilwnbvlj N. F.F. W. ETcreat 
Hew Labuon Bprtnim CblumUn, N. Y...H. 0. Bull 

Hew LenoT, SerktliSi, Haai David W. Dewe; 

Hew Lexington, SamtrtO, Pa Jacob R. McMllleo 

Haw I«xta^ton, flimboo, Ala. D.J.Woodnard 

Haw Lexington, Any, Ohio Jesse Sklnnei 

Haw Libertj, OnmSU, S. C William T. Carter 

Haw Ubertj, Omn, Kj Clement J. Bradfo-' 

Haw Liberty, Apt, Hi. Joslah Dajbi 

Hew Ugbt, IKte, N.O Peleg 8. Rogen 

Hew L .....KmBTi Sontbwlck 

Hew LI .George J. Piwk 

Kew L ...Bajre OUnhant.Ji 

How Li .Ohlo.A.G.Mc»;ostej 

NewL miiConnJ.B.Lymac 

New L Elijah Blchard 

Hew L ...George W, Warfleld 

Hew I > .^muel Smltb 

Hew L..u.,v^ -« , .~~~, ... J John M. Haj« 

Hew London, Ontida, N. Y .Oerihom Bdwardi 

Haw London, award. la J. F. HenderwD 

Haw London, Amn, Ohio B. B. SantOrd 

Haw London. auqiMI, T* Bdward C Bchola 

Hew London, CAeiCer, Pa Banh A. OaalBEham 

Haw London, IMon, Ark...... ....Armand Ledla 

Haiw London, ntaqueo, me William McMllUn 

Haw Lfma, JMalmla, Oblo AIts R. Bscbwltli 

Haw i?adliion,Itar*fc Ohio Daxid 0. Watt 

Haw Uadrld, (c. h^ Aw UtdrO, Uo... Jno. T. Bcott 

Haw HahODUiib CBi-ftsn, Pa TUghman Ame 

Hawman-a MUii, iwUmo, Pa DaTfd B. KInporl 

HawtnanBTflle,0r«tK,Tenn..^. ....Johnkna 

Haw Marlon, il^plcV, la John B. Band 

Haw Market, JbiUUn, Ala Pnderiiik T. Spire; 

Hew Market, JRniMkKj HenirOoter 

Haw Uarint, IMeritk, Md. Abealom Anderwm 

Haw Market, PItUe, Mo Bolomon B. filahw 

Maw HaAa^ Sede^gham, H. B.....J. H. Obi 

KEW ^ 

iw Market, JKi&UCKz, N.J AdamTermenla 

New Harkat XandcMi, N. Joacpb Newlln 

Now Hukal, run Burm, Iowa CteUln P. DaTli 

New Market, SiaHlaad, Ohio JamcB A. Pnrdr 

Naw Market, JmviOe, 8, Wn. W. FerrTman 

New Market, j;HK>'<on, II«nn William Brazelton 

New Market, a«mamlaii^ Ta... Walter N. Newman 

'Tew Market, Ifonroe, Ga A. Q. Harrcr 

lew Market, Khutjan, Ark. ..William M.Bradehaw 
lew Marlborough, AribtAire, Man.MIss S. S.CalUn 
lew Hartlneborgh, IbyiUe, Ohlo.Gereliani Peidna 
law Martlnsrille, (c. h.) WOai, Ta...Jaitathaa N. 

lewMaaiilon, VayiK, Dl Juatns Beach 

Jew MajsTlllB, Puftwin, la Robert C Bojd 

law MafiVOle, i>a«. Ill Bamael Laird 

lew Melamcna, K&iUtwtoii, 0. Alexander 


lawHlchtean.ZMitfitoiiiIll David Holntodi 

lew MIddlatrai, »»M, Tenn B. Ward 

law Hlddlatown, MalumiaB, Ohio... Jamea Shannon 

New HlUbrd, i.acM(Id.'Cbnn. S.E. Boatwlck 

" — MUlbtd, WiliHwi^ii, 111 Jamea Moore 

Hnibrd, Ornivc, N. Y Jlaild D. Demenst 

HUtDrd, iStunawanaA, Pa „F. W. Borla 

Naw MUltown. ZoHouCcr, Pa.„Thom>i J.BlDgHsIt 
Naw HUtoo, Daddridet, Va...Jepthah F, BanSolph 
Naw MoKow, OoAodm, Ohio.... William 0. Wllsoa 

Naw Monnt Pleaiant, Jfoniw,Pa Joseph Mover 

Naw Mount Pleasant, J'iii.Ia...Nath>Diel Brentar 

Newman, (e. h.), Oxnla, Oa. Blake D-Brewstar 

NawmanvUla, (c, h,^ JtocAiu, Fla...,.S. Whitehead 

New Ohio, a™™, S. Y Edwin S. Holcomb 

Naw Oregon, Howard, Iowa. .....Samuel U. Cola 

New Oregon, Erit, N. Y John J. Fuller 

Naw Orleans, (b, b.), Orloint, lA...Arthnr S. NevltC 
Naw Oxford, .Jdan^ Pa.. ....... ............. .John Blair 

Naw Paieatlna, CirrmiiM, Oblo. Lnke W. Hooar 

Naw Palti, WUUr, N.Y. A. A.Devo.JI 

Naw Falti Landlne HUttr, N, Y. Danial Co* 

New Paris, fyeil^hlo. Ahmu P. Jobnaton 

Haw Pails, XllAim, la William B. Mscombor 

New Patersbnrgh, ffiTUond, Oblo... Nathan Pearca 
New Phlladelpliiii, K&tftlidton, la... William Perdn* 
New PhiIadelphi^(o. h.) iSkothuku, O.F. W. Himes 

New Pltt^bargh, IRiyne, Ohio Jeseph B. Coder 

New Plato, iontlll Btaphen Archer 

New Pljmouth, VijOim, Ohio..,CbailBs K. CmmmlC 

Newport, JV™ Cbrtfc, Del Major Yeatel 

Newport, Ifiiil«aa, Fla Jamea Caverlj 

Newport, <c. b.} remiUtm, la Jamea M. Hood 

Newport, (c. h.) Oniipidi, Ky James M. Bojrd 

Newport, PatAiait, fie John J.PlUsbiirT 

Newport, (a. h.) ivanWiii,Mo Samoel B. Boiler 

Newport, jUonroe, Mich WiUlam Whlta 

Newport, (c. h.) aiUimm, N. E Sawjer Belknap 

Newport, CtmAerloml, N. J Samuel F. Spenca 

Newport BtrMnKT, N.Y Bborman Woonor 

Newport, WuMtigbm, Ohio Thomas O'Neal 

Newport, ftrru, Pa .parrlet M, SIpger 

Newport, (c. ho Newport, R. I J. Jouen 

Newport, (e. h.) Oiofe,Tenn DsTld W.StBut 

Newport, Walker, Texas Joseph Werner 

Newport, Orlaini,Tt AahlorGonld 

Newport, OOa, Ta Robert W.Bam 

Newport, Zoite, 111 BIHah F. W. Eddy 

Newport, CMunMa, Wte William 8. Waft 

Nawpon, JVnnJUAi, Ala ~ D. COatai 

Newport Ortene, Ark. FlaDde M. Bavli 

Nawporl, Jbbusiulow*. Nathaniel B. Mors* 

Nawpwt, .retain, IUh Alennder MeMUIaa 

Haw Fortua, Amuiit, Ohio laalah Johni 

Newport Caatn, Lmime, Pa -Michael Beaa 

Newport Centre, JbAnson, Iowa... Martha O. Trotter 

Hew Portland, arHcrtit, Me John P. Hodsdoa 

Naw Portland, aoeart, Tenn Both T. Andrewa 

NewpiwtTlUe, Aielt, Pa. .Andrew Londerbangh 

Naw Potoil, kaam, Ala John E. Bnmmerfi^ 

Naw Preaton, LUthfi£d, Oonn....Marvtai 8. Benun 

New Prlnsaton, OuAoi^an, William Whlnarf 

New Proipact, IFtnstiin,Mlss Robert B. Brown 

Hew ym!t»eiL,Bertm, N. J SweetlncMllaa 

NawPtoflwat, W^/ne, OMo- JseobKnopp 

Naw Fra^ae^ agvlmbwrfh, a OUrer CbS 




New Prospect, Gremej Ala... .Franklin WHUnghani 

New Providence. i\jfce, Ala John W. Moore 

New ProYidence JEsseXy N. J iBrael 0. Maxwel 

New Providence, Lancaster^ Pa .John Tweed 

New Providence, Clark^ la Isaac Shaw 

New Providence, Montgomery y Tenn N. F. Trice 

New Retreat, Wasturiftony I» Mary B. Baker 

New Richland, Logan, Ohio. Miles H. Wadham 

New Richmond, Clemumt, Ohio.... J>. L. Stinohfield 

New Richmond, Orawfordy^A. Ira Clark 

New Richmond, Mon^omery, la Elliot Dechon 

New River, (Muinbia, Fla William Z. Hemden 

New River, liayeite, Ala John R. Yerhy 

New River, Aicentum, La .Henry Doyal 

New Road, Ddaware, N. Y Daniel Weed 

New Rochelle, Wegtchestery N. Y Robert H. Coles 

New Rochester, Wood, Ohio Michael Myers 

New Roe, JWen,Ky C. K. O'Neal 

New Ross, Montgomeryy la Nathan F, Bowen 

New Rnmley, Harrisony Ohio.. Jacob Outshall 

New Russia, EsKXy N. Y Lncius Bishop 

Newry, Jacksouy la Andrew L. Newkirk 

Newry, Oxfordy Me Charles H.Choate 

Newry, 5totr,Ta Cornelius McConnell 

News, Caihouny III H. L. Bash 

New Saiem, Rwhy la John P. Wallace 

New Saldm, iZusAr, Texas..... John C. Nelson 

New Salem, JVanA;2<n, Ma8S.....Alpheas Harding, jr 

New Salem, Alba$vyy N. Y .: David G. Soger 

New Salem, jRamtoZpA, N. C N. C. Jarrell 

New Salem, Ihitflddy Ohio. .Oliver P. Landon 

New Salem, JWre, 111 Isaiah Cooper 

New Salem, FayeUey Pa Charles S. Seaton 

New Salem, Harrisony Ya M. M. F. Randolph 

New Salisbury, CobwrnhianOy O.J>amel D. Mcintosh 

New Salisbury, Hamison, la. Joseph Dewees 

New Santa Fee, Jacksony Mo ..B. C. Wes^all 

New Scotland, Jlbany, N. Y.....£dmand Raynsford 

New ScottsviUe, Beaver, Pa. George E. Shannon 

New Sharon, FrankUny Me Henry fi. Dyer 

New Sharon, MonnitnUh, N. J Horton Cooper 

New SheflBeld, JBeavery Pa John Scott 

New Shoreham, Nevoporiy B. I.JSlJ(jah Macomber, Jr 

New Smyrna, Orangty Fla Jane Sheldon 

New Somerset, Vfeffenmiy Ohio E. S. Easterday 

Newsom's Depot, ^S^m^Aampfon, Tai...Jas. J. Harden 

New Springfield, JfoAonin^, Ohio George Smith 

New Springville, iZicAmond, N.Y.Isaac J. Simonson 

New Stand, Claytony Iowa John Lockridge 

New Stanton, Wettmordand, ^aJSenry P. Horbaugh 

Newstead, Ohrigtiany Ky John C. WMtlock 

New Stoney Creek, Oceana,Mich A,B. Wheeler 

New Store, Buekingkamy ya...Charlee D. McEtnney 
New Sweden, CUfOony N. Y.William Y. B. McLean 

Newton, ^c. h.) Daley Ala. Isaiah J. Prim 

Newton, (c. h.) BaJeer, Ga. Jtobert M. Douglas 

Newton, (c. h.) Jasper, 111 E. H. Bridges 

Newton, JUdcuesexy Mass H. B. Wetherell 

Newton, Caihouny Mich Lorenzo Lore 

Newton, Ja«per, Iowa Rowland D. Minard 

Newton, Rockinghamy N. H Michael F. Hoyt 

Newton, (c. h.) Sussex, N. J .John McCarter, Jr 

Newton, (chJ Catawba, N. C......Ogbum Campbell 

Newton, Muskingumy Ohio JohnB. Dngan 

Newton, JTanavMa, Ya Ballard S. Rogers 

Newton, iforum, Fla E. W. Syms 

Newton, Netotony Texas C. F. Moote 

Newton, JUarquetUy Wis .vw John Hoy 

Newtonburgh, ManUowoCy Wis Henxy Meyer 

Newton Centre, MiddUsex, Mass.... Jtobert Prentice 

Newton Corners, Je^xon, Wis H.S. Doolittle 

Newton Creek^ Bauard,Kj Edmund Ragland 

Newton Factory, iV^ewton, Ga John Webb 

Newton Falls, TrumbrM, Ohio....£ra8tu8 H. Ensign 

Newton Grove, Sampson, N. C Blackman Lee 

Newton Hamilton, Mifflin, Pa. John W. Smith 

Newtonia, WWdnson, Miss Darid L. Phares 

Newton Lower Falls, Middiesex, Mass C. E. Snow 

Newtonsville, denuont, Ohio.Nathaniel M. Hibbets 
Newton Upper Falls, Middlesex, Mass James Taylor 

Newtonville, AUalOy Miss Thaddeus Wigley 

Newtonville, Albanyy N. Y Jacob HeMy 

Newtonville, Fhyette, Ala B. M. Shepherd 

Newtonville, [Middlesexy BIass.Andrew H. Ward, Jr 
New Topia, Bcatow, Ala.............. Jtobert H. Davis 

Newtown, FiUrfiddy Conn Jerome Jodson 

Newtown, Etdorado, Cal Wilber Fisher 

Newtown, Cobby Qsl W. H. Autrey 

Newtown, .Fbtmtoin, la Aaron Black 

Newtown, ScoUyKj George E. Beadel 

Newtown, Worcester, Md William H. T.'Clarvoe 

Newtown, Mndx, Miss John F.Tatam 

Newtown, Queens, N. Y John I. Borroughs 

Newtown, HamUton, Ohio Hiram Bodine 

Newtown, BuckSy Pa Mrs. Ann Anderson 

Newtown, King and Queeny Ya....Sam'l. S. Gresham 

Newtown, Putnamy Mo Philip Johnson 

Newtown Academy, Monroe, Ala...Joseph L. Butler 

Newtown Square, Bdaware, Pa Leedom Eirk 

Newtown Stephensburgh,JFVe<2enc%;,yaJ. AUemong 

New Trenton, J^anklin, la Frederick Deike 

New Trier, Oook,ia Anson H. Taylor 

New Tripoli, Lehigh, Pa Samuel Camp 

New Ulm, Austin, Texas Laurence Miller 

New Upton, GUmce^er, Ya Edward Sean 

New Utrecht, Kings, N. Y Englebert L. Barre 

New Yemon, Morris, N. J Watson C. Tucker 

New Yemon, Mercer, Pa William B. Travis 

New Yienna, Clinton, Ohio John Matthews 

New Yienna, Bu Buque, Iowa......Joseph Schemmel 

New Yillage, Warren, N. J John T. Stewart 

New YiUage, Suffolk, N. Y Samuel B. Lee 

Nevrville, Be Kalb,lA „...,... J. M. Lawrence 

Newville, Herkimer, N. Y r. Ezra Jones 

NewviUe, Richland, Ohio John Hughes 

Newrille, Cumberland, Pa Daniel S. Dunlap 

Newville, Sussex, Ya John R.Holleman 

New Yineyard, PranOin, Me Luther T. Yoter 

New YirgU, Kane, HI William H. Robinson 

New Wakefield, Washington, Ala James B. Slade 

New Washington, Clark, la..... John Swan 

New Washington, CUarfi^ddy Pa John M. Cumminga 
New Washington, Graioford, Ofalo...G. Donnewlrth 

NewWaterford, CUum&tana, Ohio. John Baker 

New Way, Licking, Ohio David Stratton, Jr 

New Weatville, Freble, Ohio Alex. P. Campbell 

New White Lake, OneidOy N. Y...Theophilu8 Honser 

New Wilmington, Xatorence, Pa H. H. Means 

New Winchester, Hendricks, la. W. H. Faught 

New Windsor, OarrdUy Md Samuel Hoflinan 

New Woodstock, Madisony N. Y... Jas. J. Wadsworth 

New York, New Torky N. Y Isaac Y. Fowler 

New York, Montgomeryy Tenn Joseph I. Bowen 

New York Mills, Oneida, N. Y Sylvanus Hoag 

New Zion, Sumter, S. C James A. Budding 

Ney, Be Kalb, HI Leander P. Eellogg 

Ney, B^fiance, Ohio George Ridenour 

Niagara Falls, Niagara, N. Y John F. Murdock 

Niantic, New London, Conn Seldon Cook 

Nicholas C. H., Nicholas, Ya David Peebles 

Nicholasville, (c. h.) Jessamine, Ey ...H. J. Campbell 

Nichols, Tioga, N. Y. Timothy P. Alden 

Nicholson, Wyoming, Pa.. Albert D. Eing 

Nicholson's Store, Choctaw, Ala...Wm. L. Mttchell 

Nicholsonville, Putnam, la M. T. Bridget 

Nicholsonville, CleoOand, N. C... John N. Nicholson 

Nichi^ville, (Tfemon*, Ohio N. B. Nlchoto 

Nicholville, St. Lawrence, N. Y E. D. Peck 

Nickaton, Penobscot, Me. George W. GarmaB 

Nickelsville, .SfaoW, Ya James M. Quillln 

Nickell's Mills, Mmroe, Ya James M. Niok^ 

Nicoijack, Marion, Tenn George A. Grant 

Nicolaus, Suttery Cal F. A. Russa 

Nieonza, Jliiami, la Matthias Moyer 

Night's Prairie, Hamilton, 111 Thomas H. Mellon 

Nile, Att^ny, N. Y Luther B. Whitwood 

Niles, Berrien, Mich W. H. McComber 

Niles, Oayugoy N. Y William Helmer 

Niles, Cooky HI John Gny 

Niles, TruTnbuUy Ohio Henry H, Mason 

Niles, Bdawarey la John Buckles 

Nimisila, Summity Ohio ^....John Sider 

Nimmon's Cross Roads, Morrow, 0. Absalom Doherty 

Nine Eagles, Beoatur, Iowa Allen Scott 

Nine Mile, BUdsoe, Tenn... Joseph McDowell 

Nine Mile, Mahaska, Iowa. George Dunsmore 

Nine Mile Prairie, Perry, HI Nelson Mead 

Nine Points, Lancaster, Pa Lewis Hiipps 

Ninety-Six, Abb<Me, S. Nimrod W. Stewart 

Nineveh, Adair, Mo I>aTid Mohler 




KlnoTeh, Broome, N. T Franklin Edgerton 

Nineveh, Johnson, la William J.Mathee 

Mineveh, Warren, Va Joshua A. McKay 

Nippenose, Lycoming, Pa. J.J.Sanderson 

Nittany, Omtre, Pa George Delcarop 

Niverville, Oolimbia, N. Y Edward CJarr 

Kixburgh, Cbosa, Ala A. 0. Morgan 

Nixonton, PcuqucOank, N. C Reuben P. Overman 

Noah, Shelby, la Leander Kennedy 

Noank, New London, Oonn William Latham 

Noble, (c. h.) J^6te, la Nathan Prink 

Noble, Richland, 111 Henry Snyder 

Noble Centre, Branch, Mich Darwin Willson 

Noble Iron Works, Noble, la James McConnel 

Noblesborough, lAncdn, Me John A. Chapman 

Noblestown, AUeghany, Pa. William McClean 

Noblesville, Hamilton^ la Joseph A. Messlck 

Nobleville, NoUe, Ohio James fiellyer 

Nobob, Barren, Ky N. M. WHson 

Nochway, Randolph, Ga. Benjamin Gibson 

No Grove, La Salf^ 111. Henry Bowers 

Nolen, Hardin, Ky Barhart Winders 

Nolensville, Wdlianuon, Tenn Francis Hawkins 

Nominy Grove, Westmoreland, Va....\Wm. P. Crabb 

Nonclova, Lucas, Ohio Benjamin F. Bams 

Nonconner, Fayette, Tenn John F. Boyet 

Non Intervention, Lunenberg, Ta.....Wm. F. Moore 

Nonpareil, Knox, Ohio William Sturgeon 

Noonday, 0#b6, Ga R. Latimer 

Nooseneok Hill, Kent, R.I John T. Lewis 

Nora, Joe Daviess, 111 George B. Stanchfield 

Norfolk, lAtclijidd, Conn Aaron Gilbert 

Norfolk, (S4 Lawrence, N. YWilliam T. Osborne 

Norfolk, (c. h.) Norfolk, Va Alexander Gait 

Normal College, Randolph, N. C M. S. Leach 

Normanda, Tipton, Ind Isaac Yandevender 

Normandy, Bedford, Tenn M. A. Kennedy 

Norman's Kill, Albany, N. Y...Wm. H. Sllngerland 

Normaatown, OUmer, Va. £mmet Norman 

Norridgewock (c. h.) Somerset, Me....jrame8 Trench 

Norrls Creek, Lincoln, Tenn James G. Harrison 

Norris Fork, Henry, Mo Absalom M. Potts 

Norristown (c. h.) Pope, Ark Kirk B. Potts 

Norristown, GirrM, Ohio Emmor Clark 

Norristown (c. h.) Montgomery, Pa... Henry G. Hart 

Norristown, J)e Kalb, la .George L. Noble 

Norrisvllle, Mgefidd, S.C Gilbert McCoy 

Norritonville, Montgomery, Pli... Jacob P. Thornton 
North Abington, Plymouth, Ma8B...Bez^ainin Frost 

North Acton, York, Me.. Joseph A. Davis 

North Adams, Berkshire, Mass Abel WeUierbee 

North Adams, JeAerson, N. Y Albert Rice 

North Adams, Milisdale, Mich N. O. Vreeland 

North Adrian, Lenav>ee, Mich Solomon Warren 

North Albany, Oxford, Me Ifrankiin Cross 

North Almond, MUgany, N. Y A. W. Bishop 

North Amherst, HampMre, Mas8.....Horace Cutler 
Northampton (c. h.) Hampshire, Ma88..A. H. Bnllen 

Northampton, FidUm, N. Y Harvey D. Smith 

North Andover, Essex, Mass J. P. Foster 

North Anson, Somerset, Me. Rodney Collins 

North Appletott, WaJdo, Me.. ....Joseph Wentworth 

North Argyle, Waikin^cn, N. Y... JTohn Stevenson 

North Ashford» Windiwn, Conn Zach. N. Allen 

North Attleborough, Britki, Mass....J. D. Richards 

North Aabom, Androsa^in, Me Isaac Osgood 

North Bangor, FrankUn, N. Y....Geoi;ge H. Stevens 
North Barnstead, Belknap,'^. H..Robert S. Webster 
North Barrington, StcdSlwd, N. H... Hiram H. Cater 

North Barton, Tioga, N. Y. Stephen Reed 

North Bay, Oneida, N. Y Henry T. Frisbie 

North Becket, Berkshire, Mass H. A. Bidwell 

North Belgp»de, KJtnnebeck, Me Crowell Taylor 

North Bellingham, Norfolk, Mas8.M.Levi P. Cobum 

North Bend, De Kalb, Ala., Pleasant D. PhiUips 

North Bend, Stark, la. Jeremiah Mosher, Jr 

North Bend .uills, Tyler, Va Aiphea Conaway 

North Bennington, Bennington, Vt. Hiram R. 


North Benton, Maihnnif^, Ohio C. K. Greiner 

North Bergen, Genesee, N. Y Daniel F. Merrill 

North B«mardBton, FrankUn, Ma80.....Timothy K. 


North Berwick, York, Me .Benajah Buff am 

Norih B«th«i, Oi^/bnl, Me •» John Hamlin 

North Beverly, Essex, Mass El^ah E. Summert 

North Billerica, MiddUsex, Mass Joseph A. Burt 

North Blackstone, WbreesUr, Mass.. Alvah P. Colvin 

North Blanford, Hampden, Mass Edwin Elj 

North Blenheim, Schoharie, N. Y....... .Thomas H. 

North Bloomfleld, Ordario, N. Y... Joseph Chamber! 
North Bloomfleld. TrvmbuU, Ohio....Ii>aac G. Clark 

North Blue Hill, Hancock, Me Lewis H. Groen 

North Boothbay, Lincc^n, Me....Ephralm Pinkham 

Northborough, Worcester, Mass Anson Rice 

North Boston, Erie, N. Y John Stillwell 

North Bradford, Penobscot, Me'. Samuel Gowen 

North Branch, Madison, Iowa Jacob Bennett 

North Branch, HUhborough, N. H...Almus Fairfield 

North Branch, BetUimore, Md Joshua L. Brown 

North Branch, Somerset, N. J..Andrew A. Ten Eyok 
North Branch, SulUvani N. Y.. Jacob D. Schermer- 


North Branch, Oalaveras, Cftl Edwin T. Lak« 

North Branford, New Haven, Conn E. E. Bishop 

Nortfabridge, 1T&rces<«r, Mass Haxen 0. Beau 

Nnrthbrldge Centre, Worcester, Mav...W. B. Fuller 
North Bridgeton, (itmberland, Me... John F. Potter 

North Bridgewater, Oneida, N. Y Geo. P.Oatley 

North Bridgewater, Plymmith, Mass.... A. B. Draka 
North Brighton, LimngsUm,. Mich..;...Wm. A. Plait 
North Broadalbin, Pmon, N. Y.. Joseph E. Benedick 

North Brookfield, WorceOer, Mass John HiU 

North Brookfield, Madison, N. Y Harry Morgan 

North Brownsville, Piscata/pas, Me.. Joseph Go win 

North Buckfield, Oxford, Me James T. Buck 

North Bueksport, Hancock,llL e Benjamin Grooe 

North Burke, FrankUn, N. Y .David Bush 

North Cambridge, Lam4jf(Ue, Vt Perry Kinsley 

North Cambridge, Washington, N. Y E. McLean 

North Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass Jan. H. Davis 

North Camden, Lorain, Ohio William Grout 

North Cameron, Steuhen, N. Y Elias Mason 

North Cannon, Kent, Mich James Dockeray 

North Canton, Hartford, Conn George Adams 

North Canyonvilte, Douglas, Ogn... Joseph Roberts 

North Carver, Plymouth, Mass .Wm. S. Savery 

North Castine, Hancock, Me .George H. Emerson 

North Ca»tle, Westchester, N. Y Nathan J. Green 

North Charlestown, SuUivan, N. H..D. M. Dinsmor* 
North Chatham, Barnstable, Mas8...Thatcher Ryder 
North Chatham, Oolumbia, N. Y... J. Schermerhom 
North Chelmsford, Middlesex, Ma»s... Jos. H. Smith 

North Chelsea, Suj^lblfc, Mass .George Newoomb 

North Chemung, Oiemung, N. Y.... Johnson Littl* 

North Chester, Windsor, Vt .David A. Sherwin 

North Chester, Hampden,, Ma^s.. Jonas Parmenter 

North Chesterville, FranJdin, Me Joseph Keith 

North Chichester, ^errimack, N. H....Henry Robey 

North Chili, Monroe, N. Y Robert Fulton 

North Clarence, Erie, N. Y Jared Parker 

North Clarendon, MuOand, Vt Henry S. Brown 

North Clarkson, Monroe, N. Y Alonson Hyames 

North aayton, MianU. Ohio William Finfix>ck 

North CohaAsett, Norfolk, Mass Solomon I. Boal 

North Cohocton, Steuben, N. Y Eleazer Hall 

North Colebrook, Litchjield, Conn...Ja.sper PInney 

North Conway, OarroU, N. H Nath'l R. Mason 

North Copake, Oolumbia, N. Y.....Thomas Edwards 

North Cornwall, LitchfiM, Conn Anson Rogers 

North Cove, McDoweU, N. C James H. Brown 

North Craftsbury, Orleans, Vt....Wm. E. Paddock 

North Creek, PhiUips, Ark James M. Fraser 

North Creek, Wurren, N. Y Russell P. Fuller 

North Creek, Zaurent S. C Nathan Henry 

North Creek, Bnaufort, N. C WiHlam Batchwell 

North Cutler, Washington, Me EUeryTurn^ 

North Dana, Wtrcester, MaBs......George T.Johnson 

North Danville, Gdedonia, Vt Wm. J. Stanton 

North Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass... John Cummings 

North Dighton, Bristol, Mass John Rose 

North Dixmont, Ptnobseot, Me... Amasa T. C. Do^ 

North Dorset, Bennington, Vt Daniel Curtis 

North Dover, Cuyahoga, Ohio Calvin Phtnney 

North Duanesburgh. Schenectady, N. Y. Jas. Donnan 
North Danlmrton, MsTrimadc, N. H....(}eo. W. P^e 

North East, OseO. Md WiUiam Beatty 

North East, Dutduss, N. Y... Newman Lord 

North Sasfc» Srie, Pa....... .Jfirs. R. Brawl^ 



North Eaat Centre, JhUchui,. N T....J.O. Caulklns 
North Eastham, BamstdtlUj Ma88..DaTid G. Atwood 
North Easton, BrUtdy Ma8a...Auga8tu8 0. Howard 

North Easton, WasMngton, N. T Solomon Baker 

North EaHt Station, JhOchexs, N. T Harvey Roe 

North Eaton, Lorain^ Ohio Stephen F. Watkins 

Korth Edgecomb, Lincdny Me.Woodbridge Clifford 
North Egremont, Berkshire^ Ma88...Geo. W. Lester 

North Elba, Essex, N. T Hirafti Wiles 

North Ellsworth, Hancock, Me James McGown 

North End, MaUhews, Ya.... Christopher S. Billups 
North Enfield, GrafUniy N. H....M...Alpheus Gonant 

North EnMish, /otoo, Iowa Ch&uncey Clothier 

Northern Depot, Boont, Ind Abner Smith 

North Evans, Erit, N. Y James Cleghorn 

North Fairfax, FrarikUny Yt...Thoma8 P. St. John 

North Fairfield, Somerset, Me John Noble 

North Fairfield, Huron, Ohio Daniel S. Stevens 

North Fairhaven, BristoU Mass Cyrus £. Clark 

North Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass^Ferdinand 0. Nye 
North Farmington, Oakland, Mich...C. D. Wolcott 
North Fayette, Kennebeck, Me... Samuel S. Walton 
North Ferrisburgh, Addison, Yt...Calv1n 0. Martin 

Northfield, Cook, 111 Douglas Boyd 

Northfield, Litchfield, Conn Wm. New.ton 

Northfield, Boone, la Jacob Tipton 

Northfield, Washington, Me Andrew Harman 

Northfield, Franklin, Mass Charles Osgood 

Northfield, Wasfitenaw, Mich Russell M. Barker 

Northfield, Summit, Ohio George Lillie 

Northfield, Washington, Yt Francis Y. Randall 

Northfield, Des Moines, Iowa... William F. Robinson 
Northfield Depot, Merrimack, N. H...Merrill Moore 

Northfield Farms, Franklin, Mass Moses Fifield 

North Flat, Wt/oming, Pa.... Ambrose Garey 

Northford, New Haven, Conn William Evarts 

North Fork, Izard, Ark. Jacob Wolf 

North Fork, VermiUion, 111 Alvan Gilbert 

North Fork, Mason, Ky John Larew 

North Fork, Ashe, N.C David Worth, Jr 

North Fork, Washington,Va, Abraham Linder 

North Fork, Ozark, Mo Andrew Brlggs 

North Frankfort, Waldo, Me Hosea Sullivan 

North Franklin, Aeto London, Conn A. F. Royce 

North Franklin, Delatoare, N. Y Wm. A. Miller 

North Pryeburgh, Oxford, Me Simeon C. Wiley 

North Gage, Oneida, N. Y Daniel Read 

North Galveston, Koscitisko, Ind Joseph Curtz 

North Galway, Saratoga, N. Y Abel S. Wbitlock 

North Garden, Albemarle, Ya C. G. Sutherland 

North Georgetown, Cbtumhiana, Ohio... Henry Fox 
North Goshen, Litchfidd, Conn. ..Samuel H. Merwin 
North Granby, Hartford, Conn...Marcu8 Cushman 
North Grantham, SuUivan, N. H... Henry Alexander 
North Granville, Washington, N. Y...R. G. Dayton 

North Gray, CumherUmd, Me Moses Plummer 

North Greece, Monroe, N. Y Mrs. Mary Phelps 

North Greenfield, Saratoga,'S.Y John Gifibrd 

North Greenwich, Fairfield, Conn Levi Mead 

North Greenwich, Washirtgion, N. Y W. Reid 

North Groton, QrafUm, N. H John Kidder 

North Guilford, New Haven, Conn..Stephen Fowler 
North Hadley, Hampshire, Mass ...Simon F. Cooley 
North Hampden, Delaware, N. Y...Allen Stoodley 

North Hampton, Peoria, 111 B. B. Hamlin 

North Hampton, Rockingham, N. H T. D. Hobbs 

North Hampton, Clark, Ohio John E. Fenimore 

North Hancock, Hancock, Me David McFarland 

North Ilarpersfield, Delaware, N. Y Levi Seley 

North HartUnd, Windsor, Vt G. W. Clark 

North Haven, New Haven, Conn.Hervey T. Dayton 

North Haven, HancocJe, Me John Kent 

North Haverhill, Grafton,!^. H N. M. Swasey 

^orth Haverstraw, Bockiand,N. Y Wm. Govan 

North Hebron, Washington, N. Y..Martin V. B. Bull 

North Hector, Schuyler, N. Y Theodore Squires 

North Hempstead, (c. h.)Q^eens, N.Y.Jesse P. Kelsey 

North Henderson. Mercer, 111 Robert Pollock 

North Hermon, Pennhscot, Me Lionel D. Phillips 

North Hero, (c. h.) Grand lsU,yt J. P. Ladd 

North Hill, tVat/ne, Ky John McBeath 

North Hoican, Jfipley, la Ebenezer S. Hawley 

North Hollis, York, Me Nicholas. Ridlon 

North Hooeick, Rensselaer, N. Y.AlTah H. Webster 
North Hope, BuUer,Vsk Henry Commings 

North Howland, Penobscot, Me. William S. Le* 

North Hudson, Essex, N. Y Erastus Potter 

North Hyde Park, LamoiOe, Yt Nathan Walker 

North Industry, Stark, Ohio B. C. GoodwUl 

Northington, Cumberland, N. C John L. Bethea 

North Isleboro, Waldo, Me Ephraim Coombi 

North Jackson, Mahoning, Ohio...KIias Marburger 
North Jackson, Sufquehannah, Pa.. William BirdsaU 

North Janesville, Rock, Wis. John Russell 

North Java, Wyoming, N. Y Reuben Cook 

North Jay, iVanUtn, Me Elisha Kyet 

North Kennebunk Port, York, Me E. Currier, |r 

North KilUngly, Windham, Conn G. Warren 

North Kingston, De KaUb, 111 C. W. Branch "^ 

North Kortright, Delaware, N. Y..Calvin M. Tinker 

North Lansing, Zbmpfcitu, N. Y B. Beardslaj 

North Lawrence, St. Lawrence, N. Y...N. W. Baker 

North Leeds, Androscoggin, Me Walter Post • 

North Leominster, Worcesier, Ma8s......W. F. Howe 

North Leverett, Franklin, Mass B. F. Graves 

North Lewisburgh, Champaign, Ohio...W. G. Bogf^ 

North Liberty, Mercer, Pa Robert McKe* 

North Liberty, Knox, Ohio James W. Pearce 

North Liberty, St. Joseplu la James Harvey 

North Lima, Mahoning, Ohio JTohn H. Donald 

North Limington, York, Me John Seavey 

North Lincoln, Penobscot, Me Ira Yarnejr 

North Linklaen, Chenango, N. Y...Jo8hua C. Dayte 

North Littleton, Grafton, N. H W. J. Higgins 

North Livermore, Androscoggin, Me M. M. Stone 

North Londonderry, Rockingham, N. H... .R.White 

North Lovell, Oxford, l/Le James Co£Bn 

North Lyme, New London, Conn.....Frcd'k Fosdick 

North Madison, J^erson, la Jacob Y. R. Hicks 

North Mdnchester, Wabash, la. D. M. Marshall 

North Manlius, Onondaga, N. Y Cyrus P. Camp 

North Mariaville, Hancock, Me Richard Goodwin 

North Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass C. Oakman 

North Bfiddleborough, Plymouth, Masb.M. Bobinson 

North Middletown, Bourbon, Ky ..W. T. Allen 

North Monmouth, Kennebeck, Me J. A. Tinkham 

North Monroe, Grafton, N.H Albert Mason 

North Monroe, WaMo, Me Gilman Gould 

North Montpelier, WashingUm, Yt C. Sibley 

North Mountain, Berkeley, Ya....Hugh A. Ritenonr 
North Mount Pleasant, Marshall, Miss... Eli McNabb 

North Nassau, Rensselaer,'^ .Y .James H. Ball 

North Newburgh, FendbsctA, Me C. H. Whitn^ 

North Newbury, Geauga, Ohio Oren Knox 

North Newport, Ptn^scal, Me Eben D. Roberts 

North New Portland, Somerset, Me...Asa A. Knowles 

North Newry, Oxford, Me Ithiel Smith 

North New SaldiA, Fraviklin, Mass...W. Whittemore 

North Norfolk, Litchfidd Conn Amos R. Collar 

North Norway, Oxford, Me William P. Back 

North Norwich, Chenango,1ii.Y Sidney Jonea 

North Norwich, Huron, Ohio..Willlam H. Vanhom 

North Orange, Franklin, Mass Hillel Baker 

North Orwell, Bradford, Pa John W. Alger 

North Oxford, Lapeer, Mich John Rossman 

North Oxford, Wvrceder, Ma88...Stephen Barton,jr 

North Palermo, Waldo, Me Jtfrs. Mafaalaji Carr 

North Paris, Oa/ord, Me ».....Ellab W. Murdook 

North Parma, Monroe. N. Y. J. A. McFarland 

North Parsonfield, York, ^e Robert T. Blaio 

North Pembroke, Genesee, N. Y Leri Blackman 

North Penn, Schuylkill, Pa. Peter Seiberling 

North PenobBcpt, Hancock, Me.Aastin L. Wardweu 

North Pepin, Dunn, Wis John Newcomb 

North Pine Grove, Clarion, Pa James Black 

North Pitcher, Chenanao, N. Y... Joseph H. Stanbro 

North Pittston, Kennebeck, Me Jesse Gould 

North Plains, Jonia, Mich Hiram Brown 

North Plato, Kane, 111 Freeman Temple 

North Plympton, Plymouth, Ma8s..2Sena« Cushman 

North Point, HoU, Mo Galen Crow 

Northport, Tusko^oosa, Ala James R. SmTth 

Northport, NtMe, la David Law 

Northport, Waldo, Me James Lancaster 

Northport, Snffblk,}f.Y Elkanah Soper 

North Potsdam, St. Xau^ence,N.'Y...B.G. Baldwin 

North Pownal, Cumberland, Me Joseph Lnfkin 

North Pownal, Bennington, Yt Jonathan Brown 

North Prairie, Knox, 111 John D. Bartlett 

North Prairie Station, Wauketha, Wis. Jas. G. Sadd 




Korth Prescott, Hampshire, Mass Horace Hunt 

North Prospect, WalaOj Me Luther Mudgett 

North Raisinville, Monroej Mich.^ndrew J. Springer 

North Raymond, Cumberlandf Me W. Snial],Jr 

North Beading, MiddUiex, Ma^s F. Abbott 

North Reading, Steuben^ N. Y James Masters 

North Rehoboth, Bristol^ Mass G. Stevens 

North Richmond, Cheshire, N. H...HarYe7 Martin 

North Ridge, Niagara, N. Y Orlando B. Averill 

North Ridgeviile, Lorain, Ohio Daniel Beebe, Jr 

North Ridgeway, Orleans, N. Y E. W. Hawkins 

North River, IHucaloosa, Ala John Thomas 

North River, Warren^ N. Y Schuyler Puller 

North River Meetinghouse, Hiampshire, Ta .W. 

North River MUls, Hampshire, Ya... John B. Miller 
North Robinson, Crawford, Ohio... J^ohn B. Magers 
North Rochester, Plymmtih, Mass...I. F. Nlckerson 

North Rome, JStrod/ord,' Pa James B.Bemoney 

North Royal ton, Waupaca, Wis... Bradford Phillips 
North Royalton, Cuyahoga, Ohio...W. W. Stockman 

North Russell, St. Latorence, N. Y C. M. Clark 

North Salem, Hendricks, la Jacob G. Faught 

North Salem, Ouemsey, Ohio John Burgess 

North Salem, Rockingham, N. H John Taylor 

North Salem, West Chester, N. Y.Wm. P. Van Tassel 

"North Saluda, Oreenville, S. G Jefferson Barton 

North Sanbomton, Belknap, N. H... John H. Clark 
North Sandwich, BamstoMe, Ma8s..Cbarle8 Bourne 
North Sandwich, OarroU, N. H... Arthur G. Quimby 
North Sdtuate, Plymouth, MassJ^oseph B. Merritt 
North Sdtuate, Providence, R. I..Wm. A. Brown ell 

North Searsmont, Waldo, Me A. Woodman 

North Searsport, Waldo, Me Johp G. Black 

North Sedgwick, Hancock, Me E.Clo8son 

North Sewickly, Beaver, Pa James W. Taylor 

North Shade, Gratiot, Mich Joseph Comstock 

North Sbapleigh, York, Me John Mayall 

North Sheffield, Ashtaotda, Ohio Harcy Pnrdy 

North Sheldon, lYanklin, Vt Benjamin Fish, jr 

North Sheldon, Wyomiiw, N. Y £. H. Persons 

North Shenango, Crawford, Pa... .James McAfferty 
North Sherburn, Rutland, yt....Charle8F. Lincoln 

North Shore, Richmond, N. Y John J. Glute 

North Sidney, Kennebeck, Me John Merrill 

North Skunk River, Jasper, Iowa..Evan W. Brooke 

North Smithfield, Bradford, Pa. W. S. Pierce 

North Somers, TMand, Conn Amariah Kibbe 

North Sparta, Livingston, N. Y Henry Havens 

North Spencer, ¥^cester. Mass Jonas Wilson 

North Springs, Jatkson, Tenn T. L. Draper 

North Springfield, Windsor, Vt John White 

North Springfield, Summit, Ohio Samuel EUet 

North Stamford, Ihirfteld, Conn Alvin Weed 

North Star, Washington, Pa James Donaldson 

, North Star, Darke, Ohio John M. Houston 

North Stephen town, £en«<e7aer,N.Y.H. T.Douglass 
North Sterling, Cayuga, N. Y...Oerman W. Develle 

North Stockholm, St. Latorence,!^. Y S. House 

North Stonington, New London, Conn.; Thomas 


North Strafford, Strafford, N. H Joel S. Hall 

North Sudbury, Midalesex, Mass Lewis C. Puffer 

North Sulpher, ^nmn. Texas Hilliard H.Fatheree 

North Sultan, MerrimMk, N. H Perley Sargent 

North Swansea, Bristol, Mass. Mason Barney 

North Tewksbury, Middlesex, Mass L. Huntress 

North Thetford, Orange, Yt Daniel W. Closson 

North Towanda^ Bradford, Pa Stephen A. Mills 

Nprth Troy, Orleans, Yt Adoniram J. Rowell 

North Trnro^ BamstaUe, Mass J'ohn Grocer 

North Tunbridge, Orange, Yt B. F. Durkee 

North Turner, Androscog^n, Me.. ..Samuel B. Holt 
Nortft Turner Bridge, Androsoogginf Me..., .8. S. 

Whitman % 

Northumberland, Cbos, N. H James B. Brown 

Northumberland, Saratoga, N. Y Joseph Finne 

Northumberland, Northumherland, Pa... .Jacob Ulp 
North Union, Washington, Ohio..Thoma8 Bundy, jr 

NorthJJnion, Lincoln, Me John C. Bobbins 

North Uniontown, Highland, Ohio..William giders 
North Urbana, Steuben, N. Y.Zebulon P. Brundage 

North Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass W. H. Dudley 

North YiMsalborougb, Ksnnebeck, Me~.......Thomas 


North Yemon, Shiawssse, Mich...Bbenezer Brow^ 

North Yienna, Kenneheck, Me ^.Sanders Morrill 

Northville, Litchfield, Conn Albert S. Hill 

Northville, La SaUe, 111 WilUam Hughes 

Northville, Wayne, Mich D. H. Rowland 

Northville, FuUon, N. Y Nathan B. Lobddl 

Northville, Brie, Pa John Taylor 

North Wakefield, OarroU, N. H Simon M. Young 

North Waldoborongh, Lincoln, Me Reuben Orff 

North Washington, Westmoreland, Pa William 


North Washington, Littootn, Me S. Howard 

North Washington, Hardin, Ohio Peter Ash 

North Waterford, Oxford, Me John B. Rand 

North Wayne, Kennebede, Me Josiah F. Taylor 

North Weare, HUlsboro, N. H Peter C. Gove 

North West, WHUams, Ohio William B. Harb 

North West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mas8.L. French 

North Western, Oneida, N. Y David Brill 

North West Mine, Houghton, Mich W. P. Ral^ 

North West River Bridge, Norfolk, Ya...Thomas B. 

North Wethersfield, Wyoming, N. Y...John Gardner 

North Weymouth, Norfolk,TAaM .Elisha Pratt 

North Wharton, jRTtter, Pa. William Burleson 

North White Creek, Washington, N. Y..B. F. McNitt 

North Whitefield, Lincoln, Me James Keating 

North Whitehall, Lehiah,Pfi Stephen Balliet 

North Wilmington, MxdaUsex, Mass Silas Buck 

North Wilna, Jefferson, N. Y. Sanford Lewis 

North Wilson, Niagara,N.Y Emulous Stacey 

North Wilton, FrankUn, Me....Timothy Woodward 

North Wilton, Fairfi^, Conn .Lewis Olmst^td 

North Windham, Windham, Conn R. Lincoln 

North Windham, C\<mber{an(2jMe..J)avid P. Baker 

North Winfield, Herkimer, N. Y N. M. Morgan 

North Wobum, Middlesex, Mass.Stephen Nichols, jr 
North Wolfborougb, OarroU, N. H..Alonzo Roborts 

North Woodstock, Windftam, Conn Ezra C.May 

North Woodstock, Oxford, Me JohnM.Galllson 

North Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass H. Trowbridge 

North Yarmouth, Qimberiand, Me N. Plimpton 

Norton, Bristol, Mass Earl Hodges 

Norton, Delaware, Ohio .James F. Wintermute 

Norton Centre, Summit, Ohio Thomas G. Young 

Norton Hill, Greene, N. Y Nehemiah Ramsdeu 

Norton's Mills, Ontario, N. Y Zurial Brown 

Nortonsville, MbemarU, Ya JParrot H. Elliott 

NortonviUe, Ottawa, Mich Amos Norton 

Norvell, Jackson, Mkh Stephen W. Palmer 

Norwalk, Fairjtdd, Conn R. A.Waiiams 

Norwalk (c. h.) Huron, Ohio A. S. Sutton 

Norway, Oxford, Me Robert Noyes 

Norway, Xa SaUe^ 111 Ova RosdaU 

Norway, Racint, Wis Peter Jaoobsin 

Norway, Herkimer, N. Y .Jeremiah Smith 

Norwich, New Lovidon, Conn J. W. Stedman 

Norwich, Hampshire, Mass Whitman Knight 

Norwich (c. h.) Chxmmgo, N. Y.Sherwood S. Merritt 

Norwich, Muskingum^ Ohio H. W. Chandle* 

Norwich, McKean, Pa ..Wm. J. Colegrove 

Norwich, Windsor, Vt John Wright 

Norwich Town, New landon, Oonn.Henry B. Tra(;j 

Norwood, Stanley,'^. C George J. Allen 

Notasulga, Macon, Ala William A. Shaw 

Notre Dame, S!f. Joseph, la Edward Sorin 

Nottaway, SL Josepfys, Mich James B. Dnnkin 

Nottingham, Prince Georges, Md....John T. Stamp 

Nottingham, WdU, la.. Samuel Watts 

Nottingham, Harrivm, Ohio Joseph R. Turnpaugh 

Nottingham, Rockingham^ N. H. N. 0. Smith 

Nottin^am, Davis, la Thomas Halt 

Nottingham, Chuter, Pa Levi R. Meams 

Nottingham Turnpike, Rockingham, N. H... J. 


Nottla, Cherokee, N. C A. D. Kilpatridc 

Nottoway C. H. Nottaway, Ya....Wm. H. HalloweU 

Nova, Ashland, Ohio« Charles S. Yan Amam 

Novelty, Knox, Mo Richard T. Pendery 

Novi, Oaktand, Mich. Thomas McGraw 

Noxapater, Wlnsian, Miss Parkes Ball 

Noyesville, Cook, 111 Henry P. Flower 

Nuato, Kan. Ty Thomas N. Stanley 

NuU's Mills, Fayette, la O. G. McHwaln 

Noma, Bxrl»t ift. ^Wilford M. Clinger 




Vtimber 1, ?P&yne, Ohio .Nancy Gochnauor 

Ktonber 8, Aroostook, Me Theodore Trafton 

¥nnda, Livingston, N. Y Utley Spencer 

Jfutbush, Warren, N. C John H. Bullock 

irnzum, Marion, Va. John C. Gallehne 

Vyack, Rockland, N. Y Daniel D. Demarest 

Kyack Turnpike, SockUmd, N. Y Samuel G. Ells- 
Hyoes, Pike, Pa John Nyee 


OAEACHIGKAMA, FaZo&tuAo, MiM.Robert Brooks 

Oak Bluffs, Ghreene, Ark John McNeill 

Oak BlufiiB, QirroU, La William W. Owen 

Oak Bowery, Chambers, Ala W. B. Smith 

Oak Creek, Milwaukie, Wis Adin P. Hobart 

Oakdale, (c. h.) Shdby,Uo Adolphus B.Wood 

Oakdale, Worcester, Mase Linus M. Harris 

Oakdale, Jennings, Ta i..George R. McElroy 

Oakdale, Rockbridge, Va Samuel A. Wilson 

Oakdale, Delaware, Pa William Ogden 

Oakdam, Vanderburg,l2^ Robert Parke 

Oakfleld, Genesee, N. Y Ransom Beshon 

Oakfleld, Fond du Lac, Wis..Hamilton W. Hubbard 

Oakfleld, Fkrry, Ohio James P.Thompson 

Oakfleld, Kjmt, Mich Warren Horton 

Oakfleld, Franklin, Mo Julius Kahrmann 

Oak Flat, I^ndleton,Ytk James M. Temple 

Oakford, Lenatoee, Mich Kortright Knapp 

Oakford, Harvard, la Robert C. Poor 

Oak Forest, Henderson, Tenn....William H. Lessen- 

Oak Forest, TredeO, N. C .Ninian F. Steele 

Oak Forest, Franklin, la Thomas Goen 

Oak Forest, Cumberland, Ya Zachariah Talley 

Oakfusky, Randolph, Ala Sylvanus W. Riddle 

Oak Grove, Montgomery, A.1% Alfred Boyd 

Oak Grove, Christian, Ky George B. Blakemore 

Oak Grove, Livingston, Mich Holland G. Hasley 

Oak Grove, Jackson, Mo.. Richard F. Stlger 

Oak Grove, J^Hrsan, Tenn John C. Turnley 

Oak Grove, Westmtordand, Ya Mungo P. Harvey 

Oak Grove, Marshall, Miss Charles Stuart 

Oak Grove, Linn, Iowa Levi W. Johnson 

Oak Grove, Dodge,Yfis Owen McCollow 

Oak Grove, Union, N. Samuel W. Rogers 

Oak Grove, JJennepi'n, Min John D. Scofield 

Oakham, Worce^xr, Mass Al&nsonProuly 

Oak Hill, Newton, Ga Shelby Downs 

Oak Hill, LafayetU, Ark H. G. Dooley 

Oak Hill, La Rue, Ky Jefibrson Brownfield 

Oak Hill, Cum5er2and, Me JohnLibby,8d 

Oak Hill, Lake^ Hi Henry P. Ostrander 

Oak Hill, Jeffltrs(m, Wis Norton Blackmer 

Oak Hill, Qreme, N. Y Henry L Peck 

Oak Hill, ChranviUe, N. C William H. Puryear 

Oak. 'EWl, Jackson, Ohio John Mackley 

Oak Hill, Lancaster.'PA Jonathan Hamilton 

Oak Hill, Overton, Tenn Quinn M. Gardenhire 

Oakland, Alameda,Ca.l Thomas Gallagher 

Oakland, Dmpqita, Oregon David C. Underwood 

Oakland, Dubuque, Iowa William Swesey 

Oakland, St. F^ands, Ark William Armstrong 

Oakland, OoUs, 111 Wesley Wampler 

Oiakland, Oakland^ Mich William Kline 

Oakland, Yalobusha, Miss.. ..George W. 8. Davidson 

Oakland, iMclede, Mo Lewis Keedy 

Oakland, Chatham, N.O Jordan Watson 

Oakland, Spencari la Thomas C. Heady 

Oakland, Xaoocco, Texas Amasa Turner 

Oakland^ Livingston, N. Y David Bdgerly 

Oakland, Clinton, Ohio Samuel McLaughlin 

Oakland, Armstrong, Pa George 0. Nulph 

Oakland, Fdgefidd, S. G John P. Mickler 

Oakland, Phyette, Tenn Thomas J. Tuckniss 

Oakland, Morgan, Va N.CShobkey 

Oakland, Jefferson, Wis Joel L. Whitney 

Oakland, Lauderdale, Ala Josiah Rosenthal 

Oakland, Alleghany, Md John Matthews 

Oakland College, Ckeibome, Miss... J. B. B. Doremus 

Oakland Grove, Prairie, Ark John M. Bell 

Oakland Mills, Juniata, Pa Lucian Wilson 

Oak Lawn, Oxbarras, N. Bdwin B.Harris 

Oak Lawn, Nelson, Va Jeaae A. Jones 

Oak Level, Benton, Ala. William Carmlchael 

Oak Level, Yadkin, N. C Jesse Condi 

Oak Level, Henry, Va Samuel 0. Smith 

Oakley, Macon, 111 John Ricketts 

Oakley, Itecklenburgh, Va William R. Jeffrffi 

Oakley, Letois, Mo Bayly R. Glasscock 

Oakley, Montgomery, Ala William G. Robertson 

Oakly, Susquenannah, Pa Daniel Oakley 

Oakley, I^nkKn, La Samuel G. Cloud 

Oak Mulge, Bedford, Va. James M. Williams 

Oakohay, Covington, MIbb Samuel C. Croft 

Oak Orchard, Orleans, N. Y John L. Whyland 

Oak Orchard, Frederick, Md Levi Z. Barnes 

Oak Park, Madison, Va Theophilus Smoot 

Oak Plains, Livingston. Mich Joseph M. Holdea 

Oak Point, St. Laiorence, N. Y James H.ConsaIl 

Oak Point, Thurston, Wash Terr Alexander 8. 


Oak Point, Van Buren, Iowa .David Mowrle 

Oak Ridge, JTancocXr, Ohio .William Downing 

Oak Ridge, Greene, Ark Jtfatthew Y. Love 

Oak Ridge, Graves, Ky John W.Taylor 

Oak Ridge, Meriwether, Ga Cyrus J. Glower 

Oak Ridge, Guilford, N. C Thomas Graluun. 

Oak Ridge, Cape Girardeau, Mo J. M. Wilson 

Oaks, Orange, N.C H. M. C. Stroud 

Oak's Corners, Ontario, N. Y Nathan Oaks 

Oak Shade, Cvlpeper, Va. Joseph N. Armstrong 

Oak Shade, Lancaster, Pa. Franklin Sutton 

Oak Spring, Davis. Iowa Nicholas Lynxwiller 

Oak's Shop, Pittsylvania, Va Henry L. Muse 

Oaksville, Otsego, N. Y Hugh M.' Seaton 

Ot&ville, Lawrence, Ala J.T.Irwin 

Oakville, SL Mary*s, Md. John Parsons 

Oakville, Monroe, Mich.. David S. Stevens 

Oakville, IMion, N. C Joseph R. Hudson 

Oakville, Cumberland, Pa Patrick G. McCoy 

Oakville, Lexington, S. C Joseph Coogler 

Oakville, Appomattox,Ya, John W. IsD^l 

Oakville, New Haven, Conn Nathaniel H. Perry 

Oakway, Pickens. S. C Abner F. Hutchins 

Oakwoods, Wiakley, Tenn Thomas H. Raj 

Oakwoods, Fleming, Ky ..Walter S. Case 

Oak Woods, Grant,Ia. John Coulter 

Oaky Streak, Butler, Ala James W. Josey 

Oasis, Waushara, Wis James Plocker 

Oatlands, Loudon, Va Samuel Heflebower 

Oat Meal, Burnett, Texas John Scott 

Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio Edward F. Munson 

Oblong, Crawford, Hi David W.Odell 

Oblong, Dutchess, N. Y Oliver Barrett 

CByrnes Perry, Calaveras, Cal Wm. B. Cormack 

Occoquan, Prince WiUiam, Va Leland A. Lynn 

Occupacia, Essex, Va Robert L. Pendleton 

Ocean Port, Monmouth, N. J William Haynee 

Ocean Springs, Jackson, Miss F. G. Moeling 

Ocena, Crawford, Wis Daniel F. Seely 

Oceola, Washington, Or Laurence Hall 

Oceola, Cherofcee, Ala Benjamin F. Chapman 

Oceola, ^.h.) Mississippi, Ark James H. Hazard 

Oceola, Crawford, Ohio John N. Rickey 

Oceola, Clark, Iowa. Moses R. Lamson 

Oceola, Ibnd du Lac, Wis C. W. prescott 

Oceola, Tioga, Pa JEnos Slosson 

Oceola, Stark, 111 Wflliom P. Buswell 

Oceola Centre, Livingston, Mich G. H. Chamberf 

Ochesee, Calhoun, Fla Jason Gregory 

Ocklockney, Thonuis,Qsi James Nesmitn 

Ocmulgeeville, Telfair, Ga Nathaniel Ashley 

Ocoa, PbUr, Tenn James Sloan 

Ocola, Jfan'on, Fla Mordecai Alexander 

Ocona Lufty, Haywood, N.C... John Mingus 

Oconee, Washington, Ga H. A. Joiner 

Oconee Station, Shelby, HI James A. Coplin 

Oconee Station, Pickens, S. C Samuel R. McFall 

Ooonomowock, Waukesha, Wis D. H. Rockwell 

Oconto. Oconto, Wis Henry Jonei 

Oeracoke, Hyde, N.C .....William H. Howard 

Octoraro, Lanaxster, Pa Francis J. Pennock 

Oddville, Harrison, Ky Hezekiah McWhiteker 

Odessa, Schuyler, N. Y Joseph L. Darling 

CFallon Depot, St. Clair, 111... Anderson Umbarger 

Ogden, Henry, la Silas C. Cooper 

Ogden, Monroe, N. Y Jonathan Scribner 

(^en, New Madrid, Mo Needham Siket 




(^en City, WebeTf Utah u.. JT. O. Browning 

(^ensburgh, 1^ Lawrence, N.T Luke Baldwin 

Ogecbee, Scriven, Oa Robert Williams 

Ogle> BuUer, Pa William Henderson 

%le, Ogle, 111 Aaron Weeks 

Oglethorpe, Macon, Ga. W. H. Willis 

(^unquit, Tork, He .William Ooodale 

Ohio, Herkimer, N. Y William Coppemoll 

Ohio, Bureai^ 111 Archibald S. Dodge 

Ohio Farm, KendaU, 111 John Widney 

Ohio Qroye, De Kalb, 111 Homer Roberts 

Ohioville, Beaver, Pa Philip Hill 

Ohl's Town, TrumhtiU, Ohio John Beale 

Ohoopee, Emanuel,Qsk Ephraim Edenfield 

Oil Creek, Crawford, Pa Peter Qilson, jr 

Oil Hill Villi^e, HiOs^bonmgh, N. H....James Priest 
Oil Trough, Independence, Ark...Edwin R. HcGuire 

Okapilco, 2/>un<2es,Oa Robert Peacock 

Okauchee, l/^vkesha. Wis Albert HcConnell 

Okaw, Washington, 111 JT. F. Brockschmidt 

Oko-lo-na, Chickasaw, Hiss H. W. Noe 

Okonoko, Hampshire, Ya .James A. Horrow 

Ola, !7Vim^Iowa ,. .George Morison 

Olamon, Penc^KOt, He George W. Herrill 

Olcott, Niagara, N. T Samuel Lockwood 

Old Alexandria, Lincoln, Ho J. V, Willhoefft 

Old Bridge, Middlesex, N. J Andrew J. IMsbrow 

Old Church, Hanover, Ya LewiB Johnson 

Oldenburgh, Franklin, la John H. 'Fisse 

Otd Farm, Lawrence, 111 Lawson H. Childress 

Oldfield Fork of Elk, PbcaJumtas, Ya. B. Gibson 

Old Foz^e, lAizeme, Pa JEbenezer Drake 

Old Fort, McDowell, N.C Robert Bnrgin 

Old Furnace, Gaston, N. Samuel A. Forrance 

01dhamburgh» Oldham, Ky Wm. Ladd,Jr 

Oldham's Cross Roads, Wekmordand, Ya...Bene<lict 

Walker, jr 

Old Hickory, Wayne, Ohio A. P. Beach 

Old Hickory, Simpson, Hiss Willis Hagee 

Old Hickory, Botetourt, Ya. F. Grigginheimor 

Old Hickory, Weakly, Tenn J). P. Caldwell 

Old Hickory, Bradford, Pa Lorenzo H. Leonard 

Old Hines, Washington, Ho Lewis Boldue 

Old Hission, Winneshiek, Iowa... .Francis J. Heuber 
Old Point Comfort, Elieabeth.OUy, Ya....J. B. Haher 

Old Richmond, Jbrfv^^, N. C Washington Payne 

Old Ripley, Bond, III Henry G. Jandt 

Old's, Washington, Ohio Wilders D. Jones 

Old Town, Greenup, Ky 0. F. Stark 

Old Town, Penobscot, He .George R. Cony 

Old Town, Alleghany, Hd Lloyd Lawe 

Old Town, Stokes, N. C Leven Hine 

Old Town, Claiborne, Tenn William R. Gibson 

I Old Town, Cbffee, Ala. William L. Hayson 

Old Town, Philips, Ark James W. Huncey 

Old Town Creek, Pontotoc, Hiss John G. Payne 

Old Washington C. H. CAoceato, Ala...Beqjamin D. 


Olean, Ripley,JA John H. Smith 

Olean, Cattarat^fus, N. Y. David Day 

Olean, Keoktuik, Iowa :... Samuel Bowman 

Oleander, Marshall, Ala George W. Hale 

Olena, Henderson, 111 William F. Hark 

Olena, Huron, Ohio Charles W. Hanahan 

Oley, Berks, Pa Benneyille A. Glase 

Olinda, Fayette, Ala E. E. Trull 

Olio, Hamilton, la N. J. Kinnaman 

Olive, UlsUr, N. Y Abraham Herrihew 

Oiite, Morgan, Ohio John C. Headley 

Olire, Marion, la Peyton Bristbw 

Olive, I^wrence, 111 James Watt 

Olive, Clinton, Hich John N. Norris 

Olive Branch, HcU, Ho ».« Henry Hlnton 

Olive Branch, De Sato, Hiss A. P. Burditt 

Olive Branch, Clermont,OhiQ Joseph D. Hatfield 

Olive Bridge, Ulster^ N. Y Henry R Bartlett 

Olive Centre, Meigs, Ohio O. L. S. Packard 

Olive Hill, Carter, Ky James W. Scott 

Olive Hill, Person, N. C. James H. Winstead 

Olive Hill, Belmont,Qhio Robert Heaney, Jr 

Olivers, Andermn, Tenn John H. Kington 

Oliver's Prairie, Newton, Ho James Huffman 

Ollvesburgh, Eichland, Ohio ^.Isaiah Walker 

OUvet, Eaton, Hich B. W. Warren 

OUvet, Armstrong, Pa. ...Joha HcGeary 

Olivet, RusseO, Ala F. M. Doles 

Olmsted, Cuyahoga, Ohio..../. G. W. Thompson 

Olmstedville, Essex, N. Y Benjamin T. Willis 

Olney, Pickens, Ala John W. Hanson 

Olney (c. h.) Richland, III Josiah F. Reed 

Olney, Montgomery, Hd Jonathan D. Bamdej 

Olney Furnace, Armstrong, Pa. John HcCrea 

Olneyville, Providence, R. I Robert Wilson 

Olustee, Oolimbia, Fla. Hnnsford R. Alfoxd 

Olustee Creek, Piiee, Ala William Lawrenos 

Olympia, Thurston, Washington Ter William H. 

' Rutledge 

Olympia, Smith, Ya Nafth L. Cox 

Olympian Springs, Bath, Ky Harrinon Gfll 

.Olympus, Overton, Tenn Abram Grimalej 

Omaha City, Douglass, Neb. Wm. W. Wymaa 

Omar, Jefferson, N. Y Pliny Newton 

Omega, Pike, Ohio Jacob W. Ragon 

Omega, l^shur, Tex Thomas HopUns 

Omega, Halifax, Ya Charles W. Edwards 

Omega, Marion, HI R. W. Elder 

Omelet, Andrian, Ho Peter Jones 

Omro, Winnebago, Wis Joseph Banks 

Onalaska, La Crosse, Wis R. C. Yan Rensselaer 

Onancock, Accomack, Ya. Samuel J. Carmins 

Onargo, Jh^vquois, Til Townsend W. Gardner 

O'Neal's Hills, TVotip, Ga Hllliard O'Neal 

Onecho, Montgomery, Tenn James H. Wllliami 

Oneoo, l^pJunson, lU John D. Beebs 

Oneida, Brown, Wia Curtis G. Lathrop 

Oneida, Kbtunusko, la. Christian Correu 

Oneida, Eaton, Hich Samuel Preston 

Oneida, Knox, HI Charles F. Camp 

Oneida, Madison, N. Y J. N. Hessingsr 

Oneida Castle, Oneida^ N. Y llufus Peckham 

Oneida Lake, Madison, N. Y A. C. Hessinger 

Oneida Hills, CarroU, Ohio George HuQ 

Oneida Yalley, Madison, N. Y...George T. Kirkland 
One Hile Creek, Adams, Wi8....Jo8eph Langwortliiy 

Oneonta, Otsego, N. Y A. G. Shaw 

Onion Grove, Cedar, Iowa Thomas Robinson 

Onion River, Sheboygan, Wis Jonah Phelpt 

Onisbo, Sacramento, CaL Charles S. Howdl 

Ono, Lebanon, Pa. Hilton Cooper 

Onondaga, Ingham, Hich... .John J. Yan Allen 

Onondaga, Onondaga, N. Y Henry P. Shove 

Onondaga Castle, Onondaga, N. Y...Albion Jackson 

Onondaga Yalley, Onondaga, N. Y R. R. Sloonm 

OnoviUe, Cattaraugus, N. Y Erasmus D. Fenton 

Onslow C. H. Ondow, N. C John F. Hurrill 

Ontario, La Grange, la. Amos D. Sargent 

Ontario, Wayne,'ii. Y. Nathan Hinckley 

Ontario, Richland, Ohio Abraham Jenner 

Ontario, Knox, 111 Henry J. Hilee 

Ontonagon, Ontonagon, Hich Daniel Pittman 

Onward, Stewart, Tenn William Phillips 

Onward, Cbtss, Ind John Rhine 

Oofioola, Somerset, He Daniel W. Amee 

Opalika, Walker, Ga Robert Gray 

Opelika, Russell, Ala David Watson 

Opelousas, St. Landry, La....' A. J. Thompson 

Open Pond, Henry, Ala William Wood 

Ophir, Mariposa, QtA. Joseph H. Hiller 

Ophir,Xa &Jle, 111 flklmund Dodge 

Ophirville, PZocer, Cal Daniel B. Curtis 

Oporto, ^. Joseph, Hich A. Cutler 

Oppenheim, FuUon, N. Y John P. Swartwout 

Oquawka, Henderson,Vl James A. CaAwell 

Oramel, AUegany, N. Y Horace E. Purdj 

Oran, Onondaga,li,Y Julius CHndee 

Oran, Kosdu^eo, la Abraham Sarber 

Orange, CJi^rokee, Ga .Thomas N. White 

Orange, Fayette,Tk Joseph P.Daniel 

Orange, Benton, Ho John Tyree 

Orange, Franklin, Haas Geor.-e A. Whipple 

Orange, JS!s«ea;, N.J .Levis C. Lighthipe 

Orange, Schuyler, N. Y — Alonzo Qaylord 

Orange, ifoAontn^, Ohio ..Joseph HcCaughtry 

Orange, Luzerne, Pa .?. Benjamin Saylor 

Orange, €$MUan, Iowa Hiram Brown 

Orange, Orange, Yt Samuel G. Fisher 

Orange C. H., Orange, Ya Henry Hiden 

Orange, New Haven, Conn Benjamin T. dark 

Orangeburgh 0. H., Orangt^rgh, S. C John Y. 





OrangeburKh, Mavm^ Ky .Joseph VariHn 

Oran;^ Factory, Orange^ N. C John 11. Webb 

Orange HUl, WaahingUm^ Fla Mnrtin B. Everltt 

Onuijf* Lake, Murim, Fla William Connell 

Ornng^ Mills, SU John's, ¥Ih EliJMh C. J^ioikim* 

Orang'* Port, N'af/ara, N. Y....NathHuiel S. Kutwell 

Orange Springn, Mtrinn^ Fla JTohn W. Woods 

OraDu« Sprlnjrs. Oruvge, Va John P.CoIemau 

Ornngeville, Wuoming, N. Y Ihouias Norton 

Oraat^evUle, 'hruvihuH, Ohio...... John Scalinte 

Oraujj^evillH, Olumbia, Pa William Fiiu 

OrHn!5Hville, Orang\ la J. Ij. Uupkiik 

Orang'-ville Stqpftmaon, III William WH>:«'nhal8 

OraiiiffviUe Mills, Hurry, Mich Eli Nichols 

Orbii'onia, Huntingdim^ Pa Tho. E. OrhiBon 

Orcutt Creek, Bradford, Pa AnM>n Beid«-lmnn 

Orchard Grove, Lakt. la D. T. Warner 

Ordiuu, Alarrjiieite, Wis .Ithamer S. Chaffee 

OreliHlil, Lfhighy l^A Samuel {ji'ger 

Oregon, Jic//er«on, Ala Wllliaoi M. Nnbors 

Orejcou. Luncustiv, Pa Jacob F. Yuuusf 

Oregon, Clar , la John W. Hh\ maker 

Oregon, fc. b.) Halt, Mo Ueor.v W. Peter 

Oregon, vhautawjue, N. Y John Weht 

Oregon, Warren. Ohio Jonathan Sherwood 

Oregon, Oon;:, Wis li«attcM.Beiin»tt 

Oregon, Lincoin, Tenn Henry Warrt-n 

Oregon, Ojle, 111 L. K. Hawthorn 

Oregon, />ockingbam, N. C Jame'< O. K«iiie.v 

Oregon City, Claclanuu, Oregon W. W. Buck 

Oreg<»a Ho i8«. yuba,Ci\l Feter l»ice 

Oregonia. T'^i^cq^'osa, Ala ..WiNon Sliepheni 

Ore Hill, Litclifwld, Conn .Philip Rockefeller 

Orell. Irxoin, Oa .'...Nicholas Baker 

Orford, Grj/tin, N. H Henry H. Howard 

Orfondville. Graftcn, N. II RafuB C.Beal 

Organ Church, A'oioan, N. C ..Miwes Barriniter 

Orient, Aro'istodh', Mo Ahriiham I^nxley 

Orient, SuJHl; N. Y Marvin Holnieti 

Orion,, Mich Loran L. Trent 

Orion, SootL, Mi«« A. A. Switzer 

Orion, J'i.e, Ala « Wm. Capers Menefef 

Orion, //..wry, lU a Charl.-a W.Dein 

Orion, AshUy, Ark Ji'ffnr-on B. Pippin 

Orion, liidiland. Wis Beiij.«miii Ferri^ 

OriMk.iny. 0/?«iya, N. Y Daniel C. Balin 

Orihkauy Falljs On'idu, N. Y J. M. WilUrd 

OriBHha, T'ppjLh. Mihi« John B. Knox 

Orkney Spring, Sh'-n^indoiik, VaJames M. Bradford 

Orlarid, Stf.ubt^, la. Nathan Roberts 

Orland, Cbo'r. Ill George Co-X 

Orland, H'lniroch; Me Stillman C<itton 

Orlean, Fauiider, Va Jacob P, Weaver 

OrleaiiH, Orjtige, la. W. T. Spioely 

Orleans, AUMg'umy, Md Jleurv Fawyer 

Orleans /<«'•«<{<« We, Ma«» J^wmhI l?ari»*r 

Orle-.n8,-/Vrf/., Mo Akhi-I Carlmk 

Orleauts Ontario, N. Y Daniel W. Lilchtield 

Orleaup, Attirgan, 111 R<»t>ert 8. Andergon 

OrleauH, Four Corners. Jfjftrtini^ N. Y..J. A. Pierce 

OrnieV Store, Bledsftr, Tenn Aider«on Sloan 

OrueviUe, PUcuUuiuin, Me. Altnou Spraicue 

Oro City, /'ta<r,Cja Geortre White 

Orouo, /Vwoft.soot, Me Samuel Buffuni 

Oronoco. /t Mt/i#;r»<, Va tMward J. DHvif 

Oroiio<3», MTibAxhivo, Min Robert K. Whireley 

O'Rouike'H, SfU Tammany, La Jamea O'Rourk 

Oroville, tiuUt, Ca! P. S. Garlow 

Orriu,(toa, PenofiKait, Me ArchetauH D. At wood 

Orristown, Franklin, Pa. Henry Rifby 

Orripvillc, Armdrmig, Pa'.. ..Jeremiah Bonner 

Orrvill#. M^.d:linhurg, N. C. Robert MeEweii 

Orrville. Prf^, Ala.. ...... ........Frederick II. Smith 

Orrvaie, V^iynt, Olilo Frederick Seas 

Ortonv.lle, DutchxsK, N. Y Jaci»b Ilorton 

Orwell. 0.<wfgit, N. Y. William Bendle 

Orwell, Afi.tjJhula,0\\^ -J. W. BHbo.k 

Orwell, Bnd/ord, Pa ..Chauneey G. Gr,dl»*y 

Orwell. JddLvin, Vt Ethan M. Wrl*bt 

Orwig^bur^fe. (c fc.) SJiuyUiO, Pa W. M. Biokle 

OsaxH, (.'riwfitrff,Vlo Jamen Saunders 

O'^age. CurroU, Ark Charles Sneed 

Otia^iS Pirmfmt. Towa. Harlow C. Kingi'l'ury 

Ofage Fork, Laclede, Mo John A. Sharif 

Oiage Hills. Benton, Ark .'............^ohn Smith 


Osanippa, Chambers, Ala .Jobn P. W. Amerine * 

Oi<t)orn, Koch; Wis Porter Maine 

Oshorn, Green, Ohio Salmon Buffenhurgher 

Ohiiorne Hollow, Broome, N. Y AlonzoEverta 

OKborn's IJrWge, l'\dton, N. Y.. Seth Cook 

OMliorn's Ford, Scott, Va William H. Roberiton 

Osceola, Lewis, N. Y Seymour Green 

Oscefila Mills, fUk, Wis William C. GaUd 

Oseola, St. Clair, Mo Charles H. Yeater 

Oi»good. Rijdey, Ind Obed WillHon 

Ushaukuta, CHumbia, Wis.. Lyman Higley 

Oi«hko>h, Winnebago, Wis Edward Eastman 

0>kHloof^ (q. h.) MahaskcL, Iowa Syl. Greenough 

Osmans, Adams, Ohio v>>Bavid S. Black 

OKUalmi^h, «S/>arA:. Ohio Daniel Stable 

088awa, C^tntan, Mich David P. Doyer 

0r>Hian, AlU-ganyt N. Y James Lemen 

Oman, WrUs, la John Cartwright 

Ossian, AUeinakeA, Iowa John 0. Porter 

Onrtipee, (c. h.) Carroll, N. H Sanborn B. Carter 

Ostend, AfcHenry, HI ^William D. Hoege 

Uttteud, Wiuhinyion. Ohio William Kea, jr 

O»terviilo. BamtiaJble, Mass IsaiaJi Crocker 

jBWuyo, rotter. Pa Salmon Hawlej 

0>«wego, Kendall, 111 Erasmus D. Bradley 

Odwego, Kngdusko, la < David Denman 

L>hwego, (c. h.^ Oswego, N. Y S. R. Bcardsley 

Otiwego, Wushingian, Oregon Wesley C. Hull 

Jswego Falls, Oswego, N. Y S. G. Watson 

Jswego Village. Dutchess, N. Y James Cungdon 

Jtsego, Ctst^, N. T 8. R. Follett 

Othello, L€tne, Oiegon J(r.»me B.Zumwalt 

Otho, Henry, Ala James R. Morris 

Otis, Berl.skire, Mass Lester Filiey 

Oils, Hancock, Me , John B. Frazier 

Otisco, Innia. Mich Ruftis R. Cook 

Otisoo Onondaga, N. Y Anitou Whltoomb 

Oti^iield, Otmberland, Me Johnson K. L,oveweU 

OliMvllle, Orange, N. Y F. Seybolt 

Ott>dawa. Oiaego, N. Y Schuyler 08bom 

(.Usegn, Lake, 111 Horace C. Joslin 

Otsego, Columbia, Wis Cyrus Rooi 

Otsego, AUegan. Mich L. B Coates 

Oise^o, iiuskingum,Obio^ Elijah Coulter 

Ot8egoi«iA!<fy, Mo William Cox 

Otselle. (Jtenango, N. Y W. H. Anisbry 

Otpquago, JU(mtgomery, H. Y John H. Broi^kman 

Ottawa. La Salle, 111 William I. Cilson 

Ottawa, Waukesha, Wis William Miller 

Ottawa, Clark, Iowa...... Linsey Coppock 

Ottawa, Ottawa, Ohio .Frederick Bender 

Ottawa Centre. Ottuuxu Mich Benjamin Smith 

Ottawa City, Ottawa, Ohio W. W. Johnaon 

Ottawa LAke, Monroes Mich John Wildex 

Otterbien, Fayette^ Ohio Amoe Ix^d 

Otter Bridge, Ac(/(<rd, Va. William L. B«U 

Otter Creek, Jersey, HI Linus Hunriston 

Otter Onmk, Jackson, Mich Daniel Griffith 

Otter Creek, Jackson, Iowa. Jewie H. Jarkson 

Otter Creek, HUyne, Mo ..James Parrell 

Otter Creek, JtiijAey, Ind Matthew H.Jackson 

Otter Creek. A'utAer/on/, N. C Moses Wtlkerson 

Otter Village, liipLeys la W. H. Smith 

Otterville, Oioper, Mo Thomas J. Starke 

Otterville, Orange, N. Y < Oromloin Brown 

Ottitiewa, S^'sktym, Cal....< Geo. H. Ooe 

Otto, CtMaraugus, N. Y. W. D. Allen 

Otto,* fW(on, 111 .James Sparks 

Otu>bin«, Jfnekinffban»,y'k Peter Paul 

Otiokee, tuUon, Ohhf. Jahez W. Carter 

Ottsviile, BuekSs Pa ~ Charl«>s Sheets 

Ottumwa(c. b.; Wipdlo, Idwa Stephen Oshorn 

Ouachita GltVi Unioin,hK. John Norsworthy 

OulfOUt, IMataarc'S. t James Humphrey 

Ourys. Hicm\2Um,0h\in Martin Skidmort 

OatJaw> Bridge, DupUn, N. C.....^Oeorge W. Outlaw 

Outlet. Lal€.Isk Leonard P. Stringham 

OvaA Lyoonvhig, Pa ^ Qeorue Claik 

Orcralla, Warren, Va Z. J. Comptnn 

Overfieid, Barbout. Va John C. RndcHff 

OverhlU, Oprhur, Va.. t.John P. Weaver 

Overman's Ferry, MuscatiMe, Iowa... .Maning Hull 

Ovid, La Saile, 111 Jacob Baiton 

Ovid, MadtKon, la w Joseph IVden 

QtfiA, Branch, Mluh. Daniel Wilson 

i, Fran/din, 0} 

....Vmism Headtev 
...John CujrkeDasU 

6™o'WM7CiWo. "■ ^ DsTtaChralimWo 

(hr«», SiiaiMwa, MWj _....-C1.m1m M. Uoih 

l>i«go(cli.)"W^"-' F'i'^f" 

Owmtboro' (e. h.) DoeieM, Kj Slepli. F. Ogdm 

OwansborBli (Jrane, In* WlUlKil Jiokaon 

Owen's CresB Bosdi, HTKiamton, Tonti...aMrUBg R. 

e, GiAiiM, lom 





0««Dtoa ic h.) Oweq, Kt_ -,-,- — -- - 

OwbhtUI*. Scmpsm, S. 6 .ThmuK. Colbteth 

' Oaini's UillB, fattMun. Hd.- .TuobB.OrolI 

OwlngsTille, (ft h.) SelA, Kj.- WlUlsm r«™yck 

Owl Pn^a, &VIMI, Is Ai» M. H«lph«n«lm 

Owl'i HBai^Mn«*n, Mb. -■^'A'''? B?""" 

OiboW} i^Jnans III. 

"" "" r.Twmia'i 

' JoJmt&nt Ey Hjrun F 

Ho, (c b ) /oAq»q, E 
>e,mutiarlh HLnn 

Palattns, Jfanm-Ta 
PalaUne, Cook, 111 

Btlde«T Mmfffot 

Pftlefmo, Oswgo, 

laej/b U au 
W F Johi 

Plddock' .. 

tuddj Ullli,S*m<miiiKA.VB Lert H.Hsls 

Paddy's Hon, BvHer, Ctdo Jlenrj H, Roblnion 

Piidui, Jfsieon, 111 _ ' °-'-'- 

Paduuhj (o. h.) JtaCrackeriiVij., 

F. J««bU 
J. Pelmot 

Jon Smith 
41 li. Hood 

. , mWo Me Bobert F BradBtreet 

Pulfflline, (cb) Oainftnt m WUUiuii C Wll»ii 
PaluUne, muftuioton. La Wilbuo Bimnfield 

PolMtlne, Koicmihi, Ja. Chulee Qsiwood 

PsIhUm, Jdami, HIb C J BMtu 

pdutltM,ncIiiwa^ Ohio Junes Tulor 

PaJeMfiu!, (c b ) .^futtrtDB, ni^Buniwl U. XslKni 
Pal«Cin«, B<eA»wn,Teiin WilUuDHHudsr 

PilBatlne, fl*-(™Jrtfir, T» _. Churlej It,Hiii8» 
PallsBdM, EocUand, NT ' "' " 

Fall Mall, laitrai, Tann 

Fallow, Slark, Ohio feier iroac 

Poliiia, JforrfaB, Kt _ Alfred J bnatcn 

~ nlniiMBSB John Bolle* 

IngB MeckUtiburg, Va J M 'tt right 

.„_. j(,i,j i Bujd 

Willbun H Abbott 

Columbus C Haila 

TniliHn P RlckaTdflou 

IWOL Mich A K Ilf^> 

5fjHo - - John Shannon 

M, K T 'Wllham L. Tnctoe 

Paimjn^ mi^ax, M C Thoinis Jonas 
" ' jyra, Portaet, Ohio 
- - ijra, LebenoH, Ps 
palmym, Jfonfcomay, ^B" 
"-'--TB, (c b^ Jtow" 
j.a, jfffiriea, Wis 

^ ijrj, Barhti^m, N J - Joaepb HIralns 

Palmira, nia/i Ctah Caiatlea A Dmia 

Palmjrs, mirrm,IO«» Chrtatopher TnmlpBced 

Palo, Linn, Iowa John t^h.-i^i, 
Palo, Xanon, Ala WaahhigWn 1 

Palo Alto, Jajjjo- Oa. Jwemiah M Giletr^ 

Palo Alio Siff/iiand, Ti "*" '■"' " "■ 

Palo Alto, iawrmee, T<c- 

-■ ■■■ • -laws. „WliItiiM8.KKmer 

___._,_ Ml, in IsmesKing - 

Alto,OMtoio,N - -^-..^ ^..j~ 

bai^r^f"^ Ohio John R StOaj 

Pandora, JoSiPin, Tenn Abishsm Mnrpbj 

Panola,7o h)i>liR0la,MlM ~ L J- Laiendac 
Panola StaUon, Woadfiird, Bl wmiam A Crabjr 
Pantego, Beaufirl, S O .Blcliaid H Klddkk 
Panther, JWt, Ark Daniel B Bantaon 

Psnlher Oresk, Can, JU Tbomaa N l^nfleU 

Panther Cieek, Tatlkm H O-Nicbolu L. ITlIliami 
PBnthMCrMtC[oj*ill,IowB EdwaidC ForbM 
Panther's 0^1 AocftirM^'Va.Wimsni A. SCerrett 
Panther Bpiina,>r^r»i>, Tenn JohnO. TBI* 
PantheriilllB, S» OiU, Oa. Locblln JohnasB 
PuiUcD, tJanta, NT - Oiman Wioa*« 

Panlon, JdAim, Tl Jfomum Towilej 

Fan Tan, flo!»i«,Wi« - Ira A Toirej 

Paoli,(o.h) Onaige, la .Patrick DongherM 

PaoU, tWer, Ps ^^^ ^™ 


d Jenkli 

LBplliiH— .__ , , -- 

LHOrrim Pi«wrill*,jtWIMn,T«Dn 

PAS 91 

PnfDirlUe, Bala. Ha. FisncLi F, Kdd; 

PmCUttM, SnrSer, AA Junes A. WilUatnB 

Puiid]H,CoIU,ia AnguitiuH.Chapinui 

PuradlK, BockOiifiaiii, Va Jamea Bolton 

PuadlK, JfiiMeRfrwv, K; W. N. Wtuid 

PmdlM OroreT^ tlunbia, Wli...Wiii. H. wm^ms 

p«MlliBB Tajloj, JfoitfTx, Pa DbtW Efllnger 

Vwchar^ Gorun, ftiUon, Ohlo...WilUun BoUind 

Pu-dnrille, CdAhhMo, Wla Habbell W«t 

Puiiam^a Store, 5u«f£r, Ya-. ,..„., G«or^ 5- Porhjun 

P«l»,(c, h.) Edgar, III Daniel O. Burr 

Parii, >flini»ffj, I» Daniel M. Hill 

Mrii, (c h.) Bout-film, Kj J. T. Lorelj 

Parte, Oxford, Me Tbomss M, Crocker 

PariijKm/, Mleh John BarlBon 

Parti, (c. b.) Jfonroe, Mo .WliUam J, Frwland 

Pads, Ol»iAi,N. Y Daiid Lwrnbeo 

PulB, CtmyeCa, Qa James I9aLlej,Jr 

Paris, La Itisrtte, HlM Abner Colluma 

Pi^ SMt*, Ohio Adam Koons 

Pul4<i:.h.)^n^,Tenn" WiUlunC-WiiilamB 

ParJa,/anar,Tex Junea J. Fanar 

l^iris, JhMTUfej-.Va Abner H. Settle 

Paris. JTfliDiAa. Wla Jehlel H. Hitchcock 

....Ephmlm E. Ford 

'.'.'iiralnBrd Belby.jr 
....Jacob Tan Kees 
John C. Orecn 

.'.'.'MBtihfw F. James 

..'.'.'.'.John' C." Parker 
....FraoUJn TTrman 
..miliam J.Denbkr 

John r. Parker 

Parkenrllle, CftrMjr Pa .Carpenter Webb 

Pulitnvllle, ibWm. Oreetm F. E. Eldridgs 

Pukanbnrgh. Chaltr, PL Joseph Wiley 

Farkanlll*, St. nmnantr, Ia Jobn Farlcer 

PtAnOlt, Jf<iiaaee,iaH .wailamT.TrotmBn 

ParfclHD, BuMT, Pa. -Henry Wereniiilt 

PHkmao, ifMnAunA, He Bmenon F. HarreT 

Putann, fitanva, Ohio. James L. Johnson 

Pufcman Oentie, iVMHIomrit, HO....H. Williunajn 

Pub, SoM, Ark Felix O. Oaines 

.Parka, Jlr^^eM, 8. Richaril Parks 

Fuk's VWjTtiia, Oal John N. Llndiay 

Patta" Comers, Bwix, III John Kerr,jr 

Park^ Ullli, AiittUAi,Ohio James Park 

Parks' Store, ClihriTn»,N.O WiUiani H, Parks 

FlTk^ Btor^ Jaetem,Ala. WilUun D.Parke 

PaiksTllle, SHffirm, N.T Oeorgo W. Bush 

ParksTflle, FMc, Tenn James Park; 

Parkton, AitMiwn, >l[d James lutuft 

FHkrtlle, Flalle, Ho. Fleldlns Bnraag 

PukrlllBtfit. JiuepA'i, Mich Bamnel £. Shriiuger 

ParkTEne, Jto*, I». Wm.Edgman 

hiUnPond, SomtriO, Me Qeorcu Farki 

Parma, ifonroe, N. T Joseph w. Drown 

Fanna, ObpnAml, Ohio OliTer Kmeraon 

Pinwi Centre, iftiiros, N. T Johmon Hervls 

PamaasiiB, Jv^urio, va,...,. ...Joseph M, WhLtmer 

Pwnnui, A-nn, ntali T Jolin O. L, Kinith 

PiRishTSu Moinei, low* .WlUkm C. Hanna 

Parrotstllle, tfnti^ Tenn Malcolm McNatle 

FanraTllle, Onten, Fa James Anthony 

Pardppmy, iforrte, S. J Crrue H. Rlghler 

Puwmleld, IMe.Wt I»lman L. Bennett 

Partlow^ AMMn^hufria, Ta B. L, Hope 

natridge IilaDd, iMoinire, N.TJamei Wheeler, jr 

Pawiannla, Actamt, Htos Helaire Erebs 

Fawo, Aillai, Ho Wllllun R. Martin 

Paacoaf, iVopAJaus, R- l-.-.-...Loienic P. Ward 

PashawD, Xa Awua. la Benjamin F. Koffmsn 

Paakack, BBvm, I". ' .Proderfck Wortendyko, Jr 

Paaaadtuakoig, AMis«C, Me Samael Orcott 

fttMlo V^^7ihrTit,V.'i."'. Wmiam M^CIark 

rtmabriiata,ltirritm,lt^i Archltiald Clark 

s Home, SutArrJbrdi N C 

Fattirson, IVnam-N t 
Fatttrson, Saada, Cd 
Fstttraon, Ha™*, Us 
Patterwn, B^tart, Ohio 
PatteiBon, Jumaiaf Pa .Jaj 
FalterBon'a BlnlT, Jolmam, At 

Patterson's Mflla, Wailaniitm. 1 

Eugene P Tnmey 
James B. Fat- 

FallanTllle, BtAford, Pa 

FatmBut'cily Cftnriu.J 
Fauldlng, (c li ) Jajprr, 
Paulding, Fa-mtia. Ohi> 
Panlina, Warrm, S J 
FaullneTlUe, Tyier, Tei 
Paulsboro, Gloiiajier, N 
Panpac, PUtPa 
FaiUlon, AndnO. Ill 
FaTllloa, £ 

Joseph H. Elder 
James Piper, Jr 
Sobert Lemon, jr 

S EaeterllDc 
Wiiliam T. French 

Catvln Pellett 

\ (LW Paw, fitn Bwm, Mich James U LongwMl 
raw I^v, Morgan, Va Samuel A PatwoasE 

liK Paw Bottom, Oii^lLTa James BeOonuw 

Paw Paw Ford. Soaw, Tenn Edmund Waller 

Paw Paw aroTC, La, IlL Himm Wood 

Pantucliet, PrandttKt, B. I Joseph T. SIbkiii 

Pantuiet,£«J,B.I . Alfred Rsher 

Favtuie^ HtJtiiBa, Fla. J R. Beltou 

Pniloos, NurOamit^liad, Fa Charles Haiti 

Paxton, tfbreatir, TSmu BllaB D Ilartington 

Pay Dovn, Onige, Ha Tbomu Elniey 

Paynes Depot, Saa, Ky Aw Payne 

PayneoTtlle, Pfkt, Ho _ Andrew Foteey 

PayueilUe, Sumter, Ala Ezekiel McLandon 

Payson, Adamtja BeiOamin Collins 

Fayson, Ulali, Utah Charlee B. Hancock 

Peace Dale, TPmAin^toi, O. I Stephen a Flsk 

Peacham, CaStSeivji, Tt t .Benjamin F. Weeks 
Peach Bottom, rorft. Pa. „ Joremlah B.Kirk 
Pea^b Creek, Faiabi, Miss William C Haiwell 
Feather's Milla, itaOgimtjy, Tenn Peter Poacher 
Peach Orof^ .fbir/oi. Va William I^aon 

Peach Oroio, E. FtUciaa, La Cnllen McOarrtls 
Peach Onhard, laurencb Ky Ambrose Wilbnr 
Peach Tree, CIleniftfbH C Bohert D UcOombi 
Peach Tree Orora, Siah, H O WUUam Kimt 

Peach Tree Tillage, T^, Tex Slram A WUlsoB 
Peacock 1 Stora, iMimlnu, N ~ Lorat Ftaeook 
FeaksTllls, A^WTa _ addiun A. JoDea 
Poalere, CWiuaiw, Pa. Jeter P. Pealer 

Peapack, Srmertd, N J Jlnm F. Foster 




pCHr Oiuve. Utddridge^ Va...... Samuel GPritclmrd 

Pea Hi«<se, Vnimi, ». C .Joseph G. Gault 

Peai Kidgo, Minitgtmei'H^ Teun G»'orge P. Boston 

Pea lii«if;v, Beiitmi. Ark William Maitln 

pearibJ.ui^r. Gle.^, Va ; Henry G. Denuis 

pert lliver, P / e, Ala Wijah L.Gray 

pearl, /'</ e. Ill Orange F. Howland 

pcttil Creek, Wjoming. N. Y Thomas P. Miller 

Pe.irlinM:ton, HafiCftck-y Miss Asa H. Hnrsey 

Pearl Klvor. Copiah, Ml-^s Lewis Kennedy 

Pearl Valliy. Ae-^huba, Miss R. M Ro8»^uii'8 Mills. Arkansas, Ark RTchard Pearson 

Pt-a Vintt. Osage. M() Reuben Terrill 

Pecan Grove, Can-nU, La .'..Henry Goodrich 

PoiHii rolut. Afss'ssipjd, Ark. Edward J.McGavotk 

Pecatouicn, W.nnehugo, 111 F. G Smith 

Peck-iburjr Hendricks^ la Benjamin F.Scherer 

peUce, Gdjr, Iowa John S Lewis 

Podee S^JiWiler. Mo William V. RipiJey s IMl, chalfiam^'^.C Willliim A. Rives 

pi'dlars Mills. >l«M/i«rs<,Va George W Ray 

p.<liickt()wa, S^lem,'S.J Hudson A. Springer 

pi'ble. Aduvis. la Charles Heckiuan 

Pee«lee, Aroi'tn, N. C Rowland Crump 

Pe«'dee Mui~um, 8. C Neill Mcbuffie 

peeUskill. yVext ChesUrflU Y H. B. Strang 

pwl I'ree, Bitrbaur, Va William McK. Harrison 

peerv s Store, TaztwU, Va Uavld U Peery 

Peir'^ville. Dune. Wis William A. Peirce 

Pekiu. r.i-eweUAW Middletou Tackaherry 

Pekln. N^afjiira. N. Y Sparrow S. Sage 

Pekiu Jesiiviive. Ky -John M.Walter 

Pekiu, Clirl., Wash. Ter ^Jefterson Huff 

Pikiii..^i'A«'OT. Tenn diaries F. Burton 

pikiu. WisUivAjtnn, la Charles D.Green 

pekiu. Mtmt/fnneri/. N.C H G.Lncas 

' Pellrim, ^^>>t Cliexter, N. Y John Bolton 

Pdi.-ini, Hainpithirf, Mass Calvin D. Eaton 

Pelli iin- //'^« (rrnagh, N. H John Wooiibury 

Peliiain- (•rnvdi/, 'l\'nn Andereon S. Goo<lman 

Pollt, Mil ion, Iowa Peter Barendiegt 

Pellonii 3fosmr. Ill John W Black w*-ll 

PeU-'iivillo. SUuhen. N. Y John Gloail 

PemaijuitU Lna.ln.Me Otkman Ford 

PcniiK-rtjin, Bningtim, N. J Robert Rogerw 

pem».<'ri.oii, Shel'y, Ohio Cyrus Apple 

Peuil)iiia, I'emi.ina, Min Joseph Rolette 

PemliruUe. Christian, Ky Ezra L. Foulkes 

Pembrokf., Wiyhinf/tnn, Me. ..Thomas W. Sherman 

PcnibiOke, Pluviotdh, Mass Horace Collamore 

Pembroke. AfeiTimac' , N. H Jacob Sawyer 

Peml»nke. (/«»«**«, N. Y Alvin Harroun 

Peuibniko, (^Hes, Va S»imnel li l-ybrook 

PenHtaiuit, HufloU; N. Y Trcadwell 0. ^mitli 

P.ncailer, Luzerne. Pa Nathan Kleiiitole 

Pen lirvis' Stor", \Vayne,^A Caleb Pendatyis 

P.'tiilletoti, Madis'in, la. Hezekiah B. Franks 

Pendl'ton, Niagara, N Y Siinon Bellinger 

pendl'ton, J'utnani, Ohio Henry Kilheffer 

Penll'ton. Andentm, S. C John B. SitUm 

Pi'UilU'tttii Ci'otre. Nagara, NY... .Henry Piikaid 

Ponill ton ir.ll. iVeu> IxmcUm, Conu S. A. Muint; 

Prnnell. Greene, (in Natlian Hobbs 

Pet.tild, f leaf field. Pa Valentine Havener 

Penti II. A/'mrre, N.Y Rol)ert Staring 

Pi'ufi*-! I, Loni n, Ohio 1). W. C. Dickson 

Peiiti-l I. noridi'tn, N. C Jeremiah Piggott 

rulhnun, Mich JoIinS. Adams 

FranJln, Va Kdward C^Murphy 


Pen n>ul!i. Sumiuit, Ohio LHw>«»n Waterman 



penn. l.aj»cuxtt;r. Pa Hlranj R. Hull 

Penn-llvillo. Osive(/o, N. Y losiah Chaffee 

Peoni'V!*. h'uvditlpfi. Mo Jt>lin H. Penney 

Ponnn it'-n. Mer-fT,, N. J IMpley T. Martin 

pt'ni;i"._t.»u"s MilU, Ark.Wm. Q. Penning 

t Ml 

priiiii It •nville, Chester, Pa William McCanna 

penn Mi: J, Crawftrrd^ Pa W^llliam Wadsworth 

pfun UTi. Indiana. Pa David Fnlton 

PuntHborough, RitrJiie, Va Jameti Martin 

Pi'iiiinbo! "Hglt. Irwin. Ga Isaac R. Porter 

PerMi-l.nrurii M ntgnvfery. Pa Henry Dotts 

PennV r'leek. Dninn, Pa William Bogar 

Pe< nVGrovc, 5lt/>.m, N J Muttliew N. Du Bois 

Ptiun'ii tquure, MotUyomeryy Pa Thonuus Bright 

Penn's Store, Patn'rJi. Va James P. Grits 

Pennnville, Morgan, Ohio lohn Spurrier 

Peunsvdle, Fayeiie, Pa Steeu McTntyra 

Pennsylvania, /iV>c/. Island. Ill F. C Rillinc 

Puii!iv;il«\ Jay. la Isaac rnd«TWO0d 

Penn Yan. (c. h.) Yates. N. Y Lewis S. Ayen 

Penny'H Feiry. Henry. Ill J< hn Gaines 

Penobscot, //t/wc^cA, Me John P.Wood 

Penora, GriUhrie, Iowa Theo'.'hilus Bryan 

Pensacola, ( Kvamhia, Fla Dillon Jordan 

Pen.sHCola. Leake. Mi»*H I^obert A Harrii 

Pensaukie, Ocontn, Wis Levi L. Pieroe 

Pentrnss, A/onnngalia, Va K. B. Tygard 

Pent Water, Oceana, MIrh Edwin R. Cobb 

Peola Mills, Midiynn. Va Thomas G. Fletcher 

Peoli, Tctsairawas. Ohio Kdward Rnsemond 

Peoples, Cit])e Gradeau, Mo Samn 1 Gordon 

Peoplesville. C'rter, Tenn George W. Peoples 

Peoria, (c. h.) Penrii, 111 ...P<-ter Sweat 

Peorja, Wyoming. N. Y James Gordon 

Peoria, Fran' tin, la .Janies W. Py« 

Peoria, Mahaska. Iowa James L Warren 

Pepacton. DeLiware. N. Y Townsend Shaver 

Pepokating, Susmer, N. J Rolnsrt V. Armstrong 

Pi'pperell, Middleser, Ma^s John Loring 

Pepper's Ferry, P/ Ja.tlri,XH. Miles A. Wilson 

Pequot, Calumet. Wis James Cramond 

Pera Station, Champin'tm. Ill A. L. Claypool 

Perch River. Je'Wmm. N. Y Hugh Pmith 

Percy's Creek, WiVin.Sfyn. Miss Jolm B. Palmer 

Pere Marquette, Mmcn, Mich Geo. W. Ford 

Perin's Mill, Clermont, Ohio Darins Perin 

Perkin's Creek. Holmger, Mo John H. Hnnter 

Perkin's Grove. Burenu. Ill Liblvu.'* Stanard 

PtrkinKville, A'arh'son, Iiv .Thomas L. Bfckwlfh 

Burke. N. C Richard 0. Michanx 

L'/cimiinfj. Pa H.J. Perkins 

G'orhUtnd. Va Thom.i^J. Perkins 

Windstrr, Vt Joneph Kidder 

Perkiomen Bridge. Montgomery. Pa A. Longaker 

Perkiomenville. MnntgnTnery, Pa Iftmc Rahn 

Perote, P/ e, Ala Nathan A. Sullens 

Perote. AshVind, Ohio Abrain Fast 

Perrine, Merrer. Pa Knorh Perrins 

Perrineville, Monmouth, N. J John W. Davison 

Perry, (c. h.) Houston, Ga John S. Jobson 

Perry, i\7«,in John K Cleveland' 

Vvvry, Alien. h\. C. L V. Parker 

Perry, M'Clevmm, Tex Edwin W. McClaln 

Perry, Wanhint/t/tn, Me Cb;irl**M S. Davis 

Perry, Wyoming. N. Y W lllam Mitchell 

peiry, ia'e, <'hio Jotham C. Jndd 

Peiry, Vewivgo. Pa Jtihn Neil! 

Perry, Shinwa^s", Mich Johnson Ireadwajr 

perry Centn*. Wynnn'ng. N. Y Jason Lathrop 

PerrymauHville. Ftnrf'rd, Md Jacob A. Preston 

Perryopnlis. J'ai/ffie Pa Wni. I. Obrist 

Perry's Bridge. Verm/lfi<m,ljfi bobert H. Mills 

Prrrysbnrjtih. M'umi. la Wesley J. McFarland 

?err»«I urgh, GiVara>'qus. N. Y Osr»ir Z. Brown 

Perrysbur.h. (c. \\) W od-. Ohio John H.Reid 

Peny's Cross IJoads. 3i':efekt, S. C K. H. Addy 

Perry's Mills, (c. h.) TutnuU.. Ga Ni.-h »Ih» Smith 

Perry's Mills. Chnt-m. N. Y Lueinn Perry 

Perrysvillf, Vernnllvm, la J«»lui B. Raps 

PerrysvMl*-, WiRhmfit'in. R.I St»nley W. Webb 

Perrysville. Alleghany. Pa William Ray 

Perryton. Liclimj. Oiiio Ile/.ekiah S. Green 

Perrytim. Mercer, \\\ James OiD|^ 

Perryville, Perry, Ala WillianiT. Airey 

Perryville, (c. h.) Perry, Ark W, H I lackweU 

Perryville. Bnle^ Ky John A. Burton 

Perryville, CecH, Md! Ju^epb Cochrmn 

Perryville, (c. b.> ferry. Mo Fr.incis Rice 

Perryville, //mfcrAm, N J H. nry 1 (tckafeller 

PerryvHe. M dis n, N. Y Orrin J. Woodworth 

P»*rryville, As'dand. Ohio Thonans W. Coulter 

Perryville, Decatur, Tenn Mit-ha 8. Stevens 

Persiler, Kn'Kr, HI Charles * radford 

pcrslmmim Creek. Cliero «, N.C A B. MeFalls 

Perth Fultim, N. Y 0.t»rgo Stewart 

Perth AmiKiy, Middlesex, N.J J,»).n Manning 

Pern, (r. h ) Minnti, la S>imnel Coulter 

Peru, Ox/frd, M^^ Jonnx Greens 

Vonx,LaSaae,m E. Winslow 




Pern, Berkshire, Mass, .....Sylvester S. Row«n 

Peru, Clinton. N. Y L»'On L. Channell 

Peru, fTuron, Ohio Chester S. Howe 

'Perxtf BenninTt m,\t Oliver P. Simonds 

Peru, Hay^ortnd, N. William McClure 

Peru, Henderson, Term Thomiwi A. Smith 

^enXy Ma/iUrm, Iowa Benjumin F. Brown 

Peru, ^M58ett.AIa PHtrlckll Perry 

Peru Mills, Juniata. P» William H. Patterson 

Peruville, Tomplini, N. Y Pliny Hflll 

Petaluma. Sonoma, Cal....^ Samuel W. Brown 

Petawla, Ifandnlph, Ga William Shipp 

Peterborouorh, H^Ushfyrough. N. H Henry Steele 

Peterlioroush, JUadison, N. Y Aswhel C. Stone 

Peters! >nr{9h, Menard, 111 .Toseph Marsh 

Petersbnrg;)!, P/Ae, la John B. Hannah 

Petersbur^h, Boone, Ky W. W. Smith 

Petersburgh, Lavacca, Texas William B. Davis 

Petersburgh, lUwtstelear, N. Y Gben C. Reynolds 

Petersburjrh. Cape May, N. J Lewis L. Dunn 

Perersburgh, Mahoning, Ohio James Miller 

Petersburgh. Lmoin. Ten n Hugh M. Blaktt 

Petersliurgh, Dinwiddie, Va WiUiHrn N. Friend 

Peterpbuigh. BuiUr, Pa Thomas Crltchlow 

Petersburgh Four Corners, Rensselaer, N. Y 8. C. 


Peter's Creek,. Barren, Ky Oscar F. Mosby 

Peter's Creek, Sltftkes, N. C David Hall.jr 

Peter's Creek, Lanectster, Pa Lanrenr« Hippie 

Petersham. Wtrcenter, Mass Samp^^on Werherell 

Peterson's Station, Miami, Ohio...D.ivid A. Oilmore 

Peterstown, Monroe. Va William T. Akers 

PetersTJlle, Predgrick, Md Thomas Winter 

Petersville, NtirthaMipton, Pa John Gemmel 

Petite Jnan, Yell, Ark , Henry Ward 

Pettit, Tippecanoe, Ind Moses Banker 

Petra, S'dine^ Mo ^ James Jones 

Pettuce, vidatr. Mo William Hawkins 

Pettusville. Limestone, Ala A. G. Westmoreland 

Pettys, Launrence, 111 Robert A. Durlin 

Pettysville, i^VanWm. Teun Eli Petty 

PeWiibic, Ontonoffon, Mich Charles B Hawley 

Pewabic, La Pointe, Wis W.H. D.Long 

Pewaukee. WJLukesha, Wis Chauncey G. Heath 

Peytona, BMme, Va William D. Pate 

Peytonaburgh. Piitfylxania, Va...£pa Y. Wlmbish 

Peyton's Creek. SmiUi, Tenn G. W. Royster 

Peytonsville, WiUiamson, Tenn Thomas J. Gray 

Phalanx, Monvmuth, N. J Emile GulUaudeu, jr 

Pharisbnreh, Union, Ohio Samuel A. Tunks 

Phu-r's Mills, Monre, N. 0. Harris Tyson 

Pharsalia. Chenango, N. Y Calvin G. Brown 

Pleasant Branch, Dane, Wis. Homce A. Winston 

Phcdps, Ontario, N. Y William Dillon 

Phelps, AshtabtJA, Oliio Miitim 0. Jayne 

Phelpstown, /nyAam, Mich W. H. H. Culver 

Phenix, Kewi, R. I Ebenezer Fuller 

Phi Delta, Franklin, Oa ..John W. Pruitt 

Phihidolphia, (c. h.) Philadelphia, Pa.. .John Miller 

Philadelphia, Hancock, la Joseph F. Marshall 

Philadelphia, Marion, Mo Nesbitt Nelson 

Philadelphuk Neshoba, Mies Milton D, Young 

Philadelphia, Je.ffer>ion, N. Y. George E. Tucker 

Philadelphia, Van Buren, Iowa WoUa Edgerton 

Philadulphia, Monroe, Tenn John W. Goddard 

Philadelphia, Darlingi/on, S. C .Tohn G. Gatlin 

Philadelphus, Bftbeson, N. C Duncan McKay 

Philanthropv, Butler, Ohio Ijewis W. Miller 

Philips, Franklin, ^e Joseph Sherburne 

Phillip^bargb, Warren, N. J... Abraham Lommasson 

Pbilipdburgh, Jefferson, Ohio John T. Bracken 

Philipsburgh, C^re, Pa James A. Ganoc 

Philipsport, SuUivau, N. Y John H.Osborne 

Philipstown, White,l]l Terrence McMahon 

Philipsville, Allegany, N. Y AlVan E. Parker 

PbiUippa, Barbour. Va..„ Isaac H. Strickler 

Phillip's Creek, Allegany, .N. Y...S. W. Cartwright 

PhilHpston, Wijrcester, Mass Jason Goulding 

Philmont, Cdumbia, N. Y Cornelius M. Horton 

Philo, Muskingum, Ohio James McColley 

Philomatfa, Ogletltorpe, Ga Thomas Morrow 

Philomont, iMtulon, Va Joseph P. Megrath 

Philopolis, Baltimore, Md 8hadrach G. Sparks 

Phipdburgh, Sagadahoc, Me Nathaniel C. Reed 

PboBDkda, WlsteTf N. Y Isaac D. Vaadenrort 

Phoenix, Oguffpo. N* Y Dziah C<mger 

Phoenix, Armstrong, Pa William Guthrie 

Phoenix. Edgefield. 8. William P. Andi-ews 

PhfBnixville. Chemter. Pa lacob B. Morgan 

PhoeniXTille, lV7ndE/(am,.Conn..Sim»on A. Wht^nton 

Piasa, Macmipin, 111 Ilarmnn G. Tnlley 

Picayune, Warren^ 111 Nathaniel Cecil 

Pickaway PlaiBc Monroe, Va WiUoii Watts 

Pickens C.H., P/cA'cns, S. C E. E. Abx^nder 

P(cken*8 Mills. Bramton, Va Jacob M. Hyer 

PickenOTiUe, Plclens, Ala Samp«ion NolHnd 

Pickenwville, Pickens. 8.G Joseph B. Clyde 

Pickerel Creek, Greene, Mo Stephen Batitoa 

Pickereltown. Logan. Ohio Tjewis Cowgill 

Pickering, Chester, Pa ''ohert Ilnghes 

Pickerington, PairReld, Ohio.. Willi;im Kmner 

Pieket's Comer, Oobss^ Mich Jacob sturr 

l^x&AAtek, St. Johns, Fla G^^ortj^ Colee 

Piedmont, Harris^ Ga William McNeil 

Piedmont Station, i'liM^aicr, VH...Siinniel T. Ashley 

Pierce, 5"arfc, Ohio John Croit 

Pierce, Armsir'mg, Pa Jonnihun Houpt 

Pierce, J^hyett^, Tenn. Benj-miin 1. Ivova 

Pierce, Cailaway, Mo Nath'^nicl Craig 

Pierce, J'^nes, Towa. L. W. Stuart 

Pierce, WiU,lV\ Tliomas Gilherson 

(Merc-eland, Howard, Md •To'-hua Andt-rton 

Pierceton, Kondusko, la Dwight P. Nichols 

Pierceton, Marion. Vai Mo-ses' W illaoe 

Pierce Town. Anderson, 8. C.Micajah B. Willianwi 

Pierceville, Bedford, Va Benjamin Wilkes 

Pierceville, Hernando, Fla James ^. Ilogan 

Pierceville, Bijdey, la Enoch Mnrrell 

Pierceville, De KalJb, Ala Robert M. Lnsk 

Pierceville, De KaW. Ill Moses Hill 

Piercevil e, GiJmer, Ga Jeptha PHtrersoii 

Pierceville, Wf/oTiUng, Pa Ziha Billings 

Pierceville, Clevtiand, N. C John L. Ohidden 

Piermont, Grafton, N. H Joseph O. Evans 

Pieimont, Rockland, N. Y. David Clark 

Plerpont, St. Lawrence, N. Y...Andrew A. Crampton 

Pierpont, Ashtabula. Ohio Mvlw> Bates 

Plerpont Place, De fTttt. Texas Wm. Pierpont 

Pierrepont Manor, J€/?5!r»fn N. Y Jerome Alien 

Pifiard, Litringst<m, N.Y T. Kendall 

Pigeon Creek, Rolls, Mo William Forman 

Pigeon Forge, Sevier, Tenn William J. Trotter 

Pigeon Grove, Q^Mmbia^Vfia Samuel Ilerriman 

Pigeon River, Haywood, N. C Green Moore 

Pigeon Roost. Choctaw, Miss Joseph B. Atkins 

Pigeon Run, Campbell, Va Edward B. Hernden 

Kg River, FYankKn, Va John R. Saunders 

Pike, Wy<m/ing. N. Y Delano P. Gordon 

Pike, Perry, Ohio ; John Shriver 

Pike, Bradford, Pa Benajah Bostwick 

Pike, Muxcatine, Iowa T. P. Hubbard 

Pike Creek, Ripley, Mo James Snider 

Pike Mills, Potf^, Pa John Davi« 

Pike Pond, S*dlivan, N. Y Philip J. Justin 

Pike Run, Was'iinffton, Pa J;icob Qualk 

Pikesville, BdUiinore,Md Joseph Meltam 

Piketou, (c.h.) Pike, Ohio James Jones 

Pik«ton, Stoddard, Mo 'ohn M. Davis 

Piketon, i^A.y, Ky Hammon W. Uatliffs 

Pike Township, Berks, Pa Henry Baumam 

Pike Valley, /\?tt«r. Pa Mhicus E. Nearing 

Pikeville, (c. h .) Marion, Ala John D. Terrell, jr 

Pikeville, Chicaaaw, Mi9«... Qeorge T. Gate* 

Pikeville, (c. h.) Bledsoe, Tenn L. R. Fain 

Pilahatchee, Rankin, Miss Benjamin S. Waller 

Pilatkfl, Putnam, Fla .lesse A. Brush 

Pilcher, Belmonti, Ohio David Tlo^man 

Pilgrim's Rest, Ikyette, Ala.. ..Guilford J. Childress 

Pillar Point Jeferson, N. Y Ji(*hn L. Alger 

Pillow, Dauphin, Pa Daniel Brua 

Pillowvtlle, Weekly, Tenn Isnac K. Scates 

Pilot, VermiUion, 111 Arthur W. Brittiuitham 

Pilot Grove, LfA low John Stewart 

Pilot Grove, ^awcocfc, HI Nelson Andrews 

l*ilot Grove. Jasper, la Stephen J. Elliott 

PllotGrove, Onoper, Mo Samuel Ro« 

Pilot Grove, Grayson, Tex Bluford Clem^ts 

Pilot HUl, Eldorado, Cal A. J. Bayly 

Pilot Hill, (c. h.) Fulton. Ark...Jame8 B. Mc-Kelvey 
Pilot HUl, Mason, 111 John Pembertoa 




Pilot Knob, Todd, Ey John J. Black 

Pilot Knob, Oawford, la John C. MoxtIb 

Pilot Knob, Madison, Mo ^...Be^Jainin fiogf 

Pimento, Vigo, Ind Thomas French 

Pinckney, Livingston, Mich, JTason W. Kellogg 

Piackney, Warren, Mo Gustavns A. Anderson 

Flnckney, WiUiartison, Tenn MarkM. Andrews 

Pinckneyville, Tallapoosa, Ala... William W. Wood 

Pinckneyyille, Owinnett, Qa Thomas A. Jones 

Pinckneyville, (c. h.) Ptrry, 111 Alex. B. Ck>sney 

Pinckneyyille, Union, S. C James H. Alexander 

Pine, Linn, Or Thomas M. Weger 

Pine, Oneida, N. Y Chauncey Brodock 

Pine, BucfiaTMn, Iowa Isaiah Heam 

Pine Apple, Wilcox, Ala......... John Q. Herbert 

Pine Bluff, Jefferson, Ark .Joseph Merrill 

Pine Bluff, Callaway, Ky John Hodges 

Pine Bluff, Copiah, Miss Stephen Tillman 

Pine Bluffs, Red River, Texas Benjamin H. 


Pineborough, Marion, Pla Willis L. Grow 

Pine Brook, Morris, N. J Timothy W. Crane 

Pine Bush, Orange, N. T Archibald B. Taylor . 

Pine CTe%\i,^Calhoun, Mich David N. Willard ' 

Pine Creek, Tioga,V9. Deroy Herrlngton 

Pine Creek, Gilmer, la William P. Haverty 

Pine Creek, De Kalh, Tenn.. Thomas Durham 

Pine Flat, Bossier, La B. F. Linn 

Pine Grove, Schuyler, N. Y Ellison Yanderhoof 

Pine Grove, PiTce, Ala Edward W. Sewall 

Pine Grove, Monroe, Ark Moses B. Guthrie 

Pine Grove, G'aZZia, Ohio Stephen Sisson 

Pine Grove, SchuyUdU, Pa Paul Barr 

Pine Grove, Clark, Ky H. Savary 

Pine Grove, Wetzel, Ya Samuel J. Bobinson 

Pine Grove, PranJclin, Miss James H. McDaniel 

Pine Grove Mills, Centre, Pa. Alexander Sample 

Pine Hall, Stokes, N. C Samuel S. Wall 

Pine Hill, Jackson, Wis ...Weston Clark 

Pine Hill, Wilcox, Ala Edmund H. Arnold 

Pine HUl, York, Pa John S.Kline 

Pine Hill, Washita, La Amos Clark 

Pine Hill, Ulster, N.Y Theodore Gingon 

Pine Hill, Washington, R. I Thomas Philips, Jr 

Pine KyilBf Rtisk, Texas ,...John S. Buckner 

Pine Island, Jefferson, Tex Richard West 

Pine Lake, Oakland, Mich John Ellenwood 

Pine Lake, Watikesha, WL5...Francis Schroudenback 

Pine Land, Meigs, Tenn P. M. Miller 

Pine Level, Sumpter, Fla Wm. W.B.Kyle 

Pine Level, Johnson, N. C Tho. G. Hinnant 

Pine Level, Houston, Ga William L. Hunt 

Pine Level, Montgomery, AIa Henry W. Clark 

Pine Log, Cass, Ga Edward Barrett 

Pine Meadow, Litchfield, Conn JToseph Gould 

Pine Orchard, Washington, Ala JTames F. Bates 

Pine Plain, Allegan, Mich Boyd W. Phillips 

Piue Plains, Dutchess, N. Y William Toms 

Pine Plains, Ocean, N. J Aaron D. Reynolds 

Pinejlidge, Copiah, Miss Jas. A. T. Mason 

Pine Ridge, TTinn, La Josiah H. Lacy 

Pine River, Marquette, Wis Herman Stowers 

Piner's Cross Roads, Kenton, Ky G. M. Mullins 

Pine Run, Genesee, Mich Albert F. Young 

Pinery, St. Clair, Mich William B. Preston 

Pines* Bridge, Westchester, N. Y B. D. Miller 

Pine Street, EUc, Pa Henry Mason 

Pine Swamp, Centre, Pa William Stewart 

Pine Town, Chero7c€e,TexAB Green Wallace 

Pine Tree, Chesterfield, S. C Jeremiah Anderson 

Pine Tree, Upshur, Texas MJacob Fisher 

Pine Valley, Chemung, N. Y Curtis Miles 

Pine Valley, Warren, Pa LeRoy Reals 

Pine Valley, Yalobusha, Miss William A. Bell 

Pine View, Fauquier, Va William M. Kemper 

Pine Village, Warren, la Thomas A. Wiggins 

Pineville, Marengo, Ala George W. Barney 

Pineville, Gloucester, H. J Joseph H.French 

Pineville, Bossier, La Francis W. Armor 

Pineville, Marion, Ga UTames H. Jarvis 

Hneville, McDonald, Mo John B.Fulton 

Pineville, Smilh, Miss Samuel S. Tumei 

Pineville, Bucks, Pa Jesse P. Carver 

Pineville, Charleston, S. C Arnold Bonneau 

Pinevillei Hockingy Ohio Reuben W. W. Weiiz 

Pineville, MeckUnburgh, N. JTames T. Downs 

Pine Wood, Hickman, Tenn Richard A.Grahftm 

Pine Woods, McuHion, N. Y BenJ.M. Knapp 

Piney, Johnson, Ark A. B. Joyner 

Piney Grove, Sampson, N.C Isaac W. Lane 

Piney Grove, HcaxUman, Tenn Alfired Biggs 

Pingree Qrove^ Kane, HL Andrew Pingree 

Pinfaook, Lawrence, la Michael Beck 

Pinshook, Winston, Miss Ephraim Qnarles 

Pink Hill, Marshall, Miss. .Ephraftn H. Yonnt 

Pink Hill, Jackson, Mo .Geo. W.Love 

Pink Hill, Lenoir, N. C Anthony Davis 

Pinkney, Lewis, N. Y John J. Goodenough 

Pinney's Grove, Ray, Mo John Brown 

Pin Oak, Du Buque, Iowa John H. Floyd 

Pin Oak, Warren, Mo ^ Henry Walsh 

Pin Oak, Wayne, 111 James B. M anahan 

Pintlala, Montgcmiery, Ala John Bonham 

Pintler's Comers, Ottatoa, Mich Minor Atherton 

Pintucky, Hancock, Miss G. Y.McNaM> 

Piny, Clarion, Pa« Levi Kifer 

Piny Green, Ondow, N. C Isaac Marshdl 

Pioneer, Greene, HI David Woolley 

Pioneer, WtUianu, Ohio Philetus W. Norris 

Pioneer Grove, Cedar, Iowa Godwin Taylcflr 

Pioneer Mills, Oabarras,N. C R. H. Morrison 

Piper's Gap, OcvrroU, Va William Hanks, Jr 

Pipersville, Bucks, Pa Jacob Keichline 

Pipe Stone, B«rrten,Mich William Bonghton 

Piqua, Miami, Ohio John Marshall 

Piquea, Lancarier, Pa George W. Wemta 

Piscataway, Ftinee George's, Md... James H. GridBn 

Piscola, Lowndes, Ga John W. Spain 

Pisgah, Cooper, Mo David Jones 

Pisgah, BuUer, Ohio David Conover 

Pishon's Ferry, Kemuifeck, Me John Totman 

Pitcaim, St. Lawrence, N.Y EUR. Paul 

Pitcher, Chenango, N. Y Ebenezer C. Lyons 

Pitcher Springs, Chenango, N. Y...Daniel M. Chapel 
Pitch Landing, J9(;r{/bre2,N.C...~....John 0. Askew 

Pitman, Schuylkill, Pa Samuel Miller 

Pitts, Warren, Mo Henry Ordelheede 

Pittsboro, Calhoun, Miss J. R. M.I>nberry 

Pittsborough, (c. h.) Chatham, N. C Isaac Long 

Pittsborough, Hmtdricks, la AsaT. Hoadley 

Pittsburgh, Johnson, Ark Edward M. Pickett 

Pittsburgh, CarrdU, la Christian Hermon 

Pittsburgh, Van Buren, Iowa... Archibald McDonald 

Pittsburgh, Hickory, Mo John L. Hall 

Pittsburgh, Darke, Ohio Geo. Poe 

Pittsburgh, l^shur, Texas William C. Loving 

Pittsburgh, (c. h.) AReghany, Pa...Robert Anderson 

Pittsburgh, Coos, N. H James Washburn 

Pitt8fleld,(c. h.) Pike, 111 S. L. Crane 

Pittsfield, Somerset, Me George Whitney 

Pittsfield, Berkshire, Mass P. Allen, jr 

Pittsfield, Washtenaw, Mich John Hoy 

Pittsfield, iferrtmocX;, N. H William Knowlton 

Pittsfield, Otsego, N. Y Alvin Peck 

Pittsfield, Xoratn,Ohio D. H.Ranney 

Pittsfield, Warren, Pa John A. Jackson 

Pittsfield, Rutland, Vt Loren Beard 

Plttsfbrd, Monroe, N. Y Horace Wheeler 

Pittsford, Ruaand,Yt Robert R. Drake 

Pitts* Grove, Salem, N.J Charles F. H. Grav 

Pitts' Point, Bullitt, Ky Charles Greenwell 

Pittston, Kennebeek, Me Hiram T. Clark 

Pittston Ferry, Ltueme, Pa C. R. Gorman 

Pittstown, Hunterdon, N. J John L. Tinsman 

Pittstown, Renssekur, N. Y James N. Halatead 

Pittsylvania C. H., Pittsylvania, Va...James K. Blair 

Placerville, £1 Dorado, Cal Allen M. Thatcher 

Plain, Wayne, Ohio William Wagner 

Plain, GreenvUle, S. C Thomas Goldsmith 

Plainfield, Windham, Conn Henry Sabin 

Plainfield, WxU, 111 K.J. Hammond 

Plainfield, Henpricks, la Isaac Osborne 

Plainfield, Hamyshire, Mass Levi Clark 

Plainfield, Waushara, Wis E. C. Waterman 

Plainfield, Livingston, Mich Morris Topping 

Plainfield, Sullivan, N. H Bradbury Dyer 

Plainfield, Essex, N. J Jacob Manning 

Plainfield, Ouml>erland, Pa R.K.Bums 

Plainfield, Coshocton, Ohio David Brelsford 

Plainfield, WathingUm, Vt Eara Kidder 




Plain Grove, Lawrence, Pa ^..Hutchison Bovard 

Plainsborough, Middlesex, N. J Peter D. Bergen 

Plains of Dura, Sumter, Ga John Coker 

Plain's Store, B. Baton JF?ou^e, La...Isaac Townsend 

Plainsvflle, Luzerne, Pa James Frick 

Plain View, Macoupin, HI .David Gore 

Plain View, ^tngr <& Qtteen,Va....Wni. H. Anderson 

Plainville, Harlf&rd, Conn H. L. Welch 

Plainville, 07wndaga,'^.Y Lyman Norton 

Plainville, Samia^, Ohio N. S. Armstrong 

Plainwell, ARegan, Mich Orson D. Dnnham' 

Pl&istow, Rocldngliam, N. H James G. George 

Planeville, Warren, Iowa Thompson Walton 

Plank Road, Onondaga, N. Y George Woodward 

Plank Road, Wayne, Mich.-.Archlbald P. Mclntyre 

Plank Road, Bdmont, Ohio James V. Stilwell 

Plank Road, St. Genemeve,'ilo Joseph K Saner 

Plankville, Jaclcson, La Robert E. Davis 

Plaro, CoUin, Tex Wm. Porman 

Piano, Kendall, HI Gilbert D. Henning 

Planters, Attala, Miss Joseph M.Thompson 

Planters, Philips, Ark James Xelson 

Plaster's Hall, Breckenri^, Ey...J. H. Moorman 

Planter's Hill, Jennings, la John S. Torbet 

Planters Stand, Madison, Qa Henry White 

PlantersviUe, Perry, Ala.. «.James J. Vincent 

Plantersville, Morehouse, La John M. Hillard 

Plantsville, Hartford, Conn Simeon H. Norton 

Plaqnemine, Iberville, La Archibald Black 

Plaquemiue Brulee, ^. Landry, La... Jesse B. Clark 

Platea, Erie, Pa Samuel Sisson 

Plato, PulasIdf'Slo Joshua H. McDonald 

Plato, OaUaraugus, N. Y Christopher Church 

Plato, Lorain, Qhio Josiah Harris 

Plato, Iroquois, HI '. John Wilson 

Platte City, (c. h.) Platte, Mo David S. Kimsey 

Plattekill, U'lster,U.Y James Hunt 

Platte River, Buc7ianan,Mo Wm. M.Matney 

Platte's*Mouth, Cass, Neb Wheatley Michclwait 

PlattevUle, Orant, Wis...... Hophni Hurlburt 

Plattsburgh, (c h.) Clinton, Mo...Wm. L. Ferguson 
Plattsburgh, (c. h.) Clinton, N. Y...Chas. S. Mooers 

Plattsville, Shelby, Ohio Hubbard Hume 

Plattville, KendaU, HI Daniel Krouse 

Pleasant, Switzerland, la Joshua Y. HarreU 

Pleasant, Kent, Mich '. John Coffee 

Pleasant, Putnam, Ohio I. L Weaks 

Pleasant, Claiborne, Tenn Elijah C. Kilbourne 

Pleasant Brook, Otsego, N. Y Stephen Eldred 

Pleasant Creek, Taylor, Va Josiah M. Davidson 

Pleasant Dale, Hampshire, Va James F. Davis 

Pleasant Exchange, Henderson, Tenn. ..J. E. Hodge 

Pleasant Flat, ifeson,Va William A. Brown 

Pleasant Gap, Boies, Mo Joseph Wix 

Pleasant Gap, Centre, Pa Joseph G. Stone 

Pleasant Gap, Cherokee, Ala Samuel Snodgrass 

Pleasant Gap, Pittsylvania, Va...Thomas W. Walton 

Pleasant Green, Cooper, Mo John Scott 

Pleasant Grove, UtaJi, Utah T Wm. G. Sterrett 

Pleasant Grove, Pickens, Ala James P.Casper 

Pleasant Grove, Ja^per^ la Henry Barkley 

Pleasant Grove, Des Moines, Iowa....Onia8 Jackson 

Pleasant Grove, Ohio, Ky James R. Edwards 

Pleasant Grove, Clermont, Ohio J. T. Powell 

Pleasant Grove, Morris, N.J J. A. Middlesworth 

Pleasant Grove, ATlamance, N. C James W. Lea 

Pleasant Grove, FiOmore, Min Philo S. Ourtiss 

Plcopant Grove, Lancaster, Pa... Jeremiah B. Haines 

Pleasant Grove, Alleghany, Md iE. S. Zeverly 

Pleasant Grove, Greenville, S.C... William C. Bailey 

Pleasant Grove, Maury, Tenn John Ballanfant 

Pleasant Grove, Kenoza, Wis.. .James Fredenburgh 
Pleasant Grove, Be Solo, La.... Duncan B. McMillan 

Pleasant Grove, Lunenburg, Va A. R. Neal 

Pleasant Grove Mills, Fleming, Ky ... A. R. Saunders 

Pleasant Hall, Franklin, Pa Jonathan Strine 

Pleasant Hill, Mercer, Ky John R. Bryant 

Pleasant UiW, BaUas, A\& T. B. SomervUle 

Pleasant Hill, Franklin, Ark David D. Williams 

Pleasant Hill, New Cizrf7e,Del...Alban Buckingham 

Pleasant Hill, Tiilbot, Ga Thomas B. Hancock 

Pleasant Hill, Pike, HI John A.Thomaa 

Pleasant Hill, Montgomery, la William A. Krug 

Pleasant Hill, Lane, Oregon Wm. W. Bristow 

Fleasant Hill, Oass, Mo William H. Parker 

Ploasant Hill, Northampton, N. C.Thos. J. Gamer 

Pleasant Hill, Be. Soto, Miss. Samuel S. Boss 

Pleasant Hill^ Miami, Ohio Jacob K. Teeter 

Pleasant Hill, Laneaster, S.C ..John W. Twitty 

Pleasant Km, 2H Soto, La J. E. Whitten 

Pleasant Hill, Fhyeite, Va Gerard M. Blume 

Pleasant Hill, Hopkins, Texas David K. Shrode 

Pleasant Hope, PoUc, Mo Robert L. Smith 

Pleasant Lake, Steuben, la Simeon C. Aldrich 

Pleasant Lake, WapeUo, Iowa Isaac CFansher 

Pleasant Lane, Edgefield, S. p.. Jtansom Timmerman 

Pleasant Level, Lee, Ga Stephen R. Weston 

Pleasant Mills, Adams, la John Fordyoe 

Pleasant Mound, Laurens, S.C Reuben Martin 

Pleasant Mount, Pan/>la. Miss Philip S. Alston 

Pleasant Mount, Miller, Mo W. D. P. M. Nolen 

Pleasant Mount, Wayne, Pa Thomas H. Brown ' 

Pleasant Mount, Pitt, N. C J. L. Ballard 

Pleasant Oaks, Bmmsvnck, Va......... Isaac R. Walton 

Plea^anton, Athens, Ohio. Nelson Lord 

Pleasanton, Itatoan^KL, Miss .Miles W. MeClellan 

Pleasant Park, Carroll, Mo.... George McKinny 

Pleasant Plain, Jefferson, Iowa. Abel Roberts 

Pleasant Plain, Clermont, Ohio. ...Joseph B. Young 
Pleasant Plains, /fu2ependence,Ark.Wm. M. Calhoun 

Pleasant Plains, Sangamon, 111 Thomas Turley 

Pleasant Plains, Lincoln, Tenn...Wllliam W. Pettey 

Pleasant Plains, Soatt, Mo Isaac Hunter 

Pleasant Plains, Dutchess, N. Y...B. I. Van Keuren 

Pleasant Point, Baviess, Ky Tapley Maddox 

Pleasant Prairie. Greene, Mo... William T. Beuford 
Pleasant Retreat, Lumpkin, Ga... Jonathan Sutton 
Pleasant Retreat, ScoOand, Mo..'.. ..John C. Collins 

Pleasant Ridge, Greene, Ala Irvin Barnes 

Pleasant Kidge, Tippah, Miss John H.Norton 

Pleasant Ridge, Harrison, Mo Milton Fowler 

Pleasant Ridge, Greene, la James Records 

Pleasant Ridge, Bracken, Ky Joseph Ch{pmaj\ 

Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton, OMo.J.Chas. B. Ferguson 

Pleasant Ridge, Rock Island, IlL James Taylor 

Pleasant Ridge, Butchess, N. Y George Weight 

Pleasant Run, Hamilton, Ohio Paul S. Huston' 

Pleasant Run, Ballas, Texas Madison M. Miller 

•Pleasant Shade, Smith, Tenn Jason R. Sloan 

Pleasant Shade, JranWin, 111 J. P. Kirkpatrick * 

Pleasant Site, Franklin, Ala. James C. George 

Pleasant Spring, Lexington, S. C... John R. Shuler 
Pleasant Springs, Kemper, Miss... John W. Jackson 
Pleasant Springs, Oalveras, Cal...A. H. Hoerchner 
Pleasant Unity, WestTnordand, Pa...#...John Latta 

Pleasant Vale, Pike, HI Stephen Shipman 

Pleasant Valley, Chittenden, Vt...M. P. Richardson 

Pleasant Valley, WasMngton, Ala Daniel Rain 

Pleasant Valley, Litchfield, Conn. Evits Carter 

Pleasant Valley, Tell, Ark... James H. M. Langford 

Pleasant Valley, <Sbo«, Iowa Jabez A. Birchard 

Pleasant Valley, Jo. Baviess, Hl.....'.Thomas Deeds 

Pleasant Valley, Sussex, N.J Benjamin Curry 

Pleasant Valley, Morgan, Ohio A. Alderman 

Pleasant Valley, Dutchess, N. Y Joel 0.' Holmes 

Pleasant Valley, Bucks, Pa William Keep 

Pleasant Valley, Lancaster, S. G. D. Beckham 

Pleasant Valley, Wayne, Tenn William Sinclair 

Pleasant Valley, Wright, Mo Abraham P. Pool 

Pleasant Valley, Fairfax, Va James H. Whaley 

Pleasant Valley, Murray, Geo John H. Johnson 

Pleasant Valley, Martin, la P. Blake 

Pleasant Valley Mills, Nicholas, Ky...M. Davidson 

Pleasant View, Juniata, Pa James B. Milliken 

Pleasant View, Shelby, la Stepheh Gould 

Pleasant View, Highland, Ohio JacoD I. Spohn 

Pleasant View, Jadkson, Va Andrew Flesher 

Pleasant View, Schuyler, 111 Luther M. Hobert 

Pleasantville, West Chester, N. Y...Robert Montross 

Pleasantville, Rockingham, N. C R. A. Ellington 

Pleasantville, Fairfidd, Ohio Philip Hane 

Pleasantville, Marion, Iowa Wesley Jordan 

Pleasantville, Hickman, Tenn. ..William Whitwell 

Pleasantville, J5i«j^», Pa Jacob S. Evans 

Pleasantville, Harford, Md... Thomas Brodenbaugh 

Pleasant Woods, Bdaware, la John D. Jones 

Pleasureville, Henry, Ky Henry H. Calvert 

Plenitude, Anderson, Tex James S. Hanks 

Plesis, Jiy^rson, N. Y Jonas C. Bidleman 

Plimpton^ Holmes^ Ohio J. Clements 




Pliny, CfremriJU.. S. C... Dftnlel Fowler 

Plover, (c. li.) Portagt^ Wis Setb L. Carpenter 

Plowden's Mills, Sumter^ S. C C. G. Capell 

Plnckemin, Snrnersety N. J Jacob Locey 

Plum, ChoA-, 111 George F. Kidder 

Plum. Venavgo.'PA G. W.Greene 

Plum B.iyou, J^fferton. Ark Antoine Barraque 

Plum Brook, Mticomby Micb Jolm B. St. Jolin 

Plum Creek, Clinton^ Mo Thomas L. Holland 

Plumb Creek, OUt/weUj Tex Willian R. Johnson 

Plumer, Vmavgo, Pa...., Thomas Turner 

Plum Grove, G^n<, Win Morrison Bartholomew 

Plum Grove, Fbyette^ Tex William Scallern 

Plum Grove, Clux, Mn James A. P»age 

Plum Ilill, WashingUm^ 111 Stephen Greon 

Plummer 8 Mills, Fleming, Ky ..Benjamin Plummc r 

Plum Point, Jfandolphf Mo Wni. Sorrell 

Plum River, Jo. Davieix, 111 George L. Dvr 

Plum Spring. Ddaware, Iowa Elins Hutton 

Plumstoadville. Buds, Pa Edwnrd Yost 

Plum Valley, Prtlk, Or Absalom H. Frier 

Plumville, ^ndiawL, P% Philip Mikesell 

Plymouth, Liteh/idd, Conn Kdwiu Talmadge 

Plymouth, ^ancocfe, III William M. King, jr 

Plymouth, (c. h.) JUarshaU, la... James F. Van Val- 

Plymouth, Bmohscot, Me Daniel Stone 

Plymouth, (r. h.) Pli/mouth, Ma88...Mo8e8 Bate^, jr 

Plymouth, Wai/wt^ Mich John Kynock 

Plymouth, £oumde«. Miss. James Swearinger 

Plymouth, (c. h.) GrafUm, N. H John T. Cutter 

Plymouth, Chenango, N. Y Henry 8. Miller 

Plymouth, (c. h.) Washington, N. C.W. A. Hardlson 

Plymouth, Micfimond, Ohip H. L. Kirtland 

Plymimth, Luzerne, Pa Ira Davenport 

Plymouth, ITinAsor, Vt Rowland P. Pollard 

Plymouth, Sheyhoygan. Wis Patrick II. Smith 

Plymouth Hollow, Litchfield, Conn.Seth Thomas, jr 
Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery, Pa.Jeremiah Wills 

Plympton, Plymouth, Mass Martin Perkins 

Poast Town, .Btttter, Ohio John Selby 

Pocahontas, (c. h.) Eandciph, Ark. ..James Mitchell 

Pocahontas, Brmd, 111 William Watkins 

Pocahontas, Scnneriet, Pa Philip Boyt» 

Pocasset. Barnstable, Mass Howard Perry 

Pocket, Moore, N. C Daniel M. Mcintosh 

Pocotaligo, Beaufort, S. C James H. Sanders 

Pocotnligo, Kanawha^ Va Granville Carpenter 

Poe, Beaver, Pa Henry Moore 

Poestenkill, ^enssdaer, N. T...Jeremiah L. Becker 

Pogland, Jefferson, N. Y Theodore Cross 

Poindexter, Marian, Ga Alfred T. HoUomon 

Poindexter's Store, Louisa, Va....Dan'l A. Saunders 

Point Bluff, Adams, Wis Edward Crosby 

Point Cedar, Olark, Ark Richard Wright 

Point Commerce, Greene, Ia...Wm. T. B. Mclniyre 

Point Coupee, (c. h.) Point Onupee, La C. Enete 

Point Douglass, Washington, Minn Levi Hertzell 

Pointe a la Hache, (c. h.) Plaquemine, La...Clande 
F. V. Barberot 

Point Isabel, CUnnont, Ohio Andrew J. Trees 

Point Isabel, Cameron, Tex loseph Kleiber 

Point Isabelle, Wapdlo, Iowa. ..George W. Thomas 

Point Jeffrirson, MoreJuiuse, La Lucus Powell 

Point Meers, JbAn5on> Ark Levy B. Poteet 

Point Miehael, /Ya7ti<mtn«, La Jo.«ih.Cathcart 

Point Monterey, Chss, Texas Norphlet Guplon 

Point of Kocks, Frederick, Md.Philip McGaugbeen 

Point Peninsula, Jefferson, N. T Francis C. Cline 

.Point Peter, Searey, Ark William T. Rea 

Point Peter, Oglethorpe, Ga Wm. W. Davenport 

Point Pleasant, New Madrid, Mo G. Ad Lesieur 

Point Pleasant, Upshur, Tex Jno.K. Armstrong 

Point Pleasant, Clermont,Ohlo John Cooper 

Point Plea!»ant, Bitcks, Pa S. W. Trimmer 

Point Pleasant, (c. h.) Mason, Va Joseph Sly 

Point Pleasant, Champaign, III Thomas Lyon 

Point Pleasant, Ohio, Ky John A. Taylor 

Point Worthington, Washington, Miss. ..Thomas C. 

Poke Bayon. Independence, Ark John Martin 

Poke Run, Westmoreland, Pa 0. H. McKoun 

Poland, Clay, la John B. Nees 

Poland, Antiroscoggin, Me Otis West 

Poland, Herkimer, N. Y James Beebu 

Poland. Mahnninff. Oh\n Jackson B.Moody 

Polnnd Centre, Chavtauque. N. Y E. Davenport 

Poland Centre, Mahoning, Ohio... ^ John- Carver 

Polk, Ashland, Ohio ThomaF Smith 

Polk. Venanpo,P& Oliver McKi-«sick 

P«»lk City. PbHr. Iowa Daniel B. SpanliinK 

Polk Patch, Wirrt'ckjln Jonathan R. Tilraan 

Polk Run, C?/7r/r. la « John Onvprt 

Polksville. HaU.OH ^ William R. Bell 

Polkton. Otta^ea, Mich Timothy Eh st man 

Polkville, Bmton, Ala Noah Good* 

PolkviUe, Cln'elnnd. N. C .Joseph C. Lnttimor» 

Polkville, Otlumhia. Pa John P. Hes» 

Polkville, ,<?mi/A, Miss B. F. Revnold* 

Polkville, Warrm. N.J Alfred Keri* 

Polkville, Onrmdaga. N. Y Hueh McKiermaB 

Polkville, Warren. Ky Sarah H. Mnnnen 

Pollard*s Tan Yard, OaldweB, Ky Azariah Rice 

Pollock'Jville, Jnnes, N. C John A. Barm* 

Pomarla, Nrwherry, S. C William Summer 

Poniarla, Chiy, Ga Jaraef) L. Sweet 

PomPT«)y, Mngs,0\\\o ~- Geor«re Le» 

Pomeroy, Oreenrifle, S. C Francii* A. Mile» 

Pomfref, Windham. Conn Betyamin Child 

PomfVet, Wimfsor, Vt.< Otis Cham berl in 

Pomfret Landing, Windham, <Dojin Dnrius Day 

Pnmonkey, Charles. Md S. W. H. McPliersoa 

Pompanoosnc. Windsor. Vt Benjamin Preston 

Pompey. Onondaga, N. Y John J. Taylor 

Pompey Centre. Onondaga, N. Y Judson Candee 

Pompton, f^ssaic N. J Jopiah Beam 

Pompt^m Plains, Morris, N. J C. W. Mandevill* 

Ponce De Leon, Holmes, Fla D. J. Brownel 

Ponohatoola, Livingston, La R.P.Gnyard 

Pond Creek, Greene. Mo Thomas Dcdds 

Pond Creek Mills, Knox, la James D. Williama 

Pond Eddy, fhiUiran. N. Y Peter Mill8 

Pond Fork, Jackson. Ga Arron Sowell 

Pond Hill, Gibson, Tenn Ute S. Halliburton 

Pond River Mills, Mufilenburg, Ky R. B. Earle 

Pond Spring, WnUcer, Ga Henry I. Evans 

Pond Spring, Williamson, TexM T. L. Rutledge 

Ponds Shop, Southampton,TtL. N.L. Pond 

Pondlown, Sumter, Ga Hiram L. Frcpch 

Pontiac, Livingston, 111 Benjamin W.G#ay 

Pontiac, Huron, Ohio Charhs Vanlin© 

Pontiac, Onlland,Mlch S. W. Denton 

Pontiac, Erfe^ N. Y William Turkey 

Pontoosac, Hancock. Ill Henry Walker 

Pontotoc, Ptmtntoc. Miag Thomas Mallory 

Poole's Mill, Henderson, Ky William W. Pool© 

Poolesville, Mtmtgomery, Md Phillip Reed 

Pool's Mills, Jones, Miss Franklin M. Welbortt 

Ponlsville, W^arrm, la J. A. Halgb 

Poolsvllle, Spartanburgh, S. C Andrew BI. Evins 

Poolvtlle, Madison, N. Y Lyman Colsoa 

Poor Fork. Harlan, Ky James I. Lewte 

Poor Hill, Sullivan, Tenn Leander M. King 

Pope Creek, Mercer, 111 Henry Bridger 

Pope's Comers, Saratoga, N. Y .....J. P. Remis 

Pope's Mill, St. Laurrence, N. Y... Andrew F. Brown 

Poplar, CVaw/'*rd, Ohio - Daniel Tuttle 

Poplar, OrangeJburgh, S. G James A. Brookhardt 

Poplar Bluff, (o. h.) BuUer, Mo P. L. Varner 

Poplar Branch. Currituck, N.C Lancelot Poyner 

Poplar Corner, Madison, Tenn Peter H. Cocka 

Poplar Creek, Greene, Ark Mannen E. Clement* 

Poplar Creek, Choctaw, Miss John J. Tat* 

Poplar Flat, Lfwis, Ky Thomas Henderson 

Poplar Grove, Oroen, Kv Y. Jesse Crouch 

Poplar Grove, Boone, III Harvey Johnson 

Poplar Grove, Jredelt, N. Silas Boat 

Poplar Grove, Gibson, Tenn F. M. Noble* 

Poplar Hill, GHes, Va Thomas 0. Shannon 

Poplar Hillf Ctwey, Ky Gaorge Huston 

Poplar Mount, Greenville, Va Wm. 11. Myrick 

Poplar Neck, Ndsnn, Ky. - James Coy 

Poplar PlaiuP, Fleming, Ky Joseph Throop 

Poplar Ridge, Cayuga, N. Y William Spwgue 

Poplar Ridge, DarLe, Ohk) ~ David Glower 

Poplar Ridge, Miury, Tenn Wm. M. Walker 

Poplar Spring, Henderson, Tenn Huirh Lasater 

Poplar Spring, Pimiotoe, MIps Wm. H. Peikiioa 

Poplar Spring Iron Works, Montgofmery, Tenn..Johik 
H. Jones 




Poplar Springs, Howard, Md... Augustus Delawder 

Poplar ^priDg8, UvUly Qa A. I. Pool 

Po^ilin, Mooanghani, N. H Berjamin Bean 

Poquaiioc Bridf^H. ^Vu; Limd/m, Conn 8. Morgan 

Poquetauurk, Ntw L'nfton, Conn.Sani. K. L. Mliiifr 

PoquoDock, Uuriford. Conn Samuel ClHrk 

Portage, A'atemtaoo, Mich Nath'l Rockwell 

PortHgi', WtMul^ Ohio Jthn MoCrony 

PortHj^e, Owmhria, Pa : John MtH}ol<mn 

PortMge City, QilumhiOr, Wis James Delanv 

Portage Lake, Jackson, Mich B^noni Pixiey 

Portageville, Wyoming^ N. Y #...G«'ort:e B. Htnds 

Port AllHgh«ny, Mchean, Pa William Wilkiuf* 

Port Allen, LouisOf Iowa J«Hi>e Graves 

Port Biunchard, Luztrne, Pa Patrick LHoahan 

Port Byron, Bock hlandy 111... Jeremiah H. Lyfbrd 

Port Bynin, Oayuga. N. Y George Randall 

Port Caddo, Harrison^ Texas Wi)liam H. Farley 

Port Carbon, Schuylkill, Pa Edward Colaham 

Port Chester, WtstchesUr, N. Y J. J.Deall 

Port Clinton, Ottawa, Ohio Albert BrifTK'' 

Port Clinton, Lake, 111 Jacob C. Bloom 

Port Clinton, SchuyVdU, Pa Samuel Boytr 

Port Conway, King Oe//rgt, V» Wm. S.Payne 

Port Crane, Broome, N. Y., Harmon V. Walte 

Port Deposit, Cecil, Md Alonao Snow 

Port Elizabeth, Cumberland, N. J Daniel Harris 

Porter, Fun ^uren, Mich Isaac Hall 

Porter, Dflatoare, Obit) George Blaoey 

Porter, J«^«r*on, Pa R. A. Travis 

Porter, Oa-//rrf, Me William Stanley 

Porter Ridge, Susquehannah, Pa Kobert Griffif 

Porters, CkrruU, Md H. Carter, jr 

Porter's Corners, Saratoga, N. Y Benj. F. Prior 

Porter's Crons Koadf>, B/rter, la Aaron Servis 

Porter's Falls, Wetzel, Yb^...:. E.J. Morgan 

Porters Prairie, BuarUgon, Tex... William H. Welch 

Porters Seldling, York, Pa John Karr 

Portersville, BuUer,VvL James Newton 

Pdrtersville, Tipton, Tenn Robert McDill 

Portersville, Perry, Ohio John F. Ball 

Porterville, De Kalb, Ala...' John K. Cannon 

Port GihBon, (c. h.) Ctoi6om«,Mis8...Benj. F. Booth 

Port Gibson, Ontario, N. Y Leander C.Russell 

Port Gibson, Gibson, la Andrew J. Wootts 

Port Gljusgow, Wayne, N. Y EUia Bouser 

Port Henry, Essex, N. Y Reuben Wbailon 

Port Herman, Cecil, Md Thomas C. Marshall 

Port Homer, Jefferaon, Ohio...Joehua W. Daughady 

Port Hope, OolumMa, Wis Besj^ell Sherwin 

Port Hudson, East Fdiciana, La... .8. 8. Livingston 
Port Huron, St. Clair, Mich.... George W. Pinkham 

Port Ja<:kson, Montgoinery, N. Y Reuhen J. Id^ 

Port Jefl'erson, Suffolk, N. Y....Henry K. Townsend 

Port Jnrvis, Orange, N. Y James Van Fleet 

Port Kendall, Essex, N. Y^ Levi Higby 

Port Kennedy, Mfrntgomtry, Pa Bdw. Woodman 

Port Kent, Essex, N. Y Charles P. Allen 

Portland, Howton, Min David S. Sal».barv 

Portland, Dallas, Ala Chauncy Hall 

Portland, Middlesex, Conn George H.Taylor 

Portland, WJiilesides, 111 Solomon M. S^ely 

PorUand, Pouniain, la Hetfield Martin 

Portland, Van Buren, Iowa John D. Woodworth 

Portland, Je^erson. Ky » Louis Rath 

Portland, Washington, Oregon Adam R. Shipley 

Portland, (c. h.) Cumberland, Me...N. L. Woodbury 

Portland, Jmia, Mich Francis G. Lee 

Portland, Callaway, Mo William L. Wheeler 

Portland, C hautau/iue, N. Y Philip Merirle 

Portland, Dodge, Wis David Chalmers 

Portland Millh, Putnam, la .' Henry Baker 

Portlandville, Otsego, N. Y W. H. Branch 

Port La Vaca, Calhoun, Tex Allan Cameron 

PortLeyden, Lewis, N. Y ~John IL Williams 

PortLouiF«a, Louua, Iowa George Hutchinson 

Port Matilda, Omtre, Pa William Walker 

Port Mercer, Mtre^r, N. J John A. S. Crater 

Port Ontario, Oswego, N. Y Nobles W. Haher 

Port Orford, JacA»on, Or R. H. Smith 

Port Penn, Sew Castle, Del Samuel B. Cleaver 

Port Perry, Alleghany, Pa William P. Rupp 

Port Perry, Ptrry. Mo Joseph T.Clark 

Port Providence, Mmtgomery, Pa... Dyer A. Nichols 
Port Republic, Qdvert, Md........Elljah J.H. Bowen 

Port llepublie, Atlantic. N J Jame^L. findlcott 

Port Republic, ^ocAtn^Aom, Va John W. Lee 

Port Richmond, Philaddphia, Pa..Edw. Cummings 

Port Richmond, JCiciuntmd, N.Y AmosPearce 

Port Royal, Henry, Ky Menlrt Gaines 

Port Royal. Juniata, Pa John B. Henderson 

Port Moynl, Montgomery, iLiiTtu 2iOplier Sipiith 

Port Royal, Oaroiine, Va E. Bauder 

Portsmouth, (c. h.) Rockingfuim, N.H G. H. 


Portsmouth, Dauphin, Pa Catharine £. Niman 

Portsmouth, Carteret, N. C Sylvester Dixou 

Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio .William P. Camden 

Portsmouth, Newport, R.I John Tailman 

Portsmouth, (c. h.) Norfdk, Va John K. Cooka 

Port Teverton, Union, Pa Andrew Forsyth 

Port Tobacco, (c. li.) CharUs, Md«f. Peregrine Davis 
Port Townsend, Je/ferton, Washington Ter...F.*'W. 


Port Union, BuOer, Ohio James Patchell 

Portville, Gittaraugus, N. Y Willis M. Howe 

Port Washington, Tuscarawas, 0...G. W. Dingmaa 

Port William, Franklin^ Mo James M. Ming 

Port William, Clinton, Ohio Milton Todhunter 

Port Woodhull, Oneida., N. Y... Henry M. Kaatman 

Pueey, Madison, JLj i Thomas Q. Yancey 

Poseyvllle. Pfisey, la John L. Waters 

Post Creek, Chemung,N. Y Jacob Bucher 

Poet Mill Village, Orange, Vt Alonzo Ginirge 

Post Oak, latf^nisha. Miss Jordan Williams 

Post Oak. i/bAnscM, Mo Thomas Irwin 

Post Oak, IredeU, N. C Alfred A. Sharpe 

Post Oak, Bexar, Texas Claiborne Rector 

Post Oak Springs, ^oane, Tenn W. C. Eblen 

Postvllle, Allemakee,lov9A Gmera Higbey 

Potato Creek, Ashe, N. C John McMillan 

Potecasi, Northampton, N. C Jt>rdan Bealo 

Potomac Furnace, Loudon, Va M. P. O'Hem 

Potosi, (c. h.) Washingttm, Mo George W. Wallls 

Potosi, Orant, Wis ^^.Celestlne Kaltenback 

Potsdam. St. Lawrence, N. Y Saninel B. Gordon 

Potter, Yates, N. Y Charles S. Hoyt 

Potter's Creek, Ocean, N. J C. F. Bunnell 

Potter Hill, Mensselaer, N. Y Gilbert Carpenter 

Potter Hill, Washington, R. I John Staunton 

Potter's Hollow, Albany, N. Y William E. Bates 

Potter's Landing, Caroline, Md.Thomas F. Johnson 

Potter's Mills, Cmtre, Pa Samuel D. Miles 

Pottersville, Htmierdon, M. J Soring Potter 

Pottersville, Vl^rren, N. Y Michael Coalman 

Pottersville, Mahoning, Ohio I»uic Barber 

Puttersville, Cheshire, N. H.Prentis8W. Greenwood 

Pottersville, Or^on, Mo .James Campbell 

Potterville, Kent, R. I Samuel Arnold 

Potterville, Bradifard, Pa E. C. Pottsr 

Potts' Grove, Northutuberland, Pa.Abraham Lunger 

Potts' Mills, JessamixLt, Ky Aaron Blakeman 

Pottstown, Montgomery, Pa Thomas Q. 'Gutter 

Pottsville, Washington, Iowa John Mni-sden 

Pottsville, SchuyUkU, Pa John Clayton 

Pouch Creek, Sontt,Teiin David Acres 

ViMy^keepne, AlUm, la John i:^nider 

Poughkeepsio, (c. h.) Dqfch^M, N. Y A. S. Pease 

Poughquag, DtUcfuss, N.Y Stephen V. Rogers 

Poultney, Delaware, Iowa Hiram Cooper 

Pound, Russdl, Va James Roheivon 

Poundridge, Westdiester, N. Y Edwin Adams 

Poverty Hill, Edg^eld, S. C Silas Lanier 

Poverty Hill, Jones. Ga George W. F. McKay 

Powmlckum. Winnebago, Wis Bdvr. 8. Thompson 

Powder Spring Gap, Grainger, Teun...Wm. Sharpe 

Powder Springs, Cobb, Ga Wiley T. Kiser 

Powell's Point, Currituck, N. O...Wm. W. Ghaddiek 

Powell's River, Claiborne, Tenn Leroy Hurst 

Pr well's Store, Marlborrmgfi, S. C.John W. Powell 

Powell's Tavern, Goochland, Va S. 8. Duval 

Puwellton, Harrison, Tex Thomas D. Powell 

P«»wellton, Brunswick, Va Jeiferson H. Powell 

Powelton, Richmond, N.C Pleasant M. Powell 

Powelton, Hancock, Ga James Bell 

PowerBville, Bracken, Ky John A. Hamilton 

Powersville, Houston, Ga William D. Graham 

Powhatan, Lawrence, Ark John A. Lindsay 

Powhatan 0. U., Powhatan, Va... Samuel F.Cardozo 
Powhatan, Unum, >'. C King C. Timmons 




Powhatan Point, Bdmont, Ohio Henry Disque 

Powl's Valley, Dauphirif Pa Jacob Eoons 

Pownal, Oumberiand, Me Elbridge York 

Pownal, Benninfftoiif Yt Abraham G. Parker 

Pownal Centre, Sennington, yt...8ilvanu8 Danforth 

Poynett, Cb2u7)i&ta,Wi8 John Thomas 

Poy Sippi) WaiisTiara, Wi8.-.~ George Hawley 

Prairie Bird, <S^^e%, 111 A. V. Harper 

Prairie Bluff, WUcoXy Ala John W. Davis 

Prairie City, McDonough, 111 Alonzo Barnes 

Prairie Creek, Logan, HI Henry B. Stephens 

Prairie Creek,. Ft^o, la Thomas E. Catherwood 

Prairie Creek, Iowa, Iowa George Blake 

Prairie Depot, Wood, Ohio Theodore G. Frlsble 

Prairie du Chlen, Crawford^ Wis—Mrs. EmileHood 

Prairie du Long, St. dairy 111 George Tl Carr 

Prairie du Rocher, TtandjoVph,. L...WilliamWHenry 

Prairie du Sac, iSizu^, Wis \ Isaac D. Evans 

Prairie Edge, Montgomery, la John Shanklin 

Prairie Field, Bxxik Island, I^ John Fitzpatrick 

Prairie Flower, Jbttawotomt'^, Iowa Wm. J. 


Prairie Fork, Momigomtry, Mo D. E. Bryan 

Prairie Hill, WUUamson, HI P. T. Oorder 

Prairie Lea, OaJdwtUL, Tex James A. Glenn 

Prairie Mer Rouge, Mor^ause, La Robert Knox 

Prairie Mound, Fayette, 111 Elijah Pope 

Prairie Mound, f%A:«, Mo James R. Keith 

Prairie Mount, Xamar,"^ Texas.... Jas. H. Stevenson 

Prairie Mount, Chickasaw, Miss Wm. B. Hodges 

Prairie Plains, Gfrimes, Texas Daniel Bookman 

Prairie Ronde, Kalamazoo, Mich...C. C. Patterson 

Prairieton, Vigp, la.. .'. JohnD. Bell 

Pralrieville, Canton, la John E. Loveless 

PralrlevlUe, PtAre, Mo John W.Davis 

Pralrieville, Barry, Mich C. W. Spalding 

Pralrieville, Kax^fman, Tex Andrew H. Ivbeck 

Pratt, SheUby, Ohio John Ogden 

Prattsburg, Talhot, Ga William W. Drane 

Prattsburgh, Ripley, la William EIrod 

Prattsburgh, Steuben, N. Y John P. Williams 

Pratt's Hollow, Madison, N. Y Henry J. Peel 

Prattsville, Greene, N. Y.... Philander E. Salisbury 

Prattsville, Vinton, Ohio Philemon J. Crawford 

Prattville, Avtattga, Ala Benj. Durden 

Preachersville Lincoln, Ey...Mr8. Agnes J. Greene 

Preble, Cortlandt, N. Y L. F. Barrett 

Preemption, Mercer, 111 George W. Wright 

Prentiss Vale, McKean, Pa Arthur Prentiss 

Preparation, Monona, Iowa...Charies B. Thompson 

Presoott, Hampshire, Mass Christopher Paige 

Prescott, (c. h.) JPierce, Wis JohnR. Freeman 

President Furnace, Venango, Pa....Edwin E. Clapp 

Pre8C[ue Isle, Aroostook, Me Joseph B* Hall 

Preston, New London, Conn Daniel T. Richards 

Preston, YcUobusha, Miss James T. Evans 

Preston, Chenango, N. Y John Noyes 

Preston, Hamilton, Ohio Isaac Frost 

Preston, Wiiyne, Pa Daniel Underwood 

Pi»8ton, Adams, Wis Thomas Marsden 

Preston, Randdph^ 111 R. Clinton Mann 

Preston, (c. h.) Whartcn, Texas, P. H. Potty 

Prestonburgh, (c. h.) Floyd, Ey James T. Ford 

Preston Hollow, Albany, N. Y Jacob Russ 

Prestonville, Carroll,Kj Richard Hanks 

Prewitt's Knob, Barren, Ey E. M. Hatcher 

Price, Huntington, la Phinehas Skinner 

Priceburgh, Monroe, Pa Wilkinson Price 

Price's Branch Monigojnery, Mo Giles Duibury 

Prices' Creek, Dewitt, Texas B. J. Bridgen 

Prioetown, Berks, Pa Charles Levan 

Pricetown, HighJfiund, Ohio 0. P. Donohoo 

Prieevllle, Wayne, Pa Matthias Mogrldge 

I Prldevale, ifonon^o2ia, Va Nathaniel H. Triplett 

Prillamans, Franldinf Va Raliegh W. Dyer 

Primrose, Lee, Iowa Allen Walden 

Primrose, Dam, Wis David Ash 

Primrose, WiUiamx, Ohio Lewis Eeith 

Prince Edward, CKbner, Ga James M. West 

Prince Edward C. H., Prince Edw'd, Va. R. W. 

Prince Pred'ktown. (o. 'h.)Oalvert, Md..T. I. Hutchlns 
Prince George 0. H., Prince George, Va.... W. B Boyd 
Princess Ann, (c. h.) Somerset, Md...Wm. H. Fisher 
PrincoBs Ann 0. H., P. Ann, Va«....Tho8. J. Gomto 

Prince's Store, Horry, 8. C John L. Prince 

Princeton, (c. h.)2>ailas. Ark Geo. W. Malletl 

Prii^ceton, Bureau, 111 « Wm. H. Winters 

Princeton, (c. h.) GCbvm, la John Arbuthnot 

Prin'-eton, j&otf, Iowa H. G. Matthews 

Princeton, Jajckscm,, Ala Robert C. Austin 

Princeton, CaJIdwf^ Ky L. Withers 

Princeton, Washington^ Me Putnam Rolf 

Princeton, WarcesUt, Mass Ivory Wilder 

Princeton, (c. h.J WashingUm, Miss Simon Kata 

Princeton, (c. h.) Mercer, Mo Israel Nordyk» 

Princeton, Marq\uijte, Wis Davis H. Waite 

Princeton, Mercer, N.J Robert L. Clow 

Princeton, BuHer, Ohio Stephen B. Squler 

Princeton, Lawrence, Pa John Randolph 

Princeton (o. h.) Mercer, Va.. 

.Hercules Scott 

prinoetown, Schnectady, N. Y...A. H. Van Vranken 

Princeville, Peoria, 111 '....George W. Hitchcock 

Prince William, Carroll, la William B. Squier 

Principle, Qicil, Md John Lackland 

princlpio Furnace, C«ct7, Md Eli Conl8on,jr 

Privateer, Sumter, S. C... William Nettles 

Proctor, Owsley, Ky Estes Marsh 

Proctor, AUegan, Mich ...William Miner 

Proctor, Wetzel, Va^ Jacob Moore 

Proctor's Creek, Chesterfield, Va P. A. Chalkley 

Proctor's Store, JIfonroe, Ga D. P. Ponder 

Proctorsville, Windsor, Vt George S. Hill 

Progress, BurUngUm, N. J David Marston 

Prompton, TF&yne, Pa Sanfbrd Robinson 

Prophetstown, Whitesides, 111 Nathan Thompson 

Prospect, New Haven, Conn Edwin R. Tyler 

Prospect, Waldo, Me Nathaniel Stowers 

Prospect, Oneida, N. Y Garrett B. Johnson 

Prospect, Jfarum, Ohio Isaac W. Tyler 

Prospect, BuUer, Pa '. Lewis Roth 

Prospect, Lee, III Reuben Trowbridge 

Prospect, GUes, Tenn Thos. A. Westmoreland 

Prospect, Burleson, Texas Jeremiah W. Thomas 

Prospect, Prince Edward, Va John K. Hughes 

Prospect Ferry, Waldo, Me Albert Harriman 

Prospect Grove, Scotland, Mo Joseph Miller 

Prospect Hall, Bladen, N.C Bartram Robeson 

Prospect Harbor, Han,cock, Me Asa Col* 

Prospect Hill, Linn, Iowa Joseph N. Kirby 

Prospect Hill, Wood, Texas .T. C. Sadler 

Prospect Hill, Ray, Mo William Sullenger 

Prospect Hill, OasweO, N. C Franklin S. Warren 

Prospect Hill, Fairfax, Va Mark C. Jonee 

Prospect Hill, Waukeska, Wis Lachlin McLean 

Prospect Lake, Fan J?uren, Mich Hiram Jacobs 

Prospectville, Montgomery, P^ N. B. Johnson 

Prosperity, Newberry, S.C David Kibber 

Prosperity, Moore, N. C Robert W. Goldson 

Prosperity, Washington, Pa Thaddeus D. Minton 

Prosperity, Falls, Texas George W. Martin 

Prosperity, Madison, la nTeremiah A. Wilson 

Providence, Pickens, Ala... Jonathan W. Richardson 

Providence, Sumter, S. C Charles C. Jackson 

Providence, SuTiUer, Qtv^. Ezekiel Hawkins 

Providence, CarroU, Miss Charles C. Campbell 

Providence, Bureau, 111 Daniel Williams 

Providence, Hopkins, Ky W. D. Bailey 

Providence, Saratoga, N. Y John C. Robertson 

Providence, Mecklenburgh, N. C N. M. Still 

Providence, Lucas, Ohio Patrick Quigley 

Providence, Columbia, Fla Abraham J. PrevatI 

Providence, iJuzeme, Pa Horace Hollieter 

Providence, (c. h.) Providence, R. I W. B. Sayleg 

Providence, jEhiUfax, Va Adaline Mc Adams 

Providence, Searcy, Ark Oran A. Malrey 

Providence Hill, l)/ler, Texas James McKinney 

Provincetown, Barnstable, Mass Godfrey Rider 

Proviso, Cook, 111 Augnstin Porter 

Provo City, UiaJi, Utah T Lucius N. Scovll 

Prowville, Washington, la Christian Prow 

Pruntyp, Patrick, Va John Prunty 

Prui^ty'ti Mill, Madison, Ky Harvey Hamilton 

Prunty town,' (c. h.) Taylor, Va Abraham Smith 

Pryor's Vale, Amherst, Va James N. Pryor 

Public Square, Greene, Ga. H. C. Mltchdl 

Puebia, Westmordand, Pa Robert T. Reid 

Puebla, Brown, Ohio James McAfe« 

Pnghton, Chester,^9k William H. Brown 

Pngsley's Depot, 'Rmpkins, N. Y 0. A. Pugslej 




Pulaski, Hancockf HI Proctor P. Newooxnb 

Pnlftski, JcKkson^ Mich Joseph Hayses 

Palaski, (e. b.) PanoZo, Tex Charlotte Ramsav 

Pulaski, Scott, Miss John W. Crook 

Pulaski, WtUiamSfOhlo John M. Welker 

Pulaski, Lavnrencej Pa William McCready 

Pulaski, (c. h.) GHes, Tenn .Edward W. Rose 

Pulaski, JPuUuki, la ^ohn H. Gillaspie 

Pulaski, Davis, Iowa ....A P. C. Haynes 

Pulaski, Osweffo, N. T William G. Hempstead 

Pulaskiville, Morrow^ Ohio Silas Peterson 

Pullaway, FrankUn, La ^.Isaao G. Heath 

Pultney, Steuben, N. T Beunet F. GuUck 

Pultneyrille, Wayne, N. Y David G. HiRgins 

Pulver^sGomerfi, Dutchtss, N. YJsaac J. Sutherland 

Pumpkin Pile, PdUe, Qeo Hiram McCormlck 

Pumpkintown, Piekens, S.G Joseph B. Reid 

Pumpkin Vine, JPatdding, Qh^ Evan Parsons 

Puncheon Gamp, Macon, Tenn R. P. Hall 

Pungo Greek, Beaufort, N. G G. L. Windley 

Pungoteagne, Accomack, Ya. Walter Raleigh 

Pnnxutawq^y, Jefferson, Pa Thomas McKee 

Purcelville, Loudon Ya £. B. Puroell 

Purdy, (c. h.) McNairy, Tenn ...John B. Cross 

Purdy Chreek, Stetthen, N. Y Shepherd Amidon 

Purdy's Station, Westchester, N. Y...Isaac H. Purdy 

Purgitsville, Hampshire, Ya William S. Purgit 

Purdey, Greme, Pa James Call,jr 

Purvis, Suliivan, N. Y James E. Sprague 

Puseydlle, Lancaster, Pa Mahlon Pusey 

Pushmataha, Choctaw, Ala B. C. E. Estls 

Putah, Solano, Cal Elijah Silvery 

Putnam, Washington, N. Y William G. Corblt 

Putnam, Mitshingttm, Ohio Jeremiah Elder 

Putnam, Windham,C6Tin John 0. Fox 

Putnamville, JPutnam, la J. F. Wakefield 

Putney, Windham, Yt Calvip W.Eeyes 

Putneyville, Armstrong, Pa..... David Putney 

Puttugunpus, Penobscot, Me ElhanahS. French 

Pylesville, Harford, Md Nathan Pyle, jr 

Pymatuning, Mercer, Pa David FoUet 

Pymosa, Cass, Iowa James W. Brinkerhuff 

Pjrmont, Montgomery, Ohio George Reid 


QUACKENKILL, Benssdaer, N. Y..A. F. Dumbelton 

Quaker Bottom, Lawrence, C. M. Singer 

Quaker Hill, Dutchess, N. Y John P. Hayes 

Quaker Springs, Saratoga, N. Y Amos Revnolds 

Quaker Street. Schenectady, N. Y Kirby Wilber 

Quakertown, Hunterdon, N. J...Henry S. Trimmer 

Quakertown, Ducks, Pa John A. Kaull 

Quality Yallev, Butler, Ky Moses G. Watkins 

Quallatown, Haiwood, N. J. W. Terrell 

Quantioo, Somerset, Md George Moore 

QuarrysvilJe, Hawkins, Tenn Andrew Galbraith 

Quarryville, Lancaster, Pa James E. Ewing 

Quarryville, Ulster, N. Y Augustus N. Castle 

Quarryville, Tolland, Conn Sessions Lawson 

Quartzburgb, Mariposa, Cal James Gaines 

Quasqueton, Buchanan, Iowa R. H. Thompson 

Quay, Claiborne, La Wiley Duty 

Quebec, Madison, La Samuel Barker 

Quebec, Sumter, Ota. William J. Moore 

Quechee Yillasfe, Windsor, Vt J. K. Egerton 

Queen Ann, Prince George% Md...Wm. H. Purveil 

Queen sborougb, Anderson, S. G Halbert Acker 

Qneensbury, Warren, N. Y Gilbert Clements 

Queensdale, Robeson, N. C... Duncan MoCallum 

Queen's Mills, Randolph, Ya A. C. Queen 

Queenstown, Queen Ann, Md John F. McFeely 

QueensvUle, Jeramn^f, la F. P. Gone 

Quevcus Grove, Suriteerland, la... William D. HoUida 

Quiet Dell, Harrison, Ya Isaac W. Carper 

Quihi, Medina, Texas Louis Bohle 

Quillinsville, ScoU, Ya Marlon H.Ewing 

Quincy, Adams, Iowa B. B. Lockwood 

Quincy, Monroe, Miss Blair M. Terrell 

Quincy, Gadsden, Fla John T. Seegar 

Quincy, Lewis, Ky .Truman G. Waring 

Quincy, Owen, la William Vestal 

Quincy, (c "h.) Adams, 111 Austin Brooks 

Quincy, Norjdik, Mass John A. Green 

Quincy, Branchy Mich............^..... B.F. Whaat 

Qnincy, Hickory, Mo William Bird 

Quincy, Logan, Ohio John Webb 

Quincy, Gibson, Tenn: Solomon Shaw 

Quincy, Ihxtnklin, Pa George A. Anderson 

Qnincy, J<2am«, Wis Henry W. Kingsbury 

Quincy Point, Norfolk, Ma8S...Peter W. Newcomb 

Quintanna, Brazoria, Texas Beuben R. Brown 

Qoinzyville, Montgomery, Pa...Patrick Dougherty 

Quitman, .CZarX;, Miss ^Jacob Marks 

Quitman, Van Buren, Ark Jesse Witt 

Quitman, Wood, Texas Green M. Wells 

Quito, Iblbot, Ga John A. Hunt 

Quito, PnUc, Ark Isaac A. Morris 

Quiver, Mason, HI Samuel Patton 

Quogue, Suffolk, N. Y Joslah P. Howell 

Quonochontaug, WasJiington, B. I...W. H. Stillman 


BABBITSYILLB, Zflfi-an, Ky William W. Smith 

Babbit Town, Benton, Ala John U. Whitesides 

Raccoon Ford, Culp^>er, Ya...Bobert S. Stringfellow 

Racine, Bacine, Wis Bnsbnel B. Gary 

Bacine, Meigs, Ohio Jeremiah J. Petrel 

Backet Biver, St. Lawrence, N. Y Allieon Mean 

Baooon, Vinton, Ohio Elijah Jones 

Bacoon, Marion, III John B. Parkinson 

Bacoon, Preston, Ya. William P. Fortney 

Baooon Island, GaUia, Ohio Nehemiah Hall 

Baooon Yalley, Knox, Tenn Henry Graves 

BadfordsviUe, Perry, Ala John Daniel 

Badnor, DeUijymre, Ohio John F. Bowland 

Badnor, Delaware, Pa John W. Pechin 

Baglesville, Daviess, la Ftands WilliamB 

Bahway, Middlesex, N. J John B. Clark 

Bdinbow, Etar^ord, Conn Samuel T. McKenney 

Bainersville, ButUr, Ala Samuel S. Skains V 

Bainier, Oclwmhia, Oregon- Marshall B. Millard 

Bainesborough, Highland, OhloJ^ames G. Thurman 
Raines' Tavern, Cumberlandy Ya .\ William Holman 

Bainsburgh, Bedford, Pa Alexander G. James 

Bainsville, Warren, la G. W. MoCarn 

Baleigh, Smith, Miss Elnathan D. Duckworth 

Baleigh, (c. h.) Wake, N. G William White 

Raleigh G. H. Saline, HI Willis A. SpiUer 

Raleigh, <9^Z&y,Tenn William Messiek 

Raleigh, Ruih,l9, Jesse J. Whiteman 

Raleigh, Vnion, Ky A. G. S. Calmes 

Raleigh, (c. h.) Raleigh, Ya Edwin Prlnca 

Rally Hill, Maury, Tenn. Duncan McBae 

Balphton, FuUon, Ky B.S. McFaddexi 

Balston, Lycoming, Pa. John Hepburn 

BamapQ Works, Rockland, N. Y.... Lucius D. Isham 

Ramer, MontgolHery, Ala William G. Gunter 

Barneses, Darlington, S. C William Brocklngton 

Bamsayburgh, Warren, N. J James Bamsay 

Bamsey, Ihyette,11l Salmon Washburn 

Bamsey's, Bergen, N. J Albert G. Lydecker 

Banaleburgh, Mechlenburgli, N. C .W. L. Erwin 

Bancher, HaU, Ga Asa P. Yandlver 

Banoocas, Burlington, N. J Jacob H. Leeds 

Bandalsville, Robeson, N. G Adam Gurrle 

Bandolph, £i&&, Ala John Brown 

Bandolph, Crawford, Pa Leonard Beed 

Bandolph, Barren, Ky Ausman D. Fiers 

Bandolph, Nvrfol- Mass Luther F. Thayer 

Bandolph, Coos, N. H Bobert P. Hodgdon, jr 

Bandolph, Cattaraugus, N. Y Enfield Leach 

Bandolph, Portage, Ohio D. K. Wheeler 

Bandolph, Tipton, Tenn L. B. Yarbro 

Bandolph, Orange, Yt Nathan L. Penm)ck 

Bandolph, Pontotoc, Miss '. .McDuff Yance 

Randolph Centre, Broome, N. Y.Mrs. Sarah A. Brown 
Bandolph Centre, Columbia, Wis. James M. Torbert 
Bandolph Macon College, JhrecA2en5lirpA,.Ya.Robert 
H. Isbell 

Bandolph's Grove, McLean, HI Thomas Karr 

Baneysburgh, Washington, lU Jlobert Q. West 

Bangeley, JVanArb'n, Me.. John A. Burke 

Bansom, HHUdale, Mich David H. Lord 

Bansom, Luseeme, Pa Benjamin Gardner 

Bansom's Bridge, iVa<A,N.C... .Littleton Arrington 

Bansomvnie, Niagara, N. Y .Wm. H. H. Bansom 

Bantowles, CbUeton, 8. C Philip I. Meeservey, 

Rapid Ann, Madison, Ya Thomaa 8. OraTes 




Ridge Post, Davidson, Tenn W. T. Garrett 

Ridge Prairie, Saline, Mo George B. Harper 

Ridge Spring, Pitt, N. C Caleb Cannon 

Ridgeville, Monroe, Wis Benjamin Welch 

Ridgeville, Warren, Ohio Charles P. Russiim 

Ridgeville, Cock, HI James B. Calvin 

Ridgeville, Hampshire, Va Henry Trout 

Ridgeville* OoUeton, S. Henry M. Norris 

Ridgeville, JRond<%>A, la Arthtir McKew 

Ridgeville Corners, Henry, Ohio Eleazar Fenton 

Ridgeway, Lenawee,Mlcb. Peter Sharpe 

Ridgeway, Muskingum, Ohio...Lemiiel N. Coverdale 

Ridgeway, Orleans, N. T William H. Pells 

Ridgeway, Warren, N. C James A. Cheatham 

Ridgeway, (c. h.) Elk, Pa. William N. Whitrey 

Ridgeway, Fairfield, S. C James P. Kennedy 

Ridgeway, I&voa, Wis William H. Virgin 

Ridgeway, Henry, Ya John C. Jones 

Ridgeway, McNairy, Tenix Eli H. Tisdale 

Ridleysville, Gadsden, Fla M. M. McAliley 

Ridotts, Stephenson, 111 David M. Rose 

Riegelsville, Bucks, Pa.. Tobias Worman 

Rienzi, Tishemingo, Miss Harvey N. Smith 

Riga, Lenawee, Mich Roswell W. Knight 

Rigk, Monroe, N. T Henry Straight 

Riga. Imcos, Ohio Pliny Lathrop 

Rigg*s Cross Roads, Williamson, Tenn Jos. F. 


Right Point, Chmden, Mo H. J. Frost 

Riley, Tigo, la Daniel Fisk 

Riley, McHenry, 111 E. Babcock 

'Riley, Clinton, Mich Jonathan Owen 

RUeyville, 'Wiyne, Pa «k>hn Lincoln 

Rimersburgh, Clarion, Pa James Pinks 

Rindge, Cheshire, N. H WillardG. Jones 

Ringgold, Cook, HI Warren Woodworth 

Ringgold, J^erson, Pa Robert T. Perry 

Ringgold, Morgan, Ohio J^mes L. Porter 

Ringgold, WaZker,Q& S. S. Kent 

Ringgold, Cherokee, Ala Carter M. McCuUough 

Ringgold, Washington, Md James J. Metcalfe 

Ringgold, BienwUe, La B. S. Allums 

Ringgold, PlaUe, Mo Richard W. Chinn 

Ringgold, Montgomery, Tenn M. D. Davie 

Ringgold, I^Usylwmia, Ya Thomas I. Shelton 

Ringgold, La Grange,Itk William Baxter 

Ringoes, Hunterdon, N. J David Williamson 

Ring's Mills, Belmont, Ohio Samuel Ring 

Ringtown, SchuylkiU, Pa John Eisenhower 

RingvUle, Hampshire, Mass.» Ethan C. Ring 

Rlngwood, McHenry, HI A. Reynolds 

Ringwood, Halifax, N. Joshua S. Swift 

Rinosa, Iroquois, 111 Roswell Nichols 

Rio, Oinoeta, Ga John W. Pearce 

Rio, Oohmbia,'WiB Delas Bundy 

Rio Grande, Gallia, Ohio James P. Wood 

Rio Grande City, Starr, Texas James jilonroe 

Ripley, Somerset, Me John L.Jones 

Ripleyi TippahjMiea Simon R. Spight 

Ripley, Broion, HI W. W. Higbee 

Ripley, ChautauqM,T<[. Y Solomon B. Northam 

Ripley, Brown, Ohio Henry Biehn 

Ripley, (c. h.) Lavd&rdale, Tenn Geo. D. Carson 

Ripley's, Tyler, Ya i JohnLonon 

RipleyviUe, Huron, Ohio Homer J. Austin 

Rippon, Jefferson, Ya Henry Timberlake 

Ripton, Addison, Yt Samuel S. Fletcher 

Rlsdon, St, Clair, Hl.f Atlas Moore 

Rising Fawn, Dade, Ga Alexander B. Hanna 

Rising Sun, Ohio, la ; Jacob H. Friend 

Rising Sun, OecO, Md.*. ^...Leonard Reynolds 

Rising Sun, Philadelji^ia, Pa Jacob Miller 

Ridng Sun, Macoupin, 111 W. C.Henderson 

Rising Sun, JPoik, Iowa Jeremiah Barlow 

RisingviUe, Steuben, N. Y Noble H. Rising 

Ritetaie G. H., Ritchie, Ya. Amos Gulp 

Ritchieville, Dinuriddie, Ya. Thomas F. Scott 

Rittetsville, Lehigh, Pa. Charles Ritter 

River, CUarion, Pa James L. Golgin 

RiTvr, Stark, la Amasa Green 

River Falls, Pierce, Wis..... .Charles Hutchinson 

River HUl, WhUe, Tenn Joseph G. Mitchell 

River Road Forks, UvingOon, N. Y G. W. Foote 

River Side, UUUr, N. Y David WoUey 

BiTsrStyz, Medina, Ohio John Montgomery 

Rivertown, OxmpbeO, Ga William T. Yates 

Rives, Rictdand, Ohio .Thomas I. Nroth 

RivesviUe, Marion, Ya Alfred Hood 

Rix, Ionia, Mich ^ Joseph W. Sprag^ne 

Rlxeyville, Culpeper, Va Charles W. Rixey 

Rix's Mills, Muskingum, Ohio Amos L. Moore 

Road Hall, Lycoming, Pa William Sedam 

Roadstown, Cumberland, N. J .Lemuel Reeves 

Roadville, Charleston, S. C William M. Williams 

Roadville, Anderson, Texas R. B. Lewis 

Roan Mountain, Carter, Tenn .'.Nicholas Smith 

Roanoke, MandolpTt, Ala Z. M. Hutchins 

Roanoke, Genesee, N. Y Joel P. Reed 

Roanoke, Huntingdon, la. William Hendry- 
Roanoke, Bandolph, Mo William Wayland 

Roanoke Bridge, Charlotte, Ya... .Samuel D. Morton 

Roan's Creek, Carroll, Tenn P. E. Parker 

Roaring Creek, Jfon^riur, Pa Jacob Yeager 

Roaring Creek, Randolph, Ya W. Hilleary 

Roaring Creek, Jackson, Wis Isaac F. Howel 

Roaring River, Barry, Mo Thomas Rnbte 

Roaring Run, Botet&urt, Ya Edward G. Flaherty 

Roaring Spring, Tr^g, Ky John W. Nanos 

Robbinston, Washin0on,'M.Q James W. Cox 

Robb's Mills, Gihsm, la Percival S. Fuller 

Roberson's Cross Roads, Bledsoe, Tenn...I. Roberson 

Robert's Corners, Jefferson, N. Y J. De Puy 

Robertson's Station, Harrison, Ky...G. W. Robertson 
Robertson's Store, Pittsylvania, Ya...T. Robertson 
Robertsonville, Sidlivan, N. Y.Geoi^ W. Robertson 

Robertsville, Btavfart, S. C Beiyamin Jaudon 

Robertsville, Anderson, Tenn Clark G.Crozier 

Robertsville, PawM, Miss W. P. Roberts 

Robeson, Brunsvnck, N. C A. J. Swinson 

Robeson, Berks, Pa John B. Seidell 

Robinia, PUnola, Miss John Shankles, jr 

Robin's Nest; Peoria, HI Samuel Chase 

Robinson Creek. Pike, Ky David May 

Robinson, (c. h.) Crawford, HI Moses Shepherd 

Robinson's Mills, Menard, HI John Bonnett 

Robinson's Cross Roads, Benton, Ark...Wm. Pierson 
Robinson's Springs, Autauga, Ala...Jas. Clepper,ir 

Robinson's Store, Zinco?n, Tenn W.B. Robinson 

Robison's, Darke, Ohio Jonathan Maul 

Robisonville, Bedford, Pa William Robison 

Rob Roy, Pncntain, la Thomas E. McPherren 

Roby's Store, Noxubee,MiBB Albert G. Roby 

Rochelie, Madison, Ya E, G. Wayland 

Rocheport, Boone, Mo Wm. H. Phillips 

Rochester, Sangamon, 111 Munson Carter 

Rochester, (c.h.) maton,ln. Cyrus H. Robbins 

Rochester, Butler, Ky John Reneer 

Rochester, Plyrnouth, Mass Theophilus King 

Rochester, Oakland,Ulch John B. Marts 

Rochester, Andrew, Mo.. Daniel Underwood 

Rochester, Strafford, N. H William Jackson 

Rochester, (c. h.) Monroe, N. Y Hubbard S. Allis 

Rochester, Windsor, Yt G. S. Guernsey 

Rochester, jRocine, Wis H. W. Boycs 

Rochester, Beaver, Pa Chester W. Bloss 

Rochester, Cedar, Iowa Joseph Lindsey 

Rochester, Olnutead, Minn Robert McCredy 

Rochester Depot, Loraine, Ohio...Harlow Robinson 

Rochester MUls, Wabash, Hl.....« George Legier 

Rock, Plymouth, Mass Israel Smitl) 

Rock, Pope, 111 John Ellis 

Rockaway, Morris, N.|J Jacob Powers 

Rockaway, Queens, N. i David T. Jennings 

Rock Bottom, MicUUesex, Mass Augustus Rice 

Rock Bridge, Gv}innett,OtSk Thomas Magulrs 

Rockbridge, Greene, 111 William I. Paigs 

Rock Bridge, Monroe, Ky. M. H. Hardon 

Rockbridge, (c. h.) Ogark, Mo...Green C. McSpaddsn 

Rock Camp, Braxton, Va Andrew A. Wilson 

Rock Castle, Frigg,Ky Drury W. Standrod 

Rock Castle, Patrick, Ya Thomas B. Woolwins 

Rock City, Dutchess, N. Y John H. StilweU 

Rock City Mills, Saratoga, N. Y H. Van Ostrand 

Rock Creek, Bart?wlo7new, la Lowry Tetrich 

Rock Creek, OzrroU, 111 Daniel Belding 

Rock Creek, Leuris, Ky Alexander K. Tnompson 

Rock Creek, 9VanA:2<n, Ala James H. Srygley 

Rock Creek, Alamance, N. G... William J. Albr%ht 

Rock Creek, YelLAA :...:...Alexander A. Scolt 

Rockdale, Otntr/W, Pa Martin Oairlngsr 

ROC 111 

fit Rinnm Clti'. 

Bl ....Belfleld C. Olu 

B( trinilQW Bacluinii. 

B< D.A.WH 

Bl ..Wmiun P. Amol 

Bl .ChM. J. HoraBin. 

Bl rUliam E. Hinbiil 

fi> MMkA-Tor: 

Bl rilUim UcCnmpbel 

B< Bobert Hidnu 

Bl ..SoloDHniToininD 

Bock H>U, JfnX, Md JouphHsnl 

Kock HaTen, JHud, Kj .Koberl Onhu 

Bock Hud, JJaJi, Ala. .WUlla Lawniu 

Book HUl, St. ZoWit, Ho ..WlUlim Shldd 

Bank HUl, (UMl Tax. _.....- John L. Uoot 

Book HU^ Aim AA Jim» G. Bruto 

BoiAHIll,nt^B.O Btnrj P. Btok 

BoiA HUl Cnm Batit, ClUdtr,S.O....I. H. Bube 

RoBkliolda, WliOlim, Aj .Ohsrln Bockbol 

"—-'-'■'- "■"--»«, Tenn wmiun Bockhol 






BomuluR, Stnera, N. Y Robwt K. Ste^-le 

Bomulus Centre, Senmiy N. Y William Mtirtin 

Ronald Centre. Itmia, Mich Kalph Ely 

Hondo. LafayttU, Ark Jhiiicb Trigg 

Rondout. r/s/«r, N. Y John* H. Strat.ion 

Ro4>k'H < rivk. LivingsPm^ 111... Anms KdwRrdP 

Root, Alitn, Jnd Hiraui Bar)>er 

Boot, Mmtgnm'ry. N. Y Jnhn BowdiBh 

Boot Creek, MUmiukie, Wis Peter Lavis 

' Iloot«tawTi, Fnrtoffe, Ohio Otis Reed 

RosaUe. ffirrison^ Miaa John J. MoCHiiifhHn 

Koi*tfM. yyinwbago, HI James W. Abl)Ott 

Roflcoe. Henry, Mo Ji»hn Burqh 

Roscue. yVk/d, Ky WilUam 3. Ilirkman 

Roscoe. OM/t"Cto»i.0hio Chauncey BMHSwtt 

Rose, OttA/aw/, Mich....^ John A. Wendell 

Roee, W<iyrtf.. N. Y >. Jfiron N. Thoniat» 

Rofe, CUri-oU. Ohio Eliefer Ilerron 

Ro8eboom, Otxfgn, N. Y Robert H. "mitii 

Rose Bad, MarxhaU. Ill Htirvey B.Allen 

Roseburgh, Perry^ Pa Jacob SpoiiHgle 

RoaeUnrgh, Graiit la Jt'bu Willcuts 

Rose Cretk. M.Nairff, Tenn William Mf»ore 

Rosadnle, Ma/iisnn, Ohio Duvid Y. Bunkt-r 

Ro.<«>ditlH, Hwst'll, Va ..John Morrison 

Rosefit'id. Pe.<iriau\\\ Benjamin Miller 

Rose Hill, Clailuirw, La Leaiider M. IIhII 

Rose Hill, Harris, Texas C. F. Duey 

Rose ElilJ, Laurel, Ky Jolin Wood 

Rose Hill, Seneca, N. Y James D. Rogers 

Rose JliJl. JasfffT, III Addihon S. Harris 

Rose ini, Amitt, Miss Grosvenor P. Farwell 

Rose Hill. I»«5. Va Kobirt M. Balen 

Rose Hill, Afuhasha. Iowh Samuel B. Wsters 

RoaelHiid. NH^m, Va David R. McAlexsnder 

Roselnnd. OiiUn. Texas William H. H riln 

Rose Mills, y1 rfiAiTit, Va Samuel Pettit 

Roseij.lale, UUer, N. Y William H. Sn>d.r, jr 

.Rosendsle, Fmtddu t«c. Wis Samuel M. Smead 

Rose point. Lawrence, Pa lOiteph I^Nkiu 

Rosette, CeAir, Iowa , Joel B. Thayer 

Rose Tree, Pelaware, Pa Matilda B. Cuuimins" 

Roftevale, Mec If/nimrgh, N. C Arihur Grier 

RosHville, fiarren. Ky Heury S«un«l«r»« 

Boseville. P<irA«. la Benjamin Hawkins 

Roseville, Fran Lin, Ark W. D. Sadler 

Roseville. Micomb, Mich 11. L. Reeves 

Rosevilie, Muahingum, Ohio Oraiiice W. Piu-e 

Roseville, Jf/rr/M*. Ill Benjamin MorfonI 

Rof!ewo<Ki, Harrison. la Thomas Strong 

Rose Wiiod. IHiihl4Mhurg, Ky...Tboma8 Greenwoud 

RosJelare. Htrdiiu 111 Timothy Pell 

Roslm, JUtrwjUu Wis Philip C. Gray 

Roitlvn, QuetiTu, N. Y Seiiley Fchenck 

RoHlyn, 3/w^yoi«*Ty, Md Henry Stabbr 

Ross, fiutl^r Ohio Alford J. Kte«< 

Ross. Anileraon, Tenn James Ross 

Rosshurifh, D,itxtt/j,r, la George W. Bur kley 

Ross' Corners, !>«•', Me Bdmund Warren 

Rosse»ii, M'n-gan, Ohio: James Sopfaer' Ferry, Liringxfon. Ky John Ross, jr 

Ross' Grove. De KaLb,lV Heman H. C'ark 

Ro.«sie. St. Lfivrmce, N.Y James Bmddie 

RosHbind. M'mrtte^ Pa .....Franklin H. -^mith 

Rosstown,i5»Vi«/^>y, Teon Thomas J. Roas 

Rossviile, \\nU(er,Q9k Thomas G. McFarlaud 

Bossville, Clinton^ la John Q. A. Perriu 

Rossvjile. Sumpter, Ala TtiomusE. James 

Kossviile, Brchmmd, N. Y Bornt P. Wioant 

Bossville, Chester, S. C Daniel K. Stevenson 

RoflHVtIle, Ynrk, Pa Tempest T. Gardner 

RossvillH, Allfmakee.. Iowa William F. Ross 

Ro6{<ville, FUyeiU, Teon J. P. Robertson 

Rossvllle, OUirk, Ark Thomas A. Ross 

Bostraver, WkftmoreUlnd, Pa... ...Morgan W. Eckley 

Bosweil. C'lth.QA Ger»rge U. Camp 

Rotherwooti, Carroll, Ga Robert H. Springer 

Rotberwooil, WaUuiga, N.G.... John C.Blair 

j|Loths\ ille, Laru:ajtUT, l^K Jei'emlah Kor.h 

Rouhvloux. Te^ofy Mo Jus. A. McDonald 

Bou h and Ready, Anderton^ Ky G. II. Gaiues 

Boutrh and l{eiidy, Hancock, HI Nicliolas Wmn 

Bottich Mild HeH«}y, fUyetU,Q^ FranHsCcMk 

Bouteh and Heady, Nevada, Gal E. B. Wiuaus 

Bough and Ready, Steuben, N. T A. Vau Sickle 

Rough and Ready, WojTen, Tenn...G. W. Hopkins 

Rough and Ready, Si:hu'/ll,-iU, Pa Gibriel Qtfrb 

Rough and Ready. ChamJitTft, AIa...Wm. M. Selbj 
Ron<;h and Reatly Mills, Henry, Va...M. W. Atkinson 

Rouith Creek, Charlttte, Va Andrew Buley,Jr 

Roulette, Fot^, Pa Burrel Lyman 

Rrmud liottom, H^v'*^ Va Joiin Gilkison, Jr 

Round Grove, Whitej<ideit, 111 C. D. Sanford 

Round Head, Hardin, Ohio James M. Whlto 

Round Hill. Adam*. Pa Adams S. Mvers 

Round Hill, Lumpkin, Ga Dennis Hyde 

Round Hill. Fairfidd, Conn Nathaniel Hosted 

Round Hill, Oo'tper, Mo William T. Sefly 

Round Hill, Orange, N.C Doctor (\ I'arrish 

Round Hill, Talltpnom. Ala William B. Murphy 

Round Knob, Sebastian, Ark Leonard Spradling 

Round Pond, St. Clair, Ala William Chennault 

Round Pond, Lincoln, .Me Parker Meant 

Round Pond, Wayne, Miss ArchlhaM Graham 

Round Prairie. Mn/^^tos, Oregon.. Jame^ D. Burnett 

Round Pmlrie, Daliax. Mo William W. Wl>dom 

Round Prairie, Lamar, Texsp T. D. Murray 

Round Prairie. Stephemum, 111 William Furst 

Round Rock, Wdliamsan, Texas.... Thomati C. Oatts 

Round Tent, I'u/w, Cal J. E. twister 

Round Top. Fai;etle, Texas C. P. Rsnkin 

Rouse's Point, Clinton, N. Y Rnfus Heaton 

Rover, Jhfiford, Tenn John Jordan 

Rover. YeU. Ark ., Wm. Aud-rsitn Carter 

Rowe, Franhlin MauB John Ballon 

Rowena, RumiU. Ky .' John A. Leveridgo 

Rowesville, BedJ'ord, T«nn George W. H^-ard 

Rowlandsville, Oedl. Md Samuel Rowland 

Rnwlandsville, S'ardy, N. Thomas Rowland 

Rowlttjiburgh, Preston, Va. John Hooton 

Rowley, £«»-ez. Mass Ksekiel Bailey 

Rows, Ashland, Ohio lohn Van Nest 

Hoxalana. Kanawha,'\vk William W. Noyea 

Roxana. Eat"n, Mich Henry A. Moyer 

Roxberry, Morgan,0 Joab J. Montgomery 

Roxliorou^h. (c. h.) Person, N.C. William R. Reada 

Roxliury. Oxford. Me lohn Reed 

Roxbury, Liinhjield, Con n Jol» Z. Warner ^ 

Roxbury. Nur/nlk. Mass Is:«a«; S. Bur»i J 

Roxbury, Gieshire N. H William Rila ^ 

Roxbury. Delaware, N. Y.... Alexander H. Buthant 

Roxbury. Fran lin. Pa lohn Tayl(« 

Roxbury, Washinfjton, Vt Billinga Spalding 

Roxbury. Dane, Wis Kdmund Uuddarft 

Roxobel. Bntie^ N.C R. II. Cox 

Royal Centre, Oass, la Daniel Rea 

Royal Colony, Wh.te. Ark David Thornton 

Ro.\alOak. TaUnt. Md Richanl C. Ijane 

Ro>al Oak, Oakland, Mihh Chester K. Stoddard 

Royal Oaks, OumJjeiland, Va John C. Taylor 

Royalston, Wiirrester, Mass Josef>h Eastabrook 

Koyalion, Hentun, Minn R. D. Kinney 

Royal fon, Btone. la *. Cave J. Carter 

Royalton, Niagara, N.Y James Hiiley, jr 

Roysilton, FairJleM, Ohio...... Michael Bowman 

Royalton, Wind^frr. Vt. Julius P. Smith 

Royer's Ford, Mmdgnmery, Pa Daoiel Si-hwenck 

Roytoii, Delaware. la WilliNni MitrtieU 

Ruark, Lawrence. Ill John C. Ituark 

Rubicon, Dodge, Wi-* D. D. Hoppnck 

Ruby, St. Clair. Mich Joim B.aitl 

Rucicer's Prairie, Fran' lin. Mo. Ambrose L. Rwkn 
Ru«'ker"H Repo'«e. Grejenbrier, V»......Wni. j. Hefner 

Ruckersville, Elbeii. Ga Wm M. Hasl«t 

Ruekersvilb, Tippah, Miss Lafayette Norman 

Ruckersvillu, Gruue. Va. Bli^ha 1. Willinmi 

Ruck-Tvilie Clark, Ky Reuben Rucker 

Rurkgville, Lehigh, Pa Martin A. Seiple 

RoddleV Mi1L«, Bnurlton, Ky Pliny Harding 

Rnde's Mills, LewiA, Va Kdvin D. Rud« 

Rt<dyvlll«f. Hidalgo, Texas Edward Dougherty 

Ruff Creek, Greene, Pa J. L. Burton 

RvM^les. Ashland, Ohio Barttty Cook 

Rulon, Harriimn, Mo Arebf'd Mimtgonierr 

Ruma, Jfandolfih,M\ Lyman Soiftn 

Rumford, Oa;Arrd,Me Timothy W»lk«r 

Rumf >rd Arailemy, King lVilUam,\vkJohn H. Ptttt 

Rumford Centre; Oxf'frd. Me James M. DrUoff 

Rumfiird P«dot. Orfard, Me ^ Warren. Man>)nr 

Rummerlield Creek, Biudfard^ Pa......^ Wm. titifllg 




Rnmney, Qrafton^ N. H. Daniel S. Ward 

KatiiMy, McLean, Ky J. M. Percival 

Bundells, Orawford^ Pa , Luman Holcomb 

Running Water, Mtirion, Tenn D. H. Wells 

Rupert, Cblimibia, Pa George S. Gilbert 

Rnpert, Bennington, Yt , Henry Sheldon 

Ibani), W€Mpa4M, Wis James H.Jones 

Riiral, Jasper^ Ho Nathan B. Fergason 

Rnral Dale, Musfeingum, Ohio..;. J. B. Milhouse 

Rural Hall, JfV>r«y<^ N.O Anthony Bitting 

Rand Hill, Omecuh, Ala W. W. Johnson 

Rural Hill, Wilwn.'Svnn ':. John Logue 

Rural HilH Jeff^Brton, N. Y..;...Benjamin F. Thayer 

Rural Retreat, Wt^he, Ta John B. Straw 

Rural Retreat, Cbie, HI .T. John Cofer 

Rural Ridge, Alleghany, Pa William Porter 

Rural Vale, Lapeer, Uich..\ .Gastavns A. Griffin 

Rnral Tale, WhUJieklyQek William James 

Rural Yale, Obshocton, Ohio JohnG. £Ider 

Rural Yalley, AmulroTig, Pa Heniy Keck 

Rush, Monroe, N. Y Jess H. Loomis 

Rush, Susquehannah, Pa Norman Granger 

Rush, TtucarauMu, Ohio Alexander B. Kennedy 

Rush, Skiatoassee, Mich Jacob Rush 

Knah, Jo. Daviess, IQ George N. Townsend 

Rnshaway, Menard, 111 James W. Simpson 

Rttshbottom, WjU, Mo John W. Brlnegar 

Rush Greek, Vman, Ohio S. P. ShuU 

Rushford, AUeffitnv,ii.Y William McCall 

Rush Lake, Hmd du Lac, Wis Henry Tomb 

Rush's Mills, Montgomery, N. Calyln H. Rush 

Rush Tower, Jefferson, Mo. John Wiatt 

RuBhtowa,JVflrt/h<m6er2a9id, Pa... William Johnsou 

Rushville, SeHmyler, 111 Joseph Haskall 

RushTille, (e. h.) Rwky la John S. Campbell 

Rushville, YuAe*, N. T F. 0. Chamberlin 

RushTille, tbirfidd, Ohio E. Kalb 

RushVille, Sus^jtuihannah, Pa Philo Sherwood 

Rushville, Appling,QA .John M. Joyner 

Rushville, Bticheman,Mo James K. Dickson 

Rushsylvania, Logan, Ohio William McAmis 

Rusk, ^aytoood,Tenn ; Ichabod Herring 

Rusk, (c. h.) Chen^eee, Texaa C. B. Carter 

Rusk, Surry, N. C....: Pleasant B. Roberts 

Rusk, mtehie, Ya WilUam Patton 

Russell, Sheboyaan, Wis John L. Sexton 

Russell, Hampden, MsBB Henry L. Gridley 

Russell, St. Lawrence^ N. Y James Lowrie 

Russell, ^tat^^Ghio....^ Iddo Bailey 

Russell Hill, Wyoming, Pa L. D. Yosburgh 

Russell's MiUs, 7VIer,'Ya L. M. Marsh 

RusselPsL Mills, Parke, la Joseph D. Russell 

Russell Springs, RusseU, Ky Timoleon Bradshaw 

RusselFs Station, Highland, Ohio. John W, Murphy 

Russell's l^ace, Lawrence, Ohio Francis Russell 

Russell Race, Kershaw, S. Darling I. George 

Rus86llville, (c. h.) lyankUn, Ala Noble R» Ladd 

Russellville, Monroe, Ga P. T, Wilson 

Russellville, Lawrence, 111 William Tewalt 

Russellville, i^cfnam, la William H. Durham 

Russellville, (ch.) Logan, Ky £. H. Finley 

Russellville, Brown, Ohio Thomas Mefford 

Russellville* Cbfe, Mo William N. Campbell 

Russellville, (7Ae<<er,Pa Robert Russell 

Russellville, Jefferson, Tenn William M. Miller 

Russellville, Pme, Ark George W. Petray 

Russelsburgh, Warren, Pa John RusseU 

Russia, Herkimer, N. Y James PoUey 

Russiaville, Clinion, la Richard L. Shilling 

Russian River, Mendodno, Cal...Harman G. Heald 

Rutersville, Fayette, Texas E. L. Moore 

Rutherford, Switzerland. la Isaac Nash 

Rutherfordton, (c» h.^ RiUherfordf N. CC. L. Harris 

Ruther Glenn, Otrokne, Ta Levi Stern 

Ruthsville, Monigomery, 111.. Washington S. Fleming 

Rutland, Wbrcesier, Mass Zaaock W. Gates 

Rutland, Jeffkrwa, N. Y Hiram W.Tuttle 

Rutland, Meigs, Ohicv ...Ghas. M.Holt 

Rutland, Tioga, Pa William Rose, jr 

Rutland, (c h.) JeuOand!, Yt John Cain 

Rutland, Dane, Wis Seth H. Warren 

Rutland, Barrison, Ky William F. Laughliu 

Rutland, iCan«. Ill John B. Eakin 

Rufledg6/(ch.) Glra£M(mr:Tettn...Mlehael Goldman 
Batiedg«, (0. h.) McDonald, 

M6 T. A. B. Pearson 


Rutledge, Morgan. 0%:. C. Crawley 

Ryan's Store, Montgomery. Tenn James Ryan 

Ryan's Well, Itawamba, Miss James Cromaof 

Rye, Rockingham, N. H Albion D. Parson* 

Rye, West Chester,N.Y., J)aniel Strang 

Rye Cove, Scott, Ya JohnS. Mintor 

Ryegftte, Qiledonid,yt.... George Cowlei 

Ryerson's Station, Greene, Pa James P. Yanata 

Rye Yalley, Smyth, Ya Madison Williama 

Ry land's Depot, OreenvilU, Ya...BeojaminD.TUlar 


SABATUS, Androscoggin, Me.....~.- R. D. Jones 

Sabbath Rest, Blair, Pa ^......William Belgla 

SabillJsville, Frederick, Md Wm. Arnsparger 

Sabina, Clinton, Ohio Fairfax McFadden 

Sabinal, Bexar, Tex Thos. B. Hammer 

Sabine City, Jeff^son, Texas......^ Orrin Brown 

Sabine Town, Sabine, Texas John BaU 

Sabinsville, Ticga,Va Ebeneaer W. Smith 

Sabongly, Talomsha, Was Thomas T. May 

Sabula, Jackson, Iowa JB. M. Westbrook 

Sac and Fox Agency, Kansas Ty John Whistler 

Saccarappa, Cumberland, Me Joseph Walker, jr 

Sackets, Macomb^'Hi.ich Lemuel Sackai 

Sacket's Harbor, JeJfer«on,N.Y Richard Hoopw 

Saco, York, Me Charles Nuttnr 

Sacramento, Tf^iuAaro, Wis Oliver RHolmaa 

Sacramento, Wright, Mo Fieldins Young 

Sacramento, Si^uylkiU, Pa George F. Weist 

Sacramento City, Sacram,eniOf CaL....Ferris Formaa 

Sacton, Clark, 111 Jesse Draper 

Saddle River^Ber^m, N. Y... Henry Baler 

Sadlersville, Bobertson, Tenn William R. fiadler 

Saddler's Creek, Anderson, S. C. James L. Simpson 

SadsburyvilTe, Chester, Pa John Kerlin 

Sa««^stown, Crawford, Pa Charles D. MoGUl 

Safe Harbor, Zoncasfer, Pa! John Kolp 

Saganaw, Saganaw, Mich James N. Gotni 

Sagefield, Morgan, Tenn >..,.£phralm Laoglay 

Sageville, Hamilton, N. Y ....John C. Holmes 

Sageville, Lauderdale, Miss,.. ...... ....Ed ward I. Rew 

Sag UaxhoT,. Suffolk, N. Y Thomas E. CroweU 

Sago, Levois,y9L Alfred Morgan 

Sagone, DuPage, 111 ..Smith D. Pieroa 

Sail Creek, .Ha;ntZfon, Tenn John R. Hickman 

Sailor's Rest, Montgomery, Tenn Jsaac D. Weat 

Saint Albans, Hancock, 111 ...A. J. Bteff«y 

Saint Albans, Somerset, Me Benjamin Lrelaad 

Saint Albans, (c. h.) FranJdin, Yt...Hiram B.Sow1m 

Saint Alban'a Bay, FrankUn,. Yt G. G. Burton 

Saint Audrews, Orange. N. Y.....> I«otan Kidd 

Saint Andrew's Bay, Washington, Fla...O. A. Hents 

Saint Anne, Kankakeey 111... J. B. L. Lemoion 

Saint Anthony's Falls, Mamsey,1&inn Lucius C. 


Saint Aubert, Oaltawav, Mo William Willing 

Saint Augustine, (c h) StJi^ns, Fla L. Andrew 

Saint Augustine, Cambria, Pa. David MiU« 

Saint Augustine, Ihdton, 111 A. Baldwin 

Saint Bernard, (^y, Mo John S. Huston 

Saint Bernard, Lane, Kansas Joab M. Bernard 

Saint Charles, Kane, III Peter C. Simmon^ 

Saint Charles, Butler, Ohio * ....S. R. Stewart 

Saint Charley, */<)Aruon, N. C <...Jpseph Hart 

Saint Charles, Arkansas', Ark...^ 0. W. Belknap 

Saint Charles, Madison, Iowa.. David Downs 

Saint Charles, (c. h.) St^ Charies, Ma..W. M. GhriatT 

Saint Charles, Saginam, Mich Alouzo Carpenter 

Saint Glair, (c, h) St. Clair, Mioh*.£dwin D. Kitton 

Saint Qair, Colvmbiana, 01uo...> D.Gulhertaon 

Saint Clair, Hawkins, Tenn Thomas J. 1m^ 

Saint Clairsville, (c. h.) Belmont, Ohio William 


Saint Clairsville, .Sf^ord, Pa.. F. D. Beei^a 

Saint Cloment's BaV) 'si. Mary*.^, Md R Colton 

Saint Cloud, Heard, Ga ..John W. Black 

Saint Dennis, B{fUimore, Hifd..... Jesse M. Lowo 

Saintfleld, ifiMA;Mi^in,'Ohio..., T. Armstrong 

Saint Francis, St. I^ancis, Ark JohnO. Tyer 

Saint Francisville, Lavrrenoe, 111 Jesse L. Smith 

Saint Francisville,(c. h.) West ^UM;uma,La.D Jiustea 
Saint Francisville, Clark, Mo... Joseph F. Wulaiiii 
finlnt Genevieve, SL Genevieve, Mo.Eugene GuiDouid 




SaJnt George, Chittenden^'Vt Ira 0. Lockwood 

Saint George, Lincoln^ Me George Gilchrest 

Saint Georges, New distlt, Del J. N. Sutton 

Saint Georges, a)Be<on,S.C William S. Utsey 

Saint Helen, Odar, Mo Turman Turner 

Saint Helen, Wishinfftony Oregon B. M. Du Relle 

Saint Helena, St.HdtnOy La Joseph Killian 

Saint Helena, Wvrtming, N.T Silas Bartlett 

Saint Henry's, Mercer, Ohio Fread Seewald 

Saint Ilia, TTure. Qa .David J. Miller 

Saint Tnigoes, St. Mary% Md John Fraiser 

Saint Jacob, Madison, 111 Jacob Schroth 

Saint James, Emmety Mich Dennis Chidester 

Saint John, ZoA-e, la John Hack 

Saint John, Dodge, Mo Giles Hodges 

Saint John, Heriford, N. C Godv^in C. Moore 

Saint John's, Auglaize, James W. Porter 

Saint John's, Clininn, Mich George W. Estes 

Saint Johnsbury, Cidedonia, Vt.... George C. Barney 
Saint Johnsbury Centre, CkrI«?onta,Vt.Hiram Weeks 

Saint Johnsbury East, Qxledonia, Yt C.Morrill 

Saint Johnsville, MmUgamery, N.T. ChaunceyNellis 
Saint Joseph, Berrien, Mich...Horace W. Guernsey 

Saint Joseph, B'tchanariy Mo Henry Slack 

Saint Joseph, WHliams, Ohio Payn C. Parker 

Saint Joseph, (c.h.) Jbnsas, La J. W. Davenport 

Saint Joseph, Pembina^ Minn ;. ..Charles Grant 

Saint Josephs, Champaign, HI. ...... ..Joseph T. Kelly 

Saint Joseph, Susqttehannah, Pa. Francis Quin 

Saint Julian, Ztnn^Iowa John Safley 

Saint Lawrence, Ghatham,¥[. C A.D. Headen 

Saint Lawrence, Jefferson, N. Y Dyer E. Pierce 

Saint Leger, Otark, Mo Job Terebaugh 

Saint Leon, Dearhcm, la John C. Stenger 

Saint Leonards, Calvert, Md B. H. Ireland 

Saint Louis, Sierra, Cal William P. Williams 

Saint Loais (e. h.) St. Loins, Mo David H. Arm- 

Saint Louisville, Licking, Ohio D. Allbaugh 

Saint Duke, Dallas, Mo Lazarus Nichols 

Saint Margaret's, Anne Arundd, Md.John S. Boone 

Saint Marie, Jasper, 111 Joseph Schlfferstein 

Saint Mark, Oreene, Mo William F.Bodenhamer 

Saint Marks, Waktdla, Fla John Denham 

Saint Martins, Worcester, Md Lemuel Showell 

Saint Martinsville, St. ifo7^'n«,La.AugusteMarai8t 
Saint Marys, St. Genevieve, Mo.... Augustus Griffith 

Saint Marys, Otmden, Ga Levi C. Harby 

Saint Marys, Pleasants, Ya Irwin D. Myers 

Saint Marys, jHoncocfc, 111 Wm. D. Powell 

Saint Mary's, Linn, Iowa Harvey Gillett 

Saint Mary's. Vigo, la. ........F. E. Le.«eure 

Saint Marys (c. h.) Auglaise, Ohio...Anthony Deiker 

Saint Marys, Chester, Pa Jacob Dampman 

Saint Mary's Mission, Kansas S. R. Palmer 

Saint Matthews, Orangeburgh, S. C.Rnfus Cleckly 

Saint Matthews, Jeff^on, Ey John B. Anderson 

Saint Maurice, Winn, La Alfred B. Prothro 

Saint Miehael?, TdtJbot, Md Henry F. Byrne 

Saint Omer, Decatur, la David Hooten 

Saint Omer, Cries, III Simon Bitner 

Saint Paris, Champaign, Ohio Francis Wirt 

Saint Paul, Madison, Ark John C. Sumner 

Saidt Paul, Oreene, Mo Robert Chaffln 

Saint Paul, Ramsey, Min William H. Forbes 

Saint Paul, Clark, Ala Nathaniel Bradford 

Saint Paul, i>eca<ur, la. Roswell J. Pearce 

Saint Panls, Robeson, N. G A. A. Mcintosh 

Saint Peters, Chester, Pa John L. Wells 

Saint Peters, FranJdin, la Michael Geis 

Saint Stephen, Fouiqyier, Ya. Newton Laws 

Saint Stephens, Wtshington, Ala... James Magoffin 
Saint Tammanys, MecklenburgTt, Ya.....Phi1ip Xove 
Saint Thomas, FrankUn, Pa Christian W. Berk- 

Saint Wendels, B}sey, la. William Schneider 

Salado, BeU, Texas William Young 

Salamonia, Jay, la George W. Abe! 

Salem, Russell, Ala.... Henry M. Crowder 

Salem, Netatnn, Texas Seth Swift 

Salem, New London, Conn John C. Daniels 

Salem, Clark,(hL Samuel Fielding 

Salem, (e. h.) Marion, 111 Samuel Hull 

8alem, (a h.) WashingUm, la. Deborah Curry 

Salem, Hienryt low* Jtimes Riehey 

Salem (c. h.) Livingstone, Ky Jesse Oliw 

Salem, PranHin, Me Moses Patterson 

Salem, (e. h.) Essex, Mass George B. Loring 

Salem, Washtenaw, Mich William H. Clock 

Salem, Kenosha, Wis , .Gtorge A. Ho^ 

Salem, Tippah, Miss ...Samuel Scott 

Salem, Rockingham, N. H Rawson Cobum 

Salem, (c. h.) Salem, N. J ....J. S. Hack«tt 

Salem, (c. h.) WashingUm, N. Y Charles Gravy 

Salem, Porsyth, N. C ....Orestes A. Keefala 

Salem, Columbiana, Ohio Peter H. Boaweit 

Salem, Mercer, Pa... John A. Clark 

Salem, SumUr, S. C John L Cantey 

Salem, (o. h.) PrankUn, Tenn James N. Whi%« 

Salem, Roanoke, Ya Joseph Campbcdl 

Salem, Marion, Oregon Isaac R. Mootm 

Salem, Linn, Mo :..... Wm. B. Jackson 

Salem Centre, West Chester, N. Y Lewis nnoh 

Salem Centre, Steuben, la., Orson Woodford 

Salem Church, Randolph, N.C E. Backerdito 

Salem Cross Roads, Chatdatique, N. Y. W. L. Minton 
Salem Cross Roads, Westmordand, PaJr.2immerm«& 

Salem Fauquier, Puwjuier. Ya ...Thomas Allon 

Salfordville, Montgomery, Pa Philip B. Grovo 

Salina, Jefferson, Ky Mansfield G. Kendall 

Salina, Onondaga. N. Y. , Harry Gifford 

Salina, Jefferson, Iowa .....George W. Pock 

Salina, Randolph,Ya. Jacob S. Wamsley 

Salinas, Monterey, Cal... , J. Bryant HiU 

Saline, Sevier, Ark.. Stephen Chenault 

Saline, Washtenaw, Mich Elijah S. Northrup 

Saline, RaUs, Mo Daniel B. Kendrick 

Saline, BienviOe, La...... ..James R. Head 

Saline, WiUiamson, 111 John W. Todd 

Saline Mills, Naichitoclies, La .James C.Weeki 

Saline Mines, Gallatin, HI .William N. Warford 

Sallneville, Columbiana, Ohio G. W. Boring 

Saliquoy, CUss, Ga JohnG. B. Adams 

Salisbury, Litchfield, Conn Robert £L Ball 

Salisbury, Sangamon, 111 Jason Miller 

Salisbury, Somerset, Md William Waller 

Salisbury, Essex, Mass Enoch Fowler 

Salisbury, Merrimack, N.H. A. H. Robinson 

Salisbury, JHerHnier, N. Y Frederick Ive« 

Salisbury, 0^. h.) Rowan, N. C... John A. Weirman 

Salisbury, Uardeman, Tenn..... R. H. Humphrey 

Salisbury, Addison, Yt Keross K. Howard 

Salisbury, Lancaster, Pa..... E. A. YarnaU 

Salisbury Centre, Herkimer, N. Y John Bliss 

Salisbury Cov«, Hancock, Me. Benjamin Emerj 

Salisbury Mills, Orange, N. Y. Mott Canon 

SalIadysbui^h;'2^comu4)'f Pa....Chas. W. Pepnernuin 

Salmon Creek, Monroe, N. Y Cyrus Amldon 

Salmon Falls, El Dorado, Cal...... Thomas Orr 

Salmon Falls, J&rafford, N. H...... John P. Emerson 

Salmon River, Oswego, N. Y John Boom 

Saloma, Tbylor, Ky John Durham 

Salona, CS!tnton,Pa. Samuel Bridgens 

Sal Soda, Butler, Ala Stephen Bishop 

Salt Creek, Uiah, Timothy B. Foot« 

Salt Creek, Pnlk, Oregon James B. Riggs 

Salt Creek, Davit, Iowa Paul Shepherd 

Salt Creek, Hf^mes, John B. Roussel 

Saltersville, Hudson, N.J Henry Wood 

Saltillo, Itatoamba, Miss J. A.C. Pearoe 

Sal tillo, ZTardtn, Tenn Thomas Davy 

Saltilloville, Washington, la Asa W. McKinnj 

Saltketcher Bridge, CbUeton, S. C J?. F. Bucknar 

Salt Lake City, iSitt ZaJfce, Utah ..Elias Smith 

Salt Lick, Clearfield, Pa , Wm. S Sankey 

Salt Lick Bridge, Braxton, Ya...Cha8. E. Singleton 

Saltlick Falls, Preston, Ya .William B. Cran« 

Saltpetre, Washington, Ohio John Heist, jr 

Salt Point, Dutchess, N. Y Charles Brown 

ShU River, Audrain, Mo David H.Woods 

Saltsburgh, Indiana, Pa Alexander Fleming 

Salt Spring, Ovnpbdt, Ga Wade White 

Salt Spring, Bienvitte, La Alfred^ King 

Salt SpringvlUe, Otsego, N. Y Robert G-Walradi 

Salt Sulphur Springs, Monroe, Ya..Wiliiam Erddne 

Saltville, Washington, Ya Sam'lW. Carnahan 

Salubrity, Piclrens, 8. C WiZliam S. WiUiams 

Saluda, Jefferson, la Joseph H. Bridges 

Saluda, Cbweta. Ga. .John H. Yineyard 

Saluda^ (e, h,) lUda^mit^ Ta......Th0mas K. 8av»g« 




Saluda Mills, Newberry, S. 0............ John B. Bobo 

Saluda Farm, Dadt, Ga Richard M. Ajcoek 

Salnria, (kHhoun, Texas Samuel S. Oiyens 

Salvisa, Mfy-cer, Ey William H. McAfee 

Samantha, HighXand, Ohio ..Jos^h Starr 

SammonsTllle. FfMony N. Y JohnCSlanchard 

Sampeon, Darkt, Ohio John Leas 

.Sampson's Pond, CZtnton, N. Y....^ameB H. Finch 

Sam s Creek, OarroUf Md » ^Peter Engel 

SamsonTille, UUfyr, N. Y ...Henry A. Samson 

San Anders, Milam, Teza« D. G. Davis 

San Andreai^ OalaveraSf Gal Charles C Sweet 

San Antonio, (c. h.) Bexar, Texas. John Bowen 

San AntoniO) Buchanan, Mo... G. W. Hertel 

San Angustine* San Augustine, Texas.,. J. H. Lewis 

San Bernard, Oblorado, Texas. Frederick Gaul 

San Bernandino, Lot Angdes, Cal...D. M. Thomas 

Sanbornton, Be£btap, N. H Mrs. iFanny Lane 

Sanbornton Bridge, JSdknap, N. H..Amo8 H. Jones 

San Cosme, ButJc, Texas Walter S. Jenkins 

Sand Bank, Oswego, N. Y ...Horace Pierce 

Sandburgh, StdUvan, N. Y J^onathan D. Starr 

Sand Creeiii, Shelby, III John F. Bobhison 

Sandefer's Store, ChrroZZ, Ky James F. Sandefer 

Bander's Store, liockbridge, Ta... J^ames B. Sanders 

SandersTille, (c. h.) Washington, Ga H. Brookins 

Sandersville, Chetter,B.C John Ross 

&ind Fly, Bastrop, Texas William R.Hobb8 

Sand Ford, Vigo, la James B. Armintroufe 

Sand Fort, BussOl, Ala Robert Allen 

Sandgate, Bennington, Yt N. T. Coan 

Sand Hill, ScoOand, Mo James H. Keach 

Sand Hill, Beauf*irt,^0 W. McE. Bastick 

Sand Hill, ChrroZt, Ga .....Henry M. Newton 

Sandiges, .ilmAerse, Va * George W.Henley 

San Diego, (c. h.) <Szn Diego, Cal....l...George Lyons 
Sandifers Mills. Copiah, Miss.... William S. Retnour 

Sandiefleld, Berkshire, Mass George Hhll 

Band Lake, Renssdder, N. Y Calvin Sliter 

Sandoval, Marion, HL.....^ Thomas Nettleton 

Sandover, Abbeville, S.C ^. ...Jacob B. Brett 

Sandown, BoekingJidm, N. H..! Henry L. Taylor 

Sand Prairie, Bichland, Wis Caleb D. BeUviUe 

Sand Rock. Cherokee, Ala Asa R.BrindIey 

Sandrun, Nicholas.'Vtk Sampson Sawyers 

Sand Spring, Wood, Texas William Welborne 

•Sand Spring, Daviess, Ey Amos H. Goodwin 

Sandtown, OampbeU, Ga Joseph H. Coryell 

84nda$ky, Cattaraugus, N. Y Mflo Holmes 

Sandnsky, (c. h.) Srie, Ohio..... John M. Brown 

Sandville, White, Tenn James W. Brooks 

Sandwich, BamstahU, Mass,. Charles B. Hall 

Sandwich, OarroU, N.' H. ....Joseph Wentworth 

Sandwich, De Kdlb, HI Robert Patten 

Sandy, Oblumbiana, Ohio Acquilla Burohfleld 

Sandy, Jackson, Ta. : David 0. Hutchison 

Sandy Beach, Ckimberland, Me Nathaniel Ficket 

Sandy, Clackenuis, Or E.R. Scott 

Sandy Bottom, Middlesex, Ya. R. H. Crittenden 

Sandy Bridge, CbrroB,Tenn David Green 

Sandy Creek, Otweqo, N. Y Hymenius Cole 

Sandy Creek, jBanooZpA, N.C... Sampson C. Fox 

Sandy Flat, OreenviUe, S.C ..John M.Crotwell 

Bandy Ford, Madison, Fla ».. JTacob C. Bugg 

Sandy FoundatidH, lAnoir, N, C...Stephen Herring 

Sandy Grove, Chaiham/^. G D. H. Albright 

Sandy Grove, Sumpter, 8. C. William McElveen 

Sandy Hill, Worcester, Md William J. S. Clarke 

Sandy BilL (c.h.) TISuAiiv<o»i N. Y... James M. Moss 

Sandy Hill, iVrry, Pa Samuel Milligan 

Sandy Hook, Harford, Md.: William Harkins 

Sandy Lake, Meroir, Pa James F. Brown 

Sandy Hills, Rhea, Tenn John 0. Thompson 

Sandy Slush, BuntiomJb, N. C. John H. Robeson 

Sandy Plains, JttMbX^ Ya. ..Thomas M. Chirk 

Sandy Plains, RfOherflord, N. C R. McFarland 

Sandy Point, Brasoria, Tex William M. Brown 

Sandy Ridg<s Lowndes, Ala Benry A. Callaway 

Sandy Ridge, Henry, Ga Francis M. Hay 

Sandy Ridge,* <Steu6en, la James A. Segur 

Sandy Ridge, Onmdy, lU N. L. Randall 

Sandy River, P&Uylnania, Ya. John R. Royall 

Sandy Run, Lexington, S. 0. J. B. Anthony 

Bandy Spring. Mantgomtsry, Md...«....»....S. Stabler 
Bandysville, FfEcrren, Iowa. Bwnjamin Beam 

SandyTlllflk Tusoearawas, Ohio. Jacob E. Batf 

San Ellsario, M Paso, Tex JBdwin B. La Fayetta 

San Felipe, Atutin, Tex Z. W. MaUhewf 

Sanford, York, Me Timothy Shaw 

Sanfurd, Ingham, Mich JBbenecer Walk«r 

Sanford, Brwnne, N. Y Andrew Eediie 

Sanford's Corners, J>^son,N. Y J.D. Hebert 

San Francisco, San franciseo, Cal..;Chaii. L. Wellar 

San Gabriel, WSiiamson, Tex John G. Gordon 

San Gabriel, Los Angeles, Cal Thomas Burdick 

Sangerfield, Oneida, N. Y Elias H. Mott 

Sangerville, Piseataontis, Me Thomas Sanden 

Sangster*s Station, Fairfax, Ya James Sangster 

Sanilac Mills, SanHaui, Mich. .Charles MeMlllaa 

San Jacinto, Jennings, la. Thomas Bland 

.San Jose, (c. h.) Sanla Clara, Cal.«John W. Patrick 

San Juan, Monterey, Cal Patrick Bteen 

San Leandroy Akaneda, Cal...Underhlll Van Wag- 

San Lorenao, Alameda, Gal.^« John Wood 

San Luis Obispo, (c. h.) San Luis Obispo, Gal....T. J. 

San Marcos, Hays, Tex John S. Owen 

San Pablo, Omtra Q>sta,Cal « A. B. Bates 

San Patrido, San Patncio, Tex....Wm. O'Dorharty 
San Padro^ Los Angeles, Cal...George a Alexander 
San Pedro. ^oMton, Tex........... Wm. Cunningham 

San Ra&el, (c. h.) Marin, Gal Walter Skidmor* 

San Ramon, Contra Casta, Cal ^.Samuel Russell 

Santa Anna, De Witt, 111 Emery L. Waller 

SanU Barbara, SanU Barbara, Gal...Geo. D. Fisher 
Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Cal...... ...Fletcher Cooper 

Santa Cruz, (c. h.) Santa Crus, Cal...Henry J. Shara 

Santa Fe^ ifonros, Mo Silas Tanner 

Santa Fe, Maury, Tenn. James Oaughron 

SanU Fe, BrackenjKy « R. A. Struv« 

Santa Fe, Miami, la .....Samuel G. Mettert 

Santa Fe, Alexander, HL ^ Clark Jon«g 

Santa Fe, Santa J^ N. Mex.........David Y. Whitinc 

Santa Fa, Poinsett, Ark Lewis H. Sutfln 

Santa Fe, OohimbUi, Fla. .Nathaniel A. Jamison 

Santo Lucah, ^Hmer, Qsu. Ebenezer Fain 

Santo Rosa, (c h.) iSMoiiia,,€aL.»Theodore G. Hah- 

Santee, Covingston, Miss Elias Redman 

Santiam City, Unn, Oregon. ^..S. S. Millar 

Sappington, SL Louis, Mo Caleb S. Pnrkitt 

Sarah, Blair, Pa...< Jacob Confer 

Saralwville, Franklin, IXL^ ^ John T. Davte 

SarahsvUle, J9iMe, Ohio..... Wm. Yanmeter 

Saranac, Clinton. N. Y.^............Shepard P. Bowen 

Saranac Lake, Franklin, N. Y. Milote Baker 

Saratoga, Edgecomie, N. C Nathan Webb 

Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, N. Y.....Lewis P. CIom 

Sarcoxie, Jasper, Mo David S. Holmar 

Sardinia, JErie, N. Y. Horace Bail«T 

Sardinia, Decatur, la^ John T. McCormick 

Sardinia, ^oi0fi, Ohio Houston Bate 

Sardis, Panola, Miss.....^ Jatnes F. Lavender 

Sardis,ifa«on, Ey, David Wood 

Sardis, Monroe, Ohio .' Wilson Martin 

Sarepta, Oalhoun, Miss John P. McLartj 

Sargentville, Hdnoock, Me............Geo. M. Sai^ent 

Sartwell, McJSiean, Pa^ Ransom Larabee 

Sarversville, ButUr, Pa John Bricker 

, Sassafras Fork, Chrtenvitte, N. 0.... James A. Satter- 

Satartia, Tasoo, Miss. Sylvester Mansfield 

Satterfield, Mercer. Pa.1 John Wharton 

Saucon Valley, Lehigh, Pa...... Charles Wittman 

Saugatnck, AUegan, Mich Stephen A. Morrison 

Saugatuck, Fairjidd, Conn .Harvey Allen 

Saugerties, tTlster,"H,Y, »...^ James Russell 

Saugus, Essex, Mass George Nenirhall 

Sauk City. Sauk, Wis...... ..^Edward C. Watson 

Sauk Rapids, Benton, Minn Jeremiah Rsssdl 

Sauk Village, La Parte, la,.... Joseph a Barker 

Saukville, Ozaukee, Wis..... Joseph Mann 

Sault de St. Marfe, Chippewa, Mich...Michael DuUy 

Saundarsville, Vanderburgh, la. John Ingle 

Saundersville, H^reMCer, Mass.......».Gilbert G. Till 

SaundersviUe, Sumner, Tenn...«.Thomas S. Watson 

Sauquoit, wmda, N. Y • David Seatott 

Santo, Jackson, Ala. .......... ......EUjah B. Ligon 

Savaise^ Hvward^ Md....... .....George Wheeler 




9wrage' (?raiit, TRiyiM, Va. Chftrles McGormlck 

CkTanaa, OiV-roU, III Daniel P. Holt 

•Sarannah, (c.h.) OhcUham, Ga Solomon Golieu 

Savannali, (c. h.) Andrew^ Mo Thomas H. Clarke 

gavannah, Waynty N. Y Joseph P. Case 

-flsTannah, ^sAIamf, Ohio.. ........Joseph McCutcheD 

fittvannah, <e. h.) Hardin^ Tenn Ja res Irwin 

SaTannah, Red iZtver, Texas ..Thomas F.Titus 

•Sayannah, Davis, Iowa. TIppo S. Williams 

Sayni, Orange, N. Y Harmon TerwiHlger 

tavern, Oiomy Ky.. S. 8. RoWlett 

SaTona, Sit uben, N. Y WilHsm W. Barnes 

BaToy, Berkshire^ Mass .Calvin Bowker 

Saw Past. CWttm^td, Ga. John W. Brane 

fiawkill, jPtfce, Pa Enoch Honeywell 

Bawyer*s Mills, Lexiiigton^ S. C Sampson Duffy 

SawyersTlUe, ROndolphfU.C^ William Doogan 

flaxenburgh, BuOer, Pa Henry F. Aderhold 

Saxe's Mills. Franklin, \t^ Allen Barr 

flaxeviUe, Wiitsharoi Wis Edward Saxe 

Saxon, Benrjf. Ill Charles G. Robson 

Saxonville, Middlesex, Mass San^uel P. Griffin 

Saxton's Biver, Windhain, Tt Calvin W: Fair- 

Saybrook, Middlesex, Conn James Treadway 

J9aybrook, AshtabuUt, Ohio U B. Brockets 

Saybrook Ferry, Middlesex, Conn Wm. K. Buell 

Saylorsbnrgh, Monroe, Ba David Saylor 

Baylorvllle, Pblk, Iowa. Alfred Howard 

Bayvllle. Suffolk, N. Y..... WUson J. Terry 

Scaffold Cane, Bock Oufle, Ey Moses Easley 

Saaffold Prairie, Green, la Ellas Dayhoff 

Scales Monnd, Jo Daviess, HI.... F. C. Mdupin 

Scalp Level, Om&ria, Pa William Bonacker 

ScarbOTO, Scriven, Ga David R. Wadley 

Scarboro, Cumberiawlt Me F.Mlllikan 

Scarsdale, West Chester, N. Y....WilUam S. Popham 

Scales Moond, Jo Daviess, HI F. G. Maupin 

Scates*^ Creek, TAwrjton,' Waph Abraham Tilley 

Schaghtlcpke, Renssdaer, N. Y Henry N. Wales 

Seheilsburgh, Bedford, Pa Mrs. Maria Schell 

Schenectady, (c. h.) Schenectc^dy, N. Y...Luke Dodge 

Scfaenevus, Otsego, N.Y Amos H. Brown 

Sidileiaingerville, B'ZuAtn^;r(an,Wis..TbomaB Tenner 

Bdmecksville, Lehigh, Pa David K. Wotting 

Bchodack Centre, Rensselaer, N.Y..£f. Yand^nburg. Jr 
vchodack Depot, Rensselaer, N. Y....MGra8ttis Becker 
Schodack Landing,' iSensseloer, K. Y — P. P. Huyck 

Schoeneck, Lancaxter, Pa James Kerllng 

Bchoharte,(c.h.);SSs;iatarfe,K. Y.,.William H.Gallup 

Schoolcraft, £aZama«po, Mich Evert B.Dyckman 

SchQoley's Mountain, Morris, N. J.1....W. Dellicker 

Scht^lenburgh, Bergen, N.J J. C.Quacken'bush 

Schroon Lake, Essex, N. Y A. P. Rawson 

Bchroou River, Eisex,fi.Y Russell Root 

Schultzville, DutehessiJX. Y Daniel H. Schnltzs 

Bcbnmala, Ritchie, ya......-...Ml88 B. M. Williamson 

Sbhuyler^s Falls, CUntm, N.Y..... Hiram H. Everest 

Bclitvyler's Lake, Otmgo; K. Y John W. Garratt 

Schuylersville, Sarat^',ix:Y....>M. McNaughton 

Schuylkill, Chester, Pa Immc Price 

Schuylkill Haven, <SteA(iiyUpai, Pa...David H. Baker 
BchwenckV Store, Jfon^ome}^„PaJacob G. Schwenk 

Science Hill, Randolphi'S.Of John Hlimmoud 

Sciencefille, Stewartf Qb:.v James M.Grauberry 

fleio, Wdshtenato, Mich....l....:..Mr8. Ruth B. Foster 

Sclo, AUcgany,}i. Y Jamea R. Weston 

vcio, BSoLrrisott, Ohio ....;.. Abraham F. Croskey 

-Sciola, ^itmtgonerjf, Iowa... .^.Chauncey Sager 

Soiota, Clinton, N. Y Joranthum Ober 

ficioto, Scioto, Ohio .; , ..Henry Corner 

Sclotoville, Scioto, Ohio Elias Marshall 

Sclpln, Jennings; la..'.;:;. ; Joel B. Heaberlio 

Sciplo, Cayuga, N, Y..;..;:.;;;.. ..Leonard H. Searing 

Scipiq €entre, H&bda^ Mich M^ohn Leng 

Sciplaville, Cayuga^ N.Y George L. Watkins 

Bbitico, Hirtfordi Caan::. Roxelany King 

lysitQate, PlyvMuth, Mass ...WUliam P. Allen 

SconondJoa, Oneida, N. Y J..8ai&ael Butterfield 

Sooober, iCsiifMr/tfiss .l.:'.J. T. Whltsltt 

'Scotch Bush; Mmtgtfinery,3X. Y....wm: H. Jackson 

Scotch Grdve, Jmugs,IOwk..^ ;Jo6ti E. Lov<noy 

^Seotjh.HUl, Clarion, Pa .*..; ^eotga Alsbach 

Scotch Plains, Essex, N. J.:::: .'Joseph P. Hays 

BootdiBiage, HM, Ohio..;..; .. .W. P. Carr 

Seot<*htoirn, Orange, N. Y..'. .' Tra S. Bradner 

Scotia. Schnectady^ N. Y James W. Pannibum 

Scotland, Franklin, Pa Joseph W. Dunmlre 

Scotland, Windham, Oonn James Burnett 

Scotland, Jeferson, Miss Isaac Garrett 

Scotlan.], Oremcln .....tohn lli>rnhaker 

Scotland, YnrkfMe Sylvester IMcIntlro 

Scotland, Plymouth, Mass George Chipman 

Seotlund, Union, Ark , Hugh Kelly 

Scotland, CZarfce, Ala paniel McLeod 

Scotland Neck, Halifax, N. C .Thomas Ferrall 

Scott, Sheboygan, Wis i.Welis Chapin 

Scott, La Orange, la ; C. W. Wilson 

Scott, Oortlandt, N. Y William Alvord 

Scott, La ScUie, III Qeoi^e S. Maxon 

Scott, Mahaska, Iowa Ambrose Downs 

Scott, Adams, Ohio .Edward B. Wilkin* 

Scott, Effingham, Ga Obadiah Edwards 

Scottsburg, Umpqua, Oregon ...Loyal P. Brown 

Scottsbnrgh, LivinjaOon, N. Y Harvey G. Baker 

Scottsburgh, Halifax, Ya John H. Garrett 

Scott's Creek, Haywood, N.C... Allen Fisher 

Scott's Hill, Hendisrson, Xenn...Ephraim H. Austin 

Scott's Hill, New Hanover, N.p Joseph M. Foy 

Scott's Mills, Jackson, Ala James Parks 

Scott's Station, Harrison,Kj H. L. Webb 

Scottsville, Warren, Ohio Jacob Weaver 

Scottsville, ifizcom6, Mich Oriel Day 

Scottsvllle, Bibb, Ala TalUafertro F. Samuel 

Scottsville, ClaAcme, La. William L. Barton 

Scottsville, SuHivon, Mo John Clements 

Scottsville, (c. b.) Atttn, Ky David M. Wilson 

Scottsville, Albemarle, Th John L. Bradj 

Scottsville, Monroe, N. Y .DyerD. S. Brown 

Scottsville, H^owtnflT, Pa Henry W. Fassett 

Soottville, Macoupin, 111 BosweU T. Gregory 

S<;ranton, Liueme, Pa Benjamin H. Throop 

Screamersville, ifaury, Tenn...Matthew ^I. Morrow 

Scriba, Oswego, N. Y Hiel Stone 

Scrogg.<*field, CarrcU, Ohio Jobn U. George 

Scrub Grass, Armstrong, Pa George W. Goheen 

Scuffletown, Laurens, S. C A. W. Parks 

Scull Gamp, Surry, N. C ,.Charle8 A. Welherow 

Scull Shoals, Ch'eene, Ga Thos. N. Poullain 

Scnlltown, Salem, N. J JiUVed T. Jester 

Scuppernong, Washington, N. G Hardy Harrison 

Scyene, Dallas, Texas John M. Spearman 

Seaboard, Northampton, N. C....DempRey R.Taylor 
Seabrook, Rockinghamf N. H......Sara)i Ann Brown 

Seaford, Sussex, ml. WilliatnF. Robinson 

Seal, TTj^atuio^/j'Ohfo.......:.... James F. Wardsworth 

Seal Cove, Hancock, Me Charlea C. Fuller 

Searcy, (c. h.) White, Atk A. J. Jones 

Searights^ FUyette, Pa.: James Allison 

Searsburgh, Sehuj/hr, N.'Y David F. Sears 

Searsburgh, Sennir^ton, Yt.: E. C. Norton 

Searsmont, Waldo, Me .Sumner Pattee 

Searsport, Waldo, Me.« Otis Black 

Searsville, Orarufe, N. Y , .George Hunter 

Seattle, ^ing, Wash; Ter.: Charles Plummer 

Seatnck, SuffoUe, N. Y:..... Parker S. Robinson 

Sea View, iVor<A4mptort,Ya £. T. Nottingham 

BeaTiBe, Cape May, N. J „..John Gandy 

Sebagp, Cumberland, Me .Joseph Ridlon 

Sebaitopol, Ottawa, Mich Alexander Wilson 

Sebec, Piscatamvis, Me Theodore Wy man 

Sebewa, Ionia, Mich.; I..;.. ...Lucius Showerman 

SeciUia, Calhoun, Mich .^.Wjlliam H. Gilles 

Second Creek, Qreenbrier,YSk ....John Bardett 

Second Fork, EUc, Pa J'acob Stabl/^chmidt 

Second Turn Out, Louisa, Ya John T. Bumpass 

Secret Ravine, Placer, Gal..... Horace G. Hact 

Sedges Garden, JFbnyth, ^, Joseph Waggoner 

Sedgwi<^, Hancock, Me...., Daniel Moi^un,Jr 

Sedley, BuOitt, Ky.'. JTosuphCox 

Seekonk, BriM, Mass » ; ,....WiUiam Ide 

Seely Creek, Chemung, N, Y Finia M. Jones 

Seelysburgh, Oattaraugtu, N. Y Samuel Farlee 

Sego, Perry, Ohio ; ,«. ..George Boor 

Seguin, (c. h.) Cfttudalt^pe, Texas K C. Anderson 

SeiberlingvlUs, Lehigh, Pa JohnF.Seiberling 

SeldersviUe, Ifbrthampton, Pa....£dwArd Overpeek 

Seisholtsvilis, Berks, Pa ; Charles N. Geriy 

Selby Station, Airatu,in..^ Hiram White 

SabyrilleyiShtsKs, Dsl IsaaoHcOabe 




Selbysport, Alleghany, Md J. P. Lowderweilk 

Selden, SufftHlcy N. Y. -.'.JoerD. Norton 

SelfridgeviUc, Will, 111 John S. Miller 

Selin*8 Grove, J7ntoni Pa...... ....J. Matthias App 

Selkirk, Marion, 8.0:.;..: ..NelU AJford 

Sellerfiburg, Ctarfe, la. Moses W. Sellers 

Seller's Tavern, Bucks, Pa: Amos Jacoby 

Selma, Dallas, A\^. ...John M. Strong 

Selma, AVeghaiiy,y% John D.Sadler 

Selma, Uclmn, 111 Harrison i'oster 

Selma, Jeferson, Mo .....Theodore Foster 

Selma, Clark, Ohio Jacob Landls 

Setma, Ddawart, la William J. Moore 

Seminary, Washita^ Ark Kiley Manning 

Sempronins, Cayuga, N. y...'PhJ1ip H. Van Schaick 

Bempronin?, AvsUti, Texas William Pnnchard 

Seneca, AnJderson, S. G Samnel C. Humphreys 

Seneca, l^pkins, N. Y Derrick John pon 

Seneca, Lenawee, Mich JTames B. Foot 

Seneca, Crawford, Wis .' S. P. Langdon 

Senoca Castle, Ontario, N. Y Isaac W. Runyan 

Seneca Falls, Spneca, N. Y Josiah T.Miller 

Senecaville. Ouemsey, Ohio....: :. Jplfn M. Sayre 

Senex, McLean, 111 Samuel A. Walton 

Sennet, Cayuga, N. Y .....E. H. Quick 

Senteirs Store, Bossier, La...CbarleS H. Pemberton 

Sentinel, Andrew, Mo E. H. Conch 

Sentinel Prairie, /\aU;, Mo..» Reuben Simpson 

Sepulga, Conecuh, Ala...;. Andrew E. Jackson 

Serena, Zkz SoUa, III Daniel Blake 

Sereno, Columbia, Pa JohnLeggott 

Serepta, Warren, N. J., John R. Buttz 

Sergeant's Bluff, Woodbury, Iowa..... Leonard Sates 
Sergeantsville, HurUerdon, N. J....J08''ph W. Ganb 

Service, Beauer, Pa William Harrison 

Betauket, Suffolk, N. Y John R. Satterly 

Setzler's Store, Chester, Pa. Frederick Setzler 

Seven Islands, Fluvanna, Va..^ SamiMl S. Bugg 

Seven Islands, Butts. Ga...^ ..t...A. J. Williams 

Seven Leagues, Smith, Texas., Josse Reynolds 

Seven Mile, Butter, Ohio. D. M. Wieder 

Seven Mile Creek, Adarrts, Wis Joseph L. Beedle 

Seven Mile Ford, Smyth, Ta Jamea B. Sanders 

Seven Mile Prairie, Darke, Ohio James McFeely 

Seven Oaks, Galveston, Texas Jonas Butler 

Seventy-Eight, Jbft««on, Iowa. George Fesler 

Seventy-Seven, Johnson, Iowa Henry Walker 

Seventy-Six, CUnton, Ky ......Abljah Guthrie 

Seventy-Six, Beaver, Pa, .'. David Reed 

Seven Valleys, Tork, Pa Henry Bott 

Sevier, Sf^vier, Teilti '. W. C. Murphy 

Seville, Madison, Va «. William Simms 

Seward, KenddU, 111.... Judson R. Fletcher 

Seward, Schoharie, N. Y. .Jacob H. Diefendorf 

Seward'f) Mills, Kenne})eck, Me Benjamin Wing 

Seward's Poiht, Montgomery, III.... Joseph M. Scott 

Sewee, Meigs, Tenn ..'. James Gettys 

Sewellsvllle, Belmont, Ohio Jonathan E. Ball 

Sewickly Bottom, Alleghany^ Pa David Shields 

Sewicklyville, Alleghany, Pa« John Way 

Sextons, Boone, Mo....,..., James Hawkins 

Sexton's Creek, Clay, Ky Henry Clark 

Sextonville, Sichldnd, Wis.. ..Ebenezer M. Sexton 

Seymour, AUegany, N. Y Ichabod B. Sharpe 

Seymoursville, Hardy, Va...Alex. A. Hlginbotham 

Seymour. Jackstm, la .......Joseph Hagins 

Shabbonas* Grove, Dt Kalb, HI Samuel Curtis 

Shade, Athens, Ohio , A&bury Cremer 

Bhad« Furnace, Somerset, Pa......AzAr1ah Dunham 

Shade Gap, Huntingdon, Pa J Wm. A. Jamison 

Shade Mill, Alleghany, Md William Frost 

Shadewell, Albemarle, Va. E. J. Tunberlake 

Shadville. FrankUn, Ohio.. .^..Adln G. Hibbs 

Shady, Johnson, Tenn William M. tipton 

^hady Dalo, Jasper, Qa.. Matthew Whitfield 

Shady Grove, Vhion,(isk.'. Jesse Osbom 

Shady Grove, DaUas, Mo ^ Bird L. Stafford 

Shady Grove, Gibson, Tenn William Patton 

Shady Grove, Franklin, Va......... Philemon Smith 

Shady Grove, Franklin, Pa Jacob B. Waynant 

Shady Grove, Crittenden, Ky Miles Malin 

Shady Grove, Washington, tti Seth Bam«s 

Shady Hill, Henderson, Tenn... J. G. W. Christen- 

)3hady 8pri|i& HaUS^hfTt .Qreea Pine 

SbaefferstowD, Xebanon, Pa. Alfred V. Buchec 

ShaftsbfiTy, Bennington, Vt....Norman R. Douglass' 
Shaker Villagj|, Hvrnwwik, N. H...Saxnuel Morrill 

Shakelfords, Aitap and Queen, Va D. Butrick 

Shakespeaf, Gi-een^,' AxY ...William H. Mack 

Sha-k'pay, &&«,lttiAti. T., William PhiUipe 

Shaler*!} Muls, Kiioi, Ohio .Henry w. Greegor 

Shalersvine. Fiortagi, Ohio.: Ambrose S. CndTtg 

Shallotte, Srun^i^Ar, N. C...., George Hooper 

Shallow Ford, Orange, N;. G...CfbeBley K. Fauoette 
Shamokin, Northumbihlandf V%„\..3o9«p\i ZuerB 

ShamoklnDam, Union, Vsk ....l....George Keen 

Shamong, BurlingtoVC, N: J...NJohQlas S. Thompson 
Shamrock, OaUaway, 1ffd::......I...V7m. P. Mannen 

Shamrock Mills, Washington, R. I.l. ...Henry Hozie 

Sbanandoah, £icMan<f; Ohio .'.John Winbaugfa 

Shandaken, Ulster, N. Y..". v.-'—Elias Kigbmey 

Shane's Crossings, Mercer, Ohio... ...«.'.G. F. Borchen 

Shanesvilla, J'M«carawd», Ohio. ♦....Guy Y. Springer 

ShaughaL Ber^eZey,Va... ..:... ...John W .Grantham 

Sbanksville, Somerset, Pa. ,.. Peter Hackett 

Shannon, Muskingum, Ohio...:.f...... Edwin Owlngs 

Shannon, JTama* .^..«....S. D. Houstoni 

Shannondale, Montgomery, la Hugh J. Webster 

Shannondale, Clarion, Pa 0. S. Shannon 

Shaonon Hill, GoofMand, Va .William H. Goode 

Shannons, Montgomery, Tex......... Jacob Shannon 

Shannonville, Mimigomery, Pa,........C. P. Shannon 

Shapleigh, Tork, Me. ^..-Elisha Bodwell 

Shark River, Ocean, Ni, J y...Richard Davison 

Sharon, Chambers, Ala....'« .,...Thoma8 Shannon 

Sharon, Litchileld,Conn^..,. Jamee Orr 

Sharon, Whitesides, 111....^... John H^iJohnson 

Sharon, I^or/ofk, Mass.... i..^..... .Calvin Turner 

Sbaron, Washtenaw, Mich Ruel Ambrose 

Sharon, Appanoose, Iowa Thomas Bwearingen 

Sharon, Madison, Miss .James T. Bletfsoe 

Sharon, Schoharie, N. Y , ....H. Beekman 

Sharon, Meckleriburgh, N.C Sil^s Alexander 

Sbaron, if^rc^r, Pa O.H. P. Goodwin 

Sharon, Windsor, Vt. <...... Hiram Moore 

Sharon, Wythe, Va Matilda Shannon 

Sharon, WalworOi, Wis.... Wm. Voorhees 

Sharon, Delaware, la John L. Riley 

Sharon, Noble, Ohio Joseph A. Marquis 

Sharon, TYpton, Tenn Joseph A. Ghreen 

Sharon, ZhZta/erro,Ga.. ,....Wm. F. Nance 

Sharon Centre, Schoharie, N. Y John F. HiUer 

Sharon Centre, Medirui, Ohio William Chatfleld 

Sharon Centre, Potter, Pa Robbins Brown 

Sharon Springs, Schoharie, N. Y..M. N. De Noyelles 

Sharon Siat^ion, ifutchess....'., Noah G. Clark 

Sharonville, Hamilton, Ohio....Win. T. £ddingfiel4 
^harpesville,, J9^btf/^omery, Ala... .....^.....tlt.Wfdters 

Sharpsbur^ ToLyloj',! Va. .......Joh^ E. Sharps 

Sharpsburgh, Bath, Ky, ^I...f9xaw. CaldweU 

Sharpqburgh,. Washingtcm, Md.....».Jeremiah Kuhn 

Sharpsburgby jVari'on, Mo, Wiiliam Boulware 

Sharpttburgh, AUeghany, P%.....i.. .Francis A. Klein 
Sharp's Fprk, Athens, Ohio....,...,. Austin S. Dickey 

Sharp's MiQs, ijamion, la;.. Abraham Sharp 

Sharpsville, Tipton, la... Neal St. Clair 

Sharp T9P, Cherokee, Ga....... Ladson Worley 

Sharptown, Somerset, Md Edward Burford 

Sbarptown, Salem, N. J .Edward B. Humphrey 

Shartlesville, Berks, Paf..„..Bei]jaiiUn Nunemacher 

Shasta, Shasta, Cal...>. :•••••*< .-James Lemmon 

Shaucks, Morrow^ Ohib ,..,r...Philip M. Baker 

Shaumburgh, Ox?^, til....... ...«....., E. P. Swsin 

Shaver's Creek, Huntington^ 'Ptk».^M>.Jobn CresweU 

Shavertown, Ddaware, N. Y .<., Alfred Shaver 

Shawangunk, Ulster. N. Y Wm. C.J^oble 

Shawnee, Xfipgara, N. Y .....Edwin Cooke 

Shawnee, Jifonroe, Pa...... Joseph V. Wilson 

Shawnee Mound, Henry, Mo.;.. ..Daniel A. Oillsspie 

Shawnee Mound, Tippecanoe, I^.* Jesse MehanT' 

Shawneetown, Gallatin, U) George W. McKea^ 

Shaw's Flat, Tuolumne, Cal Joltm A. Lank 

Shaw's Mills, Guilford, N. G.....„ ...FinleyShcnr 

Shaw's Point, Macoupin, 1)1. ...v...T. W. Barnett 

Shawsville, Har/ord, Md Abraham Slade 

Shawsville, Montgomery, Va.,.Tbeodore F^ Wright 

Shawsville, CUarJieid, Pa William L. Rishel 

Shaw-wu-no, Ontagamie, WiB...Charles D. Wescott 

>l»Tmii nils, 3h „ . 

RbBil'* Conien. ibditon, H. T..J 

gbaapicoH BiidEs, Lineabt, M e...rruli'n 1. Ottatj 

asmlixmn, ITanpiUrt, T*. ^Henrj Head 

Uefflild, AytUe, AH. .muton Gcimn 

8hameM,JV«t>ten,aa^ .D. H. Baker 

BhsOsld, ftrtiMn. Hui Edward V. Kosini 

BhtBMd, ZdKiiii, Ohio - Aloiuo A. Pkrfe* 

ghaffltld, CUslaiUl^ Tt .OhirlM L. K«U<7 

Shaffl^ Burani, lU .-. .OoniBT a Hllb 

BbalMit, Zmte, OUo.... 

mubols, Fm,t». ~. 

BbaUTlUa, OimSUim, U._ 
Sbelbarn, £t^ m 

SblmarrlllvuUj;*!'^ - 

Shin Greek, iSulKtwi, N. T.. Sunn 

SWnjls Creek, AIatiwoiet,H.T 

Sblnnitaii, IXirritalt, Ta.»- ^phani W. Ehlnm 

~'-- an, Jfaes^fihlll.... "-■ — . ■.— i • 

)lnL Wtiaa. Slal.... 
Ola, JV^taaT^ 0.'.V." 

SbaUtown, ffe>», H.J .Thomu G. I 

onauLown, CAXon, n. « . 
StelocU, ndiaiw. Fa,... 
Sheltn talud, SMk, t 
tbMao't Sun, Jbmvt, ' 

N.Y... Archibald K.Ha< 

\ton, Mmret, Tann ,Jaa»ta V. Sbelton 

«, Ariji**, On. " ' 


'Bfaapfawd'a Cie^ Tiiea, H,<irn W. 
"— ■— 1'a Grow, (SiftiKW, Tt-.-.-Tmile e 
Mown, Bclnaiil, Ohlc.Thoa. U. C 

•...(AiliiMplMr T. PUtm 

.John C. Knott 

-%inn*I Cantntmn 

.~WUIIaJ. SokeUa 

. Haatmd 

_ . jtowB, CbnterI(ni{,Ps...Suinel Shhonim' 

Bhlrhind, JDgetoRjr, Pa. .Alax. Hel^land. Jr 

~-— — PHaitwiHli, Ha _ Paul S. Mmin 

JfiddUsex, Maai Thnmaa TCtiltne; 

SblrlsT Uilli. Pi, 
BhlrUrsburgh, H\ 
Shirley Vlllaes, i 

...lUchard H. Clark 

a, Leifffi, Pa Samt 

la; N. T. „ .Th .™ 

Zcnbrnn, HI Bobert W. Gnina 

ShDDgD, JS«K»H. V. T 

ahoobota, Cbirk, Kin 

ShooClDE Creek, O/imAa, N. G. 
Sho^re, Btek, Wla 

SprtllK W~ ~ 

Bbop Bpiing, JVitwbaTji, S. (L ^Hlchul Werta 

Shorebam, AiUltm, Tt Edwin 3. Atwoad 

Short Bend, Datt, Ka .Banedjcl Plank 

Short Bmnoh, CUKsm, M!9g. Saild Baiton 

Short Oraak, AooJte, Tn Joahaa B. 

Short Honntain. Batahln. Pa. Santel 



nenndo, .^lOTuta, Vt 

ffljerbom; XtddlaesBt Haas-... ..Jeremiah 

8harb^^n>^, Cheaiaga, N. I.. ...Bdmand 3ba« 

SharbiUDa, Itufbmd, Vt. Baniamln Huham 

Sharbnroa HOlI, flaaOv. Kj llioiBas Dndlaj 

StaerhnmTlRa, im, Ul.....„...^. I>aTid_Brtttoa 

ataortarins, BHUat, &j 

Shotwell, JTanHAt. Mo. 

ShoustowQ, Aaifhans, Pa 

Shnra, JTIignt. Ohio.... 


Sherman, Jh^^iWd, Own. 

0, CAaiiiaii«i(i,N.r...._ 
n, Blow, Alo.... i 

.J*J Lcdua 

ibam 8. Darton 
...IteTld Ucke; 


,_ .Thomaa Wast 

OiinV^N.Y Allan niomaa 

, »'^nl,Pa. AlfMdOora 

.rat, Ark Nathan EMridga 


Bh«mu'sDa1a, Rrry, .„ 

Bharman'B Hallow, Talit, N. T...IIdanBn 
Sharrlll'* Ford, Z^wnln, M. 0. ~ ' " 

SherodiTlll- "■ — " '"-■- 



ilflldflboroi^, (o.h.)i£ 

SvOmd, Ta LoweU V 

Sbrab Oak, ^KibAttt 
Sliatj^ HQU. ftwi, Wla. 
ShnfOrdTllla, Butumtfo, N. 

...-.Jamea B. Ualona 

Bhnlaabnc*, F ,. 

Bhntler'i Conurt. Scolia 
Shj Port. Alidrlaii,»D.. 
SlbUa, TatlifiigtoH,!^... 

....OeorgeW. Brown 

»diT, HifhUad, Ohio.. 

adneT, Shilby, Ohio... 

.Wm. Matlhawl 

.William Downer 

...-BarDKrd MarUe, u 
Jamea Bom 

ilPMui; Dflanart.n.' 

H. Y Trim W. Frinbro 

Mdoniburgh, rwA-, Fa OKnEeBuRi* 

««d'> BlorB, EfnoHil, N.C D«iil*l Mefpl 

Own, Sitrra. CW D«Tld W. MItcheri 

aBinrner, (e, h.) KrekiOk, lom. JOfKd Rmtm 

m-i Cr«k, .Kh Bowwr, H. C... John B. JohnstoD 

m Onek, aiaiientm. III 

er Crerk, SAuyllall, P> J 

NiTn Creek, Jfaury, Tenn .OBbiicI L. Uorton 

surer Greek, IVtawaUmii, lowH Jmic Hdore 

gltrei Creek, JVanDn, Oregon E, U. Wulte 

Utw Greek, Kalamaio), Uleh -Jobii W. Seker 

Bam Qiule, ^ndcrwii, 8. Chules Irbr 

ailTer HUI,J>riii£d»ii, N. C Thoi. SvmC'iia 

SilTei Hill, BnBifwt, a. G ..Wni. T. apeak* 

aaTsr Lake, (Kiuhim, Wli -Levis B. Storks 

niTer It/Oh n^Uflutf.llleh...C<irne]Jus Pollieiiiui 
SQTa iBks, AieAute, la. J^Kob Finlui 

niTn Lake. SiDSW ^..- 

nl i^^Uo.'.'.'.... 
1, ItilHi^ii, Ala... 

i. Pa. Edvmrd Sen 

er SprlDg, «t JVuncCi. Mo. 
erS^lD^p liOwstXif, Pa..... 
er SprJngBr Marion, Fla 

■inip»n'« Creek, Ttajflor, Tt — 

Slmpgon'i Mill, Latmnt, 3. G .jaan i,uiocruui; 

Umpioii'B Storej WkihinffDmj'^L Jon. a^mpBOD 

Bimpion'i Stoie. Jolmiim, Ko lunei B. Simpice 

eimpKiaTlUe, SAdAy, Et Tboi. H. MlUlgmi 

Wjopioniille, Howont Md Jot Fswcel^iJi 

' tinaliaiy, IIar(^rd, Caan .JcBref a Fhc)pi. Ji 

KaOtiT'i Bottom, SmylA, Ta Samnion Colt 


OoilMaD, iraucnt, HIh -Jackioa Le[gl 

Hng Slag WoMuOer, H. T^ -Alfred Bo^ut 

ad^Df Ctwk, Oute Ta ~- .Oust WUej 

BlDklng Sprliift Highland, OW" " ' "-'— 

AdUiu Spring, Ba-k$, Pa..M... 
anklng VaUeT, «iifr. Pa 

Blnnanwhonlnej CBitm, Ft. .Arthur ToitiuiK 

fllDopa, aaldmu, 1a..... ................ -Ain-ed ^errand 

Sioialftir, Lane, Oregoa _ Heniy Colemui 

fUoni J^encj. StsSUt, Minn. .11. 0. MuT|ilir 

BlDUXCItr, Hbod&nn. Iowa. Joho K.Cwk 

eiBatXUs, Smcrid, n „ Peter Sine 

Slpplcan, PIviuuM, Han WelUr N. Ellis 

^MT Tnrnnlke, IusMIbu, Ala. .Wm. K. r ~ 

■imrHle, /HcUinAWli .Miltoa Siltei 

Sir Johv'a Enn, Jforiraii,Ya. ..Jninea Ui 

Dime, /dAhh 

Witerdile, Omet, Tex 

HHei'l Verrr, £j|tfli7t<»i, ' 
SMemine, ^4eT, Vs...... 


«x Mile, Jea 

A. n. MaUorj 

.Wmiam B. MJllei 

A. V. Hayden 

.Jama P. Swtuthoat 

in, iKcttanL'f 

Bn, OCfawt, Ml __ , 

Mile, J<nn(i»K la. Jama P. Swtutt 

Ulla mtB, PaiabKat, ■« Oeo. W. Will! 

Mile Run, amumt, H. J William M. Bt 

uae R■^^ AiVsnl, Pa... ~^ •.--.. 

Mile Run, iSlniiBBm, H. C 

«■< MUl, WLTTm, Kt 

neatelep, OjvmdaM,M,Y,„ 
era CroM Eonda, Mercer, 01 
■nek, Jfacon, S. C..- 

akianar; Franlclin, 

SklDoer^ Siilj, Wfoming, Pa.SamDal H. StDrdnaBt 
Sklnquarter, CMirJiai, Ta S. S. Good* 

Sklppack, JfenVininT, Fa.- -.AnthDny H. Salpt 

,-JIattbeir U . Robnt* 
" IH.Storl- 


Sleek, iliusm. Sj.. 

I, B. C -Van/ HeRlniHr 

.- -..niomai RJCoduaa 

, 111 .Datiiy/htm. 

R. Sledn 
W. Lei^ 

id Walker 
an Lowell 

[ereurove urnnt WM. umtui Wlnaiaas 
■burgh Indiana, Pa WUHam BaUn>M 

r, Suaqtitlumnali P». „ OoodTiiih EUon 
/ ■ Corners, AunUin, Ohio J)aT)d SdIIct 
amilh Bridge ffotam, N C JlUj Klnlaw 

Smllta Dale, >tntite, Ml« Tbonua a Gerald 

SmlUifidil Ikfwart, U- WiUtom F. Otw 

SmlthBeld, ^bmcTHt, M* Daniel K Frohodi 

SDiltliaeld,(c.l^} JaAiuon,H C~ S H. Hobb* 
Bmlthileld, J<Artim, Ghlo „ „ .JaMHi Browir 
Smilbfleld, rat "■— " " " 

John F. Can 

llua HcClearj 


amithdeW HntfTf.Kj . .,. 

amlthBeld,<B.h)/iteit^ TToAL Va-Bent Bldnod 
SiDllliaroTB,fiiR>u,N C AlbertSBeek 

aolUiland £iii>ni»<oit. Kt .Jobn A i" " 


A Martin 

'fifli So - Jteiiben Watt* 

Smlthlaud ^M' Jeaaa SoUk 

gmlih[nri li) Jft£aiin,Pa SolnmDD aartwaU 
Snltbs, Ganu,Obla - - .Jadun T. Smitta 
Smith's Buln muhvu/Um, H < Iirael Smith 
Bmltbsboco ni«ii,H T .JUsi Harriet M Sejmonr 

amilh;* Fork ffafai". Tenn 
r™. Kr 

Smllh|> I 

Smith's Mills, ChaiOauJM, S 
Smith's Mills, OBroll, Mlaa 

John amllk 
Robert P. Bailer 

Heat; a. Richard 

■I .Charles McKJnner 

Aaanitc,^ J Pardon RTim 

I) Unvlrrm 

gmlth 1 Mills, Cltarfiid, Pa. Jamea A. Hc^eitr 




Smitii*B Ranch, j8bnoma,Gal Stephen Smith 

Bmitli^s Ridge, Ibirfiddf Conn... Stephen E. Eeeler 

Smith's Station, Yorkf Pa A. H. Qreen 

Smith's Store, Spartanburffhf S. G... Wm. F. Smith 

Smiih's Turn Out, Torkj S. G C. B. Smith 

SmithsTille, Potohabm^ Ta Rich'd B. Mumford 

flmlthton, SL Clair, 111 Benjamin J. Smith 

Smithtown, Suffdk, N. Y Jesse Hills 

Smithtown Branch, Suffolk, N. Y... James Halliock 

SmithTllle, Lawrenoe* Ark P. L. Christian 

SmithTiile, Monroe, Miss.' Joseph Brown 

SmMhviUe, Fiearia, lU .Thomas P. Smith 

SmithTiile, Clay, Mo Tfaos. W. R.Brassfield 

^mSthTille, Jfiffenon, N. Y. Alford Allen 

&iiithTilIe, (e. h.) Brtmtwkk, N. C...L. A. Galloway 
SmithTiile, miyne, Obio....»»... Theodore A.Kry8her 

SmithTiile, Lancaster, Pa John C. Smith 

SmithTiile, AbbeviUA, S. G........; William Smith 

SmithTiile, (c. h.) De Kalb, Tenn... Jos. Y. Stewart 

SmithTUle, Lumpkin, 6a Gllderoy W. Smith 

SmithTiile, Monroe, la Presley L. Holland 

SmithTiile Flats, Chenango. N. Y..BeDJamin Brown 

Smoky Hollow, Columbia, N. Y C. Germon 

Smoky Ordinary, JBrunswiak, Va...Geo. R. Mallory 

Smoot's Point, Menard, 111 :...Wm. G. Smoot 

Smyrna, Kent, Del Ezekiel X. Ganlt 

Smyrna, Ionia, Mich <<..^ <. Ezra Spencer 

Smyrna, Chenango, N. Y David B. Leavenworth 

Smyrna, BarnweU, S. G Bei\Jamin Coleman 

Smyrna, Harrison, Ohia .....EHas I. Phipps 

Smyrna, Rvilurford, Tenn J. H.' Simmons 

Smyrna, Carteret, N. C David Whittingham 

Smyrna, Zxznca«fer, Pa..»..k John Homsher, Jr 

Smyrna, Decatur, Ia»w. E. S. Elder 

Snapping Shoals, Newton, Ga James W. Hester 

Soead's Ferry, Onslow, N. C« William F. Manson 

Snaedsville, Hancock, Tenn...... Anderson Campbell 

Snelling Ranch, Mariposa^ Gal.. Henry 0. Schroeder 

fihiibar. La FayMe, Mo <....i.;George W. Bledsoe 

SniekersTille, Loudon^ Va William Bradfield 

Saiders, Wishington, Ey Jacob Snider 

SnoddyviUe, Jefferson, Tenn .Wilson G. Witt 

SnookTilla, Defiance, Ohio. Gilbert Coffin 

SnowOamp, Orange, N. G John Dixon 

Snow Creek, Jreddl, N.G Shadrach Glaywell 

Snow Creek^ Pickens, S. G Emry Moore 

Snow Greek, Marshall, Misa Yinston S. Grisham 

SnowOrdek, Franklin, Ytk....- Jesse H. McGbee 

Snow Falls, Oxford, Me Alfred W. Steams 

Snow Hill, Wilcox, A1a.%.... Addison B. Scarborough 

Snow Hill, HaaniUon, Tenn Jesse Locke 

Snow Hill, Walker,Gai. James Hunt 

Snow Hill, (c. h.) Worcester, Md Thomas HamiU 

Snow Hill, ainUm, Ohio Elisha Harris 

Sn0w Hill, (e. h.) Greene, N. G John T. Freeman 

Snow Hill, Nicholas, Ya. Jane White 

Snow Shoe, Csntre, Pa. .Daniel H. Yeager 

Snow's Store, Windsor, Vt Philip T. Snow 

SnowBTille, Choctaw, Miss M. G. McMullen 

SnowTille, Pulaski, Va. Stillman B. Snow 

S&ydersrille, Monroe, Pa. ... : Peter Snyder 

Snydertown, Northumi)erland, Pa...John C. Morgan 

Soap Greek, Davis, Iowa Noah Smith 

do$9 Creek, Benton, Oregon DaTid D. DaTis 

Soap Stone Mount, Randolph, N. G....L. F. McMasters 

Socoopatoy, Cboxo, Ala George J. McKenzie 

Sodal Circle, WaUon, Ga ;.... John B. Davis 

Social HiU, McLean, Ky :.John M. Eaves 

SoeiaUty, OaUtaraugus, N. Y Nelson Hillebert 

Society Hill, Macon, Ala Ltiner M. Horton 

Society HiU, DarUngion, S. Lewis M. Coker 

Socorro, Socorro, New Mexico William 3. Conner 

Sodom, (Campaign, 111 Thompson Dickson 

Sodas, mtyne, N. Y...^. Willis T. Gaylord 

Sodna Centre, TI'ayne,N.Y Wilton Seeley 

Sodus Point, Wayne, N. Y William Wickham 

Body, WaJtOMga, N. G. Albert P. Wilson 

Sofkey, Decatur, Ga^ George A. Wright 

Solemn Grove, Moore, N. C Archibald Buclian 

Solitnde, Baniscot, Mo Wm. W. Mitchell 

Soion, Johnson, Tow> Daniel F. McGune 

Solon, Sofmearsd, Mo.. Suinner Webb 

Solon, Cbrtlandt, N. Y Samuel Emerson 

Solon, CUmhoffa,0\uo Archibald Robbins 

Solon, WhitCf Tenn .W. J. Wadaworth 

Solon MUISy McHtury, 111 3. Aldrieh- 

Solsberry, Green, la , A. J. Axtel 

Solsville, Madison, N. Y ^....Albert G. Hail 

Somerflleld, Somerset, Pa John Endsley 

Somers, Tolland, Conn Francis W. Kibbe 

Somers, Westchuter, N. Y William Turk 

Somers Centre, Westchester, N. Y Wm. E. Teed. 

Somerset, Saline, III Wm. Matthews 

Somerset, (c.h.) Pulaski, Ky Frank J. Whit© 

Somerset, Bristol, Mass John A. Sayles 

Somerset, HiUsdale, Mich George A. Smith 

Somerset, Monroe,Mo..i Wm. M.Lasley 

Somerset, Wabash, la Elisha Stoat 

Somerset, Niagara, N. Y J^ames Matthews 

Somerset, (t.h..) Perry, Ohio Charles Elder 

Somerset, (c.h.) Somerset, Pa Harvey C. Marks 

Somerset, Orange, Va Ansel P.Boult 

Somerset Mils, Somerset, Me...Elbridg6 G. Rideoot 

Somers' Point, Atlantic, N. J E. Ingersoll 

Somersville, TdUand. Conn Ansel Arnold 

Somerton, Belmont, Ohio Richard C. Miles 

Somerton, Philadelphia, Pa Be^jamin Gomly 

Somerton, Nansemond, Va .....James E. Smith 

Somerville, (c.h.) Morgan, Ala Chris. Welch 

Somcrville, Middlesex, Mass George A. Sanborn 

Somerville, (c. hO Somerset, N. J. J^. W. Van Arsdale 

Somerville, St. Lawrence, N. Y Chauncey B, Fell 

Somerville, BuUer, Ohio James Cook 

Somerville, (c. h.) Fayette, Tenn. ..Marion S. Godbey 

Somerville, Fixuquier, Va John H. Enaor 

Somerville, G&son, T&.... George Vannada 

Somonauk, De Xalb, III. ...... ..Alexander R. Patten 

Somonoc Depot, De ISedb, 111 Lyman Bacon 

Sonestown, SuUivan, Pa John Sonet 

Sonoma, Mercer, Mo Wm. C. West 

Sonoma, Sonoma, Gal G.W.Miller 

Sonera, ^^lumne. Gal .....Geo. W. Patrick 

Sonora, Gordon, Ga Benj. F. Wyly 

Sonora, Muskingum, Ohio John 0. Shrigley 

Sonora, Steuben, N. Y 1. Hamilton lane 

Sontag, Franklin, Va William H. Dent 

Sookalena, Lauderdale, Miss C. P. Partin 

Sooy's Inn, Burlington, N. J... ....Jonathan Cifamer 

Sopchoppy, WdkuUa,W]& ...'. JobnSowell 

Sorby, Wayne, Tenn..... Abraham Montage 

Sorrel Horse, Montgomery, Pa David Gumming 

Sonohahatchee, JbUapoosa, Ala William M.Rape 

South Abington, PlymotUh, Mass. Cyrus A. Dyer 

South Acton, MiddUseas, MaB8....'!^.Wm. R. Shattuck 

South Acton, Forfc, Me Mark G. Hurd 

South Acworth, SmUwxH, N. H Harvey G. Piper 

South Addison, SXeuben, N. Y..,Chftrles W. Robinson 

South Alabama, Genesee,'S.Y ,« J. Winslow 

South Albion, Kennet>eck, Me Thomas Burrill 

South Albion, Qstoego, N. Y Daniel V. Thomas 

South Alden, Frie; N. Y James Ch'addendon 

South Amboy, Middlesex, K. J Charles S. Clark 

South Amenia, Dutchess,!^. Y... MOo F. Winchester 

South America, Saline,l\\ , ...Uriah Carson 

South Amherst, Hampshire, M&ss.-.C. F. Hayward 
Southampton, Hampshire, Mass... Jonathan N. Judd 

Southampton, Peoria,l.\\ Alanson Hakes 

Southampton, Suffolk, N. Y Charles Parsons 

Southampton, Somersd, Pa Peter Boyles 

South Audover, Oxford, Me Philip H. Abbott 

South Anna, Louisa, Va David B. Bullock 

South Argyle, Washin^fton, N. Y Aaron McCall 

South Assyria, Barry, Mich Samuel H. Young 

South Asylum, Bradford, Pa .....J. M. Horton 

South Attleboro, Bristol, Mass..... Jamea S. Day 

South Auburn, Susquehannah, Pa...... Abram Carter 

South Avon, im»igrs<on, N.Y......Jo8iah Chadwick 

South Bainbridge, ChexnimgOy N. Y.Corna. Atherton 

South Barre, Orleans, N. Y Ozias S. Church 

South Barre, Washington, Vt Alvan Garter 

South Bellinghaih, Norfolk, Mass ...Reuben Chilson 

South "RQndi, Arkansas, Ark Richard Power 

South Behd,^rm«fro7i^, Pa Henry Row 

South Bend, (c. h.) St. Joseph, la Ralph Staples 

South Berlin, Rensselaer, N. Y Hilton R. Jeromo 

South Berne, Albany, N. Y Hiram Delta 

South Berwick, York, Mo.. John Frost 

South Bloomfield, Pvckaway, 0hio......»..R. Stebbins 

South Bloomfield, Somiersel, Me William Parker 

South Bolivar, AJi^any, N. Y Morris Wilson 




SontliboroQKl^ TVbrcaiary HaM Solomon Este 

fiottth Boston, Jdnicu, Mich Elbridge G. Williams 

South Boston, WishinffUmy la... Newton E. Bodman 
South Boston Depot, Halifax^ Va..£dwin B. Jeift-ess 

South Bradford, MfrrimcuJc^ N.H. lieonard West 

South Bradford, Orange, Vt...I>aniel Houghton, jr 

South Bradford, l^vhen,l^,Y Jesse Hallack 

South Bralntree, NaTf<Alf% Mass Joseph Dyer, Jr 

Southbridge, Worctster^ Mass And. F. Amnldown 

South Bridgeton, Cumberland, Me...Bei^. P. Barker 

South Bristol, Ontario, N. T Joseph A. Allen 

South Bristol, Facine, Wis Obed M. Ward 

South Britain, New ffaven, Conn ....Anson Br«9 

South Brookfleld, Madison, N. T... Joshua D. Clarke 

South Brooks, WcUdOf Me John Lane 

SoiiUi Brunswick, Middlesex, N. J...T. W. Schenck 

Souubury, New ffaven, Conn Charles H. Hall 

South Butler, Wayne, N. T John £. Hough 

South Butler, Butler, Ala John T. Henderson 

South Byron, Genesee, N. T John Bean 

South Cairo, Greene, X. Y Zerah Ferry 

South Canaan, Essex,\t Hiram P. Cooper 

South Canaan, Litchfield, Conn...William M. Burrall 

South Carroll, CtcrroU, Tenn JTefferson Nichols 

South CarroUton, Mufilenburgh, Ey...B. W. Bodine 
South Carver, Plymouth, Mass...Thomas B. GrifSth 

South Cass, Tonia, Mich Oeorge Siokles 

South Charleston, Clark, Ohio John Bussard 

South Charlestown, Sullivan, N. H Oliver King 

South Chesterville, I^anllin, Me Elisha Perry 

South China, Kennebe^, Me Corydon Chadwick 

South Col ton, SI. Lazorence, N. Y..Thomas McGanry 

South Columbia, Herleimer, N. T Philip Haner 

South Corinth, Saratoga, N. Y...Ama8a B. Martin 

South Corinth, Penobscot, Me H. Nichols, 2d 

South Cortlandt, CorOandt^ N. Y Enos Smith 

S6uth Coventry, Thlland, Conn N. L. Bidwell 

South Creek, Brad/mrd, Pa EUn Dunning 

South Creek, Beaufort, N. C A. M. Buchanan 

South Danby, Thmpkihs, N. Y Aanm Bennett 

South Dansville, SUuberu N. Y... William M. Rogers 

South Danvers, Essex, Mass Sylvanus Dodge 

South Dartmouth, Bristol, Mas8......Jireh Sherman 

South Dedham, Norfolk, Mass Ebenezer F. Qay 

South Deerfleld; Franklin, Mas8...William D. Bates 
South Deerfield, Bockingham, N. H.Francis J. White 

South Deer iBle, Hancock, Me Bicbard Warren 

South Dennis, Barnstable, Mass Watson Baker 

South Donet, Bennington, Yt Elhanon W. Howe 

South Dover, Piscataquis, Me.Thomas A. Keating, Jr 

South Dover, Dutchess, N. Y Daniel White 

South Dresden, Lincoln, Me Elwell Ck>8tellow 

South Durham, Androscoffffinf Me«.......Jeremiah Q. 


South Durham,. GVeen«, N. Y .Edgar 8. Curtis 

South East, Putnam, N. Y William H. Crosby 

South Easton, Washington, N. Y Asahel Perry 

South Easton, Bristol, Mass Horatio Copeland 

South Eaton, Wyoming, Pa Benjamin M. Hall 

South Edmeston, Ofjtego, N. Y Daniel H. Spurr 

South Edwards, St. Lawrence, N. Y I. Winslow 

South Egremont, ScrA;5/tir«, Maes....Wm. O'Connell 
South English, Keokuek, Iowa...George W. Morgan 

South Erin, Chemung, N. Y John Mitchell 

South Exeter, Peno&scot, Me Timothy R. Shaw 

South Farms, Litchfield, Conn .Wm. L. Smedley 

Southfield, Oakland, Mich Melancton W. Hicks 

Southfield, Berkshire, Mass Augustus Turner 

South Flint, Bes Moines,lo^a. Edwin Carter 

South Florence^ FranJdin, Ala William Simpson 

Southford, New Haven, Conn Horace Oatman 

South Fork, Owsley, Ky A. B. Gilbert 

South Fork, Aslie, N. p Thomas S. Callaway 

South Fork, Wayne, Iowa.... Peter Ruark 

South Foster, Providenoe, B. I....^...Seaman8 Davis 
South Framingham, Middlesex, Mass.Willard Howe 
South UrmkWn, Norfolk, Mass... Jos. H. Wadsworth 

South Freedom, italdo, Me 3ei\Jamin Fuller 

South Galway, Saratoga, N. Y....pMiltonC. Bowers 
South Gardner, Worcester, Ma88......S. W. A. Stevens 

South Gate, Fi<mllln, Ia..«. Joseph Sauer 

South Genesee, Wdvl'esha, Wis Alfred Calve^ 

gouth Gibson, Gibson, Tenn B. H. Sandeford 

South Gilboa, Schoharie, N. Y Calvin Stevens 
outb Glastonbury, Martford, Conn.Oliver Brainerd 

South Glenn's Falls, Saratogei, N. Y J. H. Bies 

South Granby, Oswego, N. Y James Campbell 

South Gran vme, Washington, N. Y.... Horace Smith 

South Greece, Monroe, N. Y Asa D. Wood 

South Groton, Middlesex^ Mass Harvey A. Wood 

South Grove, Be KaXb, 111 Henry Safford 

South Grove, Walworth, Wis William P. Allen 

South Groveland, Essex, Mass Jacob W. Beed 

South Hadley, Hamp^irt, Mass Geo. L. Smith 

South Hadley Falls, Jlampshiret Mass, 0. P. In* 


South Halifiuc, mndham, Ti Jedediah Stark 

South Hamilton, Madison^ N. Y Jet^se Hendriok 

South Hampton, iZocXnn^Aa7n,N. H.Moses Eaton, Jr 

South Hampton, GaUatin,l]l David Keasler 

South Hanover, Jefferson, la William T.Rankin 

South Hanson, Plymmdk, Mass Barak Osbom 

South Hardwick, Caledonia^ yt....Adolphus Holton 
South Harpeth, Davidson, Tenn...Tbos. I. Allison 

South Harrisburgh, Lewis, N. Y Solomon GIom 

South Hartford, Oxford, Me...Bichard Hutchinson 
South Hartford, Washinffton, N. Y....Wm. H. Ward 

South Hartwick, Otsego, N. Y L. R. Sergent 

South Harwich, Barnstable^ Mass... J. P. Niekerson 
South H»ven, Van Buren, Mich...Stephen B. More* 


South Haven, Suffolk, N. Y .Silas Homan 

South Hawle>, Fraruclin, Mass Levi Holden,ir 

South Henrietta, Jackson, Mich.William D. Martm 

South Hermitage, Lancaster, Pa John McGlll 

South Hero, Grand Isle, Yt Solon S. Clark 

South Hill, Steuben, N. Y J)avid S. Leach 

South HUl, Bradford, Pa Jarvis ButtlM 

South Hill, Meckienburgh, Va T. M. Butterworth 

South Hingbam, PlymoutJi, Mass..Andrew Gushing 

South Hope, We^do, Me James Manley 

South Howard, Steuben, N. Y Moses S. Bennet 

Southington, Hartford, Conn Amon Bradley 

Southington, Ih'umbuU, Ohio Hiram fiurd 

South Jackson, Jackson, Mich William Pag* 

South Jefferson, Lincoln, Me» Merrill Peaala* 

South Kent, Litchfield, Conn Edward Fanton 

South Killlngly, Windham, Conn L. Gravet 

South Kingston, Bockingham, N. H.Abner Burbank 

South Kirtland, Lake, Ohio William E. Peck 

South Kortright, Delaware, N. Y...jQhn S. Andrew! 

South Lancaster, Worcester, Mass S. H. Turner 

South Landing, Cabell, Ta Albert Laidley 

South Lansing, Tompkins, N. Y Almon C. Ivet 

South liBOiBarkslure, Mass Amos B. Manley 

South Leeds, Androscoggin, Me.....8almon A. Wing 

South Levant, /)sno&«c^ Me J. K. Weston 

South Lima, Livingston, N. Y.,Samuel T. De Forest 

South lAncolu, Penobscot, Me Jfobn Q. A. Gove 

South Livonia, Livingston, N. Y.Alonzo N. Hastings 
South Londonderry, Windiiamy Vt..Fred. W. Marsh 

South Lowell, Orame, N. John A. McMannen 

South Lyme, New London, Conn R. L. Chadwidc 

South Lyndeboro, HiUtborwghy N. H.........Joel H. 


South Lyon, OdJfland, Mich..., .Charles Borden 

South Maiden, Middlesex. Mass Solomon Corey 

South Manchester, Hartford, Conn... Ward Cheney 

South Merrimack, Hillsborough^ N. H H. Ball 

South Middleboro, Plymouth, Mass 0. R. Smith 

South Milford, actZ, Md .Joseph N. Toish 

South Milford, La Grange^ Is..... 0, B. Taylor 

South Milford, WorcesterJAsiaB S. W. Gilbert jr 

South Mills, Camden, N. C Addison P. Chenr 

South Milton, Strafiord, N. H. Eli Wentworth 

South Moluncus, Aroostook, Me..., Beigamia F. 

South Montville, TV^2c2o, Me....^..Mrs. Abba True 

South UtAickyJUddlesex, Mass John J. Pernr 

South New Berlin, Chenango, N. Y...Alva Baboock 
South Newburgh, Penobscot, Me...Chas. D. Gilmore 

South Newbury, Orange, Yt Thomas J. Doe 

South Newbury, Merrimack, N. H Josiah Morse 

South New Cattle, GaUia, Ohio...Joseph Shallcrose 
South New Market, Rockingham, N. H...J. T.Locke 

South Newport, Mcintosh, Ga William T. Thorp 

South Newry, Oxford, Me .Josiah Atherton 

South Norfolk, lAUMjdd, Conn S. D. Uorthwaj 

South Northfield, CboA;, 111....... John Cammack 

Soutik Norwalk, FairfiM^ Qonn Wm. 0. Sammia 

aulWfc, N. T 

nT^eiUiOkto. — , 

Lb OnDDdBgii, OnmAaa, N. ' 
Eta OiitDga, Atesi N. J. 



ioath Orrlngtiui, AflsbnC, Ms H. J. NlchenOD 

■onth OtHllc,- ChtHoiari, H, T .DsTld B. Fan* 

BontbOH^to, Itv^ N.T Culcb lAinb 

flootb Oitbrd, Chmaiige, V. t~ KbsnHer Puk 

BonUi Oititt Bn, 0iKnj, H. T.-Tlmothj Cumin 

gonth Pull, Oi^^ He Sun'nel M. NewhmU 

SDDlh Pukiiun, Pltt^aqait, Ha Jcue Hutting 

^ontb Psmna^d, rorJkHa Oaorgs Hlllon 

BoulhPeldn, f/tagara, V.V John B. Btiirr 

Sonth Peirr, HbeHnj, ObJo Abner BuBbj 

Santb Pomfret, mnrfiw-, Vi. 

...Joaepb P. Tnugtm 


.CbirlM Enni 


Bnilb Porlsmoolb, Jftiijionl, — 

Sontll Poudun, SL Latertna, N. Y.— In T. Fnoob 
B«lh Proipact, jmda, Bs.....CnwtbTd B. Platcber 

SoDlh RiTinoDd, ttadangham, N. H„.Jtu»b Elliott 
aoalh JLndlne, Jr/didaeE, Hiiaa....Buii'l KlnmBD 

Booth Rnding, Windwr, Vl Wm. S.A. Horaa 

■oath Ricbland, Otwm, N. T -HarahallPltm 

Sonth Bldia, jli/ibibuta, Ohio. 

a — .1. Til "■■'-ihi^S.J 


....Lairia Kl 

L. W. Partrldga 

Sooth Boyililoii, Wbrtaltr, 
Santh RojKllon, IKagan, N 

BoDlh KoiFallon, Kmlinr, T . 

Bontta Rntland, Ji^wn, N. T....WBih'B WbatJoak 

Booth Bjmt*, (Mtiimla, Tt Janin Whila 

Bouth 8t. Oaorn. Z<n«Ai, Ua,. 
Booth 8»lem, BS««t*M«n-, N. T. 
ilem, ^ffoUf Obio. 

3infbrf, Tork. Ha Joieph H. Monlton 

SangBrTille, ifnulofuii, Mt...HoieB Oilman 
Schodack, Bmadaer, N. Y....Meiirf P. Tan 

Sdtntta, i^IjmwuU, Haii Jobn K. Hub 

Boltualo, i'nwufeiiK, B. I Owen Ballay 

SebM. PilKlai/uit, tie Ji^ephB. GhuB 

Sbaftaburj, Bmninglm, TI.,.J.O, Hoagbtoo 
Bhimango, Cnac/m^ Pa...Joa. McArthnr, 2d 
Bide. Richnmd, S. T Janug O. Van- 

Bon th Stockton, Cfiau^atffue, 
Bootb Stoddard, Chaliire, N. 1 
Bonlh BI(Bfl(irdi^0n»i^ Tt.. 

Jrt, , , . . ., 

orth, CamO, N. H._ Jobn T. D. Polnm 

Boom TOODuaton, ZAiafo, Afa.»_......Bxe1c]a] HaJI 

Bonth Thnnton, SlimbtM,H. T Hanry RlilnE 

Booth Trenton, OntHa, H. T. .......... .Thomaa Ra«« 

Booth TroDHborgli, SbiAen, H. T.... Jamaa B. 

Sootli Onion, Liigaii,Kj.._.- .^.DaTld Smith 

SDntbTDIc, S. Lavrtnet, N. T. 
South Waldm, Oaltdmla, Vt— 

WalUiizfbr^ AvUsdL VtXliuii 
WaJpoft, Jftrfttt^^Man. 

.Al^Jah McOdl 
-'- " TtaOcira 

South Wardaboro, W/nihan, Tt E. I 

Bonlh Wnmn Bnifori, Vt, „ Jacob 4. 1 

Sonth Waraav, Wmmiia, V. T. ..Alonzo Chu 

Sonth WatsTtOrd. 0^fir3,11t -Daniel W. Hoi 

Sontb Waan, miMmmgh, V. H....lla9« Deaibo 

Sonth WaUflait,SinuCaUi^ltau S. A. Hat 

Sonth Wast, H&TTfn, Pa John W. Brigbs 

Stnlh Wait, Xlk^art. la.. Sttpheu Bi 

Sonth WetttrlDO, jUbaHJi, N. T. .Tbomia Salt.- 

Sonth WaatHBrbor,ifii)ia»(, He. Andrew H.H»ne« 
SootbwHI Onran, Otwyo, N. Y..... Simon 0. Hue* 
Sooth Waa^ortiBrMatiHaaa.... Frederick Bnmnoll 

Sooth W^fiooth, /r 

Sonth Whlteban. £e 

it^, nnaia/it. 

:, ifopdohllBaa i 

ilaahni, Aniidn, Ui 

, ., , S. CSpolmim 

Sdoth fniHamilDwill ftnUUv, !IIua..J. H. Jordan 
Sontll Wllaon, Sttgora, K. T....Angnatln W. Swick 
SuDth Wlndkun, Oimiataod, Ha..,.WfltlBm Bacon 
Sooth Vlndham, mndAom, Yt.WllISam D. Barton 
SooUi Windham, jnwttan, Cotm Alfred Elnn- 

Lor, Sar(fbfti, Conn 
Sooth WIndior, Kambtck, Ha.. 
Booth Wolf boro, OnrnL H. B.~ 
Sontb Woodstock, Trmdmr, Tt.. 

ioderlck King 

lYonkers, mttcluiler, H.Y..Jm 


uhlnclon Winter 
.....JoIiD R. Laitia 

S^^iwflHt ... . .^ 
^lo'i, BmdiriaH, Tenn. 
Spang^ Ullla. JWifr Pa... 

Bpangirlllg, Berla, Pa.. jm 

Bpanlthbnr);, JftrCfT, Ta. Mlnan 

Spanlah Plat, £1 Bundo, Cil Spen 

V. T Wm. 0. FamU 

. jb Oaka, JmmaOex, Ta...W7ait W. Hamnei 
nlahPrdrle,&uii»br£Ur ' ■-- - " ■■- 

-'■—'"- "■— fflvMo.. 

T. Maitin 

I. Jenkina 
F. Uoo^ 

.) Ojukh*, Ala — 

....Ocorge v. Babal 
.....jQecpb Funaa 

...Hngb Smith 
nlel tt. Hodaon 

.Janaa CaineT 

--. — A.W.8wittaod 

WnotoR, Pa Cepbaa Llndlaj 

I.) V'AflE, Tenn... J>stil«l,r. Bhackelfbrd 
h>ie,Ta ........Rot»Tt 8. Broaddna 

TBa, Ohio... 

...Ucbard J. Caasetma 

Spartanabor^ Omr^ort^ Pfl 

SMTlnaw, Binim, Ark — 

Spaar'a Ullla, Cctambiana, 0... J< 

Spaar'a Stora, [MoR, La-_ ^v^-. 

Spcararllla, ^rovq, la ...,.-......,....H. 

BpeararlUa, raltm. Pa Oeorie ' 

D. Stowart 

BpeadsTllle, Tati^ni, H, Y.... 

William Bogara 

".'.UJmjB. DUUnchaa 

Sra 128 

SpHT'i landlii^ fiAttty, 01ik> .Thomu BkUIti 

^rlfhri BrIdgB, artau,«. C -Vm. A. Dnnjei 

Spalri TnrnoBt. Jiginem, O*. Bta. \r. Ootlei 

teenE«',(& h.) Omh. IbiU. HutIbd 0. Hsllw 

^«r, Mnolir, Hmu Luth« HU 

Spencer, IVon, N. Y Abnio H. UtUa 

flpuieer, JUma. OUa._ Cbuta Dongtisrlj 

Senear, (e. h.) Fan Amu, Tenn D. F. Woof 

SpeBr»rtiunA,Hte,Uo.... John PhUtfiH 

beacer HlU, KbIm, Tsdii Robut A.Itenfrc 

^aBMrporl, Mmnt, N. Y -lohn Boni 

3peDceitinrD,atin>«la,N.X Bnfiis W. BilMocli 

t^eneeniUs, S» AtlA, T> .Boihrod CaUli 

SpCDcerTilla, jfamwa, Al>.. Spmoer Aduni 

4™^ atfHfe. H. f _ Lntba Cool 

SpsRTTUIe, AnpakoMiaik, Ti HunM Omi|i«i 

SplHteDd, Sinry, I*,.,- Juob Foitai 

BiitsetTills, Sitoi, Uldi Wm. HI. TonniUiu 

Split lUHk. Jlarima, OH John A.Bdq 

Spinuntan. Baela, P> Uwin D. Splnnn 

afinat, Monm, Sitt...- Ihtbeir Glbbi 

SpoonsT'i Gornen, 0(ii|b,V.T Olwlta SpoODti 

BpoUvwd, Middlaa, N.'j Ooff^ H, Somhill 

Spottej^liuiia C. H, ^utfiyfeania, 'Vt Joaepl 

Spout Spring. ApBonattia, T^John H. Plnnkett, Ji 

SpmgB'e, 6Vmii£,T» A. Jsckna Uapli 

Sp»i;u«'i Ftlla, fKu/angtat-Wii H. Tbompsoi 

BttAiar-i Buln, Mimlgmery, N.Y.J). QuAanbual 
S^wl'Iiigla,iMavan,Pa Uifflln Levfa 

SprfnK Crmitjird, Pn. J). K. OitonU 

Spring, Hairy, Oft .Wm. M. Cisniud 

Spring Arlwr, Jusiwm, Mloh Sqnin Frenoli 

Spring Bwk, La Jbyrite, Ark .Onn tJOWia 

bring Bif, mo^iinl, HI Bldiuil C. Dunenl 

SftHagbonngh, mrrn»,01ilD. .tUhlonWr^l 

^rlnf Bnndi. IMavart, Iowa Hemu Annli 

flpTlng Brook, Xrit, S. Y. A» J. W. PHlmei 

Bnlng Brook, Jadiim, Ion. J}«rjp OalAagf 

KngClinnli, ArtulTma, Pa ..Robert Bosui 
_ atOMUgfi.ltaHam,&, BboMutronl 

^ring Creek, JfeOmewk, HI Joel Bimmoni 

Spring Creek, mirm, Ft, WlUtunQ. QirceloD 

^ring Ornk, Smuvidi, N. C.....J]aarga O. Aekan 

Spring Creek, Om, II. ...... Joaaph Rolira 

^ng CiHk, Midliim,TtBB.- Jwnee B. OoMei 

hring Creek, SambA, Art. TbomU B. Bla 

qntng Creek, Xartf, Ok. B*alMa KeOoranodklf 

ipHng Dele, Awfm, Va -Jonathan Hnddleaon 

bring Dale^ AUiflm^Vt 7.G.BbuUdb 

OringDala, (Mar, Iowa> Tbomaa Winn 

^Dg Dale, fihrWioii, b. Amnklln HoRae 

^ng Dale, HioailEon, Obto. BrMtn* 8. Cloae 

ftring Dale, La fhiwifi, UtaB.-Wllllain H. Lawlhe 

-ThomH B. 9fllw 

Jnllna Clereland 

m, Ol_ Jamof Bafan 

hlIU laaae K. SiUer 

.-. „...IIlion IMtIii 

C'^i^ew W. HoNaIr 

.Om B. Howard 

otat, Kt A. a Benu 

_ R. W. Read 

.nunai C-BntlelBb 

...Hlnua A. SBUwriaUl 

-.—„ , , , , ilo. Joaeph Birden 

Bpringfleld, Oiec, N.J ZIb* B. SteUtj 

apiinifleld, Ottm K. Y Albert Cotee 

Sprlufleld, UawitBw, Texu...BoloiDOD B. Boani 
BprlnglMd, (0. h.) Clarh, OhIo...O. D. UcLan^n 

BpringftKld, BnwbnLP*. Hlnm qMU 

l^ringlieU, (a. h.) BtUiitM, TaDD—S. P. Bnden 

^rlngtlald, BamgMre, Ta. H. B. HoODum 

apfti^d'bl, Wnaw, Tt OaoK* Waahbnm 

SpringlleM, fbmivy, Ark .JoahosUiMU 

^ing«eld, OtuHfud, Ulun Jdwto Whipple 

Spr<ntll(ldO«itn,0^v<^>'. Y Hlcbard Kif 

Bprlngfleld Croea Roada, trie, Pa„...TlB. 8. Oowlea 
totogOrfiiFiira»oa,»(i*>"- ° ■ "■ 


~, Pa. Ulchael Ftib^ 

tra/eOf Aia...JaineB HonljcomArr 

flinm. Ill Joaeph Lafad 

lurirlpAia, Pa. ..Patrick Horray 
'aphonia, Ta...Jamu Andenon 

I OntMtr, N. C a. I. UooN 

lii.Ho JDbn Hot! 

.Wla... -TbOBUuO.ChamberUii 

m^ 111 J. H. Camdcbul 

a, Wi> Jamea W. KUdow 

a. Ho XobtO.Randh* 

Km, UiBB Jamet Bmlth 

m, N. C Richard OnliaRi 

I, Iowa Joeiah H. Walton 

TfU.B. C John a. WfUiaiu 

f, Ya B. A. Haddera 

«!>, Ala Bdwtid Cortla 

Imd, Atk...TbomBa J. ReTnold* 

iKto, 'iiV.V.T.'.'.'. Leit roller 

■ton, Uo Jochna T. BerOl 

h, Hiee T. N. Garlion 

', Tenn Jeremiah Crnnoii 

>v,To»a R. H. Mat(hewJ 

l,Ot. A. a. Stom 

Mt, Man Natban Wing 

dnooln, N. C..E. J. Hammarikold 

>, AyeUe, Pa J, K, Dunean 

■M^ Ohia...UBUhew Crilohv 

H.C Eran H. Biraot 

;«fiurv, Pa ...Daniel Blfler 

•ver, !fiinn... Archibald P. Oreen 
mu, Ohlo—WDIiua Van Foaiem 

tars, Wla WnUam BMnnat 

HT.Ta .WUtiam 0. Haddm 

ace, la HnKh Hainer 

ny, N. Y J<din B. XobMu 

I. Pa Jared B. Flabet 

Marray, OaJrenklln B. thatit 

loB, Tenn Jowpb HcBtida 

)<i,La. J.B. Boll ingfworth 

, MIeo... '.'.'.'.'."!!.'.".... W, W. BTan 

', Rt ~ Joe. P. Brlni 

werlh. Wla.: .Uark H.Foot* 

(, Wai. Henrr J. HiriniM 

BU.M0 W. H. DnV 

II, Iowa .Omrb W. Parket 

jt, Kf.. Samnel Beam* 

,IOH* .Philip J. BofflnrMn 

Ai,Pa... .WlUlun A. Uadny 

Y Daild D. ParsoBi 

ickt, la John O. Oambold 

Pa Newton K. Biym 

>, H."j.'.'!!!!l John H. Plnnmat 

[«. „ Banael Lord 

I, Teu...».WDiiam HoParlaDa 

Klf.C. „ ^EdwardTia 

9, Ta...... ........ Joohva Loomia 

He, Ohio Colbert A. WMMm 

ainnn„ John U. Smith 
N. T. Braetm Yaoianl 

M. N. J. H. J. Vu Snaklrk 

r, Wla. .Tboraaj J. Balii 

, Orwm............ Solomon Allen 

00, 111 John Bobmti 

nm, Ta...Arohlbald H. YooDf 

lllah ..Aaron Johnaon 

L Va JSreenTflle FergneOB 

r, Ala Jacob lallea 

I Henry Clay Wortbaa 

■c^ Wla Edniond Strong 

iM, la.. George BIcbatdi 

1, Ky. John T. Browa 

t. mih Tfaomi* H. Uoebar 

Y Camden C. Lak« 

aniu't.Pa. Iirael B, lalbrop- 

jt(wi,».Y J. O, Whitehead 

mairy.N. Y...b"Tld H. ODOnt 
CrTn. «- W. H. HopMM.. 




Sprnoe, Bates, Mo .George W. Lndwick 

Spruce Creek, HimUngdon, Pa...George H. Steiner 

Spruce QroTe, Jfonroe, Pa.., Joel Yliet 

Spruce Grove, Owsley, Ky..*... Samuel Heironymus 

Spruce KillyJuniaia, Pa James L. C^ner 

Spruce Bill, IPghlan4i Ta Amo8 £. Campbell 

Spruce Mills, Jacfc«on, Iowa H. G. Cheney 

Sq^iaia ^illAge, Ocean, N. J Osbom Curtis 

Square Pond, ToUand, Conn Henry C. Abom 

Squaw Grove, De KaJh, 111 Wm, G. Tappan 

Sfcaatsburgh, Dutchess, N. T James Bussell 

Stablerville, £^Utm4!>re, Md Henry Stabler 

Stacy ville, Roclcingham, N. C.Thompson H.Boswell 

Stafford, lULand, Conn .^AlTioeWales 

Stafford, Oenesee, N. J George Badley 

Stafford, Monroe, Ohio ^ Reuben Hawkins 

Stafford, ^Z&^an,.Mich Oziel H. Round 

Stafford C. H., Stajbrd, ya...Leonard P. Alexander 

Staffordsburg, Kenton, Ky Robert B. Holliday 

Stafford Springs, SbUand, Conn H. M. Bolton 

Staffordville, 2'olland, Conn Bdward G. Hyde 

Stagville, Orange, N. C Paul C. Cameron 

Stahlstown, Westmoreland, Pa Wm. C. Rickard 

Stall's Greek, iMwrence, Mo Bei^amin Stall 

Stamford, Eairfield, Conn ;Ros0well Hoyt 

Stamford, Delaware, N. Y ....Charles Griffin 

Stamford, Bmnin^Um, Yt Rufus Millard 

Stamper's Creek, Orange^ la ....Seth M. Stone 

Stamping Ground, ScfM, Ry L: D. Holloway 

Stanardsville, (c. 'h.,),Greene, Va, George W. Price 

Standing Bock, Stewart, Tenn Elijah Paweon 

Standing Stone, Bradford, Pa Henry W. Nobles 

Standish, Cumberland, Me Joseph S. Thompson 

Stanford, Monroe, la Joseph Sanders 

Stanford, (c. h>) Lincoln, Ky Joseph A. Lytle 

Stanford, Texas^Mo Philip MacGreen 

Stanfordville, Putnam, Ga , D. R. Andrews 

Stanfordville, Duichess, N. Y W. H. Stewart 

Stanhope, Sussex, N. J Andrew A. Smalley 

Stanhope, iVojA, N. C E.H. Morgan 

Stanhope, Monroe, Pa .E. H.Perkins, jr 

Stanley Corners, Ontario, N. T......Sheldon Merwin 

Stanton, Hunterdon, N. J John Y. Berkaw 

Stanton, New CasUe, Del Levi Workman 

Stanton, Powell, Ky Barnes M. Daniel 

Stantonsburgh, Edgecombe, N. C ..J. Wilkinson 

Stantonville, Anderson, S- C... William Holland 

StantonvLUe, ifciVairy,.Tenn;..<.....Thomas B. Beck 

Stants Store, Clarion, Pa.......... John L. Forker 

Stanwich,./Utr>ie2d, Conn Farnam Knowlton 

Stanwix, Oneida, N. Y, iJonathaa R. Dunning 

Staples Ranch, San Joofpiin, Cal..., D. I. Staples 

Stapleton, ^tcAmom^,.N. Y..v*FraBpis L. Hagadorn 

Stapleton,ifea(ie,Ky ..v.\..Thomas A. Brown 

Star, Assumption, La , »..F. Barthet 

Starfield, Peoria, 111 ,...yJ.M<..,„Thom,a8 J. Mooxe 

Star Furnace, Oarter, Ky....-...Samuel p. Williams 

Stark, Somerset^e, , Asa Chapman 

Stark, Ooos, N. H , .r..... Clifford Cole 

Starkey, Yatfis, N. Y ^ Ira Fowler 

Starksboro, Addison, Yt...... Aniul M. Hawkins 

Starkville, (c. h.) X«e, Ga , Wm. M. Pettry 

Starkville, (c. h.) OkUbbeha, Mi08..,John Thornton 
Starkville, Herkimer, N. Y John A. Walrath 

ttarlington, j?ut/er, Ala « Young Lee 
tarr, Hocking, Ohio ^...„ ...Isaac Lewis 

Starr's Point, Benton, Oregon. B. B. Hinton 

Starrsville, iVewton, Ga ^..Silw H. Starr 

^tarry Creek, Franklin, Va.. ,v»"*"Win. Menifee 

Starucca, Wayne, Pa ,...i ...Lewis A.Gsborn 

Stateburgh, (c. h.) Sumter, S; C......YinceBt Parsons 

State Bridge, Oneida, N. Y. ^....William Hyland 

Stateland, Choctaw, Miss..... :..Eik^ah Sawyer 

State Line, TrumbuO, Ohio.'....i...FranciBH. Royal 

State Line, Walworth, Wis......... John Waite 

State Line, FrankUn, Pa.. ,.,...« j^hn Rearich 

State Line, Heard, Ga tf... Jackson AH^ 

State Road, Chemung, N. Y Alexander H. Park 

State Road, Lycoming, Pa.., .....JTames Robison 

State Road, Surry,N. C ....David H. Dmia 

Stately's Run, Grant, Ky ....William P. Parish 

Statesborough, BuUaek, da....Cbanioch B. Fletcher 

States Spring, Calhoun, Miss ;... Joseph Fox 

StatesviUe, (c.h.) IredeU, N, C R. F. Simonton 

qUteayiUe^ WHsonj Tean......CoiDa^9dQre P. Pattoa 

Station, Thomas, Ga........; .A. H. Wilflon 

Station Creek, OoryeU, Tex Harbert Davenport 

Station 15^ Harrison, Ohio.... .....John Snider 

Staunton, Macoupin, 111 Henry CaldweU 

Staunton, Ihyette, Ohio Charles. Yan Pelt 

Staunton) Augusta, Ya.......... Ltfvi L. Stevenson 

Staunton, Ckty, la f. Hezekiah Wheelor 

Staunton's Precinct, Buckingham, Ya..J.R. Spencer 

Steady B.n,n, Keokudc, iowsk. Samuel McGhee 

Steamburgh, Crawford, Pa Ralph Williams 

Steam Factory, Muscogee, Ga Yalentine Pye 

Steam Mill, Warren,V& James Hill 

Steam Mill, Decatur, Ga........ S. H. Dickinson 

Steam Mill, Clinton, la James H. Robison 

Steampbrt, Henderson, Ky Thomas Gates 

Stedmui, Chautauque, N. Y John I. Losee 

Stedmanville, ^anklin, Ky.... John S. Stedman 

Steedman's, Lexington, S. G .......A. Steedman 

Steele Creek, Mechknburgh, N. G A. G. Neel 

Steeles, JRu^ la James M. Connor 

Steeles, Anderson, S. C Herbert Darraoott 

Steele's Landing, Ottatoa, Mich......^Miner Hedges 

Steele's Mills, JSan(2oZp^ HI ..Seneca Parker 

Steele's Tavern, At^fusta, Ya David Shulta 

Steelville, Cfiester,^a,„ Bli Seltaer 

Steelesville, Crawford, Mo .Christopher Smith 

Steen's Creek, Rankin, Miss John B. Lewis 

Steep Bottom, Beaufort, S. C Ulysses I. Bushing 

Steep Creek, Loumdes, Ala M. S. Relfe 

Steep's Falls, Cumberland, Me Edmund Mann 

Steer Creek, Gilmer, Ya Jacob M. Stum|^ 

Steilacoom City, Pierce, Wa8h.T....Morri8 H. Frost 

Steinburgh, Bucks, Pa Thomas. T. Oohs 

Steinborger's, San Francisco, Cal..JBdward Hancock 

Stembersville, Carbon, Pa.. iDaniel Stember 

Stephensburgh,. Hardin, Ky....Bei^amin F. Rogers 

Stephen's Chapel, Bkd»oe, Tenn Joseph Hixson 

Stephen's Mills; ^mben, N. Y B. G. Stephens 

Stephenson's Depot, Frederick, Ya...J. Stephenson 
Stephensport, Breckenridge, Ky ... Wm. Yan Winkle 

Stephentown, Rensselaer, N. Y James J. Brown 

StephensviUe, Wilkinson, Geo... J. B. Billme 

Stepney, Fairfidd, Conn Judson Curtiss 

Stepney Depot, Fairfield, Conn Allen Piatt 

Sterling, Windham, C*nn Darius A. Fish 

Sterling, Whitesides, 111 AlpheusB. Nicholb 

Sterling, PhiUips, Ark A. P. Ewart 

Sterling, Worcester, Mass John M. Stephenson 

Sterling, Cayuga^ N. Y.4 :. .James Green 

Sterling,«Tf^yn<, Pa William E. Hamlin 

Sterling, Montgomery, Ga William A. McLeod 

Sterling, Jackson, Iowa .% C. S. Ferguson 

Sterling Bottom, Meigs, Ohio J. J. White 

Sterlingbush, Levns, N. Y,.... Howard Sterling 

Sterling Grove, Greenville, S. <D. McCuUough 

Sterling Hill, Windham, Conn Charles BiUson 

Sterlingville, J^ferson, N. Y.^ ....George 0. Leary 

Sterlingville, Wifoming,.VA Silas Yemory 

Sterrettania» £He, Pa... Elias Brecht 

Sterrett's Gap, CktrnberUuid, Pa. John Bigham 

Stetson, Penol>seot, Me William Plaistod, jr 

Steuben, Washington, Me Bepjamin Godfrey 

Steuben, Crawford, Pa....*.< Henry Baugher 

Steuben, Oneida, N. Y ...John 0. Jones 

Steuben, Ihivon, Ohio......M....Chauncey B. Wheeler 

Steuben, MarshaXl, III........ Aaron C. Fosdick 

Steubenvllle, (^. h.) «7'4^ersQs,Ohio...Thos. Brashears 

Stevens, Antrim, ]ilicb........r. Theron Bostwick 

Stevensburgh, Cidpeptr, Ya ...,.John J. Rickard 

Stevens' Mills, Union, N. ^....JohB H. Stevens 

Stevenson, JeuAson, Ala. John H. Gibson 

Stevenson's Mills, Wayne, Pa... .....Oliver Stevenson 

Stevens' Plains, Cumberland, Me.,w David Torrey 

Stevens' Point, Portage, Wis Wm. H. Gilchrist 

Stevensville, Bradford, Pa Homer Stevens 

Stevensville, Sullivan, N. Y Walter H. Stevens 

Stevensville, King and (iueen, Ya J<^n Bagbj 

Stewart, Erie, Pa Robert McCrea, 4th 

Stewart's Draft, Augusta, Ya....^ Jno. P. Wilson 

Stewart's Ferry, Davidson, Teon Benjamin Hurt 

Stewart's Run, Venango, Pa.....'..Jamies F. Connolly 

Stewartstown, Cbo;, J^H.. < John Flanders 

Stewartstown, Morwngalia, Ya..., David D. Wade 

Stewartstown, Richmond, N. G...k.,NanC!y Mcintosh 
Stew«rtstQwn> T<frk, Pa».ki.M»«*»«>..*MChrislian Leib 




8tewart8Tllle, Warrmy N.J John Fulmerjr 

Stewartsyillo, Westmordand, Pa ^acob Ludwick 

Stewartsville, Pbsey, la. John W. Robb 

Stevrartaville, De Kalb, Mo Oliyer H. P. Gibson 

Stice'B Shoal, Cltvdandf N. C E. S. K. Chambers 

Stickleyvill©, Lee, Ta Vaatine Stickley 

Btikoih, Cherokeej N. C Abraham Taylor 

Stiles, Davis, Iowa James H. Parris 

Utiles, Ooonto, Wis Ultzalan Stebbins 

Stilesborough, Ow*, Ga D. L. Wingard 

^tilesTille, Hendrickt, la John G. Kclley 

Stillepica, JfcuZtnm, FU ^..-R. H. Willard 

.Still Pond, Kent, Md Daniel Hanes 

Still River, WtrcetUr; "hiasa Wm. F. Bateman 

Still Valley, IRtrr«n, N. J John Stamets 

Stillwater, Sussex, N.,J Elias^H. Woodruff 

Stillwater, Saratoga, N. T.... Ashbel Palmer 

Stillwater, CkAuvahia, Pa Daniel McHenry 

Stillwater^ Thacaruvmz, Ohio Ezra Brainard 

Stillwater, WashingUm,lA\xixi. Harley Curtis 

Stillwell, Wood, Va.... Jesse T. Dallison 

'StUlwells, BuOtr, Ohio Jacob G. Stillwell 

Stilwell, Jackson, la. Jesse Browning 

Stipes Hill, FranMxn, la Robert A. Ward 

Stittville, Oneida, N. T S. B. Atwood 

Stockbridge, Berkshire, lIa8S...Nathamel A. Waters 

Stockbridge, Ingham, Mich...'. Silas Bebee 

Stockbridge, Benry, Ga Henry H. English 

Stockbridge, Madison, N. Y Charles L. Anderson 

Stockbridge, WiTtdsor, Vt Azfo B. Morgan 

Stockbridge, CtdumeL Wis R. S.Bennett 

Stock Creek, Scott, Va William B. NeU 

Stockertown, Iforthampton,'Pfi Jonas Lerch 

Stock Hill, CTnion, Geo James C. Odell 

Stockholm, Sussex, N. J Alexander Boyd 

Stockholm, ^ Lawrence, N. T Hiram Hubbard 

Stockholm Depot, St. Latorenee, N. Y..PhiIo Abbott 

Stockland, ifon^om^rjf, Mo ...John P. Farrow 

Stockport, CblunUria, N« T Andrew Moore 

Stockport, Morgan, Ohio, James H. Broomhall 

Stockport Station, Delaware, N, Y Wm. Knight 

Stocksville, Buncombe, N. C Robt. V. Blackstock 

Stockton, Baldwin, Ala Catharine M. Knight 

Stockton, CAoufaugtitf, N. T..... Lucius Bump 

Stockton, SanJoaqtdn, Cal P.Edward Conner 

Stockton, Jo Daviess, 111 1..F. L. Tucker 

Stockton, B[unterdon, N. J Jeremiah Smith 

Stockton, Owen, Ind Jacob J. Hochstetler 

Stockville, Crawford, Wis Henry Stucke 

Stoddard, Cheshire, N. H John M. Whiteon, Jr 

Stoddartsville, Monroe, Pa...I Benj. F. Shneller 

St<5ker, Davis, Utah , David W. Sessions 

Stokes, Ondda,V, Y M. Hawkins 

Stone Arabia, M(n4gomery, N. Y Joshua Empie 

Stone Church, Genesee, N. Y Orison Stephens 

Stone Church, Northampton, Pa... Joseph 0. Miksch 

Stone Creek, Tuscarawas, Ohio Joseph Murphy 

Stoneham. Middlesex, Mass George W. Dike 

Stone Hill, Richmond, Va James R. Carter 

Stone Hill, MarqwUe, Wis Azem V. Saunders 

Stone Lick, Randolph, N. C W. Ward Verden jr 

Stone Mills, J^fftrson, N. Y Samuel B. Starr 

Stone Mountain, De Kalb, Ga., H. H. Dean 

Stone Mountain, McDoweU, N. C Harriss Gilliam 

Stone Ridge, Ulster, N. Y; Richard Lounsbery, jr 

Stoner's Prairie, Dane, Wis JBamey B. Baker 

Stonerstown, Bedford, Pa Amos Evans 

Stonersville, Bcr/oTy Pa George Stoner 

StonesvUle, OreenviUe, S. C A Le|tgue 

Stone Wall Mill, ApwmaUox, Va Robert Isbell 

Stoney Creek, New Maven, Conn ...Timothy Barker 

Stoney Creek, OuweO, N.C Jackson G. Pinnix 

Stonington, New London, Conn 0. G. Williams 

Stonington, (^ristian. Ill C. T. Chapman 

Stony Brook, St^ffbOc, N. Y James N. Gould 

Stony Creek, Warren,!^. Y Lewis T. Fenton 

Stony Creek, Somerset, Pa Jacob ^hillippi 

Stony Greek, iSbott, Va W. F. Richmond 

Stony Creek, Tonia, Mich Archibald Wilcox 

Stony Creek Ware House, Sussex, Va...A. Aldridgu 

Stony Fork, Amherst, Va Nicholas Hicks 

Stony Fork, Watauga, N. C Alfred Miller 

Stony Hill, Richmond, Va...,. SamL T. Beamy 

Stony Mount, Brunnrick, Ta. .George Stone 

Stony Point, Mexander, N. C .TfaomMB. Watt 

Stony Point, Bradley, Tenn R. T. Weatherly 

Stony Point, W/tife, Ark JohnR. Wooten 

Stony Point, Jtffbrson, la John H. Bowen 

Stony Point, Jackson, Mo : Jacob Gregg 

Stony Point, Albtmarle, Va WUliam Beok 

Stony Point Mills, Cumberland, Va J. R. Palmer 

Stony Ridge, Wood, Ohio H. S. Wood 

Stony Ridge, Surry, N. C W. W. Wolff 

Stony Run. Genesee, Mieh , Oren Stone 

Storevllle, Anderson, S. C .'..James ^omson 

Stormvllle, Dutchess, N. Y Benjamin Seaman 

Stormville, Monroe, Pa Casper Metzger 

Storrs, HamiUon, Ohio Henry F.Sedam 

Stouchburgh, 5e»-fc», Pa Edward G. Fisher 

Stoughstown, Cumbierland, Pa Samuel Greene 

Stougbton, Norfolk, Mass Bradford Kinsley 

Stoughton, Dane, Wis Elgah Beardsley 

Stouts, Adams, Ohio Lyman TaQ 

Stouts, Northampton, Pa Isaac Stout 

Stouts, Blount, Ala. Samuel S. Morrow 

Stout's Grove, MclAon, III Israel W. Hall 

Stoutsville, Ihirfidd, Ohio Benjamin Stoat 

Stover, DaUas, Ark Josiah Stover 

Stover's Place, Goitre, Pa Joseph A. Rankin 

Stovertown, Mwikingtan, Ohio John Baughman 

Stow, Oxford, Me William C. Walker 

Stow, Middlesex, Mass Winthrop Robinson 

Stow, SummU, Ohio Oliver E. Grose 

Stowe, LamoOle, Vt Albert Camp 

Stowell's Corners, Jefferson, N. Y Ira Hall 

Stowesville, Gaston,N. C Edwin B. Stowe 

Stow's Ferry, !Rxttapoosa, Ala Joel Stow 

Stoyestown, Somerset, Pa J(^n F. Bainey 

Strabane, Lenoir, N. C George Jonee 

Strabane, Washington, Pa Nathaniel Buchanan 

Strafford, Strafford, N. H John W. Jewell 

Strafford, Orange, Vt Henry 0. Hatch 

Strafford Comer, Str<{ffbrd, N. H...Geo. C. Pinkham 

Straight Fork, aimp&ea,TeDD William Putteet 

Straits, Qirterd, N. C David W. Whitehurst 

Strait's Corners, TiogcL N. Y David Strait 

Strait's Lake, OcUcland, Mich William Beaty 

Straitsville, Perry, Ohio Andrew Huston 

Strasburgh, Tuscarawas, Ohio Henry Fansler 

Strasburgh, LaneaOer, Pa James Paul 

Strasburgh, ShenandoOh, Va Geo. M. Borum 

Strasburgh, Cook, HI Charles Sauter 

Strata, Montgomery, Ala Albert S. Naflit 

Stratford, f\jxrJLad,CoTxxi David Brooks 

Stratfbrd, Ooos, N. H James M. Mahurin 

Stratford, Futton, N. T John S.Hyatt 

Stratham, Rockingham, N.ll Zebulon Wiggin 

Stratton, Windha-m, Vt Ja Fayette Sheldon 

Stratton's Fall, Delaware, N. Y Ira Hicks 

Stratton ville, Clarion, Pa... Hugh Macguire 

Straustown, Berks, Pa;...'.V Joseph Bolts 

Strawberry, Lav)rence, Ark B. B. Ashley 

Strawberry Hill, Muscatine,lowa, H.S. GrifBn 

Strawberry Plains, Ji^ton, Tenn T. Stringfield 

Strawberry Point, C2ayfon„ Iowa E. L. Gardner 

Strawbridge, Tork, Psi .....John Strawbridge, jr 

Strawtown, Hammon, la..:.......:. .Matilda M. Colip 

Streetsborough, Portage, Ohio John Thomas 

Street's Run, AUeghany, Pa James H. Neel 

Strickersville, Chester, Pa JohnC. Powley 

Stricklands, TV^e, Ga John F. Sweat 

Strickland's Depot, Duplin, N. C...L. A. Merriman 
Strickland's Ferry, Kennebeck, Me... Solomon Millett 

Strinestown, Tork, Pa , Daniel Wehrley 

String Prairie, Lee, Iowa Daniel Harrold 

Stringtown, Richland, 111 John Bullard 

Stringtown, Ripley, la Squire H. Knapp 

Stringtown, Davis, Iowa B.F. Wilson 

Stringtown, Cble, Mo Luke E. Ray 

Strode's Mills, Mifflin, Pa Joseph Strode, jr 

Strong, Franklin, Me £. K. Hitchcock 

Strongstown, Indiana, Pa Adam Lowry 

Strongsvllle, OUytUu^a, Ohio H. L. W. Leonard 

Stroud Glades, Nicholas, Va George W. Morton 

Strondsburgh, (o. h.) Monroe, Pa..... «... David Keller 

Stryker, mOiams, Ohio Wm. Sheridan, jr 

Strykersville, Wyoming, N. Y Jonathan Turner 

Stump Bridge, Madison, Miss .Thomas I. Grafton 

Sturbridge, W^cester, Mass James Bachellor 

StorgeonTilley Bnmtwkk^Vtk. Wm. LovelaLd 


Slar^ St. Jaialt'i, Mlcb - John HIde 

BtnTTBunt, Cbamiiia, N. Y......P. L BchwiiMrhai 

StujnmiiA Fslls, (MiaiiMa, M. T.P. A. Tui Alb 

BnblttCe, La, HI Utnd L. Wilder 

Sublett'i Tinrn, Ftwlallan, Ta._.W11l[*m Snblctt 

tubllgns, CAitt«va,OL - .OKar F. Feny 

SabUMitT, jrarfohOnEon..- Dnn? & Bta^Un 

Sub Xoea, fVonlrliit, Ail WlUUm K. It^n 

SOfU Crsek, trioitonu, Ia, John S, Cu-lUi 

Sncar OroTS, AwCtfm, Vs. Dsnlol Kein 

Sdgu GroTe, Sane, 111 -...» Tbomu Judi 

gDgu OrQTs, rOppKOnss, !■ D. J. DbtIbkh 

Buku Qrots, fb(t:;Mil, Ohlo^ K. R. Bhu 

angaiOriivs, IIUaiva,N.C ,Jfa. P. UBthemm 

Sogu Qnra, Wimn, Pa.- Alon» L. Fnml: 

flBCK HIIL Paula, Teiu .Tanlll BmKHi 

Snni Hill, Onffbm,!!. H. Aitunaa Wall* 


Sngu HIIL Jfarion, S.O. .llml CUDilchMl 

8ii«*r BUI, irafC,Qa.~ -.Jamti A. niiHiiai 

Sn^r Hill, S^iiiiltr, N. T. — AlODID Sobblnl 

gQg)U Idfes, OwV^nf, Pa Hugh J. Biawlej 

SDEac LoaC Onuwt, N. Y_ .An^itui A. A -■■'— 

BhIU Loa^ AtatfriB, AA. Jnocli W. D 

Buar Hound, JbMoi... -Inw: S. Sto 

^rrr-. „..rr-i.„^ ,( .jaoHB H. 

hh, 0. JSm H. A 

tldKa^^dl>allS 0- 
tun, ilnii(^)nl. Pi 

SufirtawD, Chttttr, Pa — 
auoHlonn, Oi^— — ' 

TtrgU Kaa 

__„ ... . ,. JamM A. Crew 

Sngv Ti« Bldn, BjpAtani^ Ohlo_Tli«nu A. Buii 

SunrTallaj, OndiM,Qt _.. Ju. U. Plttm& 

Sogv Tillevi Freblt, Oblo ..Fiaoda HcWbliaoT 

- IT ValloT, CSintoii, Pa. Bamwl B. Encnk 

JtTlllB, Oarli, Alk Solomon NordUoger 

■un, SabuOf CaL. Wm. C. Eyla 

Uvan, MniiMi, m „ -Josepb E. E(j«i 

lUlvan, TScaa, Vt- Jaaui B. Devn 

lUlTan, ^.S.) SUBban, U Jamaa W^H^kfe 


Balllnn, Jiuitm, Iowa... 
aalllTan, BaaaxA, Km.... 
SnUlran, CAitAA^ M " 

BnUlraa'a Hltli, JaaHaah Ia~......_^cdui SolUvan 

BBUlnaTllls, Chmmg, V. T.. glmoD Bnurd 

Snlpliuc UbI^ AsMiu, TazBl. Jtobert Harerora 

BulpliDc mil, i9ld6|>, la Thomaa Taagha 

BnlpburLli^ jrmuw, K7 Winford Daoiil 

Ridphnr Book, AidipaidaiK Ark B. H. Lewla 

Sulphur Sprloff, OnOBford, Ob]o...G4orgH L. Zleeler 

flnlphui BprtDd, IRBUuDn, III .C. J. &di 

Salpbac Spilnga, Kaiiaa, Ulia...Ral»rt £, Luckett 

Sulphur Spclnga, Batry, la ^oahnd W. aoolt 

Bulpbur Spring!, .ISRnaii, Mo Juoh Q.Cren* 

Sulphur Sprioga, Chenlax, T«us....H. Q.Hatsheit 

Bnlt^nr Spriugi, JfuUcniuiv, E; AbuJoni 

Bnlphnr Well, Juiamii^ Kj Jamu U. Harrii 

Bnlphiir Well, SlUUiy, TBnn...Blehard S-Wortbam 

SumuiBdlitld, DaOia, Ala BolKirt H. Biktr 

Sunmaillald, JlonrDi, Ulcta .WlUlam CorUn 

6 S^^ 

Snnmvrfleld, Ouiljhrd, H. C .Sjdnor A. PowaO 

Sumnwradd, AoHe, Ohio .Chirlei Han 

Eamnurfleld, SL Clair, HI Eatnnd B. Oind 

SDmmerfiiid. Medium, OUo loiepb V. Uclvlii 

gununar Qiora, fSWtOA, Texas......A. A- nompaon 

SniDiDer HOI, Ciijnwt, N, Y. Alouu CampteQ 

Sumner HUl, Qmbria, Pa. Wm. Uur^ 

Bvmnuit sm, Jaekim, Iowa. E. B. Cowlnc 

Summor Hill, IVrf, 111 Jonathan Wood 

Sammen, Stapiamah. Pa J. H. SutpUn 

Sammen, StAtridge, Va .....Wm, K. tttit 

SummeraeC, fUJb, Iowa John B. Welak 

Bummaft Hill, 0><l^>r<t, K. O... Janui U. Wtaaiton 

Summarrille, Ortent, ^ ; Fiiddlng ChalT 

BnmaKniat, JtffiTKn, Pa. miemCairlar 

BuDunerriUa, <c ta.) C^Aaieaua, Oa VI. L. R«iar 

Smnmeriaie, Oantierland, II. C...Wm. U. UcNelll 

Bnmmsrrllle, Oiu. Hlch Barronei Uoor* 

BoiDinHTllli^ (aorleiCott, E. C...AlBiuidBr Bidaslt 

Summerrllla, Soek, VU. .William Stawart 

BummerrlUe, Bvmt. Ho............» .David Jaoob 

Summit, Oailand, Hloh Jaremlah H. Phllllpa 

Ennjmit, Aunm't, Ohio. .Samuel Pout 

IFMUtt, la...,. 

...Henn M. Lallon 

WilUam LIttaU 

.BeTmoni BouEhtcin 
ruliam H. Weraoa 

Summit Fdntlji^enon, Ta...Samnai J. C. Mi 

BummllTllla, tie, lom. IaalabailE.___ 

SamiBitrine, JbdilKin, lud John S-Hooro 

SummltTlUe, ^^Ocpllimy, Hd-.-JonalbaD O. Wlinn 

SummlliUle, CsIunMaRii, Oblo Patrick Bogsn 

anmmoa'a TtAat, In^iuHt, HL.. ...William HucklnB 

Sumner, a^fard, He .Abel W. Bitbw 

BiuilDSTtowD, Jfai^imey, Fa...... ...Jacob Jacobf 

Sampler, niai^, Aia*. .J. Turner Eiana 

BamptionB Pralria, a. Ad^iAt, I», L. Hallowar 

Snmtartllla, Sumttr, Ala. Benjainln V. Rlmn> 

Somtorrillts £», Oa. jOSOii 

S. C... 

,.2eni7 H^uworlh 

Dtan Edaa Emilb 

Sunapee,5iiUvMn,N.H John P. E 

SvnbeaiD, Mffcer, m ........Bamuoi man 

BunbOry, Limigibm, HI _ John Com« 

Ennburj, Jtilatmre, Ohio Aihur A. Dailt 

Sunbut;, Gatti, N. Coilen Jordan 

Suubvr.T, (c h.) yorihumberJand, Pa...Jolin Youn^ 

SuBOOOk, JftrrAnacI:, N. H .John TeniiaBt 

Sundaj Creek M Eoada, Ptny, Ohlo_-J. HcSonald 

BaDdorlaiid,iVanJHiii,Uaai Edwin S. Plan* 

=__...j.-j » — ^^^ ™ .OUbort Bradltf 

' W. QrinBdl 


.... Edward B. Qa 

unkhua, n>HiAtai(,He ..Charjaa DaOg* 

unnj Bide, ZoiMdu, Ala AUgaJia Wflu 

un^iairio, Adk, WU. WUllam H. Angdl 

Snpnlor, IIUUauii^Midi— ...Tbomaa >. Laonard 

Superior, J>MaEiii(, wit DaDula Dean 

SuHaon'a Hall, ^AO^pAaiiy, Pa...._llra. Blin Iiwln 
Surinaa, .lUlai, la. _ B. Bacm 

Buipenslon Brides, J^fivflra,!). T...JecahHennlnf 
BogquthuiDiih, Bnom, N. X. .UtrltJ DooUttla 

Hnuinnhjuinoh. Dat^in, Pa .T«raih LIvlnnbn, 

Depot, SuijueliiD 

Junei _ ..... 
Suaaex, TTdulMla, 


....wmiara X. Prlnaa 
.Willlui Waani 




8utallee, CherokeOt Ga. Samuel M. MeOonnell 

Sotberland, DinwiddU^ "Va Winston Satherland 

Sutherland Falls, RuUimd, Tt...Thoma8 J. Ormsbee 
Sutherland Springs, Bexar, Texas John Sutherland 

Sutter, Sacrammto, Gal Daniel E. Hastings 

Sutter Creek, ipIaoeraSf Gal .Dwiisht Crandall 

Sutton, Worcetter, Man Salem Chamberlain 

Sutton, Mn-ritnadk, N. H Joseph Pillsbury 

Sutton, Oxledonia, Yt. Samuel Densmore 

Sutton's, WiUxamsburg, S.C...„Jiex^KBairx F. Guild 

Sutton's Mills, JSf sea;, Maa8.» Laban Sawyer 

Sutton's Point, Clay, lU Amos P. Finch 

Suwanee, CfunnneU^Qa, James Brown 

Suwanee Shoals, CbbmbiOf Fla Shuball Bums 

Swainaboroug^ (C. hAEmanud, Ga B. B. Lewis 

Swain's Mills, i2tuA, la B. F. Folger 

SwainsTille, AUegany^ N. Y Joseph Doyle 

Swallow Bluff, ITafwn, Tenn James W. Swayne 

Swampscott, Skitx, Mass Waldo Thompson 

Swan, NdbUjlA Hiram Cramer 

Swan, Vinbany Ohio .William M. Taylor 

Swan Creek, WarrenilW Jonathan Katekin 

Swan Creek,. Warren. Ky Samuel S. Johnson 

Swan Creek, GaJUa^ Ohio James H. Guthrie 

Swancy's Ferry, AhbemXUy 8. C ..R. M. Puckett 

Swangstown, CUndandt N. C .James Boberts 

Swan Lake, Arkansas, Ark .'..^Qninton D. Nicks 

Swannano, Buncombe, N. C George C. Alexander 

Swan Pond, WiUceSy N. C William W. Hampton 

Swan Quarter, (c. h.) Hyde, N. C T. F. Credle 

Swan Kiver, Benton, Minn. Ter James Warren 

Swansborough, OnsUno, N.C Gyrus B. Glover 

Swansea, BristoL, Mass John Blason 

Swan's Island, Hanoock, Me Benjamin Stinson 

Swansonville, PitUylvaniaf Ya R. J. Royall 

Swan Station, Erie, Pa Samuel Selden 

Swanton, Lucas, Ohio James S. Showers 

SwMiton, Franklin, Yt Amos J. Samson 

Swanton Centre, Franklin, Yt...Erastu8 B. Bounds 

Swanville, Wxldo, Me Solomon Cunningham 

Swanvilie, Jefferson, la Joel Dickey 

Swanzey, Ghfishire, N. H Elijah Sawyer 

Swarr's Mills, Xanocuter, Pa Jacob Hershey 

Swartswood, Sussex, N.J Joseph McDanoklB 

Swartwout, £v&e>-2y, Texas Nathaniel Bailey 

Swartz Creek, Genesee, Mich Henry Snyder 

Swartz Mills, CUarJidd, Pa ,.Adam Deitrich 

Swatara, SchuyVdil, Pa Abram B. Evens 

Swearingens, AwUn, Tex Samuel Swearingen 

Sweden, Oxford, Me ^ Benjamin Nevers 

Sweden, l^jtter. Pa Joshua T. Jackson 

Sweden, Monroe, N. Y David N. Glasier 

Sweedlin Hill, IkndUtan, Ya Peter Wamsturf 

Sweedsborough, QUnbceOer, N. J Ed. C. Talman 

Sweet Air, J^JUmore, Md ........Robert Agnew 

Sweet Home, Noddaway, Mo....i Moses Stingley 

Sweet Home, Lavaca, Texas A. G. Patton 

Sweet Home, i>ane, Wis Wm. H. MiUer 

Sweetland Centre, MuscaJUne, Iowa...R. Yan Dyke 

Sweet Springs, Monroe, Ya Christopher J.Beime 

Sweet valley, Xtizems, Pa. Barton Mott 

Sweet Water, QuinneiU Ga, ..Hiram R. Williams 

Sweet Water, ifonriM, Tenn...... ...Newton W. Haun 

Sweet Water Menard, HL .William Engte 

Sweet Water, Watauga, N. C......Thomas Farthing 

Sweet Water Factory, Campbell, Ga A. N. Irwin 

Swift Greek, Darlington, S. G D. L. Stuckey 

Swift Creek Bridge, Graven, N. C A. Latham 

Swift Island, Mon^^om^ry, N. G James H. Reed 

Swift Run, Green, Ya St. Glair T. Dean 

SwiftviUe, Morgan, Ky....... C. M. Hanks 

Swineyards, Charks GUy, Ya. George F. Baker 

Swingleville, Washington, Tenn...Benj. F. Swingle 

Swope's Depot, Avgiuta, Ya Washhigton Swope 

SylBertsville, Luzerne, Pa. Jacob Bilheimer 

Scyamore, (c h.) Dt Kaib, 111 WilUam P. Button 

Scycamore WyandotL Ohio A. W. Brinkerhoff 

Scycamore, Claiborne, Tenn Jacob Shultz 

Scyamoro Alley, Halifax, N. G Alfred W. Moore 

Scycamore Mills, Davidson, Tenn.David A. Wilkins 

Sydnorsville, FranUUn, Ya. Henry S. Woody 

SykesvUle, OxrroU, Md James Sykes 

Sylacauga, SbUadega, Ala T. L. Hudgtns 

Sylamore. Jkard, Ark.. Tobias & Rudolph 

Sylva, WasMngUMf Ark. .M. W.'Thonibori7 

Sylva, Schuyler, 111 Levi Lusk 

Sylvan, Richland, Wis Asahel Savage 

Sylvan, dayton, Iowa Alva Bush 

Sylvan, Dent, Mo S. J. K. Barksdale 

Sylvan, TRuAfenato, Mich John A. Clark 

Sylvan, PrahkUn, Pa. John Zimmerman 

Sylvan Dale, Hancock, III », Joseph McCall 

Sylvan Grove, Jig^son, Ga Benjamin R. Purdue 

Sylvan Grove, dark, la. John Y. Weir 

Sylvania, Bradford, Pa. Lorenzo N. Tinkham 

Sylvania, Sacine, Wis James N. Marsh 

Sylvania, (o. h.) Scriven, Ga. B. L. Prescott 

Sylvania, Licking, Ohio George Bowers 

Sylvania, Ftirke,JA, Elwood Hadley 

Sylvanus, Hillsdale, Mich Walter Purdy 

Sylvester, Ch^een, Wis.,... Charles F. Thompson 

Sylvia, JSordt'n, Ohio Buftis M. Brayton 

Symmes' Comers, Butler, Ohio B. R. Sypmea 

Symmea' Creek, Muskingum, Ohic.Wm. Y. Hurdle 

Symsonia, Graves, Ky G. H. Lnten 

Syosset, Queens, N. Y.. Philetus Ketcham 

Bjifacaaej^ic h.) Onondaga, N. Y H. J. Sedgwick 

Syracuse, Kosciusko, la. Samuel Ressly 


TABB'S GREEK, GranvClle, N. G^Thomas D. Harris 

Taberg, Oneida, N.Y Julius G. Thorn 

Tabernacle, Marion, S. G. D. Rowell 

Table Grove, FuUon, HI William LoveB 

Table Rock, Adams, Pa Samuel Faber 

Table Rock, Jtard, Ark John A. Beek 

Tabo, La Fayette, Mo Anthony D. Benning 

Tabor, TusearauMs, Ohio Moses Wrighl 

Tabor, Boane, Tenn ,Bfartin Sharp 

Tabor, I^emont, Iowa Jesse West 

Tacaluche, Marshall, Miss Erasmus F. Potto 

Tachora, Marquette, Wis Milo M. Hurlbnrt 

Tackett's Mills, Staffind, Ya. Lafliyette Gorbtn 

Tafton, Pike, Pa Thomas Y. Taft 

Taftsville, Windsor, Yt Owen Taft 

Taghkanick, Oblumbia, N. Y Jacob Boloe 

Tahlequah, dierokee. Ark George M. MnmU 

Tails Creek, Gilmer, Ga Jra Grltchfleld 

Talbotton, (o.h.) Talbot, Ga Richard P. GoUier 

Talooft, CharUMe, Ya Albin G. Saunders 

Taloott's Ferry, Rock Island, HI B. I. Talcott 

Talibenela, Pontotoc, Miss ..William Rutledge 

Talking Rock, Gilmer, Ga. Joseph WUHams 

Talladega, (o. h.) IbUadega, Ala....Wm. R. Waldron 

Tallahaase, (e. h.) Leon, Fla. Miles Nash 

Tallahoma, i/ucas, Iowa .Edward G. Rankin 

Tallaloosa, (c. h.) Marshall, Miss.... James D. Collins 

Tallapoosa, Oacrroll, Ga M. 6. Harper 

Tallassee, 2h22apoo«a, Ala R.T. Ashurst 

Tallawassee, Lowndes, Ala WilUam H. Spiers 

Talleyville, JV«o Cttstle, Del Wm. H. Jktf 

Tallmadge, Ottawa, Mich Myron Kurris 

Tallmadge, Summ/U, Ohio Homer S. Carter 

Tallokas, Lowndes, Ga John Edmonson 

Tall Pine, Cbrrolff, Ga G. P. Simmons 

Tallulah, (o. h.) hsaquena. Miss Wm. B Fair 

Tally Corey, Alleghany, Pa William H. Young 

Tally Ho, GranoOle, N. a Augustus H. Cooke 

Talmage, Baldwin, Geo J. B. Murphy 

Tamaqua, SchuylkUl, Pa Peter Aurand 

Tamaroa, Perry, 111 Nelson Bolt 

Tamaville, 7\ima, Iowa Normand Lewis 

Tampa, Hillsborough, Fla Alfonso Delanney 

Tampioo, Oktibbeha, Miss Robert S. Meacham 

Tampieo, Grainger. Tenn Thomas West 

Tampico, JaOcson, la Lewis J. Stage 

Tampieo, Darke, Ohio Raiford Wif^ 

Tamworth, QtrroU, N. H...Nathaniel H. Woodman 
Tam worth Iron Works, OaarroU, N. H James Howard 

Taneock Prairie, Whm, La. James Gn^ 

Taney, Wishington, Ark JohnCrawftxrd 

Taneytown, OarrdU, Md James Rogers 

Tangapaha, SLHdma, La James H. Qeorae 

Tank, Davidson, Tenn Washington G. Smith 

Tanner's Store, Mecklestburgh, Ya. .Evans Tanner 

Tannersville, Oreene,V.Y Norman H.0ra7 

TaimersviUe, Wixrren, Ga..«4 Joel T. MoGHnn^ 

Tannersville, Jbnrot, Pa. Reuben Swink 

Tan'i Baj> DarHngiM, S. O.-.^...* Janst Thwlng 

,'i HiU, St. Clair. Hicb. PUriek KeniMdj 

gta,(ii. h,)£fa«sai,N.O....D>t)d F«id*r 

s, PmtUpc/mm Cbul« B. Bellonpr 

Lttwauaa, Jllaliaint, Pa Williim G. Fultim 

tHiff, anler.Otlo J.1. WUlhun Wright 

TuUrima, Oirt^T^ Cona ChuleaW. BniTgn 

Vuklntoii'i PnUie, liibaty, leiu Adolphui 

lukki, ^Ul, Uo HmtoB Putih 

Tutayjlls, JfcAo 

njcheeiU, And da I^ WU-AlbcrW^ Smi 



oi'i Blen^JPya 

H^kniTille, tc h.) Spencer, Ky..,. 

.„...-nllle, Oii*irte,H. Y Willi™ A. Km 

•tkj\ania]a,aaaaur.Yii WUltom D. Tuylor 

Imjl«*'llK Smith, Ulu George 0. Aci? 

TMlonilll^ SarUoIiHiw, b. B. Jol 

ill, ft. h.) Ci 

emOt, Va 

Kihiilii,.ao(M>, UlB... 
Tnu^ ViUej. AilwiH, T 

TaDloU, An 

jr, AiUm, Ohio , 

TwplmUle, OTiiybni, P»m. 
TH^aidln, JUiutDiiy, O. 

Andniir J. L« 

[ Wtlliam H. Moon 

Ush-.-WUIUm HcHalr 

r W. A. Bnblen 

.H«tliii«r D. HlblMTd 

» PMng, Mmrot, Tm .DMlM Walih 

TmpaimtiaTllls, Oron^ehu^lt, S. 0....S, L, 

T^mpla, AiUibDrwaA, N- H -AdAOj R 

Tunis HUte, AnniJin, Me SumoB] I 

Templa d Hiallh, .«UnfUt, B. O... J. Cnnn 

TanplsTillB, Qutdi .^IHH, Hd....'niDn 
TeDaiit>a Harbor, Z<>ir ■■■'-' 


Auofi,no „ 


Tm HUe Creek, WMt, Ark 

Ten Mil* Oma, Ttrw^OHim, in...Heiir7 

Ten Mile Hooh, JMsouHb. WIa....Snnn dubuui 

Tm Mfla SprlBi, Chltomviu, N. T^onathan Ci«k 

T«i Ulle StaodljA^ Tsbd James B.McCallon 

Teon^lrtowii, IRuMnaton, 1>. H. John O'Hany 

** — iHee Colonj, JwurfM, Tax -J. WoolTerton 



TeDt(4»llg, ^naliuu,, u. 

Taotia, Boek, Wb 

I^reblnUl*, Qmterliaid, N.O. 

...XJhu-lel Danteli 

Tarn Hill, 

Teny, Cbmll, Teni 

. .lanldiDg 

TewockoDT Springi. Z^mutmu, Tei L. B. Bofd 

reaana,(e.lL) Jcuifc»ii,TnBa.. WilliuDG.Fon 

Tmtu, IRifUv(en,Ia». .Wlllism RobertKm 

obn <na|)aadiUe 

Tew, XoH^^h, fa..... 

Taxn, Otmga,tl. Y 

Taxai, Lsfomita, Pa.,....„.WlUUia H. Uobtapioaj 

Tsiu,iAiirv,Obla....... OeornW.nBk 

Teiai, HtuMMten, Ky W.aOunpbell 

Taiu, SoM, Ark. Charlei L. Tannehm 

Teiaa Hill. Srwramaito. Oal.„ JannClaAtB 

Teiaa Tallay, a 

...Robert B. Bench 
Jeorgo T. Thatebi 
Jobn Dothni 

Thereaa, Zl0^' 
Thotwa, J^a. , 
The Rock, UpKA, Qeo- 

PWff, K.r, 

SlliKrKi.Me. minn n.iiDrpaaia 

^trrm, H. Y Chrinlan TDiitaher 

:hift>ni>. N.O....t««rfn<» J.KanghloB 
I, CnuBftM. Ark William Howard 

hbwifr, Va-.-...-'.AD^etlDe JennlDCI 

f, Wll Plarra D»Miii 

"mtbsW. Flower 
UDM K. Stsffind 
.Oorfdon E.Pbj 

ThetlivTd, Orof^re. Vt.. 

The UniOD, J^wAftftOk, >u, dvujubjii a. uuuua 

The TUIaes, Foitl Ooiirtt, Ia Annalni liehn 

ThlbodHiui, Za Jtnnte, La J. Yat« Bennatt 

Thlckatj Fork, Spartatibuirgh, 8. 0..W. IJpKDnib,Jr 
•Obi, Foifc^ DC Xaib, Mo OaTld Millar 

luopinii'a Tall) 

. ,_ . , XA.Oola 

ag, aeOArihe, Ta... J, F. (Hark* 
D. ai#>lt, NT Y... Ji. M, A. Wloka 

■■ ■ L..W. K. Tbompeoii 

a AnfttMd 

TIP 1 

TThompionloTni, Jimiaia.Vt — E. D. Crawfiinl 

Thompwn'Ule, SaeMnghaia, N. C E. S, Morrti 

ThonipionTllle, Barbmr, Ala Geo. W. nompwn 

Thain]]KiDvI11^iiiRi(ford,CoDD QeorgeaOwen 

ThDiDpiioDTUle, Sunamn, N.Y JoDattaoii atntton 

TfaompsoiiTUtv, WaMtifftortf^— JkmesUoDrB 

Thoraburgh, .5»«13jlonii>o,Va Hmry Carpenter 

Thombaij, CAatrr, Pa. _ Jehu Clarli, jr 

"ThDcodale Iron Worki, CAcatcr, P>.JIa.vid R. Bangb 

VhormlUie, OOtO, Ta ^ .Edmuni B. Malcolm 

ThorndaH, Hammfan, MaM...Al)nihun B. Murdock 

ThoradUie, miMi).aa Tiuman Ilumon 

Thorn Grove, Ktua, Tenn Banjaraln RobertB 

Thorn HHI. Laaio; Hlch ,. James Br; an 

Thorn nni, WMttr, Ala _ OrrLn DavU 

Thorn Hill, Sralm/tr, Tens .Thomas W. Latbeln 

Thorn Kill, Oratiee. Ta John M. Qoodwio 

^niora HIU, Onomd^ N.T..StefbBn Vmderbutgh 
ThoralajBTille. Saonc, la.- Enrich Thotolej 

Tiger C^eek, Ctaibome, 
TlgervlUe, nrreSontu, 
TDden, Baaoiet, " 
TllkT'i Fury, j^ 


ir Creek, Jbri 

nmberOroTo, .._— —-.^ .— — — „. - 

Thuber KMtv, IMm, S. C Hamlet Goudglack 

Timber RMgs, llMUrtieK Va... John Olbaon 

Timber Hldie. tfreoie, Tenn A. U, Duak 

ThnbarvlUe, BaMngliam; Va... ~ ' "' 

Time,pax, III 

nmmoDiltUe, DwUioIok, B.C. 

TtolKr Knob, BtMoart, "Ta 

nnfeoi Run, Wtitmorelani.'St: 
TlDttx'i Creek, aansmO, %. C. 
Tionouth, Kuaawi, VI 

Tlnlon Falls, , 

Tioga. Tinga. Fa Clurles 0. 1)bd 

Tioga. Centre, Tioga, N. T WUliam Uac 

Tioga Valloy. Brwlptr<l, Pa Hlnm aogat-. — 

TioDcala, Vinango, Fi ,Sunu«l O. Hadct 

Tlppecmoo, Btirrisai, Ohio. Xdwin B. PiikeU- 

Tippecanoe, Okio, Ki. 

TIppocaiios, FnytUe^ Pi 

.Wmiam Antii 

....JobD B. P*tUrMm 

...William V. Braart 

.~ jlUen HcBrlde 

...J>aTld C. Udttow 

N. J,... 

.-.,. . - , . - . - mCtaar 

rille, CruKi/tiri, Pa John G. BnrllngbaK 

mIOD, CtitAeia«n,Ohki Wadiington Hiett 

srton, Nrxpart, B. I Charlei F. geabnn 

crlon Four Coraere, Ncvport, K. I A. Smitli 

lot, Abn^MiKiv, Uo ~.IM>t]iI W.NowUn 

oil, Dulcliat, N. Y Philip H. Laibar 

lacco Furl, SEeuart, Tenn .E. P. Weak! 

:obu:co Stick, ATCAcrier, Md-Bdmrnid Hirrlnglon 

obaeia, flnufcrtMi, Tens Wllej a. McBrida 

'oceopola, ParOoliie, Hint Joseph H. W, Bigger 

:o(lil, BanHngdaa, Fa.... .Tluniai O. Etapleuo 

?adda, SpoUsiAvaw, Va-.....GbarlH H. Bradshaw 

•.oMX iloTgan,(Ma. Wallam Todd 

(oddiTiiie, OtHgo. N. T John T. Wltam 

Togus SpiiRge, iCmtuteA, Ue...Bamnel W. Lawloa 
'"•—"•■ "— ■=, TOjftOietai, Wla...Pntrick Tolamt 
...EUnbelh rarrlll 

I, lU.... 

tapd, Ha 

llapd, Ham-pdtn, Maai 


uebanli Spring, BtrMtf, Ti 
□•Ilea, Mi.Tin,C>i 

....JaaiM niompMn 

ij Luamiiing, Pa... ........ ....Henr7 Tomb 

ihannock. SaUHlaa-, S. Y John E. Mn 

utU, Olimlae, N. .Oeorga W. Hsyei 

ipklni, Jiufcion, Blich.HH.John C SonthworUt 

-jpkin^ ifiuUUon, Ohio......aeaTgA B-JUnrdock 

TompUnarille, (7hicAlu, Ala. J. A. Riueell 

TompklDnUle, (c. h.) Hmne, Ej Lewie Peck 

. c. r 

Tom'i Hirer, wean, U. J 

Tomsville, CHaUr, B. C 

Tonannda, Srit, N. T 

Tonic*, La 3allc. JU 

Tooele, HxnU. Utah 

ToDlej'a, Omcordia, Let 

ToolaboroD^ Xotriu, lona.... 

Toombs, KuJmimdM^ 

laambaborough, mikiaim, Q. 

...Hanrr H. Snapo 

-^K. Armstrong 

.Jaoei B. Lane 

Ham a. Crelgbt 

TtMatl Sound, Ktm ^amver.S 

TopaSeld, K&lUiytoa, Ue 

Topifleld, Xuix,Slan..,,, — 

Topeham, Oronse, vt. John PiabodT 

Toiblt'sBtore, Center, S.C ......Samual MiCaw 

loro, i^iiMnc, La. 


Torrlngibrd, LOcMdd, Conn. 
Torriogton, LUcfffiiid, Cowj... 
Totten's Welle, Obiat, lenn... 
Tolty'i --'■-■ 

, (0. h J ; 
Siorit, la., 

Siirk, ill !!'.'.!B^aMa ' 

- „^- ,Oa....a .Tbomaa MaKlbbon 

ToHandis (o. h.) BnuUortt, Pa......HatKT 0. Porter 

Toiree f all^ itntrot, Tenn......DaTld 2. H*dg«»ek 

Toner HU, KUUlvtini, K. I" .Saajunlu HnU 

Towertoim, Otmbertaiid, 111...W1U1hi B. MorctaoB 
Tow«rTllIi, dOHbniOBe, H. T^Gharlia U. Hoore 
TowleciUle, a«i«ii,V.X. Kben IMle 




Town Bluff, jyioTf Texas .Joseph CheeTOs 

Town Greek, Lavrreneey Ala. Daniel Mcintosh 

Town Greek, OOmeVt Ga F. Bi. Kitchens 

Towners, Putnam, N.T Boswell B. Taylor 

TownesYille, OranvUU,N.O Wm. B. Hnghes 

Town HUl, Lueeme, Pa Nathan D. Stiles 

Town Line, Erie, N. Y Robert Neel 

Town Line, lAueme, Pa Thomas Dayenport 

Townsbnry, Warrmf N. J William T. Henry 

Townsend, Middksex^Maaa Gharles Osgood 

Townsend, Bourbon, Ky Qeoi^ F. Lilley 

Townsend, Chemung, N. Y Andrew S. Scoby 

Townsend, Sandusky, Ohio William Hoff 

Townsend Harbor, Middlesex, Ma8S...0harles Emery 

Townsend's Inlet, Oape May, N.J William Stites 

TownsendTille, Seneca, N. Y Gilbert T. Miller 

Townshend, Windham, Yt Oscar F. Butterfield 

•Townville, Anderson, S. G Samnel Brown 

Towsontown, BdUimore, Md Lewis Vogle 

Toxaway, Pickens, S. G JTames Robertson 

Tracy's Landing, Anne Arundd, Md F. Weems 

Trade, JoT^nxon, Tenn Davis E. Bower 

Trader's Hill, Oamden,Qsk. John Mizell 

Tradersyille, Madison, Ohio Isaac Fox 

Trade's Hill, Chatham, N. G E. R. Horton 

Trafalgar, Ji^nson, la Ezekiel W.Morgan 

Tranquility, Oranville, N. G N. E. Gannady 

Tranquility, Sussex, N. J Elias D. Goodrich 

Tranquility, uidanw, Ohio John McGreight 

vTvanquilla, Jones, Qsl Joseph Day 

Transit, Genesee, N. Y. Almond A. Jones 

Tiansit Bridge, MUgcmy, N. Y George B. Frisbee 

Trap Hill, mikes, N. G ..^WilUam 0. Dijoumett 

Trappe, TMot, M:d ....George W. Mullikin 

Trapp^ Montgomery, Pa ».«James F. Rambo 

Trask, Chrant, la Elijah Garter 

Traveller's Repose, Pooohontas, Ya...Peter D. Yeager 
Traveller's Repose, J^cmklin, Mo...Braxton J. Inge 

Traveller's Rest, Ooosa, Ala .Stephen A.Pearoe 

Traveller's Rest, OreenvilUj S. G....Henry E. Lynch 

Traveller's Rest, Owsley, Ky James E. Gibson 

Travers des Sioux, NieoUt, Minn. ..John Donnelly 

Traverse Gity, Qrand Traverse, Mich.. JDavid 0. 


Travis, AutUn, Texas .J. Bt Pier 

Travisville, J^mtress, Tenn. Gharles B. Ryan 

TraylorsviUe, Henry, Va James Rangeley 

Treibleville, Monroe, Pa. Daniel Brown 

Tremont, (c. h.) TaxeweU, HI David Roberts 

Tremont, SdmylkiU, Pa. .John B. Zeibach 

Tremont, CUark, Ohio Squire H. Wallace 

Tremont, O^ion, Ark L. B. Hyatt 

Tremont, Hdnoock, Me.... Wilson Guptill 

Trenton, Jameson, Ala Bphralm G. Williams 

Trenton, (c. h.) Dade, Ga John G. Jaooway 

Trenton, jBTenry, Iowa Andrew J. Wilson 

Trenton, Wayne, Mich Jonathan Hudson 

Trenton, Waehita,lA. John Thacher 

Trenton, Bandolph, la Wm. 0. Jobes 

Trenton, Todd, Ky Thomas D. Walker 

Trenton, (c. h.) Qrundy.yLo Joseph D. Henry 

Trenton, (c. h.) Mercer, N. J...William A. Benjamin 

Trenton, Onoaa, N.Y John Billings 

Trenton, (c. h.) Jones, N. 3ei\}amin Askew 

Trenton, Sutler, Ohio Samuel D. Rose 

Trenton, Gibson, Tenn.... A. S. Gnrrey 

Trenton, Smith, Miss .Robert B. Waggoman 

Trenton, (TUntovIU Isaac W. Stiles 

Trenton Falls, Oneida, N. Y.. .David W. Bacon 

Trenton Point, Bauneock, Me......Bamabas Hodgkins 

Trevillian's Depot, Louisa, Y» 0. G.TreviUlan 

Trevortosi, NmiJmmlberland, Pa Jacob Yordy 

Trexlertown, J^tbigh, Pa John R. Schall 

Triadelphia, MantgaiMry, Md .Thomas 0. Miller 

TriadAlphia, OhAo, Ya Noah H. Garrison 

Triadelphia, Morgan, Ohio JTrancis Pettit 

Triana, Jfadwon, Ala. .Edmund Toney 

Trian^e, Broome, N. Y.. .Dexter Whitney 

Triben'8» FiOmore, Minn... .William K. Tribett 

Tribes WSi, MantgomoTh If. Y .Fisher Putnam 

Trice's Store, Orange, N. William Trice 

Tricknm, OaarroU, Ga. John HaJsten 

Trimble, Mhent, Ohio Lewis W.Rnssell 

Trinidad, JSlamaOi, Cal £. 0. Darling 

Trinidad, KafSffiman, Seaaui.........Jerome A.' Gardner 

Trine Mills, Oui^ord, N. G Reuben F. Parsons 

Trinity, Trinity, Gal Graven Lee 

Trinity, CftOtoAouJo, La John D. Calvert 

Trinity Springs, Martin, la Samuel T. Leonard 

Trion, Jefferson, Tenn John Cowan 

Trion, TUskdloosa, Ala George Collins 

Trion Factory, Chattooga, Qsk Andrew P. Algood 

Trlplett, Fleming, Ky Benjamin F. Powers 

Tripoli, Tishemingo, Miss William J. Nowlln 

Tripton, Jennings^ la A. P. Huckleberry 

Trivoli, Peoria, HI Charles Robinson 

Triune, fPUliamson, Tenn Samuel M. Copeland 

Trouble Hfll, Scott, Ark William E. Elkins 

Troublesome, CUnch, Ga Jesse P. Prescott 

Troublesome, Rockingham, N. C ...David Scott 

Troup, Smith, Tex D. P. Fowler 

Troup Factory, Troup, Qsk...,. Thomas Leslie 

Troupsburgh, Steubm, N. Y William N. Griggs 

Troupville, (c. h.) Loriondes, Gn, William SmiUi 

Trousdale, Warren, Tenn WiUIam R. Akers 

Trout Creek, Delaware, N. Y Lebbeus L. Teed 

Trout Creek, Saint Clair, Ala Henry W. Box 

Troutman, uheroket, Texas LabanDodson 

Trout River, FranMin, N. Y Ellsba Hollister 

Trout River, MnnesA^,Iowa JohnMcKay 

Trout Run, Lycoming, Pa Jrederlck R. Weed 

Trowbridge, Racine, Wis .John T. Trowbridge 

Troy, (c. h.) Pike, AXbl Samuel J. Lynes 

Troy, Cherokee, Ga EllMcGonnell 

Troy, Madison, 111 James A. Henderson 

Troy, (c-hO iVry, la H.E. Goodman 

Troy, TfidaOjTAe Charles A. Yickery 

Troy, Ocikland, Mich .Orange I. Niles 

Troy, Yalobusha, Miss T. W. Beale 

Troy, (c. h.) Lincoln, Mo Jordan S. Sallee 

Troy, Cheshire, N. H Edward P. Kimball 

Troy, (c. h.) Rensselaer, N. Y Wm. W. Whitman 

Troy, Moniaojnery, N. C WOUam G. Hicks 

Troy, (c. h.) Miami, Ohio John Bock 

Troy, Bradford. Pa James A.P. Ballard 

Troy, (c. h.) oUon, Tenn Frank Wylie 

Troy, Davis, Iowa Joslah J. Earbart 

Troy, Walworth, "WiB Jesse Meacham 

Troy, IHestone, Texas John E. Oliver 

Troy, Orleans, yt Stephen Hodsden 

Troy Centre, Tf&Zioortft, Wis Albon M. Perry 

Troy Centre, Wddotfite Lorenzo Garcelon 

Troy Centre, Crawford, Pa JTohn G. Stratton 

Troy Grove, La Salle, W. M. Masterman 

Troy Lakes, Wdworth, Wis Seymour Brooks 

Troy Mills, Fulton, HI Stephen F. Robbing 

Troy's Store, Randolph, N. G James W. Brower 

Trucksville, Ltueme, Pa...- Jacob Rice 

Truit's Store, ShOby, Texas A. M. Truit 

Truittsville, Greenup, Ky Jonas Whitt 

Trumansburgh, Tompkins, N, Y....BenJamin Allen 

Trumbaursville, Bucks, Pa Uriah M. Engleman 

Trumbull, Faxrfieldi Conn Elihu Beach 

Trumbull, AsMcdmla, OMo Horatio G. Rich 

Trumbull Corners, Tompkins, N. Y Amasia C. 

Trumbull Long Hill, Ftiirfleid, Conn. M. Beardsley 
Trundle's Cross Roads, Sevier, Tenn..A. J. McGaUIe 

Truro, Barnstable, Mass Joslah Wilder 

Truro, Knox, 111 Giles Cook 

Truss. Jefferson, Ala Thomas K. Truss 

Truxton, OarUandt, N. Y Lytle Ferguson 

Truxton, Bureau, 111 Allen S. Lathrop 

Truxton, Lincoln, Mo Francis H. Lacy 

Tryon, Henderson, N. C.' J. Stark Sims 

Tualatin, Washington^ Oregon Alvin T. Smith 

Tuckahoe, Cape May, N.J Ephraim Westscott 

Tttckahoe, Jefferson, Tenn Marcus J. Parrott 

Tuckahoe, We^ Chester, N. Y James Dusenbury 

Tuckaleechee Cove, BlountjTenn G. Freshonr 

Tuckassaga, Mecklenburg i^. C A. F. Sadler 

Tucker's Cabin, Henry, ua ..Ira L. Gunter 

Tuckerton, Burlir^ton, N. J Wm. S. Lippinoott 

Tuckertown, J9erX:s, Pa Daniel Baum 

Tudor Hall, PrinceWOtiam, Ta. James E. Dow 

Tuftonborough, OarrdU, N.H.., John Peavey 

Tug River, lli«weB,Va. Nancy GUlespia 

Tulip, Z>aU(u, Ark James A. Pattulo 

Tullahoma, Coffee, Tenn.. James Grizzard 

Tolly, I(ewU, Wi WiUiaio A. MacshaU 


XoUr, OHDHllHS, ». Y_... 

TallntowB, Alt^ Pa,... 

Tmllf T«U>r, OiHiiitiwg, I 

_^._ .. ._^^ ilB*»,K., 

_„ >nak, IbMMll, Ta. 
le ShotU, £«f«u, B. I 
WBTlU^ Sait, Ark. 

_ tyOaaanHigutiti.Y.... 

VjULMOf, Bt WUl, lU 

— — "— Onmge,\t 

k, (8. S.) H>>" 

Hlnm dbuiD 

Joottlun B. Wright 

_ „Wm. SaUabun 

,Xdmtd K. M anlwdi 
Jama B. Oiabina 
H. A. SnlllTan 

H&tMMfan, Ohh 

Hill, fUtHtMjQ^ 
- Ston, i9Hfan,I>a 

TU'eaad, AMcentiomyt 
Tarln, Laeit, H. Y„.. 


_mRlebi ■ 

& N.O.-.LdcMtarClHp 

Tni^ey tool, Smimt, M. J<t 

Tnrkaj Point, BiMuiArew, 9*ni>.... 

■"nrkertonii, Olenitc, Ala B 

TuJcmiiD'a Creek, Ailtnm,Ia. 

Tnmbnll, Jfoarse, Ala. P. F. Tanm 

Isomer, ^■•Avffr^hr»,31a....H,.»».-.ffiru]i Glarh 

Xnmer desk, jRiKr, Fa. ~ A. ft. L(w 

Tamers, Oran^ N. T ChHleBTnrDi.. 

Tonur'i Store, dmiMM, Ta. Bobert U. Wricht 

TiiruenTme,£o&ertton,Tenn JtobertO-Afle; 

TnmenTille, Ohnutird, **- ""■ — ' "* 

Xiutle Creek, AOiglianf, 

omace, Wndtor^ T 

....Ell anndeillB 

ii'mM !?. Tyrieli 
....Wm. T. f ierca 

pp Jamee BoDgha 

B. B. aMtln* 

...Junes UcCartf 
.-..J- L. JeonlDES 
lUam K. UcKaas 
ibarter C. Ljma« 

h, LumbwA, Ta._ .Drun E. Qanldln 

TiHtsBi^gea, ailtaAta,nor. O.H.B.ComDi 

TnthlU, b7ftar,N. T.. .Joeeph L. Hiubniack 

Tattle's Corner, SmKx, N. J Benjamin Tnttte 

Tiram Mllo, PUlcat, 8. James B. HagwMl 

TweltB Mile, Ou., I. Wm. Johnetnn 

Twenty Mile Btasd, Wdrrm, Wlo .Oeorgo W. 

. Jsmca T. EiaoB 

".''.i!!..Wm. Ward 
.William Blaward 
....John Nk:kles 

IM W. LasbbTDdk 

.Ohaiiee B. Doggact 
- * Liilla 


Tviggi, Oa. 

" a, Chid..- 

T«o MUsBraiidi, £iiuiM,Ta 

Two UUe Prairie, PiiaM, la..... 
Tits Hila Ckeek, Banittt, Ky... Ji 

TwaUrera, Mttailume, Wb 


auPfKT- .Saitl Waring 

Z".'.'.Z'..".'Z'.'Mti^itila B. EUla 
KMiHVlt-Kicliard L.Babarts 

I, F>...u. JaM|Ib Chambers 

lurg, Ba._ .. John J. H. Kiln* 

!» Amkaid SnlT 

, a. 0.._. -.Samnal L Cnlc 

A, T*na_ ..■amoel S. Tyree 

Hr.Teen .William Rotierts 

.H-n^ MM. r. a Wmlams 




Union Point, Creene, Ga Richard A. Newson 

Union Point, Xtnn, Oregon Hugh Dinwiddie 

Union Point, Jackson, Mo Willis G. Steel 

Unionport, Jefferson, James Waggoner 

Union Prairie, Alamakee, Iowa Edward Eells 

Union Settlement, Oswego, N. T Silas Peuoyer 

Union Society, Greene, N. Y David Van Orden 

Union Springs, Macon, Ala William H. Waiigh 

Union Springs, Chyuga, N. Y Edward Eldredge 

Union Springs, Union, Ark Warren Parker 

Union Springs, Harrison, Tex John P. Maddux 

Union Square, Montgomery, 'B& TbomasI.White 

Union Square, Oswego, N. Y Avery Skinner, 

Union Star, Breckenridge, Ky J. S. White 

Uniontown, Humboldt, Cal Albert II. Murdock 

Uniontown, Jferry, Ala Parham N. Booker 

Uniontown, Knox, 111 Stephen S. Buffum 

Uniontown, Union, Ky G. B. Bohannan 

Uniontown, Wells, la John W. Walker 

Uniontown, Carroll, Md ....Henry Bx)ntzahn 

Uniontown, Bdmont, Ohio .' .'...Thomas Fell 

Uniontown, (c. h.) Ihyette, Pa... Armstrong Hadden 

Uniontown, Delaware, Iowa Arron P. Blanchard 

Union Valley, Oortlandt, N. Y Nelson L. Brooks 

Union Village, Orange, Vt Morrill J. Walker 

Union Village, Northumberland, Va... .Edwin Lyell 

Unionville, Monroe,Q%. Thomas R.Grace 

UnionTille, Hartford, Conn George Richards 

Unionville Putnam, Mo Alfred H. Weatherford 

Unionville, i/bnroe, la Nicholas Fleenor 

Unionville, Appanoose, Iowa James Eiving 

Unionville, Frederick, Md Benjamin Lindsay 

Unionville, Oravtge, N. Y Lewis L. Smith 

Unionville, Lake, Ohio Spencer Shears 

Unionville, Chester, Pa James Smith 

Unionville, (c. h.) Union, S. C.Robert A. McKnlght 

Unionville, Bedford, Tenn Joseph R. Brown 

Unionville, Oass, Texas Henry A. Moore 

Unionville Centre, Union, Ohio John Sager 

Uniopolis, Auglaize, Ohio Robert C. Layton 

Unison, 2wn«fen, Va William 0. Miller 

Uniso^, Delaware, Ohio James R. Youel 

Unitaria, Broome, N. Y J)aniel Hurlburt 

Unitia, Blount, Tenn James H. Donaldson 

Unity, Waldo, Me ^....James B. Murch 

Unity, Sullivan, N. H .Gilbert Lewis 

Unity, Oolumbianna, Ohio John Mollenkopf 

Unity, Alexander, 111 : Hugh P. Craig 

Unity, Crawford, Pa Chauncey Brown 

Unity, Montgomery, Md Nimrod Davis 

Unity ville, Lycoming, Pa James Young 

University of Virginia, Albemarle, Va William 


Upatoie, Muscagogce, Ga T&tlj B. Adams 

Updegraflffl, Jefferson, Ohio George Goodwin 

Uphaupee, Macon, Ala , J. M. Clough 

Upland, Mason, Va Ranson Whitten 

Upper Alton, Madison, 111 Joseph Chapman 

Upper ACquebogue, Suffolk, N. Y. B. F. Wells 

Upper Black Eddy, Bucks,Ptk Jacob Fulmer 

Upperco, Baltimore, Md Thomas Upperco 

Upper Cross Roads, Harford, Md Thomas Riley 

Upper Darby, Delaware, Pa John Hawkins 

Upper Dublin, Montgomery, Pa Isaac Thomas 

Upper Embarrass, Coles, 111 WUlIam H. Lamb 

Upper Falls, Windsor, Vt Japheth L. Warner 

Upper Falls, faUimdre, Md James Manhool, jr 

Upper Falls of Coal, Kanawha^ Va...R. 0. Chandler 

Upper Flats, Mason, Va George Roush 

Upper Gilmanton, Belknap, N. H Ira Mooney 

Upper Gloucester, Cumberland, Me Sewall Gross 

Upper Hunting Creek, Caroline, Md...W. H. Qootoe 

Upper Jay, Essex, N. Y Benjamin Wells 

Upper Lisle, Broome, N. Y Darius Pratt 

Upper Mahantango,^c^u^ZA:t22,PaMaria Hintzelman 
Upper Marlboro, (c. h.) Prince George^s, Md Jere- 
miah Mullikin 
Upper Middletown, Ihyette, Pa...Edward G. Roddy 

Upper Red Hook, Dutchess, N. Y ..Gottlob Haas 

Upper St. Clair, Alleghany, Pa Heniy Bockstoee 

Upper Sandusky, (c. b.) ffyan<iott,Ohia Jr. W.Brown 

Upper Stillwater, Penobscot, Me Joshua Buck 

Upper Strasburgh, fb'anklin, Pa Philip Karper 

Upper Tract, Pendleton, Va .Enoch Grayham 

Upper Trappe, Somersetf Md...... Thomas W. Daahlel 

Upper Tygart, Carter, Ky John Thompton 

UpperviUe, Fauquier, Va ..Lemuel HatcldBon 

Upshur, Preble, Ohio .John T.Deem 

Upson ville, Susquehannah, Pa... ..Titus L. Meriman 

Upton, Franldin, Pa. George Oook 

Upton, Van Buren, Iowa Milton Henring 

Upton, Worcester, Mass Horace Vorbiuh 

Urbana, (c. h.) ChampaignfUl Jesse W. Jaquith 

Urbana, IVederick, Md Sebastian G. Goickej 

Urbana, Hickory, Mo Thomas GlanviUe 

Urbana, SUvben, N. Y Stanley B. Fairchild 

Urbana, (c. h.^ Champaign, Ohio James Taylor 

Urbane, (c. h.) Jackson, 111 Urbane £. Robinson 

Urbanna, Middlesex, Va Edward T. Purkios 

Urieville, Kent, Md Joseph P. Copper 

Ursa, Adams, 111 John A. Clayton 

Ustick, Whitesides, lU -.Oliver Baker 

Usquepaugh, Washington, R. I Edmund Bagley 

Utah, Warren, 111 John P. Terpening 

Utah, La Grange, la John Meniman 

Utah, Lucas, Ohio Elgah J. Woodruff 

Utica, Clark, la , William H. Snider 

Utica, J/acomft, Mich William Brownell 

Utica, Hind;, Miss George W. Mimme 

VticA, lAvingst^m, Mo John W. Bingo 

Utica, Dane, Wis Leroy Crandall 

Utica, Oneida, N. Y Isaiah TiiEuny 

Utica, Tan Buren, Iowa Robert Brownfleld 

Utica, Licking, Ohio James Turner 

Utica, VenangOfVdi, ..JohnW. Riddle 

Utica, La Sdlle, 111 James dark 

Utica Mills, Frederick, Md William Todd 

Utoy, De KaJb, Ga Thomas A. Kennedy 

Utter's Corners, Walworth^ Wis Simeon F. Utter 

Uwchland, Chester, Pa Jacob Beerbower 

Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass Charles B. Rawsom 


VACHERIE ROAD» St. James, La... John Y. Amant 

Vacaville, Solano, Cal Wm. J. Horton 

Vail's Cross Roads, Morrow, Ohio B.T. VaQ 

Vail's MUls, FutUm, N. Y Bradford T. Simmons 

Valatie, Cb{um5ta, N. Y John H. Coming 

Valeene, Orange, la ^ Henry A. Smith 

Valcour, Clinion, N. Y David K. Day- 
Vale Mills, Giles, Tenn Daniel Guthrie 

Valentia, Shelby, Ohio...... George Wenner 

Valfontis, Polk, Or C.C. Walker 

Vallejo, Solano, Cal Eleazer Frishie 

Vallens, Summit, Ohio Jacob VaUen* 

Valley, Washington, Iowa»..» Robert Shaw- 
Valley, HhzeweU, Va Pleasasnt Murphy 

Valley, Gaudaloupe, Texas......-....T. J. Perryman 

Valley, Stark, 111 Charles C. Wilson 

Valleyburg, Page, Va ^ ..Reuben Somera 

Valley Crusis, >Ri/at^a, N. C.....^ JoBept Shnll 

Valley Falls, ReMsdaer, N. Y..jOhauncey B. Slocum 

Valley Falls, Providence, R. I ..Daniel Patt 

Valley Falls, Marion, Va....« ~. Isaac Hdmaa 

Valley Farm, Jackson, la William Robertson 

Valley Farm, Idnn, lowa....^.... ..».«.... .M. R. Coon. 

Valley Forge, Jo^i^er, Mo. Jesse Dsrrovr 

Valley Forge, Chester^Va...^...^ James Hoy 

Valley Forge, Pulaskk, IU....~.~...A8a C. Atherton 

Valley Grove, Monroe, Ails. Jordan B. Lambert 

Valley Grove, OAto, Va..... Abraham Beagle 

Valley Head, De Kalb, Ala William 0. Winston 

Valley Head, Randolph, Va Jacob Conrad 

Valley Point, Preston, Va John Scott 

Valley Springs, Van Buren, Ark John T. Jones 

Valley Store, Chattooga^ 6a.v.~..... F. J. Grogun 

Valley Town, Cherokee, N. C William WaUer 

Vallic&ta, Calaveras^^Cal ....George T. MeMurray 

Vallonia Springs, Browne, N. Y...William G. Poyer 

Valonia, Jiackson, la William Weathers 

Valparaiso^ Porter, Ia........~.... Samuel R. Bryant 

Van Buren, De Kalb, Ala Warner L. BriskeD 

Van Buren, (c. h.) Crawford, Ark......John A. Eno 

Van Burea, CIo^, la William H. Gilford 

Van Buren, Itawamha, Mis8......John W. Lindsay 

Van Buren, (c. h.) Ripley, Mo William Geleman 

Van Buren, Onondaga, N. Y Solomon Keller 

Van Buren, Hancock, Ohio John Zarbaugh 

Van Buren, ?RuAmj;fto»»Pa..M..»~..Adam W6ir,lr 




Tan Buren, Hardeman^ Tenn John E. Mastin 

Tan Boren, De KcUb, 111 Jeremiah Mulford 

Tan Bnren, Aroostook^ Me Michael Farrell 

Tan Boren, Jae^fon, Iowa James R. Smith 

Tan Bnren Centre, Onondaga, N. Y..Step'n W. Betts 
Tan Bnren Furnace, Shenandoah^ Ta Watkins 

Tan Buren Harbor, ChauUmquef N. T...AIexander 


Tanceborough, Winnd)ago, HI John H. Rogers 

Tanceburgh, Lewis, Ky John C. Allison 

Tance's Ferry, Orangtbwrgh, S. C D. Dantzler, jr 

Tan Clevesville, Berhdet;, Ta Barak Dehaven 

Tandalia, (c. h.) FciytUe, HI Henry G. Habich 

Tandalia, QisSy Mich Evan I. Bonine 

Tandalia, Owen, la Edward M. Maxey 

Tandalia, Montgomery, Ohio William Satcamp 

Tandergrlffs, Knox, Tenn R. M. Hall, 

Tan Deusenville, Arkshire^ lfa8B...John H. Coffing 
Tan Dyke's Mill, Spencer, Kj....Jdhn C. Tan Dyke 

Tan Ettenville, CTiemung, N. Y Guy Purdy 

Tan Hill, Hawkins, Tenn ..•••John Ball 

Tan Hiseville, Mercer, N. J Abraham Tan Hise 

Tan Hook's Store, Person, N. 0... John C. Tan Hook 
Tan Hornesville, Herkimer, N. Y... Jnlius D. Munn 

Tanlue, Hancock, Ohio William Tanlue 

Tannoy's Mill, Pike, Mo Nathan Tannoy 

Tann'a Talley, Iloj/d, Ga Bufus Barker 

Tan's Talley, Delaware, Ohio John Rose 

Tan Wert, (c. h.) Jb«r, 6a William W. Simpson 

Tan Wert, (c. h.) Van Wert, Ohio...Henry Robinson 

Tarennes, Anderson, S. Jesse W. Norrls 

Taarick, Seneca, N. Y John Y. Gataabee 

Tariety Mills, Nelson, Ta Wyatt J. May 

Tarna, Tompkins, N. Y William Scutt, 2d 

Tarnell'B Station, Whitjidd, Ga M. P. Tarnell 

Tarysburgh, Wyoming, N. Y..Wyman H. Ainsworth 
Tassalborough, Kennebeck, Me.j.....Jonathan Snow 

Tassar, Tuscola, Mich William Johnson 

Tanghansville, Newberry, 8. C.Drury T. Taughan 

Tanghnsville, Perfmim, Ohio Emille A. Husson 

Teasie, Penobscot, Me Paul Ham 

Tega, Henry, Iowa Joseph M. Frame 

Tel, Clark, Ark Alfred Cox 

Telvet Ridge, White, Ark P. S. Middleton 

Tenango, Oarwford, Pa Robert Johnston 

Tenice, Oayuga, N. Y David Fish 

Tenice, Erie, Ohio William Shepherd 

Tenico, Washif^fUm,VA James M. Adams 

Tenice, Madison, III Charles Pierce 

Tera Cruz, WeUs, la Moses T. Murphy 

Terbank, Dutchess, N. Y Lewis S. Davis 

TerdiervIUe, Orange, Ta Thomas J. Adams 

T«rdon, flanor^r, Ta John T. Anderson 

Tergennes, Ja^ikson, HI Moses H. Ross 

Tergennes, Kent, Mich Orlando J. Odell 

Tergennes, Addisfm, Tt Philip 0. Tucker 

Termilllon, Erie, Ohio John Mines 

TermlUion, Oswego, N. Y Morris Place 

Termillionville, La Fayette, La Wm. P. Thomas 

Tormillionville, La SaUe, 111 John W. Wood 

Termont, Fulton, HI Lewis E. Kelly 

Tormont, Howard, la Benjamin Jackson 

Termont, Oooper, Mo John C.G. Goodwin 

Termont, Chautauque, N. Y....vSidney E. Palmer 
Tennontville, Franklin, N. Y..MJosiah J. Alexander 

Termont ville, Eaton, Mich Amanda M. Robinson 

Temal, Greene,Mis% John Mclnnis 

Temal, Wyoming, N. Y Morris Gorton 

Temon, Iblland, Conn Francis McLean, Jr 

Temon, Kent,!)*!! Robert Smith 

Temon, Troup, Ga Green M. White 

Temon, ^c.h.^ Jennings, la Abram G. Reed 

Temon, (c. h.) Jackson, La John 0. Jones 

Temon, Shiwassee, Mich Jerome B. Smith 

Temon, Madison, Miss Robert L. Moore 

Temon, Sussex, N. J Richard S. Denton, jr 

Temon, Ontida, N. Y James Turner 

Temon, Trumbiill, Ohio Milton Graham 

Temon, (c. h.) Hickman, Tenn...William B. Easley 

Temon, mndham,'Vt Marshall Whithed 

Ternon, Waukesha, Wis Robert C. Robertson 

Temon, Tf^hingtmi, Fla James M. Long 

Ternon, Van ^uren, Iowa, John M. Estes 

Tenion, ONswford, IlL Renick Heath 

Ternon Centre, Oneida, N. Y Elihu M. Foote 

Ternon Depot, TcUand^ Conn Ira Ellis 

Ternon, Wyoming, Pa Samuel Harrison 

Vernonsrille, Spartanburgh, S. CRichard Ballenger 

Terona, Dane, Wis Joseph Flick 

Tcrona, Boone, Ey ^....Armstead M. Ossman 

Verona, Oneida,"^. Y Norman Maltby 

Verona Depot, Oneida, N. Y George Tipple 

Verona Mills, Oneida, N. Y Solomon Rathbun 

Verplank, Westchester, N. Y James A. Whitbeck 

Versailles, Brown, III Jeplithoh Wilson 

Versailles (c. h.) Ripley, Ja, Henry S. Christian 

Versailles, c. h.) Woodford, Ky .Van Buren J. Sellers 

Versailles, c. h.) Morgan, Mo William J. Tutt 

Versailles, GaMaraugus, N. Y..Frederlck E .De Wolf 

Versailles, Rutherford, Tenn Willis S. Ransom 

Vershire, Orange^Yt Peter M. Swift 

Vesper, Onondaga, N. Y Edward M. Hoyt 

Vestal, Brooms, N. Y S<amuel B. Foster 

Vestal Centre, Broome, N. Y Albert R. Ellis 

Vesuvius Furnace, Lincoln, N. C.Robert A. Brevard 

Veteran, Chemung, N. Y Lorenzo J. Worden 

Veto, Washington, Ohio Benjamin E. Gorham 

Vevay, ^c.h.) SwitzeHand, la Robert J. Lanham 

Vickery^s Creek, Jbrsy^, Ga Joseph T. Garner 

Vicksburgh, (c. h.) Warren, Miss.William H. Sparke 

Vicksburgh. (c.h.) I&. Clair, Mich E. P. Vickery 

Vicksville, Southampton, Va Jesse B.Vick 

Victor, Ontario, N. Y William M. Boltwo«d 

Victor, Clinton, Mich Henry Post 

Victor, Powesheijc, Iowa Charles Comstock 

Victor, De Kalb, la. James R. Cosper 

Victoria, Knox, HI John Becker 

Victoria, Daviess, Mo Geo. W. Cauthorne 

Victoria, (c. h.) Victoria, Tex James A. Moody 

Victoria, Bolivar, Miss Hardin S. Adamii 

Victory, Cayuga, N. Y WalterH. Sayre 

Victory, Wayne, Tenn Jesse Gowning 

Victory, Bad Axe, Wis.. JohnC. Berry 

Victory Mills, (Saroto^ra, N. Y....Ephraim Lockwood 

Vienna, Pickens, Ala B. J. Hughes 

Vienna, Dooly, Ga James Cobb 

Vienna, (c. h.) Johnson,l\L William E. Morris 

Vienna, Scott, la Joseph P. Ryan 

Vienna, Kennebeck, Me Rufus M. Mansur 

Vienna, Jackson, La John H. Stevens 

Alenna, Dorchester, Md Garrison Sewell 

Vienna, Macomb, Mich Ira Smith 

Vienna, 0««tda, N. Y John Haws 

Vienna, Walworth, Wis Chas. A. De Bcrard 

Vienna, Trumbull, Ohio Nathan B. Tyler 

Vienna, fPhrren, N. J Alexander C. Howell 

Vienna, Macon, Mo Summers Wright 

Vienna Cross Roads, Clark, Ohio Caleb Barrett 

Vietla, Grundy,I\l: Daniel Marsh 

Villa, lYanklin, Va Jefferson Chitwood 

Village Green, DdaHoare, Pa Geo. Harrington 

Village Springs, Blount, Ala M. M. Posey 

Villanova, Chautauque, N. Y Daniel D. Morey 

Villanow, Walker, Ga. William D. Underwood 

Villa Rica, Carroll, Ga Valentine M. Ilodgeon 

Ville Platte, St. Landry, La *.... .Marcel Daire 

Vilula, Russdl, Ala Aaron J. Cox 

Vincennes, (c. h.) Kwix, la James Dick 

Vincent, Chester, Pa. John Hoffecker 

Vincentown, Burlington, N. J.... Japhet B. Woolston 

Vino Grove, Washington, Tex. Moses G. Wilson 

Vineyard, Truyin, Ga Jonathan Smith 

Vineyard Mills, Huntingdon, Pa Samuel H. Bell 

Vinoy Grove, Lincoln, Tenn Peter G. McMuUen 

Vinland, Winnebago, Wis Samuel L. Brooks 

Vinton, (c. h.) Benton, Iowa.... Joel W. Catlin 

Vinton, Gallia, Ohio John E. Holcomb 

Vinton Furnace, Vinton, Cyrus Newkirk 

Viola, Delaware, Iowa Joseph D. Walker 

Violy, Blount, Ala Jool Blackburn 

Virden, Macoupinf III John Evans 

Virgil, Cortlandt, N. Y Edwin P. Slafter 

Virgil, Fulton, 111 Levi Curtis 

Virginia, diss, HI William T. Pedigo 

Virginia Qrore, Louisa, Iowa John B. Jarvis 

Virginia, Mills, Buckingham, Va.. John S. Nichols 
Virginia Minos, Dranklin, Mo... Solomon W. Hood 

Virginsville, Berks, Pa...: Jacob Dreibolbis 

Tiroqua, BadAxe,y(\B Sylvester C. Lincoln 




Visalla, Tkdare, Cal John P. Majors 

Viacher's Ferry, Saratoga^ N. Y...Bex^. F. Caiadsey 

Vista, Wegtchester, N Y Wm. E. Husted 

VIstaRIdge, CdrroOy La John N.Todd 

Vistula, Elkharty la William D. Billings 

Voak, Yates, N. Y Peregrine HoUett 

Vogansville, Lancaster^ Pa Herman S. Hoffman 

Volcano, Calaveras, Cal George Madeira 

Volga City, Clayton, Iowa Thos J. Piper 

Volney, AUemaJeee, Iowa Thomas Crawford 

Volney, Logariy Ky Robert C.Carr 

Volney, Oswego, N Y Jacob Piper 

Voluntown, Windham, Conn Samuel Qates 

Volusia, Cftantauque, N. Y... William A. Crossgrove 
Volusia, Orange, Fla. Jackson J. Clayton 


WABASH, Wabash, la Andrew M. Early 

Wabash, Wai/ne,ll\ William Hardy 

Wabashaw, Wdbashaw, Minn Alexis Bailly 

Wabash Valley, Clark,, 111 El^ah Stephens 

Wacahootle, Marion, Fla. Iryin J. Bankright 

Waccoochee, Russell, Ala G. H. Miller 

Wachuset Village, Wbrcester, Ma8s.....Bei^. Wyman 

Wacoota, Goodhtie, Minn James B. Smith 

Wacousta, Clinton, Mich Horatio Hunter 

Waco Village, McCldan, Texas...Bichard M. Blllings- 

Waddam's Grove, St^lienson, HI ^JPells Manny 

Waddell's Store, Charks CUyt Va.William Waddell 
Waddington, St. Lawrence, N.Y..... '.Horace Fenton 

Wades, Bec^ford, Va .William C. Mitchell 

Wadesboro, (c. h.) OaUaway, Ey....L. L. Trevathan 
Wadesborough, (c. h.) Anson, N. C.Samuel W. Neal 

Wadestown, Monongalia, Va John MdCarle 

Wadesville, Clark, Ya John H. P. Stone 

WadesvillB, Posey, 1& ..William A. Moye 

Wadham's Mills, Essex, N.Y Asa P. Hammond 

Wading River, Suj^Vc,N.Y Sylvester Miller 

Wadley's Falls, Straff<yrd,N. H John Wilson, jr 

Wadsworth, Medina, Ohio John Pardee 

Waggoner's Ripple, Adams, Ohio John Beach 

Wagoner's Rest, MabUe, Ala Peter Ulrick 

Wagon Knob, La Faydte, Mo John Hammonds 

Wagontown, Chester, Pa .William W. Eachus 

Wagram, Accomack, Va Irwin W. Merrill 

Wahaghbonsy, MiUs, Iowa. Levi Anthony 

Wahalok, Kemper, Miss Patrick McCalehb 

Wahoo, Madison, Ohio DeWittO.Saw^^er 

Wailesboro, Bartholomew, la Francis P. Smith 

Waite, Was7tington, Me John Dudley 

Waltesfleld, Washington, Vt... James M. Richardson 

Wait's River, Orange, Vt Edson C. Swift 

Wakasassa, Levy, Fla. .W. W. Stevens 

Wakatomlca, CosTiocton, Ohio Newman Smith 

Wakefield, OarrdU, Md Abraham Cassell 

Wakefield, OarroU, N. H Hiram Paul 

Wakefield^ Wake, N. C B. T. Strickland 

Wakefield, Washington, R. I William N. Austin 

Wakefield, Ontagamie, Wis Seth I. Perry 

Wakefield, Lancaster, Pa Samuel Wilkinson 

Wakeshma, Kalafnazoo„ Mich Jacob J. Gardner 

Wakeman, ffuron, Ohio Lester T. Farand 

Walcott, Oreene, Ark Philip E. Lester 

Walden, Orange, N. Y Marcus E. Hill 

Walden, Caledonia, Vt Ammon Cheever 

Walden's Creek, Sevier, Tenn J'ames Gumming 

Waldensville, Schoharie, N. Y Hiram Walden 

Waldo, Waldo, Me Henry Davidson 

Waldo, Marion, Ohio Andrew Stroub 

Waldo, Wright, Mo B. W. Walls 

Waldoborough, Lincoln, Me .William Fish, jr 

Waldron, Scott, Ark .William G. Featherston 

Wales, Androscoggin, Me Arthur Given 

Wales, Hampden, Mass. .George C. Royce 

Wales, Ogle,Ill John Light 

Wales, Erie, N. Y Clark Hudson, jr 

Wales, St. Clair, Mich Benson^Bartlett 

Wales Centre, Erie, N. Y Willard W.' Stevens 

WalesvIUe, Oneida, N. Y Alton Buel 

Walhalla, Pickent, S. C, H. Issertel 

Walhonding, CbsTuKton, Ohio Samuel Bums 

Walker, Osntre,V& William Allison, jr 

Walker, Wakulla, Fl*. Leioy Allen 

Walkers, Crittenden, Ky B. A. Walker 

Walkers, OoUeton, 8. Jacob 0. Folk 

Walker's Church, Appomattox, VaThomas A. Gilliam'8 Grove, Mason, HI George W. Baxter 

Walker's Mills, Alleghany, Pa Isaac Walker, jr 

Walker's Mills, Ooffee,Tena William McMiohael 

Walker's Neck, Brown, HI William Lee 

Walkerstown, Forsyth, N. G.^.. Simon A. Stone 

Walkersville, Frederick, Md Edward G. Marlow 

Walkersville, Unim, NIC Hugh Wileon 

Walkersville, Shelby, Mo William B. Oarmaa 

Walkersville, Jasper, la Landie B. Walker 

Walkerton, King and Queen, Va Wm. D. Turner 

Walkerville, Lycoming, Pa. Thomas Brown 

Wallace, Jones, Ga John E.Drew 

Wallace, Fountain, la ,George W. Cochran 

Wallace, Chester, Pa Levi H. Gronee 

Wallace, Steuben, N. Y »Samuel H. Allen 

Wallace, Chester, S. C John Newl«a 

Wallace Creek, Independence, Ark William Heat 

Wallace's Cross Roads, Andersony Tenn... ...William 

Wallace's Factory, Spartanburgh, S. C...P. M. Wal> 


Wallaceville, Venatwo, Pa. Samuel 0. Small 

Wallamette, Tom Hit, Oregon Robert V. Short 

Wallden's Ridge, MarUm, Tenn Edwin Newby 

Walled Lake, Oakland, Mich James B. Tuttle 

Waller, Ross, Ohio William Lockwood 

Wall Hill, Marshall, Miss Thomas V. Brady 

Wallingford, New Haven, Conn Orrin Andrews 

Wallmgfcwd, TFtB, 111 Samuel G. Nelson 

Wallingford, RviOandj Vt Lewis R. Bncklin 

Walling's Ferry, Rusk, Tex...Thom8B H. Etiieiidge 

Wallonia, Trigg, Ky Stephen W. Gr^y 

Wall Kill, Orange,^. Y Wm. 0. Terry 

Wallpack Centre, Sussex, N. J.... Jasper W. Rnndle 

Wall's Store, Amite, ^liss John B. Eaaley 

Wall's Store, Jbftmon, Mo Benjamin F. Wall 

Wallsville, Luzerne, Pa James T. Gorman 

Walmore, Niagara, N. Y..... August Wolf 

Walnford, JfanTnou^, N. J Sarah Wain 

Walnut, Juniata, Pa David A. Doughman 

Walnut, Jefferson, Iowa Forrest W. Heard 

Walnut Bend, Philips, Ark Eli T. Diamond 

Walnut Bottom, Cumberland, ¥&. James Kyle 

Walnut Bottom. Henderson, Ky Bei^. Faulkner 

Walnut Camp, iVin^e^t, Ark D. M. Dobeon 

Walnut OoyHjStokes, N. C I Wm. A. Lash 

Walnut Creek, Grant, la Aaron Foulke 

Walnut Creek, Holmes, Ohio Melchi Buzzard 

Walnut Creek Buncombe, N. C. L. L. Branson 

Walnut Creek, Nebraska Samuel G. Mason 

Walnut Flat, Lincoln, Ky Henry B. Middleton 

Walnut Forest) Greene, Mo B. W. Henslee 

Walnut Fork, Jbne«, Iowa Charles H.LuU 

Walnut Grove, .BZozm^Ala .Harvey ComeMos 

Walnut Grove, iShox, 111 Amos Ward 

Walnut Grove ScoU, Iowa Henry H. Pease 

Walnut Grove, Morris, N.J Nelson Hughson 

Walnut Grove, Orange, N.C Bedford Eiurdle 

Walnut Grove, Overton, Tenn James M. Goodbar 

Walnut Grove, &partanburg7i, S. C...Saml. Gathcart 

Walnut Grove, WaUtm, Ga A. B. Whitehead 

Walnut Grove, JF^^nam, Va Lyle Hillan 

Walnut Grove, Independence, Ark...Hamblen Hogan 

Walnut Grove, Greene, Mo Allen Edmonson 

Walnut Grove, CaldweUL, Ky WiUiam D. Tinaley 

Walnut Grove, Leake, Miss J. L. Kiemoghan 

Walnut Grove Mills, PtilawatamAe, lowaWm. A. Reel 

Walnut Hill, La Fayette, Ark Ann J. Sevier 

Walnut Hill, Franklin, Ga Wm. R. Wellborn 

Walnut Hill, PanoUi, Tex William T. Enclish 

Walnut Hill, Marion, HI Wm. Canningbam 

Walnut Hill, Buxhanan, Mo.........3enJamin J&iooif 

Walnut Hill, Lee, Va WilUam S. Ely 

Walunt Hill,i^u2es, La Leonard C. Sweat 

Walnut Hills, fiamtZton, Ohio.3artholomew Fowlar 

Walnut Lake, Tunica, Miss W. A. P. J<»ies 

Walnut Lane, Yadkin, N. Samuel Johnson 

Walnut Mountain, Madison, N. C John Edwards 

Walnut Post, Lauderdale, Tenn... John D. Lankfinrd 

Walnut Ridge, Washington, la Isaiah Peuj^ 

Walnut Shade, Pope, HI B. W. HoUoway 

Walnut Springs, Greene, :vris ^.James Bi(|Sf 




Wftlnnt Valley, Cfor*, Ky Jhivid Meredith 

Walnut Valley, Marion, Tenn James M. Stewart 

Walnut Valley, barren, N. J....J)aniel Van Scoten 

Walpole, NorfcXky Mass. David E. Metcalf 

Walpole, Cheshirt, N. H Amherst K. Maynard 

Walpole, Baneocfc, la S. V. B. Noel 

WalshTille, MofOgmMry^ HI Michael Walsh 

Walterboro, CUZefon, S.C...~ J.W. Burbridge 

Waltersville, Adceir, Mo .Isaac J. Lansdale 

Waltnam^ MddUseXf Mass .Frederick M. Stone 

Waltham, Hancock, Me Daniel T. Swan 

Waltham, La SaUe, III John H. Meserve 

Walthonrrille, Liberty, Ga. Joseph N. Miller 

Walton, Boone, Ky Hiram Fry 

Walton, Delavfare, N. Y Gabriel 8. Sawyer 

Walton, Kanawha, Va John Slnnett 

Walton, Newberry, 8. Jacob Suber 

Waltonham, iSt Louis, Mo George Hume 

Walton's Ford, Habersham, Ga C. K. Jarrett 

Walts' Mills, Westmordand, Pa Jacob Walts 

Walworth, Wayne, N. Y Riley Hill 

Walworth, Waltoorth,WiM William Bell 

Wampsville, Madison, N. Y Duncan McDougall 

Wansville, Bradley, Tenn ..Silas M. Wan 

Wapatoo, Washirurton, Oregon .W. B. Molthrop 

Wapakoneta, Auglaize, Ohio T. J. Young 

Wapella, Dewitt, 111 Daniel Tbompson 

Wapello, (c. hj Louisa, Iowa. James Nofibinger 

Wappinger's Falls, DuMiess, N.T..William G. King 

WapwalTopen, Ltuxme, Pa. John M. Heller 

Waquoit, BamstaJblt. Mass Asa Phinney 

Wardboro, Warrtn, N. Y William H. Ward 

WardenstiUe, Hardy, Va... George W. Snider 

Wardsborough, WindBwem, Vt....J"oBiim G. Hlggins 

Ward's GroVe, Jo Daviess, HI Thomas B. Carter 

Wardwell, Jeffkrson, N. Y David Wheeler 

Ware, Hampshire, Mass. Addison Sandford 

War ISiaL^, MadUon, Ark S. R. Shepard 

Wareham, Plymotdh, Ma8s.....Gharle8 P. Washburn 
Warehouse Point, Hartford. Conn... Jos. Olmstead, jr 

Waresboroi (c.h.) Wixre, Ga. C. W. Smith 

Warfleldburgh, CarroO, Md William P. Shilling 

Warfordsburgh, FiMon, Pa Jacob Walters 

War Gap, Hawkins, Tenn John W. Phillips 

War Hill, HaU, Ga Allen Langford 

Warm Fork, (hegon, Mo John W. Jenkins 

Warminster, JVel««m, Va J'ames Vigres 

Warminster, Bucks,!^ Wm. Glasgow 

Warm Springs, Jftmeefli«r,Ga. L. H. Jeter 

Warm Springs, Buncvn^ N. O......John B. Patton 

Warner, Merrimack, N. H Abner B. Kelley 

Warner's Landing, Crawford, Wis John Warner 

Warner's Mill, Jr«>fct«fc, Iowa...Wa8hington Warner 

Warnerville, Schoharie, N. Y J. P. Shalbr 

Wamerville, Livingslon, Mich .A. S. Warner 

Wamervillle, Meriwether, Ga P. W. Baggarly 

Warpole, WyandoU, Ohio. * Daniel Straw 

Warren, (c. h.) Bradley, Axk W. J. Laphiew 

Warren, IdtchiMd, Conn...... Edmund R. Swift 

Warren, Httmington, la NoahMcGrew 

Warren, Lincoln, Me Andrew Fuller 

Warren, Macomb, Ifich George W. Corey 

Warren, ^nntn, Texas Jefferson C. Parrish 

Warren, Baltimore, Md JToseph B. Mitchell 

Warren, W>rcesler, Mass........ Daniel Russell 

Warren. Marion, Mo Samuel Christian 

Warrenj OrafUm, N. H Charles C. Durant 

Warren, Jo Daviess, 111.... John D. Piatt 

Warren, X<«,Towa John Herron 

Warren, Herkimer, N. Y ^William Klnne 

Warren, (c. fa.) Trun^ndl, OhIo..,....J^ohn S. Kibbee 

Warren, Bristol, R. I B.P. Phinney, 2d 

Warren, Albemarle, Va JohnT. Staples 

Warren, Randdlph, Ala Ezekiel Strickland 

Warren, iVashington, Vt Parker Putnam 

Warren, (c.h.) Warren, Pa St. John Goodrich 

Warren Centre, Bradford, Pa Emily M. Bowen 

Warrenham, Bradford, Pa. Asher M. Beardslee 

Warrensburgh, (c. h.) Johnson, Mo....Wm. 8. Hume 

Warrensburgh, Warren, N. Y F. A. Farlin 

Warrensburgh, G^reene, Tenn James M. Rankin 

Warrensville, Du Page, III .Julius M. Warren 

Warrensville, Cuyahoga, Ohio Jofan M. Burke 

WarrensTille, lAfcoming, Pa UToseph W. Milnor 

Warren Tavem, ChaHeTf Pa. ......Isaac Acker 

Warrenton, (c. h.) Mari^iaU, Ala. Booker Smith 

Warrenton, (c. h.) Warren, Ga Eliphalet Hale 

Warrenton, Gibson, la Henry Haub 

Warrenton, Warren, Kj William Brown 

Warrenton, Warren, Miss Benedict J. Wathen 

Warrenton, (c. hA Warrtn, Mo Job Price 

Warrenton, (c. h.) Warren, N. C.Thomas Reynolds 

Warrenton, J^fh'son, Ohio JTohn McAdams 

Warrenton, Aobiville, 8. C JLndrew Gillespie 

Warrenton, (c. h.) Famquier, Va JL. H. Spilman 

Warrenton,' X<i*«, 111 Collins Gowdy 

Warrenton Springs, JtitMtcier, Va.. Alexander Baker 

WKrreuvOle, Somerset, N. J JohnC. Toms 

Warrington, Bucks, Pa E. H. Radcllff 

Warrington, Hancock, la James K. King 

Warrington, Jl&cambia, Fla A. J. Lamberton 

Warrior Creek, WiUees, N. C James Bryan 

Warrior's Mark, Huntingdon, Pa Jane Vantriee 

Warrior Stand, Macon, Ala..'. Wiley S. Lane 

Warsaw, Sumter, Ala Benjamin White 

Warsaw, JFbrsyth, Ga Jackson Graham 

Warsaw, Hancodk, HI George W. Thatcher 

Warsaw, JPickens, S. C Marshall B. Dendy 

Warsaw, (c.h.) Kosdtu^, la Thomas L. Gravee 

Warsaw, Gallatin, Ky... Milton Treadway 

Warsaw, (c. h.) Benton, Mo Lemuel J. Bitchey 

Warsaw, Duplin, N. C John B. Sontherland 

Warsaw, (c. h.) Wlfoming, N. Y... Jacob W. Knapp 

Warsaw, Cfoshoeton, Ohio David McDennott 

Warsaw, Jefferson, Pa John Reed 

Warsaw, Tmyne, Iowa. James H. Lyons 

Warsaw, (c.h.) Richmond,Ya, James M.Harrise 

Warsaw, Franklin, La George W. Dorsey 

Warsaw Prairie, JTau/man, Texas S. G. Parsons 

Warthen's Store, ff^hington, Ga B. Wartben 

Wartola, Union, 8. C A. 0. Walker 

Wartrace Depol^ Bedford, Tenn R. P. Ganaway 

Warwick, CfeciZ,Md Julias A. Bond- 

Warwick, Dooly, Ga.; James G. Brown 

Warwick, F^anJdin, Mass Lemuel Scott 

Warwick, Oranpc N.Y Milton McEwen 

Warwick, Kent, B. I Benjamin W. Vaughn 

Warwick C. H., Warwick, Va Miranda Wae- 

Warwick Neck, Kent, R. I George A. Willard 

War Woman, Rabun, Ga J. Q. Adams. 

Wascopum, Wiscopmn, Oregon Ter..M. M. Cushing 

Washboxim Prairie, Barry, Mo James Keet 

Washburn, ifarsAoB, HI Wm. E. Buckingham. 

Washington, (c h.) Hempstead, Ark Robert L. 


Washington, Litchjteld, Conn H. J. Church 

Washington, Washington, D. C.James G. Berret 
Washington, (ch.) TI1Z%eff,Ga.CaroIine B.Robinson 

Washington, JhzeweU, HI R. W. Burton 

Washington, (c. h.^ Daviess, la Michael Murphy 

Washington, (c. h.) J^asMngton, Iowa.Mary Parker 

Washington, (c n;) Mason, Ky W. C. Barclay 

Washington, St.tamdry, La A. Mlllspaugh 

Washington, Xt'neoln, Me ;.... James Burns 

Washington, Berkshire, Mass Daniel Sibley 

Washington, Macomb, Mieh Dennis Cooley 

Washington, (c. h.) Adams, Miss J. B. Maxey 

Washington, FranJdin, Mo Daniel Q. Gale 

Washington, SuUivan, N. H William B. French 

Washington, Dutchess, N. Y John 8. Thorn 

Washington, (c h.) Beaufort, N. H. P. Allen 

Washington, ^ h.) F^ydte, Ohio John Sanders 

Washington, Ouemsey, Ohio William Chance 

Washington, (ch.) Washington, Pa D. Acheson 

Washington, (e. h.) Rhea, Tenn F. J. Paine 

Washington, Washington, Texas Henry Bailey 

Washington, Omngife, Vt L. F. Thnrber 

Washington, (e. h.) JxappoAanfioe^ Va..O. P. Smith 

'Vfeshington, Warren, N. J Wilflam L. Cyphers 

Washington, (c. h.) Yolo, Cal Amo6 Warring 

Washington Bntte, Litm, Oregon^ Leland H. 

Washington Centre, WhiOe^, Ind.Wm. Chamberlain 
Washington College, TI^AtfM[£tin,Tenn.E. S. Mathes 

Washington Harbor, Door, Wis; I. M. Craw 

Washington Heights, New York, N. Y...A. B. Mills 
Washington Hollow, Dutchess, N. Y...S. Tomllnson 
Washington Mills, Oneida, N. Y..Adnah H. Ingham 
Washingtonville, Columbiana, Ohio... Jacob Boston 
WashingtonTffle^ Montour, Pa AmAndns Levers 




Washougal, Clark, Wash. Ter... H. J.G. Moxon 

tfaskey's Mills, Botetourt^ Ta M.Obenshain 

Wassaic, DutcfiesSy N. Y OrvlUe Gridley 

Wassonville, Washington, Iowa.... <. Ezra D. Darling 

Wataga, Knox, 111 ....Joseph M. Holyoke 

Watah, Benton, Min. Ter Darld Gilman 

Watauga Bend, Washington, Tenn Wib. R. Rhea 

Watenaaw, Prairie, Ark Silafl Buck 

Waterborough, York, Me Joseph Allen 

Waterborough Centre, York, Me....Porter Hamilton 

Waterburgh, Tompkins, N. Y ..Leyi H. Owen 

Waterbory, Neva £rai;en,Conn..Elisha Leavenworth 

Waterbury, Washin,gton,yt Thomas B. Scagel 

Wateree, Richland, S.C Samuel Garner 

Tfaterford, JVeto XomJbn, Conn... Henry Gardner, 2d 

Waterford, Oxford, Me Xivingston G. Robinson 

"Waterford, Racine^ Wi8....« Gisorge W. Sproat 

Waterford, Oakland, Mich. ....^.....George Robertson 

Waterford, MarshaU, Miss W. H. Biles 

Waterford, Spencer,!^^ James P. Jones 

Waterford, Saratoga, N. Y «i.... James J. Scott 

Waterford, Waihin^fUm, Ohio Charles Bowen 

Waterford, JBrie, Pa Henry Colt 

Waterford, G'i&»on,Tenn .yc.Sarah V. Harvey 

Waterford, Caledonia, Vt Z. Milo K! Parks 

Waterford, Loibd6n, Va... Oscw P. Reed 

Waterford, DaJcota, Minn Warren Atkinson 

Waterford, Jackson, Iowa Fayette Mallard 

Waterford Centre, Oakland, Mich Mrs. Caroline 

M. Richmond 
Waterford Mills, EVchart, Ia.......Pranklin Johnson 

Waterford Works, Camden, N. J... Joseph C. Porter 

Waterloo, Lavder^UiU, Ala Thomas H. Reynolds 

Waterloo, Monroe, m William L. Adelsberger 

Waterloo, Fhyette, la ^ T. G. Price 

Waterloo, Pidaski, Ky C.J. Sievers 

Waterloo, Sussex, N. J Peter Smith 

Waterloo, JPoint Coupee, La Julius St. Germain 

Waterloo, Jackson, Mich Samuel Quigley 

Waterloo, ^c. h.^ Clark, Mo ..Isaac Fields 

Waterloo, (c. h.) Seneca, N. Y Samuel Birdsall 

Waterloo, GranviUe, N. C William 0. Gregory 

Waterloo, Jefferson, Wis Allston F. Mattice 

Waterloo, Lawrence, Ohio Jacob Powell 

Waterloo, Juniata, Pa.. Robert Robinson 

Waterloo, FoLuquier, Ya James W. James 

Waterloo, Laurens, S. C D. W. Anderson 

Waterloo, EUick Saif}k, Iowa.... J^ullus C. Hubbard 

Waterloo Mills, Chester, Pa William Steele 

Watermelon, TatnaU, Ga Robert C. Surrency 

Waterport, Orleans, N. Y Ephraim C. Bently 

Water Proof, Tensas, La.. John P. Mason 

Water Street, Huntingdon, Pa»«Henry B. Mytinger 

Watertown, Litchfida,Conn Hinmi^n Atwood 

Watertown, Wood, Va John Miller 

Watertown, MiddUseXfMasa ^Benjamin Dana 

Watertown, (c. h.) Jefferson, N. Y.."]fV. H. Sigourney 
Watertown, Washington, Ohio.....Augustii8 Winsor 

Watertown, Jefferson, Wis- 3((yron B. Williams 

Watervale, Onondaga, N. Y William Ely 

Water Valley, Erie, N. Y .William Sprott 

Water Valley, YalohusJM, Miss P. D. Woods 

Water Village, CarroU, N. H James L. Brown 

Waterville, Kennehtck, Me....Wm. James Richards 

Waterville, Oneida, N. t Thomas K. Wilkinson 

Waterville, Lucas, Ohio Joseph E. Hall 

Waterville, LamoiUe, Vt Robert Herren 

Waterville^ JVew Haven, Conn William Pickett 

Waterville, Waukesha, Wis Edwin W. Barnard 

Waterville, Lycoming, Pa...~Jeremiah H. Callahan 
Waterville, AUemakee, Iowa............D. P. Carpenter 

Watervliet, Berrien, Mich...... .Isaac N. Swain 

Watervliet Centre, Albany, N. Y John P. Miller 

Watkins, Union, Ohio William Thompsca 

Watkins, Schuyler, N. Y Horace Ogden 

Watkinsville, Clark, Ga Thomas Simonton 

Watson, Leiffis, N. Y Joseph Gannon 

Watson, MarshaU, Miss J. Y. Knight 

Watson's, MarsfuUl, Ky Joab Watson 

Watson's X Roads, Smeco, Ohio. Isaiah Watson 

Watson's Bridge, JHoore, N. C W. D. Harrington 

Watson's Station, Seneca, Ohio William Watson 

Watsontown, Northuniberland, Pa Edmund L. 

Watsonville, Sania Cruz, Cal Llewellyn Thrift 

Watsonville, Alamance, N. 0* .E. F. Watson 

Wattsborough, Lunenburg, Va « Joel G. Wall 

Wattsburgh, Erie, Pa Wareham B.William* 

Watts' Mills, WestmoreCand, Pa .....Jacob Watt» 

Wattsville, OarroU, Ohio...^ ....Charles Boies 

Waucoma, Ihyette, Iowa Milo B. Goodall 

Wauconda, Lake, HI .J. H. Hale 

Waucousta, Eonddu Lac, Wis.... ...Anson C. Stuwe 

Waughtown, Fbrsyfh, N. C....« William Turner 

Wauhatchee, Dade, Ga ^ J^ohn B. Perkina 

Wauhoo, Vigo, la William B. Mewhinney 

Waukau, mnnefta^ro, Wis William H. Hyatt 

Waukeenah, Jefferson, Fla William T. Carpenter 

Waukegan, Lotke, HI H. W. Doraett 

Waukesha, Wavikesha, Wis Henry D. Barron 

Waukokee, FiUmore, Minn John M.West 

Waupaca, Waupaca^ Wis David Scott 

Waupon, Fond du jLac, Wis Cromwell Laithe 

Wausau, (c. h.^ JtfaratAoTi, Wis. Thomas Single 

Wauseon, FuUon, Ohio Nathaniel Leggett 

Waushara, Dodge, Wis Miner Porter 

Wautoma, Marquette, Wis Wm. H. Curtis 

Wauwatoso, if uioauXrie, Wis Nathan Wesson 

Waveland, Montgomery, la Thomas Lofiing 

Waverlie, Rockingham, Va R. H. Spindle 

Waverly, La Fayette^ Mo....... ..Benjamin F. Gordon 

Waverly, Lovynaes, Miss George H. Young 

Waverly, Tioga, N. Y Alvah Jarvis 

Waverly, Morgan,Xll Peter C. Arneti 

Waverly, POee, Ohio Daniel Joss 

Waverly, (c. h.) Humphreys, Tenn D.Cowen 

Waverly, Van Buren, Mich....Orlando H. Newcomb 

Waverly, Chambers, Ala. William M. Graves 

Waverly, Luzerne, Pa ~ John Stone- 

Waverly, Bremer, Ipwa Porter M. Earl 

Waverly Hall, Harris, Ga John B. Foster 

Waverly Station, La SaUe, 111 Jas. H. Pierce 

Wawarsing, Ulster, N. Y Samuel W. Cutler 

Wawayanda, Sussex, N. J William E. Brown 

Wawkou, ^Kematee, Iowa L. T. Woodcock 

Waw-pe-cong, Miami, la John R. Cassaday 

Waxahachie, EUis, Texas Joseph Whitenberg 

Way, Ripley,I& William Bower 

Wayland, Middlesex, Mass Newell Heard 

Wayland, AUegan, Mich .Nelson Chambers 

Wayland, Schuyler, HI Isaac T.^Morgatt 

Wayland Depot, Stisuben, N. Y.... James G. Bennett 

Waylandsburgh, Culpeper,Y&.. J.W. Wayland 

Wayland's Springs, Xaiare»ee,TenB..Wm. McAnally 

Waymart, Wayne, Pa James Murphy 

Wayne, Kennebeck, Me Bartlett W. Varnum 

Wayne, Steuben, N. Y Hiram Baker 

Wayne, Erie, Pa Roswell B. Adams 

Wayne C. H., Wayne, Va Burwell Ferguson 

Wayne, PMIipj, Ark Valentine P. Rogers 

Wayne, Washington, Wis Patrick Connally 

Wayne, Wayne, Mich... Reuben CrandaU 

Wayne, Henry, Iowa Sylvester Smitii 

Wayne, DuFage, HI.... Solomon Dunham 

Wayne, Qyoington, Ala. J. D. Riley 

Wayne Centre, Du Page, HI Albert Guild 

Wayne Four Corners, Steuben, N.Y-R. H. Schuyler 
Waynesborough, (c. h.) Burke, Ga... Simeon A. Gray 

Waynesborough, I¥anklin, Pa J. R. Welsh 

Waynesborough, (c. h.) Wayne, Tenn James £. 


Waynesborough, Augusta, Va Abraham Lynn 

Waynesburgh, Lincoln, Ky John Griffin 

Waynesburgh, (c. h.) Greene, Pa...Matthew Dill, jr 

Waynesburgh, Decatur, la George W. Croudi 

Waynesburgh, ^rk, Ohio R. B. Hamilton 

Waynesfield, Auglaize, Ohio £. G. Atkinson 

Waynesville, Wayne, Ga Joseph R. Richards 

Waynesville, i>« Witt,m ...Milton P. Houser 

Waynesville, Bartholomew, la... James G. Thompson 
Waynesville, (c. h.) Pulaski, MoJ)avid B. Lawrence 

Waynesville, Haywood, N. C Samuel Fitzgerald 

Waynesville, M^rr«n, Ohio... ...... Henry W. Prints 

Waynetown, Montgomery, la George W. Hall 

Waynmanville, Upson, Ga..... George P. Swift 

Way Side, Pickens, S. C J. 0. Lewis 

Weare, HiUsborough, N. H ^.George Simons 

Wear's Cove, Sevier, Tenn Valentine Mattoz 

Weatherly, Carbon, Pa. Charles H. WilUaras 

Weathersfield, mn(2sor, Vt....»fiiliss L. G.Danforih 




Weatherafleld Centre, THndfor, Vt J. W. Gold- 

Weaubleau, St. Clair,lAo....,,. John Simms 

Weaversville, Northampton, Pa Samuel Weaver 

"Vfeaversville, Ihttquier, Va. Frederick Iiewis 

WeaveryUIe, (c. h.) IHniti/, Cal James Barry 

Weaview, Tippecanoe, Ind. David McClurkin 

Webberville, Travis, Texaa Wesley Smith 

Webb's Ford, Etdher/ord, N. C G, M. Webb 

Webb's Mills, RitckU, Va John Webb 

, Webb's Mills, Chemung, N. Y.. . Sylvester W. Breese 

Webb's Mills, Cumberland, Me ..Anson Jordon 

Webb's Prairie, Franklin, Ill....Winiam L. Britton 

Webster, Androscoggin, Me Samuel Coshman 

Webster, Worceiter, Mass Lyman Sheldon 

Webster, Washtenaw, Mich Morgan Spencer 

Webster, Mnnroe,'S. Y William Butler 

Webster, Wayne, la Joel Jeffrey, Jr 

Webster, Hancock, 111 Joel Howd 

Webster, Winston, Miss John W, Darby 

Webster, Breckenridge, Ey Thomas Adkisson 

Webster, Oregon, Mo Simpson Couch 

Webster, Darke, Ohio F. T. Seibt 

Webster, WestmM-eland, Pa John Bake 

Webster, Keokuk, Iowa Nathan H. Hall 

Webster's Mills, JWton. Pa David Crouse 

Weedowee, Randolph, AIa.....Leonida8 H. W. Guin 

Weedsport, Cayuga^ N. Y. Dexter E. Havens 

Week's Mills, Kennebeck, Me .WUliam Perdval 

Weelaunee, TFinn«6a^o, Wi* Armine Pickett 

Weeping Willow, Davis, Iowa... William E. Swing 

Weesaw, Berrien, Mich Wm. S. Pierce 

Weewokaville, TaUadega, Ala George Riser 

Wegjitchie, St. Lawrence, N. Y Charles Cotton 

Wogee, Belmont, Thomas G. Allen 

Wehadkee, Randolph, Ala. Jaoob Eichelberger 

Wehoga, BenUm, Ala Frederick W. Yanghan 

Weir's Bridge, B^nap, N. H James Gordon 

Weisenburgh, Lehigh, Pa Samuel Fritz 

Wetsesburgh, BaUimore, Md.. Pleasant Hunter 

Weisport, Carbon, Pa Daniel Heberling 

Welaka, Putnam, Fla James W. Bryant 

Welch Prairie, Columbia, Wis. ..Robert J.Rowlands 

Welch's Mills, Calarras, N. Joseph M. Welch 

Welchville, Oxford, Me Samuel Chadboum 

Welcker's Mill, Roane, Tenn C. F. Welcker 

Weld, Franklin, Me Kendall Wright 

Weldon, Halifax, N.'O W. N. Allen 

Weld's Landing, Dubugue, Iowa John Specht 

Wellborn, (c. h.) Coffee, Ala ....Josephs. Peacock 

Wellbom's Mills, Houston, Ga John A. Sperry 

Wellersburgh, Somerset, Pa. Barny Dilly 

Wellerville, Crawford, Ohio James K. Davis 

Wellfleet, BamstaUe,'iS.Ba» Allen Higgins 

Wellington, Piscataquis, Me Isaac Hutchins, jr 

Wellington, La Fayette, Mo Davis K. Duck 

Wellington, Morgan, Ga. E. L. Morgan 

Wellington, Lorain, Ohio Amos Norris 

Wellington, Lake, HI Peter Lown 

WeUs, Fork, Me Chase Moulton 

Wells, Hamilton, N. Y William J. Powell 

Wells, Rutland, Vt Orlin Lewis 

Wellsborough, Tioga, Pa Alexander S.Brewster 

Wellsburgh, St. Charles, Mo B. W. Dudley 

Wellsburgh, Chemumg, N. Y Mark A. Burt 

Wellsburgh, (c. h.) Brooke, Va....William DeCamps 

Wells' Corner, Orange,}H. Y Martin L. Mapes 

Wells' Corner, Erie, Pa. Henry Hitt 

Wellscott, Union, Ga Joel H. Legg 

Wells' Depot, ^k. Me George Goodwin, Jr 

Wells' Mills, JppanooseAowA .Robert Criswell 

Well Spring, Campbell, Tenn Oty C. Cliborn 

Wells River, Orange, Tt Seneca Dickey 

Wellsville, AVLegany, N. Y Ephraim A. Smith 

Wellsville, ColumJnana, Ohio 0. P. Sherman 

WellsvlUe, York, Pa Abraham Wells, Jr 

Wellville, iVbttotoay, Ya John A. Wilson 

Welshfleld, Geauga, Ohio Phidelas Pool 

Welsh Run, Franklin, Pa Thomas Bowles 

Welton, CZtnton,Iowa Thomas Wright 

Weltonville, Tioga, N.Y John C. Parmele 

Wendell, Franldin, Mass Otis Chittenden 

Wendell Depot, PrankUn, Mass Wm. Putnam 

Wenham, £ssex. Mass John A. Putnam 

Wenona Station, MarthaU, 111 G. W. Goodale 

Wentworth, GrafUm, N. H Thomas J. Smith 

Wentworth, Xa^. Ill Erastus Rudd 

Wentworth, (c. h.) Rockingham, N. C Thomas A. 


Wentworth's Location, Cbo«, N. H Z. ;F. Durkee- 

Weognfka, Cbosa, Ala John Clisby 

Wernersville, Berks, Pa ...Charles Spohn 

Wertsville, Hunterdon, N. J....Charles W. Holcomb 

Wescosville, Lehigh, Pa Israel Wesco 

Wesley, Hickman, Ky Otho Hardinr 

Wesley, Wa^hiimton, Me ...Daniel Chase 

Wesley, Venanao, Pa Josiah Hardy 

Wesley, Washington, Ohio Joeeph H. Gage 

Wesley, Haywood, Tenn John A. Crossley 

Wesley, Arkansas, Ark Allen Waits 

Wesley City, Ttuemdl, HI Charles Patzmann 

Wesleyville, Erie, Pa Samuel L. Potter 

Wesobulga, Randolph, Ala Litle Harris 

West Acton, Middlesex, Mass Charles Robison 

West Addison, Steuben, TX.Y Isaac Horton 

West Alburgh, Grand Me, Tt John M. Sowles 

W«st Alexander, Washington, Pa...Bei)j. L. Craven 

West Alexandria, Preble, Ohio John Bowers 

West Almond, AUegany, N. Y Stephen Prentiss 

West Alton, BeVenapy N. H John Flanders 

West Amboy, Oswego, N. Y Henry Garber 

West Amesbury, Esaex, Mass .Stephen Bayley 

West Andover, Merrimack, N. H G. S. Clement 

West Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio...Andrew Davidson 

West Anson, Somerset,'M.9 Mark Emery 

West Arlington, Bennington, yt...H. Spencer Her- 


West Ashford, Windham, Conn E. Enowlton 

West Auburn, Susquehannah, Pa Jesse Hines 

West Auburn, Anaroscoggin, Me Geo^^ Ricker 

West Avon, ^Tait/brd, Conn Corydon Woodford 

West Bainbridge, Chenango, N>Y... Thomas Nichols 

West Baldwin, Cumberkmi, Me C. F. Bumell 

West Baltimore, Monlgomtry, Ohio B. Fritchey 

West Bangor, i^enobsco^Me Ebenezer G. Patten 

West Bamet, Caledonia, Tt James Miller 

West Barnstable, Bamttable, Mass...S. N. Howland 

West Barre, Huntingdon, Pa William Riddles 

West Barre, FuUan, Ohio Amos Taft 

West Barre, Orleaais, N. Y Ralph H. Jackson 

West Batavla, Genesee, N. Y Alva Winans 

West Beaver, Odwa^biana, Ohio John Robinson 

West Becket, Berkshire, Mass Kendall Baird 

West Bedford, Coshocton, Ohio... Samuel P. Kinsey 

West Bend, Washington, Wis H. J. Weu 

West Bend, PoZfc, Mo Carroll Lemons 

West Benton, EaJUm, Mich... ....... ..David Terplank 

West Bergen, Genisset, N. Y Bobert L. Traver 

West Berkshire, FranJMn, Tt...Gardner A. Demlng 

West Berlin, St. Clair, Mich Joseph C. Sweet 

West Berlin, Rensselaer, N. Y...Heman Herrington 

West Bethany, Genesee, N. Y Heman Brown 

West Bethel, Oaford, Me Gilbert CSiapman 

West Bloomfield, Oakland, Mich..^Warren Rundelt 

West Bloomfield, Essex, N. J Calvin S. Baldwin 

West Bloomfield, Ontario, N. Y John W. Earl 

West Bolton, Chittenden, Vt Moses L. Colton 

Westboro, Grant, la Eli Haisley 

Westborough, Worcester, Mass...Josiah A. Brigham 

Westborough, Clinton, Ohio W. W. Stone 

West Boscawen, JTerrtmaefc, N. H.George W. Stevens 

West Boxford, Essex, Mass Moses Kimball 

West Boylston, Worcester, Ma8S....George B. Howe 

West Braintree, Orange, Tt Otis S. Ford 

West Branch, Oneida, N. Y John K. Barnes 

West Branch, Cedar, Iowa Timothy Kirk 

West Branch, Richland, Wis F. M. Stewart 

West Brattleborough, Windham, Tt R. Harris 

West Brewster, Bcamstdble, Mass D. Harwood 

West ft:idgeton, Cumharland, Me George Small 

West Bri(teewater, Plymouth, Mass.Cal vin Williams 

West Brighton, Monroe, N. Y William Luther 

West Brittain, Woodford, 111. Chauncey Baker 

West Brook, Middlesex, Conn Oliver Norris 

West Brook, Bladen, N. C Washington L. Jones 

West Brook, Delaufare, N. Y John H. Niles 

West Brookfield, Worcester, Mass Jacob Dnpeo 

West Brookfield, Stark, Ohio William Ralston 

West Brookville, Hancock, Me David Wasson 

West BrookvlUe, SuUivan, N.Y ;...Daniel Smith 





Weet BrownsTille, Watkinfflonf PaJtobt. McKiiiley 
West Buena Vista, Oibwn, Indiana..John Gunning- 

WoBt Bufhlo, WiUiafMf Daniel W. Wright 

WeetBuffolO) Scott, lowa.^ .Warham I. Rubv 

West Burke, Qdedonia, Yt Silas Beokwlth 

West Burlington, Otsego. N. T Willis P. Smith 

Weet Burlington, Bra^fordf Pa R. H.Ward 

Westbury WajfM, N. Y John W. Tator 

Westbush, IkUton, N. Y Irwin H. Van Wart 

West Butler, Wayne, N. Y George Boolittle 

West Buxton, York, Me Albert G. Bradbury 

West Cairo, JUen, Ohio Ammiel Engle 

West Cambridge, Middlaex, Ma88...E. B. Proscott 

West Camden, TRiIdo, Me A. P. Knowles 

West Camden, Oneida, N. Y...Ambrose W. Barnes 

West Cameron, Stetdten, N. Y John Santee 

West Gamp, UUter, N. Y William Adams 

West Gampton, QrafUm, N. H T. J. Sanborn 

West Canaan, Madivm, Ohio John E. Ward 

West Canaan, QrafUm, N. H Gordon B. Pattee 

West Candor, Tioga, N. Y Philetus H. Mead 

West Carlisle, OoihoeUm, Ohio W. R. Porker 

West Carlton, OyUam, N. Y. George Euck 

West Castlflton, BuUand, Vt Isaac T. Milliken 

WestCaynta, ScJmyUr, N. Y Leroy Wood 

West Charleston, Pmobtcot, Me J. Brld^iam, Jr 

West Charleston, Miami, C^io...Andrew Hoagland 

West Charleston, Orleans, Vt Elijah Robinson 

West Charlton, Saaratoga,'^. Y Finley McMartin 

West Chazy, CKidon, N. Y Daniel Dodge 

West Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass C. Roby 

West Cheshire, ^w Haven, Conn. JTohn A. Hitch- 

West Chester, New London, Conn R. T. Carrier 

West Chester, West Chester, N.Y.William H. Bowne 

West Chester, £k<&r, Ohio Zadok Wharton 

West Chester, (c. h,) Chester, Pa... William A. Moore 

Westchester, Jay, la A. R. McGriff 

West Chesterfield, Hampshire, Mass... Ansel Thayer 

West Glaren^ont, SuUivan, N. £k L. Gilmore 

West Clarksville, JUeganyj'S. Y Anson Congdon 

West CUmax, Kalanuuoo, Mich S. T. Averill 

Wert ColesTiUe, Broome, N. Y Justus Pickering 

West Columbia, Mauon,Y& Arthur Brock 

West Concord, Merrimack, N. H.Charle8 H. Clough 

West Concord, Essex, Vt Charles Chase 

West Constable, FraaikUn, N. Y.Amos W. Cushman 

West Corinna, Fenobseot, Me Isaiah Lincoln 

W«st Corn'walljLitcJ^fidd, Conn. Chas. H. Gardner 

West Cornwall, Addison, Vt B. P. Haskell 

West Creek, Lake, la Edward P. Farley 

West Cumberland, (hmberland, Me...G. Mountfort 

WestDanby, Ibmpkins, N. Y JohnPatohen 

West Danville, Androscoggin, Me B. Marston 

West Davenport, Ddatoare, N. Y.... William D. Fero 

West Day, Saratoga. N. Y Henry Eglln 

West Dedham, iVoT/oZX;, Mass Theodore Gay, 2d 

West Dennis, Barnstcme, Mas8..Salmon Crowell, jr 

West Derby, Orfecm«, Vt G. S. Gutting 

West Dover, Windham, Vt William H. Snow 

Weet Dover, PiSGataquis,Me Asa H. Macomber 

West Dresden, Yates, N. Y Jacob Haight 

West Dryden, Tompkins, N. Y James D. Eelsey 

West Dublin, Hdim, Pa James Lyon 

West Dummerston, Windham, Vt... ..David Aikens 
Weet Durham, Androsooggin, Me.. Job P. Sylvester 

West Duxbnry, Plymouth Mass .G. B. Standish 

West Earl, Lancaster, Pa Jacob Bnssor 

West Eaton, Wymning, Pa. Hhram Drake 

West Eaton, Madison,'S, Y. J^oseph E. Darrow 

West Eden, Hdnoock, Me *«.William B. Thomas 

West Edmestoa, OtHpo, N. 7 John L. Carrier 

West Blkton, PreUe, Ohia.:.... Richard W. Randall 
West Ely, Marion, Mo......~....Gathariite V. Bready 

West Elieabeth, Alleghany, Pa. John Munhall 

West Ellsworth, Hancock, Ms. James P. Cooper 

WestEmbdsn, Simerset, Md John Pierce, Jr 

West End, Bedford, Pa.. ; Wm.H. Piatt 

West Enfield, GfrqfEofi, N.H DeniaOn Sargent 

West Enosburgh, PrahkUn, Vt T. Mansfield 

Weeterlo, Albany, N. Y Henry G. Disbrow 

Westerly, Washington,IL.I George Brown 

Westermaa's Mills, BaUimore, Md J. R. Woelen 

Western, aeuraanento, Cal..^.,..^....<.... A. H. White 

Western Ford, Randolph, Va William Ewln 

Western Port, AUeg?uiny,M.6i Henry Wilson 

Western Prong, Bladen, N. G Nelll Gurrie 

Western Saratoga, UMon, 111 James L. Wallace 

Western Star, ^tnmtt, Ohio F. A. Dunham 

Westernville, Oneida, «. Y G. W. Jones 

Westervelt, Goodhue, Minn Evert Westervelt 

WesterviUe, lYankUTi, James Westervelt 

West Exeter, O^o, N. Y Jra M. Matteson 

West Fairfield, mstmordand. Pa... William Peoples 

WestPairlee, Orangt,yt Wm. H. Parker 

West Fairview, CimberUind, Pa G. W.Fessler 

West Fall, Pike, Pa.'. Alamanzor Griswold 

West Falls, Erie, N. Y J. Hoyt Henshaw 

West Falmouth, dmberfandfTAei John Noyes 

Weet Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass S. Dillingham 

West Farmington, OrOario, N. Y John Lapham 

West Farms, West Chester, N. Y Ralph H. Smith 

West Fayette, Seneca, N. Y Peter Kohler 

Westfleld, Clark, lU..'. Riley Black 

Westfield, Hamilton, la Harrison Goodwin 

Westfield, Hampden, Mass. G. W. Cobb 

Westfield, Essex, ti. J Charles Clark 

Westfield, ChauiauqHe,H.Y David Mann 

Westfield, Morrow, Obio Adam Wolfii 

Westfield, Tioga^Fa, Philetus Boardman 

WeBtteld, Marquette, Wis Robert Cochran 

Westfleld, Orleans, Vt .....Ephraim H. Miller 

Westfleld, Ihyelte, Iowa J. N. Axtell 

West Finley, WasfUngton. Pa Alex. A. Gun 

West Fitchburgh, f^orcester. Mass H. Sibley 

West Florence, PreMe, Ohio. Luther Collins 

Westfotd, TTindAam, Conn James Richmond 

Westford, Middlesex, Mass David G. Butterfield 

West Ford, Otsego, N. Y J. T. French 

West Ford, Chittenden, Vt Edwin Hard 

West Fork, Washington, Ark Oliver L. Karnes 

West Fork, Overton, Tenn.; Abraham Gearhart 

West Fork Furnace, Floyd, Va...Robert L. Teneray 

West Fort Ann, Washington, N. Y S. Amidon 

West Fowler, St. Lawrence, N. Y George Draper 

West Poxborough, NorfoUe,'M.asB Henry Hoburt 

West Franklin, Posey, la James B. Campbell 

West Franklin, Bnpdford, Pa W. G. Pearcs 

West Freedom, Waldo,- Me Nathan Sylvester 

West Freedom, Clarion, Pa John B. Hessin 

West Freeman, FrarMin, Me John Dyer 

West Fulton, Schjohaarie, N. Y Daniel J. Dow 

West Gaines, Orleans, N. Y Isaac V. Saunders 

West Gelway, FvUton, N. Y Peter I. Hoes 

West Gardiner, Kennehedk, Me..WiUlam P. Haskell 

West Gaiiand, Penobscot, Me Charles Hayes 

West Genesee, Allegany, N. Y S. A.Champlin 

West Georgia, Franklin, Vt William K. Warner 

West Gilb^ Schoharie, N. Y Henry Kingsley 

WestGlenbum, Penobscot, Me S. B. Harriman 

West Gloucester, Cun^berland, Me Elisha P. 


West Gloucester, Promdence, R. T H. W. Eeach 

West Gorham, Ctjemberland, Me D. B. Clement 

West Goshen, LitcM^, Conn Frederick Miles 

West Gouldsboro, Hancock, Me John Pherson 

Weet Granby, Hartford, Conn Elam Kendall 

West Granville, Hampden, Mass. ...Aaron L. Curtis 

West Ghi-eat Works, Penobscot, Me D. G. Sawyer 

West Greece, Mvnroe, N. Y William M. Hills 

West Greenfield, SaraJboga, N. Y Mrs. L. H. King 

West Green Lake, Marquette, Wis Sylvester K. 


West Greenville, Meroer, Pa .William P. Hanna 

West Greenwich Centre, Kent, R.I John James 

West Greenwood, Steuben, N. Y Alvin Mead 

West Greenwood, Crawford, Pa Robert Logan 

Weet Groton, Tompkins, N. Y Cicero Phelps 

West Groton, Middlesex, Mass Adam Archibald 

West Grove, Chester, Pa ....William Gawthron, jr 

West Hadley, Saratoga, N. Y David Wait 

WestHalifiM, yHndham,YX Hollls S. Plumb 

Weet Ham Locks, Henrico, Va... Benjamin J. Duval 
West ^onpden, Pencbsoe^ Me... Thomas V. Stetson 

West Hampton, Hampshirt, Mass John J^. Judd 

West Hanover, Dauphin, Pa Jane S. Van Derslios 

West Harpeth, TffZZuffiMott, Tenn A. B. Poyner 

West Hartford, Hartford, Conn Nathan Burr 

West Hartford, Windsor, Vt... Albert E. Williamson 





West Hartland, "Harifard, Oonn.. James H. Seymour 

West Hartland, Somerset^ Me Warren Fuller 

West Harwick, BarMtaHe, Mass David H. Small 

West Haven, BiMand, Tt Moses Field 

West Haven, New Haven, Conn Thomas Ward 

West Haverford, Ddatoare^ Pa... John G. Henderson 
West Hawlej, Franklin, Mass... Stephen K. Hitch- 
West Hebron, TI^Ain^rfon, N.Y..,Tho8.'McClaughr7 

West Hebron, McHenry, 111 John Adams 

West Henniker, Merrimack, N. H...J. G. Campbell 
West Henrietta, Monroej N. Y...Alonzo D. Webster 

West Hill, Cumherlandj Pa John Bigham 

West Hills, Suffolk, N. Y Ezra Oakley 

West Hoboken, Hudson, N.J Andr0w Anderson 

West Hoosick, Eenssdtur, N. Y John Chapman 

West Hnrley, Ulster, N. Y Petef L. Russell 

West Independence, Seneca, J. S. Kenower 

West Jasper, Reuben, N. Y Allen W. Hayes 

West Jefferson, Linoc^, Me Benjamin Weeks 

West Jefferson, Madison, Ohio James Parks 

West Jersey, Stark, 111 Jacob Dawson 

West Junius, Seneca^ N. Y John S. Yandemark 

West Kendall, Orleans, N. Y 8. S. Forbes 

West Kill, Greene, N. Y El^ah P. Bushnell 

West KlUingly, Windham, Conn Horatio Webb 

West Kinderhook, Tipton, It^ Silas Blount 

West La Fayette, CtoAocfon, Ohio... Samuel Ketchum 

West Lancaster, Ihyette, Ohio John W. Sayre 

Weetland, Haruxx^, la Samuel Heavenridge 

Weetland, Halifax, N. Jesse Pittard 

Westland, Cfutriton, Mo Marion G. Oldham 

West Laurens, Ot^o, N. Y Daniel Mills 

West Lebanon, Warren, In. Willard Brown 

West Lebanon, Tork,1Ae Samuel W. Jones 

West Lebanon, GrafUm, N. H Jewett D. Holsey 

West Lebanon, Mejme, Ohio Jesse Shank 

West Lebanon, Indiana, Pa James Wilson 

West Le Roy, OaHhown, Mich Ammon ftlills 

West Levant, Ptmbstot, Me Abraham True 

West Lexington, Qretme, N. Y Austin Chase 

West Leyden, LtMois, N. Y Orson Jenks 

West Liberty, MuzeaMntt Iowa. Freeman Alger 

West Liberty, (c. h.) Morgan, Ky... Stephen M. Parish 

West Liberty, iojran, Ohio B. B. Shumate 

West Liberty, Lwerty, Texas... A. G. Van Pradelles 

West Liberty, Ohio, Va John Steel 

West Littleton, Middlesex, Mass P.O. Edwards 

West Locust, SulUvan, Mo Michael P. Newman 

West Lodf, Seneca, Ohio William Easterbrooks 

West Lowville, Lewis, N. Y Charles Morse 

West Lubec, Washington, Me Robert Newman 

West Macedon, Wayne, N. Y Ichabod W Briggs 

West Manchester, MLtghany, Pa..Sylve8ter PerldSs 

West Marlboro, Windham, Vt Ira Adams 

West Martinsbnrg, Lewis, N. Y Jervis Salmon 

West Medford, Middlesex, Mass Franklin Patch 

West Medway, Norfolk, Mass Jason Smith 

West Meredith, Ddaware^ N. Y.-. Martin Leet 

West Merlden, New Haven, Conn Joel H. Guy 

West Middleburgh, Logan, Ohio Joseph Ewans 

West Middlesex, Mercer, Pa. JTohn W. Veach 

West Middletown, Washingkm, Pa...David M.Boyd 

West Milan, Cbtw, N. H Eaora Horn 

West Milford, F&ssaie, N. J David D. Meeker 

West Milford, Harrison, Va Marquis G. Patton 

West Millbury, Worcester, Mass..Ephraim Goulding 

West Mill Grove, Wood, Ohio JLug. G. McClellan 

West Milton, Saratoga, N. Y Noah 8. Young 

West Milton, Miamx, Ohio William Harb 

West Milton, Chittenden, Vt C. L. Drake 

West Milton, Strafford, N. H John Colbath 

West Mtnot, Androscoggin, Me David B. Sawyer 

Westminster, Windhem,Cona Peter Spicer 

Westminster, Oterrell, Md John F. Reese 

Westminster, Worcester, Mass Joseph Whitman 

Westminster, OuHford, N. G ...David Beard, jr 

Westminster, AUen, Ohio R.W. Bodel 

Westminster, ShdJbftt HI Thomas W. Craddick 

Westminster, Wmdiham, Vt Pliny Stafford 

Westminster West, Windham, Vt Peter Banney 

West Monroe,- Oswego, N. Y John F. Slocum 

Westmoreland, OAesMre, N. H Anson Cole 

Westmoreland, Oneida, N. Y Andrew C. Bettis 

Westmoreland Depot, Cheshire, N. H H. Ball 

Westmorelandville, Lauderdale, Ala.... William B. 

West Moscow, Somerset, Me.^ Jabez D. Hill 

West Nanticoke, Luzerne, Pa Minor Van Loon 

West Needham, Norfolk, Mass William Flagg 

West Newark, Tiwfa, N. Y William R. Simons 

West Newburgh, Penobscot, Me.....Henry A. AmolA 

West Newbury, &sex. Mass Daniel Nichols 

West Newfleld, York, Me Nathan N. Loud 

West Newport, Orleans, Vt Joseph A. Ids 

West Newton, Middlesex, Mass John Mead 

West Newton, AUen, Ohio Wm. A. Howe 

West Newton, Westmoreland, Pa George Arm- 

West Newton, Marion, la David F. Walker 

West Niles, Cayuga, N. Y Wm. H. Devinney 

West Norfolk, Litchfield, Conn John DeweU 

West Northfield, FrankUn, Mass..£lijah £. Belding 

West Northfield, Cook, 111 John Harrower 

West Northwood, Rockingham, N. H J. G. Mead 

West Novl, Oakland, Mich Norman G. Pinney 

West Ogden, Lenawu, Mich Norman B. Carter 

Weston, OoHUn, Texas Larkin Adamsoa 

Weston, Jo Daviess, 111 » William Goldthrop 

Weston, Aroostook, Me Thomas Gillpatrick 

Weston, Middlesex, yLssa .Marshall Hews 

Weston, Platte, Mo B, S. Wilkinson 

Weston, Somerset, N. J Isaac R. Cornell 

Weston, Wood, Ohio J. A. Creps 

Weston, Schuyler, N. Y Henry C. Van Duger 

Weston, (c. h.) Leuris, Va Frederick I. Alfred 

Weston, Faiif^dd, Conn..... Ebenezer T. Lane 

Weston, Nichdeu, Ky Martin B. Smedley 

Weston, Windsor, Vt Gulley P. Hannum 

West Oneonta, Otsego, N. Y Daniel P. Strait 

West Onondaga, Onondaga, N. Y Denison Hall 

West Orange, Orange, N. C Nathaniel D. Bain 

West Ossipee, OarroU, N. H Charles T. Vamey 

West Otis, Berkshire, Mass jLlanson Thompson 

West Pails, Oxford, Me Elijah S. Berry 

West Parsonfleld, York, Me Alvah Dos 

West Pawlet, Rutland, Vt Orson F. Betts 

West Penn, SchuyUciO, Pa Gideon Whetstons 

West Perth, FuUon, N. Y John M. Swobe 

West Peru, Oxford, Me Alpheus C. Small 

Westphalia,, C^tn^on, Mich Joseph Platts 

Westphalia, Osage,'Ido Anthony Bartmann 

West Pierpont, Ashtabula, Ohio A. Gonla 

West Pike, Potter, Pa Stephen H. Martin 

West Pittsfleld, Berkshire, Mass Augustus W« 


West Plains, Oregon, Mo Josephus M. Howell 

West Pittsburgh, Clinton, N. Y...N. A. Vaugham 
West Plymouth, Grafton, N. H....ThomaB Milligan 

West Point, TVotep, Ga A. B. Oroft 

West Point, Oass, Mo Willis Teely 

West Point, Tyapecanoe, la. Jesse Rider 

West Point, JUe, Iowa William Werner 

West Point^ Hardin, Ky Bernard McCoy 

West Point, Lotondes, Miss B. F. Robertson 

West Point, Orange, N. Y Mary Berard 

West Point, Orange, N. C James S. Leathers 

West Point, Oolumbiana, Ohio H. Bennet 

West Point, Lawrence, Tenn C. J. Horn 

West Poiiit, White, Ark Adam Mcpherson 

West Poland, Androscoggin, Me Francis Storer 

Westpor^ Ibirfidd, Conn George L. Gabls 

Westporty Decatur, la W. H. Van Horn 

Westport, (c h.) Oldham, Ky. JIdward P. Johnston 

Westport, Clinton, Pa C. R. Noyes 

Westport, Lincoln, Me Henry Fowls 

Westport, Bristol, Mass N. 0. Brownell 

Westport, Jackson, Mo Samuel J. Jones 

Westport, Cheshire, N. H. Sylvanus Bartlett 

Westport, Essex, N. Y... Edwin R.Person 

West Port, Dane, Wis Thomas Shillinglaw 

Westport Point, Brigtol, Mass... Alexander H. Gory 

West Potsdam, St. Lawrence, N. Y F. W. Smith 

West Poultney, BuUand,'^i Henry Clark 

West Pownal, ChimherUmd, Mc.Henry J. Warren 

West Prairie, Dunklin, Mo William A.-Grlggs 

West Providence, Saratoga, H. Y.... Isaac Woodard 

West Randolph, Orange, Vt Mlcah Mann 

West Redding, Mir^fidd, Conn WilUam Griffin 

West RichmondvUIe, Schoharie, N. Y..SamueI Witt 




West Ripley, Somerset, Me Samuel A. Todd 

West Biver, Anne Arundel, Md J. W. Chew 

West Rives, Jdcfc«on,Mich Alva True 

West Rochester, Windsor, Vt Chester G. Bliss 

West Bosendale, Fond du Lac, Wis.C. F. Hammond 

West Roxbuiy, NorfoOc, Mass William S.Keith 

West Rumney, Grafton, N. H D. G. A. Foster 

West Rupert, Bennington, Vt Edwin B. Saflford 

West Rush, Monroe., N. Y....Egbert S. Cookingham 

West Rushville, Fairfield^ Ohio Adam L. Turner 

West Rutland, ^ttfland, Vt Prentiss L. Gosb 

West Rutland, F&rce»ter, Mass Michael Quimby 

West Salem, Edwards, 111 Stephens. Gunn 

West Salem, Mercer, Pa .John S. Mossman 

West Salem, Wayne, Ohio .David F. Toung 

West Salisbury, Addison, Vt James S. Messer 

West Sand Lake, Rensselaer, N. Y....S. D. Seymour 

West Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass Isaac Keith 

West Schuyler, Herkimer, N. Y Vaughn Sweet 

West Scituate, PlymotUh, Mass E.Blanchard 

West Sedgwiclc, Hancoclc, Mo Joseph F. Gray 

West Seneca, Erie, N. Y Nelson Reed 

West Seneca Centre, Erie, N. Y Henry F. Hill 

West Shandaken. Ulster, N. Y S. Harrison 

West SheflBeld, Warren, Pa J^asper P. Blanchard 

West Shelby, Orleans, N. Y.. Morton A. Post 

West Sidney, Kennebeck, Me David Robinson 

West's Mills, FranUin, Me P. W. Butler 

West Somers, West Chester, N. Y...Munson E. Frost 

West Somerset, Niagara, N. Y Marvin S. Hess 

West Southold, Suffolk, N. Y Thomas Payne 

West Spring Creek, Warren, Pa....Wm. H. Deming 
West Springfield, Hampden, Mass.. ..Lewis Leonard 

West Springfield, Shdt>y, Mo John R. Wilson 

West Springfield, Erie, Pa Gilbert Hurd 

West Springfield, SuXUvan, N. H...Daniel N. Adams 

West's Spring, Union, S. C Aaron L. West 

West Stt^ord, ToUand, Conn Asa Lewis 

West Stephentown, Rensselaer, N. Y...T. B. Coleman 

West Sterling, Worcester, Mass Elisha Smith 

West Stewartstown, Coos, N. H Henry Fling 

West Stockbridge, Berkshire, MasB...C. H. Woodruff 
West Stockholm, St. Lakorence, N. Y.Biley Sprag^e 

West's Store, Washington, Tenn Edward West 

West SufiBeld, Hartford, Conn Calvin Freeman 

West Sumner, Oxford, Me Hiram B. Chandler 

West Sutton, TForcwfer, Mass RufusC. Hall 

West Swanzey, Cheshire, N. H Jotham W. Frink 

West Taghkanic, Columbia, N. Y....R. A. Roraback 

West Theresa, Jefferson, N. Y John Rappole 

West Thornton, Grafton, N. H...Charles Woodman 

West Tisbury, Dukes, Mass Joseph B. Nickerson 

WestTopsham, Orange, Yt John Smith 

West Town, Orange, N. Y William Hatch 

West Townsend, Middlesex, Mass Augustas G. 

West Townsend, Windham, Vt.... George T. Phelps 
West Township, Albany, N. Y...S. G. W. Van Natta 

West Trenton, Hancock, Me John Hopkins 

West Troupsburgh, Steuhen, N. Y John Clark 

West Troy, Albany, N. Y Isaac Hitchcock 

West Union, (c. h.) Adam,s, Ohio... William R. Rape 

West Union, Hzyette, Iowa William McClintock 

West Union, Steuben, N. Y David Sherman 

West Union, (c. h.) Doddridge, Va L. R. Charter 

West Unity, WiUiams, Ohio Meredith R. Willet 

West Urbana, Champaign, 111 J. C. Baddeley 

West Van Buren, Aroostook, Me Paul Cyr 

West Vienna, Oneida, N. Y J. Newell Conant 

West View, Augusta, Va James 0. Hobbs 

West View, Hamilton, Tenn Samuel T. Igon 

Westville, iVew Haven, Conn Willism Barbour 

Westville, Laporte, la Benjamin Elliott 

Westville, (c. h.) Simpson, Miss G. H. Webster 

Westville, Otsego, N. Y W. W. Bartlett 

Westville, Champaign, Ohlo...William Loudenback 

Westville, Gloucester, N. J B. C. Mount 

Westville, Dale, Ala A. C. Johnston 

West Vincent, Chester, Pa Samuel Fertig 

West Walworth, Wayne, N. Y William D. Wylie 

West Wardsboro, Windham, Vt Liberty Wilder 

West Wareham, Plymouth, Mass. .. James R. Sproat 

West Warren, Bradford, Pa Robert Tyrrel 

West Washington, Lincoln, Me James Newhall 

West Waterville, JEe»7ie&ecfc,Me.Wllliam McCartney 

West Webster, Monroe, N. Y Alfred Lockwood 

West Wheeling, Cook, 111 Asa Dunton 

West Whiteland, Chester, Pa Mary E. Boyer 

West Williamsfleld, Ashtabula, Ohio H. Tickner 

West Willington, Tolland, Conn Darius Starr, jr 

West Windham, Bradford, Pa...Joseph B. Webster 
West Windham, Rockingham, N. H...M. S. Palmer 

West Windsor, Broome, N. Y Daniel Phillips, jr 

West Windsor, Richland, Ohio..Reuben N. Hershe^ 

West Windsor, Eaton, Mich George P. Carman 

West Winfield, Herkimer, N. Y Sewell 8. Mergaix 

West Winstead, Litchfield, Conn...Harvey B. Steele 

Westwood, Woodford, 111 W. S. Denman 

Westwood, Erie., N. Y Andrew J. Pickard 

West Woodstock, Windham, Conn..A. A. William* 
West Woodvlllo, Clemumi, Ohio..ThomM B. Hayne 
West Worthington, Hampshire, Mass...R. BarUett 
West Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.Philander P. Cook 

West Wynton, Calhoun, Fla William B. Wynn 

West Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass...F. H. Crowell 
West York, ^. Josephs, Ia...Chas. W. N. Stephens 
West Yorkshire, Cattaraugus, N. Y.£dwin L. Marsh 

West Zanesville, Muskingum, W. W. Wimmer 

Wet Glaze, Cavtiden, Mo Samuel Burk» 

Wetheredville, Baltimore, Md...Richard S. Grifflth 

Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn Charles Clapp 

Wethersfield, Henry, 111 Caleb I. T. Little 

Wethersfield, Wyoming, N. Y Joel S.fimith 

Wethersfield Springs, Wyoming, N. Y...Ray Green* 

Wetmore, Bolk, Tenn M. W. Wetmor* 

Wetumpka, Coosa, Ala Leander Bryan 

Weverton, Frederick, Md Christopher Thomas 

Wexford, Allamakee, Iowa William Ryan 

Wexford, AUegJiany, Pa. Martin Byrne 

Weyauweya, Wintubago, Wi8...Benjamin Birdsall 
Weybridge Lower Falls, Addison, Vt.S. L. Spragus 

Weymouth, Norfolk, Mass Elijah F. Hall 

Weymouth, Atlantic, N. J... Charles E. P. Mayhew 

Weymouth, Medina, Ohio John A. Potter 

Whaleysvilie, Worcester, Md James Whaley 

Whallonsburgh, IJssea;, N. Y James S. Wballon 

WhartOH, Potter, Pa N. V. Jackson 

Wharton, WTiarion, Texas Charles S. Betts 

Whartons, Noble, Ohio David Elder 

Whartonsburgh, Wyandott, Ohio Ira Bristol! 

Whately, Franklin, Mass Dennis Dickinson 

Wheatfield, Ingham,, Mich Simon P. Hendrick 

Wheatland, Ionia, Mich Daniel Hoyt 

Wheatland, Monroe, N. Y .....John Murdock 

Wheatland, Loudon, Va C. F. Dowell 

Wheatland, Kenosha, Wis Gleoson T. Haines 

Wheatland, WiU, 111 William S. Allen 

Wheatland, Morgan, Mo William Porter 

Wheatland Centre, Hillsdale, Mich..Andrew Dibble 

Wheatley, FauTuier, Va....'. John T. Kelly 

Wheaton, Dupage, III Warren L. Wheaton 

Wheat Ridge, Adams. Ohio Wm. B. Brown 

Wheatville, Preble, Ohio David Kam 

Wheeler, ^euben,!^. Y Ephraim Anils 

Wheelersburgh, Scioto, Ohio S. N. Bniner 

Wheeling, CooAr, III John M. Schafer 

Wheeling, Delaware, la W.G. Banker 

Wheeling, Marim, Iowa C. C. Wilkis 

Wheeling, Holmes, Miss James Whittaker 

Wheeling, (c h.) Ohio, Va George A. Cracraft 

Wheeling Valley, MarsJudl, Va John Handlan 

Wheelock, Choctaw iVo^on, Ark....H. K. Oopeland 

Wheelock, Robertson, Texas S. W, Kellogg 

Wheelock, Ocdedonia, Vt Horaco A. Quimby 

Whetstone, Morrow, Ohio B. A. Meredith 

Whetst6ne, Pickens, S. C Abel Robins 

Whigville, Lapeer, Mich ...Samuel Gleason 

Whigville, iVooZe, Ohio Samuel Large 

Whippoorwill, Laurel, Ky Samuel McHargue 

Whippy Swamp, Beaufort, S. C John M. Terry 

Whipstown, Perry, Ohio .....James Brown 

Whistler, Mobile, Ala .-...Ellis Fitzgerald 

Whitaker's Bluff, Wayne, Tenn B. H. Whitaker 

Whitcomb, Franklin, la Samuel Fye 

White Ash, AUeghany, Pa Henry Morrow 

White Bend, Datndson, Te R. J. Frierson 

White Bluff, Jefferson, Ark A. Barraqua 

White Bluffs, Dickson, Te St. Clair Scott 

White Breast, Clark. Iowa Bernard Arnold 

White Cane, Orangeburghf S. 0. Richard Evans 




'White Gottftge, Harrison^la, John W. Welker 

White Cottage, Jtuskingum, Ohio.... Alfred Mathews 

White Cottage, Shdby, Texas £mzy C. Smith 

White Cottage, Greene, Pa Thomas Odenhurgh 

White Creek, Watkingtony N. Y... Stephen Barker 

'WhiteDav, JKmon^alia, Ya Joseph Jolliffe 

WhitedajrGMades, Marion^ Va Wm. Corrothers 

White Deer, Lycoming, Pa Samuel Hartzel 

White Deer Mills, Union, Pa Jonas Fisher 

White Eye's Plains, Coshocton, Ohio T. Sergeant 

Whitelleld, Oktibbeha, Miss Charter G. Nimmo 

Whitefleld, Marshall, 111 Timothy Atwood 

Whitefleld, Coos, N. H Baker Dodge 

Whiteford, Lucas, Ohio James "White 

White Gate, Giles, Va William H. Bane 

White Hall, AbbeviOe, S. C Milton W. Coleman 

White Hall, Greene, 111 J. N. Israel 

White Hall, Hunterdon, N. J Peter C. Apgar 

White Hall, Madison, Ky Thomas Wagle 

White Hall, Wishington, N. Y Atherton Hall 

White Hall, Otoen, la David Butler 

White Hall, Meeklenburgh, N. C R. W. McDowell 

White Hall, MonUmr, Pa William McBride 

White Hall, Baltimore, Md John Wise 

White Hall, Frederick, Va James H. Griffith 

White Hall, Sumner, Tenn E. D. Fonyille 

Whitehallville, Bucks, Pa David Brandt 

White Hare, Cedar, Mo T. I. Williams 

White- Haven, Somerset, Md Samuel White, jr 

White Haven, Luzerne, Pa William Fish 

Whitehead, Lane, Kansas Ter J. R. Whitehead 

White Hill, Uni<m, N. C Isham Melton 

White Hill, Choctaw, Miss John Rosemond 

White House, Hmry,Qa. JohnT. Bentley 

WTiite House, Randolph, N. C B. Brookshire 

VHiite House, Mecklerunirg, Va Warren Overby 

White House, Williamson, Tenn Edward Burch 

White House, Hunterdon, N.J. ...Peter E. Voorhees 
White House, C^m6er2and, Pa.... Daniel 8. Beelman 

White Lake, Oakland, Mich Edwin C. Noyes 

White Lake, SuUivan, N*. Y John P. Roosa 

Whiteley, Greene, Pa Imri Taylor 

Whlteleys, Newton, Ark Thomas Clark 

Whiteleyaburgh, Kent, Del David Marine 

Whitemarsh, Montgomery, Pa.. ..Christopher Grafly 

White Marsh, CMumbus, N. C George W. Hill 

White Mills, Wayne, Pa Benjamin F. Daniels 

White Mountain House, Coos, N. H George T. 


White Oak, Columbia, Ga William S. Smith 

White Oak, Ingham, Mich Abraham Hayner 

White Oak, Hopkins, Texas William G. Veal 

White Oak, Humphreys, Tenn Samuel Wildrldge 

White Oak, Bladen, N. C William S. Melvin 

White Oak, Montgomery, Mo .James M. Hudson 

White Oak Grove, Dubois, la Nathaniel Payne 

White Oak Grove, Greene. Mo Asa Lyman 

White Oak Hill, Fleming, Ky G. W. Littleton 

White Oak Spring, La Ihyette, Wis .John T. 


White Oak Springs, Brown, 111 Arthur Martin 

White Oak Valley, Brown, Ohio William Espey 

White Path, Gilmer, Ga John H. Cleveland 

White Pigeon, St. Josephs, Mich W. B. May 

White Pine, Gaston, N. C Benjamin Black 

White Plains, Benton, Ala B. P. Bray 

White Plains, Greene, Ga Thomas Hightower 

White Wains, (c. h.) West Chester, N. Y....E. Palmer 

White Plains, Cleveland, N. C -George Hcrndon 

White Plains, Jackson, Tenn Stephen D. Burton 

White Plains, Brunswick, Va John S. Harris 

White Pond, Barnwell, S. C Benj. Williams 

While Post, Clarke, Va ^ G. W. Weaver 

White River, />e6';ta, Ark Daniel Foley 

White River, Morgan, la...... James D. Newton 

White River, Ocexina, Mich Alfred A. Caine 

White River Junction, TFtn«feor/Vt... Samuel Nutt 

White Roed, Forsyth, N. C ^George V. Fulp 

White Rock, Ogle, 111 Annis Lucas 

White Rock, Allemance, N. C Abncr G.Tweed 

White Rock, Berlford, Va William A. Leftwick 

White Rock, HiU, Texas Jesse M. Perry 

White Rock Prairie, McDonald, Mo James T. 

WhIte'i'Beud, Damdson, Tens. ...Robert J.Frierson 

Whitesburgh. FuUon, N. Y James B. White 

Whitesburgh, Madison, Ala .John Q. A. Carter 

Whitesburgh, (c. h.) Letcher, Ky D. Vermillion 

Whitesburg, Lee, Va. Abraham J. Livingston 

White's Corners, Erie, N. Y Abel E. Brayman 

White's Corners Potter, Pa John H. White 

White's Creek, Bladen, N. C A. K. Cromartie 

White's Grove, Jasper, Ind Zachariah Spitler 

Whiteside's Corners, Saratoga, N. Y Essra Lyon 

White Springs, Hamilton, Fla A. W. Knight 

White Stone, Lancaster, Va James H. Leland 

Whitestone, Queens, N. Y Augustus H. Kissam 

White's Salines, White,Tenu W. Cosby 

White's Store, Chenango, N. Y... George B. Windsor 

White's Store, Anson, N. C J. W. Falkner 

Whitestown, Oneida, N. Y William 0. M«rrell 

Whitestown, Butler, Pa John A. Fletcher 

Whitestown, Boone, la Henry Lucas 

White Sulphur, Green, Tenn Cain Broyle 

White Sulphur, Scott, Ky Samuel S. Forsee 

White Sulph'r Springs, Meriwether, Ga..J. A. Craw- 
White Sulph'r Springs, Limestone, Ala.... J. A. Hen- 

White Sulphur Springs, OataJiotda, La ..Wm.M. 

White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier, Va. James Crow 

Whitesville, Harris, Ga James M. Hatchett 

Whitesville, Daviess, Ky Francis E. Taylor 

Whitesville, Racine, Wis Gustavus Goodrieh 

W^hitesville, Halifax, Va James H. Purkjns 

Whitesville, Allegany, N. Y DugaldC. White 

Whitesville, (c. h.) Columbus, N. C...K. C. Chiaholm 

Whitesville, Andrew, Mo George W. Reinhart 

Whitesyille, Montgomery, Ia....Alexander P. Mann 

White Swan, KerU, Mich John Daris 

White Top, Grayson, Va Joshua Weaver 

Whiteville, Hardeman, Tenn W. F. Hughes 

White Water, Pike, Ala William Hilliard 

White Water, Cape Girardeau,'i/Lo Andw. Miller 

White Water, Ihyette, Ga William H. Henderson 

White Water, Wayne, la Thomas T. Courtney 

White Water, Wuhoorth, Wis....George G. Williams 

Whitfield, Lincoln, Mo Reuben Lewie 

Whitfield, Kans. Ter James A. Gray 

Whiting, Washington, Me William S. Peavey 

Whiting, Addison, Vt Raymond A. Reynolds 

Whitings, Baldwin. Geo Henry Stevens 

Whitingham, Windham, Vt Henry Goodnow 

Whitinsville, Worcester, Mass George Benson 

Whitley C. H., Whitley, Ky William H. Duncan 

Whitley's Point, Moultrie, 111 Matthew T. Taylor 

Whitleyville, Jaclcson, Tenn Wm. C. Purcell 

Whitmell, Pittsylvania, Va William H. Payne 

Whitmore Lake, Washtenaw, Mich Joseph Pray 

Whitmires, Newberry, S. C Henry Whitmire 

Whitney's Corners, Je^erson,N.Y...W. M.Whitney 

Whitney's Point, Broome, N. Y Samuel Stow, jr 

Whitney's Valley, Allegany, N. Y... Firman Boylan 

Whitneyville, WasJiiimton, Me.*. John fiarry 

Whitneyville, Kent, Mich A. C. Bruen 

Whittihgton, Hot Springs, Ark..... J. P. Henderson 

Whittlesey, Medina, Ohio S. P. Lampman 

Whittlesey, La Pointe, Wis Asaph Whittlesey 

Whittle's Mills, Meeklenburgh, Va F. Whittle 

Why Not, Lauderdale, Miss I. K. Prindle 

Wick, Tyler, Va ;...l8aac Davis 

Wickford, Washington, R. I Gideon G. Congdon 

WicklifTe, Crawford, la George W. Rice 

Wickliffe, Jackson, Iowa James Clarke 

Wickliffe, Lake, Ohio David S. Hutchinson 

Wicomico Church, Northumberland, Va J. D. T. 


Wiconisco, Dauphin, Pa Henry Sheafer 

Wideman's, Abbeville, S. C Edmund Cowan 

Wiess' Bluff, Jasper, Tex Simon WiesB 

Wilbraham, Hampden, Mass Luther B. Bliss 

Wilcox, Choctaw, Miss J. L. Power 

Wild Cat, CirroU, la E. W.Shafer 

Wildcat, Whitley, Ky Solomon Stephens, jr 

Wild Cat, Lancaster, S. C Robert Hegler 

Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Va Leonard Wharton 

Wild Haws, Izai-d, Ark WUliam F. Watkins 

Wiley's Cove, Searcy, Ark Samuel Leslie 

Wileysville, Steuben, N. Y John Wiley 




Wflkesbarre, (c. h.) Luzerne, Pa., Jacob Sorber 

Wilkesborough, McLeanj HI James 0. Barnard 

WUkesborough, (c. h.) WOkUy N. G Isaac S. Gall 

Wilkesbnrgh, CMriffUmf Miss S. H. Wilkes 

WllkesTille, Vinton^ Ohio Samuel S. Murray 

Wilkins, Uhiony Ohio Beriah P. Wilkins 

'^fOsmBf AUeghanyy Pa Andrew J. Davis 

WilMnsburg, JUMhany, Pa Henry Z. Mitchell 

Wilkinsonville, Worcester, Mass Wm. R. Hill 

Wilkinstille, Union, S. G John McGulloch 

WiUamina, Tarn HiU, Oregon .James Brown 

WUIamette Forks, Lane, (%n Mitchel Wilkins 

Wfllbar, mikes, N. G H. T. Willbar 

Willet, Cbraandt,JH,Y...^ John S. Dyer 

Willet, Greene, Wis Jonas Shook 

Willet, Indiana, Pa Jesse Marlin 

Willettrille. ^i^AZand, Ohio Robert 0. Ayres 

WiUiams, Christian, Ky Joseph Gordier 

WUliams' Bridge, West Chester, N. Y..... J. T. Briggs 
Williamsborongh, OranvUle, N. G.....E. Satterwhite 

Williamsburgh, Wayne, la Samuel Johnson 

WiUiamsburgh, Piscataquis, Me...Adam H. Merrill 
Williamsburgh, Hammhire, Ma88....Lewis Bodman 
Wjlliamsburgh, (c. 1l) Onin^on, Mis8...Thomas R. 


WiUiamsburgh, Oiidavoay, Mo .Benjamin Sharp 

Williamsburgh, Kings, N. Y JTames Murphy 

WiUiamsburgh, De KaJUb, 111 John F. Snow 

WiUiamsburgh, Ireddl, N.C Robert S.Colvert 

Williamsburgh, Clermont, Ohio. John W. McMiUen 

WiUiamsburgh, 5totr, Pa. .WiUiam A. Fluke 

WUliamBburgh,'(c. h.) James City, Va...R. P. Taylor 

WUliams' Gentre, WiUiams, Ohio John Manon 

WUliams' Gross Roads, CTioctaw, Ala. W.J. 


WUliamsfleld, Ashtdbtda, Ohio A. B. Leonard 

Williamson, Wayne, N. Y George R. Lowe 

WUUamson, Jeffgrson, Ky J. B. O'Bannon 

WUUamson's MUls, Lexington, S. G John T. 


WUliamsonville, Macon, Mo John S. Bealmear 

WiUiamsport, (c. h.) Wiirren, Ia....Henry J. Parker 
WUliamsport, Point Coupee, La... John A. Hamilton 

WUliamsport, Washingtonj,md WUliam Steffy 

WiUiamsport, Pickaway, Ohio....Ebenezer S. Davis 
WUliamsport^ (c. h.) Lycoming, Pa.Theodore Wright 

WUliamsport, Maury, Tenn Samuel P. Hunt 

WiUiamsport, JJardy, Va Lewis Vandiver 

Williamston, Anderson, S. G Grawford W. Pickle 

Williamston, Martin, N. G WiUiam B. Lanier 

WUIlamstown, Decatur, la Richard R. Tatham 

WiUiamstown, (c.h.) Ghrant, Ey Squire Lucas 

WiUiamstown, BerkshirefTAaaa Eeyes Danforth 

WiUiamstown, IngJiam, Mich Eli Loranger 

WiUiamstown, Oswego, N. Y Jacob M. Selden 

WiUiamstown, Catnden, N. J WilUam Tweed 

WiUiamstown, Orange, Vt....Rodolphus Ainsworth 

WiUiamstown, Lewis, Mo M. L. WUliams 

WUUamsville, Erie, N. Y Philip J. Zent 

WiUiamsvUIe, Kent, Del John H. Johnson 

WnUamsvUle, Pefson, N. G Green WiUiams 

WiUiamsvUIe, EUe,VA Rasselas W. Brown 

WiUiamsvUIe, Dickson, Tenn H. B. H. WiUiams 

WiUiamsvUIe, Windham, yt....Henry F. Houghton 

WiUiamsvUIe, Ddaware, Ohio Henry Jarvis 

WUliamsville, Bath, Va « W. J. Weldon 

WUliamsviUe, Scmgamon, HI John W. George 

WUliamantic, Windham, Gonn...Thoma8 GampbSl 

WiUimansett, Hampden, Mass G. Pendleton 

WUUng, JUegany, N. Y Hiram York 

WUllnk, Krie, N. Y Stephen Holmes 

WUUngton, XbUand. Gonn. Origin Weston 

Willington, AJb/beoiUe, S. G ; Paul Rogers 

WUUsburgh, Washington, Ky James F. WiUfm 

WiUis Ridge, Floyd, Ya Jacob S. Harman 

WiUlston, BamweU, S. G. .W. B. Beazly 

WUUston, Potter,Vsk Joel G. Fessenden 

WUHston, Chittenden,Yt T. A. Ghittenden 

WiUistown Inn, Cheder. Pa. Samuel Sinquet 

WiUmathsvUle, Adair, Mo W. B. Reynolds 

WlUoughby, Lake, Ohio Samuel L. Egbert 

WiUoughby Lake, Orleans, Yt Harris B. HaU 

WUlow Brook, Mercer, Pa .WUliam W. Pool 

Willow Greek, Wattshara, Wis Daniel Bearss 

WUlow Creel^ Lee, HI WilUam L. Smith 

WiUow Greek, Marion, S. G....<» James L. Davte 

WUlow Dale, Trumbm, Ohio... Jesse S. Haymaker 

WiUow Dell, Ometa, Ga John T. Mackey 

Willow Grove, Qnosta, Ga ToUeson Kirby 

Willow Grove, Montgomery, Pa...Benjamin Stoker 

Willow Grove, Sumner, Tenn WiUiam Stovatt 

WUlow HiU, Jasper, HI WiUiam -H. Eidson 

WUlow Island, Pleasants, Va WUliam Irwin 

WiUow Spring, Claibome,MiBa JohnLowet 

WUlow Spring, iZtuMlLVa... John £. G. EaBterbr 

Willow Springs, Iowa, Wis ..Elihu HaU 

WUlow Springs, MUam, Tex A. H. AUeii 

WiUow Street Lancaster, Pa H.M. Eielder 

Willow Tree, Oreen, Pa Lot Lants 

WUlsborougn, Essex, N. Y GharUs Sheldon 

WiUsburg, Brooke, Va. .WilUam Decamps 

WUls' Greek, Cbshocton, Ohio John MiUer 

WUlseyrille, Tioga, N. Y..., Warren WUIsot 

WUIshire, (c. h.) Van Wert, Ohio W. B. Harb 

WUls' Point, Benton,Tenn A.G. Harris 

WUls' VaUey, De Katb, Ala Stephen J. Tiner 

Wilmington, (c. h.) New au<2e, DeL John McGlung 

Wilmington, mM,IU John D. Henderson 

WUmington, Dearbom,lA Zera Vincent 

Wilmington, Middlesex, Mass. John M. Durgia 

Wilmington, Union, Ark Stephen Smith 

Wilmington, Essex, N. Y Walter ChUd 

Wilmington, (c.h.) New Hanover, N. G.Dan Dickson 
WUmington, (c. h.) Clinton, Ohio... .Daniel J. FalUs 

WUmington, Windham, Vt Adna B. GhUd» 

Wilmington, Fluvanna, Va. R. Omohundro, jr 

WUmington, Warren, Iowa Geo. H. Reei 

Wilmore, Cambria, Pa Mary Jane Palmer 

Wilmot, Merrimack, N.H MerrUl Groaa 

WUmot, Boone. HI Henry Gulver 

Wilmot, Kenosha, Wis Anson Pease 

WUmot, Noble, la Henry D. Stewart 

Wilmot Flat, Merrimack, N. H Otis Jones 

WUmurt, Herkimer, N. Y H. Nethaway 

WUna, Jiifferson, N. Y Nelson Lewi» 

Wilson, Adair, Mo Jacob GUstr^ 

Wilson, Edgecombe^. G Edwhi G. Glaxk 

Wilson, Marion, Omo James Thompson 

Wilson Greek, Tioga, N. Y Anson M. KimbaU 

WUson's, Niagara, N. Y BJR. Tabor 

Wilson's, Anderson, Tenn Uriah Y. Norman 

WUson's Greek, Graves, Ky James Lamm 

Wilson's Creek, -4l>&cvin«,S.G JohnSpeer ^ 

Wilson's Depot, Dinwiddie, Va...Gharles H. Wilson 

Wilson's MUls, Oxfoi-d, Me John M. WUson 

Wilson's Mills, Venango, Pa....Alexander S. Wilson 
WUson's Station, Clinton, Ohio-. Alexander WUson 

WUson's Store, Stokes, N. G George W. WUson 

WilsonvUle, Sheayy,k\fi James O'Hara 

WUsonviUe, Spencer.Kj G.S. Wilson 

WilsonvUle, Cocke, Tenn Henry H. Baer 

WilsonvUle, Highland, Va .William WUsMi 

WilsonvUle, Marion, Mo Whiting Anderson 

WUton, Jhir/Wa, Gonn Joseph P. Ktdi 

Waton, HiOsdorough, N.H Isaac Blanchard 

WUton, Granville, N. G Lewis T. Smith 

WUton, FranJdin, Me Sumner B. WaUier 

WUton, Pike, Ark, James Scott 

WUton, Saratoga, N. Y Theodore F. Comstock 

WUton Springs, Cocke, Tenn George McNab^ 

Wimer's Mills, Keolntk, Iowa James A. Walker 

Winnebago, Bureau, 111 Azor A. Smith 

Winchendon, Worcester, Mass Edwin S. MerriU 

Winchester, Litchfield, Gonn Roland Hitchcock 

Winchester, (c. h.) Scott, lU John Argust 

Winchester, (c. h.) Randolph, la... Thomas L. Scott 

Winchester, Van Buren, lx)wa. Ezra S. Rand 

Winchester, (c.h.) Clark, Ky J. W. Laughlin 

Winchester, (c. h.) Wayne, MIbs A. McLeod 

Winchester, Clark, Mo Thomas W. Arnold 

Winchester, Cheshire, N. H John Severaaot 

Winchester, Guernsey, Ohio Daniel Naftol 

Winchester, Union, N. G George A. Winchester 

Winchester, (c. h.) ^anXrZm, Tenn.... W. Buchanap 
Winchester, (c. h.) Frederick, Va..George B. Graves 

Winchester, WinnAago, Wis Mayhew D. Mott 

Winchester, Douglas, Or Thomas Smith 

Winchester, Macon, Ga Ghurchel F. Ansley 

Winchester, Middlesex, Mass Horace Holt 

Winchester, Wifoming, Pa. JalUer Oranda)! 

VlDchaiUr Centre, Litd^dd, Cc 
mod Cnsk, •Biaimotot, Al*~.... 

■" "Su. .-.-rn 

iniuibuiil a«5«*Hti^'>i» — ^-owmw. iiBYi» 

Vlndhun, £si:JU?wAaiiL N. H — ....BoSnt Butler 

Windlmol, rtrlMi!, OUo— milop WrfnrOrtfi 

mndhuD, Bramrd, P» _.-.-.mmBa EiM»eU 

Wlndhiim, B%i&aiit,Vl Normon W. Wood 

■WlniliKn, JiAimm, Ioi™...-.....OrTUle B. Buron 

■WlndhBm OMlPe, Ormt, M. T. Noble P. OowlM 

mnd HUL llonlBomtry,V. 0- Jtaolol WorUi 

Tlnd Lea. SonwUre, ta — Ed* ird H. HiiDaiwld 
Wind MiUjJJimflHiti, Uo. .WUllini B. Jonee 

indridge, Qfteni, P*. ■&■ I~ Noble 

iBdHT, Bar^ari, Cva. -BubimI O. LooDlIt 

Mtmr.V.J. ..„...BHdByPerTli 

SmiUbk, iM. .Jitotst V. Broui. . 

XauH&ei, H« Btenhen Butoa 

Bilon, Mlch^...^.. .OniimD. Sfcioott 



B P. SmuI 
.... Jo£i S. Btamwid 

WlndiorTllle, irar(/bnj, Cc 
Wineaburgb, fibliiKi, O'-'' 
WlDlMd, n^vai, Tk... 
Wlnfiel^ f any, Ion.. 

Leid, ZaJteTJ*.... 



Wloi'i sWtiai 
mnball, "— 



N. T-8h>nd«iwrtt PrwtoD 

WliiDelwgD Depot, TTfnnehwc^III-WamD I'. 

Wloneguob AnMin, Ue -Josan) 

Wlimeahl^ mimuUd:, lovft. Eliu J, _.,._ 

Winneihlak, StaAtafm, lU „ W. B. MIMhaU 

WlDBeamiie, mimdiam, Wla y. R. U 

WEnnlpHk, ^fbJnlcM, OiHin .Qeorce U. 

W1]uuWdii(^, (c b.) FraMin, Le... Jolin 

Winnaborangh, JbirMd, 3. C John U_-_ — 

Wlniubonniib, l^nt, Teiu. „Wm. R. Mlllen 

WinOB*, '"-^■^■- ■'- 

nibwwiffb. n...., . 

0B», Jif&ili, Ky... 

Winona, Winma,lilia 

ithrop, JtJnHuiccfc, Ma... Jwpb B. eiaaler 

itlinw, atfftVi, lUu..,.- -..Wanen Beloher 

Winton, Ar(A>n( N. 0- John A. Andgrwm 

Wlnton, ihider, Ohio JKanben T. Batler 

WloBhU DaFclle, Wli John LMtn 

Win Town, uwm^H. t Jenu Sdmrd* 

Wirt, JOwow, N.^ Joel B. KeoTon 

Wirt a Hi, IKK, T«>dM B. Roberta 

"'• ;t,{c.h.)XAiiBte,Ue. muL.Tonng 

, AiBiM, lDm..-.............ThoiiiM Hoon 

WtM^ urn, Eimitrm, Sj. Peter WIh 

WiHTllle, Aoomadt, Tk_-. _0. P. Dnamond 

WiNor, .AOmas, N. Y.. _ Lntber Coneh 

WinniBBa, mmc, Uo. Skvld H. Boman 

WitbMnmUa.Clenui^Obla .muiun HeU 

Wltteabern wMcrtMi Pa. Inhn ntchnsr 

Wittaubtna, JhmOv, S. 
Wlttena, Mmra " ' 

, I. B. Bndboni 

WittibDJrcb. St Fnmeit, Att 
Wobun, middlna, Maai 

Atk. Peter U. Snyder 

....J]eof«e W. I 

If Biiyon,£ii<apaidMB,AA....WtliIun H 

Wolf Oreek, £<«««, Ulch.. 

Wolf Creak Mtrar, P»..._ 

Wulf Creek, Plckeu, B. a 

WoirCraai^ CAadaiiiHla... <uiiii n.onuuuni 

Wolf Creak, Jfenrot, ¥«.„ Qeorn W. Swope 

Wolf Creak, yiMght, Kg. John A. Psttiraon 

WolflaUnd, iA:if<n<r!|i<, Ho Juu* H. Btuzeat 

WolfLiilca,ln>eicJs Jobn R.iSk^ 

WoirPandjOnEHht^ " 

WoirBon, .' '-■ 


WQlluD P. DrntdT 

John Mnce 

Joateb B. Harken 

Wom^edor^ Saiia, Pa 


Woodbrtdge, Odor, Jon..... 
Woodbrii^?"-'-^ — " ■ 


Winooekl, ahOoigaii, Wi* Jimee 8toD 

Wineoekl Zelll, C/tUtmOai, Tt JoMph B. Smal 

Winthip^ Uill, Clinlm, !>-„ Edihn Winibl' 

.Winahip^Mlil, _ 


Tinalow, .SbpAauon,! 




...Blehud Pm«h>ii 
Robert Ajer 


Wlniton, iteiiLUb «. ~ JoaephGlU 

VlBalon.ja^WHy,lId ....niUpPendletaB 

yrinleriaariiiuHa, t»..~. Joae A U. SootI 

Wtnterbon/, liillailaw, Ala. ......N. a. JohuoB 

Winter Harbor, fiimfiwfc, ]Ce...-.Il>ainu SInnrt 

WinCeipock, CXitterJSad, Ta .Wm. K. Oroalick 

Wln»r»L Mr-diim, Iowa............Tbi>inaa a Bird 

WinteravUle, JeffrrKra, Ohio Thonua H. Sbaue 

Wlnlersima,i>«ahir,la...~ B. 8. Ward 

Wintemmd, Blalby. Ia.,.Williut P. Wlnterrowd 
Wlnthnp, MUdlaez, Caaa. ..-Albert C. CUrk 

, - ....HeDTT C Hampton 

WoodbBTB, Jeffh-im, Oa. _ B. J. Fuioei 

Woodbnrj.Z&ifeJit Conn .Oeorge P. Allen 

w__j. — i__,__j ... ...DsTldT.WIsner 



L. WoodHin 
la P. Kellr 

'. Hnrctbal 

lel PordDB 




Woodlawn, Jtcnocanboy Miss R. M. Boram 

Woodlawn, WuskUa, Ark T. C. Old 

Woodlawn, ifonroe, Mo David Thomas 

Woodlawn, Appomatox. Va William Gough, Jr 

Woodlawn, Boston, N. C J. 0. Rudisill 

Woodlawn, EdgiJidd,S. C Thomas McKie 

Woodlawn, M^itgoniery, Tenn John D. Wood 

Woodlawn, Morgan, Ky Jesse P. Meek 

Woodport, Mf^rrU, N. J William A. Wood 

Woodrow, yfUihington, Pa Hugh McConaughy 

Wooruffs, SpartaMurghf S. G A.B.Woodruff 

Woods, i%rry, Teun William 0. Potter 

Woods, PtinoLa, Texas Theodorick B. Wood 

Woodsboro, Shdby, Ala James A. Foust 

Woodsboro, Afon^omery, 111 William Wood 

Wodsborough, Frederick^ Md George W. Shank 

Wood's Corners, HiUsddle, Mich David Woods 

Wood's Cross Roads, GUntcetter, ya...Wm. Chapn^an 

Woodsdale, Person^ N. C John Rogers 

Woodsfield, (c. h) Monroe, Ohio Cath. McMahon 

Wood's EUll, Roane, Tenn James Lackey 

Wood's Hole, Barnstable, Mass Elihu Fish 

Wood Shop, DoZ^ Ala Thomas Bullard 

Wood Shop, Darlinffton, S. C Franklin Skinner 

Woodside, San FrancUco, Cal M. A. Parkhurst 

Woodson's Cross Roads, Ctaibomey Tenn.J. B. Smith 

WoodsonviUe, JBTart, Ky William V. Garvin 

Wood's Station, Walker, Ga Thomas T. Gosnell 

Woodstock, Windham, Gonn...George S. F. Stoddard 

Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga Eli C. Harden 

Woodstock, Oxford, Me .Thomas Sampson, jr 

Woodstock, flinoard, Md William F. Adams 

Woodstock, Lenawee, Mich Nahum Lamb 

Woodstock, Oraftxm, N. H Thomas Vincent 

Woodstock, UUter, N. Y George W. Snyder 

Woodstock, Champaign, Ohio E. G. Clark 

Woodstock, (c. h.) Windsor, Vt... Edward M. Brown 

Woodstock, (c. hJ Shenandoah, Va D. Rodeffer 

Woodstock, Mcaenry, 111 Freeman D. Austin 

Woodstock, Pulaski, Ky Mason Singleton 

Woodstock, Tascalooio, Ala James Ray 

Woodstock Mills, Nassau, Fla Edwin R. Alberti 

Woodstown, Salem, N. J Richard F. Turner 

Woodsville, Mercer, N. J Theodore Silvers 

Woodsville, Qrafbon, N. H John Hale 

Woodvale, Fayette, Pa William Walker 

Woodview, Morrow, Ohio Jacob Van Buskirk 

Woodville, (c. h.) Jadkion, Ala Robert P. Mackey 

Woodville, Litchfield, Conn Julius A. Glover 

Woodville,>4dawM, 111 William M.Owen 

Woodville, Jackson, la John W. Holmes 

Woodville, Haywood, Tenn H. J. Hendren 

Woodville, Middlesex, Mass Albert Wood 

Woodville, (c. h.) WiUdnson, Miss... A. H. Chambers 

Woodville, Macon, Mo William B. Switzer 

Woodville, Jefferson, N. Y John B. Clark 

Woodville, (c. h.) Tyler, Tex William T. Hyde 

Woodville, Perquimans, N. C John L. Brothers 

Woodville, Sandusky, OMo Charles Powers 

Woodville, Oreene, Ga James Davison 

Woodville, Jackson, La Henry W. Sherrard 

Woodville, Ashley, Ark John S. Wood 

Woodville, liappahannock, Va Joseph Reid 

Woodville, ^a^ne, Mich Lucius A. Winchester 

Woodville, Washington, R. I John W. Hoxie 

Woodville Depot, Albemarle, Va... William H. Cosby 

Woodward, Omtre, Pa John E. Motz 

Woodward, Bamwdl, S. C William Woodward 

Woodward's Hollow, Erie, N. Y..»l8aae Woodward 
Woodworths, Granville, N. C.James 0. K. Paschall 

Woodyards, Athens, Ohio Leven Oliver 

Woollam, Gasconade, Mo ...Joseph G. Woollam 

Woolwich, Sagadahoc, Me Samuel Merry 

Woonsocket Falls, Providence, R. LJohn Bumham 

Wooster, (c. h.) Wayne, Ohio J. A. Marchand 

Wooster, Je^son, Iowa John Templeton 

Wooster, Kosciusko^ la John Finton 

Worcester, (c. h.) Worcester, Mass...£mory Banister 

Worcester, Otsego, N. Y Nathaniel H. Wilder 

Worcester, Montgomery, Pa Charles Hendricks 

Worcester, Washington, Vt Thaddeus B. Ladd 

Worth, Mercer, Pa William Gallagher 

Worth, Perry, Ohio William C. Moore 

Worth, Tusoi^ Mich Paaofaal Rictaiirdson 

Worth, Cock, 111 ..^....FerdlziAnd Schapper 

Worth, Dubois, la Benj. T. Goodman 

Worthlngton, MuhUnburgh, Ky Ed ward Powell 

Worthington, Hampshire, Ma£s E. C. Porter 

Worthington, Franklin, Ohio...George H. Grlswold 
Worthington, Greene, la... .^..Stephen H. Lockwood 

Worthington, ArvMtrong, Pa Joseph Graff 

Worthington, Marion, Va Wlliam Hood 

Worthington, Jackson, 111..,. ...Andrew J. Reynolds 

Worthsville, Johnson, la John F.' McClellan 

Worthville, OarroU, Ky W. S. Bailey 

Worthville, Butts, Ga William McClellan 

Worthville, Jefferson, N. Y Henry Hitchcock 

Wrentham Norfolk, Mass.. ..Charles W. Farrington 

Wright, Ottatoa, Mich Leonard Roberta 

Wright, Greene, la John M. Humphreys 

Wright, Cdujnhia, Pa George W. Dreisbach 

Wright's Bluff, Samter, 8. C William L. 

Branson, jr 
Wrightsborough, (c. h.) OcAwnhia, Ga A.L. 


Wright's Corners, Niagara, N. Y S. 0. Wright 

Wright's Corners, Dearbam, la G. W. Lozler 

Wright's Mills, Parke, la Zachariah Byers 

Wrightstown, BurUngUm, N. J.... Jonathan Rogers 

Wrightstown, Bucks, Pa William McDowell 

Wrightstown, Brown, Wia FairchildN. Wright 

Wrlghtsville, I^fc, Pa James Kerr 

Wrightsville, Roane, Tenn Charles Taliaferro 

Wrightville, Franklin, N. C R. H.Duke 

WrlghtvUle, Clark, Mo Joshua C. Wright 

Wurtemberg, Lawrertce, Pa Johnston Kirker 

Wurtsborough, SuUtoan, N. Y.... Harvey R. Morris 

Wyaconda, Scotland, Mo George W. Daggs 

Wyalusing, Grant, Wis Menry R. Mues 

Wyalusing, Bradford., Pa Rebecca Peny 

Wyandott, Wyandott, Ohio Henry Flock 

Wyandott, Linn, Mo Francis M. Forrest 

Wyandotte, Wayne, Mich William Sickles 

Wyandotte, Tippecoftoe, la James T. Chute 

Wyatt, La Fctyette, Miss William H. Brister 

Wye Mills, Queen Anne, Md L. W. Neal 

Wykertown, Sussex,}i.J Alpheus Wyker 

WyUiesburgh, Charlotte, Va Hlllery M. L. Goode 

Wynant, Shelby, Ohio Harry Gloyd 

Wynantskill, Rensselaer, N. Y Rufns R. Allen 

Wynn, Franklin, la. William MoDonnoId 

Wyocena, Cblumbia, Wis JohnWleting 

Wyoming, Stark, 111 James M. Thomas 

Wyoming, Wyoming, N. Y ..Thomas S. Cushing 

Wyoming, Towa, Wis .Warren Percival 

Wyoming, Luzerne^ Pa A. M. Jeffords 

Wyoming, Bath, Ky Robert A. Caldwell 

Wyoming, Dinunddie, Va Archibald Thiveatt 

Wysox, Bradford, Pa William Allen, jr 

Wythe, ITancocA;, 111 Michael G. Bush 

WythevUle, (c. h.) Wythe, Va C. J. Noel 


XENIA, Greene, Ohio James Hoyla 

Xenia, Clay, 111 B. B. Smith 

Xenia, Miami, Ind Oliver H. P. Macy 


YADKINVILLB, Yadkin, N.C ....John E. Long 

Yale, Jasper, 111 Ira W. Lake 

Yancey's t/L\\\n,Albemarle, Va Samuel M. Powell 

Yancoyville, CbsweU, N. C Edmund R. Fowler 

Yanhanna, Georgetown,^. C Benjamin M. Grier 

Yankee Jim's, Placer, Cal James Herrick 

Yankee Ridge, Coshocton, Ohio JienJ. E. Pnrdy 

Yankee Settlement^ Clayton, Iowa F. B. Peet 

Yankee Spring, Barry^ Mich William Lewis 

Yankeetown, Darke, Ohio John Billman 

Yankeetown, Warrick, Is William Moore 

Yantic, New London, Oowa. .D.L. Huntington 

Yaphank, Suffolk, N. Y John P. MiUs 

YardleviUe, Budcs, Pa Charles Shoemaker 

YardvlUe, Mercer, N. J Robert C. Hutchinson 

Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass Isaac Ryder 

Yarmouth, CumberUmd, Me Reuben Cutter 

Yarmouth Port, Barnstable, Mass Thomas Arey 

Yates, Oriea,ns, N. Y John M. Pitts 

Yatesville, Fates, N. Y Peleg Gardner 




YatesTille, Lun«nburgyT& Robert R. Swcpson 

Yatton, Washington, Iowa Samuel Tounldii 

Yazoo City, Yazoo, Miss M. D. Haynes 

Yellow Bird Station, Pickaway, O..Jo3eph M. Lowe 

Yellow Blufif, Duval, Fla .WUUam R. Tomb 

Yellow Bluff, Pranklin^ La .H. S. Thomasson 

Yellow Branch, OampbeUf Va...Gilleland N. Garvin 

Yellow feud, Soss, Ohio Lucian Dunning 

Yellow Creek, Knox, Ky William A. Wilson 

Yellow Creek, Chariton, Mo Thos H. Williams 

Yellow Creek, Lumpkin, Ga Benjamin Jon«s 

Yellow Creek, StepMnson, HI Geo W. Andrews 

Yellow Creek, Ihyette, Ala Peter Camper 

Yellow Creek, Ttshemingo, Miss A. W. Conley 

Yellow Creek Furnace, Montgomery, Tenn.R. Steele 

Yelljow Mountain, Yancey,'S. C A. Erwin 

Yellowhead Grove, Kanlaikee, 111 F. S. Campbell 

Yellow River, Gwinnett, Ota Thomas P. Hudson 

Yellow River, MarshaU,la JTamea Lyon 

Yellow Spring, Des Moines, Iowa W. Messenger 

Yellow Spring, Hampshire, Va Abraham Secrest 

Yellow Spring, Slair, Pa John Suter 

Yellow Springs, Greene, Ohio Isaac Kershner 

Yellow Springs, Claiborne, Tenn...Melbern Overton 

Yellow Stone, Lafayette, Wis Benjamin G. Scott 

Yellow Store, Hawkins, Tenn...Corneliu8 0. Miller 

Yellow Sulphur Springs, Montgomery, Va Thos. 

H. Fowlkes 

Yellvllle, Ifanon, Ark Thomas P. Austin 

Yelvington, Daviess, Ky C. V. Pierce 

Yocony, Mawaviha, Miss... John Wylie 

Yocuratown, York, Pa Henry Brubacher 

Yohogbany, Westmoreland, Pa Alexander Guffey 

Yokura Station, Xee, Va William S.Thompson 

Yolo, Yolo, Cal J. A. Hutton 

Yolo^ Gentry, Mo John 0. Millen 

Youcalla, Urnpqua, Oregon..* Jesse Applegate 

Yonguesville, Fairjldd, S. John L. Yongue 

Yonkers, West Chester, N. Y Esther A. Bashford 

York, Fayette, Ga William R. Parker 

York, Union, Ohio H. T. Knox 

York, Walker, Ala Joseph M. Correy 

York, Dane, Wis William Douglass 

York, (c. h.) York, Me Joseph P. Jenkins 

York, Gibson, Ta Thomas M. Strain 

York, Crawford, III Boogamin F. Robinson 

York, Washtenaw, Mich Amos B. Graves 

York., Livingston, N. Y Duncan Mclntyre 

York, (c. h.) York, Pa David Small 

Yorka, Leake, Miss John B. Serioner 

York Centre, DuPuge, HI George Fuller 

York Furnace, York, Pa Samuel Diffenbauch 

Yorkshire, Oattaraitgus, K. Y Lewis Marsh 

Yorkshire Centre, (kUtara;iigus, N. Y H. Howe 

York Sulphur Springs, Adams, Pa Jonas Johns 

Yorktown, Delaware, la William S. Home 

Yorktown, West Cliest^r, N. Y James H. Purdy 

Yorktown, Bureau, HI Rufus H. Sheldon 

Yorktown, (c. h.) York, Va Nathaniel Taylor 

xorktown, De Witt, Tex John A. King 

Vorkville, Pickens, Ala U. A. Gore 

YorkviUe, Dearborn, la Joseph Ege 

Yorkville, iraZam<ZA>o, Mich Hiram Blashfleld 

Yorkville, (c. h) York, S. C Samuel Melton 

Yorkville, Gibson, Tenn R. Q. Roach 

Yorkville, Racine, Wis George Cameron 

Yorkville, New York, N. Y Jordan M.Bali 

Yornet, Eldorado, Cal Eustace P. Bowman 

Young, McDonovgh, III John Patrick 

Young Cane, Union, Qa...Mathadeas M. Grantham 

Youngers, Boone, Mo Anderson F. Younger 

Young Hickory, Muskingum, Ohio...;,..J. Hutchison 

Young Hickory, Was?dngton,'Wia J. E. Gere 

Young Hickory, l^ettben, N. Y Joshua Sluyter 

Young's Bluff, Morehouse, La James A. Greene 

Young's Cross Roads, Granvilie, N. CM. D. Royster 

Young's Point, Madison, La Alfred M. Young 

Young's Settlement, Bastrop, Texas.. ..John Liston 

Young's Store, Laurens, S. C.., John M. Young 

Youpgstown, Niagara, N. Y Justin W. Finn 

l^ungstown, Mahoning, Oblo.Atexandar McKinnie 

Youngstown, Westmorekind, Pa Daniel Mershon 

YoungsviUe, Tallapoosa, Ala... ....Reuben G. Young 

Youngsville, Sullivan, N. Y Hiram L. Shepard 

YoungsviUe, Warren, Pa.... Francis D. Kinnear 

Youngsville, Adams,Ohio WilMam Young 

Young Womanstown, Clinton, Pa.... J. W. Crawford 

Yountsville, Montgomery, la Aaron Walter 

Ypsilanti, Washtenaw^Mich Walter H. Hawkins 

Yreka, Siskyon, Cal John Lentell 

Yuba City, Sutter, Cal Caleb E.Wilcoxoa 


ZABRTSKIE, De WUt, III.....William A. Roelosson 

Zachary, MarshaW, Ala Lewis Manning 

Zackrille, TT^r^, Va Jonathan Sheppard 

Zanesfield, Logan, Ohio James S. Robb 

ZanesviUe, Montgomery, IlL ...D. J. Parrott 

2janesville, Muskingum, Ohio John B. Roberts 

ZanesviUe, Wells, la E.E. Carroll 

Zavalla, Jasper, Texas Fountain Holloman 

Zealand, Ottawa, Mich Jacob Van Den Hock 

Zebulon,(c. h.) Pike, Ga William Barrett, jr 

Zelienople, Butter, Pa Rudolph Kelker 

Zenas, Jennings, la John Cooper 

Zeno, York, S. C A. A. McKensde 

Zero, Lauderdale,'!&.is9 Owen Pigford 

Zilwaukie, Saginaw, Mich George Lewis 

Zimmerman, Greene, Ohio Joseph Palmer 

2Uon, Centre, Pa Samuel Pontius 

Zion, Iredell, N. C Thomas L. Jennings 

Zion, CecU, Md , John Carhart 

Zion, Grant, la Henry Egbert 

Zion, Morgan, 111 v.. ..James M. Gunn 

Zion Hill, Amite, Miss Christopher G. Cain 

Zion Hill, HamiUon, Tenn Henry Swishers 

Zion Seminary, Covington, Miss... Jeremiah Leggett 

Zionsville, Boone, la John W. Vaughan 

Zoar, Tuscarawas, Ohio Christian Weeble 

Zoar, Gonzales, Tex , James P. Baker 

Zoar Bridge, New Haven, Conn Ezekiel Curtis 

ZoUersville, Washington, Pa Elijah Hawkins 

Zoucksrille, Baliimart, Md George C. Zouck 




mt #ice gprinmrf, 



B. D. T. LEECH, 




The foUomng List embraces nearly aU the RegulaiioM of the D^artment, The omwiotu 
conmt in leaving out a few lengthy mstruetionSf poseeesing no fecial interest to citizens 
generally f or to the bulk of Postmasters* 



Sec. 1. At all poat offices where the compensation of the postmaster exceeded one thousand dollars fax 
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1635, or for any subseqnent fiscal year, a deputy postmaster is to be ap- 
pointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and caiji be removed by the 
President only. At all other offices, the Postmaster General has the sole power of appointment and re- 
moval. * 

Sec, 2. Upon the appointment of a postmaster, he is famished with a letter of appomtment and a 
blank bond. Upon executing' the bond, as required, taking the oath of office, enclosing them in.a letter 
directed to the Appointment Office, and depositing such letter in the post office, and not before, he is 
authorised to take charge of the office. 

See, 3. No person can be appointed postmaster who cannot legally execute an official bond. 

Sec 4. No person can hold the office of postmaster, who is not an actual resident of the city or town 
whwein the post office is situated, or within the delivery of the office. 

Sec 5. The duties of his office must be perlbrmed only by himself personally, or by a sworn assistant 

or assistants, whom ne may employ to aid him, when necessary ; fi>r the care and attention of every one 
oC whom he wHl be responsible to the Department. 

Sec. 6. Every assistant, before he is permitted to have^ny agency !n the business of the office, must 
take and subscribe the following oaths, wliich must be oertifled by a magistrate, and forwarded to the 
Appointment Office. 

"I, — > do swear, (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will faithMly per- 

form all the duties required of me, and abstain from everything forbidden by the laws in relation to the 
establishment dt the Post Office and poet roads within the United States." 

«I do solemnly swear, (or affirm, as the case may be,) that I will support the Gonstltution of the 
United States." 

Sec 7. These oaths should be oertifled by the magistrate who administers them. 

Sec. 8. It is forbidden that any person be employed as assistant or derk In any Post office, or as mail 
earrier, who shall be at the time when he subscribes the required oath of office^ less than sixteen years 

Sec. 0. On taUng charge of a post office, the postmaster will make in duplicate four seTeral intentoiies 
of the pnblie proparfy belonging to it as follows: 

1. Of all laws, regulations^ lists of post offiees, olzeolara, orders, Ac 

2. Of all locks, keys, and mail bags. 

3. Of all letters, packets, newspapers, pamphlets, and other mall matter, stating the amount of unpaid 
postages thereon; and 


4. Of all desks, cases, and other fumitare, or fixtures, books, maps, blanks, and stationwy allowed or 
furnished by the Department. 

Sec. 10 He will delirer one of each of these duplicatei, with his receipt thereon, to hie predeeeesor. 
The other he will transmit — No. 1 to the Appointment Office — No. 2 to the Inspection Office, and Noe. 3 
and 4 to the Auditor's Office. 

Sec. 11. Precaution should be taken by the postmaster in all cases to appoint on assistant, to preyent 
the office from being left without a duly qualified person to perform its duties, in case of the necessary 
sbeenoe, the sickness, resignation, or death of the postmaster. 

See, 12. The postmaster will cause his clerks, and also the letter carriers of liis office, to take the neces- 
sary oaths of office, and will send them for file to the Appointment Office, before they enter upon fhdr 
duties. The agents of the Department will promptly report all instances of uon-oompliance with this 
regulation to the Appointment or Inspection Office as the case may be. 

Sec. 13. No Postmaster, Assistant Postmaster, or clerk employed in a Poet Office, can hold a mail coBr 
tract or be concerned in carrying the mail. 

Sec 14. The postmaster will keep his office open for the despatch of business, every 'day, except Sun- 
day, during the usual hours of business in the place ; and attend at such9ther hours as may be necessary 
to receive and despatch mails. When the mall arrives on Sunday, he will keep his office open for one 
hour or more, if the public convenience require it, after the arrival and assortment thereof unless it be 
during the time of public worship ; in which case he will keep the office open for one hour or more, if 
necessary, after the religious services have ceased. 

See. 15. Postmasters, assistants and clerks, regularly employed in Poet.Offices, are exempt firom militia 
duty, and from serving on Juries, but not from working on roa^s, nor from obeying a summons to appear 
in court as witnesses, or to testify before a Grand Jury. 

Sec. 16. A postmaster is responsible for the discharge, by himself or his sworn assistant, of all the du' 
ties of the office, until his successor shall have been appointed and qualified— even although the term for 
which he may have been appointed has expired. 

Sec. ]|^. Whether the appointment be from the President or the Postmaster General, in the event of 
death, the responsibility of the sureties will continue, for the fidelity of the person left in charge of the 
office, until a successor is appointed and qualified. 

Ssc. 18. And it may be lawful for the sureties, or any one of them, to perform the duties of postmaBter^ 
by themselves or agent, until their successor be appointed. The person performing such duties should, 
before entering on the discharge of them, take the usual oath, Justices of the peace, unless excluded by 
their own State laws, may serve also as postmasters. 

See. 19. All instructions, circulars, and orders received by a postmaster, fi>om any branch, or officer 
of the Department, are to 6e filed in the office, andMinrned over to his successor. In like manner he wUl 
turn over to his suoceesor, or in the event of the discontinuance of the office, deliver to the nearest poet* 
master, tkapiMic property , all desks, cases, and other furniture and fixtures, and all books, maps, blanks^ 
stationery, and other articles, which have either been furnished to him as postmaster, or have been 
charged and allowed at anytime, whether as contingent expenses in the quarterly account, or as items in 
the commission, emolument, or other ac<^unt, and which may remain on hand when the vacancy or 
discontinuance occurs. 

Sec. 20. Every postmaster, in addressing the Department, should be careful to write the name of his 
office, County and State, at the head of his letter, and to avoid writing upon more than one sul^ect in the 
same letter. He should then post-mark the letter with the name of his office and State, as well as date of 
mailing, and address it to the proper bureatt. 



Sec. 21. The mails were established for the transmission of intelligence; the articlee, thenfor^» proper' 
to be sent in them are letters, newspapers, pamphlets, and other printed matter, iacUidisg paroela and 
bound books not weighing over four pounds. 


S60, 22, Packets of every description, weighing more than four pounds are to be excluded, except • 
public documents, printed by order of either House of Congress, or such publications or books as have been 
•fir may be published, procured cr pvrchaaed, by order of eilber Hoose of Oongress, or joint resolution of 
"Ihe two Houses, and legally franked. 

Sec. 23, Letters received to be sent by mail, should be carefully marked with the name of the post 
office at which they are received, and the abbreviated name of the State or Territory, the day of the monfli 
on wlucb they are forwarded in the mail, and the rate of postage chargeable on them; or if they be free, 
with the word Free. The name, date, and Free, may be either written or stamped. 

Sec. 24. Letters, however, must bear post-mark, and post bills must bear the date on which the mail 
QOQtaining them is actually sent off, although they may have been made up on a previous day. The post- 
faiUs, as to year, month, and day of the month, should bo faily and plainly written. 

Sec. 25 Postmasters will carefully assort the letters deposited in their offices for mailing, and will mail 
them as follows, to wit : ^ 

Every postmaster will mail and postbill direct to the place addressed, 1st, all letters for his own Stale 
or Territory ; 2d, all letters, for post offices in other States and Territories, which should not pass through 
a distributing office on their proper route to the office of delivery ; and 3d, all letters on which the instruc- 
tion "TmxiZ direct" shall be written. 

Letters not required by the foregoing provisi^s to be mailed direct shall be postbilled and mailed to 
the distributing office through which they ehould^rst pass on the proper route to the place of their desti- 
nation — utiUu the mailing qffice he a diiMbuting office. 

Sec. 26. Each package containing letters mailed and postbilled direct should be plainly directed on thflr 
outside with the name of the office to which it is to be sent, and of the county and State in which such 
office is situated. 

See. 27. Packages containing letters for distribution should be plainly directed in ther same manner, 
with the addition of the letters "D. P. O.** (for distributing post office) after the name of the office. 

See. 28. The number of letters and amount of postage are to be entered under the proper heads in the 
post bill, to be sent with thorn. The names of the offices from and to which they are sent should appear 
in their proper places at the top of the bill, which must be plainly dated and signed by the postmaster. 



Sec. 29. A postmaster will always be in readiness, in person, (x by his assistants, to receive the mail 
when it arrives, and dispatch it with all possible expedition. 

Sec. 30. If no special order upon the sulject has been made in regard to his office, he is allowed seven 
minutes only t^ change the mail. 

Sec. 31. Way offices on railroads will be supplied by the exchanging of pouches as the cars imuss, with- 
out waiting for time to change the mail, and postmasters at such offlcea should have the mails ready when 
the cars arrive. 

Sec. 32. If the mail be otfried in a stage, coach, or suUty, it will be the duty of the driver to deliver it 
As near the door of the post office as he can come with his vehicle, but not to leave his horses; and he 
BhouM not be permitted to throw the mail on the ground. 

Sec 33. The postmaster will never detaia a maU beyond the time fixed fbr its departure, except in 
pursuance of special instructions received from the Department. 

Sec. 34. When the maU is to remain but a few minutes at his office, his mail should be made up and 
ready to he put into the mail-bag before the time when it usually arrives. 

Sec. 35. Ha wlU stop all packets which he finds going in the wrong, cmd put them In the rig^t direction. 

Sec. 36. In case of a failure of the mail, he will forward all the packets by the next trip. 

See. 3T. It is inadmissible to send letters In a canvass bag without a lock, unless they are enclosed in a 
locked bag. 
Sec. 88. Never deliver the mail bag to the carrier without being certain that It is locked. 




Sec. 39. Upon the axrival of the mail at any post office, the packets addressed to that office, and none 
other, should be opened, and the postmaster will find with each one a hill of the contents, called B.po$t 
Ml. Compare this bill with the contents, and if they do not agree, note upon the bill the amount of the 
difference, and whether undercharged or overcharged. 

Sec. 40. Every postmaster will ttien look over the letters thus received, to see if the postages be properly 
charged or marked on them, and correct the rates on the letters, where he finds mistakes, noting the 
amount corrected on the bill, as under or overcharged. 

Sec. 41. If a postmaster finds any letters that are not for his delivery, and are mis-sent to his office, he 
will put them in the proper place to be forwarded, noting on the bill the amount forwarded, and writing 
on the letters the words " nUs^ent and forwarded," with the date. They should be forwarded by the first 

Sec. 42. It is proper to forward a letter when duly requested. When forwarded, no additional postage 
should be charged, if the letter, contrary to its address, has been misHsent. If it has been* sent according 
to its address, and then forwarded, it must be charged with additional postage, at the pre-paid rate, accord- 
ing to distance, established by the act of March 3, 1855, which additional postage may be paid either at« 
the forwarding office or at the office of delivery. 

Sec. 43. A postmaster will not suffer any package to be opened which is not addressed to his office, nor 
any addressed to his office to be opened by persons noli duly authorized. 

Sec. 44. Uppn making up the mail, it is the duty of every postmaster, when he knows that any letter 
has been illegally franked, or that the frank on any letter i^ forged, to treat the same as unpaid; and 
the postmaster at the office of delivery of any letter which he knows has been illegally franked, or on 
which the frank has been forged, is directed to charge such letter with the legal postage. 

Sec. 45. Having carefully es^amined the post bills, and found them right, or discovered and corrected 
their errors, as well in casting up, as in the particulars above mentioned, every postmaster will enter 
their contents in the Account of mails received, stating the name of the office (and State, if it is out of his 
own,)«£rom which each bill came. 

Sec. 46. Every postmaster will enter the amount of unpaid letters, as it is charged in the bill, whether 
the charge be correct or erroneous. If erroneous, it falls either under the denomination of underdiarged 
or overcharged, and by an entry of the sum, under at overcharged^ in the proper column, that error is 



Sec. 47. The great mails are to be closed at all distributing offices not more than one hour before tiie 
time fixed for their departure; and all other mails at those offices, and all mails at all -other offices, not 
more than half an hour before that time, unless the departure is between 9 o'clock, P. M.,and 5, A. H., in 
which case the mail is to be closed at 9, P. M. 



Sec, 48. Distributing offices are established to insure certainty and regnlaiity in the transmission of 

letters and psckets between remote points; and to this end, besides the nsual business of a post office, 

<^ertain yecnliar duties are performed therein. 



Sec. 49. All post bills sent from distaribnting oflSces are to be filled according to the directions in chapter 
2, with the contento of each parcel, and addressed either to the particular ofScato which the letters are 
destined, or to the proper distributing office as such. These po«t bills are then to be dated, and entered 
in the AccovarA qf maHs umtfrom the dutribuiing office, 

Sbc. 50. A postmaster at a distributing office will not open and distribute a mail which is addressed to 
Another office. 

See. 61. If letters be sent by any postmaster to a distributing office, when they should have been mailed 
direct to the offices to which they are addressed, the postmasteir ^^ ^^ch distributing office will request the 
I>ostmaster so sending to correct his practice; and if continued, report him, for such yiolation of instruo 
tions, to the appointment office. 


Sec. 52. The persons entitled to letters received by maO, are those whose names are in the address, Gt 
to whose care they may be directed. 

Sec. 53. The delivery should be either to^the person addressed, or according to his order. The order is, 
in some cases implied, aswhere a person is in the habit of receiving his letters through his son, derk, or 
servant, and of recognising the delivery to him. 

Sec. 54. If a letter appear to be of value, it will be safest to require a written order for its delivery, to 
the person calling, if he be not the person addressed. 

Sec. 55. If there be two or more persons of t^e same name^ and a letter intended for one is deliverd to 
another, the postmaster will reseal the letter in the presence of the person who opened it, and request 
him to write upon it the words, "Ojpened hy me through migtakef^* and sign his name; he will then replace 
the letter in the office. 

See. 56. To prevent fraud, the postmaster will be careful not to return any letter put into his office fi>r 
transmission by mail, unless to the writer thereof, or some one presenting his written order. 

Sec. 57. And to enable him to know that the person applying for the return of a letter is the writer, he 
may require him, or his messenger, to exhibit to him the same superscription and seal that are upon the 
letter. And if the postmaster is satisfied that the handwriting and seal are the same, he will return the 
letter; taking a receipt, and preserving it with the paper containing the superscription, and the ordei^ if 
one were aerd. 

See. 58. A letter bearing the frank of an individual may be returned to him^, or his order. 

Sec. 59. When a letter is delivered, and the postage paid therecm, the postage should not be returned 
after the letter has been opened, except in cases where the postmaster is satisfied it has been opened by 
the wrong person through mistake, in which event the letter should be resealed, and a memorandum of 
the mistake made thereon in writing. 


See. 60. The Act of Slarch 8, 1865, requires postage on all letters, except those to foreign countries 
and to officers of the government having the franking privilege, and on official business, to be prepaid, 
from and after the first day of April, 1855, by stamps, stamped enrelope», or money; and it further 
provides that, from and after the first day of January, 1856, all postage, as aforesaid, shall be paid by 
stamps or stamped envelopes, exclusively; pre-payment in money being prohibited from andaflter the last 
mentioned date. 

Sec 61. Fre*payment on drop letters is optionsL 



Sec. 62. Boies of Letter Postages between offices in the United States, and to and from 
Canada and the other British North American Provinces. 




For every single letter in manu- 
script, or paper of any kind upon 
which information shall be asked 
or communicated in writing, or by 
mai'ks or signs, sent by mail, the 
rates mentioned in this table shall 
be charged ; and for every additional 
half oz. or fraction of an oz. above 
the weight named in this table, an 
fui^tional single rate is to be charged. 

Weighing }^ ounce 
or under, being the 
single rate. 

Over 3^ ounce, and 
not over 1 ounce. 

Over 1 ounce, and 
, not over 1}^ ounces. 

Over 13^ ounce, and 
not over 2 ounces. 

Over 2 ounces, and 
not over 23^ ounces. 

Weighing V^ ounce, 
or under, being the 
single rate. 

Over 14 ounce, and 
not over 1 ounce. 

Over 1 ounce, and ' 
not over 13^ ounces. 

Over IJ^ ounces, and 
not over 2 ounces. 






















For any distance not over 3000 miles. 
For any distance over 3000 miles, 
To and from British N. A. Provinces, 
for any distance not over 3000 miles, 
For any distance over 3000 miles, 




















Sec. 63. The mode of computing the rates upon inland letters-^', e. letters from one ofBce within the 
United States or Territories to another, and also upon letters between the United States and the British 
North American provinces — is to be as follows, to wit : Single rate, if not exceeding half an ounce; dou- 
ble rate. If exceeding half ah ounce, but not exceeding an ounce; treble rate, if exceeding an ounce, but 
not exceeding an ounce and a half; and so on, charging an additional rate for every additional half 
ounce or fraction of half an bunbe. 

The mode of computing rates upon letters to Great Britain, and to all other foreign countries, the 
British North American provinces excepted, is stated in Sections 105, 106 and 107. 

Sec. 64. All drop-letters, or letters placed in any post ofQce, not for transmission, but for delivery only, 
shall be charged with postage at the rate of one cent each. 

Sec. 65. The 10 or 15 cents (according to the distance,) pays for the single letter from smy post offioe 
in the United States, to any post oflfice in either of the British North American provinces; and ttc* rersa; 
pre-payment is optional in either country, but a pre-payment of any thing less than the full rate is not 
to be regarded. 

The six pence (6(2.) and shilling marks of pre-payment in the British North American provinces will 
be recognized. 

Sec. 66. The distance according to which postage is chargeable, is that on the post road fh)m one ofSce 
to another, upon which the mail is conveyed. 

Sec. 67. Letters should in all cases be sent by the most expeditious routes, unless otherwise ordered by 
the person sending the same. 

Sec. 68. It is a penal offence to deposite in any poet office to be conveyed in the mail, within the Unit* 
ed States, any envelope or packet containing letters addressed to different persons. 

Sec. 69. Letters and packets that are carried on any of the waters of the United States, in yessels, un- 
der an arrangement with the Department, are i^ubject to the same postage as if carried in the mail ovrav 

land. Su also Section 114 on this point. 

Sec. 70. Letter postage is to be charged on all handbills, circulars, or other printed matter whidi shall 
contain any manuscript writing whatever. 

Sec. 71. Postmasters will charge letter postage on all packets that are dosely enveloped and sealed, so 
that their contents cannot be known. 

iSse. 72. Daguerreotypes when sent In the mail should be rated and charged with letter postage by 

Sec. 73. The act of March 8, 1866, making no provision for unpaid letters to places ivifhitkfhe Vhitei 
States— on. the same or day following any such unpaid letter or letters being put into a post office, the 
Postmaster thereof will post up conspicuously in his office a list of the same, stating that they are held 


up for postage. Any onpaid letters, dropped into the mail cars to be forwarded, must be dex>OBited by 
the route agents in the post office at or nearest the point where they are receired, and the postmaster 
will add them to his list, stating thaA t^y were put into the can uB^d. If not attended to, all such 
letters must be returned monthly to the dead letter office. 

Sec. 74. Letters mailed in the oars can be prepaid only by using postage stamps or stamped euTelopes^ 
and when not thus prepaid, it is the duty of Postmasters to treat all such letters as unpaid, although 
marked *^ paid '^-^no route agent being permitted to receiye pre-payment in money. 

Sec. 75. Letters jwrtjMxid should be despatched, charged with the additional postage due at the pre- 
paid rate, according to distance, established by said act, except where the omission to paygthe correct 
amount is Imown to have been intentional, when they should be treated the same as letters wholly 

Sec 76. Bills of lading and unsealed letters relating ezcIusiTely to the whole or any part'of the cargo 
of a vessel or steamboat, may be sent on such yessel or steamboat outside of the mail, unless they are 
placed in an envelope with other matter. In the latter case, the whole package is sul^ect to letter 

Sec. Tt. The postmaster will pay the mail carrier one cent, if demanded, for each way letter he deliren 
to him, and add that cent to the ordinary postage on the letter. ^ 









.^ »» 


Over 1 Qonee, «nil 
not OTW 2 onncca. 

.. .« 



Sc, a.* ^ ^ 

1 3 ODiica, Mid 

" r 


Over 1 onscog, and 

£:g o, . » 


Orel 6 ounce*, ind 

PS |-. S « 

Orer e oancoi, uid 

£S E. t^ « 


Orer ) onnce^ Bnd 


- 1- * = - 



SS S3 «■ S <» 



iSB |C ^ 5 , 


Ot« 10 onncM, and 

S£ SS . S S 


Over 11 onnovB, and 

3^ 3» .9 S e 




Orer 13 onBo™, «nd 

Otct H onncw, tnd 
not OT8t 15 onaoei. 

SS BS « a £ 


Orer lb onncn, md 
not over WouoCM. 




Sec. 79. Each newspaper, or periodical not exceeding one ounce and a half in weight, when drcnlated 
in the State where published, is enhjeot to a postage of one-half cent only. 

Sec 80. SmaU newspapers, fto, when SQnt in packets of less than eight oiuees, or to more than one 
address, must be rated singly. 

Sec. 81. The weight of newspapers, periodicals, and other printed matter, must be taken or deter- 
mined when they are in a dry state ; and when the weight of any book or other publication exceeds 
one pound, the same progresslye rates, above laid down, must be charged for the excess. 

Stc. 82. Newspapers, periodicals, magazines, books, or any other printed paper or matter, must be sent 
without any covers or wrappers, or in eovers or wrappers <^en at the ends or sides, so that the character 
of the matter containedltherein may be determined without remoriDg such wrappers. 

Sec. 83. It will be observed that except in respect to hooka, the postage on all printed matter to Call' 
fomia, Oregon and Washington Ty. is the same ai to any other part of the United States. 

Sec. 84. Quarterly Ratet of Postage, when paid quarterly or yearly in advance, o» 

Newspapers and Periodicals, to actual Subscribers. 




















Weekly Newspapers (one copy only,) sent by the 
publishers to actual subscribers within the county 
where nrinted and nublished 









Kewspapers and periodicals not exceeding 1}^ ounce 
in weight, when'circulated inlthe State where pub- 
lished : r. 





1.96 ' 




Kewspapers and periodicals, of the weight of 8 
ounces and under, sent to any part of the United 
States .'. 


Over 3 and not over 4 ounces 


Over 4 and not over 6 ounces 


Over 5 and not over 6 ounces 


Over 6 and not over 7 ounces 


Over 7 and not over 8 ounces 


Sec. 85. By a joint Resolution of Congress, the Congressional Globe and Appendix may also be sent 
free through the mails eo long as the same may be published by order of Congress. 

Sec. 86. Papers and Documents relating to the Census, marked "Official Business, Oensus,^ have a like 
privilege when sent by the Census Marshals or their Assistants. 

Sec. 87. If the publisher of any newspaper or periodical, after being three months previously notified 
tbat his publication is not taken out of the oflBoe to which it is sent for delivery, continue to forward 
Bach publication in the mail, the postmaster to whose office such publication is sent will dispose of the 
same for the postage, unless the publisher diall pay it ; and whenever any printed matter of any 
description, received during one quarter of the fiscal year, shall have remained in the office without 
being called for during the whole of any succeeding quarter, the postmaster at such office will give such 
ikotice to the publisher; and if he fUl to pay the postage thereon within a reasonable time, will sell the 
lame and credit the proceeds of such sale in his quarterly accounts in the usual manner. A similar 
oourse is to be pursued in reference to pamphlets, and magazines published periodically. 

Sec. 88. Quarterly payments in advance may be made either at the mailing office or the offloe of 
delivery. When made at sudi mailing effice, at the commencement of a year or of a quarter, (as be 
may elect), the publisher must prepare and hand to the postmaster ready for signature, a receipt fo 
each post offloe to which the papers are to be sent for delivery— stating the number of papers to be sent 
to such post office, and the amount of postage to be paid thereon ; also, giving the names of each of the 
fubscribers. Upon the payment of the postage the receipts must be signed by the postmaster 
at the mailing oflioe. The publisher will then direct such receipts to the postmasters at the 
offices of delivery, and they will be received there as evidence that the postage has been duly paid. To 
•ntitle them to pass/ree through the mails, such receipts must be left unsealed, endorsed ''Post Offioe 
Business," and direeted to the postmaster at the offlee of delivery. The postmasters to whom such 


receipts have been sent, will be thereby anthoiized to ddives the papera mentioned in such receipts to 
the subscribers therein named without further charge for postage. 

8ec. 89. When perio^cals are printed not ofbener than oncir a quarter, and are sfflit from the office 
of publication to actual subscribers, the amount of postage being marjced thereon as prepaid, at the 
mailing offlo^ and the name of that office with the date of maHing being written ixc stamped thereon, 
will be sufficient eyidence to warrant their delirery without fdrther charge »—Such periodicals may be 
prepaid by stamps. 

^ Sec. 00. Publishers of newspapers may, w^hout sul^ecting them to extra postage, Ibid within their 
regular issues a supplement, provided the weight of the whole does not exceed one and a half ounoee 
within the State where printed^ or three ounces when sent out of the State. Sut in all such cases, the 
added matter must be a genuine supplement, or appendage to the newspaperinquestion, andof thesame 
essential character, couTeying intelligence of passing eyents of general interest. 

jSSsc. 91. PuNlshers of newspapers cannot s^d specimen numbers of their papers to postmasters and 
others, without prepaying postage thereon. 

Sec. 92. It is a violation of law to enclose or conceal a letter or other thing, (except bills and receipts 
ibr subscription) or to make any memorandum in writing, or to print any word of communication, after 
its publication, upon any newspaper, pamphlet, magazine or other printed matter. In all such cases let- 
ter postage should be demanded, and, if the person addressed refuse to pay such letter postage, the pack- 
age should be returned to the Postmastw from whose office it came, to prosecute the sender for the pen- 
alty of $5, prescribed by the 30th section of the act of 1826 : and aU tra/nsierU printed maUer thould 2« 
distincUy postmarked at the inutiUng office. 

Sec. 93. Any memorandum in writing, or by marks or signs, upon the cover or wrapper of a newspaper, 
pamphlet, magazine, or other printed matter, other than the name and address of the person to whom it 
is to be sent, subjects the package to letter postage ; but, in such cases, should^the party addressed &il to pay 
letter postage, farther proceedings should be waived and the package placed with the other refiised mat> 
ter in the office, there being no concealment nor attempt at fraud. 

Sec. 94. Circulars, advertisements and business cards, not weighing over three ounces, sent any dis- 
tance in the United States, are chargeable with one cent postage each when prepaid, and two cents each 
when not pre-paid. The same rates apply when sent in pa(^£ages, unless the packages be sealed, so as 
to prevent] the contents from being ascertained. If sealed, they are chargeable with letter postage by 

Sec. 95. Bona fide subscribers to weekly newspapers can receive the same free of postage. If &ey reside 
in the county in which the paper is printed and published, even if the office to which the paper is sent if 
without the county, provided it is the office at which they regularly receive their mail matter. 

Sec. 96. Postage cannot be prepaid on regular newspapers or periodicals for a less term than one qxaai^ 
ter ; and in all cases postage must be paid on such matter at the commencement of a quarter, 

Sec. 97. Exchange newspapers and periodicals, cannot be r^uailed without being chaj^eable with 


Sec* 98. A. pamphlet is a printed but unbound publication, relating, solely, to some sulyect of local, 
ephemeral or temporary interest or importance only. Hence, with the exception of those not containing 
more than sixteen octavo pages each, for which, under certain conditions, the Act of August SO, 1852, has 
made special provision, no publication, although folded and unbound, can be permitted to pass in tiie mail 
as a '^pamphlet," instead of a '0}ook," unless its scope and sul4.ects are such as to bring it &irly within 
the distinctive definition above given. 

&c 99. A newspaper is defined to be any printed publication issued in numbers, and published at short 
stated intervals of not more than a month, conveying intelligence of passing events. It geneitQly consisti 
oi a sheet, but may be composed of two sheets of paper. 

Sec. 100. Publications borrowing the name, having the form and some of the characteristics of a news- 
paper, printed for gratuitous circulation, and depending on their advertisements for support, cannot be 
sent by mail gratuitously to persons not actual and hrnia fide Subscribers upon the footing of newspapers 
<%ent from the office of publicati<m to actual and hmya, fide nibscrib&rs,** 


Etc. lOI. PotU^a to tbrtign OimnMa. 

n-fayaeatlM BBlbyaBl: la all otlier cum. 

9a-Ju the arrt two colmniH of Uila list, the ™tM nama 
•rery inslMCa iw prcpiid, Bod wHL 5 ccnw more when Ihi 

the FiusaisD clowd mtul, (third coluna,) tba iMns B«t i 
gBnerBllj tho lull poiitago to dBEtinalifpn. Nawspipera 

tiBta, uil ths 2 cent the U. S. poatieo odIt- la tbe l>ruH 
the e cent rate la the U. 9, British uidQergiAn poitage. 

.Bceiulon, via Eng ton d- 
UAtraila oi anj othei 

fbr^ga ranntTj, ij prinlB Mt, tI* lut 

AiweB, lilandd, tU Sou 

Boarban ^'Scimeo, laUadiotTfiSotrtliMii] 


Sr..^!:!:^..r!::.?.?^„e- :;.:::-::; 

gX'""^'""-"^ „.- -„. „ 

Gape de Verde Isludi _.,.„_..„„»..„.._ 




Bennnck, (HolBt^ii '"-'"*»■') 

E^t, (eic^ AleumdiiK} vln Santhemi 
























a |si^' 





The Asterisk {*) indicates that in cases where it is prefixed, pro-payment Is optional : In all other cases, 
pre-payment is required. ' 

JQ^In the first two columns of this list, the rates named must in 
erery instance be prepaid, and with 5 cents more when the letter is 
from Oregon or California. The 2 1 cent rate is the U. S. Inland and 
Atlantic Sea, and the 5 cent rate the XT. S. Inland postage only. In 
the Prussian closed mail, (third column,) the rates set down are 
generally the full postage to destination. Newspapers must be 
f)repaid. In the British mail, the 4 cent rate is the U. S. and Bri- 
tish, and the 2 cent the TJ. S. postage only. In the Prussian mail, 
the 6 cent rate is the TJ. S., British and (German postage. 

Gibraltar ^ 

Greece, via Trieste 

do. via Marseilles..... , 

do. via Southampton , , 



Heligoland, Island of, via London.... 


Hong Kong, via England 

do. via Trieste..... , 



Ionian Islands 


do. (except Lombardy, Modena, Parma, Tuscan}', and the Pap«I 


Jafifa , 

Java, via Southampton 

do. via Marseilles , 

Larna^a , 


Labuan, via Southampton and India .-. 

do. via Marseilles 

Lauenburg , 

Lubec, free city of. 



Madeira, Island of, via SouUiamp ton. 

Malta, Island of. 

Mauritiiis, via Southampton 

do. via Marseilles 

Mecklenburg ; 




Moluccas, via Southampton and Intiia „ 

do. via Marseilles 

Montevideo, via 'Falmouth 


Naples, Kingdom of. 

New South Wales, via Plymouth 

do. do. via Marseilles 

New Zealand, via Southampton and India, 

do. via Marseilles 

do. via Melbourne or via Sydney 

North Australia, via Southamptcto 

do. via Marseilles 


Oldenburg .....'.'. 

Parma '..'.'!.'.'. 

Placentia. [\[[[ 

Phillippine Islands, via Southampton !.!!!!!!!!!!!" 

do. via Marseilles 


Portugal, via Southampton !*....'."!!!!!!!!!! 

Prevesa [,,"[ 

Prussia !..*.!!..*.'.'.!.!!!.'!..'.* 

Rhodes .*..*.'.!!*.!!!.!!!!*.*.,'.*.! 

Eoman or Papal states !!!!!.....!.....!.!......" 








In ope 



Prussian closed mail by 
iither United States or 
British Packet. 

open mail by 
British pack- 
nt required. 

losed mail by 
British pack- 
at required. 

U. S. Pari 
Ryment req 

British P 



British or 
kier U. S. or 


Ah So. 




M S> ID 

M 4) « 































































































































• 21 



































































































The Asterisk (*) indicalea tbat in caMS wliere It is prefixed, pre-payment te oiptional : in all other case 
pre-payment is required. 

49*Uilbe 'first two columns of this list, the rates named'mnst in 
erery instance l>e prepaid, and with 5 cents more when the letter is 
from Oregon or California. The 21 cent rata is the U. S. Inland and 
Atlantic Sea,' and thefrcent rate the XT. S. Inland postage only. In 
the Prussian closed mail^ (third loolumn,) the rates set down are 
generally the foil postage to destination. ' Newspapers most be 
pxepatd. Inibe British mail, the 4 cent rate is tiie U. S. and Bri* 
tlsh, and the -2 cent the Ui B. postage only. In the Prnssian mail, 
the 6 cent rate ia the U. &, Jfoitiah and German postage. 



*w w» v«« #•• 



Scutari, CAsia). 

Smyrna *. 



Seryia .' 

Sierra Leone.. 

South Australia, via Plymouth '. ,,, 

do. via Marseilles '................,. 

Spain, TlaFrancetMwtt.... ; ; ;;...-..-;...; ; 

do. yia Southampton........... 

guniatra, via Southampton 

do; or any other place in the Indian Archipelago, via Mar- 

aeUles....^.....^..., i.. ............. 



Syria, via Southampton.. : 

do. Tia Marseilles, by French packet. 

do. do. by closed mail..»».. 


Tenedoa *......:; ' 

JtA^D|S0nQie«.»»»«r»»«».»«».<.....»»«.«»..»».t»»««»»».».«»»»«. »«.»•»»»»«.». .»»<^.— ....... 

iSiloza ^ ,,. « 

Tunis, via Marseilles, by French packet /. 

Turkey (in Europe) and Turkish Islands in the Mediterranean — 

ez«ept as herein mentioned 


Yalona , ,«i 

VanBieman's Land, via Ptymovth..'. 

do. do. ., by AnstraUan mail packet, via England 


Venezuela, via Southampton '.. 

Venetian States 

Viotoria, (Post Philip) Tia Plymoath. 
Volo «....i 







to O. Britain. 


West Australia, via Plymouth 

do. by. direct Australian packet, Tia England. 
Wurtemburg .« ,.,• 

























fi i 

















Bremen « *10 

AUona •Sa 

Aastrl% empire of (inclading Hnngary, Oalada, Lomtwrdy, Yenioei) Ac *15 

Bararia ^....... *15 

Bnuuwick *15 

Hamburg *l5 

HanoTer ..«...m....«*«..... *1& 

liubec > • » *15 

Mechlenbnrg-Schweria. » t.....».4 *1& 

Kdchlenbnrg-Strelitz ^ w..................... n5 

Oldenburg ^ <....... *13 

Pmssia, kingdom and protinoes of. ...» *15 

Baze'Altenbat-g *]5 

Saxony, kingdom of. *15 

AU other German States^ dtiesjuid towns *22 

Alexandria 80 

Constantinople » * »., m..............^.^...............'..... *S8 

Corfu 90 

Denmark .V *27 

vrreeco... •••••••...*.•.# ...••• •.....•.•••••..••••...iui...w................"................. ............ ....«.■...........•«.•.••...•.••. ^oS 

Italy, (exoept Lombordy and Yenice)) S3 

Malta, Island oft..... , ^ 80 

KetlMrlands, The « *25 

Norway *2fJ 

Poland *29 

Russia ; *29 

Schleswlg « MM.,..* •2r 

Sweden , ^3 

Switzerland; ; ^ *25 

Wallachla ......m „... 80 

..... 1 ... 

Newspapers sent from the United States by the. Bremen line, 8 cents each, prepayment required. This 
pays to any part of the German Austrian Postal Union, 

Newspapers received by the Bremen Line are in like manner prepaid in Germany. 

On Pamphletf, Hagaaines, and other printed mikfter, 1 cent an ounce, or fraction of an ounce^ must be 
prepaid at the mailing oflBce when sent/ronvand collected at- the offioe of d^very^ when reoeiTed in, the 
United States. This is the U. S. postage only-. 

Hairre, (France,) or any other port or plaee on the coast of France, ■ «« * „ a ^ «^ 

Germany, or any other port or place in Europe where the United ( ^ cen»— u. B. postage. Prepay* 

States steam packets touch, (Geat Britain and Ireland excepted) f "•"* required. This pays to 

by the Havreline j Havre only. 


Newspapers, 2 cents each, pre-payment. required. Letters of the weight of ^ oZk aud under, by the 
Hatre line, are subject in Francei, to an additional postage of 80 centimes, (6 cents,) if destined to Havre; 
and 60 centimes (12 cents,) if destined to any other part of France or Algeria. These rates are respee> 
tiyely doubled on letters oyer ^ oz., and not over }4 o^ f"^ additional rate being charged for each addi* 
tional ^ ox., or fraction thereof 

^, ^ . , ^ , *10 cents, when not orer 8,000' 

Canada, New Brunswick, Gape Breton, Prince Edward's Island, ( miles from the line of crossing. 

NoTa Scotia and Newfoundland... f 15 cents, where distance exceed 

8,000 miles. 

Newspapers and periodicals are chargeable with the regular United States rates to and from the line, 
which postsge must all be paid In the United States. Bdltors, howeyer, may exchange free of expense. 





Great Britain and Ireland, by either U. S. 
or British Hue 


*24 cents, (California and Oregon excepted) 6 cents to 
be added when to or from Cidifomia or Oregon. Pre- 
payment optionaL 

On either a letter or packet of any weight, the whdU postage or none at all should be prepaid. If any 
thing less than the whole is prepaid, no account is taken of it, and it it entirdy lott to the tender. 

In respect to British Mails, where the official postage entries on the letters recelTed are in red ink, the 
Ittttar is be considered as paid, and is to be delivered aooordingly; where in black ink, as unpaid, and 
the postage is to be collected. Postage in snch cases is either whplly paid or wholly unpaid. The credit 
»nd debit figures on such letters show, on the paid letters, the amount to he credited to the United Stttes; 
on the unpaid letters, the amount charged to the United States by England ; and these figures, " 3 cents," 
" 19 cents," " 5 cents,'' ** 21 cents,** Ac, are solely for the oenyenience of the exdiange offloes in keeping the 
axscount with the British Post Office. 

Newspapers 2 cents each, pre-payment required. Pamphlets and periodicals 2 cents each, if not weighing 
orer two ounces, and 4 cents an ounce or fraction of an ounce, if they exceed two ounces, to be collected in 
all cases in the United States. All such printed matter is sul^ect to like additional charges in Oreat Bri- 
tain, each country collecting its own postage on printed matter, whether the same is sent or received. No 
pamphlet can be sent weighing over 8 ounces, and no periodical over 16 ounces, without being 4Vildect to 
lettor postage. Neither pamphlets nor periodicals are entitled to conveyance Uirough England. 

_^ ^ ^^ cents. If distance firom the 

S**f*"* " ' i mailing office does not exceed 

^^^ - • '"""»" \ 2,500 miles; and 

*!*f^**^ j"'l'ir" *'**"* V^"*i* *i!l""7u V "U""VV" f 20 cents where distance exceeda 

Panama and other foreign places where the rates are not fixed by I a 500 miles Prenavment ze- 
postal treaty ^ J ^rtini. ' 

Newspapers, 2 oents each, pre^yment required, ' The above Is the United States postage only. Except 
for Acapulco, on the Pacific, and vicinity, the mails Ibr Mexico will be despatched by the U. S. mail steam- 
ship line from New Orleans, viaTampico to Vera Cruz, three times a month. 

West Indies, £c., British, viz....»...v> 

Antigna » 

Barbadoes .'. 



Garriacon .'. 






Montserrat, Nevis 

St. Kitt's, St. Lucia. 

St. Vincent 

Tortola, Tobago, Trinidad 

Newspapers, 2 cents each — ^Prepayment required. 


10 cents, where distance from the 
mailing office does not exeeed 
2,500 miles ; and 

20 cents, where distance exceeds 
2,500 miles. Prepayment re- 
quired beii^ U. S. postage only 

■ « 

West India Islands (not British) except Cuba 

Turk's Island 

Oarthagena ., ..,.. 


St. jQ«n, (Nicarauga) 

St. Thomas^ Ac......m...m..» ...../. 

34 cents, where distance from the 
mailing office does not exceed 
2,600 mUes; and 

44 cents, where distance exceeds 
2,500 miles. Prepayment re> 
quired— being U. 8. and British 



Newspapers sent, 6 cents each, prepayment required. On papers received, the rate to be collected is 2 
eents only, the British postage being prepaid. 

{To St Thomas and the other Banish Islands, by V. S. Packet to Kingston, the single rate is 18 cents 
under 2^600 miles, and 28 cents over 2,500 miles, prepayment required. 

Oaayaqnil, (Ecuador). 

Qiiito ;. do. . 

Oobya (BoUvia). 

La Paez...... do. 

Oopiapo (Chili)... 

Huiisco do. .,.. 

Chranimbo do 

Yalparaiso do.%'.... 

^U^ do. .... 

48 cents on lettera mnt ; b^ing the 
United States and foreign post- 
age. Pre-pay ment required. 

1 24 cents on letters receivfed ; being 
the United States postage only. 

Kemipapen sent^ 8 cents, and newspapenr re'eeived, 4 cents each, to be collected in the United States. 

P!ayta..,..:;....(Peru) i 

Lambayeque.. do. • 

Hnanchaco... do 

Gasma do 

Hnacho do 

Gallao do 

Lima. do 4> 

Pisco do ^ I. 

Ltlay do 

Arica do '. ♦. 

Iquique. do «. 

32 cents on letters amt ; being the 
United States and foreign post* 
y age. Pre-payment reonired. 
20 cents on letters reeeivM; being 
the United States postage only. 

Newspapers sent, 8 cents, and newspspen raeeivea) 4 ients each, to be colleoted in thA United States. 

Bogota New Grenada. 

Buenaventura do. 

28 cents on letters »mt ; being the 

United States and foreign post- 
age. Pre-payment required. 
20 cents on letters received; being 
the United States posti^e only. 

New8p<H;>erB sent, 8 cents, and newspapers recdved, 4 cents j to be collected in the United States. 

Australia, by priTate ship from New York, 6 cents, prepayment required. 

New South Wales I 10 cents, being the United States 

Sandwich Islands f postage to San Francisco. Pre- 

By mail to San Francisco-rthenoe by private ship. J payment required. 

Newspapers and periodicals mnst be pre-paid the regular domestic rates to San Francisco. The rate 
payable on letters at the point of destination in the' Sandwich Islands is 5 cents, and on newspapers 3 
CAta each. In China and New South ^ales the ship postage, it is understood, is comparatively trifling. 

ilECtULATiONS. 19 

I - 

Sec. 102. Valuable Letters, addressed to Germany, or any part of the German Austrian Postal UnioO) 
by the Bremen line via New York, or by the Prdsslan closed mail via New Yorlc and Boston, will be 
reffidered on the application of the person posting the same, in the same manner and on the Sfune termi 
as those deliverable in the tTnited State8,|provCd«2'that the fall postage chargeable thereon to destination, 
together with a reffistraitionfed of five cents on each teUerj is prepaid at the mailing ofSee. 

Sec. 103. ' On Pamphlets and Magazines, to or from the west coast of South America, the United States 
postage is four cents, and to or from alt other foreign countries (bxcept Great Britain and the British 
Korfh American ProYinees as abov^) one cent an dunce o(r fhu^oh of an ounce, to be collected in all 
cases in the United States. 

Sec. 104. Newspapers and Periodicals, to foreign countries (particularly to the continent of Europe) 
must be sent in narrow bands, open at the sides or end^ otherwise they are chargeable. with letter posts^. 

Sec. 105. All letters to aaid from foreign ooujatries (ths British North Americao Provinces eoEoepted) 
are to be charged with single rate of postage, if not>exceediag the weight of half »a ounce ; double nts, 
if exceeding half an ounce, |)ut not exceeding an ounce ; qi;adruple rate, if exceeding an ounce but not 
exceeding two ounces, and so on, charging two rates for eveiy ounce or fractional part of an ounce over 
the first ounce. As this rule differs from that followed in respect to domestic letters, is requisite 
to prevent mistakes. Postmasters should be careful, also, where the postage is prepaid to collect the 
proper amount. They should be particular to notice the route indicated on the envelopes of letters, pjid 
to collect postage accordingly. Letters mailed at some offices, marked "via England" or " via JE^nutiein 
Closed MaU,^^ for a German State, are frequently taken upon the prepayment of Bremen rates, and those 
marked "via Bremen" at Prussian closed mail rates, Ac. 

Sec. IOC If letters for foreign countries, marked ''Paid,'* are dropped into the Post Oflke witboat 
being paid, the Postmaster will erase the word " Paidj," and write on the back of the letter, the words 
'* Not Paid" with his name and title of Postmaster. 

Sec 107. In the case of letters to go through France, tho Ersnch posti^e is rated by the quarter ovniM 
fur the single letter. This is ten cents, except with reference to letters for Egypt, &yr&, sad Tunis, bjr 
French packet, when tho 'single French rate is twenty cents. Therefore^ the quarter ounce French vate 
only being embraced in tho above rates for letters marked " via France,^ or " via Marseilles," the Frencli 
rate on all such letters must be doubled for each quarter of an ounce. 


Sec 108. The terms ship letters and packets, embrace the letters and packets brought into the United 
States, from foreign countries, or carried from one port in the United States to another, in any private 
ship or vessel, before such letters have been mailed. 

iSbc. 109. The masters of steamboats under contract with the Department, will deliver into the pott 
offices, (or to the local agent of tho Department, if there bo any,) at tho places at which they torive, all 
lettelrs received by them, or by any Jjcrson employed on their boats, at any point along tho route, 

Sec. 110. Masters or managers of all other steamboats, are required by law, under a penalty of tjiirty 
dollars, to deliver all letters brought by them, or within their care or power, addressed to, or destined 
for, the places at which \hey arrive, to the postmasters at such places : exbept letters rdaHjnff to some 
part of the cargo and left unsealed. All letters not addressed to persons to whom the cargo, or any part 
of it, is consigned, are therefore to be delivered into the poet office, to be charged with postage. 

Sec 111. Every master of a vessel from a foreign port is bound, immediately on Ills arrival at a port, 
and before he can report, make entry, or break bulk, under a penalty not to exceed $100, to deliver into 
tho post office all letters brought in his vessel, directed to any person in the United States, or the Terri- 
tories thereof, which are under his care or within his power, except such letters as relate to the cargo or 
some part thereof. ' 

SecX12. All ship letters and packets are to be charged with a postage of six cents each, wh«n 
delivered from the office at which they are first received ; when forwarded in the mail to other offices, 
with two cents, in addition to the ordinary rates of postage. They should be all marked " Ship," at the 
time of receiving them. This applies to all letters and packets brought by vessels from foreign countries 
as well as those conveyed from one port to another m the United States over routes not declared post roads. 



Sec. 113. Masters of foreign packets are not to be paid anything for letters delivered into the office ; 
6Qch letters are, nptwithstanding, to be charged with postage, when delivered from the office, or for* 
warded by mail. 

Sec, 114. Upon letters and packets received from the masters, clerks, or other employees of steamboatB, 
on waters deemed post roads, the persons addressed will be charged, when delivered to them, the same 
postage as if the letters and packets had been conveyed in the mail overland, although not conveyed 
under an arrangement with the Department. &e, oZm, Section 69. 

Sec. 115. All letters placed on a mail steamboat, on which the mails are in dhiurge .of a roate^igent, 
should go into the hands of such agent; and on these letters the master of the vessel is not entitled to 
receive any compensation. None but prepaid letters should be received on such steamboat, and these 
should be duly mailed. But should any chance to be unpaid, they should be deposited by the route- 
agent in the post office at or nearest the point at which they are received, and the postmaster should post 
up a list of ttiom, with the unpaid letters dropped into his office, adding that they were put on board 
the steamboat unpaid. If not attended to, snch letters are to be sent monthly to the Dead Letter Office 

Sec. 110. In like manner, when practicable, all letters should be prepaid which are received by steam- 
boats or other vessels not i6 the mail service, or carrying the mail with no route agent on board. When 
pre-paid, the master of the vessel, if under contract to carry the mail, may receive one cent " way," and 
if not under contract with the department, two cents each from the postmaster in whose office he 
deposits them ; and they should be delivered to their address without any charge beyond the amount 
pre-paid. But if unpaid, they should be treated as ship letters, and are chargeable as such with a postage 
Of six' cents, if delivered at the office at which the vessel shall arrive, and with two cents in addition to 
the ordinary rate of postage if destined to be conveyed by post to another place. In the latter case the 
aiaater of the vessel is entitled to receive two cents a letter. 

Sec 117. Persons desirons to send their letters by steamboats can most readily accomplish their olgect 
by enclosing such letters in the stamped envelopes issued by the department, inasmuch as letters so 
enclosed may be convcyod out of the mail without a violation of law, and need not be delivered to the 
postmaster on the arrival of the vessel. 

Sec. 118. Postmasters should take receipts of the masters of boats, statitag the number of such letters 
«nd the places frt)m which they Vere brought 

&c. 119. The account of steamboat letters received, stating the snms paid for them and the postage 
chargeable thereon, is to be kept in tiie account of Ship and Steamboai Lettert received. 


See. 120. When the gross receipts of the Post Office for the then next preceding quarter shall not have 
exceeded $500, the postmaster shall advertise such uncalled-for letters once in siK weeks only : when sncli 
gross receipts shall have exceeded $500, and have not exceeded $1,000, the postmaster shall advertise once 
a month only : when such gross receipts shall have exceeded $1,000, and shall not have exceeded $7,500, 
the postmaster shall advertise twice a month : and when such gross receipts shall have exceeded $7,600, 
the postmaster shall advertise once a week. The following additional instruc^ons on the sulfject will be 
observed : 

1. Such advertisements are to be inse'rtod in one newspaper only, which most be prilled in the 
city, town, or village in which the post office is situated, and must have the largest circulation within the 
range of delivery of said office of any paper issued weekly or oftener, printed in such city, town, or vil- 
lage. Should the publisher of such paper refuse to give such list of letters one insertion, at one cent for 
each letter, the postmaster will designate for this service some other paper published in the same place. 
He Is also required to poet in a conspicuous place in his office a copy of such list on the day or the day 
after the publication thereof, 

2. If there is no newspaper printed in the city, town, or village where the post office is kept, or 
If the publishers of all the papers printed shall refuse to advertise the letters for the sum above mentioned, 
then manuscript lists of them are to be made out and posted at such public places in the town and neigh- 
borhood as shall appear best adapted for the information of the parties concerned. 

RlGULA-TIOira. 21 

'9j Jtoflued lettws aire sot to be ftdvertifled, nor tiiofle wMeh tftie po«tmaifter 'expecte will be im- 
mediately taken from the (rfBee. 

4. Drop and- box lettsm, eireidar^ free pedtoCe oonlaliiing printed doenmente, tpeechea or other 
printed matter, are not to be adrertieed. ' 

ft. Wbeii antbority for the publication of Hate of fsreign letten in a newspaper printed In a 
fbnijgn langttBge is deemed adrisable, the postmaaler nmst make a q>eeitil appHeotfon fat the n oe i UDMp y 
lifder to pnbHsh in snch pf per. 

a. All orders for publication of these lists of nncalled'for letters in more than one newspaper 
are vacated and annulled. The present law authorises a single publication in one i>aper only. 

7. Iinien daily, semi-weekly, tri-weekly, or weekly papers are Issn^ from Hie same ofllce, the 
proprietor must not be allowed to aggregate the circulation of such papers, but the single circulation Of 
each' issue of the particular paper for which he claims the publication. Whether the paper is issued daUy, 
tri-weekly, semi-weekly, or weekly, must be shown, and the adrertisement inserted in the particular paper 
which has tha largest circulation. 


. <Sse. 121. Oe«d letten ure nich aflwve been adTertlaed and ham noMined on hand three montha tir 

etc 123. Ctttletten reAped, or which eannoi be^deUreredf are alao to be conflideced dead letten and 
forwarded to the DiQpiirtmwit at the end of each month, without betng adrftiiieed. JUao^ thAae held «# 
fbr the payment of the postage, and notattnidad toyMtd tiMM aMeD^tedto boaentwilh «taiDpain»> 
▼iously used. 

Sec. 123. All letten from foreign countries, inolndii^ those finm the Britidi North Amariean Prorince^ 
should be returned at the expiration of one month after having beeivduly advertised. 

See. 124. Letten for foreign countries which cannot be forwarded without pre>payment of postage; 
letters not addressed, or so badly directed that their destination cannot be ascertained, and letten addressed 
to places where there an no Post Offices, must be ntumed to the Department monthly with the ** refrised" 
and ^ foreign dead letters.** 

Sec. 125. At the end of each quarter, all dmd letten then on hand, including snch as are mentioned in 
the four preceding sections, and were not returned In the fint twommths ci the quarter, must be for- 
warded to the Department in the regularly quarterly return, with a dead letter bill, diowing the whole 
number then sent, as well as those sent in the two previous months. 

Sec. 126. When refused letters, or letten which cannot be delivered, or letten from foreign countrien^ 
or any such as are mentioned in section 131, are returned to the Department monthly^ the Postmastet 
should not omit to note on the dead letter bill for the last month of the quarter, the amount of the 
bills returned for each of the two preceding months, so as to give a compleU dead letter hQlfor the txihoU 
quarter i corresponding In amount with the credit claimed for dead letters in his quarterly account current 
All dead letter bills are to be mode in duplicate, and one of each retained by the Postmaster. 

Sec 127. The dead letter bill should be. so made up a« to show the number of wnpaid letten of each 
rate,— the number of paid letten of each rate,— the number of drop lettersr^the number (tf unpa^ 
/orev7n letters and ^eir rates,— the number of jMi^/orolpm letten and their fates; and each description 
of dead letten here mentioned should be carefolly put in separate pavceUi» and the whole tied in («• 

Sec 128. If the dead lettenat anyoiBce be so numerous as to make it neceasariy to put them in several 
bundles, the bundles should be numbered consecutively, beginning with number Xt «nd the dead letter 
bills should always be put in the last number which should be msfked ** DHL" 

See. 129. No allowance will be made for dead lettenretamed, unless they axe acoonftoied bj > dead 

letter bUl. • . . 

See. 130. When a letter is Kfosed, the word ** refiised" should be «t once plainly written upon it, and 
the letter put with tiioee to be returned at the end of the month. 


8ec. 181. If preTtoiu to to return, the seal of a dead letter to broken by atoddent, or by lM.tittK taBen 
deliyered to the wrong person, the fiiM^ and circnmstances must to noted npon it. 

■ Sec. 132. Svery dead letter most bear on tto sealed side tte ttami^ Wfod mark of the Port cdBce by 
which it is returned, and the date qfUt reium to the Department. 

.. See. 133. When any letter fr<^ this Department, or from any other Itept^rtment or pnblic office at 
the seat of QoTemment,is not.c»Ued&r within one month fhnnthe time of its receipt, or when the.penon 
addressed is known to to dead, or to have mored away, such letter must to retjpied.d»r«rf to tbePepart- 
ment or public office in which it originated, and should never to sent to the Poet Office Department as a 
dead letter. ^ . 

Sec. 134. Ml unpaid neiospapen, pampTdds, and other printed matter mailed in any foreign country, 
and received at any Post office in the TJuited States, which may to refused, or cannot to delivered as 
'addressed, must be returned to the Department at dead matter— in the same manner, and under tto 
same general regulations as apply to the return of dead letters, and should to addressed to the Uiird 
Asfitiant Postmaster General. 



Sec. 135. Postmasters are authorized to employ letter carriers. They are to to nominated to, and 
appointed by the Postmarter General, and are required to giro tondft to the United Sfatos^ to to approved 
by him. 

: See. ISe. When so appointed and qualified, the postmaster may> at his rtek and responsibility, place 
in the hands of the carriers fin- delivery, all letters received, except such as are ibr persons who may hava 
lodged with him a written request to retain their^lettors in the office. 

Sec. 137. Such carriers may charge and receive two cents for every letter, and a half cent for every 
aewspapet, delivered by fhefcn, unless ottorwise directed by the Postmaster Qen^al. n # r^to- 


Sec. 139. Money and other valuable things, sent in' the mail, are at the risk of the^owner. But, ii they 
to lost, the Department wlU make every effort in Its power to discover the cause, and, if there has been 
a theft, to punish the offender. 

Sec. 140. In every case of loss by mail, whether supposed to be the result of casualty or of depredation, 
the Department should to informed without delay, of all the circumstances connected with it. Particur 
lar care should be taken to state the name of the office in which the letter was placed, the day on which 
it was so placed, and whether by the writer himself, or by another person, the day on which, if at all, it 
was aotually mailed, the names of the writer and the person addressed, the amount, and if practicable, a 
particular descrtpl^n of the vialnable endoMre, the amount of postage marked on- the letter, and if paid, 
whether by money, or by stamp, the office to which addressed, and whether mailed direct thereto, or to 
what office for distribution, and the route by which it was sent, with any ftirther particulars that may 
aid the Department in its investigation respecting the cause of loss. 

Sec. 141. Ifo reported loss will to invesfigftted by^an agent, unless satis&ctory evidence is produced, 
either by the cextlflcate of the postmaster, or some other dSMnterested individual that the money or other 
valuable thing was deposited in tto port office. 

I Sk. 142. AH iftecessary expenses thrt may to insrurred ih. recovering the mail, and in apprehending the 
. robber, will to reimbursed by the Department. 

• Sec. 148, In ttmni oases it may to proper to offer^a reward, not to exceed fifty doUais, payable on con- 
viction, fbr the apprehension of the criminal. 


See. IM. In etBiy caM when the eriminal is apprehended, the Attorney of thd United States for the 
dfBtHot in' wMeh the ofltoce'was oommitted^ shoold he promptily informed of the ihcts, and his adTlce ob- 
tained. ;....• r 

Sec. 145. If the prosecution he had before the Federal Court /or the District, as it should be in all cases, 
and most he when State ofScers refuse to act) the Attorney of the.United States will conduct it. 

Sec. 146. Persons arrested for mail depredations should in all cases when it is practicable, be taken 
before a district, or a circuit Judge, or a commissioner of the United States, for examination and commit- 

Sec. 147. In every case it is expected that postmasters will spare no exertions to hare justice done, 
and the guilty punished, by procuring testimony, and ^Ting the prosecution every other aid in their 

jSIsc. 148. Gases of mail robbery iftclald be at once reported to the Department, and information given 
from time to time, of what further transpires respecting them. 

See. 149. At all large offices at which didly mails from other large offices are received, care should be 
taken to note the &ct, if the usual mail from any of those offices fidl for any given day to arrive, and if 
subsequent mails arrive, leaving that for a proceeding day still due, the mailing office should immediately 
'M written to for infomtatfon, whether sndh mail as th^t supposed to be missing, was actually sent ; and 
if the answer be ia'thA afflmiatiTe, a report of the loss should, without ftirther delay, be made to tlie De^ 

jSte. 160. If a postmasterhas reason to believe that a maH has been robbed or stolen, in fhe vicinity of 
his office, he should at once examine into the evidence of the Ihct; and, if satisfied that such robbery Ot 
theft has actually occurred, should take immedldte and energetic measures for recovering the moU^ and 
-for apprehending and prosecuting the olfonder. ' 

Sec. 1511 The postmaster, or one of his assistants, in all cases, immediatdy before the office is sweptior 
otjierwise cleared of rubbish, is to collect and examine the waste paper which has accumulated therain, 
in order to guard against the possibility of loss of letters or other mail matter, which may have CEkUenoB 
the floor, or have been intermingled with such waste paper during the transactipn of business. The ob- 
servance of this rule is strictly enjoined upon all postmasters, and ito violation will constitute a grave of- 
fence. Postmasters should be careful to use, in mailing letters or packets, all wrapping paper fit Xo 
be used ag^n; and the sale of any such paper,is strictly forbidden. - •.., . > 

• . ■.. • . t: t 



Sec. 152. It is the duty of a mail carrier to receive and convey a letter, (and the money ,or a stamp of 
■tdtable denomination for Its postage when tendered,) if delivered to him more than a mile from a post 
office, and to hand it, with the money, or stamp, into the first post office at which he arrives. A penalty 
of $50 attaches on failure to do so. 

Sec. 153. On Railroad and Steamboat routes, it is the duty of Route agentft-^-lst. To raoeive letter! 
written after the maU has closed, and way letters pre-pidd by stamps; to mail and post bill said, letteri, 
and direct them to the proper office for delivery or distribution, and to report a list of all sneh letters t^ 
the Oontract office. 2d. To assort the mails for the several offices, being entrusted with the key to the 
iron lock for that purpose. 3d. To attend to the delivery and reception of mail hags. 4th. To report to 
the Inspection Office all irregularities of service on the route, espedaUy every instanqa in which they 
taXL to receive or deliver a mail where one is doe, with tb» cans* of such failure— which, if not known, 
must be ascertained by inquiry. 

iSsa 154..' In oonneotlonitriththe samtelAai of Refutes, Mall nsststngwrs, lit ortftain case*, are MpjfoiaMi 
taesny tbe nail to and from Post Offloet, wten soeh offlcstatomor* tlia& ti^tj n>d«.frwm th* stswn* 
boat landings or railroad station. 

' See. 155. Route agents, mail menengsrs, and local agents, must take tbe ususkl otatlis of office, «nd 
transmit them to the Inspection Office. They are thereupon exempt as iuafl carriers, ttcm. miUtla ftnd 
Jurydu^. -' - ^ 

^ BmiULATlOmi 

Sec 156. Hail cmieaM, eontraeton or stage driren caiviot UwftiUy oMvy <mt of the mail, any Utter 
or packet, unleas the same haa been pre-paid 1^ a atavped eavel(q[>e of jnitable den^qinatieii; bvt ave 
permitted ao to carry newspapers for sale or diBtribution to subecribera, and also pamphleta, magaadneg and 
periodicals when not marked or directed, nor intended for immediate distribntion to subscribers or others, 
l>at intended for sale as merchandize and sent to some bonajide dealer^ or agent for the sale thereof. 


See, 158. The right to'send and receive letters and packets throogh the ntall, free of pestage, la held 
either as a personal privilege, or as an official trust fbr the maintenamce of offflcial corresp(mdence. In 
both its forms, the right varies in respect to difiereni.clas^ of officers aspA individuals^ in the kind as 
well as weight of matters which may b|e so sent or received.; A,!} ioterchaage betweep puMUhers of paii^ 
phlets, periodicals, magazines and newspapers, of their resp^t^ve publications, is allQWied ibr tiie puiposo 
of promoting the dissemination of that kind of information of which they are the vehicles. 

Sec, 159. The following officers and persons enjoy the right as a personal -privilege, 0)il)}ect in l&e case 
.pf some of them, to the several restrictions stated and aqnexed. 

1. The President and Tlco President of the United States ; the individuals who at former periods have 
filled the office of President and Vice President; Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Polk, relicts of former Presidents. 
Bestricted in the case of Ihe Yiee President, or exrYice Presidents, to letters and packets ,not weighing 
oyer two ounces and to public documents 

2. Members of Congress and Delegates from Territories, during their term of office^ and until the Ist 
3f onday of December, after its expiration — Restricted to letters and packets not exceeding two ounces in 
weight, and public documents. Public documents are those printed by the order of either House of 
Congress, and publications and books procured or purchased by Congress, or either House for the use of 
the iaembers. 

3. The Secretary of the Senate, and the Clerk of the House of Representatives, during their official 
terms. Bestricted as Members of Cohgress and Delegates. 

4. Every postmaster whose commissions for the previous fiscal year, ending 30th June, did not exceed 
$200 — ^Restricted to sending letters written by himselTon his private business, and receiving written com> 
munications addressed to himself on his private business ; such letters or written communications not to 
exceed half an ounce in weight. He cannot, therefore, receive or send free any description of printed 
matter. He cannot frank or receive free letttov written by oi^ addressed to his wife or any other member 
of his fiunily, or by or to a firm of which he is a member. Neither is he authorized to frank letters con> 
tainlng money or other things, nor letters written by himself on the- business of others, whether they be 
letters of subscription to editors, or publishers, or other description. The penalty for a violation of this 
law is $300. ■.-:% 

Sec 160. By the following officers, the privilege is held in trust for the maintenance of Qorrespondenoe 
required in the performance of official duty, 

1. The Secretaries of the Departments, Postmaster General and Attorney General of the United States i 
the 1st and 2d Comptrollers of the Treasury; the Solicitor of the Treasury; the Auditors of the Treasury; 
the Treasurer of the United States; the Register of the Treasury; the Assistent Secifetary of State; the 
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury: the Commissioner of the General LandnOfflce; the Commissioner of 
Customs; the CommlMioner of Patents; the Commissioner of Indian Aflklrs ; the Commissioner of Pen- 
sions; the Assistant Postmasters General; the A<!^utant General of the Army; the'Quarter Master Gene- 
ral; the Inspector General; the Commissary General of Subsistence; the Faj-master General; the Chief 
Engineer; the Surgeon General; the Colonel of Ordnance; the Chiefs cf Bureaus of the Kavy Depart- 
ment; a&d the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of the Coast Survey — Restricted to letters 
and packets relating to their official duties, those sent to bo marked or c^tamped ^'official business," and this 
dedsnitiaa to be subscribed by the offioer with a designation of his offlee. In the ease of the head^ of 
dflpartments aUnm, this dedantlbn may be snlSberlbed ondsr thdr direotlon by their respective Chisf 

t . Z Th» Qovemors of States to the Gorernors of other States :— Bestricted to laws and reports, bound 
or unbound, records and doouments of the State, which the Legislature thereof may <prect to be sent t9 
the BxecntiTe of other States. 


8 AU postmasten, whether their comininioiia aoEceed ' <itr foil short of $200 per aimum— restricted 
to letters and packets relating exclusively to the business of their offices or the Post Offtce Department. 

NOTi. They must be marked '< Post Office Business,'* and this declaration subscribed by the postftiaster 
himself with a designation of his office. 

Sec. 162. Publishers of pamphlets, periodicals, magazines and newspapers, not exceedMig si;Lteen ounces 
Jn weight, may exchange their pul^catlons reciprocally free, and may send their bills for subscriptions 
to their publications enclosed in them without additional |>08tage>-Bestricted to one copy each of each 

Sob* 188. It is the piaotiee of many to Ad4i!M» tii«ir hand bOl^and nawspapon in tiie natore of cireti» 
laoB or l^d blU« to post xaaatsKB, by wtuch meanAthey .gire them an ^ztenaive ctircidatton firee of 
pCBtagew Zhla U im abuse which most be conreeted. ih tirtary instance where a postmaster leoetves a 
communication, addressed to him as postmaster, which is of a private character, and designed to promote 
pitnto intenests, with «n evidant intention of giTfi^^oitcultttipn to it, withoot paying postage, he will re- 
turn the aane to the. pecion WhOiSMit it, under a new qnvolope, with the chargo of letter postage enioiwd. 

Sec. 164. If the name of the individual franking a letter be known as the handwriting of a person 
entitled to frank, the letter may be regarded as free, although the style of hia office be omitted. 

Sec. 166. No po^niaffter or other privileged person can authorize his assist^t, clerk, or any other p«^ 
0on to write his name for the purpose of franking any letter, poMic or lurivate. 

Ac 106. Tho penoiial pilT<lego of fraaUng taeniB with Ibo perscm poMesslng it, and ca^ bo exercised 
in but one place at the same time. 

Sec 167. No postmaster or privH^ed person can leave his frank behind him upon envelopes to cover 
his correspondence in his absence. 

Sec 168. If letters or papers be put into a post office bearing the frank of a privileged person who no- 
toriously has not been in that vicinity for several days; or if letters or papers marked freej be received at 
an office, directed to a privileged person, but notoriously intended to be received by some person not privi* 
leged, whether acting as the agent of the privileged person or not, it is the duty of the postmasters to 
treat them as nnpaid. 

Sec 160. If any letter to or from a {MrivUeged person, be put into or received at a post office, of greater 
wel^tithaoL soidi person has a right by law to frank, the postmaster yrlVL efaaE^e the esceas with letter 

Sec 170. It being impracticable In all cases to detennine what prostmasters are entitled to receive th6ir 
private communications free, a nutntueript letter addressed to a postmaster should not be detained in the 
BiaUlag«iBca, .ftir the reason that the postage «m it ia not prepaid, exeopt in cases where it is known tiiat 
tho postmaster addraased is not entitled to receive his private letters fhae. And if letters to any post* 
master are known to relate exdusively to *^ post office business^" being so superaoribtd, tiiey should be 
inailed fhse. 

Sec 171. Any postmaster receiving a letter firee, ifhich should have been charged with postage, is 

bound by bis oath of office to charge himself with such postage in his account with the department. 

Sec 172. Postmasters are required to report to the department all violations of the franking privilege. 

&e. 178. The law, fixing the penalty for violation at fif^ dollars, provides " that no postmaster os 
assistant postmaster shall fid as agent for lottery offices, or, under any color of purchase, jor otherwise, 
Tend lottery tickets,** and that *'no postmaster shall receive free of postage, or frank lottery schemes, 
circulars or tickets." Thsref ore, all such lottery schemes, circulars or tickets, addressed either to a 
postmaster or assistant postmaster, musfhereafter be excludad from the mail, together with all other 
transient matter of this kltai, addressed simply to an office and not to any individual. 

See. 174. If any person lAsSl coonterfoit the hand writing, or firank of a person entitled to the ihtnking 
privilege, or cause the same to be done, in order to avoid the payment of postage, each person so offending 
is liable to a lino of $600. 

Sec 175. Properly franked mafl matter, of mail matter addressed to a p^on enjoying the franking 
privile^ is entitled to be carried free in the mail when *^ forwarded ** ^ the person elsewhet^ as well a« 
|b its tranqwrtation siatply to the office to which originally addressed. 

Sec 174L >If a'poatmaster, halving the franking privilege, franks matter wUeh edtceeds half an^Enmoe 
in weight, and which does not relate,exclusively to the business of his <^ce^Dr of the Post Office Depart^ 
mefftt, the excess is . chargeable with postage: and if not so charged at the mailing office, the charge 
fdwuld be made at the office of d^very. PostmsstezsP Attit^tt ftre forbidden 1^ law to exercise the 
franking privilege under any circumst^AQoi, •'■■..' > 


,26 mmuiTK^i 


ACCOUNT OF xr^wsPAPmts. 

Sec. 116. a. Every poitmaater will keep— 

1. An account in which he will enter at the hegfhning of the quarter, or on first reeeiying any par- 
ticular paper, all newspapers by name that are to come regularly to his office, except such weekly paperi 
M srd free, iln^'in the proper Column opposite each paper, the amount of postage thereon forth^ quarter. 
This postage is to be collected in advance. In the same account, and in the same manner, he will enter 
all periodioab tegidanly ireoeived, and whleh'have not t)ee&> prepaid at the mailing office. At the end of 
the quarter he will coreet this account, Ist, by adding to it all the eactsrae, suppUmentt and duplicates of 
sedd papers which have b«6ii received; and QA, by deducting the amount hetnay have refuitded fat 
papers which &iled to arrive. 

2. An. account in theform prescribed by the |Department, of all ^ribted matter 4}th0r than that Em- 
braced in the alcove account, and on which the postage was payableat his offlco.' This acoount wfU 
therefore include the amount of postage (required to be prepaid) on each and every transient newspaper, 
unsealed circular, handbill, engraving, pamphlet, periodical, magazine, book and every other description 
of printed matter mailed at his office, except newspapers for actual and bona Jide subscribers, and peri- 
odieals published at intervals of not more than three months. It will also inolude the postage on any 
such matter deliverable at his office, whtch through inattenijon of the postmaster or otherwlso, may 
not have beep prepaid at the mailing office^ and the postage ou' every descriptiQn.of prioted;matter mail- 
ed or received at his office to or from foreign countries. 


JSbc. 1T7.- At tiie end of «ivery quarter, which ia oh the last day of Maroh, June, September, and Da* 
cember, every postmaster must make up his accounts, and forward tranctripU of them to the 3d AsaiBtaail 
Postmaster, Cteneral. The originaJsjuuBtl^, filed by the postoiaBter with hisgei^afal acpount, aiud wUl, 
Uke,it, bp held subject to inspectfOQ. , . ' . , i ' . r 

iSSsc; 176. In case of death, resignation, or removal of a postmaster, or discontinnandb of an office; orin 
ease of the giving of a new official bond in consequence of a ohaiige in the name -of an office^ the exf^raticm 
of the term.foir Which the postmaster may have been appointed,' or otberwise, the accounts must ba 
made up to the day, (though it be not the end of a quarter,) in which the office ceases to operate, or tlia 
new appointment, or the new bond, as the £ase may be, takes effect. 

Sec 179. Many postmasters have been in the habit qf forwarding to the d^artment, contrary to reg^ 
lation, their original ctccountSf keeping no duplicate or copy. This violation of rule cannot be permitted 
or overlooked. Transcripts or copies only must be sent, and the original accounts must be carefiilly 
preserved for inspection by any agent of the department who may require it. 

Sec. 180. The quarterly account current, and all other official papers, must be signed by the postmaster 
himself, unless necessarily absent or sick, in which case, it may be signed as follows : 

A- rP >P.M. 

byC— P >Afls'tP.M. 

The W&xxk heading of the account current is to be. filled up with the name of the office, its Cbunty, 
District, or Parish, and State. 

Sec. 181. The accounts of all postmasters are examined and adjusted by the Auditor as they are received, 
and the errors, if there be any, are carefully corrected, and the postmaster notified of such as increase 
by as much as fiAy cents, the balance due to the United States. 

Sec. 182. Postmasters, therefore, will understand thai any alteration in the balanoes of their ecoomoitt 
is occasioned either 1^7 t^e correction of soma numec^ error, or by some deviation,^ir pqart, from 
•» striot ooaibrmity tp ttha lav, and these instuotions. 

' She, 188. If any postmaster shall utfgleot fo render his aooounts for one montli ufter the time, and la 
the form and aattner .prescribed by law, and by the Pestriiaster Cl^nena's instructions, he shall ftirUtk 
double the value of postages which shall have arisen at his <tffios. 


: Sea* 184k Tbe postmaster, though he may ha^e nailed bis aeoou&tB will not be considered as discharged 
from the penalty mentioned in the foregoing section, unless within one month, after being notified that 
they have not )>een received at tiid Pepartmegat, he tianasdts diq^lieate transcripts from the original 
acooonts retaiaed in his possession. 




See. 185. The Quarterly Return is composed of the following accounts and papers, tIz : 

* 1. A transcript .of the Account of mails $ent from the office for the quarter. The entries in this 
account must, of course, be made every post day, before the mail is sent from the office, and at all large 
offices, it should be transcribed daily. 

'2. A transcript of the Account of maUs received at the office for the quarter. At all large offices, the 
entries in this account should be made daily, and it should be transcribed daily, so as to prevent any 
delay in making it out at the close of the quarter.. 

3. A transcript of the Account of regular Newspapers and Pocmphlets received at the office during the 
quarter, to which is to^be added the amount of the Miscellaneous Accpunt. 

4. From the post offices where such accounts should be kept, a transcript of the Account of Ship and 
Skamboat letters received in the quarter, and the moneys paid for them. 

5. A transcript of the Account of Letters sent by sea flrom the offices at sea ports. 
.6. All tbe post hills received from other offices during the quarter. 

7. Accounts and receipts for contingent expenses. 
8.' The Decul letters^ and a bill or bills of them. 

9. From Distributing offices, a transcript of the Accoimis of maUs received for Distribution. 

10. The Account current. 

• 11. The Transcripts of Registered letters ' recelyed and sent, and the Registered letter bills, must be 
|Mit in the return, in a separate package. 

iSSsc. 186. Postmasters are strictly required to fill the blanks in the account current at tlie head of each 
page of their accounts of maQs received and sent, and carefully to add each and every column of said 
accounts, ^ey Will then recapitulate the amount of each column on a blank page, so aS to enable the 
Anditor to'report quarterly the aggregate amount of such columns. 

Sec. 187. The commission account and the emolument account, with the vouchers belonging to them — 
must also accompany the quarterly account of all postmasters whose duty it is to render such accounts. 

Sec. 188. ^o ensure a correct and expeditious settlement of the quarterly accounts of postmasteri^ it 
is indispensable that each return should arrive at the Department in one perfect, unbroken bundle or 
packet. . Each postmaster, therefore, should observe the following directions in packing up his return Ibr. 
transmission in the mail, yiz : 

Sec 189. Put up each part of the return If larg8,'in aseparate parcel, with strong paper, tying it with 
twine, and writing on each pafcel its proper eontents« and the name of th6,.ofllce^ county, and Stated-*' 
TbBn pach up all the parcels, constituting the entire quarterly return, Jn one compact bundle or packet, 
and having postmarJced it, direct it plainly to the Third Assistant Postmaster General, Post Office 

; Sec. 190. No letter, veceipty p^per, or other thing whateTer, not strictly belonging to the quurterlj 
return, as enumerated and described in this chapter, should^be pot.up in it. 



' See. 191. The ^uarteyly Aeeount (htrrent is numbered to consist of 80 articles : — 

tn article 1 etery postmaster will make himself debtor for the whole amount of postage'on the unpaid 
letters^ if any, which remained on hand at the dose cf the preceding quarter. 


In srticle 2 evety poflmMter wHI iiiak« htmstflf debtor foot the whole amount of the postage on all 
nupaid letters. This article he will And in the first cdnmn of maUt received fttna other offloes. 

In article 8 erery postmaster, will make himself a debtor tot the amount of postage on the wsgr^ettein 
recelTed at his office, Ibr delivery; tUs he will find in the second colnma of his AeeotuU qf naiO$ 

In article 4 every postmaster will next debit himself with the amount of postage undercharged. 
This amount he will find in the third column of his Account of maiU received. 

In articles 5 and cTery postmaster will next dttbit himself with the number and amount of ship and 
steamboat letters received for delirery. This article he will find in the first column of his Account ^f 
Slip and JSUeamiboat UUen, 

In article 7 every postmaster will debit himself with the amount of postage paid in money on letters 
sent froi^ his office. This amount he will find in the third column of maiU tent 

Every Postmaster of a distributing post office will next debit himself with the amount (if any,) of 
letters for delivery received at his office in the distribution bills. 

In article 8 every Poatmtister will debit himself with the amount of postage on drop letters. This 
amount he will find in the eighth column of mails received. 

In article 9 every postmaster will debit himself with the whole amount he has paid during the quarter 
for advertising letters, and credited as contingent expenses. He will mark the cost of advertising on 
each letter advertised. Upon erery letter delivered, he will ci>Iloct this cost in addition to the postage, 
and upon those remaining, sent as dead letters to the Department, he will charge it. 

In article 10, every postmaster will next credit himself with the amount of postage, on letters which 
have been missent to and forwarded from his office, and the amount overcharged 'on letters received at 
his office. This amount he will find in the fourth column of his amount of mails received. 

In Article 11, every postmaster will credit himself with the amount of postage on unpaid dead letters, 
if any, remaining in his office at the end of the quarter, and on letters i^fhsed or which could not be deliver^ 
ed, and sent to the Department as dead. This credit will include the cost of advertisingany letters returned, 
and its amount will be the aggregate amount of the bill then to be made out, and of bills sent at the 
end of each of the two previous months of the quarter, of which he has retained duplicateii. 

In article 12 the amount of postage of unpaid letters if any, on hand at the close of the quarter is now 
to be entered to his credit This is a temporary credit, given because the postmaster is already charged 
with the amount in the debit part of this account. The exact sum of this temporary credit must be 
entered to his debit in the first article of his next account, whether any of the letters be delivered out or 
be returned as dead letters or otherwise. 

Having added together the sums of the first nine mentioned articles and placed the amouiit at the foot 
of the column, and at the foot of the column in the same line opposite, he will then deduct the sum of 
the articles 19, 11 and 12 Irom this amount, and the balanj^e will be the amount of letter postage collected b j 
him this quarter. 

The balance which has been placed on the credit side of the account as article 13, is now tp be entered 
to his debit as article 14. 

In article 15 every postmaster will next debit himself with the whole amount of postage on the regular 
newspapers and periodicals, and other printed matter which he has received irom other offices during the 
quarter, and the amount of postages on transient and miscellaneous newspapers. 

In aiticle 16 every poetmaAter will deduct, if enteied in the account, the amo«sit of postage on such 
newspapt^rs as have continued during t^ quarter to come to the ^oe, aAer he has given the publishers 
three months' notice that they are not taken out. He will sell such newsj^pers, and In artide 18 he will 
charge himsdf with he amount received therefore 

In article 17 postmasters will enter the amount of fees received for registry of letters. Postmasters 
will next add the amount of postages coUeeted on letters and newspapers, represented by articles 15 and 
18, and place the amount in the column in the same line opposite. 

If the postmaster has received stamps or stamped envelopes direct firom the Department, or from his 
predecessor, he will include the balances resulting ihnn articles 19, 20 and 21 in this addition. 

In article 22 each postmaster will credit himself with the amount of mail registers returned by htm 
during the quarter. 

In article 23, comprehending five difTerent'ratde, every postmaster will next cast his commission on the 
amount of postage collected on letters during the quarter, including the amount prepaid by stamps and 
stamped envelopes, to be found in the second column cf mails sent. 

In artides 24 and 25 every postmaster will next cast his commission on the amount of postageuoUeeted 
on newspapip and other printed matter, including the postage on sncfa printed matter prq^id at his 
office by stamps or stamped envelopes, at 50 per cent and enter it in this place. 


Id article 26> pottmasterti will enter ttte amocust of fbes recelTed for registry of letters, casting their 
eommissiofM at 80 per cent, thereof. Also the number of weekly newspapers delirered to robscribers not 
chargeable with postage. 

In article 27, if the commission on letters, newspapers and other printed matter doet not exceed ^00^ 
In one qnarter, the postmaster will then set down the nnmberof free letters receiyed by mail for delivery 
at the ofBce, and carry the amount at one cent each to his credit. This number he will find in the ninth 
column of his Account of fiutUt received. 

In article 28, the postmaster will next set down the number of ship and steamboat letters which he 
has psdd for this qnarter and enter the amomi o# sticfa-payqiept. These mima he will find in the second 
and thiM columns of his Account of Ship and Steamboat lettert received. 

In article 29, the postmaster will next statethe nnmber, and qredit himself with the amount paid, the 
mail carrier for way letters. No form is prescribed for keeping this account. 

Sec. 192. In article 30^ it mow remains' far the Fostmaster to enter tha amount of Oonttogent Xmiensas, 
which consist of wrappiqg psper and twinw, %^TsrtiBiBg of letters, repair of mail bagSySand a desi^ or casa^ 
for the safe keeping of letters. But, at ofBces where the commissions amount to- $50 p» aaimv, 
wrapping iwper and twine mustJbe.procured,x)f.the contractors for furnishing the same. 

Sec. 193. The postmaster will now strilos tlhe batenee ot the aooomnt whkh shoidd show haw miieli M 
is indebted to the Bepartraeskt for ]K>staees-f«r the gireb' quarter. 

Sae. 191. As this Account Current Is intended io show the net proceeds of the office for the quarter, no 
balance due tA a fonHer quarter, nor any piqrBieM to, or collection for, the I^partment is to be inserted 
in it. All 'vnuclMrs for ex|>ense8 charged in the quarterly account, or in the Commission or Emolument' 
account, must be transmitted with the said accounts ; and if for advertising letters,' must state the number 
of letters. Unreuonable delay not on