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■r ... 

l"^ V jr.- 


KFI^ 1^1 


Price 50 Gents.'i JULY, 1879. [ 





An Alphabetzca.1 List of Post Offices in the i 

•with Oote-9z£y, State, and Salary; Money-Or 

Domestic ct-nd International ; Chief Reg; 

o/' th.e Post Office Department ; Jnsi 

tzo-ns to the Public ; Foreign and 

Domestic Postage Tables, 










The oldest and largest Manufacturers in the United States of 




MACHINE BELTING with smooth meUllic rubber surface. 

STEAM PACKING in every form and variety. 

liEADING and SUCTION HOSE, of any size or strength. 


M TEST '9 HOSE. This extra quality of Hose is made expressly for Steam Fire En- 
gine nse^ and will stand a pressure of 400 lbs. per square inch. 

ANTISEPTIC LINEN HOSE, a cheap and durable Hose for mill and factory purposes. 

ANTISEPTIC RUBBER-LINED LINEN HOSE, the lightest Hose manufactured for use 
on Hand or Steam Fire-Engines. Will stand a pressure of 300 lbs. per square inch. 

CAR SPRINGS of a superior quality, and of all the various sizes used. 

SOLID EMERY VULCANITE WHEELS, for grinding and polishing metals,— the ORIG- 
INAL Solid Emery Wheel, of which all other kinds are imitations and greatly inferior. 

JOHN H. CHEEVEB, Treasurer. 

Price Lists and further information mav be obtained by mail or otherwise on application. 


Fire Insurance 

201 broadway, 


JAUUABY 1, 1879. 
Assets $1,329,650 


Unpaid Losses^nd Dividends * 51,455 

Eeinsuranoe 323,183 

Capital 500,000 

Net Surplus 455,012 

Total $1,329,650 




Put up in round wood boxes, containing full 
measure of material. Housekeepers know its 
worth and cheapness. 



No. 233 North Second Street, 


Postmasters, Look Here ! 



49*Send for oar New Catalogue and Price List: 

ALBRBGHT & GO^ 610 Areli SL,Pliiyelphia,Pa. 

Any P. M. desiring the Agency of these celebrated 
Pianos in his respective locality will receive circular 
stating terms, and a copy of our beautiful new Illustra- 
ted Catalogue, by inclosing stamp and addressing as 




Good Saw 

rOK $188. 

1«500 to 4,000 Feet 

I ChB t:ui in ClnclDDiitl for Die lo» prtn of IISH, 
jirr«ntad In •leij [Mticulsr. e>» Milli of oil 
BngiBH and Boilcn, Slulllnf, Oeuliig, ato. 
nnlralad Cireulor* ««n( fiv. 


Postmasters and others ! 

Inflon tk* U. B. OOcUl Fo>UI OaU* wbca }od 
e to lbs DndindMBxl for partLeulan.) 
K^ Toa wUl ptabkblj b* tlu (diMr b; » etivf. 

Beat Sewlns Maohlns In th» World. 

BOaaU *> 


J on Jf AND WATER STREETS, Swuifor iihwr»iniL™fl««id D«ripi!.cCireiii«, 
wiLLOOX a eiHBM s. m. co., 

CC«. Bond Si,] SS8 Urawlny, Maw Tarib 

IkWraH 1 Comer Tremonl ind RerkclrT tlreiU 




hu, nr th« w^OQOt »ny Dneenmgrd ill [he poslil Hriice," hsTehere 

olon been declired, hj nmilatiou 

M, tor tbo KOeclil purpose of (rmi-m 

through the mtlli Steel Priie, N.-Bdlei, NhIIm, Pins, end ot 

er >tanrp.po^iit«l iuMiumoiil. ; So 

Floor, Md Dlhtr powdowd nub-tanctn, whor the; coiifonn to Ihe fo] 


Th. ™ittt lo bo ln.iJod mutt bo In . boi, beg, or renioTabl 

ODTslope nude ol paper, ololh, or 

StHi for Cireular and frtce-l-iat. librrBl aUwmit la IA« trmie, 

IVISOR, BUKEHAN, TAYLOR k CO.. 138 & 140 Grand Street, New York. 



IN THE "city of NEW YORK. 

261f 262, Jt 363 Sroadway, corner Warren Street, 



•ASSETS $4,874,947.01 

SURPLUS as regards Policy Holders . 826,873.99 



JAMES BUBLL, President. 
C. P. FBALEIQH. Secretary. T. H. BR08NAN. Sup't Agencies. 





In regard to the office furnished me by yonr company, I can only pay that my opinion of it has 
never changed. I considered it at the time I purchased it a model of beauty and convenience, and the 
use of it for nearly ttoo years has only strengthened that opinion. It hag received the highest praise 
froni every official of the Post Office Department who has examined it. The material of which it is 
constructed has been proven to be of good quality, by the fact tiiat although the room is kept quite 
warm, the joiner work is nearly as perfect aa the day it was set up ** 
February 6, 1879. DOUGLASS SMITH, P. M., Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

" The fixtures famished by you thrke ybars ago for this office have given entire satisfaction in 
•very way, the lock boxes and all, being in just as good working ordkr as on the day thet 
WKRB PUT UP." G. FARMER, P. M., Hoboken, N. J. 

January 8, 1879. 

** The work gives good satisfaction, m noi affected by we, and holds its appearance well. Everything 
works to a T." A. F. GRAVES, P. M., Red Wing, Minn. 

January 31, 1879. (The above ojfioe was^Ued up in September, 1874.) 

" To-i>AT I put the cabinet of Lock Boxes in my office. They are so well liked that I am compethd 
to get another set. You will please make me a cabinet of No. 3 Lock Boxes in time to have them put 
k on or before July 1 next.'* L. C. SMITH, P. M., Slatington, Pa. 

Ifay 14, 1879. 

*' The Post Office Outfit, consisting of 600 Call and 62 Lock Boxes, with complete Money-Order and 
General Delivery Equipment, furnished by your company for this office, has been placed in position. 
To say that I am well pleased with my purchase does not convey the full idea of my satisfaction. The 
contract made with your Company was fully met In short, the equipment is not only beautiful, but in 
every way convenient, and adapted to the toants and cares of a postmaster. My Lock Boxes rented so 
rapidly at an increased rental, that I may have to order more.'' 

June 2, 1879. C V. R. POND, P. M., Quincy, Mich. 


Are now in use in over 850 IPost Offices. These Boxes 
alfvays increase JReceipts and Salaries. They should be 
ptit in at once to affect the next readjustment, based upon 
returns for 1879" 80. 

Illustrated Catalogttes fully describing latest improve- 
Tnents in Fost Office Equipments, etc., sent free on appli' 





Poft OfflM Uk, InUag Padt, Enfirraved Koto tad Letter Headi (95 N«w StyiM), Poet Qffiee Baten, 

Twine Catten, CanoeUng Corks. 

HRmnioiid*g Patent IuIkIiks Pad. The only reliable Inking Pad, haring no Hnperior. Note this : 500 
»olr/ in one month. Price, large siae, 6^ inches, #2.00 ; small iise, 6 inches, 91.60. Sent, Inked, ready for use, by 

1 Ka Perfeetlon T-vrlne Cutter. The most convenient article out. Zt is the 6o««. After once using; 
it yon will alwavs want it Price 26 cents each. 
Blue and Blaek Cnncelluff Ink. By exptress, 76 cents per pound. 

Cancellnfc CorJks. Made to fit stamping iron iumlshed by the De- 
partment, used with printers' or any kind of ink. These Corks always 
{lease. No Postmaster will be without after once using them. Samples 
cents. Price $1.00 per dosen, 60 cents per half dozen. 
l*Ke Mackinnon Pen. We liave the sole agency of the U. S. for| 
the sale of this pen to Postmasters and Clerks. Every Postmaster, Money- 
Order and Registered Letter Clerk needs this Pen. After once using you will 
always use it. For a pocket pen the state of completeness is arrived at, as 
the pen filled with ink can be made perfectly air-tight, and instantly ready 
i for use 

The Mackinnon Pens are made in two lengths : the long, 6 inches, the short, 4^ inches. 
£ither size is furnished in fine gold mounted or tasty plain finish, as may be desired. 

PRXOis. — Long 18k. Gold 3Ioun,ted, $4.60 ; Short 18k. Gold Mounted, $4.00 ; Long, plain, $4.00 ; Short, Plain« 


No. 1 P. O. Outfit* Price $9.00. For description and styles send/or Catalogue. "Every Stamp toarranttd 
for^five years. The following stamps comprise che Outfit : P. 0. Dater complete ; Money-Order Dater complete ; 
Begii«tered Letter Dater Complete ; Returned to Writer ; Correct, etc. ; Missent, Held for Postnge, Third Class 
Matter^ Due 8 Cents, Due 6 Cents, Advertised, Forwarded, Postmaster's Name, Name of Poet Office, Kxtra Cona- 
bination Box and P. O. Ink. 

No. *2 P; O. Outfit. Price $6.00. This Outfit is the same as the No. 1 without the Money-Order Dater and 
the Registered Iictter Dater. 

No. t\ P. O. Outfit. Price $4.60. P. 0. Dater complete. Registered No., Correct, Returned to Writer, Mis- 
sent, Held for Postage, Third Class Matter, Due 8 Cents, Due 6 Cents, Advertised, Extra Combination Box and 
P. 0. Ink. 

No. 4 P- O. Outfit. Price $6.00. P. 0. Dater complete ; Registered Letter Dater complete ; Returned to 
Writer, Correct, Forwarded, Missent, Held for Postage, Third Class Matter, Due 8 Cents, Due o Cents, Advertised, 
Extra Combination Box and P. 0. Ink. 

No. 5 P. O. Outfit. Price $4.60. This Outfit is adapted to all ordinary Post Offices, and contains the fol- 
lowing : P» 0. Dater complete. Returned to Writer, Registered No., Correct, Missent, Held for Postage, Third Class 
Matter, Due 8 Cents, Advertised, Name of Postmaster, Name of P. 0.., Extra Combination Box and P. 0. Ink. 

No. 6 P. O. Outfit. Price $4.00. P. 0. Dater complete ; Correct, Returned to Writer, Registered No., 
Due 8 Cents, Third Class Matter, A-ivertised, Held for Postage, Missent. 

No. 7 P. O. Outfit. Price $8.26. Returned to Writer, Registered No., Correct, Forwarded, Missent, TTeld 
for Postage, Third Clsss Blatter, Due 8 Cents, Due 6 Cents, Advertised, Name of Postmaster, Name of P. 0., Com- 
bination Box and P. O. Ink. 

No. 8 P. O. Outfit. Price $2.f0. Registered No., Correct, Held for Postage, Third Glass Matter, Returned 
to Writer. Due 8 Cents, Advertised, Postmaster's Name, Combination Box and P. 0. Ink. 

No. 9 P. O. Outfit. Price $1.76. Correct, Held for Postage, Registered No., Third Class Matter, Advertised, 
Returned to Writer, Combination Box and P. 0. Ink. 


So popular have become our "Btff Offers, that we make a still more liberal one this month. For $4.60, a 
Poet Office Dater and Canceler, Dates for flO) Tears, Pads, and Ink ; your Name Stamp, and Postmaster's Set 
of (6) Stamps ; 600 Engraved Note Heads, with P. M.-s and Ass-t P. M.'s name printed, — sent securely packed by 
mail to any office in the U.S. P. M.'s not wishing the P. 0. Dater can have the above oifer for $8.60. 

Send 8 cents for Illustrated Catalogue of P. O. Supplies, and samples of Note and Jitter Heads. 

F. P. HAMMOND & CO., Aurora, III. 


Special attention paid to the reproduction of Exliibits and Docnmenta in Law Caiei and Antorraph 

Fac-simile Circnlan. 


TTTE ITEIJOTTPB PRINTING COMPANY are producers of Illustrations by the llellotype. Photo-lithographic. 
Photo-engraving, and Fac'simile processes. Employed by th«> United States (Jovemment in illustrating Scientific and 
Medical Heports ; by Scientific, Historical, and other learned Societies ; by the leading Pubiiahers, and lor iliuslrating 
Town and Family llistories, etc., etc. 

FaC'Hifuiles of Medals and Coins, Anrient 3fanusrripts, Pninfin^fS, Jhrateings and Sketches, 
VietVH a»ui Portraits from Koturs, Medical aud Scientific ObfeetSf Antiquities, etc,, ete, 

Vor terms and tpMimena apply (o the lUfiLiOTYPJi PIUNTINO CO., 220 DeTonahizv SI., Boston, Man. 




ItaH. Ul< 


II Ihu hin *KD I 

I ouiDOt uptHk too highly of 
nvB « BiDgLa poJUI rmrd DiHd < 

Aey BUI b« iDiprt>tea «p"D- 

Mdir diem ■«[ 

HDpuvil aith no 


p. p. WILSON, P. » 

ik (but tbflj «n a grtt,t \i 


ultbout Il»m. 

oabi*. 1 would Dot do wlcbout 

0. HALL. P, 

W»U plfwad "ith it. Would 

tail. W. B. 


um tfa* piicfl Hid and 1 
Ul, P, U.. Uol£i, lows 

perfsutlj dB^igblfld with Joui 
KLL, P. U., Klcbmoml, Sla. 

)DKe«. Tbe/ emu 

ttwDldiiioiialaU. W. 

W« minatiTlun uid knp on bud Ibc fallovlwt P. 0. 
No. UO, pTl« •■JV.OO, 

DrllvrrJ, Doon and Guaida 

No. 30, price ino.OO, 
4 ft. ftlin. wlda.Sfc. TIlB. 
hith.rooUUiu M (>tl fioi- 
w, DellT^rr, Doon and 

D II. T ID. HHie, « it- uiga, 

IkfllTPTj, Ttoorm and Guardi 

«^llTRT fcT bsnslrDl Ict- 
■m, ud boi BudH daUi- 
^ aij far iwlptnf Mlaw. 

Punihd K». A, JSe7. 
Wa fonbk wood-frsot Ink Bona at kdj iIb. nitfa Sacitit & 
FUBbla^k oawbilepiiiiiiiediHper, a)eenM[«ilOa. BroDiaan 

I. aO.Ut, Tuiirla, 


PurrbsHug •nj of 1lw« 
cabin elK, *Dd ramiiting 
(he money wilhln lOdavi 
■ftm the rreaiiit of the 

cnoitf, will bo altowed lo 



■d Cirmliir nod PrIoii LI 

I Loek. at fS.OOtwh. Alu.l. 
I atUU at [h« folloxlDK (.ricaa, t1 
immKl papar, GO oaata [«i lUO. 


W. W. ROBBINS ft CC BAIIford, N. H. 


St. Denis Hotel, 




Broadway and Xto^a&th Straat, 

Thin establisbment is located in the mldgt of the great 
retail trade of the city, and very near to the principal 
places of amusement. It is directly opposite Grace Church 
and the Methodist Book Rooms. 

The Hotel is 

First-class in all its Appointments. 

The rooms are large and well yentilated. The Bboadwat 
Pbokbnasb is a great attraction. 

The Ilestaui:ant has an established reputation of the 
iwst twenty years, and is said by traTelers to haye no sn- 

WILLIAM TAYLOR, Proprietor. 

Good Commission paid to :POST MASTERS 
on orders influenced hy them, 



That can be safely guaranteed by a responsible firm to re- 
sist the wear and tear of our changeable climate and dan- 
ger from riRB, are made by ED WD YAK OSDEN & 00. 
(Est'd 1S67.) • 79 Haidbn Lavb, Nsw Tork. 

Who refer by permission to these well-known practical 
men : R. Hoe & Co., Printing Press and Saw M'f 'rs, New 
Tork; Harper & Bros., Pub liRhers, New York ; Lawrbncb 
Bros. & Co., Bankers, 16 Wall 8t., New York. 

The names of those who have used these material;) from 
three to twenty years should be a sufficient guarantee of 
their merit. A s^ood biisinesx can soon be established by 
active men of good character in their sale or application. 

Circulars, etc., free! Exclusive territory granted. 
Correspondence invited. 


S4 Self-inking "Best" Printine Press, 
ntfit and Press, $5.50. $5 Self*inking 
« Best " with Outfit, $6.60. $10 " Uncle 
Sam," Self-inkine, with Outfit, $15. 
Rotary Presses, $45 to $80. Catalogue 

»••• H. HOOYEE k CO., Plila. 




Made from Wamsiitla Muslin. Bosoais, 3-ply Linen 
The very best. 

Keep*s Patent Partly-Made Sbtrts, 6 for $7. 
Only plain seaiBs to finish. 

Keejp*s CuKtoofi Sl&lrtSy Tery best, lb Measwt^ 
6 for ^v. Fit guaranteed. 

Nisliit Shirts, all styles, extra long, $1 each. 

Boys' Complete Shirts, $1 each. 

An elegant set of cxtra-heavy gold-plated Buttons pre- 
sented to purchafsers of six shirts. 


White Cashmere Shirts 60e. each. 

Summer Merino Shirts (whole or half sleeves) 60c. each. 

Scarlet Gauze (anti-rheumatic) $1.25 each. 

Canton flannel Shirts and Drawers : 75c. each. 

Best Pepperell Jean Drawers 60c.- each. 


Best Gingham, Patent Protected Ribs, |1 each. 
Fifty per cent, stronger than any other umbrellas. 

R«Sina and I'willed Silks in all styles. 

Novelties in Ladieg* Sun and Rain VmbrelUuk 


for Gents, the very best, plain or embroidered, $1 a pair. 
Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Ties, etc. 

All goods warranted. B^ SA<>t< only delivered free. 

Merchants will be furnished with Trade Circulars on 
application, as we furnish the trade on the most favor- 
able terms. 

Samples and Oircnlars mailed free on appUcatioa. 


631, 633, 635, and 637 Broadway, New York. 


Should use my P» 0< Deters nnd other Stamps. 

They never need oleaainff , and yon oaanot wear 
them out. Bvery impression is perfeot. 

No pay until groods are received, and you 
see they are as represented. 


I would not do without your ttiHiipt now. I have given them 
a/atV trial. M. COAD Y, P. M., Fort Omaha, Neb. 

Tou ean't buy my stampa back for double their cost. 

N B. WHITTEN, P. M., Holderneaa, N. H. 

The Btamps exceed my expectations. 

8AM*L P. LARGE, P. M., Putnam, O. 
It works like a chnrm. P. M. DAYTON, Wash. Territoiy. 

Your P. O. Dater is a complete thing. 

H. H. PITRDY, P. M.. Arlinirton, Kansas. 
I Ifke the Dater very much. PlcK«e send me a M. O. B. Dater 
also. W. P. HUNT, P. M., Lewiston, Idaho. 

Your Stamps are the best I ever purchased or used. 

CHAS. H. FA8SETT, P. M., Clarkesville, Tex. 
I cannot praise them tno hiehlv. 

CALVIN FLE*CING. P. M., Allentown, HI. 
We think your Ofiicial Note Heads a rery necessary article in 
our office. L. CHRI8TESON, P. M., Mi)flin, Pa. 

Send 8- cent stamp for circular of the aboye goods, and 
samples of my latest styles of Note Ileadingfi for Post Oifice 
use. Also samples of Letter Heads, Bill Heads, State- 
ments, and Advertising Envelopes for business purposes. 

£. S. MILLER, Stamp and Printing House, Newark, 


In tM Numbers, oi superior 
English make, suited to every style 
of writing. A sample of each, for 
trial, by mail, on receipt of US rts. 

Ask your Stationer foi 
the Speneerlan Pens* 

iTlson. Blalemai, Taylor k Co. 






An Alphabetical List of Post Offices in the United States, 

with County, State, and Salary; Money-Order Offices, 

Domestic and International ; Chief Regulations 

of the Post Office Department ; InstruC' 

tions to the Public ; Foreign and 

Donuslic Postage Tables, 





Kebiftcli anil ^titUsf)?)) ifguartrtls, 



No. 20. -JULY, 1879. 



Oap;ilghC, 1ST>| bj IIoDaBTon, Omoob Jt C>. 



In addressing eominanications to the Department, care most be exercised tfiat they bear the address of the 
officer in charge of the boxeau to which the business relates. Never address to a clerk in charge of a dirision. 
▲Toid writing upon more than one subject in the same letter. 

Obserre the following examples : — 

Belatiye to an appointment in the postal serriee, or the establishment of a post ofllce, or question of postal law, 
ar a postmaster^s bond. Address Hon. Jamks N. Ttnbk, First Assistant Postmaster Ctoneral. 

BelatiTe to a mail route. Address Hon. Thos. J. Bradt, Second Assistant Postmaster General. 

Relatire to distribution and dispatch of mails. Address " Superintendent Bailway Mail Service." 

Belative to letters returned to the Dead Letter Office. Address Hon. A. D. Hazkn , Third Assistant Postmaster 
Qeneral, Division of Dead Letters. 

An order for '* postage stamps," eto. Same address except to substitute " Division of Postage Stamps," etc., in 
place of Division of De«d Letters. 

An order for blanks should be addr es s e d to the Superintendent Blank Agency. Add to the address the words 
*' Order for blanks." 

Write the name of your post offloe, county, and State, at the head of your letter, and properly date It. 


Postmaster General, DAVID M. KEY, Tenn. 

Chief Clerk, W. A. Knapp, Ohio. 

Private Secretary, T. B. Kirbt, Conn. 

Appointment Clerk, James A. Yose, Maine. 

Superintendent and Disbursing Clerk, J. O. P. Bubnsidk, 111. 

Chief Special Agent, David B. Parker, N. Y. 

Topographer, W. L. Nicholson, D. C. 

Chief Division Special Agents and Mail Depredation, Charles Coghrax, Md. 

The duties of this office are under the immediate supervision of the Chief Clerk of the 
Department, and relate to the miscellaneous correspondence of the Department not spe- 
cially connected with its other offices; the appointment of Department employees; the re- 
cording of orders promulgated by the Postmaster General; the fixing of rates for the 
transmission of government telegrams; the supervision of the advertising, and manage- 
ment of the general work of the Department not otherwise assigned. To it is attached 
the office of the Topographer, charged with the duty of keeping up the maps in constant 
ase in the Department proper, with the preparation and publication of new and revised 
post-route maps, with supplying maps to all branches of the postal service, and with fur- 
nishing information for the settlement of all governmental mileage and telegraph ac- 
counts; the office of the Superintendent and Disbursing Clerk, to which is assigned the 
supervision of all repairs, the care of the public property in and the furnishing of the De- 
partm^tal building, and the disbursement of the salaries of the officers and employees of 
the Department; the office of Chief of Special Agents, to which are referred all cases of 
losses or irregularities in the mails, and all reported violations of the postal law; and the 
Division of Special Agents and Mail Depredations, to which are referred all accounts of 
special agents for salary, per diem, and allowance. 

4 United States Official Postal Guide. 


First Assistant Postmaster General, James N. Ttner, Ind. 

Chief Clerk, James H. Mark, Sr., Md. 

Superintendent Blank Agency, D. W. Rhodes, Ohio. 

Division of Free Delivery — Superintendent, Revere W. Gurlet, La. 

Principal Clerk Appointments, Edwin C. Fowler, Md. 

Principal Clerk Bonds and Commissions, Chauncet Smith, Vt. 

Principal Clerk Salaries and Allowances, A. S. Ltnch, D. C. 

Principal Clerk Correspondence, Thomas E. Roach, Del. 

To this office is assigned the duty of preparing all cases for the establishment, discon- 
tinuance, and change of name or site of post offices, and for the appointment of all post- 
masters, and employees of the railway mail service, and all correspondence incident 
thereto; the duty of readjusting the salaries of jwstmasters, and the consideration of al- 
lowances for rent, fuel, and lights, clerk hire, and miscellaneous expenditizres; of receiving 
and recording appointments, of receiving, entering, apd filing bonds and oaths of post- 
masters and issuing their commissions. This office is also charged with the correspond- 
ence with postmasters and the public upon questions relating to the character and classi- 
fication of mail-matter and the rates of postage thereon under the direct supervision of 
the Law Clerk of the Department. To it is attached the Division of Free Delivery, 
having in charge the preparation of cases for the inauguration of the system in cities, the 
appointment of letter-carriers, and the regulation of allowances for incidental expenses, 
as well as the general supervision of the free-delivery system thronghoat the United 
States; and also the Blank Agency, to which is assigned the duty of supplying the of- 
fices entitled thereto with blanks, wrapping-paper, and twine, letter balances, and can- 
celing stamps, and the Department with stationery. 


Second Assistant Postmaster General, Thomas' J. Brady, Ind. 

Chief Clerk, John L. French, Ohio. 

Superintendent Railway Adjustments, Isaac C. Slater, Ya. 

Diinsion of Inspection — Chief, Samuel M. Lake, 111. 

Division of Matt Equipments — Principal Clerk, Hknrt L. Johnson, D. C. 

To this office is isissigned the business of arranging the mail service of the United States 
and placing the same under contract, embracing all correspondence and proceedings re- 
specting the frequency of trips, mode of conveyance, and times of departures and arri- 
vals on all the foutes; the course of the mails between the different sections of the coun- 
try, the points of mail distribution, and the regulations for the government of the domestic 
mail service of the United States. It prepares the advertisements for mail proposals, 
receives the bids and has charge of the annual and miscellaneous mail lettings, and the 
adjustment and execution of the contracts. All applications for mail service or change 
of mail arrangements and for mail messeno^ers should be sent to this office. All claims 
should be submitted to it for transportation service. From this office all postmasters at 
the end of routes receive the statement of mail arrangements prescribed for the respec- 
tive routes. It reports weekly to the Auditor all contracts executed and all orders affect- 

Organization of the Department. 5 

ing the accounts for mail transportation ; prepares the statistical exhibits of the mail serv- 
ice and the reports to Congress of the mail lettings, giving a statement of each bid; also, 
of the contracts made, the new service originated, the curtailments ordered, and the ad- 
ditional allowances granted within the year. The rates of pay for the transportation of 
the mails on railroad routes, according to the amount and character of the service, are 
adjusted by this office. It also directs the weighing of the mails on the same, and au- 
thorizes new service on railroad routes. The procuring and issue of mail locks and keys, 
mail catchers, and mail bags is also in charge of this office. To it is attached the Di- 
vision of Inspection, to which is assigned the duty of receiving and inspecting the 
monthly registers of arrivals and departures, reporting the performance of mail service ; 
also special reports of failures or delinquencies on the part of mail contractors or their 
agents, and of noting such failures or delinquencies, and preparing cases of fines or de- 
ductions by reason thereof; of conducting the correspondence growing out of reports of 
failures or delinquencies in the transportation of the mails; of reporting to the Auditor 
of the Treasury for the Post Office Department, at the close of each quarter, by cer- 
tificate of inspection, the fact of performance or non-performance of contract or recog- 
nized mail service, noting therein such fine or deduction as may have been ordered ; of 
authorizing the payment of all employees of the railway mail service; also the payment 
of such acting employees as may be employed by this office through the Superintendent 
of Railway Mail Service in cases of emergency, and of authorizing the Auditor to 
credit postmasters with sums paid by them for such temporary service ; and such other 
duties as may be necessary to secure a faithful performance of the mail service. All 
complaints against mail contractors or their agents, relating to failures or other irregu- 
larities in the transportation of the mails, whether made by postmasters or others, should 
be promptly forwarded to the Second Assistant Postmaster General,- marked ** Di- 
vision of Inspection." 


Third Assistant Postmaster General^ Abraham D. Hazen, Pa. 
Chief Clerky William M. Morton, N. Y. 
Division of Postage Stamps, Chiefs Madison Davis, D. C. 
Division of Dead Letters — Chief E. J. Dallas, Kans. 
Principal Clerk — Finance, Hannibal D. Norton, N. Y. 
Principal Clerk — in charge of Registration, S. R. Strattan, Pa. 
Principal Clerk — of Files, Mails, etc, E. S. Hall, D. C. 
Postage Stamp Agent, H. Clay Hopkins, New York City. 
Postal Card Agent, George N. Tynkr, New York City. 
Stamped Envelope Agent, Henry T. Sperry, Hartford, Conn. 

This office is charged with the duty of issuing drafts and warrants in payment of bal- 
ances reported by the Auditor to be due to mail contractors or other persons ; the super- 
intendence of the collection of revenue at depository, draft, and depositing post offices, 
and the accounts between the Department and Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers and 
specially designated depositories of the United States. It receives all accounts, monthly 
or quarterly, of the depository or draft post offices, and certificates of deposit from deposit- 
ing post offices. This office is also charged with the duty of preparing instructions for 

6 United States Official Postal Guide. 

the guidance of poBtmasters respecting registered matter, and all correspondence con- 
nected with the Registry System of the United States. To it is attached the Diyision 
of Postage Stamps and Stamped Envelopes and Postal Cards, having charge of the issuing 
of postage stamps, stamped envelopes, newspaper wrappers, and postal cards, and the 
supplying of postmasters with envelopes for their official use, and registered package 
envelopes and seals; the Division of Dead Letters (so designated in the law hut more 
properly called the Return Letter Office), having assigned to it the examination and re- 
turn to the writers of undelivered letters, and all correspondence relating thereto. The 
agencies having the supervision of the manufacture of postage stamps, stamped en- 
velopes, and postal cards are also under the direction of this office. 


Superintendent^ Charles F. Macdonald, Mass. 
Chief Clerk, David Haynes, Pa. 

The general supervision and control of the postal money-order system throughout the 
United States and the superintendence of the international money-order correspondence 
with foreign countries is exercised by this office. 


Superintendent, Joseph H. Blackfan, N. J. 
Chief Clerk, James S. Crawford, Md. 

To this office are assigned all foreign postal arrangements and correspondence con- 
nected with the foreign mail service and the supervision of thevocean mail- steamship serv- 


General Superintendent ^ Wm. B. Thompson, Mich. 
Assistant Superintendent, John Jameson, D. C. 
Assistant Superintendent, E. W. Alexander, 111. 

FIRST DIVISION — Comprising the New England States. 

Thomas P. Cheney, Superintendent, Boston, Mass. 


SECOND DIVISION — Comprising New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Dela- 
ware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 
R. C. Jackson, Superintendent, New York, N. Y. 

THIRD DIVISION — Comprising Maryland (excluding the eastern shore); Vir- 
ginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and the District 
OF Columbia. 
M. V. Bailey, Superintendent^ Richmond Va. 

FOURTH DIVISION — Comprising South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, 

Mississippi, and Louisiana. 
L. M. Terrell, Superintendent, Atlanta, Ga. 

FIFTH DIVISION — Comprising Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. 

C. Jay French, Superintendent, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

SIXTH DIVISION — Comprising Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, 

AND Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the Territories 
OF Dakota and Wyoming. 
James- E. White, Superintendent^ Chicago, III. 

Orffanization of the Department. T 

SETSNTH DIVISION ^—CoxPBisiNO Mibsoubt, Kansas, Arkansas, Trxas, CoLORiLDO, 


W. L. Hunt, Superintendent, St. Louis, Mo. 

EIGHTH DIVISION — Compsisin«^ California, Nevada, Oregon, and the Territo- 
ries OF Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wash- 


H. J. McKusiCK, Superintendent, San Francisco, Cal. 

NINTH DIVISION — Comprisino the Through Mails via Buffalo, Susfbnsion 

Bridge, Toledo, and Detroit; the lines of the Lake 
Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad and the Lower 
Peninsula of MichigH^. 
W. 6. LovELL, Superintendent, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Rat p. Eaton, Assistant Superintendent, Washington, D. C, attached to the office of the 

Second A&sistant Postmaster General. 

Daniel B. Ainger, Assistant Superintendent, attached to the office of the Third Assist- 
ant Postmaster General, Division of Registration. 

M. J. Waldron, Assistant Snpertntendent, Memphis, Tenn., attached to the office of the 

General Superintendent, and specially assigned to duty in charge of 
the mail service on the Mis.>isMppi River, south of the Missouri state 
line, and all rivers west of the Mississippi, and sonth of the point 
above named that form a junction with the Mississippi River. 

To this office are intrusted the distribution and dispatch of mails on all railroads ftnd 
inland steamboat mail lines, the management of the postal-car service, and the general 
direction of the mail service on railroads and inland steamboats after that service has 
been contracted for or recognized under the law by the Postmaster Greneral, and the gen« 
eral direction of the distribution and dispatch of mails from all post offices. 



Auditor^ J. M. McGrew, Ohio. 

Deputy^ F. B. Lillby, N. Y. 

Disbursing Clerk, Zabina Ellis, N. Y. 

Collecting Ditnsion — Chief, E. J. Evans, Va. 

StcUing Division — Chief W, H. Gunnison, Md. 

Examining Division — Chief, B. Lippincott, Penn. 

Money- Order Dieision — Chief JoHK Lynch, Ind. 

Foreign Mail Division — '"/t/e/, Robert S. Widdicombe, Md. 

Registering Division — Chief Joseph B. Will, Ohio. 

Pay Division — Chief Robert F. Crowell, Minn. 

Bookkeeping Division — Chief James T. Smith, 111. 

This is a bureau of the Treasury, which for convenience is located in the General Post 
Office building, to which is assigned the duty of auditing the accounts of the Post Office 
Department, including those of postmasters, mail contractors, and other agents or em- 
ployees of the Department. 



Assistant Attorney General, A. A. Freeman, Tenn. 
Law Clerk, A. H. Bissell, Conn. 

To this office are referred, when deemed advisable by the Postmaster General and the 


United States Official Postal Ghiide. 

heads of the aeveral offices of the Department, questions concerning the construction of 

the laws and regulations which may arise in the administration of the business of tlie 




Adams, Charlks, Denrer, Col. 
Babbitt, G. B., Philadelphia, Fa. 
$Bbabss, Albbbt C, Chicago, 111. 
BiGELOW, Qso. H., Burlington, Vt. 
BiGKLOW, W. H., Augusta, Me. 
Booth, Hjbnbt, Atlanta, Ga. 
Boyd, Edwabd E., St. Louis, Mo. 
Bdbbank, Jmo. a., Atlanta, Gl. 

Cam CRON, BEEW8TBR, St. Louis, Mo. 

Camp, B. H., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Chahbbrlin, G. B., Atlanta, Ga. 
Chambers, H. A., St. Louis. Mo. 
$Child, S. p.. Blue Earth City, Minn. 
Cox, Waltbr T., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
tCBOWELL, J. M., Atchison, Kan. 
tEDGARTon, W. P., Little Bock, Ark. 
fiBLD, Chas., Boston, Mass. 
Foster, Amos P., Austin, Tex. 
Fbey, Jooir, Atlanta, Ga. 
FuRAT, J. B., Omaha, Nebr. 
Galbrbatu, Jno, a , St. Louis, Mo. 
*Hbkdbrson, W. T., Baltimore, Md. 

Hbnrt, C. E., ClereUmd, Ohio. 
tKANAN, M. F., Decatur, 111. 
MoDanolds, I., Elmira, N. T. 
Mahonbt. J. H., San Francisco, Cal. 
MiNNis, J. B., Knozrille, Tenn. 
Bbdmond, W. B., Atlanta, Ga. 
tSoHAURTB, F. W., St. Louis, Mo. 
iSBYBOLT, Gbo. L., Omaha, Nebr. 
Shallcross, Thos. p., Wasmngton, D, C. 
Sharp, A. G., San Francisco, Cal. 
Sharrbtts, B. K.., New York, N. T. 
Small, Wm., St. Louis, Mo. 
Smith, Wm. £., Austin, Tex. 
tSPURUNO, A. B., Chicago, 111. 
Steel, George A., Portland, Oreg. 
^Stuart, J. E., Chicago, 111. 
*Tidball, Z. L., Washington, D. C. 
Walxbr, Jos., Austin, Tex. 
White, Geo. W., Chicago, 111. 
(Wilder, Jambs L., Oshkosh, Wis. 
iWxLDMAN, Jas. a., Indianapolis, Ind. 
t Williams, Bradbury, St. Louis, Mo. 


Bbard, J. S., Bloomington, III. 
Brown, Sam'l D., LouisTille, Ky. 
^Harrison, M. La Bub, Washington, D. C. 
Hats, Jos. C, MeadTille, Pa. 

Long, Thos. B., Salisbury, N. C. 
SiMMES, B. B., New Orleans, La. 
TRACBfY, Thro. F., San Fruiciseo, Gal. 

Smith, Sam-l, Brooklyn, N. Y. | Wilson, Sam*l A., Baltimore, Md. 

AH cases of mail depredation, or violation of law by private expresses, or by the 
forging or illegal use of postage stamps, and all losses or irregularities in the mails, 
should be reported to the Chief Special .Agent, David B. Parker, Washington, D. C. ; 
and in addition to the report to the Chief Special Agent, a report should be made, in 
cases occurring in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Northern and Central 
Illinois, and Dakota, to Special Agent J. E. Stuart, Chicago, 111.; in cases occurring in 
Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Indian Territory, Southern Illinois, and western counties of 
Tennessee and Kentucky, to Special Agent F. W. Schaurte, St. Louis, Mo. ; in cases oc- 
curring in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, to Special Agent 
John Frey, Atlanta, Qa., and in cases occurring in Texas, to Special Agent Amos P. 
Foster, Austin, Texas. 

* Headquarters, Washington, D. 

t Headquarters, St. Louis, Mo. 

t Headquarters, Chicago, HI. 


1. Mail all letters, etc., as early as practicable, especially when sent in large numbers, 
as is frequently the case with newspapers an^ circulars. The trouble of the post office is 
much diminished if letters, when mailed in large numbers, are tied in bundles, with the 
addresses all in one direction. 

2. Make the address legible and complete, giving the name of the post office, county, 
and State. The name of the street and number of the house should also be given on 
letters addressed to cities where letter-carriers are employed ; while the letter will event- 
ually reach its destination without a number, the omission is often a cause of hesitation 
and delay. Iii the case of letters for places in foreign countries, the name of the country 
.as well as the post office should be given in full. Letters addressed, for instance, merely 
to *' London," without adding ** England,'* are frequently sent to London, Canada, and 
vice verstty thereby causing delay, and oflen serious loss. 

3. Publishers and news-agents posting second-class matter in quantities will facilitate 
its distribution, and often hasten its dispatch* by separating such matter by States and 
Territories and the larger cities. 

4. Avoid using, as much as possible, cheap envelopes, made of thin paper, especially 
where more than one sheet of paper, or any other article than paper, is inclosed. Being 
often handled, and even in the mail -bags subject to pressure, such envelopes not uufre- 
quently split open, often giving cause of complaint against officials who are entirely inno- 
cent in the matter. 

5. Never send money or any other article of value through the mail, except either by 
means of a money-order or in a registered letter. Any person who sends money or jew- 
elry in an unregistered letter not only runs a risk of losing his property, but exposes to 
temptation every one through whose hands his letter passes, and may be the means of 
nltimately bringing some clerk or letter-carrier to ruin. 

6. Provide, in citit^s where letter-carriers are employed, letter-boxes at places of business 
or private residences, thereby saving much delay in the delivery of mail- matter. 

7. When dropping a letter, newspaper, etc., into a street mailing-box, or into the re- 
ceptacle at a post office, always see that the packet falls into the box and does not stick 
in its passage ; observe, also, as a finality, whether tlie postage stamps remain securely in 
their places. 

8. Mail-matter deposited in any receptacle erected by the Post Office Department^ such 
as street mailing-boxes for the reception of mail-matter to be collected by letter-carriers, or 
boxes in railroad depots for the reception of matter to be collected by railway mail serv- 
ice employees, cannot ^e reclaimed by any one under any circumstances. On all such 

receptacles erected in raiboad de|)ots a notice should be affixed that the same is not in- 


10 United States Official Postal Ghuide, 

tended for the reception of matter for city delivery. Persons depositing letters therein, in- 
tended for city delivery, do so at their own risk, and cannot reclaim them except through 
the Dead Letter Office. 

9. See that every letter contains the fuU name and post office address of the writer, with 
county and State y in order to secure the return of the letter, if the j>erson to whom it is 
directed cannot be found, A much larger portion of the undelivered letters could be 
returned if the names and addresses of the senders were always either fully and plainly 
written inside or embossed on the envelopes. Persons who have large correspondence 
find it most convenient to use <* special request envelopes," but those who only mail an 
occasional letter can avoid much trouble by writing'^ request to " return if not delivered," 
etc. , on the envelope. 

10. Postage stamps should be placed on the upper right-hand corner of the address 
side of all mail-matter. 

11. Postmasters are not obliged to accept in payment of postage stamps or stamped en- 
velopes, wrappers, etc., any currency which may be so mutilated as to be uncurrent, or 
the genuineness of which cannot be clearly ascertained. They are not obliged to receive 
more than twenty- five cents in copper or nickel coins. They are not obliged to affix 
stamps to letters, nor are they obliged to make change except as a matter of courtesy 
Neither should they give credit for postage. 

12. In using postal cards, be careful not to write or 'have anything printed on the side 
to be used for the address, except the address ; also be careful not to paste, gum, or attach 
anything to them, lliey are unmailable as postal cards when these suggestions are disre- 
garded. Under section 15, Act July 12, 1876, an address may be affixed to postal cards. 

13. To insure a letter being: forwarded in the mails, it must have not less than three 
cents in postage stamps affixed. The word ** Paid " indorsed on a letter is not regarded 
at the post office of delivery; letters so marked, and not having any stamp affixed, are 
treated as unpaid. 

1 4. A postmaster has no discretionary power for the remission of penalties or over- 
charges on mail-matter. Under special circumstances cases will undoubtedly occur in 
which the strict observance of a general rule may inflict more or less injustice upon indi< 
viduals. In such cases the postmaster should advise the party to appeal directly to the 
First Assistant Postmaster Greneral, he himself keeping, if possible, a record of the facts, 
so that he may verify or disprove the statement of the party appealing. The mail-matter 
upon which the appeal may be taken should remain in the possession of the post office 
until after the decision of the First Assistant Postmaster Greneral, though circumstances 
may present themselves where the matter should be delivered pending a decision. 

15. Letters cannot be carried out of the mail except in postage- stamped envolopes. 
There is no objection to a person who is not acting as a common carrier carr^'ing a sealed 
letter, whether in a stamped envelope or not ; but to continue the practice, or receive 
money for so doing, would subject the party to a penalty of one hundred and fifty dol- 
lars. Newspapers, magazines, and periodicals may be carried out of the mail for sale or 
distribution to subscribers, but if they are put into a post office for delivery the postage 
must be paid thereon. 

16. The delivering of letters is not controlled by any statutory provision, but by the 
rules and regulations of the Post Office Department; and the object of the Department is 
to insure and facilitate such delivery to the person for whom they arc intended. lu the 

Suffffestions to the Public, 11 

ca^e of money-orders and registered letters, the parties applying for them, if not known, 
shoald be required to prove their identity in the same manner as in banking institu- 
tions, where parties presenting drafts, checks, etc., who are not known, are required to 
proTe their identity. In the case of advertised letters, parties applying should be ques- 
tioDed as to the place or places from whence they may be expecting correspondence. In 
tlie general delivery of a post office, the postmaster should exercise a sound discretion in 
the delivery of letters to persons claiming to be the persons named in the address, and 
wlio may not be known to him. 

17. Letters addressed to persons temporarily sojourning in a city where the Free De- 
livery System is in operation, should be marked '^ transient,*' Post Restante, or General 
Delivery, if not addressed to a street and number or some other designated place of de- 

18. Hotel matter mast be returned to the post office as soon as it is evident that it will 
not be claimed. 

19. Proprietors of hotels, officers of clubs and of boards of trade or exchanges, should 
not hold unclaimed letters longer than ten days, except at the request of the person ad- 
dressed. When such letters are returned to the post office they should be redirected for 
forwarding, and in the absence of more definite information as to where the person ad- 
dressed may be found, the new address may be taken from the hotel register. 

20. A subscriber to a newspaper or periodical who changes his residence and post office 
shoald at once notify the publisher and have the publication sent to his new address. 

21. First-class matter upon which one full rate of postage has been prepaid and all 
other f ally prepaid matter may be forwarded from one post office to another at the request 
of the party addressed; but matter of the second, third,' and fourth classes can only be re- 
turned to the sender when the postmaster at the post office of its destination is furnished 
with return postage. A request may be written or printed upon such matter that the post- 
master will notify the sender of non-delivery and of the amount of postage which must be 
forwarded to insure its return. A request to return such matter cannot be regarded. 

22. All inquiries, whether from postmasters or the public, relative to lost or missing 
mail-matter of every description, both foreign and domestic, ordinary and registered, 
should be addressed to the Chief Special Agent, Post Office Department, Washington, 
D. C, to whom all losses or irregularities should be reported as soon as knowledge is had 
of their occurrence. 

23. All inquiries or communications relative to mail-matter which is known to have 
been sent to the Dead Letter Office should be addressed to the Third Assistant Post- 
master General. 

24. In both cases the letter of inquiry must state to whom and what post office the arti- 
cle was addressed, and give the name and full address of the writer or sender, the date 
and place of mailing, and a brief description of the contents. If it is known when the 
missing matter was sent to the Dead Letter Office, the date and the reason should be 
given. If registered, the number should also be furnished. 

25. If all losses are promptly reported it will be the means of correcting irregularities, 
and the intcn'ests of the public, as well as the efficiency of the postal service, will be en- 
hanced in a most important degree. 

26. Packages of third and fourth class matter, except single books, may weigh not ex- 
ceeding four pounds. 

12 United States Official Posted Guide. 

. 27. Packages of mutilated currency addressed to the Treasurer of the United States for 
redemption may he registered free of charge for registry, but the postage thereon must 
be prepaid at letter rates. # 

- 28. It is much to be desired that the management of newly completed lines of railroad 
should consult the Post Office Department in regard to the names of stations ; if the 
names of station's in all cases correspond with those of the poet offices in whose delivery 
they are, much confusion and annoyance will be saved to the Department and the public. 


The following are the rates of postage chargeable on domestic mail-matter of the 
different classes : — > 

The mode of computing the rates upon inland letters (t. e. letters from one office 
within the United States or Territories to another), is as follows, to wit: Single rate if 
not exceeding half an ounce; double rate if exceeding half an ounce, but not exceeding 
an ounce; treble rate if exceeding an ounce, but not exceeding an ounce and a half; 
and so on, charging an additional rate for every additional half ounce or fraction of half 
an ounce. 

A single rate of three cents is uniformly established on domestic lettera. 

At the post office where letters brought by vessels or steamboats not employed in carry- 
ing the mail from any domestic or foreign port are deposited, they will be charged with 
double rates of postage, to be collected at the office of delivery — that is to say, six cents 
for the single weight if mailed, and four cents the single weight if delivered at the office; 
but if such letter has been prepaid by United States stamps at such double rate of post- 
age, no additional charge will be made. If only partly prepaid by stamps, the unpaid 
balance will be charged and collected on delivery. 

If such letter is addressed to any point in a foreign country no fee will be allowed 
thereon by the postmaster to the carrier. . 


Matter which is in writing, or other matter containing a written inscription in the nat- 
ure of personal correspondence, and matter which is sealed against inspection, are alone 
by their nature and the intent of the law first-class matter, and subject to the postage 
rate of three oents for eaoh half ounce or fraction thereof. 

On local or drop letters, at offices where free delivery by carriers is established, two 
cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof. 

On local or drop letters, at offices where free delivery by carriers is not established, 
one cent for each half ounce or fraction thereof. 


Mailable matter of the second class embraces all newspapers and other periodical pub- 
lications which are issued at stated intervals, and as frequently as four times a year, and 
are within the following conditions : — 

First. It must regularly be issued at stated intervals, as frequently as four times a 
year, and bear a date of issue, and be numbered consecutively. 

Second. It must be issued from a known office of publication. 

14 United States Official Postal Ghuide, 

Third. It must be formed of printed paper sheets, without board, cloth, leather, or 
other substantial binding, such as distinguish printed books for preservation from periodi- 
cal publications. 

Fourth. It must be originated and published for the dissemination of information of a 
public character, or devoted to literature, the sciences, arts, or some special industr7, 
and having a legitimate list of subscribers : Provided, however, that nothing herein con- 
tained shall be so construed as to admit to the second-class rate regular publications de- 
signed primarily for advertising purposes, or for free circulation, or for circulation at 
nominal rates. 

Regular publications, designed primarily for advertising purposes, within the intend- 
ment of the preceding paragraph, are defined to be — 

First. Those owned and controlled by one or several individuals or business concerns, 
and conducted as an auxiliary, and essentially for the advancement of the main business 
or calling' of those who own or control them. 

Second. Those which, having no genuine or paid-up subscriptions, insert advertise- 
ments free, on the condition that the adveitiser will pay for any number of papers which 
are sent to persons whose names are given to the publisher. 

Third. Those which do advertising only, and whose columes are filled with long edito- 
rial puffs of firms or individuals who buy a certain number of copies for distribution. 

Fourth. Pamphlets containing market quotations, an<l the business cards of various 
business houses opposite the pages containing such quotations. 

Whenever a postmaster is in doubt as to the character of a publication offered for mail- 
ing at the second-class rate, he will submit a copy of the same to the First Assistant 
Postmaster General, and accompany it with a statement of such facts as he may be in 
possession of respecting its publication, and the reasons for his inability to decide as to 
its character. The First Assistant Postmaster General will also decide any appeal from 
the decision of a postmaster by publishers, whose publications have been excluded from 
the second class by the action of the postmaster. 

Publications of the second class, except as provided in the next paragraph, when sent 
by the publisher thereof, and from the office of publication, including sample copies or 
when sent 'from a news-agency to actual subscribers thereto, or to other news agents, shall 
be entitled to transmission through the mails at two cents a pound or fraction thereof, 
such postage to be prepaid, as now provided by law. 

Publications of the second class, one copy to each actual subscriber residing in the 
county where the same are printed, in whole or in part, and published, shall go free 
through the mails ; but the same shall not be delivered at letter-carrier offices, or di^ 
tributed by carriers, unless postage is paid thereon at the rate prescribed in the preced- 
ing paragraph: Prodded y that the rate of postage on newspapers (excepting weeklies), 
and periodicals not exceeding two ounces in weight, when the same are deposited in a 
letter-carrier office for delivery by its carriers, shall be uniform at one cent each ; peri- 
odicals weighing more than two ounces shall be subject, when delivered by such carriers^ 
to a postage of two cents each, and these rates shall be prepaid by stamps affixed. 

Periodical publications on their receipt at the office of mailing shall be weighed in bulk, 
and postage paid thereon by a special adhesive stamp to be devised and furnishedvby the 
Postmaster General, which shall be affixed to such matter, or to the sack containing the 
same, or upon a memorandum of such mailing, or otherwise as the Postmaster General 
may* from time to time, provide by regulations. 

Mates of PoBtuge on Domestic MaiUMatter, 15 

Fablishers and news-agents must tender their newspapers and periodicals intended to 
be sent tlirough the mails at the office of mailing, so that thej may be weighed in bulk. 
The postage thereon must then be prepaid, according to the weight of the matter to be 
mailed, hy special adhesive slampn knofon as ne^nspaper and periodical stamps^ which are 
furnished by the Department to postmasters for that purpose. Ordinary postage stamps 
cannot be used for such matter, nor can the newspaper and perio<Hcal stamps be used for 
any other purpose. After weighing the mail-matter thus received, and collecting the 
proper amount of postage thereon, the postmaster will give a receipt to the party mailing 
from a book of forms to be furnished by the Department. The stamps will then be af- 
fixed to the stub of the receipt, afid at once effeducdly canceled. The stub books are to 
be kept permanently in the post office, ready to be produced whenever demanded by the 
Department. The stamps attached thereto must never be removed, nor the books dis- 
pos^ed of otherwise than as directed by the Department 

Postmasters will also be required to render promptly at the close of each quarter, on 
blank forms furnished for the purpose, a statement of postage collected from each pub- 
lisher or news-agent during the quarter. 

The special adhesive stamps, or newspaper and periodical stamps, as they have been 
termed, will be charged to postmasters and accounted for in the same manner as ordi- 
nary postage stamps issued for sale to the public. 

The weights of the sacks usually employed for this purpose (transmitting newspapers 
and periodicals from the office of publication to the post office) have been ascertained, 
by actually weighing them, to be as follows: — 

Lbs. OS. 

No. 1, jute sack . • . • • •• .. 28 

No. 2, jute sack 2 

No. 1, cotton . . . .1 3 4 

No. 2, cotton 2 8 

Postmasters are authorized to deduct the weights of the sacks as fixed above. 


Mailable matter of the second class, deposited in a letter-carrier post office for local 
delivery, shall be delivered through boxes or the general delivery on prepayment of 
postage at the rate of two cents per pound, but when delivered by carriers the follow- 
ing rates must be prepaid by postage stamps affixed: On newspapers (except weeklies), 
one cent each, without regard to weight; on periodicals not exceeding two ounces in 
weight, one cent each; on periodicals exceeding two ounces in weight, two cents each. 
The rate on weekly newspapers of the second class, deposited by the publisher in a let- 
ter-carrier post office for local delivery, is two cents per pound, whether the same are 
delivered by carriers or through boxes or the general delivery. 

Second-class matter for city delivery, where the carrier system is established, should 
be separately made up at the office of publication, — that for delivery by the carriers of 
a post office being put in one package or bundle, — each article of mail-matter therein 
properly stamped, and that for delivery through the boxes of the post office by itself. 
If the separation is not made at the office of publication, each paper or perio<li(;al not 
properly stamped must be placed in the boxes or at the general delivery for delivery 

16 United States Cfficud Postal Chiide. 

Postmastei^s At other than letter-carrier post offices are obliged to receive and deliver 
local (free county) publicatioas from the boxes or general delivery of their offices free of 
posta^, provided the same are pn^rly dried, folded, and addressed* 

Sample copies of any publication cannot be mailed free in t)ie county; they must be 
prepaid at the rate of two cents per pound. Whether to be mailed in or out o£ the 
county, they should be put up in single wrappers, and each package addressed to a per- 
son or firm should be plainly marked, in printing or writing, sample copy. 

Mailable matter of the second class shall contain no writing, print, mark or sign 

thereon, or therein, in addition, to the original print, except as herein provided^ to wity 

the name and address of the person to whom the matter shall be sent, and index figures 

of subscription book, either written or printed, the printed title of the publication, the 

printed name and address of the publisher or sender of the same, and written or printed 

words or figures, or both, indicating the date on which the subscription to such matter 

will end. 


Mail-matter of the third class embraces books (printed and blank), transient newspa- 
pers and periodicals, circulars, and other matter wholly in print, proof-sheets and cor- 
rected proof-sheets and manuscript copy accompanying the same, prices current with prices 
filled out in writing, printed commercial papers filled out in writing (provided such writ- 
ing 18 not in the nature of personal correspondence), such as papers of legal procedure, 
deeds of all kinds, way-bills, bills of lading, invoices, insurance policies and the various 
documents of insurance companies, hand-bills, posters, chromo-lithographs, engravings, 
envelopes with printing thereon, heliotypes, lithographs, photographic and stereoscopic 
views with title written thereon, printed blanks, printed cards; and postage shall be 
paid thereon at the rate of one cent for each two ounces or f r-actional part thereof. 

Upon matter of the third class, or upon the wrapper inclosing the same, the sender 
may write his own name or address- thereon, with the word **.from '* above and preced- 
ing the same, and in either case may make simple marks intended to designate a word 
or passage of the text to which it is desired to call attention. There may be placed upon 
the cover or blank leaves of any book or of any printed matter of the third cla«8 a simple 
manuscript dedication or inscription that does not partake of the nature of a personal 

The ^* nature of a personal correspondence *' referred to in the preceding section can- 
not be ascribed to the following, viz: 1st. To the signature of the sender or to the des- 
ignation of his name, of his profession, of his rank, of the place of origin, and of the 
date of dispatch. 2d. To a dedication or mark of respect offered by the sender. 3d. To 
the figures or signs merely intended to mark the passage of a text, in order to call atten- 
tion to them. 4th. To the prices added upon the quotations or prices current, of ex- 
change or markets, or in a book. 5th. To printed commercial papers, filled out in 
writing, circulars, hand-bills, etc. 6th. To instructions or requests to postmasters to no- 
tify the sender in case of the non-delivery of matter, so that he may send postage for 
its return. 7di. Lastly, to annotations or corrections made upon proofs of printing or 
musical compositions, and relating to the text or to the execution of the work. 

All packages of matter of the third class must be so wrapped, widi open sides or ends, 
that their contents may be readily examined by postmasters. 

Third-class matter may be registered. See chapter on Registration. 

Ilate9 of Poitoffe on IhmeHie MaiUMatter. 17 

' The limit of weight of paekages is four poundd, exeept in caaes of single volumes of 
books in excess of said weight, and books and documents published or curculated by order 
of Congress, or official matter emanating from any of the Departments of the Govern- 
ment, or from the Smithsonian Institution. 


Mailable matter of the fourth class embraces blank cards, card-board and other flexible 
material, flexible patterns, letter envelopes and letter-paper without printing thereon, 
merchandise, models, ornamented paper, sample cards, samples of ores, metals, minerals, 
seeds, cuttings, bulbs, roots, scions, drawings, plans, designs, original paintings in oil or 
water colore, and any other matter not included in the first, second, or third classes, 
and which is not in its form or nature liable to destroy, deface, or otherwise damage the 
contents of the mail-bag, or harm the person of any one engaged in the postal service. 
Postage rate thereon, one oent_f(g. each ounce or fractional, partJhfiCfiat* 

Other articles of the fourth class which, unless properly secured, might destroy, de- 
face, or otherwise damage the contents of the mail-bag, or harm the person of any one 
eng^ed in the postal service, may be transmitted in the mails when they conform to the 
following conditions: 1st. They must be placed in a bag, box, or removable envelope 
made of paper, cloth, or parchment. 2d. Such bag, box, or envelope must again be 
placed in a box or tube made of metal or some hard wood, with sliding, clasp, or screw 
lid. 3d. In case of articles liable to break, the inside box, bag, or envelope must be sur- 
rounded by sawdust, cotton, or spongy substance. 4th. In case of sharp-pointed instru- 
ments, the points must be capped or encased, so that they may not by any means be 
liable to cut through their inclosure; and where they have blades, such blades must be 
bound with wire, ^o that they shall remain firmly attached to each other. 5th. The 
whole must be capable of easy inspection. Seeds, or other articles not prohibited, which 
are liable from their form or nature to loss or damage, unless specially protected, may 
be put up in sealed envelopes, provided such envelopes are made of material sufficiently 
transparent to show the contents clearly, without opening. 

Upon any package of matter of the fourth class the sender may write or print his own 
name and address, preceded by the word *^from," and there may also be written or 
printed the number and names of the articles inclosed ; and the sender thereof may write 
or print upon, or attach to any such articles, by tag or label, a mark, number, name, or 
letter, for purpose of identification. 
The limit of weight of packages is four pounds. 


The object of- the postal card is to facilitate letter correspondence and provide for the 
transmission through the mails, at a reduced rate of postage, of short communications, 
either printed or written in pencil or ink. They may, therefore, be used for orders, invi- 
tations, notices, receipts, acknowledgments, price-lists, and other requirements of busi- 
ness and social life ; and the matter desired to be conveyed may be either in writing or 
in print, or partially in both. 

In their treatment as mail-matter, they are to be regarded by postmasters the same as 
sealed letters, and not as printed matter, except that in no case will unclaimed cards he re- 
turned to the writers or sent to the Dead Letter Office. If not delivered within sixty days 


18 United States Official Postal Chuide, 

from the time of receipt, they will be burned by postmasters; but they may be forwarded 
at the request of the party named in the address, the same as letters. 

The postage of one cent each is paid by the stamp impressed on these cards, and no 
further payment is required. 

Postal cards are issued exclusively by the Department. Cards issued by private par- 
ties, which contain any written matter having the nature of personal correspondence, 
other than the address, cannot be passed through the mails at less than letter postage, 
as they are not ** postal cards *' within the meaning of the law. 

In using postal cards, be careful not to write or have anything printed on the side to 
be used for the address, except the address; also be careful nojt to paste, gum (except an 
address tag or label), or attach anything to them. They are unmailable as postal cards 
when these sua^c^estions are disrejscarded. 


Liquids, poisons, explosive and inflammable articles, fatty substances easily liquefi- 
able, live or dead animals (not stuffed), insects, and reptiles, fruits or vegetable matter, 
confectionery pastes or confections, and substances exhaling a bad odor; and erery letter 
upon the envelope of which, or postal card upon which, indecent, lewd, obscene, or las^ 
civious delineations, epithets, terms^ or language may be written or printed, and all mat- 
ter concerning lotteries, so-called gift concerts, or other similar enterprises offering 
prizes, or concerning schemes devised and intended to defraud the public, or for the pur- 
pose of obtaining money under false pretenses. 


The registry system is intended to secure to valuable mail-matter in its transmission 
through the mails the utmost security within the province of the Post Office Department. 

Postmasters are oblisced to register all mailable matter offered for reodstration, and 
should advise the public to register valuable mail-matter, so as to enable the Post Office 
Department to keep it under this strict supervision, which cannot be given to the trans- 
mission of ordinary mail-matter. 

First, third^ and fourth-class matter may be registered. First-class matter, or matter 
on which letter rates of postage have been paid, must always be sealed. Third-class 
matter and fourth-class matter must be unsealed, fully prepaid at the proper rates, and 
conform to all requirements. Ko matter excluded by law from the mails can be regis- 

Postmasters are not required to receive letters or other matter for registration on Sun- 
days or legal holidays./. 

The fee on any registered matter, domestic or foreign, is fixed at ten cents on each 
letter or parcel, to be affixed in stamps, in addition to the postage. Two or more letters 
or parcels addressed to, or intended for, the same person cannot be tied or otherwise 
fastened together and registered as one. 

Postmasters before receiving a letter for registration must require the sender to have it 
fully and legibly addressed; to have his or her name and address indorsed across the end; 
to have placed air its contents in a firmly sealed envelope; and affixed the necessary 
stamps to pay postage and fee. 

Postmasters before receiving third and fourth class matter for registration must require 
full address, indorsement, and prepayment of fee and postage, as stated in preceding 
paragraph, and further require that such matter shall be marked '* Third Class*' or 
" Fourth Class," as the case may be, and shall be so put up as to safely bear transporta- 
tion, and admit of an examination of contents, to ascertain that it is admissible to the 
mails as such matter. 

Postmasters and their employees are forbidden to address a registered package for the 
sender, to place contents therein, or to seal a letter, or affix stamps; this must in all cas«s 
be done by the sender ; but they must not fail to see that the stamps cover the full 
amount of postage and registry fee, as when registered matter is received at a post office 
for delivery not having the necessary stamps affixed to cover the postage and fee, it is 
not to be rated up for collection from the person addressed, but must be delivered with- 
out any charge. The postmaster receiving such package will report to the Third Assist- 
ant Postmaster General the additional amount of stamps which should have been affixed. 

20 United States Official Postal Cruide. 

and the same will be collected from the postmaster who received the package, or letter, for i^eg* 
istration and forwarded it without the necessary postage stamps affixed. In other words, 
under the new regulations the guilty postmaster and not the innocent party addressed, 
will suffer if registered matter is forwarded without the evidence of prepayment required 
by law. 

Postmasters must dispatch registered packages by the most secure route, and endeavor, 
especially when they have to be sent long distances, to have them reach a railway office 
or through registered pouch office as soon as possible, even though such registered pack- 
ages traverse a longer distance to destination than that taken by ordinary mail-matter; 
it being desirable that registered matter should be in the hands of responsible agents of 
the service, as far as practicable avoiding the exposure and handling necessitated by the 
frequent opening of pouches at way post offices. For list of through registered pouch- 
offices, see page 27. 

As soon as any registered matter has been delivered and the registry return receipt 
therefor has been properly signed, the receipt must be postmarked with date of delivery 
(which is also the mailing postmark), and sent by next mail, without cover of an en- 
velope, to the address of the sender, which is written on the registry return receipt. 

The registry bills and registry return receipts, after signature, require no postage 
thereon ; they are to be simply postmarked and mailed without delay. 

If, on the receipt of a registered letter or parcel, the person addressed is dead, it may 
be delivered to the legal representative of the deceased, who must be either the executor 
of the will or the administrator of the deceased, and who produces proof of the fact. In 
some States the residuary legatee named in a will is allowed, on giving bonds fdr the 
proper fulfillment and execution of its provisions, to become the executor. In any such 
case such person is, upon presentation of the necessary proof, to be considered the legal 
representative of the deceased. Registered matter addressed to persons who have been 
declared insane by competent authority should be treated as above; but in the absence 
of any legal representative, all such domestic registered matter must be returned to the 
mailing post office for delivery to the sender. 

A registered letter is not subject to attachment in the hands of a postmaster before its 
delivery, as the Department holds it in custodia legis for delivery to the person addressed, 
or to his or her order. A postmaster acting in virtue of his office, and refusing to deliver 
letters on a process issued by a state court, will readily be purged of any alleged con- 
tempt of such process; and in case of any conflict with the state law, he, acting in the . 
line of his duty, will have protection by the law which governs the transmission of regis- 
tered matter. 

After a registered letter has been transmitted from the mailing post office, it cannot 
be recalled by the sender, but must be sent to the destination named in its address. If 
not delivered it will be returned in accordance with section 876, P. L. & R. ed. 1879. Be- ^ 
fore dispatch a registered letter can only be reclaimed by writer under extraordinary cir- 
cumstances. He must give satisfactory reasons to the postmaster for such action, pro- 
duce a fac-simile of the envelope, fully identify himself, and return the registration re- 
ceipt indorsed with his name, which the postmaster will paste opposite the entry in the 

registration book, indorsing the entry ** Returned to writer by me, ,P. M.** The 

registered letter, before return, must be indorsed ** Withdrawn by writer from 

post office, P. M.* ' 

Registration of Domestic MaiUMatter. 21 

In case of addressee simply refusing to receive a registered letter or parcel, it must be 
retained the proper length of time before return. 

In case a domestic returned registered letter or parcel cannot be delivered to sender, 
it must be retained thirty days and be then forwarded (properly registered) to the Dead 
Letter Office, after due notice to sender by advertisement or otherwise. 

Should a registered letter or parcel be received addressed to a person who has re- 
moved, or who from any other cause wishes it forwarded to him at another post office 
or returned to writer, it may be so forwarded or returned, at his written request, with- 
out additional charge for postage or fee. In such cases' the postmaster must enter it on 
his delivery-book, and make in the record of registered matter received and delivered, 
in delivery column, a memorandum showing when and where forwarded. He must alter 
the address of the registered letter or parcel as to destination only, and indorse it '^ For- 
warded." It must then be entered in the registration book as if mailed at his post office 
counted as free in quarterly report registered matter, numbered anew, and forwarded in 
a registered package envelope, with a registry bill, accompanied by the original registry 
return receipt. The order for forwarding or returning must be filed as a voucher. 

When a postmaster is in doubt as to any requirements of the regulations of the registry 
system he must submit the matter in doubt to the Xhird Assistant Postmaster Greneral. 
Ignorance of iJie law or regulations will not be accepted as an excuse for their violation 
or for neglect of duty. 

Every case of missing registered packages, registered letters, or registered parcels must 
be reported without delay to the Chief Special Agent, Post Office Department, Washing- 
ton, D. C, giving full particulars, as also aU cases of alleged abstraction of contents of 
registered letters or parcels, and also to the other special agents, as mentioned in list of 
Special Agents in chapter on '* Organization^" 

Reffistrjf of Letters containing Currency for Redemption, — Under such regulations as 
the Postmaster General may prescribe, all postmasters. are authorized to register in the 
manner prescribed by law, but without paymei\t of any registration fee, all letters con- 
taining fractional or other currency of the United States, which shall be by them sent 
by mail to liie Treasurer of the United S.tates . for redemption ; and the postmaster at 
the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, shall register, in like manner, 
without charge, all letters containing new currency returned for currency redeemed, 
which shall be received by him from the Treasurer, in sealed packages, marked with the 
word ** register " over the official signature of the said Treasurer. (R. S. section 3932.) 
Special Instructions for Registering Currency. — Whenever letters containing currency 
for redemption are offered for registration, postmasters will be governed by the following 
instructions: — 

First. They must require the contents of every such letter to be exhibited to them, 
with a descriptive list of contents, giving an accurate and detailed description of the 
money to be remitted. In case of fractional currency, the number and denomination of 
pieces will be sufficient; but of currency of the denomination of one dollar and upward, 
the letter, number of series, and date of each note, as well as the denomination, must be 

Second. The list must be carefully examined and compared with the money to be re- 
mitted, and when found to be correct will be filed in the office, to be subject at all times 
to the inspection of proper agents of the Post Office Department. 


United States Official Postal Chiide. 

Third. The money must then be inclosed and the letter sealed in the presence of -the 
postmaster, who will then give the usual registry receipt therefor. 

Fourth. The letter must then be disposed of in the manner provided for other regis- 
tered letters; but, for the sake of further security, the postmaster must be ready to 
prove beyond question in every case, by a disinterested witness, that such letter was duly 
mailed in the mode prescribed for registered letters; otherwise, should the letter or pskck- 
age be lost he will be held responsible therefor. 



Bee " Special Instruciioiifl to Postmastets," page 30 

Sunbeam Pctblishino Co. 
Russell and Company 
Leavitt and Company 
H. A. Burtnett . 
Royal Manufacturing Co. 
Arizona Lottery . 
Edward A. Eggleston 
Kentucky Land Company 
Bristol Piano Cobipany 
Rev. Jos. T. Inman . 
Alison and Hearn 

!o. • • \ 

' ' ■ i 

• • • y 

New Bedford, Mass., April 18, 1879. 

New York City, April 22, 1879. 
. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 19, 1879. 

Prescott, Arizona, May 27, 1879. 
. Bossita, Colorado, May 28, 1879. 

Louisville, Ky., June 5, 1879. 
. New Bedford, Mass., June 11, 1879. 


New York City, June 21, 1879. 

Francis H. Hearn, surviT'ing partner ) 

Michel Goldwater • . . . Prescott, Arizona, June 21, 1879. 



Thb money-order system is intended to promote public convenience and to secure safety 
in the transfer through the mails of small sums of money. The principal means employed 
to attain safety consist in leaving out of the order the name of the payee or person for 
whom the money is intended. In this respect a money-order differs from an ordinary 
bank draft or check. An advice or notification, containing full particulars of the order, is 
transmitted without delay by the issuing postmaster to the postmaster at the office of 
payment. The latter is thus f urnii$hed, before the order itself is presented, with informa- 
tion which will enable him to prevent its payment to any person not entitled thereto, pro- 
vided the remitter complies with the regulation of the Department which prohibits him 
from sending the same information in a letter inclosed with his order. 

The following instructions are intended to secure payment of the order to the rightful 
party, and postmasters are required to enforce them rigidly in every respect^ so far as a 
due regard to public convenience will permit. After once paying a money-order, by 
whomsoever presented, the Post Office Department will not be liable to any further claim 
therefor. The public are therefore strictly cautioned : — 
To take all means to prevent the loss of a money-order. 

Never to send the order in the same letter with the information required on payment 

To be careful on taking out a money-order to state correctly the given name as well as 
the surname, of the person in whose favor it is to be drawn. 

To see that the name and address of the person taking out the money-order are cor- 
rectly made known to the person in whose favor it is drawn. 

Neglect of these instructions will risk the loss of money, besides leading to delay and 
trouble in obtaining payment. 
Under no circumstances can payment of an order be demanded on the day of its issue. 
The fees or charges for money- orders will be as follows: — 

On orders not exceeding $15 10 cents 

On orders over $15 and not exceeding $30 . . • • 15 cents 

** ** over $30 « « . « $40 20 cents 

" " over $40 " « *< $50 ... . 25 cents 

When a larger sum than fifty dollars is required, additional orders to make it up must 
be obtained. But postmasters are instructed to refuse to issue in one day, to the same 
remitter and in favor of the same payee, more than three money-orders payable at the 
same post office. The plain evasion of this rule by the substitution of a different remitter 
for every three orders issued in one day in favor of the same payee must not be tolerated 
by postmasters. 

The money-orders must be made out upon printed forms supplied by the Post Office 
Department, and no order will be valid or payable unless given upon one of such forms. 

24 Uhited States Official Postal Guide. 

Any person applying for a money-order will be required to state tbe particnlan npon. » 
form of application, which will be furnished to him for that purpose by the postmaster. 

If tbe purchaser of a money -order, from having made an error in stating the name o£ 
the olSce of payment, or for other reasons, desires to have ^ said mooey^order changed^ 
the issuing postmaster will repay the first order,, and issue another in lieu thereof, for 
which an additional fee must be charged and exacted as for a new transaction. 

Parties procuring money-orders should examine them carefully, to see that they ar« 
properly filled up and stamped. This caution will appear the more necessary when it is 
understood that any defect in this respect will throw difficulties in the way of payment. 

When a money-order is presented for payment at the office upon which it is drawn, the 
postmaster or authorized clerk will use all propeb means to assure himself that the 
applicant is (he person named and intended in the advice^ at is the indorsee of the latter ; 
and upon payment of the order care must be taken to obtain the signature of the payee 
(or of the person authorized by him to receive payment) to the receipt on the face of the 

When for any reason the payee of a money-order does not desire or is unable to pre- 
sent the same in person, he is legally empowered, by his written indorsement thereon, U% 
direct payment to be made to any other person; and it is the duty of the postmaster upon 
whom tbe order is drawn to pay the amount thereof to the person thus designated, pro- 
vided the postmaster is satisfied that such indorsement is genuine, and that the second 
party shall, if required, preve his idetiHty, and shall give correct information as to the 
name and address of the person who originally obtained the order. More than onb 


KOT PAYABLE. The Signature to the receipt on the face of the order should be that of 
the perton who presents and receives payment of the same. 

Any money -order office may repay an order issued by itself, provided the order is less 
than one year old, and does not har more than one indorsement ; but the repayment must 
be made to the person who obtained the order, except in special cases. The fee or charge 
will not in any case be refunded. 

When the remitter of a money-order desires to change the place of payment of the same, 
or when a mistake has been made in drawing an order, through error of the remitter, the 
issuing postmaster is authorized, with the above restrictions, to take back the first order, 
which he will repay, and issue another in lieu thereof, for which an additional fee must be 
charged and exacted as on a new. transaction. But should the mistake be made by the 
postmaster, he will be held responsible therefor, and must charge himself with the fee for 
issuing the new order. If the advice has gone forward to the post office upon which the 
original order was drawn, he will, by the first mail, dispatch a special notice, informing 
that office of the repayment of said order. ThQ special advice is not to be used instead of 
the proper accompanying advice of the new order, but is additional to it. Under no cir- 
cumstances must a postmaster issue a new order in lieu of another until the original order 
shall have been returned to him. 

When a money-order has been lost by either remitter or payee, a duplicate thereof will 
be issued by the Department, free. of charge to the owner of the oricrinal, provided he 
shall make application (stating ih% circumstances of the loss), to be forwarded by the 
Issuing or the paying postmaster, from the former of whom he must obtain and furnish a 
certificate that the original order had not been and would not be repaid, and also a simi* 
lar certificate from the latter that the same had not been and would not be paid. 

The Postal Mlmey^ Order Sytitem of ike United States. 25 

The issue of money-Kjfdert on credit is strictly prohibited, under ihe severest penalties, 
and no moneys will be received by a postmaster in payment for money-orders issued, 
except United States Treasury notes or the notes of the national banks; nor can orders be 
paid in any other currency than that herein described. Checks are not to be received 
nnder any circumstances for the issue of money-orders. 

A money-order may be issued for any amount from one cent up to Ji/ty dollars, inclusive; 
but fractional parts of a cent must not be introduced into any money-order or account. 
- The given names of both reinitter and payee must be entered in the advice in full when 
possible; and married women must be described by their own names, and not by those of 
then: husbands. Thus, the i^peliation '^ICrs. William Brown *^ is defective, as it does 
not accurately describe the payee, whose true name may be Mrs. Mary Brown. Both 
names and sums must be written so legibly as to efiEectually guard against errors. When 
the applicant is unable to state the initials of the given name or names of the payee, the 
postmaster must refuse to issue the order. A money-order should always be made paya- 
ble to one person or to one firm only, and not to either of two or more designated persons 
or firms. 

Where an order is presented for payment, tSie postmaster will first examine the docu- 
ment, to see tibat it is properly signed, stamped, etc.; he will then compare the date, 
nmnber, and amount with the advice or with the record thereof in the register of advices 
received, and satisfy himself, by questioning the applicant, and by such other means as 
may appear necessary, that the applicant is the person entitled to payment. Every person 
who presents a money <^order for payment skotdd be required to prove his identity to the post' 
master, unless the latter is soE^fied^ without obtaining such proofs that the applicant is the 
rightful owner of the order. Special caution should be exercised in the payment of orders 
issued in favor of women, or of soldiers or sailors. In the event of an order being paid to 
the wrong person through lack of necessary precaution on the part of the postmaster, he 
will be held accountable for such payment. Care should be taken that the signature of 
the payee be as full as the name given in the advice, and that it be in no way inconsistent 
therewiUi. If the payee be unable to write, he must sign the receipt by making his mark, 
to be witnessed in writing. The witness should sign his name, with his address, in the 
presence of the postmaster, and the latter will then certify the payment by adding his 
own initials. The witness should be known to the postmaster, but it is desirable (though 
not imperative) that he be not connected with the office. In no case should the postmasr 
. ter act as witaiess himself. It is not necessary that the witness should be personally ac- 
quainted with the payee. 

When an order is presented for which no advice has been received, one of the printed 
letters of inquiry for missing advices (Form No. 21) must at once be dispatched to the 
postmaster who issued the order. Under no circumstances whatever can an order be paid 
until the corresponding advice shall have been received. 

Postmasters are prohibited from paying a money-order to a second person without the 
written indorsement to such second person by the payee on the back of the order, unless 
the payee has, by a duly executed power of attorney, designated and appointed some per^ 
son to collect moneys due or to become due him, in which case the attorney should be re^- 
qoired, before payment is made him, to file at the office of payment a certified copy of 
luch power of attorney. When orders are paid upon an indorsement, the utmost caution 
iM2 be exercised^ and before paying them the postmaster must be satisfied that the sig* 

26 United State* Cffimal Pottei 

nature to the indorsement is genuine, and that the person presenting the order is the one 
named in the indorsement. The person presenting the oider should be required, if un- 
known to the postmaster, to prove his identity. The name of the indorsee to whom an 
order is paid should be entered in the column of <* Bemarks " in the ** register of advices 

After once paying a money-order, by whomsoever presented, provided the required in- 
formation has been given by the party who presented it, the Department will not hold 
itself liable to any further claim, but in case of improper payment of an order, will en- 
deavor to recover the amount for the owner. 

In case a money-order is lost in transmission, or otherwise, a duplicate will be issued hj 
the superintendent of the money*order system, on the receipt of the application therefor 
of either the remitter, the payee, or the indorsee of the original. Such application should 
be made on Form No. 7, and should be forwarded to the Department by the issuing or the 
paying postmaster. The duplicate can be made payable only to the payee, or, in case of 
indorsement, to the indorsee of the original, unless the written consent of the payee or in- 
dorsee to the repayment of the order, by duplicate, to the remitter, shall have been ob- 
tained by the latter, and duly filed in the Department. Such written consent must bear 
a certificate as to its genuineness from the postmaster on whom the original was drawn. 
VL the owner of the order (whether the payee or indorsee), or his legal representative^ 
cannot, after the lapse of a reasonable time, be found, the remitter should forward to the 
Department satisfactory evidence of that fact, if he desires repayment. A blank bond of 
indemnity, in a penal sum of double the amount of the lost money-order, will then be sent 
him, to be executed by himself and two sureties, and returned to the Department ; the 
condition of such bond being that if, after the issue and payment of a duplicate order to 
the remitter, any other person establishes a valid adverse claim to the original order, the 
amount so paid by duplicate shall be refunded to the Post OfiEice Department. Upon full 
compliance with the above requirements, the remitter thus situated will receive a duplicate 
of the lost order. 

A duplicate order can be drawn only on the issuing or the paying office of the original , 
order, and becomes invalid if it bear more than one indorsement. 

No fee is to be charged by a postmaster for the delivery of a duplicate issued in place 
of a lost or invalid order. The postmaster who receives from the Department a dupUcate 
payable by him must forthwith send notice to the payee of such duplicate to call for pay- 
ment. In paying a duplicate the postmaster is required to ascertain beyond a reasonable 
doubt the identity of the payee or indorsee thereof. 

Any order which is not presented for payment until after the expiration of one year 
from the date thereof, is declared '' invalid and not payable " by the fourth section of the 
act approved June 12, 1866*, and the postmaster to whom such order is presented must 
refuse payment of the same. In order to obtain payment of such invalid order, the holder 
will be required to forward the same, through the issuing or the paying postmaster, to the 
money-order office of the Post Office Department. (See Form No. 8a.) If the Depart- 
ment is satisfied that the order has not been paid, a duplicate will be issued made payable 
to the remitter, payee, o^ indorsee, as may be requested in the application, and the same 
wiH be sent to the postmaster for delivery or payment, as the case may be. 





Albany, N. Y. . . 

Atlanta, 6a. • • • 

Augusta, Me. . • 

Augusta, Ga. • . . 

Austin, Tex. • • • 

Baltimore, Md. . . 

Bangor, Me. • • • 

Boston, Mass. • • • 

Brooklyn, N. Y. . • 
Buffalo, N. Y. . . 

Burlington, Iowa 
Cedar Kapids, Iowa . 
Chattanoosa, Tenn.. 
Cliicago, VX, • m m 

Cincinnati, Ohio • • 

Cleveland, Ohio • . 

Davenport, Iowa . . 
Benison City, Texas 
Denver, Colo. . . # 
Detroit, Mich. . . . 
Dubuque, Iowa. . . 
Fort Worth, Tex. .. 
Galveston, Tex. . • 
Houston, Tex. . • 
Indianapolis, Ind. • 

Jackson, Tenn. • » 

'^Poucbet exchanged twice daily. 


* Boston, * New York, * Chicago, * Cleveland, * St. Louis, * Cin^ 
cinnat), and Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass. 

New York, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, and 

New Orleans. 
New York. 

* New York, * Richmond, and * Philadelphia. 
.♦Boston, and Portland. 

* New York, * Philadelphia, * Washington, New Orleans, * Chi- 
cago, Cincinnati, ♦ St. Louis, * Albany, * Buffalo, Au^sta, Me., 

* Indianapolis, * Bangor, * Cleveland, * Portland, * Pittsburgh, 

* Toledo, and * Richmond. 
fNew York. 

* Boston, New York, * Chicago, and Postal Card Agency, Hol- 
yoke, Mass. 

* Chicago, 111. 

* Chicago, III. 

New York, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. 

* Boston, * New York, * Philadelphia, Washington, San Francisco, 

* Cincinnati, St. Louis, Detroit, Quincy, Sacramento, St. Paul, 

* Burlington, Omaha, Ogden City, * Albany, * Buffalo, * Cleve- 
land, * Pittsburgli, * Cedar Rapids, * Davenport, * Dubuque, 

* Milwaukee, * Quincy, * Nashville, * Louisville, New Orleans, 

* Kansas City, Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass., and Denver. 
Boston, * New York, Philadelphia, Washington, * St. Louis, * Chi- 
cago, New Orleans, * Louisville, * Nashville, Atlanta, Chatta- 
nooga, * Albany, * Pittsburgh, Memphis, Jackson, Toledo, 

* Cleveland, and Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass. 

* New York, * Chicago, * Albany, * Boston, * St. Louis, * Cin- 
cinnati, and Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass. 


St. Louis. 

St. Louis and Chicago. 

Chicago and New York. • • ' 


Texarkana and St. Louis. 

New Orleans and Houston. 

St. Louis and Galveston. 

* New York, * Boston, * Philadelphia, and Postal Card Agency, 
Holyoke, Mass. 


t Pouches exchanged three times daily. 


United States Official Postal Ghaide. 

Jersey City, N. J. . 

Kansas City, Mo. . 

Little Rock, Ark. . 

Louisville, Ky. . . 

Lynchburgh, Va. . 

Memphis, Tenn. . . 

Milwaukee, Wis. . . 

Monroe, La. , . . 
Nashville, Tenn. 

New Orleans, La. • 

New York, N. Y. . 

Ogden City, Utah . 

Omaha, Nebr. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. . . 

Portland, Me. . . • 

Portland, Oreg. . • 

Postal Card Agency, 

Holyoke, Mass. . 

Quincy, 111. . . . 

Richmond, Va. • . 

Sacramento, Cal. 

St. Louis, Mo. . • 

St. Paul, Minn. . . 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Savannah, Ga. • . 
Texarkana, Ark. . . 
Toledo, Ohio . . . 

Washington, D. C. . 

Wilmington, N. Car. 
Yuma, Ariz. . • . 

* Pouches exchanged 

♦ New York. 

♦ St. Louis and * Chicago. 

St. Louis. ^ 

♦ Cincinnati, Atlanta, * Chicago, and * St. Louis* 
New York. 

Cincinnati and Texai^ana. 

♦ Chicago and St. Paul. 
New Oneans. 

♦ Cincinnati, Atlanta, * Chicago, and ♦ St. Louis. 

Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Cincinnati, St. 
Louis, Monroe, Washington, Chicago, and Atlanta. 

♦Boston, * Philadelphia, Washington, New Orleans, * Chicago, 
San Francisco, * St. Louis, * Cincinnati, Albany, Buffalo, I>e- 
troit, * Cleveland, * Indianapolis, * Pittsburgh, Portland, * Rich- 
mond, Savannah, Augusta, Ga., * Toledo, Ogden .City, Atlanta, 
Sacramento, Chattanooga, fBrocrfclyn, Lynchburgh, ♦Jersey- 
City, Wilmington, Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass., and 

New York, Chicago, Omaha, and Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, 
Mass. , . 

Chicago, St. Louis, and Ogden City, 

♦Boston, ♦New York, Washington, New .Orleans, ♦Chicago, 
Cincinnati, St. Louis, ♦ Pittsburgh, ♦ Indianapolis, Postal Card 
Agency, Holyoke, Masa., Richmond, and ♦ Baltimore. 

♦ New York, ♦ Philadelphia, ♦ Chicago, Washington, ♦ Cincinnati, 
♦ St. Louis, ♦ Boston, and Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass. 

New York, Bangor, and ♦Boston. . . 

San Francisco. 

New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Cincinnati, St. 
Louis, Albany, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Cleve* 
land, Ogden City, San Francisco, and Sacramento. 

♦ Chicago. 

♦ New York, Wa^ington, ♦ Boston, ♦ Philadelphia,^and ♦ Balti* 

Chicago, New York, and Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass. 

♦Boston, ♦New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, ♦ Cin- 
ciil^nati, New Orleans, Houston, ♦ Kansas City, Texarkana, Fort 
Worth, Denver, Denison City, OmaJia, Chattanooga, ♦Nash- 
ville, ♦ Pittsburg, ♦ Cleveland, ♦ Albany, Postal Card Agency, 
Holyoke, Mass., Little Rock, and ♦ Louisville. 

Chicago and Milwaukee. . . 

Chicago, New York, Portland, Oreg., Yuma, and Postal Card 
Agency, Holyoke, Mass. . . 

New York, 

St. Louis, Fort Worth, Austin, and Memphis^ 

♦ New York, Cincinnati, ♦ Boston, and Postal Card. Agency, Hol- 
yoke, Mass. 

♦ Boston, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Cin- 
cinnati, St. Louis, Atlanta, Wilmington, Richmond, Pittsburgh, 
and Postal Card Agency, Holyoke, Mass. . . 

Washington and New York. 
San Francisco. 

twice daily. f Pouches exchaoged thiee times dcUy. 



The BeeUon xeferMkoes are to the new Code of Lftwt and B^^lationB which are now being isened. 

1. All necessary blanks and post office supplies authorized by the law and regulations 
will be fornished to postmasters upon application to the First Assistant Postmaster Gen- 
eral (Blank Agency), unless specially instructed in the regulations to make application for 
certain blanks to another office. 

2. In addressing communications to the Department, never write on more than one sub- 
ject in a letter, and always address letters to the bureau having charge of the subject- 
matter, as indicated in section 26. Never address letters to the Postmaster General 
which are to be acted upon by a bureau officer. 

3. Postmasters at free-delivery post offices will be required to pay special attention to 
the requirements of section 845. When trial is made it should be done by card or other- 
wise, and the letter retained in thp post office subject to call at the general delivery. 

4. Postmasters at ** special post offices " (see section 76) must promptly notify the Sec- 
ond Assistant Postmaster General and the Superintendent of Railway Mail Service foil 
their division (see section 707) when they change the point of supply for their post offices, 

5. Postmasters and mail carriers are exempted by section 1629 of the Revised Statutes 
from militia duty. They are not exempt from jury and road duty, and must obey sum- 
mons thereto, leaving their post offices in charge of a competent assistant as prescribed 
by section 518. 

6. The new law and regulations for the classification of mail-matter differ radically 
from former laws and regulations, and must be carefully studied by postmasters. 

7. Matter which is in writing, or other matter containing a written inscription in the 
nature of a personal correspondence, and matter which is sealed against inspection, are 
alone, by their nature and the intent of the law, first-class matter. 

8. Second-class matter remains as defined by the former law, except that sample copies 
of second-class matter may now be sent at the pound rates, and that the postage is uni- 
form for all second-class publications at two cents per pound. 

9. Third-class matter includes all printed matter not embraced in the second class. 
Particular attention should be given to the definition of printed matter, section 219. Books 
and music are third-class matter, and so are unmounted chromos ; but chromos mounted 
on cloth or pasteboard are fourth-class matter. 

10. The new law admits of written inscriptions upon third-class matter not in the nat- 
ure of personal correspondence. See section 232. 

11. Postmasters should consider the presumption to be in favor of the admission of all 
unsealed printed matter subject to inspection at third-class rates, and should not rate it 
np on account of written inscriptions thereon unless the inscription is clearly in the nature 
of a personal eorrespondence. 

12. Fourth-class matter includes everything not included in the other three classes, 
which is not by law and regulations excluded from the mails. Many articles which 
under the old law were rated with letter postage, as matter to which no specific rate of 
postage was attached, belong now to the fourth class, and are subject to a postage charge 

30 United States Official Postal Guide. 

of OAe cent per ounce. Such are, for instance, drawings, plans, designs, original paint- 
ings in oil or water colors, etc. 

13. Special attention is called to the law and regulations requiring tlie use of postage- 
due stamps (sections 271-274) upon the collection of postage on and delivery of all in- 
sufficiently prepaid or unpaid matter. They are to be used upon ship and foreign letters, 
soldier and sailor letters, as well as upon ordinary domestic letters, and matter of the tliird 
and fourth classes, when it inadvertently reaches its destination without full prepayment. 
They must never be put upon matter which is forwarded, returned to writer, or sent te 
the Dead Letter Office, except at free-delivery post offices. 

14. Postmasters are required to keep a complaint-book, in which all letters reported to 
them as lost or missing are entered ; and, after making examination, in their post offices, 
they are required to report the loss, with all particulars, without delay, to the Cliief 
Special Agent of the Post Office Department, Washington, D. C. 

15. When complaint is made of delay in the receipt of letters beyond the time re- 
quired by ordinary course of mail, as shown by the postmarks, postmasters should pro- 
cure the envelopes of such letters and send them, with a statement of the facts, to the 
division superintendent of railway mail service. 

16. Before approving applications for the establishment of new post offices, postmas- 
ters should consult the Postal Guide and see that the name selected has not already 
been given to a post office or to a county in the same or an adjoining State. 

17. Complaints frequently arise on account of the inaccuracy of the letter-balances in 
use at post offices. Postmasters are therefore instructed to have their letter-balanees 
tested and adjusted at least twice a year. For this purpose post offices of the first and 
second class, and all special agents of the Department, will be furnished with a set of 
standard weights. Postmasters at other post offices wishing to test their letter balances 
will make application to the nearest special agent or postmaster furnished with standard 
weights. The standards will be sent by mail, registered, to postmasters so applying, and 
must be returned in the same manner to the postmaster or special agent from whom they 
were received, as soon as the balances have been tested. 

18. All questions submitted by the public or arising in practice in regard to the oon- 
struction of postal laws and regulations should be decided by postmasters, in the first in- 
stance, subject to appeal to the Postmaster General. 

19. Postmasters are notified that hereafter every number of the United States Official 
Postal Guide will contain a list of the orders which have been issued during the preeedr 
ing quarter against the persons or firms engaged in conducting schemes for the purpose 
of obtaining money through the mails under false pretenses; and whenever any of such 
persons or firms make application at any post office for the pa}'ment of money-orders, or 
for registered letters addressed to them, the postmaster at such post office should imaie- 
diately report the case to the Postmaster General. 

20. Any printed circulars issued from the Post Office Department must be treated as 
official written letters; postmasters should acknowledge their receipt, enter their 8ul>- 
stance opposite the proper section in the book of Postal Laws and Regulations, edition 
of 1879, and file the circulars in a book to be kept for that purpose. 

21. The Department will furnish postmasters with blank forms for *' Publishers' Tem- 
porary Permit,'* and '< Formal Notice of Entry," under sections 196 and 199 of the Reg- 
ulations of 1879. Applications for same should be made to the First Assistant Post- 
master General, Superintendent Blank Agency. 



June 10, 1879. 

Sir, — In reply to your letter of June 6th, respecting the use of official penalty envelopes, 
I liave the honor to say that under the advice of the Assistant Attorney General this 
Department holds: First, that section 29 of the Act of March 3, 1879, extending the 
provisions of sections 5 and 6 of the Act of Mairch 3, 1877, does not in any way limit 
the requirement of section 6 of the latter act, that the penalty envelopes should be pro- 
vided by the Executive Departments of the United States for itself and its subordinate 
officers, on which the indorsement designating the Department in which they are to be 
used, and the penalty for their unlawful use, should be stated thereon. Hence it holds 
that official matter can only be transmitted through the mails free in such envelopes as 
may be provided under section 6 of the Act of March 3, 1877. 

Second, that there is no requirement in either of the acts above quoted which neces- 
sitates the printing of such designation and penalty, and hence the Department holds 
that the indorsement and statement of the penalty may be in writing. For the protec- 
tion of the service, and to prevent its being prostituted to the purposes of fraud, it is 
deemed advisable that some distinctive mark should be placed upon these envelopes to 
indicate that they have been issued from one of the Executive Departments, under the 
provisions of section 6 of the Act of March 3, 1877. The Department also holds that it 
is within the spirit of the statute that official labels, printed so^as to indicate the Depart- 
ment, or Bureau, or officer under it, as well as the penalty, which labels are to be affixed 
to official mail-matter transmitted under the provisions of section 29 of the Act of March 
8, 1879, may be furnished in lieu of, or in addition to, the official penalty envelopes, if it 
is deemed advisable by either one of the Departments. Very respectfully, 

Thos. J. Brady. 

Acting Postmaster General, 
Hon. Geo. W. McCrary, Secretary of War. 

War Department. 


The exchange of correspondence between the United States and foreign countries is 
reflated by postal treaties establisdring the rates of postage and the conditions of ex- 
change, or by and in pursuance of legislation by Congress. 

The ** Universal Postal Union Convention," concluded at Paris, June 1, 1878, which 
went into operation April 1, 1879, governs the exchange of correspondence between the 
eountries and colonies parties thereto, except Canada, respecting which exeeption see 
the article ** Canada," page 36. For a list of the countries and colonieg of the Postal 
Union see the first page of the Foreign Postage Table, page 48. 

The rates of postage established by the Post Office Department of the United States 
. for correspondence exchanged between it and the countries and colonies of the Universal 
Postal Union, except Canada, are as follows : — 

For prepaid letters, 5 cents per fifteen grams (^ ounce). 

For unpaid letters received, 10 cents per fifteen grams (^ ounce). 

For insufficiently paid letters or other articles received, a charge equal to doable the 
amount of the deficiency. 

For postal cards, 2 cents each. 

For newspapers, if not over four ounces in weight, 2 cents each; if over four ounces in 
weight, 2 cents for each additional four ounces or fraction thereof. 

For printed matter of all kinds, commercial papers, and samples of merchandise, 1 
cent for each article or packet bearing a particular address, and for every weight of two 
. ounces or fraction thereof ; . with a minimum charge of 5 cents per packet of commercial 
papers, and a minimum charge of 2 cents per packet of samples of merchandise : that is 
to say, for commercial papers not exceeding ten ounces in weight, the postage is 5 cents, 
and if above ten ounces in weight, 1 cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof: for 
samples not exceeding four ounces in weight, 2 cents; if above four ounces in weight, 
I cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. Provided^ that articles or packets of 
printed matter, commercial papers, or samples do not contain any letter or note having 
the character of an actual and personal correspondence, and that they be made up in 
such manner as to admit of being easily examined. 

For the registration fee on all correspondence, 10 cents. 

No fee will be charged for return receipts for registered articles in cases where such 
receipts are requested. 

The prepayment of the Union postage on ordinary letters is optional, but the postage 
on all other articles, except postal cards, which are necessarily prepaid, and registered 
articles, must be at least partially prepaid. 

Payment of postage on every description of correspondence can be effected only by 
means of postage stamps valid in the country of origin for the correspondence of private 
indwiduals. Official correspondence relative to the postal service, exchanged directly he- 
tween the respective Postal Administrations of the Union, is alone exempted from this re- 
quirement and admitted free of postage. 


Foreign Mails. 88 

No Bnpplementaiy postage is chargeable for the reforwarding of postal packets of any 
kind within the interior of the Union. 

All classes of correspondence are required to be impressed with a stamp indicating the 
place of origin and date of posting. 


Postal cards must be forwarded without cover. One of the sides must be reserved for 
the address alone, and the communication written on the other side. It is forbidden to 
join or to attach to postal cards any article whatever. 

The following are considered as printed matter, viz : Newspapers and periodical 
vorkst books stitched or bound, 'pamphlets, sheets of music, visiting cards, address cards, 
proofs of printing with or without the manuscripts relating thereto, engravings, photo- 
graphs, drawings, plans, geographical maps, catalogues, prospectuses, announcements and 
notices of various kinds, whether printed, engraved, lithographed, or autographed, and 
in general all impressions or copies obtained upon paper, parchment, or card-board, by 
means of printing, lithographing, or any other me^anical process easy to recognize, ex- 
cept the copying press. 

The following are excluded from the reduced postage, viz: Stamps or forms of pre- 
payment, whether obliterated or not, as well as all printed articles constituting the repre- 
sentative sign of a monetary value. 

The character of actual and personal correspondence cannot be ascribed to the follow- 
ing, viz : 

Ist. To the signature of the sender or to the designation, of his name, of his profes- 
sion, of his raaky of the place of origin, and of the date of dispatch. 
Sd. To a dedication or mark of respect offered by the author. 

3d. To the figures or signs merely intended to mark the passages of a text, in order 
to call attention to them. 
4th. To the prices added upon the quotations or prices current of exchange or markets. 
5th, and lastly. To annotations or corrections made upon proofs of printing or musical 
cpmpotitions, and relating to the text or to the execution of the work. 

Printed matter must be either placed under band, upon a roller, between boards, in a 
case open at one side or at both ends, or in an unclosed envelope; or simply folded in 
sndi a manner as not to conceal the nature of the packet ; or, lastly, tied by a string 
easy to unfasten. 

Address cards and all printed matter presenUng the form and consistency of an un- 
folded card may be forwarded without band, envelope, fastening, or fold. 
The maximum weight of printed matter is fixed at 2 kilograms (4 lbs. 6 oz.)» 


The following are considered as commercial papers, viz: All instruments or documents 

written or drawn wholly or partly by hand, which have nob the character of an actual 

otid personal correspondence, such as papers of legal procedure, deeds of all kinds drawn 

up by public functionaries, way-bills or bills of lading, invoices, the various documents 

o£ istnranee eompanies, copies or extracts of deeds under private seal written on stamped 


34 United States Official Postal Guide. 

or unstamped paper, scores or sheets of manuscript music, manuscripts of works for* 
warded separately, etc. 

Commercial papers must be forwarded under band or in an open envelope. 

The maximum weight of commercial papers is fixed at 2 kilograms (4 lbs* 6 ozs.). 


Samples of merchandise must conform to the following conditions: — 

They must be placed in bags, boxes, or removable envelopes in such a manner as to 
admit of easy inspection. 

They must not have any salable value, nor bear any manuscript other than the name 
or profession of the sender, the address of the addressee, a manufacturer's or trade 
mark, numbers and prices. 

They must not exceed 250 grams in weight (8| ounces), or the following dimensions: 
20 centimetres (8 inches) in length, 10 centimeters (4 inches) in breadth, and 5 centi- 
meters (2 inches) in depth. 


Any article of mail-matter may be registered, subject to the ordinary prepaid rate of 
postage upon the article, according to its nature, in addition to the registration fee of 10 


It is permitted to inclose in the same packet samples of merchandise, printed matter, 
and commercial papers, but subject to the following conditions: — 

1. That each article taken singly shall not exceed the limits which are applicable to . 
it as regards weight and size. 

2. That the total weight must not exceed 2 kilograms (4 lbs. 6 ozs.) per package. 

3. That the minimum charge shall be 5 cents when tJie packet contains commercial 
papers, and 2 cents when it consists of printed matter and samples. 


It is forbidden to send by mail: — 

1. Letters or packets containing gold or silver substances, pieces of money, jewelry, 
or precious articles. 

2. Any packet whatever containing articles liable to customs duty. 

8. Articles other than letters which are not prepaid at least partly, or which do not 
fulfill the conditions required in order to enjoy the reduced rate. 

4. Articles of a nature likely to soil or injure the correspondence. 

5. Packets of samples of merchandise which have a salable value, or which exceed 
250 grams (8} ozs.) in weight, or measure more than 20 centimeters (8 inches) in 
length, 10 centimeters (4 inches) in breadth, and 5 centimeters (2 inches) in depth. 

6. Packets of commercial papers and printed matter of all kinds, tlie weight of which 
exceeds 2 kilograms. 

There is, moreover, reserved to the government of every country of the Union the 
right to refuse to convey over its territory, or to deliver as well, articles liable to the. 
reduced rate in regard to which the laws, ordinances, or decrees which regulate the con-> 
ditions of their publication or of their circulation in that country have not been com-' 

Foreign Math. 85 

plied widi, as oofrespondence of every kind which evidently bears inscriptionB forbidden 
by the legal enactments (ht regulations in force in the same country. 


By the terms of Article XXIU. of the Convention of Paris, all the stipulations of ante- 
cedent special treaties, conventions, arrangements, or other acts previously concluded 
between the various countries or administrations, in so far as those stipulations are not 
in accordance with the terms of the Paris Convention, are abrogated. Hence such of 
the provisions of antecedent postal conventions as are not inconsistent ■ or at variance 
with the provisions of the Universal Postal Union Convention, m^, by mutual under- 
standing between the administrations parties to such conventions, be considered as re- 
mainincr in force. 

A mutual understanding has been had between this Department and the Postal Ad- 
ministrations of Great Britain and Grermany, to continue in force the former regulation 
limiting the dimensions of book packets and other printed matter to two (2) feet in length, 
and one (1) foot in width or depth. 

By virtue of a similar understanding between the United States and Great Britain, 
periodicals published in the United States at intervals of not more than thirty-one days 
may be sent to Great Britain at newspaper rates of postage* 


1. A two-cent postal card has beoa specially prepared and issued by this Department 
for circulation in the Universal Postal Union mails, and is to be used for card corre- 
spondence with the countries of the Postal Union. 

2. All mailable matter of Postal Union origin (including such matter from Canada) 
received in the United States may be re-forwarded from the United States post office of 
original destination to any other United States post office, or to any Postal Union country, 
without charge of additional postage therefw, or, if a registered article, without charge 
of an additional registry fee. Such matter, however, as has been in the first instance 
addressed to a place in the country of mailing is chargeable, on re-direction, with the 
same postage, less the sum prepaid, as would have been charged had it been addressed in 
the first instance to the place of ultimate delivery, but, if registered, without additional 
re^stry fee. 

3. Living plants, and generally any living portion of a vegetable, such as branches, 
bulbs or roots, being prohibited entrance by mail in Italy, samples of these articles can- 
not be sent in the mails to that country. 

4. Samples of tobacco, being subject to customs duties in Italy, should not be sent in 
the mails to that country. 

5. Samples of raw or spun silk for Italy are limited to a weight of one hundred gruns 
(3^ ozs.). 

6. Correspondence for Russia should have the name of the place of destination added 
in either English, French, or Gierman, and if for the smaller towns in Russia, they should 
bear, as a paart of their address, the name of the province or government in which the 
towns are situated. If these conditions are not complied with, the Russian post office de- 

. cHnes to undertake delivery of the correspondence. 

36 United States Offimal Postal Ghuide. 

7. Newspapers sad other political publications of foreign origin are not aHowed- dreo^ 
lation in Russia by mail, except such as are addressed to members of the reigning imfieHpt 
family, the ministers of the empire, or members of the diplomatic corps* Non-political 
publications and newspapers are only admitted to circulation by niilil when addressed 
to the. Fublio Imperial Library, the Academy of Sciences, the higher establi^ments 
of education, and established bookstores, but any person in Russia may subscribe at the 
Russian post offices for foreign newspapers and publications, whether political or not. 

8. The United States not having entered into arrangements with other countries of 
the Universal Postal Union for the exchange of letters of ^clared value, it is prohibited 
to send to any of those countries any registered or other articles marked on the outside 
with the declared value of the contents. 


Postal conventions are also in force with the countries named below. 

The principal provisions governing the exchange of cdk-respondence under the respec- 
tive treaties are stated under each. For rates of postage, see Table. 

Correspondence for countries not embraced in the Universal Postal Union, with which 
Separate postal conventions have been made, when forwarded through Postal Union inter- 
mediaries is subject to the provisions of the Paris Convention, and liable to special rates 
of postage 


Under the provisions, of Article XXIII. of the Paris Convention refeisred to above, and 
another stipulation of said Convention which permits the contracting parties thereto to 
maintain and conclude treaties, and to maintain and establish more restricted Unions 
with a view to the improvement of postal relations, the f^eeial postal arraagemetit be- 
tween the United States and Canada in force prior to the entrance of the latter country 
into the Postal Union is continued in operation, excepting that the privilege oi registrar 
tion is accorded to all the correspondence exchanged between the two countries w^eh is 
also exchangeable registered under the Paris Convention. 

The Dominion of Canada embraces all the British North American ]^fo¥iiice«, exeepi 

The correspondence exchangeable comprises letters (ordiaaty and registered}, postal 
cards, newspapers, pamphlets, magazines, books, maps, plans, engravings, drawings^, pho« 
tographs, lithographs, sheets of music, etc., and patterns and samples ol mefchandise, 
including grains and seeds. 

Patterns and samples are construed to be honot fide specunens of goods on hand and for 
sale, having no intrinsic value aside from their use as patterns and samples. The weight 
of each package is limited to eight ounces, and the postage charge is ten cents per pack- 
age, prepayment compulsory. They are subject to the regulations of either poan^tiy to 
prevent violations of the revenue laws; must not be closed against inspection, and must 
be so wrapped and inclosed as to be easily examined. 

All articles of mail-matter, except samples, must be fully pi^paid at the domestic rates 
of the country of origin, and are deliverable free of charge in the country of desti«alion« 
■ ]!^ewspapers. sent from offices of publication in the United States to regular siibscrib^fs 

Foreign McMb. 87 

in Canada are subject to the same rates of postage and conditions of prepayment as when 
sent to subscribers in tiie United States. 

^ Bequest Letters " Qriginating in Canada are returnable directly to the Canadian 
maaiiiig offices, in the event of non-delWery to their addressees within the time specified 
by the writers; but such letters from other foreign countries are returnable only through 
the Dead Letter Office. 

The regulations respecting the manner of inclosure and limit of weight, goyeming the 
transmission of domestic correspondence, are applicable to correspondence exchanged 
with Canada, patterns and sif^ples excepted. 

New York, Boston, Albany, Buffalo, Bochester, Suspension Bridge, Detroit, Chicago, 

Portland, Me., and San Francisco are the principal exchange offices on the part of the 

United States. ^ 


Letters, newspapers, unsealed circulars at newspaper rates, pamphlets, periodicals, books, 
and other kinds of printed matter may be exchanged in the mails with Guatemala. 

All printed matter must be sent vH narrow bands, open at the sides or ends, and is sub- 
ject to the laws and regulations of each country, respectively, in regard to its liability to 
be TMed with letter postage when containing written matter, or for any other cause 
specified in said laws and regulations. 

Bound ov unbound bodes wei^ng over two pounds cannot be sent, except at letter 
rates of postage* 

Correspondence of all kinds received from Guatemala is liable, on delivery in the 
United States, to the rates of postage given in the Table for matter sent to Guatemala. • 

Mails are forwarded from New York and San Francisco. 


Letfers and manuscript select by the laws of either country to letter rate of postage, 
newspapers, and prints of all kinds in sheets, in pamphlets, and in books, sheets of 
SMiiic, engravings, Hthogn^hs, photographs, drawings, maps, and plans, comprise the 
correspondence exchangeable with Ecuador. 

All eonresponde^oe, except letters, and manuscript subject to letter postage, is trans- 
missible under the same regulations and restrictions as are stated above for Guatemala 
(the limit for books excepted), and is also subject to the laws of each country in regard 
to its liability to customs duty, if containing dutiable goods. 

Correspondence other than letters, received from Ecuador, is liable, on delivery in the 
Uatted States, to tiie rates of postage given in the Table for matter sent to Ecuador. 

New York and San Francisco are the United States exchanofe offices. 


l%e corretpondeace exchangeable with Venezuela is the same as that described under 
iScaador. ^ 

MailHsiatter other than letters must be inclosed in narrow bands, or covers, open at 
the sides or ends, so as to be easily examined, subject to the law and regulations of each 
Qodatry, reapeetivety. 

Domettio mtoa of postage are chargeable on all correspondence received from 

New York is the United States exchange office. 

88 Vmted States Offieial Postal Guide. 


Letters, newspapers, and printed matter of every kind are exchangeable. 

All correspondence, except letters, received, are chargeable on delivery with the mt6# 
for matter sent. 

To regular subscribers in the Hawaiian Kingdom newspapers published in the United 
States may be sent at domestic rates, as in the case of Canada, — see above. 

Mails are forwarded from San Francisco. 


For the correspondence exchangeable, see New South Wales below. 

Letters may be registered with fee and postage prepaid. 

Letters unpaid, or prepaid less than one full rate, cannot be forwarded, but insufficiently 
paid letters, on which a single rate or more has been prepaid, will be forwarded, charged 
with the deficient postage. 

Correspondence of all kinds prepaid in full in New Zealand is delivered free of charge 
in the United States. 

Newspapers and printed matter are subject to the laws and regulations of each country, 
respectively, in regard to liability to be rated with tetter postage when containing written 
matter, or for any cause specified in said laws and regulations, as well as in r^ard to 
liability to customs duty under the revenue laws. 

Mails are forwarded from San Francisco. 


Exchangeable correspondence comprises letters (ordinary and registered), newspapers, 
printed matter of every kind, and patterns and samples. 

The provisions relative to unpaid and insufficiently prepaid letters to New ZeaUbd, as 
above stated, are applicable in the case of New South Wales. 

Correspondence of all kinds, if prepaid in full in New South Wales, is delivered free oE 
charge in the United States. 

The regulations and conditions governing the exchange of newspapers and printed 
matter are identical with those stated above for New Zealand. 

Mails are forwarded from San Francisco. 


Exchangeable correspondence comprises letters (ordinary and registered), newspapers, 
printed matter of every kind, and patterns and samples of merchandise. 

The provisions relative to unpaid and insufficiently paid letters to New Zealand, as 
above stated, are applicable in the case of Queensland. 

Correspondence of all kinds prepaid in full in Queensland is delivered free of chaise 
in the United States. 

Newspapers, printed matter, and patterns and samples of merchandise, are subject to 
the laws and regulations of each country, respectively, in regard to their liability to be 
rated with letter postage, when containing written matter, or for any other eanse specified 
in sidd laws and regulations, as well as in regard to their liability to customs duties. 

San Francisco is the office of exchange on the side of the United States. 

Foreign MaiU. 89 

For particulars respecting the general provisions of the postal convention with Yic- 
toria^ see above under Queensland. San Francisco is the exchange office on the side of 
the United States. 


Under a provision of the Paris Convention, the transmission is secured, in the open 
mails of countries of the Postal Union, of correspondence addressed to certain countries 
and^ places not embraced in the Union. The Table of Foreign Postage hereto appended 
includes all the counti'ies and places rendered accessible under arrangements thus far 

Correspondence from the United States for foreign countries and places other than 
those named above, or with which no postal treaties or other postal arrangements have 
been made by the United States, if forwarded in direct mail by vessels regularly em- 
ployed in carrying the mails, and not through the intermediary of a country having postal 
relations with the United States by treaty or other arrangement, is subject to the rates of 
postage given in the Table opposite '< Aspinwall, Direct Mail,^* 

Ordinary letters, newspapers, pamphlets, periodicals, books, and other printed matter 
may be sent in these cases, under the regulations and conditions applicable to the same 
correspondence in the domestic mails. 

Prepayment oi postage is compulsory for all cwrespondence, and the prescribed rates 
are collectible upon delivery of matter received. 


Under an arrangement with the British Post Office, mail communication is maintained 
with Central America and the west coast of South America, by means of British mail 

The correspondence transmissible is indicated by the Table. 

Prepayment is compulsory on all correspondence sent to the countries above referred 
to which are not embraced in the Postal Union, and the U. S. postage, together with the 
British packet eharge, if unpaid, is collectible upon delivery of matter received in the 
United States. 

Mails are dispatched from New York and San Francisco. 


New York is an office df exchange for all mails for Europe. Also for Canadian, Mex- 
ican, Newfoundland, Cetitr'sil and South American, Brazilian, Argentine Republic, Ber- 
muda, and West Indian mails. 

Boston is an office of eiichange for British, French, Crerman, and Belgian mails. Also 
for Canadian and Newfoundland mails and for mails to St. Pierre and Miquelon. 

Philadelphia is an office of exchange for British, Belgian (direct), and German mails. 

Detroit is an office of exchange for British and Canadian mails. 

San Francisco is an office of exchange for British, Japan, Hong Kong, Straits Settle-r 
ments, other East Indian, and Hawaiian mails. Also for Centrsd American, Mexican, 
Australian, and Canadian mails, and for mails to Fiji Islands, New Caledonia, Tahiti, 
Marquesas Islands, and other French Possessions in Eastern Oceanica. 

40 United States Officied Postal Guide. 

Chicago is an of&ce of exchange for British, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegiao, 
and Canadian mails. 

Baltimore is an office of exchange for German mails. 

New Orleans is an office of exchange for West Indian, British and Spanish Hondu- 
ras, and Mexican mails. 

Key West is an office of exchange for mails for Cuba and Porto Rico. 

The exchange of malls with Mexico takes place between the following exchange post 
offices ; — 

1. Between New York and Vera Cruz (by sea). 

2. Between New Orleans and Tampico and Vera Cruz (by sea). 

3. Between San Francisco and Mazatlan, San Bias, Manzanilla, Acapulco (by sea}. 

4. Between Brownsville, Tex*, and Matamoras. 

5. Between Eagle Pass, Tex., and Piedras Negras. 

' 6. Between £1 Paso, Tex. , and Paso del Norte. 


7, Between Tucson, Ariz., and Magdalena. 

Correspondence for Yucatan, Campeachy, Tobasco, Vera Cruz, Puebla, and fihe entire 
eastern and central sections of Mexico is expeditiously forwarded via New York or vis 
New Orleans. 

Correspondence for the State of Tamanlipas and northeastern sectioQ of Mexico is exr 
peditiously forwarded via Brownsville, Tex., or via New Orleans. 

Correspondence for the States of Nueva Leon, and Coahuila, up to San Luift Potori, is 
expeditiously forwarded via Eagle Pass, Tex. 

Correspondence for the State of Chihuahua and central and northwestern sections of 
Mexico is expeditiously forwarded via El Paso. 

Correspondence for the States of Sonora, Sinaloa, Jalisco, and Durango and the Ter- 
ritory of Lower California is expeditiously forwarded via Tucson, Ariz. 

Correspondence for ports and places on the Pacific coast and western and southern 
sections of Mexico is expeditiously forwarded via San Francisco. 

In accordance with an order of the Postmaster General, dated 'June 6, 1879, all regis- 
tered correspondence addressed to foreign countries must be sent, on and after July 1, 

1879, under the system of domestic registration to the United States exchange post office 
at the port of embarkation, or place of egress from the United States of the mail wherein 
such correspondence is to be dispatched to its destination. 

Where mails for the same countries are made up at more than one United States ex- 
change post office, ordinary (unregistered) correspondence addressed abroad should be 
forwarded to that one of the exchange offices from which it will have the earliest dis- 


According to the provisions of section 17 of the Act of March 3, 1879, making appro- 
priations for the service of the Post Office Department for the year ending June 80, 

1880, printed matter, other than books, received in the mails from foreign countries 
under the provisions of postal treaties or conventions, are free of customs duty, and books 
which are admitted to the International mails exchanged under the provisions of the 
Universal Postal Union Convention, may, when sui>ject to customs duty, be delivered to 
addressees in the United States under such regulations, for the collection of duties, as 
may be agreed upon by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster General. 



Foreign Mails. 41 

From informaiioB receired by the Postmaster General from ike Se<ir6tal7 of the 
Treasury, it appears that no books are absolutely exempt from customs duties, except 
those printed and manufactured more than twenty years; but collectors of customs may, 
in their discretion, remit duties on importations of single copies of books, of less duti- 
able value than one dollar, when such books are intended for the personal use of the 

In pursuance of the Act of March S, 1879, referred to above, the following regulation 
has been agreed upon by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster General: — 


govxbnino the tbeatment of dutiable articles bbceiyed ik the mails from 

fobb16n countbies. 

Post Office Depabtmbnt, 

Washington, D. C, May Ifi, 1879. 

When letters, sealed packages, or packages the wrappers of which cannot be removed 
without destroying them, are received in the United States from a foreign country, and 
the postmaster of the exchange office at which they are received has reason to believe 
they contain articles liable to customs duties, he shall immediately notify the customs 
officer of the district in which his office is located, or the customs officer designated by 
the Secretary of the Treasury for the purpose of examining the mails andving from for- 
eign countries, of the receipt of such letters or packages, and their several addresses; 
and if any letter or package of this character be addressed to a person residing within 
the delivery of his office, the postmaster shall also, at the time of its arrival, notify the 
addressee or addressees thereof that such letter or package has been received and is 
believed to contain articles liable to customs duties, and that he or they must appear at 
the post office at a time in said notice to be designated, not exceeding twenty days from 
the date of said notice, and receive and open said letter or package in the presence of 
an officer of the customs. 

Letters and sealed packages, or packages the wrappers of which cannot be removed 
without destroying them, which are supposed to contain articles liable to customs duties, 
and which are addressed to persons residing outside of the delivery of the United States 
exchange office where they were first received from abroad, shall be forwarded, without 
loiger detention than twenty-four hours, to their respective destinations, marked " sup- 
posed liable to customs duties," and upon their receipt at the offices of destination the 
postmasters thereof shall notify the nearest customs officer and the parties addressed, in 
the manner and to the same effect as hereinbefore provided in the case of similar let- 
ters or packages addressed for delivery at the United States exchange office where they 
were first received. 

Provided, however, that nothing herein above contained shall authorize or allow cus- 
toms officers to seize or take possession of any letter or sealed package while the same is 
in the custody of a postmaster, nor until after its delivery to the addressee: and provided 
further, that no letter or sealed package shall be detained at the office of delivery a 
longer period than may be necessary for the appearance of a customs oQicer and the 
addressee, in pursuance of the notices hereinbefore provided to be given. 

Unsealed packages received in the mails from foreign countries, which are found on 

42 United States Official Postal Q-uide. 

examination b^ cnstoniB officers to contain articles liable to customs duties, shall 
delivered by the postmaster at the exchange office of receipt to the proper officer of 
customs for the collection of the duties chargeable thereon, with notice of such deliyei 
to the person addressed. 

Unsealed packages of samples of merchandise, including grains and seeds, in excess ol 
eio^ht ounces in weight, forwarded to the United States in the mails from Canada, con- 
trary to the provisions of the postal arrangement between the two countries, which ai 
declared by customs officers to be dutiable, shall be immediately returned from the UnitedLl 
States exchange offices of receipt to the Canadian exchange offices from which they wei 

Postmasters are expected to extend to customs officers, specially designated for that duty*| 
by the Secretary of the Treasury, such facilities as may be necessary to enable them 
examine mail-matter arriving in the mails from foreign countries, in order to protect;] 
the customs revenue. D. M. KEY, Postmaster General* 


1. All inquiries relative to foreign mails and mail steamship service between the United!! 
States and foreign countries should be addressed to '* Superintendent Foreign Mails,' 
Post Office Department, Washington, D. C." 

2. The Post Office Department is the proper medium for official communication with 
foreign postal officials respecting postal matters, and United States postmasters should 
refer all subjects requiring official correspondence with foreign postal administrations or 
officials to the Superintendent of Foreign Mails at Washington, D. C, through whose ^ 
office such correspondence is conducted. 

8. All articles of correspondence addressed to foreign countries must bear a legible im- 
pression of the stamp of the mailing-office, or inscription in ink, showing the place of 
mailing and date of dispatch therefrom. 

4. In order to avoid the delay consequent upon the return through the Dead Letter 
Office of short-paid letters, addressed to countries to which prepayment of postage is com- 
pulsory, care should be exercised in the weighing and stamping of such letters. In case 
of doubt it is safer to prepay at the higher rate. Delay may also be avoided by writing 
the name and address of the sender on the covers. 

5. Make the address legible and complete, giving the name of the country as well as 
the name of the post office or town. Letters addressed merely to *' London," without add- 
ing ** England," may be sent to London, Canada, and vice versa, thereby causing delay, 
and often serious loss. Wherever practicable the name of the street and number of the 
house should also be given on letters addressed to cities. While the letter may event- 
ually reach its destination without a number, the omission is often a cause of hesitation 
and delay. 

6. See that every letter, newspaper, or other packet sent by mail is securely folded and 
fastened. In affixing the postage stamps to the covers of printed matter, see that they 
do not overlap the covers and adhere in part to the contents, thus, in effect, closing the 
packet against inspection. Avoid using dieap envelopes, made of thin paper, especially 
where more than one sheet of paper or any other article than paper is inclosed. Being 
often handled, and subject to pressure in the mail-bags, such envelopes not unfrequently 
split open, often giving cause of complaint against officials who are entirely innocent in 
the matter. 


' Foreign Mails. 48 

I 7. It is recommeBded that some other material than wax be uted for donog ktten or 
packets addressed to places in warm climates. 

8. Many of the suggestions relative to domestic correspondence apply with equal force 
to correspondence addressed to foreign countries. 

9. Letters for countries to which payment of postage is compulsory, when unpaid -or 
insufficiently prepaid, are sent to the Dead Letter Office, to be opened and returned to 
the writers. 

10. Undeliyered correspondence of foreign origin is returned to the senders in pursuance 
of the stipulations of postal treaties or conventions in force with foreign countries, or in 
accordance with special arrangements made with reference thereto. 

11. Newspapers and periodicals sent in the mails to foreign countries should be wrapped 
singly, except those sent by publishers to regular subscribers in Canada and the Hawaiian 

12. To avoid possible errors, the route by which the correspondence is desired to be 
forwarded should be plainly marked on the face of the correspondence, near the address. 

13. In the absence of special instruction to the contrary, where correspondence is marked 
for transmission by a route reijuiring prepayment, and the amount prepaid is insufficient 
for that route, it will be sent by some other route by which prepayment of postage if 
optional; but if there is no such route, and no means of obtaining full prepayment by 
notice to the sender, the correspondence will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. 

14. Directions given by senders on correspondence for foreign countries respecting routes 
of transmission desired will be observed whenever practicable. 

15. Prepayment of postage on correspondence sent from the United States to foreign 
countries must be made in United States postage stamps. On correspondence from foreign 
countries to the United States prepayment must be made in postage stamps of the coun- 
try of mailing. 

16. The amount of postage due on unpaid or insufficiently paid correspondence received 
from fore^n countries is plainly marked on the cover by the United States exchange of- 
fice through which the correspondence passes, and only the amount so marked as due 
should be collected. But in the case of mail-matter other than letters, which is discov- 
ered at the office of destination to contain a letter or other communication in writing, the 
postmaster at such office should levy postage thereon at letter rates for collection on de- 

17. Senders have no legal claim upon the Post Office Department for the value of 
postage stamps uselessly employed upon mail-matter; but in cases where excessive post- 
age has been paid upon correspondence addi-essed to foreign countries upon erroneous 
information given to the sender at mailing post offices in the United States by postal offi- 
cials, at the time of mailing, the Department will require the overpaid sums to be reim- 
bursed by the postmaster of the* mailing office. 

18. The exchange of postal cards is limited to the Universal Postal Union, including 
Canada. They can only be sent to^ or received from, other countries and places at letter 
rates of postage. 

19. Liquids, poisons, explosive and inflammable articles, fatty substances, live or dead 
animals, reptiles, fruits or vegetable matter liable to decomposition, confectionery, pastes 
or confections, and substances exhaling a bad odor, excluded from transmission in domes- 
tic mails as being in themselves either from their farm or nature liable to destroy, deface, 

44 United StcUes Official Postal Gruide. 

or otherwise injure the contents (d the mail^-bags or the persons of tihose engBged in die J 
postal service, are prohibited from transmission in the mails exchanged with foreigfli 
countries^ as are also obseene, lewd, or lasciyious books, pamphlets, etc., and letters and | 
circulars concerning lotteries, so-called gift concerts, etc., also excluded from domestic 
mails. I 

20. Certain articles, other than those above mentioned, which from their nature or ; 
form are liable to destroy, deface, or injure the contents of the mail-bags or the ]>erson» 
of those engaged in the postal service, may be transmitted as samples in the mails to for- 
eign countries when inclosed in the form prescribed for such matter in domestic mails. 

21. All articles prohibited from domestic mails are also excluded from circudaticxi in 
the mails to oi* from foreign countries. 

22. Packets of patterns or samples of merchandise for dispatch in the mails to foreign 
countries are restricted to hondjide trade samples or specimens having no salable or conir* \ 
mercia'l yalue in excess of that actually necessary for their use as samples Gt specimens. I 
Goods sent for sale, in execution of an order, or as gifts, however small the quantity majr ; 
be, are not admissible. 

23. Prices-current and trade circulars (unsealed) may be sent to Guatemala at new9- j 
paper rate of postage, but to all other countries at the rate of postage for ** other printed | 
matter." I 

24. The domestic regulation requiring notice to be given by United States postmasters 
to publishers whose publications are refused, or not taken out of the post office by the { 
persons addressed, does not apply in the case of newspapers and periodicals of foreign | 
origin refused or not taken out of the post office by their addressees. i 

25. The public should bear in mind that all matter received in the mails from foreign ! 
countries which is subject to customs duties, such as watches, jewelry^ lace, silk, etc., 
is liable to seizure by the officers of the customs. 

26. The Post Office Department assumes no responsibility for the delay, injury, or loss 
of either registered or ordinary correspondence for or from foreign countries, but it will, 
at the instance of senders or addressees, use the means at its command for the purpose <^ 
ascertaining the causes of such delay, injury, or loss, and preventing the recurrence | 

27. Where no special regulation is made relative to the transmission of correspondence^ | 
the domestic regulations will govern. , | 

28. Letters conveyed in vessels not regularly employe<l in carrying the mails (com. 
monly called '* ship letters '') are subject to double rates of domestic postage on delivery. 


By means of the United States Postal Agents at Panama and Aspinwall, and at 
Shanghai, China, letters may be registered to those places in direct mail. 

Attention is called to the fact that, in many cases, as stated in the Table of Foreign 
Postage, other correspondence besides letters may be registered. The postage charge- 
able is that applying to the same class of correspondence sent in ordinary mail. Where 
no fee is s:iven there can be no registration. 

The '^ return receipt " used in the domestic mails is not to be attached to registered 
matter for foreign destinations, and the *^ return registered letter bill " should never be 
sent to the office of destination in a foreign country, but either to the distributing office 
or to the exchange office. 


Foreign MaiU. 


A << return receipt," accompanying a registered letter received from a foreign country, 
should be forwarded (whether delivery of the letter has been made or not) direct to the' 
United St€Ues exchange office which received it from abroad. 

In case of non-delivery, the fact and cause thereof should be stated on the return 
receipt before forwarding as above directed, and the letter itself should be sent registered 
to the Dead Letter Office, P. O. Dept., Washington, D. C. 

The only post offices in the Argentine Republic to which registered correspondence 
may be sent are those mentioned in the subjoined list : — 

omoKs. rBOTiiroBs. 

Ai6 Baenos Aires 

Andalgala Catamarea 

Arrecifes Buenos Aires 

Ajaencho Idem 

Anil Idem 

Baiua Blanca Mem 

Buadero Idem 

BurtRiOM al Sud Idem . 

Belgrano Idem ' 

Bella Vista Corrientes 

BellTiUe C6rdoba 

Boca Baenos Aires 

Bngado Idem 

Bvenos Aires Idem 

Campana ..Idem 

G^tedade Gomei Santa ¥4 

CaBaelas Baenos Aires 

(^rmen de Axeco Idem 

Outelii Idem 

Catamarea Catamarea 

Chacabnoo Baenos Aires 

Chascomi&s Idem 

Chirllcoy Idem 

Ghnbut ( colonia) Idem 

Coeba Tucaman 

Colon EntreRioe 

Ceneepeion del Umgniay. . . Idem 

Concha Salta 

Concordia Sntre Rios 

C6rdoba G6rdoba 

Corrientes Corrientes 

Cwcmda.. Ssjita F^ 

Cunud-Coatii Corrientes 

Diamante Sntre Bios 

Dolores Baenos Aires 

lEiuoiada. Buenos Aires 

SBpenuua (cola) Santa F^ 

Seqoina Corrientes 

Sxalt. de la Croz Baenos Aires 

Isderaeion Entre Rios 

General Alyear Baenos Aires 

8ial. Bodrigaei Idem 

Goja Corrientes 

Qxaaeros Taeaman 


Gualegoaj Entre Rios 

Oauleguayohd Idem 

Guandacol Rioja 

Ilelvecia (col«) Santa V6 

Humahuaea Jujuy 

Itnsaing6 Corrientes 

Jachal San Juan 

Juarez Buenos Aires 

Jajuy Jujuy 

Junin Baenos Aires 

La Pas Entre Rios 

La Pas Mendoza 

Las Flores Buenos Aires 

Las Heras Idem 

Lobos Idem 

Lomas de Zamora Idem 

Lules Tucuman 

Magdalena Buenos Aires 

Mareos Pas Idem 

Medina Tucuman 

Mendosa Mendoaa 

Mercedes Buenos Aires 

Mercedes Corrientes 

Mercedes San Luis 

Merlo Buenos Aires 

Monte Idem 

Monte Caseros Corrientes 

Monteros Tuouraan 

Moreno Buenos Aires 

Moron Idem 

Navarro Idem 

Nogoyi Entre Rios 

Nuere de Julio Buenos Aires 

Oran Salta 

Parani Entre Rios 

Paso de los Libres Corrientes 

Patagones Buenos Aires 

Pergamino Idem 

Pilar Idem 

Quilmes Idem 

Ranches Idem 

Ranch Idem 

Rio4.o C6rdoba 

Rioja Rioja 

Rojas Buenos Aires 


Roldan (cols) Santa V4 

Rosario * Idem 

Rosario de la Frontera Salta 

&iladillo Buenos Aires 

Salta Salta 

Salto Buenos Aires 

S. Andres de Giles Idem 

S. Antonio de Areco Idem 

San Carlos Mendoza 

San Carlos (col«) Santa If6 

San Fernando Baenos Aires 

San Francisco San Luis 

San Isidro Buenos Aires 

S. Jos^ de Flores Idem 

S. JosiSdeMetdn Salta 

San J uan San J uan 

San Justo Buenos Aires 

San Justo (eoU) Santa Ftf 

S. Lorenso (coU) Idem 

San Luis San Luis 

San Martin Buenos Aires 

San Nicolis Idem 

San Pedro Idem 

San Rafael. Mendoaa 

San Vicente Buenos Aires 

San Javier (ooU) Santa F<$ 

Santa F^ .'..Santa Fd 

Santiago del Estero Santiago 

Santo Tom4 Corrientes 

Tala Entre Rios' 

nuidil.... Baenos Aires 

Tapalqu to ; . . . . Idem 

Tigre .*. Idem 

Traneas Tueumaa 

Tucuman Idem 

Veinticinco de Mayo . . . .Buenos Aires 

Victoria Entre Rios 

Villa Ajqsentina... Riojar 

Villaguay Entre Rios 

Villa de Lujan Baenos Aires 

Villa Dolores C6rdoba 

Villa Maria C6rdoba 

Yavi Jujuy 

Z^rate Baenos Aires 


Postal conventions for the exchange of money-orders have been concluded with the fol- 
lowing foreign countries, viz : Switzerland, Great Britain and Ireland, Germany, Italy, 
and Canada. 

The exchange of money-orders between the United States and each of the countries 
mentioned is efTected through the agency of " International Exchange Offices," of which 
New York is the office on the part of the United States. Hence, an international money- 
oider cannot be drawn by a postmaster in either country dii^ctly upon a postmaster in 
the other, but must be drawn upon the international exchange office. 

46 United States Official Postal Chiide. 

The postmaster at any foreign money-order office in the United States — the saunc 
being designated by the Postmaster Greneral — will furnish a blank form of application^ 
on which the sender must enter all the particulars of the amount (in United State$ 
money), names, address, etc., and must state the fall name and exact residence of the 
person to whom the order is to be made payable. The postmaster will then issue aa 
international order on the postmaster at New York, giving all the particulars furaished 
in the application, and transmit the same .together with the coupon. 

The certificate attached to each order will, by the issuing postmaster, be given to the 
sender, the same serving as his receipt; but no ** advice " will be issued, as in domestic 
money-orders, inasmuch as the order itself, instead of being delivered to the applicant 
for transmission, is forwarded directly to New York. 

The postmaster at New York, upon receipt of a foreign money-order from a United 
States office, will certify the same to the foreign international exchange office, through 
which payment is then made to the proper party. 

The coupon attached to the order will, by the postmaster atN'ew York, be returned to 
the issuinor office for the information of the sender, and will state the exact amount 
transmitted and other particulars. 

As the value of gold varies in the United States, the postmaster at the issuing 
office must not fill up and cannot give the sender the exact value of the order in foreign ■> 
money; but this must be left to the postmaster at New York. 

Upon the receipt of a certificate from a foreign international exchange office, the post- 
master at New York draws an international money-order on the foreign money-order 
office nearest to the residence of the person who is to receive the money, and the post- 
master at the latter office notifies the person, who, on applying for the same, will, on due 
identification, receive payment and sign a receipt. 

One pound sterling (£l) is equal in value to $4.86 in gold, and one thaler (German) is 
equal to 71 cents gold. 

One doll^ (gol<^) ^^ equal to 5 francs 15 centimes (Swiss). 


The following schednle shows the time of departure of foreign mails from different ports of the 
United States, and the mails conveyed. 

For more exact information, reference may be had to the schedule issued monthly by the 
Office of Foreign Mails, Post Office Department. 





Gn»t Britain and Ireland 

Great Britain and Ireland 

Great Britain and Ireland 

Germany, cloeed mail 

Gennanj, direct mail 

Germany, direct mail.... 

Trance, closed mail 

fntDce, oloeed mail 

France, direct mail 

Aufitria, eloeed mail , 

Selginm, cloaed mail 

Bd^um, closed mail 

Velgiam, direct mail 

Belgium, direct mail 

Denmaric, closed mail 

Italy, closed mail 

Netherlands, closed mail 

Netherlands, direct mail 

Norway, closed mail 

Scotland, direct mail , 

Nwth of Ireland, direct mail 

Sweden, closed mail , 

Switierland, closed mail 

Spanish closed mails 

British Columbia , 

Hong Kong, and dependent ports of 1 
Amoy, Ointon, Foochow, and Swa- 

Japan , 

Shanghai, China..... 

Straits Settlements, East Indies 


Fiji Islands via Sydney 

New Zealand 

Sandwich Islands 


Central America , 

Central America 




Jamaica (Kingston ) 



South Psciflc 

South Pacific 

U.S. of Colombia 

West Indies via St. Thomas ; 

St. Jago and Cienfuegos, Cuba, direct 


Porto Rico 

Argentine Republic 


Venezuela , 

West Indies via Bermuda 

Greytown (Nicaraugua) 

Turks Island 

Windward Islands 


Newfoundland , 

Non Scotia , 



Every Tnes.. Wed., Thurs., and Sat 

July 2d, 16th, 19th, and 26th 

Every Saturday 

Every Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Sat 

Every Thursday and Saturday 

July 10th and 24th 

Every Tues. and Sat , 

Every Saturday 

Every Wednesday and Thursday , 

Every Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Sat 

Every Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Bat 

Every Saturday 

July 6th and 25th 

July 16th 

Every Thursday and Saturday 

Every Tuesday, Wed., Thurs., and Saturday 
Every Tuesday, Wed.. Thurs., and Saturday 

July 9th, 19th, and 80th 

Every Thursday and Saturday 

Every Saturday 

Every Saturday 

Every Thursday and Saturday 

Every Tuesday, Wed., Thurs., and Saturday 

Every Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Sat 

July 10th, 19th, and dOth 

July Ist and 15th 

July 7th 

July 1st and 29th 

July 10th, 19th , and 80th 

July 6th and 19th 

July 1st, 3d, 6th, 10th, 16th, 19th, 26th, 29th, and 81st 

July Ist and 29th 

July 8th, 10th, 15th, 24th, and 29th 

July 10th and 24th 

July 10th and 26th 

July 6th and 19th 

July 10th, 19th, and 80th 

July 6th and 19th 

July 16th and 29th 

July 3d, 12th, and 26th 

July Ist and 29th 

July 3d, 17th, and 81st 

July 3d, 6th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 26th, and Slst 


July 3d 

July 10th and 24th 

July dd and Slst 

July 16th 

July 8th 

July 9th and 28d 

July 8d, 16th, and 26th 

July 6th and 19th 

July 1st, 6th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 19th« 22d, 26th, and 


July 6th and 19th 

Ports of 

New Y(urk. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
San Francisco. 

San Francisoo. 

San Francisco. 

New York. 
New York. 
San Francisco. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New. York. 
San Francisco. 
New York. 
San Francisco. 
New York. 
New York. 

New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 
New York. 


Non. Where days of week are given, the dispatches are expected to occur regularly on the days named, 
during the months of Augpust and September next. In other cases, the dates of dispatch may vary in August and 
September next, except whnre otiierwise indicated. 

1 1 

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S s 

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9 S I 


g ii 

Foreign Pottage Table. 

1 S I 

Foital cudi, «ch. 

"-^'^ 15 

'S' '23' S 



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;!» 11 
Mil -- 



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•||ll -I ■ ■■ 
jW it -I- 

if ii,- i'°*^ 

United States Official Postal Guide. 



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WdiM tied tor ■ 





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C<»liH« ol p.;. 

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Foreign Podtoi 

e TatU. 61 

■"- "■ •«■—«- -s- 

— - " S' - 

--- -■ 

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- -s- 

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-assR SR a- ssa aa n 


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4 U iii 44 I 

United Slate, Offleial Potlal ffuide. 


'ts '.'Sir, 's 

fTHtloD Iberaal. 

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Wal^t Blicd for . 


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tnetlon tbxaBl. 

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Wtlgbt fixed lor ■ 

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Fo>n«a on a«h 

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Limit Dt wa^t tor 

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RegbitnUon r» on 


RagUtlmtlou l» on 

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Petal «rf.,«h. 




Poetaga tor IB 

1 5Sa S 53 * 3 

"-»• '"— 

-i 4 si ? h 
1 III 


i ,3 ^ Si 8 || 










FROM MARCH 1, 1879, TO JUNE 1, 1879. 


1. Any package so wrapped that its contents cannot be readily ascertained is subject 
to letter rates. 

2. When packages are sealed postmasters must not under any circumstances open them, 
but must require letter postage thereon. 

3. The rate of postage on a book agent specimen copy, with the names of subscribers 
written therein, is three cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof. 

4. The attempt to inclose a letter in any matter subject to a lower rate of postage than 
for letters, renders the mailing party liable to a penalty of ten dollars. 

5. Book manuscript is a term no longer used. Under section 215, L. & R. 1879, all 
manuscript is subject to letter postage, except such as may be accompanied with proof- 
sheets or corrected proof-sheets. 

6. When.a letter is delivered to the person named in the address the jurisdiction of the 
Department ceases; but in the event of any mistake being made as to whom a letter may 
be intended for, and the same be delivered to the wrong person, a postmaster should have 
Sttcb person proceed as directed in sections 291 and 292, L. & R. ed. 1879. 

7. The forwarding of letters from one post office to another at the request of the parties 
addressed is confined exclusively to letters which have not been taken out of and away 
from the custody of the postal officials. When guests depart from a hotel leaving a re- 
quest that their letters should be forwarded to some other office with the hotel proprietors, 
and not with the postmaster as should be done, the hotel proprietors should advise the 
postmaster, who should forward as requested. 


8. The fact that a publication is copyrighted is not conclusive evidence that it is mail- 
able matter. 

9. Printed matter mailed by other than a publisher or newsdealer is subject to postage 
at the rate of one cent for each two ounces. 

10. Specimen copies of any band Jide second-class publication are now entitled to be 
Bent m the mails at pound rates. 

11. It is permissible to inclose bills in newsdealers' packages, provided the packages 
consist entirely of legitimate publications of the second class. 

12. Dealers in publications of the second class are entitled to return unsold copies 
thereof at the pound rates, but must pay transient rates on all other matter. 

64 United States Official Postal Ouide. 

13. Relative to various library publications of a literaiy character it has now been de- 
cided that they are matter of the second class, and entitled to be mailed At two cents per 

14. A periodical must be issued at stated intervals, and as frequently as four times a 
year, in order to be entitled to pass through the mails at the pound rates. 

15. No objection is perceived to publishers of genuine publications of the second class 
printing the word ** from " as a prefix to the matter to be printed on wrappers under the 
provisions of section 231, L. & R. ed. 1879. 

16. The law does not require a publisher of any genuine publication of the second class 
to do his entire mailing at the pouud rates on the day of issue, it simply requires that the 
copies offered must be intended for regular subscribers, or that they are sample copies. 

17. Section 195, L. & R. 1879, is held to permit the sending of sample copies by news- 
dealers to other newsdealers and news-agents. The clear intent of the law is to place 
news-agents on the same footing, as to sample copies of second-class publications, as it 
does publishers. 

18. Back numbers of either pi*evious or current volume of a periodical may be sent by 
mail at the pound rates, when the conditions named in section 185, L. & R. ed.-1879, 
are complied with. 

19. The fact that any publication which conforms to the requirement of section 185, L. 
& R. ed. 1879, changing from a monthly to a weekly issue, or from weekly to daily, or 
from daily to weekly, will nT)t impair its rights to be sent in the mails as second-class mat- 
ter, or to be transmitted free in the county. 

20. Notice to a publisher that his publication is not taken out of the office should be 
sent at the end of thirty days. In case a publi.^her should incur pecuniary loss because 
of the failure of any postmaster to properly notify him that his publication was not taken 
out of the post office, such publisher must seek redress in the courts. 

21. It is no part of the duty of a postmaster or his assistants to fold newspapers so that 
they can be placed in the boxes for delivery, and in case a publisher persists in sending 
them without being properly folded, after being notified to put them up so that they can 
be properly assorted and delivered, ^e postmaster would be justified in not distributing 
them with the regular mail. 

22. Newsdealers have the right to mail publications of the second class to regular sub- 
scribers in or out of the county at the pound rates, but the newsdealers should furnish the 
postmasters at the office with a li»t of their, subscribers, and under no circumstances can 
a newsdealer mail free in the county any copies of a publication which is not printed in 
whole or in part or published in the county in which he is located. 

23. Sample copies of any legitimate publication of the second class are now entitled 
to pass in the mails at the pound rates. Several copies of different publications may be 
mailed in one wrapper to one address, but publishers should be careful that no third- 
class matter accompanies them, such as advertising sheets, separate advertisements, hand- 
bills, etc. , and that nothing is printed or written on the wrappers, except as provided in 
section 231, L. & R. ed. 1879.- 


24. Playing cards are subject to postage at third-class rates. 

25. The rate of postage on printed cards is one cent for each two ounces. 

26. All matter of the third class must be prepaid by stamps affixed to each package 
to one address. 

Rulings of the Post Office Department 65 

27. '* Printed cards" may now be sent in the mails, at the rate of one cent for each 
ounces or fraction thereoL 

28. A postmaster should not receive into his office as third-class matter any package 
^which is closed against examination. 

29. Specimen diplomsCft with names filled out in writing are subject to postage at the 
rskte of one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. 

30. Under the new law it is held that an *^ insurance policy" filled out in writing and 
inclosed in an unsealed envelope is third-class matter. 

SI. Envelopes with printed addresses, or cards printed on them, may be sent in the 
mails under the rules and rates governing third-class matter. 

32. Books are third-class matter, and in case of single volumes may go without limit 
of weight; all other third and fourth class matter is limited to four pounds. 

S3. Printed blanks may be filled out in writing if not in the nature of a personal corre- 
spondence, and be sent at third-class rates. 

34. A printed blank of any description with a signatore attached in writing may be 
sent in the mails at the rate of one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. 

35. Prihte<l matter of any description other than second-class is now entitled to pass 
in the mails at the rate of one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. 

36. Copies of matter produced by an ^* electric pen " which is not of the nature of 
personal correspondence are now entitled to pass in the mails at the rate of one cent for 
each two ounces. 

37. Photographs and stereoscopic views are subject to postage at the rate of one cent 
for each two ounces, and may have their titles written thereon, without subjecting the 
package to any additional postage. 

38. Engravings, heliotypes, lithographs, chromo-lithographs, and photographs, includ- 
ing stereoscopic views, are now entitled to be sent in the mails under the rules governing 
third-class matter. Postas:e one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. 

39. Copies made by the ^' metalograph process " are clearly reproductions by means 
other than handwriting, and therefore, when not of the character of "actual and per- 
sonal correspondence," such reproductions are entitled to pass as third-class matter. 

40. Hiind-bills may be sent in packages to one address at the rate of one cent for each 
two ounces or fraction thereof, but if addressed to a postmaster, to be delivered to differ- 
ent persons, the sender should affix to each separate package stamps sufficient to pay 
drop rate of postage at said office of delivery. 

41. A college commencement programme may have the name and address of the per- 
son to whom sent written in the body thereof, and the sender's name may be written 
thereon, or it may be written on a card to accompany the package, and be sent at third- 
class rates. 

42. Prospectus books, with blanks bound therein for use of agents obtaining names of 
subscribers, are entitled to be sent in the mails from publishers to agents at the rate of 
one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof ; when being returned with subscribers' 
names written therein, the rate will be three cents for each half ounce. 

43. When packages of third-class matter, except transient newspapers, are deposited in 
a mail car without the knowledge of the mail a<;ent, they should be turned over to the 
next post office on the route, and if the postage has been properly prepaid thereon, the 
postmaster at such post office should forward such packages to the destination ; but if 
not fully prepaid, the postmaster should send them to the Dead Letter Office. 

66 United States Official Postal Ghdde. 

44. When circulars are sent in bulk from one post office to another with the intention 
of having them distributed through the boxes or general delivery of the post office to 
which they are addressed, they should be paid for in full at the mailing post office at the 
rate of one cent for each ounce or fraction thereof, and in addition to such prepayment, 
the postmaster at the post office of delivery must be furnished with postage sufficient to 
pay the drop rate on each circular, but addresses may be put on the inside packages. 


45. Fourth-class matter may be registered under the. regulations governing the regis- 
tration of third-class matter. 

46. All mail-matter of the third and fourth classes must be prepaid in full in postage 
stamps at the post office of mailing, or the same shall not be forwarded. 

47. Additions with a hand stamp on any description of third or fourth-class matter are 
admissible, and will not subject the package to any additional chaise for postage. 

48. '* Spectacles " and ^* eye-glasses " may be transmitted in the mails as fourth-class 
matter when the packages conform to the requirements of section 48 in supplement of the 
Post Office Gazette for May, 1879. Section 223, L. & R. ed. 1879. 

49. There is no objection to third and fourth-class matter being mailed together in the 
same package, provided the entire package is prepaid at the higher rate for fourth-class 
matter, that is, one cent for each ounce or fraction thereof. 

50. Samples of merchandise come under the head of fourth-class matter, and may be 
accompanied with price marks, either printed or written, without subjecting them to a 
higher rate of postage than one cent for each ounce or fraction such matter must, how- 
ever, be sent in unsealed packages to be entitled to pass at the said rate. 

51. ** Patterns ** cut from paper or marked out on paper with pen, pencil, or brush may 
now be sent in the mails as fourth-class matter, at the rate of one cent for each ounce or 
fraction thereof. 


52. A postal card when it has anything written, printed, or stamped on the side in- 
tended for the address, becomes unmailable as a postal card. 

53. A postal card which has not been out of the custody of the postal officials may be 
forwarded at the request of the party named in the address to another post office, with- 
out additional charge for postage. 


54. Nothing in the Act of March 3, 1879, can be so construed as to permit *' sample 
copies " of any publication to be mailed free in the county where the same is printed or 
published ; they must be prepaid at the rate of two cents for each pound. 

55. A subscriber to a newspaper, in order to receive it free, must live in the county in 
which it is printed in whole or part and published: his post office need not be in the same 

56. Postmasters at other than letter-carrier post offices are obliged to receive and de- 
liver local (free county) publications of the second class from the boxes or general deliv- 
ery of their post offices free of postage, provided the same are properly dried, folded, and 

Ruling% of the Post Office Department. 67 


57. A member of Congress may send a bulk package of franked packages to one ad- 
dress, and the party addressed may take the bulk packages out of the post office, put 
addresses on inside packages, and return them for delivery from said post office or to be 
sent in the mails. A franked package may be forwarded the same as prepaid matter. 

68. Section 16, Act March 3, 1879 (Pub. 98), is as follows: ** That the superintend- 
ent (of the census), his chief clerk, supervisors, and enumerators are hereby authorized 
to transmit through the post office any paper or document relating to the census, by 
writing thereon, * Official Business — Census,' and subscribing the same, with the a<ldi- 
tion to his name of his official title. ^ But this privilege shall extend to nothing but docu- 
ments and papers relating to the census, which shall pass free. And any superintendent, 
supervisor, enumerator, 6r clerk who shall use or exercise this privilege for any purpose 
other than the legitimate discharge of the duties of his office shall be deemed guilty of a 
misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall forfeit for each offense a sum not exceeding one 
hundred dollars." 


59. Postmasters and their employees are forbidden to address a registered package 
for the sender, to place contents therein, or to seal a letter, or affix stamps; this must in 
all cases be done by the sender; but they must not fail to see that the stamps cover the 
full amount of postage and registry fee, as when registered matter is received at a post 
office for delivery not having the necessary stamps affixed to cover the postage and fee, 
it is not to be rated up for collection from the person addressed, but must be delivered 
without any charge. The postmaster receiving such package will report to the Tliird 
Assistant Postmaster General the additional amount of stamps which should have been 
affixed and the same will be collected from the posimaster who received the package or letter 
for registration and forwarded it without the necessary postage stamps affixed, as re- 
quired by law. In other words, under the new regulations the guilty postmaster and not 
the innocent addressee will suffer if registered matter is forwarded without the evidence 
of prepayment required by law. 

60. When matter inclosed in official penalty envelopes is registered, the registry fee 
must be paid in stamps either official or ordinary. 


61. Packages known to contain indi^jo blue should not be received into the mails. 

62. The Department cannot consent to postmasters receiving into the mails any pack- 
age known to contain ointment. 

63. The carriage of flour and other powdered substances in the mails in paper boxes or 
envelopes has been thoroughly tested an<i found impracticable, but they may be carried 
if presented under the conditions prescribed in section 223, L. & R ed. 1879. 

64. Postmasters are not supposed to be able to determine the contents of any sealed 
package offered for mailing, but in the event of any sealed packajjje becoming so broken 
in transit as to expose the fact that its contents consisted of unmailable matter, it would 
be the duty of any one handling the mails to withdraw it therefrom. 

65. Ai^icles of the fourth-class which, unless properly seciued, might destroy, de- 
face, or otherwise damage the contents of the mail-bag, or harm the person of any one 


68 United States Official Posted Ouide. 

engaged in the postal service^ may be transmitted in tlie mails when they conform to the 
fotlowins conditions: — 

Ist. They must be placed in a bag, box, or removable envelope made of paper, cloth, 
or parchment. 

2d. Such bag, box, or envelope must again be placed in a box or tube made of met^ 
or some hard wood, with sliding, clasp, or screw lid. 

3d. In case of articles liable to break, the inside box, bag, or envelope must be sur- 
rounded by sawdust, cotton, or spongy substance. 

4th. In case of sharp-pointed instruments, the points must be capped or encased, so. 
that they may not by any means be liable to cut through their inclosure, and where they 
have blades, such blades must be bound with wire, so that they shall remain firmly at- 
tached to each other* 

5th. The whole must be capable of easy inspection. Seeds, or other articles not pro- 
hibited, which are liable, from their form or nature, to loss or damage, unless speclnWy 
protected, may be put np in sealed envelopes, provided such envelopes are made of 
material sufficiently transparent to show the contents clearly, without opening. 

In requiring parties to conform to the second condition in this regulation, postmas- 
ters must bear in mind that the Department has approved of several kinds of packages 
(see United States Official Postal Guide, No. 19, ruling 48, and Guide No. 18, ruling 64) 
for the purpose, and whilst parties are not compelled to use such already approved pack- 
ages, they must be careful not to admit flour, sugar, sharp-pointed instruments, etc., into - 
the mails except in packages fully as secure as the aforesaid approved packages. 


66. The delivery of all descriptions of mail-matter must be to the person addressed, ot 
according to his order. 

67. No postmaster, assistant postmaster, or clerk employed in a post office shall be a 
contractor, or concerned in any contract for carrying the mails. 

68. A postmaster is not prohibited from holding the office of notary public, provided 
the faithful discharge of his duties is not thereby interfered with. 

69. Private citizens must prepay postage with the ordinary postage stamp on all mail- 
matter which they may desire to have sent in the mails, no matter to whom it may be 

70. If any number of citizens employ an agent, and give him an order On the postmas- 
ter for their mail, it is the duty of the postmaster to deliver the mail of such persons to 
the "named agent. This ruling does not apply to letter-carrier post offices. 

71. Post offices and their immediate surroundings must be kept free from disorderly 
persons, loungers, loafers, etc., and postmasters should call upon the civil authorities for 
aid when necessary to preserve order. 

72. The fact that a mailing postmaster has failed to rate up any package forwarded by 
him, upon which additional postage is legally due, does not relieve the delivering post- 
master from collecting the amount due. 

73.' A letter deposited in any post office, addressed to any of the Executive Depart- 
ments of the Government or head of a bureau therein, having an official postage staoip 
affixed of proper denomination, should be forwarded in the mails. 

74. The new regulations requiring all postmasters, at offices of the fourth class, to col- 

MtUinffs of the £o9t Office Department 69 

lect not n>ore than one quarter's box rent in adrance, will, after June 30th, apply to all 
postmasters at all offices, and no exception thereto will be luade. 

75. An alien may be appointed postmaster or, assistant postmaster, provided he has de- 
clared ill proper form his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and can take 
the oath as provided in section 24, page 38, Postal Laws and Regulations, ed. 1879. 

76. There is no provision in the United States statutes under which mail carriers are 
aathorized to carry arms for the protection of the mail. They must be governed by the 
law of the State* or Territory in which they perform service. 

77. Government stamped envelopes, having one address obliterated, and another sub- 
stituted « are not unmailable, provided, of course, that the stamp thereon has no appear- 
ance of ever having been canceled or the envelope of ever having been sealed and re- 

78. Postmasters must not include tlie official '* penalty envelopes " in their account 
-of stamps canceled. They are entitled to include official postage stamps, but there is no 

provision in the law which would permit the count of any matter not having a postage 
. stamp of some denomination affixed thereto, or impressed thereon, so that it may be can- 

79. The weight of packages to be sent in the mails is as follows: First class, no limit; 
second class, no limit; third class, four pounds, except in the case of single volumes of 
books weighing in excess of that amount, and documents, published or circulated by order 
of Congress, or official matter emanating from any of the Departments, or from the 
Smithsonian Institution ; fourth class, four pounds. 

80. There is nothing in the law to prohibit the carrying of second, third, or fourth 
class matter outside the mails, but if the packages should be put in a post office for de- 
livery, full postage rates must be charged and collected thereon. To carry letters outside 
of the mails unless they are inclosed in United States stamped envelopes, subjects the 
offender to a penalty of one hundred dollars, 

81. It is not expected that any person accepting the position of postmaster at any office, 
the revenues of which afford but a small sum as salary, should give up a legitimate busi- 
ness to do so, and there is nothing in the postal laws to prohibit postmasters from adver- 
tising their private business in newspapers, etc., or in so doing to use their official title 
of postmaster, though the Department prefers the omission of this latter feature. 

82. Government officials, in their observance of holidays, must be governed by the 
reo-ulations of the departments with which they are connected. Postmasters would be 
justified in observing as holidays January 1st, July 4th, December 25tli, and such days 
as the President of the United States may designate as fast and thanksgiving days. 
Upon other occasions they should write to the Department for permission to close. In 
observing holidays they should be governed by section 525, L. & R. ed. 1879, relative to 

83. Postmasters and all others in the service are forbidden to furnish information con- 
cerning mail-matter received or delivered, except to the persons to whom it is addressed, 
or their authorized agents. The messages on postal cards must not be read, except 
when necessary to facilitate their delivery, or for the purpose of determining if the same 
are unmailable by reason of the presence of obscene words or pictures thereon, nor made 
known to others. Postmasters may, when the same can be done without interference 
ivith the regular business of the office, furnish to officers of the law, to aid them in discoy* 


60 United States Official Postal Gruide. 

ering a fugitive from criminal justice, information concerning post-marks and addresses 
of letters, but must not delay or refuse their mail to the persons addressed. 

84. All letters upon which one fall rate of postage has been prepaid shall, and aU other 
fully prepaid matter may, be forwarded, at the request of the party addressed, without 
additional charge for postage. 

85. Under the provisions of section 251, P. L. & B. ed. 1879 (section 29, Act March 
3, 1877), the Department holds that communications addressed by an officer of the gov- 
ernment to a private individual, when inclosed in the official penalty envelope, provided 
by section 250, P. L. & R. ed. 1879 (section 6, Act March 8, 1877), may be transmitted 
in the "mails free of postage, when bearing the indorsement required under sections 249 
and 251, P. L. & R. ed. 1879 (section 6, Act March .3, 1877). Provided, however, these 
envelopes bear such distinctive marks as indicate* that they have been furnished by one 
of the Executive Departments of the United States. 

86. Under the statute regulating the unlawful carriage of mail-matter by private ex- 
presses, the Post Office Department does .not insist upon the right to prohibit the carriage 
of manuscript inten<]ed for publication in any printed form, otherwise than in the maily 
when unaccompanied by any matter in the nature of a personal correspondence. 


The attention of postmasters is called to the following new regulations which will ap- 
pear in the volume of Laws and Regulations soon to be issued: — 

Sec. 196. Admission of New Publications to Second-class Rates. — A tempo- 
rary permit, in tcriting, shall be granted by a postmaster to a publication when the first 
issue of the same shall be presented, accompanied by an affidavit from the publisher thereof 
tJiat the publication is published for the purposes named in section 185, unless the post- 
master shall be satisfied from internal evidence furnished by the publication itself that 
it comes within the |HH>vi60<^ that section. When such temporary permit shall be granted, 
the publication shall be entitled to pass in the mails at the rate of two cents per pound or 
fraction thereof. Such temporary permit shall be revoked by the postmaster in case the 
publication shall have sO^ changed its character as to make it no longer within the con- 
ditions named in section 185. A duplicate of such temporary permit shall be forwarded to 
the First Assistant Postmaster Grcneral whenever issued. 

Sec. 199. Entry of Second-class Publications. — After a publication has been 
determined to be of the second class, the publisher thereof may, if he desire, formally enter 
the same at the post office where mailed, and print upon each copy thereof the words, 

** Entered at the post office at as second-class matter." Publications so entered, 

and having printed upon each copy the words of entry, may be exchanged at second-class 
rates, with other second-class publications, and may beregularly sent at second-class rates, 
as complimentary, to customers or business agents of the publication, and to other persons 
solely in the interest of the publication itself or of its publishers or employees as such. 
The formal entry will consist in a written notification of the publisher's desire to the 
postmaster, who will forward a copy of such entry to the First Assistant Postmaster 
General. The unauthorized printing by a publisher of the words of entry herein prescribed, 
or their equivalent, will render him liable to the penalty prescribed in section 197. Post- 
masters should take pains to call the attention of publishers to this section, and invite 
them to enter their publications as herein set forth. 

The following forms are prescribed by the Department for Temporary Permits and 
Formal £ntry which may be written or printed, to wit : — 


= "■■?* 
.2-5 j|_g 

Important Notice to Pogtmaateri. 

lilflll litf ili^^csff i^is; 


lll^H^lil iJlilllslls-ll-l!, 



United States Official Postal Guide. 














8 and 

^ a ^ 

1^ |s^. 




ojrrt O 

ay b 




. 'V w rt o 



S -a 












C 5 






f § 




rt ^ 


•rJ « 


fn » 


.2 ee 





e< » 










CO ^ 

H ;ii 

















Important Notice to Postmasters. 65 

Postmasters are specially enjoined to examine the circular of the Third Assistant Post- 
master General respecting the use of the Postage Due Stamps to he found below. The 
law is plain and specific as to their use, especially that provision that prohihits them 
being sold to the public, or received for prepayment of postage. The Department will 
regard any violation of the terms of thi^ circular as good grounds for the removal of the 
offending postmaster. 

Postmasters will be expected to read carefully the *' Special Instructions to Postmas- 
ters " to be found upon pages 29, SO. As they have been entirely re> written, postmasters 
must familiarize themselves with the various provisions thereof, and will then be ex- 
pected to follow them out to the letter. 




Washingtoit, D. C, May 5, 1879. 

By sections 26 and 27 of the act of Congress " making appropriations for the service of the 
Post OflSce Department for the fiscal year ending Jane 30, 1880, and for other purposes/' ap- 
proved March 3, 1879, it is made the duty of postmasters to affix to all mail-matter that has ar- 
rived at destination without full prepayment of postaj^e, and hefore delivery of the same, an 
amonQtof stamps equal to the postage dae — the stamps to be of such special design as the 
Postmaster General may direct. • 

To avoid nny confuision in the accounts of postmasters with the Auditor, and on account of 
the length of time necessary to prepare for the change contemplated by the above sections in the 
mode of collecting and accounting for short-paid postage, it has been decided to have the same go 
iiUo prcKtical operation on the Ist qf July next. The Department, however, wiU begin issuing ^ some 
time during the present monk, in anticipation of the wants of postmasters, special stamps for the 
collection of postage due, of the denominations of 1, 2, 3, and 5 cents, and of the following gen- 
eral description \ A large figure, representioiyr the denomination, is placed in the centre of the 
stamp, and is surrounded by an oval of very delicate lathework. On the upper border of this 
oval the words " Postage Due " are printed in white letters ; on the lower border is the denomi- 
nation, in letters of the same kind ; on either side of the oval are the letters -' U. S/' in small 
white shields. Around the oval is a form of complex character, descrilied upon an oblong tab- 
let The general desi<^n is the same for all the stamps, the only difference being in the figures 
and lettering for the several denominations. The color of all is the same — a reddish brown. 

These stamps are intended exclusively for the collection of postage due on matter arriving at 
destination through the mails, and are to be used in -combiijation wherever required to cover un- 
Qsiial amounts of postage. They are to be canceled in the customary way after being attached 
to mail-matter, and are never to be sold or received by postmasters Jbr prepayment of postage. 

Postmasters must distinctly understand that these stamps are not to be used until the 1st of 
Joly, 1879. 

A supply of them will be sent at first to all post offices in advance of requisitions from post- 
masters, and charged to their account ; but afterwards they must be ordered on blank forms 
(No. 3285) to be furnished by the First Assistant Postmaster General. With the first supply of 
stamps, however, blank requisitions for future use will be inclosed. 

The stamps will be accounted for to the Auditor the same as other stamps, and will enter into 
the monthly report of stamps, etc., received, sold, and on hand, required by the Regulations to 
be made by postmasters at presidential offices to the Third Assistant Postmaster General. 

Third Assistant Postmaster General. 

NoTc. The Laws and Regulations governing the use of postage due stamps will be found on pp. 89, 90 (soctions 
370-274), IMW edition F. L. A E., which will shortly be in the hands of an postaUMten. 




Post Offics DspAvriniiiT, 



The law prortdes '* that no envelope, as furnished by the goyernmcnt, shall cootalr 
any lithographing or engraving, and no printing except a printed request to return the 
letter to the writer," in conformity to which provision the *^ Regulatioat respecting' 
Special Request Envelopes " have been modified as follows, viz: 

1. No order is to be taken on credit except at the postmaster's own risk, and in no 
case for less than 500 of any specified denomination bearing the same printing. 

Special Request £nvelo|)es must, in all Instances, be ordered on the blank form for- 
nished by the Department (No. 51 6). 

2. Special devices and the address of correspondents will not be printed under any cir- 
cumstances whatever, and no envelopes will be ruled or black-lined. 

3. The printino^ of cards and requests across ike end has been discontinued. In future 
they will be printed on the upper left-hand comer only. 

4. Business avocations or employments will be excluded from cards and requests. The 
name of the writer only should be given, without any reference to his occupation. 

5. Should it be desired to leave in blank the post office address of the party to whom 
the envelopes are to be made returnable, it must be so stated. 

6. \Mien the name and post office adilress only are desired, without a request to re- 
turn, the order must so specify. By law all letters bearing the name and adilress of the 
writer on the envelope are required to be returned if not delivered within thirty days. 

7. No variations will be made in the style of type, the color of ink, or the ,/bnn ofreqi»est, 
adopted by the Depar'jnent ; neither will cards or requests be surrounded by borders of 
any kind. 

8. If possible, a printed card should always accompany the order ; if not, the matter 
desired to be printed must be plainly written, in order that mistakes may oe avoided. 

9. Envelopes that may be refused on account of a misprint that has occurretl throii!;h 
no fault of the Department will, if returned, be treated as spoiled in dii^cting, and only 
the value of the postage on the same be placed to the credit of the postmaster by whom 
they were ordered. 

10. Envelopes of the first quality, except the note and extra official sizes, will be fur- 

Special Request Unvelopes. 67 

ftished of either white or amber color^ aa may be preferred. In the abience of auy in- 
■tractions to the contrary, they will he supplied in equal proportions of white and amlier. 
Envelopes of the second quality will be of cream color only ; and of the third quality, 
bine only. 

Of the note and extra official sizes only the first quality will be furnished, wldch will 
be of wrhite. 

11. Cards or requests will not be printed on newspaper wrappers f or on envelopes for 
covering circulars. 

Cards and rbqubsts must be limited to the following matter, or so much thereof as 
may be desired, to wit : First. The name of the writer^ whether individual, firm, com- 
pany, or corporation. Second, The post office address^ including number and name of 
street, name of city or town^ county and state. Third. A request to return if not de- 
livered witliin a given or blank number of days, as : ** Return to Jacob Williams, Provi- 
dence, R. I., if not delivered wiihin 10 days." 

The occupation of Uie writer, as ^' merchant," '* claim agent," " attorney at law,'' 
'* dealer in dry goods, groceries," etc., istc., must be rigidly excluded. 

This prohibition does not, however, apply to cases in which an employment may be 
indicated by a corporate name, or by the usual style of an individual, firm, or associa- 
tion, as ** Baltimore and Ohio Railroad," *^ Treasurer's Office, Erie Canal," ** Wash- 
ington Lime and Cement Co.," which may be printed as the name of the writer ; but the 
name of any individual or individuals will not be printed apart from and in addition to 
such recognized business appellation. The Department must also exclude such names as 
'^ Law Office of John Brown," ** Henry Smith*s Store," etc. No . requisition will be 
filled that may in this manner attempt to secure envelopes containing the occupation or 
business of the party for whom they are ordered. 

Any order in conllict with these regulations that may be received at the Department on 
and after this date wHL he returned unjilled. 

It must be und^stood that the provision of law quoted restricts the action of the De- 
partment only, and does not, of cour'^e, prevent parties from having stamped or other 
envelopes purchased by them printed in any manner they may desire, at their own ex- 

A. D. II A ZEN, 

Third Amstant Postmaster General 


United States Official l^ostal Guide. 


H 5| 










^ 1-^ g 




^ O 


























^ (s 
















op eg eg eg 














• • « • « 



















26 10 



88.8SS ^a8S§$ ^ 




1 74 ^ •« P^ 

" iO CO 00*0 

h h 





z^ *" • «> 





b b «« k 


• c ^ « .J ..; J * 




C C C V 




ph :v h, h. (2 (2 oL H H 




a c B a 


a e c s a 
«> « ^ «* s 
o e «. t> e 

eo»ooeee*o i^ 




CB 9 

M'*' a 



•b ^^ 

so J a 








o o 

X i, - 

S.S1 S • 



55.^55. tS5 5539 

SaaiBBbcad aaafl 

ce*e«c9e7co«oee*o eotaeoao 



Prieet of Stamped Unvelopet and Wrapper*. 



^^^^ti s;c:^q t,^ 

^S^^' : 

























J! « 









P tf 

0^0 5 







Section 2. Hereafter no sub-letting or transfer of any mail contracts shall be i>er* 
mitted without the consent in writing of the Postmaster General ; and whenever it shall 
come to the knowledge of the Postniaster General that any contractor has sub-let or 
transferred his contract, except with the consent of the Postmaster General as aforesaid, 
the same shall be considered as violated, and the service may be again advertised as 
herein provided for; and the contractor and his securities shall be liable on their bond 
to the Unite<l States for any damage resulting to the United States in the premises. 

Skc. 3. Hereafter when any person or periK>ns being under contract with the Govern- 
ment of the United States for carrying the mails, shall lawfully sub-let any such eon- 
tract, or lawfully employ any other person or persons to perform the service by such 
contractor agreed to be performed, or any part tliereof, he or they shall file in the office 
of tlie Second Assistant Postmaster General a copy of his or their contract ; and there- 
upon it shall be the duty of the Second Assistant Postmaster General to notify the Au- 
ditor of the Treasury for the Post Office Department of the fact of the filing in his office 
of such contract. Said notice shall embrace the name or names of the original con- 
tractor or contractors, the number of the route or routes, the name or names of the sub- 
contractor or sub-contractors, and the amount agreed to be paid to the sub-contractor 
or sub-contractors. And upon the receipt of said notice by the Auditor of the Treasury 
for the Post Office Department, it shall be his duty to retain, out of the amount due 
the ori«;inal contractor or contractors, the amount stated in said notice as agreed to be 
paid to the sub-contractor or sub-contractors, and shall pay said amount, upon the cer- 
tificate of the Second Assistant Postmaster General, to the sub-contractor or sub-con- 
tractors, under the same rules and regulations now governing the payments made to 
original contractors: Provided, That upon satisfactory evidence that the original con- 
tractor or contractors have paid off and discharged the amount due under his or their 
contract to the sub-contractor or sub-contractors, it shall be the duty of the Second As- 
sistant Postmaster General to certify such fact to the Auditor of the Treasury for the 
Post Office Department ; and thereupon said Auditor shall settle with the original con- 
tractor or contractors, under the same rules as are now provided by law for such settle- 





Jci,r 1, 1879. 

*n«iT N T 





K, Skndlfo'^nl? 
L, T«on,. 

T, WhHiMhHif . 
Pittoburgh P» 

HiST' S 

^^^ ii^ 



MDiml ADhnrB. 
NepmiW Vtll.g.. 


PotWrtll. Pi 


RocteBlflr N Y 

gUnUDMiA Mo 

8«D(LouC> Ho 












Hoitli St. Lonlt. 
8iLiitF>al ....KlBB 



B,8. W.w. <4Ta 

ud Hirket Sti. 


;br SJ 



Cd« N. T 

WohingtoB....I>. C 

Wbtnllng V.Vil 

WllmiogtoD. Del 


For rates of p 


ge on local papqrs, etc., at letler-cmrier 


H, we p. IS. 


N. B. The information given below is/umished by the respective Postmastert, 


Baltimore . 






New York and points bayond * 

Boston and Eastern States 

Buffalo, Chicago, etc 

Bastem Vermont and New Hampshire 

Albany and Canada Line 

Susquehanna and Erie route 

Philadelpliia, Way 

Delaware, Way 

Ilarrisburgh, Way 

Washington, Way 

Eastern Mail 

Baltimore and WiUiarasport R. P. O 

Baltimore and Grafton R. P.O < 

Washington and Lynchburgh R. P. 


South, via Washington and Weldon R. P. .... . 

Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Lowell 

Burlington, Montpelier, St. Albans, St. Johns 





Calais, Eastport, N. B., and Nora Scotia 

Cape Cod 



New Haren. 


Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and the 



Chicago, and points east of Omaha 

California, and points west of Omaha 

Canada East 

Canada West 

New York 

Boston, Albany, and New Ei^. States 

Erie, Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, St. Louis, and 

points beyond 






Richmond, Va., and all points beyond 

WeHtand Northwest 

Toledo, Ohio, and points beyond, including New 
JSngland States 

Detroit, and points beyond, including Canada. . . 

Pittsburgh, and points beyond Philadelphia 

TenneHHee, Kentucky, Oeorgia, South Carolina, 
North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, ma ICankakee, Washington, and points 

between Cincinnati and Washington 



A. M. 




46, 616 



{ lite 
( 12-85, 
\ 9 
830, 10*86 

( 6-30 





( 6-30,8-50 

{ 616 

I 615 

( 616,6-30 




[ 1, 8- 16 
1, 815 


6, 7-50 

8, 11-60 

8, 11-60 



5-40, 8 


p. M. 

1, 3, 11 36 

1, 2-60, 10 

2-20, 9-20 






4, 8, 9-90 


12-10, 3-80, 

116, 7-15 


1-80, 6-30, 





1-15, 4-20, 
6-11, 10-30 
6-11, 10-301 
1 15, 4-20, 
6-11, 8-36, 


115, 4-20, 

6-11, 8-35 

2-40, 1030 

2-25, 10-05 

2-25, 1005 







1, 6-30, 8 





Mails close fob 
samb places. 

A. H. 

1, 5, 9-45 






6, 9- 16 

3-60, 9, 
6 30. 10-30 

7-a), 11 

6-30, 7-30, 

7-30, 11-30 



4, 730. 

8-30, 10-30 

4, 7-30, 




8-30, 12 



7-20, 11-80 
7-20, 11-20 








p. M. 

2-30. 4-45, 













2-90, 630 

1-80, 4-30 












12*40, 7 










Arrived and Closing of Mails at Principal Cities. 73 






Mails ARunnoM 

EvaiuBTille, Indiana, tna Chicago, Danrille, and 
Yincennes Railroad 

Milwaukee, and points beyond, inelnding Minne- 

]>ubttque, and points beyond 

Cedar Bapids, and points beyond 

Darenport, and points beyond, including Union 
Fteiflo Bailroad 

Quincy, and points beyond, inelnding Nebraska, 

Bt. liouis, and points beyond 

Green Bay, and points beyond, including penin- 
sular Michi^^an 

Cairo, and points beyond 

Albany , Buffalo, Brie, Fa., CleTeland 0., and 
New York State, and Canada^ also, Lake Shore 
Bailway Post Office, New York Central R. P. 0., 
New York and Erie B. P. 0., Springfield, 0., 
and Delaware, 0., and all points between Cin- 
cinnati and Cleyeland, 

Toledo, Detroit, and the North 

Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, Viigiida, 
Delaware, and North Carolina, Parkersbuigh, 
W. Va., Marietta, 0., Athens, 0., Chillicothe, 0., 
and points on Baltimore and Qraiton R. P. 0... 

St. Louis, Mo., Cairo, 111., Yincennes, and Wash- 
ington, Ind., Cin. and St. Louis R. P. 0., and 
all points between Cincinnati and St. Louis, 

Chicago, Indianapolis, La&yette, Terre Haute, 
Quincy, 111., Peoria, 111.^ Omalia, San Francis- 
co, Sacramento, the Territories and Northwest, 
and all points between Chicago, Indianapolis, 
and Cin^nnati 


LouisTille and Nashville R. P. 0., and the South. 

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh 


New York City 

New York & Chicago R. P. 0., East of Cleveland 
New York & Chicago R. P. 0., West of Cleyehuid 

Cleyeland & Cincinnati R. P. 0. (Night line) 

Cleveland & Cincinnati R. P. 0. (Day line) 

Cleveland & Indianapolis R. P. 

Cleveland & Cincinnati Way Mail 

Cleveland & Pittsburgh Agent 

Clevehmd & Pittsburgh Way Mail 

Cleveland, Hudson, & Columbus Agent 

Cleveland & Sharpsville Agent 

Cleveland & Sharpsville Way MaU 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Cleveland, 
Lake Shore £. of Cleveland, R. P. 0., New York, 
and New England States 

Chicago, California, and N. W. Territories 

St. Louis 

Kansas, Colorado. New Mexico, Aris., Indian Ter. 

Nashville, Mempnis, New Orleans, and all South 
em States 

Lexington and Frankfort 

Louisville and Lexington Railroad Way Mail .... 

Louisville and Evansville Mail Boat 


Shelbyvllle, Ky 

New Albany, Ind 

Jeffersonville, Ind 

A. M. 










4-10, 11-46 

680, 1110 
6-80, 1110 
i 6-30, 
1 U-lO 

6-36 • 







9, 1116 

9, 11 15 

F. M. 







Mails oloss foe 


6-80, 11 
8 46, 7-aO 



8-80, 11 
6-80, 8, 11 

1-40, 7-05 
2-25, 10- 10 







11-60, 8-26 



A. M. 






4-10, 680 





410, 780 
410, 7-80 
4-10, 7-80 







P. M. 







12-80, 8-46 




2-40, 7-40 




12-30, 8, 

2-20. 10 
. 1-30,7 


2-80, 12 



6-50, 12 









5-50, 12 



United States Official Postal Guide, 



New Orleans 

Keiv York.... 



Mails arrivz fbom 

Bardetown, Ky 

Paducah, Ky 

Louisville and Paducah Way Mail 

Chicago, and points beyond^ East, South and West 
Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad, Way — Racine, 

Kenosha, Waukegan, etc 

Western Union Railroad and connections 

Prairie du Chien Div., Chicago, Milwaukee, and 

St. Paul Railroad and connections 

La Crosse Diy., Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul 

Railroad and connections 

Milwaukee and Northern, and Wisconsin Central 

R. R. fo Green Bay^ Stevens Point, and beyond. 
Chicago and Northwestern Railroad to Fond du 

Lac, Oshkosh, Green Bay, and Lake Superior. . 
Milwaukee, Lake Shore, and Western R.R., toOzau. 

kee, Sheboygan, and Manitowoc, and Two Rivers 
Manistee, Ludington, Pent Water, Flint, and Pere 

Marquette R. R 

Gran4 Haven, D., &'M. R. R 

Nori;hem and Western States, Territories, Canada, 

via Jackson route 

Atlantic States,' via Mobile 



East, Th^^ough Mail 

East, Way Mail 

Canada, fia Montreal , 

Canada, via Toronto 

Canada, via Ihuniltpn 

Canada, via Kingston. 

Canada, via Ottawa 

Quebec. 1 .... 1 ........ . 


North. Through Mail, via Hudson River and New 
York Central Railroads 

North, Way Mail , Via Harlem Railroad 

South, Through Mail ;........... ,.. 

Philadelphia, Way Mail .*... 


West, Through Mail * 

Washington ^ 

New York City '..,. 

Boston and points beyond 

Pittsburgh and points beyond 

Baltimore, Washington, and points beyond 


Southern New Jersey 


New York '- 

Boston and Baltimore 


Cincinnati and Louisville 

A. M. 











J 11-30 
I 3,6 

6, *4 30 
6, §430 

6, {4-30 




*3, 6-30, 

10, 11-30 

f3, 630, 
§730, 12 






7, 9-40 


p. M. 

12-45, 830 

12*46, 8-30 





1230, 730 


130 *7-30, 






§4-30, 6, 





3, ♦S. 6, 


*7, *8-30 

1230, 2*46, 

9-30, 10-30 
4;30, 8-30. 
4.-30, 8 

2-40, 7-30, 

Mails closb jtok 
bams plaoes. 

A. K. 







8, 11-30 
8, 11-30 
8, 11-30 



8, 11-35 




5-30, 6-30, 
8, 11*30 


2, 6 30, 
7i 10, 12 

2, 6-30, 
7, 10, 12 






. 8 



12*30, 7-30 


12 30,9 







3-40, 5-20, 

8 12 








4-30, 10-3' 


2-30, 4-30, 

8, 10-30 



2*30, 5*46, 

2*30, 5-45, 


2-30, uao 



6 40, 12 . 

3, 10*15 

* Sunday included 

$ Sunday only. 

Arrival and Closing of MaUs at Principal Cities. 7S 




Mails ksartM jtbom 

8mi Vr*elii«o. 

tiiiVTiied Jan. 

SI* Louis.. ••• 




St. Louis 


Northern Mail 

Southern Mail 

DanTille Mail 

Norfolk and Petersburgh 

Chesapeake & Ohio. 

Eureka route, via CloTerdale 

Napa route and Sacramento, ma Yallejo 

NOTthem California, Ox«gon, tl^ashlngtoD Terr. . . 

OTerland, Bastem States, and Europe 


San RafaeL San Qnentin, etc 

San Jose, &uita Clara, etc 

Southern California, Coast Bx>ute. 

Stockton, via G. P- R. K • 

Visalia, Kern, Tulare, San Bernardino, Los 

Angeles, and Arisona 

Great Britain, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. . 
Portland, Astoria, and Washington Territory, per 

steamer, every 6 da^s 

Victoria and British Columbia, per steamer, leave 

10th , 20th, and 90th of each month 

Australia, New Zealand, Honolulu, etc., every 

four weeks : 

Panama, Acapulco, etc., three times a month. . . . 
Maiatlau, Guaymas, La Phs, etc., once a month.. 
China, Japan, and East India, twice a month. ... 

Boston, Albany, Buffalo, New England, New York, 
Detroit, Canada, Eastern Mi<;^igan, Philadel- 
phia, Wheeling, Pittsburgh, Toledo, and For- 
eign. Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Terre Ilaute 

Washington, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Louisville, 
Parkersburgh, Richmond, North Carolina, Vir- 
ginia, and Delaware 

Cl^cago. Milwaukee, Springfield, St. Paul, Quin- 
cy, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northern Mich. 

Alton, Jacksonville, Peoria, Quincy, Hannibal, 
and Keokuk 

Rock Island, Burlington, Davenport, Peoria, 
Keokuk, and N. E. Iowa 

Chillicothe, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Kansas, 
Arizona, New Mexico, St. Charles 

Points on the Missouri Pacific Railroad 

Points on the St. Louis and San Francisco R. R. . 

Memphis, Vicksburgh, Mobile, Montgomery, and 
New Orleans 

Hot Springs, Little Rock, Houston, Dallas, Pales- 
tine, Shreveport, Galveston 

Cairo, Memphis, and West Tennessee, Vicksburgh, 
Mobile, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama.. 

Nashville, East Tennessee, Chattanooga, Atlanta, 
Augusta, Savannah, Charleston, S. C, Georgia, 
South Carolina, Florida, and Evansville 

New York R. P. 0., and points east 

N. C. R. R., Buffalo, W. Canada, Lake Shore, etc. 
Western Ifail, Cincinnati, and points beyond.. . . 

New Orleans 

Lynchburgh, including intermediate points to 

New Orleans, etc 

Washington & Petersburgh Railroad 

• Sundays excepted. 

A. M. 





















I 6-80 

5-20, 806 


p. M. 
116, 816 
420, 8-15 






















616, 9-40 




Mails closb for 
8ahx placks. 

A. M. 























p. M. 
1-10, 1016 


















12-46, 6, 





With Number of Ol&oea June 1, 1879. 

Ala : . . . .Alabama I,0i9 

Alaska. . .Alaska Ter ; 2 

Ariz Arizona Ter 72 

Ark Arkansas ........815 

Cal California 834 

Colo Colorado 290 

Conn . . . . Connecticut 443 

Dak Dakota Ter .268 

Del Delaware 167 

D. C. . . .Dist. of Columbia. . 46 

Fla Florida 302 

Ga Georgia 955 

Idaho.. . . Idaho Ter. . .'. 91 

111 Illinois 1,9.52 

Ind Indiana 1,609 

Ind. T.. .Indian Ter 68 

Iowa . . . .Iowa 1,465 

Kans Kansoif 1,377 

Ky Kentucky 1,277 

La Louisiana ....... .417 

Me..... Maine 922 

Md. . . . Maryland 668 

Mass.. . .Massachusetts. . . . 744 

Mich. . . Michigan 1,914 

Minn. . .Minnesota 944 

Miss . . . Mississippi ..,,.•. .657 

Mo Missouri .1,626 

Mont.. . Montana Ter 120 

Nebr . . . Nebraska 680 

Nev Nevada 114 

N. H. . .New Hampshire. .455 

N. J.. . .New Jersey 676 

N. Mex.New Mexico Ter. .103 

N. Y...New York 2,914 

N. C... .North Carolina.. 1,358 
Ohio... Ohio 2,309 


J». I . . • . 

o. O • . • ■ 

Tenn. . . 
xex . . . . 
V *• • • * .. 
▼ «••*•.. 
W. Va.. 


Wyo . . . 

Oregon 357 

Pennsylvania. . • 8^330 

Rhode Island 110 

Soudi Carolina. • ,563 

Tennessee 1 ,305 

Texas 1,206 

UtahXer 197 

Vermont 494 

Virginia 1,654 

Washington Ter. . 196 
West Virginia... 842 

Wisconsin 1,323 

Wyoming Ter. . . ..60 

Increase since ]H[arch 1, 
1879. 630 

Explanations. — The name of the oflioe is given first, then the county, and last, the State or. Territory. 

Those printed in shall capital letters designate the capitals of the States and Tendtoiies. 

Those printed in italics, with a small c. k. in pamnthesis, indieate the oottnty teats. 
. Those printed in italics, with a large C. H., also indicate the county seats, md the UMwtB C. H. form a put of 
the name of the office. 







AARON, SwitMilMid. .iDd 
AuwuBbuigh, Centre. . .F» 
AaroQ's Run, Montgom- 

«T ^7 

Abftitu, Wiirvea Jfo 

AUbemUe (c. A.), neiii7..AU 
JUbemlU {e. A.), Wilcox. .Ga 
iKetHOc {e. A.), Ver- 

Billion ;I* 

AbbeTille, La Vtkjetto.Waa 
AbbeinlU C. H., Abbe- 

irtUe S.O 

AbbeyTUle, Medina. . .Ohio 

Abbot, Piscataquis He 

Abbott, Hardin Iowa 

Abbott, Craig Va 

AbbottsboTgh, Bladen.N. C 
Abbott's Comen, Srie.N Y 
Abbott's Greek, Dayid- 

8oa N 

Abbottstown, Adams. . . .Fa 
Abbot Village, Piscata- 

Kiis He 
'8 Valley, Tasewell.Va 
Abbyrille, Heeklen- 

hvagh Va 

Abenken, Ohio Ind 

Aberdeen. Harford Hd 

Aberdeem (e.A.),Honxoe.HiBS 

Abenieen, Brown Ohio 

Aberfoil. Bnlloelc Ala 

AbematiiT, Cleburne.. Ala 
Abe's Spring {e,k.),C9l' 

boun Via 

Abls, Bntler Nebr 

AlnUne {e. A.), Dickin- 

son ...Kbds 

Abingdon, Knox Ill 

Abingdon, Jefferson.. Iowa 

Abingdon, Harford Hd 

Abingdon («. A), Wash- 
ington Va 

Ablngton, Windham.. C<Min 

Abington, Wayne Ind 

Abington, Fly mouth.. Mass 

Abington, Colfax Nebr 

Abington, Montgomery . Fa 
Abiquiu, Rio Arriba.N. Hex 

Ableman, Sauk Wis 

Abney's Farm, Denton. Tex 

Aboite, Allen ^ . . . . Ind 

AbroQia, Allegan Hich 

Ab«eota, Calhoun. . . .Hich 
Abaeeom, Atlantte. . . .N. J 
i^ndemia, Juniata Pa 

Academio, Allen Ind 

Aoademy, Ontario. . . .N. T 
Academy ,Pocahontas.W.Va 
Aoademy Comers, Tio8a.Fa 
Acampo, 8aa Joaquin. .Cal 

Acasto, Cla»e Ho 

Accident, Garrett. Hd 

Aecokeek, Prince Qeoige's. 

Ateomach C. If., Ac- 
comack. Va 

Accord, Ulster N. T 

Aocotink, Fairfax Va 

Acequia, Douglas Colo 

AchUl, Roscommon... Hich 
Aclior, Columbiana.. .Ohio 

Acker, Perry Fa 

AokermanviUe, North- 
ampton Pa 


Aokley, Hardin Iowa 

Ackley , Ottawa. Kans 

Aokley Station, Warxen« .Pa 
Ack worth, Warren... Iowa 

Acme, Concordia. La 

Aome,Oiand TrayetscHioh 
Acorn Hill, Frederick . . Va 
Acorn lUdge, Stoddard .Ho 

Acrtf^ Greene N. Y 

A<mm, Hale Ala 

AcKm, Oian^ Fia 

Acton, Pembina ....... Dak 

Acton, Harion Ind 

Acton, York He 

Acton, Hiddlesex Hass 

Acton, Richland S. 

Acton, Hood Texas 

Acushnet, Bristol Hass 

Acworth, Cobb Ga 

Acworth, SulliTui. . . .N. H 

Ada, Ottawa Kans 

Ada, Kent Hich 

Ada, Folk Uinn 

Ada, Choctaw Hiss 

Ada, Hardin Ohio 

Ada, lAmpasas Tex 

Ada, Sheboygan Wis 

Adair, HcDonough Ill 

Adair, Adair Iowa 

Adair, St. Clair Hich 

Adair, Adair Ho 

Adatrs Creek, Knox..Tenn 

Adairsville, Bartow Ga 

Adairyille, Logan Ky 

Adairrille, Kane Utah 

Adaliue, Harshall. . . W. Va 

Adams, Adams Ill 

Adams, Decatur Ind 

Adams, Huseatine. . . .Iowa 
Adams, Berkshire. . . . Hass 

Adams, Hower Hinn 

Adams, Gage Nebr 

Adams, JeffenMm N. Y 

Adams, Seneca Ohio 

Adams, Armstrong Fa 

Adams, Walworth Wis 

Adams' Basin. Honroe.N. Y 
Adamsborougn, Cass. . .Ind 
Adamsburgh, Westmore- 

laod Fa 

Adams Centre, Jefferson.. . 

N. Y 
Adams Centre. Adams. Wis 
Adams Comers, Futaiam.... 

Adams' Junction, Al- 
lamakee Iowa 

Adams' Hills, Union. .N. 
Adams Hills, Huskin- 

gum Ohio 

A(Umson, Books Kans 

Adams Peak, Pottawat- 
omie Kans 

Adams Ridge, DelUnoe.Ohio 
Adams Run, Collet<Ni. .8. C 
Adams' Station, Allen.. Ind 
Adams' Statiou, Albany N.Y 
Adams Station, Robert- 
son Tenn 

Adamstown, Frederick .Ud 
Adamstown Lancaster ..Pa 
Adamsyille, Bradley ...Ark 

Adarosyille, Kent Del 

Adamsyille, Fulton Ga 

Adamsyille, FranUin..Hass 

Adamsyille, Cass Hich 

Adamsyille, Greene. . . .Hiss 
Adamsyille, Washington. . . 

Adamsyille, Huskingum... 

Adamsyille, Crawford. . . .Pa 
Adamsyille, Newport. . .R. I 
Adamsyille, HcNairy. .Tenn 
Adamsyille, Beayer. . . . Utah 
Adamsyille, Harrison. W.Va 

Adamsyille, Iowa Wis 

Adario. Richland Ohio 

Addieville, Washington. .111 
Addison, Tuscaloosa. ..Ala 

Addison, Dn Page HI 

Addison, Humboldt. . .Iowa 

Addison, Lenawee Hieh 

Addison, Steaben N. Y 

Addi0on»GaUia. ,Oblo 

Addison , Somerset Pa 

Addison, Addison Vt 

Addison, Washington.. Wis 
Addison Hill, Steuben.. N.Y 
Addison Junction, Essex.. 

Addison Point, Wash- 
ington He 

Adel, Berrien Qa 

Atiei (c, h. )j Dallas. . . . Iowa 

Adel, Sheridan Kans 

Adel, Heroer Ho 

Adelaida, San Luis Obispo. . 


Adeline, Ogle Ill 

Adell, Sheboygan Wis 

Adelphi, Polk Iowa 

Adelphi, Rose Ohio 

Adena, Je ff wson Ohio 

AdHall,Hilam ...Tex 

Adin, Hodoc Cal 

Adirondack, Warren. . .N. Y 
Adkin's Mills, Wayne. . . . 

W. Va 
AdkinsviUe, Wayne. . W. Va 
Adoiah, Washington. . .Nebr 
Adobetown, Hadison..Hont 

Adrian , Hancock Id 

Adrian (e.A. ), liSnawee.Uieh 

Adrian, Nobles Hinn 

Adrian, Steuben N. Y 

Adrian, Seneca Ohio 

Adrian, Armstrong Pa 

Adyance, Boone Ind 

Adyance, Guthrie Iowa 

Adyance, Charieyoix. .Mich 

Advance, Davie N. 

Adyance, Indiana Pa 

Adyeyille. Perry Ind 

Aetna, Newaygo Hich 

Affton, St. Louis Ho 

Afton, Berrien Ga 

Afion (e. A.), Union.. .Iowa 

A[fton, Sedgwick Kans 

Aflon, Washington... Hinn 

Afton, Frontier N«br 

Afton, Horris N J 

Alton, Chenango N. Y 

Afton, Clermont Ohio 

Afton, Nelson Va 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices* 

Afloo, Rock Wis 

Agawam, Hampden. . .Mass 

Agency, Buchanan Mo 

Agency City Wapello. Iowa 

Agenda, Republic Kanii 

Agnes City, Lyoni . . . .Kant 
Agricola, Mahaska. . . .Iowa 

Agricola, Parker Tex 

Agricultural College, 

Prince George's Md 

Agua Fria Valley, Yar- 

apai Ariz 

Ahnapee, Kewaunee. ...Wis 

Ai, Fulton Ohio 

Aid, Lawrence Ohio 

Aiken {c. h.), Aiken. . . .S. C 
Allan thus Groye, Norton . . 


Aimwell, Catahoula La 

Ain, Grant Ark 

Ainsworth, Washington. . . . 


Alley's, Dorchester Md 

Airfield , Southampton . . . Ta 
Air Hill, Montgomery . .Ohio 

Air Line, Hart Ga 

Air Mount, Yalabusha. Miss 

A ir Point, Roanoke Ya 

Airville, York Pa 

Airy Dale, Huntingdon. .Pa 
Aitkin (e. h.), AitUn..Minn 

AkersTille, Foltoo Pa 

Akin, FnukkUn Ill 

Akron, Peoria Ill 

Akron, Fulton.. Ind 

Akron, Tuscola Mich 

Akron, Harrison Mo 

Akron, Erie N.Y 

Akron {e. A.), Sommit.Ohk) 

Akron, Lancaster Pa 

Alabama, Union La 

Alabama, Genesee N. Y 

Alabama, Polk Wi» 

Alabama Funiaoe, Tal- 
ladega Ala 

Alabaster, loseo. .... .Mich 

Alaculsy, Murray Ga 

Aladdin, Douglas Kans 

Alafia, Hillsborough FLa 

Alamanda , Northampton . Pa 

Alameda, Alameda Gid 

Alameda, Eastland Tex 

Alamo, Contra Costa. . .Cal 

Alamo, Gadsden Fla 

Alamo, Montgomery.. . .Tnd 
Alamo, Kalamaaoo. . . .Mich 
Alamo {e. h. ), Crockett«Tenn 

Alamo Mills, Cass Tex 

Alamosa, Conejos Colo 

Alamota, Lane Kans 

Aianthus Grove, Gentry .Mo 
Alanthus Hill, Ebneock .... 


Alaska, Owen Ind 

Alaska, Kent Mich 

Alaska, Kewaunee Wis 

Alba, Antrim Mich 

Alba, Fillmore Minn 

Alba, Jasper Mo 

Alba, Bradford Pa 

Albade, Caldwell Tex 

Alban, Portage Wis 

Albanyille, Monroe Wis 

AlbHuy, Leyy Fla 

Albany (e. A.), Dougherty.Qa 

Albany, Whitesides Ill 

Albany, Delaware Ind 

Albany, Davis Iowa 

Albany, Nemaha Kans 

Albany (e. A.), Clinton. .Ky 

Albany, Oxford Me 

Albany, Stearns Minn 

Albany {e. A.), Gentry. . .Mo 
AlBAMt (r. At ), Albany .'.K. Y . 
Albany, Tuscarawas. . .Ohio 
Albany (c. A.), Linn. ..Oreg 

Albany, Berks Pa 

Albany {e. A.), Shackel- 

ford Tex 

Albany, Orleans Vt 

Albany, Green Wis 

Albany Centre, Orleans. .Tt 
Albany Landing, Cum- 
berland Ky 

Albaton, Monona. . . . .Iowa 
Albemsrle, Assumption . .La 
Albemarle (c.A.), Stanly .N. C 

Alberta, Meigs Ohio 

Albert Lea [e. A.), Free>- 

born ..Minn 

Alberton, Coffee Ala 

Alberton, Howard Md 

Albertson, Duplin N. C 

Alberts, Luxeme Pa 

AlbertTille, Marshall ..Ala 
Albia (e. A.|, Monroe.. Iowa 
Albia, Washington . . . .Kans 

Albina, Howell Mo 

Albina, Multnomah . . . Oreg 

Albion, Mendocino Cal 

AUnon (e. A.), Edwards. .Ill 
Albion (e. A. ). Noble .... Ind 

Albion, Marshall Iowa 

Albion, Kennebec Me 

Albion, Calhoun Mich 

Albion, Wright Minn 

Albiim.{e. A.), Boone.. Nebr 
Albion (e. A.), Orleans. N. Y 

Albion, Ashland Ohio 

Albion, Brie Pa 

Albion, Providence. , . .R. I 

Albion, Dane Wis 

Albright, Preston. . . .W. Ta 
Albrightsville, Carbon. .Pa 
Albwpterqtu {e, A.y, 

Bernalillo N. Bfex 

Albuquerque, Wilson. .Tex 
Alburgh, Franklhi . . . .N. Y 

Alburgb, Grand Isle Tt 

Alburgh Centre, Grand 
Isle Vt 

Albut|;h Springs, Grand 
Igjg Y^ 

Alburtis,' Lehigh.' .' \ '. '. '. '. .Pa 
Aleatras, San Francisco. Cal 

Alchie, Halifax Va 

Alco, Stone Ark 

Alcona, Rooks Kans 

Alcona, Alcona Mich 

Aleony, Miami Ohio 

Alda, Hall Nebr 

Alden, McHenry Ill 

Alden, Hardin Iowa 

Alden, Freeborn Minn 

Alden, Brie N.Y 

Alden, King George. . . . Va 

Alden, Polk Wis 

Alden Centre, Erie. . . .N. Y 

Aldenville, Wayne Pa 

Alder, Union Oreg 

Alder Branch, Anderson. . . 

Alderbrook, Indepen- 
dence Ark 

Alder Brook, Graf ton. N. H 
Alder Brook, Franklin.N. Y 

Alder Creek, Ouray. . . .Oolo 
Alder Creek, Oneida. . N. Y 
Alder Grove, Burt. . . .Nebr 

Alderley, Dodge Wis 

Alderson's, Monroe. . . W. Va 
Addarton, Pierc^. .\. .jH^ash 

Aldie, liMidoun. '. . : Va 

Aldon, Perry Tenn 

Aldriehj Wadena Minn 

Aldrich'S Crossing, Spott- 

sy Ivania Va 

AUdo (e. A.), Meroer Ill 

Alembic, Isabella Mich 

Aleppo, Greene Fk 

Alert, Decatur Ind 

Alert, Riley Kans 

Alert, Butler Ohio 

Alexander, Pulaski. ...Ai^ 
Alexander, Burke. ..<.... Ga 

Alexander, Morgan Ill 

Alexander, Rush Kans 

Alexander, Washing^n . .Me 
Alexander, Genesee. . .N. Y 
Alexander City, Talla- 
poosa Ala 

Alexandersville, Mont- 
gomery Ohio 

Alexandra, Yava^Jai .... Aris 
Alexandria, Calhoun . . . Ala 
Alexandria, Madison... Ind 
Alexandria, Campbell .. .Ky 
Alexandria le. A.), Bap- 
ides La 

Alexandria {e. A.), 

Douglas Minn 

Alexandria, Clarke. Mo 

Alexandria, Thayer... Nebr 
Alexandria, Grafton. . .N. H 
Alexandria, Jefferson. .N. Y 
Alexandria, Licking. . .Ohio 
Alexandria, Hontingdon.Pa 
Alexandria, De Kalb. .Tenn 
Alexanthia (e. A.), Alex- 
andria Va 

Alexandriana, Mecklen- 

bnrgh N. C 

Alexandria, Chippewa. .Wis 

Alexis, Warren. .. . , Ill 

Alexis, Tunica. ...... .Miss 

Alexis, Butler Nebr 

Alfottte, Bfadison ^Ind 

Alford, Berkshire Ms^s 

Alford, Susquehanna. ..Pa 
Alford's Mill, Walton.. Fhi 
Alfordsville, Daviess . . . .Ind 
Alfordsville, Robeson. N. 

Alfred (c. A.), York Me 

Alfted, Allegany N. Y 

Alfred, Meigs Ohio 

Alfred Centre, Allegany. N.Y 
Al^nsee, Branch .... Mich 

Algiers, Orleans La 

Algodon, Ionia Mich 

Algoma, Pontotoc Miss 

Algona (c. A.), Kossuth .Iowa 

Algonac, St. Clair Mich 

Algonquin, McHenry. . . .Ill 

Algonquin, Carroll Ohio 

Algood, Spartanburgh. .S. C 

Alhambra, Madison Ill 

Alice, Grundy Iowa 

Aliceton, Boyle. . , Ky 

Alicfai, I^wrence Ark 

Alicuri, Ness Kans 

Alida, La Porte Ind 

Alida, Davis Kans 

Aline, Snyder Pa 

Alkali Flat.Whitman.Wash 

Alkire'fl MUli. Lewis W.V^ 
Allaire, Monmouth. . . .N. JF 
Allamakee, Allamakee. lowm 
AUamuchy, Warren. . .N. ^ 

Allandale, Banks 0tt 

AlIapaH) IB^rrien Gaa 

AllalooiM^ fiartow G» 

Allegan, Rice Kans 

Altegan (e. A.), Allc^n.Mida 
Allegany, Cattaraugus. N. Y' 

All^hany , Sierra Cal 

Alleghany Spring, Mont- 
gomery V» 

Alleghany Station, Al- 
leghany Va 

Allegheny, Allegheny. . . p!a 
Allegheny Bridge, Me- 

Kean Pa 

Allemance, Guilford . . . N. 
AUemand^s, St. Charles . . La 

Alleman's, Clearfield Pa 

Allen, Miami Tnd 

Allen, Lyon Kans 

Allen, Natchitoches Lft 

Allen , Hillsdale Mich 

Allen, Allegany N. T 

Allen, Cumberland Pa 

Allen, Collin Tex 

Allen Creek, Oceana. . .Bfich 

Allendale, Solano Cal 

Allendale, Wabash Ill 

AHendale, Green Kj 

Allendale, Ottawa. . . .BSieh 
Allendale, Worth ....... Mo 

AUendale, Beiven N. J 

Allendale, Jefferson . . Jf . T 
Allendale, Barnwell.. ..S. C 
Allenport, Washington. .Pa 

Allen's, Richmond Ga 

Allen's, Miami. ... Ohio 

Allen-s Creek, Monroe.. Ind 
Allen's Creek, Amherst . Ya 
Allen'R Factory, Marion. Ala 
Allen's Fresh, Charles.. Md 
Allen's Grove, Scott. ..Iowa 
Allen's Grove, Wal- 
worth Wis 

Allen's mil. Ontario... N. Y 
Allen's Mills, Carroll . . ..Ga 
Allen Springs, Lake. . . .Cal 
Allen Springs, Lane.. Kans 
Allen Springs, Allen . . . . Ky 

Allen's Spring, Pope Ill 

Allen's Store j Tisho- 
mingo Miss 

Allen's Store, Athens.. Ohio 
Allen^town, Merrimack.N.fl 
Aliens ville, Switzerland. . . 


Allensville, Todd Ky 

Allensville, Vinton Ohio 

Allenaville, Mifflin PH 

Allensville, Sevier. . . . Tenn 

AUenton, Wlicox Ala 

Allen ton, St. Louis Mo 

AUenton Robeson . . . .N. C 
Allenton, WaHhlngton..R. I 
AUentown, Turner. . . .Dak 
Allen town, Tazewell .... Ill 
AUentown, Monmouth . N. J 

AUentown, Allen Ohio 

AUentown (e. A ), Lebigh.Pft 
Allenville, Cape Girar- 
deau Mo 

Allenwood, Monmouth N.J 

AUenwood, Union Pa 

Allerton, Wayne Iowa 

AUeyton, Newaygo. . . .Mich 

Alpht^eUeal List cf Poet Offiaee, 


Alkyton^ C<llofad» Tm 

AlWood'8 iau,II«xobM.)fUi 

AlHaincie, SteriL Obk> 

Allls Hollow, Bndfbra... Fa 

iUUson, Ijawienoe Ill 

AUison, Dttbnquie lomt 

AUisona, WiUiftmaoa.Xenn 

AlUaonia, Pnlaakl Va 

AUoa, CSoioBibia. Wis 

▲UooiaB, Keweenaw.... Blioh 
AlVowaystowQ, Salem. .N. J 
Allsborou^h, Colbert... AU 
AllstoQ, Sviffolk* . . ..'.Mass 
AUwood, Amberst.. . . . . .Ya 

Alma, Crawford Ark 

Alma, Santa Clara Cal 

Alma, Park Colo 

Alma, Marion Ill 

Alma, Wl&itley Ind 

Alma (c A.), Wabaan- 

see Kans 

Alma, Gratiot Mich 

Alma, Xa ^yette Mo 

Mma (c. h. ), Harlaa. . . Nebr 

Alma, AUegany N. T 

Alma, Robeson....... N. C 

Alma, Ross Obio 

Alma, Bosk..... Tex 

Alma, IVeber Utah 

Alma, Page Va 

Ahna (c. A.), BoffiUo... .Wis 
Alma Centre, Jackstm. .Wis 
Alma Ci^, Waeeea. . . JCinD 
Alma Mine, Christian.. . .BIo 

Almartba, Osaxk Mo 

Alraarille, Bntherfoid 


Almtaaa, Norton Kans 

Ahnena, Van Buren...Mieb 

Alo^ra, Beniie .Mich 

AlaioQd, Randolph Ala 

Almond, Allegany N. T 

Almond, Portage Wis 

AlmoneaBon,Clloooe8ter.N. J 

Almont, Lapeer Mich 

Almont Station, Clin- 
ton Iowa 

Almoral, Belawaxe. . . . Iowa 
Almota, Wbitman....Wa8h 

Aloa, Lincoln Ble 

Alone, Rockbridge Ya 

Alonzaville, Sbenandoab.Ya 
JUpetM, (c. A.), Alpena. Mich 

Alpha, Yell Ark 

Alpha, Henry Ill 

Alpha, Scott Ind 

Alpha, Clinton Ky 

Alpha, Caldwell La 

Alpha, Grundy Mo 

Alpha, Eureka Nev 

Alpha, Greene Ohio 

Alpha, Whatcom Wash 

Alpharetta (c. A.), Milton.Ga 

Alphoretta. Floyd Ky 

Alpine, Talladega Ala 

Alpine, Clark Ark 

Alpine, Lake Colo 

Alpine, Chattooga Ga 

Alpine, Fayette Ind 

Alpine, Kent Mich 

Alpine, Fillmore Nebr 

Alpine, Bergen ..N.J 

Alpine, Sehnyler N. Y 

Alpine, Surry N. C 

Alpine, York Fla 

Alpine City, Utah Utah 

* Branch of the Boston Post 

Alpowa, OolttmUa . . . Waah 

Alps, Rensselaer. N. T 

Alqnina, Fayette Ind 

Aiaaee, Berks Pa 

Alsea, Benton Oreg 

Alsen, Clay Dak 

A]8ey,Seott Ill 

AUtead, Cheshire N. H 

Alstead Centre, Cheshire. . 

N. H 

Alston, Fairfield 8. C 

Alta, Plaoer Cal 

Alta, Peoria Ill 

Alta, Buena Yista Iowa 

Alta, Ilarrey Kans 

Alta, Salt Lake Utah 

Altamaha, Tattnall Ga 

Altamont, Alameda Cal 

Altamont, Orange Fla 

Altamont, Effingham.. . .Ill 
Altamont, labette .... Kans 

Altamont, Garrett Md 

Altamont, Grundy.. . .Tenn 
Alta Vista, Chickasaw .Iowa 
Alta Vista, Canby. ...Minn 

Alto Vista, DaYieas Mo 

Alti^, Schayler N. Y 

Altenburgh, Peny Mo 

Althouse, Josephine.. Orq; 
Altixer-s Storo, Mont- 
gomery ....Va 

Alto, Banks Ga 

Alto, Howard Ind 

Alto,RichUnd La 

Alto, Kent .' Mich 

Alto, Franklin.. ..... .Tenn 

Alto, Cherokee .Tez 

Alton, Madison lU 

Alton, Crawford.. .^ . . . .Ind 

Alton, Snmner Kans 

AltoUt Anderson Ky 

Alton, Penobscot Bfe 

Alton, Kent Mich 

Alton, Faribault Minn 

Alton {e. A.), Oregon. . . .Mo 

Alton, Belknap N. H 

Alton, Wayne N. Y 

Alton, Franklin Ohio 

Alton, McKean Pa 

Altona, Knox Ill 

Altona, DeKalb Ind 

Altona, Mecosta Mich 

Altona, Bates Mo 

Altona, Clinton N. Y 

Alton Bay, Belknap. . .N. H 
Alton Hill, Macon . . . .Tenn 
Alton Junction, Madison III 

Altoona, Trinity Cal 

Altooua, Polk Iowa 

Altoona, Wilson Kans 

Altoona, Blair Pa 

Alto Pass, Union Ill 

Alturax (c. A.), Modoc.. Cal 

Altus, Franklin Ark 

Alum Bank, Bedford ...Pa 
Alom Creek,£Il8worth.Kaa6 
Alum Cireek, Delaware. Ohio 
Alum Creek, Bastrop .. .Tex 
Alum Hill, Tucker. »W. Va 

Alum Ridge, Floyd Va 

Alum Rock, Clarion Pa 

Alum Springs, Boyle. . . . Ky 
Alum Well, Hawkins.. Tenn 
Alum Wells,Washington.Va 

Alvada, Seneca Ohio 

Al?araao, Alameda. . ...Cal 

Alvarado, Steuben Ind 

Alyacado, Johason Tex 

AlvecBon, lacham . . . .Mieh 

AlTfai, VermUlion Ill 

AlTin, Hamilton Nebr 

Alrira, Uq^on Pla 

Ahriso, Santa Clara Cal 

Al?on, Ctaeenbrier. . . W. Va 

Alyord, Grant Oreg 

Alaey , ueaderson Ky 

Amador, Butlw Kans 

Amador City, Amador.. Cal 

Amadore, Sanilac Mieh 

Am^iansett, Suffolk... N. Y 

Amanda, Fairfield Ohio 

Amandayille, Hart Ga 

Aman*s Store, Onslow. N. C 
Amazon, Franklin .... Nebr 

Amasonia, Andrew Mo 

Amber, Jones Iowa 

Amber, Mason Mich 

Amber, Onondaga N. Y 

Amberson's Valley, 

Franklin Pa 

Ambia, Benton Ind 

Amboy, Lee Ill 

Amboy, Miami Ind 

Amboy, Jasper Iowa 

Amboy, Hillsdale Mieh 

Amboy, Ashtabula. . . .Ohio 
Amboy Centre, Oswego.N.Y 

Ambrose, Indiana Pa 

Ambrosia, East Baton 

Rouge La 

Amelia, Clermont Ohio 

Amelia C. H., Amelia.. .Va 

Amsnia, Dutchess N. Y 

Amenia Uni(»i« Dutchess. . . 

N. Y 

America, Wabash Ind 

America City ,Nemaha.Kans 
American Corners, Can^ 

line Md 

American Fork, Utah..Utah 
America* (e. A.), Sumter. Ga 
Americus, Tippecanoe.. Ind 

Americus, Lyon Kans 

Americus, Jackson. ...Miss 
Americus, Montgomery ..Mo 
Ameryyille, Canoll .... Mo 

Amefl, Story Iowa 

Ames, Cloud Kans 

Ames, Montgomery. . . . N.Y 

Amesbury, Essex Mass 

Ames Turnout, Union.. N.C 
AmesTille, Athens '. . . .Ohio 

Amherst, Hancock Me 

Amherst, Hampshire.. Mass 
Amherst, Fillmore. . . .Minn 
Amk'rst (e. A.), Hills- 
borough N. H 

Amherat, Lorain Ohio 

Amherst, Portage Wis 

AmJierit C. H., Amherst. Va 
Amherst Junction, Por- 
tage Wis 

Amicolola, Dawson Ga 

Amiret, Lyon Minn 

Amish, Johnson Iowa 

AmissTille, Rappahan- 
nock Va 

Amite C/iy(e. A.), Tan- 
gipahoa La 

Amity, Clark Ark 

Amity, Johnson Ind 

Amity, Scott Iowa 

Amity, Jewell Kans 

Amity, Aroostook Me 

Amity, DeKalb Mo 

Amity, Orange N. Y 

Amity, Yam Hill. .. . . .Oreg 

Amity, Washington Pa 

Amity Hill, Iredell. . . .N. C 
AmityTllle, Suffolk. . . .N. Y 

Ammon, Blade* N. 

Amo, Hendricks. ....... Ind 

Amo, Miami Kans 

Amor. Otter Tail Minn 

Amoskeog, Hillsborough . . 

Amsden, Montcalm. . .Mich 

Amsden, Seneca Ohio 

Amsterdam, Montgom- 
ery N. Y 

Amsterdam, Jefferson. Ohio 
Amsterdam, Botetourt. . Ya 

Amwell, Wayne Ohio 

Amy's Creek, Habersham.Ga 

Anacoco, Vernon La 

Anacortes, Whatcom . Wash 
Anacostia, Washington . D.O 
Anadarko, Wichita N . Ind. T 
Anaheim, Los Angeles.. Cal 
Anahuac, Chambers. . ..Tex 

Analomink, Monroe Pa 

Anamosa (c. A. ), Jones . Iowa 

Almndale, Butler Pa 

Anaqua, Victoria Tex 

Anatone, Columbia.. Wash 
Anawauk, Le Sueur.. .Minn 
Anchorage, Jefferson. . . .Ky 
Anchorage, BuiEalo. . . .Wis 

Anclote, Hernando Fla 

Ancona, Livingston Ill 

Ancora, Camden N. J 

Aneiam, Columbia. . . .N. Y 
Ancram Lead Mines, 

Columbia N.Y 

Anerum, Hamilton Fla 

Andalusia (c. A.), Coy- 

ington Ala 

Andalusia, Rock Island.. Ill 

Andalusia, Bucks Pa 

Anderson, Shasta Cal 

Anderson (e.A.),Madison.Ind 
Anderson, Fremont. . .Iowa 

Anderson, Pratt Kans 

Anderson, Howard Md 

Anderson, Pope Minn 

Anderson, Ross Ohio 

Anderson, Franklin.. '^Cfpa 
Anderson (c. A.), Grimes.Tex 
Anderson, Hancock. W. Va 

Anderson, Burnett Wis 

Anderson C. H.^ Ander^ 

son S. C 

Andersonburgh, Perry.. Pa 
Anderson Creek, Lau- 
derdale Ala 

Anderson's Mills, Pickens. . 

Anderson's Mills, Trayis. . . 

Anderson's Store, Cas- 
well N.C 

Andersontown, Caroline.Md 
Andersontown, York .... Pa 
Andersonyille, Sumter.. Ga 
Andersonville, Franklin. Ind 
An^ersonville, Ross. . .Ohio 
Andersonyille, Ander- 
son S.O 

Andersonyille, Anderson.. 


Anderton, Blount Ala 

Andes, Delaware N. Y 

Andoyer, Tolland Conn 

Andoyer, Ifonry.. Ill 

AlphabeHeal Liit of Pott Ogice». 

Aatexn, OxftiHL H* 

Aaaimt,bmi Mm 

Andow, MaTfaiuli..N. U 

Andonr, euMi N. J 

AndDnr, Anbubuli. . . Ohio 
ADdanr, Wlndmi VI 

Andnii'utiitpsl, MKdi- 

Andnvi, Homw Ohlg 

AndrawB, Spotttjlniil*. ,y% 

K»Lb !....AI* 


AndnuTiila', Cui.'.' .' .'.H*br 
Andy, Uoiiiwa>]li.,.W. T> 
jHfi/ica {(. jT), AUa- 

Ainllai, Sbmoa Wil 

ABg«l Jidud, lliKlti...AM 
Aiigal<> Cup, OJmw.Ckl 

ABgol&i Brti N. T 

AbroIs, Osmbnliiid — Vn 

JagoK. NsTwn !!'..'.'.'. .To 

Animu dtr, IaPHU.OoIo 
AnlnuiVmU^ ShiJiimi... 

AbIIb, Cut. lows 

AnlM, Fak) Unto. Tn( 

Ankeny, Fnlk low. 

Anu,Un<os lU 

Anna, Sibhy Hhin 

Anu.Stelby Ohm 

Aaniibilli, arria Utah 

Aaom^ii, HcnMidoD.N. J 
Aonaadal*, PqlabMi. .V, 7 

AnUDdal*, Mrtai Va 

ADupolla, Cikirfoid Ill 

AnoBpoHfl. Parfea Ind 

AnupouslcA.), Ann* 

AiDodri Hd 

Annainlb, Iiod Mo 

Annapolli, Jettatm. . .Oblo 
AnnBDiilii JduaHsD, 

Adm Arundel Md 

WHliUTiaii bleta 

AiiD>to<i,Onuit Wl> 

AnniiUin, OiliioaD Ah 

Annvl.jA, IjClHioon......PB 

Anoka, Cm Ind 

^■sfai(e.«.), Anoks..MlTiB 

Awonla, NW Ibm. 
Annnla, Darin 

Antionvlll«] Cloufloid! 
\Dlalop«, SKmiBenb 

AntoJopo, Ante k ipa... . 

ntiiwb,Uke Ill 

Ddoeb, Hautliiftoa. ..Ind 

Dion cblca, »iii'Mte»i. . . ■ 

nOcTille, Abb«Tll'le.!.S. C 

Apaohe, Colfai. 
AfiaataaPan, Pii 

Apalaehieaia I 

A|)^oiia, nnj .... 


Apl«hApa, Ids Anlm 

Aplin. Psrry 

AplldgMn, Butler., 

Apoplia^ Onn^. . .. 
Appalaga, G«dwioD. 

Apple Qmre, L 
Apple an»e, S 

Apple BlTor, I 

AtiiUum (c. *.), Onta- 

A ppltMn ci^V St.* Clair . 1 
Appio Valley,*jn..( 
Apfunnaliox C- H-, Ap- 


Aniao, WBatalngbn .. 


Argenta, Macon .Ill 

Ars«ilB, llnrer Had . Mont 
Argentine. <l»BeM«.. . -Mich 
Ar^lllU, OiHnnp Ky 

Argo, CUtoU Ill ' 

Argo, Ctawford. --Mo 

Arfyh, iriBD^ago. . 

Aiiyle, PmoliMol - - 
Arityla, Saidlae... 


ingloD, AHhlaoi 

'Tknfltl^iit [iX tOUrk . Aik 
Tkanna City, Chicot. . Aril 
rkaniwCtiy, Cowley .KaM 

ArlSBd. Jackn^n!.'.' 

I, UpabuF 



Alphabetical Litt <if Pott Offiee$. 


AnBAd»y BuiSalo Nel^v 

rongli, TiMliftiift .Pft 

Annenia, Janeau. WI0 

AimiwbaTsh, Aoke. . . .Ind 
Armingtoa, Taaewell. . . .Ill 
Annonk, Westobe8ter..N. Y 
Annoiir, Columbiu . . . . N. G 

AnBs^ Colfax N. Mex 

AnoMtrongy VermiUion. Jll 
Annstrong, Vanderburgh.. 


Armstrong, Wy«ndott«.Kan * 
Armstrong, Fxeebom.Mmn 
Armstrong, Howard. . . . Mo 

Armstrong, Allen Ohio 

Armstrong, Srath Tex 

Armstrong's CiMrnen, 

?ond da Ijac Wis 

Armstrong's Grove, Boi- 

mett Iowa 

Armstrong's MOU, Bel- 
mont Ohk> 

Am, Bay Mioh 

AniandTiUe» St. Landry. La 
AmeckeTiUa, Do Witt.. .Tex 
AmettsYiUe, Monooga* 

lia. W.Vh 

Amej. Owen. Ind 

Ambeun, Brown. Ohio 

Ame, I>ouglas Mo 

Arnold, Dottgbertj ..... Qa 

Arnold, Custer Nebr 

Amoldsbargh, Calhoun. . . . 

W. Ta 
Arnold's Mills, FIckens.S. G 
Amold-8 Store, Anne 

Arundel Md 

AxaoldsTille, Bucbanan.Mo 

Aroot, Tiogft. Fa 

Amsberg, Cape Girardeau . . 


Aroma, Hamilton Ind 

Aroma, Diekinson. ...Kans 
Anedonda, Alachua. . . ?la 
Axrington, WiUiamflOn.Tenn 

^rttngton, Nelson Ya 

Arrow, Qrundr .Iowa 

Arrow Bock, Saline Mo 

Arrowsic, Sagadahoc. . . .Me 
Anowsmith, McLean . . .Ill 

Arroyo, Blbert Colo 

Arroyo, DmatUla Oreg 

Arroyo, Blk ....Pa 

Arroyo Grande, San 

LoisOUspo Gal 

Art, Clay Ind 

Artesia, Lowndes Miss 

Arthur, Douglas Ill 

Arthur, Pike Ind 

Ajihur, Kess. Kans 

Arthnrsburgh, Dutchess... . 

Artichoke lAke, Biff 

Stooe .Minn 

Artondale, Pierce.... Wash 

Arrada, Jeflerson Colo 

Arron, Baraga Mich 

Arronia, Osage Kans 

Affbary, Troup Ga 

Asbnry, Warttn N. J 

Aabary, TompUns. . . .N. Y 

Asbory , Knox Tenn 

Asbnry, Greenbrier. . W. Va 
Asbury Grove, Essex. .Bfasa 
Asbary Park, Mon- 

■ mouth N.J 

Aneimion, Sullivan . . . .Ind 
Aseatney ville, Windsor . . Vt 

A«h, Humboldt Iowa 

Ashawa, Polk Iowa 

Ashaway, Washington..R. I 

Ashboroi^^h, Glav Ind 

Ashb<froufck(e. A.), Ran- 
dolph N.C 

Ashbonrue, Montgomery .Pa 

Ashbum, Pike Mo 

Ashbomham, Worces- 
ter Mass 

Ashbumham Depot, 

Wcncester Mass 

Ashby, Middlesex Mass 

Ashby, Cumberland Ya 

Ashby sburzh, Hopkins.. Ky 
Ashby 's M&B , Montgom- 
ery Ind 

Ash Camp, Pike Ky 

Af>h Creek, Bock Mian 

Ash Creek, Oktibbeha.. Miss 

Ash Creek, Hill Tex 

Adiepoo, Colleton S. G 

Ashersviile, Clay Ind 

Ashervllle, Mitchell. . .Kans 
AsherviUe, Stoddard. . . .Mo 
AshftiU* (c. A.), Bun- 
combe N. 

Ashfield, Franklfai Mass 

Ash Flat, Sharp Ark 

Ashford, Windham. ..Conn 
Ashford, Cattaraugus.. N. Y 
Ashford, McDowell ...N.C 
Ashford, Pond du Lac.. Wis 
Ashford Station, Cat- 
taraugus N. Y 

Ash Grove, Iroquois. . . . .Ill 
Ash Grove, Tippecanoe.. Ind 

Ash Grove, Davis Iowa 

Ash Grove, Rooks .... Kans 

Ash Grove, Greene Mo 

Ash Grove. Pranklin..Nebr 

Ash Hill, Butler Mo 

Ashippun. Dodge Wis 

Ashkum, iroquds Ill 

AshUuid (e. A.), Clay. . . . Ala 
Ashland, New Castle . . . .Del 

Ashland, Cass Ill 

Ashland, Henry Ind 

Ashland, Wapello Iowa 

Ashland, Ness Kans 

Ashland, Boyd Ky 

Ashland, Aroostook Me 

Ashland, Baltimore Md 

Ashland, Middlesex. . .Mass 
Ashland, Newaygo. . . .Mich 
AsMami (c. A. ), l^nton. Miss 

Ashland, Boone Mo 

Ashland, Saunders. . . .Nebr 

Ashland, Grafton N. H 

Ashland, Greene N. Y 

Ashland, Caswell N. C 

Ashland(eX), Ashland 


Ashland, Jackson Oreg 

Ashland, Schuylkill Pa 

Ashland, Hunt. Tex 

Ashland, Hanover Ya 

AsAiandie. A.), Ashland. Wis 
Ashland Centre, Ne- 
waygo Mich 

Ashland City (e. A), 

Cheatham Tenn 

Ashley, Washington Ill 

Ashley, Pike Mo 

Ashley, Delaware Ohio 

Ashley, Loieme Pa 

Ashley, Wasatch Utah 

Ash^y lfklls,Berkshire.BlaM 

Aih^yrllio, nnpdtB. »«. 
Ashmead, Bllsworyk .Kans 

Ashmore, Coles ill 

Ashporft, Lauderdale. .Tenn 

Ash Ridge, Brown Ohio 

Ash Ridn, Richland.. . .Wis 

Ash Ro^, Rooks Kans 

Asfatabttlai Ashtabula. Ohio 

Ashton, Lee Ill 

Ashton, Osceola Mich 

Ashton, Clarke Mo 

Ashton, Pender N. C 

Ashton, Providence. . . .R. I 

Ashton, Sumter S. C 

Ashton, Dane Wis 

Ashuelot, Cheshire. . . .N. H 
Ash Yalley, Pawnee. .Kans 
AahviUe (c. A.), St. Glair. Ala 
Ashville, Pickaway. . ..Ohio 
Ash wood. Defiance . . . .Ohio 
Ashwood Tending, Le 

Flore Miss 

Ashwood Station, Wil- 
kinson .Miss 

Aslcam, Luaeme ...Vm 

Asluw, Lee Ark 

Aqjelnnd, GkMdhae. . .Minn 

Aspen, Uintah , . Wyo 

Aspen Grove, Roddnig- 

Aspen Hill, Gilee Tenn 

Aspen Wall, Charlotte. . . Ya 

Asper, Livingston Mo 

Aspinwall, Nemaha. ...Nebr 

Aspinwall, Bradford Pa 

Assamoosicfc, Southamp- 
ton Ya 

Assumption, ChrisHan.. .Ill 

Assyria, Barry Mich 

Aston Mills, Delaware. .Pa 

Astoria, Fulton Ill 

Astoria, Wright Mo 

Astoria, Queens N. Y 

Astoria (e. A.), Clatsop. Oreg 

Asylum, Bradford Pa 

Asylum Station, Bssex.... 

* Mass 

AtaHssa, Mosealihe. . .Iowa 

Atalla, Etowah Ala 

Atascosa, Bexar Tex 

Atchison (e. A.), Atchi- 
son .Kans 

Atchison, Washington ... Pa 
Atchison Juncti<m, Platte. . 


Atco, Camden N.J 

Atglen, Chester Pa 

Athalia, Lawrence Ohio 

Athelstane, Clay Kans 

4thens {c. A.), lime- 
stone Ala 

Athens (e. A.), Clarke ....Ga 

Athens, Menard Ill 

Athens, Jewell Kans 

AtheuH, Fayette Ky 

Athens, CM borne La 

Athens, Somerset Me 

Athens, Calhoun Mich 

Athens, Clarke Mo 

Athens, Richardson. . Nebr 

Athens, Greene N. Y 

Athens {e. A.), Athens. Ohio 

Athens. Bradford Pa 

Athens {e. A.), McMinn.Tenn 
Athens (e.A.),HendenKm.Tex 

Athens, Windham Yt 

AthensvHle, Greene Ill 

Atherton, Parke Ind 

Afhlone. Monrae lOeh 

Attaol, Sioux Iowa- 

Athol, Woroester MaM 

Athol, Warren N. Y 

Athol Centre, Worcester. .. 


Atkins, Pope Ark 

Atkins, St. Clair Mioh 

Atkins, Henderson... Tenn 
Atkinson, San Diego.... Gal 

Atkinson, Henry Ill 

Atkinson, Bent<m Ind 

Atkinson, Piscataquis. . .Me 

Atkinson, Holt Nebr 

Atkinson, Rockingham.N.H 
Atkinson Depot, Rock- 

ii«ham N. H 

Atk&son's MUls, Mifflhi. Pa 
Atkins<Hiville, Owen. . .Ind 
AtUn's Tank, Smyth... Ya 

Atlanta, Columbia Ark 

Atlanta, San Joaquin. .Gal 
AlLAirtA {e. A.), Fnlton..Ga 

Atlanta, Alturas Idaho 

Atlanta, Logan lU 

Atlanta, Wimi La 

Atlanta, Chiokasaw...Mis(i 

Atlanta, Macon Mo 

Atlanta, Saline Nebr 

Atlanta, Pickaway. . . .Ohio ■ 

Atlanta, Cass Tex 

Atlantie {e. A.), Cass.. Iowa 

Atlantic, Norfolk Mass 

Atlantic, Crawford Pa 

Atlantic, Accomack Ya 

Atlantic City, Atlantic.N. J 
Atlantic City, Sweet- 
water Wyo 

Atlantic Mine, Houston.. 

Atlanticville, Monmouth . . 

Athmtieville, SulTolk-.N. Y 

Atlas, Pike Ill 

Atlas, Genesee Mich 

Atlas, Belmont Ohio 

Atlee's Station, Hanover. Ya - 
Atoka, Choctaw N...Ind. T 

Atoka, Tipton Tenn 

Atsion, Burlington. ...N.J 
Attapulgus, Decatur. . . .Ga 
Atterberry Station Me- 
nard Ill 

Attica, Fountain Ind 

Attica, Blarion Iowa 

Attica, Lapeer Mich 

Attiea, Wyoming N. Y 

Attica, Seneca Ohio 

Attica, Green Wis 

Attila, Williamson lU 

Attleborough, Bristol. Mass 
Attleborough Falls, Bris- 
tol Mass 

Attlebury, Dutchess. .N. Y 
Atwi^r, Kandiyohi.. Ifinn 
Atwater, Cayuga.. . . . .N. Y 

Atwater, Portage. . . . Ohio 

Atwater Centre, Port- 
age Ohio 

Atwater, Dodge Wis 

Atwood, Douglas Ill 

Atwood, Kosciusko Ind 

Atwood, Antrim Bfioh 

Atwood, Armstrong Pa 

Atwood, Carroll Tenn 

Aubrey, Mohave Aris 

Aubrey, Johnson. . . . .Kans 
Aubrey, Johnson.. ..... Mo 


Alphabetical List qf Post Offices^ 

Attbvrn, Lee Ate 

Auburn, Lincoln Ark 

Mibum (e. A.), Placer.. Oal 

Auburn, Gwinnett Oa 

Auburn. Sangamon Ill 

Jmbum (e. A.), De Kalb..LAd 
Anbum, Mabawka, . . .Iowa 
Auburn, Shawnee. .. .Kans 

Auburn, Logan Ky 

Auburn (e. h.), Androa- 

coggin Me 

Auburn, Worcester. . . Mass 

Auburn, Bay- Mich 

Auburn, Ilinds Miss 

Auburn, Lincoln Mo 

Auburn, Roekingham.N. H 

Auburn, Salem N. J 

Auburn (c. A.),Gayuga.N. Y 

Auburn, Wake N. G 

Auburn, Geauga Ohio 

Auburn, Baker Oxeg 

Anbum, Schuylkill Fa 

Auburn, ProTidenoe...R. I 

Auburn, Gannon Tenn 

Auburn, Ellis Tex 

Auburn, Fauquier Va 

Anbum, Kitchie W. Va 

Anbum Gentre, Su»- 

quehanna JPa 

Anbnmdale, Middlesex .... 

Aubumdale, Wood. i.. Wis 
Auburn f tmr Gcwneni, 

Susquehanna Fa 

Auburn Jliils, HanoTer.Ya 
Aueilla, Thomas ....... Ga 

Audenried, Garbon Pa 

Audubon, Audubon.. Iowa 
Audubon, Becker.... Minn 

Audubon, Wise Tex 

Audubon Heights, Au* 

dubon Iowa 

Aughwick Mills, Hunt- 

ingdon. . Pa 

Auglaize, Van Wert. . .Ohio 

Au Ores, Bay Mieh 

Augusta (c. A.), Wood- 

mff Ark 

Aiignirta (e. A.), Rich- 
mond Ga 

Augusta, Hancock Ill 

Augusta, Pike Ind 

Augusta, Des Moines.. Iowa 

Augusta, Butler Kans 

Augusta, Bracken Ky 

AuGOSTA (c.A.),Kennebec.Me 
Augusta, K.alamasoo..Mich 
Augusta (c. A.), Perry. Miss 
Augusta, St. Gharles . . . Mo 

Augusta, Sussex N.J 

Augusta, Oneida N. Y 

Augusta, GarroU Ohio 

Augusta, Houston Tex 

Augusta, £au Glaire. . .Wis 
AugnstaTille, Northum- 
berland Pa 

Aullville, La Fayette. . .Mo 

Aulander, Bertie N. G 

Auman-s Hill, Mont- 
gomery N. G 

AumsTille, Marion. . . .Or^ 

Auraria, Lumpkin Ga 

Aurdale, Otter Tall. ..Minn 
Aurelia, Gherokee. . . . Iowa 
Aurelian Springs, Hali- 
fax N.O 

Aurelius, Ingham. . . . Mich 
Aurclius, Gayuga. . . . .N. Y 

Anrelins Station, Cayu- 
ga.... N.Y 

AuriesTille, Montgom- 
ery N.Y 

Awrwa, Etowah Ala 

Aurora, Madison Ark 

Aurora, Kane Ill 

Aurora, Dearborn Ind 

Aurora, Keokuk. ; . . . . Iowa 

Aurora, Jewell Kans 

Aurora, Marshall Ky 

Aurora, Hancock, i Me 

Aurora, Steele Minn 

Aurora, Lawrence Mo 

Aurora {c. A.), Hamil- 
ton Nebr 

Auroraic. A.), Esmeralda. .,, 


Aurora, Gayuga. N. Y 

Aurora, Beaufort N. G 

Aurora, Portage Ohio 

Aurora, Wise Tex 

Aurora, Preston W. Va 

Aurora, Washington.. . .Wis 
Aurora Mills, Marioq...Oreg 
Aoson Station, Portage. . . 


Au Sable, Io«co Mich 

Ausable Ghasm, Essex. N. Y 
Au Sable Porks, Essex. N. Y 

Austen, Preston W. Va 

Austerlits, Kent Mieh 

Austerlits, Golurabia..N. Y 

Austin, Lon<Ae Ark 

Austin, Gook Ill 

Austin, Scott. , Ind 

Austin, Dickinson Iowa 

Austin, Neosho Kans 

Auiitin, Oakland Mich 

Austin {e. h.), Mower.Minn 
Atistin (c. A. ), Tunica. .Miss 

Austin, Gass Mo 

Austin, Sherman Nebr 

Austin {e. A.), Liander. .Nct 

Austin, Boss Ohio 

Austin, Wilson Tenn 

Austin (e. A^), Trayis. . .Tex 
Anstinburgh, Ashtabula. .. 


Austinbui^h, Tioga Pa 

Austin's Mills, Hawkins.... 

Austin's Spring8,Wash- 

in^ton Tenn 

Austintown, fiiahoning.... 

AustinTille. Bradford. . . .Fa 

Australia, Bolivar Miss 

Autaugaville, Autauga..Ala 
Autumn Leaves, Wayne. Pa 

Auxvasse, Gallaway Mo 

Ava, Berrien Ga 

AvH, Jackson Ill 

Ava, Douglas Mo 

Ava, Oneida N. Y 

Ava, Noble Ohio 

Avalanche, Veroon Wis 

Avalon, Livingston Mo 

Avena, Fayette Ill 

Avenger, Gass Tex 

Avenue, Franklin.. . .Ohio 
Avenue Gity, Andrew.. . Mo 
Averiirs Station, Mid- 
land Mich 

Avery, Jo Daviess Ill 

Avery , Glinton Ind 

Avery , Monroe^ , Iowa 

Aveij, Berrien «Mioh 

Avery sborough, Harnett. . . 

N. C 

Avilda, Marion Kans 

Avery's Greek, Bun- 
combe N. C 

Avilla, Noble Ind 

Avilla, Jasper Mo 

Aviston, Glinton Ill 

Avoca, Lawrence Ala 

Avoca, Benton Ark 

Avoea, Lawrence Ind 

Avoca, Pottawattamie.Iowa 

Avoca, Jackson Kans 

Avoca, Murray Minn 

Avoca, Jefferson Mo 

Avoca, Cass Nebr 

Avoca, Steuben N. Y 

Avoca, Bertie N. C 

Avoca, Iowa Wis 

Avola, Veraon Mo 

Avon, Hartford Conn 

Avon, Fulton HI 

Avon, Hendricks Ind 

Avon, GoSiey :...Kan8 

Avon, Steams Minn 

Avon, St. Genevieve. . . .Mo 

Avon, Hamilton Nebr 

Avon, Livingston N. Y 

Avon, Lorain. ....... .Ohio 

Avon, Lebauon Pa 

Avon Ndbson. ......... .Va 

Avon, Doddridge . . . . W. Va 

Avon Gentre, Rock Wis 

Avoodale, Adair Iowa 

Avondale, Carroll Md 

Avondale, Essex N. J 

Avondale, Coshocton. .Ohio 

Avondale, Chester Pa 

Avonia, Erie Fa 

Avon Lake Lorain.. . .Ohio 
Avon Station, Polk. ...Iowa 

Await, Franklin Tenn 

Axtell, Marshall Kans 

Aydelott, Benton Ind 

Ayer, Middlesex Mass 

Ayer's Hill, Potter Pa 

Ayers Village, Ertsex., .Mass 
Ayereville, Habersham. .Ga 

Ayenville, Putnam Mo' 

Ayersville, Stokes N C 

Ayersville, Defiance. . .Ohio 
Aylett'8, King WiUiam..Va 

Ayr, Butler Kans 

Ayr, Emmett Mich 

Ayr, Goodhue Minn 

Ayr, Adams Nebr 

Ay res, Jefferson .... . Ala 
Alalia. Bartholomew... Ind 

Aaen^ Scotland Mo 

Altaian, Jefferson Wis 

Aztec, Pima. ....... ...Aril 

Aztec, Taos N. Mex 

Azusa, Los Angeles Gal 


Babb -s Bridge, Rapides. . La 

Babbtown, Osage Mo 

Babbtown, Green ville..S. G 
Baboock's Hill, Oneida..N. Y 

Baby Head, Llano Tex 

Babylon, Fulton Ill 

Bab>lon, Suffolk N. Y 

Bachelor, Gallaway ....Mo 
Bachelors Hall, Pitt- 
sylvania... Va 

Baehelor*8 Betnat, Oeo- 

nee 8. C 

Bach Grove, Wright... lows 
Bachman .MontgiQinery.Obio 
Bachman's Mills,CanoU Jf d 
Bachmanville, Dauphln..Ps 

Back Bone, Elliott Ky 

Back Greek Valley, Fred- 
erick Va 

Backusburgh, Calloway. Kjr 

Bacon, Lincoln Kans 

Bacon, Coshocton Ohio 

Bacon Creek, Hurt Ky 

Bacon Hill, Saratoga.. N.Y 
Bacon's Castle, Snny. . .Va 

Bacon ton, Mitchell Qm. 

Bad Axe(e.h.)j Huron .Mich 

Baden, St. Louis. Mo 

Baden, B«aver Pa 

Baden Baden, Bond lU 

Baders, Schuyler. Ill 

Badger, Portage Wis 

Badger Creek, Lyon . . Kans 
B<ulger Hill, Tama. . . .Iowa 
Badger Lake, Btonona. Iowa 
Badger Mills, (3>ippewa. Wii 
Badito, Huer&no ..... Colo 

Badus, Lake...... Dak 

Bagdad, Shelby Ky 

BiHEdad, Smith Tenn 

Bagdad, Williamson.... Tex 
Baggettsville, Roberteon.. . 

Bagley, Menominee... Mich 
Bagwell, Bed Bivw ...Tex 

Bahala, Copiah Mies 

Bailey, Park Colo 

Bailey, Musk^on Mieh 

Bailey, Lucas Ohio 

Bailey. Shelby Tenn 

Bailey ^8 Greek, Osage. . . .Mo 
Bailey's Grove, Hancock.. 

Bailey's Harbor, Door. .Wis 
Bailey's Mill, Jefferson.. Fla 
BaUey's Mills. Belmont.Ohio 
Baileysville, Wyoming. W.Va 

Bailey viUe, Ogle Ill 

Bailey ville, Wwhington.Bfe 

Bailey ville, Milam Tex 

Batnbridge {c. A.), Do- 

catur Ga 

Bainbridge, Williamson.. Ill 
Bainbridge, Pntnam. . . .Ind 
Bainbridge, Christian.. .Ky 
Bainbridge, Berrien. . Mieh 

Bainbridge, CUnton Mo 

Bainbridge, Harlan. . .Nebr 
Bainbridge, Chenango. N. T 

Bainbridge, Roes Ohio 

Bainbridge, Lancaster. . . i*a 

Baird, Shasta Gal 

Baird's Creek, PamUcoJif. 
Btilrd's Mills, Wilson . .Tenn 
Bairdstown, Oglethorpe. Ga 
Bairdstown, Sullivan ... Mo 
Bairdfitown, Wood. . . .Oliio 
Baiting Hollow, Snffolk.N. Y 
Bake Oven, Wasco ... .Greg 

Baker, Hall Ga 

Baker, Jefferson Iowa 

Baker, St. Clair Mo 

Baker City (e. A.), 

Baker Greg 

Baker's Comer, Hamil- 
ton Ind 

Baker's Gross Roads, 
White Tenn 

Mphahetical Liit of Pott Ojfleeg. 


Mer'8 Vmrry, BIb«rt. .^CNi 
Bahenjield {e. h. ), Kern.Cal 
Btkersfield, IVankliD . . . . Vt 
Baker's Q»p, Johnmn.TeDB 
Baker's OioTe, Barton . .Ifd 
Baker's Hill, Barbour... AU 
Baker's Landing, Beayer.Fa 
Bak«r'8 MUl, Bo«kmg- 

faam. .Va 

Baker's Run, Hardy. W.Va 
Baker's Station, David- 

8on Tenn 

Bakw-8 Summit, Bedford. . 

BakentowQ, AlIeghenj..Pa 
Bakersrille, Litchfield. Oonn 
Bakersville,Wa8hiiigtoa . Md 
BakersviUe (e. A.), 

Mitchell N. C 

Bakcxsvaie, Goshoofeon.Ohio 
Bakersville, 8om«C8et....Pa 

BakenriUe, Wcx>d Wis 

Bala,Bi]ey Kaos 

Babdao, MeDonald Mo 

Baibec, Jay Ind 

Baloony falls. Rook- 

Bald Creek, Taiieey...N. 

Bald Eagle, YoTk Pa 

Bald Hornet, Mentgomecy. 

Bald Knob, Boonft.. . W. Va 
Bald Mount, Lackawanna. . 

Bald Moantain , Qilpin . Colo 

Baldock, Barnwell 8. 

Bald Prairie, Robertson.Tex 

Bald Rock, {Anrcl Ky 

Baldwin, l>a'val Fla 

Baldwin, Randolph Ill 

Baldwin, Jackson. . . . .Iowa 

Baldwin, Balthnoie Md 

BMwin (e. A.), lAke..Mich 

Baldwin, Queens N. T 

Baldwin, Clermont . . ..Ohio 

Baldwin, Butler Pa 

Baldwin, St. Croix Wis 

Baldwin City, Dooglas.Kans 
Baldwin's Mills, Wau- 

paca Wis 

Baldwiosnlle, Woroes- 

ter Mass 

BaldarinsviUe, Ononda- 
ga N.Y 

Baldwyn, Lee Miss 

Bales' Mills, Lee Ya 

Ballard's FalU, Wash- 
ington Kaos 

BallardsTille, Oldham.. Ky 
Ballard Yale, B88ez...Ma88 
Ball Camp, Knox.... Tenn 
BaUena, San Biego. . . . .Cal 
BallenUne'B Mills, Wake . . 

BaU Flat, Cherokee. . . . Ala 
Ball Qround, Cherokee.. Ga 

Ballft>ay , Bradfoid Pa 

BallietsrUle, Lehigh Pa 

Balliett, Yenango Pa 

Batt Knob, Hood Tex 

Balloon, Yell Ark 

BaU Play,Btowah Ala 

Ball Play, Monroe. . . .Tenn 
Bali l>olnt, Oraidger. .Tenn 
BaU'g Ferry, Shasta. . . .da 
BaU'8 Pond, Fairfield. Oonn 
SoMon (c. A.), Sara- 
toga... N.Y 

Ballston OealM, Sara- 

toga N.Y 

Ballstown, Ri)»ley Ind 

Balls vi lie, Polk Oreg 

BallsTille, Powhatan Ya 

Ball win, St. Louis Mo 

Bally olough, Dabnque.Iowa 

Balm, Blount. . . . ^ Ala 

Balm, Mereer Pa 

Baloil, De Soto Miss 

Balsam Orore, Transyl- 
vania N. C 

Balsam Lake, Polk Wli 

Baltie, New London. .'.Conn 
Baltim(M«, Cowley. . . . Kans 
Baltimore, Baltimore. . . Md 

Baltimore^ Barry Mich 

Baltiuioxe, Fairfield. . .Ohio 

Bamber, Ocean N.J 

Bamberg, Barnwell. . . .S. G 

Bamboo, Watanga N. G 

Bananai Putnam Fla 

Bancrolt, Coffey Kaos 

Bancroft, Aroostook. . . .Me 
Bancroft, Berkshire. . .Btaas 
Banenrft, Shiawassee. Bfieh 

BuM»oft, Dariess Mo 

Banerolt, Portage Wis 

Bandtra (e. A.), Ban* 

dera. Tex 

Bandon, Coos Oreg 

Bangall, Dutchess. . . .N. Y 
Bangor, Blount. ....... Ala 

Bangor, Butte Cal 

Bangor, Marshall Iowa 

Bangor, Coffey Kans 

Bangor, Morgan Ky 

B%ngor{c.k.)f Penobseot JMia 
Buagor, Van Bnren...Mich 

Bangor, Franklin N. Y 

Bangor, Northampton. . .Pa 

Bangor, Ia Crosse Wis 

Bangs, Knox Ohio 

Bangs, Montgomery Ta 

Bankers, Hillsdale. . . .Mieh 
Bankhead, Jefferson. . . Ark 

Bank Lick, Kenton Ky 

Banks, Bay .Mieh 

Banks, Faribault Minn 

Banks, Wake N. C 

Bankston, Saline Ill 

Bankston, Dubuque. . .Iowa 
Bankston, Choctaw. . . . Miss 
Banksville, Fairfield.. Conn 

BanksTiUe, Banks <}a 

Banksville, Allegheny.. .Pa 
Bawnack CUy <«. A.), 

Beaver Head Mont 

Bannen, Marshall- . • W. Va 
Banner, Independence. Ark 

Banner, Boise Idaho 

Banner, Falto\i Ill 

B.anner, Calhoun. .... .Mira 

Banner, Fond du Lac. . Wis 
Bannermans, Pender.. N. Y 
Banner's Elk, Watauga. N.C 

Bannerville, Soyder Pa 

Banning, San Bernar- 
dino Cal 

Banquete, Nueces Tex 

Banta, San Joaquin. . . .Cal 
Bantam, Clermont. . . .Ohio 
Bantam Falls, Litch- 
field Conn 

Banyille, Comanche.. Kans 
Baptistown Hunterdon.... 

Baptist Valley, Tawwell.Ya 

Baraboo (e. A.), Sank. . .Wk 
Barada, Richardson . .Nebr 

Baraga, Baraga Mich 

Burber, Scott Ark 

Barber. Iowa Wis 

Barber's Creek, Jackson. .Ga 
Barber's Mills, Wells . . .Ind 
Barbenville, Jefferson. .Ind 
Barbour's Mills, Lycom- 
ing Pa 

BarboursviUe (e. A.), 

Knox.' Ky 

Barboursville, Orange. . .Va 
Barbourville, Delaware . N . Y 

Barclay, Sangamon Dl 

Barclay, Black Hawk . .Iowa 

Barclay, OMge Kans 

Barclay, Bradford Pa 

BarclaysTille, Harnett. .N. C 

Bard, Louisa Iowa 

Bard, Bedford Pa 

Bardolph, McDonou^ . .Ill 
Bardstown {€. k,)^ Nelson.. 

Bardstown Junction, 

Bullitt Ky 

BarAwell, BaUard Ky 

Bard well's Ferry, Frank- 

Un Mass 

Baxela. Las Animas. . . .Colo 

BareTille, Lancaster Pa 

Barfeldon, Tioga Pa 

Barfield, Miasissippi Ark 

Bargaiatown, Atlantic ..N.J 
Barger's Springs, Sum- 
mers W. Va 

Bargersville, Johnson. .Ind 
Barbamsville, New Kent. Va 
Bar Harbor, Hancock. ..Me 
Baring, Washington. . . .Me 
Bark Camp Mills, Whit- 
ley..... Ky 

Barker, Ellis Tex 

Barker Creek, Kalkaska. . . . 


Barkers, Niagara N. Y 

BariLersville, Callaway.. Mo 
Barkersvitle, S«tntoga.N. Y 

Barkey, Gage Nebr 

Barkeyville, Venango.. . .Pa 
Barkhamsted, Litchfield. . . . 


Barksdale, Attala Miss 

Barksdale, Halifhs Va 

Barkville, Delta Mieh 

Barlow, Washiugcon . . Ohio 
Barlow Bend, Clarke . .Ala 
Barlow City, Ballard. . . Ky 

Bar Mills, York Ble 

Barnard, Linn Kans 

Baruaid, Piscataquis. ... Me 
Barnard, Charlevoix. .Mich 

Barnard, Nodaway Mo 

Barnard, Windsor Vt 

Barnard':*, Armstrong. ..Pa 
Barnard's Crossing, Mon- 
roe N. Y 

Bamardsrille, Buncombe. . 

Bamardsville, Roane. Tenn 

Barnegat, Ocean N.J 

Bamerville, Schoharie. N. Y 
Barnes, Washington . . Kans 

Barnes, Richland Ohio 

Barnes, Warren Pa 

Barnesbuigh, Hamilton. . . . 

Barnes' CometSi Lewis, N«Y 

Barnes' Cross Roads, 

Dale Ala 

Barnes- Store, Wilson.. N. C 

Bameston, Chester Pa 

Bamesville, Marion Ala 

Bamesville, Pike Ga 

Bamesville, Bonrt>on. . Kans 

Bamesville, Clay Minn 

Bamesville, Macon Mo 

Bamesville, Robeson.. N. C 
Bamesville, Belmont.. Ohio 
Baraesvilie, Schuylkill . .Pn 
Bamesville, Johnson. . .Tex 
Bamesville, Charlotte . . . Va 

Baroet, Caledonia Vt 

Bamett, Warren Ga 

Baraetts Creek, Johnson. . . 

Bamettsville, Morgan.. Mo 

Barney, Dent Mo 

Barahart's Mills, Butler. Pa 

Barahill, Wayne Ill 

Bamsborough, Glouces- 
ter N.J 

BamstabU (r. A. ), Barn- 
stable Bfass 

Barastead, B^knap . . . N. H 
Bamum, Gunnison. . . .Colo 

Barnnm, Webster Iowa 

Bamum, Carlton Minn 

Bamum, Cattaraugus. N. Y 

Bamum, Adams Wis 

Barnunvton, Camden .... Mo 
Barnumville,Uennington .Vt 
Barnwell, Barnwell. . . .S. 

Barr, Mifflin Pa 

Barrackville, Marion. W. Va 

Barre, Worcester Mass 

Barre, Washington Vc 

Barre Centre, Orieani: ..N.Y 
Barre Forge, Hunting- 
don Pa 

Barre Mills, La Crosse. .Wis 

Barren , Harrison Ind 

Barren Creek Spring, 

Wicomico Md 

Barren Fork, Izard .... Ark 
Barren Uill,Montgomery.Fa 
Barren Plain, Rol^rtson.. . . 

Barre Plains, Worcester. . . . 


Barrett, Marshall Kans 

Barrett's Mountain, 

Alexander N.C 

Barrettsville, Dawson. . .Ga 

Barre ville, Mc Henry Ill 

Barrie, Ulchland Dak 

Biarriugton, Strafford. .N. H 

Barrington, Yates N. Y 

Barrington, Bristol .... R. I 
Barrington Centre, Bris- 
tol R I 

Barrington Station, Cook. 1 1I 

Barrisville, Beaver Pa 

Barron, Jackson Oreg 

Barron (c. A.), Barron.. Wis 

Barrow, Greene Ill 

Barrow's >Iill, Henry. . . Va 
Barrow's Store, Bruns- 
wick Va 

Barrowsville, Bristol. .Mass 
Barr's Landing, Lexing- 
ton S.C 

Barr's Mill, Pike Ala 

Barr's Mills, Tuscarawas. . . 



Alphahetical Jjist of Post OffieeB. 

Barr's Store, Mafloupin. .lU 
liarrsTille, Colombia. . . .Fl« 

Barry, Pike Ill 

Barry, Gvifley Kans 

Barry, Frederick , Md 

Bany, Clay. Ho 

Barry, Cuyabogti Ohio 

Barry, Schuylkill Pa 

Barry town, Dutchess. .N. Y 
Barry ville, Delaware. .Iowa 

Harry ▼ille, Macon Mo 

Barryyille, Sullivan. ..N. Y 

Barry ville, Stark Ohio 

Barstow, Bock Island. . .Ill 

Bart, Lancaster Fa 

BartcrvlUe, Nicholas . . . Ky 
Bartgestown, Rice .... Kans 
Bartlesville, Cherokee N. . . 


Bartlett, Cook Ill 

Bartlett, Fremont Iowa 

Bartlett, Carroll N. H 

Barttett, Oneida N. Y 

Bartlett, Washington. .Ohio 

Bartlett, Shelby Tenn 

Bartlett Springs, Lake..Cal 
Burtleyville, Morris . . . N. J 
Bartold Valley, St. Louis. . ^ 


Barton, Colbert Ala 

Barton, Phillips Ark 

Barton, Labette Kans 

Barton, Alleghany Md 

Barton, Barton. Mo 

Barton, Tioga .N. Y 

Barton, Anderson Tex 

Barton. Orleans Vt 

Barton, Washington.. . .Wis 
Bartondale, Barton. . .Kans 
Bartonia, Randolph. . . .Ind 
Barton Landing, Orleans. Tt 
Barton's Creek, Oconee.S.C 
Bartonsyille, Monroe. . . .Pa 
Bartonsyitle, Windham . . Vt 
Bartonville, Walker. . . .Ala 

Bartow, Jefferson Ga 

Bartow (c. A.), Polk. . . .Fla 
Bartow Iron Works, 

Bartow Ga 

Bartow on the Sound, 

Westchester N.Y 

Bartramville, Lawrence .Ohio 

Bartville, liancaster Fa 

Ba«co, Hancock Ill 

Bascobel, Jackson Ga 

Bapcom, Seneca Ohio 

Base Lake, Washienaw.Mich 
Baaham's Gap^ Moi^gan. Ala 

Bashan, Meigs Ohio 

Bashaw, Burnett Wis 

Bashi, Clarke Ala 

Basil, Fuirfield Ohio 

Btifin Spring, William- 
son Tenn 

Basin Springs, Omyson.Tex 
Basking Ridge, Somer- 
set N.J 

Baskinton, Franklin. . . .La 
rasnettsTille, Marion.W. Va 
Tassett, Chickasaw. . . .Iowa 
Passett's Station, Keno- 
sha Wis 

Bass Station, Jackson.. Ala 
Ba«s Wood, Richland... Wis 
Bastrop (c. A.), Mont- 
house La 

Bastrop (c. A.), Bastrop. Tex 
B^tress, Lycoming Pa 

Batavia, Solanou Oal 

BataTia, Kane IN 

Batayia, Je&rson Iowa 

Batayia, Braneh Mieh 

Baiavia (e. A.), Genesee... » 

Batavia (e. A.), Cler- 
mont Ohio 

Batayia, Armstrong Pa 

BatcheUeryille, Sara- 
toga N.Y 

Batchelor's Rest, Pendle- 

Bateham, SnUiyan. Ind 

Bateham, Clay Kans 

Bates, Sangamon .Ill 

Batesburgh, Lexi^gton.S, C 
Bates City, La Fayette.. Bio 

Bates Mill, Amite Miss 

Batesville, Barbour .... Ala 
BfUear-ilU (c. A.), Inde- 
pendence Ark 

BatpsTille, Riplcir Ind 

Batesyille, Panola Hiss 

Batesyilie, Noble Ohio 

Batesyille, Spartan- 
burgh S. 

BateKville, Albermarle. . . Va 

Batb, Placer Cal 

Bath, Richmond Ga 

Bath, Mason Ill 

Bath, Norton Kaaa 

BiUk (c. A. 1, Sagadaboe . . Me 

Bath. Clinton ,. .Mi«b 

Bath, Grafton N. H 

Bath, (c. A.), Steuben. N. Y 

Bath, Beaufort N. 

Bath, Summit .Ohio 

Bath, Northampton. . . .Pa 

Bath, Aiken 8. G 

Bath Alum, Bath Va 

Bath Springs,Decatur.Tenn 

Batin, Webster Nebr 

Baton Rouge (e. A.), 

East Baton Rogue. . . . .La 
Baton Rouge, Chester.. S. 
Batson-s Store, Dickson.... 

Batten's Mills, Gilmer. W.Va 
Battenyille, Washing- 
ton N.Y 

Battleborough, Edge- 
combe N. G 

Battle Creek, Lake. Dak 

Battle Creek, Ida . . . .Iowa 
Battle Creek, Lincoln .Kans 
BatUe Creek, Calhoun.Mioh 
Battle Ciwek, Madison . Nebr 
Battle Creek, Oconee . . S. C 
Battle Ground, J ohnson.Ga 
Battle Ground, Tippe- 
canoe ..Ind 

Battle Ground ,ClHrke. Wash 
Battle Hill, HcPherson. . . . 

Battle Hountain, Lan* 

der Ney 

Battonyille, Alachua . . . Fla 

Battsyille, Carroll Ho 

Banff, Taney Ho 

Baugh-s Station, Logan.. Ky 

Baumstown, Berks Pa 

Bauneg Beg, York He 

Baylngton, Washington.. Pa 
Baxley (c. A.), Appling. .Ga 

Baxter, Drew Ark 

Baxter, Jasper Iowa 

Baxter, Je^erson , . Pa 

Baxter Springs, (Tbevio* 

kee Kans 

Bay, Calhoun Hi 

Bay, Gaseonade Mo 

Bayard, Cokmnbiana.. .Ohio 

Bayboro, Hony 8. C 

Bayborough, Pamlico.. N.C 
Bay Branch, Bmanuel. . .Ga 
Bay Centre, Pacifie. .Wash 

Bay City, Pope Ill 

Bay City {r.. A ), Bay. .Mich 

Bay City, Pierce Wis 

Bay Creek. Gwinnett. . . .G* 
Bay de Noquet, Delta. Hieh 
Bay/ieU(eJi.), Bay field. Wis 
Bay Hundnkl, Talbot. . .Md 
Bay less. Union ........ Tenn 

Baylis, Pike Ill 

Baylor^, Jefferson Ala 

Bayly's Creek, Harlan.. Ky 
Bay Mills, Chippewa.. Mich 
Bay Miaette, Baldwin.. .Ala 
Baynesyille, Westmore- 
land Va 

Bayonne, Hndsoa .....N.J 
Bayou Alabama, Fointe • 

Coupee La 

Bayou Barbary, IJyfcif- 

Bayou ChenC) St. Mar- 
tin's La 

Bayou Chirot, St. Landry.La 
Bayou Current, St. Lan- 
dry .....La 

Bayou Gonla, Iberyille. . La 
Bayou Labatre, Mobile. .Ala 
Bayou La Chute, Oaddo.La 
Bayou Laeomb, 8t. 

Tammany La 

Bayou Hetoe, ArkansasiArk 
Bayou Mills, liyingston. Ky 
Bayou Rapides, Rapides. La 
Bayou Tunica, West Fe- 
liciana La 

Bay Point, Santa Rosa. .Fla 
Bay Port, Hernando. . . .Fla 

Bay Port, Huron Mich 

Bay Port, Suffolk N. Y 

Bay Port, Middlesex Va 

Bay Ridge, Kings N. Y 

Bay Saint Joseph, Hills- 
borough Fla 

Bay Satnt Louis {e. A.),* 

< Haneodc .Miss 

Bay Settlement, Brown. Wis 

Bay Shore, Suffolk N. Y 

Bay Side, Queens N. Y 

Bay Springs, Tisho- 
mingo Miss 

Bay View, Hillsborough. Via 

Bay View, Cecil Md 

Bay View, Essex Hass 

Bay View, Northaotpton.Va 
Bay View, Hilwaukee.. . Wis 

Bay Village, Cross Ark 

. Bayytlle, Ocean N. J 

' Bay yille. Queens N.Y 

Basaar, Chase Kans 

Bazette, Navarro < Tex 

Basile Hillfi, Knox .... Nebr 

Basine, Ness Kans 

Beachamyille, Nuckolls... 


Beach City, Stark Ohio 

Beaches Comer, Greene. .. 

Beach Grove, Walker. . .Ala 
Beaoh Haven, Ocean.. .N. J 

Beacli' Havsu , 
Beach Pond, Wagroe. . . .Fa 
Beach Ridge. Niagan. .N. T 
Beachville, Hetcalfe... . Ky 
Beachville, WilliamBOB. . . . 

Beacon, Mahaska. . . .low* 
Beacon, Harqnette. . . . Mid& 
Beacon Falls, New Het- 

ven Onms 

Bealeton, Fauquifv Va 

Bealt's Mills, Lewis . . W. Va 
BeaHsviHe, Hontgomery.Md 
Beallsville, Honroe. . . . Ohio 

Beaman, Grundy Iowa 

Beamtm. Pettis ........ .Mo 

Beaman^s Cross Rosuls, 

Sttmpson N. C 

BMun's Boils, Chiveimad.N. C 

Beamsvilte, Darke Ohio 

Beamville, AU^rany Fa 

Bean Blossom* Brown. .Ind 
Bean Rook, Marshall . . .Ala 
Bean's Comers, Vmnklta.Me 
Bean's Cove, Bedford . . . . I*a 
Bean's Eddy, Haratfaon.Wif 
Bean*s Station, Qimiii- 

ger. Teaa 

Beantown, Obarles Sfd 

Beer, Richland Wis 

Bear Branch, Ohio Jnd 

Bear Branch, Lfain Mo 

Bear Branch, De Salb.Tenn 

Bear Branch, Wyoming 

Bear Canjron, Douglas . Cole 
Bear Creek, Randolph.. A la 
Bear Creek, Searcy . . . . Ari: 

Bear Creek, Cedar Me 

Bear Creek, Gage Nebi 

Bear Greek, Cliatham ..N.C 
Bear Creek, Scioto .... Ohio . 
Bear Creek, Parker.... Tex 
Bear Creek, Wanpaea. . Wis 
Beard's Station, Oldham .Ky 

Beardstown, Cam HI 

Beaiclstown, Perry... Tenn 

Bear Galp, Colstrabia Fa 

Bear Grove, Guthrie. . Iowa 
Bear Gulch, Lawrence. Dak 
Bear LiOie, Manistee. .Hieh 

Bear Lake, Wanen P* 

Bear Poplar, Rowan.. .N. C 
Bear River City, Box 

Elder Utah 

Bear's Marsh, Wood. . .Wis 
Bear's Mouth, Deer Lodge. 


Bearsville, Ulster N. Y 

Bearsville, Tyler W. Va 

BeartoA\'n,Dear Lodjpe.Mont 
Beartowa, Lancaster. . . .Ps 
Beartown, Cumberland. . . • 

Bear Valley, Mariposa. .Oa) 
Bear Valley, Wabasha.Minn 
Bear Valley, Richland. Wis 

Bear Wallow, Hart Ky 

Bear Wallow, Hender- 
son N. 

Bear Wallow, Bnelianan.Va 
Beasley H^l, Johnston.... 

tit 1/ 
Beasley 's Fork,Adams.Obio 

Beason, Logan HI 

Beatrice {c. A.), Gage. .Nebr 
Beattle, Haishall. ^ ^ . .Kans 


Alphabetieal List qf Po9t Og^es. 

BMttie's Vofd, LiDMUi.N.G 
Itoiklty, W«BtiiioTOlMkd..Fft 
Besttyl Bridge, Bladen.. .. 

BeaUffffOle <«. *.), Lee. . Ky 
Baatjresfcown, Warren. .N. J 
Bettfy '8 Mills, Marion.W.Va 

B««aelere, IHiTal Fla 

Beaueonp, Washington. .Ill 

Beaufort, Franklin Mo 

Bumfort {e. A.), Carte- 
ret. N.C 

Bfom/ort (e. A.), Bean* 

fort S C 

Beaumont, Cherokee. . Kans 
BeaomoDt, Chatham.. N. G 
Beaatmtmt (e. A.), Jef- 

femm Tex 

Beanyoir, Harrison . « . .Miss 

Beaver, Smith Kan 

Beaver, Floyd Ky 

Beaver, WUmhia. Minn 

Beaver, Dovglas Mo 

Beaver, Chendtee N.C 

leaver, Pike Ohio 

Bearer (e. A.), BeaYer. . .Pa 

Beaver, Anderron Tex 

Bemw {e. A.), Bc«ver. .Utah 
Beaver, Thurston. . . .Wash 
Bmver B«y<e. A.), Lako. . . . 

Beaver Brook, J^ezeon . . . 

Beaver Brook«Snllivan . N.T 
Beaver Centre, Craw- 

foid Pa 

Beaver City, Neirton. . . Ind 
BtaverCUp (e. A.), Fur- 
nas Nebr 

Beaver Creek, Dale. . . . .Ala 

Beaver Creek, Bond Ill 

Beaver Creek, Wash- 
ington Md 

Beaver Creek, Rock. .Minn 
Beaver CreriE, Jeffmnson . . . 

Beaver Creek, Bullalo.Nebr 
Beaver Creek, Ashe.. .N. C 
Beaver Creek, Jell«p- 

eon Tenn 

Beaver Creek, Clay .... Tex 
Beaver Creek, Jackson. Wis 
Beaver Crossing, Sew- 
ard Nebv 

Beaver Dale, Lamar.. . .Ala 
Beaverdale, Whitfield. .. Ga 
Beaver Dam,Koiidnsko.Ind 

Beaver Dam, Ohio Ky 

Beaver Dam, Ottawa.. Mich 

Beaver Dam, Otter Tail 


Beaver Dam, Union... N. C 

' Beaver Dam, Allen. . . .Ohio 

Beaver Dam, Andoreoa.S. 

Beaver Dam, Dodge Wis 

Beaver Dam Depot, 

Haaever Va 

Beaver Dam Mills, Han- 
over Vt 

Beaver Bams, Schuyler.. . . 

Burner. FaHs (c. A.), 

Benville Minn 

Beaver Falls, Lewis. . .N. Y 
Beaver Falls, BeaTer — Pa 
Beaver Hill, Overton. .Tenn 
Beaver KUl, SulUvaa..N. Y 
Beaver Uke,Ogem*w . Midh 

Bearer Li<fk, Bm»« Ky 

Beaver Meadow, Che- 
nango N.Y 

Beaver Meadow8,Carbon.Pa 
Beaver Mill, Juneau. . . Wis 
BeaTer Mills, Nicho- 
las W. Va 

Beaver Pond,Lexington.S.C 
Beaver Pond, Amelia. . .Ya 
Beaver Ridge, Knox. .Tenn 
Beaver Run, Sussex. ..N.J 
Bearer Springs, Snyder. .Pa 
Beaver Thnber,Newton.Ind 

Bearerton, Lamar Ala 

Beaverton, Boone Ill 

Beaverton, Washington.. . . 

Bearertown, Snrder .... Pa 
Bearer Valley, St. Clair. Ala 
Bearer Valley, New 

Castle.... Del 

Bearer Valley ,Coltimbta.Pia 
Bearerville, Iroqaols. ... Ill 

Beasley, Jeflerson Fla 

Bechtelsville, Berks Pa 

Becker, Sheroume. . . Minn 
Becker, Outagamie. . . . Wis 
Becker's Comers, Al- 
bany N.Y 

Beckersrflle, Berics Pa 

Becket, Berkshire Mass 

Boeket, Sanilac Mich 

Becket Centre, Berk- 
shire Mass 

Bcckleysrille, Balti- 
more M4 

Beck's Creek, Shelby.. . .Ill 
Beck's Grore, Brown.. .Ind 
Beck's MUls, Washing- 
ton Ind 

Beck's Mills, Holmes. .Ohio 
Beck's Mills, Washing- 
ton Pa 

Beck's Bun. Allegheny. Fa 

BeckriUe, SHf. Louis Mo 

Beckrille, Panola Tex 

Beck with, Plumas Cal 

Beckwith, Jefforson . . Iowa 
Beckwith, Breckinridge. Ky 
Beckwith, Wilson . . . .Tenn 

Beda, Ohio Ky 

Beddington, Wa8hii^;ton.Me 

Bedford, Pike Ill 

Bedford {e. A.), Law- 

rencoi. Ind 

Bedford (e. A.), Taylor.Iow* 
Bedford (c. A. ), Trimble. Ky 
Bedford, Middlesex... Mass 

Bedford, Calhoun Mich 

Bedford, liringston. . . .Mo 
Bedford, Jefferson... Mont 
Bedford, imisborough.N.H 
Bedfotd (e. A.), West- 

chesteif ...N.Y 

Bedford, Cuyahoga. .. Ohio 
Bedford (e. A.), Bedford. Pa 
Bedford, Bedford. . . . .Tenn 

Bedffxd, Tarrant Tex 

Bedford Springs, Camp- 
bell Va 

Bedford Station, Calhoun.. 

Bedford Station, West- 
chester N. Y 

Bedias, Grimes Tex 

Bedington , Berkeley . W. Va 
Bedminster, Somerset. N. J 
Bedminsker, Bucks Pa 

Be^be, Athens OMo 

Beebe Plain, Orleans. . . .Vt 
Beebe Station , White. . . Ark 
Bee Branch, van Boren.Ark 

Bee Cares, Traris Tex 

Beech, VFayne Mich 

Betfch , Licking Ohio 

Beech Bottom, Webster 

W. Va 
Beech CliiT, Allegheny . .Pa 
Beech Creek, Ashley... .Ark 

Beech Creek, Winn La 

Beech Creek, Watauga. N. C 

Beech Creek, Clinton Fa 

Beech Creek, L^j&n.W. Va 

Beecher, Will Ill 

BeeeherCity, Effingham. Ill 
Beech Grore, Walker. . . .Ga 
Beech Grore , McLean . . . Ky 
Beech Grove, Coffee. . .Tenn 
Beech Htn, Mason. . .W. Va 
Beech Island, Aiken. . .8. C 
Beechlaod, Wnshington.Ky 
Beech Point, Obion. . .Tenn 
Beech Ridge, Alexander. Ill 

B«>ech Spring, Lee Va 

Beech Spriugs, Neshobi 

Beechwood, Crawford . .Tnd 
Biaechwood, Norfolk. . .Mass 
Beech Wood, Sullivan. .N. Y 
Beechwood, Cameron. ... Pa 
Beechwood, Sheboygan .Wis 
] leech Woods, Newton.. Ark 
Beechy Mire, Union. . . .Ind 

Bee Creek, Pike Hi 

Dee Creek, BledDoe — Tenn 

Bee Fork, Reynolds Mo 

Beeknian, Dutchess.. . .N. Y 
Beekmantown, Clinton. N.Y 
Beeler's Station, Mar- 
shall W. Va 

Bee Lick, Lincoln Ky 

Bee Log, Yancey N. 

Beemervifle, Sussex.. . .N. J 

Beeroont, Franklin Mo 

Beers, Allegheny Pa 

B^rHheba Springs, 

Grundy Tenn 

Beesley's Point, Cape 

May N.J 

Bee Spring, Edmonson . . Ky 
Beesville, Buckingham. . . Va 

Beetown, Grant Wi.>< 

Beetraee, Appanoose.. Iowa 
BeeviUe (t. A.), Bee. . . .Tex 

Bega, Stanton Nebr 

BL>ith's Landing, Desha. Ark 

Belair, Richmond Ga 

Belalr, Plaquemines La 

Bel Avr{ci A.), Harford.. Md 

Belair,- Lancaster S. C 

Belbend, Luseme I*a 

Belcher j Washington. .N. Y 

Belcher's, Prairie Ark 

Belchertown, Hampshire. . . 


Belden, Wabash Ind 

Beldun, Wayne Mich 

Itelden, Broome N. Y 

Belden, Lorain Ohio 

Beldenville, Pierce Wis 

Belding, lonift Mich 

Belen(e. A.), Quitman. .Miss 
Belen (e. A.), Valencia.... 

N. Mex 
Belew Creek Mills, For- 
syth N.C 


Relew^s Creek, Jefferson . Mo 

Belfast, Grunt Ark 

Belfiist, Lee. Iowa 

Btlfast (e. A.), Waldo... Me 

Belfiist, Baltiniore Md 

Belfast, Sterens Minn 

Belfiwt, Allegany N. Y 

Helfiut, Ciemtont Ohio 

Belfkst, Northampton. ..Pa 
Bel£wt Mills, Russell... .Va 

Belfield, Rush Kans 

Belfort, Lewis N.Y 

Belgium, Ozaukee Wis 

Belgrade, Kennebec Me 

Belgrade, Wnshington. .Mo 
Belgrade Mills, Kennebec. . 

Bel Green («. A.), Frank- 
lin Ala 

Belinda, Lucas Iowa 

Beliogton, Barbour.. W. Va 

Belknap, Johnson Ill 

Belknap, Daris Iowa 

Belknap, Pine Minn 

Bellcnap, Choteau . . . .Mont 
Belkuap, Armstrong .... Pa 

Belknap, Young Tex 

Bell, Grares Ky 

Bell, Highland ..Ohio 

Bell Air, Crawford.. ... .Ill 

Bell Air, Cooper Mo 

Bellaire, Belmont Ohio 

Bellasylva, Wyoming. ... Pa 
Bell Branch, Wayne. .Mich 

Bellbrook, Greene Ohio 

Bellbuekle, Bedford.. .Tenn 
Dell Center, Crawford. .Wis 

Belle, Osage Mo 

Belle Centre, Logan. . .Ohio 
Belle Chester, Wabasha .... 

BelleCreek, Goo<^iue.Minn 
Belle Creek, Washing- 
ton Nebr 

Belle Fk>wer, McLean ... Ill 

Belief ont, Ford Kans 

Belief out, Nottoway. . . . Va 
Bellcfontaiiie, Sumner.. Mies 
Bellefontaine, St. l/Ouis.Mo 
BeUefoHtaine {e. A.), 

Logan Ohio 

Bellefonte, .Tackwn. . . . Ala 

Bellefonte, Boone Ark 

Bellefonte, Pulaski Mo 

Belief ante {c. A. ), Centre. . Pa 
Bellefountain, Colum- 
bia Wis 

Belle Haren, Acconmc^ . Va 
Belle Isle, Onondaga. .N. Y 
Belle Mina, Limestone. Ala 
Bcllemont, Sabine... T.. La 
Bellenionte, Dtncaster. . . I*a 

Belle Place, Iberia La 

Belle Plain, Marshall ... Ill 
Belle Plain, Cumber- 
land. N. J 

Belle Flam (c. A.), Calla- 
han Tex 

Belle Plaine, Benton . . Iowa 
Belle Plaine, Sumner .Kans 
Belle Plaine, Scott. . .Minn 
Belle Plaine, Shawano.. Wis 
Belle Point, Delaware.. Ohio 
Belle Pmirie, Hamilton. Ill 
Belle Prairie, Morri- 
son Minn 

Belle Prairie, Fillmore. Nebr 
Belle Rive, Jefferson Ill 



Bella BiT»r, St. CMr. .Bfleli 
Belle Springs, DieklnsoB... 

Belle Union, PutnMn....Ind 

Belle Valley, Erie Pa 

Belle Ternon,W7andot.<^io 
Belle Vernon, Fayette. . .Pa 

Belleview, Talbot Ga 

Belleview, Calhoun lU 

Belleview, Cliristlan. . . .Ky 
BelleTiew, Blue Eartti.Minn 

Belleview, Iron Mo 

Belleview, Lebanon Pa 

Belleview, Davidson. . . Tenn 

Belleview, Rusk Tex 

Belleville, Conecnb. . . . Ala 
BellevilU (c. A.), St. 

Clair lU 

Belleville, Hendricks . . . Ind 
BeUeviUe {c. h.)j Bepub- 

lic Kans 

Belleville, Wayne. Mich 

Belleville, Fillmore. . .Minn 
Belleville, Mout;gomery . Mo 
Belleville, £smeralda..NeT 

Belleville, Essex N. J 

Belleville, JeflRBr8oa....N. T 

Belleville, Mifflin Pa 

Belleville, Nansemond..Va 
Belleville, Wood . . . . W. Va 

Belleville, Dane Wis 

Bellevoir, Chatham... .N. C 

Bellevue, Jackson Iowa 

BelUvue {e. A.), Bossier.. La 
Bellevue, Prince George's. . 


Bellevue, Eaton Mich 

Bellevue, Sarpy Nebr 

Bellevue, Huron Ohio 

Bellevue, Yam Hill. . . .Oreg 
Bellevue, Green ville...S. C 

Bellevue, Bedford Va 

Bell Facttiry, Madison. .Ala 
Belliair Mill)*, Stafford. . .Va 
Bellingham, Norfolk* •B'iwB 

Bellmofat, Wabash HI 

BeJlmont Centre, Franklin . 


Bellmore, Parke Ind 

Bellona, Yates N. Y 

Bellota, San Joaquin. . .. Cal 
Bellows Falls, Windham. Vt 

Bellowsville, Beaver Pa 

Bell Park, Kankakee. ... Ill 

Bellport, Suffolk N.Y 

Bell's Bridge, Shasta. ...Cal 
Bellsburgh, Dickson. .Tenn 
Bell's Cross-Roads, Louisa.. 

Bell's Depot, Crockett.Tenn 

BeU's Ferry, Pitt N. C 

Bell's Lauding, Monroe. . . . 

Bell's Mills, Cleburne. ..Ala 
Bell's Mills, Jefferson. .. .Pa 

Bells Bun, McKean Pa 

Bell's Station, Santa 

Clara Cal 

Bell's Store, Nevada. . . .Ark 
Bell's Valley, Rockbridge. Va 

Bellton, Hall Ga 

Bellton, Marshall.... W. Va 
Belltown, Cleburne. . . . Ala 

Belltown, Monroe Tenn 

Bell vale. Orange N. Y 

Bell Valley, Noble. . . ..Ohio 
Bellville, Hamilton..... Fia 
Bellville, Pender N. C 

Alphabetical List of Post Ofiees. 

Belhriile, Siolllaiid. . . .Ohio 
BeUvUU (c. A.), Austin. Vn 

Bellwood, Blair Pia 

Beitwood, Wilson Tenn 

Betanond, Wright Iowa 

Belmont, Sumter Ala 

Belmont, Crawford Ark 

Belmont, San Mateo. . . .Osl 

Belmont, Bullitt Ky 

Belmont, Waldo Me 

Belmont, Middlesex... Mass 

Belmont, Kent Mich 

Belmont, Jacluon. . . .Minn 
Belmont, 1^faomingo..Mi8s 

Belmont, Mississippi Mo 

Belmont, Lewis & Clarke... 


Belmont, Cass Nebr 

BeimoiU (k. A.), Nye. . .Nev 

Belmont, Belknap N. H 

Belmont (cA. ),Allegany .N.Y 
Belmont, Belmont. . . .Ohio 

Belmont, Coffee Tenn 

Belmont, Qonxalee Tex 

Bcimont, La Fayette. ..Wis 

Bdmore, Putnam Ohio 

Beloit, LyoB Iowa 

Beloit (e. A.), Mitchell. Kans 

Beloit, Mahoning Ohio 

Beloit, Rock Wis 

Belpre, Washington... Ohio 

Belsano, Cambria Pa 

Belton, Cass Mo 

Belton, Anderson S. C 

Bdton (e. A.), Bell Tex 

Beltsville, Prince George's. . 

Belvidere (e. A. ), Boone.. Ill 
Belvidere, Monona. . . Iowa 

Belvidere, Tluiyer Nebr 

Belvidere {e. A.), War- 
ren N. J 

Belvidere, Allegany. . . .N. Y 
Belvidere, Perquimons.N. C 
Belvidere, Franklin. . .Tenn 

Belvidere, Lamoille Vt 

Belvidere Comers, La- 
moille Vt 

Belvidere Mills, Goodhue. . 


Bel voir, Douglas Kans 

Belvue, Pottawatomie. Kans 

Belvue, Shawano Wis 

Bern, Gasconade Mo 

Bern, Green Win 

Beman, Morris Kans 

Bement, Piatt Ill 

Bemus Heights, Sara- 
toga....; N.Y 

Bemus Point, Ciiautau- 

qua N.Y 

Benada, De Witt Tex 

Benbow, Marion Mo 

Bend, Texas Mo 

Ben Davis. Marion Ind 

Bendersvilie. Adams Pa 

Benedick, Charles ...... Md 

Benedicta, Aroostook... .Me 

Benela, Calhoun Misa 

Benevola, Washington. .Md 

Benezett, Elk Pa 

Ben Ficidin (e. A.), Tom 

Green ^ Tex 

Ben Franklin, Murray .Minn 
Ben Franklin, Delta. . . .Tex 

Bengal, Bulloch Ga 

Bengal, Clinton Mich 

Benham's Store, Ripley .Ind 

Ben Hill, FnlioM Ga 

Benicia, Solano Oftl 

Ben Lomond, Sevier.... Ark 
Ben LoDM>nd, Issaquena. . . 

Benuet, Arapahoe. . . . .Colo 
Bonnet's Comers, Madi- 
son N.Y 

fiennet Station, Lancas- 
ter Nebr 

Bennett, Ripley Mo 

Bennett, Allegheny Pa 

Bennett, Lamar Tex 

Bennett's Bayou, Bax« 

ter Ark 

Bennetteburgh, Schuy- 
ler N.Y 

Bennett's Comers, Me- 
dina Ohio 

Bennett's Creek, Steu- 
ben..... N.Y 

Bennett's Cross Roads, 

Sampson N. 

Bennett's Ferry, Carbon. . . 

Bennett's Mill, Mont- 
gomery Va 

Bennett's Mills, Ocean. N. J 
Bennett's Switch ,Miami.Ind 
Bennettstown, Chrittiaa Jty 
Bennettsville, fitowah.. .Ala 
BennettAville, Clarke. . .lad 
Bennettsville, Ch«kango . . . 

BennettstvilU {e. A.), 

Marlborough S. C 

Banning, Washington.. D. 
Bennington, Bear Lake. . . . 

Bennington, Edwards. . .Ill 
Bennington, Ottawa. . . Kans 
Bennington, Shiawas- 
see Mich 

Bennington, Hillsbor- 
ough N. H 

Bennington, Wyoming.N. Y 
Bennington, Morrow. i.Ohio 
Btnnington (e. A.), Ben« 

nington Vt 

Bennington Centre, Ben- 
nington Yt 

Bennington Furnace, 

Blair Pa 

Benona, Oceana Mich 

Bensalem, Moore N. C 

Bensalem , Bucks Pa 

Ben Secour, Baldwin... Ala 
Bensenville, Du Page. . . .Ill 

Benson, Woodford Ill 

Benson, Franklin Ky 

Benson (e. A.), Swift.. Minn 
Benson, Hamilton . . . .N. Y 

Benson, Rutland Vt 

Benson, Dunn Wis 

Benson Centre, Hamil- 

ioi» N.Y 

Benfton Grove, Winne- 
bago Iowa 

Benson Landing, Rut- 
land Vt 

Ben's Ruich, Ellsworth. . . 


Bent Branch, Pike Ky 

Bent Canyon, Las Ani-> 

mas Oolo 

Bent Creek, Appom.attOx.Va 
BentivogUo, Alberthuie.Va 

Bentley, ganeorif ^JWA 

Bentley Cveek, Bcadford. 9ft 

Bentley's Springs, Baiti- ' 

more M<1 

BentleyTiUe, Wasbin|Ston.IVi 

Bently , Calhoun MI«b 

Bent Mountain , BoaiK>ke.Vt» 

Benton, Lowndes Al« 

BenUm («. A.), Saline. . .Arlc 

Benton, Mono Cal 

Benton, Columbia Fla 

Benton (c. A.), Franklin..III 

Benton, Elkhart Ind 

Benton, Mills.. ....... Iowa 

Benton, Butler Kana 

Benton (c. A.), Marsliall.Kj 

Benton, Bossier La 

Benton, Kennebec Me 

Benton, Washtenaw. .Alich 

Benton, Carver Mina 

Benton, Yaaoo Miai 

Benton, Scott Mo 

Benton, Grafton .N. H 

Benton, Holmes ^ .Ohk» 

Beuton, Columbia Ba 

BeiUon (c. A.), Folk. . .Toia - 

Beatton, Ataseosa Vex 

Benton, La Fayette. . . . Wii 
Benton Centre, Yates. .N. T 
Benton City, Audrain. . .Ho 
Benton Falls, Kennebe«.lfe 
Benton Harbor, Berrien. . . . 

Benton Ridge, HaiMo^ .... 

Benton's Ferry, Liring- 

ston La 

Benton's Ferry, Marion. . . . 

W. Va 
Bentonsport, Van Bu- 

ren ..Iowa 

BentonciUe {e. A.), Bea- 
ton ...Ark 

Bentonville, Fayette. . . . Ind 
Bentonville, Joliu8ton..N.C 
Bentonville, Adams. .. .Ohio 
Bentonville, Warren. ...Va 

Benvanue, Clay Tex 

Benvenoe, Daaphin Pa 

Benville, Brown HI 

Benville, Jennings Ind 

Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt. . . 

Benwood, Marshall . . W. Va 
Benzonifik (c A.).BMiaie.Mitili 

Beowawe, Eureka NeT 

Berdan, Butte Cal 

Berdan , Gxjeene 1 11 

Ber^, Madison Ky 

Berea, Granville N. G 

Berea, Cuyah<^ Ohio 

Berea, Ritchie W. Va 

Berendo, Fresno. . r Gal 

Bereslord, Volusia Fla 

Berg, Buffalo Nebr 

Bergen, Allamakee . . .lovra 
Bergen, Mercer. ....... .Ky 

Bergen, McLeod Minn 

Bergen, Genesee N. Y 

Bergen,* Hudson N. J 

Bergen, Vernon Wis 

Bergen Point, Hud80n.N. J 

Berger, Franklin ... .Mo 

Berger's Store, Pittsyl- 

Tania Va 

Berge's Gap, Wise Va 

* Braadi of Jeney City Foal 

AlphaibeUoal List of PoA Offieet. 


Bcxgliolte, NkigMS. . . .N. T 

Bningar, Tnrttona V% 

Berkeley, AlameilA Gel 

Berkeley springs {r. h.)^ 

Morgui W. Ytk 

Bokey, Lueaa Ohio 

Bakley, Madi^ou Ale 

Berkley, Bristol Men 

Berkley Hmglito, Union. . . . 

Berkshire, OiMriniiett . . . . Oe 
Bert»hire, Berkshire. .Mam 

Berk»bire, Tioga N. T 

Berkshire, Dele ware... Ohio 

Berkshire, FrwikUa Yt 

Bokshire Valley, Morris.. . 

Beilamont, Van Biu:en.Mich 

BetUn, Coluea Gal 

Berlin, Hartford Gonn 

Berlin, Richland Dak 

Berlin, Sanj^anion lU 

Berlin, Bourbon Kang 

Berlin, Bracken Ky 

Berlfai, W<Mree8ter Md 

Berltai, Woxeester Maes 

Btriln, Ottawa. Ifieh 

Beittn, SteelA Minn 

Bmfai, Ctootry....* Mo 

Bnlin, Camden N. J 

BerKa, Benaeelaer. . . .N. T 

Beriin, Holmee Ohio 

Berlin, Somersefc Fs 

Bwlin, Marshall T»nn 

Beiltak, Washington Vt 

Beiifai, Soatharopton. . . . Ya 

Berlin, Oreen Lake Wis 

Berlin Centre, Mahon- 
ing Ohk> 

Berlin Crom Roads, 

Jackson Ohio 

BerUa Falls, Coos N. H 

BeiKn Heights, £rie... Ohio 
BeriinsTille, Northamp- 
ton Pa 

Berlin ville. Brie Ohio 

Becmnda, CoBeenh....Ala 

Bermudiaji, Adams Pa 

Bemadotte, Fulton Ill 

Bemadotte, Nicollet... Minn 
Bernardo /San Diego. . . .Gal 
Bernardo Prairie, Col- 
orado Tex 

BemardsUm , Franklin .Mass 
Bernard's Town, Webster.. 

Bemardsville, Somerset.N.J 

Berne, Adams Tnd 

Berne, Dodge Minn 

Berne, Albany N. Y 

Berne, Noble Ohio 

Berne, Berks Pa 

Bemhard's Bay, Oswego. : . 

N. Y 

Bemiee, Sallivan Pa 

Bemvllle, Berks Pa 

Berrien Centre, Berrien. . . . 

Bnrlen Spnng$ (c. k.). 

Berrien Mich 

Beny, Sangamon lU 

Berry Creek, Butte Cal 

Berrysborgb, Dauphin.. Pa 
Beny '8 Creek, Williamson. 

Berry's lick, Butler. . . .Ky 
Berry's MiU, Franklin.. .Me 

Berry's Station, Harrl- 

son B^y 

Berry's Store, Jackson. Ala 
BerrysTille, HigfakMd. .Ohk» 

Benryton, Cass Ill 

Berryrale, Sskiyon Cal 

BerryviUe (e.A.), GairolKArk 
Berryrille, Otaego. . . .Mich 
Berry Tille, Henderson.. Tex 
Berryvilte {e. A.), Clarke. Ya 

Bertha, Lake Cal 

Berthoud, Larimer. . . .Colo 

Bertie, Assumption La 

Bertram, Linn Iowa 

Bertrand, Rapides La 

Bertrand, Berrien Mksh 

Bertrand, Misflissippi. . . . Mo 

Bertrand, Burt Nebr 

Benrille, St. Glair Mich 

Berwick, Warren ill 

Berwick, St. Mary's La 

Berwick, York Me 

Berwick, Seneca Ohio 

Berwick, Columbia Pa 

Berwyn, Chester Pa 

Berselia, Columbia Oa 

Bes^mer'8 Depot, Tomp- 
kins N.Y 

Beasrille, Bollinger Mo 

Best,Lehigfa Pa 

Best Bottom, Mont- 
gomery ...*... Mo 

Bestland, Essex Ya 

Beta, Fulton Ohio 

Bethalto, Madison Ill 

Bethania, Forsyth N. G 

Bethany, Pickens Ala 

Bethany, New HaTen..Conn 

Bethany, Moultrie lU 

Bethany, Osborne Kans 

Bethany, Owen Ky 

Bethany, Caddo La 

Bethany (c. A.), Harrison.Mo 

Bethany, Oenerae N. Y 

Bethany, Davidson. . . . N. C 

Bethany, Butler Ohio 

Bethany, Washlngton.Oreg 

Bethany, Wayne Pa 

Bethany, York S. C 

Bethany, Tyler Tex 

Bethany, Brooke. . . . W. Ya 
Bethany Church ,Iredell.N.C 

Bethel, Wilcox Ala 

Bethel, Fairfield Gonn 

Bethel, Morgan Ill 

Bethel, Wayne Ind 

Bethel, Fayette Iowa 

Bethel, Marion Kans 

Bethel, Bath Ky 

Bethel, Oxford Me 

Bethel, Branch Mich 

Bethel, Anoka Minn 

Bethel, Jones Miss 

Bethel, Shelby ,Mo 

Bethel, Sullivan N.Y 

Bethel, Pitt N. C 

Bethel, Clermont Ohio 

Bethel, Polk Oreg 

Bethel, Berks Pa 

Bethel, York 8. G 

Bethel, Giles Tenn 

Bethel, Anderson Tex 

Bethel, Windsor Yt 

Bethel, Meroer W. Ya 

Bethel Academy, Fau- 
quier. Ya 

Bethel City, Marion. .Iowa 
Bethel Comers, Cayuga N.Y 

Bethel HIU, Fsnon N. 

Bethel Spiings, Union. . .La 
Bethel Springs, McNairy . . . 

Bethel Station, Dntohess. . . 

Betheeda, Montgomery. . Md 
Bethesda, Belmont. . . .Ohio 

Betheeda, Lancaster Pa 

Bethesda, Williamson. Tenn 
Bethlehem, Litchfield. Conn 

Bechlehem , Clarke Ind 

Bethlehem, Wayne.. . . Iowa 

Bethlehem, Henry Ky 

Bethlehem, Caroline. . . .Md 
Bethlehem, Marshall.. Miss 
Bethlehem, Grafton. ..N.H 
Bethlehem, Hunterdon. N.J 
Bethlehem, Northampton.. 

Bethlehem, Clarendon.. S. G 
Bethlehem Centre, Al- 
bany N.Y 

Bethlehem Hollow, Graf- 
ton N.H 

Betbpage, McDonald. . . .Mo 
Betbpage, Sumnar. ...Tenn 
Bettienlle, Shelby.. . .Tenn 
Bettsville, Seneca ..... Ohio 

Benlah, Lee Ala 

BenUh, Pueblo Colo 

Benlah, Clayton Iowa 

Benlah, Crawford. . . .Kans 

Beulah, Union Miss 

Beulah, Greene Tenn 

Beulah, Prince William.. Ya 
BeulahTille, King Wil- 
liam Ya 

Beolaville, Duplin N. 

Bevans, Sussex N. J 

Beverly, Sebastian .... .Ark 

Beverly, Adams Ill 

Beverly, Sumner Kans 

Beverly, Christian Ky 

Beverly, Essex Mass 

Beverly, Macon Mo 

Beverly, Burlington. . .N. J 

Beverly, Anson N. C 

Beverly, Washington. .Ohio 

Beverly, Coryell Tex 

Beverly (e. A.), Randolph . . . 

Beverly Farms, Essex. . Mass 
Beverly Station, Platte.. Mo 

Bevier, Macon Mo 

Bevill-B Store, Choctaw. AU 
Bevington, Madison. . .Iowa 

Bevis, Hamilton Ohio 

Bewleyville, Breckin- 
ridge Ky 

Bexar, Marion Ala 

Bibb, Comanche Tex 

Bibb Springs, Bibb Ala 

Bibbville, Bibb Ala 

Bible Grove, Clay Ill 

Bible Grove, Scotland.. .Mo 
Bible Hill, Decatur. . .Tenn 
Bickley's Mills, Russell. .Ya 

Bicknell, Knox Ind 

Biddeford, York Me 

Biddeford Pool, York Me 

Bidwell's Bar, Bhtte. . . .Cal 

Bieber, Lassen Cal 

Biegel, Fayette. , Tex 

Biehle, Perry Mo 

Big Bar, Trinity Cal 

Big Barren, Claibome.Tenn 
Big Beaver, Oakland. .Mich 

BIgbee Valley, Noxubee.. . 


Big Bend, Polk Ark 

Big Bend, Phillips.. . .Kans 

Big Bend, Avoyelles La 

Big Bend,Gottonwood.MinB 

Big Bend, Yenango Pa 

Big Bend, Calhoun.. . W. Ya 
Big Bend, Waukesha. . .Wis 
Big Bottom, Indepen- 
dence Ark 

Big Branch, Scott Va 

Big Brook, Oneida N Y 

Big Buflalo, Harri8on..W.Ya 

Big Bug, Yavapai Arix 

Big Butte. Jackson. . .Oreg 
Bigby Fonc, Itawamba. Misd 
Big Gane, St. Laudry. ...La 
Big Clear Creek, Green- 

Ua IQA ••••■•••••• • FT • w n 

Big Glifty, Grayson Ky 

Big Coon, Jackson Ala 

Big Gove Tannery, Ful- 
ton Pa 

Big Greek, Geneva Ala 

Big Greek, Forsyth Ga 

^ Greek, Russell. . . .Kans 

Big Greek, Clay Ky 

Big Creek, Grant La 

Kg Greek, Calhoun.. . .Miss 

Big Greek, Texas Mo 

Big Greek, Steuben N. Y 

Big Creek, Stokes N. G 

Big Creek, Edgefield. . .8. C 

Big Creek, Cocke Tenn 

Big Greek Gap, Campbell. . 

Big Dry Creek, Fresno. .Gal 

BIgelow, Nobles Minn 

BIgelow, Holt Mo 

Big Falls, Alamance. . .N. C 
Big Flats, Chemung. . .N. Y 

Big Flats, Adams Wis 

Bigfoot, Fulton Ind 

Big Foot Prairie, Mc- 

Henry Ill 

Big Fork, Polk Ark 

Big Grove, Pottawatta- 
mie. Iowa 

Biggs, Mason ni 

Bigg's Station, Butte. . .Gal 
Biggsville, Henderson . . Ill 
Big Gully, Blount. . . .Tenn 

"Big Hill. Calhoun Ark 

Big Hili; Madison Ky 

Big Hill, McNairy Tenn 

Big Hollow, Greene. ..N. Y 

Big Indian, Cass Ind 

Big Indian, Ulster N. Y 

Big Island, Bedford Ya 

Big Lake, Sherborne. .Minn 
Big Laramie, Albany. . Wyo 
Big Laurel, Madison. . .N. G 

Bigler, Adams Pa 

Big Lick, Howell Mo 

Big Uck, Stanly N. C 

Big lick, Cumberland .Tenn 

Big Lick, Roanoke Ya 

Big Mound, Lee Iowa 

Big Muddy. Franklin. . ..Ill 

Big Neck. Adams Ill 

Big Oak, Moore N. G 

Big Oak Flat.Tuolumne.Ga. 

Big Otter, Clay W. Va 

Big Patch, Grant Wis 

Big Pine, Inyo Gal 

Big Pine Greek, Madison. . . 

N C 

He PlKfn, Mi^HO. . . Ohio 

Ha Pond, BuMr Ark 

BK Pond, Bndfom V^ 

Bto PrmMa, Nkwhiko. ,Uioh 

Ble Pi^rle, I^ne Ons 

»5KBpirf,(c. *.).M=- 

cwu Ulch 

Bfg RMdy, Mmonson.-Kj 
BigRcDDi, CumberliDd.K j 

Big Rlv« MIUs'/'Bt.' 

titDcOa Ho 

Big Rock, KkiH Ill 

Big Itock, Scott lows 

Bie Rock, Bt«rart Tcnn 

Big Bock, Buohuu. . ..V> 

Blft Run, AthBDii Ohio 

Big Bun, Jefbnon Pa 

Big atndy, Bentnn. . . .Todd 
Big Suidj, Upibiu . . . .Tei 
Big aUn Cnwk, UwIb.... 

' III 

Big Springs, I>ouglu..KUB 

Big Sprtngo, CUy Km 

BlgSprigp, Logmn....0hlo 
B6 Bpriuga, CsllKMiD W,Vs 
Big Stone, Big Stone.. Minn 

Big Stoiw Gap, Wiw V> 

B^ Timber, BUef. ... Euu 

Big T™ iJorai.ri,'Biii!!.. 
Big Villej, LS1BPMM..TM 
Big WiclAU Valloy, Clay , . 

HJouBuln.El Pud. .Colo 

Bijon Hi III, Brills Dak 

UUBTlha, aunlr N.C 

BlUwka, HUiJltsu..,Mug 

HlUngg, OhilitUn .Ho 

BlUlnir, Diilcbi«....N.I 
BUUngd;, WufalDgton.Ark 
BIHIitffTlila, CiiioD....Iiid 

Billow, Curoll 0& 

Blloil, HuriKD Blin 

Kngan, Adami iHl 

MngBD, Kortluiiiptoii...PH 
Blngbun, Soinenat. ... Me 
Hn^jim, LH)enaw....Mioh 
Binghun, Honroo. ...Ohio 
nogbiun i;iin]ri)a, Salt 

Lako Ulab 

BloghuD Centra, Potter. Pa 
Bingham I«ke, Cotton- 
wood Won 

Blngtuim'(Mlll>,Ttoga.N I 
Bliigtaamton , SolaoD . . . . Cal 

Alpkahetie<d List qf Poet Cffieei. 

nntler''' Bildgt, Un- 

Dlrcb Ron Villi:, t 

Bird Island, Ben vllle .Minn 
llird In Huid, Unca8t«..Pa 
Blrdmll, AllegEny....N. r 
Hidabonugli, Beriu...,M 

BIrd'a Bridge, areene.TenD 

BlidHJalafBell Tai 

Birdnje. Pnbds Ind 

BlnlMya Bidge, SuUl- 

Krmingliam, Lea .Ui» 

Blnwy, Bradford Pa 

Birthright, Hopkini, . .Toi 

Blacajine, Dade.. Fla 

BlihD)>, Jewsll- ..... .Eana 

imarck, Sagvarhe 


ck| Bt. Friiiiiit.Mo 
ck, CumlDg...-Nebr 

»ek, Wilson. .N. C 
wk, 1IolDie>'.,Oblo 

Blaoknwr, 3*gliiaw. . .Uleh 

Black Oak, Caldwell Mo 

Black Oak, Hopkins Tax 

Black Oak Point, Ulck- 

BlBck* Pcjnt, Mari^ Cal 

Bla<:kRlr«r,'jeaer<c^'.N. Y 

SampiDa 'n. C 

Black Rivir FttUtle. k.}, 

Jack)ioD Wl» 

Black Hock, Falrfleld . Conu 
Black Rock, Baltimore. Md 
BlHckrock, CleveUod-.N. C 

Black Bock, York P» 

Black Rock. Grant.. W. Vk 
Black Kun, Huakingum . ■ - 


Black* Bluff, imcoi...Al> 

Blacksbnigb, Montguu- 

Black'i Gap, FnnkUn .Pk 
Blarkikrar \c.h.), Fierce-Ok 
BlackBhAar^K iUlll, Idu- 

Blai^k'a MlilV, Moumoutli.- 
N. J 
Black Springs, Uont- 

gomery. AA 

Blackaprlnga, Pale Pinto. . 

Black'i Ridge, Mecklen- 

Bla^t Station, Toio'.'.Cal 

BUck'i Station, ToA..S. O 

kn, Chesi 


Blaikiiille, UiHiDngalla... 

BlHk Bwunp, Sandneky. . 

BUckiDle, ConwftT Aik 

BlaitDms (c. A.J.Bkh- 

woll.. 8.0 

Bluk Walnut, Palo Alto. . 

Black Walnut, Bt. 
Charles Mb 

Black Walnut, 
Black Walnut, H^lifai.Va 
Black Water BuBHi... Del 

Black WaieV Wolfe. . , . Kj 

Black Water, Uaaenck. . . . 

Black Water, Lee Ta 

Black well's UUls, Bwn- 

BUekweli Static, St. 

teuborongb, Bladeo 

Bladen Spr&ge, Cboctaw.. 
BWn, Perrj P» 

A^habetieai List of Pott Offieet. 


Bl^ne, Lawrence Ky 

Bbdne, Aroofltook Me 

maJne, Portage Wis 

BUia'8 CroM ^oads, 

Qndnger Teim 

Blair, Randolph Ill 

Blair, DeKalb Ind 

JBtotr (c. h.)f Washings 

ton Nebr 

Bbir, Haneook W. Va 

Blair, Trempealean Wis 

BbuntmTgb,Hamflton .Iowa 
Blair's Comers, Clarion.. Pa 
Blair's Gap, Hawkins. Tenn 
Blair's Milhr, Morgan. . .Ky 
Blairstown, Benton . . Iowa 

BlaixBtown, Warren N. J 

BntTsviUe {e. h.\, Union.. Ga 
BlalTBTine, WilHamson. . .HI 

Bhtiisrille, Fosej Ind 

BMnrlUe, Indiana Pa 

BlairsTille, York S. 

Blair's Wharf, Prince 

Qeorge Va 

Blaisetllle, Wallace . . Kans 

Blake, Volusia Fla 

Blakeley, Scott Minn 

Blakehy, Kitsap Wash 

Bakehf [e. A.), EsHy Ga 

Blakesbargh, Wapello. Towa 
Blake^s Ferry, Randolph. Ala 

Blake's Hills, Lawrence 


Blflkerflle, Black Hawk 

Rlanehard, Piscataqnis. . Me 
Blanchard, Isabella. . .Mich 

Blanchard, (^ntre Pa 

BIanchard?ille, La Fay- 
ette Wis 

Blaarhe, Lincoln Tenn 

Btanchester, Clinton . . .Ohio 
Blatichillle, Marshall.. Kans 

Blanco, Monterey Cal 

Blnneo {c. A.), Blanco. .Tex 

Bland, Gasconade Mo 

BUuui r. tf.. Bland Va 

Blandford, Ebmpden...MA8s 
Bland ffickory,Camden.Mo 
Btandlosyille, McDon- 

ongh. in 

Blandoo, Berks Pa 

Blands, Saline Ark 

Oanilvm (e. A.), Bat- 

lard Ky 

Blanket, Brown Tex 

Blanket Hill, Armstrong.Pa 

Blansett, Scott Ark 

Blanton*8, Caroline Va 

BlauTettTille, Rockland.N.T 
Blawenbuxf h, Somerset K.J 

BledMe, Lm Ark 

Blefcker, Fulton N. Y 

Bleocoe, Monona. ...'. .Towa 

Bleodon, Sedgwick Kans 

Blendon, Ottawa Mich 

BleiidoQ, Franklin Ohio 

Blinsmon, Moody Dak 

Bl'ua, Emmett Mich 

Blinfi«ld, Lenawee. . . .Mich 
Bliren's Mills, McHeory..Ill 
Blocker's, Cumberland.N. C 
Bloek Hoose, Klikltat. Wash 
Bloekville, Ohautauqu^.N. Y 

B1o4gett, Scott Mo 

UodgeU Mill8,Cortland.K.Y 

Bl<mi,De«el IWt 

Blood^s Depot, Stenben . N. Y 
Bloodwortti's, Wilkin- 
son Ga 

Bloom, Cook Ill 

BkHMn Centre, Logan.. Ohio 

Bloomdale, Wood Ohio 

Bloomer, Sebastian Ark 

Bloomer, Chippewa. . . .Wis 
Bloomer Centre, Mont- 
calm Mich 

Bloomertown, Miami. .Ohio 
Bloomery, Hampehire.W.Va 
Bloomfield, Madison. . .Ala 
BloomHeld, Benton.... Ark 

Bloomfield, Sonoma Cal 

Bloomfield, Hartford. .Conn 

Bloomfield, Traill Dak 

Bloomfield, Johnson. . . .Ill 
BtoomfieUt (e.A. ),Greene.lnd 
Bloomfield (e. A.), Davis... 


Bloomfield, Blk Kans 

Bloomfield, Nelson Ky 

Boom/kid (c. A.), Stod- 
dard Mo 

Bloomfield, Essex N. J 

Bloomfield, Taos. . .N. Mez 
Bloomfield, Morrow. . .Ohio 

Bloomfield, Crawford Pa 

Bloomfield, Cooke . . . .Tex 

Bloomfield, Bssex Vt 

Bloomfield, Loudoun. . . .Va 
Bloomingbargh, Sulli- 
van N. Y 

Bloomingbnrgfa, Fayette. . . 

Bloomingdale, Chambers. . 


Bloomingdale, Clay Dak 

•BloomingdiUe, Du Page. . Ill 
Bloomingdale, Parke. . .Ind 
Bloomingdale, Barton.Kans 
Bloomingdale, Van Bu- 

ren Mich 

Bloomingdale, FMsalc.N. J 
Bloomingdale, BR*ex. . .N. Y 
Bloomingdale, Jefierson. . . . 

Bloomingdale, Lucerne. . .Pa 
Bloomingdale, Vernon.. Wis 
Blooming Glen, Bucks.. Pa 
Blooming Grove, Frank- 
lin Ind 

Blooming Grore, Linn. Kans 
Blooming Grove, Waseca. . . 

Blooming Grove, Pike ... Pa 
Blooming Grove, Na- 
varro Tex 

Bloomingport, Randolph . . 

Blooming Prairie, Poca- 
hontas Iowa 

Blooming Pnurie, Steele. . . . 

Blooming Rose, Phelps. .Mo 
Bloomingsburgh, Ful- 
ton Ind 

Bloomington, Benton ..Ark 
Bloomington, Brookings. .. 

Bloomington, Bear lAke. . . 

BtoomingtoH {e. A.), 

McLean Ill 

ffoomingtoH (r. A.), 

Monroe Ttid 


Bloottingtoii, Ringgold.. . . 

Bloomington, Osbome.Kans 
Bloomington, Magoffin.. Ky 
Blooniinglon, Garrett. . .Md 
Bloomington, Henne- 
pin Minn 

Bloomington, Maoon. . . .Mo 
Bloomington [e. A.). 

FrankHn Nebr 

Bloomington, Clinton. .Ohio 
Bloomington, Clearfield. .Pa 

Blo<Hnington, Putnam 

Bloomington, Grant. . . .Wis 
Bloomlngtotf Ferry, 

Hennepin Minn 

Blooming Valley , Craw- 
ford Pa 

Bloomingville, Brie Ohio 

Bloomsburg^h {c. A.), Co- 
lumbia Tu 

Bloomsbury, Hunter- 
don N. J 

Bloomsdale, St. Gene- 

. Tieve Mo 

Bloom Switch, Scioto.. Ohio 
Bloom ville, Delaware... N. Y 

Bloomville, Seneoa Ohio 

Bloserville, Cumberland. Pa 

Blomburgh, Tioga Vn 

Blossom, Erie N. Y 

Blossom Hill, Princess 

Anne Ya 

Blossom Prairie, Lamar. Tex 

Blossvale, Oneida NrY 

Blount, Vermillion Ill 

Blount's Creek, Beau- 
fort N. 

Blount's Ferry, Colum- 
bia Fla 

Blount Spring, Blount. .Ala 
BtountsviUe (e. A.), 

Blount Ala 

Blountsville, Jones. . . . . Ga 
Blountsville, Henry. . . . Ind 
BhuntsvUU (e. A.), Sul- 
livan Tenn 

Blowing Roek,Watanga.N.C 

Blowout, Llano Tex 

Blue Ball, Scott Ark 

Blue Ball, Butler Ohio 

Blue Ball, Lancaster. . . .Pa 
Blue Bell, Guernsey. .Ohio 
Blue Bell, Montgomery.. Pa 
Blue Canyon, Placer. . .Cal 

Blue Creek, White Ga 

Blue Creek, Franklin. .Ind 
Blue Creek, Adams.. .Ohio 
Blue Creek, Stewart.. Tenn 

Blue Eagle, Clay Mo 

Blue Earth City{e.h.), 

Faribault Minn 

Blue Eye, Stone Mo 

Blue Gap, Coleman. . . .Tex 
Blue Grass, Vermillion.. Ill 
Blue Grass, Fulton. . . .Ind 
Blue Grass, Scott. . . .Iowa 
Blue Hill, Mitchell... Kans 

Blue mil, Hancock Me 

Blue Hill, Norfolk — Mass 
Blue Hill , Webflter . . . Nebr 
Blue Hill Fans,Hancock.Me 

Blue Island, Cook Ill 

Blue Knob, Blair Pa 

Blue Lake, Humboldt. .Cal 
Blue Lick, Franklin. . . .Ala 
Blue Uok, Clarke Ind 

Blue lAtik Springs, 

Nleholas Ky 

Blue Mill, Jackson Mo 

Blue Mound, Macon .... Ill 
Blue Mound, Livingston.Mo 

Blue Mound, Dane Wis 

Blue Mounds, Linn . . .Kans 
Blue Mounds, Pope. ..Minn 
Blue Mounti^n, Stone.. Ark 
Blue Mountain,Tippah.Miss 
Blue Mountahi Lake, 

Hamilton N. Y 

Blue Point, Efflnirham. .Ill 
Blue Point, Suffolk. . .N. Y 

Blue Rapids, Marshall 


Blue Ridge, Fannin Ga 

Blue Ridge, Shelby. ... Ind 
Blue Ridge, Harrison. . .Mo 
Blue Ridge, Henderson.N.O 
Blue Ridge, Collin . . . .Tex 
Blue Ridge, Botetourt. . .Va 
Blue Ridge Springs, 

Botetourt Va 

Blue Ridge Summit, 

Franklin... Fa 

Blue River, Washington.Tnd 

Bine River. Grant Wis 

Blue Rock, Muskin- 
gum Ohio 

Blue Rock, Chester Pa 

Blue's Crossing, Moore.N. 
Blues ]?^oint,Crittenden.Ark 
Blue Spring, Morgan... Ala 
Blue Spring, Gordon — Ga 

Blue Spring, Randolph 

W. Va 
Blue Spring Run, Al- 
legany Va 

Blue Springs, Jackson. .Mo 
Blue Springs, Gage . . . Nebr 
Blue Spring Station, 

Bradley Tenn 

Blue Stem, Russell. . .Kans 
Blue Stone, Tazewell. . .Va 
Blue Stores, Columbia. N.Y 
Blue Sulphur Springs, 

Greenbrier W. Va 

Blue Tent, Nevada Cal 

Blue Valley, York. . ..Nebr 
Blue Whig, Granville. .N. 

BluiT, Fayette Tex 

Bluff Centre, Clay Dak 

Bluff City, Morgan. . . . Ala 

Bluff City, Nevada Ark 

Bluff City, Schuyler. . . .Ill 
Bluff City, Henderson. .Ky 
Bluff Creek, Johnson... Ind 
Bluff Creek, Harper. . .Kans 
Bluff Creek, East Feli- 
ciana La 

Bluff Dale, Greene Ill 

Bluff Dale, Erath Tex 

Bluff Mills. Wilson . . Tenn 

Bluff Point, Jay Ind 

Bluff Point, Yates N. Y 

Bluff Point, Ilickman.Tenn 

Bluffs, Scott Ill 

Bluff Spring, Clay Ala 

Bluff Springs,Escambia.Fl4 

Bluff Springs, Cass Ill 

Bluff Springs, Hick- 
man Tenn 

Bluff Springs, Travis. . .Tex 

Bluff ton. Tell Ark 

Bluffton, Volusia Fla 

Bluffton, Clay Ga 

Bluffton (c. A.), Wells.. Ind 

L A. 


AlphabetieeU List x>f Post C^ei. 

Bluffton, WiaiMditok.Ioim 

BhifFton, Ottawa Kanf 

Blvffton, Miiak^oii..Mieh 
Bluffton, Otter Tail.. Minn 
Bluff ton, Montgomery . .Mo 
Bluffton, 81iermaa . . . Nebr 

Bluffton, Allen. Ohio 

Bluffton, Beaufort. . . .^S. 

Bluffton, Llano Tex 

Bluffton, Green Lake. . Wis 
Bluffville, Elkworth.Kans 
Blumenau, Custer. . . . Colo 
Blumfield, SHinaw...Mich 
BiumfieldJunction, 8i^ 

inaw Mich 

Blythe-s Ferry, Meige.Tenn 
Blythewood, Fairfield. .S. G 

Blyyille, Knox Nebr 

B<Mil8burgh, Centre Pa 

Board Camp, Polk Ark 

Board Landing, Hfxry.S. G 

Boardman, Story Iowa 

Boardman, Blahoning.Ohio 
Boardman, St. Croix. . .Wis 
Board Tree, Marsball.W. Ya 
Board Valley ,Putnam Tenn 
Boatland, Fentress. . .Timn 

Boas, Orayes Ky 

Boas, Richland Wis 

Bob Creek, Chippewa.. Wis 
Bobtown, Marlooi. . ..W. Va 

Boea, Nevada Oai 

Bodcaw, Nevada. . .... . Axk 

Bodenham, Qilea Tenn 

Bodie, Mono Cal 

Bodinesville, Lycoming. .Pa 

Bodley, Lucas Ohio 

Body Camp, Bedford. . . .Va 
Boeder's Store, Osage,. .Mo 
Boehmer, Huntington. .Ind 
Boerne (c. /i.), KendaU,Tex 
BoeschenvilLe, Benton. .Mo 
Boeuf Creek, Franklin .Mo 
Boeuf Biyer, Caldwell.*. La 
Bogard Mound, Carroll. Mo 
Boggstown, Shelby.... Ind 
Boggs Whajrf , Accomack.. 


Bogia, Escambia Flu 

Bogue, Columbus N. G 

Bogue Chitto, Lincoln.Miss 

Bogus, Siskiyou .Cal 

Bohemia, La Crosse. . . .Wis 

Bohon, Mercer Ky 

Boiceyille, Ulster N. Y 

Boiling Springs, Wilcox.Ala 
Boiliug Springs, Cleye- 

land N.C 

Boiling Springs, Cum- 
berland Pa 

Boilston, Henderson.. N. C 

Bois Brule, Perry Mo 

Bois D'Arc, Greene Mo 

Boise City (c./t.), Ada.Idaho 

BoLstfort, Lewis; Wash 

Boke's Creek, Union. .Ohio 
Boland'S, Itawamba . . .Miss 

Bolckow, Andrew Mo 

Bold Branch, Abbeyille. .. 


Boldo, Walker Ala 

Bold Spring, Franklin... Ga 
Bold SprUig, Hum- 
phreys Tenn 

Bold Springs,' McLen- 
nan Tex 

Boles, Scott Ark 

Boles, Franklin Mo 

BdlMTille. Pope .Ark 

Boley Springs, Fayette. Ala 

Boligee, Greene Ala 

Bolinas, Marin Cal 

Bolingbroke, Mpovoe. . . .Ga 
Bolington, Loudoun. . . . Va 
Bolin's Mills, Vinton. .Ohio 

Boliyar, Frederick Md 

Bolivar, Bplivar Miss 

BoUnar (e. A.), Polk. . . .Mo 

Bolivar, AUegaay N. Y 

Bolivar, Tasearawas. . .Ohio 
Bolivar, Weermoxeland..Pa 
Bolivar (e. A.), Harde- 
man ..•*., Tenn 

Bolivar, Denton Tex 

BoUing, Butler Ala 

Bollinger's MUls, Bol- 
linger Mo 

Boiling's landing, 

Buckingham Ya 

Bolster's Mills, Cnm> 

berland Me 

Bolton, Tolland Conn 

Bolton, Woreester . . . .Mass 

Bolton, HaiTison Mo 

Bolton, Waiten N. Y 

Bolton, Columbus N. 

Bolton, Chittenden Vt 

Boltonheim, Pi Ute...Utah 
Bolton's Depot, Binds.Miss 

Boltonville, Fulton Ga 

Boltonville, Orange Yt 

Boltonville, Washington.. . . 


BAi>8 Fork, Boyd Ky 

Booian's Kuff, Hen- 
derson N. G 

Bombay, Franklin. . . .N. Y 
Bon Accord, Johnson.. Iowa 

Bonadr, Howard Iowa 

Bonansa, Lake Oreg 

Bonaparte, Van Buren.Iowa 
Bmi Aqua, Dickson... Tenn 
Bonaville, McPher8oh.KanB 

Bonbrook, Franklin Va 

Bond, Douglas Kans 

Bond Hill, Hamilton.. Ohio 

Bondin,. Murray; Minn 

Bond's Mill, Twiggs. . . .Ga 

Bonds Mill, Wise Va 

Bond's Mills, Wexford.Mich 
Bond's Station,Shelby.Teno 
Bond's Village, Hamp- 
den Mass 

Bond's Wharf, St. Mary's.. 


Bonduel, Shawano Wis 

Bondville, Champaign. . .Ill 
Bondville, Bennington ..Vt 
Bone Cave, Van Buren.Tenn 
Bone Creek, Sioux . . . .Nebr 

Bone Giip, Edwards Ill 

Bone Springs, Reno . . .Kans 
Bonfil's Station, St. 

Loids Mo 

Bonfouca, St. Tammany .La 

Bongard, Carver Minn 

Bonham (e. A.), Fannin.Tex 
Bom Homme (e. A.), 

Bon Homme Dak 

Bonhomme, St. Louis... Mo 

Bonn, Gage .Nebr 

Bonneau's Depot, 

Charleston* ,.8. G 

Bonneauville, Adams.... Pa 

BoDuer, Lincoln La 

Bonnersville, Ransom. .Dak 

Bonnet Cazia, St. John. 

Baptist La 

Bonne Terre, St. Vsanoois.. 

BonniweU's Mills, 

Meeker Minn 

Bonny Esgls, Cumber- 
land Me 

Bono, Lawrence Ind 

Bono, Johnson Tex 

Bonsack's, Roanoke Va 

Bonton, KendaU Tex 

Bonos, Boone HI 

Boody, Macon Ill 

Booker's Mills, Tyler. W. Va 

Boomer, WUkes N.C 

Boon, Sumner Kans 

Boone, Boone Ark 

Boooe, Boone Iowa 

Boone, Menifee. ....... Ky 

Boone, Boone Nebr 

BooHe (e. A.), Watauga.N. C 
Boone Furnace, Carter. .Ky 
Boonesborough (c. A.), 

Boone. Iowa 

Boonesborough, Howard.Mo 
Boone's Mill, Franklin... Va 
Boonearille, Albemarle. .Va 

BooneviUe, Logan Ark 

Booneville, Pf^lo Colo 

BoonevUle, Dallas . . . .Iowa 
Bo0$uinUe (c. A.), Owsley. . . 

BooneviUe, Rapides.... .La 
BooneviUe (e. A.), Pren- 
tiss Miss 

BooneviUe, Clinton .Pa 

BooneviUe, Moore . . . .Tenn 
Boon Grove, Porter. . , .Ind 
BoonsboroK^h, Wash- 
ington Ark 

Booosborough, Wash- 
ington Md 

Boonsborough, Bedford .Va 
Boon's Camp, John8on..Ky 
Boon's Creek, Wasliing- 

ton Tenn 

Boon's Ferry, Clackamas.. 


Boon's Ferry, Tyler Tex 

BoonshUl, Lincoln.... Tenn 

Boon's Path, Lee Va 

Boonsville^ Wise Tex 

Boonton, Morris N. J 

Boonville, Mendocino.. Cal 
BoonvilU (c.A.),Warrick.Ind 
Boonville {e. A.), Cooper.Mo 

BoonviUOy Oneida N. Y 

Boonville, Yadkin N. C 

Boos' Station, Jasper. ...Ill 

Booth Bay, Lincoln Me 

Boothby Hill, Harford. .Md 
Booth Corner, Delaware Pa 
Boothe's Station,Hardiii.Ky 

Booth's MiU, Floyd Va 

Booth's Point. Dyer. . .Tenn 
Boothsville, Marion.. W. Va 
Boquet, Westmoreland. .Pb 

Borard, Butler Pa 

Bordeaux, Abbeville. . .8. G 
Bordeaux, lAramie . . .Wyo 
Bordelonville, Avoyelles.La 

Borden, Fresno Qal 

Borden, Colorado Tex 

Borden Springs, Cleburne.. 

Borden town , Burlington .N4J 
Border Plains, Webster.Iowa 

BoiffliQr* Uoiovio . * • « • • • -KiF 
BoBdoville, J^wikliB ..... Yt 
Boreas River, Bssex. . . Jf . T 

Boreman, Wood W. Ya 

Boron's Mills, San Au- 
gustine .' ....Tex 

Boreta, St.l4uidry... . . .L* 

Boijas, Duval. Tex 

Borodino, Ononda^. . .N. Y 
Boseawen, Merrimack. N. H 
Boscobel, Westehestor.N. T 

Boeeobel, Grant Wis 

Bosmrdsville, Monroe. . ..Pa 
Best Hill, Montgomery . . lU 
Bostick's Mills, Bieh- 

mond N. C 

Boston, Thomas 6a 

Boston, Wayne lod 

Boston, Chautauqua. . Kans 

Boston, Nelson Kj 

Boston (e. A.), Suffolk. Mass 

Boston, Christian Mo 

Boston, Erie N. Y 

Boston, Summit Obio 

Boston, Allegheny Ba 

Boston, Williamson. . .Tenn 
Bofton (e. A.), Bowie. . .Tex 

Boston, Cttlpeper Ya 

Boston Comer, Colum- 
bia N. Y 

Boston MillSi Gherokee.KanB 
Boston Station,Pendleton.Ky 
Boston Store, Mont- 
gomery Ind 

Bost's Mills, Cabarrus. .N. G 

Boswell, Benton Ind 

Boswell, Mahoning. . . .Ohio 
Botetourt Springs, 

Roanoke Ya 

Bothwick, Dinwiddle Ya 

Botkins, Shelby Ohio 

Botland, Nelson Ky 

BottsviUe, Westmoreland.. 


Bouchea, St. Croix Wis 

Bouckville, Madison. ..N. Y 
Bougere, Concordia. ... .Ia 

Bough ton, Nevada Ark 

Bouknigbt's Ferry, 

Edgefield S.O 

Boulder (c. A.), Boulder. Col 
Boulder Creek, Santa 

Cruz Cal 

Boulder Valley, Jeffer- 
son Mont 

Bouldin Island, San 

Joaquin Cal 

Boundary, Jay Ind 

Boundbrook, Somerset. N. J 

Bounds, Wayne Mo 

Bourbon, Marshall Ind 

Bourbon, Crawford Mo 

Bourbonnais Grove, Kan- 

Icakee Ill 

Bourland's Store, Ne- 
vada Axk 

Bonmeville, Boss Ohio 

Boutonville, Westehes- 

ter N.Y 

Boutte, St Charles La 

Boutwell. Edgefield S. 

Bovioaj Warren Miss 

Bovina, Delaware N. Y 

Bovina Valley ,Delawaie.N . Y 

Bovine, Lavaca Tex 

Bovine Bend, Austin. . .Tex 
Bow, Merrimack N. H 

AlphabetiecU Idtt of Pott Cffieet. 


Bmt CTMk, Fliillip*. . .Kmm 

B*w<i«a's, Ottiriio N. C 

Bowdoin Oeniie, Saga- 

d&hoe Me 

Bowdoinhana ;BagwkilM)e. Me 

Bowdoo, CJartoU Qa 

BoweD8bui)gli, Hanooek. .Ill 
Boweii-8 Comera, Oswe- 
go N.T 

Bowen^s Mills, Barry.. MMi 
Bowen'8 Mills, Richland. . . 

Bowen^H Pmirie, Jooes.fowa 
Bowen-s Ri<%e, Jatduon. .. 

Bowen Station, Kent. .Mioh 

Bowenville, Carroll 6a 

Bower, Jefferson. ..... Nebr 

Bowvr, Cleiurtetd Fa 

Bower Hill, Washington. Pa 
BowezSy Montgomery.. Ind 
Bowers, Southampton. . . Va 

Bowers HiU, Norfolk Va 

Bower's Mills, Lawrence.Mo 
Bower's Station, Berks.. -Fs 
Bowerston, Harrison. .Ohio 

Bower^^Ue, Hart Qa 

BoweiBTille, Greene. . .Ohio 
Bowery Beaefa, Comber- 
land Me 

Bowie, Prince George's. .Md 
Bowie's Greek, Harnett. . . . 

N. G 
Bowler's Wharf, Ss8ex..Va 

BcmVieville, GallaUn lU 

Bowlesrille, Albemarle. Ya 
Bowling Green, Clay . . .Ind 
BowHng Green («. A.), 

Warren. .:■ Ky 

Bowling Green {e. A.), 

Pike Mo 

Boteling Green (e. A.), 

Wood Ohto 

Bowling Green, York. .8. 
Bowling Green (e. A.), 

Caroline Va 

BowUngsville, Union. . .8. G 
BowlusTille, Clarke. . . .Ohio 

Bowman, Blbert Ga 

Bowman's Creek, Wy- 
oming Pa 

Bowmansdale, Cumber- 
land Fir 

BowmansYille, Erie. . . .N. Y 
Bowmausville, Lancaster.. . 

Bow Mills, Merrimaek.N. H 

Bowne, Kent Mich 

Bow Valley, Cedar Nebr 

Boxford, £wex Mass 

Boxford, De Kalb Mo 

Boxley , Hamilton Ind 

Box Spring, Tascaloosa.Ala 

Box Spring, Talbot, Ga 

Box's Station, Humphreys. 


Boxvllle, Union Ky 

BoxTille, Layaea Tex 

Bojrd, Dallas ; Mo 

Bojd Lake, Piscataquis. .Me 
Bojd-s, Alonl^mery. . . Md 
Boyd'« Creek, Sevier. .Tenn 
Boyd's Landing, Hardin.. . 

Boyd's Station, Harrison. Ky 
Boyd's Switch, Jackson. Ala 
Boyd'g Tavern, Albe- 
marle Va 

B<iyd8tim'8 MIUs, Km- - 

eiosko Ind 

BoydsvUle, CUy Ark 

BoydsTille, Graves Ky 

Boyd ton {e. A.), Ifeok- 

lenbui^h Va 

Boyers Mill, Crawford.. Mo 
Boyen Station, Van 

Buren I<Hnt 

Boyerstown, Berics Pa 

Boykin's Defwt, South- 
ampton Va 

Boyle, Jefferson Kaap 

Boyler's Mill, Morgan. . . Mo 

Boyleston, Clinton Tnd 

Boyleston, Henry Iowa 

Boyhton, Worcester. . Mass 
Boylston Centre, Worces- 
ter. ..r Mass 

Boylston Cimtre, Os- 

wiego N. T 

Boyne, Charlevoix. . . .Uieh 
Boyne FaUs, Charlevoix.. . . 


Boynton, Tasewell Ill 

Boynton, Sullivan Mo 

Boynton, Comanche.. . . Tex 
Boyntonville, Bansse- 

laer N. Y 

Boy sville, Dnnn Wis 

Bozeman (e. A.), GkUla- 

tin Mont 

Boaman, Talbot Md 

Bosrah, New London.. Cmm 
BosrabviUe, NsfW Lon- 
don Coan 

Braoeville, Gmndy. .... .Ill 

Bnoeville, Trumball. . .Ohio 
Bracken, Hantington . . Ind 

Bracken, Webster Mo 

Biackentown, Sumner.... 

BraekettviUe {e. A.), 

Kinney .Tex 

Bcaekney , Susquehanna. Pa 
Braddock, Aile^ie^y. . . .Pa 
Bxaddy ville. Page ..... Iowa 

Bradeo, Hamilton lU 

Braden's Knobs, Bled- 
soe. .... Tenn 

Braden's Station, Vay- 

ette Tenn 

Bradenville, Westmore- 
land Fa 

Bradford, White. Ark 

Bradford, Stark Ill 

Bradford, Harrison Ind 

Bradford, Chickasaw. .Iowa 

Bradford, Bracken Ky 

Bradford, Penobscot Me 

Bradford, Ksoex Mass 

Bradford, Midland Mich 

Bradford, Saunders Nebr 

Bradford, Merrimack. .N. H 

Bradford, Steuben N. Y 

Bradford, Miami Ohio 

Bradford, MoKean Pa 

Bradford, 6ibson«. . . . Tenn 

Bradford. Orange Vt 

Bradford Centre, Pe- 
nobscot Me 

Bradford Centre, Orange. Vt 
Bradford Lake,OtBego.Mioh 
Bradforddvilb), Marion. .Ky 
Bradfordton, Sangamon. Ill 
Bradfordville, Leon. . . . Fla 

Bradley, Doraey Ark 

Bradley, Allegan Mioh 

BxMUey, Oktibbeba... .Mlii 
Bradley's Mills, Perry .Miss 
Bradley Springs, Ells- 
worth Kans 

Bradley vlUe, Taney Mo 

Bndner, Wood \.Ohio 

Bradiiok, Lawreooe. . . .Ohio 
Bradshaw, Yavapai. . . . Arli 

Bradsfaaw, Union HI 

Bradshaw, Giles Tenn 

Bradshaw, M«Dow«U. W.Va 
Bradshaw's Creek, Roan- 
oke Va 

Bradtvlile, Grant Wis 

Brady , Guernsey Ohio 

Brady, Indiana Pa 

Brady (e. A.), McCulloch.. 

Brady Island, Lincoln.Nebr 

Brady's, UiobUad Wis 

Brady's Bend,Amistrong.Pa 
Brady's Mills, AUeghany. . 

Brady ville, Adams. . . .Ohio 
Bmdy ville. Cannon... Tenn 
Brafiford's Store, Knox..Ky 

Bragg's, Lowndes Ala 

lin^Cgville, Middlesex.. Mass 
Braidep Town, Manatee.FUt 

Braid wood. Will Ill 

Brainatd, Fayette Iowa 

Brainard, Butler Nebr 

Brainard, Benssetaer .N. Y 

Brainaids, Warren N. J 

Brainerd (e. A.), Crow 

Wing Minn 

Braintrse, Norfolk. . . .Blasa 

Brain tree, Orange Vt 

Braman Hill, Wyandotte. . . 

Bmman's Comets, Sche- 
nectady N. Y 

Bramble, Martin Ind 

Bramlette, Oallatfai. . . ."Ky 

Brampton, Delta Mich 

Branch, Paulding Ga 

Branch, Mason Mich 

Branch, Manitowoc. . . . Wis 
Branch Dale, Sohttylkill.Pa 
Branch Hill, Clermont.Ohfo 
Branch J ancti<m. West- 

' mozeland Pi 

Branchport, Yates. . . .N. Y 
Branch's Store, Dnplin.N.G 
Branch ville, S^ Clair... AU 
Branchville, FaiHIeld.Ooan 

Branchville, Penj Ind 

Branchville, Prinee 

Geoige's Md 

Branchville, Sussex. . . .N. J 

Branchville, Erie Fa 

Branchville, Orange- 
burgh S. C 

Branchville, Bedford. .Tenn 
Branchville, Milam.... Tex 
Branchville, Southamp- 
ton Va 

Brandenburgh {e. A.), 

Meade Ky 

Brandon, De Kalb Ala 

Brandon, Minnehaha . . Dak 
Bnwdon, Buchanan. . .Towa 
Brandon, Oakland. . . . Mich 
Brandon, Douglas. . . .Minn 
Brandon {e. A.), Ran- 
kin Miss 

Bnindon, Knox Ohio 

Brandon, Hill Tex 

Sl«ldai^ BatlHld Tt 

Braadon, Prinee George. .Va 
Brandon, Fond du Lae. Wis 
Brandon Chureh, Prince 

George Va 

Brandon ville, Schuylkill. Pa 

Riaadonville, Freeton 

W. Va 

Brandt, Miami Ohio 

Brandt, SusquehmiBa ... Fa 

Brandy Gamp, Elk Fa 

]tauidy Hill, Morgan. ...Mo. 
Brandy Station, Cul- 

peper Va 

Brandywine, Prince 

George's Md 

Brandywine, Pendleton. . . . 

W. Va 
Brandywine Manor, 

Ohester Fla 

Brandywine Summit, 

DelawMe Fa 

Branfodtd, New Haven. Conn 
Bransford, Tanant....Tex 

Brant, Brie N. Y 

Bmnt, Calnmet Wis 

Brantford, Washington. . . . 

Brantingham, Lewis.. N. Y 

Biant Lake, Lake Dak 

Brantley, Marion Ga 

Brantley, Calhoun .... Miss 
Brant Bock, Plymontti. . . . 


Brashear, Adair Mo 

Brasiker Falls, St. Law- 
rence N.T 

Brasher Iron Works, St. 

Lawrence N. T 

Brasie Comers, St. Law- 
rence N. T 

Brasstewn, Cherokee. .N. G 
Bratsberg, Fillmore. . .Minn 
Brattleborongh, Wind- 
ham Vt 

Rratton, Nenaha Nebr 

Brattottville, Armstrong. Pa 
Brauersville, Benton. ..Mo 

Bravo> Allegan Mich 

Brawley, Scott Ark 

Brmzton C. H., Brax- 
ton W. Va 

Brayfleld, Franklin Ill 

Brazil (e. A.), Clay. . . .Tnd 

Braail, Gibson Tenn 

Braails, Saline Ark 

Braail Station, Choctaw N. 

Ind. T 

Braiito,Gole Mo 

Brazoria (e. A.), Braao- 

ria Tex 

Brasos Point, Bosque. .Tex 
Brasos Santiago, Came- 
ron Tex 

Bread Loaf, Addison Vt 

Bready sville, Bucks Pa 

Breakabeen, Schoharie. N. Y 

Breakneck, Butler Fa 

BreathedsvUle, Wash- 
ington Md 

Bnaux Bridge, St. Mar- 
tin's La 

Breckenridge, Sangamon.. 

Breckenridge, Harrison rInd 
Breckenridge, Gratiot. Mich 
Breckenridge, Stephens. .. . 



Bwknil^ lala^ 

OieiBirUf («. k.), 

miklD .'....'Jilnn 

BfMklmldst. OaUmU. .Ho 

B»d>,CuToll Ion 

B^lMi1^^'ll, Adiir Ey 

firetidijm*, Vu Bwn.... 

BiwM.OnBH m 

BreeH Uln, Lcoln! iohio 
BndnlgnTUli, Lahlgta. . . .Fm 

BiWMD, HuAolBb. m 

BnoHii, Msntamll Ind 

Bimmh, lliihl«ilnusli..l[j> 
Bnno, WabHba. . ..MlnD 
BnB«, Mifltld. . , . ,OUa 
Bnnw Blul^ riimm. .V« 

Ilni)n>H,K»t IM 

SrtHluun [e. k.\ Wmdi- 

tagUm ta 

BrvnoH, I>Dalpbu...Kui 
BrtniHT, l^on Minn 

Bnntwaod, ContnOoio.. 

BwnOmod, W17110. 0* 

BniHWKKl, Rocklcghsm... 

Brenlned, Buft>lk....N'. Y 
BiwlwomI, WIlliBioMB.... 

Biwlno, SnDolfc N. Y 

BrvCtluiil, AUkiu. . . . .Ohht 

Hin-od (1. h.), TnoV 

ijlr-nta N.C 


Bmnc^i Hllte, Muitaiiu.. . 

BnwvmUla, Jcoi^Dgi.-lH 
Bnw«rtoD,0DOa(Usik-^N, T 
BrvwvTtDD, lAuniu--,-fi. G 
Bmw Villigfl, Psnob- 

KOt. N« 

Bnw«TlU«, Rudolph.. Ill 
BnnEv, fiuniMbla. .Huh 

VrB«eoi]. E««nblK.....AI& 

Briu BluS, U«i7 ID 

Brlu Cratk, Lngiui AA 

Brikr Gn^, RipL«]' . . . . Jio 
Brick Cb^Kl, PunBm.,lDd 

IMck ChuMli, North- ' 

Biipk Church, aiki...T«D 
Brickorrill*. I«ia>n«. .P* 
Brkklud. Lmmiburgh.VB 

Brisk Hiil'.BiDi^nl! !'. !tiiiid 
Briekibui^. Ooiui....N.J 

Brick Hon, Lee Vh 

BrifkiTllln, UujKhi^K.Ohio 

AlphabiH^ JAtt i 

Brldeeport, Juuon. ... A 






BrienHhunh, UmntaiU. .Kj 
Brier Creek, WUka... N.C 
Brier Hill. St. lA*rai«.N.Y 
Brlggi, WttBhlPEKin...OUo 

Brlggsville, LuiKi 
Brif^ City, Yi 
BrhcAom €Vfy (c 

1 BtMl^OetiM, Ontario. ir.T 
I BiWaiew<i«^ 

I BriWahHIe^ Trioa lraH -OM« 

I Bristov.Ofbome.. . . Ktuui 

. Bittto* SUtkn, Wsjrrea.Kr 

I BrW«b Hollow, Orwrt. .Win 

. Britt, BiDFoek loira 

I Britl«ln, BDlhertora. .N. C 

I BrlUon'sKerk, Huitm.S. C 
t^fllAbdlnf, Perty.TADD 

t«mi., Uelga.'.'.'.'.T«ui 
Ldilhin, PulloD. . -N. T 
Id AiB, HoQtgmneTT.^ 
id Brook, Hutfoid. 

>d CrHh N«k, TMbot.. 

id Port, FiyeHe »• 

uUoTd, Rmytta Vb 

. —.idhead, Rock Caatle.Br 
BrcKdlandl, VenoiDhw . IH 

I fimd RtppIa.H^ian'.'.lBd 
1 Bnnd Hud, h«leTl<A..Kil 
I Breed Ran StaSou, Fmn- 

I Broid ShootH, nojd Vft 

I BmdTop, Hnntk^on.Fft 
1 BnndTlew, gaJIne Kiuu 

tMd-mj Depot, Rock- 

Bnudvell, lIi,Fri»>II Ky 

lloehe. ; U 

Brock, IMrka OUo 

Brock, Ontme F> 

BnckoM'a BrIdg*, Ful- 
ton N.T 

BrockpoTt, Monro*. ...H.Y 

"■ockport. Elk P* 

«ck> Gip.JettenoB.Ak 
_ .TicktDD, nymooth. . H>H 

Broeklown, Flka Alk 

Tllle, SpoCUTlTUiil.. 

w.J'(>ntre, 8t." 


BrockwsjVlii.,' Jiir^iii^. . . 

Broeton, Chantsniliu.N. Y 

Brodhc»d, n liter.*.'.'. V.N, Y 
Brodhead, Allegheny. . . ft 
BRxltaead, ikrrxa Wll 

Btvdki UDdlng, D^' ' 

Brogn»Till», Torit Pn 

inbD^, SpoU^I- 

A.^habetieal LiU of P<ui Cffiees. 


fatA. : oUo 

Btanoo, Hmrmim CmL 

Bronson, TuoliUDne....Oal 
Awiuom (c A.>, Uttf. ..Fla 

BnuBon, BTWunh IHoli 

BnmxTiile, WeMba^ 

ter. N.Y 

Brook, N«wt(on Ind 

BrwAdaie, JEtosh JU»« 

Biookdale, Bbsue N. J 

Brookdale, 8t Lswrcnee. . . 

Brookd»l»,8nayafihmtmm Pa 
Bzmkelsnd, Sabine. . . .Tta 
Brooke's at»ti«n, Stef- 

fonl V« 

BrookerilftOy MmitgoDMiy. . 

Brookfleld, Fairfield.. Gonn 

Brookileld, Moodr IMl 

Brookfield, BenieiL G« 

Biookileld, Shelby Ind 

Brooklleld, WanMirtw.]lMi 

Brookteld, Befton Midi 

Btookfleld,. LIbbu. ..... «Mo 

BrookteUI, Oanoll. . . .N. fl 

BrookJIeld, Madiaon.. JT. T 
BceoUMd, TraiiaMin..0l4to 

Brookfleld, Tfepi PH 

Bxeokfteld, Gaang^ Vt 

Brookfleld, Faeifte...Waflh 
Brookfleld Oentre, Iklrw 

field Oona 

Brookfleld Cottie, Wan- 

kesba Wli 

»rookktm€n(€» k.), lin- 

coin Miai 

Brook HsTon, SnJIblk.N. T 

BrooklaxMi, Potter Pa 

BrooUaadTille, Baltt* 

Boro ...Jfd 

BrookliK, Haneook Me 

Brooklin, Bobeeon. . . .N. 
Brookline, Hotfolk. . .Maai 
BrooUine, HlUaboroogli... 

N. H 
Brookline Sfcatton, Gzeene.. 

^ookljm, GMieoiih....Ala 
Braoklynf* Alameda.. .Qal 

ham Conn 

Brooklyn, Linooln. ...Dak 

Brooklyn, Schuyler Ill 

Brooklyn, Moigaa Ind 

Brooklyn, PewoataMi. Jova 

Brooklyn, Batler Ky 

Brooklyn, Anne Amm- 

del Md 

Brooklyn, JaekBon...Miclk 

ftcQoklyn, Tippah Mia 

Brooklyn, Harrieoa Mo 

Broold^ {e. A.), Kings.N.T 
Brooklyn, Oayahoga..0hk> 
Brooklyn, Soflqnehanna. Pa 

Brooklyn, Shelby Tex 

Brooklyn, Halifax Va 

Brooklyn, Green Wis 

Brooklyn Centre, Hen- 
nepin Minn 

Brooklyn Lake, Bxadiord.. . 

Brooklyn Village, Cny*. 

hoga. Ohio 

BtoofaKiero, Monroe.. .N. Y 

* Btmeh ef OeUuid Post 


BnokNeal, Campbell. .Va 

Bieoke, Great.* Aifc 

Bcooke, Adame Iowa 

Brooks, Waldo Me 

Brooke, Marlon Qreg 

Brooke' Ctrove, Liring^ 

Bton Ji.Y 

Brookside, Morris N. J 

Brookside, Oeonto WH 

Brookside Station, Ooonto. 

Brooks Mill, Conecuh.. Ala 
Brooks' Station, Payette.Ga 
Brooks Staftioa, Wo rcoe ter.. 


Brookston, White Ind 

Brooksten, Warren. . . . N. C 

Bkookston, Poreet Pa 

Brookston, Lanar Tex 

Brooks' Vale, New Haren. . 

BrooksTille, Blount. . . . Ala 
BrooksviUe (c. A.), Hiei^ 

■aado Fla 

BnoksriUe, Haaeoek. ..Me 
BrooksTille, Addison. . . . Vt 
BrookYale, Clear Credc. . . . 

Brook Vale, Broome. . .N. Y 
Baook Valley, Morris. .N. J 

BnookTllle, 0|^e Ill 

BrookviUe (c. h.), Frank- 
lin Ind 

BrookTille, JelEorsen . .Iowa 

BrookTiUe, Saline Kans 

BroekvUU (eA.), Bracken. . 

BroekTille, Norfolk. ..Maes 
BrookviUe, Noxubee. . .Miss 
BrookTille, Bfon^niery. . . 

BrookviUe (e. A.), Jeffer* 

sen Pa 

BrookviUe, St. Croix. . . Wia 

BroomalL Delawaro Fa 

Broome Centro, Scho- 
harie ..N. Y 

Broomfiekl, Is&beUa. . MIoh 
Broomtewn, Chenrfbee. . Ala 

Bfoeley, Cass Mo 

Bros^Le, Pittsylvania. . Va 
Brotherfield, Turner.. . fiiak 
Brotherton, St. Loois.. .Mo 
BrotbertowD, Calumet . .Wis 
BrotimanviUe, Warren.... 


BiQugh, Dallas. ■» lewa 

Brough, Nemaha Kana 

Broughton, Hamilton. . .Ill 

Blower, B«rks Pa 

Brow«r's Mills, Bandolph. . 

N. C 
Brown Creek, Union. .N. 

Browne Hill. Wythe Va 

Brownfield, Oxford Me 

Brownhelm, LonJn . . .Ohio 
Brownhelm Station, 

Lorain Ohio 

Brown HIU, Crawford.. . .Pa 

Browning, Schuyler Ill 

Browning, Carroll. ...Iowa 

Browning, Linn Mo 

Browidngton, Orleana. ..Vt 

Bvownlee, Ada Idaho 

Brown Mountain, Stokes... 

N. C 

Brown's, Dallas Ala 

BroMm's, Beaver Pa 

BrowMboaanghf Madi* 

son Ala 

Brownsboroi^, Jaekton. . 

Browasborongh, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Brownsborough, Hen* 

derson Tex 

Brown's Bridge.Forsyth.Ga 
Brownsbnrgh, Hendricks.. 

Brownsbnrgh, Jaekson. . . . 

Brownsbnrgh, Bucks.. . .Pa 
Brownsbnrgh, Bock- 
bridge Va 

Brown's Chnveh, Cum- 
berland Va 

Brown's Comers, Hunt- 
ington Ind 

Brown's Cave, Albamarie. Va 
BBown's Creek, Winaton.. . 

Brown's Cre^, Prentiss* . . 

Brown's Crossing, Bald- 
win Ga 

Brown's Cross Beads, 

Clinton Ky 

Brown's Cross Beads, 

Bandolph N. C 

Brown's Dale, Otsago.Mich 
Brownsdale, Mower. . .Minn 

Brownsdale, Butler Pa 

Brown's Grore, Pawnee.. .. 

Brown's Knob,BnnoondM.. 

N. C 

Brown's MUl, Cook Ill 

Brown's Mill, Hairieon. . . . 

W. Va 
Brown's Mills, Burling-* 

ton N.J 

Brown's MiUs^, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Brown's Mills, Fnaklin..Pa 
Brown's Mills, Lee .... Tex 
Bit>wn'8 Park, Summit.... 

Brownsport Fnmaee, 

Decatur Tenn 

Brown's Stetien, Clinton. . . 

Brown's Station, Boone. Mo 
Brown's Station, Ulster.... 

N. Y 
Brown's Strae, Union. .8. 
Brown'a Store, North- 
umberland Va 

Brown's Summit, Guil- 

ferd N.C 

BrowDstown, Fayette. ... Ill 
Brownttoum (e. A.), 

Jackson Ind 

Brownstown, Kanawha. . . . 

W. Va 
Brown'a Valley, Yuba. . .Cal 
down's VaUey, Mont- 

gMDery *..Ind 

Brown's Valley, Traverse. . . 

Brownsville* Jefferson. Ala 

Brownsville, Yuba Cal 

BrownsviUe, Paulding. . . Ga 
Brownsville, Union . . . .Ind 
BrownsviUe {e. h.), Bd- 
monson Ky 

Br o wn w r H k^WaahlngtonJIid 

BrownsviUe, Cass Mich 

Brownsville, Houston.Minn 

Brownsville, Saline Mo 

BrownsviUe, GmnviUe.N. C 
Brownsville, Licking.. Ohio 

BrownsviUe, Linn Oreg 

Brownsville, Fayette. . . .^ 
BrownsviUe, Maribor- 

ough S. C 

Brown99iU« {c. A.), Hay- 
wood Tenn 

BrownstiUe (e. A.), Cam- 
eron Tex 

BrownsviUe, Windsor. . . . V t 
Brownton, McLeod. . .Minn 
Browntown, Brown. . .Ohio 
Browntown, Bradford ... Pa 
Browntown, Warren. . . . Va 
BrowuTille, Jefferson. Colo 
Brawnvilie, Mitchell. .Iowa 
BrownvUle, Piscataquis.. Me 
BrotomvtUe (e. A.), Ne- 
maha Nebr 

Browondlle, Jelier8on..N. Y 
Bnumwood (e. A.), Brown.. 

Broyden's Mill, Wayne.N.C 

Bmee, Moultrie HI 

Bmoeport, Pacific. . . .Wash 
Bmceton MUls, Pree- 

ton W. Va 

Brucetown, Frederick . . . Va 

BrueevUle, La SaUe lU 

BrneevUle, Knox Ind 

Bru|^'& MUl, Botetourt. Va 

Brum, .Madison Ind 

Brutal, ElUott Ky 

Bruin, Butler Pa 

Bmington, King and 

Queen Va 

BnUe City (e. A.), Brule . . . 

Bmmfield Station ,Boyle.Ky 

Brumfieldville, Berks Pa 

Brumley, MUler Mo 

BruaOey Gap, Wash- 
ington Va 

Brundidge, Pike AU 

Brunean VaUey, Owy- 
hee Idaho 

Bruner, . Calhoun Ala 

Brunwsburgh, Defianee.. . . 

BmnnewiUe, Lanoastor.Pa 

Bruaot, Wayne Mo 

Brunson, Hampton. . . .S. C 
Bnmswiek (c. A ), Glynn.Ga 

Brunswick, Fsoria lU 

Brunswick, Lake .Ind 

Brunswick, Cumberland . Me 
AwuteicA (e. A.), Kan- 
abec Minn 

Brunswick, Warren Miss 

Brunswick, Chariton... Mo 
Brunswick, Medina... Ohio 

Brunswick, Essex Vt 

Brush, Mercer Mo 

Brush College, Vernon.. Mo 
Brush Creek, Perry. . . . Ala 
Brush Creek, Butte . . . .Cal 
Brush Creek, Fayette.. Iowa 
Brush Creek,Cherokee.Katt8 
Brush Creek, Faribault.... 


Brush Creek, Chatham.N.O 
Brush Creek, Muskin- 
gum Ohio 


Alphabetieal Liit <ff Po9t OfficeM* 

Broih CnA, Bwvw. . . .Pft 

Bnuh Gr0ek, Monroe 

Brashland, I>elawMB. .N. T 
Brmh Pnari»,MeLood.MiDn 
Bnub Prairie, 01wrke.WMh 
Bnuhton, Femklin. . .N. T 
Brush Valley, IndJaoa.. . Pa 
BrmhTille. Wauthaia. . Wk 
Bmahy , Bjckmaa. . . .Tenn 
Brushy Creek, Jmes. .Miss 
Brushy Creek ,Ander80n.S.C 
Brushy Creek, Ander- 

eoa.. ..Tex 

Brushy Fork, Douglas. ..Ill 
Brushy Lake, Cross.. . .Ark 
foushy jfttairie, Lefraofs.. . 

Brushy Run, Pendle- 
ton W. Va 

BrashyTille, Grant. ...Arte 
Brusly Landing, W. 

Baton Rouge, La 

Brussells, Lincoln Ifo 

Brussels, Calhoun.... ..Ill 

Bmsseis , Door Wis 

Brutus, Enunett. Mi^ 

Braynswiok, Ulster.. . .N. T 
Bryan (e. k,), WilUaais.Ohio 
Bryan (e. A.), Bnaos. . .Tm 
Bryan, Sweetwater....Wyo 

Bryants Mill, Cass Tex 

BxyansTille, Marion... N. C 

BiyansTiUe, YoA. Pa 

Bryant, Saline Ark 

Bryant, Volton Ill 

Bryant, Jay .Ind 

Bryant, Clinton Iowa 

Bryant, Butler Kans 

Bryantown, Charles Md 

Bryant's Crock, Monroe.Ind 
Bryants Pond, Oxford. .Me 
Bryant's Store, Knox. ..Ky 
Bcyantsville, Lawienee.Ind 
BryantSTille, Ganard.. ..Ky 
BryantSTille, Plymouth . . . 


Bryantrille, Cobb Ga 

Bryn Mawr, Montgomeiy.Pn 

Bucatunna, Wayne Miss 

Buchanan, Fresno Cal 

Buchanan {e. A.), Haral- 
son 6a 

Buchanan, Lawrence. . . .Ky 
Buchanan, Beirien. . . . Mich 

Buohanau, Bollinger Mo 

Buchanan, Oranville. . .N. C 
Buchanan, Henry.... Tenn 
Buohanan. Botetourt. ...Va 

Buchtel, Athens Ohio 

Buck, Lancaster Pa 

Buokau, Cumiog Nebr 

Buck Creek, Screyen . . . .Ga 
Buck Creek, Bremmr. .Iowa 
Buck Creek, Owsley . . . . Ky 
Buck Creek. Greene.. . .Min 

Buckeye, Clay Ala 

Buck Eye, Johnson Ga 

Buckeye, Huntington.. Ind 

Buckeye, Garrard Ky 

Buckeye, Hamilton. . .Nebr 

Buckeye, Summit Ohio 

Buckeye Centre, Stephen- 
son . Ill 

Buckeye Cottage,Perry .Ohio 
Buckeye Core, Poca- 
hontas W. Va 

BnelEeystown, Tvadcriskr.Md 

Bnekflekl, Oxford Me 

Bnek Giwre, JaeiGMMi..KaBS 
Bnekkatmom {e. A.), Dp- 

shnr W. Va 

Buck Head, Morgan Ga 

Bnek Head, Vairlleld. . .8. C 
Bqck Hollow, Franklin. Vt 

Buck Hero, Stone Ark 

Buekhom, Larimer... Colo 
Buck HotB, Launns. . . .Ga 

Bnek Horn, Brown Ill 

Buekhom, Webster La 

Buck Horn, Oregon .... Mo 
Buckhorn, Columbia. ... Pa 

Buekhocn, Austin Tex 

Buekhom, Nansemond..Va 

Buekhom, Adams Wis 

Buckingham, Hartford 

BueUngham, Kankakee..Ili 

BueUngham, Boeks Pa 

Bmkin^kam €. H,y 

BueUngham .Va 

Boekingham Mines, 

Buekteghan Va 

Bnek Knob, Soott Ark 

Buckfcuid, Hartford. . .Conn 
Bnekland, Allamakeclowa 
Buckland, Fvaaklin. ..Mass 

Bnokland, Gates N. C 

Bnekland, Auglalae. .. .Ohki 
Bnekland, Piinoe Wil- 

Uam Va 

Buckley, Iroquois Ill 

Boeklin, Unn Mo 

Buck Lodge, Snmner..Tmn 
Buokman , Morrison . . Minn 
BttckmauTille, Bucks. ...Fa 
Buck Mountain, Garbon.Pn 

Buckner , Jackson Mo 

Bnekner's Station, Old- 
ham Ky 

Buekner's Station, Lou- 
isa Va 

Buck Run, Adams Ohio 

Bucks, Columbiana.. . .Ohio 

Bnek Shoal , Haafox Va 

Buckskin, Gibson Ind 

Buckskin, Ross Ohio 

Bnek's Mills, Hanooek...Me 
Buck Snort, Ikyette.. . .Ala 
Bueksport, Hancock. . . .Me 
Bncksport Centie,*Han- 

oook Me 

Bnek's Ranch, Plumas. Cal 
Bu4duitown, Somsnet.. . .Pa 

BucksriUe, Bucks Pa 

BttckSTiUe, Horry 8^ C 

Buokton, Warren Va 

Bucktown, Dorchester.. Md 
Buck Valley, Fulton. . . .Pa 

Bucy rus, Lucas Iowa 

Bucyrus (c. A.), Craw- 
ford Ohio 

Buda, Bureau Ill 

Buda, Bulbtlo Nebr 

Bttdd's Creek, St. Mary'8.Md. 
Bndd's Lake. Morris... N. J 
Budd Town, Burlington .N.J 

Buel, Sanilae Mich 

Buel, Montgomery. . . .N. ¥ 

Buena, Van Wert Ohio 

Buena Vista, Monroe. . ..Ala 
Bnena Vista, Ouachita. Aric 
Buena Vista (c. h.), 
Marion Ga 

Btona Vhta, SteplieMon.III 
Boena Vista, Monroe. . .Ind 
Bnena Vista, Clinton.. Iowa 
Bnena Vista, Barton.. Kans 
Bnena Vista, Garrard. . . Ky 
Buena Vista, Saginaw. MIoh 
Buena Vista, Chickasaw. . . 

Bnena Vista, 8tenben..N. T 
Bosna Vista, Duplin. . .N. G 
Boena Vista, Tuscara- 
was Ohfo 

Boena l^sta, Polk Oreg 

Boena Vista, Allegheny. . Pa 
Boena Vista, Greenvllle.S. C 
Buena Vista, Carroll. .Tnm 
Bnena Visto, Shelby. .Texas 
Buena Vista, Portage. . .Wis 

BniE, Benton Mo 

BoCtlo, Chambers Ala 

Buffalo, Woodruff Ark 

Boflklo, Weld Colo 

BttflUo, Sang^smon IB 

Buffalo, Scott Iowa 

Buffofo, Wilson Kans 

Bnffisk>,I«Boe Ky 

Buffalo (e. *.), Wrlght.Mlnn 
Buffaio (c. A.), DaUas...Mo 
Buffalo \e. A.), Brie . . .N. T 

Bttblo, Gosmsey Ohio 

BuOUo, Washington Pa 

BuflUo, Humphreys. .Tenn 

Bnflialo, I^xm.. Vbx 

Bol&tlo, Putnam W. Va 

Buffalo, Btt&lo Wis 

Boflhlo Bluff, Putnam. . Fla 
Buffalo Core, Caldwell . N.O 
Buffalo Creek, Jefferson.. . 

BnflMo Cross Roads, 

Union Pa 

BuflUo FVnd, Randolph .... 

Bafialo Forge, Roek- 

bridge Va 

BulMo Fork, Kossuth . Iowa 
Buffalo Gap, Custer. . . . Dak 
Buffalo Gap, Taylor. . . .Tex 
Buffalo Gap, Angosta. . . Va 
Buffalo Groye, liake. . . .Ill 
Bnffialo Groye, Bochan- 

an Iowa 

BuflGalo Hart, Sangamon. I II 
Buffalo Lick, Poinsett.. Ark 
Buffalo Liek, Roane. . W. Va 
Buffalo lithia Springs, 

Mecklenburgh Va 

Bo Alio MecMlowB, Roop. . . . 

Bttffihlo Mills, Bedford.. . .Pa 
BttflUo Mills, Rockbridge. . 

Buffalo Paper Mill, 

CleyeUnd N.C 

Bufiklo Park, Goye. ..Kans 
Buffalo Plains, Erie. . . N. V 
Buffalo Prairie, Ro6k Isl- 
and Ill 

Bnffiilo Ridge, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Bnflialo Ridge, Patrick. . .Va 

Buffalo Run, Centre Fa 

Buffido Shoals, Wayne 

W. Va 
Buflialo Springs, Pwk.Colo 
Buffalo Springs, Clay. .Tex 

Buffalo Valley , Putnam 


Buflhlofyllle, Speneer. . . .TmA 
B«nngt<m, Stoddard.. . .Bfo 

Buford, Gwinnett Ctai 

Bnford, Maooupin. ..... . Ill 

Bnfortf, Ohio Ky 

Bnford, Highland Oiiie 

Buford's Mige, Bans- 
well 8-0 

Buford^s StatkNi ,GUea . Tenn 

Bnfordyille, Bedfovd Va 

Bug Uin, Colnmbos. . M. C 

Bula, Goochland T» 

Bnlger, Washington Fa 

Bnlger^s MIHs, lUla^ 

poosa Ala 

Bullard's, Twiggs Oa 

Bollard's Bar, Tuba. . . .Oal 

Bull Creek, TattaaU Oa 

Bull Crsek, Wood. . . W. Va 
Bnll Head, Greene. . . . N. O 

Bullion, BIko Ner 

Bnllion, Venango Pa 

BulUonylHe, Llne<An. . .NaT 

Bullftsrille, Boone Ky 

BnlUtt's Bayon, Coaaor- 

dia IM 

Bnll Moontnia, Marioa.Aia 

Bollock, Orsashaw Ala 

Bvltock Onek, Yorii. . . 8. O 

Boll Ron, Knox Tenn 

Bnll Run, Fkirfax Va 

Boll's City, Osborne. .Kaaa 
Bull's Gap, Hawkins. .Tana 
Bnirs Head, Dotehess.N. T 
Bull Swanqi, Lsxkigtoa.S.O 
BoUtown, Braxton.. W. Va 

Bnllrille, Orange. N. T 

Bumpass, Lonlsa. Va 

Bumpus If RlB,Stewart.Tena 

Bonceton, Cooper. Ma 

Bunch, Dayls Iowa 

Bunckley, Franklin. . JUss 
Buncombe, Johnson.... Ill 
Buncombe, Dabaqoe..Iowa 

BoBotHnbe, Uidon Miss 

BuncfMoabe, La Fayette.Wii 
Bundysburgh, Geanga.(Miio 
Bundy*e Cvoesittg, Os- 
wego .N. x 

Banker BU, Macoupin . . Ill 
Bunker Hill, Miami. . . .Ind 
Bunker Hill, BnsseU..Kans 
Bunker Hill, Lincoln... Me 
Banker HiU, Ingham . .Mleh 
Bunker HIU, Smith. ..Miss 
Bunker Hill, Lswts. ... .Mo 
Bunker Hill, Hamilton .... 

Bunkerhill, Butler . . .Ohio 
Bunker Hill, Lebanon... Pa 
Bunker Hill, Giles. . . .TOna 
Bunker Hill, Bedford. . . Va 
Bunner's, Marion.... W. Va 
Bnnn's Bluff, Orange.. T«( 
Bonn's Leyel, Harnett. N.O 

Buras, Plaquemines La 

Burbank, Clay Dak 

Burbank, Kandiyohi. .Minn 

Burbank, Wayne Ohio 

Burbois, Gasoonade Mo 

Bnieh's, Kent Bikh 

Burdett, Benton .Aik 

Bnrdett, Bates Mo 

Bnxdett, Sehuyler N. T 

Burdick, Porter Ind 

Burdickyille, Leelenaw,Midi 
Boxeau Jonetion, Bunau.. 


AlphcAetiecU Li$t of Pott Offieei. 

'■ 84oM, Bmt- 

BBrfoxdvUle, Oape Giiar- 

Bogaw Depot, Fender. N. 

BoigBm, CUntoa Iowa 

BaTgfw, GluudoToiz. .Mieh 

B oi ioB B , Dinwiddie Va 

Bwiesa Stova, North- 

amberiaod Va 

I Bargot'a Goracr,GliQlOB.Iiid 
: BoifttttatowB, Wash- 

! kigton Pa 

j ButgettriUo, Shasta. ... Gal 
\ Bufgh HilL TmmbaU.Ohio 
Bfugoon, SMMliiirtcy...Ohio 

BviK t Beoton Iowa 

Biurka, FfaBhlin N. T 

Borko, Caloiloiila Yt 

Bnrka Geotra, riankUn.N.Y 
Boiko's 6axdeD,Iluewall.ya 
Boike'a MQla, ▲atpi8«a..Va 
Bntke's Statioo, Vlairfbx.Va 
BmkesvUU (c. A.), Com- 

berlud Kj 

Bukettfrville, Mercer. .Ohio 
BaricaviUa, Newtoa. . . .TM 
Baikeville, Nottaway.. . .Va 
BatUttsvflle, Anderlok. Hd 

Bnxk'fl Forkf Flojd Va 

Borksrille, Mooroe Ill 

Bokf TiUOyGolmnMa. Waah 
B«kTUl9, IiOwndea....Ala 

BorlflMm, FrsnkHn Ala 

BariiiifaiBe, On^ge. . ..Kant 
Burliagaaie, Henick. .Nehr 
BnrllDgham, SnllfTaii.N. Y 
BnrHiigfaam Mei^s. ...Ohio 
BofUagtoB, Hartford. .Gonn 

BariiDgton, Kane Ill 

BnrliogtoD, GanoU .... Ltd 
BHtHngUm [9. *.), Dm 

Mdim. Iowa 

BiiHingt0H (e. A.), 

GoAey. Kaaa 

BuHington. (e* A.), 

Booae Ky 

Burlington, Pe]iob0oot...Me 
BarUngton, Hiddlesex.Mass 
Barlbgton, GalhOaa . .Ifieh 

Bnrltttgion, Boone Mo 

Bortlagton , Barlinctoa .... 

BarlliigtOB, Otflego. . ..N. T 
Borttngton, Lawieaoe.Ohto 
Borlingtoo, Bnulford .... Pa 

tenden Vt 

BnrHogton, Mioeial. .W. Va 

Borliogton, Raciife Wi« 

BorHngton Plats, Otse- 
go N.T 

Bm%et{e. A.), Bamet..Tsx 
Bimett, Santa Clara. . .Gal 

Burnett, Tigo Ind 

Burnett, Hopkins Ky 

Burnett, Dodge Wis 

Buraett's Creek, Whlto.Ind 
Burnett Station, John^ 

■on , Mo 

Bnraett Station, Dodge. Wto 
BurnettRTille, Somenet.Md 
Bumey Valley, Shasta. .Gal 
Bumeyrille, Caiiekasaw N. 

Ind. T 
BumhaiB Village,Waldo.Me 
Bttning Bush, Bedford. Fk 

BomfaMf Springs. Wirt.. • • • 

W. Va 
Bumingtown, Maoon..N. G 
Bumip's Ooniers, Alle- 
gan Mieh 

Bums, Shiawasssa. . . .Mieh 

Bums, Anoka Minn 

Bams, Allegany N.T 

Bums, LaOrosss Wis 

Bnmskie, Bartfoid. . .Gonn 

Bnmside, Hanooek Ill 

Bumslde, Clinton lad 

Bomside, Lapeer Mioh 

Bomside, Orange ....N.T 

Bamside, Clearfield Fs 

Bomside, Bnflklo Wis 

Boms Mill, Boana. . . .1\enn 
Bams* Station, Dickson — 


Bomsrillei Dallas Ala 

BumsriUe, Bartholomow . . . 

BtUTfuvitU (e. A.), Tan- 

e«y N.G 

BomsTille, Braxton.. W. Va 
Bnmt GaUns, Falcon .... Pa 
Bomt Chimney, Rather- 

toid N.G 

Bamt Com, Monroe. . . .Ala 
Bnmt Faetosy, Spartan* 

tmigh 0.0 

Bamt Hills, Saiatoga. . N. T 
Burnt House, Bitehle. W.Va 
Bamt Mills, Tisho- 
mingo Miss 

Burnt Ordinary , Janes 

City Va 

Bamt Pine, Beaver Head. . . 

Bamt Prsirie, White .... Ill 
Bnmt Ranch, Trinity.. Gal 
BamTille, Sebastian . . .Ark 

Burr, Vernon Wis 

Barragerille, Woieestev. . . . 

Borrril, Westmoielaad. . Pa 
Borrillyille, Proridenoe.R. I 
Buirisetown, Queen 

Anne Md 

Burr Oak, WiDneshiek.Iowa 

Burr Oak, Jewell Kans 

Barr Oak, St. Joseph . . Mieh 

Borr Oak, Otoe Nebr 

Borr Oak, La Crosse. . . Wis 

Burr Oaks, Ford Ill 

Borr Oak Valley, LIneoln.. 


Barrows, Carroll Ind 

Barrows Park, Hinsdale.. . 

Barr^B Ferry, Vernon.. . .Ia 
Burr's Mills, JeSnrson.N. T 

BumiTille, Caroline Md 

Burrton, Harrey Kans 

Burrville, Litchfield. .Conn 

Burrrille, Serier Utah 

BuTsonyille, Monroe... Ala 

Bursonville, Bucks Pa 

Burtcm, Babun Oa 

Burt Lake, Oheboygan.Mioh 

Burton, Adams Ill 

Burton, Shiawassee. . .Mich 

Burton, Howard Mo 

Burton, Geauga Ohio 

Burton, Washington. . .Tex 

Burton, Wetasl W. Va 

Barton, Grant Wis 

Barton Glly, Wi^rna.. .Ohio 
Burtonla, Washihgton.Miss 
Barton's/i7ish<NniBgo. . Miss 
Burton's Bend, Fumes.Nebr 
Barton's Creek, Gampbrtl. 

Barton's Hill, Greene.. Ala 
Barton Statftoa,Oeaaga.Ohio 
BartonsTille, Montgom- 

My Md 

Bartonsrille, Montgom- 
ery N.T 

Burtonton, Copiah.... Bliss 

Barton View, Logan Ill 

Bartonrille, Lewis Ky 

BurtvUle, PottM Pa 

BurwellTiiie, Pittsyl- 
vania Va 

Burwood, San Joaquin. .Gal 
Busbw, Buncombe. . . .N. G 
Boshbeii^, Jeflersoo.. . . .Mo 

Boshbury, Com Nebr 

Bwh HiU, Randolph. .N. G 

Basbkfll,Pik» Pa 

Bush Kiln Centre, North- 
ampton . ; Pa 

BashneU, MeDonoagh...Ill 
Bashoell, Samner. • . .Kans 
Boshnell Gsnfere, Moni> 

ealm Mioh 

Bashnell's Basin, Mon- 
roe. N.T 

BashneUsWlle, Greene . N. T 
Bush's MUU a«lUa. . . .Ohio 
Bash's Store, Laurel. . . . Ky 
BushTille, SaliiTan . . .N. T 

BushrUle, Bradford Pa 

Bushy Fork, Person... N. G 
Burinessbargfa, Belmont. . . 

Baskirk's Bridge, Wash- 
ington N.T 

Bussey, Marlon Iowa 

Busseyville, Jeflerson. . Wis 

Busti, Howard Iowa 

Busti, Ghaatauqaa. ...N.T 
Butcher Ranch, Pbwer..Gal 
Batcher's Fork, Wise. . . Va 
Batcher Spring, Clai- 

bome Tenn 

BuUer (e. A.), Choetaw. .Ala 
BmUer (e. A.), Taylor. . . .Ga 

Butler, Montgomery Ill 

Butler, De ILalh Ind 

Batler, Keokuk Iowa 

Butler, Washington . . Kans 

Batler, Peodleton Ky 

Butler, Baltimore Md 

Butler, Branch Mich 

ButUr (e. A.), Bates Mo 

Butler, Rutherford . . .N. G 
Butler, Bichlaod. .-. . . .Ohio 
Batler (e. A.), Butler. . . .Pa 

Butler, Johnson Tenn 

Butler, Freestone Tex 

Butler, Milwaukm Wis 

Bmtlar Centre (c. A.), 

Butler Iowa 

Butler Centre, Butler. Nebr 
Butler Centre, Wayne. N. T 
Butler's, Edgefield.... S. G 
Butler's Ford, Mont- 
gomery N. G 

Butler's Landing,Glay.Tmn 
Butler SiMfi^, Butler. .Ala 

* Branch of Philadelphia Post 


BatlM's fihriteh, Jennings. . 


Butlersrille, Allen Ky 

Butlerrille, Lonoke. . ..Ark 
Butlerfille, Jennings. . .Ind 

Butlerrille, l^oaa Iowa 

Butlerrille, Warmn. . .Ohio 
Batlerrille,«alt Uke.Utah 

Butte City, Colusa Gal 

Butte City , Dew Lodge . Moat 
Butte Greek, Clackamas. . . 

Butte dM Morts, Win- 
nebago Wis 

Batte Meadows, Teliama.. . 

Butter Creek , Umatilla.Oreg 
Bntterfleld, Watonwan .... 


Batterfly . Oswego N.T 

Butteraut, Ashland. . . .Wis 
Butternut GroTe, Dela- 
ware N.T 

Bntteraut Valley, Blue 

Berth Minn 

Butteville, Marion. .. .Oreg 
Battonwood, Lycoming.. Pa 
Butts' Store, Johnson. .Ark 

Battsville, Grandy Mo 

ButtsTiUe, Warren. . ..N. J 
Butitowo, Northampton. Fa 

Buztoo, Clinton 111. 

Buxton, Tork Me 

Bazton Centre, Tork. ... Me 
Bayerstown, Lancaster.. Pa 
Bussard Rooet, Twiggs. .Oa 
ByarsTille, CleTeIand..N. G 
Byberry .* Philadelphia. . P& 

Byers, Arapahoe Colo 

Byers, Mecosta Mieh 

Byer's Station ,Jaekson.Ohio 
ByersTille, liTingston.N. T 
ByMTille, Oaems^..0hio 

Byield, Essex Mass 

Byhalla, Marshall MiM 

Byhalia, Union Ohio 

Byington. Pike Ohio 

BynumTiile, Chariton. . .Mo 

Byram, Hinds Miss 

Byrd's Store, Brown. . . .Tex 
ByrdsTiUe, Colambas..N. G 

Byrne, Putnam Tenn 

Bymesrillo, JefFers(m...Mo 
Bymeville, Harrison. . .Ind 

Byromrille, Dooly Ga 

Bryon, Contra Costa .... Cal 

Byron, Houston Ga 

Byron, Ogle Ill 

Byron, Humboldt Iowa 

Byron, Woodson Kans 

Byron, Oxford Me 

Byron, Shiawassee. . . .Mich 

Byron, Olmsted Minn 

Byron, Osage Mo 

Byron, OenesM N. T 

Byron, Greene Ohio 

Byron, Fond du Lac. . .Win 
Byron Centre, Kent. . .Mich 
Byronton, Pike Ohio 


Cabbage Farm, Meek- 

lenburgh Va 

C»l>el, Northumberland. Pa 

* Branch of Philadelphia Post 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices* 

Ourbon, Caxbon Fft 

Caxbon, Carbon Wyo 

Garbonateyille, Summit. . . 

Carbon Black, Butler. . .Pa 
Carbon Center, Butler. .Fa 
Carbon Centre, Vernon. .Mo 
Carbon Cliffy Rock Isl- 
and Ill 

Carbondale, Jackson. . . .Ill 
Carbondale, Warren . . .Ind 
Carbondale, Osage. . . .Kans 
Carbondale, Athens . . .Ohio 
Carbondale, Lackawanna.. . 

Carbon Hill, Daris. . .Iowa 
Carbon Hill, Hocking. Ohio 
Carbon Run, Bradford.. Pa 
Carden's Bluff, Carter .Tenn 
Caiden's Bottom, Yell.. Ark 

Cardiff, Mitchell Iowa 

Cardiff, Warren Miss 

Cardiff, Onondaga. . . . N. Y 
Cardington, Morrow. .Ohio 

Cardonia, Clay Ind 

Cardsville, Jones 6a 

jCardsville, Itawamba. .Miss 
CardTille, Washington. . Pa 
Carencro, La J^ayette — La 

Carey, Wyandot Ohio 

Carey Hill, Livingston.. .Mo 
Carey's Ferry, Chero- 
kee N Ind. T 

Cariboo, Butler Kan^ 

Caribou, Boulder Colo 

Caribou, Aroostook Me 

Carimona, Fillmore. . Minn 
Carisbrook, Furxxas. . .Nebr 

Carl, Adams. Iowa 

Carleton, Monroe Mich 

Carleton, Thayer Nebr 

Carley Brook, Wayne,. . .Pa 

Carlin, Elko .Nev 

CarlinvUle (c. A.), Ma- 
coupin Ill 

Carlisle, Prairie ,. .Ark 

Carlisle, Pembina Dak* 

Carlisle, Sulliyan Ind 

Carlisle, Warren Iowa 

Carlisle (c. A.), Nicl\ola8.Ky 
Carlisle, Middlesex.. . .Mass 

Carlisle, Eaton Mich, 

Carlisle, Schoharie N. y 

Carlisle (c. h.), Cumber- 
land Pa 

Carlisle Centre, Scho- 
harie N. Y 

Carlisle Springs, Cum- 
berland Pa 

Carlisle Station, War- 
ren Ohio 

Carl Junction, Jasper. . Mo 
Carlocksyille, Ruther- 
ford Tenn 

Caiflotta, Page Ya 

Carlstadt, Bergen N. J 

Carlton, Dickinson. . . Kans 

Carlton, Orleans N. Y 

Carlton, Yam Hill. . . . Oreg 

Carlton, Mercer Pa 

Carlton, Hamilton Tex 

Carlton, Kewaunee .... Wis 
Carlton Centre, Barry .Mich 
Carlton-s Store, King 

and Queen Ya 

Carlton Station, Orleans . . . 

N. Y 
Carlyle (c. A.), Clinton. .Ill 

Carlyle, Allen Kans 

Carlyon, Orleans N. Y 

Carman, Henderson.. . . HI 

Carmel, Hamilton Ind 

Carmel, Cloud Kans 

Carmel, Penobscot Me 

Ccu-mel (c. h.). Putnam.. .. 

Carmel, Highland . . . .Ohio 
Carmel, Montgomery . Tenn 
Carmi (c. A.), White. . . .Ill 

Carmi, Pratt Kans 

Carmichael's, Greene.. . .Pa 
Carnesville (c. A.), 

Franklin Ga 

Carney, Baldwin Ala 

Carney, Wyoming- Pa 

Carney's Bluff, Clarke. Ala 
CarnsMlle, Carroll. .. .Tenn 
Caro (e. A.), Tuscola.. Mich 
Carolina, Washington. Miss 

Carolina, Marion S. C 

Carolina, Haywood. . .Tenn 
Carolina Mills, Wash- 
ington R. I 

Caroline, Tompkins . .N. Y 
Caroline, Le Sueur.. .Minn 

Caroline, Shawano Wis 

Caroline Centre, Tomp- 
kins N.Y 

Caroline Depot, Tomp- 
kins N.Y 

Carpenter, Madison Ill 

Carpenter, Mitchell. . .Iowa 

Carpenter, Lycoming Pa 

Carpenteria, Santa Bar- 
bara Cal 

Carpenter's Eddy, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

Carpenter's Store, Clin- 

* ton Mo 

Carpentersville, Kane. . .Ill 
CarpentersTille, Put- 
nam ^. .Ind 

Carpentersyille, Warren. . . 


Carrick, Allegheny Pa 

Carrick Furnace, Frank- 
lin Pa 

Carrico, Frontier Nebr 

Carrier's Mills, Saline.. .111 
Carrington, Callaway. . .Mo 
Oarritunk, Somerset. . . .Me 
Carrizo (c. A.), Zapata. Tex 
Carrizo Springs, Dimmit. . . 


Carroll, Carroll Ind 

Carroll, Penobscot Me 

Carroll, Baltimore Md 

Carroll, Fairfield Ohio 

Carroll, Clinton Pa 

Carroll, Madison Tenn 

Carroll City, Carroll. .Iowa 
Carroll's Prairie, Hop- 
kins Tex 

Carrollsville, Olmsted. Minn 
CarroUton (c. A.), Pick- 

eni Ala 

CarroUton, Carroll .... Ark 
CarroUton (c. A,),Carroll.Ga 
CarroUton (c. A.), Greene.IU 
CarroUton, Hancock. ..Ind 
CarroUton (c. A.), Car- 
roll.. Iowa 

CarroUton (c. A.), Car- 

roU Ky 

CarroUton, Jefferson. . . . Ia 
CarroUton, Carroll Md 

CarroUton, Saginaw. .Mich 
CarroUton (c. A.), Car^ 

roll Miss 

CarroUton (c. A.), Car- 

roU Mo 

CarroUton, Cattarau- 
gus. .... N.Y 

CarroUton (c. A.), Car- 

roU Ohio 

CarroUton, Dallas Tex 

CarroUton, Isle of Wight. Ya 
CarroUton, Cowlitz. . .Wash 
CarroUton Station, 

Montgomery Ohio 

CarroUtown, Cambria. . .Pa 
Carrother8,.Seneca. . . .Ohio 

Carr's, Lewis Ky 

Carr's Creek, DeLaware.N.Y 
Carr's Station, Hancock. Ga* 
CarrsTille, Livingston. .Ky 

Carrsville, Henry Mo 

Carrsville, Isle of Wighl.Ya 

Cars Fork, Letcher Ky 

Carsin's Run, Harford.. Md 
Carsley 's Church, Surry .Ya 

Carson, Jefferson Ark 

Carson, Brown Kans 

Carson, Letcher Ky 

Carson, Huron Ohio 

Carson City, Montcalm. . . . 

Cakson Citt (c. a.), * 

Ormsby NeT 

Carson's Creek, Tran- 
sylvania N. C 

Carsonville, Dauphin^. .Pa 
Carsonville, Gray son... Ya 

Cartecay, Gilmer Ga 

Carter, Iowa Iowa 

Carter, Uintah Wyo 

Carter Camp, Potter ... .Pa 
Carter Creek, Clay .... Kans 

Carter mil, Erie Pa 

Carter's, Murray Ga 

Carter's Bridge, Albe- 
marle Ya 

Cartersbuxgh, Hen- 
dricks Ind 

Carter's Creek , Lancaster. Ya 
Carter's Creek Station, 

Maury Tenn 

Carter's Depot, Carter .Tenn 
Carter's Furnace, Car^ 

ter Tenn 

Carter's Mill, Gregg. . .Tex 
Carter's Mills, Moore. .N. C 
Carter's MUls, Patrick. .Ya 
Carter's Station, Greene. . . 

Carter's Store, Ran- 
dolph Ala 

Carter's Store, Wash- 
ington Ark 

CartersviUe (c. A.), Bar^ 

tow Ga 

CartersviUe, Tishomin- 
go Miss 

CartersviUe, Darlington. S.C 

CartersviUe, Parker Tex 

CartersviUe, Cumber- 
land Ya 

Carters Wharf, Rich- 
mond Ya 

Carterville, William- 
son Ill 

Carterville, Jasper Mo 

Carthage, Hale Ala 

Carthage (e. A.), Han- 
cock Ill 

Carthage, Rush Ind. 

Carthage, CampbeU. ... £jr 
Carthage (c. A.), Leake.Misa 
Carthage (c. A.), Jasper. Mo 
Carthage, Jefferson. . .N. T 
Carthage (c. A.), Moore.If.G 
Carthage, HamUtbn. .Obio 
Carthage (c. A.),Smitli.Teiiii 
Carthage (c.A.), Panola.Tez 
Carthage Landing, 

Dutchess N. Y 

Carthagena, Mercer. . . Ohio 
Cartwright's, Lane. . . .Oreg 
Cartwright's MUi, Bar- 
ron Wis 

Cartwright's Wharf, 

Nansemond Ya 

CaruthersviUe, Pem- 
iscot Mo 

Carver, Plymouth. . . . Mass 

Carver, Carver Minn 

Carver's Harbor, Knox.. Me 

CarversviUe, Bucks Fa 

Carverton, LuzemA Fa 

Cary, Wake N. C 

Cary Station, McHenry..IiI 
Cary ville, Norfolk. . . . Mass 
CaryvUle, Campbell. .Tenn 

Casa, Perry Ark 

Casady's Comer, Webster.. 


Casanova, Fauqnier Ya 

Cascade, Dubuque. . ..Iowa 

Cascade, Kent Mich 

Cascade, Olmsted Minn 

Cascaae, Cayuga N.Y 

Cascade, Pittsylvania . . .Ya 
Cascade, Sheboygan.. . .Wis 

Cascade Locks, Wasco 

Cascades {e. A.), Skama- 
nia Wash 

Cascade YaUey, Broome.. . 

Caicadeville, Essex. . ..N. Y 

Casco, Cumberland Me 

Casco, St. Clair Mich 

Casco, Franklin Mo 

Casco, Kewaunee Wis 

CaseviUe, Huron Mich 

Casey, Clark lU 

Casey, Guthrie Iowa 

Casey Creek, Adair Ky 

Casey viUe, St. Clair 111 

Casey viUe, Union Ky 

CaseyviUe, Lincoln. . . Mi^ 
Casey viUe, Macon. . . .Tenn 
Oasher's Yalley, Jackson. . 

Cash Hill, Greenville. .S. G 
Cash Point, Lincoln. .Tenn 

Cashtown, Adams Fa 

Cashville, Spartanbuxgh... 


Caskaid, Putnam Ohio 

Casky's Station, Chris- 
tian Ky 

Casner Station, Macon.. .lU 

Casnovia, Kent Mich 

Cason, Boone.. Ind 

Cason, Morris .Tex 

Caspar, Mendocino Cal 

Caspar's, Washington... Ill 

Cass, Franklin. Ark 

Cass, Du Page HI 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


itSnlliTan Ind 

Chautauqua... . 

., Walker Ga 

idria, Aroyelles. . . La 
Bridge. Saginaw. Mich 
City , TuBcola — Mich 

iy Arkansas Ark 

slla, Mercer Oliio 

iil Prairie, Sauk. . .Wis 
ICasdelman, Somerset. ... Fa 

Iton, Cass Dak 

I Gusopolisic h.\ Cass.Mich 
[Can Station, Bartow... .6a 

Caastown, Miami Ohio 

jCaaBTille, Newton Ark 

Caseyille, Bartow Qa 

I Cassrilie, Howard Ind 

CassviUe {c. A.), Barry. .Mo 

I CassTille, Ocean N. J 

CaasTUle, Oneida N. T 

iXSaasTille, Harrison — Ohio 
CasBTille, Huntingdon... Fa 

OMSTille, Grant. Wis 

Castalla, Winne8ldek..Iowa 

Ca8talU,Na8h N. 

Oastalia, Erie Ohio 

Castalian Springs', Sum- 

ner. Tenn 

Castana, Monona Iowa 

Gastell, Llano Tex 

OwtUe, Wyoming N. T 

Castine, Huocock. Me 

l^tine, Darke Ohio 

Castle. Sandolph Ind 

Castleberry, Conecuh. .Ala 
Castle Cndg, Campbell. .Ya 
Castle Greek, Owyhee.Idaho 
Castle Greek, Broome. N. T 
Castle Dale, San Pete..Utah 
Castle Dome Landing, 

Timia Aril 

Castle Fin, York Fa 

Castle Grove, Jones.. . Iowa 
Castle Hill, Aroostook. .Me 
Castleman^s Ferry, 

Clarke Va 

Castle Rock{c.h.)j Doug- 
las Colo 

Castle Bock, Dakota. .Minn 
Castle Reck, Osage .... Mo 
Castle Bock, Cowliti. Wash 

Castle Rock, Grant Wis 

Castle Shannon, Alle- 

l^eny Pa 

CasUeton, Stark Ill 

Castleton, Marion Ind 

Castleton, Reno Kaqs 

Castleton, Harford Md 

Castleton, Rensselaer. N. Y 

Castleton, Rutland Yt 

Castleton, Rappahannock.. 

Castleton Comers, Rich- 
mond N.Y 

CastleTille, Custer .... Dak 
Csstleyille, Buchanan.Iowa 

Castor, Wayne Ill 

Castor, Caldwell La 

Castor, Bollinger Mo 

Castoriand, Lewis N.Y 

Cantor Sulphur Springs, 

Catahoula La 

Outroville, Monterey... Cal 
Castroville (c. A.), Me- 
dina Tex. 

Cwwell, La Fayette. . .Miss 

Cataloochee, Haywood.N. G 
Oatalpa Grove, Floyd . . . Ky 

Cataract, Owen Ind 

Cataract, Monroe Wis 

Catarrh, Chesterfield... 8. C 

Cataaauqua, Lehigh Fa 

Oatatonk, Tioga N.Y 

Cataula, Harris Ga 

Catawba, Fendleton. . . . Ky 

Catawba, Caldwell Mo 

Catawba, Catawba N. C 

Catawba, Clarke Ohio 

Catawba, Roanoke Ya 

Catawba Island, Ottawa. . . 

Catawba River, York . . S. G 
Catawissa, Franklin. ... Mo 

Catawissa, Columbia Fa 

Cat Creek, Lowndes Ga 

Gate's Cross Roads, Sevier.. 

Gates Station, Todd. . .Minn 

Catfish, Oswego N. Y 

Catfish, Clarion Fa 

Catfish Point, Bolivar. .Mim 
Catharine, Schuyler... N. Y 
Gatharioe Lake,0n8low.N. G 
Gatharpin, Prince W^il- 

Uam V .-..Ya 

Catherton, Webater. . . Nebr 
Cathlamet {e. A.), Wah- 
kiakum Wash 

Gathron's Store, Lamar.Tez 
Gatlen's Mills, De Kalb.. . 


Gatlett, Fauquier Ya 

Catletisburgk (e. A.), 

Boyd Ky 

Gatlettsburgh, Sevier.Tenn 

Gatlin, YermUlion Ill 

Gatlin, Parke Ind 

Gatlin, Chemung N. Y 

Gato, Crawford Kans 

Cato, Montcalm Mich 

Gato, Rankin Miss 

Ciito, Cayuga N. Y 

Gato, Manitowoc Wis 

Gatoctin Furnace, Fred- 
erick Md 

Caton, Steuben N. Y 

Gatonsville, Baltimore . . . Md 
CatskiU (e A.), Greene. .N. Y 
Gatskill Station, Co- 
lumbia N.Y 

Gat Sprii^, Austin Tex 

Cattaraugus, Cattarau- 
gus N.Y 

Caughdenoy, Osw^o..N. Y 

Caulksville, Logan Ark 

Cauthron, Scott Ark 

Cavalier, Pembina Dak 

Cavaness Landing, Brad- 
ley Ark 

Cave, White Tenn 

Cave City, Barren Ky 

Gave Creek, Newton.. . . Ark 
Gave in Rock, Hardin. . ..Ill 
Gave Mills, Dickson.. Tenn 
Cavendish, Livingston . .Mo 

Cavendish, Windsor Yt 

Gave Pump, Camden. ... Mo 

Gavema, Hart Ky 

Cavema, McDonald .... Mo 
Gave Spring, Fayette... . Ala 

Cave Spring, Floyd Ga 

Cave Spring, Greene. . . .Mo 
Cave Spring, Garfer — Tenn 
Cave Spring, Roanoke... Ya 

Gave Spring Station, 

Logan. Ky 

Gavetown, Washington.. Md 
Cavetown, Meagher.. Mont 
Gavettsville, Westmore- 
land Fa 

Cawker City, Mitchell.Kans 
Cayoe Station, Fulton.. .Ky 
Gayucas, San Luis Obispo.. 


Cayuga, Livingston Ill 

Cayuga, Hinds Miss 

Cayuga, Cayuga N. Y 

Gayuta, Schuyler N.Y 

Gayutaville, Schuyler..N. Y 
Cay wood, Washington. Ohio 

Caaenovia, Woodford III 

Caienovia, Madison... .N. Y 
Caienovia, Richland. ...Wis 
Cearfofls, Washington. . .Md 

Cecil, Paulding Ohio 

Cecil, Washington Pa 

Cecilia, Howard Iowa 

Cecilian, Hardin Ky 

Cecilton, Cecil Md 

Cedar, Mahaska Iowa 

Cedar, McPherson .... Kans 

Cedar, Pike Ky 

Cedar, Fayette Tex 

Cedar Bayou, lUrris. . .Tex 

Cedar Bend, Gage Nebr 

Cedar Bluff, Cherokee. . Ala 
Cedar Bluff, Cedar. . . . Iowa 

Cedar Bluff, Clay Bliss 

Cedar Bluff, Texas Mo 

Cedar Bluff, Union.... S. G 
Cedar Bluff, Tasewell. . ..Ya 
Cedar Bluff Mills, Ed- 
monson Ky 

Cedar BluCb, Decatur. Kans 
Cedar Blulb, Saunders.Nebr 
Gedarburgh, Osaukee . . . Wis 
Cednr Chapel, Harde- 
man Tenn 

Cedar City, Callaway. . ..Mo 

Cedar City, Iron Utah 

Cedar Cliff, Alamance. N. G 

Cedar Creek, Scott Ark 

Cedar Creek, Tattnall. . .Ga 
Cedar Creek, De Kalb. .Ind 
Cedar Greek, Greene.. Iowa 
Cedar Creek, Barry... .Mich 

Cedar Creek, Taney Mo 

Cedar Greek, Cass .... Nebr 

Cedar Greek. Ocean N. J 

Cedar Cree^, Cumber- 
land N.C 

Cedar Creek, Greene. .Tenn 
Cedar Greek, Bastrop . .Tex 
<E!edar Creek, Whitman. . . . 

Cedar Greek, Washing- 
ton Wis 

Cedar Greek Landing, 

Perry Tenn 

Cedar Dale, Sanilac. . .Mich 
Cedar Dale, Pender... .N. G 
Cedar Falls, Black Hawk. . . 

Cedar Falls, Randolph. N. G 

Cedar Falls, Dunn Wis 

Cedar Farm, Harrison. .Ind 
Cedar Ford, Butler. . .Kans 
Cedar Fork, Menominee. . . . 

Cedar Fork, Franklin... .Mc 
Cedar Fork, Claiborne.Tenn 
Cedar Grove, Jeflforson.. Ala 

Cedar Grove, Walker. . . .Ga 
Cedar Grove, Franklin. .Ind 
Cedar Grove, Mont- 

gomeify. . .*. Md 

Cedar Grove, Pontotoc. Miss 
Cedar Grove, Lincoln. ..Mo 
Cedar Grove, Essex. . . .N. J 
Cedar Grove, Orange. .N. 
Cedar Grove, Hocking..Ohio 
Cedar Grove, Provi- 
dence R. I 

Cedar Grove, Laurens.. S. C 
Cedar Grove, Carroll.. Tenn 
Cedar Grove, Frederick.. Ya 
Cedar Grove,Sheboygan. Wis 
Cedar Grove Mills, 

Franklin Ya 

Cedar Hill, Nevada. . . .Ark 
Cedar Hill, Gwinnett. . .Ga 

Cedar Hill, Jefferson Mo 

Cedar Hill, Saunders.. Nebr 
Cedar Hill , Albany ....N.Y 

Cedar Hill, Anson N. C 

Cedar Hill, Fairfield. . .Ohio 
Cedar Hill, Robertson.. Tenn 

Cedar Hill, Dallas Tex 

Cedar Junction, John!>on . . 


Cedar Keys, Levy Fla 

Cedar Lake, Lake Ind 

Cedar Lake, Montcalm. Mich 
Cedar Lake, Scott . . . .Minn 
Cedar Lake, Atlantic. .N. J 
Cedar Lake, Herkimer. N. Y 
Cedar Lake, Waushara.. Wis 
Cedar Lane, Lancaster ..Pa 
Cedar Lane, Greene. . .Tenn 
Cedar Mill , Washington .Oreg 
Cedar Mills, Meeker... Minn 
Cedar Mills, Adams. . .Ohio 
Cedar Mills, Grayson. . .Tex 
Cedar Mines, Monroe.. Iowa 
Cedar Mountain, Tran- 
sylvania N. G 

Cedar Plains, Morgan. . .Ala 
Cedar Point, Chase. . . Kans 
Cedar Point, Carteret.. N. G 
Cedar Point, Hamilton .... 


Cedar Point, Page Ya 

Cedar Point Landing, 

Goochland Va 

Cedar Rapids, Linn. . . .Iowa 
Cedar Ridge, Marshall. .Ala 
Cedar Ridge, Whitfield.. Ga 
Cedar River, Pawnee Res. . . 

Cedar Rock, Franklin. N. C 
Cedar Bun, Grand Trav- 
erse Mich 

Cedar Run, Alexander. N.C 
Cedar Run, Muskingum .... 

Cedar Run, Lycoming. . .Pa 

Cedarsburgh, Wyoming 

Cedar Shoal, Chester. . .S. C 
Cedar Spring, Spartan- 
burgh S. C 

Cedar Springs, Cherokee.. . 


Cedar Springs, Early Ga 

Cedar Spring*, Allen. . . .Ky 
Cedar Springs, Kent.. .Mich 
Cedar Springs, Clinton. .Pa 
Cedar Springs, Marion.Tenn 
Cedar Springs, Smyth . . . Ya 
Cedartown (c. A.),.polk..Ga 



Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Cedar Vale, Chautau- 
qua Kans 

Cedarvale, Onondaga. .N. Y 
Cedar Valloy, Black 

Cedar Valley, Taney. . . .Mo 
Cedar Valley, Hamilton. . . 

Cedar Valley, Caldwell. N. C 
Cedar Valley, Wayne.. Ohio 
Cedar Vallev, Travis . . .Tex 
Cedar Valley, Utah. . .Utah 
Cedar Valley, Monongalia. . 

W. Va 

Cedar View, Sussex Va 

Cedarville, Hale Ala 

Cedarville, Crawford. . .Ark 

Cedarville, Modoo Cal 

Cedarville, Stephenson. . . Ill 

Cedarville, Allen Ind 

Cedarville, Smith Kans 

Cedarville, Prince 

George's Md 

Cedarville, Martin. . . .Minn 

Cedarville, Dade Mo 

Cedarville, Sherman. .Nebr 
Cedarville, Cumberland. . . . 

Cedarville, Herkimer. .N. Y 

Cedarville, Greene Ohio 

Cedarville, Chester Pa 

Cedarville, Warren Va 

Cedarville, Chehali8..Wash 
Cedar Wood, Harrison. .Tnd 

Cedron, Uncoln Kans 

Cedron, Clermont Ohio 

Celestine, Dubois Ind 

Celina,. Perry Ind 

Celina, Dent Mo 

Celina {c. A.), Mercer . .Ohio 
Celina {c. A.), Clay . . ..Tenn 

Celo, Yancey N. C 

Cementville, Clark Ind 

Centenary, Marion S. C 

Centennial, Buffalo.. .Nebr 

Centennial, Adams Pa 

Centennial, Pan<, '«.... Tex 
Centennial, MouT«ie. . W.Va 
Centennial, Albany . . . Wyo 

Center, Sharp Ark 

Ctnter {c. A.), Shelby.. .Tex 
Center, Monongalia.. W. Va 

Center, Rock Wis 

Center Hill, Howell. . . .Mo 
Center Mills, Montgom- 
ery Va 

Center Kidge, Conway.. Ark 
Center View, Charlotte. .Va 
CenlervtiU (e. A.), Appa- 
noose Iowa 

Centerville, Umatilla. .Oreg 

Centerville, Davis Utah 

Central, Big Stone.. . .Minn 

Central, St. Louis Mo 

Central, Columbia Pa 

Central Academy, Pa- 
nola Miss 

Central Bridge, Scho- 
harie N. Y 

Central City (e. A.), Gil- 
pin Colo 

Central City, Lawrence.Dak 
Central City, Marion. . . .Ill 
Central City, Linn . . . .Iowa 
Central City,Ander8on.Kan8 
Central City, Putnam.. .Mo 
Central City (c. A.), 
Merrick Nebr 

Central G<rflege, frank- 
lin Ohio 

Central Falls, Provi- 
dence R. I 

Central Ferry, Columbia. . 


Central Qroye, Monroe 

Central House, Butte. . .Cal 
Centralia,' Marion. ... .^ .111 
Centralia, Dubuque.. Iowa 
Centralia, Nemaha. . . .Kans 

Centnilia, Boone Mo 

Centralia, Columbia. . . . Ba 

Centralia, Trinity Tex 

Centralia, Wood Wis 

Central Institute, El- 
more Ala 

Central Islip, Suffolk. .N. Y 
Central Lake, Antrim. .Mieh 
Central Madawaska, 

Aroostook Me 

Central Mills, Dallas. . .Ala 
Central Mine, Kewee- 
naw Mich 

Central Park, Cook Ill 

Central Park, Gallatin.Mont 
Central Park, Queens. . N. Y 
Central Plains, Fluvanna. . 

Central Point, Merced.. Cal 
Central Point, Jackson .Oreg 
Central Point, Caroline. . Va 
Central Square, Oswego. N.Y 
Central Station, Dod- 
dridge W.Va 

Central Valley , Onmge. N. Y 
Central Village, Wind- 
ham Conn 

Central Village, Bristol.Masa 
Centre {c. A.), Cherokee. Ala 

Centre, Schuyler Ill 

Centre, Howard Ind 

Centre, Page Iowa 

Centre, Chautauqua. . Kans 

Centre, Metcalfe Ky 

Centre^ Eaton Mich 

Centre. Attala Miss 

Centre, Ralls Mo 

Centre, Guilford N. C 

Centre, Montgomery . .Ohio 

Centre, Perry Pa 

Centre, Pickens S. C 

Centre, Tooele Utah 

Centre Barnstead, Bel- 
knap .♦. N.H 

Centre Belpre, Washing- . 

ton Ohio 

Centre Bend, Morgan. .Ohio 
Centre Berlin, Rensselaer. .* 

Centre Bridge, Bucks . . .Pa 
Centre Brook, Middle- 
sex Conn 

Centre Brunswick, Rens- 
selaer N.Y 

Centrebui^h, Knox. . .Ohio 
Centre Cambridge, Wash- 
ington N.Y 

Centre CVty (c. A.), Chi- 
sago Minn 

Centre City, Hamilton. Tex 

Centre Conway, Carroll 

Centre Creek, Martin .Minn 

Centre Cross, Essex Va 

Centredale, Cedar Iowa 

Centredale, Providence. K. I 

Centre Efim^iain, Oar- 
roll N.H 

Centrefield, Highland. .Ohio 
Centre Grotoo, New Lon- 
don Conn 

Centre Grove, Dubuque.. . 

Centre Grove, Person. .N. C 
Centre Grove, Bedford.Tenn 

Centre llall. Centre Pa 

Centre Harbor, Belknap... . 

Centre Hill, limestone.. Ala 

Centxe Hill, White Ark 

Centre Hill, Hartford. Coon 

Centre Hill, Centre Pa 

Centre Hill, Orange- 
burgh S.C 

Centre Junction, Jone8.lowa 
Centre Lebanon, York . .Me 
Centre Lincolnville, Wal- 
do Me 

Centre Line, Macomb .Mich 
Centre Lisle. Broome. .N. Y 
Centre Loveil, Oxford... Me 
Centre Marshfleld, 

Plymouth Mass 

Centre Mill, Hood Tex 

Centi« Mills, Centre Pa 

Centre MoQtviUe, Waldo . Me 
Centre Moreland, Wyo- 
ming Pa 

Centre Moriches, Suf- 
folk N.Y 

Centre Mound, Repub- 
lic ,.Kans 

Centre Ossipee, Carroll . N.H 
Centre Point (e. A.), How- 
ard Ark 

Centre Point, Knox Ill 

Centre Point, Clay Ind 

Centre Point, linn.. . .Iowa 
Centre Point, Monroe. . . Ky 
Cenixe Point, Atchison. Mo 
Centre Point, Hender- 
son Tenn 

Centre Point, Kerr Tex 

Centreport, Suffolk. . . .N. Y 

Centreport, Berks Pa 

Centre Ridge, Woodson. . . . 

Centre Road Station, 

Crawford Pa 

Centre Rutland, Rut- 
land Vt 

Centre Sandwich, Car* 

roll N.H 

Centre Sidney ,Kennebec.Me 
Centra Square, Switzer- 
land Ind 

Centre Square, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Centre Star, Lauder dale. Ala 
Centre Strafford, Straf- 
ford N. H 

Centreton, Morgan .... Ind 

Centreton, Salem N. J 

Centreton, Huron Ohio 

Contretown, Ohio.. Ky 

Centre Town, Cole.' Mo 

Centretown, Mercer Pa 

Centre Tuftonborough, 

Carroll N.H 

Centre Valley, Hen- 
dricks Ind 

Centre Valley, Cass. . .Nebr 

Centre Valley, Otsego. N. Y 

i Centre Valley, Lehigh... Fa 

Centre View, Johnson. .'. 
Centre View, Monroe. .OUo 
Centreview, Dauphio.. . .F)a 
Centre VilUge, Chaarlton.Ga 
Centre Villi^se, Broome. . . . 

Centre Village, JMbt- 

ware Obio 

CentretfiUe {e. h.), Bibb. AU 
Centreville, Alameda — Cal 
Centreville, Chaffee. .. Colo 

Centreville, Turner Hak. 

Centreville, New Castle . Del 

Centreville, Leon Fla 

Centreville, Gwinnett. . .Ga 

Centreville, Boise IdsJio 

Centreville, Piatt Ill 

Centreville, Wayne. . . . Ind 

Centreville, linn Kan« 

Centreville, Bourbon. . .Ky 
Centreville, St. Marv^a. .La 
Centreville (c. k.). 

Queen Anne Md 

Centreville, Barnsta- 
ble Mmb 

Centreville {e. A.), St. 

Joseph Mkh 

Craitrevill^, Anoka. ..Minn 
Centreville, Amite. ... Miw 
OntreviUe (c. A.), Rey- 
nolds Mo 

Centreville, Meagher..Mont 
Centreville, Lancaster.Nebr 
Centreville, Hunfcwdon.N J^ 
Centreville, Allegany. N. T 
Centreville, Montgom- 
ery OMo 

Centreville, Crawford. . .Pa 

Centreville, Kent B. I 

Centreville, Laurens... S. 
Ceutreviile (e. A.), Hick- 
man Tenn 

Centreville (c. A.), Leon.Tex 

Centreville, Fairfax Va 

Centreville, Wayne..W. Va 
Centreville, Trempealeau. • 

Centreville Station, St. 

Clair ni 

Centreville Station, Sul- 
livan N.Y 

Centre White Creek, 

Washington N.Y 

Centropolis, Franklin.Kans 

Ceralvo, Ohio Ky 

Cerbat {c. A. ), Mohave.. Aris 

Ceredo, Wayne W. Va 

Ceres, Stanislaus Cal 

Ceres, Clayton Iowa 

Ceres, Allegany N.Y 

Ceiesco, Calhoun Mieh 

Ceresco, Lyon Minn 

Ceresco, Saunders Nebr 

Oerro Colorado, Pima.. Aril 

Cerro Gordo, Inyo Cal 

Cerro Gordo, Piatt Ill 

Cerro Gordo, Randolph. Ind 
Cerro Gordo, Jewell... Kans 
Cerro Gordo, Lac-qui- 

Parle ....Minn 

Cerro Gordo, Columbus.N.C 
Cerro Gordo, Hardin. .Tenn 
Cerulean Springs, Trigg.Ky 

Cessna, Bedford Pft 

Ceylon, Erie Ohio 

Ceylon, Greene Pft 

Chacahoula Station, 
Terre Bonne Lft 

AlpKab«tieal iMt of Pott Qffieet. 


ClMdwiek, Ionia Mkh 

C9iadwick'8 Mills, Onei- 

dA N.Y 

ChAgrfa Flails, Cuya- 
hoga Ohio 

Chain Lake Contra, 

Martin Minn 

Chain of Rocks, Lincoln . Mo 

Chalfant. Bucks Pa 

Chalfant^g, Peny Ohio 

Chaifin Bridge, Monroe. . Ill 
Chalk Bluff, Blarion. . . AUi 

Chalk Bluff, Clay Ark 

Chalk Leyel, St. Clair. . .Mo 
Chalk Level, Harnett.. N. C 
Chalk Level, Pittsyl- 
vania : Ta 

Chalk Mound, Wa- 
baunsee Kans 

Chalk Mountain, Som- 

«rvUl Tex 

Chailin, Lembi Idaho 

Chalmers, White Ind 

Chalybeate Springs, 

Meriwether Ga 

Chamberlain, Allen — Ind 
Chamberaburgh, Pike. . .Ill 
Chambenbnzgh, Orange. . . 

Chambersburgh, Clarke... 

Chambersburgh, Mont- 
gomery Ohio 

Chambersburgh (e. A.), 

Franklin Pa 

Chambers^ Creek, Ellis. Tex 
Chambersville, Calhoun. . . 

Chambersville, Dade ... .Mo 
Chambersville, lDdiana..Pa 
Chambersville, Freder- 
ick Va 

Chamblissburgh, Bed- 
ford Va 

Chamois, Osage Me 

Champagne, Uncoln...Wi8 
Champagnolle, Union. . Aik 
Champaign, Champaign . Ill 
Champion, Marquette.Sfich 
Champion, Jefferson. . N. T 
Champion, TrumbulL.Ohio 

Champion, Fayette Pa 

Champion City, Frank- 
lin. Mo 

Champion Mills, Blue 

Barth Minn 

■Champlain, Clinton. ..N. ¥ 
Champlin, Hennepin. Blinn 

Cbana, Ogle Ill 

Chanceford, York <Pa 

Cbancellorsville, Spott- 

sylyania Va 

Chandaller, Keokuk. .Iowa 

Chandler, Warrick Ind 

Chandler's Grove, Mont- 
gomery N. C 

Chandler's Valley, War- 
ren Pa 

Chandlorsville, Mus- 

Idngum Ohio 

Chandlerville, Cass Ill 

Chandlenrille, Merri- 
mack N.H 

Chaneysville, Bedford... Pa 
Chaneyville, Calvert. . . .Md 
. Ghangewater, Warren. N. J 
I Chanka, Davlion Dak 

Channahfttfthee, Elmore... 


ChannahoD, Will Ill 

Chantier, Stanley Dak 

Chantilly, Lincoln Mo 

Chantilly, Fairfax Va 

Chanute, Neosho Kans 

Chanute, Fentress.. ..Tenn 

Chapel, Nicholas Ky 

Chapel, Howell Mo 

Chapel Hill, Chambers. Ala 
Chapel Hill, Sevier... .Ark 
Chapel Hill, Douglas. . ..Ga 

Chapel Hill, Allen Ky 

Chapel Hill, Hinds.... Miss 
Chapel Hill, Ia Fayette.Mo 
Chapel Hill,Monmouth.N.J 
Chapel Hill, Orange. . .N. C 
Chapel Hill, Perry.. . .Ohio 
Chapel Hill. Marshall.Tenn 
Chapel Hill, Washing- 
ton Tex 

Chapin, Morgan Ill 

Chapin, Franklin Iowa 

Chapin, Saginaw Mich 

ChapinvUle, Litchfield 

ChapinvUle, Ontario. .N. Y 
ChapinvUle, Crawford. . .Pa 
Chaplin, Windham... Conn 

Chaplin, i^elson Ky 

Chapman, Dickinson. Kans 
Chapman, Merrick . . . Nebr 

Chapman, San Miguel 

N. Mex 

Chapman, Stark Ohio 

Chapman, Snyder Pa 

Chapman Quarries, 

• Northampton Pa 

Chapman's MUls, Gal- 
lia : . . Ohio 

Chapmanville, Logan. W.Va 
Chappaqua, Westches- 
ter N.Y 

Chappeau Pela, Tangi- 

pdkhoa La 

Chappell-s Bridge, New- 
berry S. 

Chappie Comers, Ma- 
son Mich 

Chaptico, St. Mary's. . .Md 

Charco, Goliad Tex 

Chard, Neosho Kans 

Ckardon {e. A.), Geau- 
ga Ohio 

Charenton, St. Mary's.. La 
Chariton (c. A.), Lucas.Iowa 

Charity, Mobre Tenn 

Charlemont, Franklin.Mass 
Charlemont, Bedford. ..Va 
Charlesburgh, Calumet. Wis 
Charles City (e. A.), 

Floyd Iowa 

Charles River Village, 

Norfolk Mass 

Charleston, Pima Ariz 

Charleston, Franklin. . Ark 

Charleston, Merced Cal 

Charleston (c. A.), Coles. Ill 

Charleston, Lee Iowa 

Charleston, Greenwood. . . . 

Charleston, Penobscot.. Me 
Charleston, Sanilac . . . Mich 
Charleston (e. A.), Tal- 

lahatchee Miss 

Charleston (c. A.), Mis- 
sissippi Mo 

Charleston, Gage Nebr 

Charleston, Montgom- 
ery N. Y 

Charleston {e. A.), 

Swain N. 

Charleston, Tioga Pa 

Charleston {e. A.), 

Charleston S. C 

Charleston, Bradley. .Tenn 

Charleston, Delta Tex 

Charleston, Wasatch.. Utah 
Charleston Four Cor- 
ners, Montgomery.. N. Y 
Charlestown (c. A.), 

Clarke Ind 

Charlestown, Cecil Md 

Charlestown,* Suffolk.Mass 
Charlestown, Sullivan. N.H 
Charlestown, Portage.. Ohio 
Charlestown, Washing- 
ton R. I 

Charlestoum (e. A. ), Jef- 
ferson W. Va 

Charlesville, Bedford:. Pa 
Charlesworth, Eaton.. Mich 
Charlevoix (c. A.), Cliar- 

levoix Mich 

Cliarlie Hope, Bruns- 
wick Va 

Charlieville, Richland. .La 
Charloe, Paulding. . . .Ohio 
Charlotte, Clinton. . . .Iowa 
Charlotte, Washington.. Me 
Charlotte (c. A.), J^ton. . . . 

Charlotte, Monroe. . . .N. Y 
Charlotte {c. A.), Meck- 

lenburgh N. C 

Charlotte (c. A.); Dick- 
son Tenn 

Charlotteburgh, Pas- 
saic N.J 

Charlotte Centre,Chau- 

tauqua N. Y 

Charlotte Furnace, Car- 
ter Ky 

Charlotte IlaU, St. Ma- 
ry's Md 

Charlotte Harbor, Man- 
atee Fla 

CharlottesvUle, Han- 
cock Ind 

Charlottesville (e. A.), 

Albemarle Va 

Charlotteville, Schoha- 
rie N.Y 

Charlton, Worcester.. Mass 
Charlton, Saratoga. . . .N. Y 
Charlton City, Worces- 
ter Mass 

Charlton X>epot, Worces- 
ter Bfass 

Charming Dale, Yavapai. . . 

Charter Oak, Crawford. .... 

Chartiers, Allegheny. . . .Pa 

Chase, Benton Ind 

Chase, Johnson Iowa 

Chase, Baltimore Md 

Cliase, Lake .Mich 

Chase, Athens Ohio 

Chase, McLennan Tex 

Chaseburgh, Vernon. ..Wis 
Chase City, Mecklen- 
burgh Va 

* Branch of the Boston Post 

Chase's lake, Lewis.. N. T 
Chase-s Mills, Andro- 
scoggin Me 

Chase's Mills, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

Chase's Mills, Tioga. ...Pa 
Chasers WJiarf, Lancaster.. 


ChasevUle, Duval Fla 

Chaseville, Otsego N. Y 

Chaseville, Koble Ohio 

Chaseville, Benton. . .Tenn 
Chaska (e. A.), Carver. Minn 
Chastain, Itawamba. . . Miss 

Ghatata, Bradley Tenn 

Chatawa, Pike Miss 

Chateaugay, Franklin.N. Y 
Chateaugay Lake, 

Franklin N.Y 

Ohatfield, FUlmore . . . Minn 
Chatfield, Crawford... Ohio 

Chatfield, Navarro Tex 

Chatham, Sangamon. . . .Ill 
Chatham, Buchanan.. Iowa 

Chatham, Bracken Ky 

Chatham, Barnstable. Mass 
Chatham, Wright. . . .Minn 

Chatham, Carroll N.H 

Chatham, Morris N.J 

Chatham, Columbia. .N. Y 
Chatham, Licking. . . . Ohio 

Chatham, Chester Pa 

Chatham (e. A.), Pittsyl- 
vania Va 

Chatham Centre, Co- 
lumbia N. Y 

Chatham Centre, Me- 
dina Ohio 

Chatham Hill, Smyth . . .Va 
Chatham Port, Barn- 
stable Mass 

Chatham Run, Clinton.. Pa 
Chatham Valley, Tioga.. Pa 
Chatham Village, Co- 
lumbia N.Y 

Chats worth, Livingston. Ill 
Chattahoochee, Gads- 
den Fla 

Chattan, Adams Ill 

Chattanooga (c. A.), 

Hamilton Tenn 

Chattoogaville, Chat- 
tooga Ga 

Chaumont, Jefferson. .N.Y 

Chauncey , Dodgeu Ga 

Chauncey, Lawrence.... Ill 

Chauncey, Athens Ohio 

Chautauqua, Chautau- 
qua N.Y 

Cluiutauqua Lake, Chau- 
tauqua N. Y 

Chazy, Clinton N. Y 

Cheap IIiIl,Cheathan|.Tenn 
Cheat Mountain, Ran- 
dolph W. Va 

Chebanse, Iroquois Ill 

Chebeague Island, Cum- 
berland Me 

Cheboygan (c. A.), Che- 
boygan. . . : Mich 

Cheektowaga, Erie. . . .N. Y 
Cheesland, Angelina. . . .Tex 
Cheever. Dickinson. . ..Kans 
Chef Menteur, Orleans. .La 

Chehalis, Lewis Wash 

Chelmsford, Middlesex.Mass 

Chelsea, Tama Iowa 

Chelsea, Butler Kans 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Cheltea,* Saffolk Mus 

Chelsea, Washtenaw.. Mich 

Chelsea, Holt Nebr 

Chelsea, Delaware Fa 

Chelsea {e. A.), Orange. . . Vt 

Chelsea, Taylor Wis 

Cheltenham, Prince 

George's Md 

Cheltenham, St. Louis... Mo 
Cheltenham, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

CheniuDg, McHenry Ill 

Chemung, Chemung... N. Y 
Chemung Centre, Che- 
mung N. Y 

Chenango, Lawrence. . . .Pa 
Chenango Bridge, Broome. . 

N. Y 
Chenango Forks, Broome. . . 

Cheney, Lancaster .... Nebr 

Cbeneyville, Rapides La 

Chenier, Ouachita La 

Cheningo, Cortland... .N. Y 

Ghenoa, McLean HI 

Gheohee, Oconee S. C 

Chepachet, Providence. B. I 
Chepstow, Washington. . . . 

Chepultepeo , Blonnt .... Ala 
Cheraw, Chesterfield. . S. C 
Cherino, Nac(^doche8. .Tex 

Cherokee, Colbert Ala 

Cherokee, Butte Cal 

Cherokee (c. A.), Chero- 
kee Iowa 

Cherokee, Crawford. . .Kans 

Chemkee, Lawrence Ky 

Cherokee, San Saba. . . .Tex 
Cherokee City, Benton. .Ark 
Cherokee Mills, Cherokee.Qa 
Cherokee Orphan Asylum, 

Cherokee N Ind. T 

Cherry Box, Shelby Mo 

Cherry Camp, Harrison. . . . 

W. Va 
Cherry Creek jArapahoe.Colo 
Cherry Creek, Oneida.Idaho 
Cherry Creek. Pontotoc.Miss 

Cherry Creek, Buffalo 

Cherry Creek, White 

Pine NaT 

Cherry Creek, Chautau- 
qua N.Y 

Cherry Creek, WhitcTenn 
Cherry Bell, Marion .... Mo 
Cherryfield, Washington. Me 
Cherryfield, Transylva- 
nia N.C 

Cherry Flats, Tioga Pa 

Cherry Fork, Adams. .Ohio 
Cherry Grove, Grant. . .Ark 
Cherry Grove, Fillmore. . . . 

Cherry Grove, Hamil- 
ton ■ .Ohio 

Cherry Grove, Washing- 
ton Tenn 

Cherry Grove, Rocking- 
ham Ya 

Cherry Hill, Cecil Md 

ClSerry Hill, Calhoun. .Miss 
Cherry Hill, Platte. . ..Nebr 

Cherry Hill, Erie Pa 

Cherry Lane, Calvert... Md 

* Branch of the Boston Post 

Cherry Lane, AIIeghany.N.C 

Cherry Log, Gilmer Ga 

Cherry Mills, Sullivan.. Pa 
Cherry Mound, Anderson. . 

Cherry Point City, Ed- 
gar Ill 

Cherry Ridge, Union. ... La 
Cherry Ri4ge, Wayne., ..Pa 

Cherry Run, Union Pa 

Cherry Rnn Depot, Mor- 
gan W. Va 

Cherry Spring, Gillespie.Tex 
Cherrystone, North- 
ampton Va 

Cherry Tree, Venango. . .Pa 
Cherry Vale, Montgom- 
ery Kans 

Cherry Valley, Cross. . . .Ark 
Cherry Valley, Winne- 
bago Ill 

Cherry Valley, Worces- 
ter Mass 

Cherry Valley, Otsego. N. Y 
Cherry Valley, 'Ashta- 
bula Ohio 

Cherry Valley, Wash- 
ington Fa 

Cherry Valley ,WiLBon.Tenn 
Cherry Valley, King. .Wash 
Cherryville, Crawford. . .Mo 
Cherryville, Hunterdon.N. J 
Cherryville, Ga«ton. . ..N. C 
Cherryville, Northamp- 
ton Pa 

Cheeaning, Saginaw. . .Mich 
Chesapeake, fjawrence. ..Mo 
Chesapeake City, Cecil. . .Md 

Chesher, Lane Oreg 

Cheshire, New Haven.. Conn 
Cheshire, Berkshire. . . .Mass 

Cheshire. Ontario N. Y 

Cheshire, Gallia Ohio 

Chest, Clearfield Pa 

Chester, Desha Ark 

Chester, Middlesex. . . .Conn 
Chester (e. A.), Randolph.. Ill 

Chester, Wayne Tnd 

Chester, Howard Iowa 

Chester, Jefferson Kans 

Chester, Penobscot Me 

Chester, Hampden. . . .Mass 

Chester, Eaton Mich 

Chester, Olmsted Minn 

Giester\c.h.)^ Choctaw.Miss 
Chester, Rockingham.. N. H 

Chester, Morris N. J 

Chester, Orange N.Y 

Chester, Meigs Ohio 

Chester, Delaware Pa 

Chester, Tyler Tex 

Chester, San Pete Utah 

Chester, Windsor Vt 

Chester, Chesterfield Va 

Chexter C. H., Chester. S. C 
Chester Centre, Powe 

shiek Iowa 

Chester Centre, Hamp- 
den Mass 

Chester Cross Roads, 

Geauga .' . Ohio 

Chester Depot, Windsor.. Vt 
Chesterfield, New Lon- 
don Conn 

Chesterfield, Macoupin. .Ill 
Chesterfield. Madison .« Ind 
Chesterfield, Anne Amn- 
I del Md 

Ghesterfleld, Hampahlre. . . 


Chesterfield, Macomb.Mich 
Chesterfield, Cheshire.N. H 
Chesterjield C. Jf., 

Chesterfield S. C 

Chesterfield Factory, 

Cheshire N. H 

Chester Hill, Morgan. .Ohio 
Chester Springs, Chester. Pa 
Chester Station, Dodge. Wis 

Chesterton, Porter Ind 

Chestertown {e. A.), Kent.. 

Chestertown, Warren..N. Y 
Chester Valley, Chester. .Pa 
Chesterville, Douglas. . .HI 
Chesterville, Franklin. .Me 

Chesterville, Kent Md 

Chesterville, Lee Miss 

Chesterville, Morrow.. Ohio 
Chesterville, Chester.. . .Pa 

Chestnut, Logan Ill 

Chestnut, Meagher. . .Mont 
Chestnut Bloom, Hamblen. 

Chestnut Bluffs, Crock- 
ett Tenn 

Chestnut Flat, Walker.. Ga 
Chestnut Fork, Bedford. Va 
Chestnut Gap, Fannin. . Ga 
Chestnut Grove, Shelby.Ky 
Chestnut Grove, Gallia. . . . 

Chestnut GroTe,Chester.S.C 
Chestnut Grove, Haywood. 

Chestnut Hill, Washing- 
ton Ind 

Chestnut Hill, Harford.. Md 
Chestnut Hill, Middlesex.. 

Chestnut Hill, Ashe.. .N. C 
Chestnut Hill, Somerset.Pa 
Chestnut Hill, Jefferson. . . 

Chestnut Hill Station,* 

Philadelphia Fa 

Chestnut Level, Lan- 
caster Fa 

Chestnut Level, Pittsyl- 
vania Va 

Chestnut Mound, Smith. . . 

Chestnut Ridge, Jackson . . 

Chestnut Ridge, Dutchess. . 

Chestnut Ridge,Yadkin.N.C 
Chestnut Ridge, Lin- 
coln Tenn 

Chestonia, Antrim Mich 

Chest Springs, Cambria. .Pa 
Chestuee Mills, Polk.. Tenn 

Chetco, Curry Oreg 

Chetopah, Labette. . . .Kans 
Cheviot, Hamilton .... Ohio 
Chewalla, McNairy . . .Tenn 

Chewaucan, Lake Oreg 

Che-we-lah, Stevens.. Wash 
Chew-s Landing, Holmes. . . 

Chew's Landing, Camden . . 

Chewsyille, Washington .Md 

• Branch of the Philadelphia 
Post Office. 

Cheyenne, Osborne. . 
Chktxnne Citt (c. a.), 

Laramie Wyo 

Cheyenne Wells, Bent. Colo 

Cheyney, Delaware Pa 

Chicago (c. A.), Cook . . .Ill 

Chicago, Marion Ky 

Chicago, Cortland N. Y 

Chicago, Huron Ohio 

Chichester, Merrimack. N.H 
Chickamauga Station, 

Hamilton Tenn 

Chickaming, Berrien . .Mich 
Chickasabogue, Mobile.Ala 
Chickasaw, Colbert. . . .Ala 

Chickies, Lancaster Pa 

Chick's Springs, Green- 
ville 8. C 

Chico, Butte Gal 

Chico, Gallatin Mont 

Chico, Wise T^x 

Chioopee, Hampden. .MasH 
Chicopee Falls, Hamp- 
den Maaa 

Chico South, Medina . .Tex 

Chico Springs, Colfax 

N. Mex 
Chikaskia, Sumner — Kana 
Childersburgh, Talla- 
dega Ala 

Childer's Station, Cher- 
okee N Ind. T 

Childress' Store, Mont- 
gomery Va 

Childstown, Turner Dak 

Childsville, Franklin Ga 

Chilesburgh, Fayette . . .Ky 
Chilesburgh, Caroline. . . Va 
Chilhowee, Johnson.. . . Mo 
Chilhowee, Blount. . .Tenn 
Chilhowie Springs, Smyth. 


Chili, Hancock Ill 

Chili, Miami Ind 

Chili, Monroe N.Y 

Chili, Coshocton Ohio 

Chili Station, Monroe. N. Y 

Chillicothe, Peoria HI 

Chillicothe, Wapello.. Iowa 
Chillicothe, Phillips . . Kans 
Chillicothe (c. A.), Living- 
ston Mo 

Chillicothe (c. A.), Rosa.Ohio 
Chillisqnaque, Northum- 
berland Pa 

Chilmark, Dukes Mass ' 

Chilo, Clermont Ohio 

Chilton (e.A.), Calumet.^Vls 
Chiltonville, Plymouth.. .. 

Chimacum, Jefferson. Wash 
Chimney Point, Addison. Vt 
Chimney Rock, Ruther- 
ford N.C 

Chimney Rock, Trem- 
pealeau Wis 

Chimney Rock, Lara- 
mie Wyo 

Chimney Top, Hawkins... 


China, Jefferson Ind 

China, Kennebec Me 

China Flat, Humboldt. .Gal 

China Grove, Pike Ala 

China Grove, Pike. . . .llfisi 
China Grove, Rowan. .N. C 
Chhia Hill, Telfair Qa 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


China Spritag, HcLennan. . . 

Chineapin Oiore, Gwin- 
nett Ga 

Chinootei^^ae Island, Ac- 
comack Va 

Chinese Oamp, Tuolum- 
ne Cal 

Chino, San Bernardino. .Cal 
Chinqnapin Bough, 

Jackson Ky 

Clupman's Point, Ad- 
dison Yt 

Chippewa City, Chippe- 
wa THb 

Chippewa Crossing, Ash- 

land Wis 

Chippewa Falls, Fope.Minn 
Chippewa Falls (e. 4.), 

Chippewa Wis 

Chippewa Lake, Medina. . . 

Chiiqpewa Station, Osce- 
ola Mich 

Chisago City, Clii«ago 


Chismyille, Logan Ark 

Chittenango, Madison. N. Y 
Chitten&ngo Falls, Mad- 
ison N.Y 

Chittenango Station, 

Madison N.Y 

Chittenden, Bntland. . . .Yt 
Choccolocco, Calhoun.. Ala 
<]lhoconut, Susquehanna.Pa 
Choeonut Centre, Broome. . 


Chooorua, Carroll N. H 

ChoeoTille, Sebastian. . Ark 
, Chocowinity , Beaufort.N. C 
Choctaw, Bed Bi ver .... Tex 
Choctaw Agency, Ok- 
tibbeha Miss 

Choctaw Bluff, Clarke..Ala 
Choctaw Comer, Clarke.Ala 

Choestoe, Union Ga 

Chokaga, Stevens.... Minn 
Cholame, San Luis Obis- 
po Cal 

Choptack, Hawkins. . .Tenn 
Choteau, Cherokee N.Ind.T 
Choteau Creek, Bon 

Homme Dak 

Chrisman, Edgar Ill 

Christena, Kearney... Nebr 
Christian, McFherson . Kans 
Christian, Palo Pinto.. Tex 
Christiana, Bandolph. . Ala 
Christiana, New Castle. Del 
Christiana, Dakota. . .Minn 
Christiana, Lancaster. . Pa 
Christiana, Williamson. . . . 


Christiana, Dane Wis 

Christiansburgh, Shelby .Ky 
Christiansburgh, Cham- 
paign Ohio 

Christiansburgh {c. A.), 

Montgomery Ya 

Christie, Clark.' .Wis 

Christine, Mendocino. . .Cal 

Chrome, Chester Pa 

Chrome Hill, Harford. .Md 
Chronicle, Catawba . . .N. 

Cknalar, Monterey Cal 

Chnbb's Camers, Liv- 

ioffston Mich 

Chab Hill, Fianklin ... Ala 

Chuckatnek, Nanse- 

mond Ya 

Chucky Yalley, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Chug Water, Laramie.Wyo 
Chula Depot, Amelia . . . Ya 
Chulafinnee, Cleburne. Ala 
Chulahoma, Marshall. Miss 
Chulasky, Northumber- 
land Pa 

Chulio, Floyd Ga 

Chunchula, Mobile. . . .Ala 
Chunkey-s Station, New- 
ton Miss 

Church, Clarion Pa 

Church Creek, Dorches- 
ter Md 

Church Grove, Knox. Tenn 
Church Hill, Christian.. Ky 
Church Hill, Queen Anne... 

Church Hill, Jefferson. . . . 

Church Hill, Trumbull — 


Church Hill, Bncks Pa 

Church Hill, Hawkins. . . . 

Churchill, Ottawa. . . .Kans 
Churchill, Ogemaw. ..Mich 
Churchland, Norfolk...Ya 
Church Point, St. Lan- 
dry La 

Church Boad, Dinwiddle. Ya 
Church's Comers, Hills- 
dale Mich 

Churchtown, Columbia. . . . 

Churchtown, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Churchtown, Lancaster. Pa 
Church Yiew, Middlesex. Ya 
Churchville, St. Landry. La 
ChurchTille, Harford.. .Md 
Churchyille, Monroe. .N. Y 

Churchyille, Bucks Pa 

Churchville, Augusta. . . Ya 
Churubusco, Franklin. Ala 
Churubusco, Whitley.. Ind 
Churubusco, Clinton. N.Y 
Cibolo Yalley, Guadalupe... 


Cicero, Hamilton Ind 

Cicero, Onondaga N. Y 

Cicero, Defiance Ohio 

Cienega, Yavapai Ariz 

Cigarville, Onondaga. .N.Y 

Cimarron, Foote Kans 

Cimarron (c. A.), Col- 
fax. N. Max 

Cincinnati, Washington.Ark 

Cincinnati , Pike Ill 

Cincinnati, Greene Ind 

Cincinnati, Appanoose. Iowa 

Cincinnati, Balls Mo 

Cinciunatij Pawnee. . .Nebr 
Cincinnati (c. A.), Ham- 
ilton Ohio 

Cincinnati, Walker. . . .Tex 
Cincinnatus, Cortland.N. Y 
Cinnabar, San Benito. . Cal 
Cinnaminson, Burling- 
ton N.J 

Circleville, Tazewell. . . .Ill 
Circleville, Jackc>on. . Kans 

Circleville, Orange N. Y 

CircleviUe (c. A.), Pick- 
away Ohio 

Cirelerille, Westmore- 
land Pa 

CircleviUe, Williamson .Tex 

Cisco, Placer Cal 

Cisco, Piatt Ill 

Oisne, Wayne .Ill 

Cistern, Fayette Tex 

Citronelle, MobUe Ala 

Citrus, Los Angeles .... Cal 

City, Dutchess N. Y 

City Bluff, Nodaway.. . .Mo 
City Island, Westchester.. . 

City Point, Brevard. . . .Fla 

City Point, Platte Mo 

City Point,Prince George. Ya 
City Point, Jackson. . . .Wis 

City Bock, Stone Ark 

Civer, Fulton Ill 

Civil Bend, Daviess Mo 

Civil Point, Audubon. Iowa 
Clackamas, Clackamas.Oreg 

Claibome, Monroe Ala 

Claiborne, Jasper Miss 

Clairfleld, Claiborne.. Tenn 

Clairville, Sonoma Cal 

Clam Falls, Polk Wis 

Clancy, Jefferson Mont 

danton {c. A.), Chilton.Ala 

Clanton, Madison Iowa 

Clapper, Monroe Mo 

Claquato (c.A.), Lewis.Wash 

Clara, Potter Pa 

Clare, Hamilton Ind 

Clare, Clare Mich 

Claremont, Bichland. ... Ill 
Claremont, Dodge. . . . Minn 
Claremont, Nodaway. ..Mo 
Claremont, Sullivan. .N. H 
Claremont Wharf, Surry .Ya 
Claremore, Cherokee N. . . . 

Ind. T 

Clarence, Ford Ill 

Clarence, Cedar Iowa 

Clarence, Barton Kans 

Clarence, Shelby Mo 

Clarence, Erie N.Y 

Clarence Centre, Erie.N. Y 
Clarendon (c. A.), Mon- 
roe Afk 

Clarendon, Orleans... N. Y 

Clarendon, Warren Fa 

Clarendon, Donley Tex 

Clarendon, Butland Yt 

Clarendon Hills, Du Page.. 

Clarendon Springs, But- 
land Yt 

Clareaville, Greenville . . Ya 

Claridon, Geauga Ohio 

Clarinda (c. A.), Page. Iowa v 

Clarinda, Nee:ji Kans 

Clarington, Monroe. . .Ohio 

Clarington, Forest Pa 

Clarion (c.A.), Wright.Towa 
Clarion, Sedgwick. . . . l^ns 

Clarion, Madison Nebr 

Clarion (c. A.), Clarion. .Pa 

Clark, Mills Iowa 

Clark, Burt Nebr 

Clark, Mercer Pa 

Clark Centre, Clark Ill 

Clarke, Bandolph Ind 

Clarke City, Clarke Mo 

Clarke Station, Lake. ..Ind 
Clarkestown, Lycoming. Pa 
ClarkesviUe (c. A.), Ha- 
bersham .Ga 

Clark's, Coshocton Ohio 

Clarksborough, Glouces- 
ter N.J 

Clarksborough, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

Clarksburgh, Yolo Cal 

Clarksburgh, Decatur. . Ind 
Clarksburgh, Montgom- 
ery Md 

Clarksburgh, Moniteau. Mo 
Glarksbui^h, Monmouth. . 


Clarksburgh, Erie N.Y 

Clarksburgh, Boss Ohio 

Clarksburgh, Indiana. . . Pa 
Clarksbuj^h, Carroll.. Tenn 
Clarksburgh (c A.), Har- 
rison W Ya 

Clark's Corner, Wind- 
ham Conn 

Clark-s Comers, Ashta- 
bula Ohio 

Clark's Creek, Grant . ..Ky 
Clarksdale, Christian... Ill 
Clarksdale, Coahoma.. Miss 
Clark's Factory, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

Clark's Falls, New Lon- 
don Conn 

Clarksfilld, Huron... .Ohio 

Clark's Fork, Cooper Mo 

Clark's Fork, York . . . . S. C 
Clark's Gap, Loudoun... Ya 
Clark's Gap, Mercer. W. Ya 
Clark's Green, Lacka- 
wanna Pa 

Clark's GroTc, Freeborn. . . 

Clark's Hill, Tippecanoe.. . 

Clark's Hill, Edgefield. S. C 
Clark's Mill, Crawford. .Ga 
Clark's Mills, Oneida.. N. Y 
Clark's Mills, Moore. . .N. C 
Clark's Mills, Mercer — Pa 
Clark's Mills, Lexington. . . 

Clark's Mills, Blanito- 

woc Wis 

Clarkson, Bussell Kans 

Clarkson, Monroe N. Y 

Clarkson, Columbiana.Ohio 
Clark's Prairie, Daviess.... 

Clark's Station, Mariposa.. 

Clark's Summit, Lack- 
awanna Pa 

Clarkston, De Kalb Ga 

Clarkston, Oakland. . .Mich 

Clarkston, Cache Utah 

Clarkstown, White Tenn 

ClarksviUe (c. A.), John- 
son Ark 

ClarksviUe, El Dorado. .Cal 
ClarksviUe, Hamilton.. Ind 

ClarksviUe, Butler Iowa 

ClarksviUe, Howard Md 

ClarksviUe, Ionia Mich 

ClarksvUle, Pike Mo 

ClarksviUe, Merrick . . Nebr 

ClarksviUe, Coos N. H ' 

ClarksviUe, Albany. ..N.Y 
ClarksviUe, Clinton. . . Ohio 
ClarksviUe, Baker. ... Oreg 

ClarksviUe, Greene I^ 

ClarksviUe (c. A.), Mont- 
gomery Tenn 


Alphabetical List of Post Offieei. 

Ctdt^ksvitte (e. A.), Red 

Riyer Tbx 

GlarksTille, Mecklen- 

bnigh Va 

Clarkton, Dunklin Mo 

Clarkton, Bladen N. C 

Glary-s Mineial SimngB, 

Bdgefield S. G 

GlarysTilie, Perry Mo 

Clary ville, Campbell ... Ky 
ClaryTille, SulUvan-.-N. Y 

Clatonia, Qage ,Nebr 

Glatskanie, Columbia.. Or^ 

ClausBYille, Lehigh Fa 

Claverack, Columbia. .N. Y 

Clay, Jefferson Ala 

Clay, Sacramento Gal 

Clay, Washington Iowa 

Clay, Webster Ky 

Clay, Marion Miss 

Clay, Onondaga N. Y 

Clay, Jackson Ohio 

Clay, Lancaster Fa 

Clay a H.J Clay....W. Va 
Clay Bank, Oceana.. . .Mich 

Clay Banks, Door Wis 

Clay Brook, Madison.. Tenn 

Clayburgh, Clinton. . .N. Y 

Clay Centre (c. A.), Clay.. . 

* Kans 

GUy City, Clay Ill 

Clay City, Clay Ind 

Clay ford, Jones. ..... Iowa 

Clay 7ork,Cumberland.N.C 

Glayhatchee, Dale Ala 

Clay Hill, Marengo. . . . Ala 

Clay Hill, Lincoln Ga 

Clay inn, Wexford. . . Mich 

Clay Hill, York S. C 

Clay Hill, Titus .Tex 

Clay Lick, Licking . . . Ohio 

Clay lick, Franklin Fa 

Clay Mills, Jones Iowa 

Glaymont, New Castle. . Del 
Glaypool, Kosciusko... Ind 

Clay pool, Warren Ky 

Claysbuigh, Blair Fa 

Clay's OroTe, Lee Iowa 

Clay's MUls, Halifax.... Va 
Clay's Prairie, Edgar. . . .Ill 
Glaysville, Marshall. . . . Ala 
Claysrille, Washington.Ind 
ClaysTille, Harrison. . . .Ky 

Glaysville, Boone Mo 

Claysville, Guernsey . . Ohio 
ClaysTille, Washington. .Fa 
GlaysTille, Mineral. . W. Va 
Clayton ( c .h. ),Barboar. .Ala 

Clayton, Nevada Ark 

Clayton, Contra Costa.. Gal 

Clayton, Kent Del 

Clayton (c. A.), Rabun. .Oa 

Clayton, Adams Ill 

Clayton, Hendricks. . . .Ind 

Clayton, Clayton Iowa 

Clayton, Norton Kans 

Clayton, Harford Md 

Clayton, Berkshire. . . .Mass 
Clayton, Lenawee. ...Mich 
Clayton, Faribault. . . Minn 

Clayton, Vernon Mo 

'Clayton, Saunders .... Nebr 
Clayton, Gloucester. . .N.. J 
Clayton, Jefferson. . . .N. Y 
Clayton, Johnston. . . .N. G 
Clayton, Montgomery. Ohio 

Clayton, Berks Pa 

Clayton, Obion Tenn 

Clayton, Polk Wis 

Claytona, Noble Ohio 

Claytonrille, Brown. .Kans 

Claytonville, Clay Mo 

Clay Village, Shelby.. . .Ky 

Clay ville. Clay Ark 

Clay ville, Telfair Ga 

GlayTiUe, Oneida N. Y 

Clear Branch, Unicoi. Tenn 
Clear Creek, Chilton. . ..Ala 
Clear Creek, Boone. . . . Ark 
Clear Greek, Butte. ... .Gal 
Clear Creek, Putnam . . .Ill 
Clear Greek, Monroe. . .Ind 
Clear Creek, Nemalia.Kans 
Clear Greek, La Fayette.. . . 

Clear Creek, Saunders.Nebr 
Clear Creek, Chautau- 
qua N. Y 

Clear Creek, Cabarrus .N. G 
Clear Greek, Faurfield..Ohio 
Clear Greek, Greene. .Tenn 
Clear Creek, Cooke .*. . .Tex 
Clear Greek, Ralelgh.W. Va 
Clear Creek Falls, Win- 
ston Ala 

Clear Greek Landing, 

Alexander Ill 

Clear Dale, Sumner.. Kans 
ClearfUld (e. A.), Clear- 
field Fa 

Clearfield Bridge, Clear- 
field Pa 

Clear Fork, Bell Ky 

Clear Fork, Bland. Va 

Clear Grit, Fillmore.. Minn 

Clear liake, Modoc Gal 

Clear Lake, Gerro Gordo.. . 

Clear Lake, Sherburne. . . . 


Clear Lake, Polk Wis 

Clearmont, Warren. . .Tenn 
Clear Point, Arkansas. . Ark 
Clear*Port, Fairfield. ..Ohio 

Clear Ridge, Fulton Fa 

Clear Spring, Clark — Ark 
Clear Spring, Graves — Ky 
Cl'ear Spring, Washing- 
ton Md 

Clear Spring, York Pa 

Clear Spring, Greenville. . . 

Clear Spring, Grainger. Tenn 
Clear Spring, Guada- 
lupe Tex 

Clear View, Sullivan. . .Mo 

Clearville, Bedford Fa 

Clear Water, White .... Ark 
Clear Water, Idaho. .Idaho 
Clear Water, Sedgwick. . . . 

Clear Water, Kalkaska. . . . 

Gl^r Water, Wright.. Minn 
Clear Water Harbor, 

Hillsborough Fla 

Gleaveland Mills, Cleve- 
land N.G 

Cleavesville, Gasconade. Mo 

Cleburne, Cross Ark 

Cleburne (e. A.), John- 
son Tex 

Cleek's Mills, Bath Va 

Glemansville, Winne- 
bago Wis 

Clement, Clinton Ill 

Clement's Depot, Tusca- 
loosa Ala 

Clementsvllle, Clay. ..Tenn 
Glemmonsville, Davidson . . 

Clem's Branch,Grayson . Va 
Glendenin, Kanawha. W.Va 
Clentoo, Whitman... Wash 

Cleon, Manistee Mich 

Cleona, Brown Ind 

Cleopatra, Mercer Mo 

Gleora, Lake Colo 

Clermont, Marion Ind 

Clermont, Fayette. . . .Iowa 

Clermont, Bullitt Ky 

Clermont, Columbia. . N. Y 

Clermont, McKean Pa 

Clermont Mills,Harf ord.Md 
Glermontville, Clermont. . . 

Cleveland (e. A.), White. Ga 

Cleveland, Henry Ill 

Cleveland, Hancock .... Ind 

Cleveland, Lucas Iowa 

Cleveland, Fayette Ky 

Cleveland, Le Sueur. .Minn 

Cleveland, Holt Nebr 

Cleveland, Oswego. . . .N. Y 
Cleveland (c. A.), Cuya- 
hoga Ohio 

Cleveland, Douglas . . . Oreg 
Cleveland {e. A. ),. Brad- 
ley Tenn 

Cleveland, Fort Bend.. Tex 

Cleves, Hamilton Ohio 

Cliff, St. Genevieve Mo 

Gliffdale, Calhoun Ill 

Clifford, Bartholomew.. Ind 

Clifford, Smith Kans 

Clifford, Lawrence Ky 

Clifford, lApeer Mich 

Clifford, Scioto Ohio 

Clifford, Susquehanna. . Pa 

Clifton, Wilcox Ala 

Clifton, Pima Arii 

Clifton, Lee Ark 

Clifton, Moody Dak 

Clifton, Oneida Idaho 

Clifton, Iroquois Ill 

Clifton, Union Ind 

Clifton, Louisa Iowa 

Clifton, Washington. .Kans 

Clifton, Penobscot Me 

Clifton, Baltimore Md 

Clifton, Keweenaw — Mich 

Clifton, St. Louis Minn 

Clifton, Schuyler Mo 

Clifton, Nemaha Nebr 

Clifton, Passaic N. J 

Clifton, Monroe N. Y 

Clifton, Greene, Ohio 

Clifton, Clatsop Oreg 

Clifton, Lackawanna. . . . ^ 

Clifton, Wayne Tenn 

Clifton, Bosque ;Tex 

Clifton, Mecklenburgh . . Va 

Clifton, Mason W. Va 

Clifton, Monroe Wis 

Clifton City, Cooper Mo 

Gliftondale, Essex. . . .Mass 
Clifton Forge, Alleghany .Va 
Clifton He^hts, Dela- 
ware Pa 

Clifton Hill, Randolph..Mo 
Clifton Mills, Breckin- 
ridge Ky 

Clifton Mills,Preston. W.Va 
Clifton Mills, Pierce.. . .Wis 

Clifton Fftrk, StatAotsa.!^. T 
Clifton Springs, OtAnge.VUk 
Clifton Springe, Ott- 

tario - • • N- X 

Clifton Station, ffcirfJix . Vm 
Cliftonville, Noxubee.. Miw 

Glifty, Madison Arit 

Cllfty, Decatur Ind 

Glifty, Todd Ky 

Glifty, Fayette IrV. Va 

Glifty Dale, Maries Mo 

Climax, Mon^omery . .Tow« 
Climax, Greenwood. . .Kans 
Climax, Kalamazoo. . . Mich 
Climbing Hill, Wood- 
bury • .TOWB 

Cliuch, Hancock Tenn 

Clinchem. Hall Q« 

Clineh River, Anderson . . . 

Glinesville, Catawba. . .N. C 

Clinton, Greene Ala 

Clinton (c. A.), Van 

Buren Ark 

Clinton, Middlesex. . . Conn 
Clinton (e. A.), Jones.. . .Oa 
Clinton (e. A.), De ^tt. . Ill 
Clinton, Vermillion. . . . Ind 
Clinton {e. A.), Clinton. . . . 


Clinton, Douglas Kans 

Clinton (e. A.), Hick- 
man Ky 

Clinton {e. A.), East 

Feliciana .La 

Glioton, Kennebec Ha 

Clinton, Prince George's . . . 

Clinton, Worcester — Mass 

Clinton, Lenawee Mich • 

Clinton, Hinds Miss 

Clinton (c. A.), Henry.. .Mo 
Clinton, Hunterdon.. . .N. J 

Clinton, Oneida N. Y 

Clinton {e. A.), Samp- 
son N. C 

Clinton, Summit Ohio 

Clinton, All^heny Pa 

Clinton, Laurens 8. G 

Clinton (c. A.), Ander- 
son Tenn 

Clinton {e. A. ), De Witt. .Tex 
Clinton, Cumberland. ..Va 

Clinton, Ohio W. Va 

Clinton, Rock Wis 

Clinton Comers, Dutchess. . 

Clintondale, Ulster. . .N. Y 
Clintondale, Clinton. . . .Fa 
Clinton Falls. Putnam . .Ind 
Clinton Falls, Steele. .Minn 
Clinton Furnace, Mo- 
nongalia W. Va 

Clinton Hollow, Dutchess. . 

Clinton Lock, Paxke.. . .Ind 
Clinton MUls, GUnton.N. Y 
Clinton's Mills, Craw- 
ford Mo 


Clintonville, Coffee Ala 

Clintonville, New Hayen.. . 

Clintonville, Bourbon. .Ky 

Clintonville, Cedar Mo 

Clintonville, Clinton . .N. T 
Clintonville, Franklin.Ohio 
Clintonville, Yenango. ..¥% 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


CHntoiiTille, Greenbrier... 

W. V» 
CUnton-ville, Waupaca. Wis 

Clio, Barbour Ala 

Clio, Wayne Iowa 

Clio, Palaski Ky 

Clio, LiYingston La 

Clio, Genesee Mloh 

Clio, Marlborough S. C 

Clio, Brown Tex 

Cliola, Adams Ill 

Clipper, Ringgold. . . .Iowa 
Clipper Gap, Placer. . . . Cal 

Clipper Mills, Butte Cal 

Clipper Mills, Gallia.. Ohio 
Clitberall, Otter TaU.Minn 
ClockTUle, Madison. . .N. T 

Clokey, Washington Pa 

Clonmeil, Iianca8ter....Fa 

Clontarf , Swift Minn 

Clontarf, Bane. Wia 

Glopton, Dale Ala 

Cloein, Bergen N. J 

CloQdland, Mitchell... N. C 

Cloudy, Cuming Nebr 

dough's Store, Macon. Ala 
Cloatierrille, Natchic 

toches Ba 

Clore, Dutchess N. Y 

Clove Branch Junction, 

Ihitchess N. Y 

Clorer, York S. C 

Clorer Bend, Lawrence.Ark 
Clorer Bottom, Jackson.Ky 
Clover Bottom, Sulli- 

vau Tenn 

Clover Greek, Blair Pa 

Clover Greek, Highland. Va 

Cloverdale, Sonoma Gal 

Cloverdale, Bade Ga 

Cloverdale, Putnam — Ind 
Cloverdale, Chautauqua... 

Cloverdale, IMckson. .Teno 
Cloverdale, Botetourt. . .Va 
Clover Depot, Halifax .Va 
Clover Flat, Pi Ute. . ..Utah 

Clover Fork, Harlan Ky 

Clover Green, Spott- 

svlvonio yja 

Clover Hill,Hunterdon'.N.J 
Clover Hill, Blount. . .Tenn 
Clover Hill, Rocking- 
ham Va 

Cloverland, Clay Ind 

Clover Lick, Pocahontas. . . 

W. Va 
Clover Orchard, Ala- 
mance N. G 

Cloverport, Breckinridge.. . 

Clover Port, Hardeman — 

Clover Run, Tucker. W.Va 
CteVerton, Webster. . .Nebr 
Clover Valley, Lincoln . Nev 
Clove Valley, Butchess .... 

N. y 

Cloyd's Greek, Blount .Tenn 
Cloyd's Landing, Cum- 
berland Kx 

Cloydville, Sumner. . .Kans 

Clattsville, Madison Ala 

Cljattville, Lowndes Oa 

Clyde, Gook Ill 

Clyde, Jasper Iowa 

Clyde, Cloud Kans 

Clyde, Oakland Mich 

Clyde, Winona Minn 

Clyde, Wayne N. Y 

Clyde, Sandusky Ohio 

Clyde, Iowa Wis 

Glyman, Dodge Wis 

Clymer, Chautauqua.. N. Y 

Coal BlulT, Vigo Ind 

Coal Bluff, Washington. Pa 
Coalbuigh, JohnHon . . . Ark 
Goalburgh, Trumbull. Ohio 
Goalburgh, Kanawha.W.Va 

Goal City, Grundy Ill 

Goal City, Owen Ind 

Goal City, Venango Pa 

Coal Creek, Jefferson . .Ala 
Coal Creek, Fremont.. Colo 
Coal Creek, Keokuk. .Iowa 
Coal Creek, Anderson. Tenn 

Coaldale, Schuylkill Pa 

Coaledo, Coos Oreg 

Coalfield, Monroe Iowa 

Coalfield, Morgan. . . .Tenn 

Coal Fire, Pickens Ala 

Goal Grove, Lawrence. Ohio 
Goal Hill, Johnson. . . . Ark 
Goal Hill, Muskingum .Ohio 

Goal Hill, Venango Pa 

Coal Hill, Henrico Va 

Coaling, Tuscaloosa .... Ala 
Coalmont, Huntingdon.. Pa 
Goal Mountain, Forsyth. .. 

Goal River Marshes, Ra- 
leigh W. Va 

Goal Run, Pike Ky 

Goal Run,Wa8hington.Ohio 

Goalton, Monroe Iowa 

Goalton, Boyd Ky 

Goalton, Jiickson Ohio 

Goal Valley, Rock Island. . . 

Goal Valley, Allegheny. . Pa 
Coal Valley, Fayette. W. Va 

Coalville, Livingston 111 

Coalville, Webster. . . .Iowa 
Coalville {e. A.), Sum- 
mit Utah 

Goan Wharf, Northum- 
berland Va 

Coarse GK>ld Gulch, Fresno. 

Coatesville, Hendricks. Ind 

Goatesville, Chester Pa 

Goatopa, Sumter Ala 

Goats Bend, Etowah . . . Ala 

Goatsburgh, Adams Ill 

Coatstown, Sumner.. Tenn 
Goatsville, Schuyler. . . . Mo 
Cobalt, Middlesex. . . .Conn 

Cobb, Shelby Ala 

Cobb, Iowa Wis 

Cobb's Creek, Matthews. Va 
Cobb Switch, Lowndes.Miss 
Cobbville, Johnson. . . . Ark 

Cobbville, Telfair Ga 

Cobden, Union Ill 

Gobtmm, Warren Pa 

Cobham, Albemarle. . . . Va 
Cobleskill. Schoharie. N.Y 
Cob Moo Sa, Oceana. .Mich 

Cobton, Graven N. G 

Coburgh, Porter Ind 

Coburgh, Montgomery 


Gobum, Centre Pa 

Gobum's Store, Union. N.G 

Cocalico, Lancaster Pa 


Gocheetoo, Bullivmn. .N. Y 
Cochecton Centre, Sul- 
livan N.Y 

Cochesett, Plymouth. Mass 
Gochetopa, Saguache. .Colo 
Gochituate, Middlesex.Mass 

Cochran, Pulaski Ga 

Cochran, Dearborn . . . .Ind 
Cochran -8 Mills, Wright.. . 

Gochran-8 Mills, Arm- 
strong Pa 

Gochransville, Chester. . Pa 
Cochranton, Marion. . Ohio 
Cochranton, Crawford. . Pa 
Gockeysville, Baltimore.Md 
Cockrum, De Soto .... Miss 

Cocolamus, Juniata Pa 

Coddle Creek,Gabarru8.N.G 

Godorus, York Pa 

Cody's Houses, Halifax. Va 
Goe ^dge, Cuyahoga. Ohio 

Goe's Mills, Liberty Fla 

Coesse, Whitley Ind 

Goenr d'Alene, Kootenai. . . 

Goeymans, Albany.. . .N. Y 
Goeymans Hollow, Al- 
bany 1..N. Y 

Goffadeliah, Neshoba. .Miss 

Coffee, Clay Ind 

Coffee Greek, Phillips. . Ark 

Coffee Landing, Hardin 

Coffee Run, Hunting- 
don Pa 

Coffee Springs, Geneva.Ala 

GoffeevlUe, Clarke Ala 

CoffeevUU (e. A.), Yala- 

busha Miss 

Goffeeville, Upshur.... Tex 
Goffeysburgh, Daviess Mo 
Coffey's Store, Jackson.Ala 
Coffey ville, Jackson. . .Ark 
Goffeyville, Montgom- 
ery Kans 

Coffin's Summit, 

Dutchess N.Y 

Goffinan, St. Genevieve. Mo 
Gogan House, Lycoming. Pa 
Gogan Station, Lycom- 
ing Pa 

Gog inil, McMinn.. . .Tenn 
Gohansey, Cumberland. N J 
Gohasset, Norfolk . . . .Mass 
Cohasset Narrows, 

Barnstable Mass 

Gohoctah, Livingston.Micb 
Gohocton, Steuben . . .N. Y 

Cohoes, Albany N. Y 

Gohutta Springs, Mur- 
ray Ga 

Goila, Washington. . . .N. Y 
Goinjock, Currituck.. .N. 
Goitsville, Mahoning.. Ohio 

Gokato, Wright Minn 

Coke, McLennan Tex 

Cokelan, Palo Pinto.. . .Tex 
Goker. Greek, Monroe. Tenn 

Cokerville, Monroe Ala 

Gokesbury, Abbeville. . S. G 
Gokeville, Westmoreland. Pa 

Gokeville, Uintah Wyo 

Golan, Saunders Nebr 

Colbert's Station, Chick- 
asaw N Ind. T 

Golbum, Tippecanoe . . .Ind 
Golbum, Columbia. . . . Wis I 

Colby, Montcalm Mich 

Golbv, Marathon Wis 

Colchester, New Lon- 
don Conn 

Colchester, McDonough.IU 
Colchester, Delaware.. N. Y 
Colchester, Chittenden. .Vt 
Cold Brook, Herkimer. N Y 
Goldbrook Springs, 

Worcester Mass 

Cold Greek, White Pine. . . . 

Gold Greek, Bradford . . .Fa 

Golden, Erie N. Y 

Coldenham, Orange.. .N. Y 
Gold Spring, Fairfield. Conn 

Gold Spring, Shelby 111 

Gold Spring, Dearborn. Ind 
Gold Spring, Campbell. .Ky 
Gold Spring, Douglas. . . Mo 
Gold Spring,Jefferson.Mont 
Gold Spring, Gape May .N.J 
Gold Spring, Putnam. N. Y 
Gold Spring, Wayne .... Pa 
Cold Spring, Bledsoe. Tenn 
Colli Spring {c. A.), San 

Jacinto Tex 

Gold Spring, Carroll . . . . Va 
Cold Spring, Jefferson. .Wis 
Gold Spring City, 

Steams. Minn 

Cold Spring Harbor, 

Suffolk N. Y 

Gold Springs, Wilkin- 
son Miss 

Gold Springs, Edgefield.S. 
Cold Stream, Hamp- 
shire W.Va 

Goldville, Tama Iowa 

Cold Water, Cleburne.. Ala 

Cold water, Gross Ark 

Goldwater, Franklin. .Iowa 
Gold water, Galloway . . . Ky 
Coldwater {c. A.), Branch . . 


Goldwater, Tate Miss 

Cold Water, Wayne. ... Mo 
Gold Water, Monroe. .N. Y 
Cold Water, Mercer. . .Ohio 

Gold Water, Doddridge 


Cold Well, Union S. G 

Goldwell's Store, An- 
derson Ky 

Golebrook , Litchfield . Con n 

Golebrook, Coos N. H 

Golebrook, Ashtabula. Ohio 
Golebrook, Lebanon .... Pa 
Golebrook, Waushara.. Wis 
Golebrookdale, Berks... Pa 
Golebrook River, Utch- 

field Conn 

Cole Gamp, Benton Mo 

Cole City, Dade Ga 

Colefield, Walker Ala 

Golcgrove, McKean Pa 

Colehour, Cook Ill 

Coleman, Midland. . . . Mich 
Coleman, Marshall. . ..Miss 
Coleman, Hender<4on..N. G 
Coleman (c. A), Coleman.. 

Coleman's Depot, Ran- 
dolph Ga 

Coleman's Falls, Bedford . . 

Golemanville, Carter. ..Mo 
Colemanville, Lancaiter.Pa 


Ck)leinanTill«, Ctiinber< 

land V» 

Colerain, Franklin Mass 

Colerain, Bertie N. C 

Colerain, Belmont. . . .Ohio 

Colerain, Lancaster Pft 

Colerain, Union 8. C 

Colerain Forge, Hunt- 
ingdon Fa 

Coleeburgh, Delaware.Iowa 
Colesburgh, Ilardin. . . .Ky 
Cole's Creek, Calhoun. Miss 
Cole's Creek, Columbia. Pa 
Cole's Ferry, Charlotte. Va 
Cole-s Mills, Putnam.. N. Y 
Cole's Mills, Randolph.N. C 
Cole's Station, Moultrie.Ill 
Cole's Store, Randolph. N.C 
Cole's Summit, Hunt- 
ingdon Pa 

Colesville, Montgomery . Md 

ColesTllle, Sussex N. J 

Coletnrille, Stokes N.C 

Coleta, Clay Ala 

Coleta, Whitesides Ill 

Coleville, Mono Cal 

Coleville, Cooke Tex 

Colfax, Clinton Ind 

Colfax, Jasper Iowa 

Colfax, Elk Kans 

Colfax (c. A.), Grant La 

Colfax, Wexford Mich 

Colfax, Kandiyohi.. . .Minn 

Colfax, Sullivan Mo 

Colfax, Guilford N. C 

Colfax, Fairfield Ohio 

Colffix, Huntingdon Pa 

Colfax, Van Zandt Tex 

Colfax (c. A.), Whitman. . . . 


Colfax, Marion W. Va 

Colfax, Dunn ^Vis 

CoUamer, Whitley Ind 

Collamer, Onondaga.. .N. Y 
Collamer, Cuyahoga.. Ohio 

Collameri Chester Pa 

College city, Colusa Cal 

College Comer, Butler.Ohio 
College GroYe, William- 
son Tenn 

College Hill, ColumbU.Ark 
College Hill, Madison.. .Ky 

College Hill, Middlesex 

College Hill, Hamilton . Ohio 
College Mound, Macon. .Mo 
College Point, Queens. N. Y 
College Saint James, 

Washington Md 

College Springs, PMge..Iowa 
College Station, Brasos.Tex 

Collegeville, Saline Ark 

Collegeville, San Joa- 
quin Cal 

CoUegeville, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

Collett, Jay Ind 

Collettsville, Caldwell.N. C 

CoUey, Sullivan Pa 

Collier, Monroe Ga 

Collier Creek, Winston. Ala 

Collier's, F/i|?efield S. C 

Collier's Mill, Ocean. .N. J 
Colliers town ,Rockbridge. Va 
Colliersville, McCracken.Ky. 
CoUiersville, Otsego. . .N. Y 
Colliersville, Shelby. . .Tenn 
CollingswoodfCamden.N. J 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Collington, Prince 

George's Md 

CoUingwood, Onondaga.N.Y 

Collingwood, FtUrfax Va 

Collins, Drew Ark 

Collins, Livingston Ill 

Collins, Whitley Ind 

Collins, Greenwood Kans 

Collins, Ionia Mich 

Collins, St. Clair Mo 

Collins, Erie N. Y 

Collins, Huron Ohio 

Collins, Benton Or^ 

Collins, Nueces J'ex 

CoUinsbnrgh, Bossier. . . .La 
Collins Centre, Story.. Iowa 
Collins Centre, Erie. . .N. Y 
Collins Landing, Skamania. 

Collins' Mill, Grayson.. . Va 
Collinsville, DeKalb. .. .Ala 

CoUinsville, Solano Cal 

Collinsville, Hartford. Conn 
Collinsville, Madison. ...Ill 
Collinsville, Lewis. . . .N. Y 
Collinsville, Butler.. ..Ohio 
Collinsville, Montgom- 
ery.. Tenn 

Collinsville, Grayson.. .Tex 
Collinsville, Frederick. . . Va 
Collin wood,Cuyahoga . Ohio 

Collirene, Lowndes Ala 

CoUomsville, Lycoming.. Pa 

Colly cr, Tr^o Kans 

Colman Station, Dutchess. . 

N. Y 

Colman, St. Louis Mo 

Coluiar , McDonough Ill 

Colmar, Montgomery Pa 

Colo, Story , Iowa 

Cologne, Delaware Ind 

Col(^ne, Carver Minn 

Cologne, Mason W. Va 

Coloma, Cherokee Ala 

Coloma, £1 Dorado Cal 

Coloma, Parke Ind 

Coloma, Woodson. . . . Kans 

Coloma, Berrien Mich 

Coloma, Carroll Mo 

Coloma, Waushara Wis 

Coloma Station, Wau- 
shara Wis 

Colon, St. Joseph Mich 

Colona Station, Henry.. .111 

Colony, Anderson Kans 

Colony, Knox Mo 

Colora, Cecil Md 

Colorado, Ijincoln Kans 

Colorado City, El Paso.Colo 
Coloratio Springs («•/'•)» 

El Paso Colo 

Colosse, 08w»»go N. Y 

Colquitt («. A.), Miller. . .Oa 
Coltliarp's, Houston — Tex 
Colton, San Bernardino. Cal 
Colton, St. Lawrence. .N. Y 

Colton, Henry Ohio 

Colton 's, St. Mary's. . . .Md 

Colt's Neck, Monmouth.... 

Columbia, Henry. ..... .Ala 

Columbia, Randolph. . . Ark 
Columbia, Tuolunme. . .Cal 
Columbia, Tolland. . . .Conn 

Columbia, Monroe Ill 

Columbia, Fayette.. . Ind 
Columbia, Marion. . . .Iowa 
Columbia {c. A.), Adair.. Ky 

Cchnnbiaie. A.), Caldwell... 

Columbia, Washington.. Me 

Columbia, Howard Md 

Columbia (e.A.),Marion.Mis8 
Columbia (e. A.), Boone. Mo 

Columbia, Elko Nev 

Columbia, Coos N. H 

Columbia, Warren N. J 

Columbia, Herkimer. .N. Y 
Columbia (c. A.), Tyrrel... 

Columbia,* Hamilton. Ohio 

Columbia, Lancaster Pa 

Columbia (e A.), Rich- 
land 8. C 

Columbia (e. A. )» Mauiy . . . . 


Columbia, Brasoria Tex 

Columbia, Fluvanna. . . . Va 
Columbia Centre, Lick- 
ing Ohio 

Columbia City (e..A.), 

Whitley Ind 

Columbia City, Colum- 
bia Oreg 

Columbia Cross Roads, 

Bradford Pa 

Columbia Factory, Ran- 
dolph N.C 

Columbia Falls, Wash- 
ington Me 

Columbia Farm, Ve- 
nango Pa 

Columbia Furnace, Shen- 
andoah Va 

Columbiana (e. A.), 

Shelby Ala 

Columbiana, Columbi- 
ana Ohio 

Columbian Grove, Lu- 

nenburgh Va 

Columbia Station, Lo- 
rain Ohio 

Columbia Sulphur 
Springs, Greenbrier. W.Va 

Columbiaville, Lapeer 

Col umbus, Hempstead . Ark 
Columbus (c. A.), Mus- 
cogee Ga 

Columbus, Adams 111. 

Columbus (c.'A.), Bar- 
tholomew Ind 

Columbus {r.h.), Chero- 
kee Kans 

Columbus, Hickman. . . :Ky 

Columbus, Sabine La 

Columbus, St. Clair.. Mich 
Columbus{c. A.), Lowndes. . 


Columbus, Johnson Mo 

Columbus (e. A.), Platte.. .. 

Columbus, Esmeralda.. Nev 
Columbus^ Burlington .N.J 
Columbus, Chenango. N. Y 

Columbus (e. A.), Polk 

N. C 
Columbus (c. A.), Frank- 
lin Ohio 

Columbus, Warren Pa 

Columbus (c. A.), Col- 
orado Tex 

Columbus, Klikitat. . Wash ' 
Columbus, Columbia.. Wis 

• Branch of Cincinnati Pout 

Columbus City, Louisa. . . . 

Columbus Grove, Put- 
nam Ohio 

Columbus Junction, 

Louisa Iowa 

Colusa {e. A.), Colusa... Cal 

Colusa, Hancock lU 

Colville, Benton Ark 

Colvin Run, Fairfax . . . . Va 
Gmianche (e. A.), Oo- 

manche Tex 

Coman's Well, Sussex. . Va 
Combling Falls, Whitley.. . 

Comer's Rock. Grayson. Va 

Comet, Mahaska Iowa 

Comettsbuxgh, Beaver. . P» 

Comfort, Jones N. G 

Comfort,' Kendall Tex 

Comfrey, Brown Minn 

Comly, Montour Pa 

Commack, Suffolk N. T 

Commerce^ Conecuh... .Ala 
Commerce, Oakland. .Mich 
Commerce, Tunica- . . .Miss 
Commerce {e. A.), Scott. Mo 
Commerce Mills, Polk.Iowa 
Commercial Point, Pick- 
away Ohio 

Commiskey, Jennings.. Ind 
Communia, Clayton . . Iowa 

Como, Dallas Ark 

Como, Whitesides HI 

Como, Crawford Towa 

Como, Henry Tenn 

Como Depot, Panola. . .Miss 
Comom, King George. . .Va 
Company Mills, Guilford. . 

Company's Shops, Ala- 
mance N. 

Compensation, Claiborne.. 

Competine, Wapello.. Iowa 
Competition, Laclede. . .Mo 
Compromise, Champaign. . 

Compton, Los Angeles.. Cal 

Compton. Lee HI 

Comstock, Kalamasoo.Mich 
Comstock's, Washington. .. 


Conant, Perry Ill 

Conasauga, Polk Tenn 

Conaway, Tyler W. Va 

Concepcion, Duval Tex 

Conception, Nodaway. ..Mo 

Concert, Mahaska Iowa 

Concord, Lawrence. . . . Ala 
Concord, Contra Costa.. Cal 

Concord, Sussex Del 

Concord, Gadsden Fla 

Concord, Pike Oa 

Concord, Morgan Ill 

Concord, DeKalb Ind 

Concord (c. A.), Han- 
cock, Iowa 

Concord, Sumner. . . . Kans 

Concord, Lewis Ky 

Concord, Somerset Me 

Concord, Caroline Hd 

Voficord (e. A.), Middle- 
sex Mass 

Concord, Jackson Mich 

Concord, Dodge Minn 

Concord, Callaway Mo 

Concord, Cass Nebr 

Alphabetical List of Pott Offices. 


GovcoKD (e. A.), Heni- 

madk N. H 

ConcoTii (e. h.). Cabarrus. . 

N. C 

CoDcord, Lake Ohio 

Concord, Jranklin Pa 

Concord, Ivnox Tenn 

Concord, Essex Vt 

Concord, Hampshire. W.Va 
Concord, Jefferson. . . . .>Vl8 
Concord Church, Mercer... 

Concord Depot, Camp- 
boll Va 

Concordia, Elbert Oa 

Concordia (e. A.), Cloud. . . 

Concordia, Bolivar .... Miss 
Concordia, La Fayette. .Mo 
Conoordviile, Delaware. .Pa 
Concord Wliarf , North- 
ampton Va 

Concrete, De Witt Tex 

Condit, Delaware Ohio 

Condor, Laurens Oa 

Conecuh Ri7er, Covington. 

Conejos {e. h.\ Conejos. . . . 


Conel , Williamson Tex 

Conemangh, Cambria. . .Pa 

Coneriy's, Pike Miss 

Conestoga, lAUcaster. . . .Pa 
Conesus, Livingston. .N. Y 
ConesuB Centre, Living- 
ston N. Y 

ConesviUe, Muscatine.Iowa 
Conesville, Schoharie.. N.Y 
ConesviUe, Coshocton. Ohio 
Conewago, Lancaster. . . .Pa 
Conewango, Cattarau- 
gus N.H 

Conewango Yalley, Chau> 

tauqua N. Y 

Confidence, Madison 111 

Confidence, Wayne. . .Iowa 
Confluence, Somerset. . . Pa 

Congers, Iredell N. C 

Congress, Wayne Ohio 

Congruity, Westmoreland. . 

Gonklin Centre, Broome. . . 


Conkling, Polk Nebr 

Conkling Forks, Broome . . . 

Gonklingville, Saratoga — 

Conklin Station, Broome. . . 


Conlogue, Edgar Ill 

Goaneant, Ashtabula. Ohio 
Conneantville, Crawf ord.Pa 
GonnecHcut Lake, Coos. . . . 

N. H 

Ctmnell, Tama Iowa 

Connellsville, Fayette . . .Pa 
Conner Creek, Baker . . Or^ 

Conner's Creek, Wayne 

Connersville, Jefferson . Ala 
Connersville (e. A.), Fay- 
ette '. Ind 

Connersville, Decatur.Kans 
Connersville, Harnsoij Ky 
ConnersvUle, Dunn. . . . Wis 
Connor's Station, Wyan- 


Conococheag^e, Wash- 
ington Md 

Conoquenessing, Butler. Pa 
Conotton, Harrison. . .Ohio 
Conover, Catawba . . . . N. C 

Conover, Miami Ohio 

Conowingo, Cecil Md 

Conquest, Cayuga ... .N.Y 
Conrad's Mills, Middle- 
sex Va 

Conshohocken, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Constable ville, Lewis. .N. Y 

Constance, Boone Ky 

Constantia, Oswego... N. Y 
Constantia, Delaware. Ohio 
Constantia Centre, Os- 
wego N.Y 

Constantine, St. Joseph.. . . 

Constitution, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Constitution, York Pa 

Consville, Henry Mo 

Contee's Station, Prince 

George-s Md 

Content, Colorado Tex 

Contentnea, Greene.. .N. C 
Contoocook Village, 

Merrimack N. H 

Contreras, Butler Ohio 

Convenience, Indepen- 
dence Ark 

Convenience, Harrison. Ind 
Convenience, Fayette. Ohio 
Convent (e. A.) St. James. La 
Convent Station, Morris . . . 


Converse, Clinton Mo 

Converse, Bexar Tex 

Convoy, Van Wert. . . . Ohio 

Conwa, Taylor Iowa 

Conway (e. A.), Faulk- 
ner Ark 

Conway, Franklin. . . .Mass 

Conway, Leake Miss 

Conway, Laclede Mo 

Conway, Carroll N. H 

Conwayborough (c. A.), 

Horry S. C 

Conyers (c. A. ),Bockdalc . Ga 
Conyersville, Henry . .Tenn 
Conyngham, Luzerne... Fa 
Cooch's Bridge,' New 

Castle Del 

Coody-s Bluff, Chero- 
kee N Ind. T 

Coogle's Mill, Blacon. . .Ga 
Cook, Wyoming* .... \V. Va 
Cooke's Point,BurIeson.Tex 

Cookport, Indiana Pa 

Cooksbuigh, Albany.. N.Y 

Cooksburgh, Forest Pa 

Cook's Corners, Frank- 
lin N.Y 

Cook's Landing, Tisho- 
mingo Miss 

Cook's Mills, Coles Ill 

Cook's Mills, Bedford. . .Pa 
Cook's Spring.", Colusa. Cal 
Cooks Stand, Crenshaw ; . 

Cook's Station, Craw- 
ford Mo 

Cookstown, Wilcox Ga 

Cookstown. Burlington. N. J 
Cook's Valley, Wabasha. . . 


Cook's Valley, Chippewa.. . 


Cooksville, Heard Ga 

Cooksville, Howard .... Md 
Cooksville, Noxubee. .Miss 

Cooksville, Rock Wis 

Cookville, Woodson .. Kans 

Cookville, Pulaski Mo 

CookvUle (c. A.), Put- 
nam Tenn 

Cool, Warren Iowa 

Cool Bank, Pike Ill 

Coolbaugh's, Monroe . . .Pa 
Cooleysville, Steele. ..Minn 
Cooley ville, Franklin. Mass 
Cool Spring, Sussex. . . .Del 
Cool Spring, Wilkinson. Ga 

Cool Spring, Ohio. Ky 

Cool Spring, Iredell. . .N. C 
Cool SpVing, Jefferson. . .Pa 
Cool Spring, Horry. . . . S. C 

Cool ville, Athens Ohio 

Cool Well,' Amherst . . . . Va 

Coomer, Niagara N. Y 

Coomer Station, Niagara. . . 


Coon Creek, Stone Ark 

Coon Creek, Perry Ky 

Coon Creek, Anoka. . .Minn 
Coon Creek, Barton. . . . Mo 

Coonewar, Lee Miss 

Coon Island, Washington... 

Coon Prairie, Boone , .Nebr 
Coon l*rairie, Vernon. .Wis 
Coon Rapids, Carroll.. Iowa 
Coon's Corners, Craw- 
ford Pa 

Coon's Mills, Boone. .W. Va 

Coonsville, Bedford Va 

Coon Valley, Vernon . . Wis 

Cooper, Chilton Ala 

Cooper, Grant Ark 

Cooper, Jackson Ga 

Cooper, Tasewell Ill 

Cooper, Washington. . . Me 
Cooper, Kalamazoo. . .Mich 

Cooper, Knox Tenn 

Cooper (c. A.), Delta. . Tex 
Cooperdale, Cambria. ... Pa 
Coopersburgh, Rice. . . Kans 
Coopersburgh, liehigh . . Pa 

Cooper's Hill, Oftag6 Mo 

Cooper's Landing, Ar- 
kansas Ark 

Cooper's Mills, Lincoln. Me 
Cooper's Plains, Steuben.. . 

Cooperstown, Brown. . . .HI 
Cooperstown (c. A.), Ot- 
sego N. Y 

Cooperstown, Venango. .Pa 
Cooperstown, Manito- 
woc Wis 

Coopersville, Wayne. . . . Ky 
Coopersville, Ottawa.. Mich 
Coopersville, Clinton. .N. Y 

Coopersville, Pike Ohio 

Coopettown, Robertson 

Coopstown, Harford. . . .Md 
Coopwood, Winston. . .Miss 

Coos, Coos N. II 

Coosa, Floyd Ga 

Coosada Station, Elmore. . 


Coo.»a Creek, Union Ga 

Coosaw, Beaufort S. C 

Coosawattee, Gordon. . . .Ga 

Coos City, Coos Or^ 

Coot«*8 Store; Rocking- 
ham Va 

Copake, Columbia. . . . N. Y 
Copake Iron Works, Co- 
lumbia N.Y 

Copal Grove, Stanly.. N. 

Cope, Morgan Ind 

Cope, Jackson Kans 

Cope. Belmont Ohio 

Copeland, Dodge Ga 

Copeland, Surry N. C 

Copenhagen, Jackson.. Ala 
Copenhagen, Caldwell . . La 
Copenhagen, Lewis'. . .N. Y 
Copenhaver's ^^^1^? 

Kanawha W. Va 

Coperas Cove, Coryell . .Tex 
Coperas Creek, Eastland . . . 


Copeville, Collin Tex 

Coplay, Lehigh Pa 

Copley. Summit Ohio 

Copley ville, Wayne.. W.Va 

Copopa, Lorain Ohio 

Copperas Hill, Orange.. . Vt 
Copper City, Shasta. . . .Cal 
Copper Creek, Rock Isl- 
and Ill 

Copper Falls Mine, Ke- 
weenaw Mich 

Copper Harbor, Kewee- 
naw Mich 

Copper Hill, Ilartford.Conn 
Copper Hill, Hunterdon . . . 


Copper Hill, Floyd Va 

Copper Mines, Clay. . . . Ala 
Coppcropolis, Calaveras . Cal 
Copper Springs,Dougla8.Mo 
Copper Vale, f^assen. . . . Cal 
Copper Valley, Floyd... Va 

Coqullle, Coos Oreg 

Cora, Di>catur Iowa 

Cora, Smith Kans 

Cora, Sullivan Mo 

Cora, Gallia ...Ohio 

Coral, McFIenry . ... 111 

Coral. Montcalm Mich 

Corarilill, Barren Ky 

Coral Hill, EJko Nev 

Coralville, .lohni^on . .Iowa 

Coram, Suffolk N. Y 

Corbaudale, Montgom- 
ery Tenn 

Corbettsville, Broome. N. Y 
Corcoran, Hennepin. .Minn 
Cordaville, Worcester. Mass 

Cordelia, Solano ('al 

Cordova, Rock Island. . .ill 

Cordova, Grant Ky 

Cordova, Talbot Md 

Cordova, I^e Sueur.. ..Minn 

Corey, Cass Mich 

Corfu, Genesee N.Y 

Corinna, Penobscot Me 

Corinna, Wright Minn 

Corinna Centre, Pe- 
nobscot Me 

Corinne, Box Elder. . .Utah 

Corinth, Heard Ga # 

Corinth, Williamson III 

Cprinth, Osborne Kans 

Corinth, Grant Ky 

Corinth, Penobscot Me 

Corinth, Kent Mich 

Corinth {c.h.), Alcorn -Bfiss 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Corinth, Saratoga N. T 

Corinth, Orange V t 

Cork, HillRborough. . . Fla 

Cork, Ashtabula Ohio 

Corlett, Albany Wyo 

Cormorant Mills, Beqker. . . 

• Com Creek, Trimble.... Ky 

Cornelia, Johnson Mo 

Cornelius, Washington.Oreg 

Cornell, Livingston Ill 

Comersville, Lincoln . . Ark^ 
Comersville, Benton.. Miss 
Cornersyille, Hickory. . .Mo 
Oomet, Faribault. . . .Minn 
Comettsville, Daviess . . Ind 
Corn Hill, Williamson. Tex 
Com House. Randolph. Ala 
Ck>mitig(c. a. ), Clay . . . .Ark 
Chming (c. A.), Adams.Iowa 
Coming, Nemaha. . . .Kans 

Coming, Holt Mo 

Coming, Steuben N. Y 

Coming, Lincoln Wis 

Cornish, York M* 

Cornish, Sibley Minn 

Cornish Centre, Sulli- 
van N H 

Comish Flat, Sullivan.N. H 
Comishville, Mercer. . . . Ky 

Comland, Logan Ill 

Complanter, Warren Pa 

Compropst's Mills, 

Huntingdon Pa 

Comsville, Scott Va 

Comton, Windham Vt 

Cornucopia, Jones Ga 

Cornucopia, Elko Nev 

Com Valley, Sioux. . .Iowa 
Cornville, Somerset. . . .Me 
Cornwall, Litchfield. .Conn 

Cornwall, Henry Ill 

Cornwall, Madison Mo 

Cornwall, Orange N. Y 

Cornwall, Lebanon Pa 

Cornwall, Addison Vt 

Cornwall Bridge, Litch- 
field. Conn 

Cornwall Hollow, Litch- 
field Conn 

Comwallis, Ritchie.. W. Va 
Cornwall on the Hud- 
son, Orange N. Y 

Comwallyille, Greene. N.Y 

Comwell, Menifee Ky 

Corona, Bergen N.J 

Corona, Queens N.Y 

Corona, Tipton Tenn 

Coronado, Sed^ick..Kan8 
Corpus Christi (c. A.), 

Nueces Tex 

Corralitos, Santa Cruz. .Cal 
Correctionville, Wood- 
bury Iowa 

Oorriganville, Allegha- 
ny Md 

Corrona, Lee Miss 

Corry, Dade Mo 

Corry, Erie... Pa 

% Corsica, Morrow Ohio 

Corsica, Jefferson Pa 

Corsicana, Barry Stip 

Corsicana (c. A.), Na- 
varro Tex 

Corso, Lincoln Mo 

Corte Madera, Marin . . . Cal 

Cortland, Jackson Ind 

Cortland, Trumbull. .Ohio 
Cortland Centre, Kent. Mich 
Cortland 'on Hudson, 

Westchester N. Y 

Cortland Village (c.h.\ 

Cortland N.Y 

Corunna, De Kalb Ind 

C'Orunna (c. A.), Shia- 
wassee Mich 

Corvallis, Smith Kans 

Corvallis, Missoula. . .Mont 
Corvallis ( r .A. ),Ben ton.Oreg 

Corwin, Eureka Nev 

Corwin, Burnet Tex 

Cory, Clay Ind 

Cory (Ion (c. A.), Har- 
rison Ind 

Cory don (c. A.), W^^i^o* • • • 

Corydon, Henderson. . . . Ky 

Cory don, Warren Pa 

Coryell, Coryell Tex 

Coiyville, McKean Pa 

Cosby, Andrew Mo 

Cosby, Cocke Tenn 

Coshocton {c. A.), Coshoc- 
ton Ohio 

Cosmos, Meeker Minn 

Cossatot, Sevier Ark 

Cossatot Mines, Sevier... 


Costilla, Taos N. Mex 

Cosumne, Sacramento . . Cal 
Cote Gelee, La B'ayette..La 
Cotesfleld, Howard. . .Nebr 

Cotile, Rapides La 

Cottage, Hardin Iowa 

Cottage, Cattaraugus. N. Y 
Cottage, Huntingdon. . .Pa 
Cottage Grove, Siskiyou.Cal 
Cottage Grove, Union. .Ind 
Cottage Grove, Wash- 
ington Minn 

Cottage Grove, Lane. .Oreg 
Cottage Grove, Henry .Tenn 
Cottage Grove, Dane. . . Wis 
Cottage Hill, Putnam. . .Ill 

Cotti^ IIUl, Dubuque 

Cottage Hill. Gage . . . Nebr 
Cottage Hill, Muskin- 
gum Ohio 

Cottage Home, Wil- 
liamson Ill 

Cottage Home, Wilson. . . . 

Cottage Mills, Chatta- 
hoochee Ga 

Cottageville, Jackson 

Cottleville, St. Charles. Mo 
Cotton Center, Jefferson . . 

Cotton Creek, Saguache. .. 

Cottondale, Tuscaloosa. Ala 
Cottondale, Wise ...... Tex 

Cotton Gin, Freestone.. Tex 
Cotton Gin Port, Mon- 
roe Miss 

Cotton Grove, Henry. Iowa 
Cotton Hill, Barbour. . .Ala 
Cotton Hill, Sangamon. .Ill 
Cotton Hill, Fayette.W. Va 
Cotton Plant, Woodruff.. . . 

Cotton Plant, Marion. . .Fla 

Cotton Plant, Caldwell.. La 
Cotton Plant, Tippah. Miss 
Cotton Plant, Dunklin.. Mo 
Cotton Plant, Lamar. . .Tex 
Cottonport, Avoyelles... La 
Cotton Port, Meigs . « . Tenn 

Cotton's, Madison N. Y 

Cotton's Store, Elmore. Ala 
Cotton Town, Cumber- 
land Va 

Cotton Valley, Macon. .Ala 
Cotton Valley, Webster. .La 
Cotton Valley, Calhoun — 

Cottonville. Marshall... Ala 
Cottonvillej Jackson.. Iowa 
Cottonwood, Henry. . . .Ala 
Cottonwood, Yavapai. .Aris 
Cottonwood, Sha«ta. . . .Cal 
Cottonwood, Gallatin. . . Ill 
Cottonwood, Cliase .. .Kans 
Cottonwood, Mercer. . . . Mo 
Cottonwood, Butler. . .Nebr 
Cottonwood Falls (c. A.), 

Chase Kans 

Cottonwood Grove,Bond III 
Cottonwood Grove, Reno. . 

Cottonwood Point, Pem- 
iscot. Mo 

Cottonwood Springs, Lin- 
coln . -. Nebr 

Cotuit, Barnstable. . . . Mass 
Couchville, Davidson. Tenn 
Coudersport {c. A.), Potter .. 


Coulson, Custer Mont 

Coultersville, Randolph. Ill 

Coultersville, Butler Pa 

Coulterville, Mariposa. .Cal 
Council Bluffs (c'. A.j, 

Pottawattamie lovra 

Council Grove (e. A.), 

Morris Kans 

Council Hill, Jo Daviess.IU 
Council Hill, Clayton. Iowa 
Council mil Station, 

Jo Daviess Ill 

Council House, Choc- 
taw N Ind T 

Council's Station, Bladen.. 

N. C 
Council Valley, A ia. Idaho 

Counover, Winneshiek 

Count's Cross Roads. 

Carter Ky 

Countsville, Lexington. S. C 
County Line, Saginaw.Mich 
County Line, Quitman.Miss 
County Line, Niagara. N. Y 
County Line, Davie. . .N. C 
County Line, Northum- 
berland Pa 

County Line, Moore.. Tenn 
County Line Cross Roads. 

Charlotte Va 

County Line Station, 

Jefferson Iowa 

Couparle City ,Madi8on.Mis6 
Coupville, Island. . . . Wash 
Conrsen's Grove, Mitch- 
ell Kans 

Courier, Miami Ind 

Courtland, Lawrence... Ala 
Courtland, Sacramento.Cal 
Courtland, Nicollet. . .Minn 
Courtland, Panola Miss 

Courtland Station, 

Kalb m 

Courtney, Washington. .1% 

Courtney, Grimes Tex 

Coushatta C^ute {e. A.), 

Bed River lA 

Cove, Polk Ark 

Cove, Jackson . . Obio 

Cove, Union Ore^ 

Cove, Coryell IVx 

Cove City, Whitfield Ga 

Cove City, Bates Mo 

Cove Creek, Haywood.. -N.C 
Cove Creek, Milhird. ..Uta,h 
Cove Creek, Tazewell. . . . V* 
Cove Creek, Wayne. .W. Va 
Cove Dale, Ilamiltoa. .Ohio 
Cove Gap, Wayne . . . W. V» 

Coveland {c. A.), Island 


Covell, McLean Ill 

Covelo, Mendocino CaJ 

Covena, Emanuel Ga 

Coventry, Tolland. . . .Conn 
Coventxy, Chenango. .N. T 

Coventry, Kent « . .R. I 

Coventry, Orleans Vt 

Coventry Centre, Kent.R. I 
Coventry ville, Chenan- 
go N.Y 

Cove Point, Calvert .... Md 

Covert, Osborne Kans 

Covert, Van Buren. . . .Mich 

Covert, Seneca N. Y 

Cove Station, Hunting- 
don Pa 

Covesville, Albemarle . . . Va 
Coveville, Saratoga.. . .N. Y 
Covington, Lauderdale. Ala 
"Covington (c. A.), New- • 

ton Ga 

Whmngton (c. A.), Foun- 
tain : Ind 

Covington, Smith Kans 

Covington (c. A.), Ken- 
ton «^ .K/ 

Covington {c. A.), St. 

Tammany La 

Covington, Pemiscot.^. .Mo 
Covington, Dakota . . . .Nebf 
Covington, Wyoming..N. Y 
Covington, Richmond.. N.C 

Covington, Miami Ohio 

Covington, Tioga Pi 

Covington (e. A.), Up- 
ton Tenn 

Covington, Hill ; . .Tex 

Covington (c. A.), Alle- 
ghany Va 

Covode, Indiana Pa 

Cowan, Delaware Ind 

Cowan, Fleming Ky 

Cowan, Union I^ 

Cowan, Franklin Tenn 

Cowanesque Valley, Tio- 
ga ,ft 

Cowan's Depot, Rocking- 
ham .■ Va 

Cowan's Ford, Mecklen- 

buigh N.C 

Cowan's Mills, Mont- 
gomery V» 

Cowansville, Araostrong.Fft 

Cowden, Shelby Ill 

Cowden, Aiken S. C 

Coweeman, Cowlitx ..Wasb 

Cowikee^Biarbour Al» 

Cowles, Webster. '. . . . .Nebr 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


Ckvwles' Station, Macbn.Ala 
CowlesTille, Wyoming.N. Y 

Gowlmg;, WabiuBh Ill 

Gowlits, Lewig Wash 

Cowpens, Tallapoosa. . . Ala 
Cowpens, Spartoobnigh ... 

S. C 
Cow Ran, Washii^on.Ohio 
Goxbuurgh, Benton. ...Tenn 
Coxsackie, Oreene. . . . N. T 
Goxssckle Station, Co- 
lumbia N. T 

Cox^ Creek, Nelson Ky 

Cox's landing, Cabell 

W. Va 

Cox -8 Mill, Barbonr Ala 

Cox-B Bfills, Wayne Ind 

Cox's Mills, Gilmer.. W. Va 
Cox's Station, Charles. .Hd 

CoxTille, Etowah Ala 

CoxrUle, Pitt N. C 

Coyleville, Butler Pa 

Coy tee, Loudon Tenn 

Coyrille, Wilson Kans 

Cosad, BawBon Nebr 

Cosaddale, Warren — Ohio 
Crab Creek, Stevens. .Wash 
Crab Orchard, William- 
son Ill 

Crab Orchard, Lincoln. . Ky 

Crab Orchard, Ray Mo 

Crab Orchard, John- 
son Nebr 

Crab Orchard, Lee Va 

Crab Tree, Haywood. .N. C 
Crab Tree, Westmore- 
land Pa 

Crafton, Wise Tex 

Craf tsbury , Orleans Yt 

CraftsvUle, Elbert Ga 

Oraftsrille, Letcher Ky 

Craggie Hope, Cheat- 
ham Tenn 

Craig, Perry Ill 

Craig, Switserland Ind 

Craig, Holt Mo 

Craig^ Creek, Craig . . . . Va 
Craig's Ford, Camp- 
bell Tenn 

Craig-s Mill, Saline Ark 

Cnug> ITills, Washing- 

toa .Ya 

CraigsTille, Orange N. Y 

Cnugsrille, Armstrong . . Pa 
CraigRTille, Lancaster. .S. C 
Craiggyille, Augusta. . . . Va 

CmigYille, Wells Ind 

• CrainesTille, Hardeman . . . 

Crain's Creek, Moore.. N. C 
Crainyille, Republic. Kans 
Cramer's Hill, Camden.N. J 

Cranberry, Carroll Md 

Cranberry, Allen Ohio 

Cranberry, Venango ... .Pa 
Cranberry Creek, Ful- 
ton N. T 

Cranberry Forge, 

ffitcheU N. C 

Cianberry Isles, Han- 
cock Me 

Cranberry PlUns, Car- 
roll .Ta 

Cranberry Prairie, Mer- 
cer Ohio 

Granbnry, Middlesex. .N. J 
Cmnbury Station, Mid- 
dlesex N.J 

Crandall, Harrison Tnd 

Crandall, Lorain Ohio 

Crandeirs Comers, 

Washington N. T 

Crane Hill, Cullman . . . Ala 

Crane Nest, Knox Ky 

Crane's Forge, Assump- 
tion.' La 

Crane's Mill, Comal... .Tex 

Cranes Nest, Wise Va 

CranesTille, Montgom- 

CranesTille, Marion . . ..S. C 
Cranesyille, Preston. W. Va 
CranfilPs Gap, Bosque. Tex 

Cranford, Uirion N. J 

Cranston Print Works, 

Providence R. I 

Crany, Wyoming. . . . W. Va 

Crapo, Osceola Mich 

Crary's Mills, St. Law- . 

rence N. Y 

Craryville, Columbia.. N. Y 
Crawfish Spring, Catoosa. . . 


Crawford, Russell Ala 

Crawford, Oglethorpe. . .Ga 
Crawford, Washington. .Me 
Crawford, Isabella — Mich 
Crawford, Wyandot . . .Ohio 
Crawford, McLennan... Tex 
Crawford Corners, Ve- 
nango Pa 

Crawford House, Coos.... 

N. H 
Crawford's Quarry, 

Presque Isle Mich 

Crawford Station, Scotland. 

Crawfordsyille, Critten- 
den •. Ark 

Crawfordsville (c. A.), 

Montgomery Ind 

Crawfordsyille, Wash- 
ington Iowa 

Crawfordsyille, Linn. .Oreg 
CrawfotdviUe (c. A.), 

Wakulla Fla 

CrawfordviUe (c. A.), 

Taliaferro Ga 

Cra'vrf ordyille, Lowndes — 

Crawfordyille, Spartan- 
burgh S. C 

Crayon, Champaign . . .Ohio 
Cream Hill, Franklin. Iowa 
Cream Ridge, Livingston. . . 

Cream Ridge, Mon- 

month N. J 

Creedmoor, Queens. . . .N. Y 
Creek Centre, Warren. N. Y 
Creek Leeks, Ulster. . .N. Y 

Creekside, Indiana .Pa 

Creelsborough, Russell. Ky 

Creighton, Knox Nebr 

Creighton, Guernsey. .Ohio 

Creole, Logan Ark 

Crescent, ^ratoga N. Y 

Crescent City (c. A.), 

Del Norte Cal 

Crescent City, Putnam .Fla 
Crescent City, Iroquois.. Ill 
Crescent City, Potta- 
wattamie Iowa 

Crescent Hill, Bates Mo 

Crescent Mills, Plumas. Cal 

Crescentville,* Philadel- 
phia Pa 

Creseo (f.A.), Howard. Iowa 

Cresco, Elk Kans 

Cressey's Comers, Barry.. . 


CresskUl, Bergen N. J 

Cresson, Rooks. Kana 

Cresson, Cambria Pa 

Cressona, Schuylkill .... Pa 
Crestline, Cherokee.. . Kans 
Crested Buttes, Gunnison.. 

Crestline, Crawford . . . Ohio 

Creston, Ogle Ill 

Creston, Union Iowa 

Creston. Platte Nebr 

Cresweli, Jefferson... .Colo 

Creswell, Spalding Ga 

Cresweli, Jefferson .... Ind 
Creswell, Keokuk . . . .Iowa 

Cresweli, Marion Kans 

Creswell, Harford Md 

Creswell, Antrim Mich 

Creswell, Nobles Minn 

Creswell, Jasper Miss^ 

Creswell, York Nebr 

Creswell, Washington. N. C 
Creswell, Jefferson. . . . Ohic^ 

Creswell, Lane. Oreg 

Creswell, Lancaster 1^ 

Creswell, Russell Va 

Crete, Will ...Ill 

Crete, Saline Nebr 

Crete, Indiana Pa 

Creve Coeiir, St. Louis.. Mo 
Crevi, Tallahatchee. ..Miss 

Crewsville, Coosa Ala 

Cribb's, Westmoreland.. Pa 
Cricket Hill, Matthews.. Va 
Cridersville, Auglaize. Ohio 
Criglersville, Madison.. . Va 
Crimson Springs, Mon- 
roe W. Va 

Cripple Deer, Tishomingo. . 


Crisfield, Somerset Md 

Crisman, Boulder Colo 

Crisman, Porter Ind 

Crisp's Cross Roads, 

Harrison ...Ind 

Crittenden, Pima. ...'.. Ariz 
Crittenden, Franklin .... HI 
Crittenden, Howard. . . . Ind 

Crittenden, Grant Ky 

Crittenden, Camden Mo 

Crittenden, Erie N. Y 

Crittendeii's, Nansemond.. 

Crittenden's Mills, Dale. Ala 

Croatan, Craven N. C 

Crocker, Pulaski Mo 

Crockett, Obion Tenn 

Crockett (c.A.),Houston.Tex 
Crockett Depot, Wythe. .Va 
Crockett Mills, Crock- 
ett Tenn 

Crockett's Bluff, Ar- 
kansas Ark 


Crofton, Christian Ky 

Crofton, Kalkaska. . ..Mich 

Croftsville, Tazewell Va 

Croghan, Lewis N. Y 

Cromer's, Franklin Ga 

Cromer's, Seneca Oliio 

* Branch of the Philadelphia 
Petit Office. 

Cromwell, Middlesex. Conn 

Crpmwell, Noble Ind 

Cromwell, Union Iowa 

Cromwell, Ohio Ky 

Cromwell, Frederick .. .Md 
Cromwell Centre,Clay.Iowa 
Cronomer's Valley, Or- 
ange N. Y 

Crook, Boone W. Va 

Crook City, LaAvrence . . Dak 
Crooked Creek, Cullman.. 

Crooked Creek, Steuben. . . 

Crooked Creek, Ford.. Kans 
Crooked Creek, Tioga . . ..Pa 

Crooked Fork, Morgan 

Crooked Hill, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Crooked Lake, Clare. .Mich 
Crooked Lake,Wyoming.Pa 
Crooked Tree, Noble. .Ohio 

Crookston (c. A.), Polk 


Crooksville, Gunnison 


Crooksville, Perry Ohio 

Croom, Prince George's.Md 
Croome Station, Prince 

George s Md 

Crooms Mill, Izard Ark 

Cropper's Depot, Shelby... 


Cropsey, Gage Nebr 

Cropseyville, Rensselaer. . . 


Cropwell, St. Clair Ala 

Crosby, Harris Tex 

Crosbyville, Chester... S. C 

Cross, Ringgold Iowa 

Cross, Buffalo Wis 

Cro.'^s Anchor, Spartan- 

burgh S. C 

Cross Anchor, Greene.Tenn 
Cross Canal, Camden. .N. C 
Cross Creek Village, 

Washington Pa 

Cross Cut, Lawrence Pa 

Cross Cut, Brown Tex 

Cross Fork, Clinton Pa 

Cross Hill, Kennebec. . .Me 

Cross Hill, Laurens S. C 

Cross Hollow, Benton. . Ark 
Cross Hollows, Wasco.Orcg 
CroRSington, Garland . . Ark 
Crospiiigville, Crawford. Pa 
Cross Junction, Freder- 

,ick Va 

Gross Keys, De Kalb. . . . Ga 

Cross Keys, Gloucester 

Cross Keys, Wasco — Oreg 

Cross Keys, Union S. C 

Cross Keys, Rockingham . . 

Cross Kill Mills, Berks.. Pa 

Crossland, Calloway Ky 

Cross Plains, Calhoun. .Ala 
Cross Plains, Sangamon. Ill 
Cross Plains, Ripley . . ..Ind 
Cross Plains, Metcalfe. . Ky 
Cross Plains, Rol>ertson. . . 

Cross Plains, Calahan..Tex 

Cross Plains, Dane Wis 

Cross River, Westches- 
ter N. Y 


Alphabetical lAit of Post Offices. 

Crom Boadfl, Wtuihing^ii.. 

Cross Roads, Johnson. . .Ill 

Cross Roads, Charles Md 

Cross Roads, Greene. . .Miss 
Cross Roads, Madison.. Ohio 

Cross Roads, York Pa 

Cross Roads, Warren.. Tenn 
Cross Roads, Navarro. .Tex 
Cross Roads, Halifax . . . .Ya 
Cross Roads, Monongalia.. 

W. Va 
Cross Roads Church, 

Yadkin.. N. C 

Cross Rock, Madison. .N. C 
Cross Timbers, Hickory. Mo 
Cross Timbers, Ellis. . .Tex 
Cross Trails, Coffee . . . .Ala 
Cross Villat^, Emmett., . . . 

Crossrille, De Kalb. . . . Ala 

CrossTille, White Ill 

Crossrille, Gates N. C 

CrossviUe {e. A.), Cum- 
berland Tenn 

CrossviUe, Bell Tex 

Crosswick8,Burlington.N. J 

Croswell, Sanilac Mich 

Crotcher's Ferry, Dor- 
chester. Md 

Crothersvill'e, Jackson. Ind 

Crofeon, Lee Iowa 

Croton, Newaygo Mich 

Croton, Hunterdon. ...N.J 

Croton, Delaware N. Y 

Croton, Licking Ohio 

Croton Falls, Westches- 
ter • N.Y 

Croton Lake, Westches- 
ter N.Y 

Croton Landing, West- 
chester N. Y 

Crounse, lancaster. . ..Nebr 
Crouse's Store, Dutch- 
ess N.Y 

Crow, Lane Or^ 

Crow Creek, Buffalo. . .Dak 
Crowder's Creek, Gaston. . . 

N. C 
Crowder's Mountain, 

Gaston N.C 

Crowell, Dodge Nebr 

Croweirs, Halifax.... N. C 
Grow Lake, Steams. ■ .Minn 

Crowley, Greene Ark 

Crown City, Gallia Ohio 

Crown Point (c. A.), Lake.. 

Crown Point, Saline. .Kans 
Crown Point, Essex. . .N. Y 
Crown Point Centre, 

Essex N. Y 

Crown Rock, Wasco.. .Oreg 
Crownsville, Anne Arun-. 

del Md 

Crow River, Meeker.. Minn 

Crows, AU^hany Ya 

Crow's LancUng, Stanis- 
laus Cal 

Crow-s Mills, Greene Pa 

Crow Spring, Chesterfield.. 


Crowville, Franklin La 

Groxton, Jefferson.. . .Ohio 
* Croydon, Kandiyohi. .Minn 
Croydon, Sullivan. . . . N. H 
Croydon, Morgan. .... Utah 
Croydon Flat, Sullivan Ji.U 

Croiet, Albemarle Ya 

Crosier, Buena Yista..Iowa 
Crucifer, Henderson. .Tenn 

Cruger, Woodford Ill 

Crumb Hill, Madison. .N. Y 
Crum Creek, Fulton. .N. Y 
Crum Elbow, Dutch^ss.N.Y 
Crump-s Bottom, Summers . 

W. Ya 
Cmmpton, Queen Anne.Md 
Crum-s Point, St. Joseph . . . 


Crutchfield, Fulton Ky 

Cryer Creek, Navarro.. Tex 

Crystal, Tama Iowa 

Crystal, Aroostook Me 

Crystal, Montcalm Mich 

Crystal City, Jefferson. .Mo 
Crystal Falls, Stephen^. . . . 

Crystal Hill, Halifax . . . .Ya 
Crystal Lake, Putnam .Fla 
Crystal Lake, McIIenry.IU 
Crystal Lake, Waupaca.... 

Crystal Plains, Smith.Kans 
-Crystal River, Hernando... 

Crystal Spring, Yates. N. Y 
Crystal Spring, Stark.. Ohio 
Crystal Springs, Floyd.. Ga 
Crystal Springs, Copiah... . 

Crystal Yalley, Oceana. . . . 


C uba, Fulton Ill 

Cuba, Owen Ind 

Cuba, Republic Kans 

Cuba, Graves Ky 

Cuba, Ouachita La 

Cuba, Crawford Mo 

Cuba, Allegany N.Y 

Cuba, Rutherford.... N.C 

Cuba, Clinton Ohio 

Cuba, Shelby Tenn 

Cuba City, Grant Wis 

Cubage, Bell Ky 

Cuba Landing, Hum- 
phreys Tenn 

Cuba Station, Sumter. . . . 

Cub Creek, Charlotte... «Ya 
Cubero, Yalencia . .N. Mex 

Cub Hill, Baltimore Md 

Cub Hill, Cache Utah 

Cub Bun, Hart Ky 

Cucamonga, San Ber- 
nardino Cal 

Cucharas, Huerfano. . .Colo 

Cuckoo, Louisa Ya 

Cuddebackville, Orange . . . 


Cuero, De Witt Tex 

Cuffey's Cove, Mendo- 
cino Cal 

Cuivre, Lincoln Mo 

Culberson, Hunt Tex 

Culbertson (c. A.), Hitch- 
cock Nebr 

Culdrum, Morrison. . .Minn 

Cullasaja, Macon N. C 

CuUen, Herkimer N.Y 

Cqlleolia, Maury Tenn 

OuUman (c. A.), Cull- 
man Ala 

Calloden, Monrof). . , . , ,Qi^ 
Cullom, Livingston . . . . , 111 
Cnllowhee, Jackson. , ,N. C 

Gnlmerville, Allegheny. F» 

Culpeper (c. A.), Cul- 

peper Ya 

Culver, Ottawa Kans 

Culver. Bay Mich 

Culver's Point, Cayuga. . . . 

Culver's Station, Tippe- 
canoe Ind 

Culverton, Hancock . . . . Ga 

Cumber, Sanilac Mich 

Cumberland, Marion... Ind 
Cumberland, Cumber- 
land Me 

Cumberland (c. A.), Al- 
leghany Md 

Cumberland, Sumner.. Miss 
Cumberland, Guernsey. . . . 

Cumberland, Barron. . .Wis 
Cumberland C. H., Cum- 
berland Ya 

Cumberland Centre, 

Cumberland Me 

Cumberland City, Clin- 
ton Ky. 

Cumberland City, Hous- 
ton Tenn 

Cumberland Furnace, 

Dickson Tenn 

Cumberland Gap, Clai- 
borne Tenn 

Cumberland Hill, Prov- 
idence B. I 

Cumberland Iron Works, 

Stewart Tenn 

Cumberland Mills, Cum- 
berland Me 

Cumberland Yalley, 

Bedford Fa 

Camming {e. A.), Forsyth.. 

Cummingsville, Atchison.. 

Cummingsville, Yan Bu- 

xen Tenn 

Cummingsville, Goliad. Tes 
Cummington, Hampshire. . 

Cummington West Yil- 

lage, I&mpshire. . . . Maes 
Cumminsville,* Ham- 
ilton Ohio 

Cumru, Berks Pa 

Cundall's Mill, Smith .Tenn 
Cundy's Harbor, Cum- 
berland Me 

Cunningham, Chariton.. Mo 
Cunningham's Mills, 

Ritchie W.Ya 

Cunningham's Store, 

Person N. C 

Cnplo, Bullitt Ky 

Cupola, Chester Pa 

CurdsviUe, Daviess Ky 

Curdsville. Buckingham. . . 

Cureton's Bridge, Henry... 

Cureton's Store, Lan- 
caster S. C 

Curia, Independence . . . Ark 

Curllsville, Clarion Fa 

Curl's Station, Sumter. Ala 
Curl's Wharf, Henrico. . Ya 
Curran, Sangamon Ill 

« Brnnch of Cincinnati Poet 

Cnnan, Stone. Mo 

Currant Creek, Fre- 
mont Colo 

Current Lake, Marray...* 

Currie (e.A.), Murray. Minn 
Curriers ville, Moore. .N. C 
Currituck C. H.j Cur- 
rituck N. C 

Curry's Creek, Kendall. Tex 
Curry's Run, Harrison. .Ky 

Curry vlUe, Wells Ind 

Curry ville. Pike Mo 

Curry ville, Blair Pa 

Curtin, Dauphin Pa 

Curtis, Clark Ark 

Curtis, Frontier Nebr 

Curtis, Steuben N. Y 

Curtis, Roane W. Va 

Curtis' Comer, Andros- 
coggin Me 

Curtis' Mills, Alamance... 


Curtisville, Upton Ind 

Curtis ville, Berkshire. Mass 

Curveton, Cass Ind 

Curwinsville, Clearfield. Fk 

Cush, Clearfield Fa 

Gushing, Knox Me 

Gushing, Polk Wis 

Cushman, Morton Dak 

Cushman, Moultrie Ill 

Cushtusa, Neshoba. . . .Miss 
Custck's Cross Roads, 

Sevier Tena 

Cusseta, Chambem Ala 

Cusseta (c. A.), Chatta- 
hoochee Cto 

Gusseta,Ca8s Tex 

Gustar, Wood Ohio 

Custard's, Crawford Fa 

Custer, Custer Dak 

Custer, Will Ill 

Custer, Smith Kans 

Custer, Breckinridge... .Ky 

Custer, Mason Mich 

Custer, Big Stone. . . .Minn 
Custer (c. A.), Custer.. Nebr 

Custer, Portage Wis 

Custer City, McKean. ... Pa 

Custer City, Cooke Tex 

Cutcane, Fannin Ga 

Cutchogue, Suffolk.. .N. Y 

Cuthand, Red River Tex 

Cuthbert (c. A.), Randolph.. 


Cutler, Carroll Ind 

Cutler, Washington Me. 

Cutler, Washington. . Ohio 
Cutler Station, Perry.. . .Ill 

Cut Off, St. Francis Ark 

Cut Off, Walton Ga 

Gut Shin, Ferry Ky 

GufctingsvUle, Rutland. . Yt 
Cuyahoga Falls, Sum- 
mit Olkio 

Cuyler, Cortland N. T 

GuylerviUe, Living- 
ston N. T 

Cyclone, Polk Nobr 

Cylon, St. Croix Ws 

Cynthiana, Posey Ind 

Cynthiana ( c . A. ), Har- 
rison Ky 

Cynthiana, Pike Ohio 

Cynthiana, Jefferson.. Tenn 
Gypre-mort, St. Mary's.. La 
Cypress, Posey Ind 

IQy prooB . Peny Tenn 

' Impress j Kenosha Wis 

Cjpress Ohapel, Nanse- 

moiid Ya 

Cjpress Creek, Johnflon.Ill 
Cypress Creek, Bladen.N. 
Cypress Fork, Oolumbia. . . 

Cypress Inn, Wayne. . Tenn 
Cypress Hill, Blanco. . .Tex 
Cypress Ridge, Monroe. Ark 

Cypress Top, Harris Tex 

Cyrene, Pike Mo 

C^mstion, Lincoln. . . .Tenn 


Dabney. Pnlaski Ky 

Babney ^8. Louisa Va 

Sacada, Shdtwygan Whi 

Daeus^ille, Pickens. . . .S. 
Daddy's Creek, Cum- 
berland Tenn 

DadeviUe {e. A.), Tblla- 

poosa Ala 

Badeville, Dade Mo 

Daggers Springs, Bote- 
tourt Ya 

Daggett's Mills, Tioga. . .Pa 
Dagsborough, Sussex... Del 

Di^uscahonda, Elk. Pa 

Dahl, Qrand Totka .... Dak 
Dahlgren, Hamilton. . . .Ill 

D^ilgren, Carver Minn 

Dahtonega {e. A.), Lump- 
kin Oa 

Dahlonega, Wapello.. Iowa 

Dailey, Cass Mich 

DaU^Tille, Karnes. . . .Tex 
Dftilsrille, Dorchester . .Md 
Daily Branch, Dixon.. Nebr 
Ua^tgerfield {e. A.), Mor- • 

ris Tex 

Dairy land, Ulster N. T 

Dakota, Stephenson Ill 

Dakota, Winona Minn 

Dakota (c. A.),Dakota.Nebr 

Dakota, Waushara Wis 

Dakotah (e. A.), Hum- 
boldt Iowa 

Daiby, Allamakee. . . .Iowa 

Dale, Spencer Ind 

Dale, Campbell Ky 

Dale, Cottonwood. . . . Minn 

Dale, Wyoming N. Y 

Dale, Berks Pa 

Dale, Outagamie Wis 

Dale City, Guthrie. . . .Iowa 
Dale Enterprise, Rock- 
ingham Ya 

Dalesberg, Clay Dak 

DaleTiUe, Dale Ala 

DttleTille, Delaware. . . .Ind 
DileTille, Lauderdale. Miss 
DaleTille, Laekawwaina..Pa 

DalcTille, Botetourt Ya 

Daley's Grove, St. John's.. 


Daleyr iUe, Pike Ohio 

Dallam's Creek, Logan. . Ky 

DallardsvUle, Polk Tex 

IkUlas (c. A.), Polk.... Ark 
Dailas (c. A.), Pftulding.Ga 

Dallas, Marion lown 

Dallas, Pulaski Ky 

DaUu, La Fayette Miss 

DoUiM (c. A.), Gaston .N G 

Alphabetical List of Post Offiees. 

Dallas, Highland Ohio 

Dallas (r. A.), Polk. . . .Oreg 

Dallas, Luzerne Pa 

DalUis (c. A.), Dallas... Tex 

Dallas, Marshall W. Ya 

Dallas, Barron Wis 

Dallas Centre, Dallas. Iowa 
Dalian City, Hancock. . .Ill 
Dallas X3ity, McKean ... .Pa 

Dallastown, York Pa 

Dallasville, Ouray. . . .Colo 
Dalmanutfaa, Guthrie. Iowa 
Dalmatia, Northumber- 
land Pa 

Dalson, Clark Ill 

Dalton, Randolph Ark 

Dalton (e. A.), Whit- 
field Ga 

Dalton, Wayne Ind 

Dalton, Hopkins Ky 

Dalton, Berkshire Mass 

Dalton, Muskegon .... Mich 

Dalton, ChariUm Mo 

Dalton, Coos N. H 

Dalton, Stokes N. C 

Dalton, Wayne Ohio 

Dalton, I^ickaMranna. . . .Pa 

Dalton, Cass Tex 

Dalton City, Moultrie. . .Ill 

Daly -8, Houston Tex 

Dalaell, Washin«rton. .Ohio 
Damariscotta, Lincoln. .Me 
Damariscotta Mills, Lin- 
coln: . ...Me 

Damascoville, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

Damascus, Early Ga 

Damascus, Stephenson. .Ill 
Diamascus, Montgomexy.Md 

Damascus, Scott Miss 

Damascus, Clackamas. Oreg 

Damascus, Wayne Pa 

Dames Quarter, Som- 
erset Md 

Damiansville, Clinton. . .Ill 

Dana, La Salle Ill 

Dana, Yermillion Ind 

Dana, Worcester Mass 

Dana, York Nebr 

Danborough, Bucks Pa 

Danburgh, Wilkes Ga 

Danbury (c. A.), Fair- 
field Conn 

Danbury, Bon Homme.Dak 
Danbury , Woodbury . . Iowa 
Danbury, Red WUlow.Nebr 
Danbury, Merrimack. . N. H 
Danbury (c. A.), Stokes. . . . 


Danbury, Ottawa Ohio 

Danby, Ionia Mich 

Danby , York Nebr 

Danby, Tompkins. . . .N. Y 

Danby, Rutland Yt 

Danby Four Comers, 

Rutland Yt 

Dancing Branch, Mon- 
roe Tenn 

DancyVille, Haywood.Tenn 
Dandridge (c. A,)} Jel- 

ferson Tenn 

Dane Station, Dane. . . . Wis 
Oanford, Guernsey.. . .Ohio 
Danforth, Johnson. . .Iowa 
Danforth, Washington.. M« 
Danforth Station, Iro- 
quois Ill 

Dania, Otter Tail, . . . .Minn 

Daniell's Mills, Doug- 
las Ga 

Danielsonville, Windham.. 

DanieLsviUe (e. A.), 

Madison Ga 

Danielsville, North- 
ampton Pa 

DanielsYllle, Dickson. Tenn 
Danncbrog, Howard .Nebr 
Dannemora, Clinton. .N. Y 
Dansville, Ingham. ..Mich 
Dansville, Livingston.N. Y 
Danube, Herkimer. . . .N. Y 

Dan vera, McLean Ill 

Danvers,. Essex Mass 

Danvers Centre, Essex.Mass 
Danversport, Essex. . .Mass 

Danville, Morgan Ala 

Danville (c. A.), Yell... Ark 
Danville, Contra Costa. Cal 

Danville, Turner Dak 

Danville (c. A.), Yer- 
million m 

Danv^ille (c. A.), Hend- 
ricks Ind 

Danville, Des Moines. .Iowa 
Danville (e. A.), Boyle..Ky 
Danville, Androscoggin. Me 
Danville, Blue Earth. .Minn 

Danville, Alcorn Bfiss 

Danville (e. A.), Mont- 

gomerr Mo 

Danville, Rockingham.N.H 

Danville! Warren N. J 

Danville Knox Ohio 

DanviUe (c. A.), Mon- 
tour Pa 

Danville, Houston. . . .Tenn 

Danville, Comal Tex 

Danville, Caledonia Yt 

Danville, Pittsylvania.. Ya 

Danville, Dodge Wis 

Ekanway, La Salle Ill 

Daphne {c. A.), Baldwin. Ala 

Darboy , Calumet Wis 

Darby, Delaware Pa 

Darby ville. Baker Fla 

Darby ville, Pickaway. Ohio 

Dardanelle, Yell Ark 

Dardenne, St. Charles. .Mo 

Daretown, Salem N. J 

Darien, Fairfield Conn 

Dor ten (c. A.), Mcin- 
tosh Ga 

Darien, ■ Genesee N. Y 

Darien, Walworth Wis 

Darien Centre, Genesee.N.Y 
Dark Canyon, Humboldt.. 

.Dark Comer, Douglas. . .Ga 

Darke, Darke Ohio 

DarkesvUle, Berkeley .... 

W. Ya 
Darkey Springs, White. . . . 

Dark's MiU, Maury.. .Tenn 
Darksville, Randolph.. .Mo 

Darling, Dearborn Ind 

Darling, Beaver Head. Mont 

Darling, Delaware Pa 

Darlington, Montgom- 
ery Ind 

Darlington, Upper Ark. . . . 

Ind. T 
Darlington, St. Helena.. La 
Darlington, Harford. . . .Md 
Darlingtoni RichUmci.Ohio 


Darlington, BeftTer Fa 

Darlington {e. A.), La 

Fayette Wis 

Darlington C. if., 

Darlington S. 

Darlington Heights, 

Prince Edward Ya 

Darmstadt, St. Clair. . .Ill 
Darnell's Gin, Sabine... La 
Damestown, Montgom- 
ery .' Md 

Darrtown, Butler Ohio 

Dart, McLean Ill 

Dart ford (c. A.), Green 

Lake Wis 

Dartmouth, Bristol. . .Mass 

Darviirs, Dinwiddle Ya 

Darwin, Inyo Cal 

Darwin, Clazk Ill 

Darwin, Carroll Ind 

Darwin, Meeker Minn 

Darysaw, Grant Ark 

Dassel, Meeker Minn 

Date Creek, Yavapai.. Aris 

Dauphin, Dauphin Pa 

Dauphine, Osage Mo 

Davenport, Santa CrucCal 
Davenport {e. A.), Scott . . . 


Davenport, Dade Mo 

Davenport, Thayer... Nebr 
Davenport, Delaware. .N. Y 

Davenport, Coryell Tex 

Davenport Centre, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

David City (c. A.), But- 
ler ^ Nebr 

Davidsburgh, York Ttk 

Davidson, Sullivan Pa 

Davidson College, Meck> 

lenburgh N. 

Davidson's River, Tran- 
sylvania N. 

Davidsonville, Anne 

Arundel Md 

Davids ville, Somerset. . .Pa 
Daviesville{c. A.), Gos- 
per Nebr 

Davilla, Milam Tex 

Davis, Stephenson Ill 

Davis, Catahoula La 

Davis, Macomb Mich 

Davis, Clay Nebr 

Davis, Indiana Pa 

Davis. Dunn Wis 

DavisDorough, Wash- 
ington Ga 

Davis' Bridge, Aiken... S. C 
Davisburgh, Oakland. Mich 
Davis City, Decatur... Iowa 
Davis Corners, Howard .... 

Davis ComerSjSanilac.Mich 
Davis Comers, Adams.. Wis 
Davis Creek, Fayette. . . Ala 
Davis Creek, Modoc. . . .Cal 
Davis Creek, Greeley.. Neb 
Davis Cross Roads, 

Cherokee Ala 

Davis Grove, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Davis Junction, Ogle.. . .Ill 
Davis' Mills, Bedford... Ya 
Davison Station, Gene- 
see Mich 

Davis Ranch, Laramie 

Daviston, Tallapoosa. ..Ala 


Alphabetical lAst of Post Offiees. 

BsTistown, Greene Fa 

Daviflyille, Calhoun . . . .Ala 

DaTisyille, Yolo Cal 

DaTisville, Jasper Miss 

DayisYille, Bucks Pa 

Davisville, Washington.R.! 
Bavigyille, Wood. . . . W. Va 
Dayis Wharf. Accomack. Va 
Bawkin'g Mlili, Jack- 
son Ohio 

Dawn, liyingston Mo 

Dawn, Darke Ohio 

Dawnyille, Whitfield Oa 

Dawson ( c . A . ), Terrell . Qa 

Dawson, Sangamon Ill 

Dawson, Hopkins Ky 

Dawson, Fayette Pi 

Dawson's Gross Roads, 

Halifax....* N. C 

Dawson's Landing, Bladen. 

N. C 
Dawson's Mill, Bichard- 

son , Nebr 

DawsonviUe (e. A.), 

Dawson Ga 

Dawsonyille, Montgom- 
ery Md 

Dawsonyille, Greene. . . . Va 

Day, Cass Mich 

Day, Saratoga N. Y 

Day Book, Yancey. . . .N. C 
Daysborongh, Morgan. . Ky 
Day's Creek, Douglas. .Oreg 

Day's filills, Bibb Ala 

Day's Mills, Randolph 

W. Va 

Daysyille, Ogle Ill 

Daysyille, Todd Ky 

Daysyille, Oswego. . . . N. Y 

Daysyille, Loudoun Va 

Dayton, Blarengo Ala 

Dayton, Sebastbm Ark 

Dayton, La Salle Ill 

Dayton, Tippecanoe. . . .Ind 

Dayton, Webster Iowa 

Dayton, Bourbon Kans 

Dayton, Campbell Ky 

Dayton, York Me 

Dayton, Howard Md 

Dayton, Berrien Mich 

Dayton, Hennepin. . . .Minn 

Dayton, Cass Mo 

Dayton, Boone Nebr 

Dayton (c. A.), Lyon. . .Ney 
Dayton, Middlesex. . . .N. J 
Dayton, Cattaraugus. . N. Y 

Dayton, Wake N. C 

Dayton (e. A.), Mont- 
gomery Ohio 

Dayton, Yam Hill. . . . Oreg 

Dayton, Armstrong Fa 

Dayton, Rhea Tenn 

Dayton, Liberty Tex 

Dayton, Rockingham. . . Va 
Dayton (c. A.), Columbia.. 


Dayton, Green Wis 

Day tona, Volusia . i . . . . Fla 
Daytonyille, Washington.. . 


Dayyille, Grant Oreg 

Deacons Mills. Bullitt. .Ky 

Dead Leyel, Clarke Ala 

Dead Leyel, Moi^n. .Tenn 
Deadman. Columbia. Wash 
Deadman's Bay, Taylor. . . 

DeadRiyer, Somerset.. .Me 

Deadw&od (c. A.), Law- 
rence Dak 

Deakyneyille, New Cas- 
tle Dei 

Deal, Monmouth N.J 

Deal Beach, Monmouth. . . 

Deal's Island, Somerset. Md 

Dean, Appanoose Iowa 

Dean's, Middlesex N. J 

Dean's Comers, Sara- 
toga N. Y 

DeansYille, Oneida. . . .N. Y 

Deansyille, Dane Wis 

Deanyille, Barton. . . . Kans 

Deanyille, Lapeer Mich 

Deanyille, Armstrong... Pa 
Deanyille, Burleson . . .Tex 

Dearborn, Wayne Mich 

Dearborn, Lewis & 

Clarke Mont 

De Armanyille, Calhoun.. 

Deasonyille, Yazoo. . . . Miss 
DeatonsyiUe, Amelia. . . . Va 

Deatsyille, Nelson Ky 

Deayer's, Transylyania 

N. C 
Deayertown, Morgan. Ohio 

Debello, Vernon Wis 

De Berry jPanola Tex 

Deblois, Washington ... Me 
De Bruce, SuUiyan. . . .N. Y 

De Bruin, Pulaski Mo 

Decatur (e. A.), Morgan. . . . 

Deeatvr (e. A.), De 

Kalb Ga 

Decatur (e. A.), Macon. .Ill 
Decatur {e. A.), Adams. Ind 

Decatur, Decatur Iowa 

Decatur, Decatur Kans 

Decatur, Van Buien..Mich 

Decatur, Newton Miss 

Decatur, Cole Mo 

Decatur, Surt Nebr 

Decatur, Otsego N. Y 

Decatur, Brown Ohio 

Decatur, Mifflin Pa 

Decatur (c. A.J, Meigs. Tenn 
Decatur (c. A.), Wise.. .Tex 
Decaturyille, Camden. .Mo 
Decaturyille, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Decaturville (c. A.), 

Decatur -. . Tenn 

Decherd, Franklin. . .Tenn 

Deckard, Crawford Pa 

Decker's Point, Indiana.. Pa 
Decker's Station, Knox.Ind 
Deckertown, Sussex. . .N. J 
Deckeryille, Sanilac. .Mich 
Decorah (e. A.), Winne- 
shiek Iowa 

Decora Prairie, Trem- 
pealeau Wis 

Decosta, Atlantic N.J 

Decoto, Alameda Cal 

Dedhum, Hancock Me 

Dedham (e. A.), Norfolk . . . 


Deedsyille, SQami Ind 

Deep Creek, Anson N. C 

Deep Creek, Callahan. .Tex 
Deep Creek, Norfolk. . . Va 
Deep Cut, Auglaize. . . .Ohio 
Deep Riyer,Middle8ex.Conn 
Deep Riyer, Lake Ind 

Deep Riyer,Powe8hiek.Iowa 

Deep Riycr, Bay Mich 

Deep River, Guilford. .N. C 

Deep Run, Lenoir N. C 

Deep Spring, Greene . . . .Mo 
Deep Spring, Cheatham . . . 


Deep Valley, Greene Pa 

Deep Water, Fayette.W Va 
Deer Creek, Tazewell. . . Ill 

Deer Creek, Carroll Ind 

Deer Creek, Carter Ky 

Doer Creek, Harford . . . .Md 
Deer Creek, Livingston. . . . 

Deer Creek, Madison.. Nebr 
Deer Creek, Pickaway .Ohio 

Deerfleld, Lake HI 

Deerfield, Randolph . . Ind 
Deerfleld, Chickasaw. .Iowa 
Deerfield, Franklin... Mass 
Deerfield, Lenawee. . .Mich 

Deerfield, Steele Minn 

Deerfleld, Vernon Mo 

Deerfleld, Rockingham .N.H 

Deerfield, Oneida N. Y 

Deerfield, Portage Ohio 

Deerfield, Augusta Va 

Deerfield, Dane .Wis 

Deerfield Centre, Rock- 
ingham N. H 

Deerfield Prairie, De Kalb. . 

Deerfleld Street, Cumber^ 

land N. J 

Deer Grove, Whitesides. . Ill 
Deer Head, De Kalb — Ala 
Deering, Hillsborough. N.H 

Deer Isle, Hancock Me 

Deer Lick, Williams. . .Ohio 

Deer Lick, Mason W. Va 

Deer Lodge City (c. A.), 

Deer Lodge Mont 

Deer Park, Washington. Ala 

Deer Park, La Salle Ill 

Deer Park, Garrett Md 

Deer Park, Suffolk N. Y 

Deer Park, St. Croix. . . Wis 
Deer Plain, Calhoun. ... Ill 

Deer Ridge, Lewis Mo 

Deer River, Lewis N. Y 

Deer Run, Pendleton.W.Va 
Deersville, Harrison.. Ohio 

Deerton, San Saba Tex 

Deer Trail, Arapahoe. .Colo 
Deer Walk, Wood. . . . W. Va 

Deeth, Elko Nev 

Deetsville, Elmore . . . .Ala 

Deflance, Shelby Iowa 

Deflanee, Woodson. . ..Kans 

Defiance, Worth Mo 

Dejiance (c. A.), Defiance. . 


De Forest, Dane Wis 

Defreestyille, Rensselaer. . . 

N. Y 

De Gnifr, SMft Minn 

De Graff, Logan Ohio 

De Kalb, De Kalb Ind 

Dc Kalb{r.h.), Kemper.Miss 

De Kalb, Buchanan Mo 

De Kalb, St. Lawrence.N. Y 

De Kalb, Crawford Ohio 

De Kalb, Bowie Tex 

De Kalb, Gilmer. . . . W.'Va 
De Kalb Centre, De Kalb.IU 
De Kalb Junction, St. 
Lawrence N. Y 

Dekotra. Golnmbia. . . / 
Delafield, Hamilton. . . 
Delafield, Waukesha. . 

Dclana, McLean HE 

Delanco, Burlington. N. JT 
Delancy, Delaware. . . .N.T* 

De lAud, Volusia f1» 

Deland, Piatt HI 

Delaney . Madison Aric 

Delaney-s Creek, Wash- 
ington Ind 

Delano, Kern Cal 

Delano, Sedgwick. . . . Kans 

Delano, Wr^ht Minn 

Delano, SchuylkiU Pa 

De La Palma, Brown.. Ohio 
De La Plaine, Greene. .Ark 
Delaplane, Fauquier. . . . Va 
De Lassus, St. Francoi0.Ho 

Delay an, Tazewell HI 

Delayan, Clay Kana 

Delayan, W^al worth Wit 

Delavan Station, Fari- 
bault Minn 

Delaware, Yell Ark 

Delaware, Ripley Ind 

Delaware. Delaware... Iowa 

Delaware j Daviess Kj 

Delaware {c. A.), Dela- 
ware Ohio 

Delaware City, New 

Castle Del 

Delaware GroTe, Mercer. Pa 
Delaware Biine, Kewee- 
naw ' Mich 

Delaware's, Southamp- 
ton Va 

Delaware Station, War- 
ren N. J 

Delaware Town, Chris- 
tian Mo 

Delaware Water Gap, 

Monroe Fa 

De Lay, La Fayette. . . .Miss 

Delba, Fannin .Tex 

Delectable Hill, Pike. . .Ind 

Delhi, Jersey Ill 

Delhi (e. A.), Delaware 

Delhi, Osborne Kant- 
Delhi, Richland La 

Delhi {c. A.), Delaware.N. Y 

Delhi, Hamilton Ohio 

Delhi, Caldwell Tex 

Delhi Mills, Washtenaw. . . 

Delight, Ellsworth... Kans 

Delight, Greene Pa 

Delila, Halifax Va 

De Lisle, Darke Ohio 

Dell, Vernon Wis 

Dellaplane, Wilkes N. C 

Dell Delight, Benton... Mo 

Dellona, Sank Wis 

Dell Prairie, Adams. ...Wis 
Dell Rapids, Minnehaha. . . 


Dell Roy, CarroU Ohio 

Dellyiile, Perry Pa 

Delmar, Sussex Del 

Delmar, Lowndes Ga 

Delmar, Clinton Iowa 

Delmar, Tioga Pa 

Delmont, Wostmoreland.Pa 
Delmore, McPherson.Kans 
Del Norte (c. A.), Rio 

Grande Colo 

Deloit, Crawford Iowa 

Alphabetioai* List of Pott Officet, 


(e. *.)f CanoU..IiiA 

iphi , Ringi^ld Iowa 

^elptii, Onondaga N.T 

3Mphi, Sequatchie. . .Tenn 

IMpfaos, Ottawa. Kans 

IMphoB, Van Wert. . . .Ohio 

Belray, Omge Kans 

Jtelray, Wayne Mich 

Itel Key, Iroquois Ill 

Bel Rio, Kinney Tex 

Delta, Clay Ala 

Delta, Shasta Cal 

Delta, Parke Ind 

Delta, Keoknk Iowa 

Delta, Jewell KanB 

DeUa (c. )%.), Madison. . .La 

Delta, Eaton Mich 

Delta, Coahoma Miss 

Delta, Oneida N. T 

Delta, Fulton Ohio 

Delta, York Pa 

Delto, Laclede Mo 

Delton, Barry Mich 

Delton, Cottonwood . .Minn 

Delton, Sauk Wis 

DelTalle, TraTis Tex 

Demarest, Bergen N. J 

Dement, Lawrence. . . . Ohio 

Demii^, Hamilton Ind 

Deming'B Bridge, Mat- 
agorda Tex 

Donocxacy, Knox. ...Ohio 
Democrat, Buncombe..N. 

Demmler, Allegheny Pa 

Demopolifl, Marengo. . .Ala 

Demon, Belmont Ohio 

De MosBTille, Pendleton. . . 

Dempgey, Dodge Ga 

Dempseytown, Venango. Pa 

Dempster, Allen '.Ohio 

Iknixon (e. A.), Craw- 
ford ....Iowa 

Denison, Herkimer.. . .N. Y 
Deoison, Westmoreland. Pa 
DeniMon City, Grayson. Tex 

Denmark, Jackson Ark 

Denms^k, Perry Ill 

Denmark, Owen Ind 

Denmark, Lee Iowa 

Denmark, Lincoln Kans 

Denmark, Oxford Me 

Denmark, Tuscola. ...Mich 
Denmark, La Fayette.. Bliss 

Denmark, Lewis N. Y 

Denmark, Ashtabula.. Ohio 
Denmark, Madison. . . .Tenn 

Denmark, Brown Wis 

Denning, Ulster N. Y 

Dennfaigs, Carroll Md 

Dennis, Appanoose. . . Jowa 

Dennis, Barnstable Mass 

Dunnis, Wright Mo 

Dennis MiUs, St. HMena . . 


Dennison, Clark Ill 

Dennison, Ottawa Mich 

Dennlson, Tuscarawas.Ohio 
Dennis Port, Bam- 

■table Mass 

DennisTille, Cape May.N. J 

Denny, Warren Ill 

Denny, Butler Pa 

DcfonysTille, Washing- 
ton Me 

Denson-s landing. Perry. . . 

Dent, Walker Ala 

Dent, flamlltoik Ohio 

Dent, Greene Pa 

Denton (e. A.), Caro- 
line Md 

Denton, Wayne Mich 

Denton, Lancaster. . . .Nebr 

Denton, DaTidson N. C 

Denton (e. A.), Denton. Tex 

Dent^s Run, Elk Pa 

D£NTKR (e. A.), Arapa- 
hoe Colo 

Denrer, Hancock Ill 

Denver, Miami Ind 

Denrer, Bremer Iowa 

Denver, Newaygo Mich 

Denver, Worth Mo 

Denver. Lincoln N. C 

Denverton, Solano Cal 

Denville, Morris N. J 

Deovolante, Le Flore. .Miss 
DepauviUe, Jefferson. .N. Y 

De Pere, Brown Wis 

De Peyster, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

Deposit, Broome N. Y 

De Pue, Bureau. Ill 

Deputy, Jefferson Ind 

Derby, Perry Ind 

Derby, Lucas Iowa 

Derby, Krie N. Y 

Derby, Orleans Vt 

Derby Line, Orleans Vt 

Derinda, Jo Daviess Ill 

Derinda Center, Jo 

Daviess Ill 

Dermott, Chicot Ark 

De Roche, Hot Spring. .Ark 
Derrick City, McKean. .Pa 
Derry, Rockingham . . .N. H 
Derry Church, Dauphin.Pa 
Derry Depot, Rocking- 
ham N.H 

Derry Station, West- 
moreland Pa 

De Ruyter, Madison . .N. Y 
Det Are (e. A.), Prairie. Ark 

Des Are, Iron Mo 

Descanso, San Diego... Cal 

Deschutes, Wasco Oreg 

Desdlmonia, Eastland.. Tex 

Deselm, Kankakee Ill 

Deseret, Millard Utah 

Deshler, Henry Ohio 

DBS Moines (c. A.), Polk 


De Soto, Jackson Ill 

De Soto, Dallas Iowa 

De Soto, Johnson Kans 

De Soto, Clark Miss 

De Soto, Jefferson Mo 

De Soto, Washington.. Nebr 

De Soto, Vernon Wis 

De Soto Front, De Soto.Miss 
Desotoville, Choctaw.. ..Ala 
Des Peres, St. Louis. . . .Mo 

Des Plaines, Cook; Ill 

Detour, Chippewa.... Mich 

Detroit, Lamar Ala 

Detroit, Pike lU 

Detroit, Dickinson. . . .Kans 

Detroit, Somerset tte 

Detroit (e. A.), Wayne. Mich 
Detroit City («. A.), 

Becker Minn 

Detroit Junction, Wayne. . . 

DeTnrksville, Schuylkill.: 


DevalVs Blvff. Pvalrie.Aik 
Devanes, Cumoerland.N. C 
Deveteaux, Jackson. .Mich 
Devereaux Station, 

Hancock Ga 

Devereux Station, Cat- 
taraugus N. Y 

Dever-s Woods, Liberty .Tex 

De View, Woodruff Ark 

Devises, Nortqn Kans 

Dewart, Northumber- 
land Pa 

Dewey, Champaign Ill 

Dewey's, Beaver Head 

Deweyville, Box Elder. Utah 
De Witl{t.h.)^ Arkan- 
sas Ark 

De Witt, De Witt Ill 

De Witt, Clinton Iowa 

De Witt, Washington. Kans 

De Witt, Clinton Mich 

De Witt, Carroll Mo 

De Witt, Saline Nebr 

De Witt, Onondaga.. . .N. Y 
De Witt Centre, Onon- 
daga N. Y 

De Wittville, Chautau- 
qua N. Y 

Dexter, Effingham Ill 

Dexter, Perry Ind 

Dexter, Dallas Iowa 

Dexter, Cowley Kans 

Dexter, Penobscot Me 

Dexter, Washtenaw. ..Mich 

Dexter, Mower Minn 

Dexter, Jefferson N. Y 

Dexter, Meigs Ohio 

Dexter, Lane Oreg 

Dexter, Cooke Tex 

Dexter City, Stoddard. Mo 

Dexter City, Noble Ohio 

Dexterville, 08w^o...N. Y 

Dexterville, Wood Wis 

Dey's Landing, Seneca.N. Y 

D'Hanis, Medina Tex 

Dialton, Clarke Ohio 

IHamond, Plaquemines .La 
Diamond, White Pine. .Nev 

Diamond, Venango Pa 

Diamond, Juab Utah 

Diamond Dluff, Pierce. Wis 
Diamond City (c. A.), 

Mes^her Mont 

IMamond Cross, Ran- 
dolph Ill 

Diamond Hill, Anson. .N. C 
Diamond Hill, Provi- 
dence R. I 

Diamond Lake, Lake. ... Ill 
Diamond Spring, El 

Dorado Cal 

Diamond Springs, Mor^ 

ris Kans 

Diamond Springs, Alle- 
gan Mich 

Diana, Sedgwick Kans 

Diana, Lewis N. Y 

Diana Mills, Bucking- 
ham Va 

Dias Creek, Cape May. .N. J 

Dibrell , Warren Tenn 

Dickensonville, Russell. Va 
Dickerson, Montgomery .Md 
Dickey *s Mills, Edmon- 
son... Ky 

Dickey 's Mountain , Ful- 
ton Pa 

DIckeysville, Grant. . . .Wis 
DickeyviUe, Phillips.. Kans 
IHckeyville, Aroostook.. Me 
IHckinson, Franklin. .N. Y 
Dickinson, Cumberland. Pa 
Dickinson Centre, Frank- 
lin N.Y 

Dickinson's, Franklin ■ . Va 
Dick's Creek, Mncon ... Ala 
Dick's Creek, Dallas. ... Mo 

Dickson, Colbert Ala 

Dickson, Benton Ark 

Dickson, Huerfano. . . .Colo 

Dickson, Kent Mich 

Dickson, Dickson Tenn 

Dicksonburgh, Craw- 

fdM Pa 

Dickson City, Lackawanna. 

Dickson's Cross Roads, 

Bossier La 

Dido, Choctaw Miss 

Dido, Tarrant Tex 

Diehlstadt, Scott Mo 

Diflcult. Smith Tenn 

Dighton, Lane Kans 

Dighton, Bristol Mass 

Dilday-8 Landing, Stew- 
art Tenn 

Dillard's Wharf , Surry . Va 
DUle's Bottom, Bel- 
mont Ohio 

Dilley, Washington. . . Oreg 
miingemville, Lehigh. .Pa 

Dillon, Walker Ga 

Dillon, Tazewell Ill 

Dillon, Marshall Iowa 

Dillon, Dickinson. . . .Kans 
Dillon's MilLs Franklin. Va 
Dillon's Run, Ilamp- 

Di llsborongh , Dearborn . Ind 

DiUsbuTgh, York Pa 

IMlworthtown, Chester.. Pa 

Dimmock, La Salle Ill 

Dimmsville, Juniata .... Pa 
Dimock, Susquehanna. . Pa 
Dimon, Leavenworth.. Kans 
Dimondale. Eaton. . . .Mich 

Wmsdale, Polk N. C 

Diugman's Ferry, Pike. .Vt, 
DinsmorCj Washington. . Pa 
Dinwiddle C. H., Din- 
widdle Va 

Diona, Coles Ill 

Dirt Town, Chattooga... Ga 

Disco, Hancock Ill 

Disco, Macomb Mich 

Discord, Woodbury. . .Iowa 

Discord, Brown Kans 

Dismal, Sampson N. C 

Dispatch, New Kent. . . . Va 
Disputanta, Prince 

George *. Va 

Ditney, Warrick Ind 

Ditney Hill, Dubois Ind 

Dittmer's Store, Jeffer- 
son .T Mo 

Divide, Lake ; Colo 

Divide, Deer Lodge. . . Mont 
Dividing Creek, Cum- 
berland N. J 

Dividing Ridge, Pendle- 
ton Ky 

Dividing Ridge, Somer- 
set Fa 

Dix, Jefferson Ill 

Dix, Oneida N. Y 


Alphabetical Inst of^Post Cffiee9. 

IMxfield, Oxford.. Me 

Dixfleld Centre, Oxford. Me 

Dixie, Perry kA 

Dixie, Brooks 6a 

Dixie, Ada.... Idaho 

Dixie, Nicholas W. Va 

Dixmont, Penobscot. . . .Me 
Dixmont, Allegheny. . . .Pa 
Dixmont Centre, Penob- 
scot Me 

Dixon, Solano Cal 

Dixon, Dawson Ga 

Dixon (c. h.)t Lee Ill 

Dixon, Greene Ind 

Dixon, Scott .Iowa 

Dixon, Butler .'Kans 

Dixon (c. A.), Webster.*. Ky 

Dixon, Neshoba Miss 

Dixon, Pulaski Mo 

Dixon, Van Wert Ohio 

Dixon, Wyoming Pa 

Dixon, Carbon Wyo 

Dixonia, Ware Ga 

Dixon's Mills, Marengo.AJa 
Dlxon-s SprixLgs, Trous- 
dale Tenn 

Dixonyille, Indiana Pa 

DoaksYille, Choctaw N 

Ind. T 
DobbinsTille, Sampson. . . . 

N. C 
Dobbs Fenry, Westchester. . 


Dobbston, Oconto Wis 

Doboy , Mcintosh Ga 

Dobxon (c. A.), Surry ..N.C 
Dobsonville, Smith... Miss 

Dobyyille, Clark Ark 

Dobyville, Burnet Tex 

Dockery , Wilkes N. C 

Doctor Town, Wayne . . . Ga 

Dodd, Fannin Tex 

Dodds, Woodbury. . . .Iowa 
Doddsville, Marion . . . .Ark 
DoddsTille, Schuyler. . . .Ill 

Dodge, Guthrie Iowa 

Dodge, Tempeleau Wis 

Dodge Centre, Dodge. Minn 
Dodge City (c. A.), Ford. . . 

Dodge City, Steele. . . .Minn 
Dodge's Comers, Wau 

kesha WLs 

Dodge Station, Walker. Tex 
Dodgeville, Des Moines. . . . 


Dodgeyille, Bristol Mass 

Dodgeville (c. A.), Iowa. Wis 
Dodson, Montgomery. .Ohio 

Dodson, White Tenn 

Dodsonville, Jackson . . Ala 
Dodsonrille, Highland .Ohio 
Doe Branch, Pulaski. . . Ark 

Doe Ilill, Highland Va 

Doe Run, Chester Pa 

Dog Creek, Hart Ky 

Dog Creek. Putnam. . .Ohio 
Dolby Springs, Bowie. . Tex 

Dolington^ Bucks B& 

Dolle's Mills, BolUnger.Mo 

Dolores, La Plata Colo 

Dolton's Station, Cook.. Ill 
Dona Ana, Dona Ana. . . . 

N. Mex 

Donahue, Scott Iowa 

Donaldson, Hot Spring. Ark 
Donaldson, Marshall. . .Ind 
Donaldson, Schuylkill. . Pa 

DonaldMD, Hampshira.... 

W. Va 

DonaMsonviUe {c. A.), 

Ascension La 

Donally's Mills, Fterry . . Pa 
Donation, Huntingdon. . Pa 

Doncaster, Charles Md 

Don^al, Westmoreland. Pa 
Donelson, Dayidson ..Tenn 

Donelton, Hunt Tex 

Donerail, Fayette Ky 

Dongola, Union Ill 

Doniphan, Doniphan. Kans 
Dontphan (c. A.), Ripley.. . . 


Don Juan, Perry Ind 

Donley, Washington. . . .Pa 
Donnaldsyille, Abbe- 

yille S.G 

Donnellson, Montgom- 
ery Ill 

Donnellson, Lee Iowa 

Donnel's Chapel, Ruther- 
ford Tenn 

Donnelly, Steyens. . . .Minn 
Donnelsyille, Clarke. .Ohio 

Donohue, Sonoma Cal 

Donop, Stanton Nebr 

Donoyan, Iroquois Ill 

Doolittle's MUU, Perry .Ind 

Doon, Lyon Iowa 

Door Creek, Dane Wis 

Door Village, La Porte.. Ind 

Dora, Wabash Ind 

Dora, Labette Kans 

Dora, Belmont Ohio 

Dora, Coos .Or^ 

Doran, Blitchell Iowa 

Dorayille, De Kalb Ga 

Dorayille, Broome. . ..N. ¥ 

Dorcas, Nemaha Kans 

Dorcheat, Webster La 

Dorchester, Liberty Ga 

Dorchester, Macoupin ... Ill 

Dorchester, Allamakee 

Dorchester,* Suffolk. .Mass 
Dorchester, Saline. . . .Nebr 
Dorchester, Grafton. . .N. 11 

Dorchester, Clark Wis 

Dorian's Mills, Chester. .Pa 
Dormansyille, Albany . N. Y 
Dorminey's Mill, Irwin.. Ga 
Dom's Gold Mine, Abbe- 
ville S.C 

Domsife, Northumber- 
land Pa 

Dom's Mills, Edgefield.S. C 

Dorr, Allegan Mich 

Dorrance, Luzerne Pa 

Dorrence, Russell. . . .Kans 
Dorset, Ajshtabula. .. . .Ohio 
Dorset, Bennington.... Vt 

Dorsey , Madison Ill 

Dorseyyille, Allegheny.. Pa 

Dorton, Pike Ky 

Dos Cabezos, Pima Ariz 

Doster, Sumner Kans 

Dotham , Atchison Mo 

Dothen, Henry Ala 

Dotsonyille, Montgomery . . 

Doty 's Comer, Steuben.N.Y 
Dotyyille,Fond du Lac. Wis 
Double Bayou, Cham- 
bers Tex 

* Branch of the Boston Post 

Double BraachfiS) lin* 

coin Qtk 

Double Bridge, Lunen- 

burgh Va 

Double Bridges, Lauder- 
dale Tenn 

Double Horn, Bumet. .Tex 
Double Pipe Creek, 

Carroll Md 

Double Shoal, Cleve- 
land JH.C 

Double Springs, Oktib- 
beha Miss 

Double Springs, Putoam. . 

Double Springs, Tar- 
rant Tex 

Double Wells, Jeffer- 
son Ark 

Doud's Station, Van Bu- 

ren Iowa 

Doudsyille, Pendleton-. . Ky 

DoudvUIe, Wood Wis 

Dougherty's Station, 

Alamedia Oal 

Doughertyyille, Hawkins. . 

Donghoregan, Howard.. Md 

Douglas, Douglas Colo 

Dotiglcu {e. A.), Coffee. ..Ga 

Douglas, Knox Ill 

Douglas, Lincoln La 

Douglas, All^pan Mich 

Dongl as,01msted . . . .Minn 

Douglas, Gentry Mo 

Douglas, Douglas Nebr 

Douglas, RocUngham..N. C 
Douglas Centre, Mar- 
quette Wis 

Douglas City, Trinity... Cal 
Douglas Flat, Calaveras. . . . 

Douglas Grove, Custer. . . . 


Douglass, Fayette Iowa 

Douglass, Butler. . . . .Kans 
Douglass, Worcester.. Mass 
Douglass, Montgomery . .Pa 
Douglass, Nacogdoches. Tex 

Douglass, Carbon Wyo 

Douglass Shed, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Douglassville, Berks. ... Pa 
Douglassviile, Cass .... Tex 
Douglasville,Escambia. Ala 
DouglasviUe (e. A.), 

Douglas Ga 

Dousman, Waukesha... Wis 

Dove, Pike Ohio 

Dover (c. A.), Pope. . . .Ark 

DovKB (c. A.), Kent Del 

Dover, Bureau Ill 

Dover, Lee Iowa 

Dover, Shawnee Kans 

Dover, Mason Ky 

Dover {c, A.), Piscata- 
quis. Me 

Dover, Norfolk Mass 

Dover, Yazoo Mi(>s 

Dover, La Fayette Mo 

Dover, Gage Nebr 

Dover(e. A.), Strafford. N.H 

Dover, Morris N. J 

Dover, Craven N. C 

Dover, Cuyahoga Ohio 

Dover, York Pa 

Dover (c. A.), Stewart.Tenn 
Dover, San Pete Utah 

Dorer, WIndhaai. ...... .t|l 

Dover, Loudoun. ...... . W 

Dover Centre, Olmsted... ••; 


Dover Furnace, DutebeMTv 


Dover Hill, Martin Xli4 

Dover Mines, Goochlancl.Vili. 
Dover Plains, Dutchess. N.X 
Dover Point, Strafford. N.H 
Dover South Mills, 

Piscataquis BCe 

Dover Station, Racine. Wte 

Dove's Creek, Blbert Oa 

Dove's Depot, Darlingr- 

ton S. O 

Dovesville, Rockingham. V» 

Dow, Cass Ind 

DowBgiac, Cass JtQoib 

Dow City, Crawford . . lowm 

Dowelltown, De Kalb 

Downer's Grove, Da 

Page in 

Downey, Los Angeles.. .Cal 

Downey, Cedar lorwa 

Downeyville, Decatur. . Inl 

Downeyville, Nye Nct 

Down Hill. Crawford. . .Ind 
DoumieviiU {e. A.), Si- 
erra Cat 

Downii^, Schuyler Mo 

Downington, Meigs. . . .Ohio 
Downingtown, Chester. Fa 
Downingvillo, Bladen. N. C 

Downs, McLean Ill 

Down's Chapel, Kent.. .Del 
Downsville, Pottawat- 
tamie Iowa 

Downsville, Union La 

DownfiivUle, Washing- 
ton Bid 

Downsville, Delaware. N. T 
Downsville, Caldwell.. N. C 

Downsville, Dunn Wis 

Dow's Prairie, Hum- 

Doylesbuigh, Franklin. .Pa 
I>oyle's Mills, Juniata.. .Pa 
Doy lestown, Wayne . . .Ohio 
Doylestown{c. A.), Bucks. 

Doylestown, Columbia.Wis 

Dracut, Middlesex Mass 

Dragonville, King and 

Queen Va 

Dragoon, Osage Kans 

Drain, Doiq^las Oreg 

Drain Lick, Clearfield. ..Pa 

Drake, Lapeer Mich 

Drake, Gasconade Mo 

Drake's Branch, Char- 
lotte Va 

Drake's^reek, Biadison. . . . 

Drake's Mills, Crawford. Pa 
Drakestown, Morris. ..N.J 
Drakesville, Davis. . . .Iowa 

Drakesville, Morris N.J 

Draketown, Haralson. . .Ga 
Dramen, Mitchell . . . .Iowa 

Dranesville, Fairfax Va 

Draper, Salt Lake Utah 

Draper's Valley ,Pula8ki.Va 
Drapersville, Mecklen- 

burgh Va 

Dravosbuigh, Alleghe- 
ny Fa 

Alphabetical List of Pott Cffieet. 



Bridge, Doreheft- 

t«r«, Md 

, Pembina Dak 

ijftoa, Dooly Cte 

^yton Island, Pnt- 

v\ Bam Fla 

Bcajton Plains, Oakland. . 

BrehersTille, Schuylkill . Pa 
DcennaaTille. Phelps. . .Mo 
Diennon, Wesfcmoreland.Pa 

SrMithe, Ottawa Mich 

Ihcsbaeh, mnona. . . . Minn 

IkreedieB, Oveene Ind 

Braaden, Lincoln Me 

JHEudea, Pettis Mo 

Dieedea, Otoe Nebr 

HKMdien, Tates N. T 

Snadoi, Mnskingnm-Oliio 
Dretdtn (e. A.), Weak- 
ley Tenn 

iyraBd«a, Navarro Tex 

Okesden Centre, Wash« 

iB|;Um N.T 

Onsden Mills, lincoln. .Me 
Dxeaden Station, Wash- 
ington N. T 

SreeselTllle, Le Sueur.. . . . 

Dranerrille, Cayuga. .N. Y 
]>nvei8burgji, Franklin. . . 

Ih«wx7^s Bluff, Ches- 
terfield Ya 

Drevryyille, Soathunp- 

ton Va 

Drew's Valley, Lake. .Oreg 
ItoewsTille, Cheshire. .N. U 

Drif tm, Jefferson Fla 

Driftwood, Cameron. . . .Pa 
Drinker, Lackawanna. . . Pa 
Dripping Spring, Boone. Mo 
Dripping Spring Mills, 

Sdmonson Ky 

Dripping Springs, Hays.Tex 
Drowned Lands, Ulster.... 


DrowuTille, Bristol R. I 

Dram Cliff, St. Mary's.. 


Drum's, Lnxeme Pa 

Dmxy, Bock Island Ill 

Diy Bone, Iowa Wis 

Dry Branch, Franklin.. Mo 

Dry Brook. Ulster N. Y 

Diybnrgh, HaUfax. Va 

Dry Core, Jackson Ala 

Diy Creek, Saline. . . .Kans 
Dry Creek, Calcasieu. . ..La 
Dry Creek, Crawford. . . .Mo 
Dry Creek, Madison. . . Nebr 
Dry Creek, Montgomery. . . 

N. C 

Dry Creek. Boss Ohio 

Dry Croek^ Lancaster. .S. C 
Dry Creek, Carter.. . . Tenn 

Diyden, Tama Iowa 

Dryden, Lapeer Mich 

Dryden, Sibley Minn 

D^den, Thayer Nebr 

I>ryden, Tompkins . . . .N. Y 

Dry Fork, Carroll Ark 

Dry Fork, Barren Ky 

Dry Kork, Wise Va 

I>i7 Fork Depot, Pitt- 

aylTania Vji 

Dry Qlaise, Laclede . . . .Mo 

Dry Qiore, Hinds Miss 

Dry OroTe, Abbeville.. S. C 
Dry Hill, Lauderdale. Tenn 
Dry Lake, Wright. .'. .Iowa 
Dry Mills, Cumberland. Me 

Dry Kidge, Grant Ky 

Dry Run, Scott Ky 

Dry Run, Prentiss Miss 

Dry Run, Scioto Ohio 

Dry Run, Franldin Fb 

Dry Run, Pendleton. W. Va 

Dry Sawmill, Elk Pa 

Dry's Mill, Cabarrus. .N. C 

Dry town, Amador Cal 

Dry Valley, Putnam. . Tenn 
Dry Valley, Montague. .Tex 
Dry Valley Cross Roads, 

Union Pa 

Dryville, Berks Pa 

Dry Wood, Vernon Mo 

Dcywood, Chippewa . . . Wis 

Duane, Franklin N. Y 

Duanesburgh, Schenec- 
tady N.Y 

Dublin, Fayette Ala 

Dublin {e. A.), Laurens.. Oa 

Dublin, Wayne Ind 

Dublin, OraTes Ky 

Dublin, Harford Md 

Dublin, Coahoma Miss 

Dublin, Boone Nebr 

Dublin, Cheshire N. H 

Dublin, Franklin Ohio 

Dublin, Bucks Pa 

Dublin, Erath Tex 

Dublin, Pulaski Va 

Dublin Mills, Fulton. . . .Pa 

Dubois, Dodge Oa 

Dubois, Washington. . . .Ill 

Du Bois, Clearfield Pa 

Duboistown, Lvcoming..Pa 
Dubuqut {e. A.), Du- 
buque Iowa 

Dubuque, Barton.... Kans 

Duck Creek, Walker Ga 

Duck Creek, Warren. . . .Ill 
Duck Creek, Onslow.. N. C 
Duck Creek, Dallas .... Tex 
Duck Creek, Braxton.... 
. W. Va 

Ducker, Dougherty Ga 

Duokers, Woodford Ky 

Duck Hill, Montgomery. . . 

Duck Lake, Calhoun.. Mich 
Duck Pond,Cumberland.Me 

Duck Port, Madison La 

Duck Rirer, Uickman.Tenn 
Du6k Springs, Etowah. Ala 

Duck town, Polk Tenn 

Duck water, Nye Nev 

Dudley, Park Colo 

Dudley, Edgar Ill 

Dudley, Wapello Iowa. 

Dudley, Worcester. . . .Mass 

Dudley, Wayne N. C 

Dudley, Noble Ohio 

Dudley, Huntingdon Pa 

Dudley town, Jackson. .Ind 
Dudley yille,Tallapoosa. Ala 

Dudleyyille, Bond Ill 

Duelm, Benton Minn 

Due West, Abbeville. .S. C 

Duff, Dubois Ind 

Duffau, Erath Tex 

Dufileld, Charles Md 

Duflield's, Jefferson .W. Va 
Dufur, Wasco Oreg 

Dngansvllla, Orayaon. .Tex 

Dugdale, Chester Pa 

DuggeFs Ferry ,Carter.Tenn 
Dugger's Mills, Searcy. Ark 
Dug ilill, Putnam. . . .Tenn 

Dug Spur, Carroll Va 

Dugway, Oswego N. Y 

Duke, Dubuque Iowa 

Duke Centre, McKean.. .Pa 
Dukedom, Weakley. . .Tenn 
Dukeville, Knox . . . . .Nebr 

Dulaney, Caldwell Ky 

Dulaney's Valley, Bal- 
timore Md 

Dulinsville, Madison... .Va 

Dttluth, Gwinnett Ga 

DtUuth (e. A.), St. Louis. .. 


Dumas, Tippah Miss 

Dumas ' Store, Wiloox . . Ala 
Dumfries, Prince Wil- 
liam Va 

Dummemton, Windham. Vt 
Dnmontville, Fairfleld.Ohio 
Dumps Creek, Russell... Va 

Dunbar, Otoe Nebr 

Dunbar, Washington.. Ohio 

Dunbar, Fayette Pft 

Dunbar, Decatur Tenn 

Dunbar's Store, Marl- 
borough S. C 

Dunbarton, Merrimack. . . . 

N. H 
Dunbarton, Adams. . . .Ohio 
Dunbarton, Barnwell. .S. C 

Duncan, Monroe Ark 

Duncan, Stark Ill 

Duncan, Mercer. Ky 

Duncan, Webrter Mo 

Duncan, Allegheny Pit 

Duncannon, Perry Ptt 

Duncan's, Floyd Va 

Duncan's Bric^, Mon- 
roe Mo 

Duncansby, Issaquena.Miss 
Duncan's Creek, Ruther- 
ford N. C 

Duncan's Falls, Mus- 
kingum Ohio 

Duncan's Mill8,Sonoma.Cal 
Duncan's Mills, Fulton. Ill 
Duncan's Mills, Scott.... Va 
Duncan's Retreat, Kane. . . 


Duncansville, Blair Pa 

Duncan ville, Crawford. .Ill 
Duncombe, Webster.. Iowa 
Dundaff, Susquehanna. .Pa 
Dundarrach, Robeson.. N. C 

Dundas, Richland Ill 

Dundas, Rice Minn 

Dundas, Pulaski Mo 

Dundas, Vinton Ohio 

Dundas, Calumet Wis 

Dundee, Kane Ill 

Dundee, Madison Ind 

Dundee, Monroe Mich 

Dundee, Franklin Mo 

Dundee, Yates N.Y 

Dundee, Tuscarawas. .Ohio 
Dundee, Fond du Lac. . Wis 
Dundee Lake, Bergen.. N. J 
Dunedin, Hillsborough. .Fla 
Dunellen, Middlesex. . .N. J 
Dungannon, Columbiana.. 

Dun Glen, Humboldt. . Nev 
Dunham, Washington.Ohio 

Dunham's Bitin, Wttli- 

ington N. Y 

Dunkard, Greene Pia 

Dunkel, Christian Ill 

Dunkinsvllle, Adams.. Ohio 

Dunkirk, Jay Ind 

Dunkirk, Calvert Md 

Dunkirk, Chautauqua. N. Y 

Dunkirk, Hardin Ohio 

Dunklin, Greenville... S. C 

Dunlap, Peoria Ill 

Dunlap, Harrison Iowa 

Dunlap, Morris Kans 

Dunlap, Hamilton Ohio 

Dunlap {e. A.}, Sequat- 
chie Tenn 

Dunlapsville, Union Ind 

Dunleith, Jo Daviess. . . Jll 

Dunleith, Wayne W.^a 

Dunlevy, Warren Ohio 

Dunmore, Lackawanna. .Pa 

Dunn, Moultrie Ill 

Dunn Brook, Oneida. .N. Y 

Dnnnell, Biartin Minn 

Dunnigan, Yolo Cal 

Dunnings, Lackawanna. Pa 
Dunningsville, Wash- 
ington Pft 

Dunn's Store, Caroline. .Va 
Dunnsville, Albany ...N.Y 

Dunnsville, Essex Va 

Dunnville, Casey Ky 

Dunnville, Dunn Wis 

Dunreith, Henry Ind 

Dunsfort, Washington.. . Pa 
Dunstable, Middlesex . Mass 
Duntonsville, Edgefield... 

S. C 

Dupage, Will IH 

Du Plain, Clinton Mich 

Duplainville, Waukesha. . . 


Du Pont, Clinch Ga 

Dupont, Jefferson Ind 

Dupont, Hennepin. . .Minn 

Dupont, Putnam Ohio 

Dupont, Waupaca Wis 

Dupree's Old Store, 

Charlotte Va 

Duquoin, Perry Ill 

Durand, Shiawassee. .Mich 
DuranfJ (c. A.), Pepin. . Wis 
Durand Station, Winne- 
bago Ill 

Durango, Dubuque.. ..Iowa 

Durant, Cedar Iowa 

Durant, Holmes Miss 

Durant^s Neck, Per- 

quimons N. C 

Durant Station, Choc- 
taw N Ind.T 

Durbin's Comers, Wil- 
liams Ohio 

Durell, Bradford Pa 

Durgen's Creek, Lewis.. Mo 
Durham, Washington. . Ark 

Durham, Butte Cal 

Durham, Middlesex. . .Conn 

Durham, Hancock Ill 

Durham, Marion Iowa 

Durham, Pulaski Ky 

Durham, Androscoggin. Me 

Durham, Lewis. Mo 

Durham, Strafford. . . . N. H 

Diurbam, Greene N. Y 

Durham, Orange N. C 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Dmliam, Bnekfl Fit 

Durham Centre, Mid- 
dlesex Conn 

Ihirhaiu Hill, Waukesha.. . 

Dttrham Park, Marion.Kans 
DarhamTille, Oneida. .N. Y 
Durhamrille, Lauder- 
dale Tenn 

Durlach, Lancaster Pa 

Dumoy , Lawrence Ky 

Buroc, Benton. : Mo 

Du8hore, Sullivan Pa 

Dustin, De Kalb Ill 

Dutch Creek, Washing- 
ton Iowa 

Dutchess Junction, 

putchess N. T 

Dutch Flat, Placer Cal 

Dutch Ilill, St. Clair. ...Ill 
Dutch Hill, Crawford.. . .Pa 
Dutchman Branch, Car- 
roll Va 

Dutch Mills, Washing- 
ton Ark 

Dutch Neck, Mercer. . .N. J 
Dutchtown, Cape Girar- 
deau Mo 

Dutch Valley, Anderson . . . 

DutchTille, Granrille. .N.C 

Dutton, Madison Ark 

Dutton, Nassau Fla 

Dutzow, Warren Mo 

Duval, Travis Tex 

Duvall's Landing, Green- 
up Ky 

Duxbury, Plymouth. .Mass 
Dwaar's Kill, Ulster. .N. Y 

Dwamish, King Wash 

Dwight, liivingston Ill 

Dyberry, Wayne Pa 

Dyche's Store,Loudon.Tenn 
Dyckesville, Kewaunee.Wis 
Dycusburgh, Critten- 
den Ky 

Dyer, Lake Ind 

Dyer Brook. Arooetook..Me 
Dyer's Branch, Madison. . . 

Dyersburgh (e. h,), 

'D^get. Tenn 

Dyer's Station,Gib8on.Tenn 

Dyers Store, Henry Va 

Dyersville, Dubuque..Iowa 
Dykeman's, Putnam. .N. Y 

Dykes, Texas Mo 

Dykes Store, Floyd Ga 

Dymond City, Martin .N. C 

Dy sart, Tama Iowa 

Dyson's, Guernsey . . . .Ohio 
Dysortvllle, McDowell .N. C 

Eads, Lyon Kans 

Eagle, Clinton Mich 

Eagle, Harrison Mo 

Eagle, Cass Nebr 

Eagle, Wyoming N. Y 

Ei^le, Warren Pa 

Eagle, Waukesha Wis 

Eagle Branch, Buffalo. .Wis 
Eagle Bridge, Renssel- 
aer N.y 

Eagle City, Hardin.. . .Iowa 
Eagle City, Sibley. . . .Minn 

Bagle CHty, Clark Ohio 

Eagle Cliff, Walker. . . . .Ga 
Eagle Comers, Richland . . . 

Eagle Cove, Callahan. .Tex 
Ebgle Creek, Rooks . .'.Kans 
Eagle Creek, Clackamas. . . 

Eagle Creek, Overton. Tenn 

Eagle Ford, Dallas Tex 

Eagle Fork, Lincoln. . . .Mo 
Eagle Foundry, Hunt- 
ingdon Pa 

Eagle Furnace, Roane.Tenn 

Eagle Grove, Hart Ga 

Eagle Grove, Wright. .Iowa 
Eagle Harbor, Kewee- 

Eagle Harbor, Orleans. N. Y 

Eagle Hill, Polk Ark 

Eagle Hill, Owen Ky 

Eagle Lake, Wm lU 

Eagle Lake, Blue Earth. . . . 

Eagle Lake, Colorado. .Tex 
Eagle Mills, Russell .... Ala 
Eagle Mills, Marquette. . . . 

Eagle Mills, Rensselaer.N.Y 
Eagle Mills, Iredell. . . N. C 
Eagle Mills, Vinton. . .Ohio 
Eagle Mills, Doddridge. . . . 

Eagle Pass (c. A.), Mav- 
erick. ... . Tex 
Eagle Point, Ogle'.'. ... . Ill 
Eagle Point, Jackson.. Oreg 

Eagle Point. Berks Pa 

Eagleport, Morgan. . . .Ohio 
Eagle Ranch, Sweetwater. . 

Eagle Rapids, Smith.. Kans 
Eagle River (e. A.), Ke- 
weenaw Mich 

Es^le Rock, Oneida. . Idaho 

Eagle Rock, Wake N.C 

Eagle Rock. Venango... .Pa 
Eagle Rock, Botetourt. .Va 
Eagle Salt Works, 

Churchill Nev 

Eaglesmere, Sullivan. .. .Pa 
Eagle Springs, Coryell. Tex 
Eagle Station, Carroll. .Ky 
Eagle Tannery, Wayne .... 

Eagleton, Chippewa. . . .Wis 
Eagletown, ILamilton. . Ind 
Eagle Town, Choctaw N . . . 

Ind. T 
Eagle Village, Wyoming.. . 


'Eagleville, Modoc Cal 

Eagleville, Tolland . . .Conn 
Eagleville, Ashtabula.Ohio 
Eagleville, Montgomery. Pa 
Eagleville, Rutherford. . . . 


Eakin, Allegheny Pa 

Eakle's Mills, Washing- 

ington Md 

Eanes' Cross Roads, 

Brunswick Va 

Earl, Yates N.Y 

Earle, Jefferson Ala 

Earle, Vanderburgh ... Ind 
Earle'ri, Muhlenburgh. .Ky 
Earlesville, Spartan- 
burgh S. C 

Earleton, Neosho Ksns 

Earleviile, Cecil Md 

Earlham, Madison. . . . Iowa 

Earlington, Hopkins Ky 

Earl Park, Benton Ind 

Earlville, La SaUe Ill 

Earlville, Delaware . , . Iowa 

Earlville, Madison N. Y 

Earlville, Portage Ohio 

Earlville, Berks Pa 

Early, Saie Iowa 

Early Branch, Hampton. . . 

8. C 
Early Grove, Marshall. Ifiss 

Earnest, Jefferson Ala 

Earpsborough, Johnston.. . 


Easdale, Ellis Kans 

Easley , Pickens ....... 8. C 

EasonviUe, St. Clair. ...Ala 

Easta Boga, Talladega. .Ala 
East Acworth, Sull^aa. .. . 

N. H 
East Albany, Orleans. . ..Vt 

East Alburgh,Grand Isle.Vt 
East Alstead, Cheshire. N.H 
East Amherst, Brie...N. Y 
East Andover, Merrimack.. 

Eastanollee, Franklin . . Ga 
East Arcade, Wyoming.N. Y 
East Arlington, Benning- 
ton Vt 

East Ashford, Cattarau- 
gus N. Y 

East Atchison, Buchanan.. 

East Auburn, Andros- 
coggin Me 

East Aurora, Erie N.Y 

East Avon, Livingston.N. Y 
Bast Baldwin, Cumber- 
land Me 

East Bangor, Penobscot.Me 
East Bangor, North- 
ampton Pa 

East Barnard, Windsor. . Vt 
East Barrington, Straf- 
ford I^H 

East Beekmantown, 

Clinton N.Y 

Ea!*t Belmont, Waldo. . .Me 

East Bend, Foi-d Ill 

East Bend, Yadkin. . . .N. C 
East Benton, Kennebec. Me 
East Benton, Lacka- 
wanna Pa 

East Berkley, Berks Pa 

East Berkshire, Tioga. N. Y 
East Berkshire, Franklin. Vt 
East Berlin, Hartford. Conn 

East Berlin, Adams Pa 

East Bernard, Wharton .Tex 
East Berne, Albany. . .N. Y 
East Bethany, Genesee.N.Y 
East Bethel, Windsor. ..Vt 
East Bethlehem, Wash- 
ington Pa 

East Billerica, Middle- 
sex Mass 

Eftst Blackstone, Worces- 
ter Mass 

East Bloomfield, Ontario . . 

East Bloomfield Station. 

Ontario N.Y 

ISast Blue Hill,Hancock.Me 

IBtBt Boothbajr, Lineolm. 

East Boston,* Soffolk."' 

East Boston, Madison. NJ 

East Bowdoinham, Sag 

East Bradford, Penob- 
scot J 

East Brady, Clarioa. 

East Braintree, Norfolk. 

East Branch, Delawaxe. 


East Branch, Warren. 

East Brewster, Bamstao 
ble " 

East Bridgewater, Plyi 

East Bridgewator, Sua- 
qnehanna • 

East Brighton, Essex. ..." 

East Brimfield, Hamp- 

JBast Broadtap, HuBtint- 

Eastbrook, Hancodc. . . .« 

Btet BrooK, lAwrenee.. .] 

East Brookfleld, Wokvoh* 

East Bzookfleld, Onmge. 

East Brownfield, Oxford.] 

East Buoluport, Han- '1 
cook ^ 

East Burke, Caledonia. 

East Borlington, Kane. .1] 

Bast Cabot, Washington. ' 

East Calais, Washing- 

Bast Ciimbridge,* Mid- 
dlesex Mn 

East Cambrh^fe, La- 

East Campbell, Steu- 
ben N. 

East Canaan, Litch- 
field Conn 

East Canaan, Graftmi.... 


East Canton, Bradford.. .Pa 

Bast Cape Girardeaa, 
Alexander Ill 

East Carmel, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

Bast Carlton, Orleans. N. Y 

East Carendelet, St. 
CUir HI 

East Castle Rook, Da- 
kota Mion 

East Chain Lakes, Mar- 
tin Minn 

East Charlemont, 
Franklin Mass 

East Charleston, I'ioga. .Pa 

East Charleston, Orleans. Vt 

East Charlotte, Chitten- 
den Yt 

East Chatham, Colum- 
bia N.Y 

East Chatham, Tioga. ...H 

East Chester, West- 
chester N. T 

East Clarence, Erie....N. T 

East Clarendon, Rut- 
land Vt 

East Claridon, Geanga.Ohio 

East Clarksfleld, Huron . .. 


• * Branch of the Boston Foil 


Alphabetical Idtt of Pott Cfficet. 


Clerelsiid,* Cuy- 

mhoga, Ohio 

&t OobleakUl, Scho- 

hftrio. N. Y 

hut Coldenham, Orange. . . 

N. Y 
Concord, Herri- 
mack N.H 

EMt Concord, Erie N. Y 

BMt €k>iicord, Essex Yt 

Cast Constotble, Frank- 
lin N. Y 

East Conway, CarrolLN. H 
East Coritttfa, Penobseot.Me 
Cast Corinth, Orange.... Yt 
East Cornwall, Litch- 
field Conn 

East CoTontry, Chester.. Fa 
%»a^ Coventry, Orleans. .Yt 
East Craftflbnry) Or- 
leans Yt 

EMt Creek, Cape May.N. J 
East Creeik, Herkimer .... 

East DayUm, Tnseola.Mieh 
East Dedham, Hancock. Me 
last Beering, Cumber- 
land Me 

East X>eering, Hills- 

borongh N.H 

Baat Beiavan, Wal- 
worth Wis 

Bast Denmark, Oxford. .Me 
East Dennis, Bamsta- 

>>\e Mass 

East Derry, Koddng- 

ham N. H 

East Dee Moines, Murray. . 

East Dickinnon, Frank- 
lin N.Y 

East Diniock, Susque- 
hanna Fa 

East Dixfieid, Oxford... Me 
East Dixmont, Penob- 
scot Me 

East Dorset, Bennington. Yt 
East Douglass, Worces- 
ter ,..Ma8S 

East DoTer, PIscataquis.Me 
Bast DoTer, Windham. . .Yt 
Mast Durham, Greene .N. Y 

East Eagle, Owen Ky 

East Eddington, Penob- 
scot Me 

East Eden, Erie N. Y 

East Elba, Oenesee.. . .N. Y 

East Elkport, Clayton 


East Elma, Srie N. Y 

East Elmira, Chemung. N.Y 
But Elmore, Lamoille... Yt 
Bast Enterprise, Swit- 

wrland In* 

Bast Epping, Rocking- 
ham -..N.H 

Bast Erans, Erie N. Y 

Bast Exeter, Penobseot.Me 
SMt Fairfield, Somerset.Me 
iMt Fairfield, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

BMt Fairfield, Franklin. yt 
But Falmouth, Bam- 

sUble Mass 

Rut Farmington. Polk.Wis 
a»t Finley, Washington. !•& 

-IgMich of CleTeUad Post 

Bast FiBhkill,Dntoh«88.N.Y 
East Fletcher, Franklin. Yt 
East Florence, Oneida.N. Y 
Eastford, Windham.. .Conn 
Ea«t Fork, Montgomery.Ill 

East Fork, Metcalfe Ky 

ISast Fork, TransylTania.. . 

N. C 

East Fork, Sevier Tenn 

East Foxborough, Nor- 
folk Mass 

East Franklin, Franklin. Yt 

East Freedom, Blair Pa 

East Freetown, Bristol. Mass 
Bast Freetown, Cort- 
land N.Y 

East Fremont, Sanilac .Mich 
Bast Friendship, Knox. Me 
East Fryebui^h, Oxford. Me 
East Qaines, Orleans.. N. Y 
East GainesTllle, Wy- 
oming N. Y 

East Gallatin, Gallatin 

East Oalway , Saratoga .N.Y 
East Genoa, Cayuga.. .N. Y 
Easl Georgia, Franklin.. Yt 
Bast German, Che- 
nango N. Y 

East Germantown, 

Wayne Ind 

East Gibson, Manito- 
woc Wis 

East Gilead, Branch. .Mich 
East Glastonbury, Hart- 
ford Conn 

East Glenrille, Sche- 
nectady N. Y 

East Gloueester, Essex.... 

East Golden, Oceana.. Mich 
East Granby , Hartford .... 

East Granger, Alle- 
gany N.Y 

East Granyille, Hamp- 
den Mass 

East Granyille, Addison.Yt 
East Greenbush, Kens- 

selaer N. Y 

East Greene, Erie.. . . . . .P» 

East Greensborough, . 

Orleans Yt 

East GreeuYille, Stark. Ohio 
EaRt GreeuTille, Mont- 
gomery Fa 

East Greenwich, Wash- 
ington N.Y 

East Greenwich (c. A.), 

Kent R.I 

East Greenwood, St. Clair.. 

East Greenwood, Mus- 
kingum Ohio 

East Groveland, Liring- 

ston N. Y 

East Guilford, Chenango. . . 

V Y 
East Haddam, Middlesex. . 

Eastham, Barnstable. .Mass 
Itest Hamburgh, Erie.N. Y 
East Hamilton, Madison. . . 

East Hamilton, Shelby.Tex 
East Hamlin, Monroe. N. Y 
East Hampden, Penob- 
scot Me 

Bant Ham]»8tead, Bock- 

ingham N. H 

East Hampton, Middle- 
sex Conn 

Easthampton, Hamp- 
shire Mass 

East Hampton, Suffolk .... 

East HanoTer, I^ebanon-Pa 
East Hardwick, Caledonia. . 

East Harpswell, Cum- 
berland Me 

East HarrisYille, Cheshire.. 

N. H 
East Hartford, Hartford. . .. 

East Hartland, Hart- 
ford Conn 

East Harwich, Barn- 
stable Mass 

East Haven, New Haven. . . . 


East Haven, Essex Yt 

East Haverhill, JSssex.Maas 
East Havttrhill, Grafton.... 

East Hebron, Oxford... Me 
East Hebron, Grafton. N. H 
East Hebron, Potter. . . .Pa 
East Ucmpfield, Lan- 
caster Fa 

East Hickman, Fayette..Ky 

East Hickory, Forest Pa 

East Ilighgate, Franklin.Yt 

Ea«t Hinsdale, Queens 

East Hiram, Oxford .... Me 
East Ilolliston, Middle- 
sex Mass 

East Homer, Cortland. N. Y 

East Homer, Potter Pa 

East lloundsfield, Jef- 
ferson N. Y 

East Hubbardscon, 

Worcester Mass 

East Hubbardton, Rut- 
land Yt 

East Jackson, Waldo. . . .Me 
East Jaffrey, Cheshire N. H 
East Java, Wyoming. . N. Y 
East Jefferson, Lincoln. Me 
East Jewett, Greene. . . N. Y 
East Jordan, Charlevoix . . . 

Bast Kendall, Orleans.N. Y 
East Kent, Litchfield. Conn 
East Killingly, Wind- 
ham Conn 

East Kingston, Rock- 
ingham N. H 

East Knox, Waldo Me 

East Koy, Wyoming.. N. Y 

Eastlake, Tjake Cal 

East Lake, Dare N. C 

East Lamoine, Hancock. Me 
Eastland (c. A.), Eastland. . 

East Lansing, Tompkins. . . 

East Laport, Jackson.. N. C 
East liebanon, Grafton .N.H 
East lice, Berkshire . . .Mass 
East Lemon, Wyoming.. Pa 
East Lempsier, Sullivan. . . 

East Leon,Cattaraugu8.N.Y 
East Le Boy, Calhoun.Mich 

East Lewistown, Ma- 
honing Ohio 

East Lexington, Middle- * 

se^ Mass 

East Liberty, Logan. . .Ohio 
East Liberty, Fayette. ..Pa 

East Liberty, Page Ya 

iSast Limington, York. . .Me 
East Lincoln, Penobseot.Me 

East Lincoln, Polk Wis 

East Line, Saratoga. . .N. Y 
East Litchfield, Litch- 
field Conn 

East Livermore, Andros- 
coggin Me 

East Livermore Mills, 

Androscoggin Me 

East Liverpool, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

East Long Branch, Mon- 
mouth N.J 

East Long Meadow, 

Hampden Mass 

East Lowell, Penobseot.Me 
East Lyme, New London. . . 

East Lyndon, Aroostook. Me 
ISast Lynn, YermUlion. .Ul 

East Lynne, Cass Mo 

East McDonough, ClV9- 

nango N. Y 

East Machias, Wash- 
ington Me 

East Madison, Somerset.Me 
East Madison, Carroll. N. H 
East Maine, Broome ...N.Y 
Eastman (e. h.), Dodge..Ga 
Eastman, Itawamba... Miss 
Eastman, Crawford. . . .Wis 
Eastmansville Ottawa.Mich 
East Marion, Suffolk. .N. Y 
East Marshfleld, Plym- 
outh Mass 

East Martinsburgh, Lewis . . 

East Masonville, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

East Mauch Chunk, 

Carbon Pa 

Bast Med way, Norfolk.&Iass 
East Mercer, Somerset .Me 
JSast Meredith, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

East Meriden, Steele.. Minn 
East Middleborough, 

Plymouth Mass 

East Middlebury, Ad- 
dison Yt 

East Middleton, Dane. .Wis 
East Milan, Monroe. . .Mich 
Bast Millstone, Someraet. . « 

East Milton, Norfolk . .Mass 
East Monmouth, Ken- 
nebec Me 

East Monroe, Highland 

East Montpelier, Wash- 
ington Yt 

East Moriches, Suffolk .... 

East Nantmeal, Chester. Pa 
East Nassau, Rensselaer. . . 

■ N.Y 
East Newark, Caledonia. Yt 
Bast Newborn, Jersey . . .Ill 
iSast Newfield, Tompkins. . . 



Alphahetieal List of Pat Offices. 

East New Market, Dor- 
chester Md 

East New Milford, Stu- 

qnehanna Fa 

Bast Newport, Penobscot. . 

Bast New Portland, 

Somerset Me 

East New Shajron, 

Franklin Me 

East New Vineyard, 

Franklin Me 

East New York, Kings.N. Y 
East Nichols, Tioga. . .N. Y 
East Nodoway , Adams.Iowa 
East Northfield, Cook . . .HI 
East Northport, Waldo. .Me 
East Northwood, Rock- 
ingham .- . . .N. H 

East North Yarmouth, 

Cumberland Me 

East Norton, Bristol. .Mass 
East Norwalk, IJuron.Ohio 
East Norway, Doniphan .... 

East Norwich, Queens. N. Y 
East Oakfleld, Oenesee.N.Y 
East Oasis, Waushara . . Wis 

Easton, El Paso Colo 

Easton, Fairfield Conn 

Easton, Mason Ill 

Easton, Adair Iowa 

Easton, Leavenworth. Kans 

Easton, Aroostook Me 

JBaston (c. A.), Talbot. . .Md 

Easton, Bristol Mass 

Easton, Faribault. . . .Minn 

Easton, Buchanim Mo 

Easton, Grafton N. H 

Easton, Washington.. N. Y 

Easton, Wayne Ohio 

Efuton (e. A.;, North- 
ampton Pa 

Easton, Monongalia. W. Ya 

Easton, Adams Wis 

East Orange, Sioux. ..Iowa 
East Orange, Essex. ...N.J 

East Orange, Orange Yt 

East Orangeville, Wyo- 
ming N. Y 

East Orland, Cook Ill 

East Orland, I]Ancock..Me 
East Orleans, Barn- 
stable Mass 

East Orrington, Penob- 
scot Me 

East Otisfield, Cumber- 
land Me 

East Otto, Cattaraugus .... 

Eastoyer, Richland. . . . S. C 
East Palermo, Waldo. . . Me 
East Palermo, Oswego. N. Y 
East Palestine, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

East Palmyra, Wayne. N.Y 

East Paris, Kent Mich 

East Park, Dutchess. .N. Y 
East Parsonfield, York.. Me 
East Patcbogue, Suffolk. . . 

East Paw Paw, De Kalb.IU 
East Pembroke, Plym- 
outh Mass 

East Pembroke, Merri- 
mack N. H 

East Pembroke, Qenesee. . . 


East Pendleton, Sabine.. La 
East Penfleld, Monroe. N. Y 

East Pepin, Pepin Wis 

East Pepperell, Middle- 
sex Mass 

Bast Perhami Aroostook. . . 


East Peru, Oxford Me 

Euit Phantelia, Chmi- 

ango N.Y 

East Pike, Wyoming. .N. Y 
Hast Flteaim, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

East Pittston, KennebecMe 
Bast Plainfield, SuUiyan .. 

N. H 
Bast Plattsmouth, Mills. . . 

East nymouth, Ashtap 

bula Ohio 

East Poestenkill, Rens- 
g^lii^r , N. Y 

East Point, Fulton. ! Qa 

East Point, Floyd Ky 

East Point, Red Riyer. . .La 

East Point, Tioga. Pa 

East Poland, Andros- 
coggin Me 

Bastport, Fremont . . . .Iowa 
Eastport, Washington.. Me 

Bastport, Antrim Mich 

Eastport, Tishomingo.. Miss 

Eastport, Suffolk N. Y 

East Portland, Mult- 
nomah Oreg 

East Ponltney. Rutland. Yt 
East Prurieville, Rice..... 

East Princeton, Worces- 
ter Mass 

East Prospect, York Pa 

East Providence, Provl-' 

dence R. I 

Ea«t Putnam, Windham. . . 

East Randolph, Cattar- 
augus N. Y 

East Randolph, Orange. Yt 
East Raymond, Cum- 
berland Me 

East Richford, Franklin. Yt 
East Richland, Belmont. . . 

East Bindge, Cheshire. N. II 
East Ringgold, Pick- 
away Ohio 

East Riyer, New Ilayen. .. . 

East River, Cortland. .N. Y 
East River, Mercer. . W. Ya 
East Riverside, Fayette. Pa 
East Rivcrton, Mason . Mich 
East Rochester, Straf- 
ford N. H 

East Rochester, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

East Rockaway, Queens. . . 

East Rockport, Cuya- 
hoga Ohio 

East Rodman, Jefferson.. . 

East Roxbury, Wash- 
ington Yt 

East Rnlo, Holt Mo 

East Rumford, Oxford . .Me 
East Rupert, Benning- 
ton Yt 

Bast Bosh, Sosquehan- 

na ....Pa 

Bast Rushford, Alle- 
gany N.Y 

Bast Saginaw, Saginaw. . . . 

East St. Louis, St. Clair. Ill 
East Salem, Washing- 
ton N.Y 

East Salem, Juniata. ... Pa 
East Salisbunr, Essex. Mass 
East Sandwich, Barn- 
stable Mass 

Bast SangervUle, Piscat- 

flMjuis Me 

East Saugatuck, Alle- 
gan Mich 

East Saugus, Essex. . . Mass 
Bast Schodack, Ren- 
sselaer N. Y 

East Schuyler, Uez^ 

kimer N. Y 

East Soott, Cortland. .N. Y 
Bast Setauket, Suffolk.N.Y 
East Sebago, Cumberland. . 


East Seneca, Erie N.Y 

East Sliaron, Norfolk. Mass 

Bast Sharon, Potter Pa 

East Shelbume, Frank- 
lin Mass 

East Shelby, Orleans.. N. Y 
East Sheldon, Franklin..Yt 
Bast Shoreham, Addi- 
son Yt 

Eaat Side, Alpena — Mich 
East Smithfield, Brad- 
ford Pa 

East Sound,San Juan. Wash 
Eadt Springfield, Sulli- 
van N.H 

East Springfield, Otsego.. . . 

East Springfield, Jeffer- 
son Ohio 

East Springfield, Erie. ..Pa 
East Springport, Jack- 
son Mich 

Bast Steamburgh, Schuy- 
ler N.Y 

East Steuben, Oneida. N. Y 
East Stoneham, Oxford. Me 
East Stoughton, Nor- 
folk Mass 

East Stroudsbui^h, 

Monroe Pa 

East Sullivan, Hancock. Me 
East Sullivan, Cheshire.. . 

East Sumner, Oxford. . .Me 
East Surry, llancock ... Me 
East Swanton, Franklin. Yt 
East Swanaey, Cheshire. . . 

East Sycamore, Hamil- 
ton Ohio 

East Syracuse, Onondaga. . 

N. Y 
East Taunton, Bristol. Mass 
East Tawas, Iosco. . . .Mich 
East Templeton, Worces- 
ter Mass 

East Texas, Lehigh Pa 

East Thetford, Genesee. . . . 

East Thetford, Orange. .Yt 
East Thompson, Wind- 
ham Conn 

Bast Thomdike, IFatldo. 
Bast Tilton, BelkoAp. -N. 
Euit Titttsville, Cx&iarfc 

East Toledo, Lucas . 
East Townsend, Huron.. 


BastTroupsburgh, Steu- 
ben N< 

East Troy, Waldo 

East Troy, Bradford. . . 

East Troy, Walwortb. . . 

East Trumbull, Asli- 
tabula OhH 

East Turner, Andros- 
coggin ..•• M< 

East Union, Knox. . • 

East Union, Carver. . . 

East Union, Wayne. . . Ol 

East Unity, Sullivan. .N. 

East Yalley, McKean. 

East Yarick, Seneca. . . N. 

East Yasealborongh, 
Kennebec M«| 

East Yeniee, Cayuga. .N. T 

East Yiew, Hardin Ky\ 

EcutviUe (e. A.), North- 
ampton V»| 

EB«t YfargU, Cortland. . N. T 

East Wakefield, Oar- 
roU N.H 

East Wakefield Depot, 
Carroll N.H 

East Wales, Androscog- 
gin Me 

East Wallingford, New 
Haven Conn 

East Wallingford, Rut- 
land Yt 

East Walpole, Norfolk.] 

Bast Wareham, Plym-^ 

Bast Washburn, Aroos- 
took Me 

East Warren, Washfaig- 
ton Yt 

East Washington, Sul- 

East Waterborough, 
York Me 

East Waterford, Oxford. Me 

East Waterford, Ju- 
niata Pa 

East Watertown, Jef- 
ferson N.Y 

East Weare, Hills- 
borough N. H 

East Westmoreland, 
Cheshire N. H 

East Weymouth, Nor- 
folk Mass 

East Whately, Frank- 
lin Mass 

East Wheatland, Will... HI 

East Williamsfleld, Ash- 
tabula Ohio 

East Williamson, Wayne. . . 

* N Y 

East Willington, Tolland.. 


East Williston, Queens. . . . 


East Wilson, Niagara.. N. Y 

East Wilton, Franklin.. M« 

East Windham, Greene. . . . 

N Y 

East Windoor, Hartferi. . . . 


Alphabetical List <if Pott Offieea. 


Winu, Psiial»ca(..lll> 

ibM.'!'. '....""'..M* 

.Wolf, RlUiHll...K>Ml 

. WDirbarmuti, Gftr< 

U N.H 

wood, Blown Oblo 

; Woodhull, SlBQ- 

jo N. Y 

iHi Woodit«k,Wiiid- 

k*t WilghtitawD, Bran. . 

bi; HIU, Bnu>wlc«..N. 

IXoa, Cnwtord m 

KUon, IMsnn Ind 

XUOD, HsdlHon H. Y 

btoD, W;cimLiig Pb 

■■toQ, GlbsDa....... TMkQ 

Eifam, Muillowao Wh 

hloaCeutn, CuToll.N. E 
EUdd HUli, \THhUuiin.. . 
lUoD Bulda, Eftlon . . Hlsb 
■UoBi Cntfc, Sand- 

LoDdoa T«im 

btontom, HDomonth Jl. J 
EUoaTlllt, Utrklmec.N. Y 
liaCliln, Bflrrieii...JUcb 

bu CUn, Bailer h 

Em Oaire tc. k.), bn 

Cliln Wl< 

boOalla, DuDU VIm 


Kbeuur, DmIj at 

EbuieiflTt Oneofl-.-.-.^Mo 
BbMwier.Brie N. ¥ 

Kbtuicr, IlullDgiaD..3. C 
KuDtur, Kdoi Tenn 

nwhudC.' wijto pius.NeT 
Sb^e, BAuEbam-.. ....HI 

n«l7'>UUl, CiUDbH- 

ibr.wii^ok iod 

fefao, Intriin .....'.. .Hich 
khe, YtUow Medido*. . . . 

Eiho, TroiMdBlB.. '.*.'. '.Tenn 

Beho, Llis 0»lt Tei 

Bcbadty, aaiiunlI...CIkh 

EnUurt HIdh, AUeghknT , 

RH(j, drroll Ohio 

Eetlij, LnieRiB P> 

Eci>iioinT, OiLnUn. . . .Tenn 

EmH, Whjm JHleh 

Eddlngton, F«iohKot..Ha 

Eddlngtoa, Buck! Fa 

EdtMlla, BaiiillU..Uiu 

Eddytowo, Yate* H. Y 

EddiriUs, Pap*. lU 

Eddrillle, Wapello. . . Iowa 
aw,t.iu« (t. i.], Ljod-Kt 
KddjTills, CaUuaufiu.N.t 
EddjTillA, AiDutnmg 

Edea Vallej, Brie N. Y 

JMeDillle, ManduU...Io>* 
EdeDTllK, Hkllaiid...'- ' 
BdoDiilla, Oniwe,.. 
Bdea' ralli, CumEeilai 

Edgtfiila C. a.. Edge- 
Edj^ii jowiioa, iia- 

Bdlerton. El Puo. , . 

IM«ewoad,l>e Kalb 

Ed^erood, Efflngtaam... 
EdiewDod, Clay Mn. . . .Id 
Ed^wQod, Harford.. . . . 

Bdcawood, Pike... 
EdgewDDd, Halifa 
Ediewood, Van Zi 
Ediewortb. SuIUti 

BdiDbonnsh, Hon 

EiSnborangb, Bila. . . 

Edinburgh, Grond/.... Ho 
Edinburgh, Hercer. ...N. J 
Edinbiufll, Santoca..N. V 
Edinburgh, ForUge. ..Ohio 


Bdwardnlll*, St. Iaw- 
iwnce N.T 

EdvardfTille, SnnT...N. 

"•-lardaHlls, Wamn . Ohio 
rardiTllla, FiaBklln..Va 

... ilna, Uonrae Ohio 

Effldgham, AteblAoq. . Kana 
EOaKhani Carroll. ,..N. II 
EOncham raUi, Car- 

EOngham StalloD, Ma- 
rion 8.0 

ESort.Honraa Pa 

Bflrd'i MUli, SUnl; ..N.C 
Egg Band, ATorellsa . . . Lk 
EggbomiTllle, Culpepper.. 

^gertirllte, Brie N. Y 

bg Harbor, Door. Wla 

Yes Harbor Cllj, U- 

Itelssun,' Ooedw! '. Miiu 
EggleatoD'a Sprlngi, Gllee. . 

Bl BDren..Ark 

B| m Ga 

B| iDd 

Bt Kt 

B( .» MlM 

K N.Y 

Bl Pa 

tt n Tei 

E| ......W, Va 

14 uitbain.N.C 

E| >pe 01- 

BgjptSUlii.'me!!. ...'.', Pa 

Eldarold, OoDdhue...H]nii 
Eighteen MU*,Plckeoa.S.a 

BIgbt Mile. Cat! No 

Eighty Btebt, Barren.. .K/ 
BiDilein ^Irer Mioa, 

Eltien, IIoiuUHi.*.*.'.'.'.'>ilnB 

BkoDJI, WlDdliam. . , .Conn 

BlamTllle, 'Barbour'.'.'. '. 'Ala 

E»a(c. *.),CoB«. Ala 

Elba, Carrell lova 

BUm^ mr^!!!'.'.'.V.'lllnn 

Elba, Oenene N.Y 

Elba, Wuhlngtou Ohio 

Elba, YaTstM Iran 

Elba Centre. Cnoi lU 

Blbaitlla, Sarla N.C 

Elboe, BurlWJD .T« 

Elbert, Bibart Colo 

EOmiinit. h.), Elbert. .Oa. 

Eaaw Lake (c. A.), 

Grant HInn 

BlbrMge. Onondaga... N. V 

Bldona,'Lee. ,'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'!! Ill 
Elder Greek, Tebama. . . .Gat 
Bldenbnrgb, Carroll.. ..Hd. 
Elder's lUdge, fmUfcna. .^ 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices, 

]|:idersTiHe, Waritin^on.Pa 
Rderton, Armatrong. ... Pa 
Elderrille, Hancock. . . .Ill 

Eldon, Wapello Iowa 

EMora (e. a.), Hardin.Iowa 
& Dorado (e. A.), Union .Arte 
El Dorado, £1 thorado. .Cal 

£1 Dorado, Saline Ill 

El Dorado, Fayette. ..Iowa 
El Dorado (c. A.), But- 
ler Kans 

El Dorado, Greeley. . .Nebr 
Eldorado, Montgomery.... 


£1 Dorado, Pieble Ohio 

£1 Dorado, Baker Oreg 

£1 Dorado, Blair Pa 

£1 Dorado, Cnlpeper. . . .Va 
£1 Dorado,Fond da Lac . Wis 
El Dorado Canyon, Lin- 
coln Ney 

£1 Dorado Mills, Fond 

du Lac Wis 

Bldred, Sullivan. N. Y 

Eldred, Wayne Pa 

Eldredgeville, Ford Ill 

Eldredsville, Sullivan... Pa 

Eldridge, Walker Ala 

Eldridge, Scott Iowa 

Eldridge, Sedgwick. . .Kans 

Elbridge, Dade Mo 

Eldridge's Mill, Buck- 

inglusm Va 

Elenor, Clermont Ohio 

Eleroy, Stephenson Ill 

Elevation, Johnston. .N. C 

Eleven Mile, Potter. Pa 

Elgin, Jackson Ark 

Elgin, Kane Ill 

Elgin, Fayette Iowa 

Elgin, Chautauqua... Kans 

Elgin, Antrim Mich 

Elgin, Wabasha Minn 

Elgin, Cattaraugus... N. Y 

Elgin, Erie Pa 

Elgin, Bastrop Tex 

Elhi, Pierce Wash 

Elida, Winnebago Ill 

Elida, Allen Ohio 

Elimsport, Lycoming. . .Pa 

Elinor, Chase Kans 

Elivon, McPherson . . .Kans 

Eliza, Mercer Ill 

Elizsabetl^, Coffee Ala 

Elizabeth, JO Daviess. . .Ill 
Elizabeth, Harrison. . . .Ind 
Elizabeth, Wallace. . .Kans 
Elizabeth (c. h.)y Union.N. J 
Elizabeth, Allegheny. . . .Pa 

Elizabeth, Denton Tex 

Elizabeth City (c. A.), 

Pasquotank N. G 

Elizabeth Lake, Los 

Angeles Cal 

Elizabethton {c. A.), 

Carter Tenn 

*Elizabethtown (c. A.), 

Hardin Ill 

Elizabethtown, Bar- 
tholomew Ind 

Elizabethtown, Ander- 
son Kans 

Elizabethtoion {e. A.), 

Hardin Ky 

£lizabethtown, Ottor 

Tail Minn 

Elizabethtown, Col- 
fax N. Moz 

Bizabetktown (e. A.), 

Essex N. Y 

Elizabethtown (c A.), 

Bladen N.C 

Elizabethtown, Hamil- 
ton Ohio 

Elizabethtown, Lan- 
caster Pa 

Elizabetiivllle, Pendle- 
ton Ky 

Elizabethville, Dauphin.Pa 

Ellzaville, Boone Ind 

Elizaville, Fleming Ky 

Elisaviile, Columbia .N. Y 

Elk, Decatur Iowa 

Elk, Chase Kans 

Elk, Saginaw Mich 

Elk. Noble Ohio 

Elk, Pocahontas W. Va 

Elkader (e. A.), Clayton... . 


Elk City, Idaho Idaho 

Elk City, Montgomery 


Elk City, Clarion Pa 

Elk City, Barbour. . .W. Va 

Elk Creek, Colusa Cal 

Elk Creek, Osage Kans 

Elk Creek, Spencer Ky 

Elk Creek, Nobles.... Minn 

Elk Creek, Texas Mo 

£lk Creek, Johnson. . .Nebr 

Elk Creek, Otsego N. Y 

Elk Creek, Alleghany. N. C 
Elk Creek, Douglas.... Oreg 

Elk Creek, Erie Pa 

Elk Creek, Grayson Va 

£lk Creek, Trempealeau. . . 

Elk Cross RoadSfAshe.N. C 

£lk Dale, Atchison Mo 

Elkdale, Susquehanna. .Pa 

Elk Falls, Elk Kans 

Elk Flat, Union Oreg 

Elk Fork, Elliott Ky 

Elk Garden, Russell. . . . Va 
Elk Grove, Sacramento. C^l 
Elk Grove, Caldwell.. .Mo 
Elk Grove, La Fayette . . Wis 

Elkhart, Elkhart Ind 

Elkhart, Polk Iowa 

Elkhart, McPherson. .Kans 

Elkhart, Anderson Tex 

Elkhart City, Logan. . . .Ill 

Elk Head, Christian Mo 

Elk Head, Douglas. . .Oreg 
Elkheart Lake,^heboy- 

gan WiB 

Elk Hill Mills, Gooch- 
land Va 

Elkhom, Washington... Ill 
Elk Horn, Shelby. . . .Iowa 

Elk Horn, Taylor Ky 

Elk Horn, Polk Oreg 

Elkhom, Allegheny Pa 

Elkhom, Henry Tenn 

Elkhom (c. A.), Wal- 
worth Wis 

Elkhom City, Lawrence. . . 

Elkhom City, Douglas.Nebr 
Elkhom Grove, Carroll. Ill 

E.Kin, Surry N. C 

Eikins, Colfax N. Mex 

Elkinsville, Brown Ind 

Eikinsville, Bladen... N. G 

Elk Lake, Grant Minn 

Elk Lake, Susquehanna. Fa 

Elkland, Webnter Mo 

Elkland, Tioga Pia 

Elk Lick, Somerset Pft 

Elk Lick Springs, Pike.. Mo 
Elk MUls, Mt^Donald. .Mo 

Elk Mills, Chester Pa 

Elk Mills, Carter Tenn 

Elkmont, Limestone. ..Ala 
Elkmont Springs, Giles .... 


Elk Mound, Dunn Wis 

Elk Mountain, Carbon.Wyo 

Elk Neck, Cecil Md 

Elko (c. A.), Elko Nev 

Elko, Barnwell S. C 

Elk Point {c. A.), Union. Dak 

Elkport, Clayton Iowa. 

Elk Prairie, Jefferson. . .Ill 

Elk Prairie, Phelps Mo 

Elk Rapids (c. A.), An- 
trim Mich 

Elk Kidge, Owen Ky 

Elk Ridge Landing, 

Howard Md 

Eik River {e. A.), Sher- - 

bume lliDnn 

Elk River, CUy W. Va 

Elk River Mills, Lime- 
stone ..Ala 

Elk Run, Sac Iowa 

Elk Run, Tioga Pa 

Elk Run, Fauquier. . . . . Va 
Elk Shoals, Iredell.... N. C 
Elkton (c. A.), Todd. . . .Ky 
Elkton (c. A.), Cecil . . . .Md 

Elkton, Hickory Mo 

Elkton, Nuckolls Nebr 

Elkton, Columbiana. . Ohio 

Elkton, Douglas '. Oreg 

Elkton, Giles Tenn 

Elk Valley, Dakota.. .Nebr 
Elk Valley, Campbell.Tenn 

Elkview, Chester Pa 

Elkville, Jackson Ill 

Elkville, Wilkes N.C 

Ella, Hickman Ky 

Ella, Marshall W. Va 

Ella, Pepin Wis 

EUaville, Madison Fla 

Ellavilleic A.), Schley. .Ga 

Ellejoy, Blount Tenn 

Ellenborough, Ritchie 

Ellenborough, Grant . .Wis 
Ellenburgh, Clinton. .N. Y 
Ellenburgh Centre, Clin- 
ton N.Y 

Ellenburgh Depot, Clin- 
ton N.Y 

EUendale^ Sussex Del 

Ellendale, Smyth Va 

Ellendale Forge, Dau- 
phin Pa 

Ellengowan, Baltimore. Md 

Ellenorah, Gentry Mo 

Ellensburgh (c. A.), Curry. . 

Ellensburgh, Yakima . Wash 
Ellenton, Barnwell. . . . S. 

EUenviUe, Ulster N.Y 

Ellerbe Springs, Rich- 
mond N. C 

£llerslie, Harris Ga 

Ellcrslie, Alleghany.... Md 
Ellerton, Frederick .... Md 
Ellery , Chautauqua. ..N.Y 
Ellettsville, Monroe.. . Ind 
£Uicott,£rie N.Y 

EUicott Oitif (e. h.) 

Howard Md 

Ellicottsvilie, Cattazan- 

gus N.Y 

^tijay (c. A.), Gilmer.. .€hk 

Ellinger, Colorado Tex 

£llington, Tolland.. .Conn 
Ellington, Hancock . . Iowa 
Mlington, Tuscola . . .Mich 

Ellington, Dodge Minn 

Ellington, Chautaaqua.N.Y 
Ellingwood's Comer, 

Waldo Me 

Ellin wood, Barton . . .Kans 

Elliot, York Me 

Elliota, Fillmore Minn 

EUiott, San Joaquin .. .Cal 
Elliott, Windham.... Conn 

EUiott, Ford lU 

Elliott, Grenada Miss 

Elliott, Randolph Mo 

Elliott's, Matagorda.. . .Tex 
Elliottsburgh, Perry. . . .Fii 
Elliott's Cross Roads, 

Morgan Ohio 

Elliott's Mill, Panola. .Miss 
Elliottstown, EfRngham.IU 
Elliottville, Rowan . . . .Ky 

Ellis, Hardin Iowa 

Ellis, Ellis Kans 

ElUs, Vernon Mo 

Ellis. Portage Wia 

Ellis Durgh, Casey Ky 

Ellisburgh, Camden.. .N. J 
Ellisburgh, Jefferson .N. Y 

Ellisburgh, Potter Pa 

EUisdale, Monmouth. .N.J 
Ellis Grove, Randolph. .Ill 
Ellis Hollow, Tompkins.. . 

Ellis Mound, Hamilton. .Hi 

Ellison, Warren HI 

Ellison Bay, Door Wis 

Elliston, Grant Ky 

Elliston, Ottawa Ohio 

EUistown, Union .... .Miss 

Ellisville. Fulton HI 

Ellisville', Nichohis: . . . .Ky 
Ellisville (e. A.), Jones. .Miss 

Ellisville, St. Louis Mo 

Ellisville, Louisa Va 

Ellisville, Kewaunee.. .Wis 

Ellsworth, Logan Ark 

Ellsworth, Litchfield. Conn 

Ellsworth, McLean HI 

Ellsworth, .Dubois . . . .Ind 
EUsworth (c. A.), Ells- 
worth Kans 

lUlsworth (c. A.), Han- 
cock Me 

Ellsworth, Middlesex. Mass 

Ellsworth, Nye Nev 

Ellsworth, Mahoning.. Oliio 
Ellsworth (t .A. ),Pierce . .Wis 
Ellsworth Falls, Han- 
cock Me 

EUwood, SchuylkiU Pa 

Elm, Wayne Midi 

Elm, Fayette Fa 

Elma, Republic Kans 

Elma, Erie N.Y 

Elma, Chehalis Wash 

Elma Centre, Erie N. Y 

Elmay , Grant Ind 

Elm Creek, Marshall. Kana 
Elm Creek, Buffalo.. .Nebr 

Elmdale, Chase Kans 

Elm Dale, Mosrison. .Minn 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Bmnr, BaxdlMS MIeh 

■Lmer, S»l«in N. J 

Elmford, Wayne W. Va 

XUa OroTs, Adams Ill 

Urn OroTe, Fianklin. .Man 

Urn GroTe, Holt Mo 

Hid Grove, Chatham.. N. C 

£lm Orore, Pike Ohio 

Sim Grove, Caldwell.. Tex 

Blm GroTe, Ohio W. Ya 

Urn Grove) Waukesha. Wis 

Elm Hall, Giatiot Mleh 

BlmhnrBt, ]>u Page Ill 

SImiugton, Nelson Ya 

Elmira, Solano Oal 

Elmiia, Stark Ill 

Blmixa, Mitchell. . . . .Kans 

Elmixa, Otsego Mieh 

Eltnira (e. A.), Che- 
mung N. T 

Slmira, Fulton Ohio 

llm Lake, Wood Wis 

Elm Mills, Bfljrbour...KaBS 
Elm Mott, McLennan.. Tex 

Elmo, Kaufman Tex 

Elmo, Grant Wis 

El Monte, Los Angdtes.XSal 

Elmore, Elmore Ala 

Elmore, Peoria Ill 

Elmore, Faribault.. . .Minn 
Elmore, Richardson. .Nebr 

Elmore, Ottawa Ohio 

Elmore, Lamoille Yt 

Elmore, Fond du Lae. .Wis 
El More, Las Animas.. Colo 

Elmot, Mississippi Ark 

Elm Point, Bond HI 

Elm Rirer, Cass Dak 

Elm Rock, Leelenaw..Mioh 
Elm Springs, Washing- 
ton Ark 

Elm Store, Randolph. . Ark 
Elm Tree, Weakley.. .Tenn 

Elm Valley, Ness Kans 

ElmTille, Franklin Ky 

BlmTille, Highland... Ohio 

Elm Wood, Boone AA 

Elmwood, Hartford.. .Conn 

Elmwood, Twiggs €kt 

Elmwood, Peoria HI 

Elmwood, Webster Ky 

Elmwood, Ply mouth.. Mass 
Elmwood, Tuscola. . . .Mich 

Elm Wood, Saline Mo 

Elmwood, Cass Nebr 

Elmwood, Iredell N. 

Elmwood, Franklin. . .Ohio 
Elmwood, Edgefield.. . .S. 
Elmwood, Lunenburgh.Ya 
Elmwood Place, Hamil- 
ton Ohio 

Elo, Winnebago Wis 

Elon, Ashley Ark 

Elon, Allamskee Iowa 

Elon, Amherat Ya 

Elora, Butler Pa 

Elora, Lincoln Tenn 

El Fsso, White Aik 

El Paso, El Paso Colo 

El Paso, Woodfocd lU 

El Paso, Sedgwick.... Kans 

El Paso, El Paso Tex 

El Paso, Pierce Wli 

El Pueblo, San Bfignel 

N. Mex 
EI Hto, Bio Arriba. N. Mex 

Elrod, Ripley Ind 

Elzoy, Juneau Wis 

Elsali, Jeisey Ill 

El Salem, Polk Wis 

Elsie, Clinton Mich 

Elsinore, Allen. Kans 

Blsinore, Serler. ..... Utah 

Bisinore, Putnam. . W. Ya 

Blston, Cole Mo 

Eltham, Jackson Ill 

Elton, Geneva Ala 

Elton, Custer Nebr 

Elton, Cattaiaugus. . . .N. T 

Elton, Walworth Wis 

Elra, Tuscola Mich 

Blraston, Hancock Ill 

Eirers, Dane Wis 

BlTira, Johnson Ill 

Elvira, Clinton Iowa 

Elwell, Bzadfoid Pa 

Elwin, Macon Ill 

Btwood, Will Ill 

Elwood, Madison Ind 

Elwood, Clinton Iowa 

Elwood, Doniphan.. . .Kans 

Elwood, Atlantic N.J 

Elwood, Suffolk N. Y 

Elwood, Fannin Tex 

Ely, Linn Iowa 

£ly,Emmett Mich 

Ely, White Pine Ner 

Ely, Orange Yt 

Elyiria {e. A.), Lorain. .Ohio 
Elysburgh, Northum> 

berland Pa 

Blysian, Le Sueur Minn 

Elysian Fields, Harri- 
son Tex 

Ely Station, Marion.... Mo 

Ely ton, Jefferson Ala 

EmauB, Lehigh ¥a 

Emaos, Bedford... Ya 

Embarrass, Waupaca... Wis 

Embden, Somerset Me 

Embden Centre, Somei^ 

set.' Me 

Emberson, Lsmar Tex 

Embey, Grundy Mo 

Embreeville, Chester. ... Pa 

Emden, Logan Ill 

Emeline, Jackson Iowa 

Emerald, Anderson. . . Kans 
Emerald, Faribault.. .Minn 

Emerald, Adams Ohio 

Emerald, St. Croix Wis 

Emerald Grove, Bock. .Wis 

Bmerick, Madison Nebr 

Emerickville, Jefferson. . Pa 

Emerson, Mills Iowa 

Emerson, Marion Mo 

Emerts Cove, Sevier. .Tenn 

Emery, Macon Ill 

Emery, Fulton Ohio 

Emery. Monroe Wis 

Emery's MUls, York Me 

Emet, Chippewa Wis 

Emigrant Gap, Plaow. . Cal 

Emigsville, York Pa 

Bmilie, Bucks Pa 

Eminence, Morgan Ind 

Bminenee, Smith. . . . Kans 

Eminence, Henzy Ky 

Eminence (e. A.), Shan- 
non Mo 

Eminence, Schoharie.. N. Y 
Emison Station, Knox..lnd 

Emlenton, Yenango Pa 

Emma, White Ill 

Emmaton, Sacramento.. Cal 

Emmaville, Fulton Pa 


Emmerton, Bfehmoiid.. .Ta 

Emmgtsburgh (e. A.), 

Palo Alto Iowa 

Emmett, Nevada* Aik 

Emmett, San Benito.. . .Cal 

Emmett, Union Dak 

Kmmett, Emmett Iowa 

Kmmett, St. Clair Mich 

Emmett, Paulding. . . . Ohio 
Emmettsville. Randolph . . . 

EmmettviUe, Ada.. . .Idp^ho 
Emmittsburgh, Fred- 
erick Md 

Emmonaburgh,Fulton.N . Y 
Emmorton, Harford . . . . Md 
Emory (e. A.), Rains. . .Tex 
Emory, Washington.... Ya 
Emory Grove, Balti- 
more. ... Md 

Empire, Wright Iowa 

Empire, McPher8on...Kans 
Empire, Plaquemines .. .La 
Empire, Leelenaw. . . .Ifich 
Empire, Fond du l«c. .Wis 
Empire City, Clear 

Creek Colo 

Empire City, Cherokee. . . . 

Empire City, Dakota. Minn 
Gmpijm City, Ormsbv. .Nev 
Empire City (e. A.), 

Coos Oreg 

Empire Prairie, Andrew.Mo 
Empire Ranch, Pima. .Ariz 
Empire Station, McLean.Ill 
Emporia (c. A.), Lyon. Kans 

Emporia, Daviess Mo 

Emporium (e. A.), Cam- 
eron Fa 

Emsworth, All^heny . . . Pa 
Emuckfaw, Tallapoosa. Ala 
Bnehanted Prairie, Coos. . . 


EndexB, Dauphin Pa 

Endor, Will HI 

Energy, Howard Ind 

Energy, Clark Miss 

Energy, Schuyler Mo 

Enfield, Hartford Conn 

Enfield, White Ill 

Enfield, Penobscot Me 

Enfield, Hampshire... Blass 

Enfield, Grafton N. H 

Enfield, Halifax N. C 

Enfield, King William... Ya 
Enfield Centre, Grafton.. . 

N. H 
Enfield Centre, Tomi>* 

kins N.Y 

Engelhard, Hyde N. C 

Engelwood, Robertson.. Tex 
England-g Point, Cher- 
okee N. 

Engleman's Mill, Lincoln.. 

Engle's MillA^ Garrett... Md 

Englewood, Cook Ill 

Englewood, Beiigen. . . .N. J 

EngliMh, Crawford Ind 

English, Carroll Ky 

English, Menominee. .Mich 
EngUiih Centre, Lycom- 
ing Pa 

English Lake, Starke. . . Ind 
English Lookout, St. 

Tammany La 

English Mills,Lycoming.Pa 


lagUsh Pxaixie, MeHn- 

English's Creek, Atlan- 
tic N.J 

Englishtown, Monmouth . . 

Englishville, Kent. . . .Mich 
Ennall's Springs, Dor^ 

Chester Md 

Ennes, Gibsom Ind 

Bnnis, Ellis Tex 

Ennisville, Huntingdon. Pa 

Enoch, Noble Ohio 

Enoohsburgh. Franklin. Ind 
Baochville, Rowan . . . N. C 

Enola, Butler Ky 

Enold, Faulkner Ark 

Enon, Bullock Ala 

Enon, Jasper 6a 

Enon, Perry Miss 

Enon, Clarke Ohio 

Enon College, Trousdale. . . 


Enon Grove, Heard Ga 

Enon Yalley, lAwrence. Pa 
Enosburgh, Frank lin....Yt 
Ebosburgh Falls, Frank- 
lin. .. ....Yt 

ySnsley, Newaygo Mich 

Enterline, Dauphin Pa 

Enterprise, Coffee Ala 

Enterprise, Sebastian. .Ark 
Enterpriee {e. A.), Y(^u- 

sia Fla 

Enterprise, Butte Cal 

Enterprise, Lee Ga 

Enterprise, Wayne Ill 

Enterprise, Spencer. . . .Ind 
Enterprise, Black Hawk.. . 

Enterprise, Dicklnson.Kans 
Enterprise, Catahoula. . .La 
Enterpr^, Winona. . .Mini\ 
Enterpriu (e. A.), Clark . . . ' 


Enterprise, Clarice Mo 

Enterprise, Benton... .Oreg 

Enterprise, Warren Pa 

Enterprise, Charleston. S. 
Enterprise, Southampton.. 

Enterprise, Harrison. W.Ya 
Enterprise, Yemon. ...Wis 

Sola, Fulton Ark 

Eola, Du Page Ill 

Kola, Polk Oreg 

Epes Station, Sumter... Ala 
Ephraim, San Pete.. Utah 

Ephraim, Door Wis 

Ephratah, Fulton N. Y 

Ephratah, Lancaster Pa 

Epperson, Colusa Cal 

Epping, Rockingham. . N. H 

Epsom, Daviess Ind 

Epsom, Merrimack. . . . N . H 
Bpworth, Dubuque. . .Iowa 

Equality, Coosa Ala 

Equality, Gallathi Ill 

Equality, Frontier. . . .Nebr 
Equality, Anderson... . S. 

Equinunk, Wayne Pa ^ 

Ent, Cooke Tex 

Erastus. Banks Ga 

Erata, Jones Miss 

Ercildoun, Chester Pa 

Erfurt, .Jefferson Wis 

Ergainsville, Mecklen- 
burgh Ya 


Alphabetical Zdst of Post Offiees* 

Hxhaxiy Medina Ohio 

Erie, San Benito....... Cftl 

Erie, Weld Colo 

Erie, WhiteddeB Ill 

Erie, Lftwiwaee Ind 

Erie, O'Brien Iowa 

Brie (e. k. ), Neosho. . .Kana 

Erie, Monroe Mich 

Erie, McDonald Mo 

ErU (r. A.), Erie Fa 

Erie, Loiid<m Tenn 

Erie Mills, Montgomery . . . 

EricTille, Madison. . . .N. T 

Erin, Meriwether Qa 

Erin, Chemung N. T 

Erin (e. A.), Houston. Tenn 

Erin, St. Croix Wis 

Erin Shades, Henrico. . . Ya 
Erin Springs, Chickasaw N. 

Ind. T 
Emstrille, Washington .Md 

Errol, Coos N. H 

Errin, Howard Ind 

Erring, Franklin Mass 

Erwin, Schuyler Ill 

Erwin, Steuben N. Y 

Srwih Cenfcre,Steuben 


Erwinna, Bucks Pa 

ErwinsTille, Cleveland . . . 

SrwinTille, Lincoln . . . Miss 

Esbon, Jewell Kans 

Escambia, Escambia... Fla 
Eseanaba (e. A.), Delta... 


Escoheag, Kent R. I 

Esdaile, Pierce Wis 

Eshcol. Perry Pa 

Eskridge, Wabaunsee. Kans 

Esofea, Vernon Wis 

Esom mil, Polk Ga 

Bsopus, Ulster N. Y 

Esperance, Sumter Fla 

Esperance, Schoharie. N. Y 
Esperanxa, PcmtorocMiss 

Espy, Columbia Pa 

Espyville, Crawford Pa 

Essex, Middlesex Conn 

Essex, Page Iowa 

Essex, Esmx Mass 

Essex, Stoddard Mo 

Essex, Essex N. Y 

Essex, Chittenden V t 

Essex Junction, Chitten- 
den Vt 

EssexTille, Bay Mich 

Esteina, ftftunders. ...Nebr 

EsteU Flats, Carter Ky 

Estelline, Hamlin Dak 

EstelTille, Atlantic. . . .N. J 

Estep, Johnson Ark 

Estes Brook, Mille Laos. . . . 

Estes Parte, Larimer... Colo 
EstherviUe (c. A.), Em- 

mett Iowa 

Estill, Washington . . . .Miss 

Estill, Howard Mo 

Estill's Fork, Jackson. .Ala 
Estill Springs, Frank- 
lin. .. Tenn 

BttiUvUle (e. A.), Soott..ya 

Bsto, Russell ....Ky 

Stchehoma, Jasper. . . .Miss 
Xtehetah, Custer. . . . Jiont 

Xfhel, Hall Qa 

Etlah, Franklin Mo 

Etna, Coles Ill 

Etna, Penobscot Me 

Etoa, Fillmove Minn 

Etea, Scotland Mo 

Etna, Bergen N.J 

Etna, Tompkins N. Y 

Etna, Licking Ohio 

Etna, All^heny Pa 

Etna, Decatur Tenn 

Etna, Smith Tex 

Etna, La Fayette Wis 

Etna Centre, Penobscot... 

Etna Green, Kosciusko. Ind 
Etna Mills, Siskiyou. . ..Cal 
Etna Mills, King Wil- 

liam Va 

Btoniah, Putnam Fla 

Etta Jane, Union 8. C 

Ettaville, Crawford Ga 

Etter, Dakota Minn 

Etters, York Fa 

EttieTille, Gentry Mo 

Ettrick, Trempealeau. .Wis 
Eubanks, Columbia. . . . Ga 

Eubaalcs, Adams Ill 

Bubank's Mills, John- 
son Ark 

Ettbank's Station, Pu- 
laski Ky 

Buehee, Meigs Tenn 

EueJue Anna (c. A.), 

Walton Fla' 

Euclid, Onondaga. . . .N. Y 
Euclid, Cuyahoga. ...Ohio 

Eucutta, Wayne Miss 

Eudora, Jasper Ga 

Budora, Douglas Kans 

Eudoia, De Soto Miss 

Eudora, Nodaway Mo 

Eufanla, Barbour Ala 

Snfaula, Creek N. . .Ind. T 

Eugene, Knox Ill 

Eugene, Vermillion. . . .Ind 
Eugene, Ringgold. . . .Iowa 
Et^ne OUy (e. A.), 

lAue Oxeg 

Euharlee, Bartow Ga 

Eulia, Macon Tenn 

Eunice, Kingman .... Kans 
Eupeptic Springs, Ire- 
dell N.C 

Euphemia, Preble. . . .Ohio 

Euphronia, Moore N. C 

Eureka, Talladega.. . . .Ala 

Eureka, Cross Ark 

Eureka (e. A.), Hum- 
boldt Cal 

Eureka, San Juan Colo 

Eureka, Marion Fla 

Eureka, Dooly Ga 

Eureka, Woodfoxd Ill 

Eureka, Spencer Ind 

Eureka, Adams Iowa 

Eureka (e. A.), Green- 
wood.... Kans 

Eureka, Lyon Ky 

Eureka, Caldwell ■ . La 

Eureka, Clinton Mich 

Eureka, Lee «..Miss 

Eureka, St. Louis Mo 

Eureka, York Nebr 

Ettreka {e. A.), Eureka. . . . 


Eureka, SuUiyan N. Y 

Eureka, Alamance.... N. 

Bnnka, Gallia .Obla 

Eureka, Montgomeiy...Pa 

Eureka, NaTairo Tex 

Eureka, Juat» Utah 

Eureka, Winnebago. . . .Wis 
Eureka Mills, Plumas. .Cal 
Eureka Mills, Elbert . . . . Ga 
Eureka Mills, Charlotte . Va 
Eureka Spring, Panola . . . 

Euren, Kewaunee . . . ...Wis 

Bostis, Franklin Me 

Eutaic {e. A.), Greene. .Ala 

Evana, Sharkey Miss 

Evams («. A.), Weld.. . .Colo 

Evans, Maiahall Hi 

Evans. Erie N. Y 

ETansDuzgh, Coshocton.. . . 

Bnmsbnrgh, Crawford. .Pa 
Evans' Tiuiding, Hur- 

■ risen. T p <| 

Evans' MiU, Whitley... Ky 
Evans' Mills, Jefferson.... 

Evansport, Defiance... Ohio 

Evanston, Cook HI 

EtfoHsUm (e. A.), Uintah... 

Evansville, Washington . . . 

Evansville, Randolph ... Ill 
BvansviUe {e. A.), Van- 

derfoui^h Ind 

Evansville, Douglas. .Minn 

Evansville, Monroe Mo 

Evansville, Columbia. . . Pa 

Evansville, Orleans Vt 

BvansviUe, Preston.. W. Va 

Evani>ville, Rock Wis 

Evans Wharf* Accomack... 

Evanswood, Waupaca. . Wis 

Evart, Osceola Mich 

Eveland Grove, Ifo- 

haska Iowa 

Eveline, Charlevoix.. Mich 

Evelyn, Glynn Ga 

Eve Mills, Loudon .... Tenn 
Bvendale, Hamilton . .Ohio 

Evendale, Juniata Pa 

Evening Shad* (e. A.), 

Sharp Ark 

Evensville, Rhea Tenn 

Everet's, Nansemond. . . Va 
Everett, Woodson. . . .Kans 
Everett, Middlesex.. . .Mass 

Everett, Cass Mo 

Everett, Dodge .'. .Nebr 

Everett, Bednwd Pa 

Everett's Springs, Floyd... 

Everett's Station, Craw- 
ford ...Ga 

Evergreen (e. A.), Con- 
ecuh Ala 

Evergreen, Santa Clara. Cal 
Evergreen, Jeff6rs<m. .Colo 

Evergreen, Irwin Ga 

Evergreen, Tama. .... Iowa 
Evergreen, Avoyelles.. ..La 
Evergreen, Bradford- . . .Pa 
Evergreen, Appomattox. Va 
Evergreen Mills, Loudoun^ 

Evergreen Park, Cook.. .Ill 
Everittstown, Huntec- 
don, N. J 

Bveifole, Owsley Ky 

Eversonville, Linn.*. . . .Mo 

Bverton, Fayette Ind 

Evington, Campbell.... Va 
Bwaki, Faribault. . . . Jkfinn 
Bwan's Mills, Glonoes- 

ter N.J 

Ewart, Poweshiek. . . .Iowa 
EwartsviUe, Whitman.... 


Swing, Franklin Hi 

Swing, Jaoksmi lad 

Swing, Fleming Ky 

Swing, Hockimc Ohio 

Swing College, Franklin. . . 

Ewfaigford, Trimble. . . .Ky 
Swing's Mills, AUegheoy . . 

Swing's Neck, Cumber- 

kud N.J 

Swing's Store, Bedford. . Va 

Swington, Decatur Ind- 

Ewlngton, Gallia Ohio 

Bwingville, Mercer... . .N. J 

Excello, Macon Mo 

Excelsior, BuUoeh Ga 

Excelsior, Mahei«ka . . .Iowa 
Excelsior, Mitchell. . .Kans 
Excelsior, Hennepin. .Minn 

Excelsior, Morgan Mo 

Excelsior, Norttiumber- - 

land P» 

Excelsior, Richland. . . .Wis 
Excelsior Mille, Jo 

Daviess Ill 

Exchange, Marshall. . ..Ky 

Exchange, Montour Pa 

Exeter, Scott Ill 

Exeter, Clay Kans 

Exeter, Penobscot Me 

Exeter, Monroe Mich 

Exeter, Fillmore J^ebr 

Exeter (e. A.), Rocking- 
ham N.II 

Exeter, Otsego N. Y 

Exeter, Luaeme Pa 

.Exeter, Washington.. .R. I 
Exeter Mills, FenobsootMe 
Exeter Station, BerlLS. . .Pa 
Exira (e.A.), Audubon.Iowa 
Exline, Appanoose... Iowa 
Experiment Mills, M<hi- 

roe Pa 

Express Ranch, Bakor.Oreg 

Exton, Chester Pa 

Eyer's Grove, Columbia.Pa 

Eyota, Olmsted Jfinn 

Esel, Morgan. Ky 


Fabacher, St. Landry.. . .La 

Fabius, Schuyler Mo 

Fabius, Onondaga N. Y 

Fabius, Hardy W. Va 

Fabius Juncti<m, Marion . . 

Fabyan House, Coos. .N. H 

Faokler, Jackson AU 

Factory Mills, Louisa. . . .Va 
Factory Point, Ben- 
nington ....Vt 

Faetoxy Village, Frank- 

Un Mass 

Factory villo, Cook Ill 

FaetorwiUe Tioga... N.Y 

Alphabetical Lift of Pott OffUea. 


Aetoiyrillei Wjondiig. .Fl» 
lftgley«Till«, Montgom- 
ery P» 

SagaDduB, Warren P» 

F^n^s, Washington... Tenn 
Vairfoank, Buchanan.. Iowa 
Fdrbanka, Alachua. . . . Fla 
Fairhank8, SuUiran ...Ind 
Fairbanks, Lexington.. S. G 
Fair Bluff, Columbus. N. C 
Fawbum(c A.),GampbalLGa 
Fairbury, Uringston.. . .Ill 
Fairbwry (e. A.), Jeffer- 
son Nebr 

FaiKhlld, San Claire.. Wis 

Fairdale, Howard Nebr 

Fair Dale, Oswego N. T 

Fairdale, Susquehanna. Pa 
Fair Dealing, Marshall. .Ky 

Fairfax, Monroe Ind 

Fairfax, Linn Iowa 

Fairfax, Osa^ Kans 

Fairfax, Swam N. C 

Fairfax, Highland. . . .Ohio 

Fairfax, Franklin Vt 

Fairfax C. //., Fairfax. Va 
Fairfax Station, Fairfax. Va 
Fairfield, OoTington. . . . Ala 

Fairfield, Jefferson Ark 

Fairfield, Fairfield. . . .Conn 
Fair Held (c. A.), Wayne. Ill 

Fairfield, Franklin .Ind 

Fairfield (e. A.), Jeffer> 

son Iowa 

Fairfield, Russell Kans 

Fairfield, Nelson Ky 

Fairfield, Somerset Me 

Fairfield, Lenawee. . . .Mich 

Fairfield, Swift Minn 

Fairfield, Benton Mo 

Fairfield, Clay Nebr 

Fairfield, Essex N. J 

Fairfield, Herkimer. . .N. T 

Fairfield, Hyde N. C 

Fairfield, Greene Ohio 

Fairfield, Marion Oreg 

Fairfield, Adams Pa 

Fairfield {e. 4.), Free- 
stone '. Tex 

Fairfield, Utah Utah 

Fairfield, Franklin Vt 

Fairfield, Rockbridge. .. .Va 

Fairfield, Rock Wis 

Fairfield Centre, De 

Kalb Ind 

Fairfield Centre, Somer- 
set Me 

Fairfield Centre, Ly- 
coming Pa 

Fairfield Comers, Som- 
erset - Me 

Fair Garden, Serier. . .Tenn 
Fair Grounds, Jefferson. .. 

Fiair GroTe, Tuscola. . .Mich 

Fair Grove, Greene Mo 

Fair Grove, DaridRon. .N.C 
Fidr Haven, New Uaren .... 


Fair Haven, Carroll Ill 

Fairhaven, Tama Iowa 

Fair Haven, Anne Arun- 
del Md 

Fairhaven, Bristol. . . .Mass 
Fair Haven, St. Clair. Mich 
Fair Haven, Steams.. Minn 
Fair Haven, Monmouth — 


FUr Haven, Cayuga. ..N.T 
Fair Haven, Moore. . . .N. 
Fair Haven, Preble. . .Ohio 
Fairhaven, Allegheny ..Pa 
Fair Haven, RuUand. ...Vt 

Fair Hill, Tell Ark 

Fair Hill, Cecil Md 

Fair Hill, Marshall.. W. Va 

Fairhope, Somerset Pa 

Fairland, Shelby Ind 

Fairland , Montgomeiy . . Md 

Fairlee, Kent Md 

Falrlee, Orange Vt 

Fairmont {e. A.), Mar- 
tin Minn 

Fiairmont, Clarke Mo 

Fkirmont, Fillmore. . .Nebr 
Fairmont (e. A.), Marlon . . . 

W. Va 
Fair Mount, Gordon. . . .Ga 
Falrmount, VermUlion..Ill 

Fairmount, Grant Ind 

Fairmount, Jasper . . .Iowa 
Fairmount, Leaven- 
worth Kans 

Fairmount, Jefferson. . .Ky 

Fairmount, Grant La 

Fairmount, Somerset. . .Md 
Fair Mount, Hunterdon.. . . 


Fair Mount, Onondaga 

Fairmount, Lancaster... Pa 
Fairmoimt, Hamilton .Tenn 
Fairmount, Sabine . . . .Tex 
Fairmount Springs, Lv- 

aeme Pa 

Fair Oaks, Orange N. Y 

Fair Oaks, Douglas... Oreg 
Fair Play, Bl Dorado. . . Cal 
Fair Play ( e. A . ), Park . Colo 

Fair Play, Holmes Fla 

F^r Play, Vanderburgh. . . 

Fair Play, Washington. .Md 

Fair PUy, Polk Mo 

Fair Play, Blko Nev 

Fair Play, Jeffer8<m.. . .Ohio 

Fair Play, Oconee S. G 

Fair Play, Panola Tex 

Fair Play, Grant Wis 

Fair Point, Rice Kans 

Fair Point, Goodhue.. Minn 
Fairport, Muscatine. . .Iowa 

Fairi>ort, De Kalb Mo 

Fairport, Monroe N. T 

Fair Port, Northumbenr- 

land Va 

Fair River, Lincoln . . . Miss 
Fairton, Cumberland. .N.J 

Fairview, St. Clair Ala 

Fairview, Dallas Ark 

Fairview, Uncoln Dak 

Fair View, Franklin Ga 

Fairview, Fulton .Ill 

Fairview, Randolph . . . .Ind 

Fairview, Jones Iowa 

Fairview, Brown Kans 

Fairview, Todd Ky 

Fairview, Concordia — La 
Fairview, Washington. .Md 

Fairview, Union Miss 

Fairview, Nodaway Mo 

Fairview, Bergen N.J 

Fairview, Cattaraugus.N. T 
Fairview, Buncombe.. N. G 
Fairview, Guernsey.. Ohio 
Fairview, Coos Oreg 

Fairview, Srie Pft 

Fairview, Greenville... S. C 
Fairview, Anderson. ..Tenn 

Fair View, Wilson Tex 

Fair View, San Pete. .Utah 

Fairriew, Scott Va 

Faimiew (e. A.), Han- 
cock W. Va 

Fairview, Grant Wis 

Fairview Village, Mont- 
gomery Ph 

Fairville, Saline Mo 

Fairville, Wayne N. Y 

Fairville, Chester Pa 

Fair Water, Food du Lac . . . 

Fair Weather, Adams. . . Ill 
Faisonia, Sunflower.. .Miss 
Faison^b Depot, Duplin.N. C 

Falcon, Nevada Aik 

Falcon, McNairy Tenn 

Falconer, Chantauqua.N. T 

Falkland, Pitt N, C 

Falkner, Tippah Miss 

Falk's Store, Ada. . . .Idaho 

Falkville, Morgan Ala 

Fallassburgh, Kent. . .Mich 
Fall Brook, San Diego.. Cal 

Fall Brook, Tioga Fti 

FaU City, King Wash 

Fall City, Dunn Wii 

Fall Creek, Adams Ill 

Fall Creek, Chatham. .N. C 
Fall Creek, Oconee . . . . S. G 
Fall Creek, Bedford.. Tenn 
Fall Creek, Eau Claire. Wis 
Fall Cre^ Depot, Pitt- 
sylvania Va 

Fallen Timber, Ran- 
dolph Ind 

Falling Creek, Lenoir. .N. G 
Falling Spring, Perry.... Pa 
Falling Spring, Green- 
brier W. Va 

Falling Springs, Doug- 
las Mo 

Falling Water, Hamil- 
ton Tenn 

Falling Waters, Berke- 
ley W. Va 

Fall Leaf, licavenworth.. . . 

Fallowfield, Washing- 
ton Pa 

Fall River, Bristol. . . .Mass 
Fall (Uver, Lawrence..Tenn 
Fall River, Columbia. .Wis 
Fall River 31ills,Shasta.Cal 

Falls, Wyoming Pa 

Falls Branch, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Failsburgh, Sullivan.. N. T 
Fallsburgh, Licking. . .Ohio 
Falls Church, Fairfax... Va 
FaUs City (e.A.), Rich- 
ardson Nebr 

Falls City, Fayette Pm 

Falls Creek, Lampasas. Tex 
Fallsington, Bucks. .... .Pa 

Falls Mill, Sullivan... N. T 
Falls Mill, Lincoln.. W. Va 

Falls Mills, Taxewell Va 

Falls of Rough, Gray- 
son. Ky 

Falls of SchuylkUl,* 
Philadelphia Pa 

• Branch of the Philadelphia 
I Post Offloe. 

Falls Run City, LuMnw.Pa 

Fallston, Harford Md 

Falls ViUage, Litchfield... 

Falmouth, Jasper. .. ... .Ill 

Falmouth, Rush Ind 

Falmouth.{e. A.) Pen- 
dleton '. Ky 

Falmouth, Cumberland. Me 
Falmouth, BamstablcMass 
Falmouth, Missaukee. Mich 
Falmouth, Lancaster .... Pa 

Falmouth, Stafford Va 

Falun, Saline Kans 

Fame, Greenwood. . . . Kans 
Fancher's Mills, White. . . . 


Fancy BlufT, Glynn Ga 

Fancy Greek, Clay . . . SLuis 
Fancy Gnwk, Richland. Wis 
Fancy Farm, Graves. . . .Ky 

Fancy Gap, Carroll Va 

Fancy Grove, Bedford. . Va 
Fancy Hill, Montgom- 
ery Ark 

Fancy Hill, Rockbridge.. Va 
Fancy Prairie, Menard.. Ill 
Fandon, McDonough..'. .Ill 

Fanlight. Wetoel W. Va 

Fannettsburgh, Frank- 

Im Pa 

Fannin, Rankin Mlu 

Fanning, D(miphan. . Kans 
Farabee's Station, Wash- 
ington Ind 

Farber, Audrain Mo 

Fargo {e. A.), Cass Dak 

Faribault (c. A.), Rice ... 


Farina, Fayette Ill 

Farisville, Ells worth.. Kans 
Farland, McPherson. .Kans 

Farleigh, Hardin Ky 

Farley, Dubuque.. .. Iowa 

Farley , Marshall Minn 

Farley, Platte Mo 

Farlington, Crawford. Kans 
Farlinville, Linn. . . .^Kans 

Farlow, Moultrie Ill 

Farmdale, Taxewell Ill 

Farmdale, Franklin. . . .Ky 
Farmdale, Trumbull.. Ohio 

Farmdale, Juniata Fa 

Farmer, Wyandotte . Kans 

Farmer, Defiance Ohio 

Farmer, Young Tex 

Farmer City, De Witt. . .Ill 
Farmer City, Fremont.Iowa 

Farmer's, Lincoln Dak 

Farmers, Sioux ....... Iowa 

Farmers, Rowan Ky 

Farmers, Sanilac Mich 

Farmers, Randolph.... N. G 

Farmers, York Pa 

Farmers Branch, Dallas... 

Farmersbuigh, Clayton .... 

Farmersburgh, Chau- 
tauqua Kans 

Farmers Creek, Lapeer.Mich 
Farmers Exchange, 

Hickman Tenn 

Farmer^s Fork, Rich- 
mond Va 

Fanners Grove, Jnnlata..Pa 
Farmer's Grove, Sonth- 
^ amptoQ Vft 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices, 

Farmers Grore, Green. WIf 
Tarmers Institute, Tip- 
pecanoe Ind 

Farmers MiIls,Futnam.N.T 
Farmers Retreat, D«Ar- 

bom Ind 

Farmers Station, Owen. Ind 
Fanners Station, Clin- 
ton Ohio 

Farmerstown, Holmes. Ohio 
Farmers Turnout, Co- 

lumbu.s N. C 

Farmers Valley, Ham- 
ilton Nebr 

Farmers Valley, Mc- 

Kean Fa 

Farmers Valley, Perry 

Farmersville, Lowndes. Ala 
FarmersTille, Tulare. . .Cal 
Farmersville, Posey... .Ind 
Farmersville, Osage. . .Kans 
Farmersville, Caldwell. .Ky 
FarmersviUe (c. A.), 

Union La 

Farmersville, Living- 
ston Mo 

Farmersville, Merrick .Nebr 
Farmersville, Cattarau- 
gus N. Y 

Farmersville, Mont- 
gomery Ohio 

Farmersville, Lancaster. . Pa 

Farmersville, Collin Tex 

Farmersville, Dodge... Wis 
Farmersville Station, 

Cattaraugus N. T 

Farmer Village, Seneca. . . . 

Farm Hill, Olmsted. .Minn 
Farmingdale, Sangamon.Ill 
Farmingdale, Mon- 
mouth N. J 

Farmingdale, Queens. N. Y 
Farmingdale, Bledsoe. Tenn 
Farmington, Washing- 
ton Ark 

Farmington, San Joa- 
quin Cal 

Farmington, Hanson.. Dak 

Farmington, Kent Del 

Farmington, Oconee Ga 

Farmington, Fulton. . . .Ill 
Farmington, Van Buren. . . 

Farmington, AtchIson.Kan8 
Farmington, Graves. . . .Ky 
Farmington {e. A.), 

Franklin Me 

Farmington, Cecil Md 

Farmington, Oakland. Mich 
Farmington, Dakota.. Minn 
Farmington (c. A.), St. 

Francois Mo 

Farmington, Straff ord.N. II 
Farmington, Taos..N. Mex 
Farmington, Ontario.. N. Y 

Farmington, Davie N. 

Farmington, Trumbull. . . . 

Farmington, Fayette. ... Pa 
Farmington,Marshall Tenn 
Farmington, Gray son... Tex 
Farmington (c. A.), 

Davis Utah 

Farmington, Marion. W. Va 
Farmington, Jefferson.. Wis 

Farmington Centre, Tio- 
ga Pfc 

Fiumington Centre, Polk. . . 

Famdngton Falls, Frank- 
lin Me 

Farmington Hill, Tioga. .Pa 
Farmland, Randolph.. .Ind 
Farm Ridge, La Salle.. . .Ill 
Farms, McPherson. . . .Kans 
Farm's Village, Hart- 
ford Conn 

Farmville, Pitt N. C 

Farm vi lie (c. A.), 

Prince Edward .Va 

Farm well, Loudoun. . . . Va 

Famham, Erie N. Y 

Farnham, Wood. . . . y .Ohio 
Famham, Richmond — Va 
FamumsviUe, Worces- 
ter Mass 

Farragut, Fremont. . ..Iowa 

FarraU, Platte Nebr 

Farrandsville, Clinton. . . Pa 

Farrel, Albany Wyo 

Farribaville, Sevier. . . . Aik 
Far Rockaway, Queens. . . . 

Farr-8 Comers, Colum- 
bia Wis 

Farrsville, Newton Tex 

Farwell (c. A.), Clare.. Mich 

Far West, Morris Kans 

Fassett, Bradford Pa 

Fatama, Wilcox Ala 

Faubush, Pulaski Ky 

Faugh ts, Christian Mo 

Faulkland, New Castle 

Faulkner, Franklin . . . Iowa 
Faulkner Gap, Faulkner.. . 

Faunsdale, Marengo. . . .Ala 
Fauquier Springs, Fau- 
quier Va 

Fawcett's Gap, Freder- 
ick Va 

Fawn, Allegheny Pa 

Fawn Creek, Mont- 
gomery Kans 

Fawn Grove, York Pa 

Fawn River, St. Joseph 


Faxon, Sibley Minn 

Fayette, Greene Ill 

Fayette, Fayette Iowa 

Fayette, Sedgwick ... .Kans 

Fayette, Kennebec Me 

Fayette, Delta Mich 

Fayette (c. A.), Jeffer- 
son Ifiss 

Fayette (e. A.), Howard. Mo 

Fayette, Seneca N.Y 

Fayette, Fulton Ohio 

Fayette, San Pete Utah 

Fayette, La Fayette Wis 

Fayette C. H., Fayette.Ala 
Fayette City, Fayette — Fa 
Fayette Comer, Ken- 
nebec Me 

Fayette Comers, Fayette. . 

Fayette Springs, Fayette. Pa 
Fayette Station, Fayette. . . 

W. Va 
Fayetteville, Talladega. Ala 
FayetteviUe (c. A.), 
Washington Ark 

FayetteviUe (c. A.), Fay- 
ette Ga 

Fayetteville, St. Clair. . .Ill 
Fayetteville, Lawrence. Ind 
Fayetteville, Johnson. . .Mo 
Fay etteville,Onondaga. N.Y 
Fayetteville (c. A.), 

Cumberland N. C 

Fayetteville, Brown. . .Ohio 
Fayetteville, Franklin... Pa 
FajfettevtUe (c. A.), Lin- 
coln -. Tenn 

Fayetteville, Fayette... Tex 
Fayetteville (c. A.), 

Windham Vt 

Fayetteville (c. A.K 

Fayette W. Va 

Fayetteville, Walworth.Wls 
Fayville, Worcester. . .Mass 
Feam's Springs, Win- 
ston Miss 

Fcasterville, Bucks Pa 

Feasterville, Fairfield.. S. 

Febing, Nemaha Nebr 

Federal, Athens Ohio 

Federal Hill, Harford. ..Md 
Federal Point, Putnam.. Fla 
Federalsburgh, Caroline. . . 

Feeding Hills, Hampden . . 

Feesburgh, Brown. . ..Ohio 
Felchville, Windsor. : . . . Vt 
Feldeuville, Orangeburgh. 

S. C 
Felicity, Clermont. . . . Ohio 

Felix, Warren Iowa 

Fellowship, Burlington.N.J 
FellowsvUle, Preston. W.Va 

Felton, Santa Cruc Cal 

Felton, Kent Del 

Felton, Haralson G« 

Felton, York Pa 

Felt's Mills, Jeffer- 
son N.T 

Femme Osage, St. 

Charles Mo 

Fenersville, Osage Mo 

Fenner, Madisdn N. Y 

Fennimore, Grant Wis 

Fenn-s, Shelby Ind 

Fennville, Allegan. . . .Mich 

Fenton, Kossuth Iowa 

Fenton, St. Louis Mo 

Fenton, Wood Ohio 

Fenton Center, White- 
sides HI 

Fentonville, Genesee. .IdScb 
FentonvlUe, Chautau- 
qua N.Y 

Fen wick. Republic... Kans 
Fenwick Montcalm . . .Mich 
Ferdinand, Rock Island 111 

Ferdinand, Dubois Ind 

Ferenbaugh, Steuben . .N. Y 
Ferge8on*B Mill, Yell. . Ark 
Fergus Falls (c. A.), Otter 

Tail Minn 

Ferguson, St. Louis. . . .Mo 

Ferguson , Perry Pa 

Ferguson's Comers 

Yates N. Y 

Ferguson's Station, Al- 
len Ind 

Ferguson's Station, 

L^n Ky 

Fergusonville, Delaware. .. 

N. Y 

f ei^nsson^s Wharf, Isle 

of Wight V» 

Fernandez de Taos 

(c. A.), Taos N. Mex 

Femandina (c. A.) 

Nassau FIs 

Femclifl, Jackson Ala 

Fern Creek, Jefferson. .Ky 
Femdale, Humboldt. . ..Cil 

Femdale, Lehigh Pa 

Femdale, Whatcom . .Wa^h 

Fern Leaf,,Mason Ky 

Fern Prairie, Clarke.. Wash 
Fern Ridge, St. IiOui8...Mo 
Femvale, Tuscaloosa. . .Ala 
Fern Valley, Palo Alto.. 

Femwood, Delaware. ... Pa 

Feronia, Coffee Ga 

Ferrara, Perry Ohio 

Ferrell, Edgar .lU 

Ferris, Hancock Ill 

Ferris, Sedgwick Kanfl 

Ferris, Montcalm Blich 

Ferris, Ellis Tex 

Ferris, Carbon Wyo 

Ferrisburgh, Addison. . . .Vt 

Ferrol, Augusta Va 

Ferrona, Clinton N.Y 

Ferry, Bfahaska Iowa 

Ferry, Oceana Mich 

Ferry Pass, Escambia . .Fla 
Fenysburgh, Ottawa. .Mich 
Ferry Village, Cumber- 
land Me 

Ferry ville, St. Clair Ala 

Ferry ville, Crawford... Wis 

Fertlgs, Venango Pa 

Fertile, Worth Iowa 

Fertility, Lancaster Fa 

Festina, Winneshiek.. Iowa 
Fetterman, Allegheny ... Pa 
fetterman, Taylor...W. Va 
Feyler*s Comers, Lin- 
coln M« 

Fiatt, Fulton Ill 

Fidalgo, Whatcom.. . .Wash 

Fidemy , Jersey Ill 

Fidelity, Pike Ind 

Fidelity, Miami Ohio 

Field Creek, Llano Tex 

Fielden, Elliott Kr 

Fieldon, Jersey Ill 

Fieldsborough, New 

Castle Del 

Field's Cross Roads, 

Milton Ga 

Fields Mill, Gordon Ga 

Field's Station, Lycom- 
ing Pa 

Field's Store, Waller. . ,Tex 

Fieldville, Coles Ill 

Fife Lake, Grand Trav- 
erse Mich 

Fife's, Goochland Va 

Fifleld, Chippewa Wis 

Fifteen, Washington. .Ohio 
Fifteen Mile Grove, 

Tama Iowa 

Fifty Kght, Orange- 
burgh. S. C 

Filion, Huron Jf ich 

Fillmore, Whitfield Ga 

Fillmore, Montgomery . .Ill 

Fillmore, Putnam Ind 

Fillmore, Dubuque. . Iowa 

Fillmore, Bossier La 

Fillmore, Barry Mich 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


Pillmora, Tillmore Minn 

mimove, Andrew Mo 

lUlmore, Allegany . . . . N. T 
Fillmore, W«8hington.0hio 

Kllmore, Centre < Pa 

Fillmore, Sequatchie.. Tenn 
mimore, Washington.. Wis 
mimore Centre, Alle- 
gan Bfich 

FUlmare City {c. A.)» 

liBllard Utah 

Vincastle, Pntnam Ind 

Fincasfele, Brown Ohio 

Fincastle, Campbell . . Tenn 
Fincastle, Henderson... Tex 
Fineastle (e. ^.)i Botetourt.. 


Finch, Greene Ark 

Finchford, Black Hawk 


FinehTille, Shelby Ky 

Findeme, Somerset.*.. .N. J 
Findlay {e. A.),- Han- 
cock Ohio 

Findley's Lake, Ohatau- 

qua N.Y 

Fine, St. Lawrence. . ..N. T 
Fine Creek Slills, Pow- 
hatan Va 

Fine's Creek, Hay wood. N.O 
Fingerrille, Spartanbnrgh. 

S. C 
FInksbnrgh, Carroll. . . .Md 
Fink's Creek, Lewis..W. Va 

Finlay, Turner Dak 

Fittley Station, Cum- 
berland N. J 

FinleyTille, Wa8hington.Pa 
Finneywood, Mecklen- 

burgh Ya 

Fir Cap, Sierra Cal 

Firebaugh, Fresno Cal 

Fire Creek, Fayctte.W. Va 
Fire IsUnd, Suffolk. .N. T 
Fir€»teel (c A.), Davison. . . 

Krst Broad, Ruther- 
ford N. C 

First Fork, Cameron. . . .Pa 

Firth, Lancaster.. . . . .Nebr 

Fischer's Store, Comal. Tex 

Fish Creek, Saline Mo 

Fish Creek, Madison. .Mont 
Fish Creek, Oneida. . . . N. T 

Fish Creek, Door Wis 

Fish Dam, Wake N. C 

Fish Diam, Union S. C 

Fisher, Champaign Ill 

Fisher, Clarion Fa 

Fisherman's Bay, So- 
noma Cal 

Fisher's Ontario N.Y 

Fishersburgh, Madison.Ind 
FLsher-s Ferry, North- 
umberland Pa 

Fisher's Landing, Polk 

Fisher's Landing, Jef- 
ferson N. T 

Fisher's Point, Jackson ... 

W. Va 
Fishers Station, Kent.. Mich 
Usher's Switch, Hamil- 
ton Ind 

Flshersrille, Merrimack... . 

N. H 
Fishersrille, Augusta. . . Va 
Fishertown, Bedford. . . .Pa 

Fisherrille Jefferson. . .Ky 
Fisherrille, Dauphin.. . .Pa 

Fish Hook, Pike Ill 

Fish Haren, Bear Lake .... 

Fishing Bay, Middlesex . . Va 
Fishing Creek, Dorches- 
ter Md 

FisMng Creek, Cape May... 

Fishing Creek,Golumbia.Pa 
Fishing Point, St. Mary's. . 


Pishkill, Labette Kans 

Fishkill, Dutchess N. T 

Fishkill on the Hudson, 

Dutchess N.Y 

Fishkill nains, Dutchess. . 

nsh Lake, Elkhart .... Ind 
Fish Point, Rock Castle.Ky 
Fish Pond, Tallapoosa.. Ala 
Fish's £ddy , Delaware .N.Y 

Fish Trap, Hike Ky 

Fisk, Adair Iowa 

Firfkbuigh, Kenton Ky 

Fifike, Cambria 1^ 

Fiskedale, Worcester.. Mass 
Fiskeville, ProTidence.R. I 
Fisk's Comers, Winne- 
bago vnn 

Fisk's Mill, Sonoma Cal 

Fiskville, Trarls Tex 

Fltchburgh, Worcester 

Fitehburgh, Ingham.. Mich 
Fitch's Store, Caswell. N. C 

Fitchville, Huron Ohio 

Fithian, Vermillion Ill 

Fitts Hill, Franklin Ill 

Fitcalou, Sherman. ;. . .Nebr 

Fitzgerell, Jefferson Ill 

Flta Henry,- Westmore- 
land Pa 

Fitzpatrick's, Bullock.. Ala 
Fitzwatertown, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Fitz William, Cheshire. N. H 
Fitzwilliam Depot, Che- 
shire N. H 

Five Comers, Cayuga. N. Y 
Five Comers, Outagamie.. 

Five Forks, Stokes.. .^..N. C 
Five Forks, Franklin. .. .Pa 
Five Lakes, Lapeer .... Mich 

Five Mile, Brown Ohio 

Five Mile, Mason W. Va 

Five Points, .)oneA 6a 

Five Points, Oloucester. . . . 

Five Points, Pickaway .Ohio 

Five Points, Mercer Pa 

Flack ville, St. Lawrence.. . 


Flagfork, Franklin Ky 

Flagg Spring, Campbell. Ky 

Flagler's, Marion Iowa 

Flag Pond, Unicoi. . . • Tenn 
Flag Springs, Andrew. . .Mo 

Flagstaff, Somerset Me 

Flag Station, Ogle Ill 

Flag Stone, Bledsoe . . .Tenn 
Flambeau, Chippewa. . .Wis 
Flambeau Station, 

Chippewa Wis 

Flanagan*s Mills, Cum- 
berland Va 

Flanders, Morris N. J 

Flanders, Suffolk N. Y 

Flandreau (c. A.), Moody. . 


Flat, Pike Ohio 

Flat Bran^, Forsyth.. N. C 
Flatbrook, Columbia.. N. Y 
Flatbrookville, Sussex .... 


Flatbush, Kings N. Y 

Flat Creek, Winn La 

Flat Creek, Barry Mo 

Flat Creek, Montgomery. . . 

Flat Creek, Buncombe .... 

N. C 
Flat Creek, Lancaster. .S. C 
Flat Creek, Bedford... Tenn 

Flat Fork, Roane W. Va 

Flat Gap, Johnson Ky 

Flat Gap, Jefferson. . .Tenn 

Flatlands, Kings N.Y 

Flat Lick, Knox Ky 

Flatonia, Fayette Tex 

Flat Ridge, Guernsey.. Ohio 

Flat Ridge, Grayson Va 

Flat River ,<Orange N. C 

Flat Rock, Clay Ala 

Flat Rock, Crawford. ... Ill 

Flat Rock, Shelby Ind 

Flat Rock, Neosho Kans 

Flat Rock, Pulaski Ky 

Flat Rock, Wayne Mich 

Flat Rock, Henderson. N. C 

Flat Rock, Seneca Ohio 

Flat Rock, Kershaw. . .S. C 

Flat Rock, Lewis Tenn 

Flat Rock, Powhatan. ..Va 
Flat Rock, Mason.. . .W. Va 

"flat Shoal, Surry N. C 

Flat Shoals, Meriwether . Ga 

Flat Top, Mercer W. Va 

Flat Wood, Phelps Mo 

Flatwoods, Fayette Pa 

Flat Woods, Wayne... Tenn 

Flat Woods, Scott Va 

Flat Woods, Braxton. W. Va 
Flatwoods Academy, 

Elbert Ga 

Fleetville, Lackawanna. .Pa 

Fleetwood, Berks Pa 

Fleming, Liberty Ga 

Fleming, lavingston. .Mich 

Fleming, Cayuga N Y 

Fleming, Washington. Ohio 

Fleming, Centre .Pa 

Flemingsbwrgk (c. A.), 

Fleming Ky 

Flemingsville, Tioga. .N.Y 
Flemington, Marion. . . .Fla 
Flemington (c. A.), Hun- 
terdon N. J 

Flemington, Columbus. . . . 

N. C 
Flemington, Clinton. ... Pa 
Flemington, Taylor..W. Va 
Flemingville, Linn. . . .Iowa 
Flemmings, Catawba. .N. C 

Fletcher, Miami Ohio 

Fletcher, Franklin Vt 

Flingsville, Grant Ky 

Flinn's Mill, Hale Ala 

Flint, Morgan Ala 

Flint, Steuben Ind 

Flint, Cherokee N. . .Ind. T 
Flint, Maha.ska ..... .Iowa 

Flint (c. A.), Genesee. Mich 
Flint, Franklin Ohio 

Ffint Creek, Harrison.. Miss 
Flint Creek, Ontario. .N. Y 

Flint Hill, Clay Ala 

Flint Hill, Medina Tex 

Flint Hill, Rappahan- 
nock Va 

Flint Island, Meade. . . .Ky 
Flint Ridge, Greenwood — 

Flint Ridge, Lancaster. S. C 
Flint River Factory, Up- 
son Ga 

Flintrock, Travis Tex 

Flint's MUls, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Flint Stone, Alleghany.. Md 
Flintville, Tincoln. . . .Tenn 

Flintville, Brown Wis 

Flinty Branch, Mitchell . . . 

N. C 

Flippin, Monroe Ky 

Flippo*8, Caroline Va 

Floodwood, Athens — Ohio 

Flora, Bullock Ala 

Flora, Clay Ill 

Flora, Carroll Ind 

Flora Dale, Adams Pa 

Floral, Indepcndt'nce. . Ark 

Floral, Cowley Kans 

Floraville, St. Clair Ill 

Floravista, Taos N. Mex 

Florence(c. A.), Lauder- 
dale Ala 

Florence (r. A.), Pinal.. Ariz 

Florence, Drew Ark 

Florence, Los Angeles. .Cal 

Florence, Fremont Colo 

Florence, Stewart Ga 

Florence, Idaho Idabo 

Florence, Pike Ill 

Florence, Switzerland Ind 

Florence, Benton Iowa 

Florence, Marion Kans 

Florence, Boone Ky 

Florence, Howard Md 

Florence, Hampshire.. Mass 
Florence, St. Joseph. .Mich 

Florence, Morgan Mo 

Florence, Douglas. . . . Nebr 
Florence, Burlington. .N. J 

Florence, Oneida N. Y 

Florence, Erie Ohio 

Florence, Washington. . .Pa 
Florence, Darlington .'.S. C 
Florence, WilliHmson. . .Tex 
Florence, Randolph. .W. Va 
Florence Station, Ste- 
phenson Ill 

Florence Station, Mc- 

Cracken Ky 

Florence Station, Ruth- 
erford Tenn 

Florenceville, Howard. Iowa 
Floresville (c. A.), Wil- 
son Tex 

Florid, Putnam 1 11 

Florida, Ia Plata Colo 

Florida, Madison Ind 

Florida, Berkshire. . . Mass 

Florida, Monroe Mo 

Florida, Orange N. Y 

Florida, Henry Ohio 

Florin, Sacramento. . . . Cal 

Floris, Davis Iowa 

Florisant, St. Louis Mo 

Florissant, El Paso. . . .Colo 
FloursviUe, Washington. . . 



Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Flourtown, MontgomeTy.Pft 
Flower Creek, Ooeana.Mich 
Vlowerdale, Siebardson .... 

Flowerfleld, St.Joteph.Mieh 
Flower Hill, Randolph.N. 
Flower's Place, Smith. Miu 

FlowerrUle, White Ind 

Flowery Branch, Hall . . Ga 
Flowery Mound, Con- 
cordia La 

Floy, De Kalb Ala 

Floyd, Floyd Iowa 

Floyd, Mitchell Kana 

Floyd(c. A.), W. Carroll. La 

Floyd, Oneida N. Y 

Floyd C. if., Floyd... Va 
Floyd's Creek, Adair . . .Mo 
Floyd's Fork, Jefferson. Ky 
Floyd's Knobs, Floyd. .Ind 
Floyd Springs, Fioyd...Qa 
Flushing, Genesee. . . . Mich 

' Flushing, Queens N. Y 

Flushing, Belmont. . . »Ohio 
FluTanua, Chautauqua.... 


Fly Creek, Otsego N. Y 

Fly Mountain, Ulster. N. Y 

Flynn^s Lick, Jackson 

Fly Summit, Washing- 
ton N. Y 

FogelsTille, Lehigh Fa 

Folk's Station, Harrison. . . 

Folk's Store, Colleton. . S. C 
Folly Mills, Augusta. . . .Va 
Folsom City, Sacra- 
mento Cal 

Folsomdale, Wyoming.N. Y 
Folsomyille, Warrick.. Ind 
Fonda, Pocahontas . . .Iowa 
Fonda (e. A.), Mont- 
gomery N.Y 

Fond du Lac, St. Louis .... 

Fond du Lae (e. A.), 

Fond du Lac Wis 

Fondulac, Tacewell. . . . Ill 
Foneswood, Westmore- 
land Va 

Fonta Flora, Burice. ..N. C 
Foutainbleau, Andrew.. Mo 

Fontana, Miami Kans 

Fontana, Butler Ohio 

Fontana, Lebanon Pa 

Fontanelle, Adair. . . . Iowa 
Fontanelle, Washington.. . 


Fontenoy, Brown Wis 

Foosland, Champaign. . . Ill 

Foote, Iowa Iowa 

Foot of Plane, Bradford. Pa 
Foot's Creek. Jackson. Oreg 

Footville, Yadkin N. C 

Footville, Ashtabula. .Ohio 

FootTille, Bock Wis 

Forbestown, Butte Cal 

Forbush, Yadkin N. C 

Ford, Elkhom Nebr 

Ford, Geauga Ohio 

Fordbam, liodgeman.Kans 
Fordham,* New York.N. Y 

Ford Rirer, Delta Mich 

Ford's Crossing, Cass ..Ind 
Ford's Depot, Dinwiddle. Va 

• Branch of New York Post 

Ford's Ferrr.CritteBden... 


Ford's Store, Hart Qa 

Ford's Store, Queen 

Anne Hd 

FordsTille, Ohio Ky 

Fordtown, Sulliyan. .Tenn 

Fordyee, ureene Pa 

Fore's Store, Appomat- 
tox Va 

Forest, New Castle Del 

Forest, Liyingston Ill 

Forest, Clinton Ind 

Forest (<?■ A.), Scott. . . .Miss 

Forest, Clinton N. Y 

Forest, Hardin Ohio 

Forest, Clearfield Pa 

Forest, Cherokee Tex 

Forestburgh, Bramble. Dak 
Forestbnrgh, Sullivan. N. Y 
Forestburgh, Montague.. . . 


Forest City, Sierra Cal 

Forest City, lAwrence.Dak 

Forest Ci<y , Mason Ill 

Forest City (e. A.), 

Winnebflgo.. ., Iowa 

Forest City, Washington.. . 

Forest City, Meeker. . Minn 

Forest City, Holt Mo 

Forest City, Missoula. .Mont 

Forest City, Sarpy Nebr 

Forest Cottage, Clinton. Ky 
Forest Dale, Lawrence .Ohio 
Forest Dale, Rutland. . . Vt 
Forest Depot, Bedford. . Va 
Forest Green, Chariton. Mo 
Forest Grove, Montgom- 
ery Kausi 

Forest Grore, Ottawa. Mich 
Forest Grove, Glouces- 
ter N.J 

Forest Grove, Washing- 
ton Oreg 

Forest Grove, Bucks Pa 

Forest Hall, Burice Ga 

Forest Hill, Placer Cal 

Forest Hill, Decatur. . . Ind 
Forest Hill, Kusaell . ..Kans 

Forest Hill, Harford Md 

Forest Hill, Gratiot. ..Mich 

Forest Hill, Union Pa 

Forest Hill, Shelby . . . Tenn 

Forest Hill, Bell Tex 

Forest Hill, Brunswick. .Va 

Forest Hill, Summers 

Forest Home, Butler... Ala 
Forest Home, Amador. .Cal 
Forest Home, Powe- 
shiek Iowa 

Forest Home, Warren. Miss 
Forest Home, Lawrence. Mo 
Forest Home, Tompkins. . . 


Forest Home, Cass Tex 

Forest House, Potter. ... Pa 
Forest Junction, Cal- 
umet Wis 

Forest Lake, Washings 

ton Minn 

Forest Lake, Snsque- 

lianna Pa 

Forest Mills, Allamakee... . 

Forest MU1«, Goodhue 


Foreston, Clarendon.. .8. 
Forest Port, Oneida. . .N. T 

Fanwt Prairie, MedLer 

Forest Raneh, Butte . . .Cal 
Forest River, Orand Forks. 

Forest Station, Clayton. Ga 
Forest Station, Washing- 
ton Me 

Forestville, Sonoma. . . .Cal 
Forestville, Hartford.. Conn 
Forestville, Delaware. Iowa 

Forestville, Hart Ky 

Forestville, Prince 

George's Md 

Forestville, Sanilac. . .Mich 
Forestville, Fillmore. Minn 
Forestville, Chautauqua. . . 


Forestville, Wake N. C 

Forestville, Hamilton.Ohio 

Forestville, Butler Pa 

Forestville, Marion 8. 

Forestville, Shenandoah. Va 

Forestville, Door Wis 

Foige Village, Middle- 
sex Mass 

Foristell, St. Charles . . .Mo 

Fork, Mecosta Mich 

Fork Church, Davie... N. C 
Foriced River, Ocean. . N. J 

Forkland , Greene Ala 

Forkland. Nottoway Va 

Fork Meeting House, 

Baltimore Md 

Forkner's Hill, Dallas.. Mo 

Forks, Columbia Pa 

Forksburgh, Marion. W. Va 
Forks Creek, Jefferson .... 

Fork Shoals, Greenville... 

Forks of Buffalo, Am- 
herst Va 

Forks of Capon, Hamp- 
shire W.Va 

Forks of Elkhom, 

Franklin ...Ky 

Forks of Little Sandy, 

Kanawha W. Va 

Forks oft Pigeon, Hay- 
wood N. C 

Forks of Pike, De Kalb .... 

Forks of Salmon, Siski- 
you Cal 

Forks of Tennessee, 

Swain N. C 

Forks of Twelve Pole, 

Wayne W.Va 

Forks of Tygart, Carter. Ky 
Fcwks Station, Monroe. .F^ 

Forkston, Wyoming Pa 

Forksville, Ouachita. ...La 
Forksville, Sullivan ... Pa 
ForksviUe, Mecklen 

burgh .... Va 

Fork Swamp, Benufort . N. C 
Fork Union, Fluvanna.. Va 
Fork vale, Campbell .. . Tenn 
Forlorn Hope, Iberville. La 

Forman, Johnson Ill 

Forman, Lake Mich 

Forney , Cherokee Ala 

Forney, Kaufman ...... Tex 

Forney's Creek, Swain 


F0n9st Citf («. A.), St. 

Franeis Aik 

Forrester, Ness Kans 

Forrester, 8anilae Mich 

Forreston, Ogl« Ill 

Forster, San Diego Cal 

Forsyth (c. A.), Monroe.. Qa 
Forsyth, Marquette . .Mich 
Forsyth {e. A.), Taney.. Mo 

Forsythe, Biacon Ill 

Fort Aberorombie, 

Richland Dak 

Fort Abraham Lincoln, 

Morton Dak 

Fort Adams, WUkikison. . . 

Fort Ancient, Warren . Ohio 
Fort Ann, Washington.N. Y 
Fort Assinabohne, Ctao- 

teau Mont 

Fort Atkinson, Winne- 

shielr. Iowa 

Fort Atkinson, Jeffer- 
son Wis 

Fort Baseom, San Mi- 
guel N. Mex 

Fort Bayard, Grant.N. Mex 
Fort Bennett, Ashmore .... 

Fort Benton (e. A.), 

Chotean Mont 

Fort Berthold, Stevens.. Dak 

Fort Bidwell, Modoc Cal 

Fort Blackimore, Scott.. Va 

Fort Bluff, Morgan Ala 

Fort Branch, Gibson. . .Ind 
Fort Bridger, Uintah. .Wyo 
Fort Bufflngton, Chero- 
kee Ga 

Fort Buford, Howard.. Dak 
Fort Calhoun, Wash- 

ingt4>n Nebr 

Fort Call, Bradford Fla 

Fort Churchill, Lyon. .Nev 
Fort Clatsop, Clatsop.. Oreg 
Fort Collins (c. A.), 

Larimer Colo 

Fort ColviUe (e. A.), 

Stevens Wash 

Fort Concho, Tom Green.. . 

Fort Covington, Frank- 
lin N.Y 

Fort Cummings, Grant 

N. Mex 
Fort Custer, Custer. . . Mont 
Fort Dade, Hernando.. .Fla 
Fort Davis («. A.), Pre- 
sidio Tex 

Fort Defiance, Augusta. Va 
Fort Deposit, IjOwndes.Ala 
Fort Dodge {e. A.), 

Webster Iowa 

Fort Dodge, Ford Kans 

Fort Douglas, Johnson. Ark 
Fort Edward, Washing- 
ton N.Y 

Fort Elliott, Tex 

Fort Ewell, La Salle — Tex 
Fort Fairfield, Aroos- 
took Me 

Fort Fanning, Alachua. Fla 
Fort Fetterman, Albany . . . 

Fort Foote, ^rinee 

Geoif^'s Md 

Fort Fred Steele, Car- 
bon Wyo 

Alphahetieal LUt of Pott Qffioet. 


Fort Gmmu (e. k.\ OUy.Qtt 
Fort GftrlADd, OoBtilla.Oolo 
Fort Gates, Putoun . . . . Fl* 
For* G«!j» Wayne. ...W. Va 

Fort Qeoige, DuTal Fla 

Fort QibooD, Chorofcee 

N IiMl.T 

Fort Grabam, HiU Tex 

Fori Gratiot, St. Clair.... 

Fort Griffin, Sltackel- 

ford .Tex 

Fort Hale, BuiEalo Dak 

Fort Uaileck, Cafbon.Wyo 
Fort HamUton, Kioga.N. Y 
Fort Barker, SllBworth.. .. 


Fort Hill, Lake lU 

Fort Howard, Brown. ..Wis 
Fort Hunter, Mont> 

gomery N. T 

Fort Hunter, Dauphin.. .Fa 
Fort Jaokflon, St. Law- 
rence N. T 

Fort Jefterson, Ballard. Ky 
Fort Jennings, Putnam.. . . 


Fort Jeeup, Sabine La 

Fort Jones, Siskiyou. . .Gal 
Fort Kent, Aroostook. . .Me 
Fort Keogh, Custer.. Jtfont 
Fort Lamiur, Madison. . .Qa 
Fort Landing, Tynel..N. C 
Fort Laramie, Laramie. . . . 

Fort Lamed, Pawnee. Kmu 
Fort Leavenworth, 

Leayenworth Kans 

Fort Lee, Bergen N. J 

Fort Lemlii, Lemhi. .Idaho 
Fort Lincol n,Bourbon . Kans 
Fort Littleton, Fulton. .Fa 
Fort Logan, Meagher. Mont 
Fort Lupton, Weld.... Colo 

Fort Lyon, Bent Colo 

Fort Lyon, Benton Mo 

Fort McCoy, Marion.. . .Fla 
Fort McDcormitt, Hum- 
boldt Ney 

Fort McKaTett, Menard. . . 

Fort MeKinney, Albany. . . 

Fort Madison (e. A.), 

Lee Iowa 

Fort Madison, Oconee.. S. 
Fort Maginnis, Choteau . . . 

Fort Mason, Orange.... Fla 
Fort Meade, LawTence..Dak 

Fort Meade. Polk Fla 

Fort Mill, York 8. C 

Fort Miller, Washing- 
ton N. Y 

Fort Mitchell, Russell.. Ala 
Fort Mitchell, Lunen- 

buxgh Va 

Fort Montgomery, Or- 
ange N. Y 

Fort Motte, Orange- 
burgh 8. C 

Fort Mountain, Murray. Ga 
Fort Necessity, Franklin.La 

Fortner, Bmanuel Ga 

Fort Ogden, Manatee. . .Fla 
Fort Omaha, Douglas. Nebr 
Fort Payne, Do Kalb ■ .Ala 
Fort Pendleton, Garrett Md 

Fort PlarvB, Solly U3t 

Fort Pike, Orleans U 

Fort Pillow, Lauderdale. . . 

Fort Plain,Montgoniery JN.Y 
Fort RmmdaU (c. A.), 

Todd Dak 

Fort ReooTery, Meroer.Ohio 

Fort Bed, Putnam Ind 

Fprt Reed, Orange Fla 

Fort Reno, -^— Ind. T 

Fort Rldgely,NicoUet.Minn 

Fort Riley, Davis Kans 

Fort Ripley, Crow Wing . . . 

Fort Ritner, Lawrence. Ind 
Fort Rocl^, ilohaire....AriB 

Fort Ross, Sonoma Cal 

Fort Scott {c. h.)f Bour- 
bon Kans 

Fort Seneca, Seneea. . .Ohio 
Fort Seybert, Pendleton. . . 

Fort Shaw, Lewis & 

Clarke Mont 

Fort Sill, Kiowa Res. Ind. T 
Fort Simcoe, Yakima. Wash 
Fort Sisseton, Deuel . . . Dak 
Fort Smith (e. A.), Se- 
bastian Ark 

Fort Snelling, Henne- 
pin Minn 

Fort Spring Depot, 

Greenbrier W. Va 

Fort Stanton, Lincoln 

N. Mex 
Fort Stephens,Kemper.Miss 
Fort Stevenson, Stevens. . . 

Fort Stockton, Pecos. . Tex 
Fort SuUy [c. h. ), Sully .Dak 
Fort Sumner, San Miguel . . 

N. Mex 
Fortsville, Saratoga. . . N. Y 
FortTotten, French.... Dak 
Fort Union, Mora...N. Mex 
Fort Valley, Houston. . .Ga 

FortvUle, Hancock Ind 

Fort Wallace, Wallace.Kans 
Fort Washakie, Sweet- 
water Wyo 

Fon Washington, Prince 

George's Md 

Fort mishington, Mont- 

gwnery Pa 

Fort Washita, Chicka- 
saw N Ind. T 

Fort Wayne (e. A.), Allen. . . 

Fort White, Columbia. .Fla 
Fort Wingate, Valencia. . . . 

N. Mcgc 
Fort Worth (e. A.), Tar- 
rant Tex 

Fort Wrangel Alaska 

Fort Yates, Boreman. . Dak 
Forty Eight, Wayne. .Tenn 

Forward, Dane Wis 

FoecorOj, Kewaunee. . . . Wis 

Fossil, Wasco Oreg 

Fossil vllle, Bedford Pa 

Foster, Bracken Ky 

Foster, Providence R. I 

Foster, Fond dn Lae...Wls 
Foster Brook, MoKean. .Pa 
Fosterburgh, Madison. ..Ill 
Foster Centre, Provi- 

Fosteidale, SuUivaa. .N. Y 
Foster Pond, Monroe... .Ill 

Fosters, Tuscaloosa Ala 

Foster's Crossings, War- 
ren Ohio 

Foster^s Meadow, Queens.. 

Foster's Mills, Ann- 
strong Pa 

Foster Springs, Lyon. Kans 
Foster's Ridge, Perry... Ind 
Foster's Store, Chattooga.. 

Fosterville, Cayuga. . .N. Y 
Fosterville, Rutherford. . . . 

Fosterville, Anderson.. Tex 

Fostoria, Seneca Ohio 

Fostoria, Blair Pa 

Fountain, El Paso Colo 

Fountain, Brookings. . . Dak 
Fountain, Fountain. ...Ind 
Fountain, Fillmore . . .Minn 
Fountain, Schuylkill ...Pa 
Fountain Bluff, Jackson.Ill 
Fountain City, Waynclnd 
Fountain City, Buffalo.Wls 
Fountain Creek, Steph- 
enson .Ill 

Fountain Creek, Maury .... 

Fountaindale, Winne- 
bago Ill 

Fountain Dale, Adams.. .Pa 
Fountain Green, Han- 
cock ni 

Fountain Green, Har- 
ford Md 

Fountain Green, San 

Pete Utah 

Fountain Grove, linn.. Mo 
Fountain Head, Sum- 
ner Tenn 

Fountain Hill, Ashley. Arte 
Fountain Hill, Greene.N. C 
Fountain Inn, Green- 
ville 8.C 

Fountain Mills, Frederick. . 

Fountain Run, Monroe. Ky 
Fountain Spring, Wood.. . . 

W. Va 
Fountaintown, Shelby. Ind 
Fountainville, Bucks. . ..Pit 
Fourche a Renault, 

Washington Mo 

Four Comers, Jeffer- 
son Iowa 

Four Comers, Mont- 
gomery Md 

Four Comers, Huron.. Ohio 
Four Lakes, StevettB..Wash 
Four Locks, Washington.. . 


Four Mile, Nes Peroes 

Four Mile, Morris. . . .Kans 

Four Mile, Dunklin Mo 

Four Mile, Cattaraugus. . . . 

Four Mile Branch, Mon- 
roe Tenn 

Fourteen, Lincoln.. . W. Va 
Fourth Creek, Mitchell .... 

Fourth Crossing, Cala- 
veras Cal 

Four Towns, Oakland .MIeh 

Foost's Mills, Randolph. . . 


Fowlelr, Adams Jll 

Fowler (e. A.), Benton. .Ind 

Fowler, Clinton Mich 

Fowler, St. Lawrenoe..N. Y 
Fowler, Trumbull.... Ohio 

Fowler, Centre Pa 

Fowler's, Brooke. . . .W. Va 
Fowler's Knob, Nicho- 
las W.Va 

Fowler's Landing, Hum- 
phreys Tenn 

Fowler's Mills JQeauga. Ohio 

Fowlersville, ^oe Minn 

Fowlerville, Livingston .... 

Fowlerville, Livingston.N.Y 
Fowling Creek, CaroUne.Md 
Fowl River, Mobile . . . .Ala 
Fowlstown, Decatur. . . . Ga 

Fox, Ray Mo 

Fox. Grayson Va 

Foxl>orough, Norfolk. Mass 

Foxburgh, Clarion Fa 

Fox Chase,* Philadelphia . . 

Fox Creek, Randolph... Ala 
Fox Creek, Chase. . . . Kans 
Fox Creek, St. Louis. . ..Mo 
Fox Creek, Lincoln. . .Nebr 
Foxcroft, Piscataquis. . .Me 

Fox Lake, Lake Ill 

Fox Lake, Dodge Wis 

Fox Landing, Warren. Miss 
Fox River, Kenosha*... Wis 

Fox Spring, Clay Tenn 

Fox Station, Kendall.... Ill 

Fox Valley, Linn Or^ 

Foxville, Marion Ill 

Foxville, Frederick Md 

Frackville, Schuylkill... 1^ 
Frame's Mills, Braxton. . . . 

Framingham, Middle- 
sex JSasB 

Frampton, Clarion PSa 

Francestown, Hillsbor- 
ough N.H 

Francesville, Pulaski.. Ind 

Fradeis, Ness Kans 

Francisco, Jackson Ala 

Francisco, Gibson Ind 

Francisco, Jackson . . . Mich 

Francisco, Stokes N. C 

Fnfttcisco, Medina Tex 

Francisco, Craig Va 

Francis Creek, Manito- 
woc Wis 

Franconia, Pickens. . . . Ala 
Fianconia, Chisago. . .Minn 
Franconia, Grafton. . .N. H 

Frank, Seneca Ohio 

Frankenlust, Saginaw.Mich 
Frankenmutii, Saginaw. . . . 


Frankf ord, Sussex Del 

Frankf ord, Mower .... Minn 

Frankford, Pike Mo 

Frankf ord,* Philadelphia.. 


Frankford, Greenbrier 

W. V» 
Frankfort (e. A.), Frank- 

Un Ala 

Frankf ort. Bloody Dak 

• Branch dt the Philadel- 
phia Fust Oflee. 


Alphc^etiecU List of Post Offices. 

Erankfort, Fnnklfn III 

Ftank/ort (c. A.), Clin- 
ton Ind 

yrankf ort, Marshall . . KanB 
Fbankfort («. k.)f 

Franklin Ky 

Frankfort, Waldo He 

Frankfort, Benzie.... Mich 

Friinkfort, Knox Nebr 

Frankfort, Herkimer. .N. Y 
Frankfort, Somer8et...N. J 

Frankfort, Ross Ohio 

Frankfort, Mineral. . W. Va 
Frankfort Elill, Herki- 
mer N.Y 

Frankfort Springs, Bea- 
ver Pa 

Frankfort Station, Will. Ill 
Frank Hill, Winona. .Minn 
Frankland, Alachua. . . . Fla 

Franklin, Izard Ark 

Franklin, Sacramento . . Cal 
Franklin, New London. . . . 

Franklin (c. A.),Heftrd..Ga 
Franklin, Oneida. . . .Idaho 

Franklin, Morgan Ill 

Franklin (c. k,), Johnson . . . 

Franklin (e. A.), Simpeon. . 

Franklin (e. A.), 8t. 

Mary's La 

Franklin, Hancock Me 

Franklid, Norfolk. . . .Mass 
Franklin, Oakland.. . .Mich 
Franklin, Renville. . .Minn 

Franklin, Howard Mo 

Franklin, Franklin. . .Nebr 
Franklin, Merrimack. N. H 

Franklin, Essex N. J 

Franklin, Colfax.. .N. Mex 
Franklin, Delaware. . .N. Y 
Franklin (e. A.),Macon.N. G 

Franklin, Warren Ohio 

Franklin, Lane Oreg 

Franklin (e. A.), Venango.. 

Franklin {e. A.), WU- 

liamson Tenn 

Franklin, Franklin Vt 

Franklin, Southampton.Va 
Franklin (e. A.), Pendle- 
ton W. Va 

Franklin, Sheboygan . .Wis 
Franklin Centre, Lee.. Iowa 
Franklin City,Norfolk.Ma88 
Fxsnklin City, Accomack. . 

Franklin Comers, Erie.. Pa 
Franklindale, Bradford. . Pa 
Franklin I>epot, Delaware.. 

N. Y 
Franklin Falls, Merri- 
mack N. H 

Franklin Falls, Frank- 
lin N.Y 

Franklin Forks, Snsque* 

haana Pa 

Tranklin Furnace, Sus- 
sex N.J 

Jhanklin Furnace, Sci- 
oto Ohio 

Franklin Grove, Lee. . . .Ill 
Franklin Ivon Works, 

. Oneida N.Y 

Franklin Mills, Des 
Moines Iowa 

Franklin M&Is, Fulton. .Pa 
Franklin Park, Middle- 
sex N.J 

Franklin's Gross Roads, 

Hardin Ky 

Fnnklin's Mills, Flem- 
ing V Ky 

Franklin Square, Co- 
lumbiana Ohio 

Franklin Station, Co- 
shocton Ohio 

Franklinton, Henry. . ..Ky 
Franklinton (c. A.), 

Washington La 

Franklinton, Schoharie. . . . 

Franklinton, Franklin.N. C 

Franklintown, York Pa 

Franklinville, Carroll ..Md 
Franklin ville, Glouces- 
ter N.J 

Franklinville, Catta- 
raugus N. Y 

Franklinville, Randolph. . . 

N. C 
Franklinville, Hunting- 
don Pa 

Frank Pierce, Johnson 


Frankstown, Blair Pa 

Franksville, Racine. . . . Win 
Frankton, Madison . . . .Ind 
Franktown, Douglas . . Colo 
Franktown, Washoe... Nev 
Franktown, Northamp- 
ton Va 

Frankville, Winneshiek , . . 


Fraser, Grand Colo 

Fraser, Macomb Mich 

Frayser, Shelby Tenn 

Frazee City, Becker. . Minn 

Frazer, Buchanan Mo 

Frazer, Chester Pa 

Frazeysburgh, Muskin- 

gum Ohio 

Frazier's Bottom, Put- 
nam W. Va 

Fraziersvilie, Abbeville. . . 

S. C 

Frease, Chase Nebr 

Frederica, Kent Del 

Frederica, Bremer. . . .Iowa 
Frederick (c. A.), Fred- 
erick .....Md 

Frederick, Mahoning. .Ohio 
Frederick, Montgomery. Pa 
Frederick, Fayette. ..W. Va 
Fredericksborg, Kearney . . 

Fredericksburgh, Wash- 
ington Ind 

Ftvdericksburgh, Chick- 
asaw Iowa 

Fredericksburgh, Phil- 
lips Kans 

Fredericksburgh, Osi^.Mo 
Fredericksburgh, Wayne . . 

Frederieksburgh, Leba- 

natk Pa 

Fredtriekrintrgh (e. A.), 

Gillespie Tex 

Fredericksburgh, Spott- 

sylvania Va 

Frederick's Hall, Louisa. Va 
FstdericksvUle, Schiller- , 


FrederlcksTille, Berks.. .Ba 
Fredericktown, Wash- 
ington Ky 

Fredericktown (c. A.), 

Madison Mo 

Fredericktown, Knox. Ohio 
Fredericktown, Wash- 
ington Pa 

Frederieville, Crawford. . . 


Fredon, Sussex N. J 

Fredonia, Chambers . . .Ala 

Fredonia, Crawford Ind 

Fredonia, Louisa Iowa 

Fredonia (c. A.), Wilson. . . 


Fredonia, Caldwell. Ky 

Fredonia, Washtenaw.Mlch 

Fredonia, Union Miss 

Fredonia, Chautauqua 


Fredonia, licking Ohio 

Fredonia, Mercer Pa 

Fredonia, Ozaukee Wis 

Fredric, Monroe Iowa 

Freeborn, Freeborn. .Minn 

Freeburgh, St. Clahr 111 

Freeburgh, Houston.. Minn 

Freeburgh, Stark Ohio 

Freeburgh, Snyder Pa 

Freedom, La Salle Ill 

Freedom, Owen Ind 

Freedom, Butler Kans 

Freedom, Barren Ky 

Freedom, libido Me 

Freedom, Carroll Md 

Freedom, Cheboygan . .Mich 

Freedom, Carroll N. H 

Freedom, Cattaraugus. N.Y 

Freedom, Portage Ohio 

Freedom, Coos Oreg 

Freedom, Beaver Pa 

Freedom, Outagamie . .Wis 
Freedom Centre, La Salle. . 


Freedom Mills, Henry. Ohio 
Freedom Plains, Dutch- 
ess N. Y 

Freedom Station, Poi^t- 

age Ohio 

Free Hill, Washhagton . . . . 

Freehold (c. A.), Mon- 
mouth N. J 

Freehold, Greene N. Y 

Freehold, Warren Pa 

Freeland, Clear Creek. Colo 

Freeland, De Kalb HI 

Freeland, Baltimore. . . .Md 
Freeland, Saginaw . . . .Mich 

Freeland, Carter Mo 

Freeland, Muskingum .Ohio 

Freeland, Luzerne Pa 

Freelandville, Knox... Ind 

Freeman, Clay Iowa 

Freeman, Pratt Kans 

Freeman, Franklin Me 

Freeman, Cass Mo 

Freeman, licking Ohio 

Freeman, Crawford. . . .Wis 
Freemansburgh, North- 
ampton Pa 

Freeman's Mills, Gull- 
ford N.C 

Freeman's Run, Potter.. Pft 
Freemansville, Milton. . .Ga 
Freeport, Sacramento.. Cal 
Freeport, Walton Fla 

Fneport {e. A.), Steplioi- 

son ni 

Freeport, Shelby Ind 

Freeport, Winneshiek. Iowa 
Freeport, CumberlaBd. . M9 

Freeport, Barry Mich 

Freeport, Queens. ... N.Y 

Freeport, Harrison Ohio 

Freeport, ArmstrcMUg. ... Fa 
Freeport, Gloucester... .Va 

Freeport, Cowlitz Wash 

Freeshade, Middlesex . . . Va 

Free Soil,, Mason Mich 

Freestone*, Sonoma Cal 

Freestone, Scioto Ohio 

Freestone, Prince Wil- 
liam Va 

Freetown, Jackson Ind 

FreetoMTu, Bristol Mass 

Freetown Comers, Cort- 
land N. Y 

Free Union, Webster. . . .Ky 
Free Union, Albemarle. . Va 
Freeville, Tompkins. . N. Y 
Frsewater, Harlan. . . .Nebr 
Free Will, Osborne. . . Kans 

Frslstadt, Ozaukee Wis 

Frelsburgh, Colorado. . Tex 

Fremont, Steuben Ind 

Fremont^ Mahaska . . .Iowa 
Fremont, Shiawassee. Mich 
Fremont, Winona . . . .Minn 

Fremont, Clarke Mo 

Fremont (c. A.), Dodge 

Fremont, Rockingham .N. H 

Fremont, Wayne N. C 

Fremont (c. A.), San- 
dusky Ohio 

Fremont, Chester Pa 

Fremont, Obion Tenn 

Fremont, Waupaca. . . . Wis 
Fremont Centre, Lake. . .Ill 
Fremont Centre, Neway- 
go JkBc.ta 

Fremont Centre, Sulli- 
van N. Y 

French Broad, Bun- 
combe N. G 

Frencfibnrgh (c. A.), 

Menifee Ky 

French Camp, San Joa- 
quin Cal 

French Camps, Choctaw. . . 

French Corral, Nevada. .Cal 
French Creek, Allama- 
kee Iowa 

french Creek, Chautau- 
qua N. Y 

French Creek, Upshur. . . . 

W. Va 
French Creek Church, 

Bladen N. 

French Grove, Peoria. . .Dl 
French Gulch, Shasta. . Cal 
French Gulch, Deer 

Lodge Mont 

French Hay, Hanover. . .Va 
French Lake, Wright..Mtnn 
French lick, Orange. . .Ind 
French Mountain, War^ 

ren N. Y 

French Port, Quachita.Ark 
French Settlement, Liv- 
ingston Ia 

Frenchton, tJpshur..W. Va 
Frenchtown, Harrison. Ina 

Alphabetical List of JPo»t Qficet. 


ftenchtovn, IfiMooU 

freiiehtowii, Antelope. .... 

Vranchtown, Hunterdon.. . 

Fnnchtown. Crawford.. Fa 
Fzeach Valley, Wa- 

baunflee Kau 

French Tillage, St. Glair. . . 


Ftenoh Village, St. Fran- 
cois Mo 

FnnchTille, Clearfield.. Pa 
FrenchTille, Mercer. W. Ya 
FrenchvUle, Trempea- 
leau Wto 

Fresh Pond, Suffolk... N. Y 
Fresno CUy (c. A.), 

Fresno Cal 

Fresno Flats, Fresno. . ..Cal 
Frew8bai;i^li, Chautau- 
qua N.T 

Fred's Bush, Montgom- 
ery N.T 

Fziur-B Hill, Greenbrier. . . . 

fWar'* Toint (c. A.), Coa- 
homa Miss 

Flick's Gap, Walker Ga 

Friday Harbor (c. A.), 

San J uaa w ash 

Fxidlej, Anoka Minn 

Friedbuxgh, Forsyth.. N.G 

Friedens, Somerset Pa 

Friedensau, Thayer.. Nebr 
Friedensburgh, Schuyl- 
kill Pa 

Friedensrille, Lehigh ... Pa 
Friedenthal, Hutchinson.. 


Friedheim, Adams Ind 

Fiiedline's Mill, Somer- 
set T% 

Friend, Saline Nebr 

Friend Grove, Wabash.. Ill 
Friendlay, Montgomery . .. 

Friendship, Marshall . . .Ala 

Friendship, Ripley Ind 

Friendship, Caldwell. ..Ky 
Friendship, •Bienville... . La 

Friendship, Knox Me 

Friendship, Anne Arun- 
del Md 

Friendship, Lincoln. . .Miss 
Friendship, Caldwell. ..Mo 
Friendship, Allegany.. N.Y 
Friendship, Guilford.. N. C 
Friendship, Scioto. . . .Ohio 
Friendship, Crockett.. Tenn 
Friendship, Harrison. . .Tex 
Friendship^ Washington. Va 
Friendihip (c. a.), 

Adams Wis 

Friendshipyille, King 

George Va 

Friendsville, Wabash. . .HI 
Friendsrille, Medina. .Ohio 
Friendsrille, Susque- 
hanna ■ Pa 

Friendsrille, Blount. .Tenn 
Fiiendswood, Hendricks... 

Frieiftm's Mm, De Soto. . . 


Friesner. Hocking Ohio 

IrinkTille, Blown.. ..Kans 

Ftio T*twn (c A.), Frio.... 


Frisco, Beayer. Utah 

FriUtown, Berks Pa 

Friaellburgh, Carroll. . .Md 

Frog Level, i'addo la 

Frogmofe, Concordia. ... La 

Frog Point, Traill Dak 

Fr(^town, Clinton Ill 

Frohna, Perry Mo 

Frontenac, Goodhue .Minn 
Frontier, Hillsdale. . . .Mich 
Frontier, Hitchcock.. Nebr 

Frontier, Clinton N.Y 

Front Royal (c. A.), 

TV &AX^U« •*••■•••••*••• TO 

Frosa, Limestone Tex 

Frost, Athens Ohio 

Frost, Pocahontas. . . W. Va 
Frostburgh, Alleghany..Md 
Frostburgh, Jefferson. ..Pa 
Frosen Campu Jackson.... 

Frosen Creek, Breathitt. Ky 
Fruit Cove, St. John'S..Fla 
Fruit Hill, Christian.. .Ky 
Fruit Hill, Hamilton. .Ohio 
Fruit Bill, Edgefield... S. C 
Fruit Land, Ilwacock.. ■ .111 

Fruitland, Kans 

Fruitland, MUcomico.. . .Md 
Fruitport, Muskegon. .Mich 

Fruit VaUey, Bedford 


Frumet, Jefferson Mo 

Fry burgh, Auglai8e...Ohio 

Fry burgh, Clarion Pa 

Frydenland, Oconto... Wis 
Fryeburgh, Wright... Iowa 

Fryeburgh, Oxford Me 

Fryeburgh Centre, Ox- 
ford Me 

Fryer's Pond, Burke . . . .Ga 
Fry's Store, Northum- 
berland Pa 

Fudgy's Creek, Cabell 

W. Va 
Fngatc^f Hill, Russell. . .Va 

Fulda, Spencer Ind 

Fulda, Chautauqua.. Kans 

Fulda, Noble Ohio 

Fulda, KUkitat Wash 

Fulkerson, Scott Va 

Fulk-s Run, Rocking- 

Iiam Va 

Fullen's, Greene Tenn 

Fuller, Jefferson Pa 

FuUersburgh, Du Page. .Ill 

Fuller's Point, Coles III 

Fuller's Station, Albany . . . 


Fullerton, De Witt Ill 

Fullertown, Geauga.. Ohio 
Fttllerville Iron Works, 

St. Lawrence N. Y 

Fnlmer Valley, Alle- 
gany N. Y 

Fulton, Hempstead. . . . Ark 

Fulton, Sonoma ..Cal 

Fulton, Whitesides Ill 

Fulton, Fulton Ind 

Fulton, Jackson Iowa 

Fulton, Bourbon Kans 

Fulton, Kalamazoo. . .Mich 
Fulton (c. A.), Itawam- 
ba.... Miss 

Fulton (c. A.), Callaway... 


Fulton, Colfax Nebr 

Fulton, Oswego N. Y 

Fulton, Davie N. C 

Fulton, Clarendon S. C 

Fulton, Lauderdale. . .Tenn 

Fulton, Aransas Tex 

Fulton, Albemarle Va 

Fulton, Rook Wis 

Fultonham, Schoharie. N.Y 
Fultonham, Musking- 

gum Ohio 

Fulton IIouse,Lancaster.Pa 
Fulton Station, Fttlton..Ky 
Fultonville, Montgom- 
ery N.Y 

Fulton Wells, Los An- 
geles Cal 

Funks, Madison Ind 

Funkstown, Washing- 
ton Md 

Funny Louis, Catahoula... 


Furay , Plymouth Iowa 

Furnace, Worcester. . .Mass 
Fumacevillfe, Wayne. .N. Y 
Fumessville, Porter... Ind 
Fussville, Waukesha. . .Wis 
Fyan, Laclede Mo 


Gabilan, Monterey ..... Cal 

Gabion, Galveston Tex 

Gabriel Mills, Williamson. . 


Gaddistown, Union Ga 

Gaddysville, Robe8on..N. C 
Gadsden (cA.), Btowah.Ala 

Gadsden, Richland S. C 

Gadsden, Crockett Tenn 

Gads Hill, Wayne Mo 

Gaffney City, Spartan- 
burgh S.C 

Gage, Yates N.Y 

Gage's Lake, Lake Ill 

Oagetown Tuscola. . .Mich 
Gage Valley, Howard. Nebr 
Gahanna, Frankliu. . . Ohio 

Gaines, Orleans N.Y 

Gaines, Tioga Pa 

Gainesborough (c. A.), 

Jackson Tenn 

Gainesborough, Freder- 
ick Va 

Gaines' Cross Roads, 

Rappahannock Va 

Gaines Landing, Chicot.Ark 

Gaines Station, Genesee 

Gainestown, Clarke .... Ala 
Gainesville, Sumter.... Ala 
Gainesville (c. A.), 

Greene Axk 

Gaines eUle (c. A.), Ala- 
chua Fla 

Gaiiiesmlle (e. A.), Hall.Ga 

Gainesville, Allen Ky 

Gainesville, Hancock. .Miss 
Gainesville (c. A.), Oaark . 

Gainesville, Wyoming. N.Y 
Gainesville (e. A.), Cooke.. . 

Gainesville, Prince Wil- 
liam Va 

Gaithersburgh, Mont- 
gomery Md 

Galbraith's Store, Hen- 
ry Mor 

Gale, Moody Dak 

Gale, Woodbury Iowa 

Galena, lAwreuce Dak 

Galena (c. A.), Jo Da- 
viess Ill 

Galena, Floyd Ind 

Galena, Cherokee Kans 

Galena, Kent Md 

Galena (c. A.), Stone. . .Mo 

Galena, Dodge Nebr 

Galena, Lander Nev 

Galena, Delaware Ohio 

Cralesburgh (c. A.), Knox. Ill 
Qalesburgh, Jasper. . . Iowa 
Galesburgh, Neo:Jho. .Kans 
Galesburgh, KaUmacoo.*. 


Galesburgh, Jasper Mo 

Gales Creek, Washing- 

t<m Oreg 

Gale's Ferry, New Lon- 
don Conn 

Gales Town, Dorchester. Md 

Galesville, Piatt Ill 

Qalesville, Douglas Oreg 

GalesviUe (c. A.), Trem- 
pealeau Wis 

Galeville MUls, Ulster.N. Y 

Galien, Berrien Mich 

Galigher, Guernsey . . . Ohio 

Gallon, Crawford Ohio 

Galivant's Ferry, Horry .8.0 
Gallagher's Ranch, 

Medina Tex 

Gallaher 'skills, Roane 

Gallant Green, Charles. Md 

Gallatia, Saline Ill 

Gallatin ( r . A. ), Daviess . Mo 

Gallatin, Gallatin Mont 

Gallatin (c. A.), Sumner... 

Gallatinville, Columbia. . . . 


Gallaudet, Marion Ind 

Gallia Furnace, Gallia.Ohio 
Gallinas i^inring, San 

Miguel N. Mex 

Gallisteo, Santa Fe..N. Mex 

Gallitzin, Cambria Pa 

Gall man, Copiah Miss 

Galloway, Pulaski Ark 

Galloway, Franklin. . .Ohio 
GallupviUe, Schoharie.... 


Gait, Sacramento Cal 

Gait, Whitesides Ill 

Gait, Misiiaukee Mich 

Gait's Mills, Amherst. . .Va 

Galva, Henry Ill 

Galva, Ida Iowa 

Galveston, Cass Ind 

Galveston (c.-A.)j Gal- 
veston Tex 

Galveston, Pitt8ylvanla..Va 
Galway, Saratoga. ... N. Y 

Gal way, Fayette Tenn 

Gamaliel, Monroe Ky 

Gambler, Knox Ohio 

Gamble, Walker Ala 

Gamble's, All^heny . ... Pa 
Gamble's Store, Ruther- 
ford N.O 

Gamble's Store, Blount... .• 



Alphahetiecd Idst of Post Cffiees. 

Ctandy'8 Core, Morgan.. AIa 

Ganges, All^n Mich 

Ganges, Richland Ohio 

Gang Mills, Herkimer. N.Y 

Gann, Knox Ohio 

Gano, Butler Ohio 

Gan^evoort, Saratoga. N. Y 

Gansville, Winn La 

Gap, Lancaster Fa 

Gap Civil (c A.) Alle- 
ghany N. 

Gap Creek, Wayne Ky 

Gap Creek, Ashe N. 

Gap Creek, Knox . . . .Tenn 

Gap Grove, Lee Ill 

Gap Mills, Monroe . . . W. Ya 

Gap Kidge, Uarlan Ky 

Gap Bun, Carter Tenn 

Gap Store, Tazewell Va 

Gapsyille, Fulton Fit 

Garber's Mills, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Garb^rville, Humboldt.. Cal 

Gar Creek, Allen Ind 

Garda, McLean Ill 

Garden, Hickens Ala 

Garden, Boone Iowa 

Garden, Delta Mich 

Garden, Athens Ohio 

Garden City, Blount. .Ala 
Garden City, Sequoyah. . . 


Garden City, Cass Mo 

Garden City, Blue 

Earth Minn 

Garden City, Queens. .N. Y 
Garden City, Rich. . . .Utah 
Garden Cottage,Pula8ki.Ky 
Garden Creek, Haywood. . . 

N. C 
Garden Groye, Los An- 
geles Cal 

Garden GroYe,Decatur.Iowa 
Garden Plain, Sedgwick. . . 

Garden Plains, Whitesides. 


Crarden Prairie, Boone.. Ill 
Garden Valley, £1 Dorado. . 

Garden Valley, Macon.. Ga 
Garden Valley, Boise.Idaho 
Garden Valley, Smith.. Tex 
Gardenville, Baltimore-.Md 
GardehviUe, St. Louis. Mo 

Gardenville, Erie N. Y 

Gardenville, Bucks Pa 

Gardi, Wayne Ga 

Gardiner, Kennebec. . . . Me 

Gardiner, Ulster N. Y 

Gardiner, Douglas. . . .Or^ 
Gardner, Huerfano. . . .Colo 

Gardner, Grundy Ill 

Gardner, J ohnson .... Kans 
Gardner, Worcester. . .Mass 
Gardner's Station, Weak- 
ley Tenn 

Gardnersville, Pendle- 
ton. Ky 

Gard's Point, Wabash... Ill 

Garfield, La Salle Ill 

Garfield, Pawnee Kans 

Garfield, Mahoning.. ..Ohio 
Garibaldi, Keokuk. ...Iowa 

Garibaldi, Gaston N. C 

Garland, Butler. Ala 

Garland, Penobscot Me 

Garland, Warren Pa 

Garlandf Tipton Tenn 

Garlandville, Jaaper. . Miss 

Garley , Cloud Kans 

Oarlock, Pocahontas.. Iowa 
Garman's Mills, Cam- 
bria Pa 

Gamavillo, Clayton. . .Iowa 

Gamer, Hancock Iowa 

Gamer's Station, Yala- 

busha Miss 

Gamer's Station, Wi^e. . . . 

N. C 
Gamer Station, White. Ark 
Gamerville, Rockland. N. Y 

Gamett, Lincoln Ark 

Garnett (e. A.), Ander- 
son Kans 

Gamettsville, Meade.. . .Ky 

Garoga, Fulton N. Y 

Garrattsville, Otsego. .N. Y 
Garretson's Landing, 

Jefferson Ark 

Garrett, De Kalb Ind 

Garrett, Meade. Ky 

Garrett, Somerset F^ 

Garrettford, Delaware. . .Fa 
Garrett's Bend, Lincoln . . . 

Garret's Bluff, Lamar. Tex 
GarreUsburgh, Chris- 
tian Ky 

Garrettsville, Portage. Ohio 

Garrison, Benton Iowa 

Garrison, Baltimore. . . .Md 
Garrison Point, Walker. Ala 
Garrison ^s, Putnam. . .N. Y 
Garrisonville, Stafford.. Va 

Garrott, Overton Tenn 

Garr's Mills, Winn La 

Gany Owen, Jackson. Iowa 

Garth, Jackson Ala 

Gary, Deuel Dak 

Garysburgh, N<»thamp- 

ton N. C 

Gary's Store, Bucking- 
ham \tc 

Qaiysville, Prince George. . 


GasbuTgh, Morgan Ind 

Gasconade City, Gas- 
conade Mo 

Gaskill's Comers,Tioga.N.Y 

Gas Point, Shasta Cal 

Gasport,. Niagara N. Y 

Gasquet, Del Norte Cal 

Gassett's Station, Wind- 
sor Vt 

Gassville, Baxter Ark 

Gaston, Sumter Ala 

Gaston, Washington. . Oxeg 

Gaston, Lewis W. Va 

Gastonia, Gaston N. C 

Gaston's Mills, Mont- 
gomery Ark 

Gatchellville, York Pa 

Gate Creek, Lane Oreg 

Gates, Newton Mo 

Gates, Monroe N. Y 

Gates- Mill8,Cuyahoga.Ohio 
Gates Valley, Atascosa.Tex 

Gatesville, Clay Kans 

OatesviUe (c. A.), Gates.N.C 
GattswUe (c. A.), Cor- 
yell Tex 

Gatewood, Clay Ill 

Gate wood, Ripley Mo 

Oatlinburgh, Sevier. .Tenn 
Gatlington, Gates N. C 

Ganley Bridge, fbyette. . . . 


Ganse, Milara Tex 

Gav«rs, Columbiana.. Ohio 

Gay Head, Dukes Mass 

Gay head, Greene.. ^ . . .N. Y 
Gay Hill, Washington.. Tex 
Gaylesville, Cherokee. .Ala 

Gay lord,' 8mith Kans 

Gay lord, Otsego Mich 

Gaylordsville, Litchfield. . . 

Gaynorville, Decatur. . Ind 
Gayoso (c. A.), Pemiseot.Mo 
Gay's Landing, Marengo. . . 


Gaysville, 'VHndsor Vt 

Gayville, Yankton Dak 

Gaselle, Siskiyou Cal 

GazelI)B, Fillmore Nebr 

Geary, Doniphan Kans 

Geary, Clinton .Mich 

Geary, Westmoreland ...Fa 
Geauga Lake, Geauga.Ohio 
Gebhart's, Somerset. . . Fa 
Geddes, Onondaga. . . .N. Y 
Gee Prairie, Burleson.. Tex 

Geesville, Pope Ark 

Geetingsville, Clinton. .Ind 
Geiger's Mills, Berks. . . .Pa 

Geigersville, Yell Ark 

Geigeisville, Carter Ky 

Gelatt, Susquehanna. . . .Fa 

Gem, Hancock Ind 

Gem, Clayton Iowa 

General Wayne, Mont- 
gomery ,Pa 

Genesee, Nez Perces. .Idaho 

Genesee, Waukesha Wis 

Genesee Depot, Wauke- 
sha Wis 

Genesee Fork, Potter. . . .Pa 
Genesee VUls^, Gene- 
see Mich 

Geneseo, Minnehaha. . .Dak 

Gteneseo, Henry Ill 

Geweseo (e. A.), living- 

ston N.Y 

Genesis, Cumberland. Tenn 
Geneva (c. A.), Geneva. Ala 

Geneva, Talbot Ga 

Geneva (e. A.), Kane. ...Ill 

Geneva, Adams Ind 

Geneva, Franklin. .'. . .Iowa 

Geneva, Allen Kans 

Geneva, Lenawee. . .. Mich 
Geneva, Freeborn. . . .Minn 
Geneva (c. A.), Fillmore. .. 


Geneva, Ontario N.Y 

Geneva, Ashtabula. . . .Ohio 

Greneva, Crawford Pa 

Geneva, Polk Tex 

Geneva, Walworth Wis 

Genevla, Henderson. . . . Ky 

Genito, Powhatan Va 

Genoa, De Kalb III 

Genoa, Wayne Iowa 

Genoa, Livingston. . . .Mich 

Genoa, Olmsted Minn 

Genoa, Platte. Nebr 

Genoa (t. A.), Douglas.Nev 

Genoa, CAyuga N.Y 

Genoa, Ottawa Ohio 

Genoa, Vernon Wis 

Genoa Bluff, Iowa Iowa 

Genoa Junction, Wal- 
worth Wis 

Gentlie YaUejr, Onsida — 

Gentry^s Mill, Hamilton . . . 

Gentry ville, Spencer... Ind 
Genti^ville, Gentry. . . .Mo 
George's Cainp, Jone8..Mi88 
Geoige^s Creek, Marion.Adc 
George's Creek, Law- 
rence Ky 

George's Creek, Pickens . . . 

s. e 

George's Creek, Somer^ 

vUl Tex 

G«orge^B Mill8,Sullivan.N.H 
Geoi^;es Station, West- 
moreland. Pa 

George's Store, Xincoln.. .. 

Geoxgesville, Franklin.Ohie 
Georgetown, El Dorado.Cal 
Georgetown (e. A.), 

Clear Creek Cole 

Georgetown, Fairfleld . Conn 
Georgetown (c. A.), Sus- 
sex Del 

Georgetown,* Washings 

ton D. C 

Georgetown, Putnam.. .Fla 
Georgetown (c. A.), Quit- 
man Ga 

Georgetown, Bear lake .... 

Georgetown, Vermillion.Ill 

Georgetown, Floyd Ind 

Geoi^etown, Monroe. . Iowa 
Geo^etown, Ottawa. . Kans 
Georgetown ( e.A. ),Scott . Ky 
Georgetown, Sagadahoc.Me 

Georgetown, Essex Mass 

Georgetown, Ottavra. . Mich 
Georgetown, Clay. . ..Minn 
Georgetown, Copiah. . .Miss 

Georgetown, Pettis Mo 

Georgetown, Custer.. . Nebr 
Georgetown, Jackson.. N. C 
Geoi^etown, Grant. N. Mex 
Georgetown, Madison..N. Y 
Georgetown (c. A.), 

Brown , Ohio 

Georgetown, Beaver F» 

Georgetown (e. A.), 

Geo^etown S. 

Georgetown, Junes. . .Tens 
Georgetoion {c. h.)jWii'- 

liamson Tex" 

Georgetown, Grant. . . . Wis 

Georgeville, Kandiyohi 


Geo]^evilIe, Bay Mo 

Georgeville, Indian* Pa 

Geoxigia, Pike . . .*. Ark 

Georgia, Lawrence Ind 

Georgia, Franklin Vt 

Georgia City, Jasper.. . .Mo 

Geoi-giana, Butler Ala 

Georgiana, Brevard Fla 

Georgia Plain, Franklin. Vt 
Georgia ville,Frovidenc«.]V.] 

Geppville, Jay Ind 

Geranium, Valley Nebr 

Gere, Barton Kans 

Gerlaw, Warren Ill 

German, Chenango ...N.Y 
German, Darke Oliio 

* Branch of the Waahlnj^ton 
Twl Office. 

Alphabetieal Litt qf Pott Offieet. 


GeniMa, Bnurton. . . .W. Va 

Qermania, Calhoun. . . . Ala 
Qennania, Sedgwidc. . Kans 
Gennania, fianilao.. . .Mieh 
Gemiaaia, Mower.... Minn 

flermaaia, F«>t«er. Pa 

Qermaala, Maiqnetto. .Wis 
Cknnano, Harrison. . .Ohio 
Oerawnton, Stoken. . ..N. O 
Qennantown, Colufia...Gal 
Germaotowa, CUntom. . .lU 
6«rmantown, Smith. .Kana 
Oermantown, Mason... K7 
Germantown, Moat- 

gomery Md 

Germantown, Seward. Nebr 
G«nnaatown, M<«it- 

gomeiT Ohio 

Germantown • Philadel- 
phia Pk 

Germantown, Shelbj.Tenn 
Germantown, Jnneau..Wis 
German Valley, Moriia.N. J 
GermanTille, Jeffer- 

•on ..Iowa 

Germany, Pike Ohio 

Germany, Warren Pa 

Genaidatown, Berke- 
ley W. Va 

Qiarf^ Chantauqua.. .N. T 

Gertrades, Jack Tex 

Qerraif*, Marion Oreg 

Geryrille, Bucks Fa 

Oeasie, Vermillion . . . .Ind 
Gethsemaae, Nelson. . . . Ky 
Qettysbargh ,Giahara.Kani 
fiettyabargh, I>aike...Ohio 
Gtttysbtirgh (c. h.), 

Adams Fa 

GetgnriUe, Brie N. T 

Oeyaor Springs, Sonoma. . . 


Ghent, Carroll Ky 

. fthent, Oolnmbia N. Y 

Ghent, Summit Ohio 

Ghent, Bradford Fa 

Clholaon, Noxubee. ...IBsfl 

0holson, Rrown Tex 

Gholsonyilie, Bruns- 
wick Va 

Giard, Clayton Iowa 

Gibbon, Buffalo Nebr 

Gibbons Creek, Orimes.Tex 
Gibbon's Olade, Fayette . Fa 
Qibbonsyille, Lemhi. Idaho 
Gibb's Cross Koads, 

Cumberland N. C 

Gibb's Cross Roads, 

liaeon Tenn 

GibbsTille, Sheboygan. Wis 

Gibeon, Noble Ohio 

Oibesonyille, Hocking. Ohio 

Gibraltar, Wayne Mleh 

Gibraltar, Berks Pa 

Gib$on{e. A.), Glascock. Oa 

Gib(K>n, Allegan Mich 

Gibson, Steuben N. Y 

GtbMn, Pike Ohio 

Gibson, Susquehanna. . . Pa 

Gibsoi:. Oibson Tenn 

GibsoQOurgh, Sandusky. .. 


Gibson City, Ford lU 

Gibsoa's Landing, Con- 
eordia .La 

.* Bnnehof the Philadelphia 

Gibson^ Lanflnf , Be 

Kalb Tenn 

Gibson's Mills, Rich- 
mond N. C 

Gibson's Station, Lake. Ind 
Gibaon's Station, 

Guernsey . . .Ohio 

Gibson's Station, Lee.. .Va 
Gibson Station, Creek 

N Ind.T 

OibsouTille, Clay Ala 

GibiM>nTille, Sierra Cal 

OibsonvUle, Guilford. N. C 
Gibeonviile, Russell.... Va 
Criddings (e. A.), Lee... Tex 
Gitford, Hot Sprii^^. . . . Ark 

Gilford, Champaign Ill 

Gifford, Hardin Iowa 

Gilbert, Scott Iowa 

Gilbert, Muskingum. .Ohio 

Gilbert, Monroe Hi 

Gilbert, Logan W. Va 

Gilbert Hollow, Lexing- 
ton S.0 

Gilberton, Schuylkill . . ..Pa 

Gilbert's, Kane lU 

Gilbertsborough, lime- 
stone Ala 

GUbert's Creek Station, 

Lincoln Ky 

Gilbert's MlUs, Oswego.N.Y 
Gilbert's Mills, Pftuld- 

ing .Ohio 

Gilbert's Station, Story.. . . 

GilbertSTlUe, Marshall .Ky 
GilbertSTiile, Mont- 

l?omery Fa 

GilbertSTiile, Otsego. .N. Y 
GUfoertTiile, Black 

Hawk Iowa 

Gilbertiille, Worcester 

Gilbirdsport, Brown.... Ill 
Gilboa, Schoharie.... N.Y 

Gilboa, Putnam Ohio 

Gilchrist, Pope Minn 

Gildersleeye's Landing 

Middlesex Conn 

Gilead, Tolland Conn 

GUead, Calhoun Ill 

GUead, Miami Ind 

Gilead, Oxford Me 

Gilead, Branch Mich 

Gilead, Lewis Mo 

Gilead Station,Morrow.Ohio 
Giles' Mills, Sampson.. N.O 

Gilford, Tuscola Mich 

Gilford, Shelby Tex 

GUford Village, Bel- 
knap... N. H 

Gilgal, Screven Ga 

Oilkey,Y«ll Ark 

Gill, Franklin Mass 

Gillem's Station, Dick- 
son Tenn 

Gillespie, Macoupin. ... Ill 
GUlespierille, Ross. . . . Ohio 

GiUett, Yavapai Aris 

Gtllett, Bradford Pa 

GiUett, Oconto Wis 

Gillette, Morris N.J 

Gillett's Grove, Clay.. Iowa 
Glllett's Store, Carteret.N.C 
GiU Hall, Allegheny. . . .Pa 
Gilliamsville, Bucking- 
ham Va 

Oillingham, Clearfield.. Fa 
Giliise's MillsJIardin.Tenn 
GilUsonville, Hampton. S. C 

Gillmore, Wolfe Ky 

Oillsboro, Chesterfield.. Va 
Gillsburgh, Jackson ... .Ill 

Gill's Mills, Rowan Ky 

OilUville, Banks Ga 

Gilly-s Springs, Wise...T^x 

Giiman, Iroquois Ill 

Gilman, Madison Ind 

Giiman, Marshall.... Iowa 

Gilman, Pierce Wis 

Oilman's Depot, Sulli- 
van N.Y 

Gilmanton, Belknap. .N. H 
Gilmanton Iron Works, 

Belknap N. H 

Gilmantown, Bufbtlo..Wls 

GUmer, Lake .....lU 

Gilmer {e. A.), Upshur. Tex 
Gilmer's Store, Guil- 
ford N. C 

Gilmore, Effingham Ill 

Gilmore, Benae Mich 

Gilmore, Sflspy Nebr 

Gilmore, Tu8cmrawas..Ohio 
Gilmore's Mills, Rock- 
bridge Va 

Gilpin, Indiana Pa 

Gilpiu'S Point, Caroline. Md 

Gilroy, Santa Clara Cal 

Gilrey Hot Springs, 

Santa Clara Cal 

Gilson, Knox Ill 

Gilsum, Cheshire N. H 

Ginger Hill, Washing- 
ton...' Fa 

Ginghamsburgh, Mi- 
ami Ohio 

Gintowzt, Worth Ga 

Girard, Burke Ga 

Girard, Bfacoupin Ill 

Girard (c. A.), Craw- 
ford Kans 

Girard, Richland La 

Girard, Branch Mich 

Girard, Saline Nebr 

Girard, Trumbull Ohio 

Girard, Erie Fa 

Girard Manor, Schuyl- 
kill Fa 

Glrardville, Schuylkill. .Fa 

Qirdland, Wayne Fa 

Girdletree Hill, Worces- 
ter Md 

Girty, Armstrong. Pa 

Gishe's Mills,. Roanoke. .Va 

Givin, Mahaska Iowa 

Gladdice, Jackson . . . .Tenn 

Glade, Somerset Fa 

Glade Creek,Alleghany .N.C 
Glade Creek, Bledsoe. Tenn 

Glade Farms, Preston 

W Va 
Glade Hill, FrankUn. . .'. Va 

Glade Mills, Butler Fa 

Glades, Morgan Tenn 

Gladesborough, Ran- 
dolph N.O 

Gladesborottgh, Carroll. Va 
Glade Spring, Washing- 
ton :.Va 

GladesvUle, Jasper Ga 

Gladesville, Preston. W. Va 
Gladeville, Wilson. . . .Tenn 

Gladewater, Gregg Tex 

Gladstone, San Juan. .Colo 

Glad Tidings, Clacka- 
mas Oreg 

Gladwin, Gladwin. . . .Mich 

Glady Fork, Henry Va 

Glandorf , Putnam. . . .Ohio 

Glasco, Cloud Kans 

Glasco, Ulster N. Y 

Glasford, Peoria Ill 

Glasgo, New London. .Conn 
Glasgow, New Castle. . . Bel 

Glasgow, Scott m 

Glasgow, Jefferson Iowa 

Gla^^<no{e. A.), Barren. Ky 

Glasgow, Howard Mo 

Glasgow, Columbiana.Ohio 

Glasgow, Cambria Fa 

Glasgow, Trempealeau. Wis 
Gla^ow Junction, Bar. 

ren Ky 

Glassborough, Glouces- 
ter N.J 

Glass River, Shiawassee.... 

Glass Village, Conway. Ark 
Glassville, Caldwell. ...Mo 

Glastonbury j Hartford 


Gleason, Platte Nebr 

GleasonvUle, Tehama.. Cal 
Gleeson Station, Weak- 
ley Tenn 

Glen, Montgomery. ...N. Y 
Glen Allen, Fayette. . . .Ala 
Glen Allen, Bollinger... Mo 
Glen Allen, Henrico.... Va 
Glen Alpine Springs, 

Burke .,,JH. 

Glenalta, l|arion Ga 

Glen Arbor, Leelenaw.Mich 
Glen Aubrey, Broome.N. Y 

Glenbrook, Lake Cal 

Glenbrook, Douglas. . . .Nev 
Glen Brook, Randolph. N.C 
Glenbum, Penobscot. . .Me 
Glenbum, Lackawanna . Pa 
Glen Carbon, Schuylkill.Pa 
Glen Castle, Broome ..N.Y 
Glen City, Columbia. . . .Fa 
Glen Cliff, Davidson . .Tenn 

Glencoe, Calaveras Cal 

Glencoe, Cook Ill 

Glencoe, Gallatin Ky 

Glencoe, St. Mary's La 

Glencoe, Baltimore Md 

Glencoe (c. A.), McLeod. . . . 


Glencoe, St. Louis Mo 

Glencoe, Dodge Nebr 

Glencoe, Buncombe. . .N. 

Glencoe, Belmont Ohio 

Glencoe, Washington..Oreg 

Glencoe, fUlis Tex 

Glencoe, Buffalo Wis 

Glencoe Mills, Columr 

bia N.Y 

Glen Cove, Queens. ...N.Y 
Glen Cove, Coleman . . .Tex 

Glendale, Monroe Ala 

Glendale, Fremont. . . .Colo 

Glendale, Pope Ill 

Glen Dale, Dariess Ind 

Glendale, Jeffexson . « .Iowa 
Glendale, Bourbon . . . Kans 

Glendale, HanUn Ky 

Glendale, Berkshire... Mass 
Glendale, Van BurQn..Mich 
Glendale, Cdabona. . . Miss 


Alphabetieal LiM cf Po9t (Jffice$. 

GlendAl«, Bearte Heftd. . . . 


Glendale, Seward Nebr 

Olendale, Hamilton... Ohio 

Glendale, Cambria Pa 

Glendale, Spartanburgli. . . 


Glendale, Kane Utah 

Glendale, Henrico Ya 

Glendale, Monroe Wis 

Glendale Station, Qneens. . 

N. y 

Glendower, Albemarle.. Ya 
Glen Easton, Marshall .... 

W. Ya 

Gleneden, Lewis Wash 

Glen Elder, Mitchell.. Kans 

Glenelg. Howard Md 

Glen Ellen, Sonoma. . . . Oal 
Glen Este, Clermont.. Ohio 

Glenfawn, Rusk Tex 

Glenfield, Allegheny.. . .Ft 

Glenford, Perry Ohio 

Glen Gardner, Hunter- 
don N.J 

Glengary, Berkeley . . W. Va 
Glen Grouse, Cowley-.Eans 
Glen Hall, Tippecanoe.. Ind 

Glen Hall, Chester Pa 

Glenham, Dutchess.. .N. T 
Glen Haven, Cayuga. .N. Y 
Glen Uaren, Grant .... Wis 
Glen Head, Queens... .N. Y 
Glen Hope, Clearfield ... Pa 

Glen House, Ooos N. H 

Glen Julia, Gadsden. ..Fla 

Glenloch, Chester Pa 

Glenloch, Monroe. . . .Tenn 
Glen Lord, Berrien. . .Mich 
G len Mills, Delaware .... Pa 

Glen Moore, Chester Pa 

Glenmore, Ware Ga 

Glenmore, Oneida N. Y 

Glenmore, Buckingham. Ya 

Glenmore, Brown Wis 

Glenn, Johnson Kans 

Glenn, Allegan Mich 

Glenn, McKean Pa 

Glenn Dale, Prince 

George'^ Md 

Glenn's, Gloucester Ya 

Glenn -s Venyy'Alturas 

Glenn Springs, Spartan- 

burgh S.C 

Glenn's Store, Maury .Tenn 
Glenn's Yalley, Marion. Ind 
Glennyille, Barbour. . . .Ala 

Glennville, Kern Ca) 

Glenola, Randolph. . . .N. C 
Glen Olden, Delaware. . .Pa 
Glt'nora, Washington.. Miss 

Glenora, Yates N. Y 

Glenora, Butler Pa 

Glenora, Spottsylirania..Ya 
Glen Riddle, Delaware... Pa 
Glen Rock, Nemaha.. Nebr 

Glen Rock, York Pa 

Glen Rose (c. k. ), Somer- 

Till Tex 

Glen Roy, Moody Dak 

Gl^ Roy, Chester Pa 

Glensdale, Lewis N. Y 

Glens Falls, Warren. .N. Y 

Glen's Fork. Adair Ky 

Glen Sharrald, Rice . . .Kans 
Glenshaw, Alle^eny. . . Pa 
Glea Station, Alcorn . . Mist 

Glen Union, OUnton.. ..Fa 
Glen Yalley, Sumner. Kans 
Glenville, Fairfield. . .Conn 

Glenville, Harford Md 

Glenrille, Fre^om . . Minn 

Glenville, Panola Miss 

Glenville, Ol&y Nebr 

Glenville, Schenectady .N.Y 
Glenville, Cuyahoga. ..Ohio 

Glenville, York Pa 

GUnviUe (e. k.\ Gil- 
mer W. Ya 

eien Wild, Sumvan...N. Y 

Glenwood, Baxtcar Ark 

Glenwood, Clay Dak 

Glenwood Cook Ill 

Glenwood, Rush Ind 

Glenwood (c. it. ),Mills.Iowa 
Glenwood, Johnson . . .Kans 
Glenwood, Lawrence. . . .Ky 
Glenwood, Aroostook ... Me 

Glenwood, Howard Md 

Glenwood, Middlesex. .Mass 

Glenwood, Cass Ifich 

&fenu}oo(/ ( e.A. ),Pope.Minn 
Glenwood, Schuyler — Mo 
Glenwood, Nance.... Nebr 

Glenwood, Sussex N. J 

Glenwood, Erie N. Y 

Glenwood, Noble Ohio 

Glenwood, Susquehanna .Pa 

Glenwood, Upshur Tex 

Glenwood, Sevier Utah 

Glenwood, Rockbridge.. Ya 

Glenwood, Mason W>Ya 

Glidden, Carroll Iowa 

GlimpviUe, LaudMfdale .... 


Globe, Pinal Ariz 

Globe, Caldwell N. C 

Globe Creek, Marshall 

Globe "nilage, Worces- 
ter Mass 

Gloucester, Essex Mass 

Gloucester C. H.^ Glou- 
cester Ya 

Gloucester City, Cam- 
den N.J 

Gloucester Point, 

Gloucester Ya 

Glover, Hamilton. . . .Nebr 

Glover, Orleans Yt 

Glover's Ferry, Jefferson . . 

Glover's Gap, Marion.W. Ya 
Gloversville, Fulton. .N. Y 

Glymont, Charles Md 

Glymphville,Newberry.S. C 

Glyndon, Clay Minn 

Glyndon, Crawford Pa 

Gly nnwood , Auglaize . Ohio 
Gnadenhutten, Tusca- 
rawas Ohio 

Gnatville, Cherokee. . . .Ala 
Gobleville, Yan Buven.Mich 

Godfrey, Madison Ill 

Godfrey, Bourbon. . . .Kans 
G^win's, Johnston. . .N. C 
Godwinsville Dodge.. . .Ga 

Gk>ering, Shasta Cal 

Goes Station, Greene. .Ohio 

Goff's, Ritchie W. Va 

Goff's Falls, ffillsbor- 

ough N.H 

Goff's Mills, Steuben. N. Y 
Goffstown, Hillsbor- 
ough N. H 

Goffstown OMitn, Hills- 
borough N. H 

Goggansville, Monroe. . .Gii 
Gogginsville, Franklin. . Ya 
Goheettville, Armstrong. Pa 
Golconda <c. A.), Pope.. Ill 
Goloonda, Humboldt. . Nev 
6«ld Creek, Faulkner. .Ark 
Golden{cM. )^effer8(m..Colo 

Golden, Barry Mo 

Golden Brook Mills, 

Rockingham .K. fi 

Ctolden City, Barton. . . .Mo 
Golden Comers, Wayne.. .. 

Goldendale, Klikitat. Wash 
Golden Gate, Brown. .Minn 
Golden Grove, Green- 
ville. S.C 

Golden Hill, Arkansas. Ark 
Golden Hill,D6rehe8ter.Md 
Golden Hill, Wyoming. .Fa 
Golden Lake, Mississippi.. . 

Golden Lake, Waukesha. . . 

Golden Pond, Trigg. . . . .Ky 
Golden Ftairie, Delaware. . 

Golden's Bridge, West- 

Golden Spring, Burt. .Nebr 
Golden Spring, Buehanail . 

Golden Springs, Ander- 
son S. C 

Golden Yalley, Bnth»- 

ford N.C 

GOldfield, Wright Iowa 

Gold Hill, Lee Ala 

Gold Hill, Storey Nev 

Gold Hill, Rowan N. C 

Gold Hill, Buckingham. Ya 
Gold Hill, Grant. . . . W. Ya 
Gold Mine, Marion .... .Ala 
Gold Region, Moore ...N.C 
Ooklrinsey, SalhM. . . .Nebr 

Gold Run. Placer Cal 

Goldsborough, Pulaski. . Ga 
Ooldsborough, Caroline.Md 
GoltJsborough {e. A.), 

Wayne N. C 

Goldsmith, Tipton Ind 

Goldville, Tallapoosa.. Ala 
Ck>leta, Santa Barbara. .Cal 
Goliad (c. A.), Goliad. .Tex 

Golold, Screven €to 

Golindo, Falls Tex 

Gomer, Allen Ohio 

GiMneria, Republic. . .Kans 
Gomer's Mills, Elbert. .Colo 

Gonic, Strafford N. H 

Gonzales, Monterey Cal 

GonsMUs (e. A.), Gon- 

lales Tex 

Goochland, Rock Castle. Ky 
'Goochland C. H.. Gooch- 
land Ya 

Gooch's Mill, Cooper. . . Mo 
Goodale's Comer, Penob- 
scot Me 

Goodall's, Hanover Ya 

Goodbars, Lonoke..... Ark 
Goodbars, Warren. ...Tenn 

Goode. PhilLips Kans 

Chondeil, McKean Fa 

Goodell's, St. Clair. . ..Mich 
€kM>denow, Will Hi 

Ooode^s CrtMsinir, BedU 

ford Ya 

GoodfieLd, Meigs... . . .Tenn 

Goodgiou's Factory, 

lAvoens S. 

Good Ground, Suffolk. N. T 
Good HarbcMr, Leelemkw. .. . 

Good Hart, Emmett.. .Mieh 
Good Hope, Elm<Nre. . . .Ala 

Good Hope, Walton Ga 

Good Hope, McDonough.Xll 

Good Hope, Leake Mias 

Good Hope, Fayette. . .Ohio 
€K>od Hope, Cumberland.^ 
Good Hope, Milwaukee. Wis 
Qoodhoa Centre, Good- 
hue Minn 

Gooding's Grove, WiU. .111 
Good Intent, Atehiaott.Kam 
Good Intent, Washings 

ton FH 

Goodison, Oakland. . . Mieh 

Goodlaod, Newton Ind 

-Goodland,Choctaw N.Lid.T 

Goodland, Lapeer Mieh 

GoodlottsvUle, Davidaon.. . 


Goodloe, Floyd. Ky 

Goodioe's, Spottsylvanin.Ya 
Qoodmaa^ Holmes. . . ..Miss 
Goodman's Cross Roads, 

Harris... Gn 

Goodrich, linn Kans 

Goodrich, Genesee Mich 

Good Rivw, Sedgwiek.Kans 
Good's Mills, Rof^ing^ 

tem Ya 

Goodflon, Polk Mo 

Good Spring, Surry. ..N. 
Good Spring, Gttes. . .Tenn 
Good SpringSjLimestoae. Ala 
Good Thunder's Ford, 

Blue Earth Iflnn 

Good Yiew, Bedford Va 

Ckndville, Lancaster. ... Fa ' 

Good Water, Coc«a Ala 

Good Water, Iron Mo 

Good Will, tYanklin. ... 6a 

Goodwin, Pima. Axis 

Goodwin, St. Francis. . JkA 

Goodwin, Denel IMi 

Goodwin's Comer, Union.. 

Goodwin's Mills, Yoric. .He 
Goodwin's Ranch, La- 
ramie. Wyo 

Goodwynsville, Dinwid- 
dle Va 

Goodyear's, Cayuga. .N.Y 
Goody ear's Bar, Siem..Cal 

Goole, Yemon Wis 

Goolesboro, Titus TecK 

Goose Creek , O wyhee.Idaho 
Goose Creek, Ritchie. W. Va 
Goose Creek Island, 

Pamlieo N. C 

Goose Island, Aleocander.Ili 
Goose Lake, Clinton. .Iowa 
Goose Neek, Hickory. . .Mo 

€k>pher, Osceola Iowa 

Gordo, Pickens Ala 

Gordon, Henry Ala 

Gordon, Wilkinson On 

Gord<m, Claiborne I* 

Gordon, Darke Ohio 

Gordon, SchuylklH Fa 

Gordona, Pontotoc. . . .MiV 

Alphabeiieal List of Pott C^et, 


€orioa'0 Teny, JaekMm.. . 

6oKlon Springs, Wliit- 

fleld Oft 

Goidgosrille, LowBd«».Ala 
fiotdfliiBfUle, Logm. . . .Ky 
Qord<Mi»Till«, Vnebom. . . . 

OoidoDSTille, LuwMtiv.PA 
SordonsTille, Smitii. .Tenn 
CkMdonsTillc, Omme. ..Ta 
€k>nloBTille, Gny«oD..T*K 

6dre, Hocking OUo 

GwesrUle, Loodonn. ...Ya 

6or»vill6, Johnson Ill 

Ooriuun, Romell Kaos 

Goriun, Cumberiand. . .Me 

Ooffbam, Coos N. H 

Oorham, Ontario N. Y 

fionnan'8 Station, Loa 

Angeks Oal 

aonneh'8 Mills, Balti- 
more Md 

Qoshen, Washingtso. . . AA 
Gosiimi, Utchfleld. . . .Conn 

6osiien, Lfaiooln Ga 

Go»h«ii(e. A.), Elktaarkind 
GoAen, Rin^^ld. . . . Iowa 

OoHhen, Oldliam Ky 

6kMhen, Montgomery... Md 
Ckislien, Uampshlra. . .Mass 

Goshen, Mercer Mo 

Goshen, SulliTan N. H 

CkMhen, Cape May. . . .N. J 
Gotken (e. ^.), Orai^e.N. T 

Getiien, Wilkes.. N. C 

Goshen, Clermont . . . .Ohio 

Goshen, Lane Oreg 

Goshen, Lancaster Ba 

Goslien, Lincoln Tenn 

€K)Shen, HonderseB Tes 

Goshen, Utah Utah 

Goslien Bridge, Bock- 
bridge ;ya 

Goshen Hill, Pike. Ala 

Goshen ffill, Union . . .8. C 
Goshen Springs, Bankin. . . 

GoshoBTille, Chester. ... Fa 

Gosport, Clarke.. Ala 

GospOTt, Owen Ind 

Gosp<Mrt, Marion Iowa 

Gossett, White Ill 

Ctoss' Mill, Jackson. . . .Ind 

Gothland, Union Dak 

GooglersTille, Berks. . . .Ba 
Gonld Farm, Caldwell.. Mo 
Gonldsborough, Han- 
cock Me 

Gonldsborough, Lack- 
awanna • ...Ba 

Gooldtown, Cumberiand.. . 

Gourdin's Station, WU- 

Uamsburgh S. C 

Gourook, Sumner.... Kaas 
CtoUTeraettr, St. Law- 

xenoe Jf . T 

GoTaastown, Baltimoro. Bid 
GoTemor Bun, Calveit.Md 
Gowaada, Cattaraugas.N.T 
GowdeysTiUe, Union . .8. 
Ctowen, Montcalm. , . .Mieh 

Gowen, Laseme Ba 

Gowen City, Northum- 
berland ...Pa 

GoweasTille, axeenTiUe.S.C 

Gower, Du Page Ill 

Gower, Clinton Mo 

Gowrle, Webster Iowa 

Graafschap, Allegan. . Mich 
GrabaU, Washington.. .Tex 
Graoeham, Jhrederiek . . . Md 
Oraceville, Jaekaon. . . . Fla 
Graddy Landing, ])esha.Ark 

Gfady Tille, Adair Ky 

Graefenberg, Shelby . . .Ky 
Graef enbsijg, Herkimer .N . Y 
Graefenburgh, Adams . . Pa 

Giaft, Harlan Nebr 

Grafton, Henry Ala 

Oiafton, Yolo Cal 

Omfton, Afembina Dak 

Giafton. Jeney HI 

QrafUm, Posey.. Ind 

Grafton, Worth Iowa 

GiUton, Chautauqua.Kaas 

Grafton, Oaford Me 

Grafton, Woroester. . . Mass 

Oraftoa, Monroe Mich 

Grafton, Fillmore . . . .Nebr 

Giafton, Grafton N. H 

Gtafton, Bensselaer. . .N. Y 

Grafton, Lorain Ohio 

Grafton, Huntingdon ... Pa 

Grafton, Kane Utah 

Grafton, Windham Vt 

Grafton, York Ya 

Giafton, Taylor • W. Ya 

Grafton, Osaukee Wis 

Grafton Centre, Grafton. . . 

N. H 
Graham, Independence Jbrk 

Graham, Appling Qa 

Graham, Jefferson Ind 

Graham, Graham . . . .Kans 

Graham, Nodaway Mo 

GfoAam (c. A.), Ala- 

mance N. C 

Graham <e. A. K Yoong . Tex 
Graham Lakes,NobIesJtfinn 
Graham Mines, Kanawha . . 

W. Ya 
Graham's Forge, Wy the. Ya 
Graham's Turn Out, 

Barnwell S. C 

Graharasrille, Marion.. Fla 
GrahamsTille, Jackson. . . . 

Grahamtcm, Clearfield . . Pa 

OrahamTille, York Pb 

Grahamville, Beaufort . S. C 

Grainfleld, Ghyye Kans 

Grainland, Butte.. .... ..Cal 

Grain Yailey, Jackson.. Mo 
GraluTiUe, VITayne.. . .Iowa 

Grampian Hills, CleaN 

field Ba 

Granachi, Bent Colo 

Granada, Nemaha. . . .Kans 
Granbwry (c. k.)f Hood. Tex 
Granby, Hartford. . . .Conn 
Granby, Hampshire ..Mass 

Granby, Nicollet Minn 

Granby, Newt<m .Mo 

Granby, Essex Yt 

Granby Centre,Oswego.N.Y 

Grand Bay, Mobile Ala 

Grand Blanc, Genesee. Mieh 
Grand Bluff, Panola. . .Tex 
Grand Centre, Osborne. . . . 

Grand Coteau, St. Lan- 
dry Ia 

Ghcand Crossing, Cook. . .lU 

Grand Detour, Ogle lU 

Grand Eddy, Perry Mo 

Grand Foriet (e. A.), 

Grand Forks Dak 

Grand Qlade, Crawford. . HI 
Grand Gorgei Delaware.. . . 

Grand Gulf, Claiboxne.Miss 
Grand UaTsn, Osage.. Kans 
Grand Haven (c. A.), 

Ottewa Mich 

Grand Island, Colusa . . Oal 
Grand bland («. A.), 

Hall Nebr 

Grand Island, Erie. . . .N. Y 
Grand Isle, Jefferson . . .La 
Grand Isle, Grand Isle..Yt 
Grand Junction, Greene. . . 

Grand Jimctionf Yan 

Buren Mich 

Grand J unction, Harde- 
man Tenn 

Grand Lake, Chicot .... Ark 
Grand Lake, Grand.... Colo 
Grand Lake Stream, 

Washington Me 

Grand Ledge, Eaton. .Mich 
Grand MaraJs, Cook .. .Minn 
Grand Marsh, Adams.. Wis 
Grand Meadow, Minne- 
haha .....Dak 

Grand Meadow, Mower. . . . 

Grand Mound ,Clinton.Iowa 
Grand Mound, Thurs- 
ton Wash 

Grand Portage, Cook. Minn 
Grand Prairie, Brown. Kans 
Grand Prairie, Plaque- 
mines La 

Grand Prairie, Nobles.Minn 
Grand Prairie, Dallas.. Tex 
Grand Prairie, Green 

Lake WU 

Grand Ranche, Palo Pinto. 

Grand Rapids (c. A.), 

Kent Mich 

Grand Rapids, Itasca. Minn 
Grand Rapids, Holt.. .Nebr 
Grand Rapids, Wood. . Ohio 
Grand Rapias (c. A.), 

Wood Wis 

Grand Ridge, La Salle . . HI 
Grand River, Cherokee N. . 

Ind. T 
Grand River, Gentry ... Mo 
Grand Ronde, Polk . . .Oreg 
Grand Saline, Yan Zandt . . 

Grand Tower, Jackson. .Ill 
Grand Tunnel, LuMme.Pa 
Grand Yailey, Hamilton . . 

Grand Yailey, Warren. .Pa 

Grand view, Tulare Cal 

Grand Yiew, Edgar Ill 

Grand Yiew, Spencer . .Ind 
Grand Yiew, Louisa . .Iowa 
Grand Yiew, Morris.. Kans 
Grand Yiew, Hardin. . . .Ky 
Grandview, Lyon . . . .Minn 
Grand Yiew, Harlan.. Nebr 
Grand Yiew, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Grand Yiew, Johnson.. Tex 

Grand Yiew on Hud- 
son, Rockland N. Y 

Grandville, Kent Mich 

Grange, Pottawatomie 

Grange, Transylvania N. 
Grange City, Fleming.. .Ky 
Grange Hill, Upshur... Tex 
Granger, St. Joseph. . . .Ind 
Granger, Fillmore. . . .Minn 

Granger, Scotland Mo 

Granger, All^any. . ..N. Y 

Graiiger, Medina Oiiio 

Granger, Dunn Wis 

Granger, Uintah Wyo 

Grangersville, Macon. . .Ga 

Grange Store, Pike Ky 

Grangeville, Izard Ark 

Grangeville, Tulare. . . .Oal 
Grangeville, Idaho. ..Idaho 
GrangeTille, Marion. W. Ya 
Granite (c. A.), Lake. . Colo 

Granite, Baltimore Md 

Granite, Grant Oreg 

Granite, Chesterfield . . . . Ya 
Qnmite Bluff, PhUlips 

Granite City, Salt Lake. . . . 

Granite Falls (e. A.), Yel- 
low Medicine Minn 

Granite Hill, El Dorado.. Cal 
Granite Hill, Iredell.. N. C 
Granite Hill, Adams... Ba 
Granite Springs, Orange.Ya 

Granitesville, Iron Mo 

Graniteville, Nevada.. ..Cal 
Graniteville, Middlesex. . . . 

Graniteville, Aiken . . . . S. C 

Grant, Madison Ark 

Grant, Park Colo 

Grant, Fulton Ind 

Grant, Montgomery. .Iowa 

Grant, Boone Ky 

Grant, Kent .....Mich 

Grant, Nemalja Nebr 

Grant, Herkimer N. Y 

Grant, Hardin Ohio 

Grant, Indiana Pa 

Grant, Smith Tenn 

Grant, Grayson Ya 

Grant C. H., Grant. W. Ya 
Grant Centre, Monona.Iowa 

Grant City, Sac Iowa 

Grant City (c. A.), 

Worth Mo 

Grant City, Lawrence. ..Pa 

Grantfork, Madison Ill 

Grantham, Sullivan.. N. H 
Grantham's Store, Wayne. 

N. C 
Grant Isle, Aroostook.. .Me 
Grantley , Cleburne .... Ala 
Grant Park, Kankakee. .Ill 
Grant Prairie, Platte.. Nebr 
Grant's Bend, Kenton.. Ky 
Qrantsborough, Pamlico... 

Grantf burgh, Johnson. . Ill 
Grantsburgh, Crawford.Ind 
Grantsburgk ^c. A.), 

Burnett THs 

Grant's Lick, Campbell. Ky 
Grant's Mills, Delaware. .. 

Grant's Pass, Jackson. Oreg 
Grantsviile, Garrett Md 


Alphabetical List of Post OffieesL 

GFKntBTille, Tooele. . .Ut&h 
GrantsviUe (e. h.)y Cal- 
houn W. V» 

Grautville, Cherokee. . .Ala 
Orantville, litchfield.Conn 

QrantTiile, Coweta 6a 

Grantville, Jefferaon..Kaiui 
Grautville, Norfolk. . .Bfam 

Grantville, Nye Nev 

Grantville, Buncombe.N. C 
Grantville, Dauphin .... Pa 
Grantville, Montgomery.. . 


Granville, Putnam Ill 

Granville, Delaware Ind 

Granville, Mahalua...Iowa 

Granville, Monroe Mo 

Granville, Waghington 

N. Y 
Granville, Licking .... Ohio 

Granville, Mifflin Pa 

Granville, Jackson... Tenn 

Granville, Addinon Vt 

Granville, Monongalia 

W. Va 
Granville, Milwaukee . . Wb 
Granville Centre, Brad- 
ford Pa 

Granville Centre, Mil- 
waukee WiB 

Granville Comers, 
Ilampden ...... ^ . . .Man 

Granville Summit, 

Bradford Fa 

Grape Creek, Cherokee.N. C 
Grape Grove. Greene.. Ohio 
Grape Island, Pleas- 
ants W. Va 

Gzapeland, Blue Earth 

Grapeland, Houston... Tex 
Grape Lawn, Nelson . . . . Va 
Grape ville, Greene. . ..N. Y 
Grapeville, Westmore* 

land Pa 

Grapevine, Grant Ark 

Grapevine, Perry Ky 

Grape Vine, Tarrant.. .Tex 
Grappe's Bluff, Natchi- 
toches La 

Grass, Spencer Ind 

Grass Lake, Jackson. . Mich 
Grass Lake, Kanabec. Minn 

Grassland, Boyd Ky 

Grassland, Harrison. W. Va 
Grass Lick, Jackson.W. Va 
Grass Run, Harrison. W. Va 
Grass Valley, Nevada . .Cal 
Grassy Cove, Cumber- 
land Tenn 

Grassy Creek, Morgan. . Ky 
Grassy Creek, Mitchell.N.C 
Grassy Hill, San Juan.Colo 
Grassy Knob, Rutherford. . 

Grassy Meadows, 

Summers W. Va 

Grassy Point, Rockland. . . 

N. Y 
Grassy Pond, Spartap- 

burgh S. C 

Grassy ville, t/ee Tex 

Grater's Ford, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Gratiot, Licking ; . Ohio 

Gratiot, La Fayette. . . . Wis 

Gratia, Preble Ohio 

Grattan, Kent Mich 

Giats, Owen...t Ky 

Grata, Dauphin Fa 

Gravel Ford, Coos Oreg 

Gravel Hill, Cape Girar- 
deau Mo 

Grovel Hill, Bladen. . .N. 
Gravel Hill, Bueking- 

ham Va 

Gtavella, Conecuh Ala 

Gravelly Hill, YeU....Ark 
Gravelly Spring, Lau- 
derdale Ala 

Gravelly Valley, Lake. .Cal 
Gravel Point, Harrison . Ind 
Gravel P(»nt, Texas .... Mo 
Gravel Ridge, Bradley. Ark 
Gravel 8pring,Frederick.Va 
Gravel Switch, MaiHon . .Ky 
Gravelton, Kosciusko . . Ind 
Gtavelville, Morrison. Minn 
Grave Bun MilLi, Balti- 
more Md 

Gravesend, Kings N. Y 

Graves- Mill, Madison . . Va 
Oraveston, Knox. . . . Tenn 
Gravesville, Herkimer. .N.Y 
Gravesville, Calumet... Wis 
GravMS Mills, Moigan. .Mo 

Gray, Jones Ga 

Gray, Cumberland Me 

Gray, Herkimer N. Y 

Gray, Washington. . . . Ohio 
Gray Eagle, Buncombe .... 

Gray Hawk, Jackson. . . Ky 
Grayling, Crawford... Mich 

Gray Rock. Titus Tex 

Graysburgh, Greene.. Tenn 
Gray's Cluipel, Jackson.Ala 
Groy's Chapel, Randolph. . 

Gray's Creek, Cumber* 

land N.C 

Gray's Flat, Marion. W. Va 
Gray's Hill, Roane... Tenn 
Gray's Landing, Greene. Pa 
Graj*s Mill, Holmes.. Miss 
Grayson, Crittenden. . . Ark 
Grayson, Stanislaus .... Cal 
Grayson (e. A.), Carter. Ky 
Grayson Springs, Gray- 
son Ky 

Grayson Spring Sta- 
tion, Grayson Ky 

Graysonville, Clinton.. .Mo 
Graysport, Grenada. . Miss 
Gray's River, Pacific. Wash 
Gray's Summit, Frank- 
lin Mo 

Graysville, Catoosa Ga 

Graysville, Sullivan. . .Ind 
Graysville, Putnam. . . . Mo 
Graysville, Monroe. . .Ohio 
Graysville, Huntingdon. Pa 
Graysville, Rhea.. . . . .Tenn 

Graysville, Floyd Va 

Gray town, Ottawa. . . . Ohio 
Gray I own, Ilickman..Tenn 

Gray town, Bexar Tex 

GrayvUle, White Ill 

Gray Willow, Kane lU 

Greason, Cumberland. . . Pa 
Greasy Creek, Floyd. . . . Va 
Greasy Ridge, Law- 
rence Ohio 

Great Banington, Berk- 
shire Mass 

Great Belt, Butler Fa 

Oreat Bend (e. A.), 

Barton Kaos 

Great Bend, Jeflemon. ... 

Great Bend, Meigs... .Ohio 
Great Bend, Suaqueo 

hanna F)a 

Gi«at Bend VUlage, 

Susquehanna Pa 

Great Bridge, Norfolk . . Va 
Great Caeapon, Moigan.. . . 

Great Crossing!, Seott..Ky 
Gveaterville, Pima. . . . Aria 
Great Falls, Montg<naery.. 
• Md 

Great Falls, StralConi.N. H 

Great Fal Is, Fairfax Va 

Great Mills, St. Mary's. . . 

Great Neck, Queens. . .N. Y 
Great Pond, Hancock. . .Me 
Great Valley, Cattarau- 
gus N.Y 

Great Works, Penobaoot.Me 

Greble, Lebanon .Fa 

Greece, Monroe N. Y 

Greece City, Butler Pa 

Greeley, Weld Colo 

Greeley, Delaware .... Iowa 
Greeley, Andenon . ..Kans 

Green.«Licking Ohio 

Greenback, Jefferson.. Ark 
Greenbackville. Aoco- 

mack Va 

Green Bank, Burling- 
ton N. J 

Green Bank, Lancaster. .Fa 
Green Bank, Pocahon- 
tas W.Va 

Green Bay, Covington. Ala 
Green Bay, Clarke.... Iowa 
Green Bay, Prince Ed- 
ward Va 

Green Bay (e. A.), 

Brown Wis 

Green Bottom, Cabell 

W. Va 
Greenbrier, Limest<Mie..Ala 
Greenbrier, Faulkner. .Ark 
Green Brier, Orange. ..Ind 
Green Brier, Monroe. .Ohio 
Greenbrier, Northum- 
berland Fa 

Green Ihrier, Robert- 
son Tenn 

Greenbrier Bridge, 

Greenbrier W. Va 

Green Brook, Colum- 
bia N.Y 

Greenbush, Walker Ga 

Greenbush, Warren Ill 

Greenbush, Crawf (urd.Kans 
Greenbush, Penobscot. . Me 
Greenbush, Flymouth.Mass 
Greenbush, Alcona.. .Mich 
Greenbush, Preble .... Ohio 
Greenbu8h,Sheboygan. Wia 
Green Camp, Marion. . Ohio 
Greencastle (e. A.), Put- 
nam Ind 

Greencastle, Jasper. . .Iowa 
Green Castle, Warren .Ky 
Green Castle, SuUivan. .Mo 
Green Castle, Fairfield.Ohio 
Greencastle, Franklin ... Pa 
Green Centre, Noble. ..Ind 
Green Cove, Cloud . . .Kans 

GrecB Oo¥e, Wanhington T« 
Crrten Cove Springs 

(c. A.), Clay ¥1* 

Gieen Greek, Gape 

Green Dale, Marion. . • . •HI 

Greendale, Fayette Kj 

Green Dale, Buffalo.. .Nebr 
Greendale, Hocking . . .Olkio 
Gre«id(^e, Armstrong. . Fa. 
Greendale, Washington. V» 

Greene, Jay Ind 

Greene, Butler lowii 

Greene, Androecogghi. Ma 

Greene, Saginaw Mich 

Greene, Chenango.... N. Y 

Greene, Ijtncaster Fm 

Greene, Kent &. I 

Greene Comer, Andros- 

coggbi Me 

Green Elm, Orawford.Kaiu 
Greene's Landing, Brad- 
ford....... Fla 

GreetieriUe (e. A.), 

Greene ..Tenn 

Greenfield, Clay Bak 

Greenfield, Colquitt Oa 

Greenfield, Greene lU 

Ctreetifield <e. A.), Han- 
cock lad 

Greemfiekl {c A.), Adair... . 


Greenfield, Elk Kans 

Greenfield, Penobscot.. .Me 
€rreenfieid {e. A.), . 

Franklin Man 

Greenfield, Wayne. . . . Mich 
Greenfield (e. A.), Dade. Mo 
Greenfield, Hillsbor- 
ough N.H 

Greenfield, Ulster N. Y 

Greenfield, Highland.. Ohio 

Greenfield, Erie Pft 

Greenfield, Weakley.. Tenn 

Greenfield, Nelson V» 

Greenfield, Milwaukee. Wis 
Greenfield Centre, Sara- 
toga N.T 

Greenfield HUl, Fair- 
field .., Conn 

Greenfield Mills, Ia- 

grange. •* Ind 

Greenfield Mills, Fredr 

orick Md 

Greenford, Mahoning Oliio 
Green Forest, Carroll.. Ai^ 
Green Forest, Rock- 
bridge Va 

Green Garden, Will 111 

Green Garden, Beaver... Pa 
Green Grove, Madis«i..Ala 
Green Grove, Cumber- 
land... Ky 

Green Grove, Lackawanna. 

Green Grove, Clark.... Wis 
Green Hall, Jackson. .. .Ky 
Green Haven, Dutchess .. . 

Green Hill, Lauderdale.Ala 

Green Hill, Stewart Ga 

Green Uill, Warren. . . .Ind 
Green Hill, Warren . . . . Ky 
Gieen Hill, Wicomico . .Md 
Green Hill, Rutherford. . . . 

Green Hill, Columbi- 



Alphabetical List of Po%t Offioei* 

9nm lailf WIImd. . .Tma 

Qreen Hill, Titos Tex 

graea ffill, Campbell. . . Va 
Graenhom, Pueblo. .. .C<do 
Green Island, JackM>n.Iewa 
Opdob Island, Cedar. .Nebr 
Oraen IskuMl, Albany. N. Y 
Green Isle, Sibley .... Mimi 
Gnen Lake, Kandiyohi .... 

Oreen LiAe.Oreen Lake. Wis 
Greenland, Douglas... Colo 
Oieenlaod, Roekingtaam. . . 


Greenland , Hohs Ohio 

Greenland, Laneaeter. ..Pa 

Greenland, Aiken S. 

Greenland, Onint. . . W. Va 
Greoiland Depot, Rock- 
ingham N. H 

Green Lane, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

Green Lawn, Suffolk.. N. T 
Greenlaw's Wharf, King 

George Ya 

fteenieaf , Washington .... 


Greeideaf , Vloy d Ky 

Greenleaf, Meeker.. Minn 
Greenlei^, De Kalb . . .Mo 

Gieenleaf , Brown Wis 

Greenieafton, Fillmore 

Greenlee-s, MoDowell.N. C 
Green Level, Wake. . . .N. C 
Green Monnt, Lincoln. Atk 
Green Mount, Laorel. . .Ky 
Green Mount, Adams.. . . Ftt 
Greenmount, Rocking^ 

ham Ya 

Greeh Mountain, MaT>* 

shall Iowa 

Green Mountain, Yan- 
cey N.C 

Green Oak, Fulton Ind 

Green Oak,Livittgst<Mi.Mich 
Oreen Oak Station, Liv- 
ingston Mieh 

Greenock, Allegheny.... Pa 

Green Park, Pnry Fm 

Gnen Plain, Southamp- 
ton Ya 

Green Point Station,* 

Kings N.Y 

Green Pood, Bibb Ala 

Oreen Pond,. Colleton. .8. C 
Greenport, Suffolk ....N.Y 
Green Prairie, Morrison .... 


Green Ridge, Seott Aik 

Green Ridge, Pftwnee.-Kans 
Oreen Ridge, Pettis.. «.. Mo 
Green Ridge, lUehmond .... 


Gieen River, Henry Ill 

Oreen River, Columbia 

Green River, Windham.. Yt 
Green River C!ity{c, A.) 

Sweetwater Wyo 

Green Rock, Caldwell.N. C 
Greensbortnigh (e. A.), 

Hale Ala 

Qreensborough, Craig* 
head Ark 

* Branch of the Brooklyn 

Greensfrorm^A (e. A.), 

Greene Gn 

Oreensborough, Heniy.Ind 
Greensborough, Lincoln. La 
Greensborough, Caro- 
line Md 

Greensborough, Sumner... 

Greentborough (e. A.), 

Guilford., N.C 

Greensborough, Greene.. Pft 
Greensborough, Orleans. Yt 
Oreensborough Bend, 

Orleans Yt 

Crreenaburgk {c. A.), De^ 

eatur Ind 

Greensburgh (e. A.), 

Green Ky 

Grfenabufgk (c. A.), St. 

Helena La 

Greensburgh, Knox..... Mo 
Greensburgh, Mereer. .N. J 
Greensburgh, Trum- 
bull Ohio 

Greentbwrgh (e. A.), 

Westmoreland Pft 

Green -s Cut, Burke Ga 

Green Sea, Vtorrj S. 

Green's Farms, Fair- 
field Conn 

Green's Fork, Wayne... Ind 
Green's Grove, Ruther- 
ford N.C 

Green Shoal, Lincoln 

Green's Landing, Han- 
cock Jde 

Greensport, St. Clair... Ala 
Green Spring, New 

Castle Del 

Green Spring, Seneca. .Ohio 
Green Spring, Cumber- 
land Pa 

Green Spring Depot, 

Louisa Ya 

Green Spring Fumaee, 

Washington Md 

Green Spring Run, 

Hampshire W. Ya 

Green Sprii^, Hale — Ala 
Greenstreet, Manitowoc. . . 

Green Sulphur Springs 

Summers W. Ya 

Greenton, La Fayette... Mo 
Green Top, Schuyler. . ..Mo 
Greentown, Howard. . ..Ind 

Greentown, Stark Ohio 

Green Tree, Allegheny. .1^ 
Oreen Tree, White. . ..Tenn 
Ckeen Tree Tavern, Scott. . 

Greenup, Cumberland... Ill 
Grtenupie. A.), Gr«enup.Ky 
Greenvale, Jo Daviess... Ill 

Green vale, Dallas Iowa 

Greenvale, Russell. ..Kans 
Oreen Yale, Franklin. ..Me 
G4!eenvale, Wilson . . . .Tenn 
Green Yalley ,£1 Dorado.Cal 
Green Yalley, Tazewell. Ill 
Green Valley, Ellsworth. . . 

Green Yalley, Denton.. Tex 

Green Valley, Bath Ya 

Greenview, Menard Ill 

Qraen Village, Morris. .N. J 
Green Village, Franklin . Pa 

OrtenvilU (e. A.), But- 
ler AU 

Greenville, Plumas Cal 

Greenville, New Lon- 
don . . .^ Conn 

Greenville, New Castle. Del 
Greenville, Madison .... Fla 
GrtenvUU (e. A.), Meri- 
wether Ga 

Greenville (c. A.), Bond .111 

Greenville, Floyd Ind 

Greenville, Clay Iowa 

ChreenviUe {e. A.), Muh- 

lenburgh Ky 

Greenville, Piscataquis.. Me 
Greentille, Montcalm .Mich 
Greenville (c. A.), Wash- 
ington Miss 

Greenville {e. A.), Wajme. . . 

Greenville, Hillsboi^ 

ough N.H 

Greenville, Hudson — N. J 
Greenville, Greene. ...N.Y 
Greenville («. A.), Pitt..N. C 
Greenville (c. A.), 

Darke Ohio 

GreenviUe, Wariiing- 

' ton Oreg 

GreenTiile, Meroer Pa 

Greenville, Providence.R. I 
&reenvilU{e. A.), Uunt.Tex 
Greenville, Beaver.. ..Utah 
Greenville, Augusta. . . . Va 
Greenville, Outagamie. Wis 
GreenviUe C. U., 

Greenville S. C 

Greenvine, Washington. . . . 


Greenway, Nelson Ya 

Greenwich, Kern Cal 

Greenwich, Fairfield. .C<mn 
Greenwich, Sedgwick. Kans 
Greenwich, Hamp- 
shire liass 

Greenwich, Cumberland. . . 


Greenwich, Washington. . . . 

• N.Y 

Greenwich, Pi Ute Utah 

Greenwich, Prince Wil- 
liam Ya 

Greenwich Station, Hu- 
ron Ohio 

Greenwich Village, 

Hampshire Mass 

Greenwood, Etowah . . . .Ala 
Greenwood (e. A.), Se- 
bastian Ark 

Greenwood, Kl Dorado.. Cal 
Greenwood, Fremont. .Colo 
Greenwood, Charles Mix. . . 


Greenwood, Sussex Del 

Greenwood, Jackson . . .Fla 
Greenwood, Mc Henry . . . Ill 
Greenwood, Johnson. ..Ind 

Greenwood, Polk Iowa 

Greenwood, Pulaski. . . . Ky 

Greenwood, Caddo La 

Greenwood, Oxford Me 

Greenwood, Baltimore.. Md 
Greenwood, Mkldlesex .... 

Greenwood, Ogemaw.. Mich 
Greenwood {c. A.), Le 

Flore Miss 

Greenwood, Jaekson . . . .Mo 


Greenwood, Cass Nebr 

Greenwood, Steuben. .N. Y 
Greenwood, Moore . . . .N. C 
Greenwood, Columbia. . .Pa' 
Greenwood, Abbeville.. S. C 
Greenwood, Wise .. ..Tex 

Greenwood, Doddridge 


Greenwood, Clark Wis 

Greenwood Centre, Kos- 
suth Iowa 

Greenwood Centre, St 

Clair Mich 

Greenwood Depot, Albe- 
marle Ya 

Greenwood Furnace, 

Huntingdon Pa 

Greenwood Iron Works, 

Orange N.Y 

Greenwood Lake, Ken- 
ton Ky 

Greenwood Lake, Orange . . 

Greer's Depot, Green- 
ville S.C 

Greer's Grove, Barren.. Ky 
Greer's Store, Watauga.N. C 

Oreersville, Knox Ohio 

Gregg, Johnson Iowa 

Gregory Landing, Clw^e . . . 


Greig, Lewis N.Y 

Greigsvilie, livingston .... 

N. Y 
Grenada {e. A.), Grenada.. . 

Greshamville, Greene. . .Gra 

Greshviile, Berks Pa 

Gretna (c. A. ), Jefferson . La 

Gretna, Logan Ohio 

Grey Eagle, Todd .... Minn 
Greystone, Wilson ... .Kans 
Orider, Cumberland .... Ky 

Gridley , Butte Cal 

Gridley, McLean Ill 

Grier's Point, Perry Pa 

Oriesemersville, Berks . . Pa 
Griffin{e. A.;, Spalding. .Ga 

GriAn, Cuming Nehr 

Griffin, Cherokee Tex 

Griffin, Burnett Wis 

Griffin's Comers, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

Griffin's MUls, Erie. . .N. Y 
Griffinsville, Appanoose. . . 


Griffithsville, Lincoln 

Grigg's Comers, Ash- 
tabula Ohio 

Origgstown, Somerset. . N. J 

Griggsville, Pike Ill 

Grigsby's Bluff, Jefferson.. 

Grimm, Wabaunsee. . Kans 
Grimm's, Manitowoc. . . Wis 
Grimm's Landing, M»8on.. 


Grimville, Berks Pa 

Grind Stone City, Huron. .. 

Grinnell, Las Animas. Colo 
Grinnell, Poweshiek .Iowa 
Grinnell, Wallace. . .Kans 

Grinnell, Grundy Mo 

Oriseom, Granville ....N.C 
Oriwom's Landing, Da- - 
vieas Ky 


AlpJUibetical List ojf Post Offices. 

Grist's Station, Oolom- 

bus N. C 

Griswold, New London .... 


driswold, Kent Mich 

Oriswold's Mills, Waah- 

' ington N. Y 

GriswoldTille, Jones . . . . Ga 
Griswoldyille, Fmnklin. . .. 

Grinly Flats, El Dorado.Oal 
Groosbeck, Hamilton. .Ohio 
Grotsbeck (e. A.), Lime> 

stone Tex 

Groff's Store, Lancaster. Pa 
Grooms Comers, Sara- 

toga N. Y 

Groonsrille, Tipton.. . .Ind 

Grosae Isle, Wayne . . . Mich 
Gro»9e Point, Wayne. .Mich 
Grossman's Landing, 
W. Baton Rouge. .... .La 

GrosTenor, Lenawee . . Mich 
Grosyenor Dale, Wind- 
ham Conn 

Groton, New London. Conn 

Groton, Wallace Kans 

Groton, Middlesex .... Mass 

Groton, Grafton N. H 

Groton, Tomplcins. . . .N. Y 

Groton, Caledonia Vt 

Groton Centre, Brie. . .Ohio 
Groton City,Tompkins.N.Y 
Groton Pond, Caledonia. Vt 

Grouse, Kane Ill 

Grouse Creek, Box Elder. . 


Grout, Gladwin Mich 

Grove, Elbert 6a 

Grove, Audubon Iowa 

Grove, Chatham N. C 

Grove, Geauga Oliio 

Grove City, Christian. . .HI 
Grove City, Jefferson. Kans 
Grove City, Meeker... Minn 
Grove City, Franklin. Ohio 
Grove Cottage, Perry. . .Ala 
Grove Creek, Delaware .... 


Grove Dale, Maries Mo 

Grove HiU (e. A.), 

Clarke Ala 

Grove Hill, Union Dak 

Grove Hill, Bremer. . .Iowa 

Grove Hill, Page Ya 

Grove Lake, Pope. . . . Minn 
Groveland, Tuolumne.. Cal 
Groveland, Tazewell .... Ill 
Groveland, Putnam .... Ind 

Groveland, Adair Iowa 

Groveland, MoPherson.... 


Groveland, Essex Mass 

Groveland, Oakland.. Mich 
Groveland, Livingston. N.Y 

Grove Level, Banks Ga 

Grovenor's Comers, 

Schoharie N. Y 

Grove Oak, De Kaib Ala 

Groveport, Franklin. .Ohio 

»Grover, Ottawa Kans 

Grover, Bradford Pa 

Grover Town, Starke. . .Ind 

Groves, Fayette Ind 

Grove Spring, Wright.. Mo 
Grove Station, Green- 
ville 8. C 

Qroveton, Coos. N. H 

Grovetown, Columbia... G* 
Grovewood, Bichland. .S. C 
Grubbtown, Grundy. ,..Mo 
Grubville, Franklin.... Mo 

Gmetli, Grundy Tenn 

Gmndy, Pulaski Ky 

Grundy {c.h. ),BuchMiaa. Va 
Grundy Centre {e. A.), 

Grundy Iowa 

Guadaloupe, Santa Bar- 
bara i Cal 

Guadalupe, Kendall ...Tex 
Gualala, Mendocino .... <>kl 
Guelph, Sumner. ..<. Kans 
Guemes, Whatcom... Wash 

Guenoe, Lake Cal 

Guemevllle, Sonoma... Cal 
Guerryton, Bullock. . . . Ala 

Guest's River, Wise Va 

Guest's Station, Wise. . .Ya 
Guide Rock, Webster. Nebr 
Guidry's, La Fourche. . .Ls 
GuUderland, Albany.. N Y 
Guilderland Centre, Al- 
bany N.Y 

Guilderland Station, 

Albany N.Y 

Guildkatt (e. A.), Essex. .Vt 
Guilford, New Haven.Conn 
Guilford, Dearborn.... Ind 

Guilford, Wilson Kans 

Gailford, Piscataquis. ..Me 

Guilford, Howard Md 

Guilford, Nodaway Mo 

Guilford, Chenango. . N. Y 

Guilford, Windham Vt 

Guilford, Accomack.... Va 
Guilford Centre, Cite- 

nan^ N. Y< 

Guilford Centre, Wind- 
ham ....Vt 

Guiney's, Caroline Va 

Guion, rarke Ind 

GuioDBville, Dearborn.. Ind 
Guittard Station, Mar^ 

shall Kans 

Gulf, Chatham N. C 

Gulf Mills, Montgomery .Fa 
Gulf Summit, Broome.N.Y 
Gulley's Mill, Wake ..N. C 

Gull Lake, Banry Mich 

Gully Branch, Coffee . . .Ga 

Gum, Lancaster S. C 

Gumborough, Sussex.. Del 
Gum Branch, Onslow. N. C 

Gum Creek, Dooly Ga 

Gum Grove, Union Ky 

Gum Grove Landing, 

Holmes Miss 

Gum Log, Pope Ark 

Gum Neck, Tyrrel . . . . N. C 
Gum Pond, Lawrence..Ala 
Gum Ridge, Jefferson. Miss 
Gum Spring, Blount. . .Ala 
Gum Spring, Bartow. . . .Ga 
Gum ^ring, Louisa. . . . V« 
Gum Springs, DorBey..Aift 
Gum Sulphur, Rock 

Castle Ky 

Gum Swamp, Marion.. S. C 

Gum Tree, Chester Fa 

Gnmwood, Sunflower. .Miss 

Gun City, Cass Mo 

Gundrum, Pulaski Ind 

Gun Marsh, Allegan.. Mich 
Gunttison (e. A.), Gun- 
nison Colo 

Gunnison, San Pete. .Utah 

Gunston, Fairfax Ya 

Guntersville (c. A.), 

MarshaU ....Ala 

Guntown, Lee Miss 

Gurdon, Clark Adi 

Gurley Station, Marion .... 

Gurley sville, Madison.. Ala 
Gurley ville, Tolland. .Conn 

Gumee, Lake HI 

Gumeyviile, Clinton. .Ohio 
Gussettville, Live Oak. Tex 
Gustavus, Trumbull. .Ohio 

Guthrie, Ford Ill 

Guthrie, Lawrence Ind 

Guthrie, Guthrie Iowa 

Guthrie, Todd Ky 

Guthrie, Callaway Mo 

Guthtie Ctntre (e. A.), 

Guthrie i . . . . Iowa 

Gnthriesville, Chester... Fa 
GuthriesviUe, York. . ..S. C 
Guth's Station, Lefaigh..Pa 
Gnttenbei;g, Clayton. .Iowa 
Gnttenbui^h, Hudson. N. J 
Guyandotte, Cabell. W. Va 
Guymard, Orange ....N. Y 

Guy's Creek, Pterry Kv 

Guy's Mills, Crawford. .Pa 

G^y's Store, Leon Tex 

Guysville, Athens. . . . ,Ohio 

Guyton, EAngham Ga 

Gwillimville, £1 Paso. .Colo 
Gwin Mine, Calaveras. .Gal 
Gwynedd, Montgomery . .Pa 

Gypsum, Ontario N.Y 

Gypsum, Ottawa Ohio 

Gypsum Creek,Saline.Kan0 


Ebckbenry, Mohave... Arii 
Hackberry, Lavaca. . . .Tex 
Hackensaek {e. A.) 

Bergen N. J 

Hacker's Creek, Lewis.... 

W. Va 
Hacker's. Valley, Web- 
ster W.Va 

Haekersville, Barbour .... 


Hackett City, Sebastian 

Hackettstown, Warren.N.J 

Hackleman, Grant Ind 

Hackney, Morgan Ohio 

Hackney, Washmgton . . J*a 
Haekneyville, Talla- 
poosa Ala 

Haddam (e. A.), Mid- 
dlesex Cenn 

Haddam, WashingtomKans 
Haddam Neck, Middle- 
sex OonB 

Hadden MomKtain:,Jaok- 

son N. 

Haddock Station, Jones. Ga 
Haddonfleld, Camden.. N. J 

Haden's, Madison Ala 

Hadensville, Todd Ky 

Hadensville, Goochland .Va 

Hader, Goodhue Minn 

Hadley, WiU lU 

Hadley , Hendricks Ind 

Hadley, Warren Ky 

Hadley, Hampshire. . .Mass 

HaAley, L^eer Mich 

Hadley, Saratoga N.Y 

Hadley, Mercer. . ....... Fla 

Hadley^s MiUs, Chat- 
ham N. C 

Hadley ville,£an Claire. Wis 
Hadlock, NortbamptcHa.Ya 
Hadly me, New London ..... 

Hagaman's Bfills, Mont- 

gomei^ N. Y 

Hagan, Chippewa Minn 

Hagansport, Franklin. .Tex 

Hagar,. B«rrien Mich 

Ha^arstown, Fayette 111 

Hasedom's Mills, Sar- 
atoga N. Y 

Hageman, Porter Ind 

Hager's Grove, Shelby.. Ho 
Hagerstown, Wayne. . . Ind 
Hagtrstown {e. A.), 

Washington Md 

Hsflersville, Bucks Fa 

Ha^nsvllle, Sacxa- 

mento Cal 

HaginsviUe, Bulloch. . . . Ga 
HaglerviUe, Henry... Tem 

Hagne, Warren N. Y 

Hague, Westmeceland. . .Va 

Hahira, Lowndes Ga 

Hahn's Peak, Routt. ... Col 

Ha&dee, Wayne JPia 

HaUeaberottgh, St. Law- 

renee N. T 

Hailes G«dd Mine, Lan- 
caster S. 

Ifailville, Houston Tex 

Halneabnrgh, Warren. N. J 
Hainem>ort,Burlington .N J 

HainesvUle, Lake lU 

Halnesville, Clinton Mo 

Haineaville, Sussex... .N. J 

Hainesville, Hampshire 

W. Va 
Hair's VaUey, Hunting-' 

don Pa 

Haleott Centre, Greene. N.Y 
Haloottsville,Delaware.N . Y 
Haley on Dale, Screven. Ga 

Haldane, Ogle lU 

Hale, Trempealeau. . . . Wis 

Halefoorough, Hale Ala 

Halena, Sandusky. . . .Ohio 
Halesborough, Red River. . 

Hale's Comers, Mil- 
waukee Wis 

Hale's Creek, Scioto... Ohio 
Hale's Eddy, Delaware. N.Y 
Hale's Ford, Franklin. . Va 
Hale's Point, Lauder- 
dale Tenn 

Halesv^ille, Lee Ark 

Hale Village, Jones. . . Iowa 
Hale Wood, Madison. ..N. C 

Haley's, Marion Ala 

Haleysbniqgh, LnncsK 

bnrgh Va 

Haley's Mill, ChriBtiatt..Ky 
Haley's Station, Bed- 
ford Tenn 

Half Day, Lake lU 

Half Moon, Saratoga. N. Y 
Halfmoon Bay, San 

Mateo Cal 

Half Moon Island, Roane.. 

Half Rock, Mercer M« 

Alphabetieal JAtt «f Pott Offieet. 


Half Way, Cloud Kaa» 

UaiiWAj, Allien Ky 

Half Way, Polk Mo 

Half Way, OnoBdaga..N. Y 
Halfway, Fauquier. . . . Va 
Half Way Crwk, La 

Creese Wis 

Halifax, AUen Ky 

HaUfaz, Plymoatii — Mass 

Halifax, Greeley Neb» 

Halifax (e. h. ). Halilax.N.O 

Halifax, Dauptiin Fa 

Halifiix, Windham Vt 

Hati/ax C.i/., Halifax..Va 

Hall, Morgan Ind 

Hall, York Pa 

Halleek, Buchanan. .... Ma 

Halleek, Elko NeV 

HaUettsviUe {e. A.), 

Lavaca l^x 

Halloca, Chattahoochee. Oa 

HaUock, Peoria lU 

Halloek, Kittson Minn 

HaUock's Mills, West- 

ehester N. T 

Hallotrell, Cherokee. .Kans 
Hallowell, Kennebec — Me 
HaU's, Prince QMrge'8..Md 

HaU's, Buchanan Me 

HaUsborough, Cheeter> 

field Va 

Halls's Comers Allen.. Ind 
HaU's Oomeni,OBtario.N.y 
Hall's Cross Boads, 

Knox Tenn 

Hairs Verry, DaTie...N. 
Hairs Gap Station, Un- 

eoln Ky 

Halls HUl, Riiiherfoxd. . . . 


Hairs Mtil, Btartow Ga 

HallVi Mills, Marion .... Ala 
HaU'a Mills, gulUran.N. Y 
Hall's Mills, WUkes. . .N. C 
Hall's Mills, WetMl.W. Va 
Hallsport, Allegany. . .N. Y 

Hairs Store, PoweU Ky 

Hall's Summit.Coftey.Kans 
Hall's Valley, Moigan.Ohio 

HaUsrUle, Be Witt lU 

Hallsville, Perry Ky 

HallsTille, Boone Mo 

HallBTiUe, Montgomery.... 

HallsTille, Du plin N .' C 

HallBTiUe, Boss Ohio 

HallsYille, Harrison. . . .Tex 

Hall Town, Saline lU 

Hall Town, Lawrence. . .Mo 
Halltown, Jefrerson.-W. Va 

Hall Valley, Park Colo 

HalsellTille, Chester.. .8. C 

Halsey, Unn Oreg 

Halsey Valley, Tioga. . N. Y 

Halstead, Pulaski Ark 

Halst«ad, Ilarrfy Kans 

Halstead's Point, Yortc.Va 

Halton, Ellis Kans 

Haableton, Talbot Md 

Hamblin, Washlngton.Utah 

Hambuzifh, Perry Ala 

Hamburgh {e. A.), Ash* 

ley Ark 

flambmgb. New Lon- 
don ..'...Conn 

Hamburgh, Calhoun. ... Ill 
Hamburgh, Franklin. . .Ind 
Anborgli, Fremont.. Iowa 

Bambvnh, Urtngston. . . . 

Hamburgh, St. Charles. Mo 
Hambnigh, Sussex. ...N.J 

Hamburgh, Erie N. Y 

Hambnrgli, Jackson. . .N. C 
Hamburgh, Fairfield.. Ohio 

Uambuigh, Berks Fa 

Hamburg, Aiken S. C 

Hambuigh, Hardin. . . Tenn 
Hambttxgh, Van Zandt.Tex 
Hambuigh, Shenandoah.Va 
Hambuxgb, Bfarathon. Wis 
Hambuigh Bar, Siskiyou.. 

Hamden, New Haven. Conn 

Hamden, Chariton Mo 

Hamden, Hunterdon.. N. J 
Hamden, Delaware. . . . N. Y 
Hamden Junction,Vin- 

ton Ojiio 

Hamel, Madleon .Ill 

Hamer, Faalding Ohio 

HamersTille, Brbwn.. . .Ohio 

Harnett, Erie Fa 

Hamilton , Lonoke ... . Ark 

Hamilton, Park Colo 

HamUUtn (e. h.\ Harris .. 


Hamilton, Hancock Ill 

Hamilton, Steuben.... Ind 
Hamilton, Marion.... Iowa 
Hamilton, Greenwood. Kans 

Hamilton, Boone Ky 

Hamilton, Essex Mass 

Hamilton, Allegan.. .Mioh 
Hamilton, Fillmore... Minn 

Hamilton, Monroe Miss 

HamUton, Caldwell Mo 

Hamilton, Gallatin....Mont 
Hamilton (e. A.), 

White Pine Not 

Hamilton, Monmouth. N. J 
Hamilton, Madison.... N. Y 
Harailtcm, Martin .... N. C 
HamiUon(c.k. ),Bntler.Ohio 

ElMnilton, Jefferson Pa 

Hamilton, Waehington.K. I 
Hamilton, Hamilton.. Tenn 
Hamilton {e. A.), Ham- 
ilton.... Tex 

Hamilt<m, Loudoun Va 

Hamilton's Cross Boads, 

McDnfBe Ga 

Hamilton's Mill, Wau- 
shara Wis 

Hamilton Square, Mer> 

cer N.J 

Hamilton Station, Scott. . . 
, Minn 

Hamler, Henry OUo 

Hamlet, Marin Cal 

Hamlet, Mercer Ill 

Hamlet, Starke Ind 

Hamlet, Chautauqua.. N. Y 
Hamlet, Eichmond . . . . N . C 
Hamlin, Audubon. . . .Iowa 

Hamlin, Rrown Kans 

Hamlin, Aroostook Me 

Hamlin, Monroe N. Y 

Hamlin, Lebanon Pa 

Hamlin, Frio Tex 

Hamlin (e. A)., Lin- 
coln W. Va 

Hamlin, Trempealeau . . Wis 

Hamlinton, Wayne Pa 

Uammansbuigh, Wood.... 


Hammonl^'s VaA, 

Clinton Pa 

Hammond, Piatt lU 

Hammond, Lake Ind 

Hammond, Bourbon.. Kans 
Hammond, Tangipahoa..La 

Hammond, Kent Mieh 

Hammond, St. Law- 
rence JN.Y 

Hammond, Tioga Pa 

Hammond, Aiken S. C 

Hammond, Bobertson. .Tex 
Hammond, St. Croix . . .Wis 
Hammondsburgh, War> 

ren Iowa 

Hammondsford, Wabasha.. 

M*mi i 
Hammondsport, Steu- 
ben N.Y 

HammondsTille, Essex.N.Y 
HammondSTUle, Jef- 
ferson Ohio 

Hammons Mill, Floyd...Oa 
Hammooton, Atlantic. N. J 

Hammonville, Hart Ky 

Uamortim, Chester Fa 

Hamp Branch, 8creyen..Ga 
Hampden, Marengo... Ala 
Hampden, Penobscot.. . .Me 
Hampden , Hampden . . Mass 
Hampden, Oeaiiga....Ohio 
Hampden, (>>lumbia . . Wis 
Hampden Centre, Fo- 

nobscot Me 

Hampden Comer, Pe- 
nobscot Me 

Hampden Sidney Col- 
lege, Prince EdwMcd. ..Va 

Hampshire, Kane Ul 

Hampshire, Steuben.. N. Y 
Hampshire, Maury . . . .Tena 

Hampstead, Carroll Md 

Hampstead, Bocking- 

ham N.H 

Hampstead, King George.. 

Hampton (e. A.), Cal- 
houn Ark 

Hampton, Windham.. Conn 

Hampton, Heniy Ga 

IlMnpton, Bock Island.. Ill 
Hampton {e. A.), Frank- 
lin Iowa 

Hampton, Bush Kans 

Hampton, LiTiogston. . . Ky 

Hampton, Dakota Minn 

Hampton, Platte Mo 

Hampton, Bocking- 

ham N.H 

Hampton, Washingt<m 


Hampton,* Adams Pa 

Hampton, Uincaster . . . S. C 
Hampton, Palo Pinto. .Tex 

Hampcon, Carter Tenn 

Hampton {e. A.), £11j»> 

both City Va 

Hampton, Kanawha. W. Va 
Hampton C. H., Hamp- 
ton S. C 

Hampton Falls, Bock- 

ingham N. H 

Hampton's Cross Boads, 

Grayson Va 

Hampton Statlm, Mont- 
gomery Tenn 

Hampton Valley, Marion. . 


Hamptonville, OoTing- 

ton Ala 

HamptouTille, Yadkin.N. C 
Hamrick'B Statiop, Put- 
nam Ind 

Ham's Prairie,CaUaway.Mo 
Hanby's Mills, Blount..Ala 

Hanceyille, Blount Ala 

Hancock, Harrison Ind 

Hancock, Hancock Me 

Hancock, Wa8hingt(m..Md 
Hancock, Berkshire. . . Mass 
Hancock, Houghton.. Mieh 
Hancock, Stevens.... Minn 

Hancock, Pulanki Mo 

Hancock,. Hillsborough. . . . 

Hancock, Delaware... N. Y 

Hancock, Perry Ohio 

Hancock, Addison Vt 

Hancock, Waushara.. . .Wis 
Hancock's Bric^, Sa- 
lem N.J 

Handley, Randolph. . . . Ala 

Handley , Tarrant Tex 

Handsborough, Har- 
rison Miss 

Handsoms Depot, South- 
ampton Va 

Handy, Fayette Ala 

Handy, Book Minn 

Uaneryille, Dane Wis 

HanesTille, Kent Md 

HanesTiile, Meigs Ohio 

Haney's Corner, Bipley.lnd 

Hanford, Tulare Cal 

Hanging Dog, Chero* 

kee N.C 

Hanging Bock, Law- 
rence Ohio 

Hanging Bock, Hamp- 
shire W.Va 

Hanging Bock Mills, 

Hardy.... W.Va 

Hangman's Creek, Ste- 

Tens Wash 

Hankins, Sullivan N.Y 

Hanley , Ottawa Mich 

Uanlin Station, Wash- 
ington Pa 

Hanly, Jessamine Ky 

Hannahatchee, Stewart.Ga 
Hannah's Creek, Union.lnd 
Hanna Station, La 

Porte Ind 

Hannaville, Brown Tex 

llannaway Falls, St. 

Lawrence N. Y 

Hannersville, David- 
son N.C 

Hannibal, Marion ....... Mo 

Hannibal, Oswego N.Y 

Hannibal, Monroe.... Ohio 
Hannibal Centre, Os- 
wego N.Y 

Hanover, Coosa Ala 

Hanover,New London.Conn 
Hanover, Jo Daviess. ... Ill 
Hanover, Jefferson.... Ind 
Hanover, Allamakee.. Iowa 
HanoTer, Washington.Kans 

Hanover, Oxford Me 

Hanover, Plymouth . . .Mass 
Hanover, Jackson. . . .Mich 

Hanover, Wright Minn 

Hanover, Jefferson .... Mo 

Hanover, Grafton N.H 

HuiOTer, Morris M.J 


Alphahetieal List of Post Offices, 

HanoTer, UcUng OUo 

HanoTflr, York Pa 

HaaoTer, Rock Wis 

Hanover O. H., Han- 
over Va 

Hanov«r Centre, Lake . . Ind 
HanoTer Centre, Graf- 
ton N.H 

HanoTer Junction, York .Pa 
UanoTerton, Colum- 
biana <Miio 

HanoTeryille, North- 
ampton... < Pa 

Hianrahan, Pitt N. 

Hanson, Hopkins Ky 

Hanson, Plymouth.... Mass 
Hanson, Olmsted . . . .Minn 

Hansonyille, Yuba Cal 

HansouTiUe, Frederick.. Md 
Hansonyille, Russell. ...Va 

Hnpeville, Fulton Ga 

Happy Camp,Del Norte. Cal 
Happy Creek, Warren . . .Va 
Happy Hollow, Rock 

Island HI 

Happy Hollow, Oxaham. . . 

Happy Home, Burke.. N. C 
Happy Jack, Plaquemines. . 

Happy Land, Chambers . . . 

Happy Valley, Harri- 
son Mo 

Happy Valley, Carter. Tenn 

Haralson, Coweta. Ga 

Harbeson, Sussex J)el 

Harbor, Ashtabula.. . .Ohio 
Harbour Creek, Erie .... Pa 
Harbourton, Mercer.. N. J 
Hardeerille, Beaufort. S. 
Hardeman, Matagorda. Tex 
Hardens, Charles City..Va 
Hardin (c. A.), Calhoun. Ill 

Hardin, Clayton Iowa 

Hardin, Ray Mo 

Haidin, Shelby Ohio 

Hardin (r. A.), Hardin.. Tex 
Hardin City, Hardin. .Iowa 

Harding, Luaeme. Pa 

Hardinhburgh, Washing- 
ton Ind 

HardinSburgh (e. A.), 

Breckinridge Ky 

Hardin Springs, llardin.Ky 
Hardinsville, Crawford. .Bl 
Hardison's Mills, Maury. . . 

Hard Times Landing, 

Tensas La 

Hardware, Albemarle . . . Va 
Hardwirk, Worcester.. Mass 

Hudwick, Warren N.J 

Hardwiok, Caledonia Vt 

Hardwicksville, Nelson. Va 
Hardy's Ford, Franklin. Va 
Hardy Station, Grenada. . . 

Hardyyille, Mohaye. . .Ariz 

Hardyyille, Hart Ky 

Hare's Comer, New 

Castle Del 

Hare's Store, Johnston .... 


Harford, Cortland. . . .N. Y 

Harford, Susquehanna. .Pa 

Harford Fomaoe, Har- 

locd Md 

Harf Old Mills, Cortland . . . 

N. Y 

Haring, Wexford Mich 

Harker-s Comers, Peorla.IU 

Harlan, Clay Ala 

Harlan, Allen Ind 

Harlan (e. A.), Shelby .Iowa 

Harlan, Smith Kaas 

Harlan {c. A.), Harlan Ky 

Harlan, Clinton Ohio 

Harlansburgh, Hunting* 

ton Ind 

Harlem, Columbia Ga 

Harlem, Winnebago. ... Ill 

Harlem, Clay Mo 

Harlem, Delaware Ohio 

Harlem Springs, Carroll. . . 

Harlem Station,* New 

York N. Y 

Harlemyille, ColumbiaJf.Y 
Harlensburgh, Law- 

rence Fa 

Harleysyille, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

Harlingen, Somerset. .N. J 

Uarlowe, Carteret N.C 

Ilarman, Bay Mich 

Harnuns, Anne Arundel . . 

Harmar, Washington .Ohio 
Harmaryiile, Allegheny. Pa 
HarmeTByille, Salon ...N.J 

Harmon, Lee Ill 

ilarmonsburgh, Craw- 
ford Pa 

Harmon's Creek, Wash- 
ington Pa 

Harmontown, La Fay- 
ette Mips 

Harmony, Johnson . . . . AriE 
Harmony, McUenry. ...Ul 

Harmony, Clay Ind 

Harmony, Pawnee. . .Kans 

Harm<Hiy, Owen Ky 

Harmony, Somerset. . . . Me 
Harmony, Frederick. . .Md 
Harmony, Fillmore . . .Minn 
Harmony, Warren. ... N.J 
Harmony, Chautauqua .... 

N. Y 

Harmony, Clark Ohio 

Harmony, Butler Pa 

Harmony, Providence.. R.I 

Harmony, Halifax Va 

Harmony Grove, Jack- 
son Ga 

Harmony Grove, Fred- 
erick Md 

Harmony Hill, Rusk . . . Tex 
Harmony Village, Mid- 
dlesex .......; Va 

Harnedsville, Somerset.. Pa 

Harney, Custer Dak 

Harney, Carroll Md 

Harold, Montgomery. . .Ark 

Harper, Keokuk Iowa 

Harper, Harper Kans 

Harper, Logan Ohio 

Harpers, Johnston... N. C 
Harpers, Geoigetown. .S. C 
Harper's Cross Beads, 

Chatham N. C 

Haorper's Ferry, AUaana- 

kee Iowa 

Harper's Ferry, Henry . .Ky 

• Branch of the New York 
Post Office. 

Harper's Ferry, Jaffw- 

son W. Va 

Harpersfleld, DelawBre.N.Y 
Hai^)«r«field, Aahtalmla. .. 

harper's Home, Bmas- 

wlck Va 

Harper's Mill, Ifirath...Tez 
Harper's Mills, Pendle- 
ton W. Va 

Harper's Station, Boss.Ofaio 
Harpersville, Shelby. . . Ala 

HarpenrviUe, Scott Miss 

Har|»ersville, Broome.N. Y 

Harpster, Foni Ill 

Uarpswell Centre, Cum- 
berland Me 

Harreldsville, Butler — Ky 

Harrell, Decatur Ga 

Harreirs St<M«, Sampson. . 


Harrellsville, Hertford.N. C 

Harriettsvilie, Noble. .Ohio 

Hanington*, Kent Del 

Harrington, Washington... 

Harrington, Harnett. .N. C 

Harris, Barbour Ala 

Harris, Chisago Minn 

Harris, Gallia Ohio 

Harris, Louisa Va 

Harrisbuxgh, Bibb. ^ . . .Ala 
Harri»l>urgh (e. A.), Poin- 
sett Axk 

Harrisburgh, Alameda. Cal 
Barrisburgh, lincoln. . Dak 
Harrisburgk (e. A.), Sa- 

Itoe Ill 

Harrisburgh, Fayette. .Ind 

Harrisburgh, Owen Ky 

Harrisburgh, Boone... Mo 
Harrisburgh, Lewis... N. Y 
Harrisburgh, Cabarrus.N.C 
Hanisburgh, Franklin.... 

Harrisburgh, Linn .... Oreg 

HARBISBORSff (e. A.), 

Dauphin Pa 

Harrisburgh, Sevier.. Tenn 
Harrisburgh, Harris. . ..Tex 
Harrisburgh, Washing- 
ton Utah 

Harrisburgh Station, 

Madison Tenn 

Harris City, Decatur, .tind 
Harris Creek, Kent. . .Mich 
Harris Creek, Amherst.. Va 
Harris' Ferry, Wood. W. Va 
Harris Grove, .)ett'er8on..Ill 
Harris Groye, Calloway. Ky 

Harris Hill, Erie N. Y 

ilarris Lot, Charles Md 

Harrison (e. A.), Boone. Axk 
Harrison, Winnebago... Ill 
Harrison, Delaware.... Ind 

Harrison, Jewell Kans 

Harrison, Cumberland.. Me 
UarriKon, Dorchester.. .Md 
Harrison, Kandiyohi. Minn 
Harrison, Madison.... Mont 
Harrison, Westchester. N.Y 
Harrison, Mecklenburgh . . 

Harrison, Hamilton. . .Ohio 

Harrison, James Tenn 

Harrison, McLennan... Tex 
Harrisonburgh (c. A.), 
' Catahoula La 

Hmruombur^ (e. h,)^ 

Rockingham^ .Y» 

Harrison City, W€0t- 

moraland .Kn 

Harrison MiUs, 8eioto.01iio 
Harrison's Mills, Craw- 
ford Mo 

Harrison Station, Tal- 


Harrison Valley, Potter.Fft 
HarrisonviUe, Monroe. . . lU 
BarrisonviUe, Mont- 
gomery .Kami 

HarrisonviUe, Shelby. . .Ky 
HarrisonviUe, Balti- 
more Bid 

ifarrisoHviUe (e. A.), 

Cass ifo 

HarrisonviUe, Qloaoee- 

W N.J 

HanrisonviUe, Meigs. ..Ohio 
HarrisonviUe, Fulton. . .Fa 
Hairls Station, Llmo- 

Btoae JUn 

Harris Station, libdi- 

son KjT 

Harris Station, Rom.. Ohio 
Harris Station, Obion.Tenn 

Harriston, Cooper Mo 

Uarristown, Macon lU 

Uarristown, Washing- 
ton Ind 

HanisvUle, Randolph. . Ind 
HarrisvUU (e. A.), Al- 

oona Mich 

HarrisviUe, Simpson . . Mias 
Harrisville, Cheshire.N. H 
HarrisvUle, Lewis. ...N. Y 
HarrisvlUa, Montgomery.. . 

HarrisviUe, Harrison. Ohio 

HarrisvUle, Butler J*a 

HarrisvUle, BeU Tex 

HarrisviUe, Weber... Utah 
Harrisville, Shenandoah.. 

HarrisvUle, Marquette. Wis 
Hamnann's Station, 

DearlxNm Ind 

Harrodsbuigh, Monroe Jikd 
Harrodsburgh (c. A.), 

'Mereer Ky 

Ilarrod'a Creek, Jeffenon.. 

HarshasviUe, Adams. .Ohio 
HarshavUle, Beaver. . . . Ja 
HarshmansviUe, Mont- 
gomery Ohio 

Harstad, Canby M inn 

Hart (c. A.), Oceana. .Mich 

Hart, Winima Minn 

Uartfield, Chautauqua Ji.Y 
Hartford, Sebastian .... Ark 
HAaTFO&D (c. A.), Hart- 
ford Conn 

Hartford, Ohio Ind 

Hartford, Warren.... Iowa 

Hartford, I^yon Kans 

Hartfitrd (f. A.), Ohio..Ky 

Hartford, Oxford.. , Me 

Hartford, Van Buren. Mich 

Hartford, Todd .Minn 

Hartford, Putnam Mo 

Hartford, Burlington. .N.J 

Hartford, Washington 

Hartford, TrumbuU...Ohio 
Hartford, Windsor Vt 


Alphaletical List of Po9t Offices, 

Eutiardt WMfaiBgtoii..WlB 
Hartford City (e. A.), 

Blaekford Ind 

Eartford City, Mmob. W.Vft 

Harthegig, Mereer Pft 

Hartiand, MoUenry Ill 

Hartiand, Somerset Ho 

BartlMkd, Livingston. .Mieh 
HaiiUnd, Froelram.. Jlinn 

Barttand; Niagant N. T 

Hartland, Huron Ohio 

Uartlaad, Windsor Vt 

Hartiaad, Waukesha. ..Wis 
Hartland Oantre, Hart- 
ford Oonn 

Hartland Four Comers, 

Windsor Vt 

Hartleton. Union . . • . . . . Pa 

Hartiej , O^Brioi Iowa 

Hartley, Yoric Pa 

Hartley, Montgomery.. Tex 
Hartley Hall, Lycoraing.Pia 
BartleyTiile, Athens.. Ohio 
Hart Lot, Onondaga. .N. T 
Hartman, GolnmMa. ..Wis 
Hartmonsrille, Mineral. . . . 

W. Va 
Hartranft, Montgomery . Pa 

Hartridge, Wayne Ga 

HartridgeTille, Kmanuel.. 


Harts, Rowan N. C 

Hartsborough, Edgecombe. 


Hartsburgh, Logan Ill 

Hartsdale, Westchester. . . . 


Hartsel, Park Colo 

Hartsell's, Morgan Ala 

Hart's Falls, Rensselaer. . . 

Hart's Orove, Ashta- 
bula Ohio 

Hartshorn, Alamance. N. C 

Uartsland. TraiU Dak 

Hart's Mill, Chautauqua... 

Hart's Mills, Monroe.. . Wis 
Il&rt-s Road, Nassau — Via 
Hart's Store, GreeuTille... 

8. C 
Hartstown, Crawford.... Pa 
IlartsYille, Bartholo- 
mew Ind 

Hartsrille, Berkshire. Mass 

HartsTille, Wake N. C 

IlartSYille, Bucks Pa 

HartsTille, Darlington. S. C 
UartsvUle (c. A.), Trous- 
dale Tenn 

HartviUe (e. A.), Wright.Mo 

HartvUle, Stark Ohio 

Harticelt {e. A.), Hart. . .Ga 
Ilartwell, Hamilton... Ohio 
llartwellTille, Shiawas- 
see Mich 

Hartwick, Otsego N. Y 

Uartwick Seminary, Ot- 

aego N.Y 

Ilartwood, Sullivan. . .N. Y 

Uartwood, Stafford Va 

Harvard, McIIenry Ill 

Harvard, Worcester. . .Mtma 

Harvard, Clay Nebr 

Harvard, Delaware N.Y 

Harvel, Montgomery . . . .Ill 
Harvester Works, Ramsey.. 


Harvey, Marquette. . .Mieta 

Harvey, Jefferson Wis 

Harvey ^8, Greene Pa 

Hanreysburgh, Foun- 
tain Ind 

Harveysbnrgh, Warren. . . . 


Harvey's MUls, DaUas 

Harvey's Mills, Warren. Va 
Harvey's Wharf, North- 
umberland Va 

Harveyville, Wabaun- 
see Kans 

Harveyville, Luaeme . . .Pla 

Harviell, Butler Mo 

Harwich, Barnstable.. Mass 
Harwich Port, Barnsta- 
ble Mass 

Harwint(m,Litchfleld . Conn 
Harwood, Champaign. . . Ill 
Harwood, Highland. . .Ohio 
Harwood, Gonsales. . . . Tex 
Harwood Island", Chicot ... 

Hasbrouck, Sullivan. . N. Y 
Haseltott, lAahoning . . Ohio 
Hash Knife, Taylor. . . .Tex 
Hashfiqua, Noxubee . . Miss 

Haskell, La Porte Ind 

Haskell Flats, Catta- 
raugus N. Y 

Haskins, Wood Ohio 

Haskinville, Steuben.. N.Y 

Haslin, Beaufort N.C 

Haslum, VITayne Ga 

Hassan, Hennepin. . . .Minn 

Hassan, Hancock Ohio 

Hassard, Ralls Mo 

Hassler Mills, Murray . . .Ga 

Hastings, Mills Iowa 

Hastings (e. A.), Bitfry .... 

Hastings (e. A.), Dakota. . . 


Hastings, Adams Nebr 

Hastings, Oswego N. Y 

Hastings, Richland . . . Ohio 
Hastings Centre, Os- 
wego N.Y 


Vf estchester N.Y 

Hasty, Gratiot Mich 

llatborough, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

Hatchechubfoee, Russell. .. 

Hatcher's Station, Quit- 
man ..Ga 

Hatchet Creek, Alachua. . . 

Hatchett Creek, Clay. ..Ala 

Hatcb Hollow, Brie Pa 

Hatch's Bend, La Fay- 
ette Fla 

IIatch'8 Mills, La Porte.Ind 
Hatchville, Barnstable. . . . 

Hat Creek, Campbell . . .Va 
Hat Cree> , Liramie . . . Wyo 

llatfleld. Pike Ky 

Hatfield flampshire .Mass 

Ilatflf 1 J , IlArrison Mo 

Ilatflel't, Montgomery.. .Pa 

llatfl<'iil, JackRon Wia 

Ilath-ivrtiy, Dkke Tenn 

Hatwrsirt, Dare N. C 

Uattieville, Barnwell. .8. C 

Haubstadt, Gibson Ind 

Haught's Store, Dallas. Tex 
Hauppauge, Suffolk ..N. Y 
Hausertown, Owen . . . .Ind 

Havana, Hale Aki 

Havana (c. A.), Mason. .111 
Havana, Montgomery.Kans 

Havana, Steele 'Minn 

Havana, Gentry Mo 

Havana, Schuyler N. Y 

Havana, Huron Ohio 

Havelock, Cook Ill 

Haven, Tama Iowa 

Haven, Reno Kans 

Haven, Sherburne. . ..Minn 
Haven's Comers, Frank- 
lin Ohio 

Havenville, Pottawato- 
mie Kans 

Haverford, Delaware. . . .Pa 
Haverf<»d College, 

Montgomery Pla 

Haverhill, Essex Mass 

HaverkiU (e. A.), Graf- 
ton N.H 

Haverhill, Scioto Ohio 

Haverstraw, Rockland. N. Y 

Havilah, Kem Cal 

Haviland HoUow, Put- 
nam N.Y 

Havirdsville, Edgefield. 8. C 
Havre de Grace, Har- 
ford Md 

Haw Branch, Onslow. .N. C 
Haw Creek, Fayette . . .Tex 
Hawes Crosa Roads, 

Washington Tenn 

HawfsviUe (e. A.), Han- 
cock Ky 

Hawk Eye, Fayette.. .Iowa 
Hawk Eye, Dixon . . . .Nebr 

Hawkins, Wood Tex 

Hawkins' Mills, Russell. Va 
Hawkins Prairie, Fannin.. . 

Hawkinstown, Shenan- 
doah Va 

Hawkinsville, Barbour .... 

Hawkinsville, Orange . . Fla 
HawkinsvUU {e. A.), 

Pulaski Ga 

Hawkinsville, Oneida .N. Y 
Hawkinsville, Mata- 
gorda Tex 

Hawkinsville, Sussex. . .Va 
Hawk Mine, Mitchell.. N. C 
Hawk Point, Lincoln ... Mo 
Hawk's Neet,Fayette.W. Va 
Hawlejek, Bon liomme.Dak 

llawley , Henry Ill 

Hawley , Franklin .... Mass 

llawley, Clay Minn 

Hawley, Wayne Pa 

Hawley's Store, Samp- 
son N.C 

Hawley ton, Broome. . .N. Y 
Hawley ville, FMrfield.Conn 
Hawley ville, Page . . . .Iowa 

Hawn, Fulton HI 

Haw Ridge, Dale Ala 

Haw River, Alamance. N. C 

Hawthorn, White HI 

Hawthorn, Montgomery. . . 

Hawthorne, Passaic. ..N.J 
Hawthorne, Bedford.. Tenn I 


Haycock Run, Bucks ... Pla 
Hay Creek, Goodhue..Minn 

Hay Creek, Wasoo Or^ 

Hay den. Grand Colo 

Hay den, Gallatin Mont 

Hayden Creek, Fremont. . . 

Hayden HiU, Lassen. . .Cal 
liaydiMi Row, Middlesex. . . 

HaydenviUe, Hampshire . . . 

HaydenviUe, De Kalb . . Mo 
HaydenviUe, Hocking. Ohio 

Hayes, Tuscaloosa Ala 

Hayes, Douglas Ill 

Hayes, Adams Iowa 

Hayes, Huron Mich 

Hayes, Washington. . . Nebr 

Hayes, Clarke Wash 

Hayes, Oconto Wis 

Hayes' Store, Madison.. Ala 
Hayes' Store, Wake. ...N.C • 
Hayes' Store, Gloucester .Va 
Hayestown, Sherman. Nebr 
Hayesville, Keokuk ..Iowa 

Hayesville, Meade Ky 

Hayesville {e. A.), Clay .... 

Hayesville, Ashland . .Ohio 

Hayesville, Chester Pa . 

Hayfield, Crawford Pa 

Hay field, Frederick Va 

Hay Fork, Trinity Cal 

Haymaker, McKean Pa 

Haymakertown, Bote- 
tourt Va 

Hay Market Prince Wil- 
liam Va 

Hay Meadow, Wilkes . .N. 
Haymond. Franklin ...Ind 
Haynersville, Rensselaer . . 


Haynes, Hocking Ohio 

Haynes, Union Tenn 

Ray nes Bluff. Warren . .Miss 
Haynesville, Pratt. . . . Kans 

Hay neeville, Ohio Ky 

Haynesville, Claiborne.. La 
Haynesville, Aroostook. Me 
HaywivilU (e. A.), 

Lowndes Ala 

Hays City (e.h.\ EIlis.Kans 
Hays' Landing, Issa- 
quena Miss 

Hay Stack, Surry N.C 

Haysville, Greene Ala 

Haysville, Dubois Ind 

Haysville, Sedgwick. .Kans 

Haysville, Macon Tenn 

Hayton, Calumet Wis 

Hayt's Comers,Seneca.N.Y 
Hayward {e. A.), Custer. . . 

Hayward, Freeborn . .Minn 
Haywood, Randolph ... Ala 
Haywood, Alameda . . . .Cal 
Haywood, Chatham. . .N. 

Haywood, Wilson Tenn 

Haywood's Landing, 

Jackson Fla 

Hazard {e. A.), Perry... Ky 
Hazardville, Hartford.Conn 
Hasel Creek , Shasta . . . .Cal 
Haasel Dell, Prentiss. Miss 
Hazeldell, Lawrence ..Pa - 
Hasel Green, Madison . . Ala 
Uaiel Green, Grant Win. 


Alphabetical Lut of JPo%t Offices 

Hazel OroTe, LawTeii06.ikik 
Hazel GroTe, Atchison. .Mo 
Hazel Kidge, DickMn.Tenn 

Hazelrigg, Boone Ind 

Hazel Bun, St. Francoi8.Mo 
Hazel Spring, Washing 

4K)n '..Va 

Hazel ton, Bachanan.Jowa 
Hazelton, Shiawassee. Mich 

Uazelton, Grant Wis 

Hazel Valley, Washing- 
ton Ark 

Hazelrille, Scotlapd .... Mo 

Hazelwood, Ford Kan^ 

Uazelwood, Rice Minn 

Hazen, Prairie Ark 

Hazle Dell, Cumberland. Ill 
iiazle Dell, Adams.... Nebr 
Hazle Dell, Comanche. Tex 
Uazle Green,Delaware.Iowa 

Hazle Green, Wolfe Ky 

Hazle Green, Laclede. . . Mo 
Hazlehurst, Appling . . . . Ga 
Hazle Aurst (c. A.), Co- 
piah Miss 

Hazle Patch, Laurel Ky 

Hazlet, Monmouth. . . .N. J 

Hazleton, Gibson Ind 

Hazleton, Luzerne Pa 

HazlettTille, Kent Del 

Hazlewood, Ballard Ky 

Hazlewood, Webster. .. .Mo 

Headland, Henry Ala 

Headlee, White Ind 

Head of Barren, Clai- 
borne Tenn 

Head of Grassy, Lewis. .Ky 
Head of Island, Living- 
ston ....La 

Head of Laurel, John- 
son ^ Tenn 

Head Quarters.Nicholas.Ky 
Headsville, Rooertson . .Tex 
Headsville, Mineral. W. Va 
Head Waters, Highland. Va 
Healdsbuigh, Sonoma.. Cail 

HealdYille, Rutland Vt 

Healing Springs, David- 
son N. C 

Healing Springs, Bath. . Va 

Heardmont, Elbert Ga 

Ueame, Robertson.... Tex 
Heart Prairie, Walworth. . . 


Hearts Creek, Lincoln 

W. Va 
Heartwellville, Ben- 
nington Vt 

Heath, Franklin Mass 

HeathsTille, Crawford. . .Hi 
HeathsYille, HaUfax..N.C 
HeathsvUU (c. A.)> 

Northumbe):land Va 

Heathy ille, Jefferson. . . . Pft 

Heaton, Lawrence Mo 

Heaton Creek, Carter. Tenn 
HebbardSTille, Hender- 
son Kj 

Hebbardsville, Athens.Ohio 
Hebbertsburgh, Cum- 
berland Tenn 

H'!ber (c. h.\ Wasatch.Utah 

Hebron, Tolland Conn 

Hebron, McHenry Ill 

Hebron, Porter Ind 

Hebron, Adair Iowa 

Hebron, Boone Ky 

. Hebron, Oxford Me 

Hebron, Nicollet Minn 

Hebron, Lawrence ...Miss 
Hebron (e. A.), Thayer.Nebr 

Hebron, Grafton N. H 

Hebron, Washington.. N T 
Hebron, Mecklenburgh.N.C 

Hebron, Licking Ohio 

Hebron, Potter Pa 

Hebron, Spartanburgh.S.C 
Hebron, Washington.. Utah 

Hebron, Dinwiddle Va 

Hebron, Pleasant^.. . W. Va 

Hebron, Jelferson Wis 

Hebronville, Bristol.. Mass 

Heckatoo, IJnooln Ark 

Hecker, Monroe Ill 

Heckland, Vigo Ind 

HeckseherviUe, Schuyl- 
kill Pa 

Hecktown,Norctiampton .Fa 

Uecla, WhiUey Ind 

Hecla, Schuylkill Fa 

Heda Works, Oneida. N. Y 

Hector, Jay Ind 

Hector, Johnson Kans 

Hector, Renville Minn 

Hector, Schuyler N. Y 

Hector, Potter Pa 

Hedge, Iowa Iowa 

Hedge City, Knox Mo 

Hedges, Clark Ky 

Hedgesville, Steuben. .N. Y 
Hedwig'S Hill, Mason. .Tex 
HefFren, Washington.. Ind 
Hegarty's Cross Roads, 

Clearfield Pa 

Hegg, Trempealeau. . . . Wis 

Hegins, Schuylkill Pa 

Heidelberg, Le Sueur. Minn 
Heidlersburgh, Adams. .Pa 
Heiligs Mill, Rowan.. N. C 
Hellmandale, Lebanon.. Fa 
Heilsburgh, Fayette.... Ill 
Heinrichtown, St. Clair..IU 
Heislerville, Cumber- 
land N.J 

Heistersburgh, Fayette.. Pa 
Helderbuxgh, Albany..N. Y 

Helen, Sedgwick Kans 

Helena, Shelby Ala 

Helena (e. A.), PhilUps.Ark 

Helena, Lake Colo 

Helena, Tama Iowa 

Helena, Mason Ky 

Helena, Seott........Minn 

Hblkna (e. A.), Lewis & 

Clarke Mont 

Helena, Johnson Nebr 

Helena, St. Lawrence. N. Y 
Helena, Westmoreland.. Pa 

Helena, Newberry S. C 

Helena (e. A.), Kame8..Tex 
Helena Station, Mason- . Ky 
Helena Station, Iowa. .Wis 
Helen Furnace, Clarion. Pa 
Helenville, Jefferson. . .^^s 
Helfenstein, Schuylkill. Pa 

Helieon, Crenshaw Ala 

Hellam, York Pa 

Heller's Comers, Allen. Ind 
Hellertown, Northamp- 
ton .....Fa 

Helmick, Coshocton. . Ohio 
Helms Mill, Russell.. . . Ky 
Helm's Store, Franklin.. Va 
Helmville, Deer Lodge.... 


Helotes, Bexar Tex 

Helton, Ashe N. 

Helton Station, Marion. .Mo 
Helton ville, Lawrence. Ind 

Helvetia, Carver Minn 

Helvetia, Randolph. .W. Va 
Hematite, Jefferson .... Mo 

Hemlock, Perry Ohio 

Hemlock, Cambria Pa 

Hemlock City, Saginaw... . 

Hemlock Grove, Meigs.Ohio 
Hemlock Hollow, Way ne.Fa 
Hemlock Lake, Living- 
ston N. Y 

Hempfield, Lancaster. ..Fa 
Hemphill (c. A.), Sabine... 

Hempstead, Queens... N. Y 
Hempstead (e. A.), 

Waller Tex 

Hemptown, Fannin. • . . .Ga 

Henagar, jU Kalb Ala 

Henderson', Hke Ala 

Henderson, Knox Ill 

Henderson (e. A.), Hen- 
derson Ky 

Henderson, E. Carroll... La 
Henderson, Caroline.*. . .Md 
Henderson, Shiawassee .... 

Henderson (e. A.), Sib- 
ley Minn 

Henderson, Webster. . . .Mo 
Henderson, Jefler8on..N. Y 
Henderson, Granville.. N. C 

Henderson, Mercer Pa 

Henderson, Madison. .Tenn 
Henderson (c. A.), Rusk.Tex 
Henderson's Cross Roads, 

Wilson Tenn 

Henderson's Mill, Mar- 
shall Ky 

Henderson's Springs, 

Sevier Tenn 

Henderson Station* Ford .111 
HendersonvUU (c. A.), 

Henderson N. C 

Hendersonville, Sum- 
ner Tenn 

Hendrick, Blount Ala 

Hendricks, Otoe Nebr 

Hendricks, Montgomery .Fa 
Hendrickson, Butler. . . .Mo 
Hendrick'S Store, Bed- 
ford Va 

Hendrix, McLean Ill 

Hendrum, Polk Mino 

Hendry sburgh, Belmont. . 

Hendy Creek,Chemung.N.Y 

Henley, Siskiyou Cal 

Henley Sj Amherst Va 

Hennepin (c.A.),Putnam.Ill 
Henniker, Merrimack .N. H 
Henning, Vermillion. ... Ill 
Henning, Lauderdale. Tenn 
Henning's Mills, Cler- 
mont Ohio 

Henrietta, Jackson... Mich 

Henrietta, Johnson Mo 

Henrietta, Nuckolls... Nebr 
Henrietta, Monroe . . . . N. Y 

Henrietta, Londn Ohio 

Henrietta, Blair Pa 

Henrietta, Cheatham. Tenn 
Henrietta {c. A.), Clay.. Tex 
Henrietta, Richland. . . Wis 

Henry, PickMis. Ala 

Henry, Codington Dak 

Henry, Marshall IH 

Henxy, Ray Ho 

Henry, Sussex Va 

Henry, Barron Wis 

Henry City, Macon lU 

Henry CUy Factory, 

New Castle Del 

Henry's, McDowell . . . . N. G 
Henry's Cross Roads, 

Sevier Tenn 

Henry's Fork, Roane W. Va 
Henry Station, Henry .Tenn 
Henry sviile, Marshall. .Ala 

Henrysville, Brown Wis 

Henry vlUe, Clarke Ind 

Henry y ille. Clay Miss 

Henry ville, Monroe Fa 

Henry ville, Lawrence. Tenn 
Henson ville, Greene.. Jf. Y 
Uenton ville. Mills. . . .Iowa 

Hepburn, Page Iowa 

Hephzibah, Richmond. .Ga 

Hepler, Crawford Kana 

Hepler, Schuylkill Pa 

Heppner, Umatilla. . . .Or^ 

Hepton, Kosciusko Ind 

Herald, Sedgwick.... Kans 
Herbemont, Morgan ..Ind 

Herbert, Conecuh Ala 

Herbert, Kemper Siisa 

Herbom, Shelby Ill 

Hereford, Baltimore. . . .Md 

Hereford, Berks Pa 

Hereford, Jackson..T(r. Ya 
Herkimer, Marshall.. Kans 
Herkimer (c. A.), Herki- 
mer N. Y 

Hermaan, Ripley Ind 

Herman, Lake Dak 

Herman, Lincoln Kans 

Herman, Grant Minn 

Herman, Washington. Nebr 

Herman, Butler Pa 

Herman, Dodge Wis 

Hermann {c. A.), Gas- 
conade Mo 

Hermansille, Menominee.. 

Hermansville, Coos. . .Orefi: 

Hermitage, Bradley Ark 

Hermitage, Mendocino. .Cal 
Hermitage, Grand ....Colo 
Hermitage, W. Baton 

Rouge La 

Hermttas:e (e. A.), Hick- 
ory.... Mo 

Hermitage, Wyoming. N. 7 

Hermitage, Mercer Pa 

Hermitage, Davidson.. Tenn 

Hermiti^, Cass Tex 

Hermitage, Augusta Va 

Hermon, Knox Ill 

Hermon, Penobscot Me 

Hermon, St. Lawrence.N. Y 
Hermon Centre, Penob- 
scot Me 

Hermon Pond, Penob- 
scot Me 

Hermosa, La Plata. . . .Colo 
Hernando {e. A.), Do 

Soto Miss 

Hemdon, Greene Ark 

Hemdon, Burke Ga 

Herpdon, Saline Mo 

Hemdon, Northumber- 
land F» 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Heradon, Fairfax Ta 

Iferoa lAke, Jackson. Minn 

Herrells, Mitchell N. 

Uerrick, Knox Nebr 

nerrick, Bradford Fa 

Herriek Centre, Sosque- 

hsnna Pa 

Herrick'8 Cross, Tulare.Cal 
nerrickyille, Bradford.. Fa 
Ikrriman, Salt Lake. .Utati 

IlerriDg, Allen Ohio 

Uerringsrille, Sampson .... 

Herrin'B Pnlrie, Wil- 
liamson HI 

HerriottsTille, Allegheny.. 

Herwher, Kankakee .... Ill 
HerHy[c. A.), Qseeola.Mich 

Hersey, Nobles BlinQ 

Hersey, St. Croix Wis 

Heneyrille, Monroe... Wis 

Hersman, Brown Ill 

Utrtford (e. A.), Perqui- 

mons N. 

Henhom, RenTille. . .Minn 

Heshbon, Indiana Fa 

Hesper, Winneshiek... Iowa 

Hesper, Douglas Kans 

Hesperia, Oceana Mich 

Hesperian, Webster. . .Iowa 
HessiUMMl Station, Ni- 
agara N.T 

Hesston, La Forte Ind 

Hessrille, Snmner . . . .KanB 
HenTille, Harrison.. W. Ya 

Heater, Marion Mo 

Hester Mills, Meigs. . .Tenn 
Hester- 8 Store, Person.N. C 

Heth, Osark Mo 

Hetlenrille, Columbia.. .Fa 
Hetslerrille, Darke . . . .Ohio 
HeuTelton, St. Lawrence. . . 


Hewett, Boone W. Ya 

Hewettsrille, Clark Wis 

Hewitt, Walker Ala 

Hewitt, Passaic N. J 

Hewlett's, HanoTer Ya 

Heyworth, McLean Ill 

ffiattTille, Bourbon. . .Kans 
Mawcusee (e.A.), Towns.Qa 
Hiawatha (c. h.) Brown. . . 


Hibbett'n, Carroll Ohio 

Bibbsrille, Appanoose.Iowa 

Hibemia, Clay Pla 

Hibemia, Morris N. J 

Hiberikia, Dutchess N. T 

Hiekcox Prairie, Pipe 

Stone Minn 

IKekman (c. A.), Fulton.Ky 
Hickman, Lancaster.. Nebr 

Hickman, Uorry S. C 

Hickman Mills, Jackson.Mo 
Hicknum's, Tuscaloosa. Ala 

Hickory, Lake lU 

Hickory, Yan Buren..Iowa 

Hickory, Butler Kans 

Hickory, Harford Md 

Hickory, Newton .Miss 

Hickory, Gmndy Mo 

Hickory, Catawba N. C 

Hickory, Washington... Pa 

Hickory, Mason W. Ya 

Hickory Barren,OTeene. Mo 
Hickory Comers, Barry... 


Hickory Comers, Niag- 
ara N.T 

Hickory Comers, Nor- 
thumberland Pa 

Hiekory Creek, Hemp- 
stead Ark 

Hickory Creek, Fannin .... 

Hickory Flat,Chamber8.Ala 
Hickory Flat, Cherokee. Ga 
Hickory Flat, Simpson. .Ky 
Hiekory Flat, Calcasieu. La 
Hickory Flat, Benton. .Miss 
Hickory OroTe,Crawf ordTQa 
Hickor^MQroYe, Dubois .Ind 
Hickory Orote, Monroe.. . . 

Hiekory Grove, Grares. .Ky 
Hickory Grore, Wake. .N. 
Hickory Grore, ' Sus- 
quehanna Ba 

Hickory GroTe,^Tork. .S. 
Hickory GroTe, Prince 

William Ya 

Hickory HiU Phillips .. 

Hickory Hill, Marion. . . .Ill 

Hickory Hill, Cole Mo 

Hickory Hill, Chester. . .Pa 
Hickory Plains Prairie. Ark 
Hickory Plains, Pren- 

Uss Miss 

Hickory Ridge, Hancock.Ill 
Hickory Kidge, JefFer- 

son Tenn 

Hickory Run, Carbon. . .Pa 
Hickorytown, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Hickory Yalley, Inde- 
pendence Aric 

Hickory Valley, Winn. .La 
Hickory Yalley, Harde- 
man Tenn 

Hickory Withe, Fay- 
ette Tenn 

EDcks, Chemung N. T 

Hieks City. Jackson. . . .Mo 
Hicks/ord(e.h.). Green- 

Tille Ya 

HicksYille, Sacramento. Cal 

HickariUe, Queens N.T 

HicksTille, Rutherford.N. C 
Hicksrille, Defiance... Ohio 

HicksTille, Bland Ya 

Hick's Wharf, Matthews.Ya 

Hico, Benton Ark 

Hico, Calloway Ky 

Hico, Hamilton Tex 

Hidalgo, Jasper Ill 

Hu/a^o{e. A.),HidalgD.Tex 

Hiester''s Mill, Berks Pa 

Hiett, Brown Ohio 

Higbee, Bent. ........ Colo 

Higbee, Randolph Mo 

Higby, Ross Ohio 

Higby, Roane W. Ya 

Higganum, Middlesex.Conn 
Higgins Ferry, Edgefield. . . 

S. C 

Higginson, White Ark 

Hi^nsport, Jackson. Iowa 
Higginsport, Brown . . .Ohio 
Higginsville, Yermillion. Ill 
HigginsTiIle,La Fayette. Mo 
mgginsyille, Oneida.. N.T 
Higginsrille, Hamp- 

shfre W.Ya 

EQggston, Montgomery. .Ga 

High Banks, Chippewa. Wis 
High Bridge, Hunter- 
don N. J 

EDgh Bridge, Musking- 
um Ohio 

High Falls, Geneya. . . . Ala 
High Falls, Ulster.... N. T 
High Falls, Oconee. . . .S. C 
High Forest, Olmsted. Minn 

High Gate, Maries Mo 

Highgate, Franklin Yt 

High Gate, Surry Ya 

Highgate Centre, Frank- 
lin Yt 

Highgate Springs, Frank- 
lin Yt 

High Grore, Nelson . . . . Ky 

High Grove, Maries Mo 

High Health, Johnson.Tenn 

High Hill, Leake Miss 

High Hill, Montgomery.. Mo 
High Hill, Muskingum. Ohio 

High Hill, Fayette Tex 

High House, Fayette .... Pa 
High House, Campbell.... 


High Knob, Clay Ky 

High Lake, Wayne Pa 

Highland, Shelby Ala 

Highland, Sharp Ark 

Highland, Minneha'ha..Dak 

Highland, Madison Ill 

Highland, Clayton .... Iowa 
Highland, Doniphan.. Kans 

Highland, Lincoln Ky 

Highland, Howard Md 

Highland, Oakland. . .Mich 
Highland,<Fillmore . . . Minn 
Highland, Tishomingo .Miss 

Highland, Coos N. U 

Highland, Ulster N. T 

Highland, Highland. .Ohio 
Highland, Clackamas. Oreg 

Highland, Bradford Pa 

Highland, Jackson... Tenn 
Highland, Ritchie. . . W. Ya 

Highland, Iowa Wis 

Highland Centre, Wa- 
pello Iowa 

Highland Falls, Orange.... 

Highland Grore, Green- 

rUle S.C 

Highland Home, Lau- 
rens S. C 

Highland Mary, San 

Juan Colo 

Highland Mills, Orange.... 

Highland Park, Lake. ..HI 

Highlands, Macon N. C 

Highlands, Monmouth. N .J 
Highland SpriDgs, Lake.CaJ 
Highlands Station, Clay .Fla 
Highlands Station, Put- 
nam N. T 

Highland Station, Don- 
iphan Kans 

Highland Station, Oak- 
land Mich 

mghland Station, Gal- 

reston Tex 

IHghlandrille, Winne- 
shiek Iowa 

Highlandrille, Norfolk 

High Market, Lewis ...N.T 


High Point, Walker Ga 

High Point, Decatur.. Iowa 
High Point, Harford.... Md 
High Point, Moniteau. .Mo 
High Point, Guilford. .N. C; 

High Point, Knox Tenn . 

High Prairie, Leavenworth. 

mgh Ridge, Fairfield. Conn 
High Ridge, Jefferson. .Mo 
High Shoals, Randolph. Ala 

High Shoals, Walton Ga 

High ShoalH, Gaston. .N. 
mgh Spire, Dauphin. . . .Pa 
Hightower, Cleburne. . Ala 
High Tower, Forsyth... Ga 
High towers, Caswell.. N. C 
Hightown, Highland . . . . Ya 
Hightstown, Mercer. . .N. J 
High View, Frederick. . .Ya 

Highville, Lancaster Fa 

Highwood, Lake '. Ill 

High Woods, Ulster... N. T 

Xlika, Manitowoc Wis 

Hiko, Lincoln Ner 

Hubert. Calumet Wis 

Hilham, Overton. .-. . .Tenn 

Hill, Effingham Ill 

Uill, Merrimack N.H 

Hill, Mercer Pa 

Hillabee, Clay Ala 

Hill Church, Berks Pa 

Hill City, Pennington. .Dak 
Hill City, Graham . . .Kans 

mil City, Barry.: Mo 

HiU Creek, Bopque Tex 

Hillegass, Montgomery.. Fa 
Hillerton, Gunnison. ..Colo 

Hill Grove, Meade Ky 

Dill Grove, Darke Ohio 

Hill Grove, Pittsylvania. Ya 

mUham, Dubois Ind 

Hillhouse, Lake Ohio 

Hilihurst, Pierce .... Wash 
Hillians' Store, MarshalL . . 


Hilliard, Uintah Wyo 

Hilliard's, Allegan.... Mich 
miliards, Franklin.. . .Ohio 

Hilliard'S, Butler Pa 

Hilliardston, Nash — N. C 
miliardsville, Henry . .Ala 
mUitiburgh, Clinton. ..Ind 
mils, Washington .... Ohio 
Hillsborough, Lawrence. . . 

Hillsborough, Union. ..Ark 
Hillsborough, Weld. . .Colo 
Hillsborough, Jasper. . . Ga 
Hillsborough (c. A.), 

Montgomery « . . . .Ill 

milsborough, Henry.. Iowa 
Hillsborough, Fleming..Ky 
milsborough, Caroline. Md 
milsborough, Scott. ..Miss 
Hillshorough (c. A.), 

Jefferson JCo 

HillMborough, mils- 
borough N. H 

Hillsborough, Dona Ana . . 

N. Mez 
HiUsborough (c. A.), 

Orange N. 

Hillshoro^igh (e. A.), 
Highland Ohio 


Alphabetical LiMt of Pont Officei. 

HUMforough (e. h,), 

Washington Oreg 

HiUsborougk, 0offe9..Tenn 

HUlsborougk {e A.), 

xJLlil •••■••••»••••»•• aXOZ 

'HillBborough, Loudoun. Va 
HilLaborough, Vemon..Wl8 
Hillsborough Bridge, 

UilLBborough N. H 

Hillsborough Centre, 

Hillsborough N. H 

Hillsborough Upper Vil- 
lage, Hilbborough. .N. H 
Hill's Branch, Cayuga.N.T 
Hill's Comers, Berrien. . . . 


Hillsdale, Moody Bak 

Hillsdale, Roclc Island. Ill 
Hillsdale, Vermillion. . Ind 

Hillsdale, Mills Iowa 

Hillsdale, Bliami Kaas 

HiUsdale {c. A.), Hills- 
dale Mich 

Hillsdale, Nemaha. . . .Nebr 

Hillsdale, Bergen N. J 

Hillsdale, Columbia... N. T 
Hillsdale, Guilford. . . .N. C 

HiUsdale, Indiana fa 

Hillsdale, Macon Tenn 

Hillsdale, Iron Utah 

Hill's Ferry, Stanislaus. Cal 
Hill's Fork, Adams. . .Ohio 
Hill's Orove, McDonough. . 

Hill's Grove, Sulliran. . .Pa 

Hill's Grove, Kent R. I 

Hillside, Tishomingo.. Miss 
Hillside, Westmoreland . Pa 
HUl's Point, Dorchester... 

Hills Pnlrie, Bastrop. .Tex 

Hill Spring, Henry Ky 

Hill's Station, Clermont.. . 

Hill's Store, Randolph. N. C 
Hill's View, Westmore- 
land Pa 

Hillsville, Lawrence Pa 

HiltsviUe (e. A.), Carroll.Va 

Hillton, Sharp Ark 

Hill Top, Charles Md 

Hilltown, Bucks Pa 

Hill VaU^y, Huntingdon.. 


HiU View, Warren Pa 

Hilo, Big Stone Minn 

Hilton, Tazewell Ill 

Hilton Head, Beaufort.. S.C 
Hilton's, Sullivan. . . .Tenn 
Hiltonville, Allegany. N. Y 

mmrod-s, Yates N. Y 

Hinckley, Be Kalb lU 

Hinckley, Pine Minn 

Hinckley, Medina Ohio 

Hindsburgh, Orleans.. N. Y 
Hind's Creek, Anderson. . . . 

Hindsville, Madison... Ark 

Hiner. Parker Tex 

Hineaoexg, Fond Bn Lac. . . 

Hinesborough, Douglas.. Ill 
Hinesburgh, Chittenden.Vt 
Hine's Comers, Wayne. .Pa 

Hineaton, Rapides La 

Hinesville. Richland. .Ohio 
Hingham, Plymouth. .Mass 
Hingham, Sheboygan. . Wis 

Bingham Centre, Plym- 
outh Ml 

Hinkle's Feny, Bruoria. . . 

Hinkle'8 Mills, Upshur. . . . 

Hinkleton, Laneaster. . ..Pa 
Hinkleville, Ballard. . . . Ky 
HbiklevUle, Upshur. W. Va 

Hinman, Emmett Mich 

Uinmansville, Oswego.N. Y 

Hinsdale, Du Page Ill 

Hinsdale, Lee Iowa 

Hinsdale, Berkshire. . .Mms 
Hinsdale, Chesliire.. . .N. H 
Hinsdale, Cattaraugus.N. Y 
Hinton, Plymouth .... Iowa 

Hinton, Scott Ky 

Hinton {c.hX Summers. . . 


EDram, White Ark 

Hiram, Oxford Me 

Hiram, Portage Ohio 

Hiramsburgh, Noble. .Ohio 
Hire's Grove, Buena 

Vista Iowa 

Hiseville, Banen Ky 

Hitchcock's Station, 

Washing^n Ind 

Hites, AU^heny Pa 

Hite's Cove, Mariposa.. Cal 

Hitesville, Butler Iowa 

Hitesville, Union Ky 

Hitson's Crossing, Palo 

Pinto Tex 

Hitt, Scotland Mo 

Hiwassee College, Mon- 

Hixburgh, Appomattox. Va 

Hixton, Jackson Wis 

Uoagland, Allen Ind 

Uoag's Comer, Rens- 
selaer N. Y 

Hobart, Lake Ind 

Hobart, Rooks Kans 

Hobart, Wexford Mich 

Hobart, Delaware N. Y 

Hobble, Luzerne Pa 

HobbieviUe, Greene — Ind 
Hobbysville, Spartan- 
burgh S.C 

Hobbs, Tipton Ind 

Hoboken, Marengo Ala 

Hoboken, Pieroe Oa 

Hoboken, Grant Ind 

Hoboken, Hudson N. J 

Hochheim, De Witt. . . .Tex 
Hockanum, Hartford.Conn 

Hookers. Jefiferpon Ark 

Hockessin, New Castle.. Del 
Hocklngport, Athens. . Ohio 

Hockley, Harris Tex 

Hodgdon, Aroostook . . . .Me 
Hodgeman Center (r. A.), 

H<Klgeman Kans 

HodgensvUU (e. A.), La 

Rue fey 

Hodges, Abbeville 8. C 

Hodge's Park, Alexander .HI 
HoeberviUe, St. Charles. . . 

Hoffman, Richmond.. N. 
Hoffman's Ferry, Sche- 
nectady N. Y 

Hoffman's Wliarf, Ac- 
comack Va 


Hogui'8 Landing, Cald- 
well La 

HogansviUe, Tronp Oa 

Hogarth's landing, St. 

John's Fla 

Hogback VaUey, Tran- 
sylvania N. G 

Hoge, Leavenworth.. .Kans 

Hoge's Store, Giles Va 

H<^gj;ard's Mill, Baker.. Oa 
Hohenlinden, Chiclcasaw. . 

Hofaen Solms, AMension.La 

HohokuB, Bergen N.J 

Hokah, Houston Minn 

Hokendauqua, Lehigh.. Pa 
Hokes Bluff, Etowah.. Ala 

Hoko, Clallam Wash 

Holaday 's, Adair. .... Iowa 

Holbroolc, Grant Ky 

Holbrook, Norfolk.... Mass 
Holbrook, Suffolk.... N. Y 

Holbrook, Greene Pa 

Holbrook, Ritchie... W. Va 

Holcomb, Ogle Ill 

Holcomb, Gallia Ohio 

Holcombe, Burke Ga 

Uolcomb's Rock, Bed- 
ford Va 

H olden, Butler Kans 

Holden, Penobscot ..... Me 
Holden, Worcester. . . . Mass 
Holden, Goodhue.... Minn 

Holden, Johnson Mo 

Holden, Millard Utah 

Holder, McLean Hi 

Holder's Store, White.Tenn 
Holdemess, Grafton. .N. H 
Holding's Ford, Steams.. . 


Holgate, Henry Ohio 

Holiday's Cove, Han- 
cock W.Va 

Holland, Faulkner .... Ark 

Holland, Dubois Ind 

Holland, Grundy Iowa 

Holland, Hampden.. . .Mass 

Holland, Ottawa Mich 

Holland, Lancaster.. ..Nebr 
Holland, Hunterdon... N. J 

Holland, Erie N. Y 

Holland, Lucas Ohio 

Holland, Bucks Pa 

Holland, Bell Tex 

Holland, Orleans Vt 

Holland, Brown Wis 

Holland Patent.Oneida.N.Y 

riollands. Wake N. C 

Hollandsburgh, Parke.. Ind 
Hollands Gold Mine, 

Haralson Ga 

Holland's Mills, CarroU.Ga 
Holland 3tation,Brown.Wis 
Holland's Store, Chat- 
tooga Qn, 

Holland's Store, Ander- 
son S.C 

Hollandville, Kent Del 

Hollansburgh, Darke.. Ohio 
HoUenberg, Washing- 
ton Kans 

Holley , Plymouth. . . . Iowa 

HoUey , Orleans N . Y 

HoUiday , Fayette Hi 

Holliday, Monroe Mo 

HoUidaysburgh {e. A.), 
Blair P» 

Holling, IVm^as Kau 

HolUngsworth, Banks. . .Ga 

HoUif, Peoria lU 

Hollis, York Me 

Hollis, Hillsborough.. N. H 

Hollis Centre, York Me 

HoUister (e. A.), San Ben- 
ito Cai 

HoUister's, Westmoreland. 


Hollisterville, Wayne Pa 

Holliston Middlesex.. Mass 

HoUonvUle, Pike Ga 

HoIIoway's, Person.... N. C 
Hoiloway's Store, Surry .Va 
HoUowayville, Bureau. . lU 
Hollow PopIar,Mitchell.N.C 
Hollow Rock, CarroU.Tenn 
Hollow Sprii^, Cannon. . . 

Hollowville, Columbla.N. Y 

Holly, Oakland Mich 

Holly Branch, Rradl^.Ark 
Holly Brook, Bland ....Va 
Holly Bush, Cleveland. N.C 
Holly Creek, Murray . -. . .Ga 

Holly Creek, Wise Va 

Hollydale, Lunenburgh.Va 
Holly Grove, Walker... AU 
Holly Grove, Monroe . . Aik 
Holly Grove, Moore . . . N. C 
Holly Hill, Volusia. . . .fla 
Holly Hill, Whitley. . . .Ky 
Holly HiU, Charleston. S C 
Holly Meadows, Tucker. .. 

Holly Retreat, Wilkinson . . 

Holly River, Braxton. W.Va 
Hollyrood, Ellsworth. Kans 
Holly Springs, Dallas. .Ark 
Holly Springs, Cherokee.Ga 
Holly Springs, Clai- 

b ome La 

Holly Springs (c. A.), 

Marshall Mlu 

Holly Springs, Wake.. .N.C 
Holly Springs, Oconee S. C 
Holly Springs. Jasper. .Tex 
Holly 8 Wharf ,Cho wan .N.C 
Holly Tree, Jackson . . ..Ala 

Hollyville, Sussex Del 

Hollywood, Clark Ark 

Hollywood, Richmond. . Ga 
Hollywood, St. Mary'8..Md 
Hollywood, Carteret... N.C 

Holman, Dearborn Ind 

Holman , Osceola Iowa 

Holman's, Davie N. 

Holman's Mills, Alamance. 

Holman's Store, Warren.Mo 
Holman Station, Scott.. Ind 
HolmansTille, Robertson. . 

Holmdel, Monmouth. .N. J 
Holmen, La Crowe. . . .Wis 
Holmesburgh,* Philar 

delphia Fa 

Holmes City Douglas .Minn 
Holmes Creek, De Kalb .... 

Hobnes' Mill, Jefferaon. . . 

Holmesville, Appling. ..€ta 

• Branch of the FhUadaljpUa 
Pott Office. 

Alphabetical Idtt of Post Office*. 


Holmesyille, 1m Porte.. Ind 
HoImesTille, AT07eIl6s..l> 

Uolmesville, Pike Mise 

HolmesTille, Chenango.N.T 
Holmesrille, Holmefl. .Ohio 
Holmlie, Big Stone. .Minn 
Ilolmwood, Jewell....Kui0 

Hol«tein, Kane Ill 

Holsteia, Warren Mo 

Holxtein Mills, Smyth.. Va 
HoLston, Washingtmi.. . .Va 
BoLiton Bridge, Scott. . . Va 
Holston Valley, Sullivan.. .^ 


Holt, Taylor Iowa 

Holt, Ingham Mich 

Holt, Clay ..Mo 

Holt, Bearer Fa 

Holton, Ripley Ind 

HoUon {c.h . ),J ackson.Kans 
Holton, Muskegon. . . . SiQch 
Holt's Comen, Marshall. . 

Holt's Mills, Penobscot. Me 
Holt's Prairie. Perry ... .Ill 
Holt's Summit, Calla- 
way Mo 

HoltsTille, Suffolk ....N.I 

Holy Croes, Clay Minn 

Holy Cross, Ozaukee. . . Wis 
Holy Neck, Nansemond.Va 
Holyoke, Ellsworth . . Kans 
Holyoke, Hampden — Mass 

Holyoke, Butler Fa 

Homan, Miller Ark 

HomansTille, Utah. . .Utah 

Home, Wayne Ill 

Home, Jefferson Ind 

Home, Van Buren .... Iowa 

Home, Marshall Kans 

Home, Pike Ky 

Home, Newaygo Mich 

Home, Brown Minn 

Home, Baker Oreg 

Home, Indiana Pa 

Home, Gr«ene Tenn 

Home, Trempealeau . . ..Mis 
Homedahl, Faribault. Minn 
Homeland, Cnlpeper . . . . Va 
Home Place, Plaque- 
mines La 

Homer [e. k.). Banks.. . .Oa 

Homer, Champaign Ill 

Homer, Rush Ind 

Homer, Hamilton .... Iowa 

Homer, Logan Ky 

Homer (c. A.), Clai- 
borne La 

Homer, Calhoun Mich 

Homer, Winona. Minn 

Homer, Atchison Mo 

Homer, Dakota Nebr 

Homer, Cortland N. Y 

Homer, Licking Ohio 

Homer (e. A.), Ange- 
lina Tex 

Homer, Grant Wis 

Homer City, Indiana. . . .Pa 
HomerviUe (e. A.), 

Clinch Ga 

Homenrille, Medina.. .Ohio 
Homestead, San IMegcCal 

Homestead, Iowa Iowa 

Homestead, Chase. . . .Kans 
Homestead, Benzie .... Mich 

Homestead, Burt Nebr 

Homestead, Hudson. .N. J 
Hmaestead, Allegheny . . Pa 

Homet^s Feriy, Bmdf ovd.Fik 

Homewood, Cook Ill 

Homewood, Franklin. Kans 

Homewood, Scott Miss 

Homewood, Beaver Pn 

Homewood, Monroe. . ..Wis 
Hom^worth, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

Hominy Creek, Bun- 
combe N. C 

Homowack, Ulster.... N. Y 

Iloncut, Butte Oal 

Hondo Canon, Bandera.Tex 
Honea Path, Anderaon.S. 

Uonek, Saline Kans 

Uoneoye, Ontario N. Y 

Honeoye Fails, Monroe. N.Y 
HonesdaU (c. A.), Wayne.. 


Honey, Mercer Mo 

Honey Bend, Mont- 
gomery Ill 

Honey Brook, Chester.. .Fa 

Honey Creek, Ogle Ill 

Honey Creek, Henry. . .Ind 
Honey Creek, Fottawat- 

tamie Iowa 

Honey Creek, Walworth. Wis 
Honey Grove, Juniata.. . Pa 
Honey Grove, Fannin. .Tex 
IIoneyville,Box Elder.Utah 

Honeyville, Page Va 

IlonoravUle, Crenshaw. Ala 
Hood Uiver, Wasco . . . Or^ 
Hood's Landing, Roane. . . . 

Hood's Mills, Jackson.. .La 
Hood's Mills, Carroll... Md 
Hood's Run, Greenup.. Ky 
Hooddville, Marion. . W. Va 
Uoodville, Hamilton ...111 

Hooker, Turner Bak 

Hooker, Washington... Ind 

Hooker, Gage Nebr 

Hooker. Butler Pa 

Hooker's, St. Francis.. Ark 
Hooker's Station, Fair- 
field Ohio 

Hookersville, Nicholas. . . 

W. Va 
Hookerton, Greene.... N. 
Hookerville, Burleson. Tex 
Hookset, Merrimack.. N. H 
Hooks Point, Hamil- 
ton Iowa 

Hookstown, Beaver Pa 

Iloopa Valley, Humboldt. . . 


Hooper, Dodge Nebr 

Hooper, Broome N. T 

Hooper, Weber Utah 

Hooper's Mills, Cle- 
burne Ala 

Hooper's Valley, Tioga. N.Y 
Hoopersville, Dorchester. . . 

Hoopeston, Vermillion. . Ill 

Hooppole. Ross Ohio 

Hoosac Tunnel, Berk- 
shire Mass 

Hoosick, Rensselaer... N. Y 
Hoosick Falls, Rensse- 
laer N.Y 

Hoosier Prairie, Clay... .Ill 

Uoosierville, Clay Ind 

Hoover, Cass Ind 

Hoover Hill, Randolph.N. C 
Hooversburgh, Miami . . Ind 

HooTor's Run, Greene... Fa 

Hooversville, Somerset.. Pa 
Hop Bottom, Susque- 
hanna Pa 

Hope, Hempstead Ark 

Hope, Vermillion Ill 

Hope, Bartholomew.. . .Ind 

Hope, Dickinson Kans 

Hope, Knox Me 

Hope, Midland Mich 

Hope, Watonwan ....Minn 

Hope, Meroer Mo 

Hope, Warren N. J 

Hope, Hamilton N.Y 

Hope, Franklin Ohio 

Hope, Greene Pa 

Hope, Providence R. I 

Hope, Lavaca Tex 

Hope Chapel, Atchimn.Mo 
Hope Church, Allegheny.. . 


Hopedale, Desha Ark 

Uopedale, Tasewell Ill 

Hopedale, Worcester. . Mass 
Hopedale, Harrison. . . Ohio 
Hope Falls, Hamilton. N. Y 
Hopefleld, Crittenden. .Ark 

Hopeful, Louisa Va 

Hope Furnace, Vinton. Ohio 
Hope Hull, Montgomery.. . 

Hope Mills, Cumberland... 


Hope Milbi, Page Va 

Hope Station, Lexing- 
ton 8. C 

Hopeton, Merced Cal 

Hope Vall{»y, Washing- 
ton .R.I 

Hope Villa, East Baton 

Rou|^ La 

Hopeville, Calhoun.... Ark 
Hopcville, Hernando . . .Fla 

Hopeville, Clarke Iowa 

Hopeville, Monmouth. N. J 
Hopeville, Greenville. ..Va 

Hopeville, Grant W. Va 

Hopewell, Colquitt Ga 

Hopewell, Greenup Ky 

Hopewell, Somerset. . . . Md 
Hopewell, Calhoun. ...Miss 

Hopewell, Mercer N.J 

Hopewell, Ontario. . . . N. Y 

Hopewell, Muskingum 


Hopewell, Bedford Pa 

Hopewell, York S. C 

Hopewell, Burnet Tex 

Hopewell, lAucaster . . . . Va 
Hopewell Academy 

Warren Mo 

Hopewell Centre, On- 
tario N.Y 

Hopewell Centre, York.. Pa 
Hopewell Cotton Works, 

Chester Pa 

Hopewell Cross Roads, 

Harford Md 

Hopewell Furnace, 

Washington Mo 

Hopewell Junction, 

Dutchess N.Y 

Hopewell Springs, Mon- 
roe Tenn 

Hopkins, Allegan Mich 

Hopkins, Hennepin... Mhin 

Hopkins, Nodaway Mo 

Hopkins' MiU, Gzeena. . .Pla 

Hopkins Station, Alle- 
gan Mich 

Hopkins Turnout, Rich- 
land 8.0 

HopidnsviUe {e. A.), 

Christian Ky 

HopkinsviUe, Warren. Oliio 
Hopkinton, Delaware Iowa 
Uopkinton, Middlesex.Mass 
Hopkinton, Merrimack. . . . 

N. H 
Hopkinton, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

Hopldnton, Wasliing- 

ton R. I 

Ilopland, Mendocino. . .Cal 
Hoppenville, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

Hopper's Mills, Hender- 
son HI 

Hoppertown, AUegan 

Hoquiam, Chehalis...Wash 

Horace, 0ms Dak 

Horace, Edgar HI 

Horace, Audubon .... Iowa 

Horatio, Darke Ohio 

Hord, Clay Ill 

Horeb, Pope Minn 

Uoreb, Bedford Va 

Horicon, Martin Minn 

Horicon, Warren N.Y 

Horicon, Dodge Wis 

Horine Station, Jeffer- 
son Mo 

Horn. Jasper . Iowa 

Hombrook, Bradford.. . .Pa 

Hornby, Steuben N. Y 

llomellsville, Steuben.N. Y 
Homerstown, Ocean. . .N. J 
Ilomersville, Dunklin. .Mo 

Uomitos, Mariposa Cal 

Horn Lake, De Soto. . .Miss 
Uomsboro, Chesterfield. . . 

S. C 

Homsby, Macoupin Ill 

Horn's Comers, Osaukee. . 

Horn's Cross Road, Miller. 

Horn's Mills, CarroU..N. H 

Horn's Pier, Door Wis 

Horn's Store, Grayson . . Ky 
Ilorntown, Accomack. . .Va 
Horr's, Champaign. . . . Ohio 
Ilorr's Ranch, Stanis- 
laus Cal 

Horse Branch, Ohio . . . . Ky 
Horse Cove, Macon . . . .N. 
Horse Creek, Cherokee N . . 

Ind. T 
Horse Creek, Greene.. Tenn 
Horse Head, Prince 

George's Md 

Horse Head, Dak 

Uoraeheads, Chemung 

Horseley's Landing, Nel- 
son Va 

Horse MiU, BeU. Ky 

Horse Pasture, Henry... Va 
Horse Plains, Missoula. . . . 

Horse Prairie, Beaver 

Head Mont 

Horse Shoe,Hender8on.N. C 
Horse Shoe Bend, 
Boise Idaho 



Hone Shoe Bend, 

Scott .Tenn 

Hone Shoe Bottom, 

BuMell Ky 

Hone Shoe Falls, Warren.. 

Hone Shoe Run, Free- 
ton W. Va 

Homham, Montgomery . .Fa 

Hortenae, Lake Colo 

Horton, Bremer Iowa 

Horton. Jackson Mich 

Horton-8, Indiana Fa 

Horton '• Bay, CharleToix . . 

Horton's Store, Frinee 

William Va 

Hortonyille, Rutland. . . . Yt 
Hortonyille, Outagamie.. . . 

Hosch's Store, JacksoB.Oa 

Hosensack, Lehigh Fa 

Hoskins, Woodbury . .Iowa 
Hoskinsville, Noble. ..Ohio 

Hosper, Sioux Iowa 

Host, Berks Fa 

HotchkissTille, liteh- 

fleld Conn 

Hot Creek, Nye Ner 

Hothouse, Cherokee ..N. C 

Hot House, Fannin Ga 

Hot Springs (e. A.), 

Garland Ark 

Hot Springs, Ouray. . .Colo 

Hot Springs, Bath. Va 

Hot Sulphur Springs 

(c. A.), Grand Colo 

Houcksville, Carroll. . . .Md 
Iloucktown , Hancock . Ohio 
Houghton, Jo Daviess. ..Ill 
Houghton {e. h.), 

Houghton Mich 

Houghton Creek, Alle- 
gany N.Y 

Houghton Lake, Ros- 
common Mich 

Houlka, Chickasaw. . .Miss 
Houlton {e. A.), Aroos- 
took Me 

Hourna {e. A.), Terre 

Bonne La 

Housatonic, Berkshire 


House Creek, Wilcox Ga 

House Mountain, Knox... 

Houser Mill, Monroe. ...Fa 

Ilouserville, Centre Ri 

House's Springs, Jef- 
ferson Mo 

House's Store, Clay Ky 

Hottseville, Lewis N.Y 

Houston (e. A.), Win- 
ston Ala 

Houston, Suwannee.... Fla 

Houston, Heard Ga 

Houston, Randolph Ill 

Houston, Jackson Ind 

Houston, Graham. . . . Kans 
Houstoii, Houston.. . .Minn 
Houston (e. A.), Chick- 
asaw Miss 

Houston (e. A.), Texas.. Mo 

Houston, Shelby Ohio 

Houston, Allegheny Pa 

Houston, Wayne Tenn 

Houston (e. h.y, Harris. . . . 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices, 

Bonetonia, Petfcit Mo 

Houston Station, Kent..I)el 
Hoostonyille, Washing- 
ton Fa 

Hontadale, Clearfield .. .Fa 

Howard, Turner Dak 

Howard, Taylor Ga 

Howard, Champaign. . . .Ill 

Howard, Farke Ind 

Howard {r. A.), Elk. .Kans 

Howard, Wright Minn 

Howard, Nemaha Nebr 

Howard, Warren N. J 

Howard, Steuben N. T 

Howard, Knox Ohio 

Howard, Wasco Oreg 

Howard, Centre Fa 

Howard, Bell Tex 

Howard, Manhall. . .W. Ya 
Howiurd Centre, How- 
ard Iowa 

Howard City, Mont- 
calm Mich 

Howard^s Grore, She- 
boygan Wis 

Howard's Iron Works, 

Johnson Tenn 

Howard's Iick,Hardy .W.Ya 
Howard's Mills, Mont- 
gomery Ky 

Howard's Mills, St. 

Clair Mo 

Howard's Frairie, Mil- 
waukee Wis 

Howard Springs, Cum- 
berland Tenn 

Howardsville, San Juan. . .. 

• Colo 

Howardsrille, Stephenson. 

Howardsrille, St. Jo- 
seph Mich 

Howardsrille, Albe- 
marle Ya 

Howardville, Oswego.. N.Y 

Howe, Gnyson Tex 

HoxotU (c. A.), Living- 
ston Mich 

Howell Frairie,Marion.Oreg 
Howell's Depot, Onuge.. . . 

Howell's Shop, Patrick.. Ya 
Howeirs Mills, Fulton.. Ga 
HowellsviUe, Robeson .N. C 
Howell ville, Delaware... Fa 
Howel's Cross Roads, 

Cherokee ^Ala 

Howesburgh, Jeffenon . Ky 
Howe's Cave, Schoharie.... 

Howe's Yalley, Hardin.. Ky 

Howesville, Clay Ind 

Howesville, DeoEttur..Tenn 
Howesville, Freston. W. Ya 
Ilowland, Penobscot. . . .Me 

Howland, Putnam Mo 

Howlet Hill, Onondaga 

Howth Station, Waller. Tex 
Iloyleton, Washington.. Ill 

Hoy t, Jackson Kans 

Hoyt, Montgomery Fa 

Hoy tville. Wood Ohio 

Hubbard, Trumbull. Ohio 

Hubbard, Marion Oreg 

Hubbardston, Worees- 

ter Mass 

Hubbardston, Ionia. .Mich 

Hubbaidstown, Wayne .... 

HnbbardBTiUe, Madison... . 


Hnbbardton, Rutland. . .Yt 
Hubbleton, Jefferson.. Wis 
HubelsvUle, Hunting* 

don Pa 

Hubertville, Robertaon. . . . 

Hnblenbnrf^, Centre. . .Pa 
Huckleberry, Echols. . . .Ga 

Hudson, McLean HI 

Hudson, Steuben Ind 

Hudson, Black Hawk. Iowa 

Hudson, Penobscot Me 

Hudson, Middlesex .... Mass 
Hudson, Lenawee. . . . Mich 

Hudson, Douglas Minn 

Hudson, Tunica Miss 

Hudson, Bates. Mo 

Hudson. Hillsborough 

Hudson (e. A.), Colum- 
bia N.Y 

Hudson, Summit Ohio 

Hudson, Jefferson Pa 

Hudson (c. A.),St.Croix.V^ 
Hudson Centre, Hills- 

borough ..N. H 

Hudson City,* Union .N. J 
Hudsondale, Carbon.... Fa 
Hudson's Mill, Culpeper.. 

Hudson's Hot Springs, 

Gnnt N. Mex 

Hiidsonville, Breckin- 

rid';e., Ky 

Hudsonville, Ottawa. .Mich 
Hudsonville, Manhall .Miss 
Hudsonville, Caldwell. N. C 

Hueneme, Yentum Cal 

Huerfano Canon, Huer- 
fano Colo 

Hueysville, Floyd Ky 

Huffman's, Moi^n. . .Ohio 
Huff's Chureh, Berks. . J^ 
Hnffstetler's Store, 

Blount Tenn 

Hugginsville, Gentry . . . Mo 
Hughes, Arapahoe.... Colo 

Hughes, Nodaway Mo 

Hughesdale, Providence. . . 

R. I 
Hughes Springs, Cass...Tex 
Hughes Station Butler.... 

Hughesville, Charles. . . Md 

Hughesville, Pettis Mo 

Hughesville, Lycoming. Pa 
Hughesville, Loudoun.. Ya 
Hughsonville, Dutchess... 


Hugo, Elbert Colo 

Hugo, Douglas Ill 

Huguenot, Orange N. Y 

Huguenot, Powhatan... Ya 
Hnilsburgh, Dodge. . . Wis 
Hukill, Clear Creek . .Colo 
Hulberton, Coahoma. .Miss 
Hulburton, Orleans. . J^. Y 
Hulderman, Barbour. W.Ya 
Hulett's Tending, 

Washington N. Y 

Hull, 1 uscaloosa Ala 

Hull, Pike Ill 

* Branch of Jersey City Post 

Hull, Boone Tow» 

Hull, Plymouth Man 

Hull Fnirie, Wood. . .Ohio 

Hull's, Athens Ohio 

Hull's Comere, Kandi- 
yohi Minn 

Hull's Cross Roads, 

Lincoln N. C 

HnU's Mills, Dutchess Jf. T 

Hulmeville, Elbert Qa 

Hnlmeville, Bucks Pa 

Hulton, Allegheny Fa 

Humansville, Folk Mo 

Humboldt. Dougherty. ..O* 
Humboldt, Humboldt.lowm 

Humboldt, Allen Kane 

Humboldt, Marquette.Mich 
Humboldt, Richardson. . . . 

Humboldt, Gibson. . .Tenn 

Humboldt, Hunt Tex 

Humboldt Basin, Baker. . . 

Humboldt House, Humr 

boldt Ner 

Humboldt Park, Cook . .Ill 

Humbolt, Coles lU 

Hnmburd, Clark Wis 

Hume, Edgar lU 

Hume, Alleg&ny N. T 

Hume, Allen Ohio 

Humeston, Wayne. . . .lown 
Hummell's Wharf, Sny- 
der Fa 

Hummel's Store, Berks. Fia 
Hummelstown, Dauphin... 

Humphrey, Platte .... Nebr 
Humphrey, Cattaraugus... 


Humphrey, Hunt Tes 

Humphrey Centre, Cai- 

taraugus .N. T 

HumphreyeviUe, Columr 

bia N. T 

Hund's Station, Leav- 
enworth Kans 

Hungerford, Newaygo 

Hunlock Creek, Luawne JPia 
Hnnnewell, Greenup. . .Kj 

Hunnewell, Shelby Mo 

Hunnewell'S Point, Sag- 
adahoc M« 

Hunsaker, Tulare Gal 

Hunsucker's Store, Mont- 
gomery. J¥. C 

Hunter, Boone lU 

Hunter, Yigo .Ind 

Hunter, Greene J9^. Y 

Hunter, Belmont Ohio 

Hunten Bluff, Me^.Tenn 
Hunter's Creek, Lapeer. . . . 

Hunter's Depot, Nelson. Ky 

Hunter's Gap, Lee Y* 

Hunten Hall, Franklin. Ya 
Hunter's Hot Springe, 

Gallatin Mont 

Hunter's Land, Scho- 
harie Jf. Y 

Hunter's Lodge, Fln- 

vanna Ya 

Hunter's Mills, Fairfax.Ya 
Hunter's Range, Pike. ..Fa 
Hunten Retreat, Mont- 
gomery Tex 


Alphabetical List of Po%t Officer* 

Hnoten Bun, OiimY>tr> 

land Pa 

Hnnter^B Springs, Uon- 

roe W. Va 

Hanteratown, Adams. . ..Pa 
HantorsTille, Clinton. . .Ky 
Hvntersyille, M«cklen- 

burgh N. G 

HonkasTille, Lycoming. .Pa 
Honterayille, GreenyilTe. . . 

S. C 
HumtersvilU {e. k.), Pooa- 

hoatas W.Va 

HoDtertown, Allen.... Ind 
Hantangbaxgh, Dubois.... 

Hnnting Greek, Bnathitt. 

Hunting Greek, THIkes.N.C 
Hontingdale, Henry . . . .Ho 
Huntingdon (c. A.), 

Huntingdon Pa 

UmUingdon (e. A.), Car- 
roll Tenn 

Huntingdon Valley, 

Moatgomery Pa 

Hunting llill, Monlgom- 

ay Md 

HunUngton, Fairfield.C<mn 
Huntington (c. A.), 

Huntington Ind 

Huntington, Hampehire. . . 

Huntington, Cottonwood.. 


Huntington, Balls Mo 

Huntington, Elko Ner 

Huntington, Suffolk.. N. T 
Huntington, Lorain... Ohio 
Huntington, Laureos. .S. G 
Huntington, Chittenden.Vt 
Huntington, GabeU. .W. Va 
Huntington Centre, Chit- 
tenden y t 

Huntingtown, Calyert. .Md 

Huntley, Custer Mont 

Huntley, Sampson. . . .N. 
Huntley Grove, Me- 

Henry Ill 

Hunt's, Liyingston. . . .K. Y 
Huntsburgfa, Oeauga..Ohio 

Hunts City, Jasper lU 

Hunt's Comers, Cort- 
land N.Y 

Hunt's Mills, Sussex. .N. J 
Hunt's Station, Knox. Ohio 
Hunt's Station, Frank- 
lin Tenn 

HuntaviUe (c. A.), Mad- 
ison Ala 

HuntsvUU (e. A.), Madi- 
son Ark 

HnntsTille, litchfield.Conn 
HnntSTille, Paulding. ..Ga 
HuntsTille, Schuyler ... HI 

Hnntsville, Reno Kans 

HnntSTille, Butler. Ky 

HuntsTllle, Montgom- 

ezy Miss 

HuntsviUe {e. A.), Ban- 

dolph Mo 

HuntsTille, Sussex .... N. J 
HuntsTille, Yadkin . . .N. C 
Huntsrille, Logan.... Ohio 

HnntSTille, Luaeme Pa 

HuntsviUe (£.A.),Scott.Tenn 
HuntsviUe (e. A.), Walker. . 


HnntSTille, Weber.. . .Utah 
HnntSTille, Jackson. W. Va 

Huxd, Clearfield Pa 

Hurdland, Clay Iowa 

Hurdland, Knox Mo 

Hurdles Mills, Person. .N. 
Uarffville, Gloucester. N. J 
Hurlbut's Comers, Craw- 
ford Wis 

Hurley, Ulster N. Y 

Hurley Tille, SulliTan..N. Y 
Hurlock, Dorchester ...Md 

Huron, Tulare Cal 

Huron, Lawrence Ind 

Huron, Des Moines. . .Iowa 

Huron, Atchison Kans 

Huron, Wayne N. Y 

Huron, Erie Ohio 

Huron City, Huron. . . Mich 
Hurricane, Tuscaloosa. Ala 

Hurricane, Saline Ark 

Hurricane, Montgomery .111 
Hurricane, Crittenden. . Ky 
Hurricane, Warren . . . Miss 
Hurricane Bayou, Bald- 
win Ala 

Hurricane Branch, Union. . 

Hurricane Bridge, Put- 
nam W.Va 

Hurricane Creek, Lau- 
derdale Miss 

Hurricane GroTe.Qrant.Wii 
Hurricane Hill, La 

Fayette Ark 

Hurricane Island, Knox.. 

Hurricane Mills, Hum- 
phreys Tenn 

Hurricane Shoals, Spar^ 

tanburgh S.O 

Hurricane Switch, Maury. . 


Hurst, Coryell Tex 

Hurst Crossing, Sumner. . . 

Hurt's Store, PittsyWa- 

nia Va 

HurtTille, Bussell Ala 

Hustburgh, Humphreys. . . 


Husted, SI Paso Colo 

Husted's, Dutchess. . .N. Y 

Hustisford, Dodge Wis 

Hustontown, Fmton . . . . I^ 
HustouTille, Lincoln . . .Ky 

Hutchins, Dallas Tex 

Hutchinson, Jefferson Colo 
Hutchinson (e. A.), Beno. . . 

Hutchinson, McLeod-AHnn 
Hutchinson, Marathon. . . . 

Hutchison's, Bourbon. .Ky 
Hutchinson's Store, 

Wake N. 

Huth, Franklin Ind 

HutsouTille, Crawford.. Ill 
Hutto, Williamson . . . .Tex 

Hutton, Coles Ill 

Hutton. Bu0h Kans 

Hutton's Switch, Gar- 
rett Md 

HuttonsTiUe, Bandolph . . . 

Hutton Valley, Howell.. Mo 

Huxley, Laurel Ky 

Huxley, Custer Nebr 


' Hyattnis,Jlamstable..Maw 
Hyannis Port, Barn- 
stable Mass 

Hyattstown, Montgom- 
ery Md 

HyattsTille, Garrard.. . .Ky 
HyattsTille, Prince 

George's Md 

Hyattville, Delaware.. Ohio 

Hy CO, Halifax Va 

Hyden{c, A.), Leslie.... Ky 
Hyde Park Limestone.. Ala 
Hyde Park, Pembina ..Dak 

Hyde Park, Cook Ill 

Hyde Park, Norfolk . .Mass 
Hyde Park, Wabasha. Minn 
Hyde Park, Dutchess.. N.Y 
Hyde Park, Lackawanna.Pa 

Hyde Park, Cache Utah 

Hyde Park (c. A.), La- 
moille Vt 

Hyde's Mills, Iowa . . . .Wis 
HTdesTille, Humboldt.. Cal 

HydeviUe, Rutland Vt 

Hyer's Comers, Dane. . Wis 

Hy mer, Chase Kans 

Hymera, SulliTan Ind 

Hy ndman, Bedford Pa 

Hyndsdale, Morgan .... Ind 
HyndsTille, Schoharie. N. Y 

Hyner, Clinton Pa 

HyremansTille, Lehigh.. Pa 

Hyrum, Cache Utah 

Hyter's Gap, Washing- 
ton Va 


latan, Platte Mo 

Ibaton, Jewell Kans 

Iberia, Brown Minn 

Iberia, Miller. . . . .^ . . . .Mo 

Iberia, Morrow Ohio 

Ice Creek, Lawrence.. Ohio 
Ichatuckuee, Suwannee. . . 


lokesburgh. Perry Pa 

Iconium, Appanoose.. Iowa 

Iconium, St. Clair Mo 

Ida, Republic Kans 

Ida, Monroe Mich 

Ida, Valley Nebr 

Ida, Lane Or^ 

Ida, Pepin Wis 

Ida Grove (e. A.), Ida- .Iowa 

Idaho, Clay Ala 

Idaho, Hardin Iowa 

Idaho, Cumberland. . .N. C 

Idaho, Pike Ohio 

Idaho, King William. . . . Va 
Idaho City (e. A.), Boise.. . 

Idaho Springs, Clear 

Creek Colo 

Idaville, White Ind 

Idayille, Adams Pa 

IdaTille, Tipton Tenn 

Idell, Crawford Kans 

Ider, De Kalb Ala 

Idlewild. Orange.*. N. Y 

Idlewild, Gibson Tenn 

Idol's Mills, Nash N. G 

Igo, Shasta Cal 

Igo, Rooks Kans 

Igou's Ferry, Hamilton. . . . 

IjamsTille, Wabash; . . .Ind 


IJamsTille, Frederick. . .Md 

Ilohester, Howard .Md 

I lion, Herkimer N. Y 

Ues Junction, Sangamon. . 


Illawara, E. Carroll La 

nilana, Edgar Ill 

Illinois Bend, Montague. . . 

Illinois City, Bock Isl- 
and Ill 

HUnois GroTC, Marshall. . . 

Illiopolis, Sangamon .... Ill 

Uly ria, Fayette Iowa 

Hwaco, Pacific Wash 

Imlay, Lapeer Mich 

Imlay City, Lapeer. ..Mich 
Imlaystown, Monmouth. . . 


Imlertown, Bedford Pa 

ImuHdale, Monterey. . ..Cal 

InaTale, Webster Nebr 

Increase, Warren . . . .Tenn 
Independence, Autauga 

Independence {c. A.), 

Inyo Cal 

Independence, Warren .... 

Independence (e. A.), 

Buchanan Iowa 

Independence {c. A.), 

Montgomery Kans 

Independence, Kenton...* 

Independence, Tangi- 
pahoa La 

Independence, Tate. . . .Miss 
Independence (e. A.), 

Jackson .Mo 

Independence, Allega- 
ny N.Y 

Independence, Cuyaho- 
ga Ohio 

Independence, Polk. . .Oreg 
Independence, Wash- 
ington Pa 

Independence, Wash- 
ington Tex 

Independence (c. A.), 

Grayson Va 

Independence, Thurston- . . 

Independence, Trem- 
pealeau Wis 

Independent Hill, Prince 

William Va 

Index, Cass Mo 

Indiana (c. A.), Indiana. Pa 
Inmanapolis (c. a.), 

Marion Ind 

Indianapolis, Mahaska 

Indian Bay, Monroe. . . Ark 
Indian Bayou, Vermil- 
lion ...La 

Indian Bayou, Sun- 
flower Miss 

Indian Bottom, Letcher.Ky 
Indian Branch, Pike. . .Ala 
Indian Camp, Guern- 
sey.... Ohio 

Indian Camp, Upshur 

Indian Greek, Bullock. Ala 
Indian Greek, Carroll. . Ark 
Indian Creek, Elk. . . . Kana 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices, 

Indian Creeic, Knox . . . . Ky 
Indian Greek, Monroe. .Mo 
Indian Creek, York . . .Nebr 
Indian Oreek, McKean. . Pa 
Indian Creek, Unicoi. Tenn 
Indian Creek, Brown. .Tex 
Indian Creek, NorfoIk...Va 
Indian Creek, Monroe. . . . 

Indian I)raft,Alleghanj.Ya 
Indian FallA, Genesee. N. T 
Indian Fields^ Clark.... Ky 
Indian Fields, Albany. N Y 

Indian Ford, Kock Wis 

Indian Gap, Hamilton. Tex 
Indian Grove, Chariton. Mo 
Indian Grove, Snrry. .N. C 
Indian Gulcn, Mari- 
posa Cal 

Indian Head, Fayette ... Fa 
Indian Hill, Davidson. N. C 
Indian Lake, Hamil- 
ton N.Y 

Indian Mills, Burlington... 

Indian Mills, Summers. . . . 

Indian Mound, Stew- 

• art Tenn 

Indian Neck, King and 

Queen ^ Va 

Indianola, Vermillion .. .Ill 
Intlianola {e. A.), War- 
ren Iowa 

Indianola, Butler Kans 

Indianola (e. A.), Red 

Willow Nebr 

Indianola (e. A.), Cal- 
houn Tex 

Indian Orchard, Hamp- 
den Mass 

Indian Bidge, Grainger.... 

Indian River, WasUng- 

ton .....Me 

Indian River, Lewis... N. Y 
Indian Rock, Franklin.. Me 
Indian Rock , Pecos .... Tex 
Indian Rock, Botetourt. Va 

Indian Run, Mercer Fa 

Indian Springs, Butts. . . Ga 
Indian Springs, Camp- 

beU Ky 

Indian Springs, Wash- 
ington Md 

Indian Springs, Wayne. N.C 
Indian Town, Currituck.. . 

Indiantown, Wllliams- 

bnrgh S. C 

Indian Trail, Union... N. C 
Indian Valley, Ada. .Idaho 
Indian Valley, Union..Oreg 
Indian Valley, Floyd... Va 
Indian Village, Oua- 
chita La 

Industry, McDonough...Ill 

Industxy, Clay Kans 

Industry, Franklin Me 

Industry, Phelps Nebr 

Industry, Beaver Pa 

Industry, Austin Tex 

Ines, Martin .Ky 

Ingalls, Lincoln Kans 

Ingall's Crossing, Os- 
wego ..N.Y 

Ingart Grove, Ring- 
gold..*. .-...Iowa 

IngenoU, Glinton....JItc1i 

Ingham, Franklin Iowa 

Ingham^B Mills, Herki- 

mer N.Y 

Inglefield, Vanderburgh . . . 

Inirleside, Limestone .. .Ala 
In^leside, Queen Ano^ . . Md 
Ingleside. Westmoreland.Pa 
Inglewood, Rocking- 
ham Va 

Ingomar, Issaquena . . . Miss 

Ingraham, Clay Ill 

Ingraham, Clinton. . ..N. Y 
Ingram^s Mill, De Soto.... 

Inkerman, Hardy... W. Va 

Inkpa City, Grant Dak 

Inkster, Wayne Mich 

Inland, Cedar Iowa 

Inland, Benzie Mich 

Inland, Clay Nebr 

Inland, Summit Ohio 

Inman, Pratt Kans 

Inman. Spartanburgh..S. C 
Inman's Grove, Holt.. Nebr 

Inskip, Butte Cal 

Intercourse, Lancaster. .Pa 
Intermediate, Charle- 

voux Mich 

Invemees,Cumberland.N .C 
Inverness, Columbiana. . . . 


Inverury , Sevier Utah 

Inwood, Marshall Ind 

Inyo, Inyo Cal 

loka, Keokuk Iowa 

lola, Calhocfn Fla 

lola. Clay Ill 

lola, Marion ..Iowa 

lola {c. A. ), Allen .... Kans 

lola, Columbia Pa 

lola, Gmnes Tex 

lola, Waupaca Wis 

Ion, Allamakee Iowa 

lona, Cai>e Girardeau ... Mo 

lona, Lebanon Fa 

lone City, Nye Nev 

lone Valley, Amador... Cal 

loni, Anderson Tex 

Ionia, Warren Ill 

Ionia, Chickasaw Iowa 

Ionia, Jewell : Kans 

Ionia (c. A.), Ionia.. . .Mich 

Ionia, Dixon Nebr 

Ionia, Dinwiddle Va 

Ionia City, Pettis Mo 

Iowa, Neas. Kans 

Iowa Bar, Bear Lake. Idaho 
Iowa Centre. Story... Iowa 

Iowa City, Placer .Cal 

Iowa City (c. A.), 

Johnson Iowa 

Iowa Falls, Hardin. . ..Iowa 
Iowa Lake, £mmett...Iowa 
Iowa Point, Doniphan.Kans 
lowaville, Sedgwick.. Kans 

IjNiva, Fulton Ill 

Ipswich, Essex Mass 

Ira, Cayuga N. Y 

Ira, Rutland. Vt 

B^asbwgh (c. A.), Orleans.Vt 
Ira Station, Cayuga. . .N. Y 

Iredell, Bosque '., .Tex 

Irelimd, Dubois Ind 

Ireland, Hampden . . . Mass 

Ireland, Frio Tex 

Ireland, Lewis W. Va 

Ireland Ifill, Maiion. . .Ala 
Ireland's Mills, Che- 
nango... N. Y 

Irene, Sioux Iowa 

Irene, Mecklenburgfa..N. C 

Irene, Hill Tex 

Irisbu^b, Henry Va 

Irish Ridge, Monroe Ohio 
Irish Ripple, Lawrence. .Pa 

Iron, Johnson Tenn 

Irona, Clinton N. Y 

Iron Bridge, Gregg . . . .Tex 

Iron City, Iron Utah 

Irondale, Washington. . Mo 
Irondale, Dutchess. . .N. Y 
Irondale, Jefferson. . . Ohio 
Iron Duff, Haywood. . .N. C 
Iron Furnace, Scioto. .Ohio 
Iron Hill, Crittenden. . .Ky 
Iron Hill, Columbus. .N. C 
Iron Hills, Jackson. . .Iowa 

Ironia, Morris N.J 

Iron Junction, Dutchess .. 

Iron Lake, Murray. . .Minn 
Iron Mountain, St. Fran- 

Iron Mountain, Rusk. .Tex 
Iron Ridge, Crawford. . .Mo 

Iron Ridge, Dodge Wis 

Iron River, Ontonagon 

Iron Rock, Franklin . . . . Ga 
Iron Rod, Madison... .Mont. 

Ironside, Henry Va 

Iron's Springs, Mont- 

govony Ark 

Iron Station, Iincoln..N. C 
Ironton (c. A.), Iron. . . .Mo 
Ironton (r. A.), Law- 
rence Ohio 

Ironton, Lehigh, Pa 

Ironton, Sauk Wis 

Irontown, Taylor . . . W. Va 

Ironville, Ferry Ala 

Ironville, Essex N.Y 

Ironwood, Liberty Tex 

Ironwood, Barron Wis 

Iroquois, Iroquois Ill 

Irvine (c. A.), Estill Ky 

Irvine, Warren '. . .Fa 

Irving, Montgomery. ... Ill 

Irving, Tama Iowa 

Irving, Marshall Kans 

Irving, Barry Mich 

Irving, Kandiyohi. . . .Minn 
Irving, Chautauqua. . N. Y 

Irving, Lane Oreg 

Irving, Jackson Wis 

Irving College, Warren .... 


Irving Park, Cook Ill 

Irvington, Washington.. Ill 

Irvington, Marion Ind 

Irvington, Van Buren.Mick 
Irvington, Douglas. . ..Nebr 
Irvington, Essex. ... N.J 
Irvington, Westchester N.Y 
Irvington, ChesterfieM.S. C 
Irvingville, Attala. . . .Miss 
Irvin's Store, Russell.. . Ky 

Irwin, Kankakee Ill 

Irwin, Union. , Ohio 

Irwin, Venango Fh 

Irwin's Station, West* 

moreland Pa 

Inointon (c. A.), Wil- 
kinson. ...Gft 

Irwinvitte {e. h.% IzwfB.Oft 
Isaac, Southunpton. ... Va 

Isabel, Edgar lU 

Isabel, Lane. Oreg 

Isabella, Pope. Ark 

Isabella (c. A.^ Wortli. . .Ga 

Isabella, Owrk Mo 

Isabella, Chester Pa 

Isadora, Worth Ho 

Isanti, Lsanti Minn 

Isehua, Cattaraugus. .N. Y 
Iselin, Middlesex... . . .N. J 

Ishpeming, Marquette 

Isinour's, Fillmore. . .Minn 

Isla, Saunders Nebr 

Island, Iberville La 

Island, Clinton ........ .Pa 

Island Branch, Kbomt 

wha /.W. Va 

Island City, Owsley. . . . Ky 

Island City, Gentry Mo 

Island City, Union Oreg 

Island Creek, Calvert . .Md 
Island Creek, Plymouth. . . 

Island Greek, Jefferson. ■ . . 

bland FftUs, Arooetook.Me 
Island Ford, Ruther- 

xord. ....• ..••••... .PI - \j 
Island Ford, Moigan. . Tenn 
Island Lake, Lyon. . . .Minn 
Island Home, Tallapooaa. . 


Island Mills j Sallivaa 

Island Pond, Wayne .... Pa 

Island Pond, Essex Vt 

Island Station, Ara- 
pahoe Colo 

Island Station, McLean. Ky 
Isle La Motte, Grand 

Isle Vt 

IsU of Wight a H., 

Isle of Wight Va 

IslesboronghjIIocking. Ohio 
Isle St. George, Ottawa .... 

Isleton, Sacramento. . . .G»A 
Islington, Norfolk.... Mass 

Tslip, Suffolk N.Y 

Isney , Choctaw Ala 

iBola, Martin. . ...... .I|id 

Isom's Store, Maury. . Tenn 
Issequena,Goochland — Va 

Italy mil, Yates; N.Y 

Italy Hollow, Yates... N. Y 

Itasca, Dn Page lU 

Itasca, Anoka Minn 

Ithaca (e. A.), Gratiot. Mich 

Ithaca, Saunders Nebr 

Ithaca {e. A.), Tomp- 
kins N. Y 

Ithaca, Darke Ohio - 

Ithaca, Richland Wis 

luka, Baxter Ark 

Iidca, Marion lU 

luka, Pratt Kans 

luka (e. A.), Tisho- 
mingo Miss 

Ivanhoe, Bulloch Qa 

Ivanhoe, lake • . Ill 

Ivanhoe, Shelby Mo 

Ivanhoe, Richmond Va 

Ivanpah, San Bernar- 
dino...^ o»i 

Ivanpah, Greenwood. Kans 

Alphabetical Li»t of Pott Offieet. 


iTwdttle^ Chunpftign. . . .Ill 
Ctiw' OroT«, Racine.... Wig 

iTor, SouthkmptoiL Va 

iTy, Monroe Ill 

Wff Lyon Kant* 

Iry, HadiBoa N G 

iTy Deif«,t, Albemarle. . .Va 

Itj Oap, Yanc^ Jd. G 

iTy Log, Union 6a 

Itj Milla, DelAwaie Pa 

Itj Hills, Hickman.. Tenn 

Iwana, Ooo^a .Ala 

Izonia Centare, Jeffer- 
son Wis 


Jacinto, Colnm Cal 

Jacinto, Aloom. . .... .Miss 

Jack Creek, Nobles ..Miifti 
Jackmantown, Somer- 
set Me 

Jdckxbarough (e. A.), 

Campbell Tttnn 

Jackshorough {e. A.), 

JadL Tex 

Jack's Creek, Ilender- 

Bon Tenn 

Jackson, Clarice Ala 

Jark^n, Randolph. . . .Ark 
Jaekton (e. A.), Amador. Cal 

Jaekaon, Pueblo Colo 

Joekson (r. A.), Baits.. .6a 
Jackson, Adair. ....... Iowa 

Jackaon, Derntnr Kans 

Jarkson (e. A.}, Breath- 
itt Ky 

Jackson, Bast Feliciana. La 

Jackson, Waldo Me 

Jarkson {e. A.) Ja^-- 

son Mioh 

Jacksnn (e. A.), Jaek- 

son Minn 

Jaokson, Hinds Miss 

Jackson (e. A.), Cape 

Girardeau Mo 

JaekNm, Dakota Nebr 

Jackson, Carroll N. H 

Jackson (e. A.), Nortii> 

ampton N. C 

Jackson <e. A.), Jackson. . . . 

Jaekaon, Susquehanna. .Pa 
Jackson (e. A.), Madison. . . 


Jadcson, Louisa Ta 

Jackson, Washington.. Wis 
Jackson C. H., Jackson. . . 

Jaoksonborough, Butler. . 

Jacksonborough, Collo* 

ton S.C 

Jackson Brook, Waslk- 

iagton..; Me 

Jacksonbnrgh, CuroU . Ark 
Jacksonburgh, Wayne. lod 
Jackson Centre, Porter; Ind 
Jackson Centre, Shelby. . . 

Jackson Centre, Mercer. F& 
Jackson Comers, Warren. . 

Jackson Comers, Bntch- 

ess .N.Y 

Jackson Comers, Mon- 
roe Fa 

Jackson Hall, FrankUn..Pia 
Jacksonham, Lancaster.S.C 
Jackson iULl, Davidson. N.C 
Jarksonport (e. A.), 

Jackson Arte 

Jackson port. Door Wis 

Jackson's Credc, Ban- 

dolph N. C 

Jackaoa-B Ferry, Wythe. . . 

Jackson's Gap, Tallar 

poosa Ala 

Jackson's Mills, Ocean. N J 
Jackson Springs, Moore.. . . 

N. C 
Jackson Statton,Tipton.Ind 
Jackson Station, Daviess. . . 

Jaclmm Station, Aiken.S. 
Jackson Summit, Tioga. Pa 
Jaeksontown, Licking. Ohio 
Jackson Valley, Sus- 
quehanna Fa 

JaeksonviUe {e. A.), Cal- 
houn Ala 

JacksouTllle, Lonoke. .Ark 
Jacksonville (e. A.), 

Duval Fla 

Jacksonville, Telfair. . . .6a 
JacksonvilU (e. A.), 

Moigan Ill 

Jacksonville, Chicka- 
saw Iowa 

Jaelcsoaville, Neosho. Kans 
Jacksonville, Kemper. Miss 
Jacksonville, Bandolph.Mo 
Jacksonville, Greeley .Nehr 
Jacksonville, Bnrlini^ 

ton N.J 

Jacksonville, Tompkins. . . 

Jacksonville (e. A.), 

Onslow N.C 

JacksonvMe (e. A.), 

Jackson Oreg 

Jacksonville, Lehigh .... Pa 
Jacksonville, Cherokee. Tex 
Jacksonville, Windham. Vt 
Jacksonville, Lewis..W. Va 

Jacksonwald, Berks Pa 

Jacksonwood, Amite.. .Miss 
Jack's Beef, Onondaga.... 


JaoksviUe, Butler Pa 

Jacob City, Tooele. . . .Utah 
Jacobsbuigh, Belmont.... 

Jacob's Credc, West- 
moreland Fa 

Jacob's Fork, Catawba.N. C 

Jacob's Mills, York Pa 

Jacobstown, Crawford. .Mo 
Jacobatown, Biurlington... . 

Jaoobsville, Anne Arun- 
del Md 

Jadden, Grant Ind 

Jadwin, Dent Mo 

Jaffrey , Cheshire N. H 

Jake's Prslrie, Crawford.. . 

Jake's Bun, Mtmongalia. . . 


Jalapa, Grant Ind 

Jalapa, Monroe Tenn 

Jamaica, Glynn Ga 

Jamaica (c. A.j, Queens.. . . 


Jamaica, Windham..... Vt 

Jamaica, Bliddlesex Va 

Jamaica Plain,* Suffolk.... 


James, Plymouth Iowa 

James' Bayou, Missis- 
sippi Mo 

Jamesburgh, Sedgwick. . . . 

Jamesboi^h, Middlesex . . . 

James Creek, Hunting- 
don Fa 

James' Crossing, Jack- 
son Kans 

Jameson, Daviess Mo 

Jamssport, Daviess Mo 

Jamesport, Suffolk. . .N. Y 
James Store, Gloucester. Va 
Jamestown, Tuolumne. Cal 
Jamestown, Boulder... Colo 
Jamestown (e. A.) Stuts- 
man Dak 

Jamestown, Alachua ... Fla 
Jamestown, Chatta- 
hoochee Ga 

Jamestown, Clinton. ... Ill 

Jamestown, Boone Ind 

Jamestown, Cloud. . . .Kans 
Jamestown (e. A.), Rus- 
sell Ky 

Jamestown, Ottawa. . .Mioh 
Jamestown, Moniteau. . Mo 
Jamestown, Dodge .... Nebr 
Jamestown, Chautau- 
qua N.Y 

Jamestown, Guilford. N. C 
Jamestown, Greene... Ohio 

Jamestown, Mercer Pa 

Jamestown, Newport.. R.I 
Jamestown (c. A.), Fen- 
tress Tenn 

Jamestown, Smith Tex 

Jamestown, James City.Va 

Jamestown, Grant Wis 

Jamesville, Yankton. ..Dak 
Jamesville, Onondaga.N Y 
Jamesville, Martin.. . .N. C 

Jamison, Chilton Ala 

Jamison, Orangebuxgh. 8 C 

Jamonia, Leon Fla 

Jamton, Montgomery. Ohio 

Janal, San Diego Cal 

Janelew, Lewis W. Va 

Janes' Store, Randolph .... 

Janesville, Lassen. .... Cal 
Jaoesville, Bremer . . .Iowa 
Janesville, Waseca. . . Minn 
Janesville {c. A.), Bock. Wis 
Janvier, Glonoeoter. ...N.J 
Jarbalo, Leavenworth.Kans 
Jarboesville, St. Mary's.. . . 


Jarratt's, Sussex Va 

Jarrettown, Montginn- 

ery Fa 

Jarrettsville, Harford.. Md 
Jarrold's Valley, Ra- 
leigh W. Va 

Jarvis. Smith Tex 

Jarvisbuxgh, Currituck.N.C 
Jarvis' Store, Knox. . . . Ky 
Jarvis View, Rice.... Kans 
Jasonville, Greene Ind 

* Bmnch of the Boston Post 

Jasper (t. A.), Walker. .Ala 
Jasper (c. A.), Newton. .Ark 
Jasper (c. A ), Hamilton. Fla 
Jasper (c. A.), Pickens.. . Ga 
Jasper [c. A. ), Dubois . . I nd 

Jasper, Lenawee Mich 

Jasper, Jasper Mo 

Jasper, Steuben N. Y 

Jasper, Pike Ohio 

Jasper (e. A.), Marion. Tenn 
Jasper (c. A.), Jasper. . .Tex 

Jatt, Grant La 

Java, Neshoba Miss 

Java, Wyoming N.Y 

Java, Lucas Ohio 

Java Village, Wyoming.N.Y 

Jay, Franklin .Me 

Jay, Bssex N.Y 

Jay, Orleaos Vt 

Jay l^u, Republic. . . . Kans 
JaynesviUe, Coyington.Miss 

Jaysville, Darke Ohio 

Jay villa, Conecuh Ala 

Jeanerette, Iberia La 

Jeannettville, Renville.... 


Jeansville, Luzerne Pa 

Jedburgh, Colleton., ..S. C 

Jeddo, St. Clair Mich 

Jeddo, Orleans N. Y 

Jeddo, Jefferson. Ohio 

Jeddo, Luseme Pa 

Jeddo, Bastrop Tex 

Jeddo, Marquette Wis 

JefferiesviUe, Clail>ome .. 


Jefferson, Marengo Ala 

Jefferson, Union Dak 

Jefferson (e. A.), Jackson.Ga 

Jefferson, Cook Ill 

Jefferson, Clinton Ind 

Jejferson (c. A.), Greene. . 

Jefferson, Republic . . Kans 

Jefferson, Lincoln Me 

Jefferson, Frederick. . . .Md 
Jefferson, Hillsdale... Mich 

Jefferson, Coos N. H 

Jefferson, Gloucester. .N. J 
Jefferson, Schoharie. . N. T 
Jefferson (e. A.), Ashe..N. C 
JeffersQn (e. A.), Ash- 
tabula Ohio 

Jefferson, Marion Oreg 

Jefferson, Greene Fa 

Jefferson, Chesterfield.... 

S. C 
Jefferson, Rutherford. Tenn 
Jefferson {e. A.), Marion,,. 

Jefferson, Powhatan. . . .Va 
Jcfferson\c. A.), Jefferson. . 

Jefferson Barracks, St. 
Louis Mo 

jKFVE&aON CiTT (c. A.), 

Cole Mo 

Jefferson City, Jefferson.'. . 

Jefferson Island, Madi- - 

son Mont 

Jefferson Line, Clear- 
field Fa 

Jefferson Mines, Jeffe^ 

son Ala 

Jeffersonton, Culpeper. . Va 
Jeffusontown, Jeff«rson.. 



Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Jefferson Valley, West- 
chester N. T 

JeffersonviUe (c. A.), 

Jeff ersonylUe, Wayne ... Ill 
JeffersonyUIe, Clarke. . Ind 
JeffersoDTlUe, Mont- 
gomery Ky 

Jeffersonville, Worces- 
ter * ....Mans 

JefferBonTille, Fayette.Ohio 
Jeffersonyille, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

.1 eff ersonv ille, Lamoille . Y t 
Jeffress' Store, Nottaway.Va 
Jeffrey's Creek, Marion.S.C 

Jeffries, Clearfield Pa 

Jeffriesburgh, Franklin.Mo 

Jelloway , Knox Ohio 

Jem, Clarke Mo 

Jena, Tuscaloosa Ala 

Jena, Catahoula .La 

JenisonTlUe, Ottawa. .Mich 

Jenkins, Calhoun Ala 

Jenkins' Bridge, Acco- 
mack Va 

Jenkins Creek, Jasper.. Mo 
Jenkins Ferry, Grant. .Ark 

JenkinsTille, Pike Ga 

Jenkintown, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

Jenksville, Tioga N. T 

Jenner's Cross Roads, 

Somerset Pa 

Jennerstown, Somerset. . Fa 
JennersTille, Chester. . .Pa 

Jennieton, Iowa Wis 

Jennings, Hamilton. . . .Fla 

Jennings, St. Louis Mo 

Jennings Falls, Yell. . .Ark 
Jennings' Mills, IredelLN.C 
J^nings' Ordinary, Not- 

taway Va 

Jenningsyille, Wyoming.Pa 
Jenny (c. h. ), Lincoln . . Wis 
Jenny Lind, Sebastian. Axk 
Jenny Land, Calaveras.. Cal 

Jericho, Perry Ala 

Jericho, Kane Ill 

Jericho, Henry Ky 

Jericho, Queens N. Y 

Jericho, Wayne N. C 

Jericho, Chittenden Vt 

Jericho Centre, Chit- 
tenden Vt 

Jermyn, Lackawanna. ..Pa 

Jemigan, Russell Ala 

Jerome, Howard Ind 

Jerome, Appanoose. . .Iowa 
Jerome, Hillsdale. . . . Mich 
Jerome, Westchester.. N.Y 

Jerome, Union Ohio 

Jeromesyille, Ashland.Ohio 

Jerry City, Wood Ohio 

Jerry's Run, Wood. . W. Va 

Jersey, Marion Ind 

Jersey, Oakland Mich 

Jersey, Licking Ohio 

Jersey City (c A.), Hud- 
son N. J 

Jersey Landing, Contra 

Costa Cal 

Jersey Mills, Lycoming. .Pa 
Jersey Shore, Lycoming.Pa 
Jersey town, Columbia . . Pa 
Jersey fid* {c.h.), Jersey .111 
Jerusalem, Pickens .... .Ga 

Jemsakm, Albany N. T 

Jerusalem, Davie N. C 

Jerusalem, Monroe. . ..Ohio 
Jerusalem {e. h.), South- 
ampton Va 

Jerusalem Mills, Har- 
ford Md 

Jesse's Mills, Russell . . . Va 

Jeseup, Antelope Nebr 

Jessup's, Anne Amndel.Md 
Jessup's Station, Parke. Ind 
Jesuit's Bend, Plaque- 
mines La- 

Jesup (f. A.), Wayne. . . .Ga 

Jesup, Buchanan Iowa 

Jetersville, Amelia Va 

Jett's Creek, Breathitt. Ky 

Jewel, Stokes^ N. C 

Jewell, Lamar Ala 

Jewell, Howard Ind 

Jewell, Jewell Kans 

Jewell, Anne Arundel.. Md 

Jewell, Madison Mo 

Jewell, Dawson Nebr 

Jewell, Defiance Ohio 

Jewell, Clatsop Oreg 

Jewell, Eastland Tex 

Je^vell Centre {e. A.), 

Jewell Kans 

Jewell's, Hancock Oa 

Jewell's Hill, Jasper. . Miss 

Jewellville, Banks Ghk 

Jewett, Cumberland. . . .Ill 

Jewett, Greene N, Y 

Jewett, Harrison Ohio 

Jewett, Leon Tex 

Jewett Centre, Greene. N. Y 
Jewett City, New Lon- 
don Conn 

Jewett Mills, St. Croix. Wis 

Jim Ned, Brown Tex 

Jimtown, Phillipe .... Kans 

Jim Town, Dallas Tex 

Jimes, Jaokson. . .,. . . .Ohio 
Joanna Furnace, Berks. Pa 

Jobe, Or^on Mo 

Jobe, Monongalia. ..W. Va 

Jobes, Audubon Iowa 

Jobstown, Burlington. N. J 
Joe's Branch, Dallas. . .Tex 
Joe's Branch, Wyoming. . . 

W. Va 

Joetta, Kmcock Ill 

Johanesburgh, Wash- 
ington HI 

John Day's Creek, Ida- 
ho Idaho 

Johnsburgh, McHenry..Ill 
Johnsburgh, Warren. .N. Y 
Johnsburgh, Somerset. .Pa 
Johnson, Randolph .... Ind 
Johnson , Chickasaw N . . . . 

Ind. T 

Johnson, Jones Iowa 

Johnson, Nemaha Nebf 

Johnson, Kane Utah 

Johnson, Lamoille Vt 

Johnsonburgh , Warren . N .J 
Johnson City, St. Clair. Mo 
Johnson City, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Johnson City, Blanco. .'Tex 
Johnson Junction, Flem- 
ing Ky 

Johnson's, Christian. . .Ky 
Johnson's, Orange. . . .N. Y 
Johnson's Bayou, Cam- 
eron La 

Johnsonsburgh, Wyo- 
ming N. Y 

Johnson's Comers, Sum- 
mit Ohio 

J<^nson's Creek, Carroll . . 


Johnson's Creek, Niag- 
ara N. Y 

Johnson's Creek, Fatriek . . 


Johnson's Creek, Jef- 
ferson Wis 

Johnson's Crossing, Mad- 
ison ind 

Johnson's Cross Roads, 
Monroe ...W. Va 

Johnson's Grove, Story. . . . 


Johnson's Grove, Crock- 
ett Tenn 

Johnson's Mills, Pitt..N. C 

Johnson's Mills, Noble .... 


Johnson's Ranch, Gos- 
per Nebr 

Johnson's Springs, 
Goochland Va 

Johnson's Station, Tar- 

Johnsontown, Northamp- 
ton Va 

Johnsonville, Johnson.Ark 
Johnsonville, Wayne ... Ill 
Johnsonville, Warren. .Ind 
Johnsonville, Jewell . .Kans 
JohnsonmUe (e. A.), 

Sunflower ftBss 

Johnsonville, Renssel- 
aer N.Y 

Jofansoaville, Tra9Dh> 

bull Ohio 

Johnsonville, North- 
ampton Pa 

Johnsonville, Williams- 
burgh S.C 

Johnsonville, Hum- 
phreys Tenn 

Johnsonville, Sheboy- 
gan Wis 

Johnston's Depot, Edge- 
field S.C 

Johnston's Station, Pike.. . 

Johnston Station, Lib- 
erty Ga 

Johnstonville, Upshur. Tex 
Johnstown, Cumberland . . 

Johnstown, Greene. . . .Ind 
Johnstown, Garrett. . . .Md 
Johnstown, Barry . . , .Mich 

Johnstown, Bates Mo 

Johnstoum (e. A.), Ful- 
ton N. Y 

Johnstown, Licking. . .Ohio 
Johnstown, Cambrki. . . .Pa 
Johnstown, Harrison. W.Va 

Johnstown, Rock WU 

Johnstown Centre, 

Rock Wis 

Johnsville, Bradley .... Ark 
Johnsville, Bracken.. ..Ky 
Johnsville, Frederick . . .Md 
Johnsville, Ottawa. . .Mich 
Johnsville, Dutchess.. N. Y 
Johnsville, Montgom- 
ery Ohio 

Johnsville, Bucks Pa 

Jbliet{e.h.),Wm HI 

Joliett, Sehuylkjll Pa 

Jolliettville, Hamilton. Ind 

Jolly, Monroe Ohio 

Jolly town, Greene Pa 

Jolon, Monterey Cal 

Jonae Ridge, Burke. . .N. C 
Jonathan's Creek, Hay- 
wood N. C 

Jones Bayou, Sunflower... 

Jonesborough, Jeffer- 
son Ala 

Jonesborough .{c. A.), 

Craighead Ark 

Jonesborough {e. A.), 

Clayton Ga 

Jonesborough (e. A.), 

Union HI 

Jonesborough, Grtuit. .Ind 
•onesboroiagh, Wash- 
ington Me 

Jonesborough, Tippah.Miss 
Jonesborough, Moore. N. G 
Jonesborough {e. A.), 

Washin^n Tenn 

Jonesborottg-h, CoryeU.Tex 
Jonesborough, Bruns- 
wick Va 

Jonesbuigh, Chautau- 
qua Kans 

Jonesbnrgh, MontgcHU- 

ery Mo 

Jones' Cove, Sevier.. .Tenn 
Jones' Chapel,Cullman.Ala 
Jones' Cortt6iB,H0lBte8.Ohio 
Jones' Creek, Anson.. .N. C 
Jones' Cross Roads, 

Tallapoosa Ala 

Jones' Mills, Meri- 
wether Ga 

Jones' Mills, West- 

meveiand Ba 

Jones Mill<*, De Kalb.Tenn 

Joneso, Tulare Cal 

Jonesport, Wa8hingtoa..Me 
Jones' Prairie, Milam.. Tex 
Jones' Springs, Berice- 

ley W.Va 

Jones' Station, Butler .Ohio 
Jones' Station, Hay- 
wood TeoB 

Jones Switch, Autauga. Ala 
Jonestown, Coahoma.. Miss 
Jonestown, Lebanon. ... Fa 
Jonestown, Cocke. . . .Tenn 
Jones' Valley, Hicknaan. .. 

Jonesville, Alachua. . . .Fla 
Jonesville, Bartholo- 
mew Ind 

Jonesville, Owen Ky 

JonesvUle, Hillsdale. .Mich 
Jonesville, Saratoga.. N. Y 
Jonesville, Yadkin. . . .N. € 

Jonesville, Union 8. G 

Jonesville, Harrison. . .T«x 
Jonesville, Chittenden. .Vt 
Jonesville {e. A.), Lee. . .Va 
Jones' Wharf, Surry . . . . Va 

Joplin, Jasper Mo 

Joppa, Alachua Fla 

Joppa, Massac Ul 

Jordan, Jay Ind 

Jordan, Antrim Mich 

Jordan, Scott Minn 

Jordan, Onondaga N.Y 

Jordan, Linn .Oreg 

AlpTuihetieal List of Poit Offices. 


Jordaik, Ii«hlgh Pa 

Jfordaa, Oreen Wis 

Jordan Alum Springs, 

Rockbridge Va 

JordsQ Gieek. Lemhi.Idaho 
Jordan's Chapel, Sum- 
men W. Ya 

Jordan's GroT«, Ban- 

dolph m 

Jordan's Bfills, Lawrence.. 

Jordan's Run, Grant. W.Va 
Jordan Springis, Reno. Kau 
Jordan's Sprhigs, Mont- 
gomery Tenn 

Jordan's Store, Pike . . . .Ga 
Jordan's Store, Pow- 
hatan Ya 

Jordan Station, Fulton. JLy 
Jordan's Yalley, Ruth- 
erford Tenn 

Jordan Yalley, Baker. Oreg 
Jordan Yillage, Owen. .Ind 

JordauTille, Knox Ind 

JordanTille, Herkimer .N. Y 

Josco, Liyingston Uich 

Joseph^ Serier Utah 

Josephine, San Luis 

Obispo. Cal 

Joseph's Mills, Tyler. W. Ya 
Josephville, St. Gharles.Mo 

Joslin, Rock Island Ill 

Joy, Mercer Ill 

Joy, Douglas Minn 

Joy, Wayne N. Y 

Joy, Morgan Ohio 

Joycevillo, Mecklenburgh.. 


Joyfleld, Benaie Mich 

Jnda, Green Wis 

Jndd, WebMter Iowa 

Judio, Cumberland Ky 

Judson, White Ark 

Jndson, Parke Ind 

Judson, Smith Kans 

Jndson, Blue Earth. .Minn 

Judson, SuUiran Mo 

Judsonia, White Ark 

Jndsonyille, Contra Costa.. 

Jug Tavern, Walton . . . . Ga 
Jug Town, Catawba. ..N. C 

Julesburgh, Weld Colo 

Julian, San Diego Cal 

Julian, Clark Dak 

Julian, Newton. Ind 

Julian Furnace, Centre. Pa 

Julietta, Marion Ind 

Juliustown, Burlington.N JT 
Jumping Branch, Sum- 
mers W. Ya 

Junaluska, Jackson. . N. C 
Jnnction, Lemhi .... Idaho 

Junction, Pulaski Ill 

Junction, Carlton. . . .Minn 

Junction, Nye Nev 

Junction, lIunterdon..N. J 
Janction, Paulding . .Ohio 
Junction, Lancaster .... Pa 

Junction, Pi Ute Utah 

Junction, Ilanorer. .... .Va 

Janction, Portage Wis 

Junction City, Trinity.. Cal 
Junction City (e. A.), 

Davis Kans 

Junction City, Greene. .Mo 
Janction City, Perry.. Ohio 
Junction City, Lane. .Oreg 

Jime<tof» City (c. A.), 

Kimble Tex 

Junction Palace, Ka- 
nawha W. Ya 

Juneau (e. A.), Dodge. .Wis 

Juniata, Pueblo Colo 

Juninta (e. A.), Adams.Nebr 

Juniata, Perry Pa 

Junius, Seneca N. Y 

Juno, Dawson Ga 

Juno, Henderson Tenn 

Jurett, Wilson Kans 

Justice, Dixon Nebr 

Justus, Stark Ohio 

Kabletown, Jefferson .W.Ya 
Kalama ( e.k. ),CowlitB. Wash 
Kalamazoo, (c. A.), 

Kalamazoo ■ . Mich 

Kalamasoo, Madison.. Nebr 

Kalamo, Eaton Mich 

Kalida, Putnam Ohio 

Kalkaska (e. A.), Kal- 
kaska Mich 

Kam, Gage Nebr 

Kamai, Idaho Idaho 

Kamas. Summit Utah 

Kamilche, Mason. . . . Wash 
Kammerer, Washington. Pa 
Kampeska, Codington.. Dak 
KampsTille, Calhoun. . . .Ill 

Kanab, Kane Utah 

KanarraTille, Kane... Utah 

Kanawha^ Colusa Cal 

Kanawha C. H., Kanaw- 
ha W.Ya 

Kanawha Falls, Fayette. . . . 

Kanawha Head, Upshur. . . 

W. Ya 
Kanawha Saliner Kanaw- 
ha W.Ya 

Kanawha Station, Wood. . . 

W^ Ya 
Kandiyohi Station, Kan- 
diyohi Minn 

Kane, Greene Ill 

Kane, Campbell Ky 

Kane, Mcivean Pa 

Kane City, Yenango. . . .Pa 

KanevUle, Kane Ill 

Kankakee (c. A.), Kanr 

kakee Ill 

Kankakee, Starke Ind 

Kanona, Steuben N. Y 

Kanosh, Millard Utah 

Kausada, Ness. . .... .Kans 

Kansas, Walker Ala 

Kansas, Carroll Ga 

Kansas, Edgar Ill 

Kansas, Graves Ky 

Kansas, Seneca Ohio 

Kansas, Jefferson.... Tenn 
Kansas Centre, Rice. .Kans 
Kansas City, Jackson. . .Mo 
Kansasville, Racine. . . .Wis 

Kantss, Snyder Pa 

Kaolin, Union Ill 

Kaolin, Iron Mo 

Kaolin, Chester Pa 

Kappa, Woodford Ill 

Kapp's Mill, Surry . . . . N. C 
Karber's Kidge, Hardin.. Ill 
Kams City, Butler Pa 

Karrsville, Warren. . . .N. J 

Kara, Tama l...Iowa 

Karthaus, Clearfield. ... Pa 

Kasey 's, Bedford Ya 

Kaseyville, Macon Mo 

Kaskaskia, Randolph ... Ill 

Kasoag, Oswego N. Y 

Kasota, La Sueur. . . Minn 
Kasson, Yanderburgh..Ind 

Kasson, Madison Iowa 

Kasson, Leelenaw. . . Mich 

Kasson, Dodge Minn 

Kasson, MeKean Pa 

Kasson, Barbour. . . . W. Ya 
Kasson, Manitowoo . . - . Wis 
Katahdin Ironworks, 

Piscataquis Me 

Katonah, Westohester.N. Y 
Kattelville. Bnpme. . .N. Y 
Kaufman {e. A.), Kauf- 
man Tex 

Kaukauna, Outagamie. Wis 
Kausooth, MarshalL.W. Ya 

Kawkawlin, Bay Mich 

KaysTille, Davis Utah 

Kearney, Antrim Mich 

Kearney, Clay Mo 

Kearney ( e.A. ),Buffalo.Nebr 

Kearsarge, Erie Pa 

Keatchie, De Soto La 

Keatskotoos, Platte. . .Nebr 
Keek's Centre, Fulton.... 

N. Y 
Keek's Chapel, Claiborne . . 

Keek's Church, Martin.Ind 

Kedron, Coweta Ga 

Kedron, Osage Kans 

Kedron, Fillmore Minn 

Kedron, Maury Tenn 

Keebler's Cross Roads, 

Washington Tenn 

Keechie, Leon Tex 

Keegan, Wabasha .... Minn 
Keedysville, Washing- 
ton Md 

Keefer's Com«rs, Al- 
bany N.Y 

Keeler's Bay, Grand 

Isle Yt 

Keelersburgh, Wyoming. Pa 
KeelersviUe, Yan Bu- 

ren Mich 

Keeling, Haywood. . . .Tenn 
Keelville, Cherokee.. . Kans 

Keene, Kern Cal 

Keene, Wabaunsee... Kans 

Keene, Jessamine Ky 

Keene, Ionia Mich 

Keene, Kearney Nebr 

Xeen«(<;. A.), Cheshire.N. H 

Keene, Essex N. Y 

Keene, Coshocton Ohio 

Keene, Portage Wis 

Keeners, Butler Mo 

Keenerville, Mitchell.. N. C 
Keene Yalley, Essex.. .N. Y 
Keenevilie, St. Lawrence. . . 

Keeney's Settlement, 

Cortland N.Y 

Keeney vUle, Tioga Pa 

Keensbuxf h, Wtu>ash. . . .Ill 
Keen's Mills, Andros- 
coggin Me 

Keenviile, Wayne Ill 

Keep Tryst, Washing- 
ton Md 

Keepville, Erie Pa 

Keeseville, Essex N. Y 

Keever, Ellsworth.. . . Kans 
Keesletown, Rocking- 
ham Ya 

Keifer, Muskingum. . .Ohio 

Keimfield, Rush Kans 

Keith's, Noble Ohio 

Keithsburgh, Mercer — 111 

Kekoskee, Dodge Wis 

Kellersburgh, Armstrong. . 

Kellers Church, Bucks.. Pa 
Kellers ville, Monroe .... Pa 

Kellerville, Adams Ill 

Kellerville, Dubois Ind 

Kelley, Story Iowa 

Kelley's Island, Erie.. Ohio 
Kelley 's Mills, Law- 
rence Ohio 

^alley's Store, Green- 
ville S. C 

Kellis' Store, Kemper. Miss 
Kellnersville, Manito- 
woc '..Wis 

Kellogg, Jasper Iowa 

Kellogg, Wabasha. . . . Minn 

Kellogg, Douglas Oreg 

Kellogg's Landing, Mad- 
ison La 

Kelloggsville, Cayuga. N. Y 
Kelloggsville, Ashta> 

bula Ohio 

Kelly. Christian Ky 

Kelly Durgh, Lycoming. .Pa 
Kelly Cross Road8,Union. . . 


Kelly Point, Union Pa 

Kelly's Corners, Lena- 
wee. Mich 

Kelly's Comers, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

Kelly's Creek, St. Clair. Ala 
Kelly's Ferry, Marion. Tenn 
Kelly's Station, Arm- 
strong Pa 

Kellysville, Marion . . . .Tex 

Kelly ton, Coosa Ala 

KeLsey, El Dorado Cal 

Kelso, Dearborn Ind 

Kelso, Sibley Minn 

Kelso, Scott Mo 

Kelso, Howard Nebr 

Kelso, Lincoln Tenn 

Kelton, Chester Pa 

Kelton, Box Elder Utah 

Kelvin Grove, Wake. . .N. C 
KemblesviUe, Chester. . .Pa 

Kemma, Knox Nebr 

Kemp, Kaufman Tex 

Kemper, Jersey Ill 

Kemper City, Victoria. .Tex 
Kemp's Creek, Cleburne. . . 

Kemp's Bfills, Ran- 
dolph N.C 

Kempsville, Monroe. . . Ala 
Kempsville, Princess 

Anne Ya 

Kempton, Ford Ill 

Kempton, Tipton. . . . .Ind 
Kemptown, Frederick. . .Md 
KenansviUe («. A.), Du- 
plin N.C 

Kendaia, Seneea N.Y 

Keffdalia, Kanawha. .W. Ya 

Kendall, Kendall Ill 

Kendall, Yan Buren. .Mich 



Kendall, Orleaxis N. T 

Kendall, Anson .N. C 

Kendall, Beaver Fa 

Kendall, Grayson Tex 

Kendall, Monroe Wis 

Kendall Creek, McKean.Pa 
Kendall Mills, Orleans. N.T 
Kendallville, Noble .... Ind 
Kendallyille, Winne- 
shiek Iowa 

Kendrick's Credc, Sul- 
livan Tenn 

Kenduskeag, Penob- 
scot .. Me 

Kenesaw, Adams Nebr 

Kenilworth , Barton . . Kans 

Kenmore, Fairfax Va 

Kennamer Cove, Mar- 
shall Ala 

Kennard, Washington 

Kennard, Champaign.. Ohio 

Kennard, Mercer Fa 

Kennebago Lake, Frank- 
lin Me 

Kennebec, Russell. ..Kans 

Kennebunk, York Me 

Kennebunk Depot, York. Me 
Kennebunk landing, 

York ;....Me 

Kennebunk Port, York.. Me 
Kennedy, Ohautauqua.N. Y 

Kennedyyille, Kent Md 

Kennekuk, Atchison.. Kans 

Kenner, Jefferson La 

Kenner, Slatagorda. . . .Tex 

Kennerdell, Venango Pa 

Kennesav^. Cobb 6a 

Kenneth, Sheridan . . . Kans 
Kennett [r. /t.), Dunklin.Mo 
Kennett Square, Chester.Pa 

Kenney, De Witt Ill 

Kennon, Belmont Ohio 

Kennonsburgh, Noble.Ohio 
Ktnnska (c. /i.), Ke- 
nosha Wis 

Kensett, White Ark 

Kensett, Worth Iowa 

Kensico, Westchester. .N. Y 
Kensington, Hartford. Conn 

Kensington, Cook Ill 

Kensington, Oakland.. Mich 
Kensington, Kocklng- 

ham N.II 

KeuRlngton, Columbiana.. . 

Kent, Litchfield. .. . . . Conn 

Kent, Stephenson Ill 

Kent, Jeflierson Ind 

Kent, Union Iowa 

Kent, Newton Mo 

Kent, Wheeler Nebr 

Lent, Portage Ohio 

K ont, Indiana Pa 

KontCitv, Kent Mich 

Kent Cli'ffs, Putnam. .N. Y 
K4>nt Island, Queen 

Anne Md 

Kentland (c. A.), New- 
ton Ind 

Kenton, Kent Del 

Kenton, Kenton Ky 

Kenton, Christian Mo 

Kenton (cA.), Ilardin.Ohlo 

Kenton, Obion Tenn 

Kentontown, Robertsolf.Ky 
Kent's Hill, Kennebec.. Me 
Kent's Mills, Wythe. . . .Va 

Alphabetical .List of Post Officer. 

Kent's Store, East Fe- 
liciana. ... La 

Kent-s Store, Fluyanna.Va 
Kentuck, Talladega. . . .Ala 
Kentuck, Jackson. . .W. Va 

Kentucky, Saline Ark 

Kentucky Town, Gray- 
son Tex 

Kentyre, Marion S. C 

Kenyon, Jackson Ark 

Kenyon, Goodhue.... Minn 
Kenyonville, Orleans..N. Y 

Kenzie. Yell Ark 

Keokuk {c. h.), Lee . . .Iowa 
Keokuk Junction, Ad- 
ams Ill 

Keosauqua (c. A.), Van 

Buren Iowa 

Keota, Keokuk Iowa 

Keota, l^tt Kans 

Keownville, Union . . . .Miss 

Kerby (c. A.), Josephine 


Kerby ville, Taney Jlo 

Kerhonkson, Ulster. , .N. Y 
Kerkhoven, Swift ....Minn 

Kernan, La Salle Ill 

KernersTille, Forsyth, N. C 
Kerneysville, Jeffer- 
son W. Va 

Kerns town, Frederick. . . Va 

Kern ville, Kern Cal 

Kerr-s, Pulaski Ark 

Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge.. 

Kerr's Station, Wash- 
ington Pa 

Kerr's Store, Clarion — Pa 
KerrsviUe, Cumberland. Pa 
Kerrville, Shelby. . . '. .Tenn 
KerrviUe {c. A.), Kerr. .Tex 

Kerseys, )Slk Pa 

Kershena, Shawano.. . . Wis 
Kesler*s Cross Lanes, 

Nicholas W. Va 

Kester, Park. Colo 

Keswick Depot, Albe- 
marle Va 

Ketcham, Luzerne Fa 

Ketchum's Comers, 

Saratoga N. Y 

Ketchum ville, Tioga. .N. Y 
Kettle Creek, Potter.... Pa 
Kettle River Station, 

Pine Minn 

Kettlersville, Shelby.. Ohio 

Kewanee, Henry Ill 

Kewanee, Lauderdale. Miss 

Kewanna, Fulton Ind 

Kewaskum, Washing- 
ton Wis 

Kewaunee (c. A.), Ke- 
waunee Wis 

Key, Cherokee Ala 

Key, Lee Ark 

Key, Bremer Iowa 

Key, Cloud. Kans 

Key, Belmont Ohio 

Key, White Tenn 

Key , Thurston Wash 

Key a Paha, Holt Nebr 

Keyeser, Columbia. . . . Wis 

Keyesport, Clinton Ill 

Keyesville, Richland. . .Wis 
Key Port, Monmouth. .N. J 

Keys, Buncombe N. C 

Keys, York Pa 

Key sburgh ,-^towah .... Ala 

Keysburgh, Logan Ky 

Keyser, Moore N. C 

Keyset (e. A. }, Mineral 

Key Station, Johnson. Tenn 

Keystone, Wells Ind 

Keystone, Dickinson.. Kans 
Keystone, Wright. . . . Minn 

Keystone, Clinton Mo 

Keystone, Jackson .. . .Ohio 

Keystone, Ferry Fb 

Keystone Junction, 

Somerset Pft 

Keysville, Phillips Ark 

Keysville, Hillsbprough.Fla 
Keysville, Pawnee. . . .Kans 
Keysville, ('rawford....Mo 
Keysville, Charlotte. . . . Va 
KeytesviUe (c. A.), Chari- 
ton .Mo 

Key ton, Calhoun Ga 

Key West (c. A.), Mon- 
roe .' Fla 

Key West, Dubuque. .Iowa 

Key West, Coffey Kans 

Key West, Kenton Ky 

Key West, Montague. ..Tex 

Kezar Falls, York Me 

Kiantone, Chautauqua.N.Y 
KibbeviUe, Franklin.. Miss 
Klbbie, Van Buren... Mich 
Kibesillah, Mendocino. .C^l 

Kickapoo, Peoria Ill 

Kickapoo, Anderson. . .Tex 

Kickapoo, Vernon Wis 

Kickapoo City, Leaven- 
worth Kans 

Kickapoo Station, .. 

Ind. T 

Kidder, Lincoln Dak 

Kidder, Caldwell Mo 

Kidder's Ferry, Seneca.N.Y 
Kidderville, Hodgeman .... 


Kiddridge,' Osage Mo 

KiddvUle, Clark Ky 

Kiddville, Ionia Mich 

Kiddville, Sullivan Mo 

KidweU, Tyler W. Va 

K ief erville , Putnam . . Ohio 

Kiel, Manitowoc VVis 

Kienstra's Store, Adams. . . 


Kier, Buchanan Iowa 

Kilbourn, Mason Ill 

Kil bourn, Van Biiren.Iowa 
Kilbourn City, Colum- 
bia Wis 

Kilbu ck , Allegheny. . . . Fa 

Kilchis, Tillamook O^g 

Kildare, Phillips Kans 

Kildare, Cass Tex 

Kildare, Juneau . , IV'is 

Kilgore, Carroll Ohio 

Kilgore, Venango I'a 

Kilgore. Gregg Tex 

Kilkenny, Le Sueur. .Minn 
Killawog, Broome . . . .N. Y 
K iUbourne, Delaware . Ohio 
Kill BuckjCattaraugus.N.Y 

Killbuck, Holmes Ohio 

Kill Creek, Obborne. .Kans 
Killian's Mill?, Lincoln.N.C 

Killinger, Dauphin Pa 

Killingly, Windham.. Conn 
Killingworth, Middle- 
sex Conn 

KUlmore, Clinton Ind 

Kilmapagh, Huron.. .Mlcli. 
Kilmarnock, Lancaster. .Va 
Kilmicliael, Montgomery. . . 


Kimball, Bosque Tex 

Kimberlin, Boone Ind 

Kimberlin Springs, Blaud. . 


Kimberton, Chester Pa 

Kimble, Pike Pa 

Kimbolton, Chatham.. N. C 
Kimbolton, Guernsey.. Ohio 
Kimbrough's Store, 

McMinn Tenn 

Kimeo, Washington. .Kans 

Kimmel, Indiana Pa 

Kimmswick, Jefferson.. Mo 
Kinard-s Turnout, New- 
berry 8. C 

Kincheloe, Harrison. W.Va 
Kinderhook, Van BurenJLrk 

Klnderhook, Pike IH 

Kinderhook, Branch.. Mich 

Kinderhook, Colombia 

N. Y 
Kinderhook,Pickaway .Ohio 

King, Dubuque Iowa 

King and Queen C. //., 

King and Queen Va 

King City, McPherson.Kans. 

King City, Gentry Mo 

Kingfield, Franklin Me 

King George C. JFT., 

King George Va 

King Grove, Holt Mo 

Kingvian \e. A.), King- 
man Kans 

Kingman, Penobscot Me 

King of. Prussia, Mont- 
gomery. Pa 

Kings, Barbour Ala 

King's, Ogle Ill 

Kings, Athens Ohio 

Kings, l*rince George Va 

Kingsberg, Stanton . . .Nebr 
Kingi>borough, Harris. ..Ga 
Kinirsborough, Fulton.N. Y 
Kingsbridge,* New York. . . 

N. Y 
King's Bridge, Lancaster. Pa 
King's Bridge, Manito- 
woc Wis 

Kingsburgh, Tulare. . . . Cal 
Kingsbury, White8ide8..Ill 
Kingsbury, La Forte. . .Ind 
Kingsbury, Piecataquis . Me 
Kingsbury, Big Stone.Miun 
Kingsbury, Washing- 
ton : N. Y 

Kingsbury, Meigs Ohio 

Kingsbury, Guadalupe .Tex 
King's Comer-*, Sauk.. Wis 
Kings Creek, Letcher.. .Ky 
King's Creek, Caldwell. N.C 
King's Creek, Cham- 
paign Ohio 

King's Creek, Roane.. Tenn 
Kingsdale, Adams .... Pa 
King's Ferry, Nassau... Fla 
King's Ferry, Cayuga. N. Y 
Kingsland, Bergen. . ..'S.J 
Kings Landing, Dallas.. Ala 

Kingsley, Clay Fla 

Kingsley , Wasco Or^ 

Kings Mill, Washing- 
ton Va 

• Branch of the New York 
Post Office. 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Kliv's MilU^ Sharp. . . . Arl: 
King's Moontaia, Ua- 

cola K7 

King's Mountain, Cleve- 
land N.C 

King's Mountain Sta- 
tion, Uncoln Ky 

King's Point, Dade Mo 

Kingsport, SuUiraa. . .Tenn 
King Spring, Burnet.. -Tex 
King's Rirer, Fresno. .'.Cal 
King's Station, Gibson. Ind 
Kingston, Autauga . . . .Ala 

Kiogston, Madisou Ark 

Kiogstoa, Fresno Cal 

Kingston, Bartow i Ga 

Kingston, De Ralb Ill 

Kingston, Decatur Ind 

Kingston, Des Moines.Iowa 
Kingston, Labette. . . .Kans 

Kingston, Madison Ky 

King.«ton, De Soto Ia 

Kingston, Somerset Md 

Kingston, Plymouth.. Mass 

Kingston, Tuscola Mich 

Kingston, Meeker.... Minn 

Kingston, Adams Miss 

Kingston (e. A.), Cald- 
well Mo 

Kingston, Adams . . .,. .Nebr 
Kingston, Rockingham.N.H 
Kingston, Somerset. . .N. «) 

Kingfton (e. A.), Ulster 


Kingston, Roes Ohio 

Kingston, Luzerne Pa 

King$ton{c. A.), Wash- 
ington R. I 

Kingston (c. A.), Roane. . . . 


Khigston, Pi TTte Utah 

Kingston, Green Lake..Wis 
Kingston Centre, Dela- 
ware Ohio 

Kii^ton Furnace, Wash- 
ington Mo 

Kingston Mines, Peoria. .Ill 
Kingston Sprinj^, Cheat- 

hun Tenn 

Kingstree («. A.), Wll- 

liamsburgh S. C 

King's Valley, Benton.Oreg 
Kingsrille, Shawnee.. Kans 

Kingsrille, Johnson Mo 

Kingsville, Ashtabula.Ohio 

Kingsrille, Clarion Pa 

KingsTille, Richland.. S. C 

Kingsrille, Bowie Tex 

KingsTille, Randolph.W.Va 

Kingrille, Lamar Ala 

KingTille, Cass Nebr 

King WiUiam C. H., 

King William Va 

Kingwood, Hunterdon 

N. J 

Kingwood, Somerset Pa 

Kingwood (e. A.), Pres- 
ton W.Va 

Kinkora, Burlington. .N. J 

Kittlock, Lawrence Ala 

Kinmundy, Marion Ill 

Kinnekeet. Dare JT. G 

Kinney's Four Comers, 

Oswego Jl.T 

Kinnick Kinniek, St. 

Croix Wis 

Kinnikinnick, Ross.. Ohio 
Kinsale, Westmoreland. Va 

Kinsky (c. A.), Sdwards. . . 


Kinsman, Grundy Ill 

Kinsman, Trumbull... Ohio 
Kinston (e.A.), Lenoir.N. C 

KintnersTille, Bucks Pa 

Kinxer's, Lancaster Pa 

Kinzua, Warren Pa 

Kiokee, Columbia Ga 

Kiomatia, Bed RvTer...Tex 
Kiowa (e. A.), Elbert. .Colo 

Kiowa, Barbour Kans 

Kiowa, Thayer Nebr 

Kiowa, Colfax N. Mex 

Kipton, Lorain Ohio 

Kirby, Pik*> Ark 

Kirby, Wyandot Ohio 

Kirby, Greene Pa 

Kirby *8 Creek, Jackson. Ala 

Kirby ville, Berks. Pa 

Kirchhayn, Washington.. . . 

KirkersTlUe, Licking. .Ohio 

Kirkland, Coffee Ga 

Kirkland, De Kalb Ill 

Kirkland, Oneida N. T 

Kirkland Valley, Taya- 

pai Arix 

KirkmansTille, Todd...Kj 
Kirk's Cross Roads, 

Clinton Ind 

Kirksey , Calloway Ky 

Rirksey's, Edgefield. . .S. C 
Kirk's Ferry, Catahoula.La 
Kirk's Groye, Cherokee. Ala 
Kirk's Mills, Stanly .N. C 
Kirk's Mills, Lancaster. .Pa 

KirksTille, Monroe Ind 

KirksTille, Madison Ky 

Kirksville (c. A.), Adair..Mo 
Kirkville, Wapello*. . . .Iowa 
Kirkville, Onondaga. ..N. T 
Kirkwood, New Castle. .Del 

Kirkwood, Warren Ill 

Kirkwood, Appanoose.Iowa 
Kirkwood, Madison. . . .Miss 
Kirkwood, St. Louis. . . .Mo 
Kirkwood, Camden. . . .N. J 
Kirkwood, Broome ....N.Y 

Kirkwood, Shelby Ohio 

Kirkwood, Lancaster.. . .Pa 
Kirl^wood Centre, Broome. . 


Klron, Crawford Iowa 

KirsclinerTille, Lewis. .N. Y 

Kirtland, Lake Ohio 

Kirwin, Phillips Kans 

Kishacoquillas, Mifflin. . Pa 
Kishwaukee, Winnebago.IU 
Kiskatom, Greene. . . .N. Y 
Kiskiminitas, Armstrong. . 

Kissee Mills, Taney. . . .Mo 
Kissinger's, Cumber- 
land Pa 

Kit Carson, Bent Colo 

Kitching's Mills, Aiken. S.C 

Kitley , Sumner Kans 

Kittanning(e. A.), Arm- 
strong Pa 

Kittanning Point, Blair. .Pa 

Kittery, York Me 

Kittery Depot, York. . . .Me 

Kittery Point, York He 

Kittitass, Yakima Wash 

KittreU, OranTille ....N.C 
Kitty Hawk, Currituck. . . . 


KitxnulleniTille, Qanett . . 

Klamath Agency, Lake .... 

Klamath Mill, SisUyou.Cal 
KlecknersTille, Nortlr- 

ampton Pa 

Kleinfeltersrille, Leba- 
non Pa 

Klein's, Montgomery Pa 

Klikitat, Klikitat. ...Wash 
Klikitat Landing, Kliki- 
tat Wash 

Kline's Cross Roads, 

Pendleton W. Va 

Kline's Grove, Northum- 
berland Pa 

KlinesTiUe, Berks. .... .Pa 

Klingerstown, Schuyl- 
kill Pa 

Knap of Reeds, Gran- 
ville N.C 

Kn^pp, Dunn Wis 

Knappa, Clatsop Oreg 

Knapp's Creek, Craw- 
ford Wis 

Knappton, Pacific. . . . Wa^h 

Knauer's, Berks Pa 

Knawl's Creek, Braxton. . . 

W. Va 

Kniffen, Wayne Iowa 

Knights Creek, Allegany . . 

Knight-s Ferry, Stanis- 
laus Cal 

Knight's Prairie, Ham> 

ilton ni 

Knightstown, Henry. . .Ind 

Knightsyille, Clay Ind 

Knightsville, Cumber- 

IsjQd Me 

Knob, Dearer Pa 

Knob Creek, Cleveland.N.C 

Knob, Tazewell Va 

Knob Creek, Lawrence 


Knobel, Clay Ark 

Knob Lick, Metcalfe — Ky 
Knob Uck, St. Francols.Mo 
Knobnoster, .Tohnson. . .Mo 

Knobsrille, Fulton Pa 

Knobview, Crawford. . . .Mo 
Knobville, Greene . . . .Ark 
Knott's Island, Curri- 
tuck N.C 

Knott's Mill, Orange- 
burgh S.C 

Knott's Store, Anson.. N. C 

Knottsrille, Dariess Ky 

Knottsrille, Taylor. .W. Va 
Knowersrille, Albany .N. Y 
Knowles, Montgomery.. Md 
Rnowlesrille, Orleans.N. Y 
Knowlton, Warren... .N. J 
Knowlton. Marathon. .Wis 
Knox (r. A.), Starke . . .Ind 

Knox, Waldo Me 

Knox, Albany N. Y 

Knox, Clarion Pa 

Knoxboro, Oneida N.Y 

Knox City, Knox Mo 

Knox Dale, Jefferson.. .Pa 

Knox Hill, Walton Fla 

Knox Point, Bosider .... La 
Knox Station, Waldo. ..Me 

Knoxrille, Greene Ala 

Knoxrille, Johns<m . . . Ark 
KnoxTille, Lake Cal 


Knoxvitte {e. A.), Craw^ 

ford Ga 

Knoxrille, Knox Ill 

Knoxviiie (c. A.), Marion.. . 

Knoxrille, Pendleton.. .Ky 
Knoxrille, Frederick. . .Md 
Knoxrille, tranklin . . Miss 

Knoxrille, Ray Mo 

Knoxviiie, Jefferson. .Ohio 

Knoxviiie, Tioga Pa 

KnoxvUle (e. A.), Knox. . . . 

Knoxviiie, Marshall. W. Va 

Koch's, Wayne Ohio 

Koeltztown. Osage Mo 

Koiner's Store, Augusta.Va 

Kokomo, Summit Colo 

Kokomo (e. A.), Howard... 


Koleen, Greene Jnd 

Koloko, Washington.. Kans 

Kom^tad, Clay Dak 

Kongnberg, Rock Minn 

Konteka, McLeod .... Minn 
Koosharem, Sevier.. .Utah 
Korbel's Mills, Sonoma. Cal 

Koro, Winnebago Wis 

Kortright, Delaware.. N. Y 
Kosciusko (e. A.), Attala. . . 

Koshkonong, Rook. . . . Wis 

Kosse, Limestone Tex 

Kossuth, Wasliington. .Ind 
Kossuth, Des Moines . Iowa 

Kossuth, Alcorn Mini 

Kossuth, Auglaize — Ohio 

Kossuth, Clarion Pa 

^oszta, Iowa Iowa 

Kout's Station, Porter.. Ind 

Kowaliga, Elmore Ala 

Kramm's Station, Peoria.. . 

Kranzburgh, Codington... 

Kratzerrille, Snyder. . . .Pa 

Kreamer, Snyder Pa 

Kreidersrille, North- 
ampton Pa 

Kremlin Mills, Butler.. Mo 
KresgeriUe, Monroe ... .Pa 
Kribbs Farm, Clarion. ..Pa 

Krick's Mill, Berks Pa 

Kroghrille, Jefferson. .Wis 

Kronne, Burleson Tex 

Kruegerrille, Wh.rren..Mo 

Kuckrille, Orleans N. Y 

Kuhn's Crossing, El- 
bert Colo 

Kulpsrille, Montgomery.Pa 

Kuniler, Mel>ean Ill 

Kunckle, Luzerne Pa 

Kunkletown, Monroe. . .Fa 
Kurrerillo, Cape Girar- 
deau Mo 

Kuttawa, Lyon Ky 

Kntztown, Berks Pk 

Kyger, Gallia Ohio 

Kylertown, Clearfield. . .Pa 
Kyle's Comers, Mahon- 
ing Ohio 

Kyle's Ford, Hancock.Teno 
Kyle's Landing, Cum- 
berland N. 

Kymnlga, Talladega. Ala 

Kyserike, Ulster N T 

Kyte Rirer, OsU Ill 


Alphabetical List of Post Offides. 


La Anguille, CroM .... Ark 

LabadUie, FxankUn Mo 

Labadieviile, Assump- 
tion La 

Laban, Mitchell Kans 

Labarge, Kent Mich 

Ia Belle, Lewis Mo 

Labelle, Lawrence. . . .Ohio 

Labette, Labette Kana 

La Bonte, Laramie. . . . Wyo 

La Carne, Ottawa Oldo 

Lacelle, Clarke Iowa 

La Center, Clarke. . . .Wash 

Lacey , Drew Arte 

Lacey , Mahaska Iowa 

Lacey Spring, Rocking- 
ham Ya 

Lacey 'S Spring, Morgan. Ala 
Lacey viile, Harrison. .Ohio 
Lacey ville, Wyoming . . .Pa 

La Cinta, San Miguel 

N. Mex 
Lackawack, Ulster. . . .N. Y 
Lackawanna, Lackawanna. 


Lackawazen, Pike Pa 

La Clair, De Kalb Ill 

La Clede, Fayette Ill 

Laclede, Pottawatomie. 


Laclede Linn Mo 

iMcon \e. h.), Marshall. . Ill 

Lacon, Maries Mo 

Lacona, Warren Iowa 

Lacona, Oswego N. Y 

Laconia, Desha Ark 

Laconia, Harrison Ind 

Laconia (r.A.),Belknap.N.H 
La Conner, Whatcom . Wash 
La Coy^ Crawford. . . .Kans 
LaC'(jut'parU (e. A.), 

Lac-qui-parle Minn 

La Crescent, Houst(Hi.Minn 

La Crosse, Ixard Ark 

La Crosse, Hancock Ill 

La Crosse, La Porte. . . .Ind 
La Crosse (c. A.), Rush .... 

La Crosu (e. A.), La 

Crosse Wis 

La Cueva, Mora. . . .N. Mez 

La Cygne, Linn Kans 

Laddoida,>Audrrin Mo 

Laddsbuigh, Bradford . .Pa 
Ladiesburgh, Frederick. Md 
Ladies Island, Beaufort. . . . 

8. C 

Ladiga, Calhoun Ala 

Ladoga, Montgomery . .Ind 
Ladoga, Fond du Lac.. Wis 

Ladonia, Fannin Tex 

Ladora, Iowa Iowa 

Ladore, Neosho Kans 

La Due, Henry Mo 

La Farge, Vemon.. . . . .Wis 

La Fargoville, Jeffer- 
son N.Y 

La Fayette {c. A.), 

Chambers Ala 

La Fayette,Contra Co6ta.Ca1 
Ln Fnyette (<!, A.), 

Walkar Oa 

La Fayette, Stark Ill 

La Ffn/ftte(c. A.), Tip- 
pecanoe... i...Ilid 

La Fayette, Linn Iowa 

La Fayette, Christian.. . Ky 
Is. Fayette, Gratiot. . .Mich 
La Fayette, Seward.. .Nebr 
La Fayette, Sussex. . . .N. J 
La Fayette, Onondaga. N. Y 
La Fayette, Madison... Ohio 
La Fayette (e. A.), Yam 

Hill Oreg 

La Fayette,Wa8hington 

R I 
La Fayette (e. A.), Macon. . 

La Fayette, Upshur .... Tex 
La Fayette,Montgomery .Ya 
La Fayette Springs, La 

Fayette Miss 

La FayetteTille, Dutch- 
ess N.Y 

lAflin, Bollinger Mo 

LafoUettsrille, Hamp- 
shire W. Va 

La Fontaine, Wabash.. .Ind 
La Fontaine, Wilson. Kans 
Lafourche Crossing, Ia 

Fourche La 

lAfox, Kane Ill 

Lagarta, Live Oak Tex 

La Gloiietas, San Miguel.. 


Lagonda, Clark Ohio 

La Graciosa, Santa Bar- 
bara Cal 

La Grande (e. A.), Union.. 


La Grange, Lee Ark 

La Grange, Stanislaus. .Cal 
La Grari^ (e. A.),Troup.Ga 

La Grange, Cook Ill 

Lagrange (e. A.) La- 
grange Ind 

La Grange, Lucas. .... Iowa 
La Grange, Marshall . . Kans 
La Grange (c. A.), Old- 
ham Ky 

La Grange, Penobscot. ...Me 

La Grange, Cass Mich 

La Grange, Choctaw.. .Miss 

La Grange, Lewis Mo 

La Grange, Wyoming. N. Y 
Xa Grange, Lenoir . . . . N. C 
La Grange, Lorain. . . . Ohio 

Lagrange, Chester S. C 

La Grange, Fayette. . .Tenn 
La CHrange (e. A.), 

Fayette Tex 

La Grange, Grand l8le...Yt 
La Grange, King Geoxge. . . 

La Grange, Walworth. .Wis 
[a Grangeville, Dutchess.. 


La Gro, Wabash Ind 

Laguardo, Wilson.... Tenn 
Laguna, Valencia. . .N. Mex 

Lahai, Bates Mo 

LaHarpe, Hancock Ill 

Lahaska, Bucks Pa 

LahmansTille, Grant. W.Va 

La llogue, Iroquois Ill 

La Honda, San Mateo.. Cal 

Lalng-s, Monroe Ohio 

Laingsbuxgh, Shiawas- 
see Mich 

Lairdsborough, Carroll.. Ga 

LairdsTiile, Oneida N.Y 

Lairdsville, Lycoming. . .Pa 
Lair-s Station, Harrison.Ky 

Lajara, Conejos Colo 

La J unta. Bent Colo 

Ia Junta, Mora....N. Mex 

Lake, Spencer Ind 

lAke, Newaygo Mich 

Lake, Scott ,. .Miss 

Lake, St. Louis Mo 

Lake, Phelps Nebr 

Lake, Washington N. Y 

Lake, Stark Ohio 

Lake, Luseme Pa 

Lake Addie, McLeod...Minn 
Lake Amelia, Pope . . . Minn 
Lake Arthur, Calcasieu . . . 

Lake Belt, Martin. . . .Minn 
Lake Benton, Lincoln.Minn 
Lake Burnside, Neshoba . . 

Lake Butler, Bradford.. Fla 
Lake Center, Hamilton. . . . 

Lake Charles (e. A.), 

Calcasieu La 

Lake Cicott, Cass Ind 

Lake City, Modoc Cal 

Lake CUy{e.h.)y Hins- 
dale Colo 

Lake City, Minnehi^a.Dak 
Lake City (e. A.), Cc^- 

lumbia Fla 

Lake City, Moultrie Ill 

Lake City (c. A.), Cal- 
houn Iowa 

Lake City, Barbour. . .Kans 
Lake City, Missaukee.Mich 
Lake City, Wabasha.. Minn 

Lake City, Jackson Mo 

Lake Comfort, Hyde...N. G 
Lake Como, Putnam. ..Fla 
Lake Como, Jasper .... Miss 

Lake Como, Wayne Pa 

Lake Creek, Williamaon.IU 
Lake Creek, Benton .... Mo 
Lake Crystal, Blue 

Earth Minn 

Lake Drummond, Nor- 
folk Va 

Lake Elizabeth, Kan- 
diyohi Minn 

Lake Elmo, Washington. . . 

Lake Fire, Washington. Wis 

Lake Forest, Lake Ill 

Lake Fork. Ashland. . .Ohio 
Lake Fremont, Sher- 
burne Minn 

Lake Geoxge, Putnam. . Fla 
Lake George (e. A.), 

Warren N.Y 

Lake Griffin, Sumter . .Fla 
Lake Grove, Suffolk. .N. Y 
Lake Harbor, Muskegon. . . 

Lake Harold, Medier.Minn 

Lake Hill, Ulster NY 

Lake Irma, Orange Fla 

TAke Jessup, Orange. . . Fla 
Lake Johanna, Pope. . Minn 
Lakeland, Pointe Coupee.. 


Lakeland, Barron Wis 

Lake Landing, Hyde...N. C 
Lake Lillian, Kandiyohi... 

Lake Linden, Houghton . . . 


Lake Maitland, Orange. Tla 
Lake Maria,Orcen Lake.Wis 
Lake Mills, Winnebago.Iowa 

Lake Mills, Collin Tex 

Lake Mills, Jefferson. . . Wis 

Lakenan, Shelby Mo 

Lake Park, Becker. . ..Minn 

Lake Pleasant, Erie Pa 

Lake Point, Tooele .... Utah 

Lakeport, Chicot Ark 

Lakeport {e. A.), Lake. .Cal 

Lakeport, Yankton Dak 

Lake Port, St. Clair.. Jlich 
Lakeport, Madison. . . .N. Y 
Jjoke Providence (c. A.), 

E. Carroll La 

Lake Bidge, Lenawee. .Mich 
Lake Ridge, Tompkins.N.Y 
Lake Road, Niagara. ..N.Y 
Lake Roland, Baltimore.Md 

Lake Run, Snlliyan Fa 

Lake Shore, Antrim.. Mich 
Lakeside, Emmett. . . .Iowa 
Lake Side, Berrien. . ..Mich 
lAkeside, RenTille . . . Minn 

Lake Side, Wayne N. Y 

Lake Spring, Dent Mo 

Lake Station, Lake Ind 

Lakesville, Dorchester.. Md 
Lake Tokua, Big Stone... .. 


Laketon, Wabash Ind 

Laketon, Muskegon. ..Mich 
Laketown CarTer....Mlnn 

Laketown, Rich Utah 

Lake Valley, El Dorado.Cal 
Lake Valley, Morgan.. .Ind 
Lake View, CoTington..Ala 
Lake View, Palo Alto. Iowa 
Lake View,MePher8on.K)Ui8 
Lake view, Montcalm.. Mich 
Lake View, TraTerBe..Minn 
Lake View, Passaic ....N.J 

Lake View, Erie N.Y 

Laketuew (c. A.), Lake.Oreg 
Lake View, Susquehanna. . 


Lake View, Clarke Va 

Lake View, Pierce. . ..Waah 

Lake View, Dane Wis 

Lake Village {c.h.)^ 

Chicot .Aik 

Lake Village,BrookingaJDak 
Lake Village, Newton. .Ind 
Lake VUlage, Natchi- 
toches La 

Lake Village, Belknap.N. H 

lAkeville, Sonoma Cal 

Lakeville, Litchfield.. Conn 
Lakeville, St. Joseph. ..Ind 
Lakeville, Plymouth..MaaB 
Ijikeville, Oakland... Mieh 
Lakeville, Dakota.... Minn 

Ukeville, Stoddard Mo 

Lakeville, Livingston. N. T 
Lakeville, Chippewa.. .Wis 

Lake W^are, Marion Fla 

lake Washington, Le 

Sueur Minn 

Lake Washington, Wash- 
ington Miss 

Lakewood, Shelby HI 

Lake Zurich, Lake Ill 

Lakin, Keuney Kans 

La Liendre, San Miguel.. . . 

N. Mex 

lAmar, Randolph Ala 

Lamar, Sumter Qa 


Alphdbetieal List of Post Offices. 

Sttanr, Ottawa. ...... Kani 

LuBftr, Benton Miu 

Lamar (e. A.), Barton. . .Mo 

Lanuur, Clinton Pa 

lAmar, .Aiansaa Tex 

Lamars Mill, Upion Ga 

Lamar's StaHon, Noda- 
way Mo 

Lamartine, Columbia. . Ark 
Lamartine {e. A.), Greeley.. 

Lamurtine, Carroll. . ..Ohio 

Lamartine, Clarion Fa 

LamartJae, Fond da Lae. . . 


Lannsco, Lyon Ky 

Lambert, Fayette Tenn 

Lamberta, B^dwin....Ala 
Lambert Lake, Wash- 
ington Me 

lAmberton, Bedwood.Mlnn 
Lamberton, Racine.... Wis 
Lambertyille, Monroe. Bfieh 
Lambertrille, Hunter- 
don N.J 

LamVs, Venango.... ...Pa 

lAmbsburgfa, Carroll. . ..Ya 

Lamb's Comers, Broome. . . 


Lamb's Creek, Tioga Pa 

Lambfion, Kent Md 

La Mine, Cooper Mo 

Lamington, Somerset. .N. J 

Lamira, BelmoBt Ohio 

Lamoille, Bureau IH 

Lamoille, Marshall. . .Iowa 
Lamoille, Winona-. .. .Minn 

Lamoine, Hancock Me 

Lamong, Hamilton . . . .Ind 
Lamont, Sedgwick. . .Sans 

Lamont, Ottawa Mich 

Lamonte, Pettis Mo 

Lamonte's Ferry ,Tioga.N.Y 
La Mont-s Hill, Osage. Kans 
La Motte, Jackson — Iowa 

Lamotte, Sanilac Mich 

Lamotte Plape, St. Charles. 

Lamourie Bridge^ Rapides. . 

Lampasas (c. A.), Lam- 
pasas Tex 

Lunpeter, Lancaster Pa 

Lamson's, Onondaga. .N. Y 

Lanark, Bradley Ark 

Lanark, Carroll Ill 

LanariL, Pawnee Kans 

Lanark, Lehigh Pa 

Lancaster, Cass Ill 

Lancaster, Jefferson. .. Ind 
Lancaster, Keokuk. ..Iowa 
Lancaster, Atchison. .Kans 
Lancaster (e. A.), Gar- 
rard Ky 

lAacaster, Worcester. Mass 
Lancaster (c. A.), Schuy- 
ler Mo 

Lancaster (c. A.),Coos.N. H 

Lancaster, Erie N.Y 

Lancaster {c. A.), Fair- 
field Ohio 

Lancaster (c. A.), L a n ca s- 

ter Pa 

Lancaster, Smith Tenn 

Lancaster, Dallas Tex 

Lancaster (e. A,), Grant. Wis 
Lancaster C. H., Lan- 
caster A.Q 

Lancaster C. IK, Lan- 
caster , Ta 

Laneha Plana, Amador. Ol 

Landaff, Grafton N. U 

Landeck, Allen Ohio 

Landenburgh, Chester. . Pa 

Lander, Frederick Md 

Lander, Warren Pa 

Lander, Sweetwater. . .Wyo 
Landersdale, Morgan . . ■ Ind 
LandersTille, Lawrence. Ala 
LandgroTe, Bennington. Vt 
LandingTUle, Schuylkill.Pa 

Landisburgh, Perry Pa 

Landis' Store, Berks .... Pa 
Landis Valley, Lancaster.Pa 
Landisriile, Atlantic. .N. J 
Landisvitle, Lancaster. . .Pa 
Land of Promise, Prin- 
cess Anne Va 

Landrum, Falls Tex 

Landsdown, Prince Wil- 
liam Va 

Landsford, Chester. . . . S. C 

lAne, De Witt Ill 

Lane, Franklin Kans 

Lane, Ascension La 

Lane, Hunt Tex 

Lane-s, Williamsburgh.S.O 
Lanesberough, Berkshire. 

Lanaabocough, Fillmore.. . . 

Lanesborongh, Anson. N. C 
lAnesborough, Susque- 

hMina Pa 

Lane's Bott<mi, Webster. . . 

W. Va 
Lane's Creek, Union. .N. C 
Lane-s Island, Cook .... Ill 
Lane's Mills, Winston.. Ala 
Lane's Prairie, Maries. .Mo 
LmesTille, Utchfield..C<mn 
LanesTille, Harrison. . .Ind 

Lanesville, Essex Mass 

LanesTiile, Greene ....N.Y 
LanesTiilcKing William.Va 

LaneTille, Hale Ala 

Laney, Shawano Wis 

Langdon, Reno Kans 

Langdon, Washington.Minn 
Ijangdon, Sullivan . . . . N. H 

Langdon, Lycoming Pa 

Lanicdon's Station, Jack- 
son Ind 

lAngell's Valley, Lake.Oreg 
lAnge Store, Gasconade.Mo 

Langford, Erie N. Y 

Langhei, Pope Minn 

Ijanghorhe, Bucks. .... .Pa 

Iianglade, Oconto Wis 

Langley, Aiken S. C 

Langley, Fairfax Va 

LangHide, Wilkinson... Miss 

Langston, Jackson Ala 

Langston, Montoalm..Mioh 

LangsTille, Meigs Oliio 

Langwerthy, J<mes. . .Iowa 
Lanhams, Rrinee George. . 


Lanier, Cast Tex 

Lanklord, Kent Md 

Lannon Springs, Wau- 
kesha Wis 

Lansdale, Montgomery. . Pa 
UAnse (e. A.), Itoraga.Mich 

Lansfoid, Carb<m Pa 

, Cook JQi 


lAnsing, Allamakee. .Iowa 
Lansing, LeaTenworth. .... 


Lansino, Ingham Mich 

Lansing, Mother Minn 

Lansing, Omrego N.Y 

Lansing. Tioga Pa 

Lansingourgh, Renssel- 
aer N.Y 

Lansingrllle, Tomp- 
kins N.Y 

tAuts Mills, Shenan- 
doah Va 

Laona, Gage Nebr 

Laona, Chautauqua. ..N.Y 

La Otto, Noble Ind 

La Paz, Marshall Ind 

Lapeer, Douglas Kans 

Lapeer {c. A. ), Lapeer. Mich 

Lapeer, Cortland N.Y 

Lapidum, Harford Md 

lApile, Union Ark 

La Place, Bfacon Ala 

La Place, Piatt Ill 

La Place, St. Martin- s. ..La 
Lapland, Greenwood. .Kans 

La PUta, Chades Md 

La Plata, Macon Mo 

La Plata, Carbon Wyo 

La Platte, Sarpy Nebr 

La Plume, Lackawanna . Pa 

La Pointe, Ashland Wis 

La Porte, Plumas.' Cal 

La Porte, Larimer Colo 

La Porte (e A.), La Porte. . 

La Porte (e.A.),Wayne.Nebr 

La Porte. Lorain Ohio 

Laperte (e. A.), Sullivan. Pa 
Laporte City, Black 

Hawk Iowa 

Lapp's, Lancaster Fa 

La Prairie, Adams Ill 

La Prairie Centre, Biar- 

shall Ill 

Lapwai, Nea Perces. .Idaho 

Larabee, McKean Pa 

Laramie (Hty (e. A.), 

Albany Wyo 

Larchmont, Westches- 
ter N.Y 

Larchwood, Lyon Iowa 

Laredo (c. A.), Webb. . .Tex 
Larimer's Station, West- 
moreland Fa 

Larissa, Winston Ala 

Larissa, Cherokee Tex 

Larkin, Atchison Kuis 

Larkin's Fork, Jackson..Ala 
Larkinsrille, Jackson. . Ala 
Larkspur, Douglas. . . .Colo 

Larksyille, Luxeme Pa 

Lamed (e. A. ), Pawnee. Kans 

Larooe, Somerset Me 

U Rose, Marshall Ill 

Larrabee. Manitowoc.. Wis 
Larrabee's Point, Addi- 
son Vt 

Larry's Creek, Lyeoming.Pa 
Larue, Marlon. ...... .Ohio 

LarwUl, Whitley Ind 

LaSal, PiUte Utah 

La Salle, La Salle Ill 

La Salle, Monroe Mich 

La Salle, Niagara . . . .N. Y 
Las Animeu (c. A.), Bent.. . 

Lasater 8tation,Marion.Tex 


Las Oolonias, San Miguel.. 

N. Mex 
Las Cruces, Santa Bar^ 

bara Cal 

Las Cruces, Dona Ana. . . . 

N. Mex 
LasellsriUe, Fulton. . .N. Y 

Lasheen, Scott Minn 

Lassiter's MilU, Ran- 
dolph N. C 

Last Chance, Lucas. . . Iowa 
Las Vegcu (e. A.), San 

Miguel N. Mex 

Latchie,Wood Ohio 

La Teche, St. Mary's.. . Jit 
Lateyiew, Le Flore .... Miss 

Latham, Logan Ill 

Latham, Webster. .... Iowa 

Latham, Pike OMo 

Latham, Lane Oreg 

Latham's, Beaufort. . .N. C 
Latham Store, Moniteau. . 

Lathrop, San Joaquin. . Cal 

Lathrop, Delta Mich 

Lathrop, Clinton Mo 

Lathrop, Susquehanna. . Pa 

Latimore, Adams Pa 

Latona, Jasper Ill 

Latrobe, £1 Dorado. . . . .Cal 

Latrobe, Johnson Nebr 

Latrobe, Athens Ohio 

Latrobe, Westmoreland. Pa 

Lattas. Ross Oliio 

LattasDurgh, Wayne. .Ohio 
Lattner-8, Dubuque. .Iowa 
Latty , Des Moines .... Iowa 

Laud, Whitley Ind 

Lauderdale Station, Lau- 
derdale Miss 

Laughlintown, West- 
moreland Pa 

lAur, Jefferson Ill 

Laura, Miami Ohio 

Laura, Scott Va 

Lauratown, LawrenccArk 
Lauraville, Baltimore.. Md 

Lauiel, Sussex Del 

Laurel, Franklin Ind 

Laurel, MaiBhall Iowa 

Laurel, Prince George's. Md 

Laurel, Franklin N. C 

Laurel, Clermont Ohio 

Laurel, Washington.. .Oieg 

Laurel, York Pa 

Laurel, Roane W. Va 

Laurel Bloomery, John- 
son Tenn 

Laurel Bluff, Muhlen- 

burgh Ky 

lAurel Branch, Alle- 
ghany N.C 

Laurel Branch Monroe. . . . 

W. Va 
Laurel Bridge, Laurel.. Ky 

Laurel Creek, Clay Ky 

Laurel Dale, Mineral.W.Va 

Laurel Fork, Carroll Va 

Laurel (}ap, Greene. . Tenn 
Laurel Grove, St. Mary's. . 

Laurel Grove, Pittsyl- 
vania Va 

Laurel HiU, Neshoba. .Miss 
Laurel Hill, Richmond.N.C 
Laurel Hill, Fayette. . . .Fa 
lAurel Hill. De iLalb..Tenn 
Laurel Uill, Augusta. . Va 


Alphabetical List of Po9t Offices. 

Laurel Iron Works, 

Monongalia W. Ya 

Laurel Junction, Ritchie.. 

W. Va 
Laurel Mills, Kappa^ 

hannock Va 

Laurel Point, Monon- 
galia W. Va 

Laurel Springs, Ashe. .N. C 

Laurelton, Union Pa 

Laurelyille, Hooking.. Ohio 
Laurelyille, Westmore- 
land Pa 

Lauiens, Otsego N. T 

Laurens C. H.j Lau- 
rens S. C 

Laurens Hill^ Laurens. . Qa 

Laurin, Madison Mont 

Laurinburgh, Rich- 
mond N. C 

Laury^s Station, Lehigh..Pa 

Layalle, Sauk Wis 

Layansville, Somerset. . .F^ 
La Vega, Des Moines.. Iowa 
Lavender Uill, Baltimore. . 


La Vergne, Rutherford 


Lavemia, Wilson Tex 

La Veta, Huerfiano Colo 

Lavinia, Holt Nebr 

Lawler, Chickasaw... Iowa 
Lawndale, Logan. ...... HI 

Lawndale, Jackson. . .Kans 
Lawn Ridge, Marshall. .Ill 
Lawn Ridge, Scotland.. Mo 
Lawn Bidge, Cedar.... Nebr 

Lawrence, McH enrj. ... Ill 

Lawrence, Marion .....Ind 

LMiertince (c. A.), Doug- 
las Kans 

Lawrence, Plaquemines. . . . 


Lawrence, Essex Mass 

Lawrence, Van Bunen.Mich 
Lawrence, Newtoa.<> Miss 
Lawrence, Schuyler. .N. Y 
Lawrence, Washington.... 

Lawrence, Washington. . Pa 
Lawrence, Kaufman . . .Tex 
Lawrence, Marquette.. Wis 
Lawrenceburgk (c. A.), 

Dearborn Ind 

Lawrenceburgh, Cloud 

Lawreneeburgh (c. A.), 

Anderson Ky 

Jjawrencebuigh, Lawrence. 

Lawreneeburgh (e. A.), 

Lawrence Tenn 

I^wrence Core, Morgan. . . 

I^iwrence Mills, Potter.. Pa 
Lawrence Station, Mer- 
cer N.J 

Lawrence Station. Queens.. 

N. Y 
Lawrenceton, St. Gene- 
vieve Mo 

Lawrenceville, Honry. .Ala 
Lawrencev^iUe (e. A.), 
Gwinnett Ga 


Lawrenceville, Grant. . .Ky 
Lawrenceville, Mercer. N.J 
Lawrenceville, St. Law- 

Lawrenceville; Clarke.Ohio 
Lawrenceville, Tioga. . . .Pa 
Lawrenceville (c. A.), 

Brunswick Va 

Law's Uill, Marshall.. Miss 
Lawson, Clear Creek. . Colo 

Lawson, Ray Mo 

Lawsonham, Clarion. . . .Pa 
Lawsonvllle, Rocking- 
ham... N.C 

Lawsonville, Rusk Tex 

Lawsville Cenixe, Sus- 
quehanna Pa 

Lawtey , Bradford Fla 

Lawton, Van Buren. .Mich 

Lawton, Orange N. Y 

Lawton Station, £rie..N. Y 

Lawton ville, Burke Qa 

Lawtonville, Hampton. S. C 
Lawyers, CaJootpbell ..... Va 
LAwyjersville, Schoharie.. . . 

N. Y 
Layman, Wuhington.Ohio 

liaynesville, Floyd Ky 

Laynesville, Saline. .... Mo 
Layneaville, Sequatchie.... 


lAyton, Sussex N.J 

Lay ton Comers, Saginaw.. 


Lay ton's, Essex Va 

Layton's Station, Fay- 
ette ...Pa 

Laytonville, Montgom- 
ery ..Md 

Lazette, Cowley Kans 

Leaburgh, Lane Oreg 

Leachburgh, Johnston. N.C 
Leachtown, Wood...W. Va 

Leachville, Milam Tex 

Leacock, Lancaster. ... Pa 
Lead City, Lawrence. . Dak 

Lead Hill, Boone Ark 

Leading Creek, Lewis. W.Va 

Lead Mine, Dallas Mo 

Lead Mine, Tucker . .W.Va 

Lead Mines, Henry Ky 

LeadsvUle, RandoIph.W.Va 
Leadvale, Jefferson. . Tenn 

Leadville, Lake Colo 

Leadville, Guthrie. . . .Iowa 

liCaf , Greene Miss 

Leaf Mountain, Otter 

Tail Minn 

Leaf Valley, Douglas. Minn 
LeakesvUle (c. A.), 

Greene Miss 

Leaksville, Rockingham . . . 


Leaksville, Page. Va 

Leaman Place,Lancaster.Pa 
Leamon Corner, Han* 

cook ..Ind 

Leajmed, Pocahontas.. Iowa 

Leary's, Calhoun Ga 

Loasburgh , Crawford ... Mo 
Leasburgh, Caswell. , ,N. C 
Lea's Ferry, Dallas. . . .Ark 
Leasiu^svjlle, Butler. . . .Pa 
Leather's Store, Ander- 
son Ky 

Lea^WsyiUfij U^?9\n^ -Oa 
'Pftlfter)yo(»d, Om^^, . . Pfr 

Leathnrwood, Webster. . . . 

Leavenst^n, Chippewa.. Wis 
Leavenworth {c. A.), 

Crawford Ind 

Leavenworth (c. A.), 

Leavenworth Kans 

Leavenyrorth, Brown.. Miim 
Leavlttsburgh, Trum- 
bull Ohio 

Leavittsville, Carroll.. Ohio 
Lebanon (c. A.), De 

Kalb Ala 

Lebanon,New London.Conn 

Lebanon, Kent Del 

Lebanon, St. Clair Ill 

Lebanon {r. A.), Boone. Ind 
Lebanon, Van Buren Iowa 

Lebanon, Smith Kans 

Lebanon (c. A.),Murion.Ky 

Lebanon, York Me 

Lebanon (e. A.), La- 
clede. *..Mo 

Lebanon, Bed Willow . Nebr 
Lebanon, Graf ton.... N. U 
Lebanon, Hunterdon. .N. ^ 
Lebanon, Madison. . . . N. Y 
Lebanon, Columbus.. .N C 
Lebanon (e. A.), War- 

.ren «.. Ohio 

Lebanon, Linn Oreg 

Lebanon (e. A.}, Leba- 
non Pa 

LebanoAi Abbeville. . ..S. C 
Lebanon (c. A.), Wil- 
son Tenn 

Lebanon, Collin Tex 

Lebanon {r. A.), Russell. Va 

Lebanon^ Dod^o Wis 

Lebanon Church, Alle- 
gheny ^ Pa 

I^banon Church, Shen- 
andoah Va 

Lebanon Junction, Bul- 
litt '. Ky 

Lebanon Lake, Sulli- 
van N.Y 

Lebanon Springs, Co- 
lumbia N.Y 

Lebeck, Cedar Mo 

Lebo Creek, Coffey. . .Kans 

Leboeuf, £rie Pa 

Leek Kill, Northum- 
berland Pa 

Le Claire, Scott. , . . . .Iowa 

Lecompt«, Rapides La 

Lecompton, Douglas.. Kans 
Lecompton, Monroe. . .Ohio 
Leconte's Mills, Clear- 
field Pa 

Ledbetter, Fayette Tex 

Lederachsville, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Ledge Dale, Wayne Fa 

Ledger, Mitchell. . .*. . .N. C 

Ledgeville, Brown Wis 

L^dou:^, Morrison. . . .Minn 

Leduc, Gasconade Mo 

Ledyard, New Loudon 

I,fedyurd, Cayuga. . . , .N. Y 

Lee, Lee, Ark 

Lee, Lee HI 

Lee, Union Iowa 

Lee, Phillips Kans 

Lee, Penobscot Me 

,Ber^pbire Mass 

, AL^ega^t t m » • • • .Mich 

Lee, Carter Mo 

Lee, StraiBford N. H 

Lee, Oneida N.Y 

Lee, Madison N. 

Lee, Athens Ohio 

Lee Centre, Lee Ill 

Lee Centre, Oneida. . . .N. Y 
Leech burgh, Arm- 
strong.. J Pa 

Leech Lake, Cass Minn 

Leech's Comers, Mercer. Pa 
Leechville, Beaufort. .N. C 
Leeds, Androscoggin.. . .Me 
Leeds, Hampshire. . . . Mass 

Leeds, Greene N. Y 

Leeds, Columbia Wis 

Leeds Centre, Columbia. Wia 
Leeds Junction, An- 
droscoggin Me 

Leeds Point, Atlantic. .N. J 
Leedston, Steams. . . .Minn 
Leedstown, Westmore- 

Und Va 

Leedsville, Dutchess. .N. Y 
Leemou, Cape Girardeau.. 

Leemont, Accomack. . . . Va 

Lee Park, Valiey Nebr 

Lee's, Biumwell S. G 

Leesburgh. Cherokee. . A1& 
Leeshurgh (c.A. ),Sumter.Fla 
Leesburgh (c. A.), Lee . .Ga 
Leesburgh, Kosciusko.. Ind 

Leesburgh, Pratt Kans 

l«eesburgh, Harrison... Ky 

Leesburgh, St. Joseph 

. . Mich 

Leesburgh, Rankin . . . .Miss 
Leesburgh, Cumberland. . . 

Leesburgh, Highland. Ohio 

Leesburgh, Mercer Pa 

Leesburgh, Washing- 
ton Tenn 

Leesburgh, Camp .... Tex 
Leesburgh {c. A.), Lou- 
doun Va 

Lee's Comer, Mldland.Mich 
Liee's Creek, Crawford. Ark 
Lee's Creek, Clinton. .Ohio 
liee's Cross Roads, Cum- 
berland Pa 

Lee's Ferry, Yavapai. . .Aria 
Lee's Mills, Washington. . . 

Lee's Mills, Washington. . . 


Leesport, Berks I^ 

Lee's Store, Halifax ...N.C 
Lee's Store, Fauquier. . . Va 
Lee's Summit, Jackson. Mo 

Leesville, Colusa Cal 

Leesville, Middlesex.. Conn 

Leesville, Lawrence Ind 

Leiisville (c. A.), Vernon. La 

LecsTille, Wayne Mi( h 

Leesville, Henry Mo 

Leesville, Robeson N. U 

Ijeesville, Carroll Ohio 

J/eesville, Lexington. . .S. C 
Leesville, Gonzales. . . .Tex 

Leesville, Campbell Va 

Leesville Cross Roads, 

Crawford .' .... Ohio 

Leetes Island, New Haven. 

Leetonia, Columbiana.Ohio 
Leetown, Jefferson. . W. Va 

Alph<d>etical Inst qf Pott Offteet. 


IjoeMale, Allegheny. . . .F» 
X«eetBTiUe, Kalkaska.. Mich 
I^ee Valley, Hawkiofl-.TeiMi 

IjeeTille, W'ilsoa Tenn 

Ijb Verer Falls, Ulster.N. Y 
I«eftlland, Boulder... Colo 
l«eft Haad. Roane. . .W. Va 
Ij^hom, Pottawatomie. . . . 

I«e Grand, Manhall. . .lovra 

L« Qiand, Saline Nebr 

]>hi, Doney ...Ark 

I^ehi City, Utah Utah 

Xehigh, VVebster Iowa 

Lehigh Gap, Carbon Pa 

Lehigh Tannery, Carbon.Pa 

Lehighton, Carbon Pa 

Lehman, Laieme Pa 

Jieiirton, Sunflower.... Hiss 
Leieeeter, Worcester. .Mass 
Leicester, Buncombe. .N. C 

Leicester, Addison Vt 

Ldcester Junction, 

Addison Vt 

Leidy, Clinton: Pa 

Leigh, Colfax Nebr 

Leighton, Colbert Ala 

Leighton, Mahaska... Iowa 
Leigiiton's ComerSi 

Carroll N. H 

Leinbach's, Berks Pa 

Leiper'B Fork, William- 

son Tenn 

Ldpsio, Kent Del 

Leipeic, Orange Ind 

Leipsic, Putnam .'Ohio 

LeistTille, Pickaway... Ohio 
htiukjuld (e. k. ), Gray- 

f*on Ky 

LeitchTille, Whitman. Wash 
Leitersburgh, Washing- ^ 

ton Md 

Lelter^s Ford, Fulton... Ind 

Leland, La Salle Ill 

LeLand, Morris Kans 

Leland, Leelenaw Mich 

Leland, Josephine. . . .Oreg 
Leland's Corners, Cuy- 
ahoga Ohio 

Leled Lane, Tuscaloosa. Ala 
Le Loup, Kranklin . . . .Kans 
Letnars le. A.), Plym- 
outh Iowa 

Lemasters, Franklin.... Pa 

Lemington, Essex Vt 

Lemon, Butler Ohio 

Lemon, Wyoming Pa 

Lemond, Steele Minn 

Lemon's Gap, Cocke.. Tenn 

Lemont, Cook Ill 

Lemont, Centre Pa 

Lemont Furnace,Fayette.Pa 

Lemoore, Tulare Cal 

Lemore, Cutter Nebr 

Le Moyne. Wood Ohio 

Lempster/ Sullivan.. . .N. H 

Lena, Stephenson Ill 

Lena, Clay Ind 

Lena, Goodhue Minn 

Lena, Custer Nebr 

Lena, Umatilla Oreg 

Lenap«, Leayenworth.Kans 

Lenape, Chester Pa 

Lena Valley, Green- 
wood Kans 

Lenawee Junction, Len- 
awee Mich 

Lenexa, Johnson Kans 

LenhartsTille. Berks. ... Pa 
Lenni Blills, Delaware... Pa 

Lennox, Union .Dak 

Leno, Columbia Fla 

Lenoir (c. A.), Caldwell.N. 

Lenoir's, Loudon Tenn 

Lenora, Choctaw Ala 

Lenora, Norton Kans 

Lenora, FlUmors Minn 

Lenox, Taylor Iowa 

Lenox, Berkshire Mass 

Lenox, Macomb Mich 

Lenox, Madison N. Y 

Lenox, Ashtabula Ohio 

Lenox, Susquehanna. ...Pa 
Lenoxbuigh, Bracken.. . Ky 
Lenox Castle, Bocklng^ 

ham N.C 

Lenox Furaaoe, Berk- 
shire Mass 

Lenox Station, Warren.. Ill 
LenoxTiUe, Susque- 
hanna Pa 

Lentner, Shelby Mo 

Lens, Hennepin Minn 

Lensburgh, St. Clair... Ill 

Leo, White Ga 

Leo, Allen Ind 

Leo, Stanly N.C 

Leo, Jackson Ohio 

Leominster, Worcester.Mass 

Leon, Crenshaw Ala 

Leon, Whitesides Ill 

Leon (r. A.), Decatur. Iowa 

Leon, Gratiot Mich 

Leon, Cattaraugus. . . .N. Y 

Leon, Ashtabula Ohio 

Leon, Madison Va 

Leon, Monroe Wis 

Leona, Doniphan Kans 

Leona, Bradford Pa 

Leona, Leon . ., Tex 

Leonard, Harlan Ky 

Leonard, Shelby Mo 

Leonardsbui^h, Dela- 
ware Ohio 

LeonardsTllle, Madlson.N.Y 
Leonardtown (e. A.), St. 

Mary's Md 

LeonardTllle, Mon- 
mouth N.J 

LeonardTllle, Greene.. . .Pa 

Leonl, Jackson Mich 

Leoni, Cannon Tenn 

Leonia, Bergen N. J 

Leonldas, St. Joseph.. Mich 

Leonie, Holt Nebr 

Leon Springs, Bexar... Tex 
Leonrille, St. Landry.. .La 

Leopaa, Clay Ki^ 

Leopard, Chester ,F^ 

Ijcopoid, Perry « Jnd 

Leopolis, Shawano. , , . ,Wl8 
Leota, Norton. ....... .Kans 

Leota, Nohiea Minn 

iicota Landing, Wash- 
ington Miss 

L'Erabltt. Iroquois Ill 

Le RaysTlUe, Jefferson. N.Y 
Le Raysvllle, Bradford.. Pa 

Lema, Coles Ill 

Leroy , SiIcLean Ill 

Le Roy, Lake Ind 

Le Roy, Coffey .Kans 

Le Roy, Osceola Mich 

Le Roy, Mower Minn 

Le Roy, Barton Mo 

Le Roy, GeoMW N. Y 

Le Roy, Medina Ohio 

Le Roy, Bradford Pa 

Leroy , Rockingham Va 

Le Roy, Jackson W. Va 

Lerton, Hamilton Nebr 

Lesage's, Cabell W. Va 

Leslie, Reno Kans 

Leslie, Cumberland.... Ky 

Leslie, Ingham Mich 

Leslie, Van Wert Ohio 

Lester, Marlon Ill 

Lester, Black Hawk.. Iowa 

Lester, Branch Mich 

Lester, Rice Minn 

Lester, Merrick Nebr 

Lester Manor, King 

William Va 

Lester's, Giles Tenn 

Lesterville, Yankton... Dak 
Lesterrille, Reynolds. . . Mo 
Le Suer, Le Sueur. . . .Minn 
Le Suevr Centre (e. A.), 

Le Suer Minn 

Letart, Mason W. Va 

Letart Falls, Meigs. . .Ohio 

Leteher, Bath Va 

Letohatehee, 'Lowndes . Ala 

Letslnger, Knox Tenn 

Letter Gap, Gilmer.. W. Va 

Letts, Louisa Iowa 

Letts Comer, Decatur. Ind 

Lettsyllle, Daviess Ind 

Leyan, Juab Utah 

Levanna, Cayuga N. Y 

Levanna, Brown Ohio 

Levasy, Jackson Mo 

Levant, Penobscot Me 

Levee, Mont^mery. . . . Ky 

Level, Warren Ohio 

Level Cross, Randolph. N.C 
Level Qr»en, Rock C«ftU«.. 

Level Land, Abbeville. S. C 
Level Plains, Randolph.N«C 
Level Road, Randolph. Ala 
Level's Cross Roads, 

Hampshira w, Va 

Levengood's, Deer liotdge • « 

Leverett, Franklin . . . Jtf^sa 
Levering, Knox. ..... .Ohio 

Levick'9 MUl, RandQlph.Mo 
Le vingood, Pendleton . . . Ky 
licvy , Sumner. «..%.., Kana 

Lewes, Sussex Del 

Lewlnsville, Falr^x. . . . Va 

Lewis, Shelly Ala 

l^ewis, Vigo. ... .... . ..Ind 

Levi?, Cass Iowa 

Lewis, Madison Mont 

Lewis, lander. Nev 

Lewis, Eissex N. Y 

Lewisberry , York Pa 

l4ewl8boroagh, West* 

Chester N. Y 

Lewisbwrgh (e. A,), • 

Conway Ark 

Lewlsburgh, Wayne... Iowa 
Lewisburgh, Logan- . . . .Ky 
Lewisburgh, De Soto. .Miss 
Lewisburgh, Harlan. .Nebr 
Lewisburgh, Preble. . .Ohio 
Ltwi^urgh («. A,), Union. . 

Lei»f^urgfi (0, A,), Mar- 

sImU. ,, Tenn 

Lewisburgh, (c. A.), 

Qre«ibrier 4W,V» 

Lvwii 0«Atre, Delaware ... . 

Lewis Creek, Shelby. . .Ind 
Lewis Creek, Letcher. . . Ky 
Lewis Ferry, Jasper. . . .Tex 
Lewis Forks, WUkes. .N. C 
Lewisport, Hancock. ... Ky 
Lewis Run. McKean....Pa 
Lewis' Station, Kscambla. . . 

Lewis Station, Henry. . .Mo 
Lewis' StoM, Spottsyl- 

vania Va 

Lewiston, Trinity Cal 

Lewieton (c. A.), Nes 

Perces Idaho 

Lewiston, Androseoggln.Me 
Lewiston, Winona. . . .Minn 

Lewiston, Lewis Mo 

Lewiston, Niagara. . . .N. Y 

Lewiston, Bertie N.C 

Lewiston, Tooele Utah 

Lewiston, Kanawha.. W. Va 
Lewiston, Columbia. . ..Wis 
Lewutoum (c.A.),Fulton.Ill 
Lewlstown, Frederick. . .Md 
Lewistown, Burlington .N. J 

Lewlstown, Logan Ohio 

Lewutoum (e.A.),MiSlla..P% 
LetoisviUe (e. ks)k Itk 

Fayette. ....«« 1, .,,. . .Ark 

Lewis villa, Demy Ind 

LewlsviUo, F««syih..^.N. G 
Lewisvillo, MOAVO*. « « .Ohio 

LewisviU«, Polk Oreg 

Lew^ville, Che8tef*...Pa 
LewisviUe, Benton. ....Tex 
Lewisville, Kina George. Va 
Lexi^gtcn, t^uderdale.Ala 
l^sQfington (e. h\ Ogji^ 

thorpe,.,^. .^.^^.,..«,.G|k 

l49xington, McLean Ill 

LexlngtcA» Sccytt. .... , Jn4 
l4»xingtou, Washington. .. . 

l^exingfn (c. A.), Jt^-, 

•tte ,...Ky 

LextofltoQ, Somenel,...Me 
Lexington, Middlesex. Mass 
Lexington (c. A.l, Sani* 

lac' Mich 

Lexington* Lb Sueur..Minii 
lisrington (e. A.), 

Holmea. ......,«.,. .Miss 

Lexington (c. A.), Ia 

Fv«^^ ^o 

Lexington, Greene, . . .N. Y 
Lrxington («, A,), David- 
eon..,., , N.C 

Lexington, Richland. . Ohio 
Lexington (r. A,), Hen- 
derson. ,,,,,,.,,,, ,Tenn 

Lexington, Lee Tex 

Lexington («, A,), Rock- 
bridge Va 

Lexii}gton C. H., Lex- 
ington , , , . . S. C 

Leyden, Franklin Mass 

Leyden, Lewis N. Y 

Leyden, ftock Wis 

Leyden Centre, Cook* < < 'lU 
Liber, Jfkv,. ,,..,,,,.. Ind 

I4ber^, Owichiti^ Ark 

Liberty, 9«av Ltl^e . .Idaho 
Liberty, AdamB ........111 

Liberty (c. A.), Union... Ind 
liberty, Clarke. ..... Iowa 

I4berty, Mont^omex^ Kmui 


Alphabetical Ltgt 6f Pont Offiefs. 

Liberty (e. A.)» CM*y. .. .Ky 

Liberty, Waldo Me 

liberty, Jackson Mieh 

liberty, Scott Minn 

Liberty (c. h.\ Amite. .Miss 

Liberty (c. A.), Clay Mo 

Liberty, Gage Nebr 

Liberty, Sulliran N. Y 

Liberty, Montgomery..Ohio 

Liberty, Tioga Pa 

Liberty, Pickens S. C 

Liberty, De Kalb Tenn 

Liberty (e. A.), Liberty..Tex 
Liberty \c. «.)» Bedford.. Va 
Liberty, Putnam . ..W. Va 

Liberty, Vernon Wis 

Liberty Bluff, Marqnette. . 

Liberty Centre, Wells.. Ind 
Liberty Centre, War- 
ren Iowa 

liberty Centre, Henry .Ohio 
Liberty Comer, Somer- 
set N.J 

Liberty Comers, Craw- 
ford Ohio 

Liberty Comers, Brad- 
ford Pa 

Liberty Falls, SuUiyan.N.Y 
Liberty Furnace, Shen- 
andoah Va 

Liberty GroTe, Cecil Md 

Liberty Grove, Hill Tex 

Liberty Hall, Newberry.8. C 
Liberty Hill, New 

London Conn 

Liberty Hill, Pike Ga 

Liberty Hill, BienTille..La 
Liberty Hill, Iredell . . .N. C 
Liberty Hill, Kershaw. S. C 

Liberty Hill, Grainger 

Liberty Hill, WUliam- 


liberty Miii8,WabashV.Ind 
Liberty Mills, Orange. . . Va 
Liberty Pole, Vemon...Wis 
liberty Prairie.Madison.Ill 
liberty Ridg^, Grant.. .Wis 
Liberty Springs, Vai^ 

Buren Ark 

liberty Square, Lan- 
caster Pa 

Liberty Store, Guiifori.. .. 

N. C 
libertytovr n, Frederick . Md 

libertyvllle. Lake Ill 

Libertyyille, Vigo Ind 

Liberty viUe, Jefferson 

Libertyyille, St. Fran- 
cois Mo 

libertyyille, Sussex. . .N. J 
Libertyyille, Ulster.. ..N. Y 

library, Allegheny Pa 

. Lick Creek, Union Ill 

Lick Creek, Orange. . . . Ind 
Lick Creek, Davidson. N. C 
Lick Creek, Hickman. Tenn 

Licking, Texas Mo 

Licking Valley, Mus- 
kingum Ohio 

lickingville. Clarion. . . .Fa 
lickley's Comers, Hills- 
dale Mieh 

Lick Log Creek, Clay. . N. G 
Lick Mountain, Con- 
way ....»...iak 

Lick Run Bridge, Bote- 
tourt Va 

Lick Run Mills, Clear- 
field Pa 

licksville, Frederick.. . .Md 
Lickville, Greenville. .8. C 

Lida, Chase Kans 

Lida, Esmeralda Nev 

Liddell, Montgomery.. Miss 
Lidyville, Nez Ferces . Idaho 

Lifsey's Store, Pike Ga 

lightning Creek, Cher- 
okee N Ind. T 

Light Street. Columbia. .Pa 

Lignum Cuipeper Va 

Ligonier, Noble Ind 

Ugonier, Westmoreland. Pa 

lilesvllle, Anson N. C 

Liletown, Green Ky 

Lillard's MUls, Mar- 
shall Tenn 

Liilington {e. h. ), Har- 
nett N.C 

Lilly, Tasewell Ill 

Lilly , McPherson Kans 

Lilly, Scioto Ohio 

Lilly Chapel, Madison. Ohio 

lilly Dale, Perry Ind 

Lilly Fond, Gordon Ga 

Lily Bay, Door Wis 

Lily Swamp, Hickman.Tenn 

Lima, Randolph Ark 

Lima, Adams HI 

Lima, Lagrange Ind 

Lima, Fayette Iowa 

Lima, Elk Kans 

Lima, Washtenaw Mich 

lima, Carroll Mo 

Lima, Livingston N. Y 

Lima {r. h.), Allen. . . .Ohio 

Lima, Delaware Pa 

lima, Greenville S. C 

Lima Centre, Rock. .... Wis 

Limaville, Stark Ohio 

Lime Branch, Polk. . . . Ga 

Lime City, Wood Ohio 

limedale, Putnam Ind 

Ume Hill, Bradford Pa 

Lime Kiln, Frederick. . . Md 
lime Kiln, San Juan. Wash 

Limekiln, Berks Pa 

limeport, Lehigh Pa 

Limerick, Bureau Ill 

Limerick, York Me 

limerick, Jefferson. . .N. Y 
Limerick, Montgomery. .Pa 
Limerick Station, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Ume Ridge, Columbia.. .Pa 

Ume Ridge, Sauk Wis 

Lime Rock, Utchfield.Conn 
Lime Rock, Providence.R.I 
Lime Spring, Howard. Iowa 
Umestone, Aroostook. . .Me 
Lime Stone, Murray. .Minn 
Umestone, Cattarau- 
gus N.Y 

Umestone, Clarion Fa 

Umestone, Washing- 
ton Tenn 

Umestone, Marshall . W. Va 
Umestone Cove, Unicoi — 

Umestone Gap, Choc- 
taw N Ind. T 

Limestone Hill,Wood.W.Va 
Umestone Springs, 
Cireene Tenn 

Lhnestone Valley, Nisw- 

ton Ark 

Umestoneville, Mon- 
tour Pia 

Lime Switch, Cass Ind 

Lime Valley, Lancaster.. Pa 
Lime Works.Davidson.Tenn 

Limington, York Me 

Limona, Hillsborough . Fla 

Limonite, Unicoi Tenn 

Lincklaen, Chenango.. N. Y 
Lincklaen Centre, 

Chenango N. Y 

Lincoln, Talladega Ala 

Lincoln, Placer Cal 

Lincoln, Clay Dak 

Uncoln, Sussex Del 

Lincoln (c. A.), Logan.. .Ill 

Lincoln, Cass Ind 

Lincoln, Polk Iowa 

Uneoln {c. A.), Uncoln. . . . 


Uncoln, Penobscot Me 

Lincoln, Middlesex . . .Mass 

Lincoln, Mason Mieh 

Lincoln, Benton Mo 

Lincoln, Deer Lodge.. Mont 
Lincoln (e. A.), Lancas- 
ter Nebr 

Lincoln, Sussex N.J 

Lincoln (e. A.), Lincoln 

N. Mex 

Uncoln, Wayne N.Y 

Lincoln, G*llia Ohio 

Lincoln, Polk Oreg 

Lincoln, Lancaster Pa 

Lincoln, Lincoln Tenn 

Uncoln, Addison Vt 

Lincoln, Loudoun Vfc 

Lincoln, Whitman. . ..Wash 
Lincoln, Kewaunee .... Wis 
Uncoln Centre, Penob- 
scot Me 

Lincoln Centre, Polk . . Wis 
Uncoln City, Summit. Colo 
Lincoln Falls, Sullivan. . Pa 
Lincoln Green, Johnson. Ill 

Lincolnia, Fairfax Va 

Uncoln Park, Morris ..N.J 
Lineotnton (e. A.), Un- 
coln Ga 

Linr.olnton (e. A.), Lin- 
coln N. C 

Uncoln University, 

Chester Pa 

UncolnviUe, Wabash.. Ind 
Lincolnville, Marion.. Kans 

UncolnviUe, Waldo Me 

UncolnviUe, Crawford. .Pa 

Lind, Waupaca Wis 

Linda, Gallia Ohio 

Lindale, Modoc Cal 

Lindale, Clermont. . . .Ohio 

Lindale, Smith Tex 

Linden (c. A.), Marengo. Ala 
Linden, San Joaquin. . .Cal 

Linden, Union Dak 

Linden, Montgomery . . Ind 
Linden, Middlesex. . . .Mass 

Linden, Genesee Mieh 

Linden, Brown Minn 

Linden, Copiah Miss 

Linden, Union N. J 

Linden, Genesee N. Y 

Linden, Lycoming Pa 

Linden (r. A.), Perry.. Tenn 
Linden (c. A.), Cass. . . .Tex 
Linden, Wanen Va 

Lfaiden, Roane W. Va 

Unden, Iowa Wis 

Unden Hall, Centre Pa 

Lindenville, AshtabiQik-. . . . 


Undenwood, Ogle Ill 

LlndeTsville, Adair Mo 

Lind Grove, Morehouse. . La 

Lindley, Grundy Mo 

Lindley town, Steuben . N. Y 
Lindly's Mills, Wash- 

ington Ps 

Undsay , Platte Nebr 

Undsborg, McPherson 


Lindsey, Ottawa J^ans 

Undsey, Sandusky.. . .Ohio 
Undside, Monroe. . . . W. Va 

Une, Morehouse La 

Lineburgh, Pickens .... Ala 

Line City, Laclede Me 

line Creek, Pulaski . . . .Ky 
Line Creek, Sumner. . .Miss 
Line Creek, Laurens.. .8. 

Une Fork, Letcher Ky 

Line Hill, Ashe N. 

Line Lexington, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Une Mountain, North- 
umberland Pa 

Line Road, Polk Axk 

Line Spring, Clay. . . .Tenn 

Line Store, Benton Ark 

Lineville, Clay AU 

Lineville, Wayne Iow« 

Uneville, Venango Fia 

Lineville Station, Craw- 
ford.. Pfc 

Llnganore, Frederick. . .Md 
Linglestown, Dauphin . . Pa 

Ungo, Macon Mo 

Linkville, Platte Mo 

linkville. Lake Oreg 

Unkwood, Dorchester.. Md 
Linlithgo. Columbia. .N. Y 

Linn, Dallas Iowa 

Linn, Washington. . . .Kans 

Linn {c. A.), Osage Mo 

Linn, Wilson Tenn 

Linn Creek (c. A.), Cam* 

den Mo 

Unneus, Aroostook Me 

Linneus (e A.), Unn...Mo 
Unn Flat, Nac<^oches.Tex 
Unn Groye, Adams. . . .Ind 
Unn Grove, Buena Vista. . . 

Unn's Mills, Uncoln. . .Mo 
Linnville, Licking . . . .Ohio 

Linnwood, Osage Ho 

Linseott'S. Athens.... Ohio 
Lintner Station, Flatt. . .lU 

Linton, Hancock Oft 

Unton, Greene Ind 

Linton, Des Moines. . .Iowa 

Linton, Trigg Ky 

Linton, Jefferson Otdo 

Unton Mills, Coshoe- 

tott Ohio 

Linville, Hartford. . . .OOdb 
Linville, Rockingham . . . Ya 
Unville Cove, Mitchell.N. C 
Unville's Store, Burke.N. O 

Unwood, Pike Ala 

linwood, Jefferpon .... Ark 
Linwood, Las Animas. Colo 
Unwood, Leayen worth. . . . 

Alphahetieal List of Pott Offieei. 


UisWtKtij Carroll UA 

linirood, Anoka Minn 

linwood, Butler Nebr 

Linwood, Davidson. . . .N. G 
liawood, Hamilton. . .Ohio 
LinWood, Bradley.... Tenn 
linwood Station, Dela- 
ware Fa 

lioaTllIe, Chester Fa 

Lipan, Hood Tex 

lippincott, Greene Fa 

Usbon, Union Ark 

lasbon, Kendall Ill 

Usbon, Noble Ind 

Lisbon, Linn Iowa 

Usbon, Chautanqua. .KanB 

lisbon, Claiborne La 

Lisbon, Androscoggin. . .Me 

Usbon, Howard Md 

Lisbon, Ottawa Mich 

Uibon, Yellow Medicine . . 


Usbon, Howard Mo 

Lisbon, York Nebr 

Lisbon, Grafton N. H 

Usbon, St. Lawrence. .N. Y 

Lisbon, Sampson N. C 

lisbon, Dallas Tex 

Usbon, Bedford Ya 

Usbon Centre, St. Law- 

rence N. Y 

Usbon Falls, Androe- 

togg^ Me 

Lisbonrille, Raj Mo 

Lisbum, Cumberland ... Fa 
Usoomb, Marshall. . ..Iowa 
Usha'B Kill, Albany. .N. Y 

Lisle, Dn Page Ill 

Usle, Broome N. Y 

Lismore, Concordia La 

Ustonbnrgh, Somerset. .Pa 
Utekfield {e. h.), litch- 

field Conn 

Utdkfleld, Moatcom^iT.... 

Utehlleld, Eennebeo. . ..Me 
Utchfield, Hillsdale... Mich 
Litdifield (c. A.), Meeker.. . 

Utchfield, Herkimer.. .N. Y 
Utchfield, Medina.... Ohio 

Utchfield, Bradford Pa 

Utchfield Corners, Ken- 
nebec Me 

Utchfield Plains, Ken- 
nebec Me 

Uter, Morgan Ill 

Lithgow, Dutchess. . . .N. Y 

Uthonia, De Kalb Ga 

Uthopolis, Fairfield. . .Ohio 

Utii, Lancaster Pa 

Uttle Barren, Union.. Tenn 
Uttle Bear, Laramie. .Wyo 
Uttle Bearer, Douglas. .Mo 
Uttle Berger,Ga8conade.Mo 

Uttle Black, Ripley Mo 

Uttle Blue, .lackson . . . .Mo 
Uttle Britain, Lancaster .Fa 

Uttleby, Audrain Mo 

Uttle Cedar, Mitchell. Iowa 

little Ghucky, Greene 

little Chute, Outaga- 
mie Wis 

Little Claylick, Licking. . . . 

Uttle Cobb, Blue Sarth. . . . 


Uttle Cmnpton, CarroU.Mb 
Little Compton, New- 
port R. I 

Little Cooley , Crawford . Pa 
Little Crab, Fentress. Tenn 
Little Creek, Uar>il8on..(}a 

Little Creek, Pike Ky 

Little Creek, Madison. N. 
Little Cieek Landing, 

Kent Del 

Little Doe, Johnson. .Tenn 
Little Dntch, CowIey..Kan8 
Little Elk, Benton .... Oreg 

Little Elm, Denton Tex 

LittU Falls (c. A.), Mor- 
rison Minn 

Uttle Falls, Passaic ...N.J 
Uttle Falls, Herkimer. N. Y 
Uttle Falls, Lewis. . .Wash 
Little Falls, Polk .... Wis 
Little Ferry, Bergen.. .N. J 
Littlefield, Emmett...Mich 

Little Flat, Bath Ky 

Little France, Oswego.N. Y 

Uttle Gap, Caii>on Pa 

Uttle Genesee, All^^ny . . . 

N. Y 
Uttle Georgetown, Ber- 
keley W.Va 

Little Giant, Pinal.... Aris 

Little Grant, Grant Wis 

Uttle Gunpowder, Balti- 
more Md 

Uttle Hickman, Jessa- 
mine Ky 

Uttle Hockhocking, Wash- 
ington Ohio 

Uttle Horse Creek, Lar- 
amie Wyo 

Uttle Indian, Cass Ill 

Uttle Lake, Monroe. .Mich 
Uttle Lake, Adams .... Wis 
Little Lot, Hickman. .Tenn 

Uttle Marsh, Tioga Pa 

Uttle Meadows, Sus- 
quehanna Pa 

Uttle Mineral,GTayson.Tex 
Uttle Moon, lAramie. . Wyo 
Little Mount, Spencer. .Ky 
Uttle Mountain, Geauga. .. 

Little Muddy, Howard. Dak 
Little Neck, Queens. ..N. Y 
Little Niangua, Camden .Mo 

Uttle Oak, Pike Ala 

Little Oak, Jewell .... Kans 

Uttle Oley , Berks Pa 

Little Osage, Vernon . . .Mo 
Uttle Otter, Braxton. W.Va 
Uttle Pine Creek, Mad- 
ison ...N. C 

Uttle Plymouth, King 

and Queen Va 

Little Point, Morgan . . . Ind 
Uttle Port, Clay ton.. Iowa 
Little Prairie, Bartow.. ..Ga 
Uttle Prairie, Walworth. . . 

Little Prairie Ronde, 

Cass Mich 

Uttle Rapids, Brown... Wis 

Uttle Red, White Ark 

Little Rest, Dutchess. .N. Y 
Uttle Riyer, Uttle 

Hirer Ark 

Little River, Mendoclno.Cal 

Uttle River, Middlesex 


Little River, Deeatnr..Iowa> 
Uttle River, New Mad- 
rid Mo 

Little River, Alexander .N.C 
Little River, Horry .... 8. C 

Little River, Floyd Va 

Uttle River Academy, 

Cumberland N. C 

LiTTLB Rock (e. h.), 

Pulaski Ark 

Uttle Rock, Kendall .... Ill 
Little Rock, Nobles. . .Minn 

Little Rock, Saline Mo 

Little Rock, Marion. . .S. C 
Uttle Rock Creek, 

Mitchell N.C 

Little Rock Mills, Hick- 
man Tenn 

Little. Sandusky, Wy- 
andot Ohio 

Little Sandy, Elliott. ... Ky 
Little Sauk, Todd .... Minn 
Little Sewell Mountain, 

Greenbrier W. Va 

Uttle Sioux, Harrison.Iowa 
Little's Mills.Richmond.N.C 
Little s MUls, Tyler.. W. Va 
Little Springs, Franklin.. . 

Uttle Stony, Colusa.. . .Cal 

Littlestown, Adams Pa 

Little Sturgeon, Door. .Wis 
Uttle Suamico, Oconto. Wis 
Little Sugar Loaf, Bla- 
den N. C 

Uttlesville, Winston. . .Ala 
Uttle Texas, Morrison.... 

Littleton, Arapahoe . . .Colo 

Uttleton, Schuyler Ill 

Uttleton, Sumner. . . . Kans 
Uttleton, Aroostook.... Me 
Littleton, Middlesex.. Mass 
Uttleton, Grafton. . . .N. H 

Uttleton, Morris N. J 

Littleton, Halifax N.C 

Littleton, Morgan .... Utah 

Littleton, Sussex Va 

Little Traverse (c. h.\ 

Emmett Mich 

Little Union, Marion. . .Mo 
liittle Utica, Onondaga.N. Y 
Little Valley, McPher- 

son Kans 

Little Valley .Olmsted.Minn 
Little Valley (e. A.), Oat- 

taraugiis N. Y 

Little Walnut, Butler.Kans 
Little Warrior, Blount. Ala 
Little Wild Cat, Lewis.W.Va 
Little Wolf, Waupaca.. Wis 
Little York, Nevada.. ..Cal 

Litle York, Warren Ill 

Little York, Washington. . . 

Uttle York, Hunterdon.N J 
Little York, Cortland. N. Y 
Little York, Montgom- 
ery Ohio 

Uttonsville, Russell. . . . Va 
Utwalton, Lancaster... Va 

Utzenberg, Lehigh Pa 

Lively , Russell Ala 

Uvely Grove, Wash- 
ington Ill 

Lively Oaks, Lancaster. .Va 
Li \ e Oak, Crenshaw .... Ala 
Ure Oak, Sutter Gal 

Live Oak («. A.), Su- 
wannee Fla 

Uve Oak, Terre Bonne.. La 

Live Oak, Henry Tenn 

Live Oaks, Bastrop Tex 

Live Oak Store, Uving- . 

ston La 

Livermore, Alameda . . . .Cal 
Livermore, Larimer. . . Colo 

Livermore, McLean Ky 

Livermore, Androscog- 
gin M 

Livermore, Westmore- 
land P!| 

Uvevmore Centre, An- 
droscoggin Me 

Uvermore . Falls, An- 
droscoggin Me 

Liverpool, Fulton Ill 

Liverpool, Onondaga. .N. T 

Liverpool, Medina Ohio 

Uverpool, Perry P» 

Livia, McLean Ky 

Uving Spring, Potta- 
wattamie Iowa 

Livingston (c. A.), 

Sumter Ala 

Livingston, Merced Cal 

Livingston, Floyd Ga 

LivingHton, Clark Ill 

Uvingston, Appanoose.... 

Livingston , Pratt .... Kans 

Uvingston, E^isex N. J 

Uvingston, Columbia.. N. Y 
Livinj^ston (c. A.), 

Overton Tenn 

LiviHgston{c. A.), Polk.Tez 
Livingstonville, Scho- 
harie N.Y 

Livonia, Washington... Ind 
Livonia, Pointe Coupee.. La 

Livonia, Wayne Mich 

Livonia, Sherburne ..Minn 

Uvonia, Putnam Mo 

Uvonia, Livingston. ..N. Y 
Livonia Station, Wayne... 

Uvonia Station, Uv- 
ingston N.Y 

Lizemore's, Clay . . . . W. Va 

Listen, Hendricks Ind 

Lizzard Lake, Wayne... .Pa 
Uano ( e A . ), Llano . . . .Tex 
Llewellyn, Schuylkill. ..Pa 

Uoyd, Tioga Pa 

Uoyd, Denton Tex 

Lloyds, Essex Va 

Lloydville, Cambria Pa 

Loa, Pi Ute Utah 

Loachapoka, Lee Ala 

Loag, Chester Pa 

Loami, Sangamon Ill 

Lobachsville, Berks Pa 

Lobelville, Perry Tenn 

Locharbor, Ouachita.... La 

Lochiel, Union Pa 

Lochiel, Dunn Wis 

Loch Leven, Adams.. .Mlsa 
Lochleven, Lunenburgh.Va 
Loch Lomond, Gooch- 
land Va 

Loch Sheldrake, Sulli- 

Tan N. Y 

Lock, Knox Ohio 

Lock Berlin, Wayne... N. Y 
Lockboumc, Franklin.Ohio 
Locke, Elkhart Ind 



Atphabeiical List of Post Offices. 

Locke, Ingh&m Mich 

Loc'ke, Cayuga N. T 

Lockelord, San Joaquin... 


Locke Hill, Bexar Tex 

Lockf.sburgh {r.. A.), Se- 
vier Ark 

Locke's Mills, Oxford... Me 
Lockhart, Lauderdale. Miss 
Lnckhort (c. A.), Cald* 

well Tex 

Lockhart's, Jackson..W.ya 
Lockhart's Run, Wood .... 

Lork Haven (e. A.), 

Clinton Pa 

Lockington, Shelby. . .Ohio 
Lockland, Hamilton . . Ohio 
Lock No. 4, Washington.Pa 

Lockport, Will Ill 

Lockport, Carroll .Ind 

Lockport, Henry Ey 

Lockport, La Fourche. . .La 
Lockport (e. A.), Niag- 
ara N.Y 

Lockport, Wilson Tenn 

Lockport Station, West- 
moreland Pa 

Lockridge, Jefferson.. Iowa 
Lock Seyenteen, Tus- 

. carawas Ohio 

Lock Spring, Ripley.... Ind 
Lock Spring, Bayiess. . .Mo 
Lock's Village, Frank- 
lin Mass 

Locktown, IIunterdon..N. J 

Lockville, Carroll Ga 

Lockviile, Chatham. . .N. C 
Lockville, Fairfield . . ..Ohio 
Lockville, Wyoming.... Pa 

Lockwood, Kent Mich 

Lockwood, Merrick.. .Nebr 

Locust, Carroll Ky 

Locust Bayou, Calhoun. Ark 
Locust Bottom, Bote- 
tourt Ya 

Locust Branch, Estill... Ky 
Locuijt Comer, Cler- 
mont. Ohio 

Locust Cottage, Jeffer- 
son Ark 

Locust Creek, Louisa... .Va 
Locust Dale, Schuylkill. Pa 
Locust Dale, Madison. . . Va 
Locust Gap, Northum- 
berland Pa 

Locust Grove, Henry . . . .Ga 
Locust Grove, Franklin.. Hi 
Locust Grove, Chero- 
kee N Ind. T 

Locust Grove, Atchi- 
son Kans 

Locust Grove, Kent. . . .Md 
Locust Grove, Lewis.. .N. Y 
Locust Grove, Adams.. Ohio 
Locust Grove, Fulton.. . .Pa 
Locust Grove, Orange. ..Va 

Locust Hill, Knox Mo 

Locust Hill, Caswell. .N. C 
Locust Hill, Washington.Pa 
Locust Hill. Middlesex.. Va 
Locust Knob, Mason.W. Va 
Locust Lane, Winne- 
shiek Iowa 

Locust fiane, Indiana.... Pa 

Locust liane, Scott Va 

Locust T>evel, Stanly.. N.C 
Locust Mound, Miller. . .Mo 

Locust Mount, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Locust Mount, Accomack, Va 
Locust Point, Harrison. Ind 
Locust Point, Ottawa. .Ohio 
Locust Ridge, Brown. .Ohio 
Locust Spring, Greene Tenn 
Locust Valley, Queens. N.Y 
Locust Valley, Lehigh... Pa 
Locustville, Accomack.. Va 
Lodemia, Liviugnton. ... HI 

Lodge, Piatt Ill 

Lodge Pole, Cheyenne.Nebr 

Lodi, San Joaquin Cal 

Lodi, Clay Dak 

Lodi, Coweta Ga 

Lodi, Barbour Kans 

Lodi, Kalkaska Mich 

Lodi, Montgomery... ..Miss 

Lodi, Bergen N.J 

Lodi, Seneca N. Y 

Lodi, Medina Ohio 

Lodi, Clay Tenn 

Lodi, Marion Tex 

Lodi, Washington Va 

Lodi, Columbia Wis 

Lodiana, Rice Kans 

Lodi Centre, Seneca... N. Y 

Lodi Station, Kane Ill 

Lodore, Amelia Va 

Lodwick, Marion Tex 

Logan, Benton Ark 

liogan, Minnehaha. . . . Dak 

Logan, Edgar Ill 

Logan, Dearborn Ind 

Los;an (c.A.), Harrison. Iowa 

Logan, Phillips Kans 

Liogan, Lawrence Mo 

Logan, Schuyler N. Y 

Logan [r.. A.),Hocking.Ohio 
Logan {c. A.j, Cache. .Utah 
Logan C. H.^ liOgan.W. Va 
Logan Grove, Dixon. . Nebr 

Logania, Perry Pa 

Logan Mills, Clinton ... .Pa 
Logan's Creek,Reynolds.Mo 
Logan's Ferry, Alle- 
gheny Pa 

Logansport, Hamilton. . .Ill 
Logansport (r. A.), Cass.Ind 
Logansport, Butler . ^. .Ky 

Logansport, De Soto lii 

liOgan's Store, Ruther- 
ford.. N.C 

Logan Valley, Cedar. . Nebr 

Ijoganville, Walton Ga 

Loganville, Logan Ohio 

Loganville, York Pa 

Loganville, Sauk Wis 

Log Cabin, Morgan — Ohio 

Loglick, Clark Ky 

Log Town, Ouachita La 

Logtown, Clermont. . Ohio 
Loina Pardo, Mora..N. Mex 

Lomax. Chilton Ala 

Lomax, Henderson HI 

Lombard, Du Page Ill 

Lombardville, Stark 111 

Lombard vil le, Scioto . . Ohio 
Lombardy , McDullie . . . . Ga 
Lombardy Grove, Meck- 

lenburgh Va 

Lomira, Dodge Wis 

Lomo, Butte Cal 

Lomonville, Hall ...... .Ga 

Lompoc, Santa fiarbara.Cal 
Lonaconing, Alleghany. Md 
London, Pope Ark 

London, Shelby ........ Ind 

London, Sumner Kans 

London {r. A.), Laurel... Ky 

London, Monroe Mich 

London, Freeborn. . . .Minn 

London, Atohison Mo 

London, Nemaha Nebr 

London (e.A.),Madison.Ohio 

London, Mercer Pa 

London Bridge, Princess 

Anne Va 

Londonderry, Rocking- 
ham N. H 

Londonderry, Guern- 
sey Ohio 

Londonderry, Chester. . . Pa 
Londonderry, Windham. Vt 
London Grove, Chester. ■ Pa 
London Mills, Fulton. . .Ill 
Lone Cedar, Wood . . . W. Va 
Lone Dell, Franklin.. . .Mo 
Lone Elm, Anderson.. Kans 

Lone Elm, Cooper Mo 

Lone Elm, Henderson.Tenn 
Lone Gum, Bedford . . . . Va 

Lone Jack, Jackson Mo 

Lone Mountain, Clai- 
borne Tenn 

Lone Oak, Bates Mo 

Lone Oak, Dickson. . .Tenn 

Lone Oak, Hunt Tex 

Tx>ne Pine, Inyo Cal 

Lone Pine, Washington. .Pa 
Lone Pine, Bedford. . . . Va 
Lone Pine, Portage .... Wis 
Lione Rock, Wasco. . . .Oreg 
Lone Rock, Richland... Wis 
Lone Spring, Hickory... Mo 
Lone Star, Itawamba.. Miss 

Lone Star, Gentry Mo 

I>one Star, Butler Nebr 

Lone Tree, Bureau Ill 

Lone Tree, Johnson. . .Iowa 
Lone Tree, Osborne ..Kans 

Lone Tree, Greene Pa 

Lone Tree, Tyler W. Va 

Lonetree Lake, Brown.Minn 

Lone Well, Union La 

Long, Vermillion Ill 

Long Beach, Burlington . . 

Long Bottom, Meigs . .Ohio 
Long Branch, Tattnall. .Ga 
Long Branch, Norton. Kans 
Long Branch, Mon- 
mouth. N. J 

Long Branch, Alamance.. . 

Long Branch, Franklin. Va 

Long Cane, Troup Ga 

Long Cane, Abbeville. .S. C 
Long Corner, Howard.. Md 

Long Creek, Perry Ark 

Long Creek, Lincoln. ..Dak 

Long Creek, Macon HI 

Long Creek. Decatur.. Iowa 
Long Creek, Pender. ..N.C 
Long Creek, Ocouee . . . S. C 
Long Creek, Macon. . .Tenn 
Long Creek, La Salle . ..Tex 

Long Creek, Louisa Va 

Long Dale, Alleghanv...Va 
Long Eddy, Sullivan. .N. Y 
Longevity, Moi^n. . .Tenn 
Long Falls Creek, Mc- 
Lean Ky 

Longford, Clay Kans 

Long Fork, Pike Ky 

Long Glade, Augusta... Ta 
Long Green Academy, 

Baltimore Md 

Long Grove, Lake Ill 

Long Grove, Scott. . . .Iowa 
Long Grove, Hardin. . . . Ky 
Long Hill, Fairfield . .Conn 

Long Hill, Morris N.J 

Long Hollow, Union. .Tenn 
Long Hollow, Smyth... Va 

Long Hope, York Nebr 

Long Island, Jackson. . Ala 
Long Island, Phillips. Kans 
Long Island, Carroll.. N. U 
Long Island City, 

Queens N. Y 

Long Lake, Madison . ..Ill 
Long Lake, Hennepin. Minn 
Long Lake, Hamilton. N. Y 

Long Lane, Dallas Mo 

Long Level, York Pa 

Longley , Wood Ohio 

Long Lick, Scott Ky 

Long Meadow, Hamp- 
den.. Mass 

Longmire's Store, Edge- 
field S. C 

Longmont, Boulder. . .Colo 

Long Pine, Sioux Nebr 

Long Pine, Anson. . . . N. C 
Long Plain, Bristol... Mass 
Long Point, Arkansas . . Ark 
Long Point, Livingston.. HI 
Long Point, Washington.. . 

Long Pond, Lowndes — Ga 
Long Pond, Hancock . . .Me 

Long Prairie, Wayne HI 

Long Prairie {c. A.), 

Todd Minn 

Long Rapids, Alpena. Mich 
Long Reach, Tyler. . W. Va 

Long Ridge, Scott Ark 

Long Ridge, Fairfield. Conn 
Long Ridge, Washing- 

Long Run, Switzerland.Ind 
Long Run, Jefferson. .. .Ky 
Long Run, Armstrong.. .Fa 
Long Run, Fairfield.... S. 
Long Run Station, 

Doddridge W. Va 

Long Savannah,Jame8.Tenn 
Long's Cross Roads, 

Person N. C 

Long's Gap, Grayson . ..Ya 
Long's Mills, Randolph .N.C 
Long's Mills, McMinn.Tenn 
Long's Stand, Crawford. Pa 
Long's Store. Union. ..N. 

Longstreet, Pulaski Ga 

Longstreet, De Soto La 

Longstreet, Montgom- 
ery Tex 

Long Swamp, Pickens... Oa 

Long Swamp, Berks Fa 

Long Tom, Lane Oreg 

Longton, Elk Kans 

Longtown, Panola Miss 

Longtown, Perry Mo 

Longtown, Yadkin N.C 

Long Valley, Lassen. .. .Cal 

Longview, Shelby ...... Ala 

Long View, Ashley. . . . Ark 

Long- View, Bodge Oa 

Longview, Christian. . . .Ry 
Longview (cA.), Gregg Tex 

Alphabetical List of Pout (Jffieei. 


Longville, Flmau. . . . Cal 

Longrilk, Marion Ohio 

Longwood, Orange Fla 

Longwood, Fayette Ind 

Longwood, Caddo La 

Longwood, Pettis Ho 

Longwood, Ciwter Nebr 

Longwood, Rockbridge.. Va 

Longwood, Clark Wis 

Lengwoodo, l^albot Md 

Long Year, Ulster N. Y 

Lono, Hot Spring Ark 

Lonoke (c. A.)t Lonoke. Ark 
Lonsdale, Providenoe. . R. I 

hooeootfib, Fayette Ill 

Loogootee, Martin Ind 

Looking Olass, Platte. Nebr 
Lookingglass , Do uglas . Oreg 
Look Out, Minnehaha. Dak 
Lookout, McPherM>n.Kans 

Lookout, Pike Ky 

Look Out, Fayette. . .W.Va 
Lookout Mountain, Ham- 
ilton Tenn 

LotMnis, Isabella Mich 

Looney's Creek, Marion . . . 


LoonevTille, Erie N. Y 

Looneyville, Roane. .W. Ya 

Loose Creek, Osage Mo 

Looxahoma, Tate.... Miss 
LooxaiMilila, Lamar. ...Ala 
Lopez Island, San Juan. . . 


Lwain, Nemaha Kans 

Lorain, Lorain Ohio 

Loraine, Coosa Ala 

Loraine, Adams Ill 

Loramie's, Shelby . . . Ohio 

Loran, Stephenson Ill 

L(xane, \Yhitley Ind 

Lordstown, Trumbull. Ohio 

Lord's VaUey, Pike Pa 

Lordville, Delaware. . .N. Y 

LoreauYille, Iberia Ia 

Lore City, Guernsey.. Ohio 

Lorena, Butler Kans 

Lorena, Lexington . . . .S. C 
Lorette, Kingman.. '..Kans 

Lwetto, Marion Ky 

Lorette, Somerset Md 

Loietto, Cambria Fa 

Lorette, Lawrence. . . .Tenn 

Lorette, Essex Va 

lx>ring, Wyandotte. . .Kans 

Lorraine, Ilarrison Mo 

Lorraine, Jefferson... .N. Y 
Lorton Valley, Fairfax.. Va 
Los Alamos, Santa Bar- 
bara Cal 

Los Alamos, San Miguel . . . 

Los Angeles (c. A.),.Loe 

Angeles Cal 

LosantFille, Randolph. Ind 

Los Banos, Merced Cal 

Los Gates, Santa Clara. Cal 
Losh Mills, Pottawatta- 
mie Iowa 

Los Lnnas,Valencia.N. Mex 
Los Qjites, San Miguel. . . . 


Losoya, Bexar Tex 

Los Pines, Gunnison.. Colo 

Lostant, La Salle Ill 

Lost Creek, Clinton Ill 

Lost Creek, Breathitt. . .Ky 
Lost Creek, Wayne Mo 

Lost Creek, Platte .... Nebr 
Lost Creek, Schuylkill.. Pa 
Lost Creek, Union.. . .Tenn 
Lost Creek, Ilarrison. W. Va 

Lost Creek, l^roe Wis 

Ijostine, Union Oreg 

Lost Lake, Turner .... Dak 
Lost Mountain, Cobb. . .Ga 
Lost Nation, Clinton.. Iowa 

Lost RiTer, Martin Ind 

Lost RiTer,. Hardy. . .W. Va 
Lost Run, Breckinridge. Ky 
Ix>st Trail, Hinsdale ..Colo 
Ijost Valley, Wasco . . .Oreg 

Lot, Marshall Ala 

Lot, Whitley Ky 

l^thian, Anne Arundel. Md 

Lothrop, Warren Iowa 

Lotta, Meigs Ohio 

Lottridge, Athens Ohio 

Lrottsburgh, Northum- 
berland Va 

Lett's Creek, Humboldt. . . 


LottsTille, Warren Fa 

Lotus, Union Ind 

LotYiUe, Fulton N. Y 

Louden City, Fayette. . .Ill 

Loudenyille, Marshall 

W. Va 
liOudon, Merrimack. . .N. H 

Loudon, Franklin Pa 

Loudon (r.h. ),Loudon.Tenn 
Loudon Centre, Merri- 
mack . . N. II 

Loudon . Ridge, Merri- 
mack N. H 

LoudonviUe, Albany.. N. Y 
liOudonyille, Ashland. Ohio 

Loudoun, Loudoun Va 

LeudsTille. White Ga 

Loudville, Hampshire. Mass 

Liouella, Delaware Pa 

Ix>uella, Rbea Tenn 

Loughboro', St. Fran- 
cois Mo 

Louina, Randolph Ala 

Louisa (c. A.), Law- 

jTcuCv •••••••■•• ••••Ay 

Louisa C. H., Louisa ..Va 
LouiNburgh, Miami. . .Kans 

Louisburgh, Dallas Mo 

Louisburgh (c. A.), Frank- 
lin N.C 

Louis' Corners, Manito- 
woc Wis 

Louise', Sedgwick Kans 

Ijouisiana, Pike Mo 

Louisville, Barbour. . . . Ala 
Louisville, Boulder. ..Colo 
Louisville (c. A.), Jef- 
ferson Ga 

Louisville (''. A.), Clay. .Ill 
Louisville, Audubon. . Iowa 
Louisville {e. A.), Pot- 
tawatomie Kans 

Louisville (r. A.), Jef- 
ferson Ky 

Louisville, Carroll Md 

Louisville (c. A.), Win- 
ston Miss 

Louisville, Lincoln Mo 

Louisville, Cass Nebr 

Louisville, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

LoulBville, Stark Ohio 

Louisville., Blount. . . .Tenn 
Louisville, Dunn Wis 

Louisville Landing, St. 

Lawrence . .N. Y 

Loup City (c. A.), Sher- 
man Nebr 

Loup Fork, Howard. . .Nebr 
Louriston, Chippewa. Minn 
Loutre Island, Mont- 
gomery Mo 

Lovass, Vernon. . ..... .Wis 

Ijove, Montgomery.... Ark 

Love joy's Station, Clay- 
ton Ga 

Lovelace, Troup Ga 

Liovelaoe, Wilkes N. C 

Lovelaceville, Ballard.. Ky 
Lovelady , Caldwell ...N.C 
Lovclady, Houston. . . .Tex 
Love Lake City, Macon. Mo 
LoveUknd, Larimer. . . .Colo 
Loveland, Pottawatta- 
mie Iowa 

Loveland, Clermont. . .Ohio 
Loveland Station, Ma- 
honing Ohio 

Lovell, Oxford Me 

T^vell, Wyandot Ohio 

Lovell's, Kanawha.. W. Va 
liOvelPs Station, Erie. . .Pa 

Lovelock, finite Cal 

Lovelock's, Hnmboldt..Nev 

lx>velton, Wyoming Pa 

lively Dale, Knox Ind 

Lovely Mount, Mont- 
gomery Va 

Love's Lake, Red River..La 
Love*s Level, Union... N. C 
Love's Mills, Washington.. 

Tiove-s Station, De Soto.Miss 

Lovett, Jennings Ind 

Lovett' 8, Adams Ohio 

Lovettsville, Loudoun.. Va 

Loveville, Centre Pa 

Lovilia, Monroe Iowa 

Loving Creek, Bedford. .Va 
Lovingston (e. A.), Nel- 
son Va 

Lovington, Moultrie.... 1 11 
Lovomsville, Winston. Mini 

Lowden, Cedar Iowa 

LowUen's Ranch, Trin- 
ity Cal 

Lewder, Sangamon Ill 

Lowe, Chautauqua. . .Kans 

Lowell^ Carroll Ga 

Lowell, Lake Ind 

Lowell, Henry Iowa 

Liowell, Cherokee.... Kuis 

Lowell, Garrard Ky 

Lowell, Penobscot Me 

Lowell, Middlesex. . . .Mass 

Lowell, Kent Mich 

Lowell, Big Stone Minn 

Lowell, Kearney Nebr 

Lowell, Oneida N. Y 

[jowell, Washington. . Ohio 

Lowell, Orleans Vt 

Lowell, Snohomish.. Wash 
Lowell, Summers. ..W. Va 

Lowell, Dodge Wis 

Lowell Hill. Nevada. . . Cal 
Lowell ville,Mahoning.Ohio 
Lowenhurg's Station, 

Adams Miss 

Lower Bank, Burlington. . 

Lower Bartlett, Car- 
roll N.H 

Lower Bern, Berks Pa 

Lower Boise, Ada. . . .Idaho 
Lower Cabot, Wash- 
ington Vt 

Lower Gilmanton, Bel- 
knap N H 

Lower Heidelberg, Berks.. . 

Lower Hills, Hamilton. .Ill 
Lower Hunting Creek, 

Dorchester Md 

Lower Lake, Lake Cal 

Lower Lynxviile, Craw- 
ford Wis 

Lower Marlborough, 

Calvert Md 

Lower Merion, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Lower Newport, Wash- 
ington Ohio 

Lower Peach Tree, Wil- 
cox Ala 

Lower Providence, Mont- 
gomery Fa 

Lower Salem, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Lower Saucon, North- 
ampton Fa 

Lower Sioux Agency, 

Redwood Minn 

Ijower Squankum, Mon- 
mouth N. J 

Lower Three Runs, 

Barnwell 8. 

Lower Two Lick, Indi- 
ana Pa 

Lower Waterford, Cale- 
donia Vt 

Lowe's, Graves Ky 

liowe's Cross Roads, 

Sussex Del 

Lowesville, Lincoln. . .N. C 
LowoKville, Amherst. . . . Va 

l«ow Gap, Snrry N.C 

Low Gap, Cabell. . . . W. Va 

Uwhill, Lehigh ;..Pa 

Lowman, Chemung. . .N. Y 
Lowmansville, Law- 
rence Ky 

Low Moor, Clinton. . . .Iowa 

Lowndes. Wayne Mo 

LowndesDorough, Lowndes. 

Lowndesville, Abbeville... 

S. C 
Low Point, Woodford. . .ill 

Lowry , Bedford Va 

r^owry City, St. Clair . .Mo 
Lowry 's Mill, Greenbrier... 

W. Va 
Lowry ville, Chester. . . .S. C 
Lowryville, Hardin. . .Tenn 

Lowsviile, Monongalia 

Lowville, Murray.... Minn 

Lowviile (c. A. ), Lewis 


Lowville, Erie Pa 

Lowville, Columbia.. Wis 

Ijoxa, Coles Ill 

Loyal, Clark Wis 

Loyal Hill, Lancaster 

Loyal Oak, Summit. . .Ohio 
Loyal)*ork, Lycoming ... Pa 

Loyalton, Sierra Cal 

L«yalton, Dauphin Pa 

Loyal Valley, Mason. . .Tex 


Alphaietieal List of Post Cffiee^ 

Loyalrille, Ltuseme. . . . .Pa 

Loyd, Menard Ill 

Loyd, Rapides La 

Loyd, UlBter N. Y 

Loyd, Richland Wis 

LoydsTille, Belmont Ohio 
Loy'8 Cross Roads, Un- 
ion Tenn 

Loy^s Shop, Alamance.N. C 

Loysvllle, Perry Pa 

Luana, Clayton Iowa 

Lubec, Washington Me 

Lubeck, Wood. - W. Va 

Lucas, Lucas. Iowa 

Lucas, Pawnee Kans 

Lucas, Henry Mo 

Lucas, Richland Ohio 

Lucas, Dunn Wis 

Lucas Orove, Marion. Iowa 

Lucasrillo, Scioto Ohio 

Lucerne, Sheridan .... Kans 

Lucerne, Knox Ohio 

Lucesco, Westmoreland. Pa 
Lucinda Furnace, Clar- 
ion Pa 

Luck, Polk Wis 

Lnckey, Walker Ala 

Lucknow, Rhea Tenn 

Lucky Queen, Josephine. . 


Luc3[, Shelby Tenn 

Lwtington {c. h.\ Mason. . . 

Ludingtonville, Putnam. . . 

N. Y 
Ludlow, Champaign. ... Ill 

Ludlow, Dubois Ind 

Ludlow, Allamakee. . .Iowa 

Ludlow, Kenton Ky 

Ludlow, Hampden. . . .Mass 

Ludlow, Scott Miss 

Ludlow, Livingston. . . .Mo 

Ludlow, McKean Pa 

Ludlow, Windsor Vt 

Ludlow Centre, Hamp- 
den) Mass 

Ludlow Grove, Hamil- 
ton Ohio 

Ludlowville, Tomi^ins .... 

N. Y 

Lndville, Pickens Oa 

Luella, Pocahontas. . .Iowa 

Luella, Cass Nebr 

Lukfata, Choctaw N. Ind. T 

Lula, Hall Ga 

Lula, De Soto La 

Lula, Charlotte Va 

Lula Lake, Walker Ga 

Lulaton, Wayne Ga 

Luling, St. Charles La 

Luling, Caldwell Tex 

Luma Vista, Zavala. . ..Tex 
Lumber Bridge, Robeson. . 

N. C 
Lumber City, Telfatr. . . Ga 
Lumber City, Clearfield. Pa 
iMmberport, Harrison. . . . 

Lnmberton, Burling- 
ton N.J 

Lumberton {e. A.), Ro- 
beson N. C 

Lumberton, Clinton.. Ohio 
Lumberville, Delaware. . . . 

N. Y 

Lumberville, Bucks Pa 

Lummi, IVhatcom. ..Wash 
Lummiiivillo, Wayne.. N. Y 

Lumpfcirr{e, A.), Stew^ 

art...: • Qa 

Luna Landing, Chicot. Ark 

Lundy's Lane, Erie Pa 

Lunenbuxgh, Inaid. . . . Aik 
Lunenburgh, Worces- 
ter Mass 

Lunenbuxgh, Essex Yt 

Lunenbmgh C. IL, Lu- 

nenburgh Va 

Luni, Wright Iowa 

Lunn's Store, Marshall . . 

Luraville, Suwannee. . . Fla 

Lura, Russell Kans 

'Luray, Henry Ind 

Luray, Clarke Mo 

Luray (c. A.), Page Va 

Lusby's Mill, Owen....Ky 

Lusk. Pope Ill 

Lusk's Springs, Parke.. Ind 
Lutesville, Bollinger. . . .Mo 

Luther, Warren Ga 

Luthersburgh, Clear- 
field Pa 

Luther-s MUls, Brad- 
lord Pa 

Luther-s Store, Marengo... 

liOthersvlUe, Meriweth- 
er Ga 

Lutherville, Baltimore. Md 
Luveme {e. A.), Rock.. Minn 
Luxemburgh, Steams.Minn 

Luzerne, &nton Iowa 

Luzerne, Warren N. Y 

Lycippus, Westmore- 
land Pa 

Lycurgus, Allamakee. Iowa 

Lyda, Macon Mo 

Lydia, Scott Minn 

Lydia, Darlington S. C 

Lykens, Crawford . . . .Ohio 

Lykens, Dauphin Pa 

Lyle, Decatur Kans 

Lyle, Mower Minn 

Lyles, Lancaster Pa 

Ly lesford, Fairfield S. C 

Lyman, York Me 

Lyman, Grafton N. H 

Lyme, New London. .Conn 

Lyme, Grafton N. H 

Lyme Centre, Grafton. N. EI 

Lynch, Kent Md 

Lynch, Madison.. ..... .N. 

Lynchburgh, Highland 

Lynchburgh, Sumter. .8. 
Lynchburgh (c. A.), 

Moore Tenn 

Lynchbui^h, Harris.. . .Tex 
Lynchburgh, Campbell. .Va 
Lynch's Creek, Marion. S.C 
Lynch's Creek, Lam- 
pasas Tex 

Lynch's Lake, Wil- 

liamsburgh S. C 

Lynch's Station, Gamp- 
bell Va 

Lynch wood, Kershaw. . S. G 

Lynd, Lyon Minn 

Lyndeborongh, Hills- 
borough N. H 

Lynden, Furnas Nebr 

Lynden, Whatcom... Wash 

Lyndon, Whitesides Ill 

Lyntion (c. A ), Osage. Kans 
Lyndon, Jefferson Ky 

Lyndon, Aroostook Bfe ' 

Lyndon, Caledonia Vt 

Lyndon Centre, Cale> 

donia Vt, 

Lyndon Station, Ross. .Ohio 
Lyndonville, Orleans.. N. Y 
Lyndonville, Caledonia. .Vt 

Lynn, Lincoln Dak 

Lynn, Randolph Ind 

Lynn, Greenup Ky 

Lynn, Essex Mass 

Lynn, St. Clair Mieh 

Lynn, Polk N. C 

Lynn, Susquehanna.... Pa 

Lynn, Clark Wis 

Lynn Camp, Knox Ky 

Lynn Camp, Marshall 


Lynn Center, Henry 111 

Lynnfield, Easex Mass 

Lynnfield Centre, Essex. . . 


Lynnport, Lehigh Pa 

Lynnville, Morgan Ill 

Lynnville, Warrick Ind 

Lynnville, Jasper Iowa 

Lynnville, Graves Ky 

Lynnville, Lehigh Ba 

Lynnville, Giles Tenn 

Lyhnwood, Rockingham. Va 

Lynx, Adams Ohio 

Lyon, Wabasha Minn 

Lyon, Franklin Mo 

Lyon, Preston W. Va 

Lyona, Dickinson. . . . Kans 

Lyona, Crawford Pa 

Lyonia, Hancock Ky 

Lyon Mountain, Clinton. . . 


Lyons, Cook Ill 

Lyons, Greene ind 

Lyons, Clinton Iowa 

Lyons (c. A), Rice. . . .Kans 

Lyons, Ionia Mich 

Lyons, Burt Nebr 

Lyons, Somerset N.J 

Lyons (r. A.), Wayne.. N.Y 

Lyons, Fulton Ohio 

Lyons, Walworth Wis 

Lyonsdale, Swift Minn 

Lyonsdale, Lewis N.Y 

Lyon's Falls, Lewis .N. Y 
Lyons Farms, Union.. N. J 
Lyon's Landing, Bladen... 

N C 
Lyon's Mill, Clinton. .Mich 
Lytm's Station, Fayette.Ind 
Lyon's Station, Berks. . .Pa 

Lyonsville, Cook Ill 

Lyon Valley, Lehigh Pa 

Lyra, Scioto Ohio 

Lysander, Onondaga.. N. Y 
Ly tie City, Iowa lowai 

McAfee, Mercer Ky 

McAfee Valley, Sussex.N. J 
McAlevy's Fort, Hunt- 
ingdon Pa 

MeAlister, Choctaw N 

Ind. T 
McAlisterville, Juniata. .Pa 
McAllister's Cross Roads, 

Montgomery Tenn 

Mc Arthur, (c. A.). Vinton . . . 


MoBean Depot, llk&- 

mond Ga 

IfeBrayer's Mills, 

Franklin Ala 

McBride's, Montcalm. Mich 
MeBride's Mill, Watau- 
ga N.C 

McCainsville, Morris.. N. J 

MeCall, Hancock Ill 

MeCalla, Jefferson Ala 

MeCall's Creek, Frank- 
lin Miss 

MeCall's Ferry, York ... Pa 
McCameron, Martin. . . .Ind 
McCammon, Hot Spring. .. 


McGandless, Butler Pa 

McCann, Sioux Nebr 

McCants, Dubuque. . . Iowa 
McCartney's Cross Roads, 

De Kalb ...Mo 

McCartyville, Shelby. Ohio 
McCauleyville, Wilkin.... 


McClary, Livingston JIX 

McCleary, Noble Ohio 

McCleary, Beaver JPia 

McClelland's Mills, 

Worth Ga 

McClellandsville, New 

Castle. Del 

McClellandtown, Fay- 
ette Fa 

McClellan Gulch, Deer 

Lodge Mont 

McClellanville, Charles- 
ton S. 

MeClintockvllle, Ve- 
nango Pa 

McCluney, Perry Ohio 

MeOlure, Snyder Pa 

McCluM Settlement, 

Broome N. Y 

MeComb, Pike Miss 

McComb, Hancock .... Ohio 
McConnell, Cherokee. . .Ga 
McConnell's, Tusca- 
loosa Ala 

Me Connellsburgh (c. A.), 

Fulton Pa 

McOonnelPs Grove, 

Stephenson HI 

McCMuieUstown, Hunt- 
ingdon Pa 

MeConnellsTille, Oneida. . . 

McConnellsville, York.S. 
MeConnelsviUe (e. A.), 

. Morgan Ohio 

MeCook, Union Dak 

McCordsville, Hancock.Ind 
McCoy's Station, Deca- 
tur Ind 

McCoy's Station, Jef- 
ferson «.Ohio 

MeCoysville, Juniata. . . .Pa 

McCrab, La Fayette Fla 

MeCraw's MiU, Wyom- 
ing W Va 

MoCray's Store, Ala- 
mance Jf . C 

McCredie, Callaway .... Mo 
McOuUoch's Mills, Ju- 
niata Pa 

MoCune, Crawford. . . . Kans 
McCunevllle, Perry. . .Ohio 
MeCutchanville, Van- 
derburgh Ind 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

sndot Ohio 

McDade, Bastrop Tex 

Ucfiiaiuels, Breckinridge. . . 


MeDaniel-i, Gftllia Ohio 

MeDuiieltowii, Talbot. .Md 
MeDeviU'tf Oroye, Folk. . . . 


McDill, Cass Iowa 

McDiU, Portage Wis 

McDonald, Thomas Qa 

McDonald, Van Buren 

McDonald, Washington.. Pa 
McDonald, Bradley . . .Tenn 
McDonald's Biill, Ooffee.ea 
McDonalds MiU, Mont- 
gomery Va 

McDonald's Mills, Peny. . . 

McDonaldsTille, 8tark.Ohio 
MeDonough, New Castle.. . 

MrDonougk (e. A.), 

Ileary Oa 

McDonoagh,Ghenango . N.T 
McDougal, Ritchie . . W. Va 
McDowell, Maricopa. . .Aria 
McDowell, LiYing8ton...Ill 

McDowell, Floyd Ky 

McDowell, Bsrry Mo 

McDowell, Highland. .. . Va 
McDowell Farm, Kan- 
kakee Ill 

McBUiattan, Clinton. ... Pa 
McBlrath, Jackson.... Ark 
McMroy, Van Buren. Tenn 
McElroy, Doddridge. W. Va 
MeKwMi's Station, ilum^ 

phreys Tenn 

McBwensville, Nordi- 

nmberland Pa 

MeftKlden, York Nebr 

McFu-land's, Jackson.. Tex 
McFarland's, Lanen- 

burgh Va 

He^rlin, Conecuh. . . .Ala 
McQaheysrille, Bock- 

ingham Va 

McGavock, Mississippi. Ark 

McGebee, Chicot Ark 

McGehee landing, Bol- 
ivar Miss 

McGLll, Paulding Ohio 

McQonigle's Station, 

Butler Ohio 

McGraw, Warren Pa 

McOrawsTille, Miami . . .Ind 
McOrawYllle, Cortland. N.Y 
MeOi'q^>r, Clay ton... Iowa 

Mcilenry , McHeniy Ill 

Mcilenry, Ohio Ky 

Mcf lenry, Garrett Md 

Mclndoe's Falls, Cale- 
donia V» 

Mcintosh, Liberty Oa 

Mcintosh Bluff, Wash- 
ington Ala 

Mclntyre, Dutchess.. Jf. Y 
Mclntyre, Lycoming. . . .Pa 

McKay, Ashland Ohio 

McKay Stati<Hi, Clinton.... 


McKean, Erie Pa 

McKeansborgh, Schuyl- 
kill Pa 

McKeeic h.), Jackson. .Ky 

MeK«en, Clark Ill 

McKee's Gap, Blair Pa 

McKee'B Half Falls, 

Snyder Pa 

MoKeesport, Allegheny..Pa 
McKemy'B Mill, Rock- 
bridge Va 

McKenkie, Carroll. . . .Tenn 
McKinley, Marengo. . . Ala 
McKinney (c. A.), Collin.. . 

McKinney-8 Mill, Ripley. . 

McKinney's Station, 

Lincoln Ky 

MclUnneyTllle, SOiarkey . . . 


McKinstry's Mills, Car- 
roll Md 

McKinzie Bridge, lAne. . . . 

McKnight's, Chambers.Ala 
MeKnight'ft P^iint, Hum- 
boldt Iowa 

McKnightstown, Adams. Pa 
McKownville, Albany. N. Y 
McKune-s Depot, Wyo- 
ming Pa 

McLainsborough, Hill.. Tex 

McLane, Erie Pa 

McLaurin's MilU, Marl- 
borough S. C 

McLean, McLean Ill 

McLean, Tompkins ....N.Y 
McLeansborough (e. A.), 

Hamilton Ill 

MoLeansrille, Guilford. . . . 

N. C 
MeLellan's Comers, Erie . . 

McLemoresrille, Carroll. . . 

McLeod's Station, Logan. . . 

MoLwan's, Caledonia. . . Vt 
McMichael's, Monroe... Pa 

McMillan, Knox Tenn 

MoMillen , Maricopa. . . Aris 

McMilUn, Bell Tex 

McMlnnTille, Yam Hill.... 

McMinnmSU (e. A.), 

Warren Tenn 

McNail, Iron Mo 

McNairy Ststlon, 

McNairy Tenn 

McNary Station, Muhl- 

enbuxgh Ky 

McNeill's, Hampton... S. C 

McNutt, Clarke Ga 

McNutt, Leflore Miss 

McPaul, Fremont Iowa 

McPherron, Clearfield ... Pa 

McPherson, Coles Ill 

McPherson, Madison. .Iowa 
McPkerson («. A.), 

McPherson Kans 

McPherson, Letcher. . . .Ky 
McPherson, Lincoln.. Nebr 
McPher-on's, lAurens.S. C 
McRae (e. A.), Telfair. . .Ga 
McRae's, Cumberland ..Va 
McSherrystown, Adams. Pa 

McVeytown, Mifflin Pa 

McViU, Armstrong Pa 

McVUle, Telfair Ga 

Mc^VUliamstown, Ches- 
ter Pa 


McZena, Ashland Ohio 

MabbettsTille, Dutchess. .. 

N. Y 
Mabee's, Jackson. . . . .Ohio 

Mabel, Linn Oreg 

Mabel, SchuylkUl Pa 

Mabel ton, I^norer Va 

Mabel rale, Pulaski.... Ark 
Mac Dot^^U's, Seneca. N. Y 
Mace, Montgomery .... Ind 

Macedon, Wayne N. Y 

Macedon, Mercer Ohio 

Macedon Centre, Wayne. . . 

Macedonia, Cherokee. . .Ga 
Macedonia. Hamilton... Ill 
Macedonia, Delaware. ..Ind 
Macedonia, Pottawatta> 

mie Iowa 

Macedonia, Lee Miss 

Macedonia, Montgomery . . . 

N. C 

Macedonia, Bradford Pa 

Macedonia Depot, Sum- 
mit Ohio 

Macfarland, Dane Wis 

Machado, Los Angeles.. Cal 
I^aehieu {c. A.), Wash- 
ington Me 

Machias, Cattarangu«. N. Y 
Machias Port, Washing- 
ton Jfe 

Machodoc, Westmore- 
land Va 

Mackall, Calvert Md 

Mackey Grove, Boone.Iowa 
Mackey -s Ferry, Wash- 
ington N. 

lifackeyviUe, Clinton Pa 

Mackinac (c. A.), Mack- 
inac Mich 

Mackinaw, Taaewell Ill 

Mackinaw City, Cheboy- 
gan Mich 

Macksburgh, Madis<Hi 

Macksburgh, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Mflbck-s Creek, Camden. Mo 
Mack's Mills, Susque- 
hanna Pa 

Macksville, Vigo Ind 

Macksville, Pratt Kans 

Macksville, Harrison. ..Tex 

Macksville, Pendleton 

W. Va 

Mackvllle, Piatt Ill 

Mackviile, Washington..Ky 

Mackvllle, Lincoln Mo 

Mackviile, Outagamie.. Wis 
Maeomb (e. A ), MeDon- 
ough Ill 

Macomb, Macomb. . . .Mich 
Macomb, St. Lawrence. N. Y 

Macomb, Grayson Tex 

Macon {c. A.), Bibb Ga 

Macon, Macon Ill 

Macon, Lenawee Mich 

Macon {c. A.),Noxubee.Miss 

Macon, Franklin Nebr 

Macon, Fayette Tenn 

Macon, Powhatan Va 

Macon City {e. A.), 

Macon Mo 

Macon Depot, Warren. N. C 
Macon Station, Hale... .Ala 
Macoupin Station, Ma- 
coupin ni' 


ICaeungie, Lehigh Fia 

Bfacwahoc, Aroostook. .Me 

Macy. Brazos Tex 

Madaiin, Dutchess N. Y 

Maddensville, Hunting- 
don P» 

Madeira, Hamilton. . ..Ohio 
Madelia, Watonwan. . Minn 

Madeline, Lassen Cal 

Madely, Portage Wis 

Madera, Fresno Cal 

Madera, Clearfield Pa 

Madi*on (c. A.), St. 

Francis Ark 

Madison, Yolo Cal 

, Madison, New Haven. .Conn 
Madison {e. A.), Lake .Dak 
Jl^idison (e. A.), Madison. . 

Madison ( c A . ) , Morgan .Ga 
Madison (e. A.), Jeffer- 
son Ind 

Madison, Greenwood. Kans 

Madison, Somerset Me 

Madison, Livingston... Mich 

Madison, Monroe Mo 

Madison {e. A.), Madison.. . 


Madison, Carroll N. H 

Madison, Morris N. J 

Madison, Colfax, ..N. Mex 

Madison, Madison N. Y 

MJadUson, Rockingham. N. C 

Madison, Lake Ohio 

Madison, Westmoreland. Pa 
Madison, Davidson. . .Tenn 
Madison (e. A.), Boone. . . . 

W. Va 
Madison (e. h.), Dane. .W]a 
McuJtson C. H.. Madison. . 

Madisonburgh, Wayne.Ohio 
Madisonburgh, Centre. .Pa 
Madison Centre, Somer- 
set Me 

Madison Cross Roads, 

Madison ..Ala 

Madison Mill8,Fayette.Ohio 
Madison Mills, Madison. Va 
Madison Run Station, 

Orange Va 

Madison Springs, Madison. 

Biadison Station, Madi> 

.son Ala 

Madison Station, Madi- 
son Miss 

Madisonville {e. A.), Hop- 
kins Ky 

Sladisonville, St. Tam- 
many La 

Madison ville, Ralls Mo 

Madisonville, Hamil- 
ton Ohio 

Madisonville, Lackawanna. 

MadisonvUU {e. A.), 

Monroe Tenn 

Mcuiisonville (e. A.), 

Madison Tex 

Madisonville, Charlotte. Va 
Madonnaville, Monroe. . .Ill 

Madrid, Franklin Me 

Madrid, St. Lawrence..N. Y 
Madrid Springs; St. 

Lawrence N. Y 

Maeystown, Monroe Ill 

MagaUa, Butte Cal 



Ifagvcine, Logan Aik 

Mugee's Coroen, Seneca. . . 

N. Y 

Magnew Mills, De Kalb. .. 


Magnolia, Marengo Ala 

Magnolia (c. A.), Co- 
lumbia Ark 

Magnolia, Boulder. . . . Colo 

Magnolia, Kent Del 

Magnolia, Putnam Ill 

Magnolia, Crawford. . . .Ind 
Magnolia, Harrison . . . Iowa 
Magnolia, Sedgwick.. Kans 

Magnolia, La Hue Kj 

Magnolia, East Baton 

IU>uge La 

Magnolia, Ilarford Md 

Mfi^olia, Essex Mass 

Magnoia {c. A.), Pike. Miss 

Magnolia, Duplin N. C 

Magnolia, Stark Ohio 

Magnolia, Sumter S. C 

Magnolia, Nansemond...ya 
Magnolia, Morgan . . . W. Va 

Magnolia, Bock Wis 

Magnolia UiU, Madison.Fla 
Magnolia Plantation, 

Baldwin Ala 

Magnolia Springs, Jaa- 

per Tex 

Maguire's Store, Wash- 
ington Ark 

Mahaffey, Clearfield.... Pa 
MahalasTille, Morgan . . Ind 

Mahan, De Kalb Ala 

Mahanoy, Northumber- 
land Pa 

Mahanoy City, Schuyl- 
kill Pa 

Mahanoy Plane, Schuyl- 
kill Pa 

Maharg, Butler Pa 

MahervjUe, Barton . . ..Kans 

Maholm, Perry Ohio 

Mahomet, Champaign... Ill 

Mahomet, Burnet Tex 

Mahoning, Portage.... Ohio 
Mahoning, Armstnmg ..Pa 
Mahoning Furnace, Arm- 
strong Pa 

Mahonville, Lake Colo 

Mahopac, Putnam N. Y 

Mahopac Falls, Putnam... . 

N. Y 
Mah-to-wa, Carlton . . Minn 

Mahwah, Bergen N. J 

Maiden Creek, Berks. . . .Pa 
Maiden Rock, Pierce . . . Wis 
Maldsville, Mononga- 
lia W. Va 

Maine, Ot'er Tail. . . .Minn 

Maine, Broome. ^ N. Y 

Maine, Marathon Wis 

Maine A?enue, Cum- 
berland -..N. J 

Maine Grove, Steams 


Maineland, Cam Nebr 

Maine Prairie, Solano.. .Cal 
Maine Prairie,St«arns.Minn 

Mainesburgh, Tioga Pa 

Mainland, Montgomery.. Pa 

MaiDTille, Cook Ill 

Mainville, Warren . . . .Ohio 
MainviUe, Columbia.... Pa 

Maitlaadt MifBin Pa 

Majenica, UuntiDgt<m..Ind 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Majority Point (e. A.), 

Cumberland HI 

Majors, Buffalo Nebr 

MajorsTiUe, MarahaU 

W. Va 

Makanda, Jackson Ill 

Makelyyille, ilyde. . . .N. C 
MaiaU City (c. A.), 

Oneida Idaho 

Malaga, Gloucester. . . .N. J 

Malaga, Monroe Ohio 

Malcolm, Lancaster . . . Nebr 
Malcom, Poweshiek. . . Iowa 

Maiden, Bureau Ill 

Maiden, Middlesex.... Mass 

Maiden, Dunklin Mo 

Maiden, Ulster N. Y 

Maiden Branch, Bryan. .Ga 
Maiden Bridge, Colum- 
bia N.Y 

Malheur, Baker Oreg 

Mallet Cr^ek, Medina.. Ohio 

Mallory , Shelby Iowa 

Mallory , Oswego N.Y 

Mallory syftle, Wilkes. ..Ga 
Malnmison, PittsylTania.Va 

Malone, Clinton Iowa 

Malone (c. A.), Franklin. ! . 

Malone, Fond du Lac.. Wis 
Malone-8 Landing, Coa- 
homa Miss 

Malott PMrii, Marion. . .Ind 

Malta, Lake Colo 

Malta, De Kalb Ill 

Malta, Cloud Kans 

Malta, Saratoga N. Y 

Malta, Morgan Ohio 

Malta Bend. Saline Mo 

Maltayille, Saratoga.. .N. Y 

Malton, Delta Mich 

MaWem, Whitesides. ... Ill 

Malvern, Mills Iowa 

Malrem, Carroll Ohio 

Malvern, Chester Pa 

Malvern Junction, Hot 

Spring Aric 

Mamaroneck, Westches- 
ter N.Y 

Mammoth, Mono Cal 

Mammoth Spring, Ful- 
ton '. . ...Ark 

Manada Hill, Dauphin.. Pa 
Manahawkin, Ocean... N. J 
Maualapan Monniouth.N. J 
Manannah, Meeker. . .Minn 
Mauasquan, Monmouth... 


Manassa, Conejos Colo 

Manassas, Prince Wil- 
liam Va 

Mauatawny, Berks Pa 

Manatee, Manatee Fla 

Manawa, Waupaca Wis 

Manayunk,* Philadel- 
phia Pa 

Mancelona, Antrim . . .Mich 
Manchac, £. Baton 

Rouge \a 

Manchaug, Worcester.Mass 
Manchester, Mendocino.Cal 
Manchester, Hartford.Conn 

Manchester, Scott Ill 

Manchester, Dearborn. . Ind 
Manchester, Delaware.Iowa 
ManchcMer(c. A.), Clay..Ky 

• Branch of the FhiUdelphU 
Post Office. 

Maachwter, Kenn«b«e. .Me 
Manchester, Carroll.... Md 
Manchester, Essex . . . .Mass 
Manchester, Washte- 
naw Mich 

Manchester, Freeborn 

Manchester, St. Louis... Mo 
Manchester, Hiilsbor- 

ough N.H 

Manchester, Ocean. . . .N. J 
Manchester, (hitario..N. Y 
Manchester, Cumber- 
land N.C 

Manchester, Adama...Ohio 

Manchester, York Pa 

Manchester (e. A.), Cof- 
fee Temii 

Manchester (e. A.), Ben- 
nington Yt 

Manchester, Chester- 
field Va* 

Manchester, Green Lake. . . 

Manchester Bridge, 

Dutchess N.Y 

Manchester Centre, On- 
tario N. Y 

Manchester Depot, Ben- 
nington, Vt 

Mancos, La Plata Colo 

Mandana, Onondaga.. N. Y 

Mandarin, Duval Fla 

Mandeville, St. Tam- 
many La 

Mandeville, Carroll Mo 

Mandota, Washington.. Va 
Mangohick, King Wil- 
liam Va 

Mangum, Richmond... N. C 
Manhasset, Queens ...N.Y 
Manhattan, Putnam — Ind 
Vanhattan, Keokuk. .Iowa 
Manhattan (c. A.), Riley . . . 


Manheim, Cook Ill 

Manheim, Lancaster. . . . P>i 
Manifest, Catahoula. . . . lia 

Manilla, Rush Ind 

Manistee (e. A.), Man- 
istee Mich 

Manitttique, Schoolcraft. ... 


Manito, Mason Ill 

.Maiiitou, £1 Paso Colo 

Manitowoc (c. A.), 

Manitowoc Wis 

Manitowoc Rapids, 

Manitowoc Wis 

Mankato (c. A ), Blue 

Earth. . . Minn 

ManliuR, Bureau Ill 

Manlius, Onondaga. . .N Y 
Manilas Centre, Onon- 
daga N.Y 

Manlius Station, Onon- 
daga N.Y 

Manly, Ashe N.C 

Manly Junction, Worth. .. 

Manly Station, Moore N. C 
Manl.v ville, Henry .. . . Tens 
Mannborougli, Amelia. ..Va 
Manning (c A.), Clar- 
endon S. C 

Manningham, Butler. . .Ala 
Mannington, Marion. W. Va 
Mann '8 Choice, Bedford. Pa 

Mann'a OvoMbif , Beacar.... 

Mannas Harbor, Dare. Ji. 
Mannsville, Taylor. . . - .Ky 
Mannsville, JeffenM>n..NrY 

Mannsville, Perry Pa 

Mannville, Sumter. . . .S. C 
Mannvllle, Marathon.. Wis 
Manny (e. A.), Sabine. . . La 

Manor, Travis Tex 

Manor Dale, Weetmore- 

land Pa 

Manor IIill,Huntingdon.Pa 
Manor Kill, Schoharie..N.Y 
Manor Station, West- 
moreland Pa 

Manorsville, Armstrong Pa 
Manorville, Soif oik ...N.Y 
Manquin, Kinf William. Va 
Mansfield, Tolland. . . .Conn . 

Mansfield, Turner Dak 

Mansfield, Piatt lU 

Mansfield, Parke. . ..Ind 
Mansfield (c. A.), De Soto. . 


Mansfield, Bristol Mass 

Manfsfield, Freeborn. .Minn 
Mansfield, Dutchess... N. T 
Mansfield (c. A.), Rich- 
land Ohio 

Mansfield, Tioga. . . .... .Fa 

Mansfield,. Henry lenn 

Mansfield, Tarrant Tex 

Mansfield, Louisa Va 

Mansfield Centre, Tol- 
land Conn- 
Mansfield Depot, Tol- 
land Conn 

Mansfield Valley, Alle- 
gheny Pa 

Manson , Clinton Ind 

Manson, Calhoun Iowa 

Manson. Warren N. G 

Mauston , Wilkin .... Jlinn 

Mansura, Avoyelles La 

Manteno, Kankakee Ill 

Manteno. Shelby Iowa 

Manteo (c. A.), Dttre...N. C 
Manti {c. A.), San Pete.Utah 

Manton, Wexford Mich 

Manton, Maries Mo 

Manton, Providence. . . Jl. I 
MantorviUe (e. A.), 

Dodge^ Minn 

Mantua, Gloucester. . .N. J 

Mantua, Portage Ohio 

Mantua, Box Elder . . . U hUi 
Mantua MUls, Balti- 
more Md 

Mantua Station, Port- 
age Ohio 

Manumuskin, Cumber- 
land.... N.J 

Manville, Jefferson. . . . Ind 
Manv-Ule, Providence.. R. 1 
Many Springs, Oregon.. Mo 
Manvano, Valencia. .N. Mex 

Maple, Ionia Mich 

Maple, Macon Mo 

Maple, Brown Ohio 

Maple City, Cowley... Kans 
Maple City, Leelenaw.Mich 
Maple Cre«k, Dodge ..Nebr 
Maple Creek, CarroU.Tenn 
Maple Cypress, Craven. N.C 
Maplef ord, Colquitt. . . . Qa 
Maple Glen, Scott, ^ . .Minn 
Maple Grove, Cherokee. Ala 

Alphabetteai Lift of Pott Offiee$. 


Ifaple Orore, Uneoln. .IMc 
Kftple Qrore, £ilward8..111 
Maple GroTe^ Madison.IowA 
Maple GroTe, Pottawa- 
tomie Kans 

Maple GroTe, Trigg. Ky 

Maple Grove, Arooiitook . Me 
Maple GroTe, Barry. . .Mich 
Maple GroTe, Hennepin.. . . 

Maple Chx>Te, 0t8e|SO..N. T 
Maple Grore, Westmore- 
land V» 

Maple Grore, Blanito- 

woc Wis 

Maple Hilly Wabamuee. . . . 


Maple ffill, Montcalm 

Maple Hill, Lycoming. . . Pa 
Maple Lake, Wright. .Minn 
Maple Landii^, Monona. . . 

MapleLawn, Monroe. W. Va 
Maple Plain, Hennepin .... 

Hftple Rapids, Olinton.Mich 

Maple Bidge, Bay Mich 

Maple Rl(^, Isanti.. Minn 
Maple River Junction, 

Carroll Iowa 

Maples, Allen Ind 

Maple's MUl, Fulton .... Ill 
Maple Springs, Wilkes.N. C 
Maple BpringH, Red 

Rirer Tex 

Maple Springs, Dunn . . Wis 
Maple Street, Nii^ara.N. Y 

Maplesrille, Chilton Ala 

Mapleton, Cass Dak 

Mapleton, Peoria Ill 

Mapleton, Monona .... Iowa 
Mapleton, Bourbon. . . Kans 
Mapleton, Aroostook . . ..Me 
Mapleton, Grand Tray- 

ene Mich 

Mapleton, Staxk Ohio 

Mapleton, Abt>eTille...S. 
Mapleton. Waukesha.. Wis 
Mapleton Depot, Hunt> 

ingdon Pa 

Mapleton Station, Blue 

£arth Minn 

Mapletown, Greene Pa 

Maple Valley, Henry ..Ind 
Maple Valley, Mont 

calm Mich 

Maple Valley, Otsego. .N. Y 
Maple Valley, Oconto.. Wis 
Mapleville, Dodge . . . . Nebr 
Mapleville Franklip . . Minn 

Maplerille, Providence 

B. I 

Haplewood, Cook Ill 

Maplewood, Middlesex 

Maplewood, Emmett..Mich 

Maplewood, Door Wis 

Maple Works, Clark. . . Wis 
Maquoketa (e. A.), Jack- 
son .Iowa 

Maquon, Knox Ill 

Marak, Brown Kans 

Maramec, Phelpe Mo 

Marathon, Cortland. . . N. Y 
Marathon, Clermont. .Ohio 
Marathon City, Mara- 
thon Wis 

Marble, Madison , . Aik 

Marble, Waupaca Wis 

Marble CHff, Franklin.Ohio 
Marble Comer, Riplev..Ind 
Marble Dale, litchlleld .... 

Marble Furnace, Adams . . . 


Marble Head, Adams 111 

Marblehead, Essex . ..Mass 
Marblehead, Ottawa ..Ohio 
MmrhU HM (e. A.), Bol- 

linser Mo 

Marble Hill, Moore... Tenn 
Marble Rock, Floyd . . Iowa 
Marbletown, Fulton.... Ill 
Marbletown, Ulster.. .N. Y 
Marble Valley , Coosa . . Ala 
Marble Valley, Augusta... 


Marbut's, Giles Tenn 

Marcella Falls, Law- 
rence Tenn 

i Marcelline, Adams Ill 

Marcel Ion, Columbia ..Wis 

Marc^lus, Cass Mich 

Maroellus, Onondi^..N. Y 
Marteiltts Falls, Onon- 
daga N.Y 

Marehand, Indiana Pa 

Marche, Pulaski Ark 

Marco, Greene Ind 

Marcumville, Tusca- 
loosa Ala 

Marcus, -Jackson Ga 

Marcus, Cherokee. . . . Iowa 

Marcy , Lagrange Ind 

Marcy , Oneida N.Y 

Marcy, Fairfield Ohio 

Marcy, Waukesha Wis 

Mirdin, Tioga Pa 

Mardisyillt*, Talladega. .Ala 

Marena, Ringgold Iowa 

Marena, Hodgeman. . . Kans 

Marengo, Mcilenry Ill 

Marengo, Crawford. . . . Ind 
Marengo («. h.\ Iowa. Iowa 

Marengo, Sumner Kans 

Marengo, Calhoun. . . .Mich 

Marengo, Wayne N.Y 

Marengo, Morrow Ohio 

Marengo, Mecklenburgh. . . 

Marengo, Columbia. . Wash 

Marengo, Jackson Wis 

Morgan's Grove, Pulaski . . 

Margarettsvllle, North- 
ampton N. C 

Margarettville, Dela- 
ware...-. N. Y 

Maria, Leavenworth . . Kans 

Maria, Bedford Pa 

Mariadahl, Pottawato- 
mie Kans 

Mariah Hill, Spencer. . . Ind 
Marianna (e. A.), Lee. . Ark 
Marianna (e. A. ), Jackson . . 


Marianna, Polk Tex 

Maria Stein, Mercer. . .Ohio 
Muiasville, Venango. . . .Pa 
Mariaville, Schenectady. . . 


Maricopa, Pima Ariz 

MariHtu {e. A.), Cobb...Ga 

Marietta, Fulton Ill 

Marietta, Shelby Ind 

Marietta, Marshall . . . Iowa 

Marietta, Reno Kans 

Marietta, PrenUss Miss 

Marietta, Madison.... Nebr 
Marietta, Esmeralda. ..Ney 
Marietta, Ononda^. . .N. Y 
Marietta {e. A.), Wash- 
ington Ohio 

Marietta, Lancaster Pa 

Marietta, Greenville. . .8. 
Marietta, Crawford.... Wis 

Marilla, Manistee Mich 

Marilla, Erie N.Y 

Marindahl, Yankton . . . Dak 

Marine, Madison Ill 

Marine, Lewis Ky 

Marine City, St. Clair. Mich 
Marine MUls, Washiagw 

ton Minn 

Mariner's Harbor, Rich- 
mond N. Y 

Marinette, Oconto Wis 

Marion ( »*. A. ), Perry . . . Ala 
Marion (e. A. ), Critten- 
den Ark 

Marion, Hartford .... Conn 

Marion, Hamilton Fla 

Marion (r. A.), William- 
son Ill 

Marion (c. A.), Grant . .Ind 
Marion {e. A.), Linn.. Iowa 

Marion, Douglas Kans 

Marion (c. A. , Critten- 
den Ky 

Marion, Union La 

Marion, Washington . . . .Me 
Marion, Plymouth. . . .Bfass 

Marion, Olmsted Minn 

Marion, Cole Mo 

Marion, Franklin Nebr 

Marion, Wayne N.Y 

Marion (e. A.), McDow- 
ell N.O 

MarioH(r.. A.), Marion. Ohio 

Marion, Marion Oreg 

Marion, Franklin T% 

Marion, Guadalupe.... Tex 
Mari4»n {e. A.), Smyth ..Va 
Marion C. H., Msoion.S.C 
Marion Centre (e. A.), 

Marion Kans 

Marion Junction Dal- 
las Ala 

Marion Station, Lauder- 
dale Miss 

Marionville, Lawrence. .Mo 
Marion ville, Onondi^. . . . 


Marionville, Forest Pa 

Mariposa {e. A.), Mari- 
posa Cal 

Marissa, St. Clair Ill 

Marits, Morrow Ohio 

Mark, Clare Mich 

Mark Centre, Deflance.Ohio 

Markelsville, Perry Pa 

Markesan, Green Lake. Wis 
Markham, Cattaraugus .... 

Markham Station, Fau- 
quier Va 

Miirkland, Switzerland. . . . 

Markle, Huntington.... Ind 
Markle, Westmoreland .. Pa 
MurkUfvUle {c. A.), Al- 
pine Cal 

Markleville, Madison ..Ind 

Markleysbnigh, Fayette.Pa 
Biarksboroogh, Warren.N J 
Marksviile (c. A.), Avoy- 
elles La 

MarksvUle, Page Va 

Mark West, Sonoma Cal 

Marlborough, Hartford. . . . 

Marlbcnough, Middle- 
sex Mass 

Marlborough, Cheshire. . . 

Marlborough, Monmouth. . 

Marlborough, Ulster... N. Y 

Marlborough, Pitt N. C 

Marlb<Nrough, Stark.. Ohio 
Marlborough, Chester. . .Pa 
Marlborough, Carroll Tenn 
Marlborough, Windham. Vt 
Marlborough, Frederick. Va 
Marlborough Depot, 

Cheshire N. H 

Marlette, Sanilac Mich 

Marley. Anne Arundel.. Md 
Marley -s Mills, Randolph. . 

Marlin (r. A.), Falls... .TWt 
Marlin's Bottom, Poca- 
hontas W. Va 

Mario w, Ef&ngham Ga 

Marlow, Cheshire N. II 

Marlton, Burlington... N. J 
Marmiton, Bourbon. . .Kans 
Marmont, Marshall.... Ind 

Marne, Cass Iowa 

Maroa, Macon Ill 

Marple. Delaware Pa 

Marple-s Store, Upshur. . . . 

W. Va 
Marquand, Madison .... Mo 
Marquette, McPherson.... 

Marquette (e. A.), Mar- 
quette Mich 

Marquette, Green Lake.... 


Marques, Leon Tex 

Marr, Luzerne Pa 

Marriotts ville, Howard.. Md 

Marron, Clearfield Pa 

Marrowbone, Cumber- 
land Kj 

Marr-s Landing, l^ake.Tenn 

Mam, Butler Pa 

Mars Bluif, Marion . . .S. 

Marsden, Bladen N C 

Marseilles, La Salle Ill 

Marseilles, Wyandot... Ohio 

Marsh, Chester Pa 

Marshall, Calhoun Ala 

Marshall (c. A.), Searcy .Ark 

Marshall, Marin I'al 

Marshall, Boulder . . . .Colo 

Marshall, Moody Dak 

Marskaa (e. A.), Clark... Ill 

>Ia(8haU, Parke Ind 

Marshall, Henry Iowa 

Marshall, Sedgwick.. .Kans 

Marshall, Bath Ky 

Marshall {c. A.), Calhoun. . 

MarshaU (e. A. ), Lyon . Minn 
Marshall {e. A.), Saline Mo 

Hamhall, Clay Nebr 

Marshall, Oneida N. Y 

MarshaU (e.A.), Madi- 
son ...M.Q 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices, 

Marshall, Highland . . . Ohio 
Manihall, Johnson.. . .Tenn 
Marshall («. A.), Har- 
rison Tex 

Marshall, Dane Wia 

Marshall Uall, Charles .Md 
Marshall Prairie, New- 
ton Ark 

Marshall's Creek, Mon* 

roe Pa 

Marshall's Ferry, White. Ill 
Marshall's Ferry, Grain- 
ger Tenn 

MarshallsTille, Macon . . . Ga 

Marshallsrille, Wayne 

Marshallton, New Castle. . . 

Marshallton, Chester. ...Pa 
MarsheUKown (c. h.) 

Marshall. Iowa 

Marsh Ba»in, Owyhee. . . . 

Marsh Creek, Whitley. . Ky 

Marsh Creek, Tioga Pa 

Marshfleld, Warren. . . . Ind 
Marshfleld, Plymouth.Mass 
MarshfielU (c. A.), Lin- 
coln Minn 

Marskfield (c. h. ), Web- 

0t«r Mo 

Manhfleld, Erie N. Y 

Manhfltfld, Athens Ohio 

Marshfleld, Cooe Oreg 

ManhflaM, Tioga Pa 

Manhfleld, Washington. Vt 

Marshfleld, Wood Wis 

Mars Hill, 1^ Fayette. .Ark 

Mars Hill, Aroostook Me 

Mars Hill, Madiflon. ...N. C 

Marsh Lake, Polk Wis 

Marshland, Columbia. Oreg 
Marshland, Buffalo, . . . Wis 

Marsh Kun, Perry Pa 

Marshview, Bradford.. . .Pa 
Marshviile, Oceana.. .Miph 
Marshvillej^ Montgom- 
ery N. Y 

Marston-s Mills, Barn- 
stable Mass 

Martell, Pierce Wis 

Martella, Armstrong. . . Dak 

Martelle, Jones Iowa 

Martha Furnace, Centre. Pa 
Marthasville, Warren... Mo 
Marthaville, Natchito- 
ches La 

Martickville, Lanca8ter..Pa 

Martin, Bntdley Ark 

Martin, Franklin Ga 

Martin, Ellis Kans 

Martin, Allegan Mich 

Martin, Rock Minn 

Martin, Claiborne Miss 

Martin, Ottawa . Ohio 

Martin, Weakley Tenn 

Martin , Green Wis 

Martina, Missoula Mont 

Martindale, Coffey.. . .Kans 
Martindale, Mecklen- 

burgh N. C 

Martindale, Lancaster. . . Pa 
Martindale, Caldwell.. Tex 
Martindale Depot, Co- 
lumbia N. Y 

Martinez (e. A.), Con- 
tra Costa Cal 

Marlines, Mecosta.... Mieh 

Mttrtinsburgh, Pike lU 

Martiosburgh, Waah- 

ington Ind 

Martinsbmi^h, SJeokiik. . . . 

Bfarttnsbnigh, Monroe. . Ky 
Martinsbuiqgh, Mont- 
gomery Md 

Martinsburgh, Audrain. Mo 
Martinsbuigh, Lewis. .N. Y 
Martinsburgh, Knox. .Ohio 
Martinsburgh, Blair.... Pa 
Martinsburgh, Qillesfne. . . 

Martinsburgh (c. A.), 

Berkeley W. Va 

Martin's Comer, Chester. Pa 
Martin's Oreek, SlMirp..Ark 
Martin's Creek, North- 
ampton Pa 

Biartin-s Cross Boads, 

Calhoun Ala 

Majrtinsdale, Meagher.Mont 
Martin's Depot, l^urens. . . 

S. C 
Martin's Ferry, Humboldt. . 

Martin's Feny, Bel- 
mont Ohio 

Martin's MiU, Mont- 
gomery N. C 

Martin's Mills, Wayne.Tenn 
Martin's Mills, Van 

Zandt Tex 

Martin Springs, Gray- 
son Tex 

Martin's Station, Dallas. .. 

Martin's Station, Pu- 
laski Va 

Biartin's Store, Hamil- 
ton Ill 

Martin-s Store, Haliiax..Ya 
Martinstown, Putnam.. Mo 

MartinsTiUe, Clark HI 

Martinsville {e. A.), 

Morgan Ind 

Martinsyille, Knox Me 

MartinsTille, Wayne. .Mich 
Martinsville, Copiah.. Miss 
Martinsyille, Harrison.. Mo 
Martinsville, Somerset.N. J 
Martinsville, Niagara. N. Y 
Martinsville, Clinton. .Ohio 
Martinsville, Lancaster. .Pa 
Martinsville, Spartan- 
burgh S.C 

Martinsville, Nacog- 
doches Tex 

MartinsvUU (e. A.), 

Henry Va 

Martinton, Iroquois Ill 

Marttnville, Grant Wis 

Martling, Newton Mo 

Martville, Cayuga. . . .N. Y 

Marts, Clay Ind 

Marvel, Bates Mo 

Marvell, Phillips Ark 

Marvin, Chautauqua... N. Y 

MarvinvUle, YeU Ark 

Marvyn, Russell Ala 

Marydell, Caroline Md 

Mazy Esther, Santa 

Rosa Fla 

Maryland, Ogle Ill 

Maryland, Otsego N. Y 

Maryland Line, Balti- 
more Md 

Marysbuigh. Le Sueur .... 

Mary's Creek, Parker. .Tex 
Marystown, scott....Minn 
Marystown, Johnson.. Tex 
Marysvale, Pi Ute . . . . Utah 
MarytviUe (c.h.\, Yuba.Cal 
Mary svi lie, Johnson. . . . Ga 

Marysviile, Clarke Ind 

Marysville, Marion — Iowa 
Marysviile (c. A.), Mar- 
shall Kans 

Marysville, St. Clair.. Mich 
Marysviile, Seward .... Nebr 
MarysviUe (c. A.), Union. . . 


Marysville, Pwry Pa 

Marysviile, Co(Ae Tex 

Marysville, Campbell. ..Ya 
Marysville, Snohomish .... 

Marytown, Jfoad du 

Lac Wis 

Maryville (e. A.), Nod- 
away Mo 

Maryville {e. A.), Blount.. . 

Masardis, Aroostook .... Me 
Maseoutah, St. Clair. . . .Ill 
Mashapaug, Tolland.. Conn 
Mashpee, Barnstable. .Mass 
Bftashulaville, Noxubee .... 


Mason, Effingham Ill 

Mason, Buffalo Kans 

Mason, Grant. Ky 

Maton (c. A.) Ingham.Mieh 
Mason, Hillsborottgh..N. U 

Mas(A, Warren. Ohio 

Mason, Venango Pa 

Mason, Tipton Tenn 

Mason (r. A.), Mason.. .Tex 

Mason, Mason W. Va 

Mason and Dix<m, Frank- 
lin Pa 

Mason Clty^ Mason Ill 

Mason City (e. A.), 

Cerro Gordo Iowa 

Masontown, Fayette.... Pa 

Mason Town, Preston 

Mason Valley, Benton. Ark 
Mason Valley, Esme- 
ralda Nev 

Masonville, Delaware. Iowa 

Masonville, Daviess Ky 

Masopville, Delta Mich 

Masonville, Burlington. N.J 
Masonville, Delaware. N. Y 
Masonville, Accomack... Va 

Maspeth, Queens N. Y* 

Massac Creek, Massac. . . Ill 
Massack, McCracken. . . .Ky 

Massanutton, Page Va 

Massard, Sebastian.... Ark 
Massena, St. Lawrence.N. Y 
Massena Centre, St. 

Lawrence N. Y 

Massey's Cross Roads, 

Kent Md 

Massie's Mills, Nelson... Va 

Massillon, Cedar Iowa 

Massillon, Stark Ohio 

Mastersonville, Lancaster. . 

Mastersville, McLen- 
nan Tex 

Masterton, Monroe... .Ohio 

Masthope, Pike F^ 

Mast Yard, Merrimack .N. H 
Matagorda (e. A.), Mat- 
agorda Tex 

Matamoras, Pike Ba 

Matansas, Chautauqua. . .. 

liatawan, Monmouth. N. J 
Mate Creek, Logan . . W. Va 
Matfield, Plymouth.. .Mass 
Matfield Green, Chase.Kans 

Mather's, Juneau Wis 

Matherton, Ionia BJich 

Mathews, Montgomery. Ala 
Mathewson, Ijabette. Kans 
Mathias Point, King 

George Va 

Matinicus, Knox Me 

Matlock, Tattnall Ga 

Matoaca. Chesterfield. . . Va 
Mattapan,* Suffolk. . .Mass 
Mattapoisett, Plymouth.. . . 

Mattapony, Spottsyl- 

vania Va 

Mattawamkeag, Penob- 
scot Ma 

Mattawana, Mifflin Pia 

Mattawan, Van Buren.. . . . 

Mattawoman, Charles.. .Md 
Matteawan, Dutchess. N. T 
Bfatteson, Phillips. ..Kans 
Bfatthews, Calhoun... Miss 
Matthews, Mecklen- 

burgh K. 

Matthews (e. A.), Mat- 
thews Va 

Matthews Bun, Warren . Pa 

Mattie, Roane W. Va 

Mattison, Cook lU 

Mattiaon, Branch Mich 

Mattituck, Suffolk . . . . N. Y 

Mattoax, Amelia Va 

Mattoon, Coles lU 

Mattsville, Hamilton. .Ind 

Matville, Raleigh W. Va 

Mauch Chunk, Mahaska. . . 

MaueA Chvnk (c. A.), 

Carbon Pa 

Mauckport, Harrison. . .Inid 

Maiul's, Butler Ohio 

Mauldin's Mills, Hall...Qa 
Maumelle, Pulaski ...Ark 
Maune's Store, FrankUn.Mo 
Maurepas, Livingston . . .La 
Maurertown, Shenan- 
doah Va 

Mauxicetown, Cumber- 
land N.J 

Maury City, Crockett. Tenn 
Mauston (c. A.), Juneau. . . 


Maxatawny, Berks Pa 

Maxey's, Oglethorpe Ga 

Maxfield, Bremer Iowa 

Maxfield, Penobscot. . . . Me 

Maximo, Stark Ohio 

Maxinkuckee, Marshall.Ind 
Max Meadows , Wythe . . . Va 
Maxon's Mills, Mc- 
Cracken .Kj 

Maxvilie, Sharp Ark 

Maxville, Duval Fla 

Maxvilie, Jefferson Mo 

* Bmaoh of the Boston Post 


Alphabetical List of Po%t Offices, 

MazTille, Perry OWo 

MaxTllIe, BuffAlo Wis 

Maxwell. Golum Ca) 

Maxwell, Uatchinson..Dak 

Maxwell, Bay Mich 

Maxwell, Franklin.. . .Tenn 

May, Tuscola Mich 

May, Kearney Nebr 

May. Lancaster Pa 

Mayoee, Monroe Mtcli 

May Bell, Sioux Iowa 

Mayberry , Carroll Md 

Mayberry Creek, Patrick . . . 

Maybinton, Newberry. S. G 

May Day, Riley Kans 

MayersviUe (c. A.)> Issa- 
quena Miss 

BCayesTille, Sumter. . ..S. C 
Mayfleld, Santa Clara.. .Oal 

Mayfield, Yankton Bak 

Majrfield, Uaneock Ga 

Mayfield {e. A.), Orares.Ky 
Mayfleld, Grand Tray- 

erse Mich 

Mayfield, Polton N. Y 

Mayfield, Rockingham. N.C 
Mayfield. Gciyahoga...Ohio 
Mayfield, Jaekson. . . .Tenn 
Mayfield , San Pete . . . .Utah 
Mayfield, Washington.. Wis 
Mayflower, Adams. . . . Nebr 
May hew. Walworth. . . . Wis 
Mayhew*s Station, 

Lowndes Miss 

May Hill, Adams Ohio 

Ifajrnard, Fayette.... Iowa 
Maynard, Middlesex. .Mass 

Ma3mard, Oneida N. Y 

Maynard's Gore, Jaek- 
son Aji 

Maynardvitte (e. A.), 

Union Tenn 

Mayo, Halifax Va 

Mayo Forge, PaMek . . . .Ta 
Mayo Park, Grayson . . . . Ky 

Mayport, BtiTal «FIa 

Maysfleld, Milam Tex 

JUay'j Landing {e. A.), 

Atlantic N. J 

May's Lick, Mason Ky 

May Spring, Grainger. Tenn 
May's Station, Edgar... Ill 
Maysyille, Madison.... -Ala 

MaysriUe, Benton Ark 

Maysrille, Jackson Ga 

MaysTille, Pike Ill 

MaysTllle, Franklin.. Iowa 
Maysville (e. A.). Mason.Ky 
MafsvilU (e. A.), De 

Kalb Mo 

MaysTille, Jones N. G 

Maysrille Gentie, Aroos- 
took Me 

May town, Lancaster — Pa 
Mayriew, Champaign. . .Ill 

Mayriew, Buena Yista 


Mayriew, Jewell Kans 

Mayriew, La Fayette. . .Mo 

Mayrille, Traill Bak 

Mayw'Ue (e. A.), Chan- 

tanqiia N. Y 

MayTille, Bodge Wis 

Maywood, Cook Ill 

Ifoywood, Marion Ind 

Maywood, Wyandotte. Kans 
Maywoody Benton. . . .Minn 

Maywood, ^wts Mo 

Maywood, Bergen N.J 

Maywood, 'Faverte . . . W. Va 
Maseppa, Wabasha. . . Minn 

Maao 51anie, Dane Wis 

Mason, Grundy Ill 

Meacham, Du Page Ill 

Mead Gemers, Grawford.Pa 
Meade, Macomb ..... .Mich 

Headland, Taylor. . .W. Va 
MeadorariUe, Whitley.. Ky 

Meadow, Rock Minn 

Meadow, MUlard Utah 

Meadow Bluff, Green- 

Meadowbridge. Henrico. Va 
Meadow Brook, John- 

Meadow Brook, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Meadow Greek, Whttley.Ky 
Meadow Greek, Madi- 
son Mont 

Meadow Greric, Chrai^n. Va 
Meadow Gmek Station, 

SnnHners W. Va 

Meadow Dale, Highland.Va 

MeadowfleM, Hancock 

Meadow <3ap, Hunting- 
don Pa 

Meadow Hill, Wilkes. .N. G 
Meadow Mills, Frederlek.Va 

Meadows, McLean Ill 

Meadows, Stokes N. G 

Meadows of Ban, Patrick . . 

Meadow Valley, Plnmas.Cal 
Meadow Valley ,Junean. Wis 
Meadow View, Washing- 
ton Va 

MeadowTille, Rich. . . .Utah 

Meadowyille, Barbour 

W. Va 
Mead's Greek, Ste«iben.N. Y 
Mead's Mills, Wayne. .Mich 
MecuivUle (c. A.), Frank- 
lin Miss 

MeadTille, Linn Mo 

MeadvUU (c. A.), Craw- 
ford Pa 

MeadTille, Halifax Va 

Meagsrille, .Taokson..Tenn 

Means, Harrison Ohio 

Mears, Oceana Mich 

Mears Bluff, Brunswick.. . . 

Meat Gamp, Watanga.N. G 
Moanwataka, Wexford. .... 

Mebanesrille, Alamance. . . 


Mecca, Trumbnll Ohio 

Meehanie Falls, Andros- 
coggin Me 

Meohanicsbuxgh, San- 
gamon Ill 

Mechanicsburgh, Henry. . . 

Mechanicsbnrgh, Cham- 
paign Ohio 

Mechanicsbnrgh, Cum- 
berland Pa 

Mechanicsburgh, Bland. Va 
Mechanic's Grore, Lan- 

easter Pa 

Mechanicstown, Fred- 
erick Md 

Mechanlcstowni Gar* 

roll <Miio 

Mechanic's Valley, G»> 

cU Md 

Mechanie's Valley, Bueks . 

Mechanicsville, Lee. . . .Ala 
MeehaniesTille, Wind- 
ham Conn 

MechanicsTiUe, Jasper.. (3a 
MeehaniesTille, Van- 
derburgh Ind 

MechaniosTille, Gedar.Iowa 
MechaniosTille, St. Ma- 
ry's Md 

MechaniesTille, St. 

Charles Mo 

MechaniosTille, Sara- 
toga N.Y 

MechaniosTille, Ashta- 
bula Ohio 

MechaniosTille, Bucks.. Pa 
MechaniosTille, Sum- 
ter S. C 

MechaniosTille, Cannon... 

MechaniosTille, Rut- 
land Vt 

MechaniosTille, Loudoun.. 

Meohnm'B RlTer, Albe- 
marle Va 

Mecklenburgh, Schuy- 
ler N.Y 

Meckling, Clay ; . Dak 

Medano Springs, Costilla. . . 

Medary (e. A.), Brook- 
ings Dak 

MedarysTille, Pulaski. .Ind 
MederTille, Clay ton.. Iowa 

Medfleld, Norfcdk Mass 

Medford, Piscataquis. . .Me 
Medford, Middlesex .. .Mass 

Medford, Steele Minn 

Medford, Burlington. .N. J 
MedfordU. A.), Taylor. Wis 
Medford Centre, Piscat- 
aquis Me 

Media, Douglas Kans 

Media (e. A.), Delaware.... 

Mediapolis, Des Moines .... 


Medicine, SulliTan Mo 

Medicine Bow, Garbon.Wyo 
Medicine Creek, Fnr- 

nas Nebr 

Medicine Lodge {c. A.), 

Barbour Kans 

Medicine Rock, Potter. Dak 
Medina, Jefferson .... Kans 

Medina, Lenawee Mich 

Medina, Orleans N.Y 

Medina (e. A. ), Medina.Obio 

Medina, Gibson Tenn 

Medina, Outagamie .... Wis 

MedixRnn, Elk Pb 

Medley, Montgomery . .Tex 
Medo,' Bine Earth .... Minn 

Medoc, Jasper Mo 

Medon, Madison Tenn 

Medora, Macoupin Ill 

Medora, Jackson Ind 

Medora, Warren Iowa 

Mejlora, Osage Mo 

Medusa, Albany N. Y 

Medway, Penobscot Me 


Medw»y , Norfolk Mass 

Medway, Greene N. Y 

Medway I Clarke Ohio 

Medybomps, Washing- 
ton Me 

Meehan, Portage Wis 

Meeker, Washington... Wis 
Meeker's GroTo, La Fay- 
ette. Wis 

MeeksTille, Wilson ....N.G 
Meeme, Manitowoc.... Wis 
Meeting Greek, Hardin. .Ky 
Meeting Street, Edg^ 

field S.C 

Mehamah, Marion.... Oreg 
Meherrin, Lunenburgh..Va 
MehlTille, St. Louis. . . .Mo 
Mehoopany, Wyoming.. Pa 
Meigs' Creek, Morgan. Ohio 
MeigsTille, Moi^n...Ohio 
Meire's GroTc, Steams.... 


Meiser, Snyder Vk 

Melacton, Randolph- . .Ind 
Melbem, Williams.... Ohio 
Meibowme (c. A.), Izard.Ark 

Melissa, Collin Tex 

Melissadale, Butler I^ 

MelleuTille, Columbia.N. Y 
Melleray, Dubuque. . .Iowa 
MellouTille, Orange. . . .Fla 
Mellow Valley, Clay . . . Ala 

Melmore, Seneca Ohio 

Melpine, Muscatine... Iowa 
Melrose, Hartford. . . .C<mn 

Melrose, Alachua Fla 

Melrose, Echols Ga 

Melrose, Clark Ill 

Mflrbee, Monroe Iow» 

Melrose, Chen^ee .... Kans 

Melrose, Carroll .Md 

Melrose, Middlesex... Mass 
Melrose, Steams. . . . .Minn 

Melrose, St. Louis Mo 

Melrose, Rensselaer. . . N. Y 

Melrose, Robes^ N. C 

Melrose, Susquehanna... Pa 
Melrose, Rockingham. . .Va 

Melrose, Jackson Wis 

Melrose Highlands, Mid- 
dlesex Bfass 

Melroy. Gage Nebr 

Melton 'S, Louisa Va 

Melton's Mill, Talla- 
poosa Ala 

Melton's Store, Chester- 
field S.O 

MeltonsTille, Marshall. Ala 

Melrem, Osage Kans 

MelTille, Chattooga Ga 

MelTille, Madison lU 

MelTille, Audubon... Iowa 

MelTille, Ottawa Kans 

MelTille, Suffolk N. Y 

MelTille, Alamance. . .N. C 
MelTille, Hamilton. . . Tenn 

MelTin, Ford Ill 

MelTin, Sanilac Mich 

MelTin , Biarshall . . . . W. Va 

MelTina, Monroe Wis 

MelTin Hill, Polk N.G 

MelTin Village, Carroll .... 

N. H 

Memory, Taylor Iowa 

Memphis, Hckens Ala 

Memphis, Clarke Ind 

Memphis, Bourbon . . . Kans 
Memphis, Macomb. . ..Mich 


Alphabetical Ltat of Post Offices. 

Meftiphis («. A.)t Soot> 

land Mo 

Memphis, Onondaga.. N. T 

Memphis, Clinton Ohio 

Memphis (e. A.), Shelby.- .. 

Memphis Junction, War- 
ren Ky 

Menallen, Adams lik 

MenardviUe (c. A.),' 

Menard Tex 

Menasha, Winnebago. .Wis 

Mendham, Morriis N. J 

Mendocino, Mendocino. Cal 
Mendon, JEl Dorado. . . . Cal 

Mendon, Adams Ill 

Mendon, Worcester. . .Mass 
Mendon, St. Joseph. . .Mich 

Mendon, < hariton Mo 

Mendon, M onroe J^. T 

Mendon, Mercer Ohio 

Mendon, Westmoreland. Pa 

Mendon, Cache Utah 

Mendon, Rutland Vt 

Mendon Centre, Monroe ... 

. N. Y 

Mendota, La Salle Ill 

Mendota, Dakota Minn 

Mendota, Putnam Mo 

Mendota, Dane Wis 

]Wii«kaune, Marinette. Wis 

Meiiget* Mills, York Fa 

IVivnio i*ark, San Mateo.Cal 
Meulo Park, Middle6ex.N. J 

Meuuo, Mifflin Pa 

Menoken, Shawnee.. .Kans 
H'huominee {c. k.). 

Menominee Mich 

Menominee, Cedar. . . .Nebr 
Menatmtnee (c. A.), 

Dunn Wis 

Menomonee Falls, Wau- 
kesha Wis 

Menoti, Buena Vista.. Iowa 

Mentor, Dremer Iowa 

Mentor, iJj^e Ohio 

Meppen, Calhoun Ill 

Mequon River, Ozaukee. . . . 

Merced (r. A.), Merced. .Cal 
Merced Falls, Merced. . .Cal 

Mercer, Somerset Me 

Mercer, Mercer Ohio 

Merrer ( c. /» . ), M ercer . . . Pa 
Mercer's Bottom, Mason. . . . 

W. Va 
Mercersburgh, Franklin.Pa 
Mercer's Gap, Comanche.. . 

Mercer-» Salt Works, 

Summers W. Va 

Mercer Station, Muhlen- 

burgh Ky 

Mercerville, Oallia Ohio 

Merchant Mills, Gates. N. C 
Merchantyille, Camden N.J 
Merchantrille, Steuben.. . . 

N. Y 

Mercur, Bradford Pa 

Mercuryville, Sonoma. .Cal 

Mercyville, Macon Mo 

Meredith, Cloud Kans 

Meredith, Delaware. . .N. Y 

Meredith, Venango Pa 

Meredith Centre, Bel- 
knap N. H 

Meredith Hollow, Dela- 
ware N.T 

Meredith Village, Bel- 
knap N. H 

MeredithTille, Bruns- 
wick Va 

Meredosia, Mwgan Ill 

Meriden, New Haven. Conn 

Meriden, La Salle Ill 

Meriden, Cherokee... .Iowa 
Meriden, Jefferson.. . .Kans 

Meriden, Steele Minn 

Meriden, Sullivan. . . . N. H 

Meridian, Sutter Cal 

Meridian, Ingham. . . . Mich 
Meridian (e. A.), Laud- 

Meridian, Jefferson. . Nebr 
Meridian, Cayuga. ...JN.Y 
Meridian (c.A.),BosqQe.Tex 

Meridian, Duxm Wis 

Meridian ville, Madison. Ala 
Merion, Montgomery .... Pa 
Meriweather, Baldwin. • .Ga 
Mermaid, New Castle. . .Del 
Mermenton, St. Landry..TA 

Meroa, Mitchell Iowa 

Merom, Sullivan Ind 

Merriam, Noble. Ind 

Merrick, Queens N. Y 

Merrick's Store, Pointe 

Coupee La 

Merrickton, Queen Anne. . . 

• Md 
Merrickville, Delaware.N.Y 
Merrill, Plymouth.. . . .Iowa 
Merrillon, Jackson.... Wis 
Merrill's Store, Caroline. Va 
Merrillsville, Franklin.... 

. N. Y 
Merrilltown, Travis .... Tex 
Merrillville, Lassen.... Cal 

Merrillville, Lake Ind 

Merrimac, Jefferson. . .Iowa 

Merrimac, Essex Mass 

Merrimack, Hillsbor- 
ough N.n 

Merrimack, Sauk Wis 

Merrimac Point, Monroe.Ill 
Merrimacport, Essex. Mass 
Merriman, Eastland. . . .Tex 
Merrimon, Halifax.... N. C 

Merritt, Scott .Ill 

Merritt's Bridge, Aiken.S. C 
Merritt's Landing, Mar^ 

qnette Wis 

Merrittstown, f ayette. . .Pa 
Merrittsville.Greenville.S C 
Merrow Station, Tol- 
land Conn 

Merryall, Bradford Pa 

Merry Mount, Warren.N. C 
Merry Oaks, Chatham. N. C 
Merry Point, Lancaster. Va 
Mershou'S Cross Roads, 

Laurel Ky 

Merton, Steele Minn 

Merton, Waukesha. . . . Wis 

Mertstown, Berks Pa 

Merwin, Westmoreland. Pa 
Merwinsburgh, Monroe. .Fa 
Mesa Grande, San Diego > . . 


Meeaville, Pinal Ariz 

Mesena, Warren Ga 

Meserveyille, Gage . . . .Nebr 

Meshannon, Centre Fa 

Meshoppen, Wyoming... Pa 
MesiUa (c. A.), Dona 
Ana Ji. Mex 

Hesopotamlft, Tnunbnll. . . 


Meequite, Dallas Tex 

MeesengOTville, Cortland,. . 


Meeser , . Cherokee Kans 

Messongo, Aooomack. . ..Va 
Meetrezat, Fayette. . . . , .Fa 
Metamora {e. A.), Wood- 
ford HI 

Metamcwa, Franklin.. . .Ind 
Metamora, Lapeer. ...Mich 
Metamora, Fulton. ...Ohio 

Metcalf, Edgar... Ill 

Metea, Cass. Ind 

Metedeconk, Oeeaa. . . • N. J 

Methuen, Essex Mass 

Metomen, Fond du Lac. Wis 
Metompkin, Accomack.. Va 
Metropolis City (c. A.), 

Massac HI 

Metuchen, Middlesex.. N. J 

Metz, Steuben. . . ; Ind 

Mets, Jasper Iowa 

Metz, Chautauqua.... Kans 

Mets, Vernon Mo 

Metz, Platte Nebr 

Mexia, Limestone Tex 

Mexico, Miami Ind 

Mexico, Oxford Me 

Mexico (c. A.), Audrain. Mo 

Mexico, Oswego N. Y 

Mexico, Wyandot. .... Ohio 

Mexico, Juniata Fa 

Meyerhoeffer's Store, 

Rockingham Va 

Meyersdale, Somerset. ..Pa 
Meyer-s Store, Fxanklin.Mo 
Meyersville, De Witt.. Tex 

Miakka, Manatee Fla 

Miami (c. A.), Dade. . . Fla 

Miami, Miami Ind 

Miami, Saline Mo 

Miami, Hamilton Ohio 

Miamisburgh, Mont- 
gomery Ohio 

Mianri Station, Carroll.. Mo 
Miamiville, Clermont.. Ohio 

Mianus, Fairfield (kmn 

Mica, Pickens ..Ga 

Micanopy, Alachua. . . .Fla 

Micaville, Yancey N. C 

Miccosukee, Leon Fla 

Michaelsville, Harford. Md 
Michaux Ferry, Pow- 

. hatan Va 

Michigamme, Marquette . . . 

Michigan Bar, Sacra- 
mento Cal 

Michigan Bluff, Placer. Gal 
Michigan Centre, Jack- 
son Mieb 

Michigan City, La Porte... . 

Michigan City, Benton.Miss 
Mlchigantown, Clinton. Ind 

Michigan Vi^ey, Osage 

Mickletcm, Gloucester. .N.J 

Mico, Jones .Miss 

Middc^h-8 Northampton... 

Middle Bass, Ottawa. .Ohio 
Middleborough, Plym- 
outh Mass 

Middleboume, Guern- 
sey......... .. Ohio 

Middhbounu (e. A.), 

Tyler W. Via 

Middle Branoh, Hodge- 
man Kans 

Middle Branch, Stark.. Ohio 
Middlebrook, Montgomery . 

Middle Brook, Iron .... Jfo 
Middlebrook, Augusta. .V« 

Middleburgh, Clay Fla 

Middleburgh, Washing- 
ton Iowa 

Middleburgh, Casey. . . .Ky 
Middleburgh, Carroll. . Md 
Middleburgh, Richard- 
son Nebr 

Middleburgh, Schoharie... . 

Middleburgh, Waxren..N. 
Middleburgh, Guy»> 

hoga Ohio 

MiddUburgk (c. A.), Sny- 
der Fa 

Middleburgh, Harde- 
man .••... Tenn 

Middleburgh, Loudoun. .Va 
Middlebury, New Haven. . . 

Middlebury, Elkhart. . Jnd 
Middlebury, Summit.. Ohio 
MiddUbury (r. A.), Ad- 
dison Vt 

Middlebury, Iowa Wis 

Middlebury Centre, Ti- 
oga... P* 

Middjlebush, Somerset. N. J 
Middle Cane, Watauga.N. C 
Middle Creek, Hancock. .Ill 
Middle Creek, Noble. .Ohio 
Middle Creek, Snyder. . .Fa 
Middle Creek, Sevier., Tenn 
Middle Fabius, Scotland. Mo 
Middle Falls, Washington.. 

Middilefield,Buchanan .Iowa 
Middlefield, Hampshire. . . . 

Middlefield, Otsego. . . .N. Y 
Middlefield, Geauga.. Ohio 
Ididdiefield Centre, Ot- • 

sego N.Y 

Middleford. Sussex Del 

Middle Fork, Clinton. . .Ind 
Middle Fork, Jackson. . Ky 
Middle Fork, Hocking.Ohio 
Middle Fork, Henderson..-. 

Middle Fork, Randolph.. . . 

Middle Granville, Wash- 
ington N. Y 

Middieground, Screven..Ga 
Middle Grove, Monroe. Mo 
Middle Grove, Saratoga.N.Y 
Middle Haddam, Mid- 
dlesex Conn 

Middle Hope, Orange. . N. Y 
Middle Island, Suffolk.N. Y 
Middle Lancaster, Butler... 

Middle Mountain, Craig. Va 
Middle Point, White. . . Ill 
Middle Point.Van WertOhio 
Middleport, Niagara. . Ji. T 
Middleport, Meigs . . .Ohio 
Middleport, SchuylkiU. .Fa 
Middleport, Webater..W.Via 


AlphabeticcU List of Post Cffiees. 

Middle Ridge, I« Crosse.. . . 

IHddle RiTer, Tmikliii..Gft 
Middle RiTer,MadiBoii.Iowa 
Midille BiTer, Marshall. . . . 

Middle Salnda, Green- 

rUle 8.0 

IGddle Settlement, Van 

Buren Ark 

Middlesex, Tates N. T 

Middlesex, Cumberland. J*a 
Middlesex, Washington. Vt 
Middlesex Village, Mid- 
dlesex Mass 

Middle Spring, Cum- 
berland Pa 

Middle Sprite, Fnlton.N. Y 
Ifiddle Swamp, Bladen. N.C 

Middleton, Walker Ala 

Middleton, Turner Dak 

Middieton, Suwannee.. Fla 

Middleton, Ada Idaho 

Middleton, Essex Mass 

Middleton, Strafford. .N. H 
Middleton, Washington .... 


Middleton, Leon Tex 

Middleton, Dane Wis 

Middleton Station, Har- 
deman Tenn 

Middletown, Lake Cal 

MiddUtown (c. A.), 

Middlesex Conn 

Middletown, New Cas- 
tle Del 

Ifiddletown, L(^an Ill 

Middletown, Henry Ind 

Middletown, Des Moines. . . 

Ifiddletown, Wilson Kans 
Middletown, Jeffenton. .K7 
Middletown, Frederick. .Md 
Middletown, Mont^m- 

ery Mo 

l^idletown, Monmouth 

Middletown, Orange.. N.Y 
Middletown, Hy de . . . . N. C 
Middletown, Butler... Ohio 
Middletown, Dauphin . . .Pa 
Middletown, Frederick.. Va 
Middletown Centre, 

Susquehanna Pa 

Middletown Springs, 

Rutland Vt 

Middle Valley, Ada. .Idaho 
Middle Valley, Morris. N J 
Middle Valley, Wayne... Pa 
Middleville, Barry.. . .Mich 
Middleville, Wright . . Minn 

Middleyille, Sussex N.J 

Middlerille, Herkimer N.Y 
Middleway .Jefferson . W. Va 

Midland, Clardin Iowa 

Midland (e. A.), Mid- 
land... Mich 

Midland, Crawford Mo 

Midland, Colfax Nebr 

Midland, Fanqinier Va 

Midland, Columbia. . . .Wis 
Midland City, DeWitt. . .Ill 
Midland Park, Bergen. N. J 
Mid Lothian, Harper.. Kans 
Midlothian, Chesterfield. Va 

Midrale, Passaic N. J 

lOdTille, Burke Ga 

lUdway, BuUook Ala 

Midway, Alameda Cal 

Midway, Gadsden Fla 

Midway, Fulton Ill 

Midway, Spencer Ind 

Midway, Woodford Ky 

Midway^ Rapides Ia 

Midway, Hinds Miss 

Midway, Boone Mo 

Midway, Tompkins.... N. Y 
Midway, Davidson.... N. 
Midway, Guernsey .... Ohio 

Midway, Umatilla Oreg 

Midway, Washington. .. Pa 

Midway, Barnwell S. C 

Midway, Greene Tenn 

Midway, Madison Tex 

Midway, Wasatch .... Utah 

Midway, Halifax Va 

Midway, La Croswe Wis 

Midway Mills, Nelson.. . Va 

Mier, Wabash Ill 

Mier, Grant Ind 

Mifflin, Crawford Ind 

Mifflin, Ashland Ohio 

Mifflin, Schuylkill Pa 

Mifflin , Henderson . . . Tenn 

Mifflin, Iowa Wis 

Mifflinburgh, Union.... Pa 
Mifflin Cross Roads, 

Columbia Pa 

MUfft^town (c. A.), Ju- 
niata i Pa 

Mifflin ville, Franklin.. Ohio 
Mifflinyille, Columbia... Pa 
Mike8Tille, Columbia. . .Fla 

Milam, Sabine Tex 

Milan, Rock IsUnd Ill 

Milan, Ripley Ind 

Milan, Lucas Iowa 

Milan, Sumner Kaits 

Milan, Monroe Mich 

Milan (r. A.), Sulliran.Mo 

Milan, Coos N. H 

Milan, Dutchess N.Y 

Milan, Erie^ Ohio 

Milan, Bradford Pa 

Milan, Gibson Tenn 

Milano. Milam Tex 

Milanyille, Wayne Pa 

Milbum, Ballard Ky 

Milbum, San «aba Tex 

Mildred, Morris Kans 

Mile Creek, Pickens S. C 

Mile Run, Northumber^ 

land Pa 

Miles, Jackson Iowa 

Milesburgh, Centre Pa 

MUe8 City (e A.), Custer. . . 

Miles Cross Roads, Clay. .. 


Miles' Grove, Erie Pa 

Miles' Point, Carroll.... Mo 

Miles Pond, Essex Vt 

Miles' Station,Macoupin.Ill 
Milestown, St. Mary's..Md 
Milestown,* Philadelphia.. 

Mile Strip, Madison. . .N. Y 

Milford, Lassen Cal 

Milford, New Haven.. Conn 

Milfoid, K«nt Del 

Milford, Baker Ga 

Milford, Iroquois Ill 

Milford, Kosciusko.... Ind 
Milford, Dickinson. . . .Iowa 

• Branch of the Philadelphia 
Post Office. 

Milford, Davis Kans 

Milford, Bracken Ky 

Milford, Rapides Ia 

Milford, Penobscot Me 

Milford, Worcester.... Mass 

Milford, Oakland Mich 

Milford, Brown Minn 

Milford, Barton Mo 

Milford, Seward Nebr 

Milford, Hillsborough 

N. H 
Milford, Hunterdon. . .N. J 

Milford, Otsego N. Y 

Milford, Olermont .... Ohio 

Milford ( c. A. ), Pike Pa 

Milfoid, Ellis Tex 

Milford, Caroline Va 

Milford, Jefferson Wis 

Milford Centre, Union.Ohio 
Milford Mills, Chester... Pa 
Milford Square, Bucks. .Pa 
Milford Station, Somer- 
set Pa 

Milfordton, Knox Ohio 

Military Grove, Seb,astlan . . 

Military Springs, Lamar.. 


Mill, Fayette Iowa 

Milladore, Wood Wis 

Millard, Barton KAns 

Millard, Adair Mo 

Millard, Douglas Nebr 

Millard. Walworth Wis 

Millbach, Lebanon Pa 

Mill Bank, Rockingham . . . 

Millboro Depot, Bath...Va 
Millborough Springs, 

Bath Va 

Milibrae, San Mateo. . . .Oal 
Millbridge, Washington. Me 
Mill Bridg^, Rowan. . . .N. C 

Millbrig, Jo DavieRS III 

Mill Brook, St. Francis. Ark 

Mill Brook, Utchfield 


Millbrook, Kendall Ill 

Miilbrook, Graham. . . Kans 
Millbro^, Mecosta.. .Mich 
Millbrook, Warren. . . .N. J 
Millbrook, Dutchess... N. Y 
Mill Brook, Wayne. . . .Ohio 

Millbrook, Mercer Pa 

Mill Brook, Washing- 
ton. Tenn 

Mill Brook, Hampshire. . . . 

W. Va 
Mil] Brook Depot, 

Augusta Va 

Millburgh, Berrien. . . .Mich 

Millburn, Lake Ill 

Millbum, Essex N.J 

Millbury, Worcester.. Mass 

Millbury, Wood Ohio 

Mill City, Humboldt... Nev 

Mill City, Wyoming Pa 

Mill Creek, Union Ill 

Mill Creek, La Porte. . . Ind 
Mill Creek, Bourbon.. Kans 

Mill Creek, Sabine La 

Mill Cieek, Kent Mich 

Mill ('reek. Person N.C 

Mill Creek, Huntingdon.Pa 
Mill Greek, Morgan . ..Tenn 
Mill Creek, Salt Lake. Utah 
Mill Creek, Berkeley . W.Va 
MiU Creek, RichUnd. ..Wis 


Milldale, Ebutford. . . .Conn 

Milldale, Neshoba Miss 

Milldale, Warren Va 

MiUedgeviUe {c. A.), 

Baldwin Ga 

Milledgeville, Carroll... Ill 
MiUedgeviUe, -Boone. . .Ind 
MiUedgeviUe, Appanoose.. 

MUledgeville, Lincoln.. Kj 
MUledgeville, Mont- 
gomery N. 

MiUedgeviUe, Fayette.Ohio 
MiUedgeviUe, Mercer. . . .Pa 
MUledgeville, McNairy . . . . 


Milieu, Burice Ga 

MiUenbeck, Lancaster. . Va 

Miller, Mendocino Cal 

Miller, Hancock Iowa 

Millerborongh, Knox . Nebr 
Miller Grove, Hopkins. Tex 
Miller's, Lawrence . . . .Ohio 

Millers, Linn Oreg 

MiUevsburgh, Mercer.... Ill 
Millersburgh, £lkhart..Ind 
Millersbucgh, Iowa . . . Iowa 
Millersburgh, Bourbon.. Ky 
Millersburgh, Rice. ..Minn 
Millersburgh, Callaway. Mo 
MiUersburgk (c. A.), 

Holmes Oliio 

Millersburgh, Dauphin.. Pa 
Millembuxgh, Ruther- 
ford .Tenn 

Miller's Camp Branch, 

Raleigh W.Va 

Miller's Corners, On- 
tario N.Y 

Miller's Cove, Blount.Tenn 
Miller's Creek, Black 

Hawk Iowa 

Miller's Creek, Wilkes .... 

MUler's Falls, Franklin... . 

mUer's Mills, Herki- 
mer N.Y 

Miller's Place, Suffolk.N. Y 

Millersport, Erie N. Y 

Millersport, Fairfield.. Ohio 
Miller's SCand, U'inston. . . • 

MiUer's Station, Chat- 
ham Ga 

MUler's Station, Wilkin. .. 

MUler's Station, Harri- 
son Ohio 

MUler's Station, Craw- 
ford Pa 

MiUer's Tavern, Essex.. Va 
^UUerstown, Cliampaign. . . 


Millerstown, Perry Pa 

Millersville, Christian ... Ill 
Millersville, Marion. . . .Ind 
Millersville, Anne Arun- 
del Md 

MiUersviUe, Cape Girard- 
eau Mo 

Millersville, Sandusky.Ohio 
Millersville, Lancaster.. Pa 
Millerton, Dutchess ...N.Y 

Millerton, Tioga Pa 

Millertown. Rowan.... N. C 
MiUerville, Douglas.. Minn 
MUlett, Eaton Mieh 



MiUeitTiUe, Barnwell. .8. 

Ifillfield, Athens Ohio 

MiU Gap, Highland Va 

Mill Green, Ilarford. . . .Md 
If illgroYe, Blackford . . . Ind 
Ifill GroTe, Allegan. . Mioh 

Mill Grove, Mercer Mo 

Mill Grove, Erie N. Y 

Mill Grove, Morgan.. .Ohio 
Mill Grove, Columbia. . .Fa 

Mill Hall, Clinton Fa 

Mill Haven, Screven. .. .Ga 
Mill Haven, Ouachita.. .La 

Millheim, Centre Pa 

Millheim, Austin Tex 

Mill mil, Cabarrus.. . .N. C 
Mill Hill, Greenbrier. W.Va 
Mill Hollow, Luzerne. . . .Pa 
Millhome, Manitowoc . .Wis 
Millhousen, Decatur. . .Ind 

Millican, Brasoe Tex 

Milliken's Bend,Madison.La 
Milliken's Store, Simpson. 


MiUington, Kendall Ill 

Miilington, Kent Md 

Millington, Fran]clin..Ma8S 
Miilington, Tuscola. . .Mich 
Millington, Adams. . . .Nebr 

Millington, Morris N.J 

Millington, Shelby... Tenn 
Millington, Albemarle.. Va 
Mill Plain, Fairfield. .Conn 
Mill Point, Montgom- 
ery N.Y 

Mill Point, Sullivan. .Tenn 
Mill Point, Pocahontas .... 

W. Va 
Mill Pond,McDowell.W. Va 

Millport, Lamar Ala 

Millport, Washington.. Ind 

Millport, Knox Mo 

Mill Port, Chemung.. .N.- Y 
Millport, Columbiana. Ohio 

Millport, Potter Pa 

MUl Ray, Bulloch Ga 

Mill River, Berksliire..Mass 
Mill River, Henderson. N. C 
Mill Rock,Oolumbiana.Ohio 

Mill Run, Fayette Pla 

Mill Run, Prestdn.. . W. Va 
MiUry, Washington. . . . Ala 

Millsap, Parlcer Tex 

Millsborongh, Sussex. .Del 
Millsborough, Wash- 
ington. Pa 

Mills Centre, Brown. . .Wis 
Mills' Comers, Jay. . . .Ind 
Mills' Comers, Fulton.N. Y 
Mills Gap, Hawkins.. Tenn 

MUl Shoals, White Ill 

Mills' Mills, Allegany .N. Y 
Mills' Prairie, Edwards.. Ill 
Mill Spring, Wayne ... .Mo 
Mill Spring, Jefferaon.Tenn 
Mill Springs, Wayne. . . . Ky 
Mills Semhiary, Alameda. . 

Mills' Spring, Polk....N. G 

Miilstadt, St. Clair Ill 

Millston, Jackson Wis 

Millstone, Oglethorpe. . .Oa 
Millstone, Somerset. . .JX. J 

MUlstone, Elk Fa 

Millstone Point, Wash- 
ington Md 

Mill Store, Brunswick.. Va 

Alphabetical List of Post Offiee», 

Milltown, Chambers. ..Ala 
Milltown (e. A.), Arm- 
strong Dak 

Milltown, Berrien Ga 

Milltown, Crawford... .Ind 

Milltown, Adair Ky 

Milltown, Washington... Me 
Milltown, Middlesex.. N.J 

Milltown, Chester Pa 

Mill view, Escambia. . . .Fla 

Millview, Sullivan Pa 

Mill Village, Sullivan.N. H 

Mill Village, Erie Pa 

Millville, Pima Aria 

Millville, Ouachita .... Ark 

Blillville, Shasta Cal 

MillvUle, Henry Ind 

Millville, Clayton . . . .Iowa 
MillvUle, Woodford . . . .Ky 
MUlviUe, Worcester. .Mass 
Millville, Wabasha. . .Mum 

MUl vUle, Madison Miss 

Millville, Ray Mo 

MillvUle, Cumberluid.N. J 

Millville, Orleans N. Y 

MUlville, Butler Ohio 

MiUviUe, Columbia Pa 

MillvUle, Lincoln .... Tenn 

Millville, Rusk Tex 

MUlTille, Cache Utah 

Millville, Grant Wis 

MillvUle Depot, Pike. . . . Pa 

Mill way, Lancaster Pa 

Millway, AbbeviUe....S. C 

Millwood, Ware Ga 

Millwood, Kosciusko... Ind 
Millwood, Leavenworth... . 


MUl wood, Grayson Ky- 

Millwood, Lincoln Mo 

Millwood, Knox. ..... Ohio 


MUlwood, Collin Tex 

MUlwood, Clarke Va 

MUmine, Piatt Ill 

MUner, Randolph Ala 

Milner, Pike Ga 

MUner's Comers, Han- 
cock Ind 

MUner's Store, Fayette. . Ga 
MUner8yille,G uemsey.OlUo 
MilnesviUe, Luzerne. . . . Pa 
Milnesville, Augusta.. . . Va 

Milo,Pike Ala 

Milo, Bureau Ill 

Milo, Lincoln Kans 

Milo, Piscataquis Me 

Milo, Barry Mich 

Milo, Defiance Ohio 

Milo, Wetzel W. Va 

MUo Centre, Yates. . . . N. Y 
MUpitas, Santa Clara... Cal 

Milroy, Rush Ind 

MUroy, Mifflin Pa 

MUton, Autauga Ala 

Milton, Calaveras Cal 

MUton, Litchfield . . . .Conn 

MUton, Sussex Del 

MiUon (e. A.), Santa 

Rosa Fla 

MUton, Pike ...lU 

MUton, Wayne Ind 

Milton, Van Buren. . .Iowa 

MUton, Sumner Kans 

MUton, Trimble Ky 

MUton, Norfolk Mass 

MUton, Macomb... . . .Mich 

Milton, Atchison Mo 

Milton, Saunders Nebr 

MUton, Straiford N. H 

Milton, Morris N.J 

Milton, Ulster N.Y 

MUton, Caswell N. C 

Milton, Mahoning Ohio' 

MUton, UmatUla Oreg 

Milton, Northumber- 
land Fa 

Milton, Rutherford.. .Tenn 

MUton, Lamar Tex 

MUton, Chittenden Vt 

MUton, CabeU W. Va 

MUton, Rock Wis 

Miltona, Douglas Minn 

MUton Centre, Sara^ 

toga N.Y 

MUton Centre, Wood..Qhio 
Milton Grove,Lancaster.Pa 
Milton Junction, Rock.Wis 
MUton Mills, Stnifford.N.H 
MUton Plantation, Ox- 
ford Me 

Miltonsburgh,Monroe . Ohio 
Milton Station, Wayne.Olxio 
MUton Wharf, Rich- 
mond Va 

MUwaukee, Barton. . .Kans 
Milwaukee (c. A.), BiU- 

waukee Wis 

MUwaukie, Lackawanna.Fa 
Mim's Store, Marion. . .Tex 
Mina, Cliautauqua... .N. Y 
MinayUle, Montgomexy.... 


Minbum, Dallas Iowa 

Mincy, Taney Mo 

Minden, Calhoun Ala 

Minden, Pottawattamie.. . . 

Minden (c. A.), Webster. La 

Minden, Sanilac Mich 

Minden (c. A.), Kearney. . . 

Minden, Montgomery. N. Y 

Minden, Rusk Tex 

Mindoro, La Crosse .... Wis 
Mine Creek, Edgefield. .S. C 

Mine HiU, Morris N.J 

Mine lUU FaUs, Scho- 
harie N.Y 

Mine LaMotte, Madison.Mo 

Mineola, Queens N.Y 

Mineola, Wood Tex 

Mineral, Pulaski Ark 

Mineral, Bureau Ill 

Mineral, Athens Ohio 

Mineral City , Greene. . . Ind 

Mineral City, Bee Tex 

Mineral HiU, Elko Nev 

Mineral King, Tulare. .Cal 
Mineral Park, Mohave. Aiiz 
Mineral Point, San Juan, . . 

Mineral Point, Ander- 
son Kans 

Mineral Point, Wash- 

ington Mo 

Mineral Point, Tusca- 
rawas Ohio 

Mineral Point, Cambria.Pa 
Mineral Point, Iowa . . .Wis 
Mineral Ridge, Boone. Iowa 
Mineral Ric^e, Trum- 
bull Ohio 

Mineral Spring, Oarrett.M<& 

Mineral Springs, How- 
ard.. Ark 

Mineral Springs, Bon 

Homme Dak 

Mineral Springs, Pickens. . 

Mineral Springs, Scho- 
harie N.Y 

Mineral Springs, Adams. .. 

Mineral Springs, Marion.. . 

Mineral Wells, Wood.W.Va 
Miner's Delight, Sweet- 
water Wyo 

Minersville, Trinity Cal 

Minersyille, RepnbUo.Kans 
Minersville, Meigs .... Ohio 
MinersviUe, Schuylkill. .Fa 
MinersvUle, Beaver. . .Utah 

Mine Run, Orange Va 

Mine Run Furnace, 

Shenandoah Ta 

Minerva, Marshall. . . .Iowa 

Minerva, Labette Kans 

Minerva, Mason Ky 

Minerva, Essex N. x 

Minerva, Stark Ohio 

Mines, Blair F» 

Minetto, Oswego N. Y 

MinevUle, Essex N. Y 

Mingo, Sampson N. G 

Mingo, Champaign Ohio 

Mingo Junction, Jetter- 

son Ohio 

MingsviUe, Wright Mo 

Minier, Tazewell lU 

Mining City, Butler. . . .Ky 

Minisink, Orange N. Y 

Mink Creek, Oneida.Id&ho 
Minneapolis (c.A.), Ot- 

weW&* ••■••»•••••••• JI»jBiUB 

Minneapolis {e. A.), Hen- 
nepin Minn 

Minneha. Butler Kans 

Minneiska, Wabasha. Minn 
Minneola, Pittsylyania. .Ya 

Minneota, Lyon Minn 

Minnequa, Bradford.... Pa 
Minnesota City, Winona. . . 

Minnesota Falls, YeUow 

Medicine Mima 

Minnesota Junction, 

Dodge WiB 

Minnesota Lake, Fari- 
bault Minn 

Minnetonka, Hennepin. . . . 

Minnora. Calhoun.. W. Va 
Minnowiord, Giles. . . .Tenn 
Minong, Isle Boyale..Mich 

Minonk, Woodford Ill 

Minooka, Grundy Ill 

Minor Hill, GUes Tenn 

Minorsville, Scott .Ky 

Minortown, litchfield.Conn 
Minot, Androscoggin .. .Me 

Minster, Auglaize Ohio 

Minter, Dallas Ala 

Minter City, Le Flore.. Miss 

Mint HiU, Osage Mo 

Mint HUl, Mec^enbuxgh.. 

Minton, Worth Qa 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


MintOQTille, Csmj K7 

mnt Spring, Augusta. . .Va 
Uintum, I^wrence. . . .Ark 

Hirabile, CaldwvU Mo 

Miracle Ron, Monon- 
galia W. Va 

Mira Greek, Valley. . .Nebr 

Mirk Fork, Floyd Va 

Hinge, Kearney Jfebr 

Miser's Station, Blount 

Misha Mokwa, Buffalo. Wis 
Misiiawaka, St. Joseph. Ind 
Mishawaka, Clatsop... Oreg 
Miahieot, Manitowoc .. .Wis 
Missionaxy Station, Floyd.. 

Ififlsion Centre, Brown. . . . 

Mission Creek, Wabaun- 
see Kans 

Mission Creek , Pine . . Minn 
Mission Creek, Pa wnee.Nebr 
Mission Ridge, Walker. .Ga 
Mission Ban Jos^, Ala- 
meda Cal 

Mission Valley ,Victoria. . ». . 

Mississippi City (e. h.) 


Missoula (e. A.), Mis 

Boula Mont 

Missouri City, Clay Mo 

Missouri Mills, JPrince 

William Va 

Idssouri State Unirer- 

sity, Boone Mo 

Hfissouriton, St. CharIe6.Mo 
Missouri Valley, Harri- 
son Iowa 

IGtcliell, Lawrence. . . . Ind 
Mitchell, Mitchell .... Iowa 

Mitchell, Antrim Mich 

Mitchell, Wasco Oreg 

Mitchell, Robertson.. Tenn 
Mitchellsbnrgh, Boyle. .Ky 
MitcheU's Creek, Tioga.. Pa 
MttchelPs Mill, Elmore. Ala 
Mitchell's Mill, Attala.Miss 
Mitchell's MUls, ludiana.Pa 
Mitchell's Salt Works, 

Jefferson Ohio 

MitcheU's Station, Bul- 
lock Ala 

MitcheU's Station, Cul- 

peper Va 

MitchellsTiUe, Saline . . . lU 
MitcheUsTille, Steuben .N.T 
MitchellsvUle, Sumner. . . . 


Mtchellton, Screyen Ga 

MitcheUriUe, Polk . . .Iowa 
MitchellTUle, Prince 

Oeorge!8 Md 

MitchellTUle, Harrison. Mo 

Mitchie, Monroe lU 

MitUneague, Hampden. . . . 

MixorsTUle, Franklin . . Ind 

Mixtown, Ti<^a Pa 

Moark.Clay Ark 

Moberly, Randolph Mo 

Mobile (e. A.), MobUe. . . Ala 
Mobley Pond, Screren. . .Ga 
Moccasin, EfiBLngham. ... Ill 
Mockeson, Lawrence. . Tenn 
Mock's MUla, Washington. . 


MoeksmlU{e. h.), Barie.N.C 

Modale, Harrison Iowa 

Mode, Shelby lU 

Modell, Norton Kans 

Modena, Stark Ill 

Modena, Butler Kans 

Modena, Mercer Mo 

Modena, Ulster N. Y 

Modena, Chester Pa 

Modena, Buffalo Wis 

Modesto (e. A.), Stanis- 
laus Cal 

Modest Town, Acco- 
mack Va 

Modina, Brookings .... Dak 

Modoc, PhUlipe Ark 

Modoc, Boulder Colo 

Modoc, Audrain Mo 

Moe^ Douglas Minn 

Moffat, Muion Tenn 

Moffat, Bell Tex 

Moffatt's Creek, Augusta.. 

MoffettsTlUe, Anderson.S.C 
Moffltt's GroTe, Guthrie... 

Moffltt's Mills, Ran- 
dolph N.O 

MoffltSTille, CUnton.. N. Y 
Mogadore, Summit — Oliio 
Blohave City, Mohave.. Ailz 
Mohawk, Herkimer... N. Y 

Mohawk, Lane Or^ 

Mohawk Hill, Lewis.. N. Y 
Mohawk Valley, Plu- 
mas Cal 

Mohawk VUIage, Cosh- 
octon Qhio 

Moh^pan, ProTidence. .R. I 
Mohican, Ashland.... Ohio 

Mohn's Store, Berks Pa 

Mohon, Bourbon Kans 

Mohontongo, Juniata ... Pa 

MohrsTUle, Berks Pa 

Moingona, Boone Iowa 

Moira, FrankUn N. Y 

Mojare, Kern Cal 

Mokelumne Hill, Cala- 
veras Cal 

Mokena, WiU...., lU 

Mokeville, St. Louis Mo 

Molalla, Clackamas. . .Oreg 
Mole Hill, Dickinson.. Kans 
Mole mn, Ritchie... W. Va 

Moline, Rock Island 111 

Moline, Allegan Mich 

Moline, Franklin Nebr 

Molino, Escambia Fla 

Molino, Union Miss 

MoUno, Oswego N. Y 

MoUno, Lincoln Tenn 

Molltown, Berks Pa 

Mombaccus, Ulster... N. Y 
Momence, Kankakee.. ..Ill 
Momonce, Fillmore... Nebr 

Mona, Mitchell Iowa 

Mona, Reno Kans 

Mona, Juab Utah 

Monaskon, Lancaster... Va 
Monches, Waukesha . . . Wis 

Monclora, Lucas Ohio 

Moncure, Chatham.. . .N. C 
Mondale, Brookings . . . Dak 
Mondamin, Harrison.. Iowa 

Mondovi, Buffalo Wis 

Monee, WiU lU 

Money Creek, Houston .... 


Mongaup, Sullivan. . . .N. Y 
Mongaup Valley, Sulli- 
van N. Y 

Mongo, Lagrange Ind 

Monica, Peoria Ill 

Monie, Somerset Md 

Moniteau, Butler Pa 

Monitor, Alpine Cal 

Monitor, Tippecanoe. . .Ind 
Monitor, McPher8on..Kans 

Monitor, Marion Oreg 

Monk's Comer, Charles- 
ton S.C 

Monkstown, Fannin. ..Tex 

Monkton, Addison Vt 

Monkton Mills, Balti- 
more Md 

Monkton Ric^, Addi- 
son Vt 

Monmouth (c. A.), War- 
ren ni 

Monmouth, Adams.... Ind 
Monmouth, Jackson.. Iowa 
Monmouth, Crawford.Kans 
Monmouth, Kennebec... Mt* 

Monmouth, Polk Oreg 

Monmouth, Rockbridge.Va 
Monmouth Junction, 

Middlesex N. J 

Monocacy, Montgomery .Md 

Monocacy , Berks Pa 

Monocacy Station, Berks .Pa 

Monon, White Ind 

Monona, Clayton Iowa 

Monongahela City, Wash- 
ington Pa 

Monroe, Fairfield. . . .Conn 
Monroe (c. A.), Walton.. Ga 

Monroe, Adams Ind 

Monroe, Jasper Iowa 

Monroe, Lincoln Kans 

Monroe, Hart Ky 

MoiiToe (c.A.), Ouachita.La 

Monroe, Waldo Me 

Monroe, Franklin Mass 

Monroe (c. A.), Monroe. . . . 


Monroe, Martin Minn 

Monroe, Perry Miss 

Monroe, Platte Nebr 

Monroe, Grafton N. H 

Monroe, Sussex N. J 

Monroe, Orange N. Y 

Monroe (c. A.), Union. N. C 

Monroe, Butler Ohio 

Monroe, Benton Oreg 

Monroe, Clarion Pa 

Monroe, Overton Tenn 

Monroe, Busk Tex 

Monroe, Sevier Utah 

Monroe (e. h,.)y Green.. Wis 
Monroe Centre, Ogle... .Ill 
Monroe Centre, Waldo.. Me 
Monroe Centre, Grand 

Traverse Mich 

Monroe Centre, Ash- 
tabula Ohio 

Monroe City, Monroe... Ill 
Monroe City, Monroe. . .Mo 
Monroe Draft, Green- 
brier W. Va 

Monroe Furnace, Jack- 
son Ohio 

Monroe Mills, Monroe.. Ind 
Monroe Mills, Knox.. .Ohio 
Monroeton, Rocking- 
ham N.O 

Monroeton, Bradford.. ..Pa 

MonroevilU {e. A.), Mon- 
roe Ala 

Monroeville, Allen Ind 

Monroeville, Salem N.J 

Monroeville, Huron... Ohio 
Monroeville, Allegheny.. Pa 

Monroe Works, Orange 


Monrovia, Madison Ala 

Monrovia, Morgan Ind 

Monrovia, Atchison . . Kans 
Monrovia, Frederick. . . .Md 

Mousey, Rockland N. Y 

Monson, Piscataquis. ... Me 
Monson, Hampden. . . .Mass 
Montague, Franklin.. Mass 
Monti^^ue, MuskegomMich 

Montague, Sussex N. J 

Montague, Lewis N. Y 

Montague (c. A.), Mon- 
tague Tex 

Montague, Essex Va 

Montague City, Frank- 
lin Mass 

Mont Alto, Franklin Pa 

Montana, Labette .... Kans 
Montana, Warren. . . . .N. J 

Montana, Buffalo Wis 

Montandon, Northum- 
berland Pa 

Montauk, Dent Mo 

Montaview, Montgom- 
ery Ky 

Mont Calm, Fayette. . . Ala 

Montcalm, Bienville La 

Mont Cenis, Dickinson. Kans 

Mont Clair, Essex N. J 

Mont Clare, Cook Ill 

Monteith, Allegan .... Mich 
Monteithville, Stafford.. Va 
MonteUo {e. A.), Mar- 
quette T^9 

Monterey, Butler Ala 

Monterey, Monterey. . . .Gal 

Monterey, Calhoun Ill 

Monterey, Pulaski Ind 

Monterey, Davis Iowa 

Monterey, Owen Ky 

Monterey, Berkshire.. Mass 
Monterey, All^an. . . .Mich 

Monterey, Rankin Miss 

Monterey, Clermont. . .Oliio 

Monterey, Berks Pa 

Monterey, Abbeville... S. C 
Monterey, McNairy. . .Tenn 

Monterey, HiU Tex 

Monterey {e. A.), High- 
land Va 

Monterey, Waukesha .. Wis 
Montesano (e. A.), Che- 

halis Wash 

Montevallo, Shelby .... Ala 

Montevallo, Vernon Mo 

Montevideo (c. A.), 

Chippewa Minn 

Montevideo, Rocking- 
ham Va 

Monte Vista, Sumner.. Miss 
Montezuma, Tuolumne .Cal 
Montezuma, Summit.. Colo 
Montezuma, Lawrence.Dak 

Montezuma, Macon Ga 

Montezunufc, Pike Ill 

Montezuma, Parke Ind 

Montezuma (c. A.), 

Poweshiek Iowa 

Montezuma, Cayuga... N. Y 
Montezuma, Mercer. . . Ohio 



Montezuma, M'cNairy.Tenn 
Montf ort, Grant Wis 

MOMTGOMSST (c. k.), 

Montgomery Ala 

Montgomery, Kane Ill 

Montgomery, Trigg Ky 

Montgomery, Grant La. 

Montgomery, Uampden. . . . 


Montgomery, Hillsdale 

Montgomery, Le Saeur. . . . 

Montgomery, Lincoln. Bliss 
Montgomery, Somerset.N. J 
Montgomery, Orange. N. Y 
Montgomery, Hamilton. . . . 

Montgomery \e A.), 

Montgomery Tex 

Montgomery, Franklin.. Yt 
Montgomery, Washing- 
ton ..Va 

Montgomery Centre, 

Franklin Vt 

Montgomery City, 

Montgomery Mo 

Montgomery Creek, 

Shasta.. Cal 

Montgomery's Ferry, 

Perry Pla 

Montgomery Springs, 

Montgomery Va 

Montgomery Square, 

Montgomery Fa 

Montgomery's Station, 

Dariess Ind 

Montgomery Station, 

Lycoming Pa 

Monticello{c. A.), Drew. Ark 

Monticello, Napa Cal 

Monticello {c. A.), Jef- 
ferson Fla 

Monthello {e. A.), 

Jasper Qa 

Monticello (c. A.), Piatt.. Ill 
Monticello {c. A.),White.Ind 
Monticello, Jones .... Iowa 
Monticello, Johnson.. Kans 
Monticello (c. A.), 

Wayne Ky 

Monticello, Aroostook... Me 
Monticello, Wright... Minn 
Monticello (c. A.}, Law- 
rence Miss 

Monticello {e. A.), Lewis.Mo 
MonticeUo {e. h.)f Sulli- 
van N. Y 

Monticello, Guilford..N. C 
Monticello, Van Wert. Ohio 
Monticello, Fairfield . . .S. C 
Monticello, Hardin. ..Tenn 

Monticello, Titus Tex 

Monticello, Green Wis 

Mohtmorenci, Aiken.. S.C 
Montmorency, Tippe- 
canoe Ind 

Montongo, Ihrew Ark 

Montour, Tama Iowa 

Montoursville, Lycom- 
ing Pa 

Montowese, New Haven. . . . 

Montpelier, Bear Lake .... 

Montpelier, Blackford.. Ind 

Montpelier, Adair Ky 

Montpelier, Clay Miss 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Montpelier, Kichmond.N. C 
Montpelier, WUliams.Ohio 
Montpelier (c. A.), 

Washingtoo Vt 

Montpelier, Hanover. . . .Va 
Montpelier, Kewaunee. Wis 

Montra, Shelby Ohio 

Montr^l, Nelson Va 

Montrose, Sebastian.. ..Ark 
Montrose, Effingham.. . .Ill 

Montrose, Lee Iowa 

Montrose, Elk Kans 

Montrose, Montgomery . Md 
Montrose, Genesee .... Mich 
Montrose, Wright. . . .Minn 

Montrose, Jasper Miss 

Montrose, Henry Mo 

Montrose, Westchester.... 

N. Y 

Montrose, Summit X)hio 

Montrose (c. A.), Sus- 
quehanna Pa 

Montrose, Dane Wis 

Montr OSS (c. A.), West- 
moreland Va 

Montserrat, Johnsoii. ..Mo 
Montvale, Middlesex. . Mass 

Blontvale, Bergen N.J 

Montvale, Hamilton... Tex 
Alontvale Springs, 

Blount Tenn 

Blontville, New London . . . 


Blontville, Waldo Me 

Blontville, Berkshire.. Mass 

Blontville, Morris N. J 

Blontville, Geauga. . . . Ohio 

Monument, l4ma Ariz 

Monument, El Paso. . . .Colo 
Monument, Barnstable . . . 

Monument, Grant . . . Oreg 
Monument Beach, Barn- 
stable Blasa 

Monument City, Hun- 
tington Ind 

Moo(£ia, Orange N. Y 

Moodus, Middlesex... Conn 
Moody ville, Pottawato- 
mie Kans 

Moody ville. Green Ky 

Mooers, Clinton N. Y 

Mooers Forks, Clinton 

Mooleyville, Breckinridge.. 


Moon, Muskegon Mich 

Moon, Allegheny Pa 

Mooney , Jackson Ind 

Mooney's Mills, Barron 


Moonhull, Newton Ark 

Moons, Chautauqua.. N. Y 

Moons, Fayette Ohio 

Moon's Ranch, Tehama . Cal 

Moor, Fairfax Va 

Moorefield, Switzerland... 

Moorefield, Nicholas . . . . Ky 
Moorefield, Harrison. . Ohio 
Moorefield (c. A.), Har- 
dy W.Va 

Moorefield Junction, 

Hampshire W. Va 

Moore Hollow, Frio Tex 

Moorepark, St. J oseph .... 

Moore's, Tyler W. Va 

Mooresborough, Cleve 

land N.C 

Moore's Bridge, Tusca- 

loasa Ala 

Mooresburgh , Pulaski . . Ind 
Mooresburgh, Montour.. Pa 
Mooresburgh, Hawkins. . . . 

Moore's Creek, Jackson. Ky 

Moore's Creek, Pender 

Moore's Flat, Nevada. . . Cal 
Moore's Hill, Dearborn . Ind 
Moore's Hill, Henden^on... 

Moore's Mill, Dutchess.N Y 
Moore's Mills, Newton .Miss 
Moore's Blills, Wake. ..N. 
Moore's Prairie, Jeffer- 
son Ill 

Moore's Salt Works, 

Jefferson Ohio 

Moore's Station, Butte. .Cal 
Moore's Station, De Kalb.. 

Moore's Store, Shenan- 
doah Va 

Moorestown, Burlington... 

Moorestown, Northamp- 

Mooresville, Limestone. Ala 
Mooresville, Morgan — Ind 
Mooresville, Washington.. 

Mooresville, Livingston.Mo 
Mooresville, IredeU.. N.C 
Mooresville, Marshall. Tenn 

Mooresville, Falls Tex 

Mooresville, Mononga- 

Ua W.Va 

Moore's Vineyard, Bar- 
tholomew Ind 

MoorevUle, Tama .... .Iowa 

Mooreville, Lee Miss 

Moorhead, Monona. .. Iowa 
Moorhead (c. A.), Clay .Minn 

Moorheadville, Erie Pa 

Mooringsport, Caddo.... La 
Moorman's River, Albe- 
marle. Va 

Moorton, Kent Del 

Moose Creek, Deer Lodge. . 

Moose Ear. Barron... .Wis 
Moosehead, Luzerne.... Pa 
Moose Lake, Carlton. .Minn 
Moose Meadow, Tolland.i . . 

Moose River, Somerset. .Me 
Moose River, Lewis.... N. Y 
Mooshaunee, Moore. . .N. C 
Mooeic, Lackawanna.... Pa 
Moosup, Windham . . . .Conn 
Moosup Valley, Provi- 
dence B. I 

Mora, Pettis Mo 

Mora (c. A.), Mora. .N. Mex 

Moral, Shelby Ind 

Morales, Jackson Tex 

Moran, Clinton Ind 

Moravia, Appanoose.. . Iowa 

Moravia, Cayuga N.Y 

Moravia, Lawrence Pa 

Moravian Falls, Wilkes. . . . 

MordansviUe, Columbia. Pa 
Morea, Crawford Ill 

Moreauville, Avoyelles.. La 

Morehead, Labette Kans 

Morehead (c. A.), Rowan. . 

Morehead City, Car- 
teret N.C 

MorehousevUle, Ham- 
ilton N.Y 

Moreland, Pope Ark 

Moreland, Schuyler... N. Y 
Moreland, Lycoming. . . .Pa 

Morell'sMiU, Sullivan 

Morenci, Lenawee.... Mich 
Moretown, Washington.. Vt 
MoretB Mills, Watauga. N.O 

Morey, Nye Nev 

Morfordsville, Johnson. . . . 

Morgan ( e. A. ), Calhoun . Ga 
Morgan, Crawford . . . .Iowa 

Morgan, Chase Kans 

Morgan, Pendleton. Ky 

Morgan, Carroll Md 

Morgan, Barry Mich 

Morgan, Redwood. . . .Minn 
Morgan (c. A.), Morgan.. .• 


Morgan, Orleans Vt 

Morgan City, St. Mary's.La 
Morganfield (c. A.), 

Union Ky 

Morgan Hill, Buncombe... . 


Morgan Park, Cook lU 

Morgan's Fork, Franklin .*. . 

Morgan's Glade, Preston. . . 

Bloi^n's Mill, Erath. .Tex 
Morgan's Mills, Union. N. G 
Morgan Spring, Perry.. Ala 
Moi^ansville, Morgan. Ohio 
Morgansville, Doddridge. .. 

Morganton{c. A.), Fan- 
nin . Qa 

Morganton (c. A.), Burke. . 

N. C 
Morganton, Loudon.. Teiui 
MorgantoTvn, Morgan.. Ind 
Morgantoivn (e. A.), But- 
ler Ky 

Morgantown, Pike Ohio 

Morgantown, Berks Pa 

Morgantown (c. A.), 

Monongalia W. Va 

Morgan Valley, Wyo- 
ming W.Va 

Morganville, Lowndes. . Ala 

Moi^nville, Dade Oa 

Morganville, Clay Kans 

Morganville, Monmouth... 

Morganville, Genesee.. N. Y 

Morganville, Polk Tex 

Morganza, St. Mary's...Md 

Moriah, Essex N. Y 

Moriah Centre, Essex.N. Y 
Moriches, Suffolk . . . . N. Y 

Morley, Blecosta Mich 

Morley, Scott Mo 

Morley, St. Lawrence.. N. Y 
Mormon Grove, Grayson. . . 

Mormon Island, Sacra- 
mento Cal 

Mormontown, Taylor. Jtowa 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Homing OIoT7,Nlobola8.K]r 
Morning Scar, Washing- 
ton Tenn 

Morning Son, Louisa.. Iowa 
Morning Sun, Preble. . Ohio 
Momington, Webster... Mo 
Homing View, Kenton . . Ky 
Morning View, Belmont... 


Mozo, Lee Ark 

Moro, Madison Ill 

Mozo, Aroo-^took Me 

Moro Bay, Bradley Ark 

Morocco, Newton Ind 

Moroni, San Pete Utah 

Morral, Marion Ohio 

Morrell, Huntingdon .... Pa 
Morriee, Shiawassee. . Mich 
Morrill, Brown. ..... .Kans 

MortUl, Jackson Ky 

Morrill, Waldo Me 

Morrii, Jefferson Ala 

Morris, Litclifleld....Gonn 
Morris {c.h,)j Grundy.. Ill 

Marris, Bipley Ind 

Mmrru{e. A.), Stevens. Minn 

Morris, Otsego N. Y 

Morris, Seneca Ohio 

Morris, Tioga Pa 

Morris, UanoTer Va 

Morrisania,* New York.... 

N. Y 
Morris Oiapel, Hardin Tenn 
Morris Church, Camp- 
bell Va 

Marris Cross Roads, 

layette Pa 

Morrisdale Mines, Clear- 
field Pa 

Morris Gap, Rootne . . .Tenn 
Morris Hill, Alleghany. .Va 
Morriscm, Jefferson. . . .Colo 
Morrison (e.h.), White- 

sMes Ill 

Morrifl<m, Grundy. . . .Iowa 
Morrison, Gasconade. . ..Mo 

Morrison, Warren Tenn 

Morri8(m, Brown Wis 

Morrison Bluff i Logan. Ark 
Morrisontille, Ghristian.Ill 
Mojrrisonyille, Clinton.N. Y 
Morrisonyille, Loudoun. Va 
Morrisonyille, Dane. . . .Wis 
Morris Plains, Morris.. N. J 

Morris Bun, Tioga Pa 

Morris Station, Quitman.Ga 
Morriston, Davison .... Dak 

Morristown, Henry Ill 

Morristown, Shelby .... Ind 

Morristown, Rice Minn 

Morristown (c. A.), Mor- 
ris N.J 

Morristown, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

Morristown, Belmont..Ohio 
Morristown (e. A.), Ham- 
blen Tenn 

M(HTi8town, Lamoille. . . . Vt 

MarrisTUle, Polk Mo 

MorrisviUe {e. A. ), Mad- 
ison N.Y 

MorrisTille, Wake N. 

MorrisTille, Clinton. . . Ohio 

MorrisTille, Bucks Pa 

MorrisTille, Lamoille.. . .Vt 
MorrisTille, Fauquier. . . Va 

^* Bninch of the New York 
Vtat Office. 

Morro, San Luis Obispo.Cal 
Morrosenian, Robeson. N. C 

M orrow. Warren Ohio 

Morrow's Station, Clay- 
ton Ga 

MorrowTille, Dallas. . . . Ala 

Morse, Johnson Iowa 

Morse, Johnson Kans 

Morse, Lincoln Minn 

Morse-s Mill, Jefferson. . Mo 
Morseville, Adams .... Nebr 
Morsston Depot, SulliTan. . 


Morton, Taiewell Ill 

Morton, Putnam Ind 

Morton, Wapello Iowa 

Morton, Cherokee Kans 

Morton, Scott Miss 

Morton, Ray Mo 

Morton, Monroe Ohio 

Morton, Delaware Pa 

Morton Groye, Cook. . . .Ill 
Morton GroTe, Morgan. . . . 

Morton's Comers, Erie.... 

N. Y- 
Morton's Gap, Hopkins. Ky 
Morton's Mills, Mont- 
gomery Iowa 

Morton's Store, Ala- 
mance N. C 

MortonsTille, Woodford... 

MortonTille, Chester — Pa 

MorTen, Brooks 6a 

Morren, Anson N. C 

MorTen, Amelia Va 

Morvin, Clarke Ala 

Moscow, Ijamar Ala 

Moscow, Nez Perces. .Idaho 

Moscow, Johnson Ill 

Moscow, Rush Ind 

Moscow, Muscatine. . .Iowa 

Moscow, Cowley Kans 

Moscow, Hickman. Ky 

Moscow, Hillsdale .... Mich 
Moscow, Freeborn .... Minn 

Moscow, Kemper Miss 

Moscow, Clay Mo 

Moscow, LiTingston. . .N. Y 
Moscow, Clermont. . . .Ohio 
Moscow, Lackawanna... Pa 

Moscow, Fayette Tenn 

Moscow, Polk Tex 

Moscow, Augusta Va 

Moscow, Iowa Wis 

Moscow Mills, Lincoln.. Mo 
Moscow Mills, Morgan. Ohio 

Mosel, Sheboygan Wis 

Moselem Springs, Berks. Pa 

Moselle, Franklin Mo 

Moselm, Berks Pa 

Mosely's Bluff, Union. . .La 
Moses Fork, Wayne. W. Va 
Moses Kill, Washing- 
ton..... N.Y 

Mosheim, Greene Tenn 

Moeherrille, HUlsdale 

Moeherrille, Saratoga. N. Y 
Mosiertown, Crawford. . .Pa 

Mosinee, Marathon Wis 

Mosing, Pocahontas.. W. Va 
Moss Bluff, Liberty .... Tex 

Mosserrille, Lehigh Pa 

Mossing Ford, Clwrlotte... 


Moss Neck, Robeson. .N. C 

Moss Neck, Caroline Va 

Moss Point, Jackson... Miss 
Moss Run, Washington .... 

Moss Side, Marengo . . . • Ala 
Moss Springs, DaTis...Kan8 
MossTille, Peoria. ...... .Ill 

Mossy Creek, Jefferson. . . . 

Mossy Creek, Augusta.. .Va 
Mossy Rock, Lewis... Wash 

Metier, Pendleton Ky 

Motley, Morrison Minn 

Motley's Depot, Pittsyl- 
vania Va 

Motor, Rooks Kans 

Motter's, Frederick Md 

Mott's Bridge, Claren- 
don S. C 

Mott's Comers, Tomp- 
kins N.Y 

Mott's Mill, Lee Ala 

MottTille, St. Joseph.. Mich 
MottTille, Onondaga. . .N. Y 
Moulton (c. A.), Law- 
rence Ala 

Moulton, Appanoose. . Iowa 

Moulton, Shelby Mo 

Moulton, Auglaize. . . .Ohio 

Moulton, Lavaca Tex 

Moultonborough, Car- 
roll N.II 

MoultonTille, Carroll. N. H 
Moultrie (c. A.), Colquitt... 

Moultrie, Columbiana . Ohio 
Moultrieville, Charles- 
ton S. C 

Mound, Phillips Kans 

Mound, Madison La 

Mound City, Crittenden. .. 

Mound City {e. A.), 

Pulaski... Ill 

Mound City {c. A.), 

Linn Kans 

Mound City, Hennepin. . . . 


Mound City. Holt Mo 

Mound Creek, Miami.. Kans 
Mound Landing, Bolivar. . . 

Mound Prairie, Hous- 
ton Minn 

Mounds, Vernon Mo 

Mound Station, Brown. . Ill 
Mound sviUe (e. A.), 

Marshall W.Va 

Mound Valley, Labette .... 

Mound Valley. Elko. . . Nev 
Moundville, Marquette.Wis 
Mount Adams, Arkan- 
sas Ark 

Mount Aerial, Allen. . . .Ky 

Mount iBtna, Berks Pa 

Mountain, Choctaw N 

Ind. T 

Mountain, Berks« Pa 

Mountainburgh, Craw- 
ford Ark 

Mountain City, Elko . . .Not 
Mountain City, Hays . . .Tex 
Mountain Goto, Nez 

Perces Idaho 

Mountain Coto, Fay- 
ette W.Va 


Mountain Creek, CUl- 
ton Ala 

Mountain Creek, Rankin . . 


Mountain Creek, Catawba.. 

N. C 

Mountain Creek, Ander- 
son S. ■ 

Mountain Creek, War- 
ren Tenn 

Bilountain Dale, Wash- 
ington Oreg 

Mountain Ij^le, Centre. Pa 

Mountain Fe^ls, Fred- 
erick Va 

Mountain Fork, Polk. .Ark 

Moimtain Glen, Garland.. . 


Mountain GroTe,Wright.Mo 

Mountain Grove, Lu- 
zerne Pa 

Mountain Grove, Bath..Va 

Mountain Hill, Harris.. Ga 

Mountain Home, Law- 
rence ...Ala 

Mountain Home (c. A.), 
Baxter Ark 

Mountain Home, Altu- 
ras Idaho 

Mountain Home, Mon-e 
roe Pa 

Mountain Home, Grant. .. . 


Mountain House, Sierra.Cal 

Mountain Island, Gas- 
ton ....N.O 

Mountain Lake, Cot- 
tonwood Minn 

Mountain Lake, B|adford. . 


Mountain Lake, Giles. . .Va 

Mountain Meadow,Clay.Ala 

Mountain Mill, Madison — 


Mountain Peak, Ellis.. Tex 

Mountain Ranch, Calav- 
eras Cal 

Mountain Rest, Oconee. S.G 

Mountain Road, Halifax.Va 

Mountain Scene, Towns.Ga 

Mountain Shoals, Laurens. 

S. C 

Mountain Spring, Mar- 
tin Ind 

Mountain Spring, Cooke... . 


Mountain Top, Luzerne. Pa 

Mountaintown, Gilmer..Ga 

Mountain Valley, Lack- 
awanna Pa 

Mountain Valley, Henry... 


Mountain View (c. A.), 
Stone Ark 

Mountain View, Santa 
Clara Cal 

Mountain View, Passaic... 


Mountain View, Warren.. 


Mountain View, Abbe- ^ 

ville S.O 

Mountain View, Staf- 
ford Va 

Mountainville, Hunt- 
erdon N. J 

Mountainville, Orange .N.Y 

Mountainville, Lehigh. .Pa 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

MountBinTille, Monroe.... 


Mount Airy, Qabersham.Gft 

Mount Airy, Carroll .... Md 

Mount Airy, Randolph. Mo 

Mount Airy, Surry . . . . N. C 

Mount Airy, Hamil- 
ton Ohio 

Mount Airy,WaHhington.Pa 

Mgunt Airy, Sequat- 
chie Tenn 

Mount Airy, Pittsylvania. . 


Mount Andrew, Bar- 
bour Ala 

Mount Ararat,Choctaw.Ala 

Mount Athos, Camp- 
bell Va 

Mount Auburn, Chris- 
tian Ill 

Mount Auburn, Shelby... 


Mount Auburn, Ben- 
ton lova 

Mount Auburn,* Mid- 
dlesex Mass 

Mount Ayr (e. A.), 
Ringgold Iowa 

Mount Ayr, Osborne. . Kans 

MoiAit Betnel, Alexander.. 

N. C 

Mount Bethel, North- 
ampton Pa 

Mount Blanchard, Han- 
cock Ohio 

Mount Blanco, MeigR . . Ohio 

Mount Bliss, An trim.. Mich 

Mount Braddock, Fay- 
ette...! Pa 

Mount Bullion, Mari- 
posa Cal 

Mount Calm, Lime- 
stone Tex 

Mount Calvary, Fond 
du Lac Wis 

Mount Carmel, Mont- 
gomery Ala 

Mount Oarmel, New 
Haven Conn 

Mount Carmel (e. A.), 
Wabash Ill 

Mount Oarmel, Frank- 
lin Ind 

Mount Carmel, Car- 
roll Iowa 

Mount Carmel, Craw- 
ford Kans 

Mount Carmel, Flem- 
ing Ky 

Mount Carmel, Balti- 
more Md 

Mount Carmel, Coving- 
ton Miss 

Mount Carmel, Cler- 
mont Ohio 

Mount Carmel, North- 
umberland Pa 

Mount Carmel, Smith.. Tex 

Mount Carmel, Kane. Utah 

Mount Carmel, Halifax..ya 

Mount Carricki Mon- 
roe Ohio 

Mount Carrie, Columbia.. . 


Mount Carrott (e. A.), 
Carroll Ill 

* Branch of the Boston Post 

Mount Chestnut, But- 
ler Pfc 

Mount Clare, Harrison .... 

Mount Clemens (c. A.), 

Macomb Mich 

Mount Clifton, Shen- 
andoah Ya 

Mount Clinton, Rock- 
ingham Va 

Mount Coffin, Cowllts.Wash 
Mount Comfort, Han- 
cock Ind 

Mount Cory, Hancock.Ohio 
Mount Crawford, Carroll . . 

N. H 
Mount Crawford, Rock- 
ingham Va 

Mount Cross, Pittsyl- 
vania Va 

Mount Cuba, New Cas- 
tle Del 

Mount Desert, Hancock. Me 
Mount Eaton, Wayne. Ohio 
Mount Ebal, Aiken . . . . S. C 
Mount Eden, Alameda.. Cal 
Mount Eden, Spencer. . . Ky 
Mount Energy, Oran- 

. ville NO 

Mount Enterprise, Rusk. . . 

Mount Ephraim, Cam- 
den ,. N. J 

Mount Ephraim, Noble.. . . 


Mount Erie, Wayne Ill 

Mount Etna, Hunting- 
ton ..Ind 

Mount Etna, Adams. .Iowa 

Mount Eva, White Ark 

Mount Fairview, San 

Diego Cal 

Mount Forest, Cook Ill 

Mount Freedom, Mor- 
ris N. J 

Mount Freedom, Pen- 
dleton W.Va 

Mount Gallagher, Lau- 
rens S. C 

Mount Oajmor, Hays.. Tex 
Mount Gilead, Mason.. .Ky 
Mount Qilead, Mont- 
gomery N. C 

Mount Gilead {e. A.), 

Morrow Ohio 

Mount Gileaa, Cumber- 
land Tenn 

Mount Gilead, Loudoun. Va 
Mount Haley, Midland .... 

Mount Harmony, Ifarion. . . 

W. Va 
Mount Healthy, Bar- 
tholomew Ind 

Mount Healthy, Ham- 
ilton Ohio 

Mount Healthy, Som- 
erset Pa 

Mount Hebron, Greene. Ala 
Mount Heda, Jack . . . .Tex 
Mount Hermon,Monroe.Ky 
Mount Hermon, War- 
ren N.J 

Mount Heron, Darke.. Ohio 
Mount Hersey, Newton... 

Mount Hilliard, Bullock... 


Mount Holly, Union.. .Ark 
Mount HoUy (e. A.), 

Burlington N. J 

Mount Holly, Cler- 
mont Ohio 

Mount Holly, Charleston. . 

8. C 
Mount HoUj, Rutland. . Vt 
Mount Holly, Westmore- 
land Va 

Mount Holly Springs, 

Cumberland Pa 

Mount Hope, Law- 
rence Ala 

Mount Hope, Franklin . Ark 
Mount Hope, Tolland. Conn 
Mount Hope, Yankton. Dak 
Mount Hope, De Kalb. .Ind 

M ount Hope, Sac Iowa 

Mount Hope, Sedg- 
wick Kans 

Mount Hope, Copiah. .Miss 
Mount Hope, La Fayette.. 

Mount Hope, Morris.. N. J 
Mount Hope, Orange. .N. T 
Mount Hope, Holmes. Ohio 
Mount Hope, Lancaster. Pa 
Mount Hope, Fayette. W.Va 
Mount Hope, Grant .... Wis 
Mount Hor, Bracken. . .Ky 
Mount Horeb, Jeffer- 
son Tenn 

Mount Horob, Dane y. . Wu 
Mount Ida, Crenshaw. .Ala 
Maunt Ida («. A.), 

Montgomery Ark 

Mount Ida, Fayette. .W.Va 

Mount Ida, Grant Wis 

Mount Idaho (c. A.), 

Idftho Idaho 

Mount Jackson, Law- 
rence Pa 

Mount Jackson, Shen- 
andoah Va 

Mount Joy, Scott Iowa 

Mount Joy, Scioto.... Ohio 
Mount Joy, Lancaster.. .Pa 

Mount Joy, Union S. 

Mount Joy, Delta Tex 

Mount Judea, Newton . Ark 
Mount Juliet, Wilson . Tenn 
Mount Kisco West- 
cheater N. Y 

Mount Landing, Essex. . Va 
Mount Laurel, Burling- 
ton N.J 

Mount Laurel, Halifax.. Va 
Mount Leonainl, Saline.. Mo 
Mount Lebanon, Bien- 
ville La 

Mount Lebanon, Colum- 
bia N. Y 

Mount Lebanon, Alle- 
gheny Pa 

Mount Level, Bullock . . Ala 
Mount Levi, Johnson. .Ark 
Mount Liberty, Brown. Ind 
Blount Liberty, Reno. Kans 
Mount Liberty, Knox..Ohio 
Mount Lookout, St. Clair.. 

Mount Lookout, Hamil- 
ton Ohio 

Mount Meigs, Montgom- 
ery Ala 

Mount Meridian, Put- 
nam Ind 

Mount Meridian, Au- 
gusta y» 

Mount Moriah, Brown..Iiid 
Mount Moriah, Nevada... 

Mount Moriah, Har> 

rison Uo 

Mount Moriah, Ander- 
son Tenn 

Mount Morris, Ogle Ill 

Mount Morris, Genesee . . . 

Mount Morris, Idring- 

ston N. T 

Mount Morris, Greene... Pa 
Mount Morris, Wausha- 
ra Wis 

Mount Moome, Iredell N. C 
Mount Murphy, Poca- 
hontas W.Va 

Mount Nebo, Yadkin. .N. O 
Mount Nebo, Lancaster..Pa 
Mount Olive, Coosa. . . . Ala 
Mount Olive, Isard .... Ark 
Mount Olive, Maoonpin..IU 
Mount Oliye, CoTlng- 

ton Miss 

Mount Olive, St. Louis. .Mo 
Mount Olive, Morris. . .N. J 
Mount Olive, Wayne. .N. C 
Mount OliTe, Clermont .... 

Mount Olire, Shenan- 
doah Va 

Mount Olive, Mkson.W. Va 
Mount Oliver, AUo- 

gheny Pa 

Mount Olivet, Leaven- 
worth Kans 

Mount (Hivet {e. A.), 

Robertson Ky 

Mount Olivet, McLen- 
nan Tex 

Mount Orab, Brown. .OUo 
Mount Palatine, Put- 
nam lU 

Mount Pamel, FianlFUn.Pa 
Mount Parthentm, New- 
ton Ark 

Mount Patrick, Peny. . .Pa 
Mount Pelia, Weakley .Tenn 
Mount Perry, Perry. . .Ohio 
Mount Pinson, Jeffer- 
son Ala 

Mount Pisgah, White.. Ark 
Mount Pi^ah, Lagzaiige. . . 

Mount Pisgah, Btar- 

rlson Iowa 

Mount Pisgah, Wayne.. Ky 
Mount Pisgah, Alexan- 
der N.C 

Mount Pisgah, Cler- 
mont Ohio 

Mount Pisgah, Monroe. Wis 
Mount Pleasant, Mon- 
roe Ala 

Mount Pleasant, New- 
Castle Del 

Mount Pleasant, Wash- 
ington D. 

Mount Pleasant, Gad»> 

den Fla 

Mount Pleasant, 61yun..Qa 
Mount Pleasant, Union. Ill 
Mount Pleasant, Perry ..Ind 
Mount Pteasant (e. A.), 
Henry Jowa 

Alphabetical IA»t of Post Offieea. 


ICotmi Pleasant, Atch- 
ison Kans 

Mount Pleasant, Cald- 
well La 

Mount Pleasant, Fred- 

etiek ..Ud 

MotvU Pleasant (e. h.\, 

laabella Mich 

Mount Pleasant, Mar- 
shall Miss 

Mount Pleasuit, Gentry .Mo 
Mount Pleasant, Lewis 

and GlariLe Mont 

Mount Pleasant, Cass.Nebr 
Mount Pleasant, Hunt- 
erdon N. J 

Mount Pleasant, Cabar- 

ruB N.C 

Mount Pleasant, Jeffer- 
son Ohio 

Mount Pleasant, Linn.Oreg 
Mount Pleasant, West- 
morland Pa 

Mount Pleasant,Charles- 

ton S.C 

Mount Pleasant, Maury. . . . 

Mount Pleasant (c. A.), 

Titns Tex 

Mount Pleasant, San 

P»te Utah 

Mount Pleasant, Spott- 

syWania Ya 

Mount Pleasant, Web- 
ster W. Va 

Mount Pleasant Mills, 

Snyder Pa 

Mount Prospect, Craw- 
ford Ind 

Mount Prospect, Union.... 

Mount Pulaski, Logan.. .Ill 
Mount Bead, Monroe.. N. Y 
Mount Bepose, Cler- 

naont Ohio 

Mount Riga, Dutchess. N. Y 
Mount Rock, Cumber- 
land Pa 

Mount Rose, Mercer. ..N. J 
Mount Ross, Dutchess. N.Y 
Mount Rosxell, Lime- 
stone Ala 

Mount Roy, Brown. . .Kans 
Mount Royal, Putnam..Fla 

Mount Royal, York .' Pa 

Mount Salem, lincoln. . Ky 
Mount Salem, Sussex.. N. J 
Mount Savage, Carter . . .Ky 
Mount Savage, Alle- 
ghany Md 

Mount Scott, Douglass 

Mount's Cross Roads, 

Jefferson Tenn 

Mount Shasta, Siskiyou.Cal 
Mount Sherman, La Rue. . 

Mount Sidney, Augusta. Va 
Mount Sinai, Suffolk.. N. Y 
Mount Solon, Augusta.. Va 
Mount Sterling, Choc- 
taw Ala 

Mount Sterling (e. A.}, 

Brown Ill 

Mount Sterling, Switzer- 
land Ind 

Mount Sterling, Van 
Buren. Iowa 

Mount Sterling {e. A.), 

Montgomery Ky 

Mount Sterling, Hay- 
wood N. C 

Mount Sterling, Madison. . . 

Mount Sterling, Craw- 
ford Wis 

Mount Storm, Grant. W. Va 
Mount Summit, Henry. Ind 
Mount Sylvau, Smith.. Tex 
Mount Tabor,Columbia.Fla 
Mount Tabor, Foray th. N. C 
Mount Tabor, Union... S. C 
Mount Tabor, Rutland. .Vt 
Mount Tabor, Vernon. . Wis 
Mount Tinsah, Person. N. C 
Mount Tom, Hampshire. .. 


Mount Top, York Pa 

Mount UUa, Rowan. . .N. C 
Mount Union, Henry. Iowa 
Mount Union, Stark. . .Ohio 
Mount Union, Hunting- 
don Pa 

Mount Upton, Chenan- 
go N.Y 

Mount Valley, Winneba- 
go Iowa 

Mount Vernon, Mobile. Ala 
Mount Vernon, Faulk- 
ner. Ark 

Mount Vernon {e. A.), 

Montgomery. Ga 

Mount Vernon (c. A.), 

Jefferson Ill 

Mount Vernon (e. A.), 

Posey Ind 

Mount Vernon, Linn. .Iowa 
Mount Vernon, Chau- 
tauqua Kans 

Mount Vernon (c. A.), 

Rock Castle Ky 

Mount Vernon, Kenne- 
bec Me 

Mount Vemon,SomerHel.Md 
Mount Vernon, Ma- 
comb Mich 

Mount Vernon, Newton. . . 

Mount Vernon (e. A.), 

lAwrence Mo 

Mount Vernon, Hills- 
borough N. H 

Mount Vernon, West- 
chester N. Y 

Mount Vernon, Rowan 

Mount VerTwn (e. A.), 

Knox Ohio 

Mount Vernon, Grant. Oreg 
Mount Vernon, CheBter..Pa 
Mount Vernon, Mon- 
roe Tenn 

Mount Vernon (e. A.), 

Franklin Tex 

Mount Vernon, Henry.. Va 
Mount Vernon, What- 
com Wash 

Mount Vernon, Dane . . .Wis 
Mount Vernon on the 

Potomac, Fairfax Va 

Mount Victory, Har- 
din Ohio 

Mount View, Benton.. . .Mo 

Mountyille, Troup Ga 

Mountville, Sibley — Minn 
Mountville, Lancaster... Pa 

Mountyille, lAurens. . .S. C 
M ountville, Loudoun . . . Ya 
Mount Vinco, Bucking- 
ham Ya 

Mount Vision, Ots^c.N. Y 
Mount Vitio, Bullitt. . . . Ky 
Mount Wachusett, 

Worcester Mass 

Mount Washington, Bul- 
litt Ky 

Mount Washington, Bal- 
timore Md 

Mount Washington, 

Coos N.H 

Mount Washington, 

Hamilton Ohio 

Mount Willing, Lowndes.. 

Mount Willing, Edge- 
field S.C 

Mount Wioans, Bal- 
timore Md 

Mount Wolf, York Pa 

Mount Zion, Carroll. . . .Ga 

Mount Zion, Macon Ill 

Mount Zion, Wells Ind 

Mount Zion, Van Bu- 
ren Iowa 

Mount Zion, Simpson. Miss 

Mount Zion, Henry Mo 

Mount Zion, Wilkes. ..N.'C 
Mount Zion, Ijebanon ... Pa 
Mount Zion, Campbell.. Va 
Mount Zion, Juneau . . . Wis 
Mouse Creek, McMinn.Tenn 
Mouse Island, Lincoln.. Me 

Mouse's, Grant W. Va 

Mouse 'Riil, Perry .... Tenn 

Mouth Card, Pike Ky 

Mouth of Buffalo, Ashe. N.C 
Mouth of Buffalo, Logan.. 

W. Va 
Mouth of Doe, Johnson. . . . 

Mouth of East River, 

Giles Va 

Mouth of Laurel, Ijcwis . . . 

Mouth of Pigeon, Logan . . . 

W. Va 
Mouth of Pond, Pike. . . .Ky 
Mouth of Scary, Put- 
nam W. Va 

Mouth of Seneca, Pen- 
dleton W. Va 

Mouth of Sycamore, 

Logan W. Va 

Mouth of Wilson, Gray- 
son Va 

Mouth of Wolf, Clay.. Tenn 
Mouth Saint F]^nci.4 , 

Rirer, Phillips Xrk 

Mouth Short Creek, 

Boone." W. Va 

Moville, Woodbury . . . Iowa 

Moweaqua, Shelby Ill 

Mowersville, Franklin. . .Pa 
Mo wry '8 Mills, Bedford. .Pa 
Mowrystown, Highland.... 


Moxahala, Perry Ohio 

Moxley's Landing, Liv- 
ingston Ky 

Moyock, Currituck . . . .N. C 
Muchachinock, Mahaska. . . 


Muck, Pierce Wash 

Mud Creek, Lamar Ala 

Mud Creek, Marion . . .Kans 
Mud Creek, Pontotoc. .Miss 
Mud Creek Mill8,Clinch.Gli 
Muddy Bayou, Faulkner... 

Muddy Creek, Pueblo.. Colo 
Muddy Creek, Lancaster.Pa 
Muddy Creek, Loudon.Tenn 
Muddy Creek Forks, 

York Pa 

Muddy Fork, Howard.. Ark 
Muddy Fork, Clarke — Ind 
Muddy Fork, Cleveland.N.C 
Muddy iAne,Liyingston.Mo 
Mud Lick, Jefferson. . . .Ind 

Mud Lick, Monroe Ky 

Mud Lick, Chatham . . .N. C 
Muhlenburgh, Luzerne.. Pa 

Muir, Ionia Mioh 

Muirkirk, Prince 

George*s Md 

Muirton, Grundy Mo 

Muitzeskill, Rensselaer.N.Y ' 
Mukilteo, Snohomish. Wash 
Mnkwonage, Waukesha. Wis 
Mulberry, Autauga. . . . Ala 
Mulberry , Franklin .... Ark 

Mulberry, Jackson Ga 

Mulberry, Clinton Ind 

Mulberry, Saline Kans 

.Mulberry, Bates./. Mo 

Mulberry, Wilkes N.C 

Mulberry, Clermont . .Ohio 

Mulberry, York Pa 

Mulberry, Lincoln . . . .Tenn 
Mulberry Corners, Ge- 
auga Ohio 

Mulberry Gap, Hancock. . . . 

Mulberry Grove, Harris.Ga 
Mulberry Grove, Bond.. Ill 
Mulberry Grove, Craw- 
ford Kans 

Muldon, Monroe Miss 

Muldraugh, Meade Ky 

Mule Creek, Brooks Ga 

Mule Creek, Ellsworth .... 

Mulkeytown, Franklin.. Ill 
I Mullet Lake, Cheboy- 
gan Mich 

Mull Grove, Catawba.. N. C 
Mullica Hill, Glouces- 
ter N.J 

Mullin-s Depot, Marion... 

Mulloy's, Robertson.. Tenn 
Vlulville, Chattahoochee.Ga 
Mumf ord, Monroe . . . . N. Y 
Mumford, Robertson.. . Tex 
Mummasburgh, Adams.. Pa 

Muncie, Vermillion Ill 

Muneie {e. A.), Dela- 
ware Ind 

Muncie, Wyandotte... Kans 

Muncy, Lycoming Pa 

Muncy Station, Lycom- 
ing Pa 

Muncy Valley, Sullivan. Pa 

Mundy , Genesee Mich 

Munf ord, Talladega . . , . Ala 
MunfordviUe (c. A.), 

Hart Ky 

Mungen, Wood Ohio 

Munger, Bay Mich 

MunisingjSchoolcraf t. Mich 

Munnerlyn, Burke Ga 

Munn's Station, Moore.N.C 


Alphabetical Lint of Post Offices. 

Mnnroe FallSjSuiunit.Ohio 
Munson lUll, Ashtabulik. . . 

HansonTille, Cheshire N.H 
MansonTille, Vulton. .N. Y 

MunBter, La Salle Ill 

Hunster. Cambria Pa 

Munsrille. Madiaon. . .N. Y 
Munterrille, Wapello. Iowa 

Muxdock, Douglas Ill 

Murdock, Butler Kane 

Murdock, Swifl Minn 

Murdock, Warren. . . .Ohio 
Murdocksyille, Wash- 
ington Fa 

Murfree9borough{e. A.), 

Pike Ark 

Murfreesborough, Hert- 
ford N.C 

Murfree^iorough (e. A.), 

Rutherford Tenn 

Murley's Branch, Alle- 
ghany Md 

Murphree-s Valley, 

Blount H AJa 

Murphy {e. A.), Chero- 
kee N.C 

Murphy, Josephine. . .Or^ 

Murphy's, Calaveras Ca! 

Murphy sborougk (r. A.), 

Jackson Ill 

Murphy -8 Mill, Wood.W.Va 
MurphysTille, Mason. . . Ky 

Murray, Wells Ind 

Murray, Clarke Iowa 

Murray (r. A.), Calloway. Ky 

Murray, Orleans N. Y 

Murray Centre, Murray,. . 

Murray's Cross Roads, 

Schley Oa 

Murray's Landing, Cal- 
laway Ky 

Murray STille, Jackson 

W. Va 

Murrayville, Morgan 111 

Murrinsville, Butler ...Pa 
Murrysville, Westmore- 
land Fa 

Murvaul, i*anola Tex 

Muscatine (r. A.), .Mus- 
catine Iowa 

Muscle Fork, Chariton.. Mo 

Muscoda, Grant Wis 

Muscogee, Creek N. . Ind. T 
Muscotah, Atchison . . Kans 
Muse's Bottom, Jackson. . . 

W. Va 
Muse'A Mills, Flemini;. . Ky 
Museville, Muskingum. . . . 

Museville, Pittsylvania. . Va 

Musgrove, De Kalb Ala 

Mush Creek, Dallas .... Ala 
Mush Creek, Greenville. . . 

S. C 
Muskego Centre, Wau- 
kesha Wis 

Muskegon (c. A.), Mus- 

k^on Mich 

Muskoda, Clay Minn 

Musquaka, Iowa Iowa 

Musson, Iberville La 

Mustang, Denton Tex 

Muster Held, Aiken... S. C 
Mutual, Champaign. . .Ohio 
Mutual Lore, Mecklen- 
burgh N.C 

Myatt, Fulton Ark 

Myatt's Mills, Wake. . .N. C 

Myers, Monroe Fla 

Myers, Ilowurd Mo 

Myersburgh, Bradford.. Pa 
Myerstown, Lebanon. ... Pa 
Myers Valley, Pottawa- 
tomie Kans 

MyerSTille, Frederick. . .Md 

My ra, Nance Nebr 

Myra, Washington WU 

Myrickville, Bristol. .Mass 
Myma, Blue Earth. . .Minn 
Myron, Allamakee. . . .Iowa 

Myrtle, Phillips Kans 

Myrtle, Custer Nebr 

Myrtle, McKean Pa 

Myrtle, Naosemond Va 

Myrtle Greek, Douglas 

Myrtle Grore, Humboldt. . 


Myrtle Point, Coos Or^ 

Mystic, New London.. Conn 
Mystic Bridge, New 

London Conn 

Mystic River, New Lon- 
don Conn 

Nabb, Scott Ind 

Naches, Houston Tex 

Nachusa, Lee Ill 

Nacogdoches (r. A. ), Na- 

cofDloches Tex 

Naeoochee, White G« 

Nadean , Menominee . . Mich 

Nar s, Franklin Va 

Nahant, Essex Mass 

Naheola, Choctaw Ala 

Nahunta, Wayne Ga 

Nail's Creek, Banks Ga 

Nairn, Scioto Ohio 

Nameoki, Madison Ill 

Namozine, Amelia Va 

Namsos, Jackson.. . Minn 

Namur, Door — >Vis 

Nanaf alia, Marengo Ala 

Nance's Shop, Charles 

City Va 

Nanjemoy, Charles -Md 

Nankin, Wayne Mich 

Nankin, Ashland Ohio 

Nanna Hubba, Mobile .Ala 

Nannie, Floyd Ga 

Nantahalah, Swain. . . .N. C 
Nantasket, Norfolk . . . Mass 
Nanticok^, Wicomico . . . Md 

Nanticoke, Luzerne Pa 

Nautmeal Villi^e, Chester. 

Nantucket (e. A.\ Nan- 
tucket Mass 

Nanuet, Rockland . . . .N. Y 

Naomi, Walker Ga 

Naomi, Mitchell Kans 

Naomi, Marion Mo 

Napa City (c. A.), Napa. Cal 
Napa Junction, Napa. . .Cal 
Napanock, Ulster.. ..N. Y 
Napavine, licwis.... Wash 
Naperville. Du Page .... Ill 

Napier, Bradford Pa 

Naples, Scott Ill 

Naples, Cumberland. . ..Me 

Naples, Ontario — \ . .N. T 

Napoleon, Desha Ark 

Napoleon, Ripley Ind 

Napoleon, Gallatin . . . . Ky 
Napoleon, Jackson .... Mich 
Napoleon, La Fayette . . .Mo 
Napoleon (e.k.). Henry .... 

NapoleonviUe {e. A.), As- 
sumption La 

Napoli, Cattaraugus .N. Y 
Naponee, Franklin. . ..Nebr 
Nappanee, Elkhart. . . .Ind 
Narragansett, Washing- 
ton R. I 

Narragansett Pier, Wash- 
ington R. I 

Narrows, Stanly N. C 

Narrows. Giles Va 

Narrows Durgh, Sullivan. . . 

N. Y 
Narrows Creek, Macon.. Mo 

Naruna, Burnet Tbx 

Nasby, St. Louis Mo 

Nasby , Sarpy Nebr 

Nasby, Clinton Pa 

Nash, Stevens Minn 

Nasboba, Middlesex . .Mass 
Nashotah Mission, Wau- 

&vBUI* •••• ••••••••••• TT 10 

Nashport, Mnskingum.Ohio 

Nashua, Putnam Fla 

Nashua, Chickasaw .. .Iowa 
Nashua, Hillsborough.N.H 

Nnshville, Howanl Ark 

Nashville, £1 Dorado. . .Cal 
Na^ville (e. A.), Berrien.€kk 
Nashville {e. A.), Wash- 
ington HI 

Nashmlle (e. A.), Brown.Ind 
Nashville, Jackson . . . .Iowa 

Nashville, Barry Mich 

NashvUle, Polk Minn 

Nashville, Barton Mo 

Nashville,Chautauqua . N. Y 
Nashville {c. A.), Nash. N.C 

Nashville, Holmes Ohio 

Nashvilli(c. a.), David- 
son Tenn 

Nashville, Accomack . . ..Va 
Nashville Centre, Mar- 
tin Minn 

Nason's, Orange Va 

Nason's Millsf York. . . .Me 

Nasonville, Wood Wis 

Nassau, Sussex Del 

Nassau, Rensselaer. ...NY 

Natchee, Yakima Wash 

Natchez (/*. A.), Adams.Miss 
Natchitoches {e. A.), 

Natchitoches La 

Nathan's Creek, Ashe..N. C 

Natick, Middlesex Mass 

Natick, Kent R.I 

National, Clayton. .. .Iowa 
National City,San Diego.Cal 
National Home, Milwau- 
kee Wis 

National Military Home, 

Kennebec Me 

National Military Home, 

Montgomery Ohio 

National Soldiers Home, 

Elizabeth City Va 

National Stock Yards, 

St. Clair Ill 

Nationsviile, Coleman. Tex 
Natividad, Monterey. ..Cal 

Nat Moon, Bladen . . . . N. G 

Natrona, Mason Ill 

Natrona, Allegheny ni 

Natural Bridge, Walton. . . 

Natural Brl<^, Jeffer- 
son N.Y 

Natural Bridge, Bock- 
bridge Va 

Natural Dam,CrawfQrd.Ark 
Naubuc, Hartford. . . .Oodh 
Naugart, Marathon. . . . Wis 
Naugatuck, New Uaren — 

Naumbnrgh, Lewis ....N.Y 

Nauvoo, Winston Ala 

Nauvoo, Hancock lU 

Nauvoo, Tioga Pa 

Navajoe, Conejos Oolo 

Navan, Winneeheik . . .Iowa 

Navarina, Shawano Wis 

Navarino, Onondaga. .N. Y 

Navarino, Shawano Wis 

Navarre, Stark Ohio 

Navarro Mills, Navarro.Tex 
Navarro Ridge, Men- 
docino Cal 

Navasink, Monmouth. N. J 

Navasota, Grimes Toz 

Nave Hill, Uni<Mi Tenn 

Navidad, Jackson T«z 

Nayatt Point, Bristol. .B. I 

Naylor. Lowndes Qa 

Naylor's, Richmond Va 

Nazareth, Northampton.. Fa 
Neabsco Mills, Prince 

WilUam Va 

Neah Bay, Clallam.. .Wash 
Nealey's Comer, Penob- 

seot Me 

Neal's Landing, Jack- 
son Fla 

Neapolis, Lucas Ohio 

Neath, Bradford I'a 

Neblett's Landing, BoU- 

var Miss 

Nebo, Benton Ark 

Nebo, Paulding Oa 

Nebo, Pike Ill 

Nebo, Hopkins Ky 

Nebo, Laclede Mo 

Nebo, McDowell N. C 

Nebraska, Scott Ark 

Nebraska, Livingston. . . Ill 
Nebraska, Jennings .... Ind 
Nebraska, Pickaway.. Ohio 

Nebraska, Forest Fa 

Nebraska, Appomattox. Ya 
Nebraska City (e. A.), 

Otoe Nebr 

Necedah, Juneau Wis 

Necessity, Marshall. . . . Ala 
Nechanitz, Fayetto . . . .Tex 

Neche, Pembina Dak 

Nechesville, Anderson. Tex 

Nectar, Blount Ala 

Nederland, Boulder. . .Colo 
Needham, Norfolk . . '. .Mass 
Needham's Station, 

Johnson Ind 

Needmore, Brown Ind 

Needmore, Fulton Fa 

Need More, Buchanan . . . Va 
Needy, Clackamas .... Oreg 
Neely's Landing, Cape 

Girardean Mo 

Neelysville, Butler Mo 


Alphabetical Lift of Post Offices. 

Neetjuyille, MoigM&...0!iio 

Neeljnrille, Morgaa Ill 

Neenah, Winnebago. . ■ . Wifl 

Neeper, Clarke Mo 

Neersville, Loudoun Va 

NeefeBTiUe, Adair Ky 

Neff , Raodoiph Ind 

Neff'8, 1/etugh Ps 

NelTs MillB,Hantiiigdon. Pa 
Ners Mills, Salt Lake.dtoh 
NefEsville, I«acast«r. ... Pa 
Negaunee, Macquette.Mich 

Negley, Allegheny Pa 

Negreet, Sabine La 

Negro Foot, HanoTer. . .Va 

Negro mU, White Ark 

Ncgunda, Webster.... Nebr 
Nehalem, Tillamook.. Or^ 

Nehawka, Cass Nebr 

Neighbor TilleyNorton . Kans 
NtOUviUe (e. A.), Clark. Wis 
Neil -I Creek, Jefferson. Ind 
NeU's Cieek, Steuben. N. Y 
Nekama, Winnebago... Wis 

Nekoda, Perry Pa 

Nekoma, Henry Ill 

Neligh, Antelope Nebr 

Nelly's Ford, Nelson Va 

Nelson, Batte Cal 

Nelson, Lee Ill 

Nelson, Vigo Ind 

Nelson, Cloud Kans 

Nelson, Huhlenburgh . . Ky 

Nelson, Kent Mich 

Nelson, Lincoln Mo 

Nelson (cA. ),NuckollB.Nebr 

Nelson, Cheshire N. II 

Nelson, Madison N. T 

Nelson, Portage Ohio 

NeLaon, Tioga Pa 

Nelson, Haniln ..Tenn 

Nelson, BufEalo Wis 

Nelson Furnace, Nelson. Ky 
Nelson UUl, Wilson.. Tenn 
Nelson Point, Plumas.. Cal 
NelsonTille, Franklin.. Ala 

NelsouTille, Marion Mo 

Nelsonville, Athens. ..Ohio 
Nelsonville, Austin. . . .Tex 
Nelsonville, Portage... Wis 
Nemaha City,Nemaha Nebr 
Nenno, Washington. .. Wis 

Neodesha, Wilson Elans 

Neoga, Cumberland Ill 

Neola, Pottawattamie.Iowa 

Neola, Pratt Kans 

Neoma, Boone Nebr 

Neosho (c. A.), Newton. .Mo 

Neosho, Dodge Wis 

Neosho Falls, Wood- 
son Kans 

Neosho Rapids, Lyon .Kans 
Nepaug, Litchfield. . . Conn 
Neperan, Westcheoter.N.Y 

Nepesta, Pueblo Colo 

Nepeuskun, Winnebago. Wis 

Neponset, Bureau Ill 

Neponset Village,* Suf- 
folk Mass 

Neptune, Mercer Ohio 

Nero, Washington.... Nebr 

Nero, Manitowoc Wis 

Nerstrand, Rice Minn 

Nesbit's Station, Dc Soto. . . 

Nescopeck, Luzerne Pa 

* Bianch of the Boston Pott 

Neshaminy, Badcs Pa 

Neshanic, Somerset . . . N. J 
Neshannock, Mercer. ... Pa 
Noshannock Falls, Law- 
rence Pa 

Neehkoro, Marquette.. Wis 
Nesmith, Cullman . . . .Ala 
Nesquehontng, Carbon . . Pa 

Ness, Ness Kans 

Nestocton, Tillamook. Oreg 
Nestorville, Barbour. W. Va 
Netarts, Tillamook . . . .Oreg 
Netawaka, Jackson. . . Kans 
Netherland, Reno.... Kans 
Netherland, Oyerton'..Tenn 
Neth^ ProYidenoe, Dela- 
ware Pa 

Nettleborongh, ClarkcAla 
Nettle Carrier, Overton. . . . 

Nettle Creek, Orundy. . .Ill 
Nettle Greek, Wayne. . . Ind 

Nettle HilL, Greene Pa 

Nettle Knob, Ashe N. C 

Nettle Lake,.WllUams.Ohio 
Nettle Ridge, Patrick... Va 
Nettleton, Edwards. . . Kans 

Nettleton, Caldwell Mo 

Neuehatel, Nemaha . . Kans 

Neuse, Wake N. C 

Neutral City,Cherokoe.Kan8 

Neyada, Livingston Ill 

Nevada, Tipton Ind 

Nevada ( c A. ), Story . Iowa 

Nevada, Ness Kans 

Nevada, Mercer Ky 

Nevada (c. A.), Vernon.. Mo 

Nevada, Wyandot Ohio 

Nevada City (e. A.), 

Nevada Cal 

Nevada Mills, Steuben. Ind 
Neversink, Sullivan . . N. Y 

Neville, Clermont Ohio 

Nevin, Highland Ohio 

Ncvins, Edgar Ill 

NevinviUe, Adams Iowa 

New, Oconto Wis 

New Alba,Winne8hiek.Iowa 
New Albany (c. A.), 

Floyd Ind 

New Albany, Wilson.. Kans 
New Albany (c. A.), 

Union Hiss 

New Albany ,Mahoning.Ohio 
New Albany, Bradford!.. Pa 
New Albia, Graham . . Kans 
New Albin,Allamakee.Iowa 
New Albion, Cattarau- 
gus N. Y 

New Alexander, Colum- 
biana Ohio 

New Alexandria, Jeffer- 
son Ohio 

New Alexandria, West- 
moreland Pa 

New Almaden, Santa 

Clara Cal 

New Al8ace, Dearborn.. Ind 
New Alsace, St. Louis . . Mo 
New Amsterdam, Har- 
rison Ind 

New Amsterdam, La 

Cros8e Wis 

New Antioch, Clinton. Ohio 
New Arcadia, Osborne. Kans 

Newark, Alameda Cal 

Newark, New Castle. . . . Del 
Newark, Kendall Ill 

Newark, Greene Ind 

Newark, Webster Iowa 

Newark, Worcester Md 

Newark, Gratiot Mich 

Newark, Knox Mo 

Newark {e. A.), Essex. .N.J 

Newark, Wayne N. Y 

Newark (c.A.), Licking.Ohio 

Newark, White Tenn 

Newark, Caledonia Vt 

Newark, Wirt W. Va 

Newark Valley, Tioga. N.Y 
New Ashford, Berkshire. . . 

New Athens, St. Glair. . .Ill 
New Athens, Harrlson.Ohio 

New Athens, Clarion Fa 

New Auburn, Sibley.. Minn 
New Augusta, Marion.. Ind 
Newaukum, Lewis... Wash 
New Aurora, Tippecanoe.. . 

New Avon, Redwood. .Minn 
Newaygo {e. A.), Ne- 
waygo Mich 

New Baden, CUnton Ill 

New Baltimore, Macomb. . . 

New Baltimore,Greene.N.Y 
New Baltimore, Stark. Ohio 
New Baltimore, Somer- 
set Pa 

New Baltimore, Fau- 
quier Va 

New Bavaria, Henry.. Ohio 
New Bedford, Bureau. ..Ill 
New Bedford (c. A.), 

Bristol Mass 

New Bedford, Mon- 
mouth N. J 

New Bedford, Coshoc- 
ton Ohio 

New Bedford, Lawrence. Pa 
New Bellsville, Brown. Ind 
Newbcrg, Yam Hill. . .Oreg 
New Bergen, Enunett.Iowa 
Newberg's Comers, La 

Crosse Wis 

New Berlin, Duval Fla 

New Berlin, Sang&mon. . Ill 
New Berlin, Chenango.N. Y 

New Berlin, Stark Ohio 

New Berlin, Union Pa 

New Berlin, Guadalupe.Tex 
New Berlin, Waukesha. Wis 
New Berlin Centre, Che- 
nango N. Y 

Newbern, Hale Ala 

Newbem, Jersey lU 

Newborn, Bartholomew.Ind 

Newbern, Marion Iowa 

Newbem, Dickinson.. Kans 

Newbem, Dyer Tenn 

Newbern (c. A.), Pulaski. Va 
New Berne (r. A.), Cra- 
ven N. C 

Newberry, Greene Ind 

Newberry, Lycoming. .. .Pa 
Newberry C. /f., New- 
berry 8. C 

Newberry town , York ... Pa 
New Bethlehem, Clarion.Pa 
New Bloomfield, Calla^ 

way Mo 

New Bloomfield (c. A.), 

Perry Pa 

New Bloomington, Ma- 
rion Ohio 


New Boggy Depot, Choo- 

tawN Ind.T 

Newborn, Newton ,Ga 

New Boston, Windham .... 


New Boston, Mercer Ill 

New Bostonj Lee Iowa 

New Boston, Berkshire .... 

New Boston, Wayne. .Blich 

New Boston, Linn Mo 

New Boston, Esmeralda. . . . 

New Boston, Hillsbor- 
ough N.H 

New Boston, Lewis. . . .N. Y 
New Boston, Henry.. Tenn 

New Boston, Bowie Tex 

New Braintree, Worces- 
ter Mass 

New Branch, Mon- 
mouth N. J 

New Braun/els (e. A.), 

Comal Tex 

New Bremen, Cook Ill 

New Bremen, Lewis.. .N. Y 
New Bremen, Auglaize.. .. 

New Bridge, Lumpkin... Ga 
New Bridge, Bergen... N. J 
New Bridge, Union... Oreg 
New Brid^, Franklin. . .Pa 
New BricQ^eville, York.. Pa 
New Brighton, Rich- 
mond N. Y 

New Brighton, Beaver... Pa 
New Brighton, Fau- 
quier Va 

New Britain, Elartford.Conn 
New Britain, Volusia... Fla 
New Britain, Bucks .... .Pa 
New Britton, Hamilton.Ind 
New Brooklyn, Middle- 
sex N. J 

New Brunswick, Bonne.Ind 
New Brunswick [e. A.), 

Middlesex N. J 

New Buda, Decatur... Io« a 
New Buena Vista, Bed- 
ford I^a 

New Buffalo, Cass Dak 

New Buffalo, Calloway. Ky 
New Buffalo, Berrien. Mich 
New Buffalo, Mahoning. . . 


New Buffalo, Perry Pa 

Newburgh, Franklin. . . Ala 

Newburgh, Izard Ark 

Newburgh, Traill Dak 

Newburgh, Warrick — lad 

Newburgh, Jasper Iowa 

Newburgh, Penobscot.. Me 

Newburgh, Charles Md 

Newburgh, Cass Mich 

Newburgh, Fillmore.. Minn 
Newburgh (c. A. ), Ofange . . . 

Newburgh, Cumberland.Pa 
Newburgh (c. A.), Lewis — 

Newburgh, Preston . . W. Va 
Newburgh, Washington . . . 

Newburgh Centre, Pe- 
nobscot Me 

* Branch of Cleveland Post 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Newbni^gh Village, Pe- 

nobecot Me 

Ne^r Burlington, Del»> 

vare Ind 

New Burlington, Clin- 
ton Ohio 

New Bumside, Johnson. Ill 
Newbuiy, Wabannsee.Kann 
Ne-wbnry, Merrimack. N. H 

Newbury, Orange Vt 

Newbury Centre, Orange.Yt 
Newbury Old Town, 

Essex Mam 

Newbury Park .Yentura.Cal 
Newbury i>ort, Essex. .Mass 

Newby, Ness Kans 

New California, Union.Ohio 
New Cambria, Saline. Kans 
New Cambria, Macon. . .Mo 
New Canaan, Fairfield. Conn 
New Cime Credc, Put- 
nam Tenn 

New Canton, Pike Ill 

New Canton,Hawkins.Tenn 
New Canton, Bucking- 
ham Va 

New Carli8le,St. Joseph.Ind 
New Carlisle, Clarke. .Ohio 
New Carthage, Tensas... La 
New Casco, Cumber- 
land Me 

New Cassel, Fond tin 

Lac ...Wis 

New Cafitle, Jefferson. .Ala 

Newcastle, Placer Cal 

New Castle (c. A.), New 

Castle Bel 

New Castle (e.A.),IIenry .Ind 
Newcastle (c.A.),Henry.Ky 
New Castle, lincoln. . . .Me 

New Castle, Gentry Mo 

Newcastle, Dixon Nebr 

New Castle, Rocking- 
ham N.H 

New Castle, Westches- 
ter Ji. T 

New Castle, Wilkes. . . .N. C 
New Ca8tle,Coshocton.Ohio 
Neio Cattle {e. A.), Law- 
rence Pa 

New Castle, Hardeman .... 

Newcastle (e. A.), Craig. Ya 
New Castle, King ... . Wash 
New CentreTille, Oswego. . . 

N. Y 
New CentreTille, Ches- 
ter — Pa 

New CentreTille, St. 

Croix Wis 

New Chambersburgh, 

Columbiana Ohio 

New Chester, Adams ... Pa 
New Chester, Adaius...Wi8 
New Chicago, Deer 

Lodge Mont 

New Chillicothe, Dick- 
inson Kans 

New Church, Accomack. Ya 
New Cincinnati, Rice. Kans 
New City, Sangamon . . .Ill 
Neiv City {c. A.), Rock- 
land NY 

New Coeln, Milwaukee.Wis 
New Columbia, Massac.. Ill 
New Columbia, Union. . .Pa 
New Columbus, Owen. .Ky 
Now Columbus, Luzeme.Pa 

Newoomb, Essex N. Y 

Newcombe, Elliott Ky 

New Comerstown, Tus- 
carawas Ohio 

New Concord, Calloway .Ky 
New Concord, Colum- 
bia N.Y 

New Concord, Muskin- 
gum Ohio 

New Comer, Delaware. Ind 
New Corwin,Highland.Ohio 

New Cory don, Jay Ind 

New Cumberland, Grant. . . 

New Cumberland, Tus- 
carawas Ohio 

New Cumberland, Cum- 
berland Pa 

New Cumberland, Han- 
cock W. Ya 

New Dale, Wetzel... .W. Ya 
New Danville, Lancaster. Pa 
New Denmark, Brookings.. 

New Derry, Westmore- 
land Pa 

New Design, Monroe 111 

New Diggings, La Fayette . . 

New Douglas, Madison . . Ul 
New Dorp, Richmond. N. Y 

New DoTer, Union Ohio 

New Dungeness [e. A.), 

Clallam Wash 

New Durham, Stralford. . . 

New Durham, Hud8on.N. J 
New Eagle Mills, Grant. Ky 
New Edinburgh, Dors^y . . . 


New I^ypt, Ocean N. J 

New Elam, Norton.... Kans 
Newell, Buena Yista. .Iowa 

Newell, Anderson S. C 

Newell's Run, Wash- 
ington Ohio 

Newellsrille, Marion. .Oreg 
New England, Athens.Ohio 
New England, AVood.W. Ya 
New England Yillage, 

Worcester Mass 

New Enterprise, Bed- 
ford Pa 

New Era, De Kalb Ind 

New Era, Concordia La 

New Era, Oceana Mich 

New Era, Furnas Nebr 

New Era, Clackamas.. Oreg 

New Era, Bradford Pa 

New Excelsior ,But]er. Kans 
New Fairfield, Fairfield. . . . 


Newfane, Niagara N.Y 

Newfane, Fond du Lac. Wis 
Newfane Station, Niagara . 


Newfield, York Me 

Newfield, Gloucester.. N. J 
Newfield, Tompkins.. .N. Y 
New Flat Creek.Union.Tenn 
New Flat Fork, Clay.VY. Ya 
New Florence, Mont- 
gomery Mo 

New Florence, West- 
moreland Pa 

New Found, Buncombe. .. 

N. C 
Newfoundland, Elliott.. Ky 

Newfoundland, MonisJN. J 
Newfoundland, Wayne. Pa 
New Fountain, Me^na.Tex 
New Franken, Brown.. Wis 
New Frankfort, Scott.. Ind 
New Frankfort, Saline.. Mo 
New Franklin, Stark.. Ohio 

New Freedom, York Pa 

New Freeport, Greene.. .Pa 

New Galilee, BeaTer Pa 

New Garden, Bay Mo 

New Garden, Guilford. N.C 
New Garden, Columbiana . . 

New Garden, Chester. ..Pa 
New Garden, Russell . . . . Ya 
New Ga8cony,Jeffer8on.Ark 
New Genesee, I'V'hite- 

sides lU 

New GencTa, Fayette... Pa 

New GeneTa, Jackson 

W. Va 
New Germantown, Hun- 
terdon N. J 

New Gennantown,Perry.Pa 
New Glarus, Green .... Wis 
New Glasgow Depot, 

Amherst Va 

New Gloucester, Cum- 
berland Me 

New Goshen, Cherokee. Ala 

New Goshen, Vigo Ind 

New Gottland, McPher- 

son Kans 

New Grand Chain, Pu- 

IsLi^M HI 

New Grenada, Fulton ... Pa 
New Gretna, Burlington . . 

New Groningen, Ottawa. .. 

New Guilford, Coshocton . . 

New Hackensack, Dutch- 
ess N.Y 

New Hagerstown, Carroll . . 

Newhall, IjOS Angeles. .Cal 
New Hamburgh, Scott.. Mo 
New Hamburgh, Dutch- 
ess N. Y 

New Hamburgh, Mercer. Pa 
New Hampden, Highland . . 

New Hampshire, Au- 
glaize Ohio 

New Hampton (c. A.), 

Chickasaw Iowa 

New Hampton, Belknap.. . 

New Hampton, Hunter- 
don N. J 

New Hampton, Orange.N.Y 
New HanoTer, Monroe.. IH 
New Hanorer, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

New Harbour, Lincoln. Me 
New Harmony, Posey.. Ind 
New Harmony, Brown.Ohio 
New Harmony, Kane. Utah 
New Harrisburgh, Wa- 
bash Ind 

New Harrisbui*gh, Car- 
roll Ohio 

New Hartford Litchfield.. 


New Hartford, Pike Hi 

New Hartford, Butler.Iowa 

New Hartford, Winona 


New Hartford^ Pike Mo 

New Hartford, Oneida. .N.Y 
New Haven (c. A.), 

New HaTen Conn 

New HaTen, GaUatin ... Ill 

New HaTen, Allen Ind 

New HaTen, MiteheU.Iowa 
New HaTen, Reno. . . .Kans 
New HaTen, Nelson .... Ky 
New HaTen, Macomb. .Mich 
New HaTen, Fomklin . . .Mo 
New HaTen, Oswego. .N. Y 
New HaTen, Huron. . .Ohio 

New HaTen, Fayette Pa 

New HaTen, Addison . . . . Vt 
New HaTen, Mason. .W. Va 
New HaTen, Adams . . . .Wis 
New HaTen Centre. 

Gratiot Mich 

New HaTen Milln, Ad- 
dison Vt 

New Hebron, Crawford. .lU 
New Helena, Custer.. .Nebr 

New Hill, Wake N.C 

New Holland, L<^an HI 

New Holland, Wabash. Jnd 
New Holland, Ottawa. Mich 
New Holland, Pickaway . . . 

New Holland, lian- 

caster Pa 

New Hol8tein,Calumet.Wi8 

New Home, Bates Mo 

New Home, Pawnee.. Nebr 

New Hope, Madison Ala 

New Hope, Pike Ark 

New Hope, San Joaquin. . . 

New Hope, Minnehaha .Dak 

New Hope, Paulding Oa 

New Hope, Union Iowa 

New Hope, Nelson Ky 

New Hope, Yalabusha.Miss 

New Hope, Lincoln Mo 

New Hope, Cayuga. ..N.Y 

New Hope, Iredell N. C 

New Hope, Brown Ohio 

New Hope, Bucks P& 

New Hope, Hawkins.. Tenn 
New Hope, Augusta . . . . Va 
New Hope, Mercer.. W. Va 
New Hope, Portage .... Wia 
New Hope Academy, 

Randolph N. C 

New Hope Church, Orange. 

New House, CleTeIand..N. C 
New Hudson, Oakland .... 

New Hud8on,AlI^;any.N.Y 
New Hurley, Ulster... N. Y 
New Hyde Park, Queens. . . 

New Iberia (e. A.), 

Iberia Ija 

New Idria, Fresno Cal 

Newington, Hartford. Conn 
Newington, Rocking- 
ham N. H 

Newington Junction, 

Harford Conn 

New Interest, RandoI|^. . . 

W. Va 
New Ipswich, Hills- 
borough N. n 

New Ireland, Newton. Misi 

Alphabetical Li»t of Post Offices. 


New Jasper, Greene. . . Ohio 
New Jerusalem, Logan.Ohio 
New Jerusalem, Berks.. Fa 
Nevo Kent C. H., New 

Kent Ya 

New Kingston, Del»> 

ware N. T 

New Kingstown, Cum- 
berland Fa 

Newkirk, Dade Mo 

Newkirk Mills, Fnlton.N.Y 
New Knob Greek, Sevier. . . 

New Knoxville, An- 

glaue Ohio 

New Lancaster, Tipton«Ind 
New Lancaster,Miami.Kans 
Newland, Bichmond. . . . Va 
New Lebanon, De Kalb.IU 
New Lebanon, SulliTan.Ind 
New Lebanon, Columbia. . . 

N. Y 
New Lebanon, Mont- 
gomery Ohio 

New Lebanon, Mercer. . .Pa 
New Lebanon, Klikitat. . . . 

New Lebanon Centre, 

Columbia N. Y 

New Lenox, Will Ill 

New Lenox, Berkshire.... 

New Lexington, Tusca- 
loosa Ala 

New Ijexington (e. h.)j 

Perry Ohio 

New Lexington, Som- 
erset Fa 

New Liberty, Weld. ...Colo 

New Liberty, Pope Ill 

New Liberty, Scott. . . .Iowa 
New Liberty ,Republic.Kans 

New Liberty, Owen Ky 

New Light, Wake N. C 

New Limerick, Aroos- 
took Me 

New Usbon, Henry .... Ind 
New Lisbon, Beaville.Minn 
New Lisbon, Burling- 
ton N.J 

New Usbon, Otsego... N. Y 
New Lisbon (c. A.), Co- 
lumbiana Ohio 

New Usbon, Juneau . . . Wis 
New London, Union . . .Ark 
New London (c. A.), 

New London Conn 

New London, Howard. .Ind 
New London, Henry . . Iowa 
New London, Beno. . . Kans 
New London, Frederick.Md 
New London, Kandi- 
yohi Minn 

New London (e. A.), 

Balls Mo 

New London, Merri- 
mack N. H 

New London, Oneida. .N. Y 
New London, Huron.. Ohio 
New London, Chester ... Pa 
New London, Waupaca. Wis 
Newlon's Grore, Cass. Iowa 
New Lothrop, Shiawassee. . 

New Lyme, Ashtabula.Ohio 
New Lyme Station, 

Ashtabula Ohio 

New Madison, Wabash. Ind 

New Madison, Darke. .Ohio 
New Madrid (e. A.), 

New Madrid Mo 

New Mahoning, Carbon. Pa 

Newman, Douglas Ill 

Newman, Jefferson. . . Kans 
Newman Grove, Madi- 
son Nebr 

Newmanstown, Lebanon.Pa 

Newmansyille, Cass Ill 

Newman^Ue, Clarion. .Pa 
NewmansTille, Greene ... 

New Marion, Bipley. ..Ind 
New Market, Madison. . Ala 
New Market, Monroe . . ..Ga 
New Market, Montgom- 

New Market, Marion. .. Ky 
New Market, Frederick.Md 
New Market, Soott. . . .Minn 
New Market, Platte .... Mo 
New Market, Rocking- 
ham N. H 

New Market, Middlesex. . . . 

New Market, Randolph .N.C 
New Market, Highland. . . . 

New Market, Abbeville. 3. 
New Market,Jeffer8on.Tenn 
New Market, Shenan- 
doah Va 

New Marlborough, 

Berkshire Mass 

New Marrs, Bibb Ala 

New Martinsburgh, 

Fayecte Ohio 

New MartinsviUe (e. A.), 

Wetatel W. Va 

New Matamoras, Wash- 
ington Ohio 

New Maysville, Put- 
nam Ind 

New Mayville, Clarion. . Pa 
New Melle, St. Charles.. Mo 
New Memphis, Clinton. .Ill 

New Middleton, Smith 

New Midddletown, Harri- 
son Ind 

New Middletown, Ma- 
honing Ohio 

New Midway, Frederick.Md 
New Milford, Utch- 

field Conn 

New Milford, Winne- 
bago ^.111 

New Milford, Orange.. N. Y 
New Milford, Portage. Ohio 
New Milford, Susque- 
hanna Pa 

New Millport, Clear- 
field Pa 

New Mills, Camden. . .N. C 
New Milton, Dod- 
dridge W. Va 

New Minden, Wash- 
ington Ill 

New Monmouth, Mon- 
mouth N.J 

New Moon, Cherokee. . .Ala 
New Moorefield, Clarke. . . . 

New Moscow, Coshoc- 
ton Ohio 

New Mount Pleasant, 

Jay Ind 


New Munich, Steanu.MUm 
Newnan (e. A.), Coweta..Ga 
NewnansviUe, Alachua .Fla 
New Offenburgh, St 

Genevieve Mo 

New Otiio, Broome . . . . N. Y 

New Oregon, Erie N. Y 

Niw Oblbahs (e. A.), 

Orleans La 

New Oxford, Adams Pa 

New Palestine, Cooper.. Mo 
New Palestine, Cler- 
mont .Ohio 

NewPaltz, Ulster N. Y 

New Paris, Elkhart. . . . Ind 

New Paris, Preble Ohio 

New Paris, Bedford Pa 

New Park, York Fft 

New Ptotemburgh, High- 
land Ohio 

New Petersburgh, Jef- 
ferson Pft 

New Philadelphia, Mc- 

Donough Ill 

New Philadelphia, Wash- 
ington Ind 

New Philculelphia (e. A.), 

Tuscarawas Ohio 

New Pine Credc, Lake.Oreg 
New Pittsburgh, Ran- 
dolph Ind 

New Pittsburgh, Craw- 
ford Kans 

New Pittsburgh, Wayne. . . 

New Pleasant Grove, 

Lamar Tex 

New Plymouth,Vinton.01iio 
New Plymouth, Lunen- 

burgh Va 

New Point, Decatur.... Ind 

New Point, Holt Mo 

Newport, Jackson Ark 

Newport, New Castle. . .Dei 
Neioport (c. A.), Ver- 
million Ind 

Newport, Johnson .... Iowa 
Newport (c. A.), Camp- 
bell Ky 

Newport, Winn Ia 

Newport, Penobscot Me 

Newport, Charles Md 

Newport, Monroe Mich 

Newport, Wasliington.Minn 

New Port, Attala Miss 

Newport, Barton Mo 

Newport (e. A.), Sulli- 
van N.H 

Newport, Cumberland. N. J 
Newport, Herkimer. . . N. Y 

Newport, Carteret N. C 

Newport, Washington.Ohio 

Newport, Benton Oreg 

Newport, Perry Pa 

Nkwpobt (c. a.), New- 
port R. I 

Newport (c. A.), Cocke 


Newport, Clay Tex 

Newport, Orleans Vt 

Newport, Giles Va 

New Portage, Summit.Ohio 
Newport Centre, Or- 
leans Vt 

New Portland, Somer- 
set Me 

New Port Landing, Oua^ 
chita Ark 

Ne wportville, Buoks .... Fa 
New Prague, Fayette.. .Tex 
New Prairie, Pope .... Minn 
New Preston, Litch- 
field Conn 

New Prospect, Forsyth.. Ga 
New Prospect, Win- 
ston Miss 

New Prospect, Spartan- 
burgh S.C 

New lirospect, Union..Tenn 
New Frospeet, Fond du 

Lac Wis 

New Providence, Cren- 
shaw Ala 

New Providanee, Clarke. . . 

New Providence, Har- 
din Iowa 

New Providence, Gal- 
loway Ky 

New Providence, Union. . . . 

New Providence, Lan- 
caster Fa 

New Providence, Mont- 
gomery Tenn 

New Richland, Waseca .... 

New Richland, Logan. Ohio 
New Richmond, Mont- 
gomery Ind 

New Richmond, Alle- 
gan Mich 

New Richmond, Cler- 
mont '. Ohio 

New Richmond, Craw- 
ford Fa 

New Richmond, Sum- 
mers W. Va 

New Riclimond, St. 

Croix Wis 

New Riegel, Seneca. . .Ohio 
New Ringgold, Schuyl- 
kill Pa 

New River, Fayette Ala 

New River, Ascension. ..La 
New River, All^hany . N. 

New River, Scott Tenn 

New River Depot, Pu- 
laski Va 

New Road, Colleton . . . S. C 
New Rochelle, West- 
chester N. Y 

t^ew Rochester, Wood.Ohio 

New Roe, Allen Ky 

New Rome, Sibley .... Minn 

New Rome, Adams Wis 

New Ross, Montgomery.Ind 
New Rumle^r, Hani- 
son Ohio 

New Russia, Essex N. Y 

Newry, Oxford Me 

Newry, Fn^bom Minn 

Newry, Blair Pa 

NeWry , Vernon Wis 

New Saint Louis, E. 

Baton Rouge La 

New Salem, Pike Ill 

New Salem, Rush Ind 

New Salem, Cowley . . Kans 
New Salem, Franklin. Mass 
New Salem, Allegan. .Mich 
New Salem, Albany . . .N. Y 
New Salem, Randolph. N. C 
New Salem, Fairfield.. Ohio 

New Salem, Fayette Pa 

New Salem, Rusk Tex 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices, 

New Salem, HaniBon.... 

W. Va 
New Salisbury, Harri- 
son .* Ind 

New Saata Fe, Jackson. Mo 
New Scotland, Albany. N. Y 
New Scottsville, Beaver. Pa 
New Sed&lia, Hancock.. . . 

News Ferry, Halifax . . . . Va 
New Sharon, Mahaska.Iowa 
New Sharon, Franklin. . Me 
New Sharon, Monmouth . . . 

New ShefBleld, Beaver. . .Pa 
New Shoreham, New- 
port R. I 

New Site, Tallapoosa... Ala 
New Site, Prentiss . . . Miss 
New Smyrna. Volusia.. Fla 
New Somerset, Jefterson . . . 

Newsom's Depot, South- 
ampton Va 

Newsoms Station, 

DavidKon Tenn 

New Springfield, Ma- 
honing Ohio 

New Springyille, Rich- 
mond N. T 

New Stanton, West- 
moreland .Pa 

Newstead, Christian. . . . Ky 
New Stirling, Iredell. .N. C 
New Store, Buckingham. Va 

New StraitsTille, Perry 

New Supply, Brunswick... 

N. C 
New Sweden, Aroostook. . . 

New Tabor, Republic. Kans 
New Tacoma, Herce. . Wash 
New Texas, Pointe Cou- 
pee La 

New Texas, Allegheny . . Pa 

Newton, Dale Ala 

Newton (e. A.), Baker. . .Oa 
Newton (e. h. ), Jasper. . .Ill 
Newton (c. A.), Jasper.Iowa 

Newton .(e. A.), Harvey 

Newton, Middlesex . . . Mass 

Newton, Calhoun Mich 

Newton (e. A.), Newton... 

Newton, Saunders. . . .Nebr 
Newton, Rockingham.. N. H 
Newton (c. A.), Sussex. N. J 
Newton (e. A.), Cataw- 
ba N.C 

Newton, Muskingum. Ohio 

Newton, Benton Or^ 

Newton (e. A.), Newton.Tex 

Newton, Cache Utah 

Newton, Roane W. Va 

Newton, Vernon Wis 

Newtonburgh, Manito- 
woc Wis 

Newton Centre, Middle- 
sex Mass 

Newton Depot, Rocking- 
ham N. H 

Newton Falls, Trum- 
bull Ohio 

Newton Grove, Samp- 
son N. G 

Newton Hamilton, Mif- 
flin Pa 

Newton Highlands, Mid- 
dlesex Mass 

Newtonia, Newton Mo 

Newton Lower Falls, 

Middlesex Mass 

Newton's Comers, Ham- 
ilton N. Y 

Newton's Retreat, Tip- 
pecanoe Ind 

Newton Stewart, Or- 
ange Ind 

Newtonsville, Clermont . . . 

Newton Upper Falls, 

Middlesex Mass 

Newtonville, Fayette . . .Ala 
Newtonville, Spencer.. Ind 
Newtonville, Buchanan. . . . 

Newtonville, Middlesex. . . . 

Newtonville, Attala. ..Miss 
Newtonville, Albany.. N. Y 
New Tox>ia, Barbour. . . .Ala 
Newtown, £1 Dorado. . . .Cal 
Newtown, Fairfield . . .Conn 
Newtown, Fountain — Ind 

Newtown, Scott Ky 

Newtown, Putnam Mo 

Newtown, Queens N. Y 

Newtown, Hamilton.. Ohio 

Newtown, Bucks Pa 

Newtown, King and 

Queen Va 

Newtown Academy, 

Monroe Ala 

New Town Landing, 

Warren Miss 

Newtown Mills, Forest. .Pa 
Newtown Square, Dela- 
ware Pa 

Newtown Stephens- 
burgh, Frederick Va 

New Trenton, Franklin. Ind 
New Trier, Dakota — Minn 
New Tripoli, Lehigh.... Pa 
Nexo Troy (c A.), La 

Fayette Fla 

New Troy, Berrien. . .Mich 
New Ultn \e. A.), Brown. . . . 


New Ulm, Austin Tex 

New Utrecht, Kings... N. Y 
New Vernon, Morris ...N.J 
New Vernon, Mercer .... Pa 
New Vienna, Dubuque. . . . 

New Vienna, Clinton.. Ohio 
New Village, Warren.. N. J 

Newville, Colusa Cal 

NewviUe, De Kalb Ind 

Newville, Herkimer... N. Y 
Newville, Richland.. .Ohio 
Newville, Cumberland.. Pa 
Newville, Prince George. Va 

Newville, Vernon Wis 

New Vineyard, Franklin.Me 
New Virginia, Warren. Iowa 
New W^ashington, Clarke... 

New Washington, Craw- 
ford Ohio 

New Washington, Clear- 
field Pa 

New Waterford, Co- 
lumbiana Ohio 

New Waverly, Cass. . . .Ind 
New Waverly, Walker. Tex 

New-way. licking Ohio 

New Wells, Cape Gi- 
rardeau Mo 

New Westville, Preble.Ohio 
New Wilmington, Law- 
rence Pa 

New Winchester, Hend- "^ 

ricks t Ind 

New Winchester, Craw- 
ford Ohio 

New Windsor, Mercer. . .Ill 
New Windsor, Carroll. .Md 
New Woodstock, Madi- 
son N. Y 

New York, Wayne Iowa 

New York (c. A.), New 

York N.Y 

New York, Henderson. Tex 
New York MUls, Otter 

Tall Minn 

New York Mills, Onei- 
da N.Y 

New Zion, Clarendon. .S. 

Ney, DcKalb Ill 

Ney, Defiance Ohio 

Niagara, Wayne Pa 

Niagara Falls, Niagara. . . . 


Niangua, Webster Mo 

Niantic, New London. Conn 

Niantic, Macon Ill 

Niantic, Washington. .R. I 
Niblett's Bluif, Calca- 
sieu ..La 

Nicaaio, Marin Cal 

Nicholas, Rice Kans 

Nicholas C. If., Nich- 
olas W. Va 

NieholasviUe {e. A.), 

Jessamine Ky 

Nichols, Tioga N.Y 

Nichols, Marion S. C 

Nicholson, Wyoming Pa 

Nicholson^s, Alamance .... 

Nicholson's Gap, De 

Kalb Ala 

Nicholson's Mills, IriMlell.. 

Nicholson's Store, Choc- 
taw Ala 

Nicholsonville, Cleve- 
land N.C 

Nichol Station, Musca- 
tine Iowa 

Niclu>lsville, Clermont. 

Nicholville, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

Nickel Mines, Lancaster .Pa 

Nickelsville, Scott Va 

Nickerson, Reno Kans 

Nickerson, Dodge Nebr 

Nickleville, Venango. . . .Pa 

Nicktown, Cambria Pa 

Nickville, Elbert Ga 

Nicodemus, Graham . . Kans 
Nicojaek, Marion. . . . Tenn 

Nicolaus, Sutter Cal 

Nicollet Nicollet Minn 

Niconxa, Miami Ind 

Niegoldstown, San Juan. . . 


Nile, Allegany N.Y 

Niles, Alameda Cal 

Niles.Cook ^...lU 

Niles, Berrien .Mich 

Niles, Cayuga N.Y 

Niles, Trumbull Ohio 

Niles, Manitowoc Wis 

Niles Centre, Cook Ill 

Niles Valley, Tioga Fa 

Nilwood, Macoupin lU 

Nimisila, Summit Ohio 

Nimrod^ Perry Aik 

Nine Mile, Oneida... .Idaho 

Nine Mile, Allen Ind 

Nino Mile, Bledsoe Tenn 

Nine Points, Lancaster. .Pa 
Nine limes, Pickens... S. C 
Ninety-six, Abbeville. . S. 

Nineveh, Johnson Ind 

Nineveh, Adair Mo 

Nineveh, Broome N.Y 

Nineveh, Greene Pa 

Nineveh, Warren Va 

Nininger, Dakota Minn 

Niobrara (e. A.), Knox 

Nippenose, Lycoming... Pa 

Nirvana, Lak6 .Mich 

Nisbet, Lycoming. ..... .Pa 

Nishnabotna, Atchison. Mo 
Niskayuna, Schenecta- 
dy.'. N.Y 

Nlttany , Centre Pa 

Nittayuma, Shai^ey. . Miss 
Niven, Susquehanna. .. .Pa 
Niverville, Columbia. .N. Y 

Ni Wot, Boulder Colo 

Nixburgh, Coosa Ala 

Nixon, Pawnee Kans 

Nixon, Missaukee.... Mich 
Nixonville, Marengo . . . Ala 

Nixonville, Horry S. 

Noah, Shelby Ind 

Noank, New Ix>ndon..Conn 

Noble, RichUnd HI 

Noble, Rice Kans 

Noble, Cuyahoga Ohio 

Nobleborough, Lincoln.. Me 
Noble Centre, Branch.Mich 
Noble's Lake, Jeffer- 
son Ark 

Noblestown, Allegheny..Pa 
Noblesville (c. A.), 

Hunilton Ind 

Nobleville, Noble Ohio 

Nobob, Barren Ky 

Nobscot, Middlesex. . .Mara 
Nochway, Randolph .... Ga 

Nockamixon, Bucks Pa 

Nockenut, Wilson Tex 

Nodaway, Andrew Mo 

Nodaway Mills, Page. .Iowa 
Nodena, Mississippi . . . .Ark 

Noel's, Hanover Va 

Noe's Ferry, Marion. . . Ark 
Nohart, Richardson. . .Nebr 
Nokesville, Prince Wil- 
liam Va 

Nokomis, Montgomery .. Ill 
Nola Chucky, Wash- 
ington Tenn 

Noland-s River, John- 
son Tex 

Noland Valley, Bell. .. .Tex 
Nolensvillc, William- 

Bon Tenn 

Nolin, Hardin Ky 

Nolo. Indiana Pa 

Nominy Grove, West- 
moreland Va 

Nonesuch, OnfonagonMieh 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


Non Interrentfoit, La- 

nenburgh Va 

Noapaml, Reno Kans 

NooMneck BUI, Kent. .R. I 

Non, Jo DftYieM Ill 

Nom, Marion Ind 

Nora', llomboldt Iowa 

Non, Pnfct Kans 

Non, Waihtenaw .... Mich 

Non, Pope Minn 

Nom, Nuckolls Nebr 

Non, Dane Wis 

Nondell, Talare Cal 

Non Springs, Floyd. .Iowa 
Norbeck, Mont^mery . .Md 

Norbome, OarroU Mo 

Noicrosfl, Gwinnett Ga 

Noid, Butte Cal 

Noiden, Deuel Dak 

Nordhoff, Ventura Cal 

Nwdland, Worth Iowa 

Norfolk, Litchfield . . . Conn 

Norfolk, Norfolk Maag 

Norfolk, 3cnvii)o Minn 

Norfolk, De Soto Miss 

Norfolk, Madison Nebr 

Norfolk, St. Lawrence.. N.Y 

Norfolk, Douglas Orc^ 

Norfolk {e. A.), Norfolk..Va 

Norma, Webster Mo 

Normal, McLean Ill 

Normalrille, Cook Ill 

Norman, Cass Dak 

Norman, layingston 111 

Norman, Kewaunee ... Wis 
Normandy, Afihley .... Ark 

Notmanda, Tipton Ind 

Normandy, St. Louis... Mo 
Normandy, Bedford.. Tenn 
Norman Hill, Bosque . .Tex 

Norman-s Stort), James 


Normantown, Gilmer 

W. Va 
Normanrille, Doni- 
phan Kans 

Noroton, Fairfield Conn 

Norridgewock, Somer- 
set Me 

Norris, Fulton Ill 

Noiris, Wayne Mich 

Nocris City, White Ill 

Norris Creek, Lincoln.Tenn 

Norris Fork, Henry Mo 

Norristown, Pope Ark 

Norristown, (Carroll. . .Ohio 
Norrigtown (f. A.), 

Montgomery Pa 

Norrisville, Harford . . . . Md 
NorrisTille, Crawford. . .Pa 
Norritonyille, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Norseland, Nicollet.. .Minn 
North Abington, Plym- 
outh Mass 

North Adams, Berk- 
shire Mass 

North Adams, Hills- 
dale Mich 

North Alton, Madison. . .Ill 
North Amherst, Hamp- 
shire Mass 

North Amherst, Lo- 
rain Ohio 

Northampton {e. A.), 

Hampshire Mans 

Northampton, Fulton. N. Y 

North AndoTer, Essex.Mass 
North Andover, Grant. Wis 
North Andover Depot, 

Essex Ma«8 

North Anson, Somerset. Me 
North Appleton, Knox.. Me 
North Argjle, Wash- 
ington N. Y 

North Ashford, Wlnd- 

liam Conn 

North Attleborough, 

Bristol .( Mass 

North Auburn, An- 
droscoggin Me 

North Aurora, Kane .... Ill 
North Baldwin, Cum- 
berland He 

North Ballard, Ballard.... 

North Baltimore, Wood. . . . 

North Bangor, Penob- 
scot Me 

North Bangor, Frank- 
lin N.Y 

North BarleyyUle, Wash- 
ton Me 

North Bamstead, Belk- 
nap N. II 

North Barrington, Straf- 
ford N. n 

North Barton, Tioga. .N. Y 
North Batavia, Branch . . . 

North Baj, Oneida. . . . N. Y 
North Belgrade, Ken- 
nebec Me 

North Bellingham, Nor- 
folk Mass 

North Behd, Neohoba.Miss 
North Bend, Dodge. . . Nebr 
North Bend Hamilton .Ohio 
North Bend, Jackson. . Wis 
North Bennington, Ben- 
nington Vt 

North Benson, Shelby . . Ky 
North Benton, Maho- 
ning Ohio 

North Bergen, Gene- 
see N.Y 

North Berne, Fairfield.Ohio 
North Berwick, York. . .Me 
North Beverly, Essex . Mass 
North Billerica, Mid- 
dlesex Mass 

North Bingham, Potter. .Pa 
North Blanford, Hamp- 
den Mass 

North Blenheim, Scho- 
harie N.Y 

North Bloomfield, Ne- 
vada Cal 

North Bloomfield, On- 
tario N. Y 

North Bloomfield, Trum- 

buU Ohio 

North Blue Hill, Han- 
cock Me 

North Bogue Chitto, 

Neshoba Miss 

North Bolton. Warren. N. Y 
North Boothoay, Lin- 
coln Me 

NorthboTough, Worces- 
ter Mass 

North Boscawen, Mer- 
rimack N. H 

North Boston, Erie. . .N. Y 

North Bradford, Pe- 
nobscot Me 

North Bradley, Mid- 
land Mich 

North Branch, Calaveras . . 


North Branch, Guth- 
rie Iowa 

North Branch, Jewell.... 


North Branch, Balti- 
more Md 

North Branch, Lapeer .Mich 

North Branch, IaaAiti..Minn 

North Branch, Otoe. .Nebr 

North Branch, Hills- 
-borough N. H 

North Branch, Somer- 
set N. J 

North Branch, Sulli- 
van N.Y 

North Branch, Susque- 
hanna Pa 

North Branch, Grayson. Va 

North Branch, Jack 
son Wis 

North Branch Depot, 
Somerset N. J 

North Branch Station, 
Chisago Minn 

North Branford, New 
Haven Conn 

Northbridge, Worces- 
ter Mass 

Northbridge Centre, 
Worcester Mass 

North Bridgeton, Cum- 
berland Me 

North Bridgewater, 
Oneida N.Y 

North Brighton,* Suffolk. . 


North Bristol, Trum- 
bull Ohio 

North Bristol, Dane .. .Wis 

North, Broadalbin, Ful- 
ton N. Y 

North Brook, Lincoln.. N.C 

Northbrook, Chester Pa 

North Brookficld, 
Worcester Mass 

North Brookfield, Madi- 
son N. Y 

North Brooklin, Han- 
cock Me 

North Brooksville, Han- 
cock Me 

North Buckfield, Ox- 
ford..... Me 

North Bucksport, Han- 
cock Me 

North Buena VLsta, 
Clayton Iowa 

North Bufi'alo, Arm- 
strong Pa 

North Burns, Huron.. Mich 

North Byron, Kent. . .Mich 

North Cambridge,* 
Middlesex Mass 

North Cambridge, La- 
moille Vt 

North Cameron, Steu- 
ben N.Y 

North Candor, Tioga. .N. Y 

North Canton, Hart- 
ford Conn 

* Branch of the Boston Post 

North CanyonvUle, Doug- 
las Oreg 

North Cape, Racine Wis 

North Carmel, Penob- 
scot Me 

North Carver, Plym- 
outh Masfl 

North Castine, Hancock.Me 
North Ca«tle, West- 
chester N. Y 

North Cedar, Jackson 

North Charlestown, Sul- 

Uvan. N. H 

North Chatham, Barn- 
stable Mass 

North Chatham, Car- 

roH N.H 

North Chatham, Co- 
lumbia N. Y 

North Chelmsford, Mid- 
dlesex Mass 

North Chemung, Che- 
mung N. Y 

North Chester, Hamp- 
den Mass 

North Chester, Windsor. Vt 
North Chesterville, Frank- 
lin Me 

North Chichester, Mer- 
rimack N. H 

North ChiU, Monroe. .N. Y 
North Clarendon, Rut- 
land Vt 

North Clayton, Miami.Ohio 
North Clayton, Craw- 
ford Wis 

North Clove, Dutchess . N. Y 
North Clymer, Chau- 
tauqua N. Y 

North Cohocton, Steu- 
ben N.Y 

North Colebrook, Litch- 
field Conn 

North Colesville, Broome.. 

North Collins, Erie...N. Y 
North Columbia, Nevada.. 

North Concord, Essex. . . Vt 
North Constantia, Os- 
wego N. Y 

North Conway, Carroll .N.H 
North Comville, Somer- 
set Me 

North Cornwall, Litch- 
field .J Conn 

North Cove, McDowell .N. 
North Cove, Pacific. .Wash 
North Craftsbury, Or- 
leans Vt 

North Creek, Fayette. . .Ala 
North Creek, Phimps..Ark 
North Creek, Warren. N. Y 
North Creek, Putnam.Ohio 
North Cutler, Washing- 
ton Me 

Northcutt, Linn Mo 

North Dana, Worces- 
ter Mass 

North Danville, Caledo- 
nia Vt 

North Dartmouth, Bris- 
tol Mass 

North Deer Isle, Han- 
cock Me 

North Derby, Orleans. . . Vt 
North Dighton,Bristol.Masa 




Alphahetical List of Post Offiees. 

North Bixmont, Pmob- 

Bcot Me 

North Dorchester, Graf- 
ton N. H 

North Dorr, AU^an. .Mich 
North Dorset, Beuning- 

ton Vt 

North DoTer, Cuyaho- 
ga Ohio 

North Dunharton, Mer- 
rimack N. H 

North Duxhury, Wash- 
ington Vt 

Northeast, Cecil Md 

North East, Erie Pa 

North Eastham, Barn- 
stable Mass 

Northeast Harbor, Ilan- 

cock Me 

North Easton, Bristol.Mass 
North Easton, Washing- 
ton N. T 

North Eaton, Lorain. . Ohio 
North Edgeconib, Sin- 
coin Me 

North Edmeston, Otsego. . . 

N. Y 
North Egremont, Berk- 
shire Mass 

Northeim, Manitowoc.. Wis 

North Elba, Essex N. Y 

North Ellsworth, Han- 
cock Me 

North English, Iowa.. Iowa 
North Enosburgh, Frank- 

Un Vt 

North Epping, Rock- 
ingham N. H 

Northern Junction, Mil- 
waukee. . . Wis 

North Eyans, Erie N. Y 

North Eranston, Cook.. Ill 
North Fairfax, Frank- 
lin Vt 

North Fairfield, Somer- 
set Me 

North Fairfield, Huron... 

North Falmouth, Cum- 
berland Me 

North Falmouth, Barn- 
stable Mass 

North Farmington, Oak- 
land Mich 

North Fayette, Kenne- 
bec Me 

North Fayston, Wash- 
ington Vt 

North Fenton, Broome.N.Y 
North Ferrisbuigh, Ad- 

di.<«on Vt 

Northfield, Litchfield . Conn 

Northfield, Boone Ind 

Northfield, Des Moines .... 

Northfield, Washington . Me 
Northfield, Franklin. .Mass 

Northfield, Rice Minn 

Northfield, Summit. ..Ohio 
Northfield, Washington. Vt 
Northfield Depot, Mer- 
rimack N. H 

Northfield Farms, Frank- 
lin Mass 

North Flatbush, Ulster 

Northford, New Haren. . .. 


North Fork, Maaon Kj 

North Fork, Steams.. Minn 

North Fork, Saline... Nebr 

North Fork, Ashe N. C 

North Fork, Potter Pa 

North Fork, Henry . . . Tenn 

North Fork, Loudoun . . .Va 

North Fork, Clark Wis 

North Fork, Sweetwater. . . 


North Franklin, New 
London Conn 

North Franklin, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

North Freedom, Arm- 
strong Fa 

North Freedom, Sank. .Wis 

North Fxyebuxgh, Ox- 
ford Me 

North Gage, Oneida. . .N. Y 

North Galway, Sara- 
toga N.Y 

North Garden, Albe- 
marle Va 

North Georgetown, Sag- 
adahoc Me 

North Georgetown, Co- 
lumbiana Ohio 

North Germantown, 
Columbia N.Y 

North Gorham, Cum- 
berland Me 

North Granby, Hart- 
ford Conn 

North Grantham, Sulli- 
van N. H 

North GrauTille, Wash- 
ington N. Y 

Nortii Gray, Cumber- 
land Me 

North Greece, Monroe. N. Y 

North Greenfield, Sar- 
atoga N. Y 

North Greenfield, Lo- 
gan Ohio 

North Greensborough, 
Orleans Yt 

North Greenwich, Wash- 
ington .N.Y 

North Grosvenor Dale, 
Windham Conn 

North Groton, Grafton. . . . 

N. n 

North Grove, Miami — Ind 

North Grove, Page — Iowa 

North Guilford, New 
Haven Conn 

North Hadley, Hamp- 
shire Mass 

North Hamden, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

North Hamlin, Monroe. . . . 


North Hammond, St. 
Lawrence N.Y 

North Hampton, Peoria. Ill 

North Hampton, Rock- 
ingham N. H 

NorSi Hampton, Clarke 


North Hancock, Han- 
cock Me 

North Hannibal, Oswego.. 


North Harpersfield, Del- 
aware N.Y 

North Harpswell, Cum- 
berland Me 

North Hartland, Niunxa. . 


North Hartland, Wind- 
sor Vt 

North Harwich, Barnsta- 
ble Maas 

North Hatfield, Hamp- 
shire Mass 

North Haven, New 
Haven Conn 

North Haven, Knox .... Me 

North HaverhiU, Graf- 
ton N.H 

North Hebron, Wash- 
ington N. T 

North Hector, Schuyler 


North Heidelberg, Berks Ja 

North Henderson, Mer- 
cer Ill 

North Hermon, Penob- 
scot Me 

North Hero (e. A.), Grand 
Isle Vt 

North Hill, Wayne Ky 

North Hinsdale, Cheshire.. 


North Hoosick, Reus- 

North Hope, Butler Pa 

North Hudson, Essex..N. Y 
North Hudson, St. Croix.. . 

North Huron, Wayne. N. Y 
North Hyde Park, La- 
moille Vt 

North Indianapolis, 

Marion Ind 

North Industry, Stark.Ohio 
North Irving, Bany..Mich 
North Islel^rough, 

Waldo Me 

North Jackson, Mahon- 
ing Ohio 

North Jackson, Susque- 
hanna Pa 

North Jasper, Steuben. N.Y 
North Java, Wyoming. N. Y 
North Jay, Franklin. . ..Me 
North Judson, Starke. . Ind 
North Keys, Prince 

George-s Md 

North Kingsville, Ash- 
tabula Ohio 

North Kortright, Dela- 
ware N. Y 

North La Crosse, La 

Crosse Wis 

North Lake, Waukesha. Wis 
North Lamoine, Han- 
cock Me 

North ].anding, Norfolk. .. 

North Lansing, Tomp- 
kins N.Y 

North Lawrence, Doug- 
las Kans 

North Lawrence, St. 

I^awrencc N. Y 

North r^awrence, Stark 

North I^ebanon, York.. Me 
North Lee, Penobscot ..Me 
North Leeds, Androscog- 
gin Me 

North Leeds, Columbia. Wis 
North Leominster, 
i Worcester Mass 

North Leverett, Frank- 
Un Mass 

North Lewisbnrgh, 
Champaign Ohio 

North Liberty, St. Joseph . . 


North Liberty, Johnson. . . 


Nortti liberty, Knox.. Ohio 

North Liber^, Mereer..Pa 

North lima, Mahoning 


North LimingtoD, York. Me 

North linndale, Gujar- 
hoga Ohio 

North LinneuB, Aroos- 
took Me 

North IJsboB, Graft<m 


North litchfield, Her- 
kimer N.T 

North Littleton, Grafton. . . 


North Livermore, An- 
droscoggin Me 

North Londonderry, 
Rockingham N. H 

North Loup, Valley. . .Nebr 

North Lovell, Oxford. . .Me 

North Lubec, Washing- 
ton Me 

North Lyme, New Lon- 
don Conn 

North Lyndeborongh, 
Hillsborough N.H 

North Lyndon, Arooa- 
took He 

North McGregor, Clay- 
ton Iowa 

North Madison, New 
Haven Conn 

North Madison, Jeffer- 
son Ind 

North Madison, Somer- 
set Me 

North Madison, Lake.. Ohio 

North Manchester, Hart- 
ford Conn 

North Manchester, Wa^ 
hash Ind 

North Manlius, Onon- 
daga N. Y 

North Mariaville, Han- 
cock Me 

North Marshfield, Plym- 
outh Mass 

North Middleborough, 
Plymouth Mass 

North Middletown, Bour- 
bon K7 

North Milford, Penob- 
scot Me 

North Monmouth, Ken- 
nebec .Me 

North Monroe, Waldo.. Me 

North Monroe, Grafton.N.U 

North Montpelier, Wash- 
ington Vt 

North Mountain, Berke- 
ley W. Va 

North Nassau, Rensse- 
Uer N.Y 

North Newberg, Shia^ 
wassee Mich 

Nortti Newburgh, Penob- 
scot Me 

North New Castle, lin- 
coln Me 

. Alphabetical List of Post Officer. 


North Newlleld, York . . .Me 
North Newport, Penoh- 

seot Me 

North Newport, Salli- 

▼an N.H 

North New Portland, 

Somerset Me 

North Newry, Oxford... Me 
Nortii New Salem, 

Franklin Mass 

North Northfleld, Oook..Ill 
North Norway, Oxford. .Me 
North Norwich, Che- 
nango N Y 

North Oakfield, Oeneeee. . . 

North Oakland, Bntler. .Pa 
North Ogden, Weber. Utah 
North Orange, Franklin. . . 

North Orrington, Penob- 
scot Me 

North Orwell, Bradford. Pa 
North Orwell, Addison.. Vt 
North Oxford, Worces- 
ter Mam 

North Palermo, Waldo.. Me 

North Paris, Oxford Me 

North Parma, Monroe. N. Y 
North Parsonfleld, York.Me 
North Pawlet, Rutland.. Yt 
Nwth Pembroke, Plym- 
outh Mass 

North Pembroke, Gen- 
esee N.Y 

North Penn, Schaylkill.Pa 
North Penobscot, Han- 
cock . .' Me 

North Perry, Washing- 
ton Me 

Nortti Petersbnrgh, Rens- 
selaer N.Y 

North PhATsalia, Che- 
nango N. Y 

North Pine Grove, Clar- 
ion Pa 

North Pitcher, Chenango. . . 

North Pittston, Kenne- 
bec Me 

North Plato, Kane Ill 

North Platte (c A.), Lin- 
coln Nebr 

North PleaenieTille, 

Henry Ky 

North Plymouth, Plym- 
outh ^ Mass 

North Plympton, Plym- 
outh Mass 

North Point, Pulaski . . Ark 
NorthPoint, Indiana... Pa 
North Pomfret, Windsor. . 

Northport, Tuscaloosa.. Ala 

Northport, Waldo Me 

Northport (e. A.), Leele- 

naw Mich 

NoYthport, Snif oik. ...N.Y 
Northport, Waupaca. .. 1^^ 
Northport Camp Ground, 

Waldo Me 

North Powder, Baker..Oreg 
North Pownal, Cumber- 
land Me 

North Pownal, Benning- 
ton Vt 

North Prairie, Morrison. . . 


North Prairie Station, 
Waukesha Wis 

North Prescott, Hamp- 
shire Mass 

North Randolph, Or- 
ange Vt 

North Raymond, 'Cum- 
berland Me 

North Raynham, Bristol. . . 


North Reading, Middle- 
sex Mass 

North Reading, Schuy- 
ler N.Y 

North Rehoboth, Bris- 
tol Mass 

North Richmond, Chesh- 
ire N.H 

North Richmond, Ash- 
tabula Ohio 

North Ridge, Niagara 


North Ridge-ville, Lorain. . . 


North Ridgeway, Or- 
leans N.Y 

North Rirer, Tuscaloo- 
sa Ala 

North River, Marion . . .Mo 

North River, Warren. .N. Y 

North River, Rocking- 
ham Va 

North River MUls, 
Hampshire W. Va 

North Robinson, Ottawa... 


North Robinson, Craw- 
ford Ohio 

North Rochester, Plym- 
outh Mass 

North Rochester, Strafford. 

N. H 

North Rome, Bradford. .Pa 

North Rose, Wayne.. .N. Y 

North Royalton, Cuya- 
hoga Ohio 

North Rumford, Oxford.Me 

North Rupert, Benning- 
ton Vt 

North Rush, Monroe ..N.Y 

North Russell, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

North Rutland, Worces- 
ter Mass 

North St. Louis,* St. 
Louis Mo 

North 8alem,Hendrickfi.Ind 

North Salem, Linn Mo 

North Salem, Rocking- 
ham N.H 

North Salem, Westches- 
ter N.Y 

North Salem, Guernsey.. .. 


North Sanbomton, Bel- 
knap N. H 

North San Diego, San 
Diego Cal 

North Sandwich, Barn- 
stable Mass 

North Sandwich, Car- 
roll N.H 

North Sandy, Mercer ... Pa 

North Sanfoid,Broome.N.Y 

North San Juan, Neva- 
da Cal 

•Branch of the 8t Louis 
Po«t Olfloe: 

North Beituate, Plym- 
outh Mass 

North Scituate, Provi- 
dence R. T 

North Scriba, Oswego. N. Y 
North Secursmont, Wal- 
do Me 

North Searsport, Waldo.Me 
North Sedgwick, Han- 
cock Me 

North Sewickly, Beaver. Pa 
North Shapleigh, York.. Me 
North Sheffield, Ashta^ 

bula Ohio 

North Sheldon, Franklin. Vt 
North Sherburne, Rut- 
land Vt 

North Shrewsbury, Rut- 
land Vt 

Northside, Goochland. . . Va 
North Sidney, KennebecMe 
North's Landing, Swit- 

serland Ind 

North's Mills, Mercer... Pa 
North Solon, Cuyahoga . . . 

North Sparta, livings- 
ton N.Y 

North Spencer, Tioga. .N.Y 
North Spring, Wyoming. . . 

W. Va 
North Springfield, 

Greene Mo 

North Springfield, Sum- 
mit Ohio 

North Springfield, Brie.. Pa 
North Springfield, Wind- 
sor Vt 

North Springs, Jackson. . . . 

North Stamford, Fair- 
field Conn 

North Star, Deuel Dak 

North Star, Gratiot . . . Mich 
North Star, Martin . . . Minn 
North Star, Darke .... Ohio 
North Star, All^heny . . Pa 
North Star, Crawford.. Wis 
North Stephentown, 

Rensselaer N. Y 

North Sterling, Wind- 
ham Conn 

North Stockholm, St. 

Lawrence N. Y 

North Stonington, New 

London Conn 

North Stoughton, Nor- 
folk Mass 

North Strafford, Straf- 
ford N.H 

North Sudbury, Middle- 
sex Maas 

North Sutton, Merrimack . . 

N. II 
North Swansea, Bristol — 

North Tarrytown, West- 
chester N. Y 

North Temescal, Alameda.. 

North Thetford, Orange. Vt 
North Tisbury, Dukes. Mass. 
North Topeka, Shawnee.... 

North Tower, Jessamine.Ky 

North Troy, Orleans Vt 

North Truro, Barnstable.. 


North Tnnbridge, Orange . . 


North Turner, Andros- 
coggin Me 

North Turner Bridge, 
Androscoggin Me 

Northumberland, C00S.N.H 

Northumberland, Sara- 
toga N.Y 

Northumberland, North- 
umberland Pa 

North Underbill, Chit- 
tenden Vt 

North Union, Montgom- 
ery Ind 

North Union, Knox Me 

North Uniontown, High- 
land Ohio 

North Unity, Iieelenaw .... 


Northup, Gallia..- Ohio 

North Urbana, Steuben... 


Nortii Uxbridge, Worces- 
ter Mass 

North Valley, Polk .... Wis 

North Vassalborough, 
Kennebec Me 

North Vemon,Jenmngs.Ind 

North Victory, Cayuga... 


North Vienna, Kennebec. . . 


North View, Mecklen- 
buif^h Va 

Northville, Litchfield. Conn 
* Northville, La Salle .... HI 

Northville, Greene.. ..Iowa 

NorthTille, Wayne .... Mich 

Northville, Fulton. . . .N. Y 

Northville, Erie Pa 

Northville, Cumberland. .. 


North Vineland, Cum- 
berland N J 

North Volney , Oswego 


North Wakefield, Carroll . . 


North Walden, Cale- 
donia Vt 

North Waldoborough, 
Lincoln Me 

North Wales, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

North Walpole, Cheshire. . 


North Walton, Delaware. . . 


North Warren, Knox... Me 

North Warren, Warren. . Pa 

North Washington, Chick- 
asaw Iowa 

North Washington, Knox . . 


North Washington, Har- 
din Ohio 

North Washington, West- 
moreland Pa 

North Waterborough, 
York Me 

North Waterford, Oxford. . 


North Wayne, Kennebec 


North Weare, Hills- ' ' 
borough N. 11 

Northwest, Williams. Ohio 


Alphabetical List of Post Officer, 

North Westclieater, New 
London Conn 

North Western, Oneida 

N. Y 

North Westport, Bristol. .. 


North Weymouth, Nor- 
folk Man 

North Wharton, Potter. .Pa 

North Whitefleid, Lin- 
coln Me 

North Wilbraham, Hamp- 
den .Jffauss 

North Willlston, Chit- 
tenden yt 

North Wilmington, Mid- 
dlesex Mass 

North Wilna, Jefferson 

N. Y 

NwCh Wilton, Fairfield 


North T^ndham, Wind- 
ham Conn 

North Windham, Cum- 
berland Me 

North Windham, Wind- 
ham Vt 

North Winfleld Herki- 
mer N. Y 

North Winterport, Wal- 
do Me 

North Wisconsin Junc- 
tion, St. Croix Wis 

North Wobum, Mid- 
dlesex Mass 

North Wolcott, Wayne 


North Wolcott. Lamoille . V t 

North Wolfborough, 
Carroll N. H 

Nortkwood (c. A.), Worth. . 


Northwood, Logan. . . .Ohio 

Northwood Centre, Rock- 
ingham N. H 

Northwood Narrows, 
Bockingham N. H 

Northwowi Ridge, Rock- 
ingham N. H 

North Woodstock, Wind- 
ham Conn 

North Woodstock, Ox- 
ford Me 

North Woodstock, Graf- 
ton N. H 

North Woodville, Pe- 
nobscot Me 

North Yam HiU, Yam 
Hill Oreg 

North Yarmouth, Cum- 
berland Me 

Norton (c. A.), Norton. Kans 

Norton, Bristol Mass 

Norton, Hunterdon ...N.J 

Norton, Delaware Ohio 

Norton, Clackamas . . . .Oreg 

Norton Centre, Sum- 
mit Ohio 

Norton Hill, Greene. . .N. Y 

Norton Mills, Essex Yt 

Norton's, Jackson N. C 

NortonsTille, Greene.... Ya 

Nortonyille, Contra Costa.. 


Nortonyille, Jefferson 


NortouTille, Hopkins... Ky 

Norrell, Jackson Mich 

Norwalk, Los Angeles. .Cal 

Norwalk, Fairfield Conn 

Norwalk, Putnam Fla 

Norwalk, Warren Iowa 

Norwalk, King^man . . . Kans 
Norwalk, Manistee. . . .Mich 
NorweUk (e. A.), Huron . . . 


Norwalk, Monroe Wis 

Norway, Yankton Dak 

Norway, La Salle Ill 

Norway, Republic .... Kans 

Norway, Oxford Me 

Norway, Goodhue.... Minn 

Norway, Herkimer N. Y 

Norway, Coca Ov^ 

Norway, Chester Fa 

Norway Orore, Dane. . .Wis 
Norway Hills, Bosqnc.Tex 
Norway Lake, Kandiyo- 
hi Minn 

Norway Ridge, Monroe. Wis 
Norwegian GroTe, Otter 

Tail Minn 

Norwich (c. A.), New 

London Conn 

Norwich, Hampshire.. Mass 
Norwich, MinoaukecBfich 
Nonoieh ( c A. ), Chenan- 
go N.Y 

Norwich, Muskingum 


Norwich, McKean Pa 

Norwich. Windsor Vt 

Norwich Town, New 

London Conn 

Norwood, Warren Ga 

Norwood, Mercer Ill 

Norwood, Lucas Iowa 

Norwood, Franklin. . . Kans 
Norwood, Norfolk. . . .Mass 
Norwood, Charlevoix. Mich 

Norwood, Carver Minn 

Norwood, Bergen N. J 

Norwood, St. Lawrence .... 


Norwood, Stanly N. C 

Norwood, Hamilton . . . Ohio 

Norwood, Kent. R. I 

Norwood, Nelson Ya 

Norwood Park, Cook. . . .Ill 
Norwoodville, Sevier ..Ark 
Nossville, Huntingdon... Pft 

Notasulga, Macon Ala 

Notre Dame, St. Joseph.. . . 

Nottawa, St. Joseph . .Mich 

Nottingham, Wells Ind 

Nottingham, Prince 

George-8 Md 

Nottingham, Rocking- 
ham N. H 

Nottingham, Cnyahoga 

Nottingham, Chester. . . .Pa 

Nottla, Cherokee N. C 

Nottoway C. if., Not- 
toway Ya 

Nova, Ashland Ohio 

Novelty, Knox Mo 

Novelty, King Wash 

Noveste, Tuscola Mich 

Novi, Oakland Mich 

Novinger, Adair Mo 

NoxapatCT, Winston. . .Miss 

Noxon, Dutehess N. Y 

Noyo, Mendocino Cal 

Nubbin Ridge, Leon.. .Tex 

Nueces, Nneees Tex 

Nugent's Grove, linn 

Null-s Mills, Fayette.. .Ind 
N uma, Appanoose .... Iowa 

Nunudia, Columbia Pa 

Nunda, McUenry Ill 

Nunda, Freeborn Minn 

Nunda, Livingston. ...N.Y 
Nunda Station, Living- 
ston N.Y 

Nnnica, Ottawa Mich 

Nurey, Lincoln Dak 

Nnmeysville, Nanse- 

mond Va 

Noiseiy Hill, Dent Mo 

Nuttallbnzgh, Fayette 

W. Va 
Nutter Fann, Ritehie.W.Va 

Nnsums, Marion W. Va 

Nyaek, Rockland N.Y 

Nyack Turnpike, Rock- 

land N.Y 

Nyesville, Parke Ind 


Oak, Pope Hi 

Oak, Pulaski Ind 

Oak, Wayne Mich 

Oak, Nuckolls Nebr 

Oakalla, Iroquois Ill 

Oakalla, Putnam Ind 

Oakalla, Burnet Tex 

Oak Bar, Siskiyou Cal 

Oak Bluff, Clay Ark 

Oak Bower, Hart Ga 

Oak Centre. Wabasha. Minn 
Oak Centre, Fond du 

Lac Wis 

Oak City, Millard .... Utah 
Oak Creek, Douglas . . . Oreg 
Oak Creek, Milwaukee. Wis 

Oakdale, Stanislaus Cal 

Oakdale, Yankton Dak 

Oakdale, Washington... Ill 

Oakdale, Jennings Ind 

Oakdale, Worcester. . .l^iass 
Oakdale, Washington.Minn 

Oak Dale, Shelby Mo 

OakdaU (c. A.), Ante- 
lope Nebr 

Oak Dale, Hunterdon.. N. J 

Oakdale, Delaware Pa 

Oakdale, Campbell. . . .Tenn 
Oakdale, Rockbridge . . . .Va 

Oakdale, Monroe Wis 

Oakdale Station, Suffolk . . . 

Oakdale Station, Alle- 
gheny Pa 

Oakdam, Vanderburgh. Ind 

Oak Farm, Brown Ind 

Oakfield, Audubon... Iowa 
Oakfield, Aroostook . . ..Me 

Oakfield, Franklin Mo 

Oakfield, Genesee N. Y 

Oakfield, Fond du Lac .Wis 
Oakfield Centre, Kent. Mich 
Oak Flat, Van Buren. .Ark 
Oak Flat, Pendleton. .W.Va 

Oakford, Menard Ill 

Oakf ord, Howard Ind 

Oakford, Bucks .Pa 

Oak Forest, Lee Ark 

Oak Forest, Franklin. . .Ind 
^ Oak Forest, Iredell — N. 

Oak Forest, Greene Pa 

Oak Forest, OoniEales ..Tex 
Oak Forest, Cumberland. Va 
Oakfuskee, Cleburne. . .AI* 

Oak Glen, Cook Ill 

Oak Glen, Lee Va 

Oak Grove, Perry Ala 

Oak Grove, Carroll Ark 

Oak Grove, San Diego. ..Cal 

Oak Grove, Sussex Del 

Oak Grove, Santa Rosa. Fla 

Oak Grove, McLean Ill 

Oak Grove, Poweshiek. I own 
Oak -Grove, Pottawato- 
mie Kans 

Oak Grove, Christian. . . Ky 
Oak Grove, W. Carroll. ..La 
Oak Grove, Prince 

George's Md 

Oak Grove, Livingston 


Oak Grove, Anoka Minn 

Oak Grove, Jackson Mo 

Oak Grove, Hunterdon.N. J 

Oak Grove, Union N. 

Oak Grove, Lucas Ohio 

Oak Grove, Marion. . . .S. O 
Oak Grove, Jefferson. Teno 

Oak Grove, Tarrant Tex 

Oak Grove, Westmore- 
land Va 

Oak Grove, Dodge Wis 

Oak Groves, Seward.. .Nebr 
Oak Hall, Accomack . . . .Va 
Oakham, Worcester... Mass 
Oak Harbor, Ottawa... Ohio 
Oak Harbor, Island.. Wash 

Oak Hill, IStowah Ala 

Oak HUl, Carroll Ark 

Oak Hill, Volusia Fla 

Oak HUl, Clay Kans 

Oak Hill, Cumberland. .Me 

Oak HiU Crawford Mo 

Oak HUl, Greene N.Y 

Oak HUl, GranviUe N.O 

Oak HiU, Jackson Ohio 

Oak HiU, Lancaster Pa 

Oak HUl, Lexington.. 8. C 

Oak EOll, Overton Tenn 

Oak HiU, Travis Tex 

Oak mu, Fayette.... W. Va 
Oak HiU, Jefferson .... Wis 
Oakland, Lauderdale. . . Ala 
Oakland (e. A.), Alauneda. . 


Oakland, Orange Fla 

Oakland, Meriwether. . .Ga 

Oakland, Coles lU 

Oakland, Spencer Ind 

Oakland, Marshall Ky 

Oakland, Union La 

Oakland {e. A.), Ganrett.Md 
Oakland, Freeborn. . .Minn 
Oakland, Yalabosha . . .Miss 

Oakland, Laclede Mo 

Oakland, Burt Nebr 

Oakland, Bergen N. J 

Oakland, Living8ton..N. Y 

Oakland, Halifax N. G 

Oakland, Clinton Ohio 

Oakland, Douglas Oreg 

Oakland, Armstrong.... Pa 
Oakland, Clarendon.. . .S. 

Oakland, Fayette Tenn 

Oakland, Colorado T^ 

Oakland. Louisa. . , Va 

Oakland {e. A.), Mason 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


Oakland, Jeffenon Wis 

Oakland City, Gibaon..Ind 
Oakland Crosn Roads, 

Westmoreland . .- Fia 

Oakland Mills, Heni7..Iow» 
Oakland Mills, Nicholas . Ky 
Oakland Mills, Howard. Md 
Oakland Mills, Jnniata. .Pa 
Oaklandon, BiLurion....Ind 
Oakland Station, WanenXy 
Oakland YaUey, Frank- 
lin Iowa 

Oakland Valley, SuUi- 

▼am ^.T 

Oak Lawn, Providence. B. I 
Oak Level, Cleburne. . . Ala 
Oak Level, Blarshall. . . . Ky 

Oak Level, Henry Va 

Oakley, Montgomery. ..Ala 

Oakley, Arkansas Ark 

Oakley, Owyhee Idaho 

Oakley, Macon Ill 

Oakley, Franklin La 

Oakley, Saginaw Mich 

Oakley, Hamilton Ohio 

Oakley, Susquehanna. ..Fft 

Oakley, Overton Tenn 

Oakley, Mecklenburgh'. .Va 
Oakley, Green. ...... . . Wis 

Oakley Depot, Charles- 
ton S. C 

Oak Lodge, Choctaw N 

Ind. T 
Oak Lone, Cleburne. . . Ala 
Oak Mills, Atchison . . Kans 

Oakmulgee, Perry Ala 

Oakohay, Covingfton.. .Miss 
Oak Orchard, Freder- 
ick Md 

Oak Orchard, Orleans. N. Y 

Oak Park, Cook Ill 

Oak FariL, Madison Va 

Oak Point, Clark lU 

Obk Point, Van Buren. Iowa 

Oak Point, Wilson Tenn 

Oak Point, CowUti . . . Wash 
Oak Bidge, Jefferson . . . Ala 
Oak Bidge, Meriwether. Oa 

Oak Bidge, Menard Ill 

Oak Ridge, Kosciusko. .Ind 

Oak Bidge, Elk Kans 

Oak Bidge, Winona... Minn 
Oak Bidge, Warren — Miss 
Oak Bidge, €ape Glrard- 

ean Mo 

Oak Bidge, Passaic N. J 

Oak Bidge, Guiliord...N. C 
Oak Bidge, Hancock... Ohio 
Oak Bidge, Macon. . . .Tenn 

Oak Bun, Shasta Cai 

Oak Bun, Hancock.. W. Va 

Oaks, Orange N.C 

Oaks, Mon^omexy Pa 

Oak's Comers, Ontario.N.Y 
Oak Shade, Fulton. . . . Ohio 
Oak Shade, Culpeper. . . Va 

Oak Spring, Davis Iowa 

Oak Spiing,Butherford.N.C 
Oak Springs, Anoka... Minn 
Oak Station, Steams.. Minn 

OaksvUle, Otsego N. Y 

Oaktown, Pulaski Ill 

Oaktown, Knox Ind 

Oak Vale, Lawrence . . . Miss 
Oak Vale, Coleman .... Tex 

Oak VaUey , Elk Kans 

Oak VaUey, Hill Tex 

OakvUle, Lawrence Ala 

OakvlUe, Jefferson .... Ark 

OakvUle, Napa Cal 

Oakville, New Haven. Conn 
Oakville, Delaware .... Ind 
OakviUe, St. Blary's.. ..Md 

Oakville. Monroe Mch 

Oakvillei St. Louis Mo 

Oakville, Warren N. C 

OakviUe, Linn Oreg 

OakviUe, Cumberland . . .Pa 
OakviUe (e. A.), Live 

Oak Tex 

OakviUe, AiQ>omattox. . .Va 
Oakville, Chehalis. . . .Wash 

Oakway, Oconee S. C 

Oakwood, Brookings. . . Dak 

Oakwood, Putnam Fla 

Oakwood, Vermillion 111 

Oakwood, La Porte. . . . Ind 

Oakwood, Linn Kans 

Oakwood, CecU Md 

Oakwood, Oakland .... Mich 
Oakwood, Olmsted. ...Minn 

Oakwood, Paulding Ohio 

Oakwood, Montgomery.... 


Oakwood, Leon Tex 

Oakwood, Bockingham..Va 
Oakwood, Milwaukee. . . Wis 
Oak woods, Fleming. . . .Ky 
Oakwood Station, Polk.Iowa 
Oaky Streidc, Butler.. ..Ala 

Oasis, Inyo Cal 

Oasis, Johnson. Iowa 

Oasis, Saline Kans 

Oasis, W^aushara Wis 

Gates Island, Marion. Tenn 

Oatlands, Loudoun Va 

OatsvUle, Pike Ind 

Obiin, Saline Kans 

- Bannon, Jefferson .... Ky 
Oberle's Comers, Car- . 

ver Minn 

Oberlin, Pottawattamie N.. 

Ind. T 

Oberlin, Decatur. Kans 

OberUn, Lorain Ohio 

Obin, Grant Ark 

Obion, Obion Tenn 

Obligation, Anne Arundel. 


Oblong, Crawford lU 

O'Brien, O'Brien Iowa 

OecUa {e. A.), Marion . . . Fla 

Ocate, Mora N. Mex 

Occidental, Sonoma. . . .Cal 
Occoquan, Prince Wil- 

Uam Va 

Occupacia, Eraex Va 

Ocean, Alleghany Md 

Oceana (c. h.), Wyo- 
ming W. Va 

Ocean Beach, Mon- 
mouth N. J 

Ocean City, Worcester. .Md 
Ocean Grove, Mon- 
mouth N. J 

Oceanic, Monmouth. . .N. J 
Ocean Port, Monmouth.N. J 
Ocean Springs, Jackson. . . . 


Oceanus, Queens N. Y 

Ocean View, Sussex .... Del 
Ocean View, Cape May . N. J 
Ocean View, Washington. . 

B. I 
OceanvUle, Hancock .... Me 
OceanviUe, Atlantic. ..N.J 

Ooeola, St. Joseph Ind 

Oceola, Green Ky 

Oceola, Crawford Ohio 

Ooeola Centre, Livings- 
ton Mich 

Ooheltree, Johnson. . .Kans 

Ochesee, Jackson Fla 

Ocheyedan, Osceola ..Iowa 
Ochlochnee, Thomas. ..Ga 
Ochtahatchee, Hamil- 
ton Fla 

Ocilla, Irwin Ga 

Ockolockonee, Wakulla.Fla 

Ocoee, Beno Kans 

Ocoee, Polk Tenn 

Ocona Lufty, Swain...N. C 
Oconee, Washington . . , .Ga 

Oconee, Shelby Ill 

Oconomowoc, Wauke- 
sha Wis 

Oeonto (c. A.), Oconto.. Wis 
Oconto Falls, Oconto.. Wis 

Ocoya, Livingston Ill 

Ocraeoke, Hyde N. C 

Octagon, Marengo Ala 

Octagon, Tippecanoe. . .Ind 

Octoraro, Lancaster Pa 

Odanah, Ashland Wis 

Odd, Woodbury Iowa 

Odd Fellows Hall, 

Giles Tenn 

Oddville, Harrison Ky 

OJebolt, Sac Iowa 

Odell, Livingston Ill 

Odell, Tippecanoe Ind 

Odell, Harper Kans 

Odell, Guernsey Ohio 

Odell, Washington Pa 

Odense, Allen Kans 

Odenton, Anne Arundel.Md 

OdenvUle, St. Clair Ala 

Odessa, Yankton Dak 

Odessa, New Castle Del 

Odessa, JeweU Kans 

Odessa, Buffalo Nebr 

Odessa, Schuyler N. Y 

Odin, Marion lU 

Odin, Barton Kans 

Oelwein, Fayette Iowa 

OenavUle, Bell Tex 

Of ahoma, Leake Miss 

O'FaUon, St. Charles.... Mo 
O'Fallon Depot, St. 

Clair in 

Offerle, Edwards ELans 

Offutt, Washington . . .Miss 
Offutt-s Cross Beads, 

Montgomery Md 

OgalaUa (r. A..), Keith.Nebr 

OgaUah, Trego Kans 

Ogden, Champaign Ill 

Ogden, Henry Ind 

Ogden, Boone Iowa 

Ogden, RUey Kans 

Ogden, Lenawee Mich 

Ogden, Biadison Nebr 

Ogden, Monroe N. Y 

Ogden, CUnton Ohio 

Ogden Centre, Lenawee. . . . 

Ogden City (e. A.), 

Weber Utah 

Ogdensburgh, Sussex.. N. J 
C^ensburgh, St. Law- 
rence N. Y 

Ogdensburgh, Tioga.... Pa 
Ogdensburgh, Waupaca... 


Ogden's Landing, Bal- 
lard Ky 

Ogee, Blount Ala 

Ogeechee, Screven Ga 

Ogema, Chippewa Wis 

Ogemaw Springs, Oge- 
maw Mich 

Ogle, Butler Pa 

Oglesby , La Salle lU 

Ogle Station, St. Clair. . .Ill 
Oglethorpe (r. A.), Ma- 
con On 

Ogunquit, York hlv 

Ohio, Bureau Ill 

Ohio, Madison Iowa 

Ohio, Smith Kans 

Ohio, St. Clair Mo 

Ohio, Herkimer N. Y 

Ohio Centre, Sedgwick. . . . 


Ohioville, Ulster N. Y* 

Ohioville, Beaver Pa 

Ohiowa, Fillmore Nebr 

Ohlman, Montgomery. . Ill 
Ohl's Town, TrumbuU.Ohio 

Ohoopee, Tattnall Ga 

OU Centre, McKean Pa 

Oil City, Butler Kans 

Oil City, Venang<i. Pa 

Oil City, Monroe Wis 

Oil Creek, Crawford Pa 

Oil MUl VUlage, HiUs- 

borough N. H 

Oil Springs, Johnson.* . .Ky 
Oil Trough, Independ- 
ence Ark 

Oilville, Goochland Va 

Ojo Caliente, Bio Arri- 
ba N. Mex 

0. K., Tunica Miss 

Okahumpka, Sumter. . .Fla 

Okaloosa, Ouachiia La 

Okaman, Waseca Minn 

Okapilco, Brooks Ga 

OkawviUe, Washington. Ill 

O'Kean, Bandolph Ark 

Okeana, Butler Ohio 

Okee, Columbia Wis 

Okemos, Ingham Mich 

Oketo, Marshall Kans 

Okmulkee, Creek N..Ind. T 

Okolona, Clark Ark 

Okolona (c. A.), Chickasaw. 


Okolona, Henry Ohio 

Okolona, Kershaw S. 

Okolona, Carter Tenn 

Okonoko, Hampshire.W: Va 

Okshawali, Choctaw N 

Ind. T 

Oktoc, Oktibbeha Miss 

Ola, Lucas Iowa 

Olamon, Penobscot Me 

Olancha, Inyo Cal 

Olathe (c. A. ), Johnson .... 

Olaville, Limestone. ... Ala 

Olcott, Niagara N. Y 

Old Agency, Choteau.Mout 
Old A]exandria,Lincoln.Mo 
Old Bridge, Middlesex. N. J 

Old Canton, Smith Tex 

Old Church, Hanover. . . Va 
Old Concord, Washing- 
ton Pa 

Oldenbui^h, FrankUn..Ind 
Oldenplace, Dinwiddle.. Va 
out IMtch, Jefferson .... Mo 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Old Du Quoin, Perry 111 

Old Forge, Lackawanna.. Pa 
Old Fort, McDowell. . .N. 

Old Frame, Fayette Fla 

Old Fnmaee, Oa8ton..N. 
Oldham, Crittenden . . .-Ark 
Oldham. Guernsey .... Ohio 
Oldham's Cross Roads 

Westmoreland Ya 

Old Hickory, Conway. . Ark 
Old llickory, Simpson. MIas 
Old llickory, Wayne.. Ohio 
Old llickory, Botetourt. Va 
Old Hundred, Richmond. . 

N. C 

Old Line, Lancaster Pa 

Old Mines. Washington. Mo 
Old Mission, Winne- 
shiek Iowa 

Old Mission, Grand 

* Traverse Mich 

Old Monroe, Lincoln... .Mo 
Old Monterey, Marion..Tex 

Old Orchard, York Me 

Old Point Comfort, 

Elizabeth City Va 

Old Richmond, Forsyth. . . . 

N. C 

Old Ripley, Bond lU 

Old Shop, Wake N. C 

Old Spring Hill, Marengo. . 

Old Store, Chesterfield.. S. C 
Old Tbwn, La Fayette. .Fla 
Old Town, Penobscot. ..Me 
Old Town, Forsyth. ...N. C 
Oldtown, Claiborne . . .Tenn 

Old Town,- Grayson Va 

Old Westbury, Queens 

N. Y 

Olean, Ripley Ind 

Olean, Colfax Nebr 

Olean, Cattaraugus. . . N. Y 
Oleander, Marshall .... Ala 

Olema, Marin Cal 

Olena, Henderson Ill 

Olena, Huron Ohio 

Olentangy, Franklin.. Ohio 

Oleopolis, Venango Pa 

Olequa, Cowlitz Wash 

Olesburgh, Pottawato- 
mie Eanfi 

Oleta, Amador Cal 

Olex, Wasco Oreg 

Oley, BertiB Pa 

Olimpo, Colusa Cal 

Olin, Jones Iowa 

Olin, Iredell N. C 

Olin, Adams Wis 

Olinda, Lamar Ala 

Olio, St. Clair Ala 

Olio, Scott Ark 

Olio. Anderson S. C 

Olipnant Furnace, Fay- 
ette Pa 

Olive, Marshall Ky 

Olive, Ulster N. Y 

Olive Branch, Alexander .. 

Olive Branch, Be Soto. Miss 
Olive Branch, Lancaster. . . 

Olive Branch, Union ^.N. C 
Olive Branch, Cler- 
mont Ohio 

Olive Bridge, Ulster.. N. Y 
Oliveburgh, Jefferson... Pa 
OUve Center, Ottawa..Mich 

Olive Green, Noble... Ohio 

Olive Hill, Wayne Ind 

Olive Hill, Carter Ry 

Olive Hill, Person. . . . N. 
OUve Hill, Hardin. ...Tenn 

Oliver, Screven Ga 

OUver, Edgar 1 11 

Oliver's, Anderson. ..Tenn 
Oliver Springs, Coman- 
che Tex 

Olivesburghi Richland 

Olivet (e. A.), Hutchin- 
son Bak 

Olivet, Mahaska Iowa 

Olivet, Osage Kans 

Olivet, Eaton Mich 

Olivet, Armstrong Pa 

Olivet, Pierce Wis 

Olivia, Renville Minn 

OUvia, Blair Pa 

Olmstead, Ix^an Ky 

Olmsted, Pulaski Ill 

Olmsted, Olmsted.... Minn 

Olmsted, Cuyahoga. . . Ohio 
Olmsted Falls, Franklin. Vt 
Olmsted Station, Tus- 
caloosa ........... .. Ala 

OlmstedvUle, Essex. !.N. Y 

Olney , Pickens Ala 

Olney {e. A.), Richland.. 1 11 

Olney, Rush Kans 

Olney, Montgomery.... Md 

Olney, Lincoln. . . ■. Mo 

Olney, Clatsop Oreg 

Olney,* Philadelphia. . . .Pa 
Olney ville, Ftovidence. . . . 


Olufltee, Baker Fla 

Olustee Creek, Pike Ala 

Olympia, Smyth Va 

Oltmpia {c. h.)j Thurs- 
ton Wash 

Olympian Spring8,Bath. Ky 

Olympus, Overton Tenn 

Olyphant, Jackson Ark 

Oly phant, Lackawanna . . Pk 

Omaha, Randolph Ala 

Omaha, Boone Ark 

Omaha, Gallatin Ill 

Omaha, Putnam Mo 

Omaha (c. h. ),DouglaR.Nebr 
Omaha Agency, Omaha 

Reserve Nebr 

Omar, Jefferson N. Y 

Omar, Seneca Ohio 

Omard, Sanilac Mich 

Omega, Yell. . .'. Ark 

Omega, Nevada Cal 

Omega, Marion Ill 

Omega, Hamilton Ind 

Omega, Hart Ky 

Omega, Pike Ohio 

Omega, Upshur Tex 

Omega, Halifax Va 

Omena, Leelenaw .... Mich 

Omer, Bay Mich 

Omio, Jewell Kans 

Omph Ghent, Madison.. Ill 

Omro, Winnebago Wis 

Onaga, Pottawatomie. Kans 
Onalaska, La Crosse. . .Wis 
Onancock, Accomack . . . Va 

Onarga, Iroquois Ill 

Onawa City (e. h.), Mo- 
nona Iowa 

* Branch of the Philadelphia 
Post Olflce. 

Onberg, Indiana Pa 

Oneal, Greenville S. C 

O'Neal's, Amite Miss 

O'Neal's Mills, Troup . . .Ga 

Oneatta, Benton Oreg 

Oneco, Windham Conn 

Oneoo, Stephenson Ill 

Oneida, Oneida Idaho 

Oneida, Knox Ill 

Oneida, Nemaha Kans 

Oneida, Madison N. Y 

Oneida, Brown Wis 

Oneida Castle. Oneida. N. Y 
Oneida Lake, Madison. N. Y 
Oneida Mills, Carroll. Ohio 
Oneida Valley, Madison .. . 

N Y 
O'NeiU CXtf {e. A.), Holt. . . 

Onekama, Manistee. . .Mich 

Oneonta, Otsego N. Y 

Oneota. St. Louis. . . .Minn 
Oneyviile, Davidson. . Tenn 
Onion Creek , Travis . . . Tex 

Ono, Grundy Mo 

Ono, Ijebanon Pa 

Ono, Pierce Wis 

Onondaga, Ingham. . .Mith 
Onondaga, Onondaga. .N. Y 
Onondaga C'astle, On- 
ondaga. ..• N. Y 

OnondtHga Valley, On- 
ondaga. N. Y 

Onota (e. A.), School- 
craft Mich 

Onoville, Cattaraugus. N. Y 

Onslow, Jones Iowa 

Ontario, Knox Ill 

Ontario, Lagrange Ind 

Ontario, Story Iowa 

Ontario, Jackson Kans 

Ontario, Wayne N. Y 

Ontario, Richland Ohio 

Ontario, Vernon Wis 

Ontario Centre, Wayne. N.Y 

Ontarioville, Cook Ill 

Ontonagon (e. A.), On- 
tonagon Mich 

Onward, Cass Ind 

Onward, Sharkey Miss 

Onyx, Yell Ark 

Ooltewah (e. A.), James. . . . 

Oostburgh, Sheboygan. Wis 

Opdy ke, Jefferson Ill 

Opelika (e. A. ), Lee .... Ala 
Opeloustu {e. A.), St. 

Landry La 

Open Meadows, Chau- 
tauqua N. Y 

Opequon, Frederick Va 

Opheim, Henry Ill 

Ophel Dale, Cumberland.. 


Ophir, Placer Cal 

Ophir, Ouray Colo 

Ophir, Cherokee Ga 

Ophir, Tooele Utah 

Opolis, Crawford Kans 

Oppenheim, Fulton. . .N. Y 
Opposition, Lawrence . . Ark 
Oquawka (e. A.), Hen- 
derson Ill 

Ora, Jackson Ill 

Oradell, Bergen N.J 

Oral Oaks, Lunenburgh.Va 

Oramel, Allegany N.Y 

Oran, Minnehaha Dak 

Oran, Fayette Iowa 

Oran, Onondaga N.Y 

Oran, Shelby Ohio 

Orange, Los Angeles. . . .Cal 
Orange, New Haven.. Conn 

Orange, Liberty Yl» 

Orange, Cherokee Oa 

Orange, Clark Ill 

Orange, Fayette Ind 

Orange, Clhiton lows 

Orange, Franklin Man 

Orange, Ionia Mich 

Orange, Essex N.J 

Orange, Schuyler N.Y 

Orange, Lttaeme Fa 

Orange (c. A.), Orang»..Tex 

Orange, Orange Vt 

Orange, Juneau Wis 

Orange C. H., Orange.. Va 
Orange Bluff, Nassau.. .Fla 
Orangeburgh, Mason. . . JLj 
Orangeburgh C. H., 

Orangebniigh .8. 

Orange Ci^, Voliuia. . .Fla 
Orange City (e.' A.), 

Sioux Iowa 

Orange City, La Fourche. . . 

Orange Factory ,Orange N.G 
Orange Grove, Jackson Jlira 
Orange Heights, Orange.Fla 
Orange Hill, Washing- 
ton Fla 

Orange Lake, Marion. . .Fla 
Orange Mills, Putnam.. Fla 

Orange Park, Clay Fla 

Orangeport. Niagara.. N. T 
Orange Springs, Marion.Fla 
Orange Valley, Essex.. N. J 
Orangeville, Stephenson.UI 
Orangpeville, Orange... Ind 
Orangeville, Baltimore.-Md 
Orangeville, Branch.. Mkh 
Orangeville, Wyoming . N . Y 
Orangeville,Trumbnll .Ohio 
Orai^eville, Columbia.. Pa 
Orangeville, Fannin. . .Tex 
Orangeville Mills, Bany . . . 

Orbisonia, Huntingdon. Pa 
Orbiston, Hocking. . . .Ohio 
Orcas Island, San Juan... . 

Orchard, Mitohell....Iowa 

Orchard Hall Nebr 

Orchard Grove, Lake... Ind 
Orchard Grove, Fentress.. . 

Orchafd Hill, Spalding. .Ga 

Orchard Lake, Oakland 

Orcutt Creek, Bradford.. Pa 
Ord (e. A.), Valley. . . .Nebr 

Orderville, Kane Utah 

Oreana, Macon lU 

Oreana, Humboldt.... Nev 

Orearville, Saline Mo 

Ore Banks, Bnckingham.Va 

Orefleld, Lehigh Pa 

Oregon, Jefferson Ala 

Oregon ( e. A. ), (^le. . . . . lU 

Oregon, Clarke Ind 

Oregon, Baltimore Md 

Or^n, Lapeer Mich 

Oregon {e. A.), Holt. . . .Mo 

Oregon, Warren N. Y 

Oregon, Rockingham. .N. G 
Oregon, Warren Ohio 

Alphabetical lAtt of Post Offieet. 


OnsOQy Luieaster Pa 

Or^oo, linoolu Tenn 

OreK<m, Dme Wis 

Ortg&n Ckty (e. A.), 

dadniBM Oreg 

Oragofa mil, Lycoming.. Pa 
Or^oD HoQse, Yutm. . .Cal 
Oregonia, Taaealooiia. . .Ala 
Ore Hill, liteldleld. . .Goim 
On Hill, Chatham. . . .N. 

QraHill.Bhdr Fa 

Ore Knob, Ashe N. G 

Orel, Allen Kaiui 

Orell, Jefferson Ky 

Orent, Kankakee lU 

Oretown, Tillamook . . .Oreg 

Orf ord, Boone Nebr 

Orford, Grafton N. U 

OrfordTille, erafton..N. H 

Orf ordTille, Roek Wis 

Orgain^s Gtobb Boads, 

Montgomery Tenn 

Organ Spring, Washing- 
ton Ind 

Orie, Sumner Kans 

Orient, Adair Iowa 

Oriokt, Aroostook lie 

Orient, Suffolk N. T 

Oriental, Juniata Pa 

Orihnla, Winnebago. . . Wis 

Oriole, Smith Kans 

Oriole, Lyeoming Pa 

Orion, Pike Ala 

Orion, Oiaat Ark 

Oricm, Henry Ill 

Orion, Kosciusko Ind 

Oricm, Hiekman Ky 

Orion, Oakland Mich 

Orion, Richland Wis 

Oriskany, Oneida N. T 

OriBkany¥alls,Oneida.N. Y 
Orisaba, Champaign '. . . .111 

Orixaba, Tippah Miss 

Oikney Springs, Shen- 
andoah Va 

Orland, Colusa. Cal 

Qrland, Cook Ill 

Orland, Stenben Ind 

Orland, Hancock ...... Me 

Orlando {c. A.), Orange .Fla 
Orlando, Sherburne.. Minn 
Orlando, Lanoast^ . . . Nebr 

telando, Nelson Va 

Orlean, Fauquier .' . Ya 

Orleans, JTumboldt Cal 

Orleans, Moi^an Ill 

Orleans, Orange Ind 

Orleans, Appanoose . . .Iowa 
Orleans, Barnstable. . .Mass 

Orieans, Ionia Mich 

Orleans, Polk. Mo 

Orleans, Harlan Nebr 

Orleans, Ontario N. Y 

Orleans Cross Boads, 

Morgan W.Ya 

Orleans Four Comers, 

Jeffer8<m N. Y 

OrmanTille, Wapello. .Iowa 
Orme-s Storo, Bledsoe.Tenn 
OrmondsTille, Greene.. N.C 
OmeviUe, Piscataquis.. Me 

Oro City, lAke Colo 

Orodelxan, Boulder . . .Colo 

Oro Fino, Siskiyou Cal 

Orono, Penobscot Me 

Orono, Osceola Mich 

Oronooo, Olmsted .... Minn 
Oronoco, Amherst Va 

Oronogo, Jasper Mo 

OroviUe {e. A.), Butte.. Cal 

Orr, J ackson Minn 

Orrick, Bay Mo 

Qrringtoo, Penobscot. . .Me 
Orrock, Sherburne . . .Minn 
Orr-s Island, Cumber- 
land Me 

Orrstown, Franklin Pa 

Orrrille, Ballas Ala 

Orrrille, St. Louis Mo 

Orrrille, Wayne Ohio 

Orth, M<mtgomery Ind 

Ortigalito, Mereed Gal 

Orting, Pierce Wash 

Orton, Seward Nebr 

OrtouTille, Oakland.. Mich 
OrtonviOe {e. A.), Big 

Stone Minn 

Orville, Pope lU 

Orrille, Hamilton. . . .Nebr 

Orwfdl, Oswego N. Y 

Orwell, Ashtabula. . . . Ohio 

Orwell, Bradford Pa 

OrweU. Addison Vt 

Orwigsburgh, SchuylkilLPa 

Orwin, Schuylkill Pa 

Orworth, Lincoln Kans 

Osage, Carroll Ark 

Osage, Franklin lU 

Osage (c. A.), Mitchell 


Osage, Crawford Mo 

Osage, Otoe Nebr 

Osi^e, Coryell Tex 

Osage ATeuue, Pueblo.Colo 

Osage Bluff, Cole Mo 

Osage City, Osage Kans 

Osage City, Cole Mo 

Osage Iron Works, 

Camden Mo 

Osage Bfills, Benton . . .Ark 
Osage Mission, Neosho.... 


Osakis, Douglas Minn 

Osanippa, Chambers . . . Ala 
Osawatomie, Miami . . .Kans 
Osbom, Rock Island. ...Ill 

Osbom, De Kalb Mo 

Osbom, Greene.: Ohio 

Osbom, Colleton S. C 

Osborne (c. A.), Osborne. . . 

Osborne Hollow, Broome.. 

N. Y 
Osborne's Mills, Roane. . . . 

W. Va 
Osborne Station, Clay- 
ton Iowa 

Osbom's Bridge, Fulton. . . 

N. Y 

Osbom's Ford, Scott Va 

Osbom's Gap, Wise Va 

Osbomsrille, Ocean . . .N. J 
Osbomrille, Wilkes.. .N. C 

Oscar, PhelpA Nebr 

Oscar, Armstrong Pa 

Oscar Lake, Douglas. .Minn 
Osceola (e. A.), Missis- 
sippi Ark 

Osceola, Orange Fla 

Osceola, Oconee Ga 

Osceola. Stark Ill 

Osceola ( c. A. ), Clarice .Iowa 
Osceola (e. A.), St. Clalr.Mo 
Osceola (e. A.), Polk.. Nebr 
Osceola, White Pine.. .Ner 

Osceola, Lewis N. Y 


Osceola, Tioga Pa 

Osceola, HiU Tex 

Osceola, Washington . . . Va 

Osceola, King Wash 

Osceola, Fond du Lac. .Wis 
Osceola Mills, Clearfleld.Pa 
Osceola Mills {e. A.), 

Polk Wis 

Oeoo, Henry Ill 

Osco, Kearney Nebr 

Oscoda, Iosco Mich 

Osgood, Ripley Ind 

Osgood, Chatham N. C 

Oshawa, Nicollet Minn 

Oshkosh, iSonx Iowa 

Oskkosh {e. A.)« Winne- 
bago Wis 

Oshtemo, Kalamaaoo . Mich 
Obkaloosa, Clay ...'.... .Ill 
OskcUoosa (c. A.), Ma- 
haska Iowa 

Oskaloosa {e. A.), Jef- 
ferson Kans 

Oslo, Dod}^ Minn 

Oslo, ManitoTf oe Wis 

Osma, Phillips Kans 

Osman, McLean Ill 

Osman, Manitowoc. . . . Wis 

Osman's, Adams Ohio 

Osnaburgh, Stark Ohio 

Osseo, Hillsdale Mich 

Osseo, Hennepin Minn 

Osseo, Trempealeau. . . Wis 

Ossian, Wells .Ind 

Osraan, Winneshiek . . .Iowa 
Ossian, LiTingston. . . .N. Y 

Osaneke, Alpena Mich 

Ossipee {e. A.), I'arroll.N.H 

Ossipee Mills, Yoiii Me 

Ossipee Valley, Carroll.N.U 

Ostend, Clearfield Pa 

Ost«rburgh, Bedford. ... Pa 
Osterdock, Clayton. ..Iowa 
Osterhout, Wyoming. . . .Pa 
Osterrille, Barnstable. Mass 
Ostrander, Delaware.. Ohio 

Oswayo, Potter Pa 

Oswego, Kendall Ill 

Oswego, Kosciusko.... Ind 
Oswego (e. A. ), Labette .... 

Oswego (e. A.), Oswego.N. Y 
Oswego, Clackamas... Oreg 
Oswego Centra, Oswego. . . . 

N. Y 
Oswego Falls, Oswego. . N. Y 

Oswichee, Russell Ala 

Osyka, Pike Miss 

Otego, Otsego N. Y 

Otero, Colfax N. Mex 

Othello, Tunica Miss 

Otho, Henry Ala 

Otho, Webster Iowa 

Otis, La Porte Ind 

Otis, Hancock Me 

Otis, Berkshire Mass 

Otis, Hamilton Nebr 

Otisco, Clarke Ind 

Otisco, Ionia Mich 

Otisco, Waseca Minn 

Otisco, Onondaga N. Y 

Otisco Valley, Onon- 
daga N. Y 

Otiafield, Cumberland.. Me 
OtisYille. Franklin... Iowa 
OtisTille, Idringston. . . .Ky 
OtlsTille, Genesee . . . '. Mich 
OtisTille, Orange N. Y 

Otley , Marion Iowa 

Oto, Talladega AJa 

Oto, Woodbury Iowa 

Oto, Stone Mo 

Otoe Agency, Gage. . . .Nebr 

Otranto, Mitchell. Iowa 

Otranto Station, Mitch- 
ell Iowa 

Otsdawa, Otsego N. Y 

Otsego, All^pm Mich 

Otsego, Wright Minn 

Otsego, Muskingum . . .Ohio 

Otsego, Columbia Wis 

Ots^o Lake, Otsego.. Mich 
Otselic, Chenango . . . . N. Y 
Otselic Centre, Cl)e- 

nango N. Y 

Ottawa (e. A.), La Salle. Ill 
Ottawa (c. A.), Franklin... 

Ottawa, Le Sueur . . . . Minn 
Ottawa (e. A.), Putnam .... 

Ottawa, Waukesha.... Wis 
Ottawa Lake, Monroe. Mich 

Ottawa Station, Ottawa 


Otter, Ia Salle lU 

Otter, Franklin Va 

Otterbein, Benton Ind 

Otter Creek, Levy Fla 

Otter Creek, Jackson. Iowa 
Otter Creek, Hardin. . . . Ky 
Otter Creek, Jackson. Mich 
Otter Creek, Rutherford.. 


Otter Creek, Mereer Pa 

Otter Creek, £au Claire. Wis 

Otter Hill, Bedford Va 

Otter Lake, Pottawato- 
mie Kans 

Otter Lake, Lapeer.. .Mich 
Otter River, Woreester.Mass 
Otter River, Campbell.. Va 
Otter Tail City, Otter 

Tail Minn 

Otter Vale, Vernon . . . Wis 
Otter View, Bedford . . . . Va 

Otterrille, Jersey Ill 

Otteryille, Buchanan. Iowa 

Otterrille, Cooper Mo 

Otterrille, Bedford Va 

Otto, Fulton Ill 

Otto, Clarke Ind 

Otto, Cowley Kans 

Otto, Pope Minn 

Otto, Cattaraugus . . . .N. Y 
Ottobine, Rockingham.. Va 

Ottokee, Fulton Ohio 

Otts Mill, LiTingston... .La 

OttsTille, Bucks Pa 

Ottumwa (e. A.), Wa- 
pello Iowa 

Ottumwa, Coffey ^ns 

Ottway, Greene Tenn 

Otway, Scioto Ohio 

Otwell, Pike Ind 

Ouachita City, Union. . . Ija 
Ouaquaga, Broome... N.Y 
Ouleout, Delaware. . . .N. Y 
Ouray (c. A.), Ouray... Colo 

Our Carter, Pratt Kans 

Ousley , Lowndes Ga 

Outlaw's Bridge, DupHn... 


Outrille, licking Ohio 

Oval, Paulding Oa 

Oven Fork, Letcher Ky 


Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Orerbrook, Ifoatgonieiy... 

Orerfield, Barbour... W. Va 
OTerhill, Upshur.... W. Va 

Oyeruel. Allegan Mich 

OTerpeck^g Station, But- 
ler Ohio 

Orert, White Ark 

Overton, Cooper Mo 

Orerton, DawBon Nebr 

Orerton, Bradford Fa 

Orerton, Shelbj Tenn 

Overton, Ruak. Tex 

Overton, Albemarle Va 

Oviatt, Leelenaw Mich 

Ovid, B«ar Lake Idaho 

Ovid, Madison Ind 

Ovid, Clinton Mich 

Ovid («. k. ), Seneca . . . N. Y 
Ovid Centre, Seneca... N. Y 

Oviedo, Orange Fla 

Ovilla, Ellifl Tex 

Owaneco, Christian . . . . Ill 

Owasca, St. John's Fla 

Owasco, Sullivan Mo 

Owasco, Cayuga N. Y 

Owasco Lake, Cayuga. N Y 
Owatonna{c. A.), Steele... 


Owego, Ransom Dak 

Owego (c. A.), Tioga... N. Y 

Owego, Shawano , Wis 

Owen, Clark Ind 

Owensborough (e. A.), 

Daviess Ky 

Owensborough Junction, 

Muhlenburgh ILy 

Owensby ville. Heard . . . Oa 
Owensburgh, Greene. . .Ind 
Owens Creek, Frederick. Md 
Owen's Cross Roads, 

Madison Ala 

Owen's Ferry, Camden.. Ga 

Owen's Mills, Osage Mo 

Owen's Mills, Chemung — 

Owen Station, Marion. Ohio 
Owensville, B8cambia..Ala 

Owensville, Saline Ark 

Owensville, Gibson Ind 

Owensville, Gasconade. Mo 
Owensville, Clermont. Oliio 
Owenton (c. h. ), Owen. . Ky 
Owenville, Sampson ..N. C 
Owlng's Mills,Baltimore Md 
OtoingsviUe ( c. k. ), Bath.Ky 
Owl Prairie, Daviess . . . Ind 

Owl Run, Fauquier Va 

Owosso, Shiawassee . . Mich 

Owsley, Johnson Mo 

Ox Bow, Putnam Ill 

Ox Bow, Oakland Mich 

Ox Bow, Nuckolls .... Nebr 

Oxbow. Jefferson N. Y 

Ox Bow, Ritchie W. Va 

Oxen Hill, Prince 

George's Md 

Oxford, Calhoun Ala 

Oxford, New Haven.. Conn 

Oxford, Newton Ga 

Oxford, Oneida Idaho 

Oxford, Henry - ..111 

Oxford, Benton Ind 

Oxford, Johnson Iowa 

Oxford, Sumner Kans 

Oxford, Scott .Ky 

Oxford, Oxford Me 

Oxford, Talbot Md 

Oxford, Woreetter. . . . Haas 

Oxford, Oakland Mich 

Oxford, Isanti Minn 

Oxford (e. 4.), La Fay- 
ette Miss 

Oxford, Worth Mo 

Oxford, Warren N.J 

Oxford, Chenango. . . . N. Y 
Oxford (c. A.), Granville... 

N. C 

Oxford, Butler Ohio 

Oxford, Chester Pa 

Oxford, Doddridge.. W.Va 

Oxford, Marquette Wis 

Oxford Church,* Philsr 

delphia. Fa 

Oxford Depot, Orange.N. Y 
Oxford Furnace, Camp- 

beU.*. Va 

Oxford Junction, Jones. .. 

Oxford Mills, Jones . . Iowa 
Oxford Mills, Guernsey... 

Oxford's Ford, Catawba.. . . 

Oxford Valley, Bucks. ..Pa 

Oxmoor, Jefferson Ala 

Oxviile, Scott Ill 

Oyens, Plymouth Iowa 

Oyster Bay, Queens... N. Y 
OyBt«r Creek, Brazoria. Tex 
OysterviUe (e. A.), Pa- 
cific* Wash 

0. Z., £1 Ptuso Colo 

Oaan, Hempstead AA 

Ozark (e. A.), Dale Ala 

Ozark {e. h.), Franklin. Ark 

Oiark, Jackson Iowa 

Ozark, Anderson Kans 

Oz<irk (e. A.), Christian. Mo 

Ozark, Monroe Ohio 

Ozark Iron Woiks, 

Phelps Mo 

Ozark Mills, Iron Mo 

Ozawkie. Jefferson.. . .Kans 
Ozone, Johnson Ark 


Pacheeo, Contra Costa. .Cal 

Pacific, Franklin Mo 

Pacific, Franklin N.C 

Pacific, Columbia Wis 

Pacific City, Mills Iowa 

Pacific Junction, Cook. .Ill 
Pacific Junction, Mills.Iowa 

Packerton, Carbon Pa 

Packerville, Windham 

Pack Saddle, Llano. . . .Tex 
Pack's Ferry, Summers . . . 

W. Va 
Packsville, Clarendon..S. C 
Packwaukee, Marquette... . 


Pacolet Falls, Polk N.C 

Pacolett Depot, Spar- 

tanburgh S. C 

Pactola, Pennington. . . Dak 

Pactolos, Pitt N.C 

Paddock, Holt Nebr 

Paddy's Mills, Shenan- 
doah Va 

Paddy's Run, Butler.. Ohio 

* Branch of the Philadelphia 
I Post OfRce. 

FMelford's, Ontario. . N. T 
Paden's Valley, Wetzel .... 

W. Va 
Padlock, Suwannee . . . .Fla 

Fadonia, Brown Kans 

Fadora, Crawford Ind 

Padua, McLean lU 

Paducak, (e. A.), McCraek- 

en Ky 

Fzge Brook, Ch«nango.N. Y 

Page City, ^ige Iowa 

Page City, La Fayette. . .Mo 
Pkge's Mills, Marion.. .S. C 
Pagetown, Morrow. . . . Ohio 
P^ville, Cumberland.. Ill 

PageviUe, Barren Ky 

Pagosa Springs, Conejos. . . 


FahreiA, Kane Utah 

Paicines, San Benito. . .Cal 

Paige, Bastrop Tex 

Paincourtville, Assump- 
tion La 

Paine's Hollow, Herki- 
mer N. Y 

Paine's Point, Ogle Ill 

Paine's Prairie, Polk. . . .Mo 
Painestown, Muhlen- 
burgh Ky 

Painesville, Saginaw.. Mich 
PainesviUe (e. A.), Lake.. . . 


Paineville, Amelia Va 

Paint, Highland Ohio 

Paint Bank, Craig Va 

Paint C*reek, Bonrbon.Kans 
Paint Creek, Washte- 
naw Mich 

Paint Creek, Kanawha 

W. Va 

Fainted Post, Barbour 

■ Kans 
Painted Poet, Steuben. N. Y 
Painted Woods, Bur- 
leigh Dak 

Painter Creek, Darke. .Ohio 

Painterhood, Elk Kans 

Painter's Bridge,Chester.Pa 
Painter's Mill, Preston .... 

W. Va 
Paintersville, Greene. >Ohio 

Paintersville, Mifflin Pa 

Paint Fork, Madison... N. C 
Faint Gap, Yancey. . . .N. C 
Paint Lick, Garrard .. . . Ky 
Paint Lick, Taaewell.. . . Va 
Paint Rock, Jackson . . .Ala 
Paint Rock, Madison. .N. C 

Paint Rock, Roane Tenn 

PaintsviUe (c. A.), John- 
son Ky 

Paint Valley, Holmes. Ohio 

Paisley, Lake Oreg 

Pajarito, Bemalillo.N. Mex 

Pala, San Diego Cal 

PtJace Valley, Upshur 

W. Va 
Falacky, Ellsworth... Kans 

Palarm, Faulkner Ark 

PaUtine, Cook Ill 

Palatine, Salem N.J 

Palatine, Maripn W. Va 

Palatine Bridge, Mont- 
gomery N. Y 

PakUka (c. A.), Putnam. Fla 
Palenville, Greene. ...N.Y 

Palermo, Edgar Ill 

i Palermo, Doniphan. . .Kaos 

Palermo, Waldo Me 

Palermo, Gape May. . .N. J 

Palermo, Oswego N. Y 

Palermo Centre, Waldo. Me 

Palestine, Cleburne Ala 

Palestine, St. Francis. .Ark 

Falestine, Crawford lU 

Palestine, Kosciusko.. -Ind 
Palestine, Washington. .La 
Falestine, Pickaway... Ohio 

Palestine, Lewis Tenn 

Paiestine (e. A.), Ander- 
son Tex 

Palestine, Gieenbrler.W. Va 
Palestine VaUey, Platte. . . . 

Palisade, Minnehaha. . Dak 

Palisade, Eureka Nev 

Palisades, Rockland... N. Y 

Pallas, Snyder Pa 

Pall Mali, Fentress. . .Tenn 

Palm, Montgomery Pa 

Palma, Marshall Ky 

Palmer, Monroe Ark 

Palmer, Christian Ill 

Palmer, Polk Iowa 

Palmer, Washington. .Kans 

Palmer, Hampden Mass 

Palmer, Marquette — Mich 
Palmer, Washington — Mo 

Falmer, Ellis Tex 

Palmer's Springs, Meek- 

Imburgh Ya 

Paimersvi lie, Weakley .Tenn 

Palmetto, Pickens Ala 

Palmetto, Manatee Fla 

Palmetto, Campbell Ga 

Palmetto, Darlington...a. C 

Palmetto, Bedfonl Tenn 

Palmetto Home, Yaaoo.Miss 

Palmyra, Lincoln Ark 

Palmyra, Macoupin lU 

Palmyra, Harrison Ind 

Palmyra, Warren Iowa 

Palmyra, Butler Kans 

Palmyra, Somerset Me 

Palmyra, Lenawee.. . .Mich 
Palmyra, Renville. . . . Minn 

Palmjira, Warren Miss 

Palmyra (e. A.), Marion. Mo 

Palmyra, Otoe Nebr 

Palmyra, Burlington. . N. J 

Palmyra, Wayne N.Y 

Palmyra, HaUfax N. 

Palmyra, Portage Ohio 

Palmyra, Lebanon Pwk 

Palmyra {e. A.), Fluvan- 
na Va 

Palmyra, Jefferson Wis 

Palo, Fayette Ala 

Palo, Linn Iowa 

Palo, Ionia Mich 

Palo, York Nebr 

Palo Alto, HamUton. ... Hi 

Palo Alto, Clay Miss 

Palo Alto, Onslow N. C 

Palo Alto, Seneca Ohio 

Palo Alto, BeU Tex 

Paloma, Adams lU 

Palo Pinto, Benton Mo 

Pah Pinto (e. A.), Pklo 

Pinto Tex 

Palos, Cook HI 

Palottse, Whitman. . . .Wash 

Palnxy, Hood Tax 

Pamelia Four Comers, 
Jefferson N. T 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Funlioo, Funlico N. C 

nimpltn City, Appo- 

niAttox Ya 

Paoa, Chiutiaa Ill 

Paiuuna, L&nca^ier. . .N«br 
PMama, Chautaaqoa.N. T 
Pan* Maria, Karnes. .. .Tex 

Fuiooaat. Jefferson Fa 

PaoeoastDaigh, Fay- 
ette Ohio 

Pandora, Johnson. . . .Tenn 

Pangaitcb , Iron Utah 

Pan Handle, Brooke. W. Ya 

Panoche, Fresno Cal 

Panola, De Kalb Oa 

Fnnola, Clarendon S. G 

Panola Station, Wood- 
ford Ill 

Panora, Guthrie Iowa 

Panteg^, Beaufort. . . . N. 
Panther Greek, Dallas. Iowa 
Panther Greek, Yadkin . N.G 
Panther Rock, Forest... Pa 
Panther Sprinf^, Uam- 

blen Tenn 

PanthersTille, DeKalb..Oa 
Panther Yalley , Webster. . . 


Panton, Addison Yt 

Paola (e. k. ), Miami . . Kans 

Paoli, Madison Ga 

Paolt (c. k.)f Orange . . . Ind 

Paoli, Ghester Pa 

SaoU, Dane, Wis 

Papakating, Sussex... N. J 
Paper Mill, Salt Lake..Utah 
Paper Mills, Baltimore.. Md 
Paperrille, SulliTan..Tenn 

PapUIion, Sarpy Nebr 

Papineau, Iroquois Ill 

Papinsvilie, Bates Mo 

Paraclif ta, Sevier Ark 

Paradise. Prairie Ark 

Paradise, Butte Cal 

Paradise, Coles Ill 

Paradise, Russell Kans 

Paradise, Muhlenburgh.Ky 
Paradise, Grand Trav- 
erse Mich 

Paradise, Clay Mo 

Paradise, Orange N.Y 

Paradise, Lancaster Pa 

Paradise, Wise Ter 

Paradise, Cache Utah 

Piuadise Furnace, Hunt- 
ingdon Pa 

Psiadii*e Hill, Ashland.Ohio 
Paradise Yalley, Hum- 
boldt Nev 

Paradise Yalley, Monroe.Pa 
Paradox Lake, Essex.. N. Y 

Paragon, Morgan Ind 

Paragonah, Iron Utah 

Paraiso Springs, Monterey.. 

Paraje, Sooorro . . . .N. Mex 

Parallel, Riley Kans 

Paralta, Ldnn Iowa 

Parch Com, Scott. . . . Tenn 
Parchment Yalley, Jack- 
son W. Ya 

Parde<>, Atchison Kans 

Pardeeville, Columbia. Wis 

Pardoe, Mercer Pa 

Parham's, Catahoula.... La 
Parham's Store, Sussex. Ya 
Paris {e. A.), Logan. . . . Ark 
Paris, Union Dak 

Paris {e. A.), Bear Lake. . . . 


Paris (e. A.), Edgar Ill 

Paris, Jennings Ind 

Paris, Linn Iowa 

Paris, Lincoln Kans 

Paris (e. A.), Bourbon.. Ky 
Paris (e. A.), Oxford. . . .Me 

Paris, Mecosta Mich 

Paris (e. A.), Monroe.... Mo 

Paris, Oneida N.Y 

Paris, Stark Ohio 

Paris, Washington Pa 

Paris, Laurens S. G 

Paris (e. A.), Henry.. Tenn 
Paris {e. A. ), Lamar. . . .Tex 

Paris, Fauquier Ya 

Paris, Kenosha Wis 

Paris Crossing, Jennings.. . 


Parish, Oswego N. T 

Parishville, St Law- 
rence N. T 

Parishvillo, Frederick... Ya 
Parishville Centre, St. 

lAwrence N. Y 

Paris Landing, Uenry.Tenn 
Paris Springs, I^wrence. . . 


Parisrille, Huron Mich 

ParisTille, Portage. . . .Ohio 

Park, Greene Ind 

Park, Barren Ky 

Park, KAamey Nebr 

Park, Chemung N.Y 

Park City, Summit... Utah 
Parkdale, Otter Tail. .Minn 

Parke, York Pa 

Parker, Yuma Ariz 

Parker, Randolph Ind 

Parker, Andrew Mo 

Parkersburgh, Richland. Ill 
Parkersburgh, Mont- 
gomery Ind 

Parkersburgh, Butler.Iowa 
Parkernburgh, Cooa. . .Oreg 
Parkersburgh, Hardeman. . 

Parkersburgh {e. A.), 

Wood W. Ya 

Parker-s Head, Sagada- 
hoc Me 

Parker'8 Lake, Henne- 
pin Minn 

Parker-s Landing, Arm- 
strong Pa 

Parker's Prairie, Otter 

Tail Minn 

Parker's Settlement, Po- 
sey Ind 

Parker's Station, Scott.. Mo 
Parker's Store, Pulaski. Ark 

Parker's Store, Hart Ga 

ParkersTille, Morris.. Kans 
ParkersTille, Chester. . . .Pa 
Parkerrille, Monmouth. . . . 

Parkesburgh, (!!hester. ..Pa 
Park Hall, St.Mary's.-.Md 

Parkhill, Dixon Nebr 

Park Hill, Burke N.G 

Parkins Mill, Frederick.. Ya 
Parkinson's Landing, 

Hardin Ill 

Parkman, Piscataquis. . .Me 

Parkman, Geauga Ohio 

Park Mills, Frederick. . . Md 
Park Place, Lee Ark 

Park Place, Snohomish. . . . 


Park Ridge, Cook Ill 

Park Ridge, Bergen. . . .N. J 
Park River, Pembina . . Dak 

Parks, Scott Ark 

Park's Comers, Boone.. Ill 
Park's Creek, Bradford . . Pa 
Park's Grove, St. Glair. .Mo 
Park's Station, Maury. . . . 

Partc's Store, Jackson. .Ala 
Park's Store, Edgefield. S.( J 

Parksville, Boyle Ky 

Parksville, Sullivan... N. Y 

Parksville, Polk Tenn 

Parkton, Baltimore Md 

Park Yiew, Rio Arriba 

N. Mex 
Parkville, Hartford . . .Conn 
Parkville, Champaign. . .Ill 

Parkville, Parke Ind 

Parkville, St. Joseph. .Mich 

Parkville, Platte Mo 

Parkville, Kings N.Y 

Parkwood, InSana Pa 

Parley's Park, Summit. . . . 

Parlin Pond, Somerset.. Me 
Parma, Pottawattamie.Iowa 

Parma, Jackson Mich 

Parma, Monroe N. Y 

Parma, Cuyahoga Ohio 

Parma Centre, Monroe. N.Y 

Parmalee, Bay Mich 

Parmitchie, Alcorn. .. .Miss 
Parmleysville, Wayne . . Ky 
Parnassus, Westmore- 
land Pa 

Parnassus, Marlborough.. 

S. G 

Parnassus, Augusta Ya 

Parowan (c. A.), Iron. Utah 
Parramore Hill, Screven.Qa 

Parrish, Franklin Ill 

Parrish, Des Moines.. Iowa 
Parrott (c. A.), La Plata.. . . 

Parrottsville, Cocke.. Tenn 

Parry ville, Carbon Pa 

Parshallville, Livingston.. 

Parsippany, Morris ....N.J 

Parsoi^eld, York Me 

Parsons, Labette Kans 

Parsons, Luzerne Pa 

Parsonsburgh, Wicomico. . . 

Partello, Calhoun . . . .Mich 
Partlow's, Spottsylvanla.Ya 
Partridge, Jefferson .... Ala 

Partridge, liCtcher Ky 

Pasadena, lios Angeles. Cal 
Pascagoula, Jackson . . Miss 
Pascoag, Providence...R. I 

Pashan, Lagrange Ind 

Paskack, Bergen N. J 

Psjikenta, Tehama Gal 

Paso Robles, San Luis 

Obispo Gal 

Pas Ridge, Peoria Ill 

Passadumkeag, Penob- 
scot Me 

Passaic, Passaic N. J 

Pass Christian, Harrison . . . 

Pass Manchac, Tangi- 
pahoa Ia 


Paaspataasy, King George.. 

Passumpsie, Caledonia.. Yt 

Pastoria, Jefferson Ark 

Patalia City, Columbia. . . . 


Patapsco, Carroll Md 

Pataskala, Licking Ohio 

Pataula, Stewart Ga 

Patch Grove, Grant .... Wis 
Patehin, Santa Clara... Cal 

Patchin, Brie N.Y 

Patchinsville, Clearfield. . . 

Patchogue, Suffolk ...N.Y 
Paterson {e. A.), Passaic. . . 


Pates, Robeson N. G 

Pate's Hill, Greene. . .Tenn 
Pate's Spring, Howard. Ark 
Patesville, Hancock .... Ky 

Pateville, Dooly Ga 

Patmos, Mahoidng . . . .Ohio 

Patoka, Marion Ill 

Patoka, Gibson Ind 

Paton, Wabash lU 

Paton, Greene Iowa 

Patrick C. H., Patrick. .Ya 
Patricksburgh, Owen... Ind 
Patrick Springs, Patrick.. . . 

Patriot, Switserland .... Ind 

Patriot, Decatur Iowa 

Patriot, Gallia Ohio 

Patron j Butler Nebr 

Patron ville, Spencer. ..Ind 

Pat's Store, Russell Ya 

Patroon, Shelby Tex 

Pattagumpus, Penobscot.. 


Patten, Penobscot Me 

Pattenburgh, Hunterdon . . 

Patten's Mill, Washing- 
ton Ohio 

Patten's Mills, Washing- 
ton N.Y 

Patterson, Nevada Cal 

Patterson, Pierce Ga 

Patterson, Madison... Iowa 

Patterson, Wayne Mo 

Patterson, Putnam ....N.Y 
Patterson, Caldwell ...N.G 

Pttttersoft^ Hardin Ohio 

Patterson, Juniata Pa 

Patterson Creek, Whit- 
ley Ky 

Patterson's Bluff, Logan. . . 

Patterson's Bridge, Moore.. 

Patterson's Depot, Min- 
eral W. Ya 

Patterson's Mill, Orange. . . 

Patterson's Mill, Bed- 
ford Ya 

Patterson's Milbt, Doug- 
las Or^ 

Patterson's Mills, Wash- 
ington Pa 

Patterson's Station, Wal- 
ler Tex 

Patterson's Store, Ala- 
mance N. 

Pattersonvllle, Sioux. Iowa 
Pattersonville, St. Mary's . . 



Alphabetical LUt of Post Offices. 

FftttenonTille, Schenec- 
tady N. Y 

Battie'8 Gap. Roane. .Tenn 

Fatton, Bollinger Mo 

Patton, McLennan Tex 

Pattonsburgh, DaTiee8..Mo 
Patton's Home, Kuther- 

ford N.O 

PattonsTille, Scott Ya 

Pattonyille, St. Louis... Mo 

PattonTille, Bedford Pa 

Pattonville^ Lamar . . . .Tex 
Patuxent, Anne Arundel.. 


Paul, Benton Iowa 

PatUding (e. A.), Jasper . . . 

Paulding (e. A.), Pauld- 
ing Ohio 

Paulina, Warren N.J 

Pauline, Shawnee Kans 

Paulsborough, Glouces- 
ter ^. N.J 

Paul's Cross Roads, 

Essex Ya 

Paul's Yalley, Choctaw N . . 

Ind. T 
Paulton, Westmoreland. Pa 

Paupac, Pike Fa 

Payia, Bedford Pa 

Payilion, Kendall Ill 

Pavilion, Wabaunsee.. Kans 
Payilion, Kalamazoo.. Mich 

Pavilion, Genesee N. Y 

Pavilion Centre, Genesee.. 

Paw Creek, Mecklen- 

burgh N. C 

Pawhuska, Osage Agency.. 

Ind. T 

Pawlet, Rutland Yt 

Pawling, Dutchess.... N. Y 

Pawling, Chester Pa 

Pawnee, Sangamon Ill 

Pawnee, Medina Ohio 

Pawnee Agency, .Ind.T 

Pawnee City (e. A.), 

Pawnee Nebr 

Pawnee Rock, Barton. Kans 
Pawnee Station, Bourbon.. 

Pawnee Yalley, Ilodge- 

man Kans 

Paw Paw, Miami Ind 

Paw Paw, Elk . . . .T . . . Kans 

Paw Paw, Pike Ky 

Paw Paw (c. A.), Yan 

Buren Mich 

Paw Paw, Morgan . . . W . Ya 
Paw Paw Ford, Roane . Tenn 
Paw Paw Grove, IjCC .... Ill 
Pawtucket, Providence.R. I 
Pawtuxet, Providence. .R. I 
Pawtuxett, Wakulla. . . .Fla 
Paxinos, Northumber- 
land Pa 

Paxton (c. A. ), Ford Ill 

Paxton, Worcester. . . .Mass 
Paxton, Redwood. . . . Minn 

Paxton. Dauphin Pa 

Paxton's, Sullivan Ind 

Paxton ville, Snyder Fa 

Pay Down, Maries Mo 

Payette Store, Ada. . .Idaho 

Fayne. Paulding Ohio 

Payne's, Knox Ky 

Payne's Comers, Trum- 
buU Ohio 

Payne's Depot, Scott. . ..Ky 
Payne's Store, Hunt. . .Tex 
Paynesville, Steams..Minn 

Paynesville, Pike Mo 


Payneville, Meade Ky 

Payson, Adams lU 

Payson, Utah Utivh 

Pay Up, Hart Ga 

Peabody , Marion Kans 

Peabody, Essex Mass 

Peace Creek, Barton . . Kans 
Peace Dale, Washington.. . 

Peace Yalley, Howell. . .Mo 

Peacham, Caledonia Yt 

Peach Belt, Allien.. Mich 

Peach Bottom, York Pa 

Peach Bottom, Grayson. Ya 
Peach Creek, Panola. ..Miss 
Peacher's Mills, Mont- 
gomery Tenn 

Peach Grove, Clay.... Kans 
Peach Grove, Pendleton. Ky 
Peach Grove, Sarpy . . .Nebr 
Peach Grove, Rocking- 
ham Ya 

Peachland, Osage Mo 

Peach Orchard, Clay... Ark 
Peach Stone Shoals, 

Henry Ga 

Peach Tree, Monterey. . Cal 
Peach Tree, Cherokee. N. 
Peach Tree, Jasper. . . . Tex 

Peachville, Butler Pa 

Peacock*s Cross Roads, 

Johnston N. 

Peacock's Store, Colum- 
bus N. C 

Pea Cove, Penobscot .... Me 
Peake's Cross Roads, 

Spottsylvania Ya 

Peake's Turnout, Han- 
over Ya 

Peakesville, Clarke Mo 

Peak's Island, Cumber- 
land Me 

Peak's Mill, Franklin.. Ky 

Peaksville, Bedford Ya 

Peapack , Somerset ....N.J 
Pea Patch, Buchanan. . .Ya 

Pea Point, Shelby Tenn 

Pearce's Mills, Marion. .Ala 
Pea Ridgo, De Kalb .... Ala 
Pea Ridge, Kemper. . . . Miss 
Pea Ridge, Montgomery — 

Pearisburgh (c. A.), Giles. Ya 
Pea River, Barbour. . . . Ala 

Pearl, Elk Kans 

Pearl, Yenango Pa 

Pearl Creek, Wyoming 


Pearl Depot, Pike Ill 

Pearlette, Meade Kans 

Pearlington, Hancock.. Miss 
Pearl River, St. Tam- 
many La 

Pearl River, Rockland 

Pearsall's, Queens . . . .N. Y 

Pearson, Coffee Ga 

Pearson, Fayette Ohio 

Pearson's Comer, Kent. . . . 

Pearson's Mills, Madison.. 

Peasefort, Ouster Mont 

Pease Psairie, Otter Tail... 

Peasleeville, Clinton.. N. Y 

Pebble, Dodge Nebr 

Peciui, Delta Tex 

Pecan Grove, Cory ell.. Tex 
Pecan Point, Mississippi . . . 

Pecatonica, Winnebago. Ill 

Peck, Worth Ga 

Peck, Sanilac 3lich 

Pecksburgh, Hendricks.Ind 
Peck's Run, Upshur. W. Ya 
Peck ville, Lackawanna.^ Pa 

Peconic, Suffolk N.Y 

Peculiar, Cass Mo 

Pedee, Cedar Iowa 

Pedee, Green Wis 

Peden, Kemper Miss 

Pedlar Mills, Amherst.. Ya 
Pedlar's Hill, Chatham. . . . 

N. C 
Pedlar's Run, Monon- 
galia W.Ya 

P^ricktown, Salem ...N.J 

Pedro, Baker Oreg 

Peebles, Fond du I^e. .Wis 

Pee Dee, Christian Ky 

Pee Dee, Marion S. C 

Peek's Hill, Calhoun . . .Ala 
Peekskill, Westehester.... 


Peeksville, Henry Ga 

Peeled Chestnut, White... 

Peel Tree, Barbour. .\V. Ya 

Pee Pee, Pike Ohio 

Peers, Goochland Ya 

Peerysville (e. A.), Mc- 
Dowell W. Ya 

Pee Wee Park, Daviess . . Ky 
Pegram's Station, Cheat- 
ham ....Tenn 

Peiro, Woodbury. .... Iowa 
Pekin (e. A.), Taizewell. . .Ill 
Pekin, Washington .... Ind 

Pekin, Alleghany Md 

Pekin, Niagara N. Y 

Pekin, Montgomery. . . .N . C 

Pekin, Warren Ohio 

Pekin, Putnam Tenn 

Pekin, Cowlitz Wash 

Pelahatehee Depot, Ran- 
kin Miss 

Peletier's Mills, Car- 
teret N. 

Pelham, Shelby Ala 

Pelham, Mitchell Ga 

Pelham, Hampshire.. Mass 
Pelham, Hillsborough .N. H 
Pelham, Westchester.. N. Y 

Pelham, Caswell N. 

Pelham, Grundy Tenn 

Pelham Manor, West- 
chester N. Y 

Pelhamville, Westehes- 
ter N. Y 

Pelican Lake, Otter 

Tail Minn 

Pelican Rapids, Otter 

Tail Minn 

Fella, Boulder Colo 

Pel la, Marion Iowa 

Pella, Wise Tex 

Fella, Shawano Wis 

Pellonia, Massac Ill 

PellsvUle, Yermillion. . .Ill 
Pellville, Hancock Ky 

Pemaqnld, Unooln Me 

Pemberton, Dade Mo 

Pemberton, Burlington... . . 

Pemberton, Shelby. ...Ohio 
Pembert<m, QoochluML.Va 
Pemberton Feny, Uier- 

nando ..Fla 

Pemberville, Wood. . . .Ohio 
Pembina (e. A.), Pem- 
bina Dak 

Pembroke, Kankakee.. . . Ill 
Pembroke. Christian.. . .Ky 
Pembroke. Washington. Me 
Pembrwke, Plymouth. Mass 

Pembroke, Merrimack 

N. H 
Pembroke, Genesee. ..N.Y 

Pembroke, Giles Ya 

Pen Argyl, Northampton.. 

Penawawa, Whitman. Wash 

Pendarvis, Wayne Oa 

Pendell, Butler Kans 

Pendentia, Dimmit .... Tex 
Pendleton, Iincoln....Ark 
Pendleton, Madison. . . . Ind 

Pendleton, Henry Ky 

Pendleton, Warren Mo 

Pendleton, Niagara. . .N. Y 
Pendleton, Putnam. . .Ohio 
Pendleton (c. A.), Uma- 
tilla Oreg 

Pendleton, Anderson.. 8. C 
Pendleton Centre, Ni- 
agara N. Y 

Pendleton Factory, An- 
derson S. G 

Pendleton Hill, New 

London .Conn 

Pendleton's, Louisa Ya 

Pendryville, Orange. . . . Fla 

Penfield, Greene Ga 

Penfleld, Champaign. . . .Ill 

Penfleld, Monroe N. Y 

Penfleld, Lorain Ohio 

Penfleld, Clearfield Pa 

Penhook , Franklin Ta 

Penick, Marion Ky 

Peniel, Roane W. Ya 

Peninsula, Summit.... Ohio 

Penitas, Nueces Tex 

Penllyn, Montgomery... Pa 

Penn, Cass Mich 

Penn, Lancaster Pa 

Pennell ville, Osw^o..N. Y 

Penn Hall, Centre Pa 

Pennington, Minneha- 
ha Dak 

Pennington, Mercer.. .N. J 
Pennington, Trinity — Tex 
Pennington Point, Mo- 

Donough Ill 

Penn Line, Crawford.... Pa 

Penn Run, Indiana Pa 

Pennsborough, Ritehie.... 

Pennsbuigh, Montgom- 
ery Pa 

Penn's Creek, Snyder.. .Pa 
Penn's Grove, Salem.. K. J 

Penn's Park, Bucks Pa 

Penn's Station, West- 

moreland Pa 

Penn's Store, Patrick. . . .Ya 

Pennsville, Salem N. J 

Pennsville, Morgan. . .Ohio 
Pennsville, Fayette Pa 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 


Penn Valley, Backs Fa 

PeniiTllle, Jaj Ind 

PennTille, Sulliran Mo 

Ptfnn Yan ( c. A. ), Yates . N. T 

Pennyville, Perry Ill 

Penobscot, Hancock ... .Me 

Penols, Caroline Va 

Peniyn, Placer Cal 

Peitsaeola (c. h. ), Escam- 
bia Fla 

Pensacola, Tancey . . . .N. 

Pensankee, Oconto Wis 

Pentonyille, Salem N. J 

Pentress, Monongalia. W.Va 
Pent Water, Oceana. .Mich 

Pentz, Butte Cal 

Peoa, Summit .• . .Utah 

Peola Mills, Madison Va 

Peoli, Tuscarawas Ohio 

Peoples, Cape Girardeau.. 


Peoria, Sebastian Ark 

Peoria (c. A.), Peoria — HI 

Peoria, Franklin Ind 

Peoria, Mahaska Iowa 

Peoria, Franklin Kans 

Peoria, Wyoming N. Y 

Peoria, Union Ohio 

Peoria, linn Oreg 

Peoria, Uill Tex 

Peoria City, Polk Iowa 

Peosta, DnDaquc.« . . .Iowa 

Peot, Kewaanee Wis 

Peotone, Will HI 

Peotone, Sedgwick. . .Kans 
Pepacton, Delaware . . .N . Y 

Pepin, Pepin Wis 

Pepperell, Middlesex.. Mass 
Peppertown, Franklin.. Ind 

Pequabuck, Litchfield 


Peqnanac, Morris N.J 

Pequea, lAncaster Pa 

Perche, Randolph Mo 

Perch River, Jefferson 

Perciral, Fremont. . . . Iowa 
Percirall 's, Brunswick . . Va 

Percy, Randolph Ill 

Percy, Washington. . . . Miss 

Perdido, Goliad Tex 

Perdido Station, Bald- 
win Ala 

Perdue Hill, Monroe. . .'Ala 
Pere Cheney, Crawford... . 

Perham, Otter Tall . . .Minn 
Perin-s Mills,Clermont.Ohio 

Perkasie, Bucks Pa 

Perkins Junction ,Burke.Ga 
Perkins* Mills, Braxton. . . . 

PerkinsTille, Madison. .Ind 
PerkinsTille, Winston . Miss 
Perklnsville, Steuben.. N. Y 
PerkinsTille, Burke. . .N. 
PerkinsYille, Windsor. ..Vt 
Pexkinsyille. Qooohlahd.Va 
Perkiomfenville, Mont- 
gomery Pa 

Perlee, Jefferson..'. . ..Iowa 

Pemello, Franklin Va 

Perote, Bullock Ala 

Perrln, Clinton Mo 

Perrlne, Meroer Pa 

Perrineville, Monmouth. . . 

PeRinsrtlle, Wayne. .Mich 

Perrowrllle, Bedford . . . . Ta 

Perry (c. A.), Taylor Fla 

Perry {e. A.), Houston... Ga 

Peny,Plke Ill 

Perry, Dallas Iowa 

Perry, Jefferson Kans 

Perry, Washington Me 

Perry, Shiawassee . . . .Mich 

Perry, Ralls Mo 

Perry, Wyoming N. Y 

Perry, Lake Ohio 

Perry, Forest Pa 

Perry, McLennan Tex 

Perry, Dane Wis 

Perry Centre, Wyoming — 

Perry City, Schuyler. .N. Y 

Perrydale, Polk Oreg 

Perry Hall, Baltimore.. Md 
Perrymansville, Har- 
ford Md 

Perryopolis, Fayette .... Pa 
Perrysburgh, Miami. ..Ind 
Perry sburgh, Cattarau- 
gus. N.Y 

Perrysburgh, Wood... Ohio 
Perry's Landing, Bra- 

soria Tex 

Perry's Mill, Waupaca. Wis 
Perry's Mills, Tattnall . . Oa 
Perry's Mills, Clinton. N.Y 

Perry Springs, Pike Ill 

Perrysville, vermiUlon.Ind 
Perrysvllle, Allegheny . .Pa 
PerrysvlUe, Washing- 
ton R.I 

Perry ton. Licking Ohio 

Perry ville, Perry Ala 

PerryviUe (c A.), Perry .Ark 

Perryville, Boyle Ky 

Perryrllle, Cecil Md 

PerryviUe {c. A.), Perry. Mo 
Perryville, Hunterdon. N. J 
Perryville, Madison ...N.Y 
Perryville, Ashland . . .Ohio 
Perryville, Decatur... Tcnn 
Persia, Cattaraugus... N. Y 

Persia, Hawkins Tenn 

Persimmon Creek, Chero- 
kee N.O 

Persley , Navarro Tex 

Person ville, Limestone. Tex 

Perth, Jefferson Miss 

Perth, Fulton N.Y 

Perth Amboy , Middlesex . . . 


Peru, La Salle Ill 

Peru (e. A.), Miami Ind 

Peru, Madison Iowa 

Peru, Chautauqua. . . .Kans 

Peru, Oldham Ky 

Peru, Oxford Me 

Peru, Berkshire Mass 

Peru, Nemaha Nebr 

Peru, Clinton N.Y 

Peru, Haywood N. C 

Peru, Huron Ohio 

Peru, Bennington Vt 

Peru, Hardy W, Va 

Peru Mills, Juniata Pa 

Peruville, Tompkins.. N. Y 
Pescadero, San Mateo... Cal 

Peshtlgo, Oconto Wis 

Pesotum, Champaign. . . .Ill 

Petaluma, Sonoma Cal 

Peter. Pike Ky 

Peterborough, Hills- 
borough N H 

Peterborough, Madison .... 


Peter Gave, Martin Ky 

Petersburgh, Kent Del 

Petersburgh {e. A.), 

Menard Ill 

Petersburgh (c. A.), 

Pike Ind 

Petersburgh, Delaware 

Petersburgh, Boone.... Kv 
Petersburgh, Monroe.. Mich 

Petersburgh, Jackson 

Petersburgh, Cape May .... 

Petersburgh, Rensselaer. . . 

Petersburgh, Mahoning. . . . 

Petersburgh, Hunting- • 

don Pa 

Petersburgh, Lincoln. Tenn 
Petersburgh, Dlnwiddie.Va 
Petersburgh, Grant.. W. Va 
Peter's Creek, Stokes.. N. 
Peter's Creek, Lancaster.. 

Peters Creek, Patrick. . . Va 
Petersham, Worcester.Mass 
Peter's Landing, Perry .... 


Peterson, Clay Iowa 

Peterson, Fillmore. . ..Minn 

Peterson, Cuming Nebr 

Peterson, Morgan . . . .Utah 
Peterson's Point, Chehalis. 

Peterstown, Monroe. W. Va 
PetersvlUe, Bartholo- 
mew Ind 

Petorsvllle, Lewis Ky 

PetersvlUe, Frederick . . .Md 
PetersvlUe, Northamp- 
ton Pa 

Peterton, Osage Kans 

Petite Prairie, St. Lan- 
dry La 

Petit Jean, Yell Ark 

Pecitson, Saline Mo 

Petoskey , Emmett — Mich 
Petra Mills, Caldwell. .N. C 

Petrea, Jackson Ohio 

Petrie's Comers, liCwis.N.Y 
Petroleum Centre, Ve- 
nango Pa 

Petrolia, Humboldt Cal 

Petrolia, Butler Pa 

Pettis, Crawford Pa 

Pettlsville, Fulton Ohio 

jfettlt, Tippecanoe Ind 

Pettusvllle, Limestone.. A la 
Petty Shore, Hertford.. N.C 

Petty sville, Miami Ind 

Pottysville, Livingston .... 

Pettysville, Umatilla. .Or% 
Petty ville, San Pete.. Utah 

Pevely, Jefferson Mo 

Pewamo, Ionia Mich 

Pewaukee, Waukesha. . Wis 
Pewee Valley, Oldham. . Ky 

Peyton, Falls Tex 

Peytona, Shelby Ky 

Peytona, Boone W. Va 

Peytonla, Montgomery. Mo 
Pevtonsburgh, Cum- 
berland Ky 

Peytonsburgh, Pittsyl- 
vania Va 

PeytonsvUle, Little 

River Ark 

PeytonsvlUe, William- 
son Tenn 

Pf out's Valley, Perry. ..Pa 
Phalanx, Trumbull . . . Ohio 
Pharisburgh, Union . . .Ohio 
Phaisalia, Chenango.. N. Y 
Pheasant Branch,I)ane.Wis 

Phelps, Lawrence Mo 

Phelps, Phelps ..... . .Nebr 

Phelps, Ontario N.Y 

Phelps, Walker Tex 

Phelps City, Atchison... Mo 

Phenlx, Kent R.I 

Philadelphia, Hancock. Ind 
Philadelphia (c. A.), 

Neshoba Miss 

Philadelphia, Marlon ... Mo 
Phlladelphla,JeffersoD.N. Y 
Philadelphia (c. A.), 

Philadelphia Pa 

Philadelphia, Darling- 
ton S. C 

Philadelphia, Loudon 

Philanthropy, Butler.. Ohio 
Philippi (e. A.), Bar- 
bour W. Va 

PUllpsburgh, Jefferson. . . . 

Phllipsburgh, Centre. ... Pa 
Philip's Mill Coffee.... Oa 

Phlllpston, Clarion Pa 

Philips vUle, Erie Pa 

Phillips, Franklin Me 

Phillips, Chippewa Wis 

Phillip's Bluff, Calca- 
sieu La 

PhiUipsburgh {e. A.), 

Phillips Kans 

Phillipsburgh, Laclede. .Mo 
Phillipsbnrgh, Deer 

Lodge Mont 

Phillipsburgh, Warren N. J 
Phillip's Creek, Alle- 
gany N.Y 

Phllllpsport, Sullivan. N. Y 
PhlUipston, Worcester.Mass 

Phillipstown, White 111 

Philmont, Columbia.. N. Y 

Philo, Champaign Ill 

Philo, Muskingum . . . .Ohio 
Philomath, Benton. . . .Or^ 
Philomont, Loudoun. . . . Va 
Phllopolls, Baltimore. . .Md 
Philpot's Station, Daviess.. 


Philson, Somerset Pa 

Phipps, Hale Ala 

Phlppsburgh, Sagadahoc... 


Phoenicia, Ulster N.Y 

Phceniz (c. A.), Mari- 
copa Aris 

Phoenix, Douglas Ill 

Phoenix, Baltimore Md 

Phoenix, Keweenaw . . .Mich 

Phoenix, Oswego N. Y 

Phoenix, Columbus ....N.C 
Phoenix, Ashtabula... Ohio 

Phoenix, Jackson Oreg 

Phoenix, Armstrong Pa 

Phoenix, Abberllle S. C 

Phoenix Mills, Otsego.. N. Y 
Phoenix Mine, Napa .... Cal 



PhoenixTille, Windham. . . . 

PhoenixTille, Chester . . . . F& 

Piasa, Macoupin Ill 

Picacho, San Benito . . . Cal 
Pickard^s Mill, Clinton.Ind 
Pickel-B Landing, floane- . . 

Pickens C. K., Pick- 
ens S. G 

Pickens Landing, Clarke. . . 

Pickens Station, Holmes. . . 

PickensTille, Pickens... Ala 
Pickerell's MUls, Dela> 

ware Ohio 

Pickereltown, Logan . . Ohio 

Pickering, Nodaway Mo 

Pickering, Chester Pa 

Pickerington, Fairfield.Ohio 

Picket Post, Pinal Arii 

Pickett's Station, 

Winnebago Wis 

Pickwick, Winona. . . . Minn 

Pickwick, Clarion Pa 

Rcolata, St. John's.... Pla 
Picture Rocks, Lycom- 
ing Pa 

Hdcock Ranch, Coryell . . . 


Piedmont, Wayne .Mo 

Piedmont, Greenville.. S. C 
Piedmont, Mineral.. W. Ya 

Piedmont, Uintah Wyo 

Piedmont Springs, Burke . . 

N. C 

Piedra, Conejos Colo 

Piedras Pintas, Duval. .Tex 

Piegan, Choteau Mont 

Pierce {e. A.), Pierce. .Nebr 

Pierce, Stark Ohio 

Pierce, Armstrong Pa 

Pierce City (e. A.), 

Shoshone Idaho 

Pierce City, Lawrence.. Mo 

Pierce's, Monroe N. Y 

Pierce's Bridge, Grafton. . . 

N. H 
Pierce Station, Obion. Tenn 
Pierceton, Kosciusko... Ind 
neroetown, Anderson. S. C 

Pierceville, Fannin Ga 

Pieroeville, I>e Kalb 111 

Pierceville, Ripley Ind 

Pierceville, Van Buren 

Pierceville, Sequoyah.Kans 
Pierceville, Wyoming. . .Pa 
Piermont, Grafton . . . . N. H 
Piermont, Rockland. . N. Y 
Pierpont, Ashtabula.. Ohio 
Pierport, Manistee . . . Mich 
Pierrepont, St. Law- 
rence N Y 

Pierrepont Manor, Jef- 
ferson N. Y 

Pienon, Madison Ill 

Pierson, Montcalm... Mich 
Pierson Station, Piatt. . . Ill 
Piffard> livingston. . ..N. Y 

Pigeon, Jefferson Ill 

Pigeon Cove, Essex. . .Mass 
Pigeon Creek, Butler. . .Ala 
Pigeon Creek Centre, 

Jackson Wis 

Pigeon Fails, Trempea- 
leau vnB 

Alphabetical List of Post Offices. 

Pigeon Fotge, Sevier.. Tenn 
Pigeon Hill , IJnion .... Ark 
Pigeon Point, San 

Mateo Cal 

Pigeon River, Haywood. . . . 

Pigeon Run, Stark. . . . Ohio 
Pigeon Run, Campbell. . Va 
Pigeon Valley, Hay- 
wood N. C 

Pig River, Franklin Va 

Pike, Wyoming N. Y 

Pike, Cumberland. . . . N. C 

Pike, Pike Ohio 

Pike City, Sierra Cal 

Pike .M ills. Potter Pa 

Pike Pond, Sullivan.. N. Y 
Pike Road, Montgomery. . . 

Pike Run, Washington . . Pa 
Pike's Peak, Brown. . . .Ind 
Pike Station, Wayne .Ohio 
Pikesville, Baltimore. . .Md 

Pikesvilie, Berks Pa 

Piketon (e. A.), Pike. . . .Ky 

Piketon, Stoddard Mo 

Piketon, Pike Ohio 

PikeviUe (c. A. ), Marion . Ala 

Pikeville, Pike Ind 

PikevUle, Allegany... N. Y 

Pikeville, Wayne N. C 

Pikeville, Darke Ohio 

PikeviUe (e. A.), Bled- 
soe Tenn 

Pilctier, Belmont Ohio 

PUcher's Point, £. Ca> 

roll La 

Pilgrim's Rest, Fayette. Ala 
Pillar Point, Jefferson.N. Y 

Pillow, Dauphin Pa 

Pillow's, Phillips Ark 

Pillsbury, Todd Minn 

Pilot, Vermillion Ill 

Pilot, Montgomery Va 

Pilot Grove, Newton. . .Ind 

Pilot Grove, Lee Iowa 

Pilot Grove,Faribault.Minn 
Pilot Grove, Cooper. ... Mo 
Pilot Grove, Grayson.. Tex 
Pilot Hill, £1 Dorado ... Cal 
Pilot Hill, Washington.Tenn 
Pilot Knob, Crawford.. Ind 

Pilot Knob, Iron Mo 

Pilot Knob, Greene. . .Tenn 
Pilot Knob, Denton . . . .Tex 
Pilot Knob, Adams.... Wis 
Pilot Mound, Boone.. Iowa 
Pilot Mound,Fillmore.Minn 
Pilot Mountain, Stokes .... 


Pilot Oak, Graves Ky^ 

Pilot Pohit, Denton .... Tex 
Pilot Rock, Cherokee. Iowa