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A Message from tEe President 

LJ^ rer 

sat in the stands September 26 at our first Homecoming game in many years, I thought about football as a metaphor for 
renewal. I scanned the stands and saw thousands of people shouting in unison for the Chsirgers, a team that just five and 
a half years ago had ceased to exist. Sporting events have the ability to unite a campus in a way that few other activities can. 

Football's rebirth at the University of New Haven required the efforts of many supporters. Director of Athletics Deborah Chin 
and I worked for years to have UNH accepted into the Northeast- 10 Conference. UNH alumnus and Board of Governors 
member Ralph F. DeUaCamera, Jr. '75 B.S., stepped forward to fund a major renovation of our existing field. The field is named 
in honor of Ralph's father, Ralph F. DellaCamera, who graced us with his presence that Homecoming day. Head Football Coach 
Pete Rossomando — a veteran who learned the craft of coaching under former UNH coach Tony Sparano '84 B.S., now head 
coach of the Miami Dolphins — left the University at Albany to lead the rebuilding of our team. With their support, and with 
yours, we have made huge strides at the University of New Haven. Those changes required planning, strategy and a strong belief 
in our mission, the very same attributes a football team needs to complete a pass for a touchdown in the waning moments of 
a game. Our efforts remind me of a quote from the legendary coach Vince Lombardi, who said, "Winning isn't everything, 
but making the effort to win is." 

The University has reached many goals in recent years. With your help, we will continue to aspire to greatness. If you didn't hear 
me shouting "thank you!" in the stands that day, please hear me now. Thank you, most sincerely, for supporting our efforts, on 
the field and beyond. 

Steven H. Kaplan 

University of 
New Haven 

Alumni Magazine 

In This Issue 

Ralph F. DellaCamera, Jr. 75 B.S., left, dedicates UNH's new stadium to his father, Ralph F. DellaCamera, 
as part of the Homecoming 2009 celebration. See story, page 1 3. 

The College 
of Arts and 

WNHU 88.7 FM 
Ushers in New Era for 
Communication Students 

The Henry C. Lee 
College of 
Criminal Justice 
and Forensic 

New Ph.D. Programs 
Highlight UNH Strengths 

The College 
of Business 

Dehvering Education 
to the Workplace 

The Tagliatela 
College of 

Saving Gasoline: 

Students Compete 

to Build a Better Vehicle 

Going Green: 

UNH Dedicates New 
Soundview Residence Hall 

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2. News® UNH 
10. Sports Roundup 
13. Cover Story 
20. Alumni News 
24. Class Notes 

Winter 2009 

for Past Graduates 

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University of New Haven 

Alumni Magazine 

Executive Editor: Dan Kdlmanson 

Editor: Jane Gordon 

Class Notes: Heather Alpaugh '06 B.S.. 
Criminal Justice, Katy Cummings '10 M,A., 
Community Psychology, Forensic Psychology 

Editorial Assistance: Heather Alpaugh, 
Andy Beardsley Jason Cotroneo'l 1 M.S., 
Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Scott Davis, 
Jennifer Fazekas, Jacqueline Koral, Andrea Lender, 
Courtney Maler '10 MBA., Evie Miller, Paula Morlali, 
Carl Pitruzzello, Joanne Roy, Gayle Tagliatela, 
Julie Winkel 

Design: art270. Graphic Design, 

Jenkintown. Pennsylvania 

Photography: Andy Beardsley, Jason Cotroneo, 

Stan Godlewski, Courtney Maler 

The University of New/ Haven Alumni Magazine 
is published by the University Advancement Office. 
We welcome your news and comments. Please email 
them to or send them 
lo UNH Alumni Magazine, 300 Boston Post Road, 
West Haven, a 06516. 

The University of New Haven is committed to equal 
access to educational and employment opportunities 
for all applicants regardless of race, creed, color, 
religion, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, 
disability or sexual orientation, in compliance with 
state and federal statutes. 

On The Cover 

The Charger Football Team celebrates 
its Homecoming Day victory over the 
Stonehill Skyhawks. 

i @UNH 

Incoming Class Shatters 
Records (Again) 

For the second year in a row, 
UNH experienced a surge in 
first-year student enrollment. 
This fall, the University enrolled 
approximately 1,250 fi-eshmen 
— a 14 percent increase over 
last year s record-breaking class. 

Associate Vice President for 
Enrollment Management Kevin 
Phillips notes that the continued 
increase is due to a number of 
factors. New and expanded 
academic programs, a vast array 
of study-abroad options and 
internship opportunities, new 
state-of-the-art facilities and the 
return of Charger Football are 
just a few examples of the 
tremendous progress taking place 
on campus. New undergraduate 
degree programs added this 
fall include Theatre Arts, Digital 
Art and Design, and Museum 
Studies. As a result of these 
advances, the University's 
reputation for excellence and 
innovation is increasingly being 
recognized throughout the 
state, the nation and around 
the globe. 

Phillips also attributes the 
increase to a substantial focus 
on recruitment using social 
media such as Facebook, Twitter, 

YouTube and a new online 
360-degree virtual campus tour. 
The result, he says, is a nearly 
100 percent boost in campus 
visits. "With both campus and 
online visits, students and 
parents appreciate the solid 
connections they make with 
faculty members and staff," he 
said. "And once they are here 
and get a view of the facilities, 
they see for themselves that 
UNH is a reaUy 'hot' school." 

University Dedicates 
First 'Green' Building 

The University officially 
dedicated its first 'green 
building September 25, the new 
402-bed Soundview Residence 
Hall. The $43 million, five-story 
building offers spectacular 
views of the Long Island Sound 
and the City of New Haven. 

Soundview is expected to 
receive a gold certification for 
Leadership in Energy Efficient 
Design (LEED), the nationally 
acknowledged benchmark 
for green building practices. 
The certification reflects the 
University's commitment to 
sustainable architectural 
practices. Soundview artfully 
combines modern amenities 

with environmental awareness. 
Energy-efficient lighting, 
recycling rooms and a first 
floor exclusively devoted to 
sustainable living mark it as 
one of UNH's most ambitious 
capital initiatives to date. 

The facility was completed 
as the University continues 
to experience record-breaking 
enrollment, with the largest 
freshman class in history 
arriving in late August. 
More than 5,200 students 
now attend UNH. 




The 2009-2010 fr^hman class 

Breaking New Ground in Forensic Science 

Institute Event a Tribute to Dr. Henry C. Lee 

nee the speeches were done and the accolades delivered, the world's foremost forensic scientist 
hoisted a shovel September 25 inside a tent on the UNH campus amid thunderous applause. 
Then Dr Henry C. Lee, flanked by state dignitaries and University officials, dug into a pile of dirt to 

symbolically break ground for the new Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science building. "The Henry C. 

Lee Institute has come a long way from when it started in 1975 to today," said Dr. Lee, a longtime 

UNH professor whose scientific acumen and creative 

genius provided the impetus for the Institute. "Back 

then, we had only a few students and a laboratory." 

The Institute building is a structure that, as Board of 
Governors' chair Samuel S. Bergami, Jr '85 E.M.B.A., 
said at the event, "will definitively establish the 
Institute and the University of New Haven as 
worldwide leaders in forensic science training 
and education." Located between Maxcy and 
Bartels hails, the Institute will house an interactive 
public-learning center, visual displays of historic 
cases, classrooms and laboratories. Also included 
will be a forensic crisis management command 
center featuring cutting-edge technology 
available for use by police agencies throughout 
Connecticut and the nation. The building is 
scheduled for completion in late 2010. 

President Steven H. Kaplan was among several speakers who praised 
Dr. Lee's accomplishments to an audience of several hundred attending 
the groundbreaking. "I cannot think of another individual who has 
meant so much and contributed so significantly as Dr Lee to this 
University's success," he said. 




Bartels Fellow, a UNH 
Grad, was Mastermind 
behind MasterCard's 
"Priceless" Campaign 

People from throughout the 
world quote the lines verbatim 
from MasterCard's "Priceless" 
television commercials, one of 
the longest running and most 
successful advertising campaigns 
in history. "Priceless" is now 
a part of pop culture, thanks to 
Lawrence Flanagan '80 B.S., 

This fall's Bartels Fellow, 
Flanagan spoke to a standing- 
room-only audience September 

Bartels Fellow Larry Flanagan '80 
B.S., Marketing 


30 in Dodds Theatre. He also 
held question-and-answer 
sessions with a Marketing class 
and a Financial Accounting 
class, lunched with student 
leaders, and spent time with 
faculty and deans. His advice to 
all: "Be fearless." As the chief 
marketing officer for MasterCard 
Worldwide, Flanagan was 
responsible for selecting the 
"Priceless" campaign from 35 
options that were offered to the 
corporation when it was trying 
to revive itself in the 1990s. 
Flanagan saw the long-term 
potential for "Priceless." He 
pushed hard for it, even though 
another ad — sharper, cooler, 
wittier — had gained a strong 
footing. MasterCard listened 
to Flanagan, the brand was 
revived, and Flanagan was 
hailed a hero. 

His secret: "I was just willing to 
say, 'I think this is the best thing 
to do,' " he said. "I'd rather do the 
right thing than the safe thing." 

Hear the Mastermind 
Behind MasterCard's 
'Priceless' Ad Campaign 

■When Hie Going Gels Tough, Ibe Tough Relox" 


mt SEiucs 

4 Winter 2009 

I'rS^'S^sdoy, September 30, 2009_ 

Injured Student Meets 
President at White House 

While alternative medicine has 
been around for thousands of 
years, senior James Hilaire says 
he may have discovered one of 
the newest remedies of all — 
shaking hands with President 
Barack Obama. Hilaire is 
recovering from a season-ending 
injury he received in a soccer 
game last fall while serving as 
UNH goalkeeper. ABC News 
learned of his arduous battle to 
recover from the accident, and 
invited him to the White House 
for the taping of a television 
program on the future of the 
nation's healthcare system. 

Although Hilaire didn't have 
the chance to ask President 
Obama his question regarding 
the lack of affordable health 
insurance for college students no 
longer covered by their parents' 
health insurance, he was able to 

James Hilaire '10 B.S., 
Criminal Justice 

meet the president. Hilaire says 
Obama shook his hand, smiled 
and gave him a wink. "That, 
to me, was the best cure of all," 
Hilaire said. "To think that 
millions of people in the United 
States will never have the chance 
to meet President Obama — 
but I did — is wonderful. I will 
carry that moment with me for 
the rest of my life." 

Blodiesel from Algae 

CsfriK Fcrn^rtdei. AIm« (jagnon, Giilifn Laiarut with Eddie luiik, Ir, PhO flrd Cjrmcia Cucmo. ChO ^ 

SURF Students Present Research 

Students who had engaged in summer research exhibited impressive 
findings September 25 in the lobby of Bartels Hall, the campus 
center. As part of UNH's Summer Undergraduate Research 
Fellowship program, students extracted fuel from algae, discovered 
the eftects of compounds on Lyme Disease, and explored the 
relationship between economics and human trafficking, among 
several subjects. 


13-Year-Old Is Youngest 
Student in UNH History 

Though Maeda Hanafi '13 B.S., 
Computer Science, enjoys 
many of the same pastimes 
as her 13-year-old friends — 
from roUerblading to computer 
games — every morning as 
her friends head off to middle 
school, Maeda heads to classes 
at the University of New Haven. 

The youngest student ever 
admitted to UNH, Maeda 
credits her parents. Imam and 
Anna, for much of her success. 
Three years after arriving in the 
United States from lakarta, 
Indonesia, Imam graduated 
from UNH in 1995widia 
degree in Computer Science. 
Anna, a trained economist, has 
been home-schooling Maeda 
and her three siblings, ages 5 
to 11, since 2004. 

Imam now operates Algosmith 
Computing, a local business 
that builds financial-system 
software for Wall Street 
companies. Maeda shares her 
father's love and aptitude for 
computerization. "We are 
delighted to have Maeda 
here," said Melissa Laskowski, 
associate director of 
Undergraduate Admissions. 
"She's very bright and very 
mature. I think she'U bring 
a fresh perspective to all 
her classes." 

Humble Horseshoe Crab 
Belies Its Life-Saving 

Anyone who has ever taken 
a pUl, been tested for meningitis 
or had a medical device 
implanted should probably 
thank the humble horseshoe 
crab for making it possible, 
according to Carmela Cuomo, 
Ph.D., associate professor 
and coordinator of UNH's 
Marine Biology Program. 
The 400-miIlion-year-old 
invertebrate is well known for 
its presence on beaches around 
the globe, but less recognized 
for the bacteria- identifying 
compound contained in its 
bright-blue blood — limulus 
amoebacyte lysate (LAL) — 
which is in great demand by the 
biomedical and pharmaceutical 

The escalating need for LAL, 
which is used to identify the 
presence of bacteria and sells 
for $15,000 per quart, is one 
of the reasons why the Adantic 
horseshoe crab species is 
particularly worth saving from 
decline, Cuomo says. After 10 
years of research, Cuomo has 
developed the first protocols to 
successfully breed the Atlantic 
species in captivity, a feat that 
could prove a boon to the 
biomedical field and help 
protect the disc-shaped 
creature from 

Psychology Professor Recognized 
as Rising Star 

Stuart Sidle, director of UNH's Industrial- 
Organizational Psychology program, was 
named as one of 1 5 "Rising Stars" by 
Business New Haven, the news publication 
named Sidle as one of the region's business 
leaders of tomon'ow for his research on 
workplace issues such as job stress, 
work satisfaction, employee surveys, change management and 
leadership development. He also has served as a consultant to dozens 
of organizational leaders and is frequently quoted in the local and 
national media. 

Chin Named Athletics 

Administrator of the Year 

Director of Athletics Deborah Chin 

has been named the National 

Association of Collegiate Women 

Athletics Administrators (NACWAA) 

Division II Administrator of the Year for 

2009. The award is bestowed upon 

NACWAA members who have made 

significant contributions as administrators of intercollegiate athletics. 

Students Take 1st Place for Dangers 
of Underage Drinking Video 

UNH Communication students took first place in the second annual 
Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Connecticut Public Service Announcement 
(PSA) Contest. The students created a 30-second PSA video to reinforce 
the dangers of underage drinking. The UNH video was chosen from 
35 submitted by students from four Connecticut universities. Team 
members received a cash award in the amount of $2,500. To view the 
PSA go to: http.// 

Professor to Edit Psychology Journal 
Psychology Professor Michael Morris has been appointed associate 
editor of the American Journal of Evaluation (AJE). His tenn begins 
in November AJE is one of the leading journals in the field of 
psychological program evaluation. 

Research Featured in New Journal of Chemistry 
The research of two UNH professors and a recent graduate was 
published on the cover of the New Journal of Chemistry in its 
October edition. Chemistry Professor Pauline M. Schwartz's work with 
Dan Osipovitch '09 Chemistry, and Mechanical/Civil & Environmental 
Engineering Professor Carl Ban-att was detailed in the article 
"Systems Chemistry and Parrondo's Paradox: Computational Models 
of Thermal Cycling." 

State Recognizes Professor's Efforts 
Political Science Professor Jim Dull, who 
directs UNH's legislative intemships program, 
was awarded a certificate of recognition 
September 1 6 by Arthur Forst the executive 
director of the Connecticut General Assembly's 

Commission on Legislative Staff Intemships. Forst praised DuH's 

commitment to the intemship program. 

continued on page 6 

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Dental Hygiene Student 
Wins Colgate Award 

Third-year Dental Hygiene student Christine Saraceno '1 1 
B.S., won a $5,000 scliolarship from Colgate-Palmolive for 
the University's Dental Hygiene program with her essay 
"The value of a specific toothpaste recommendation for 
your patients' home-care regimen." Saraceno attended 
the inaugural meeting of the Colgate Oral Health 
Advisory Board in Manhattan October 21 through 
October 23 as one of two winners of the essay contest. 

WImt It Really Takes 
to Solve Crimes 
UNH forensic scientist Dr. Henry C. Lee 
and forensic experts Elaine M. Pagliaro 
and Katherine Ramsland provide a 
realistic, in-depth picture of the education 
skills, challenges and rewards involved 
in the field of forensic science in their 
new book "The Real World of a Forensic 
Scientist: Renowned Experts Reveal What 
it Takes to Solve Crimes." This compelling 
insider's guide begins with Dr. Lee's 
personal story and 40-year career to 
demonstrate how forensic science developed 
came to be recognized by the courts and law 
investigating crimes. 





in the 20th century and 
enforcement as crucial in 

Overseas Chinese Influence on 
Trade Explored in New Book 
A new book co-authored by a UNH 
Marketing professor explores the differing 
business strategies of overseas Chinese 
involved in trading in Southeast Asia 
compared to traditional Western-style 
decision making. George Haley, UNH 
professor of Marketing, his wife, Usha 
Haley a former Asia Programs Fellow at 
Harvard's Kennedy School, and Tan Chin 
Tlong, deputy president of Singapore 
Management University, wrote "New 
Asian Emperors," in the hope of creating 
a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both styles. 

GetKtfe I Naler UxhlCV.Hafer ChnTaiigTvi 

An Investment Guide for 
the Financially Savvy 
McGraw-Hill recently published "Applied 
Value Investing" by Joseph P. Calandro, Jr 
'01 E.M.B.A., of Morrisville, Pa. Calandro, 
the Enterprise Risk Manager for a global 
financial services firm in Philadelphia, 
is a former Finance professor at the 
University of Connecticut. His book is 
based on academic papers he published, 
which were rewritten in book form. 


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6 Winter 2009 

Tom Beebe 

Dan Kalmanson 

New Senior 

Tom Beebe has joined the 
University as the new associate 
vice president for Capital 
Projects. While working in the 
construction industry the past 
several years, Beebe had been 
involved with the University 
on a number of capital projects 
such as the David A. Beckerman 
Recreation Center, Soundview 
Residence Hall and the planning 
for the new Henry C. Lee 
Institute building and Battels 
Hall expansion. 

Dan Kalmanson is the new 
associate vice president for 
Communications and Public 
Affairs. A former television 
reporter and producer, 
Kalmanson has more than 
20 years ot experience in leading 
communications offices for 
public and private colleges 
including Florida International 
University, University of Miami 
and University of Richmond. 

Presidential Fellows 
Provide Crucial Services 
to Community 

Summer break had a different 
meaning for 10 UNH students 
this year. Instead of soaking up 
the sun at the beach, these 
students spent the summer 
as President's Public Service 
Fellows, bringing crucial, 
hands-on services to government 
and non-profit organizations 
in the greater New Haven area. 
Now in its 1 1 th year, the 
President's Public Service 

Fellowship Program, funded by 
a gift from the Henry E. and 
Nancy Horton Bartels Trust, 
is a highly selective program 
that allows students to give back 
to the community while gaining 
real-world experience. 

This summer, the students 
worked on a wide range of 
community service projects 
including coordinating summer 
enrichment programs for 

underprivileged children, 
working with the Connecticut 
Food Bank, designing curricula 
for preschool children at the 
Connecticut Children's 
Museum, and helping the 
City of West Haven revise its 
emergency operations plan. 

Artists Wield Brushes To 
Combat Lyme Disease 

More than 1 5 professional 
artists created paintings 
throughout the seaside vUlage 
of Stony Creek, Conn., July 12 
as part of a benefit for the 
pioneering Lyme Disease 
research of Biology and 
Environmental Science 
Professor Eva Sapi. Their work 
was exhibited, then auctioned 
later that day. Thirty percent of 
the proceeds from the auction 
went to support the research 
of Sapi and the UNH Lyme 
Disease Research Group. 

Tracking Coastal 
Ecological Changes 

A group of LrNH undergraduate 
and graduate students worked 
with Professor Roman Zajac 
of the Department of Biology 
and Environmental Science this 
past summer to identify and 
quantify' changes occurring in 
salt marshes and other coastal 
systems, as rising sea levels and 
coastal development affect salt 
marsh ecosystems across the 
Eastern Seaboard. These trends 
can negatively affect the fishing 
industry, and may have an 
impact on coastal flooding. 

This summer's work revealed 
some new and potentially 
significant insights into how 
animal and plant communities 
are responding to marsh change 
and the pace at which such 
changes are occurring. 

UNH Dental Hygiene students cared for children's teeth in 
a Romanian orphanage. 

Providing Dental Care in Romania, South Dakota 

Faculty and students returned to Romania this summer to provide 
preventive care at an orphanage and in surrounding villages, as well 
as to improve their mastery of the language to better communicate 
with patients. Students also traveled to a Native American reservation 
in South Dakota to educate residents in dental hygiene and to 
provide care. Said Jessica Porter '09 A.S., 'T am so grateful that 
I was able to have the opportunity to treat the members of the 
Sioux Indian Tribe and make a difference in their lives." 

Professor Brett McCormIck 
with a symposium 

Lee College Dean Gives Keynote Address in Taiwan 
Dean Richard Ward of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice 
and Forensic Sciences gave the keynote address opening the Asian 
Association of Police Sciences meeting In Taipei, Taiwan, at Central 
Police University In June. Ward has been active In developing 
international partnerships in Asia for the past 25 years. 

UNH Symposium Draws 

Global Participants 

Senior military officials, diplomats and scholars 

from more than 1 5 countries tackled a variety of 

issues at the UNH-sponsored East Asia Symposium 

and Conference, now In Its second year. In Beijing, 

China. Coordinated by Brett McCormIck, director 

of Global Studies and Modem Languages at UNH, 

the weeklong symposium at China Foreign Affairs University increases 

the Intemational visibility and reputation of the University. 

''Greasy Rider" Author Speaks 
at Convocation 
Greg Melville, author of the best-selling 
book, "Greasy Rider: Two Dudes, One 
Fry-Oil-Powered Car, and a Cross-Countiy 
Search for a Greener Future, " was the 
keynote speaker during Convocation 
A'stu"^eadi„g this year's AuQUSt 23. ''Greasy Rider" Is the chronicle 
Common Read selection, of two friends who drive cross country with 
"Greasy Rider" the goal of not Stopping at a gas pump. 

The book was selected as UNH's 2009 Common Read selection, 
inspired by the University's "Go Green" sustalnability campaign. 

Undergraduate Student Presents Research 
at International Symposium 

Criminal Justice student Stacey McMlllin '1 0, who conducted a Summer 
Undergraduate research fellowship with Professor Mario Gaboury 
and Professor Chris Sedelmaier of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal 
Justice and Forensic Sciences, presented her research findings at the 
1 3th Intemational Symposium on Victimology In Japan this summer. 
Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitlyabha Mahldol from Thailand 
delivered the keynote address, sharing her experiences working for 
underprivileged individuals within the Thai criminal justice system. 

Investigation into Michael 
Jackson's Death 
CNN's Lany King Live, July 10, 2009: 
Famed talk show host Larry King 
interviews UNH Forensic Science 
Professor Dr. Henry C. Lee regarding 
Michael Jackson's death from a 
possible drug overdose. 

UNH has Red-letter Day 

New Haven Register, September 26, 2009: University dedicates Its 
first 'green' building and breaks ground for new Lee Institute building 
on same day 

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continued from page 7 

Ready for Football, Six Years Later 
The New York Times, September 1 8, 2009: In-depth story about the 
return of Charger football after a five-year absence and the resulting 
excitement on campus. 

Lettermans Office Romance 

Associated Press, September 20, 2009: Amy Nicole Salvaggio, assistant 
professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, commented on 
romance in the workplace following the disclosure of David Letterman's 
office dalliances. The story ran in numerous news outlets including 
The New York Times, and 

Students Get On-the-job Fire Training 

New Haven Register, September 7, 2009: Five UNH students are 
spending the fall semester living in a West Haven firehouse as part 
of an internship program that benefits both the fire science majors 
and the local community. 

44-Year-Old Football Player Featured on ESPN 
ESPN's "First Take," September 30, 2009: UNH's 44-year old football 
student-athlete Wayne Parks was interviewed about his ability and 
desire to play college ball while earning a degree, raising a family 
and working full-time as a firefighter. 

Surge in Admissions 

Business New Haven, August 2009: Associate Vice President for 
Enrollment Management Kevin Phillips comments on UNH experiencing 
a surge in first-year fall enrollment for the second year in a row. 

Looking Good and Feeling Great 

Modern Mom, August 2009: Nutrition professor Rosa Mo, Ph.D., 
comments on the need to eat five helpings of fruits and veggies 
a day to provide significant antioxidants and fiber to reduce heart 
disease and cancer risk as well as keep weight in check. 

Companies Abroad Need U.S. Tax Pass 
New Haven Register, August 20, 2009: Kamal Upadhyaya, chairman 
of the Department of Economics and Finance, authored an opinion piece 
arguing against an international tax policy up for review by Congress 
stating that it would levy a $200 billion tax on U.S. businesses earning 
revenues overseas. 

Biodiesel Research 

Connecticut Public Television, May 28, 2009: Research by professors 
Carmela Cuomo and Eddie Luzik on how to turn algae from the 
Long Island Sound into biofuel was prominently featured on CPTV's 
"All Things Connecticut." 

Building a Greener Workforce 
Business New Haven, August 1, 2009: UNH's Tagliatela College of 
Engineering is developing a new sustainability-based degree program 
to meet the growing demands for a green workforce. 

Please visit and click on News & Events 
for more In the News items. 

DiStefano with children's parents 

New Hero of Omaha Beach 

Criminal Justice student 
Christopher DiStefano '10, is 
known as "the new hero of 
Omaha Beach" by his fellow 
classmates for his brave act of 
saving two drowning children in 
Normandy, France this summer. 

While touring the historic beach 
during the UNH College of Arts 
and Sciences Summer Study 
Abroad Program, DiStefano 
came upon a French couple 
screaming frantically and 
pointing toward the ocean. 
Though he didn't understand 
French, he noticed a young boy 
struggling to keep his head 
above water. He immediately 
dove into the water and began 
swimming. Once he reached the 
boy, he discovered a second 
child completely submerged 
underwater, the young boy's 
sister. He helped both get back 
to shore and safely reunited 
with their grateful parents. 

"I saw what was happening and 
knew I couldn't just stand there, 
doing nothing," said DiStefano, 
who hopes to eventually join 
a local police force. "I just 
needed to do it. It was quite 
an experience and it made the 
trip even more meaningful." 

Studying Terror Threats 

Professor William Tafoya, 
director of the UNH National 
Security Program and Forensic 
Computer Investigation 
Program, spent 10 days this 
summer in Israel studying 
the terror threats that face 
democratic nations. As a 
Foundation for the Defense 
of Democracies fellow, Tafoya 
visited mUitar)' bases and 
border zones, and talked with 
other academics, diplomats, 
military and intelligence 
officials, and politicians 
from several countries about 
the issue. 

8 Winicr 100') 


University benefactor Isabella 
Dodds with John Capozzo '12 B.S., 
Computer Science and Mechanical 
Engineering, who received the 
Robert B. Dodds Scholarship. 

Scholarship Luncheon 
Honors Donors 

More than 35 endowed 
scholarship donors shared 
lunch with their respective 
scholarship recipients 
October 7 during an on-campus 
celebration in Bartels HaU, the 
campus center. 

UNH faculty member Dennis 
McGough '81 M.A., Industrial 
and Organizational Psychology, 
emceed this year s Annual 
Endowed Scholarship Luncheon, 
helping to announce eight new 
scholarships, including one 
established by him and his wife. 
Donna. James Hilaire 10 B.S., 
Criminal Justice, who was 
seriously injured in a UNH 
soccer game in 2008, delivered 
the keynote speech, taking 
the opportunity to thank the 
donors for their generosity 
benefiting UNH students. 
Hilaire is this year's recipient of 
the Ryan-Foster Scholarship. 

This year, more than $285,000 
was awarded from endowed 
scholarships to more than 
140 deserving UNH students. 

UNH Joins National 
Sustainability Association 

The University has joined 
the Association for the 
Advancement of Sustainability 
in Higher Education (AASHE) 
to promote sustainability 
on campus. AASHE is an 
association of colleges and 
universities that work together 
to create a sustainable future by 
providing resources, professional 
development and a network 
of support to enable higher 
education to lead the 
sustainability transformation. 

"The University of New Haven's 
membership in the association 
marks our deepening 
commitment to sustainability," 
said Julia Parker, former vice 
president for Facilities. Some 
of UNH 's most recent green 
initiatives include biodiesel 
research using algae from the 
Long Island Sound and the new 
Global Solutions tor Sustainability 
course introduced this fall as 
part of the University's 
core curriculum. 

Freshmen Travel Abroad 
For Study Opportunities 

The Freshman Study Abroad 
program grew significandy this 
year, adding a new program 
on the Cultural Experiences 
Abroad campus in the heart 
of Florence, Italy, in addition 
to the University's existing 
program at Roehampton 
University in London. 

The addition of the Florence 
program allowed UNH to 
accommodate triple the 
number of students compared 
to the 2008-2009 academic 
year. Twenty UNH freshmen 
are attending classes at 
Roehampton, and 37 freshmen 
are spending their first semester 
in Florence. 

Maxcy Hall Hits Century Mark 

Maxcy HaU celebrated its 100th birthday November 9. It opened in 
1 909 as the location of the New Haven County Temporary Home 
for Dependent and Neglected Children, praised as the "finest county 
home in the state," and was closed, as were all the state's county 
homes, in 1955. Former UNH President Marvin K. Peterson bought 
the property in 1960 for use as New Haven College. For years known 
simply as the Main Building, it was named in 1987 for Dr. Ellis C. 
Maxcy, who headed the College during the Great Depression. 

CSI Campers Learn Crime-Solving Techniques 

What did you do on your summer vacation? "Dusted for fingerprints, 
analyzed evidence, and cracked a cold case." That is what a group 
of high school students who recendy attended the Crime Scene 
Investigation (CSI) Camp at UNH can tell their friends. 

The five-day CSI Camp steps into the real world of crime-scene 
investigation, giving students hands-on experience with techniques 
and technology seen in TV and movies. Faculty from the nationally 
recognized Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic 

Sciences teach at the camp, where 
students learned procedures 
and tools that criminologists 
use to solve cases. 

^^^ Sports 
GSE^^IEJ Roundup 

Women's Basketball 

After posting a 16-13 overall 
record and a 10-12 conference 
record in its inaugural 
Northeast- 1 Conference 
season, the UNH women's 
basketball team hopes to 
improve in 2009-10. The team 
returns three starters and 
eight letter winners this season, 
including point guard Helin 
Marte, '10, B.S., Management 
of Sports Industries. Marte is 
expected to be the Chargers' 
leader this season, after scoring 
7.4 points per game and 

handing out 5.2 assists per game 
last season. Also returning this 
season is Dominique Stellmacher 
'1 1 B.S., Management of Sports 
Industries, and Alysia Saunders 
'10 B.S., Biology. Nikki Carroll 
'12 B.S., Communication is also 
expected to make an impact 
for the women this season. 

The Chargers tipped off the 
2009-2010 season at home in 
a non-conference game against 
Dominican College at 2 p.m. 
November 15. The following 
week, UNH opened its road and 
NE- 1 schedules with a game 
at American International 
November 18. Prior to winter 
break, the Chargers travels to 
Florida for two out-of-region 
games against Lynn University 

and Nova Southeastern 
University on December 20 and 
22, respectively. The Chargers 
travel to Southern Connecticut 
State on January 2, opening the 
2010 half of their schedule. On 
January 16, the Chargers travel 
to take on NE-10 pre-season 
favorite Stonehill College. 
Senior Day will take place for 
the team's final home game 
February 20 against Pace 
University. The regular season 
concludes February 24 at 
Adelphi, while the NE-10 
tournament begins February 28. 

Vieira Enshrined as 
Elm City Legend 

Former University of New 
Haven baseball coach Frank 

'Porky' Vieira was one of seven 
who were honored at the 2009 
March of Dimes Elm City 
Legends Second Annual Dinner 
November 9 at the Omni New 
Haven Hotel at Yale. Vieira joins 
his former assistant Joe Tonelli 
as a New Haven legend. Tonelli 
was inducted as an Ebn City 
Legend in 2008. More than 300 
participants enjoyed signature 

2009-2010 Women's 


Jessica Smith, Head Coach 




Sun., Nov. 15 


2 p.m. 

Wed, Nov. 18 

at Amer. International 

5:30 pm 

Sat., Nov. 21 

at Holy Family 

3:30 p.m 

Tues., Nov 24 


5:30 p.m 

Sun., Nov 29 


2 p.m. 

Wed., Dec. 2 

at St. Rose 

5:30 p.m 

Sat., Dec. 5 

at Pace 

1:30 p.m 

Tues., Dec. 8 


5:30 p.m 

Sun., Dec. 20 

at Lynn (Fla.) 

2 pm. 

Tues., Dec. 22 

at Nova Southeastern (Fla.) 2 p.m. 

Tues., Dec. 29 


5:30 p.m 

Sat, Jan. 2 

at So. Conn. St. 

1:30 p.m 

Wed., Jan. 6 


5:30 p.m 

Sat, Jan. 9 

at UMass Lowell 

2 pm. 

Tues., Jan. 1 2 


5:30 pm 

Sat., Jan. 16 

at Stonehill 

1 :30 pm 

Wed., Jan. 20 

at St. Michael's 

5:30 pm 

Sat, Jan. 23 


2 p.m. 

Tues., Jan. 26 

at So. New Hampshire 

5:30 pm 

Sat, Jan. 30 


2 p.m. 

Wed., Feb. 3 


5:30 pm 

Sat., Feb. 6 


2 pm. 

Tues., Feb. 9 

at Assumption 

5:30 pm 

Sat., Feb. 13 

at Le Moyne 

1 pm. 

Wed., Feb. 17 


5:30 pm 

Sat., Feb. 20 


2 pm. 

Wed., Feb. 24 

at Adelphi 

5:30 pm 

Sun., Feb 28 

NE-10 First Round 


Tues., Mar. 2 

NE-10 Quarterfinals 


Fri., Mar. 5 

NE-10 Semifinals 


Sun., Mar. 7 

NE-10 Championship 


Home games in CAPS / All times local to game site. 

_ Sports 

SIEE^S Roundup 

dishes and beverages from over 
15 local restaurants and chefs. 
Also in attendance were this 
year's honorary Elm City 
Legends, Tommy John, former 
Major League Baseball pitcher 

and former manager of the 
Bridgeport Bluefish, and Karl 
Ravech, ESPN "SportsCenter" 
anchor, "Baseball Tonight" host 
and golf commentator. 

2009-2010 Men's Basketball 

41 Sribrrr, HcaA Coach 




Sun., Nov. 1 5 

at Molloy 

Wed., Nov. 18 

atAnner. International 

Tues., Nov 24 


Sun., Nov. 29 


Wed., Dec. 02 

at St. Rose 

Sat, Dec. 05 

at Pace 

Tues., Dec. 08 




Mon., Dec 21 

at Goldey Beacom 

Tues., Dec. 29 

vs. Nyack(@Adelphi) 

Wed,, Dec. 30 

vs. Bloomfield(@Adelphi 

Sat., Jan. 02 

at So. Conn. St. 

Wed., Jan. 06 


Sat, Jan. 09 

at UMass ■ Lowell 

Tues., Jan. 12 


Sat, Jan. 16 

at Stonehill 

Wed., Jan. 20 

at St. Michael's 

Sat, Jan. 23 


Tues., Jan. 26 

at So. New Hampshire 

Sat, Jan. 30 


Wed., Feb. 03 


Sat., Feb. 06 


Tues., Feb. 09 

at Assumption 

Sat., Feb. 13 

at Le Moyne 

Wed., Feb. 17 


Sat., Feb. 20 


Wed., Feb. 24 


Sat., Feb. 27 

NE-10 First Round 

Mon., Mar. 1 

NE-10 Quarterfinals 

Thurs., Mar. 4 

NE-10 Semifinals 

Sat, Mar. 6 

NE-10 Championship 

Home games in CAPS /All times local to game site. 


2 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
4 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
3:30 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 

2 p.m. 
7 p.m. 
5:30 p.m. 
5:30 p.m. 
3:30 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
4 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
3:30 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
4 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
4 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
4 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 

3 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 

4 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 

Darryl Greene '10 B.S., shows off his skills. 

Men's Basketball Preview 

After posting an 8-19 record 
in their first Northeast- 10 
Conference season, the New 
Haven men's basketball team 
looks to improve in 2009-10. 
With a nucleus of four returning 
starters and another three 
returning letter winners, the 
Chargers made an immediate 
impact when they open 
the 2009-10 regular season 
November 15. The men 
traveled to Molloy College for 
a non-conference matchup 
that day, then began their 
NE-10 schedule November 18. 
UNH opened its home 
schedule November 24 against 
Assumption College. Other 
schedule highlights in 2009 
include a holiday tournament 
at Adelphi University 
December 29 and 30. 

The Chargers open the 2010 
portion of their schedule at 
cross-town rival Southern 
Connecticut State January 2. 
UNH then hosts the Owls at the 
Charger Gymnasium February 6. 
Senior Day wUl take place 
February 20 when the Chargers 
host Pace University in their 
final home game of the season. 

Cassius Chaney '10 B.S. 

The NE-10 men's basketball 
tournament begins with seeds 
five through 12 playing 
February 27. Leading the way 
this season will be Cassius 
Chaney '10 B.S., Management 
of Sports Industries, Darryl 
Greene '10 B.S., Information 
Technology, and Kelvin Jackson 
'10 B.S., Criminal Justice. 
Chaney led the team last season 
with 18.8 points per game, 
while adding a team-high 7.4 
rebounds per game. Greene, 
who suffered a season-ending 
injury midway through last 
season, will see a majority of his 
time at the point guard position 
this season. In 1 3 games last 
season, Greene averaged 1 1.8 
points and 2.5 assists per game. 
A very athletic center, Jackson 
added 10 points and 6.4 
rebounds per game last year. 

For more information 
on Charger Athletics, visit 



SIEt^^S Roundup 

2009-2010 Indoor Track & Field 

Kevin ImSwk, Head Couch 


Sat., Dec. 5 at So. Conn. St. Alumni Classic 

Sat., Dec. 1 2 at Yale Lid Litter Invitational 

Sat., Jan. 9 at Yale Invitational 

fri., Jan. 1 5 at University of Rhode Island Sorlein Invitational 

Fri., Jan. 22 at Boston 

Fri., Feb. 5 at Yale Giegengack Invitational 

Fri., Feb. 1 2 at Rider-Lafayette Invitational 

Thur, Feb. 18 at NE-10 Championships 

Thur., Feb. 1 8 at New England Championships 

Fri., Mar. 12 at NCAA Division II Championships 




Sylvestre Maldonado '12 B.S. 

Peter Kazlas '10 B.A. 

2009-2010 Men's Volleyball 

Danny Goncalves, Head Ciuich 




Mon., Jan. 25 

at Sacred Heart 


Tues., Jan. 26 


7 p.m. 

Fri., Feb. 5 


7 p.m. 

Sat, Feb. 13 



Sat, Feb. 13 



Fri., Feb. 26 


7 p.m. 

Thur, Mar 4 


7 p.m. 

Sat., Mar. 6 

at MIT Tournament 

4:30 p.m 

Sun., Mar 7 

at MIT Tournament 


Wed., Mario 


7 p.m. 

Fri., Mar 12 

at York Tournament 


Sat, Mar. 13 

at York Tournament 


Thur, Mar 25 

at Lasell 


Wed., Mar 31 

at SUNY New Paltz 

7 p.m. 

Thur, Apr 1 

at Ramapo 

7 p.m. 

Tues., Apr. 6 

at Endicott 

7 p.m. 




Home games in CAPS /All times local to game site. 

12 Winter 2009 

Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium 
Hails a Victorious Homecoming 

:*">^' • '.'^-y*^'^*; 

a '^rV 









[^'\^ir k 1 



""■Bp.-n. S^^H 



t> —^ 

-. *• 

' « 



-r .-'•5 sMfi 


is typically an annual event that welcomes alumni 
hack to campus. This years Homecoming at the University of 
New Haven, however, was far more significant. UNHs Homecoming 
hailed the return of the Charger football program after a five-year 
absence. It celebrated the dedication of the new Ralph F. DellaCamera 
Stadium, featuring a visually stunning blue and gold sprint turf field, 
and it reminded students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of a stoned 
football past that portends an equally storied future. 

alph E DellaCamera, Jr. 75 B.S., 
Marketing, a member of the UNH 
Board of Governors, made the 
transformational gift to install die new 
field. He stood in front of the 3,500 
fans gathered at the stadium for 
the Homecoming match against 
Stonehill College on September 26, 
and talked about his path to success. 

"It isn't about how hard you get hit, its about how 
hard you can get hit and keep moving forward," 
said DellaCamera, the CIO and managing 
member of DellaCamera Capital Management 
LLC m Manhattan. He then dedicated the field 
to his father, Ralph E DellaCamera, "for teaching 
and instilling in me the belief that I should never 
give up and that 1 should believe m myself" 

The return of Charger football did not come 
easily President Steven H. Kaplan and Director 
of Athletics Deborah Chin worked for years to get 
UNHs team accepted into the highly competitive 
Nonheast-10 Conference. The University hired 
a new head football coach and recruited an entire 
squad of players from scratch. 

With ]ust a year to field a team. Coach Pete 
Rossomando and his staff found talent in 

Photos from top, mementos of the Ralph F. DellaCamera 
Stadium Dedication and Homecoming included a special 
game-day ticket and commemorative coin; Ralph F. 
DellaCamera, Jr. 75 B.S.. left, receives a hug from his 
father, Ralph F. DellaCamera, after dedicating the 
stadium to him; alumni and friends gather to tailgate 
before the game; the UNH Marching Band celebrated 
a homecoming of its own, re-emerging with the return 
of football. 

25 Years Later, 
Echo Over the Airwaves " 

As Charger football made its 
return to the gridiron this 
season, so did the longest- 
running play-by-play team 
in UNH history 

Craig MortaU and Pat Ryan, 
who as undergraduates 
announced Charger football 

numerous places. Quarterback Ryan 
Osiecki '12 B.S., Cnminal Justice, a 2008 
freshman walk-on at the University of Louisville 
whose father, Sandy Osiecki, was a backup 
quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, 
transferred to UNH in January Wide receiver 
Sharieff Hall transferred from Bethune-Cookman 
University in Daytona Beach, Fla. 

The stadium was originally named for Robert B. 
Dodds, a now-deceased UNH Board member 
and University benefactor. His widow, Isabella 
Dodds, who has continued in her husbands 
tradition of supporting UNH, graciously agreed to 
the stadium's renaming. At the event. President 
Kaplan thanked Mrs. Dodds, then continued, 
"Football had a long and proud history at UNH. 
It belonged here, and it needed to come back." 

It returned with a vengeance that day With just 
21 seconds left in the game, Osiecki completed 
a pass to Hall for the winning touchdown against 
Stonehill. Cheering from the sidelines was 
44-year-old reserve nose guard Wayne Parks '12 
B.S., Arson Investigation, a Fairfield firefighter 
with three children, two of whom are m college. 
Parks' age has brought him and the University 
plenty of publicity, from The New York Times to 
ESPN. He also has become a cause celebre for 
the middle-aged athlete. 

"What I like," the Times quoted Parks as saying, 
"is when people say you can't do something, 
because 1 like to prove them wrong. The second 
thing is, I really like the people who have said. 
Wow, you've really inspired me.' " 

Pat Ryan, and Craig Mortal! 
back at work for WNHU 88.7 FM 

games for WNHU 88.7 FM 
from 1980 through 1984, 
are reprising their roles for the 
UNH radio station more than 
two decades later 

"Our hair is thinner, our 

waistlines are thicker, we're 

both married with kids, and 

the equipment is more 

sophisticated," Monali '84 B.S., 

Communication. "Other than 

that, very litde has changed. We still love football." 

A native of North Haven, Mortal! went on to become a six-time Emmy 
Award-winning producer for ESPN, headquartered in Bristol, Conn. His 
most recent documentary, "Triumph and Tragedy: The "Ray Mancini Story," 
which premiered on ESPN Classic in November 2007, won the 2008 
CableFAX Program Award for Best Show: Sports, and also was nominated 
for a Sports Emmy in the Outstanding Documentary category. Ryan also 
grew up in North Haven, worked for WTNH-Channel 8 and Comcast 
Cable, and is now a buyer for Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford. 

"Our friendship has grown since our days as students," MortaU said, 
"so the on-air rapport is as good, if not better, than it was when we last 
teamed up in 1984." 

One last thing, he says. 

"It's great to have Charger football back." 

A First Season Ends Well; On to Next Year 

In their first season since 2003, the Chargers finished with a 5-5 overall 
record, including a 4-4 record in the Northeast-10 Conference. The New Haven 
Register quoted quarterback Ryan Osiecki '12 B.S., Criminal Justice, as saying, 
"Most people had us last in the NE-10. We went 5-5, so I think it was a good 
season overall. We have a lot of things to work on, and we're only going to 
get better." 


The College of 
Arts and Sciences 

WNHU Already a Top Station, 
Gets a Makeover 

Student Opportunities, Desire for New Prognumning 
Prompt Changes 

I he 


he University's campus radio 
station, WNHU 88.7 FM 
(wwn', long regarded 
as one of the top college stations 
in the state, has embraced a 
new philosophy. 

Renowned for its eclectic 
programming, the station 
dramatically rescheduled 
programming in September 
and increased student 
opportunities, in the hopes that 
the audience will increase as 
well. The station also added 
two Internet streams and a 
professional automation system 
to replace outdated technology. 

"The changes at the radio 
station — such as expanded 
student programming and 
a more student-friendly 
environment — have been 
great," said Mia Becker '10, 
Music Industry and 
J, Finance. "Other students 
S are responding really well 
S to it too." 

I In 2008, WNHU moved 

1 from being simply a student 
~ activity to an academic arm 

2 ofUNH's Department of 
£. Communication, FUm and 
s Theatre. That same year, the 

16 Winter 2009 

Renowned for its eclectic programming, 
the station dramatically rescheduled 
programming in September and increased 
student opportunities, in the hopes that 
the audience will increase as well. 

station developed a website 
offering streaming audio, play 
lists and expanded station 
information including 
popular DJ bios and 
photos. After a national 
search, WNHU also 
hired a professional 
general manager. 

"The change is 
noticeable," said Professor 
Steve Raucher, chair of 
the UNH Department 
of Communication, Film 
and Theatre. More than 

two dozen students either 
passed their training and 
qualifying exam or are waiting 

to hear Seven students are 
training v^rith two UNH alumni 
who are broadcasting Charger 
Football games (see story, page 
15). Another 25 students helped 
the general manager plan and 
coordinate the station's first 
sponsored event, a "Beademania 
Again" concert. 

"The station sounds better, 
offers three times the 
broadcasting opportunities 
for students and community 
volunteers, provides a more 
professional atmosphere 
for students, offers a better 
academic environment for 
students, and is a much nicer 
place to work," Raucher said. 

Above, WNHU 88.7 FM station manager Bryan Lane 
with student Tislia Woosencraft '10 B.S. Left, Woosencraft 
on tier own at the controls. 

The College 
of Business 

M.B.A. Program Brings 
Education to the Workplace 

broom service, the 
employees at Pitney 
Bowes are having their education 
delivered to them. 

On Monday and Wednesday 
evenings, employees gather in 
the Discovery Room in Building 
No. 27 at the Pitney Bowes 
facility in Shelton to work 
toward their master's degrees 
through a cohort program 
offered through the College 
of Business. Cohort programs 
allow classes to move 
seamlessly as a unit through 
the coursework. There are 
other advantages as well. 

"Two nights a week, I Uterally 
walk downstairs from my office 

and I'm in the class," says 
Marisa Scott, the manager of 
IT Strategic Sourcing at Pitney 
Bowes. "And if we stay with the 
program through to the end, 
100 percent of the tuition is 
reimbursable by the company. 
Financially, it makes sense and 
it's very convenient." 

The class will complete the 
program in the spring of 2012, 
and Scott, who has been trying 
to return to school for many 
years to earn her master's degree, 
wiU finally be able to cross that 
achievement off her Ust. 

UNH adjimct instructor Jim 
Mohs, who teaches in the cohort 
program, says he had some 
initial reservations about the 
in-house approach, which leads 
to a fast-paced, accelerated 
M.B.A. But his experience at 
Pitney Bowes has alleviated his 
concerns. "I find this cohort to 
be remarkable," 
Mohs said. "There 
is a chemistry 
among the 

class members, a pure team 
learning concept where everyone 

And everyone benefits. "Offering 
an M.B.A. in-house is a 
tremendous convenience for the 
students," says Linda Carlone, 
who directs the program for 
UNH. "They don't need to 
get into their cars and travel 
any^vhere. In some work 
environments, employees may 
return to their desk to get 
some more work done." 


College o/ Criminal Justice ? 
and Forensic Sciences 

Two New Ph.D. Programs 
Highlight UNH Strengths , 
in Criminal Justice, Forensics 


ith global terrorism and 
' the demand for tighter 
homeland security increasing, 
the University has created two 
new Ph.D. programs, one in 
Criminal Justice, the other 
in Forensic Medicine and 
Sciences, to begin in 2010. 

The Criminal Justice Ph.D. 
program is expected to quickly 
attract both full-time traditional 
graduate students and part-time 
professionals. "The UNH 
Criminal Justice Ph.D. will 
provide the nation and state of 

Connecticut with doctoral-level 
education that will benefit other 
institutions of higher learning 
and the numerous agencies 
concerned with criminal justice, 
homeland security, and 
public-safety operations," says 
Dean Richard Ward, who will 
coordinate the program. 

The Forensic Medicine and 
Sciences Ph.D. program is 
a joint effort between UNH 
and the University of Verona 
in Italy, and is believed to be the 
first international program 

of its kind. It calls for UNH 
students to spend at least seven 
months in Verona, and UNIVR 
students to spend seven months 
at UNH. "We are very excited 
about this," says Dr. Franco 
Tagliaro, a professor and director 
of UNIVR's Institute of Forensic 
Medicine. He and fellow faculty 
member Dr. Federica Bortolotti 
visited UNH recendy, bringing 
along an electropherograph, an 
instrument that will be used to 
teach students forensic analysis. 

Professor Franco Tagliaro, M.D., and Professor 
Federica Bortolotti, M.D., of the University of 
Verona with the electropherograph they brought 
from Italy, a forensic analysis tool that determines 
the composition of a variety of substances. 


The program will bridge the 
gap between forensic medicine 
and traditional forensic science, 
says UNH Professor Timothy 
Pahnbach, director and 
chairman of the Forensic 
Science Department. "In the 
United States, with territories 
and turfs and the separation 
between the fields, this type 
of collaboration is unheard of 
but unbelievably valuable," 
Palmbach says. "You are taking 
everything medicine has to offer 
and everything forensic science 
has to offer and putting it 
together to solve crimes." 

The Forensic 
Medicine and 
Sciences Ph.D. 
program is a joint 
effort between 
UNH and the 
University of 
Verona in Italy, 
and is believed 
to be the first 
program of 
its kind. 

The Tagliatela 

College of 

Competing on a Drop of Gasoline 
and High Hopes 

Mechanical Engineering Students Enter Supermileage Competition 

Just about everyone who 
owns a car wants better gas 
mileage. The truly committed 
buy hybrids or convert their 
cars to run on recycled 
vegetable oU, but the LfNH 
chapter of the American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers 
did them one better: Chapter 
members buUt their own 
high-mileage vehicle, and 
entered it in their very first race. 

SAE, a society that advances 
mobility engineering, sponsors 
a Supermileage Competition 
each year. This year, 45 teams 
from across the nation signed 
up for the race, although just 
30 actually made it to Marshall, 
Michigan, with the hopes of 
competing. And before even 
putting a vehicle on the track, 

teams needed to pass a technical 
inspection. By the time the race 
began, just 23 teams qualified 
for competition, with UNH 
among them. 

"This alone, we learned, was a 
tremendous accomplishment," 
said UNH Chapter President 
Michael Ingmanson '10, 
Mechanical Engineering. "Most 
first-year teams never complete 
technical inspection, let alone 
compete in the race." Club 
member and driver Tom 
Ruggieri '10, Mechanical 
Engineering, pushed the car 
to its limits, completing 
five laps before the 
drive chain tore apart. 
A quick repair and four 
laps later, the chain 

severed again, and the race was 
over. But the team was elated: 
the vehicle's race mUeage was 
240 miles per gallon, 14 times 
the fuel efficiency of the average 
U.S. automobUe. 

"One of the biggest benefits to 
attending the competition was 
the wealth of inspiration and 
knowledge we found in other 
teams' designs and ideas," 
Ingmanson said. "We were able 
to come away with pages of 
ideas and plans for improving 
our designs and producing a 
better car next year." 

"One of the 
biggest benefits 
to attending 
the competition 
was the wealth 
of inspiration 
and knowledge 
we found in 
other teams' 
designs and 

Michael Ingmanson 
' 10 B.S., president 
UNH Chapter of 
American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers 

Alumni News 

A Message from the Alumni 
Association President 

r- very year, we on the Alumni Association Board make an effort to 
involve you in the life of the University. This year, we are hoping 
you consider coming to the Alumni Scholarship Ball, whose theme is 
'Give Locally, Impact Globally.' Monies raised from the Scholarship Ball — 
including the Alumni Association Scholarship — help students pay for 
college. Once they graduate, they have an impact throughout the globe, 
from West Haven to Texas to Thailand. See the ad on the back cover 
of this magazine; the Ball is always a beautiful event and a great time. 
Consider attending this year. 

I also want to mention the Golden Charger honorary degree ceremony 
held in June, which is featured in this magazine. The University presented 
honorary bachelor's degrees to a number of alumni in a very moving 
ceremony that, for many, was a highlight of their lives. 
Education, combined with experience, is what 
the University of New Haven does so well, 
and UNH wanted to recognize this 
accomplishment for these graduates. 
It definitely had an impact on them. 

Come back to campus to see the many 
incredible changes here, come to the 
Scholarship Ball, and become involved 
again with the University. That way, 
you can have an impact too. 



Become a Fan 
of the UNH 
Alumni Association 

Find us on 


The UNH Alumni Association has created a fan page 
on Facebook-, another way to help you stay connected to 
your alma mater. Become one of the more than 750 fans 
of the Alumni Association to enjoy: 

• Alumni and University News 

• Alumni Events 

• E-Newsletters and the Alumni Magazine 

• Alumni Event Photos 

Exclusive Memberships 
Available to Alumni 

■r * 

Alumni memberships are available 

to the David A. Beckerman Recreation 

Center starting at just $20 per month. 

To learn more about this exclusive opportunity, contact the 

Beckerman Center Membership Desk at 203-931-2965. 

Act now to take advantage of holiday discounts and promotions. 





Richard Toce '01 E.M.B.A. 


loseph Danao '04 M.S. 


Karen Facey '98 B.S. 


Richard Perusi '73 B.S. 

Marie R. Accrino '70 B.S. 
Michael H. Ambrose '84 B.S. 
George Aseme '83 M.S. 
Carl Babb '76 B.A. 
Monique Beson '01 B.S. 
Johnny Corey '06 E.M.B.A. 
Shontae Corey '04 B.S., '05 M.S. 
Joseph Danao '04 M.S. 
Andrew Dinkel'Ol B.S. 
Louis Eswood '09 B.S. 
Karen Facey '98 B.S. 

Parker Gallo '08 B.S. 
WiUcingson Germain '04 B.S. 
Jay Krishnamoorthy '06 E.M.B.A. 
Krystal Livingston '02 B.S., '07 M.S. 
Jeannine Luisi '06 B.S. 
Eugene Mascolo '90 M.S. 
Joseph Nemorin '03 B.S., 

'08 E.M.B.A. 
Richard Perusi '73 B.S. 
Timothy Rohach '07 E.M.B.A. 
Mary Russell '78 B.A. 
Deborah Serphillips '85 B.S., 

'91 M.S. 

Lawrence Spellacy '66 B.S. 
Richard Toce '01 E.M.B.A. 
Jason Vasilakos '03 B.S. 
Adrienne Vaughan '99 E.M.B.A. 



300 Boston Post Road 

West Haven, CT 06516 

Phone: 203.932.7270 

Fax: 203.931.6020 

www. newhaven. edu/alu m n i 

20 Winter 2009 

Alumni News 

Football Alumni Gather For a Spirited Reunion 

F* resident Steven H. Kaplan visited with more than 50 
football alumni and their guests at a pre-game tailgate 
reception September 19 to celebrate UNH's first football 
home game in five years. Several alumni who attended were 
members of the University's first football team from 1973, 
when the team was a part of Division III. UNH became 
a Division II team in 1982. 

"When I went to school at UNH, football was a big part of m}- 
life, and the guys I played with were a big part of my extended 
family," said Dave Haubner '86 B.S., Business Administration, 
who helped gather alumni for the event. "The best way to 
thank the University was to show our support, especially for 
how grateful we are that football is back." 

UNH's Miami Alumni Weekend December 4 through 
December 6, which included a Miami Dolphins game and a tour 
of Land Shark Stadium, also brought together football alumni, 
who continued to reminisce about the September 19 reunion. 
"People are still talking about it," Haubner said. "They can't say 
enough about how great the stadium looks, how great the campus 
looks. I want to thank President Kaplan, the athletic directors and 
everyone else who made this possible." 

For more photos of the event, please visit 

Alumni News 

Worth Waiting For: 

48 Receive Honorary Bachelor's Degrees 

President Steven H. Kaplan awarded honorary bachelor's degrees to 48 UNH alumni who 
^raduated 50 or more years ago with associate's degrees from the former New Haven College 
at the 12th Annual Golden Charger Luncheon and Commencement Celebration in June. 
In addition, 35 alumni were inducted into the Order of the Golden Chargers. 

In an emotional ceremony held on the anniversary of D-Day, 
marking the start of the Allied invasion of Normandy during 
World War II, dozens of veterans were applauded and 
recognized for their military service. AH of those honored 
had been able to earn their associate's degrees, but were 

unable for a variety of reasons to return to coUege to earn 

their bachelor's degrees. One honorary bachelor's degree 

recipient said of the ceremony, "This was one of the 

nicest things to happen to me in my lifetime." 

For weeks afterward. President Kaplan received letters of thanks and reminiscence from bachelor's 
degree recipients and their family members. The son of one recipient wrote, "For someone like my 
father — quiet, unassuming — this was certainly one of the highlights of his life." 




Photos, clockwise from top right, James F. Clouse 
'53 A.S., his daughter Betsey Clouse, center, 
and his granddaughter, Olivia Clouse. President 
Steven H. Kaplan presents an honorary degree 
to Jack McQuillan '57 A.S., who passed away 
on Veterans Day. Paul Chaplick '48 A.S., his wife 
Genevieve Chaplick, and daughter Nina Saylor 
enjoy the celebration. John R. Gehring '52 A.S., 
a 2009 recipient of the University's Distinguishi 
Alumni award, receives his degree from 
President Kaplan. 

22 Wimer2009 

Alumni News 

Third Annual 
Alumni Weekend 

It was a time to reconnect with fellow University of New Haven alumni, 
celebrate school spirit and participate in activities with friends and family. 
UNH's Third Annual Alumni Weekend, held June 5 through June 7, offered three 
days filled with festivities including a barbecue, fireworks and several receptions. 
The weekend kicked off Friday at Lilly's Pad at Toad's Place in New Haven. 
Other events included a thank-you reception given by President Steven H. 
Kaplan for members of the Loyal Engaged Annual Donor (LEAD) Society 
for their continued support and commitment to the University, a gathering 
of alumni of the E.M.B.A. program for conversation, cocktails and appetizers 
in the German Club, and a barbecue Saturday for all alumni, who then were 
dazzled by an awe-inspiring display of fireworks. The weekend concluded 
Sunday with brunch and campus tours. 

Class Notes 


Frances Foley '76 B.S., Hotel and 

Restaurant Management, '85 M.S., 
Computer and Information 
Science, was named a "Person of 
the Week" by the East Haven 
Q)urier. Foley, a resident of East 
Haven, is known as the "Web 
Mistress" for posting accurate 
and up-to-date East Haven town 
government news on numerous 

With more than 25 years of 
banking e.xperience, Daniel R. 
DeRosa '78 B.S., Criminal Justice, 
'81 M.B.A, of Rockfall, Conn., 

has been named senior vice 
president of Commercial Lending 
for Apple Valley Bank, a division 
of New England Bank. 

Pasquale W. DeLlse '74 M.RA., 
and Maria DeLise of Northford, 
celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary on May 30, 2009. 


Milford Police Department 
recentiy promoted Hamden 
resident John "Jack" Simko '80 
B.S., Criminal Justice, to sergeant. 
Simko, who has 26 years of 
experience, has received the 
Meritorious Service Award, 

three commendations, and the 
Red Cross Lifesaving Award. 

Liberty Township, Ohio, resident 
Lawrence A. Adeleye '82 M.B.A., 
recentiy joined State Auto Mutual 
Insurance Company as the 
director of Treasury and Finance. 

Aileen Hull '82 B.S., Electrical 
Engineering, of Irvington, Va., 
recentiy accepted a position as 
a sixth-grade mathematics 
teacher at William Campbell 
Combined School. 

Mystic resident Elaine B. Fiore '86 

M.B.A., Finance, has been 
promoted to deposit operations 

Alumni Spotlight 

Saving the Earth by Growing a New Marketplace 

officer at the Washington Trust 
Company. Fiore joined the bank 
in 2003 as a reconciliation associate 
in Financial Administration. 

Branford resident David S. Blitz 

'87 M.B.A. , has been named 
senior vice president and manager 
of Commercial Banking with 
Farmington Savings Bank. 

OPEL International Inc. has 
announced that Madison resident 
Steven K. Lam '89 M.B.A., is the 
new director of Asian Business 
Development, a position in which 
he will expand solar markets in 
China, South Korea, Malaysia, 
and Thailand. 

The resume of UNH Board of 
Governors member Thomas Lewis, Jr. 

'74 B.S., Business Administration, '76 
M.S., Computer and Information 
Science, testifies to his pursuit of 
a varied career. With a degree from 
the prestigious Culinary Institute of 
America, Lewis cooked his way 
through the University of New Haven 
to pay for his schooling, working at 
local restaurants, country clubs and 
hotels. After graduating, he served as an 
executive at numerous corporations, was director of Technology 
for the Executive Office of the Reagan administration — winning 
the Distinguished Service Award of the Office of Administration 
— and most recentiy was Executive-in-Residence at the Johns 
Hopkins University Carey Business School, where he designed 
and taught the environmental finance M.B.A. program. He is 
an accomplished artist whose grandfather, Giovanni Scarinci, 
was a favored portraitist for numerous federal judges. 

His most recent venture, however, might be his biggest yet. 
He is the new CEO of Green Exchange, a consortium of leading 
financial and environmental companies including Goldman 
Sachs, Credit Suisse and J.P. Morgan, seeking a share of the 
$300 billion global emissions market. Lewis will lead the 
consortium's global grovrth through the creation of a financial 

exchange for trading environmental commodities such as carbon 
offsets and Renewable Energ)' Certificates. He also will provide 
strategic direction for development of products to serve these 
emerging markets. 

"It's a very large endeavor," says Lewis, who was honored with the 
University's Distinguished Alumni award in 1994, is the recipient 
of an honorary doctorate in Business Administration, and is 
chairman of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science. 
"There are not a lot of individuals in the general business sector 
who understand the magnitude of this. We expect to be the largest 
environmental trading platform in the world." 

The global emissions market is expected to grow to about $3 trillion 
to $5 trillion in the nexl three to five years, making it the largest 
new financial market for the foreseeable future. "I'm inspired," 

he says. "I find that this is 
something that not only has 
economic value, but 1 believe 
it has a noble purpose. I am 
committed to this because 
I believe in the premise that 
in order for environmental 
policy to be successful, 
you have to engage the capital markets. Being able to link the 
environmental purpose and the creation of capital is something 
that will help to improve the world. " 

"We expect to be the 
largest environmental 
trading platform in 
the -world." 


Mr.«<„. tr\/\n 

Class Notes 


Thomas L. Caisse '90 B.S., Fire 
Science, ot Oxford, Mass., has 
been promoted to assistant vice 
president and senior account 
engineer at FM Global. 

The Stratford Fire Department 
has announced the selection 
of James J. Cavanaugh '90 B.S., 
Fire Science, as chief. Cavanaugh, 
a Waterbury resident, has more 
than 30 years of experience. 
He vitU oversee the local dispatch 
center and the Stratford 
Emergency Medical Services. 

Thomas J. Benedict '93 M.S., 
Environmental Science, of East 
Hampton, has joined Tighe 
& Bond, Inc., one of the most 
experienced engineering firms 
in Uew England. Benedict has 
17 years of experience in 
environmental, health, and 
safety projects. 

Fotios Koskinas '93 B.S., Criminal 
Justice, of Fairfield, has been 
promoted to captain with the 
Westport Police Department. 

The town of Ledyard has hired 
Mystic resident Gregory R. Teifert 

'93 M.B.A., Marketing, as the 
new director of the Water and 
Pollution Control Authority. 

Robert D. Boudreau '94 M.S., 
Taxation, of Clinton, a partner at 
Buckley, Frame, Boudreau & Co., 
has joined the advisory council 
of the Connecticut Society for 
Certified Public .Accountants. 

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Essex resident Peter J. Decker '97 

M.S., Taxation, the managing 
member of HT Partners, LLC, 
a multi-family office and 
investment advisory firm located 
in Essex, was recendy recognized 
in the June 2009 issue of The 
Investment News as one of the 
top fee-only registered investment 
advisers ranked by growth in 
discretionar)' assets under 
management. The firm is 
ranked 33rd in the United States 
by The Investment News and 
was also ranked 38th by the 
pubUcation's emerging "Up and 
Coming" registered investment 
advisers list. 

The Milford Police Department 
has promoted Officer Brandon 
Marschner '97 M.S., Criminal 
Justice, to sergeant. Marschner, 
a Milford resident, is a member 
of the Marine/SCUBA Unit, 
the ATV Unit and the Bic7cle 
Patrol Unit. 

Jeffrey B. Reich-Hale '98 B.S., 
Hotel and Restaurant 
Management, the director of sales 
at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott — 
Long Island City/Manhattan, was 
recently featured in an article in 
the Queens (N.Y.) Courier for his 
efforts to establish a Long Island 
City tourism committee through 
the Long Island City Business 
Improvement District. 


Newton Savings Bank recently 
announced the promotion of 
Duane H. Giannini '00 E.M.B.A., 
to senior vice president. Giannini 
resides in Newtown with his 
wife, Deborah, and their three 

Alumni Spotlight 

A Life Of Work, Now A Time For Play 

William L Bucknall, Jr. '65 B.S., 
Business Administration, rose to 
become one of the top himian 
resources professionals in the 
nation, retiring in 2008 as 
senior vice president of United 
Technologies Corp. His sense of 
industry, his intelligence and his 
wizardry with time management, 
however, weren't slowing down. 
He had simply decided to focus 
on more important matters. 

With two daughters and four grandchildren, and faniih- 
vacations in Martha's Vineyard in the summer and Barbados in 
the winter, along with family ski trips to Vermont, one might 
think he spends all his time with his family. Certainly, he dotes 
on his daughters, and particularly on his grandchildren. "It is 
thrilling to watch each child grow and develop into their own 
imique personality," he says. "It is a priceless experience because 
of the joy they bring to my Ufe, and because I am able to give 

them back to their 

mothers at the end 
of the day." 

Then he is off on 
far-flung journeys, to 
the South of France, 
traveling from 
Menerbes, the setting 
for Peter Mayle's 
best-selling book, 
"A Year in Provence," 
to Aries, where 

Vincent Van Gogh foimd the inspiration for many of his most 
famed paintings. He also has escaped to England — London, 
Cambridge and the Cotswolds — to Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, 
and most recently, Sicily, where he toured Catania, Taormina, 
Syracuse, Agrigento and Palermo. 

These days, he has far more time to pursue one of his favorite 
passions, reading, and regularly attends performances at the 
Metropolitan Opera and on Broadway. He also remains active on 
the University's Board of Governors. Retirement, and his expansive 
definition of it, has brought him a certain satisfaction. "George 
Herbert, the English clergyman and poet, said 'Living well is the 
best revenge,' " Bucknall says. "I completely agree with him." 

Bill Bucknall at the Segesta Temple, 
an ancient Doric temple in Sicily 


Class Notes 





Seton Hall's 
New Assistant 

Polished Her 
SkiUs at UNH 

Former UNH women's 
basketball standout Ty Grace 
'99 B.S., Management of 
Sports Industries, is now an 
assistant coach for women's 
basketball at Seton Hall 
University. Grace, most 
recently an assistant coach 
at West Point, also served 
as head coach at Ramapo 
College in New lersey, as 
an assistant at Fairleigh 
Dickinson, also in New 
Jersey, and as a graduate 
assistant coach at the 
University of Hartford. 
Grace has a master's in 
Administrative Science from 
Fairleigh Dickinson. "She 
has tremendous experience," 
said Seton Hall Head 
Coach Phyllis Mangina. 
"Her energy and enthusiasm 
will greatly benefit everyone 
in our program." 

Wilson Lauture '00 M.B.A., of 
Stamford, who won notoriety 
when he paraded in a business 
suit through numerous 
Connecticut towns earlier this 
year holding a sandwich board 
listing his qualifications for a job 
and his status as an unemployed 
accountant, has found a job. The 
story was seen by an executive at 
the Manhattan accounting firm 
Buchbinder, Tunick & Co. The 
firm hired Lauture in September. 

Harwinton resident Jason Emery 

'02 B.S., Fire Science, has been 
with the Waterbury Fire 
Department for 15 years and 
is a lieutenant with its Rescue/ 
Hazmat Company. Emery is the 
founder of Emergency Training 
Solutions, LLC, and is the lead 
PowerPoint designer for the 
Fire Engineering Handbook for 
Firefighter I and II. 

Edgewater, N.J. resident 
Gina-Marie Bertucelli '04 M.S., 
Fire Science, has joined Trinity 
Real Estate in New York City as 
manager of Life Safety. Bertucelli 
was formerly employed at The 
Bank of New York Mellon, where 
she worked as the fire and life 
safety manager. 

Patrick McMahon 05 M.RA., 
of Norwich, has been named 
the acting police chief tor the 
Middletown Police Department. 
McMahon began his career as 
an officer in the Norwich Police 
Department, worked for the 
San Diego Police Department for 
one year, then returned to the 
Norwich Police Department. 
He retired from Norwich in 2003 
and moved to the Groton Police 
Department, where he served as 
deputy police chief for four years 
before moving to Middletown. 

Alumni Spotlight 

A Second Chance 
at Success 

Sylvia Morgan '83 B.S., Financial 

Accounting, arrived in Connecticut 

as an unwed teen mother v«th an 

infant son and few skills. She might 

have ended up a statistic but for one thing: a college education. 

"I wanted my baby to have the best, and the only jobs I could find 
were domestic work," she said recendy, more than three decades 
after she left home in Virginia and moved to Connecticut with 
a friend. "It became clear to me that I needed more education." 

She remembered happy moments poring over numbers with 
her father when she was small, and she decided to pursue math. 
She obtained her GED, attended Naugatuck Valley Community 
College, and was recommended for a scholarship to UNH. 

After graduating, Morgan became a CPA, and for more than 25 
years has been an associate financial examiner in the Securities 
Division of the Connecticut Department of Banking, the state 
equivalent to the federal Securities and Exchange Commission. 

"Having access to education and training turned my Ufe around," 
said Morgan, who prides herself on giving annually to UNH. 
"Without the scholarships and financial aid, there's no way 
I could have done it. I sincerely believe that anyone who wants 
to go back to school deserves a chance." 

New Britain resident Timothy R. 
Cyr '05 B.S., Criminal justice, 
has joined the New Britain Fire 
Department as a firefighter. 

The Westport Police Department 
recendy promoted Jillian L. 
Cabana '06 B.S., Criminal Justice, 
of Westport, to detective. Cabana 
joined the department in May 2006. 

Stratford resident Debra "Debi" 

Hirth '06 B.S., Criminal Justice, 
has recently accepted a position as 
a revenue officer with the Internal 
Revenue Service in Bridgeport. 

Milford resident Brian R. Peloso 

'06 B.S., Criminal Justice, '08 
M.S., Criminal Justice, has been 
acknowledged by the Milford 

Mirror for his service in the 
U.S. Navy fi-om December 1996 
to AprU 2002, where he was 
deployed three times to the Persian 
Gulf aboard the USS Chosin. 

Aaron W. Luke '07 B.A., Political 
Science, has joined The Boys 
and Girls Club of Chattanooga, 
Tenn., as program manager. 
Luke, a Chattanooga resident, 
was formerly employed by the 
Hamilton County Department 
of Education. 

Joel M. Sachs '07 M.S., Taxation, 
principal of Konowitz, Kahn, &. 
Co., PC, has been elected to the 
board of directors of Recovered 
Medical Equipment for the 
Developing World (REMEDY), 

Class Notes 

a non-profit organization that 
provides international medical 
relief. Sachs, a Woodbridge 
resident, also serves on the board 
of directors for the Greater New 
Haven lewish Family Services, 
the Endowment Fund Board 
of Congregation B'Nai lacob 
Synagogue, and the National 
Editorial Board for PDI 
Global, Inc. 

Guilford Aquatics Director, 
Jeffrey J. Bernard! 08 M.S., 
Education, of Guilford, was 
named Person of the Week by 
the Guilford Courier after his 
heroic efforts resulted in the 
rescue of a 9-year-old boy from 
Lake Quinnipaug in Guilford. 

A 15-year veteran of the Norwalk 
Fire Department, Albert C. 
Bassett '09 B.S., Fire Science, 
has been promoted to captain. 
Bassett, a Norwalk resident, 
serves as the co-chairman of the 
Fairfield County Hazardous 
Materials Response Team. 

Clarence, N.Y., resident Joshua D. 
Britzzalaro '09 B.S., Fire Science, 

Alumni Scholarship Ball 
Online Auction 

March 15 -April 5, 2010 

Mark your calendar and help support scholarships 

Making a donation to our exciting online auction 

Bidding on travel, entertainment, sports memorabilia 
and many other great auction items 

For more information, visit — 

recendy graduated from the U.S. Chips' Pub II, located in Guilford, 
Coast Guard Recruit Training will soon re-open as KC's Pub 

Center in Cape May, N.l. under new owner Kelly Carney 

A Love Story 

The New York Times in July featured the story of the courtship 
of Timothy Maclejak '08 M.S., Education, a math teacher at 
St. Xavier High School in LouisviUe, Ky, and Kelly Morgan, telling 
of how the couple became acquainted as youngsters vacationing 
in Nantucket. They remained friends, and reunited after college 
graduation for a dinner in Manhattan that included Ms. Morgan's 
mother, Sarah Morgan. Once the evening was over, the mother 
said to the daughter, "What would you do if Tim told you he was 
going to marry someone else? He's perfect." 

Three months later, while the couple were visiting together at 
Maciejak's home in Madison, Conn., they realized they were in 
love. They were married July 18 in Louisville, just a few months 
after Sarah Morgan passed away from leukemia. Said the new 
Mrs. Maciejak of her mother's death, "Being an only child, I really 
leaned on Tim. He got me through the most challenging and 
emotional time of my life." 

'09 B.S., Business Administration. 
Carney, a Guilford resident, is a 
former waitress and manager of 
Chips' Pub II. 

Louis W. Cesero '09 B.S., Electrical 
Engineering, has joined the 
engineering staff at FAST (Food 
Automation Service Techniques) 
Inc. Cesero, of Ansonia, will 
work with FAST's research and 
development departments to 
design and manufacture 
electronic appliance controls 
for the food industry. 

The Oxford Board of Education 
has recently hired Coventry 

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Class Notes 

resident Jonathan T. Foster '09 

M.S., Education, to teach English 
at Oxford High School. 


Nicole Edwards Mitchell 06 M.S., 
Criminal Justice, '07 M.S., Forensic 
Science, and Robert Mitchell, 
of Plymouth, are pleased to 
announce the birth of their first 
child, Madison Alice Mitchell, 
born on July 15, 2009. Madison's 
proud grandparents are John 
Mitchell, director of telecommu- 
nications at UNH, and Judy 
Mitchell, secretary for the Forensic 
Science department at UNH. 


Danielle N. PomponI 04 B.A., Fine 
Arts, and Millard Reynolds have 
announced their engagement. 
A fall 2010 wedding is planned. 

Sarah Lynne Armstrong and 
Justin Douglas Woodslde '05 B.S., 

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Fire Science, have announced 
their engagement. They plan 
a June 2010 wedding. 


Victoria P. Gardner 05 M.B.A. 
and David E. Candelora, 
February 14, 2009 

Jenna Tyre and Christopher E. 

Bain '03 M.S., Management of 
Sports Industries, June 6, 2009 

Adriana C. Rodriguez '07 B.S., 

Dental Hygiene, and Tristan Fields 
'07 B.S., Music and Sound 
Recording, June 14,2009 

Bonnie R. Clein and Francis B. 
Sllvestri '07 M.S., Education, 
August 3, 2008 

Katelyn Ann Filosi and 
Jason W. Andrew 08 E.M.B.A., 
October 18, 2008 

Kelly Morgan and Timothy M. 
Maciejak '08 M.S., Education, 
July 18,2009 

Melody E. Johnson 09 B.S., 
Chemical Engineering, '09 B.S, 
Fire Protection Engineering, 
and Carl E. Soderberg 07 B.S., 
Criminal Justice, July 10, 2009 

In Mf.moriam 
Michael Krupa '09 

Michael Krupa '09, a UNH Mechanical 

Engineering student, passed away after his 

kayak capsized September 6 in Long Island 

Sound. An obituary published Sept. 16 in 

various newspapers, including The Hartford Courant and the 

New Haven Register, celebrated his life. It read, "Michael was 

a kind and generous spirit, always willing to help others in 

difficult times. He will be forever cherished and loved by 

those whose lives he touched. " Memorial contributions may be 

made to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, 705 N. Mountain Road, 


Veteran Female Officer 
Rises to Chief 

Karen Krasicky '78 B.S., Criminal Justice, is one of just 
three women to lead a police department in Connecticut. 
The Bristol (Conn.) Press published a story in June on 
Krasicky, who spent 26 years with the Bridgeport Police 
Department before accepting the police chief's job in 
Plymouth. She has held the job for four years, garnering 
respect for her commitment to community policing and 
her volunteerism in town. Said Krasicky, "I plan to stay 
in Plymouth for a long time. I have a great department. 
Everyone pitches in." 

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the University of New Haven Alumni Online 
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Class Notes 

Alumni Spotlight 

Retired Pilot Making a Difference on the Ground 

During a 23-year career as an American Airlines pUot, preceded 
by stints as a U.S. Air Force pilot and organic farmer, Peter Smith 
'70 B.S., Business Administration, prided himself on taking 
meaningful vacations. He restored stone work on castles in 
southern France, volunteered with a group of airline employees 


who brought aid to citizens throughout the globe, and contributed 
supplies and built furnishings for schoolrooms in a Himalayan 
mountain village. 

"I realized how much of a difference 
one person can make," Smith says. 
Retiring in 2008, he joined the Peace 
Corps, relocating to the Kingdom 
of Tonga, where he works for the 
Department of Civil Aviation, 
the Tongan equivalent of the U.S. 
Federal Aviation Administration 
(except that the FAA has almost 
50,000 employees, and his 
department has four). 

"The good news for retired people looking for a lifestyle change 
is that the Peace Corps has recently put a lot of emphasis on older 
people with life skills," he says. Cold showers, outdoor toilets and 
neighbors who wear grass mats for clothing are all part of the 
experience. "The Peace Corps isn't for everyone," he says. "But it 
certainly has something to offer anyone willing to accept the 
challenge ot Uving outside their comfort zone. " To learn more 
about the foundation Smith established to help rural Nepali 
schools, visit 

"I realized 
how much 
of a difference 
one person 
can make." 

The University of New Haven Alumni Association cordially invites you and a guest to 

A Winter Wonderland at UNH 

December 16, 2009 

6-9 p.m. 

Alumni Lounge, Bartels Hall, the Campus Center 

300 Boston Post Road, 'West Haven, CT 

$25 per person 

Hors D'oeuvres, Buffet Dinner, Open Bar, and Live Music 

In concert with a UNH student effon to assist local food banks struggling to meet an even greater need this year, we are asking that you bring 
a donation of non-perishable food items. All items will be donated to West Haven Emergency Assistance Taskforce (WHEAT). 

The favor of a reply is requested by Friday, December 11, 2009 


For more information, please visit 

or call the Alumni Relations Office at 203-932-7270. 

Reserved parking will be available. 


Class Notes 

In M F.MORI am 

Remembering Professor Smith 

Professor Emeritus and former administrator Warren J. Smith died July 20 in Florida. Well-known for his 
gregarious nature and creative spirit. Professor Smith was an esteemed educator at UNH for 35 years until his 
retirement in 1 997. He was chair of the Department of General Management, dean of the School of Business 
Administration, founder and acting dean of the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism, founder and chair 
of the Faculty Senate, and co-author of the University's first Faculty Constitution. He taught Management 
Science, Economics and Quantitative Analysis in an always approachable way. He also helped small business 
owners with finance and strategic planning as a consultant for the Small Business Administration, and was 
an avid writer, appearing frequently in Florida's regional newspapers long after he had officially retired. 

As one small example of his tenacity and perseverance, he took up running at 54, ran his first marathon 
at 55, and ran the Boston Marathon in four hours, at age 64. 

He leaves his wife Jean (Cordon) Smith, and two daughters, Deborah J. Chevie of Norfolk and Valerie A.Smith of Watertown. 

In Memoriam 




Stanley F. Durfee '35 A.S., Business Administration 


Glane R. Epps '51 A.S., Business Administration 
George H. Gilmore '53 A.S., Engineering 
Alfred Clark '57 A.S., Business Administration 
Jack McQuillan '57 A.S., Business Administration 


Kenneth J. Buchta '61 A.S., Business Administration 
Leroy G. Carter '63 A.S., Engineering Science 
WiUiam C. Miller '64 B.S., Management Science 
William E. O'Connor '65 B.S., Electrical Engineering 
lychard J. Matthews '65 B.S., '72 M.S., Industrial Engineering 
Stuart W. Fillmore '66 B.S., Business Administration 
Richard C. Luddy '67 B.S., Business Administration 
Donald F. Schurk '67 S.E.D., Business Administration 


Phyllis R. Grande '70 B.A., English 
John E. Merancy '70 B.S., Business Administration 
Geraldine J. Vogt '70 B.S., Financial Accounting 
John F. Alea, Jr. '71 B.S., Business Administration 
Robert V. Casey '72 A.S., Criminal Justice, '77 B.S. 

Gerald F. Rambush '72 B.S., Business Administration 

John W. Anderson '74 A.S., Criminal Justice 

Louis J. Colella, Jr. '74 B.S., '78 M.B.A. 

Anthony J. DiMeola '74 S.M.C., Business Administration 

Stuart R. Sherman '74 A.S., Biology 

Philip R. Buchanan '75 B.S., Criminal Justice, '83 M.RA. 

Lawrence A. Fitzsimmons '76 B.S., Industrial Engineering 

Edward E. HoUomon '77 M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology 


Raymond J. LeBlanc '80 M.A., Public Safety Management 

John M. Lescure, Jr. '80 M.B.A., Accounting 

Joseph R. Fox '81 E.M.B.A. 

Jane I. Wilkinson '84 E.M.B.A. 

GaU R Neylan-Shaker '86 B.A., Psychology 


John T. Balga, Jr. '91 E.M.B.A. 

Alex Ungerleider '9 1 M.B.A. 

David W. Seyler '93 M.B.A., Management and Organization 

Stuart M. Arotsky '97 M.S., Education 


Race "Robert" A. Bolves '07 M.S., Criminal Justice 
Ramkishore Sadhu '07 M.S., Cellular/Molecular Biology 

30 Winter 2009 













A Letter from the Chairman of 

the Advancement and Development Committee 

of the UNH Board of Governors 

I was unsure of myself as a student until I reached the University of New Haven. Something about this institution — 
the guidance, the optimism, the belief that all students possess untapped levels of promise — invigorated me and 
spurred me to work. It is a story I hear often, and a particular strength of the University's. UNH gives its students 
a clear, clean compass to enable them to find the way. 

But to where? 

Success means different things to different people. For many, it means the ability to give to others. When speaking about 
giving, former Chrysler chairman Lee lacocca once said, "I was fortunate to get a scholarship when I went to Lehigh 
LIniversity and Princeton. They were both wonderful schools. Somebody was kind enough to spend their money to 
educate people that they would never get to know. That's what I think philanthropy is about." 

He's right, of course. Giving isn't about getting a pat on the back or even 
your name in an Honor Roll of Donors. It's about the quiet satisfaction 
that comes from knowing that in giving to a student who may never 
""^^^^^E- nieet you in person, you could be growing the next philanthropist 
^(HHp who will help the next student in need. Giving to education has 

a way of multiplying its blessings, and in this holiday season, 
that's a pretty good gift indeed. 


Rob Lee '78 B.S., Mechanical Engineering 



32 Vnivetsity o} hie 

The following list recognizes all gifts and matching gifts received by the University betw^een July 1 , 2008 and June 30, 2009. Extreme care has been given to the 

preparation of this report. Please review your name and giving information. If you notice errors, please contact the Office of Advancement at 203-932-7269 or by email 

at so that we may correct our records. Thank you. 

My Sports Dreams, LLC 


CAO Group, Inc. 


Bethel Ann Rooney 

Mark L. CeccoruUi '89 and 


Douglas D. Schumann '69 
Sodexo Incorporated 

Francesca CeccoruUi 


Center for International Studies 


United Technologies Corporation 

City Point Construction 


$250,000 - $999,999 

Rubin and Sharon Vine 

Drs. Richard H. and Michelle R. 

Richard J. Deslauriers, M.D. '90 


and Kristen Deslauriers 


$100,000 - $249,999 


Estate of James Q. Bensen 


$25,000 - $99,999 

Douglas D. Watts '67 and 

Falcone Law Firm, LLC 


$10,000 - $24,999 

Melba Watts 

Susan L. Ford '99 


$5,000 - $9,999 

WBA Group 

Fountainhead Property 


. $2,500 - $4,999 

Johnson and Julie Young 

Shelly J. Frank '66 and 


' $1,000 - $2,499 


Randy Frank 


I . 

Community Foundation 

Gallagher Benefit Services 

(Graduates of Last Decad 

■ $500 - $999 

for Greater New Haven 




Gale Crowell 

John R. 52 and Leona M. 


$500 - $999 ^^M 

Dattco, Incorporated 


^^^^^^^^^ PATRO 

$250 - $499 I^H 

Heidi S. '82 and Joel S. Douglas '82 

George Ellis Company 


$100 - $249 ^^B 

Fidelity Investments 

Raymond 1. Huey '92 and 

^^^^^^^C N T R 1 B U TO 


CoUn I. Foster and Andrea Ryan 

Bonnie Brangaccio 


1: JII^H 

Murray A. Gerbcr '79 and 
Shirley Gerber 

William M. Leete, Jr. 

Raymond J. Margiano, Jr. '69 and 



Richard J. Grossi '81 and 

Angela Margiano 

John and Mary W. Tu 

David J. Peterson, Jr. '88 and 

Norma Grossi 

Northside Development 

Karen Peterson 

John W. Howell, Sr. and 



Petra Construction Corporation 

Elizabeth Howell 

Otis Elevator 

David A. '66 and Ruthann 

Anthony J. Sparano, III '84 and 

Dr. Steven H. Kaplan and 

Regina M. Paolillo '80 


Jeanette Sparano 

Anemone Schweizer-Kaplan 

Brian E. Phelps '76 and 

Louis F. & Mary A. Tagliatela 

Tlie Echlin Foundation 

Heidi A. Law 

Maria Phelps 


Turn The Corner Foundation 

Alan MacDonald 


William Blair & Company, L.L.C. 

Gisela Marin 

Purest Colloids Incorporated 


Wintek Corporation 

Milford Bank 

Quest Builders Group 

Henry E. and Nancy H. Bartels 

^^ M ^P^ ■ ■ ^% ■ ■ ^" V* ^*ft ■ * P^ 

National Athletic Alliance, 


Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. '85 and 



Sasaki Associates Incorporated 

Lois Bergami 

Robert Alvitte 

Alexander W. Nicholson, Jr. '65 

Patricia L. Slocum 

William L. Bucknall, Ir. '65 

Mary I. Barneby and T. Kirkham 

and Karen Nichobon 

Patricia B. '79 and 

Isabella E. Dodds 


Linda S. '01 and James Olbrys 

Stedman G. '79 Sweet 

Excelsior! Foundation 

Philip H. and Susan Bartels 

R. & W. Family Foundation Inc. 

Rick and Cynthia Tuchman 

Linda W. '88 and Robert M. 

John F. Beckert '72 and 

M. Wallace and Rita Rubin 

Frank A. Warner '62 

Lee '78 

Jean Beckert 

Janice K. Sussman '83 and 

z-Medica Corporation 

Barbara Olin Taylor and F. 

Kenneth W. Biermacher '76 

Stanley Sussman 

Morgan Taylor 

and Joan Biermacher 

George Synodi andjoye R. 


Charles E. Pompea '72 and 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of 


Leslie A. Amoroso 

Tamera Pompea 

New England 

Dr. William L. Tafoya 

Sal A. Ardigliano '71 and 

Karen L. Pritzker Vlock and 

Estate of James H. Shattuck 

The Jessica N. Santos Foundation 

Cynthia Ardigliano 

Michael Vlock 

Follett College Stores 

Michael W. Toner '82 and 

Darryl C. and Joan Aubrey '93 

John Aaron Frey '44 and 

Carol Totter 

Barker Specialty Company 


Mildred Frey 

Valley Community Foundation 

Joan M. '87 and John E. 

Gail L. Brekke and fay I. Vlock 

Mina Gerowin-Hermann 

Wiggin & Dana 

Benevento '68 

Frank P. Carrubba '79 and 

Health Net of NorthEast, 

Margaret T. Bixler '82 

Patricia Carrubba 



Roland M. Bbder '78 (Deceased) 

Dimeo Construction Company 

Henry Nias Foundation 

Aldo DeDominicis Foundation 

Paul I. Borelli 

}ohnE.Echlin,Jr. '80 and 



Renfrew and Cynthia Z. 

Nancy Echlin 

Dr. Henry C. and Margaret Lee 

Alinabal Incorporated 

Brighton '94 

Michael f. Hartnett '69 and 

Mark S.and Janet Levy 

Philip Batchelor '04 and 

C. A. White, Incorporated 

Veronica Rosenbeck 

Dennis R. McGough '81 and 

Angela Zappia '04 

Deborah Chin 

leffery R Hazell '83 

Donna McGough 

Bismark Construction Company 

William J. '70 and Carolyn 

lane Kammerer 

Middlesex County Community 

Christopher G. Boissard '99 and 


Tracey Kammerer 

Foundation, Incorporated 

Elizabeth Boissard 

Loyal donors oJJi\e consecutive years or more arc indicated in bold italic gold copy. 




Comprehensive Orthopaedics 

Edward Mierzejewski '84 

Matthew P. Mentone '99 

Sylvia A. Morgan, CPA '83 

& Musculoskeletal Care 

John R. Mitchell '83 and 

Selina Moylan '09 

Thomas J. Murphy '78 

Cooper Smith Marketing 

Judith A. Mitchell 

Jody J. Rossi '08 

Nestle Holdings Incorporated 

John M. Coury '89 and 

Craig L. Mortali '84 and 

Eduardo M. Nogoy '90 

Lisa Coury 

Paula Mortali 


Russell D. Offenbach '65 

Dr. David P. and Marty Dauwalder 

David W. Moidton '76 

Aetna, Incorporated 

James J. Pallman '71 

Henri M. David, Jr. 73 

Murphy Security Services 

Kenneth E.Allen '72 

Timothy M. Palmbach '82 

Teresa A. Delvecchio 

Dennis L. Nostrand 

Michael H. Ambrose '84 

Wayne Parks 

Kathleen A. Devlin 

Dr. Ronald Nowaczyk and 

Cynthia Barr 

Prometheus Books 

Craig A. Douglas '82 and 

Maureen Lavan 

Bollinger Incorporated 


Marilyn Petraiuolo 

Martin J. O'Connor '76 and 

Bones Clones, Incorporated 

John G. Raba '94 

Edge Technology Services 

Mary O'Leary 

Alexander N. Brown, Jr. '80 

Thomas C. '89 and 


Ann C. O'Keefe 

William R. Browne '62 

Trina Reynolds 

Anthony I. Elia, Jr. '76 and 

John and Julia O'Keefe 

C. White & Son Incorporated 

John M. Ricciardi, Jr. '69 

Lorelei Elia 

Matthew B. O'Keefe 

David M. Carlon '93 

Roder Evidence Consulting, LLC 

Harold Ellis 

Michael J. O'Keefe 

John W. Carr '67 

Christopher and Donna Ruskay 

Dr. Barry and Dorothy Farbrother 

On-Line Electric Incorporated 

Raphael J. Cerrato 

Charles W. Sherwood '94 

Finlay Brothers Printing 

Julia Parker 

Georgia Chavent 

Richard W Steeves '77 

Janice B. Foster '76 

Edward A. Pepe '71 and 

Thomas E. Ciotti '84 and 

John T. Stevens '71 

Glen Gate Company 

Susan DellaVaUe 

Ruthanne Ciotti 

David C. Stisser '75 

Arthur Goon and Sue Goon 

Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated 

Dawn M. Coe, CPA '98 

The Nicholas Rossomando 

Robert M. Gordon 

Todd Plourde 

Connecticut Society of Certified 

Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Carol A. Hall 

Ronald M. Quagliani '93 and 

Public Accountants 

Peter C. Rossomando 

James E. Halloran '91 and 

Tracey Quagliani 

Ann Cox 

Patrick M. Torre 

Christine M. Army 

James C. and Mary Reilly 

Michael J. Davis '86 

Eileen M. Torrens '93 

Holly A. Hammond '85 

Michael F. and Marian Rieders 

Scott P. Davis 

Thomas and Katharine 

Dave Haubner '86 

Juli C. Roebuck 

Elizabeth L. Doane '88 


Dr. Richard and Mary Jane 

Robert DiluUo, CPA LLC 

Hanko H. Dobi 

Susan Zawadd 


Howard Safir 

KatJileen A. Donnelly 

Pauline Hill and Dennis Blader 

Jane C. and Michael Sangeloty 

Duffy's Tavern 

Mary H. Hills '54 and 

Michele Scott 

Eastern Connecticut Regional 


Charles E. Hills 

Howard Bayne Fund 

Mark E. Simses '84 

Timothy R. and CoUeen Stanton 

Education Service Center 
Paul C. Falcone '83 

CLASS OF 1939 

Jovin Industries Incorporated 

Stone Quest NY, Incorporated 

Field Safety Corporation 


Jacqueline and Kurt Koral 

The Bode Technology Group 

Frank Esposito and Son Cleaning 

E. John Reinke 

John V.KorisyJr. '67 and 

The Ellis Fund 

Service LLC 

Nancy Koris 

The Soccer Guy LLC 

John P. Franzis 

CLASS OF 1941 

Caroline Koziatek '92 and 

Samuel E. Thurston '66 and 

Edward M. Goldberg '80 


Walter Koziatek 
Armand F. Lauzon, Jr. '90 and 

Clare Thurston 
Richard C. Toce '01 and 

Gregg D. Gottshall 

Greater New Haven Water 

Bruce MacWilliam 

Denise Lauzon 
Leaden Associates Incorporated 

Susan Toce 
UHY Advisors 

Pollution Control Authority 
Richard A. Griswold 

CLASS OF 1942 

Laura E. Lendacky '81 

Vlock Family Foundation 

Richard Guerriere '70 


Liberty Mutual 

Wachovia Corporation 

Joseph Guilietti, Jr. '68 

E. Robert Edson (Deceased) 

Jeffrey E. Luther '87 

Mark F. Young '81 and 

Christopher H. Herr '86 

Maura C. Lyddy 

Linda Ann Young 

Human Resource Association 


Robert J. and Nancy Lyons, Sr. 

Young Laboratories, Incorporated 

of Greater New Haven 

Frederick B. Richter 

Lou Manzolillo 

Peter J. Johnson '81 

Paul A. Spinnato 

Joel H. Marks 


Rebecca Johnson and 

Ann E. Mason, CPA '94 and 

Joseph D. Danao '04 and 

Keith Johnson '87 

CLASS OF 1943 

James T. Mason 

Laura Danao 

Richard O. Kaufmann '67 


Dr. M. L McLaughlin and 
Sigmund Bookbinder 

Christine M. Huber '00 
Jonathan D. Leone '03 

Roger R. Klene '79 
Robert E. LoveU '80 and 

Robert J. Caplow 

Carol LoveU 

CLASS OF 1944 



09 1 

James L. Lucas '85 
Leonard R Lye, II '85 
Ruth I. Lye, CPA '88 
Michael F Lynch '96 




John Aaron Frey 

Gifts and grants to the University reach 

id a new record of $7.85 million in 

Michael W. McGourty '91 

CLASS OF 1946 

FY2009, up 1 3% over the prior year. De 

>pite the global economic downturn, 

Arthur R Meister '75 


the number of alumni donors grew by 2 

0%, and the number of all donors 

Metropolitan Development 

Helen T. Hudi 

increased by 22% over the prior year. W 

e are grateful to our contributors who 

John W Miksa '76 

Edward D.Taddei, CPA 

continue to support our students and fa 

culty through these challenging times. 

Dominick and Tracy Minervini 

34 Umvuiiiy oj New Haven 

Loyal donors of five consecuti\c yean or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 


.,t providing temporary physical and emotional 
support through funding, counseling and other means to financially needy 
Connecticut youths who have suffered traumatic sports-related injuries. 
This fall, the Fairfield County Sports Commission named James as the 
recipient of one of its most prestigious honors, the Chelsea Cohen Courage 
Award. The award recognizes a person in the sports community who has 
demonstrated inspirational strength in overcoming life-altering obstacles. 

Hope for the future: 

, hope for the future is to find a job in my 
lO pay my loans and move on with my life 

Why he is grateful: 



J grateful to be alive and to have my parents 
who care. I can't say "thank you" enough. 

The University of New Haven was playing against Merrimack College 

last fall when I ran toward a player who was dribbling 

the ball toward my goal. I dove for the ball, ^ ,^ 

trying to make a save - something I had 

done a thousand times before - but thi 

time, it was different. This time, the I 

player's knee collided with my jaw % 

with so much force, it ruptured a 

vein in my brain, so all I remembe 

is waking up in the hospital. 

The night of the accident, my 

doctors told my coaches that 

I would not make it - but I 

am here now. Soon, I will be 

able to tell people that 

I graduated from the 

University of New Haven. 

I will have a degree from 

a great school. And I will 

have that degree because 

scholarships and financial 

aid helped me get it. 

Thank you very much. 



J^Bk Jtm^,. 



CLASS OF 1947 

Alex F. Cofrancesco 

CLASS OF 1948 

J. William LaFlamme (Deceased) 

CLASS OF 1949 

Paul T. Creagan, Jr. 

Herman M. Johns, Jr. 
Charles E. Miner 

CLASS OF 1950 

Apley N. Austin, Jr. 
Ira G. Hubbell 
Wesley A. Luschenat, Sr. 
Peter H. Pagliaro 

CLASS OF 1951 

Robert F. DeLaubell, Sr. 


John H. Boland (Deceased) 
Robert J. Brown 

Douglas E. Kellogg 
Stanley J. KupiiUowski 

Vincent J. Petroccia 
Howard R. Swanson 
Thomas M. Thompson 
Francis Tirendi 

CLASS OF 1952 
John R. Gehring 


Edward C. Currie 


William J. DeBerry 
Warren Lindsay 


Thomas C. Andrew, Sr. 

Andrew J. Carlotto 
Vincent J. Cofrancesco 
Nancy M. Hedman 
Edwin P. Hemingway 

CLASS OF 1953 


Carl O. Erickson, Jr. 


John P. Berry 

George H. GUmore (Deceased) 

Robert J. Walsh 


James F. Clouse, Sr. 
Clifton J. Cotter, Sr. 

CLASS OF 1954 

Mary H. Hills 


Salvatore A. Ali 


Grant A. Briggs, Jr. 
Florence A. Bulleit 
David A. Peterson 
Robert F. Teevan 


Harry E. Brown 

Vincent J. Gangi 
Donald J. Jewell 
William G. Manthey 

CLASS OF 1955 

Donald A. Dauphinais 
Robert W. DeForest 
David Korenchuk 
Edward V. Obidinski 

CLASS OF 1956 

Alex Filipowich 


Raymond W Hurlburt 
James S. Lombardo 
Louis J. Nikel 
Darryl W. Ryan 
Stanley D. Strickland 

CLASS OF 1957 

George J. Kuchinsky 
WilUatn T. McKeon 
John C. Papeika 


William R. Carroll, Jr. 
Robert A. Ingmanson 
James E. McKenna, Sr. 

3b Umn,:) illy oj i\'tw iluvtn Loyal donors of Jive consecutive years or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 

Jack H. McQuillan 
Alexander J. Terapane, Sr. 

CLASS OF 1958 

Francis Whalen 


Donald W. Cann 
John J. Donovan 
Frederick W. Saunders 

CLASS OF 1959 

Morton J. Chorney 
Eugene D. Johnson 
Donald G. Rowland 
Edward C. Van De Mark 

CLASS OF 1960 

Joanne I. Tierney 

Eleanor D. Weaver 

Harold Y. Weaver (Deceased) 


Erhng J. Bligard 
Robert A. Cawood 
Michael C. Criscuolo 
Carl L. Flodquist 
Byron A. Hatch 
Wayne S. LePard 
Frank J. Levanti 
Edward F. Finn 

CLASS OF 1961 

Francis A. Fragola 
Sheila Peckinghatn 

CLASS OF 1962 

Frank A. Warner 


William R. Browne 


Albert B. Morgan 
George W. Okoniewski 
Earl L. Young 

CLASS OF 1963 

Donald J. Buchta 


Robert B. Banak 
James F. Bartholomew 
Robert E. Buckhoh 
Richard R. Chevalier 

Ronald H. Cox 
Everett R. Jones 


Roy A. Chaplin 
Edward S. Halkovetz 
Thomas O. Jermine 

Herbert A. Keigvnn 
Glenn D. Rosenquist 

Robert I. Smith 

CLASS OF 1964 


Albert P. Paglia 


Peter E. Colatosti 
Albert M. Gesler 

Jay M. Kaplowitz 


Joseph D. Adante, Jr. 
John M. Burke 
Pasquale R. Crocco 
Frank C. Mascia 
John P. McKieman 
Edward T. Rulka 
Charles R. Tompkins 
Gary W. Tracey 
Irvin D. Zeidenberg 

CLASS OF 1965 

William L. Bucknall, Jr. 


Alexander W. Nicholson, Jr. 


Russell D. Offenbach 


Neal M. Alderman 
David F. Brovifn 
Paul T. DeBernardo 
Robert W Lucas 
Raymond D. Sanzone 
John F. Terry 


Joseph J. Bielanos, Jr. 
Paul A. Bodmer 
Craig W Bonnett 
Joseph D. Celano, PE 
John F. DiBenedictis, Jr. 
Willard P. Francis 
Walter C. Kremser 
Martin J. LaVorgna 
William J. Riley, III 
John H. Templeton 
Herbert E. Wachter 

CLASS OF 1966 

David A. Beckerman 


Shelly J. Frank 


Samuel E. Thurston 


Paul D. Gamache 
Daniel J. Meehan 
Walter J. Rosinus, Jr. 


Walter F. Dixon 
Frank S. Greco 
Arthur H. Gregory 
Thomas S. Griggs, Sr. 
Joseph D. Joy 
Philip S. LaKernick 
Carol G. Memmott 

CLASS OF 1967 

Douglas D. Watts 


John V. Koris, Jr. 


John W Carr 
Richard O. Kaufrnann 


Brian M. Gildea 
M. Thomas Jackson 
Ara Kaloustian 
Linda P. Montanari 


Louis J. Cimmino, Jr. 
Gerald S. Esposito 
John C. O'Donovan 
John G. Rumbold 
Michael B. Wiesner 


Robert L. Belard 
Ralph N. Clark, Jr. 
Robert G. Comstock 
John L. Doyle 
William Farat 
Richard J. Getinas 
Michael E. Haburay, Jr. 
Jay H. Hall 
Robert W. Humpage 
Donald T. Kono 
Donald F. Mackey 
Leonard A. Matejek 
Anthony J. Mauriello, Jr. 
William R. Merson 
Henry D. Rotman 
John W Sause 
Lawrence F. Simeone 
Wilford A. Taylor, III 
John A. Veitlette 

CLASS OF 1968 
John E. Benevento 


Joseph Guilietti, Jr. 


Philip K. Andros 
Harrison L. Davis, Jr. 
Edward W. Sink 


Thomas P. Bartolini 

Enoch Beltz 
Richard D. Hurlbut 
Donald A. Lostritto 
James J. Manley 
Anthony J. Massaro 
William D. Mills 
Raymond P. ParceUa, Jr. 
Thomas F. Stetka 
David L. Stetser 


Richard P. Bilello 

Jack W. Braun 
Bruce H. Crowther 
Paul A. Dumraese, Jr. 
Richard H. Hilt 
Valentine A. Koory 
Lawrence R. Leete, Jr. 
Clyde Lynn, Jr. 
Charles V. Malaguti 
James Monahan 
Kenneth D. Parker 
Daniel L Santangelo 
John C. Varrone, Jr. 
Richard Wysopal 

CLASS OF 1969 

Michael J. Hartnett 


Douglas D. Schumann 


Raymond J. Margiano, Jr. 


John M. Ricciardi, Jr. 


Palma C. Pogoda 
George A. Waldron, Esq. 


John J. Anzidei 
David P. Barone 
Joseph A. Derwin 
David J. McCabe 


James R. Mendillo 

Thomas F. Hughes 

Giovanni Sammarco 

Daniel R. Kemp 

lames H. Moriarty 

Wdliam C. Lang 

Otto E. Schaefer 

Albert Bruce Michaels 

William J. O'Donnell, Jr. 

Paul J. Marchelli 

William R. Schroeder 

George R. Nortonen 

Linda A. Podryhula 

David P. Meyers 

Janet Schwartz 

Erank X. Oboyski 

Dennis J. Primavera 

Charles J. Moran, Sr. 

Walter M. Sewitski 

John P. Papa 

O. John Zamparo 

George E. Murdock, Jr. 

Robert J. Sheahan, Sr. 

James A. Quinn 

Donna J. Oleksy 

William F. Volmar 

Yogesh B. Shah 


Susan P. Potter 

John J. Sullivan 

William B. Beetham 

Karen M. Rosol 

CLASS OF 1972 

Robert J. Wesche, Sr. 

Thomas R. Bernacki 

James J. Rozsa 


Roger J. Zukowski 

Michael J. Colligan 

Armand V. Russo 

Charles E. Pompea 

Ronald T. Delaney, Jr. 

William M. Saunders 

CLASS OF 1973 

Theodore H. Flagge, III 

Joseph A. Silva 



David M. Fryer 
Robert L Hinds, CPA 

David F. Struwas 
Edward B. Wind 

John F. Beckert 

Henri M. David, Jr. 

John W. Hoover 

George J. Zemaitaitis 



August J. lacobellis 

Frederick B. Jackson 

CLASS OF 1971 

Kenneth E. Allen 

John W. G. Phillips 

Robert A. Jaffarian 




Robert C. Kallgren 
James E. Kennedy 

Pasquale A. Mercuric 
Leon A. Morgan 
Clyde T. Novicki 
Edward A. Oleksy 
Timothy J. Sullivan 

Sal A. Ardigliano 
Edward A. Pepe 

James A. Calderwood, Jr. 
Frank W Dworak 

Richard F. Adessa 
SalvatoreJ. Coppola 

Alan M. Hansen 

Russell A. Davidson 


Frank A. La Viola 

Sarah B. Davidson 

James J. Pallman 

Joel A. Wasserman 

John W Hearn, Jr. 

John T. Stevens 

Robert J. Wheeler 

Stephen R. Hecht 
Robert F. Hupka 



Franklin N. Konowitz 

CLASS OF 1970 

Ronald R.Walczak 

Philip M. Albanito 

Nathan H. Marks 


Robert G. Bailey 

Richard A. Mason 

William J. Chowanec 


Richard W. Batza 

John R. McDonald, Jr. 

Richard E. Curnow 

Richard S. Bruno 

Radha R. Prasad 


George W. Dombroski, Jr. 

William K.Daley, II 

Scott B. Rahl 

Richard Guerriere 

Raymond Guimont 

Daniel DePodesta 

Thomas W. Sheridan 

Robert D. Hayes 

Daniel M. Fleming 

Frank J. Varella 


Anthony V. Herzog 

Gary J. Hayduk 

Richard J. DeMusis 

Mable Hoffler-Page 

Kelvin Hazzard 


Frederick L. Langhoff, Jr. 

James B. LoRusso 

Sonja S. Hegymegi 

Thomas P. Benincas, Jr. 

^J Joseph P. Macionus 

Robert J. Lynn 

Robert E. Hoebel 

Michael R Blackstone 


Delfim M. Pereira 

Mark E. Hoffman 

John M. Carfora 


Joseph G. Pyatak 

Anthony B. Mascia 

Stephen W Conlon 

_ Marie Accrino 

James A. Winner 

William E Meskill, Jr. 

Glenn B. Cronin 

o Alan M. Alpert 

Madeline Mezzanotte 

Alan C. Gushing 

^ Walter C. Banas, Jr. 


James P. Minella 

Phyllis A. DaCorte 

Q Frank V. Colangelo, Jr. 

Robert J. Anderson 

James L. Putnam, Jr. 

Gerald V. Davino 

Thomas A. Cost 

Harley Atkins 

Charles N. Starbranch 

I^chard L. Davis 

^ John T. Cox 

Anthony M. Bimonte 

David H. Walker 

Bruce A. Deming 

Percy F. Currie 

James A. Cantore 

Lawrence D. Federico 

a. Richard M. Fadum 

Joel M. Cooney 


Mansukhlal K. Gala 

^ Harold E. Jordan, Jr. 

Richard E Drost 

John T. Ahearn 

Kathleen A. Genett 

Joseph S. Risica 

Peter S. Dworak 

Raffaella G. Barraco 

Charles W. Hermann 


John J. Gaynor 

John J. Cawley 

Peter R.Holden 


Paul L. Harlin, Jr. 

Albert A. Coppola 

John A. Mastroianni 

Philip B. Borgia 

Edward G. Hart 

Joseph E. DePaola 

Ronald L. Matula 

2 Leslie A. Cole 

Robert J. Jennings 

John C. Dillman 

Arthur W May 

< Pasquale J. Coppola 

Charles E Lavallee 

Stewart B. Fritts 

John J. McBride 

Thomas C. Creighton 

Ernest M. Montavon 

Richard M. Fuesy 

James P. McVerry 

o William J. Doyle 

Kenneth F. Mucherino 

Robert P. Giesen 

William D. Meisser, IV 

° Richard H. Ferrucci 

Joseph E. Musante 

Samuel L. Giles 

William E O'Brien, Jr. 

Richard M. Gagnon 

William F. Pierson 

Robert F. Giovino 

John E O'Neill 

oi John A. Grasso 

Henry L. Pozzuoli 

John C. Hare 

Siegfried R. Oschalins 

° Patrick M. Hogan 

Alben F. Puhlick 

Robert E. Haskell 

Dale C. Peck 

Michael F. Reilly 

Robert H. Hodge, CPA 

Philip D. Saxe 

38 L/niversily o/ New Haven 

Loyal donors of five consecutive years or more are indicated in hold italic gold copy. 






A former vice president with LIN Television, based in New Haven 
and nationally headquartered in Providence, R.I., Gail also served 
in leadership positions at KXAN NBC 36 in Austin, KITN-TV Fox 29 
in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, WGBO-TV in Chicago, WNOL-TV in New 
.,v Orleans and KRBK-TV in Sacramento. She also was the president and 
^jswner of Black Diamond Communications, Inc. in Minneapolis. 

e created the Geraldine Hughes Brekke and Gail L. Brekke 
idowed Scholarship at UNH this year, in honor of her mother, 
ine, to fulfill her wish to create a collegiate award for 
['s Dream." Geraldine was unable to afford a college 
"on for herself, and this scholarship will enable other 
men to achieve the dream that eluded her 



, ply personal experience, such 
.■■end with Lupus, accommodating 
a professional colleague asking for volunteer time and dollars on a 
cause we share, memorializing a departed friend or family member, 
and believing and supporting the value of local arts organizations 
and how they educate youth. 

What Matters: 

'ucation and health initiatives. 

Why She Helps: 

, because this is my community now. 


s of the Midwest. Without the sacrifices of my parents 
ithen, a college education would never have been possible 
w me. Their long hours and willingness to work more than 
one job while raising four children were something to be 
respected and memorialized in a way that can 'give back' 
Kthe same selfless manner that they did. I was always 
roud of my mother and her spirit, and it meant a great deal 
D her to speak of her daughter, the first college graduate in 
)ur family To be part of enabling that process for another 
family is repaying a debt. 

Charles E Schatra, Jr. 

John E. Taylor 

John P. Shea 

Paul A. Toretta, PE 

Katherine Washington-Potter 

CLASS OF 1975 

CLASS OF 1974 



Arthur P. Meister 

Leonard E. Matteo, Jr. 

David C. Stisser 

Nicholas M. Pekar, Jr. 

Donald E. Rastelli 


Anthony P. Rescigno 

Leainon E. Moore, Jr. 

John L.Walker 

John J. White, Jr. 



Donald F. Allen 

James J. Bango 

Cornelius Carroll 

Charles S. Barone 

Edward H. Coon, III 

David H. Behnke 

Thomas C. Cullen, CPA 

Barry C. Bosworth 

George G. Davenport, III 

Charles R Collins 

Vincent A. DeGennaro 

Gerald F. Dierman 

Paul A. Hoffman 

James J. Egan,Jr. 

John R. I.atnmers 

.Anthony P. Falcigno 

W. Story Leavesley 

George S. Griffiths 

Brian L Mock 

Carmelo A. Guzzardi 

Richard ]. Nagle 

Robert J. HU! 

Oleh Podryhula 

Joseph F. Janiga 

Brook W. Reams 

Manfred G. Noack 

Robert J. Stango 

Leonard Paglialunga 

Henry S. Uchida 

John R Patram 
Edward J. Regan, III 


Laura J. Reid 

Joseph E. Aufiero 

William B. Sherwood 

Donald A. Barnes 

Barry D. Toth 

Vincent Berluti, Jr. 

Edward P. Vidou 

Richard J. Capezzano 

Mark Weber 

Lewis D. Clarke, Jr. 

Julius C. DelGuidice 


Pasquale W. DeLise 

Ronald J Begansky, CPA 


Robert A. DeLorenzo 

Joseph E. Bibisi 


Anthony I. DiMeola (Deceased) 

David A. Brown 

Jerome S. Drugonis 

Ruth B. Carr, R.N. 


Randolph EUis, Jr. 

Frederick W. Cotter, Jr. 


Fred T. Earia 

Paul DellaVecchia 

Thomas T. Field 

Roseanne L. DeSilver 


Thomas W. Fitzslmmons 

David A. DiVincenzo 

Richard A. Fournier 

Stanisiaw I. Dziurzynski 


Charles B. Gilbert, III 

Michael A. Febbroriello 


Howard W. Gorham 

Patrick F. Garatoni 



James W. Grubbs 

Richard L. Giannelli 


Donald H. Hasbrouck 

Gordon D. Greene 


James F. Hogan 

Richard C. Herrick 

Roscoe B. lavins, Jr. 

E. Clifford Hill 


Allen S. Kolendo 

Edward M. Keith, Jr. 


I^rry A. Lambert 

Robert C. Kennedy 


Kevin W. Lash 

Jerry McKinney, EdD 


Robert F. Mark, Jr. 

Jack E. Miller 

Charles S. Miller 

Neil Millstein 


Elwood C. Olson, Jr. 

Francis D. Mitchell 


Gary L. Ostapeck 

Vincent S. Papandrea 


Ronald A. Pelletier, Sr. 

Gerald A. Pesce 


Donald J. Petrone 

Edward J. Plavcan 


Robert T. Shaffery 

John J. Proulx, Jr. 


Charles E. Sommers 

Robert J. Raynor 


University of New Haven 'thyai ionors q 

^\e consecutive years or more a 

John F. Reilly, III 
Peter H. Renson 
Nicholas J. Ruotolo, Jr. 

John J. Schmitz, Sr. (Deceased) 
Gloria J. Siins 
Jon H. Smith 
Robert L. Stephens 
William J. Terribile, Jr. 
Neil D. Valentino 
Charles F. Walters 
Mark A. Walters, Sr. 
David P. Zuber 

CLASS OF 1976 
Kenneth W. Biemiacher 


Brian E. Phelps 


Anthony J. Elia, Jr. 
Janice B. Foster 
David W. Moulton 

Martin J. O'Connor 


John P. Franzis 
John W. Miksa 


Robert M. Abrams 

Carl S. Babb 


Bernard H. AUen 
John G. AltermatI 
Paul R. Antaya 
James V. CasseUa 
Ofelia S. Crane 
Gladys L. Davis 
Lester J. Forst 
Joseph F. Hellauer, Jr. 
Kevin H. Janicke 
Deborah D. Kelly 
Thomas J. Pallone 
Stephen Parkosewich, Sr. 
R. Craig Pastore 
IJiomas F. Ferret 
Marc G. Reynolds 
Karen F. Taylor 
Robert F Thaisz, CPA 
Joseph E. Ward 
Francis L Warren, Jr. 
Robert L. Zavagnin 
Harry J. Zinn 


Charles Adonizio 
Thomas Allinson 
Leslie T. Bartiromo 
Stephen J. Belchak 

John F. Bergami 
Klas H. Bjork 
Richard F. Bryk 
H. Richard CasseUa 
Robert W Cooke 
Robert E. CorreU 
Nyle K. Davey 
John J. DeErancesco 
Thomas H. Denne 
Robert J. Ference 
Donald G. Fertman, Jr. 
JuUe Gelgauda 
Richard A. Genett, Esq. 
Peter V. Gerardi 
Adolph K. Hall, Jr. 
John F. Incampo 
Maureen Jakubisyn 
John ledrzejczyk 
Kenneth J. Knowles 
Steven U. Kroh 
George L. Larson 
Christine M. Lash 
Robert W. Lohinann 
Vincent T. Luciano, Sr. 
Robert A. Minichino 
Horace M. Newbury 
Frank Ogonowski 
Patrick O'Sullivan 
Joseph J. Perrone 
Lawrence Pordock 
Melanie P. Puryear 
Rita S. Rentier 
Norman J. Richards 
Richard Scappaticci 
Joseph Virzi 
Bruno L. Wegner 
Walter A. Ziemba 

CLASS OF 1977 

Richard W. Steeves 


Richard H. Grotheer 
Charles F. Manns, III 
Joseph W Sudol 
David S. Ziaks 


Ralph S. Alfano 
Jack R. Brooks 
Joseph E. Chniura 
Henry W. Cortina 
Raymond J. Eeeney.Jr. 
Walter J. Gage 
Guy C. Gilbert 
Jack B. Greenshields 
Michael A. Imbro 
Lewis J. Kaufnian, CPA 
Albert G. Love 
Eugene E. Luthe 
Andrew J. Magda 

Grace B. Munson 
Thomas B. Potter 
John E. Spillane 


Joseph M. Amarante 

James A. Angelo 
Yolanda C. Armelin 
John H. Charles 
Marianne M. Conkey 
HarryA. Conte, Jr. 
Paul J. DeRose 
Janet S. Dorsey 
Frederick S. Downs 
Russell J. Duffy 
Gerard E. Egan 
Anita C. Ellis 
Christopher H. Evans 
Charles C. Halbing, Jr. 
Howard E. Kerpelman 
Steven E. McDennott 
Walter J. McMurray 
Judith T. Mocciola 
Christine M. O'Brien 
Susan H. Perham 
Anthony Picagli 
James P. Roche 
Lynda D. Sampson-Gray 
David A. Schnabel 
David B. Shiffka 
Phyllis E. Smith 
Walter R. Sundstrom 
Stephen T. Thrush 
James VanBenCoten 

CLASS OF 1978 

Robert M. Lee 


Roland M. Bbder (Deceased) 

Thomas J. Murphy 


Walter W.Hoff 
James C. Lubs 


David M. Andrenyak 
Danny A. Barnum 
Thomas R. Blake, Jr. 
Kevin R. Boyle 
Mark F. DeFeUce 
David L. Dickinson, Sr. 
Charles C. English, Jr. 
Francis H. Hird 
David C. Howe 
Steven T. Klemenz 
David J. Madsen 

John C. Mayoros, Sr. 
Daniel J. McCormick, Jr. 
Daniel J. Metz, Jr. 
Dennis A. Miko 
John G. Pucciano 
Allen J. Strang, Sr. 
Winthrop E. Taylor 
Brian Vanderheyden 


Richard L. Aiken, Jr. 
Salvatore T. Anastasio 
John B. Ayers 
Joseph M. Balzo 
John C. Blinn 
Janet N. Brunwin 
Samuel J. Chapman 
Patricia A. DeWitt 
Mark A. Drechsler 
Judith L. Dynia 
Carlo A. Falcigno 
Karen L. Fowler 
Louis H. Goldblatt 
Raymond V. Havican 
Stan J. Ignatowski, Jr. 
Carmelina C. Kanzler 
John J. Lyden, Jr. 
Edward J. Mehigen 
Eleanor S. Prokupek 
Martin J. Rajcok, Jr. 
Dorothy R. Ramsay 
Stephen J. Rigo 
James A. Sacchetillo 
Benjamin W. Sallard, Sr. 
Richard E. Tavares 
Gail S. Thompson 
Debra M. Tranberg, D.C. 
Thomas P. Vitah 
Robert A. Walkup 
Jean E. Williams 
Derrick R. Wright 
Fred J. Yeitz 

CLASS OF 1979 

Frank P. Carrubba 


Murray A. Gerber 


Patricia B. Sweet 
Stedman G. Sweet 


Gregg D. Gottshall 

Roger R. IGene 


Michael J. Aron 
Lynn D. Campo 
James P. Corcoran 

Alan T. Ferdinandsen 
John D. Merkel 
Susan B. Woljf 


Barry A. Belovsky 
William G. Carson 

Joseph M. Criscuolo 
Frederick W. Farnsworth 
Frank B. Gwozdz 
William A. Manthey 
Valarie A. Stone 
Eleanor B. Susco 
Vincent F. Susco, Jr. 
Edward J. Valentine 
Russell W. Waldo 


Marc J. Desaulniers 
Jeffrey B. Donovan 
Theresa K. Douskey 
Arthur T. Egan 
Daniel D. Farquharson 
Susan G. Fellows 
Janice A. Flagge 
Niles F. Forader, Sr. 
Alan W. Forrest 
Kathleen M. Frederick 
Kenneth P. Friedman 
Joseph B. Gordon 
Charles J. Green 
Russell E. Harrison 
Jeffrey F. Howard 
Kevin B. Johnston 
GaU T. Juber 
Augustus G. Kellogg 
Marlene H. Kennedy 
George S. Krzak 
Linda S. Kuegler 
John F. Morrissey, Jr. 
David W. Piekarski 
CarlV. Puleo 
TltotnasJ. Romanik 
Robert J. Russell 
Rosemary Rzeszutek 
Charles P. Samson 
William H. Shay 
R. Thomas Stocker, Jr. 
Harvey A. Wiseberg 

CLASS OF 1980 

John E. Echlin, Jr. 


Regina M. PaolUlo 


Alexander N. Brown, Jr. 
Edward M. Goldberg 
Robert E. Ix>vell 


Eileen M. Berry 
Daniel F. Gourash, Esq. 
Frederick A. Kcndrick 
Donna V. Lupinacci 
Richard A. Smith, Esq. 


Todd C. Allen, CPA 

Eugene R. Bauchner 
Stephen L. Ciskowski 
Howard W. Cronin 
James E. DelGreco 
John C. Flach 
James M. Joseph 
Donald C. Levns, Jr. 
Leon J. Lussier 
Gerald J. McKiernan 
Margaret K. Scripps 
William E. Solberg 
William G. Tinker 


David A. Aldrich 
Anthony J. Arpino 
Alan Attridge 
Edward F. Bergin 
S. D. Broder 
Paul T. Burmeister 
Brian A. Carney 
Anthony L. CavaUaro, Jr. 
Anthony T. Citerella, Jr. 
Ralph E. Costanzo, III 
Andrea P. Craig 
W. John Doolittle, III 
Pamela Frank- Hall 
Michael W. Gozzo, Sr. 
Robert E. Haverty 
David P. Hoffman 
Donald G. Lorusso 
Kenneth E. Lupi 
Barbara K. Mariano 
William J. Mayer 
Kathleen M. McLaughlin 
Sebastian A. Midoto 
Robert J. Mills 
Gary P. Naegel 
Helen R. Pantuso 
William K. Pitman 
John C. Shepherd 
Janis M. Small 
William N. Smith 
George R. Sylvestre 
Donald A. Telesca 
Richard A. Testone, Sr. 
Joy M. Tolonen 
Robert C. Vemo 
Charles L. Vesterman, Jr. 

CLASS OF 1981 

Dennis R. McGough 



Richard J. Grossi 


Laura E. Lendacky 
Mark F. Young 


Peter J. Johnson 


Scott}. Curtiss 
Thomas S. Zawacki 


Cytithia M. Albiach 
Roger W. Boyd, Sr. 

Reuben F. Bradford 
John M. Cifarelli 
Thomas G. Freeman 
Richard A. Hoyt 
Joseph Laput 
William }. LaVelle 
Joseph W. Meeker 

Maureen A. Ross 
Edward M. Zygmant 


Luella R Bartes 
George E. Catalano 
Ann E. Chambers 
Cornelius E. Cobb 
Allen J. Coppolo 
Ann Marie Craven 
Michael}. D'Angelo 
Peter B. Davis 
Franklyn J. D'Eugenio 
Ina F. C. Dixon 
Larry G. Dunham 
Douglas A. Fichtel 
Joseph Forte 
Howard S. Gay 
Carol C. Gilbert 
Guy Henry 
Sheldon I. Herold 
Diane L. Hnat-Blain 
Joseph M. KeUy 
John A. Kevorkian 

Thomas E. Kiely 
Gerald J. Kopazna 
Deborah A. Kornitsky-Pausig 
Zannette E. Lewis 
Gilbert B. Morris 
Beryl S. Novitch 
John E Onofrio, CPA 
Stephen A. Paddick, Jr. 
ICim M. Radowiecki 
Samuel J. Saverine 
Charles H. Shephard 
Robert E. Toller 
Sheila Wade 
Lisa A. Whitfield 
Mary Anne Wieland 
William }. Wihbey 
Linda Wood 

CLASS OF 1982 

Heidi S. Douglas 
Joel S. Douglas 
Michael W. Toner 


Margaret T. Bixler 

Craig A. Douglas 

Timothy M. Palmbach 


Louis P. Barth 
Keith D. Deslandes 
George R. Godfrey, III 
Terry W Goodwin 
Polly G. Lanius 
Elizabeth S. Smith 


Bruno Andersson 

Gary M. Cassetti 
WUliam E. Daniel, Jr. 
Edward J. Drew, Sr. 
Anthony J. Jacobs 
Sebastian Lisitano 
Roxanne E. Meeker 
Mary J. Miller 





Double major: 

utrition and Dietetics, Biology/Pre-med 

lunteer with Bright Bodies/Smart Moves, a weight management 
ilSren at the Celentano School in New Haven. The program focuses 
iuilding, exercise, nutrition education and family support to help 

Hope for the future: 

ly she Is gratef u^ 

et my Registered Dietitian license, then proceed ^^1^**1 
big aspirations for myself and am willing to do all 
to make them happen. 

Here at UNH, I have found mentors who are 
jut my future, and supportive people who push me 
to strive for more each day I have attended other colleges and universities, 
and not one of them has even come close to offering the nurturing and 
encouraging atmosphere I have found at UNH. I am thankful every day that 
I am able to attend UNH — thank you! — and to be surrounded by people 
who care for my future. I now see my potential, and I am most proud and 
thankful for my newfound belief in myself. 

42 University of New Haven yLoyal donors oJJi\e consecutive years or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 

Pius M. Nwaobasi 
Richard F. Rodgers 
George W. Williamson 


William M. Abbott 
Mark W. Batson 
Vincent J. Bongiovanni 
Geraldine S. Buchholz 
Michael A. Carrier 
Charles Chrzanowski 
Joan F. CorreU 
Joseph A. Czarkowski 
Gary R. Doughty 
Kirk L. Engstrom 
Adele C. Federico 
Arthur J. Giulietti 
Linda D. Herman 
Susan K. Jedrzejczyk 
Margaret M. Kelly-Erickson 
Christopher E. Kolod 
Mary B. LaVoie 
Charles W. Lynch 
Stephen B. McLoughlin 
Robert L. Metz 
Robert E. Miller 
Raymond E. Novak 
James S. Orsillo, CPA 
Anne E. Peabody-Brostek 
David A. Plaskon 
John E. Provost 
Louis E. Rivelli 
L. Clark Robison 
Nancy B. Ronne 
Daniel Rooney 
Gerald J. Szuch 
Kathryn M. Ttittle 
Daniel C.Walker 
lanice A. Weekes 
Susan P. White 

CLASS OF 1983 

Jeffery P. Hazell 


Janice K. Sussman 


John R. Mitchell 


Paul C. Falcone 

Sylvia A. Morgan, CPA 


Robert A. Guarino 
William E. Olmstead 


Edmund L. Bolau 
David B. Burghardt 

Arthur A. Canter 

Linda D. Cohen 

Vincent E. Colarusso 

Ida J. Etherington 

Kelsie J. Gatison-Mattox, R.N. 

Mary M. Gentile 

Cynthia M. Holt 

Joseph C. Kozlowski 

Victor P. Laptik 

Edward Lemkin 

Mark F. Raimondi 

Michael E. Regan 


Donald E Allen, Jr. 

Mark J. Ashkinos 

Debra R. Barkman 

Nancy G. Bonn 

Rollande M. Borys 

Vanessa Boulier 

Michael J. Campion 

Donald D. Cornwall, Jr. 

Michael J. Desi 

John T. Exley 

James V. Fensore 

Gail A. Ferris 

Susan K. Floman 

Richard J. Forselius 

TliomasJ. Genera 

Albert F. Goodwin (Deceased) 

Melissa G. Hegeman 

Marianne A. Hope 

Lee Hudson, III 

David H. Klein 

Donald A. Lamot 

Robert E. Lauriat 

Daniel R. l^siw 

Edward S. Raschke 

George W. Rathbun, HI 

Johann Seitz 

Robert R. Stimpson, Jr. 

Joseph Tanzi 

Fredrick J. Taylor 

Kathryn M. Testone, CPA 

CLASS OF 1984 

Anthony J. Sparano, III 


Edward Mierzejewski 
Craig L. Mortali 
Mark E. Simses 


Michael H. Ambrose 
Thomas E. Ciotti 


Liborio Campo 
Paul L. Capobianco 
Jeffrey F. Smith 


Kathleen C. Appellof 
David A. Brown 
Mary Ann DeMatteo, CPA 
Sandra J. Frame 
Robert E Kimball 
Douglas A. Page 
Barbara Pellicatw 
Randy S. Stevens 
Gloria A. Velotti,R.N. 
Melvin H. Wearing, Sr. 
Jane I. Wilkinson (Deceased) 
William D. Wright 
Mark G. Zebora 


Carla M. Bailey 
Dean D. Barger, Jr. 
Dennis D. Buccilli 
Annis Lee Campione 
Susan R. Cavanna 
Patrick L. Coughlin 
Anthony D. Dorazio 
Richard J. Eng 
Wilham W. Fenn 
Joann M. Fisher 
Richard C. Hanley 
Valerie J. Horner 
Joseph E. lecture 
Thomas R. Johnston 
Russell G. Kalbfeld 
Thomas Krywinski, CPA 
Anne M. LaVigne 
Michael E. McKeeman 
Walter W.Moore, III 
Perry Pausig 
Paul J. Pinette 
Katherine M. Reiss 
Janet D. Rodriguez-Upson 
Wayne E. Sandford 
Robert A. Sasso 
Flora M.Smith 
Stephen W. Vargo 
William C. Waterhouse 
Wilma Lou Y. Whitley 

CLASS OF 1985 

Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. 


Holly A. Hammond 


James L. Lucas 
I^onard F. Lye, II 


Susan P. D'Agostino 
Ross M. Lanius 


Deborah E. Buckout-Serphillips 

Bernard A. Cicitto, Jr. 

Joseph M. DelSindaco 

Frank Gabriele, III 

Patricia S. Gaudreau 

Ruth S. JGeinfeld 

David L. Larson 

Robert J. Leonard! 

Joan R. Marchessault 

Anna C. Mastan 

William A. Monde, Ir. 

Bruce D Poole 

GiUes P. St. Amand 

Lance K. Stronk 

Elsie M. Vavrek 

Thomas G. Warren 


Rex P. Altomare 
Kevin C. Aylward 
Mark D. Ballou 
Deborah F. Bongiovanni 
Valerie L. Bryan 
Jacob P. Bryniczka 
Charles D. Caldwell 
Eric L. Cohen 
John F. Cooper 
Katherine E. Danielczuk 
Mark E. Davis 
Dawn E. Decoteau 
John E. Deitelbaum 
Elizabeth J. Eaton 
Patricia A. Fedak 
Steven P. Floman 
Jennifer K. Gray 
Maria A. Hanewald 
Pamela A. Hunter 
Vicky C. Jacobson 
Samir H. laser 
Lech A. Lachowicz 
Thomas B. Layton 
Christine D. Lena 
Leonard A. Liss 
Leticia A. Lorinsky 
Jeannine L. McCann 
Vincent A. Pacileo, III 
James D. Penna 
Pasquale L. Rinaldi 
James E. Simon 
Robert E. Smith 
Ix)uis M. Timpanaro, Jr. 
William C. Utter 
Robert A. Villecco 

CLASS OF 1986 

Dave Haubner 


Michael J. Davis 
Christopher H. Herr 


The JH 


Donald P. Bitner 
Paul A. Caiafa, CPA 
Linda J. Coates 
Michael B. Cohen 
Robert A. Leone, Jr. 
Tlionias M. Murphy 
James W. Wadlow, III 


Theresa R. Burke 
David S. Bushy 
Sung H. Chon 
Mitchell R. Goldblatt 
Kevin J. Hadlock 
Kenneth H. Holcombe, Jr. 
Debra E. Kirven 
Laura A. Markure 
Jennifer A. Molgano 
Stephen J. Nichols 
Walter G. Pieper 
Robert Silvestri 


Claudio M. Anania 
John A. Balint 
Leslie L Bondos 

Ronald N. Brown 

Thomas M. Buckley 

Filomena M. Cardinale 

Corene L. Crozier 

Sandra DiPasca 

Joseph A. Dolan 

Joanne S. Driver 

Jonathan D. Fash 

Kent M. Fields 

Gregory G. Fitzpatrick 

RandaU L. Gans 
■-: Robert J. Grande 
^ Richard R. Hammond 
^ Dawn A. Jackson 
- Lawrence E. Katz 
^ Mary Jane F. Kelsey 
■~ Cristina M. Keusch 
C Marilynn R. Kramar 
i_ Lindy M. Kwasowski 
02 Robert A. Lettick 
O Andrew M. Mahard 
'^ Rosemary B. McDaniel 
^ John N. Mellon 

Judith A. Olmstead 
~ Michael H. Schwartz 
^ Anil R. Shah 
z Herbert D. Shirley 
z Richard I. Terrasi 
< Barbara A. Vaccarelli 
o. Richard M. Van Fleet 
^ Andrea C. Weed 
^, George R. White 

Wesley G. Wilmer 
^ Warren C. Young 

CLASS OF 1987 

Joan M. Benevento 
Jeffrey E. Luther 


Keith A. Johnson 


Leo M. Chupaska 
David E Clark 

Robert S. Coates, Jr. 
Ken J. Kidulas 
Randall E. Zigmont 


Timothy E. Conroy 
John F. Consoli, Jr. 
Mark M. Drew 
Robert E. Fox 
Donetta D. Hodge 
Jon E. Kimberlin 
Ernest E. Lagoja 
Linda Lin 
Taylor R. Molgano 
Robert A. Spagnoletti 
Jonathan A. Zwang 


Ann M. Bell-ICing 
Lorraine C. Bevins 
Lora J. Brodeur 
Michael C. Bunko 
Eda H. Bushka 
Kathleen A. Carbonie 
George V. Carpenter, Jr. 
Anastasia R. Chernick 
John E. Ferry 
Curtis G. Fisher 
Beverley Fournier 
Marilyn L. Gere 
Michael P. Gresh 
Robert S. Grzybala 
William C. Holroyd, III 
Jill M. Hooper 
John H. ICreisher 
James P. Kuester 
Joanna Y. Lazarus 
Richard J. Mahoney 
Dolores J. Marshall 
Michael Maxwell 
Elizabeth H. Mohr 
Christina O'Donnell 
Ronald W. Parker 
Stephen M. Pitruzzello 
Nunzio R. PuglieUi 
David W. Rehbock 
Elayne Schwartz 
Ted R. Schwartz 
Nancy E. Sparano 
Sheilawathy S. Subramaniam 

Catherine E. Twohill 
Kathleen Viceconte 
Barbara B. Villecco 
Timothy E. Whalen 
Margaret M. Yetishefsky 

CLASS OF 1988 

Linda W. Lee 


David J. Peterson, Jr. 


Elizabeth L. Doane 
Ruth I. Lye, CPA 


Edmund M. Conklin 


John J. Buturia 
Claud E. Chong 
Leonard P. Ciaburri 
Barry Lee Cohen 
Bruce H. Cooper 
Earl W. Davis 
Douglas L. Goldat 
Joseph D. Laudano 
Martin J. Lynch 
John F. MacNeil, Sr. 
Chau Van Pham 
Geoffrey W Storms 
Donna M. Veci 
Elizabeth W Welsh 


Anne V. Arpin 
Gerald J. Arpin 
Sue M. Aylward 
Robert R. Barron 
Lynn M. Browne 
Katherine A. Buckley 
Richard Chuma 
Rana P. Das 
Mark Erlingheiiser 
Katherine B. Ford 
Stanley J. Gwudz 
Thomas R. Haley 
Robert S. Hart 
George L. Henriques 
John A. Hidl 
Deborah L. Johnson 
Charles R. Kelly 
Frederick J. Knapp, Jr. 
Edmund S. Krasinski 
Michael C. Kreuzer 
Vincent C. LeRoy, Jr. 
Cynthia J. Malaguti 
Kimberly McCreven 
Thomas O. Peck 
John Petraiuolo 

Heidi J. Pitard 
Joanne E. Reilly 
KatUeen A. Ross 
Kathleen K. Sasso 
Timothy J. Scanlon 
Elin H. Schoonmaker 
Debra Sousa 
Robert L. Thibeault 
Joseph G. Valiante 
Michele I. Zint 

CLASS OF 1989 

Mark L. Ceccorulli 


John M. Coury 


Thomas C. Reynolds 


Karen L. Camp 

Raymond D. DeAngelis 
Thomas E. Wilkinson 


Gregory N. Brown 

Hsu-Hsin Rob Chien 

Michael A. DeSantis 

Jane Ann Herrick 

Lloyd J. Hutchins 

Joyce C. Lush 

Judith A. Madigan 

Robert E. Massicotte, Jr. 

Thomas A. MoUoy 

Mary Elizabeth Raimondi, CPA 

Christine L. Sledge 

Lois M. Sweeney 

Eileen A. Tinker 


John S. Bahouth, Jr. 
Karen Bailey Rowland 
Phyllis L. Bannon 
Kevin T. Bentiey 
William L. Bertelli 
Alpesh M. Bhatt 
Joseph V. Bigio 
Santos BoniUa, Jr. 
April N. Booth 
Donald P. Budlong 
Donald R. Burch 
John P. Cahillane 
Mark V. Diorio 
Renee Dobos 
William C. Eisley, U.S.N. 
Emily F. Fabrizio 
J. Thomas Failla 
Douglas J. Farrington 
James E. Fleming 
Georgia A. GrUlo 

44 UnivtTsiIy oj New Haven 'tbyof^onow of Jive consecutiveyears or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 

James A. GriUo 
Lisa R. Guerrieri 
Richard H. Henry 
Margaret M. Howard 
Nicole Jones 
Russell F. Kniehl 
Michael P. Lafond 
Jean H. Larson 
Laura L. Lupoli 
Kathleen A. Martin 
Kevin R. McKeon 
James E. Mikulski 
Bryan J. MiUer 
Carl E. Palmer 
John P. Redding 
Ronald F. Ridgeway, Jr. 
Diane M. Rubeo, R.N. 
Janice H. Schiappa 
Arthur M. Seigel 
Lee A. Stevens 
Richard E. Stone 
William Vincenzi, Jr. 
Steven E. Zalesch 

CLASS OF 1990 

Richard J. Deslauriers, M.D. 


Armand F. Lauzon, Jr. 


Eduardo M. Nogoy 


Laura J. Chadwick 
Ronald E. Conyers 
James E. Dion 
Edward J. Foley, Jr. 
Robert M. Goodman 
Anne S. Zimmerman 


Jonathan B. Armus, CPA 
Bruce R. Beardsley 
Michelle B. Berlinghoff 
Linda S. Caplan 
Mark A. Caplan 
Bruce F. Carmichael 
Donna A. Duzant 
John D. Kanter 
Chris Langello 
Ruth J. Langello 
Margaret M. Maruschak 
Jeremy B. Sochol 
Robert J. Wietecha, Jr. 
John E. Wygmans 


Haydee Aarons 
James E. Agnew 

James E. Akins 
MicheleM. Albino 
Thomas A. Barker 
Jean T. Browning 
Lisa-Mari Cavaliere 
James J. Cavanaugh 
Charlene Y. ClaMon 
Victor R. Cooper 
Cathie K. CuUen 
Xlctoria A. Davis 
Rodney M. DellaFelice 
Andrea C. DiOrio 
Joan Donahue 
James R. Dumaine-Savage 
Elizabeth Dwyer 
Susan C. Dzik 
Glenn J. Faber 
Nicholas J. Markowich 
Brian C. Marshall 
Leona J. May 
Jacqueline Morgan 
Nancy M. Morrell 
MarkT. Nuelle 
Howard M. Portoff 
Ra\Tnond S. Sajdak 
Dominic B. Schioppo, Jr. 
Charles R. Swart, III 
John K. Toal 
WUliam J. Walters 
Ming Zhou 

CLASS OF 1991 

James E. Halloran 


Michael W. McGourty 


Matthew S. Carabina 
Doreen M. Cruz 
John E. Goodheart 
Quaslim Inham 
Michael A. King 


Peter J. Gauthier 
Thomas R. Leach 

Walter M. Leask 
David G. Lees 
Joyce B. Mailhouse 
Due H. Nguyen 
Scott Poryanda 
Frederic F. Small 


James C. Axtell 
Loren S. Bologna 
James P. Caffary 
Peter D. Colburn, Jr. 
Scott E. Cunningham 
James M. DeMaio 

Randall A. Depew, Jr. 
David W. Emerick 
Mark V. Erickson 
Scott D. Evans 
Linda T. Griglun, R.N. 
Reinhild E. Haak-Davis 
John C. Howard 
Torgny R. Karlsson 
Vincent R. Klump, Jr. 
Edward ]. Komarrticki 
James J. Macci 
Jonathan B. Marquardt 
Catherine J. Marshall 
James A. Merola 
James N. Merriman 
Paula A. Miller 
Stanley Montefusco 
Sandra E. Muszynski 
Robert A. Nelson 
Robertson W. Parkman 
Donna J. Perrone 
Stephen V. Prota 
Lisa M. Reza 
Jeffrey J. Rossi 
Mary E. Sofair 
Edward A. Stratton 
Kirsten A. Sullivan 
Mark R. Sullivan 
Jean M. Weymer 

CLASS OF 1992 

Raymond J. Huey 


Caroline Koziatek 


Dorinda A. Keenan-Borer 
John F. Leandri 


Joseph E. Akin 
Rocio Barahona 
Stephen Berte 
Tammy L. Capone 
Lawrence A. Gensicki 
Gordon W. Grundy 
Michael R. IsabeUi 
Francis X. Macary, Jr. 
Dawn M. Meeker 
Lisa M. Orabi 
Michael D. Quinn 
James SiciUa 
Judith S. Tassmer 
Edward M. Zalewski 


Clayton A. Brayman 
Robert L. Brouillier 
Thomas M. Cavaliere 
Andrew J. Chepaitis 

Kevin W. Cook 
Edwin L. Cox 
Leonard S. Dorsett 
Joseph M. Feeney 
Nicholas Fischer 
Debra Forselius 
AUington Eraser 
Peter Gwiazdowski, HI 
Sorin Uiescu 
Jeffrey P. Letourneau 
Robert J. Manning 
Lisa G. Marshall 
Bernard P. Moran 
Elizabeth Powers 
Hollis M. Redding 
Colette A. Remillard 
Richard J. Rozanski 
Morgan G. Russell 
Thomas R. Switz 
Rocco J. TaruUi 
Eve Zygnerski 

CLASS OF 1993 

Darryl C. Aubrey 
Ronald M. Quagliani 


David M. Carlon 
Eileen M. Torrens 


Ravi K. Aduri 
Ann E. Hogan 
Jeffrey A. La Grotte 
Floyd D. Miller 
Richard A. Purdy 
Lisa P. Turecek 
Brian R. Walsh 


Theresa A. Abate 
Thomas M. Amatruda 
David W. Beaton 
Margaret A. Cabral 
Cynette S. Cavaliere 
Fu-Chih Chen 
Frank A. Cinque 
Brian M. Curry 
William K. Fischer 
Jeffi-ey L. Fout 
Jeffrey R. Gold 
William R. Hinners 
Kenney D. Johnson 
William S. Johnson 
Patricia L. Loope 
Robert N. Lussier 
Gary M. Marino 
Joseph P. McDonald 
Sean P. McMahon 
Carl W. Moffett 
Dennis W. Nichols 


Nancy A. Padegenis 
Mark J. Petrone 
Robert T. Ramsdell 
David A. Sellins 
Randall D. Smith 
John M. Stofa 
David K. Syers 
Gregory R. Teifert 
Jeffrey V. Wojnowski 
Carietta Wright 
Gary J. Wright 

CLASS OF 1994 

Cynthia Z. Brighton 
Ann E. Mason, CPA 


John G. Raba 
Charles W. Sherwood 


Leonard D. Boyd, Jr. 
James L. Dunn 

Joseph M. Orts 


David M. Burke 

Michael S. Grove 
Sharon A. Grundy 
Karen L. Healy 
Paul A. Kearns 
John T. Schneider 


George V. Baglini 

Anita O. Beebe 
^J James J. Castagna 
2 Stewart C. Clarlc 
- Linda Copney-Okeke 
^ Kenneth J. Franco 
'C Flavio D. Gaudio 

Dahlia Grace 
^ Michael A. Hansen, CPA 

James M. Healey 
^ Jessica E. Hyde 
^ Arthur E. LaMan, III 
a. James B. Lamoureux 
^ Jason J. Link 
"^ John M. MacDonald, Sr 
_ Linda C. McCabe-Huber 
< Stephanie S. Moceri 
"* Micliael D. Morrissey 

Rita T. Nigri 
^ Deborah Pausig 

Harold J. Rohb 
^ Bernadette Solieri 
z. Richard S. Stahl 

Jacqueline G. Swanson 
, Clare R. Sweeney 
"^ John D. Venables 

CLASS OF 1995 

Gustave E. Carlson 
Tyler D. Grange 
Elizabeth R. Waytkus 


Raymond N. Altieri 
Jeffrey Baugher 
Victoria M. Cathcart 
Rita S. Coan Porterfield 
Lori A. Cox 
Brian J. Eaton 
Robert J. Healey 
Prudence J. Kamerzel 
Matthew J. Pekar 
George R. Ribellino, Jr. 
Laury Volta 


Robert G. Avalone 

Lori H. Boes 

Jacquelyn S. Brown 

Vivien A. Carrano 

Scott J. Criscuolo 

Rita V. Curtis 

Allison Davis 

Carmine A. DeStefano 

John J. Doody, II 

Salvatore M. Fazzino 

Robert W. Graham, II 

Jane Huinl 

Laurie H. Kamigawachi, MS, RD 

Karl H. Kulisch 

Barbara J. Lis 

Damon D. Lucibello 

Riclcy W. Macri 

Robert J. Magyar 

James R. Patullo 

Carrie Picardi Newman 

Lee R. Piggott, HI 

Thomas J. Riley 

James D. Salvatore 

Emily A. Stofa 

Cynthia Teifert 

Kenneth M.Vitelli 

CLASS OF 1996 

Michael F. Lynch 


Lynn W. D'Amico 


Michael Buchas 
Gary R. Davidson 
Elizabeth A. Demir 
Deborah Marenna 
Judith A. O'Connor 
Bernadette Phillip- Young 

Paul C. Varsanik, Jr. 
William L. Warmuth 

Thomas F. White 
Norman A. Williams 


Paul M. Aresta 

Dale R. Bailey 

Brian T. Bavaro 

Michael A. Beke 

Gail P. Berardesca 

Joseph T. Ciriello 

Bonnie L. Cocchiola 

Joseph L. Fleischman 

Denise R. Foresman, MS, RD 

Thomas L. Fuda 

Barbara Ann Gigliotti 

Susan A. Goncalves 

Julia Gunn 

Elmer Henderson, Ir. 

Janet C. Hoffman 

Dennis J. Huysman 

Willie T. Kearney, Jr. 

Philip F. LaChance 

Sadik M. Lilaporia 

Zulham Lubis 

Peter V. Massaro 

Adam J. Melch 

James W. Morrell 

Joan E. Pearsall 

Jacqueline M. Reid 

Sharon D. Swanson 

James G. Urbano 

CLASS OF 1997 

Stephanie M. Brown 
Mark S. DeFrancesco, M.D. 
Benedykt S. Dyczkowski 
Mireille A. Esponda 
Marilyn Kendrix 
Timothy J. Metzler 
Donna E. Palmieri 
Kara Redfern 
Christine G. Schaaf 
Angela Schutz 
Karen L. Stoll 
Paul K. Taormina 


Lisa M. Anderson 
Martin H. Arnold 
Marilyn K. Bernard 
Paul J. Bodell 
Robin S. Denny 
Dean J. DiMauro 
Susan P. Gibbons 
Nancy Giugno 
Angeline Gordon 
Martha A. Gross 
Martha B. Judd 
Edwin L. Kliczewski 

Cynthia A. Kohan 

Steven Kumpf 
Kimberly MacDonald 
Lakisha Q. Piatt 
Peter R. Redding 
Diana L. Ross 
Marie J. Sampieri 
John J. Scott 
Raman R. Singh 
Matthias Strilbyckij 
Paul J. Szemanczlcy 

CLASS OF 1998 

Dawn M. Coe, CPA 


Debra L. Bettley 


Sandra Ahbagnaro 
Christopher P. Anziano 
Phillip P Baccki 
Leona C. Clerkin 
Robert A. Coppola 
Bruce Hall 
Kelly A. Martin 
Charlene F. Micklus 
Mark J. Morenz 
Michael J. O'Connor 
Herbert S. Wilson 


Lisa Bacchiocchi 
Robert O. Brelsford, Jr. 
Peter J. Bruchansky 
Christina M. CoUura 
Brian C. Connolly 
Ronald D. Frey 
Gerald B. Gigliotti 
Erica M. Harris 
Terence Henrt 
Shala R. Lindsay 
Antoinette M. Maloy, CPA 
James P. Niziolek 
Arieh Oz 
Ram J. Patel 
Thomas Prizzia 
Ralph N. Richard 
Jennifer A. Saunders 
Victoria L Smith, Ph.D. 
Tung-Shan Teng 
Ann Toffel 

CLASS OF 1999 

Christopher G. Boissard 
Susan L. Ford 


Matthew F. Mentone 

46 VniversUy of New Haven Loyai donors of five consecutive years or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 


Dennis is a former vice president of Human Resources, Olin Corp., and a 27-year member of tiie UNH faculty. 

Donna is a veteran teaclier and library media specialist having taught in both the Connecticut and Missouri school systems. 

The McGoughs created the McGough Family Endowed Scholarship at UNH this year 


w wiNJiii iiiuunias been given, much is required" (Luke 1 2:48). We try to be good 
stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us. 

Dennis: Many years ago, I was asked to write a guest editorial in the Stamford Advocate 
regarding homelessness. I was serving on the board for the Shelter for the Homeless, Inc. 
in Stamford. I used this well-known idea as the basis for my editorial: Give someone a fish 
and you feed them for a day, teach them how to fish. . . My firm belief is that this isn't 
an either/or situation. Sometimes you must do both, giving someone fish so that they can 
sun/ive while they are leaming to fish. 

Donna: Dennis and I were volunteers at the Monroe (Conn.) EMS, and we served on the 
administrative board for the sen/ice. I was a teacher for 30 years, in the most rewarding 
profession possible. There is nothing more exciting than helping students understand the power 
they have over their own success. Dennis and I both believe it is important to serve 
our community. 

Dennis: UNH does a temfic job in the higher education arena. In our own small way we 
support that effort through annual giving and scholarships. We believe in the UNH mission. 
Donna and I also received help from our parents and each received some scholarship support. 
We are privileged to pass it fonward by providing scholarship support If you can help, you must 
help. If not me, who? If not now, when? 


jwviiAf lu ouu uMuuyd ramily 

and community 

Dennis: My personal motto; 

• Love God. 

• Love your family 

• Give generously to others. 

• Share your knowledge. 

• Really be wherever you are. 

• Give all you have on every pitch. 

• While alive, live! 

Dennis and Donna McGough flank 
Haley Clark '10, Psychology, this year's 
recipient of the McGough Family 
Endowed Scholarship. 


John T. Doulette 
Christopher M. Orcutt 


Anne C. Boucher 
lames E. Clerkin 
Richard E. Cooper 
Sheila A. Dawson 
David P. Dupnik 
Penny H. Holernan 
John C. Luckachina 
Paula M. Uscilla 


Tamara Bileca 
Linda M. Breslin 

Stephan D. Brown, Jr. 

Zili Cheng 

Nathan M. Cohen 

Christopher J. Cummings 

SheryU L. Davis 

Michael D. DiBartolo 

Barbara B. Esposito 

Jeffrey Facinelli 

Antonio P. Ferreira 

Richard A. Gagne, Jr. 

Lou Ann Giunta 

Hodaya Hoffman 

Kerry L. Hurley 

Glenn A. lannaccone 

Henry D. Jorsz 

James A. Kading 

Andrew J. Keal 

Karen M. Kennon 

Lisa M. Krohne 

Kathryn M. Luria 

Carol A. Malenfant 
'c Sridharan Maniamparambil 
z Keisa A. McPartland 
r Shannon R. Micklus 

- Carolyn M. Patenaude 
^ G. Nathan Simmons 
„_ Amit S. Singh 

C Kathleen Southard 

Andrea J. Stukz 
-. Paul B. Thomson 
c Ronald A. Whitney 

- John R. Williams, Sr. 
'2 John-Paul A. Wise 

WiUiam J. Woods 

I CLASS OF 2000 

^ Christine M. Huber 


^ Florence Chianese 
^j John R. Fontano 
Patrick J. Larkin 
o Kevin W Lewelling 
^ Teetee Roberts-Brown 

Catherine E. Souza 
Richard S. Ziegler 


Sandra C. Adams 

Saeed S. Ahmed 

Beata Bagi 

Lori K. Barry 

Colin Cini 

Henry L. Cook 

Athanasios Diakomis 

Christina Eggert 

Francisca D. Ervin-Campbell 

Daniel A. Esposito 

Margaret M. George 

Roger E. Gosciminski 

Nancy J. Held-Sheehe 

Brendan Houlihan 

Lois J. Huisman 

Mary Ann Hultgren, RDH 

Matthew R. Kerzner 

Jason M. Myers 

Carmella D. Nuttroy 

Lourdes O. Nuzzo 

Patricia R. O'Shea 

Matthew A. Pallett 

Paul A. Pedenski 

Kristin A. Prasauckas 

Peter Purcell 

John L. Rogers 

Ardisa Smalls 

Chrystie N. Tomala 

Bradley J. Valentine 

Laurie C. Warren 

CLASS OF 2001 

Linda S. Olbrys 


Richard C. Toce 


Salvatore D. Catalano, Jr. 
Kathryn S. Lukach 
Gayle Tagliatela 
Jill Zatnparo 


Tricia T. Coppola 
Caroline E. Deal 
Andrew E. Dinkel, FV 
Lmirence A. Grab 
Roselie E. McDevitt 
Catherine K. Ostrowski 
Thomas R. Pjatak 
Chad E. Redman 
Daniel J. Schuessler 


William G. Barbieri 
Francis B. Bonomo 

Terry J. Boyd 
Kirk J. Buer 
James T. Burns, Jr. 
Lauren Cocilova 
Jitendra M. Damania 
John D. Davino 
Roberta DiNicola 
Renee E. Forte 
Catherine C. Giapponi 
Gregory S. Gibson 
Erika L. Graff 
Scott R. Gruzas 
Kelly L. Knotts 
Michael N. Lewis 
Lynn Luczkowski 
Derek Matheii 
Francis J. McCarty 
Edward J. McGuinness 
Janet D. Nelson 
Laurie J. Nyulassy 
Indika S. Perera 
Lakeisha R. Robinson 
Mark E. Sasso 
Mark P. Spodnik 
Harry M.Triebel 
Vincent A. Vallillo 
Bruce J. Varga 

CLASS OF 2002 

Richard W. Curtis, Jr. 


Fahad M. Al-Azzaz 
Martin J. Fenelon, III 
Thomas Gilmore 
Joseph R. Morales, Jr. 
Wayne K. Woolery 


Jessica L. Adair 
Mark Y. Aziz 
Alisa M. Belenchia 
Shervaun L. Clark 
John E. Dunn 
Pia F. Gero 
Efrem J. Golden 
Rodrigo Gonzalez Maury 
David E. Hall 
Erin M. Harrison 
Daniel Hono 
Helen W. LaPlant 
Joanne Liu 
Krystal A. Livingston 
Natasha M. Majeski 
Christopher J. Moran 
Ruth A. Mowrey 
Michelle M. Pawloski 
Stacy L. Petta 
Joanne Pimentel 
Steven Ponto 

Diane E, Powers 

David S. Purcell 

Christopher W. Richards 

Aladin Sabanovic 

Gwen M. Sunderland-Haggett 

Robert Weber 

Kelly M. Whalen 

CLASS OF 2003 

Jonathan D. Leone 


Christina K. Chupaska 


Charles R. Brozina 
Donald J. Deane 
Constance Dinkel 
Gabriele Fischer 
William F. Ostrum 
Margaret E. Schofield 
Bobbie A. White 
Perry C. Wyatt 


Brian A. Battisti 
Evelyn E. Bonaparte 
Mary G. Boyer 
NancyLinnea Carlson 
Lauren K. Cryan 
Nick Demos 
Brenda C. Diaz 
Jie Ding 
James Evans 
Nancy Ferrucci 
David W. Fleming 
Jennifer Germe 
Nichole Goulet 
Karen M. Hurst 
Ruxandra Iliescu 
Brian Jones 
Kelley L. Jones 
Michelle D. Kelly-Baker 
Steven A. Klee 
Alice E. Martin 
Amy E. Mayo 
Cheryl L. Parasiliti 
Sarah B. Patterson 
Joseph W Paul 
Manju G. Pillai 
John J. Priano 
Manprit Sidhu 
Bethany Solomon 
Jessica Vilella 

CLASS OF 2004 
Philip Batchelor 
Angela Zappia 

48 (Jniversily oj New Haven B^S^BSSrs ojfive consecutiye years or more are indicated in bold ilalic gold copy. 


Robert R Mansfield, Jr. 


Tristan Fields 

Joseph D. Danao 

Mark A. Patrick 

John S. Barrett 

Jennifer L. Fonda 

Dorea RoUe 

Jenifer H. Biafore 

Susan G. Fontana 


Raechelle B. Sherman 

Andrew Bimonte 

Louise E. Goldbeck 

Alison Clark 

Isaiah Cannata 

Michael C. Hafey 

Shontae Corey 


Andrew G. Cohen 

Jeidy A. Irizarry 

Lewis E. Crone 

Caroline A. Breen 

Johnny L. Corey, Jr. 

Kiran Kadarla 

EUyn M. Doris 

Ralph G. Cannici 

Peter D. Crayton 

Dominik Kot 

Casmir Ebubedike 

James S. Ciarcia 

Meghan A. Dinan 

Kathleen Lane 

Carrie E. Jackson 

Meghan Condon 

William J. Druschell 

Robert P. Laudone 

Joao M. Costa 

David Granata 

Cindy V. Leiton 


Timothy R. Cyr 

Patrick G. Healey 

Jenny A. Lounsbury 

Joanna E. Brenner 

Leta A. Dinnean 

Norma A. HoUender-Celico 

Victoria M. Masterson 

Shelby Buckman 

Beth Dupont 

Adam I. Keyes 

Eric D. Mathis 

Ernest J. DelU Gatti 

Kevin S. Dupre 

Denice A. McGregor 

Mark P. Mature 

Anne W. Dube 

Heath A. Edehnan 

Todd R. Nass 

Carole McClellan 

William I. Kelly, Jr. 

Miriam M. Halpern 

Judith D. Nolan 

Dudnie C. Michel 

Jacquelyn L. Marrero 

Lynn L. Heim 

Karen A. Pelletier 

Theodore Mitchell 

Rebecca N. Hoghe 

Rambabu N. PerumaUa 

Jessica Moices 


Kim Hoxsie 

Stephen Postemsky 

Deirdre L. Moody 

Joseph S. Barbieri, III 
Giria-Marie Bertucelli 

Seiji Ichihara 

Ursula C. Reilly 

Hemanth B. Naga 

Katherine E. Ivers 

Joseph Richard 

Robert J. Olsen 

Umesh C. Chakunta 

Stuart G. Jarratt 

Jamie E. Rotimi 

Jason Pelletier 

Bruce G. Clinton 

Jill C. KeUey 

Karen A. Rourke 

Francis Penney 

Denise C. Cooper 
Mamie Cooper 

P/2tiJ F C^ttn77ji 

Michael J. Ladd 

Jennifer J. Sangeloty 

Mariel K. Ramsperger 

Joelle Lamontagne 

Thomas P. Slyman 

Jason C. Riendeau 

Robert M. L^nzieri 

Susan K. Tall 

Melissa 1. Rodriguez 

Louis S. Ducceschi 

Melissa A. Laskowski 

Uwe Uhmeyer 

David J. Salemme 

Sli:^iin FtTsOr 

Lorin K. Mask 

Michael Whitehead 

Rodney M. Seaforth 

Tyrone Fernandez 
Naseam Fonseca 

Alyssa K. McGonagle 

Owen M. Zimmerman 

Seth A. Shapess 

Jaimee T. Mendillo 

Jay Solomon 

Irina Geiman 

April T. Mishler 

CLASS OF 2007 

Shelley J. Stevens 

Selman Gozaydin 

Eric Moore 
Michael A. Morin 


Peter Struble 
Faith R. Taffe 

Jaclyn K. Kelly 
Michael D. Laverriere 

Kenneth J. Nessing 

Thomas J. Sapienza 

Robert E. Tesoriero 

Michael O'Brien 

Devrim Tufan 

Katie Lopez 
Justin M. Marciano 

Matthew J. Ostien 

DeeAnna N. Parrish 


Krisananpong Aungaree 

Laura E. Volkert 
Kadiryn A. Wanta 

Janice L. Martin 
Saida Norani 
Paul M. Peart 
Fedra Pessina 

Kathy A. Redden 
Rosukon San Juan 
Nellie L. Ward 

Gail F. Bisgnano 
Ronald L. Brown, Jr. 
Danielle M. Caroccia 
Barbara J. Conroy 

Brittany M. White 
Stephanie E. Williams 
Ruofei Yao 

Ashim Pokharel 
Todd R. Rossini 

CLASS OF 2006 

Gina M. Criscuolo 
Glen J. Murray 
Thomas R. Rodia 

CLASS OF 2008 

Gary C. Saunders 



Jamison J. Scott 

Jeannine Luisi 

Maria Rossi 

Jody J. Rossi 

Georgia C. Simon 

Rosalba A. Zajac 

Aimee E. Vail 


Christine M. Zuchinsky 


Kathryn E. Vigue 

Gregory J. Blosick 

William D. Little 

Mark A. Wiggins 

Scott G. Cochran 


Dawn M. Wile 

Scott W. Gleason 

Christine Aliman 


Marcus A. Hanscom 

Oghenemudiame E. Apoe 

Frank E. Benavides 

CLASS OF 2005 

Jonathan P. Hoisak 

Vardan E. Babajanyan 

Janice Cretan 


Kaitlin Kester 

Linda B. Barlow 

Madeline Garcia 

Elba J. Araneo 

Jay Krishnamoorthy 

Corey A. Brush 

Stephanie Geiman 

Kenneth P. Barbour 

Cynthia L. Lamb 

Beth E. Casey 

Rebecca J. Cramp 

Michael B. Cleary 

Lisa McGrath 

Sally Cline 

Linda K. Hillis 

Karl W Eiben 

Jennifer L. Nester 

Hali Guttler 

Jaroslaw A. Lewkowski 

Richard Fieseler 

Kathleen M. Nyiry 

Stella Damoah 

Michael P. Martino 

Melissa Hennessey 

Stephen J. Rogan 

Nicholas J. Didelot 

Paul D. Melchionno 

Maureen Keleghan 

Erin Schultz 

Amanda M. DunneU 

Mya Mya Pieschel 

Bernard W. Kyle 

Eric Tyler 

Martha Fernald 

Jason S. Lyman 

Adriana C. Fields 




Srikanth Maganti 

CLASS OF 2009 

Jason D. Silvestri 

Frank Alvarado 

Anthony D. Maisano 


Virginia L. Smith 

John P. Anello 

Yolanda L. Martinez 

Selina Moylan 

Kelli Walerysiak 

Jason A. Bak 

Mark Meyerson 

Danielle N. Bedard 

Erik W. Milk 


Marquis R. Bell 

Mary E. Mills 

Herman Richard Borer 


Jason S. Bernstein 

Phihp A. Minchoff 

Marc Maniatis 


Nicholas P. Bohler 
Matthew W. Bourdeau 

Tracy L. Mooney 
Jessica M. Musial 


Mary and T. Kirkham Barneby 

Jon M. Burdeshaw 

Shawn W. Pofif 

Thomas McGrath 


Gerald Cap 
Taralynn Capobianco 
Rriirp Crownpr 

Sarah L. Reilly 
Angela C. Sarno 
Matthew R Schaefer 


John and Elizabeth Howell, Sr. 

Robert J. Crowder 

Charles W. Schaffer 

Erin M. Broomhead 


Michelle D'Amore 

Danielle M. Scholato 

Stephanie K. Brown 

Dominick and Tracy Minervini 

Louise M. Dembry 
Rehossem Djirangaye 
John Draskovic 
Kevin R. Flood 

Lauren E. Schwartz 

JiUian Dawley 

Christopher and Donna Ruskay 

Ravikanth Reddy Seri 
Daniel R Silvia 

Felecia A. Edwards 
Brian E. Francisco 

Thomas and Katharine Wiercinski 

Brooke L. Somers 

Anthony Guerino 


Parker J. Gallo 

Jessica L. Surozenski 

Brittany L. Lizon 

Alison Eckert 

Kevin Gargan 
Daniel Gellady 
Hollie B. Kennedy 
Elias D. Koutikas 

Michelle J. Ulrich 

Vincent Lugo 

Kevin and Laura Ennis 

Jenna L. Veronneau 

Joseph A. O'Brien 

Vincent and Ellen Grimaldi 

Kathy Wadolowski 

Steven N. Paternoster 

Tom and Dana Ruberti 

Jennifer A. Wetmore 

Amanda M. Pinero 

Robert and Lisa Solomon 

Sarah A. LeBlanc 

Meghan M. Wherley 

Melissa L. Potvin 

Guy and Margot Walter 

Shea M. Loy 
Jamie L. Lynch 

Dan Wu-Morris 
Richard I. Wyche 
Junjun Zhang 

Jesus Johni L Puerta- Lopez JudyWelty 
Christine L. Sabol 
Cassandra M. Sgro 

What Makes A Great Student? 

Your gift to the University of New Haven's 
Annual Fund will help our students achieve 
their dreams of earning a college education. 

; Your support enables the University to provide 
our students with an exceptional educational 
experience that will prepare them to have 
a positive impact on others. 

■ Please support UNH by making 

i a gift today. You can donate online at 

or use the envelope enclosed 
in this magazine. 

Give Now -Your Gift Will Make A Difference! 

50 University o/ New Havi ii Loya\ donors of jive consf culivc vf ars or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 


Maria Teresa Abascal 

David and Cyntiiia Barr 

Alfred and Cynthia Bartolotta 

Jean and Christine Beaucage 

Neal and Michele Bensley 

Randolph and Kelly Biggs 

Kenneth and Ronda Bilodeau, Jr. 

Susan Bodiker 

Robert and Sandra Boivin 

George and Maria Borbely 

John Borkowski 

James and Donna- Jean Bradley 

John and Arline Brady 

Robert and Gabrielle Brady 

Robert and Joy Brodeur 

Derek and Kathy Brown 

Bruce Buechele 

Jerry and Susan Camardelia 

Barbara Carbone 

Joan Carroll 

James and Janet Carruthers 

Joseph and Maria Chan 

Larry and Sue Chapman 

Kevin and Maria Collins 

Wayne Cote 

Jason Crane 

Paul and Jennifer Cyr 

David and Darlene Daugherty 

Randolph and Barbara DeBiase, Sr. 

Roger and Lynne Didrikson 

John and Nancy DiMitruck 

Richard and Diane DiVincenzo 

John and Catherine Dolan 

Joseph and Michele Downs, Sr. 

Allen and Patricia Eppich 

Peter and Maureen Fasino, Jr. 

Richard and Susan FenneU 

Michael and Sandra Ferraro 

Santo and Donna Finocchiaro 

Michael and Michele Foote 

Eric and Sylvie Foulds 

Robert and Cindy Fox 

Stuart and Charlene France 

John and Laura Fruin 

Stuart and Melissa Gamm 

Debra Garten 

John and Teresa Giugliano, Jr. 

David and Carol Gleason 

Andrew and Sharon Goresh, Jr. 

Jose and Andrea Gosp 

Terrence and Joan Green 

Kevin and Ann Groody 

Terence and Mary Flale 

James and Susan Halpin 

Colleen Harrington 

Bruce and Joanne Hegedus 

Craig and Kathy Hemler 

Daniel and Joan Hemperly 

Peter and Dorleen Horn 

Robert Hutchings 

Thomas and Debbie Hutchins 

Vicente and Jackeline Ithier 

Anthony and Darlene Jacabacci, Sr. 
Kelvin and Jina Jackson, Sr. 
Robert and Denize Jamerson, Jr. 
Robert and Kathleen Jennings 
Albert and Lucille Jones 
Daniel and Linda Jones 
Leroi and Rosittia Jones 
Peter and Cynthia Kazlas 
Kevin and Jo Ann Koehn 
Linda Kornmeyer 
John and Kathleen Lademann 
Susan and John Laiacone 
Roger LaPointe 

Richard and Linda Lastrina, Sr. 
Ellen Lazzara 
Michael Lazzara, Sr. 
Charles and Lorraine Lobacz 
Richard and Kathleen Longenecker 
Francisco and Emmy Luna 
Glenn and Carol Macomber 
Juan and Melissa Marcos 
Christopher and Phyllis Matseur 
Randy and Cassandra McCauley 
Ruth and Michael McGuire 
David and Kathleen Medeiros 
Robert Mihalcik, Jr. 
Brian and Donna Mills 
Helen Mitala 
Paul and Karen Molloy 
Prisco and Mary Monico 
Lisa and Thomas Morgillo 
loseph Mygatt 
Jose and Lydia Negron, Sr. 
John and Carol Nepi 
Liz Normand 
Bennett Obienu 
David and Donna Oiler 
James and Karen Olobardi 
Jairo and Daisy Pelaez 
John and Annamarie Pelcher 
Lawrence and Nancy Perry 
Paul and Carol Plant 
Ronald Procaccio 
Daniel and Mary Provost 
Edmund and Carolyn Racicot 
Eugene and Veronica Ready 
Harry and Karen RocheviUe, Sr. 
Domenic and Naome Rossi 
Thomas and Joanne Schmitt 
James Seckler 
Wendy ServiUe 
Cesar and Belgica Soto 
David and Cynthia Sportelli 
Wayne and Carla Starkey 
Thomas and Marilyn Stevens 
Harold and Pamela Tarry 
Robert and Rebecca Thomas 
Carin and Ray Tripodina 
Robert and Karen Tucker, Jr. 
Richard and Pamela Turner 
Mark and Lynne Usseglio 
Dennis and Patricia Wallace 

Christine Young 
Timothy and Marcia Zello 


Michael and Joanne Abdinoor 
Maureen and Gary Aceto 
Kenneth and Ellen Adams 
Gary and Laurel Alexander 
Eli and Lorraine Allen 
Frederick and Catherine Alund 
David and Donna Archambault 
Thomas and Laurie BaUachino 
Lawrence and Pamela Barker 
Eugene and Suzanne Bartomioli 
David and Rochelle Bellach 
James and Susan Bergman 
Robert and Leslie Bertolatus 
Raymond and Deborah Billica 
Douglas and Sara Billings 
George and Katherine Boelsems 
Theodore and Susan Bordner 
Raymond and Yvette Boucarut 
James and Catherine Boulais 
loseph and Lelia Braga 
Paul and Theresa Brandon 
Joyce Brayboy 
Wilbur and Wendy Brenner 
Joseph and Wendy Buchert 
William and Carol Bumbolow 
Dennis and Monika Burke 
John Carbone, Jr. 
Deborah and George Cartolano 
Mark and Shelli Catala 
David and Amal Chawiche 
George and Susan Chiaverini 
Philip and Joyce Christopher 
Michael Clear, III 
Bruce and Debbie Cohen 
Michael and Theresa Colabella 
James Coleman 
James and Sandra Comeau 
Sebert and Denise Cooper 
Walter and Gloria Cox, Jr. 
David and Nancy Creighton 
Anthony and Wanita Cross, Sr. 
Norman and Cynthia Cross, Jr. 
Frank and Georgette Curcio 
Albert and Kathy Curtis 
Paul and Michele Cusson 
Dominick and Lena Cutaia, Jr. 
Mark and Anna Cutalo 
Brian and Diane DaConto 
Joseph and Mary Lou Darling 
Anthony and Bonnie DellaRocco 
Jeffrey and Julia Demichiel 
Salvatore and Diane DeSena 
Howard Distafano 
Robert and Lynne DiVita 
Deborah Dobshinsky 
William and Nancy Doherty 
Kevin and Cindy Donnelly 
Velma Edwards 
Lisa and Eugene Evangelisti 

Judy Failla 

Andrew and Ellen Fales, Jr. 
Gregory and Linette Farris 
Edwin and Cynthia Fernandez 
Jose and Nancy Fernandez, Sr. 
Jahcino and Marie Ferrara 
Laurence and Carrie Freitas 
Richard '99 and Laura Gagne, Jr. 
George and Lynn Galgano 
Theresa and Mark Galligan- Reese 
James and Fran Galu 
Raymond and Lorraine 

Gaetano and Lucy Gennuso 
Joanne Gibney 
Donna Goettler 
Mark and Prue Goldrich 
Alfredo and Maria Gomes 
Richard Good 
Patti Gorka 

Thomas and Shana Gregoretti 
Scott and Sarah Groh 
John and Margaret Hall 
WQliam and Joanne Hall 
Karl and Diana Hamann 
William and Martha Hanley 
Gary and Gail Hansen 
Jim and Karen Harba 
Thomas and Lisa Harding 
Angela Haupt 
James and Mary Havrilla 
Glenn and Jolinda Heavens 
Ray and Kelly Ann Heppe 
Kenneth and Cynthia Hollies 
Wayne and Karin Hooper 
Richard and Michelle Horan 
Fred and Linda Horenburg 
Tim Housholder 
Robert and Maureen Howell 
Richard and Barbara Hubbard 
James and Joan lannacone 
Kathy Ilowite 

Gaetano and Christine lovieno 
Elaine lucci 
Judy Jones 

Bernard and Beth Kavaler 
George and Susan Keeler 
Edward and Linda Kerrigan 
Dennis and Deborah KHcullen 
Gale Klatte 

Mark and Annette Knobloch 
John and Patti Kostrubiak 
Paul Kozikis 

Greg and Deborah Kupfer 
Richard and Carolyn Kuzoian, Jr. 
Mary and Dominick Lachman 

Kimberly and Michael LaFond 
Rachelle and Larry Lambert 
Daniel and Martha Lane 
Mark and Laura Langley 
Warren and Gail LeBlanc 
Donald and Ann Leona 


Craig and Suzanne Litwin 
Saida and John Luciano-Ross 
John and Virgina Mahoney 
Dean and Rosalind Mamet 
Gerard and Angela Margiotta 
John and Lourdes Marrero 
Dolores '87 and Charles Marshall 
Mark Mature 
Alan Mauro 

Michael and Eileen Mauro, Sr. 
James and Linda McElheny 
Albert and Cheryl Merkt 
William Metcalf 
Donna and Randolph Miles 
Daniel and Sylvia Monteverde 
Robert and Maria Moore 
David and Christine Morel 
Michael and Frances Morra 
David and Dan Morris, Jr. 
Serge and Dominique Mouthon 
Robert and Camille Mueller 
Michael and Anne Murphy 
Thomas and Donna Murphy 
Ervin and Linda Murray 
Jeff and Lisa Musto 
John and Marie Nitzke 
Robert and Brenda O'Brien 
Margaret O'Keefe 
Thomas and Janet Olander 
Jeffrey and Doreen Otchet 
George and Teresa Papadopoulos 
John and Debbie Paquette 
Scott and Robin Parker 
Blaise and Donna Parnisi 
James and Cynthia Pecca 
CaroU and Clifford Perkins 
Pasquale Perrotti 
Brian and Michele Peterson 
Kurt and Lisa Pflugfelder 
Louise Picca 
Paul and Kathy Pisano 
Ktithy and Dave Pittman 
John and Donna Pivik 
Donald and Elise Poist 
Robert Pouliot 
Mary Pyle 

David and Diane Querze 
Michael and Lauren Reichel 
HoUey Richardson 
Michael and Gail Riley 
Chuck and Jane Rizzio 
Harold and Mary Roeder, III 
Dennis and Helen Romano 
Thomas and Donna RombUus 
Michael and Susan Rosen 
Steve and lo Ann Rowe 
Angelo and Aylin Rubino, Ir. 
Wayne and Sharon Russell 
Aaron and Sandra Salovin 
Phillip and Kathleen Salt 
Joseph and Linda Sansone 
Vincent and Rosina Sarno 
Charles and Gail Schnepp, Jr. 

Kathleen Shanahan 
Tonya Shearin-Patterson 
William and Kimberly Shepard 
Michael and Nancy Smith 
Philip and Alba Spagnesi 
Robert and Agnes St. Pierre 
Nadine Steele 
Barbara Taranto 
Angela Taylor 
Michael Taylor 

Edward and Karen Thomas, Sr. 
Gary and Colleen Ulrich 
Vincent and Sandra Vallario, Jr. 
Anthony and Debra Vigna 
Patrick and Marlene Villarruel 
Joseph and Barbara Vincens, Jr. 
Christy and Dennis Vining-Russell 
Stephen and Donna 

Waldenburg, Jr. 
James and Mary Walsh 
James and Elizabeth Warnock 
Charles and Johanne Wernquest 
Jeffrey and Jacuqeline White 
David and Elizabeth Wilson 
Theodore and Johanna 

Michael and Susan Wohlfahrt 
John and Susan Woron 
Thomas and Lori Wyrebek 
Anthony and Donna Zamarin 


John and Mary W Tu 


Louis E and Mary A. Tagliatela 


Henry E. and Nancy H. Bartels 

Isabella E. Dodds 

Barbara Olin Taylor and 

F. Morgan Taylor 
Karen L. Pritzker Vlock and 

Michael Vlock 


Gail L. Brekke and Jay 1. "VJock 
Jane Kammerer 
Tracey Kammerer 


Robert Alvitte 

Philip H. and Susan Bartels 
Mina Gerowin-Hermann 
Mark S.attd Janet Levy 

Bethel Ann Rooney 
Rubin and Sharon Vine 
Johnson and Julie Young 


Gale Crowell 

Colin J. Foster and Andrea Ryan 

Heidi A. Law 

Alan MacDonald 

Gisela Marin 

M. Wallace and Rita Rubin 

Joye R. Wegryn-Synodi 


Estate of James Q. Bensen 
Patricia L. Slocum 


Leslie A. Amoroso 

Dennis Blader and Pauline Hill 

Paul J. BoreUi 

Teresa A. Delvecchio 

Kathleen A. Devlin 

Harold EUis 

Robert M. Gordon 

Carol A. Hall 

Maura C. Lyddy 

Robert J. and Nancy Lyons, Sr. 

Lou ManzoliUo 

foel H.Marks 

Ann C. O'Keefe 

John and Julia O'Keefe 

Matthew B. O'Keefe 

Michael ]. O'Keefe 

Todd Plourde 

lames C. and Mary ReiUy 

Michael F. and Marian Rieders 

Juli C. Roebuck 

Howard Safir 

Michele Scott 


Cynthia Barr 
Ann Cox 

Kathleen A. Donnelly 
Richard A. Griswold 
Wayne Parks 
Trina Reynolds 


Justin Campbell 

James Carney 

Christopher Cerrato 

Stephen P. Chernock 

Lily L. Chuang 

Edward Creem 

David F. Czaplicki 

Edward Dolan 

Edward Drew 

Mike Faherty 

Jennifer M. Fallon 

Robert L. Fiscus, CPA 

Bill Fisher 

Frank Gerlando 

William J. Grady 

Robert Grosser 

Marc Healey 

Irish American Community 

Alicia Jedrzejewski 

Dianna Kershaw 
Steven Lampert 
Arthur G. Lebreck 
Steven Lopes 
George Maciulewski 
Matthew A. Magnone 
Bernice Mazan 
Steve McGiUicuddy 
Terrence V. Mcintosh 
David M. Moran 
Christopher J. Palmer 
William C. Powanda 
John Torniero 
Michael Treglia 
William J. Wexler 
Richard and Susan Wing 
David M. Yaffe 
James Ziegler 


Michael Addisio 
James M.Angehr 
Gus A. Avalos 
Corrine A. Bannon 
Vivienne C. Bell 
Frederick Billings 
Augustyn's Blue Goose 
loseph V. Bode 
Jacquelyn Boutin-Plante 
Don Brombacker, D.D.S. 
Antonio Buonomo 
Steve Burke 
John K. Byrne 
Lucia B. Camarda 
Nikki A. Carroll 
Alan I. Chosed 
Frank Collins 
Daniel P. Cosgrove 
Greg Cybul 
Mark Darin 
Brian T Davies 
Kevin Dayton 
Elena Delucia 
MaryLou DeNardis 
Alfred Di Leonardo, Jr. 
Frank M. Dilieto, Jr. 
Immacolata DiMeo 
Frank Dininno 
Cynthia Eaton 
Joshua S. Eaton 
Frank H. Erpelding 
Louis Fernandez 
Tara M. Fisher 
Lara M. Francis 
Jean Gambardella 
Colleen Garofalo 
Shepard Grazioli 
Henry Grazioso 
Fran Grindell 
Elzbieta Grzymala 
Michal Gumkowski 
Sylvia Hall 
Jean M. Handley 

52 L'niversKv of New Htivf n 

Loyal donors of five consecutive years or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 


:^-. -i^iSif^mant 




W/iflt Motivates: 

Giving is my way of recognizing that my life is the way it is 
now because of the generosity of others. Everyone in this 
country, even if just in the smallest way has benefited from 
charitable contributions. From the hospital in which one 
was born to the school one attends, all facets of society 
are sustained by charitable contributions. To ignore such 
an essential part of life in America is as counterproductive 
as breathing in without breathing out. 

What Matters: 

God, family school, work. Alpha Phi Alpha and then 
everything else. 

Why He Helps: 

Higher education is more than just a service, it's an 
investment. While working for the UNH Phonathon, 
I came to realize that alumni, by investing in the University, 
were investing in me. I also received the UNH Presidential 
Scholarship, which was a defining factor in my decision 
to attend UNH. It's time for me to show a return on 
the investment. 


^ ^ ^ ^ 

L L 

Ronald E. Hanna 

Lyonel Pierre-Louis 

William Aquilino 

Krista Bush 

James M. Hanson, D.D.S. 

Jeffrey J. Pollard 

Azalia Aragon 

Louise Byrne 

Antoni Hauptmun 

Lucio Porrello 

Diana Aragon 

Christine Cairns 

Joyce C. Heffelfinger 

Jo- Ann Putnam 

David Asta 

Carmine A. CalandreUa 

Mable Hoffler 

Andrey Ramza 

Kazimierz W. Augustyn 

Mary Calici 

Arthur R. Hood 

Maryann Reizner 

Leon V. Auvil, Jr. 

Betty L. Camelli 

Eolia Hopkins 

Jaime Rivas 

James Aversa 

Vincent T. Camputaro 

David L. Hyde 

Jose Rivera 

Roger Babbitt 

Ayten Cangoz 

Robert M. Isaacs 

Elizabeth A. Rogan 

Dianne Bacelli 

Ivan 0. Capella 

Krzysztof Iwaszkiewicz 

Frances Romano 

Danuta Badorek 

Carolyn Caplik 

Steve Jacksis 

Salvatore Romano 

Karen M. Balascak 

Rocco Carbone 

Kenitra Johnson 

James A. Royal 

Carol Johnson Bald 

Gerald Garden 

Rita G. Johnson 

Dennis Rozum 

Mary Balog 

Kathryn R. Carew 

Robert Kaiden 

Nicola Salamone 

Joseph C. Baran 

Shirley W. Carey 

Jacqueline M. Kane 

Lindsay Salt 

Louis A. Barbero 

Joseph J. Carfagno 

Frank Kenna 

Barbara Sargenti 

R.G. Barbero 

Jennie A. Carney 

Bonnie Jo Kieffer 

Carole Schermann 

Jaime I. Barbosa 

Julia Carney 

Seymour R. Kleinfeld 

Carmela Schiavo 

Courtney Barbour 

Maria Carpentino 

Maria Lebski 

Don H. Schoessler, Sr 

Brooks Barnett 

Concetta Carrillo 

Alick Letang 

Phyllis M. Seibert 

Rita Barr 

Harold Casey 

Dante Lia 

Barbara Sinione 

Michael Barrett 

Shirley Casey 

John J. Libertelli 

Jon Simone 

Robert Bartels 

Maria Cassella-Dimeo 

Katherine L. Lindbeck 

Debra Slattery 

Denise Basile 

Ann E. Ceremano 

Patricia Lohrer 

William Slattery 

Donna M. Battaglia 

Nick Cerjanec 

David K. Lyon 

James L. Smith 

William Baxter 

Beverly A. Chandler 

John MacLachlan 

Michael Smith 

Randall Beach 

Kyle Chandler 

Mary O. MacLachlan 

Beverly Solomon 

Donald Beckwith 

Prashant Chandra 

Helen Mahoney 

Jeannette C. Speer 

Edith Behrle 

John C. Chapman 

Kevin I. Mahony 

David R. Stedman 

Terry Bergantino 

Toddnie Cherry 

Renato Marini 

Dawn Stellmacher 

Bob Bica 

David Chevan 

Rodger Martin 

Lorraine Stigle Stone 

Jan Bilski 

Melissa Chin-Hing 

Daniel MartineUi 

Betty Sweeney 

Frances Blackgrove 

Anthony M. Christoforo 

Nicholas MartineUi 

Edward Szypulski 

Lee Blaede 

Stanley J. Ciak 

Regina Maslowski 

Jerry M. Tabolt 

Dana Blanchard 

Donald J. Ciampi, Jr. 

Robert Mastriano 

Anna Tokarz 

Pete ). Blniichard 

Ralph Ciarlone 

Alina Mazewski 

Angel Torres-Gonzalez 

Pierre Blanchard 

Mary Cirillo 

Stefan Mazur 

Shannon Valenti 

Gregory Blowycky 

Beverley Clarke 

Marilyn McCray 

Mary A. Vaughan 

Paul Boehmke 

Patrick J. Clifford 

^ Harold M. McGlew 

Charles Veeley 

Ray Boffa 

Michele Cohen 

2 Piedad Mendoza 

Leo Veleas 

Heather Borges 

John Cologgi 

- Deborah Meredith 

Christopher Wanat 

Trudy Borner 

John Concepcion 

^ Patricia Messina 

Stephen Wheeler 

Jerome Boryca 

John R. Connelly 

c Harold G. Michel 

Jay H. Wiener 

Sue Bowery 

Mary C. ConnoUy 

Jan Miedzinski 

Allan Wilcox 

Patricia Boyle 

Lucia M. Contento 

^ Maria R. Miller 

Vivene Williams 

Missi Bradshaw 

Carlo Coppola 

Deborah Milium 

Barbara Wilsberg 

Mary Brady 

Silvia Coppola 

'~ Floyd Moir 

Paul Wilsberg 

Barbara Brainard 

Joyce A. Correia 

^ Delor S. Mossey 

Steven H. Winkler 

Robyn Brandwin 

Winifred CosteUo 

c_ David J. Mount 

Manifred Woltmann 

Mary Brassil 

Priscilla Coughlin 

>^ Tim Murphy 

Tedeusz Wrona 

Allen Braunschweiger 

Mary B. Cox 

^ Abbas Nadim 

Jacqueline M. Young 

Michael J. Brennan 

Winnifred G. Cresman 

_ Peter Nestir 

John Young 

Joseph Breton 

Louise Crocco 

< Peter Nye 

Andreze J. Zygadlo 

Michael Breton 

Alia Cunha-Manly 

-" Theresa O'Connor 

David Brockett 

Joseph Curran 

^ Linda Odaynik 


Raymond Brockett 

John R Cuyler, III 

_, Ana Oman 

Ana Abascal 

Carolyn Brodzinski 

Joan Cwirka 

Zuzanna A. Osmak 

Terri Adams 

William Brogno 

Ellie Dahl 

" John B. Patterson 

Albert Ajello 

John Brown 

Daryl Daleen 

e Herbert H. Pearce 

Michael Alderman 

Patricia E.L. Brown 

Maureen M. Daley 

^' Tony Pearson 

Diane Allen 

Theresa M. Brown 

Raye Dallas 

^ Karen B. Pettoruto 

John M. Anderson 

Beverly R. Brzoska 

John Danielczuk 

c Bonnie Pierie 

Keith Andree 

Anthony Buccella 

Statdey Danielczuk 

^ CaroUe Pierre-Louis 

Marianne Apuzzo 

Mary Burke 

Robert D'Aprile 

54 Umvcrsity of New Haven Loyal donors of Jive consecutive years or more are indicated in hold italic gold copy. 

Timothy J. Davey 
Charles V. Davila 
Keegan V. Day 
Mary G. De Rosa 
Louis C. DeAngelis, Jr. 
Richard M. DeCrostra 
Susan Deering 
Carmine DelBasso 
Cynthia C. DeLeone 
Maria DeLise 
Joanne Delmazio 
Sarah Delmonico 
John DeLuca 
John Demianczyk 
Mary DePinho 
Philip J. DePompeo 
Frank Deponte 
Lucia Derenzo 
David Derosa 
Marilyn DeRosa 
Teresa Devaney 
Gina Di Lalla 
Linda Di Lalla 
David Diangelo 
Antonio DiBiase 
Carmine DiMatteo 
Robert Dion 
Frederick Dirienzo 
Angela Disorbo 
Leo Disorbo 
Ken Dbcon 
Walter Dolde, Ph.D. 
Kristin Donnelly 
Patricia Donnelly 
Sean W. Donnelly 
Niccolo DonzeUa 
Salvatore Donzella 
Marc Dore 
Robert E. Downs 
Roy Dragan 
Michelle Dressier 
Gerald Drews 
Dianne E. DriscoU 
Michael J. Droney 
Thomas Drury 
Patrick Duffy 
Bruce Duncan 
Durante Pasta 
Irene Durol 
Sheryl Dutkanicz 
Stefan Dutkanicz 
Carmine Duva 
Bohdan Dziubina 
Kenneth R. Fades 
Patrick Early 
Peggy Eatherton 
Jacinto Echeverria 
Christine Edgar 
Andrew Edwards 
Larry Edwards 
Patricia A. Fgan 
Marc Eiger 
Karen Eisenberg 

Sondra Eisenberg 
Michael G. Ellis 
Kimberly M. Falcioni 
Gary A. Farrar 
William P Farrell 
Mary L. Farrish 
Elizabeth O. Fearon 
Daniel J. Feeley 
James W Feeney 
Mary Rose Feeney 
Malgorzata G. Fekieta 
Maxwell Felder 
James W. Ferguson, M.D. 
James P. Ferraro 
Nicola Fernicci 
Eric Figoras 
Christopher Finnie 
Sebastian Fiume 
Ellen Flaiinery 
Patricia Flood 
Joan Foley 
John Foley 
Patrick Foley 
Sarah Foley 
Michael C. Forte 
Lisa- Lynn Fox 
Sheila Fox 

Margaret C. Francesconi 
Valerie Freedman 
Joseph K. Fuller 
William S. Fuller 
James Fyfe 
Leslie R. Gabbe 
Sara Gabbe 
Mary Galaburri 
Jozef Galiiiski 
Elisabeth B. Gallagher 
Thomas Gallagher 
Nicholas GambardeUa 
Martin J. Ganter 
Jeanne L. Gardiner 
Norene Gargiula 
Jeanette Garland 
Barbara Garofalo 
Edward Garrett 
Robin L. Gassman 
Public Gasulla 
Ronald Gavazzi 
Walter Gebuza 
Jim Geffert 
Helen Gensicki 
Thaddeus J. Gensicki 
William Gere, Jr. 
Patricia Gersitz 
Jason Gerstenhaber 
Victor Gersz 
Mieczysloiw Geslak 
Louise Gibson 
Sharon Giglio 
Joseph P. Gill 
Richard R. Gleeton 
Michael Glover 
Jeanne Gnecco 

Susan Godlewski 
Lucille Goff 
Donna A. Goldener 
Courtney Gomez 
Maryann Gorry 
Joel Grampietro 
Ann Graner Pickel 
Vinnie Grasso 
Inez H. Gray 
Abigail Greene 
George A. Gresko 
John P. Griffin 
Gary Grippo 
Jimmy Gruemken 
Waldemar Grzybko 
George Guida 
Marylou Guinan 
AUen S. Guskin 
Joseph Guthrie 
Roman Guz 
ICrystyna Guzowska 
Annette E. Gwardyak 
Zofia Gwiazda 
Elsie D. Hackney 
Brian K. Haeckler 
Timothy Hahn 
James Hallam 
Rosie Halliwell 
David Hamm 
Mary Nolan Hanafin 
Marilyn C. Hanna 
Bridget T. Hanratty 
Andrew Hanson 
John Harbut 
Mary Patricia Harper 
Norman Harrison, III 
Sadie Harrison 
Keith Harvey 
Gail Heady 
Rosemary Helm 
Bertha P. Hellendrung 
Karen Hellendrung 
Lois Helupka 
Keith Henderson 
Eileen Hennessey 
Ray Herter 
Patricia A. Heshn 
Ronald Hicks 
Margaret Hionis 
Edward Hodgson 
Carleen P. Hodlin 
Douglas P. Hodlin 
Robert B. Hodsdon 
Jo-Ann Hogan 
Michael J. Hogan 
Edward P. Hornyak 
Arthur S. Horton 
Patrick Hosey 
Dennis Hrabchak 
Deborah Hrueschka 
Stefan Hudak 
Robert Hyder 
Christopher Hydorn 

Mario lacobucci 
Ralph Infante 
Sandra G. Isaacs 
Josephine Jackson 
Adam C. Jacobs 
Irving Jacobs 
George Jafferis 
Linda Jainer 
William P. Janega 
AnaMarie Janicki 
Donna M. Janofsky 
Theresa Jasinski 
Kevin Jenkins 
Christian Jensen 
Donna lessen 
Armand J. Joncas, Jr. 
John P. Jones 
George Junko 
Zdzislaw Jurgilewicz 
Eileen Kacenski 
Barbara Kachmar 
Michael Kakalow 
Krystyna Kaleba 
Michael Karcher 
Kurt M. Karmosin 
Loui Kasynak 
Eva Kaufrnan 
Daniel Kearney 
Patrick J. Kearney 
Martin Keary 
Mary KeUeher 
Thomas Kelly 
Robert E. Kelo 
Patricia Kenchik 
Gerry Keniry 
Martin J. Keniry 
Patrick Kennedy 
Alicia R. Kenworthy 
Fred L. Kershaw 
Florence Keszycki 
Marcia L. Kiesel 
Kendra KUleen 
Babara Kinard 
Robert Kirkpatrick 
Gerald J. Kirwin 
Frederick A. Kitt 
David E. Klebe 
Mary P. Klein 
Leszek Klima 
Rosemarie Klimkiewicz 
Doris F. Knight 
Maria Kobierowski 
Daniel Kops, Sr. 
Nancy Kops 
David R. Korczykowski 
Waldemar Korytkowski 
Helen J. Kosack 
Edward Koscielecki 
Ania Kot 
Mike Kowal, Sr. 
Stefania J. Kowal 
Nancy R. Kowalski 
Malgorizata Kownacki 


Kevin Kranen 
Helena Kropiewnicka 
Gina Kryskiewicz 
Joan Kutys 
Zosia Kwaskiewicz 
Queen E. Lacks 
Catherine M. Laferriere 
Michael Laffey 
Lewis M. Lagervall 
Frank Landolfi 
Scott Lane 
Irene Lapinski 
Thomas Laroche 
Kevin Larochu 
Paul Laskowski 
Alan Lasser 
Chris Lauro 
John N. Lavoie 
Nicola LaVorgna 
Donald W. Lawrence 
Elizabeth Legoff 
Edward Lemanski 
Joan T. Lenart 
Peter Lenart 
Paul Lengyel 
Vincent Lenza 
Frank Leone 
Jack I. Leone 
Nicholas Leone 
Bernice Lesnick 
Martin E. Levine 
Martha W. Lewis 
Paul N. Lewis 
Robin Lewis 
Philomena Libretti 
Nancy Lieberman 
Joe Lillis 
Daniel LLoyd 
, . Bridgitte London 

2 William Loos 

- Richard Lorenzo 
Rex M. Lowe 

J Lynn M. Luckman 
Krystyna J. Luczynsky 

~ Nancy Luis-Hernandez 
Elizabeth S. Luna 

1- John R. Lyddy 
Irene Lyga 

r Mary Lyng 

^ William Machon 

- Brenda Macri 

_ Mary Madenski 
< Thomas Maffettone 

3 Nancy Magda 

^- Joseph Magnone 
^ Donna Magrane 

Michael Maguire 
" Giulia Malluzzo 
° Vincent ]. Manetti, III 
r^ Lehman A. Mann, Sr. 

Eileen Manning 
o Maureen Manning 
^ Leroy Manson 

John Mantzaris 
Christopher Marchand 
Gena Marino 
Robert Marino 
Robert Markowski 
Harry R. Marks 
Aida L. Marrero 
Anthony Martin 
Harvey Martin 
Irma Martinelli 
Alice Martinez 
Alma S. Masek 
Michael P. Mastracco 
Giulia Mastroianni 
Michael Mathisen 
Willy Matos 
Mark Mattel 
Carmen P. Matteo 
Susan Mattesini 
Charleiie Mature 
Grazyna Matusiewicz 
FNU Mayank 
Nancy Mayer 
Jozef Mazan 
Carol Mazza 
John Mazza 
Natalie A. Mazzanti 
Arthur C. McAdams, III 
Mary McCormack 
Michael McDermott 
James McGowan 
Frances McGreevy 
John J. McKenna 
Jim McKernon 
Samuel McKnight, Jr. 
Donald Mclean 
Pat McManus 
Catherine McMorrow 
Anne M. Mc\'ulty 
Paula Melillo 
CUfford Menafra 
Helen R. Mertens 
Fred E. Meuser 
Lynnette Michaud 
Panfillo Michelangelo 
Theresa Micknak 
Erin Milhaven 
Jennifer Millar 
Daniel J. Monaco 
Alex Monico 
Susan Montauk 
Chris Morgan 
Christopher Morgan 
Paul J. Moriarity 
Allen W. Morrison 
Jameka Morrison 
Andrzej Mucha 
John MuUins 
Eileen R. Mulvey 
Karen Munford 
ApoUonia Muoio 
Eileen M. Murrihy 
Sophie Muskavitch 

Frank Myjak 
Thomas Najda 
Jacqueline Nass 
Kathleen E. Neal 
Jan M. Nepi 
Thaddius Nerek 
Alfreda Nestir 
Norman Newkirk 
Bette J. Nicotera 
Sharon O'Connell 
John P. O'Connor 
Ivan Odaynik 
Jean O' Donovan 
Patrick O'Donovan 
Charles O'Hagan 
Frank O'Keefe 
Albert Olenski 
Ann Olszyk 
Stanley Olszyk 
Thomas O'Malley 
Sean O' Murray 
M.N. Oniszko 
Karen Onofrio-Kyle 
Anna Maria Onofrio 
Michael J. Orlando, Jr. 
Bettie Anne G. Osborne 
Richard Ostien 
Janice Ouimette 
Beverly J. Pacelli 
Rose R Pacelli 
Sue Paige 
Robert E. Palko 
CarmeUa Palladino 
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Joseph B. PaneUa 
Frank Panuczak 
Mary Parker 
Robert Parsons 
Raymond Patnode 
Diane Patrie 
Denise Patsos 
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Jonathan C. Pease 
Gail Peck 

Joseph Pedevillano, Jr. 
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Ruth Perdo 
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Pearl Petronchak 
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Heather Poutouves 
Mieczyslaw Powierski 
Craig A. Prasauckas 
Lorraine W. Pratt 
Tanika Price 

Edward Przybylowski 
Tom Purcell 
Wanda Pyrdol 
Barbara Pysarchyk 
Jan Pyterak 
Michael Raimondi 
Czeslawa Rakowski 
Ralph Ramagano 
Elaine Ramshaw 
Ruby M. Randall 
Donald Rankin, M.D. 
Warren C. Rasmussen, Jr. 
Donald Recore 
John Reidy 
Richard T. Reilly 
Frances Renkiewicz 
Joseph Reynolds 
Pat Reynolds 
Rose M. Rich 
Carlos Riva 
Mildred Rivas 
Jennifer Rizzotti 
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Genoveva Rodriguez 
Jan Rogalski 
Dan Roman 
Gerard Rooney 
Helen Ropiak 
Theresa Rosenplanter 
Louise A. Rossero 
Helen E. Rossik 
Ian Rossman 
Edmund Roszkowski 
Esther Rozum 
Michael M. Rubino 
Helen Rucinski 
Archie Ruel 
Susan R. Rumanoff 
Joann Ryan 
Mary Jane Ryan 
Christopher P. Rynne 
Kenneth Sachar 
Walter Sadlon 
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Robert N. Samuelson 
Mark Saukas 
Felicia Saulino 
Paula Saunders 
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Mary Scher 
Jennifer L. Schiavo 
Karl Schlechtweg 
William Schlechtweg 
Carl Schmid 
Charles Schroeder 
Jason E. Schuld 
Robert Schultz 
Nancy Schumacher 
Janet C. Schupp 
Emma Scialis 
John Scollan 
Geraldine Sears 
Susan See 

56 University oj Nov Haven Loyal donors of jive consecutive years or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 

Dawn M. Seipold 

Marie T. Tiberio 

Stephen Zieminski 

Rosa Mo 

Wasyl Sembrat 

Jennifer Tise 

Edward Zolkiewicz 

George Moses 

Ralph Serzo 

Harold T. Toland 

P. Penny Pecka 

Jeffrey Shanley 
John Shea 

Evelyn B. Tolifero-Higgenbotham 
Mark Tomcho 


Dr. Michael Rossi 
Joanne E. Roy 

Thomas R Shea 

Ruth M. Tonks 


Dr. Allen L. Sack 

Liane Sheehan Cadman 

Marilyn Torre 

Dr. Henry C. Lee 

Thomas J. Sapienza '07 

George R. Sheehy 

S. Torres 

Dr. Richard H.Ward 

Dr. Gordon Sitnerson 

Carolinda Simoes-Velt 

John A. Tracewski 

Dr. Frederick Smith 

Ron Simon 

Nathan Trier 


Jessica M. Smith 

James R Sinclair 

Susan M. Trippi 

Dr. Stevett H. Kaplan and 

Thomas Snider 

Dorothy Siniscalchi 

Miguelina D. Trujillo 

Anemone Schweizer-Kaplan 


Marie J. Siniscalchi 

Tom Tucciarone 

George Synodi andjoye 

JillZamparo '01 

Peter Sirakowski 

Jerry J. Turececk 


Pam Sitomer 

Barbara Turecek 

Dr. William L. Tafoya 


Nancy Skinner 

Leslie Twyner 


Peter and Sandra Abbagnaro '98 

Arthur L. Smith 

Andrzet Tymowski 

l^tmV J VLWD 

Michaela H. Apotrias 

Claudia Smith 


William M. Leete, Jr. 

Frederic Baker 

George W. Smith 

Stanley Urban 

Rick Tuchman 

Dr. Carl Barratt 

Kathleen O. Smith 

M.J. Usseglio 


Greg and Joy Bartholomew 

Laura Smith 

Clara Valente 

r)dl*y) •■/]/• ^/lin 

Dr. Gregory P. Broderick 

Philip E Smith 

Marcia S. Vallente 

Dr. David P. Dauwalder 

Maureen E. Chase 

Michael Smitsky 

Jean Vallez 

Dr. Barry Farbrother 
Arthur Goon 

Charles N. Coleman 

Albert Smoczynski 

Richard Varriale 

Alexis Coubrough 

Margaret A. Smyth 

Anja R. Vaughan 

Dr. Richard Highfield 

Pauline Hill and Dennis Blader 

Dr. LawraiceJ. DeNardis 

Mary D. Smyth 

Richard Vaughan 

Daniel and Katherine 

Helen Sobolewski 
Steven Soprano 

Anna Vecchio 

Jacqueline Koral 
Caroline Koziatek '92 

DePodesta '72 
Dr. James W. Dull 

Sorrentino Tiles 

Mario Verdillo 

Dr. M. I. McLaughlin 
John R. Mitchell '83 and 

Judith A. Mitchell 
Dennis L Nostrand 

Benedykt S. Dyczkowski '97 

Diana Sousa 
David S. Spano 

Richard Verdillo 
Florindo F. Vieira 

Brad Garber 

Dr. Ali M. Golbazi 

Mark P. Sparano 

Maria Vilone 

Jane Gordon 

Francis Squeglia 
Shye St. Germaine 
Mark K. St. Mary 

Antonietta Viscuso 
Melissa A. Waldman 

Dr. Ronald Nowaczyk 
Martin J. O'Connor '76 
Julia Parker 
Juli C. Roebuck 
Jane C. Sangeloty 
Timothy R. Stanton 

Marcus A. Hanscom '06 
Andrea Hogan 
Silvia I. Hyde 

Lucille Stanievflcz 

Barbara M. Walker 

Elizabeth Johnston- 

Zdzislaw Staskiewicz 
Maureen Staunton 
Shirley Stephson 

Charlotte R Wallace 
Bryan Walsh 
Stephen H.Ward 

O'Connor, Ph.D. 
EUzabeth A. Lew 
Alick Letang 

Robert Stich 

Thomas Ward 


Dr. Linda R. Martin 

Edward Stopa 

Irene Wasikowski 

Raphael ]. Cerrato 

Robert E. Massicotte, Jr. '89 

Ellen M. Stratton 

Estelle Weber 

Georgia Chavent 

Mary J. Miller '82 

Francie Stratton 

Hugh Werner 

Scott P. Davis 

Dr M. AU A. Montazer 

Gerald Stratton 

Ann B. White 

Hanko H. Dobi 

Dr. Christie Boronico 

Theresa P. Stuber 

Ronald Whittaby 

Paul C. Falcone '83 

Dr. Michael and Donna Morris 

Robert J. Suhr 

Andrea Wiener 

Rebecca Johnson 

Abbas Nadim 

Ann E. SuUivan 
Antoinette Sullivan 

John Wierzbicki 
Anna V. Wilczynski 

Timothy M. Pabnbach '82 
Peter C. Rossomando 

John and Michele Norman 
Dr. John J. Phelan 

Jon J. Sullivan 

Evangela Williams 

Patrick M. Torre 

Carl and Mary Pitruzzello 

Antonietta Suppa 

Steven N. Williams 

Susati Zawuchi 

Jennifer W. Pjatak 

Diane Bell Surprenant 

Richard B. Willmott 

\jw*^*^'9 *— pi** rr *»%'»v» 

Dr. Robert M. Rainish 

Dennise M. Svenson 

Craig Wilson 


Dr. Subroto Roy 

lames A. Sweeney 

Matthew Wilson 

Dr. Jerry Allen 

Marion H. Sachdeva 

Sherri Swinkin 

Steve Winters 

Richard J. DeMusis '70 

Dr. John Sarris 

Bonnie A. Symansky 

Anna B. Woloszyn 

Brendan J. Faherty 

Dr. Pauline M. Schwartz 

Sandra Syombathy 

Francis Wysocki 

Dr. Mario T. Gaboury 

Lisa M, Scranton 

Peter Szewczyk 

Craig Yerkes 

Denise Golde 

Carol A Skalko 

Bernice Taddei 

Stan Zacharkow 

Scott F. James 

Edmund N. Todd 

Debora Taylor 

John Zanowiak 

Dr Ira H. Kleinfeld 

Dr. Charles L. Vigue 
Ron and Peggy Villani 
Dr. Henry E. Voegeli 
Lucy Wendland 
Christine M. Zuchinsky '07 

Linda I. TerrUl 

Zulma Zayas 

Michael Lawlor 

Christine Thiaville 

Antoni Zbikowski 

Karen and Don Ludington 

John C. Thomas 
Joan M. Tiberio 

Craig Zendzian 
Stanislaw Zielinski 

Christopher L. Lukowski 
Vincent P. Mangiacapra 



Maureen Aceto 

Sally Anastos 

Arleen Anderson 

Gail P. Berardesca '96 

Martin Birks 

Stephan D. Brown, Jr. '99 

Janet Buckley 

Anna Chen 

Dr. Michael CoUura 

Linda Copney-Okeke '94 

Ellen N. Criscuolo 

Kathryn and Paul Cuozzo 

Dr. Peter J. Desio 


Deborah Everhart 

Maria Feideta 

Robert J. Ference '76 

Grazyna Gwiazda 

Norma A. Hollender-Celico '06 

Sarin Iliescu '92 

Dr. AH Jafarian 

Dr. Michael Kaloyanides 

Virginia D. Klump 

Melissa A. Laskowski '05 

Vincent Lugo '09 

Dr. Eddie D. Luzik, Jr. 

Carole McClellan '07 

Matthew McCuUough 

Nathaniel K. McMullin 

James Monalian '68 

Linda Morris 

Paula Mortali 

Paulette A. Moye 

Marya Neary 

Heather Pegnatero 

Marianne Petrillo 

Kathy and Dave Pittman 

Susan L. Pranulis 
^ Dr. Steven Raucher 
__ Gilbert Rogers 
> Dr. David E. Sloane 
~ Monica L. Sutcliffe 
^ Susan K. Tall '06 
■- Barbara Tomaso 
c Wanda Tyler 
^ Dr. Kamal P. Upadhyaya 
a Dr. Jack Werhlow 
c Dr. Thurmon Whitley 
^ Dr. Brenda R. Williams 
^ Michael Wnek 

ludith Yale 



2- In Honor of Henry Lee 

< for the An Fu Lee Endowed 

^ Scholarship 

o Dr. Steven H. Kaplan and 

<=■ Anemone Schweizer-Kaplan 

y In Honor of Virginia Smith 

c I. Thomas Failla 
^ Niles F. Forader 


In Memory of James Q. Bensen 

Barbara Brainard 
John C. Chapman 
Keegan V. Day 
John P. Jones 
Gerald J. Kirwin 
Helen R. Mertens 
Bettie Anne G. Osborne 
Bonnie Pierie 
Lorraine W. Pratt 
Laura J. Reid 
Lorraine Stigle Stone 

In Memory of Roland M. Bixler 

Shirley W. Carey 
Hanko H. Dobi 
Frank Kenna 
Daniel Kops 
Nancy Kops 
Herbert H. Pearce 

In Memory of Joseph Cassella 

Cathy A. Briggs 

In Memory of Rick Eaton 

Kerry and Brian J. Eaton 
Susan and Joshua S. Eaton 
Terri Conti and Cynthia Eaton 

In Memory of Robert 
Edson-Golden Charger 

E. Robert Edson 

In Memory of a Great Friend 

and Colleague 
Dennis R. '81 and 

Donna McGough 

In Memory of John C. Martin 

Carol Johnson Bald 

United Aluminum Corporation 


In Memory of David Massey 
and Robert McDonald 

Karen and Don Ludington 

In Memory of Dr. David Morris 

Mark L. and Francesca CeccoruUi 
Goodrich Corporation 
Abbas Nadim 

In Memory of Daniel O'Keefe 

Teresa A. Delvecchio 
Kathleen A. Devlin 
Ann C. O'Keefe 
John O'Keefe 
Matthew B. O'Keefe 

In Memory of Maryanne 

Angela Schutz 

In Memory of Evelyn Sherwood 

Bruce F. Carmichael 

Patrick J. Clifford 

Richard M. DeCrostra 

Hanko H. Dobi 

Larry Edwards 

Forensic Science Department - 

Mitchell R. Goldblatt 
Denise Golde 
Robert B. Hodsdon 
Edward P. Hornyak 
David L. Hyde 
Silvia L Hyde 
Doris F. Knight 
Carole McClellan 
Alien W. Morrison 
Craig Zendzian 

In Memory of Robert F. Wilson 

Lawrence J. DeNardis 

Mary Lou DeNardis 

Michael C. Forte 

John Aaron Frey 

Richard R. Gleeton 

Marilyn C. Hanna 

Bertha P. Hellendrung 

Karen Hellendrung 

Jacqueline M. Kane 

David R. Korczykowski 

Mary B. LaVoie 

Harold G. Michel 

Mary Ann M. Payne 

Robert M. Picozzi 

Martin D. Roach 

Don H. Schoessler 

Charlotte R Wallace 

Louis F. & Mary A. Tagliatela 


The Bartels Trust 

Excelsior! Foundation 


Dimeo Construction Company 
Office Max 

Petra Construction Corporation 
Tlie Echlin Foundation 

Turn The Corner Foundation 
William Blair & Company, LLC 
Wintek Corporation 


Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of 

New England 
Estate of James H. Shattuck 
Follett College Stores 
Healdi Net of NorthEast, 

Henry Nias Foundation 

Middlesex County Community 

Foundation Incorporated 
My Sports Dreams, LLC 
Sodexo Incorporated 
United Technologies Corporation 
WBA Group 


Community Foundation for 

Greater New Haven 
Dattco, Incorporated 
Fidelity Investments 
Milford Bank 
National Athletic Alliance, 

R. & W. Family Foundation 

The Jessica N. Santos Foundation 
Troy Corporation 
Valley Community Foundation 
Wiggin & Dana 


Aldo DeDominicis Foundation 

Alinabal Incorporated 
Bismark Construction Company 
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 
CAO Group, Incorporated 
Center for International Studies 
Chubb and Son, Incorporated 
City Point Construction 
Falcone Law Firm, LLC 
Fountainhead Property 

Gallagher Benefit Services 

George Ellis Company 
I.C.E. Business Office Account 
Northside Development Company 
Otis Elevator 
Pricewaterhouse Coopers 
Purest Colloids Incorporated 
Quest Builders Group 

Sasaki Associates Incorporated 
United Technologies Corporation 
Wachovia Bank NA 
z-Medica Corporation 


Barker Specialty Company 
C. A. White, Incorporated 
Comprehensive Orthopaedics & 
Musculoskeletal Care 

58 University oj New Haven Loyal donors ojjivc consecutive years or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 


Mother of Erin Ennis '1 0, Chemistry and Forensic Science. Erin is assista 

the Charger Bulletin, and a member of the Honors College, the 5-6-7-8- Dance Team, 

the Gaming Club and the Forensic Science and Chemistry Club. 

Laura Ennis has contributed to the University's Annual Fund, the Building Fund 
for the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, and the David A. Beckerman 
Recreation Center. 

Wliat Motivates: 

Family is very important to me. I have tried to raise Erin to be a good 
person, hoping to instill in her the same life lessons that I had: to give, 
to volunteer. There's always someone out there who has a little bit 
more going on in their lives than in ours. My daughter was a great 
person when she began at UNH, and she is a better person for having *■ 
been there for four years. It's an excellent school. 

What Matters: 

Erin was born with a displaced hip. We brought her to Children's Hospital 
in Philadelphia, and when we saw what other children were suffering 
with, we were so thankful for what we had. We had to go quite frequently, 
and several times over that period I said to myself, "when I have the 
opportunity to make a difference, I will." 

Why She Helps: 

Because Erin chose the Forensic Science program at the University of New Haven, 
I felt in my heart that giving to UNH would provide for other students who don't 
have so much. When UNH enhances itself, it has the opportunity to enhance 
the lives of its students. In turn, those students will give back to someone else, 
and the cycle will continue. 




Cooper Smith Marketing 
Coming Incorporated Foundation 
Edge Technology Services 

Finlay Brothers Printing 
Glen Gate Company 
Goodrich Corporation 
Howard Bayne Foundation 
Hubbell Incorporated 
International Business Machines 

Jovin Industries Incorporated 
Leaden Associates Incorporated 
Liberty Mutual 
Mass Mutual Financial Group 
Merck & Company Incorporated 
Murphy Security Services 
On-Line Electric Incorporated 
Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated 
Pfizer Incorporated 
Pitney Bowes Incorporated 
Robert Dilullo, CPA LLC 
Stone Quest NY, Incorporated 
The Bode Technology Group 
The Ellis Fund 
The Soccer Guy LLC 

UHY Advisors 
Vlock Family Foundation 
Wachovia Corporation 
Young Laboratories, Incorporated 


39 Street Productions 

Aetna, Incorporated 


Bollinger Incorporated 

Bones Clones, Incorporated 

C. White & Son Incorporated 

Connecticut Society of Certified 

Public Accountants 

Dominion Foundation 
Duffy's Tavern 
Eastern Connecticut Regional 

Education Service Center 
Exxon Mobil Foundation 
Field Safety Corporation 
Frank Esposito and Son Cleaning 

Service LLC 
Greater New Haven Water 

Pollution Control Authority 
Human Resource Association 

of Greater New Haven 
Metropolitan Development 
Nestie Holdings Incorporated 
Northeast Utilities 
Prometheus Books 

Roder Evidence Consulting, LLC 
St. Paul Travelers Foundation 
The Nicholas Rossomando 

Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Walt Disney Company 


Ale House Partners LLC 
Assure America Corporation 
Bank of America Corporation 
Bank of New York Mellon 
Branford Chamber of Commerce 
D. Dempsey Special 
General Electric Company/ 

GE Foundation 
Irish American Community 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 
Markle Investigations 
MUford Markets, Incorporated 
New York Life Insurance Company 
OUn Corporation 

Promega Corporation 
Quantronbc Incorporated 
Schwab Charitable Fund 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
South Central Premier 

Tee-lay Corporation 
The Hartford Financial Services 

Group, Incorporated 
United Parcel Service of America, 

United Way of Central & 

Northeastern Connecticut 
Verizon Foundation 



Abbott Laboratories 

Advantage Maintenance 

Air Products and Chemicals 

Amano USA 
American Electric Power 
American Russians Citizen Club 
Amgen, Incorporated 
Back Care Centers LLC 
Benevento Soccer Association 

Blakeslee Prestress Incorporated 
Blanchette Sporting Goods 
Blum Shapiro 
Cappettas Italian Imports 
Charms Security Hardware, 

Chevron Corporation 
Connecticut Presort 
Custom Grounds, LLC 
CVS Pharmacy, Incorporated 
Dadds Extreme Indoor Sports 
Delucia Home Improvements, LLC 
Deric J. Currie, State Farm Agency 
Eastern Enterprises/Eastern Sports 
Eastern Land Management, 

Elm City Overhead Door, LLC 
Emerson Electric Company 

Emmett's Auto Service, 

EMS Management LLC 

Exelon Nuclear Corporation 
Farmington Burgers, LLC 
Federico & Sette, PC. 
Forensic Science Department - 

Frederick A. DeLuca t'outidatioii 

Gartner Group, Incorporated 
Group Insurance Associates 
Henkel Corporation 
Honeywell Fire Group 
Ingenium Business Solutions, 

Johnson & Johnson 
Lenders & Fleet Services 

Madison Chrysler Incorporated 
Marcucio Gardens, LLC 
Mar-Len Printing & Mailing 
Merrill Lynch & Company 

Moen Incorporated 
Montesi Motors Incorporated 
New Alliance Bank 
New Haven Gridiron Club 
NRG Energy Incorporated 
P & M Fine Foods & Deli, 

PepsiCo, Incorporated 

Plainfield Asset Management LLC 

Porky's Cafe 

Primo Plumbing and Heating 

Providence Specialty Products 


Quik Lube Incorporated DBA 
Mechanix Autoworks 

R.C. Bigelow, Incorporated 

R.S.S. Enterprises, LLC 

Reno's Pizza LLC 

Roberto Taylor Agency 

Robinson Tape & Label 

Roly Poly New Haven LLC 

Savin Court Associates, LLC 

Seacrest Nursing and 
Retirement Center 

Soccer Tikes, LLC 

Strictiy Softball 

Tadco, Incorporated 

Taylor Rental Center 

The Guilford Mooring LLC 

The Travelers 

Toscana Incorporated 

TW Promotions Incorporated 

Unilever United States, 

United Illuminating 

UPSEU Local 1222 

Village Signs 

Wallingford Optical 
Walt-The-Mad, LLC 
West Haven Professional 

West Haven Youth Soccer League, 

William B. Meyer, Incorporated 
Winkle Bus Company 
XL America Incorporated 


A & S Insurance LLC 
Aberdeen-Matawan Family 

Ansonia Rod & Gim Club, 

Automatic Data Processing, 

Becton Dickinson and Company 
Bowers Rehabilitation Services 
Brentmore Advisors, LLC 
Carpenos Chiropractic Center, PC. 
Clinton Steel Comapny, LLC 
Columbus Auto Body Works 
Constellation Energy Group 
Corporate Network 

Technology LLC 
Cross Winds Farm 
Cusano Catering by Maria 
Delaware Storm 18U 
Die-Boards, Incorporated 
Farrell Company 
Future Stars Sports Enterprises, 

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation 
High Grade Gas Service 

The I. P. Morgan Chase Foimdation 
Johnson Controls Incorporated 
Kraft Foods, Incorporated 
Long Island Laminates, 

Medtronic Incorporated 
Muthersbaugh Chiropractic, 

North East Data Systems 

People's United Bank 
Pine Rock Auto Sales 

Polish National Alliance 513 
Proctor & Gamble Company 
PTK Quik Stop 
Quality Fitness Services 
Replay Records 
Rockbestos Company, 

Rome Fastener Corporation 
Seybridge Chiropractic Center 
Sound Bay General Contractors 

St. Anthonys Club 

60 (JnivtTsiry oj New Haven 

Loyal donors of five consecutive years or more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 

The Stanley Works 

Hubbell Incorporated 

Thomas P. Benincas, Jr. '73 - 


Starbucks Corporation 

International Business Machines 

New England Photo 

Raymond J. Margiano '69 and 

Studio Eile, LLC 

J.R Morgan Chase Foundation 

BIC Corporation 

Angela Margiano 

The Boeing Company 

Johnson & Johnson 

Big Wave Event Productions 

Mashantucket Pequot Museum 

The Dolin Insurance Center, LLC 

Johnson Controls Incorporated 

Boston Red Sox 

and Research Center 

Thomas McDonnell Remodeling 

Kraft Foods 

Bridgeport Bluefish 

Metaleyelash Art 

& Home Repair LLC 

Lockheed Martin 

Bridgeport Sound Tigers 

Mohawk Mountain 

Thomson Reuters Tax 

Mass Mutual Financial Group 

Captain's Galley 

Craig Mortali '84 

& Accounting 

Medtronic Incorporated 

Carmen Anthony Restaurant 

Mountain View Grand Spa 

Tuzza Electric Incorporated 

Merck & Company Incorporated 


and Resort 

Tyco International 

Merrill Lynch & Company 

Frank '79 and Patricia 

Mystic Aquarium & Institute 

Union Cleaners & Laundry 



for Exploration 


Moen Incorporated 

Chase Bank 

Mystic Seaport 

United Aluminum Corporation 

New Alliance Bank 

William '70 and Carolyn 

New Britain Museum of 

United Technologies Corporation 

New York Life Insurance Company 


American Art 

Annmarie Wallace 

Northeast Utilities 

Thomas E. Ciotti '84 and 

New Britain Rock Cats 

Wells Fargo 

NRG Energy Incorporated 

Ruthanne Ciotti 

New England Air Museum 

Xerox Corporation 

Olin Corporation 

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of 

New England Beverage 

People's United Bank 

New England 

New Jersey Devils 

PepsiCo, Incorporated 

Connecticut Children's Museum 

New York City Ballet 


Pfizer Incorporated 

Connecticut Defenders 

New York Giants 


Pitney Bowes Incorporated 

Connecticut Science Center 

New York Jets 

Plainfield Asset Management LLC 

Connecticut Sun 

Oak Lane Country Club 

To see if your gift is eligible 


Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo 

Patrick O'Brien '66 

for a match from your employer 

Proctor & Gamble Company 

Crone Jewels 

Olive Garden 

please visit: 


Gene and Jerry Jones Family 

Outback Steakhouse 

www. matchinggifts. com/newhaven 

Rockbestos Company, 

Dallas Cowboys Charity 

Pats Peak 


Joseph '04 and Laura Danao 

Peabody Museum of 


Shell Oil Company Foundation 


Natural History 

Abbott Laboratories 

St. Paul Travelers Foundation 

Dr. David and Marty Dauwalder 

Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone '70 

Aetna, Incorporated 

The Stanley Works 

Representative Rosa DeLauro 

Pilot Corporation of America 

Air Products and Chemicals 

Starbucks Corporation 

Dell, Incorporated 

Pottery Plus 


Thomson Reuters Tax & 

Eder Brothers, Incorporated 

Quassy Amusement Park 

American Electric Power 


Eli's on Whitney 

R.C. Bigelow, Incorporated 

Amgen, Incorporated 

Troy Corporation 

Enson's Gentlemen's Fashion 

Ragg's Fashion 


Tyco International 

Garde Arts Center 

Governor M. Jodi Rell 

Bank of America Corporation 


Gouveia Vineyards 

Residence Inn by Marriott 

Bank of New York Mellon 

Unilever United States, 

Green Bay Packers 

Salon Lui 

Becton Dickinson and Company 


Green Mountain Coftee 

Sam's Club 

The Boeing Company 

L'nited Illuminating 

Roasters, Incorporated 

Savin Rock Roasting Company 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 

United Parcel Service of America 

Hampton Inn and Suites 

Michael '85 and Deborah 

Chevron Corporation 

United Teclmologies Corporation 

Harry's Wine and Liquor 


Chubb and Son, Incorporated 


Michael J. Hartnett, Ph.D. 

Seven Angels Theatre 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

Wachovia Bank NA 

Aaron Haviland '97 


of New England 

The Walt Disney Company 

Hilton Garden Inn in Milford 

Shore Line Trolley Museum 

Corning Incorporated Foundation 

Wells Fargo 

Holiday Inn in North Haven 

Shubert Theatre 


Xerox Corporation 

Idiom Boutique 

Six Flags New England 

Dominion Foundation 

XL America Incorporated 


Ski Sundown 

Emerson Electric Company 

International Festival of Arts 

Tony Sparano '84 and 


and Ideas 

Jeanette Sparano 



Interstate Navigation Company 

Sports Haven 

Exelon Nuclear Corporation 
Exxon Mobil Foundation 


John F. Kennedy Presidential 
Library and Museum 

Starbucks Coffee, Orange CT 
Starbucks Coffee, North Haven CT 

Farrell Company 


Julia's Bakery 

Stop and Shop 

Fidelity Investments 

A Healing Touch Massage 

June Glaude 


FoUett College Stores 

& Wellness, LLC 

Dr. Steven H. Kaplan and 

Susan Saint James 

Gartner Group, Incorporated 

Sandy Abbagnaro '98 

Anemone Schweizer-Kaplan 

Patricia B. Sweet '79 

General Electric Foundation 

Amadeus Center for Health 

Kaplan Test Prep 

Saybrook Point Inn & Spa 

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation 

& Healing 

Lake of Isles 

T.G.I. Friday's 

Goodrich Corporation 

Mary and T. Kirkham Barneby 

Dr. Henry C. and Margaret Lee 

Texas Roadhouse 

The Hartford Financial 

Baseball Hall of Fame 

Robert M. lee '78 and 

The Maritime Aquarium and 

Services Group 

and Museum 

Linda W. Lee '88 

Stepping Stones Museum 

Henkel Corporation 

Bear & Grill Restaurant & Bar 

Long Wharf Theatre 

for Children 


The Study at Yale 
Joann Thompson 
TIMEX Corporation 
Toad's Place, Brian Phelps 76 
Town Fair Tires 
Trader Joe's 

Travelers Championship 
Trumbull Marriott Merritt 


Ultimate Physique Personal 

UNH Alumni Association 
UNH Athletics Department 
UNH Bookstore 
RonaldT. Urquhart '81 
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum 

of Art 

Water's Edge Resort & Spa 
Doug D. Watts '67 and 

Melba Watts 
Wave Gallery 
Webster Bank 
White Space Gallery 
Woodlawn Duckpin Bowling 
Yale Repertory Theatre 


Estate of Theodore Adams 
Estate of Robert E. Bird 
Estate of James Q. Bensen 
Estate of James H. Shattuck 


Theodore D. and Libby Adams Endowed 

Alumni Association Scholarship 
The Alvine Legacy Endowed Scholarship 
Amity Charitable Trust Fund 
The John J. Armstrong Endowed Scholarship 
Edmund M. Autuori Endowed Fund 
Robert D. Bajorin Memorial Scholarship 
The Barn Sale Scholarship Fund 
The Carl Bauer Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Bayer Corporation Endowed Scholarship 
The Steven R. Beadle Endowed Scholarship 
The Beckert Family Endowed Scholarship 
The Carolyn Bell Endowed Scholarship 
The Carmel Benevento Memorial Scholarship 
Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. and Lois E. Bergami 

Endowed Scholarship 
Kenneth W. and Joan Biermacher Family 

Endowed Scholarship 
Roland M. and Margaret T. Bixler 

Scholarship Fund 
The Marjorie and Norman Botwinik Fund 

for Excellence 
Bozzuto's Charity Sports Classic 

Scholarship Fund 
Geraldine Hughes Brekke and Gail L. Brekke 

Endowed Scholarship 
Clarice L. Buckman Scholarship Fund 
Gerald O. Cavallo-Special Metals Company 

Endowed Scholarship 
The Nathan D. Crowell Endowed Scholarship 
Coca-Cola Foundation Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
Connecticut Student Loan Foundation 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 
C. Cowles & Company Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
Aldo DeDominicis Foundation Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
Dr. Lawrence J. and Mary Lou DeNardis 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 
William L. DeSenti Scholarship Fund 
The Dr. Caroline A. Dinegar Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 
Robert B. Dodds Scholarship 
The William B. Dragan Endowed Scholarship 
Clarence Dunham Scholarship Fund 
The Richard Eaton, Sr. Endowed Memorial 


John E. and Beryl Echlin Scholarship 
Robert E. W. Eisele Fine Arts Scholarship 
Lynn W. Ellis Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Ernst and Young Endowed Scholarship Fund 
David Fatek Memorial Fellowship Fund 
The Robert and Linda Fiscus 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 
David Travis Friedrich Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
Murray and Shirley Gerber Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
James Jacob Gerowin Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 
Marian Jean Giusto Endowed Scholarship 

for Criminal Justice 
The Richard Grossi Endowed Scholarship 
Wilfred Harricharan Endowment Fund 
The Hartnett Endowed Scholarship 
Dr. John Hatfield Memorial Scholarship Fund 
John Hatfield Scholar Program 
The Margaret E. Healy Endowed Scholarship 
WiUiam Randolph Hearst Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
The David Hennessey Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 
The Robert Henrickson Endowed Scholarship 
Hershey-Frey Scholarship Fund 
Mrs. Yeh Ko, Hsien-Tao Endowed Scholarship 
Honeywell Life Safety Fire Science 

Endowed Scholarship 
Paul Kane Scholarship Fund 
Nathaniel Kaplan Memorial Scholarship 
Phillip Kaplan Endowed Scholarship 
Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Fund 
An Fu Wang Lee Endowed Scholarship 
Henry C. Lee Forensic Science Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
The Marietta and Leighton Lee, II 

Memorial Scholarship 
Ahmed R. Mandour Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 
The Ellis C. Maxcy Endowed Scholarship 
Edward McCormack Endowed Scholarship 

for Sports Management 
James R. McCormack Memorial Scholarship 
William J. and Virginia S. McCurdy 

Scholarship Fund 
McGough Family Endowed Scholarship 
The McGough Psychology Research Award 
Minority Scholarship Fund 
Arthur H. Moulton Distinguished 

Scholar Award 

The New Haven Wives of the Rotarians 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The Joseph O'Dowd Endowed Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 
The Linda and Jim Olbrys Endowed 

The Daniel C. O'Keefe Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
The Endowed Parents Fund 
The Virginia Parker Scholarship 
H. Pearce Family & Friends Endowed 

The Marvin K. Peterson Scholarship 
Reid Endowed Achievement Scholarship 

The Eugene and Mary Rosazza Scholarship 

Ryan-Foster Scholarship Fund 
The Jessica N. Santos Memorial Scholarship 
The Ernest F. Schaub Endowed Scholarship 

Douglas D. Schumann Distinguished 

Scholarship Award 
The UNH September 1 1th Scholarship Fund 
William A. Simons Endowed Scholarship 
Lester and Mary-GaU Smith 

Endowed Scholarship 
Helen Jackson (Michaels) Sneed Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
The Louis & Mary Tagliatela Endowed 

Eat Healthy, Promote Wellness: The Tichy 

Legacy Endowed Scholarship for Nutrition 
Edward F. Tichy Memorial Scholarship 
Betty Lorello Treadwell Memorial Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
UHY Scholarship 
The Rubin W. Vine and Friends Veterans 

Endowed Scholarship 
The Vincent C. Wachter Endowed Scholarship 
Dick and Michelle Ward Endowed Scholarship 
Dorothy S. Weiss Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The West Haven Scholarship Fund 
The Robert F. Wilson Endowed Scholarship 
The World Journal Endowed Scholarship 
The Dr. Frank R. Yulo Endowed Scholarship 
Angela Zappia and Philip Batchelor Endowed 

Scholarship Award 

62 University oj New Haven Loyal donors of five consecume years of more are indicated in bold italic gold copy. 


AUana R. Adams '85 

Theodore R. Adams '73 

William R. Adams '68 

Paul Alpert '79 

Robert Ah'ine 

Florence Banca 

Peter A. Banca '87 

Henry E. and Nancy H. Bartels 

Philip H. and Susan Bartels 

Enoch Beltz '68 

Joan M. Bene\'ento '87 

John E. Bene\'ento '68 

Estate of James Q. Bensen 

Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. '85 

Margaret T. Bixler '82 

Roland M. Bixler '78 

Marjorie R. Botwinik 

Estate of Norman Botwinik 

James J. Boyle '64 

Ross Bray '69 

Ralf E. and Nancy Carriuolo 

W. McMaster Clarke '63 

Robert J. Cole '60 

Daniel P. Cosgrove 

Charles E. Crowley, Jr. '81 

Estate of Josephine S. Crump 

Gerald R Dandrow '82 

Henri M.David, Jr. '73 

Estate of Joseph Deleeuw 

Stella K. DeMayo 

William S. DeMayo 

Anna Deming 

John N. Deming '52 

Laurence J. and 

Mary Lou DeNardis 
James E. Diehl, Esq. '76 
Isabella E. Dodds 
Edward J. Drew, Jr. '75 
Edward J. Drew, Sr. '82 
Orest T. Dubno '68 
Agnes D. Duva '74 
Robert E.W.Eisele 
Frederick W. Farnsworth '79 
Robert L. Fiscus, CPA 
John Aaron Frey '44 and 

Mildred Frey 
John R. Gehring '52 and 

Leona Gehring 
Murray A. Gerber '79 and Shirley 

Edward Glater 
Ruth Glater 
Robert Af. Gordon 
Juan B. Haydu '79 
Robert C. Henrickson '41 
Ira G. Hubbell '50 
Mildred W.Hull 

Donald J. Ibsen 

Lisa M. lodice '89 

Deborah A. Johnson '93 

Thomas A. Johnson 

John E. Judd '59 

Phillip Kaplan 

Vivian J. Kaplan '80 

M. Jerry Kenig 

Kwahng S. Kim '94 

Ira H. Kleinfeld 

Daniel Kops, Sr. 

Nancy Kops 

Jacqueline Koral and KurtKoral 

Karl H. Kulisch '95 

Ross M. Lanius '85 

Roy L. Larsen '66 

Henry C. Lee and Margaret Lee 

William M. Leete, Jr. 

Ann Lyons 

Robert J. and Nancy Lyons, Sr. 

Joel H. Marks 

Linda R. Martin 

Edward E. Maxcy 

Ellis C. Maxcy 

Virginia S. McCurdy 

Dennis R. McGough '81 and 

Donna McGough 
J. M. McHugh 
Al /.. Mclaughlin 
James N. Mohs '75 
Alexander W. Nicholson, Jr. '65 

and Karen Nicholson 
Peter J. Nieves '94 
Patricia M. Nowicki '65 
Russell D. Offenbach '65 
Chris-Philip Onofrio '76 
Beata E. Orson '95 
Helen R. Pantuso '80 
Philip Paolella 
Herbert H. Pearce 
Robert E Polito, Jr. '98 
Hans C. Rasmussen '85 
Burton R Reed '33 
Thomas C. '89 and 

Trina Reynolds 
Daniel Riccio, Jr. '75 
Frederic M. Richards 
James H. Shattuck 
George W. Sicaras '72 
Daniel M. Smith 
Leon Talalay 
Mark R. Trojanowski '80 
Cheever Tyler 
James W Uebelacker 
Ronald T.Urquhart '81 
Frank A. Warner '62 
Estate of Helen J. Warner 
Louis S.Weady '80 
Walter E Wehner '63 
Estate of Alice Wehner 
Robert E Wilson 



The Ellis C. Maxcy Heritage Society is named for UNH's first President. 
Honored for his outstanding contributions to the University, Dr. Maxcy 
led New Haven College from 1932-1 937. With his foresight and steady 
counsel spanning 48 years of service, the University established the 
foundation for its present level of excellence and achievement. 

By becoming a member of the Ellis C. Maxcy Heritage Society 
and remembering the University through your will or estate plan, 
you are investing in the future of the University of New Haven. 
You open the doors of opportunity to promising students and provide 
an enduring legacy. 

How to Become a Maxcy Heritage Society Member 

You may become a member by: 

Naming the University as beneficiary in your will, 

trust or life insurance policy. 

Establishing a life income arrangement, such as a charitable 

remainder trust or gift annuity. These gift plans provide an income 

stream for life and ultimately benefit the University. 

Making UNH a beneficiary of your IRA. 

Gift Opportunities 

Many planned gifts allow you to creatively achieve your 
philanthropic and financial goals. Your planned gift to the 
University of New Haven could: 

Increase your lifetime income. 

Provide for family members. 

Unlock appreciated assets to produce greater annual income 

without being penalized by capital gains. 

Eliminate or reduce your tax burden. 

Make a generous gift to UNH. 

Privileges of Membership 

Once you become a member of the Ellis C. Maxcy Heritage Society, 
you will enjoy benefits that include: 

Special listings in University of New Haven publications. 

An annual reception with other members of the Society. 

Invitations to special events and academic seminars. 

Knowing that you have provided for future generations 

of deserving UNH students. 

Please contact Timothy Stanton at 203-932-7285 
I or 

If you have already included UNH in your will or estate plan, 
so we may thank and formally recognize you as a Maxcy 
Heritage Society member. 

If you would like to discuss joining the Society and exploring 
various giving strategies that may fit your particular circumstance. 


University of New Haven 


Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. '85 E.M.B.A. 

Chairman of the Board 
Philip H. Bartels 

Vice Chairman of the Board 
Mary J. Barneby 
Kenneth W. Biermacher '76 B.S. 
Gail L. Brekke 

William L. Bucknall, Jr. '63 A.S., '65 B.S. 
Frank P. Carrubba '69 B.S., '79 M.S. 
Wmiam J. Chowanec '70 B.S. 
K. Oni Chukwu '94 M.B.A. 
Ralph F. DellaCamera, Jr. '75 B.S. 
Dr. Richard J. Deslauriers '90 B.S. 
Heidi S. Douglas '82 M.S. 
Rosa M. Gatti 
Jeffery R Hazell '83 B.S. 
Robert M. Lee '78 B.S. 
Thomas K. Lewis, Jr. '74 B.S., '76 M.S. 
Raymond J. Margiano, Jr. '69 B.S. 
Patrick G. O'Brien '66 B.S. 
Ernest F. Schaub '72 B.S. 
Janice K. Sussman '83 E.M.B.A. 
Patricia B. Sweet '79 E.M.B.A. 
Stephen P. Tagliatela 
Samuel E. Thurston '66 B.S. 
Michael W. Toner '82 E.M.B.A. 
Douglas D. Watts '67 B.S. 
Rolan J. Young 





Robert Alvine 


Henry E. Bartels 


Isabella E. Dodds 


Orest T. Dubno '64 A.S., '68 B.S., '75 M.P.A. 


John E. Echlin, Jr. '80 E.M.B.A. 


John Aaron Frey '44 A.S. 


Robert M. Gordon 


Jean M. Handley 


Henry C. Lee 


Mark S. Levy 


Robert J. Lyons, Sr. 


Herbert H. Pearce 


Charles E. Pompea '71 B.S., '90 E.M.B.A. 


M. Wallace Rubin 


Francis A. Schneiders '54 A.S. 


R. C. Taylor III 



R. William Vine 


University of New Haven 


Steven H. Kaplan 

David P. Dauwalder 

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Arthur D. Goon 

Vice President for Student Success 
Caroline V. Koziatek 

Associate Vice President for Human Resources 
R. Thomas Snider, Jr. 

Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management 
George S. Synodi 

Vice President for Finance 
Richard J. Tuchman 

Vice President for University Advancement 


Barry J. Farbrother 

The Tagliatela College of Engineering 
Richard A. Highfield 

The College of Business 
Ronald H. Nowaczyk 

The College of Arts and Sciences 
Richard H.Ward 

The Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice 

and Forensic Sciences 
Rebecca D. Johnson 

Associate Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 
Ira H. Kleinfeld 

Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, 

Research and Faadty Development; 

Interim Dean, University College 

Please visit 


Couple's Gift Reflects the Past, 
Significantly Aflects the Future 

"UNH is 

one of several 


that are 

very dear 


to me. 

Tom Reynolds 

Tom Reynolds '89 B.S., and Trina Reynolds 
have taken the long view in their approach 
to institutional giving. As a member of the Ellis 
Maxcy Society at the University of New Haven, 
Tom has left the University in his will, a gift 
that will have an impact for years into the 
future. "For me, the charities I place in my 
will are a way to leave a legacy," says Tom, 
the assistant majority leader in the Connecticut 
House of Representatives and a state 
representative from the 42nd Assembly 
District. "UNH is one of several institutions 
that are very dear to me." UNH seems 
to run in the family; Tom's brother, 
John J. Reynolds '87 B.A., is also a UNH grad. 

Trina supports her husband's allegiance to his 
alma mater. "We make our giving decisions 
jointly and UNH had a significant impact on 
his life. We take advantage of any opportunity 
we have to give back." 

For information on making a planned gift, please contact 
UNH Associate Vice President of Advancement Operations 
Timothy Stanton at 203.932.7285 or email 


University of New Haven 
University Advancement 
300 Boston Post Road 
West Haven, Connecticut 06516 

1.800.DIAL.UNH v^ 

Non-profit Org. 

U.S. postage 


University of 
New Haven 




The University of New Haven^s 

27th Annual Alumni Scholarship Ball 

^Give Locally f Impact Globally' 

6 p^m*, Saturday, April 17, 2010 

The David A. Beckerman Recreation Center - UNH Main Campus 

The evenings events include the Distinguished Alumni Awards, 
dinner, dancing and live music. Also featuring silent and live auctions. 

Help our students make a difference in our connmunity, our nation and our world. 
Proceeds benefit the UNH Scholarship Fund. Sponsored by the UNH Alunnni Association. 

(If you can't attend the Ball, take part in our exciting online auction March 15 - April 5. Donations always welcome!) 

For more information, visit 

or call 203-932-7270.