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on the Arts: 

New Directions for UNH 

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Mj , 

[*a^^.'*.rf'.i-/i//y !. " 

w ~1^ 

. ..^i» 

Winter 2007 


Donor Report 

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Couple's Smart Giving 

Helps Students 

"UNH was an 

institution we 

wanted to help. 

The charitable gift 

annuities gave us a 

little income along 

the way and are 

very advantageous 


Anna Deming 

Anna and John Deming are inspiring 
exannples of what two lifetimes of caring and 
commitment can do. During World War II, 
Anna Deming worked with the American 
Red Cross in Paris, while John fought the 
Axis powers in France, suffering serious 
injuries twice. 

When they neared retirement, they again 
wanted to make a difference. When Mrs. 
Deming decided to make a gift to her alma 
mater, Swarthmore College, Mr. Deming set 
up a charitable gift annuity at the University 
of New Haven. 

"He was very fond of UNH," Mrs. Deming 
says. The University was still in its early stages 
when Mr. Deming attended; he earned two 
certificates from UNH with the help of the G.I. 
Bill. "UNH was an institution we wanted to 
help," Mrs. Deming says. "The charitable gift 
annuities gave us a little income along the way 
and are very advantageous tax-wise. The older 
you are, the more you get." 

Mr. Deming died in 2006. His support of 
education lives on in his charitable gift 
annuity, enabling students who could not 
otherwise afford a UNH education the 
power to do so. The charitable gift annuities 
they created are providing Mrs. Deming 
with a predictable income for the remainder 
of her life. 

Leave a Lasting Legacy 

Save money on taxes and preserve more assets 
for your family when you include UNH in your 
will, trust, insurance policy, IRA or other 
retirement account, bank account or CD. 

Call UNH Associate Vice President of Advancement Operations 
Timothy Stanton at 203-932-7285 or email 


University of 
New Haven 

Alumni Magazine 

In This Issue 


. Strategic Plan Takes Campus in New Directions 

New Buildings, New Programs, New Plays 

The College 
of Arts and 

Bach, Beethoven and Brahms: 
The New Haven Symphony 
Brings the Classics to Campus 

The Henry C. Lee 
College of 
Criminal Justice 
and Forensic 

Combine New Technology 
and a Seasoned Pro: 
New Frontiers Emerge 

The College 
of Business 

Entrepreneurial Students 
Can Find Start- Up Flelp 
Right on Campus 

j The Tagliatela 
College of 

Just like "The Jetsons," 

Brainy Engineers 

BuUd Robots of the Future 

a Blueprint 


Winter 2007 

University of New Haven 
2006-2007 Donor Report 

See page 31 


2. View from the Hill 
10. Charger Athletics 
14. Cover Story 

23. Notable Alumni 

24. Alumni News 

25. Class Notes 

On The Cover 

The cast of the UNH Theatre's critically 
acclaimed production of the play "columbinus" 
in its New England premiere at Dodds Theatre. 

University of New Haven 

Alumni Magazine 

Executive Editor: Juli Roebuck 

Editor: Jane Gordon 

Class Notes: Jennifer Fazekas 

Editorial Assistance: Heather Alpaugh. 
Scott Davis, Jennifer Fazekas, Jacqueline Koral, 

Matthew McCullough, Evie Miller, Paula Mortali, 
Carl Pitruzzello. Jennifer Pjatak, Joanne Roy, 
Tana Schimberg, Amanda Silva, Gayle Tagliatela, 
Julie Winkel, Virginia Zawoy 

Design: art270, Graphic Design, 
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 

Photography: Keri Comeroski, Michael Fiedler, 

Billy Fogarty, Stan Godlewski, Jane Gordon, 
Robert Lisak, Dru Nadler, Dan Osipovitch, 
Summer Pierce Photography, Amanda Silva, 
Chris Voipe 

The University of Nevi/ Haven Alumni Magazine 
is published three times a year by the University 
Advancement Office We welcome your news 
and comments. Please email them to or send them 
to UNH Alumni Magazine, 300 Boston Post Road, 
West Haven. CT 06516. 

The University of New Haven is committed to equal 
access to educational and employment opportunities 
for all applicants regardless of race, creed, color, 
religion, gender, national or ethnic origin, age. 
sexual orientation or disability, in compliance with 
state and federal statutes. 

View from the Hill 

UNH Presents New 
England Premiere Of 

UNH's Theatre Program 
presented the New England 
premiere of "columbinus" this 
fall. The production, which was 
critically acclaimed throughout 
the region, focused on the April 
1 999 massacre at Columbine 
High School in Littleton, 
Colorado. The play weaves 
together excerpts from 
discussions with parents, 
survivors and community 
leaders in Littleton, as well as 
diaries and home-video footage 
to bring to light the dark recesses 
of American adolescence. 
Directed by award-winning 
actor and playwright Robert 
Boles, head of the UNH Theatre, 
the play probes the psychological 
warfare of alienation, hostility, 
and social pressure that occurs 
in high schools throughout 
America. Talkbacks lead by 
faculty and staff followed each 

University's Magnet 
School Plans Fall 2008 

The city of New Haven recently 
received a federal grant to help 
foster the University of New 
Haven's Science and Engineering 
University Magnet School, a 
$59 million state-funded facility. 
Work continues on identifying 
curriculum specifics and 
a location for the sixth- 
through twelfth - 
grade school, 
which will 
eventually be built 
adjacent to the 
campus. The magnet 
school's sixth-grade 
class will begin in fall 
2008. Additional grades 
will be phased in annually. 

Advanced magnet high school 
students will eventually have 
an opportunity to enroll in 
the University's introductory 
science, math, and engineering 
courses. Humanities courses 
may also be offered to them. 


Mummies Aid 
DNA Research 

Thanks to a few 800-year-old 
mummies from Mongolia, 
Dr. Heather Coyle and three 
forensic science graduate 
students have developed a new 
method for preparing skeletal 
remains for DNA extraction. 
Their findings may have 
implications for forensic 
scientists around the globe. 

"In the U.S. alone, the remains 
of 40,000 missing persons 
are stored in various medical 
examiners' offices," says 
Dr. Coyle, an assistant professor 
of Forensic Science at UNH. 
"If we can extract DNA through 
a new process, the possibilities 
could be tremendous. It raises 
the question of how far 
back in time we can stretch 
criminal justice." 

Obtaining DNA is often a crucial 
step Ln identifying human 
remains. DNA extraction is 
never a simple process, and is 
sometimes impossible with 
bones and tissue that have been 
long buried. But Dr. Coyle and 
her students have discovered 
that baking bones can sometimes 
aid in DNA extraction. 

The team presented its findings 
at the annual meeting of the 
Northeastern Association of 
Forensic Scientists in New York. 
In February, it will present 
those findings to the American 
Academy of Forensic Science 
in Washington, D.C. 

2 Winter 2007 

students Zack Rosen and Keri Comeroski view 
the construction of the Beckerman Center 

Beckerrr ._ 
Center Is 
Now Open 

he $15.5 million David A. Beckerman 
Recreation Center has opened to widespread 
acclaim, its gleaming interior visible from 
the Boston Post Road through floor-to-ceiling glass 
windows. The Center features state-of-the-art 
exercise equipment, a gymnasium with courts 
for sports including basketball, roilerblading, 
roller hockey, volleyball and indoor soccer, and 
an illuminated glass-enclosed running track. 

There's more: a fitness center; a multi-purpose 
room for a variety of activities including yoga, 
step aerobics and Pilates; and racquetball courts; 
along with lounges and changing rooms. 
A juice bar adds a healthy option for members. 

The facility, named for UNH alumnus David A. 
Beckerman '66, will be the location for the 
University's 25th Annual Alumni Scholarship Ball 
on April 12,2008. 


View from the Hill 

Law School Feasibility 
Under Review 

The University has embarked 
on a feasibility study to establish 
a law school. UNH recendy 
created a vision for a lavif 
school that was reviewed 
by and received high marks 
from deans of law schools 
throughout the country, 
including Drexel University 
in Pennsylvania and Elon 
University in North Carolina. 

"The experts with whom 
we consulted agreed that it 
was certainly appropriate for 
a university with such strong 
criminal justice and forensic 
science programs to consider 
this," says University President 
Steven H. Kaplan. "One of 
the University's four strategic 
directions also calls for UNH to 
strengthen its arts and sciences 
programs. Creating a law school 
would certainly fit that goal." 

Each year, about 40 UNH 
students go on to law school 
following graduation. "We want 
to offer those students a superb 
option by considering the 
creation of a University of New 
Haven law school," Kaplan said. 
"This effort would join with a 
number of other initiatives that 
we are aggressively pursuing 
in our effort to become one 
of the strongest comprehensive 
universities in the Northeast." 
(See related story, page 14.) 


Faculty Artists Display 
Their Work 

The 2007 Visual Art Faculty 
Exhibition, which included the 
works of 1 1 Art, Graphic Design 
and Interior Design Program 
faculty members, spotlighted 
drawing, painting, photography, 
video, mixed media and design. 
Faculty participating in the 
November exhibit are actively 
engaged in art and design 
practices and address 
contemporary issues in 
their areas of expertise. 
They included Joseph Smolinski, 
John Arabolos, Stephen 
Grossman, Erika Van Natta, 
Rolandas Kiaulevicius, 
Karen Dow, Jack Tom, 
Willard Lustenader, 
Todd loki, Richard Rose 
and Denis Ouimette. 

William G. CruUhfield 

For Bartels Fellow, 
Humble Beginnings Yield 
Impressive Result 

William G. Crutchfield, founder 
of Crutchfield Corp., shared 
a compelling story Nov. 8 of 
obstacles overcome and successes 
celebrated as part of the Bartels 
lecture, "Being an Entrepreneur 
for All the Right Reasons." 

Crutchfield, the Fall 2007 
Bartels Fellow, spoke as part 
of the Bartels Lecture Series to 
a standing-room-only crowd 
in Dodds Theatre. He told of 
starting Crutchfield Corp. in his 
mother's basement with only 
$1,000, and building it into 
one of the nation's top Internet 
consumer electronics retailers 
with sales of about $300 million 
by focusing on customer service 
and quality. 

The Bartels Fellowship was 
established in 1989 at UNH 
through the generosity of 
Henry E. and Nancy H. 
Bartels. The Fellowship brings 
individuals of national stature 
and prominence in the fields 
of business or public service 
to the UNH campus, with the 
primary goal of broadening 
the perspectives of the campus 
community in these areas. 
Bartels Fellows visit classes, 
hold open discussions and 
deliver a formal address to 
the University. 

4 Wimcr 2007 

(Above top) Ambassador Robert Cuba Aisi, Permanent Mission of 
Papua New Guinea to the United Nations, Is pictured with his wife, 
Susan, right. From left are Phyllis Seton and University President Steven 
H. Kaplan. (Bottom) Graduate student Jovonne Dempster, left, and 
undergraduate Taylor Bethoney discuss the works in the Art of Papua 
New Guinea exhibit at a reception In Dodds Hall Atrium in November 

Papua New Guinea 
Ambassador Speaks at 
Art Opening 

Ambassador Robert Guba Aisi, 
Permanent Mission of Papua 
New Guinea to the United 
Nations, spoke at a November 
reception for the e.xhibit "Art of 
Papua New Guinea" featuring 
the collection of Fenmore and 
Phyllis Seton. 

A permanent installation in 
the Atrium of Dodds Hall, 
the Seton Collection is a gift 
from the Setons, longtime art 
collectors and philanthropists. 
Fenn Seton, who is deceased, 
served on the University's Board 

of Governors and was active 
in a variety of ways at UNH. 
Phyllis Seton continues her 
affiliation with the University, 
and was present at the opening 
of the exhibit. 

"It's wonderful," she said. 
"Beautifully done." The exhibit 
consists of 23 objects the 
Setons collected during their 
travels along the Sepik River 
in Papua New Guinea, 
including an Orator Chair, 
double suspension hooks and 
numerous masks. 

President Heads College Organization 

President Steven H. Kaplan became chairman of the board of the 
Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges July 1, a two-year 
appointment. He will chair two board meetings per year and three 
executive committee meetings, and will consult with the president 
of the CCIC, Judith Greiman, on CCIC initiatives. The presidents of 
the CCIC's 1 7 member colleges serve on the board. 

Gaboury Named to Human Trafficking 
Council, Receives MADD Award 

Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice 
Dr. Mario Gaboury has been appointed to the Connecticut 
Trafficking in Persons Council. Gaboury and fellow Council 
members will identify criteria for providing services to trafficking 
victims and consult with government and non-government 
organizations in developing recommendations to strengthen state 
and local efforts to prevent trafficking, protect and assist victims, 
and prosecute traffickers. Gaboury was also recently honored 
with the Victim Assistance Award by Mothers Against Drunk 
Driving (MADD) Connecticut. 

Fall Lectures 

Gender Distinctions in Marketing 

Dr. Cheng Lu "Charlie" Wang, UNH associate professor of Marketing 
and International Business; "Sad Emotional Appeal in Public Services 
Advertising: The Moderating Effects of Gender." 

Diversity in Engineering 

Mike Ambrose '84 B.S., general manager of Precision Machined 
Components at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford: "Skills Diversity Role in 
the Field of Manufacturing Engineering." 

Business in India and China 

Dr. Usha C. V. Haley, UNH professor of International Business and 
director of the Global Business Center, at the Hartford Club: "Charging 
Elephant, Soaring Dragon: Business Environments and Business 
Strategies for India and China." 

Travel Anxiety . ~'^ 

Dr. Donald C. Smith, """""' , '_ 

UNH professor and 

past chair of the College 

of Business: "Pulling the 

Plug on Culture Shock: 

A Seven-Step Plan for Managing 

Travel Anxiety." 

Mixing Business 
and Politics 

John Picard '87 B.S., 

West Haven Mayor and 

UNH alumnus: "Government 

and Business: Creating a Positive Economic Environment." 

New Technologies for Solving Crimes 

Dr. Henry C. Lee, UNH professor and world-renowned criminologist, 
Jonathan Benedict Connecticut State's Attorney and retired FBI 
Supervisory Special Agent Arthur Meister: "How New Technologies 
Are Used in Forensic Science to Solve High Profile, Complex Crimes." 

Fall lectures continued on page 9 

View from the Hill 

Wise Words Spring from 
Memories of Horror 

Holocaust sun'ivor and UNH 
graduate Martin Schiller recently 
spoke on campus regarding 
the many freedoms available to 
him, and the responsibility that 
accompanies those freedoms. 
That responsibility includes 
keeping alive the memory of 

the six million who died at the 
hands of the Nazis during 
World War II. 

Schiller, 74, the author of 
"Bread, Butter and Sugar: 
A Boy's Journey Through 
the Holocaust and Postwar 
Europe," spoke at UNH during 
a reception for "Memory & 

UNH graduate student Amanda 
Silva reviews the "Memory 
& Legacy" exhibit on campus, 
which details the story of the 
effort to create the New Haven 
Holocaust Memorial 

Legacy," an e-xhibit detailing the 
story of the effort to create the 
New Haven Holocaust Memorial, 
the first Holocaust Memorial 
to be built on public land. 

"Freedom to me is not a 
concept," he told the crowd. 
"It is a bittersweet reality 
that rests in the corners of 
my brain." 

Famed Alvin Ailey Dancer, 
Instructor is UNH 

Theresa Howard, acclaimed 
dancer and instructor at the 
Alvin Ailey American Dance 
Theater in New York City, was 
UNH's artist-in-residence in 
November. Howard, who is also 

a former dancer with the 
Harlem Dance Company, held 
workshops for UNH dance 
students and area middle school 
students, met with classes and 
held a workshop on choosing 
a career in the arts. 

Howard has modeled in 
international fashion magazines 
and is also a writer whose 
work has appeared in various 
magazines. She is currently 
writing her first work of fiction. 

Theresa Howard 

The Class of 2011 poses 
for posterity during 
Welcome Week in September 

6 Wimcr 2007 


A Dogged investigator. 
An Insightful Teacher 

ed Bundy was charismatic, handsome and murderous. A serial 
killer who held the country in a frightened thrall in the 1970s, 
Bundy was identified by a tenacious young Washington 
detective, the son of a Washington state deputy sheriff. 

Robert Keppel was his name, and one week into his job as a 
homicide detective in Washington, he drew a missing person's 
case that eventually was linked to Bundy. Soon, murdered women 
began turning up in larger numbers, and the list of suspects grew 
larger still. 

Keppel devised a computer program that narrowed 3,500 
suspects to 25. Ted Bundy was one of them. Then the phone rang. 
It was the Salt Lake City, Utah sheriff's office. They had identified 
a prowler caught in a local neighborhood as Bundy. 

Before Bundy's killings finally ended, he had taken the lives of 
at least 30 women, and possibly far more. He died in the electric 
chair, but not before Keppel interviewed him for help with the 
notorious Green River Killer, who had been responsible for the 
deaths of at least 50 prostitutes and teenage runaways, primarily 
in Washington state. 

"Technically he wasn't any help in actually naming the ,,|_ 
Green River Killer and catching him," Keppel said. "But in ~ 

understanding the Green River Killer, he was a big help." 

From their conversations came Keppel's mass-market book, 
"The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt the Green River Killer" 
(Pocket Books, 2004). 

Keppel's intensive study of -and long experience with - serial 
killers led him away from a second career moonlighting as a store 
detective or a corporate security guard and into the world of 
education. With his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University 
of Washington, Keppel, associate professor of Criminal Justice 
at UNH, has taught at Seattle University, a private Jesuit school 
in Seattle, and has been cultivated by universities with the 
most esteemed Criminal Justice programs in the nation. 
He is now at work on a book about serial violence. 

"My whole life is consumed with how to ^ 

investigate killers and how to catch them," ^^ 

he said. "Writing and teaching are ways to 

help others investigate them. I teach the 

solvability of murder cases, how to study 

the killers, how successful investigations 

proceeded and how the killers were 

caught. With the book, I am trying to 

make the reader understand how cases 

are connected so they can use that 

to their advantage to catch 

the killer." 

"My whole life is 
consumed with how 
investigate killerSy 
how to 
catch them!' 


-Robert Keppel, Ph.D. 


ociate Pt-of e^or Dr. lojl 
Keppel, a specialist in serial Jiillers, 
is at worl»on a boqk about sA'ial violence 

/•7' W)V.J 




In the News 

Outsourcing to Peru 

LA Business Journal, September 3: Dr Usha Haley, UNH professor 
of International Business and director of the Global Business 
Center, quoted. 

Chinese Fast Food Industry 

Forbes, September 1 7: Dr George Haley, UNH professor of Marketing 
and director of the Center for International Industry Competitiveness, 

Law School Feasibility at UNH 

New Haven Register, September 21 . 
Connecticut Post, September 22. 
Business New Haven and Business Times, October 1 . 
Hartford Courant, October 2. 

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 

WTIC's Colin McEnroe radio program, October 2: Dr Donna Morris, 
assistant professor and director of the Legal Studies Program, quoted. 

UNH Magnet School Moves Ahead 

New Haven Register and WNPR, October 8. 

China's Aircraft Industry Gets Off the Ground 

Time, October 1 1 : Dr George Haley UNH professor of Marketing 
and director of the Center for International Industry Competitiveness, 

Professors Not Fans of Athletics, October 15: Allen Sack, UNH professor and director 
of the Institute for Sport Management at UNH, quoted. 

China's Aircraft Industry Gets Off the Ground 

Time Asia, Oaober 22: George Haley, UNH professor of Marketing 
and direaor of the Center for International Industry Competitiveness, 

Freshman Year Abroad 

Inside Higher Ed, October 23: Dennis Nostrand, UNH vice president 
for Enrollment Management, quoted. 

DNA Research on Mummies 

Trentonian, October 27: Dr. Heather Coyle, UNH assistant professor 
of Forensic Science, commented. 

New Haven Register, October 28: Dr Albert B. Harper, director 
of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, quoted. 

WFSB TV Channel 3 (CBS), October 30: Dr Heather Coyle commented. 

WVIT Channel 30 (NBC), WTIC Channel 61 (Fox), October 31 : 
Dr. Coyle commented. 

National Program at RHAM Prepares Students 
for a Future in Engineering 

Journal Inquirer, October 29: High school students earn credit at UNH. 

California Fires 

Newsweek, October 29, LA Daily News, November 2 

Bruce Varga, UNH fire and arson investigation instructor, quoted. 

Home Mortgage Crisis 

Congressional Quarterly Researcher, November 2: Dn Robert Rainish, 
UNH professor of Economics and Finance, commented. 

Game Over: Is New Haven Just Not a Sports Town? 

New Haven Register, November 4: Allen Sack, director of the Institute 
for Sport Management at UNH, commented. 

Dental Students Treat 
Hondurans, South Dakota 

UNH dental hygiene students 
spread their message of oral 
health this year, working 
with Honduran islanders and 
residents of a South Dakota 
Indian reservation as part of 
service-learning internships. 

Jessica Reder '07, Janet Dexter 
'08, Alyssa Natalino '08, and 
Marvalene Brooks '08 treated 
more than 65 islanders tliis 
summer in Roaton, Honduras. 
They provided oral-hygiene 
and nutritional education to 
about 600 private and public 
school-aged children including 
orphaned children, and also 

gave dental screenings in 
daycare facilities. Before 
leaving West Haven, the team 
collected clothing and sporting 
equipment, more than $600 in 
dental supplies and monetary 
donations of more than $3,000. 

This fall, three UNH-licensed 
hygiene baccalaureate students 
traveled to the Lakota Indian 
Reservation in South Dakota. 
There, they treated more than 
250 residents at a dental clinic. 
Faculty member Carolyn 
Patenaude accompanied the 
students, whose service-learning 
trip was coordinated with 
the Hawk Wing organization 
of Connecticut. 

UNH student Jordan Moser '10, an acoustic singer and 
songwriter, performs on Broadway at College Night in 
New Haven in October 

8 Winter 2007 

Director of International Admissions Joe Spellman, right, 
with Dan Plaut of the ELS Center in Shanghai 

Top Provider of English- 
as-a-Second Language 
Contracts with UNH 

The University has reunited 
with one of the world's 
pre-eminent providers of 
services, ELS, to provide services 
for international students 
who want to improve their 
English-language skills. 

"This will improve our ability 
to attract students who do 
not yet have the proficiency 
in English that they need to 
succeed," says Joe Spellman, 
the University's director of 
International Admissions. 

ELS, which has a superb 
international reputation as 
a provider of English-as-a- 

second-language instruction, 
has recently opened several 
new centers including one in 
Shanghai. Spellman visited the 
Shanghai Center Oct. 3L 

ELS will be housed at Echlin 
Hall, and will offer its first 
on-campus class in fall 2008. 
It will coordinate its operations 
through the University 
College. Art Goon, dean 
of University College, is elated 
at the possibilities inherent in 
the partnership). 

"This opens the door to 
expanding our international 
recruitment, gives us a greater 
international presence, and 
provides greater visibility to our 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs," he says. "It's terrific 
that we have them back." 

Fall Lectures 

Continued from page 5 

Internships Authority to Speak 

Michael True, manager of a national internship listsen/, director of the 
Messiah College Internship Office: "Creating Quality Internships: Best 
Practices for Business, Government and Non-Profit Organizations." 

Emerging International Markets 

Costas Lake, Director, International Affairs, State of Connecticut, 
Department of Economic and Community Development; Usha Haley, 
UNH professor of International Business and director of the Global 
Business Center, and George Haley, UNH professor of Marketing 
and direaor of the Center for International Industry Competitiveness: 
"Entering the New Emerging Markets: International Market Evaluation 
for Management." 

Freshman Study Abroad 

Dennis Nostrand, UNH's vice president for Enrollment Management, 
at the annual conference of the National Association for College 
Admission Counseling in Austin, Texas: "International Study for 
First- Year Students " 

Recognizing Abusive Behavior 

Leila Dutton, UNH assistant professor in The Henry C. Lee College 
of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences: "Relationship Red Flags: 
Recognizing and Controlling Abusive Behavior" 

Politics and Business in China 

Dr Ben Judd, UNH professor and chair of the 
Department of Communication and Marketing: 
"The Political Process of Doing Business in China 

Russia and the Law 

Jonathan Silbert, Conneaicut Superior Court 
judge, and three legal experts from Pskov, 
Russia: "The American and Russian systems 
of law." 

Careers in the Arts 

Theresa Howard, acclaimed dancer and an instructor at the Alvin Alley 
Dance American Dance Theater in Manhattan: "Careers in the arts." 

Lobsters Dying in the Sound 

Dr Carmela Cuomo, UNH associate professor of Biology and 
Environmental Science, former science director at the Atlantic 

States Marine Fisheries Commission: 
"Lobster Die-Off in Long Island 

Digital and Web Marketing 

Peter Franz, award-winning marketer, founder and president 
of Response, LLC, of New Haven and a UNH alumnus, 
and Carolyn Walker, vice president of Client 
Services at Response, LLC: "Digital and 
Web 2.0 Marketing." 


Nayan Chanda, author of the 
critically acclaimed "Bound Together: 
How Traders, Preachers, Adventurers, 
and Warriors Shaped Globalization" 
(Yale University Press, April 2007): 
"Who Is Behind Globalization and 
Is It a Threat?" 

View from the Hill 



Making the Right Moves 

When Brenda Pledger saw 
the negative influences in her 
Baltimore neighborhood start to 
turn their attention to her son, 
she sent the young basketball 
star to live with his paternal 
grandmother in Old Saybrook. 

The move turned out to be a 
huge one, not only for Cassius 
Chaney '10 but also for UNH 
basketball. Without it, the 
Chargers might not count the 
reigning East Coast Conference 
Rookie of the Year among their 
ranks. Cassius won the award 
in 2007 after leading UNH in 
both scoring (18.5 ppg) and 
rebounding (7.9 rpg). 

UNH basketball standout 
Cassius Chaney '10 is the 
reigning East Coast Conference 
Rookie of the Year 

Chaney is quick to give credit 
where credit is due. Ask him 
about his polite demeanor off 
the court, where he'U address 
you as "Mr." or "Ms.," and 
Cassius will tell you "that's just 
how I was raised." He'll also 
give credit to his father, Arthur 
Chaney, for not only his 
manners but his basketball 
skills. Chaney was Arthur's first 
son to play college ball, but not 
the last — brother Allan is 
headed to Division I power 
University of Florida next fall. 

Ask him about the key to his 
success and carrying that 
forward into 2008, and Cassius 
will dole out credit there as well. 

"Everything comes from the 
team," he says. "This year we 
should be a lot deeper and 
have more size. Hopefully 
that means I'll get to do a lot 
more passing." 

World Class Competition 

The following is adapted from a 
story by Assistant Sports Editor 
Bill Clontier in the New Haven 
Register on October 23, 2007. 

It wasn't Robin Salters' goal 
to build an international team. 
UNH's women's volleyball 
coach says it just happened 
that way. But now Salters' goal 
to have her team become 
a national powerhouse in 
volleyball is happening, too. 

This year, UNH was again 
one of the top teams in the 
conference and region, led by 
players from three states and 
five countries. 

Barbados native Rhe-Ann NQes 
"kind of did everything for us 
last year," Salters said. "This 
year, she's had a supporting cast 
around her, and it's made the 
entire team better." 

Graduate student Anicia 
Wood of Barbados was named 
conference player of the week 
several times this season. 
\dding to the global flair are 
Israeli setter Yael Rosner, who 
came to UNH after two years at 
Division I Maryland-Eastern 
Shore, and Barbados natives 
Akilah Phillips and Katrina Ali. 

The Barbados pipeline actually 
began in the 1980's under 
former coach Deborah Chin, 
and since then Salters has 

grabbed women who have 
played on both the junior and 
adult Barbados national teams. 

"We've had a couple of bumps 
in the road, but we're on our 
way to bringing UNH volleyball 
back to the level where it was," 
said Salters, who has taken UNH 
to the Elite Eight six times. 

Barbados native Anicia Wood 
made an immediate impact on 
the UNH lineup, earning First 
Team All-Conference and AVCA 
All-Region honors in her only 
season in blue and gold 

Playing for the USA 

UNH women's basketball player 
Keri-Anne Jetter '08 was seleaed 
to participate in a traveling team 
tour of Italy. Here she shares her 

"When I received an invitation 
to play in the American 
International Sports Invitational, 
my May 23 departure couldn't 
come quick enough. Making 
friends on the plane to Italy was 

10 VVimer2007 

easy; it was a 9 1/2 hour trip. 
We landed in Rome, and we 
were fortunate enough to spend 
the next few days touring 
everything trom the Coliseum 
to Vatican City and everything 
in between. 

Despite being nervous, we won 
our first game. I played great, 
and as a team we played 
amazing together, considering 
no one knew anyone else. 

The next day we drove to the 
Tuscany Region. The scenery 
was like a painting. There were 
flowers everywhere, farms 
surrounding the open fields, 
and wineries throughout. 
Soon it was time to get back to 
business. In our next game we 
came through with another 
win against a professional team. 
Visits to Florence and San 
Marino followed. Our third 
game was against a professional 
team ft'om Italy. It was the 
biggest arena we played in 
so far, and the adrenaline was 
pumping. We went into 
overtime and sadly lost by one 
point. Things went much better 
at our next game. We really 

Guard Keri-Anne Jetter '08 (back 
row, left) shows off the medal 
she won last summer In Italy 
while playing for a team of select 
American collegiate players 

gave it to this team. We were 
so mad for losing that this team 
got the brunt of it. After the 
game, we walked the streets of 
Cuomo to celebrate. 

As we prepped for the 
championship game I was really 
nervous because I wanted to 
win and come home with a 
medal. Our team played well 
again together and it was neck 
and neck the entire game. 
We finally pulled away in the 
last minute and a half and won 
the game by ten. They had 
a party for us at a cafe around 
the corner from where we 
were staying. 

This experience helped me see 
a beautiful country and refine 
my basketball skills. Now I'm 
turning my attention to my 
senior year and helping the 
UNH team capture our third 
straight East Coast Conference 
title and another NCAA 

Football Makes a Comeback: 

Invite to Join Northeast-10 Spotlights 
University's Strong Athletic Potential, 
Academic Profile 

The University has joined a new athletic conference that brings 
football back to campus. 

On Nov. 13, UNH announced it had formally accepted an invitation 
to join the Northeast-10 Conference as a full-time member, effective 
in the fall of 2008. The football team wUl begin competing in 2009. 

"I'm very pleased," says University of New Haven President Steven 
H. Kaplan. "I'm thrilled that we wUl be able to begin competition 
as soon as this fail, particularly because the Northeast-10 provides 
a terrific fit for our athletic programs. It allows us to revive our 
football legacy and compete athletically v«th some of the strongest 
college teams in Division II today. We here at the University of 
New Haven are unquestionably ambitious, and this fits well into 
our continued quest for excellence in all we do." 

With the addition of UNH, this marks the first time since 1999 that 
the Northeast-10 wiU add a member. Franklin Pierce, UMass Lowell, 
Southern Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire and Saint Rose 
joined the conference for the start of the 2000-2001 academic year. 

UNH Athletic Director Deborah Chin is ready. "I never threw 
anything out," she says. "The shoulder pads, 
the sleds, the helmets, the uniforms, 
the kicking nets, they are all stUl here, 
ready for action." 

A legacy will be reborn in 2009 
when the University begins 
football competition in 
the Northeast-10 


View from the Hill 

CHARGER ,ii.n.iiLiM 



2007-2008 Men's Basketball 

W Sfibfit. HcaA Coach 




Dec. 20-21 

at Pepsi/DoubleTree Tournament 

Thurs., Dec. 20 

at Lynn University 



vs. Barry University 


Wed., Jan. 2 

at American International College 


Sat, Jan. 5 



Sat., Jan. 12 

at Dowling College* 


Wed, Jan. 16 



Sun., Jan. 20 



Wed., Jan. 23 



Sat., Jan. 26 



Mon., Jan, 28 



Thurs.Jan. 31 

at Mercy College* 


Sat., Feb. 2 



Wed., Feb. 6 

at Queens College* 


Sat., Feb 9 



Wed., Feb 13 

at New York Institute of Technology* 


Sat., Feb 16 

atAdelphi University* 


Wed., Feb. 20 



Sat., Feb 23 

at C.W. Post* 


Sat., Mar. 1 

at St. Thomas Aquinas College* 


Wed., Mar. 5 

ECC Quarterfinals (on-campus sites) 

Sat., Mar. 8 

at ECC Semifinals (Flushing, N.Y) 

Sun., Mar. 9 

at ECC Finals (Flushing, N.Y) 

March 15, 16 and 18 

NCAA Northeast Regional Championships 

March 26, 27 and 29 

at NCAA Elite Eight (Springfield, Mass.) 

2007-2008 Women's Basketball 

Jessica Smith, Head Coach 




Fri., Dec.21 

at Holy Family University 


Dec. 28-29 

at Surf n' Slam San Diego Hoop Classic 
(San Diego, Calif.) 

Fri., Dec. 28 

vs. Assumption College 


Sat., Dec. 29 

vs. Southern New Hampshire University 


Mon., Dec. 31 

at California State L.A. 


Sat, Jan. 5 



Wed., Jan. 9 



Sat, Jan. 12 

at Dowling College* 


Wed., Jan. 16 



Mon., Jan. 21 



Wed., Jan, 23 



Sat, Jan. 26 



Thurs., Jan. 31 

at Mercy College* 


Sat, Feb. 2 



Wed., Feb. 6 

at Queens College* 


Sat, Feb. 9 



Wed., Feb 13 

at New York Institute of Technology* 


Sat, Feb 16 

atAdelphi University* 


Wed., Feb. 20 



Sat, Feb 23 

at C.W. Post* 


Sat,, Mar. 1 

at St. Thomas Aquinas College* 


Wed., Mar. 5 

ECC Quarterfinals (on campus sites) 

Sat., Mar, 8 

at ECC Semifinals (Flushing, N.Y.) 

Sun., Mar 9 

at ECC Finals (Flushing, N.Y) 

March 14, 15 and 17 

NCAA Northeast Regional Championships 

March 26, 27 and 29 

at NCAA Elite Eight (Kearney Nebraska) 

* East Coast Conference game / Home games in CAPS /All times local to game 


Holly Dawson '11, a native of Banffshire, Scotland, broke the school's 
all-time single-season assists record with 12 in her first season at 
UNH this fall. She helped lead the Chargers women's soccer team to 
its fourth consecutive season of 11 or more victories. For more 
information on UNH athletics, visit 

UNH athletic teams can now play like the pros on the University's 
new S1.3 million turf field, aka Kayo Field, located behind New Hall. 
The field provides playing and practice space for UNH's men's and 
women's soccer teams and women's lacrosse team, as well as for 
the University's strong intramural program. 

12 \VinIcr2007 


View from the Hill 



UNH to Induct Vive into Hall of Fame 

The University of New Haven w^ill induct five former Chargers into the Athletics Hall of Fame on January 25, 2008, 
at a ceremony at Race Brook Country Club. UNH invites alumni and friends of Charger Athletics to join us 
for this special occasion, honoring some of the best in program history. For more information on tickets, please call 
203.932.7016 or 7017 or e-mail 

UNH Athletics Hall of Fame 
Class of 2008 

For complete biographies on each 
of this year's inductees, log on to 

Christine Huber, Basketball 
and Soccer, 1996-2000 

The definition of a two-sport 
star, Huber was a four-time 
all-conference selection and is 
second aU-time in scoring for 
the women's soccer program 
with 63 goals and 144 points. 
Equally adept in basketball, she 
was a three-time aU-conference 
selection and stiU ranks eighth 
in career scoring ( 1,453 points) 
and tenth in career rebounding 

Cazzie Koscioiek, 
Football, 1997 

Koscioiek quarterbacked UNH 
to the national championship 
game in his only season in the 
blue and gold, then moved on 
to a position as an assistant 
coach for the Chargers. He now 

Charger cheerleaders 
entertained the crowd that 
flocked to the University's 
Midnight Madness event 
in October, which kicked off 
the men's and women's 
basketball seasons 

coaches at College of the Holy 
Cross. Koscioiek finished third 
in the voting for the Harlon Hill 
Trophy, Division II's version of 
the Heisman, after passing for 
3,232 yards and 32 touchdowns 
to lead the NCAA's highest- 
scoring offense (43.3 ppg). 

Joe Maher, Men's Soccer 
Coach, 1981-90 

Maher is second all-time in 
program history with 108 
victories in ten seasons, including 
two trips to the NCAA Elite 
Eight and an appearance in the 
NCAA Final Four in 1984. 
He led team to school-record 
six consecutive seasons with 
ten or more wins, including a 
school-record 17 in 1983. 

Kim Schmidt, Softball 
and Women's Volleyball, 

A four-time all-conference 
selection and an all-region pick 
as a senior, Schmidt still ranks 
among the Softball program's 
all-time leaders in seven 
different hitting categories. 
She is the program's career 
leader with 1 5 triples and is in 
the top 10 in career at-bats, hits, 
runs, doubles, RBIs and stolen 
bases. She helped the team to 
a 97-66 record in her four 
seasons. As a defensive specialist, 
Schmidt helped the volleyball 
team to a pair of NCAA Elite 
Eight appearances and one 

berth in the Sweet Sixteen, with 
a combined record of 107-21. 

Robert Skinnon, Baseball, 

The NECC Player of the Year 
in 2000, Skinnon batted .479 
that season and hit exactly .400 
during his four-year career at 
UNH. He is the program's 
aU-time leader in base hits (233), 
led the nation in runs scored 
in 1999, and drove in II 3 runs 
during his career. Led team to a 
103-45-1 record and two NCAA 
appearances, including College 
World Series in '98. 


for the 

Just as a teacher needs 

a syllabus, an entrepreneur 

a business plan and a builder 

a blueprint, universities need 

a^ide to move in the right 

direction. For the University 

of New Haven, that guide is a 

detailed plan, a set of 'Strate^c 

Directions. ' In just a few years, 

those directions have taken 

remarkable shape, in new 

buildings and ambitious 

programs, in bold initiatives 

and expanded opportunities. 

The Strategic Directions 

will continue to unfold, 

creating a University that 

is a paragon of intellectual 

excellence and exploration. 

14 Winlcr 2007 

r — \ 


Strengthen Core Programs 


• Study-abroad programs propel the University into 
one of the top study-abroad providers in the nation. 
Twelve freshmen christen the ground-breaking 
Freshman Study Abroad initiative this past September, 
traveling to Britain's Roehampton University for their 
first semester of college. Next in line: spring-break 
study-abroad programs. 

• Italy's University of Verona and UNH continue a successful study-abroad collaboration 

for students and faculty. Two students studied there this past semester, two more will arrive 
in summer 2008. 

• Professor Ben Judd escorts 24 students to China this past summer for an unmatched 
experiential learning opportunity. 

• Fire Science students study in Australia and England; Criminal Justice students study in Ireland 
and Australia. Forensic Science students will travel to Israel to study in summer 2008. 

• UNH students are learning languages like never before: Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, 
Russian and Spanish draw crowds to classes. 

• Community and campus interest in the University's nascent Theatre program rises 
exponentially The Theatre's latest work, "columbinus," draws standing-room-only audiences 
to Dodds Theatre this fall. 


• The University embarks upon a feasibility study to create a law school. 

• The Tagliatela College of Engineering's innovative Spiral Curriculum, a multi-disciplinary 
approach to engineering education, trains the engineer of the future. 

• The new University College caters to adult learners requiring programs that include 
accelerated, part-time, day and evening courses. 

• The University College's Center for 
Corporate Education coordinates 
cohort graduate programs in the 
four colleges. It also provides 
customized corporate training 
for business and industry. 

• Accelerated-degree programs 
in Accounting, Business 
Administration, Public Administration 
and Liberal Studies begin. 

• The Henry C. Lee College of Criminal 
Justice and Forensic Sciences offers 
a B.S. in International Justice and 
Security, one of the first programs 
of its kind in the nation. 



Lead in Experiential Learning 


• Is recognized as the Northeast Center for 
National Society of Experiential Learning, 
with larger number of faculty certified in 
Experiential Education by the Society than 
any other university in the nation. 

• Starts Summer Undergraduate Research 
Program, funding 1 1 student-faculty 
research collaborations this past summer. 

• Builds leaders: 40 students participate 
in Fall Leadership Education Program, 
62 in First- Year Student Leader 
Training program. 

• Trains tomorrow's business owners at the on-campus Hazell Nut Cafe, named 
for Jeffery Hazell '83 B.S., University alumnus who established Hazell Center for 
Hospitality Sales and Event Management. 

• Sends Dental Hygiene students to Romania, Honduras and South Dakota to 
work with impoverished children, and to New Orleans to provide services as 
city rebuilds after Hurricane Katrina. 

Sponsors Small Business Days in New Haven's West River community, engaging 
residents in local economic initiatives. 

Places 186 students in service opportunities throughout Greater New Haven. 

Elects 14 students as Public Service Fellows, who then work at community 
and public-service agencies throughout the area. 

Completes a student-run survey and market analysis for West River that 
identifies potential small businesses and entrepreneurs within the community. 

Winter 2007 



Develop the Whole Student 

Faculty and students interact outside classroom through Faculty And Students 
Together (RA.S.I). 

Students who share majors also share living quarters, off-campus trips, 
and custom advising in Living and Learning Communities (L.LC.)- 

• Academic Peer Mentor program begins; 
peer mentors move into residence halls. 

• Common Read program selects one book 
for entire campus to read, to encourage 
critical thought and community. 

• U N H makes a slam-dunk for school spirit with 
acceptance into the Northeast-1 Conference: 
football to return in 2009. 

• University develops orientation program 
for parents of incoming students with 
disabilities; Disability Resources Office receives 
gift to buy technology that provides access for 
students with disabilities. 

• Freshman Honors Program begins; 
elicits tremendous response. 

• First-year Music majors learn on-site 
about careers in their chosen fields. 

• In concert with the New Haven Symphony, 
now housed at UNH, the University 
showcases classical artists on campus 
through its Arts@Night program. 



Invest in Facilities and Technolo^ 
to Support Growth 

The $1 5.5 million David A. Beckerman Recreation Center opens. A glass- 
enclosed running track, multi-use athletic courts, state-of-the-art exercise 
machines, student lounges and a juice bar are part of the experience. 

A $40 million suite-style residence hall equipped with 400 beds is slated 
to open in fall 2009. 

Architectural designs, above, are complete for the Henry C. Lee Institute of 
Forensic Science, to be built on campus in 2008. 

Smart Classrooms appear throughout campus, with the Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. 
Learning Center for Finance and Technology simulating a trading-room floor 
as the showcase. || f 

• UNH teams begin to use new $1 .3 million turf field 
behind New Hall, left. 

• Additions and renovations to Buckman Hall include 
new laboratories, office suites, classrooms and a new 
microscope for nanotechnology research. 

• New Arson Burn Lab, to enhance Fire Science program, 
~ built in Echlin barn. 

University opens extended campus at Saw Mill Road in West Haven to house 
graduate classrooms and faculty offices. 

UNH renovates second floor of Echlin Hall to further 
enhance services to graduate and evening students. 

Concept of a University of New Haven Magnet 
School for Science and Engineering takes shape; 
federal money allocated for school to accommodate 
grades six through twelve, beginning in fall 2008 
with a sixth-grade class. 

Winter 2007 

The College of 
Arts and Sciences 

Bach, Beethoven 
and Brahms: 

The New Haven Symphony 
Brings The Classics to Campus 

On a campus long 
known tor its 
educational — and 
social — emphasis on popular 
music, classical music stole 
the show this semester. 

The New Haven Symphony 
Orchestra and the University 
announced a two-year 
partnership in which the 
Symphony vnR reside at the 
University. The Symphony 
will rehearse on campus, Music 
Director William Boughton 
will be available to lecture to 
students, a campus music series 
will be announced in the near 
future and internships with the 
Symphony will be created, says 
Natalie Forbes, the Symphony's 
Executive Director. 

"The students will be able to 
experience the product from day 
one to the concert hall," she says. 
"We are molding the symphony 
audiences of tomorrow." 

The Symphony lost its lease with 
the Community Foundation of 
Greater New Haven earlier this 
year, which left it considering 
a variety of options. Anemone 
Schweizer-Kaplan, the wife 

of UNH President Steven H. 
Kaplan, serves on the 
Symphony's board, which 
moved Forbes and other 
members of the Symphony staff 
to approach President Kaplan 
about using space on campus. 

"UNH is moving fonvard and 
is in the news, and people think 
very highly of the work Steve 
has done since he has been 
here," Forbes says. "Clearly, a 
college campus is a place where 
there is extraordinary vitality, 
and once we approached Steve 
things snowballed. It's just a lot 
of positive momentum." 

The benefits to the campus 
community are numerous, says 
Dr. GuiUermo Mager, of UNH 's 
Department of Visual and 
Performing Arts. "This is a 
very welcome addition to the 
offerings at the University," 
Dr. Mager says. "Students will 
now have direct access to the 
great works of music literature." 

New Haven Symphony Music 
Director William Boughton 

The College 
0/ Business 

Entrepreneurial Students Can Find 
Start-Up Help Right on Campus 

It once was that students 
were the entrepreneurs of 
tomorrow. But now, with 
Facebook and YouTube valued in 
the billions, it looks like students 
have graduated to become 
the entrepreneurs of today, 
leapfrogging the years of 
experience once beHeved 
necessary to make it in business. 

Andre Yap, managing director 
of the venture firm Ynnovation 
Groupe and founder of the 

"I'm not just 
doing it for a 
grade or to get 
credits. CUBED 
is helping me 
build a strong 

Amy Desmamis '08 


Center for University- Based 
Enterprise & Development 
(CUBED), sat in a room at 
The College of Business recently 
with aspiring businesswoman 
Amy Desmarais '08 B.S., 
working their way through 
Desmarais' Travel 2.0 Start-Up. 
"We're looking beyond Priceline, 
Orbitz, and your first generation 
of 'travel shopping' models, and 
exploring new frontiers using 
social networks, media and 
technologies to revolutionize 
travel," Yap says. 

The brains behind the College 
of Business's groundbreaking 
program. Yap says CUBED will 

guide entrepreneurs through 
the art and science of Internet 
start-ups. CUBED's flagship 
program is the Venture Quest, 
a 12-month program that 
requires entrepreneurs to 
hurdle 12 milestones to secure 
venture funding. 

"I'm not just doing it for a 
grade or to get credits," says 
Desmarais, who intends to 
run her own company by the 
time she graduates in May. 
"CUBED is helping me build 
a strong business." 

With four participants this 
semester, Yap is projecting 
20 slots for the 2008 
Venture Quest, open to 
anyone — including 
alumni and the 
general public — 


interested in starting the next 
billion-dollar company. "Our 
goal is to discover world-class 
entrepreneurs and to work 
with them to start-up, finance 
and bring to market great 
companies," Yip says. 

For Desmarais, CUBED is 
paving the way for far more 
than a job and a paycheck after 
graduation. "CUBED has 
helped me realize what it will 
take to turn my concept into 
reality," Desmarais says. "I'm 
working toward my dreams and 
my passion, and overcoming 
the obstacles along the way." 

More information on CUBED 
Venture Quest is available at 

Student Amy Desmarais with 
Andre Yap, founder of the Center 
for University-Based Enterprise 
& Development (CUBED) 

College o/ Criminal Justice 
and Forensic Sciences 

Combine New Technology and a Seasoned Pro: 
New Frontiers Emerge 

Fourteen years in the 
Connecticut Forensic 
Science Laboratory, the 
state body charged with all 
forensic investigations 
statewide, has not robbed 
forensic scientist Virginia 
Maxwell of a sunny demeanor. 
Neither has it dimmed her 
dogged determination to get to 
the core of a case. 

New technology has helped 
pave an easier path. A maker of 
material identification systems, 
XStream, has loaned an X-ray 
diffractometer to the Henry C. 
Lee Institute of Forensic Science 
to investigate whether the 
machine can be applied to 
forensic mysteries. It is able 
to identify distinctions in types 
of materials by analyzing the 
crystal structure. 

"It's a verf unusual instrument 
to have in forensics," Dr. Maxwell 
says. "It is bringing a whole new 

"It's a very unusual 
instrument to 
have in forensics. 
It is bringing a 
whole new level 
of discrimination 
in samples into 
trace evidence 

level of discrimination in samples 
into trace evidence work." 

Dr. Maxwell — with her 
background in chemistr\' and 
forensics - is just the woman to 
be operating it. From a family 
of physicians in Nottingham, 
England, she attended the 
University of Liverpool — 
birthplace of the Beades — 
where she became intrigued 
with forensic science after 
hearing a lecture by a prominent 
British forensic scientist from 
the Forensic Science Service. 

After getting her bachelor's 
degree in chemistry, Dr. Maxwell 
earned a Ph.D. in physical 
chemistry with a specialty 
in electrochemistry at Oxford 
University. The Canadian 
Department of National 
Defense awarded her a fellowship 
to the Royal Military College 
in Kingston, Ontario. 

Sometimes, where one works 
is decided by job availability, 
or proximity to family. For 
Dr. Maxwell, it was personal. She 
met her husband, a Glastonbur\' 
lavn-er, through a mutual friend, 
and moved to Connecticut. 
She found a job at Yale for 
a year researching cutaneous 
T-cell lymphomas, then took 
the job at the state lab. 

"I had no idea that in the future 
I would end up in a forensics 
lab, or abroad," she says, her 
British accent still ringing clear 
despite having lived in the 
United States for many years. 

"I went from a quiet research 
lab at Yale to a place where just 
about anything could land on 
my desk. It was a real awakening, 
especially coming from Britain, 
where there was relatively no 
gun crime whatsoever. It was 
very different, but I loved it." 
She collected evidence at crime 
scenes and analyzed it, and 
served as an expert witness. But 
as lead criminalist in the state lab 

supervising the trace evidence 
section, she was working on 
cases all the time. Fier research 
interests went untended. 

With her new work as an 
associate professor at the 
University, those concerns are 
abated. Here, she is able to 
research and teach. 

"I do love it," she says. 


The Tagliatela 

College of 

Just like "The Jetsons " 
Brainy Engineers Build 
Robots of the Future 

Robots are like people. They are skeletons linked by chains, 
which can be likened to bones. Although they literally lack 
flesh, blood and — perhaps most importantly — brains, 
those deficiencies are compensated fully by the University's 
Robotics Club. As any Robotics Club meeting will prove, there 
are plenty of brains in attendance. 

This semester, the club is designing and building from scratch 
a robotic fuel-cell lawnmower equipped with GPS. The beauty of 
the mower, unlike robotic vacuum cleaners that zip erratically 
through Uving rooms like dogs trying to break through invisible 
fences, is that the GPS orders the robot to mow in straight lines. 
Waves are fine in the ocean, but lawns — or rather, their owners — 
demand straight lines. 

Such projects are the focus of research for robotics clubs at some 
of the nation's most prestigious universities. For Michael FolcLk '09 
Computer Engineering, who started UNH's club in 2005 after years 
of tinkering with Lego robots and electronics, the club's growing 
popularity is a testament to the talent on the University of New 
Haven campus. 

"We are working on a project that only the most advanced and 
established robotics programs in the country vvould even consider," 
Folcik says. "I want this project to stand out in the realm of robotics." 

He and Michael Monico '09 Mechanical Engineering, the club's vice 
president, have been working on robotics projects since the club's 
inception. Together they designed and bulk a firefighting robot for a 
2006 robotics competition held at Trinity College. Applying theory 
to practice in Robotics Club, they believe, gives them a leg up. 

"You can certainly sit in class and do calculations and solve problems, 
but when we're sitting down and working in Robotics Club, there's 
no information being given to us," Monico says. "It's pulling on 
what we've learned to complete a project as intricate as this one." 

Folcik agrees. "We really do get to apply the things we've learned 
in class," he says, "and it has made everybody involved more 
well-rounded as an engineer." 

Michael Folcik '09. left, president of the Robotics Club, with vice 
president Michael Monico '09 

22 Winter 2007 

Notable Alumni 

From Golf Balls to Landscape Lighting, 
There's an Opportunity Around Every Corner 

Tom Wilkinson '89 B.S., Business 
Administration, is a man who 
began working when he was a boy, 
and will perhaps be working when he is a 
retiree. Certainly, the work attracts him. 
But it's the opportunity that shouts to him. 

He first caught a gUmpse of opportunity 
when he was just a boy. He lived across the 
street from a golf course, where nearly new 
balls went unclaimed all over the course's 
lawns. He gathered them up, washed them 
off and sold them each for 50 cents to a 
dollar. He was his own boss, and he liked 
the feeling. "From the time I was 10, 1 was 
working hard to make money," he says. 

After his first foray into entrepreneurship, 
he began founding or acquiring companies 
the way other men collect cars. Wliile still a 
student at UNH, he founded a maintenance 
company in which his doctor and his 
dentist were among his first clients. He 
remembered a realization he had in a 
marketing class about name significance: 
"I knew it was better to be at the beginning 
of the first column in the Yellow Pages," 
he says. Hence his company's name: 
Advantage Maintenance Inc. 

He graduated and acquired a company 
that cleans carpets, another that repairs 
exercise equipment, and another that 
specializes in air quality. A do-it-yourselfer, 
he tinkered with landscape lighting at his 

"From the time I 
was 10,1 was working 
hard to make money" 

own home, decided a lucrative market 
existed for the product, and became 
a franchisee for a major landscape 
lighting company. 

A head for management, an unparalleled 
work ethic and tremendous persistence — 
"When you are a businessperson, you don't 

take no for answer. I keep going until 
I get to yes," he says — has made for 
a successful career. He's far from done, 
though. "I'm conservative; I enjoy risk 
that I can manage," he says. "If it's a good 
opportunity and preferably related to the 
core business, I'll go for it." 

UNH alumnus Tom Wilki 
in his offices in Woodbridge 


Alumni News 

A Message from the Alumni Association President 

There is a place for you at the University of New Haven: a place for your energy and your 
talents. Where do you fit into the blueprint? 

The University has a plan, and it is an ambitious one. But it needs tremendous support. 
That support comes from many places. For me, as head of the University of New Haven 
Alumni Association, I recognize that alumni are a primary source of support. We need 
your time, your skills and your spirit. 

All that you have to offer will be passed to students, faculty and parents. Your enthusiasm 
infects others. It keeps students engaged, emboldens faculty, and attracts parents to the mix. 

I know you've heard some of the news regarding the University's growth. President Steve 
Kaplan announced this fall that the Northeast- 10 has invited UNH to become a member, 
a move that will bring back football. He also announced that the University is studying 
the feasibility of opening a law school. 

He has been announcing so many initiatives this fall that it's hard to keep up! A new turf 
field was created behind New Hall, the construction of a new residence hall was announced, 
the New Haven Symphony moved its administrative offices to the UNH campus and 
the fabulous David A. Beckerman Recreation Center has opened. 

For those of you who contributed to this year's Hill Fund, thank you for setting a record! 
Your donation will support the construction of a building to house The Henry C. Lee 
Institute of Forensic Science. For those of you who did not yet contribute, please consider 
supporting the myriad of initiatives at UNH. 

Your alma mater is growing and changing. Step on board this fast-moving 
train and feel the energy. Your University needs you! 

4L«- (9^ 

Linda Olbrys '01 E.M.B.A. 

uood Deals 

for the 2007-2008 academic year is 
good through the third graduate 
trimester beginning in April. 
Eligible alumni must have graduated 
with a baccalaureate degree from 
the University of New Haven to 
be eligible for one of the following 
at the graduate level: 

• Receive $250 off each course — 
for students with a GPA 3.5 or 
higher or 

• Receive $1 50 off each course — 
for all other UNH students. 

Specific terms apply. For more 
details, please contact the Graduate 
Admissions Office at 203.932.7448 
or 203.932.7449. 

UNH also offers application fee 
waivers to any prospective 
undergraduate student whose 
parent(s) graduated from UNH. 
For more details on how to obtain 
application fee waivers, please 
contact the Office of Undergraduate 
Admissions at 1-800-342-5864, 
extension 7319 or email 






Marie R. Accrino '70 B.S. 


Linda Olbrys '01 E.M.B.A. 

Michael H. Ambrose '84 B.S. 



Stephanie Avallonc '04 E.M.B.A, 


Richard Perusi '73 B.S. 

Shontae Corey '04 B.S., '05 M.S. 



Stella Damoah "07 M.B.A. 


Richard Toce '01 E.M.B.A. 

loseph Danao '04 M.S. 



Andrew Dinkel'Ol B.S. 


Mary Russell '78 B.A. 

Wilkingson Germain '04 B.S. 



Lawrence Grab '01 E.M.B.A. 


Lawrence Grab '01 E.M.B.A. 

Hanna Kalliala '05 M.B.A. 


layson Kneen '00 B.S. 


Winter 2007 

Togi Kuttamperoor '99 M.B.A. 
Derick LaTorre '07 B.A. 
Ramona Nichols '00 M.A. 
Robert Noonan '82 M.A. 
Linda Olbrys '01 E.M.B.A. 
Richard Perusi '73 B.S. 
Gale Plancon 'GO M.S. 
Kimberly Rowland '99 B.S. 
Mary Russell '78 B.A. 
Lawrence Spellacy '66 B.S. 
Richard Toce '01 E.M.B.A. 
lason Vasilakos '03 B.S. 

300 Boston Post Road 
West Haven, CT 065 16 
Phone: 203.932.7270 
Fax: 203.931.6020 

Class Notes 

The College of 
Arts and Sciences 


Queensbury, N.Y. resident Amy 
C. Merchant '90 M.A., Industrial/ 
Organizational Psychology, was 
named to human resources 
officer with Glens Falls National 
Bank and Trust Company. 
Merchant joined the bank in 2001 
as a recruiting specialist and was 
promoted to benefits associate in 
2003 and benefits manager in 
2004. Merchant has been involved 
in the lob Discovery Planning 
Committee and the Tri-County 
United Way for several years. 

Woodbury resident Susan V. Lang 

'96 M.S., Education, was chosen as 
one of 65 teachers to participate 
in Mark Twain and the "Impolite 
Nation:" Using Mark Twain's Work 
to Teach About Race in America, 
a workshop sponsored by the 
National Endowment for the 
Humanities. Lang is an eighth 
grade social studies teacher at 
Newtown Middle School. 

Hudson, N.H. resident 
Anna-Louise Dubois '99 M.S., 
Education, joins the staff of 
Hudson elementary schools as a 
fifth grade teacher at Nottingham 
West Elementary. Dubois 
previously taught third and fifth 
grade at Library Street School 
over a three year span and fourth 
grade at Nottingham West for 
two years. 

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Barbara Esposito '99 B.A., English, 
a resident of East Haven for more 
than 60 years and one of the 
founders of the Friends of the 
East Haven Hagaman Library, 
was honored with the Individual 
Achievement Award for exceptional 
library service and lifetime 
achievement by the Friends of 
Connecticut Libraries. Esposito 
helped to establish the Friends of 
the East Haven Hagaman Library 
in 1999. She volunteers for the 
East Haven Historical Society and 
the East Haven Food Pantry. 


Dayville resident Christopher J. 

Farmer '01 B.A., Political Science, 
'04 M.S., National Security, 
is founder and president of 

OPORD Analytical. Farmer is a 
member of the Association for 
Intelligence Officers and listed in 
Marquis Who's Who in the 
World, and Marquis Who's Who in 
America. An expert on terrorism, 
revolutionary theory and emerging 
revolutionary movements, 
ideology linguistics and political 
violence. Farmer has been 
attempting to decode the ciphers 
by the infamous Zodiac killer. 

Patricl< T. McMahon 05 M.P.A., 
Personnel and Labor Relations, 
has been appointed deputy 
chief of the Middletown Police 
Department. McMahon served in 
the Norwich Police Department 
for 18 years before becoming 
deputy chief of the Groton City 
Police Department in 2003. A 

Distance Makes No Difference 
to UNH Friends 

Matthew Jackowicz 01 M.B.A., and Mohamed Achour 01 

M.B.A., who became close friends during their days at UNH, 
have maintained their friendship through e-mail, cell phone 
calls and actual visits despite the thousands of miles that 
separate them. Achour is an entrepreneur in Rabat, Morocco; 
lackowicz lives and works in Grand Prairie, Texas. Since 
their time at UNH, Jackowicz has visited Achour in Morocco 
four times. 


Norwich resident, McMahon was 
an officer in the San Diego Police 
Department and served four years 
in the U.S. Marine Corps as a 
combat engineer before joining 
the Norwich force. 

New Haven resident Ashley R. 
Abate '07 B.A., Psychology, will 
compete in the 79th annual Miss 
Connecticut Scholarship Pageant. 
Abate holds the title of Miss 
New Haven County. For her 
community service platform, 
Abate promotes the work of Dress 
for Success of Mid-Fairfield and 
New Haven counties. 


Pamela L. Miscia 05 M.A., 
Psychology, and Jeremy M. Carlson 

— May 27, 2007 

Ruben D. Taveras '04 B.A., 

Communication, and Kari Gonyo 

— December 31, 2006 


Greta Dias-Nolan '97 B.A., 
Graphic Design, '98 M.S., 
Education, and Christopher 
Nolan, son — Aiden E. Nolan, 
August 7, 2007 


William F. Gillette, Jr. '67 B.A., 

Political Science, '92 M.B.A., 
International Business 

Regina V. Desireo '70 B.A., English 

Along with the numerous 
accomplishments of Dr. Joseph 
Deleeuw '78 B.S., whose obituary 
appeared in the summer issue 
of the Alumni Magazine, was 
the granting of the University's 
Distinguished Alumni Award in 
2001. Dr. Deleeuw, a longtime 
Connecticut businessman who 
earned his bachelor's degree with 


(f V, tJh .1.*- 

Class Notes 


honors from the University of 
New Haven when he was 60, then 
earned his medical degree and 
opened a clinic catering primarily 
to impoverished children 
in Florida, died lanuary 14. 
He was 89. 

The College 
o/ Business 


Los Lunas, NM resident Nedra 
W.DenisonVl B.S., Public 
Administration, retired from the 
Department of Veterans Affairs 
after 33 years of service. 

Alexander Carpp '78 M.P.A., 
Public Administration, was 
named first president and chief 
executive of Choose Worcester Inc., 
a nonprofit organization created 
to market Worcester, Mass., to 
employers. Carpp has spent most 
of his career in government. 
He was with the Connecticut 

Department of Economic and 
Community Development since 
1 999, last serving as executive 
director of the Connecticut office 
of strategic competitiveness. 
Before that, he served as director 
of economic development for 
the town of Suffield, where he 
now lives. 


Guilford resident Renee A. Landry 

'82 A.S., Business Administration, 
joined the Guilford office of 
RE/MAX Alliance. Formerly 
with William Raveis, Landry 
specializes in residential sales, 
new home construction, land 
development, commercial 
properties, and antiques. Landry 
is an active member of the 
Connecticut Association of 
Realtors and the Midshore 
Association of Realtors. 

New London resident William M. 
Cornish '86 B.S., Business 
Administration, owns and 
operates Cornish Contracting and 
Real Estate. Cornish previously 
worked for Southern New England 

I UNH student Stacey Longo and fiance John Harris enjoy the camaraderie 
~ at the Universit/s Southeastern Campus Alumni picnic Sept. 29 

Telecommunications Corp. for 
28 years. Cornish serves as 
chairman of the New London 
City Council's public works 
committee and is a member of 
the economic development 
committee and finance committee. 
He is a founding member of the 

board of directors of Rente 
Cultural Center. 

Carissa M. Neubig '88 M.B.A., 
Management and Organization, 
of Wallingford, the former chief 
operating officer of Gaylord 
Hospital in Wallingford, has been 

Gather in 

While participating recently in a university recruiting fair 
in Nanning, China, Joseph Spellman, the University's 
director of International Admissions, visited with many 
of the 35 University of New Haven alumni who live in 
Guangxi Province, China, most of whom work for either 
the Guangxi provincial government or the city government 
of Nanning. Alumni including Cindy Yang arranged for the 
recruiters, as well as some embassy officials from various 
countries, to attend a dinner hosted by Shao Bowen, 
the Vice-Chairman, Secretary General of the Standing 
Committee of the People's Congress of Guangxi Zhuang 
Autonomous Region. Shao, although not an alum, was 
influential in helping many of the students attend UNH 
to study for a master's degree in Public Administration. 
"It was truly an amazing experience and very special for 
me," Spellman says. "1 had met most of these people 
when they were students." In the group photo, Spellman is 
pictured in the back row, third from left. Second photo, 
Shao Bowen, left, and loseph Spellman. 


Winter 2007 

Class Notes 

tapped as executive director of 

worked in senior management 

Senior Whole Health, a Medicare 

roles at Main Street Hotels in 

Advantage special needs plan 

Cheshire, Projects, Inc., in 

serving Medicare/Medicaid 

Glastonbury and the Napier 

Deneficiaries in New Haven, 

Company in Meriden. 

Hartford, and Middlesex counties. 

Neubig is a current board member 


of the Wallingford Education 

Foundation and the Quinnipiac 

Halsted Communications 

Chamber of Commerce. She was 

promoted Daniel J. McCann '02 

selected as one of the New Haven 

M.S., Labor Relations, of 

Business Times' "20 Noteworthy 

East Haven, to director of labor 

Women" for 2004. 

and government relations. 


Bristol resident Charlie E. Oropeza 

'02 E.M.B.A., was appointed 

John D. "Buzz" Kanter '90 

group managing director and 

E.M.B.A., of New Canaan, is 

chief executive officer of 

publisher and editor-in-chief 

Malaysia's Hong Leong Assurance 

for TAM Communications in 

(HLA). Prior to joining HLA, 

Stamford, which publishes 

Oropeza was the chief executive 

American Iron Magazine and 

officer of Prudential Life 

Road Bike. Kanter will be the 

Assurance Indonesia and the 

leader of the Kick-It Ride, a 

CEO of Prudential Vietnam 

fundraiser for the American 

Assurance, and brings with him 

Cancer Societ)'. 

25 years of international life and 

general insurance, mutual funds 

The Norwich Bulletin promoted 

and consumer finance experience 

Plantsville resident Thomas L. 

to HLA. 

Marino '94 E.M.B.A., to human 

resources director. Marino joined 

The Shelton accounting firm of 

the Bulletin in 2005 as human 

Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & 

resources manager. He previouslv 

Sterczala, PC, has promoted Peter 




!#' ■ 



^ ^'' 


Caren Bartlett '83 B.S., Jack McQuillan '57 A.S., and Taryn Scencia, 
a friend of Bartlett's, along with more than 70 alumni, family and 
friends, enjoyed the Second Annual UNH Alumni Night with the 
New Haven Cutters. 

Connecticut Governor Selects 
Alumnus To Head Agency 

Ned Bowman '81 B.S., Business, 

'93 E.M.B.A., of Southbury, was 

recently appointed chairman of 

Connecticut Innovations, Inc., 

a quasi-state agency that fuels the 

Connecticut economy through 

a variety of investment strategies. 

Bowman, the former owner of 

Village Oil Co., is a member 

of the board of directors of the 

Independent Connecticut 

Petroleum Association, an organization of local home 

heating oil and gasoline distributors. He was elected to the 

Cheshire Town Council in November 1994 and served until 

March 1997. "It's quite an honor, handling the venture capital 

and clean energy for the state of Connecticut," Bowman 

said recently. "1 have a great staff, and a lot of good things 

are happening." 

B. Tomaino '03 M.S., Taxation, 
of Danbury, to tax manager. 

Richard W. Pecka 04 M.B.A., 
Marketing, of Milford, was 
elected supreme president of 
the Sons of Pericles during the 
American Hellenic Educational 
Progressive supreme convention. 
Pecka works for BIC USA Inc. 

Lincoln, RI resident Bradford D. 
Avenia '05 M.S., Management 
of Sports Industries, accepted 
the position of coordinator 
of intramurals at Southeast 
Louisiana State University. 


Elaine Bonean and Alexander 
Sangiovanni '92 B.S., Business 
Administration, '98 M.B.A., 
Management and Organization 
— lune 2, 2006 

Kimberly M. Lunt and 
Michael M. Dugas '93 M.B.A., 
Telecommunications — 
luly 1,2006 


Clifford J. Bernier '83 A.S., 
Business Administration, '88 B.S., 
Business Administration, '94 
M.S., Education 

Marcella Cornacchia '01 M.S., 
Health Care Administration 

David S. Earley '90 M.B.A., 
Health Care Management 

Gary J. Foley '75 B.S., Hotel and 
Restaurant Management 

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Class Notes 

Alumnus Battles Arctic Fires 



John Cassidy "04 B.S., Fire Science and Criminal lustice, a 
firefighter with Raytheon Polar Services, is fighting fires in 
Antarctica in a contracted firefighting position at McMurdo 
Station. Cassidy left the United States Aug. 25 for Antarctica, 
and expects to return in late February or early March 2008. 

A former substitute teacher in the Monticello School District 
in New York, Cassidy has been a volunteer firefighter for 
more than 10 years. During a chance conversation while 
taking courses at the New York Fire Academy, he learned 
of the Antarctica opportunity and pursued it. He is now 
maintaining a written and photographic journal of his 
experience at "It's still hard to 
believe I'm in Antarctica," he said recently. "It's a beautiful 
area and I can't believe I actually made it." 

B Deaths 

S John E. McLaine '85 M.P.A., Public 

3 Administration 

I Donald J. O'Hare '79 E.M.B.A. 

"^ Thomas B. Peterson '52 A.S., Busi- 

J ness .Administration 

J James C. Randall '86 M.B.A., 

^ Management and Organization 


p Susan E. Smith '83 B.S., Financial 

i Accounting 

The Henry C. Lee 

College o/ Criminal Justice 

and Forensic Sciences 


Fred E. Tarca "77 M.S., Criminal 
lustice, of Branford has been 
promoted to associate vice 
president of information services 

for administration and operations 

at Quinnipiac University. Tarca 
joined the university in 1999 
and was previously the director 
of information technology 


Patrick L. Cote '85 M.S., Criminal 
lustice, published Police Chief 
Managing Success, a book about 
successful police management 
practices. Cote, who lives in 
Casa Grande, Ariz., is a private 
investigator and a criminal 
justice faculty member at the 
University of PhoenLx. Before 
retiring from municipal police 
work, he was a police chief 
for 1 1 years in New Hampshire, 
Arizona, and Colorado. 


Gerald D. Narowski '98 A.S., 
Crimmal lustice, '99 B.S., 
Criminal lustice, '01 M.S. 
Forensic Science, of Derby, 
is serving as the advisor for 
a new forensic science class 
that will be offered in the Derby 
School District. 


Milford resident Scott M. GarbatI 

'00 B.S., Arson Investigation, '00 
B.S., Fire Science, began his career 
as a firefighter with North Haven. 
While working as a health and 
safety officer at a diagnostic lab, 
Garbati was a volunteer firefighter 
for the Allingtown Fire Department 
in West Haven for 8 years. 

The East Haven Rotary Club 
presented a Public Safety Award 
to police detective Troy Raccuia 
'00 B.S., Criminal lustice, of 
Guilford. Raccuia recently retired 
after 20 years on the job and was 
honored for his contributions 
over the years. 

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Avon resident Joseph Spelch 05 

B.S., Fire Science, accepted a 
firefighter/paramedic position 
vn&i the University of Connecticut 
Health Center Fire Department 
located in Farmington. 

Weston, Mass., resident Justin 
Woodside '05 B.S., Fire Science, 
was promoted to lieutenant 
of the Weston Fire Department. 

Cumberland, Maine resident 
Christopher J. Burgess 06 B.S., 
Fire Science, is a part-time reserve 
officer with the Cumberland 
Police Department. Burgess has 
completed 100 hours of police 
training and has a certificate 
of eligibility from the Maine 
Criminal lustice Academy. He is 
also a volunteer firefighter and 
EMT in Cumberland and works 
for Blue Hill Pyrotechnic. 

Woodside, N.Y. resident Amanda 
Ogborne '06 B.S., Criminal 
lustice, accepted a position as an 
investigator with the New York 
City Department of Buildings 
Inspector General's office. 

Nicole M. Ruggiero '07 M.S., 
Forensic Science, of SelbyviUe, 
Del., joined the Ocean City 
Police Department as a crime 
scene technician. 


Christina D. Batastini and Francis 
J. Sheehan III '96 B.S., Criminal 
Justice — lune 29, 2007 

ludy M. Roberts and David M. 
Velapoldi '01 B.S., Fire Science — 
June 28, 2007 

28 Winter 2007 

Class Notes 


The University held Its inaugural brunch for alumni who are relatives 
of current students, in conjunction with Family Day 2007 sponsored 
by the Office of Student Activities. Participating were, from left to 
right, Igor Lobotsky '94, M.B.A., Diane Greiner, Ted Greiner '82, B.S., 
Andrew Greiner, '11, Rob Greiner. 

Gina M. Lucarelli 04 B.S., Criminal 
Justice, and Marc A. Fongemie — 
June 24, 2006 


RobertJ.Wasel,Sr. '78A.S., 

Criminal Justice 

The Tagliatela 


Robert E. Gustafson 77 B.S., Me- 
clianical Engineering, has joined 
Manchester Wholesale Distribu- 
tors as information technology 
manager. Gustatson brings 30 
years of information technology 
experience, including managing 
major technology projects for 
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and 

Northeast Utilities. He resides in 
Kensington, NH. 


Raymond J. Huey '81 A.S., 
Engineering Science, '92 B.S., 
Electrical Engineering, of Orange, 
is chief executive officer of 
Z-Medica Corp. in Wallingford. 
Huey's background includes 
a variety of positions in the 
medical and engineering arenas 
with Timex Corp.'s medical 
products division, Biodyne, 
American Home Products' 
Corometrics Medical Systems, 
and General Electric. 


old Saybrook resident Gregory J. 
Smith '91 B.S., Mechanical 
Engineering, has been named 
chief operating officer of Lewmar 
USA, the U.S. subsidiary of the 
international marine equipment 

supplier, and president of Navtec 
Corporation, Inc., Lewmar's 
rigging division. Smith is the 
former director of operations 
for General Electric Aviation's 
Times Microwaves Systems. Prior 
to General Electric, Smith had 
his own manufacturing business 
and was general manager ot 
the Windsor division of Barnes 
Group, Inc., an aerospace 
component manufacturer. 

Christoper R. Zito '99 M.S., 
Cellular and Molecular Biology, 
of Middletown, joins Xavier to 
teach science courses, moderate 
the Columbian Squires, and work 
as assistant technology director. 
Zito gained his experience as a 
teaching assistant at UNH and 
Wesleyan University and as an 
adjunct professor at Albertus 
Magnus College. 


Ledyard resident David J. 
Gruszowski '07 B.S., Industrial 

Engineering, received his degree 
at age 50 to further his career 
with Northrop Grumman 
Newport News, a Virginia-based 
shipbuilding firm. 


Lee J. Crepeau '94 M.S., 
Computer and Information 
Systems, and Tina M. Vasaturo 
— May 12, 2007 


Peter J. Bertier '50 AS., 

Konnie P. Fedeyko '77 M.S., 
Industrial Engineering 

David E. Ostrom '42 A.S., 
Engineering Science 

Julie T. Wood '79 A.S., General 
Studies ( Julie formerly was 
a retired secretary with the 
UNH engineering department) 


An alumni breakfast was held on August 21 at United Illuminating 
in New Haven, where nearly 75 UNH alumni are currently working, 
including Susan Winkel '93 M.B.A., and Diane Pivirotto '96 M.S. 



ispiay rour uNH Spirit 

Ceramic mugs: green, pink, 
royal blue, yellow, orange & 
navy, $7.95 

UNH "Somebody Loves Me" 
plush bear, $14.00 

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School spirit pennant 9x27, 


School spirit pennant w/ 
Charger logo, $6.95 

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We accept MC, Visa, Discover and 
AMEX. Or visit us online at 

Additional items are available. 
Items subject to availability. 

a Blueprint 


2006-2007 DONOR REPORT 














Provost and Senior Vice President 
for Academic and Student Affairs 

Associate Vice President 
for Human Resources 

Vice President for 
Enrollment Management 

Vice President for Facilities 

Associate Vice President for 
Advancement Operations 

Vice President for Finance 

The College of Business 

The Tagliatela College 
of Engineering 

The University College 

Associate Provost for Student 
Affairs and Dean of Students 

The Henry C. Lee College 
of Criminal Justice 
and Forensic Sciences 

The College of Arts & Sciences 

/>• ;y^ 


-•. * 



Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. 

'85 E.M.B.A., Chairman of the Board 

Philip H.Bartels, Vice 
Chairman of the Board 

Richard C. Flath '82 M.A. 
Colin J. Foster 
Armando Garcia '79 B.S. 


Philip Batchelor '04 E.M.B.A., '07 M.S. 

Jeffery P. Hazell '83 B.S. 

Kenneth W. Biermacher '76 B.S. 

Paul D. Landino 

Gail L. Brekke 

Robert M. Lee '78 B.S. 

William LBucknallJr '63 A.S., '65 B.S. 

Thomas K. Lewis, Jr. '74 B.S., '76 M.S. 


Frank R Carrubba '79 B.S. 

Patrick G. O'Brien '66 B.S. 


William J. Chowanec '70 B.S. 

James C. Reilly 

H 1 

K. Oni Chukwu '94 M.B.A. 

Janice K. Sussman '83 E.M.B.A. 


Kenton J. Clarke '79 B.S. 

Patricia B. Sweet '79 E.M.B.A. 




Ralph F. DellaCamera, Jr '75 B.S. 
Dr. Richard J. Deslauriers '90 B.S. 

Stephen P Tagliatela 
Michael W. Toner '82 E.M.B.A. 




Heidi S. Douglas '82 M.S. 




R D 


Henry E. Bartels 

Henry C. Lee 



James Q. Bensen 

Robert J. Lyons, Sr. 



Roland M. Bixler '78 E.M.B.A. 

Herbert H. Pearce 



Isabella E. Dodds 

Charles E. Pompea '71 B.S. 




M.Wallace Rubin 



John E. Echlin, Jr. '80 E.M.B.A. 

Francis A. Schneiders '54 A.S. 



John A. Frey '44 A.S. 

R.C.Taylor III 



Robert M. Gordon 

R.William Vine 





Jean M. Handley 

Robert R Wilson 



i'ni\c>^ii\ vl Kiw Hiiun 

^o\A iJcinoLb ill li\'f ycai^ or mort art: Liidicaie 

d in ilalic blue copy 

- I « ■ 

ide of ways, 

IMierffllFirst arn 

*ateful. So are the 
J thousands of students who 

s you read through our annual report, one thing should be clear: 
i As a non-profit institution, we depend on you. 

The support of our ddhoiijlielps us to remain competitive and fuilfill 
\.x< ,l^>- our Strategic Directions, which are ambitious goals for the University's 

future that are outlined in this issue. It matters to our students, many 
of whom could not pay for college without the help of scholarships. 

It matters to our primary mission: to educate and prepare today's 
^^^^■■^fclefjs fa^morrow's challenges. 

-. .. - ,..ny Vision IT ,v "f^\ 

i- \ \ t I plierfllFirst arrived on campus a few years ago, I ha( 

lae Of ways, ^ vision for the University of New Haven. Of course, 

'dteful. So are the ^jkofmr^only as good as^t he people who share 

t j^7 J r J. J J. 7 them. You have shared in my vision in a multitude 

J thousands of students who 

'7 of ways, and I am grateful. So are the thousands of 

I'' benefit from your generosity. students who benefit from your generosity. They are 

dental hygiene students who trav eled to Honduras - 
mSfm^myem^^f^^^^^^^^^^mn^^fmor their 
th. They are the study-abroad students who traveled to China 
this past summer to work in their chosen fields, for the experiential 
learning opportunity of a lifetime. They are the students in our 

nascent UNH Theatre Program, benefiting from a hugely talented 


director and the support of the community. 

Our strategic goals are ambitious. They should be! The Gi 
philosopher Epictetus said it well, I think, when he proclaimi 
"First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you 
— : . . »>■• _ ^ l^gyg ^Q jjQ " ^g would not be able to meet and, in many cases, 

exceed our ambitious Strategic Plan without your support. .; 

Steven H. Kaplan 


1, 2006 and June 30, 2007. Extrenne care has been given to the preparation of this report. 
contaa the Office of Advancement at 1 .800.DIAL.UNH or by e-mail at 

13 . 


$100,000 -$249,999 

Henry E. and Nancy Bartek 

Bayer Healthcare 

lay I. Vlock and Gail L. Brekke 

Isabella E. Dodds 

Estate of Theodore Adams '40 

Robert M. lee '7S 

Herbert H. Pearce 

Douglas D. Schumann '69 


$25,000 -$99,999 

University of New Haven Alumni 

Robert Alvine 
Philip H. Bartels 
Ralph F. DellaCamera 75 and 

Frances L. DellaCamera '99 
Andrew Eder 
H.B. Communications 
Jeffery P. Hazell '83 
Chen Hong Lee 
Harry Lee 
Dennis J.Martin '81 
Kevin M. and Nancy McCormack 
Jennifer C. McNeil '85 

New Haven Register 
Taiwan Shin Kong Security 

Wiggin & Dana 
Eugene T.C. Wu 



Kenneth W. Biermacher '76 

Edward M. Bowman, Jr. '81 

William J. Chowanec '70 

Estate of Alice Wehner 

Richard C. Flath '82 

Follett College Stores Corp. 

John A. Frey '44 

Dave Haubner '86 

Henry Nias Foundation, Inc. 

Estate of James H. Shattuck 

Anthony and Julia Lenoci 

Thomas K. Lewis, Jr. '74 

Milford Bank 

Petra Construction Corporation 

Janice K. Sussman '83 

Wachovia Bank NA 

Josef K. Wang 

Mark F. Young '81 


$5,000 -$9,999 

Philip Batchelor '04, '07 and 

Angela Zappia '04 
William C. Bruce '74 
Citizens Bank Foundation 
Daniel P. Cosgrove 
Estate of Joseph Deleeuw '78 
Excelsior Foundation 

Lawrence P. Flanagan '80 
Robert C. Henrickson '41 
Honeywell Fire Group 
I'hillip Kaplan 
Vivian J. Kaplan "80 
Liberty Bank 
Liberty Mutual 

Alexander W. Nicholson, Jr. '65 
Barbara Olin Taylor 
Pilot Pen Corporation of America 
R&W. Family Foimdation Inc. 
M. Wallace Rubin 
Ronald G. Shaw 
Michael W. Toner '82 
United Technologies Corporation 
University of New Haven 


$2,500 -$4,999 

Aldo DeDoniinicis Foundation, Inc. 
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 

of Connecticut 
John E Beckert '72 
Peter I. Berman 
Craig I. Calloway '93 
Center for International Studies 
Deloitte Services LP 
Heidi S. Douglas '82 
Joel S. Douglas '82 
Orest T. Dubno '68 
Edge Technology Services, Inc. 
Shelly J Frank '66 
George Ellis Company 
Murray A. Gerber '79 
Glen Gate Company 
Peter Hereld 
JP Morgan Chase Bank 
President Steven H. Kaplan and 
Anemone Schwcizer-Kaplan 
KPMG Foundation 
Henry C Lee 

Louis Gherlone Excavating, Inc. 
Sasaki Associates, Inc. 
Subway Franchise World 

SunGard Higher Education 
Patricia B. Sweet '79 
Richard C.Toce '01 

United Way of Greater New Haven 


$1,000 -$2,499 

Aetna, Inc. 
Meehyun Ahn 
Michael H. Ambrose '84 

David M. Andrenyak '78 


John E. Benevento '68 

BKM Total Office 

Dennis Blader 

Estate of Marjorie R. Botwinik 

Estate of Stanley N. Botwinik 

David G. Carter 


Deborah Chin 

City Point Construction 

Connecticut Student Loan 

Corning Incorporated Foundation 
WUliam E. Curran 
Henri M. David, Jr. '73 
Leanna M. Dawydiak '04 
Dell Marketing 
Bernard G. Diana '72 
DiChello Distributors, Inc. 
Ralph DiDonato 
Alfred DiLeonardo, Jr. '64 
Haiiko H. Dobi 
Ralph N. Durante '69 
Estate of Norman Botwinik 
E.x.\on Mobil Foundation 
Barry Farbrother 
Field Safety Corporation 
FM Global Foundation 
S. Robert Fogler '84 
W. Michael Forte '95 
Gallagher Benefit Services 

Lynne Garcia 
John R. Gehring '52 
Mina Gerowin-Herrmann 
Robert M. Gordon 
Grid Building Company 
Health Net of Northeast, Inc. 
Christie N. Hicks 
Pauline Hill 
Howard Bayne Fund 
Hubbell, Inc. 
International Busbiess 

Machines Inc. 
Jewish Foundation of Greater 

New Haven 
Kagan Architecture Planning 
Gilbert Kenna 
Andy Kovachik 
Mark N. Kozak '83 
William M. Leete, Jr. 
Lions Club of New Britain 
Karen Ludington 
Robert /. Lyons. Sr. 
M. L. McLaughlin 
David W. Moulton '76 
New Haven Dental Association 

L'm\'t'»:sily o/Nt-»v Haven 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in italic blue 

e copy 



2 7 




Northeast Utilities 

Dennis L. Nostrand 

Notre Dame High School 

Ronald Nowaczyk 

James O'Brien 

Timothy M. Pahnbach "82 

Pfizer Inc 

Robert F. Pohto, Jr. '98 

James C. Reilly 

Jane C. Sangeloty 

Mary-Gail Smith 

Mark E. Simses '84 

Josepit F. Soja '65 

Karen J. Spence '93 

Joseph Sudol 

George Synodi 

Tlie Bilco Company 

The Ellis Fund 

Patrick M. Torre 

Total Orthopaedic Care, LLC 

Trash Master, LLC 

Tyco International 

United Illuminating 

US China Business Consulting 

Melissa Asher VancU 
Douglas D. Watts '67 
Yale-New Haven Hospital 
F. Paul Zygmont, Jr. '73 



$250,000 -$999,000 

David A. Beckerman '66 

$25,000 -$99,999 

Jennifer C. McNeil '85 

$10,000 -$24,999 

Mark F. Young '81 
Richard C. Flath '82 


$5,000 -$9,999 

William C. Bruce '74 
Vivian J. Kaplan '80 
Estate of Joseph Deleeuw '78 


$1,000 -$2,499 

David M. Andrenyak '78 
David \V. Moulton '76 


$500 -$999 

Carl S. Babb '76 
John P. Franzis '76 

Holly A. Hammond '85 
James Monahan '68 
Robert H. Morgan '69 
Martin J. O'Connor '76 
Eileen M. Torrens '93 


$250 -$499 

Eloise M. Gormley '99 
Thomas R. Grant '80 
Gary J. Hayduk '72 
Roger R. Klene '79 
Leigh ton Lee '01 
Barbara J. Machnik '83 
Dennis R. McGough '81 
Headier M. Miles '07 
Dennis Paglialunga '99 
Sheila Peckingham '61 
John A. Tempone '72 
George A. Waldron Esq. '69 


$100 -$249 

Sheila M. Adams '02 
Alan M. Alpert '70 
Michael J. Aron '79 
Rocio Barahona '92 
David P Barone '69 
Caroline A Breen '05 
John R. Carlo '80 
Gustave E. Carlson '95 
Thomas A. Cost '70 
LoriA. Cox '95 
Janice H. Deskus '90 
Christopher E. Dittrich '02 

EUyn M Doris '04 

James J. Egan, Jr. '75 

Ida Etherington '83 

Richard M. Fadum '70 

Helene S. FLUmore '65 

Susan Frechette '74 

Peter J. Johnson '81 

Jay M. Kaplowitz '64 

Scoff Khoury '86 

Sobha Kizhakke-Covilakath '03 

Kelly LKnotts '01 

Charles A. Krajewski '87 

John R. Lammers '74 

Cesar J. Luaices, Jr. '99 

Donato G. Lupacchino '82 

Alice E. Martin '03 

Margaret M. Maruschak '90 

William T McKeon '57 

Susan B. McMinn '69 

Don G. Menswar '75 

Donna L Mills '04 

Dariel J Muldoon '05 

Nkemakonam 1. Okpokwasili '00 

Lisabeth M. Oliveri '82 

Carol Anne M. Ostach '78 

Marie Pogozelski '78 

Salvatore C. Punzo '66 

Mary G. Reimer '73 

LisaM. Reza '91 

Kathleen Y. Rogers '90 

Robin D. Suiters '91 

Angela Schutz '97 

Terri A. Sells '87 

Larry C. Sgrignari '8 1 

Raechelle B. Sherman '05 

Anne M. Shines '98 

Robert Silvestri '86 

Robert Skinnon '01 

lanis M. Small '80 

Elizabeth S. Smith '82 

Richard A. Smitii Esq. '80 

leremy B. Sochol '90 

loscph F. Spellman '83 

Alison M. Spiva '01 

Randy S. Stevens '84 


lone M. Walker '99 

William L Warnmth '96' 

Wihna Lou Y. Whitiey '84 


Under $100 

Harold C. Albo '76 
Scott M. Allen '99 
Abel Alvarez '82 
Joseph M. Amarante '77 
Anne M. Amato '76 
Salvatore T. Anastasio '78 
Lisa M. Anderson '97 











PiudM.Amta Vb 
Jessica L. Arey '99 
Ann S. Astarita '92 
Harley Atkins '71 
JoAnn Ayers '04 
Mary C. Azzolini '91 
Lisa Bacchiocchi '98 
Margaret Bachand '03 
Robert W. Bailey '65 
Phyllis L. Bannon '89 
Gina M. Barbetta '03 
Leslie T. Bartiromo '76 
Dorothy L. Bellamy '76 
Gail P. Berardesca '96 
Marilyn K. Bernard '97 
Charlene E. Best '99 
loren S.Bologna '91 
riiilipB. Rorgin '70 
Sharon H. Bourke '79 
Stephanie M Brown '97 
Jennifer Buell '03 
Joanne O. Burt '71 
Anna R. Camera '91 
Ruth B. Can R.N. '75 
Sherrie A. Casasanta '83 
Patricia C. Chaback '92 
Ann E. Chambers '81 
Chung-Ju Z. Chen '99 
Anastasia R. Chernick '87 
I )avid C^lichowicz '05 
I lise M. Clement '96 
1 lie L. Cohen '85 
Michael J. Colligan '69 
( ;hristina M. CoUura '98 
Mark J. Consorte '96 
Kevin W. Cook '92 
Allen R. Corbin '78 


Susan N. Cortina-Blozzon '87 
Corene L. Crazier 'S6 
Brian M. Curry '93 
Phyllis A. DaCorte '73 
Deana M D'Alessandro '04 
Melissa A. D'Ambrose '00 
Nyle K. Davey '76 
Peggy De Stefano J.D. '71 
John /. DeFrancesco '76 
Joseph E. DePaola '72 
Roseanne L. DeSilver '75 
Marion L. DiLeonardo '81 
Lauretta E. Dowling '00 
Edward Doyle '03 
Amy Eisenberg '06 
Mark Elinson '95 
Jeffrey M. EUis DDS '00 
Corinne Faiella '99 
Carlo A. Falcigno '78 
Donald G. Fertman, Jr. '76 
James H. Flanagan '69 
Karen Flynn '92 
Joseph Forte '8 1 
Margaret E. Frazine '78 
Susan M. Fried '03 
Betty R. Goodwin '73 
Jennifer K. Gray '85 
Christina M Grieder '05 
Eileen Silverman Guerrieri '8 1 
Catherine Hall '76 
Warren A. Harman '89 
John D. Harritt '84 
Ivar H. Henrickson III '87 
Rebecca S. Hirsh '99 
David R Hoffman '80 
Janet C. Hoffrnan '96 
Stephen J. Holman '99 

Shantel V Holmes '06 

Jane Huml '95 

Stephen R. Hurd '93 

Ruxandra Iliescu '03 

Alisha D. Ippolito '05 

Cynthia J. Izzo '75 

Theresa Janes '93 

Louise M. Joiner '82 

Beth A. Kelly '93 

Daniel R. Kemp '72 

Matthew R. Kerzner '00 

Rosemarie A. Ketchel '95 

Judith A. Kiernan '68 

Judith 1. Kitson '82 

Brenda I. Klein '97 

Nancy Kozlik '96 

Steven U. Kroh '76 

James B. Lamoureiix '94 

William C. Lang '70 

Helen W. LaPlant '02 

Rosemary T. Lauria '85 

Michael D. Laverriere '04 

Martin J. LaVorgna '65 

Frank J. Levanti '60 

James P. Link '76 

Aimee L. Luddy '98 

Stacey A Lyons '06 

Meghan A Magee '06 

Carol A. Malenfant '99 

Robyn R Malley '97 

Carol Marotti '83 

John W. Martin '07 

William J. Mayer '80 

Amy E. Mayo '03 

Jonathan P Melone '04 

Carol G. Menunott '66 

James W. Merrill '77 

David P. Meyers '70 

Madeline Mezzanotte '72 

Walter M. Michonski '67 

Francis W. Migliaro, Jr. '94 

Elizabeth H. Mohr '87 

Charles J. Moran, Sr '70 

James H. Moriarty '69 

James W. Morrell '96 

Patricia A. Morrison '80 

Helen J. Mulherin '78 

Thomas W. Murphy '75 

Kimberly A. Nemeth '91 

Jean B. Newbury '84 

Anne Marie L. Newport '06 

Susan M. Oliver '05 

Deborah L. Olsen-MacDonald '04 

Deborah J. Oppel '92 

Christoplier M Orcutt '99 

Nancy A. Padegenis '93 

Sarah B. Patterson '03 

Michelle M. Pawloski '02 

Dale C. Peck '73 

Stephen I. Pctrolati '81 

Oleh Podryhula '74 
Diane E. Powers '02 
Kristin A. Prasauckas '00 
Amanda Pumm '06 
Anthony J. Quatroche '01 
Kerry Quinn '83 
Karen Ralph '04 
Matthew I. Ramia '85 
Daniel E Randall '93 
Marguerite M. Raymo '82 
Daniel Rezendes '04 
Charles E. Richardson '91 
Carolyn Rodeck '96 
Nancy B. Ronne '82 
Diana L. Ross '97 
Richard R Roy '63 
Lisa I. Royer '06 
Mary Russell '78 
Marie J. Sampieri '97 
Richard A. Sandella '81 
David Sansoucie '72 
Louis J. Scarfo '73 
Charles F. Schatra, Jr. '73 
Michael A. Shigalkowski '02 
Joseph A. Silva '70 
Georgia C. Simon '04 
Anthony J. Simonelli '73 
Flora M. Smith '84 
Charles E. Sommers '74 
Kathleen Southard '99 
Kristen M Springer '06 
Loretta lay Stepanskiy '01 
Geoffrey O.Stone '81 
Anthony Tamburo '76 
Gail S. Thompson '78 
Paul B. Thomson '99 
Barbara A. Vaccarelli '86 
Caroline Valites '05 
John A. Venditto '93 
Ann M. Wachter '73 
Ann Weiss '78 
Jean M. Weymer '91 
Kateri ]. Whalen '87 
Timothy S Whipple '06 
Susan P White '82 
Howard H. Williams '96 
Jacqueline T. Williams '96 
Jean E. Williams '78 
Linda Wood '81 




Sanntel S. Bcrgami, Jr. 'S5 
John E. Echlin, Jr. '80 
Charles E. Pompea '72 

(. tuvt'iiUy oj i\fw Haven 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in italic blue copy. 

006-2007 DONOR REPORT 



What Alntivates' 

Education is so important. Growing up in a poor country as I did in 
Brazil — seeing young children with hardly any clothes and nothing to 
eat, begging for something to eat — is tough. My family owns one of 
the biggest food companies in Brazil, and my mom used to work at one 
of the factories as a supervisor. One day she saw a girl crying. The girl 
said she had to leave her baby in the slums alone. Her house was a 
cardboard box and it was raining that day, and those houses are often 
washed away There are no sewers in the slums, no electricity. 

What Matters: 

I have two brothers. We have serious cases of Attention 
Deficit Disorder. One of my brothers doesn't get any help 
at school, and that has changed his life. I would really 
like for both of my brothers to come to school at UNH. 

W^iA' ^hr Oivrs' 

I try to do good because I think it comes back 
to me. I really admire what President Kaplan 
is doing for the school, and I come from 
a family that has resources. My parents have 
given me values and helped build me into 
an individual who cares about people. 
I looked at what Disability Services had here, 
and realized that students with disabilities 
need help so much more than the other 
students. I want to keep helping; I want to 
continue to be part of this school's history. 
I don't think students realize that they are 
the most capable of changing the school. 
The school and our futures are in a straight 
line; if the school is doing well, we have 
a more valuable diploma in our hands. 




Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Member: Treasurer, Student Section, American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers 

Hope for the future: To become a practicing engineer. 

Why he is grateful: This is more than just money 
It's a chance for me to prove myself. It's the opportunity for 
me to get a better education and make a difference in the 
world. I'm grateful to receive this scholarship because it 
allows me to go to college, to learn how to solve problems 
and to accomplish my goals. Every person has the chance 
to make a difference, and the scholarship I received has 
made that chance more possible for me. 



$100,000 -$249,999 

Estate of Theodore Adams '40 



Ralph F. DellaCamera '75 and 
Frances L. DellaCamera '99 


$10,000 -$24,999 

/ iluard M. Ho\i'nuiii, Jr. '81 
William J. Chowanec '70 
Dave Haubner '86 
Janice K. Sussman '83 

$5,000 -$9,999 

John C. Anguillare '66 
Philip Batchelor '04, '07 and 

Angela Zappia '04 
lohn F. Beckert '72 
1 awrence P. Flanagan '80 
Alexander W. Nicholson, Ir. '65 
MiclmelW: Toner '82 


$2,500 -$4,999 

Craig I. Calloway '93 
Orest T. Dubno 'bS 
Susan L. Ford '99 
Shelly J.Frank '66 
Murray A. Gerber '79 
Patricia B. Sweet '79 
Richard C.Toce '01 


$1,000 -$2,499 

John E. Benevento '68 
S. Robert Fogler '84 
Ralph N. Durante '69 
Darryl C. Aubrey '93 
Douglas D. Watts '67 
John R. Cchring '52 
Joseph F. Soja '65 
Henri M. David, Jr. '73 
Bernard G. Diana '72 
Alfred DiLeonardo, Jr. '64 
W. Michael Forte '95 
Mark N. Kozak '83 
Robert F Polito, Jr. '98 
Karen J. Spence '93 


$500 -$999 

Robert J. Alvine '97 
James J. Bango '75 
John J. Basso '74 
Alexander Neil Brown, Jr. '80 
David J. Cataldo '72 
Craig A. Douglas '82 
Edward J. Drew, Sr. '82 
Susan G. Fellows '79 
Gregg D. Gottshall '79 
Richard Guerriere '70 
John V. Koris, Jr. '67 
James M. Korwan '89 
Bennett L. Lebov '75 
Jonathan D. Leone '03 
Peter J. Lymm '00 
Ann E. Mason CPA '94 
Michael E. McKeeman '84 
Liruia S. Olbrys '01 
Richard S. Overton '75 
Pabna C. Pogoda '69 
John J. Rieger '72 
Charles W. Sherwood '78 
James E. Shapiro '07 
Helen Sneed '02 
Lawrence P. Spellacy Jr. '66 

John O. Zamparo '69 
Randall E. Zigmont '87 


$250 -$499 

Marie Accrino '70 
Louis R Barth '82 
Margaret Bauer '94 
Roland M. Bi.xler '78 
Leonard D. Boyd, Jr. '94 
Paul A. Caiafa CPA '86 
Edward D. Carpp '75 
John W. Carr '67 
Kenneth Oni Chukwoi '94 
Christina K. Chupaska '03 
Leo M. Chupaska '87 
Albert R. Clemente '80 
Thomas B. Condon '74 
Ronald E. Conyers '90 
Scott J.Curtiss'81 
James M. DeMaio '91 
Richard}. DeMusis '70 
Glenn Dunn '00 
Jeffrey S. Ellis '74 
Diana Ellison '02 
Paul C Falcone '83 
Thomas J. Genera '83 

rmvtTsiiv of iWu' Huvt'n 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in ila/ic l)lu 


2 7 



Lou Ann Giunta '99 
George R. Godfrey m '82 
Gordon W. Grundy '92 
Sharon A. Grundy '94 
Joseph Guilietii, Jr. '68 
Juan B. Haydu '79 
Stephen R. Hecht '73 
Mary H. Hills '54 
David C. Howe '78 
Quaslim Inham '91 
Keith A. Johnson '87 
John S. Krawiecld, Jr. '72 
Frederick L Langlioff, Jr. '70 
Christine D. Lena '85 
Leonard F. Lye II '66 
Joseph P. Macionus '70 
Henry C. Maguire '96 
Charles F. Manns Iir77 
RoselieE. McDevitt'Ol 
Sylvia A. Morgan CPA '83 
Bruce L. Morris '84 
Donald A. Murelli '79 
Thomas J. Murphy '78 
RusseU D. Offenbach '65 
Nicholas M. Pekar, Jr. '74 
John W. G. Phillips '73 
Gale S. Plancon '00 
Anthony P. Rescigno '74 
Lynne H. Resnick '94 
Rosemary Rzeszutek '79 
Richard S. Stahl '94 
Joanne I. Tierney '60 
Stephen A. Tipa '81 
Mark R. Tonucci '77 
Ronald R.Walczak '71 
Robert J. Walsh '53 
John J. White, Jr. '75 
Kenneth H. Young '87 
Jill Zamparo '01 
Anne S. Zimmerman '90 


$100 -$249 

Sajidra V. Abbagnaro '98 
Richard F. Adessa '73 
Philip M. Albanito '72 
Salvatore A. Ali '54 
Todd C. .Allen CPA '80 
John G. Altermatt '76 
Laura Anastasio '93 
Bruno Anderson '82 
Elizabeth C. Anderson '88 
Kathleen C. Appellof 84 
Stephanie L. Avallone '04 
Robert W. Backhaus '90 
Mark L. Baker '89 
Stephen W.Baldwin '91 
Joseph M. Baizo '78 
Robert J. Barrington, Jr. '71 

Henry S. Barsky '67 
Thomas P. Bartolini '68 
Richard \V. Batza '72 
Brian T. Bavaro '96 
Irene A. Beauchemin '07 
Thomas P. Benincas, Jr. '73 
John W. Bethke, Jr. '94 
Debra L. Bettley '98 
Richard R Bilello '68 
Donald R Bitner '86 
Mark Bohn '88 
Anthony A. Bonetti '83 
Deborah F. Bongiovanni '85 
Vincent J. Bongiovanni '82 
James F. Bongo, Jr. '88 
Barry C. Bosworth '75 
Charles J. BoulierIir91 
Patricia Bowman '04 
Reuben F.Bradford '81 
John K. Briesemeister '94 
Jack R. Brooks '77 
Donald I. Buchta '63 
Peter G. Callahan '79 
Karen L Camp '89 
Arthur A. Canter '83 
Mark A. Caplan '90 
Filomena M. Cardinale '86 
Brooke L Carlson '04 
Bruce F. Carmichael '90 
Frank P. Carrubba '79 
John J. Cawley '72 
John H. Charles '77 
Ann C. Christian '85 
Jo-Lynn Cimino '98 
Louis J. Cimmino, Jr. '67 
David F. Clark '87 
John J. Clifford, Jr. '87 
Roxanne J. Coady '74 
Rita S. Coan Porterfield '95 
Dawn M. Coe CPA '98 
Barry Lee Cohen '88 
Linda D. Cohen 'S3 
Carlos E. Colon, Jr. '91 
Barbara J. Conroy '07 
Edward H. Coon III '74 
Linda Copney-Okeke '94 
George W. Cunningham '80 
Richard W. Curtis, k. '02 
John L. Davis '73 
Michael J. Davis '86 
Caroline E. Deal '01 
Donald J. Deane '03 
Michael J. DeAngelo '72 
Paul T. DeBernardo '65 
John A. DeCesare '62 
Dawn E. Decoteau '85 
Joseph M. DeiSindaco '85 
Glenn H. Deming '90 
Donald E. Dempsey '73 
Michael A. DeSantis '89 

Gerald F. Dierman '75 
Roberta DiNicola '01 
Timothy M. Doheny '93 
George W. Dombroski, Jr. '71 
John J. Donovan '58 
Frederick G. Dowling '66 
Mark M. Drew '87 
Richard J. Drew '72 
James L. Dunn '94 
Thomas R.Durand CPA '71 
Robert L. Dzurenda '96 
Mary C. Ehrler '76 
Carl O. Erickson, Jr. '53 
Virginia H. Fallon '78 
Carl J. Fappiano '73 
Raymond J. Feeney, Jr. '77 
Alan T. Ferdinandsen '79 
James W Ferguson '86 
Leslie C. Findell '51 
Marjorie R Flaccavento '05 
John C. Flach '80 
Patrick J. Fortunato '81 
Sandra ]. Frame '84 
Thomas G. Freeman '81 
Walter J. Gage '77 
David M. Galla '99 
Ronald S. Gambardella '82 
Marc J. Garofalo '98 
Lenward Gatison '79 
Lawrence A. Gensicki '92 
Thomas Gilmore '02 
Mitchell R. Goldblatt '86 
Lawrence A. Grab '01 
Robert J. Grande '86 

Tyler D. Grange '95 
Leon F. Grassier '61 
George S. Griffiths '75 
Carmelo A. Guzzardi '75 
James E. Halloran '9 1 
Linda T. Hannans '93 
Lisa P Harding '06 
Karen L. Healy '94 
George L. Henriques '88 
Anthony V. Herzog '71 
Richelle Y. Hewins '96 
Robert J. HUl '75 
Michael J. Hines '67 
Donetta D. Hodge '87 
Richard A. Hoyt '81 
Peter R. Hugret '76 
Richard D. Hurlbut '68 
Stan J. Ignatowski, Jr. '78 
Michael R. IsabeUi '92 
Anthony J. Jacobs '82 
Gerald F. James '84 
KenneyD. Johnson '93 
James M. Joseph '80 
Robert C. Kallgren '69 
Meghan E. Kavanagh '03 
Paul A. Kearns '94 
Deborah D. Kelly '76 
Frederick A. Kendrick '80 
Debra E. Kirven '86 
Steven T. Klemenz '78 
Anthony M. Lanni '95 
Joseph P. LaPaglia '66 
William J. LaVelle '81 







2 j 
lO i 

< i 

Q I 


Thoiiuii R. Leach '91 
Jeffrey P. Letourneau '92 
Gary B. Liberatore '67 
John H. Lindsay Esq. '60 
John F. Listro '86 
James C. Lubs '78 
Dorothy C. Lucas '95 
Laura L. Lupoli '89 
Joyce C. Lush '89 
Leon J. Liissier '80 
Martin J. Lynch '88 
Stephen M Macchiaverna '83 
B. Patrick Madden '75 
D((i';i/ /. Madsen '78 
Barbara K. Mariano '80 
Donald D. Marple '96 
David T. Marsden '78 
Donna E. Mayne '86 
John C. Mayoros '78 
John H. McKeag '96 
Jacl< H. McQuillan '57 
Daniel J. Meehan '66 
Dawn M. Meeker '92 
Meher K. Mehta '92 
James R. Mendillo '69 
William R MesldJJ, Jr. '72 
[ianicll.McCjr. '7S 
Dennis A. MLko '78 
Mary J. Miller '82 
William D. MiUs '68 
Patricia A. Monaco '02 
William A. Monde, Jr. '85 
David L. Moody '87 
Brian L. Mooi< '74 
Dean T. Morgan '92 
Patricia A. Morrissey '87 
Leon C. Mozelialc, Jr. '89 
Judith A. Murphy '86 
Thomas M. Murphy '86 
Tracy L. Nichols '76 
David T. O'Brien '87 
William J. O'Donnell, Jr. '69 
Margaret OUnger '01 
Wilham E. Ohmtead '83 
Ann Ormrod '97 
Joseph M. Orts '94 
Catherine K. Ostrowski '01 
Leonard Paghahinga '75 
Raymond R ParceUa, Jr. '68 
Veronica G. Parker '93 
Ann M. Pcczeniuk '86 
Edward H. Pekrul '71 
Steen Petri '94 
Andrew S. Poleshek '69 
Thomas B, Potter '77 
John J. Priano '03 
Thomas Prizzia '98 
lohn G. Pucciano '78 
lames L. Putnam, Jr. '72 

Michael D. Quinn '92 

Donald E. Rastelh '74 

Courtney W Raymond '05 

John R Redding '89 

£ John Rcinke '39 

Marc G. Reynolds '76 

Alan M. Reznik '98 

Richard ERizza '71 

AJvin C. Rogers '78 

Michael J. Sagar '89 

James H. Sbrolla '79 

Jason K. Scheets '99 

Jolin J. Schmitz, Sr '75 

Margaret E. Schofield '03 

David R Schuler "75 

Pamela E. Searle '76 

Arthur M. Seigel '89 

Peter E. Sevier '75 

Thomas W. Sheridan '73 

GJoria Sieron '78 

James E. Sinclair '78 

SeUathu Sivakanthan '92 

Peter G. Smerd '82 

Jeffrey R Smith '84 

Marshall H. Smith '90 

Gary R. Sochrin '79 

William E. Solberg '80 

Christine Sorrentino '04 

Travis E. Spiva '0 1 

Vincia M. St. Jean '93 


Charles N. Starbranch '72 

Donald C. Steele '69 

Karen L Stall '97 

Leconte F. Stover '93 

Allen I Strang, Sr. '78 

Francis E. Sultzman III '78 

Andrew G. Summerville, Jr. '99 

Gwen M. Sunderland-Haggett '02 

Vincent F. Susco, Jr. '79 

Lois M. Sweeney '89 

Thomas R. Switz '92 

John M. Szydloski '93 

GayJe TagJiateJa '01 

Robert F. Teeva}i '54 

Janet B. Teller '89 

John F. Terry '65 

Barry D. Toth '75 

Peter P. Tranquillo '77 

Henry S. Uchida '74 

Ronald T.Urquhart '81 

Frank J. Varella '73 

John A. Veillette '67 

ArthurLVercillo, Jr. '69 

Robert J. Vershish '69 

Patrick E VigiJio, Jr. '87 

Russell W. Waldo '79 

David H. Walker '72 

John F Walsh '61 

Stewart E. Walton '80 
Francis L. Warren, Jr. '76 
Joel A. Wasscrnian '72 
Harold Y. Weaver '60 
Bruno L. Wegner '76 
Edward M. White, Sr '76 
Jane I. Wilkinson '84 
George W. WUIiamson '82 
Susan B.Wolff '79 
Bradley L. Wood '86 
CarJetta Wright '93 
John E. Wygmans '90 
Vicky L. Zaleski '89 
Gary J. Zavatkay '83 
Mark G. Zebora '84 
Paul J. Zegray '89 
Rwliard S. Zicgler '00 


Under $100 

Theresa A. Abate '93 
Joseph D. Adante, Jr. '64 
Josef S.Adler '64 
Charles Adonizio '76 
Jolm T.Ahearn '72 
Mohamed Z. Ahmed '86 
Joseph E. Akin '92 
Cynthia M. Albiach 'SI 
David A. Aldrich '80 
Gary M. Alexander '02 
Ralph S. Alfano '77 
Thomas Allinson '76 
Jamie J. Alpha '00 
John Ambrusco, Jr. '93 
Donald R. AmelJ '74 
Bryan H. Anderson '85 
Dorothy W. Anderson '81 
Thomas C. Andrew, Sr. '52 
Louis C. Annino '99 
John J. Anzidei '69 
Reynold J. ArchambauJt, Jr. '63 
Yolanda C. Armelin '77 
AnneV.Arpin '88 
Anthony J. Arpino '80 
Julie O. Arsich-Oliver '94 
Jay B. Avitable '83 
James C.A.xteir91 
Joini B. Ayers '78 
Daniel K. Backman '03 
Henry C. Baer '65 
Karen BaUey Rowland '89 
John A. Balini '86 
William GBarbieri '01 
Lh-an D. Barger. Jr '84 
Kate S. Barile '03 
Jay A. Baronowski '94 
Joseph F. Barraco '72 
Caren R. Bartlett '83 
Robert G. Basilicato '66 

Keith R. Baudis '71 
Anita O. Beebe '94 
VV;7/;<j/)i B. Bectham '69 
Ronald J Begansky CPA '75 
Stephen J. Belchak '76 
Silvio Beltramello '71 
Raymond A. Belval '96 
Edward J. Bet '77 
Stephen Berte '92 
Robert J. Bestercy, Sr. '75 
Lorraine C. Bevins '87 
Andrew Bimonte '06 
Anthoii)' M. Bimonte '71 
Michael R Blackstone '73 
Vernon E Bliven '81 
Gregory J Blosick '06 
Aldo A. Bombassei '65 
Leslie I. Bondos '86 
Rollande M. Borys '83 
Shirley Boyce '97 
Roger W. Boyd, Sr '81 
AlvaH. Bradley, Jr. '51 
Frederick Bradstreet '83 
Clayton A. Brayman '92 
Alan D. Bredbury '86 
Doreen L. Breen '99 
Frederick J. Brennan '65 
Linda M. Breslin '99 
Holly K. Bridgham '04 
Lora J. Brodeur '87 
Cara Marie Brown '01 
David Arthur Brown '84 
David F. Brown '65 
Dwayne Brown '02 
Harry E. Brown '54 
Ronald N. Brown '86 
Winston C. Brown '83 
Jean T. Browning '90 
Janet N. Brunwin '78 
VaJerie L. Bryan '85 
Lilla Bryan-Hemmings '02 
Richard I. Bryant '94 
Richard W Bryden, Jr. '88 
Richard E Bryk '76 
Jacob P. Bryniczka '85 
Geraldine S. Buchholz '82 
Robert E. Buckliolz '63 
Katherine A. Buckley '88 
Lori A. Bufano '00 
Donald R. Burch '89 
David B. Burghardt '83 
David G. Burleigh '68 
Eda H. Bushka '87 
Margaret A. Cabral '93 
Deborah J. CaccavaJe '91 
James RCaffary '91 
John P. Calullane '89 

I 'nivfrsiiv of Nnv Havt-n 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in Ualic blue copy. 

What Motivates: 


UNH was the third college I attended; my academic 
performance had been terrible due to lack of attendance 
and indifference. But UNH put my past behind me and gave 
me a fresh start. I graduated cum laude and fulfilled my potential. 
I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the University of 
New Haven. I'm not rich, but what I have I can directly attribute 
to the school and the opportunity it gave me. 

What Matters: 

Doing what I can to make a difference, to help level 
the playing field for everyone. 

How He Helps: 

I created the Steven R. Beadle Scholarship to 
give somebody else the same opportunity 
that I had. When I graduated from 
college, I carried no debt for 
education, and I know people ^ 
coming out now are saddled 
with debt, and that's not the 
way to start. I'd like to lessen 
the burden for someone who 
wants to achieve. 






Charles D. CaJdwell '85 
Ralph Cannici '05 
James A. Cantore '71 
Richard J. Capezzano '74 
Paul L. Capobianco '84 
Kathleen A. Carbonie '87 
Linda Carlone '04 
Stanley B. Carman '76 
Brian A. Carney '80 
Vivien A. Carrano '95 
William G. Carson '79 
Michael R Casey '88 
Richard A. Casolino '74 
Lisa-Mari Cavaliere '90 
Mark S. Cetrone '92 
Philip B. Chamberlain '72 
Kimberly F. Chambers '89 
Maude S. Chasse '91 
Maureen S. Chastain '90 
Andrew }. Chepaitis '92 
Richard R. Chevalier '63 
Sung H. Chon 'S6 
Richard Chuma '88 
Leonard P. Ciaburri '88 
Lewis D. Clarke, Jr. '74 
Daniel 1. Clarkin '97 
Michael B Cleary '05 
Michael S. Cleary '96 
Patricia A. Clement 
Cornelius E. Cobb '81 
Peter E. Colatosti '64 
Marvin CoUins '04 
Robert G. Comstock '67 
Michael I. Conard '83 
Timothy E. Conroy '87 
Tracy P. Cook '86 
Joan F. Correll '82 
Clifton J. Cotter, Sr '53 
Henry R Crabbe M.D. "89 
Ofelia S. Crane '76 
Paul T. Creagan Jr. '49 
Brian L. Criscio '93 
Michael C. Criscuolo '60 
Frank A. Cristante '93 
Diane R Crockett '87 
Glenn B. Cronin '73 
John G. Cronin, Sr. '62 
Joseph CuUen '74 
Rita V.Curtis '95 
.Man C Cushing '73 
Joseph A. Czarkowski '82 
Charles R Daly '74 
Donna M. Damon-Bryan '81 
Michael J. D'Angelo '81 
William E. Daniel, Jr. '82 
Franklin A. Darius '71 
Nicholas I. Daukas '92 
Ceorgc G. Davenport III '74 
John Davies '57 
Gerald V. Davino '73 

Harrison L. Davis, Jr. '68 
Robert M.Davis '81 
Clifford E. DeBaptiste '75 
Salvatore A. DeFilippo '63 
Robert W. DeForest '55 
John E. Deitelbaum '85 
Pasquale W. DeLise '74 
Paul DellaVecchia '75 
Robert A. DeLorenzo '74 
Mary Ann DeMatteo CPA '84 
Thomas H. Denne '76 
June L. Deptulski '94 
Paul J. DeRose '77 
Michael J. Desi '83 
Carmine A. DeStefano '95 
Franklyn I. D'Eugenio '81 
Helene S. DiDonato '81 
John C. Dillman '72 
Dean J. DiMauro '97 
Anthony J. DiMeola '74 
Andrea C. DiOrio '90 
Andrea L. Doody '03 
Donald R Dooling '85 
Leonard S. Dorsctt '92 
GaryR. Dought\- '82 
Theresa K. Douskc\ '79 
John L. Doyle '67 
William J. Doyle '70 
Richard RDrost '71 
JoAnn Drusbosky '93 
Anne W. Dube '04 
Paul A. Dumraese, Jr. '68 
Theodore E. Dunton '81 
Peter S. Dworak '71 
Elizabeth Dwyer '90 
Kathleen A. Dwyer-Shortell '93 
Susan C. Dzik '90 
Mary C. Eagan '76 
Elizabeth J. Eaton '85 
Arthur T. Egan '79 
Christina Eggert '00 
Mary F. Elomaa '92 
Richard J. Eng '84 
Margaret M. Erickson '83 
Mark Erlingheuser '88 
Ann E. Evanko '93 
Scott D.Evans '91 
David A. Fabas '80 
Anthony P. Falcigno '75 
David M. Fanesi '68 
Paul G. Faraclas '96 
Eileen G. Farakos '80 
Fred T. Faria '74 
Daniel D. Farquharson '79 
Douglas J. Farrington '89 
Michael A. Febbroriello '75 
Patricia A. Fedak '85 
Lawrence D. Federico '73 
James V. Fensore '83 
Merton W. Ferguson '74 

Gail A. Ferris '83 
Nancy Ferrucci '03 
John E. Ferry '87 
Douglas A. Fichtel'Sl 
Brian I. Fico '94 
Clifford R. Field '71 
Richard Fieseler '05 
Olga V. Filippova '98 
Donald G. Fillion, Jr. '98 
Michael Fiorella '06 
Nicholas Fischer '92 
William K. Fischer '93 
Curtis G. Fisher '87 
Joann M. Fisher '84 
Brian A. Fitzgerald '72 
Theodore H. Flagge 111 '69 
Joseph L. Fleischman '96 
Daniel M. Fleming '72 
James E. Fleming '89 
John K. Fleming '72 
George W. Flynn '73 
Mark G. Foster '02 
Daniels. Fox '00 

Kenneth J. Franco '94 
John R Eraser '79 
Kathleen M. Frederick '79 
Kenneth P. Friedman '79 
Stewart B. Fritts '72 
Christopher L. Frye '82 
Richard M. Fuesy '72 
Joseph L. Furman '94 
Alfred D.Fusco '81 
Kim R. Gadaree '88 
Edward P. Gannon '86 
Alice W.Gao '94 
Harry J. Garafalo '88 
Anne A. Garrahan '88 
John M. Gasparine '73 
Flavio D. Gaudio '94 
John I. Gaynor '71 
Robert J. Geile '74 
lychard J. Gelinas '67 
Adehna N Gentry '06 
Marilyn L. Gere '87 
Pia R Gero '02 
Neil A. Gerwig '91 

t'nivt-fsiiv oj New Haven 

Loyal donors of five >'earb or more are indicated in itaht: blue copy. 

2 7 



Albert M. Gesler'64 
Alton S. Gibson, Jr. '93 
Thomas A. Giglietti '83 
Carol C. Gilberl 'SI 
Charles B. Gilbert 111 '74 
Laura L. Giordano '98 
Raymond J. Girard '68 
Arthur J. Giulietti 'S2 
Emily K Goclowski '04 
Walter 1. Golymbieski '68 
Michael A. Gordon '67 
Linda L. Gordon-GUmore '00 
Anne H. Gorman '87 
Edward E Gorman, Ir. '65 
Peter F. Govoni '75 
Michael W. Gozzo, Sr. '80 
David Granata '06 
Fred R. Gravino '71 
William C. Greeley '75 
HarryA. Greene '70 
Michael P. Gresh '87 
Thomas S. Griggs, Sr. '66 
Dolores D. Grille '89 
Robert S. Grzybala '87 
Laurie A. Guerrera '86 
Lisa R. Guerrieri '89 
Mary lo M. Guilford '84 
Philip M. Guilford '82 
LouisG. Guillette, Jr. '81 
Jeffrey G. Guth '97 
Judith A. Guy '86 
Peter Gwiazdowski III '92 
Frank B. Gwozd: '79 
Stanley J. Gwudz '88 
ReinhildE. Haak-Davis'91 
Kevin I. Hadlock '86 
Adolph K. Hall, Jr. '76 
Jay H. Hall '67 
Richard A. Halprin '84 
Richard R. Hammond '86 
Douglas B. Hampton, Sr. '70 
Marcus A. Hanscom '06 
Curtis Hansen '06 
Michael A. Hansen CPA '94 
PaulL.Harhn, Ir.'71 
James P. Harlukowicz '95 
Emmett E. Harper '86 
Russell E. Harrison '79 
Edward G.Hart '71 
Shelton W. Harwell '97 
Thad M. Hasbrouck '49 
Robert E. Haverty '80 
John J. Healey '52 
Sonja S. Hegymegi '72 
Joseph F Hellauer, Jr. '76 
Terence Henn '98 
Ivar H. Henrickson, Jr. '41 
Manuel L. Henriques '70 
Guy Henry '81 
Richard H. Henry '89 

Linda D. Herman '82 
Charles W. Hermann '73 
Sheldon l.Herold '81 
Richard M. Hersch '96 
lV;7/i(j/)r R. Hinners '93 
David C. Hoddinott '75 
Robert H. Hodge CPA '72 
Patrick M. Hogan '70 
Peter R. Holden '73 
JiU M. Hooper '87 
Marianne A. Hope '83 
Stephanie Anne Horbal '99 
Valerie J. Horner '84 
Jeffrey F. Howard '79 
Arthur Howe III '88 
James A. Hubbard '00 
Lee Hudson III '83 
Karen L. Huffer '77 
Lois J. Huisman '00 
John A. Hull '88 
Robert W. Humpage '67 
Helen T. Huth '46 
Jessica E. Hyde '94 
Fred J. Hymowitz '72 
August J. lacobellis '69 
Bonnie S. Jablonski '93 
Dawn A. Jackson '86 
Robert A. Jaffarian '69 
Gail T. James '84 
Edward C. Jaworski '74 
John Jedrzejczyk '76 
Robert J. Jennings '71 
James D. Jensen '79 
Tliomas O. lermine '63 
Ernest J. Johnston '85 
Jeffrey TJoUy '05 
Nicole Jones '89 
Harold E. Jordan. Jr. '70 
James M Joseph '06 
Gail T Juber '79 
Prudence J. Kamerzel '95 
Lawrence E. Katz '86 
Lewis J. Kaufman CPA '77 
Tina Kayat '79 
Charles F Keating CPA '74 
Herbert A. Keigwin '63 
Augustus G. Kellogg '79 
Audrey R. Kelly-Lanier '98 
Mary Jane F. Kelsey '86 
James E. Kennedy '69 
Marlene H. Kennedy '79 
Howard E. Kerpelman '77 
Yvonne M. King '90 
Russell RKnieM '89 
Cynthia A. Kohan '97 
Jason Kolbert '92 
Richard D. Konetchy '78 
Donald T. Kono '67 
Franklin N. Konowitz '73 
David Korenchuk '55 

John R. Kosc '72 
Lisa M. Krohne '99 
Thomas Krywinski CPA '84 
Peter S. Kubiczki '85 
Linda S. Kuegler '79 
James P. Kuester '87 
Karl H. Kulisch '95 
Jeffrey A. La Grotte '93 
Robert J. Laccone '78 
Stephen J. LaCroce '90 
J. William LaFIamme '48 
PhUip S. LaKernick '66 
Donald A. Lamot '83 
Ruth 1. Langello '90 
James G. Langlais '71 
Robert M. Lanzieri '05 
Joseph A. LaRocco '67 
Beatrice C. LaRoche '93 
Roy L. Larsen '66 
Jean H. Larson '89 
Melissa A Laskowski '05 
Robert E. Lauriat '83 
Erica A. Lavorgna '84 
Harry O. Leaphart '97 
W. Story Leavesley '74 
Adelaide P. Lecza '79 
Melody A. Legaspi-Seils '99 
William A. LeHerissier '97 
Edward Lemkin '83 
Daniel R. Lesiw '83 
Michael R. Lessard '78 
Alick Le'tang '02 
Robert A. Lettick '86 
Eli Le\y '03 

Donald C. Lewis, Jr. '80 
Mei-Chuan Li '83 
Evelyn W. Lin '95 
Warren Lindsay '52 
Sebastian Lisitano '82 
Casey D Logana '06 
Robert W. Lohmann '76 
Domenic F. Lombardo, Jr. '84 
Patricia L. Loope '93 
Fred M. Lucas '79 
Anthony Luccaro, Jr. '05 
Jeannine Luisi '06 
Kathryn S. Lukach '01 
Wesley A. Luschenat, Sr. '50 
Robert N. Lussier '93 
John J. Lyden, Jr. '78 
Charles W. Lynch '82 
Francis X. Macary, /r. '92 
John M. MacDonald, Sr. '94 
Ricky W.Macri '95 
Robert J. Magyar '95 
Richard J. Mahoney '87 
Guy T. Malanson '73 
Chester I. Malinowski '77 
Antoinette M. Maloy CPA '98 
Philip N. Maltese '74 

James J. Manley '68 
Robert J. Manning '92 
Ranald E. Manning '78 
Patricia A. Manzi '85 
David J. MarcareUi '92 
Joan R. Marchessaidt '85 
Roger A. Marcio '68 
Deborah Marenna '96 
Gary M. Marino '93 
Wesley M. Markman '83 
Jacquelyn L Marrero '04 
Catherine J. Marshall '91 
Janice L Martin '04 
Kathleen A. Martin '89 
Frank C. Mascia '64 
James L. Maskasky '74 
Michelle R. Mason '02 
Elizabeth M. Massicotte '00 
Anna C. Mastan '85 
Derek M.Matheis '01 
Ronald L. Matula '73 
Thomas Mazzarella '80 
Steven J. McAuliffe '92 
John J. McBride '73 
Linda C. McCabe-Huber '94 
Jeannine L. McCann '85 
Johnice M. McCoy '95 
Steven E. McDermott '77 
Robert E. McDonald, Sr. '64 
Charles J. McGregor '85 
John J. McCuire '58 
John P. McKiernan '64 
Robert J. McMillan '82 
James M.McNiff '71 
Yvonne L. Megenis '85 
Edward J. Mehigen '78 
Robert V. Meier '96 
John N. Mellon '86 
Jon P. Mercurio '70 
PasqualeA. Mercurio '69 
Robert L. Metz '82 
Albert G. Michaud, Jr. '87 
Sebastian A. Midolo 'SO 
James E. Mikulski '89 
Arthur M. Miller '68 
Julian David Miller '53 
Paula A. Miller '91 
Ronald M. Miller '73 
William C. Miller '64 
Neil Millstein '75 
John R. MitcheU '83 
Stephanie S. Moceri '94 
Marcella Modugno '96 
Thomas A. MoUoy '89 
James B. Mooney '86 
Jacqueline Morgan '90 
Leon A. Morgan '69 
Nancy M.Morrell '90 
John F. Morrissey, Jr. '79 

L U E P R 




Ruth A. Movvrey '02 
George E. Munlock, jr. '70 
Michael B. Murphy '98 
Richard I. Nagle '74 
George S. Nash '69 
Chibuzo N. Ndokwu '99 
Robert A. Nelson '91 
Michelle R. Netze '98 
Walter I. Nevolis '86 
Rita T. Nigri '94 
Louis J. Nikel '56 
Patricia A. Nixon '92 
lames P. Niziolek '98 
Heino K Noffke '04 
Hilma B. Nolan '86 
George R. Nortonen '72 
Clyde T. Novicki '69 
Robert A. Nowak '86 
Mark T. Nuelle '90 
lohn N. Nuzzi '79 
Frank X. Ohoyski '72 
Robert F. O'Brien '03 
Tina L O'Connor '99 
Frank Ogonowski '76 
Donald I. O'Hare '79 
Edward A. Oleksy '69 
Signe E. Olivieri '81 
Jnciith A. Ohnstead '86 
Jenifer L. O'Looney '94 
Robert J. O'Neill '70 
Lisa M. Orabi '92 
lames S. OrsiUo CPA '82 
Patrick O'SuUivan '76 
Rosemary A. Pachesa 'S7 
Charles G. Paetsch '77 
Albert P. Paglia '64 
James W. Paine, Ir. '72 
Glenn E. Palis '86 
Raelinda Palo '95 
David L. Palumbo '84 
John R Papa '72 
Kenneth D. Parker '68 
Stephen Parkosewich, Sr. '76 
Maureen C. Parmelee '00 
lohn A. Pasquella '76 
R. Craig Pastore '76 
lohn R. Patten '82 
Lois J. Patterson '91 
James R. Patullo '95 
Joseph W. Paul '03 
Paul M. Peart '04 
Ronald A. Pclletier, Sr. '74 
Audrey E. Pellinger '88 
Gail E. Perrelli '04 
Christopher N. Persson '00 
Gerald A. Pesce '75 
Richard S. Petrizzi '77 
\Lirgery L. Petterson '82 
David W. Piekarski '79 
Elizabeth Pierpaoli '87 

Paul J. Pinette '84 
Bruce D. Poole '85 
Glen B. Poulter '00 
Henry L Pozziioli '71 
Jeanne D. Pratt '92 
Dennis }. Primavera '69 
Stephen V Prota '91 
Paul M. Proto '83 
Frederick I. Quinn, Jr. '70 
James A. Quiiui '72 
KhalilY. Rasamny'71 
Edward S. Raschke '83 
Robert J. Raynor '75 
Mollis M. Redding '92 
Michael E. Regan '83 
Joanne E. Reilly '88 
John F. ReiUy III '75 
Katherine M. Reiss '84 
Colette A. Remillard '92 
Peter H. Renson '75 
Aldo M. Reti '75 
Rita S. Rentier '76 
Gene F. Rhodes '77 
Nicole M. Rice '99 
Myron N. Rich '75 
Ralph N. Richard '98 
Frederick B Richter '42 
Pasqnale L. Rinaldi '85 
Sandra Rivera '97 
Stanley C.Roberts '93 
Gary J. Robinson '69 
Judith R. Robinson '89 
Susan L. Robotham '84 
Thomas J. Romanik '79 
Yolanta M. Rondinelli '99 
Daniel Rooney '82 
Christine H. Ropiak '04 
Glenn D. Rosenquist '63 
Walter J. Rosinus.Jr. '66 
Jeremiah D. Ross '97 
Kathleen A. Ross '88 
Maria Rossi '07 
Henry D. Rotman '67 
Arthur W. Roiith '71 
Donald G. Rowland '59 
Susan E. Rowley '77 
Brian D. Roy '95 
Melissa Roy '03 
Diane M. Rubeo R.N. '89 
Edward T Rulka '64 
Judith Russo '99 
Darryl W. Ryan '56 
Robert M. Rydell '99 
James A. Sacchetillo '78 
Robert L. Sager '97 
Robert 1. Salemme '73 
Benjamin W. Sallard, Sr. '78 
Steven J. Samela '97 
Charles P. Samson '79 
Stephanie V. Sands '84 

Daniel L. Santangelo '68 

William M. Saunders '70 

Jean Ann Scaduto '89 

Thomas M. Scala '78 

Thomas H. Scali '81 


Janice H. Schiappa '89 

Jacques P. Schingh '88 

Dominic B. Schioppo, Jr. '90 

Lee R. Schlesinger '91 

Elin H. Schoonmaker '88 

Michael H. Schwartz '86 

Johann Seitz '83 

David A. Sellins '93 

Edward T. Seward '73 

Robert T. Shaffery '74 

William H. Shay '79 

John R Shea '73 

John T. Shea '82 

Robert J. Shenhan, Sr. '71 

Janice A. Sheehy '87 

David B. Shiffka '77 

Deborah A. Shindell '86 

Michael N. Shorey '83 

C. Robert Sigler '76 

Al L. Simeone '80 

G. Nathan Snnmons '99 

Gloria J. Sims '75 

Allyson G. Skeens '06 

Gary A. Smith '92 

Jon H. Smith '75 

Lillian B. Smith '98 

Loretta R Smith '92 

Victoria L. Smith, Ph.D. '98 

Robert E. Smith '85 

Robert H. Smith '82 

William N. Smith '80 

Becky A. Snow '00 

Jennifer L. Sola '00 

Bethany Solomon '03 

Henry V. Sondergaard '67 

Catherine E. Souza '00 

Robert A. Spagnoletti '87 

Caroljean Spainpiuato '96 

Paul Sprague '93 

Paul A. Stedman '67 

John D. Steinhilber '84 

Victoria Constance Steponaitis '79 

R. Thomas Stocker, Jr. '79 

Emily A. Stofa '95 

Jacqueline L Stoner '05 

David L. Straznitskas '78 

Steven J. Strazza '92 

Peter Struble '07 

Barbara J. Stumpo '98 

John 1. Sullivan '72 

Mark R.Sullivan '91 

lacqueline G. Swanson '94 

lohn R. Swarney '73 

Paul D. Sweet '96 

George R. Sylvestre '80 

Gerald J. Szuch '82 

Edward D. Taddei CPA '46 

Tonis Talviste '87 

Joseph Tanzi '83 

Frances B. Tarrio '82 

Belinda K. Taylor '86 

Fredrick ]. Taylor '83 

Richard I. Terrasi '86 

Joseph R Testa '89 

Kathryn M. Testone CPA '83 

Robert F. Tliaisz CPA '76 

Mark J. Thomas '89 

Randolph D. Thomas '96 

Donald T. Thompson '90 

Gerald D. Thompson '82 

Steven W. Thompson '92 

George Thomson, Jn '60 

Stephen T. TImish '77 

Eileen A. Tinker '89 

Wallace E. Tobin III '80 

Ann Toffel '98 

Charles R. Tompkins '64 

Gary W Tracey '64 

Kathryn M. Tattle '82 

Brian H. Twohig '03 

Frank I. Tycz '7 1 

Martin L. UUman '85 

Edward J. Urbanowicz '92 

Stephen W. Vargo '84 

Elsie M. Vavrek 'S5 

Robert L.Vechiola '78 

Mark J. Vere '95 

Barbara B. Villecco '87 

Robert A. Villecco '85 

Thomas RVitali '78 

Sokratis J. Vlantis '87 


James G. Vones, Sr. '76 


Brian R. Walsh '93 

Francis X. Walsh '85 

Charles E Walters '75 

Thomas G. Warren '85 

Katherine Washington-Potter '73 

Dorena R. Wasik '98 

William C. Waterhoiise '84 

Elizabeth W. Welsh '88 

Dorothy E. Weston-Murphy '83 

Terry L. Wethered '95 

Robert 1. Wheeler '72 

Jesse E. Whittemore '92 

William I. Wihbey'81 

Edward F Williams '85 

John R. Williams, Sr. '99 

Wesley G. WQmer '86 

Harvey A. Wiseberg '79 


Helen H. Wong '87 

Gary /. Wright '93 

t'nivtTSrty of Sav Haven 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in uuUl blue copy 

2006-2007 DONOR REPORT 



What Motivates: 

n/vanortunat^nTav^n^nTluence of four 
outstanding teachers, one each in elementary 
school, high school, college, and graduate school. 
Each of these teachers instilled in me the love of 
learning, the excitement of trying and (sometimes) 
solving difficult problems, and the importance of 
caring for those around you. 

What Matters: 

My priorities are to provide for and care for those 
around me and "to leave the world a little bit bet 
ter than I found it" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

I can never directly repay those who have helped 
me along my life journey, but I can pass along 
what they have given me. Giving to the University 
to help better the educational experience of our 
students is one small way I can do that. 





L U E P R 



$1,000 -$2,499 

Michael H. Ambrose '84 
Mark E. Simses '84 
F. Paul Zygmont, Jr. '73 


$500 -$999 

Lewis E Crone '04 
Keimetb E. Curry '98 
William W. Denow '02 
Elizabeth L. Doane "88 
Ann Cox Grandfield PE '83 
Richard O. Kaufrnann '67 
Laura E. Leridacky '81 
Jeffrey E. Luther '87 
Samuel E. Thurston '66 


$250 -$499 

Paul R. Antaya '76 
William R. Browne '62 
James A. Calderwood, Jr. '72 
H. Roger Funk '63 
Richard H. Grotheer '77 
Alan M. Hansen '72 
Raymond J. Huey '92 
Ara Kaloustian '67 
Ross M. Lanius '85 
Robert RLaPorta '61 
lohn E Leech '85 
Alvin R. Livingstone '98 
Jeffrey E Lundy '88 
Laura A. Markure '86 
Jeffrey T.Mulreed '01 
David S. Ziaks '77 



ering in front of Bayer Hall before a night of phonation calling are, from left, 
row, Brendan Pearson '10, Lydia Anello '10, Amber Auger '11, Chelsey Harris 
Melissa Potvin '09, Melinda Rouillard '09; second row, supervisor Angela 
.0 '08, Erin Broomhead '08, Jessica Negron '10, Stefanie Kennedy '09; third 
, David Meehl '10, Brendon Gilchrist '08, Virginia Smith '09, Jason Seaman '11; 
.._rth row, supervisor Chris Currie '08, Eric Harding '09. Missing from the 
photograph are Kimberly Hilton '08, Dominique Johnson '08, Cassandra Sgro '09,' 

Bten Spanier '08, Chanel Sinclair '10, Sarah Zello '10, Chris Briglia '08, 
( John-Schonfeld '1 0, and Arnaya Needleman '11. ' 


The Hill Fund, the University's Annual Fund, exceeded its goals this past year, a strong 
indication of the buzz that surrounds the exponential growth of campus facilities and 

"We talked to many alumni and parents who are thrilled about what's happening to 
the campus," says Scott Davis, the inimitable director of the Hill Fund, the University's 
Annual Fund. "The Smart Classrooms, New Hall, the plaza behind Bartels Hall, the 
campus center, the renovations to the Marvin K. Peterson Library, and the new 
David A. Beckerman Recreation Center - there's just so much going on. They 
see the changes, and they have contributed mightily to the growth." 

Davis also credits the exemplary work of his student callers, who work at the Hill 
Fund's Phonathon. 

"The callers who worked for the Phonathon the past few years have been 
amazing," he says. "They understand how important fund raising is to the University, 
and know how to communicate this to our alumni and parents. Their enthusiasm 
is contagious." 

Students are helping in other ways as well. In the Senior Challenge, in which Agents 
from the Class of 2007 were asked to solicit small gifts from graduating seniors, 
nearly $500 was raised for the David A. Beckerman Recreation Center. 


2006-2007 Actual Dollars Raised: $325,000 

2006-2007 Goal; $250,000 

(Goal includes totals of three-year Phonathon pledges, faculty and staff drive, direct mail and online giving) 


2006-2007 Actual Dollars: $289,000 

2005-2006 Actual Dollars: $199,000 


2006-2007 Actual Dollars; $35,000 

2005-2006 Actual Dollars: $28,000 

GOAL FOR FISCAL YEAR 2007-2008: ; { |T|Y|T|T| j 

,,.i»si(v of \nv Hau'n 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in italiL J'lu. 



2 7 



$100 -$249 

Robert M. Abranis '76 
Paul E. Albini '86 
Philip K. Androi '68 
Phillip R Baccki '98 
William F. Bailey '93 
Robert B. Banak '63 
Walter C. Banas, Ir. '70 
James F. Bartholomew '63 
Jejfrey Baugher '95 
Robert ]. Beaiichesiie '69 
Edmimd L. Bolaii 'S3 
Nanq' I. Braen '94 
Liborio Campo '84 
Paul T. Carroccio '74 
loseph I. Cieplak '72 
John F. Consoli, Ir. '87 
James P. Corcoran '79 
Henry W. Cortina '77 
John T. Cox '70 
Thomas C. Creigliton '70 
Richard E. Curnow '71 
Russell A. Davidson '73 
Robert C. Deobil '89 
Daniel A. DePodesta '72 
Keith D. Deslandcs '82 
James E. Dion '90 
Thomas J. Dixon '88 
Karl H. Ehrenfels '89 
Alex Filipowich '56 
Peter]. Gauthier'91 
George H. Gihuore '53 
Scott W. Gleason '06 
Norman G. Griffm '67 
Michael S. Grove '94 
Robert D. Hayes '71 
Christopher H. Flerr '86 
Lloyd J. Hutchins '89 
Eric Johansen '93 
Herman M. Johns, Jr. '49 
George V. Keithan, Jr. '87 
Paul E. Kelly '73 
Jon E. Kimberlin '87 
Victor Kirilichin '75 
Christopher E. Kolod '82 
loseph C. Kozlowski '83 
Richard A. LaCombe '82 
Ernest E. Lagoja '87 
Victor P Laptik 'S3 
Robert A. Leone, Jr. '86 
Kevin W. Lewelling '00 
Leonard A. Liss '85 
Ben Lorenzi '67 
Donald A. Lostritto '68 
Albert G. Love '77 
Michael F. Lynch '96 
Andrew J. Magdn '77 
Andrew W. Mahard '86 

Jan Markiewicz '69 
James R. Marth '79 
Anthony J. Massaro '68 
Robert L. Mauri '72 
James A. Merola '91 
Floyd D. Miller '93 
Leamon E. Moore, Jr. '75 
Albert B. Morgan '62 
Azucena A Munden '05 
Andrew Mydlo '02 
Paul C. Nicholas '01 
Chris-Philip Onofrio '76 
MarkA Patrick '05 
Barbara PelUcano '84 
Joyce A. Pepe '85 
Georgia A. Perron '90 
Dennis C. Polio '68 
Sheldon M. PryU '03 
Jay K. Ramaswamy '84 
Brook W. Reams '74 
Chad E. Redman '01 
Edward J. Regan III '75 
John M. Ricciardi, Jr. '69 
Joseph S. Risica '70 
Daniel J. Schuessler '01 
Margaret K. Scripps '80 
Randall G. Seebeck '91 
Robert J. Stango '74 
Thomas F. Stetka '68 
Paid K. Taormina '97 
Stephen J. Tavernier '64 
David P. Turechak '75 
loseph G. Valiante '88 
Donna M. Veci '88 
Suzanne G. White '88 
Patricia G. Worster '80 
Joseph A. Young '86 
Peter F. Zawisza '92 
Jonathan A. Zwang '87 


Under $100 

Andrew J. Abraham '88 
James E. Agnew '90 
James E. Akins '90 
Neal M. Alderman '65 
Clarissa Alimena CISA '84 
Athanasios S Angelopoulos '04 
Christopher P. Anziano '98 
Richard E. Atwood '95 
Dale R. Bailey '96 
JohnJ. Baldino'71 
Tliomas A. Barker '90 
Danny A. Barnum '78 
Charles S. Barone '75 
Ralph R Barone '75 
E. Elizabeth Bell '90 
Raymond J. Bergmann '87 
Joseph V. Bigio '89 

William Bilinski '63 
Klas H. Bjork '76 
Paul A. Bodiner '65 
Kevin S. Bogoslofski '92 
Brian T. Bolcer '87 
Gary J. Boucher '91 
Thomas E. Bower '87 
Clint E Brandien '81 
William G. Brooks '92 
Michael I. Brouillard '89 
Jacquelyn S. Brown '95 
Laurence D. Branson '94 
Daniel M. Camerota '86 
Donald W Cann '58 
Robert M. Canny '82 
Robert Jay Caplow '43 
John L. Carbone '62 
Harry L Carl, Jr. '53 
Andrew J. Carlotto '52 
Robert C. Carlson '92 
Daniel M. Casotti '69 
Robert A. Cawood '60 
Joseph D. Celano PE '65 
Chris R Chaltas '05 
Roy A. Chaplin '63 
Michael 1. Cherry '93 
James R Chiarella '92 
Hsu-Fisin Rob Chien '89 
Joseph E. Chmura '77 
Albert E. Chrisbacher '70 
Frank A. Cinque '93 
Joseph T. Ciriello '96 
Robert W.Cirillo '91 
Donald W. Clark '72 
Ronald J Cole '06 
David M. Collins '04 
Carmela Congdon '91 
Walter F. Corbiere 11 '76 
Donald D. Cornwall, Jr '83 
Ralph L Cosciello '78 
Joao M Costa '05 
Ronald H. Cox '63 
Pasquale R. Crocco '64 
Michael E. Cyr '96 
Katherinc E. Danielczuk '85 
Edward P. Daniels, Jr. '78 
John D. Davino '01 
Mark E. Davis '85 
Raymond D. DeAngelis '89 
Vincent A. DeGennaro '74 
FrancisA. Delfino, Jr. '87 
Rodney M. DellaFelice '90 
Joseph A. Desena '5 1 
Joseph D Desousa '05 
Albert E DeStefano, Jr. '82 
Joseph R DiLuzio '89 
Stephen C. Doherty '96 
W. John Doolittle Iir80 
Mark A. Drechsler '78 

Timothy V. Dugan '93 
James R. Dumaine-Savage '90 
David E Dupnik '99 
Benedykt S. Dyczkowski '97 
Henry P Dynia '51 
William C. Eisley USN '89 
Charles C. English, Jr. '78 
Christopher M. Esposito '98 
Robert Fenyes '77 
Anthony Ferrucci '79 
Thomas T. Field '74 
Gregory G. Fitzpatrick '86 
Carl L. Flodquist '60 
Daniel Fluter '73 
Jeffrey L. Font '93 
FrancisA. Eragola '61 
Richard J. Frantz, Jr. '90 
Thomas L. Fuda '96 
Richard M. Gagnon '70 
Mansukhlal K. Gala '73 
Robert J. Garbarino '68 
Howard S. Gay '81 
Ronald E. Giamario '80 
Mark Giannelli '76 
Richard L. GiannelH '75 
Henry E Goetz '69 
Mitchell D. Gold '85 
Edward M. Goldberg '80 
Howard W. Gorham '74 
John A. Grasso '70 
Charles J. Green '79 
Robert A. Guarino '83 
Raymond Guimont '71 
David E. Hall '02 
Robert E. HaskeU '72 
Byron A. Hatch '60 
Lee H. Heinzman '69 
David K. Higgins '76 
Richard H. Hilt '68 
Jane Hoddinott '94 
Robert E. Hoebel '72 
James F. Hogan '74 
Eric W. Hohlfelder '94 
Kenneth H. Holcombe, Jr. '86 
John W. Hoover '69 
Laurence W. Howe '57 
Ira G. Hnbbell '50 
Paul A. lannacone '90 
Stuart G Jarratt '05 
Eugene D. Johnson '59 
Kevin B. Johnston '79 
Everett R. Jones '63 
Robert A. Jones '60 
Joseph D. Joy '66 
Milton G. Kahl '74 
Richard J. Kalcznski '73 
Charles A. Kathan '70 
Robert C. Kennedy '75 
Michael A. King '91 


Arthur S. Klein 75 
Dexter R Klock '89 
Edward I. Komarnicki '91 
W'lUuuuB. Korb '69 
Dominik Kot '07 
Mark B. Koury '80 
Marilynn R. Kramar '86 
Walter C. Kremser '65 
Todd R. Krish '95 
George S. Krzak '79 
Stanley /. KupidlcnvskI '51 
Philip F. LaChancc '96 
Arthur E. LaMan 111 '94 
Larry A. Lambert '74 
Frank Landino '96 
Wayne P. Landry '7i 
Eric B. Larson, Ir. '82 
Edward M. Lauginiger '78 
Rene Lauzier '90 
David C. Lavado '80 
Charles F. Lavallce '71 
David G. Lees '91 
Lawrence R. Leete, Ir. '68 
Wayne S. LePard '60 
Alphonse C. Lepri '37 
Michael H. Levesque '91 
Kin Yuet Li '00 
lames B. LoRnsso '71 
Salvatore Lupone '76 
Patrick A. Lydem '93 
Vathsala Madhavan '75 
William G. Manthey '54 
Mitchell S. Margolis '89 
Rohert F Mark, Ir '74 
Albert H. Markley '67 
Nathan H. Marks '73 
lonathan B. Marquardt '91 
Vincent 1. Martinotti '72 
Salvatore ] Mascola '06 
John A. Mastroianni '73 
Brian J. McGeever '84 
lay D. McGuire '69 
lames E. McKenna, Sr. '57 
Stephen B. McLoughlin '82 
lames P. McVerry '73 
William D. Meisser IV '73 
William R. Merson '67 
Christopher R Meyer '06 
Robert A. Minichiiw '76 
Francis D. Mitchell '75 
Theresa M. Mladinich '96 
Daryn D. Moffa '99 
David A. Moll '76 
David B. Monckton '77 
Stanley Montefusco '91 
Robert C. Morey '02 
Michael D. Morrissey '94 
Daniel M. Murphy '71 
Horace M. Newbury '76 
Dennis W. Nichols '93 

University of Nav Haven 

leremy C Oakes '05 
Christina O'Donnell '87 
Lewis M. Olbrys '74 
Diane H. Olin '79 
Edward G Oliver '06 
Frank E. Opuszynski '82 
Siegfried R. Oschalins '73 
Audie D. Osgood '87 
William E Ostrum '03 
Glen C Papaioannou '05 
Vincent S. Papandrea '75 
Ronald W. Parker '87 
lohn R Paul '72 
Matthew J. Pekar '95 
Thomas E Ferret '76 
[)avid A. Peterson '54 
Edward M. Petzoldt '71 
Anthony J. Picagli '77 
Walter G. Pieper '86 
Lee R. Piggott HI '95 
David A. Plaskon '82 
Douglas A. Pollock '90 
Lawrence Portlock '76 
Scott Poryanda '91 
Radha R. Prasad '73 
lames I. Prince '84 
lohn 1. ProuLx, Jr. '75 
Nunzio R. Puglielli '87 
Sebastian P. Puglisi '76 
Raymond P. Pidaski '73 
Anthony T Riegel '05 
Stephen J. Rigo '78 
Harold I. Robb '94 
Peter D. Robinson '86 
Stephen J. Rogan '06 
Richard J. Rozanski '92 

Robert J. Ruggiero '69 

Nicholas ]. Ruotolo, Ir. '75 

Morgan G. Russell '92 

Robert I. Russell '79 

John W. Sause '67 

Philip D. Saxe '73 

Paul I. Schaefer '74 

David A. Schnabel '77 

Christopher M. Schneider '86 

Mark I. Schroeder '88 

Thomas Serra '88 

James R. Shaw '64 

John C. Shepherd '80 

James E. Sherwonit '75 

Dean M. Shultis '79 

Chester A. Sicard '72 

Christine L. Sledge '89 

Arthur E. Sonnichsen '72 

Stephen L. Stadnick '74 

David L. Stepler '78 

Lance K. Stronk '85 

Timothy I. Sullivan '69 

Howard R. Swanson '5 1 

Charles R. Swart Iir90 

John H. Templeton "65 
Nick I. Ten uta '91 
Mohammad A. Toor '90 
Harry M.Triebel'Ol 
John P. Twerago '80 
Jonathan D. Tyler '92 
Richard M. Van Fleet '86 
lames VanBenCoten '77 
Joseph Virzi '76 
John C. WaUer '94 
Mark Weber '75 
Charles R Werchado '94 
Frank E. Whelan '67 
Joseph A. Wilson, Sr. '88 
James A. Winner '71 
Robert I. Wnek '70 
Richard Wysopal '68 
Mark I. Yuabov '98 
Victor Yuschuk '01 
Hongbin Zhang '01 
Emil M. Ziyadeh '69 
Roger J. Ziikowski '72 




Kenneth W. Biermacher '76 

$1,000 -$2,499 

Leanna M. Dawydiak '04 
Timothy M. Pahnbach '82 


$500 -$999 

Robert E. Lovell '80 
Thomas C. Reynolds 'S9 
Monica C. Jackson '01 


$250 -$499 

Eileen M. Berry '80 
David T. Caiazzo '8 1 
Scott A. Cook '98 
Michael S. Czaja '80 
lohn S. Farlekas '87 
lenny L. Griffin '07 
Maryanne MacVicar '86 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicalcd m uuUl blue copy 

Arthur Peck Meister '75 
lody Paviglionite '86 
Edward |. Reilly III '90 


$100 -$249 

Harry R. Ackley, Sr. '76 
Bernard H. Allen '76 
Kenneth L. Bakalar '82 
MicheUe B. Berlinghoff '90 
lessica Binns '04 
Michael M. Brousseau '00 
Stephan D. Brown, Jr. '99 
David M. Burke '94 
Cornelius Carroll '74 
Robert S. Coates, Ir. '87 
Salvatore J. Coppola '73 
William K. Daley II '72 
Kelley E. Delaney '02 
lames E. DelGreco '80 
Ernest I Delli Gatti '04 
lohn W. Demeusy '78 
James X. DiCarlo '73 
Anthony R DiCrosta '85 
Constance Dinkel '03 
Brian I. Elliott '94 
Frank L. Esposito '84 
Edward I. Foley, Jr. '90 
John W. Gerback, Jr. '86 
Robert W.Gill '74 
Margaret Gindel-Kimball '95 
Glenn G. Gosselin '91 
Robert W. Graham 11 '95 
Robert j.Hcalcy '95 
Dale R Hourigan '85 
loyce F. Illingworth '79 
Kevin H. lanicke '76 
Michelle M. Laflamme '91 
Nicholas D. Langello, Sr. '76 
Donna V. Lupinacci 'SO 
Robert J. Lynn '71 
Robert E. Massicotte, Jr. '89 
Daniel J. McCormick, Jr. '78 
Thomas Michalczyk '79 
Gregory I. Miller '91 
James P. Minella '72 
Thomas K. Moore '81 
Glen J. Murray '07 
Jeffi-ey D. Ormrod '83 
Paul E Oxford '78 
Douglas A. Page '84 
Robert I. Pescatore '87 
Martin I. Rajcok, Ir. '78 
Stephanie D. Seymour '83 
Sylvia Tarin Brousseau '99 
Charlene M. Taylor '90 
Brian Vanderheyden '78 
Joseph E. Ward '76 


What Motivates: ^ 

A friend of my mother's was a role model to me growing' 
up. Through an unfortunate turn of events she needed to 
return to the work place, and became the sole supporter of 
her family. She was a wonderful mother to her six children, 
successful in her career, and was always able to find time 
to give back to her community. She showed me that faith 
and hard work overcome even the most difficult obstacles. 

What Matters: 

My priorities in life have always been my family, my ca., 
and my community. For my children, my priority (jpfaeen 
to have them well-educated and morally ready to k 
the future. For my career, I want a jflb that is challenging, 
rewarding, and lets me provide support for others. I am 
fortunate to be in a position that allows me to support 
students from different cultures who require special 
attention. Those students express appreciation to me -^ 
and the University, and share their success stories -^ 
about careers and relationships. This is especially 
gratifying to me. 

Why She Gives: 

I believe the University of New Haven can make 
a difference in the life of each student who attends. 
Look at our campus improvements to see the progress 
we have made. Step inside a classroom, hear a lecture 
and view our new technology Watch our enthusiastic 
staff serve students and families. My gifts to UNH give 
me a sense of gratification and ownership as I see our 
mission unfolding step by ste ' 



Steven Abbagnaro '98 
Phillip R. Agee 78 
Elba I Arango '05 
Joseph E. Aufiero '74 
Beata Bagi '00 
Debra R. Barkman '83 
John S Barrett '06 
Catherine A. Barry-Fields '07 
Karen M. Berka-Bruewer '88 
Frances Berrios '03 
Gina-Marie Bertucelii '04 
Joseph E. Bibisi '75 
Erica L. Biais '02 
Rhoda Blumenthal '81 
KiniberlyA. Boudreau '03 
Ashley N Bowers '05 
Ashley E. Brady '07 
Christopher S. Brennan '03 
S. D. Broder '80 
Shelby Buckman '04 
Susan M. Camp '99 

Michael A Camuto '05 
Tammy L. Capone '92 
Anthony M. Carbonella III '79 
George V. Carpenter, Jr. '87 
Michael A. Carrier '82 
Craig J. Carucci '77 
John T Cassidy, Jr. '04 
Louis A. Cavaliere III '00 
Dianna E Cerasale '06 
Theresa A. Chapman '88 
Jason D. Charest '07 
Linda L. Chase '76 
Shervaun L Clark '02 
Stewart C. Clark '94 
Lauren Cocilova '01 
Kevin CofieU '05 
Diane L. Collins '97 
Christopher Collon '06 
Jordan C. Collyer '02 
Abraham Colon '00 
Meghan Condon '05 
Brian C. ConnoUy '98 
Henry Cook '00 
lohn F. Cooper '85 
Shontae Corey '04 
Peter F. Corriveau '82 
William D. Cosgrove '93 
Rebecca A Coulter '06 

Erica Cove '07 
Howard W. Cronin '80 
Jeffrey B Crosby '06 
Kyle J. Davis '06 
Victoria A. Davis '90 
Robin S. Denny '97 
Jennifer L Diana '07 
Andrew E.Dinkel IV '01 
Jejfrey B. Donovan '79 
Frederick S. Downs '77 
David R. DuBret '02 
Louis S. Ducceschi '04 
Sarah L Dungan '05 
Shelley D. Dunham '76 
Amanda M. Dunnell '07 
Gerard E. Egan '77 
Daniel A. Esposito '00 
Matthew J. Evans '95 
Daniel J. Fahnestock '98 
Joseph M. Feeney '92 
Spencer M. Ferland '99 
Rhonda D. Fleming '80 
Lester J. Forst '76 
Renee E. Forte '01 
Joseph A. Fortini '04 
Karen L. Fowler '78 
Pamela Frank-Hall '80 
Nelly Galarraga '05 

Frank M. Garitta '96 
Irina Geiman '04 
Peter V.Gerardi '76 
Robert F. Giovino '72 
Steven R. Gleason '76 
Douglas L Golden '8 
Jeffrey R. Gootman '00 
Edward S. Halkovetz '63 
Robert S. Hart '88 
Donald H. Hasbrouck '74 
Mark B. Haskins '89 
Kathleen Havranek '79 
Patrick F Hedge '76 
Melissa G. Hegeman '83 
Elmer Henderson, Jr. '96 
Ronnell A Higgins '06 
Doreen Hodgkins '07 
Penny H. Hokinan '99 
Kenneth C. Hopkins, Jr. '73 
Brendan Houlihan '00 
Glenn A. lannaccone '99 
Sorin Iliescii '92 
John F. Incanipo '76 
Eddie I. Irizarry '03 
Martin J. Iverson '78 
Kimberly B. Johnson '00 
Nancy D. Burns Kafoglis '88 
Elias Kathrakis '05 

VnivcrsUy oj New Haven 

Lo) ai donors of five years or more are indicaled in italii: btui copy 


Edwin L. Kliczewski '97 
Russell F. Kozak 75 
Michael C. Krcuzcr '88 
Steven Kumpf '97 
Joelle Lamontagne '05 
Joseph Laput 'SI 
Vhicent T. Luciano, Sr. '76 
Ryan M. Luck '06 
Kenneth E. Lupi '80 
Scott M. Lupo '92 
Danielle J Lutz '04 
Jason S Lyman '05 
John F. MacNeU, Sr. '88 
Kevin Manzolillo '06 
Nicholas J. Markowich '90 
Peter V. Massaro '96 
August F. Matt '05 
Lindsey B. Matteo '03 
Leoiia ]. May '90 
Erik A. Maziarz '02 
Lawrence M. Mazzola, Jr. '79 
Francis ). McCarty '01 
Leah D. Mencucci '06 
Robert E. Miller 'S2 
Judith TaveUa Mocciola '77 
William F. Moeller '97 
Paul T. Moore '93 
Wilham F. Morgan, Jr. '82 
Michael T. Muggeo '80 
Paul R. Murphy, Jr. '85 
Beryl S. Novitch 'SI 
Christine M. O'Brien '77 
Robert I. Opfer '76 
Matthew I Ostien '05 
Nina L Patterson '06 
Stephen M. Paulson '03 
Brian R. Peloso '06 
Donald J. Petrone '74 
Mark I. Petrone '93 
Stephen Postemsky '06 
David R. Provencher '81 
John E. Provost '82 
David S. Purcell '02 
Jamie F. Quattromani '02 
Dorothy R. Ramsay '78 
George W. Rathbun III 'S3 
Keri E Reeves '04 
Laura M. Reisner '93 
Christopher VV. Richards '02 
Roberto N. Rinaldi '98 
Angelina M. Rivera-Noone '00 
David T. Rogers '88 
Penni S. Rosen '89 
Alan E. Roy '76 
Edwin S. Rudolph '86 
Kimberly A. Rumrill '91 
Raymond S. Sajdak '90 
Gregory M Scanlon '06 
Cassandra Schmidt '06 
William R. Schroeder '71 

Erin Schultz '06 
Janet Schwartz '7 1 
William H. Seward III '99 
John A. Sgroi '97 
Kirk E. Shultz '80 
Carrie A. Smitli '03 
David C. Smith '97 
Karen N. Spargo '81 
John T. Stevens '71 
John E. Taylor '74 
Karen F. Taylor '76 
William J. Terribile, Jr. '75 
Eugene A. Terry '71 
James M. Thomas '74 
Karen W. Thomas '76 
Kynah A Thomas '06 
Robert C. Thompson '90 
William G. Tinker '80 
Chrystie N. Tomala '00 
Beatrice D. Torrenti '83 
Larry Trudeau, Jr. '76 
Eric Tyler '06 
David M.Velapoldi '01 
Robert C. Verm 'SO 
Seth L Vinick '90 
Robert J. Wasel, Sr. '78 
Melvin H. Wearing, Sr '84 
John G. Weiss '77 
Pamela L. Werrell '94 
Adrienne C. Williams '02 
Karen Williams '00 
Deirdre Wilson '91 
Jeffrey V. Wojnowski '93 
Robert L. Zavagnin '76 
Edward I Zimnoch '05 



$250 -$499 

Janice B. Foster '76 


$100 -$249 

Wonah S. Denkin 
Steve M. Hine 
Kevin W Jason 
Anthony G. LoPresti '88 


Under $100 

Eric Bruce 

Charles R. Grabenstein '69 

Anthony Guevara 

Lynn K.Helfer 

Eric N. Johnson 

Charles K. Slenker 
Carmela Zorena 



$25,000 -$99,999 

K£vin M. and Nancy McCormack 


$10,000 -$24,999 

Andrew Eder 
Anthony Lenoci 


$500 -$999 

Paul Blake 
Kevin Donnelly 


$250 -$499 

Anthony J. Barlowski 
Richard D Corey 
Ann M. Cote 
William A Davis 
KeNdn Thomas Ennis 
Thomas Reed Gibson 
Richard Griswold 
Robert John McClure III 
Roger Joseph Ruggieri 
Gary Raymond Steck, Sr. 
Giovanni Valentino 
Donald Brayden Ward 
Thomas Wiercinski 


$100 -$249 

David R. .Mbright 

Steven M. Arruda 

Victor Ayala 

Lynette Barnes 

Michael Bassett, Sr. 

Jean Edward Beaucage 

Neal E. Bensley 

Kimberly A. Berson 

Randolph Alan Biggs 

Raymond Alexander Bussing 

L)Tine Cerretani-Clarke 

Joseph Eng Chan 

John CistuUi 

Warren G. Coffey 

Anne Tragert Cote 

Wayne A Cote 

Nancy E Dawley 

John M Dempsey 

BUI Donegan 

Joseph Albert Downs, Sr. 

Lou Ann Dupuis 

AUen C. Eppich 

Martin Fallon 

John Walter Fruin 

PhiUip Joseph Galaske, Sr. 

James Galu 

David F Gleason 

Terrence Green 

Bruce E Greenwald 

Donna Guerrera 

Jay Arthur Hadfield 

Peter Hansen 

David W. Hardie 

Lawrence Paul Harris 

Darlene Hilton 

Robert Howell 

Kelvin Jackson, Sr. 

Robert Paul Jennings 

Albert Jones 

Daniel Blair Jones 

Vincent Joseph Kacerguis, Jr. 

Brian Keefe 

Lawrence J. Knowles 

John Komidar 

Linda J Kornmeyer 

Michael Krasnoff 

Stephny Hazel Labrie-Tourgee 

Brian Robert Lancaster 

Walter Latty 

Edward T. Lessard 

Charles James Lobacz 

Steven MareUo 

Paula J. Martin 

Ann McCarthy 

Michael Paul McGuire 

Jean McQuade 

David E Medeiros 

Robert Francis Mihalcik, Jr 

Linda Misiaszek 

Jonathan Reuben Moldover 

Son Thanh Nguyen 

Paul Plant 

Ronald Procaccio 

James Reese 

Domenic Stefano Rossi 

Phillip Salt 

Joseph John Sansone 

Kathy Ann Phillips Satalino 

Nilesh Shah 

Robert Lloyd Solomon 

Joseph Southard 

Tammymarie Stone 

Jerome Surozenski 

Venkat Swaminathan 

Harold D. Tarry 

Susan Marie Thibault 

Thomas Truskoski 

Mark Frank UssegUo 

Jay Valimont 






Mary C. Viana 
Guy G Walter 
Judy Welty 
Scott Eugene West 
Craig J Winkle, Sr. 
Christine Young 


Under $100 

Gianpietro Anello 
Charles Thomas Arena 
Robert Joseph Balanca 
Paul A Barsalou 
Linda Bartolotta 
Robert Carl Bertolatus 
Maryann B. Birch 
lacqueline Blossom 
Keith Copeland Bonn 
Brenda S Braxton 
Dennis Breton 
Frank G. Briglia 
Thomas Brink 
Maria Brito 
Theresa Broomhead 
Barry Michael Buckman 
James P Carlson, Sr. 
Kenneth Roger Cassidy 
Amanda Rose Castro 
Rudolph Anthony Cavallo, Jr. 
Morresse Cebert 
Ralph Deen Cheney 
Thomas Chieppo 
Michael A Cipriano, Sr. 
Michael Clark 
Alvin M. J. Corridon 
Walter J Cox, Jr. 
David Grain 
David W Creighton 
Norman C. Cross, Jr. 
Robert Cruz 
lohn A Curran, Jr. 
John Danusiar 
Richard E. Davidson 
Trisha Lynn DeHart 
Kevin Laurence Dick 
Kathleen Dickinson 
lohn Anthony DiStefano 
Mary Donlan 
Michael P DriscoU 
Douglas Edo 
Michael Gordon Ellis 
Gregory B Farris 
< Iharlene Fasano 
IVterV Fasino, Jr. 
Daniel Scott Feldman 
Edwin Fernadez 
Robert Louis Fleece 
Margaret FKnn 
Fverton Francis 

Joseph Anthony Gawrych 
Charles Giblin 
Donna M Goettler 
Andrew Steven Goresh, Jr. 
John C. Gramp 
Gary Grant 
Bill Grant 
Shirley Gray 
Mark Grossman 
Cathleen A. Gunnison 
William Joseph Hall 
Lesley Fay Fianson 
Lena Flarris 

John David Hemenway, Sr. 
Craig Stephen Hemler 
Louise Herschel 
Robert Holub 
Anne Flopkins 
Marlen FTorn 
Richard Ray Hubbard 
Michael Dennis Hyek 
Gaetano lovieno 
Bernard L Kavaler 
Peter Thomas Kazlas 
Stacey Kelley 
Dennis F. Kilcullen 
Peter ICiro 
James Krupa 
Richard Kuzoian, Jr. 
Paul R LaBosky, Jr. 
Joseph Laluk 
Christopher I Lang 
Keith W LaPorte 
Warren J LeBIanc 
Lois Lindsay 
Clifford Litt 
Robert Lovenduski 
Gerard Matthew Lowry 
John Mahoney 
Mary Maisano 
John M Malool 
Eva Marie Mantis 
Kathy Maresca 
Terry Jo Martin 
Carmen P. Matteo 
Mark S. Maturo 
Donald Mays 
Neil McMicken 
Sigfredo Mercado 
Carol Merola 
Pauline Michel 
Laurie Ann Mihalcik 
Donna Miles 
Nicolle Marie Monast 
David M Morel 
George Peter Moskites, Jr 
Michael J Mule 
Joseph R Mygatt 
Michael Natalino 
Jose Anibal Negron, Sr. 

Julie B Nichols- Robinson 

Katherine Nicoletta 

Peter N Nicoletta 

Donna L Norton 

Paula Lee Nowicki 

Robert Thomas O'Brien 

Daniel O'Donnell 

Scott Parker 

Clifford Pasay 

David Leonard Pasko 

Robert James Pearson 

Maria C. Pellino 

Frank Perrelli 

Gregory Peterson 

Louise Picca 

David John Pittman 

Diana PorceUo 

Judith Porter 

Edmund Henry Racicot 

Wayne Radke 

Daniel T Rado 

Gail Renzulli 

Stacy Riccio 

HoUey Marie Richardson 

James jyJey 

John Riopel 

Lucianne Rizzo 

Claudia Rosciano 

Robert Salzano 

Jo Anne Salzano 

Vincent Sarno 

David Schalk 

Matthew Schiller 

Amy Serfass 

Frank E Sessa 

Karen Goldberg Small 

Michael Alan Smith 

James David Smith 

Catherine Spanier 

Joanne Spates 

Timothy Srenaski 

Wayne E Starkey 

Joseph Sterling 

Robert Allen Stomski 

Simon Su 

Maureen F. Swanson 

Jean A Swire 

Suzanne Switzer 

Robert Taccariello 

Richard Tomasino 

Nancy Truskoski 

Robert E. Ulrich 

Robert Van Heusen 

Elizabeth M.Walsh 

James J. Walsh 

James J Warnock 

Charles Anthony Wernquest 

Michael Charles Westhoff 

Jeffrey White 

Edward Wilczek 

Toddy Wilgus 
Beverly Willett 
Patti Ann Williams 
David Wilson 
Anthony Young 
Newman Young 
Edward Zaldumbide 
Barbara Lorraine Zanfardino 
Michaele Zappone 
Timothy Paul ZeUo 



$250,000 -$999,000 

Louis Tagliatela, Sr. and 
Mary Tagliatela 


$100,000 -$249,999 

Henry E. Bartels and 

Nancy Bartels 
Isabella E. Dodds 
Herbert H. Pearce 
Jay I. VIock and Gail L. Brekke 


$25,000 -$99,999 

Robert Alvine 
Philip H. Bartels 
Chen Hong Lee 
Harry Lee 
Eugene T.C. Wu 


$10,000 -$24,999 

Josef K. Wang 

Estate of Alice Wehner 

$5,000 -$9,999 

Daniel P. Cosgrove 
Barbara Olin Taylor 
M. Wallace Rubin 
Ronald G. Shaw 


$2,500 -$4,999 

Peter Hereld 


$1,000 -$2,499 

Meehyun Ahn 
Dennis Binder 
Estate of Marjorie R. Botwinik 

( 'mvcrsin' ofNt'W Huvfn 

Loyal donors of (ive years or more are indicated in ittilu hiiic icpv 


what Motivates: 

We have created scholarships in memory of 
our son Jim, a student in the Fire Science 
program at UNH for only a very brief time. 
He died on December 14, 2001 at the age of 22. 
There are no words of sympathy or acts of 
kindness that can relieve the soul-gnawing, 
shrieking pain that a parent experiences upon 
the loss of a child. Believe me, there are none. 
But we were compelled to make something 
good out of a very, very bad situation. 
Two scholarships were established, one at 
Norwalk Community College where Jim was 
a student before transferring to UNH and the 
second at UNH itself. Both scholarships are 
named The James R. McCormack Memorial 
Scholarship and are designed to recognize, 
encourage and support students who choose 
a career focused on helping others. 

What Matters: 

Our priorities are based upon just plain common 
sense and nothing more. Our first priority is to 
maintain our health; physical health, mental 
health and financial health. They are all 
inter-related and essential beyond anything else. 

Why They Give: 

We wanted to do something in Jim's memory, 
something that he would have wanted to do 
if he had lived, and that is to make a difference 
in peoples' lives. In our small way, I think we 
have succeeded. 


L U E P R 




Estate of Stanley N. Botwinik 

David G. Carter 

WLUiam E. Curran 

Ralph DiDonato 

Estate of Norman Botwinik 

Lynne Garcia 

Mina Gerowin-Herrmann 

Robert M. Gordon 

Christie N. Hicks 

Gilbert Kenna 

Andy Kovachik 

Robert J. Lyons, Sr. 

lames O'Brien 

lames C. Reilly 

Melissa Asher Vancil 



Zaid Ali 

Frank Bombace 
Ian Freeman 
Stephen Kirck 
Gisela Marin 
Nancy Marin 
Linda A. Masci 
Thomas McQueeney 
Susan E. Nugent 
Edward Petrucci 
Owen Quigley 
Trina Reynolds 
Daniel M. Smith 
lesse Truman IV 


$250 -$499 

Robert P. Adler 
Carla N. Appel 
David Barham 
Thomas Beebe 
Daniel Blake 
Linda Bradanini 
Brendan T. Burke 
Janet L. Cavaliere 
Christopher Cerrato 
Traci E. Cornwell 
Cynthia Cross 
Paul Czerepacha 
Wayne A Eddy 
Mike Faherty 
Matthew F. Fealey 
Mallory Ferrandiz 
Robert L. Fiscus CPA 
Andrew C. Grimaldi 
Sadie Harrison 
Donna lessen 
loseph Moses luran 
Donna M. Kelly 
Sevmour R. Kleinfeld 

Peter Kwong 
Kristine Lambracht 
Lon C. Lee 
Brian P. Lewis 
Joseph Machnik 
Joseph Mazan 
Thomas A. Myette 
Dorothy Nastasia 
Rosemarie Paine 
Vincent A. Rascati 
Lauri R. Robertson, M.D. 
Joseph Schaefer 
Gloria Schaffer 
Maryellen Shea 
Edward N. Silver 
lamie Smith 
Jim Smith 
Michael Sutfin 
Karen Tichy 
Alan H. Ufland 
William J. Wexler 
Hank Yaggi 
James Ziegler 



Lori A. Accuosti 
Cynthia A. Adams 
Charmaine Ali 
Rasheed Ali 
Tony Asman 
Patricia Avallone 
Joseph Ballaro 

Joseph Bandiera 
Jane Banfield 
Gale J. Bellas 
Fred Bialka 
Roger BidweU 
George R. Bisacca 
Todd A. Boccabella 
Paul Boehmke 
Gary L. Bonnett 
Donna Borska 
James Bradanini 
Sarah Brady 
Don Brombacker 
Joseph Bronislawa 
Kevin D. Brown 
Bruce Camarda 
Vincent T. Camputaro 
Gerald Candido 
Margaret H. Candido 
Josephine S. Caruso 
John L. Carusone 
Dwight Cattouse 
Tony T. Chuo 
James Cohen 
C. Donald Cook 
Alfred I. Cotton 
Alexis Coubrough 
Christopher Crowley 
John Cullinan 
Greg Cybul 
Lia Dante 
Steven Defrank 
Paul L. Delgobbo 
Delta Sigma Alpha 

OUie Demchuk 

Carol Denson 

loseph J. Desantis 

Salvatore Di Nicola 

Eric Dickerson 

Frederick A. DiGioia 

Vincent DiLauro 

Millard Dingle 

Lashon S. Duncanson 

Marianne M. Esposito 

'^alvatore M. Esposito 

Mary Estock 

( 'hris Evans 

Irish American Community 

lennifer M. Fallon 

Fantasia Corporation 

Edward Febus 

Robert S. Feen 

Dale Felice 

1 ouis Fernandez 

Louis J. Filippetti 

Bill Fisher 

Tara M. Fisher 

John Foley 

Douglas Fortune 

June Fouch 

Lynne B. Franford 

Jean Gambardella 
Michael Garay 

Frank L. Gaudiano 
Matthew Gill 

Lori Giuggio 
Michael Giuggio 
Robert Gorry 
Gwendolyn Govan 
Frank M. Grazioso 
Harold S Greenbaum 
Stuart H. Grove 
Jerry Guay 
RusseU C. Hall 
George W Hanchette 
Norman Harrison III 
Lisa Hartmann 
Keith Harvey 
Antoni Hauptman 
Ralph O. Held 
Deborah Helgeson 
John D. Hilts 
Ilnez Hinds 
Katherine Hinds 
Arthur R. Hood 
Melvyn Horowitz 
Dennis Hrabchak 
David L. Hyde 
Vincent Inglese 
E. William lovanne 
Robert M. Isaacs 
Krzysztof Iwaszkiewicz 
Alicia H. lendziejewski 

ynivcTsi(y oj Nov Haven 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in italic blu< 


2 7 


R E P 

Henry letter 
Robert E. letter 
Helen Kaplan 
Gerry Keniry 
Paillette Kenney 
Kevin Kerkes 
Elliott Kerzner 
Teresa A. Kosmicki 
laroslaw Kuncik 
Kathleen M. LaCroLx 
Astrid D. La-Force-Mann 
Stephen Lane 
Maryna Lawless 
Maria Lebski 
Sarah LeGoff 
Armand Lemieux 
Darcie Lewis 
Katherine L. Lindbeck 
Douglas J. Linehan 
Samuel Livieri 
Carroll S. Macfarlane 
George Maciulewski 
Michael R. Mackay 
lohn MacLachlan 
Mary C. MacLachlan 
Laura Malangone 
Bob Markowski 
Edward Marocco 
George W. Martin 
Rodger Martin 
William J. Martin 
Clement Martone 
Alma S. Masek 
Regina Maslowski 
Peter Mastriano 
Edward Ellis Maxcy 
Alina Mazewski 
Betsy W. McCarthy 
Edward M. McCarthy 
Eric McDowell 
Barbara McGill 
Brian McManus 
Donna McPartland 
Sheila Mendlestein 
Deborah Meredith 
John H. Mettler 
Maria Rossetti Miller 
Brian T. Moore 
Anthony J. Mortal! 
Patrick Murphy 
Kenneth N. Musen 
Ralph Myerow 
Abbas Nadim 
Frank Neves 
Pat O'Donohue 
Jacqueline O'Hagan 
Frank O'Keefe 
lohn O'Keefe 
Ana Oman 
Donald R Ormrod 

Gabriel Otey 
William Packard 
Mary Ann Palazzi 
Gary A. Palladino 
James F. Renders 
Joyce Polio 
Lucio PorreUo 
Mieczyslaw Powierski 
Michael Raczka 
Nancy Ramos 
Andrzej Ramza 
Richard T. Reilly 
Briana Rende 
Michael Riccio 
Joseph T. Rietano 
Carl Robbins 
Robert Rohde 
Jodi Rossi 
Jan Rossman 
Rich Russo 
John Sagnelli 
Nicola Salamone 
Nina Sanseverino 
John Saulino 
Gregory Saunders 
Susan Sausville 
Frederick Schlitter 
Rod Searles 
Jeffrey Shanley 
Francis Shannon 
Aniy Shields 
Zofia Sikorska 
David B. Silver 
Anna Sincavage 
Mac Singleton 
William R. Smith 
Suzanne Solensky 
Ronald Sommo 
Richard Spencer 
Brian Stone 
David Anthony Straker 
Wilma J. Strickland 
Carol Swanson 
Betty Sweeney 
Kathryn Sweeney 
Fernando Tarafa 
Roberto Taylor 
Ward Theilman 
Ruth Timothy 
Charlton Tobias 
Pat Todd 
James M. Tonelli 
Joseph Tonelli 
John Torniero 
Frank Usseglio 
Michael Vacca 
Raffaele V. Valentino 
Paul J. Vanness 
Rhonda Vete 
Sher Vieira 

Walter Wagner 
James Walker 
George J. Ward 
Lawson Ward 
Barbara Wareck 
Marianna Wichowski 
Allan Wilcox 
Dave Willson 
Paul WUsberg 
Paul L. Wineland 
Steven H. Winkler 
David M.Yaffe 
Thomas A. Yankus 
John Young 
William Zahora 
Marian T. Zaiac 
Karine Zuma 


Under $100 

William J. Albino 

Jennifer Aldrich 

Gerald D. Alexander D.M.D. 

Lewis I. Allinson 

Arleen Anderson 

John Anderson 

Lloyd Anderson 

Edward Angosky 

Harry A. Antario 

Thomas Arbron 

Larry Ardito 

Thomas Aristosky 

Thomas Arrigoni 

Roberta Arsenuk 

Theresa Atkins 

Ana Atunes 

Wanda R. Augustin 

Emilia August)Ti 

Wieslaw Badorek 

Jerzy Bajor 

Jessica M. Baker 

Gino Baldino 

Paul A. Balko 

Kathleen Ballaro 

Tamara Bally 

Irena Banach 

Stella Barcena 

Rick Barletta 

Michael Barnett 

Alicia Barreira 

Robert Bartels 

Jolanta Bartnik 

Patricia Bates 

Randy Beach 

Sincilina Beckett 

James Bednarczyk 

Michelina Bell 

Maria Bencivenga 

Joseph J. Bernardo 

S. Bertini 
Rick Best 
Bob Bica 
Ed Biondi 
Rajesh Bisnauth 
Pete J. Blanchard 
Pierre Blanchard 
Charles Blum 
Ray Boffa 
Lucy Bolivar 
Shinichi S. Boman 
Fred Bongiovanni 
Kathleen Bongiovanni 
Jeanne I Bonnett 
Trudy Borner 
M. Borska 
Leszek Boruch 
Jerry Boryca 
Mary Brady 
Doug Brander 
Michael Breen 
Stewart J. Brill 
Leslie Broatch 
Daryle A. Brockett 
Craig Brown 
Henry Bugai 
Walter Buksa 
Mary Burke 
Don Burns 
Anna Bybel 
Raymond Byfield 
Louise Byrne 
Maria Byrne M.D. 
Krystyna Bystrowski 
Douglas Calegari 
Femi Cameron 
Todd Edward Camp 
Bridie Canning 
John P. Canning 
Theodore Cap 
Ivan O. CapeUa 
Joseph A. Cappucci 
Rocco Carbone 
Joseph J Carfagno 
Stephanie Carpenter 
Concetta CarrUlo 
Mary Carter 
Robert Carter 
Olympia Carusone 
Shirley Casey 
Marisa Castelli 
Courtney E. Cataldo 
Jeffrey P. Cave 
Nick Cerjanec 
Michael Chan 
David Chevan 
Rosalua Chevere 
Betty Ann Chianese 
Jozef Chodziutko 
Stanley J. Ciak 

L U E P R 




Rocco M Ciravolo 
Mary Cirillo 
Bridget Civitello 
Mary Civitello 
Trent Clendennin 
Jean Cocco 
Al Coger 

Maureen Colandrea 
Doris Colavolpe 
Frances Cole 
Maureen Coleman 
John Connelly 
Mary C. Connolly 
Thomas Conway 
Betty Cooke 
Carlo Coppola 
Silvia Coppola 
Dominick Corrado 
Yolanda Cosenza 
Winne Costello 
Larry Cowles 
Mary B. Cox 
Winifred Cresman 
Louise Crocco 
David Crouse 
Eileen Csizmadia 
Pat Curly 
Joseph Curran 
Rose Curran 
John R Cuyler III 
Maureen M. Daley 
Raye Dallas 
Grazyna Danielczuk 
John Danielczuk 
Peter Danielczuk 
Stanley Danielczuk 
Ralph A. Dantonio 
Bruce Dapkins 
Robert Dauphinais 
Diana Davila 
Susan Deering 
Martin DeGennaro 
Carmine DelBasso 
Michael Deleo 
John DelFranco 
loseph DelFranco 
loanne Delmazio 
Bruno DelSanto 
John DeLuca 
Thomas R. Dempsey 
Renee DeNigris 
Mary DePinho 
Ed Depino 
Lucia Derenzo 
Sharon Diaz 
Angela DiBiasi 
Louis Dilella 
Anthony Dilieto 
Ciiovannina DiMeo 
Michael J. DiMinno 

Angela Disorbo 
Joseph R DiVita 
Ken Dixon 
Evenlyn Dokia 
Christopher Dolan 
Walter Dolde, Ph.D. 
James Donato 
Teresa Doob 
Steven Doughty 
Roy Dragan 
Michael J. Droney 
Thomas Drury 
Richard Duckworth 
Michael Duhaime 
Nelson C. Dunston 
Durante Pasta 
Irene Durol 
Paul Dutka 
Stefan Dutkanicz 
Joy Duva 
Stephanie Dynia 
Henry Dziekan 
Bohdan Dziubina 
Patrick Early 
Posterloid Corporation 
Peggy Eatherton 
Arthur Elinson 
Lennart Elmlund 
Jamie Espin 
Charles Esposito 
Ronald Fabry 
Thomas F. Faherty 
Maureen FaUon 
Patrick I. Fallon 
Fabio Fasulo 
Rosetta Fasulo 
Nicola Ferrucci 
Eric Figoras 
Rosetta Filkins 
Robert Finateri 
Dean Flora 
Ellen Flannery 
Matt Flood 
James E. Flynn 
Joan Foley 
Patrick Foley 
Sarah Foley 
Bob Formanski 
Maureen Franco 
Lynn Fuchella 
Robert J. Furbee, Jr. 
Fred Gager 
Jozef Galinski 
Eileen Galla 
Joseph Gallagher 
Thomas Gallagher 
William A. Gambacini 
Frances Gambicini 
Felix Garcia 
Frances Gasparini 

FJeather Gebhardt 

Jan Gebuza 

Christopher F. Gee 

Anna Geist 

Dorothy Gemmell 

Edward Gensicld 

Thaddeus J. Gensicki 

Frank R. Gentile 

Larry Geraci 

Victor Gersz 

Lloyd Gibson 

Craig Gilbert 

Joseph R Gill 

Liz Glagowski 

Josh Goldin 

Mary Gondoly 

Scott Gornstein 

Maryann Gorry 

Scott C. Gray 

Abigail Greene 

Angela Grice 

Julianne Griffin 

Ethel Grimes 

Fran Grindell 

Peter Gruen 

Stanislaw Grzebisz 

Pat Grzywacz 

Kevin R Guernier 

Danielle Guion Smith 

Michal Gumkowski 

Florence Gunnison 

Joseph Guthrie 

Krystyna Guzowska 

Zofia Gwiazda 

Ann Haberman 

Bolios LLCJim Hackett 

Brian K. Haeckler 

Donna Halcott 

Emily Hamar 

D'Amatos Seafood II LLC 

Melinda Hansen 

Donald Hargrove 

Sancia Harvey 

Franiciszek Heimowski 

Martin Heina 

Lois Helupka 

South Shore Outdoor Store 

Keith Henderson 

Fernando Hendler 

Alexander Hendlin 

Thad A. Henry 

Charles A. Hewitt 

Betsy Hine 

Neil Hogan 

William E. Hoikala 

Sister Hollaway 

Robert W. Holt 

Mary Honan 

Richard Horn 

Marc Horowitz 

Patrick Hosey 
John Howard 
Stefan Hudak 
Jennifer Hughes 
Mikki Hughes 
Stephen J. Huvane 
William lannuzzi 
Ralph Infante 
Steve Jacksis 
William lackson 
Michael Jacobsohn 
Barbara Jakubiec 
Wesley Jakubiec 
Theresa Jasinski 
Jeff Jesse 

Eugene E. Johnson 
Rachael Joyce 
Teresa Juchniewkz 
George Junko 
Zdzislaw Jurgilewicz 
Brandy Lynn Justice 
Barbara Kachmar 
Arthur Kaminsky 
KeUy Kancyr 
Loui Kasynak 
Gary P. Kearns 
Martin Keary 
Mary Kelleher 
Joan Kennedy 
Doreen Kenworthy 
Florence Keszycki 
Agnes Kilkelly Kim 
Teresa A. King 
Mary Ellen KinseUa 
Scott D. Klebanoff 
Elaine Kolb 
Whitney Kolwocz 
Devan Kom 
Stanley Konopka 
Regina Kostyszyn 
Vincent Kotalik 
Janice Kovach 
Mil<e Kowal, Sr, 
Jacqui Kozsuch 
Melinda Kronfeld 
Gina Kryskiewicz 
John Kuhn 
Charles Kulenski 
Anna Kuncik 
Joan Kutys 
Zosia Kwaskiewicz 
Michael Laffey 
Patrick Lambert 
Gorden Landau 
Frank Landolfi 
lulie Lan/a 
Josephine Lapenna 
Irene Lapinski 
Paul Laskowski 
Kenneth E. Lassen 

L'njvtTsi(v of Nfw Haven 

Lo\'al donors of five years or more are indicated in italu hint: copy 

2 6-2007 



What Motiyates: 

My mother and father always stressed the need for 
education. Not unlike many UNH students, I was 
among the first of my family to go to college and it 
made a major difference in terms of the opportunities 
that were presented to me as my career developed. 
My parents had to sacrifice so that my brothers and 
I could enjoy the benefits of an education, and I think 
one never forgets that unselfishness. I believe my 
parents also imparted the importance of family, 
being there for each other and supporting each othe 
as difficult times were encountered. 

What Matters: 

For me, my priorities are my immediate and extended 
family, my two daughters and my four grandchildren. 

Why He Gives: 

When I attended the University it was possible 
work during the year and pay your own way. Di 
that period, I also had scholarship support from the 
University. I believe UNH can still provide thesame 
opportunities to others that I enjoyed. I h; 
lucky enough in business to in some small nieasUre 
begin to repay the debt. 






Alan Lasser 
Nancy K. Latorraca 
lohn La Viola 
Nicola LaVorgna 
David Learned 
Paul Lengyel 
Bernice Lesnick 
Garnet Lewis 
Philomena Libretti 
Steve Littman 
Ralph L. Livieri 
Fran Ljujcovic 
Dolores London 
lohn Loretto 
Jimmy Loukakes 
Peter Loundsbury 
Juliette S. Lowery, Esq. 
Leesa Luna 
Louise Lupo 
Marv'Ann Lynch 
Whit Maber>' 
Maryann Magda 
Nancy Magda 
Michael MaGuire 
Richard Mailhot 
G. Malluzzo 
Barbara Malone 

Michael Malone 

Joel MandeU 
Danny Mangini 
Eileen Manning 
Mike Mansi 
John Mantzaris 
Alex Marathas 
Ralph E Marcarelli 
Christopher Marchand 
Renato Marini 
Harry R. Marks 
Fay Marsh 
Dan Marshock 
William Martin 
Ken Martinelli 
June Maselli 
Jean Massotti 
R. Mastrobattista 
Giulia Mastroianni 
Joseph M. Mattei 
Mark Mattei 
Joel Maturi 
Charlene Maturo 
Pat Maturo 
Ed Mazur 
Stefan Mazur 
Carol Mazza 

John Mazza 
Mary McCormack 
Michael McDermott 
James McDonald 
Debbi McGann 
Frank McGeever 
Jared McGovern 
Melissa McGrath 
Michael McGrath 
Frances McGreevy 
Theresa McKeon 
Samuel McKnight, Jr. 
Pat McManus 
Catherine McMorrow 
Mary McNabola 
Anne M. McNulty 
Vivian F. McPartland 
Mike A. Meier 
Paula Melillo 
Sam Meo 
Arthur Meole 
Erin Metcalf 
Panfilo Michelangelo 
Donald J. Micknak 
Frances B. Miller 
Luisa Minnello 
Michael MoUica 

Dominic J. Monaco 
Joseph Monaco 
Domenico Montuori 
Giuseppe Montuori 
Teresa Montuori 
Annette Moore 
Norma Moran 
Joao Moreno 
Chris Morgan 
Christopher Morgan 
Robert Morgan 
Mianus R. Morris 
Robert R. Mortali, Jr. 
Thomas E. Moyer 
Len Mullally 
John Mullins 
Eileen R. Mulvey 
Fred Muoio 
Clare M. Murphy 
Kevin Murphy 
Sheila Murphy 
Michael Murray 
Sophie Muskavitch 
Erin Nelson 
Alfreda Nestir 
Gerri Nolan 
Timothv Paul Nottoli 

University of Nov Haven 

Loyal donors of five years or more arc indicaied in italic blue copy 




Jim O'Brien 

Janusz Radzyminski 

Rita M. Sheehan 

Gary Tyaack 

Ivan Odaynik 

Madeline Ranges 

George R. Sherrill 

Edna Tyson 

John Christopher O'Donavan 

Jean Rappise 

Evelyn C. Sherwood 

Thomas W. Ude 

Whanita Odonoghue 

Maria Rapuano 

Joseph Shields 

Dena M. Umberger 

Jean O'Donovan 

Rick Rascati 

Brenda Sidberry 

Stanley Urban 

Patrick O'Donovan 

Enjoli Raymond 

Nathan M. Silverstein 

Josie Vaitekunas 

Elizabeth Oldtleld 

Jay Reason 

Dan Silvia 

Clara Valente 

Ann Olszyk 

Barbara Reilly 

Gary Simansky 

Alessia Valentino 

Stanley Olszyk 

Sharon Reinhart 

David Simon 

Felicia Valentino 

Sean O'Murray 

Frances Renkiewicz 

Thomas Slater 

Cavell Vassell 

Thomas J. O'Rourke 

Jay Reutenauer 

Ann Smith 

Charles Veeley 

Zuzanna A. Osmak 

Joseph Reynolds 

Michael J. Smith 

Eminanuel Velivasakis 

Ed Ostrowski 

Pat Reynolds 

Laura Smulski 

Dominic Venditti 

Sue Paige 

Julie Riccio 

Eva A. Smykowski 

Michelina Venditti 

Carmella Palladino 

Deborah M. Ritchie 

Ann Smyth 

Florindo F. Vieira 

Philllip Palmetto 

Clare Roberts 

Margaret Ann Smyth 

Nicholas J. Visconti 

Arnold J. Palmieri 

Maureen Roberts 

Mary D Smyth 

Anthony Vitale 

Joseph H. Palmieri 

Gerard Rooney 

Mike Sninsk^ 

Sabina Wadolowski 

Barbara A. Palumbo 

William G. Rose 

Bernard Snow M.D. 

Peter Walczyk 

Frank Panuczak 

Theresa Rosenplanter 

Doug Snyder 

Bill Waldron 

Tim Parrish 

Brian Rosier 

Mary Snyder 

Dan Waleski 

Arlene Parsons 

Ben Ross 

Helen Sobolewski 

Mary Walsh 

Elio Pascale 

Ashley Rossi 

Marek Sowa 

Jeffrey Ward 

Palmira Pascarella 

Helen E. Rossik 

Paul Spatarella 

Estelle Weber 

Kristin Patrick 

Jeff Roy 

James W. Spates 

Marvin Weinberg 

Robert Pattison 

James A. Royal 

Frank Squeglia 

Esther Weston 

Frank Pearce 

Dennis Rozum 

Leslie Squeglia 

Jeanne Whalen 

Wayne Pease 

Donate Rubino 

Paul Stabach 

John Whalen 

Gene Peck 

Helen Rucinski 

Zdzislaw Staskiewicz 

Zachariah White 

Jo-Marie Pelle 

Joe Ruggiero 

Maureen Staunton 

Karen Wideen 

Anna Pellino 

Angela Rynne 

Thomas Stebar 

Alexandra Wielechowska 

Rosa Pellino 

Ken Sacher 

Shirley Stephson 

Tessie Wierzbicki 

Peter A Peltier 

Walter Sadlon 

Tim Stevens 

Anna V. Wilczynski 

Vonn Penn 

Vincent Sadlowski 

David Stillwell 

Maria Wilson 

Paulette L. Pepin 

Czester Sajda 

Robert Stott 

Lexi Winkelman 

Joyce Perkins 

John Saroka 

Anne Marie Strassel 

Steve Winters 

Steven Perrett 

Neil Saulino 

Ellen M. Stratton 

Stanislaw Wisniewski 

Floyd C. Peterson 

Michael S. Savarese 

Francie Stratton 

Mark Wnuk 

Mark Peterson 

Julie Sawtelles 

Anna Struzynski 

Teresa Wojenski 

Raymond Petroski 

John Scalici 

Catherine A. SuUivan 

Rita Wozniak 

Darryl Pettway 

Rick Schafrick 

Philip Sundberg 

Edmund J. Wronski 

John Phelan 

Patrick Schalk 

Antonietta Suppa 

Stephania Wronski 

Nancy Piersanti 

Jim Schapperow 

Allan Sutin 

Don Wunderlee 

Teresa Pierzak 

Antonio Schiavo 

Tina H. Swirsky 

Daniel Wysocki 

Joseph Pietrowski 

Richard Schmahl 

Jan Szczypozyk 

Francis Wysocki 

Alexandra Pilarczyk 

O. Richard Schoenborn 

Edward Szypulski 

Michael J. Wysowski, Jr. 

Michelina Piscitelli 

Morton I. Schpero 

John Taneszio 

Craig Yerkes 

Adam Platosz 

Chuck Schroeder 

WUd Bill Taylor 

Brian Young 

Lori Podlisny 

Nancy Schumacher 

Patti Thomas 

Stan Zabrzalka 

John Pompano 

Emma Scialis 

James S. Thompson 

Todd Zack 

David Popp 

Sean Scollan 

Margaret A. Thompson 

Leek Zander 

Ella Nora Price 

Stan Scott 

Christine Tracz 

John Zanowiak 

Michael R. Proto 

Russell T. Seeman 

D. Tretiak 

Antoni Zbikowski 

Rita L. Pruzan 

Dawn M. Seipold 

Gilbert Truman 

Peter Zelinka 

Edward Przybylowski 

Wasyl Sembrat 

Tom Tucciarone 

Franciszek Zielinski 

Scappo Italian Wine Bar 

Ron Sewell 

Kathleen M. Turbett 

Frank Zielinski 

Danuta Barbara Puka 

Robert J. Shapiro 

Jerry J. Turececk 

Stephen Zieminski 

Peter Pysarchyk 

Lee Roy Shaw 

Barbara Turecek 

Joseph Zinman 

Jan Pyterak 

Dolores Shea 

Theodore Turek 

Edward Zolkiewicz 

David Rabinowigz 

Jim Sheehan 

Sophie Turski 

Chris Zollo 





Maureen Aceto 
Brenda Lee Agosto 
Heather M. Alpaugh 
Michaela H. Apotrias 
Norma Atkinson 
Carl Barratt 

Gregory G. Bartholomew 
Sally Ann Belbusti 
Gail P. Berardesca '96 
Peter I. Berman 
Elaine Blosick 
Bernard E. Bober 
Mildred E. Bohannah 
less Boronico 
Shamaree T. Brown 
Janet Buckley 
Linda Carlone '04 
Rait E. Carriuolo 
Cheryl Cartier 
Donna Cerami 
Raphael J. Cerrato 
Maureen E. Chase 
Georgia Chavent 
Anna Chen 
loseph B. Chepaitis 
Deborah Chin 
Patricia S. Christiano 
Michael Collura 
Linda Copney-Okeke '94 
Ellen N. Criscuolo 
Kathr)Ti H. Cuozzo 
Susan M. Cusano 
Michael S. Czaja '80 
Sandra D'Amato-Palumbo 
David P. Dauwalder 
R. Laurence Davis 
Scott R Davis 
Rosemary De Warga 
Martha J. DeMennato 
Lawrence J. DeNardis 
Peter J. Desio 
Kyle L. Diamond 
Caroline A. Dinegar 
Hanko H. Dobi 
Gregory B. Dubno 
lames Dull 
Kelly Eason 
Lynn W Ellis 
Deborah Everhart 
Brendan J. Fahert)' 
Paul C. Falcone '83 
Barry Farbrother 
Robert L. Fernandez 
Helene S. Fillmore '65 
Alice E Fischer 
Karen Fhiin '92 

Gil Fried 

Mario T. Gaboury 

Stephanie Gelman 

Maryann W. Giovanni 

Ali M. Golbazi 

Denise Golde 

Jane Gordon 

Eloise M. Gormley '99 

Arthur S Gow 

Marcus A. Hanscom '06 

William Harris 

Pauline Hill 

Cynthia Hiltibrand 

Andrea Hogan 

Donna Hollinger 

Barbara Hoyt 

Silvia I. Hyde 

Ali A. Jafarian 

Rebecca Johnson 

Thomas A. Johnson 

Ben B. Judd, |r. 

Mark G. Kacerik 

Michael Kaloyanides 

Phillip Kiiplan 

President Steven H. Kaplan 

Jill Keeler 

Ira H. Kleinfeld 

Virginia D. Klump 

Jacqueline Koral 

Constantine Lambrakis 

Henry C. Lee 

William M. Leete, Jr. 

Andrea Lender 

Alick Letang 

Ronda London 

Karen Ludington 

Vincent Lugo 

Eddie D. Luzik, Ir. 

Guillermo E. Mager 

Barbara Maher 

Vincent P. Mangiacapra 

Joel H. Marks 

Linda R. Martin 

Michelle R. Mason '02 

Robert E. Massicotte. /r. '89 

Matthew McCuUough 

Robert McDonald 

M. L McLaughlin 

Evelyn R. Miller 

Mary J. Miller '82 

John R. Mitchell '83 

Judith A. Mitchell 

jamci Monahan '68 

M. Ali Montazer 

Christie Montgomery-Boronico 

Donna Decker Morris 

Linda N. Morris 

Michael A. Morris 

Paula Mortali 

Paulette Moye 
Susanne Murphy 
Michele A. Norman 
Dennis L. Nostrand 
Ronald Nowaczyk 
Martin J. O'Connor '76 
Thomas Osenkowsky 
Timothy M. Palmbach '82 
Joseph A. Parker 
P. Penny Pecka 
Alice Perrelli 
Marianne Petrillo 
Kevin Phillips 
Carl I. Pitruzzello 
Kathleen M. Pittman 
Jennifer \V. Pjatak 
Susan L. Pranulis 
Raymond P. Pulaski '73 
Robert M. Rainish 
Karen Ralph '04 
Juli C. Roebuck 
Gilbert Rogers 
Michael I. Roller! 
Stephanie Romano 
Michael Rossi 
Joanne E. Roy 
Subroto Roy 
Marion H. Sachdeva 
Allen L. Sack 
Robin D. Salters '91 
Jane C. Sangeloty 
John Sarris 
Nancy Savage 
Pauline M. Schwartz 
Lisa M. Scranton 
Albert D. Seibert 
James E. Shapiro '07 
Gordon Simerson 
David E. Sloane 
Donald M. Smith 
Frederick Smith 
Jessica M Smith 
Mary-Gail Smith 
Becky A. Snow '00 
Christy Somerville 
Alexis N. Sommers 
Joseph F. Spellman '83 
Catherine L. Spinelli 
Lucille Spoldi 
Timothy R. Stanton 
Jill Stone 
George Synodi 
Gayle Tagliatela '01 
Diana L. Timlin 
Edmund N. Todd 
Patrick M. Torre 
Wanda Tyler 
James W. L'ebelacker 
Joan Vere 

Matt Verni 
Frank F. Vieira 
Charles L. Vigue 
Lucy Wendland 
Jack Werblow 
Danielle Wexler 
Thurmon Whitley 
Brenda R. Williams 
Julie Winkel 
Jill Zamparo '01 
Susan Zawacki 
Virginia Zawoy 


Daniel P. Cosgrove 

Harold S Greenbaum 

Lisa P Harding '06 

Paulette Kenney 

Jacqueline Koral 

Sheila Mendlestein 

M, Wallace Rubin 

US China Business Consulting 

Josef K. Wang 
Virginia Zawoy 


Lewis L AUinson 
Roland M. BLxler '78 
Stanley N. Botwinik 
Center for Health Affairs 

Hanko H. Dobi 
Karl H. Ehrenfels '89 
Pauline Hill 
Arthur Kaminsky 
Jacqui Kozsuch 
John La Viola 
Gisela Marin 
John H. Mettler 
Frances B. Miller 
Julian David Miller '53 
Linda N. Morris 
Organization of Nurse Executives 

of New lersey 
Rita L. Pruzan 
Jane C. Sangeloty 
Morton I. Schpero 
Edward N. Silver 
Nathan M. Silverstein 
Bernard Snow M.D. 
Tina H. Swirsky 

I7nivfrstlv of '^i'»' Htivi-n 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicated in italk bhtc copy 


Major: Criminal Justice 

Member: Women's Cross Country and Tracl< team captain, 
volunteer Wallingford Trail of Terror, clinic instructor youth sports 

Hope for the future: To become an FBI agent, which has 
been my dream since I was five years old. 

Why she is grateful: My sister is a freshman in college, 

so my parents have been paying for two tuitions. 

This scholarship has really helped, and I am thankful for it. 

UUman & Perlmutter, Attorneys 

at Law 
Barbara Wareck 
Marvin Weinberg 



Abbott Laboratories 

Advanced Podiatric Specialists, 

Aetna, Inc. 
Aldo DeDominicis Foundation, 

Alinabal Incorporated 
All-Brite Electric, Inc. 
Alumni Association 
Amano USA 
American Electric Power 
Anderson Glass 
Andrade Motorcar, Inc. 
Angers & Litz Associates Inc. 
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 



Augustyn's Blue Goose 

Restaurant, Inc. 
Automated Services, Inc. 
Automation Mailing 

Consultants, LLC 
Badas Enterprises, LTD 
Bailey, Moore, Glazer, Schaefer, 

Bank of America Corporation 
Barnes Distribution 
Batter's Box 
Bayer Healthcare 
BKM Total Office 
Black & Decker Corporation 
Black Bear New Haven 
Blakeslee Prestress Inc. 
Blanchette Sporting Goods 
Blue Diamond Bistro 
The Boeing Company 
Bollinger, Inc. 
Boston Gear 
Branford Police Benevolent 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 
Bunnell Paint and Hardware Co. 



Burzenski & Company, P.C. 

C. A. White & Son, Inc. 

Cappettas Italian Imports 

Caprio's Custom Closets, LLC 

Car Center, Inc. 

Carlos Prime LLC 

Carmax Foundation 

Carroll Communications 


Celco, Inc. 

Celine Dion Foundation 

Center for Health Affairs Incor- 

Center for International Studies 

Centrix , Inc. 

Charm's Security Hardware, Inc. 

ChevronTexaco Corporation 


Citizens Bank Foundation 

City of Ansonia Junior 

City Point Construction 

Clark Companies 

Classic Coiffures Incorporated 

Clinton Steel Co, LLC 

CMS Transportation, Inc. 

Coach Corner LLC Pub & Grill 
Columbus Auto Body Works 
Commercial Kitchens 

Connecticut Presort 
Connecticut Society of Certified 

Public Accountants 
Connecticut Stone Supplies 
Copes Rubbish Removal, Inc. 
Corning Incorporated Foundation 
CT Pest Elimination, 

CTC Communications 
Cusano Catering by Maria 
David A. Beckerman Foundation 
DeGennaro & Associates 
Dekarz Engineering 
Dell Marketing 
Deloitte Services LP 
Delta Chi Fraternity 
Delta Products Corporation 
DiCheUo Distributors, Inc. 
Diorio Realty 
Dominion Foundation 

L U E P R 



Drinx Unlimited Incorporated 
Duffy's Tavern 
Dylan's Deli & Catering 
Eastern Enterprises 
Eastern Land Management, 

Eder Brothers, Inc. 
Edge Taiiiiology Services, Inc. 
Emergency Training 

Solutions, LLC 
eMerging iMage 
Emerson Electric Company 
Environmental Engineering Inc. 
European Deli and Gifts 
Excelsior Foundation 
Exelon Nuclear Corporation 
Ecxon Mobil Foundation 
FAB Technologies Incorporated 
F.M. Testani, Inc. 
Fayetteville Firemen's Association 

Fidelity Invest men ts 
Field Safety Corporation 
Finkle & Sons Service Company 
Flath & Associates 
Flying Bats & Balls LLC 
FM Global Foundation 
Follelt College Stoics Corp. 
Forest Laboratories 
Forest Package Store 
Forman, Margolis & Natkin & 

Hung PC 
Fozen Ropes 
Frederick A. DeLuca 

Foundation, Inc. 
Friendly Ice Cream Corp. 
Fuji Photo Film, U.S.A., Inc. 
Gallagher Benefit Services 

Garth Entertainment Group, Inc. 
Gartner Group, Inc. 
General Electric Company/GE 

General Re Services Corporation 
George Ellis Company 
Gima LLC 

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation 
Glen Gate Company 
Cioodrich Corporation 
Great River Supply Corporation 
Greater West Haven Federal 

Credit Union 
Grid Building Company 
Ciriffin Mechanical, LLC 
(jroup Insurance Associates 
Group Technology of 

Trumbull, Inc. 
Grumpi LTD 
H.B. Communications 

H.H.H. Cleaning Services Inc. 
Happy Days Vending Company 
Health Net of Northeast, Inc. 
Heavybag Media LLC 
High Grade Gas Service Inc. 
Honem'cll Fire Group 
Hubbell, Inc. 
International Business Machines 

International Soccer & Rugby 

Imports, LLC 
Irish American Community 

Irish History Round Table, Inc. 
Irish Oil LLC 
Irish-American Community 

lEM Sign Corporation 
limmies Inc. 
Johnson & Johnson 

IP Morgan Chase Bank 
JP's Sports & Rock Solid 

Promotions, Inc. 
Kagan Architecture Planning 
Kenny, O'Keefe & Usseglio, P.C. 
Kensington Glass & Framing Co., 

Knickerbocker Inc. 
KPMG Foundation 
Kraft Foods, Inc. 
Kurovvski Insurance 
Kut Rite Hair Shop 
Lasowiak Deli 
Laticrete & Latidoxy System 
Law Offices of Vincent R. Falcone, 

Lawn master 
Leaners LLC - DBA River House 

Leslie Jewelers 

Levitsky & Berney, PC 

Liberty Bank 

Liberty Mutual 

Lions Club of New Britain 

Litz and Litz - Attorneys and 

Counsellors at Law 
Louis Gherlone Excavating, 

M & M Glass Repair Inc. 
Major League Soccer, LLC 
Marc-Anth(iny, LLC 
Marvin Lender Family 

Mass Mutual Financial Group 
Maybury Insurance 
Med Aid LLC 
Merck & Company, Inc. 
Merrill Lynch & Cximpany, Inc. 
Metakomet Studios, LLC 
Metroplitan Cleaning Enterprises 

L'nivtTSKv oj Nov Haven 

Loyal donors ot live years or more are indicated in italic blue copy 

2 6 

2 7 



MGM Carting & Recycling 
Mianus River Morris 
N4ichaei OKeefe's Baseball 

and Softball Academy 
Microsoft Corporation 
Mike Riccio's Sports Productions 
Milford Bank 
Miller Mechanical, Inc. 
Montesi Motors, Inc. 
Morgan Stanley 
Murray Lender Foundation 
MVPS Training Center 
My Email Now LLC 
Naja Bagels Corporation 
National Society of Experiential 

Nestle Holdings Inc 
New Haven County Firefighters 

Emerald Society 
New Haven Dental Association 
New Haven Register 
New York Life Insurance 

Newtown Drywall, Inc. 
Nica's Market LLC 
North Haven Ceramic TQe 
Northeast Baseball School 
Northeast Utilities 
Northern States Pallet 

Company, Inc. 
Notre Dame High School 
NRG Energy, Inc. 
Olin Corporation 
One Nation Realty 
Organization of Nurse Executives 

of New lersey 
P & M Fine Foods & Deli, Inc. 
People's Bank 
PepsiCo, Inc. 

Petco Insulation Company 
Peterson Brothers Electric, LLC 
Petra Construction Corporation 
Petrillo's Used Auto Parts, Inc. 
Pfizer Inc 

Pienkos Contracting 
Pilot Pen Corporation of America 
Pitney Bowes Inc. 
Pointer/Crosse Digital 

Imaging LLC 
Polish National Alliance 513 
ProMounds Incorporated 
Providence Specialty Products 


Quantronix, Inc. 
R & W Family Foundation Inc. 
Raytheon Company 

Reliable Fence Company 
Renaissance Executive Forums 
Replay Records 
Resavue Inc. 
RIM & Associates, Inc. 
Roberto Taylor Agency 
Robinson Tape & Label, Inc. 
Rockbestos Co., Inc. 
Roebic Laboratories, Inc 
Rowe Machine Performance 

Products, LLC 
Rowland Technologies Inc. 
Saint Dimitrie Ladies Auxiliary 
Sallie Mae 

Sasaki Associates, Inc. 
Science Division/Teco in 

Los Angeles 
Shiang Law Firm 
South Regional Greater NH 

Convention & Visitor Bureau 
South Central Premier Soccer 
Sportsmans Bowl 
Spreyer's Brick Alley, LLC 
St. Paul Travelers Foundation 
The Stanley Works 
State Farm Mutual Automobile 

Insurance Company 
Strictly Softball 
Subway Franchise World 

SunGard Higher Education 
Survey Sampling Inc 
Louis & Mary Tagliatela 

Taiwan Shin Kong Security 

Taylor Rental Center 
Teddi And Archell-A Salon 

Telemark Incorporated 
The Bartels Trust 
The Bilco Company 
The Connecticut Bombers 

Baseball Club, LLC 
Tlie Echlin Foundation 
The Ellis Fund 

The Gaelic American Club, Inc. 
The Hair Color Company, LLC 
The Lee Company 
The Lichtman Foundation 
The Riley Lumber Company 
The Woodbridge Running 

Company, LLC 
Torrington Supply Company 
Total Orthopaedic Care, LLC 
Town of Trumbull Board 

of Education 
Traditional Builders LTD 
Trash Master, LLC 

Travelers Companies 

TSB Baseball, LLC 

Tuxedo Junction 

Tyco International 


UUman & Perlmutter, Attorneys 

at Law 
Unilever United States, Inc. 
United lUnminating 
United Polish Societies Centrala 

of Bridgeport Inc. 
United Technologies Corporation 
United Way of Eastern Fairfield 

County, Inc. 
United Way of Greater New Haven 
United Way of the Capital 

Area, Inc. 
US China Business Consulting 

UST Inc. 

Valentino Painting LLC 
Valentino Tailors 
Vigliotti Construction Company 
Vigliotti Painting LLC 
Vincenzo's Painting LLC 
Vlock Family Foundation 
Vogel Glass Company LLC 
Wachovia Bank NA 
WeUs Fargo 
Wiggin & Dana 
Winkle Bus Company 
Womens Council of Eastern 

Orthodox Christian Churches 
Xceleration Sports Training, Inc. 
Xerox Corporation 
XL America, Inc. 
Yale-New Haven Hospital 
Zuppardi's Apizza Restaurant 


Adriana Trigiani 
Alliance Theater 
Steven and Laura Baird 
Rally's Total Fitness 
Barcelona Restaurant 

and Wine Bar 
Basketball Hall of Fame 
Thomas P. Benincas, Jr. '73 
Blue River 

Blue River Studio Group 
Boston Red Sox 
BowTie Criterion Cinemas 
Bridgeport Bluefish 
Bridgeport Sound Tigers 
Bruce Museum 

William L. Bucknall, Ir. '63, '65 

Captain's Galley 

Cedars Steak House 

Channel 8 

Cheever Tyler 

William Chowanec '70 and 

Carolyn Chowanec 
Coca-Cola Bottling Company 

of New England 
Connecticut Defenders 
Connecticut Repertory Theatre 
Connecticut Sun 
Core Health & Fitness 
Culinary Institute of New York 
Dallas Cowboys 
Dangerfield's Comedy Club 
Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro 
Connecticut State Forensic 

Crime Lab 
DeU, Inc. 

D'Errico's Restaurant 
Dr. Richard Deslauriers '90 

and Kristen Deslauriers 
Harry DiAdamo '00 
Discovery Museum 
]oel Douglas '82 and 

Heidi Douglas '82 
Andrew Eder 
Elm City Fine Stationers 
ESPN Zone 
Essex Steam Train 
FoUett Higher Education Group 
Foxwoods Resort and Casino 
Frank Carrubba '69, '79, '79 
Friendly 's in North Haven 
Gabriele Ristorante 
Garde Arts Center 
Golfers' Warehouse 
Gotham Comedy Club 
Gouveia Vineyards 
Green Bay Packers 
Harriet Beecher Stowe House 
Dr. Michael 1. Hartnett '69 

and Mrs. Hartnett 
Harry's Wine & Liquor 
HB Communications 
Holiday Inn - Capitol 
Holiday Inn - North Haven 

II Palio Restaurant 
Interstate Navigation Company 
President Steven H. Kaplan and 

Anemone Schweizer-Kaplan 
Kebabian Rugs 
LA Fitness 
Le Petit Spa 
Dr. Henry C. Lee 
Robert Lee '78 
Lee Hecht Harrison 






^^^' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^r 

^ ^B l^rf' 1 ^M 


^ "^ 

Major: Forensic Science 


Member: Class of 2008 treasurer, Honors Program, Leadership 

^^m ' ^^^1 


of Society and Success, UNH Conduct Board, Forensic Science 

P mi 


and Chemistry Club, Honor Society - ^^^^ 


I ^ 

^^ .M» 

Hope for the future: To find an amazing job where 1 can excel, 

mk ^Or 

and that pays enough to help me pay off the cost of my education. 

Why she is grateful: Receiving the best education in the field of 


^^^^ ^^^'^ 

forensic science has been a dream of mine for a long time. 1 attended 


^^ ^ 

UNH knowing that my family and 1 could not fully afford the cost, 


and took out many loans that 1 will have to pay back in the future. 



Scholarships help to alleviate some of the debt 1 am carrying. 



Regardless of how much, the assistance is always appreciated 



and will make a big difference for me. 








Long Island Sounds 

New York City Ballet 

Shubert Theatre 

Ronald TUrquhart '81 


New York City Opera 

Ski Mount Southington 

U.S. Open 

Long Wharf Theatre 

New York Giants 

Ski Sundown 

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum 

Lorenzo's Ristorante Italiano 

New York lets 

Lawrence Spellacy '66 

Wave Gift Shop 

Lucian's Greenhouse 

New lersey Devils 

Catherine L. Spinelli 

Westport Rivers 

Lyman Allyn Art Museum 

New York Yankees 

Stamford Theatre Works 

White Space Gallery 

Manhattan Club 

OMNI New Haven Hotel 

Starbucks, North Haven 

Wildlife Conservation Society 

Marie Accrino, White Space 

Orchesta New England 

Starbucks, Orange 

WQliam Pinchbeck's Rose Farm 


Barbara Mariano '80, '96 

Denise Parri 

Stepping Stones Museum for 

Yale Repertory Theatre 

Mike Riccio Sports 

Peabody Museum 



Mohawk Mountain 

Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone '70 

Subway, Milford 


Mohegan Sun Casino 

Pilot Pen Corporation 

The Maritime Aquarium 



Mystic Aquarium 

Palma Pogoda '69 and Tony 

at Norwalk 


Mystic Seaport 


The Mark Twain House 



N'aismith Memorial Basketball 

Preservation Society of Newport 

and Museum 



Hall of Fame 

Project Oceanology 

The Shore Line Trolley Museum 



New Britain Museum 

Quassy Amusement Park 

The Tagiiatela Family 


of American Art 


Joann Thompson 

Affordable Busing Company 

New Britain Rockcats 

Governor M. lodi Rell 

Toad's Place 



New England Air Museum 

Sage American Grill & Oyster Bar 

Michael W. Toner '82 



New England Beverage 

SalArdigliano'71 & 

Town Fair Tire Centers, Inc. 

Bob Felice 


New England Coffee 

Cindy Ardigliano 

Trader Joe's 

Bridgeport Sound Tigers 


New England Photo 

Salon Lui 

Travelers Championship 

Captain's Galley 

New Haven Cutters 

Sam's Club 

UNH Bookstore 

Christy Grady 


New Haven Lawn Club 

Saybrook Point Inn & Spa 

UNH Department of 




New Haven Symphony Orchestra 

Seasons Buffet 

Dental Hygiene 

Chuck's Steak House 

i 'iJlvi-rsKv oj NVw Haven 

Loyal donors of five years or more are indicate 

d in ilalu blue copv 





CT Sports Center 

Dan Riccio 



Don Levine 

Dr. Henry Lee 

Duffy's Tavern 

Elite Fitness 


George Grande 

Golfers' Warehouse 


Jim Ferguson 

John Drury 

Keith Kaplan 

Lake of Isles 

Larry DeNardis 

Lori Lombordi 

Eileen O'Brien 

Lyman Orchards 


Mike Riccio 

NBC Universal 

Paul Gagliardi 


Ruble Vine and Family 



Shop Rite 

The Tagliatela Family 

Time Out Tavern 

Tony Sparano 

Tre Scalini 





Abbott Laboratories 

Aetna, Inc. 

American Electric Power 


Bank of America Corporation 

Barnes Distribution 

Black & Decker Corporation 

The Boeing Company 

Boston Gear 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 

Carmax Foundation 

ChevronTexaco Corporation 



Corning Incorporated Foundation 


Dominion Foundation 

Eastern Enterprises 

Emerson Electric Company 

Exelon Nuclear Corporation 

Exxon Mobil Foundation 

Fidelity Investments 

FM Global Foundation 

Follett College Stores Corp. 

Forest Laboratories 

Fuji Photo Film, U.S.A., Inc. 

Gartner Group, Inc. 

General Electric Company/GE 

General Re Services Corporation 
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation 
Goodrich Corporation 
Hubbell, Inc. 
International Business Machines 

Johnson & Johnson 
IP Morgan Chase Bank 
KPMG Foundation 
Kraft Foods, Inc. 
Mass Mutual Financial Group 
Merck & Company, Inc. 
Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. 
Microsoft Corporation 
Morgan Stanley 
New York Life Insurance 

Northeast Utilities 
NRG Energy, Inc. 
OUn Corporation 
People's Bank 
PepsiCo, Inc. 
Pfizer Inc 
Pitney Bowes Inc. 

Raytheon Company 
Rockbestos Co., Inc. 
Sallie Mae 

St. Paul Travelers Foundation 
The Stanley Works 
Survey Sampling Inc 
Tyco International 

Unilever United States, Inc. 
United Illuminating 
United Technologies Corporation 
UST Inc. 

Wachovia Bank NA 
Wells Fargo 
Xerox Corporation 
XL America, Inc. 




Allana R. Adams '85 
Theodore R. Adams '73 
William R. Adams '68 
Paul Alpert '79 
Robert Alvine 
Florence Banca 
Peter A. Banca '87 
Henry E. Bartels 
Nancy Bartels 
Philip H. Bartels 
Enoch Beltz '68 
Joan M. Benevento '87 
John E. Benevento '68 
James Q. Bensen 
Samuel S. Bergami, /r. '85 
Margaret T. Bixler '82 
Roland M.Bixler '78 
Marjorie R. Botvidnik 
James J. Boyle '64 
Ross Bray '69 
Nancy Carriuolo 
Ralf E. Carriuolo 
W. McMaster Clarke '63 
Robert J. Cole '60 
Daniel P. Cosgrove 
Charles E. Crowley, Jr. '81 
Gerald P Dandrow '82 
Henri M. David, Jr. '73 
Joseph Deleeuw '78 
Stella K. DeMayo 
William S. DeMayo 
Anna Deming 
John N. Deming '52 
Lawrence J. DeNardis 
Mary Lou DeNardis 
James E. Diehl Esq '76 
Isabella E. Dodds 
Edward J. Drew, Sr. '82 
Edward J. Drew, Jr. '75 
Orest T. Dubno '68 
Agnes D. Duva '74 
Robert E.W.Eisele 
Estate of Alice Wehner 
Estate of Josephine S. Crump 
Estate of Norman Botwinik 
Frederick W. Farnsworth '79 
Robert L. Fiscus CPA 
John A. Frey '44 
]ohn R. Gehring '52 
Murray A. Gerber '79 
Edward Glater 
Ruth Glater 
Robert M. Gordon 
Juan B. Haydu '79 
Robert C. Henrickson '41 
Ira G. Hubbell '50 

Mildred WHuU 

Donald J. Ibsen 

Lisa M. lodice '89 

Deborah A. Johnson '93 

Thomas A. Johnson 

John E. Judd '59 

Phillip Kaplan 

Vivian J. Kaplan '80 

M. Jerry Kenig 

Kwahng S. Kim ScD. '94 

Ira H. Kleinfeld 

Daniel Kops, Sr. 

Nancy Kops 

Jacqueline Koral 

Kurt Koral 

Karl H. Kulisch '95 

Ross M. Lanii4S '85 

Roy L. Larsen '66 

Henry C Lee 

Margaret Lee 

William M. Leete, ]r. 

Ann Lyons 

Robert J. Lyons, Sr. 

Joel H. Marks 

Linda R. Martin 

EUis C. Maxcy 

Virginia S. McCurdy 

Dennis R. McGough '81 

Donna McGough 

J. Michael McHugh 

M. L. McLaughlin 

James N. Mohs '75 

Alexander W. Nicholson, Jr '65 

Karen Nicholson 

Peter J. Nieves '94 

Patricia M. Nowicki '65 

Russell D. Offenbach '65 

Chris-PhUip Onofrio '76 

Beata E. Orson '95 

Helen R. Pantuso '80 

Philip Paolella 

Herbert H. Pearce 

Robert F Polito. Jr '98 

Hans C. Rasmussen '85 

Burton R Reed '33 

Daniel Riccio, Jr. '75 

Frederic M. Richards 

James H. Shattuck 

George W. Sicaras '72 

Daniel M. Smith 

Marjorie Talalay 

Mark R. Trojanowski '80 

Cheever Tyler 

James W. Uebelacker 

Ronald T.Urquhart '81 

Frank A. Warner '62 

Helen J. Warner 

Louis S.Weady '80 

Walter E Wehner '63 

Robert E Wilson 

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