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Full text of "Circular of the Maryland Agricultural College"


C I K C U L A 11 

(3 4^-^^' 

or THE 


grtaill!!:al %Mt%t, 

^stablisbrti nnb (I'uboiucb bu ;in Jla of the 

<^r^*yf.}f€(fff^fC o//^ a=^//^/Crt; y/^fj2f/-7/, 

<PaGsed j\To.rch Cth, U 





.^ PA^^ 




Printed by John Mukphy & Co. 


1S2 Baltimore Street. 







1 • 

O K T H K "^ 


cbTylcLTid jzzg -rioubltub'rQjZ Go 1 1 eo- c. 

'• • 

> . TR« STEVES. 

Ti[OMx\S PKKKY Alleghany Counfij. 

J. DIXOX EOMAN Washington Counfg. 

GEORGK R. DENNIS Frederick Countg. 

JOHN LKE CAIClIOLL Hoicard Coiniig. 

• Moyilgomcrg Counfg. 

S. T. C. BllOWN Carroll Cuunfv. 

JOHN Q. HEWLETT Baltimore Citg. 

JOHN 3IEKIIYMAN Baliiviorc Counfg. 

RA^tSAY McHENllY Harford Counfg. 

Cecil Counfg. 

JAMES T. EAliLE '. queen Anne's Counfg. 

EDWAllI) AVI LK INS Kent Counfg. 

SAAIUEL HA:Mi;LETON Taloui Counfg. 

K. C. CAllTEll Crtrolijic Counfg. 

AVILLIA^E T. GOLDSIlOKOUCn l^hrchester Counfg. 

Prince O'eorgc^s Counfg. 

GEOKGE K. DKNNIS Somerset Counfg. 

AVM. H. rUKNELL Worcester Counfu. 

St. Marges Counfg. 

I WALTER MITCHELL Charles Counfg. 

THOMAS J. GRAHAM Cahert Counfg. 

, JOHN S. SELLMAN Anne Arundel Counfg. 

; JOHN C. GROOME Knstern Shore. 

OTHO H. AVILLIA^rS Wc.-itcrn Shore. 

< Kev. "VV-Al. riNCKNKY, 1). I) District of Columbia. 


Ho.noj:.vi:y Memi-.ki: ov tmk Uoaicp or Tkistkks, 
Di:. AV I L L I A M N E A\' T O N M ERG E R, of Lvui.uuna. 

, rKKSU>KNT OK TIIK IioAUl> OV Ti:r.<TrK5, 

ja:mes T. eai:le, Esii. 

JOHN O. AVH A J:T()N, A. >I , M. R 

. Circular of the Maryland Ao:ricultural College 
! ---, if or 136if-136i7 1 *^' 


1 .Baltimore: John Murphy & Co., 186H 
£>-... K FACULTY 

, \ OF T 11 K 

■•»j ■• • 

^=/tC€tiy:fci7ic/ c==SP</iicfcc/f(yt€(/ ^u:o//<f/r"^ 

P R K 8 I D j; N T , 

H EN E Y O N D E 11 D O X K, A. M., 

Professorof Mathematics, Pure and 2ri.ied. 

» V I C E P K K S r P K N T , ' 


Pi-qfcssor of Moral and Mental T'liilosophy, Engliih Literature and FoVdical 


MONTGOMEKY J O H N S, A. M., M. !>., 

Professor of the Science of Agriculture, Chcmistri/, Geology and Mineralor/i/. 

' B A T T I S T A L O B I N O. L. L. P., 

Professor of Ancient and Modern Lanr/uaQcs, Latin f Greek, French, German^ 

and Italian. l . 


Entomologist for the Vnited States, Professor of Natural II istory. Botany and 


H E N W Y K E N N A B D, A. ]3., 

Principal of Preparatory Department. 

1/ /■> 

; ) 

JMb/o/J7yfef/c?i/^j/olP ^Mc^-.^^^ 


.\ i;i N(; dam;, Kl'OKXK KdsfoHf ^Id. 

liKAi.i., OiiKt 11 upper Marlboro' y Md. 

Bkattv, Artiiuh Joiix Long MarsJi, ** 

JJkuky, AVlLLlAM... rp2^er Marlhoro\ '* 

JiOUDLKY, Jamks CcnirevUlc, " 

BucHAXAX, Frank Evsfon, *^ 

Calvkkt, AVm. X Hi/ntis'-llle, *« 

Calvkrt, E. S " " 

CllKW, T. J Hlachnshnrg, " 

Daavson, Alfred II.. Kasimi, ** 

Dalk, Tiios. II Oouhrldrje, ' «« 

l>AVii>sox, Bkxj. U Dai-ifiao/f'-ille, ** 

Dkakixs, GEoiU.i: fiusebin-f/ft, Va. 

Kakf.k, Samtki Cuiircviih; " 

Eakly, CiiAS. S Uniiufi/icuir, Del. 

Emouy, Ed. B ,. Cenircville, " 

Flausox, Joiix Washingion, D.C. 

Fkugi-.s^^ox. W. E Port Tobacco, ** 

Fi'LTox, Fkaxk /'inc.^rUlc, 0/iio. 

GoLD.sKououGii, Chaklk.s Eosfon, « 

GoLD.siiOiiouGH, FiTzfilTGir Cambridge, " 

GoLD.-^iJOUouGir, Mattiikw T...: Easfon, «* 

GoLDsnoKOUGii, F. Cauroll ** ** 



Hall, Edav'd MiUer^niUc, »* 

Hall, S. D ♦' « 

Hall, Frkd'k Chcstcrton-n, •* 

Hkwks, Jn'o Bnlflf/iore, ** 

IIkwks, Wm. G " •» 

Hodgks, Jxo. T Governor's Bridge,*' 

Hooi'KK, Samull II Bulfiiiiore, 

Hi'p.Kixs, J. H., Jk West Jiiixr, 

lioPKixs, E Jkl Air, 

Hollyday, Claukxck Cenircville^ 


\AMKS. n>:slM.NM . 

He; HI. KIT, J NO. II : •■ Traj>j)c, Mur'jlfDnl. 

Ir.I.KH.VUT, .ItiUN J)aridsOHrUlc, 

lUKI.AM), .Jno. T liDiapolls, ** 

.iKXKrXS. IfKNIlV , /•'(tfit>>ll, ** 

IV. K KN K, tl A^*. xj ..••.«..-,.,..-.. •.••....;...• ..«...••• ••••••••> t^/< five I if \ J I'i'Cr^ , 

Lc■u^rA^^ Thko. CJ r.allimorr, *• 

^IacLkod, Kknnktii JhiattsrlUc, <* 

3[cI>LAlu, A. J Washington, D.C. 

3IcBlaik, C. li 

Mkukick, C. If. 11 Long ^Farsfi, *' 

3lirir>LKTOx, Jk.ssk Colcsvillr, ♦' 

Nkavman, C. M Church JlilU " 

Nk'Hol^^on", Gix>. E Waahington, D.C. 

Niciior..sox. AV.M. S '. " *' 

<).vf»>:i:noNK, IIknky I'.^^tick" BroofdnndyilU^ *♦ 

0*X>:rr.L, AVit.i.iA^r Havre dc Grace, '• 

OliiON', O. II Matlison, ]\'lsco>ii;in. 

OwKXS, ]•:. li lirlsfnl, M,L 

OWKXS, FlIANKLIX M'cst Jiiva'f ** 

' Ou-r;v.s, Jxo. K DrlsfuU ** 

Ov. KX.s, lior.HKT AV h'c.<i JUi'.r, •* 

PuiCK, IIkxuy ]) Jiorsvillr, •* 

IlAXDOl.rn, G. C j M'a:^hington,D.C. 

Koi:kut.s, Lkml'kl, Ji: Sudlcr.sciUc. •* 

Kor.KKTS, AVm. W JUadrnshiirg, 

Ko:>K, AVlLLfAM Wyc MidSt 

Jloss, 1j. J:.'. Trappr, •* 

r..:<S, T. C ♦* 

Sr.LT.MAX, C. A\' ,..Oorcnior\s Jh-ldgr,** 

Skm.man, G. C •• . *• ♦' 

Tii.TON*, Jami.s AnUftpolis, •• 

'J'n.flUMAX, ClIAS. II lla>('>n, •* 

AVaku, Tiu>:<[a.s t'eclltnn, •* 

AVai:i»i AS'ii.r.iAM " ** 

AV'aTKUS, I'UAMCI.IN* .• It V.n/ /.'<<. /•, •• 

"NVki.f.s, Ain'HUii "\V \nntip<t'ts, « 

AVklls, Jxo. i: '• «• 

AViiiri:, Ai,\.Ai:i» /.'"/,(.' O.//., 

WiXTKU, IIm:i:y \\'uihiu<jt:.u, J'. C. 





r \ , 

O V n V r <f J O h >- c j • r (f f t o n s. 

• This Institution eotnpii.-OT two (I([>r'.itniotit-:, tli'- Col lochia to nnd tin* Vw^- 
p.iratory ; con?titiitiii.^ oiio 1i'K!so!i'->uI of u-hicli the rr.-si'lriit aiul a |'<,>rtioii 
of the f;icnUy arc re.-ident iu< rii!>ir.«. The ol'joct of the In-titution is not .-t* 
much to make practical fanners of tlio sttuhMit.s of tho ('oHoi^*, a.? tu :u:ilvi* tin* 
rising goueratiou of farmoiv. thcroucrhly cJucato'l luou. witli 5[>o»."ial ret'omu'e 
to Agricultural inirsuits. "With this view t!;o cour.se of study lias l>ooii iiunh* 
complete — iuclu'ling the aiieiout au-l moilorii hiu^uac;*-.-. J^pecial attoutioti ii 
given to ftll tho.=o soieneos that bo:ir in any way upon ih«> 2>ii»f.-.-.-ir.u «>f tio' 
farmer, such as C'lieniistry, Survoyiui;, (c-i>Cv'ially chniu surveyinz.) Kniom 
oIoc:v and Uotanv. It will al>o he so -n, I>\- a ref«r(»nee t<» tlo- (•(>ur»i> of f-lndv, 
that those stuJioo that tend to .idorn as well as to iliicipl:!..' the miinl, M.-civ.- 
their due atti'iitioM. 


Instruction in Agriculture is the peenlinr feature of the (.!oll.-gf. 'Ihi.- is 
both theoretical and p!aet:e.il. L;il'"r or v.i.ric on t!ie faim i; \\<<K alhnv I t<» 
interfere with -tudio-, hut, liIc<-> tlio Mili: •.ry*j )•. ill in ot'.- r In --ritnti.)!',-. it i ; 
superadc'od ti> tiie nion'al IrMiuin;;. v.h'cli iitlo- priinary «.!.|oct of fho Cd!.— .-. 
Tlie out-door exerei-e, that is ?y<tt:nu't:v:al!y MV'uirod of caeli student, i-; vorv 
hap])y in its reiults, whether thti pitjiil :».ntici pa '..•.-> L'.-iir.; a fi: m-n- i>r n>>t, in 
the health and pliy^ical v:V.r he tlierohy ultnins. 

TUo design in the lloi tieultural ilopirtMoal i ; to t*ae!i prarlii-allv all the 
nicer and liner op.'rations of gardoiuit.;, whii h «h» not goner. -Ily r.'eoivi> nnu Ii 
attention on the farm?, and a!-o to cuUivafe tlie la>t«- for ll-w»i.> and «ku.i- 
mcntal gardening. 

A '•"vmna'^iu'M i.'aI-\» a!fao!i<- I fo (!i ■ f !!■••,'.•. 

^ J) { sc t *>! i >i r, 

Tlio di..ui]dine of th-- Co!h\.:<' is parent. il in iti <h:iraet.r. Th'- I'ro id -nf. 
residing in the l>uilding with the .slu'I?n:-, e\v reises .«nifrvi-ioii t>f tlulr ni.ii 
liers an>l mora!-. 

A daily record is l:epl of a*(' ;ida!i.''^. r<Ni'a*!'>:i an-l co:;.lni t- l'r.«;4t t'l. .' 
daily records :i monthly rep<'it is t^-nt to tlio parents a!nl guar.lian-. Al: 
tltdin'inetjcie.s, whether in Ie.«.son3 or behavior, are out' ri\I ir» a bo(.»I; Icept f-r 
that puri)0.-.-. The record t g.i!n-t fa;-h .-tud-Mit may he i-.\- iniio-l bv h;;:- ».r 
bis pareuls at any lime on ap:.!:.:'t;..n to th.^ I'r. Ido;/.. \V!un an i\h.i;.:L ..f 
tbi-! record is sent to any j^aren! or f^irirdian,' without a rr.pte.-t. it ui.ix ]? le 
garde.l ;r- the fn t ste[» l.>wa!.ls epMitJi' ; t'lf pupil from the 1\>!I • •,.>. 


w a m . iipiB ■« j«9«P»i 



• I) I V i n e fVo v s h t p. 

The students are all roqiiirod to atfond (livii\e wor^liip every Snmlay, in the 
College Chaj)el, •which is on such Ov-casions open for public iisej also family 
prayers morning and evening. 

The buildings have been erected for the purpose of a School and College, 
and every attention has been paid to their ventilation, and to the comfort of 
the pupils. The students of the College occui>y private rooms. Those in tlio 
preparatory department study in a school-room under supervision of oue of the 

The College is situated on the Washington Turnpike, about three milcB 
north of Bladcnsburg. It is about three quarters of a mile from College Station 
on the Washington Rail Iload. The Post-office address is Maryland Agricul- 
tural College, Prince George's County. 

JEJxa ni i n a f i o n s a n d Co m m ence m e n f. 

There are two public examinations in the Academic Year, one at tlio okI 
of the first torm, in tlie last week in January, and the final examinatiuii in 
the last week in Juno. It is required tliat every Student bo present. 

The public commencement takes place after tlie final examination. 

Terms and Vac at ions. 

The Academic Year is divided into two terms of five months c;oh, vi /: fo]:^ 
the first Monday in September to the first day of February, and iVon^ tjie fii.-^t 
day of February, until the last week in June. 

There ^vill be a recess during the Christmas holidays of one v/celc, and « f 
one week at Easter. There are no other holidays. 


The charge for the Scholastic Year is ^250, pa?/able half-ycarhfhi advance. 
Jlhli includes all the expense except for books, stationery and medical attend- 
ance. A deposit of $20 for each term is required to cover these incidental 
expense-:. Students are required to furnish their own towels. Xo deduction 
will be made for absence, except in case of protracted illness. 

Yi sit i n (J, 

No I'upil will be allowed to visit Baltimore or Washington, excej^t upon 
direct application of the parent or guardian addressed to the President. 

Applications to visit home, are ex]>ectcd to be made only for very urgent 
cause, and must be made by the parent or guardian directly to the President. 
Applications made in any other way will not be regarded. 

. I 

Spc ndi ng jMoney. 

Spending money will be issued only to those students for whom a specific 
depos'it is made, and in no case shall it amount to more than $10 per term. 








Third Preparatory ll Latia Lessons 

Second Preparatory,.... 

Latin Grammar 

11 Latin Reader 


First Preparatory.. 

'i Latin Grammar, Syntax 
ii and Prosody 

Caesar. Ovid 

J Latin Prose Composition 



I Reading. Spelling. 

, Geography ., 

I English Grammar. Pen- jj Arithmetic, Oral and 

;! manship 'j Written. 

Composition. Elocution.!; 

i Reading. Spelling. !i jJ 

■ i Geography ' j 

I' History of U. S. and Eng-M, Arithmetic, Oral and 

ii land.. 'i Written. 

•' English Grammar. Pen-j! 

manship ii 

Composition. Elocution.!; ' * 

,! Botany. Entomology.. .1 Reading. Spelling. '! 

:j Flint & Emerson's Prac- Exercises in English H 

tical Farming ' Grammar ...."'' 

History of Greece and , Higher Arithmetic. 

I '! Composition. Elocution.;; Elementary. Al^'ebra. 

; I 


|i Ancient Geography ! Greek Antiquities 

p...^ ._ fs\ I Roman Antiquities ■ Greek Testament ]'\snue!Ie's Course 

Freshman Class.. . vi.gil. Sallust. Cicero. I Homer _ 

I' Prose Composition ; Prose Comiiosition Ti"anslations .' 

Adler's Ollendorff's Gram- , Elementary. Natural Rhetoric... .jj Alebra. 

mar and Reader \ Philosophy Composition. H Geometry, 6 books. 

: Rotany. Entomology... Universal History j 

I; Physical Geography '1 IJook-Keeping. . .' j Arithmetic, reviewed. 

•| Canipbf;II's Agriculture. ' |. 

' .'2d term 

Sophomore Class 

Roman Antiquities j Greek .^itiquiiit-.s Batmi^r'.s Levizac ! , Campbell's A.gricu!ture. . . ; Rhetoric. Logic 

Livy \ I Greek Testament ]>e Fiva's Classic Reader. i German Reader 1 Mineralogy. Anatomy.. Composition. Elocution 

Horace; Odes & Epodes. i Felion'.s Greek .Selection.-^. R.icine 1 ^ ; Physiolon^y and [Ty;^ipne. Universal Hi.storv 

Prose .pomposition | Prose Composition. j :| Eotany. Entomoloirv. . . 

Junior Class. 

Trigonometry, Plane 

and Spherical. 
Field Surveying. 

:• Plautus. Tacitus ' Greek Testament ■\(oliere, &c ry • Schiller • j Si!Iiman'.s Chemi.stry. ... Mental Philosophy \ Analytical Geometry. 

I Terence. Horace; Sa- | Greek Tradgedie.s Translations front Eng- j Lessing ' Stockhnrdt'.s Pifld 'Lee- Composition '. Calculus; Differential and 

I tires and Epistles 1 Demosthenes and Prose isli Classics into French. Goethe ; tures, or Johnson's Lee- Eiiirlish Literature ' Integral. Field Survey- 

, '. .Tuvenal ' Composition tures Declamation of Original:; in*^. 

M Prose Composition .! • \ | ^ Botany. Entomology... Theses I Pneumatics. Plydraulics. 

! ' . Heat.' Electricity. Gal-: J Acoustics. Optics. 

! - vanism ; ' 

Senior Class Cicero's Philoso. Works.! Greek Testament ftiatory of French Litera- j History of German Litera-, Meteorology 


Moral Ph losophy , Civil Engineering. 

' Thucydidcs. ., '«'"? ^V* " * ^"*"^ * Analytical Ch*Muistry. . . . History (-f Philosophy. . i Astronomy. 

; C^'^'P'Jsitioi.s on Given Compositions on Given Geolo-v of .Mt- ••viand. ... History of Civilization'. ..; Field Workin Surveying. 
■ '" •• Subjects I Subjects R.-viev.' Political Economy.. :. ...; " 

: I 



I'Aidence.s of Cliristianity [ 
Com.positioji. Declama-.lj 
tion of Original Theses.'' 

In the Schools of Languages it i.s understood that discretionary sclc-tions will be made from the authors named. 

DEGREES : 1st. — Tiie Degree of Proficient applies to those branc '-^'^ of a school v/hieh the studcjit is allowed to attend .separately. 

2d. — The Degree of Graduate in a School is given to ^'io-^e who have passed a satisfactory examination on the subjects taught therein. 

3d.— The Decree of Bachelor in riiilo.sophy will be (OnlVrred upou those students who have obtained the Degrees of Graduate in the Schools of Natural Science, 

of Engli.sh, and of Mathematics. (1 ■ ' - * 

4th.— The Degree of Bachelor of Arts will l)c confern'" upon those students who have obtained the Degrees of (Graduate in any four c-f tlie Schools. 
5th. — The Degree of Master of Arts will only be conr-ri"'^'d on those students who have become graduates in all the Schools of the College. 

.•"i...i;i,.i.^wl f,^,. >1»n rini.ninu I.^•'^-■^.,r l-Hi rIfllL ','.". sf M <» rod ■_:vLjJlLid 1\v.-> 9!f1i 

Ti,i:,„ — o. ,.,„:„!, ,..,,,, 1,