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• % m 


Univerfal Pocket Companion: 


Among many other necelTary and entertaining 

I. A Gcognphicil Dercription of 
the World ^ with an Account of 
the AxSatnx Parti thereof. 

JI, A Defcnptioo of England*, 
ihewing the Nomber of Counties^ 
Citie^^ Bfftoprickt, Borougbs. 
Matkct-TowDS, PariAei, ^^'c* 

III. LONDON defcrib*d ; with an 
Account of the fevcral Ward.-?, 
PariAcf, Hall8,CoUegM.Chuf ch- 
es, and whatever i« re;markable.i 

IV. An Account of the feveral Jn-' 
corporated Companies in Loffdon^\ 
-with the Prices of Carpenter s^ 
Sricldayers, Plaljierers and Paint- 
ers Work, ^c. 

V. An Account of the Central ^^n^ 
Penny Pofi, 

VI. An Account of all the Stage- 
Coaches and Carriert in England j 

with tlie Jnnt they pot up at^ 
and the Days they go out on. 

VII. A Lift of places at Court, 
the feverai Salaries thereof, and 
in whdie Qift and DifpofaJl the/ 
are; - 

VIII. The four Rules of Arithmt- 
/iV explained in the moft eafy and 
pra£lical . Manner ; a fliort Ac- 
cnunt rf thts and Scieiiai ; a 
brief Chronology of rrinarkable 
Evrents from the Beginning of 
tfie World to the Death of Julius 
Cafar, an<f i»b Abi^gment of the 
HiJUiy vf Engl and , with an Ac 
count of the Monarchfi thcrecf, 

IX* The Gayiln;£r*s Calenflar^ fot 
every in tlis Year. 

XI. The Rates an; Fares of Coach-' 
men. Carmen y and f^yia/ermen^ with 
their Rules and Refihdions. 

The T. HiRD Edition, correded and enlarged. 

Witli an accurate Map of the whole World, and a new 
Plan oi London and Wefimtnfitr^ 


Friotcd for L* Hawks and Co, G. Kxjth, John Rivingtonj 
R« BAX^PWiWy S, CiowoxR^ B.Law, C. and R. Wars. 


THE ;., 

P R E F E C E. 

I HE former Editions of this Book, 
having recommended the Plan of it, 
the Publick Approbation was the 

Confequence, and, accordingly^ very 

large Numbers have been dilpofed of. A Per- 
formance of fuch a nature could not fail, of 
meeting with Purchafers, fince therein is found 
much Matter of Bufmefs fthd Curiofity, not to 
be met with unlefs many Volumes , are turnerl 

By this Manual, the Gentleman, the Mer- 
chant, the Tradefman, are fatisfy'd ia their 
Commercial Enquiries ; nay, even their viBicant 
Hours may fijtid pjeafing Amufement.j 
the Profitable and the Plealant being fo mingled, 
as to yield the greateft Satisfadlian imaginable.- 
That' there were other Books of this Kind, 
appeared to be no Objedtion agaiftft the Publi- 
* v cation 

The P R E F A C E, 

cation of this« We could point out its Supe- 
riority to thpfe Produdtions, if it was not an in- 
vidious and difagreeaUe talk : Befides, nnofl: of 
them are only ct^imporaryUk ; whilft the Urn-- 
verfal Pocket Book continues ever ufeful, and 
ever a choice and neceflary Vade Mecum. 

We will venture to %, that the prefent Edi- 
tion of this valuable Piece, merits more the 
Proteftion of the Publick, dian the two firft : 
Many Additions of great Utility have been 
made, and fuch Care taken of its GorreAibJi 
as te teflsfy, at once, our Integrity and our 

Our Labours will not only prove ferviceable 
to Perfiins in t2ae World of Comniaw Md 
Ifrade % but piivjatc FaimUes wi^ find it an en- 
tertaining Companion ; and as to the Tdbfes^ 
wluch in die prefent Imprefiion we have been 
Tery careful o^ it would be an idle Taflc to aioi 
%t an Encomium upon their wcU4uiown Im- 

Ifj heretofore^ particular Honours were due^ 
according to the Cufton^ of the wifeft Nations, 
to thofe who advanced the publick Good, we 
may hope, at le^ thssEocouragementfrpm our 
Countrymen, a- j^rateful Approbation and lU* 
«Q9iQS£iidukmofoi^ being 

their obliged 

humble Servants^ 


T K g& 


PART i. 

- •. . Defcriptiott 
of <he World, with a 
Map of the ftmc e. j 

AT«Me of A^UibMks tf 
many of the moft cmioeat 
Places of iha WorU 919 

A DeferiptiQn of Bogland %» 

The Names of the Ceuntiet, 
CViiet , &e. in GmoI- BHtaioy 
with the Hamfanr of I4cni<^ 
bera chote'toiiDnraiaPaK- 
liamcnt a^ 

A DefcHptioii of Loadon and 
Wettminfler 33 

An Account^of ihcCompanUe 
of London 4^ 

The Prictt of the 4ifNnu 
VTorkt olF Brickltyecs^ M«- 
lbnt« Caifientcn, &c« 51 

The Rates of Pipft Letters 54. 

Of the Peangp-Poft Co 

Account of Arts and Sgbicea 

The feven Wonders of the 
World <S 

Of the Mvfet 70 

Of Heicnks 71 


A Table fliewing at one View^ 
the Value of any Quantity of 
Goods, WareSy &c. by the 
Yard, £I1» Pound, Ooace, 

A Table of univerlal Ufe, de- 

vNwimi^W^^ai '^T ^^^* ^w^^w^Bji^BB ^^a 

Tariout Quefttons in Multi- 
plicatioeri>l'9<>^D# iRedufti- 
on, Meafuring, Gaugingi 
SitfTcyinf, &c« 

Hiiqapd Table firnn the Ciw. 

flQA 7f 

AbAraft of the Hiftory of Eng' 
land. 7f 

Arithmcttck tf 

AJahJeof aUquotPartspf a 
Pound •• 

Tables t>f Engliih aad Fomgn 
Coins ib&L 

i^-^-oof Engliih WeigMe aa4 
Meafures im 

Lift of Mercbant9 to| 

Places at Court, wrtHk Ibeir Sa- 
laries is, 

The Gardeners Kalcndar iSf 

Timet aad 8ea(bns for catcUog 
Fi(h tie 

Kates and Orders for Carmen 

Rates ef Watermen 131 

Kales and Orders of HaduMy^ 
Coachmen tj^ 

Aocoaat of Stage Coaches an4 
Carsieri in England, Scot- 
laad» Wal«^ ^c. tjjl 

Lift of the Houft of Peers^ 
ArchbilhopsandBiiieps e4f 

T II. 

TheUft and Explanation thert- 

T^ntyfire Geometrical Pre* 

Tables (hewiag the Difceuntf 
upon any of the Branches of 
the Cnftojsi on Goods im- 

A Tabie of Salaries or Wagee 

To caft up Intereft for any 
Number of Days 

Since the following Sheets' went to Prefi the 
.Goi^tof Lokp Mayor, apd Aldermen has 

^ ijndergone,ibmei iteration and ftands tl\tis, 
now, Auguft I. ij^6o. (See page 42.) 

Tinvir Ward. 

Bridge wtthotit. . 

















Farmgdon within. 

Bridge within. 


Faringdm without. 


Caflle Baynard. 



SIR Thomas Chitty, Knt.' Lord 
Sir Robert Ladbroke, Kni. Fadltt 

, of the City. 
Sir Willfam Calvert, Knt. 
Francis Cockayne, Efq; 
Robert Alfop, Efq; 
Sir Crifpe Gafcoyne, Knt. 
Thomas Rawlinfon, E<q; 
Steph. Theod. Janffen, Efq; 
Marfhe Dickenfon, Efq; 
Sir Charles Afgili, Knt. 
Sir Richard Glyn, Bart. 
Sir Jgicph Hankey, Knty 
William Baker, Efq; 
Sir Matthew Blakifton, Knt. 
Sir Samuel Fludyer, Bart. 
Robert Scott, Efq, . 
William Beckford, Efq; 
.William Alexander, Efq; 
William Bridgen, Efq; 
Sir William Stephenfon, Kat. 
George Nelfon, Efq; 
Francis Gofling, Efq; 
Robert Kite, Efq; 
Nathaniel Nafh, Efq; 
Alexander Matter, Eifq; 
John Cartwright, Efq; 

K 5/ The firft ten have pafs'd the Chain 


Univcrfal Pocket- Comp A nioic. 

A Geogrmpbkal DefcripUm of ibe Vf ok i d^ 
commonly called^ The Terraqueous Gk>be. 

GEOORAPHY confiftf in giving • trae DeTcriptiflo of the ezf erior 
Part of the E^rtbfy Gk^, »9 it it compofe4 of Land tod H^ater» 
The tcrraqoeovt (or terrelNial) GMr^ is an trtifictil, fpheiicftl 
Boay, on whole convex' Part i$ repreieote4 the whole Surface of the 
^bhe, or BaUofxhs Ssrtk 

TMt artifidel Body sontai^it icvtral Circlei, which exprefii the feveral 
Parta thereof } fo thit the WorJd may be truly faid to be divided into 

I. jUiiptial Circlet. 

II. tandaadJVater. 

III. Kingdms, tec. 

L Of the Circles of tke G i. o b b. 

Stippofing the Figorr in 
the Magin to be » Globe 
•r Sphere, reprefentiog the 
Earth, the oatennoft Cir- 
cle mark'd with the Let* 
terf ADBC, tt caird the 
WUridian | and on this Circle £ 
the Latitude ii reckon*d, 
either from C towards A or 
By or eife from D cowaidii 
A or B; 

Tht Efuattr U the Line 
COD, which, upon the ^* 
Globe, ii a Circle, and |«^ 
fomeuoies ctll'd the Xfvi^ 
toGiai, upon which Circle 
the Degrees of LsngitMdi 
ire* redtoned, beginning at 
C, and counting cpiite roond 
the Globe, tin you come to C again ) and it the Middle of the World be- 
twixt A and B, which are the two Poles thereof ; A reprefeoting the 
Uottb Pole, and B the Siutb Pole. 

The Circlet £ F a&d OH are called the ^rtfUlt^ heyond which the 
Sua never JB0TC8* _,,. 

(^ ) 

The Line G F, iK^hich upon the Globe is a Circle, ii caUed the Eciipm 
tick, in which the San it perpetually mbviag from-G toF, and from F to 
G again. When the Sim ii b 6^ he it then in tht,EjuiM9ffia/, and the 
' Pays and Nights are of equal Leogtli to all the World, except under the 
Poles: When he is at F, which is called the Tropick of Cancer^ Days are 
St the longed to all thofe Irjiibftantr that dwell on the North Side of the 
EquaUr, and at the fhorteft to thofe who dwell on the Smtb of the 
Equator : When the Sun is at G, which ia called the Tropick oiCaffU 
torn, Days are at the lopgeft to all thofe Inhabitants who dwell oh the 
South Side of the Equator, and at the fhorteft to thofe who dwell on the 
North Side. - . • 

The Circles L M and IK are called the Polar Circles, becaufe to thofe 
Inhabitaots that dwell under thofe Circles the loogeft Day ie twenty; four 
Hours, fo that the &un fets not, but moves quite round their Hcrmon» 
And (6 much for the C roles of the Sphere, only this, Nofe, that dvery 
Circle, whether great or fmall, is fuppofed to be divided into 360 equal 
Parts, called Degrees, ih that a D.-gree is no cettain I\Jeafure, but iscfhly 
the three hundredth and fixtreth Part of the Circle ; and thefe Degre^ 
ere again fuppofed to be divided into 60 equal Parts^ which are called Mi* 
nufes ; now if a Circle, which will reach round the Earth, be divided 
into 360 Parta, then is one of thSfe Parts equal to m Degree, which by 
the Andepts was efteemed equal to 60 Miles, fo that a Mile was exaflly 
equal to a Minote. » 

0/ the Zones, — The Zones are certain' Spaces and Tradls of Land, 
whofe Boundaries are nsde by the Circles above defcribed, and are in 
Number five, «i«. the Terr id Zwe, the Northern temperate Zone, the 
Stuthern temperate Zwi, the Northern frigid Zone, and the" Southern frigid 
Zoftt, I. The Torrid Zone is all the Space of Land between the Circles 
£ F and G H. for to ail thofe Inhabitants that dwell betwixt the faid Li. 
mits, the Sun at forreTime of the Year beconMs vertical, r. r, right oTer 
their Heads. II. The Northern temptrate Zuite% all that Trad of Land 
leiwixt the Circle £ F, called the Tropick of Ca»cer, and the Line L M, 
called the Northern Polar Circle ; and to all th^ lahabici^nts within that . 
Space, the Sun, when in their feveral Meridians, cafleth their Shadpwt 
dJ!e<S^ly North. III. The Southern temperate Zone^ is that Part of the Earth 
which is between ;he circularLine GH, called the Tropick ofCapricarm^ ' 
and the Southern Polar Circle IK; and to all the Inhabitants, wi'.hin 
that Space, the Sun, when in their Meridian, cafteth their'Shadowsfu^. 
South, '. IV. The Northern frigid Zone is that Part of the World between | 
the Northern Polar Circle L M, and the North Pole at A, and to aU the ; 
Inhabitants within that Limit, the Sun at a certain SeafoOx vix, when in , 1] 
the Tropick of Cancer^ fets not, but moves in View quite round their Ho- 
rixon, cafiing their Shadows every Way. -V. The Southern frigid Zone it , 
t)iit Part of the World between the Southern Polar Circle IK, and the . 
South Pole at B } and to all the Inhabitants within that Limit, the Sun, ' 
when in the Tropick of Capricorn, fets not, but moves in View, as be- 
fore, quite round their Horizon, cafting their Shadows aifo every Wajr* . 
Of the Climoteu — The CHmates are reckoned from. the Equator to the 
Pol A: Under the Mqoator their Day is always l% Hours in Length, and 
under the polar Circle the longeft is 24. Hours. Geogrophorf have made 
94. Climates betwixt the Eputtor and eech of the Polar Circle^^ becaufe 
% ■ ' there 

.,,■..'•' ' / 


,( 3 ) 

there «re «4 half Houn of Diflfcfeiice betwixt the loAgeft Diy vnder the 
Mfuaior, and tke longeft Day under the Polar Crrclea ; To that any Pisce 
having its lengeft Day half an Hour longer or ihorter than that of ano- 
ther Place^ is of a different Climate : The firft Clioiate begini at thcffvtf. 
far, the fecond be^nl where the kffigeft Day is thirteen Honrt tod a Half, 
■od the third where the longeft Day it ihiiteen Hour!*^' and fo on $ 
there are in all 4! CHmatet of Hoori, that ii, 14 from the J?f«arar to the 
Polar Circlet eiiiher Way^ r. #. NortbwMtd or StatbwMrd, Befides ihefe 
4S Chmates of Hourt, there ara i a more, called Ciimatei of Months, that 
Is, 6 from each of the Polar Circles to the Poles, and they are called Cli« 
matea of Montht, becaufe the longeft Day In the End of the fit ft Climate 
is ooe whole Month j the longeft Day. at the End of the fecond, tw« 
whok Months^ and fo on. 

IL 0/ La vd and Wat zh. 

I Globe of the Sarthj i 
fymtr, divided as followi^ vm^ 

IHE whole Globe of the Sarthj is coofidercd as a Body of LtfM^juii 

' Land xttto - . • • Wafer hito 

—.A ■ ^— — 1 f n,-,-^ ■ 

tories, I / ! 
ins, J C< 

Coatineata, Ifthmus^s, f J Oceans^ Streighta," 

iHandSy Promontories, t f Seas, Lakei, 

PeninfalUy Mountains, J v Gulfs, Rivert, 

1. A Contineni is ^ large Space tf dry Lmd, conprehending divert 
Countries, Kingdoms and States, joining all together without an entire Se- 
paration of its Parts by Water 3 as the ContiiUMi of Bunpt, 

s. An IJland, is a Part of dry Land enviroQ*d round with Water j ig 
Great' Britain, 

3. A Ptm/ifula, othefwife Cbirfinefus, is a Part of dry Land crerf 
where inctofed with Water, fave one Neck jotning the fame to th^ 
Com^i'nent I M Africa, 

4« An Jftbmui, is that narrow Neck of Land whkh joins the Peninjulm 
to the Continent t by which People may go from x>oe to the other j aa the 
Jfilfkns of Durien, ^ 

5.* A PrttHMUorjf, u a high Part of Land Aretching itWf out into the 
Sea, the Extremity whereof is commonly termed a Cape or Head* Land | 
»« the Lizard. ^ * . 

6. A Mountain, is a 'jifing Part of the dry Land, oTcr-toppio^c the ad- 
jacent Country, and appetrmg the firft at a Diftance ; as Mount Tentrijfe. 

7. The Octan^ it a mighty Rendeevpus, or large ColIeAion of Wa« 
ters, environing a confiderable Part of the main Continent} as the At/antick 

2. The Sta, 11 a fmaller Colle^'on of Waters intermingled with Iflands," . 
and entirely (or moflly) environed with Lands j as ih^MidiUrranean Sea, 

9« A Guiff is a Part of the^MeTaiy where environed vrith Land, er« 
cept ooe PaOage, 'whereby it eommunicates with the neighbooripg Seat 
QfmMmOeian\ as the Gulf of y^ice, 

to, KStrtight, ii a narrow Pafl^ge, either jaJnirg a Gulf to f he neigh* - 
beririsg Sea or Oetan, or one Part of the Sta or Otean to another j aa the 
StreitbttQiGibr§tt§r» ^ ,, a 


II. A tske, II i fmaller Cone£tton of 4eep ft«nding Wateri, entireTf 
fufioundbd with Land, jnd ht?ingno vifible or immtdtsteCoouiiUAiGitioa 
with the Sea } u the Lake of-Gmnf** 

IS. A River ^ ii a confidenble Stream of frefh Water iffuing oot of 
one or various Fountaiaie and contiaualiy glidmg aloog them ijT one or 
more Channels, tMl it diigorgeth iifelf it Jaft into the Qcim j «• the 
River Tbawm^ ku 


CommoDl/ reckoned four, «fs, Tho(e of 

. ^ ■ ■ ■■■' A i , ^ ii I 

Europt, 4f''*'*» 



North \X;S^T:r^^{\ found fr«« W.liE^ 
^ CTrance ■ ■ - ■ ^ 


foapl ton W. to £• 

North,- comfurebendifig tAC f«ft OtuaHry of Ttfrr^rjib 

BMrhajy \ 
BiUdulgtri d 

{North, comfu 
South )j 

(bond from W.toE* 

^j^m ^ 

.^4^4 or the DsTerC 
Luid of the Nigrcts 

Gtiiaea — ■ ' 


fouad £^m N. to St 



AmrtM * 

1 Nsm Bf*xic; or JVivc) J 

] Orangda^-^'^ . \ — 1 

'S Fiorida'^ I I J r 

I T«'ic0 QtMiinfi s ■ . . I 1 .1 . . I 

. Ttrra Firms 

from S. to K« ^ 


fr<^ K« to S« 


fa. Of jaiJ^ffDV. 

They ether belong to 

1 — ^ ■ I I I 

{The Scandudtfiau lihiiat-) 
The Iflajul 0/ Uiiawd I 
The BHUMMig Iflao^f V IMag 
The ^tef«f f ^^ 

TheJlfrirf#fr«MMlflaadl J 
rTbt-^dMn Ifkndf 
M The liUt iM LtfffMi^ 
\ The iMi/i«Mf 


Jin the ] 
, N.ofI 


. of 7i/j#. 

the PbiHppiti^ 




are the 




The Cmtvi'* Bhodf 
Th9 Madi^a 
Th^ IQmCMmrm 

The FfMM/i |a«od 
St. A«^nHi 

^ fCMSktt 

L C B»mdMt 

In the N. and l^tf///V S«v« 

W. ofSpsiw* 
S. of £ar^. 

*E. 6faiiw. 
s. w. . 

E,ofthei_ ,^„.. 
S. of the /»*////>//». 
W. of the M/W. 
W. ofthejn.flf^. 

W. of Mgrtlami. 
Vr, of Bar^srf. 

W.of^rA. L.oo» 


W. of Nova Gran» 
£.of ^/rr«Ca«tf« 

E. oiJUewSp^hu 

S. E. of the Greater 
S. E. of F/flf/rf*. 
N. of 7irr« Firmd% 
E. of Fhridg, 


rjW/tfW — — — — fGmmf. 

djrtca^ nose but Afnta itfdf — — r a i y 

AmMmif S ^l^**/i»« or AtfTiS Jikricd «- 




itttrg Canwemt 


$.4- Of I$TtiMUS:S. 

lo Emipi ire the J Grrnf^ 

Jfhwmi** t( X Tauriia Cbtffiwefui 

la Af9 ii the Jflhrnut of Malacca 

In 4/>ic« If the i(9^flvff of ^»f« 

la jiwuricM it the Ifibmut of Panams 

Mona to Greece* 
TauricaCbirfemefrs tO Little 

Ms/actoPciiim/jMJia intra 

Africa U Afm* 
MexUo to Ptfriir. 





Cepe No'd 
Capi la H'gut 
The LoBtPs End 

The XrfawrJ 
The Start 
Cap9 d« Twfkrra 
Capi St: Fin€c0 
C^pe magp9 i 
ape Cmerin \ 
Cape R^xaigait 
Cape Sparfd 
Cap: Vftdt \^ 
C*p« •/ Go9d Btpe 
Cape of, GaarSfm 
Caps da florida 
Cape di drienee 
Cape Froward 
Cape Horn 
Cape d* S^Augufiint 

/-The Northmoft Part of JVarvf^^ 
The N. of Franee, 
The S. W. ; 


The W. 

ef Spawm 
:bina, * 

^j Pema/kia Jadiahtra Gawgcm 
•|^ S.E. Part of ^rtfAr>. 

The W. of Bafbary. 
TheS. of JEtbiopia exttriarm 
The N. £, of JEtbiopia cxttri^n 
The S. of Florida, 
ThtVf. of New Spain. 
The S. of 7«rrtf MegtllamcM* 
The S. of T^rrtf J^/ F«»{0« 
LThe E. of f rtfx//. 



The Volpbrin9 HiUr 

Hyptrberea*, Mount. 
The Civemut 
The Famguc 
The Coffatbian Mo. 
The F;r4r»MM Hills 


I 4 The Apcamnt HiUi 

^ I ^/A«'M [a Fitfcaw} 

between Sweden and Ntrwfyt 

in the South Part 7 - aft^/v,— . 

in the Tforth Part J of |»*/iw^ 

I in the S. Part of FraaUa^^^^^ 
In Lsrrain, 
incircling Bobema^^ 
in the S. of Germany , ^hrSnab/at 
in the S. Part o$ Pa/and. 
between Spain and France, 

between ft«/^ andi Jif**^' 
•^ XGermany^ 

dividing /fflj^ '»*''lwfft. 
in the Kingdom pf Napitn 


/I The B»hMSm»i 

Xhe GfgmpisnHUlt 
TheC^of HiUi 
MAMi9irn Hilla 
Tilt Peak 

\ 1 #r<Mcft Ptffr/Vl 
• flmsvs 













in the £• of Mamitn, 
between Tbejfklj and Mgcedkm, 
in ScMlsad, vis. on the River D/#« 
between Scttland tnd Eniland, 
in EugUnd^ Yis. JToreeftcfJbirtt 
j^ Bffftiful, viz. Deriyjbire, 
^ in fVala, vis. Carmmrvut/birt* 
H in Wales, vis Cardigafijbire, 

in Ireland, vis. in the C. of Limaritk^ 
io a little lOana Weft of iV#f^ 
in the Ifland of Sk/^. 

rtn Tartarf, 
... c Ttfrr«ry and the 

I ^"^^^^'^ iiW^^ Empire. 
' on the North of FanhJuJa intra Gangem 

in Ptninfuia ladia 4ntra Gangem, 
j reaching from Ea^l to Weft uf all 2^tf, 
^in Ihc Ifland of Oyw. 

f^betweca 2^«w aad <ff0^« 

in theN. of xhtAixffiin Eo)pirff« 
nnderthe E^tinthe famcEmpite* 


C Pitrida. 
between ^ ^^^^^ c^^^^^jy^. 

i-in 5. jtHer^ run. from S« to N* 


i;. Of OCSwfJV J. 

{7tfrt«rMe "> I 

Cbha I I 

/ii^<tf« > Ocean I m 



r Oriental 
4frit*» X Etbio^ick 
L Ailantiek 

^ r Northt 
4lftfpotbft 4 E)ft. 
C South. 

i5 j r Eaft/ 

Ocean I l^r/Monthe •{, Souih* 

t Weft. 

Ameriia on the J ^^ 


§.S. O 

Bifiiti Se« 


^. Of SE A^. ; 

I with 
J I with 


J GiriRfffy' Apart 
SctmdinaviM 7 

on the { E. 


BarUrf _ 

The Seat in the othtr three Part* of the WorW, are diflRCTtat Parti of t^ 
Ocean [except M«ra Caffiym in 4^«] vafioufly nane^i according aa they 
lie Mjate&t to i^iTerent Countries. 

J. 9- OfGULfS. 


* Stum B»fin'sitt 
Sinut Finicm 

y Biwwt" AIM 9^ Mt 

I* Gutf of Taremutm 




In ^ritfi it the Jrahiam 



I Buit09*% Bay 
B^n\ Bay 

Straits of iitfver -^ 
Straks of& Ar«/r«K 
Straits ol Caffa 
The Htllifi^m 
Fjre of Bteffitm 
Bokc of CQrjSca > 

T Straits of the5eo«i/ 

IS'raitiofOrsiM . 
la Africa is Bahekundtl 

r Hudfani Stf aita 
dJiwrwM^ DdwiVa Straiti 


1 ioto jSiVMd7«»4 

betwa» J ^,4*^ . jj Esin^ 

k loft ward 


N« into the S. of J^Vm^ 
N«W« into the S.oI^1m{[|. 

«T . . *> Florida, 

W. between ^^.Tr. Kr«i. 


N. between 

LN.W. into 




#-The C»er, Ocean to the £if • Cha* 
The IXaniftt to the Bakkl^Sei. 
The /If^rt/Tr. to the Weftrn Oceaoi' 
PaiuiBSdiitit to thePae/.Jbxiaaib 
Pftff/M Suximtx to the Proftniis. 
Prtfwm to the Artbifihgia, 
t .g- ^ One Part of the AfsirV. tomnotherr 
r 2. "S One Part of the /Mf^> to another* 
Tho I'-dsMir zadEafgm Ocean. 
TUb P^v/jfl Gulf to the S; Ocean/ 
The Red Sea to the Eaftern Oceao, 
BummU Bay to the Eaftern Ocean. 
Baffin* % Bay to the Eafiern Ocean. 
L The nk Saftcra and Weftem Oceao* 

§. II. or 


_ v^ 

f II. Of L4RSS. 


^ftern Patt of Swetdlatd. 

I WefietA Part of SmttdUni. 

I Weitm Part of BiMfitmi^. 

X Siutheta Part of Germ^ 

North ofEigbndt ▼ii. ff^fwutefa^i, 
Mi&dle of EMgiatd, Tis. HuBthi^Jtirt^ 
N.rthern*1 p ^^ &«,/^,^. 
Southern 5 
Hon hern ^ 




f I farimt 

Iff Eupana orXaM^h 


Middle - 

X Baftera P&rt of^ C6rii«. 

] Northern Part of Mr* 

Nbrthemm ^^ ^ 

Northern V Ptrt of Pttfi£$ 

Middle J 

South of Ptfls/^/>iri 

liiddle Part df Siaars, 

'NorUi -J 

. Middle SPm of iE/A»V* lur^rwr. 
Sbutli 3 " 

[&ttth Part of Stbivfia E^ifhrp 

faft Part ofwwa Hn»#» 
julh Part ofPfffir. . 
North Part rf Sa^Mflp 
3 uth^^Psit of Cgni^^fi, 

§« l». Of 

$• 12. 

( io> 


Th/e e^ E U R O P E 


Is. I 



maia B. 



§ r Cruut 

% \ dluenga 

^ I Indut 



In P^fffpt II ihtNiU 


11 ^ C ^'^^ 

1^*^ VFrai 


S, W. 











W. [tar. 

E. various 




S. W^ 







JO r^upf II cue nut «^ 

* C B anches of Gir \ 1 

la Zatra is the Body of Oir 1 I 

Ib Nmlaodii the iV/W J L 


S. £• 
S. B, 

In ^mbia. h the River Nubia 

^ Zaire . 

, Extefitr jR»di h/anti 
^InHrior it iVi/ir, its jniin Body . 

7V e/* A M E R I C A. 

In Ne^u Spain none remarkable 
, 5 N, Granada is i(i9 ^/ M^f 

P The great RUer C#«a^ 
\ The Cifuitaiaa 

Yerra Canadenju 




S. B. 

(Hud/nCs River 
/?/v/Vr^ «/* la }Var% 
The Stfyaabjnab 
The Fatomck 

- The Patomttk 
^li T^r^J dr&iea none " | 

• r Pariu, Or OroncpiB 
STarra firma K. deX Madelitu 

L S, MartbA 

C Miarjf 

Jb JmoMoma ii thei*««»»»tf, with iti Branchei 
' f Peru none remarkable 


i Paraguay Is Jl/o </# /« ?/««« 


i S. B. 



N. b; 



Roflning S. B« 

C^Vf none confideiable 
~% Terra Magillaaica \ 
\Ttrra Amaraiea S 


The WorW ia iMvbt^ into four principal Parti, vi»t\Eiirope, Jfit, d* 
Jrisa, t^oii America* 

^ Sweediand 
Scandinavia < Denmark 

C Nerwaj 

Spain and P^n^al 

LNaplet V>^ 5"'4> 
Turkejf in Zitre^i 









Madrid and tt/hn 


Naphi and Mtjina 


< iz ) 

The S^mptM Iflanai are Orttt-Britdit^ and Ir^lmii, tiie Oreadtt, .tba 
Bthridn^Btt, bcbnging to Grtat- Britain^ xh^SctmdiiuimianlSiznAM, the 
jSmwitt ^ei^^d $ and ia the Mtditerranean Sea are Mdjeremt Hikorsm^ 
TvieSf Orjka, Ssrdinia, Sieifyj Malta, Candia, Cyprut. 

c r i'uftarw S r Ctfw^fl/* 

p < Uditi >Thc Catuta! Clty< Agra 

The J^iatUk lOanda are the J^paa, the FbiUppin, the I/Ict ifrr £«r* 
rtsf^ the Mobuca, the Xflaiids »f (he Sund, the Maidimt and &jp/0«« 
~ f*Cair9' 


►The Cafical City^ Tam^km 

I Barkatf 
I Biltdulgtrid 

or ini 



I I ^atartf or ths i)«/«rlb 
« ^^ TJ^e Land of Iftiroet 

The ^fiMfi IHinds are Madaiafiar, the Iflaodt of G^ VeNkt tl^ 
CsMoriei, and Madeira^ 


"Mtxito ttNew Spain 
Nm Idtxin or Granada 

Terra Canadenft 
Terra AfQi^a 


jTtrra Firma 
■^ Prr« 

Land of ^ai#«aMt 




Terra Mtiiliauta, 
*T§rra AntarSiiia 





5. Fi d$ Btg^M 


S. yag$ 

Thelflaods of Amrica are California, NemfiaadHani^ Cnifi, ym^t^i 
BiJ^aniila, P$rf. Rit$, Bermudas, aad Ttrra 4il Fttog9^ 


Oi SWE D E N. 

TH S Air of thia ConAtry it cold» and the Soil sot tieif Mtfiil| 
however it aboundt with various Sorfs of Filhj and ie? eiral Mines of 
TiHt Brafs, iron and Copper. The longeft Day in iJie North of thia 
Country l« about two Months^ and the (horteft fix Hoora and ■ Half. It» 
chief Commodities are Meta!i, Ox Hides, Goat and Buck^SJdnay Fans, 
Tailow, T«Tf HQneyi Oaks aa4 Fin« Xutbiraaijm u tht dttbkOi^ Re* 



Of DSNMJKK^JkUniatkM ImlhrA ftMi.XirfiM< tht Air 
k wry coM and miftjry ytt ditSoii if gMd^ uii adlMi Plioty of^DDrft 
mud Psifturage. Its cliief CMmodkiM •rolilly pMlf«tlMiv<HBiriB|fy 
Furahom lb« Sbifit^ Afntour, Ov-Ri^H TkH«ir, Fir^ Wtuibot, ttfti 
The loagBfrDM ii fcfrntCM Hvbm ind » Hllf, and tfc* Aoff«diti||bt 
•ad a Hal/. The eft«bli/H*d ReliifiM i» £iPli»r«irMa« 

Of iUMI#Vlt^Tii» Air of thitCOMCvy i» & estiMMly #oM, tad 
the ^oU fo ytry batrta, that it ii botthioly UhaMlM. ludiicf Ooimbo* 
^itMt arc Stocks WtA (which the paor Faepl^diy, aa»uli.iiiit«d o^lMul) 
lieb Fui«» Traia-Oily Fltch^ MiAf, C»ttMy DatKBiMida, whid^tiky 
•xchaAga Cdp Gbnr, Wine, Fnritii and othtr MiceiMia of LiAk Tha 
lon^eft Day, hi thaia»A Notthora Matt, ft tvw AlMthai aodtha&trteft 
in the moft Soatherp^ fix Hours ard a Half. The N m ww y aw lae a hardy 
Faopl0, but Ttiy meaa and ignovant'. TKeReitKioM aMbhiVd i» the- fame 
as an DammHt, bat in Lffkmdi and the m«ft Nbrtbeta P^tv of thil 
Country, the^ know very Jhde o^it* 

€>f naUSCOrr or JRUSSi^.-^'The Demioioiia ofMLfiny, or Siiight 
are of a very great Extent^ ithe Peoyte hardy iad vigotoat, and fiaae the 
late CwFe»er, vety niuc'b poliAed and iniptovedi The Airii estremdy 
cold during three Qnartert of Che Yetr, and the-fli«rt Semner they have 
ia Tcry hot* T%e Son doei not fet, in the moft Not them Pare of thie 
CouBCiy, for above two Monthi j the ftorteft Day, in the flU)6 Sootheni 
Party is about niae Hoori and a Half; The chkf GaniBoditief of thk 
Covatry are Wax> Honey,. TaUew» Train- OiU Caviere, Plar» Hemp, 
ftlad Iron, Fun, SaUet, Martini, Qfe^ The Government h Ttry aMb^ 
lotc and defpoticah 9fe, and the eomaMn People fe ignoMo^f at to be^ 
lieve their gteat Makr knowa all ThiagF. The ReHgton ta Ghiiftianity^ 
hnat miitd with many Rmi^ and other ftxpecAttianfOiaaiORferi 

Of FRANCEt'^Bramiy it tinier, an abfolute Goveroment, andpro^ 
ffelTei the ffaaRy/b Religion. The Air n very lemperate^ plea Ant and 
haalthfol, the Soir extiaordin^ry frtJirfuly and the-Gammeditiee %x\x, 
Fiih, Corn, Wine, Pepper, Skins^ SWkt| fiTfk The Days era about 
the fame Length as in Bwf/stid, The Language fo uniTeriaUy preraihr^ 
Chat it 18 ufed ii> moA Gnarta in Sfef», The Manners of the People era 
Tery polite and agreeable, and the tail Age has prodvccd abondanta of 
great Men in almoft every Branch of polite and ufofol Learning. 

Of GBttMANX^r^ermtaj is ditidtd into three PkfU \ Norths Midi 
4k> and 8o«th« '" 

S >theCiitleof< ^e/!>*«//tf 
SB I I Lower 54XM9 

^ T ?The Lower kbhe ^ChlefTowm^ 

2 > the Circle of \ The V^ Rhin 









r»4 ) ' 

The Alf ind Soil of this Ittgi Ooontry h nrfiWentt, aceordlak ta 
the different Sitoition of iti fcveril Parts, la thia great Empire are coo*- 
prdienAed abore three hundred diflfereat Sovereignties^ yet ail^ or moft of 
them, iubjeA to the Emperor of Oemaaf: The Language k that called 
the Wgh'Dutcb, . The People are fknums for Sincerity in their Dealings, 
and much Ingenuity in mechaaicfc loTentioni. 

Of FGLjiND^T'Tht GoYernmeoC of this Country it an eleftive Ma« 
narchy, and on thaf Account it ta often harraffed with Gvil Wars and Di- 
vifions. The Air is generally cold, bat the Soil pretty fruitful* It »• 
bounds with feveral Commodities, as Wax, Pitch, Salt, Soap, Rofia, 
Flax, Butter, Cheefe, Corn^ rich Furs, &c. The Days are much the 
lame Length as ia, Eagiawdi the elUblidicd Religion is Popery, but all 
others are tolerated. ^ 

. Of 5 P/ilN and FORJUGJl.^Tht Climite of thefe Countries is 
▼ery hot, particularly in Sfaiti, the People are very bsy, proud, formal, 
and very much bigotted to the fupef ftitious Parts of Religion. They are 
.very jealous of theit^Wivei, who are. given ta Intrigues. The chief 
Commoditiesare Wines, Oil, Sugar,, Siik, Honey, Flax, Railins, 
Almonds, Oranges, Lemons, &e. The longeft Day is fifteen Houra 
three Quarters, and thcf ihorteft ni;ie Hours and a Quarter. 

Of i-r^Lr.— This is the moft enteruiniog Country in the World for 
Travellers, as it contains the Remains of the greateft, wifeft, braved 
People that. ever lived, «/«. tite Ramam, 

The Air of this Country is pure, temperate, and healthful ; the Soil 
generally exceeding fiuitful ; but the People fo broke with Slavery, and 
harraHed with the Tyiaonies, Oppreffions and Impofitions of their Pcicfts^ 
^faat it is not cultivated in the Manner it might be. The c^ief Commo- ' 

dities are Corn, Wine, Oil, Rice, Silks, Velvets, Gold Wire, Ar«. 
mour, GlafTes, G^c, The People are ingenious, and excel in the Arti 
of Staruary, Architecture, Mufick and Painting* 

Of lURKEr in ££/il(3P^.— This C mntry coqiprehends H»nggrf, ^ 

Greece^ Little Tartarf, and the Danubian Provinces. The Air of thefe 
Countries is very different, that of Greta U allowed to be pore and tempe« 
rate, the others, generally not fo ; the Sdil is pretty ficuitful in CorOi Roots 
add various Sorts of Fruit* There are feveral Mines of Cupper, Iron, 
Quickfilver, Antimony and Salt. The prevailing Religion in Hungary \% 
that of the Church of iCtfWtf ; in Greece^ Litth-TarUty, and the Provin- 
ces Mabometifm is eftabliihed. Cofffiautm^U is the Seat of the Oiand 
Seignior, to whom they axe all (iibje^. 

ASIA. ^ 

QF T^RTyfur.— The Air of this Country is very different, by Reafoa 
of its vaftFxteot fron^North to South : The moft SootheroParts having 
the fame Latitude with the middle Provinces of Spttin, and the moft I 

Northern reaching beyend the arClick polar Circle. The lon^eft Day In 
the North is about two Months, and the (horieft in the South nine Hours 
and three Quarters. The Manners of the People are ^ery rude and barbs. 
reus-; thrir ordinary Food is HorferFleih, and they iive in Teo^s and open 
Fields. The Religion is PagMtfm in the North, and towards the South 
Mabcmetifm prevails. The Great Cham of Tartary is an abfolute Mo«. 
narch,. and affumci fuch a proud Superiority over his Subjefls, as never to 
Ae'fjpoke to but upon their Kace with their Facet towards the Orwind, 


( 15 ) 

Hh Subjeat ftile htm the Shtdow of God | lie lookt apw himftlFae tha 
lionardi of the whole World j and every Day after he h«j diaed, ha 
caules the Tnunpett to ibtuid^ thereby giving Leave to all the Kingi and 
Priocea pf the Earth to go to Diooer. The chief Commoditka of thia 
Country are Sable, Marttnt, Silk, Cambleti, Fiaz, Muik, Ciooamoo^ 
ajid great Quantities of Rhabaibt 

Of CH//VLitf.— Thit is thought to be the moil popatoai Conotry io the 
World I the Air it cold io the moft Northern Partt, bat generally very 
tempermtc { and the Soil is fo ezcf ediog fruitful, that they are faid very 
often to reap two or three Harvcfts in a Year« The longeft Day u fourteen 
Hoara three Quarterly and the /hoiteft ten Hoori three QJoarten. It 
abouadi in Gold, Silver, preciooi Stonei, Quick61ver, porcelaoa Difliet, 
Silica, Cottooi, &Ca The CUtuft are ing^nioui, and Lcveri of Science* 
THe Religion of the Country i« I^Utry, and the Oovernment ii at pre* 
fcaat fubjrft to the Great Cham of Tartary. 

Of INDIA. — ^This^vaft Coontry comprehendi all between P^rjf« and 
Cbina^ vix. the il&{tf/*i Empire, and the twoPeoinfulas of /fliif«, the 
one wUhin, and the other without the Gmniu, la the Maui's Eotpire^ 
the Atr in general is cold, and the Soil barren. The I^sngth of the Days 
moA NTigbts it abeut the fame as. It is in China, The chief Commodit'es 
are Aloes, Muik, Civet, Rhubarb, Indigo, Borax, Opium, Silks, Cot- 
toxia. Carpets, and moft Sorts of Spicei. The Religion is Paganifm, and 
in fome Parts Mabmeti/m, The Government is arbitrary, and. the 'Great 
Nf ogul is Heir to every Man's Eftate, which he difpofes of at hisPleafure. 
The Throne he 6ts on is the richeft in the World* In the Peoinfuia 
ivithiq the Ganges the Air is very hot, and the Soil exceeding fruitful. 
'Xhe longeft Djy is thirteen Hours and a Half, and the ihorteft eleven and 
at Half* The Commodities are Metals, Siilc, Cotton, Pearls, Druga, 
T>ates, Cocoas, Rice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Pepper, Caflia, Stc, Th« 
Religion is generally Mabometifm, The Government is various, and Aib* 
je£l to many different Princes ; but in fome Parts the People are fubjedl to 
oo Government at all. In ibe PeninfuJa bejood the Ganges, the Air ra 
vnore teaiperate« ard the Soil, if foflible, more fruitful. It abounds with 
IMioes of Gold, and great Quantities of precious S ones t Nay, fo va(lly 
rich is this Country, that it is thought by many to be the Land of O^bir, 
to which Solomon fent his Ships for Gold. The Comrooditiea of this Pe- 
fiinf )Ia are much the fame as in the other, and the Days the fame Length* 
, Of PE RSI A.^'Tht Air of this Country is temperate enough in the 
Korthern Part?^ but in the Southern exce^ve hot« The Soil is generally 
ftui tful. The JoDgeft Day is fourteen Hoars and three Quarters, and the 
ihortefi^ thirteen Hours and a Quarter* The Commodities are curioui 
Silks, Carpets, Tiflues, Maoufaaurea of Gold, Silk and Silver, Seal- 
skins, Goat-^ins, Alabafter, and all Sorts of Metals. The People are 
very civil to Strangers, luxirious, extravagant in their Expences, and much 
a4,diaed to Aftrology. The Religion is Mabometifm, and the Government 
abfolute, being entirely fubje£l to the Will of the Emperor,, who is ftiled 
the Great Sophy of Perfia $ but lince the Death of KsmH J^«, it has 
been in a S'ate of Anarchy and Confufion. ^ 

Of rURKET in ^SM.— This vaftly extended Body comprehends 2Vtf- 
ioiia, Arabia, Syria, Pbeenicia, PahJIime or Judea, and the Eupbratian 
ProviAceSf The Religion ef all thcfiitouatries is generally Mabwetijm, hue 

( iS) 

venuRCtttrare vartour, b«t tiicf ve alf fab}e^ to the G/iird'Sei|iiR>r j die 
iyran«y of whoft Gora mn e n t fa <ftfco<intgf s laduftry, and depopulitca 
Hiemoft froitfol Countries, that xhitk Phfnhium, which of old- were fo 
fmnovf IbrTrvdeand'Comnercr, an now (xcnme a poor »iJ dfeipkaMe 
People $ and 3"^'**' ^' ^*"^ ««rh'ch for i'rs F^uitfulnefs war fiid to flow 
with Milk and Hbner. n now r KarreTt vni oncultiTaTed Place, 

A r R r e A. 

OFJSGTPT'.-^The Air of thh Country ii very hot and uowholefome | 
' the Soil an fertite •■ any in the WorM, ocnfiooed by the yearly Orer- 
flbwio^ of the i?if/f *; but that jtoerer raiat in this*QjonU7 may juffly be 
thought a vn'pr Error. Th*^longrft Day if fourteen Roan and an Half^ 
and the fhorteftten and anR^lf. The chief Cmmoditfes ate Sugar, FJfx^ 
. Rice, ail Sorts of Oraint and Prifits Lirren-> doth. Silt, BaHam, Sttma^ 
CafTia, ftftf. The Religion is Mktmetifm, and the GbYeroment it fubjefl 
to the Grand Seicniv.r. 

• Of BARBARYl^TUe Afrof thi« Cuntry is temperate and healthful , • 
nad the Soil trviiful. Hi chief Commodities are Honey> Wax, Oil, Sh« 
gar, FUz, Hdev, Dates-, Afmonds, fiTr, I>ayt near the fame Length as 
in E0p*» TKi» large 'Ci>unrry comprehends MbrectSf Ftn,. and feveraf 
other PfovincBf, fiJ^jc€l to the King" of ifcferwwj Tunh, A/giirii and ^ 
fdme othertj fubjca to th« Grand Seignior. The Mabmitan Religion ii 
profefled here, but they differ in many Things fVoni all Mher ilftf&c^i* 

OF BJlEDUtGBR1D,'^ThU hrgt Country is partly foBJi^ to the 
9)irJli, and partly to the King of Af9rt£t$, The CKopateis yeVy hot,, yet 

^nerally efteeroed whoifbme. The Soil is but indiferent, and the Com. 
lAodities ttv ; the chief are Corn, Cattle, Datts.and lodlgo. The littlo 
Helrgion they have is Maihmeii^. 

Of ZJJtRA or the DZ^i^ftT*.— Much the Ame may be faid of tfa!t 
Cbuntry as the laA, only thu it is mote Andy and barren^ and the Ihha* 
bitanta, if poDilile, more favageand igndVant. 

The L^nd" of NBGROBS.-^Tht Air of this Country is yery warre^ 
yet eiteemed fovecy heahhful, that fick Perions are fatdto be brought hl« 
ther in order tb recover their Health. The Soil is exceeding rich , efpecialjy 
towards the River Nfger, which overflaws a confidetable Part of it, ja 
the Niti doth Buft, Here is great St^re of C^rn, Cattle, and. various 
Herbs. The Woods abound wiih Ete{;bants and other Head!', both wild, 
and tame. The Jongeft Day is thirteen H^urs and a Quarter, and the ^ 
Aorteft eleven Hcurs and a Quarter. The Commodities are Oilxiih IVa« — ^ 
thers, Gums, Amber, Gold, Red wood, Gvet, and Elephants Teeth« 
Of Cl///V!£>f •-— ThcAir of this C:)0ntry it exceeding ho% and'un- 
whokfonie to Sfangers/ the Soil very fruiifol, and the Cjuntry abounds 
with ^Elephants, hftoes'of Gold,, a id Rivera which afford abundance of 
Fear], and Gold- duft.. The longeft Day is twelve Hou^s and three Quar- 
ters, tnd the Jbozteft elcvdn Hours and three Quarters. The I(< habitants of 
this Country are reckoned the blackeft of all .t|ie Negroes^ and moft ci 
them fjn quite naked. They are very igoorant and fo^ei|Utious, and in 
ibme Parts are to offer human Sictifices. They think .GJd Almigbty 

• a^rery good Being, and on that Account arc civil to him i but they wor* 
Jhip the DtTil, and p J to hiva heartily, for feai he ihould hortthem. 


Of m/BTA^Mwh iht fane m^f be fiul 6f NOfs U C^he^: 

Of ETHIOPlA.'^Etbifia it difided into Interior and Bmeikfw h9^ 
fhr, or the Land of the jAfffrnti^ ii wholly within the torrid Zone, Mid 
confeqtiently extreamly hou Tht Soil netr the HiU it vtam^t^fvM^^ 
bat diHaot from thtt, the Goontry it full of MouflCtint and feady Ete» 
iartt. The loogeft Day ii thirtMn Hoof! and a hllf, and th« flietteA t«a 
Hoon and a Halt The Conunoditiet ar« QoM» Metalt, <acnit« Corn, 
Cattle, Salty Flax, Wine, Sugar-eanet, Of r. The People are cooipoled of 
'B^gamt, Jewt, Mabomttam and Chn^mm^ bat that wfiich nioft preTaile 
is faid to be Chriftiaaity. The Ooremniefte k fabjeA to an Emperofy 
whom we call FrtlUr jAm, EtBitfim Smterm cooipNhendi a great many 
Kii^doms and Scatei, and i» of vaft EatcBt^ coofeqaently tbe ^t and Soil 
>• vary various. The Commoditiea ate Oold^ &l««r, Pearli, ifory, Oil, 
Ambergreafe, Muflci Rice, Millet, Lemons, Citroai, tfr. TfacMi»>. 
aers of the People are generaily barbartfuy etod-fairage. In fone Parts hu« 
SMS Fkih is fold in ShamUns aa coomion aa we fell Bei€and Mattoa* 
The Peo^e c^ H0Htn$$ti ioltabit Pert otf this Coontry, and are tfan 
paftieft of all Craatarieii tUey beftnow themfdvet-wrlrOiieB^iB aad all 
Kiiide of FUtH, and thinfc they adorn Oeail^feeby luagMig tha e«li 
and Garbage of the Beafti they Jilll aboikt iheif llteks. 

Op MEJtlCa, or Ne^ S^.^rhit Cbontyy lias fer* the inbft paA 
vrfchio- die torrid Zm%. yet the Air i< tempente and haakhloly bttag 
refreflied with eocl Breeses firom tlie Sea^ The Sail it very fertllfr, pro»> 
dneing makiy SoKa of Grain, as- Whcaa, Buky, P»lie aad Malae | fievffol 
Kinds of Froit^ at Poaigrasiabet^ Ofait|«8, Le'meaa, Citremr Cherries^ 
Malicsteat, Peart, AppkM, Pigs, O^eoa Natr, Cf*. «ad gmt Pleat^ol 
Herbs, Plantaand Roou j withfeosa lich Mioet of QoJd am^ Silvar. Thi 
longeft Day ii thittlsen Hottrarand threeQ|}ait«n» aad the ihorteft t«rfl«a 
and a Half. The Maanera of tha Peaple «ira elvil^ and ih«y ene^ i* 
Paiotlng, and playing od Several nbfical Inftrofaentak The Oo^ermaeot 
la fukjea to the King ol 5*afav and the Rdigiea a Mktora ef Pagitolfai 
gad ChriAlaidty. 

Of NEmr.MEX!CQ,.ct QitJNM>A.^'m^ Coantfy la not My 
difeovered. TheSotl is dry, fandy and barren, the A«r l U M ps iatraad 
haalihliil, but Tobjea «• great Hurricnct, witii tcniaie f hwndar and 
S.ighiaiiig# The QBaBiadhies are few, Cattla being tba only Thiag 
they trade in. The Nattfea ava governed by ceKafaOiptiins efthait 
•«n I ^e SpmiardtrtA^i^ hvecy and: Ajuw fbisr o# iIm moreeietliied VTa* 
~ni4viirwefubjaAtotheKinfof5fer«;, The Rcli^on of theOoaatry ib 
Pafanifai, bnt ia foaae Platee Aoy leea» t» harr wsry little Kotioa of an^ 

Of FL0ftfi>^.--Th9Oimai» of Ihif Cowitrr ^ fe» tampctfaie, thai 
the Inhabitaiftt fivefaa giaaif Age. Tha Soil If ywdtglaovfttfila, proio^ 
cing fiieft Setts el Grain, Hbrbi aad) Fnd^ The Mbonitiiis are lined 
with aonfideimble Minas of G«ld.aiar Silter, the Rl^erftlTdrd vaft Haiki^ 
bars of valuable ^arltt Tha laageA Day ist foarteel^ Haorfr aad a Qoar* 
ter, and che iht rtoft Day nfaw Hoaiv^ Tha People av# nacvraMy wbiia^ 
hat they oo|oar theaiielvaa lb aa t» apptav of an OttreOolbof« a«d ewn« 
BDonly go quite naked, except tfia^ Piece of Diei-Skio^ wldcbibiwi 
r about Uicir Mlddle« ^ 

( i8 ) 

Of .nRRA CAfJJDENSiS.^Terra CWif^^ii// eonfillt ef fdveral 
krge and confiderable Countries, moft of them belonging to the Enflifit 
Ai t^ew England, JV«w Ywk, New Jirfey^ Ptnfihfania, Mnryhnd^ Virgin 
,nia^ Cnrwhna, iec The Air of 4II thefe Placet is generally temperate an<l 
healthful, and the Soil fruitful. The Commodities axe the Slcins of Elksy 
Deer, Bever^ Otters, Bears and Leopard!s j alfo Oil, Olive, Cotton, Indigo, 
Ginge-, Tobacco, TViroierfck, Saake>root, Hemp, Flax, Hops, Rape* 
Sctd, Madder, Fort, &c. Th% longeft Days, is moft of thefe Placesy 
are about fifteen. Hours/ and iheihorteft about nine H()urs. 

Of TER^yi ARQT'Utjt'^Th'is comprehends all the Countries witbia 

the Ar£^ick Polar Circle, vm, Greenland, Spnisherg^ Ntva Zemhia, Terra 

de Jcjfo^ Nem Ehnwmk, New North- IVala. Of thefe Countries little more 

' ia known, than t^at they are cztreamly cold afid barfen> aad afford 

▼ery few Commoditiiea* 

• Of- TERRA FlRMjf:^^Tht Clinuite here is very hot, yet not on* 
wjiolefoaie $ the Soil fertile, produciof great Plenty of Corn, and Fruits* 
It abounds with precious Stoaes, Pearls, Mines«of Gold, Stljer,- Brafs, Sr#. 
The Ktfigtfft Dayrls twelve Hours and a Half, and the ihotteft Day twelvt 
Hoars. . The Religion ofithe Motives is Idolatry, and the GoTcromeatt, ia 
a gr^at Meafure,. fubjc^ to the King of Sfwm, 

Of PjffJSC^.— This is efteemed the rieheft of all the PlantatioBs beloog* ^ 
Ing to the Sfamardi, The Air of this Qmntry is in foxe Places eztreamly * 
Hot, and ia others very cold ; the Soil hi like manner very fruitful in fome 
Parts, and in ff^me faady and barren. Its Commoditiei are yaft Quantitiea 
pi Gold and Silver, rich Pearls, abundance of Cotton, Tobacco, Cochineal, 
jnedicinal Drags, 9f€, Theioogeft Dayis twelve Hoars and a Quarter _ 
and the ihorteil D^y ten Hoortf and a Half. This Coyntry was formerly " 
{Toverjied by Kings, called Jiten | .but it is now almnft entirely IVihje£t to 
the King of S/^nm, whofe Viceroy refidet at Lias*. The Nabve$ Wotihsf 
the Son, Mooa an4 Stars, Thunder and Lightning, &C4 

The Land of the Amasanns is r^ry little known. 
. Oi BRAZIL* — The Air' of this Country is more temperate than one 
would expe£l, it lying moftly under the torrid Z)ne. The Soil is fertile, 
•iid the Commoditief Sugar, Amber, Rofin, Tobacco. Train- Oil, ConfeC' 
tores, and great Qimntities of Red Wood ufed by Dyers. The longeft 
Day is twelve Hoars and a Quartsr, and the ihorteft I>iy ten Hours and a 
Half. The Portngnefe have Settlemeota apon moft of the Sea-CoaAs, and 
the Viceroy of Ptrtugai refides at St; Sahadvcp 

Of CHII0I — The Air of this Country in Summer Is much of the fame ^ 
Quality as in Spain ; but in Winter the Cold Is fo exceffive, that it fVe- 
^ijcntly kills both Man and Beaft. The Soil is generally dry and barren, 
but towards the Sea, the Vallies are very fruitful, and produce great Plenty 
of moft Sorts of Grain. The longeft Day is thirteen Hours and a Half, * 
and the ihorteft Day is feven Hours and a Half. The chief Commoditiea 
are Gold, Silver, Maise, Corn, Honey, Oftriches, aad feveral Meuls. 
The Country i( moftly fubjeft to the King of Spain, The Natives arc 
reckoned thegrofleft Idolatertf of all (he Ameruant, worfhippiog the De- 
vil, whom they term Eptnawhn, which figniiiei ftrong or powerful. 

Paragnay, Tmtk MageilMka^ aad ttrrM ktuar&ifa, arc very imperfed* 
Jy known* 



A TA BL.E of the Latitudes of mmy of the trttt eminent Plices •! 
Earth j together with their IXffetencei of Meridian in Time, ai 
Xoogitudc in Degrect, accounted from the Meridian of hii Maje 
Royal Ohfervtory at Greetnoicb, near 7 




Plaeei Names. 

of Merid. 

of Longit, 

D. M. 


D, M. 

A CAPULCOf* Mexico 
Jr\ Agra, tbe B/bgnri Cwn 

17 S« 

7 05 

106 15 

a8 50 

5 33 

«3 «5 

Aleppo in Syria 

37 %o 

% St 

36 15 

Alexandria, Egypt 

31 07 

• la 

38 «c 

Amiens in f ranee 

49 54 


• >5 


$% »i 


4 45 


51 10 


4 'f 


41 ^* 


4 3« 

Barbadoee * 

34 SO 
ij 30 

3 53^ 

48 Sc 

58 IS 


41 ft6 


. » SC 



6 43 

100 45 


43 »| 


I 30 


at 56 

6 «i 

95 '5 

Bergen in Korway 

61 00 

Q 3» 

8 OQ 

Booonia in Italy 

44 SO 


«» 45 

Boftoo in New-£iiglao4 

♦2 »5 

4* 44 

70 37 

Brcft in France 

4S »s 


4 30 


44 5« 
S6 >6 


0. 3C 

Odit 11^ Spain 


t7 SC 

Calais in France 

50 57 

• 07 

« 45 

Cambodia in India 

10 fto 

7 »» 

108 oc 

Canea in Crete 

35 «2 

1 36) 

«4 07 


35 >8 

1 41 

»5 If 

Cape bon Bfpennce 


I 19 ' 

19 4i 


8 00 

5 '3 

78 15 

Cape Veide oi th* I/Zse/Coree 

14 4| 

I 09 

17 51 

' Cayenne, Weft-Indiei 

4 56 

3 <^ 

15 Se 


SO 04 

» «7 

I* '^ 
«S »5 


7 50 

5 33 

" 'CJiebfan, China * 

30 00 

8 06 

111 3c 

Cochin, Eaft-Iodiee 

9 "5 

5 03 

75 45 

Cooimbra, Portugal 

40 30 


. 9 45 

41 07 

ft 07 

SI 45 

55 40 


la 30 

C9rvo lofula 

40 03 

% €6 

31 8© 

Cracow, Poland 

50 >o 

I 18 

19 30 

Cofco in Peru 


4 55. 
1 Id 

73 45 

Dantsick in Poland 

54 ** 

19 oc 

Pieppe in Kormandy 

49 5« 


ei 00 

Dublin lis Ireland 

53 »» 

1 51 01 


07 00 

Q 09 

OS 15 


Pkcn Ntflict. 

Edinburgh Mi Scotkiul 
Eihbdea . 
70ro IflfflK 


Fraokfbft iff ci« MaSi^ 

G^oeMWich St tU Obitnritoiy 
Goft<« India 

G«Qi-M Zcalaad ^^ 

Gaa4aloiipe # 

. Gftnoble t 

Htf&bursh 7 1 

MivFC dc Grate •' 

MtUalbuKgh i 

Maaifnaa f« Cbiim Jl 
Jamaica^ |Port-ft»jalf 

Ki>ain§Aerg it Rrvffi» 
1401% Peru 
l*incsy Anftria 
Uaa^ Fnnce 
LiAfs, Porcaeal 
Macao, Ghint 
Madagafcar, Ar/^Timl^Gada 
Maditd, Snaia 
Md&a, Sicily 

M«akh». Ba?«ki 


D. M. 

41 5« 

5^ 5? 

5t 05 

s8 05 

31 10 

43 4* 

s« 04 

40 s« 

4# *7 

5« 10 

ij 30 

sr 30 

140 ca 

4* 16^ 

53 41 

49 30 

4^ *o 

33 35 

of Merid. 




47 >5 

47 00 

54 43 

43 >8 

50 40 

5» >9 

4t 16 





4^ >o 

3» ^5 

• 4» 

'4 44 

43 *o 

3I at 

>• 06 

4t 5S 

4] 36 

51 34 

5* as 

H, M. 

D. M, 

i« - 











• 4«^ 

• 00^ 







to 15 E 

07 SO " 
t« IS 


06 30 
•9 45 

03 45 

O 60 

6 et 

la JO 
o 07 





9 •«« E 





- 7« 

II |i;;» 

»J 45* 

V 00 

Si eo 

10 JO 

o 05 

116 3d 






44 ootW^ 

•3 »5' 

oa 3ti 

05 9» 'B 
li 45 I 
Off OD^fE 





(«I ) 

t a*i 

., .'. 



PllCCS TC iocs* 


of Merid. 






D. M 

«Aiifi«acir, Japu 




»7 ^ 

Nancjr^ Lucraia 




< 4 





s 3 





>5 ^ 





% 1 



34 ' 

>< 3 

NicjB, Provence 



7 1 




•1 i 

IftO 1 





an ] 

Olifldi, B.asUy «» PtfMJiback, 



35 < 

Oxford i 




I ] 

Ozaecti Japia 




131 < 






II 1 

• 1 

Pekin, Chim 




177 4 




M ■ 

< 1 

ft^«, Holwmii 




H 1 






in 1 

Kbegglo M Italy .J 




»3- 4 





3S fi 





1 1 





tj e 





t2 4 





4 1 

Sdafflanca, Spaki 




4 c 





6 3 

Sam tn India 




too 4 

Srajma / a Ionia 




•7 1 

Ifaphan^ Perfla 




65 c 

Stoekholft), Sw«tei 




>7 3 

Syncufai «kilf 




'1 ' 





6 I 




99 1 

-*r«rto, Spain 
Toolon, France 




03 3 




<'5 ^ 

Tripoiy la Barbaiy 




13 c 

Tobiag, <2tenaj||r 




09 1 

ValentU, Sfain 




00 A 



<S : 


la 3 




17 1 





18 D 





12 4 





05 c 

Wirtemberg» $aioinr 




>3 > 





II c 





X i 

. - (22 ) 

AJbart DifcripttQn of E NG LAND, .. 

ENGLAND is bouo<ied on the Eaft, by P^rt of the German Ocean ; 
on the Weft, by St. Ge»ge\ Channel j on the North, b/ Settl^ i 
and on the South, by the Engiifi Channel. 

It if in Leogtb, from North to South, about 3ioMile»'^ a&4 tit' 
from Eaft to Weft^ about tgo Miles.. ^ 

The iongeft Day, in the northmoft'Part, h about feventecii 
a Hilfj the fhcu-teil, in the foathmoft Part, almoft eight Houri. 

It ii divided into '^xCircuUt, which contain forty Cwnties | in wli 
fVQ Afcbbijbtfrich^ twenty-four Bi/bopeith, and tweoty-fouk 
The CIRCUITS ares 

1. WiSTKRN, 

Cornw^I ; 
Djrretfhire ' 

jt. OXFORD, 

Berkfhire . 
Cloucellerihire • 

. 3. H O ME, 


Hertfordfliire ' 





S. MID. 







.6. N O R T i 

confining , 

WALES is divided into four CIRC U ITS, thuss 

The F I R ST, 



Merioneth ihire 

contai IS 
Pembrokeihire - 


Radnorshire , 

, Brecknocidhire ^ 



. Aoglefea 

\ T. Cshief^ury, the Archbifhop whereof is MetropoTitayi of all Enghai* 

a. Tar*, the Arch Wfliop whereof is Metropolifan of £«f/<i«i. . 
' The B I $.H O PR IC KS in England AnifraUs;^i the BiflioptDOwr. 
. take Place, are, 

: I^n^oa ' L'ncflUA St. Afsph Chkheto 

''Dorhaii^ Hereford Norwich Llandaff./ 

Wincheftcr Exeter Litchfield & Coy. Oxford 

W:>rceilcr ' ■ Carlrfle Chcfter * Bangoir 

: Ely ' Saliftwy , Cloucertcr Pcterbotoogh. 

iiPnVaftd WcUs Rocheftet St.. Divid's Bfiftol. . . 

'^■\ ^eJor and ikCni has acsBi/hap^ tho* he,has no Seat in the Houfcof Peer«» 
' * tha 


/ - 

So /itce^^ 

: .' "'•^- '..^' '. 



C23 ) 

The C I T I E S M, 


Coventry m 












Xlxeter • 











In England are 640 Market- Towns, and 97,779 P*»"»fl>^ Tkc CouiH 
ties arc, . 

BEDFORDSHIRE. — fl^(//orrf ia the Shirt-Town, the Market- Dayt 
TueCday and Saturday, it fends four Members to Parliament, has one 
Hundred tnd fixteer^ Parifliea, and ten Market- Towns^ vix, DunfiabU 
Wedncfday, Ji^tfe^tfrii Friday, ^w^fi/V Thurfday, Lfr^«iii Tuefdiy, Im- 
ton Monday, Sbifford Friday, Bigg/efwade -Thurfday, PHttn Saturday/ 
Tuddin^on Saturday. 

BERKSHIRE.— /r^tf^/Vs^ is the Shire- Town, the Market- Day Satia-.-. 
^ay. It fends nine Members to Parliamenr, has one hundred and fofty 
Pariihes, and fvrelreMarkfet- Towns, w». A*>ingt9n Monday andFriday, 
^tndfor Saturday, JValUngford Tuelday aifd Friday, Maidenhead "WcdntU 
<iay^ Hunger/ard /Ws6ne(d^yf Nevflfury Thxirfday, F<ir/«^/wi Thurfday,. 
fyanagg Saturday, £aft Jljly WednefJ^y, Oakingbam Thurfday. 
^ BUCKINGHAMSHIRE— j5«c*/«^*tfB« is the Shire-Town, th&Mar-r 
kct Day Saturday. It fends foorteen. Members to Parliamen', hai one 
hundred eighty-iive Parifhes, and fifteen Market-Towns, «/at. jiylejburf 
Saturday, Htgbnbkkham Friday, Marrovif Saturday, IVeudvvtr Thurlday,- 
^mer^jam Tuefday, Ar<r«^orrPtf^i»</ Saturday, CoUbrook Wedhelilfly, Sto^ 
"y- Stratford Fridoy, Oulney M mday, Beaemfidd Thnrfday , thtpdmVi^m 
nciddy, Rijbirougb Saturday, Ivirtf»hoe Friday, Jf?"/. w Thurfit^y. 

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. — Ctfw^M;aif#Js the Shire-Town,.Mafket-D»y 
Siturday. It fends fix Members to Parliament, has one hundred «ttd eighty- 
*hiee Parlflies, and nine Market- Towns, vm. Ely Tuefday, Caxtin Tapf.. 
'^«y, Union ThurTday, New- Market Tuefday, Mertbe Friday. mfl!cb 
Saturday, Rojfim We^hefday, ^bam, Cambridge it llkewifean Vhii'Ciiity,: 
*^nfi/Vjng of twelve Gollegtsand four Halls, ^\\4it\\ endowed^ figffi- 

The Names of the feveral Colle gi!^ and their Found^rSf 

^nui Cbtifli, or \ 
^M»'« College i 
^f^wV and Caiui 
'^"ff's College 
//'" College 
^^'')?*s College - 
^;JoVs .College 
*^''^</fl/« College 

Tr/wVj, College . * 
f wj^w/ College 
i^idnty Su£ex Col- 


'1284, by 
134.6, by 

134J8, fo 

F44.3,. by 
1497, by 
1506, by 
15CJ5, by 
1541, by 
1546, by 

M?4» by 
1598, by 

Btigb de Batham Blfliopf of Efy. . * 
Benry of Monmutb, Dnkc of Lan^ 

called from ir^ f^Teral FoiiPdert» t 
KihrHesry VI. 

Margaret, H "try Vlth''* Qneejl. * 
L. L. D. B!f]'^p hf £■->* 
A!ftfr^flr''*C;ninlf fj f^f Rttlm^rd^ 
the 7an:e Ma'j[g*4tf ifer. 
Edward Sfn^trd^ Duke <f ^^^^4- 

Km Henry \nt^ 
Sir iValtcr Mf/diH^y^ ■ 
FraKctt Sidney f CL^nt^K 


Th^ R A L L •• 
FtaAmkHta i'Z \ i}47^ ^7 ^^^ ^ Si, Paat, Couatefi of Pm* 1 

Trimt^ Hall' '1 | I 1353^ by ffilliam Batewfin, Blfliop ofNorwoub* 
Catbenn§ Hall J (i« I>IS49, by It^^^rr 9fW, the ehen ChaoceUor, 

CHESHIRE.-*^'M^istheShire-Town» the Market- Day* Wadnef- 1 
daj and Satut^y. It feii4f foar Members to Parliament^ hat eighty, feveo 
.Pliriihet> and eleven Market Towai* wni Nantwub%iXMx^vyfMiddkwiek 
Sfttiisdayt N^r^bmch Friday, HsalttfUd Monday* GMf fcN« Saturday* 
JBM«j/i«H WedMflay, iSffcJ^ Friday, SstdUek Thuriday, Jlitiwgham 
Tnofiiay, M^j^M Monday, KmhfitiVMty. 

GOUNWALL.— £«iHf<»iSM ia the chief Town, the Market-Dty Sa- 
tpiday« It feodi ibrty-fopr Mtmberi to Parliament, hat one hundred aa4 
£xty-oiie Parifliet, and eighteen Market-Towm, viti, LtJUri Saturday, 
Li^mtimf Foday, 7fira Wedaefilay and 9aturday, JBodbra Satatday, Bk/m 
Jim Saturday* Ptijikm Saturday, CMulf^d Friday, Graa^Mad Saturday, 
J^mfn WedoeMay, Friday aad Saturday, Tr»f aay Saturday, St. Ivn Wed* 
tieftay and Friday, Ptmum* Thnrflay, FtfONy Saturday, St. Gtmaim 'Bai' 
ifif, St. C i AiaA- Thurflay, FWbwtf^ Thorftay, Market-Jw f hurflay, 

CUMBERLAND. -«Cir/(/|f it the chief Town, the Market-day S«« 
tafday* It fcadi fix Members to Parliament, has fifty-eight Parlfliea be* 
fades Ghapeb, and twdvc Marked-Towns, vis. Goehumutb Tuc^ay, 
XrMr;AMaaThur£iay,P«frif^ TudSay, £>/«vrVi Satmday, Brsa^tgrnTaef" 
d^i fia/bs Saturday, £^ssMrr Saturday, £fril(^«AfThttiiday^ Lat^ovm 
TburOlay, lt««Mf/ai SaCarday, ff^iitomm Thutfday* 
~ 0BRBlfSHIRE.«-9ari^ is the Shirc-ToWn, the Market* Day Friday*. . 
It fendi four Membera to Pirltamear* hat a hundred and fix Pariihes and 
me Market-Towns, v/'s, Gftf/«^iti Saturday, fVorkfmo^ Tuciday, Bo/- 
fintr Friday, M^mn SitunUy, Afftrcm Monday^ J^akewtll Monday, 
prMt^M Thur/dAy, rrd^w«/ Wcdaefday. 

OEVONSHlRB.^£ir<f»riatheCa>ital, the Market Days Wednefday 
Siiid Satucday. It Tends twenty -fix Members to Parliament, has three 
hundred andniBcty-fout Pariihei, and twenty Market- Towns, Wac. B4im» 
/#//r Friday; H001VO11 Siturday, Otfii^tfflBi^fsn Siturday, P//«r«w Saturday, 
T'^n^pcA Saturday, Twer$9n Tuefday, Plywutui Monday andTuefday,7ac. 
wr/r Saturday, j^^"^*^'*** Saturday, Biddefird Tatfi^^t Tofr/>f Ma Satur> 
' di^ 4mmfj^ Saturday, Cullitoft Thurfday, Dodkrtoi Wednaiilay, Antr^ 
Tuel<iay, Autry Saturday, HatbtrUy Toefday, HUrm Saturday, King*i» 
^'4i^ Saturd^« 

D0RS£T5HlRE.-<-Q^(^g/Kcr la the Shire-Towa, the Market- Day 
Satyiday. It fen^s twenty MemWi to Parliament, has tvfo hundred and 
forty-eight Pariihes, and fifteen Market-Towns, vixf. fy^mutb Tuefday 
and Fri^y» tddamk-B^U Tuefday and Friday, 5^«/)&«ry. Saturday, Pooi 
Monday and T^urfday, lyarebam Saturday, CnfeX§fik Tuesday, Ctan^ 
hktn W4di)«rday, Blattdfird Saturday, Abhtfiary Thurfday, Cemt Wed- 
nefday, FramtM Thurfday, Sbtrbom Tuefday an(d Saturday, fflmhrn Fri- 
day, ' StgrmtH/lir Thurfday. , 
, DVRHAM.^Darham is the Capital, the Market- Day Saturday. It 
fends ff ur Members to Parliament, has a hundred and eighteen Parifiies* 
<«Mk i^x Market-Tgwiu^ vm, AathM Thw&ij, fiarbagton Monday, 

( is ) 

^rwlfoiWednefday^ Sundertatid Fndzy, SerHard*9 CaftU, Vfeintthy, 

Z^SlX.-^lcbefter U the County Towo^ the Market- Day Saturd*y» 
It fsflds eight Members to Parliamentj hat four hundred aod Fifteen Par- 
Tilhtt, and tweniy«two Market Towns^ W«. Harwich Tuefday, MaUem 
SacQrday, Cbe.'mfir'd Fdday, Barking Saturday, Hatfield Saturday, Kinr- 
fird Wcdnefday, Billercaj Tuefday, Sruntwood Thurfday, Ounntnt Sa- 
turday, O^JbellS^XMt^zj, Grayet Thnrfday, Halfted Frizzy, HorndcHS^' 
twAij, Raitigb SitutAij, Manitigtrtg TutC^zy ^ fValtbamAbh*^ T)iui.f-.. 
day, Tronted Friday, Svdhury Saturday. 

GLOUCESTERSHIRE.— C/airrt/rff ia the County Town, the M»r- 
keuDays Wednefday and Satuiday, It fcnda eight Members to ParlU- 
nent, has two hundred snd eighty Pariihe;, and twenty Matket-Towna, 
*/«. Cirentefier M-nday and Friday, Tnvkjbury Saturday, Siffcke/jY/ed" 
nelday, Durjky Thurfday, Campden Wediicfday, Nevftibem Friday, Stnud 
Friday. Cbetttnbam Thurfday, Lecbfade Tuefday, N^tvent Friday, Sudbu^ 
ry Thurfiay, Patijwick Tuciday, Suw Thurfday, Ttdbury Wednefday, 
Wtekmon Mundi>yf Ibornbury Saturday, fFincbcomh Saturdayj, fVottOfa 

HAMPS5?IRB.— 56«r£tf«//9«i ia the County Town, Market-Dayc 
Tu^f&y and Friday. It fenda twenty- iOx Members to Parliament, haa 
two hundred and fifty- three Patifhe;, and twelve Matket^Ti/Wnt, vns. 
Wincbefter "V^ednefday and Saturday,' Porffmiufb Thurfday and Saturday, 
A^dever Saturday, Lymington Saturday, Alton Saturday, Bafingftihe Wcd^ 
ficfd^y, Ktng*t-elart Tuefday, Kingwo9d Tuefday, Odiam Saturday, Rum^ 
h Salhrday, Alctfion Thuifd»y. 

HEiTFORDoHlRE,— H^rrf/orrf ia'the County Tcwn, the Market- 
Day Skurday. It (ends fix Members to Parliament, "has a hundred and 
twenty ParllheF, and fixreen Market- Townr, v/i8. St. v^/^^n's Saturday, 
Barnit Monday, H^art Tuefday, Berktamffiead Monday, RickmaBf<wortb 
%Saturd'ay, Hatfield Thurfday, Buntingfird Monday, Baldcck Th'irfday, 
Hitebin Tuefday, Htdfdtu Thurfday, Stardt,n Fiday, Stevcnidge Friday, 
Tring Friday, JVatfwd Tuefday, Hen^pftead Thtirfday, 

HEREFORDSHIRE,— H^r^arJ is the Cipiial, the Market-Days 
Wednefday^ Friday and Saturday; It fends eight Membera to Parliament, 
>.as a h'vndred and feventy-fix Pari/hei, and eic-ht Market Towns, v;». 
Lempfter Friday, fVe^bUy Thurfday, K^nit^n Wednefday, Roji Thuittay, 
Femb Tu'-fday, Ledbury Tnrfday, Brtmyard Monday and Tuefday. 

HUNTiNGTONSHlRE.— H..jir/»rjrc»i it thech.efTovn,the M^rkefc. 
Day Saturday. It fends four Mcrobtfrs to Parliament,, haa fcienty-nioe 
Panfhe-, and fix Markct-Townf, v/». St. /vm Monday, Kmbvlton Fri- 
day, S'. NiOti Thurfday, Ramfey Wednefday, 71«/<fy Tacfday, 

KZUT.-^Cantifbury is the CapifaJ, M.rket-D^yi. Wednefday and 5a« 
torday. It fends ten Members to ParJiameur, haa four hundred ar d ei^ht 
Parifhf s,'' and iw-nty-feven Market- Townf, «r.a. Rocbeflcr Fiiday^ Manf^ 
fitne Thurfday, Dover W df cfday and Satur:^ay,^jfl</wrc6 Wedrefday and 
Sator^jy, Romnrv Thi!rfd:iy, iiwarden >'r day, Hube Saturday, B*<mlty 
Thdrfd»y, Cr^u^re&i Saturday, Cr^jF Wcdne'diy, Dtf»f^»</ Saturday, BU 
tbam Monday, Frve'rfibam Wednefday and Saturday, Folkfitnt Thurfd«y, 
Craveftnd Wednefday and S<turd<y, Lmbam Tuefday, L;tf Thurfday, He* 
f'kotfi Saturday, Tenderdtn Fiiday, Aid//rnj( Saturday. Mitton ^^tusday, 
^tinbridgeTi iday,^JfrflwWudne(di'y , ^oelwicb Fiiday , fVntbam Tuefday. 
^♦Thttifday. C. tAN- 

LANCASHIRE.— £««c4^«f it the County Town^ Market-Dt^ Si* 
turday. It fends fourteen Meaben to Parliament, has fixty« two Parifhef^ 
and twenty. three Market-Towns, vi». Clitbiro Saturday^ ^'vi*;^/ Sa- 
turday, PrtJIon Wednelday, Friday and Saturday, J^igan Monday and 
Friday, Matubtfttr Saturday, Warringtw Wednefday, Bolton Monday^ 
Blackhurn Monday, Cartrnd Monday, Cohi Wednefday, Bur^ Tfaurfday^ 
Cbamiep Tuefday, Dali9n Saturday, Havfkjbiod Monday, BofiingtUn^tA^ 
nefday^ GarJIattg Thurfday, Kirkbsm Thurfday^ Hornby Monday^ OrmJ* 
kirk Tuefday, Fwlton Monday, IJlverfi^ Thurfday, RocbdaU Tuefday. 

LEICESTERSHIRE.— LffV^^«r Is the County Town, Market- Day 
Saturday* It fends four Members to Parliament^ has a hun;fred and 
ninety two Pari&es^ and twel? e Market- Towns,«/a(.i^^ de la Zwcb Sa- 
turday, Hiljdan Ftidzy, Bolfaortbyitdae(<Azy,Harhr9UgbTutk^Y, H^lia» 
ton Thurfday, Hinkfey Monday, tutttmmrtb Thurfday, LottgbhonygbThMtC' 
<isy, Melnn Tuefday, Monntfornl Monday, IVahbam-lFouId Thurfday. 

LINCOLNSHIRE.— Lnvco/s is the Capital, the Market- Day Saturday. 
It fends twelve Members to Parliament, has fix hundred and thirty Parifhea, 
and twenty- four Market- 1 owns, wm, B^m Wednefday and Saturday^ 
Gramtbam Saturday, Stamford Monday and Friday, Grimfiy Wednefday, 
GahfisrougbTwfdtj, BotingbrPok Tuefday, Bimbrook Wednefday, Jilfard 
Tuelday, Bit^ton Monday, Barton Monday, Kirton Thurfday, Bcum Sa- 
turday, Dnnnington Saturday, Folkingbam Thurfday, Holbeck Thurfday, 
HorMtfjU^a Thuriday, Lontb Wednefday and Saturday, Sleford Monday, 
6>0/irii^ Thurfday, ^S/isaraa Monday, Tatterjball Friday, ITMp/lr^? Satur- 
day, Spiljby Monday, 

MIDDLESEX.— Loii^ is the Metropolis, it has Markets for ^very 
Day in the Week. It fends eight MemWt to Parliamrnt, has feventy, 
three Partflies, and fix Market- Towns, vias. Wtfiminjier Monday, Wed* 
nefday and Saturday, Brentford Thurfday, Stainss Friday, C/.)rArfV/j^«Thurf* 
day, Enfield Saturday, Bt&wortb Thuriday. 

MONMOUTHSHIRE.— Afommur^ is the priocipa] Town, the Mar-, 
ket- Day Saturday. It fends three Members to Parliament, has k hundred ' 
and twenty -feven Pari/hes, and feven Market- Towns, vix» Abergavenny 
T\^efd.>y, Cdfr/eonThurfday, Cbopftow Saturday, Ntvfvtt Saturday, FaMjr- 
Poo/ Saturday, UJk Monday and Friday. 

NORFOLK.-^iV0rwrVj& is the Capital, Market- Days Wednefday, Fri- 
day and Saturday. It fends twelve Meonbers to Parliament, has fi]c hun- 
dred and fixty Pariflies, and twenty- fix Market- Towns visa. Lynn Tuef- 
day and Saturday^ Tdrmoutb Saturday 9 Tbetford Saturday, Atthbwougb 
Thurfday, Alefiam Saturday, BarA^A^^m Saturday, Butufbam Saturday, 
Dtarham Friday, JValfingbam Friday, Downbam Saturday, Waljham Wed- 
nefday, Windbdm Friday, Rifebam Saturday, Snajb'am Friday, Talktnbau 
Thurfday, Fo«//btfm Thurfday, H/a^&4m Saturday, C^fton TuciSay . Comer 
SdLurday, Z>//i Friday, i3tfr/^/« Wednefday, Herling Tuefday, H»h Satur- 
day, PFotton Wednefday, KFor^ei Saturday, Stboy every fecond Monday. 

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.— Mr/£Mr/r«ii is the County Town, the 
Mar ket-Day Saturday. It fends nine Members to Parliament, has three 
huodrrd and twenty. fix Pariflies, and eleven Mfrket- Towns, vix, Ptterm 
borougbSitMt day, Btacklty Wednefday, Davmirf Wednefday, Ound/e Sa- 
turday, towcfier Saturday, Rothwtl Monday, PFe/lingbortMob Wcdncftay, 
Kettoring Friday, Thrapftone Thurfday, CUff Tuefday, 




KORTHUMBEKLAND.— ^«t0^^i^ 11 the chief Town^ the Mar* 
leet- Days Tuefday and Saturday. It fendi eight Memben to ParUaineot, 
has forty Pariflies^ and five MazkeuTownr, wiM» BtnoUk S. AUrPelh 
W. HtMbam Tu. IVeller Tp. 

NOrXlNOHAMSHlRE.— IVo«w^*tf« is the County.Town, Mar. 
ket-Diys Wednefday, Friday, and Saturday. It fends eight Mf insert ca 
Parliament, has one hundred and fixty*e!ght Pariihes, and eight Market- 
Townt, w». Nwwark W. Retfird S. Mamfield Th. S^arbwe/lS. Binbam 
Tb. Tux/ordM. fr^kft^W. 

OXFORDSHIR£-*.0x/ari ia the Capital, the Market- Days WedneT* 
day and Saturday. It fends nine Members to Parliament, has two hun- 
dred and eighty Pariihes, ajid twelve Market^Towns^ vija, Wood/iwk 
Tu, Banhurj Th. Burfird S. Henlty Th. JV^ttingtw S. mtfUf Th. 
Ciippini^Nortom S. thdingm S. Bictfler F. Bamptou W, Tarn Tu. 0«« 
fwd has likewife an Umverfity, \vhich.confifts (ofeighteeo Colleges endow* 
ed^ and fevcral Halls unendowed. 

The Names of the feveral Colleczs and their Founders* 

XJnlverJity College 
<B4//«/ College 

Mirtm College 

Biuttr College 
Oritl College 
SbmnU College 
^iw College 

Lwce/ff College 

m^Smb College 


BmxithN^t College 

Corpus Cbrifii College 
Cbrifi'Cburcb College 
7rMU>« College 
St. 7e^fl*s College 

Jefm College 
fTsdbam College 
Ftmbrih College 

St. £^/9ia*^*a Hall 
St. ^/&M*s Hall 
fia/r*j Hall 
St. M«r/sHaU 
N*w bt* Hall 
MafdaUn Hall 
GAwr^rr Hali 


* ^7h by the 5«xd« King» jifnd 
itit, by 7o^ jB«/iW, Father of ^ote 

i7tf//0/, King of Scot/and. 
{•74, by ^tf/ifr de Miftoa, 6iiho|i of J{«« 

I^i6, by Waktf Sttpkton, Bp^ofZxaerm 
'337> hy King Edward It. 
X340, by Robert EagUtf eld, B. D. 
137 f» hy WUlUm of Wickb^m, Biihop o£ 

mncbifier. ^ 

1420, by RUbard Flmmiiigp Biibop of 

I437ff hy Hmry Cbiebtby, AtchbiOMp of 

1459. by ^////tfffii of H^aiMjlittf Blfliop oif 

1515, by IVdliamSmitbj ^l/hop of If»» 

fo/if, and Ricbard Sutetu, Sf^j 
i»5i«, by RicbardFoM, Bp. oiff^mbOtu 
1549, hy King £f.«7 vai. 

»557» by Sir rAw»« ^Aftf, Merchant 

of Lnuhn, 
I (;7Z, by Queen Eh'zahub, 

Li6f3, by iV/fWfl* pradbam, Efqj 
ri>tf r<i fnitevi'd, B. D, 
The H A L I. 8, 

'^*"«' ■ ^ f. 

OmW J- College, 


c. Rir^ 

Mm^'m V") 



1U7TLAND fendi two Memben to Parliaineiit, has two Muket* 
Towns, v;«. Oakham S. and C^/ff &^« W. uid forty eight Parifhes. t 

SHROPSHiAE.'^Sbretv/hufy ii the Coanty-Town, the Market- 
T>*yt Wednefday^ Thurfday and Sarurday. It feads twelve Members to 
P^rlitoient, liat one hundred and feireaty PSirifliei, and thirteen Market- 
Towns «'»< Bt/hop^t CaflU F. Bridg^vrtb S. Ludlow M. tVtnhck M. 
EitfmreTu, H^htcburcb F. Newpcrt S. D'ifjtim W. JVem Thu. Cburcb- 
StrtttTti Tu. Oftv^ry M. Sbipton Tu« 

SOM£RSETSHIRE^Br;>/is the chief City, the Ma^ket-P^ysWed* 
nefday ani Saturday. Ic fejida eighteen Meodbera to >arliamcnt, has three 
hundred and eighty-five pAriflies^ three Ctcies, and twenty-five Market* 
Tjwn»/vf«. BatbW. and S ^«//* W. and S. BndgenaterTh. l/cb/icr ,Yr, 
^aumonVf. and S, /fxbriJge Th, Sbiptoo Mailet?. Some f ton M. Wellington 
Tu. i?r0(0fi S. Ca^^amTh.Crooiborn S. Dulnftrton %. GUJltnbury Tu. C/^^r^ 
M. JVincautHH W. 5o«r4 Pctbertom Th. Hmwfier S. Dwfter S. Lyngport F. 
Fi,nfford Tu. fya'ebet 8. Wiwlfcom Tu. /^r/ron Tu. 

STAFFORDSHIRE,— >Vtf/orii ia tlie County-Town, the Miiket. 
Day Saturday, li fenda ten Members to Parhanrent, has one hundred aod 
thirty^ Pariihef» and fixtern Market Towns, v/». LitcbfieldTr^, and S. 
Jft^mcaftU M. JffiffrM Th. Penbridgi Tu. Ettitfoaii F. i{/<^f /ejr Tu. ^row. 
/f^ Tu. BeeweodTii. Betley Tu. Lw*f W, T/rf*«ry Tu. 5/aw Tu. Wr- 
fwr«i' W. Walfal T»,fViilv£rbampton W. 

- SUFFOLK — Ipfw.cb ia the principal Tqwo, theMarket Day^Wedne- 
fday, Friday and Saturday. It fendefixteen Memoers to Parliamenr,has ftvt 
hundred andleventy>two Paiiihei, and twenty-five Market. Town^, v/as« 
PuntDicb S. Orford M. jildborougbS. ^udbitryi* Bye S. Stow Market Th« 
JKtv>matkH Tb. £c(/ff S. S»ry W. Hadky M. LavenbamTa, MitdeHbali 
F. Bildtpon W. C4ir(f F. ^anfoy Th. Dtbtrkftm F. FramHngbam S« 
Haltfawtb Tu. Ixwortb F. Lr^o^ W. MtnJdtfham Ta. Ntidbam W, 
iV/yAj»f(/ F. tVoodbtidgi W. . 

SURREY.— (?«i/i^3r^^. istheCi'Unty Towfl, the Market- Day Sator- 
^ay. .it fends fourteen Memben to Pafiiaroent| has one hundred andlifty 
Parifhes, and feven Market- Towns, v/k(. Soutbwark W. and S. Rytgato 
Tu, Kin^ftvn S. Croydm S. Barking Th. Farnbam Th. 

SUSSEX— The City of Cbicbtfttr is the chief Town,' Market- Dayt ' 
Wedne day and Saturday- It fends twenty M-mbers to PirJianofot, haa 
three hundied and twelve Parifhea, and thirteen Market-Town*, «//«• 
Eofi-Grinftead Th. Htf/J/nfj W. and S. %« W. and S. j^mnde/W, and 
S. Horfiam S. Midhurft Th. ^/^nm^ W. Petworfb W. £ai//tf Tb. H«/A- 
jfcflw S, Helm/tone Th. Cuckfie/d F. 

WARWICK.SHIRE.— ^tfrwf* is the County. Town, the Ma rket- 
Day SitQ day. lt.fend& fix Members to Parl'arneot, has one hundred and 
'fifty ei«hc Parifhes, and nine Ma-ket- TowfW, w/»v Cvventrit F. S'ratford 
•T\u Jit'beft'jr.e T^i, Aitlctfiir T^, B;rmiMgbamTh. Colffiil Vf, HenUyM^ 
Kyntt>n T». Nun Eaton S. Srutbam M. ^«"a* Golcfidd M. 

WESTMORELAND.— vfjPp.Viy is the Cuuny Town,, the Market- 
Day Sjtu'dsy. It lends four M'.onbers to^arliamervt, has twenty fix 
PAriihro, and eight Market«-Town», v/«. Kendal, S. Lmfda/e Th. Burton 
Th. iiw^/^irf* W. AT'r/jy ^(Mwii F. £?r/^a W. i9r(*^* W, 


< 29 ) 

WILTSHIRE.— The city of Saiifiaff it the CapiCiJ, the Marfcef- 
Bayt Tuefday and Saturdiy.* Ic fenda rliirty-four Meirberi to Parllamenr^ 
hai three hundred and frur ParifheSy and twenty Market- Towns, «>«• 
HindM, Tb. Cbippnbm S. mU- W. Msrlhf.utb S. Malmfiurj S. 
fTtlw^BaJfet Th, DevfXfS Th, CreeUait S. DtnmtM F. fy^hry K 
Ctf/ivr Tu. fysrminjier S. Bradfird M. Amfiury F. ^^^«rft To. LjWiixr«v 
W. Higb-w^rtk W. 5fvrW#ii M. rroter^Kf;* S. 

WORCESTERSHIRE.— The City of lfWfr/«r it the Capital, the 
Mirkec Days Wednefday, Friday and Saturday. Ic fend« nine Members n> 
Varliimeoty has five hundred and fixty- three- Pariihea, and eleven Market- 
Towns, «m EvefiamM, BewdhyS. t>'9itwi9b S. Stuwbri^e%. Kidd"» 
min/ler Th. Brumfghw Tu. Perjbni Tn. 7i</iiiry Th. L^ftfa 1%. 5i^r/>f9» K. 
YORKSHIRE.— The City of Terl is the Capital, tht Market Days 
Thnrfday and Saturday. Ic fends 30 Members to Parliament, ha^^ve hun- 
dred and fizty.three Parities, and 3S MaiketT^wns, v/s. Kngfon up-.m 
H»//Tu. andS. RvtberbamU. Bwot^bbridg* ^» Beverley W. andT Reydtn 
S. KMTf/bfettgb^. RiMm Th. Sctrhorngb Th, RicbmotdS* Maftw %, 
Pfmtt/rsa S. NertbaJ/ert9m W. Tbirjk M. Leeds To. and S. O/fli/ax Th. 
^e^fortb W. DtMCafter S. Barnejley W. ^^iW Tu. Bmrlinitm S. Batotiy 
S. Bradfortb T)i. CuinJbknMgb M. IT^A^i!/ Th. and F. ;^^/</y S. 5r/^ 
M. Sb,ffic/dTu. He/mJkfS. H^fodmS. Kirkbam%, Ktrby.l\/f0refide W. 
Mo/Sbam To. Of/«y Tu. Fickirin^ M* P^ekliitgtofi S. il/>/«y S. ^r///«. Tu. 

Thefe are 16 Members from the Cinque- Ports, 14 from JVaht^ and 
45 from 5cor/Mi I befidet thoie off fax/aad*, in all 558 Membtn cf 
the Houfe of Commoni. 

The'lf aroet of the Counties, Cities, Corporations, Boroogh Town;*, and 
Stewartriea to GrtauB^itmni with the Number of Raigktf, Comihir- 
fioners of Shires, CkiiefM and Burgeffef, choicA in tt^h U ibrre in 

« ^ »V «« «^ ^* 0% 





Cornwall Countx 







New Wiodfof 






WalJingford ' 









Chipping. Wicomb 












Great Marlow 



r Shire 
Cambridge { Univerfitf 
C Town 


St. Ives 




St. Germaina 

.^'i^r • 


St. Michaeb 





St. Maws 

dmberltiMl Coonty 
Cirllfle City 

^"^ {towh 

Xttter City 

> Honiton 

/Wcymottih . 


"Etttx Gonniy 



Hereford {city** 



St. AlbM'i 

Huotiogton {1^ 

Kent County 
Canterbury City 
Rochtfter City 








._ » 







• t«] 



: Q£ee&bofougfi 




f Shire 
1 Town 



Great GrimAy 
Middlefex County 
London City 
Weftminfter City 

Monmouth ItowI 

Norfolk County 
Norwich Qty x 
Kliog*t Lynn 
Great Yfrmonth 

Northampton |^^ 



Highatn Feweft ■ 

Northumberraod County 

Newcaftle upo»TjW6> 



Nottingham I SW«, 

E»A Retford 

r Shire 
Oxford \ Uoiverfity 

f aty 
New Woodftock 
Rutland County 
Gfcat Weolock 





% ■ 




ft • 







ft . 





Bifhop'i Caftle 
Bomerfat Shire 
Briftol City 
Bath Qcy 
Weill City 





Winchefter City 











Litchfield City 



Soffblk Comity 







St. Sdmiuidft Jhtf 

Surry GMinty 








Chichofter City 




Ntw ShorchtA 








• [10] 










Coventry City 

Weilmorelaod Coonty 



New Sarum City 











Great Bedwin 


Old Saram 

WootoDBifTeg * 

MarlbonMigh a [34] 



Bewdley t [9J 

Ktngfton upon Hall 

Borough* Bridge 
iMaitea < 


Aldborough . 

fPootefraa a [i* 



Sandwich • $oeA)rd a [r 
C 4 fTABi 


ANglcfea Iflaitit 

«"*«•" }?::. 

Glamorgan Shire 
Cierdiff Town 
Merioneth Shire 

•"•"•"^ It^^ 


•Radnor f SWf^ ^ 

I Town X 

S C or LJ VD^ 

SHIRE of Abei^nn ' 
Shire of Ajr 
Shi:eof Arg^le 
SHire of Banff 
Shire of Bern jcle 

Shire of Dumbarton 
Shire of Damfriet 
Shire of^ioburgb 
Shire of Elgin 
Shire of Fife ' 

Shire of Forfar 
Shire cfHiddiogton • 
Shire of Invcrneft 
Shire of KihroTs 

Shi,„<,f ij^"*" 

Stewartry of Kirkcudbright 
Shire of Lanerk 
Shire of Lialithgow 

Shi.c«f Pccblca 



Shire of Perth f 

Shire of Roft t 

Shire of Renfrew I 

Shire of R( xbargh 1 

Shire of Sdkirk , I 

Shire of StirJi ig t 

Shire of Sutherland y 

Shire of Wig* on g 

Citj of Edinburgh 

Tame • t 

r Fortrofe 

C Forrefs x 

Kintore % 

Brechin t 

iFoifar- * 
Perth ■ 
Dundee ' ' 

Su Andrew*! i ' 

AnftcQtherBaft . 
Anftrotiier WcA 
Platen ween i 

t Dyfart 
^ . } Kirkcaldy 
'"iKioghotn . 

L Barnttfliod g 

Stirling I 

r Glafgow 

C Dumbarton t 


\ I 

($3 ) 

* FTaddington 
B«r|hsof< North Berwick 
I Lawd«r 
I Jedbtirgh 
C Selkirk 
' Peebles 
1. Lanerk 


e Annair 
Burghs of i Lochmaberr 

I fCirkcudbriftht 
r* Wigtown 
„ . ->New.Gaiway 

C Whithorn^ 

5 Air 
»u.5».«. ^Rothefay 

i Clnvertry i [45l 

ADefcription of the Cities of London, Westminste*, 
and Parts adjacent. 

LO NDON, the Metropolis of England, U the moft weilthy, popu- 
lous and floiiliihing C.ty in Europe: It was fitil boilt by Brutt^ li* 
nealJy defcended from ./£««««, the Son of ^ffftri, about the Year of the 
World 1855, whi<h was J108 Years bcfoic the Nativity of, our Saviour j 
Md much enlarged and imprcwd by King Lud^ 1060 Years after Brtae^t 
Peatb^ as well as by many o:her Princes (ince Lud, 

it was firft called Troynnmaut^ or Ncto Trof ^ nftBtvi^tAtt Catre Lud, oc 
Xim/*s Tcwa, a|id then l^don, which Natne it ftil) retabs. 

The gteateft Part <i{ this City is built on a HJI, with an eafy Afceot 
from the River Tbamett no lefa plea fantly,. than conveniently 6tuated 
forTiade and Commerce t -The SoU is wholfome, being mixed with Gr»- 
je\ and Sand, and the Paflfaget into it every Way agreeable. 
. Its Ler gth from Baft to Weft» from the Bxtiemity at Limibcufi to 
7otbill^Pieldt, is about eight Miles ; and its B.eadth from North, to 
Souths from KingJlatui'R9ad to St, Gtcrge*uFit/ds, abeut three Miles. 

in this City, and Parts adjacent (commonly called, within the BiHs of 
Mortality) are 133 Patiihes, and 118 Pariib Churches, besides the Caihe« 
4ral Cfanrch oiSt^ Pan/, and the CoUegjate Church of St. Ptter at 
mpjitr, vja^ 

TheNAMKs of the CHURC HE S within the City of L^niM, and th« 

Libeniea thereof. 
1. QT. Alban's» is a Reaory , fitu- 
> O ate on the North fide of Love 

lane, and the Baft fide of Wood 

Areet, in Cripplegate ward within. 

The.Pariih of St, Glare, Silver 
, ^teet, is annexed to it* 
t^'AlihaUows Barking, is a Viea 

rage, fituate onuhe North and 

Baft fides of Tower ftreet and, 
.: Seething lane, in Tower ftreet 
•.Ward. • 

%. AtlhailoWfi Biead ftreet, iaa-Rec- 
I tory>. in Bread. ftfeetward» The 

Pari/h of St. John the Bvaogelift 
IS annexed t» it» 

4. Allhallows the Great, is a Rec- 
tory, fituate on the Sooth fide of 
•Thames ftreet, iaDoWgate ward. 
The KarifHofAUballowt the Led 
i« anne3bed to it. 

5. Allhallowi Lombard ftreet, is * 
Rectory, fitiate in Ball alleys 
near Lombard ftreet, in Lang- 
bourn war^. 

6. AUhallow*8 Londonwal), is » 
Refttny, at t^e Corner of Ne«f 

C 5 Bioa4 

( u y 

Breid ftreety In Brotj ftrect ward. 

9, Allhalkws Staioiog, is • Curacy, 
by Mark lane, in Laogbouro w. 

t. Si. Alpbagr, if a Rcftory, at 
the Cocoes of Alderxnanbury, in 
Cripplegate ward. 

9f Sr. Andrew's Holbovrn, is a 
KcAoiji on Holbourn hil), in the 
ward of Faringdon without. 

30. St. Andrew Underfiiaft, is a 
Re^ory, in St. Mary Ax, in 
Leadcnha]] ftrectyioAldgate ward. 

ll. St. Andrew Wardrobe, is aRec* 
tery, on Puddle dock hill, in 
Caftie baynard ward. The Parifh 
of St. Aone*8 Bltck Frian is an- 
nexed to it. 

1%. St. Anne*8 AMerigate, is a Roc* 
tory, in St. Anne's lane, in the 
ward of Alderfgate within. The 
Paiifh of St. JohnZachary it an- 
nexed to it. 

13. St. Antony's, or St* Antholln's, 
is a Re&ory in Budge row, in 
Cordwainers ftreet vwrd. The 
Psriih of St. John Bipkift is an- 
nexed to it. 

34. Sr. Atigaftia, or St» Aoftin, a 
Re£h)ry, the Comer of Watling 
ftreet, is the ward <»f Fariofdon 
within. ThePari(hofSt.Faith 
is annexed to it. 

f ^. St. Bartholomew, Exchange, « 
Redory, the Comer of Battitolci- 
snew lane, in Broad ftreet ward. 

16^ St. Bartholomew the Great, a 
Redoty, by Puds laM, Smitil- 
field, in the ward of Fariagdon 

X7. St. Bartholomew the X«crt, is a 
Vicarage, a^oiniag to St. Bartho- 
kmewV HoTpdul, Smithfield, in 
the ward of Fartngdon without. 

y9. St. Bcnedia*s, Tvlgarly called 
Bennet Fink, is a Curacy^ in 
Threadheedie ftr. Broad ftr.ward. 
]9« St. Beonet*s Gracechurch, is a 
Reftory, the Corner of Fenchurch 
Areet, 'in Bridge wa*d. The Pa< 
iHK of St. Leobaid Baftchcap is 

to. St. Beoneffi, PaulV Wharf, » 
Re6lory, the Corner of St. Ben* 
net's hill, in CaAle baynard Ward. 
The Pari/h of St. Peier, Paura 
Wharf, is annexed to it. 

II. St. Botolph*s, Alderigate, is a 
in the wardof Alderfgate without. 

a». St. Botolph's, Aldgate, a Cura- 
cy, the North fide of Aldgate> ia 
Portfoken ward. 

^3. St. Botolph's, filihopfgate, la a 
Rectory, in Bifhopfgate ftreet, ia 
the ward of Biihopigati without. 

14. St. Bridget's, vulgarly called St. 
Bride's, is a Vicarage, by Fleet 
ftr;ii» thew.of Faringdon wrthout* 

at;, Chrift Church, is a Viearagey. 
by Newgate ftreet, is the ward 1^ 
Faringden within. Tbr Pariih 
of St. Leonard, Fofttr Ime^ i% 
annexed to it.. 

a6. Stt CbtlftDpher*i is a Re€toryy 
BdacThreadnecdIf ftreet, in Broa^ 
ftreet ward. 

ty. St. €Hei»eat*s, Baft^eap, i» « 
Raaory, tkc Bail ftde of eie. 
ment's lane,in Gmdlewiek war4« 
The PariOi of St. Martiii Orgira 
it annexed to it. 

aS« St. Dionis ^Bkckchnrch, is • 
Rectory, near Lime ftreet, in 
Langboom ward. 

19; St4 Donftan*» is tli6-Baft, tsr 
a Reaory, on St. Donftaa^r 
hill, in Tower ftreet ward^ 

'30. St. I>uaft«n*s ia theVFeiF, is • 
Vicarage, in Fleet ftreet, in the 
ward of Fftriagdoa withtout. 

31. St. BdmundVy if a ReOory, ia 
Lombard ftteet, in Langhoaro 
WiH. The Parifti of St. Nicho- 
las Aeons is annexed to It. 

]a. St. £thelbarg*Sy is a Reaory, 
in Bi/hcp%ate fttvet, in the warA 
of Biihop^te withlo. 

35. St. George, Botolpblane, is a 
Rectory, in Bdliagfgate ward« 
The Pariih of St. Botolpk'a BiU 
lingfgate, is annexed to it« 

34« Sc> Gae»'»> OipfJcgatf^ ia a* 

Vunnie, hf Port ittttt, in thef 49. St. Mary Aldernary, b a Kec' 

ward of Cripplegate without, 
^5t St. Hellen*!, is a Vicarage, in 
Bfihop%ate ftreet, ia the ward of 
fiifliffpfgate within. 
36* St. James*!, Duke's place, is a 
Carsuy, fitaate in Duke's Place, 
A'dgate ward* / 

17. St. James, ^fick hill, fi a 
Reaory, £tuit8 00 Garlltk bill, 
in Vintry ward. 
3§. St. Katbarijie Coleman,, ia 
Re£lory, in Fenchurch Hreet,. 
Aldgate ward, 

39. St. Kathsrfhe Cree Church, }* 
a Curacy, in Leadeohall (tittt, in 
Aldgate ward. 

40. ii. Katharine near the Tower, 
is a Collegiate Church, ficuate in 
St. Katb^ne's Court, tn Port, 
foken ward. 

4J« St, Liwrence Jfcwry, is a VIci. 
rage, in Cateaton ftveeti in Cheap 
ward. ThePariihof St.MaryMsg. 
daien. Milk At* h annexed to it. 

|f • St. Ifhenus 19 a Re£}ory, the 
Corner of tendon Bridge, in 
Bridge wardk The Pariih of St. 
Margaret, New Rft ftreet, is an- 
nexed to it. 

4^« 8fe« Margaittt, Lothbgrr, is a 
Redory, the North fide of Loth- 
bury, in Coleman (krttt ward. 

44. St. Margaret Pattens, is a Rec 

tory, theComer of Little Tower 

ftreet. in Billingrgate ward. The 
Pariih of St. Gabriel, Feachurch 
ftreet, is annexed to it. 

45. St..Martin*a, Ludgate, is a Rec* 
Cory, in Ludgate ftreet, in the 
ward of Faringdon within. 

46. St. Martin's 0(»twitcb,is> Rec- 
tory, by Threadneedle ftreet, in 
Broad ftreet ward. 

47 . St. Mary Abcharch, ia a Re6to- i 
ry, in Abchurch lane, .in Candle- 
wick Wari, The Parifli of St. 
IfiwrencePouitney is annexed to it. 

4t« St. Mary Aldermanbury, is a 
Curacy, the Corner of Love lane, 
)a (be ward of CHppkgate within 

tory, in Bow lane, in Cordwalnen 
ftreet ward. ThePariih Of St.Tho* 
mas the Apoftle is annexed to it* 
50* St. Mary Ic Bow, is a Redory,. 
in Cheapfide,in Cordwainert ftreec 
ward. ThePariihes of AiUiallows, 
Honey lane, and St* Pancrai, are- 
united to it* 

51. St. Mary at Hill, is a Re^ry,. 
on St. Mary Hill, ia Billingfrate- 
ward* The Parifli of St. An- 
drew Mubbafd is annexed to it. 

52. St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fifh- 
ftreet, is a ReAory, in Km|ht<» 
rider ftreet, in Caftle baynard 
ward* The Parifh of St. Ore* 
gory is annexed to it* 

53. St. Mary Somerfet, is a Rec- 
tory, oppofite Broken Wharf, ia^ 
Thames ftreet. <2^enhithe ward*. 
The Parlfh of St J^| Mountha w 
is annexed to it. 

54. St. Mary WuolbOtb, is a Rec* 
tory, the Corner of Sherbouro- 
lane, in Langbourn ward. Thf 
Rarifli of Sf. Mary Wookhurck. 
is. annexed to it. 

^5. St. Matthew, Friday ftreet, ia 
a Re£loiy«fituate in Friday fireet, 
in the ward of Fariagdon within* 
Tbe P«ri(h of St. Peter, Cheap,, 
h annexed to it. 

56. St. Mithkers Baflifhaw, xi a 
ReAory in Bafinghall ftreet, io- 
BaftiihiW ward. 

57. St. Michjiel's, Cornhill, if a 
Reaory, in St. Michael's alley, 
i a Cornhill Ward. 

58.Sc Miphaers, Crooked lane, ia a 
Reftory, the Baft fide of St. M:-^ 
chael's lane,inCandlewickftr.w* 

59. St. Michael's, Q^eenhithe, is a- 
Re£lory, on the North fide of 
Thames ftreet,Queenhithe ward* 

6o» St. Michael's R^yal, is a Reo- 
torv, ^t the £aft fide of College 
hill, in irintry ward. The Pa- 
riih of St. Martin Vtntry is ai»> 
ncxed i6 iu 

61. St. M:cha^*a| Wood ftreet, !a 


• ReAory on the Weft fide of 
Wood flrcet, in the wardof Crip- 
piegate within. TheP^riihof &i. 
Mjrj Saining tt annexed to it. 

«». Sr. Mildred's, Bread ftiCet, is a 
Rea.MV, on tlw Eift fide of 
Bread ftreer, in Bread Areet ward. 
The Paiifh of St, Margaiet Mo- 
fet it annexed to it. 

<j. St. MUdrca?!, Poultry, ii a 

' ReAory, the Corner of Sealdlng 
aJIcy^ in Cheap ward. The Paiifh 
of St. Mary Cole Is annexed to it. 

64.. Sr. Nicholas, (Me Abbej» is a 
Redory, the Souih Cidc cf.Old 
Fifli'ftrcct, In Qjecnhithc w^d. 
The Pari/h of St. Nicholas OUvei 
is aonexed to ir. 

€5.. St. 01ive*f^ Hait flreet, is a 

' ReAory, the South fide of Hift 
f recV ia Tower ftreet ward. 

<6 St. Oiavc's, Jewry, ia • Vica- 
rage, the Weft fide of the Old 
Jewry, ia Coleman ftreet ward- 
The Pariih of St. Mart D» Irpn- 
nonger lane, 13 annexed to it. 

f 7. St. Peter ad Vincola^ within 
the Tower of London. 

68.St.Petei*a,C6rahi]l. isaRcAory, 
rhe Corner of Cornhill,iaCbrA.w. 

69. St. Peter le Pcor. 11 a ReOory, 
the Weft fide of Broad ftreet, ia 
Bioad ftreet waid. 

70. St. ScD 4lchre*s, a V carage^ the 
Nv^rth iide of SuwW hU, in the 
ward of Faringd)n w thout. 

71. St. Stephen's. C lcmi>oftieec-, fa 
aReilory,onthcWeft fideofGole- 
man Ar. in Coleman ftr. ward. 

7t. St. Stephen's, Walbrook, it 
a RcAory, on the Eaft fide of 
Walbrook, in Waibiook ward. 
The PariA of Sr. Benoec Shecf- 
hog is annexe'd to it 

73. St. Swithin't, it a Re£lory, ta 
SwithioMare^inWalbrook wartf. 
The Pari/bof St. Macy B^thaw 
is aonexed to it. ' 

74. Temple Church, in the Inner 
Temple. (0 caied, bccaofe 'twma 
a Church or Chapel to the C>n« 
vent of the Knights Templars, 

7^. Trinity, Minoriesi a Curacy, 
in the Little Miaories>. in Port- 
{oken ward. 

7$. $% Vedaft, commonly called 
Foiier's, is a ReAory, 00 the Eaft 
fide of FofUr lane, in the ward of 
Faringdon within. ThePariftkof 
St.MichaelQaern 11 annexed to if. 

The feveml Pi\ RISH^ CHURCHES within the Gty and Liberty 
of fVe/hntn/fer, 

1 QT. Anne't, fitoate in Dean 

C^ ftreet, Sobo. 
%, Sf. Ocn:ent*», Danes, fituate in 

the Strand. 
5. St. George's, Hanover fquare^ 

Ml the Baft fide of George 4>^eet, 

near Hiinover Iquare. 

4. St.*s, in Jermjn ftreet, 

5. St. John Baptift*s, in the Pre- 
cinct of the Savoy. 

6. St. John the Evangelift, netf 
the Horfe ferry. 

7. St. Margaret*!, fituate on the 
North fide of Weftminfter Abbey. 

8. St. Martin's, fituate at the Z*ft 
fide of St. Martin's lane. 

9. St. Mary le Strand, in' the 

10. St. Panl*!, Govent garden, fi- 
tuate on the Weft fide of Cerent 

Thefeveral PARIS H- CHURCHES in the Cmtnty of JII?jA/^/«#f 
within- the Bill of Morality. 

>. r^Hnft*8 Chureh, fituate on the 
V^ South fide of Church ftreet, 
*ft. St. Anac*s^ Lime-houfc^ fitoate 

on the North fide of Lime 'hoiife. 

3. St. Dc^anS, Stepney, theEalft 
fide of Stepney. 

4. ? '.• George's, BJoomftwry, by 

Bloea ibury 


5. S • George'ty Qneen fquiit, by 
Queen^s fquare, Holbourn. 

6. S.. George's, ioMiddlerex, fitu* 
ace on the Notch lide of Ratcl^ff 

7. St. Gi/et*fl in the Fields, fituate 
00 the South fide of St. Gile/s 

8. St* jAines*8» Clcikcnwell, on 
the Norih fide of UeikenweU 

9. St. Juhn^Sy Hackney, fituate on 
the Eaft £de of Hackney. 

io« St. John* If Wa ping, oa ih» 

North fide of WappiOg. 
II. St. Leonard*! Shoreditcb, is 

the HaraJet of Shorcditch. 
It. St. Luke*«, fituate on the 

North fide of Old ftreet* 

13. St. MaryV, IAingt«n, fituate 
on the Notth fide oi L-sndon, 

14. St. Mary's, WhkechapeJ, on 
the So» h fide of WhitechapeJ 

15. St. Paura, Shadwe-J, on th« 
South fide of Upper Sh4<iweU. 

16. St, Catharine'fif by ihe Tower* 

The feveral PARISH- CHURCHES in the Borough ofSautbwh. 

I. /^Hrift*s Church, fituate at the 
VU South end of Bennet ftreet. 

ft. St. Geprge*s> the South Corner, 
of St. Margaret** hill. 

3» St. Jobn*a, on the South fide of 
Fair ftrect. 

4. St. Mary's; Ltmbethi near the 
Archhiihop*s palace. 

5. St. Mary Magdalen's^ near Ber- 
oiondfey ftfeet. 

6. St. Mary*8^ Newiogron, on the 
North fide of Newingt n Butts. 

7. St. Mary*s, Rotherhiihe. 

8. St. 01ave*s, the Neith fide of 
Too.ey ftrcet, 

^. St.'Savieor, orSi.MaryOterieSf 
fituate oa the S>uth-eaft Angle 
of St. Maiy Oteries Dock. 

10. Sl Thomas*!, fituate on the 
North fide of St.Thomas*i ftrect* 

The Hamet of the CHAPELS, at well of the £ftablifii*d Church, as of 

the different Perfuafiona dififenting therefrom. 

I. Tbt Chpth •/the EfMipid Religitm, 

ARchbi/hop*8 Chapel, at Lam- 
Alk's Cbapely at Hozton 
Benquetttog houfeChapel. Whitebal) 
Ber«»kk ftreet Chapel, Old Soho 
B'idcwellHofpital Chapel 
Charterhoufe Chapel 
College Almihoufc Chapel, Dead- 
man's place. 
Coopet ' s AlmfhoofeCha pelfRaulifFe 
Dacre'a Chapef, Weftminfter 
Drapers Almfiwufe Chapel, Black- 

man ftreet 
■■ ■'— Newtogton Bjtts. 
Duke fleeet Chapel, Weftminfter 
E^y hott^ Chape), Holborn hill 
FiA mongers Aimfiuufo Chapeli 

Ncwington Butti 
fleet Prifon Chjpel 
Fotmd iiig Hofpital Chapel 

Gray's Inn Chape), Griy*s Inn 
Great Queen ftreet Chapel, Lincoln'f 

Inn fields 
Greibam College Cbapd,Biibopfga to 

Grofvenor fqnare Chapel, Audleyft» 
GotMhall Chapel 

Guy's Hofpital Chapel, South wark 
Hm*s Chapel, Rochefter row. Weft' 

- minfter - 
JefFiies's Hofpital Chapel, Kiogflaad 

road * 

Renfington Palace Chapel*s Bench prifpn Chapel^Sooth^ 

Kingfland Hofpital Chapel, Rmgr* 

land , 
King's Areet Chapel, Oxford ftreet 
Knightlbridge Chapel,Kni^ht(bi idge 
Lamb's Chapel, MCunkweil ftreet 


(3« J 

UjicolA*ilton Chapel, Chmctry Itoe 
Lock Hofpital Chapel, Southwark 
Long Acrt Chapal, Losg Acre 
London Hoofe ChipeJ, AUerigate 

London Workhoolie Chaptl^ Bi. 

flioprgatc ftreet 
Ludgatt Priftn Chapd 
MarAalfta priioa Chapel, Southw. 
Mwf fair ehapd. May fair 
Mcrcen Chipel, Chetpfida 
Mew Chapel WeftmUfler 
Newgate prifon, Chapel 
Mow flraet Chapel. St. GiWi io 

the fielda 
Owen*f Almftoufe Chtpel. fflington 
INeaaen Chapel, near the Hay. 

Oxford Chaael, Bfarybooe fields 
ralmar*9 Hofpital Chapel^ WefU 

minfter « 

Petciceet lane Chapel, Whitechapet 
Poultry Compter Chapel 
Queen %iare Chapd, Weftnlinfter 
^cco ftieet Chapel, Btoonfiiary 

Ram't Chapel, Homcrttm, Hackr tjr 
Rolla Chapel, Chancery lane 
Ru0el court Chapel, Drary lane 
St. Janea'i pelaee Chapel 
St* John*! Chapel, Clerkenwell 
St. John*! Chapel, near Red lioa 

St. Martin*a AlsAoule Chnpel^ 

Hog lane 
St. Themaa's Hofpital (^pnJ^ 

Serjeanti Ion Chipel, Chancery laiie* 
Skinnera Ahaikonfe Chapel^ Mile^ 

Somerfet hoofe Chapel 
Spring garden Chapel; Charing crofs 
Suplo'i Inn Chapel, Holbourn 
TrinttyAlmihoofc Chapel, Mile en<t'' 
.Vitttner8AlmfliottfeChapel,Mi]c ea4 
Whitechapel prifon Chapel 
WhitHogton*8 College Chapel, Col^ 

lege hill 
Wheelar'a Chapd, Spidliidda 
Woodftreet Conpter Chapel, 1^oed«» 


II. Frmb Cbapek. 

filack Zagle ftreet Chtpd«. Spitalf. 
Berwick ftreet Chape], Old Soho 
Brown^a Une Chapel, Spitalfields 
CaftJe ftreet Chapel, Green ftreet 
Crifpin'a ftreet Chapel. SpitaUieldi 
Friery Chapd, Pallmall 
Hof lane Chnpel^ Soho 
.Little Chapd ftreet Chapel, Old 

Little Rider*8 court Chflpd, Little 

Kewpoet ftreet 
Ifory le bene Chapd, St. VUxy le 

MUk alky Chapel, Wapping 

Orange ftreet Chapd, Hedge last 

Petticoat lane Oiapel 

St. John's ftreet Chapd» Swa» 

fields, Shoiedltch 
St. Martin's lane^ Chapel, CaAoa 

SaToy Chapel, in the Savoy 
Slaoghter^s ftreet Chapel^ Swta 

fidds, Shoreditch 
Spriog garden Chapel, Charing crolil^ 
Threadneadle ftreet Chapd 
Three crown court Chapel, Spltal« 

Weft ftteet Chapel, Seho^ 

III. Gtmumf Dtoek, and other Cbafdu 

PaniA Chapd, Wellclofe fqoare 
Dutch Chapd. St. AoguAin friers 
*- — in the Sayoy 
Certnan Chapel, in St. Janies*i 
palace. i 

9 ' ■ " ■ in the Sawy 

etGerman Chapd, in Trinity. lane 
duiliao Chapd, Exeter Exchange 

court. Strand 
jSwediih CBapd, Priace*t fguare, 




(39 ) 

The MEETING. HOI7SB9 in Ltmbif, and the Sbbuibs thereof^ 
I* Aw^aptiJI Mtetingt, 

ANgelAlIey Meetiflg, White- 
A^lef7 treeC Meeting, Spitalfields 
Beech lane Meettag, near Wfaite- 

cro(i ftreet 
Brew.ers Halt Meeting. Addfe ftreet 
Cherry garden lane Meetfog, Ro- 

Cher hi the 
Church lane Meeting, Limehoufe 
Cblfiers rente M«etingj White flr. 

Soathwai k 
I>e>onihtre iqnare Meeting, Biftopf- 

gfttt ftreet 
Dtppioj alley Meeting«.Hor(leydown 
Eag'emeet Meeting,Rfd lion ftreet, 

Pair ftreet Meeting, Horileydown 
Flower de luce Meeting, Tooleyftr< 
Glafihoufe ftreet Meetiog,SwaUow- 


Little Wood ftreet Meeting, Crip* 

Maise pond Areet Mbetfng, Sonib- 

Maidenhead xomt Meeting^ GteaV 

Mill yard Meeting, Rag- Fair 
New way Meeting, in the Maite^ 

Paurt alley Meeting, Rederofi (li*. 
Pennington's fireet Meeting, Vir« 

ginia dreet 
pepper ftrait MeeUog, Soothwark 
^iemary branch Meeting, Ro/e« 
{ mar y lane. 

^otheihithe, Meeting, Rotherhttht ' 
;9r. John's court Mating, Little 
I Hart ftreet 
Sheers alley Meeting, White ftreet, 


Gla^houfe yard Meeting, Pick*ax- >Snow fieldi Meeting, Snow ftelda 

Goat yafd paflvge Meeting, Korf- 

Jshnfon't yared Meeting, OU Gta- 

▼ei Uim 
Little Wild ftreet Meeting^ Great 

Wild ftreet 

U^ Uii^wdent Mutiiigu 
Boar*! bead yard Meetinj^, Petticoat 

Ualoo yaid Meeting, Herielydowfl 

Vinegar row Meeting, Shgrcditeli 

.Whifie'aalk^ MwiBi^ JLk^Moo** 


iPai^qMnt raw Meeting, MoorfieMt 

taoc . |Pinneri hall Meeting, Brotd ftreet 

Brick hill lane Meeting, 'Riittes k^een ftreet Meeting, Ratcliff 


Broad ftreet Meeting, neir Old 

Gtrrrel kac 
Court yard Meetiofr, Barnahy ftreet 
DeJidnieA'a phcc Meeting, Souths 

Hare court Meeting, Alderfg^ ftr. 
Jewin ftreet Meeting, Alder^ate 

Mare ftreet Meeting, Hackney 
NeviPi alley Meeing, Fetter lane 
Ke^ Broad ftreet Meeting, Moor- 

New conrt Meeting, Cary ftreet 
Orchard Meeting, Wapping 
PaVd aUey Meeting, LiAt ftrAt 


Redcrofi ftreet Meeting, Sore- Areet 

Ropemaker'a alley Meeting, Littk 

St Michael'* laDtf1iietttog,Gaonoa- 
H ftreet 
St. Savitiur's Dock head Meeting, 

Staining lane Meetii^, Maiden 

Stepney Meeting* Stepoey ftelde 
Turner! Hall Meeting, PhiJ^t 

White Horfe yard Meeting, Doke*a 
I place 
I Zoar ftieet Mceiiiig> Southward. 

nil Prtf. 


III, Prefiyterian, 

Bedna! green Meeting 
B ook houfe Meeting, Clapton 
Cbsrch ftrcet Meeting, Hoxton 
CMifby %are Meeting, Biihopfgatr 

Crowfl court Meeting, Ruflel flreet 
Foundert Hall Meetinr» Lothbury 
Gravrl lane Meetings Hounfditch 
Great St«Thoro.;8 Apoftles Meeting 
Aanover ftrect Mcetinp, Long acre 
King;** Weigh-hottfe Meeting, Lit- 
tle Eaftcheap 
Leather lane Meeting, Hulbourn 
Little Carter lane Meeting 
Little St. Helenas Meeting, Bifhopf- 

gate ftreet 
Long ditch Meeting, Weftminfler 
Maiden lape Meetings Deadman's 

Middlefex court Meeting, Bartho«r 

lomew cicfe 
Mourning fane Meeting, Hackr>ef 
Kew Broad ftreet Meeting, Londoa 

Old Bailey Meeting 
Old Jewry Meeting, Poultry 
Pariih ftteet Meeting, HprfteyJowo- 
Poor Juiy lane Meeiing, near AB» 

Rain pant Lion yard Meeting, Kight-r 

ingale lane 
Salter* hall Meeting, Swithin's lane 
Shakefpear*a walk Meetirg, Upper 

Silver ftreet Meeting, Wood ftreet - 
Swallow ftreet Meeting, Piccadilly 
Windfor court Meeting,- Mookwelis 


Bull and Mouth Meeting, St. Mar- 

tin'i le grand 
Swet*t ftreet Meeting* Sooth wark 
Fair ftreet Meeting, Hoiflcydown 
Little Almonry Mee .ing, Weftm. 
Peel Meeting, St. John*a lane 
^aker ftreet Meeting, Spitalftelds 

IV. fakers Meitingt. 

Sandy's court Meeting, HounfBiteli 
School houfe lane -Meeting*, Ratdiff' 
S&voy Meeting, in the Strand 
Wappiog Meeting, Wapping 
White Hart yard Meeting, Grace* 

church ftreet 
Workhoufe Meeting, Clerkenwrellt 

V. Mietinit tffweral Detuminttims, 

French Ambaftadot*! Chapel^ Greek 

French Propheti Meeting, Clerk* 

. enwell 

■ ■ — Hatton Garden 

Imperial Aonbailadox'a Chapel, Ha- 
nover fquare 

Muggletonian Meeting, Barnaby ftr* 

— — ■■■' ' ■■ Old i^reet rquare 

Noojnrera Meeting, Aiderfgate fir. 

.: — — — St. Gile»*a 

Nonjuror's Meeting, Scroop's cotirt 

Oratory Meeting, Lincoln*! InA 

Popiih Meeting, Butler*! aliey^ 
Grub ftreet 

Portuguefe AoibaflTadoi*! Chapeli^ 
GeUen fquare 

Sardinian AmbafladorVChapelyLin. 
coin's Inn fields 

Venetian Antbaflador's Chapel, Suf- 
folk ftreet. 

J^whh Syuagigm 

Magpye alley Synagogue, of Ger» 
man Jews. 

Bevis Mark Synagogue •£ Portu- 

guefe Jcw^ 
Duke's Place Synagggue of Ger- 
man Jews 

Thefe are alfoTo, and near this City, 13 Hofpitals, loo Alms-boulet^ 
J Colleges, »7 publick Prifonj, 8 publick Schools, 16 gieat Markets, •.« 
fmall Markets, 15 Imia of Court, 3 Play-houfet, 27 publick Squares, 49 
Hails for CoaDpanies, % BiOaops Palaces, ^ Royal Palaces, fifr, 

' 1 . llhcri 

(41 ) 

There >re, wttbin the Bitli of Mortality, 131 (Niat!ty.SchooIt» where- 
In 5034 p-ior Children, of both Sexe*, are educated 3 from which hat« 
been fent iato the World, in and about 50 Yeaia iaft paff, «o,470 Boya 
and Cirlft, who have been placed in good Families and brought uptQuft- 
fu) Employ nn en ri, by the Charity of welUdifpored Per font. 

Ill thif City are eight principal Gates, v/«. LUgait, NtVfgait, Btacr^ 
gafg, Bridgt'gstt, Aider fgati^ Cri/fiegate^ Bi/^iHe^ and Aiditte y and 
tbodl 7000 Streeti, Lanes, Courts, and Alleys j I dwell ng Houfcs, 
and allowing eight Souls to each Houfe (which ii a moderate Computatio*) 
tlie Kumber of I habitants amuuot< to 104C000. There are Hkew Te 
n<any fine Houfes, amongft whiph the nnoll conitderable are, hS^M^fu* 
H. ofe, aud Btdfird Honfe, near Bkmfiury^jquart \ Pewit Hoofe in Or. 
wffidftrut^ Nettfcafiie »nAUtidfiyHfyuie\ i'iLtiieo/n'i hn Fiildt \ Back* 
ingbmm and Marliorottgb Houfes, in St Jamit'i Faik ) BtuUngtom andDtf- 
W9'^/i&/>tf Hottfes, in Piccadilly ; Sltieerjbirtmgb Houfe, io Burlngum^Gawm 
dent, wi(h miny fine Baiidiogi in ihofe Parts, each of which deferve • 
paftieuiar Defcripcion. 

• The Governoient of tbia Cty isdiTided into 16 Wards or Dlftri£ki» each 
of whrch has an A'derman, or principal Member, chofen by iu own \r%* 

.habitant* } and out of this 'BuAj is annually chofen, on the a 9th cf Se^m 
temper, the Lord Mayor, or fopream Mag'ftrate of aji the- City ) he is 
the chief Judf[e of Lcndm, and has Power to Inminoo and Jmpr;foA all 
who are fttbjcA to hit JuiifdiAbn, and is ftikd QmiiertabMr tf the Kiftr 

When.hf. pubtickly appeari abroad, he 11 in a Gotch of Stae, tod 
we«ri a long Robe of Purple or Scailct> with- a Chaia ol Gold) and a rleh 

• Jewel to it, found his NeclL He iiattendcd by faveral Officers walkiog 
before, and on each fide of him } and to {vpport his lligaificcnce, hia 
Piace and Perquifites are faid lo be worth ^ or 10,000/, ptr Anmum, 

The nejct io Digdity and Power to (he Lord Mayor^ are the Aldcrxnis i . 
each of them has uoder h m a ceruin Number of Cwmtnon-CouociU Meo, 
one of whom is his Deputy, befidcs Under- Officer! : Theie, at well as 
(he Aldeimeo, are cbofen by the I.ihabitams of each Ward. Tlite Mayor 
tnd Aldermea ehoofe the Recoider^ who is their Spcakery and their 
C(taniellor as to the Liws and Caftoma of the City, 

The. two Sheriffs are alTo conAdcrable Ma^ftr^te*, efpccially in their 
Pv.wer to impanel Jaries. They arc chofien yearly 00 Mid/ummtrmD^f 
by the Lirery- Men. 

The Chimberlaiaof L«c^ is an O0ice of great Truil, being intruAed 
with the C'ty-Ca/h, and the Orphans Muney 1 H: has aifo foil Autho* 
rity over ihe Apprentices of th? City, and is>chofeii by the Livery- Men* 

The Common- Council ate Members yearly chofen out of every Ward, 
ta thd Number of %^$, by the Hoofe Iteepors, from amongft theitfelTes^ 
torrprefent the whole City. 

Th; Livery- Men ol the City of Lmdn are foch, who baring fiiith. 
fully feived their Appnemlctfliips, have taken not only the Freedom of 
the City, bot alfo the Livery or Gown of their refpc£tive Company* 

The City and Liberty of Wtfiminf^w reaches towards htndott- as far as 
^tm^U Bar, where the JurifdiAion of the Lord Mayor of Londoi^ anda. 
The Dean and Chapter of fVefimipfiir are vefted with all Manner of Ju- 
UldidteA^^ £«(2c&afti€al and Civil^ beloo^tng both to the City and Liberty 



( 4« ) 

^Wtlhmif$r\ bttt tlie MimfemtBt of (he CiTiI1^«^, ^ncfttkeKe'- 
larmatiMy is in the Handi of Laymeii, the Pi incipal of which it tlie 
High-Suward, who if commonly ■ NobleoMn^ and hcldi liit Office db- 
TMtM mita, Kert to him is the High- Bailiff, who fbrnmoot the Jvnieu, 
. has all the BailiA of W^iitftpr fubordinate to him, and maoagea ti>c 
Xleaioa of Membera of Parliament for IVtfmifkr. There U aKo a 
Htfb-ConlbUei who haa alio the other Conftabkt of the Liberty nodcc^ 
hire \ there arc likewife fourteen Borgeflea, v/'s, ftTen for the Qty, aiod 
leveo for the Liberty, etch having an Af&ftant. 

Having given this genorai Defeription of the tTities of LoeiMi and Wtfl^ 
mhftff and of their diflFerent Governmenti, I will juft point oot fech «f 
the moft remarkable Places and l*bings as* are worth the Notice of the 
Corioos I and anongll thefe, St. yanutH Houfe claims the firft Piter, ws 
it ia the King% Palace ; but the left as a Buildiog, being very irregular, 
nod not at all magnificent ; bet the Park adjoining to ir, is perhaps tkc 
< moft beautifhl Thing of the Kind in Europe, 

The Banqoetting. Houfe \tWbit*baU, built hj Uig§ Jtmet, and the* 
Gieltog pointed by Ruhiu, arc worthy of Notice i Itkewife a pedefiriav 
8tatac of Brafs of Xing ysmn II. in the P>i^ Garden, W^mrfivrm. 
Jihbtff for its great Antiquity, and the many curious Monuments ia tt^ 
deferves great Attention \ as alfo the FMr/iament Hiife, and fVt/fwunfier» 
tUUt where the prineipal Courts of Jodicature are held, Wx. the High 
Goort of Cbmaterj, the Court of ISmgU^ Bench, Commtm Flemt, and Bm- 
tbepier. The Mufaeum in Grtai Ruffel frett, £l9m/hapy, containing 
the GsriM LibMty» ^c. The JVnth'Tret^, the jiimreSiy*Officr^ and 

the King*a Stableay are weith iieehig) aa alio lhribitmkerUMd»Bm/e\ the 
Ssntft and Strntefei. Hmfe | the TemfUf ao^ alt the Ions of Conrr* St. 
FW^a it e noble Srdaure, and worthy of moch Obfenratton ; aa la wih 
CuiUMd^ theAfswwactf, wd the It^otAicAeef #. In the Tavar, the 
. Afsotiee, the Mint, the Grown Jiewcla, and the Records of the Ktng- 
dooi^ demand the Notice of the Curioas, The Hofpital of 6re§tmitt for 
diabkd Saaoaen, and. the Coifego of €MJui for old ISoldiers, are noUe 
FoDOdationa, The Ca/hm-HmJe, and a View of the Ships in the River, 
-five a gicat Idea of the Wealth and Trade of this Kingdom | and the 
Number of beautiful Villagea, end the noble Baillings within, ten liiles 
leuad the Cky^ ase not to be parallerd in Smnfe, or perhaps ia the 

The Names of the feveral Wards, and the Aldermen theMof, with the 
Nomber of Common- CeuncUp Men* N,B, Thefe mark*d thua * haf o 
paft'd the Chair, 

^^ ^ AUUrmen. 

Sir Richard Oiynn, Kot. Loid Meyoib 

• Sir Robert Ladbroke, Knt. 

• Sir William Calvert, Knt. ' 

• John Blaehlbrd, Bfqj 

• Frenen Cokayne, Bfqi 

• Robert Alfep, Bfqj 

• Sur Grifp Oafcoyne, Kot* 

• Thomu Rawlinibo, Bfqi 

• Stephen Thoodoie Jaafliiiy Efiii 





Bridge without 












Broad- ftreet 






















^ Marfiie Dickinfoo, Efq; 

' Sir Charles AfgUl, Knt. 
Sir Jofepb Haakey, Knt* 
William. Baker, Efq^ 
ThoiDM Chitty, E/qs 
Matthtw BlackiftoD, Efqi. 
^r Samuel Flodyer, KjoU 
Robert ScDtt, £!q; 
Waiifm Bcdifotd, Efq; 
William Alexander, Efqf 
William Bridgen* Efq; 
WilUam Scephenfon, Ef<ii. 
Georgt V«lfon, Efq^ 
FraJieis Gofling, EAjf 
Robert Kite, Efq; 
Nathaniel Nafli, £iq; 
Alexander Mailer^ Sfq; 






FaringdoD wi»hii» 

Bridge wiihia 


Fariogdon witkout 




An Actotuit tfthe Compantu and tncArpcrationt hfUnging to the City of Lon« 

doo \*^nd firft 9f tbs twehi grgnd CompanHi^ 9ui of vfbicb f^^Lord 

Mayor h annuatly ehcjeti, 
I.X ^ERCERS.^Tbis Company ii the fir A in Pcecedmce» and wat 

iVX incorporated by Letters ?*%tait, i<» the Reign otf Risbrnd U. ia 
the V/ear iWf> It it goTcroedby a Pricce, fWardens and^o Attftaatf^ 
%itii %\o Liverymea, who ofy aFin«i. at their AdddfliaAy i%U tgt* 4^ 
Their Hallj to tranfa^t Bufineif, is in Cbetp^fid$. 

1. OROCER&— This Cooapaiiy ivai;aiicoiporat«d ia titaRcigao&J</» 
wWIXL IS45»> cenfixiscd by B^ VI. in i4S9« It eoaMi oCa Rrinct 
3 Wardeoe, «i A/fiAaots. and 117 Liverymea, who pay a Fiae of m/«. 
on tktir Adnut^Acg* TJie Covpany ia wry rich, and gay aboot yoail a 
Year to the Poor. TKeir^Hall is in Gfyitrt Alltf. 

1. DRAPERS.— The Fraceroity of Dtaperswas incarporaled ia the 
BeigD ofttimy Vl. in the Yeax i499« I^^ is gOTQioed by a Mafter, ^ 
Wajdens* 50 Afliftanu, and 140 Liverymen, frho pay a Fine of 15/. on 
AdniiiTion. Their Hall /• in Tbr^tnrtn-'Streei^ and they pay to tha 
^ooff about 4000/4 a Year. 

4. FiSHMONOERS.— This Gorp«AtioB was formerly vndtf tha Di. 
teftion of the L3rd MSiyor and Aldarnen* It confifts of a Prince, 5 
^ardent* aS Affiftants, and 140 Liverymen^ who pay a Fina of 13/. 6f« 
td, u their Admi^lion* Their Hall it In ngmet^Strttt, and they pay 
aboot 800/. a Yeartp charitable Vfei* 

5* GOLDSMITHS.^Thii Fraternity 11 very ancient, and hat manit 
Privileges. They are coaftitutad a Body Politick and Gas*perate, hare per- 
Hetoal Succeffion, and a commooSeal for Iraaiaftiag their Bufinaft* The^ 
have the Power of infpe^ing, tif ing, and regulating all Gold and Sstven 
Wsr^ I and of puniihing fiieh.aa* afa foand guilty of working adulterated 
Cold or Silver* They have alfo the Privilega df making By«Lawa, for 
the Regulation of their own Society. So early as in the Reign of Hmrf- 
^ 19 8a^ they were tmvmA for betociadiilteHnex that it, foe fettlng »p 


r 44 ) 

without the Kiag*t Lkeace. They were afterwarda hicorperated by Bd' 
%oafd III. in ijty. They aregoreroed by a Prince, 3 Wardens, and 98 
Aifitaoti, wiih a Livery of T98 Members^ who pay a Fine of £oA (hi 
being admitted. Theii Hall is in Ftjier-Uiu j ihey have a latge Eilaie, 
and pay abote a loooA a Vear to the Poor. 

6. SKINNERS.-— Thia Society was incorporated by EiwMrd llf. In the 
Year 1317. Thia Company is governed by a Mufter, 4. Wardens, and. 
#0 AHiftants) iheir Livery confitls of 137 Mernbers, who pay a Fme at 
Entrance cf 15/.. Their Hall is on Daw^att-Hill i and they payj to 
cha. liable Ufei, about 700/. a Year. 

7. MERCHANT.TAYLORS. — This Fraternity was coirinQoly 
called Taylors and Linen Aimoreri ; they were incorprat^d by Edkvard 
I Y. in the Year 1466 j but King Hamrf YII. becoming a Member of this 
Ctmpany, for their greater Houour he reincorporated ihem bf the Ramer 
of Mirebant7ayf9rt in the Year 1503. They are governed by a Mafter^ 
4 Wardens, 38 Affiil. nts, and 394. Liverymen, who at their Adm!ttj( nee 
pay a Fine 0/ 20/. Their HJl is in ^hrtadnfedk- Street \ and they pay to» 
the Poor abvot aooo/. p*r Annum, 

%; HABERDASHERS —This Sodety aoeiently called Horrers and 
Milliners) was incorporated by Henry VL in the Ycai- 1,07. Tbfy are 
governed by a Miller^ 4 Wardens, and 93 Afliftaots, with a \'ytTj of 
342 Members, who pay a Fine of 25/. each 00 their. AdmiiTion. Their 
Hall is in hSmiden. Lane ; they pay apaualiy to the Poor about 3500/. 

9. SALTERS.— This Fratarnity, though of great Antiquity, was firil 
ificurporatcd by Queen BUxahtth, in the Year 15 $8* They aic gOTcraed 
by a.MaAer, % Waidens, ay Afliftants, and a Livery oJF 190 Members « 
who pay a Fine of toA Their Hall isii Swtbin*t»Ltne, and they pay 
•bOJt 500/. a Year to the' Poor. 

• to. IRONMONGERS.— This Cjirptiiy was incorporated by Edward 
IY« til the Year 1464. They are governed by a MaAier, % Watdtns» 
and the wivulc Livery are Afltftaots, which cunfifts of S4 Members, 
whofe Fine^is. 13/. Their Hall itf in Ftnchvreb fr§tt, and they p^y to 
charitable Vit^ about 1800/. a Year. Befides tfatr^ in the Y«ar 1724, 
Mr. Thimas Beit9»kit them 26,000/. one Half of the Profits of which 
ia employed to redeem Briiijb Cij^ti^c* from Slavery, and the other Half 
is ditlribated betwixt the Puor of tke Comp&ny^ and the Ch^fity-Schoola 
of the City.. 

II. VlNTNERS.^This Company was incorporated by Henry VI, in 
14)7* Tbry are govetoed by a Mafter, } Waidns, 18 Aififtaiits^ wi h 
a Livery of 194 Member*, whofe Fine is 11/. 131. 4^. Their HaJ it 
in 7hameS'St'eet, and they pay to charitable Ufes about 6oO/ a Year. 

f a. CLOTH WORKfiRS.-«ThfS Society was incorporated by Edward 
IV. in the Year I482. They were anciently tailed Sheermen, bot Qneen 
Euxabetb changed their Tithi to Clbthworkers. They are goTcrned by a 
Mailer, 4 Wardens, and 3^ Aififtants, with 154 Liverymen, wfaofe 
Fine is ao/. Theij Hatlia in Miming^LMn*^ and they pay in Charity 
•bODt 1400/. a Year* • 

l^btfe are the ttoei-ve great Cempaniet ef ihe City, placed in the Order %f their 

• Preeedeucy, The rtfi fi>jU fiiluw-alfbabedeally^ however wiih Fiimrei 
. denoting their P/ace, 

AP0TH£CM1&S 5S ...Thii Company waa incorpoUted by King 



ysmet 1. in the Year 1^17. Tliey 9re ginned hf 1 Mafter, t Wir« 
dent, and si Afliftaots, wirh t Livery of 144 Mcmben, whofe Fine it 
16/. an4 they «re exempt from all Ward and Pariih OSweu Their HUl 
is in B/aek Frian 3 aad Sir ifmi $/o««« his granted to the Compaoj for 
ever the fine Phyfick- Garden at Cbe/fea, 

ARMOURERS la— This Company wai incorporated la the Year 
I4a34 hy hlgiirj VI. who became one of their Members. Tiie Braficit 
aie united with this Company, and are jointly governed by a Mafter^ 
aWarden5, and si Affiftanta ; there ar^ 80 Members on the Live/y, 
wbofc Fine is 1 5A The r Hall is in CalemathStnet ,. 

Bakers 19.— XhisSjciftywas incorporated hy ElivafiW, in the 
Year 1307. It is governed by a lAiAer, 4 Wardeoi, and jo AHiftantsi 
there are J95 Liverymen, is lb'. Their Hall is in Har^ 
Lane, / 

Barbers 17.— The A-t of ISur^ry was formerly pts^iiLd only by 
Birbers, and in the R.'^i^Q of Htnry VIiX. when (bme others a/fiumed th« 
P a A ice of it, they obtained an A£b of 1>ariiament to prevent it, and 
were ezempied from all Ward and Pariih Offices! hut by an A€t of it 
Gc6ri;e U, ihe fard Corporation of Barber Surgecni, as they were for- 
mer y (liled» waf diflbived, and the Surgeons were made a di/lin^l Com* 
pahy fn>ih the Barbery who are now governed by a MaAcr and % 
Wardens, who in the Af^ arc ftiled Governors, and S4 Afliftjnts. Th« 
LWery is very numerous, and their Hall is iituate in MonkfotV^Strtet, 

BASKET MAKERS 5S.*It Is not known when thia Fraternity 
was cre^ed into a Fellowfliip, they having no Charter but Cuftom and 
Prefcription. H .wever they are reckoned one of the City Compaaiei^ 
and are governed by z Wardens, and 4S Afliftiots) bat have nelthtf 
I*«very nor H»U. 

BLACKSMITHS 40.— Thn ancient Society was 6rA incorprirated by 
<iieen Ehmahtbin 1571. Thry are governed by a Matter, 3 Wardens, 
a I AfliAants^ and a Livery cf szo Memf»eri, who pay a Fine oitK on 
Admittance. Their Hall is on LtfW^rr. Hi//. . 

BOWYERS 38.— This 9ncient Society was b:Id only by Piefcription* 
till the Reign of James I. wh<j iocorporaed them in l620« They aie 
governed by a Mafter, '% Wardens, iz AflTiilants. and 30 Liveiymen^ 
^hafe Fine is 8/. Their Hall was formerly in Nfiie- Strut, but at pre- 
fent thry have none. 

BREWERS r4.— This C )mpany was incorporated by ffeny VI. ia 
14)8. They are governed by a M.ftcr, | Wardens, s8 A^Aants. and 
108 Liverymen, whofe Fine is ^6/. 131. 4i« Their Hail u in jiM'im 

BROIDERERS 48.— This Company was iiKorporaei by Q^-tn B.'i' 
Kiht.'b in I561. 1'hey are ^overne^ by a WarJen», 40 At^ ilant , and a 
Live y of m Mrmbcrt, w'lole F nc is ^/. Their Hall is in GutUr hame^ 
BU ITHERS s \.— Thi« ii a very ancient Society^ thou|^h noc incoxpo- 
wt«d till the Rdgo vfjam/t I, They are govrned by 4 MaOer, 5 W»r- 
^*n«, sT Affiftants, and 114 Live ymen, whofe Fine is s/. Their Hall 
Is in Tuddiny. Lart, Their Charur has been teoewed in his prefe .1 Ma* 

CAI^U MAKERS 8 3. —They were incorporated by Chariti 1.- \n 
I '119. T ey arc governed by a Maftsrr, i Wardens, and 18 ^^'^' '-*' * 
kii have neither Livcry, nor HaU. ^^*^* 



CARMEN lo.«*Tbe Ctrnen were ere£led into t Fellowfliip in tfa«. 
Iteifn of Btan VlIL by on Aft of Common- Osuncil } and m the Reiga 
0f James I. tbej were incorpomted with the Society of Foellers, linger 
the Title of Woodmoaien. Bot in iS^, the Foellers being conriaed 
hy PirlUmcot of feYenl Frauds and Impofitions in the Sale of Coals, and 
ether Fuel, and apprehending they fliould be fevere^ punHhed, threw op 
their Charter. Upon thii the Carmen were again conftitutcd a FcUowflii^ 
of the City, by an A£t of Common-CoonciK They are goTerned by « 
Mafter, t Wardensy and 41 AflTiftanta, under the Direftioo of the Lori 
Mayor and Aldermen } but they have neither Livery, nor Hall. 

CARPENTERS t6.— They were incorporated by Edward 1IL m 
134^4. They are governed by a Mafter^ 3 Waitlens> and %o Affiftanta, 
with a Livery of 100 Memben« whofe Fine it 8/. Their Hall is at 

CLOCK MAKERS 6 f. —They were incorporated by Cbar/esl, m 
1631. They have a Mafter, ^ Wardcn»» and %t Afiiftantf } but neither 
Livery, nor HaJL 

COACH MAKERS 79.-- Incorporated by Cbartet U. in 1677. They 
•re governed by a Matter^ 3 Wardens, 23 AfTiftaots, and 104 Liverynaen. 
who pay a Fine of loU on Admiffion. Their Hall it in NM-SUtei* 

COMB-MAK^S 63.—- This Company was incorporated by King 
Cbar/es I. in 1636* They have a Mafieri z Wardens^ and 13 Affiftao^ $ 
bot neither Livety, nor Hall. 

COOKS 35.— Thfs Society was incorporated hy Edward IV, In i^tot 
By their Charter, every Member before Admiflion is to be prefented to 
the Lord Mayor. They are governed by % Mailers, i Wardens, « 5 Af- 
fiilanrs, and 7S LiveiirmeD, whofe Fine is loA Their HaH is in Alderft 

COOPERS 36.— This Fraternity was incorporated by Henry VII. in 
1501, They have a Mafter, 3 Wardens, %o Afliftants and a Livery of 
S44 Members, whoie Fine is 15/. Their Hall is in SafingbaUStnet, 

C0RDWAiK£RS ay,— This Society wu firfk incorporated by Henry 
IV. in 1410, by the Name of Cjrdwainers and Coblers. But by a late 
Charter, the Ap|>ellation of Corbier was left our. They are governed by 
a Mafter, 4 Wardens, 16 Affiftants, and 108 Liverymen, whole Fiae it 
loL Their Hall is in Difiaff'Lam, 

CURRIERS 29.— This Society was incorporated by Jamttl. in 1605. 
They have a Mafter, % Wardens, 11 Ali^nts, and 103 Liverymeoi 
whofe Fine is 9/. 131. 4^. . Their Hall is nnt Crifplegate, 

CUTLERS 1 8 ,— This Company was incorporated by Henry V, in 141 7, 
and were fomeTime after united with the Haft and Sheath* malcers. The 
Society ecnfifts of a M^fler, 2 Wardens, and'zi AifilUnts, with aLivery 
' of Kio Members, «/liofe Fine ii io/» each. Their Hall it in CIoak-Lani, 
DISTILLERS 74.*Theywere intorporated by €barles J, in 1639. 
Thry confift of a Mafter, 3 Wardens, 19 Affiftants, and 122 Liveiymen, 
whole Fine is 1 3/. 61. 8d!. Tliey have no Hall, 

DYERS 13 —This Company was anciently one of the Twelvo, and 
was incorporated ly Eimard IV, in I47«. It is governed by » Wardeni, 
5^ j^^««*»,a"<i »4C> LiverjMnen, wfioie Fine is 15/, Their HaJl is in 
hufUElbno^Une, Dfnvg^i.Hiil This Company Has the Privilege of 
keeping-Swans upon the River of 7ia«<i, * 



T AK MAKERS tif*— Tbit Obmpaoy wii iflCdr^onta^ hj Quctd Am 
in 1709. They ait governed by a MaAer^ ft Wardens, and ao AffiAanti § 
but have neither Livery, nor HaU* 

FARRISHS 55.-^They were incorpwtted bjCUrUt II, in t^yj^ftoi 
the Cooijiiflj confiftt of a Matter, 3 WardeM, 94 AffiftanU, and 76 Ai« 
verymeAj whofe Fine is $U They have no Hali. 

FELT-MAKERS 64*— The Felt, or Hatmaken, foraoerly beIon|dl 
to th« Cofopeny of Haberdaflien $ but King ysmu I. iooorporated chcm 
by tbeafelvea in b.6o4» '^bey have ■ Malbr, 4 Waidem, and %$ AU 
fiftantt, with 60 LWerymen, whofe Fine is 5/. ' 

nSHERMENS;.— They were iacorporaied by Jama !!• in 16I7 | 
bat have neither Livery, Hall, nor Arms* 

FLETCHERS 39.— -Thia is t Company only by Prcferiprion* not by 
Charter! *"^ confifts of « Wardent, 10 Affiftants, and 35 Liverymen, 
who'pay a Fine of 10/. Their Hall is !n St. NUry-Axt^ 

FOUNDERS 33.— This Society was incorporated by Jsmt L b i6i4« 
They are goiTerned by a Maftcr, % Wardeoiy a4 AfliAants, and 23ft LU 
very men, whofe Fine is S/. yr. 6d. Their Hall ia io LvthSurv, 

FRAME-WORK-KNTTTSRS 65— T^e Frame-Work-Knitttrt, or 
Stociting- Weavers, were incorporated by Ofcarki IL in 1663. They are 
governed by a Mafter, a Wardens, iS Affiftanta, and 5S Liverymen, 
who my, on their Adniffion, a Fine of lo/. Their Hill n in JUi« 

FRUITERERS 45.— Tbia Fraternity wu ineorpoitted by Jamtt X. if» 
t6o5. They^have a Mafter, a WardtiH, and 30 Liverymen* whofe 
Fine k 5/. They have no HaU. 

... GARDENERS 70. — This Society w«i incorporated by Jamn J, to 
i6i6. They have a MaAer^ ft Wtrdent, and iS Affiftants j but nei- 
ther Mall nor Livery. 

GIRDLERS 23,— This Company was iacorperatcd by H^sry VI. ia 
'449> Mid eonfirmed by QiUsmEhxa^k in 156S, when the Pinnera 
and Wircdrawers wore Joined vrith them. They have a Mafler, 3 Wtr* 
dene, 94 Affiftants, and 77 Liverymen, whole Fbie ia sal. Their Half 
is in Bafiagba/I-Strttt, 

GLAZIERS (3;— This Society was incorporaftd with that ef the 
CUfs-Painters, by Chtrlu L in 1637. They have a Mafter, ft War* 
dens, 11 Affifbms, and 91 Liverymen, who pay a Fine of 3 A They^ 
have no Hall. 

GLASS.SELLBRS 77— The Glafs-fellers, and Looking glaff-makert. 
Were iocorporatcd together by Cbartes IT, in 1664. Ti:ey have a Mafter, 
a Wardens, 14. Affiftants aod 44 Liverymen, who pay a Fins of 3/. 
They ht^e no Hall. 

GLOVERS 62.— This Fraternity was incorporated by CUrln I. is 
'^iS. They have a Mafter. 4 Wardens, 30 Affiftants, and 130 Livery* 
Q»n, whofe Fine is 5/. lax. Axi, Their Hall h \n Beeth^tam, 

GOLD mnd SILVER WIRB-DRAW^S Si^They were incorpo- 
^iti^yj^met t. in 1613. They have a' Mafter and tS Affiftants} 
but w'lihsr Livery, nor HalL 

GUN-8M ITHS Sc^Iocorporated by CUrUt L in 1638. They have a 
Mafter, a Wardens, and 18 Affiftwts ; bat neither Hail, nor Livery; 

HAT.BAND.MARERS75.-»Incorporated by Ckmln U in S65S. 


(48 ) 

They hafe i MtHer^ t Wardem, and is AflSftanti ; but noLivcry, oor 

HORNERS 54.-- locorporated by Cbarfft I. in 163s. They have^ 
M'ftsr, % Wardens and 9 AflTiftuitt \ but 00 Livery, nor HalJ. 

INN HOLDERS 3».— Ineorporatrd by Htmry VI If. in 1515. They 
have a M^ftrr, 3 Wardeoi, 10 AlSdaott, and 139 Liveryriten^ whofe 
Fine it 10'. Thdr Hall it ia EAo^o^hane, 

JOYNERS 4i.-<-IncoriK>rated by Queen EHmsbeib in 1569. Governed 
by a Mafter, % Wardens, 14 Aififtaou, and 3313 Liverymeni who pay a 
Fine of 8/. Their Hall is in Friars- Laiu, Tbsmt.Strtet, 
. LEATHER.SEIJLERS 1 5.— Incorporated by H^n/y VL They are 
governed by a Prince, 3 Wardens, •4 A/Tiftants, and 156 Liveryren, 
who pay a Fine of aoA at tbeir Admiflion. Their Hall ia in Littfe St, 
Btlien^u They have the lofpedioo of La^b, Sheep, and Cilves Lea; 
ther, in order to prevent Fiauds in thofe Commodities. 

LONG BQWbTRING-MAKERS Ss.—Tbh Society ia not by Char- 
tec, but PreliBriptton, and confiAs only of a Wardens^ and 19 AiTiAantt, 
without any Livery, or Hall. 

• LO|LiNERS 57.^—Incorporsted by.Queco jimt in 1711. They have 
a Maftefy a Wardens, and ^4 AfliAanCs, with 69 Liverymen. Their 

. MASONS 3#<— Incorporated by Ctarletlh in 16 jj^ They hare a 
Mafter, a Wardens ^ AiUftaots, and 70 Liverymeri, who pay a Fine 
of 5/. Thett Hall i< in Hafrn'i- Alley, BaJingMUStrea^ 

MUSICIANS 5o.-»Incorporat«d by yama h in 1604. They have a 
Mailer, 1 Wardens, ao Afliftanti, and 31 Liveryjben, who • pay 404. 
Fine at tbeir Admittance. Na Hall. 

ja£EDLE.MAK£RS69«— Incorporated hy Oliwr Crmwell'm 1656. 
Cover, ed by a MaAer, % Wardens, 18 AfliftantSj and 4S Liverymeot 
Their Fine is 3/. 6f. 8^. No Hall. 

PAINTERS STAINERS aS.— Incorporated hy Qnecn ElixabeiB in 
J^S^, Tjiey have a Mafte^ a Wardeot, 19 Afiiftants, and ia4 Mem- 
bers on the Livery, who pay a Fine of 144 Their Hall is in t4itlt 

PARIbH-CLERKS 88 — This Company wai incorporated by fifary 
III. 1 2} 3. They keep a Printing Prefs in their Hall, where they print 
the Weekly Bill of Mortality, and are obliged, by tbeir Charter, to make 
a Weekly Rrport of all the Ch rift nings and Buriah within iheir re pe^ive 
P«r:(be8 every Tuefday. They ar.e governed by a MaAer, 2 WatfleAa^ 
atd 17 Afliftants. Their Hall is in H^tod Street, 

. PaTTEN-MAKERS 76.-i.!ncorpofated by Cbarkk IT. 1670, Thfj 
have a Mafter, a Wardens, 24 AfnA&nts and ^6 Liver;men, whjfe Fine 
1*67. N a Hall. 

. PAVIOURS 56 — This Company is not by Charier, but Prercription. 
They hav^3 Wa.dfns, and 25 Ailiftants ; but nei" her Livery, nor H-11, 
. PEWTERERS i6.-*Incorporated'by£^«r^{V. 1474. 1 1> order to 
prevent thr Ijiportarjonof Foreign Pewter, the Wardens of this Company 
arc ifnpowered, by P4rliarr.enr, to infpeft the Pewter in all Paris of the 
K»og«»om I aed by the fan-c Adt all Englijhmen are Torhid to divulge the 
Art of Pewterers in any foreign Countiy, on Pain of Di'franchifeaient, 
and no Pewterer «an uke ai an Apprentice the Son of a Foreigner. They 

■ have 

( 49 ) 

ha^e aUafter^ % Wfrdeni, iS Affiftantt, tnd 7S LiTeryraeiij wliofe fSoe, 
on Admicunce, is ^pt, ^ Their Hail is in Lime Sfntt, 

PIN-MAKERS ^8.— Incorporated by Cbsriei I. z6|6. They hiTe a 
Mailer, a Wardens, and 18 ABlftants | but without Hall, or faivery. 

PLAISTBRERS 46.— Incorporated by Henry Vf I. 1 50 1 . They haire 
a Mtflcr, a Wardens, 3a Affiftanri, and 77 Liverymen, who pay a fine 
of 8/. Their Hall if in Addie. Street. 

PLUMBERS 31;— Incorporated by 7«aiei 1, 161 1. They hate a Ma- 
iler, % Wardent, 14 Affiftanta and 57 LiVerymeny whofe Fine of Ad* 
minion is 10/. Tlieir HaJI is ia Cbefuer.Tard, Dmogate^UHk 

PORTERS 90.— The Porters were conftitvted a f ellowfliip by an Aft 
«f Common- Council in 1646, aad ha?e a Power anQvalJy to eleA from 
among themfeWei za Rulers. 

POULTERERS 34.— Incorporated by fliwy VIL 1504, They liave 
a Mafler, % Wardent, 13 Affiftaats, and 106 Liverymen, whole r inc ia 
fto/. They have no Hall. 

SADLERS a5.«-This Society was incorporated by 'BdwMfd I. isys. 
They are governed by a Prime, 3 Wardens, 18 Aflillants, and 70 Livery 
men, whofe Fine is xoL Their Hall is in Cbetffide, 

SCRIVENERS 44.«-Incorporflted by Jffmn I. »6r6. They haVe a 
Mailer, 1 Wardens, a4 Atfiftants, and 53 Liveryman, whofe Fine is 5/. 
They have no H4II at prefenr, havirg fold their Hall hi ITMi Strem to 
the Company of Coacb-makeriM 

• SHIP WRIGHTS 59.— Ineorporat^ed by Jgmet I. 1605. They have 
a MaAer, % Wardent, and ao Afiiilants ; but neither Livery nor Htll« 

' SILK- MEN 67.— Incorporated by Cbartei I. i6|i. They have a 
Mailer and ao AiltiUnts : but neither Livery nor Hill. 

• SILK. THROWERS 68.— Incorporated by Cbarlei K 163T. They 
have a Msiler, 1 Wardens, %o Affiftantf ; but neither L very nor Hall. 

SOPE- MAKERS 71 — Incorporated \y CbarUs I. They have a M4- 
fter, % Wardens, x8 Aiiiftants) but neither Liveiy, nor Hail. 
' SPECTACLE- MAKl^S 60.— Incort)onted by CbarUt f. 16 ]0, 
They have a Mafter, a Warden t, and 15 Ailiftaots ; but peither Kill 
nor Livery. 

STARCH-MAKERS 86.-i-Incor|>orated by Jamt I. x6is. They 
have a Mailer, a Wardens, and a4 Aflitl«nts| but neither Uvery, nor 

ST/CTIONERS 47,— This Company confif « of B okfellers, Sta- 
tioners, Printers, Letter- Founders and Book- binder?. They were incdr* 
pofe-at^d by Q^xen Mary in 1557. Th^y have a Stock* of about 15000/. 
wVich they employ in printing Almanacks, Primmers, Pfi^lters, School- 
hooks, &e, the fole Privilege of printing whiVh is granted to theip by A€t 
of Parliament. They connil.of a Mafter, % Wardens, and ay AlTiftants, 
^ith 108 Liverymen, whofe Fine of A<)miflion It ao/. Their Hallia 
sear Luigate. They pay to charitable Vfes above 300/. a Year. 

SURGEONS.— >They were made a feparate Corporatlan froi^ the 
Sariers, by AA of lS <ji9rge II. They arc governed by a M4'fler, a War- 
dens, JO Examiners of Surgeons, and ai Afliftants. . Their elegaat Hall 
or Thsatre is in the did Baifey, 

TALLOW CHANDLERS tl.— Thry were in^oriioratcd by E-dwad 

IV. 1461. They have a Mafter, 4 Wardent, 38 Affiftants, »nd 170 

- - ^ * . D Liverymen. 

/( so > 

V^mrjmtat vhofe Fine ii 1 5/. The r Haii is-oo Dni^4temUia, 

TIN. PLATE- WORKBRS;! Tneorponted hy CbsrUi II. 1670. 

Tliey hive m Mafter, s Wardeof^ and so AffilUnts | but neither Livery, 
nor H«IL 

TOBACCO-PIPE.MAKERS ^^,'^ncnr^(afUi hj ChMrln II. 1663. 
They have a Mafter^ & Wardeoa. ai»d 18 Aifidanti: but neither Livery, 
nor Hili. 

TURNERS 51^— Incorporated by Jawui 1. 1604. They beve t Ma- 
ftcr, % Wardeni, 24 Afliftaots, and 144 Ltveryroeo^ whofe Fine is ft/* 
Their HaU ii on CJhge^HiU. 

TYLERS Apd BRJCKLAYERS 37.— Incorporated by Qoeen EKtM- 

hetb, 156S. They have a M<Aer, % Wardens, 3% Affiftants, and 103 

Xiveiymen. whofe Fine is la/. Their Hail ii inttadenbMll^Strm. 

UPHOLDERS 49.— Incorporated by CbMrtet !• 1627. They have a 

, Maftcr^ % War Jem, aS Afliftanti, and a Live.y of 131 Membera, whoTe 

Fine 114/. ici. They have no Hall. 

WATERMEM 91 — The Whenymen and Lightermen were confti- 

' ti;ted a Company by KLtog H^tiliam HI, in the Year 1700, but are under 

the Direction of the Court of Aldermen, who annually appoint the Over* 

. ftets and Rulera of the Company. They are raftrained by A6t of Par- 

^ liament from working on Sundays, except a certain Nomberj not exceed* 

* ing forty, who ate appointed weekly to j>'y on Sunday, betwixt /^*x£a// 

and Limeboufe^ to carry PalTengers acrofs the River for a Penny each. 

The Money thna earned ii paid every Monday Morning to the Overfeers 

of the Coonpany 5 and after each Waterma^n is paid his proper Wages for 

^ the D.y*8 Woik, the Overplus is applied to the Ufc of their own Poor, 

and amounts ye^ily to Soo/. There are thought to be upwards of 70CO 

. Boats 00 the River, and 1700 Barges. Watermeas- Hall ia in Thama^ 

Streti, near tsOndM- B'idgi, 

WAX-CHANDLERS so.«*Incorporatcd hy Rithsfd IIL in t^^, 
' Thry have a M after, % Wardens, so Afli Hants, and 130 Liverymen, 
who pay a Fine of 5/. on their Admitcar.ce. Their Hall Is in RiBtdeu' 

WEAVERS 4».— This ii thought to be the moft ancient Society be- 
longing to the City, being mentioned in the Reign o{,HMny I. as pay'ng 
an annual Tribute of 16/. to the Crown for their Immuaitics. Thty are 
governed by a Bailiffs, '% Wardens, and 16 Aflillants, with a Livery of 
279 Members, who pay a Fine of 6/. each. Their Hall is in B*fiiigbaU» 

WHEEL- WRIGHTS 73.— Inccrporatcd by CA#r/ri IL 1670. They 
have a Mailer, i WurHeai, and S£ AOlftants but no Hall nor Livery.. 

WOODMONGERS S5. — Thry were incorporated with the Carmen by 

yomti I. in 1605 ; but in the Year 166S, they werccoovided of fondiy 

' Crimes i^d Mifdemeanors, and obliged to furreoder their Charter. They 

' had afterwards, by an A^ of Common- CourciJ, the Management of the 

^ pul lick Carts comniitted to them } bt^t on account of fome Mai- pra^icet, 

tWt was alfo taken from thena, and put under the Infpediofl of CbriA^i 

mphaU ■ ' . ■ ■ ^ ■ 

WOOLMEN 43.^ThisS cicty, tho' probably of very great Antiquity, 

have no Charter, and are a Community only by Prefcription. . thty have 

a Ma(?er> a Warden?, and ti Affiftanirj hut neither, Ha5, nor Livery. 


( 5» ) 

Tfacfe are afl the Comptniei which beloag to the City ^ Lm ita ^ uA 
-areioNumbtr 9I9 with 78 Maften, 120 Wardciw, a) 18 Affliaau* 
•8217 Liveiymea, tad 5a HalJi* Mr. BitiiiMd^ to hit Hiiiory vftmm 
^don, ii of Opiasoo, that there is annuaJJ(y di(pofed of to chaiiteble Uki^ 
by cheie Compaaief* above ttfiool^ 

The Pricet of the different Works of Sritklsym^ ddsfmt, Csfpmertp 
yymrs, Tkmberh SUtin% Pahttert, Pkiffrtrt, Psvimrt, Smitht, 
Canters, ftc. 

Bn iC KLAVE RS. h s. d. 

DIGGING Fooadationii per Yaid Cube — — 005 

nigging and carrying away, per Yard Cabe -^ e i 8 

Ked Stock Bricks, per Thooiand •« -« «« I i^ O 
Grey Stock Bricki, per Thoufaad — —100 

Place Brkks) per Thoufand . -« — o I4 o 

Plain Tiler, per Thoufaad ' *— — — — * loo 

Paatilesy per Thoufand — — • — J o o 
Brick Woik done with all Place Brtcki, per Rod, or ^^^\ 

Feet, at one Brick and a Half thick J 5 5 o 

Ditto with the Froat fiice4 with Grey Stock Brickr, per Red 5 lo o 

^Uin Tiling, per Square, er 100 fupeificiaJ Fecc . -• 160 

Old plain Tiling ripp'd, per Square <— •« o 14 o 

Paotiliog not poio«ed, per Sqrare — *- o 18 o 

Ditto pointed, -per^quare — — — o z o 

Place Brick paving, laid ilat and dry, per Yard fuperficial, or 7 . 

nine fquare ^eet j o i » 

Ditto in Mortar, per Yard — — o I 4. 

It Inch Tile paving, per Yard — ^— 636 

to 'Inch Ditto, ^er Yard ^^' —• .— 030 

^ed and grey Archea gaged and/ett in Putty, per Foot fuperficial o z 4 

Rabb*d Returnii per Fuot iuperficial -* •— 003 

-Groins cut to Atchef,' per Foot run *- — . — o o 6 


PortlatJ Stone, meafured when wrought, per Foot Cube o a o 

i?a/6 Stone D.ttOj per Foot C be — r — 016 

Fwtlaad Sone, ftreight nnoulded Work, per Foot fuperficial o i s 

'I— .. ■ I ,■■ .freight plain Work, per Foot fupoiicial b i p 

— *— — '■■ circular plain, per Foot fupeificial - o i » 

. ■ ■■ circular mouldedi per Foot fuperficial 014 

Batb Stone, ftteigbt plain Work, per Foot fqnare 005 

" ■ — — ftreight nnonldcd Wotk, pev Foot fquare o 0.7 

• circular plain, per Foot fuperficial o o 7 

>clrcalar moulded, per Foot foperficial o o o 

White and vein'd Marble Slab in Chimney- pieces, per Toot ] 

.fopaifictil ^ "^ y i o 5 o 

Sta'tuacy Marble Slab in Ditto, per Foot •-- 066 

Black and yelloW; Marble Slab in Ditto, per Foot ' 076 

Purple connion in Ditto, per Foot fupeificial 060 

Extraordinary Ditto, per Foot fupeificial i** o S .0 

Portland Stone Chimney-pieces i and a half>|nch thkk, per ) - ^ 

Footrupeificlfl . '«^ J « -€ 6 

D % Rjfgate 

( 52 ) 

Rftgai^ Fire Stone Hearth ind Covioge, per Foot /bperficial o t o 

Ptftlswd ptviag I and 1 half Inch thicky per Foot fuperfidtl 014 

Ditto with bUck Marble Dott, per Foot fuperficial o i S 

Furbeck pavtog In random Courfes. per Foot — 007 

Ditto in ftreight Coorfei, per Foot — — - o o S 

Old FnUeek puvisg, fquar'd and laid, per Foot '— o O » 

C^RPEXfTEttStni J T N S R S. 
Fir framed in naked Fioon, roofing^ cieliog Floon^ quarter'd 7 

Paitiiioni, Gfr. perF/jotOjbe 5 ® * 

Ditto in Lintels and bond Timber, Off* per Foot o I S 

Ditto plained and framed in Door-cafea and Wiodowi. &c» per ) _ ' \ 

Foot Cube ' ^ j o • .6 

Oak framed in naked FIooff, &e, per Foot Cube o >3 S 

Ditto 16 Piateff'f fiTr. norframed^ per Foot Cube :Q « i 

Ditto in Door.tafet'and Windows. &e, plained and framed, 7 ^ -. _ 

per Foot Culie ' ' ^ xr yo 

t^hule Deal bridgM Gottering^. per Foot fuperficial 006 

Centring Vaults, per fqnare — — « . o X ^ 

Gruin*d Centring, per Foot fqoare »- .« ' I o 
Centring to Apeituret, per Foot fquare •— .— '004 

Bracket! ing to common pfaiflered Cornifliet, per Foot Iquare 004 

Ditto to Modiiiioot, per Foot fuperficial — 005 

Folded joint Boarding j per fquare -« ^^ 180 

Straight jojnt Boarding^' per fquare — « r— s O 

ScQond bcA Boarding dew]*d, per fquare •«- -^ 3 10 

- Clean Deal Boarding dowi*d, per fquare . *- 5 O o 
Rough wiiole Deal Boarding, per fquare , — , — - 15.0 

- Common whole Deal Steps and j^feit, Stringa and Bearers, 7 » • q 

per Foot run * J 

Better Sort Ditto, per foot ran *~ ~ — o I S 

Common Joiftinl and Boa: diog to ha!f Pacei, per Foot fuper- 7 • 

\f^ ficiat S 

.f ''Ditto of a better Sort, per Foot fuperficial "~~ ' . 00 

Common Fir Rail and Batlifter, fquare Pannel, per Foot tun o 1 

Ditto turn'd Newel and Cap, per Foot ruif — o a 6 

Ditto turn'd Newel and capp*d fquare, per Foot run 030 

Who'e Deal Doori legged, per foot fuperficial on one fide 00^ 

Ditto p]od|h*d, tongu'd, Ieg*d, per Foot fquare ^- 007 

Whole Deal Gates, Un*d with whole Deal, per Foot 007 

loch and Half Deal Doors four Panoels fanare on both Sides, 7 ^ ^ ,^ 

per Foot ^ ' J O o 10 

Two Inch Deal Doors ditto, per Foot fuperficial o o 9 

Two Inch Deal, fix Panuel fquare Doors, per Foot o o lo 

Slit Deal plained and Linings, per Foot fquare •»• o o »| 

Whole Deal ditto, per Foot fquare -^ -^ 004 

Whole Deal DrefiSers Feet and Bearers, per Foot fquare o q S 

Two Imh Deal Drefleri with. turned Columns and Bearers. 7 '^ , ^ 

' per Foot foperfic al *^ O I O 

Two and a H«lf Inch ditto, per Foot fuperficial «*« ex* 

Square Deal Wainfcot, per Yard — ^ o a 6 

Qjiarter roond Deal Wainfcot fiat Paonel, pef Yard 090 




Ditto the PilnBeli hiifed fqiiire» per Foot •-• ' o ) S 

Ditto the Paonelt nifed with a Bead, per Yard ^ o ^ to 

DeaJ ilreight Mouldingi, per Foot fuperficiai •— o i o 

' Deal ModillioA Cor niihes, per Foot fquare -^ — o I 6 

Deal Dorick Entablatures with proper Ornamentfl^ per Foot o ft o • 
One and a half lach right Wainicot Saihei^ all compleat, fvl 

Fobtfquarc 3 

Ditto with Deal eafed Frtmet. Waiofcot poUy Pieces and 1 _ , . 

Soils, per Foot . J o 1 » 

Ditto with right Wainfcot Fratnei, per Foot fqaare 014, 

Two loch right Wainicot Safhea, all compleiti per Foot o i a 

Ditt^with De»l caf^d Framet^ right Waiofcot pulley Pieces^ I o i S 

and Oik Siilf, per Foot S 

Ditto rig^tWainftotFramet, per Foot fupcrfic'al — o ft o 


Lead in Sheeti for Flati. Glitters. 9g, Carriage included, 7 ^ ,, ^ 

per hDBdred Weight | O 17 o 

Ditto with Work and Kailt. and Wall Hooka indiidid, per 7 ^ ,• ^ 

Hundred . ' J o if a 

Lead Qfterai cafl with Ornaincat« Solder and aO0lclu4ed. 2 • • ^ 

perHondred ' J t t o 

Lead caft and laid, per Hundred — i— o | o 

S LjiTS RS. 

Slating with Ctfir Qjiarry Slatei» per Square -• I lof o 

Dtteo on O. G.. Roofo, pw Sqnare — — ft o O 

Ditto new ripp*d and laid, per Square ' '— -« > • O 

P jt I N r E R S, 

Infide and Oatfide Painting, three Timet in Oil, per Yard 00^ 

DittofoorTimeiinOil, per Yard — •«- o o S 

Pitnfing fecond coloured and finiihed, per Yard •—• 005 

Clear coaled and 6niihed,' per Y^rd -^ — 004 

Safli Frames three Times in Oil each — -^ 010 

Safh Squares di^ -^ «» — o o 1 

Window Lights, ditto each — - •— o o | 

Cafemcnts each «— — • ^^ o o t 


Lathfng and Plaiftering, per Yard — — 008 

Lathing and Plaiftering floated, per Yard — 010 

Ditto to Co^es, per Yard — '— — .^ o i a 

Ditto to Coves groined, per Yaid — '— 0x6 

Rending, per Yard •— • . — — 004 

Rending, floated, per Yard . -— •- — 006 

Ditto to Groins, per Yard .-* -— o o S 

Roogh rending, per Yard «i» ' .- .^ o e a( 

Floated Stucco on 3nck, per. Yard — — . 016 

Ditto on Lath, per Yard — -« — o i 10 

Grey phdftered Floora, per Square -^ •— « to o 


prown Olafs in Saihes meafarcd net, per, Foot -^ #011 

Dittq the middle Bars included, per Foot fuperficiai o • to 

Ditto ift Lead, pel Foot fuperficiai — *- ^ ft * 

■ (54) 

JVirfOf^/f GbfilflSriflici, per Fodtfoperficial mm o » S 

Ditto in LtU, per Foot Aipcrfical -^ — • o ^p 5. 

Old GUfi new loaded » ftt Foot fnperlicial -i* — > 003 

Old Glad repairedf per Foot fuperfidal — «* o o f $ 

C ^ R F B R S. 

O19I0 to Deal framtogy carved with Eggt^ per Foot run 004. 
O. G. to Deal framiog, carYcd withievfa leavei Graft, per T 

Foottwi J " " ^ 

Ovoio to framiog ia right Wainfi:ot| earved with £gg9» per7 _ _ ^ 

Footroo J- o o w. 

Snail O. G. to the Kaifiog of Pannels Dfed carved^ with I ^ q c. 

three leaved Gtafi. per Foot ran J 


CSkimney Bariy per Pound -« — ^ »^ 003- 

Conunon plain Iron RaiUnsr^ per Poond -«» -« 009^ 

0ino with Pilafters, per Pound — *« 004' 

Hingea with Screws and Nailt^ per Pound «- ^ ^ & 

Boita and ScrevirVj per Pound- -^ — —00? 

Rangei for Kitchens^ Qff» per Pound — «— —003^ 

AJh Gratea and Cafcmentr, per Pound *— — 0.07 

Clafp so penny Nallt, weighing %^ Pound per Thonfandy per M. o S a 
Clafp 10 penny Nairt per Thoufand^ weighing 15 Pounds, per M« o 5 3 
Clafp 6 Penny Nails per Thoofand, weighing 7^ Pounds^ per Mf o 5 o, 

Rofe lo penny per Tfioofand, we^hing 36 Pound, per M. o ts o 

Kt.fe 1% penny per Thoofand, weighing 1^ Pounds per M. & 6 o 

Rofe 10 penny per Thonfand, weighing 14 Pound, per M« o 5 .0 

fi.ole 8 penny. per Thoufiind, weighing II Pound, per M« 046 

Rode 6 penny per Thoufand, weighing 10. Pound, per M, o 3 10 

R!ofe 5 penny per Thou&nd, weighing 6 Pound, per M*. o ft 8" 

Rofe 4 peony per Thoufand^ weiring 4 Pound, per M. O t 1 1 

l^atb 9 penny, M. weighing 9. Pound, per M. •— o I 7 

Lath 2 pepny M. weighing % Pound, per M« - <*. ^ 013 

Large Tacks, per M. *— •* — i^ o O iy 

Clout S penny per M. weighug rs Pound, p:r Kf« 048 

Clout 6 penny Nstl, weighing 7 Pound, per M . — o } ft. 

C.'out 4 peony Nett; weighing 4 Ptmnd per M. — ■ s o 

One Inch, or a penny Brads, per M* — *— -^ O I o 

One half Inch, or 3 penny ditto, per Mt — 0x5. 

Two Inch, or 4 penny ditto, per M. — •— o I 1 1 


Paving with iiuflffjSb Squares, per Yard -» ^— O 4 6- 

Paving with Pebbles, per Yard • — mm, 040 

Pdving with Rag, per Yard .« .. — o t S 

Old Work per Yard -^ «* ' -^ O O .9 

Paving with F/aniffri Brkks, per Yard. -^ — O 3 6 

Tbe Jl4/«ser POST. LETTERS, both UUni and (htlaad: Efiaiijbed 

Anrto inTAK. II. 
I. T^HE .Carriage of every fingle Letter,not exceeding one Sheet, 7 r. d. 
X to or from any Place, not exceeding Fourfeore Miles in 3 




ThefikeCarruieof evoydouUe Letter not exceeding two Sheets o 6 
The hkt CirrUge of erery Picket of Letters proporliooabJe to thcfe 1 

Rattf i 

The Hke Carriage of every Picket of Writi> Deeds, and other 7 , ^ 

Thiogs, for every Ounce j 

IL The Carriage of every fingle Letter above Fooricore MUet o 
The like Carriage of every deuble Letter — o 

And afrer theft Rates for all Packets of Letters 
The like Carriage of every other Packet, for every Oui^ce x 4 

IIL The Carriage of every fingle Letter from London to Bei wkk, 1 

or fcom Berwick to London \ ^ 

ThelikeCarriageof every double Letter — o % 

And after thefe Rates for all Packets of Letters 
The like Carriage of every other Packet, ^fot every Oonee 14 

IV. The Carriage of every fingle Letter from Berwick to toy Placel 

within fony Miles Diftance 3 ^ 

ThelikeCarriageofeveiy double Let W *-• o ^ 

And afrer thefe Rates for every Packet of Letters 
The like Carriage of every other Packet, for every Ounce x 4 

The Cirriage of every fingle Letter a greater Diitance thiA 140?^ r 

The like Carriage of every double Letter .«. x o 

And after thefe Rates for every Packet of Letter! 

The like Can lage for Things of greater du Ik, by the O u nee 14 

y. The Port of every finale Letter to or from Edinburgh, and fol 
aird from Dumfries or Cockbomfpeth, and between either of>0 6 
thcfe Places and Edinburgh, not eoming from on Shipboard j 

The like Port of every doubleXetter — x <r 

Anil fo proportionibly for every p4cket of Letters 

The like Port of Things of greater Balk, for every Ounee a o 

The Port of every fingle Letter from Edinburgh to and from eoy 1 "^ 
Place within fifty Miles Diftance in Scotland J * 

The like Port of every double Latter — 04 

And ia propordoeably for every Packet of Letters 

The 1 ks Port of Things of greater Bulk^ fur eveiy Ounce a 9 

ThePort of every fingle Letter a further Oiftance, and not exceed- \ 

iog eighty Miles within Scotland 

The like Port of every double Letter — • 06 
And (o proportionahly for every Paiket of Litters 

The like Port of Things of greater Bulk, for every Ounce t o 
The Port of evety fiogie Letter above eighty Miles within Scotland o 4 

The 1 k£ Port of every double Letter -— * o t 
And fo proportionahly for every Picket of Letters 

The Port of lliingt of greater Bulk, for every Ounce X 4 

Between Dooacbade in Ireland, and Port Patrick in Single O % 

Scotland, for Port of Letters and Packet^ (over J Double o 4 

and above the Inland Rates) to be paid at the VTreble o 6 

Pltce where delivered J Ounce o 8 
Ti«. The Carriage of every fingle Letter from Eoglana to DoSiin 7 ^ 5 

ifi Ireland, ofhvm Dublin into EOgland 3 ' 

' D 4 ^^« 

•the Bfc«Cinii|«©fcfer7 double Letter . •• i o 

And ufitr thcfe Ratei for every Packet of Lettert 

The like Carriage of every other Packet, for every Otittce % 9 

VII. The Carriage of every ^og)* Letter from Dablin to any Place! 
V within forty Milei DiAancey or from any PUce within die iike > O % 

Diftkoce to Dublia 3 

The like Cteritge of any double Letter — 04 

And after thefe RUtcs for every Pecket of Letters 


ADO ailW «**«'» «V«^*« .«/• *W»./ >•«,■>«.» V M**!.*... 

The like Carriage of every other Packet, for every Ounce o S 

The Carriage of (very Letter a farther DiflaDce than forty MUct o 4> 

1 he like Curiagc of every double Letter i— o f^ 
And after thefe Rates for every Packet of Letten 

The like Carriage of every other Packet^ for every Ounce I 4 

And for the Port of ail and every the Latteri and Packets dire£led 7 ^ ^ 

or bfooght from on Shipboard, pver and above the laid Rates S, 

TktUvn^l Jtattt ihai Hw tn, Md hnH hen talm fir tU Carriage •f 
Leturt, F4ckttt, •nd Farteb, f trffm *ny of bis MajefiytJaidDomi- 
want, re tr Jrm »$ tber Fwn wJPUm bejfMut tbe Seas, are ssfiU 

r Single o xo 

An Letters and Packets coming from any Part of France 1 Double i S 

to London . | Treble % 6 

f. Ounce % ^ 

AH Letters and Packets palling from London through C Single x 6 

France, to any Part of Spaiii or Portugal ^Pcrt paid j Doable '3 o 

to 0ayobne) and from Spain and Pprtugalj thrcugh,! Treble 4 6 

FraAce. unto London ^ Ounce 4" o 

All Lcttera ar^d Packets paffingfrom London, through C g. j^ , 

Franee, to any Part of Italy or Sicily, by the Way of I ^^^^ ^ J 
;.yon«, or to any Part of Turkey, by the Way of< -» . j 

Xfarcdia, aad from any of chofe Pattt throvgh France I ^^^^ * J 

unto London ^^. 

.Single o 10 

All Letters and Packets coming from any Part of the f T>oubIe 1. S 

Spanifh Nether lands unto London < Treble % 6 

^Oanee j 4 

AH Letters and Packets paffing from London through the ? Single x O 

Spaoiih Netherlands to any Part of Italy or Sicily (Port 1 Double % o 

paU to Antwerp) and from any Part of Italy or Sicily, ^ Tc eWc 3 o 

through the Spanifh Netherlaodt unto London L Ounce 4 • 

Ail Letter* and Packets pail^ng from London through the r g.^ .^ ^ ^ 

Spaniih Netherlands to anyPart of GermaDy,Swit«r. I jj^^y^ ^ ^ 

lapd^ Denmark, Sweden, and all Parts of the North V ^^^^i^ « , 

^ and from any of thofe Parts through the Spanifli Ne- I q^^^ J ^ 
therUnds unto London L 

^U Letters and Packets ps0|ttg from London through the ^ Single I 6 

Spanifh Netherlands to any Part of Spain or Portugal, j Double 3 - o 

and from any Part of Spain or Porfngal through the S Treble 4 f 

^ S^iih Netherlands nntoLtmdoo C^^oc* ^ ^ 


r Single 
Ail L^ttert tnd Pickets, piflinc htm tsyPart of the J Double 
Vflited FiOTinces unto London i TreUe 

C Oance 

All Lettcffi and Packet! ptfling froo) Lnndon through the t Single 
United Provinces, for any Part of luly or Srcily, and \ Djuble 
from any Part of Italy or Skily, through the United 1 Treble 
ProTioces unto London C Ounce 

AULettera and Packeta pailng from London tbroughthe #- sjq.^^ 
United PrOf isces, to any Part of Germany « Switser* I iy^t^\^ 
land, Denmark| Sweden^ and all Parti of the North, J Treble 
•nd from any of tho(e Paris and Placefj through the | q^^^^ 
United ProTi aces unto L'indon. I ^ 

All Letters end Packets palHngfrom London through the f^in^^e 
United Proirioces, unto any Part of Spain or Portugal, J Double 
and from any Part of Spain or Pottugal, through the 1 Treble 
United Provinces onto Londoa ^ C Oanee 

All Letten and PackeU pafliog from London tfiroogh the ^.Single 
Spani/h Netherlands, or the United Provinces, to Ham- I Double 
knrgh (Pott piid ^Antwerp orAmfterdam) and from J Treble 
Hamburgh through the Spaniih Nethcrlandj, or the j Qance 
United Pi ovinces, unto Londott I ^ 

All Letters and Packets pa Ang between Lsadon^ 
^ PoffCttgaly by Packet Boou 

r Single 
L Double 
All Letters and Packets paffing iirom Londoa to Jimaiea, r Single 
Barbadoes, Antigua, MootferNt, Nevia, and St.Cbri- 1 Double 
ftoph^*! in Amcricay and from any of chofe Parte to > Treble 

C Ounce 

All Lcttefi and Packets from London to Kew-Yoik in 
North* Amcri^aj and thenee to London 

All Lette» and Packets from any Part of the Weft- 
Indies^, to Ifew-Yuik aibrcfaid «• 

All Letters and Packets frem New-Vorlr^to any Place 
within fixty Eogliih Miles thetec^^ and thence back to 


AV Lttters and Packets from New York to Perth' T 
Amboy, the chief Town in Eaft New Jjerrey, an^ I 
to Bridlington, the chief Town in Weft New- Jerfey. J Single 
and from each of ti^oTe Places bark to Ncw.York» \ Double 
end horn New- York to any Pface not exceeding one I Treble 
hundred EogliA MiJm, anifrom each of thofc Pisces f Oon^i 
••R»w-Yotk — • - r- U 


■ 4 



om iQ rerin T 
ew Jerfey, an^ I 
eftNewJerfey. IS 
to New. York, < C 









^ I 
t o 
I 6 

* i 

4 ^ 

6 o 

I o 

ft. o 

3 « 

4 o 
o 4 


1 o 
» .4 


1 o 
> 4 

t> 9 

X t 




AU tetters anJ PackMi from Pertfa-AmUy ind BfiJ- ( ^""^^ ' 
BogtOB, to any Place not exceeding £xty Eogliih < J^^Hvf 
a<ilei, and tlience back again. • ' • ^T«Me 

AJl Letten tnd Packett from Perth- Amboy tnd Bcid- C ^{j 
liogton, to any Place not exceeding one hundred Eog- *< •p!.uir 
liih Milet, and thence back apin. ^ ^^^ 

AU Letten and Packets from New-York to New Lon^r* Single 
don, thechielTown in ConDefticut in New-Bng)aad,\ Double 
mad to Phtladelf^ta the chief Town in Pcofilvania^N Treble 
and from thofe Places back to New-Yoik. C Ouoce 

All Letten and Packets irom New.Undon and Phlla- C ^{^ 
delphia^ to any Piace not exceeding iixty Engliih J rp, VT 
Macs> and thehce back again. ^ Ooto 

All Letten and Pa:kets from New-York and PhiladeU I ^^ 
phia, to any Place not exceeding one hundred Eogliih % T»ki^ 
Miles, and (o back again. f ^^ 

All'LetUra and Packets from New* York aibrelaid, to ^ 
Newport the chief Town io Rhode- Iflaod,: and Pro- 
vidcnee Plantntion in New-EogUnd, end to Boflon Single 
the chtefTown inM^Aachufet*! Bay in New-England I Double 
aforefiud^andtoPortfmouththechiefTowninNew- Treble 
Himpihire in New»Bn^nd aforefaid^ and to Anna- Ooncc 
polss the chief Town io Maryland, and from eirery 
of thofe Piacea to New- York. i: 

AU Letters and Packet! from Newport, BoftoD« Portf- C^'^f 
mouth, and Annapolis aforela/d, to any Place not ex. < H^"J™* 
ceeding fixty BogUih Miles, and thence back.again. £ ^^^^ 

AU Letters and Packets from Newport, Bofton, Portf- r Single - 
mouth, and AonapQ|ts aforefaid, to any Place not ex- 1 Double 
ce<iding One hundred EnglUh Miles, and thence back J Treble 
again. t . COonce 

AD Letten and Packets from- New. York aforefaid, to 
the chief Offices in Sakm and Ipfwich, and to the 
cb^ef Office in Pifcitaway, and to> Willianribarg the 
cUef Office in ViigiBb,*aDd from tveryof thofe 
Pfiices to New- York. 

All Lstters and Packeti from the chief Offices in Salem, |* 

Ipfwich, Pifcataway, and Willianr ibarg afereftfd, to 1 Double 
nny Place not exceeding fixty Engliih Miles, and j Treble 
thence back again £ Ounce 

All Letters apd Packets from the chief Offices in Salem, £ Single 
Jpjwtch, Piftataway, and Witlitmiburg aforefaid, to J Double 
any Place not f xctedtng one hundicd Englifli Miles, | Treble 

C Ounce 



s. /. 

: t 

t o 

I ♦ 

o 6 
x o 
x 6^ 

St Q' 

o 9 

V & 

• S 

J o 

o 4> 


1 o 


t o 
x 6 

t o 

% o 

$ » 

4 o 

and thence back ag^ta 

a 4 

x o 

» 4 

0. S 

1 o 
x 6 

ft O 

» s 

• e 

S 9 

5 <> 


i o- 

« 4^ 

o 6. 

1 , o 
x « 



All Letten tni Packeti from New- York albrefiiM, to f Single 
Charlei-Town, the chief Town in North ana Sooth- j DouUe 
Carolina^ aa^ from Charln-Towo aforefaid to New- 
York . -*. — ^ 

AH Litttn and Packet! from CharJea Town aforefaid, to \ 
any Place not exccediog fixty Engli/h Miiei^ aad^ 
thence hack agaia — — 

». if. 

3 ; 

4 6 

6 o 

o 4 


1 o 

: t 

1 o 

1 6 

». o 

. J Treble 
C Ounce 

" Single 


I Treble 

( Ounce 

AJ] Letten and Pockett from Chtrlet-Town afereraid* ( ^^^ 
to anj Piece not exceeding one hundred tnaiiih < n|r|u. 
Mflei, and thence back agaia — . ^ . ^ q"^** 

P^ I<ri«rf etujp htfMifim Lonoom; 
Oa Ifeeie^e.] . To France, Spain, ItaJ/, Gernuif > Flaoden^ Swpieo^ 

Denmnrk, Kent, and the Downs* 
Om Tutfd^i.J To Holland, Germany, SvFtdto, Deomrk, rlreland^ Scot- 

land, all Part* of England and WakM. . 

N. B. Otie Tuefday ibt Pstht gui tp Ulbou, sudtbt mxt Toeflay to 
the GtojD^ and fi ta, 
On WeiMefdap.} To all Farti of Kent and the DbWM, Oxford, and 

Oti Tburfi^i,] To Friace^ Spain, Italy, and tU Parte of B^ghrndtand 

Scotland. ♦ ■ 

0» F^idtys,^ To Flinders, Germany^ Italy^ Swedeoy Denmark^ HoU 
isQd, Kent, and the Djvitoi. 

OnSmtBrJap,} To all Parts of England, Wales, SootUnd, and IrelMld. 

Letters are returned from ell Paits of England aad Scotland certainly 
every MondaF> Wedaefday^ and Friday j from Wales every Moi^y 
and Friday. ' 

Bsg$j9tth*f§Ummtig Ttimnt »€ HJ^hed ivff Nigbr, 



Oerrard*! Ciefs 

. Kendal. 


Chipp. Norton 









Lalam- « ' 





Bath, Becelet 


Hhc in Sorry 

ItCtceflet . 



Hampton Coort 



L'verppol , 
J J.3ughbarongH' 



^ HM&wick,$ttj(K 


P4al, Dtrby 


VjytttoS Lynn-. 




Bory St. Edmonds Proitwieh 

Hen'ey Arden , 



. Bhfieid 


]^idd;}wch' . 



High Wickham' 

Moul jf, Sorry, 


Eiher, Snrre^ 






Wrwrnarker • 


Cbeilfer, - 


]fl«wptth . . , 

Newport PagnpA 

Nvrthsmpton '' 



Korthwich RumfbrA Sunbury Wclliogtoa 

NofWlcb • Saoawtcb Ti)ioto0 Welb 

Nottitishtai SaxmojidhMii Ted^inftoa Weybridfe 

Oslbrd SJieppertoa Thame WiodhaiSj Serfs 

Petcrihaai Shifflall^ Thamei Dittoa Windfor ^ 

Plymooth ShipftoQ . Thaoet Winiham, KeaC 

P«rt(fliomli Shrewibory Thetfefd Witham 

Tfitat * Sittingbouro TiTCrtoB Wittoo 

Quecnborottgh Soutlull Twickenham Wolverhimptoa 

Richawnd ScafSbrd Uxbridgc Woobarn 

Ripley, Soiry Stolce in Norfolk Walfall Worcefter 

Rechefter • ' Stone Walton Varmonth. 

Strttfbr^ ff^ Avon War rington 
To Tuobridfi •every Ktght, fromMidfuiDiDer to Michaelmai only.. 

Wagifnf tbefiffHmti ^mrnt art SJj^snM MoDdayi,Toerdtyiy ThorOayf ,. 
Mi/Saturdayaj 9md the Riturns are di/ivtred Moadaya^ WedoefiUyf^ 
'''"' ThuHdaya; mid Satorliyt. 

AroodeJ Eaft-GrioAetd Lewei Ryegate 

^riglhelmftoii . Gt^tfUn Midhnrft SteyniBg 

Chichefter Ha^rcerc Petwofth Shotehtm 

.F^Ms^ :otkcf. Pkrti letters are iBore uncertain » in regard of the Sea | 
hot thie Maili are due from Holland, Monday and Vriday f from Flanden,. 
Moo4ay»ild Sauifday f fireip Ireland* Monday^ WcdaQ.Qay^ and Ftiday ^ 
Ivom^ain Poriugal^ &e, once a Week. 

0/,#^PtM!»Y-P0ST OPFiCl. 

THS Peony Poft OAce ia chiefly onder the Care and InfpeAion of 
a Cofloptvoller ; and the Coflom of the Office it, to receive one 
Penny upon the Pelivery of ' every letter or Parcel,- not exceeding one 
Pound io Wet^f, and to be deliVeiied not above ten BiigKih Milea diftaol 
Irom ^e.G<;>eral Letter-Office in London.. 

For i)se'£af^ of the l^eopley and the more f>eedy forwarding tbetr>bet« 

tcrs or Parceis b^ Meflengera appointed for that Pnrpofe, a iufficient 

Kmoj>er of Receiviog-houfes ate afligned ih Town and Conntry, where 

iM^tri aird Parcch are received. 

N. Jf, Id London, Wr(liB!nfl«^^ and Soothwark, Letters and Parcela 

^ are received (and ought to be deliveted) every Hour, vf». from Eight 

Irfthe Mining till Ti6a at l^ight^ Sundaya and Paat of Chnftmat- 

ddy'excepted. * . . 

.l^ftM^tter 6rderlfi^t%& Wry convenient P^cje^^^ the Penny. Poft 

is dfvi^d into fix OSfcet, vidiereall Lettcn and Parceli that are krooghc 

ifa artr rrgiilered, and wfio dSTpatch thei|i to the feieeral Placea in each of 

their CBl^fionaWeafter mentioned ; where it ought to be cbferted, Thaft 

the 'Nurviber of Figures placed before each Town^ Tillage, QTc ibewa 

how 9ft(n Letters and Parcek are conveyed tkither^ and back ag%in, ia 

•Wy Day. f 

^^UAmuMMd fU€t» tf tht StM Offitn, m^hme tsetitn and Farteb org 

. *. . . ,r ' dailp conteytd. 

The GeteraJ and Gi\tf Ptnm-Poft OIBce, which haa the lofpeaioa and 
jyUnagemeat of all die re^i if kept in St» Chriftcphcf t Ghorck-yi^d 

(6i ; 

in Tlif«i4iMedfe«(lKet9 near Stocki-Mar ket, which ttSieAt, netihn, 
convey If and delivtn Lettert and Parcdt to and fran tha IbUowiny: 
and ad}aceat Plaeet^ befidea what k delivait in iti own proper Diftiia 

in LoKKOlTt 

Hagerftonc i Ripple-fida 

Ham, Eaft and Weft x Ruckfolda 

1 Aldetflyrook 
1 Avtrjr hatch 
1 Barkiog ' 
I fiethnal green 
s BUhop*a hall 
3 Bow 



5 Bnmiley b Middlelex x Layton ftone 

] Bolh hall 

s Cambridge heath 

X Chigwell 

I Chigwell row 

1 Djlftoo 

I Edmonton 

1 Green man 

2 Green fireet 
' 9^ Hackney 

Longhton hall 
Low layton* 
Mile end 

Newbgton green ^ 
Newiogtoo ftokf ' 

Pjl)ner*t green 

I Southgate 

% Stepney 

j Stratford 

X Tottenham 

s Tottenham High* 

I Vtlentinca 
X Upton 
X Walthamflow 
X Wanfted 
X Winchmore hill 
X Woodford ' 
X Woodford row, aH^ 


Stt FtrnTt Office ia kept in Qiipan'a*hcad«aUey« in Pattr«nofterk.raw9. 
which colle€te, reeeivet, conv^t, and deliTen Lettert and Paroeir to 
and from the follnwing and_ acijuent Placa, befides what it delivers 
within ita proper DiftriA in London* 

3 Black maryVhok 3 Frog- lane 3 MonhrmiU 

3 Boarded Ri^er 1 HoUoway^ Vpper and3 Sir Jbhn Oldcaftla*! 

3 C«nbray* hoofe Lower 3 Torrington«>lane 

3^Coid'bath 3 KUngtiNi 3 Woad't-d^fa 

3 Copenhagen 

The ttm^/t Ofliee ia kept In Cliichefler^a Reata in.Cliancefy>laney whlck» 
colIe£l8> receiveiy cooTcya and delivers Letteri aAd'Parceb to and from< 
the following and 'adjacent Placet, befidea what it delinh within ita 
own proper DiArJft in Tewo. 

• Pttcraa 

m Pioder of WakefielA 
X South green 
1 Totteridge 
• ^ Wbetftone 
X Woodgr^eo* 

% Battla-bridga x Frcg lane 

X Bone-giCa :» Haavpftead> 

« Biiil ft Highgate 

> Cole»harboQf 1 Hornfey 

X Coney-hatch ft Keotiih-town 

X Eaft Biroct X Mofwell hill 

X Fiachley 

W^^ii^v Office if kept in Pomp-coort^ neat Charing, croft, which eoU 
\/tSiMf receWea, conTcyiji and daliTera Letiera and Parcek |o and ftpm 
Che following and adjacent Placaa, befidei whalltdelif era within ttft 
•wn proper Diftri^ in Town* . 

3 Abery farm . ft Black hnda 

X Aaon, Eaft and Wcftft Bloody bridge 

X Adon wdla % Bloecoat laaft 

J Bart y*t walk ft Boliow lafte 

X Bale watering ft Boftoa l(ovift 


ft Brentford, Old aA4 

ft Brentford eftd 
ft. Blrent*a Cow-hoofa 
ft fifldabi^ hoaie ^ 
ft Brook 

Bropkgftui I 

IiMile s 

Park I 
BunroWf I 

QiftlebMr I 

Chdfea^Gr.and Littiei 

Cheirea ODlJcge 
■ ■' ■ ' CoouBon 

Child*! hiU 
Corncy houfe 
CounT«r*i bridge 
Cow-houfe fann 
0«b«trec houfe 
Dowel ftreet 
Daw*i Jane 
Dollar's kiU 
Ealing, Gft i 
Earl*! court 
Frog lane 
Friar*! place 
Fulhan fieUf 
Gagie*goole green i 
Great and Little Hoi- 1 
land houfe 3 

Gibb*s green 1 

Grain houfe % 

Green b^, in ffx* % 
hddgeroid 1 




. % 



GttCter*! bridge 
Hanger end 
Hanger lant 
H.>g line 
Hoiirdon green 
Hoywood hill 
Hudicon fielda 
KenfingtoB gnifel 

Laurence ilreet 
Leafing greea 
Lime kiln! 
London ftile 
Lord Mayor*! Bu 
feting hooic 
Maddox laae 
Marybone, and Park 
Maiha Mape!, and 
Maflia Brand! 
Mill hill 
Noman ! landa 
North end 
North highway 

t Noftdog hiifc 

I Paddington 

I Pkddington gree» 

% Paddingwick (feeo' 

1 Page'a ftreet 

% Parfon*! gieea 

3 Pimlico 

ft Purfer*! crofa 

ft SaodT end 

1 Shepherd*! bnih 

1 SheYrick green 

I Shoot up hill 

ft Sion hill 

ft Sion houfe 

ft Sion Jane 

1 St. John*! wood- 

ft Stamford brook 

ft Starch green 

ft Strand on the greea 

a Sutton courts and Lit- 
tle Sutton 

t Totteaham court 

ft Turnhara green 

I Tyburn road and 

ft Waltham green 

I Wemley 

I Wemley greea 

I Weftburn green* 

I Weftfield 

I Weft end 

B Wilfijon green 

1 Wtndiniirhill 

Smbwsrk Office i! kept in Greea dragon court, near St. Mary Overy'a- 
Churcb, which colled!, receiTCf, convey! and dehven Letten and Par« 
cela to and from the following and adjacent-PJacc!, befidea what it de^ 
liffera withia iu own prop^ Diftrift in Southwark and London. 

1 Bahim 
ft Bim eliB! 
ft Baras towa 
ft Batterfea 
ft Batterfea rie! 
ft Blackheath 

ft Briftow eaufeway i Ekham 
1 Brockley, Upper andi Gammon hill 
Loi«Kr a Garret*! green 

1 Burntadi a Greenwich 

ft CamberweU 5 Grove ftreet 

ft €%ar|coo ^ x Xrclaod gree» 

• CUp h aiB j andQiaHiaenft Kcnaingto» 

a 3 Coieharbour ft Kew 

a Deptford, Upper aad ft Kew green 

Lower . * 1 Knight*! hlir 

I Dulwich,. and Com- 3 Lambeth 

mon 3* Lambeth marflk^ • 

ft Baft and Weft Shceo i Lee 

I Bewtiham 

ft Limckiloe 

ft Lcng bara 

ft Long hedge 

» Loughbeny heule. 

ft Martin Abbey, and 

ft M4t€h, 



s March pte % Pifi onrft % Stodnrtll 

a Mitcham i Plumftcad m Screthftm 

ft Mortlack ft Putney green I Tooting. Upper enJ 

s Mordco ft Pacnejricoth Lower 

X Motcingham ft Red hovft 3 Vauxhtll 

» New croft x Rickiematih ^ Waiwortli 

ft Newiogtoo butts ft Roehamptoa ft WeadTwortb^ ao^ 

ft Nioe eunt s Rotherhiihe Cwnnw 

I Norwood X 8ydeoham X Wieableloo 

ft Peckham town and ft South Lambeth x Woolwich 

Vtrmi0ge Office is kept in Qoeen ftreet on Little Tower hill, which coJ« 
IcAt. recetvei, looveys and deliven Lettera and Parcels to and from 
the folfowiog and adjacent Placet, bcfidcs what it ddiven within itt 
own proper Diilrl^i in Town. 

3 Blackwail 3 Lime hole . 3 KAUUff* 

3 lUe of Doge 3 Lime hooTe 3 Stepney doicmf 

3 Kfog David*a Foil 3 Poplar 

Divera of the Goantry Meflengers, and others for remote Placee, gofflf 
on their Walks by Six o'Clock in the Morningj Letters and Parcels 
oo^t to be put in at the Receiving- houfes before Six o*Clock o?er 
^ighty otherwiie a whole Day may be loft in the Delivery : Bat LcU 
tera for Placet that are nearer, are collected and delivered two or three 
Times a D.y, aa above fpecified. 

AU General Puft Letters, both Foreign and 1>omeftick. direfted to the 
Place above-mentioned, not being Peft Towni. are conveyed from the 
aiocefud Offices every Day at Twelve o*Clock | and Anfwers thereunto 
being put into the Receiving- houfet sn the Ooamry Towns, will next 
Kight be fafeJy anied to the Qcneral Poll- Office, by the Officers ap. 
pointed for that Purpofe* 

J &ort^ hu tmtnhmfiv Accovmt rf att ARTS and 

ALCHYMY is that fublime Part of Chymiftry^ which teaches the 
Art'of traofmoting Metals, and making (he grand Elixir, or Phi- 
kifophcr'a Stone, aa feme are weak enough to believe. But the bc(t 
t)e6nition of it is. that it ia an Art without Art, which begms wiUlt 
Lying, is carrried on With Labour, and ends with Beggary* 

ALGEBRA, commonly ealled the Analytkk. Art. beeaufe it teaches 
how to relblve Qurftioaa. and dcfflonftrate Theorema. by. fearching io^ 
the fundamental Nature and Fraaoe of the Thing, it ia the Sctcace of 
Quantity in general, or a peculiar Method of Rea&nJng which takes the 
Qg^antity ibugbt. aa if it were known, and then by the Help of another, 
or more quantities given, proceeds by undeniable Confequeoces, till, at 
length the Quantity firft onlv fuppofed to be known, is fouiad to be equal 
to moM QMrSity or Quantities certainly known. -. 

ANATOMY Is thar Art wbich teaches to diflea or take to necet 
any AnisaU Body, la a curioiit and dcstcrooi Maaoer^ ior aidei to dif. 



cof er uA oplaio the Orifdnal^ Nature, tnd Uk of its fcveifti Puts, for 
the laprovemaot of Phyfick and Naton4 PhiloTopby. 

ARCHITBCTURB ii the Art of tft€t\n^ edificei propet for Habiet. 
tioD. The AflCieati have eftabUflied five Orders of Archite£^iire, called 
the Twfism, the Dtriek, the lotiick, the Cw^biaw, and th^CMK^efite er 
M§ms9 Order, the dtffeience between which Orders con6fts in the €o- 
lufn»» aiith its Bsfe and Cspitsi, and the Enuhistmre^ that is, the 
jtrtbitram, Wrifi, and Convcs .- For thefe are the Parts which cantfHtute 
the Order, and each ^r.e hath its pioper and pecnllar Meefiires; The 
RoJet <f Archiceftnre reqaire SoHdi^, Cm^miiMe, md B§§Mifm S^iiditf 
impliea the Choice of a good Foundation, and good, found Materials to 
work with. CssvMistcr coafifts in fo ordering aod difpofing the Parts of 
an Edifice, that they nay not hinder or embarraft one another. Btatuy ii 
the doe Ranging and agreeable Union and Symmetry of all the. Parts, 
which, upon the whole, exhibits to the Eye of the SpcfiLStors a beautifol 
Forea and Appearance. ArchiteAure aiay likewiie be divided into C/«r7» 
JUiiiiMfff aod Nm^sl. Civil jtrcbitiS^rt teacfatea us to cuntrive and ereft 
cammodioos Boildings Ibr the Ufes of Civil Life ; fuch as Churches, Pi- 
laceiy aod private Hoofes. MiliUry ArchfieBmrt fliewi the beft Way of 
fttfing Fortifications about Ckies, Towhs, Camps, Sea- ports, &ۥ I/a* 
9*1 ArebittSure is employed about the building of Ships, Gallics, and 
other VeOels ibi the Water, together with Poru, Moles, Docks, &«• oa 
Shore. ' ■ " 

. ARITHMSTICK ti the Art of numbering truly, and of finding all 
the Properties and Powers of Numbers. 

ASTROU)GY is that fooliih Science wMch pretends to foretel fatan 
Events fcom^he Motiom of the heavenly Bodies and their Afpeds one to- 

aaoitherf or. from fame • imaginary, hidden Qaalities, which the wesk 

Admirers of this Cheat will have to be in the Stars. 

. ASTjlOff &MY is a Mathemstical Science, which teaches us the 

Knowledge of the Stars or heavenly Bodies,, w/«. their Magnitudes, 

Piftanres, Motions and Edipfes. 

BOOKOCEEPING is the Art of keeping to diftinaiy all Jtht Trsaf^ 

a^oiis -Hof a Maa^s Bbfinefs, that he 'may know attey Time ^e-true 

State of his Affurs witfa-Bife and Certain^. 

BOTANY, as it relates to the Science of Medtcim, teaches, to dlfcovev 

and enumerate the feveral Virtues of Plants and Simphs : As it relatcf 
^alfo to Natvrai Hifivpy, it teaches to diftinguifli the feveral Kinds and Spe-- 
'ciesof Plants^- Trees, Shrubs, fiTc. one from another, and to girejuft' 

Defcriptioos of them. 
CHYMISTRY reaches how to Operate the different Snbfiancet tbit 

ait found lit mixed Bodies, as Animah, Phnts, or Minerals^, and to re« 
. ducc them to their fitfl Principles. 

CHIROLOGV, U the Art of dumb Language, or aKfethod of'tslk* 

J»*8hy Signi made with the Hands. 
CHIRURGERY (or, as it is commonly written and pronounced, 5ir- 

fery) is the third Bhinch of the curative Part of Medicine,, and teachee 

Bow the fevers! 0ifcafts and Accideots, ioeident to the Body of Msn, 

msy be^urad by manual Operation. It is divided by fomc into five Parti,. 

». 5y*rA5^*, a frrting together Things that are feparsted. a. t>iierijis, 

a flyantingTrhJBgs that were before cooaeatd. j* DJmbofs, k cer- 



rtfttng ofThingi r^oaesed together and contorted. 4.. EM^eJU,Ah»' 
ttkiBg away of Superfluities* 5* jinaplertfit, the refloriog of th»t which 
was deficient. It is a coipmon Saying, that a Rood SorgeOli ihoald havt 
•D Eagie*i Eye, a Lion*a Heart, and a Lady's Hand.' 

CHRONOLOGY is the Art of compatiog Time from the Creation of 
the World for hiftorical Ufes^ and preferving an Account of remark^bJe 
TraaiaQlonfl, fo as to date truly the Beginnings and Eoda of the Reigna of 
Princes, the RevolutJoni of Kingdoms and Smpirei, figoal Battles, &e'» 

COSMOGRAPHY teachee to defcribe the whole Frame of the Uoi« 
^rfe, with the fe? eral Parts thereof, according to their Nomber, Pofi- 
tioas; Motlont, Magnitudes, Figures, &€m The Sdences of Aftronomy 
and Geography are comprehended in thif* 

DIALLING is the Art of drawing Linei on a given Plane in foch a 
Manner^ aa toihow the Hour of the Day when the Son ihinei. Psfyriat 
Cur/or fet up the Uttk Sua- Dial in Rom, about the Year of ^ City 447 §. 
and befoi« that, according to P/rsy, there wu 00 AccoMt •£ Tmu, but 
the Sun*s ri£ag ind fetting, 

ETHICKS is the Science of Morality, by which we are tioght the 
Rules and Meafurei of homan A^on i the Writers upon it ufually divide 
it into two Parts: The firft contains Jin Account of the Nature of moral 
Good and Evil t The other enumerates the feveral Virtoes in wUch the 
Praaiceand Exercife of Morality confifts, and which are the proper 
Means for us to obtain true Felicity, the Eod of all moral Adioas. 

GEOGRAPHY teaches to defcribe the whole Globe of the £arth» 
tnd all its Parts, It is ufually divided into 0<n*rMl and Ptrtinlar, Gem-' 
raf, or Univerfal Gtegra^y, coofiders the whole entire Globe of Earth 
and Water, as to its Figure, Magnitude, Motions, Land, Sea^ Vf. with-. 
out any Regard to particular Countries. Partitular^ or SfMsl Ge$gra/^, 
coofidcrs the ConAittitioo of the federal Countries, or Regions, their Fi* 
gure, l^undf. Parrs, ^a The Forrils^ Mountains, Mines, Riyets^ 
Animals, Plants,. STr. As alfo the Climates, Seafons, Weather, Hear^ 
Cold, Diftance from the Equinoctial, &c, the lohabiunta. Arts, Com* 
^untties, Cities, Commodities^ Foods^ Language, Coftoms^ Policy, Re* 
h^on, &fe, 

GEOMETRY, originally fignifies the Art of meafuring the Earth, or 
*ny Dlftances or Dimenfiona on, or belonging to it ) but it is now uftd for 
the Science of Quantity, Exteofion or Magnitude abftra£tedly cottfidere4» 
without any Regard to Matter. Gitmetry may be divided into four Parts, 
I. PlaBimitrjf or the Menforatioa of plain Surfaces, ft. Altimetry, or 
the taking and meafuring of Heights, whether acceflible or inacceffible* 
|. Longiwutry, tn the Art of taking the Diftances of Things afar off, aa 
Steeples, Houfes, Trees^ &(• 4, Sferenutry, or the Art of meafuring 
iolid Bodies. 

GRAMMAR, is the Art of fpeaking or writing properly, or of ex« 
preffing* this Relation of Things in Cooftru^lion, with doe Accent ia 
rpeaking, and Orthography in wridng, according to the Cuftom of thofe 
- Whofe language we learn. - 

HERALDRY, is the Art of Armoury, or Blasoning. It confifts in. 
tjie Knowledge of what relates to royal Solemnities, Cavalciides, and Ce- 
rtmonies at Coronations, Interviews of Kings, Inftalments, Cieation of 
Peers, Funcnlsj Marriages, 9c, and alio in giving the proiper Goat- 



cd by Kfkurd UL con6ftiBg of Kinp it Atmt, i 

ivfco tre MiployH to dtnouact War, proclaim I 

HUSBANDRY it the Art of tiiliog or coltiv 

AfBOv td all ^€ttm^ regolatiiig their Right of Frecedcincy in Point of 
Hjsoor, and iciraioing ihofe from bearing Coat- Armour, that have not 
a Jttft Cbim therrta, y<. The Herald** Cullcge ii a Corporattoa elliblifli»- 

, Herald»» and Pttrfuivaoti^ 
I Peace, &e. 
f tiiliog or eoltiTatiiig the Eutb, in order 
to roadcr it iortUe, and to affift Nature in bfioging to greater Perfedioa 
the Produai thereof. 

HYDRAULICKS, the Art of making all Sortiof Engioei to carry or 
nHk Water, or which arc nored bj Water, and fenre lor other Ufet« 

HYDROGRAPHY it that Part of Geogrtphy which confiden the 
Sea, tod tcachei the Art of makmg Sea-Charti, meafuring and deicribing, 
the Saa, accoontilig for iti Udei, Coonter Tidea, Correntt, Bay», Souod- 
sngs Gulfi; alfo iti Saods, Sballows,^ Sheivei, Rjcki, Promontories,. 
D ftaoces fnan Port to Port, with whatfoever is remaikable either out 
at Sea oron theOoaft. 

HYDROSTATiCKS it the Doariac of Gravitation in Fluids, or that 
Part of Mecbaoicki thatconfidera the Weight or Gravity of fluid Bodies, 
cfpedally Water, aod aiib of folid Bodies immerged therein. 

LAW, applied to the feveral Policies and States of People, is the Max- 
ioii and Rukstbey have agreed opon, or roceivedftom their Magiftrates^ 
an ofiler to IHre ta Peace and motual Society | or it is a Command or 
Precept coming from fome'faperior Aothorlty, which an inferior is obliged 
to ob^a Arijktk defines it to be a Declaration deterncuned by the Coim- 
moB Oooncil of a City, fliewing in wlut Minner Things are to be done r 
^t CAeasAfrs, iii his DidUonary^ thinks thia is not fo properly a Law aa 
■ Covenant. • 

LOGIC ia the Art of condoaing the Uodcrfianding in the Knowledge 
of Things, and the Difcovery of Truth, It miv be divided into four' 
Parts, jtffrebfJUm, JadgmMt^ Difcntrfe and MetUd ; as in order to think 
aright it is neeeflary to apprehend, jadge, difcoorfe and method'ee rightly. 
My I^ird Baam divides Logic into four Branches, according to the Eodi 
yropofed in each t For a Man reafoos either to find what lie feeks, or to 
jadge of what he finds, or to retain what he ^ges of, or to teach what 
he retains $ and from hence arKe fo many A^ts of Reafoning, vm, tho 
Art of Inquifition or Invention, the Art of Examining or Judgment, the 
Art of Preferviog or of Memory, and the Art of Elocution or Delivering. 

MATHEMATICKS is the Science of (^antity, and compreheada 
whatever is capable of being numbered or meafored. It may be divided 
into Sfecalative, which refti in the bare Contemplation of the Properties 
of Thf'ngs ; and PraSUml, which applies the Knowledge of thofe Piopertiea 
to fome Ui'es in Life, as in Aftronomy, Archite^re, Geography^ Me- 
chanicks, Mofick, Optilts, Perfpeaive, &c. ^ ' 

MECHANIGKS is a mixed mathea»tical Science, which confidersthn 
Nature and Laws of Motion and moviog Powers, with the EflFc^ 
thereof in Maehtnef , &t, 

METAPHYSICKS may be called the Science of Natural Theology | 
it confiden Being in geAeraJ, abftraaed from all Matter, wi» tke Effence 
cS It, whicli feema to have a real Being, though it does not exift, as ft 
Rofc la the Depth of M^mer. It is fo fobltmt, or rather fo abftrule ft 
Saeoce, that tfaate ii great Otfoeoce among Authora about Its Nature 
•^•■••« MUSICK 

MUSICK it tlM Science of Sooad, or the Art tt dtfpolbt aad tniM^ 
ing Soaods, of proportioning them aoioog themfelvet, ajid feptntiAg tliett 
hy ja0 lotemky in finch a Mtaoer aa to produce Haimonj or Melody. 

NAVIGATION ii the Art of failing or conduaing a Ship or Vcffel 
from one Place to another^ the ihorteH and moft coaimodlovs Way. It 
kewi6 compreheadi the Art of buildiog and loading of Ship?* 
OPTlCKS la a mixed, mathematical Science, which expbint the 
Ifaaaer wherein Vifion is performed ia the Eye } treati of Sight in ge« 
■eraJ, givea the Reaibna of the ftveral Modificationa or Alterationa 
which the Rayi of Light undergo in the Eye ) and (howa why Objeas at 
*diflfereot Diftances, and in dfierent Scatieni appear greater, fmaller, 
more diftin£ly mpre eonftjfed, nearer, oPmore remote. 

PAINTING ia the Arc of reprefenting natural Bodies, and giving them 
the Appearance of Life. It may be divided into four Parts, UmtMiw, 
Dffigf, DiffMthn and Ca/aar/af . 

PERSPECTIVB i8 that Part of the Mathematickt which giTeiKoIef 
itr the reprefeoting of ObjeAi on a plain Superficiet, after the fame MVin* 
ner aa they would appear to our Sight, if icM through that Plain, it being 
foppofed aa rrinfparent aa Glaf«. 

POETRY ia the Art of invent'ng and compofieg Fablci, Storira, Al- 
kgoriea, 9fe, in Verfe. . It ia reUtcd to Painting aa it defcribea the Paf. 
Aoni and the Manocri of Men j and to Mufic, aa ita Stile confifta of 
Nambera and Harmony. 

PHILOSOPHY h the Knowledge or Study of Nature and Morality 
founded on Reafon Mid Experience. Philofophy owea iti Name to the 
Modefty of Pythtgarst, who refufed the Title of ff^fe given to hit Fie»' 
deceffors, and contented himfelf with the Appellation of a' Friend, or 
Lover of Wifdom^ 

PH VSICK or MEDICINE it the Art of healing Difeafet. According 
to Boerbaave^ it confifta in the Knowledge of thnfe Thlngi, by whofe 
Applicacioa Life is either preferved healthy and foopd | or when difor'- 
dcred, again reHored to its Health and Vigour, 

PHYSIOGNOMY it the Art of knowing (or rather goei&ng) the 
Humour, Teoiper, or D.fpofition of a Pet fon, by the Linca and Cha- 
raAeri of his Face. 

RHETORICK is the Art of fpeaking in the moft elegant and per- 
foafive Manner ) or, as my Lord Bge»M defines It, the Art of applying 
and-addrefling the Dilates of Reafon to the Fancy^ and of recommend* 
ing them there fo at to attack the Will and Defirei. 

SCULPTURE it the Art of cutting or carvinp; Wood, Stone, Mar- 
ble, ^r. and of forming various Figures and Reprefetitations iheiehi 
particularly of Men, Beafti, B-rdt, ^g. 

THEOLOGY or DIVINITY, ia that Science which inftroas oa in, 
the Knowledge of God and divineThiogs. It is generally di? ided into five 
Parts, I. Nstarat 7tt9bgf, ia the Knowledge we have of God from hia 
Works, by the Light of Nature and Reafon. a. Sm^rnrntrnwalTb-logv^ 
is that which we learn from Revelation. 3. ^•fiti'ot TbttUgy, Is the 
Koowledge of the liolj S'-ripturOf, and of the Signification thereof, con- 
formably to the Opinions of the Fathers and Councils, without the Alfi* 
ftamoof any Argumentation. ^ Mora! Tltoltgf is that which teachea 
the dif ine Lews feUtiog to our Mannen tod Aoiona* 5. SeM^it 7*^ 


Afp b thtl wUch pTdtttai hy Reaftaiog, tnd tUoiii cottm eftaUUkif 
Pnaciplei of Faith for fraatcd, from throce d«4acet abuadanee of ftrtnge 
Tluo|t» aad hti nndc a fino Piece of Work of it iadced. The Aixteata 
&ad a rhrec«-fold Theology* The firft, Fa^bn, irhith flooriib'd «nuM>g 
the Ppetif and wai chiefly empiojed in the Oenealogiei of the God«y 4^c» 
The feccnJ, PtHtie*!, which wat embraced by the Politicians, Prfefti, 
and Peoplci at moft fuiuble and aq>edieiit to the Safety, Qoiet, and 
Profperity of the Sute. The third, Nsturti, chiefly cultivated by tba 
Philofopbare, as moft afroeable to Natare and lUUba. Thia left ao* 
kaoariadgad o»ly one fuprcam God. • 

Of the Sen/en w'oih>BR0 •/ the WORLD. 

TH E Psgrnt did common *y boaft of feven ftately Stru£^ures, that 
were named, TheStvem Wtmdtrt rf ft* Hir/d. 

L The greateft Woader, and moft incomparable Work, w»i the 7<n* 
fie of Efkefmr dedicated to DitnM. It was iirft begmi by Cttfpbon^ and 
ftited (for fear of Earthquakes) in a marifli Ground t it wat 4*5 Feet 
long, and aao Feet broad { it lud ia it lay ftately marble Pillart, each 
ef which ted been -the ible Enterprise and Work of a King, who wat 
felcived to make his Piety aad Magnificence appear upon hit Pillar. .Ic 
wat too Yean in building, though floaoy Thoududi of Men wete em- 
fkyed in the Work \ it was re- boilt at the Command of jitiX4uAr tit 
Orettf by DinecrMif ; hit Engineer. 

IL The Walli of BtlykH, and the pleaTant Gardeni which ^^»tta Sh 
m'rmm* pleated i aboot thit Work jooooo Men were eontiuutily em-i, 
pleyfd many Yeavf. Theie Walls wery jop, or 350 Stadia about, 
wluch make about aa Englip Miles { they were 50 Cabitt high, and fo 
hroed, that two or three Chariots might go upon thtm abreaft^ without 
any Danger. 

III. Tht Labyrinth of Bgypi^ boilt by Biam^ or Meuit, for hit Tomb* 
in which 16 large Apartmeau, or famptuoua Palacet, wtfe builr, 10 equal 
the li Goftrameatt, or ProWncet of Siypt \ there were Sq many 
Ways and aitificial W^i, that it was no eafy Matter to find the Way 
out of it. Dadabu took his Model £rom this, to build hit Labyrinth io 

IV. The Pyramids of Eiyft^ which remain to thit Time ; there were 
three of them | the greateft was built by thmati. King of £lp^» as a 
ftately Monument of hit Power, and to be hit Sepulchre after hit Death 1 
It wat placed about 16 EngUfi Miles from Mamfhtt^ or Grand (?«>«, and 
Was about 1440 Feet io Height, about 143 Feet long on each Side of the 
fquare BaGt, and 600,000 Men were employed In building it, doriog.the 
Space of ao Yeart. It is built of hard Jra^oB Stonei, eveiy one abpoe 
go Feet long. Cbmmt wat torn in Pieces in a Mutiny of hit People, 
and could ncrer obtain the Honour of being interred in tbii S^ffulehrr. 
Ctfbm, hit Brother, fucceeded bim, and imiuced hit ▼ain'glorioui 
Adion«, ia eveaing another leii than the former. The hift wat built by 

[ King Afpcm'Mtt, or, at feme f»y, by the famous Strumpet RbnUpe 1 

upoa thit jippears a peat Head of bh^k Marble, of toa Feet round 

S*^'hc2! ' ^^ *^** ^ ^^ ^^ '"" ''^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^"''" 



( «9 ) 

V. The MAnTokenm of Carta, which Qaeca Jrttmijs bvilt, ai 1 8eb 
palchre for her d«ccafed HuibiDd MaufiliuiTht foriched it with (oauof 
nte OroaoMotii tfaic it wti cftecmed one of the g|eat«ft Wonders of the 
World i and all Monuments of thif Kind have £iice been called Mm^Uup 
Thii Qjeea did love her Haibjod ib much, that befidei chii Edifice^ which 
ihe ereAed for hin^ fhe eaufed the Afliu of hii cbnfumed body to be put 
ioco a Cup of VTtMt and drank it* te g^vc him a Lodg^ nest Ce W 

VX. The CeUffuM of Rbodti wit made by Cbtrtt^ of A/U iiimr, U 
Braif f in the So^e of is Yeari^ and waa dedicated to the Sun* Ic ceft 
about 44000 /• Xi|///(b Money, and wai placed 'at the Entrance of the 
Harbour of the City, with the right Foot fteodiiig, 00 one Side'of the 
Land, and the Left on the other : between the* Left the talleft Shipt, with 
their Jtfaika^ did enter into the Haven* When it fell to the Ground, by 
an Earthquake, few Men were able to embrace the little Finger ef thia 
prodigious 3c*tue« It was Soo Feet high, and of a proportionable Big- 
nefs| end when broken down and beat to Pieces, by the Sarsuus that 
took the lilaod, 4ma Dm, 684, they loaded above 900 Camels with it* 
VIL The Statue of Jupitir Olympiui was the neateft of ^all thcie 
Woiks ; it was creded by the E/es»t, a People of Grtta^ and placed in e 
Tempk dedicated to Jnftter, which was enriched a^terwaids with many 
curioea Reprerencatioof, and excellent Sutnes. ',1^'of ^i^Va* waa fitting 
in a Chair , half n^^ed, but from the Girdle downward he w^s covered | 
in theiigh^ Hand he Eagle, and in the Left a Expire. C»iigulm 
endeatonred te treofport it to I^Mif, but thofe that were employed aboot 
it were frighted from their Enterprise, by fome onexpeded Accident. 
Tldl ^tettte was made by Ftidi^Sp and y^as 150 Cubits high } the Body 
wtiof Bieff, but the Head was of pure Gold, 

Aasong the many reaewncd Biuldings and Ere^ioos of the Ancieott, 

^ the GapiielMt Rm« may joftly claim a Place jit wascooiecrated to Jiifit§r 

' JaftTMipr,. iipen Mount Tmr^ia it was built, and was a famous Edidee, 

the richeft and moft aeted in all Ifs/f. Ic was beautified with the Sutuas 

and In^i^s of all the Gods, with the Cfowos of Vinery, fnd with the 

Spoils of the KTationsjconquercd by tbe Rm^^ It wasfeated in the me.ft 

eminent Place of. the City, by Taw^miut Prifim, and Strvim TmUt'tn, 

two Kinga of ftsaar, and aftc^waids mightily enlarged by the following Ge-> 

-nerationi. The Temples of Nftame, f^«4rtf«, 5efsr«, 3Ur9, /^ftMlapim, 

Bereultty Vtfta and Janui, are noted by Authors to have been brave Struc- 

taret, worthy of the Jtswee Grandeur \ as ahb the Famhem, dedicated to 

all the Gods. 

To tbefr may be added, the Royal Palace of (hnts. King of 3M0, 
built in e very grand ah^ extravagant Manner, by ilCpme, who ccaeotfd 
the Stones with Geld }alfi> the Temple buUt at jAbm to Mtntrva^ And 
another in the DiQe City to Btsrt, wheie the Judges, met to examme 
Caoies of Life and Death | with the gierioui Temple, or Fabrick, at 
Dt^i, wikere i^/a gave Oracles. Thia Temple^was inrichcd withhw 
numerable Gifts, which ca^w from every Psit of the World t In it was « 
Woman Pricft, named P^m^s othcrwUe PyfAie, or P|^a'Ja> that re- 
ceived tbe Sothufiyrm, fitting upon a little Table fuppeitcd with three 
feet i it was called Tfipemt, or Cmiim, bceaufe it waacevfV^ witk vbe 
Skin ef iheSerpentF/rMi^aefaom >aehad£uifttodiftre^X.f|sa)ir^.^f*/- 


ii*t Mother, in the lAtna of De/m 3 when jip%i/t etme of Age, heloUed 
thit Serpent with his Bow uni Anrowt» tfcer a long tnd grievowCom^at { 
doriog which, l^efe Words, h Fm»t were frequently heari intheAir, 
ud which afterwardi were freqneatljr ufed in publick Rfjoiciogs, 

0/ /^ M U S £ S. 

THE Mtfn had fercral Namet given then by the aocient Poeti« ac- 
cording to the lever al Placet where they dwelt { fomcdmca they were 
called Ptgriitp on Account of the Forcft Pitris in BiMCedmis, where they 
were £ud to be horn ) fbmetimes HtlkmUdet, from Mo^pt Helicw, which 
waa near their behived PMrnafig \ and foioecimet by other Namet, accord- 
ing to the Pleafurc of the Mythologiflp, ia their faboloua Accounts of the 
Heathen Dcttiet. 

They were (uppofed to be the Diughtert of J^'ttr end Mtmorf, wliicii 
Fidion waa introdoced, becaofe ymfiar wat fappofed to be the firft loYen- 
ID DifdpHnet. wbicfi are neceffary in order to a regular Life* 

Thele Mw/if, by the Affiftance of j^jitlio, invented Mufidc} their ehief 
Office was to be prefent at folemo FeftivaitaBd facied Banquets, and there 
to fiog the Praifet of famous Men, that they might encourage otfaen to 
'Djidertake gloriooa AdioQf, /)T.^^«y obferver. 

They were reprefented at Wmmat^ beeaufe DifapUmt and Vtnmtt have 
ieminiae Namet affigoed to them { they were painted youn^, kandfome, 
•ud modeft, agreeably dreOTed, and crowned with Flowers j they were 
tnueh eflrenfed for their Chaftiiy, and it is written of them, Tiut whai 
Adnhf the Favourite of F<*vt, offered to ftir up in them fome Indioa- 
•tiont to frfjve, they fell upon lum, and killed him. 

They weire at^f( but three, and called Mileei [Medftition] Ainme 
fMemoiy] and jinide {Singing } ] but a certain Carver of Sfdom, haviag 
Ordertto make three St^uet of the three llSt/Vf, for the Temple of 
' J§folhi ntftook his Inilru^ions, and made three feveral Statues of eadi 
dimft I and thefe happening to be very curious and beautiiiil Pieeca, they 
were all fet up in the Temple, and from thence began to be reckoned 
nine BSkfu | afterwards Btfiod named them^ (Uiliipe, Clw^ Erttt, n^l^, 

> CmlUtfi was ioppofed Prefident of &rsfri Podry, Clio of Hj09ry, Eratt 
•f the Lait, TbahsofCtmedf, MihomeM^of ^^tveh, 7rMebonoftbt 
B€rp,EMierfioimiuiMMfic»,Pclfymis afMittfick, uaAUrMnia Qi J^ 

JtkxstSer Etjt fays, Theiewere at Mt three JMv/bf. to ihewthe three 
Sorts of Mujck. Singing, Blewiag^ and PMng } the firfl in the Tbttat, 

. the feeood in /rVmf hpnutat, and the third upon ^rrsft .* Or to ihew 
the three- fold chief Learning in the World, Pbihfiptf^ Rkettridt, sad 
BSaiim&tichi Pbil»jopbf it three- fold, raiioMl, m»s/, aoa MMtMraJi 

' there are three Parts in RbetoncA, the dtmnfirttimi^ xhtjdehieraHve, and 
the jadieial} there are alfo three Parts of M»ib§mtiiitU^ Arithmttiek^ 
i^tameifyzndMKjlek, Afterwards the Number of Mm/a increafed to feveo, 
either beeaufe of feven Btin in JVhd- Ii^hvmnti, of (oven Stringt o'\ other 
Jnftmrntnts, of theftvtn'/i^raJ Seitucn, or of the fevcn PismiB, |«afk<y, 
they came to be nhie in Number, from the nine Sftera, which they held 
made Mmyje^/ lUrmot^j, They we» «t]Jed the Daughters of J^pitor and 
mMtmt^e, to fhev that Utirmiii cannot be had without theierr^V^ and 


Memurf^ which tft noft emiiicnt in ktrstd Men \ or nther thtt Go» 
li the Author oXLtsmag, aad MtHwy the Mother or Norie thereof | 
therefore the Poet afcribes to the Mufit, Memory end Utttrsnee | by the 
one the/ are prefenred, by the other they are heard. 

They are called BtM/a, from hUi<fih»i, to eoqutre \ thii belongt to 
hvaumy and from Mtifibai^ to initiate into frtrtd My/teriti, by which 
is meant Jluf^nmfs fo that the Mnftt, or LtmrwiMg^ cooiift io Jvwmm 

The Mufn were winged « to fhew the Nimbleaeft of f on/ JFttt^ and 
the Qtticknefa of Psetfy and BSufitk, in moving the Affiffwu { they bore 
Ftfiim in their Hands^ to Ihew that they conquer Mens Pajpmt } they did 
all dance ia t Riag» to ihew the Agreement and Harmony among the /iir« 
re/ Seumca | and the Gractt were joined with them, to mew the folid Joy 
that ia tlie conftant Attendant on Learning and Firime, 

They had divert Names fromiivers Occafions, aa Njwepbt and Gtddipt 
of Water^ to fliew the Clearnefsof Poetry \ ParnMet^ BiUtemtdu^ Phm 
ridtSf Amides, Pegafidit, 4ganiypides, Lihetbrtftt, Tbejj^adet, See. to 
Ikew the various Kindi of Learning, and the many Labours the Sebohr 
. mu(k 0Ddergo» before he can attain untO' Excellency. The particular 
Name of the idajes ere alfo very iifpiificant, as Clio, l^om C/raei [GloryJ 
becaufe great is the Ghry of Leatning, though Ignorance be Its Enemy $ 
Enterfe, from Euterpes [delightfol] becaufe there if no Delight comparable 
to that of virtttooa, learned Men ; TbaSn, from Tbafein {to grow green] 
'fcr ^Mrerii^ will ftill flourifb, and never wither ; Mtffomene, ftom MeUtem 
piienmne [making Metody] for the Life of a Scholar xi ftill cfaearfal and 
mel<^ioua ; 7tr^bore,. from 7er/e end Cbonia fto delight in Singing or 
Dancing] wt the Mirth- of learned Men ia within themfelvet j Eraft, 
from Ermtu [Love} for the more a Man knows Learning, the more he 
lofea it I Pnhfbmma, or Polynmia, fromPc/ns and Umnte } no Mens Mindi 
are fo foil of iMelody and fpiritual Comfbrt, as the Mindt of learned Men | 
Urania, fiom Uiranet ftbe Heaven] foilLeaming came from thence | Cam 
liope, 'from Caiet tfcn [a good Voice] there is no ootward Voice ft charm- 
ing and melodiua as the inward Voice of J?<M«r/N%# in the Mind, by 
which a Man di/courfeth with htmfclf^ and ia never lefs alone^ than 
when he is alone. 

[^he Jntienu built TenF^** <o ^^ Mnfee remote from Cities, and de« 
fcribed them fitting on the Top of Pamnjffut, to ihew Learning havh ita 
Seat in the Head, which is the Top and Capital of Man*s B^^dy $ and a« 
all Gcde and Geddffet had their Birdt dedicated to them, fo hid the Mkjet 
the laborious Beet, who very much refemble Scbthrs in their Premdencif 
^dnfry, Labear, Order, and Hammn | they are content with little^ yet 
afford nnich Benefit to the Owner ; lo do Sebelars to the hate | neither it 
there any Creatuiey to which karned Men and $t9dent$ are more beholden, 
than to the ^^ ^h^ ipth afforda them Pttd and Pfyjek in itr Utmy, 
and Lijgbt 'iii-^SIf^$haiim in its f^aet, 

tv O/ H E R C U L E S. 

^T^ff SR E hat been no King, nor other Perfoo, that we Kid of in 

M," profane Hiftory, that has rendered hia name more famoos than Berm 

cn&ij whoy for hia noble A€L», and gloiiooi Deedi^ wAtdcificd, and placed 

amo^g the Start* H* 

( 7a ) 

HU Fadiet u Cud to ^ Jfpitf^p tad hit Mother ^Umna i when hh 
Blether wu big with Child with him^ SthtUnmt Kinc^of M^fcew, vat ia 
great Hopetof obtaiaing fpcedilj e Soa» tfcerwardf named Buryftbem, Jw 
pittr tooK an 0»th» that he that ihould be bornfirft, ihould4>e King, auid 
have an abfolate Command over the other 3 which when Jtmo {yufittr^ 
Wifc» the fworn Enemy of all her Hofland'ff Conoibinca, and of »U the 
Children that were bora of them) had accidcntalJy heftd, {he caufed £«ry- 
fitMi to eome forth of his Mother*! Wo|nb at the End of feven Mont^^ 
aad by tha( Meant urocuied onto him the Scepter with the ibver^ga 

*Tii £udj» Uitt wheo7»/f«r lay with HtreuIaU Mother, lie fpent three 
Nighta (which h« caoTtd to be joined together) in begetting him }^ hit Body 
•nd Aatore were anfwerable to the Paina and Power of hia Father^ for he 
waa fevcA Feet high, bad three Ranka of Teeth in hia Mooth^ and oot 
of hia Ejea Sparluea of Fire and Light did ibmetunea proceed. 

ym, at the Interce/fion of Paliaif icemed to be reconciled to Her€mktf 
and ai a Tcftimoay of her Good-will to him, when in hia Infancy, ihe 
gave fuck to him of her own Breaft | by thia Means It happened^ that 
the little Hetcuht, having fpilt fome of the Milk out of hit Month., he 
whited that Part 'of the Sky that ii called the Miiky Way. This Kiad- 
aefs waa only feigned to iatiafy the Requeil of Pal/at ; for a while after, 
when he waa yet in hia Cradle, fbe fent two dreadful Serpeota to devour 
him, whicl^ did not however anfwer her Ezpedation ; for the Child, 
withont any Shew of Fear, caught them In hia Handi, and tore them in 
Piecta, ,. , . 

When he came to Yeara of Uodeiftanding, he waa pot onder the To- 

■ * ition of fuch Mafters as did excel in many Arta aod Sciences, to learn of 

^ them the Thinga that were repaired to nwke him accompliihed. He was 

, taught by Temara, a Stytbiam^ to handle the Spear and Dart $ tj^'mi, the 

[ Son of jfyolAf tau^t ^im the Rudiments of Learnings and becaafe he 

* had chaftifed him with a Rod, Htrcakt killed him when he came to be of 

Age $ from Bumolf&s he learned the Art of playing upon Inftrumeate of 

Mufick i Ciirm gave him an lafight into Aflrology, and Hdrpelicta made 

him undetftand die other Sciencea that were neceflary to acconopliih a 

Man of his Birth and Valour. 

He was fcarce eighteen Years of Age, when Euryfibeut engaged hiaa in 
the moft difficult Enterprizes, and esrpofed him to all Manner of Dangers 
to make him per^b $ (o that once he took a Refolution to obey htm no 
longer I but the Oracit informed him,, that it. was the Will of the G. da, 
that he Ihould pafs twelve Times more through Dangers, in Obedience to 
the Commands of this Tyrant. TheCe are named the twelve Adventurer, 
or Labours oiHercuUs, 

I. He waa appointfsd to de^lroy a great Lion of the Foreft of Ntmta, 
that was fallen from the Moon« and fpoiled the Country round about ) be 
dticharged all hia Arrows at this wild Beail to little Purpofe, and thro 
encountered it with hH Cbib only in. his Hapd, but the Skin was fo tough 
• and hard, that no Weapon caold enter it, wlUch when HirCMin perceiied, 
he caught hold of the raging Lion, and tore him in Piecei with his Htods. 
- £'?' »^"'^h«.<*Arghted tp wear the Skin of this Lion about him, as a 
Token of hia Viftory j and, in Imitation of hiaa, all Heroci ha? c Skin. 

. Of 

. 1 

( 73 ) • 

ef Uonty or otKer wiM Betftf« upon their Buckfen | and f^rae fay^ thh 
is the Lion that waa placed amoof the twelve Sigoa cf the ZUmAt 

ft* He was feat to the Lake of Ltfum, near j^fm, to eocouncer with lA ' 
Hydra, a notaUe Serpent^ or Dragon, cf a ftrange Katore; Car it had ft- 
▼eo Headf, and when one w«i cue oflF, many otheri did itnmcdiareljr buril 
forth, fo that it wai not poffiblc to oTercome thii M onfter, anlefi all hie 
Reads were cut oflF at one Time, and the reft of the Body deftroyed hy 
Fire and $wordy which wu executed by Hmuhh 

«. Euijfibnu fcnt him to Meant Srymmthiu^ in Jr€s^, where a 
wiEi Boir of axtiaordioary BigneCt deftroyed all the neighbouring Fields $ 
Berculn dragged him aUve to E&rji/lkmt, who waa nhnoft frighted ont of 
bia Will wbea he beheld him* 

4. He got hold of th« S'.ag of the Mountain M^agkna, whofe Feet wem 
•f B.-afi, and H >rn» of Gold, when he had pnrfued it a whole Year, 

5^. He put to Plight the Birdi of the Lake Sifm^An, that were fo r.«- 
tterooiy and uf fuch a prodtgjoui Greatncft, that they datkened the Air, 
and hindered the Sun froofi Aming upon Mea» when tb f fitw over tliem | ' 
befides, tbry did often take op font, and carry them awjy to devour them. 
Bat thefe Eiicountert Were not worthy, to be cooopared with hii Gombac 

6. The Amsxnnip who were Women of Stythia, dwelling npon the 
CUwils of the Hircsnian Sta, who having fbUowed their Hofttndt in the 
War, and feeing them all cut off by tile Enemy, near the River Ther^ 
.modern in Ca^thci*^ they refolved to maintain the War themfelvet, and 

not to fu^r any Man to have Command in the Army, or Kinpdom, or 
CD Jive among them.* They went arrong their Neighbuvra to fetch from 
^em Children $ the M»les they deftroyed, but kept the Femaiei and ' 
brought them up in a warlike Manner ; and that they might be fliore • 
ready to handle the Bow and Arrowt, they burnt their right Papa in the r 
2nf«ncy. They behaved gallantly in the Siege of X^-tf, under th<t Candu6t ' 
1^ Pentbifiiia I but were forced to yield to the Valour of NSirc*/M, who 
being accompanied by Jhefeut, went againft them, accotding to the Oum- 
mand f>iEuryfibeut^ and took their Qsieen Hifp9/Ha, who waa afterwards 
snarried to Ttefiys, 

7. He undertook to deanfe the Stabkt of ^/mi, IC^ngcf Bkg, in 
which Thoufiinds of Oxen had been daiiy fed, fo that the Djng, ty a 
long Continuance, was nachiocreafed, and filled the Air with Infedion ; 
BercmUi thereft re turned the Current of the River wtf<]^i^i from iti erdi- 
aatyCourfe, and cliuied it to pafi through the Sta blei ; that he rarried 
away the Filth in one D^y, according to hit Bargain | but j4ugeaiiifz% not 
grateful to htm Atr hit Pains, for he denied him the tenth Part of the 
Oxen that were kept there | thia cnofcd the Death of ^gtat, and the 
Loft of hit Gwoda. . / *' * 

8. He feiscd upon a Bull, that did breathe nothing but Fire an.dFTame, * 
which Nf^tuvi had (eat into GreiH, to puoilh (bme Difgracei and Affront* 
which he had received from that Country. 

g. He paffed into Thraeia, where he caufed th? Tyrant Dtmtdes to 
eruiure, lo nit own Perfon» that which iie made uthert to fiffer, which 
Wae^ he gave all S'laoggrs that he eouid catch in his Kingdom to he de- 
voured by hit Hoiib. Utr€uk\ ferTcd Bufifu, King of Bgffit, in the 
Imdc Manner* bectofe he waa fo cruel to ail Strangeriy a^io cut tKeie 

' ' £ Thcoati 


Throtti «pen the Altati of Jip^ier, flhat 1m Bi%lit cloke hit Cmdtj fi|^. 

so. <7«y«i» Riag of Spmwy fnho wti repoiti^ to fMi?e thite Bodicv 
brcAttfe he miiiwfilwl thtte KinfdoBM, wi» no Mi cnitl thui the for- 
SBcr I li»>U ibflM OieOy which he higNjr eNettMi it Ditmdti did his 
Nor^t ewl to keep theak he hid e ik>| with thfee Heads, «nd a Drw 
0«i with fevwi* Whco iiirA/« wa« feat tkkbet %ij Ottrjfiktm, hi trcaCeA 
him M hrh«i leraieffly doMMMdkiiw 

* ti« He WIS required «e pot into the ^tftft wi of Satyfibem certain' 
yldca Applet WekniEf pt to >«#, thec wtrt in the Cuftodjr of foane 
KfBpbt» the BtJ^tda^ De«gfacer U Bt/imm, tfce brother of AiiM % 
but befoie lay one coaU eoneettheai^ a great Dragon that war at the 
Xatiy of tU Garden where tbejr grew« wat to be liift bte'conie. He 
fMod llf am to ■oooiAplifli'thu Intetprfse aJfe f feme fay^ he anyde ufe 
of ^h$^ who worn to gathw thee^, while he took hb Buidea upon 
hiio» and bore mp the Heavsaa with his Skeulders. 

I a* The Ull Ifjon^ton which he raceived f^om Ewyfihtm^ was to fefch 
£M>a» HcU the D g Carirras fnm wfaeoce he bmuthi aho 7A^, tkat 
was gpoa di'Wta to keep CompaDjr with his dcir Friend MwfiaM. 

Ihei^ gleriooa AftioQi nt4e Mmradte drcadibi to Enrffhm, and to ell 
PriarOs ia the World. AKerwards there was no Tyraar, Jior Mooffer 
kaowat bat he iwdtrieek ta deflrof ^rm \ thus he put to Death Csrae. 
(the Son of F>Aa% trho be4 three Meads) becaefe he was « hoUbla 
Rpbber, wbe dfd fpoil and dellioy ail that cone neer the hf oont A^entimm 
Froio thence he went to If ooat Came^fm, where her de|iTetcdP^e«^^eM, 
aad iiiUed the B'gle tbet^Ovoared ki« L >er, H? bad alfe an Encounter 
wj|ik^4Cet, tha ^n.of the Earth, who Wa« of a prodigujes Bignefi^ 
ia4 did ceaninit «11 Manaer of Coeltieti HmuUk mted hitt up lo hti 
■AjBiSy and prffled 'the Breath oet. of his Boi^y. 

• ^Bet as HirfUt Wtt big; ead of ai> high Stature, c fmell Matter was 
notTi Anient to oeuiifli hiar, for as he walked in the Fields, one Day 
whenheittaahaagry* h^ met Tiftre^aaiw* tilUng the Oroond | he fnatched 
lism hup eae of his Oxtn^ which he laid epon his Shoulders, and do- 
"^oiured '#Yery Kt- of- it> be^e TAradwmrs, who loaded htio aU the while 
with C^A:s4nd In-.precaiiona. 

■He.enads ajoucnry tato ^pare, wheie he fepsnted the two Bloaetaiaf, 
C^^# acd Jkfk, to kt the maia Ocacn hue the Land by the Straits of 
CUrtU^r I vhtiti two lioqntaina, fitaote one againll another, C^(^ in 
Spain ^ and AhfUAn iUmhtMS, do appear afar off as^two Pillart | they 
are fiVl to ^ the cweI>SUars of B^tmltt, where he eograTed thefe W<Mds« 
l^»f(uf tlt^ 4 nii theie aaare the utatoft Bounds of the World, be« 
ipQpd whiihhe caMidnot«alar|e. his Domimons. In alt his GanqoeftSf 
h^ roa^ wfe.of n Qob of an Oilee Tree, whiili at left he dedicated to 
illfr^ary, the Cad of Eioquenee, whofe Virtne he acknowledged to be 
mare profitable than tlie IHywer of Arms, 

. To rccoudt all that the Ancients have recorded of this famoas Man^ 
would make a pretty large Volamoy and perhaps not be fo agreeable tn 
fofpe Perions as thisSpHoBi^i there<bree we ranft JofI hint it the Gi» 
taftroflhe of Htrtuh*, andconcltide our Narrative. 

L*e the Hsraes of old, he was OQamonred with Wottca ) he marrifd 
*«f^era, the Oaaghwrof Cirwe, Kfaigof nektt, whom ht aftcrwuda 




imtii tfa«Bhebe€uiMaSIaveto4>«^Zr,qjicai of £f4r^ for ^Mi 

hB chMgad^ hit Cftib fofffXnnmi^ tnttiuxHioit, wd hit Xjoa't Sksa ibr (h« 
'Otfsifeots d# i wilting Mild. After wardi Jic iMuo>«amoroiitef ^tf« 
«ff«, ((br n^htfin he was to fight Jehekts, the Sdd of IStrryty whom fat 
«Biii9uered| aodTetoroiagfiith her to a&ivcr't^d^^ where JVTgjflKf tHs 
C#itf«ir oflFered'hil3enrict tocirfyherb^hitid lUih to tho other Side | 
vhed iht iPrakor came over^ he would have abufed her, tai riot Btteuim 
pieiced hiA with an Arrow te the Heart f when he^Rrat ready to expire^ 
Ae ndhhwd to reteage hitefelf in thit Ktanocrs HegtYc his C«ra>eat 
dro^lftg with hfe Blood to^ijamrs, perfiMding her» ti^t if her Hulhan^ 
did wear iCbnL once, he would never ha^ Love fcr other VToinen. The 
filly (>eatare belfevei hihi, thereibre (he Tent' h to him by I^cbtt hit 
Alao» when he wat iaciifieing upon Mount Otta^ bnt It ft]] not out as ihe 
Ikad imagihedf-forat fi»on at he had put on thit Coat^ the B]ood ofN^Jittp 
which wat a moll powerful PoKon, «aufed fo great a Burning a J] over hia 
Sody,. that, in Pefpair,. he caft himftif into a flaoung Pile of Wocd, 
•od WHS there eotiTumed to Atheu 

His Servant i^Cifror was drowned in the Sea, wliete' he wat changed 
into a Rccfc J. and Dfj/uirs^ for Crieff Idlied herlelf with • Blow of her 

Uetptla, before he difd, ablt|e4 flikSttUp the Son of Tumf hu 
CorapMon and' friend, to fwcar onto himnever to diCooiret the' Place 
whemhtt A/het and Bolhet were^boried ^} he then ddivciyid unto him hit 
Afvowf, crtoured with the Blood of the Bjira, wbich were afterward 
carried to the Siege of Tr«y, ^ ^ 

koMimd in H$ WoB.u>^Jhm ^Omtm^ditDiati^ 
Julias Ccte. 

TtL E moll andent Riftory we fainr, It tU Blbl^ | frotaA.M; B* C« 
that we learn, that it it nownpwaMtof ^yti^YezH 
finck the "^ofld was created. But the Account Which W. 
/m gfvet ta fo ^tfy concife. that fot the flfft aoeo Ycara 
we tiave veiy'little InfbHuatioh, whdt wat done aaiongft 
^ahkiftd, fave that they wcae foT exceeding widied, ilttt in 
nil Ihe World only ^m^ and ^ia family Ibund favour with 
Ood, and woe preserved from that Dehige which deft^oyad 
theiwboleSarthbel]dei»' tfyj 

The Buiidlnff tii'BdAet (or vBtf^Aar.) Thf6 diiiBon of taif* 
guagei^ and the Diibefffion of Mankind* * gage 

Mmtolt,tht Son ef€0Jh\ fdtfiidl the AJfi^WM tttffh«> 4^« ^ 
* the ISoif of Sm. builds a City (which wat alterwaidt GiUcd -i 
2fidfvetyntAAwi^t)3MAg]f>'iMntm^'ir€. " t||4 

The ilonardhy of Jt^ift eft^Kiihid by 9ii^mm, y|ui Sof eT 

11)e4relf^iPiaorailG«t8iofliri^, ' t^^i^ 

'7hetft|(thofi\b«5in^e.9SOtl^Ycarofl)!iilc^i ScS^I^^ ' 

, nftet the f^ood. 

T4^^inhof^^a»«B«- • - *«>? 



. A.M. 

The Xihfdotn oF the Argnfei, cihUillicd undtr hadat^ 1 1 6S 

P'v/^A nia into fj^. 1299 

^he Birth of Ui>j9t, 14 jc 

A C lony from £i7^'« «o<er ihc Cbmmalii of Cur^^ biuld 

the Cty of Jibent, %^6 

The Chmldtant dro?e out of BshyUn hy the j^mksiu, 34^4 

The Ifrstliut delivered from £|[)f^ ty Af0/«f. ^iU 

SiJ^fii, King of £fy^, oonquert A'shU, Pe^Jlf. ThJu, S^ 

ihis, 7brstt, ^fiathi Ltfsi Syris, in tboat i^infe Vean', z.^z 
The famoui Philofopber Bermt Trijme^j/ku wai Pdvy Coun,. 

fcllor to this Monarch* 

The Deftradion of ^ny^ «8»o 

^■■Mi fl et into Ji^fjft itiHt Tsrvvf^ Rtog of the J{ii#»'&; in a 

Ai^Co!rbat i irarriei L^miui^, D»v%htir of L4iim^, and 

bofkb the City of tmrimim. The JEnnd of i^/i^^rV ia iuiit 

upon this S^ory. ^ 2*35 

The Temple of Jeryfglm hoik by £«?«■»• jooo 

The Offmpuk Games, which were firft ioiiMtcd by Hirtttn, 

at the Foot of ^Mount Olj/m^, in Honour of hit Father 

Jttpittr, are revived^ in P«/«/MMr/af by {^Miw, From heace 

the Gntks brghi theSpocha of cheir O^mft'sda 3228 

Kmw built by Jtafli*/ii«« firft King of Xaaw. 3231 

About tilia Time lived 'llbflwr uhd HiJM, Crak Fqcu« 

$srJ§»0f0ftn hanag provoked hiiSubjeda by^his EfFemina- 

ciea, fo lejbcl agiiaft him, i^id being befiegtd mNinewh by > 

ffaimirfir and Afkuts, fail lUfeotenant Qenertj, borna 

himlrll/ihia'Wivii, lUsOiildrcA» and all his Tr«aliir«f* 3S57 

tyturgia ptrfoadcf the I^ ddt w rni mmt to change their F^m of 

Covexnvcnt^ whitk w«i a mixc Form of 

Mpnarchy aod Ariftocracy, 3178 

Ctrimtb, about>6oo Y^n after its firfl building, alters ita Fttrm 

of Govd-nq^ent froon Mtnarchical to a'Republick* 3290 

iVSkaul PimfiSut, fr£ood King of Rme, beglnt to reign, di- 
vides the Year into twelve Moothi. 3291 
Thei>fft«uaion of the iirft Temple of Jtntjkkm, by Nthm^ 

tbai*t9K»r Ring ofBahykm, " 3416 

About this Time lived Danhl the Prophet j Jrtm, jfluiu 
, Sfimemie*, Grttk Poeti } S»fb9 the Poctefr, and P^^tf- 

goTtfi the f^lofopher. 
Cf4efi$, the^aA Kicg of ^/^'if, dcfeat^^ aad Ukea Prifeiier 

byffm-* 345* 

4^bot}t th4i Tiiine Tired the (even wife Men of <?mM,.Trs. 
^ 7B4M 'the H/IUefiam, Cbyhm the Lccedemvmsn, Clnhn/ui of 

Corintb, BjfOi of Fnyent, Pitttetn if MiUteat^ and StAn tif 

C>riii fry the7<«< at Liberty* . 3464 

How fong the merry Poet AMtrnm* 

Tsrfvm the Prtod, the fevenih and hft King of JtaMr, es- 
l^led. ^Rtm had now b^cn governed by Kingi>a45> Ycgri* 












^hemrdt two Coftittb were aaoualiy elededialht^AbMl B.C. 

ttace. 149^ 5©^ 

ibw befiesed by PtrfemiM, Km$ of the Tm/cms, in fiupour oT 

Tarfuiu* 3496 5C6 

partMt, KiAg of P«/i«, fends to dernaoi Birth and Water« 
' - as Homage from the Grecian Otiet in Kurept \ and having 

lent a great Army againft the Grecians^ they win the fa- 
mous Battle of Mtratiaif, by the Conduft of MUti^du 

^t Atbtm0n Ctntxii, 351 1 493 

Trtbmnes efta^liihed for the Jianum People. 3510 4^4 

^wtot Qnchmsiut the firft Dictator chofe by theltoaMat. 
tuaidai, at (he Straits ofTbermofi/ge, 'with 300 Laesdem^ 

wimu^ who all: died upon the Spot, kiJts sooo Perjlans. 3515 479 
Fiadar and Sim$nidis, Lytick Poets, and Sofhoclet and £irr/- 

fidii, Tragick P^et^ fioonihed about this Time. 
The ygwt &(h the EoiMing of their Temple, from whence 

^«y begin their icveiity Weeks. 3550 454 

About thii Txme nwedJRfchfhu the Poet, Btrcdtna and Tht^ 

«filr4f*che Hiftonaiis, waA^Kr^n the Orator. 
TheP«A^»Mi^«« War began bctwisen the Abtmam and tm* • 

tidtmuUm. ;. 357' 43 1 

ntm/htla baniihed by the AtUmant, 3590 

jSriMt^wM the Poet, S^crshi the Philbfopher,aad ^flSexAM- 

. tfrf the Athmm GeAcral» UT«d about this Timet 
\jB9»Mdk9 the QriOi bora» . 3648 , 356 

I>mol^hii thtAiimf Orator, DicgtneB the Cynirk, and 

JtnfitU the Philofopber lived lAout thia Time. Altxandtr 

after having rcjgned i a Yean, ip which Time he con- 
; quered thegreatdl P«n of (he kbown World, dies in' the 

gad Year of his Age. 36S0 324 

How flourrihed HeraeiitMS, Dmoeriiat, Znn, EttcBd, and £- 

JhJoM frees the PartbtmMt from the Matedenian Yoke, and 

lays the FonoUation of the fsrtkimn Empire. 375,8 946' 

About this Time IWcd Sertfut the Cbmldean^ who writ the 

Uiftory of ^^^m and Bahyhm^ and P*aaiiu the Poet at • 


The fir ft Ptftrrl War begun. 37 6S 2 )6 

The fecond Pm/^I W^r brguo hj HamiM* . 3795 2,09 

Ahaut thi> Time lived Jfiarai and7<rm<», UtaMs Poetfl» 
Pivifions at JUim between the Senate aiiir People. tlAartut 
. lides with the People. '^4 oppofes and kills him. This 

Was the firft Cvil War among the AsaiMt. 3923 | if 

JIDUdontt Sicu/ut, tht Gf^tek Hiftorian, flourlflied about this 
. Time, and Cicen the JlssMa Orator. €sf being hefieged 
' by C^ffr at Uiiea, kills hsmrclf. 3958 46* 

•At this Time the JaUanJ^cmnt cama in ufe, defar, atjb* 

nreiga Pricft^ haviag ta ftw ad the Kilcndara I 

( 7* > 

^^nofi, ^^M, Muk,tni8p^m. ^ . ^ ^ ^ S9S9 4S 

Tke grcAt Powtr 104 ifc^Qunfivei lo Q^ by tlie B i mwi » 
aUfiB foae of tht ckicf Nobility, ■otf occafion th» Con • 
rpirjcy tfaiiift bim by Hmmw, Ctf^vfi ^rehtmh C^ff*$ 
Md otb<rt, who kill him iathe Seoau-Hooic. 3960 

The SflMCe tod Ptople of J^mm^ by general Cooient, confer 
OA Oir#«t#Mi Um whole Monarchy of the Rm§m Smpirr, 
wit|i ^t Namt of dagujtn, which he and hit SucccSbci 
eier »(W|hi«» 

The Olorj of tlie XM^mi WM now tt itt 61U Hekht. At 
thif Time fl«»>)flic«l D'ttmfm Miivn^[fm the (^«ri, and 
T'/M li^TM the JMm Rftorian f togttjitr with the PoeCi 
Fifftfy liir^ciiy ihriit Ctntlhr G4ik»f TMk*, Pr^^ 
iwf, with oMoy othtn of grtat Note, lo fioe, aJl Kinds 
cf pdHtoLeoiKM 4od ScltMC » didAeverib luufcriblly flov- 
lai^ w io the .Afijlloo ^. 

yr/6ar/ wl^^V'ia^ e^/^ Bi^TOH^' ^ ENGJLANJX 

•fmUS CMBMR inndcd apfrtf/o, and made it tributary to the A, 9» 
«/ JiMuoi ia the Year of the World 3945. About too Tears 

Ptffinir Cji^ nUr«Br JSxpeditioo ii|to BrHi^^ tod consnereS 
fort ^ tht Ifland. * 41 

^«f)i focotedbg in theSntptre, feat hit LieliteBadt SuOtntMi 
Pmi/m mto firiemn I h^f^f. t}it Brituu fet. upon him,. and flew 
yo.ocp tUmtMt : Aat !« the next Bncoaater $o,QO%Bftmi yf<x.t 
(Lui. ' " 57 

Ttt9i VtfpMJiam fent hit Deputy 7«^« Affittf»]t yfh^ TtftorSoul^ . 
cxt«a4ed .the XflOTM Ptovineo liiBrifain, beyond all his Predeeeilbn* 70 

And thus the i^MUOi for the 3pace oif 50^X0*^ reigned lo,^rf- 
iaht At l»ft the Jlritons elected tbemfelvet. i^reral' Kings to ma- 
nage their ^art agaipfithe Pi&i tpd SifiH$ : And being 4eferted b^ 
|he Rfm^m, ttJerinYited the Somms tp their A^ftanqe. who acr 
urdingly leade^ in the Ifland, under the Condu^ of two Brothers^ 
#f«^W ard Barfgp who advancing a»' far as jtamfird So LtAfoii^irt, 
ptvt ifittle to the 5£0ff and Pi0s, and yanquilhed them. 4^ 

The 5tf;«MM by Degrees over run the whole Ifland, «Ad divided ' 
It into feven K'ngdonni (called, the BifiarcJbj,J The lAaod ton\i^ 
Aued in this State upwarda of 360 Years, when JC^&^rr King of 
the Weft Smjcms redofpd all the contending KJoes under hit Sutjec* 
ttpn, and gave the Name of J^iigland to the Ki gdom,, fxwh the 
^nglm whence he Ame. He wat the /irft jbi* MoAar^ of Mng* 
/•»((/, and having reigned lyYears, died. 1^6 

V In hi* Reign the Da^ts. ^ift invaded $ai^tid wlt|| %% Ship*^ 
confifting of a3ooo Men, bat wei« put to Flight. 

f'?*(7^if' ^Atrri cldeft S6n, foccecded^ and reigned »• Yearg* %iS 

£$bMald, eJdcft Son of Efhel<mff; focceeded his father, aad 
leigned two Years* '^ 7 ' . • jg * 

BtAifSirHat bvothet fiicciedot^ and rdipittf Ibm Yown He 


MiMei, (tM %m ^mMwtf, focceeM { toj luvtiif wgacJ A. Ow 
6vtB YiMxk, was fliln lA Batde af aifltl the Dgmt, who wf fc aow 
▼erj nameroat iq the Kin|dom. t?* 

jlljr^, fourth Son of I»i6e/«»jf, focceeded j lu fought nine Bat- 
tles with the Dna iii«fie Yeai^ and forced ibetn to depart the 
Kiagdoini. He ^ifi put the .£«gftjt^opoa buildttig Sbipf, and (q ir* 
curiag themftlvei hy Sea i He deared tjbe Lind of "I'bteves and - 
Ri^bberis And fpr the better Adq|iini(lrati.oii of JudUe. h.< di« 
Tided the ICingdom into S^urerVnund^eds and Tithes« He found- 
ed theiirft College in (htjord^ now called Vaivtrjity CoUage. For 
hit Virtues, Learning and Abilities^ he was hoAOoied with the 
Title of Alfred rbe Qrui. and may Jaftly bt called the firft Ciri- 
Jiser of the £»f/r/ft Nation. Re rcifpied io Yean, fot 

Sitwar4 the. Elder fticcee^ hit father, andffign«d %% iTesrs, 984 
Sihaffaw, Etk94nt» cideft SoOj ilVcceeded» and re^^d 16 
Yean. He caufed the Bible to be tvaoBated into Mf^Sjb. f4o 

Mdwrnnd fncceeded hb Brotlwff Etha^iab^ woA retgoed 6 Uttim ^ 
JB^^rnf reigned 91 Years. ^55 

Eiwin reigned 4 Years, and was depoied bfjr die Mookf • 95^ 

Bdgar hi; Brother fuccddbdi be cleared tie land tf WolYet 
tod wild Beafts. He reigned 16 Tears. '* ■ ' 97t 

J^ite^ri tb« Your get reigned, 3 Years. . f^% 

EtbtM reigped iti Veats. tn fit &e)gii ttlferi iir«< t^lfeat M»f> 
jkcrc of ihe iXemiy who were becodie intDlerabte to & £flf /i/ft* 
He dying, .... soil 

Jff Jasur J E'ei^(/f , the Soil of Eihehii ftec^eded | ^^\ Ike Vis H« 
TallM by Cgmiit the D«is«, wUh.whooi he was forded to Aire Che~ 
Government i and after his t>ulh the Dana bfcame foJe-Maftei;^ 
^ tho Ifland^ after it had beeq ja Po^cUkMi of ihtisinit 566 
Years, and contioued dhieit Bovtrcl^tty 4bojRt. 24 Vea^t u^daic 
3 Kiogr^ «^ai, 
Canini, who rdgfied 14 Years. 
HanMl, who ifJigned 7 Years, aii^ 

Harifrtfiiibr^, wfaiD refgne^ 3 Tear; . V4i 

The.i fucc^eded EJtoard lis Ctnfyfift ttie ^t'h Sola of Kinl; 
Mtteired, -He cole^ed all theli w» of hi-^ ^redece^ors tnto«n4 
Body, which is the Qrigin of our Oxnmon L^' w. He was the fii (I 
of our Kings that attempted to care the King's Evil with, a 
Touch, and the fi/t that 6goed. his Patents wth the Ssal aeW 
called the K,'ng's Broad Seal, He reigned 94 Years. lo6fl 

Afte^ his Deceafe. If«r»/4l, Son of Godwin, £^rl of J&af. Was 
dior<> King I but before Jie had reigned a Year, WUliam^ Duke df * 

^$nmaMdjf, pretending a Right to the Crewo of i^^g/tfR^* landed in 
9i^ 00 the 8th i/f SttMer, I066, aa^ on the Htb of QStm 
$tr ioUowing wa< fioght the memorable Battle of H^fiinf^Si in 
which were killed King Bar§/d»nA hti two Broth^rs^ meft of the 
Mmtif^ Kobility, 07974 common Soldiers, 

W 1 1 L I A M the anqveror ' ^ . 

Was crowned King of Mnitmd 00 Chrijhut Day. 1A0^ 

Be boht the Tower of taHdo», ^\,^ 

3ec«lflii«SoitfS tohstaken of t&e whole Kii^m ^^^^ ^ 

iiriMto^feciiiBacB)oketllcdi)Miif-09MI,keptiatU A*!)^ 

TsfNT Af Lmim) %ad nM ftom e? cry Hide of Land (or loo 


' Ht firil ippointcd JoMccf ef the Pace and Jirici^ ordained (h* 

Gaort of'Ckaiiccry and Exchequer* 

He foiled down 3 6 Part A Chufchei, luid dli^opled thcCooatrj 
la Hsmf/Uri for )0 Milca in Campafi, to make a Chace for 
Hontinf^ aow callai the J^T^a Ar^. 

In the Year 107 1, H^skbtof, Eul of HaaiMriaa, wu bebeadcd« 
Ac fiift Nobleman that ever wai beheaded in EniUadt 

He ret|aed ti Years, and waa crowned every Year a*ncw« 

He^ppciatedj by hti Will« hb fccond Son, 


To ^bccccd him, who was crowned Ifi{/ 

J^/elm, ArchbUhop of Caattriiaipy^ if BaaiAed the Kjagdom> for 
ataiwaiaiag thePope*» 9'jprematy agaiaft theKijig*« Prerogative 

iimlttim^ KLing of Sntfsad, laiadet M^Uad, aad ii JdUed by 

In ihb Kill's Rdga the Holy War waa firft vhdertakeo^ which 
eoftiinucd acar 300 Yean. 

He Kailt W^wdwfm^BtM^ which ia nyo Feet long, aad yif 

The Sea oTcrflowed Ita Banki, and drowned -4000 Acita off 
Lmd, which had been Barl Gb^Va, now called QUm%*% Sanda 
iaJCiraf; ' 

Ravlni^ reigiied near t% Years, he was Ihat by Sir W^Um ^yrd 
kfelfittg an Arrow at a Deer. 

H E N R Y I. 

The yonngeft Son of the Conqueror fucceeded. 21M 

lb this Retga S(w B»tUhme^*t B»Qiiml^ in SmthfidJ^ wn 
Aoade^ by a' Jefter 'tif tbe Kuifi*8» named Rr/sr/ Before this». 
SmikfiM wa& the Place where ail Malefaaora were tXe ated . Now 
|tv«4 Jtcgr^f of Hfkammih the H ftorian.' The fif ft Parliament off 
iC.«//#«d was furamoncd by this Kipg at Smtishwry, He. died by a 
Sarfeit of Lampreyi, after he had reigoed j^'Yrars. 

G-andTon of the Corqucior by Jilice hU Daughter^ fucceeded to 
the Crown. II35 

He granted to his Sotjeflsa Charter of feme Immomticr, dated 
under his Hand at Ox^d, 

la thife R«ign great P^rt of the Cttlct of Za^fee, Terk and lla- 
r^^lir were ddElroyed ay. Fire. 

He reigned 1% Yeaii and. to Months. 

H £ N R Y IL 

Sob to Aiaad > be Emprera, fole Daughter of Bfmy L facceeded* 1 154 

Cuacbe& were now firft ufed iff E-gl^nd. 

7h*w»a9 Btt-kH, Arcbbifhop of CmaterSmn, murdered in the 
Church. X'^itti* Bri^ff built Of Wood. 

He divKcd ttie Itinudom into fix Qtcutu, and appoimed thrtt 
itiucranc Juft ce, tor each of ihcm. ir}f»*ws»ia,m 

S . '- '^- 

f «» ) 

He kept the famoui Refamaad, Daughter of Lord Cllfifut, m « A, Q^ 
fiscret Bqwerat H^to^/kck j. bat beiAg difcovered by Queen £i^«Mf, 
Ihe waspoifosed. 

He reigned 35 Years, and was Aicceeded by his Soa 

RICHARD!. |,u 

He was iirnamed for his Courage, Ceeur dt Lin, 
On hit Corooatiofl-Day, the 3d ofSeptmber^ waa a trcttSlttttb* 
Uf of the 7*wfc "^ 

About this Time lived RBhtn HmJ and ZitiU Jsbg, 
In this Reign was the firft Lord Mayor ebofen, named Htnrp' 
Tim dikoyn, who was Mayor 14 Ytears together. Londan be&rc 
W» always goresAeJ by. a MagiHrate called the Fori Shreve, or 

He reigrved upwards of nine Yean/ and wu faccacdcd by hit 

JOHlf. „l^, 

H;: had Hkc to have loft his Kiogdom to the F^eneb^ ' 

, The Barons Wari htgnn* 

KiAg Jib9 fubmiti bim^tl^ *od his Kingdom., to tbe PopeV 
teitate. . ^ *^ 

He gran' •< Letters PitenU to the Cittseai to cbufe a Mavor 
yearly, ' 

In the Year. 1109, tendon- Bri^t (which be'b. e was oC Wood) 
was built with Stone, by. three Merchants, W2. Mtrur^ Amnm- 
and BoAf^right, . ' 

, ' He reigned about 17 Tears, and was fueteeded by hit Soa 
HE N R Y Iir. 

This K*«ng confirmed the Statute of M^gna CbaHa, X%\€ 

Made his eldeft'Son Prince of l^/r#, which Title the Khia't 
•Ideft Son hath retained ever fioce. 

He fortified the Tower of Ltudin with a Bulwark, which wtt 
kn'lt twice, and twice oterthrowain one Year'* Time.' 

He caufed a Cheft of Gold to b^ rhade for laying up theRcI-cKs 
•f King Edward tht CmfigUr, in the Church of XT^aw^Irr, 

He reigned 5^ Xca's, and wai fqcrecded by his Soa • 

E D W A R D I. 

This King firft ordered Farthings and Halfpence to bk oade»^ 

In his Reign Corn was firft fold by Weight. 

Mb Confort,,Qu6en Bkanfr, dying near ttMioh^ was brpogbt 
©^ to be buried %X fyeftminfir ^ and at every Pfaee where the 
Corp^ fefted he builr a magnificent Ctt>fi, with her Image opoir ^ 
it. CnftBUf. Cioik,.acaJffidt C/ofs, and CbartM Croft, wer« 
three of them. 

In the Year 1 194, wts theirft^Uermta chofe, being Nitbtikur 

He reigned opwardt of 34 Vetrt, and wtt fucceeded br hit Son 

to WARD Hi ^ ,,o« 

Who tendered Bimfelf hateful to his Subjefts, by hii onreafbna. * 
M^Attarbment to hit Fa vowrttes, Fitrct Oa^efbn and the Spinetn x 
and havhig tefgiMd opMrtrdrof 19 Years, was iA^^it^ by UlieP^«>- 
liaaiCQ|:^jiiidfMccdt»rffigiihisKisigdointohii8»m : 

'J^y.. . •. 


( ?« ) 

. tAlik1^t;|BSiitf9?r7«^iV4MMi%tlMSnBtfeftTnffIter^ A. D^ 
ia4 Ibi puidk LUr k the World. 

BDWARD m. 11%$ 

TUi WW OM of the gfe»tcft Princes tha( ever ftf <>n tbe SifTiJIk 
TbrofM I he fobdot^ Snfit^ eeo^uertdi''M(«» and appolptcd 
M<iM SB be called Kii | pf Bi^AuMlaod frsat^ fufrctriag the 
A'lns of tilt tw« KiAidoms tofecher 

H« loftitaced the Order of the Outer $ hit Son the Bltik Pilncc 
lOQk the King of Fraau Piiibiier, and bi oof^ht him to Sv/aa^* 

He commanded all Pleti to be m«de iq ii%Ujk» aji4 sot ill 
Freaih, at h#d been ufed from th^ ConqiKftit 

He bQih the Cattle of IfV^jk. 

nfty'ThoD&nd died m tnJm of the Phgue m one Tear. 

About this Time Ufed Wijc^ifi^ one of i^% £HI wh^ yeoture^- 
to czpoikthe>Irron of the Church of Utiki^ and Dr. i^anaof ()«• 
fifd^ who wrote aa^pillIe.from tmfir t^ the Cieifj^ thaftkiof " 
ihem fer fending To maoy &v)i to Hell. 

Re reicncd 50 Yean, and was fncceeded ly hia QreodioQ 

RICHAAD U. ii7^ 

la hfi Rdgo, Fowder, ^aad the Ufe of Gaat» vie firft fnuid 

The M»efKoii of 1^ 7jr&r and Jul Strom, 

€km^ thft father of fif /j^ ?Qi^i9f lived OOW* 

lUebard'll, for maoy Eaormities wa« dcppfodf «ft«r He fiM 
feigned ll Yart ^aad ^mt% afterwards mmdered 'in ^mfrit C^ftk*^ 
. M B N E T IW 

Son of Ji&i of Gauiit, ^nkc of t$H0jkr^ iiiccecded hinj be* 
te chofen by the Coofeai of the People. Sf $t 

' la thl& Kiog*s Reign^ at ShnturfyiU negr thrhfm^, wti a 
(feat PAt wbkh lafld iStveo Dayi, cootaioing aKeprefeotatfon of 
fcrcral fl^iAis from the Croatioa of the Woild : 1I&4 of the No- 
bility. adJ Qtnxry of the Kingdom were prefent at it p aad ^^69* 
war<ii bet^ a Royal Toarnamoiit in SmubJ^Id, 

He reiiaed 1} Yisars. and was fucceeded by hb Soa 

1|Vho, thoogh during his Father** Reigo^ he. lifed diflbioteiy,. 
Ittbblng upon the Hixhwsy, and alTociating cnly unth Whoiet ao4 
Ytilaiai, yet when lie came to the Crown praved one of ihe wifcft 
and wof\ f^llt^t Kings that the EfigJiJb eve/ h^td. 941^' *• 

In hU'Re'ga ^itj^kn. 0/dcafife, Sir Riffr Afitn^ and at more 
-wcffobagedandbarflt at SmitkJhU, foi maintaining DrJJ^ifl/rjJl^l 

He relgniJ upwards of nine yeir»> and was fncceeded bj^ hii . ' 

H t N RT VI. ^ Ui^ 

In hiiRvgfvffas ppiid the firft Cuftom foraU-MefphandUei im<% . 
I^rted and exported out of the Re ahQf feffled hvaa A^ of P^r« 
mment byt ^r three Years, in which was a PrQvifi>> that i{^ • 
ikooJd Of vef hfi mUe a Preeedent for the lll^e to be done after lhi« 
Term was expired : Bor all his Suc£c4;ers have h^^iP for "LUt^ 19 
^Kciblg u a Fjxccdcatoi|QB fi^d U^ thft Cmw% ^ 

'% .' ' ' 

•f Wuhwraft, «n4 ol^d. to dor pttbiitk P«ttaiic« ftnr tb» Ittue*. 
In IA50 fTM 7«rl C«^*8 RebeUioa* 
Printing /idl kivtntM; 
AAtr h* iMl ftigfiea tf Vetrt, fie wnthp^tihf 

EDWARD ir. I4f«> 

Who aAtt aijM Moody Kttlci wat quietJy fcHoA to hit fttol* 

This ILing r«t ta PfeHb» thrae BitjM tof idMr, to fee Ifew hi» 
Laws wo<e execvled* 

. In khii ]l'«>sV Reign^ Gitfge J9hn% Arch^ftmp of Tlr I. madr 

' a Pc .ft, ao Acc'Nmt of wbi i^ if »mon|f tlie Recor Ji of the 'Uwtr^ 

«f«. fit ^'orrert o' Wlleet, jpo Tont of Ale, too Toot of* 

. Wine, 104 Oxen, 6 wiM Bojlt, ro« Stifepf 6ot dftei,^ 400^ 

SwinOi fOOoGoefe, r«oo^»pom, 3^00 Pigt. 400 PWTerr,blbdn 

Quails, Ree»9 Peac ck^ MailiHs, TmIi, Cranct, KMt, Aod mi 

. ^e so other revert] ^rtf of *TIiId|>> cith ip propoffCioaiUe^ 

Ifumberf tn wh«t it tbove*- \». ' .^ 

Ho pefgnod f o Veirti aotf w«i i^ceeetfed by Irii Son 

B D W A R D^ V. - V lift; 

Who wat bnt 13 Yeart oM; and befote h»<AiroiMitioilwar 
■lordtfoO' iothO Tiimer of EforiM by hit unr^WaltfiMlc^ . ' 

Ri. c ft A no iih t . 

The B9gU/lf ffem, who to millo hit Wiy clear to ^ CSrowif^ 
nordetcd, f. King Iftery VI. %, ^Inct BA»tfMl hir'Swi* 
9. George Difkc of Ctsnftt his Brother. 4* Htf^/Nfi, a .FaithM 
8ervaottoKing^^«ftflV. #. Jlr#fr«. y Vatigkam. 9, Griff 
Th eo of the Qgc<n% Kinitt^, 9. Bdvktr^Y, hit SoTerejgn^ 
withy !•• hit young Coolin Mithtnt* 1 ». £f<«^ Dtrke of BuclU 
ijngbam hit dear KitefM; and' greaflCoa^tar »a tliefe impjoot Prac- ^ 
ticet. And, t%. hia Wrfe ^«atf^, in orcfer to mal^c W..j'c» On ifi^ ^ ' * ^ - 
oeftfioot hfOfoHw^ih hf^ Cwi^n Slimhith, . 

/there was at tha.Ti«jnp,. at the Frgjch^mt, ffMry fitrf of * 
Miebmn4, of the Houfe of Latna^ y whmi th|; C own pf £><g>». . 
/aai wi» pto^fird/with rbit P '*vtfo,.that 'he Af>iild irtrry J?/faitf- 
Sttb, eldeft Daiiahter of- Ring BJnf^dtV. and thereby unite tbo ^ 
two ffouiea' 4.1 I^^A aad tLawemJItr, ' Upon thit the iSnrt mak«c 
H-fteintoiPaX'''''^' *^ betncAilt reinfutced at he advanced, h^ 
at left e»icoonte(t Kn^MnBardtt BoJvHrtb to LekeJIirfiirt % ill' 
f^^Mch Battle King IUthardv/9« killed, and the i^own cooferrc4 
U|On diff ]Sar]. 

A«^ ihut ao Bnd w^i pottothe Watt between (he two H'hi^ • 
tf fitk m6 LoMts/hr, whieh began upofi thrfntrnlSon of Riagr 
fiM'/ltr, |;fi4' in which w«s fought la piteh'd Bmlee, ond^ • ' 
K^iga, I' Prince »o DuUet, » Marquiil^r, »» Barlt, n Lorda,- ; 
a Vil^tBrf^ t fcord Pf or, I JjBdge, 139 Rnlghtt, 441 Bf(i«irct>, 
ODd 84MS ptivatoSoldierf were fliin. ' 

]Kiiig ilf^llU^ haoibf thoa fyraonioed opwa? di of Iwo Tftrt^ 

HENRY Vn. ' »4«« 

.l^n -Son toB^awa/TadW.Eoriaf Mitbmw^ dnd Granafon. to 7ai» 
• . •ji(bmit^ DoJtc of £jMw/ar| wot tfowned K; ng of England* ^ 

• ■.•*.','• 


Ht ctled t PvrllaaiMt, la which an Aft wtt pafTe^ fdr fettKng A« D* 
the Crown u|»en the Pcifoa of King Oemry, sod tht Hetrt of hit 
Body fucccflively for ever. 

He 6r(k apooioced the Band of tall Men to stteod him, called 
ye«>n>en of theG^ard, which no Kng bolore, but all the Rioga 
•od Q^ecni fiace htve kept under that Denomination. 

In ihi KiB|*t Reign happened that ftraagc D.iecfe called tlie 
Sweating Sickoeft, which lafted aboot a Month, and killed many 
Thoqf4nds ot People i two Lo;d Mtyova died of it in one We«k» 
About thia Tirr.e «he Pox wat firft known in EngUioL 
In. 1491, FtrdiMaMdy. King of Sp^im, took the City and- 
Cuuntiy of Gmads from the Mo9rt, which they had been pof- 
kSCt6 of above 700 Vcari, on which Aceount the Pope gave him 
the Title of the Moft« 

Btm^ VJl. rtigncd ^3 Yeajri aad t Moathi, nod waa^fvccMdod 
hjT hit 3oo. 

H C K R Y Vin. 150^ 

TKi> King began the fiift Reformation of ReJigimv ham/k'og 
Hkt Pope's Supremacy oot oiKngUtti, thoogh formerly ha.him(iilf . 
had wrote a Brtok againft AUrtim Latbtr, for which Pope Lat X* 
entitled him» Dcfnukr pf the Fsitk, *c. 

He built S:. jMm$*% Houfe. and converted the Meadowi aboiil 
it i nto Park, calkd St. J^mft*% P«r*. 

In his Time Beef and Mutton were fiift ordered to he foldrby 
Weight, w/'at. ^tti at a I£tlfpcoa|L a Poond, and Matton at ihret. 

The prioetpal Favoux^e, and &rft Minifter cf thii King> wacc 

the famous Caidioal fr^ljey^ who built WkitAttU \ and, th(higb:c 

hut the Son of a Botcher, rofie to a greatet Power, and was inveft*- 

vd witli more Honours, than any S jbjfd.of EMfJM, ather. be^ 

. f>re, or fiace* 

King Hrarjr VIII. hating tclgned 17 Yean, died, and^wuiuc- 
ccadtd hy his Son, 

BD WARD VI, i54«; 

W{ip par(ued the Rcferotation begun by hia Father,, a&d| in 
S54S, the Church-Service waa fiift fung in Btighf^ 

H«vinf reigned upwards of fix Yeara, Jie died, and appointed for 
his Sucaedbr the Lady J^9t Gtey, Daughter of the Dutchefs of 
StifiH, who was accordiOgy^proclaiaMd Qneen of Mfngistidi hat. 

Queen MARY, X55»* 

Averting her Righf , as K'ng EdnmrtTt Sifter by Qneen Onha*' 
Nnr, the firll "^fVife of Biaiy Vill, and comsng,to Xaail'O'with fomn 
Forces,. was proclaimed Queen of JS^g^mf, and xrowned. 

lo her Reign were executed 3 Dakes; 3vl»(udf,^the Lady ^ipa. 
Grey, and fe«exal others who pro^sfled the KefHrmation. 

lo her Time a'Barrel of Beer, with the Calk, iBoftbqt Sixpence^ 
and four great Loaves of Bread weiofbklifor a Penny. 

Qufeeo ACnjr nigned but five Y«an» and waa fncceeied hyjierr . 

SLIZ AE>£TJ^ tssr 


' V 

Sh^ afiftiA eneouMfeA the Reformttion^ wbrch Qaeea Kt£fy A. tK. 
lai dHconntenaiiccd t. She wai, perhapi, the greatci and moft 
powerful Monarch that ever Tat on the EagK/b Throne. She fuc- 
coured the Scots agcinft the Prtiieh, the Frtneh ProteHanta agaioft: 
the Papifti, and both agatnil the Spamsrdi.. She commanded 
the whole Oiean^ and deft^oyed the ^«af/S'Annad<, which wu. 
thought to be invincible' 

In he^ Re'gn Sir 'Amat Gtefiam builr the JRfly«/ Exibangt, 
Tdbaeco was fitftbronght inio B^gUrnt, Sit Vf^a Iter, Rsliigk- 
6rft d fcovered Vifiimm, fo called by. him in Hoooor of hii Vir ^ 
If iftreTs Queen £/i»a^l^. ** ^ 

In her Retga lived the great Roots S^nftr and SbaUJ^i^% li1tt*\ 
wife Lord ITtfr**, Sir Tbilif Sidney, Sir fF^tm RaMgh, Sur Fmi. 
ti'i Drakif ^ihi fever al other. great Men. 

Queen i?/ixj^f^ reigned^ warda of 44 Y)tai«> and was ftc^eed* 
cdbr * 

J A M E S I. t9^% 

Of the Family of the St^mrts, (the Name of the Tudtrs expiring 
in Queen BUmiitb) K^ngs of Sttt/and, He united the Kingdoms ^ 
of EngUwd and Sitlni^ which then took the DeoominatioQ of. 
Grita Britain, 

He eaufed the Bible to be new tranflited f^m the Originaf Lan*- 
gjuages, whtth ia'theTranAatien Bow£kd* 

In this Reign the £0|;/ij^ Plantattooa Were 6rft fettled^ in the.- 

In the Year 1605 wa»aterriUePlig)ieJo£«ibiVj^of Wldch dicdi ' ' 
near looooo Per^m. 

Silk. Worms firft brooght inCb Sugfstnf, . 

King %Mrt reigned- at • Y^ars, and was fucceedcd by his Sto. 

CH A %l E S h t6i% 

This unhappy King, though a weak Mar>, had fome Virtues |. . 
Itnt. endeavouring to mend the Prerogiitivfe of -the Crowa too far,*/ 
aiod ia feme l.^ftancts cxereifhig an arbitrary Power» he was accufe^^' 

Isy his own Subjf £ls of High Treafon agatoil the La ws of the Laod | 

auad, after a troubkfome Reign of heart 4 Years, was beheaded oAv. . f 
»«Seafit)ld befose the. Gates of h:s own Palace.. 

But though K ing Char let was gsnerally for cTtendi ng. the Royat ' ' 
power beyond its leaal Bounds, yet in hts R>ign fevcral excellent 
Ikiwi were made-A^ the Security of the Sobjefts Liberties ) parti-*- 
colarly, in bis third Year the Petition of Rights was made inta 4 
Liw» in which it is enacted. That no Subjed (Hal) be compelled td . . 
any Gift oir Cbntribntioo to the King, but by. Confent of Pirlia* ' ' 
SBent t Soldiers are fiirbtdden to be quartered iq private Houfes^ and^ 
Martial Law is aiinulled. In his i6th Year was pafTed, what was . . 
then eaJledthe Trieboial 'A% intituled, A BiU U present Uconvem^ 
mmen/rm hug Uttrmffm •f Parliamntt By this^Aft; if the* 
King (bould rafttfe to fummon a PsrliAmcnt at the End of thrc«; 
Years, the Chancellor or Keeper might t0ue ooiW<rits to fummoa< 
the Peers, and eleA the Commona : If the Chaocelior or Keeper 
ftpold nMle£k this, any la^of thcPeers might ftimmon the Parlia^ 
motrl^Ow Ptttifttvld fiatJibdttt thtu$iuBmiBts.tiht9h«« ^ 


4A !q ek«idii« v4 tthirMaiUlrttw, Kight ctafc VMco to be 
ttaic I ao^ If thtft ihooid Offit tYveir Djtjjthfl Bleaort n^ht al^ 
teiMe thfntdilveit M^cJiooreMeAbet*. 

Aft«r tiMDttCb of Ki'^ Cksriei, ihe Ootenunant of BmUai 
Wli ciiAird fr^m Maoarchk*! to • Comnonvcalth, ia whidi 

O LI V E R CR O M WE t L iM 

FrdUod by the TLcic of the Lord FroteAor, and cnntioiicd t» 
^aa the Afiaifi •Abe Nalioo for tbf Space of la Years. 

In thia Timet Md the preoediflK Rei^ the whole Feopk ol 
Mmind wr9 iai k aitd with Bi|r»UY and ^hofiaOa. 

SaiDeTimc after tbe^eath of Oftowr Crmne/l, tfa« tlado%. 
wtaiv With perpetwal Chaogpt of Qovamo^riit and Rili|u>n^ m» 
called the 9oa of ihcir imie MoAarch from Baaiihmeot« aad ac« 
•iidbgly OB the »]r of Afrt/^ 

€ H A R t B $ H. itf6i 

Waa erowned Kiog oF Grest Britaim, He «rai a Man of moch 
Wit »nd Oiiiaii'ij |. and ia hi» Reifn the Mannera of the People 
were ^uite cbangod \ For wheraaa before, it ipoiild inve been 
Ǥ ecm*d pfofaoe and irrdigtout, even to have eat an Oytfcr with* 
•ot a lona Prayer or a F/alm i it v^as now choo^ alawft fiipaili* 
tioiit tu believe in God* 

lo the «th Year of fait Reign happened # dreadfol f ir«r ia tm^ 
imt which in r&e fpace of throe I&jri bncnt iZ Pariih Chnrclief ^ 
and i|»ooo I^fiBN 

King ChArlu 11. r^oed ^ Yieart, including the PfOte^tfrftip 
•f CnimM^ «od -wat Worded h» hsi Brother*. 


Who endeaworinft fo introduce tBe Unmo Citholicll ReUgiop*. 
vat obliged-co ^gadx his Bkudnioaf f which hrooght about tba Ro- 


1^ ^hich the Civil aod Relig oa;. Libortios of tha People of J«f 
tdmd Were fixed u|»on better Principles, and a /oier f 9iuidaUoa^ 
than t^y had ever been before. 

* Qneen ANNE 
Wai proclaimed on the 8th of Mareb^ .170T. She wai th« 
youogaft Diqgl^ter of K. Jamu U. by the l^dy ig^a, DAoghup 
of the Earl of CUfmdm, She reigoed in the HearU and Affection* 
^f her Suh}eds« i:^ Veafa« 4 Months, and died, ooMaiioUj \^ 
piente^, o»jUz» Is >7'4>« Icav top the Throne (9 . . 

G B O R G £ h 
Who reigned la Yea^ci, 4 |Eloaths> and died at Ufg—mmr^ ]aa««i^ 
ing the imperial Crown oftbcie Reaioris co hit Sofi» - ' 
Dor mr& gnciooa triu«y^tSo««fei|n mw. w^tht |: i^^^pai* 
Ctid iQAft DidCQc«e|: 


A R 


(t7) • 
I T H M E T I 


AUt KvUnbert tM ts^rttCci bjr ten Ct|aradtr| | tlttif, r 1 1 4 | ^ ^ 
89 b. Thcic Chiraaert are varied^ or repeated 4i tveiy Qiff 
vequiref, and fame, or all of thtfrn* vibd to figioiy wbat we ncao bj iudt 
a Nninber of Thingi at we eiprtfi. 

The Nine Tv A are all called Di^ta» or rtgarei, and the Tenth a Cf 
pher, Noufhc, or KuHity* The f igurei axe eypffAve of thenfclrcf^ 
but the Cjrphet can evpreia ICothing, u9<c|k ipincd with fonc Hsure* 

I »i One hundred eleven - 
tat Two hnndred twentj tw» 
t3.t 1*Aree headred th rty thfe«r 
444 Four httodred forty four 
c > < Fife hiiadvtd il/iy fire 
M4 Sis hoiidred fix y lis 
777 Seven hnnd'od lereeiy (mtm 
9U li«ht he: d^ed eighcy tiihc 
9^ Hiee hjindead nimetf mm- - 
0e» Ndthiaf 

I One 

• Two 

3 Three 

4 Foor 

5 f t»e 

7 fievea 

O Nought 

1 1 Eleven 
an Twentf two 
33 THirijitrgreqi 
44 Forty four 
$1; Fifiy4fe 
^ 3»iy fie 
77 Seventy Um^ 
tt JiHyeiihi 
99 Ninpcyv^nr' 
00 Nothing 

4U4 €h»i If Ml fltfmbr» be fepeatcdk n e«prea«ialetf > t tanfiiidVa. 
ne, becaufe all Numbera increate in a tenfold, Proportion, and CypheiW 
tare tlie l|aie,Fov«r m f imrca «qv ifcit Hedpea. ( fof Aoegh tl^ey 4eito 
BOthiAf o^iheniiclveii yet they lAcreafe (he Value of Figwea'; thi^r 

o oo-ooo^oeoo mahe Nothiog,.i>«t le make Ten, joo an SJanm^ 
^htd, 1000 a Tboufand^ and loooo Tea Thoofai.d. Or thus, o maker 
Nothi g, but s placed before it niakea 10.} another N&ugbt put after Ten,, 
imkea 10 Tiirei le^ or one Hundred^, to which put another Nbughr, it 
Will be to Hundred*, or a Thoufan^^ fo which Nhmber put o, the Whole: 
will be Ten Thovfandi, Thut all Number inereaftt b^ Ten, aod the firfti 
Figure to the Lefr Hand alwayt bat tea Times a greater Name than che- 
Jiext that followa it | which will apf^ar aaeif plain by the f Jlowing 

Units or Ones, are the loweft Termt* 
in thia 7«ble« the neee Terih i* Tenl o^ 
Uaicij^ the thiid, Teot of Tent^ «r 
Hundredt ; the fettirh> %i8 of Hun^ 
dre^» Off Theufaeda f th^ 6feh, Tcnr 
of ThopOiodt ^ t)^ fin^h. Tens of Tana 
of Thoefand^, or Hundreda of Thoiki^ 
i^nda S| the ieieniii. Tana of Hnmbede 
of Tl)M4randst or Million* 3, the 4ghth|. 
Teflf of IdiUiens f and the ninths Teoe 
of Teiw of » Miltes ot Htiod^eda e£ 


if It 

I Jill III fs 

I lit 

14 5 
* » I ♦ J 

7 ' 9' 

7 » 9 

6 7 I 9. 

6 7 g 9 

• 7 « » 
« 7 ^^ 


• . ^ r • 

Bi wliHitf fttfinf, «r expreffing tny Sam pro^nM^ mifte* 
Hoc with yoor pin or Pncil ' afstar ^ery tklrd Figort from the Rigbt 
Hand* ani renember the firft. fourth* aad feventh PUres, which um 
tnn^, Thoafaodt, IlilKoni j to yoo hafc only Tena a&4 BuaJtc4M# 
think off aod reneat ai yoo go oo, choi« 

tt3*4c6>7%. which art' 
113 MilI..4s6Thoaf. 7S9 Units*. 
/ s).4^0^7S9. which are 

S3 MIII.4 5 6 Thoof. 719 tJoitt, 
So for any Numb«-, 

. . 0/ ADD IT ION. 

ADDITfON ia tho cafting op, or paft^ii«; together iereiarNam* 
ben, in oider to find oot the Som or total Amorftt of them. AT^ 
wrayt place the Figarea orderly one onder another, Uniti under Vmta» 
Teaa norfer Tent, Hondreda ander Hundreds Cft. alfo whole Numbert 
voder whole Nambera^ and Parte under tike Farts | aa Pounda under 
Pound!, Shillings under ShBlmga, Qfr. 

In caftiof op or adding, alwayt begin at the Right Hand* and (6 go oil 
to the Left. 

itf. Tft 7i« 1^ ti], ud ^j, and 5f ^ a«> if, and 4^ Whatk thft 

t 19. 


Sun i74<f 

T fMif plite »y Ndmbart, Units under Unitt, 4f»* Then bceiarrnf 
vith the fitll Figure to the Lr ft Hand, I fay 4 and 9 are 13, And 6 make- 
.19, and7-we'a6, ai:d | make 89, and % are 3^$ I fet down one in the 
Units Place, and r carry the 10, which are 3 Ttni, to the nest figure 
»hicb ftandi in the TVni Phce^ faymg 3 and* i are 4, and 5.are 9,'aad* 
• make iS, and 1 makes. 19, and 5 art 84 ; which are 24 Tens, or a- 
HuBdrods and 40* fi> I fet down 4^ and carry the 2 Hundreds to the Hun- 
dreds Placo, fayiog 1 and 8 are lo, ard f makes 17 ; which are '17 Hun* 
4icds or t Thoi&nd 7 Hendred, and hating no more .F|gufes to work 
wtk,. I fet.dowii iarcn i» the Hundreds Place, and the Xiin theThoa- 
l^s Place, §0 the Sam of this Addition is t74I« 

Thta Rind of Addition it called Addition «f lotegert, or whole Huffl*- 
ban* and b alwayi performed aa in this Eailmple7 

There ia another Kind of Addition, which cor.fifta of whole Kombers 
and BuU^i m Pjoooda^ Shittiam,Poice» fMthinp} ToftSa Hundredi,. 

1 ^ . 1 : • Quarterly 


^ttm, PssBdf, ObmH, Dnnu j Mi]09» FurldOft^ Pckt, *Yn9ig 
Fcet» lochefy Barky-csmt, y«. 

Thit Kind of Addition is performed by Tablet^ according to the diffe* 
rent Thiogp ic ii exerdfed about } thefe Tablet ihew hr.w many Parta the 
Intefer ia'dividfcdintOy and alfo how many of the Icfler Parta the greater 
Parti contain ; aa a Pound Sterling, or an Sni/i/k Pound, is the Standard 
•f Gre^ Britmrn, which contama to ShiUingi, at iz Penee each Shitlingj 
and 4 FarChinga each Penry ; from whence artCea thii Table. 
4 Firihinga make i Pinny, is Pence i Shilling, to Shtlliogs i Pound* 
By thb Standard aU Accompta are kept, and aL^nf/i/b Ciin reckon^ | 
and chiefly by it, ia a Addition conceroed in Trade and Bofinck* There* 
&WC I ihail now proceed to an Enmple* 
I am indebted to 

I. t. i. 
A i#7 •— i» — ( 
B H- 
C loft 

•7 •— in — • oo • 
94- «- 7f 
o» — «9 — 5 t 

Sum 33» — 4 — « 1 i 

To caft Qp thii Account, I begin with the FarthSagi (kfl0wbg4 maU 
a Penny) and fay. i and ) make 4, an4.a are jS^Fartbino, which ate % 
more than a Peony, fo I fct down the a, and carry 1 to the Pence« frying 
I and 10 are ti, and 5 make i6« and 7 are \\ P^nce, which make t 
Shilling and ti Pence) I fet down ti Pence, and carry i to the Shilling!^ 
fiying I and 4 make 5. and 9^(1 lean eot die 10 till I come to ^heTop^ 
and take at many at there aic downwardi) are r4» and S make aa^ cnd.a. 
are 14, and 10 make 34, and tjo are 44 ShitKny, which are a Pouadt. 
and *4 Shillingi ; I fet down 4 Shillinga, and carry the % Ponnda to thtt 
reft of the whole Ntifflbem, and groeeed «a in the former Exann]^ | th«f 
1 find I am indebted in all t. \\% ... 4 .^ tl \\ 

By thia Hethod all Addttlom of Infegen .ami Piprti are pcrfiirmed | 
•aly remember to proceed by the proper Xabjlea. • 

But 'It often happening that the Pence rifo higkt I W^ddrAdYlib thf 
Imriuag the folknving Table very perfeOly by Heart. 


rf. t. i. 

140 make 11 «- S 
ICO — I* — 6 

»o — i| — 4 . 

170 «- 14. — » 

180 «- 15 — • 6 " r 

190 •* 1$ — 10 » 

aoo •« 16 — 8 

%IQ — 17 — • 6 

. ftao •— it •- 4 

njo* — «f — . • 

•40 M* «9— O 

i. r, if. 

no make 1 •— 8 

30 — s — • 6 


SO — 4— » 

«o — 5 — . o 

MO — 5—10 

go ^ S— 8 

90 — 7—6 

100 — 8—4 

no — 9 — ft 

»io — • lb •- o 

S30 -• !• "• 10 1 

Bi MJiliHiiHI, fttfinf , vr expreffing iny Sofli profBan^ef^ mifte » 
Bot with your PMi or Prncil ' tfftr &retj t1k)rd Figure from the Right 
Hand, ani remember the firft, fourth^ and feventh Places, which ^rm 
Wubp Woafaods, Miinoni ) fo yoa ha?e only Tent and HaA4icd»4» 
'think of, aad repeat as yoo go on, that, 

»*!*4 56*7^5, which are 
113 MilI..4s6Thoar. 7S9 Units*. 
./ 23.4.^11^739. which are - 
S3 MiI1.456Thoof.7f9Uaitt» 
Sa for any Kumber* 


ADDTTtOK ia th« eafting up, or poft^iif: together icreraMVunp' 
ben, in order to find oat the Sum or total Amo'ifit of them. Afi 
vayt place the Figwea orderly one under another^ Units under tfiiii^ 
Teoa under Teni, Hundreds under Hondradtrt &f, alfo whole Humbert 
under whole Numbera, and Parte undet like Parts | aa Pounds under 
Pounds, Shillings under SMllhigs» (Vr. ' 

. In caAinf op or adding, always begin it the Right Han^, and fo go oft- 
to the Left. 

Stg. T«7i« •^ <iSf ind 97« m4 5^i uu^iff v^ 4^ Whatai th» 



T ffidf pidce ny Nombert, Units under Units, Vt* Then bc|tnf*mg» 
eHth the fiill Figure to the Lrft Hand, I fay 4 and 9 are 13, end 6 make* 
•19, and 7 -are- e6^ and 3 make 19, and % eve 3f>; I fft.down one in tlie- 
Unitt Place, and r carry the 39^ which are 3 Tens, to -the next ngure- 
»htcb ftands ia the IVoi Phce> faymg 3 and> i are 4^ and 5. are 9,- end' 
9 make 18, and 1 makes. 1^, and ^ art e4 ; which are 14 l^ens, or %\ 
Hundreds and 40» ib 1 let down 41 and carry the 2 Hundreds to the Hun- 
dreds Place, faying 1 snd S are 10, end 7 mikes 17 ; which ere -17 Hun- 
ditdi or t Thooiaod 7 Handred, and ha^ng no more .Figures to work' 
Wth^.I fet.dowiiiiBircn to the Hundreds Place, and the Ztin theThon* 
iiinds Place, ib the Sum of thit Addition ia 1741* ' 

This Kind of Addition ii called Addition of lotegert^ or<whoIe Num«- 
lers, and is always performed as ie this EzAnpler 

There is another Kind of Addition, which coiVfifta of whole Kombeit^ 
mA RarU|^ ea Piaundt^^ShiUinm.Poice^ Fatthings} TohV Hundreds,. 

C ' '. • i f ' ^jmtert^. 


^rteif, PooBdiy Ouicei, Ortmi } Miks, Fuflongij Foleti ^Tiadi, 
Feet, lochefy BarJcy-cotoi, 6f«. 

Thii Kio4 of Addition is performed by Tablcfy accoiding to the diffe« 
reot Thiqgi ic it exerdfed abont } thefe Ttbiet (hew hew maiiy Pint the 
IntC|er if dividbd Jnto, tnd elfo how mmy of the leOer ftrtt the greater 
Parti contaiQ ; at a Pound Sterling, or an £«f A/ft Pound, ii the Staadard 
•f OreH Briudm, which containi ao Shilliogi, at 12 Pence each Shillifig« 
and 4 Farthijifa each Penry ; from wheoce arifet thit Tibl«, 
4 FirtluDgp make 1 Puny, in Pence i Shilling, to Shtlliogs i Poimdf 
By thh SUndard all Accoiaptt are kept, and ^ViSngli/k din rechooAl | 
and chiefly by it, ii a Addition concerned in Trade and Bofincft* ThifO* 
&tfC I fluU now proceed to an Example* 
I am hidebtcd to 

i. i. i. 
A 107 •— 1ft •»• eo 

; 94- «- 7f 
C loft — 19 — 5 { 

Sum 331 — 4 *- i> i 

To caft op thii Account, I begin with the FartUagi (kflft«ing4 V«U 
■ Penny) and fay, i and 3 nuke 4, and. a >tc .6^Farthintf, which aic • 
more Chan a Penny, fo I fct down the a, and carry 1 to the Pence* Ayioff 
1 and to are if » and 5 make i6j and 7 are ft3 Pence, which make t 
Shilling and 11 Pence) I fet down 11 Pence, and carry i to the ShiUtngi^ 
faying i and 4 make 5* and 9^-{I leav^ out die 10 till I come to rhcTop^ 
and take ai many ai there aie downwardi) are 14* and % make fta» and.a. 
arc 14, and 10 make 34, and t.o are 44 Shillm^, which are ft Pboadt 
and 4 ShilHngi } I fet down 4 Shiifinga» and carry the ft Ponndi to thft 
reft of the whole Nambcr*, and proceed oa in the formct Exanople | th«f 
1 find I am indebted in all I. 33ft — 4 •«• 11 J.4 

By thta Method all Additlow of Integen .an4 P^rta aic perfi>rnad | 
•nly reflMmber to proceed by the proper Xablea, • 

But ric often happening that the Pence rile higlf » I W^ftMridfift tht 
karniiig the following Table ▼erjr perfeAly by Heart. 


d. i. d. 

d. t. 

fto make 1 — S 

140 make 1 1 — 

30 — •— 6 

leo — ift — 

x6o — 13 — 


50 — 4 — m 

170 «- 14. «. 

«o - 5^ 

180 — 15 >— 

To =: iz'5 

190 — 15 — 

aoo »• 16 — 

90 — 7—6 

aio — 17 — 

too ^ S ~ 4 

. ftao — i» — 

»!• — 9— »• 

•30 — •f — 

ito — 10 — 

•40 Mill «0 — 


IJO — !• «• 10 




-tMiTillt'iriU MfiKteimr Pnake, nitmXkywf^'kaimhtm 
iuay Sbillinp ate contuoetf in 107 NtMBbcr of Pnm« Umi occur kk 
CMiMuH Baoki</ Accomff. 

AMiiioo it pr»ve4 (tfcrij Wiyi. 
. !• By tbc G^^ tkvt. Gift the Nines oot «f tU tht NMibtrtt* W 
Ud«4, Ad fJaee ibe RonaiiKkr m the kft Siie of the Crofs j then ceA 
the NiACt opt «i the Sun Total, soil piece the Reaainder en tile Right 
Side of tbe Ciof»| tl thi RciMunieei are alike, your Son it right. Sot 
• ikU IHoef wiU doly ftaod geod la inc^iel NiuBbctt. 

Oi. The coreniii Way u (bui. After the Som it eaft «p, and tho 
Total phcfd under.itp cot eff the upper Line, and add the other Itna 
togerher, placing the Total under the other TbuJ } then odd the Lao 
cut oflF to the lift Totil^ and il thefe two aake thr fifft Tottli lour SoA 

•l4|0 n«el 


MM 1 


••o — IT — « ♦ 

• 7- ••-•!♦ 


13*7 — t» — tt 1 


4»» — 1 ~ » 


HW — •« — til 

«• Mj^ If aitr yaid Mi Of Tintt M nodefv 
74l. tiftr fA oii4 ib64 t|ii 7dL{, end Mwti, f9L mi rfh ir* tdr{. 
tod 7iL itib 04. f» aiid«l. iji. aA i. aiii •/• ek oA Wtet hire I 

ju I have paid ftr fl^f Meitr, 

' flt^iheWtoit?*'^ '• ^4 ^ ltd.( a,s4 lit. 4^4. 



)• 1 lava t Bdok of Accompt containiag $ Pager. N*. i. UMtnit 

»3r- • ■ - 


to 382/. $t, 4<^. »• S95(> i|«. 94/. !• }• 18^ 71. Si. |. 4. ««)/• 
' S</. I* 5. 90/. Of. Oi^« and i^ 6. »V* 7f. 8^ |, Wliat it tb« 

4. I have Utsly bec^ t6ra Jflnraey ftr t Difi. I triTellcd the lirft 
Day 48 Milea» fecond. 54 Mil«i^ cfaM ff Mila» Iburth 4* Mile'* ^fOk 
36 Miles, fixth 30 MUtt^'fcmnh «8 'Milei, and the eighth suf MiJet. 
How Biaaj llilet have t^trareMed m M\} 

$• Suppofe I lend itf.<fA-n«.M ^. 18/. 6f. A<f. |.' C. 47A 104* 
oi. D. 4/. 6ii 8</.i. -^. looA 13a. 9^.'f . F. ao/. oa. o^. aa^ 
C?^ o. 171. 6i. Whi>*4i»4jMy> U » w ? 

C' A QejitlMDM 4ied, leeviog «. Wife »d 5 GUMraOi, «o whoM h» 
left by WaH m foUtmni To hk Wife 17.59/. oa. od. Tn the eMeA 
Child 1000/. ^ W. To the reconl 75U;. or. od. To the ihirl ^ta/. 
4)t. «(^. To the foonh /foo/. or. odL To tbe ifth4S7/. cr. a/.*aai 
^i Ho»Md Oofdt, vehiedot 31941 061. U {. What did «hiit0t«> 
jUiimin.iditjiw>et]|? ^ 

<if * ij B T R A C r 1 O R 

S4j»Tft ACTION ihrnrs «ov«ItferliQttheriwbiliiBUiM» 
a greater, and what the D fference beiween them will be. 

The. Howlieii 4pi4t bK i%My. pheed, ma ia AAditiiB, Dbki tiiidtf 
Umn, 4Wr. Paiti wrfer 9mm» Ifo. «■! (the OmiotiM he|0bie with tMt 
iM Figore ioth« Right ftUqil' 

MivJMe M«Hia^fi!t» iltho R igM i t 4o U uke» ho»aitar d ja n f lli a Wu 
gore firon which you lolb^. ho/fdw one ftom the new to 4lif M Ha«l 
(which il 10, becaufe the next Place to the left Hand ia feo Tinea 
greater 10 Value) aM^ add it to the figure you take ISroa | lot bt tmt yei. 
pay the 1 afaiaaB4kc4ic3lt Figoreyrep fobtndl waft. 

,, . Rwjf. 
Take .ajJm r TJV" 
jftemaindcr (34441 

I lay, 3 firom 6 and there leiMia 3, tta 7 from 1 1 rannoti botr 
limn II (borro^Jnig) aod thtrf retrain 4} then (paying) f thatTbor*. 
rowed and 4 fn|]^ < ftqn^ 9^ and thero Mtoain 4 ; then 8 from a I 
cannot, hot 8 from 1 a (borrow in|)jiod tjiere remain 4 ; then t that I bor* 
towed (paying) an«l~3 inaEe 4y7offi 7, and there remain 3 ; then ft from 
8j APd ^e lemeio ^ I and f^my 3iom il done* 

Npw tp proT« }t* «• 9/ t|ie Crefr. Gail the 9^1 oot of the. Kunib^ 
y^ti fybtraft frtfm, and (et the Remalndar on the left Stde» then the 9*0 
oit of ifae Number fubtaedled, and the lUouMader or yeor 8uni| olaciw 
the fl^mainder 00 the right Side t if tha&rwo are alike^ the turn fi 


% The C0mtv» Wnr. Ad4 ihf Nunbet fiihtnaed to tbe lUmidnder^ 
f 4i^quauNiimbK&»mvrhicbro9iMoiA#lhtSi^ .^ 


Xxgm^ f n lit^tn tnd Partis 

I. t. d. 





57* - 







, .ftoof 

' licit I fay, ft Ftrtkingt from 1 Fartninf^ I. cannot ttke, then I^« 
ff«w 1 from the Pfencc^ which nuke 4 Far things, and hy % from 5, 
and then rtnaiot 3 \ iheo i that I borrowed aad % ire $, from € f cau- 
•ot* tat boriowiat 1 Shillrng (i* Pence, and adding them to 6 ^oce) 
I fi^, 9 Iron iS, ond there renain 9 f then i that I borrowed aad xl 
■n 17, fr.*n 10 I caaoot, bot 17 from 30 (borrowing 1 Pouod^ which 
•lakct no ShUUng^) and there remaio 13 } th^n i that I borrowed aad 4 
■n 5, from 7^ nnd. thete yea^in's | 3 from>o X'camiot» hot 3 from 10^ 
•ad there remain 7 j then i 'hat I borrowed and a make ^, from ft, and 
thcfc ffcmaia 59 whkh proved a« ksf the fteoad Buk Aews mj Sua 

This it the Wh^e ol SabtraaioB in whole Nombcrt, aad whole Nam- 
ken and Paoii the Ptirtt «it]|log aceoiding to the Tables of Wefgbtt| 
lieafiiret, ^e. and the ft irvwiap wrying with thcan. So I proceed ti 
ioiiie l^ietk»08 to tht» R»fe» etking downsme to affift Che jrevaf Leaner^ 
md kmg the ret ibc 4 XH4I of hit P^vficicacj*. 

<^t i«. BoifoiBed^ 79f s — . .iS .. 10 f 

• PItdat \ |tl3 ^ i( ~ ji { 

Xmet 1 a9J» — 9— sf 

C 41*-- 3 — -»{ 

Md in aU 5454 •— a — o 

Doe «45« — 16 — 10 f 
Proof 791a -« 18 — 10 1 

s« €Ni eafting up my Accompti in Trader I have b GaA ft74/'t 
Y7t. 6<^. and in Goodi 3SS9/. iS:. 4</. {^ with Debts 1 374/. Ui. tdl. 
I awe A, 8«4/. Of, o</. \9. 518/. )di. o^ C. 916/ 191. 7^. {• 
X>.. aoo/. Of. orf. and F. ia74A lOr. «i/. J What am I worth? 
• 3. H.W many Yeati old b thit Man who Wai born in the Yeaf 

Ai V ***i!****?f'"' ***• ^^^ ^ S» Yean old, tad there were 
Ou* Yf«i between ]imi«ad^the td^ and » Yew be cwtea the »d. and 


%i, life ft Yon Mwcn tbt jd and 4tb | What ti tbi Aft of tU 

5. I rcceiT*d 594/! Of. ci, and htppenM fo foTe 96^ t7f« 6J, cominf ' 
Home I I ptid a Debt of ftio/. isi» od, and Jfid out m Cuudi ii6/« 
31. Si. f What haire I left f 

6. I icnc Abroad a Qgtoiity of Goo|«« which- ainounted to ii(S/« 
IJf. oi. I paid Charges on the feme 57/. Is. 9^. and had rctvrn'd 
nc in Goodf to the Value of 1000/. What do I fain by Trading ^ 

7. The ExpencCB of my Hovk aonouat this Year to 19S/. ii#. 9^. 
•ad the Gain of iry Tradt ia S17A i$$» Id, |. What have I oioit 
than ny Bxpcnce ? . - 

t. Th« Conqarft of Sngi^ad by RtJig fTUlism I. wai in Iha Yeiff 
%966 i how iiiaoy Yaara havt pafa*d ^..ce f 



rUItipliacioa b i ikotl Way of pctfrnmiaf AdMoa, w4 Ann at 
,L oat Opcntioo the PniuSt at le«er*l Sum, tku s 
I bare ftid i j Labouren 51. tuh, whit it tl)« Wluile t 

By AMitJM >s . 

By Multiplicatioii; 5 Ttmei 13 make ic ShilfiBgi* 
Three Thiogi are to ba reaiembcr*dia thitRttie* 1. Tht^uftlprki 
eandy or Nember to be mshiplied } which if commonly the greateil, inA 
plaead firft. %, The .Multiplier, or Number multiplyiop | which it 
placed Wider the Moltiplicaqd in p'roper Order, Umtt pAder Uniti, 9is. 

Some place Cjrphhri nearer Co the right Hand thaif the Units Place hi 
the Moltiplicand, but h is an i^diffcrcnc Thing whether you do lb ot 

3« The Produa, which is the Number prodotM by y«Off lioltiplki^ 
taDO, and pUc'd etdsriy it the Bettomi thus t 

Mttltipttcaiid 13 
Idultjplier 5 

AodvO. 77 


( 94 V 

Th« Mlowbg TiUe mil U Xnm'i fny pirfe^y ky Um%U f 4ik 


























i aiiM 9^1 

1 l« 

9 I€« 

4 4S 

lO I2» 

1 6q 
< 7* 

. K ISA. 

I* »44 

7 l4 

RtTiag tUt TiUe very leadUr, and plidi« your Mvldplicaoa uA 
lAlUiplier (ofteii oiled FaOaf^ fropcrl]rMdf«CBch oditf, yon i 
vttttrr lA the Opcntioa. 



Ffodoa 95oSt 


Ar in Aaditka and Sulitimaioii. t UrSo hcrt aUb fM tht fiift Rgore 
•itiicri|litiiMd,A]fiatiftTiiB€f4ii9 4ti IftldMrat, •Bd€ariy4 

«• tl» fldtnapc^ ikfmg M Timoi £ «• •4»«U4 tmktli$$ Ifet 
doira St aiidcar yt to tbtiicx(Figuf«» rapcttiug t%Timmf ng lol^ 
sna % are no; I iist dowpo. aad ttuiy ii to iIm mat Fic»M| clica u 
Timet 7 aic If, and 11 make 95, which beiAg: ihtE^tnt of norSui^ 
Iitt)|5doWp« So I find 7f 14 ■roltipMhjriftwiilfMdowflf oil* 

KowcopffovemyWoiklTi.thcCroi^ l€iithfV«Mll«(UMM«itM 
plicand, aad the Reipaioder if 4, whkh I piM on ch« risl*S<dt 0^ Ch« 
Croft, then the Multiplier evmiiila but to j^ which I p«« oa Jte oft tido 
ef the Ooft j next 1 n.ultipljr the tma Sides el (he.Crois ioto mthtubm^ 
mfhkh nuke 1 a • and aftmg awaj^ 9. the Aiopiadf r in f^ whichi pal oa 
tihe Hop of the Oofs j th«.i I c»tt the 9*j out of the Prodnft. aad dit 
Rcsiiindei it 3, which J pot at the Bol&)m* ThM thoTof asd Bottom 
of the Croft beiqf alike^ my Sum provoafiiJiit 

Tho la being the m 41 <ijficak Numbat ift thoTeihk aodthe omaltft 
Opcraticn ia oaeLuie» I itafc choen it £ar aa SaaanpJ»of thetef. Thit 
Kind of Mttltip.'icatioa we call finple (fincle) l<oliiplieaiiao|becBo(ei» 
ali Sorrel where you aff to woik.wiih a^ of the f Pi|ki» or. ^ry Niaoi* 
bcr not cKciecd^ng is, the Product iigiTea in-oae Lioe> AU« if f, •». ^ 
or any Nii*nber of Cfj^herf, aie placed afior any ftupja If ox bar, chcO-< 
peratioA will he the fame, at if ao Cyphers were lb placed (e« epciay ch« 
lacraala off cba V«Jiie of the Figar«(i) and the Work btifoifaroadantfi t 

"•*• .X. 

42979690000 o 

Or at toii.0 will f Ikc |ht FaftoMa 

537»4« ^ 



Ahnji rcmtmber that i never maltiplbr tf dltidcf hy hftlt 

There it another Kind of Multiplication which ii called Coi|i^o4ii 

■od has more than la /or the Mttitipller» Thia Kind coofifts of 3 ap; 

mora Lipet, dccofdiog to the Numbar of Figures yo« work with, tiih 

partly mttltfp^eariona), and partly additiooal,. beaufe when the Moltl* 

^ each Fig "* 

ptieaad ia moHiplied by each Figure ia the Multiplier, pltciag the firft' 
FigofOjol every Liae under the rcfpedlva F* 
fMft add illthc'LtiMi together to find tke^ 

Figmaf ^[^\*^ ^o^ <J>< rcf^Alva Figure yoM |nolti|ly ^.ff^ 





*tht ICiBBtr ef fiwfBg !• the fame tt before ; but if yon wotiM pn«r 
ttcfy Lmm u yea gs oa» d« k tbast Ca(^ the 9*8 out of the MvltipU- 
CMi4, eoi piKe the MeflWinder on the left Side of the Croft { by this Re* 
^alndcr mttltiplf the Figure you lift wroii|hc the ptrticular lAne with, 
ctftbi the 9'f oot of theProdifft end Bating the Renabidcr } then caft 
the 9*t oot of that partiiolar Lint, and if it it right, the Remaiader irili 
he the fane «l'.h that you noted. 

lo die *lercgottif Example I have pat t Cypher between the Figoiei^ 
toftcw how Cyphert, when mixed with Figureti are to he multiplied. 

Thit bctng ihe Whole of llvltiplkatioo, at comoionly nled^ I (hail 
live ibific Bkamitef in thii Rule, ai in the former. 

1. A G asiet ioM ytS fieaftc at 7I. each. What do they eome 'to f 

ft. I rrdc from Ltidn to Edimkmib in 6 Dayt, and travelled one Djjf 
Wkh aiMthtr 50 Miles } how many Miles in atl f 

)• WhatO|uantity of Cloth will m fofRcient for lofioo Men, whea 
each Mao requires 13 Yards ? 

4. A Carrifoo conianie> every Di^y ay Boflteli of Com { what QtiiA" 
tity will %• ve it for a Yc.^r ? 

c. What Nembcr of D«ys are there in 1741 Yean, when each Tctr 
hat J65 Dy ? 

4. 1 have an Of chard that contains layS Trees, etch Tree^ one with 
toother, bore the UttWff 114a Apples t What Number had I \n all? 

7. A Ship from Niwea/Ke cootaias i%4, Chaldront of Ooola, at %$ 
Bufhelt to the Chaktr*«« ; how many Bodiels are there? 

'8. I booghc 4814 i>hecp ai n'5 ShilUngi each j What Nombet of Shi!« 
liBfi muft 1 pty for ihem ? 


DIVISION ihewt how to feparatt any Number into tt liiftBy PMi 
as yon pleaic. This^Role is wrought by Muliaplication and 8u^ 
Iradioo $ thetciore remember, you arc firft to feek, Iccoadly to molti* 
ply, aod thirdly to fubtraa. 

At in MolcipHeatioo, the two Fadlort are given, and the third Nonbff 
found ) fo in thi» Rule, th^Pividcod (or Number to be diridcd) aod the 
IXvifor (or Number that divides) are the Favors that you are to £od the 
<l2otient (the Refult of yourDivi6on. and third Number) by. 

The Dividend it theigrcateft Number (alwsyt in Integers) and pbod 
b the Middle, hsvtng the Divifor on the left Side, tod the Qootlait 00 
the right 1 Bot in Divifion by any Number not exceeding la, the QootkaC 
U pbced under the Dividend. I (ha 1 give an Example of each* 
1>iviibr\ Dividepd 
1% J 8617 

* i— — (ti Remidnder* 
QjjOtigttt «. yiS 

To exhibit the Method of working to your Underfltndtflf, In thim 
Well as the former Rules, obfervc that you begin wifh the highc ftTetm 
to the left Hand in all Divifioni as heiv, I feek how'many Times 11 1 
can have in S6. and find by nj Table 7 Timet is mtite 84, fo I fet doWt 
7, and fuhtmftmg g4 frooi «6, the Remaifcdtf if «, wl»S ft are ^Tefli. 



-or «0| t» be added to the next Figaie, whick tlun will be t% ; then T 
feekf multiply *ad fnbtn^t agaio^ feyiog^ how muy Timet 12 in ai f 
Tke Aofwer ii^ i TimCf which Kttmnj <]iiotieQt next to j, faying. 
i2ftom%%, and there reoaaio 10 1 which are ioTen», or 100, to 
which I add Xhe next Figure 7, and the Nvmber it 107 j then I repeit try 
Work ai before, faying, how maoy Timei is it 107 > My Table fayi, 
S Times is make 96, from xoy* and ix remain, which I fet down at 
the End of my Quotient, hating 00 more figures to wot k with. So la 
will be contained in 86x7, 718 Timer, and ii will remain. 

Thus all Oivifions of one Figure are petformed. I will How gtYe an 
Eumple of more than one "Figure in the Divifor. 

DiviforV Dividend vQjotient 

. ^174 / 8a7i56x V *3'* 

6 11736 


Proof ij^i 


4430 RemaiDder^ 

Proof 6174 


Thia k the moft pradtcal Way of Dirifion^ and 19 thvr expIaiiYed. Fiift, whether the Number of Figuret in the Divtfor can be had in the 
like Number of Figures {n tht Dividend $ an^ if they can, note how many 
Times in the Quotient, as here I can have 6174 in 8x73 ^ or, is w< 
ufijaly fay, 6 in 8, 1 Time, which I note in my Quotient j and fubtradt 
6174 from 827 3, Ending the Remainder 1999, to which I bring down 
the next Figure m the Dividend, which it 5, fo have 1 1999^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ 
Dividend I then I »ik, how many Timet 6274 can I have in 19995 f 
and find I can have 3 Tinr^et 6 in 19, or 3 Timet the Divifor in tbit 
Number. I no(e 3 in the Quotient, and multiply each Figure in my Di- 
vifor by it, fubtrading as I gb on, faying, 3 Times 4 make ft, from 15 
(becaufe the Number fubtra£ted muft be left than the Number I (ubtract 
from) and there remain 3, which I fet down under the 5, carrying i, 
for the i« in 15, to the next Figure ; next I fay, 3 Times 7 are « I, and 
t is ta, from «9, and 7 retriain, which I fet under the 9, and carry % ; 
then 3 Times » make 6, aod 2 are 8 from 9, and x remains, whivh I 
ftt dbwn under that 9, and carry o, becaufe under 10 ; then 3 Times 6 
make 18, frum T9. uod 1 remains: Then I bring down the next Ftgui« 
6, and (o a new Dividend uf 1 1736 it produced, which I proceed wich as 
before, faying, ht^w maoy Times 6 in II ? which can be but i Time ) 
end I ntfklier divides nor multiplies, I take 6A74 from 11736, and 
there remain 54619 to which 1 biinf^down the laft Figure in my Dividend 
F ». 


t, and have $^6tt (or a new Dividend, which will contain 6x74,, ^ 
Timet, leaving 4430 remiininf. i8<i I find 6274 ^^^ ^^ contained m 
%i7XS6%, 21 iS Timet, aod Jeave a Remaiader bf 4430. 

Tn t all Divtfiont above f s are wrought, except one or oiore Cy^hm 
Hand in the Unirt FJace, Tens Piacci &e, of the Divifor, and then the 
Cyphen are cat cff, and as many F.gures or Cy^heri in the nivifdend to 
anfwer them j after whieh the Woijc it the fame at though no Cyphera 
had been. in the Oivilbr, and the Figoret of the Diridend that wiere cue 
otf, are only jmoed co the Rematader, thusi 

9)000) 1936! (»4i 

- - -— (1241 Remainder. 


Proof 29568141 

There are feveral Way I of proving Divifion $ i. 1>y the Crofs. 

Caft the 9* a out of the Diviibr, and piaco the Remainder on the left 
S'df, then the 9*1 out of the Qtipticnt, and place the Remainder on the 
r ghc Side; then multiply thefe two Remainder! into each other, and call 
the 9*1 out of their Produd* carrying the Remainder to the Reonamder of 
your Divifion, aod cafting away .the 9*1 ont of thefe two Remaindera,. 
fet the Remainder of them at the Top of the Croft ; then caA the 9*4 
out of the Divideiid, and place the Remaindera at the Bottom j and ii 
Top and Bottom are alike, the Sum ti right. 

« I am apprised of all the Obje^ont that are made to provirg hf 
the Croft, and give this general Aafwer to them : That all Sums in eveiy 
Rule done right, will prove fo 1^ the Croft j and if any Fallacy, happent, 
it it comnnonly done on Purpofe t And this ail Mafters find to bie true, in 
every other Proof at well la thit* 

The other Way is by Moltipl catioB, thots Multiply the QuotieBt by 
4he Divifor, and to the Prodtt6^ add the Remainder, the $um is the 

I ihall now proceed to fome QueftioM in Dtvifiom 

J. li I a Men fpend i%od. What moft each pay t 

2. A Lady left by Wiil to siy poor Pettam 13!^. %t, id, whkhmake 
514651/. How much muft each have ? 

3. A Garrifon of 2712 Men have expended ta one Year 789864. Poonda 
of &ad| ^9^ much haa each JMan eaten/ 


(S9 ) 

JK. Table of the aliquot Parts of a Found, whkh evei| 
Man of fiaimefi fhould have by Heart. 


Parts • 

of a 

s. d. 

of a 

s. d. 




One half. 





6 S 








3 4 




2 6 








I 8 




I 4 




1 3 





3 2d 








960 1, oi 




%/j/* COINS. 






















Found Ace. 






1/^ Guinea 



( 100 ) 

' < 

^t o o vo 

*; o M ^ 

< o o o 
















s s 



I equa 




« t*^ 

1 • 




o o 


C4 NO 



"B -^ 

M O 






'^ 'S 


Mlf* ^ 

O Q 





m M 





•^ VO %0 VO 

•; o ^ IN. 
^ o o o 

s * 

5*3 ^ 


.■a _ 


^ JC» 







( 101 ) 

>,• >o o o o 

• *«^ ts» '^ u^' 
< O M N so 

1 ' I 

1 '^-o 

' -go 

S 8£, 








« J *^ O Jp 

81S 8 






•\s •» t^ O O 

^ O O »» ^ 

*^ o o o o 

I I 

i I 



( 102 ) 





v: o o M ^ I,- 

^ o o c p o 

r « 


' ft. 





1 o 


1 -o 






' i 


' t3 





































-a oo 






"a . 





« 1 




•^ e^ NO >• 

. . W en '^ t^ 

< e o o o- 




« I 












6 H 3 

fc* -^ 


. I ° •- 







■— 1 









o '^^ 



^ . 

C N 

15 m ^ 

rS p 



K<t k'l 


' r- 

1 "^ 

<* s 





-*• M O 






s ^. 


'3 g^ 














c ** 













u ' 











Italian COINS. 


-. </. SterRng, 

JuJio, equal to o 6^?^ 

BayQco, ^', of the Julio — o of Penny and J 
RgnatcUc, ^ of the Julio — o of of f of a P( 

nv, or near \ 
Farthing 5W. 
Juftine — — 4 9 5/^/. 

Derlinque I of the Jiiftine — \ z\ 
Carlin — — o 6 

Monaco — ,^ 4 4- 

Seqain — — — . 92 

Croifat — — 44 

.^w//^ C O I N S, 

Roup "■ — o \\SterL 

Abra ^ «_ , ef 

Groch ~ -^ o oi and \ 

. Danip? COINS. 
Horfe ■ 1 \\Ztirl. 

Marc Liibd ■■ 10 

Schefdal, 2 Marcs or Lubs 30 

• ^'widijh COINS. 
Chrifline '■« > if 

Caroline . 1 si 

Mark ■■ . .r ■■ 02^ 

Rouftiqu^, Jr of the Mark o b| and | of J . 

Alleuvre, >^ the Rouftique o of and ,V of *• 

Mu/ciyvite COINS..- 
Copec or Kapcke of Gold^ worth 1 6Vx^/^/'. but current 

in. the Czar's dominions for 1 9 
Copec of Silver, or Denaing of an 7 f Steri, but cur- 
oval Form, worth 1 ° ^ -J rent for fome- 

* t what more. 

Polufk, f of the Copec — . o o| a Farthing. 
Molkoftke, I of the Copec o c J of a Farthincr, 

Turkijh COINS. 
Sultanin ScheriiF, or Sequir, equal 7 

to the Ducat of Gold, or p ^ 

Para, Parat, or Parafi — o if 

Shakce of Aleppo and Scanderoon 03^ 
Afcre ■ o o^; but ordinarily 

by rcafon of the bafc Alloy, no more than | of a Farthing. 

( 10/^) 

Plah andufiful TMn rf gnglifli JTiigbu sndtOka/^^s^ 


Pramt ^ 

1$ X Ounce 

te6 i6 1 Poand 

%%^% 179* "» » Hondrea 

47H40 35S40 *i%o ao i Ton. 

T Rpy WE IG BT. 

44 t Penny Weight 

4«o to I Ojftce ^ ^ . 

5760 »4o *» ' Pooa*» 


Solia loflie* ^^. ^,, 

s^t 8 Pmti X Oallon 

atJcI too? l»6 a * «P« ^ 

. 5^1 w «oi6 . *5* . 4 * I ^«"» 


S^lidlociies ^ „ 

ftSft S Pints I Gallon 

Tp6 U4 >« » .KiHcrkiM 

tUsi »W 3« 4 • iB»rrt» 

• S^pefficialMeafure ; Solid Mcafurc 

,44 X Foot '7*8 » f^ ^ . • 



t I loch 

•6 11 1 Foot 

io« 56 3 lYard 

594 »9« >6i 5i » P<^ ^ . 

•3760 79 o 160 ftt9 40 \^^'^^^^, 

sgocgo 63360 51*0 X760 jao » 1 -Milf* 












X Rood 


X Poit 

160 4 

xot400 1560 

X Acrt 
640 t MIIe» 


I Miflute 
60 X Hour 

X4«o ft4 V Day 

515949 «7^^ 3^;i 

X Y<ar« 

Ctabic Incha 

17 tS X Cubic EiMt 

46656 »j X Cubic Yardr 







X Scmple a 
3 f I>raiii 3 
•43 1 Ounce 3 
ft88 9« »» iPoimd,!B. 



64 . 

X Oalloa 

• f Peck 
8 4 I BtAel 
64 ja 8 X Qoart«r« 


Solid Inchci 

a8» 8 P;nti x Callon 
91S6 64 81 Firlcfn 
4 Sift iftS t6 ft I Kiidcrlcin 
9024 ft56 3« 4 » X Barrels 


( io6) 




I N^il 


4 1 Quuttf 


i6 4 ^ I Tarf 


fto s An eU £i«liih 






I i 




t Slone 



ft iTod8 



t| *i I Wey 



%6 ij ft I Sick 
Sift 156 t4 . ift I 



1 Pbnod Avoirdopoit is t^ntl to 7600 Troy Graias*- 

I Omce Atoirdbpois ecpitl to 437 { Trej Grftini. 

As 4 is to 5, fo u a Pound Troy to a FoOBd Avoirdopoi*. 

As So is to 73, (b it an Oaoce Troy to t Pound Avoirdjpois« 

As 9 iiCD 11^ fo. is a Wioe Gallon to a Beer Gallon nearly*. 

S^'iue Inchf?. 

144. 1 Square Foot 

I Z96 9 I. Sq, Yard 

39204 972j jcj I S3. Pble 

1568160 10S90 * I2IO 40 I Sq. Rood 

.6x71640 41560 4140 160 4 1 Sq. Acir 

40144^9600 170784CO 50976CO 101400 2560 640 ibq.Milct- 

Kote, Ltnd is mafhttd htfi fy c-Cbdim 9/4 B§let in Lew^k^ diviM 
itti4 IQO 9*rtt, C0ltcd Limis, 

A Li S.T ff Mb rqu avt a, &#• 

A. * . Abbott Stephen, ctbinet maker iod 

ABarbanel David^ merchanty be« uphoIAerer, lombard ftreet 

viftnarks Adon Jofcph^ woollen draper^ 
A^bi&Jatnei, merchant, dolpjiin ftraod 

court, tower ftreet Adair, Jacltibn, and Co. merchaatf^ 
Abbifs Joho, chinaman^ boroogh> ibontain court, aldcrmanbury 

South war k Adair William^ Efq; tgent^ pall- 
Abbott aod Webb, cofafadon> ttiall 

catheriftc coort^ tower hiU Adair Charles^ ft^oTi ktad ftreet 

. F 5 Adaaa 

( ro7 ) 

Hofier, merehafitt, Alrxaader and White^ ~^meichantt» 
cateaton ftircet 

Adams snd 

Rotherhith^ or at the baokcofiee 

Adams Jofeph, wbe cooper, little 

tower Arect 
Adams James^ merchaot^' mincing 

Adams Jamct, tobacconift. weft* 

Adams and Parr, Batters, hofiers 

and fword cutlers, fleet ftrret 
Adtms George, marhematical io- 

ftronent maker, ditto- 
Adams Shute, druggift, ditf 
Adams Jarvety merchanr, cannon 

ftreec, near loodon flone 
Adamfon Jofet h, corrior^ filver A. 

near wood ftreet 
Addington John, merebant, crofa 

lane, St. Mar; hill 
Addb William^ watch maker and 

gdldfmitb, birchio lane 
Ad<y George, bhckwellhall faaor, 

Agace Ztchariah and Jaebb, weav- 
ers, Har^ite lion ftreet, fpital 

Agace Obadtah, Weaver, church 

ftreet, fpiral fields 
Agutter HJlJerrdon, wine mer- 
chant, holboro bare 
Alike Gibriel, fadlers ironmonger, 

fnow hill 
Airay John, feather merchant, 

clerkenwsll green 
Akefmao tnd Scrivenor, chinamen* 

fenchurch ftreet 
Atavoine Peter, weaver, ftewsird 

ftreer, fpitii] fields 
Albert Jacob, jAerchanr, broad 

Albifton John^ tobieconift, friday 

. Akhorne Robert, packer, old Jewry 
Alderoft Charier, merchant, atMr« 

Hn^he8*s, high holborn 
Alder Luke, oilman,, whitechapel 
' Al«ie«r}dcr WHiism, Efq} alderman, 

wood ftreet 
Alexander and Sbn'ropton, foonderSf 


Alexander John, attorney, grocers 

hall, poultry 

Alexander John, merchant, at • 
box mskeri, pig ftreet 

Alexander Charles, merchant, nea« 
Catherine court, tower hill 

Allan Bridget, andfoss, wioemei* 
chants, mark lane 

Allan John, hair merchint. Ion- 
don bridge 

Allcock Samuel, fnuff merchant^ 
finch lane 

Allcraft and Co. refiners, fofter 

Alleo Thomas, linen draper^ bnrv 
ftreet, wapping. « 

AUenThomatand Ambrofe,brewer», 
nightingale lane, ditw 

Allen and Marlar, mercbantf , iron- 
monger lane 

Allen and Price, wine merchants^ 
lime ftreet 

Allen Sugeoe, grocer, white cha- 

Allen Affabell and co. brandy 
merchaotft, crofi lane, St. Dun- 

Alten John andco. Weavers, prince's 
ftreet, Tpital fields 

Allen Jsmes> fl^p- feller, oppofite 
billingsgate, tbsmes fireet 

Allen Jiame.c, hofisr, newgate fti*. 

Allen Heniy, merchar.t, Grigfls^V 
cofFee bourr, behind the ex- 

Allen and Keyi, founders and gil- 
der'^, cock lane, iTnow hi'l 

Allen Mundcfbrd, wine merchant, 
at Mr. Taybr*8, in leaden hall 

Allinghsm John, filkman, bartho* 
lomew clol'e 

AlHs Juhn, brewer, ih«d thannes 
I Allnut Richard, wiue cooper, minc- 
ing lane 

Allfap NatKanier, hair mei chant, 
dolor's commnns 

A}A}p Robert, Eri^} aldermaov great 

• narlboi^ugU ftieei 


( io8 } 

AMo9 Btrtholoaicw, mtfchaot^ St. 

Martin's I«n«. onnon ftrccc 
Alviicf Kuc* ferDriim» irierdnnt'^ 

buiy ftrtef, Be. f4nf-tx 
A'varit'go Mofeif btihtr, bef'^ 

Anablrr John, bop mashtmt, ^• 

r^ughy fottthvark 
Ambler Tbomu, trocer, pQffii|al 

ftreet, lincpIii*i-ion- fields 
Amei tad BiowQe, wtrehoafeMcA, 

kifif *• ftrec' , chcapfidc 
Am6iick Wittian, fnerdunt^ paa- 

eras Jane, ^ueeo ftreet 
Amfinck Paul aii4 <o. aardnatf, 

great St. HsJIen'i 
Amjiad daaduMf Sfqi fprmg- 

Aoiyaod and Rocke% mercbaatt, 

Xaureoce pouotaey biil 
AodcrCDAWiliiaiD, foercbaat^ tevcr 

Anderfoo, Law, and Cole, Haber* 

da&ers, cateatoo ftreeC 
Anderfoo Robert, wine laeicbiBt, 

laurencc ponatocy hill 
Aoder/bo Alexander, ftotcb fader, 

Andie ^ntbony* royal excbaoge 

afforapce dircilor, wahhamlbw 
And c Aiithooy and David, mer* 

cbantfytbrofmortoa ftreet 
Andree Jobn, M. f>, wd'm friarr. 
A drrwjaises, linen draper,fiDilb- 

Andtew WilUam, dnggift, hid- 

gste ilree^ 
Andrewa and Middleditcb, grocers, 

bu^ge raw 
Aadiews Jobn, hanian aiTurtnce 

dirc6or and merchant, at Mr. 

Partndgc*s, packer, feachnrcb 

Andrews AbrabaoB, jeweller, baok 

coffee honie, thteadacedlc ftreet 
Andrews and Piimatt, cfajmifts, 

alderl^ate ftreet 
Anion right boo. lord Ototfe, 

Appy Peter and co« asercbant^ 

ftMltcr^l-COBf t^ tblOgflBBftOB ft* 

ArfaoQia KlattbgVy «MrebU ] 

ing lane 
Arglea Edward, lines 

tower bill 
Armftrong Richard, Unea draper, 

weft fmithfteld 
Arncy J ibn, fagir refiner, well* 

cl:>le i!)oare 
Arnold Lntbam, tobaccoaift^ new* 

gate ftreet 
Arnold Matthew, coal mwcbanr, 

red Hon ft. eet, wappipg 
ArnoU WiUiam, (hip bfckar, gitaC 

tower ftreet 
Arthur John, iperchant^ deaaftrt 

Alkni Sir Charles. Nightingale and 

Wtikeaden^ baoken, loabar^ 

Afliler SokmiOB, EA)^ jamta ftr* 

A/hton Thoniaa, grocer, ihaw ksH 
Aftitoa, Hodglbn and co« bay»lbc* 

tcrs, coleman ftreet 
Aftiton Tobn,Tbrowfter,catberiACto 

wheel alley, whitrchapel 
Aflihorft Tbonaaa, Er9^ diftaff laae 
Afpinail Jobn^chafeiaQsigery ftioaa* 

AiTer Meyer, merebaat, gun yvd, 

bovodfditcn . 
Aftfey Ricbaxdi tobacconift, iipMlk- 

field bars 
Athawes Edward, mcicbant, ft. 

Martin*8 lane, cannott Arect 
Aik'jM Simoel, watchmaker,^aU» 

grare coort, temple bar 
Atkins and FJetcher, fvgar bak«t», 

whitrcrris ftreet 
Atkinfon ,^faiall, ftatkner, laa- 

drnhall lireet 
Atkiolbn WtUian, ftkinnor, tooley 

AtkiofoBiandAbbirs, habeidaftiart, 

fracecborch ftreet 
unifon John, oilman, ladgttt 
Atkinfon Jaiaea aad Rowlaad, 

hemp merchants, fnow hill 
Atkinfon Natbanief,wiav«r,,fin9dk 
ali«j> fpitaiftgldi 


{ 109 ) 

bartholomcw lane 
, Atliyfii .tea OaAcxp mtrchaali^ 

Auftia frmn 
AiiWr Faur juid fimiy imvtltf 

i>itai fquarc 
Abber Jamc^^ weavcr« ]»« 7, 

Af wara Artec, fpiul fidis 
Aab^t Ckiadc aad ibp, merchantfy 

auftin friars 
. AakmitAUmmdikr, loodoii »Airaaf« 

airedor and aMrch»af» ditto 
•Aa^ttt Amhaajf mcrehiaty at 
Mrs. Manmog^fy detraihire 
i)ttate» biAapTgate ftreet 
, AaWrt Nk|)olas-Baptiftf merchaaty 
at Mr. Leekey*f» bafiogball fir. 
Avery Banj^iniOy L. L. D. OmjU 
hcfpiuly fombwaik 
. Avia S«Ui, menu, hdoodfiitrh 
Axfard VfiUiatt^ grocery ladgate 

AxtcU Jofeph, mevchaaty dyer*t 

buU^ingiy kolbottm 
-AyKff and Reily^ ibapmaken, 

bread ftrtet hill 
. Aynfcomb LHlcy South, maichuiCy 

foho iqaare 

• Ayre. William, grocer, ncwga^e ilr» 

Ayrea Jacob and ioo, fugar bakeri , 

▼trgmia ftrcet, ratcliffe highway 

Ayicough Jamciy optidaa, ludgate 

A y (cough Ralph, goldfmith, foath 
fide of St. Paul** church yjrd 

BAAS Joachim Gerrardf fugar 
rafiatr* bread ilreet hill 
Backarach Jacob, merchant, g\»I« 

Aon fqnaiT, whitoehapcl 
Barkwell, Hart, Dorrell and 

Crofr, baakeri, piU mall 
Bacon Antho y and comp. xner« 
ahaQts, copthall cooxt, throg- 
morton (Ireet 
• Bioon John, grocer, oppofito hit* 
ton garden, holbooro 
Bideock Jdha aikl ftichard Neaie, 

liaaa drapcMi, lodgite ftrect 
^Adcock John, hofier, eppofitttlM 
cbmch, irkit«chapt i 

Badcick Bdwaf4, kitinate, att 

]aM,St. Hiry*hiU 
Bagfluw Thomai, merchfnt, nu»* 

ciag Jane, fciKhOffcfc Hreet 
•BagAaw Robert, meKhant, new 

broad ftrett 
Bagibaw and Sandal), brokcftf 

oppofite ikt 111411 houft, leadett- 

hall flrect 
Baird Tamei, ageat, downing ftreet, 

Biker WiUtan, Efq) aldermtn and 

roeichant, wlnchefter Areet 
Baker Richard, Efq} (both fea dU 

jreQor and merchant, devonfhire 

Baker John, Efq; ro]jra1 exchango 

alToraoce direAor, jaaaetArect, 

bedfmd row 
Baker J . h 1, wetvef , ptince*i ArcCt. 

fpial fieUa 
fiak^ Caleb, thread and cotton 

man, biihopfgate Areet withoot 
Baker and Foordrinicr, Aationen, 

next the poft office, lombari 

Baker Rkhard, dtAiller, colemaa 

Baker and Comi/h, haberdaAi^y 

cannon Areet 
Bilack and COodall, linen draperiji 

new exchange, Arand 
Batchen Henry, merchant, maaiel 

Areet, goodman*s fields 
Baldwin CbriAophcr, merchant, 

three ti*n court, mi]oa*s laoe, 

cannon Areet 
Baldwin Richard, bookfeller, pt* 

ter nofter row 
Baldwin Henry, printer, St. John*s 

Baldwin and LoveH, merchantr, 

three tun court, MUes's laoe, 

cannon Areet 
Baldwin and fon, hop merchantf^ 

boroogh, (bttthwtrk 
Ball Benjamin, royal exchange %(^ • 

furance direQor, maik lane 
Ball and Maitlaod, merchant!, difMl 
Ball ]amei> koficr* cheapfido 



( lib ) 

thimei ftftec, aeir the cuftom 

BiUmiI Jofitphy dUbUer^ red croft 

Balltrd Mdron, bo^kfelleriy little 

Ballmore JoTepb^ merchaot* bo- 

tolph line 
Balfton Samael, woollen -draperi 

Fi/h ftreet hill 
Bampt«a Henry ind comp. vuiegur 

nerchantt, manrd ftreef» {ood- 

niAn*t fields 
Banks WilUam, cbecfemongery 

tham^s ftreet 
. Banks Heniy and consp. grocers, St. 

Maty hill 
BAfbauil Thonrait, meichant, Bitry 

* conrt, St. Maiy ax 
Barber William, linen draper, 

B:urday David and /ont , nnefchantit 

Barclay David, >un. merchant, 

catearon firtec 
Bardlcy Simuel, filk and worAed 

man, newgaie ftieet 
B^ ford Richaid, wilton carpet 

w.rehottfe, ftrand 
Batil L:wit, jewelier, Tokenhoafe 

Baril Bercher, jeweller, at mn. 

Park«rfon*s, ia new court, throg- 

iDcrtor. Areet 
Bdtk r I apt. John^ london aiTu ranee 

dire&or, merchanr, SBanfel fireer, 

goad roan's fields 
Barker Jofeph, wine merchant, 
>• air (|reet, p CiadiJiy 
BarloW W'lHaro,^ mcichant, tofcen- 

houfe ya:d 
Barlow and Wiggintoo^ linen dra* 

pers, gr^cechurcb ftreet 
Barnard fir J/ohn. kot. merchant, 

garra««ay*s coffee houlie, ex* 
^ change alley 
Bjroard John, packer, lime ft reef 
Barnard Thom^S) msKhant^ fen* 

church ilrcec 

Barnard Edwtfd^ hftp 

Barnardifton Ntthaaiel, btoker» 

iflington, or bank eoffee honfe 
Barnett Bbnjamin» mcrchanc» *«t 

Mr. Vandermaifch*s, in thread^ 
'- needle ftrtet ^ . 
Barnes Van-Mildert and Sedgwiclr, 

broken,, green lettke lane* caa* 

non ftreet 
Barnefley and <Jacaa, cbyaiA^ 

leadenbati ftreet 
Batnevelt and Xownfendi cheefit* 

mongen, thanies ftreet 
Baron Chriftopher, Bfi|S Baft lodk 

dire^or, Ibuihampton ftreet^ 

Baronneau Ben>amiB, filk throw* 
. fter, fpitalfquare 
Barratt and Jemmitt, fogar bakcn^ 

panra wharf,, themes ftreet 
Barrel! John^ lugar baker, well- 

dofc ^uare % 

Barrington Fits-Willians» Efqi 

£aft ladta. diredor, little or— 

mond ftreet 
.BarroB Samuel, merehant, ayliftT 

ftrert, goodman*i fields 
.Barrow Morrice, merchant, mar-* 

tin's lane, cannon ftieet 
Bartow and Reynolds^ oilanen, 

upper, thames ftreet 
Barry Thomas, hap merchant^ 

three crown coflTee koofe, ibotk- 

Bartels Henry, fitgar baker, brohca 

whaif, thames ftreet 
Bartend 'ag John-Rodolpb^ infti* 

ranee broker, abchurch lane 
Bartlet and Sharpe, cbymifts and: 

dmggifti, biftiopij^te &. withia 
Barton at>d Smith, merehanta, ca^ 

teatnn ftreet 
Barton, Thomas,. goMfimth, dicap- 

Barton Solofnon, com^fa^or, tow^ 

er hUl 
Barton andSpsike, bfcwers, gray.*a 

ion lane, or raudmii coffee kouft, 



C ni ) 

VcrRrtrll WiUMm, Efq; Eift India 

dire^or, great or mood ftreet 
Birwcll Ricbaid^ flaerchant, bread 

Birwick Edward and Wi!ltaiB> 

iinen drapera* friday ftreet 
Barwick Tbomat and fon^ merceri, 

Fiid»y ftreet 
Beftcerfieid Thoaaa, oUintn, the 
corner of hatton garden, holbora 
B.ikeririlie George, attorney, nag*i 

Jiead court, gracechurch ftieec 
fiafkenrille Mary and foo, woollen 

drapers, fenchurch ftreet 
B'iktrviJle and Scott, oilmen, fleet 

Biftnec Nathaniel, merchant, fen- 
court, fenchurch ftreet 
Batchelor and Ham, weaveri, fpi- 

tal fquare 
Bite Robert, grocer, eaft fmitbfteld 
Bitea Samoc), goldfmitb, fbflcr 

Batibn John and Robett, flkip 

builders, limehoufe 
Battler and Zirnlia, merchant!, 

dcvonfiiire fqoare 
Battin John, Tobacconift, friday 

Batty John, laeeman, fun ftreet, 

without bt/hoprgate 
Baugbajiand Parker, hatterf , bell- 

ya:d, facing the monument 
Bixcer and Field, packers, bond 

court, walbrock 
Baxter Alcxaoder, merchant, buck- 
le rfbury 
B«ye9 Nathaniel, grocer, fnow hill 
B.yes and Watts, linen drapers, 

Biyne Daniel, grocer, wood ftreet, 

near cheapfide 
Bssin Jibn-Ifaac, merchant, bar- 

tbolomew lane 
B^achcrofc Matchewi, Efq; bank 
dirc£tOr and merchant, bary 
court, St. Mary an 
Beaitt Tbonat, sraeer, Stt Mary 

Beale NathaAul^ mercer^ Lodgatg 

Bearblock Gilbert^ linen drape^ 

weft fmithfield 
Bearblock John and ibn, w«»llek 

draperi, mm 
Beard Samuel, hAviTf fnow hill ^ 
Beardfflore and Maiafteae, oilmen, 

lower tbamea ftreet 
B«irdflty A|tbnr, ncrchant, friday 

Beatfley WHKam, wine merchant^ 

mooument yard, ftfli ftreet hill 
Beaufoy Mark, vinegar merchant, 

near Coper*a bridge, lambeth 
Beaslcy Ifaac»John, notary pobk» 

lick, behind the royal exchange 
Beacley David-Thomas, attorney, 

Bwhinoe Benjamin, merchant, 

piiQce*t fquare, ratcIiflT highway 
Beck Sir ^ftttf, nasrchaot, at Mr» 

Cleland'f, mufcovy court, tower 

Beck John, habtrda/her, fleet ftr*. 
Beckford William, Efq; alderman 

and merchant, faho /qoare 
Bedell Chailei, diftiller, ludgate 

Beech William and co. coach ma- 
kers, little queen ftreet, near 

lincoln*8 inn fielda 
Beecroft John, bookfeller, patar 

nofter row 
Beetfon Joho, hatter and hofier, 

Beighton Simoel, ftiotmao, tooley 

Belfour John, merchant, union- 
flairs, wapping 
Belin Alkrd', merchant, throg<- 

morton ftreet 
Bell ard Harrifon, agent*, crutched 

Bell Robert, merchant, rood lane 
Qeli William, .merchant, nevillfa 

alley, fetter* lane 
Bell John, fecretary Co the royal 

exchange aflTurance company, at 

the royal exchange afluranotf 

Ball Joho> merchant, cnitcheil 




C tI2 J 

Ml wA Bkkfr, Bttlt dUUUcn, 

york pUc«» batttrrM 
JMi WUlMm Md Tbonw kfi»- 

ftnct bfokerif fwhiMt alley 

fan Rkkudtad ibot 4iatlltn» 
bread ftreet bill 
Bmkfam TboaMi» baidwafftflBat, 

Bean and Pagh* foap •aken, hi* 

lbep%at« ftrtat wttbooc 
BeMiet Tbomaa, atcetiiey, Ukm 

baU, fwithiaMaoe 
Bcaact Tbomai, mercbtDt, wap> 

(dog old ftaifi 
BeAoet J»am, grocer, fnchorcb 

Beanet Bd«aid» warehouliemaji, 

Bsofley Jameiy merchant, feocharch 

flreet, oppcfite biiliter tone 
Beotlcy Natbanie), bardw«reniaii» 

JeadcabaU flrcet, aear biUitcr 

Berdoe Jobn^ ironinongcr^ coal 

barbour, duBci ibeet 
.Bcfem Hennaoy mtrcbant, aftgel 

court| tbrogmortoii ftrect 
Berkeley aad Bracebridge, fugar 

refiners, new Panics wharf, 

thaires ft.«ec 
B rnal J c^, merchant, bevifmarka . 
Bemaid Frederkk, hatrer, bifiiopf- 

gate ftree', near the London 

Bernard Aogelo, merchant, little 

initre oourt, fenchoi rb Arttt 
B^rry John, habcrdalber, bUlTom*! 

inn, larreace lane, cbeipfide 
Beny acd Biikrr, coach makers, 

leather lane, hoibourn 
Bcriban Ftul, mcrcbaat, lime ftr^ 
Bertrand Antbony; and Cbarief, 

m'erchaMi, new broad ftrett 

Befwkke John, aierchaiit, queen 

ftteat, cheapfide 
BcthdTbiimae, aBcrcbaaiy botolpk 


Bevan Silvaow aad Tioiot&yf %f$m 
tbtcatiaa, lombard ftrecc 

Bewicke Gilvaatey, mcrchaat, it 
Mr. Dickioi*!, buib laac^ can* 

Bawicki BenyafMBj aorcbaat, Hm 
Biskkam Tbomaa, iodico owker, 

near the bridge, tbsmea ftteet 
BickntU James and Griffith,, kaf- 

ten and hofiers, the comer of 

old bond ftreet, piccadiliy 
BIddlecemb Joiepb, merchant, at 

the Penfiivania cefice keoCi, 

birchin lane 
BAn Joieph, wine cooper^ leaden* 

Bigger J-^rdaa Heyland, lines dn* 

per, 4Um 
Bi^gs Hemy, difliJler, weftfrnitb* 

Biggin and Wardf tterchaatt, , bik 

Biton Jtfhn-Darid, merchant^ at 

Mrs* Martin's, ^"^Htf^ ■I'-cf^ 

fenchurch ftrcet 
BinalTey John, wine merchaa% 

hermitage, wapping 
Bincks Jacob, perfumer, gtace*^ 

church ftreet 
Bindley J.>hn, dUUUer, fmithfitid 

Bindley John, joa. diftiller, alderf* 

gate ftreet 
Birch Thomas, royal exchange af« 

foranre dirc^or, rocd lane 
Birch, Frye and Cnft, mer^hanta, 

rood lane , 

Birch Thomas and eomp. ware*^ 

hooiemen, aldermanbuiy 
Bird Heniy, ibip builder, rother* 

htth, near cuckold *» point 
Bird John and Ions, wa^eboufemea^ 

wood ftreet 
Bird and Snith, warekoufemen, 

milk ilieet 
Bird Jofeph, wine merchants new* 

cattle court, college hill 
Bird Jofeph, fail Baker, cackkill^ 

ratciiff crola 
Bii4 UkiU df ngglll, fiA fti^ bili 



fitrd Edw^td ChaffniAf merchant, 

white friarty fleet ftreet 
Bird and Bryer, infuraoce broken, 

abcburch )ane» lombard ftreec 
Bitketc and Webb, chymiAi, oppo« 

file turnflile^ holbcum 
Btrcil Matthew, wine ffierchaot, 

old Tour h Tea houfe, broad fir. 
Bifcoe Viacent, mcrcbaaf, aoftia 

Bi/hop JoTepb^ diftUler, high hoi- 

Black Winiam, mercht'nt, {txStHk 

Jane, cannon ftreet 
Blackill John, nterchant, laurcact 

poiuMJbcy hill 
BUckboarnc Richard, merchiat, 

wood ftreet 
Blacker and Cock, merchiatf^Iotb- 

buiy • 
Blackman Jacob Locie« Loadpn af- 
furance dircdor aod meichaaty 
dolphin court, tav^riUttt 
Blacfcw^n Samuel, druggiil, Kol- 

BItke Matthew, merchant, Acar 

dock head, fouthwark 
Blake Malachi, drilggift, borou^j 

Blake John, linen draper, grace* 

church fiieet 
Blake Jirres, ttoeo draper, £tt9 
Blakifton Matthew, Etq; alderfnan 

and grocer, old jswry 
Blakifton Matthew, £fq} grocer, 

Blakifton George, grocer, kiog 

ftreet, coveat garden 
Blanc Thomai Le, Efq; South Tea 

director, charter houfe ^uare 
Blinc Simon Le, aoerchonr, love 

hae, cadeheap 
Bland John and foo, banketa, lom- 
bard ftreet 
Bland, Gray and StephenTea, 

h>okeft^ lombtrdftneoc 
Bland Bliai, merchaal^ Cower kill 
Bland John, VirgiAia ffCtthwtj 
lime ttrf at 


Blaady Ckarlci j tobtccflaift, bicM 

flreat hill 
Blanket Stephen* prii^ce*t ftreet, 

Blaquiera Joho-PeUr* royal ex- 
change aflutance dirtftor aod 
merfhant, auftin friari 
BUw Mofei, aierehant^ St. Mary a«. 
Bleaymke John, merchant, Swi- 

thio*t lane, camion ftreet • 
Blift Robert, wine merchant, near 

the three craoai, chamei ^cct 
Bliflbn, Richard and compt bto^ 
ken, kotch yard, bofti laoe^ 
cannon ftreet 
Biooot Samuel, merchant, at Mr*. 

Baraard'c, lime ftreet 
Blunt Sir Henry, Bart, mtrckaat^ 

laurence pouotney lent 
Blunt, Guy aod HudliMi, ttiftilleif^ 

trinity lane 
Blunt William, mercheo^ 

Jirtet, cheapftie 
BIydeftcyn, broker, 

iane, tower ftreet 
Bocket Joho, difiUlorj boroogh> 

Boddicoakt Henry, timber merchant, 

ialiftiary court, fleet ftreet 
Boddicott Edmund, aceomptaat to 
the Eaft India eompuiy, prafeof 
ftreet, goodmao'a fielda 
Bjddington Thomai, calUco.printer» 

Baddii^ton and Butt, hofieci« hi*' 

ibopfgate ftreet without 
Boehm and Coaamare], mcrckanU^ 

tuwer royal 
Boehm Charlet, ETq; bank di« 
re^r aod merchant, (eijeant'a 
inn, fleet ftreet 
Boehm Edmund and fon« awi^ 

chanty, flfelane 
Baetafeur Bcckhard. Joachim, met* 
chaot, roodlaoe, leochurcfaftr* 
Bjgle Janwf, apotheary, wood 

ftreet, cheaplide 
Boiftier Jphn and conp» iBgichaati» 
tuftia 6ilM 



Bohtetk', NuceUi in^ cdmp. mer- 
chant!, Dicholaa laoc^ Jombard 

Bond Benjiflaia and Ton, turkey 

mercbiati, Jeadehhall ftreet 
Bond OcorgVy merchAnt, ditto 
Boad Oeorge, bofier^ cornhHI 
Bond Uytr, hop merchant, St, 

Margaret*! hill, foutb«irark 
Bond Ednaund. and fos^ brewer!, 

(oMca laoe, barbican 
Bond Jttnea, warefaottfema0, pim* 

cet itreet 
Bond and Brewfter, grocer!, white* 

Boohaai William, packer, alien*! 

court, leadenhalJ ftreet 
Bonhtm Samoel, infttrance broker^ 

ayliff ftreet, goodoian's field! 
Bonhote Adebert, merchant, at 

Mr. Gore'!, bi/hopfg^te ftreet 
Bonnet Benjamin, notary publtck, 

. threadneedle ftreet 
Bonoett Peter,' merchant, foun* 
« tam court, aijdermanbniy 
Bonut John^ flop feller, thamea 
> ftreet, near the euilom houfe 
Bonus Thomas, rope maker, Jua 

tavern fieUa, ftiadwell 
Book«y Edward, wtne merchant, 

creis lane, St. Mary hill 
Booth Jamef, merchant, crciby 

Iquare, bidtoprgate ftreet 
Booth Daniel, merchant, hackney 
Bouthby William, packer, ab- 
• church lane, Jombard ftreet 
Bofanqnet Simuvl, Efqj royal ex- 
' change affurance diredor and 

turkey raerchanr, angsl court, 

throgmorton ftreet 
BoranqoetClaode, turkey merchant, 

coleman ftreet 
Bofanqoet J^cob, Efqi eaft ind^a' 

diredor and merchant, king*s 

arms yard, coleman ftreet 
Bofanquet and Fatio^ merchants, 

mincing lane 
Boiley Cbariei, watchmaker, rat- 
cliff* CX9i! 

Buftjck Henry and coflsp* aatT'^ 

chants, newgate ftreet • 
Bofvile Thomai, whalebone mer- 
chant, milk ftreet 
Bofworth Samuel and Griffitha, 

tobacconifts, newgate (Irtet 
Batham Pcier, haberdaiher, buck'-' 

Bott Edward, hofier, fmock alley, 

fpital field! 
Bbobilla John, merchant, St. Paul** 

cofieeiioufe, StrPaul*! church- 
Boucher J^hn, Jan« merchant,- 

' lime ftreet fquarc 
Boulton Henry- Crabb, Efq; Ealt 

ifliia direaor, crci&y fquare, bi- 

ftiopfgate ftreet ' 
B.)rdieu Jimes, merchant^ time 

Bourget Stephen, broker, great St.* 

Bourke John, merchant, bafinghatf 

Bbwden William, merchant, bil* 

liter lane 
Bbwditch John, packer, hcaf^ 

binder lane 
Bowland Francii, wtlrtt weaver, 

elder ftreet, fpital ficMa 
Bowland, Crnmpler and comp* 

warehousemen, Widegate alley, 

bifliop^ate ftteet 
Bowler J^feph, tobacconift, hi* 

ftioprgate ftreet 
Bowlea Leonard, merchant, ab« 

church lane 
B}wles Jonathiyi, falter, lovtt 

thatres ftreet 
Bowles Thomas, printfeller, St» 

Paul's church yard 
Bowles J >bn and fbn, printfeUera, 

Bswles Simfon, haberdaflier, wat- 

' ling ftreet 
Bowley Deveret^z, watchmaker,. 

lombard ftreet 
Bownaa famoel, haberdaflier,grace* 

church ftreet 
Bowfer George, fa£(or, sear ^e 

fa/h, moorfields 


C ^ts) 

lowyer JJkn Windbam, Erq{eoai- 
ir.illi joer of excife, george ilreet, 
hanoyer fquare 
Boyd Jihn, Efqj Eaft iadit du 

reAur, aufltn friars 
Boyd Augollus and com p. mer- 
chants , ditt> 
Boyd Heary, merchaoc^ • laorence 

l%De, ch^pfije 
Br y field Juhn aod comp. dyert, 

gravel lane, i<Qitiiwatk 
Boyfield Richard, attorney^ bory 

ceott, St. Mary, ax 
Boyfield Jofiah, clocliwoiker, gn« 

veflane* ibothwark ^ 

Brabint Abraban, mead maker 

and hooey merchant, hay mark<c 

B ackll >oe3imea, bookiellerj cornh. 

Brack ftooe William, diftiller^ king 

Biward ftaiff , wapping 
Brndley SioMAy Uaea draper, Oaisih- 

Bfftdley Moiei, Haen draper, lea* 

denhaU ftreet 
Bradley Johf), diftiller, great mC* 
* <el ft{eet, covent gardeo 
B adley and HoMen, ftatSooen, 
. lower thamet fhett 
B adihaw J •hii and Jamei, brokert, 

lombard ftreet 
Bradlhaw Osorge Smicb, upholder, 

dean ftreet, foho 
Badfliaw Robert, weaver, fteward 

ftteer, fpital ficldt 
Bragg Robert^ merchant, St. 

J«mes*a ftreet, St. Jamea** 
B ai tt Jjfeph,cheefemoogef, new* 

gate tIrecC 
B a nt Andrew, opholfterer,piassay 

covcot parden 
BraHder Alexander, orange mer- 
chant, oppofite bololph lane, 
thamet ft'eet 
Brandon Toihua-Urael, broker, 

Branddb -Jacob- Ifrael, ditto 
Bandon John Fonfeca, broker, 

beviTmaiki, St. Mary ar 
Brant Jamei, throwfter, new 
. ftreet, next devoAibire (^muc 

BraOey, ttt aid foil, iaakeri^ 

iombard ftreet 
B. ai hwaiie John, mercbaat,horrefiiot 

alley, moor fie Ida 
Bratt Jofeph, ironnooger, little 

minor iei 
Bray Thomaij diftUler, without 

Bray and Weft, ftationers and rag 
merchants, londoa bridge, locaf 
the gate 
Brecknock Abraham, grocer, ^itk* 

out aldgate 
Brecknock Holloway, linen draper^ 

Breese Henry, ihag warehonfemao^ 

watliog ftreet 
Brent ^wardy lime merchant^ 

pickle herring ftaire 

Bjidge Thomat, drbggift, bread fth» 

Bridgen William, £iq; aldermaa 

and merchant, greuam college^ 

lulhopfgaM ftreet 

Bridgea and Waller^ merahaatiy 

loYel court, pater nofter row 
Bldeoake Jonathan^ merchant^ 

beaxbioder lane 
Bridgea William, wooUea draper^ ' 

B idgman and Ton, grocf n, white* 

Bridgman Samuel, hardwareman> 

Bright Robert, haberdafher, new- 
gate ftreet 
Brinkley and Whittle, tobacconifts, 

Sr. Mary hill, billingfgate 
Biifcoe Sufford, goidimitb, cheap* 

Briflault and foo, fugar baketr, 

Briftow John, Sfq^ fob-governor 
of the South fea company, and 
, merchant, devonftire fcjoare 
Briftow and Hal), grocery, bread. 

Briftow Richard, attorney, char- 
ter houCe iquart 
Brogdeo John, mctchant^ leaden- 
haU ftreet 


( « 

Bfogi FrmcUcOf I ftlua toerchaat^ 

bay mirket 
B^me Jtthn, linen draper, fleet ftr. 
Bromfieid PhUip» dniggUI, lom- 

bird llreet 
Brocks Edward, wool ftapler, ar- 
tillery lane, bifliopfgate llreet 
Brooke Robert, jao. merchant, 

three ftuns in the poultry 
Brojke and Wcalthdaie, brewert, 

Bisookea Semac), fhip broker, ct- 

ille alley, comhill 
Bookca J<iftua, cooper, pickle 

herring ilairs 
Biookea Thomai, iktp chaadier* 

cock hill, ratdifferoA 
Bfoomar Moedeck, loap Bafcer^ 

BfMkertoa faoMa^ bool^BlIcr.coro- 

Brongh Gcoi|% muoug WniiKf 

Bnara lanef, meidiaat, at tht 

/Woid hfarie cofiwhmife, bachia 

Williaa, merchaiir^ St* 

Brown Daniel, bookielleri temple 

Brown Henton and foo, bankert, 

kiaabard llreet 
Brown Bafil and Rightoo, wine 

cooper*, buiklaae 
Brcwn Matthew, packer, thread- 

needle llreet 
Brown John and dbmp. bay fii£ton, 

tebacco foU court, grace church 

Bowa Jika, Hoea draper, corbel 

coert, dicto 
Brewnand Whk^ord, wine mer« 

chaau, cravea ftreet, ftraad 
Browa and Pinch, merchaats, 

gra er c hu rch ftreet 
B. own Thomai, merchant, wapping 

Browne Joha, Eiq} £aft iadia di- 

seder, eorahiU 
Browne, Piatt and Banet^ liaea 

diaperi^ dittfr 


Browne George, merchant, tcnv«r 

Browne Thomai and comp. ware— 

hoofemen, fifli ftreet hill 
Browne Thoiiat, broker, fiaow bail 
Browoeell Robert, fliip builder, 

Browaing and Lomas, oilaften^ 

fmirhfieU bars 
Browning and FoUer, woil ftaplarr^ 

five fool lane, barnaby ftreet 
B:Ownfword Eliai, ftationer, badge 

Brace WilKam, wine nercbanf, 

maik iane 
Bryta George, vercbaat, at Mr« . 

Cefrck*!, packer^ coleavao ilr* 
Bryaa Guy, iiBarlel dyer, nnt 

court, fpital fielda 
Bryant, iiaioA and Simpfen,. incr« . 

cfaaota and flop eoaHedofa to ika 

nayy, teething lane 
BiMhanan Janei and cotip. incite 

chanta, gould Iquare, cntelMd 

Bachanaa JihOa ncKhaaty. liCtla 

tower ftreet 
Buck William* yoA&att Uetcr^ 

at Mr. Hodgion*a, great Sr» 

Biiokholn Jako, merchaat, bar* 

tholomew «lofe 
Buckland Janea, bookfeller, pater*^ 

nofter row 
BudWdcth Timethy, packer, baftb 

lane, cannon ftreet 
Baerldale Thonaai, warehouteNO^ 

laureoce lane, cheapfide 
Boffar David, wdoUea draptt> 

Boggin Barrington, metdnaty crul» 

ehed friare 
Bulkeley Philip and Xdwird, drug* - 

fl^, fleet ftfcet 
Ball and Moodey, teadcalcn> lea* 

denhaU ftreet 
BaU Edward, Blackwell haU faaer» 
^ bafingfaall ftreet 
Bull and eomp. ibgar bokerif wood 



BttScock Henry and foo» Jettber 

rdlersy .piMldiog hnfy eaftcheap 
BaUock Robert, baberdaOiery bi- 

ihopigate without 
Bumford John, gan taakgr, mi* 

Bureh and (oik, tonh&wn, tower 

Bardett George* filk tbrowfter, 

maiba*6 couitf btid^lanc, fpiul 

Burdett and G\Ut$ fiik bfokert, 

rpttai fie da 
Burtfon J .hr, tobaceoaiftf biil^opf- 

gate Ureet 
Bureau John, infarance brcker, 

great St. Helens, biflioprgate (I. 
Burfeut and ELii, wooUen draperf, 

Burfoot Thoatsai and ion, packers, 

barge yard, bmkleiibury 
Bdrford and Or«eo, pewterer«, poul- 

Burford Richard, diililler, red lion 

Q^eet, wapping 
Budges Jahn and co. mcrchaRts, 

Alartin* a lane, esAnon ftreec 
Burgca Chnftopber, dialer, bo* 

rough, foathwatk 
Biifges and co^ ho&ert, dk'ffs 
Btttke Richard, mercbaar, mnm* 

ford court, n»lk ilreec 
fioiket Jobn aad £m, warehottfe- 

men, dementi lane, looriiard (I. 
Burn £dward, atercbanc, bsar'a 

bead court, gracccburch firoet 
B\irnct and Holiiogfwortb, com* 

faaori, koilleydown 
Burnett Tbonu, upbofterer, flrand 
^«>r JjfaB, mefcer. waft iioaub* 

Burrel Merrick, Efq} govtroar ol 

the bank, and meicbatt, iberbatn 

line, kunbard ftreet 
Birrell Peter, Efq; foutb lea di- 

re£ior, upper grohreaar Areet 
B'irrough Katbaatd, grocer |ad 

teaoMn, tbreadacedle ilreet 
Borrow Cbnftophar, Efq| batton 



Burrow Tbonarj gracer, ratdiff* 

Burton Williim, Efq; commiiEoiiec 

of the czcife, coik ft^ect 
Barton Bartholomew, Efq; deputy 

go^eraor of the bank, and mer- 
chant, kiog*i arns yard, colemaa 

Butler Maty Md co* inerchantt| 

new courr, cnitrhed friars 
Butler Henry, hatter, jcyaer*s ft, 

Butler Walter, infurance broker^ 

change alley, cornhlU 
Bjtler William linen draper, corn« 

Butler and Maoger, infurance of- 
fice, abchurchlane 
Butler Sam uely coacbmaker, great 

queen {^reet, lifiCoIn*s inn fields 
Bufali jKathan aod fOii, iron* 

mopgeri, greek ftreet, fobo 
Bjt^Ier Samuel, ironmonger, fnow 

Buxton and Simes, oil fadon, 

trigg ftairs, thamei ftreet 
Byrne Gregory, merchant, batton 

Bythefea Tbomai, blackwelhall* 

fafftnr, coleman ftreet 
Bythefea WtUiam, woollen draper. 

CAband Daniel and Cm, /hag 
weavMt^ faady*4 ftreet, fpital 

CSebrier Chaalesr watchmaker, pig? 
ftreet, threadoeedle ftreet 

Caddel D^vid, jaecchant, iroomon^ 
gerlane . •*• 

Gadywald James, agent in tbg 
navy, old broad ftreet 

Calcraft John, £fq{ agent, chan- 
nel raw, weftminfter 

Callifies Peter, mecchant^. botCoIph 
laaa eaftchea>p 

Calverley and Ton, dioggifts, bo- 
rough,- fiMithwa<k 

Calvert Sir William, knight and 
9iikimukr%huaa ftraai* ' 



Cdfttt Sir WllUui aad et* brewm , 

Calvert Williim, cfaeefearang^, 

iicct mtrket 
Calvert and-tewtrdj brewcrt, white* 

cffon fueet 
Cilvert George, cotl acrchant, 

OdYert JbliB, ▼iaegar metchanti 

Calvert B4frard« dnaggift, notton* 

Cam WUliaoiy threadman, hilbopf* 

pU ftreet 
Caoif Read, acd cemp. clo- 

thien, angel court> throgmorton 

Candco Wiliiam and Joho^ fugar 

bakert, near ezecucioa dock 
Camia John, merchant, Kvfli lane, 

cannoo ftreet 
Cimpart Peter, weaver, church ft, 

Campbell and Coatta, bankcrt, near 

durhaiD yard, ftrao^ 
Campbell Mary, fliip-chandler, 

iittttNi<iftain, wapping 
Canceller John, linen draper, poul- 

Caney end Howlel, haberdaihert, 

' nulk ftreet, chcap6de 

Caatiel, Atkina and Horrabio^ 

haidwaremeo, geoige yard, lom- 

bard ftreet 
Cape Jeremiah, merchant biihopr- 

gate ftreet 
Capper Charley haberdadier, St« 

MartinVle. grand 
Cardoso Jacob, merehant, bury ft. 

St. Mary-az« 
Cardoso David, merafaant, diit$ 
Carr, Ibbetfon, Bigge and Pickard, 

flsercers, ludgate hill 
Carter Richard, wine meichaftt, 

crutched friara 
Carter James, fiikoian, devonfliirc 

Carter John, fngar baker, near 

garlick hill, thames ftreet 
C««aiy>Teph and font, tu and 

^huuunen, long acre 

Gartony Robert, chlaamtD, opp> 

fite fonerfet houfe, ftraod 
Cartwright Robert, packer, can* 

nnn ftreet 
Cartwright Richard, laccnita, lud- 
gate ftreet 
Cartwright and Olegg, htberdaAen, 

lad lane wood ftreet 
Cartwright Edward and co. ma» 

chantt, bromley, near bow 
Carver Sampfon, apothecary, broad 

ftreet birfldinga 
Cary« Moorey and Welch, iiiercbti< 

watling ftreet 
Caflon William and fon, letter fooo- 

dera, chifwell ftreet 
Caflon Thomas, bookfeller, fia* 

tionen court, ludgate ftreet 
CafteJl John and Ton, bankerSi 

birch:n lane, cornhUI 
Citanach George, merchant, three 

kibg court, lombard fireec - 
Catanach J jhn, merchant, mare &• 

Cater John and fon, timber mer- 

chantf, baokfide, fouthwaik 
Cater John, tobacconift, fleet ftr. 
Cater Simon, tobicconift, newgate 

Cator John, wine merchant, alhal- 

lows lane,.thamc8 ftreet 
Cayley William, Efq^ commiiEoBer 

of the escife, duke ftreet, weft- 

Cacalet Peter, merchant, X«HthiA*i 

lane, cannoa ftreet 
Casalet Stephen and co. ir^rchantf , 

Scotch yard, buih hoe, canaofl 

Ccntlivrei Jthn, merchant, loth* 

Chabanel and Teiftier, merchantii 

at Mr. T«ifiier*s, old broad ftr. 
Cballe Jamet, merchant, misciag 

Chalmers and Strahan, hofieri, near 

turnftile, holboum 
Chamberlayne and Walker, gro- 

cert, aideiifgate ftreet 
Chambers Samuel, warefi^nfeaao, 

milk ftreet 

Can btii 

C "9 ) 

CIuxDbers Abralitm* mtfchaat, SC« 

Thomai apoftlei 
diainberi ChaiJcf, Z(qi diarter- 

houfe fquare 

Chamser John, meichant, lothbuiy 

Chamier John-Jameiy merchant, 

at Mr. Stone*!, leadenhall 


Champion Jofepb, merchant, new 

court, throgmorton ftreet 
Champion Benjamin, weaver, fan* 

dy*t tktctt, ividcgate alley 
£hampion and Hayley, merchanti, 

ayiifF Hreet^ goodman*t fields 
Chandler George, London aiTuffance 
director ' a. id merchant, bloomf- 
bury fquare 
Chandler and Willlamt, apotheca- 
ries, corner 0/ kingftrcet, che»p« 
Chandler Richard Cavendi/h, Efq; 
cooimiflloner of the cuftomi, 
new burlington llreet 
Chandler and DeaDe,ch«efcmoogcri, 

lower thamee ftreet 
Channing Howard, baberdafiier, 

bread ftreet 
Channtng, Short and Smith, liacn« 

dfapertf cheapfide 
Chapman Anthony, timber mer- 
ehanty ' windmill hil), meor- 
Chappell Thomtft, watchmaker, 

tower llreet 
Charlefworth and Lacey, linen* 

drapers, fridsy ftreet 
Charleton John, merchant, bafing- 

hall ftreet 
Charleton Joba» grocer^ fleet ftr. 
Charleton Meiheck, tobacconift and 

graeer, whitechapel high- ftreet 
Charleton Charles, upholfterer, fri- 

day ftreet 
Chariton William and Robert, 

droggiftiy coleman ftrNt 
Charleton William, grocer, fteet- 

Chafe Robert, man's mercer, at 
D'Oyley's warchoofe, or wia* 
ibUtoa hottffj ftrand 

Chater James and fons, watch and 

ctxkmakers, cherry-tree court, 

alder%ate ftreet 
Chaoncy Richard, merchant, wal-« 
. brook 
Chaoncy Nathaniel, merchant, at 

Mr. Cufack*f, icoleman ftreet • 
Chauncy Toby, druggift, old Jewry 
Chaovet Lewis and co. weavers, 

crifpin ftreet, fpitalfields 
Chenery Stephen, corn-faaor, com 

exchange, marJc lane, or the 

giangeroad, fouthwaik 
Chcfiyn William and fon, aronmen* 

gers, whitechapel 
CheHyn John, hpfier, fenchnrch 

Chefly DowelT, warehoafeman, 

great eaftcheap > 

Cheflon William, upholder, fea* 

church ftreet 
Chefter Richard and co. furriery 

cannon ftreet 
Child Coles, toyman, london bridge 
Child Charlcii, infuraoce office, the 

corner of fwectiog*i alley, corn- 
Childa and co. bankers, temple bar 
Chifim and fon« dry filters, fafiiioo 

ftreet, fpitalfields 
Cbifwell Richard, turkey n^ercht. 

fwotd blade coftee houfc, birchia 

Chitty Sir Thomas, Knt. alderman, 
. Bank dlre^or and grocer, mulf, 

Unt f 
Chlcty Samuel, ^woodmonger, geor§e 

yard, hear pauPs wharf, thantea 

Chitty Jacob, merchant, ironmoo* 

ger lane. 
Choi ley John, linen draper, grace* 

church ftreet 
Chorley Joii^h, linen drsper, fen* 

church ftreet 
Clare William, habadsiher fleel- 

Clarges Sir Thomas, great george 

ftreet, hancve'r fquare 

% r 
' Claik 

CUtk wiin 

Clark Hcory^ whalibonft mtrehaAt, 

kiof Areef, chetpfide 
Ciatk John, wUie ncrchuity ^tr* 

mitk cottrc, Warwick lane 
Ciwk JohDf hat wuek^oft, with- 

oat biihopfgmte 
Clark anA Robtafoo, ntefcka&tl, 

nicbolai lane« lombafd ftreet 
Clark Thomas, merchaoty Ittndofl 

ffieefy fencharch ftrect 
C«aik and Oickiniboy CttittCB^ M^g 

ftreetf cheapfide 
Clark Aon, Brewer, maM lane;' 
' ibathwirk 
Clark John, bookTeller, oodcr the 

Ibiich eotrtnce of the royal c JC- 

darke, capt. John and co« oAioa 

coiFee hoafe, cotirhii! 
Clarke John, chjmill, bstWcin 
Clarke Samoe), hoAer, feochardi 

Clarke Thomas and fon, fiU* 

makerv, wapping aew flairtf 
Clarke WIIKtii^ nerchant, weif- 

clofe fquare • 
Clarke aod Leake, (bttiF-fBakefi 

and tobaceooif^t, qoeenhith 
Clarkfoo Jtcob, wareboufeinaiit 

bread ftreet, cheapiiHe 
CUnneot and Lxdwood, mdrehiott, 

mincing lane 
C'tfcy and RawKnfbii, lihen-drS. 

pcriy newgsrte fifeee 
Qay Richard, oilman, Siktttett hill 
Clay Samee!, tobaccodift^ Stjohn^t 

Clay aod Agttcref, warekovfedidfty 

aown court, chi»:piide 
Cleaveland Jihn, coal merchant* 

fleet bridge 
Clesver Richard and Jdfeph, woollen 

draper! , cornhiU 
Qee«e Benjamin^ inTnrer* wood* 



( I20 ) 

bi« Oeiand Cbirlci, merehtat, mof- 

co?y coiirt» tower hill 
bow dement and Old, comfadorr, 
mark lane 
Cerembaolt John, merchant, at 

Mr« Longuei*t, crolby fquare 
CBffe, Walpole and Qarke, boukcri, 

lombard ftreet 
Clhherow Sarah, iMn*a mercer, 
fenchurch ftreet, near rood tone 
dutteibock and GsftrtU^ mcrccni 

Coape J)hni ^gar laker, oear 

college hill, (hamei ftreet 
Coatet Thoma, coal oieccht. Bart 

ft eet| wrapping 
Cock Anne, warehoufewoman, 

faurenctf Une 
Cof kbnrfl Jamef, ^fq; king ftreet, 

golden fquare 
Cocbell WiUiam, blackweO haU 

fador, bafinghait ftreet 
Cockfield and Sheppard,' timb« 

merchan(i, Wapping dock 
Cocka end Piggoi, merchanti, 

c1ement*^s Itnt 
Cockfedge Thomai « cornfaQor, ia- 

v>ge gardens 
Cockihut Timothy, metehaat, 

Driiice*a fttdeit, near the manlioa 

Coffin William, hop merchant, 

near St. Maigaret*i hill^ fouih- 

Cogan Thom'aiy haberdaiher* cortt* 

hfli . 
Cohen 'Levy, melvhartt, St. Mi* 

Cok^yne Francis, Etqj aldflrman, 

bifhopfgate ftreet 
Cokayne aod 0pfold|| filkmani 

Coker and Grimftoad^ brewarii 

old Hreet 
Coker abd iTammoMdy goldfiiulliii 

clefkenv^ell clofe 
Coker ai^d Harris, foap- maktrs, 

high holbouin 
Colboroe Thomaft packet^ csk- 

man ftreet 


( it 

eotbflirte ^ateocfi fait fnierchant, 
kten*a wharf^ cflex Aain, in 
tUe fthind 
Collhaih and Ho1ir]ani« dftiUm, 

%U John'i ftrcct' 
•Cole litisty, rope maker^ three 

marioers' (taira 
ColaCx'atehlefydyer, cllak fbe^, 

Cole and BolC6tf» toVi<cd>mfta4 wood 

•Cule Thomia^ goldibtitb, Wmtod 

Cole Edwara, toba'cconfftf aeif^ 

fate ftrcet 
Cofebrooke Jax&ea Hod Gebrgej and 
CQ. bankeif^ behind the loyal 
Coleman John and ^^dward/ dm- 

ber in^ chanu, St. GiJi^'K 
Colemaaa and tu«is« i^dr'chtmtt 

mincing lane 
Coles John, fiatloner, fl^et Kreet 
Coka Benjamini weaYer, ftewaid 

fireet» (pital fieldii 
Collet Jofcph, mcrehant, oxfoi4 

couilty rakers hall, cannon dr. 
Collet and PoweU> oierchanta^ ni« 

colas Inne^ loriibaid fireet 
Colley afid Nixon, merchti. little 

St. Hellenes 
CoUinfon Peter and Jamei^ ner- 

cers, gtacechurch fireet 
Colombka Anthony, merdit. wii^ 

cheftbr ftreet 
Colvil Jofiah, hop merchant, new- 
gate fireet 
C -mbauM Honoriut, merchant, St. 

Thomas apofiles 
Compfon Thomas, meicer, (iaiock 

alley, fpital fields 
Cjmyn 'Dioaas, wine merchant, 

love lane, «ldermanboiy 
Comyn and Cape, brewers, oldcaille 

ftreet, whitechapel . 
ConcMcn andjordan, Virginia mer» 

chaoti, fcocch yard^ bufii.hne 
Coney, Bicknall and cOt dmggifts, 
ieadenhall fitect 

Conihgfaim and ltea6igto&, 

ckantf, dowgstehill 
Coi^gtofl and Radclitfe, ^"^^^ 

drapers, cheapfide 
Conftable Abrahanfi, cbrnfa^or^ 

Mark lane 
^Conway Michke), merchant, yotft 

Cook William^ fiftor, hoxton fii. 
Cook William, mercht. rood lane^ 

fenthurtfh ftreet 
Cooke and Lawrence, merceri, 

Cooke Philip, grocer, king ftreet^ 

CoOksThomas and co« uphotteren^ 
* hblbornfafU 

Cooke Thomat, packer, file lane 
Cooke and Gorney, goldfinithf« 

foiler lane 
Cooke Charles, Jiofier, St« Mar* 

tia*s )e grand 
Cooke Xdwardy goldfinlth, bordugb, 

Cooke Thomas, gauze weaver, 

.pancras lane, qocen ftreet, cheap* 
Cookfoii John, liaen draper, pool* 

Coomea Richard, hofier, holbom 

Codpe Richard atlTon, fiigar bak- 
ers, angel alleys irhitechapel 
Cooper William^ turk?y merchant, 

winchefter ftreet 
Cooper Stephen, woollen draper, 

gracechqrch ftreet 
Cooper ^rancir, attorney, baCog- 

hall ftreet 
Cooper Thomas, warehonreman, 

tokenhoufe yard 
Cooper Thomas, packer, bi/hopf- 

gate within 
Cooper Qifliogham, banker, cornef 

of arundel ftreet, ftrand 
Cooper M, bookfelier, pater-oofter 

Cooper and Champaait, merchants. 

Teething lane 

O Cocrper 

( ia» ; 

Cooper Uunft awftli«fit» coimr of 

lawrcnce lancj che»p6de 
Cooper WUiiamf ijJkmaii, fiidiy ft* 
Copo Walter, (hip and iofarauce 

broker* fwcetiiif*! tUejF, corn- 
' hiU 
Coppenlale WiUitm, dlinan, nor^ 

Corbyo Thomaiy ehytmft, oppefite 

biomley ftreet, high hoiborn 
Corderoy Clement and Jc hn, horlb 

milUnera, lower ihaxnea ilreet 
Corderoy Charlet, oici chant* idol 

lane* tower ^reet 
Cotkeand Matthews* cbeefemon- 

f^ri, newgate ftreet 
Coroibe and Lueadou* merchaotf* 

Iborter'a courtj throgmorton ft. 
Corner Thomai and Kaodo* dyers* 
* bankfide, fbothwark 
Corrie John and fofi, naercHanti* 

george yard* lombaitl ftreet 
Cort, Smith* and Heatbield* filk-^ 
' men, lodgate hill 
Cjfta Jacob Da* merchant* adim*a 

court* broad ftreet 
Cofta Benjamin- Meodez D% mer- 
chant, bary ftreet, St. Mary. ait 
Cofta Solomon Dj* merdianr* de« 

Tonfhire fqoare 
Cofta Ifaac- Meodes Da* and Nuner* 

brotherr* merchants* old broad ft. 
Cofta. S3lomon Da* and Netto* no« 

tariffs, caftle aiiey* cornhill 
Cofter and Tree* maU favors* bread- 

ftrcet hill 
Cofter Edward, oil merchant* near 

the old fwan* thames ftreet 
- CoiTart Ifaac, merchant* chnrch 

coart* lotbbury 
Cores Phineas* haberdaiher* new- 
gate ftreet 
Cutes and Fasakerfy* wioe mer- 
chants* St. Mahin*8 lanr*charing 

Cotes Samael, merchant* at Mr. 

Spencer's, comhill 
Cottere'l John, chioaman* oppofite 

the rranfioa houfe 
potterillChriftopher, broker, iHlng. 

Con* or Jonathan's coCEee hoafc 

Gottia Jofiah lad co« merdbiotif 
old Jewry 

Cottin John- Daniel* merchant* op- 
pofite falter*a hail* fwithio'i 
lane, cannon ftreet 

Cotton* Lumber r^ and Littiebaiy* . 
flock brokers* comhiU 

Cotton Sir J >ha Hjnde* Bart. St* 

• Catherine's 

Coventrye Thomas* Efqs fbutb (ea 
dire^or* rerjeiof s inn fleet ftreet 

Covetley Clurlea* weaver* alder- 

Coverly Roger Dej weaver* king 
ftreet* moorfielda 

Coyerly Georgr* weaver* prince's 
ftreet* ditto 

Co^jltharft William* packer* bafing- 
hall ftreet 

Couraftt C. L* merchant, piooen 
court* old broad ftreet 

Courtauld Samuel* goldfinttb* o^ 
pofite the royal exchange* corn- 

Confirat David* merchant, london 
ftooe coffee boufe, cannon ftreet 

CooiTmaker and co. brewers* weft- 

Courts Alerafider* merchant* ox- 
ford court* falters hall, canooo 

CootcSjBrothers, and Stephen, mer- 
chants, jeflfety'sfqqare* St. Ma- 
ty* ax 

Cowie James* merchant* gooM 
fqnare* cratched friars 

Cowley and Bornett* diftillers* great 
drury lane 

Cowling Henry, cheefemonger* 
lower thames ftreet 

Cox Philip, hat maicer* tooley ftr. 

Cox I«?ader and co. wareboofeoMOi 
St. Mildred's court, poultry 

Cox James afid fon, hatters and 
ftoor cloth painters* bicwbladdei 

Cox Benjamin* grocer* ftrand 

<»'oz Henry Shute, hatton garden 

Crabb Cape. Richard* rOyal ex- 
change aflbrance direOor* croiby 
iqwre, biihtpfgate ftteet 

• Crwnft 

C 123 ) 

QHieraf& Ricbard,^ feti« ttterneyy. Crtft Stephes; iiwrcluat« it Mr. 
brabant coort^ phi! pot Ua/e, fea- Maouel Fraacit SilTt'ij Su Mary 
church ftreet 

Crafton Robert and comp. hafierR^ 
. QraltoD Richtrd aad Franci'^ hat- 
ters, maze^ foixhwark 

Caftsjaxnetf wooUeo draper and 
faleiman^ george yard, jombard 
• Urcec 


Crokatt Jamat aad Cfaarlei and co; 

meRbiaai^ doak Jane, coil^ 

CrompThomat, iroanooger, broai 

ftreet, raUliff croft * 

Crook John, diftillcr, appofita St* 

George*! chaicb, foathwark 

Cragbead Samuel, Bfq; Sputh Tea Crop Ricbard, nocrcbant, lea* 

dire£tor, crofby fquare 

church ftreet 

Cramer Ma k, merchant, oldSonth Ociby George, fen* and jun. Aigar 

Tea hoofe, broad ftreec 
Crinke John and WilUam, filk- 

men, biihopfgate ftreet, near 

the worfchoofe 
Cranke Henry, fiJtman, bifbopf- 

gate ftreet 
Crafwell E. timber merchaat, rofe- 

miry lane 
Craven J hn, wareho-ufeman, 

prince*i ftreet, near the maafion . 


refiners, buckle ftreet, goodaoaa't 

Crofley Samuel, haberdaiher« miUe 

Crofley William, linen draper^ 

bifbopfgate ftreet without 
Crofsjoiepb, hatter, cannon Anetp 

oppofite nicholaa lane 
Crofa Thottiai, cbioaman, ludgate 
• ftreet 
(^routh John, grocer, fouthwaik 

Ciaw JaipM, merchant, oxford Crowder and comp, bookteUert^ 

court, cannon ftreet 

london bridge 

Creak William, watchmaker, bun^ ' Crowe and Mofer, mcrchaBts, 

hill row 
Creed fir James, kntt at the white 

lead warkf, wbitechapel, or 
* Greenwich 
Creliiua J ihn, nerchtat, St. Tho» 

maa apoftles 
Crerpigny Claude, fecretary to the 

South fea company, broad ftreet 
Creffener DruOj broker, old broad 

Crcuee Fr»rci», jeweller, ditto 
Cichton David, merchant, heydon 

Crippa Jofeph, leatherfelkr, grace- 
church ftreet 
Clip pa John, jeweller, St. Thomaa 

Crifp Nicholas, jeweller, bow 

church yard 
Cfiip Jtmef, grocer, wbitechapel 
CriH> oamuel and ^omp. merchaoti, 

mark bae 
Creek r J^n, woollen draper, o^« 

pofite theilianrioii*houfe 

aundag lane 
Crowley Theodofia and cofflp« 

ironmongeri, tbames ftreet 
Crowley Tbomai, ^ haidwateman^ 

gracechurch ftreet 
Cmiidhinfc John» mcfchant, .rood 

lane, ftnchurch ftreet 
Crutcher Richard, flttercbaat, biifi* 

ter fquare 
Crotchfield William, coloormaD^ 

holborn bridge 
Cue and Rott, glorers, feocharch 

Cugopni widow r<id Ions, mer- 

chanti^ prince's ftreet, near the 

manfton houie , 

Culver Peter, jeweller and toyman, 

feochurch ftreet 
Ciirrie David and fon, merchants, 

love lane, eaft cheap 
Curric Archibald, woollen draper, 

torowbeellane, cannon ftreet 
Cvrteis Thomas and Jiha, brevrerr, 

wappiog new ftaiia .. ^ 

G % Cafailc 

^^■Vfl^V^bi #^^^^p^^ ^^W^^**^ 

Cttthbcrt Willian, Bwchaatf SC 
MifCitt • Initt CMBM Acsc 

icdoTj «ao4fwwr)i 

/ cbM» load 

( 124 ) 


cad Hitchcock^ mucen^ 

r^AFON^CA AbialMn, OMT- 
J^ cbMi» loadoA ikmt, Im« 

Sagli Hmf, efiisridmoad biiHd* 
ings, dcao ftfact^ ialio 
bkar aad tuiotv. ■roacis. cidl- 


l>tkiat, Jyfawdflejr «fid DoUnfo«« 
tliiiflBiiinf I, faiiilior%»t« ftr* 

(pital ii^uam 
QMbiaa Staw a ad frii» ivcMan, 

no.t. ditto 
QriUi Xffoivii i^osuwe btokar, 

caftle.aU«3r» roytl exchiBft 
Dallto RitbtiC, ialoaaca biaker. 

OiUdorf John, wcavari duke flr* 

Dtimahoy Alextnder* d^oai' aad 

Dalttiedo J«i«pb, tahMogt broker, 

.0aiffiwaf*» coliaa honfe, ex- 

cbaagf alley 
fMoKn W4ikHii and ioji, bbek- 

wa 1 hall fadan, cof ikUI coart. 

SHmfcU Daniel, grocer, fleet flr« 
Paiica Gilat^ gracer, gracaaharch 

ftnet, nearcarohill 
Daodridge Jamav^ 9fq% faaenflr. 

DaadrUga Jamce, fagar bafcar, 

DJiagerfield Samuel, ftock brokaf, 

Daovert John» hofier, caw coarr, 

4>I4 bnnd flraet 
Darbonier SacaMl^ OMrcbaat, nt 

Mt«. Sfain'a, AeiborD ^aae 
Darby John, mercbant. St* Lac* 

r-iKc^.^liwah )raN»^ ^ateatui 


DaraU Edarird andlUbart, 

chaaii, miaa caart, old 

Diikec,,S«th aad Muadajs keg^ 

mercbanti, 9t« Joha*t ftreet 
Darliog John, broker^ 9t. 9aa* 

flaii*a hiU^ or Jaoaaraf'a cofte 

DtfliagRabtft, Befcbam, badMal 

•Darwia WiHiaa, auKkaat, bo- 

tolph Jane 
D»obua. Thaaphibif, 

liBBa ftreet 
Dafeahill Edward, »aIC dlftlllcr, 

coppiee f»w, xierkenwell 
Davey and Liw, bookfel)art| ate 

O'Tcy and comp. iroomongen aad 

braaiara, fleet flriat 
DavadflHi Jameai haberdaflier, (O- 

ftem row, tower hiJl 
Dnridlao Thaoia^ broker^ Mi Uu 

Bailejf\ walbrook 
Davidldo J4iB, ladler, chifivtU 

ftreet . 
Davia Thomat, miaeral water 

warataottfei St« Alban*a ftreet^ 

St. James* a 
DaTia. Edward, jon. bllckwdl ball 

fador, bafingball fti«et 
I^ak and Reynieri, bookfellfn^ 

holbam, near middle raw 
Dam Nicholas, liaen draper, bo- 
rough, ibuthwaik 
Davis David, brandy merchanti 

bttfli lane, eaaooa ftteeC 
Diris and Owen, hup merchaflts, 

uppet thames ftreet 
Dary WilKam and coaip. bofieif, 

ftreet, near the royal exchange 
Davy John, throwfter, fpiul fqo« 
Djfvy John, troamonger a^ braa )er, 

holDorn bars 
Dawes Nicholas and Richard,, in* 

farance broken, fweecing*! allty 
Pawfon Elisabeth, waiehooif wu« 

mMo, aJdennaabary 


(125) ' 

caiUe ftraety in tlM pirk, ibuth- 

Dawfon BarthoIoBiew^ gfocer^ agw* 

gate Acstt 
Dawfon Jjhnj grocer, Jittle tower 

DawfoD EJtfiiBiid, brewer, Aoney 

l«ae» 6>utbwaik 
Day John, diftilJer, oppafite St. 

Gilei't chupcii 
D^y I(mc, laMiatOf Bedford ftreet, 

«ov«atiardni . 
Day Richard a^d ion, fli«rehaDti» 

DelalonliiQ V. Beojunin^ nur- 

chtBty iMdcfikAU ibeec 
Delahaite and Dencbj mcrthaatf^. 

bafinghail ftrect 
.DtlafBCM MnAktm, ■wfchtat^ 

ftewafd ftreet, fpital iieidi 
Delamiie Jteob tM Jokn, ai«r* 

chinti, dtto 
Delaniie Ifinc> ncrcfaaaty lam^ 

llreet, ditto. 
DeiMDM ]famei ud Frauds, BB«r» 
chittii, St* Maiy ax 
ATSc CO jiMflcri haJJ| «pptr thaaiM .Dalamocte Tlmnii, htdurg chinge* 
ftrcet alley 

9calt^ 0«9ffe, drtigtiil^ cannon JMandtr JbtlMnicl, wttchflaalM^ 

ftrecc, near crooked Jane 0cef ftreet, near tenapJe bar 

Ptan Dawid, dMetoooger* ft. Dela Rive Pefer, meichaat, ttar* 

John*! ftieet tui*e fauwt canabn ftieee 

BeaM and Tamkitt, blaekwill Dele(p«ne Jhaaea, wdtfei^ gni flir. 

haU ftaeic, hnfiafkaU ftieet . ^td fie&a- 
Deao^ WiQiaoii, dkattoner, St« Dell RobeK and <Mite» «oepare» 

ill acy kill new Area^ koiflydowtt 

J)naeHtii^»d»ft^»etftcbeap DeUafield Jakn, cbaeteenger, 
Deane Henry, kaberdailier, cheap- . wkiteerok ftreel 

fide Delme Peter, efq; grofTenor fquare 

VtMtd Williaoi, toyflMDt. tke comer Delvally Akahaa^ onerckant, bury 

ai Vowr tbutp. pictadilly ftreet, St. If ary ax 

X>ebattfire Jofepb, merchant, kae« DanagiB Joftpk, wint aetchaat, 

CWifardoo osiford market 

Doberdt and Burkitt, mercbanti, . Dettiav Fmocm, mnckent, pnnce*a 

nrtiUery court, chifwcU ftreet. ftrect, iotbbiny 

DoblevtUe Jo&pb, merchant,, per- . Denetrias Abrakm, m^chaat,. 

tttgal row, lijiooIa*8 ioafiaidi 

laorence poontney lane 

Da Bloii and Cooke, h€ton^ bar- De Miiy Keaiy, merebant; tke 

tkobmesr cloTe 
De ChaTCi Jofeph-Hifipiiaa, mer« 

ckan^, St. Mary as 
Deetoo and Baobaiy, haberdaAeri, 

cateaaon ftreet \ 

DekeoUa Abnkam, Jen. weaver, 

cfamch ftseet, ipkal fields 
Deheme Abtahafli|. ckecSemoflger, 

ratdiflf crola 
De Jerfey William, pewtaier, can- 

Delghton Robert, linen draper, 

Dela fklla-FrMOM mtickaot^dea* 

ftreet« ioiio 

corner of icotck yaai, biiik lane,. 

Demorin John- Henry, broheff, u* 

niea conrt, broad ftreet 
Denifph Jofepb, D)erciMit,.brown% 

kolMinga, St.Maryas 
Deaiiba and Conteiwin, waf^ioule- 

ooen, letflgAiieet, ckeapfide 
D;nne Adam, fiik tbrowfteri na<i 
, Csncoort, fpital fields 
Denoe Cornaiiat, haberdalher,. 

De PaAe If ofa» kfiarance office, 

cowpor*s coort, cocokiU 

( "6) 

Mr. Da Cofta't, deTonihire fq. 

Dickipfon Sioiiid aAd Rfvdl^ 
brewen, chick ]ane» rmithfie>d 

Dt Poathicu, Zgcrtofii Wilki and Dickinfoo and Graham, warchobfe- 

coBir. merchaatt^ fridiyfl.eet 
. De Poctcr Hcorj, merduar, de- 

vooAire /qo«rt 
Dt SanthuAs WiUitan, ftttio dref. 

ler, maibo*! coQity fpittl fields 
Ddbcoflb and Whitthtad, Isaen 

dnpert, llraad 
' DefekiuDpi and Gaitean, n^er- 

chantty bocUerAory 
XMniaraig, Baoal aad Barbiod^ 

mcrchtfotft 8;« Marjaz 
PcfmaRts Cbodi, ntrchaatf loam 

don Aaae, rinoon Arcet 
. Dsibraeaov ttfactkew 'Lewi*, wea* 

ur, white Moo treat, ibitaj 

pefpaifBol Peter, nerchant,' at 

Mr. £d)yn*«^ S% Mary as 
Deveer Ficderick^ toynun, ao^el 

court. thro{iBoitoQ fireet 
Devil Williim. waiehiqakeff and 

goMimithf fleet ftreet 
Devifma Peter and toaa, ncrcha&tr^ 

bartholjinaw Jape 
DeiriiiD»WiiaLiiii,aerchant4 throf 

nerton Arcet 
0eYiiiiie Andrew, merchaaty loth* 

D aa FcmaadefDaaielj aatrehaftt^ 

fenchiirch ftreet 
. Dial Jjcob, mcrchaat, fiw courts 

Dxai Jofephy meichaat^ btvif- 

aitrks, St. Mary ax 
Dias IfaacLopes, merchaat, pre^ 

Cotftreet» goodman^a fieJdi 
D cas Randie, aodice maker, ai. 

der%»te ftreet 
Dick aod Angerioia, lAfiiiaflcc 

office, cowper*! cooit, tornhill 
Dicker and Hont^ grocert, new- 

gate ftreet 
Dickinfoo Marthe, efqi alderman, 

no. 5, coney covrt, gray's inn ' 

Dicicinfon George, merchant car- 

iKjnter's buadiflgi, Jondofi. waJJ, 

men, buckleribury 
Dicks Thomts, cdoarman, feiip 

church fktttt 
Dickfoo Junes, merchant, gaoU 

fqoare, antched fiiara 
Dickfon Jaii>e<, gla(s warehoaic, 

fleet ftreet 
Dlgby Charles and fon, merchantfi 
• near the hermitage ftairt 
Diggles Robett, warehoafemfS| 

DtUoa and Cruife, merckanO, aeW 

broad ftreet 
DilJoQ Stephen, Boerclyiatj 8ti 

Mary ax 
Dillon Theobald, merchaat, cat 

laTie^ rotherhiihe 
D.llon and Stanton, iaforaoee aid 

fli p agents, at Mrs. Flight'if 

fweet)og*s alley, corohilJ 
Diliy Edward, bookfeller, podltiy 
Dioely Thomas, efq) londonaflvft 

aaace-dirc^ori tower hill 
Ding*ey Robert, merchant, Ikilf 

St. ffeleas 
Dingley Charles, merchant, loth* 

Dinning Henry, hatur,masepood^ 

D'lfraeU Benjamin, Italian tan* 
' chant, new broad ftreet, next 

the meeting hcul'e 
Divert John, Thomas and Edarard, 

mercers and wooUea drapen, 

weft TmlthBeld 
Dixon Jamei, merchant, goold 

fquare^ crutched friara 
Dixon and Mee, metchaoti, fen« 

church ftreet, near cuUum ftrett 
Dixoa Baijamin, linen draper, 
. kingEdwrard ftsirs, wsppsng '' 
DockieyRofe, founder, biiho^gate 

- ftseet within 

Dod Bei jamin, bookfeller, oto mary 

- line 

Dod Gilbert, oilman-, watling ftr. 
l^dSamoeli attoiBty, thieaineedk 

( I 

Do^iing kn(} Lovellj merchant , Su 

Mary hill 
Dodfworth J:>hn. Eaton, cfq| man* 

fel ftreet, goodtnan^s fields 
Dooaldfun Charles^ tobacconift^ 

toWer royal 
Dore and Tollettoo, liDen drapen^ 

Dorrien J oho and comp* merchantij 

biliit'er ftquare 
Doubleday Ralph, Indico merchanty 

fifli ftrcet hill 
Djve Henry, tea warehoUfe, whitt- 

Djuglas J.imes-George, merchant,, 

old broad ftreet 
Douglas Henry, merehatt, mincing 

Doazfaint Peter* Jamef, OMtchant, 

fpital fquare 
Dowdell Akxander, inrorance bro* 
ker, at n^elT. Lsapidge a^d 
Batfey's, royal exchao|e 
Downs Wiliiam, olliziao, holbotrn 

Downs and Chappie, hop mer- 
* thant^f bor6u^, fottthwark 
D ake and Long, merchant^, lea- 

denhall ftreet 
Dxewett Thomai, fkinoer, cannon 

Dieyer John- Diniel and Maurice, 
merchaati, m^fco?y coart> tow* 
Driffield Benjamin* hatt«r, wor« 

cefter flrcec, fouthwark 
Dring and Wright, ironnongera 

and braziers, cornbill * 
Drink water Sanditandt, goldfmith, 

gutter Jane 
DrWer 6eo)aroin, wharfinger^ cor* 
ner of old (wan ftairi, thames 
Drummond Andrew and comp* 

birikerf, charing crofs 
Dryfdale James, velvet Weaver, 
wheeler ftieet, near fpital fquaie 
Do Bois Abraham, merchant, cok- 

man ftreet, new bnildings 
Du Bpis WUliaor^) nxrchaot, new 
broad ftreet 

ly ) 

Da Boil Thnmai^ liniil ^tapef^ 

Da Cane Peter, efqj bank dircc* 

tor, St. Janaes^s fqaare 
Duckett Thomas, merchant^ bu/h 

lane, cannon ftreet 
Dockett and Beale, dyers^ woo4 

ftreet, cheapfide 
Dudley George, efq; eaftindia dU 

re£lor, bloomlbufy fquare 
Duffin and Wilfon, brewers, near 

new crane, wapping 
Dahorty Richard, metchant, waU 

Dulces William, cooper, chamber 

ftreet, goodmao's fields 
Dunbar Jfohn, merchant, lime ftr. 
Dunn f^ancis, turkey mcrchant,- 

gray's inn 
Dunnage Thomas, merchant, bread 

Dunning William, merchant, dyei's 

buildings, holbourn 
Dunwell Jofepb, merchant, token* 

hoofe yard 
Dupont. Andrew- Peter, merchaBt«. 

. buckterft>ary 
Dopont Peter, wauhmaker, ivy 

line, newgate ftreet 
Dopre John, merchant^ at a pack- 
er's, lime ftreet 
Dupre and RuiTelf, merchants, at 

Mr. Bernard's, ditto 
Dupnis Abraham, hardwareman^ 

graceehureh ftreet 
Durand John- Bap jft, broker, great 

St. Helen's 
Djrell Henry, merchant, abchurch 

Durham and Radley, druggifta and 

chymifts, holbonrn 
Durnford John and Richard, pia 

makert, london bridge 
Durnford J^mcF, leather feller, 

newgate ilreet 
Durranae Robeit, playing card ma* 

ker, wiadmUl hill, moorfieldi 
Darward Norman, merchant, cle* 

ment*s lane 
Dutens Peteri Jeweller, leieefter 


G ^ Dttthoit 

( m8 ) 

IKitlioit P^Rter^ Jan. Wmfnt, irog4 

llreet, Tpital Heidi 
Durhoh JaoDet «fid f«9« weawffy. 

prioce** dreet, 4iC(o « 
* XKtval Fnocoand Jaho.iDercbmti 

and jewellcn, w^rnur^ couft, 

uifonpoitpii ftre0t 
D/ert CtftoOf ftigaf rc&«cr, nell 

cloit IqMlp 
D/moke E4 vwd »d Lcmi| Juttsrs > 

Anchuich ftitec^jfeif ffufu^ti^ 


hoalemcn» Urthoiomew c|Qi# 

EADE and Bo^« a»erc)|Mtr, 
execocion dock 
£ade Jofl»thf« apd WUcos, ifaip^ 

chanditn, king £dw»r4 Ibiii, 

Eaie JiUMtiiaa and Bridgcf^ gin- 

pawdar maktn, ditto 
Xadco Higgint, diser^ ,tkainc| ^'ect, 

^adetjoha, fogtr baktr« coal kur- 

bow. tkBact i|rtct 
JUdei Edward^y oMichant, Uraaby 

ftreet, fonthwifk 
£iiDooibii WiUiasB, oUauii, oa- 

Eaiic AugQftine, cfi}f coupmiffoacr 

of CKifey bedford row 
Xaraihiw Richard^ iiierchaiit^ for— 

jiival't toOf ho|bottro 
Eaft JahOy mercbaat, |nc«cbiu^ 

Eaftiaad Rickardf infurtnce o£ce« 

oppefite the cxchan|ey comhill 
Eden Edward, wine merchaAt^ 

pudding lane 
Edie and Latrd^, Qierchaatit lotb- 

Edfall ThoqiMa ta4 ion, guapowder 

■wwhanttj tooJey ftfeet, ibttth* 

]£dwaid« John, afi|| noerfhaat, aa4 

foiith ;ea diredor, old jawT 
Edwards Jjlva, cofn&^or^ U?ag« 

Sdwardf ElcuMff and fooa, mer* 

chajit»| deroaibire f^uare 

l^^rda Ccoffe andHonity 
cbantt, bury ftreett St. Maxyaz 

Uas Iftac and conip* timber war 
chaota« mUre tav^ra, fenchunb 
Anct, or bromlcy in keat 

Bgletoo fir Charles, knt* 4>ld boad 

^ Arpet 

Ekioa Jaho, treafoFer of the rayaF 

Bank's, chee/emoncert tkaoes 
^ ftraa 
Ekock aad Taylenrc, wine ma* 

ahattti, feflkiQiUne 
Bidenon Tkoaoai, lioeo ingth 

)iiihop%ate wkboot 
Elgar John, warebottimia, tflVat 

coarc gfpcacbuich ftreeg 
Slgie Johia, cornft&or, canaosl^r* 
£1^ J^hib ipwchtfitj barckoiMMVI 

)Qipc PhiHp, mantoM* >«kM^ 

Bkoc J'i^y.WAl^kmilce^f fwMbi 
• U|g*a amy« jrpEfal exchaiife ! 
£iiill John« lead merchaat, cvH 

aanftccft t 

Ellingcon ImtH^ IBC9E]M«t»«Ii 

br<^£d ilree^ , 
Elfington Francit, wo»llcir«4f»tara-* 

gifctchttifh Hreec 
Elliot Francis, merckantj fVHMCr 

•Uey. new€ltr ^Rft i 

BUtot Archibald, «% o^i i<HPfck 6t 

hooie, broad ilreet 
BUiat Ifaac^ wine meifhantj ad4 

lane, tower ftreet 
BUiot J«hn, b|a(kweU ball MM^ 

Ellia and Frrey^ »erchaati» but* 

rence lane 
BUis John, IcCTeaer, hiuk TwUi 

eourc, hartkolomew lane 
Ellis Thomas, merchanr,. afir- 

oourr, bioad ftrcec 
Ellis Satcat), pawterer, baOoghall 

BUis Jtmes, comfa^or, St. Ca« 
. therioe*s iqoare» near iroa gate 
EUiibn Joha, dinin^, wbiteckapet' 
BlIiBg^aa Uktl, kotej ckeapfide 


( ftg J 

Sneiton Afexaoder and cotnp. 

colourmeiiy ftrand 
Bmmett Richtid Wiinho«6« ver- 

chinty bafioghtU ftreet 
Baderbj Samuel^ oil cooper^ lower 

thames ilreet 
Erus Ifaacj meichanf^ pm yar^ 

BiTCcarte P^ter Dr, nerchanti it 

a packer*!, in iherborne lane 
BrringtOQ and Hotehinioo, coach- 

in&rfjK long acre 
Efcatt and Rodetcr^ hat makerl^ 

nichoUs lane^ lombard ftreet 
Bfpiaosa jMob, inrurcr^ new broad 

ilreet Initldiaga 
BTpiaoca Ifaac, wine mcrchabt^ at 
mr. llotgan\ barge piti, bock- 
let 0taiy 
fivani and Wane^ grocers, hay- 

Evana and Ton, dyert, booth ftrcet« 

fpitai fields 
BVe Charlci* rope maker, rother* 

hth . 

Evelyn fir John, bart. coinQiiflioner 

of tk^ cuilofflt, St. James*! place 

Ewart John, braady inerchant« 

thames tfreet, near the cuilom 


Bwart David, notaay poblkle, bir« 

chin lane 
Bwer Walter and John, merchants, 

love leoe, aMeripanbury 
BwerWillian and Thomu, turkey 

merchants, lime ilreet 
Ewer Nathaniel, cheefemooger^ 

thames ftreet 
Ewer John, linen draper, cheapfide 
BwerSaosuel, foap maker, within 

Baton and Lightibot, linen draper f, 

Byoard Altzander, merchant* at 
mr. Ttse's, (hortei'a court, 
throgffiorton ftreet 
Eyre Edward, linen draper, foxk 
ftreet, covent garden 

Eyrei John-Edwtrd, wint ner« 
chant, lineoln*a inn fields 

Byton Wflliaai, IttibraAce ctSu^ 
behind th« royal exchange 

FAtCONBRand Farquhar, 
merchantr, petei*»a^ey^corn-^ 

hill ■ 
Parmer Thomas, bottle waiehou^r 

three cranes, qoeenhtthe 
Farmer and comp. dyeri, hog laoft^ 
' ftioreditch 
Farmer Bichard, meal-faAor, hrc^ 

ken wharf, thames ftreet 
Farnworth WlUSaiv, warehoufeman^ 

cullum ftreet 
Farr George, grocer,, nev^ee'ilr. 
Farrant Jdhn, timber merchant,. 

Farrar Jlichard and comp* china- 
men, feochurch ftreet 
Farrar Thomas, com-fs^r, no.a^ 

ptefcot ftreet, goodman's fields 
Farthing WiUiaa, tobacconill>, 
. iriday ftreet 
Faihton John,, linen drsper, cheap* 

Faflett John, dlftUler, horfiydown, 

Faoqaier William, tf%y mafon^ 

yard, St. J[ame8*a 
Fawkeoer William, ef^j londoo af^ 

iurance dire^^or aod turkey mer** 

chant, Warwick court,' Warwick 

Fawfon Richard, woollm draper^ 

.St. Paurs church yard 
Fearoa Peter, bfcker^ aicholaa 

Featheiftone WllliAm, tobaccofiiiK 

Feildon aod Rooke, fruit brokers^ 

Sr. Dttoftan's hill 
Fell Jofeph, wine merchant, hat« 

ton garden 
Fell liifter, merchant, ditto 
FennBurkitr, hofier, eorahill 
Fenn Thomas, wareAoufeman| 

bear*a head court, graccchoich 




Fcjyicr WiUlitt* bookfdlcc, pater 

30 ) 

FoKon Ridtar^. aerduot^ old 

broad Ibect 
PeowiikTbosiai and Ralph, 2toc- 

wanuMtrt, Bpper thamct Areet • 
Fcrard Johft| Wat er^ chorchftreet^ 

Fergoion Robarti efq; aoftin friarr 
TtrgnfloD WiUnm aad comp. drag- 

1^, wood fireet 
Fertuflbn Heaiy, whalebone mer- 

chant» ditto 
Fermigoac and Whattoo» attornies, 

warnford court, thrognorton fir. 
Temiadefl Aothony, merchant, 

philpot hoe 
Ferrieri Ifiuc, merchant^ Warwick 

conrt, Warwick Jane 
Ferroi Abraham, merchant, church 

ftreet, fcho 
Fetherftonhaugh and Browne, wine 

merchants, tower hill 
FeveraJl Robert and comp. ffier* 

chanta, walbrook 
Field Beojimin, hofier, gracechurch 

Fieid William, cbeefenoDger, np« 

per tbamcs ftreet 
Field William and fon, feedfineo, 

ihames ftreet, near billingrgate 
Field Thomaa, bookfeller, corner 

of pater nofter row* cheapfide 
fielder William, Aationer, corohiU 
Fi'gri John, wax chandler, newgate 

F;;es Thomai, ^vggift, clare ftreet, 

clare market 
JF.ncK John, irofimoo|er, ciemeot*! 
. Jane 
Finch Thomai , linen draper, white- 

crofs Araec 
Finlow and Edwardtju filkmen, 

Finney William, linen draper, 

blowbladder fireet 
Fitter and Pearfc, blackwell hall 

fndtorr, lothbaty 
Fiiber Jobn, blackwell kail factor, 


Filher and SkuuKf , tobacc^mft^ 

FiHier Tfoomai, efqs agent, azyatdy 

king ftreet, weftminfier • 
Filher and Morlej, com-fa£lor5 

piefcot Areet, goodman*c fieldt^ 

liO, II* 

Fitter Thomazon, watchmaker, 
• cleikeowell |reea 
Fitter Sarah, merchant, tower hill 
Fitftgerald George, merchant, be* 

hind bi/hopfgate church 
Firxhugh William, tuikey (rer» 

chant, fword blade coffee houfe, 

birchio lane 
FJameng Ctiarlet, linen draper, 

Fiee'wcod John, chinaman, leaden* 

hall ftreec 
Fletcher and Rickardfon, tea dealers, 

Fletcher Will'am, ho6er, ditto 
Fletcher and Cole, infnrancc office, 

.oppo£te the exchange, cornhiil 
Flight and Kennedy, linen drapers, 

leadeohaU ftreec 
Flint William, haberdsfher, bridge 
. foot, fouthwaifc 
Flood William, orange nerchnnt, 

thames ftreet 
Fbwer Fiancii, merchant, green 

'letticelane, cannon ftreet 
Flower John, packer, bury ftreet, 

St. Mary ix 
Flower John, linen draper, charini 

Flower Peter, broker, Tom* a cof* 

fee houfe, cornhiil, or bethoal 
Flowerdewe Thomas and comp* 
. merchants, tower hill 
Floyd Edward, packer, mincing 

Floyer Peter, refiner, oat lane, no* 

tie ftreet 
FJudycrftr Samuel, knt. aldemai^ 

and bank dire£tor, baftnghall ftr. 
Fiudycr fir Samuel and liioflBai, 

warehoufemen, ditco 
Fogg and cospp* warehoufea)|n, 


{ '3 

FoobUaque John and Aatho«y^ 

merchaottf great tower ftreet 
Ponaereaa Zachaiiai- Philip, mer- 

chant, fife lane 
Fonocfeau, Wajpale aod Burrell^ 

xnerchaotp, vrarnford court, throg- 

morton ftreet 
FoDfeca Mofei Da, tobacco mer- 
chant, bevifmarks 
Forbes George, merchant, great 

Cower hill 
Forbetf George, wine merchaat, 

dulce ftreet, york buildingi . 
Forbes Alexander, friday ftreet 
Forbes Thomas, merchant, little 

trinity lane 
Forbet and co-np. infurance brokers, 
- Lloyd*! cofFee hoofe, lombard 

Ford Richard, tobacconifl, watling 

Ford Thorfton, broker, wood ftr. 

^ cheapfide 
Ford James, irterchant, at mr, 

Hcgg^s, church alley, old Jewry 
Foreman M^ry alid foo, diftilleis, 

..St. M.ry hill 
Forreft William, weaver, gun ftr. 

fpital fields 
Fjrfter Thomas and Edward, tnik y 

merchants, bond court, walbrock 
Forfter Thpma«, haberda(her, poult, 
Forftcr William, grocer, grace- 
church ftreet 
Forfter Thomas Farly, mcrchaor, 

bond couit, walbrook 
Fortefcoe William, linen draper, 

klog (krttt, covent garden 
Fortrie dies,. linen draper, cheapfi. 
Forward Jonathan, merchant, love 

lane, eaftcheip 
Fnftick Thomas, cheefetnonger^ 

biihopfgatc without 
Softer J frpb, brewer, ftioreditch 
Fofter, Grimes and Fofter, ware- 

boufemen, cateaton ftreet 
Fofter Iiighar, ironmonger, c!e« 

meot*s lane 
Fofter Robeit, merchant^ no. 36, 

buir ftreet; wappiog 

Fofter Simon, woollen ditper, bs* 

Fofter Robert and fon« fli^pwrighu> 

fhadwell dock 
Fofter, Adams and Holmes, tannejt^ 

five foot lane, baroaby ftreet 
Fowell Thomas, merchant, col^» 

man ftreet 
Fuwke Richard, ironmonger, bi« 

ihopfgate within 
Fowler Roger, merchant, bcCofph 

Fowler Abraham, colourman, pie- 

Fowler John and Toplbg, rope 

makers, fun tavern fields, ftiad- 

Foxwell Reuben and Jshn. weavers, 

church ftreet, fpital fields 
Foy and Walfbrd, buckram fliffnert 

and dyeri, bonhill row, moot* 

Francklin Charles and comp. lea- 

therfelleri, temple bar . 
Franco Jacob, Mofeh and Rephaef^ 

merchantr, fenchurch ftreet 
Franco Jofeph and David, merchs, 

Frsnkland Frederick, efq; commif- 

fioner of excife, fpring gardena 
Frapks Aaroo, merchant, bifttopf- 

gate ftreet 
Franks Nspthali, merchant, billU 

ter fquire 
Frafer aad Ckfe> merchants, tower 

Frafer and Whertcn, merchant, 

. love lane, aldermanbury 
Freame, Barclay and Freame, 

bankers, lombard ftreet 
Free Jobs, london afluraoee di* 
> re6ior and t6rkey merchant, at 

mr. Pembcr*s, markiaie 
Freelaod Robert, woollen draper, 

the corner of monument yard 
• Freeman Jeremy, merchant, at 

mr. Welton*s, packer, p*^ ftreet, 

near threadncedie ftreet 
Freeman and Staiobank, lead mer- 
chants and (hot makcn» mark 



( «3*) 

a«rtoii ftrcct 
Wtttmn^Ajny uia Walker, di- 

ilUltn, biruby ftretr, (botbw. 
9nkt WUlbii^ ii«fim(Mig*r, ||aii« 

hope irccty darcflMrket 
FftatMn JaiBc», merchant, li»ck* 

iwy> or Bail»n*i coffee hoiile 
Vfiaetiix udFiee, tvrkcjr B«r. 

chAotf, at the oUt* tftc» fig 

f leaoot John ud fim, wf i?eM, 

woodfttMt, Ipttal6e!ia 
YreacK Banaky, coal ncrchai^, 

ktidciPaU picdaa 
Fiaftch Alemn^, iraaBo m af^ ro* 

Freflrlicfot Ralph, tttomeff >I- 

Icn'fcottity leaJaahall ftrect 
Fiewin Johss lutoda&cr,. alder* 

Frkdcabcig Joh», vaf<ho»leiiuie. 

Ffiaad CwKW, rM9» ^^ 

of coJeflMH flrect, loUkbvry 
Friead Oaoi|e,ic«iec djcr, ckrkeii- 

Frobock Wiiliao, com^fcaor, rear 

iroaaiMi|ett h^U, fimtkitrcli ftr. 
Ftnibard lunef, ptefchaiifty ckaicb 

ftfcet, iptul ieldt 
Fry Wilfiao^ linm draper^ t<acc- 

cburch ftfcec 
Wife Charlet, tuikey neicliaarf 

caft (beat, red lioa f«|iiara 
Frye Rowland Aad fuaaa)* noiw 

cbaatt, naik laM 
Frper Tbonasi Unco draperj ki« 

fliopfgate withoot 
Ftyer Jeftph^ linen draper, ponltQr 
Ffjfer F/aaeii,«ikoMle upbelfterer, 

kingftitel, cheapfide 
Fallaiar Ckriaopiicr, furgeoo, fq- 

%u loaf court, kadcokail ibeet 
ruUagar and Todd, &>p ielkrf, 

Fuller Tlinaat and Stephen, aer- 

cfaentB, »car ihs church, cie* 
iiieQt't kiae, lomhard ftrcet 
Fsllcr John, hocikicUer, «tc mary 

FWler foba, lool^feaer tad hnker,. 

blowUadder (tnet 
FoUer, ion end Wctck, baakerd, 

lonbard ftrceC 
Fur!y John, iMrcbaiit. at or, 

Hijter*f, St, ifaitto*a lane. 


cannon ftieet 
'Furoel Peter, com-fiiaar, 

TbooBaa apoMei 
Fttrileaaa, Laafkapa and MoUtnf, 
nocKbantf, fcotcb yfid^ bijk 
bine, cuHion (I ect 
Foasard Jjbo, dealer in bard wood» 
bethttal green 


GAB AY Ifaac Sipant, mer- 
cbant, bttiy ftreet, St* Maxy 

G iniboiioogb Samad, habeidaiher, 

laareoce lane 
Gale Mattbtai, aeickaiit, peer 

jurylaoe, aldgate 
Gailopiae Jamet* mercbaot, great 

tower ftieet 
GaUwith Jobti, warehoufemaai 

iroaoaonger lane 
Oambicr and Naib, bralMrf, a|l- 

derma' ycharch yard 
.Ganinon and Cbakwer, drug 8iei[w 

chantt, laiuenee pouotney lane' 
Candolfi Peter and NklMb*, inti(- 

chantfj dove couitt Jombaid 

Gavdea Pbtlipi, goldlinttb, aoi^ 

fide of Sr. Fiul'i cbarcb yard 
Oirdei Stephen, broker, BAker*a 

coflSea houlc, exchange dfey, 

Gardiner SaQiiiel, ftock broker, 

Jonathan's coffee boure, ditto 
Gardiner Henry, leweller^ MiU*a 

boUdiogp, fetter lane 
Gardner Oiarlet, mercheat, aC 

mr. B»xier'f, walbrook 
Gardner Qemaliel, packer, great 

St. Helen*! 
G<rnatth and Bocklc, menbanti, 

co'eman dreet 
Garner and Williami| eoin^fa^on^ 
bridge yard, toole^ fireet 


C ' 

Cameyi and tan, c0hk>ftAori» at 

nr. Seale^f » mark laoe 
Oarraid R. H. linen draper^ cheap- 

Carrat Thomai, hofier, ditto 
Garfed John,. ribbon wc^ver^ WoQd 

fbett, cheagfide 
Gaicoyae fir Crilp,. knt» and al- 
derman, fainbow coffee hoiife« 

Gafcoyoe Benjamin^ wioe mer- 
chant, how lane, cheapfide 
Cjihiy Francif, efqj foatb fea di* 

redor, bloomibury i^uare 
Galk Jbhn, merchant, at inr*- 

S)>ildiag*i, grocer, whitechapel 
C^Aineao €harlet, broker, fwan 

alley, coleman ftreet 
Gathome and Davidfon^ mcKbantl, 

^reae tower hill 
Gictty Jofeph, druggift and chy« 

mift, watling ftreet 
Gaunt Abraham, hop merchant, St. 

Mirgaret'a hill 
Gavflen Peter, merchant, great St. 

Gaoflfcn Peter, Jnot nerchant, 

Cauvain Peter-Henry, merchant, 

prince*a ftreet, fpital fielda 
Gaylard and Barbar, grocer*, ne^r 

Ceare and Stump, brokera, pater 

nofter row 
Gee Benjamin, warehouremen, ^C 

the fwan inn, lai lane 
Geeve Thomas^ woollen draper, 

black friari 
George Edward, threadman, near 

the puonp, bHiopfg^te ftreet 
George Henry, tHiCadman, ditto 
Gihcroe CaiKerine, lace merchant, 

parliament ftreet, weAminfter 
Gibfon Jamei ar.d Con, wine met- 

chants, th^mei ftreet 
Gibfon John, hceman, laurtnce 

lane, iheaplide 
Gibfon William, notary pubUck, 

bow lane, ditto 
Gibfon Ou|lford, iinea dnper, 



Gibfon Frederick, lineo draper,. 

Gideon 9Mnpion,efq} no. i6^ lin^ 

coln*a inn fieldf 
■Gigner Francis,, ihoe maker, waU 

Gignona John, merchant, watlio]g 

Gilbert Thomaa, wine cooper, ha- 

fingball ftreet 
Gilbert George,. Unga draper^ 

Gilcbrjfl Sterling, goldfmith, lorn- 

bard ftreet 
Giidart R:chard, efqf- eaft iodin 

director and merchant, new broad 

Giidart Thomaa, merchant, jeftery'a 

fqoare, St. Mary ax 
Giles Daniel, fen. wearer, gun 

ftreer, fpital fields 
Giles Paoxel, jan. filk broker, 

crifpin ftreet, ditto 
Gilea Thomas, merchant, maiti^,'i| 

lane, cannon ftieet 
Giles John, corn- factor, harp laoe, 

tower ftreet 
Gill John, goldfmith and jeweller, 

gracechurch ftreet 
Gill Robert, atrorney, angel coort, 

throgmorton ftreet 
GilmOre Allen^ ipilliftone met* 

chant, pickle herring ftaira 
Glmbert Richard, corn-faAor, op« 

pofite the india warchou(es, fe%» 

church ftreet 
Ginck George and William, bankers, 

iombard ftreet 
Girdlefton Thomas, fcotch faAor, 

watline ftreet 
Qtrle and Butler, wine merchants^ 

fife lane 
Glafi Philip, ftationer, caft|e alley, 

Glover Richard, inforance broker, 

change alley 
Olyn fir Richard, knt. and hart* 

and alderman, iombard ftreet 
Goadby Samuel, ilationer, fufcet- 

ing's alley, cornhUi 


r I 

OoAtlcy ViM, merehnCi ftvi|e 

^•rdcst, tower hill 
Go44ard Tbomtf , upboliUftri ftilk 


Goddud tnd comp, bottoa Mtn, 

cannon (liect 
GoddAriJ •luy bardwarffman^iract- 

church ftrceC 
Godfrey Petv, ef^j eaft tndU di- 

reAor and muchanc, cruuhed 

Godfrey Thonu, loodoa aflurance 

dircAor and merchant, ditto 
Godfrey Edmund* merchant, ditto 
Godfrey Sherman and comp. diAil- 

Icn, limehoofe 
Gadfrcy Edwaid and comp. brewen> 

golden Jaae 
Godfrey Jafeph, cfq; Secretary to 

the fun fire office , at the fun fire 

office, Chreadacedle ftrcet 
Godhelp Thomai, coal and wood 

mer^nt, george yard, upper 

thamct ftreet 
Godin David, merchant, mark lane 
Gi^in Divid, weaver, brown'i 

lane, fpital fields 
Godin Gnion and coop, inlbrance 

brokers, old broad ftreet 
Godvrin Henry, tilbory water vrare- 

hoofe and coal merchant, old 

Gocbell Joho-Gerrard, fagar- refi- 
ner, near lambeth hili, thame* 

ftreet . 
Gohl Chriftophcr- John and comp. 

merchant!, nkholas lane, lom- 

bard ftreet 
GJding William, faAor, borough, 

Goldfmid Aaron, merchant, gun 

y4rd, hound fditch 
Goldftooe Gwyn, merchant, nor- 

folk ftreet, ft rand 
Gomm Wiliiem and Ton, cabinet 

makers, derkenwell clofe 
Goodchild Thomas, teaman, pall 

Goodchild John, liccj draper, 


34 } 

Goodeve Chriftophcr, cottonaaBf 

mile end 
Gdold and comp. merchants, pud- 
ding lane 
Gorden and Clay, wine raerchaotf ^ 

laurence pountney lane 
Cordon Alexander, watehoufeman, 

prince>ft(c'et, near the manfioa 

Gordjn Samuel and Voyfey, lia- 

berdalhers, cannon ftreet 
Gordon Thomas, merchant, tower 

Gordon Nathanie), merchant, cat- 

eaton ftreet 
Gore and Mellifli, merchants, bx- 

ihopfgate wiihin 
Gjre and Perchard, metal' button 

and hardware w^rehoufe, cannon 

Gjfler John-I<eopold, rope maksr, 

Gofliog Francis, efq; alderman, 

fleet ftreet 
Gofling, Beonet and Gofliog, bznk- 

ers, dicio 
Gofling George, hofier, comhin 
Gofnell Koolles, liora draper, fri* 

day ftreet, cheapfide 
Cough Charles, efqj eaft 'India di« 

reflor, walthamftow ' 

Gougfa and Tfcbbourn, warehoufe* 

iren, laurence lane 
Googh and Prieft, btafs- founders, 

addle ftreet, wood ftreet 
Gould and Turner, cyder merchanb 

and fruiterer!, ^ueen ftreet, 

Gould Charles, judge odvocate^ 

privy gardens, Whitehall 
Gower Baptift Levefoo, efq; half 

moon ftreet, tray fair 
Grace, Flight and Grace, linen 

drapers, cornhill 
GrafT Sari.utl Bernard, merchant, 

nag*s head court, gracechuich 

Grafton and Boone, oilmtOf with- 
out aldgate 
Graham Jofiah, ftationer, the coc- 

aer of craven ftreet^ ftraod 



Pnhtm lUchard^ orange merchuit, 

botolph lane 
Oranger Jonathaa^ wine cooper^ 

tower ftreet 
^Grant Alexander, merc&anti UIU* 

ter Jane 
'Grant and ion, warehoufemen, ti]» 
; bet court, gracechurch ftreet 
Grant and Robertfon,rcotch fadon, 
I bread ftreet 
.Grantham capt* Caleb, at mri* 

Helme'ty maofel futctf good- 

inan*a fields 
Grape Thomai, ftationer, grace- 

chorch ftreet 
Gratten John, merchant, old broad 

G'ayea John, fh'pbuilder, lifflehouCe 
G.avea Thomst, hop merchant, 

borough, fouthwark 
Gray John, grocer, bifliopfgate ftr* 

Gray John, warehoofeman, eaftle 

courts Jaurence Jane 
Green WiJliam and comp. mer- 

cljantB,. bell wharf, ihadwell 
G een Joieph^ weaver, fpital /quare 
.Green and HiU, oilmeo, thamer 

ftreet, near bread ftreet hill 
JC^reen ^ Jofepb, baj fa^or, wio^ 

chefter ftreet 
Oreeo Jiihua, /hag wearer, wide*i 
; gate alley, Tpital fields 
Drtta Edward, oilman, newgate 

Green James, clock and watch* 
. maker, feochurch ftreet 
Green Edward, diftiller and toWc* 

conift, borough, Touthwark 
Greene Mordecar, merchant, at mr, 

Brice*5, in French ordinary court, 

crutchcd friars 
Greene Peter, b-ewer, ratdiBTcrofs 
preenhill Thomas, ftationer, oppo« 

lite the manfion hvjufe 
Creep iway Francis, grocer^ alderf- 
. gate ftreet 
Greeawollers and comp. linen dra* 

pers, yoik ftreet, coveiit garden 
jDrcofell George, pewterer, near 

thechurchi gracccharch ftreet 

Gregg Ralph, broker, budge row : 
Gregf , Ydung and Larie, mercers^ 

Gregory James, merchant, prince's 

ftreet, near the maofion houfe 
Gieoville James, efq; (bath audicy 

ftreet, groCvenor jquare 
Greflum John Heigham, grocer, 

newgate ftreet 
Orettoo Henry, cograrer, fen- 
church ftreet 
Grew Henry, linen draper, iron* 

monger lane 
G ier J hn, merchant, buckleifb. 
GrifTen G^otge, hatter, gracechorch 

Gxiffin Walter and comp. ribbon 
weavers, wood ftreet, cheapfi&e 
Griftith Henry, dyer,nLsse poodi 


Griffith J'hn, woollen draper, lom* 

bad ftreet i 

Griftith Owen, hardwireman and 

comb maker, borough, ibutb* 


drimftead Thomas, jeweller and 

goldfmith, St. Paul*! churchyard 

Grindall Richard, futgeoo, auftin 

Grifdale and Cjmon, merchants, 

huggin*s alley, wood ftreet 
Grifeel Richard, tobacconift, waU 

li ig ftreet 
Grofcte and Hatchinfon, merchant^ 

charteihoofe fquare 
Grofvenor, Webber and SImmont, 

ftationers, leadenhall ftreet 
Grote Andrew and comp* mcrchti* 
muddiford court, fei.chorch ftr. 
Grove Richard, potter, horilydowa 

lane, fouthwark 
Grove Stlvanus, london afTurance 
dircAur and merchant, OMrtin's 
lane, cannon ftreet 
G<'ove Ji^ph, merchant, at mr« 

Cartwright*s, cannon ftreet 
Grover, Gatre and Warner, coal* 
. f.^lon, faJutation tavern, bU- 

Groves Thomas, grocer, ktn^ flreet, 


XM^ taA JtStry^ liiieB topen» iligM Jofeph, wuthomfemMM,. 

Chrogmtrton Iktmt caftk courts Uureooc Itne 

OnodT Rtchtf d, oilauBf nd Hagnt Charici and Bdward, mer- 

laiafield c Inati, laldermtDbury 

Caerin Majaard^ tgcBt, crowa Hainkt tad Mafon, ftook broken^ 

coart, duka ftreet, wtftmtaller ezchaage alley 

Ootrts Andrew, mefchaat, ai* Hainworth Jbho, handkefclmf 

c&oht laae, lombard ftrcct weaver, wtdcfptt alley, near 

OoilleaBard aad foaa, weaven, fpitalMds 

fteward flrect, fpital fielda Hake Abraham, inei<ehant^<ilui*t 

Ovillum Samuel, pluaaber, loth- caffi^-houfe,. orat mr, imdyV 

boty a«w liroad ftreet 

Cviaaod Jofe?h tad Heary, mer« Htkrow and Hyde, merchaatiy 

chaati, littk St. Helena, bt- narkUac 

flMpfgata Ibeet Hale John, broker, at a grocer *«, 

Cuinaad Jamct, vetTert charch nicholaa Jane, lombard Aieet 

ftrctt, ipital fields Hale and Toyfe,. bofierf, boro«gh 

Cataand Pater, merchant, fimn- IffaU Richard, efq; loath £» cii* 

taia cooit, aldermanbary r«A«r» navy office, tower hfll 

OaUba Jofeph, jao. efq] foath fca Hall Robert, hat maker, lower 

dhaAor, felnTqaare caft Imttbidd 

Coafon Thomat, broker, jermyci Hall John, hat maker, tower fir. 

ftreet, St. James'4 Hall John, grocer, kadetthall Ar* 

Gaater Barbery, upholder, holbom Hall Joha, paper,' alder- 

Gunthorp John, wine merchaat, naaboi^ 

little cower ftreet ' Hall Heary, cyderman, great St* 

Caraell and Hoare, merchaata, neur Helena 

the Paara head tavern, gQildhatt Hall William, difliller, near great 

OwilUm William, haberda^ier^ moorgate 

bow lane Hall aod Hudfoa; weaven, wide* 

Gwilt George, weaTer, wood ftr, gate alley 

Gwilt John, Tea. iiierehant,Bat(on*8 ffiUlGoorge, tobaeeooift, ftraad 

coflFce hoofe, corah U Hallet capt. John, royal ezchaott 

Cwilt John, jun. merchant, at afluraoae direAor aad ftip'a hor- 

mr. Bureao*», great St. Heleaa, band, love lane, aldermanbary 

Uftopfgiite ftreet ^ Halfi^x earl of, comm'T&oner of 

H trade, dowiiiag ftreet, weftiiiin|(« 

HADDOCK Thomai,merchant, Hambroogh Jama*, naerchanr, 

bread ftreet edeman ftreet 

Haden Philip, cheelcmoiipr, hcr^ Hamilton and Cookfoa, BaerchanCf, 

mitage cateaton ftreet 

Radley Heary, efi]} eaft iadia dt~ Hamilton aad comp. merchaat^^ 

re6N>r, Warwick coort, Warwick loitkbury 

lane Hamilton W91iam aad ion, nphoi* 

fiagen Godhard, raerehant, fen- , den, whirechapel 

chorch ftreet, oppofite colham Hammet Beijamio, infunocc bf^ 

ftreet ker, corner of talbot coort, eaft* 

Hagen Godhard, jon. london afla« cheap 

ranee direftor, ditto Hammond Jamw, merchart, -at 

Hagen Wacn«, fthwer, baraaby teigh and HammondV jeftery^ 

ftreet, fottthwark ^ |^„^^ St. Mary.a< 


Hkaasami Ambfttft^ iiUUr^sfPir 

thamet lleeet 
llaaaim«iid BartboIoine«r>«(q)licftii^ 

fort buiidingtj, ftrand 
l&DUBOod P^ter^ torkef narchanty' 
iWord blade c^c hoviie, bif chin 
Jace, CQrnbiU 
Haoamoivl Williani, t|irkey. our- 

chant, ditto 
ifmufnni, &i Roiche and jDOOp^ 

warehoufemen, cheapfidr 
Ha&biiry, Ca^ and 0/|ood^ acr- 

chatitsy toyver ftrert « 

Hanl^ory Jb^j marchaa^ b«itk* 

Hancock Heiuy^ filgar baker, MW^ 

Raodcock mu4 Jacab^« Uaia df ft* 

pan^ poultry 
Manda Sacnncl^ meal h^qi, fed 

croTa flpMty fark» foaM^^ark 
Mane Diederick- Jacob, mefckaat^ 
nt mr. Jacebfiifi^, in lafisfkitt 
e»€ord W 9ttUock, yrocni, Jrirfi 

HwikeyfirJ^iafb, ki«t» aUemaai 

fenchurch ftreet 
Hanlaoy Br Jofeph and ftr fhoflMi, 

bankers, ditto 
Hankioi Cdfratd, cmd U&«rt 
no. i«. prelMt ftraat, laodiwo'f 

merchants, botelph line 
Baiiway JauM* «)afch«ot, ftrand^< 

or at jiohn*« oo^ee koofe, coroli. 
Hardcaftk aod ^uley, telJaw fa»>' 

tors and hnp flMrflha»Bs« iiaar-eM< 

iW^n ftain 
Hardey Charles- i 

Hardiag BAbert, ko^aKirf er aod^ 
. braaifr« niiaorias 
Hirding Jsmes and tmm^ ^ktrtf 

buihiaee« eaiMoo ttttu 
Hardiog William, bockiam HAutr, 

matenMid, ftothwark 
Hardiog John, mcfehant^ boib lutt. 

Hanaa ^^lexanJer, nercbant^ al- 

Hanrcombe William, whip maker, 

flreft mepriate 
Hanfon, Clark and comp. merclits« 

a«d dry iislCers, miles's lane; 

camion ftreet 
Han£)o|oho, teamto,,near middid 

row, holborn 
Hao^bn John- Lawk, infufanae ef<^ 

fice, cowper*s court,, corokill 
Winda TbAONi^ glattbode, whifed 

fiinfiNi Thonai, gipaer, 4eadea* 

hall ftreet 
Hittfai ^dwafd and floynp. breweif, 

brekenwhatf, thamei^efC^ 

Haidx Jefiah, af<|f ibvtb In dfate. 
tor and meicksott aci ' ' 

Hardy John, 

• -nflaadinkaiAicafc 



Harejofeph, hofier,afl»UU 
Hen, Salmon and KilnMr, htmnt^ 

fore ftreet, limehoafe 
Harene Rflgnr, a% kimiatti M. 

cavcndiih fqaara 
Hftrfofd fiamnci, tMs«Mr> miBl- 

Hsrliag Rackaid, froMr, fpdcfoft 

HarHag Saptimaa, aifaua, dktr ' 
Herman Abraham, noliry pabikki. 

(had thamer 
Harries and Croiiold, corn faAort; 

fiivage gardens 
Hatfia Gkarlef, iationar, 

hall ftreet 
Haprie John, filk throwfter, 

ftreet, goodman*8 iieids 
HsMrii and SaitfttkasaCe, katteia^^ 

eennoo ftreet 
Hnrrts Jolcph and John,* merccrt ^ 

bedfoi^ ftfaat, eoeeotf^dfii, 
Hania Thoaias, thmwIWr, maibflfA 
. cawt, fpitalfialdi 
Harris Robert and^homaa, CBUk 

faAoffr hofAyd«wo,,rovthwatk ^ 

( ' 

NMkQoailtii mtfchintf mufcovy 

Marty tqwerhiJl 
Hirrifoa fir ThoBts, knt« cbani- 

bet Iain of loodon, guildhall 
Harrifoo Jahn, cfqi etft india dt* 

redor, charterkoufe fquare 
HarriTon Samuel,^ efq} caft iadia 

diredor, corahiU 
Harrifoo and Rofwell^ tttorDttt, 

togel courti thrognorton ftreet 
Haifiibn and Baglkawy metrchabtr, 
. eld broad ftreet ' 

Harrifon and Bark«, lincft dfaperi, 

bread ftreet 
Hirtifon and Wilfoi, wirehofife- 

men* friday ftreet 
HirriTon M«tthevir and Berjuiiio» 
^: mcrcbanty, netrxourtj fwithio'i 

lane, cannon ftreec 
Barri/ba and Prickett^ merchanti« 

St. Martia'a-le^graod 
Rairop Thomat and km, warclimife 

• meo^ george yard, lombard ftr* 
Bart John, tobaeconifty lower 

tkames ftreet 
Hartley 3amuel, Bercer^ lodgate 

Hiftky iBd Speocer, mercers^ fleet 

- Hartley Robert, mas't neiter and 

watehoufemas, boaodQitch 
BartSey Cbariea and conp. weaver^, 

booth ftreety fpiul fields 
Harveft Richard^ diftiller, fleet ftr* 
Harvey David, meichanti laureaoe 

lane^ cheapfide 
Banrey Sainoel andWilliar, mei'- 

chaatSf mincing lane 
Banrey and Coker, merchanti, 

gold ftreet, wood fltreet 
Harvey William, checlciiioogerf 

ratdiff croTa 
Barwood Richard, indiao maker, 

black friara 
Baiel and Voyain, haberdaiheny 

mitre court, cheapfide 
BaftTeil ThoaM», hatter, cheapfide 
Hatchett Richatd, linen draper, 

kiogil eet, coveot garden 
Batterfley Thomaa, oilfBan, coraer 
. of the bridge yard, tooley ftreet 


Hawei Fmactf, ironifioBgef^ mi» 

Hawes William, broker, doYphidf 

court, tower ftreet 
Hiwkilit Daniel, oilman, biftiopf* 

l^ate ftreet without 
Hawkins Samuel and Edward, tim- 
ber merehantt, lemoil ftreet/ 

goodman'a fieldi 
Hawkins Samuel, }uo. filk throw-* 

der, ditto 
HilRiey Simuel, "brewer, hermitage 
Haydon William, grocer, black- 
nan ftreet, fouthwark 
Ba}hurft Thomat, warehoufeAio, 

addle ftreet, wood ftreet 
Ha^e -Thomas, efq) richmond 
Hayeei Wiilam and George, ageata 

.for ftiipa, freeman's lane, 'ibath- 
" walk 
Haye Jamei, merchant, ftuftiii 

Hayter George, druggift, paacrai 

Hayward tAd Rofe, mtichantr^ 

brabaot court, philpot lane 
Hayward Thomat, merchant, t6lref 

Hayward thpmai, hofier, thrdg*, 

moi ton ftreet 
Ha«ar(i Jofeph, ftock broker, undef 

the royal exchange, corahill 
Healey James, tobacconift, biftiopf* 

gate ftreet without 
Hearl Thomai, timber merchantj^ 

narrow ftreet, limehoufe 
Hearfey Andrew, merchaot, bo* 

tolpb lane 
Heath Kelland,. broker, laureace 

poontney hill 
Heath Htrmaa, diftiller, back fthr* 

Heath Stephen, haberdaftier, bread 

Heafehcbte CUbert, merchant, oli 

Ibttth Tea houfe, broad ftreet 
Heatoo l&ac, diftiller, baakfide^ 

Beaton John, wool ftapler, baraa« 




Slektoii John, iteorneyi thread- 

Beedle ilreet 
. Heaton Samueli broker, fava^e 

Hebert Jafflet tod fon, mercbaiitr« 

fenchurcfa ftreet 
Hebert P<ter^ weaker, princefi ftr. 

fpUal fields 
Heide Clans, merchant, welldofe 

Heioicken Hannao,M. D. watlbg 

HeiDselmann John Conrad, ner- 

cbanr, rid broad ftreet 
Heinselmann J .hii*Swiccard, mer* 

chant, crooked Jane 
neldt, Vaflmer and comp. mer- 
chants, ifienchurch ilreet, oppo- 

fite cuUuffl ilreet 
fielmiley Timothy, hofier, thread- 
needle ilreet 
. Hemming John, linen draper, b6« 

rough, louthwark, 
HeockcU Tilman, ef<o|} ionth fea 

direAor and merchanf, St* Mary 

Henckell James, efq; fub-goTerner 

of the rapl exchange afliirance, 

fencburch ftreet 
Henekell James and Ifaac, mer- 
chants, ditto 
.Henckell and Maibn, mirchanti, 

cannon ftreet 
HenderfinJjhn, ilock broker, Jo« 

iiathan*fe coffee hoafe, change 

Kenderfon John, merchaof, birchin 

lane, cornhill 
Renderien Thomaa, difttUer, 

prioce*t ftreet, leiceftcr tieldi ' 
Henderfon Chr-ftopher, bookieUer, 

royal exchange 
Henderfon James* hair merchant, 

little britain 
Hendricks Herman, merchant. 

Baker's coiFee houie, change alley 
Henley Joho, mercer, cheapfide ' 
Hennjker John, efq; londoa afla- 
. ranee direAor and merchant, 

Janeway*! coffet bonfe, ot ftfat« 

39 ) 

Hecihaw Jaikiei, merchant/ tewir 

Heoihaw Robert, attorney, cook's 

hal), aMerfgate ftteet 
Herbeit Robert, efq; hill ilreet, 

berkley fquare 
Haibert Robert, ftationer, monu« 

mcQt yard 
Heme Kobeit, ironmonger, mi- 

Hernon Domioiik, grocer, ftrand 
Heron William, corn fa^or, fdo 

conrt, fencburch Arest 
Herring and Smith, whelclale u^ 

holders, lad lane 
Hirrifig Jcfeph, Watchmeker, corn- 

Heiketh Jofeph, holier, grace* 

church ftreet ' 

HereninghamStneoo, ImendrapeTjp 

Hewatfon Jofepb, woollen draper^ 

lombavd ftreet 
Hewitt WiUiair, merchant, new- 
gate ftreet 
Hewlett Thomas and comp* WooW 

ftaplers, gravel lane, houodrditck 
Hewfon Thomas, faleiiaiao, cletken* 

well green 
Hsylyn Edward, Juli. packer, bd-* 

fioghall ftreet 
Heywood James, eiqj ioftinfriari 
Hey wood Jf hn, hardwareman, cl»" 

ment'alaoe, lombard ftreet , 
Hickman lames, ftock broket, 

Jinathan^ cofl«e houfc, change 

Hickman Jifepb, cheefemongcr, 

eaft fmithfieid 
HIggtna and Garfttt, grocers, k>n* i 

doil wall 
Higgin) W^lhun, fador, talbot , 

inn, boroaght fouthwark | 

Higginbotham J«aei, glaiirielleff i 

biihopfgate ftreet . I 

Higgs Robert, watchmaker, fweet* i 

ing*s alley, cornhill 
Higgs Bepjamin, merchant, 

Highmore and Watibo, hatters, ] 

lUOooA ftreet 

It, barp I 



C I40 ) 

iiUI«i^TkMi|f,ff9|U«MlMQ« HadiMfir JaMC^k&t. fimmdci*^ 

aflbnMxt dircdoTj loodoa ftaatt^ gaildiudl 

fncbvrcJi iiwt . Mrt g c t BdMidy iMoner, Aeet ftr. 

Hill Thomai, kct md WtfAed- Hodget Woodyatt, warekwiicmaflp 

a»tt« Uovkhddirtaet tMoer of aUaoMntorf 

HtU and Eaflsitt^ iioen tepert, Hodget Jpha, muAanfeaiMp 

clii«|rf4e friQ6e*t ftmt, aetr tlie baa It' 

HiU and HmIu, meitlMslB, priace'i Hodgkta Jofepb, ikUaitker^ cxe- 

ArieCy Mtff ilie mufioa hank ' ctniflo 4»ek, vafping 

RUl H»ydock« timbtr aMrckaat, Hodgkiii Anna and ThooMty dUUI«> 

CMVtA #i«ct, llK«ad Im, opp^rthmet street 

■lHTlMMiM,wia«iMi«lMuiVprc(- Hodgkin Joi^, diftiUcr^ white- 
cot ftrcct, |Dodiiiaa*t fields crofi ftreeg 

Hill Saxibp k«p mcMhiaty iouclU Hodgkio ThMMN, Cobftccp bniter^ 

Add wadiagftRcV 

HiU fad Fkttr« hftmrnt^ flbttad ' Hodgfon fticr, meixliaat* LIoyd*» 
HiU and Toogood^ waiehoiilMBCB» mffm Iwole, looitetd Araet 

Mtbia't Uoe Hmigftm sad iioMi* kiUlM^ ( 
HiU Jolm^ brcwtr,. nfot tect^ non ftf etc 

i Hi d iai l 'a fitUt HodgltMiTkoAM^t 
HiWard Edward^ BCRfanTj iMid fide 

Killerfdoo Sdwaedy aaeiditat, gateAreet 

MrtiB*shw, CBuimftnet HodgfiHa tad OwMm, difillirt^ 
Hillicr Jofcphy woollen dfap«r» ho* Mbon^ 

nughy IbiitlMmk Hodgfon and comp. ihag weaiara^ 

HiltM aad Btftoe, mtnibmH, - gicat St. iicleii*i 

•Dfijnfriaft .Hidgfon aad W— d, dijilhrii liiae> 
Rihoa Fhiacitt. dyer» old fwaa* hoafe 

thaaict ^cct H«lgi0B Jaooby kit w^t, ^"^ 
Hiochcltffe and Cwtt, rngponif brook 

kcfltictiaftTcaty eoventgaidfa II N gCwi andlfQare, iiifli ftAofi^ 
Wnton Jdha, hookfdler^ aewsaie king ftre et, guiidktit 

fireet H)»dflMia Wi\JUm, mciitliaBt, fan* 
Hiorae JAn^ mlmuk and. hop laar* chaKli ftreat 

chanv foQitbfield bare Hodfon and H^wtelne, ^f^^p* 
Hippiflej Edward^ mercbant^ lime waa4Aatrtii 

Hreet Hoffman, and Poyfcr,.>oil mad a(bf 
Hird WilUftaif lineedfapcr, cheap* bioken> 9r. Thomas apdlUai 

iide Hog Rnger and eonp* mcrckaati^ 

Hifeos John,, merchant^ hatton . bafinghaU ftteet 

garden Hog Alexaader, Berebaat, great 

Hitch aad Hasres, bookicUen, pt- . carter iaae« St* Paul*! dmr^ 

tcrao|Ur*cow yard 

Hitcbcock Geofge^ facietr« eheep* Hogg) Ford juid coaip. aMrchanCt^, • 

fide . chanli alley, old Jewry 

Hoare Henry, Kichatd andRi^rdy Hogg Fbrc^e, linea diaper, 

bankers, fleets lb«e^ aear Sc. george yard, loaibard ftreec 

Dnnilan's church ^ Jioldcn Nathawd, UAm and Ri. 

Hobday ^wa.d, niMhant, at mn ckard» wrasabo^Maca, bartha- 

MortcrflnA's^ biihop%eia ftiaac lomewL Uac 


( M^i ) 

hxad the royal exclMic^ 
IfeUiof Joftf h» (obMC* intnefcti 

tory, tlce( ilreec 
JiokUtdi John $n4 compw^f 
wioe mefcfaanti) liacola*a ian 
Holdttdl tad RaihCoit, merchanHf 

and dtalers in cyder, Aetc ditch 
HoUbrd Thonat, diftUkr^ cfai^ucr 

yard, dowgate hiU 
liollliiid Riciiard, leathar feller 

Bewgate ftrcet 
iiollaiMit Edwafdy msrchiiity our* 

Ufla ftreet, fiaho fqaaie 
Holtti Timotby, mcMbanf^ St. 

Mary ax 
Holman Jahn, I'OCCTf aldtrifatt 

* ftreet " 
Holmaf, Wilton aad HowtU, ho* 

fieri^ oewgate ilrect 
^olmea JoCepb, merchanty thfMd- 

needle ftrect 
Holmea WilKBin, wine fncfehaac, 

crifpin ArfeCy fpiul fieUt 
Holton "Wade^ grocery aear Itttef 

Unet faalbefn 
■Honeywoody Fol!er aad Gope» 

beakera, biKhialane, eornhill 
Hooker Oeorge|btberdaiber| cheap* 

(Hookhaoi Joha and- conpa hofitrt^ 

broad AreM 
Hsoper Edward^ efqi commiffioner 
. or the cuilems, noifolk ftrcer^ 

Hooper Willianiy wafchoufemarii 

king ilrcct 
Hope Richard, paclier, old foath 

fea houfe, broad 4lreec 

Hinpei John, (lationef, the corner 

of taamei llrcer^ nc*t london 


Hopktni Jamefl, efqj fieet ftreet * 

Hopkioa William, lacemao, Stv 

PauPt church ytrd 
Hopkins and Biiiey, droggifts, pa- 

tcrnofter row 
Hofkina Thomas, throwfler^ half 
moos iSlty, biibopr^ate ftrtei 

HopkMi WiUlan» upholder ted 

cabinet maker, lenchunh fliaec 
HopkinaWiUJaiD^ hofier, oewgace 

Mopkiaa BeojaoDin^ flia^chaat, ae 

mr. |ick£on*i, odw bioad ftfoit 

Hopley John, hofitr, leadeahall 

HdftoB Michad, wiae merchtot^ 

at mr* SiddaU*t, chtapfide 
Horlock and Wagftaff, mefchanti« 

element -t lane, Jombard ftreet 
HorceSairuel and Joha, merchaatfy 

Heme Thoaiai) herdwaremaa, op* 

per thamei ftreet 
HOfoe and fan, oetl Bfiercfaanli^ 

eift lane, rotherhith 
Horner Richatd, grocer, newgaM 

HomtJga Jnha, druggift, fleet ftr.« 
Horoyold Thomas, packer, colemaa 

Horfey Jaae, bottle warehoafe, 

bufl lane, caanonr ftreet 
Horton Joha, fogar Ukti, diftaff 

Hofier John, merchaat, baak cof- 
fee hoafe 
Hofltias Jofiah, iroamoBger^ with* 

out biiJioprgate 
Hotckkio Ralph, lioco draper^ 

fmithfield bar* 
Hotchkint Anthony, grocer, gir« 

lick hill, 
Hotham Seaomeat, eCq} comaif- 

iionei; of the cuftehu* fttiKtoa 

•ftreet, piecadiliy 
Hotham and Jackroui hatterf,hun* 

gerford laai kec 
Hoofemao Henry, merchant) king 

ftreet, eheapfide 
Houghland Md ChappeV, mer* 

chaota, bridge yard, toolcy ftreet 
HowRichardy linen draper, white 

hart enait, gracechurch ftreet 
How John, woollen draper, threid- 

necoje ftreet 
How and M«ftermaa, goldfmith^ 

^hHc hirtcoutt, gracechurch ftr. 

( H2 ) 

U^mti ^ameii cecklaee Buker^ 

Joadoa bridge 
Howard and Kirkmui, merchintSf 

bow church yard 
Howard Joftph^ broker, bridge 

yard, fuiihwark 
Howaid Richaid, brandy iserchaatf 

vatUflg ftrect 
Howell Jjhn, blackwdlhali faaor, 

mtmt.Brooke*«y colemanftrect 
Howell Philip* timber merchantj 

bltck fiiart 
Hacki S«rih, brewer, St. Giles*t 
Huddy Cbrii^opher and John, iner« 

chanci, ftepney caofeway 
Hadfim Mark, broker* laurence 

pountney lane 
Hodibn Thomaif warehoofemao* 

ironmonger lane 
Hugget Jjhn, carpet warekoufe* 

bell alley, colemaa ftreec 
Hughet I(aac and fotis, merchants, 

crutched friars 
Hughes and Woollailoo* diftUIen* 

holbora bridge 
Hughes Hugh, druggtft, bi/hopfgate 

ftreet without 
Hughes, Hail and comp. glaft honfey 

near the falcon Hairs, (buthwark 
Hughes Thomas, .tobaccouA* high 

Hughes Thomas, totecconift, friday 

H'ighes William, warehooieman, 

rpread eag^c court, bread ftreet 
Hughes Thomas, watchmaker, 

. new broad ftreet buildings 
Hjghes and Batten, linen drapers, 

yotk ftroet, covent garden 
Halme Obadiah, lioea draper, 

H imberfton Thon*.a9, merchaot, 

belt court, niincing lane 
Hume Abraham, efqj hill ftreet, 

beikky fquare 
Hume Alexander, eP^; ditto 
Hdmfrry^ William and foil, grocers, 

bread ftreet bill 
Humphrys Oliver, brewer, S^ 

John'i ftreec 

HnaphryrDafid, hofier, St. Mar* 

tin's le. grand- 
Humphrys Ambroie, wine merch, 

milk ftreet 
Humfton Hugh, coal mercltant, 

burr ftreet,' wappiog 
Hunt William, elqi bankdiredor, 

gould fquare, crutched friars 
Hunt William and fon, gold workert, 

king ftreet, cheapfide 
Hunt John, linen draper, corabill 
Hunt Jjhn, merchant. Smith's 

rents, leadenhall ftreet 
Hunt Edward, merchant, Iturence 

pounrney lane 
Hunt Jofeph and Thomas, cheefe- 

moogers, bifliopfgate ft*-, withoat 
Hant capt. Thomas, bndon afib- 

'rance direAor, mile end' 
Hunt and Robinlbn, banksrs sni 

agents, george ftreet, yo k 

Hunter James, hop merchant, mo- 
nument yard, fiih (beet hiil 
Hunter William, goldrmitfa, Ion- 

bafd ftreet 
Hunter Thomas, watclunafcer, fea* 

church ftreet 
Hooter Andrew, gold worker, 

great ruflel ftreet, hloomft>oiy 
Hunter and Miller, merchants, pa« 

ternofter row, cheapfide 
Hontlry Stephen, habeidaiher of 

hats, fweetiog^s alleyi cornhill 
Hootly Robert and MatUiias, linen 

drapers, leadenhall ftreet 
Huntridge and Stagg, ftock brokerSi 

caft.'e alley, corahill 
Hardd and Turville, haberdafticrs, 

gracechurch ftreet 
Hurdis Martin,, hat maker, harnaby 

Hui ford and Wi'lit, coal merchant*, 

themes ftreet, near puddle dot k 
Hurlcck Jofeph, merchant, at mr* 

Lewis (, packets ccttrt, colemaa 

Huffey. William, attorney, bifliopf- 
gate ftieet 
Hutchiogi Francis, wooHen draper, 

little tower ftreet 


( 143 ) 

Ij^atcluafon John, broky, f xcl)ang« 

alley, ot wetl clofe Cquare 
Huthwaite William, druggJft, . 

wood ftreety cheapfidc 
Hyam Thomas and (oa, merchantfx 

00. &« bufihill rofr» moorfieldi 
Hyde John, efqj governor of the 

londoA affu nuice , charterhou fe 

Hyde Richard and Ton, corq faflori^ 

migpye alky, ienchurch Areec 
Hyde Thomas, leather dreHer, 

bandy leg walk » fouthwaik 
Hyde John, hatdwareman, cornhill 
H^de and Lawfon, meichants, dittq 
Hyde Herbert, eft; london aflli. 

rante direAor, at the iondon af* 

fnrance office in birchio lane 
Hyndman and Lancafter, merchti* 

gould fquare, crutchedfiian 
I. J. 

JACKMAN Francis timber mer- 
chant, oxford road 
Jackfon Richard, efqj foath (A 
dire^or, fouthaaipton buildings, 
chancety lane 
Jickfon William, woollen draper, 

J ckfon Thomas, grocer, watling 

jKkfon Thomat, merchant, de- 

▼onfliire fqoare 
Jickfon G;orge, hatter/ coleman 

Jackfcn Jjhn ard fon, oilmea, 

king ftreer, foho - 
Jickfon Philip, merchant, charter 

houfe fqaare 
Jackfon Chriftopher, cheefetnonger, 

eaft im:thfield 
Jackfon Nicholas, cheefemoager, 
' whitecrofs ftrcet 
Jackson Jihn, fcotch faftor, Wat- 
ling ftreet 
Jukfon Charle*, warchoufemao, 

}4«>k(un J 'hn, watchmaker, bifing- 

Jaikfon J>fepfa, cftbtACt vaker^ 
jewin Itrcet 

Jackfon John, mercer, lad lane, 

wood ftreet 
Jacklbn Stephen, wine and brandy 

merchant, lothbury 
Jacobfon Thecdore, merchant, ba- 

finghall ftreet 
James Robert, fecretary to the eaft 

india company, at the eaft india 

J mes Hugh, gr<^cer, fleet ftreet 
J imea W.liam, mercer, cheapfide 
James and Mangled, oilmea and 

ihip chandlers, wapping new 

Jimes and PoyntelJ, ftatiooerif 

lombard ftreet . - 

Jamea Charles, linen draper, cheap* 

James Edward, inforance office 

kseper, at ror. Lyon*s, ftationer, 

behind the royal exchange 
Jamefon William, hail merchant, 

little \ ritain 
Jamet Jacob, weaver, white lyoQ 

ftreet, norton falgate 
Janeway Richard, merchant, caftliB 

court, budge row 
Janfen Jofeph, iron merchant, old 

fwan iane, thames ftreet 
JtnflTen Stephen Theodore,' efq{ 

alderman, dean ftreet, foho 
Jar us and Steiry, leather cotterf, 

fnow hill 
J«bfoo William, grocer, gracechurc|> 
• ftreet 
Jeffcries Edward, blatkwelbali* 

faftor, lothbury 
J-ffreys Richard, hair pnerchant, 

fleet ditch 'V 

Jeffs Edward, grocer, breai' ftreet 

Jtmmitt Thomai| diftiller, • fleet 


Jmmitt Edward, diftiller ,.ftrand 
enkio Robert, oilman, fleet ftreet 
Jeik) Samuel, linen draper, milk 

Jenrngs J}hn, taceman, george irr, 

alderfgate ftreet 
Jennings and Kiader, Hnen draperr, 

cheapiidc ' • 


( 144) 

feochiiftii ftrecC 
iMniagi DiVid, ligtadnpcri cheap* 

JenyhiQeoise»^iftilIery faow hiti 
JenMgia Edward, dealer in jeweliy 

•bt^ y^. featheriloiie boUfinp^ 

J<rrii Tbdonti, filk thMwfter, 

white f ow, fpital flelda 
JeOcff WilUliin, flopfeflery oppofitf 

Jcflef Jofeph, Ua^kwtlhtll ha»r, 

btfinshalJ ilreet 
Jcttdwm Ab^lUuoif waffchooieman; 

Jewfo0 WiOian aad foo, hardwire* 

mt9p tfoolicd Uae 
Hiff WiUiam and George^ hoficrt^ 

Friday ftreet 
JliflF John, upboldett Su Paura 

•church yaid 
Impej Michael^ tfu riehmopd 
m « §0^9 d>ft>Ucr« Su Afm*s kiie> 

Iflcram Edward^ fjlkman, kureace 

Taney cheapfide 
logfam and comp. mentn, bedford 

ftrecty covent garden 
Ingram Dale^ furgeoo^ feftchorch 

Inoea aad Cbrk* menehaotSy Ene 

ftfcct fquaie 
•Jihnibny Irwin and BowAead^ 

acrcbantf, Iwreacelane 
J hnfon Alexander and comp« chyw 

niiAsy feoehurch ftrect» near 

inailc hne 
Johofoa Claude and ibo, aerchaats^ 

nicholas lane, lombard ftreec 
Johnfon John, royal exchai^e aflii- 

rance direftofy fife lane 
Johnfan }»meiy merchaat, crcibf 

fquare, bi^tioyC^i^tttkreet 
Jotkofoa and Baroadifton^ linen 

draperii cheapfide 
Jjhnlbo Hency, cornfador, leman 

ftreety goodnian's fields 
Jq^o Matthew, woolki^ draper. 

Johnfon and tfawio» (btioncrs^ - 

lernofter roW 
Johnfon Jobd, woollen draper^ ho« 

John&i John, mafical inftruc 

maker, cheapfide 
Johnfon Samoel, eptician, lud^ate 

Johafiw Robert, brokeri at mr* 

Hoare*s, fieet ftrcet 
Johnfonf and Atwell, weaken, biv 

ihopfgate ftieet without 
Johoftoo John and Geor^, mer^ 

chants, St. M artift*s Ic grand 
Johoftoo and Fotfieringhaon, fooCbh 

hSton, at hfickwelhali, cateaCoa 

Johnfton William, bookfeller, Iu4- 

gate llreet 
Jolly John, merchant, fword blade 

cotfee hoofe, birchin lane, coia- 

Joly Henry, merchant, gjrocenail^^ 


J ones Richard, grocer, ftrand 
anea Richard, exchange hrokei^ 

little tower ftrect, or Uoyd*i 

coffee houfe 
Jones John, cbeeiiBmonger, giice* 

church (Ueet 
Jonea Tfieophilm, accomptant to 

the bank of cngland) at the bank 
Jonea and Etc, grocert, withte 

Jonea Robert, wine merchant, cle^ 

ment*i laae, lombard ftreet 
Jooei Henry, warehoufeman, op* 
* pofite the maofion houfe 
Jjnes Jofeph, ftuck broker, change 

Jones William, ironooonger and 

aad anehorfmith, wappiag 
Jones John, diftilJer, c6w lane, 

Jones and Elton, linen draper^, 

leadenhall ftreet 
Jones William, druggift, roffel 

ftreer, covent garden 
Jones and Rufle^, hat makers, 

change alley 

J ones, 

( 145 ) 

JoAM Joaei uid Croff| hitodiih* Keen tLchttt, vpooUen 4fipCr« All*' 

crs, holborii'bridge noriei 

Jooet lUler, corn fafbri, ihi4«. Keepe Edward, h«dwM«Bftn» lea^ 

denhall ftreet 
Keith George, bookfeHer, grace* 

chnrch ftreec 
Kekcwich Peoduveif foyel ex« 
cluiige ifliiraQce 4tf edor, iflisg- 
Kelham Thomit, teeman, leii« 

church ftrcet 
Keller WUliaxD, dyer, vauzhaU 
KelUlt Robert Cowan, merchant* 
. new court, cruCabed friare 
Kelley Hcorj, merchant^ nineioi- 
. lane 
Kemp John, merehaati at mr» 

Hydjra, mark-Jana 
Kemp Ifaac and foa, tobaccoailli* 

near the new church, ftraad* 
Kemp, Charles, bioker, weft fioich^ 

Kempiba John, dniggUI^ iiio#* 
imocJt alley bttiMPigate meet hill 

Joye Jeremiah, ftock broker^ great Kendall and Rvflitoa, wholeftlt 

Janet Thomacy bottle warehoofe, 
three craoea^ bottom of qoctn* 

l^naa Hannali, Wax chandler, pouU 

Jooea John, merchant, at mefl^ Irifli 

and Shcph^rd*t, nichoUi lane, 

Tones WiUtain, glover, cheapfide 
jonet Jeakin, diftUkr^ old ilreet 
J)rdain Andrew, laerchant, little- 

Jordan Thomai and comp* brewvt, 

lemon ftroct, goodman*s fielda 
Jerden William, packer and prcflkr, 

addle Areet 
Jordia and Griffin, brokert» doak 

lane, cannon ftreet 
Jourdain and De Oron, mefctn, 

Tmock alley btihapfgate ftreet 

winchefter Areet 

Ireland and Bioge, teamen, the cor* 
ner of birchio lane, comhill 

Irefon and Ward, iiigar rcflncrt, 
grajel lane, hQondfditch 

Irih and Shepherd, cotton mer- 
ehaati, aicholaa lane, lombard- 

Iroafide, Selchier and How, bank- 
eri, lombard- ftreet 

mercert, gracechurch ftrcet ' 

Kenniet Joha, oilman, fleet ftreet 

Kent Samaelf diftUler, near TauK% 

Kent ThogMi and cottp* th^viiAtg 

aldcr^te ftreet 
Kent Joha, dyer, Uacfc fwaa a!lej; 

thamea ftreet 
Kentiih Eoftact, bioktr, eatb^ 


«va, wuiNijQ-nrecc ' ruw conn, xowwi mu 

Kaac Heary, meaehaat, magpye aU Kentifli John , jeweller, popfTt head 

ley, fenchurch.flrect 

Ifoiay Ifaac, merchant, 
ftreet, near the bridge 

liraeii Benjamin da, merchant, iam*a 
coffee houfe, exchange alley 

Jukei Thomai and coonp. mer^haatr, 
nest the fteel yard, thamea ftreet 

Julian Lcwk, merchant, wmcbefter 

Julian Peter. Bartholomew, mer- 
chant, union court, broad* ftreet 

K£ E L I N G William, oilman, 
lower Thamea ftreet 
Keen Jofepb, cliynift^ hi|h hoi* 

alley, eoiahiU 
Keoward and Roondeao, hop i 

thaoti, boroofb foathwaik 
Keoworthy John, warehouieroan^ 

imnmonger lane, cheapfide 
Ker Pavid and comp* nerchaatfy 

cateaton ftreet 
Kerfoot Nathaniel, wine merchant^ 

Karon and Cope, wtarera, No, 49, 

ikinaeraftieet, bUhopfgate ftreet 
Keya Jjhn, grocer^ great tower 

Kilby, Barnard and coBp» tt«r* 

chantf, fife lane 
H Kil- 


coorty cniicbed hkn 
Kmdct §9kp»h Aocfciiiy fUk9$ 
Ml ftrcct, near cri^lt ght» 

goufh rqiiiret or 

iiotij* UscatecAe ftteet 
Kioc WiUiuA) ioforaote knkut 

King Rnfandf brol(tr» fttitkbnt 
King WUl!tiD» wine OMrdunity ditto 

crt. iombird*ii«t 
KOifit JofaH ihm wirchottft, Ur* 

chin lane comhill 
iuigut Fnndt ■qb cdmp* ^mmb^ 

ktonUxMa and cakfidtri, oiiUc. 

Kiiigltt TlHNMMf ciMKftaiBDger, bt<« 

(hopfgite wUhout 
Knok lUlphy gmrcfMr of the nyit 

exchange tArencef croiby iquve 

King Ridiwd, grker, 8t. ttartiii'i Cdox, Craghead tsd eemp* iBMr« 


dianta, ditto 

ICtf^wn Jofeph, tptucconil^ kpmt Kctpt Wiliiam*lfaae) m^cliantt at 

or. BemietkS t9h»hooie yard 

KiDgicote and WaJkcr^ drnggUlif Kraut Chrlftopher^Jaoob^natiltet^ 

KingOej Chuleey drvggilb An 

KtogiMtdi and Roirief | upholdcnj 
firiday tRft 

Kinlock WiUlam, di^mift. coW- 

Kinnor Alexander, meithanf^ Mol f ADIltMiB Sir RcAert) tot 

coltBge hlH 
Knfaff and e«kip. vaenAwX*, kV 

tiky^ bufoii sf copt-liaU caart 
Kjrnoch Alezaodcr, mctdBB^ Met 

Mfad ftnat 


lape^ tower*] 
Kinfliaw Ricfaaid, mmt 
'ooeil Ar^t, flzaad 

JLj and iddM-toan, 8tb pet»U hSll 
Ladbroke and Oj4ti^aifliilen^lBlV>^ 

HklOj JameK, droggia^ b«rtkt*« Uddt Wiiliam, mfxOmt, fattfon 

boildingSy holbora 


Kirfcman John and camp* fiikmeo, 

Kirwan jo\m, teeKha At, heacUnder 

Kitchen fLentj, leather cnttcr, 

Kite Robert, efqi alderman and 

ikionery cannon ftrcct 

^irfaj ani eemftr, tohaceotaflb^ aC Lafofle Wilfiam , je#t2tei> aU 

the old r«ra0s near london-htidge broad ftreet 
K«ika Wiiham» broker^ breadilreet baithwake R«beit ami «hb^* imb- 

chcfter warehouremen, miikftitet 
Ukc Sir Ac^iU, bare, fit^ wmA 

lidce ttbfe, ef^ ntftdk flltit> 

tanbden and Vfoods, chxnanieo^ 

LambeJaadeayefqiOncobVina fleldi 
Kleinart Tobias, furrier, comer of Lambe John, e%; i^ot, at mu 

, ^rayVino laae, holborn 
Kiencke Martin, laercfaaot, atnir* 
, H6pkim*<» fteachurch Oreet 
KIot« Jihn Godfrey, /sncfchsnt. 

fia«ryer*i, in g^at bvaok fireec, 
gnfveaor f<}dare 
iomfaert Daniel, mercfaMity iaftgc 

gardent, tower hill 

^baidwinVwnrt, near college hill Lambeit Edward^ merchant* itl 
Klip Jerome^ cfqj haberdaihcra lion iquate« helbom 

hall, maidei) line 
Ki^ton Joho, bockfcUer, hidgitc 

Lanbley Edwar^ feedfrnan. faith- 

Lunj and Salsioo, handkerddef 

ifctfw^ gua ftiei V ^italfielii 

( »47) 

taHaaiA tva t^itiit ^^Mtn, prim- 

i-oft ftreet, bifliDpfgate ftreet 
I«in6 Thoihak, efq ; fouth fei direc* 
tot, 5ofwell c\ttiirt» c4Vy ftrettj 
Ifncofn's ion fields 
Lane John » grocer, St. Joha fbeet^ 

Lahe i^d Boocft, ffitf cliabCi, £iUho* 

las lane 
Lane and ScalPth, Vilcbit bakers, 

execution dock, wappiog 
Lang Conrad, merchaht, fcothnd 

yatd, bufli lane 
Langdal6 'thotnat aiU compt diilil- 

Tei), hdborn bridge 
Langley and Ward, oUmefl, qaeea 

Langley Thon^ai, l^ioe aad Arrack 

merchaot, covent^garden 
l^angleV J(^n, hatUr, change al«* 

ley. cornbill 
Langfton Jamei-ffaugbtoH, mer- 

chaot> crutched friars 
Lirigton Edwardf toierchant, in the 

grange, ToUthwaik 
'Ungtoh DaTtd, Ufieh-drspei', bo- 
Langton Divid, Untitt^ lobg lane, 

lA*n^6n f hAmai, ine^haat) leaden 
hall Areety oppofite St. ihary ax 
Li'n^ff George, merchant, garlick 

Lankford, kote and d>mp fillonen, 

kincftreet, theapfide 
Lara Jacob- Cohen, miriehaflt, No, 
^Sp gulftori fquare, ^hitechapel 
Lardeotjimet, fen* weaver, church 

ftreet, Tpiulfields 
Lariiner and Baratty, haberdaiben, 

*boroDgb» ibtithwark 
Likelles and Maxwell, merchaoti, 
' Mark- lane 
Latham| cornfaftor, old broad 

La Touches Jame.Digges and comp, 

merchahts^ batton garden 
Law Stephen, efqi queea*s fqoare, 

omiond ftreet 
Law WilHam, lineA'dripcry fun 
coorti coihhiU 

Law William tni tomp, difti]lerff» 

paul's wharf, thames ftreet 
Law Thomas, linen draper, white* 

Lawrance Edward, haberdaiher> 

gracechufCh ftreet 
Lawrence Jofeph, merchant, at 

Lloyd's coffee- houfe 
Lawrence Thomas, woollen draper^ 

lodgate ftreet 
Lawrence and Brooks, tobacconiftf| 

brick laae fpitalfielda 
Lawton Henry, norwich warehottfe* 

roan, nicholas lane, loabard ftreet 
La:Wton Thomas and comp. glaft 

makers and potters, wapping old 
Liyton Aodrewi broker, cloak kn«| 

college hill 
Leach Thomsv, Jeweller and gold* 

fmith, lombard ftreet 
Leachman John> fugar. baker, neai 

the bridge, thames ftreet 
Leapidge and Bailey, ftationers, un« 

dcr the royal exchange, corn* 

Leathly Jofeph, fUlor, ironmoqget 

Uathwait John ai^d Thomas, gro* 

cers, thames ftreet, near tht 

Le Cog John, merchant, fenchuxtk 

ftreet, near magpye aUey 
Lee Ifaac, grocer, dock head 
Lee John, haberdaiher, minories 
Leech Samuel, woollen draper, bcd« 

lord ftreet, covent garden 
L?ed8 James I windfor ftreet, wide« 

gate alky 
Leegat Vincent^ linen drapcfi cheap* 

Lees and Dunn, merchants, xronr 

mongrr lane 
fiefebree John, merchant, idol lane, 

tower ftreet 
LbfebureMagda]en,merchant| fcing*a 

arms yard, coleman ftreet 
Lefevre Leonard, coitt fa^r, mark 

Lcgg Leaveri woollen draper^ corn* 

H% ^ 

( 148 ) 

te Groft lad Le Cm • merchanti^ Lejriiits Wiliiaoij c/qi cominiffiM^ 

bifhopfgate llftct, near cornhtU 
Lehook Ropjat, verduAr, at mr* 

Baxter*!, the corser of Catherine 

cdoit. tower hill 
Lejay Michael, brcfcer, new broid 

tetsk aod Mitter, merchaQti, bur/ 

ftraet, St. miry ax 
Letch and Hunmood, mcKhuicif 

Jcffery** fqoare, St. roary ax 
liCtfhi, Vinet and comp. naancheC- 

ter warehooiemeo aod Itnen dra- 

pen, milkftreec 
J«e Keox John, feeddnaOf lowir 

tkamea Ih'eet 
Lem William, wiot merchant^ 

lime ftreet 
Lemaiftre Daniel and JaoMf, wet- 

ftn, gun ftreet, fpiodfieidt 
I,emaitic John, weaTcr^ wood ftreet, 

Le-Meflurier William, merchant, 

green lattice lane, cannon ftreet 
|«epaid William, ftationer, tool^ 

Lcpplngton Allen^ hojp mercha&V 

oread ftreet 
Xeqidiae Jo/hua, merchant, St. 

martin*! Jan«, cannon ftreet 
liefcallier Balthisard - Anthony, 

merchant, carlifle ftreet, foho 

Le - Saer Daniel, merchant, lime 

ilrect fquare 
Lefter and Pack, bell ibunden^ 

LcAer Richard and nephew, leather 

cutten and merchants, old bed* 

Letbienllter William, torky mer- 
chant, fuffolk lane, cannon ftreet 
Lethieallier Benjamin, efqi bank 

dire&or and Turkey merchant^ 
• fackWIle ftreet 
Letfaieullier and Challenor, grocers, 

leadenhall ftreet 
jLevett Francis, London aflurance 

dircdor and Tmkey inerchant, 

/carpenters hall 

of the fuftome, kenfingtongoie 
Levy Samuel • If ar^g, metshant^ 

def onflkire courts houn4(litc^ 
Levy Aihor-Ifaac, merchant, fioitjp* 

er^s ytfd, St. mar^ ax 
Levy Zachtriah, merchant, ditto 
Levy Ifaac, banker, bury i^reet^. 

Lei7 Aaron, merciunt, deronibk^ 

Levy Mircus, jun* St. iliary ax 
Leavin Richard, ^qi Leigh in Jkfot 
Lewio Robert, iccreury to the banlc 

of Bogland, at the bank« or hack* 

Lewis Ferdvaly efq; patney 
Lewis Edivard, London jUTttraaceditf 

reOor, old bedlsm 
Lewis Thomas aod comp* fogar* 

bsken, Hme ftreet 
Lewis Richard, druggift, laareocf 

lane, chcapfide 
Lewia aod Clive, attornies^ f«i-» 

thin*s lane, cannon ftreet 
Lewis J 'fhaa, upholder, fteetftreet 
Lewis* William and Capper, mer« 

chtttts. iroompDger la^> cheap- 

Lewis JoTeph, packer, paekerV 

court, ctdcman ftreet 
Lewis John, weaver, corner el 

ftcward ftreet, fpialfieMa 
Lewis Sdward, hofter, cheapfide 
Lichigaray Matthew, merehnnt, ^t 

low*layton, or tom*s coffee hoofe 
Lldderdale and Cairnes, merchantfi 

leadenhall ftreet 
Ltebenrood John-George, mcr^iantf 

^ three ton court, milcs's lane 
Liebman Wolflfaac, merchant^^ 

great poultney ^eeC 
Light and Hotcbinfon^ merchantr, 

minciog lane 
Lilly and Hoylei, brewerij high- 
Lilly, Cooke and Grove, lace ware- 

houfe, ludgate ftreet 
Linde Andrew, fugar baker, knight 

rider ftreet 
Lindegren Aodrcw aad Ch«rlfi» 


liioflegrea Charljttj royal exchange 

■flurance direOoo billiter fquare, 

Liodo Ifaac^ broker^ deTOoih-re 
' fquare 
Lindfay Heniy^ nsercbant. Whale* 

boae court, lothbory 
Liowood NkhoUt, efqi fmith Tea 

direOor and' merchant, St. mary 

liotard Jfoha and Gilei Goditfj 

merchant!, Aew broad ftrect 
LiHe Chart -8, royal exchange af- 
forance d*reAor and turkey ntf« 
chant, colcman ilreet 
l*ifle J>hD, apothecary, iievgate 

Lifter Thomas, tobacconift, alderf* 

g4te ftreec 
l«ut*er and Alcock, hofiert, wat^ 

ling ilreet 
L'tttoa and Travera, broken, miles*! 

lane cannon Ilreet 
|*Ioyd Edward, etq^ St» jiamea*! 

lloYd Simuel, merchant, devon- 

mire iquare 
LlaydTwinn, merchant, ftokeatw* 

Uoyi Thomai, wine merchant^ 

callle ftreet, lekeAer iielda 
Lloyd John and oomp. maltdillil- 

lers, liear fiOMiditch church 
Lloyd Thomas, wine merchant, 

mark lane, tower Itcttt 
Lockjuftaa^ tobaccontt^ bartho- 

iomew cJofe 
Lock Richard, packer, packer*! 

court, colemen ftreet 
Locker Thomas, warchoufeman, ca- 

teaton ftreat 
Locker Jaftfht oilfluo, vratliog 

Leckwood John, royal exchaagt 
aflnraoce director, falter*a court, 
fwHhinS lane 
^ckwood Joha and conp* mer* 
(hanti, ditto 

Lockyer ThoflUt, mefthtnt, ae^ 

buildings, colemaa ilreet 
Loder Richard, 'cyder mer^anf, lit* 

tie trinity lane 
Lodge John and conop. packers, lit*- 

tie St. Helenas 
Loft Joreph, grocer, fmithfield bare 
Lomas Benjamin and JiCeph, ware* 

hoofemen, wood ftreet 
London Edward, falter* qoeeohtthe 
Lone Giles, notary publick, birchia 

lantf, comhill 
LongBeefton, efq; deputy governor 

of the royal exchange alfurance^ 

leadenhaU ftreet 
LonfT 'Thomas, packer, blihopfgati 

Long Robert, packer, hatton-co'urt 

thxeadneedle ftreet 
Lett; Jjho, merchant, atmr.Lock*s, 

packer, packers court, colemaa 

Long John, fugar refiner, re pert 

ftreet, goodman's fields 
Longdan John, falter, upper thames 

l^ongdon Edward, lacematt, lembard 

Loogley Edward; linen draper, cha- 
ring crofa 
Longley John, apotkeeary, old broaA 

Longman Mary and Thomas, book** 

fellers, paternofter row 
Looguet Benjamin, efq 3 baok£f«c# 
' toi*! croiby fquare 
Longuet, Kanibn jind CUrembaolt, 

merchants, ditdo 
liOobier, Lswii and Schweigfaaufer, 

merchants, old bedlam 
Loobier, Chailes and Teiflier, mer« 
' cbanti, auftin friara 
LoTeday John; ftatisner, fiihftftet 

Lovibond Henry, wine merchant, 

Jv)hn*s cofive^houfe, cornhiil 
Lovick Robert, efq} colemaa ftreet 
London William, druggift, high 

Lowe Richard, woollen • draper; 

king ftreet, coTcnt garden 


< tso) 

' Jtmtica coffee haaSk, wkhtiii*i 

towth tad Ktti« imii*s aeieeit^ 

petemolUr fow 
Xcsham WiUlmi end Edfftfi^t h^tm 

fen aed fword cutleriA coracf o^ 

tweeting*! tJky, coraCiUl 
Ley Sabe£efl9 weaTer« Ne« iS, 

ipiul r^uare 
Laard Peter-AVriluiay ■eicbaotf 

corner of lombard ftrcet j near the 

manfion hoo^^ 
Lucas ThomaSy nerchiAti nnr 

broad ilreet 
Lvcli Samuelj etrpet wafeIv>Q{e| 

farpcnterl'hally Losdeo wall 
Laffiagban Thooaa^ merchintj 

badge row 
LtteUiA Joba-Aiit&onyf meKhant^ 

erclb/ fquare^ bi^Hopfgate ftreet 
Lund Samuel, Holier and hatter^ 

near cccil ftreet^ ftrand 
Lutkeman D rkc-Cloes, men^tumt^ 

brotdftreec building! 
Luthint Anthony and Benjamin anl 

comp* BKrehutf , i^r aijhaUowf 

church, thamei ftreet 
Lotyem Barthold- ChriQo|kherf mer« 

chanty bow lane, cheaplSde 
forde Sdvaid aad ^j ^ihncBf 

Lyde Lyo^el ae^ ^^W^H, roern 

chant*, copth^ll, court, thcog- 

Lynch Ifidore a^d conpi inerchaitfi« 

jeSery*s £^wc, Su m^y «( ' 
Lynde James,' packer, ihcflwroe 

LyonArthui^, ftationer, fwcati^u'e 

Lyon Abraha^if Voker^ Atat ^he 

tVTBpike, mUe end 

ABBS, J«raet, linen draper, 

_ fmithfield 
lace William, wodlen draper and 
flop-feller, leadcnhall ftreet 
**2^hin T^mi,, ap<iUjccaiy, fijQ^ 

K^chin bhi, timber wmh(Hti 

thrift ilreet, ibho 
Ma^hoTf Me(ei, merchant, ^ok 

coffee hoofe, tbreadneedfe ftreec 
Mackey and Campbell^ mcfch«it»» 

Iriday ftree| 
Mackenzie and Cdington^ oiliseAt 

without bi/hop^ate 
klackencie polin,.iofiirgace broidery 

ixchiug'9 alley 
Mackmtoih Alexander, vooU^* 

draper, lombard ftreet 
llaskintofii Johii« men^us^ an^ 

infuraace broker, oxmcd^coort^ 

falters hall, cannon ftreet 
liackbtoih a^d Hunter, wareh^n^* 

men, milk ftreet 
Bdacklaoe Archib^d* Hnea dr^pe^ 

Micklane Qoncan, Jiaea dra|ei^ 

newgate ftreet 
Ma^knuvdn Gilhert- Gt^fivi>|^«^ 

St« paura church yard 
Mackpne C^ober^ merckaatj rac« 

^uet court, ^et m^et 
Jbf ackiable^lexaiider, jti^beedg^W^ 

ftar court, b^ead Areet 
M^krill Jahn^ eiqj roy«l «zch|ng^ 

affuranca direAor vmI WFOoJI-flap^ 

Icr, knfis^. ppc^t 
if acky Patrick and Robertj^ i|^* 

ch«nt«> bi^dMrow 
liacn3m|iU J^Q^perch^tf g^t 

St. Helena 
Maden RichwS, \f^lff^^^ ^H 

calUe »Il«y 
Magena ^ic^lu, fDeKhavt^, ia« 

Magnus Francis, mefchaofj ^fiP^ 

\mp^ vm^ 


Wft. oWbW^ftfeet 
Mahew Chvlpf inergBf 

aiden John, brewer| 
Mlior John, eftj ftv^ fS^^W^ 

toiirer' m 

Maitland Robert «ad J^kxuiiUt, 
tterch4Va, king*n erf^ |ard^ 
eoiemaD ftxeet 

( 151 ; 

If nkbef &nmr«. ci^i hwf cmoi^ Uuhn Wiflto^ ghnr^ tunm ^ 

St, niftry ax 
Maihftm ifUe, aMrchiat, ha cowf , 

fenchorch ftreft 
M*h }*m4U me^f hajit and vrnnx, 

patremenc* moorfieids 
Malpftt Joie^y}«w«lkr> iro«dftMol« 

If ftltby Thomas and rear, aorwicb 

fa^rf , qnetn ftrect» cbeapitde 
Maltby, KeiU««d Dytr> JUoca dra- 

Mao and Athawif merolMflt, Uh 

iog IaQ« 
Manbey Jimeif ntrchaati hunl- 

Manby and Wood, ^arJol dyen, 

hnsM Uotf old ftrttt 
Maadivill Robert, lioea diaper^ 

MaQdxot P<t«r,. mefchaat, three 
tua cowrt^. inii«i*s laaf, caaaca 

Xiaoa |ii«tat fraoUan draper^ 
durham yard», fttasd 

fbfier laaa cheapfid« 
Markf I Natbaatei and Robert^ hat- 

mzktrtf caaaon ftre^t 
Matfcett Jmet, bJackw«IlliaU fiiC- 

tor^ coiemaa ftreet 
Marquee Jofepbf jvb* ViercJbtlity 

buf/ ftreet, St. Mary ax 
Marratt John f corn faAor^ No* 10 1 

prefect ftfoet, goodman^s fieida 
Marfh Roberr, efq; bank direftor 

and meichaati bafioghall ft ret t 
Marlb Johnj^ grocer, i^orton falgau, 

Mtfk Jacpbr gi^d^mitb, ^mbard- 

Marih R^bfit-Svttoa, wiae cooper* 

bilJirer lane 
MarAaUJbha, mcrtki&t> taiccAtr 

Marihall Wilfiam, aUm^ai friday 
. ilreoc 
MaribaU WilltaflOt )aa« oiimao, 

without newgate 
Marihall Jbrep^> bookAlIcr, St. 

J^tanotk Viandi,,mtrcfaant, fhrcgk Clemeat'i church y«rdr ftraad 

morton ftreet 
Hnfell William, maaofaaurer aed 

warehoafeaiaaf tramp ftreet, Jau- 

fantf iiaa 
Maafhip Joha, merchant, rulTcl- 

ftfaci, utoMalbttfy 
Rfanfliips and WiUciafoa, ncff- 

«liapta, lothboty . 
March John, tmkejf merchant, 

March Hcory, ta^key merchant, 

Marchft Aachony-Heary, merchant, 

|rea( St« helenf , V>&opigatc ftreet 
Hifohaat WtUongbby,. merchant, 

Mtrehette Niehob!» meichaar, fed 

lion ftreet, holbora 
.Mart aa Philip, merchant, budcltif* 

.Mtrgefaqi Httary, tiamaa, tovret* 

.MargfdSiaaadOoUUbn, kabeidadi* 

•tt^ boMugh' 

MarOiav, Tapt&eM apd HcalfcTr 

linen drapers, borough 
Mirftpn and Shoye^ gfocen, tirtJiP 

Murftoa miiim» upholder, Aeit 

Mirtdi Jamei, weatef, elder ilftct» 

fpttal fieldt 
Maftia £4«ard> ireoiimagfr, fofttf 

Mania. Thomae aQdcen^p* hatMT- 

daihec3, hiag ftrett, chctpfide 
Martin aad Towfey, holieia, ftn- 

church ftreet 
Martin Beojami^r '^<l$ H^^ ^^ 

Georgia, at a fadlci*s, new bond 

ftreet, piccadiily '. 
Martina, Stone and Blackyell, 

bankcit, Maabard ftreet I 

MorciesPleter- Abraham, mctchanf, 

broad ftreet, cainiby market I 
Maifeo Jofeph, ftuff-merchanr, St* 

Laurence elwrch yard, guildhiU 
Mafteai Abraham 4a. Jofepb, mer- 
chant, dukc*a place 



fain, wapping 
M*C&a and co<np. weatei«| 

ftreet, f, ictl ficldf 
• Malbo J ihn, iMIilicr, baroaby ftreet, 

'Mtitm John, cheefemongery near 

the hMnitagji 
It^rMi Leed^i habevdaihery corn''* 

llafon, Robert, broker, Jonathan*^ 

cefiet hosfe, cbtngc-aJky 
Maflle Jaomi, jeweikr, old broads' 

M«0<yWiIli4n),Klovrrj near nor* 

folkfticer, ftrind 
Maftrr A!exa»dcr, efq; and aldcr- 

naOf foithfield 
ilafter and Raby, ivMiaiangert,dttto 
Matthewi William and iboy baber- 

daihfif, fleet ftreet 
Matthevt William^ watchmaker, 
. oppofite St. Dnnftan'a chjrch^ 

'M«tihtm- Caleb, lifl#a dinpcf^ 

IfAttliewe, TSoMKhyt vphdder, 

fleet ftreet 
Mfttbht Jama, nerchanty fgti» 

maa*i concC, corohiil 
'iVattot Ifoiei Pe, broker^ mile* 

Mattoi liiuc De, merchant^ gonld 

f^oare, near cnitched friara 
Mind Jimet^ nerchant« frcBek €U 

dintry court, ditto 
'Mandnity Wright and comp. war^« 

honfemen, hme ftreet 
Mauger Peter, (hip broker, ab- 

church lane, cannon ftreet 
Ifavitand Casenove, merchanti, 

bvry coiirt, St. mary az 
Mauleverer BeHinghamy merckanty 
f ea^eaton ftreet 
Maundy Henry, whalebone iner- 
t ebant, crown court, cheipfide 
Mavor Jamef, h&w, St. Thoniaa 

Maurer and Pix, weavot, wiadfor 

Mr^tf without bUhopfgatt 


iftnwby and Cok, fdiBeri^ fitik- 

Mawhood WilUia, woollen ^npcfi 

Maxwell Charles, apothecary and 

chymift, fleet ftreet 
MayctweU and Wbdle^ fiUfs wave* 

houfe, ftrand^ oppote aorfcUc 

Maydwell John, iaker, little be& 

lane, thanaes ftreet 
Maynard John, merchant, great St« 

Maynard George, hofier, fenchorck 


Maynard Thomasj ptckfr, great 

St. Helens 
Maynard Gideon, merchant, milk 

Miynard William, corn hQcr, at 

mr« Townfliend'r, in eaftcheap' 
Mayne John and WilUun, mer* 

chan-s, aaftio friars 
M jyne William, foyal eichangt iU 

litranee diredor, ditto 
Head Thomar, cfaietaiengcr, • 

themes ftreet 
Meade Aognftine, merchant, MIc 

warehoufe, change alley ' 
Meadows WUliam, bookfeUtr 

Mecham and Thorpe, falten, bo- 
rough, Ibnthwark 
Medina Abraham, merchant, bvoid 

ftreet boildings 
Mee Benjamin, royal exchange af* 

furaoce direfior, feochnnh ftiesc 
Mellifli William, eAfi commiffioner 

of excife, nlbemarie ftreet ' 
Mello Arnold, merchant, fen* 

chnrch ftreet, oppofita cnllom* 

Mendes Lewis, merchant, cmtched 

Mendes lAac Da Oofta, merchant^ 

broad ftreet baildiogi 
•MeodeiMofes, merchant, bell alley, 

cnleman ftrnet 
Mendes John Da Coftti merchant^ 

caliiun ftreet 


Ikercer Samuel, xnerckioti creibjr 

fquare, biihoprfate ftrcet 
Mercer Joha, leather hGtot, ]aig« 

Jaae^ ibuthwiirk 
Merchant Geoi^^ oil ntfchantj 

Meredirh and Reynolds, hofieri and 

hattcn, fleet ftreet 
Meriton and Wilkinron, ironmoa* 

ten, horflydowtt|. ibuthwark 
Mrrie Jolm • Anthooy, snerchaott 

broadilreet buUdin|i 
MerriweatherWilUaoir hatter, lorn- 

bard ftreet 
Merry Richard, merchant, at mr. 
Wcfton*!, packer, in pig ftreet, 
behind the exchange 
Merry Anthony, merchant, Itu* 
Koce p«UAtney buM, caAnoo* 
Merryfield Robert, cod nenhant, 

fleet ditch 
Men yfield William, upholder, fleet 

Mcrttns John-Henry, cfqi threads 

needle ftreet 
Mery weather Edmond, hatter, wat- 
ting ftreet 
Meflam Daniel asd Son, wearcn, 

fpitaJ fquare 
Meftresatand Rilliet, mcrchanti, 

Ingram court, fenchorch ftreet 
Metcalfe Chriftopher, merchaot^ 

John's coflw hoofe, corohill 
Metcalfe Junci, teaman, buckler^ 

Methold William and (one, wbe* 

merihanu, cmtched friara 
Meyer Herman and comp* iatr<^ 

chaatt, mindflglane 
Micp Joiepb» mtrchaaty watliag 
' ftreet 
Middleditch Love, grocer, ihore- 

Miera Ji*hn, tinman, cannon ftreet 
Mildred Daniel, merchant, broad* 

ftreet buildinga 
Millar Andrew, bookfellcr, ftrand 
Miller Andrew, rope maker, dock 
hcad^ Ibuthwark 


Miller Robert, Ifaoi draper, iUk 

houfe ftreet» piccadilly 
Miller Arthor, ribboa wearer, fall 

Areet, wood ftreet 
Miller John, dftilkr, ratdiJF: 

Miller Jamei , whalebone merchant^ 

watling ftreet 
Miller James, diftiUer, ftoreditch 
Millis William, wire warehouk^ 

Milet*i lane, cannon ftreet 
MUU John and Thomu, merchantr^ 

great St. Helena 
MilU, Brice and Wheeler, linen- 

drapen, cornkiU 
Milla Henry and comp. timber mer- 

chanta, rotherhitbe 
UilU and Kirkmao, brandy mer- 

chanttt great tower ftreet 
Milla Thomat, fugar broker, clc^ 

meot*a lane 
Miiloway and Eyre, mer^hanti, ab- 

chorch lane, cannon ftrcet 
Milner Sir William,, treafurer. of the 

excife, broton ftreet, berklcy- 

Milner SirThomai, beer merchant^ 

St. Catherine court,, near iron* 
, g«tt . 

Milner Thomai, merchant, pt^t 

ayfiffe ftrcet, goodman*8 fie Ida 
Milward Thomaa, com faftof, bar* 

Minet William, london afTorance 

diredor and merchant, fenchurcb 

Minora and Boldero, bankers, lom* 

bard ftreet 
Miayer, Hamcrtoa and Mioye^, 

merchanti, pfailpot lane, ha» 

church ftreet 
MiUhell John, attototy, friday. 

Mitchell Jamet, merchant, demo* 

fture ftreet 
Mitchell and Pope, ribbon weaviint 

borough,, foothwaik 
Milfotd and Bodicote, wooUea^dra- 

fcra, cornhill 
ModigUaoi Katfaaasel, merchant,' 

old btthlea 
Us ^^^*^ 

\ t^4 ) 

hf oflTet AAdffWf mfivaa^e brtker« 

lombtrd fkfttt 
MMgrUge Jnhn> ktrdiraremi^i 

nDcfaorch ftrccC 
Ifolineaox |lkhard^ ironiBoiiger» 

catctton Artec 
llook Williajna apoTbecaqr, cn^d^- 

tbe manfibji iioufe 


Monctfiore Motes^ merchaqt^ (l^'il- 

pot lane 
Montefiore DiTid, merchant^ at mu 

Cogifie&^t^ (cotcb jrard, buil\-. 

Moore Thonuiy bofier, chifwel| 

Moore and Sfrangr, chKremon^crs^ 

(ufitopfgate Hreet witnoat 
Moore Charlet, faftor and war^- 

boafcmaa, lothbury 
Morii and OlfEireoaj Italian mer- 
chant, on the pave ftooes, Roor- 

Morif y John, weaver, can ftreet, 

fpital 6elds ^ 

Morley Pancif, grocer^ cheapfide 
MoiJey R)beit, brevyer, ^athcr^ 

lane, holbora 
Morley John -Jacob, and conp* 

bardwaremen, cannrn Aitct 
MorrcU Jr-remiah, corn fa^or, re^ 

crofs ftreet 
Morrell WUiian^ hat fpaker, b»> 

tolp^ lane 
Mon is Martha, thread maker, bt* 

(hopfgate ftrecf, near (boreditch 
Morrw Henry, goldftni.h, fieet 

Morrw Spencer^ mercer, hidgate 


Mo ris James, woollen 4r.*Mr^ gr^^t 
TttlTel Bttet, covent giirJcn 

Mortimer George, mercb^ot, loxe» 
iane, eaftchcsp 

M rtimer Thomas, ezchangQ bro- 
ker, without temple bar * 

Mvxton Jihn-Bttrri'dge, dmfgljL 
leadenhall firee^ y ' 

Mofcicy andliarrif. Cabinet makeri* 
#ttco ' 

Mof^y John, fiop-fellerp 
thanaet ftreet ' 

Mofea Simon - Jacob, merchaQt^ 
bury flreet, Sc« mary ax 

^ofet Satpuel, me|;fbint^ P?f4^ 

Motteaux Ann, m^i^hanti St mary 

' ax " * 

Motterfhed WiUlatn, beer ntcir? 

* chant) bifliopigfte ftreet with^ 

Moulfon Petor, wine merchaot^ 
wood ftreet 

Mjulton Jopathaoy iafprtnce bt^ 
ke'r, ptiilpbt Ifoe, feocHor^- 

Mopnt and Page, ftationers, towfif 

Mailman Henry and Peter, mer- 
chants, winchefter ftreet 

Muilman Peter, merchant, old- 
broad flreet 

Mulle D. DetleF, merchant, gas- 
yard, hoondfditcb 

Monday Thomas, wine metchaot^ 
biihopfg^te ftreet t^itl^out 

Miire, n -tcbiron and conm. me» 
chants, fox ordinary court^ qif 
cholas laqe 

Murratt Jo^n^ |iH;rcbant^ nii^boi» 
cofte'e ^ouie, conihill 

Mvrray Ji>bo, banker,, fieet- ftreet 

tikrry Ifbac^ wine mcrdianC, St» 
m^ry hill 

Murvell 'WiHIam , kaberdaftier, op- 
p.cfite Tomer fet-hoi^A^ ^^'^^ 

Myies .Thomas, wrae^mercbaaf, 
primrofe ftreet, biihbpte^te ftreet 

" ^tboot ^ - 

AIRNS Idimd, eptical^pM* 
lofophical and mathemitk^ 
ruihenr malcer^ bppoftte die 
rc»yal exchange, cornhil^ 

Wapicr George, meiHcbaa.t»^ »5«> 

* court, leadenhall ftj-cet 

Nail^, Edowea and Martin^ ib^* 
chants, ch?apfide 

tfaih, £ddowes and Martin, lifles 
drapers, graciechorch ftreet . 

Pauri church yard 
Naih and Ooodwioj wooUea di^- 

peri, ditto 
Ka/h WiiUamj linta draper, imiUv- 

}^aft WilJiani^ (v^vt htSm^ lauo 

ftreet, chtapfida 
Naflb Marco, iaTiinuice broker^, d^ 

▼onlliire ftrect 
VeU NathanieV attorAqirf «at*t 

head court, gracechurch ftrcct 
^eaie Bdwar^ and comp, diufiMlf, 

lombard flreet 
Neale MfilUaqi» mercei^ ba4M 

ftreet, coveot-prdca 
MMk Jol^i^ dyer, at the oppiv 
- t'c>^> Chrift chufchi iouth*- 

Neat WilUain, merchaot, St» Mary 

Neatby John and Amhony, leather 
dreubrs, mate pond, footh^wailh 
Naaiby Tbomai» diftiUci^ bofoufk^ 

Heave Rich|rd« babetdaflier, wlU^ 

out aMgttt 
Weave &i«h^r4»Qiirchl«t«9l»lliiT 

Heev* JlQMH IShnxi ^ comBi 

foap mtiUm, caft^DUbfield 
Si^lioD Oeor&ci efq{, aI4cfnaa aad 

corn hCtott bread i^reet hill 
KeKoo hmn, iugar bakoc^ nan* 

t|a*a-lani;« caonoo ftzeet 
Krihatt Clau4t mcrchutj^ helbfr 

hall ftieet 
Meihi^t AiaoU and CPoip* mer* 
chanti, bifhepfgate ftreet within 
MeM^ Mebeiiftlab, mei^ant, at 
mr. Samuel N«il^itt'i»neu oe^ 
f|nve biihopif ate i^cct 
Vewbery John, bpohXellerj SCt 
' Pturi chiurch yard 
l^ewberry and CbapmaOylioeftdrft* 

pen« cornhiU 
Kewcombjohn, lioeft dctper^ chc9p« 

Kewdick and NkhaUi^ coIeuUMPy 


Ncwdgftte Jeha> ehecfcBodgai'^ 

lower thamci ftatet 
Newill William, core ftJS^, No.^. 

prefco< Ar«et;» gopdman't ielda. 
Newland George> mer€hiiat». bread- 

(kfct bvUdimi •).(.. 

Newman Ahia)vup» cent. h€tor,j 

mark lane . ,. 

Kewman Thomat, broker, Aetch ■■ 

yard,, ^(h lpw> caoeen irtcti 
Newham Jamei, ironmonger, al^ 

dfrrgateirwK «. 
Newnham Nathaniel^ merdbaat,. 

haM^U lBU<^t 
Newnham and ceffipffMfett, «at« 

ling ftatet, naarSd Pliai^a 
Newport Cbar]ea>« coaJ^ oMichant,. 

ci<;xi!riet, (ka^d 
Newfham and Raggj engine*<i»- 

kera, doth M . ' 
Newfom Jofepb, baling and crape 

vMfTCr, helywell iiM««t, ihoic^ 

Newton Thomai, (oldftuiby iea- 

NcwtoB, Genrafo-aod Vineent, %by- 

miiN, . near middle row- haibeue 
Newton Themai^ tecenae, lem* 

Newton John, .woeliendrapery mi*- 

Nichohit andLowthe/>weeUeo dra* 

pera, cornhiU 
NichoUs Nethaoiel, oiit doth mt^ 

ker, long lane foothwark 
Niehelieo >h9» p««l(cr»baiSAtl^«H 

Nickleien Sarah, merchant^, bnfli. 

Nickfon Ambrofe,.eheQi(mcNi|erj 

aldg^ withki I 

Nightingale, Scott aadNightiopIe» . 

nerckaata and (blteif» loffeleM^. 

wood ftreet 
NUeft Nkholaa and fon^. oUmeS^^ 

near the cuflom houfe^ ihemea 

Nixoe Themaiy bnlton fdl^tt Umm 

hard ftreet 
KixonRoberti warehenleffia)t» cle» 

ineni*if Uae« looberd ^r^ « 
It|i6. Noakie^ 

056 ) ... 

Kctkn Jamet tndl'Ge^fityi In- Ogden B^wtra^ merdumt, at off.' 

(uttn, chftoge aUty Scrtmihaw'r, bow lane, cheapfide 

(KoVbtt and Hotfaod, oilioen, ftraitd "Ogkr^ Vanfoacr and Tri^uet^ wet* 

Ncbk Francit^ hoficr, finch iaa^, _ ▼eriy^^fpiul f^tttre 


Nobla Chriftophtfr, neithint, at 
m$, SMdall't, chetpEdt 

Ogter Thoniaa* Abraham and Ltvrii^ 

weavert* ditto 
Oder Abr^an^notarj poblie^ pope*f 

Nock«li Benjamin, baberdalhfr^ need alley , coiohill 

Modea Jjhoi diAUter, St. JohQ!a 
* i ' ireei 
Nordon Aanm, mciclMnt, 8t.if aij 

/ »x " 

Konnaji Umtt,- timber nercbavt. 

Uaek friara 
Ki^roiaa Jaoiet, gunpdwder oier* 

cheat, winchefter llreet 

Ogilvie JohD> bracier, little tower 

llreet ^ 

Oliver Ri^ar^, merchant, goifld 

fquare^ crutched friara 
CMivier Daniel^ merchant^ broad 

flrcet buildioga 
Onflow ligbt honounble Arthof, 

efq; foho fquare 
Oram Williaa, grocer, cheapfide 

Keriia Henry, merchant, St Muj Orlebar John, efqi conuDilBoaer of 

Korrif Heniy, broker, ft eel yard, 
' thanes llreet 

4<Icnia Robert, brewer, S>. Oi]o*s 
Kerrit and Gale, Irxih ^aora, fri^ 

•^y ilteet 
Morton William, beekfeUer, fpread 

cigte court, 6iich lane 
Kottott WUIUm, breker, akchorch* 

' iaoe, cannon ftreet 
Ncrton Thomai and Samhel, gro- 

:u»i> Acet ftreec 
Nouaiiie and Hariflbn, mercbanta, 
' wamfiiffd .court, ' " 

cxcife, Jobnfoh'a court, flc^ 
. ftreet 
Orcoa Thomaa and Amt 9 warehoofe- 

men, and dealera id yaro« wood 

Ofrome William, linen draper, bo^ 

roogh, fonthwa^k 
Oforio Araham, mtrchaat^ throg* 

morton ftreet 
Oiwald Richard and coup* ncP* 

chaata, philpotlane 
Oiwald Jamea,. e^f coounjfBooet 

of trade, wandfworth 
tbrogmorton Otway George, cfaeeTemosger, Sk 

Margaret*! hill 

Nourfe Bdward, iurgeooi red Hon Oochterlony Gcorge,mercbaqt, as* 


Keiirfe John, bodkfelkr, ftrand 
Kogent Henry, h&ar, 6^ fwaa 

Nuoes Jacob- Verauuidm^ bnry ftieet, 

St* Mery «z . 
Huoea Abraham Fernandef, mer- 
' 'thaitr> ditto 
llttthaU TbooMai attorney, crolby 

fqyare, bi&op%ale ftreet 
liofr jfoho , merehaat, fofiblk lane, 

OHMKA ftieet 


ODDY Johi^ faof, ktng'a 
head inoy-boroogb. fouthwark 
Oftr«^S*imiel, nerchaot, at mr, 
Tclltf'ti ibe^roalaett 

gd court, throgmorton llitet 
Ovcrbury Robert, wine metchanff 

ihoe lane, fleet ftreet 
Overton Henry y prmtfeller, without 

Orery Jamea, weaver, Atward 

ftreet, fpital fielda 
Overy Guftavnt, faifurance brekati 

change alley 
Ovry John* weaver, church ftieet^ 

fpital fields 
Owen Jeremiah and foo, oUmen^ 

puddjog Iaoe 
Owen Lawrence, nercer,. oear 

iehancery hme, holbora 




PA CB Joha» liiica draper^ bp* 
rough, Ibothwark 
Pake Bhthaniel, dq} Couth Tea di» 

reder and mmhaaC^ cloak bae> 

college hiU 
Paine Heory, brewer, near Panl^li 

^harf, opper tkamet ftreet 
Patlield JameCj mercer^ cheapfide 
iPakenbam OeorgO'Edwardt mer« 

chaaty cloak laoe^ dowg au hill 
Palairet fohn« agent for the ftacei« 

gener J, oaflao ftreet, near iicw* 

portnatkety ibho 
Palfiflg &lact!iiar» oil and colour- 

man, Jombard ftreet 
Palmer CharlcBi t£^ bank ^iredor 

aod merchant^ charCerhouic 

Palmer Thomaa, broker, broad* 

Palmer John, Jbbp mercEant, kent 

ftfcet, ibuthwark 
l^almeK and Fleetwood, mereeri, 

ledgiitc hUl 
Paokemaa and comp* breweri^ 

Paatoa diehard, diHiller, barbican 
Paon and Tm, deakta in hardware^ 

manfel dreet, jgoodman*i ficlda 
Piptllon pivid, JOB* efqs commif- 

fioner of ekdie, temple 
PapineanMichaelf ikiaacr, horily- 

Pardee John, mercbtot, fife laat 
PaiUh Edward. Clatke^ meichaat, 

Parker Jfrnniah, packer, pig ftiaet 
Parker Edward, weaTcr, alte %at»* 

IParkinfoA John and Cuthbert, mcr* 

chants, watliag ftrcet 
Parr Thomai, goldrmith, cheapfide 
Parfoh Edward, merchant, at mr, 

PUard'i, watting ftrect 
Patfoni Samuel, grccer, aewgate 

Pariona Edward, man'a mercer, 

within aldgate 
Partington Rkhard, ftationer, aar 
Sti Andrew*! tchuich, holbora ' 

Partridge Richard, miKhflit, mt« 
ion^ courf, brick lane, fpittf 

Partridge WilUam, blackwali kaV 

fadlor, aldcrmanbory 
Partrtd|i JoTcpb, packer,* ibchDrck 

Patching and Sjrma, wine act* 

chanti, podding lane 
Pateribn William, mcrebant, ktlk" 

Paterum John, attorney, barbcif 

Paterfon Evan, attorney, winchciUr 

ftreet, broad Areet 
Pattcrfon Robert, i|ierchant, lavage 

PattifenNathaniel, merchant, kiog^ 

armi yard, coleman ftreet 
Paulhan & Blache,wine merchaatTy. 

bowkne, cheapfide 
Paolhan aod ion, fugar baken, ditto 
Paumicr Oabriel and ion, fiUerr 

fmithi, nicholaa ftrcet, ihgre* 

Payne Edward, efqi bank dircaoi^. 

king • arms yard eoieman ftrcet 
I*ay(^e John and Edward, xaittf 

chants, kthbury 
Payne John, goldfoiith, cheapfidr 
^ayne Thomas, bookieller, biihopCU 

gate ftrcet 
Payne, and Hale, (ugar bakeii, pi^ 

Peyton James, ihag-weaver, ate 

ftrset, fpital fields , 

Peach Charles, grocea near crip^toi i 

Peach and Backer,, merchant^ 

^ftle court, iaurence line, cheap* 

Peacock Marmednke, broker, whltt 

hart court,, lombaid ftrcet 
"Pearce Charles, bhckwelhall ^« 

tof j^ copthall court, tbregmortoa 

Pcarfe, Price and comp. gunpowdgr 

naerchants; caAl^ alley, com- 

Pearfe Jvhff, goldfintth^ newpte 


fhakm Thamit,h»htHi^htr^ new- 


Ptih, Fi|t and BiiMt, diMllm 
•od tobacconiftf » bread ftrtct 

^tthtlitr Thooit^ acrciiuit^.miiK 

Urcc, cheapfide 
ilKk lUftr, tobufoalft, fonlliwarli. 
Bear xht ftorgt inn 

ViMli jokUf giMer» tliflt comer of 

bncafter oonrt^ ftrand 
VideHM Jaaa, Betcbaor, wd^ 

dofe fquare 
Picnnan J<ikng pMkcr^ eld broad 

#Ban Joka^ packer^ raod lanr * 
pMfi Mdurd and Tbomat^ gro- 
, cert, ^eenhithe 
IrdhMi ffciity> af)j conuninlonef 

of the cuftoOBSy lackviile ftreet 
Mlf ca^ lohn^ roftl exchange 

aAurancediroaor, aanfelllteet^ 

nodmui** fieUi 
Miieu and Gtkr^.wtavcrfi^ vpf^*^ 

Joftpk, ttewmcj, ab» 

chnrch lane 
Fncreo Oaoisey branier, ImiwIixP 
I ■iiwibatlif {foccf^ Jioftoni'f. 

Ra n d a l l ^ diftnkf^. MOO 
^eeco ftfcetf high holbora 

tattiaroB WidMilaa^^ haberdaihe v 
hid|ate ilzcet 

#ufui ,^iho» flMrchantf at nt. 
Taylor'i^ oppo^tt tbf momnne^c 

AnvnNI Jimat, attorney^ garikk 

* . hitt 

Fepwcl] Tohflf l^anooge^ and a^ 

• ckormich^ wapptng 

Fepyi RSchafd^ brewer^ pjt oorAf^ 

'ffnpyt JhAii^ lotgeoM iafttoment 
maker* fliopfg^te ftreet withif^ 

PerchardMattheir, goldfinith^ ab^ 
chorch hne 

Pttck^ Hf>m, pewterer, oaapii 

Plircyaiid0avf»mlfBeii; cftrterof 

fiihilreet hill, Hiainet ftreet 
Firaka Jacob, aerobant, alck 

Perigal Yiaocit. watokmaker, be» 

kuid tke eickaiigC| threadoeedk 

^Itin Willianif fnefthantA doK 

pUn eoutt, tewer 
Perkins and Ewtr> grocert^ Ear 

PerktM Chriftapheri wooticn dnper^ 

fteet ftreet 
^rkina Thomai • kiirriott, ner* 

chant, Lloyd*! cofiee koafcj. 
* Jombard ftreet 
Perry Levy, !foo founder and ukar- 

lingar,hrook?s wharf, near oocen* 

Fcrrj |pho, Amp buildef^ klackwatt 

Paten Gepfge nerUun^ old betV 

Petree William, merchant, token* 
' honle yard 
Pewtreia and Robarti, banket^ 

Peyton and $haW| linen topers 

Philips jDhtt,'hrew«r, RatcHff croik 
PfaiiUbrown Themai, wine ooopei,. 

devonikire ftiett, hUhopfgitt 

XhiHhnore Jb&pk and Danief, . ftik 

thiDwftert, lamon ftre^t^ goei^ 

inaQ*a ftddi 
^PhiUipsMkhael^.wini mnrchanV 

t^wer ftreet 
PhiUf ps Thomuj^ hofier^kndUit^ 

baiy . 
Hiilltps Jahn». h^b«rdaihtr, giaca» 

chvtch ilreait 
PhUlips and Fnead^ teamen^ dhtft 
Phillips George,, attornej, Cofctiv 

hooTe yard,,lothbory 
Phiilipibn Chiifiophcr, fugir refi» 

ner, lemon ftreet, goodmaa's 

Philpot Thomas, merchant, boar's 

head courts gracechorch ftyeet 
BufpiTheiDas,cfiibedfoid raw. 

Fhippf Robert, nphoUer aad cats- 
' nee oiafcer, iei<teihaU ftreet 
Pickaril Williain> pierchtnt^ it qir,. 

^Jimer'f , oW broad ftrett 
Piclce]f|ilJ ^fhuf ^ w|re^outofi|| 

friday Areae - 
Pickeriag ai|<l Clarke, groeerij St« 
' Jiimet*tftreec 

Pierreppnt, Skey- and Kenrxck^lif? 
* nan draperiy ohcapfide 
PIggott Francis, pewtere^ newgfit^ Ploiibe ancl- Brownf ^ R^eri> fo^ 

oorfoikftrcetj llraad 
Pleea Richard, weavcfj red fiqa« 

ilreet, fpitalilelda 
Plees Wtlliaiiiy weavet^ tfftlUerf 

laqe, bifbopfgate ftreet 
PleftoW Thomai and conpi hatoa^. 

Pinnptoa Richard^. ch^eicaiQiiier^ 

tower ftreet 

Plomea WiUUn, ailmao, tM|iit«- 


fter hne 

Pitott Gi)Jarj, habefdaiierj| cke«p« Plumer JJiomaf,. ^q|. baok dke^ 

' Bde tor, coleman (licet 

Pigou CromiDelin, iccretary to thf PluoMTrThomaa, merfbaQt, £tt^ 

To;idon affisrance oompany, george Etumftead Robert, iro9npo|erf 

yatdfNthames ftreec gracechurcii ftreet 

Pigou Fredcrtck^e^i eaft'indi^ di-^ Plunkett W^k^r, m^e^iiiit, poor 

reQor, covent garden jary Ja/ie> aldgato 

Pike John, grocdr, chre vitrket Poeo^ kWiUiaqo, lettbcrfeljer, new* 

Pike Tko^ai, hatter, canpon ftreet 
Pike Samuel, merchant, little beU 
alley, coleman ftreet 

gate ftreet 
If^le Chatier, merdiant ai^ ittfof ei^ 
marl^ )aof 

Pikon' Nicholaa* Pater, weaTcr, Pi»)htM, Ehvtnport and Taylor, to* 

prin^*% ftreet, fpital fielda 

bacconiftf, boroogh 

Pinck and Wrij^t, druggtfti,. if n* PoUaid Bdward, hop moi^chanej 

c^uacb ^ttt 
Piilder Roger, chyMill an^ drog* 

gill, borough^ foothwark 
Pbfold Jbhn, merchaat, boA ]yie> 

ca^Qon ftreet ' 

tinhorn Abrahtqi^ habetdai|ier^ 

^per 'jtAtif Qierchanf, a( mr. 

HopeV • packer, old bro^ 

ftreet ^ 

iwan inn, ditto 
Piolhrd Timothy, Mk6t, eed Uo«y 

court, filverftreetn yrood A^et . 
i^meroyi and Hodgfon, lioea dri^ 

pen, Jeidei^U ftreet 
l^le WiUiam, bf berdaftifr, ctop* 

Pbolqr and V^euHer, merchaati^ 

irqmnonfer lane, c^eipftdf 
Fbpe and vgantito^ kicfaaeni |»iiiii 

Pipoo Jamet, merc^ii^t, ibcktir^ ba^d ftreet 

'' lane, cannon ftreet Pope ftter, hofier, (bachnrthf^eee 

piftor lohn. woollen drapcf, ik$ Pqppletonjohn^ hofier, |(oar*t ke^^ 

cernCT^houndrdltch. aldg^te ' court, fenchnreh ftreet 

Pitt ri^ht honour^iilt WiDiam, p[^ pDrcel|ii| ^(ompjuiyg bow cUq^ 

St. Jaaet*! ^quara 
Pitt John, e(^} arliflgton ftreet 
Pitta Edward, pia maker^ gncc- 

cburch ftreet 
Planche P. Anih^, merchant, at 

Oir«« Ooodchiid's, S(, Mvjf m 
Planck Anthony, jeweller, ici^ 

jeant*! Inn, fleet ftreet 

warehooib, cdrnnUl 
PortM indGalhie, linen dnjpen^ 

biftioitrgite ftreet wkhin 
Porter Ben| min,llnendnper|^chcii|« 

fide • ' • 

Portia George and J[ime^ xrUhfiic« 

torf, cateatoi). ftreet 


IPjIba WiliMBif whakbOM waum 

Pott llobefft, intrdiaat» bnbtBt 

cooffCy fbllpoC iMDih hathunh 

Plptty Tajrlor and Sunf tOB« «OaMi^ 

gfM9cmfch Artec 
iouchoa Joleph J nerchantf near tht 

pnmp ID Umopffite ftreet 
Poiiiftu PatcTt fiik hnker, dder 

ilrctt, near fpltal fquaie 
Fow«l Lewis, old ftreet 
Powell DiTidf broker^ crown court, 

bread ftreec 
Powell Daridy jao« ncfchant, at 

flBT. Fenton*«, old broad fti^et 
PowcU Will am, winq merchant, 

boar^i liead court, £racecharcn 

PowcU Charlei, ftationer, cheap. 

Powell Jamea, timber nerchant, 

l^tco Jcttke line, caoooo ftreec 
Pewer WiUian, broker, Jooatlua*! 

cofice lioiife* or iogram'a court, 

lieochorck fireet 
Pownqr Heron, fwocd-bearer^ No* 

4, inner temple 
Pratt Jofi»b, ironmonger, qocw 

ftreec, ckeapfide 
pfatviel and Mallortie, merchant^ 

ieoconrt, fenchurch ftreeC 
Pxeadier and Saiclbary, Cobacoo- 

' nifti, lodfate hill 
Prencice Thomas and; John, cheeie* 

moBgert, finithfield bare 
Prentice Ralph, iccdiman, lower 

Chama ftreec 
PreicottBcBjamb, grocer, rid croft 

ft feet, cripplegate 
Preicott Geeif e> netchant,^ cole- 

Pregon end Cletcher,. kiih floors, 

Price Bartholomew and 'William^ 

oilfneo, (bow hill 
Frke Jimet, mercer, chetpfide 
pxkejohn, merchant, buihiaae^ 

Canaan ftrcct 
J^ice Benjamin, ftkot wax«hottfe« 


man and flop-ieller, eiecadoft 

dock, wappiog 
Price Henry, apothecary, threai* 

need e ftreet 
race Sarah, packer, great St. He« 

Prickett Paol, broker, St. MartiaV 

le grand 
Prieftand Rowley, linen drapert, 

ludgate ftreet 
Prieftlcy Samuel, grocer, eaft {mith^ 

Piieftiey John, merchant, No. s, 

beH lane, fpital fields 
Prince William, broker, boih lane^ 

cannon ftreec 
Pfiuyman Thomas, broker, fas- 

coiart, miles*s lanci cannon ftreeC 
Pkitzlcr Matyi fogar refiner, welU 

clofe fquare ' 
Ptebarc James, lofin maker, old 

Pf obyn, Spencely and Barker, ware- 

hoafemen, milk ftreet 
Prockter Robert^ linen 4rape% 

Prober Hcaqr, merchaiC, bomlpb 

proflcr Jaho,. grocer, nicholu laac 
lYofler William, toyman, ftraod 
^ffiwett William, grocer, hoibo9« 

PoUen John, bey fiidor, aakhail*! 

alley, comhiU 
Puller and Blencoe, gitfrhaBritj 

bioad ftreec boildJm||i 
Pomell Thomas, lucft ^ragcr^ 

Pnrft Barthnloimeif> ncrduuit, 

bridgewatar fquare 
Pye WilUam, merchant, Portbgal 

coflfiee hoffe, fweeting*s alley 
^ke and comp. bcemen, newgati 

Pyndar Philip and "ItTil^un^ n»[ 

clwuiti,. comhilt ' 

4r\XTAKRBL Thomas and WO- 
~ QjMkh 


^oetcb Kichaf d^ fogtr • biker,- 
thames ftreet 

Qailter WilJtaxft, cfq) hofflydown, 

Q*nn Walter, merchant, king*! 

am» yatd, coleman ftreet 
Qttiatin «od Wmdle^ glaft makerti 

at the green yard, tsA fmith- 



RADCL1FFE Arthur, tutkey 
merchant, de^onfhire fqatre 
Radcliffe Edward, dq; deputy-go^ 
veraor of the London afluraace 
and intkcy mei chant, ditto 
Raddiih WiUiam, linen draper^ 

poultry . 
Hadford and Rogers, liBen-draperfj 

Raioford Joha, groctr, trump ftreet, 

Raiibeck Chriftdpher, grocer, ftu 

day ftreet 
R^tt Jamet, merchant, weft ham, 
ZftTev, or at the New England 
coflFee koufe, threadncedle ftreet 
Randall Jamei, mctchaat and in- 

furer, old Jewry 
Xandall James, )ao. merchant and 

infnrer, St. Thonas apoftlei 
Randall Robert, irofl founder, fleet- 

Randall 'Wnibm, coal mcithint» 

Ranflcy WiUian, filk throwfttr, 

malbn*i court, fpital fields 
Raper Henry, London aCnrance di. 
reAot and merthant, at a book- 
fellnr*s, pateraofter-row, cheap* 
Rsflileigh Jonathio, merchant, aU 

Rafcnfliaw thomas, wine mer- 
chant, fenchorch buildings, len*- 
charch ftreet 
Rawlint Sir Benjamin, fcnt* rid 

lion ilreet, holbora 
Rawlins Filer, merchant, botolpk 

\% n 9. faftfheag 
Eawliofon Tiwanaf, cfqi aldiniao^ 
feacksrcb ftreet 

Rawlhfofl sod Di?idfoa, groceri/ 

Raymond Jmes, efqi craven ftfeet, 

Raymond Jaho, efq| eaft india dl« 

re£lor, bafioghall ftreet* 
Rayner John, attorney, ftdnncrt 

nail, dowgate hill 
Rayner and (bns, brewers, narroif 

ftreet, near Umehoufe brid^ 
Read Jiho, acconptant to the foath 

fta eompany, Ibuth iea hoofe 
Readihaw John, linen draper^ 

blowblidder ftreet 
Readfluw Jofliua, merchant, auftift 

Reboder and Peraro, broken, doTe 

court, lombard ftreet 
Reeflen and Van - Wylick, mer* 

chants, budge xow 
Eee?e William, bookrdler, fleet 

Reid Thomas, grocer, great roflel 

ftreet, coTcnt garden 
Reilly Matthew , merchant, prJnce*ji 

ftreet, near the manfion houfe * 
Reinhold Charles, merchant, gro« 

eer*s alley, poultry 
Remmcrs Henry, merchant, bofli 

lane, cannon ftreet 
Rerely Williana efq) bed/brd row^ 

Reop Thomas, fiiip'a hofbiod, 

tower docks or Hoiland*a coftfC 

houfe, coftom hoofe 
Reynolds, Foikett, Lock aadHinde)^ 

ftuflfmen, fpital fields 
Revnoldi James, merchant, bafing« 

hall ftreet 
Reynolds Stephen, timber mer« 

chant, broken wharf, thamea 

Reynolds Robert, attorney and* fe- 

cretary to the ftnall pox hofpiul^ 

Warwick lane, newgate ftreet 
Reynolds William, merchant, Nos 

15, prefcot ftreet, goodmaa'e 

Ribright.Thomaf, optician to hejr 

royal higboeft the prtneefa of 

Wilea^ poultry 

' Ricarda 

( i6$} 

ca»1 BMicbia^ niMfiei witer (qaare 

Kicatdt 8«»«cly Mtr and litttir» |U«i«glAn Jo^* bookftller, 8U 

Paul'i church yard 
Koidi Wi|ln»« hair mtnkviltf 

gracechurd^ ftvcec 
lUadley Oeorgf, iiy«9 «qd pitater> 

, ^ vbi^ecroft ilreat 

|tkh«ri<i^ Aaroo».ncrc1i»at» peck* Rotkc Thomas^ aiftiller^ bonoi^r 

leachimdb ftrect 
|Uci aitf FiujMCff bnn^jT nor* 
chtfltt, tMoft ftrect ' 

ruce eflue, duqic »Uc]| 

orEuAb^w CQ0ctiMvfe, 
Richardibo JokAi«r<|$ agMf« down* 
iof ArcfC, wc^tmioilcrfMjioric? 

foards, wf " 

Ujtkuu V4«af4^ Ka^ ^fff^ipa- 

Eobbina Aodrcw^ la^wiw* ludgilr 

|Uchard(«o« Ltarca€« and ThomiH Rob«rd««a Kaic. wf avf r^ wood 

brewcrt, eM ftreet ftrc«t» fpital fiaUi 

|pc|ardib« Jnhn and Wifliaai, tim« Roberts Jbmet, packer, tvta^ alle^ 

bcr ncrchaiitaf cacMd*i poinC, «olei8afi ftfect 

or Will*i fnflfcc houfc^combiU 
Kicbaidfoo Jo^^ bookrcUcr^ pa. 

Ekhtrdibo John» iroamoi^ar, waod 

ftrecfi cbeapfidc 
XichardfoB Williaai« bf^r, |of po- 

fite the pump, budte rov 
Eichardfttfi Tbomaf^ 909per> wHju 

UiM, towf r ftrect 
Itldgewaj and 8tratton« iriilb /#€• 

toTfj inot^auUat, cbeapfida 
lUdgeway Thomaa, opbQlftefar fnd 

cabinet piakcr* b<raodf(titck 
Kidoot Tkomat^ grocer^ vn^ping 

now tain 
^igMl aod C^ni, imrd^al^, tbi^- 

moicoa ftseet 
l^gbj Jobn and cpflip, wafcl\o«rf^ 

men, \ohacca roil ooprt, gri^e- 

chofch ftrcf t 
Rimer Thomas, flap6|ler, and 

ifleio^^ conicc of kia§ dtUXM 

littlf tower b>U 
Rimtngton I/aae, haberdaihar, tart 

Hreet,. moov6clda 
&W ao4 White, fMgaf ve^aan, 

weU^Iofe fquarc 
JLi*w«ti, CU:k« 90^ JnckToiW 

grpeera, mcfk Ijiof 
Ritchie Oiarks, mcichaat, bvte* 

|^itlie4«a Qwge, g«W(witl,. wilh- 

•lit lld&ata 

Roberts and fiayoes, inercbaatff 

kiog*ii amn yard, eolemaa Areet 
Roberta Pteter^ comptroller of the 

bridfa yard, baingh^li ftrtel 
Roberta and Fuller, pacl^era^ tokca* 

kouii ytrd 
Rab^rti Tkamcf, bi okcf, duit^r- 

l^Hiff fq^ara 
E9bva FiMlipj vtoroay^ o^iuM 

court, throgfnprt«i| ^«et 
Hobfiu |^|b, brewer, qld dtvil 

IlRK. wapptog 
E^rtalUwvd^ Ifttbcr cntlw, la«g 

lane, weft fmithficlS 
lUbpta Fauifis iodwo ipakar, aU 

dermaabury poftcri% 
]Mara Patid, Pif intwith too. 


RAbiHf(»a WlUiaqi, aaerchant, op- 

poficcloodon flone', cannon ftieet 
Eafaiartlbn a«d cainp« iafurance bro» 

kers, change alley 
BftUoa Richaidy liabardailiai tt 

J|st%. Widif i^t , 
Robioion Paul-H^nur, 9erehi&t| 
' «iQb«tlii IfAc, iMibsfd ftiatt 
Robinfon B!Im and co»p« iBer- 

cbant^ QdfMkH wharf 
Robiofoa Semoe^ jiuk hfoker,. 

. wiatlta&.aicfc 

iMs ) 

RobiD(oa Willianu ^ogj^fflt %l IWHi C^prge* |^|» •9##it ircil> 

ftreet * 

Robipfoji John, llatiooer, doid^- 

hea4y fslitbwark 
Robipfon and Uai bottle^ bro)xih 

miodog laoc 
Robu^on liamuel, V^oluft watU^g 

RobinCoq Thoma«> mtroBTj blont- 

bladder Areet 

haapver fquare 
Rqfs Haah aad comp« mer^l^anti^ 

St. Mary ax 
Rofs George, mf rchaat, mark laae 
kofleter Tnomai^ orange mercbaot^ 

pudding lane 
Rouge Samuel, mercluat) at nr. 

ErowA*8j| pac^ec, Ureadocedk 


I^btpfon John^ ftationar, undar tba Rougemont and Lieutaud> ver« 

royal exchaiige^ cofohill ^b«nt9« green letUce U^t, caf- 

l^oe ^od Blake, n^icrc'erf, ^aitli^Io- ' oon ftreet 

mew dole |lo«ghltoo JobB, grocer, whiteFrafa 

Roeb^c]| Thornaf and cpmp. mer<- ftreet 

chaotif caftle court, budge row 'Roui Thom^t, merchant, l\^k/itf 

Roffejr, Keaie, James and Fordycf, R(^m and camps merchant^ fM 

bankers, lombard ftreet 
Rogers johnj hat maimer, grace* 

chuf(& ftreet 
Ro|(er| and Skinner, diftilleri and 

tob^ccooxfti, without aldgate 
k'^gers WiUiam, gingerbread be- 
tter, bifliopfgate ftreet without 
|togf rs l^pbei^, n^erchant, clement'a 

lane, losp^ard ftreet 
Rohde Petfer, Aigar rpftner, Well- 

clofe iqaare 
|londea^ Cyprian, mecchan^ wafor 

ford court, throgmorton ftreet 
Rondem J^^^f corn factor, favage 

^9okf John, iperchanfL at mif^ 

Locke^s^ packers cojjiC, C9iei|aah 

Rook( GiJef, tCq^ eafl ipdia di- 

ra,^or, me^ffhaot and infurec^ 

new buildings, ditto 
Rool^^ RioieJ, wiof merchant, 
' white hatt ^ourt^ ||rafechurch 

Rooker Richard, grocer, i]eet ftreet 
^ofti^th^fla D^oiei, throvi(ftejj, bc41 

lan*e» fpital fields 
R^ JphOj, ywne m^U lUtlc 

tower ftreet 
iLofe Jofeph and fon, br^fi an4 eop^ 

per merchant!, fofter lan^ 


R^we Thomat, vhalabpnc me?- 
chant, Jirocs ftreet, aofent gar- 

Rowley and Peek* lioan d|aperi» 

Rpw]rWJMiam» ^u^ m«rck9af» 
craTen ^reet, or bl^k emlfl 
bopfe, tltreadneedle ftreet 

Roy John, weaker, priftp^'i ftfeeV 
fpital fields 

Royds'^i^d comp* \vareh9yfemei|» 

Rj^ylf R^iph, hqgnierchafit, fon^ 

Royftone Jimds, merc)ii^;i great 

Rnih Martha, ▼iiiegar merchant^ 
^ Wftlf ftrc^j, fo»4hwJf 
Roft Robert, foap maker, ^lUlng: 

Ruih Simuel, ef^^ new conrt,. 

throgjnortan* ftreet 
Rum Samuel, jeweller, pattcra. 

ftr^tf Ojpar lei^fiftar fieldi- 
Roil^l ^ad Cr^i^ whalfb^ ^ar- 
. ' c^ai^'V KiOfftreet, <Mp% . 
RuiieU Richard,, throw4er# t)faad> 

fteent buildinaf • 

RuflWI >«*€«, Ip^rch^n^, Jeffi^ry** 

fqpwa, $f. M^nr ax 

IWe Joha and?o(pp» bux WcWh. fr«<t«J^ lo4 l-*wtoHi, M, wk«^*« 
Wood ftreat ' Olt petre ba^^ mil i«|Ut^aM- 



( ifi4 ) 

RafTcU Willkibi^eoftiry to the SaI<)inoM tiiutr, merchtnt, ftoJEf 

Ciirkcyconpaiiy« cnitched friart^ 

or fword blidc coffee houfe^ bir- 

chia Itae 
RuflTcU Pcter> thiakOMn, charlng- 

Roflcll Joho, fellmongerj birntby 

ftrect, fouthwark 
ftoflell Richafd, feIliD<iiiger4 ditto 
Koftac Tipping^ grocer* ncwgate 

ftotheiford Adiai* Iben draper^ 

leoion ftreet, foodmaii*8 fieJdi 
Rotter William, faAor, tower dock 
Rjbot Fruc'i* weaver and xnerceo 

feock alle/i fpital fielda 
]lyier,Nieklin and Welir* mercer»> 

cknitcn, finithfield 
"Itylaod John, oilnan and dealer in 
' liopt, finkhfidd 
RykjOeorle, wine cooper^ (eeth^ 

kig lane, tower ftreet 


SAKTIER Jfjhiiy weaver^ red 
lion HfMty fpital fields 
SaddigQton and MaitHen, chymiAi 

oad dmggill'* fleet ibeet 
Safforj Jnho, jeweller* k^tkbory 

fquare crutckcd friara 
Silomoiit Heory» merchaat, ditttf 
SaltFraocit, attorney* lothbary 
Salt and Baker, ftatiooers, cheapo 

Salter VTilliaiD* weaver* faady*! 

fti«et* bi/hopfgate ftreet 
Salvador Jofepb* merchant, biihopT- 

gate (Ireet without 
Saldbury Robert* efq;: bank di- 
rector and merchant* at mr* 
Gaylard*^s* the corner of biUit^r 
fquare^ lime ftreet 
Salwe; IGchard*. efq;. ibuth fea ^» 
rector and turkey merchaot, at 
* mr. Taylor*!* Ifcadenhall ftreet 
Salwey Theophilui, turkey roei!. 
chant* loodoa ftreet* fenchorch 
Samuel John*. warehoufemAn* thict 

king court* lombtrd ftreet 
Sanden Heniy* diftiUer, loWi^ 

thama ftreet 
Saodera Jamei* turkey merchaof* 
goodman^a fields* or Arord Usde 
coffee houfe* birchio laoe* conf* 

, , , , , .hill 

Sage and Toriier* ^ haberdaihetfA Sanderion Joint* coal meichttfT* 

'SapThomai* hakerdaflier* ditto 
SairAury William* linen draper^ 

Sale Thenui, finea dhpei^ suoo«» 

SalkeiU Charlct, nercer. lodgate^ 

hUt . * "• 

Sahnon J.>ho, lieeman, tldgatft 

SaloMoM Levy and Reuben* mer* 
cheats* KmcAreet 

Sabmo^s Wathan* merchant*. Ca- 
therine court* tower hill 

Salomons David* laetvhaflt* cratch- 

Salomont Michael| merchant*. ca« 
therioe court, tower Idll 

Salomon* WiiJipa, merchant, at 

yard* hoOAdfdiisii ^ 

fador and infurance broker* op« 

per tEamea ftreet* near hiare&cfc 

pountngr lane 
Sinte Ed.Pe* cheefemonger* leadea« 
' hallfttect' 
Santos Manuel Diu* merchant 

bartlet*s'boild2ogs* holborn 
Sanxay Robert* dri^ift* oppofite 

craven ftreet* ftrand 
Sargent J^^hii, efq; bank' diredbr* 

new broad ftreet 
Sargent Aufrere and comp, ftes* 

chants*^ m'mcing Taoe 
Savage Henry, efq| effex ftreet* 

SavAge Charlte* efq; bank dire^Dr 

and merchant, mark lane 
Savage Samuel; merchant^. brooK 

ftreet; grofrenor fqaare 
Savage andStracty* diallers* finitK* 

field baca 



Aiiraie Stmud^ WMveri gun ftrteti 

rpitaJ fieldjj 
S«fi^ Juncff fiooptti Hudwell 

Sarage Jamta, looompuat to t]ie 

royal czchaflge aflurance 
SafiU John, warehoiifeinaf^ #ia« 

cheiar firMt 
Sajondcri Thomaa, efqi upper brook 

ftreer, grofvonor fqoare . 
Siundcra Joftuif packer^ bafingball 

Saofldera Thomaff haberdaiherir 

Sauodtri Paal^ opboljcr^ Ibttoo 

ftreet^ ibho 
Sawbngat Ftter« £)k thr^wfter, 

prinee'a llrtet, fpital fiaMa 
ftiwbridge and B«rpftoo> miucatp 

Sawle Kichard^ woolkn draptr, 

Say Fraada^ uphoifterer, ludgata 

Sayer John, tobacconift^ fmithfield 
Scaers Thomaa, ioruraopo brokary 

Jonajthan'a pofiee l;pule« exchaoge 

Scandratt Chriftopher* nerduAt^ 

mark lane fenehutch ftreet 
Scarlett SimueJ^ teaman and grocMTp 

tower fttcet 
Scattergood Tbomaf ^ pewterar« hU 
, ihopfgate ftreet 
Schoelly John, merchant, kackney 

road, or bl'ood ftreet building! 
Schoeo John Henry, merchant, ba- 

£nghail ftreet, near kmdon wall 
Scholefield Jamef| broker, ftotch 

yard, bofli lane, cannon ftreet 
Schomberg Jfaac, M. D, ooffolk 

ftreet, ftrand 
Schomberg Mayer, M.Dt fcachurch 

Schomberg Solomon, notaiy pub- 
lick, caftle alley, cornhill 
Schreiber Charlei^ merchant, tower 

S(hrefe Godfrey, merchant, fun* 

fire office, thoBadaccdiiB fttcet 

Schrim/hire and Thornton^ iiiar« 

chanta, bnckleribury 
Scholdham and Berchenhout, war«« 

houfemeo, gold ftreet, woodftreet 
Schumaker Frederick, Aigar refiner, 

lemon ftreet, goodman'a fielda 
Schuman tewta, aerchaat, nrV 

broad ftreet 
Sohattn and Raiencamp# fogar ba« 

kers, ooal harbour, thamei ftreet 
Schweighawier John* Jamea, mer* 
' chant, broadftreet boUdinga 
Sclater and Shcphtrd| druggifti, 

newgatf ftreet 
3ptegmaa Motici, menphaat, it 

/buthgatf, or at WiU*a cofff« 

' houfe, comhiU 
Scot Roberti merchant, at mr« 

Browo^f, packer, threadneedle 

S^ot Joseph, woollen draper, aid* 

gate wlthia 
Scott Thomaa, brkk merckantj 

at mr.D|trgent*a, cojeaon ftreet 

Scott Bu)bart, efff nldenoan, low . 

Scott, Salter and Sqm, near tht 

fteel yard, thamea ftreet 
Scott and comp. brewcrij koffo 

ferry, wefiminfter 
Scott Jofeph, fen. merchant, at 

the New York coffee houle, or 

eaft ham, effex 
Scott George- LewlCf efqj commHV 

ftoner or ezcife, leicefter ficlda 
Scott Thomaa^ warehoufemaD, cat- 

catoo ftreet 
Scott and Axford, brokera, at or» 

Bricke*s, file laoe ^ 
Scrimftiire Aichard, meithaat, at* 

pukey*f, buckletibory 
Bcrivcoor William, coal merchast, 

dock head, Ibuthwark 
ScuUard William, wine merchant, 

idol lane, tower ftreet 
Scoliard William, merchant, Umofh 

ftreet, goodooan*! fields, or at 

the Union coftce houfr. ^o)ri>- 



( i5d ) 

of Um royit iAiWg» nev ctofcwiy 

8frt« Jofah tad coo^. aieithuit^ ShtlAtt Sdmuttd,' celi ittkrcli^t, 

nark Jiflo baokfide, fouthwark 

■tiwun DtttCiPi coApttAller, guM* tttmbrook John tnd WSUiita ^ i8)r- 

JitU en. ditto 

^«tlJ Sa««cl» flMchfent, AflW Shkni A1mna«^ iiiiirciiiht^ KS 

broid ftrctt jCOort. miiiciiig }Mtit 

allcfy p«ulby golden fqaate 

M<laii Robot* ilktftfio* pnerto- Sbrp Stmucity forgMs, feiichQitk 

ft«r io# ftreet . 

SaaiiHck ul Cfart^ ttCKhifttt) Shirp RichaH^ hatred fiih-^bect 

oldjcwnr hiU. 

Wgwifk jo6ph| ftcom^taat M tfur^ThdlMlj gfoceTj fedchlirch 
tte l0Bdoa atfhraUce twaognfg ftrctt 

near loodoa ftone, doiirtnftreet Sharp Jacobs fittM dripet, blo#* 
Sedgwick and eomp. faibtidaihen^ bladder itrttt 

cfaetpfiie aur^ P«te^ chyitoift aAd drtlg|ifl^ 

tebl £phfahkn*RinliAU» ckyndft without biihopigatfe 

Mid coffmk mmhflit, bbcfe- Sharl-et John, UirbWftfel*, pile^- 
fMll^ or at \hfi Bank coffbe hoofe, nofter row^ Ipitai fielda 
Huead^ebdfe ftrbet Shiw t^a^ea, iqAcjt tt)^^a, 

Ikfbj and cotni^* Haeta tfrt^lk> , norfolk fticet, ftrand 

imithfield Sha^ Jbfiih, hofie^ c)i«*pG^ 

Slhnan tSSktr, fetriet if&f oM Shiw Jofepb, naanchefter wltt^ 
lord, or at the Bank coffee hoaiby houfeman* gold ftttet, wool- 
threadnccdle ftre^ ftreet 

SelwinaiidBharfcr, illkiiKil, neW Skayl&r Williaib, goldfihlth, lorn- 

comty- fifthhin'a iane bard ftrtet 

Selwin Thomaa« ttothttty fift hike 8keale Alckaiidar, ttii bant difM- 
SeigetBt Beojmifl^ goNfinith^ fleet tor and merchantt oppoflte the 

ftreet 'thutch, old Moad ftreet 

terocold John, ro^l etthange df- Shedel Jamet, merchant, eli^ift* 
funnce dtre^dr and ntrcfaantf te^ buildings, Jondoh wall 
lore lane, eaftcheap Shefl!%ld Kaihaniel^ attoraey^ ilroli* 

Sttn Phiaeak, mettliaat* near the monger lane 
eaft tndia warthoufes fe&chmth Sheiaon WUliado, merchant, bU 
ftre^ fhopfgate ftrest, near cornhill 

4erra EUas, onkrchant^ nindng Sheldon Richard* cfq; royal tit- 
'-'— chattge aflbrince diredot, dean's 

coort, St. Paul*! charch yard 
ShtmdhWiIBanv«nd«Gharh!i, blick- 
welhall faaors, sroamonger lice 
-Shepherd Jimts, iherehant^ wrap- 
ping wall 
Shephfeili Williattoi thfetfemooger, 

lower thames ftreet 
€h)fppaNand Baggs* diftiUers* wi(« 
piag 4a€k 

Serra Mofei-Gomtt, ncrchanr^ 

gdAodttian*! fielda 
Sefarego Frahcia^ itallaa mteehatft, 

air ftKfety Piccadilly 
Seron John, CDerchantj bircfaln lane, 

Setoa Andrew* mcrchaat, Copthall 

coorty thrognorton ftreet 
Stward Richard, tf^^ eaA>uidla Am 

9t&9i, St. Maty km 


pbCfVf Ifto^ tod AittoHi pM« 
fmiths, lomktfS fbcet 

•hcf fllQ nWtif lulBCllflttt| ntttMH 

Sherrird Williaau hofier. fpittl 

^. . ft » . 

^herrat Jo&nt terchiat, St. llC«r« 
tin A itiitf y ctiiikdnu nfeet 

SherwUI Benjsttiift, p<ytter^ fittle 
nmtt ftfoet 

Sherwood Tbomai, linen drtper^ 
Idflgflfeet, dietpfidt 

ShenviDoa and Abney» fifltiBfetai 

&well and W!iltebi«ad» teewehff 

chifwtll ftreet 
Shickle and JCatter, f^oeett, op* 

polite St. ThAniai*f9 bblj^ta}) 

SUffnet Heni)r aMi }alM, taiau 

cbaAtr, old Itnttli lea h^vtc, 

iroaAftreet « 
Shipton Jolfphy tobacconift, tiiie- 

cowYy Ovte cnurei 
flioirer John, filk tkfMHIeri le« 

mon mttt, 'g0cimiif*t4)^ldKi 
SKnpnell Richaitf^ bUtkireiteill 

'fta6r, tefirighallftreet 
Shnbrick Richard, london aflitrtikce 

diiwior and iherauht, OAvuiUI 

coffee hoofe, or mUe^ead green 

ohuter WHUini, Iklrdtviteman, 

nvliMh aldgale 
6hatz and Bhank^ floMrjr fabBeki» 
fweetiofS alicw 

t 1^ ) 

SuteiLuiioB |ugef^ i^udfiiittflf nief* 

Smtooddr AM Wera, iIIje ttttMrt 

ften, littte ayfiflte flreef« godd* 

Untt'i liflldii 
Simon Laiamty baolDery ivamforA 

cowrt, thrognioiten ftlieet 
Simon Julepbi merchant^ aviia 
" Inan 
Sinjpfon Thomu, com fsdor, doU 

pMfl coorty to#er llfeet 
Simpfon Itmety ntefchant, Stt Mar^ 

nn f WMp caniflMi ffreet 

8ti«leCon Thomai^ winemerclwit^ 

oH Jewry 
Skelton John, woollea draper^ 

royal escbaoge 
Skelton |ohn» ttflrefatfli> ihclkbdra 

Skii^ner lfnt\f wfnenenhast, le^ 

Skinner Tbomai, WatdhOeftmij^ 

contet of weed ftrtfety cbeapfide 
Skip GeorM» haberdafcer^ qaeeft 

Skurray Wickei, filk and infdhiBco 
briker, booth ifateet, fbitalfielda 

Skttrray TohA« i!lk bilsker. Bank 
cofl&lldefe, tfareadneedle (beet 

Slack Jofephi nercbant^ St. Mavy 

Shdb G^rge attd cotirp. refinerr^ 
lb nA)n » ftoti fey alder%ate ntttt^ 
m WiH*a eoiFee heefe^ cornhiti 

Sibley and Kemtt, kibcidtfterf^ J^^^ ^^ Merriman^ hofien^ op« 

SddalJ RoberCf wooHen drajfer^ 

Sidoby Aleaeanderi tBtrcbant|Cfutch« 

ed friara 
^eeHMtmMy ef^ ratal etchange 

aflbranee dire€lor and merehani^ 

Stlcock Benjamioi hardwareman^ 

lofldon brid^ 
^Ira Manoel Francis and foB, itfer* 

chants, St. Mary ix 
8il?efter John, M. D. white lion 

emirty comhill 
Simkifli NathiQieli hCtcr^lomih, 


polite the maofioa hoofe 
Shter J^hn^ drugfrift, cannon ftrtoet 
Slater Richafd'i oUmaaand grocer^ 

blnckman llreet 
Slim Humphrey^ wtaftt^ peter 

nreet, Infliopflgate llreet witiuniC 
Smart John-, dHlilkr, hoibera, near 

middle row 
Bmart andHewetibny laMiefi, king 

ftreetf eoTcnt garden 
Smart Oeorge, wine merchant 

cannon nreet 
Smith Samuel and Williim, mer« 

ehanti aiMi fiikmeo^ alderman* 



( i6t ) 

loidi toA Kaili, groeen, 

ftrcct, near hnik line 
8iiiich«adPdflier» cl m fc w op gew ^ 

Btar tli«cfiftoiii hooTe 
ftmslh John, efq; fotsth fieffdinftor 
. .aod ntrchanr, great St* Helens 
Smith JolWf druegtftf bocklcrf* 

ttiith JolUf timber nothan^ lam* 

Esuth Henry, coal nttchaat^ tiigg 

Aiirt, thamcaflnet 
Smith ThoaiM, iinaa diapar^ wat« 

Snlth Alennder, wlae aHvdbtftt, 

goodmtn'i fieUs 
Soiitii and Peck, whn&ogen, hor£» 

Smith Saffluel, timber merchant. 



I Thoau^fincfl draper^ adlk 
Shy th Samoal-BenaeC^ timber mer- 

Simth Tetemiah, tnbaccom'ft, Mmer 

•f philpot huie 
Smith Rnbot, ioinnmce broker, 

chaiUM alley 
Smith Benjanaitty iMSUkr, white* 

croie Sooet 
Sfflitli Bei^uBui, pecker, budge 
. raw 

Sndth Charlei, glover, cheapfide ^ 
Smith Richifd, efqj eaft-iodii di« 

redor and merchiint, coUege hill 
* Smith Richard, fail-maker, ihad 

Smith, Heme and Ion, coal mer* 

chants, bank fide, fimthwark 
Smith William, warefaooicmM, ck* 

xnent*c line 
Smith William, agent to the brick* 

layert company, black frian 
Smith WilUam, leather faaor, 

the6bald*8 court, red lion ftreet, 

Smith Cii^th and John, icotch- 
. fftdors, lad lane, wood ftrcet 
Smith Kathaniel, ftatioocr, iiew- 
. gateftreet 
Smith Edward, lacemao, ludgate* 

Smith Jofeph, druggift, fmithfield 

Smith S^ah^ ftationer, btftholo* 

mew lane 

Smith William and Richard, kat 

oaakm, bell dock, wappiag 
Smith JoSina, fugar baker^ bttter- 

iea • 
Smith Jacobf iro^onger, little 

qnees Areet, lincoin'a-itto fields 
Smiik JoTeph and Copeland/cbecie- 

moogeitj thamea fireefy near 

fifltmoagers hall 
Soiith Jamca, goldfinith, fleet ftreet 
Smith William^ gekUmith, cheap- 
Smith WiHtani, fiiaor, at ar« 

Parr*i, 3t. Paul's chuixl^ yard 
Smith and Payne, banken, loth* 

Sfliiith and Emft, menhanti^ gicit 

Smith Robert, meal lB£br, thite 

«rown court, foathwark 
Smith William, haberdaiher, chiap- 
. fide 
Smith Thomas, hat maker, leaden" 

hall ftreet 
, Smith Thomas, mercer, imiihfield 
Smith and Annanc, merchaad, 

well court, queen ^fireet 
Smith and Harrifoii, wine mer- 

clMuits, great tower ftreat 
Smith Samuel, upholder, comptoo 

fireet, ibho 
Smith George, ^aiehou£eman, St, 

Aotholio's church yard, wat* 

ling ftreet 
Smith^Thomai, difiiller, fercftrett, 

Smith James, watchmgker, cbif- 

well ftreet 
Smith Henry, haherdaihcr, grace* 

c;|iurch ftieet 
Smith and Poad, linen drapers, 

a!4gate without 
Smith and Bickham, hiberdaihcrf, 



< i69 ; 

tnee, 3teer tud Berkto^ wkoletkfe Spagg Jtmet, IteliooTe hni£b 

Spalding Abraham and coaop. mer^ 

chaati, white CcO coait^ core* 

Spalding Jameij^ grocer, white- 
Sparks and Sawrey, habeidaiherf^ 

Sparrow Samuel, merchaAt, at mr« 

Walker*!, great St. Helena 
Spariow Francii, attorney, bread 

ftrcet ' 
Spatemah Sasiael and coiiip. gro- 

cersf cannon fiiCjet, opf jfite ni* 

Speed and Windle, droggifti and 

chymifti, old fi(h Areet 
Spencc George, merehant, buy 

court, St. M>ity ax 
Ipence Henry i linen draper^ corn- 
Spenecf and Clifford^ merchantf^ 

tomWhcelUoe* ctnftonftreet 
Spencer WillaBi» hofier, alderman- 
• bury ' . 
Spencer and Faulkner^ tobaccofilib, 

old fi/h ftreec 
Spencer and Dyne^ Goen drapert, 

charing crofa 
Spencer Benjioua, merch«at,feet2i- 

inghnei orAmfterdacn coffee^' 

Speodler Samuet^ ffSocr^ gutter 
. lane, cheap6dc 
Sperling Jatnei^nerchtntf minting 

Speffing Htnryi ncrchant, i&i\k« 

Spicer, Amoi and S&ilh, haber- 
. dafliert, fleet SreeC 
Spicks John, merchant and in* 

furer, great aylifie fticet^ gnod« 
inaQ*t iieldi 
Spilman Jaroer, cfq) bAek direAor^ 

Sace Leooaid, yamthrowtery hack- 

nqr, or Bitta*s coffee hoofe, 

0brohiU ' 
Saee Peter and comp. droggilb , op- 

^fite the wtft end of the nvH 

ezchanie ftrand 
Snell William and comp* metthantit 

auftin friari 
foell WiUiam, attorney^ laurence 

poontnty bill 
Saow and Deno, Vankeri^ withont 

Snow Richard^ merchant, haling* 

hall ftreet 
SoUit Chi iftophiery merchant, new 

crane, tapping ' 
Solly Ifiac and Samoclt merchaftta» 

* at a pa(1tei\, great Sr« Helem 
Salomon David, merchant, crotch* 

Solomdiiii Jcfeph, SA^rchant, gould 

fqiuie; ditto 
S^lomona Lfvy* merchant, cock 

and hoop yard, houndfditch . 
Solomont Mkhael, merchant, ca* 

thcrine courts tower hill ' 
looddy and Ore^up, Ibendrapen; 

borough, (bntlvwaik j 
Sottth John, efq) tank' direAoff 

, jcffery*! (qnare, St. Mar/ ax 
Soocfa John land Jofeph^ m^chaoti, 

Soiitli Jamei, oilman anM dOater In 

Jiopi» Sb Macgaret^t hiil;i footh* 

* wark 

Soothby John, wine merchant^ 
' cannon ftreet' 
Soothhonfe, Chapman aod ShaVp^ 

Ifonmongert, leadeohall ftreet ' 
Sonthhoofe William^' 
" milk ftreet 

Sow ley and Tkcrnhill, IiceoltQ^ 
< long acre 
Sowley Henry, merchant, at m^fl*, 

Sowley ind Thoriihilft, ditto ' 
Spnckmao Jamea and Jofeph, pew- 

tcffcra, fenchurch ftreet^. Actf 
' litoadkotc 


Coodittt ftieet, hanever fqiiare 
Spi%jry fo^Q.B.idges, kavdwaie- 
' man,' aldgate within 
Spink Sdward, 'hatter and bofier, 
• holboni, oppofite hatton gatdea 
Spitta Joha^ metcliant, at kir. Ed- 
warik'if old kwiy _ 

1 * Spoonor 

( 170 ) 

hottiemeOf cheapiide 

Spooaer Hanffrlbrd, mercbtiit^ it Stftviiu Edwaid^ timber Qetchimtf 

StebUng William and Kthettg iioea 

ara^ii^ corahiU 
Steal and 8tap)ie«i^ copper mtt*^ 

cfiaHtty cheapfi4s 
Stcd WUliaqi^ ef^j hoabj in keol 
Steele Joaathan^ brandy mcnhant^ 
"aiar the. tiiftom hitU, chaiaet 

mr. Lypo'fly rweeting*t alley 
8p#fg Samuelj filk thr^vfterJ ii»« 

foal cocir% ^u) ficMs 
Sporliflf Joho, little voorfieMt 
fttaUcr fohn, Uaaen draper« |vat«- 

liog meet 
Stagg WUiiam^ bfoker^ c&aiter- 

boufe ftreet 
puiofbrth and OOberRe, wiqe mer- 

chaats, 0I4 lioatli U% houkp Steele WUliaai* nerchaat^ ^necA 

Slallard TlMiiiaif drognftf kadia- 

Staadart Frederick, merehaAt^nar* 

ti8*t lane, caaaoa ftreet 
Btaadea Thomai, Haea driper, 

graflccharck ibtac 
Ccaadert, Thomai^.aiefchaat^ hgw 

9taoac««rick Jemifit ^Wd»ibr# 

Stanley Sawatd, bofler, taitff 

Staaton Roberf, ^mlch coCtod eme* 

|ioai«» ioTa Jaae^ aldcffvanbarj . 
ftlaatoa Jokoi kabenUfliar« ckeap* 

ftreety ekeepfide 
StaarenaOeo^e^ ef^j eaftiadU di* 

redor, poplar > 
SfteiDaiM^ Otte vid comp. niery 

cfaantf, oear IUdMrd*a ca!^« 
, Unc(i(eet 
Stepheai Jokoj ilatioqei^ kiflUide 

of the royal exchange 
Sreoheoa, Carter and Belch, leaihjBr* 

leDert^ nfmmt troet' 
Stepkem and noyd, packer^ liige* 

SiephfoaXMhael aad JameS| bit«r« 

en, primroi^ teet^ biik^%^ 

teet wUbpQt . 
Siuipheasloho and ftl^eiC oMflVai 
' wkitecEtptl 

Staatoa'VrilfiainftQdilbaaal^lBeff- Sl»heQf|fb% fikoijui^ wKtSpf 

can, claillera 
Scantop Ftederid^WKckgDtgtkretit 

needle ftreet 
$uple Peior, aerekaat^ bafiaglall 

Sreet ' 
tuples ^mf9» Uackvelkall faaoE, 

tokeahoufe yard 

^[{heoi Aodreia, mercE^t^ iS 
mr, BarrJey*i, leadenhaQ ftteet 

StefikeftTooL Seward, eC^; fveei 

' lopyre^ drajond ftiwet 

SteplMnlbn V^illiam> efq; t^tkPB^ 
old (Van If £e*r^*>lAeS'ftfJ^t 

fitapiea aod Cartif^ flwlt ^iSil|er8f Stephenfon aid Yatei^ ilUUiien» 

StcpkeAToa lobn, meidbaol^ fiiQl*e 
yardj boiklaae 

Scephenfoa William, fiuiSeffA 0ppc« 
ntc.c3Ktef^ckap|p^ ftraod. 

Stcrrop Thooiaa, kghefda&cr» 

StiU>let Jokft} coal nerdigntj^ neat 

the hennitaga 
Stapka George, ftAor an' wircr* 

botil^nutf, chfogmortoa ^eat 
Stark John, hair aaerchaat, bay tko« 

loroew clofe 

Stead waliao^ mecchaaf, Itiog* StecaArtboK, royel exchausc *^* 
Ortet, tower hMA . . ruraai* dWeQor mi uyexsJIm^ 

$tcad B«rnaidj tioca drapgr^ bUtj 

led lipa %oare' 
Stereaf Edmund, cornf^QofAGc^ 



cmut, lodg^ |lre«c 
Sttvent William - Hodgei| Itftther 

Stevenfoa T^oowt and Jithn, sar- 

cai»».qM€mflrect> cbeiffidi 
StevenfoQ John, wine aeschtaty 

coi^ couttf gitqpdkwch ftfttie . 
Stevenfoa Robert* mercBftot^ioMr- 

Steward and Hishmore, coal mer* 

ehaiiu^ thtti C(«ief| Uubci 


Stcvard lohtK Meea draptr^ amth 

bond ftreety hanoetf f^aAf 
SictraitArtliibild ud £»# sifr-t 

chanli^ york buildingty tf rand 
StMiart Jolui, siffdian&, genid^ 

fquaie^ crutched friara 
8t«rart Rtobir^ dioggill, gi«M« 

ckuKll flfOit 

Stiff i^Diel« ««rc|iaat« jive laae^ 

ftterk John, tefcer anrduutt,«a|^ 

Stock Jplin* oil todi coloiifffluuit 

newgate ftieet 
Slock Wt linii^ wiie iiMfclMitt oMft 

the eaft indie warekottCeiy iea« 

Stoktrand Camutt^ MpothMu6m$ 

Sconard Joho* corn hEbUf iMik 

Stone Samud^ grMcr^ kadcnholl 

Stone iUdfleVf efqf cewiiffioncr 

o£ trade» prity gaideo 
Stone Tbomuy diftiikr^ grtet dmrjr 

Seoiey Charlei, jeweller, Sld9t]r*a 

eiky. lekdlerficlds 
Storr Marmadiike, wctchdaaker, 

Story John, nnrchtnt, lanccnct 

Stow John^ WiUiam aaA Tkmmg 


SSMmhrd eh^ Acdhia, mtmtt}^ 

taviftock ftreet, ooveotgerdcft 
Snaten laMe«end ohm* dreggtftii^ 

%nttooHaory».Uaae«|irilMai H»^ 

tor» lothbury 
SftmvmOtkomtJumn^ oldnhaogf^ 

Soettooa and Rodhaid, linen dit« 

fen, leadeAfaeU llkcct 
S|hf8C Thomai^ hefier, neit dottr. 

to fomerfec- koofa, Smnd 
StftttOiorge, flatioiier, poidtiy . 
Sttetfield «Bd.Ciid»il^telonr«Mi^ 

budge row 
atarttcU J >hn, mmbmA, at. ar«: 

CoQkft*s| fife lane 
Strickland Thei9aa,f e^| gCBdni 

poll office* lombard ftrcet 
Stritklaod WUliMai li^^, flBok)r 
c Sreat, iontkiMMk 
Stfinger Jobo, naedbonftflMa^ ay« 

liffbftreet^ goodign|fr*t ficldi 
Strode Tbomaai cii|} bkenfiMirlr 

Strode Samoel, oil and colottrmaii^ 
« hi^holbom 
Sturgeon Tbonati hriilh h^ot^ 

Stylet |oiepk and fen*, ibtiaodri^ 

king-ftreet, cheapfide 
Siifike, Scott and cooip* weawrt^ 

fortftreet, fpitalfieUa 
Sabvio, John, fog at tainer, angel 

alky, frhtteehapel 
SoUvao Laurence^ efqi gteatniflef 

Sieet, hlooodBury 
SMBaei and Woedomn, diftiik|a^ 

near dock head, feuthwark 
Svniarland John and eomp, iron 

Ibimderf, alfaallewi^Une, thanea 

Soplflo Jodah, mflrchaot^buryftre«t« 

St. Mary ax 
Swaine Tofepb, faAor^ at tkefwaa 
, inn, Ld lane 
Swainibn Timothy, haberdafliev 

and siiUlaec, htttiett»ilrcet^ eo« 

▼eat garden 
SMUntJ<*ho, giocsl> biihop%«tt 

Arcatwtlhift^ ^ * 

i a •*■• 


wd%\ foallry * 
^ -11, Suck u4 comft ifeicrceif^ 

ktn| ftrett, cofiiitgiftfen 
Wiyne jMMTt diAillcr, ncwg^tt 

Iwflit md Rarbn, lintn dnpmi^ 

Sweet Nathttirly hhud araperi W* 

Aopf^ate withoat 
SwtttiDghftm WiUbm, Wokcr, 

mintfcu««» IbotkwMk 
Swift Joicph» wooUtn diaper, op. 
, p«6i« cieiMBt*a laa^ caonoa 

%ma^itmiud€tm^ coili cotttn 

aad glue mkcie, food lane 
SjdeidiamaBd Hodffos, flMicha&ti, 

a|daiibiB> Tbeadoia, tS^i ftfand 
Symet Thamat, bof ncrchaM a»l 

^laiaa, St.-llai|ai«t*a bill 
Symoodt He&ry» nerckaot, filter*! 

kaflcBiiit, caoooft ftfeet 


TALBOT Heary» DBttdiasr, 
Talcdt aid WcAan, pettera and 

giafr merchaatf, St. 01ave*ff, 

Talahect IsarkI, tnrkej merchant, 

little btll alley, cokman ftreet 
Talliet 1ainc% elq; red lion /qoare 
Talvin Tkomaf, apotbccaiy, grace- 

Tanered John and Walter, woo'len 

drapen, itiflel trcet, eoreac 

Tanner Ednvnd, ncrcbant; hnx- 

ton fquare, or baok coffee boufe 
Tapp William^ lioeo draper, bread- 
Tappenden and Hanbrjr, irenmon- 

gersy fofter Jane, rbeapfide 
Tapfcoc John, attorney. Mo. if, 

xKfford'a inn 
Taib Wiibam, wine mercbaat. liif* 

Iblfc lane ' 

7^ Tbonat, efiii 

ifeaApoit, cnUegebiU 

T^dMUB tad RoUaToh, M delb 
oianufiiAttreri, globe jard, wap« 

Tathan Ralph, irferchaat, C8W« 
per'i row, cratched friars 

Tatnali Wiltiaan, twaitboninnfl, ' 
Iremnonger lane 

Taveraor John, packer, icoieiata 

Taylor GcOfge, packer^ hadenbafi 

Taylor Edward^ broker, abcbaicb 

Taylor Jofepb, iberckant, bofii- 

hoe, caanoaftreet 
Taylor Baroard Frederkk, aotr* 

cheat, college bill 
Taylor J>>hn, batter, oppofite the 

Taylor^ and iba, rbinameo, nail* 

Teiie Frederick, ^Mrcbaat, at 

nnercei*a hall, ironaoager laae 
Teiifier Scepbo^ fta* . nefcbaflr, 

aoftio friari 
TqffierStcpbea, Jaa^tnercbaat, at ' 

mr. Harrk'r, wincheiler ftreet 
Tcaaaat and Mafibgbcrd, liaca 

drapen, cornhill ^ 
Territt WrJiam, tiniber mercbaat, 

bbck frian 
Tcft Tb'nas aad eomp. wiat 

tcooperd^t. laarybill 
Teflaa bfatthew, aaerchaaC, Acr* 

Teofli Frederick, mercbaat, ftir 

ooofC, bread Areft , 
Thackwell Thoma*, linen diapv, 

coraer d letter Uii«, bolbem 
Tbawyer George aad Sum, loMB 

drapen, borougb 
Tbead anJ Pickett, 

Tkecd Joha, haberda&cr, pbilpot 

Jane - . 

Tbeobaid Peter, timber OKicbant, 

baakfide, Ibotbwaik . 
Theobald P.ter, cfin bank direaar, 

broad wall, ioacfawark> 
T^y John, Iangkuie,ib9lbwai|i 



^iMUm P^cTi tf)) teak direaor 

and Berchacty Mtrtin^t Uxf, 

caoaoo Arect 
TJuMnai Peter and Tb0iBai» ma* 

duuua, ditto 
• Thom ThomM, londoo jifliaanfit 

dineAorr ditto 
ThomM JohOf mcKliaatt tt tht 

oU fentli ftt houfe, qld brwdb 

S'honM WUliaiBy grocer, imiih* 

fidd ban 
Thomii and MiCchoU^ inerchaa«i» 

^wpte hill 
Thomeguy Peter^ mtrchtnt, col« 

TiKnUaiUMi Johp, mcrchi&t^ buck- 

Xhomliiilba^ Trecothlck tad compv 

mercbanta, ditto 
Thompkias Joho, ptckeff fwiUun't 

Tbompiba Harryt iiicrcbaoc« Jbo* 

Tjioinplbo» Steward tad coonp* 

BnrrhHti» Su awry i|iU 
ThMaploA Sir Pttor, *> Sharp aad 
,.9miht.m€fdmiit»p anil ilreatA 

Tfc w Bf lop WUfiiOlj . fflcrchaotf * 

lborter*i court, thro|nBortoa ftreet 
TboBHl^ Hcary, €Ic|mb|o broker^ 

fiitfoa*aeoff€«bottft» or at mile 
.tad . . 
ThoBplba tni VftA, hop hGtott, 

C ns ) 

Thomlba Thomaii^ fpamih leather' 

drafler, caftk court, Coothwark 
TboBBroa Aodrtw^ nercbant^ au* 
> fttafrtaffi 
Tbooifon and DdAcan, ncrcbaatt, 

ianitacc pountpey lane 
Tfaoroa Tbomai, goldlmitb, wood- 

.•ftvcety chcapfide 
Thorne Koberii watcbnaker, ditto 
TboiocoOjTboaiu, bop aaercbaat,. 

tooley ftreet 
Tborntoa aad CorowaU, ancrchaott 

and iofureit, aogeicoarCi throg- 


Tboifltoft wmian^ d^;' aaft iaA^ 

dtreAor, aldernaabo^ 
Tb^rp Caftle, wiaemercbaat, croft 

laae^ St, aury bill 
Tbofta William^ copper finitb». 

Tkos^Stsavels carafiidor aad ia<* 

forance brolter, ayhic ftrecr, 

fOodman*a fields 
Tbiclim Hcary, aMrchanf^ bate- 

leu's boildiagt, bolborn 
Tibbs Thooua, colourman, bolborn 

Tichbeno aad Doughty, woolicg 

draper?, poultry 
Tidaiarih Joho^ pewtercr, loth^ 

Tieiaey Jamer» royal esKhaage a£r 

forance dirc^or and meichanty 

mark laae 
Tieraey James aad Thomas, mer* 
• chants, crutebcd frhn ban 
Till Straeeyi* linen draper, fw 
_c))4fcli ftreet. 
TUlcard Jamas, diftillcr>* UAopfgire 

imett . WiUiam» gaocar* aailk^ 

Tillbn Thoitiaf, t^oeet* biAopfgata^ 

firect without 
Ttmibo Edward ud ttmp« hoTierij 

aldern: anbury 
Titacr and Marih, lilk brokcrta 

new ftrect, ncxc devonibire 
, fqoare . ' - ' 
Tod William, merchant, loehbnry 
Tod James, br«idy merchant , ^ diT- 

tatt lane 
TfA Joha, grocer, wappiog 
Todd Robert, druggift, lombard 

l^alet and Taykur, mirchaafs^ > 

thrcadoeedle ftrtct . 
Tollrcy Samuel, linen dmpar, 
.cbeapfide - <«. 

Tomkint Bcajamin, linen diaper, 

bread ftreet 
Too^kins John, packer, flietbont 

Tomky lichaid, kardwaiamaa,. 

borough ^ 

( 174 ) 

rict %iih<ip%>tt witfaDot 

Vteliate J^bfb, tolv ia Jiiii Townfeod and foo, hthcuiiftrnt 

wood« W4p|Nagdick MgiMllllI 

VMific Johai Cffliie ftieichiftt, TownfendWiUian^ wifleaeiduMt^ 

lower thiiDts llie«t 1iliieihr«t 

TooftM Jtcob wd Richaci, twl^ Townfend Joho^ «MrdBll^ «Sr. 

Iilkn, Arand : Miry Oe 

ToolM LethkuUkt» tvrfcfy oer- tWfi<eiid J ha «»4 canrp. am* 

«l»ot» liCtk bai iMty, t olWiMl chanti, loft lane eaftchoip 

trccc - Toter Jabn ^td cOtop. «ieiclaat% 

Topping TioMtby, imifmutg kn^ blUiter lane 

don bridge IVallope fIoafy« ^i* ntR^ani^ 

l^iflg CbarlWt fcfldfiMB> Itadan* friday ftreet 

liali Areec iWa^ Rt>(»e^ tHttiCD^ lieaciiaitk 

9Win Jahn-CharlM, teplnri «ar«i ftreet 

tsD*tUne TVcdwat THdmM» ||i«vt-blkr^ 

Tbrin Jami-Uwil, jt WUil ', thr 6f> leadenball ftreet 

■aorcoa ftretc Tr Atarn Vioceirt, bat mODttt be* 

Torin Dadci» watchfflafcalr^ mMr. luad S« TteoMM't iM^kdik 

fialdi laathwjiTt 

Torriflio8ir|olin,lDM»€affra«iy*f TreUwnyJoiu^haheida&er,ai|IU 

^dOet iia«lt9 nr «amb«««N ItelekM 

TMM^Mcl^filklMlKryHii'C. Trent Waiiltt.«iMry,«ipliiiitr» 

Ifi^lCfim <iMK>laa|ane 

IbnriMt Sanmel.and wHf, -aap- Tkefiliana ibt Mhkmtm^ 

bidetf Ike muiMm diiM^ftMec, eovont ^ 

, . . mincioglanev 

baUfliteC TH|rf«Ranl*B^1 

old bead ftictt ' TOggeJdiH»> Mma ii^i a i / f 

craft, Trimn^er John and cooip. mtm 

Tmren Jofaa, kaberda&er, irHiiMt duMCi, Molph Ham ' 

^ . Trinder Datid and comp, — n p ii if 

Towcia teimtl^ ktrdwiraMli, tbadweridock 

conihill Tn^net Tboaif^ dycri ^ftiNTa 

Towlc a«l GHMke* ^M|^# Ml- ilreee, i^na ««>I>< 

Trotnan John^ corn faftapj t 
Townlnr Haoinee, bop mer^rt^ Ittttt, |0odtimi«^4lelli 

iOppaite barp lann, Ihatici ftrenc Trotter John, vphtfUtr, duflttMritt 
Towttfend ChaoBtey, ttcrebant^ feho 

aalKnftiai* . Tanman, DouglaitBd H^rt, flttr* 

Townfen* Charlea, t^| frdftnor ebtw*, tM %r«a« ftrMt 

Towniwd Jame,. grocer, MtMMd hoe fpital field? 

Towofend and AJthaa,, woelJen ^^T'^Z'JSSi'^^''*^ 
^*»P«r«« 'aewar «r aJLI.^^ ^ «f«t» war crfppie gate 
Ibai?^ ^^ •^ *»'»»' ri«^ Tuck« Samuel, ioiiiraKt «flk«« 

cbiAge alley 

/ Tbcfco 

VflfdB^lKU BllflttRQIf WDoiRIt on* 

per.', 8t.<tcmcnt*ic]n(rdi)nird 
Vodtttt ttfi|f * fucnhftiit^ ftiAty 


ToflFJohn, infnrer^Sc* Birt!holo« 

Taffley Robert, merdufit, puftdSqg 
* lane 
Tttke yTilXkaxt ^iftilfer. HtktXu 

'Vohe HichoUi, ttcr^iit, lifoe 

llreet ^ 

WlieTittodiy^ t^l fieeft f^Mfe, 

emiDiul ftrett 
Tomer Whichc0tt» el^|' ted lloo. 

ttrvet, faoltorn 
Turner tnd Poiier» Imea dfipilff 

fleet flrm . 
TtBTiHer anttnel, toiiddki ^tfuMii<ec 

direaor and ntrduuity muiclm 

Turner Thomti and John, ft&flMi* 
' ketl^ Mrh>'«r ftrcA, ttrdilF tfoft 
fttrner add Luard, ItaeKliantiy 

copthall cotin^ thregmoftoft* 

ilreet . 
Ihniler Jamtt dod JoftjA, #A<llt, 

crifpin ftrceCf fpica) fieldi 
Toropenn^ JeoiiUi, dUKtlpii^ 

cJofa i^tMrt 
YorqiutodMVt folar refiner, frei^ 

gaitaftreac, Whitechtpel 
Toi\m ^oTeph, koniBOfigcr, Su 

ldaff|»ret*« ktlt. borwigh 
twtStijAn, hoficr, wOod Urctt ' 
Tufkiihi and Cirtir, teanien, Um 

. Vffeux.^ourt, fleet <ftrtet 
Twyteab >ihb, bioUr,^^. Catlis* 

riae'i court, -n^r troftgate 

^TTAILL Airr^Ml, C(94|&oo&feIJ 

▼ft1« W^UffiB, iMKfaB&tV tiYiftotk 

ftrect, covent gtrden 
TaleAtine Ifofiid, Wakett, chneitf- 

nee^e ftreet 
Tan Affttrdelft Miie, fnercfaaat* it* 

a packer*!, St. Thomai apoffihei 
WndeooEnden, fen. and ]qik tapr^ 

chanti, btiry<oiitt/Se.M^ax 
^^jiaderfocrfch |oliii, Woltier, thread- 
need] e ftreec 
Vandenneulen Frederick and Jdhff^ 
' werdnttti, bdarblkider lane 
Vandeiplank loha, ma^ktttt^ tlii 

Fatei^f hill 
V MBdeffiB CttMDittt/ flOfeitnattt, af 

the Aoifterdam coffee -Itodflt. 

dMreidmedfeftriet ^ 

Vandewall Markcf, liiMb drapter^ 

Vane. Waiter, efa| finith fee diree* 

tnr afld merdiantj IcMhurcfaEk 

Vaee 19k)ter« jfim lueithaat, cTI 

. loath fee hobfe, broad jfeteet 
Vbft Mfeilyp anA ffepklm, YiMi 

chanti, new broad ireet 
tfke Keek Sir Jofto^, ban. ehi 

cooipa noerciiaBi!iif ditto 
Tan Kick OtnrA, )qjIhu aftAteolup; 
* flierehaiiti, dfcto 
Van Motlen Btler, merchlmt, llldr^ 
' chfeiit, iTevbidhlre f^tfave 
Van Rixtel Joha, merchant^ el^« 

ttdry chtftchyaM ' 
Vaughaa Oeorgji,.laecinaa| ftitD4, 

rOkt hikhtk ftreet 
VaQghaii Williaib, btdkar, hat^ 

Hey, 9t It L^&y d*a vofTaB hmtk * 
Vaoghaa Benjamin, broker, lU^v 

Tkhee ponntney ltt» 

9*Wyne, John, broker, fmiay ftreet V«>|baa Samuel, nienhint» ium- 

Tyera Stephen, broker, ^Ccheap 
Tyrtell Charlei, hofin, fleet ftreet 
f^yfer WiUiaai, laceman, litfle W« 

Tyroo and Whileleck, IvarckraHi- 

K&*% iooft, tfiinethg lai^ 
Vaaghan Edwart, fan maker, tdtn* 

Vaux Rkhard, difliUer, hatchfer- 

tom, rauliffa&la 




OlMy Oe»f|t Mi X^bflt, 

Vert, Qlytt md Hilliiu^ bnkilt^ 

liiffe hmmf filkoMBf Mtr tlie 
Wbrkiou^i witbovt bUkopigatt 

Vcrqcy Georfe, wtrehoufcmaB^ 

kbgifttt, chcapfidc 
VetaesobraDMud, BMicbuit, ptU 

Veraoa liward, cfi|| veyalcttliangt 
' aflbnact iiicAor^ MilBik tanetp 

MbgiM SisMfl and f«at» ware* 
. boofaBtBy |iriact*i inct, Mi* 

iThchoIff Heniy^ BMRlaa^ pliil- 

pot lane 
ViaJirt Daaid, mcrcbaatt tuftia 
. frtiri 
VUiu irtsc, merduaCy Imn'ttut, 

Vkkm Thoam^ wia« aancBaBt^ 

Sc.' James*! hay Birket 
Ti|t)e ThonaH aKtchialy wal» 

Vigncaad Cbaaaaey^ ipui>po«dtf 

mcrdiaBtif ditto 
TtUtoa Antbony, aMickiat, kch« 

bury; or Tom*! col&De boaTc, 

YilGoji Franc)f, Tom*i coffee boiift^ 

Yincent Glht» pi^kcr» St. Mtiy 

■ ax 
Vioccot Roberta ftttioiierj lUiAurj. 

cooft, fleet ftrtct 
Tmcent Gcoige» ibep iBikeff« al* 

derfgate ftrcet 
Vificr William^ dnigiift aad eby* 

ai]ft>. feachanb ftrcet 
Vincfl 9o<^^^« mcrehaaf, liict 

Vipond Nickolat) iipliolfterer» bar- 

tbolomew clofe 
Virgoe Jvba^nd Geoiigc, mcfchanu. 

•M Jewry 

VoderkiH tad Rataaii goa^powte 
aMTckaatt, threadneedle fireet 

Underwood Joba and foa| ]e«ellcn^ 
feller hntf ekeapfide 

Unwia aai f^hately, wbaleboaa 
sierckaatsy kiag ftreet^ cheap- 

0awia aad WriggleTworthf bird* 
warenea^ cbeap£de 

Yokes Heory^ wine merchaat^ hat* 
wB gaidea 

Yob Gh^ea aad RichCer, 
cheats, aear Richard*a 
lima ftrcet 

Yoofd NaUiankY, Pee Ootet aaA 
comp* aiercfaanlt, deroaikirc- 
ftvecti witboot biAopigate 

YoweU Jdba« fiatkner^ wttfiag 
ft* tec 

Vpfold aad Frith, fflboeay. peoltry 

VAiorne Joha, lioea draper,, ^eet 

iKborne Edward^, groeer^ k^lbai* 

inhei Tkoaufjt aMediaat^ at warm 


WACKBTT ymmB,^ni» 
gift, kolbom bridge 
Wa4e Edward^ ^ttmB^jt tm^ 
Wagg and Bkker, hop flMrekaatf^ , 

white, kart-ioayboiaiigb^ fcatk* 

Waghora aad H«IVMt threadaMB« 

byhop(gate ilreet withia ' 
Wagacr Anthooy aad George, hat* 

tetr, pall- mail 
Wagibff, Shattlewotth aad comp« 

warehottieaie^, caftic coart, laa* 

fence lana - 
Waiparrfgjbc WiUbBj gncer j hol« 

' baro bars 
Wainwriftht aa4 Withan, Inwa 

drapcrt, cheapfide 
Waite Robert, haidwareaiaa, dttta 
W&keford aad Staiftdert, fogar ba« 

kcra, broadwa/, black friars 
WaUo Tiaiothy, attani^, fidtaa 

kail, caaaaa ibtet 


chardiluit, lombtfd ftreet 
W«Ik«r Ifaac^ P^ck^, gmt 

Walket Ttma»9, nMffcliinti thimit 

ftreer^ acar billiAgfgait 
W«iker« SteaTCiN and Ai^lMmh brew* 

€rt» mill ftfcttf rotharhitii 
Walker Tboiiiaf« n^eichaat, foho 

Waiter TJiomai^ vio^ mtrchia^ 

aew hermitage ftreet, wappiog 
Walker leko, IroamoAger eo4 tea*- 

ficr, cheapfide 
W«lkar Jeho^ fugpr baker* friday 

Walker and Dawlop* liaeo drapen» 

W«lker J«niee> weaftr> ftewai^ 

ftreet, fpital ficMa 

W4lk«( Andrew, chymift and cOf 

iourman, ted lioo yacd,'co,14batk- 

fieldt. ... 

Walker Peter* merchant* at nu 

Kiag% M. Meitip'ek graad- . 

Wall Capcll* grocer* Icadcnhall 

Waller Richard and Ion, gun na- 
kert* nanXel ftreet* geodman'a 
WaUioier and: Fletcher, ftooeand 
mirble mcrchaoti* niUbeokj weft- 
Wallington John and comp. iesp* 
■ maksrs, ledcrofi ftreet . 
Wallia John, tutkej merchant*. No* 

9j coney court* graj*8-inn 
Wallii William*, ftationer*. grace* 

church ftreet 
Wallia Thomar*. meichant* yjork- 

WalUs Joiiah* fnldoth and iaU* 

maker, hermitage ' 
Walmcily Willum* igeot* fcoUaad 

Weimefljr and WoUoftoo* dniggiftf* 

fnow hill 
W^liby Ederaid, hardwaremao* fifb* 
. aeet hiU 

Waliham and Bite^ difliUcf I* ■ tl* 
dnlgMC- fticst 

ab- Walter Ajbrabam^ tea inrgboilfli* 

blowbladder ftreet 
W#Ito.n j^uchier, efq| eaft indic 

diredor, aagelcoorc* thregmor* 

ton ftreet 
Walton Thomai and Bonchier* nir* 

cbantt*N ditto 
Walton apd Voyce* Seen itapetti 

Freeman*! court* eomlulL 
Waltep ^William* cera Mm^ 

cratched friara 
)Walton Enoch*; n^ faaor* pri^ 

cot ftreet* goodman*i fieUa 
Waogferd William* diftUkr* aeiT 

Ward Jnhn^ bookr«lIer*appofite thn 

royal exchange 
Ward John* packer^ and kot prcf* 

ftr, woodftreet 

Ward William* babefdaikcr* k^* 

born, near tke bars 
Ward William* broker* Kn. 4|, 

b«kir*t boildingf* old betklem 
Ward George* . packer, fife 'laee 
Warde John* t£^i fduth fea dircaof*. 
. liaibn*! yard* duke ftreet* St.* 

Jamei*t fquare 
Wardell Thomai* brandymerchant*. 

themes ftreet*. near the cuftonu 

Ware Catherine* bookfeUer* lod« 

gate hill 
Warne Jo(hut* warehettfeman* nevr^ 

gate ftreet 
Warner Stmeon* coalfaAor* eaft 

lane* rothcrhithe 
Warner and Hagen* merchanti^* 

mill ftreet, (bothwark 
Warren Wtlliam* merchant* at mrV 

Tower *a, without' aldgace 
Wanen Jpho* fugar baker, watef- 
' lane, tower ftreet 
Warriner and Hirtley* ^elefak 

gloveri * . fi ihftrect hill 
Waihington Richaid, merchant,. 

Lloyd's coftce hoaie*- kmbard: 

Wafi Samueland Ton* haberda(hcri*, 

lad lane 
Waterman Saffioel* flBerchAB%^Ack' 

J.5, yf^ma 


Waicii TkMHi* tlqi dkfr u4iti 
'tre£kor. blooaftaiy f^ttaie 

WMtri Ma^ eOTA AAor, oil 

Wftcera JafpcTji brokeri RAe flnet, 

WachiQ Johq, hatter catoBM trett 

Walfciai MlAyflMtckanf, itJolHili 


WiAioa WAJtWi tJ^rer^ tlMA|t 
■Uty, ricto 

Uecon houfc, ftrtod 
WtHbo Jotlf meidiaftt^ difJian 
Wttroa WilJiaiBi iroainoiigerf 
' tteoBCi Afeety netr die cvIIom- 

bpuic ^^ 
^Tdtiflv TnotntSj nuBnttf DOrou|2if 

Watfon Join, fiAiD^r^ 9r. JahnS 

wftxiotk Tnomas tascochptfiovciVj 

idcholai lane, lambard ftreet' 
Watfon Jaha« mcrdiaiitj abchstfcb 

bne, ditto 
ll^atts John, merchuty tpkenhouft 

Waus and Potter, tobacoonifta, 
' b'cad ttrttt 
Watts WiUiam» cooper > upper 

tfaames ftreet ' 

Way Lewii, efq; deputy gOYerncr 

of the fottth Tea coopaajr, lin- 

coln*f-inn fielda ^ 
WeaJe WilliaiD, bra tter," wood* 

Weals Wnittm, linen draper, eheap* 

Wear and Taylbr, eom U^itnt, le* 

mon Areer, focdmaa*8 fields 
Weatherby, Growther and Aber- 

'nethy^ potters, St. Catherines 
IVraver Samjel, merchart, nearStb 
'' Martin** hne, thames ftrect 
Webb Danul, eil^ Chrift*t hofpt- 

Webb John, grocer, thaa«ftrcet, 

sear (liiing^MC ^ 

WM PWer, }MN^^^ i&rdgflMitai 

Webb Dwiid, jwu BiiMkaiit, bdl 

court, mincing lane 
Webb Fmieii; wooi iMet^ not 

maiden Iwie 
fMb Aid SMkefpar, mudm% 

Webb Omiel, Ati^mer, mMug 

Webb Uid mnvttt, Hbcb dkipcft^ 

acwiatt ftdt 
W«b|raft^SMi«plb», wh(o|eftlenp« 

hoUlerera, threatntodle llrett 
Webb KMiaid, corn fii€h< Baka% 

coffee houfe, change aliey 
Wcbbo, Mark abd Viny, iliiMdM* 

pen, york ftrcet, co?entgai#ea 
WchAer WiHffte, #atch «kakdr, 

change alley ' 
W^bJder Jana fnd Ooorge, drag* 
- gills, kideiditti firett 
Wekller Thomas, actoraoy, '^ 

Webfter Joho^ dMkrv rid tt« 

Wedd«lSafflttel, haberdaiheri with* 
- ioafdgatt 
WedgeWood «nd BfiA, wuAtak* 

nacn, cateaton ftreet 
Welch Thdtaiaa nftd ha^ flgtapceit, 

kdgtte Areet 
Welch and Dorc, grocert, Won#St« 

Weldon and Mercido, ^ nUic aoti- 

riea, caftlenlfoy, cornhitl 
Well Niehokn*Lf#it and ^OO) oKr^ 

chants, ^ueen ftreet, cheapfide 
Welles Jv^hn, jeweller, at the hce 

and liaen Warchoofe, corner o£ 

paternoAer row, cheapfide 
Welling* aikd Jacob, dlHi^tlb, pool* 

Welb Ckarka, broker, wacUog 

WrUt John^ hudwaremaii, londott 

Weila Matthew, goMfmith and 

jeweller, ruflcl court, cofent- 


c m ) 

'WbM^ttt. Gtlirielj finnrbttaty at Whiitoh Anthbiiy^ tterdi^t, hA 
mr. Widkltr*!, t>^tSt.Hklbni lion ftreet, hoftom 

tor and turkey merchant, Vpfop 
Whatl^ George, merduint^ at mr« 

Scratton*!, lothl>ary 
tfheat Hkotttts^ )mth Irtpibr^ dter 

jaurence lane, chopfide 
Wieatfey Retirf « Ihip tSuhifiir^ 

fliad-uuiliei '. 

Whtfttlejr tod MdtBlles, tiltol^illle 

upholfteren^ deine&t*i Knej Ipm* 

VaMftteet ♦ 
Wheeter John^ n^chtht^lotie luw^ 


Weoham Jobfly'iuerchafit, tSiecor- 
i^'df iliig*^ fai^d Co«rt^tlto»eiit*t 

^nRhiUMi Amttiy tiftirhao^ titoVU^ 
HAS o^ tbb t&p\ ttttxMige 

WenOey and Low, packett, l^reftt 

W^nflsy, Low and C^nftapte, Vrbol- 
%n iraperi, witii)* bifiiopfg|kite 

Weft Wilkihear, diflilleir, without 

Weft Oanfd, fattfn wciver^ #ood Whwter Ohirei^ di^Sflefi l^a0ti(i« 

ftrecf, fpical *eld| hall ftreet 

Wflft ^tmiel, ikinner vtA ITatHery 'Whlchrott Sumiel^- watehmakir^ 

^tfci^dftetr rdir fleet ftreet 

Weil^ll Jbhi>, ironinoD^a'^ gnice- Whiphate WiDiam, ^v!ile ctfopir^ 

• thtfrch'^ftitet fwithin's hnft^ and yTaUfo^. liheh ^t«^ Whiftoo and Whitf^ bbokfefl^t^ 

t*'»;'clieapfi(h ilettftfeet 

Wefter n. Maximilho, t(^f llticda^i Whitaker WiHSam, merdant j , cti-' 

Wiiftoli Iflf^it, t6trpc^ wappiag 

"itf^flln' ifn* BhJti«y,* ftJtt faftdrt, 

iittlq trinity lane^ near quTdea* 
"' Ihitfte 
yre(lon John« pack:^^, ^tg-dltor> 

tehirftiife-dttiijie ' 
Wefton Thomai^ .tobiu^llift> tola- 

tAtA ftye^t 
Wethftrby Kikttfn» tn<f chttnt, Wk^- 

rdbe coun/do^ors eombionfty br 

at the anion coiFie h'duYe. corn* 

Wetbtrell M^nnidtokfc, cfaymift, 

wtd Afllthfield 
Weth^rell Robert, linen drapo^ 

Wetherftone Alexander, nif rcBant,. 

portogal ftreet, lincoln's inn fields 
Weviand Jbhu, efq} bank diredor, 

George*^ lane, pudding lane 
Weyland John and Mafk, mer<» 

chilntff, dsorge^a lane, ditto 
^Whatfty atid Manning, wine mer- 

fhaoti> btihoprg»t9^ftiect «riChiB 

" pBvVbridgfe 
Whitchurch Janei, cfaj op^fite- 

the pay oflifcfc, brbtJ Wect 
WhitbYead^Gifftrt and leedi, hard* 
. wafemen, cannen ftreet 
White Kdlnu&d, weftiniiia btdker, 

titw bdir key- cofl«fthoufe, or 

White John, teaman^ fitthe ayfiffco 

ftreet. 'KoodmanN fiefda 
White John, gold beater, St iMil- 

dred*ieuurt, poultry 
Whit« and Warr, iitoen draperi,. 

woodftreet, cheapfide 
White and Davis, refinert, ftlvei* 
' ftreet, wood ftictet 
MThite James, falter, bwpr thamta- 

White John and J«ieph, hat ware- 

hoisfe, newgate ftreet • 
White James, linen draper, . frida^p 

White, Thomfon and Perry, laaok 

drapers, ditto 
White Thomas, ironmonger, up-l 

per thamtt ftreet, near londoA' 

j^^. White 

i%r, bt^ngMl ilrett 
. Wbttici J Jkw, wooliea topcr^ St 
Maran't k pud 
iVhitea ana WeatbcrtJ], habcrdaik* 
•n, bolboro bridge 

WUtflBPit JohB| mtrchftit, Im- 

fMCt f^Mnkf Um 
WliiCMQfe WJlli«», broker, oU 


Whitrow WiUiam, Vottoa maker 
,jad Tclvtt weaver, petticoat- 

laae, wUtcckapcl 
WhHuker Abraham and WilUaoi, 

lalterly •U fwan Aatrt 
.IVhktaker WiUiaiD, iiicrcliaiit/B«- 

diorch ftreet 
WUks and NctharMi, gpUfmiikt 

mni. jtmtlkh, pAAlMi ftreet, lei- 

* Wiftht and Gralum, inerckinti,SC« 

Wight Toko, corn liAor, mark- 
Wilborfiwet WilKam, ]«a. ncf- 

ckant, kieg'a armt yard, coif- 

man ftreec 
Wilcox Johji, nercBaiif, princeTa 

ftioet, near the nunfion houle 
Wikos Edmand/ merchant, eal^ 

Wilde and Blfwdrth, mvckantt, 

rood hin-,.graceckQrch irort 
Wilder Jeremiah, eonfeaioner, 

chetp6ae| near the peuitry 
WiUman, Page and comp. mer« 

chants, laareoce jMoltocy hill 
WUdman Waikinlon, ji^fiBith, 

WildoDThomsSftobacconifl', pnnce'f 

ftrcet, letceAer^ fie'ds 
Witfbrd Samuel and ibo>mcfckanti, 

boteiph lane 
Willcim CharJes* oilman, great 

tower ficeet 
Willcinf Umef, blackwelhall faO* 

tor, b»£ogh«iJ ftrcet 
Wtiklnibn Piockney, mcrchint,, 

jMw broad ftrcet 


WUkinfoo and Pdl, watckoQiean 

kingftreet, cheapfide 
Wtikinfon Thomas, irerchast, at 

mr. Yarding*!, miles'e lane, can- 

Jion ftreet 
WUkinfen and Meriton, ironaioo* 

gert, tormiU ftreet 
Wikinibn and Boleocky kabcrdaft- 

en, St. Margaret^ kill, ibutk* 

Wilklnfi>n John, iUtioncr, ntr 

mary lane 
Wilktnibn Jokn» broker, Mfr 

tower ftrejbt 
WUkinfbn Jacob, mercfiasit,^ar«- 

Barber'i, abchurchlano 
WHkinfon Richard, ftadoner, north 

fide of Sr, Paol'a church yard 
Wilkiafon Ctiarlot, cabinet maktr^ 

St. Paul's church yard 
Wtlkirtion and con^ jnerckantl^ 

keztott Iqoare 
WUka and Wilkinfim,^ diftjl&n^ 

turnmiU ftreet 
Wilks Robert, hofier'and linen dm*' 

per, new ftreet, nesit devonftoiO 

Wilks Ifrael, diftiOer, St. Jah&l» 

Wiflcy Jlmcs*cottondea]er^3t.Tk»» 

mas apoftlet • 
WiUet John,, orange owrchaflt^ 

thafoes ftreet 
^iBeit Wakefield and coap. meffb 

cers, lad bne, wood ftreet 
Williams. Sanue^ lador, grace* 

church' ftreet 
WilBaihs'aod Lawit grocen, par» 

liament ftreet, weftminfter 
WinfamSflAurence and Lucas, gro* 
. cers, grace chnrch ftreet 
'Williami Jofeph, brolCer,,$t«JJiiBei*a 

WillUms Benxtmio, broker, ftfl* 

church Kuildiogs 
Williams Stephen, Knen draper and' 

calltco printer, poultry 
'Williama Thomas, fait merchaot, 

oppofite pudfiog laae^ tbamea* 



C if I > 

Winiami Thedphilui, bttker, it 

the ABtigallinn coffee houre, 
. threadneedle ftreet 
WilJiaim Anthony, diftiller^ crofs 

ftfcct, earo«by nwrket, ptiAth 

WiOttHM Thomii, chiiiMnao, St. 

James*! ftrett 
WiUtamt WiliitfB^ tinea, dfaper^ 

without tempYe bar 
Willbmi aiid GemTielli hofiert, 

ch apfidi 
Williamibn Robert^ meKhant, tth 

keolMNiic yaid, or Lloyd*a coffee 

hoafe . 
WilUag Robert,, warehoafemaiii at 

Mr. Mean*f| cheapiide 
Willis Robert^ me: ohaaty old Aih* 

,WiIlM Richard, merchant, fvn^ 

gardcfla, cfttCchedirixn 
Willif, Reade asd comp. bankeff, 

lombatd ftreet- 
Willit J.'feph and oomp. woolfiaj^ 

Jcra and warclMMifefflen^baxtho* 
, lonew lane 
WiJloughby Henry* brewer,.tower- 

Willfim and Ton, droggiibj 

fit« the maafioo hcu(e 
WlUfim John and ion, 

carey ftreet 
WiJlTon Jamci, woollen draper, 

drury lane , ■ 
yrmUm WilUam,. woellea draper, 


^WiUon Samuel and fott, hardlrirei 

men, canaon ftreet 
WiUbn Samuel, tea dealert poultry 
Wilfon ^moc), jun, mtrchant, at 

mr, Hinmtod'e, iieachBrchh 

WilTon an^Xhornhill, (;roceri, Sib 

Paurs churchyard 
Wilfon Richard, waithoofcmai^ 

hing ftreev cheapfide 
Wafoo Riflhard and William, gimb 

makera, mtnories 
.Wiifon Franas, broker,* chartaf* 

crofs, or Ipnathan*! ct^ec houfe, 
. ' change alley- 

t^ilfoQ Robert, and comp. com* 
^ iaaors, aylifib ifareet, goodman^ 

Wilfono Robert and fan,.ftatioBcii|. 

lombard ftreet 
Wiltihi e Ifaac, caleader,. barge* 

yard, bocklfiib iry 
Wimpey and Mariden, mcrcheatly 
. newgate ftreet 

WiQch James, ironmonger^ Idiig ' 
. ftioet, cheap^de 
Winch Robert, druggUk and eh/* 
• mift, hay market 
Wiflckworth Nicholas and Benji* 

mm, ftbun-fadorsandmealmen, 
. qucenhitba 
Wiock worth hugh, grocer, crippli* 

gate without 
Wlockworth Benjamin^, meal ftc* 
. tor, broken wharf^ upper thamea 


Wiliibn Thomu and'comp^ ribbon W^ndfor Richard,; undertaker, oU 

weavers, wood ftreet^ cheapfide 
'Willfon Edward,. weareri widrgata 

alley, fpit^ fields 
Willy William and Comp. mer- 
. ahantSf barge yard> bock'ei(biry 
Wilmer J ^hn, iafurer, floke new- 


broad ftreet 
Wiofpiear^ThomM, diftillcr, hq^ 

burn bars 
Wjnter Jphn, %(^i agent, bretrcf^ 

ftreer, golden fquare. 
Winter William,, grocer, near St. 

Ctorge*t churchy fouthwark 

Wilfon Thomas, e^|» era veil ftreet,. Wint|ierp Steven, mtrchant, georgp 

Wilfon Thomas, broker, Oarra- 

way's coffee houfe 
Wilfon Thomas and comp. hara« 

burgh merchants, atmr* Card* 

atn, great Sn Helena 


yard lombard ftreet 
IVjotle J>>hn, hofier, london bridgg 
Wmwuod J »<eph, woolftapler, fo» 

mcriec ftreet, goodjnan'a Aelda* 
Wife Daniel, lioen draper, without 

WKUbm WS&ta^' ibco Ampler. Woodt Okoiigf i iirtafcdepciv Uttfr 
fcmhty «iicbc«p 

f«k% e4i ki«g Arekt, Woods fdmaad tnd Jofepb^ diftil* 

8c Amari ittt^ Warwick laoe 

Wtfnr Thaamt MNr. bell Anih« Wooit tu.d DtmfMk, wjoolfoa te^ 

tea, Lu4|atc hiil pers, black friart 

Wnitm JuMH bmKV nl «m6 Woodiwi^ llntttaiw, torn A66r,> 

ftiott broad ftreet buiMingt 

WHiMtfbf TfaMDaa, iatitodri Mv- IN^wdWaM lAha^ wafehMifeiiMui, 

cUa lMie> conUiiU catcaton meet 

^RPlthin «id Liitri HiMii dnfen, WboUkrt^ Thoiniis, (Siftilkry leet 

BCWgateftreiC . ftteet 

^ITklMve.Mtfy, hoftMdler, flMU WooikV Gmger er<n nerfnrer to 

ftraet, Mtt ilM WDpU pft tkm toiflh lltt codDfltof « IflMtk left 

WitMBDOOi OonefiM 8B« DMc, hoaie 

vlttdtir aftfcHiBliy MootfieMt WMlkSr WiUktt^ Htfiier^ cketp* 

Wim Bi«oifte, JuMB toptrj ftidaf fide 


^j^oiwwofdi SttiMief^- ilieMwdit'yi 

yoel l ^diea t ft BtVftvl • jMui> dunilaa't courr, Diincing kHB 

wtafCTr prirnnfe ilNtt^ UbopT- WorMeePiiBipdiidJplhiftCttrtilcIf' 

faft ftfcec wikkoyt finecm«li*fl coort, cornMH* 

WtoAmtU Oeofge,. ttudnaCy Womil Cfatiltt tad f6t», wnt* 

craidMA Malt *■ hoafemeo, kareflce taftb 

Wood WUIiaai, %riM MfdMOt^ IK^wrill Jofar^Bookfeikr^btUTartfr 

ditta near Utteolii*B^nUi 

Wo«4 ud coap* tewtfif hoKtoQ Woiaford Williaq)) ptdcer^. ttirit 

fipMit ' laae* 

Wood JohOt wiltli6oft«iui> to WoirenandFcnwitk^fiigarbaklnj. 

ofdiaary eooit, akbtOkt km^ ' <«lherhi]l 

kobtnlllrcet Wright Plttt, fitk brakes tVoad* 

WoodJofeph,clieeicritaCtr>.wlistt ' flr^balUiagi 

* Cbipel Wright and Wadba^wlioMafetter* 

Woo4Saaoe>y wharfiflger, atiraO' cen, dieapMe 

fifto, aajoiatflg towct whwf Wright Aothoo^r, flotftrjp ptflj&i^ 

Wood WtUiaai>Th«maa9 tiMm6ih» • ~ back of tHetoyai evth&nge 

gar, aUev%atr ftreet Wright Aoihoof^oker^ heorittCf 

Wtoi Bnriamio, bfoleif j http iMe* ftr^et, covent %tt&ta 

tfliverftnet Wright and Phimb, fUgtr fMiniie, 

Wdod jB(ba, CNCir« gpact^rcb- ^aori mhxtf, tfaames ftreet 

l|re«c Wright Thomas, wolleo ^npar, 

Woodbtidge )bhe, tooper^St. Dua- boroqgh 

ftAr/shi!l - '■ .' Wright and 6i|], ftttionefs, ton- 

Woodgateand:llrodtet, bookfeUerr, don brMge 

pater nofter rtw Wright Obadiah,- hofier, holborn 

Woodham J «hn, diftiller^ (faadwell Wright Martha, bkkiket \v%rchcui<(, 

^otk f(ofweU ftreet 

Woodmin Wiinatn, iAfaraQce bm* Wright ^Uiam, teaman, poultry 

WoadroffcNath«acI,hofler,ch«n^. . A^ct, fohg 

( >»s ) 

WnghtWiIllanf ntrehiQt, it Ko. 

i»9 pftper kulHtogsy lemfle 
Wright Ifatf iiiipwrighr, pttch- 

Jboofe- poiotf rotnerhiihe 
Wright tivf DAwictr, iwclKny; 

Baldwin's ffxAtM, gray*t*iiui 

Wright Edward, hf%ku,UQi'-imtp 

tavHt ftreet 
Wjitt Richard, mttatyif fwittto*t 

WyJukSioioo-Ftdkr, dUKllcryfiw^r 

Wjaaots Fraocii) wawhaiil, ilt nh 
. C*HeStiii#rh«ell«K^ciAiiM 

W/na Biark, cfi|{ grtat niflUibcelk 

Wyrill Jobo, whDkfalf 


XARABETIA and CiMiearte^ 
merchaati^ atm padMi'ttfkcrb 

Ximlnet David and M(aaej^ 
cfaalfCa, dtfanBdrt {^uaiei bii; 
fhopfgate ftreet 

YATES, Mbis wool-ftapler^ 
^i«at tt« Hefena 
yerraway Wiliiam aod foa» timber 
loetviiaaili Mboro^ near fetter* 
Young Jbkn^ waDUeadcap«r,.c6ii»> 

Young and Fall^tiphotfttiarff^ iioiH 

' monger laue^ cheapfida 
Y«la aid fbirhohne,i*withtau, at 

ZA C » A R Y I^aflial, fkHtmn^ 
caanoa fircet^ oppoiiia balh» 

Zithuy and Pkilliaiore, 1 

colemaa ftreet 
Ziegal ^ John • David/ 
• ' Idog^a jMaa yard, ditto 
Zarhovft Heriftan and Oodftey^ 

loeKhadtif bond coort^ wai» 


gl hl%T (fPlmeit mt CovRT, %dih iMr ^^iMxm^ 

¥ku% m tbt Cifi tf tki 

V Secfctijy 
Deputy Secretary ^of tha HovAd. 

Offiee Keeper 

i% Lords of the Bed- Chamber 
^ Grooms of the Bed- Chamber) 

500 /< per Annum each 
#6 Oef'tletnea of the Privy Chawber 

3 Oup.bearcrs, 33 K 6f. td, fir 
w^MMft each 

4 Cirvers, ditto 

4 Geruiemen Sewen, ditto 
4 Gentiemen y/heriof the Privy. 
Cha/nbrr, too/, ^ir^ffn.each 
4 Gentlemen Uihera Dai :y Waiters^ 
- 350/. ^^r if09, each 


Affiftaat OHiBamlft 113ftar> «i4 

1 1 1« 4^* ^«r >^aa. 
.4 0rQomaof thePrtvy^-Cbamber^ 

73/. per Jimih each 
t Qentlamen UAtrs QuaiCait]p 

Waiters, 50 A per Aim, caah 
8 Sevtert of the Chamber^ j8 A 
• 151. yi/. ^<r ^Ji. each 
^ 4 Pages of the Ptelcixe^ 15 /, ^' 

so Grooms of the Great Chamber^ 

40/. ^fr JifliT. each 
a Coffee Bearerpy 17/. 71. 61/. ^ 

^»«. each 
6 Pages of the B€<!-Ciumb8l^ a;id 

B'lek dc^it 

i 1*4 ) 




At9t.>Mi*f no/. > 

AttUmfm Cflort tooA 3 
AtXflSWM lodL) 

At irMMf i6oi: > f» ite: 

AtSmuftnimk ieo/.J 
Ifslkr •# the Aflbct 



ft Waitert 

ImadKii of die Body Lsjkh 

Maftor of the Revelt 

Yfooieii46/. iftf. tid,\ptr Amia' 

Boe^Liamt9 too/, far A«. 

HtftdriogApherin Ord* tooJl A«wl«i» 


4« M€afai88n.ef the {ipAt Cbtan* 

ber, ac 45/. f*r Atm. etch 
» Glerfct of the Chec^uc to the 

Meflengert ui Ordiflary999/. ft5i, 

er ^Am, each « 1 
eOciigcrs etCending the Chaa«t 
ccUor of the Zzchef oer 
MeBeogcr of the fetoit WaHfobe 
Blefleneer toetteikl the Laid Chia^ 

Veccflhrj WoflBM 

Treffarer of the Ghinber^ 4^911 

Cenptieller 1 5ol. ^ itek 
Matter of tfat J^veA OfficCj 450^. 

artaBea of (he Jewil OflUe» to6A 

151. ftr Am* 
Gfoioi of the Jewel Ofl&cc> X05A 

ff. 4^. ftrAt*. 
Clafc of the Jcwd Office, t%UU. 

t Ssrje^att at AriM at Conit 
Sci|caiit ae Arms attendir.g the Loii 

'. Cbaacelkr 

Sei Jeant at Aniii attendbg theLord* 

Serjeant at Arme atteadiiig the 

H6u£e of Commons 
Seijeaat. at Anna foi the ^tff of 

Croom Porter^. 500^.^ idbm^. 

Mcfleoger of the P^cft 
Matter of MuBiky eoo(.^jiiS»l 
24 MoficUos, at 4oi /«r ifee, 
loftnimeBt Keeper, 40/. /<r jfanw 

Organ Maker 

OtHApoferof the BAifick of ^ th»: 

Boyal Chapel 
Toner of the Orgam ' 
4 Phyfieiuii ia Oidiotry to hk 

Majettjr, at 300/. fir ^te. eadl , 


Phyfician to tbc HooihoMi aoo/«* 

•• Apothecaries to the Perfon,.oat 
160/. the other jfto/. 51. p- Aw. 

% Apothecariet to the Houihold^ 
i6oil ptK Aimi each 

Sttigeon Serjeant, . 396/i 131. 4^%. 
fer Am, 

King*&Suegeon, 396/. 13*. 4^. /Mr 

Surgeon to the Heoiholdi aSo/* jk^ 

K Q^U S Si 


Vodtr HcMlc-kMpct at St 7«Mt>t, 

Serjeant Trumpeter, ibo/. /«r ^«v« 
Q>urt Dmmmer. 94^ Jir ite» 
Matter of the liiimi Oiirt 

l%tf« m theGifi •f$bi tofd Stewar4 0/ lA« HooAold. 


i»3 H 

Treaibter '•>-—. <— ^« «» 

Comptroller ■■« ■ ■ ■ m^. 

Cuffetcr —^ — «M , 

i^faAer of tlMHouOioU 

% Cletks of the Green Ooth mmm, 

% devki Conptfollert ..m--^ mmmm 4^ 



43^ * • 

415 »f 4 
455 'J 4 



^ _ • U 4 

Two Chimber Keepcit ^ " «• " ^ 

Mec^flhry Womaa •-•-« ««. 

^^ BAKE.ROtfSB. 

?2L, — •*" — • '« ♦ 

TcouiaQ — • i-^kM ..MM coo 

TwotSroomi^ each -»^- .» ^ >1 4 

. . FA.KT R Y. ' 

Gent, and Yeomtn »«p«9. ..^^ „ g 

Yeoman of the Mouth^to- the Quccii .. ji g 
Two Oropaif each ^« -1 . .^ it r| 

#.,^ BVTTBRY. 

CeatkhM ^ - _ - II » 

Yeoman «».«« «.«. , ^ ' 

ThfetOiMiu, each -.^ , ...^ ^ ,3 


Gent, ao4 Yeoman «» ' •» ..i. It S 
Two Yeomen^ eich. *-'— ^ - q 

Three Grooroi, each ■■■,.,■ •«•' ''«. ^ |. 
Keeper of (he Store Cellar ' «• -^ 100 o 

r^ ICE BY. 

cia.k — _. r- ** • • I; 

7S o 
54 I 


IJ o* 

7 J 



♦ I 17 « » 




,4t II I0| 
45 • I 

4S II >o| 
45 o a. 

37 ^ 

4f • oi, 
C O K* 


j7 e 

4I tt io| 

37 6 S 

• ( 100 O 9 

— 44 6 f 

••..«. ^ II 8 i| 
w . — p— II S If 

'4ir«yeo«»,caeli . — — • 5 «> « I 45 <> 

CHMi -Ai i?« *• -r » «s. « I 

K w R y. 

Oeol. ia4 Tcomta — *-— l« « 

YcMua — — — —— S o 

TwaOxoomiy eich — — — • >J 

UnndrefiofyielVMeandfloiiiMdtiic* so » 

KIN G*t Pr/«9 JCf/c^M. 
ChitlClflrir — • r— • 44 

ActndQkrk — 

•moiiB IMIer'Gbok 

VeottJuivf the Month 
l^oor GroonUf eMh *- 
Four ChiidrcBf each 
TwoScottren^eadii -^ 
YtfteTaniteeq^b^^^ch '-i-* "^^ 
Door Keeper r w-i« — .' ^— ^ . 

SeH.QtftlMr i-i-' •~-' —:;.— . 
, , qjor B K-»*i PWtjF «Ki^A«' 

MtteCook — ^ . -— • II « «l 

l^oneneftheliov^i — — ^^-O o 
l*fro Yeonfen, cadi •—-- . — sf- 500. 

TJkrec.GBeem^^ «»ch ■?■ -?— •• * '1 4 

Foot ChUften; ach •■ — — . * • • 

Two Scourerif each <^'« ■*■-* m • o 

1SM>Tuiiifcroiicbbri|- eett — -• -^ 
Oailr.Kc0|iir ^ " — — ^ 

SdilOikrriir . a^ . <«*» ^ii^^^ •-« 


5 • 
— 50 

— » IS 

ft o 
« .0 

•05 «1 
13S II 
13S it 
55 o 

47 6 
3* o 
z8 o 





o o 

loS II io{ 

I- 55 o • 

38 O (T 

28 o O^ 
'3* o 4. 
!• ^ • 

FOUr.Teabeflt eilth •-^=- 

ThictrGitoaA, fich - — 
Four Children^ each — ^ 
Two Scoyren, each, ^ «— 
♦wxrfSimbroachirii'iBieh* -^ 
l>Oor-Xeef«r *• *--• 

SoilCbriet -*' ~- 

i 4 a D £ R. 

TwoYeomeOa each 
Two Gro^eu^eacb. 

% o 

% Q 

-H — rr • , 




^ A A U S» iB!k% 



O Or 

o a» 

6 o 


I IS7 ) 

ACATBRIC ^ ^ ,^ 

terjetnt •- — — «l 8 i| | 4« aj «;§ 

SaleCleik — ««— > <— - 6 ij 4 (ItS < t 

YeoBiMftjieilaltSeoNt ^ ^ i^ 9 ^ { » • • 


dcrk ; ^ — .— « t| 4 t 71 •^ • 

TwoOfOomi^ euh — — • 13 p I S7 • » 


Yeoman — — ^ 5o«M5 5; 

Two Pwm^ each — — — , »M ♦•I 37 ? * 

yeoman -: • — .- .^ • o I « 5 • 

Twro<3^«Nns. each ^ -«*. s 13 4 t S7 ^ > 

Gbiid — -• «- s»atJ|0^ 

Sala^Kta -» ^ •« t 9^ • <^ 

Two Yeomet^ e«ch — • » •— 5 <> o 

Ttro^fcKtei^ each '•— -^ » »3 4 

Tirol^ge*. tach .i*-»' '-^ » O o 

Thrdfe! ChftlKD, each ' i- i- — m o « ^ 

Four P«ii*ICeepefa^ enh 
Pewter Semirer 
SeWaDt --— 



45 e 

37 ♦ • 

33 o «i 

Si o a 

30 o o 

30 o o 

^ « • •— . €t} 4 r 71 « ^^ 

-. ^ — • 500 r 4J o J 

tf^mh - — -^ m 13 4 I 37 ^ « 

., , .. R ARAlNGtJt3. ' ^ 

Gent.liirbiiigfr — — . Si < li J ^ ^ »] 

FifeYectaeVftiCb •— ^ '-i— SDoi4S<>«^ 

A L M O K S R. 
YMmaa •- — — 500! Jj 

Ofooa m^ — — * S3 4 1 45 "Ci # 

, Pt> K r tt.t €$ ih$ Gdte. 

^eeYeoBieoteacli -« «• . lil J ^ 9 ( 4^ o Jl^ 

Three Qreent, eaeh •-^ •« ■« • • 13 4 1 17 ^^ • 

For a Scrtaatf each Pi^wi . m i« o o^ | /t^ ««ie« 

r 40 • •' 

!ShrwPartcnttteA/<rB»/S^ . a^* »• < 30 o ^ 

. i 19 • •- 



TWo Vmmb^ cacftr ta- . «- «.i* 5 o -• I 45: o-V 
ThrctGrMflUyeach -^- ****iS4l37^o 

>t0l»TailGtftikwtfeidi — * «* fti3 4|ootf 

e A It T A K E li S. 


Twv Mjf Wtttcff, e»Gh — —• s o '^ I ftS o ^ 


KnightMitihtl • — — -— « r »6 o ^ 

Six liarflul^t Mfiij etvh — • -^ | so o ^ 


CJerk • ♦*- -i. ^ ^ n 4 *3 .* ^ 
CofotMt -^ — . *^6i3f~23'6!t 

€ockuMlCnrer — ^ • •■< «i« 20 o » 

One Breai Better •«• • ti-r 4 o« o ^6 o a 

Two lH^ne fonertt'Ckch *mm ^mt- 4 a e 00a 

Keeper of Ae Park Gate at l&^i^Mi- 47 o o 

fbrkcep«gFire.EucketrinA«pa|r «m» 30 » o*^ 

Turncock at i&f^flf«M ' *-» — • . ^500 

Wl-Kihgtt kt Kuifi^iot — « »• ^ S5 O. or- 

Watchmaa ai 8t« 7mk<*( »«• -* »7 7* i^ 

deawr of tbe S^« pbola ^ •«. 4^ . , 5S x» ^ 


Tot&etoraiQf dieBed.CkafB» . .^ * -m • td o o^ 

Tothel^eeoftlieBed^GlluaDbcr T«« '^^ to o o^ 

To the MaUfl of Honour ««..«« «• to o e 

tie tke BeMSia^ber WoaieA . .. «« •» . . «o o a 

TotbeKsBf*«OenC»;Wfaten^ •-•. Jmm -p. 18 . $ o 

*Kd tke <)iiee^*tGciit< Waiter! .•- ... — — ^ >$ $. Pi 

To the Officert of. tEt Guii4 --• •>;• b8 5 » 

^ the Chaplfiat • — 4 J' ' JL-* * — it 5 o-^ 

To the chiaf Cleik of the Kitchtn . 
To t^ fecondtCleik |if the iOtcAedr 
ty> t(ie QUrk of the Spieerf 

Gentleman of^ the Horft «• '" — «^ ' ft56* o dr 

A^enorahaCUikMlrtill * «— «"* — ' «<o • o 

Six Eqoerrievy eaefc ' * ^«- * • 1 " ■ '■ ■ — • 300 • • 

FtorPtgesof HBnoir.^acfi -'•--- -*^ — . s4o^ e • 

TwoEqi&erne»of die Crown SuUr, etch — •» ^56 9 o 

S^eant of theCarr»gev -^» «• #m 86 d te 

Yeoitltn of the Carraget «» ' ««.■«• 36 b o 

Siiiicrvirorof thsHtshwajra «» — -«• 9% 9 O 

»iii%%rvfyoff •» •» m» w» to o o 


'wo Yeomen Ridcri. «tch ... •» «« •_ 



C2terk of the Avery — • •«• .. »•* *i .• 

Clerk of the Subicf — — — III t « 

Sk«re Keeper ^ - ^, ot d • 

Efquirc Sadler — — — . — f i • I 

Yeoonan Sadler — , •- -i^ ,^ «6 o « 

Serjeant Farrier •« — — - — i« * « 

Mar/hal Farrier ^ -. ^ ^ ^ O o 

Yeoman Farrier — — ^ f^ ,^ ^ 
Coach- Miker »^ ^ ' *. -* 36 

Two Purveyors •«• .^i .« .^ j^go 

KJdlng Purveyor «• — ii^ « ,00 

MewsKceper ^-' — ' «. — 16 • o 
C At Somerftt'Baafi -i ' 

t At£6m^r0«.&«rf J 

SuUe- Keeper at A'iip AlirA^f — .i. «. .. t^ o o 

Twelve Footoien, and four for the Mailer of the H ^iCe, each <« o 

Four Coachmen, and one for the MaAer of the Horfe. each 6c o 

'36 ID O 

36 e . o 

o o 
soo o o 

o o 

rqur PoftiUioat, and one for the Mafter of the Horfe. each to o 

A Heij>er, aod one for the iiafttr of the Horfe^ etch to • Chaifmen, each ^ — ^ 1% q 

Nine Hunting Grooms, aod fix for the MiAer of the Horfe. 7 

each 36/, for a Horfe S4^- -^ *- i^ ^ ^ 

Three Hobby Xyfoooi a 9* — .^ 

Bottle jOroom, for himfclf and Horfe ^* — ft o o 

Geotlenup Aroievrer w iw "" 31 o • 

Page of the Back Suirs ' *- ' •« — qi o n 

Porter of the Mewa — — ^ i« q o 

Mefleiiger of the Avery •- •- «« 15 o q 

For keeping £xRanningHorfefl at iV^toaMfltf — — 600 o o 

At HamptM-Ccprt, two Stodd Grooms, each — — 36 o o' 

FourStQddHel|ers, cafih — -« «- 30 o o 


THE Worka of Nature are all admirable, and afford tbiindaat Mat- 
ter for Gontemylatton, If we riew the Produ^liooa of the B^rtk 
in their variott* Forms, from Secd-ttroe to H«jrveftt they give us a moil ^ 
agreeable Deicriptk>n of the iimAcrly Hand of the ali^wife Crtstor ^• 
them I and ftom the cMnmon Raterns of theSeaAms, the' Mind of the 
lodoftriooa is foroiihea with delightful, as well as ufefal Koowltdgr. 

Perhaps the Gtrdtn nay ^efetve a more than eomnon Oorervation, aai ■ 
Oreen»^ Flowers, and Fioits, (0 thuodant^ brooght fiM'th by the Ground, . 
<or the UftMd Service of Maokiad^ by (be Que and Irfibotti of thejiidi. . 


tlni€M^flff« nay diim the Pnknnw of otlier Studiet, tt ic ^m the 
tony lB y a i rt tf wnJt^ Pm— rt in thm pifi«ii6iaU State. 

I AftUthtrdbra liippofe the Garden comp^fed of tlusBe I^rti, 6r<«i*» 
tSimmtp aai fnat^f and ihaU^for every Month in the Vaar) Aew vhu 
iwiokt^me in the JSM^aiid FfMa-Ctfr^^ th»J%wcr-4?«^BP».«id tha 
CWwi Hm/i an4^toTc^ 


Tlrib' ISantli Bemg lenerilly verr cold, it opt fo prbdoaiva of die tTcrb 
of GsfAaiui, as the (occeedtof Mbothiy when tho Weather ia more 
Itind and iodutgenit to all Sorti ^^i^aMii % yet the foUowiog Bviaeri ii 
sow to be done, W«« 

Sow CMvaOtfff and iHflHif w'Hh Kedi, for cariy Fnnt, and kr- the 
fflantaluTe the "Sun given then tl^ogh the Glaflei at proper Soafont* 
ftlaiu hot Beds of ^^Mr^fw | fowr fcitU SaUadi of RtMi^, Crwfit, Mrf* 
$md, Rspe, Tmmf, Sfmtp^lmct^ dire. Aifo plant Mim for iiicfe Sal- 
ladt} all iheTe on Hot*Bedi made dedioing^ and allowing them An when 
feaionable* Plant Str^wkrries on a «K>derate HQt-Bsi^ for early Fruit, 
«od diefi your Str^w kti iet with freih'£arth« . Give frelh Earth to your 
Ssge^ Tbime, and other iVreet Herbs* without tmpediOg their Roocak 
Vlaot CM^ga^ CkrmM, Tunifg^ and P^r/Mtft for Seed | fo early htt 
«od Bunt I look to your Csaiff^tpir FUntt^ uoder Frames^ and poll otf 
all decayed Leavet. 

If the Weather be miH dig and tiench die Groood far Slfthg €rtft^ 
Ikat ib it aaay be prepared for fowiog or planting lA the ^Uowiog 

If the Weather be fro^i all ncceflfry Ifaaurct ate to be brought opoil 
the Oroandi nuke Hot- Bedi ready, and prepare all Things to be nStl 
"When the Froll breilu| alfe dcllroy Saaiia and VermJA wheveferyott 
liad then^ to prevent their liicreafe. 

Ac thelatter End of thii Month, in mild Weather ,,tnfiipknt CsUip 
i'Wt, fowing the Ground with S^inigt S<eJ, whkh will frodnce a 
Oop before the'Plaatt begin to cabbige. 

Tofrarda the'fnd oTthe Months aifo foitoe Tarfi-f nay he fown it 
dfilk, and alfo C&rviii for thefe SeeSia lie ib long ia the Grotmd^ thtrt 
it no Danger can ariie fiom the Cold* \ 

ft rif F R tr I T-O A R D Etr. 
Prone the PiHut negleded in the two former Months $ prune krge Or- 
«ha>d!lVeca, aadiV^irsagaia^aWall f tatiing^sayaUldioriant Biandiei 
ffOm Af^, Petri, Pbmkt, or Cberrut ; cut off all decayed Branches, 
and never iafiec too mnch Wood in the M«ld)e of angi l>eeak AT tha 
kttcr £ad of this Month, gather %«m ionGr^fs^ homPemn or fJ^mkii 
•«^iay then in thalSarti^ tiUthe ne«Moaih» winch will make then 
taipe the hctter. Mk>w reaoove large TMet, and nncover .the Roo^ «f foch 
Jl •'* «oo lMuria< takiag »%wty fomrof the largn Rwta. Alter a 

oaTvJ^J^J^'o •••*'f*"^'^'^ ^~ **•*» "* ^^^^ S«»aih,.and 
«aS rtSrS;^^ the Root, of new^piaattd Trees with MM,^» 
Sus/S^^S^**^ •»^' rig-Taeeaagainll Wallsor P^nV^th 


( «9» ) 

fhe ant Ucmh.; tjut la the VUsik m$fUil^ Wilt Uia TriCi iM 
>lax3ted. - 

ThoT^ vhQ wovld haTetarly Frott In teioi Fffiiu% soft mw tet^ 
jp their Htzt, whethar it be Duog or Hre^ which they nil j lor if ate 
ifkcy ha? e ibrced the Trbes out xatA Bloflbai» thcjf a^^M to k«<p them 
aemr to the faid TempeMtuie of Heat, the Bhi^iM will fall oifl^ aB4 
BO Die to nothini s the fane Care moft be taken with refpeft U Aif^ 14 
OpportuQitiet offer ) too mach Air kills, and too Uttle fliflei. 

Kaw it ia a good Time to mix Earth, by making Compo&tioii §£ 6U 
ireri Soib 1 ai Sand with ClayA which for Treei and IHaptt ia oftan pre 1 
ferahle tp Dung | fuch Mixtuici muft lie ibme Time teibre eiedi aad ht 
oicco tumed up* 


If At Wetthcr ia often, plant TiJif, Ammmf^ and J{im<itt/«( Kottt | 
new £arth with light Mojd Aturuuku^ and fill up the Chink* round the 
Sidca of the Poti } but bu^ not the Leavei^ nor diHucb tha Roott. Fliog 
loofe Straw oier Beds of .Mam/ai and RamanUtuiSi and preierve from 
itaiasand bad Weather, yoar earlier SorCl of fiowcri, with Mats, or 
other fupportid Coveriogs. Upon a Thaw of Snow, wh«re no fnch Co* 
veriogaare, renoTe the Snow as foon at feu can ; for Saow- Water it uk 
Xneuiy to RooH 99 Flowert. Cover all Pott and Tubi of feeding Flowert 
In frofty Weather, and keep all others from the fevesatyef the Seafon. > 

RoU Oratd Walka |ftet Rain or Ff oft, to kill the Moft | and be care* 
fttl of Rati %Dd.Mice, who often do much Hurt among the Fiiawcft 
Koott . cfpedJl j C0rm4tknf. 


Pick op all withered and mouldy Lcavei from PUats, and giYe no Wa^ 
ter te^any, unlefs abfoluuly necedarv. If the Weathei beveiy feveice 
it la beft to vie no forf ed Heat to m^ke Plants Stow, bMt to keep out the 
CoM« Upon a Tb«v» make Chaicotl Fifety lettiofoa a little Air, tf 
-dry Qampt and Vapouci • 

If the Weather bemtl4# let the Ait into t|ie Ho«ie, left the Plialt 
lofe thcif Colonri butbe veiy caatiom at (his Sea/bo | alfo refifih w^ 
Water Aich aa wiaat it, but not too moch at a Time. 

In frofly Weather, carry Dang on the Ground where yon inteni tf 
treiJpbnt youngs Treea or Stoeka ) alfo lay Doiig wktrt Need is, to be 
dug iam the Ground on a Thaw. 

In mild Weather, trench the Ground yga defign for planting } and 
inke Beda fer fawing JOr^wiiSr, iMaA BmUt, er JmmH S^m^i^i alff 
dif the GrowMl between the Rows of Tseei. 

Renew the tteat of your hoc Beds with fiaih Dunf» aad (ontiaoe to 
torn Cuamftrt ai^ ildtfAisf i m*ke a laige hot Bed lor forward Radijbtf 
andSpiing CarMt; tbefe mty be ibwn together, bcttufe the lUdiJk$ 
will be dr«wA in MMrtb^ e^d fo make Room for the CWart to gprow af* 
ter. The Bed moft be covered with BaOth eight Inches thkk, and da* 
"fended with Matt Aipportcd with Heops^'which will be bettat th« iFramef 
udGlaftei* AAkc a hot Bed for aUBvrti of aoaiMlScedi | tad now it m 

( »9i ) 

|i%(Cf f uM t» mtkt Uapmm Bedt» friikli nay Iw trfSy re(«ie4 
«tti J IIODth CO produce dien all the Ytar* 

Sow M hoc Mif Msmrjts Kidiiep Besm, to come ia <4^f/ i allb Fw* 
ik«#y and foch ocJier Seeds m trc for eirly Ufe. Upon • hot Bed chat is 
tfccliaini. low Csalijkwftt Seed | mnd aboot the iCddle of the Moatfa, 
fow P^t BtSM§, FarfUf, Sjinath, Csn§ti, PaMft^ Tmrmifs, Onau, 
Ltd$, CMfgtp Ltttta^ Diad Bfvmm LmUe^ BMijbet^ Af^§ffn Smdtf 
Cirm SsIsS, tad all oclicr Salladt in Che natufml Ground. 

tew Skirntt in lifhc, rkh Orotuidff | icC P§MUa and ^erm/sim A* 
iiihtktt in heavy Ground j plane Gmlick, SUloU aod Rn^mMf, in fifht 
Grouodt hi loereafe | and cranfphnc Tovnf Cabk^wt Plamt for a Crupi 
Make Plamatiooa of Rsjktrrw, Strtmierriei^ Gufierrim, and €wt«i0« 

Nov tnofpI«ot CMmliJbmtr Piano OBC of che Wiaccr Beds, Co cfac 
Flaccs where they are to |n»w } aod towards the End of this Mooch, flip 
old JSriith—k Sttek*, and plane ootfone of thet'eareft PUnte, to produce 
Yrast in Aaiwwm, when thofe on the old Stock aie gone } al£i tMofplt&t 
the CanoB^ and Afr/#o Plants fown iafi Month, on a new hot Betf , tbt 
kaa been nude about a Week before 3 and be Tery carefiil in atcndiaf 
your hot Beds at this Seifon. 


Plant Viwtt and Fiis^ prnne acd nail j^ie$h, Pt^cbts^ aod oi&a 
Stone Fruit in the Be^inmrg of the Month 3 afterwards the NiOtrim ,* 
nHb now prune Trees^ bind, plafli, and nail fuch as have need. The Cym 
eut oflF lat Month* are to be nfed the latter End of chit, now btiaf 
tbe Time to graft Pttn aod PAraif of all 9ortS| al(b Cbmitx and 4f<ii 
m the Clefc. Now plant K^aUtrt of Ptsn, Pkmh, ot. Jffpln, apd iH 
torts of Ftuit Trees, whether tundtrds or D#ar^ Cet and.lay Qsick* 
irtSy trim up palHiade Hedges, Earth up the Roots of uncoTered Frstt- 
Trees, and drsAn fiwcrfiuoos Moitore from them* LayBird*Liine for tk 
fios Tsr, or YaiBSMp, who it a grcac Boemy'to Finit Trees. Now saes- 
^er Pig'^na, tinnfpknt foch Trees es want it^ and fow the Kmdtdt 
Stmn of Che note hardy Fruiti for Stocks togpift the more gcoeroos ssj 
nife in moift Weather cleanlc yovr Trees from Mofs , and duly attest 
your early Fiuic Frames, or forcing Frames, to give fuch eonucnicot Air 
as they require, aod to kiep op their Heat ; wichont whick the teakr 
Fruit will oorre C«> nothing. 


The firft Week km AmritmU Seeds, in Cafes filled with li^t Esith ( 
fbw CUe Seeds of P$fitwfhm/et, in fomt fludy Border j.ibwJAasMgp Sffdi 
iRTxed with dry Sand in vety fight Eaith 3 and All pot m the Gmd 
the Roott of Tulift, Jhewmki, and RiuumailMt**^ for blowing. Traafplut 
all Soiti of flowering Shnibs, which bear the Weather, as Jt^a, J4*' 
flsrVvM, H9m0ffi$$kk', tmkmrtmm^ t^l*^» ^* And you may Jake Layers of 
ttpfof'^B^itffrtklmt P§m§gmmm, PbHUre^, Lsmw/fimu, and otber 
. Sltfubt ) cut the Sfti»t/b JjffMum Within four Inehm of the Sem, fiM 
tkcmfrcih Eirth, 

- Above Che Middle of the Month, give freih Earth to yonr C^rwitm, 
SM!!?* ??"*•?.•'** '"..'*'■*■« and towards the End, fow Utiffm, 

( 193) 

€^9df Tmfitf Pifkr^ Ike. and mike FJsfltationi of the Lilfy 0/ the mkt^ 
on the fide ol fixne fliadj Benk. 

Stir the S^irface of the Ground of yoar Flower Bedi, cUtnk them frem 
Weede lod Filth $ dig end prepare your Ground forfowitig or traafphotiiig 
what it oeceflary, and take Cue to cover your Bedaand Poti, that io tl)i 
FroAt may not nip yoor Piantf. 

. Be not too Jiaily in giving Air to your tender Pleats ; tit tbo* the Soil 
nay ihine pleafantty, yet the cold Air will cut your Emtkkt, Stir the 
8aitace of the £arth in your Poti ; and if you water any Pient, let not 
the Water touch the Leaves. Pick off deacyed Leaves firom yoor Pianu^ 
make hoi Bedt toTow tender, exotick Sccdt in» woikiog the Dung well | 
i^ir up the Bark in the Bedi of the Stoves^ and pot freih Bark to renew 
their Heat* but do thii in a warm Day. 

The AtuM4 Plants will begin to ihew their Fruit } for which Reafea 
the Heat of the Stove ihonid be kept up, and they fhonld be frequently 
watered. The Jhet, Tttth TbtftU^ and other tender, fucculeot PientJ, 
ihould have veiy little Water | but the more hardy Kind may be frequent- 
ly refreihedf yet not too much at a Time. 

/« ibe NURSERY. 

Traniplant h«rdy Ttr^ Trtn, and flowering Shrubt) take of Liyen of 
Limu^ Etm, and other Tiese that remain 00, if tbe Seafon be kindly | 
plant (hem in Rows, a Y^d afuoder, and a Foot and half diftant, end let 
chcm ftand till they gain fufficient Strength. Trench tlie Gipuod where 
yott plant Evtf^refs, and cleanfe it well from Weeda, Roots, ^r. 

Now plant Cbifimtt, and fow Setdt, Majh, and Mgrritt | alfo ^omi, 
tbejnuiif and Other faaidy Thing* • 


Coatioue to fow RsMjbei, SikJU, hnptrisi, asd CsMsge LtHitt % 

it^w.Sarwmrt, and flip Skirrth of the laft Year, leaving only rhe tender 

fibrei, and not any of thegraater Roota abont the.Plantit» S;)w Peat and 

BeAm \ make Plantatiooa of Mr«r, Bmow, 11^, SMvomry, Stfft, Ptmj. 

rojfsif 7>«B«y, Rtiif and other dorable Hetbi, for houihold Ufa, excd{>t 

Ltmettder and Rofimsfyg which era beft deferred- till jtfrt'L Plant out 

lome CMuLJkwtr Plants, to fuoeeed thofe planted in Autunm } ^freih tbe 

Cucumhtr and ilfifka Qeds whh hot Dongi aod fow now for a foil &op ; 

' tranfplant Ltuicehr cabbagiegy and to ftiod for Seeds | fow Cakbaga and 

Ss^t <br a Winter Crop, and SMty far early Blanching $ fow Cbgr^net 

to tranfplant next Month { drefs krticbtku, leaving only throe or four 

Suckers on each finmg Root, and flipping o6f the reft for Tcanfplantation« 

Towards the Middle of thia M^mh »ke and dwfa .4JMr«f ei Bedt, the 

BimIs of which wiU appear hi J^prUi asd now you msy make new Plan* 

tationa of Ajfarsgut in the natural Groucd pi^pared for that Purpofe. . 

Towards the End of this Month, few upon hot Beds, Pa<;/^, Nttfittf'^ 

^i- f/eai, trmcb MMni»Ut, and A/ritant ; fow MArigtUi, jin the natural 

Oroaod | fow SaJhdt, Utht Bttts, fftaptl^ DHl, f nd i?iirai/, fow Etiif^t 

r^ very thin» to prevent its running to Seed ; make young Piaotttion» >f 

(^ . Chives I divide the Roota of Tmr^gMf aii^ tranfplant the Slips about 

> eight lackm apartt Drefi up Strtmbwiy Beds, keepios theoi altan from 

K iUutnusy 

», ' 

( 194 ) 

. RuBiief*, dll the PUhts UdTooiy knd girtng thtm Vhf€r, when necef- 
Uty I flip and Cet Ssfe, ftc, and where the Soil h Ciay, or evermoifti 
inJRgU It wtih Brick Duft. Tike Care to {i\ehtt Trees aad Flanu from 
cbc Iftjarici of the Weather ; Water all joiing*pJ anted Herbs and Trees 
caithiJly io the Adoroiog ) dc Arey tU Weeds before thejr mo to Seed ; 
and by the End of this Month yoar Oirdcn ooght to be coaoplcady crept. 
Now put KtJnef Be^u in n^irm Bjrdetr, where they mty be defended 
IfOA cdkl Wiida } bat do this ia dry Weather, becaafie too noch Hot- 
Hurt will make them roc m the G Aund | fow Fwffimit in warm Boiderii 
ia common Ground | and low Toraipr in open Ground, to come in Haj, 
and now fow %fJHm Hmjartm, and other aronatkk Plants^ on m in 
warm Soil* 

This Month finlfh the Plantatidn of Frait^TreM » and fill np all re- 

-ffwinini Vacancies ; alfo conpleat the prantog of Jtfri^i^ Ftscheif and 
fitff&ntt. The Begnniag of the Month it a fit Time to ptitne foch 

. P§a{het, PhaA, jPmfv, and Cbarwiet, as haire had one Yearns Growth j 
whith is to be done Tery difcicatlyy having a due Regard to the Vigour or 
Weakaeis of the Tree* It irnot too late to cot oft' the Heads of new- 
planted Trees againft a Wall, and to rtdoce-them to three or four Budt; 
now prune l^'f Tran, cutting oft' all fopcrftuoni Wood } graft' Apfln uA 
€henia f the ftrft take beft an CnA Stech, end the lift on \hc Bhek 
Cbtnj ; now cat off the Heads of thofe Stocitt which were inoculated 
bft Year, two Inches of thd find ffopewife, begioniiig the Slope oppafite 
to the Bod { and the dead Wood, catted by iivmePerfons the Ged^, i> 

' to be clmn cot oflF next Year io March, that rhe .^tock and Cyon may 
the better incorporate, and the Wound he htal^. Now lay Layers of tie 
yime and Fig, an^erefl horlsoniar Shelters "over forot of the earlieft B!of- 
fomsof Fruit Trees, to fecnre them from nipping' Frofts and Dews ; di^ 

* and clear the Groncd between Rows of Rafierriety €»fe6irrhs, and Car- 
- rs9it, which will ftrengtheo the BJdftbms, and encoos«^o the Trees. 


Tranfplam CemnfiMis, Piadr, Sweti WtUiamt, PcfeCoMfiwrnSf ihnef- 

S»tkln, and moft other Soits of fibroat-rooted Pfonts $ 'ftfr the Ekrth of 

'Borders and Beds of Flowers, which were planted nvMicBttimms, but be 

careful not to hart the Roots nor Buds ; this will deftroy Weeds, aad 

1 1 make them look plealiintr Ta/fjpi, Remmnhna, linewwdet^ and Ifys* 

esNT^ff, now Aew their Bods Ibr ftiiweriil|g { therefore carefoMy look after 

and cover them in bad Weather. V6u may -now fet doubke AMtmmMf 

and other Flower Raats^ to blow after'tbeie that now appear, and phte 

' yotir Pots or Boxes of telfiag CitfariViirbria'a Asdf Place (if the Plants 

appear) givmg them lireqticntly a little Water in dry* Weather 3 but let 

•^am not have toomoch Water at a Tiflbe,'andbot little Son. IVikoCste 

of Pots of choice Amicuhup for Frdfts, cold Wli^, «id'mtich Rain, ire 

• very hurtful to thdmt ' Piek off ^e^ayed< Leaves from Cofn^tim*, DoMhk 
R9fe Cawpiemg^ JSctrUt tychkit, and^tfaer PIIm>(s of Mkbailm»» Pianutioa, 

*«nd gitre luch of them as need it Yome iftft Motild, whfch will make 
them blow the ftroagcr. } h,^ 

«dcriliit next Year i ibch ^ Fre»ib Uim4»ikla^ ^^n^wJui^, 5mi. 



' yafy^tfters, tod many others ; aUo the Secdi of illhtr^y, annval Flow- 
ers. Make frefh hot Beds for yoar choice Annualf, which were Town la 

' Ftiraary, with eood Earth, plj^cing the PJanti in thdffl a Week after they 

' are trade, and thie violent Heat gone off*. 

Sow on hot* Beds, Nafiurtium, Baljam, Ccuvojvaht, India* Ph^, aoA 

« other exotick Plants that are not tery tender, and come fooo to Perfec- 
tion ; tranfplant CMrmation Laytn for blowing, if not planted out in 

* jiuttmn. Sow the Seeds of thtf humble and fenfitive Plant in hot Beda | 
and in common Ground fow the Seeds of the Arbutus, Mexeron, /Specie 

• mm, Palm Tree, and (iieh like ; graff the Sfanifi white JiJJami»t on the 
commoA Engli/b Sort \ pjant and make l^ayers.of the Pajim Tree, (lip 
«nd let Bex for' Edgings, fo^ the Seeds of the Juniper and fir Tret^ and 
tianrpUot. 7Wvl| /STtf'Jr, PbiUare^y »nA other Ever greent, 

7» rfce GREENHOUSE. 
Orange, temon, Myrt'/e, Baft and other cxQtick (i» e, foreign) Troea 
raoft now have Water frequently, but carefully given them ; they mrajk 
alfo be iifed to the Air ,ky Pegr^es, for Orof%e Treet, ice, haviug noiir 
y-rang Fruir, too much Water, or Air too cold, \vilIdedroy it 5 waih and 
cleat^fe them .from Filth, uke \^t Earth out of the, Tv\» oc Pots» and 
aw them up with fieih, ri^h Mpuld* Sow. Kernels of Oranges, LemtMt^ 
and Citrth, for Stocks to bud on, and \i thei^cinels come /rom rott«a 
- Fruit, they are the better j fow ihcrti on moderate hot B?ds, often giv- 
ing them' Watefi and in hot Weather cover the ClafTei with Mats. 

Kow tranfpl^t the. ex 6tick tender. Plants that ate come up, of the ' 
lad Month*! fowing,.in hot Beds of Tanoer*sBark, into which put fmalt 
Pots filled with rich Earth, letting tbrm -ftand one Day, to warm the 
Barth before the Plztki U put into it % then put in the PJaAts,, wateripg 
them gently^ and ihading the Glafles till they have, taken Root ; then 
continue often to water th.ev^ a^d let the Air into them gradually. (If 
the Weather be warm, take out Bayt, tdurufiinutt Ole^n4<ri, and otl^er 
hardy Kinds,' placing theni,fo that no ^Id Air may inquire them ; thta 
^tll thin .the Houre, and make room for what remain to have free Air. 

Abate the Fires in the Stoves by Degrees, and ftir up the Bark Bade 
^'here Need requires* 

In the KURSERy. 

If the Weather be mild, plane Cuttings of Currantt, O^JeUrrietf,R^f» 
"terriet, and other Buffies in Rqws, ckfipg ]Ehe Earth well ahouc tfaefla ; 
they will grow« and become oreful in two Vesrf. ContiAue to make X^" 
ert of fuch Trees as .were omitted xlie lafi Month \*f^ tJalofc Trpes which 
were graffed the former Spring/ and yetiremau) in, the Nuriery, ftouldbe 
ihortned to four or f|ve .Bu^i or .?yesy that they may .^ave JUfteral 
Branches near the Qround^ oiherwife tn^ will wo up tallf aad. befna^e 
naked at Bottoip, 

AP niu 

Set Kidnif Beant in dry Wnther^ apd In light Earth'; alfo Reaneived 
Peas and Bea9i, to fucceed other Cropn Where, B«aoaha<re beoia^t too 
thick, tut down every other Row, within three Ioche><oC theRoot, ind 
they will produce a |:ood After-Crop, when th^ot^ieri ;»fe gone. Si»w 
S6ui0gt tor the laftTime In a mdi^ Place, not too much expofed to the 
K a 5»»ai 

( i9^J 

•on 1 few CsUsi* ibJ othir Lttiia, tofocceed what were fiiwa before i 
•nd Fmrjtsmt nnA Seltt^y in natural Ground ; fow fmali Sallada in open 
Bofdera ) fow Stitit of tbyme and other fweet Herbs ; plant Cuttioga or 
Sltpe ol Mtmary and Vamnin^ in moid Weather \ and yoa may yet plant 
S!ip« of Th^m Ssgi, end Aich like Herbt; iralc PUntationa of Stram^ 
hirria tilt the Middle of the Mooth^ and towards the End hough CmrrwUg 
fmrj^ifi^ and Omw. 

M«ace Rtdgirt for Cvt»flil<rf and MkUmi^ ffor a full Crop { prune the Mf^ 
km Plant! on the Ibrwaid Ridge from all faperfluout Branchet'j but do it 
care(bUy» left you btoife the tender Brancbet^and endanger the Plant. 
If the Weather bt dry and windy, yoo are to (lake op all new planted 
Treca, waterirtg them orce a Week \ cleanlc Trees and Phmta from Snails 
81up« and other Vermin, wbich now do much Damage. 

Cover the CasmiAv and MiU% Riages with Be]>. GlafTes ; ftill flip and 
^fiMxHL AnitUhi in a moift Suil, and row plant oet year Camliflvmar Plantap 
that were raiied in ftkrmty, for a latter Cropi draw and tranfpknt yoopg 
Sdkrj Piano in Beds of rich Earth, about three Inches diftant^ watering 
them dttjy till they have taken Root ; hough the Ground between the 
llowa of Bism and ^r«i, drawing the Earth up to theJr Stems $ nlfo draw 
the Earth up to the Stems cf CtfA^#/e and CMmlifivwer Pitnta. In cold 
y tgihtt/cofrr yoorTtr a a Jwi mdMeSm clofe with the Glafle*, otherwife 
you lift the voung Froit. Sow Tarra^ to come after thofe fown be- 
* lore, which aoold now be houghed, and the Weeds cot out. Beds of 
JMiW rooft now be weeded, and all other Things that the Garden pro* 
Ances, if yoo woald have them thrift ; now plant new Beds of Bimt^ Tmr* 
r#fae, and foch like Herbs $ tranfplant your large Ltttkn^ and water theoi 
Wen. ThSn Cahhrnga and Ssv^s, end prick them out into Beds, lb will 
they gain Strength by the Time yoo tranfplant then oot for Ufe | and'ae 
tiie ittter End of this Mo^ith look over your Artieboket^ drawing out ^1 
the yoong Planta that have prpduced fioce the Stocks were flipped, (one 
of the beft of which may. be tfimmrd and planted where wanted* 

Take oflT ell young Shoots from new planted Trees agaioft Walls tfcet 
fmih diredly forward, leaving none but what pufli fidewaya to form the 
Beauty of the Tree. Watch the new planted ^/vri, and fuffer not above 
two Shoots to remain. Trees that have too much Vigour, ai Ptaibu^ 
Ac. will now drop theh Bloflbms aod Fruit. Remove all Suckera fnpm 
Wig Trtetf and what J§fpln remain to be grafted (hoold now be complect- 
ed. Cktrty Trta that are npt very thriving flioold now be relieved fn^Ok 
being Hide bonnd, by cutting their Bark. AU new planted Trees jpiogid 
be watered f reqnently. Plant Cbttinf s of Fiius^ obferving to have a Kiiet 
of the oU Wood at the Bottom of each, and bnry thepn in theGroood, that 
the nppermoft Eye may be even with the Sarfice | weed and water your 
StrtMerry Beds if they need] the Fp^ts io the ferctiig Frame muft now 
bave linelh Air according to the Seafon j and if their Roots and Bsaschct 
he watered at .proper Times, St will be of Servfce to them. 

_ . In the FLOWER-GARDEN. 

Sow in the natural Ground the raoft hardy exotick Seeds, gad fi^h 
JJower-Seeds «s were omitted in the former Months; f ow O/Ma^ijiet, 5r«- 
•"** inariftWr, Jm^rgmibm, Qn^fkMHum, iiad C/Mi | pUnt Swltt* 


( 197 ) 

B9tm$, and yet p«rt ind fee fibrous- rooted Pltntf. Strck op Camathtn, 
ane now fow their Seed% pot f<aife of 'yt>ur Jmaratrtiufis, and give them 
a irefh. Bed to draw them tall. Stake itfp alf Plants and Flowers which are' 
grawn to any Hetghthaf^er Rain, clip your Sdgint^s of Box, fow Pi»0 
and Fir Seeds, covering them with a Net, to keep tivsm^rom the Bird* | 
and now is the Time to remove all Sorts of Evi^griitu, If the Wea- 
ther is moid, it is not too late to make Layers of Jeffaminii, Rafa, HoMtjfm 
ftuhlut and fnch like Shrubs. Make frefh hot Beds to forward youngs 
fecdling O^oHgit^ L*m$ns, and . other Ex<iticks now come up, a'nd fit to 
tran^aot from the fi ft hbt Bed } ro!I Gra 't and Gravel fVaikt after Rain, 
and icnew yoar Works in Sand, fifr.* Mow Gra(^ often, which now 
grows apace ; fcrcen your r.ed'iflg jSurinlas from the Sun, and refrelh 
them with Water ; remove your fine AuticMlax, which now ihew th ir 
CAloor, ttnde# foroe Cover, to ihelter them from Rain and Sun ; yet ieC 
them have as much op^n Air as you can^. efpecialiy (uch as you defign for 
S-«d, Cover Beds of TvV^r, /Umara/s/rr, Antmmiei, Hyaeintht, and foch 
J kc. which are now in Bloom, butopen them every Morning and Qten* 
inf for frefii A:r. At the lartef End of this month, take up the Roota 
zfSd^Mt Co'ebfcumSfJiid other bnlbops rd< trd Fl >wers to biow at Miebam 
ilmat, wKofe Leaves are decsjed ; Ji^eep ihepa outuf,tlie Ground till July^ 
m«4 thai plant them again. .->'.''. 

• /• th9 GREEN HOUSf. 
' Ttie Windows in your Oramgtrf may noW be open all Ihy, if the "V^nd 
be not too catting | but be-not too ventorous atnhls uncertain Seafon ia 
cspoling Exoticksin the open Air. Water jtlofi, Stdttm, EufborbtMrn^ 
and ether tender, fnoculent (juicy) PJantsj^ but give it io final! Quanti- 
ti0s» ajid when tlie Sun ihines hat^ ^ott|may venture tp bring our of 
jfMir Confer vatory chcice and tender SbrnBt -And PlioM^^ m warm Daya« 
bttt let Of«dfs7rrrr remain till Afisy. '<^ i^ 
- Now take out Bajt, L^Mryftinm^ MfrtM, ahd other hatUy Trees and 
Biantfr} bat let them be fcreencU from cW Winds/ Sbift fuch (>rtfftfc 
and other Trees as want it» paring and taking oW all decayed Leaves^ 
Roots. and Filth; wa(h their Sterol-' and H^df clean, and when new 
pfciDCcd, water theffi often, to make them take Root, and flirit'er them 
ferni the Sun ) foch as are not removed now^ niuffr be frefli earthed with 
rich Mouldy and be weU clesnied. You may noW gfaft Or«Nfrt';^an<l 
•Cher tender Plants by AVproach % but fuch as take Buds are better, if lb 

Sitir op the Bark Brds in the Stoves, and add frefli Bark te renew their 
Neat }. alio fhift foch Plants as need into larger Pots fiHed with frefii 
Earth, and plnnged into the Bed again immediately, but do thisin warm 
Weather. Carefully attend jUanst (Pine Apple«) refrefhing them with 
Water frequently, and tovering the GlafiTes every Night, to keep them 
warm j yet in warm Days give thrm Air. 

/« fbe NURSERY. 
Whatever you tnhi^lant tnuft be doneio rooifl Weather, as H^/Ar/, Tem^' 
Fir, and all Bver- Grieus ; water them well to make them take Root, and 
cover the Earth about them with Hfmlth ft, r. flraw half rotten) to pre- 
vent the Snnr tnd Wind from penetmting the Roots, alfo now Sow 2«/ir»* 
fTMH and ^Inrei, Mfjhg aad Btrria, with Se«di of Trees brooght ^tntfk 

K 2 IfiFtkm 

( i9« ) 

fdch like. Look ovtf joor Gtufft, and ptit freil Clay where the old is 
cracked look to yoor Budt« aftd cJe^fe them from Jnieds j coot out all 
Weed! from your Grotuid, aad watef your Seed Bedt. if the SeaToo be diy« 

A boot the Begiomog of thU Month, fow Cutimhrs ia the Datunl' 
Crouodj put about twelve Seedt in each Hole, tad when they come up. 
ieaire only /oor or five of the ftrong^ for Fruit ) let the Eacth 'he welt 
«io(ked, aod ntikcr light than ftiflP; when the Plants como uf » they imik 
he ofteo watered ; but much Water deftroys Mdhnu Qive Mebiis Am^ 
aod piune off the Water Braochei« which are knowa by their Brea4ib 
and Flained } alfo pinch off the Tops of Ruoocra that hare Frutt on 
them^ foi they always have three, or four Joints beyond the Fsuk, which 
take away the NouriihnneB^ the Fruit ihould] have ; let the Ftttitbe 
well flielicrod with Leavci (rom the Power of the Sun, till grown to M<« 
tority* and then the Son caaoot ripen them too ftft \ if the Sealbn be 
dry, rather pour Water in the AWeya between the Mehm Ridgee, thM 
•o the Plaoti or Sterna ) and Puod Water ia the be^j bteaufe moA etp6f- 
cd to the Son. 

Replant ImptrhfunA Silefia tittuip if yoo have any large enough j a:id . 
if any of the Jmferiai LtHtttS't^ of bbafqd, cut the tops of them croiT- 
vrife* thac the Fkwer ^tieno^ may .mor^ , eaBly ihoot- £>r foedoogfL Srtr 
t^tuekbrwmm Litti^e^ tq^hi Dlante4t«wt,foKX9hbagiog .ia ytau j f(»w lUi* 
difiiM in natural Ground } Jib ^»rfyfif ^fidtCMa{^ Sad: Now fow Mm 
Jive very thio^ to be ^Unchtd.vQtthnpt tcan^plaating $ traqfpUnt^ Gaali* 
ft^tr flantf» ^ J^a^e Dtil^;f4 i^^i plant pot ({f^^p«, ^•tUj^ 
«nd But a>^i (txJKi^^mft^ J#i^^, 7j6jnw« and othov- aroifiaticirr 
l^crhs ; alfo JiUf 'flvwen, and other Under PlanU } and what wm ortiit^ 
tfd in, tho-A)imer l^oi^thft ii}oA^b.f ^e (hie Peg^qing ^i ihir j water itfw 
fianted Trees y^jJaartfgasyf^d'o^crl^&ipfiB th|£ want, and deftroy alV 
Weeds and Votmin* • . . ? 

Set Pms and Bem^t,;MixFf^tb udA tf^iwdfir ^^ dm Bro»H for Spiiog. 
Vie« andinmoift Wca^ar iow, Tiir*i^s. A cuefoi Cardeaer-wiU new 
daily vific every Part of h^ Care, c^rrc&ing th^ oniuly^ n^ camlbrtiog 
the ireak Pi^nta in the bcft ^f annf r tie can. 

, if/^« F;i^LT.GAliDEN« 

' Now tie vp the Shooti of the Ptne to their Prb'pt^ leaving oi^thtee or 
Cour of the boidoA »ff ooiep fochrBianchcs^a are bDund^h4nwton' the Joioti 
^ the WaU». or behiqd the larger Wood. At the Utter Bnd of thi^ 
](lonUi, nail* the moft forward proje^g Branches whore Fro&K iojjcloft 
to the Wall, aod pick off all ft oiticfs Shoots. 

, FeacbitiM jf(ri€tt^ are lo be cnrefuUy thinned of their Fnitt> libt fe^ 
fering above two or three Fruit on a Branch* All dr|ed| withored Branchev 
<rom WaliTiees are to be taken awoj^ j^ndthelVees deanfed from SoaiJtt 
Ca^kera and VcroMn. Now begin the Summer pending of PeMre> cuttUig 
^ the Shoots of thia Year that comje forward to' half •• Ineh, aa^ 
uMiPftopt thofe in the, middle whei^they crowd qoc another entirely } 
hi*% f? 4he Extremity; of the Tree tiy^may he Jet alone to tb» Winter 
BHiiMofs »f thcro bi Rom.,>iwiidici|Uf Shooti ia thft MHdk of; 

-^ "^ Dwarfi 

( »99 ) 

Dtvarfi flioold thif Month be reduced eo Half la loch* The Sumtner 
Sm^Cbrhitn Ptar fhould never feel the KoifiBbut in thit> Mfonthy except ^iC 
be to ^ut out great Wood entirely ; beoaufe if it has room it will bear ae 
the Ej^tremitlc#. Now dip off the ExtremUiei of the Shoots of Gce/ber^ 
rktp which will in a great Meaftire p event or kiH the Canker Worm. 
,G<ther the NeAs of Cat«rpillert and other Itift&s wMch hurt yotir Trees , 
•ad ptiUofK all -crumpled Leavefi wh ch harbour Muititudes of pemicioua 
Vermin, thoiigh the naked Eye cannot fee them. 

At lift latter End ef thit Month, you may loofen the Bandagei of Treet 
gfaSed in the Sfring, breaking oft' the Clay. 

• Repeat the Sowing of anno^l FloWers, giving them frequent Waterings 
till they coflne Op. This is the beft Seafon to )ow Carvamn Seeds } now 
tie ii]» Onmntitnt' which fphidie for blowing ; cut down the Leavea and 
Stems of ali bulbous reotad Flowers that have dene blowing, anlefi fuch 
ai yo« d'e<iga for Sted ; gather your Jnemomy Seed at it rfpent ; (hade 
ch«ee 7m&p^f9attk the Mid- day Sua, and defend them from Rains; when 
they hatv done blowing , break off their Sefd- pods, which will firengthva 
tke Rooti $ plane Stuk July Fktotn-'m Beds, and when the Weather ta 
i'etcled, all your choice annual Flowers, at Afrkan and Frcneb UfarrgiUs, 
Awuranthus, Bafi/s, Convol'vuiuif and fuch like, are to be tranfplantfd ; 
plant Cuttings of the Fftiutti and Sedum, of the Pfratbantba, the Pajfion 
W i mUf the A'akian y^ffamnt, the C?artfffiaMi, Ammum Plinii, and other 
•tottck Shrubs^ in fome opeo Border, where they wil> uke Root better 
tkni in ^ott« Lsy L^yert of the Mj^llt, Ohandtr^ $t%, and aboot the 
nth- of thit Momb inarch Otdngi and Lmun Tnvi upon Lamtii Srerlr, and 
by th* Middle of Aa^fi bearing Plants may be cut from the Mother 
Tnet* Inarch alfo the Spamfb^lVhiUt and the Jndim yellow Jejfkmindt, 
unon ftreng Scockl of the common whjt« Jefiminit 
About the Middle of this Month, in gentle and fettled Weather^ bring 
Oranget and Loamii into the Air 3 but do this jodiOJoufly, and then they 
will he Arengtbened by Dcfraes. If the Weather be hot, you muft Ihade 
yanr Stove Glaffta in the Middle of the Day } alio your hot Bedi^ and , 
uke wuHj decayed Leaves from Ak§B, and other (efidef Saockks. Now 
bdogtmit alKhar^ Btoticka into the open Air. 
Jm th* irarRSiRY. 
Fre^iently reAtftyotir yoong Plants with Water, but not -too much at 
» Time I alfo water young Trees and Everprunt that were removed Ift(fr 
Sl^aibn ) hough and weed yoer Seed Beds^ and beMrcen your Trees at alt 

It is wKelyrenMrked by a Jodieient Author on this SubjeA, **. Tha 
'' there are feveral Degrees of Heat and Oold necc0bry to the Vcgetadoii«4.j 
•I of fcVcral Kinds of Plants : The Teiinpentore of the Air in Jgnwrf 
** puflies forth the Buds of the'f^r *tree\ the greater wamth in Fe^ 
** hfusrf ^uts the Goefiberry Bafi, and (cxat Sorts of Sfviekfett in Mo^ 
A tion^; in Martb the Abnand and the Pe»eb fHa biofibm ) in April tho 
<< £/fli and fome other Trees begin to open their Leaves \ but the lUuU \ 
** bfrrj %m wiU.aor ftif till the Weather in thit Month it iettled." 

K4 JUiJ& 

( 200 ) 

y u NS, 


Sow ttm ti mti'Pim aboot fcor 1mJi«s apart, aflowlaf two Fett Diftamt 
Wtwota Om Um; wJuch wiU afibrd a gocd Crop in Stftrnker f iowJCid' 
tf BtmSf Rsddtjitit Madivtp and fomo LtUitu ht CMsgiwg, RepJnat 
CM^gelMitt^ abOQClhc aoth Day tcanfplant Letlt in Li%ht, rich 
Gfooady lis Jodiot diliaat from each oUier* After the Atft Week in this 
Uomtk, c«i no jlf^t^m, becaofe it wili hmt the Root. 

If b now a ftt Timt* if the Weather be dry, to s^tber Herbt for dry- 
wg, to lay up for the Winter ; foch as Mhm , S^, Bsim, Tbfate^ £«• 
^ mit Tf Smtt$ Mfr/BftfM, ftc. Now carefuliy prcfave your PJants from 
the fciircliiiif Son j aU Plaou mvft be refreAed ^quentij with Weter ia 
m Momiai early, aad in the £veniii|. Stir «p iliflF Qrooad to preierve it, 
Iram chovpiof | traafplant CsUMgt and Ssmty PlaoU for Winter Vk i 
prick out C^mbjkmm Pi^oti, fown U(t Month, in Beds of rich Earth 
«nd ikade and water then till they Uke Root ; bough C^rrari, Fmrjnift, 
7«r«/i, Ommu, Ac. ibw Sftee^ Seed, to fncceed that ibwn laA Month { 
and piick out tbe Piaoti now up in Beds, in order to pkiot in Jmlf* 
Shade MiiUmt in the Middle of the Day, and be carefol of giviog them 
tco okoch Water. Now fAthrr ripe Seeds^ and fpread them on Mats or 
Ooths^ to dry hi the Pods or Huiks. 


Pmoo aad nail your Ft^tha, PJmmh, and JfirtMt, that fo the Son may 

bcfia to look uirlcd at the Endi, mntt becot off. Tbe Kiftiriaat Growth 
ei KfOft b now to be checked, and the Branchei ihortoed to the fecond op 
third Bud bejund the Fruit. Lof'k to year E/j^Uers of Fruit Treer, tod 
la) in pioper Branches to ft-pply Vac^oeiei, and be>r Fruit advant^teooAy* 
ti the Weather be not too hor, this is the Scafon to tapoilate Pettbei, 
\/i^rt€9n, Phmk, and other Stooe Fruit | dcAroy VenniD, and root out 


TeanTpIanC the Rocu of Ss^m, Cytiamtm^ and (Ulchiam } tranfplant 
AuammU after Rain, ab4.fow others to fucceed thofe fown in. former 
M^tbt I Jay CerMfiMt, and caiefnlly |ack off weak and teiider.BudSf 
i^hich wdl help thoie tbet are ftronf, help the Pods of large Blowen, and 
deftroy Earwigs. Take op TuUft, and other B ilbous Roots that have 
done blowieg, waft them clean, and let them be weU dried before they 
n>c laid up i takfi up and replant fuch Flower Roots as will not beer to be 
out of tbe Ground $ gather JuHoUm and P§fysmiMt Seeds, and preferve 
them io the Pods till £iwn. Clp Edgings of Btx, Evergrttm, aod 
He^pnha Raiiri mow Graii. Walks, uke up ^enswpaod RmmoAis 
RotKi, and low jtm*m$iyf Seeds. 

if you remove StahuCug uid ftop their running to S«ed the fitft Year« 
they win produce. fine Flowers the ar« Tear $ and Slipa of Alytlc fet in 
• nooift, cool Place, wiU now take Root, especially if yon^fplit the Bot* 
torn of the Slip, and £x In it a Grain of Barley or Oats, this will make 
sn»ft Slipi grow. * ' 

»i K • ^/ ^ ^'' '^ GREEN-HOUSE. 
a/1^ aJ? '^r. •'r^^*^'^'» ^'pMium., and tender r^limmh iatn 
the open Au, and deanle them 4row DoA , pnU off with Cire, decayed 


Xeavei of ^bet^tn^ tn^kUnt A*m it Keed nqai^, into k^ •Pott.i 
itow take of from thtn Ofneu aod Suckers growtog abo^ the Rooci and 
Stexni of Aba, and plant them abroad $ you inay alfo uke off the Cut-*' 
tingf of tho EitphtrhiMm maA^^kt-lt%l^n$^ihpa^\ftmt)it Sua till 
the WouAdt are hea^d before plante^l ^ %p^ f lent Reaves of the Indian 

Orawgitf which are now in BloOfBi afe to l]|(e. Ottered ^equenCl/, a ltt« 
tie at a Time, that the Frujt may fff 5 fod litfi Blo^oins arc tobc pk|l^ 
off where too thick. , , , ,..•*. 

;^^';^^- • • 

The firft Week (bw Kidney Bean^ and Ptat to bear in SeptewAer aod 
,CBo6tri fow them where tliey may have ihelter from frofty Nighta* 
which fonetunes l^ppeo. Sow Cucumkcn \n a Bed made with dry Horte 
Litteri and covered^ With light Etrth ten Inches thick $ cover tbejm at 
Night in Sefttmder with a common Frame a^d Glaft, to keep them frona 
' Froft and Kaifl|, a^d by thii Method you may have Cutumhiri till C^f j|^- 
w«f • Make a Bed for Mufintmu aa )ioo.did in fekritary, i^d cover It 
very thin with Earth. 

Aboot the Middle of thii Month, fow ffof j/, Sikfiag and Bnvm Duitb 
tettieet, fome of which will cabbage for Winter Ul'e, and then are to ho 
planted dofe together, where they may be ihehered with Glaflei. $oW 
Cherthi, CMrrfs, ^ufips aod Oniont, to ftand the Winter \ plant CahhagfB 
and Savoyiiot Winter % and plant Q^xiSme^U and Caulijhwen, to blow 
' Uk Stpt'ember. 

Sow fome Caultfl$wir Seedl to ftand the Winteiy A> yon will have go^ 
Floweta in the Spring ; about the aoth Day ia the right Time to ,(»w 
them. Tranfplant ErMpi for blanching agaiofl Winter, and tie up C^4C< 

dua for blanching with Bands of Hay or Straw. Earth up jSrf(W|ii 

tke op Sfc^a 

.DriUt, aod plant out a hew Crop to foccced the prefeot f take 

and Gs^Hckp and gather Roumhh when the Stalks turn yellow | ai^d 
when the Scalki of daiMu change Colour, puU thean'up in'dry'Wea^^y 
and lay then in the Sun till they are well dried, to lay op tor, W)ot^r. 
NeglcA not to gather foch Seedi ai are fully grown and. coloured in \i^f» 
'Hoiki, poUbg up the whok Planta, and letting ihein upright in a p^oMt 
Place to dry. " 

Now water pjentifufly all Herbi that are feeding, for a mtqji Walafiog 
or two will fill the Seed $ alio water well thofe Plaoti that ftand abt^ia 
Pots or Gafet, which have lefs Beoefit from the Raini in this Seai^n, tHaa 
the Plants in open Q^ound ; for the Showera which now. fall, are but of 
little Heip to the Roota of PJanti, fo that th^y require frequent Wat^bg ; 
water from Five to Eight, Morning aod Bvenxngi. Hough. and weed a^-ia 
the former Month { deflroy M^«j^«, Aati, and other XnfHU^ which m 
this Month are very numerotu } awt be careful to pick off* atl criimbled 
Leaves where- ever you fee them { and alfo the Twigs, if they arc cittled^ 
they being the Beds of deftruAive Creatures. Jlf«/«R|.now beginniogto 
ripen Ihould have very littk Water given them^ .bccaofe water will gi|n 
an ill T*Ae to them. 


Now Fim$ are in their foil Strength and vigon'^ iofomuch that the 

gicaieft Coofofioa inagtMhle will enfuei if they ate not carefully p'rvned 

K < thie 

( w% ) 

tint Vhmiu TU yMfMmi& te itoliiiiaeAj iM^tIi« Fralt Branc&a tied 
' up to the Proft vr Elfafim, tod all' weak ao^ fhutfeft Sboon taken 
way. , . V. - . 

At tha Befhmifig df Oiif MaoAf^raf open'iAHbl^ to the Son, liy talr« 
I n% away the LeafCi^ tkM die Frcttbittay ri^ci | at ^ htter End'do the 
fane ta /<»cim | if any ftrpnc Wood, or Water fliooti» pvih from eitheSr 
of theft Trtei, tik^^K^ awJy IfctnMy; tii^fii f6ide ^oid Plaefe wanti to 
bt Me^op I bot'atl^oODf « (boh SHhlhes ate to be preferved, bv oaiUng 
tkcn to the WaJi» and not (hort^ng,thep« The Petr Trfr isnow looked 
to and ananaiedy if over tigproa^ ^d'all Braochei that pofli forward are 
to he thortned Co half ^ Iocb« Jn6iuIatiofi lAay be continued after Raia. 
Waterini plentifilly a P$0eB 7r<r full of F!nut it a great Advantage to it; 
feni Fndc Treet hi Pott an now to be daily watered, otherwife their Fruit 
win f»D oC Fmit near the Oreond (not too oetr) hate t double Advaxw 
tige, betngtSDeaedltobtfhr^and'firitrfpet 

\ S^t, ^•Jh* ^^> ^*f^Vt ^« beiQggreit'Cnemiet to Wall Fraity 
vA ^^^atSif IfeBgri^a, themoft effb^hial Nfethodi fqrthdrDe^ruaioa 
'oftght to he pot in Pradice : and Weediii|s onghtat all Tine* to be diJi- 
feptJy Bifided. Thii Month yoa moft bQd;dl Froits that want it> wliich 
were omitted ia Juu^ b«t let tKis be done in damp Weather, 

* ' Coitf noc to lay Cttwathn as • they gather Strength^ and often refreih 
' ^em with water ; fow Tulip Seedl (which are nowri^) in Cafei of light 

lUrth \ low Ammnmj Seed and Ammth hi EdgSoga, to blow in Septmker^ 
Tranfplant fach sJki at yon. took oot pnt of the Ground the laft Mootir* 
^Cnt down the Flower Stems of foch curiotu Floweri as h9.rt done blowing, 
^ffWoD and prone all cxotick Plants which grow difordeily ; they will hive 
'li^lH Shooti before they are fet ia the Roufie. Gather fuch Fldwer-Secdt 
^itf ^^ i^P^ji drying them well in their Seed Veflels before they are beaten 
^\b\i\\ aaa afVer that in the Sun for a Week or more, before ybu lay tbeia 
* itpf ' t^y* Mjrtks, Laarelif and other cufious Greeni j alfo Pinhf 
<}S'W^it-n7&'bms, and foch Hke Plants, Graff by Approach, inarch or 
'iiiit\iUt^yfffawihii, Orgngn, ond choice Shrabs; gather yoar early CftU* 
""iiiM ttH^, and fow it prefeatly in Pdtt ; gite freiE Earth to the Sorface 
^f d^'Ajv ^i^f ind deanfle JnHtidn from Weedt and- dead Leaves. 

,^ htht GREENHOUSE. 

^ ''ebhOn^^'to malte tattings of the Torc^ rbi/n^^ h£an Fli, rMi^k^ 
\^rilt^, itd other focculent Plants ; raife Mfrtla of Ctittings, lay down 
'yoiidg^Shoots of the Arsiiau yiffgwa'wt, fet C^et Sirrin, wUch are now 

rJ6jJ\n<l «he Fruit of the Mm4u 

^ in liot We&ther give tendier Eroticks as much free Air as poffible ; ga- 

ther Ortnit Flowers where they are too dofe to one another ; and if voor 

'^jdlt be oumerona on any Tree, ploch fome off to ftreogthea the ttfU 

*.' AUGUST. 

• ; • Tn ibe KITOaEH. GARDEN. 

' ^e firll Week of this Month^ ibw a fecond Crop of Cn/ifictpert, fo 

•«a«d the Winter, left tbe firil fhould run to Sfecd, which !n an openSet* 
fon »h«y will be apt to do. Sow CmUgget, Cphtfortt, and Onhnt, tth 
Jftf^^ii, Lfiiiu, CAervi/, Crefet, C»rm Ssffad, and 5p«Mr«. for Via- 
ttt UTe i tranfipUnt GtH^g, j^fi,, efpeciaily tht Dmb mSm j tie up 

( 203 y 

Sndi^m for bliothingi jfre more Barth M yoat^UnchTug SefHirf, mliffk 
it rtf be repeated every Fortoigbt} break off theStemi of Jrtieb$ket which 
have done blowing: and towardt the Sod of the Month flip aad^ietaro* 
inaticfc Herbs^ Aich ai Savmrf, 7^e, Btffofj &c. tod cot down tkd# 
that are run to Seed within three or four inches of the Ground* If tl^tt 
Stalki of AJparagut be Aowed down, yon may ezpe£l % fdcond Autum;! 
Oopt Sow Turnip* kx the o^en Field, tilt the xzUi of this Month, aifd 
thofe Rooti lyot only yield a profitable Increafe, but very much enrich all 
ligfat Soily, S^rip the Loaves of Ctrran, Parfiips, &c. to improve the 
Roots s pull the Rooti of Plants a little ovt of the Ground, covering 
them with Mould to. keep them from ruoolog to. Seed j and cut down 
StrawUrrin after they have done bearinc clofe to the Ground. W^ter fuch 
'Things as need it in the Beginning of this Month $ but after th» Middle 
of h, water only in the Morning, for fear of Froft. 
tHtbe FRtJtt GARDEN, 

Lock over and expofe Wall Fruit to the Si^n, to perfea their Ripenmg f 
give /^/ffef the. laft pruning for the Sommer> and keep the Grapes clofo 
to the Wall, (hading them with Leaves, to defend them from cold Kightl* 
Now inoculate Peart^ Plumbt, and HoWei ; now unbind thofe Buds pf 
Trees inoculated the lafl Month, to prevent the Bandages galling andfre^ 
ting the Stocks, which will now be in danger by their Swelling. In gar* 
therlng Wall Fruits, take Care not to break the Branches whereon they 
glow, becaufe from them other bearing Branches are expe£^ed the next 
Year. The Borden are to be ireviewed and kept clean, and at the Utter 
End tS this Month to be ftirred^ the better to enable thero to receive the 
Rains in Autumn i therefore no Greens mud now be planted In them* 

Sow the Seeds of the bulbous In't, Fritd/lariss and RenuKtulufet^ co- 
vering them with a thin Coat of Ane fifced Earth < tranfplant feeding 
Jiuriculas upon a Border of well lifted Earth, giving them Sprinklings of 
Water, «nd (hading them from the Sun for a Fortnight. Now is thepro*^ 
per for parting Auxieniau Tranfplant feedling PetUtbhipt upon a 
ihady Border, and divide old Roots \ plant fingle Anemmui^ and taanfplant 
the Hfadnth, Narcijfui^ Xiitiet, Marlagwt, Crscufes, and Snew Droft, plant 
PYimrdfes, Catupicns, ju/y-F/awerMt Hepatieat, Crown Jmferiali, Afpbo^ 
diit, LiRciif tbt FalUy^ Dins-Cenuius, and mo(l other Flowen that have 
blown in thye Spring, or Summer preceding. Continue to lay CarnationB 
that were not ftrong enough in the former Month | but thefe will not be 
iit to tranfplant till Mawcb, Take off and plant out fuch of your Camo' 
ti'tn Laytrt of the former Months as are well rooted ; tranfplant feedling 
Carnations a foot diA^nce from one another i plant Slips .of Pinks in a 
Nurfery, to plant out the Summer following ^ cut down tbe withered 
Stalks of thofe Flowers that have done blowing, and part their Roots for 
Incre^fe. Gather Flower Seedi in a dry Diy } fliade Afumony and Tkfi^. 
S^eds fown the preceding Month). About the Middle of the Month, cut 
the inarched Orange Stocks from the bearing Trees, but be careful not to 
break the new graffed Branches from the Stock } leave the Clay upon 
them till the foUowins^ Spripfj and guard them from high Winds. I^omt 
tnake Layers of all Sorts of ^ruliS and Treea which remain abroad all 
Winttr. If yott have Poti of old Roots of CtfrM^/Wf.^whit&yoU fiitd 
K.6 wdil 

C 104 ) 

«^& Umt litt, fliift tbern into oUicff Pact of freOi Einh. aM frttliem in 
tht Greta. Hooit ia O04rr, they will blow in tbe WinUiw 
/« /^# GREEN-HOUSE. 

Kow fet la jroor ^iEief, TVrrA ThiJUtt, Em^h'iiwu, ind other omA 
terder, fuccolcnt Plaots | tnaff lant M^tht aad OrMi^« Tffei { |ive yoitf 
CuttiAffi Air« Ko htrdea them agaioft Winter j the Ammms B.dt maft be 
tefrdhtd with frcA Bark, to keep up their Heatg w«fli ami c'caofe tbe 
Leave* ao4 Steme of CoflFeo Trees, aad other ezotick PJaats^ f om Fifth { 
aad Ikift the tcoder Exodckt, which are always in the Baik StoTCt, thit 
they nay have aroog Rooti before Wiater. 


Sow S^^p MsMJb for the Winter { S^iMcft to be cot in Fdrmgrj ; 
make PlantatioM of Duuk Bmpm Lettict to ftand the Winter $ (bw Smi 
■ad fmali Herbe for Salladt, and fow N^^urtium lndic»m to Pot*. Re« 
. plant £aif«f, aad all Sorteof fibrovs rooted Hcrbi| ttith Qp StlUryuA 
' taifc Banks of Eanh about your CUfdmt for blanching $ tranfplant j^t* 
ragmt Roots ; nake Plantations of CaUsgtt aad CoUvmn \ tranfplaat 
ycittog CsuiiJUmBtr Plants in places where they are to flower, aod in Nni- 
iciies nnder warm Walls, or Places jsf Shelter \ and now tfaafplant Stren» 
herriit. Make Beds for MMjbrctm j ccver every Night your Cmcuahen 
iuwo in July, If the Seafon be dry, water your Plants and Herbs in the 
Mornings ; give your Tar»ipt the fiiil Houghing ; eaith up your Winter 
Plaqts, prepare Compofitions, and fumiib your Gardea with every Thiog 
BKefTary for Wiater Ufe. 

Gather 2><l Seeds, if they are bbck, cuttiog the Heads from tbe 
Stemi,-aad fpread:ng them upon a Sheet in the Sua every Day, till they 
are fit to be beat out | gather aU fmail Seeds now ripe| gather the Podi 
of Gardn and Kidan Bt^nt, and expoie them in the Son fcr drying, but 
keep them laid op m the Pots tilJ.uled. ~ Piot as e to be preferred in tbe 
fame Manner, and they will then be better for (ietting in the Scaloa« 
AU Seeds, not thoroughly dried when laid up, will* rot. 

Cucumhen now ripe^ muft he cut opea, and the Seeds and Pnip takes 
out of them, wh^ch are to ite two or three D- yi together before they a.e 
W4lhed, then keep the Seed ia Water twenty- four Hours, after that li| 
it ia the Sun to dry ten Days or anore, befoie you lay it up. 

You may now inoculate Pion^ aad releafe the Bods iaocolatcd the IA 
Month. Now gather ripe Fruits, and fuch as are full gruwa, aad is 
good Condition to belaid upf fvch as are fit to gather will eafily quit the 
Tree, therefore ufe no Viokncc to poll them off. The laft Week of tbii 
Month in moift Weather, you may plant Fruit Trecf, though their 
Leaves are not fallen, fuck aa PeaehiX, ApAniSf Ntaanmes^ and other 
Stone Frutt \ but Ptan, ^ff^h Ac. are tabe delayed till the Mkidleof 
the next Mom h. Fruits agaiaft the Wall of the forcing Fraaie Auft not 
\t pruned and trained clofe to the Wall or ETpalier* 

Sow the Seeds of bulbous rooted Plants, as Tsi/ipt, Aaaataiet, Reawn* 
Af/>r, bulbous Irh, Martsgom, Creeujet, and FnlUUruti and iiis now* 
food Time to put iato tke Groaad Um^l^ttun aad Jlfmmm/m Rooti to 


( ao5) 

Uow e>r1f • Abtot th« Bod of the Month p«t In fomt TmS^ Root»t tf- 
peciaUy the Breeders, but giff them not rich Ground, beeault it ii Want 
of NoQiiiKme/it o<caiors the V«riegationi in Plajits ; aod Bulhi are eveiy 
Year taken out of the Ground to pccferve their Variefaiiont ^ therefoi e 
plant breeding Tulift ia a Compuft of half natural. Mouldy and half Rub- 
bi/h of old Houfei, or elfe p<ani them to poor Grouud near fome Treef* 
Plant jMBfiui Rootr, and let- them ftaod two or three Yean in the fame 
Place i fow Poffiet, Pipmtii, Lsrifpun, Aanual Sfaki^ Mul/eins, Cmdf 
Tufa, and Venui Look/ng Clafi, to bloflbm early in the Spring j fow Sttck 
ytdftUweri, tranTplant fibrou» rooted Fiowcn, which have done blow* 
Ing, and cut dovn the Flower Sremt of thole which are to remain grow- 
ing within three Inches of the Ground. Coniinoe to take off C«rM/fMi 
Xf^eft ; tranfp!ant all Sorti of flowering Shinies, «nd make Layen of them« 
.luch at H9»tjf,fiukJe$, Jejpm^ntt^ yirginU Bvwer^ Firiimam Do^viotd, Peri" 
%»iakU, ice, Alfo plant k^irgrtcMt, as Tevf$, &x, Hol&a, and fuch 
likey if they rife with good R jott i but JiaguJI ia the moA. proper Se«fon» 
Now il'ke your Flowcn and Tree*, expe^ing windy Weather. 

About the Middle of the Month, houfe Oranfa, GefMnkm, Fiaides^ 
S«dtims, and other tender Plants j but fet them in Order the nexf Month 
when the Mfttkt and other hardy Plants are brought io^ and let the 
Wir.dowi continue always open till the Weather is colder. 

To prcferve fuch Plants at are tendi r, and yet W:U not beer the Hoii» 
fing, you may put the Pots into KQles made under a South Wail, ai.d lee 
them be three Inches lower than the S'aifuce of the Earth» eoTeii..g them 
wi^h diy Mofs, and puttiag GlaiTei over them ; in all Warm, Sun ihiney 
D-^yi, and noderiite Showers of R«in, uncover them for the Benefit of 
the Air and Moifture, Remove your Tttifrtfi Hms into the Green- Houfcy 
and keep them dry.{ or rather take the Roots out of the PoUf and keep 
them in Paper or diy Sind. Stir up your Batk Bed, and add feOi paik 
if t >e Heat is decayed) and if the Nights prove cold, cover your ^m* 
JM*f. left the Plania be checked in th:ir Growth. 

In the Bx(t Week of this Month fow Cucumhers in the naioral Ground, 
to be traofplanted into Poti^^fot the Convenience of (helteriog from Odd* 
till a hot Bed ia prepared far them ^ this is better than to begin in jAnmam. 
ry. Sow IQdMM Besm in Ba/kets under a South Wall, to be afterwards 
rorwarded by a hot Bed^ fur early Ufe ; fow Hetfpur Pett and Seaat, and 
^Mifi Beam, in fome well expo ed Border under a Wall or Hedge i four 
AidJiJba in fome warm Place, to draw early in the Spring, and Creffet, 
t*ettite, MuJUrdt Spinach, and other fma!] Sallads, on a decayed ho( BeJ | 
and put Roots H}f Mint in a ge itle hot Bed for Winter SaUadi* 

Make Plantations of cabbaged Leitia for Winter Ufe | tranfpUnt (Uh* 
bage and tAuUfimur Plants ; take up thofe CauUflotifer Planta that begin 
to flower, tie their Leaves together, and bury their Stalks and Roots in 
Sand in a Cellar, or fome cool Place ; cut ArtichtUt with long Staiks, 
and preferve them in the Houfe, by felting their Scalkt in Sand j earth 
up and drefi fuch jitichokct u have <oae blowiftg^ and eontiaat to earth 
i»f St/lpy for blaacbing. 


C 206 ) 

Mow by up Rooti fw Ulster Store, m Cmmtt and Ftfrj(^B|} Imt ktve 
Tutmft in tbt Orooni tiU you ofe thsn* Ctrry Dong Into your Gtideii 
m4 fpfwd it atoad fo rot, and that the Rain may waih into the Groim4 
tlie fisih Part of k befbre the Spring. ^ Make PlanCatiods of CMhertiitt 
Cmrrun, vod MMkirria, from Sbckert, orfroaa Ctittmgs j and fccure 9fi 
ttndcr lliiBa at wall' n yoo can from Cold. 

Now plant ftttha, jfyrictts, and other Fruit t*jeea is Qotri^Sart!(» 
hccauft Daaf it honfil to tfaero. If the Steafon be wet, ralfe the Bot- 
iera, aad pbnt the Treei Ugh | for if Wkter ftagnatei in Winter, it witt 
kill JfHmi and Feaths that ftand in it. yina mould be planted agrioft 
Walli, not ahove four or fire Feet hii^, and Hand fix or feven Yarji 
•ioiider hi a Soil, or Compoft, of ooe half natoral, rich, warm Earth, 
And the other Half RuUiJb rf t/d BmlMwff:, Sea Ctsi M*t, or Drift 
8MHd, Aboot the Middfe cf this Month, fow CyHir P^£« ih Biedi of 
Ircih Earth, to raife Stocka for graftiog, and even make Oitharda without 
graffing } .and from a norfery of thia Kind, yoa may hare at onny diffe- 
rent Sort I of jSffIti aa you raife Pknti, tlioogh the Seed cornea all Irom 
the fame Tree. 

MakcPlantatioQiof 4ffles graflTed upon PatMSfe Stuh in Pots, they 
will bear whtn the Trees are very fmall, and veiy ir.uch fet off an enter- 
taionent, beiag placed on a Table, with their Fruit growing, amon| 
Difhei of other Froit. TranfpUnt Treci of all Sons j lay up Acoms tti 
Mmfi in Sand \ bare the Roott of old, unthrlving, and hafiy blowing 
Tree*, aad ftir up new planted Ground. L^y in a good Stock of omried 
Erath, to b« ready upon all Occafioni for Fruit TIees, Evergreens^ aad 

/• fit FLOWER GAUD^tr. 
Plant Awemama and Renuuadkjct, and as foon as they appear defead 
them firom Winds and Frofti with dij Sti«w or Mats | make ao End ci 
'putting Tniift into the Ground ; continue to lay and traofpUnt R^Jet and 
flower:ng Shrubt, and to plant Cuttiaga of Jtfamiffet and Bmeyjuekltt in 
ihady Bordera. Sow the Berries of Tew, &lij^ and other Ever-greeos 
prepared in Earth .or Sand ^ and if the Seaibn be mild, prone thefe Kind 
of Plants. Set Pou of CarmtUnt, now blowing in your Green; Houk 
fiear the Door, and cleanfe your Walks firom Leaves. 
Set Bfyrtfii, Amamtm PUmi, Mtltnubus ^^^nd foch tender Greena m rep 
tndnyet abroad, into your Houfe, giving the.n, and all othef Houfe 
Greeni, orfre(h Covering of Earth, but do not diflurb the Roota j tie up 
the Plants that grow difbrderly, and place the Alett, Torch TbiftUs, Ea^ 
fbwtiiMt, ice, ncAteft the Suri, and the more hardy Pants towatds the 
Back of the Hou^e. When yoii Water your Greens in the Houie, do it in 
a Moinirg, whfen the Sun fliines on them ; but after the Middle of the 
Month, give no more Water bgs to- tender, fucculeot Plants. The Win- 
dows are to be open Night and Day tift the 15th of this Moi|th i but af« 
ter that only in the Day. Time. 

Wow remove Andmas out of the Bark Bed, and place them in the 
Stove near the Fire, «nd rcfifefli them" frequently with Water that hn 
ftc«d in the Stove twenty-four Hours, bel6ie^c4, that it may acquir* a 
Wahnth equal to the Air in the Houfc* 


( 2o7 ) 

U tht KITCHEN-G^OlDSir/ 
Kow preptre d^eiitle hot Bed f6r the CttmiAerg iowa in the hit Montfr, 
Md alfofor the Kidney Semii fowo ftt the fame Time } but thefe moft not 
be together. Makej hot Bedi of j^r^iM to come next Moatfa, vA 
ibppiy them whete wanting, from tome oM Flantationt whieh are worn 
out. Continue to fow Lettite, Crejet, RsdH/b, Sphidcb, 9x» on hot Bedtm 
Sow Pkiti tni #Mm of the Hte^r and %Hn^(rKmd» in open .Ground^ 
and if t%e Weather be fair, earth op thofe fown in Stfiimkn \ earth np SeK 
Itfy, and tie up Bndhft Planti for blanching. 6btdown theHawm oij^^m 
r^^m, when It ii tnmedyellow, within twoor three Inches of the Groond, 
and the Earth of, the Alieya flung ap upon the Beds 3 or If the ji/pa-^ 
rapu be worn, gtfe a cohering, or rich Dong not quite rotten : Htn and 
BigMm Dmig U preferable to long Dung, Prepare Bedt for phintiog Ar»m 
ticbtkit and Affar^^ in the Spring ; cover well all your AtticMn with 
loni; Dung, to defend them againft Profit, which otberwife will deftrof 
them in a fevere Winter ; houfe Cdbbaga ; houfe and cover with Sand, 
&frrar#, Parfnip^^ ftc . Trench the (Ground, and lay it up in Ridgei to 
nelJow I and in a frofty Seafon wheel on Dung, and other Manurei, upon 
foch Placet ai want to be enriched ; ihelter Planti from Frofti and cold 
Rains, and (lake up trees, which if aegleOed, the high Wiadt in thii 
Month are tpt to blow out of the Ground. 

Continue to plant and remore Fniit-Treet, if the Weather be open ; 
begin to nail the tender Branches of Wtg Trees clolb to the Wall before tbf 
firofift come on | begin Co prone P^nrs and Fbtmkt, efpeeially DWarfs, and 
thofe on Efpaliers \ and this is the Month to prune the Vinet for the Wind- 
ier. Now lay down Branches of the Vine^ particularly fuchas you would 
hate bear Fruit the next Year, to be fet growing in Pota upon a Table at 
great Entertainments % the Branches for this Porpofe are to be Shoots of 
the fame Year, and fo drawn through the Hole at the Bottom of a Gan- 
den-Pbt, that when it is filled with Earth, there may be a reafonabte 
Number of Eyes, (i, #. Buds) above the Ground} a ftrengJBrancfa will ^ 
bear eight or nine Bunches of Grnfett 

'thlt and the pfeeeding Mooth, as weH at in the Sprbg, make Nurfe* 
ries for Stocks of all Sorts of Trees. New yotf may plant the beil Flnwib 
Sncienf, on fow SCoiies or Kemds'wheteo^ to raile Afft'eiti, Fenehet, Af* 
pies and Fenrs \ and you cannot eafify make the Soil of your l^urfcry tor 
JVallTnti too rich, becaufe^ Stocks IBuuld be vigorous. As to Planting 
and Sowing, it is a general Rule, piant as*j9, and/swrf/ff^^^ d^jr. 

Now apply freih Mould to the Roots or all ficlcly Ttees $ cover year 
Stmt Fruit and Mnmh, to defend them againft bleak Winds j and gathir 
year remaining Orchard Fruit, preferviog them from'Froft in ekaa 

Plant Hyneimhst Jonjails, Nsecijfitfies, and FoUantbnfet in Pbte, tad 
plunge them bto hot Beds to btoflom at Cbrijfmat, Lay down Auricula 
Pots on their Sides, putting the Planti towards Ihe Son, to drain theht 
from MoiAorci and preferve them from Freft. Sheker young feedliag 
^Ibt from Frofi, but give them daily Airings. Cut^<down the Sulks or 
tall blowiag Flowers that have doAebloflbaiDg niithia three Jachesof the 


( i©8 ) 

ftoot. Tie ap ill Treat uti Shnibt to Stakes. Ltjr up Heaps of Etnlk 
for tko fevtrai Sotti of Fiover*, and make pro(»ef Gompofts {i, §, Mix- 
faroft) kg Exoticitt* obfenriAg that whete the Groand ii to» AiftVtt nsy 
be broofht co the State of liun, bjr muriog it with drift Sand. Now 
yoa majr pltot Piimtif and rome othei fibi^oi-footed Plaoti | and if the 
Weather he opea» you may yet tranfpUot Rt/et, y^ffsmimi, Btitjffmlda 
Syrmgm aod XjfAic. Uonail yoor Paffien Trcec ixoai W«1U» and lay them 
oa the Gteuod, cefcriag them with Straw, to keep them £rofl» fc? cie 


If the Weather be not itty icvere, open the Windows a littW, efped- 
ally when the Soa ihines } at the fanie Time give a little Water to (bch 
Plaati at went and can bear iti but by the Middle of this Month yoar 
tender Plants dH>ald be quite cncIoTed io the Conrcrvatoty, and (ecored 
Iroas the Entrance of all cold aod flurp Winds. If Fioft be fee in make 
a CaiaU Charcoal Five in the Hoafri and when it horns elear, haof it op 
near the Wmdow in the Night Time, or make Fire in Stoves. Now re* 
move your 4mm^% from the Bark Bed into the StoTe» In a warm Dayi 

Now look carefully after yoor hot Bedf» aod add to their. Heat, if they 
l<egiA to cool, by linirg thrm with hot Dong. . Towards the Middle of 
the Month make a hot Bed fior A^^tiffiH ^* Jon ^i<l ^'^ '«ft Month. 
>w en hot Bjdrall Sorts of fmall hot Sa:lad Herbs f r SaUads \ allh fow 
Pmj jW 0«e*s, as in the former Months | dig, drefs, aod tieoch 
Croaod \ fit ap Tools, and prepare for the Spiiog» by getting all Thiogi 


Yov mnft not prvne any Fruit Trees row ; but yon may dig a«d dreft 
Gronnd^ ict Traps lor Vermin, mend Borders, bring in Dong, and get 
mW Things in Resdinefs agaii^ft the Spring.. If the Weather be frofty, 
gaard sgainfl it as wellu you can; if mild and open« you may piantsod 
remove liaHy Trees* 

c Pnpare Shelters and OAtriogs for all tender Fkwers, Boxes of Seed- 
.liagSf Ctf^awr/Mi and Au^tmUii yet in mild, open Weather, give them 
.Air. Turn over yonr Heaf s of Earth, aod mix op aew Heaps, that the 
•Sprang osay meet you prepared for it. 


Fick off dead aod rotten Leaves from your Exoticks } give hot little 
• Water to any Plants, and to Alut, Eupbtrhiums, EkJimm Figt, Stdamt 
and Ttftk Thfhii none at alt till the latter End of Mmcb, Let aa moch 
Son as poflible into the Hoofe. • Vonr jtaams*% muft now have a good 
Share of Heat, and be often refreihed with Water, as before dtrtaed ) 
your C*Jie Tr*tt, and other tender Plants in the Bark Bed, muft alfo be 
carefully tended. 

Having |n the foregoing Pages guren anAccoontof what Work Is to be 
done In the G.rden { I will now p-oceed to ihew how the (ams is tn be per- 
Mtmed J by exhibiting inch DifeOiow, as may enable the induftroos 


( 209 ) 

Gar^eMt logo thrsiigh etery Put of bis BttfincA in to artfiil aad agree* 
zhkt MaiiACf • 

Tpwukt0 HOT-BED. 

Iiet tht SittiitMii be in fuch a Place a* it weU cxpofed to the Soo | if 
under a Wall defended by the Noith-Eaft aod S^otti Weft Wjeds. it ia 
tfac better^ m<rkouc the Oimenfioiii as occafiom re^yire, but fout Feet ia 
the uM Breadth, then drive Stakei into the Ground on every Side, about 
a Foot aAmdeTy Ittcfog them ftand at icaft a Yard above the Surface j then 
wind the Stakei round with Hay Bandi or Straw Bands ^ next AU it with 
new Hoffc Duog and wet LUter, tfotding it down vety hard, at three, 
fev<ral Timer, in the filliof , fa that the Whole may be equiUj figlidaced. 
The Bed being thua prepared, fix wooden Frames fitted to ir, for the Re« 
ception of Mould at the Top» aod for the Support of your Glaff. Frames 
for its Covering, which muil be placed floping^ you muft take Care 
to kave Room enough for the Earth, and the Shooting of (he Plants { 
then put in rich fifted Earth, the bcA Mould you can get, or the Earth 
of an old hot Bed well rotted, fbi r Inches thick . The Bed m ft be co- 
vered with Mats or Straw, foppo.ted with Hiort Sticks, ^d fo remsin 
about a Wesk before the extneme Heat is abated,<fo as to be fit for Ufr, 
which you may know by thruftinp a fmali Rod as-far as yon can iaio4r, 
and a^rcr keeping it there fome Time, pull it out, and you mty feel the 
Heat with your Fingers | It ought to be warm, but not hot* When the 
Heat is ieffeoed too much, at any Time you may renew it, by applying 
frcih D>'9g to, the Sides, aod fometimei by flirring the Bed. When Planta 
or Seeds ^re cpnne up in the hot Bed, give them Air and Son by Pegrees } 
and wlien tl^y are ftrong enough, they are to be removed to a le^ ho;c 
Ped, or bto very rich Earth, keeping .them from the Mid-Day Sua tUl 
they !are well fettled^ and giving them frequent Waterings. Plants in hot 
Bed > are to be defended from cold Air, by covering iheOlaii Frames a lit*' 
tU before Sun^fet with Mau and Litter. You may rsife a failed in a few 
Hours by the ufe of powdered Lime and hot Duog, the Lime being pi^l 
ac.the Top and Bottom, ^nd the Duog in the hdiH^ the Top beiftg co^ 
-vexed with fine rich Mould. 


Dig a Trench Av9 or l^x Inches Dicp^ in the Ocooads aod lay Horfe* 
Dung in It like a Ridge $' then cover the Dung about two or three lachef 
thick with fre(h Earth juft taken from under a Turf, rather fiindy thsm 
oiherwift : then cover the whole. Bed over with Straw or dry litter, eight 
or tea Inches thick, to defend it from Fruft in Winter, and Son in Som- 
mer. The Bed thus prepgred muft be watered twice or thrice a Week oa 
the Covering, and in about two Months Time the Mufbroom will begio 
to appear, ithich muft be cut as they come up, snd not-drawn. Some* 
times they will come up in a Munth*s Time, if the Dung be sot coter* 
ed too thick with Eaith. 

TomakeRii^is/9r MELONS. . 

Cot .a Tichch about two Feet and Half wide, andfixteen laches deepit 
an which lay Horfe Litter prepared as for a hot Bed, about two feet thick, 
{jpread equally and trod gently } then io t^e, Middle Line of thst Ridge, 
make Holes about ceo Inches over, and fix deep, which are to be filled 
with prepared £af tfa, and are to be four Feet diCUni from each other, 


( 2 lO ) 

m4 alt wfmi mlh the ^m Eflrth.^btot jKie^IiidiM^tlikk i tte teb 
arc to be made flU four Feet wide. About two or three Days fttftertbo 
Ridgft ire made, yoo are to pkat two Mfkw Planti in each Hole, and 
•owt them wkh Glaflht oodMitt, itfiAo Plaota are fo^m the Begi*niog 
•f M^wth, lor Ridse PUnta, on the hot Bed j about a Week after few-' 
iog they are fit to plaaC out- four laohea opait oi» the hot Be4» -where fibty 
•re to reaiahi CtU the firft Leal'ir at big at ■ Chowa Pieee $ oinI tfaen 
when the leeaad or thM Joifet afpcart, you are to oat off the Priote- 
Leader froaa taeh PU»e« noat tho Bar^ Leases, aad they fritt ea«h ^itUy 
pot out thraa olher Rummt, which wi^l produce Fnt'it m greac Plifcty ; 
and theib tat proocd to tho third or fsarth Joiof • Aboet the la^er £ol 
of .Jfhi the Plaau thoa raUed wil! be fit'to plant en the RideoK 
70imtmUt9 FR17IT.TREBS. > 

Aboot ididfmmmer^ or a Month before or after, take JS a Tigoron 
$hooc fiom a Treo yoti would pfopaf«lo; thten make Choiee of a Statk 
aboull threo«r hw Years CPowth, and in a- fm Mvh Pavt of it make a 
4^«aHght Slit io the-Bavk, a littio above an Inch longi'aad another croii* 
Wile at the Botttwa of that, to give Way to the Opening of the Birk | 
thou vNih your iieaknift gently loofen-theBkrk from-the Wood on both 
Sidfli % begimiiagat the Bottoixh; next prepare y tir Bad, by cutting it off 
witli your Knilir^ eotviog pretty deep into the W«cd at much above aibe* 
law tho Bud^ to thoieogih of the SHt in the Stock ; after the Bod h 
thtto ptoporedi wirii the ^kit-of you Khiib and your Tbumh takse eat 
tha^iiuily Par^of Ir^ cafel«llv picfervio|tb^ ^ gf the- Bud^ then pet 
fovt Bod ifrbchreen the Bbrk anA the Wood* of thb SIbek'at thrcroft 
Sm, ieadiog it upwards by the Sfalk, where the Leafgre^y trB it ex. 
aftlycioibs slthen biod It about with eoatfc wooUen Yam, the better to 
toakrall Patti of it clofe- regvkrly, and^ Ao Bod incorporate with tbe 
Stocks, and thrOperatioB is donow 

The Bod will be incorporated in about tiiree Weeks Tilne, and dta 
y«o mufti oofen the Y«m, that it may not gall the Place too much ; tbe 
^okker thk ia done 4he bctten Yoo may put two or threo Bhds intoooe 
Stock of Puebet and NeBgrimt^ that if one don't* fucee^d ano^ersnj} 
and if your Buds inoculated in the Month ofi^fWor, or before9^doo*t bH, 
jtnr may make a fecood Afftempt tbe fame Year, and on the. ft me Stock. 
With belter Sbcrcfb^ Let all Bod^ be taken tiS of the Vigotom gtofUi 
Shoot^ oad ofcd hnBcdiatdy. '__'_ 

T9 ftraffftXTrT' TRllSi 

Gitfitng for ttgfiiBn^, or OrafCing) ia of four SbttSi, !• Bl the Clifi* 
t. In the Bstk, 3. By jtpfnaeh. And 4. 'I^> G faffing. Of each 
of thcfe iii Order, i. Graff 9^ m tbi Cleft, or SFn Chaffing. Thh is per- 
formed on the Prar, C^«rry, and Flumh Stocks,' After you koTe dioie 
yOnr Sttek, cut off the Head in a fmooth Plice, doping ; then even the 
Top horisontally with your Kpife j this being done; make a Slit neif 
two Inches deep down tbe Middle ot the Sfoci, with a largOj ftiong Peo- 
kiuh i then prepare yoor Cyom (tal|ehfrom a vigorous Shoot of tiie*»re|o- 
ing Year, which was prepared \tija»mgrj) floping it on each Side, from 
a Bad or Bye, but leaving it ch&mer On that Side which goes into tbe 
Stock^sn on die Ontfide, fo that it may conform itfclf to the SKt in 
the Stock f then plaecthe Qron in the Stock, and dofethe Bltfk of both 



exaAIy, A(tu this it done^ temper Cliy and ihoil Hftf Coptiitr, pattitf^ 
ic round the Stuck and the lower Part of the Cyon» but fo •» nut to dif- \ 
Curb the Cyoo* which maft be left with more than three oi four Eyet \ 
above the Stock. Ja cafe the Stock be large, yea may put two Cyorn lit . 
the Cleft, one en eaoh-Slde. If the Stock be very large, ofe a Mallet 
a^ large KLoife to make a flit or Cleft* Let not your Cy>ea be \09Ce, nor 

»; T9 gfMJftH the B^whk s This 19 only ofed for J^n I'vnA you ar« to 
cut the Head of the Stock as in the former, and inftead of flitting tbe*^ 
Stpek) Ait only, the Bark a litele mam than an Inch on the South. Weft 
Side, as looR as the Hoped part of the Cyoo \ at the Tof» of the Slit 
loofen the Birk with your Knife, then with a fmooth Inftrument of 
Ivory :oF hard Wood cut floping as the Cyon^ mike Room for the Cyont 
by thrufling it down between the Bark and the Wood of the Stock, 
whete it W4$ flit ; next take your Cyon (being prepared with a fiat SIopo 
about an loch long, endiogJa a Point, and began from the Back of art 
Eye) and put' it into the Stock, thritfting the Top of the Slope as )6w ai 
Che Top Surface of the Stock ; then otdec the Bark on each Side of the 
Cyon, that it may fall dofe to the Stock \ then Cl«y it over as befbre* 

3» Graffing bf Aff^acb, or harthitig. This is performed where the 
Stock grows ib neas another Tree whole Froityou would propagete/that 
it.enaiy be joined with a Branch of that: Tree, by cutting the Sides of the 
B^aech andStbck about three iMchea long, and (t fiithtg them) that the 
PaflBlgftf tif the Sap' may meat § ha wditwh Poflore lot them be beiund and' 
cfayed. When they are ceaiotedi eoe oflf ths^Head oHhe sta&l, aboul t 
f^ut Iflthea abo«e'thrftfldtn|» and in Mrth fblfowteg cut of> the- Stub 
t£at VM Uf t of the Sloek^ and then cbik th« gridM Phwe thai it may < 
fdbfift by the SCock only. Tbia GNtjfing is al(b performed by cutting etf 
CkeM ead of theStoek at firfl, floping it about Wt Inches long, and ^oio- ' 
in§ the Cyoo thereto* Thu manner of G^^^g agrees heft with l^tefr^ 
Orangiip PomegrsMoitt, and fuch like. 

41 H^kif^GrafflBi, This is wberethe Stock and Cyon are of the fame 
Bigokft s the Stock muft be floped an iech or more, and alfo the Cyon ; 
end then oovif tied upon the]olher ; or dfe a Shoulder may be made- on - 
tke Cyoa« to fett with which, the Top of the Stock fheeld be eot ; then' 
biad ttiem together end clay tkeaa; 
AlUhefe foot Kindt of Orttfii^ tie formed chielly^|fl>thrlib&l& of 

When e Tree is planted, end has produced two well-dlfi^fed nranchefy 
with fume weak onea intermixed, they are all to be (bortned equally, to 
the Length of five or fix Inches ; and if the Pofition of the two Branches' 
be irregular, there moil be only one left to beghi the Formation of the Fi« 
gure of the Tree. It fometimes happens, that a Tree will fhoot five^ fix, 
or Ibven Brancl«s, the firft Year, in whleh Cafe three or four only of tite 
beik Branches are to be preferved. A Mnltitede of Branehes the firfl Year^ 
if not alwaye a Sign of Vigour ; for they fometimes prove weak, occafi* 
oned by the Iofirm!l|F of the Rbots i but in the Frumng generally a vigo- 
rous Trte eamMt have toa aany Branehei, if they are well difpoftd ; not- 
a^weak Tree have too few. Tke Sap of all Treti moft be kept in due 


( 212 ) 

tuam, aai i fiftttf Ubtrtf it to be allo«red td ftroag Tkces than neik' 
1 1 rot wktck Rotfooy Arong, Tf|oroof Braochet are lefc a grottr 
Lco|tk tliaa l«tUe out* | and k it bell (o prone Weak^ ficl^f Trees eir« 
iff tbac U« Sap aay aot wafts itk\f too much. 

TIm nioftl«*fiMMbJe Time for tbit Work, it about the Month of Fe- 
Jraojy ) bat tbe mora lumria^t a Tte« ii, the later it it pnine4*the better f 
a«i io -fuck a Cafe, if it not too bte fo do it after the Tree hat begun to 
iMoe. Sont Troca (efpacially alkc Fi»*) require icTcral Pmniogt in the 

1 ftall nam proceed to Ihcw the vorlaot Sortt of Prodoca the Gaftfea 
affcfda tbfOttghovt tke Year^ and then dole thit Sobjc^ 

In 7«e««r)r.— >We have SalUdt r^Mint, Creflet, Raddifh, yonngOmom, 
Scllery and Endive } tbe Topi of Bvraet and Chervil, and yoong Lettice; 
JL*d to tbia Miiturt we in<y add a Ciiibage Lectke, prefer ved oader 
OJalfe*. Wo have alfo SoTely Parlhy, wliite Beet, Leekt, Thyme, 
Sag't Winter Marjo'am, Clay* Sellery, aod other Sonp Herba : And 
Boor Cole, Sivoy C^bbagety Sproatt of Dmeh and Bsttfrfim Cabbases, 
Red and Xmfim Cabbapetr and Spinach ftr boiiing. 

Upeo hoc Bcdt made in Dnember^ we have Plenty of J^aragmu We 
have looae ArtieholKCt in tbe Houfe, prelitrvad by ictting their S alkt io 
Sand I And the Roota krpc dry in tbe Houfe, are OnioAt, Garlicky Shal- 
)oCf« and Rocasibolet • In Sand, we have Carmti, Parfiiipi, Becti red and 
While, and PMBtoei>, with iam^ Skiirtta s And in t|>e Gfoond Toroipa, 
Horle Radtfifr, a<id Came CtfioCt fown in Jajp, 

The Cokneft of tbia Month hbdtia aot but that we have ibme Fniit| 
lor we aie lewaidad now with ibmc of the lata load Sott^ l^aio fcon 
t^ Sooth Waiiai loch at 4he X^ Chsfkrhf AmhrtSt St. Cgrmam, and 
the Ciimttrt whicji left it eA^emed maft excettent wkeft kept fo long. Wc 
kaval kewiie the Winter Bm Ckrmian hot thia Pear, except in an extra* 
ordinal y Year, aod at extraordinary Soil, it only fit for baking. 

At to Flowert, we have the Winter AcooitR, fiogle Wall Flowera, the 
Cbriftmti Fkmptr$, or B>ack»HeUeboie, Snow Drops, Primrdiet, the Win- 
ter Hyacinth, fuaA Stock jUp Fiowert, fiogle Anemoniet, the Wuma 
Cydameo, Genuaoelia, the Laurofiinaty; l\^eriotta white and red, the 
Arbotoa or Strawberry Tree, the GUJMury Thom ; the Plant called 
Quidy-Tofif Tree ia yet in Flower, and fooe Kindt of the OetaotoOy 
with the yellow Jb/iM, aod white SpMaifi Jeffaminet. Some fichly O- 
ra nge Treet bloflbm aboot thta Time ; feveral of the Ficoidet are now in 
flower, and Aloet begiA to put fotth their Flower Stent. Tbe HoFy and 
Pyracaatha are now- adorned with their fcadet Fruit, and the Amomnm 

The Winter Aconite rnvj be tranfpUoted in Flower, in (hif Month. 

Ii FcAretfff.— The Sailed t eoafift of the f»me- fmall Herbs ae ia the 
preceedxng M ^nth ^ but we may now add Water-Credes, aod^ Uaaehed 
QaadelioQ, to die Motiber of SaJlad fieibt. Cocombert Ibwn in OAt^, 
wL^? ^"1 «^'=*P«<* *e 5^4««tfy Fn^a-, will, towafds the end of tbia 
Moiith prodace iome Fxuit } aod Kidoey Beau, fowa at the fiuneTime, 
. -* . will 

( "3 ) 

vHII afford ui Plenty of Beam* Afp«ngof| on hot Bedi^ are now ffloe^ 
botur than io Jsnuan^ 

TheHerba for Kitchen Uio>re tiwfe enomcratcd in th« fomer Moftth'$ 
wk the Herba for boiJtng are Redi Cabbagei, Sprouu, fome of the Savoy- 
Cabbtgcs, Spinach, and the Leavea of the White Beet. Wc have yet 
Turnipi, Parfaipt, Potatoes, Ske'ieto. and Seorooseaa, with fome yooag 
CarroTt fown in Jnly^ and fome Chaidonce. 

S^me Cbcrrtea are ufualiy rif« in thia Month, when the Weather it 
warm and (ea(boab't ; but they are very great Rarities in the Fruit Oar* 
den } and green Apricots may iomttimci be found on the Treei at the lat- 
ter End of thia Month, by curioua Gardeners* 

Of Flowers, we have during thii Month, the Winter Aconite, Soow. 
Drops, Crocui**, boih the yw>liow and porple KInde, fome Hyacinths, 
£ogle Aoemooiei, Ftffi^m Irii, fingle Daifodila, Hepatieaa, fiogte Wall- 
Floweri, feveral Kiodi of Hellebore, Ibme double Oaifietj Stock J^» 
Flowers, and the Spring Cyclamen* 

In the Green-Houfe we have the thhffi fmftr affvwf, fome Ficoides, 
Ceranhifflt, Aloea, and the yellow U4iw Je0an( ine \ fome Oraeget alfo 
put out a few fileflomit The Mcjcaiona and Lauroftinni yet remain ^a 

Thefe are all the ofunl Pro^u^b of Mmarf, whidi an lew in Com- 
patUoB of the Worki. 

Io Bd^r^.— Bcfidei the Salladi of the fisregoing Month, wc have now 
fome Furdane, with young Tope of Tairagon, of which a few Leaves, 
will fer ve to give a Reliih to a large SalJad t The only Herbs of thb Month 
lor Kitchen Ufe, are Sprouta of Cabbages, yooi^ Cabbage PiOota or Cole- 
worta.and Winter Spinach. The Roots are Oarrota Ibwn in 7*4^ R«d* 
diflies of Mitbiu/mms, fome few late- ibwn Tornipa, and Red Beett* 

In the hot Beds wc have Kidney Beans and fome Peaa $ and Cocomberc 
upon th^ Plants raifcd in Janrntry : We have alfo Aip4jagus upon the hoc 
Bed tMit in fekrtmy^ preferable to thole of the precediog Month. And 
towards the End of this Month, the Raddiflies liiwn upon the hot bed in 
teiruary^ will be fit to drsw. 

Hop Buds or Tops are now gathered to boil, and are bot little inferior 
fo Afparagoa • And the Stalka and tender Sprouta of Tm^nipa running to 
Seed ire now excellent after the Strings are taken from them} thefain 
the Markett are called Lupines^ and are geneiaily reckoned ond or the bed 
boiled Sallads. 

At the End of thst Month we have Ibme Scarlet Strawberriea ripe upon 
the hot Beda { and alfo fome lew Beans, If we forward them by artificial 
Heats* And of Fniitp we have in fone Oardeni ripe Cheisies^ and green 

The Flowen we have in thia Month are Anemonict double and fingic, 
Hyacin«h», Juoqoils, feveral Kinds of the Narctffos* fome of the Pre* 
cope Tulips, and the latter Kiod of Crocus, the White Polianthua, Vio* 
Ictt, Dailief . Wall Flowers, Stock >r{r Flowers, Ma's of feveral Kinds^, 
Hepatif as. Crown Imperial, doable and fiogle PrimroliBs, fome Sort< tif 
Fritillafis, and a few Aeiicola's towarda the End* 

The Trees in Bloflbm are the Arbor Judar, LaaroAiaus, fuM Q« 
nogei, Mig9 yellow Jfflaaioe> and Aloet in the Orecn-Houfc* 


bi^'/^wWc hart now Plenty- of .Oictmilien vpon the Bdt'Beds 
made the Bcgianisg of FthuMfyi and Mofhroomi upon Beds made about 
the fame TUae* And about the Bad of tirit^oiith Kidney Beana, ibwn 
•poa a hoc Bed la the Middle of Fe^wmfy, wM be At to father. Upaa 
the boc Bedi «• have now alfo fome youag Purflaoe. 

Yooaf RaddiOiei are aow veiy fleotiiii] $ and towards thfcEnd of the 
Month, footie of the Duttb brawn Letuce, whfch ha» ftood the Winter, 
wUl hqiia to cabbage, the BaUada opoo the natoraj Ground, are Credeey 
RaddUk, Tornip, Spiaach, ard Muflard) and the other Heibi proper to 
mx wit'.i them, art Barnet, Tairagon, and yovng Onions. 

We hare aow Scallioas and Leeks, and fweet Herbs growing of ill 

• Bails* Yoofig Carrots fowo in Aatumn, and fbme Sprouts from the oU 
Steaos of Cabbage and Colworts, or young Cahbige Ptaots^ and Raddilh- 
Topsmro at this Time ^ood boilirg Greens, t\h others thst are better come 
to Matttiitjr* Tiie CauliAiMven aow produce Sprouts like the Cabbage, 
aad eat vety well* 

In thb'MoaCh we have Plenty of Afparagas vp'^n the aatqral Beds, 
where itmakcaits Appearance in the Gardens near LtMhti,^ the ^ft Week 
«f this Maath i but io the more -Southern Parts' of Englsnd, aa in frmc 
Paits of Dt*$9j^re, Afpsragu^ are cot a Fortnight fooner. 

Ripa.Chaniesr and large green Apricots, are^ow to be foand in Plei>tf, 
ia Fmit-Gardcns; and alfo ripe Strawberries upoothofe Pia»ts wlikh hive 
had the Affiftance of hot Beds to ripen them. 

Weha^t ai the Flower Garden' this Month, great Variety of Rt- 
minctilafiis aad dattbte AneDronics $ aboat the Middle of the Month , we 
haft tile Auriciihsi and towards the End, feme Taltns* The Cro#a- 

- Imperial ftiU eontUnieseo'Hower ; ar do aKothe double Videts, dooblcHe- 

- paticat , and die Poiiantbtis. We have fdveral Rtnds of the N«rciflti9 sad 

• double Jonqtflils new in their Primes feveral Sorts of Irises and Fritillsrie?| 
with^lbme Hyacinths | and fikewife Cyciamen, fome Stock' ^if^- FJowcrs, 
aad fiogle Parames at the End. 

In ^fae Green- Houfe there are Orange Fbwtrs, Afoes, and fome Kiadi 

- of the Geramum ; and the Lyiac, L^borauro, Atbor Jadas, Perjitn Je£> 
faaoine, and other Shrube are now in. flower* 

In JWtff.— We htrt great Plenty of Afparagus ; and CatiKflowws src 
.now in their Perfcftion:- The Imperial, Royal Si/efa, and many otkcf 

- Rio^ of 'Cabbage Lrtticet are in their Prime, and very pttyper Saliadi for 
this Seafon, with Mixtures of yoong Borqet, Purflane, -the Fh>w^Tl of 
the finaJI Nsftintinm end Cvcoonben. The fmall Hdrbs which were tbe 
Ballads of the laft Month/ are now ta be rejeAedi 

The Carrots fbwn upon th« Hot 'Beds in Ft^wttf^ ^re flow vtrf goody 

but tbofe remaining at the Crop fowi) ^t J^iebatlmst, are paftiyret Spi- 

fiaeh Is yet Rtfof Ufe; and we hav^ ftitl fomd Kidney Deans on hot Bedf< 

. This Month we gather Peat and Beans from thofe Town in -OStker \ ud 

have Ptemy of AnicbOgs, 

We have now green Gob/benes for Tarts ; and towards: the Eod we 
•T'* ;;P* Scarlet Stiawberries m the nattirsl Ground : Alfo »the common 
iwjy Cherry, with feme -few of the May Doke Chctries agtinft W«fl« I 
and green AprreoCr for Tarts, 

'V • 

r 215 > 

tn the fto<(F<r dirjef , the choieeft TuMpi are now In ehetr Bloom, 
with iDiiny otlkcr Vlamtt*, Aich as the Stock ytt/y Plowtr, double Wall* ^ 
FJoweri fingie Scarlet LichAfS, Monlcfhood, dduble Ftf/k, Sea Fink, 
Candy- Tuff^ Street WiUiain, f^imn Lo ^kin^-Olafs, Annoal Stock, Per- 
winkle, Fox Glove, Bulboas Iris, Maleins, fomc Aoffnonies and Re- 
-nttoco^iiet pot latetfi the'Ground, double White Rocket, Canterbury Bells, 
CulaaiWoes, Xarlcf^uri, Poppies, Pasoaiet, Fraxinella, 8piderwort> Cya- 
rus, Martagonsy LtlHee, Orchis, Matygolds, LuT>inesrt 

And flfo HontyfaekJes, Plrac^ncha, Syringa.Rofes, Spireai, Spanifi'- 
Broom, Guilder- Rofes^ LaborAom^ Orangei, Ficotdcs, Aloes, Sedum&y 
CeMoiotnt. \ 

In the Water- Tuba, the yellow Nymphea or Water Lilly, Water Re- 
' nu^ulufes,' Che Fiamola orSpearwuit, Pond Weedi; Bcc, 

In Jme.^Vft havfc Melons of the fi^jfl Ridges. The Sallads of this 
Month are -compofed of Purflane, Bornet, the FloWeri of NaOortium 
' Indieum, and Cabbage Lett'cei, of Several Ktndr, with fome blanched 
Endive ard Cacumbc s. The Beginni'-jf of this Mmth we have fome 
Afpatagut, Plenty of Artichokes, Giiden- Beans, Peas, and Kidney* 
Beans, and Cauliflowers in great Perfection. , 

• We have fome of the Battetfem and Dutch Cabbages fit to be cot ; and 
begin to draw yoting Carrots and Onions fbwn in Fttrus^y^ and fooTe 

• yooflg Parfii^ps. • The Pot Herbs in IKe in the preceding Month are jli^l 
good: And the Floti^r Stems of Barrage, knd Burfiet are nt^ good tn 

• Green Goolberriea for Tairts are gathered till abont the .End of th}t 

• Month 3 and the ripe Fniitt are Sirawberries. Raibfcrrles, Corrahts, Cher* 

• ries of many Kinds, as the Oake, Whrte, Bijck and Red Hearts, &Cm 
AICd we have Godlint now fit for Vfe^ and towards the End forae Jenne?* 

• ingf , and the Mafculine Apricot. In the forcing Frames, forWaid Grapea 

• are now ripe. 

The Flowers ncrw' blowing,- are i\it African and Frcer^ Marigolds, 

•Contotvntua/Ainttrantlius, Ftmu Looking Giafs, Candy Tuffs, Lark- 

fpors, ' Annual Stocks, Stock July FloWcrv, double SatletLychnes, 

Rofe Catnpiron, Campanulas, Sweet WilJiaros, Fox Gloves, Sea-Plnks»« 

'double Pinks, Muleios, PerWinkie, Cyanus, Lilies, Martagons, Monkf- 

'hood, San Flower9, Hoiyhocks, Ntfturtium lodicoin. Gentian, Scarlet* 

'BeanSy S^'idefWDrt, Sweet- Sultan, Poppiies, fome Oirnatioos, Valerian, 

dooble Feathtrfew, Orchis, Lopkies, and China PinJcs. 

Trees and Shrubs in flower are the Pomgranate, Olive,' Oraiige, hi» 
'mon; GeranidnrP/'Picoides, Secti[m» Fritilbria, Rofe Tree, Honey fuekle, 
-JeflTamine, Oleander. 5^i»jf5b Broom, /niraa'Pig, ftfr. 

And in the' Water-Ttbs We have the double White Nymphs,* or W4« 
*tcr tilly, Ae finglr YeHbw, the W«ter^VioIet, and other FlowA"*. 

In'Ta^r.— TheSalladrareeaHJagc Lettices, Purlhne, Tragon, Bur* 
net, young Onions, Cijpumbers, Floworsof theNaftuitiunilodicuft), and 
' Ibme Endive blanched. ^ 

We have now great Plenty of Melons, Artichokes, Cftutiflowers, Cah- 
bagfts, young Carrots, Turrtipsahd-Btct, and'* RonCivalt Pels, Garden- 

«, and IUlMy<Be«ai t And ilfo all SwtM pf Hcrbi for the Kitcben, 

which ire oqW nry good, efpcciallj if the OardeMr has xemcaibtcd from 
Time Co TuM co coc then dowa for ihootiaf tireni. 
. Snail Ciicmnben for p ckling are in their Prime $ and thli is the beft 
Mooth Ibr the ptckiiog of Cut omhe^s. 

Of Frait we have this JM^nth^ Gociberriei, Currants, Itaibenicf, 
Chenioi, tiriy Plumbs, Jenoeting and Codling* Apples, Apricot&, Pescli- 
cs sad Nectarines } and towards the £nd of this Moath, we have oar M 
Figs, and feme of the ymff Grapes. The Apricots are now ia Perfec- 
ttoo, but the Peaches aie good Ibr iittk yet. 

The latter End of this Moath We are rewarded with the Oraage, titf 
BM»ft noMe Fftttt of the Gardea. 

Tha Carnatioa ia ouw the Glory of the Flower- Gardea $ aod the other 
Flowers ia blowiag, are the Amaranthas, Coovolvuloi, jSfhcan tad 
Frnuh Marigaldf, Af'phodel Tube Rpfe, Caidtoai Flower, double 9c«i- 
Jet Lychaes, Ompaaulas, Virgia-Bower| Sweat-Suitaas, Adarvel o^ 
Pcra, Eagle Flower, CSi9M Piafcr, FcmaleBalfom, Sua Flowers, Holly- 
hocks, F4.-S- Gloves, Scarlet Beau, doable Poppies, Gentiaa, FnudneUi, 
Naftortiom Indiotfii, Veroaka, Nigella, lApaaes, SpideiW^rt^ Stock- 
y»lf Flowers, aod foaie of the late fowa Aoaoals. 

Shcabs ia FluWar are the Rofe-Tree, Tulip-Tree, Arbutus, hJim-Fif, 
Apociaon, Fritdkria-CaiTa. O.eaadcr, Geraoium, P«ffioa-Trce, Jcffa- 
saiaes of icveral Kiads, Poaicgraaatca, Olives^ Capers, Ficoidcs, Aleeii^ 
Sedums, Aaiomum Piiaii, Myrtles^ Oraages aod J^eaaMia. 

Ia Atpf/l.'^Tht SaUada we have are coonpoled of Cabbage.tettices. 
Cocumbers, Creflea, Muibrd, Radiih Jwith a Mixtore of Taragaa. AtA 
we have this Moath Horfe-Raddiih, Picaty of Cucumbers for pickliagi 
all Sorts of Kitchen Herbs, aad towards the Eod we cut /omc Sellery. 

We have aow Mu& Melons ia abi^adaace, Artich(4Ks, Caulidowen» 
Beam, Peas, aad Kidney-Beans; Cabbages, aa^ Cabbage Sprouts, Beets, 
Carrots aad Toratps, bat other boiiiog Raots are aot yet to be'toochcd. 

Though this is a Time of Plenty withoat D ors, we have aow feversl 
Roou and Herbs dry ia the Hoofe { htch as OoioBS, Garlicky Shalloti, 

In this Month we have Variety of Frolts | for, befides OooAKrttcff 
Raiberries and CurraaCs, which are ftill very good, Morelia Cherrrs 
are aow ripe, aad Plumbs of varioos Kiads j Apricot', Peachet and Nec- 
tarines ; i^veral Soits of Grapes, Fip, Summer Pears aad Apples, Mal« 
berries and I6a>e Filberds* 

The Flowers at thiii Time blowtag, are fone Cataations, San»FlcW« 
^n. Hollyhock, Gmrnfif Lilly, Tube-Rolb, Cardinal- Flower, Fainalc- 
Baifam, Marvol of P«ra, Cokhicvms, Evcdafting Flower, yellow Cro- 
cut. Cyclamens, Convo-vulus, Jipituk aad TttiKh Marygolds, StarWorti, 
Amaranths,' Kigella, Scabious, Sweet- Sultao, Nafturtiunn Indicumi Li« 
aaria. Stock 7«^ Flowers, and Aaaualsibwa iaU, as the Aaaual Stock, 
Poppitt, tarkfpur, Caady-Tufts, dec. 

- aI *»."^« J^*««^><e in this Month double Violets and Ibme AuiioiWs 
luf-i«. i°'r***^ "^i**^ **y ■ Temperature of Air rtual to April, thrir 
btowiog Seaibn, pm fg^t nowert at this Time, ' 


( 4:17 ) 

Trees tndShfttbt in Flower, are Rofet, Pomegranltet, Arbatns, Jef^ 
famjnei of feveral Kinds, Virgin's Bower, Myrtles, Ficoidcs, Aloes, Paf- 
fion Trees^ Scdums, GeraniQmi> Oleanders, Oranges* 

In Septmber»'^Vft have for Sallading, Crefles^ Raddifhesi Chervil^ 
young Onionsy Burnet^ Taragpn, and Lettice^ and fome blanched Sejiery 
' apd Endive* 

We have yet Melons and Cucambers ; Plenty of Ma/hrooms upon 
Beds, and in Failure Grounds \ and young Garden- Peas artd Beam, with 
(omt Ki(fney-Beans j Cabbages, and Sprouts of Cabbages in great abun- 
dance i Caraots, Tnrnips, SkirreCS, Beets, Horfe-Raddl/b, Onions, Shal- 
lots iud Rocambole* 

iTpon Artichokes planted in Spriflg, we have in this Month good F!cw% 
en and Suckers 5 an4 We have ftill good Plenty' of Cauliflowcts in our 
Kitchen Gardens. " ' , ' 

The Fruit- Garden,' this Month affbrds.ns Glrapes, Peaches, and Nee* 
ta fines in great Plenty $ and^ the old IfewingUn Pdaeh, fo very much 
efteenxd, is now in its. greateft Perfection. We have blae and white 
Figs, and the blue and white Perdigran Plumbs ; the Summer i^sff-C^rs- 
titn^ Bergamot and other Pears ; fome Apples, Walnuts and FUberds. 

In the^Flower- Garden, we have Amaranths, Guemjey Lilllei, Cycla« 
mens, Colchicums, Sun- Flowers, Hollyhccks^ Tube-Rofes^ double Vio« 
lets, African »n6 French Marigolds, Female- Balfam,. Antirrhinum, Mar* 
yelof Peru, Nafturtium Indicum, Convolvulus, SafFrotf. Crocus, Spider* 
wort. Poppies, Laikfpurs, Annual Stocks, Candy-Tufts, yenut Looking- 
^lafs, . Afters of feveral Kinds", Auriculas, Polianthufcs, China PinUs, 
Stock July Flowers, and fdme Carnations. 

The Shrubs now flpwering, ate Monthly-Rofes, feveral Kinds pf JeOa- 
n^ines. Geraniums of various Sorts, Ficoides, PafTion-Tree, Amomum 
Plinii, Aloes, Oleanders, Myrtles Pomegranates^ Arbutus, and Csplt- 
cum Indicum. 

^ In OSohtrt^The Ballad Herbs are CreOes, Chervil, Muflard, R»d« 
4iihes, Turnip, Rape, Spinach, Lettice Burnet, Taragon, young Oaioptp 
blanched Seliery and Endive* 

We have now for Soup and other Kitchen Ufes, ParHey, Beets, and all 
■Sorts of aromatick Herbs t Some Cauliflowers, Artichokes, Peas and 
Beans, and Kidney- Beans fown in Ju/y j^ind We have yet CucumbeVs, 
and fome Melons, with Plenty of Mufhrooms. 

' . The Roots for boiling, are Carrotf, Turnlpi, Parfnips, Potatoes, Sk}rm 
fff ts, Scorzonera; and: Beets. And to ufe draw, we have Onions, Garlicky 
Shallots, and other Roots. We have Chardones iii this Month. 

^pe Fruits in this Month, are fome of the late Peaches and Plumbs, 
Crapes, Figs, and Mulberries, with fon:e Filberda and Walnuts, and 
great Variety of Pears and Apples, this being the chief. Seaibn for thofe 

The Flowers now blowing, arc Aneinonies, Polianthufes, Carnations, 
Stock Jaly Flowers, Afters, Amaranths, double Violets, SaflTro^-Crocus, 
Colchicum, CycUmen, jS/rican aod Frcoeb Marigold^ Ma^Tcl of Psrn^ 
finglc Wall- Flowers, QTf, ^ ^• 



In thf Gftu-llode, then are Orange. FloWett, tfyttlet^ Geraniums, 
AoMMBom Piinti, CoUen Apple, Aloes, Ficotdes, Apodnumf^ Jeflk. 
nniei of kttnl Sorti, Semper Virensg Pomegranatef, Arbatot^ Paffion 
no««rf» MonUUf Rolet« end other f Jowen of Trees and Shrubs. 

*)b Mv0Ki<r.— We have lor Salkds, the fmall Heibi on the hot Be^, 
with Barner, C*bba|e-Lctticey Seliery and Endive bUoched, and yooo; 
Oaiona* And we have this Month Cucumbers upon thofe Pianti which 
were (bwa in Jtlf, if they have been well guarded from Rain jod Froftf* 
In the CrecA> Houfe, Cauiiflowen, and fome Artichokei. ^ 

The Heibs and Planu we have now for boiling, are Cabbages, and the 
Spronti of Cabbages, (bme few Savoy- Cabbages, and Spinach. And the 
Rootafor thia Month, are Carrots, Parfnips, Turnips, Beets, Skirreto, 
Rcrie- RaddiA, Potatoes, Onions, Shallots, and Rocambole. 

Pot Herbs, areSellery, Parfley, Sorrel, Thyme. Savoury, Beet-Leavet, 
and Chry eut of the Garden. Aod eif dried Herbs^ we have Mint, 
Sweet* Maijoram, and Marigold Flowen. 

The Fruits that are now ripe, are fome Grapes, Peachct, and Figs of 
the laie Kinds } Apples and Peara of feveral Scrts, foch as the St« Ger. 
muht, Lm Cbsffaru, the- Ambret, Coiauir> Craflau, aod Swan's S^ | 
,lK^aloilts, Median aod Services. 

Of Flowen we have thia Month, ibme Camatioos In the Hoofe, fin- 
gle Antmonief, Gentiaiiella, Polianthtilea, Stock Ja/f Flowers, double 
VieUti, aod ftriped Lillies. And Shrubs now in flower are the LsuruAi- 
RUt, Myrtle, Jeflamine, Geranium, Ficoides, Aloes, Amomum Phnii, 
Leonnros, the Golden Apple, and Paflioa-Tree. 

la Dectm$€r,^dn the hot Bed, we have Sallads of fmall Herbf, with 
Hint, Taragon, Burner, Cabbage Lettices prelerved under OlaiTes $ and 
ftxot Creflcs and Cbtfvil upon the natural Ground, which with their high 
TaAe help the Sallads of this S^aioa, To thefe we are to add blanched 
^lery and Endive. 

For Soups and the Kitchen Ufe^ we have Variety of Herbs, fuch as 
Sage, Thyme, Savoury, Beet-Leavei, Parfley, Scrrel, Spioacli, Seliery, 
aind Leeksy Topi of young Pear, Efe, And^lfofweet-Marjorero^ dried 
Jbfazygold Floweis, and dried Mint. The Roots for this Month are Car* 
rots, Parlhips, Turnips, Potatoes, and others of the laft Month, 

We have now many Sorts of Cabbages, and their Sprouts for boiling. 
Afparagus upon hot Beds ; and if you have been diligent and careful, 
you will find fosnt Cucumbers upon the Plants (own in Jv/y and Aagm/i, 
In the Confittvatory we have tami Artidxokes and Cauliflowers preierved 
in Sand. 

InrheFruit^Garden, this Month, we have nothing to boaft of but 
Peara and Apples ; and of the latter we have but a few, though there are 
yet Plenty of Pears againft Walls, particularly of the St. Gtrmai; Asb« 
kret, an4 the Colmar. 

The Flowers we have now, are iingje Aflemonies,^tock Jiily Flowers, 
ftripedUflics, fiogle Wall-Flowera, Primrofes, Snow- Drops, blaek ftcUe* 
W^^nter Aconite, PoJjraathofes yttAiu the hot Beds, Hyaciatha and 


Tnthe Ortfn-Ho«ire« there are feveral Trees aod'Shrebi thblfoiflh im 
flower, viXtthe Launiftintu, GUfitnburj Thorn, Gcfaiiioiii, Tht«p£, 
'Semper virent, 'JenTainioei of feverti Kindt, Fi^oidet, Aloes : Aod the 
Arbutos, or Strawberry* Tree, Axnomum Plinii, Orange, "I^emoiiy Ci- 
tron, Olive, and Pomegranate, are now in Froft. 

TIMES tfiii SEASONS /or taking^uik intb$ Rimer THAMES 
and fFattrs of M E D W A Y, tfitb the hifut thtymufbe «/, /• bt 
tangbt 9r expofed to Sale ; aecerdt'ng to tbe.RuUo amd Ordert mad* by ib$ 
C*»t of Lord. Mayor and AUefmen in tbe Mayoralty of Marihe Olcken* 
fon, SJii and approved iy bii Majefy*i yudgitf ITSJ* 

|^LOUNDER$, IhaU be taken aU Che Year. 
' !£* Snioltt^ ttizW be QtAf. taken from the %s%h of yamtsry to the ift Day 
of Jnne in every Year, 

Sbadt, ihall ' be only taken -fromthe loCh -Day of May io the 30th 
Day of Jane in every Year, 

Salnua, Shall be only taken from the litk Day of Novmberto the 14th 
Day of Jbgttft yearly. 

'3^ottts, thouM oilly be tiken from llie nth tf N^wmber to the a4t!b 
Day of JfuiyJI yearly. 

Pi kit Jack, Feareb, Roacf/, Dace, Cbub and Barbel, ihall be only 
taken between the 24th D«y of A^gffit and the.»ift Day, of March in 
•every Year. * 

Gadgewt, ihall be only taken from the S4th Day of Jiagafi to the 21ft 
Day of March in every Year. « 

'Leapk-aadRodifhrEelt, ihall be laii o&ly ftom |he lift- Day ofj^it 
to the 30th -Day of ' d^s^^r yearly. 

tampornt, ihall be only taken horn the s4th Daj of JnguJI to the 
• 30th Day of March yearly. 

Whitings, ihall be only taken iiom MicbaclmatnDay yearly, till £m» 
her Week, 

Wh/tebait, ihall be only taken froor the xft D»y of ^afi to -the xft 
Day Day of OBober^^njiy, 

White' Shrimps, vQuill be only taken from Bartholomefo^JXty tQ. Good^ 
'TridayytktlTf, \ 

Red Shrimps, ihall be taken in the River Midway, from the Zfth Day 
-of April to thefirik Day of Jnly in every Year. 

JBwMtings, ihall be only taken firqjn the firft Day of September to- the ift 
Day of April yearly. 

fftoktrmen, may hook for Eele all the Year. 

Stow Boats, Trawlerinen, Trinkermen, Hebbermen, Drgggermea, and 
iSandtngmen, may lay Leaps for Eels and Smelts , during the Time and in 
the Seafoos hereby allowed for taking fuch Fiih reijpeaively. 

And any Perfon who ihail catch any Fiih within-the Jarifdi^ioo afore- 
faid, in any other Manner, or in any other 6eafon of the Year, thin ia , 
kerjpby allowed of , ihaU fotfdt and pay for every fach Offence; the Sum 
'^( fiw^Fmndio 

( aao ) 

Mo rSOl of ivy tf dw IbUowiAg Sorti or KiaA, fluU be cai^ht «r ibU, 
«f k6 Wdght or Sise tbtn the loUowiog, v/s. '^ 

No £«Ami of Uft Weifhc than £x Poujsdt etch Fiih. 

No Troof of Itli Weight than one Poand each Fiih. 

No PiiM or y^tk oadtr twolvt lochei loa^ from (i^ Eyes to the t^i 
of the Tail* ^ 

NoFaerr^ oader ftt Inehet long* fraai^wSfoa «o ^Sodof the 

No fkmdtn Qoder iU Xocliet long, fcom the Eyca. to the Ead of the 

No S9let under (even lochei Ioiig» from the Ejei to the End of the 

No FlMtt or Daht under feven Inches long^ from the E/es to the Eoi 
•f the Task 

Mo M»tek under £% laches loqg, (torn the Eyes to the £od of the Tsil* 

Vo Dsct under fix Inches long from the Eyes to the End of the Tvl. 

No'lfV»i(a uadif fix IsdiotlN^ i^ofa the Eyes to the Eod of the 

No JB«rM uades twelve f nehes loDg* 

No CM under nine tochcs each, 
under Fma to ftrfeic aad.|oy Fsn^ Sbilliugi for every fuch Offence. 

RAT'ElS ^CARMEN, mth RmUt M9d Qritnfif Aar bme^ R^- 
iatim made if the I^d^iUjftr gmd Jufica of the Ftatt firitt Ci$^i 
X-ondon, Jmif li, i7S7« 


IK purfoance of Mo-ASt OMde the laft Seifion of PatliamoAty to explain 
and amend 4n A^y made in the Eighteenth Year <^ ^is prefent Ms-, 
^ef^y's Reign^ to prevtmtthe Misbehaviour of the Drivers of Carta^n the 
Streets of Utukm aod fFtflmnJIer, and the Limiu of tjxe weekly Bills 
•f Mortality^ end for oUier ^urpufes thofcin mentSQiied. 

V. No Peifon ihall ufe or drhre any Cart for Hi re in the City, without 
Uteace from tkeGovernora of Cbri/I*i &^kal^ enlftsllpe^ the yearly 
Kent of 17 s. 4 d, for every Cart, %os» on every Change «t AHcnatio* « 
thg Property of any foch Cart, and ) r. 6if» lor .every Litooce gvanied by 
the faid Governors of Cbri/Pt Hofpital. If any one ihaU oiisod in ^ 
Premiiciy be ihall forfeit for every OSence 40 s. 

1, All Carts, which fliall be Jicenood b^ the Goveraors ^f Ci^'jli^s 
Vtjfiial, ihall ply for Hire in the Places appointed by the Covrt of Lord- 
>fayor ai!d Aldersnen, or by the Sheriffs of Louden* 

3. If the empty Cart of any Carman fldiU be-iety or i«i9iid ftan^pg, ia 
eny other Place of the City or Liberties thereof, than tho(e eppoiated for 
ehe Aandiog thereof (onlcfr whtlft loading or unloading Coeds, into or 
from the ^eme,) or if the Nombcr of Qsr^s^in the Pidve already or 
bctesfter to be appomted, ihall, at«ny Time, be found to exceed the 
Number allowed by the faxd Court of Lord^Alayor and AUeimen^ or by 
the Sdfiow in i;^., for the ^tapdmg thereof, the Ow«er itf every Cait 
^*?u"*5^. ^^^/<* *»»« fi'ft Offence, forfeit 5 1 . for the Asmd loi, end 
Ut the (btt4 Eftd every other OScn^t, so h Mi the Beadier en*^ Con- 


( "I ) 

ftiUet, ortfiy of thelnhafaitaiit? of thif CifyyOfl feelilK tny Girtt ftftn^* 
sog in 8137 Phces ioth^Citf> or Libflitiet^thertof, liot appointeil for tfaeir 
Stands, or a greater Nomber of Cart»^ it any Stand tkan what are or 
ihall be fo allowed of in that VehttW, may take any fuck Cart, and the 
Horfci thereto belonging, or any or either of chero^ to the Gretayard,, 
and AatI there hUf the fame impounded and kept, until the Owner 
thereof (hall have paid the Pennity incurred, and the Charges of impound- 
ing and detaining every foch Cart or Korfei. 

^4. No Driver of any Cart ihaji hereafter drive into Tbmm»'St4Hf, by 
St^ Magnui*t Church, Eaiiward, with hit or their empty Cart, before 
fuch 7ime at he or they ihali be hind to cooie into the fiime Street, for 
lading or carrying Goodr. but that the Lanei aod PaflTages hereafter men-* . 
tJontd, ihall be ufed only»fe» fuch empty Carit to [iafrand (alee their Way 
through into the faid Thame$ StreU, and no otberj that ii to fay, the 
Lane leading down to Tvmw-dwk, BM^-Une, Harp-'iMi, Boiol^b'Iane, 
Pudding-Une, St, Michael** Lane, Launnce-PouUiey.lane, By/b^laiu, 
Trinity » lam y and all the otikr LaiMs weAward, e«cep« the Lenci antf* 
F^flbget herein after lirtiited 9ot loaded Carta t<y pa£i tlwough the £iid 
namet.flttet, under the Penalty of 5 1. for the firft Offence^ and fpr the 
iecond and fvtty other Oflbice 10 n 

5. All Cirts loaded, ptffiiif out of or from Tkames-ftr^it^ fhaU from 
thence pafs and go up thefe Lanes and Placet fallowing^ or fomeof them* 
and no^oth«r } that it t» £17 tha KtM leading fiom f<mef'd«ek ta the £a(l 
End of ^vaerjlrut, St, DanftaaU HM, St, Maffi BiN, St, Marti*' t 
tiff, Dnvgatg'iiill, Otrlidt-biH, and Brnkt/^fHt hW ; and that no emp- 
ty Cart paffiog to the faid 7bamn*ftrttt, (other than fachai having been 
uDloided in feme of the btnea or Placet before^ meadoncd, (haU have 
Oeeafion to pnft to the iaid Street immedialelf aftev fuch unloading,} ihall 
fO down the HUb, Lance, or Phicea before- mentioned, but Hie fame 
. (kkVt be kept for the pafli'ng of Gartt' ladenr And that aa well the faid 
empty Cartt flielt and" may pafa iat»and fnin Tkomn^JIrtU duo* the fie* 
ireral Lenet and Places* hereafter mentioned: that it to fay^ Ft/bfitett 
MV, H^kffthgt$nlm»bia, andWM^^^c ^// (except »e#tbeiora limited:) 
Aifo that all Cartt laden may go into ehe^id Stteet down alt Placet ^a 
ibalttw beft and mof^eel^ fbr thcmr as hath bae» alwayt accaftomedp 
vpon Pain that i^very Carman offending in any of the afotefaid Particiilafe^ 
ihall forfeit and pay, for the fifil Offence 5 r. and for th< iccoodttd eve- 
wy other, 10 r* 

R A T B8 t6 hi paid fir iht Cotfagt tf tht Gitdt filkming. 

Every Parcel of dry Goodt, fncli at- lodfco, Atgol, Cheeft, and all 
other Gooda (not hBeardotta)of the like Euife and WeigHt, whether in 
one n, many Cafts above >9 Gwt# aet cMeedieg 05^ Cwt» to be deemed 

Ditto above 15, not exceeding 19 Cwt. JiJmU Ltad^ 

Ditto not exceeding ^5 Cwt. ^e half Load. 
Sich of the Parcels of Grocery nei^hertafter iljeotioittd are to be deem* 
ed at folWs : 

Far er atja ftdl Uad, Two Hogfheads of Sog^r, light or heavy. 
ytkvtt Tiercel of ditto^ not exceeding 05 Cwt. Oae Butt tad oHe Ctfo^ 

L| teeV 

( «2« ) 

ifiH^ tiatHUi, Vilrjr Bafttti Maiift* or Dfiiii Rtifids. Thtctji PraiW* 
•r HtMt of Aleiiat* Twesty Barrck, Belviderat or Leporar. Tweoty 
Bwreli or tigbly TapocCt, Figt. One Batt and a fmall CUik, ■ Snaymas,. 
Five Bifida of JUce* Thrtc Baka of AjuuTced.. Six Baricli of AU 

f«p IT s»0jmMLmi^ Ooe Bvtt Curraata» or Smymas. One Bntt^ 
»T,c cue Rokt Ckimott. Two Qoaster Bahda, or fifty Jan of Raifias 
ci rhe Sita. Three Pvnckeoiia of Pranea. 

Ooe Hofifliead of Sugar, or any Pateel of Grocery not) czceediag 15- 
C*t. to bo teenc4 A hsSf Im^ 

Put Of Pewl Aihca «ei|bn| from x^ Cwt»^ 15 CwL to be decoaed < 

One Ditto, not left than 15 Qwt. AjtMA U§i*- 
Two HoffAcaatof Tallow». ^ £m^« 
PilhOil, loBamlatobe^LMtf. 

From any of the Kcyi helovr the ^rt^io any Part of tavrr Tltfaut * 
Jhm^ Of Fth prm hiff to the M$»Mmme, up BudHmg Utu, Bu^lpB^ 
ism, Sf, MmryU HiH,St, Dufifsm*» bill, or any of the Laoea leading* 
ftom Tismn^rMf FmJMng Ume, BmbJJ^B Ism, and that Part of Upper 
ntma'/h§et, froai the Bra^i-fm to St. BUrUm'i.UiM, St, BdthC*- 
km, •aiOUSmaa.- 
Foreveiy Load aa abotr meatientdi » ti-*For every fmall or half 

Load, If. 6i. 

From any of the Wharf* between the 7»wmr and Lmdon Bri^t, to Djen- 
Ull, CM hsrUm, Ststi yard, DmUib-d Wmpebmft, Lamrttua. 
FtmltM^ Imn^ Tirtt Oamt^ ^mmhitbe, ^gun Jr€$f biil, Cslhgt kiU,. 
Drnggme HUi, that Pitt of Ftjkjireci biU atove the Bdvmmmiu, or any* 
of the Laoea .aa high as ^th Es/Ubempi, leading from Lumer Tbmmt- 
JUui to t&wtrprm, BUrk Lam, Lam Sfnti, Biiliter Lsm, Leaden* 
Ul/Jheet, DuAtsfiut, St, ACary mm^ BtJhtp^Mte /ireet witbia, C§ra» 
biff, Fimcb Uau, Umbatd Jtfmt, Bircbin Lmm, Ahcbmcb iam, Cft- 
aKM*i Um, Grmmbmtb ftrtat, both Mafitbrnpi^ Bbi^ Lame, Rocd* 
Jam, and PJacra of the like D.aance. ^ 

. For a Load, %u 64^d— For a fmall Load, ai.— For an half Load 

Ftom the Keyi to Bread firea^'^Lbrmdwilt freet, iMbhurf, Battbdt^ 
mem lam, LcadrnfTaU, iUlemaaJtreei, B^»/i»gbali finet, Old Jemryi, 
St* Laurence Lam, Leamoager lam, BUOt ftreet, Aldermaniury , fFeed 
/Iteet, Cbeapfde, Femltry, St. MartiaU le Grand, Newgate fiteet, Fa» 
ter- ae/ler^Rew, St, PauTt Cbunb Tard, DiSers Ceanmne, Old Cba^, 
l^iday Jheet, Bread^/ireet,. Bam^Jam, fFatHng.preet, Bajtaglam, 
Bread JUeerbiU, Triuky laae. Old Fijkjheei, or any Part of Tbames. 
Jlrea froo^ SlgeeMbitbe toPaddied»ek,m Plaoat of the like Diftance 
within the G^tet, and alfo to Bifieffgete wtbent, not exceeding the 
London fTorkboafe, j^ate tiigbfreat VMthin fFbitecbafel bart, UumdJ* 
ditch, and the lUimriet, 

For a Load ^1.— For a fmall Load at. 6d,^Fot an half Load, 
s I* o <r. 

* Ftofli- 

/ f a*3 ) 

From the Keyi to all Platti betwteo the Gitei and Bars (iht abovt mtn* 
tioned AKiclea, oiherwiie afiEertaiaed before, excepted.) 
For a ^ Load, )«• 6</.— Fora ficall Load, %s, lo i.— For an half 
Load, ft I. 6 ^.«-For Torkjbirg Packs, to all INacet within the Gatee^ ftr 
Pack^ 2 f. 6 ^.— For ditto, to all Places between the Gates and B«rs, per 
Pack, 3 •.—For Spsnijb Wool, to any Place within the Gates, per 
Bag, 4</ -*And from all othet Warehoofea to Blackwi/l bait, and all Inns 
within the Gates, per Bag, 3 ^.^For ditto, to all Piaces between the 
Gates and Bars, per"B^% 5 d^'^N, B, To- carry nine Bags of Spaar/b 
IVool in a Load, and no more. 

SeTcral Kinds of Goods, next hereio after memioned,. being either not 
WeighiCble, hazardous, or camberfooie,. are Co be carried at the Rates 
next herein after fpecified^ w», 

Eaft India Goods weighable, a« Tea, Coffee, &c» to any of the Com- 
pany's Warehoofea in FentbureB fireei, Liwu frett, the Estcbamgt^ ScCm 
%u %d. ptr Ton, and %d» per C» the Overweight. 
. All Pieces of Arrack, containing about 250 Gallons, a.i, %d, eacb> 
'•r a greater Quantity in two or mor^fmaller Caflcs, 11. 6 d« 

Hamhttfgb, Amfierdam, Rvtterdamf Scotch and Jrijh Linens in Che At, 
ya.t8^ Bales, and Packings of variooa Weights and Sizes, from 6 d, to 
3 s,per Cheft, Bale, &c. 

Tobacco to the refpeAive Merchants Warehoofes, per HogJhead, x u 
»— And from all Warehoufes to the Water fide, per Hogfhead, & d» ■■.— 
Spyrua Cotton per Bag, Sicks of Goat* s Hgir, Wool, or of Galls, or 
Silk, Nuts or Sponges, or CoUoqutntida, or Bales of Cotton Yarn, •? 
Chefts of Diugr, or Piftachia, each j^d^^-JCyprui Cotton^ per Bag, gi. 
•^Turkey Silk per Bale, % li— Bales of Carpeti, each i l.*-Fangotts or 
Sacks of Mohair Yarn, or Faogotts of Silk, each' yd. 

For Cartage of Wine, Oil, Brandy » Run, &£• « 
Two Pipes, two Butts, or four, Hogfheada of Wtoe \ two Pipes, two 
finali Butts, ooe great Butt» or four Hogiheads, o* any Quantity of Oil » 
whether in one or more C:>iks above 200, not esMecding 300 Gallons, to 
be acvounted .^Lm4 

. One Pipe and one fJogihead, or three Hngfheads of Wioe, three 
Hogiheads or any Quantity of Oil aboTe Z50, and not exceeding »oo 
Gallon*, to be efteemed AJmallL^ad, 

One Pipe, one Bjtt, or two Hogflieads of Wine \ one fmall Butt, two 
Hogiheads, or any Quantity of Oil not exceeding 150 Gallons, to be 
efteemed An half Loa3, 

From any of the Keys below the Bridge to any Part of Losrrr TBtma 

^/Irtet, or any Part of Upper tbamn firttt as far ai XhtTbree Crane$, or 

^ to any .of the Lanes 01 Hills leading from or to the above Places, to 

Tower Jiriei, Marf lane. Mincing lane, Settbing lane, Cruicbtd Friartp 

Peer Jewry Lane, FencbnrtbJIreet, Lime Jtreet, Billeter fireet'^ Ltadtn^ 

hatlpreet^ DuWt Plaee^ St, Mary Ax, BifiepJgateJIrtet within. Cars* 

' bill, CannmJIfeet, PFalbrcok, Budge Row, GraceebnrcbJIreet, both Eafim 

cbeapi, Pbilpdt lane, Reod tone, and Places of jhc like Diftance, 

For a Load, t r. 6</.-— Fora fmall LoaJ, ii.-^For an half Load, li.6^« 

From the Keys to Bread ftreet, Tbreadnee^fft fired, lAtbburj, Bartboh' 

WW lam, Colerngt firut. Old Jewry, Sr. Jsgrtnti Une^ b^meng» 

( «44 ) 

£mci/mkury, Ptuftrf, the Back of the Exchange, frid^ftrut, Brtai 

frtttf itiffitig fan*. Bread ftreet kill Trinity tane, Old rip Street, any 

Pjrt of Ihamctjlrecl, weftw^rd of the Tbru Cranet, and Pltees tif the 

like Ditafice. 

Tot a Load, 3 i.—For • fn!al) Load, t f* S^-^For an half Load, % §, 
From (he Keys to L«ndon ff^all, St, Martin*t h Grand, St. Paa/'i Cb^c^ 

%»rd, DtStrt Cotnmtni^ Pater. N^r- Row, Newgate ftreet, Bkmktad^ 

dtrfrHd, But! a^d MmhJlViit, T9fitr lane, and Place of the like Di. 

Aance within the Gatet | as aUo to Biinfjgatt wkbtat, Aldgate Bigjk 

putt within^ tVbittehapel Bart, H*mfditeb, and the Minories. 

For a Load, 3 s.— Fnr a fmall Load, « t.— For an half Load, %i, 
Frcm the K^yi to tndgate bill, Fieet market. Old Baiby, Snow bitl,B§U 

iearm bridg*, Sritbfield, jtiierfi^ati Jf^*tt^ Barbicaa, .Redcra/s fireet^ 

Fcrefirett, and PJacei of the Ike Diftance. 

For a Load, 3 1. 6 d — For a fmall Load, 3 t.^^For ao half-Load^ 2«i 
Frc m rbe Keyt to Fleet ftrtef, Tetn^le bar. Fetter Um, Holb$krn bUt^ 

s nd Places of the Mre DiAance. 

For a Load, 4 j.—- For a fmall Load, 3 /.-^For an half Load, « r. 6 A 

iV. B, One Fleet aod one Puncheon of Brandy,, or two Puccheoos ot 
Ruff, to be atcbuntM A'Laad. 

Ooc Piece. of Brandy, «r any Qwuitity of Ramabotre 159, not ex* 
etching moo Galkos, to be cReemed AfmaU toad, ^ 

One Pi p^ or one Puncheon of Brandy, one PoncheoH or any QaafltirF' 
•I RnOB utft ezccediB^ 50 Gallont, to be efteemed An half head. 

For Ckrtice of Gooda ftom the Wharfi, ^r.'weftward of the Bridge* 
the fiiAe Pbreeli of Cooda te be aecbunted A Z^m^-^ paall heU.^ 
,^ baif £m^^-Ac from the Reya below the Bridge. 
Fcea any of die Wharft 'bttwcen Ltmdm bridg* and Paddle tM to any 

part of Vpfef^ Garnet Jkttif or any of the l^Us or Lanei leading di- 

rt€tlj out of it. ' ' . 

For a Usad, fti. — ^For a finall L«ad, I f. 64^-- For ail h&lf Load / xr. 6d, 
Ft&m any of the Whftrft between Laaiton bridjfe to Slneenbitbe, or Any 

of the Wafthoofea in and ad}«uiing to that Part of Up^ Tbawmftreatf 

ip nU Phcea abore excepted whhin die Gates. 

For a Load, % 1. 6A— For a fmall Road, ft s.— For an half I.oad, xi« 6^* 

Te »U Placet between the Gatca and Bars. 

For a Load, 3 f. 4 dl— For a iioitil Load,. 2 1. 6 i.— -For an half Loadj 
a r. 6if. 
Fnmi any of the Wharfa between Sfteenbitbe and Paddlt dttM^ or any of 

t1>e Wafthoufes in and adjoining to that Part of Tbawuijtreet, to Old 

Ft/B freet. Carter 'lane, DoBors Comnunt, Bafing lane, St,. PauPt 
' Cbnrcb Tard, Newgate Jlreet, Cornbill, and all Places witbhi the 

Gates, weAward of the Streets leading fxcta Bijbififgate to Lnuhm 

Bri^i up the Mill. / 

Fora Ltwd, % s. 6d,^Tor a fmall Load, a f.-*For an h,alf Load, m.. €d^ 
ToLitele Baficbeap, Tewer flreet, Fentbureb fireet\ Lower Tbamet fireet^ 

Crntcbed Fnars, and all Placet within the Gatei, Eaftwatd of tho 

2ff"* i™?8 from Bijbeffgata to headtn Bridge, aa alfo to Lndmatt 

bell,. OUBatley, Fleet Market, B^lbtmm hidge, Snmt bill, SmithJteU, 



jtUiwflsUftfaf^ Barhkam, and all. other PJftCMW^ftwud ol Crtfj^U^ 
g^M, wttkin the Bars. 

Fof a LoU, 3 x.— ^or a fmall Load, if. 6v/.— For an baK Load, tf* 
To FtreJIrtH, fVhitetrffi ftfM, Bifi9pfg0t^ Jkttt mtbia, tkmdftiicb^ 

and aU other Placet Baiiward af Cfiffiegate within the Ban. 
^ For a Load^ 3 1. 6 4^.— «For a iaoi^l Load, if. 10 i.<*«For ahalfLoad, 

Ftfr r^ Cartage of Go^dtfrm London f0 f£« CrVf V Wcftninftefy tbt S9^ 
rough of Southwark, and tbi Mbtr Out Parti and Suburkt of Londod^ 
Mid au Then atf^ceaf, fhm the Kjyu 

Every Parcel 0/ dry Good, Oroeery, Pot hSka, and Tallow, the Lni 

to be deemed at'fn Page tiT. 

Wioe, Olive Oil, firaody, Rum, 9€f ai iUiowf^ «r»« 

TwerPipea, two Buttt, or four Hogiheada of Wbe | one Piece and 

onePoncheon, two Puocheosa or Pipea of Brandy, two Ponchoone of 

JLuin ; two Piffttt two fmall Butts, one great Butt, four Hogiheada^ OC 

any QjiJMdty of Oil, whether in one on mere Cafks^ above soo, net es«. 

cceding 300 Gallons, to be acconnted A Load, ' 

One Pipe and one Hoglhead, or three Hogiheada of Wiae^ one Pipe 

or one PnAchcon of Brandy] thase Hogflieadt, or any Qj^antity of Oil, 

Rum, &e.%hQ^t 150, not exceeding aoo Gallons, to be'efteenied M 


One Pipe, one Butt, or two Hogiheada ol Wioe { one Pipe er one 

Pancheon of Brandy j one PuHchcon of Rum^ one Pipe* one fmall B^tt, 

two Hogiheada, or any (^lantity of Oil net exceeding 150 GaUont^^ *Am 

Fidi Oil, *ten Barrels to be (and not hmrdoui) A Load, 

From any of the Keys below the Bridge, nr from Caanoajin^, LomBard 
/rtit, LiadambaHfinet^ and Places of the likeDiAance^ not exceeding 
Combili^ BJJbopJgatefireeiioithlnf Walbrook^ Badge Rwo, S^tafirot$9 
hi/If aind ^aeeabt'tbe, to any Part of the Bighpttetitk the BorOogh of 
Soutbnark aa fares St. George* s Cbareb, to any of the Wharfs in Toom 
kf firoetf not exceeding SymomTs Wbatf^ and Places adjacent of the 
like DliJance, v 

For ipvery Load of dry Goods and Grocery as above mentioned, ft f* ^^m 

»»For a fmall Load of ditto % i .— For an half Load of ditto, if* 6 i. 
Wine^ OJive Oil, Rum, 6ff. from and to the above mentioned Placet* 
For a Load, 3 r.— For a fmall Load, 2 1, o <i^— For an half Load, n r« 
From any of the above mentioned Keya and above mentioned Placea to 
the Baakjidi, Grmtei laa^, DeadmanU placf^ Biaekama^t firett, Kent 
fireet. White firtetf Long Une, Btrnrndfey fireet^ St, SavioarU dotkp OC 
Docklbead; Shad Tbamei^ Blaektrjfeldi, or any of the Wharfs in Toolep 
ftroeif below Sjmond'i Wbairf, and aU Placea adja^nt of the like Di* 


For every Load of dry Goods and Grocery, is above-mentioned, 3 f« 
•—For every fmall Load of Mttn, t r. 6 1/.-— For an hali Load of Virr# % U 
\^ Wme, Oil, Brandy, Rum, &"/, to the abovementioned Places* 

For aLoad, 4f,«-ForgfiiiiULoad, 31 ,«-«For m Jtilf L«a4| %u \^ 
L5 w* 


Vhe trUgi ndBri4[4 Tard-TtU H^ hi p^id iy'tht Merdmtts^ 
Tnm inj of the Keyi below the Bridge, any of the Hillsor Lane* leading 
from LetMT ^fk^mtpttet^ from Ttuwjkttt, Fentbmrthftre^f Leadtam 
h»U JUuti Gf€oe€hm€h^ firtfy Bijbopfgati flrett within,, and ail Placei 
adjaceot Co the Eaft Side or the Stretu leadiof from Brjb^gate to the 
Bridie^ to CMsmtry /«««, the SirMid as hx at Tmplt Bar as far as the 
Htw Ctmrtk, the Bwiebtr Raw, and Placet adjacent of the like Di^ 

For etery lood of dry Goods or Grocery, 41.— For a fmall Load ef . 
diti99 3 i.*-Kor an half LMd, a f « 

Wine, Olive Oil, Brandy, Rum. Vt, horn and to the above Places. 
For o Load, 4 1. 6.^.— F6r t linaU Load, 3 <• 6 d^— For an half Load,. 

Tb that Part of the Sernd beyond the Akv Ckwnh, Sf.Martia*t iaae^ ' 

Lmg Aert, Drmiy /«»#, Civiat Gsrdew, Snmu Dials, Momnaittb ftrtet, 

Liwe9h*x im$/§Ut, Clmr§ asarto. High BMtant^ Sti GiU%'t^ as ^ aa 

the Cbarchy ^r«jr*« Im Utu, RedLio»/hHt^ Blomjhurf, and PJacoi 

a^aceot of the like Diftance* 

For a Load of dry Goods or Grocery, 5 r«— >For a fmall Load, 4.1.— 
For to half Load, 31. 

Wino, Olive Oil. Brandy, Ram, fife, to the above Places, 

For a Load,. 5ft 6i. ■ F or a Imall Load,. 4.1. 6 d , < For aa half 
load, 4n 
To Citriag enjt^ JFbietUn, any Part of Wtfimmfler as far aa Buehif' 

hMrngstr, St, Jsmtfyflreet, FtttadHlf,XoXht find of Dnrerjinet, OU 

Mmd^nut, Ceadui put NtwptH BisrUt, 5«b«, Oxfafdroad to the End 

oC Gre0kSwMd«m Street and Places ad|4cent of the like D ftance. 

For a Load of dry Goods or Grocery, 6 x*— For a fmall Load, 4 1. 6 ^ 
•-Foranhaif Load, 4i. 

l^ffoe, Ohve Oil, Brandy, Rtem, flfrt to the alcove Races. 

For a Load,. 7 1.— «-<For a finail Load, ct. 6 J.^*— For m half Load,. 
To, O-o^ewpr fj^rnn, /May Jair^ . BtrkUy fquare, Hsmwr fqtutre, Nett 

BmdJ^rett, Cavndijb Jjtutt^ tad Places of the like DiAance. 

For every Load of dry Goods or Grocery, 7 1. F or a fmall Load of* 
^ffo, 5 ff. 6 ^.— For an half Load cf ditto, ^i» 6 d. 

Wine,. OKve Oil, Brandy, Rom, &€* to xht aforeiaid Places. 

For a Load, Stt— >For a fmall load, 6t» 6^.— For an half Load, 5.|> 
From the Keys toGoodimn*! fields, Eaft Smitbficld, the Htrmitsge, IFbiti- 

€bsftl, Without-the Bars aa far: as Oeotge Tsrd, nor czceediog Dirtj 

ioM, and- Places adjaeett of the like Diftabco. 

For every Load of dry Qoodi or Grocery, 3f« «— For a fmall Load of 
dKrfa, t /• 6 if. —For an half Load of ditt9, is. 

Pot Or Pearl A&ety Weight as before deforibed». 

For a Load,.) s» 6d, — For a fmall L^d,jar. ^dt^^Ww aa half Load, a H 

Fi/h Oil, for a Load, 31. 

Wine, 6live Oil, Brandy, Rom, ftTr. to the aforefaid Placet!* 
For a Load, 3 5. Adl-^For a fmall Load, %s, 6^.-*-For an half I.oad ll» 
To fmf^Sape/, Ghmeh Lmm, Fii/d gat; Mgbtinga/i kne, Firging 
JfreH, fT^UfeJfuar^ and Placet of? tho like Diflaacc. 


( 227 ) 

For tvery Load of dry Ooodi, or Grocery, %i, S i.-^For » fatO loM 
of ditlt, 2 f« to ^.— For an half Load of ir//0, « i. 3 ^. 

Wioe, Olif e Oil, Brandy, Rum, df(. to the afotcfaid Placei. 

For a Load, 44.— For a fmalJ LoaB, 1 1.— For an half |.oad, if. 6A 
To RsiihffBigbwMyt Wafping, Old Gf^ti km, CoskbW, SbsduM 

dockf and all Placet of the like Diftance, 

For a Load of dry Goods or Grocery, 4 f,«-»For a (ball Load of di$t^p 
3 i.^For ka half Load of ditto; % 1. 6i. 

Wine, Olivo Oil, Brindy, Raon, QTr. to the abore Places. 

For a Load, 5«. — For a fmall Load, 41. For an half L«d, } i« 6d» 
To Rsu/'ff trofi, Stipwej €0»fefoay, Limbtufi, BtU vthttj^ SbadmulS 

dock, and all Placet adjacent of the like D.ftaQce» 

For a Lo^ of diy Goods or Grocery, 5 1.— For a imaU Load of diit9^ 
4 1. For an half Load of ditte, 31. 6 if. 

Wine, Brandy, Ram, Ofive Oil, flfr. to the above Pluet. • 

For a Load, 6i.««-For a fmall Load, 51.— For an half Load, 4*. 
Prom the Krys to Spitaifiddt, Sbortdiub, Mmjiclit, frtadmill bUI, Cbifm 

HocUfifutt and Placet adjacent of the like Diftance* , 

For a Load of dry Goods or Grocery, 4 1.— For a fmall Load of dilll% 
3 f •— For an half Load of ditto, zs, 6d, 

Wine, Oil, Brandy, Rum, &c, to the above Placet. 

ForaLoad^ 41. 6 J.— For a f mall Load« 51. 6^.— Foranhalf Load^ 
s.f. 6d. 
To Oldfirett, that Part of Wbitunfs firett out of the Freedom of the 

City, GpldtM lane, Gifvull frut , St, Jobit*s Strtif beyond the Bus, 

Ctefkawelt, Lutber lane, SaffroB Hill, HockUyin tb$ Htli, and all Placet 

adjacent of the like D.ftance. 

For every Load of dry Goodt or Grocery; 4.i.«-Ftfr a final! Load of 

ditto, II, For an half Load of ditto, % s. 6d. 

Wine, Olive Oil, Brandy Rum, &c, to the afbre meQ^oned Flaeei. 

For a Load, 4 1» 6 ^.«-For a fknail Load, 3 1. 6 i.— For an half Load^ 

And at to all other Places aqd Goods not before particularly mention- 
ed, the fame are to be carried and paid for in the manner following^ that 
IS to fay, ~ - 

All Goods, Wares, and Merehaadiccs what(be?er, weighing 14 Cwt* 
or onder, ihall be deemed half a Load ; and from Cwt. to «6 Cwt. fliall 
be deemed a Load from any Part of the City j and the Rates foraarryine 
thereof ihall be at follows. 

For any Way not exceediog hall a Mile» fur half a Load, i r., 6 d« 
and not above a Load, a 1. 6 ^ 

Fcr any Way to the Extenfion of a Mile, for half a Load, %$» an^ 
Dot exceediog a Load, 31.. 

For any Way to the Extenfion of one Mile and a half,, fbr half a LoiJ 
H* 6d, and not exceeding a Load, 3 1. 6 //* 

For any Way to the Extenfion of two Miles, for half a Load> 3 auiai 
pot exceeding a LiSt^* 41. 

For aoy Way within two Miles aod a half, for half a Load, 3 a. 6^ 
rot exceeding a Load, 5 i • 
For any Way withio ihrcc Miles, for half a Load,. 4 1, and sot ex^ 

feeding a Lgid; 5,s« 

( *28 ) 

lW my Way «Hhia thfee Miles tiid as half> for half a h69M, 4 1, Cl^ 
aai aoc exceeding a Load, 5/% 64^ 

For any Way within £90? Afilet^ for half a Load, 5 f. aad otjfl ez- 
cei dint a Load, 6 s, 

And fo after the fkrot Rate to the Extent of Croond limited by Aft 
ef Parltanieor. 

And for all Merehanait ei ahd Commoditiei that cannot be divided^ 
wtighin^ abof e 16 Cwt, the Carmtn Ihallj eur and aboVe the Rates ^hove* 
SB«ottoocd» rtceire'and be paid after the Rate of »i. per Cwt. fdk- every 
Cwt. exceeding 16 C«rt. and To ia proportion for lefl than a Cwt. 

6. If toy tKfpiite arife between the Employet and the Carman about 
<he Diftance of Ground that Goodt hate been carried, or the Weighit of 
the Goodly either Party it to apply to thd Lord Mayor, orany Juftice of 
the Peace of the City ^ and the Ground flull be meafurlBd by feme Perfon'' 
to be appointed Ibr that Pnrpofe by the Lord- Mayor, and any fuch juftite 
to whom fuch Application ikall be made. And if a Dtfpute arifes con« 
cerfling the Weight of the Goods rarried, the fame fhall be weighed, if it 
can cooveniently be done, and the Party in Defiolt fiiall pay all fuch £x- 
penctea ai Hull be alcertiinH tb be reafoaable by the Magiftrate before^ 
whom the Parties thall have been heard. 

7. Any Perfjn inay chafe #hat Cart he pleafesto empby itthiaWork 
picept foch as ftind for lIHiatf-woik, Tacfcle-Worh^ bnd Crane-work^ 
which are to ftand ia Order, and to be taken in Turn.) And that every 
Carman who ftands with his empty Cart next to any Goods that art to be 
laden, beine firft in Tarn, (hall, onthc 6rft Demand, load the fame vrith- 
ent aiiy Delay, or bargaining' for any t>ther Pay than {s hfcreby appointed. 
And iff the fidl, or any athtr Cart, (hall refbre to work, or delay toknd> 
aay Goods, upon Re^ft inadefor that PorpoiV, ev«ry Perfon fo refoilng 
or delaying, fllill forfeit for every fuch Offence ihe Sum of ior» and the 
Driver oi tne o^xt Cart in Oi^der, who will carry the Goods, (hall be at 
Liberty to take the fsme: And if any Carman thai 1- refufe (b to do, he 
or they To refafing (hall forfeit and pay, for every Time he or they flialj fi 
cffend, the Som of 10 s. And if any Employer ihallrefufe to employ 
the next Cart i^ Order at Wharf Irork, Tackle- work, and Crane- work, 
he fliaU forfeit and lofe the Sum of to r. 

8. All the Whirfe between London Bridge and the Ttmph to be Bfe* 
In Tnfh-keepinf, as the-Cuftom is beloW Bridge. 

9. The Carman who is tiift in the Morning at any of thfe fatd Wharft 
ihall have the firft Load, he having his Horie , in the Cart, and givilb^ 
Attending for bis Libour }<and if abfent, then to take the{>thet wfabfe 
Torn ia next ; and whofoever refbfeth to load^ Ibali forfdt and pay, fo^ 
every Time he ihall (b ofiend, 10 r. 

10. No Carman (hall come to any of the Whar6 between (he Brid|d 
and Tower vbarf before four in the Morning in 'Summer, and (bveo in 
Winter, onlefs a Merchant has extraordinary Occafion for hla cOmib^ 
foonfer, under the Penalty of 5 r, 

ri. No OMrner or Driver of any Cart for Hire, in Xsadbst, &c. (hall dci 
snand or ttke for his Fare, f©f the Carriage of any Goods wttb'rb thettf- 
tanc« prefer ibed by the faid A a of Parliament, more Money than by the 
mbove Rates are a^ufed tot the farfc^ or ts ihaU be appointed by aay fob* 


( a*9 ) 

ieqtient Rolei made in purfuance of the iatd AA of ParUaineBt. And if 
mny fueh Owner or Dgtor of any Cart or Car /hall miftehave himfeif 
therein^ or ihall refufe to come with his Car when called to be hired, or 
to take in Loading into his Gar or Cart,, or fiiall utter any abulive Lan* 
gvage, or offer any lofiiit to hii Employer or Employeri, their Servaat» 
or Agenttf he or they fo oAendingin any of the Cafes aforefaid, (hall for- 
feit, for eVery Time he offends, lou 

11. The Driver of evety Cart within the Diftanee hcfore mentioaeA 
flail affift in loading and unloading of Goodf , Wares, and Meichandices^ 
into and out of the fame f and if he fliall refufe fo to do, hit Employer* 
may retain out of his Fare what any other Petfon Aall be reafooably paidp 
for afiHling in his iiead to load or unload the fame, and the Sum of ai« 6^» 
by way of Penalty s And in cafe of any Difference about the fame, 
fome Jufliee of Peace within the £iid Limits ihall afceruia the Sam i^ 
be fo pa'dt 

1 3. Every Owner of a Oart, which ihall be worked for Hire within the 
Piflances before mentioned, from the 10th Day of A^fp^ now next en^ 
luing, ihall ha«e bis Name placed at full length, painted in large Capital 
l»etteri^ not hfa than three Ineheslong, and broad in preptfrttoor en &me 
confpicuous Part of the Front of his Cart or Car \ and ihall, from time fd 
time, <ake care to contlaae and ke^ the fame there, fo as always to ap« 
pear plain and legible. And on the Alteration of the Property of anf 
Cart,, the new Owner i», in like manner, to caufe his Name tabe forth* 
with put and kept thereon. And if any Owner ihall 'bmiC to have his 
Name on his Cart,, in manner aforefaid, or any one ihall drive for Hire a> 
€arc in Ltndm, ftc without the real Owner*8 Name, in manner afore- 
ftid, thereon ; or if any one ihall wilfully obliterate or alter the Figure or 
Number of any Cart,, or the Name of any Carman, which ihall have 
been painted 00 his Carter Car, t^try^ Perfon, on being convi^ed thereof 
beibre the Lord- Mayor, or any Juftice of the Peace in L^^, ^all, for 
every fuch Offence, forfeit eo «. 

Y4. All Carts, during the Time of loading and unloading thereof 
within the Streets of the City of Lcainr, and the Liberties thereof, ihall 
ftand fidewavs the long Way of the Street,, and not crofs -the fame) and as 
elofe to the Side of the Street where they are loading and ufiloa4ing as they 
can, (o as Pailengers, and Coaches, and other Garft may pafs by, if the Street 
is of fuiAcient Width to allow twv Carriages to pafs together therein (ex* 
cept where the Situation of the Place, or the Package of the GoodS) makea 
it neceifary to load or fliike diredly). And if any Cirman ihall Hand in 
any Street with his Cart^ not being ioadiog or unloading Goods, every fuck 
Carman ihall draw away immediately at the Requeit of any Perfon, to let 
loch Perfon or any Carriage pafs by, if the Street will allow thereof, 
under the Penalty that every one offending in the Premifei ihall, for every 
Time he or tliey ihall fo offebd therein, in any of the Cafes 20 this Order 
mentioned, forfeit 10 1. 

15. No Perfon under the Age of 16 Years ihall be employed to dn?e 
•r manage Horfes in Carts, under the Penalty of 10 u to be paid by the 
Owners of eveiy fuch Cart or Car, every time any Perfon under the Age 
of \% ihall be conviaed bcibrg any Jufticc ia lAitiw, of diiving any Horfe 
in agy Cart ii JUM»m 
,1 s 16. Every 

( «3o) 

T 6 • % vef Cirt fliill be aHowtd to contain 'n Lengtb^ between the Tupr 
buie tod the Pore^eir B/eadth, iix Feet fix Inches, and no more ; and in 
Breadth, between the two Raves in the Body of the Cart, four Feet teir 
Ioch« of Affif e, and no more | and in Length, from the Forebear Breadth- 
to the End of the Carty feTeo Feet and one Inch, and no more. And if 
any Catt ilall at any time be woiked in U^km of greater Length or 
Breadth^ the fame may be fetsed and fent to jthe Greaujard^ and th» 
OvAer thereof (ballf for every foch ofteoce, forfeit «o t. 

ty. If the Driver of any Cart fhal] leave his Cart in the Street or conv» 
oion Pnffage of the City by Night, he fliati forfeit, for every Time, 5 r. 
bcfidet making fuch Recompence to the Party who fball fuftain Damage 
thereby, aa any Tuftice of the Peace in LMy«« (hall dtreift. 

tt. If the Df fver of any Cart ihdi iced hit Horfet in the Street, iave 
with Oati out of a Bag, or with foch Hay as heean hold in his Hands, 
Of in a Ba&ct, or leave his Cart or Hirfes in the Street, without fome * 
Pcrfon to look after the fame, the Owner of every foch Cart fliUl^ for 
every foch Offence, forfeit 5 r . 

19, If any Carman Ihall pot into his Cart flsore than two Horfes, for 
the Carriage of any Merchandise whatfbever (cseept op Hill, or with 
Timber, Stone, or other Commodities, where the Load cannot be divided,. 
or where the Load is to be carried out of the City); he fhall forfeit, for 
the 6ift Offsncr, 10 1. for the fecood, ao f. far the third nod every other 
Offeoce, 30 1* and the foperaumetary Horfe ihall he detained at %ht Grtm 
jptfr^, unGl the Penalty and Charges of detaioiog foch fupernumcrary 
Horfe fhall be paid. . 

so. No Carman ftall beallcwed to carry in his Cart at one tnne above 
S5£wt. of any Wares that may be divided, ormoiethan one Butt, or one 
Pipe, or three Hogflieads, or two Puncheons^ of any Llqnpr, other than 
as herein before meotioned, upon the Penalty of paying for the firfl Offence 
5 s. for the fecond, 10 f • and for the third and every other Offence, ao t, ■ 

nr. If the Driver of any Cart of Car fhall fufier the Horfes in his 
Cart to trot in the Street, or fhal! drive them in a fpeedier Courfc than 
his Cart is ufually drove when knded, he fhall forfeit, for every fuch 
Offcnce, ror. 

sa. If the Drircr of any Cart for Hire in Ltidntp or the Ltbertiea 
thereof, fhall not, from time to time, lead his Thrall, hoiie by theHead^ 
with an Halter not lorger than five Feer, he fhall forfeit and pay, for 
every Time he fhall offend, 51. 

13. The Driver of every empty Cart in Lmd»n fhall, from time t^ 
thnci give way to a loaded Carriage, and to a Coach, &c. ooder the. 
Penalty of aox. for every Offence. 

A4. The Driver of any Cart, who fhall wilfully m' ft shave himfelf, oa 
^ wlv> fhall defignedry hinder or mtenopt tiie free Paffage of any of Hif 
blaiefty*s Subje£b, or their Coaches of other Carriages, in any of the 
puuic Streets or Paffages in the City of Lcndan, or the Liberties thereof^ 
during the Time he is not loading nor ualdading his Cart, flxail, on being 
eonviaed thereof^before any JofUce of the Peace ia Lflninr, forfeit and 
pay, for every Time, he fhall fo offend, the Sum of aoi. 

15. If anv one ihall refufe to pay the Owner 01 Driver of the Cart em- 
ployed the. Money y^ly due for hit Fare, 01 fhall io any-wifc abu/c the 


C «?' > 

Ckrman, or miAthave towards hino^ the Lord- Mayor, or any Jofttee ia'lMm- 
dWf on AppHcaCioo of tho Carman to him, (hall caiife Che Parties to comt- 
before him, and examine, from time to time, into the Matter complaiaed 
of, and thereupon make Aich Order for Payment of the Fare, and recom* 
•enling the Carman for his Loft of Time, and for any Injury he /hall 
have fuftained, and any Expences he ihaU have beon at, ai ihall be juft { 
and th6 Party found in Default fhall thereupon forthwith pay the Money 
ordered to be paid by (uch Magiftratr, under the Penalty of 5 /• 

16. If any one ihall caufe the Driver of any Cart to wait above half ao 
Hour' for the loading of any Goods into the fame, or unloading of Goods 
thereout, (the Camion being willing to help to load or unload the fame)^ 
he or they fo offendiog,. fhall pay for the (%mt forthwith to the CarmaOf 
after the Rate cX dd^ for every half Hour, fronn the Expiration of tht 
firfl half Hour which the Qirt ihall be detained. 

17 « No Carman ihall be compellable to carry aay Load of Good! above 
three Miles from the City and Lberties thereof, after two of the Clock 
in the Afternoon from Aiiebse/mat to Ladj-day, or after four from tadj* 
day to Michatlmai, 

a8. itk cafe the Owner of any Cart worked lo LttdM for Hire (hall not 
dehver up, to be brought before a Magtftrate, any Driver thereof, charged 
with any Offence againfl any of the Rulea or Orders afbrefaid, withfai 
feven Days after Complaint made to any Magiftrate againA any fach 
Driver, and Notice thereof given or left at the ofnal Place of Abode of 
the Owner of any fuch Cart, then the Owner of every fuch Cart ihall 
be fiab'e to anfwer and pay the Penalty incurred by any foch'Driver \ and 
if the Driver fhall be afterwards found, and ihall not m$ke Satisfaflion 
forthwith to his MaiVer for what he (ball hnve paid for any fuch Drivcr^a 
Mifbehayiour, Negle£l, or Default, every fuch Driver (hall forfeit 5^/, 
for every fuch Default, ^ 

S9. The Lord- Mayor of the City, or any Jaftice of the PMce of the 
faid City, before whom any O/iiender ihall be brought, and be convi£Viedj 
s>ay lefleo, mitigate, or remir., an^ of the faid Penalty, fo as not to 
remit above one half of the Penalty infli^led for the Offence. 

go. All Penalties hy thefe Orders, or aay of them, intlided, ihall be 
levied by D AreCs and Sale of the OiFender's Goods, by Warrant under the 
Hand and Seat of the Juftice of the Peace. One Moi«ty of a'l Perialtiea 
and Forfeitures is to be paid to the Perfon who ihall prolecute to Convic« 
tjon any Perfon who ihall break the faid 0/den, and the other Moiety 
to the Overfeers of the Poor (if there ihall be any> of the Pa^ih or Place 
in which the OfFence ihall be fo committed, or the Offender ihall have 
been apprehended* 

RATES 5^ Watermen, plying upon the River 
Thames, either with Oars or Skullers^ 


FRom ttudam hi^i %Q UmbtBfi, NewCranty Skgd'^l 
wfldHk, Bi/twbarf, Rate/if crof$, — — }' 
From Ipmbn Bridge tnWtpping dotk, ff^spping Old aod» 
New JUirip. th9 Utrmitagef or RttbcrHih Cb^ch^o 


o 6 

a J 


( 232 ) 




o 3 

Trcm 8t, 0!awi*t to Mmberhitbi CBureb Si§irt, tsd Jt«.) . . 

tberbi($4 St^irt -. — — ' — J <> « 

From BUHng^ate and ^/* C>/#ve*« to St, SswwrU BitU —06 

From Mf Stairs between L^ndM BrN^$ and We/^nOMfttt .« o 6 o | 
From either Side abore LaiMte Bnip t» hBmbetb^ or> 

VtuxbaU — — — ^ —J » o 

From ff^Uuball Co Lambetb, or Vsuxball -^ — • o 6 

From the TiaMJSp, Z)0H(« 5r«/r«, BUik-Frign Stairs, or 7 ^ 
Fs»rtfrbar/,txiUmbitb — — i® 

Over the Water dire^hr from any Place between K^sx- 7 -. - 
i»tf//cnd Limebwfi ^ ■ ^ — > i ^ < ^ 




- RATES of Oars, /><?«;« ^i Vp the River^ a$ 
Will for the whole Fare^ as Ctmpanfj, 

Down the River. Fare.jCom 

FRom t4ni«m to Grantefend •» wm ■« 4 6 o 9 

To Gr»yif or Greenbitbe ■■- •«- — 4 o o I 

To Putjieet, or £ri>A -^ -• ■*•— 3Q06 

Tq JVooUoitb —• ,— ' •— — »6o4 

To Biackwall — . — .^ i» 2 O o 4 

To GruHWub, or Diftfird — . ^ -*- I ^jo S 

^ , .Up ^^« Ri^cr* 

ToCbelJea^ Batterfea, MAfFandfw9rtb --^ r" 1 ^o 3 

To Putney , FiUbam^ or Barn^Ebm — «— ^ — a o o # 

To Hammerfmitb, Cbifwick, or MortUek — — s 60 6 

To Brentford, Jfitwrtb, or Hkbnmd — — — 3 6 o <> 

To Txoickenbam — '»— ^^ — »— 4006 

To KingfioH wmm mmm -« — .1^ — ^ 5 00 9 

To HamftM Cturt *— — — ..-.6010 

To HtmptM 'town, Smbtaj^ or Wattm — — 7 c i o 

To JVt/bridie and Cbtrify ' ^^ mm -« . •— , to o I O 

ToStanet — — — — — 'i» 010 

TofFindfyr . — — — — • — 14 oW o 

RATES y«r carrying Goods in the Ttlt "booty from 
London /» Gravefend, 
I '•. »• '- 

FOR every fingle Perfon in the ordinary Paffage ' «-• / «i» • o o 9 
For a Hog(head — — ' — — '.i-o»a 
For a whole Fitkin —> •— •-» — -*oos 

For half a Fiikin — «-.,•» ««.• ^ooT 
One Hundred Weight .»»« i^ ^m •^...-.004 
One Sack of Com, Salt, ^e, — -^ -* ^ O o 6 

An ordinary Hamper — — «» —.—.—.006 

TlieHirc of the whole TUt-bon — «. •• i«» i a ^ 

( »33 ) 

By die flfbtiite of to Geo. IF. ic is EmiQeJf Tbai m $Fattfmg9r 
{altbtmgh frti vf tbt Cmfaf) PmU tsh mn J^rmrice tmitr TiMirttit 
Yemn $f ^«, mr abuvt ItMnty f aai that Appremittt bt taken fir 
Sevtn Yean at the Uaftf and he hwnd if Indemura, and inflkd in thf 
Book #/ the Company^ tn Ftnalty •/ the Mafef^t ftrfiiting lol. and 
the jipprtmien htned eentraty to the true Uteni of that Att, fiff^ the 
Freedm, PriviJiget, and M^fantages, $thtr9ife Stained If jifpren* 
tieef^pst Ntffertheiefi, # Freeman may heme 7np^ Affrtntieet si on§ 
fime^ prepidtd the Firft has forved Four TesrM, when the other i* taken^ 
•ff Finally of lO !• And Frefrietert of Twelve Lighters may take Twa- 
Apprenticet at one time ; tft may Proprietors of Forty Lighters take Four, 
mnd no mtre, provided fneh Proprietors make oath of ewning Jueh Nvmhef of 
of Lighters, Barges, erfat'hdttomed B9ats» 

And, for preventing the lofing the Livei of Pfrfoaf pafflng on the 
RWer, it 19 Eaaded, That no rUt-heat. Rtvh-harge, > or Wherrf^ take 
at one Time more than Thirty.fewn Fajfengers, and ''Three mere by the- 
H^ay \ nor in any ether Boat or Wberrj mere than Bight, and Tine mero" 
hy the Way \ nor in any Ferry ^heat or Wherry, allowed to Work eH 
Sundays, any more than- Eight Paffeagert, on^ajn of forfeiting for the 
firfi Offence 5 I. for the fecond Offinee jol. and for the tbitd Offehce 
to be disfrancbfed for Txveive Months front working on the River , and 
from emjtying the Privileges of the Cempunj : And in cafe anf Perfon fball 
ha drowned, where a greater Number of Pajengert i» tahn in than is 
0lfowed, tbt Watermen Jbali be deemed guilty of Felony, and tranfperted m 

By the fame Statute^ it it alfo Eoaaed^ That every Tilt ~ boat fball ba"^ 
nf the Burthen of Fifioen Toni, and any other Boat or Wherry Three Tons f 
Sndihat no Gravefeod Seats or Wberrieo with clefe Decks or Bails nailei 
down, and nek memeabltf be ttavigoted. Tilt-boats oftly txcepted, ms tht 
Penalty of loU 

Any Watermen or Wherrymen who wilfully or negligently lofe their Tidt ' 
/r»al BiUJng'gate 10 Gravefend, or from thence to fiiiliDgfgate, by putting 
mfbtrefor other Pnffongers, or by waiting or loitering by the Way, fo that 
ihefrft Paffengers fhttll be fet on Shore Two Miles fbort of the Place rr 
nohich tbiy a^e bonnd, fuch Paffengers faall be dif charged from paying auf 
thing fr their Paffage, 

The kukre of the Watermen" s Cwipany mm H appoint Two or morn- 
Officers to attend, one at Biningfgatr,, at every Time of High Water at 
ILondon- Bridge^ «im/ r&« other at Gravefend, at the firfl of Fk'id \ whn- 
fyatt publiekly ring a Bell for Fifteen Minntet^ to give Notice to the 
Tilt- boats and Whtrrits to put off. And if fuch Wherrymen, See, do 
net immediatvly put off on ringing the faid Bell ; aud do not effeBually 
proceed OH their Voyage, but put en Shore- within Two Miles of Billingfgate 
•r Grave fend I as the Cafe may be \ or f fueb Boats art not navigated hy 
Two fufficient Men, the youngefi to be Eighteen Tears old at ltaft\ in every 
fuch Cafe the Owners of fuch Boats pall forftit Fivo Pounds, tO be Itvitd' 
on the Boats or Goods of the Owners of fnch Boats, 

And if the Company of Watermtn mgltH fetting up the faid Bells,, 
and appointing proper Perfons . t« ring thsm, they fball forfeit 50 1. tf»l* 
Prrj^i appinttd io ring the faid Bells , forfeit 40 L /ar iPtry. Neglfff* 

( *34 ) 

Whaettr bJi ecctfiott Co' go by Water need nake no V»rpin vhfr 
Um Watermuiy but only tell him acwbtt Stairi be it to ha4 liim | 
iben poyiag hin according to the foregoing Ratet, if be refufea t» ac- 
cept cha Money, the bcft way it to offer him more Money than he de- 
■BaadCf and to cha^e him not to take more than hit Due: But be fare 
tQ ranember Che^ Number of yoor WatenDan*8 Boat ; lor if he hat 
taken more thw bi< Fare, nod yoo have a minlto coire£fc him for im<- 
poiog upon yon, yoa may go to IVmumemU HmU, by the Old Swam 
Stmrfp and acqmint the Cterk with your Bofiaefs, (giving him at the 
Cunt time the Number of the Boat) who will fumn^on the Waterman 
to the HbU> to nnfwer to yonr Complaint. And if he it found to have 
afted agaioft the prefcrlbcd Ralei, he will be puniihed according to the 
Nature of his Citme, whether it telatei to£zaAion, Saocioeft, or other 
Miftthtviour towardt yon. 

Any Waterman who taket more than the above R.atet, h liable to for* 
feit 40 1. and AifTer Half a Year*i Imprifonment. 

Any Waterman who I'eti op a Siil between Lsmbeth and tomdm- Bn^tp 
npoo complainiogf ii before* mentioned^ fotfeitt, for each Offence, 5f» 

RATES/^r Hackney Coachmen. ' 

#. dl 

FOR One Day of Twelve Hoon — •m — 10 o 
For One Hour — — «^ —16 

For every Hour tftcr the Frift — — — , — , i o" 
From ao^ of the lant of Court to any Par» of St« ysmesU, or 7 

W^mnfttr^ except beyond 7otbiUfireet — -^ S 

From the lont of Oonrt, or thereabouts, to the ^mI Ex- J . 

cbaage — — — — — J * • 

From any of the Innt of Court, to the Yoearr, Aldgate, 1 c 

BifiopfymefrWp or thereabouts " — — J * 

For any Diftaoce not exceeding Oae Miie and an H«lf — — so 

For ary Diftance^not cXceediog Twj MUet -* — *. r 6 

Qne-SbiBng Ratisfir Hackney Coaches. 

From W^minfiiw Ball to Mmflbi>rwgb firm 5 to Alhrnark fifet \ ta 
Buhtm firtet J to Blnmfiury fjitare { to Sfbo [fugre \ to Lf rr/# %rai 
firttt, Hciheuru 

Fiom St, ysmt$"i GatB to S^man Jtimit /fOJ/r, W^mn^tr j to the 
0etixefH2otDtr of Red'lifin fy-jarg 

From Golden fquare to Red-bon fquari 

From the Hay^matket P/ayboufe to Red-UsH ffM4ri ; tO Sl&tia*sfjMartp 
fFtfimmfier j to fbavia Inn : to Blum&uni fquar* 

From Guildhall to Rtd- lionfquare 

— the Upper End of fetHr Une, BMaara, tOwf/^/f 

"^'" ):'^ ^'^"^^^^^''V^o Hoxetmfyuari . 

-.— I/twiate to the Middk of Gretkfrea oear S^fqmare 


C ^35 ) 

Ttom Wri^ffiolt StiuBmark, to Sir J^I/UmWaimrtbU Hiadkt WkU 

Vfortb . ^ 
*— - Gr£y*i hm Gate to SadhrU fFtlh near Jfiingm 
>— ~ Covnt Gardin to CUrkwweU Cburcb 

■ 7(rti^/« Bar to Biltingfgate 
«-... ^^'v'' ^ SbadweU Cburtb 

Eigbteen-pente Rates for Hackney Caaches^ 

From Dmry /^we Plofmbwfi to ^mii*« /awtff*, IVefiminJhr 

-* fVeflminfiif Hal/to St. Faul*t 

•»-— fFeJhmnfterHalUoShietnUfquare, JtidJmftldt 

M ' ■ 5r. Jomt'i Gate to £ftf//0ii f tfricH 

■ the Mw Excbange in the 5/rtfii<i to the Jlo/n/ Extbaa^ 

— — the Haymarktt rlayboufe to l/tf//9ii war dm 

— — llri /t0« /f^Mrtf to fy^minfiet Hall 

■■ ■ ' ■ 5«. JamH*» to Maryhne Cbureb 
m the il0jr«/ Excbange to Blocmflfury fquan ^ 

— — the Key«/ Exchange to the iTtffr^ ^Pd/f at Af/iSf Fff/ 
.^— the Ouufd^ of Aldgate to 5/<r^^ C^itrr^ 

■ Bedford ftriHy Covettt garden, to Coleman firtei 

■ Brtadftreet to Hoxtoti fjuare 

— — thtfdiddltof^roadftreet to Hart firtef, Bloem/burf mSrht 

.1— «- ^/. Martina's lane io the ^rtfff<f to Galdftreet, by n^Mlfiruk 

i-*— the Middle of Gratttburchfirett to Somerfet boufi 

».— Guifdhailto Brvumlow firett \n Drury lane 

— «. the Royal Exchange to Newingen^Cbutcb, Sutff 

m -■ &trf«rj^tfri/«9to the l{9f 0/ ^f^tfn^tf 

■ 5r0(At iMrifff to Cbartng crefs 
,^..^^ Aldgate to Rateliff crofs 

' According to an A^ nude in tht Ninth Year of Qaeen Anne, £««& 
C»«c^ fi r« ^ MMfitfi wfV^ /'/« Number m Tin Platei, to b» fixtd on taet 
Side the Coach ; w^r/ Pr»firitt§r paying wuk'y Five Sbillingt, hy l^nthljf 
payment, to the Reeei^er of the Office, - 

Out of the ISight hundred Coaches now Itcenfed, Tw9 hundred Mre f« 
fly emery Sunday ^ in their Turn, en Forfiitwre of F/v« Foitndtfir every tmr 
wbi files out ef bit Turt^, 

Each Licence to be purebaftdfo> Fifty Potndt j and n$ Pt'fan t6 hgv$ 
mire than Two Uccncet, 

A Hackney Coachman, plying vfkboul a Licence from the Ctmmijitaertg 
ferfiitt Ftve Poundt» 

No Perfin to ufe anether't Figure^ or deface bit own, pn PeHaley of Fifte 
pDuhdt } one Meiety tbtrevf to he'given, to the tnfirmer. 

No Horfet Mare, or Gelding, under Fouftten Handt high, to be ufed in 
plying Hechney Coaches, 

Every Coachman exaBing more for bis Hire, or refufing tp go tut at the 
above Rates, vbtt/ter by Day or Night, foul or fair leather, forfeits Firty 
Shillings^ ff^bich Penalty, 0r other CorreSions, VfJU he infiQeduf^n bim^ 

ifjuJI Compiaints are made againft him, at the LieenJing.Office fir Hackney 
CtacbtM, in Surr j ftreet in the Strand. 


(236) ^ ^ 

It AT E S >9r Hackkby Cbairmehs; 

Oat SbifltBg Ritfi, 

FRon W^hmmfir to Gmtf CtffA* 
to ^Mr«r Ettthsngf 
^^Sf. Jsmn*% gtit thro' the Psri to JV^htii^ BmH 
From the Ac/ iMrAff FUjhmJe to the Entronce of Xmc»&i*i-1m F/dUC 
•the ff^ Mrjlcf PUykmft to Bolienjirtti 
Si, Jsmti*t Gsif to Smurfit Hfrnfi 
Stm^fil t$9fe to the Upper Sod of B*tt$9 Gardew 
•the Hsymmket PlafktMfi to S$h§^Jfu»e 
' r oearcft Comer of Golden Jquart to Drury Id^e Playbtuft 

Eigbiem Pinee Rates fir Hacknty ChairmiM. 

From fTtJImia/kr hsU to Jlfar/htrei^b fnet 5 /« 50^ >^m^^» to Mwo 
/ir«tr ; to Tm/^ ^ffr 
— — — 5>, James^t gate to ^wii jfnmi*tfyuar9^ Wefmnftr 

■ G^lieu f^iu.^* to Rtdiion fquate 

Rfd Htm fjMMre to the ifo/ m«ri(«f PlayB9»ft 

■ ^ ttm'i/fmart to the Uofmirket PUjihttifi 
>■ ■ f Atf Bi«|r w«rA(r PU^fbrnije to (?rirj*j /m 

N. B» JZfrlMf Chtinmem mt^ tAUied to go the fim$ Difsncts fir 
§tm Pour, wbiehtit Costbu perform for a Sbilhug } und if oMy 
fisU rtfmfo U g9 St, or txa& more fir hire than tbt Rsta limttdi 
UMt f firfiit, fir evtrjf Jwck Offhct, firtj BbHlu^u 

Haekatjr Chairmen'are to take ao more than one Shining for any IK« 
fiance oot exceeding one Mile, and eighteen Fence for anr Diftaoce not 
cxceedJBg one Mile and an haif.-^Oiie Mile according to the Stat* .Hea^ 
17 VII« is eight Furlongs, or 5SS0 Feet. 

KATES /aiviv ^ Portias, 

'99i SUffiag, Lsadiwg, L^a^mg, Uomfingf and fyo^kiwg^ 

Smgar the HogQiead, 3 ^.— For wetghing, 4^ 

«■ " t he Tierce or Barrel, a d, — For weighing, 3 d» 

•— *-the Butt, 6 d.-'fQt weighing, 8 d» 

Cettoa, JVooI, the pag, 3 itf.— >The fame for weighing 

Ginger, the Bag, i «!•— The fame for weighing ^ 

MeUJ/es,. iht Hdgflicad^ 3 rf.— For weighing, 4^^ 

hogwood, the Ton, z 1. — ^The fame iat weighing 

Fufitei, The Ton, i r.-^The fame for Weighing 

Tommg Fujluk, the Ton, i f. 6^-rThef*me for weighing 

Lignmm RheJimm, the Too, i *. 6 ii— The fame for weighiM * 

ttgnumVit^, the Ton, i 5.— The fame for weighing 

9>A«tt», the Hog(bcadt, % </,— The lame for weighing . 

( H7 ) 

^S^ceo, the Bundle, i ^.— The fame for weighing » 
JDani/h, or Svfedijb Iron, the Ton, 1 1.— The fame for weighing 
Ummtay uid Rigm H*mp^ the Bufidle, 4 ^.-^-The faj&e lor weigfaiiig 

^be- Loadon P»tpri are divided hf BrtkitbeadSf and C9njifl of fv» 
Sorit, Yi's. Tteka Pertm, FelUwjbip Porttrt, Tsckle Porters, and Cam^* 
mhs PorttM^ ' 

1. TTiekit P$rt€ri are all Freemen, and their Bofinefs is to land and 
Aip off Goods exported t)r Imported to sll Parts of Amriia, J^c%. aifo to 
houfe all Merchants Goods, Met^js, &r. 

The Ticket Porters giving ample Security for their Fidelity and Ho- 
nsAy, fudi aa ensploy them Med only take Notice of the Name damped . 
4>a cJie Tiefcet that haags by his GirdJe; that upon Complaint made to 
their Govetnor, fatisfa^ion may be given to fuch ai jhall>e injured by 

K» B. Anji^ Perfen bat the Uherty M bring O^di into London, 6nt maf 

nottaktnp, $r carry anj^o^t tftbeCity, ^•r/rom one Part tbtreo/^ 

to anatjber, aa/efi be ke a Freeman s otberwife bo h liable to be or* 

refted, - 

s. FeUvw/bip Porters^ whofe Bttfine(s !s to fhore or l/ind, to Aip off 

Xarry, orrecany, all Houfe oi^ Merchants Wares, as Corn, Salr, Coals, 

and all other Conomodities that are meafuraWe by dry Mcafure. They are 

upward of 700 in Number, wnA their Chief Governour is the Alderman- 

of BWingfgate Ward« Their Quarterage itJ. whereas the Ticket 

Porters pay but 4 V. each 

Thare is a very reioarkable CuftpiQ among the fellowfliip-Porters, 
which is as follows, viz, ,«'.>. 

ByanMtf Cmmon Councii, - a Sermon isf^rfacbed fe fbem tn the Partjb 
Cbyrcb ef St. Mary at Hill, tbe next Sunday after every Midjummer Day j 
wbon over Nigbt tbtyfumijb tbe Merebants and tbejr Fomtlitt abaut BiU 
lingfgale witb Nojegays, and in tbe Morning ibey fmttd from tbeir Placo 
^f Mtetiag ia gted O'der, oaeb baling a Nofegay in bis Band: ff^afkhg 
tbrot^b tbe middle Jfie to tbe Communhn Tablet every one offere fometbing in 
tbe two Bafont, for tbe Belief of tbe Peer, and tovardt tbe Cbarges of tbo 
Dty\ Md. afier tbey ail bave fafed, tbe Deputy, the Merebants f tbetr 
H^ivet, Cbiidron,: apd^ervants, walk in Order frm tbeir Seats, and be* 
fm tbeir Offeriogt aifo j wbicb is a Ceremony of nattb Varietf, tbo 
Cbatges of tbtir ttojegap bave amounted fometlmes to zoo 1. in one Tear, 

3. Tackle Portert are fuch of the Ticket Porters as arc fumiflied^ W<k 
Weights, Scales, fiTf, and their Bofinefs is to weigh Goods, ■ Vc 

4. The Companiet Porters Und and (hip off all Goods and Merchte- 
dicei expwUd and imported 4o and from all Parts near the Weft Si^e ot 
the Sotmd, in the fia&ifk Sea, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, 
farhgf, tM 01 tawarda or beyaad Cte Capo tf good Hopu 


^An Accmmi pf dU the Stage Coaches omf Ca^hrieils in 
England m/ Wales, &r. 

N. B. The Utters M, T. W. Th. F. ^.fiandfor the Days o/tU 
ffeei; emdxzs.fir Carriage, coy«r. Coach, ftr.yjr Street, 
fa,/«r Fare. ^ 


. A BcfgtveDfiy cv. George, Smmp 

Abiiiiidoii car. Oxford Axai, War. 
wuk Une, S« uA White Horfe, 
. Erid«j ftr. F. 

^-^ Ho1«K>om,l0l.W.T. 

Sammer.; W. S. Winter; fa. < ti. 

^bberfcid car. White Horfe, Crip- 

A^^erbnty, car. Caftle and Falcon. 

AMerfgate ^. M. 
Ackworth, car. White Horfe, Crip- 

^legate, M. 
AAon co.K>oeBei], Strand, dally { 

A. X I. 6 d. 
AUtflMuy cok BcU and Crown Bol. 

bourn, T. Th. S, in Sammer, 
^ and T. S. Winter j (a. 7s, 6d. 
^ car. Saracen*! Head, Snow hill, 

T. S. BeU Waiwick lane, M. 

Alcefter ctr. Saracen's Head. Snow* 

hUI, M. 
.Alresford car. Rofe, Hdlboura 

bildge, Th. 
Alton car. White Swan, Holboom 

bridge, Th. 
Altrinpam car. Ax, Alderman- 

bory, M. Th. Caftle, Wood ftr« 

Ambkfide car. Caftle, Wood ftr. F. 
Amer/hun car.' White Horfe, Hoi* 

bourn bridge, W. 
Aropthill car. Rofe and Crown, St. 

>hn'i ftr. T. F. aod at the 

WuidmilJ there, T. 

Saitbfield, T, ft, g s 
^ A^r**? ^^i '■^'^■' ''ithcnt BU 

Andover eat. King*8 Arms, HoF- 

bourn bridge. Th. George, SooW 

hill, Th. 

CO. Rofe, Holbonm bridge, W. 

and S. Ni|fhti3 fa. r6«. 
Appleby car.Caftle^ Wood ftr. F. 

White Horfe, Cripplegate, M. 
Arandel car. Swan, Blackman ftr. 

Afcot (Ba<lki) car. Oxford Arns, 

Warwick lane, F. 
AfiibydelaZouchcar« Ax, Alder- 

manbory, M. 
Alhbouro car. Caftle, Wood ftr. M« 

Swan with Two Necks, Lad \aitt 

AAbury car. Bell, Warwick laoci 

Aftford (North road) car. Ax, Ai- 

dermanbury, Th. 
•"-—(Kent} car. Dark-hoafe, lane 

by BiUbfgate, Th. and TalboCi 

Alehottfe, Strand, Th. 
Afltton Under* line car. Caftle Wood 

ftr. F. Bloflbm*a Ino, Laoreoco 

line, Th. ^ * 
A&well car. Old Gatheriiie*wh«el» 

without Bifliopfgate, T. 
Afliden car. Dolphin, Siftepfgite 

without, W. 
Aftwick car, White Horfe, Oip- 

plegate, M. 
AttJeborottg^ ear. Bull and Gieea 

Dragon, within BiAopfgate, Wt 

Th. S. 
Athorfton ar. George, Alder^tc 

ftr. M. 
Axminfter car. Bel), Fridiy, ft<« 

every Day. 
Aye car. Siracen*s Head, Snow 
hill, M. 


( 2 
Ayleiham €ir. Boll and Green 
Dragooj Bi(hopfgate fir. Wt Th. 

Baddow car. Black Bq\), without 

Aldgate, daily. 
Bagihot car. Ktng'a AxtoM, Hoi- 
_ boqrn bridge, F. 
^Bliftwcll car. Bloflbro'i lon^ Lau- 
^ rcncclane, Th. F. 
^Baldock car. Horihoe, GorwcU ftr« 
S. Goidea Lioo, St. Joha*s ftr« 
Bampton car. Bull and Mouthj by 

Alderfgate, Th. 
Banbury car. Caftle and Falcon* 
Aider/gate ftr. M. Ran, SnuCh« 
field, Th. 
Bangor car. Bloflbm*a Inn, Laurence 
lane, M. Th. Cafile and Falcon, 
Aldcrfgateftr. M. Th. 
Banfttad car« Talbor^ Soathwark, 

Barkhanrftead car^ Hoiflioe, Gof- 
well ftr. F. Peacock 1^ Clare mar- 
ket, M. B«U, Warwick lane, 
■ p- eo. Bell and Crown, Holboarn, 

T. S. fa. 5t. 
Barking co. Bull without Aldgate, 

daily fa. i8d. 
Barklow car. Two Swam, without 

Biihopfgate, T. 
B^rkway car. Four Swans, Btfhopr> 

gate ftr. W. Th. F. 
Barnfly car. Bear, Bafinghall ftr. 
M. F. and Caftle, Wood ftr.. 
T. F. and George, Aiderfgatc 
fir. M. Red Lion there, M. 
Barnet car. Swan with Two Neckt, 

Sf. John'a ftr. T. Th. 8. 
•»^co. Swan with Two Necks 
and Golden Lion there, daily j 
il. a I. 
«.^ftage chaife, Crofa Keyi, St. 

John*! ftr. daily j fa. 2 8* 6 d. 

B^toa on the Clay car. Rofe and 

Crown St. John*i ftr. M. T. F. 

Bifingftoke car. George, SnowhilI| 

Th. Kiog*i Aro)t, Holboura 


39 ) 

bridge, T. F. Beli SaTtge^ Lud« 

gate hill, F. Rofe, Holboura' 

bridge, F. 
^-"*-co. Rofe, Holboura bridge^ 

W. llrS. Nigbti; fa.iti. 
Baih car« Three Copsi Bread ftr« 

M. W. S. White Swan, Hol- 

boorn Bridge, T. WJF.S. They 

fly W. and S. Nights. KiBg*a 

Arms there, 1A, W* 
——•CO. Three Cupt. Bread ftr« 

M . W. F. fa. 15 s . Bell Savage^ 

Ludgate hill, M. W. F..fa. 151* 

Swan, Holbourn bridge, M. W. 

F. ft. »; t. Rofe there, thcfantt 

Day*, White Horfe there, M« 
. W. F, fa. 251. One Bell, Strand^ 

M. W. F. fa. 25 s. 
BatCit ear. White Hirf, Buroogb» 

Th» Spur there, Th. 
Bautre car. Red Lioo, Alderfgate 

ft'. M. Th. 
Becdeicar. Bull and Green Dra* 

gon, Bilhopfgate ftr« W. Th. S« 
—-co. Crofi Keys, Graffchurcfe 

ftr. M. W. F. fa. 10 s. 
Beconsiield car. Peacock, Clasv 

maiket, W. S. Bell, Warwick 

lane. Tt 
Bedair, car. White Hoife, Cripple* 

gate, M. 
Bedford car. White Hart, St. John'a 

ftr. W. S. Bear and Ragged Staff, 

Smithfield, S. Rofe and Crown, 

St. Joha'a .ftr. T, F. WiadmiU 

there, T. 
— ^-co* Baar and Ragged Stafi^ 

Smithfiecd, Th. S. in Summer } 

in Winter no fct D«ya } £»» 10 8« 
Bedworth c^r, Georgt and White 

Hart, Alderfgate ftr. M. 
Bennington tar. Two Swana Witk«_ 

out Bifliopfgate, F* 
Benfon car George, Soow hill, Tk# 
Bettfworth, car, Halfmooo, Sbuth* 

wark, W. S. 
Beverley car. Red Liofl, Alderfgate 

ftr. M. Th. 
Bewdley car. Saracen*a Head, Snow 

hilt, M. T. BuU and Moutk« 

Alderfgate, S, 


C 240 ) 

iK||M«wA ctf. WMbUI^ St. Bi^ioikf 

Joho*! fti. & 
8i|glclW»4t car. ThncOipt* Al» 

4cr%MB ftr. tf . Swtt with T«« 

Ncckik St. Joha'tftr.W. 
BiUvAtt C^. Kiiic*t Azai, Uad- 

BeUcnaycar. Bloc Boar fiitbout 

AMgfttf, Tb. 
«_co. T* Th. S. ii Suaaer { 

T. F. in wiaCBT. £k 5 1. 
BiUtafborft car. Swao, Blacknaa 


^ , cat* King*t Reftdy 

SoaCkwarlK, S. 

Blewberry car. Bell, War w ick^iane 

Bloxham car.» SmithficM, 

BlnAUm car. Bdl, Warwick Imdc, 
F. V 

aiyA car. White 'Horie, Cripple- 
gate, M. 

Boddng car. Saracen^a Head, with* 
in Ald^te, F. KingTa Arms 
Leadenhall ftr. F. Bull there, F. 

BiBgham car. Bull, Htlbomn, M. BoUfdale car. Four Swaoa, within 

Bintky car. White Horre, Cripple- Bifiiopigate, W. Th. S. 

gate, M. F. Boitoii car. Caftle and Falcon, AW 

Svnifigbafli car. Bell, Smithlield, der%«te, W. S. Ax, Alder- 

M. T. Th. S.. Caftle and Fal- manbary, M. Th. F. 

COP, Alderfgate ftr. M. T. Th. Bookham car. White Hart, Sontii- 

S. George there, T. Th. S. wark, Tv s 

White Horia, Friday ftr. M. T. Bootie car. Caftie, Wood ftr. F. 

Th. S. Saracen's Head, Saow .Borougbbridge car. White Bodt, 

hill, if . T. S. Boll and Mouth, Cripplcgate, M. 

AJdcifgate, T. Th. S. 
fiinniDghan co. Bull aBd.&douth, 

Alderfgate, M. W. F. fii. at s. 
'ftfliop Auckhmd car. White Horft, 

Cripplegate, M 

BoAoa car. Red Lion, Alderigate 
ftr. M. Cock there, M. Horie- 
fiiot^ GoTwellftr. M. Th. 
—-co there, Th. Simunec Mly j 
la. 1 1. 3 s. 6 d. 

vrippicguc, wm* la. ai. jo. wu. 

Bi/hop Stortford co. Ball, White* Bofworth car. Ax, Aldermaoboiy, 

.l/L.i we £. A. Kit 

chapel, W.S. fii. 6 s. 

^1 car Three Nooi without Aid- 
gate, T. F. King's Arms, Lead- 
eohali ftr. daily. 

Biiby car. White Horfe, Cripple- 
gatt, M. . 

Bilflcy car. George, Snow hiU, Th. 

Biftow, or ' Bicefter car* King-'a 


Boulton Moon car. BcU, Wood ftr. 
W,S. Ax, Aldermanboiy, M« 
T. Ciftle and Falcon Alderf- 
gatoftr.W.S. Bear^ Bafioghall 
ftr. W.S. 

Bourns, car. Red Lioo, Alder%tts 
Or. M. 

Amu, Holboum btidge, T.^on Box co. Whitecbapel Birs, eyery 

Arms, Warwick Une. T. S 
Blsckheath co. Crofs Keya Grace- 

church ftr. daily j fa. I s. 
BUcfcmore car. Bloc Boar, without 

Aldgate, S.~ 

tionti nofcl^fAfC. 

Boxford car. King's Arms Lotdea- 
hali ftr. Th. 

Bracklcy car. Oxford AfSM, War- 
wick lanC) S. 

Blackbarn car, Ax Aiderfuanbury, Bcadferd, (Weft Road) car. BoS 

. M.Th. F. Rod Lioo, Alder^ and Mouth, Alderfgatc, F. Swan 

gateftr, M. Th. Mojboum bridge, .W. Saraua's 

Biandford car. Bell, Friday fir. Head, Snow hill, M. 

every Day. . Saracen*a Head Bradford (North Road) car Beif, 

. thcie, Sunday^ Bafinghall ftr. M. F. Red Lion, 

*-jj-co. Rjfc, Holbourn bridge, S, Ald<r%atc ftr, M. Th. $w«i 
w. Nights i £i. 2 ji 8. 

( 241 ) 

vrith Two Necki) IaA Lm, Br4idw«y car. Ba!I tnd Moot^* 

^Aiatree car. king*s Arms, X<ead- 
•nhall ftr. F. Bpll there, F. 

m CO. Spread £agle» Gracechureh 
ftr. T. Th. S. iJi SumaBcri T. 
S. Winter $ fa. 7 1 

Alder fgato ftr. S* Strac&'tHead. 

Snow hilly M. 
Brough car. White Horfe^ Cripple* 

gate, M. 
Btuffiii car. Two Swaiu^ without 

Biihopfgate, W. 

Bramhain car. White Horiie, Crip« Backeoham, New and Old ^Vetm 

plegatr, M. 
Brecknock car. George, Snow hil)^ 

Brentferd car* Gforgff LfliPg Acrr, 
. T.S 

fbik) car. Bull and Green D/a-* 
gon, BiihopfgaCe ftr. W. Th. S. 
Buckingham car. George, Snow 
hill, T. S. Oxford Arma, War- 
wick lane, T* S. 

. Aegel, Piccadilly, and Bolt Buddefdale car. Bull, within Bi< 
and Tan, Fleet ftr. daily $ la. fhopfgate, W. S, 

li. 6d. 

Brentwood car. Blue Boar, wiChoot 
Aldgate, W. 

■ i^:o, there, T. Th. S. in WwUir } 
eve y Day in Summer j fa. 31. 

■ .1 machine there daily, ^t,.6d» 
BfickhiP, (Great and Lictlie) car. 

. Cock, Alder%ate ftr. Th. . 
BridgCDortb car. Ram, Smithftctd, 

^i*— co» Green Dragoa there^ F* 

fa. 18 1. 
Bsckley hill car. Caftkand Falcon, 

AJderfgate ftr. Th. F. Ax, Al. 

dermanhury, M. Th. 
Bungay car. Bull, Bilbopfgato ftr* 

W. Th. S. 
- ■ 'CO. Qrctn Dragoa there, F« 

fa. 18 I. 

S. Saraoin*a HtU, 800W htU, Buntiogiord car. Daiphin there. T» 

TK. S. Old Cathefine Wheel 
. there, S. 
Bur ford and Placet adjactnt car* 

Saracen*! Head, Friday ftr. Tb. 
Burnky car. Ax, AldcrmaAbiiry» 
M.^Th. F. White Horfe, Crip» 
plrgite, M. F. Swan with Two 
l^ecki. Lad Jane, T. F. >Bear, 
Bafioghall ftr. M. F. 
B Jrnham car. Bell and Four Swan*, 
Biihopfgate ftr. W. Th. F. 
Gforge, Long Acre» T. 8. 

hill, T. W. F. White Swan, Burflol car. Bear, Bafinghall ftr. 

Holbourn bridge, T. W. F. S. F. White Horfe, Cripplagate, F. 

Fly W. ft S. Nights. Ktog'a Barton upon Titnt car. Caftie, 

Armi theie, M« W. Getar4*s Wood ftr. M. Ax, . AUermaa- 

halli bifingUfle. Th. boiy, M. 

>^co. Three Ciipt» Bread ftr. Burton in Kembtl car. there, F. 

M. W. f . fa. 1 1. 7 1. Bsll» Sa. Burwaflk car. Whiu Hare, South* 

vage, Ludgate hill, M. W. F. wark, Th. 

f». 1 1. 7 1. One Bell, Strand, Bary (St. Bdm«Ad*8) oar.. Bull aaft 

M. W. F. ia. 1 1. 7 a, Saracen*s Four Swaaa withia Biihopfgate | 

Brtdlingtoo car. Red Lion^ Aldirrf* 

gate ftr. M. Th. 
Bridgewater car. Saracen*i Head, 

.Fridayftr. M. T. 
Brighthelffiftone car. Talbot,8ooth« 

wark. Th. 
Bridport car. BsU, Friday ftr. ctery 

Brih car. Bel), Warwick lane, F. 
Briftol car. Three Cup?, Bread ftr. 

M. W. S. Siracen*a head. Snow, Friday ftr. M. W. F. Fa. 
1I. 71. 
Broad Window car. Bell, Friday 


I. Bull, within BiikopfgaUi 
Grcaa Dragoa therc> M. W. F. 

M Bi«1 

( 24* ) 

Bnry (t»n«) ctr. As, Aldcrioan- 
bary» M. Th. t, BMToib*! Jna, 
LiorMicc Uftf. Tb. F. Ctftle 
and F«lcrn, Ald<rrgate ftr« W. 
8. Swan vftb Two Nack^ Lad 
bM»*if. W. 

BsAy «A» Bdly Hotboum* T. S*' 
Winter I T. Tb* S. Soounar, fa« 

Buxton car. Ax. Aldttnanboty, 

Tb. Caik, W«o4 ir. if. Swan 

with Two Ntdu, Lail L»B€» M. 

W. Caflle and Filcao, AUerf- 

cite ftf . W. S. 
Bottcaa car. GieyboniMi, SonUi* 

wark^ T. 

Oilae AT. fUkf Holboatm brUit, 

Th. S»rM»i*a Head, SaowJitlJ, 

T. W. F» 

church ftr. foarTimetereiy Dny $ 

ft. 6d« Red Lioa* Pirliaaaont 

1^, daUy i fa. 9 d. 
Ombrid|e co* Bull, MiA&fSigktM ftr. 

T.Tb. S. CiMB.Dra^n and 

Fonr Swam there. Id. W. F. fa« 

•.-HDachint,Q«eeo*t Head,Oray*a 

Im lane cvety Datf, ^* <••• 
w^.. car» Foor Swant, within Bi* 

ihepfinite, W. Tk. F. Orcea 

PragoB tb«e« W. Thi F. Wag* 

gon and Hoffes thetc, W» Th. F. 

BaU there, W. TV. F. 
Cnterbury co. C:<ilii Ktp, Gract- 

chnseh, ftr, and the S^d Baglc 

there, daily $ fa. lai. 
— piachine, Goideocrait, Char- 

ieg crofs, daily | ft. 15 f. 
•^.^araviB, Sur, Fiih fir, hiU, 

Th.ft. S>. 
-.—car. Kfng*«Ilead, Sootfawark, 

Th. Talbot Atefaoufe, Scrand, 

Or«liian car, George, Snow hill, S« 
QiHiff car. George, Snow hilJ, S, 
CarlUle ca. Caftle^ Wood ftr. F. - 
Carmarthen, and all South Waieri 

car* George, Snow bill, S« 

CirBarvon ear. Caftle and Falcon, 

Alderfgate ftr. M. Ih. Btof. 

foma Inn, Laurence lane, M. 

Catmel car. Swan with two Necks, 

Ltdbne, F. 
Carihaitoo co. Croft Keyt, Grace- 

church fir. daUy ; ft. »a. 
Ca^lebrooiaga car. Caftle and Fal- 
con, Alderfgate, M. T. Th. S. 
Caftle carey ear. Saracen^a Head^ 

Friday ftr. M« T. 
Qaxton and PIkcb adjapent car* 

Two Swam without B.fliopfgate^ 

Ceri^ car. Bell,, M. 
Chapel in the Firth car. Btoflboi*! 
* lofl, Lforenca lane, Th. F. 
Chard car. Bell. Wood ftr. Sondaj 

Night} Cxbfi Keys thee, hi. 
ChaJbury car. Gaoige, Snow hiil^ 

Chatford car. Geoige, Snow hill, 

Th. Saracen*! Head, Friday fir* 
.T.F. . - 

Chatham eo., Spread £agk,. Grace- 
church ftr. Crofi Keys there, 
. ddly, ft. ds. 
^-— car*. KiBg*s Head, Southwark. 

Chellingtoo, tf/r'M Shellington, car. 

Whke hart, St. Jofan'a ftr. T. S. 
Cheadle cat. George and White 

Hait, Alderfgate, ftf. 
Chehmford car. Black Bull, with- 

ottt Aldgaie, W. S. King^a Arm 
ce Croft Keyt and Spread £a« 

glo Gracechurch ftr« daily ; ft. 

Cheltenham car. Gecrge, Saow 

htl), Th. 
m^-' CO. Satacen's Head, Friday ftr. 

Th. Fa. 1 2a. 
Cbelfea eo. Coach and HorTea in 

the Strand, daily } Bell Sivafe, 

Ludgate hil, daily | fa. la. 

White Hart, Strand } ft. a d. 
Cheriion car. Gonid'a hall huk 

BafiBglaAC, M^« 


( 243 ) 

Cbtrlfcy co, Checqvtt court Ale* 
hoofe, Chtrlng Caofi» T. Th. S. 
Bti) Sftira^* Ytrd, Lu^gate htlly 
T, Th. S. io Winter, daity in 
Suomer, fa. 3 f.'Sfl. 

Chipping Norton car. Bear tad 
Ragged it*ff, SwlthdtU, Th. 
Ssracen*! Head, Soo^ hill, S. 

Chipping On^ar caf , Three Nuns, 
without Aldgate, T. F, 

Che/ham (Bucks) car. White Horfe, Chipping co. ^here, F. 5. Winters 
. Holbourn biidgc, W. T. Th. S. 

Chelhunt car« Vine, Bif^opfgate, 
Itr. T. S King*! Arms, Lead- . 
enhall ftr. W. S. 
■ I ■ to. Vine, Bilhoprgate tte, M. 
T. W. Bull there, Th. F. S. 
ft. a 1. 
Chefter car« Ctftle and Falcon, 
Alderfgata ftr. M. Th. George 
and White Hart there, T. Blof-: 
ibm*t. Inoy Laurenca lane, M. 
CheAer co. Ceorgo, Aldcrfgate Ar. 
M. F. Summer j M. Winter j 
fa. a 1. ft «• 
*» - c haife, Horfhoe, Gofwall ftt4 
' daily. . 

»-i— returned co. and ehaifr. Ax, 
Aldermanbury,- daily 5 Horfe- 
ihbe^ Cofwell ftr. daily. 
Gbefteradd car. Cattle, Wood fir, 

T. F. B«.l there, M. Th. 
Chafterfotd rar. Two Swaiis^ with- 

out Bifliopfgat^, W. 
Chederton ^u Ball and Foot 
Swam, Bidiepfgate ftf. W. Th. 

^' ■ . 

Ch'chefter car. White Hart, Soath*^ 

. W*ik) M. Th. F. BellSaVa^, 

Ludgate hill, Th. 

Chichaiter co. Talbot, In fhe Bo- 
rough, Th. f». i6't. 

Clugwell CO. Saracen*! Head, Aid- 
gate, daily U a 8< 

Suonmer'; f^ 3 s. 6 d. 
Chiflel car. Two Swaoa, withoac 

Bifhopfgate, W. F. 
ChiflfdhurAco. Spread EagTe^Grace- ' 

church ftr. T. S. fi« a s. 6 d. 
Chifwick CO. Ciaeh and Hofrtf^' 

Stiand, daily ^ f», it. 6d« ' 
Chorley car. $waii' with .Two 
.NecKi, Lad fane, F« Ax, A1-, 

dermanbury, M. Th. , 

Charch Lawton car. Caftle, Wood 

atr. Th. 
CSrencefter car. George,' SAoV hifl,^ 

F. Saracen's Head, Snow hill» 

T. W. F. Kiug'a Head, Old, 
' Chlnge, F. S. * , 

Cirencefter co. Bell Savase InOf 

Ludgate hill, M. 'Th. Wiutcir j 

M. W. F: Samm^r | affo calla 

at the while Bear, Pfccadilly, 

f»*tU ^^■ 

Clapham co. Spread JBigle, Graces * 

church ftr. daily. Crofs Keyi 

there, daily; fa i s. Coach and 
' Hnrfe«, Strand ; and Red Liopf 

PaHiamenttlteetd/kiiyi.fa. 1 t, 

Clare car. Ipfwit^h Arms, Cullum 

•ftr. T|i. ; . 

Clavering 0f. tSafherlne- wheeL 

Biiho^^atCfftreet; T. 
Cdbham CO. Angel, behind St. Cle-* 

mtnt*8, T. F. fa. 5 a, 
——car. White Hart, Southwatk^ 

T. F. 

Chtoner car. Befl« Warwick line,' Cockermouth .car. caftle^ 'Wgod^ 

Chippenham cai'. Saracen's llttA, 

Snow hUl, T. W. F. Rofc, 

.Holbourn bridge, Th. White 

Swan there, M. W. F. 
— — <o. Saracen' I Head, Friday ftr* 
.M. W. F.fe. It. yr. 
Chipping car. Ked Lioq« without 
. fiifliopigatt, F« 

St. F. 

Coggeihillcar. King^s ArmB,'Leaj- 
enhall ftr. F, Sar^en:* Head,. 
Aldgate,S; ^ ' 

Colnebrook car. White Horfe, Fri- , 
day ftr. W. ICing** Head, Old 
Change, W. , 

Colchefter co. Spread Eagle, Orac^- 
fbvrrh ftr, T« Th. S. fa. 8 «•' < 
M % Kioi 

( 244 ) 

King*! Armt, LudonluU llr.. 
M. W. F.f'.Sa. 

*— >ai4chiiic« King*! Araif* Lead- 
cnhall (If. T. F, (•» i» i. 

•^— fCar Sprcai B i gk» Gracechurch 
fti. F. fCiog*! Arinit teadeohail 
Ar. 111. Sancrn*« Head tnd 
Bell mthtn Ald|ACe» M. 

Cblcftfid cat. Cevrge, Siiuwhtll, F» 

CalrikiU CO. Bell, Wood ftr. M. 
Th. la. 1 1. 4 1* 

— »■ caf. Caftlc« Wood ftr. M. 
Cilltaod Falcon» Aldcrfgate, ftr. 
M. Th. George aod White 
Hart there, M. T. 

Collie car. BaBnghall ftr. M. F. 
Sw«o wtih Two Nccki, Lad- 
lane, T. F. Red LioOf Aiderf- 
gate ftr. M. Th. 

Celumptoa caf. Bell, -Friday ftr. 

Cbnildoa car. Swan with Two 
Necks, Ud lane, F. Bell, Wood 
ftr, aod Bear, Bafingball ftr. W. 
S. Cftk a«d FakoB, Aldeif^te 
ftr. W. S. 

Coventry car. Caftk and Falcon, 
'Aldcrfptc ftr. M, Th.S. George 
and White Hart there, M. T. 
Th. S. BoU and Mouth there, 
T. Th. S. White Horfc, Friday 
*ilr. M. T. Th. S. Rank, Sntth- 
fteld, Th. S. BeU there, M^ 
T. Th. S*. Saracen*a Head, 
8oow hill, T. As, Aldccmaa- 
*^iy, M.Th. 

•—-machine in one Day in Som* 
ttier, T. Th. S. and two hi Win- 
ter, M. Til. Caftle and Fateottj 
Alderfgateftr. fa. 1 1. 51. 

mfMm^co. George and White Hart, 
Alderfgate ttr, M. W. F. Sum- 
mer j M. W. Winter} fa. xl. 

CracUey hank car. Caftk and Fal* 
COD, Alder%ate ftr. M. Th. 

Craoboorne car. Bell, Friday ftr, 
' daily. 

Cranbraok car. Talbot^ Soathwatk, 

Cranfi^ car, crofa Keyi $t. john*t 
ftr. W, 

CranfVey car. Hoiihce^ Oofwill fir. 

Creadon (Ung) Bel^ Warwick 

Jane, P. 
Oomer ear. Bull, Biihopigiite, ftr. 

W. Th. S. 
Crookhoroe, .e/^tfx Crewhorn, car. 

Bill, Wood ftr. Sunday Nighti. 
Croppardey car. 8araceo*a Headj 

Snowhiil, Th. 
Crowland-car. Cock, Aldcrlgate ir. 

CroxtoB car. Two Swans/ whhoat 

Biftiopfgale, S. 
Croydon co. Spread Eagle, Gace- 

chorch ftr. daily ; fa. at. 
Cublington car. Bell, W^wick lane, 

CockMd car, Talbot, Soochwark, 

Coddtcottcar. Windmili, St. John't 

ftr. M. Th. S. 
Coflei car. Two Swant, withBut 

Bilhopigate, F. 
Daliea car. C»fti«, Wood ftr. F. 
Dorking car. Greyhound, South- 

walk, W. S. 
•-—-CO. Croft Keyt, Gracechorcb 

ftr. daily, fp. 5 1. 
Darlington car. Whito Horfc, Crip- 

plcpite, M. Red Lioo, Aidcrf- 

gete ftr. M. Th. 
Dartfoid oo. Spar, Soethwaik, every 

Day, Siiiuqer} T* Th. S. 

Winter $ la. » i. 6 d. 
Daventry co. Rofe and Crown, St. 

Tohn*a ftr. M. T. Caftle and 

F akott, Aiderfgnte ftr. T. Th. S, 

Sanmcr { M. Th. Wieeer. 
-—car Role and Crown Sti 

Joho*a ftr. M. T. Caftle and 

FakOQ AMcr%ate ftr. Geoigt 

and l^ite Hart there, M. T. 

Th. S« BoU and Mouth there, 

T. Th. S. 
Deal CO. Spread Eagle aed C106 

Keyt, Gracechurch ftr. daily | Ai« 

«-*«-car. Kj«g*t Held, Soethwark, 

Tht ' 


( 245 ) 

Dedfiim far. Spresd £agfc« Once- D«ver car. KJflg*i Hetd, Sintfa. 

chvrch ftr. Th. 
Dehcnham ctr. Sariceo*! Heard 4nd 

Bell» Aldgate. 
Pd(<iiigton rar. Ram, Smithf!eM# 
* -Thi Csftle and Falcon, Alderi- 

fatfty ftr. M, 
Dc»thain car. Pour SvaniyBi/hopf- 

gate ftr. W. Th. F. and Cam- 

B^idge Waggon thrrc, W. Th. F. 

Bull there, W. Th. F. 

wa k, Th. 

■■■ ■CO. Spread Eagle and Crof«- 
Key«, Oracecbarch ftr. daily ; 
fa 16 c. 

——machine. Golden C'-ofa, Char- 
ing Crofs, dai'y: fa. i I. 

Diwnham car, Bol], Bifhopripratc, 
ftr. W, T. F. Cambridge Wag- 
gon a^d four Swana therr, tise 
fame Dxyt, 

Deeping car. Ciftle Wood ftr. M* Drayton cir. BIofTom*! Inn, Lau 

•market car. HoiAoe, Gjf- 

well ftr. M. Th 
Den Sigh rar,. Caftie and Faieon, 
' A'dcrfgatc, M. Tb. B.'fTom'i 

Inn, Lauren€e lanr, M. Th. 
D^antfthorp car. Ax, AUeunanbu- 

ry, M. 
Dcptft>rd CO. Qrofi Reyr, Oract • 

cltarch ftr. every Day ) fa. i •• 
Derby car* Ax, Aldermanbttryy 

r^nce lane, M. Th. CxfiU and 
Fa 'con, Alderfg^tc ftr. M, Th, 
Gebr|e and y/hite Hire thrre, 

Droitwirh car. Saracen*s Head^ 
8110 Mr hilt, S. 

Dudley car. Caftie aad Falcon, Al- 
darfgate, M, 

DtiUtngtoo car. HorAot* Gofwell 

ftr. M. Th. 
Th. Bell, Wor4 ftr. M. C^ft'la Dulwich Co. Caofa Keya and Spread 
there, M. T. Swan with Two ' Bagle, Gracachurch ftr. daily ; 
Keck% lad fant, M. BloiTom'a fa. s a. 
Iiio,LaarencalaACC,Th. F. Bell, Dumfrcil (Scoiland) car. Caftlt 
Sfflithiield, M. Caftia and Fal- Wood ftr. F. 

Dooehofch car. Caftie anl Faleoo. 

Atderfgate, M. T. Tb. 9. 
Donmow car, B'uo Boar> withour^ 

Aldgate, P. 

con, Alderi|ate, W, S. 
»— CO* Ram, in SmithfieU, W. 

Soomer only $ fa. 1 1. S a. 
Deviiea rar. Whife Swan, Hol< 

bourn bridge, ^h. Siracen*a Djnftable car Wtndaul'^ St. John*o 
— ' ' .... — ^ - ^^^ J g^jj^ Warwick lane, W. 

——CO. Swan with Two Netkt, 
St. J'ha*a ftr. T. Tb. S. fa. 
6 a. 

Durham, ear. White H'irfe, Cr'fp- 
plegate, M. Red Lion, AIdeif« 
gate ftr. M. Th. 

Dotfley car. IUog*i Head, OM 
Change, F. 

Head, Snow hill, T. W. P. 
Bull and Month, Alderfgate ftr. 

Diacar. Sar icen*a Head, SaewhiU, 

DitOiellinf' ear. Talbcty South* 

• waik, Th. 

Doncafter car. Red Don, ftlderf* 

gate ftr. M. Th. Swan with 

two Nerkf, L«d lane, T. F. 

Bear,Baringhallftr. M. F. White 

Horfe, Oipplegatf, M. 
.mm> ico» Swan, Holbourfl bridge* 

M. W. P. Summers M. Th. 

Winter, ft I. 5 1« 
Dorchafter car. Bell, Friday ftr* 
' ilaHy ) 8ataccii*i Head tkert 

M. Th. S. 
•— <o, Saracen*! Head therCi M« 

Tb. fr. il« 101, 

Eating CO. one Belt, in the Strand, 

daily ) fa. 1 a. 6 d. 
—ear. Bell, Ditty bne, M. W. 

Eaft Orinftead car. Catherine* 

wheel, Soathwaik, W. S. Tal- 

bof there, M. F. 

M3 ^^ 

( 246) 

Ktft Htm CO. Swtn, Whit«ch«pel, 

W. T. Til. F. S. fa 1 1. 
EjAwIcIi car. Viae^ BiihopfsaU ftr. 

T. S. 
B«ton CO. Belt Sarage, Lodgate 

hUl, dally) fa. $f. 
Baton bridge car* George, SouUi- 

warkf T. 
Ebl«y car. Kiiig^a Head, Old 

Change, W. Summer j F. Win- 
KcclciVal car. Caftle and Falcon, 

Aidetrgate ilr. T. Th. Gcorgt 

and White Hart there, T. 
VHfaborcugk, or Edgware, car. 

George. Snow hir, W. S. BeU, 

Mf^ryrck lane, M. W, F, 
»>— coi Ball, Holbourn, CTcry Day, 

SumnDcri T. Tb« S. , Winter | 

fo/ai.'Gd. ^ 

£diobiv|h (aod^I the Rosd from 

Starnfu^d thiuie^) car. White 

Horfc, .Cvipflegaie, M. 
•-^co. $wan, Ho<bb«fra bridge', 

M.' W.'F. Summer; and M. 

Th, yfi^ttr. Qicmn yard, SO- 

yet ilr. Gclden fqiiAtej ftvccy 
^o^hca T, 5 J. 5/. ' 
£dmou(oa car. OH, Cathermei 

.w^eeU' without Biihopt^atc, M. 
* T. T^/Sl. ^ ' 
^'^9'^, U'sA^ Bifbp/gate fir, dai^y ^ 

/a. IS.' 
E l\ w car. WJiilc Horfe, Crip- 

rl-g.te, M. 
J5fh ^'mm car.' White Hart, South- 

.v«rk, T, . 
Il^uAih cc' Bait aod Tub, Ficet- 

a, T. TK. S. fa. 5 s. 
^gletoQ car Old Catherloe-^Khfely 

^tihrpf^ate ftr. W'fiiout, W. 
Egrcmcnd ca-. Caflit; Wocd ftr. F. 
E:4ud car. -Whiw Horfe, Cih- 

plf gate, F«. Bear, B^fioghaU, Aft 
' M.^ " ' ■/ .' 

EiGtincre car.* Caftk' and' Falcon. 
' Aiaer%4cc, •^f. Th.' 
EWec CM. C«k„ A:4erf»te Rr, 

W. S. . • \ ^ 

Elfum'car.'SAaceo's Head. SncW« 

hill, T, - / ^^' 

Eithooi CO. Cfofi K-yi and Spfead 

Eigle, Gracechoffch'^* daily i 

fii* ia« 6d« 
Ely car. Bull and Four Swan a, Bt- 

ihopfgate ftr. W. Th. F. Wag- 

goa and Horiea thcrt, W. Th. 

Ely (lile oO car. Ball« BilLoprgaie 

Enfield car. Old Catherinc-whce], 

B fhopfgate ftr. without, M* T. 

Th. S. Red Lion there^ W. S. 
«-— >cc» Bull, Biihopfgateiir. daily ; 

fa. 1 1. 6 d. 
Eppiog car. White Swan, White- 
chapel, T. F« K.iog*a Aimt, 

Leadenhall At. W. S. 
— **co. Black Boll, Whitcchapel, 

W.S. fa. 3r. 
Epfoaa car. King*i Head, South* 

walk, T.'S. CaiU'e» Piccadilly, 

•— — «co. Spread Eagle, Gracer^iwch- ' 

fir. T. Th. $. >• Winter ^ and 
'. e very-Day in ^mmer, fa. ^t, 
EHing^o'n car« Aoog^a .Dead, Old 

Change, W. F. Symincr. 
laton CO. White SvrtQf Holbonra, 

• dai^ fa. 5 t. 
EvediaU car. Windmill^ Sf« Jubo*f 

ikr, S. 
Eicili^m and Placea adjaceat car, 

BuU and Mouth', AMcrfgate,.ftr» 

S.' ' . . ^ 

Tvery bank car. Caftfe and Falcon, 

Al^crfpte dr. M. Th.. 
ITxerer and Places adjacent car. 

.^U, Fxiday ftr, jdaihjju Saracen's 

Head tterc, M, "Th* C106 Keyr, 

Wood ftr. M. 
——CO. Saracen*s Head, Friday flr. 

M. Th. Summer; fa. al. 51. 

M, in Winter. Bell tlietCi M. 

fa. a I. 5», 
Eye car, Saracen's Head, Snoy 

hill, M. 

.' ^* * . 
faiifi>rdcar.George, Snow hill, F.S. 

Fakenham car. Bull, Biibouigate 

fir. W, T, F, 


( 247 ) 

F«lkhighiiD eir. Red Liooi Alderf^ 

gate ftr. Th. 
»"— <o. Bull aad four Swans Bt» 

Aiopfgate ftr. M. W. h. 1 1. 50. 
FUinoutli car« BbU^ Friday ilf* 

Farroi«|hanv car. Geoige, Soutk* 

wark. T. 
Fa'nham caf • Ptaeocit, Clare mar» 

ket, S. 
Farriogdoo car. White Horfe, Fri- 
. ^y ftr. F. Oxford Arms, War. 

wick lane» S. 
Fclibvidgewiter car. Catharine* 

wheel, Sauthwark, W. S. 
Fcnoy Stratford car. Roie and 

Crown Sc. John's dr. W. Red 

Lion» Alderfgate ftr. iff. Th. 

White HorTe, Ciip^legate, M. 
Ferrybridge car Bear, Bafingkall, 

ftr. M. F. 
.— ■ ■ CO. Swaoi Holfaotira bridgi*, 

W. W. F Sommer i M. Th. 

Winter; fa. x1.5R. 
BcrryhUl car. WMtc Hoife, Ccip^ 

pleg2t?, M. 
F«rtrih«n'car. Ki«g*fi>Uead,Soiitli^ 

wcrk,-T. W. 
FtAchfieldcarSaxaceaMlcad, Aldi* 

gate, F. 
FMon ear. Horihoe, Oo/weU Rr. 

Fkt€bi% C4r, Catherine • wheel, 

SonthiKark, T. 
Flint car. Caftle ^d Falco'?, Altterf- 

gate ftr. M. Th. B^cfTooiS I m> 

Latjr^nde lan^ M. Th. 
Fouifliam car. Four Swans, Bifliopf- 

gifte ftr. W. Th. F. 
Fcxton rar. Two Svvaos, without 

BiHiop^ate, W. 
Framlimham car. Sa^tcan*! Head 
. -and BtrlJ, 'within. Aidgate, M. ' 
Frim'ey car. Peacjck, Clare mar- 
: ket. S. 

Frodfham, car. Swan with Two 
- Nttcks, Lad t^ne, F. 
Frome ca-. iCing*i Armi, 19 J- 
. bnwua hri4ge, W. F. BoU and 

Mouth, Aljcrrgaie, Th. 
frofter c«4 Kiog*i Head, Old 

Change, F« 

Fulham co. White Hart Alehoufe^ 
Suand, daily j ft. 1 1. 


Gainiborovgh car. Bear, BaSnghall 
ftr. F. White H orfc, Cripple- 
gate, F. Xaftre, Wood dr, M. 

Oatftang car. Caftle, Wood ftr. F. 
Swan wi(h Two Nuks, Lad 
lane, F. 

G4ft>jrn car. Bear, Baftnghall ftr, 
F. White H'^rfe, Cripplegate, F. 

Gfbrough car. Rtd Lion, Alderf- 
gate ftr. M.Th. 

Gafgow (Scotland} car. Caftle^. 
Wood Sr, F. 

Giaftciibujy car. Caftle, Wood ftr. 

F. . 
. Gleeo car. Bell, Swithfield, M. 

Qlcnuford car. Spread £agle> Grace* 
church ftr. Th. 

Gloocefter car. King*i Armt, Old* 
Change, S. 

••^-^o. Bolt and Too, Fleet ftr* 
M.W. F. fa, il. 3«. 

Godalmin car. Spur, Borough, Th. 

— «co. White Hait, Soothwark, 
W. S. fa. 6 I. 

Godftone car. Spur, South wark, F. 
Talbot there, T. S. 

— — coj Talbot lher«, T. S. fa. 4 1. 
* .GofpoQ car. Bell Sivage, Li)dgatc 
hii], M.Th White Hart, Sooih. 
wark, daily. 

Ooudhuift car. White Hart, South- 
wark, Th. 

Graiifdon car. White* Vart, St. 
J }hn*8 ftr. S. 

Grantham car. Caftle, Wood ftr. 
M. Cock, Alderfgate ftr. M. 

Grantham co. Three Cups, Alderf- 
gate ftr. M. F^ Summer ; M. 
Th. Winter 5 fa. i I. 5 s. 

Gravefeod car. Kirg*s Head, Souths 

. wark, Th. 

Greenwich co» Crofs Keys, Grace- 
church ftr. Spread Eagle ibf re, 
twice every Day fa. fs. Red 
LiAn PailiaiaeAt ftr. twice a 
Day i fa. i«. 

M' 4 Grtsndon 

(us ) 

OfvniM car* C««v|i, Saitmield^ HarboMttgh ear* Windmlf, St. 

Cuilol^rA car. Wbite Hartf Sooth- 

wMk, T* '• 
•— c. Angd, tebiiid St, CIc* 

OMst**, T« F. fii« 5 •• 

H. . 

Nacltncy co. by GraAm Collcgt, 
B iliop%at«: fit* daily } bo fet fa. 

Hjdham car. Boll, within Biihopf* 
f4tt ftr. T. Th. S. Two Swam 

Wi:h0<i% S, 

•— :o, BiiU^ Blfliopfgate, T. Th. 

S. h. 5 9, 
Maddinham or. TwoSajqi, with- 

mit Bifliop gate, M. Oxford 

Armsy warwi k Uaey F. 
Iladleifh car King*! Aimi^ Lead* 

cahall ftr. Th. 
fiadfow car Bcif and Bell, Booth* 

wark, T. 
li«afliKk car. Old Cathcriiic. wheel, 

without Bi(hop(gatc, W: 
HiUtes car* Red Lion, Aldnff^te 

0T, M. Th.. Swao with Two 

Necfcftp Lad l*ne, T. F* 
Hamead car. Kiiig*a Head, Lead- 

e«ih*ll ftr. Th. 
Balftjn car. Bull, BUbopfgate ftr* 

W. S, SaraceaU Head. Saow- 

HU, M. 
^- "CO. B<ill and <kttm Dragoa, 

Btihopfgace ftr. F, la. i ). 
Hanafnerlmuh co« Coach aad 

Horfes, Strands daily; fiu 1 1. 
Hampftcad co. H(«lb«>iiro ban, and 

Jamca^ Art Coveot Garden, fire. 

umea a Day : fa. 1 1. 
Hampton Road (Gkioceier) and 

Placet adjacent car. Gert|e, 

Snow hill, F. S. Saraaren'a 

Head. Friday ftr. T. F. 
Himpton Town and Coort co. B II 

Savage, Lodgate hill} Golden 

rrou. Charing eroG, T. Th. S* 

Winter j daily Summer $ fa. 3 •• 
Haaborough car. Bull and M«)tttil. 

Al3«rfga;e, Tb. .* 

Hanflop cax, Crofi Key., St. fohn'i 

fir. F» "* 

John'i ftr. Th. Bear and lUggod 

5:aflF, Smiihfield, M. 
Harleftoa car. Saiacen*a Head, 

Snow hill, M. 
Harlipg car. Bull aad Four Swam, 

wtthm Biihopfgate, W. Th. S. 
Harden car. Rofe> and Ciown, St. 

John'i ftr. T. F. 
Hallow car Three Nons, withoat 

Aldgate, T. F. King's Arms, 

LcadcnhalJ ftr. 9. 
Harold car. B ar and Ragged Ssiff, 

Smithfield, Th. 
Harrow on the Hill cc. Blue Bozr 

and Geoige, Holboorn, M. T. S. 

Winter j crery Day Summer ; 

fa. a i. 
Harwich co. Spread Eagle, Grace- 

churih ftr. T. F. fit, 169. King's 

Arma, LcadeabaU ftr. T. F. &• 

16 s. 
Hafelcy (Great) car. White Rorfr, 

Holboura bridge, W. 
Hxflenere car. Peacoclr, C?arc 
• Market, S. Talbot, Soothwaik, 

Hafliogtno car. Bloflbm't Inn Lau- 
rence lane, M. Th. 
Haftingi car. Spar, Soathwark , 

Hhtfield, car. Swan wHh two Nr ckf, 

St. John'i ftr. W. S. White 

Hart chete, W. S. Khig*i Arms, 

Holbcnrn Bridge, W. 8* Cock, 

Aldetigaie ftr. W. S. 
— -co. Greyhound, Smithfield, T. 

Th. S. Summer | T. S. Winter { 

fa. 4 s. 
Harerlordweft car. George, Siow 

hill. S. 
HaveriJl car. Ipfwtch Armt, Cul« 

lorn ftr. Th. 
H«wkf *i head car* Gift?e, Wood ftr, 

Hawkhtttft car. White Hart, Sooth* 

Haydoo car. Two Swam, withoot 

Biftiop%atc, F. 
Hcathfield car, l^or^ Sootfiwark, 


( 249 ) 

Heddinsktm nr. Spread Ea|lt 
Oracecborcb Ar« Th« 

Heliham or. White Hir^ Soatli^ 
wirk, T/i. 

Hcmftead ear, Kiiig*t Atm^ Hol« 
' boiirn bridge! T. F« 

Hendofl co, George» Snow bill, W. 

Heaftcld rtr. Hilf Mood, Soatb- 
wark, F. 
- R mlcjr upon Thamct, White Hotfe, 
Friday ftr. W. 

■ ' CO. Angel bebind St. Cleneat't, 
T, Tb. S. fa. 5 r. 

Henley (Warwick) car. Ca#le and 
Falcon, Alderfgate ilr. M. 

Hcnlow tar. Wiodmil), St. Toba*a 
ftr. W. 

Hem^gbam co. Spread Bigle, 
Oracecboreb ftr. T. Tb S. Sam- 
mer, T. S. Winter 9 it, 8 t. 

■ — ■car. Tbree Nuni, Wbitecbapa;, 

HenAridge car Gerrard*i Hall/ Ba- 
ting lane, bf • 

-*— *co. Saracea*! Head, Friday ftr. 
T. fa. I f . 

Heawick car. Bear and Ragged 
Staff, SmithAe d, Th. 

Hereford car. Saiacen'i Head, Fli- 
day^r. S. 

•——CO. Bolt and Tun, Fiact ftr* 
M. fa. iL III. 6d. 

Reriing car. Bull tod Orcen Dra- 
gon, Btibopfgate ftr. Tb. S. 

Hertford ear. Vine, Bi/bopftgaic ftr. 
T. S. Bull and Green D agnn. 
T^ W. F. S. Swan, wttboDt, Bi- 
ftiopfgate ilr. Carta erety Day. 

»>^eo. Bull and Green Dragon 
tbere, daily | fa. 41. 

Higbgate co. Alderfgtte, every 
Day ^ Bear, Mulboum, the fame j 
at Mr. Rotch'i, Hoibouro bars, 
£ve Timet a Dayj f», 1 1« 

H gham-fcrri>ri and Plarei td^ceot 
car.RoCr, Sreithftcld, Tb. Horfe- 
iboe, G«^fwell ftr. S. ^ 

Hi|b worth ear. Oxford Afm, WlV 
'vick laaci S, 

High Wickham rar. BoU WH 
Mouth, Alderfgate ftr. T. F. 

Hinckley ear. Callle^ Wood ftr* 

Hindon car. Saracen*! Head, Friday 
ftr. M. Tbt 

Hinghasn car. BuU aad Creen Dra- 
gon, BtSiopfgate ftr. W. Tb* S* 

Hioton St. George ear. Oerrard*t 
Ha4l, Bafing lane. M. 

Hitchin car. White Hirr, St Joh&*« 
*r. M. T. F. 

•——CO. GreyboandfSmlthfield, T. 
Tb. S Summer t T. S. Winter ; 

Hoddefdoo car. Boll, within Bi* 
ibopfgate { T. Tb. 8* Vine there* 
T. S. Swan, withoot Biibopf- 
gatc I By GirtB every Day. 

^— <o. Ball, BUhopfgatt ftr. daily ; 

A* IV 

Hogoft car. White Hart, Borough * 

Rolbridge car. Horlboe, GoiWell. 

ftr. M. Tb. 
Holt ear. BuU and Gram Oragoa, 

Bifliopigate ftr. M. Tb. S. 
Hblmefchapel car. CaflUi Wood ftr» 

Tb. Ax Aldenntnbury, M. Tb« 
Ronitoa car. Bell, Friday ftr. every 

Hookoortoo car. RaiB, SmltbiicM* 

Rorneaftk tar. Red LioR, Aldet£* 

gate ftr. M» 
Horanead ear. Two SlTaaf^ irith- 

out B}fhop%ate, F. 
Hof aicy co. Bell and Crown, Hol- 

boorn, daily f fa. 1 1. ) d. 
Horihtm car. Swao« Blackmao, ftr. 

Horlley car. Kiag*4 Head, Ofd 

H^nghton Hall ctr. Bull aod lour 

Swans, without Biiboprgata, Wy 

Tb, F. # 

H'fwdeo car. Red Lioa, Alderlkatt 

ftr. M. Tb. 
Hodderifield ear. ftwao with Tw» 

Hecfca, Ud I«ie4 T» F. I^car, 

( «50 ) 

B<fio|lun Hr. M. F. Red Lran 

AlderfgAU Ar. M. Th. 
Hull car. Red Lion. AldAilate Ar. 

M. 7h. 
Hunperfonl c»u Whire Svao, Hoi- 

bourn bidge^ W. Rofe tbere, W. 

Cvaceik*! Head| S-.qw hiU,. T* 
Huoton (Surrey} Taibot, '\a the Bc- 

rougb, W, F, 
Huntiagdos car. Bell, Snnitbfieldy 

S« Red Vw, Alderigate (Ir.Tli. 

Cock t)ieie,* M. $• Three Cops 

there, M« 
— €^. Three Cupi, Alderfgete ftr* 

W. Summer; U, 13s. 
H ontWy car. Gcotf e. Snow hill^ S« 
HuDt^^doo CO. there» T. Tb. S. fa. 

Ruift car. T^lUt, Sotithwark, Th. 

BciTf RafingJiaU Ar. 

Hcbefter car. SaraceB*i Head, Fri- 
day ftr.-M. T. 
lUtord CO. Bullj ^dgite, cwry D|qr. 

h, I s. 
Uroiefter car.Saracea's Head« F|!<- 

diyfir. M.T. 
IngAtftone car, BuU, without Aid- 

gete> every Day ; fii. 1 e. 
•iA— -co* Spicad,£«4lry Cra&echuich 

ftr, daily ; fa. 4 1« 
Inglrby xar* Ax. Aldermanboffy 

Jpfwich car. Spread Bag^, Graqp- 

church ftr. Th. $araceii*« Head^ 

Aldgat^ M. 
* ' 'CO. Cro6 Ktjt, Grmcechnrch. 

Ar. M. W. F. Summer } M* 

Tb. Winter $ fa. i« s. 
llle of Wight car. White Hirt« 

Southwark, daily. 
, lulp can- CaftIe*aod- FalcoDj ^\- 

derfgat? ffr. M. 
lil^ worth CO. Bie4r|{^cc^il!y»di^2y; 

fa. • f • 
( «w.~car. Bolt and Tun, Flett fir. 

fa. a a. 
m.MO car. Talbot, Southwark, 'T. 
,, Whdt^Horfe, Holboora. 
. hri6%e, T, S, 
Jrioftho ca. Btl^ Warwick lane. 

Kecklej car. 

M. F. 
Kifdervioller car. Crofs Key»i 

Wood ftr. M. Bull tfid Moutb, 

Alderlgate^ S. 
Kegworth car. Bull, SoMtbfieJd* M. 

Swan with Two. Necfca, LmI- 

Lane, M. 
Kegbtley car. White Hor^, Crip- 

plegate, F*. Bear, Bafingha.] fir. 

M. CafWe, Wood ftr, F. 
Kelved.)n CO. Spread Eagle, Gace- 

chutefa fir, T. Th. S. Summer i 

T. S. Winter $ fa. 7 &• King*8 

Arms, Leadenhall ftr. M. W. F. 

■"-^machine there ; fa* 10 •• 
— — caV. Kiog*s AraaSf Leadeohall 

ftr. Th. 
KemptoQ c^r. Wiodmiil^ St. John'a 

ftr.T. F. 
Kendai car. Caftle, Wood ftr. F. 
Kenninghall Car*. Four Swans, 

within Bidiopfgate, W. Th. S. 
Kenfingtoo Co. Coach end Horfer, 

S nod, overy D«y ; fa. f t. 

White Horfe Cellar, P ccadilly { 

fa. 6d. 
Ken'fi gton G avej pits Q». One 

Bel), Strand, cTery Day | Ca. 

1 8. 6 d. 
Kefwick car. Caftle, Wood ^r. f. 
kettcrmg car. Horfhoe, Oofwell 

ftr.M.Th. Rofe,Smithiield,T^. 
•»— CO. Croft K.ey!, $r. John's ftr. 

Th. fa. 14s. 
Kew «0c Angela Picaadilly ; fs. 

M. 6d. 
Kibwoith c r. BeH, Smithiieldy M. 
KifkUy car. ^wan with Two 

N.chs, Udlane, T.F, 
. Kimbulton car. Three Cup% AI« 
f. de^fpate ftr. M. Rufeaod Crown, 

St. Juhn^i ftr. S. 
King^clere car. Kiog*s Amt, HoI« 

bouro bridge, F!« 
l^^ftoo upon Thames co. Stack 
Lion watci laojB^ daily ) la a c. 
€ d. 

. , , . , •• (25 

Kiogfton car. White Hart, South- 
waik, T. F.. 

KiiigtQo «ar. White Swtn^ Hol- 
bourn bridge* 9. . 

'Kippax rar, White Horfe* Cripple- 
^a(e M. • . 

Kirly car.'Caftlc Woo4 ftr. F» 

Kirkbam car. Swan wiih Two 
Necks, Lad hne, F. 

Kirkireten car. Ak^ Aldermanbury, 

Koarefboroogh car. Bear, Bafiiig- 
hall ftr. F. Red Lino, Alder le- 
gate fir. M. Th. WhUe, HoiiJ», 
Cripplega e, M. 

Knotiford car; Ax, AUttmuohntf^ 
M. Th. Caftle, Wo«l.ftf. Th. 


La Brun car. White Rrfe, Caip-' 

plrgate \f, 
l*idwe|l car. Gerrard's Hal), Ba- 

fiog ia«e,. Ml 
^rtrbourn ca* . King*l ArXtfs,rHcI« 

beurn bri^g«, W. Th, <alit' at 

the White Horfe .Odtar/ and 

White Bear, Picctdil y. ' 
"L^nciAtr CUT, sViS .with Two 

Necks, Lid l^oe, F. Caftle 

Wood Ar. F, Ax» AlderfMHk- 

bury, M. Th» 
LandiU» «r. G^tgcy Snow bill, 

8. .-.•.. . 
Lmdovery car. Jitto, . ' . 
L»nB/ord,«ar. RaA^aod jCflow»» S^ 

J hn*» ftr. S, 
Latiingford car» Bull and Oretti 

DragQD, Btftopf^Mie ftr. W. Tb. 

l^;oa car. Ojford Arm", Warw.dd 

lane^ &. Bull th«re» S. 
L^iringbam car. Spread £agUy 
^ Gracrchureh ftr. Tb. 
Liunceftoo cat. Bcil^ JTiIday ftr. 

Lay ton Ba2zard car. Bel), War- 
wick laac, F. 
Laytoo^ftone CO. Bke Bosr, WhiCe- 

cbapeii d^ly fa., i •• 
Leatberhead q^ B^ar adtt B4ll, 

Somilwaik, T» White H*it 

•hcre^ T» 

-— «co. Crdfb KtjSf Gracechurc'^ 

ft<^, «. fa. 5 9. 
LHcblade car. George, Snow hill, 

F. S. KiDg*f Haad, Old Change, 
' S. 

tear car. Ax, Aldemaftbury, M". 
Leeda car. Btar, Baftnghall ftr. M, 

F. White Hoffe, Cfipplegate, 

M. r. eock» Aldcrfgate ftr. M. 

Red Lion there, M. Th. 
Leeke car. Swan with Two Necks, 

Lad lane, F. 
.Leicefter and PJacei adjacent car. 

Bdll, Smi'h6eld, M. Rofe there, 

M* Th. Bell* Wood ftr. M. Th. 

Caftle there, M. T. F. Swaa 

with Two Necks, Lad laoe, M. 

BlofToiD*! Ion, Laurence lane, 
, Th. F. Ax, Alderman bury, M. 
-~co. Ram, SmitfaBeM, M. W. 

F. Summer ) M. Th. Winter $ 
' ft, 1 1. ft e. 
^Lci.h car. Bioftom** Ins, Laurence 

Lane, Th. F.. 
T—- ^o; Spreaa Eagle, Gracethorck 

ftr. { daily fa. is. 
Lcightdn - Buzaard car. Oxford 
, ' Armi, Wirwck lane, S. Rei 

L^on, Alderfgate ftr F. 
LenHAm car. Talbot Alchoofe, 

Sr and, Th. 
(tfoniirfkr cai^. Whitt Swan, HoU' 

bouro bridee, S. 
Lewis can Talbot, Soothwark, T. 

<5«orge there Th. White Hiire 

th;rc Th. 
*— ^co. Talbot there, T. S. £i» 

LidhDgton car. Golden Lion, St 

J hn»« ftr. T. S. 
Lime car. Bell, Friday llr. M. 
Limington car. Refe, ff.Iboum 

bridge, Th. • 
Lincoln car. Red Lioo, Alder fgate 

flr. M. 
——CO. Three Caps there, M. F. 
, Somaner) M. T. Winter $ fa« 

f 1. 13 I. Bull and Fjur Swans*,, 

Biftiopfgate fir. M. F. fa. iL 


M C 


L-fttOB ctr, Oofebia and Two 
8«aM muhamt BUhopigate W. 

. Lifch^m «Ar..Btfll •n4 Fwr Swaoi^ 
B«lhiip%att §tr» W. Th. F. 

( 252 ) 

WooAftr. W.S. aftkaad faW 
coo, Aldcrfgstc, T. Ai« AUIcr^ 
loaabury, M. F« 
MaidtflhaadctrtTan^BoItiod Ton, 
Fleet ftr. T, F. t, SamflBcr { T. 
S« Winter )/«.«•• 

LttchftcM car. A*» AUcnntobary, Maidfione ctr. Talbot AkfaouCe^ 
M« Th. Caaie Wocd ftr. M. Struid, Th. 

Ceftic and FakoQ Aldei fgate, M. 

T. GMife ihcic, if. T. 
L'tcbficid «». B«U, Wocd ftr. M. 

Th. Swnatr | M. Wiatcr ^ H. 

II. 71. 
Lffvcfpool ctr. A»| AMermanVDry, 

. Croiii Kcysj GracechorcK 
ftr. T. Th. S. Summer $ T. S. 
Winter J fa. y%. Spread Eagle 
there, fame time j fiu 7 f . 
ifaidftoae carravaa^ BoJIj Leaden* 
hall ftr. W. Th. S. 
M.Th. SwaD with Two Neck's^ Mairsfield car. Catherine wheel, 
Lad lane, F. George and White Southwaik, Th. 

" -" MaMcn car. Blue Boar, White- 

dupd, F. 
«■■ CO . Blue Boar, AUgate, T* F. 
~ Winter ) T. Th. S. Summer ^ 

Hart, AIdet%»le ftr. T. 
Long comptOA car. Rofe, Smitk- 

field, Th. 
l.oiig Melfetd car. Spread Bagle^ 

Gracecbnrch ftr. Th, 

^.osghborough car. Swan with Two MalmflMuy car. George, Saow hiil, 

Neckt, Lid Lane, M. Bkfibn^i Th. 8. 

Ino, Lfwence lane, Th. F. Bell, lianchcftercar. Az, Aldemanbiinr, 

Soiithficld, M. W. TW F. Swan with Two 

Low. Laytna eo. Bell, AUtate» N<c^i_ ^*< ]±^'» ^i_ J^"* 

daily j Three Hooa there, d^ily ; 

Viae, BiftM»pJkateftr. daily { fa.tu ^ 
Lowfy-Ctoft car. Whke Horfe, 

Cripplegate, !!• 
Lewthcar. Red Lkm, AldcfTgatr, 

ftr. M. 

Wfod ftr. M. W. S. BloflLm'a 
Inn, Laoteoce lane, W. Th. F. 
Cafde and Falcon. Aiderfgatc ftr. 
W. S. Caftle, Wood ftr. If . Th. 
■■ re tur ned co« and chaiie. As, 
AJdermanbury. daiJy. 

Lowther Hail car. White Horle, Maaeftcld car. George, Smithfield. 

Cripplegate, M. M. Caftle Wood ftr, T. BcU 

Lodlow car. Satacea'a Head, Snow- there, Th. 

kiU, M. T. George and White Utawydine car. Tw© Swant , with* 

Hart, Aldcrfgace ftr. S. ont BUhopfgate, T. 

Luton cv. Three Copi, Alderfgate Marth car. BqU, nftu>p(gate, ftr. 

ftr. T. F. Rofe and Crown, St. W. Th. F. Four Swana there, 

John's ftr. T. F. W. Th. F. 

Lutterwoith ear. Ra», Smithfield, Maifate Co. Spread Eagle, Gnwc» 

T. Ax, Aldermanbttry, M. Okurch ftr. M. F, fa. 16 a. 

Lyaa cair Ball, Bi&op%ate, W. If aiket Bofworth car. Ax, Alder 

Th. F. Green Dragon and Foor 
Swant there, W. Th. F. nod 
Camb. Waggon there. W^Th. F. 

^«— en. Gfeeo Dragon, Biihopfgate, 
ftr. F. Sanuaer ; Th. Wincer i 
fa. 1 J. 


Ifaecle field car. Swan with Two 
Neckfl, Lad Lane, M. W. Bcli^ 

manbtiry, M. George and White 
Hart, AUerfgate ftr. M. 
Mai k«t Harborouish and Places ad- 
jacent car. Bear and Ragged 
StalF Smithfield, M. Bell, Wcod 
ftr. Windoull, Sr. Juhn't ftr. 
Th. iSwan with Two Neekt^ 
lid Laae, M« W, 


( *53) 

Market ftr. e»r. Swtn with Two Mlnehetd ear. SancenMIeid. FrU 
Necki, St. Jobn't ftf . Th, Bell, day ftr. M^T. 

WaiwtckUac, W. & 

Jdariborough car. White Swan, 
Holbouro, T. W. Th« RoTe 
there, W. Tb.. Bull aud Mouth, 
' AUerfgite, F. 

ifarbw car. Peacock, Clare- mar- 
ket, S. 

•»«-nMchine,Gill1e, Piccadilly, W* 
S fa. 51. 

MjrihfieM co. Saracen*t Head, Fri- 
day ftr. M W. ft. il. 7f. 

Miiiham can White HuKe, Grip* 
pleg^te, M. 

Mayfield car. Swan with Two 
Necks, Lad Jane, F. 

Mayfield car. Greyhoiiad, Sooth* 
waik, Tb. 

Maypok car. Two Swam, Biihopf- 
Hate, Th. 

McaAbam car. Swan, Bfackmaa 
ftr. Th. 

Miffington (Great and Little) car* 

Bell, Warwick lane, 8. 
M tcham CO. Spread Eagle, Oract- 

church ftr. daily $ fa. i a. 6d. 
Monmouth rar« George, Snow hil],S» 
Montague car. Gerrard'a Hall, B&- 

finglane, M. 
Montgomery car. Bell, Wood ftr. 

Th. Csftle and Falcoo, Aldcrf- 

gaceftr. M.Th. 
Moreton in MarAi car. Saracenic 

Hrad, Snow hiU, S. 
Mountforrel c*r. Bell, Smithfield, 

M. Swan wiih Two Necki, 

Lad lane, M. 


Namptwich car. Bloflbm*i Inn,Laa« 

rente lane, M. Th. Caftle and 

Fa con, Alderfgate ftr. M. Th« 

Geoi^t and White Hart thrte, T. 

Mflboom car. Hed L<oo, wtthont Nsfli car. Bear and Ragged Staff, 

Biflinpfgate, P. 
Bleikcftum car. Bull and Month, 

Alderif ateftr. F. Saracen'a Head, 

Snow hill, T. W. F. 
Mellon- Mowbray car, Rofe, Smtth- 

field, M« HorOioe, Gofwell ftr. 

M. Th. 

Smithfield, M. 
Nayland car. Kiog*a Armi, Lead- 

enhali ftr. Th. 
Neadham car. Spread Eagle, Cttce* 

church ftr. Th. 
Nettlcbed car. King*i Head, Old 

Change, W. 

bcref Th. Summer only { Kewark car. Caftle, Wood* ftr. M« 

h, II. II. 

Michaeldean car.^ George, Snow- 
hill, S. 
Middlew^ch car. Ax, Aldermanba- 

ry, M. Th. George and Whim 

Hart Alderfgate ftr. T. 
Mi<!hjfft car. Taibut, Sonthwark, 

Th. Wiiite Hat t thcff , M. Th. F. 
*— •<o. Talbot, Soutfawark, Th. 

h. 14.1. 
Midlam car. White Horfe, Crip- 

plcga^e, M. 
Milbom >>ort car. Oerrard*a Hall, 

Bafiog lane, M. 
■p ■ CO. Saracen's Head, Friday ftr* 
• T. ft. I 1. 81. 
Mtlboia (CambridgeOiire) car. Red 

Lieo wtthont Bimopfgate F. 
Mint- North car.Ax, Aldcrn • 

fc»rr, Th. 

Cock, Alderfgate ftr. M. 

Newberry car. Kiog*a Armi, HoU 
boom bridge, Th. Rofe there, 
W. 8araceo*8 Head, Soow hiH, 
T. W. F. Bull and Mooth. Al- 
derfgarcF. calls at the White 
Horfe Cellar, and White Beat 

' Inn, Piccadit'y. 

— fo. Bell Savage, Ludgate hill, 
daily. Summer { T. Th. S. 
Winter I fa. 11 i. 

Newcaftle under Line car. Ax, Al« 
dermanbary, M. Th. CaAle, 
Wood ftr. M. Caflle and Falcon, 
Alder%ate ftr. M. T. George and 
White Harf there, T. BloiToox'a 
Inn, Laurence Jane, M. W. 

Newcaftle upon Tync car. White 
Horfe, Grippkpte, M, 


( *54 ) . . 

Kewtiftleco. WVke Swaoy HaU NortonPhlHipscar^Cerrard'f Hall, 

bovra bridge, M« h. 3 1. 5 1. 
Kewinj^ton co« Bilhof/gate ftr. 

hourly I ^. 6d. 
Kewmtrket car. Four Swans, Bi- 

Otopfgatf, W. Vinciherc, T. 
' Bu 1 tbcM, W. $. 
»->^ CO, Green Dragon and Bull, 

BifliopigatCf M. W» F. Suiusit^s 

M. Tb. Winter j fa. tx s. 
»->— machine there { fa. lat i. 
Nevpoi« (Etfcx) ca-. DoJphi^ 

without Bifliop(gate, M. Th. 
Newport (Heriford) car. Viae, BW 

(bop^gat* «Uhtn« T. S» 
Newport ^Shropfliift) car. O^Ie 

aod Falcon, AJderfgau ftr. M. 

Nevpott-Pagnel car. George, AV- 

drrfgate flr. Th. Swan with Twrb 

Necks, St. John's ttr. Th. 
Vewtos^Locgford car, Bcll« Wai^ 

wick lane, F. 
Northall car. Swan with Two 

Neck^, St. John*s ftr. Th. 
Northallerton car. White Roif'-, 

Cripplogate, M. Red Lion, Alf> 

deifgatsdr. M. Th. 
Northamptoo car. Blofl"om*i Inn^ 

Laureoce lane, - Tb. F. Bell, 

SmithBeld, M« G«orgc thci% 

Th. Earn there, M, Rcfc and 

OroWr, St. JohA*a ftr. T^. 
"> ■■ CO. GeofgCy Sonithfield. M*.' 

Th, Winter 5 T, Th. S. Som* 

mcTi fa. lis. 
— ** machine there, M. F. Smn- 

mtr ; 4m» 16 1* 
Northleach car. Saraceo*t Head, 

Friday ftf. Tb. 
Northletgh car. Bull and Mouth, 
* Alderfgate, Th. 
Niirth Shields car. White Horff| 

Cripplegate, M.' 
^No'ibwalfhacn car. B'jU ^nd Green 
' D agOD, Bilh^pigate ftr. W. 

Th. S. . 
Northwich car. Ax, Alderman- 

h«?y. M. Th. QM9, Wwdjafc 


Baling lane, M. 

Norwich car. Bull Oifhopfgate, W. 
Th. $. Green Dragon there, W. 
Th. S. 

— — CO* Bull and Gceen Dragon 
there, M. Th WiQier 3 M. W. 
F. Summer ; fa. 1 1. 

— ^— mr chine thtro, il. 5 s* 

N6ttiogham car. White Horfe, 
CrippJcgate, M. George, Smith- 
field, M. Ram there, M. Ca- 
ftle. Wood ftr. T. BcH there. 

^.— CO, Ram, S«iithfield, M. W. 
P. Summer j M. Th. Winter | 
h. iL Sf. 

Nuneaton car. Georn and While 
Hmt% AIdir%^e ftr. M. 

Ockingham car. White HorTe, Fri- 
day ftr. Th. 
. CO. Bolt and Tun, Fleet ftr. 

T. ThiS. fe. 6 s. 
OdeAooe cart As, Aldernuaobory, 

Qkehamcar^ Bear and Ragged Staffs 

Smithfifrld, M. 
ODerton car. White Horfe, Oip- 

plcgate, M. 
Onbrd car. Siraceo's Head and 

BeU, within Aldgate, hi,' 
Ormikirlb car. Swan with Two 

Neckj, Lad lane, F. Ax, At* 

dftmanbury, M. Tb. 
Orwell car. Red Lion, without Bi« 

ihopigate, F. 
OfprtAg CO. Spread. £agle, Grace- 

ohuich ftr» dai'y } h» 10 s. 
Ofweftry car. Beii; Wcod ftr. Th, 

Caft!e-«nd Falcon, Alderfgali^ 

M. Th. ' 
Qtlcy car. Swan vith Two Necki^ 
' Lad lane, T. F. Red Lion, Al- 

der/gafif ftr. M, Th. 
Over car. Swan, ^ithovt Biftiopf- 
, gate, Th. 
Onlnej c»r« C^Qt^f, 4^Ucr%ate Ah 


. Cunaic car, BcU, Wood ftr. Tb. 
Bear and Ragged StafF, 3inith- 

. .. field, Th.. 

Oxford car. Ball aod Month, AU 
derigatei Th, White Swfti, 
Holbourn bcidge, M. King*a 
Head, 0!d Change, W. Oxford 
' Arms, Werinnck lane, Th« BcdJ 
thm, W. White Korfe, Friday 
ftr. W. Saracen's Head, Snow 
biil, W. George theie, W. 
1^-— ca. Bo:t and Tun, Fleet ftr. 

. M. W.F. fa. rot. Bell, Hal- 
bouro, every Day Saoimer ^ T. 
Th. S. Winter } fi. X% s. 6 d. 
Bull, HoUioorn, T. Th. S. fa. 
las. 6d. Oxford Arms, War- 
wick lane, M. W; F. all tke 
Year J U, 10 a. 
Oxtead car. HaI{-au>oa, Sonth- 
W4jk, T. F. 


Failwick car. Bel), Friday ftr. F. 
. Paietliorp car. White Horfe, CrS{>- 

plrgaie, M. 
. Panfietd car. Saracea*s Head, with- 
in Aldgate, F. ' , 
Panfwick car. George, Snow hilJ, 

Pargravecar* Saracen'i Head, Snow 
' hiU, M. 

Pattiebridge etr. White Hbrre, 
Cripplegate, M. 
, Paul* 8 Penrycar; Rofrtid Gro^o, 

St. John's ftr. F. 
.Pea>[b'idge car. White Nolle, 
Cripplegatf, M. 
Pcckbam CO. Ccois Keys, Cratt- 
church ftr. and Spftad Bagle 
there, daily j fa. 9 d. 
PdhaiT) car. White Hart, St.John*s 

ftr. F. 
Prmbroke car* George, Snofl& hill, 

PenAiurft car* George, Sootbwark, 
• Penrith car. Caftte, Wood ftr. F. 
Ferrot car. Gentd*! Hail, BafiAg 
iane, M« 

55 ) 

PBsftore car. Btrfl and Nfouth, M^ 

derfgate, S. Saraccii'a Head, 

Snow hill, S. \ 

Peterborough car. Hoofe/hoe, Gof- 

well ftr. M. Th. Code, Aldetf- 

gate ftr. M. Red Ltoo there, 

— — CO. Horfefhoe, Gofwdl ftrt 

Th. Summer only} ft. 16 a. 
Peterifield car. Hi If- moon, Sti 

Margaret's hill, W. 
Pethertoa car. Garrard's HalJ, Ba- 

ftag lan^, M. 
Pecwotth car. Talbot, Sonthwark, 

— CO. there, Th. ia. H >• * 
Pewfey car. White Hori'e, Fleet 

marke-, Th. 
Picklriol car. Red Lion, A'dctf- 

gate ftr. M. Tb. ^ 

Plaiftow CO. Coach and Horfes, 

WhiUchapel ban, twice e?tty 

Day ; no fee fa. 
PUxon car. Bell, FrUay ftr. W. ; 
PJy mouth car. Bell, Fiiday ftr* 

*— ^ CD. Bell* JFiiday fir. JB« 
' fa. 3 I. 
Ponder'a^end ro. Four Svuot, fli* 

ihop^ate fti. daily ; fa. if. 6d. 
Bontefraacar. Bear« Bafin^ali ftr. 

M. F. Swan with Two Necks, 
. . Lad Jane, T. F. George, AkbaT- 

gate ftr. M. Red Lion there, M.. 

Th. White .Horfe, Cripplecate, 

Pool car. Bell, Friday ftr. Kf. Rofe, 

Holbonrn bridge, Tb. S. 
Portfrcouth car. White Hart, South* 

wark, daily ; Kiog^a He«4, 

Southwark, daily | Bell Savage, 

Ludgate hill, M. Tb.. 
——CO. CrofsKeyr, Oracechureh 

ftr* and Sprea4 Bagle there, 

daily ; Star, F (h ftr. hill, T. 

Th. S. White Hart, Southwaik, 

M. T. Bell Savage, Ludgatehil), 

T. W. F. Golden crofs. Charing 

crofs, Mt Th. Sf all their, iwm 

i6s« . 


( «5^ ) 

fittoo ctf . Swia «idiT«9t Vrnkt, 

8c. JtWiftr. Th. 8. 
Fftfeot ear* Ax» AldtraaiibttrXf 

If. Til. amc. Wood ftr. P. s 
fitftoD (Ltac.) ctr. Swaa with 
. Two Neckt« Ud ltac, F. QOHe, 

Wood ftr. F. Ax, AUtnBaa. 

Wtfy, M. Tk. 
Pirtftoa (Ojdbrd.) car. Bell, War- 
wick laoo, S. 
Pockcrldge car. Dolpkia, -withoet 

Biiko^(|ate, T. Th. S. ' 
•—^ CO. Dolphin there« T« Tk. S. 

Patacy co. Aogel aad Stir, Scnnd, 

daily ; fa, 1 1. ad. 

Qoait cv. Bdl, SnttkficU. M. 

Hadwiater car* Ipfwick Annfy Col- 

lorn llr. W. or S. 
lUinhaiB Hall and Placea a^oceiit 

car. Two Swaop, widMOt K- 

ftopff ate, W. Th. S. 
Ramilrary car. Roft, Holboani 

bridge, W. 
• ILaleodalc car. Blofiom*! Ion, Lao* 

rcQce lane, Th. F. 
.Jlaticc car. Cock, Alder%afie ftr. 

&s*CDglai car. Caftle, Wood ibk 

Reading car. Genard's Hall, Ba* 

fing Uoe^ T. Tht SirMeo*a 
. Head, Snow hilJ, T. W. F. 

Oxford Armi, Warwick lane, 

•— — CO. Bolt and Too, Fleet ftr. 

daily; fa. St. Golden czols, 

Cbariog croft, daily ; fit. 8 1. 
. «»— - ftafie chaife, Bear, Piccadilly, 

every Day, Summer only; fa* 
. 8». 
Itedbonrn car. Bell, Warwick lane, 

W.S. Cock, Akkrfgau ftr. T, 

Kafiwroogh car. OzfMd 
Warwkklaac, P, 


RtffM ear. Georgr, Atdcrfgatc ftt. 

M. Red Lion there, M. Tli. 
Resham car. GreenDragoa, Bl* 

(hopfgaCc ftr* Th. . 
Rickmwkd (Stirry)co. Sp-ead Eagle^ 

Gnceehurch ftr. daily { ia. %u 

TUbee, Strand, daily, fa. % t. 
Richmond (yorkftitre) car. Bear, 

Bafioffball ftr. M. White Horic, 

Cripplegate, AC 
Rick'nanrwofth car. George, Soow^ 

hitl. F. 
——CO. Bell, Holhoom, T. Tk.S. 

Sumner s T. 8. Winter i ffu 

}t. ^d. 
Ringwood car* Rofe, Holboara 

bridge, Th. 8. 
Ripl^ (Yorkftiire) cor. Bear, Ba- 

fiogball ftr. M. White Hsrfr, 

Gripplcgate, M. 
Rippoo car. Bear, BafioghaU ftr* 

M. White Horfe, Gripp^egate, 

If. Red Lk«, Alderfgate ftr. 

M. Th. 
Rilden ear. Two Swam, BiAop^ 

gate, F. 
Rohert*a Btidge car* White Hart, 

Southwark, Th. 
Rochdale car. Ax, Aldermaobary, 

M. Th. Caflk, Wood ftr. M. 

Th. Bloflbio*a Itn, iaarcoce 

lane, Th. F. C4ftie and Falcon, 

Alderigatoftr. W. S. 
Rocbefter co. Spread Eaele. Grace* 

chorck ftr.- Croli Keyi there^ 

daily ; fa. yt- 6 d. 
>*-— machine, GoMrn crofa, (!har« 

iog croft, daily ; f*. 7 t. 6 d. 
Rockiof ham car. Horfcihoe, Cof- 

weUftr. M.S. 
Romford co. Saracen*9 Head, Aid- 
gate, M. T. Th. F. S. f»» a t. 
-««-car. Swan, Whitecbapel, T. 

Th. S. . 
Rrftock car. Ccck, Alderfgate ftr^ 

Rctberham car. Bear, BiBnghtH 

ft/. W. White Horfe, Cripp^e- 

gate, F, Cjiftle, Wood ftr* 



( 257. ) 

Rowel car. HotCtfhoe, Gofwell ftr. 

K( yilon ear. Vine, Biih9p%ate ftr* 

?h. Dolphin there. T^Th.jS. 
wo Swios there, F. 
■ ■ ■ CO. Dolphin, Bifho^fgate ftr. 

Th. S. Samroer j S. Winter $ 

ft. 7». 
Rudgely car. Ax, Alderfninbory, 

M. Th. Geotge and White Hart, 

AMerrgate ftr. T. Caftie, Wood 

ftr. M. 
KufFo d car. White Horfe, Crip- 

pJegate, M. 
R igby ca% Caftle and F4caOy At- 

derfpate ftr. T. Tb. S. 
RunUcy car. Roie, Hulbourn bridge, 

Tb, S. 
Rutland car. Bear and Ragged Stafl^, 

S.nithfickl, Tb. 
Rye car. White Htft, Sontfawatk. 

"Rycgate car. Hilf-moooi Sooth- 

waik, S. 


Safiroairalden cir, Vint» Bifllopf- 
gate ftr. withiRy Th. 0:d C«- 
thariDcwhee?, without Bifliopf- 
gate, W. Two Swaoa there, S. 

•»— CO. Bhi«Boftr„ without. Aldo 
gate, T. Th. Winter } T. Th. 
S. Soouner ; fj. S t. 

Stiiibwy car. White Swan, Hoi* 
boura bridge, T. Th. 8nnday 
Nigkta $ George, Snow hiU, Th. 
ciUt at the White R r'e CeUar, 
and White Bear, Piccadilly. 

S^ltiboryco. BeU Savage, Ludgate 
hiU, M. W. F. Moroing , Six 
o'clock. Winter i M. W. F. 
Night, Elcten o*Clock, Snn>- 
mer } caUa at the White Horfe 
Cellar, Piccadilly j ft. il. 

$andbach car. As, Aldernuinbary. 
M. Th. Oeofge and WhiU Hart, 

. Aieerfgate ftr. T. 

Sindbackcar. Ax, Aldermanbory, 

Sandwich CO. Spread Sag le, Grace* 
chorch ftr* T* Th. Ca. 15 a» 

Sandy car. Swan wtth Two Neck**, 

St. John's ftr. Tb. S. 
Sawftoncar. Two SwanF,B fliopT* 

gare, Th. 
Saxmtindham car. Saracen*! Head 

and Bell, within Aldgate, M. 
Sea lb trough car. Red Lion, Alder f« 

gate ftr. M. Th. 
Seal car. Saracen*a Head, Friday 

ftr. M. T. 
Samt Bcea car. Caftle, Wood ftr. F. 
Selby rar. Red Lton, Alderfgate ftr. 

M. Th. 
Scofton car. White Horfe, Crip« 

ple^re, M. 
Settle car. C^file, Wood ftr. F. 
Suvenoak cir. BeU and Bear, St. 

Margaret*! hill, Southwark, T. 

Shaftftury car. Gsnard*8 Hall, Ba« 

6iigL)ane, II. Bell. Woodftr. If. 
— ^ c6. Saracen*a Head, Friday ftr* 

T. ft. 1 1. 3 1. 
ShaUbrdcar. Saracen*» Head, Aid* 

gate, F. Three Nona, Aldgfte^ 

Shaffnalcar. Caftle and Faleon, Al« 

derfgateftr. M. Tli. 
Sharftone car. BeU, Woodftr. Soil. 

day Night, Crofa Keya there, M. 
Sheffield car» BeU, Wood ftr. M.Th« 
. Caftle there, T. F. 
Shcfford car. Swan with Two 

Necka, St. John'a ftr. S. White 

Hart there, W. 
Shelfcrd car. Two Swaat» BUhopf- 

g»te, T. 
Sherborne (Dorfetihire) car. Ger- 

ra-d*i Hall, Baling lane, M. Bell^ 

Wood ft. Sunday Night. 
Sherborne (Dorfeiihire) co. Sara- 
cen** Head, Friday ftr. T. fa. 

t). Sa. 
Sherboume (Vorkflifre) car. Bea^, 

B^finghall ftr. M. WhiU Horfe, 

Cripplq^ate, F. 
Shiddrington car. Ax, Alderman*. 
• bury, M« 
Shilton car. Ar, Aidcroianbory, 



C 258 )' 

SbiDton^llalbCcuw Caftfo, Wood Sooth Shields ctr. White MotCc, 

nt. F 

Sbipfton on Stour cu . Rafe» Snich • 

AbM,TJi. ^ 
8b«itb«B (Knc) a^ TaAoe, Bo- 

roHht W. 
Shercbam (Suflcz) car. T«lhot» 

Shrcwibsry or. CaAk and Falcon, 

Aiatr%»te, M. Tfa. BtlL Wood 

ftr. li. Tb. 
——CO. Georie and White Hart, 

Alder%ite ftr. W. fa. i ). 101. 
Sifo car. Rofe and Crown, St. 

fohQ*a ftr. T. F« 
.Siftfd car. fi^raoeo'i Head, AJdgate,^ 

SictiQ^bornco. Spread Eagle, Grace* 

Yhurcb ftr. daily} Ciofii Ktj^t 
. t^iart, daily | fa. 90 •. 
,aiiif ton car. Sr«r, B^flofhall ftc 

M. F, Swan wi|b Two Nackr, 
. ^d- km, T. F. WMU Haifc, 
^ CfiptkiMe, F. QaQ^» Wood 

ftr. F. Red Lion, AUcrTe^fQiir. 
- M,l*i 

Slaugham %v^ Ca(bariae* wheel, 
. Spuiiwark, W, . 
jSka&fd cain Red Xio|i, Aldei^ate, 
. M« 

*—— CO. BoH and Four jkrqns, 

9iftflliripte, II.F. £h il. 7 t.: 
5kM^ 9ir...O%fgTd^Aripff War- 
wick lane, S* ' 
^aakbxav. R«l l^i^n, AUefffgade 

ftr. JVi. Th. 
' jSolonhiiicar. Saraitiir*s Head, Saov 

bi)I,M.T. S. 
^olyhail car. CaAle aiidlikafl,.AU 

derfgeieft. S. 
Sootham car. Bell, Smirhfield, 

th. Saracen*i Head, .Show biil> 

Southamptov ear. Roie, Uolbaprn 

bridge, Th. S. 
.•—• CO. Rofe, Halbourn hridgi^ 

M, W. F. V/intCTi Sund. T. 

Th. Ni^lR*, Summer j h. ig 5,' 
Southgate CO, Fjur Swans, Bi- 

ibop%ate ftr. within, daily : fa, 

X '• d. 

Crtppkgatt, M. 
Spalding, car. Hurfeflioe, Go^iven 

ftr. M. Th. Cock, Aldcrfgate 

ftr. M« 
•.....« CO. there, Th. Lomner only } 

fa« 1 1. 3 8. 6 d. 
Spiifby car. HcrfeOoe, GofRrell ftr, 

M. Th. 
St. Alban's car. Cock, Alderfgate 

ftr. T. Th, S. Three Cups there, 

M. F. 
— — CO. Swan with Two Neckc and 

CcofsKeys, St. John's ftr. T. 

Tfa.S. fa. 4s. 
..^.—.-machine. White H^rt, St, 

John'i ftr. daily ; fa. 4 s. 
'St. Afaph car. Bloflom^alnn, Lao* 

rence lane, M. Caftle and Fal« 

St. Bonner*s car. White -Horfe, 

Cripplegate, M«. 
Sc. Ives car. Two Swans, wkhotit 

BifKopfgate, Th. 
St 1fleot*s car. Three Oipa, Alderf- 

^cfir.M. Coclr there, & 
SUfibtl car. Caftie^aad FMcoo, AI« 

deil|^t«v- Bl. Th. George and 

WhiteHarttiieiv, KT.Th, Blof. 

fiim*t Ina, Lauieace laaei Mk 
. Th. . 

Staindrop car. White Horfe, Grip- 
.* plegafie, M. 
Staining .machine, Ktag*8 Head, 

Sonthwark, Thv £». xos. 
;Stain»eo# Bdltand Tub, Fleet fir* 

T. Th. S. fa* 5?. 
•Stalbiidge car. Gerard!f Hall, Ba:. 

fing lape, M. White Horle, Fri- 

day ftr. 5. 
Stamford car. Caftle, Wood ftr. M. 
. Cock, iUderf^atf ftr. M. tLtA 

Lion thae, Th. BelL, Smhh- 
. field, S. 
^„,.^^co. Three •^up>, A]derl|ate 

ftr, M. F. Sumncar f M. Th. 

Wmter; fa. ;iU . 

Standon car. Old Catherine-wheel, 

. wlEho«t9ihoplglte,M. Th. ' 

ScaoAOce car. Geoq|e, Saow h^ll^ 


( a59 ) 

i Th. BeU, Warwick hue, M. 
W, F. 

Stftfunofeco; Boll, Holbourn, every 

D*y, Sttmmer $ Rl. W. F. Win* 

ter; fa. si. 6d. 

•Sunfieid Deal car. Vine, BtfhopC 

gate ftr. T. Bull there, T. Th. S. 

--*— - co;.BmU, Biihoprgate, T. Th. 

fa. 48. 
SUniiead Mount- ficchet^ar. Sara- 

'ceA*8 Head, Aldgate, S. 
Stanton CO. Ball, BiihopfEate, T, 

Th. S. fa. 41. 
yStantoo (Lone) Two Swansy wiCh- 
, out Bi/hop4ate^ W. Bull, with- 
in, W, 
Slevenedgc car. Wifldmill, St. 
John*a ftr. W.5. Swan with 
Two Necks there, Th. S. 
iS'ok uodef Ham car. ^errard^s 

Hall, Bafing lane, J4. 

3t(ir[(port ear.. Swan with Two 

Neckt, Lad lane, F. Bear, Ba- 

> Aa^A^At. M. F. Caftte,Wo<ia 

I Hr. M. Ciffie affid.Fale<», Al- 

deviate Ar. W. S. Ax, Aiaer- 

. faaq^Mry^ M* F» 

Stockton car. Red Lion, Aldkrf- 

. gj^te to. hi, Th. Whijts Morft, 

Cripplegate, M« 

^on^ car* . A x, AldisnMinbary , -Aft 

Th. Bloflbm*! Inn, Liurcnce lane, 

M, W. C|iftie and Fakoii, Al- 

jerfgate flr. M. Th. Geo#ge^ 

* White Hart thci e, T. 

^Wnehoufe car. Saraceh*t Head, 

Friday (Ir. T. F, 
£to^ingt0n car. Queen't Head', 
Soothwark, Th, Swan, Blaek- 
man ftr. Th. 
Stofiy Stratlord ar. Windmill, St. 

i<ihn*&ilr. T. White Hare there, 
1. T. 
Stoorbridge ctr, Saracen *s Head-, 
Snow hill,. M. BuU'and' Mutfth, 
. Alderfgate, S.. 

Stourhead car. Saracen*a Head, Fri- 
day ftr. M. r, 
^i^iirton (Oieat) ^ar. Swan with 
Two Necks^ St. Joha* W. 

Stowe-inotheWonldecar. Bear and 

Ragged Staff, Smithfield, Th. 
Stowe can George, Snow hil), Th. 
Stowe-maiket car. Spread £agl^ 

Gracechurch ftr. Th. 
Stoxley car. Red Lion, Alderfgato 

ftr. M. Th. 
Stratford and Bow co. Whitechapel 
' every Day, often ', no fet price. 
Stratford on Avon car. CaAle and 

Falcon, Alderfgate ftr. M. Si- 

racen*! Head, Suow hill, S. 
Stratford (Stony) car. Rofe and 

Crown, St. John's ftr. M. Th» 

Windmill there, T. 
Stretham car.' Four Swans, Biniopf- 

gate ftr. W. Th, F. 
Stroud (Kent) co. Spread Eagle^ 

Gracechurch ftr. dally ; fa 6 s. 
Stroud*- water and Places adjacent 

car. George^ ^pow hill, F. Sa. 

rlieen's Head-, Friday ftr. T. Tr 
Stuckley car, Beaj^and Ragged SiaflT,. 

Smithfield, M. 
Dudley car. White Horfe, Crip- 
• plegete, M^ ' 
Sudbury car. S|pread Saglf| Graces 

church ffr. Th, 
«-— CO. Spread Eagle there, T« 
^ 'th^ S. iSttinmer ; T. S. Wintir { 

fa. OS., 
Boiidendgecar. Taibot, Southwark, 

Suftd<Kland car. Bear, BafinghtH ftr; 

White Horic, Crrpplegate, M. , 
buttle ear. Ckftle, Wood ftr. F. 
Sutton (Warw.)' cat, Caftle and 

Fattoia, Alderfgate ftr. Mf. Th. 
S^fMiff ham car. Vine, Bi/hopfgate» 

T. Cambridge Waggon there, 
W, Th. F. Bull there, W. Th. 
F. ' 
Bwallowfield car* Bull, Holbottrn, 
M. King*s ' Arms, Holboora 
bridge, F. 
Swamborough car. Bell, Warwick 

lane, W. 
Swanfcy car. George, Snow hill, 9. 
Bwtneftiead car.. Horleftioe, Gofwell 

ftr. M. Th. 


( 260 ) 

SfHo^M (Wi!t ) ctr. King*! Annt» 
H titoiiro bridge, T« alU tt the 
While Hoifc CeJJv, and White 
Bear, Picc«dilJ/. 

Sydenham co. Spread Eagle, Grace* 
church dr. daily i fa. i a. 6 d« 

Ta4r«fter car. Red Lion, AUetT* 

g«fe Ar. M. Th. 
T«mt (Ox bid) car. Sjrtcen's Head^ 

Friday (|r. T.F. Bell, WaiWick 

kne, F. 
Tamworth car. George and White 

Hart, Alderlg«teftr. M. 
Taipdy car. CaOie and FalcM, 

Alderfgate ft'. M. Tb. George 

«iid Whice Hart there, T. 
TaoauMi car. Bel*, Word ftr. 8* 

Sartcca*a Head, Friday ftr. If « 

»-«• CO. 8afiMa*a UtaA, Fridiy ftr* 

T. fa. si. 14 •• 
TctbttfV car. Bell, Fridaj Br. T. 

W. F* Q^atwh Soow hlO« F* 

B. King*! Headf OldChMge, 

fetiogten cir. Golden Uom, 8c 

Jnhii'aftr. T*S. 
Tedwellcar. BiaffauCt Umt L»i- 

reacclaae, Th. 
TcAm cai. George^ Sovthwaik, 

Tctftvorth car. Peactck, Ciait- 

■larkec, W. 
Tcwklbary car. Geoffe^ Smw hill^ 
. Th. 
Thame car. S«recen*f Head, Friday 
. Ilr. F. Bell, Warwick laM, F. 
Thatchaxncar. White Han» Spath- 

wark, T. 
Thaxted car. Siracen^i Head; Aid.- 

gate, S* BeU, Friday Ar. g. 

King'a Afuu, Leadenhail Br. 

Theobald*a co. Ball, withta Bt« 

ihopfgitt, daily s fa. %t. 
Thecf»fd car. BaU there, , W. Th. 

8. Green Dngoa there, iamt 


Thetfiiid c6» uid.flMcbiaey BoU 

aod GrccA Dragon rbcr«, M. 

W. F. Sammer ) M. Th. Win- 
ter I CO. fa. 16 !• machine, 1 U 
ThifK car. lted.I«ior, Alderff aC^y 

M.Tb* Whu«Horie, Cripple- 

gate, M. . 
Thorae ear* Hed Lion, Alderfgotei 

Thomt«a car. Bear ard Ragged 

Staff, Smithfi-'d, id. 
Thoriby ttr, Whii« HoriiBy Crip. 

p'eg4ie, M. 
TiddeTvel car. Caflle, Wiod ftr. 

M. BlolTom'a Iaa, Lauteoce huK, 

Tingfick car. Beacnck, Claie- 

ma.kef, S. Bel], Warwick hoe, 

TltmMrih caf. Betr and Ragged 

Staff, Smithfidd, Th. 
TivertMi ctr. Saraceo*f Head, Fri- 
day ir. If T. 
Toociflgco. te^dEagla^ Once* 

ckoichftr. T. Th«S..Wintar| 

daily Savmcr ; fii. 1 a« 6 d. 
Toplini car* WhictHoHe, Orifylc- 

TerHogton ^r. GoUm Von, Su 

John*8ftr. T.S. 
Tatnelacar. Saracco'a Head, Fritey 

Br. 8. 
TottcohaiD to. Bull, Bifliopfgate 
. ftr. daily { ^ i a. 
Totteaham High Crofs co. Kiiig'e 

Arms Alehoiiic, BiBiopfgate ftr* 

daily s^fii. la. 
Towceftcf car. Georgpy AMerlgaee 

Br. T. F. CaBle and Fakoa 

tbtre, M. T. Th. 8. Roft aad 

Crowo, SCjoha*aftr. M. Th. 

Whiu Hart there, F. Goldca 

Lion there, F. 
— ^ CO. Caaie and Falcon, AUerf- 

gate ftr. M. Th. ^. ]6 1. 
TowB^malden car* George, South- 

wark, T. 
Trtng car* Peacock, Chre-nirket, 

W. 8* BelJ, Warwick laao, 
.W. 8. 


(26l ) 

TUplow eir. Two Swans^ Biihopf- 

gate, W. 
Trowbridge cir. Bull lad Month, 

AlderfgatCy F. Swan, Holbourn 

bridge, W, Th. Saracen's Head, 
' Snow hill, T. W. F. 
•M^co. White Beir^ PlcoaaUIy, 

M. W. F. Summer j no fet D^yi 

in Winter ; fa. 1 1. 16 1» 
T#oroe car. Bell, Friday (tr. M. 
Tiiabridie car. Qu^en*! Head, 

Soothwark, W. Winter j T. F, 
•Summer. King*t ffsad there, 

T. George there, T. F. 
——CO. Bolt and Tan, Feet ftr* 

daUy Summer | M. W. F. Win- 

ter| A. 8 s. 
TmAndge Wellt Co. there^ fame 

timc{ h, 91. 
Tuririiam Green co. Coach and 

Horfesy Strand, daily $ fa 1 1. 

6d. Ange], Piccadilly, daily j 

U, ti. 
^uxford ear. White Horfe, Crip* 

pligftte, F. 
Twickenham eo. Bslt and Ton, 

Fleet ftr. daily; fi. 2s. Caftle, 

Piccadlliy, daily | fi. i s. 6 d. 


Vhrcrftoa car. Caftle, Wood ftr. 
F« Swan with Two Neck>, Lad 
• huie, F. 

Uppingham ear. Bear and Ragged 
Staff, Smitfaiiald, M. Bell, Wood 
ftr. Th. Horieihoe, OofweU ftr. 

Uftiant car. White Horfc, Fleet 
market, Th. 

Vtoxeter car. George, Alderfgate 
ftr. M. 

Uxbridgecar. KingVArnt, Hol- 
bourn bridge, W. S, 

*-»-> CO. Bull, and Bell and Grown, 
Holbourn, daily | f|i. % s. 


Wadefmill co. DoU»bin, without 
BiAoplgate, T. 111. S. h, 4 1. 

Wadfdon car. BclJ, Warwick lioe, 

Wakefield car. Bear, BaftnghaH ftr« 

M. F. Swan with Two Neckf, 

Lad lane, T. F. Whiti; Horfe, 

Cripplegare, M. F. Red Lion, 

' Alderfgate ftr. M. Th. 

Warden co. Blue Boar, Whttechapct 
T. F. fa. 8 r. 

Waldon (Little) car. Two Swans, 

• without Biftlopfgate, T. 
Waldron car. Swan, Blackman ftr. 

Walton car» Two Swao«, Btfhopr- 

gate, T. F. 
Wall- end CO. Whitechapel, daily} 

' no fet price. 
WaUij^ton car. Xhtkle and Falcon^ 

Alderfgate flr. M. 
Wallingford car. fitW, Warwick 

lane, W. Kiog't Head, Old 

Change, t. W. 
— — CO. Black Lion, Water lane, 

T. Th. S. fa. 98. 
Walfall car. Bull and Mouth, Al. 

derfgate, T. 
Walfham car. Boll and Green Drt« 

gon, Bifhopfgate ftr. W. Th. S. 

Walfingham car. Vine there, T* 

-Bull and Green Dragon there^ 

• W. Th. S. 

Waltham Abbey car. Red Lion, 

without Bifhopfgate, Th. S. Old 

Catharine- wheel there, T. 
««— *cOk FoorSwaQi, BUhopfgate^ 

daily ; fia. « 1. 
Waltham Crofi car. Vine, Bifliopf- 

gate, T. S. 
Wilthamftow CO. Three Nona, 

without Aldgate, daily. Vine, 

Bifhopfgate ftr, daily j fa. 1 1. 
Walton on the Hill car. Catha- 

rine- wheel, Sjuthwark, F. 
Walton CO. Cheqaer, Charing- • 

crofs, M. W. F. Summer f T. 

Th. S, Winter | fa. 3 1. 6 d. 
Waodfworth co. Star, F.fti ftr. 

hill, daily i fa. is. 
Waiiftead co. Blue Boar, without 

Aldgate, daily Winter | twice a 
•day Summer ; fa. i s. 
Wantage car. Kiog*s Head, Old 

( 262 ) 

Chasfe, W. Bell, Wtnmdi^ 


WaoUicco. Black Lioo, WaUr 

lane, T. Tl>. S. Iiurif. 
Ware car. Dolphio, BiOtopigaCe, 

T»Th. 8. Swaa, withoac Bi- 

thcprgate, etery Day. Byt* 

^-— CO. IXlpliiOy BUhepi^tCi T. 

Th. S. fa. ^a. 
Warcbam car. BelJ, Friday ftr. M. 

Four Sw«ot«ii4 Buil» B (bapltatc 

VanmaBer Cir« Ktng*a Amty 

Holboum bridge, W. Suminer. 

(A FJy-Wa|g«i.) 
Warrington car. Ax^ AUqpnao* 

bory, M . Th« Swio with Two 

Nccka, Lad laat; F. CJIIe, 

Wood ftr. Th. 
•P— CO- BeB there, U. Tb. Sum. 

mtr, M. Winter. Caftlo md 

Falcon, AUer%ate Br. IC fa. % U 

s s . Aa, Aldcrmanbury^ for n- 

turned od. and chatfet • 
Waiwkk car. George, AUer%ate' 

ftr. S. Caftk and Falcon there, • 

M. White Horfey Friday ftr/ 

M. T. Th. S. Oxford Ansa, 

Warwick lane, T. B. 
Water.EaCon car. HoricBloey Gof- 

wcll fk. M. Tb. 
Watford car. King** Anns, Hoi- . 

boom bridge; W. S. 
Watford CO. B«;U, Hqlboarn, ertrjr 

Day Summer }' M. W. F. Win- 
ter { fa« g s. 
Watli^on car. Oxford Arns, 

Warwick Jane, Th. 
Wattoncar. Old Catharine-wheel, 
' BiOiof (gate without, T« Boll, 

within, W. Th. F. 
Welford car. WindmiU, St. Joho*a 

ftr. Th. Ax, Alderanai^bary, 

Wcllwyn car, Horfeilioe, Oofwell 

ftr. T. Windmill, St. John^a iftr, - 


Wellingborough car. Horfeflioe, 
Gofwellftr, Th. Bear and Rair^ . 
.jcd Suff, Smithfield^i, * 

WelliDgi^n car. Sancea*a Hel^. 

Friday ftr. M. T. 
Wellingioo (ShrgpfUre) car. €2aftle 
' and Falcon, Alderfgate ftr. Ms 

Welle (Norfolk] can Ball and Font 

Swaoa, Biaiop%ate Br. W* Tb. 

Willi (Some^fet) car. Caftle, VTtMd 

Wefcb- pool car. Caftle and Falcon^ 

^ldcr%ate, M. Th. 
Weodof er car. Oxford Arms, War- 
wick lane, W, 
Wtftbromage car. Ca^lcand Fal« 

coo, Alderigate ftr. M. Th. 
Wcftbury car. Bull and Moath 

thare, F« ^racen'a Heod, $aow 

hiU, T. W. F. 
Wefto^ car. Two Swaat, BUhopC- 

Weftram car. Half-nwoo, South- 

watk, T. F, 
Wetherbj car, WhitaHorle, Crap* 

plegate, M. 
Wetherftald cafi^. . THrae Noas,. 

WWcfaapd, Hi. 
Weybridgf co. Bell Savage, Lud- 

gate hiU. M. W. t^. fa. « ■• 

Wcrawoth car. Bell, Friday flr« 

M. . 

Wheatley car. Bear and Ragged 

Staff, Smith^, Th. 
Whetflooe co^ Golden • I4oo, St. 

Joha'a fir. daily { fa^.ys. 
Wbiiby car. White Horfe, Ccip- 

.plegate, M. R,ed*laoo, Aldarf- 

gate ftr. if. Th. 
Whitchurch car. ^BloftbD*a Isa, 

Laurence lane, M. Th. Caftle 

and Faicoa^ AlderTg^te ftr. M. 

Whitehaven car, Caftle, Wood ftr, 

Whitney car. Ball and Month, AU 

derfgate, Th. Hoffeftioe, Gofwell 

Whitwallcar. Windmill, St. Joha*B 
ftr, T. F. 


( 263 ^ 

^I'ckham (High and Weft) car. 
Bull and Mouth, Alderfgatf, 
T. F. Saracen^ Head, Friday 
. ftr. W. Bel), Warwick laae» 
F. Bell Savage, Ludgate hill 

'Wickhatn ; Maiket car.. S|Nr«ad« 
Eagle, Gracechurch ftr. Thr' 

W«ggaffi car* Swan ' with Tw«- 
Neckf, l«d Jane, F. Ax, Al- 
dermaobury, M» Th. 

"Wigtoo car, Caftle, Wood ftr, F, 

IVMIifigham car* Two Swans, with- 
out Bifliopfgate. T. 

Wifibdtne car. BeU, .Friday flr. 
M. (MordArmf, WarwiclLlase, 

IVmcantoQ car. Saracca'a Heady- 
Friday ftr. M. T, 

VTiacbaAcr our, Roie, Hblboara. 
bridge, Th. 8. 

«-••*«•€»• Bell Savage, Ludgita hiH, 
Stind. T. Th. Nights Summit } 
M. W. F. at Six in ilie M«ni.' 
tag Winter. Calls .alfo^at the 
White Hor& CeUar, PictadWy | 
fa. 749. 

Winchley car. Peacock, Clare- 
irarket, S. 

Winchcomb car. George, Snow hill 

"Windham car. Bull aod Qreen 
Dragon, Bifliopfgate, W. Th. 

Windfor car. Bell Savage, Ludgate 
hill, T. S. 

CO. Bell Savage, Ludgate hill, 
S'x in the Morning, and One at 
Noon, daily J ane call at the 
White Horfe Cellar, Piccadilly} 
Chequer Inn, Charing Crofs, 
twice a Day in Summery once 
Winter ; fa. 5 s. White Swan, 
Holbourn bridge daily $ ft, 5 s. 

Wing car. Bear and Ragged Staff, 
Soiithfield, M. 

Wingrote car. Peacock, Clare- 
market, W, S. 

WwHowcar. Bell, Warwick liae, 

Winnlngale car* Saracen's heal 

Aldgate, S. 
Winaer car. BloiTom*s Inn, Laa« 

Wirkfworth car. AX| Alderma«- 

bufy».Th. PkflbmsB. Ian, Lau«' 

rencelane, Th. 
Wilfbich aai'. Bull, Biihopfgate 4r« - 

W. Th. F. Waggon and Hoffer 

and Four Swaha there, the fame 

Witchana car. Two Swant* Bi«' 

ihopfgatc, M. 
Wttkam car. Kiog*8 Arms, Lead« 

enhall Ar. F. 
-<-»-eo. King's Armiy Lf adeaball' 

ftr. M. W. F, fa. 7 s. J^aobine, 

. lOS. ' f 

Wivelfcombe car. Sarioen's Headj 

Friday ftr.M.tT. 
Wooburn car. Crofs Keyii St* John's 

ftr. W. Wiadatll there, S.r 

Bell, Warwick lane, W. S. 
-♦-•<». Swan with- Two Neckv 

St.>ftr.^. Th.S. fa, 8 s. 
Woodbridge car. S|Mread Baglf, 

Gracechurch ftr. Th. Saracen* 

Head, Aldgate, M. 
——CO. Crofs Keys, Gracechurch 

flr. Th. fa. 18 s. 
Woodford (Northampton) car 

Rofe, Smithfield, Th. 
Woodford (£l!^x) car. Rofe th^e, 
' Th. . 

——CO. three Nuns, without Aid* 

gate, every Day. Blue Bear 

there, daily in Winter, and twice 

a Day in Summery fa. 1 1. 6 d. 
Woedftock cari Bull, Holbourn, F. 

King*s Arme, Htlboura bridge, 

Vr , i 

Woolverhamptoh car. Caftle and 
Falcon; Al^erfgate fir. M. Th. 
Ram, Smithfield, Th. 

Woolwich CO. Star, FiHi ilr. hilt, 
M. T. Th. F. S. fa. is. 6d. 

Worcefter car. Bull and Mouth, 
Alderfgate, S. SaraCen's Head, 
Sbow H ir, S. Bell, Wood itr. 

( a64) 

Wontitr €•• Blue Soar turf Oflorse^ 
Holbowoy T. F. fa. I L 5 1. 

Workfworth eu, BkffomU Inn, 
lAomce liM, Th« 

Woroiley or. Viiie« BUhop%att 
ir. T. 

——Mi ViM aad Bui there dailjr { 

Wocioa car. T«vo Swtnt, Bifliopf- 

(ate ftr. F. 
Wottott Ballet car* Roie» H Iboam 

bridge, Xh« 
WocCM vndtradge car. Kiog*t 

Head, OM Cbanfe, F. 
Wocton- waMeocar. Saracea*! Head, 

Siiov biO, F. 
Wrexham car. Ctflle and Fa*eon, 

Aldar%atc fir. M. Th. BloC- 

Ibaa't Ian, LaTcnce laae, the 

Wf ley ear. Saraeca** Head, Friday 

Wymeadhom aad Placet adiareni - 

car. Boll and I>ra|Gaa» B'ihopf- 


Yarai car. Red Liua, Alder%rte ftr, 

M.Th. . 
Yarmouth car. Bull Mnd Green 

DrafODy Bibopfgate Ar. W. Th. 

•— »co. Green Dragon there, W« 

Winter j F. Sunaaer ; fa. x I. 
Yauly car. Kiag*i Arms, Holbouni 

hridgr, F. 
Yd. ham car. Ipfwich Annt, Cal« 

lum ftr. Th. 
Yeovil car Gerard's Hall, Bafiiig 

lane, M. BeU, Wood ftr. Sun- 
day Night. 
I ■ CO. Saracen's Head, Friday 

flr. T. fa. I i. 10 s. 
York car. Red Uoo« Alde.rgaie 

Hr. M. Th. George, AlderfgaU 

ftr. M. Bear, BafioghaU ftr. 

11. F. 
•«*»-co. WhiU Swan, Holbonna 

bridge, M. W. F. Summer $ M. 

Th» Winters ^. aKsf. 


4^ LIST of the Hoofo of Peeil99 (hewing ihtirNami^i 
JitUs, T9wn-Hou/t^ Country-Houftt tad mottoi, viz. 






TffM Heyfi. CnHry Htuft, MHttet. 

St. James't Arundel caftib SuffiM ScU Virft 




ftod Wcikfop 
Manor in Nttting* 
Crofvenor Maiden Bradley 
ftreet fVtku 

•IcTthind St. Jamet*s Baylei in Bitth 

iqaare Combe Park Sum^ 

KehmondPrimjfOar* Goodwood 

Orafton Old B)nd Eufton ball 

ftrttt Suff»lk» 

BeaoiVrt Weftmtnfter Badmington Ghutefi- Mutate vel 

School erjhire, timtre Jjyer9§ 

St, Al- FrogmorenearWiiid- 

. baa'a for and Crawley j^v^ieium mi* 

> 'M$mpfiift Horn «itf. 


Bn la Jf&fi 
El deeut & 
pretium reOu 

7te/oi/cwing tratUtlfinti^lH Revolution* 

Panhi Bdteo CrorTenor fq.Hackwood park, and ^arrat/oj^ 

Abbotftonc Soutbanu duht% 
£dintoo, iViltt, 
G^tdeo Orove Caet' 
• martbin, ' 
CanO;i Park'H«R/i. 
' Huok park Dorfetfi, 
CJbomt Ltedi St. James's Nrrthmimb H^rr/. Pa:t in B»lf»» 

fqt.are Klveton Turkjkirt, 

Jtujfil Bedford Bl< onr^lbury Wcjoburne Abbey 

fquara BedfcrdJbiQiityiM 

Byckt, Cbt Sara Sjra, 

. I Bedford haufe Extn 
Devonfhire Pxcca ilHy ' Chatfworth DtrbyJkXa^ttido tuHu 




Marlbo« Pall iQall . ^Icoheim Oxfird. Dim dtfend 
ropgh I^^rgly^ark, Bucht* le drcie, 

Rutland Ken/lflgton ^t^^onhiV Per hffi Pour f Par^enir, 
Oc»f, . ■ BeJ^ofrcafUtf £.«/{:«/- 

(-266 ) 

*D-^g ai Dover Burling. G^*DitmUnii%Sco//an^.F9rtitar4^ 

Hsmfkm Brtndca 6rofirenor Hamilton near ClaC^Tkrouib^ 

flrcct gow Sctland 

Mtttit Aiiaflcf Berkley Q<liiiftborp« ^/if- f^amFtsme 

fquaie co'rtfinn, tblige, 

Pitfftitt : Kicgaon Arliagton Att^Afri. I^»)flepefM r^wti fe 

ftiect JEUf^, Thoreiby M^l, 

Pilhdm Vewcafile LtocoVi- CluttnoDi Smrrgf, Viiicit tmer 

ioa ficidi Notciogham C<iftJe. patriae 

Bnthtk Portland Privy Gart Bulftrode Backh Craimm btnit* 

Mmt0gte MancheacY Berkley f^LimbaJcpii ' fyfpomeaikm 

Iquare Huutimgda^ipt, non wmtandin 

Bfidits ChaadO)! . 
SsOmlk Dorifcc 










Brldgcwater Clcvelaad 

KiiQwU J^rt «« i^ui _ 

BuckHurft, Suffix, tnuei^ Jvt 
QaigsshaM iffrijjbirtt ppfcti or 


Afliildge 2k^« Sicdagec^ 

M A R Q^U I S S B S. 

IKacliiif ^ai Grofvenor Wentworth iaatt, £n Diem 
.i^iiavi ?i^»v« . ' '^.feai 

E A R I« S. J 

Shrewfbtiry Hill ftrect IQtwotth MiJMe^ Preft d^iw 

fex, crmp/ir, 

Derby Cli^ocd^ftr* Knowfly hall Lata, Sang 


. Hontiagdon Albemarle Dunninton park. In vtritat* 

ftreet LeUtfitrJbire, miScria^ 

Pembroke Piivy Gar- Wii^pa f^Jifr. ^f /« .. 

den. fervirmi. 

Line sin New PalaeeWey bridge in Siany Lcym/ie ma 

• yard. bonke. 

Suffolk Oxford A'ti fu%fed 

Charlton, Wiln, ftumode. 
Si ibuty ^oho ifuace. Ii[^|fi^d Hert/ordA^ ^?/^ 
Cranborn fioufeJD*r.yiw« ^ 
. /f5ft><f acd Quigjtf- 
ivood Hertfbrdpirt, 

Exc'^ Albemarle Burleigh i^fr/i^iia^-CV aaatp 
.^9arc» t9r/bir<^ via uns. 



Namu, 7itkt, Tcwn^ouft. Ckntrf-Houfts, MotHts. 

t^mpiw Nortiunp. Grofvenor Callrle AAby Mr* Je »« cbtf^ 
iquare* tbampton^ire , OiUfy^fue wn^, 

ton Warwckjhin^ ^ 

WUlding^ Denbigh Bow ftreet Newnham paddox Hotter 

U^arwickfoire, and virtutit 

Martinfthorpc Rut^ pramium^ 

Faff WefimorkndHbnoveprq.Aplethorp Nortbamp.Ne viU faw. 

Mardaunt PctcrboroughNorth Aud-DanU«y, If'jrV/i. Necplaeids 
ItyHrteu eanttata 

Grey Stamford Sack? ille ftr .Enfield hall Stafford" Jma 

Jhire, fu>lfanee^ 

Vinch Wjochftlfea Soho fquare Buildgh lt«f/tfvi/>^. M/roi. 

' ' feirejiki\ 

Sianb^ Chddtrfitld May Fair Brctfcy Derfy/hii-t, Exuitt a&M 
K ' Btaikheafh. Km frtStu 
Afoot Backs, 
9«gto Tlunet: Or6r?efiOr Hetlfifitid Knt. 












. Al^nfdon 


-Holdtrnc/a Arliiigton 


. Plymouth 


PftlMalP Htnehiabrokc law^ ^^Mwm^S. 

ihgdm/bke, gia pwtam 

GrojVenor Q»Sh\bhvt>jHirtfirdJb,¥ide 

" fi^vet' ' ' ,..i .... / firtiiwantM ' 

• Prt^y ' Dean Nortbampt9nfi,En graet 
gertoft' i Blackhetth Kent affit, 

' C\^b\iVH^^e^Kdfb,PiriifUw 
> BelchiD^ton Oxfardjb^amare, 
Eton fchool Caftie Howard Yarkf^VM wn 

Eton /chool Adderbury 0xJwdJbin,Am9, 
GrofveVor Wnbourn St. I,ev«, fwt^ 

fquare. Giles*s Dorftfjbirt 

Btititoa - 'BiXth\^'99tfirdJiitt Pidt^ ' 
flreett ^ twfiamia, 

Roo ftUbd Berkley^ c«ne D/Vv avf« 

GlouctjUrfiiiri^ and. mm. 

. Lincoln'!- Waham. Berkftfin, Virtus ariet$ 
inn iicl<ff. Rycote Ox/ard/bire, 'fcrtio^, 

£x(uii brook R«r/«ffi/ T^vi ^/Vn^ $g 

Hfirahy^dk Tfirkfi.Un DitUg M 

Aftoah^rdwick aod Roy, 

Patrick Brampton 

all in that county. 

Hcwel grange iq Jt me fit m 

H^ottefitr/h, Charlbttry.£>/fir., 

Oftford/btrt and 

Fiavchior^ Smr^. 



( a.« ) 

Sbflbid Hammtf- S.tifari caftie AtJIu/it fm 

imith Stsfirdjbirf dedit. 

ntfiiffwiMi 9 treated /MCi ih Rivokaitn, 

ttmii^ Soirborough St. Jamct't Gleatworth caftle Mitrut geatta 

^OMC« LiMoloibtre* tmJcitmxU 

Hgmf^n Bndfbri Twlckeabam. Hefrpn^ 

Zai^kiB Rochfurd Bsrkley ^A^n ^»^A. 

^utre. St. Oyth£^«« 
Kjfp$i Albcaarlc Beikley Dardans^ lOiddkfeM N* €tA wuHh 

€imtmff Coventry Grofvenor Crome, IVvrafw* Can^&d* (St 

fqoaie. Jbin. twfaUer, 

¥Uiun Jersey CmiVeaor Middktaa-Stooy Fidei cMtcam 

A-cet. 0»fmd, U Omx. 

WmitH Povlitt Oeorce HtaCoa St4 G<oiv» Oardmt^h^ 

ftfecty YeikSmurfuflnrt. 

CWfj^ Godolphia 8c* James's Godolpbia CinmsU, Frmaeba Italt 

ththmmJkff rholmnnddyMownt Cholmoodely . . < €^f fn'i^ 
flrcct. Cbi/nw mmu. 

5(*/i Prff tUBti pwfuamt m the Unhm M* 

U A R Qj; I SS.K.S. ;!>: I 

Hsj ' y^mtcAalt . Grofvenof Yefter, Ltbian, Shar* m&gbtm 

iCer Lothian Pail Mall Newbottle, Ltihiaa Stra/edjerih 


Lifilf Rotha' Creat'BrookHrtchim hco^ft- ' ^'Gripfajk^ 

ftriftyt Bucks, 

DMglaJt Moreton • S^. Jameses Chifwick, MidMtJeM.LHkJtcker 

5i»tfr# ^for-y Sufho I'quarc DiiaibrVfil, FiftJkhtJ i«Arf ^r 


m.iu Hame Gibniarr fUrfeJ, Btnoifli/birt. TnnuthtEnd. 

' ' BUiiland 








(269 ) 

Lauderdald Condml Malton Lothian C^ptia tt 

Loudoun Privy Loud^uQ cafl'e, Ibtdew^ 

' :■ ' ' ' Okrden ' * ./i'^/Vr. Time, 

Findlat^r. Lejcefter CuficA, Bamfffiiff^ Tbutjour* 

Fidds * - . ' • 

BreadalBarre ICing ftreet Sugnal, Suffard/hire. Fol/tw nu, 
Aberdeen Hill fifreet Kdy , Jberd*ef>Jbtre, Fo' tuna fgm 

Marchmont Upper BrookRedbraes, Btrwick- t'Jes /uroBafa 
ftreet y^/Vg, ' corcnat 

H/ndfof d SaviHe RoWWefterKa]1^Z^«rly^. Tiujws ^refu 

V I S O C Wr'T, abroad. • '\ 

Stormont Hurrslinlgton Ann<i^dale« v . Milhru fffrOt 
faftle. ' ' • " 

BARON.' ' ' 

Catb(^rt Charles Sundruoi, dUJbin^ I lipff ^ed. 
ftrcet B-rk- , : 
1 . Icy ffuare. 

^ Oxford 


PTentvnrfb SCiafford 













Barb created Jinc% tb* Uni^^m 

HiJiovcr Eyewood^ Bi^tfvriJb.Vtrtutt a 
fquare. fide. 

Hammer- Wentvvorth caflJc En Oieu tfk: 
/tmth. • Yorkdiire ttat: 

Maiiborotigh Sunion harold Ltit* Matgre , 
At SandwclUHall G^tudet ten^ 
Stfffiirdjhirtf B^ack* tamiu virHis, 
heath, Kent. 

At Drayton MW. Per «//*» 
Beaulert to, 
Chiilingham caftle Dt h<m 'Oiuhif 
Northumberland, fervii*/e Rey^ 

Aylesfird, Kent, AU /dfierto vivere 
bury, Surr^, vota, 

Ickworth, Suffolk, Ji n* eubUraj, 

Havrnn, Eedfordfiiirtlfiyul devoid 

Dartmouth Sc Jainfes*i 
. £juarc,' 

Uxbridfe Condoit 

TankerTiUe South Aud- 
ley ftretc 



Downing ftr.Horton Narthamfi, Otium cum.' 

Bufhy Pafic, Mid, dignitati, 
St« Albania Eailon- Ma udit iVbr- F(,j en totiu 
ftreee. tbampionjbif'k 

Geo, ftreet Colne Green H(rif, Tuhwt- efl, . 
Uanovcr (<{» WtitghinQ J&»r, 

N 3r • ■ 1 Staahifit 

( 27<^ > 

Sttmkfe Sunhope Dover ftr. Chevcning fdut^ - A Z)m &Riiu 
Shar^rd Huborovgh Queco Tq. Whiflcnden RuiUuid* Bofiit hommi 

Fsrhr Mtec]eifieBSt.jAmcs*t Shotea aiftle 0;f/. S^ptre autie. 

FfTMr PomTftt Bolton ilr. Etfton-Neaon iVir- JS&r« #^- 

lir Kcff Old Wiodfor £<rki. Pre Cbr^ &| 

patria dukt 

Cfshsm Gr«bam ' Glafgow SePtUnd. 

WaU^^vi Wildcfiave Albemarle Navecftokc ^ex* 



4^^jiAffi A/hbiiiah«n Dover fir. At Aihbtiniktin Lt Rtp & 

^^ Suffix ' . VEfat. 

Eflbghtm Albemarle Great Bockbam VtrmsmiUe 

ftrcet. Smrrty^ fcuta, 

Orlsrd Green ftreet Houghton Air/«/». Ffifauifi»» 

Grofveoor fq. ««r. 

Htrriagton St. Times* a Peter/ham Swrfj. ADn&Regu 

Bath Piccadilly. Slut Firegs. 

Portrmonth New Barling- Hmfton HmmU, En fuivamt U 

ton ftietft. Fertte. 

Brook end Hill «r. Warwick caak Vix •• n^ra 

Warwick «'«'•• 
Gower Arlingtoo Trcntkam Si^jfordflt. Trangtu tm 

Backing- HiH flf eet Blickliog iVor/W. jtvatr fret^fd 
kamihire /i«>« 

ritx.wiBiam Fi«a wijliam Eton fchool Milton NoftUmp- Jffititm r«- 

Btritrt Powis Albemarle QMty ^^k,SaUp, Fartiiudine » 

ftreet frudnth. 

fitrtf Northum- CharfngcrofiStanwick Tkri^w. Efitmaea 

jSm bm drtie, 
T£mff0 fu§m 
Li Urn ttm^i 

Aam& fdu 

'FtrHwohdi \ 
Ift€ tBpiat, 






Stowe Such, . 

Harconrt Cavendiih Stanton Harceurt 

iquare* Oxfird/Un, 

' Stymwr Hettford Grofvenor Taplow Buch. 
CfuWfjr ftreet 

Hiftb GoiUford Grofvenor Waldesfluw Kmt^ 


CctnwaUit Cornwallis Hill ftreet Brome Suffilk, 


flardwtcke Grofveoor WimpltCiff^* 

Darltogcon G. GroTve- Aabyctftle Durham* Ntc amen, 

nor ftfee( 9t€ iimdi. 

( 271 ) 

BeUfyff Faocooberg G. George'. Newborougb htU Bonnt & Mli 

ftf^t • Tarkfiirt, affets, 

Fm Ikbeficr. ^tiUynchSomtrfet/k^F^re/aiudiru 


Deverevx Herefot^ 

Nanteribba Mamt'^ 

Bfwn MontKuCt Cowdrey Sujpue. 

fienntt Say and Sele Golden fqt Over-Norton Gfovc, 

at B oughton Ojff*. 
•and Ncrth-Wefton 
in the fame ^oooty*. 

Tevffifiepd ToWnihtficl H;ll ftreet Raynbam Ncrf. 

Ssfii virt^m 
turn unflantia. 


l«iw Weymooth Aitl ilreet At Lorg-Ieate Wibi,yay Ume- 


Vittut tutij^ 
ma caffis. 
Nee fif^rertf 
Jfec Jftfrner^i 
In etelo quiiu 


Hatton Lincoln V Kirby N^rtbaw^^ 

' inn field! 
BoliogWoke St, J^met^a Lydiard TregoM 







falmoath St« Jfinaei's Tiegothan^Cbriiw«//. 


TorringtoQ Cambridge Sooth ill Bed/, 
Leinfter Downing fir. Car Town Ire/a»d 
Fulkftone Clifford fir. L>ngford ff^iltt». 


Tuehtr, " 
Crem a Boo* 
Patria ear a, 

Abergaveaoy Brook ftreet At £< Mge and Kid* Nevrk velig^ ' 
HaooTer fq. brook SijIftM, 

Heleigh caftle Staff, ^e h tieae^ 
Grofv. ftr. Marlborough H^iiti Fey four devoir 
Bfutoo fir. Belihooie Kffix 
Grofvea* fi}. Whorwell Soutbam^, Jewde m§ vh^ 
GrofTeoi fq.Dunkeld Pertb/bire, 

. SioixTton e^fklt Staff; Leyaljefersi 
durant ma «(>• 
Willoughby Ch. Church Connptaii- Mardack 

DiCre • 
S rarge 

ds Broke Ox^ir. 

Venue wauue^ 

mnvtibbf Willoughby Craren fir. 



St. Joh« 

fVafWCkfoirOy and . 

Wiudfor Berki. 

Wofkfop Nett, at 

Knatch Liuc, and 

Shaw place and 

Worfley Laueafter, 

Forty hail Middhfem Cmwu jih 

MckhbUra Bedfirdfi. Data fata 



( 272 ) 










5nt^« TowuOm/a, Cnmtry^B^iJes. Moihu 
Petre At Thornton, Ingat« Sam dUu^ 

. ftof>r •nd Wrktlc «>». 
• pirk Rffix^ Md 

Dunkehalgh Lmic^ 
Arundel • Corkftroft WaCdourcaftle Dea data, 


Clifcoa Berkley fn. C6bham ha!l Fism refpUe^ 


Dorj&er Brook ftreeC Ewdfwortli Bamplb» 

' and PeterJy Buch, 

Teynham LinAed I<odge Ktnl, Sp*s mea it 

- Deo, 

Maynird Grofren. f^, Eafton Lojge J|^x, J^anutjuftA, 

Lsigk WeflminQer At Sconely and Flet. 

S(hDoi QtvaafkedJ^arvfickfo, 

Bfroa Marlborough Newffei ANby, in Crede Biroa^^ 

ftreet Nottinibamjhire, 

Wacrd Upper Broolt Himp!ry. h^ll Sr^jf. 

, ftreet 
Lanfdalc Odiden fqaare A^ Holme JVI/b/V/. F^,e»t9uU 
Beikley Berkley fcjuare Maiket Burton Panea fuf, 
Sfmerjrtjbire, pexi,fiaua'm 

ora defpt:^, 
DonhamMaiTey Cbejb, 
Cork ftreet At Trcrifc Cornwall Nulliprada, 

Aru;idcl of 


. BtyU 

Tjrevor , . 


G«o. ftreet 



, Middleton 

Trevor • 





Conribe Abbey ^af- Virtut in 
Wfti/bire aSiom conm 

Ugh^bneeke in- Dtr^ Semper f^^ 
%twjhirt, and Ci*n- ratus. 
nington Some^JetJh^ 
MaiA»n Somtrjttfb, Honor Vtrtur' 
tit pramium^ 
Grofven. ^r,. Du^lincz^ltPertbfit.Renovate 

Charles ftreet Wolhton^ Notts fig- y»rit f^ut. 
Betkley fq, bamfitre,- pour* 

Al H-omham, Be^. 
Oat fell), EJix. ' Mibi juffk 

AN-Whitley coart Cf/ frofim^ 
St. Jiraes'a At Ruflcins Bach, Tien tafyp. 
fquare* andCirencefterG/oitf. 

Marlbofough At Wea ClandoO Sempo9 jWm- 
ftiect Surrey, and Oatlow- lis* 

. . . luUu».^<f/oik* 



G:o. ftjieet 

Bort/i ftree? 
. Coik areet 

Hanov^ . 







C *73 ) 






B omliy 


Sandft Sandyi 
Bruee Bru" Bract 

Tcvfn H«ujeu Ceuntry^Havfes, Jtfjfloi,. 
Cievland At Motle Kent, ini N^nJI^i, Jti , 
row ' Cuxton, fa me county.^ jfriV«. 

BruCon At G^vcrftiam Ox- S^ui inwdit \ 

ftreet fird^irt, mimr tfi. 

Brook flreet At KympbsfieIdpatkP«r/(!vrrtfiii0» 
Ghuctflirp.diiiA Tort- 
wortn^ lame county. 
Gofven. fq. Ockham Smtey, Labor if^fi 
Piccadilly BroxBoarn, Hertf, 
Line, inn* Henfbl CiamirgaK" Himani nihil 
fie Us /hire, aiicaum. 

May Fair Horleheath, Camh. 

Ched worth Curzon fir* CheSvforth Ghuccf- Jt^ui efljfurt^ 

tirjbire* fpjiti Tenastt 

Edgcumbe Upper O. of- Mount Edgcumbe An pla^rt 
venor fireeC Dvonnfh'-rt, fort dt Ditut. 

Upper Grof-Omberlley fi^0r«^t Pr»bnm ntm . 
▼enor ftreet < fmniut^ 

Tolin ftreet Tottenham WiUt, 
Berkley {f{, 

Grofvcn. fq. Caftle<hill^ Divwifi, Ffirnfeuytm 
fa/ma Dmcmmm 
Admiralty More Park Hertf. . Uil Dij(>eranm 

GroffCB. ftf.Barford ^/7«. Jl^eo, Rtgi, 

Rivenfworth 8t. James's Ravenfworth caft!« l/nut ^ Idenu 
fqaare D%rbam. 

Grofveo. fq. Pirgo £^x. ' So^ Bona ftr 


Fonfonhy Ponfonby Sjfonhy Ltice^trjitre,. 

Bfantliitck Vere St. James*s Hjnw.:rth Middle- ^trt nil Vk* 

fquare ftx, r^tg 

Hyde Duke ftreet Grove fltrtfirdpire^ , 

%i, JaiTtei's. : • .* * ' 

Walpole Brutonftr, W.jolt'^rton A^or/i'*, • 
Maoifield Bloomibury Caae Wood Middk* 

fquarr. /eX, 

Harw-ch . N rth Afton Oxf, 

Lyttelton H II ftreet Haglry W^rtefie'rfk^ 
Heniry Lincoln's* Giange Suffix^ 
inn fields. 











Watfon • 


BttrtJIet in their own right, either ty Crestim er Defisntt 
C^mffiell Grey, married .to Vifcouot Rov/sn, St. Tames'l-fquare: and at 
Wreft, Bfdfi^rdjbire. --r » j 


■ C 2-74 ) 


CtMtm/fif C>vnpn)y, Hill ilreet, Hampton Cuuj't, Herefotdl^rt* 
SebM.imktri W .finfh m. Latly of the Eari of CbefiirfieJd. 
H^s^m^JiM Yrtioouih, S:. James's. ^ 


Ttwu/b'fid fcrrei^, fnarricd to ih-! H in. George ToW.iihsnd. 

CM K I ffli d. C un'tfs DoWagTof Ldcejler, 

Sm:fb Dillcy, Wife of Mr. sipith! TRl^^acre^ in 5i6ro/^/f#fc 

Pr'ry P« <y, married to the Eirl of N^rthumkerUtid. 

Wtljim Bcnrn 

l^f ScaweD, Wife to the Right lion. Flenry Bilfoa Lsggf* 

A R 






Pr amm m J 




C H B 1 S 


B«th aod 
Sr. Afaph . 

l«uelfiel4 9e 
S. Davids 

HOPS and B 

Croftenor fqiare 
Hill ftrcec 
HiU fticet 

Erj.Houfe H ilboum 
Jametilreet* Wcft- 

Albemarle, flreet ^ 
•nirfftftrcet, S'oho 
S ho r^^re 
Patmooth ftretC j 

tide ftreet 

Suiuh Avdlcyi flrest. 

I ^ H O P S. 

Csuntry Hoafef^ 
Croydon, Surrey, 
B (hdpthorpc, /c^-zt/^t 
FuUiam^ MiddliJtM^ 
Durljam Pi! ace. 
Far^ham Caftlc^ ^ffr/y, 
E'y Palace, CambpJdge^ 
Wells Pakce,^0»^r>. 

P Ahce %tJter*fied, '' 

Ext-tsr Pdace / 

Rofi CaftU, Cumherh 

SaliA iry faUce^ X^f/«f* 

BrcmiCy^ A^tf«^ 

Pa^ce at St. ATapb^ 


Palace at Norfiticb, 

EcclefhaiV S^JfyrdJbk. 

jiJbbMTMbmH Chicheiler 

LlaodaflT Palltnall 

Oxfcrd Dea>V court, S:. 

Egtrttn Bangor Grofvenof (If eet 

7erruk Pe'erboroujh North Audley ftreet 

Yongt BriHol Amen*Corner 

W^Huftm Clouceder eroT^eltor fqoars 

•Downuig ^eet > Pahce sACbefi^r^ 
bean'syard *, Hsirticbory, Wireefi, 

Qaeen/* fqoare . AlncrgwjeUy, C«nM^ 

Gei'ge ftreeti Hanover Chicheiler Palace, 

Maihorn, AfBHPM«f*>&fc 
Cuddefien, QM/wdft^ 

. Palace at StfK^dr. 
Pcterboroogh. ., 
Palace at Brifiol 
Pa'aee at Gktctjhr^ 

^ / N i S. 

I N. D E X. 

AFRICA, . pefCTlption of 

^IdermenfLift of • - ' 4ft 
Alic^ttot Baru aT .a Pouni, Ta« 
bl« <if 99 

AmcricsU D«Mprion of ^ — 17^ 
Archbiihops andSiihops^Lift of 
. ■ ., . : ■ i ^ ' ' > ' »74 ■ 
Arithmetick, Epitomy of ^7^98 
Arts and Sciences,* Acootmt of 

A^a, Defcriptton of 14. 

Bricklayers Work, Prices of 51 

Carmen Rates, .ilules and Or^ 

ders.of 2to-Hb3i 

Carpenters and Joiners Work^ 

Prices of 5* 

Carvers Work, Prices ^«f 54. 
Chairmen, Rates of %^6 

Chapels, Names of 37 

Cl>ur<^8, tn London, '<&€< Lift 
. of 33—37 

Cirouita of England and Wales^ 


Coaches, Stage, and Carriers, 
Lift of 238—264. 

Coachmen, Rates of 234 

Companies and Incorpcifations 
of the City of London, Ac- 
count of 43 
Dcfcription of the World i— f 8 
■ ■ of £ngland i*— 29 
9 of the Cities of Lon- 
don andWeftminfter 33—51 
Cngland,Defcriptton of 42—29 
■ - AbAraft of the Hifto- 
ry of 78—86 
EngUih Coins, Table of 99 

li .■■■» . ■ .Weight! and Meafuret, 
Tables of 1*04— loS 

Events fr6m the Creation to Ju- 
lius C«rar,'Table of 75 

Bufrope, Defcri prion of fa 

Fi(h| in the River Thames, 

Times andSeafons for taking 


Foreign Corns, Tables of 100 


Tlie Oardeners Kalendar 189 

«— 219 

General Poft; Rates of Letters, 

■&c. fent by ^ 54"~59 

Glaziers Work, Prices of 5^ 

Hackney Coachmen and Chair- 
men, Rates and Rules of 
Hercules and his Labours, Ac- 
count of the Fabulous Hii^o- 
ry of ' 7r 

Hiftory of England) AbftraA 
of 78—86 

Julius Cfcfar, Table of Event* 
from the Creation to his Time 
K. 75 

Kalendar for Gardening, for 
^vecy Month in the Year 
L. • ^ 

Latitudes of eminent Places^ 
Table of . 79&req.- 

Lift Of Churches, Chaf els, ^c. 


— of Merchants 1 od — 183 

— of Places at Court, with 
• their ^Salari as » 8 3'^ 189 

■^— • of Stage Coaches, Carriers, 
^. ^38-264 



«-^ of ?eert ^ige »4$ 

Lontfoit and Wciriiinlteri Pe- 
fcriptMO of ifac Ci:iei of 33 

M -'' 

MafontWork, Pric«t of 51 
Keetmg Houfes, Account of 39 
Members of Parlia. Lift of tho 
Numbers of, for tvay Coun- 
ty, Borough, &c. 19 
Merchantff Copious Lift of. 
Mufesi 4UtfOtint of 70 


Pafn(f I* Wcrl^' Prices of 53" 

Paviours Vf^nk, Pricies of 54 

|*eers. Lift of ^6s 

Penoy Poft Qffice, Aecovot of 

it . 6o*-63 

Places at C^urt^ with their Sa-^ 

laries 183'— .189 

Plaifterers Work, Prices of 53 

Plumbers Workj Prices of 5 j 

Porters, Rates taken by, kc. 236 

Poft, Geofral^ Rates of Litter^i 

Sec. fcBt 1^ 54'--59 

Prices of Bricklayers^ MafoiM, 

Carpenters* &c. &c. work 

^'' 5»— 54. 

Rates of Coachmeni Cbairmtn, 

Cari^en, Watermen, tkc» 

%^o, 134, ^36, %%u Sc fen. 

*— taken by tbeTiltboat from 

London to Gcavefefid a 31 


Slaters Work, Prices of . . 53 

Smiths Work, Prices of ' 54. 

Stage Coaches, Account of, &c. 

138— 1^4 

— — Carrierti ^ i ■ ■■ &c ibid. 

Table, pf the Latitudes of Pla- 
ces 19 
" ■II ■ of remarkable Events 75 

■ of tlie Aliquot Parts of 
a Pound 99 

■ of Engliih Coins 99 
—-of Foreign Coins lOO' 103 
— of Englifll Weights and 

Meafures 1 04-** 106 

Thames, Times and Seafons for 
taking Fifhin as^ 

Tilt-boat, Rates for carrying 
Gookisitt' ' . * %^% 

Watermen, Rates of a3i 

Wondei^ of the World, Ac- 
count of 68 
World, Defcriptlon of x-^i8 

-^Thc following Correa and ufeful TABLES are fubjoined 
to this Work, with their pfes and Explanations. 

I. A TabIjK jof the Price of any Commo<3ity, by the Yard, Potind, 

/TL &c, from on? Farthing to'twfcnty SJuUings* 
p. A TABLt^f Univerfal Ufe, for tKe Solation of various QueAion* 

In Arlthmetick, Merchandizing, "Meafunngj, Superiidss axid Solids, 

Gauging, Surveying of Land, &c. 
HI. A Tabli (hewing the Difcounts upon any of -the Branches «jf 

tha Cpf^ojus on Goods Imported, 

IV. A Tab te of Salaries or Wages'. 

V. A TaAii tocaft ujjlntcreft for. any Aumbcr of Days.