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$B 5 5 M4a 




Pahle khatal ear lo EI aj hahine e! eaunsi tIrikh hai — AGAB Itwar 

HAI, YA EO! 'Id hai, to pahle DABTAFT EAB lo EI WUH EAUNSI HAI. 


1 Snbh kl Namaz ka maqam daryaft kame ke liye sufha 1 nikalo, 
aur mazmiir 95 ke anjam tak dekhte jao, ya'nl sufha 3 tak. 

2 Iske ba'd Zabur kholo, jo s. 156 se shuru' hai, aur wahan us tarikh 
ki subh ke liye jo Mazamlr muqarrar hain unhen talash kar lo. 

3 Mazamlr ke ba'd Purane 'Ahdname men se Wird parha jaya 
karta hai, usko apnl Baibal men nikalkar dekha 

4 Phir Subh kl Namaz kl tartib s. 3 ko dekhkar us git ko nikalo 
jise Hamd-TJllah kahte hain; yih Git ya to parha Jaega, ya gaya jaega. 
Iske bajae, ba'z waqt, Boze ke dinon men, ya Amad ke dinon men. 
Tin Jawanon ka Git (s. 4 par) kam aya karta hai. 

5 Iske ba'd Naye 'Ahdname men se Wird parha j&ya karta hai; 
isko apnl Baibal men nikalkar dekho. 

6 Iske ba'd Zakary&h ka Git (s. 5) ya Mazmiir 100 (s. 5), parh& ya 
gaya jaega. 

7 Iske ba'd Basulon ka 'Aqida jo s. 6 par hai, (ya Khass maqamon 
par Muqaddas Athanasyus ka 'Aqlda, jo s. 13 par hai,) parha jata hai, 
aur uske khatm hone par baqi s. 6 parha jaega. 

8 Iske ba'd jo Kalikt us Itwar ya 'Id ke waste muqarrar hai wuh 
parhl jaegl. Yih tamam Kalikten s. 22 se shuru' hoti hain, aur s. 104 tak 
chall jati hain. 

9 Ba'd is ek Kalikt ke, Subh kl Nam&z kl DusrI aur Tlsrl Kalikten, 
jo s. 7 par hain, 'amal men atl hain. 

10 Iske ba'd, agar Girja men kuohh g&ne ka intizam hai, to Git gftya 

11 Phir ya to Litaniya kl Du'a parhl jaegl, jo s. 14 se shurii' hai, yfl 
Tisn Kalikt ke ba'd kl Du'aen jo s. 7 par hain, parhl jiiengl. 

12 Yad rahe, ki jo Du'a Muq. Khrusustum kl kahlati hai, aur s. 7 
par hai, uske shuru' kame se pahle khass Du'aon aur Shukranon men 
se, jo s. 17 se s. 21 tak darj hain, ba'z parhe jaya karte hain. 


13 Yih Namaz s. 105 par shuru' hotI hai. 

14 Badshah kl du'a ke ba'd, jo s. 106 par hai, us din kl Kalikt, aur 
Khatt aur Injil parhl jatI hain, aur yih s. 22 se s. 104 tak mundaraj hain. 

16 Injil se pahle yih alfiaz parhe ya gaye j&ya karte hain, ki " Ai 
Khudawand, terl tamjid ho," aur Injil ke ba'd ba'z girjaon men yih 
ib&rat parhl ya gayl jatI hai, ki "Ai Khudawand, terl is muqaddas 
Injil ke liye tera shukr hai." 

16 Iske ba'd, Nikaya k& 'Aqfda nikftlo, jo s. 107 par hai. 

17 lake ba'd 'umuman Wa'z klya jata hai. 

18 Jis qadr Nam&z baqi hai, wnh Nikaya ke 'Aqfde ke ba'd 8. 107 
se ]ekar, s. 117 tak darj hai. 


19 Sufha 8 par Sham kl Namaz kholo, anr jis maqftm par yih 'Ibftrat 
likhl hai ki ** Khudawand ke Nam ki hamd ho " (s. 10) us tak dekhte jao. 

20 Iske ba'd Zabur kholo, jo s. 156 se shuru' hai, aur wahan us tarlkh 
kl Sham ke liye jo Mazamir muqarrar hain unhen ta]ash kar lo. 

21 Mazamir ke ba'd Furane 'Ahdname ka wird parh& jaya karta hai, 
isko apnl Baibal men nikal lo. 

22 Fhir Mubarak Eunwarl Maryam ka Qlt, ya Mazmur 98f jo s. 10 
par haia,parha ya gay a jata hai. 

23 Phir Naye 'Ahdname men se ek Wird parha jata hai, isko apnl 
Baibal men nikal lo. 

24 Iske ba'd Shama'un ka Git (s. 10) ya Mazmur 67 (s. 11) parhft.yft 
gSya jaega. 

25 Iske ba'd Basulon ke 'Aqide se, is 'Ibarat tak ki " Apne Buh-ul- 
Quds ko ham se juda na kar " jo dono s. 11 par hai& dekhte jao. 

26 Iske ba'd jo Kalikt us Itwar yS 'Id ke waste muqarrar hai wuh 
parhl jaegT. Aur yih tamam Ealikten s. 22 se shuru' hot! hain aur s. 104 
tak chall jati hain« 

27 Ba'd is ek Ealikt ke, Sham ki NamSz kl DusrI aur TisrI Ealikten 
jo s. 12 par hain, kam ay a karti hain. 

28 Jin Girjaon men Git ka kuchh intizam hai, wahan is mauqa' 
par Git gaya jata hai. 

29 TisrI Ealikt ke ba'd wuh Du'aen jo s. 12 par hain parhl jaefigl. 

30 Yad rahe ki jo Du'a Muq. Ehrasustum kl kahlati hai, aur s. 12 
par hai, uske shuru' kame se pahle, khass Du'aon aur Shukranon men 
se^jo s. 17 se s. 21 tak darj hain, ba'z parhe jaya karte hain. 


Bachchon ka Baptisma sufha 118 

BaligonkSBaptisma . .' ,,125 

Efttikizam, ya'nl Sawal o Jawftb ,,130 

Istihk&m • • „ 133 

BasmiNikfth .... . . . . „ 135 

Blmar-pursI kl Tartib ,,140 

BimaroB kl Sharakat ,,1^5 

MurdonkeDafnkI Tartib ,,146 

'Auraton ka Shukrana . • • ,,150 

BasmiWa'id ,,152 

Dlkanon ka Ta'aiyun „ 241 

Prfoton ka Taqarrur • „ 247 

Bishapon ka Taqaddus •••••••>» 253 

Digitized by 







Digitized by 


Digitized by 









W^t CSurtj^ of Cnjjlantr; 



Pointed as they wetohe nmg or said in Chwches ; 




[The first three Prefaces and (he Forms of Prayer at Sea have been omitted, and the first 
of (he two rvbrics at etid of Office for Baptism of Adults has also been used as a 
Preface to the Confirmation Service,'] 




Digitized by vJOOQlC 















nil* Btii 



Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Digitized by 




Concerning the Service of the Church ... ••• ••• ... v 

The Order how the Psalter is appointed to be read ... ... v 

The Order how the rest op the holt Scripture is appointed to be read vi 

A Table op Proper Lessons and Psalms ... ... ... ... vii 

The Calendar, with the Table op Lessons ... ,../ ... ... xii 

.Tables and Bules for the Feasts and Fasts through the whole Year xxiv 

Preface to Order for Morning and Evenino Prayer ... ... xxvi 

The Order for Morning Prayer ... ... ... ... ... 1 

The Order for Evening Prayer ... ... ..^ ... ••• B 

The Creed of Saint Athanasius ... ... ... ... ... 13 

The Litany ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 14 

Prayers and Thanksgivings upon several Occasions ... ... ... 17 

The Collects, Epistles, and Gospels, to be used at the Ministration 

of the holt Communion, throughout the Year ... 22 

The Order of the Ministration of the holt Communion ... ... 105 

The Order of Baptism, both Public and Private ... ... 118, 122 

The Order of Baptism for those of Riper Years ... ... ... 125 

The Catechism ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 130 

The Order of Confirmation ... ... ... ... ... ... 133 

The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony ... ... ... ... 136 

The Order for the Visitation of the Sick, and the Communion of the 

Sick 140,145 

The Order for the Burial op the Dead ... ... ... ... 146 

The Thanksgiving op Woman after Child-birth ... ... ... 150 


Sinners ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 152 

The Psalter ... .. ... ... ... ... ... 156 

The Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining, and Consecrating of 

Bishops, Priests, and Deacons ... ... ... .., 241, 247, 263 

Forms of Prater for the Anniversart op the Dat op Accession op the 

reigning Sovereign ... ... ... ... ».. ... 259 

Articles op Beligion ... ... ... ... ... ... 264 

A Table op Eindbbd and Affinitt ... ... ... -r^^^^Ai^^^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIv! 

M590405 ^ 


GlEJA Ki 'IbADAT KE BARE MEN ... .„ ... ... V 

ZaB0B KE PARHNE KI TaRTIb ... ... ... ... T 


KhAss khass Wirdon aur Mazmuron Kk Naqsha ... ... vii 

JantrT, ma* Wirdon ke Naqshe ke ... ... ... ... xii 

Sal bhar rf 'Idon aur Eozon ke Naqshe aur Qawa'id ... ... xxiv- 

SuBH AUR Sham kS Namaz ka Dibacha ... ... ... xxvi 

Subh ki Namaz kI TartIb ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Sham ki Namaz kI Tartib ... ... ... ... ... 8 

MUQADDAS AtHANASYUS KA 'AqiDA ... ... ... ... 13 

LiTANIYA ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 14 

Ba'z mauqa'on ki Du'aen aur Shukrane ... .,. ... 17 

Kaukten, Khatt, aur InjIlen, jo sal BHAR Pak Sharakat ke 

WAQT KAM AEN ... ... ... ... ... 22 

Pak SharIkat ke 'Amal men lane ki Tartib ... ... ... 106 

Baftisma ki Tartib, khwIh 'Alaniya khwah Ghar men ho ... 118 

Baligon ke Baptisma ki Tartib ... ... ... ... 125 

Katikizam. ... ... ... ... ... ... 130 

IsTiHKAM KI Tartib ... ... ... ... ... 133 

Basm I NiKAH KI Tartib ... ... ... ... ... 136 


MURDON KE DAFN KI TaRTIB ... ... ... ... 146 

Bachche jannb ke ba'd 'auraton ka Shukrana ... ... 150 


IZHAR • ... ... ... ... ... ... 152 

Zab©r ... ... ... ... ... ... 166 

BisHApoN KE Taqaddus, PrIston ke Taqarrur, aur Dikanon ke 

Ta'aiyun ki Tartiben ... ... ... 241, 247, 253 

JanyGarI kI baiswin tarikh ke waste Du'A ki Tartib ... 259 

Masail I Din ... ... ... .., ... * ... 264 

EiSHTON aur NaTON Ki FlHRlST ... ... Digitized-fc^GoOQl^ 274 



EISl amr kl aisi s&f tashrlh nahlu ho saktl, kl ns ke 'amal mea Ifine ke 
waqt kol shnblia paid& na ho. Fas is liye ki is Kit&b ke mazftmln 
ke samajhne aur isti'mal me& lane k! babat jo ikhtilaf i r&e anr shakk o 
shnbhe paidft hofi wuh dafa' kiye ja^, wazih ho ki jo log aise shakk y& 
ikhtil&f i rae meg paren wuh hamesha use apne 'ilaqe ke Bishap ke 
B&mne peush kaim; aur yih un ke rafa' hone ke liye apnl samajh ke 
muwafiq hnkm de; basbarte ki yih hukm is Kitab ke kisi maziuun 
ke khil&f na ho. Aur agar us 'ilaqe ka Bishap khud shakk kare, to jftiz 
hog& ki wuh use rafa' kame ke liye Arch-Bishap ke samne pesh kare. 


ZAB'GB har Mahlne men ek bftr, ya'ni Subh aur Shiim kf namaz ke 
waqty is tarah parhl j&e, jaise age Zabur meg us k& qa*ida bayan 
hoga. Magar Fehtuari moQ wuh sirf athalswfn, y& untTswIn t&rikh tak 
parhl jae. 

Aur ohunki JanyQarl^ Mdrch^Mei^ JtHfLi, Agtist, Aktobar^ aur DUembar 
men iktis iktis din hote hain, is liye yih intizam hua hai, ki jo Mazamir 
tfswin tarikh ko parhe j&eQ, wuhl iktlsw^ tarikh ko bhi parhe jaen ; 
taki Zabur ka parhna agle mahlne kl pahll t&rIkh ko phir shuru* ho. 

Aur chunki ek sau unnlswan Mazmur bals hisson men taqsim huu 
hai, aur us ko ek martabe me& parhna bahut tul hota, is liye aisa intizam 
hiia hai, ki kisI ek waqt mazkur i bala hissoQ men se char ya pasich se 
ziyada na parhe jaen. 

Aur har Mazmur, aur 11 9 wen Mazmur ke har hisse ke &khir meQ 
yih git gaya ya parhft jae, ki : 

Jalal Bap aur Bete: aur Buhid-Quds ka ho; 

Jaisa ibtidd men thd, is waqt hai : aur ahad tak rahega. Amin. 

Wazih ho, ki Zabur kl taqsim aisI hui hai, jaisi YahudI log us ko 
mnnqasam kart6 hain. Digitized by GoOglc 



T)UBANA 'Ahdnama Subh aur Sh&m kl namaz ke pahle WirdoQ ke 
-L liye muqarrar hiia hai ; aisa ki us k& ziyadatar hissa Jantrl ke 
muwftfiq bar s&l mea ek bar parhft jae. 

Naya 'Ahdnama Subh aur Sham kf namaz ke dusre Wirdon ke liye 
muqarrar hull hai ; aur 'alawa Khutut aur Anajll ke, wuh bar sal do 
dafa tartlbwar, ya'nl ek bar subh, aur ek bar sham ke waqt, parha jae ; 
siwa Mukashafa ke, jis mea se sirf ba'z wird s&l ke akhir dinofl ke liye, 
aur ba'z Ehass Wird mukhtalif Tiwharo^ ke liye, muqarrar haifi. 

Aur agar turn janna chaho ki kis roz kaun se Wird parhe jaen, to 
zail kl Jantn men tarikh nikalo, aur us men dekh lo, ki Subh aur Sh&m 
dono kl namftz men kaun se Wird parhne ch&hiyea; magar gair- 
muqarrarl 'Idon ke Wird jantrl men na milenge, aur muqarrar! 'Idon ke 
dinon mefi wirdon ke khane khall hain; lekin.aise sab dino^ ke Khass 
Wird Ehass Wirdoa ke Naqshe men p&e jaefige. 

Agar ek hi 'ibadat-khane mea kisi aise Itwar ko, jis ke liye Naqshe 
mea do ikhtiyarl Dusre Wird muqarrar na hue hon, Shftm kt Namaz do 
bar parhl j&e, to dusri b&r kl Nam&z k& Busr& Wird, Khadim i din kl rae 
ke mutabiq, oharoa Injilofi men se kol ek b&b, ya Wirdog ke Naqshe 
mefi oh&rofi Injiloa me& se kol muqarrar! Wird, ho eaktS hai. 

Aise mauqa'oa par, jinhea Hakim i shara' pasand kare, jantrl meg 
ke muqarrar! WirdoQ ke 'iwaz aur Wird us k! razamandl se parhe ja 
sakte haifi. 

Aur wazih ho, lei jab kabhl khass Uazmur ya Wird muqarrar hue 
hog, to Zabur aur Jantrl mea jo Mazmfir aur Wird aise mauqa'oQ ke 
liye muqarrar haifi wuh (agar un se mutafarriq hofi) to us waqt chhor 
diye jaen. 

Yih bhi wazih ho ki aise mauqa'on par, jinhen Hakim i shara' pasand 
kare, Zabur me& ke muqarrar! Mazmiiron ke 'iwaz aur Mazmiir us kl 
razamandl se parhe ya gde j& sakte haifi. 

Jin tiwharoa ke liye Naqshe mea kh&ss Wird muqarrar hain, agar 
un mes se ko! Amad ke pahle Itw&r, ya 'Id i Qiyamat, ya 'Id i Nuzul, 
ya 'Id i Taslls ko waqi' ho, to in Itw&roQ hi ke Wird parhe jaeQ ; lekin 
agar wuh kis! aur Itwar ko waqi' ho, to Ehadim iilln kl r&e ke mutftbiq 
khwah Itwar khwfih Tiwhar ke Wird parhe ja sakte hain. 

Yih bh! wazih ho, ki jo Ealikt, Ehatt, ya Injil kis! Itwar ke liye 
muqarrar hiil ho, wuh us Itwar ke ba'd ke tamam hafte tak bh! parhe 
j&efi, basharta ki is Eit&b meQ ko! aur hukm na ho. 

Digitized by 






Amad he Ihoar, 




Ghantha ^ 

'Id i WOadat he ha'd he 



'Id i Zuhur k§ ha*d ke Itwar, 







Lent m 3 hafte pahle ha 
Uai It war ka dusra Wird 

Lef4 96 2 ha/te pdhU ha 

Lent ee pcMd liwar. 
Lent Ice Itwar. 







Usi Itwar ka dusra Wird 

*Td i Qiyamat, 

Un Itwar ka dusra Wird 
*Id i Qiyamat he ba*d he 


UbI Itwar ka dusra Wird 














Aiyub xxTii. 
Amsal i. 


Paid, i apr ii. 4 tak 

Muk. xzl 9 tak 

Paid. iii. 

ix. 20 tak 

xix. 12seS0tak 

xxrii 41 tak 



]$Jiur. iii. 


Mati xxYi. 

l^hur. xii 29 tak 
Muk. i. 1086 19 tak 

1 Kur. xv. 29 tak 

Ginti XX. 14 tak 


Ist. iy. 28 tak 


Tash. ii. 

xi. 11 tak 



ya Yash. iy. 2 so 

„ xxiv. 

„ xxviii. 5 

■6 19 tak 
„ xxxiii. 2 

86 23 tak 

— xxxyiii. 

Iii. 18 86 

aur liii. 



Aiyub xxyiii. 
AiTHM.1 iii. 

— xi. 
Paid, ii 4 86 

Muk. xxi. 9 86 

Paid. yi. 






¥hur. y. 


Luqa xix. 28 86 

Khur. XU.29 86 
Yuh. XX. 11 86 
19 tak 

. xl. 

„ xUy. 

^ liT. 

»i Ixi. 

„ Ixyi. 

„ Aiyiib xxix. 
M Amsal yiii. 

„ xy. 

„ Aiyub xxxyiii 

. Paid. yiii. 

, xiii 

, xxiii 

, xxxiu 

, xi 

, xly. 

, ^ur.yi.l4tak 

, xi 

Luqa XX. 9 86 
21 tak 
, l^ur. xiy. 
, Muk. y. 

Ginti xyi. 86 86 „ Gin.xyii.l2tak 
Yuh. XX. 24 86 

30 tak 
Ginti XX. 14 se 

xxi. 10 tak 

Gin. xxi. 10 86 

Ist. iy. 23 86 41 

ix. n 

■ Diyiii^fcid by 

Ist. y. 


• •• 







'Tdi Su'ud he ba'd hd Itwdr, 


Irt. xxxiy. 

„ YahoBhu' L 

'Id i Nuzul. 

xvL 18 iak 


M Hiiq. xzxyL 
25 80 


Bomioo YiiL 18 tak 

Gal. y. 16 le 

,, A'malxyiu.24 

Be xix. 21 tak 

*Id i TadU. 


Paid. XFiU. 

„ Paid.i.,ii.4 

Vbi It war ka dusra Wird 

Muk. i. 9 tak 

Ifisioo iy. 17 tak 

,, Mat! iii. 

'Id i TadU ke ha'd he Itwdr. 


15 tak 

Yahoahu' y. 13 
se yi. 21 tak 

„ Yahosbtx'xxiy. 


Qaz. i?. 

Qaz. y. 

» Qaz. yL 11 se 


1 Sam. iL 27 tak 

1 Sam. iii 

„ 1 Sam. iy. 19 




„ Rut i. 

Paoohwao .... 

XV. 24 tak 


^ 1 Sam. xyii. 



2 Sam. xiL 24 

„ 2 Sam. xyiii. 


1 Taw. xxi 

1 Taw. xxii. 

„ 1 Taw. xxviii. 
21 tak 


xxix. 9 Be 29 


2 Taw. i. 

„ 1 SaL iiL 


1 Sal. X. 25 tak 

1 Sal xi. 15 tak 

„ xi.26fle 




H xyii. 

Oyarahwau . 




« xxi. 

Bftrahwao .... 

xxii. 41 tak 

2 SaL a 16 tak 

„ 2 Sal. iy. 8 BO 
38 tak 

Terahwau .... 


2 Sal. y. 

yL 24 tak 

„ vii. 

Paadzahwaa . 



X. 82 tak 


;: — xiii. 

„ xxiii. 31 


Solahwaa .... 

2 Taw. xaxL 

Nihim. i., u. 

„ Nihim. yiii. 



Yir. xxii. 

„ Yir. xxxy. 

AthazahwaD . 
Unniswao .... 



« Hizq. xiu. 17 

n xxiy. 15 





H Dan. i. 


Dan. iii. 

Dan. iy. 

» ▼. 



Vii. 9 Be 

„ xii. 


Hoshe' xiy. 
'Amos iii. 

Yoel ii. 21 bo 
'AmoB V. 

„ Yoel iii. 9 ae 
„ 'AmoBix. 

Ohaubiswao . 


Mik.iy. aurv. 8tak 


„ Mik. yii. 


Hab. ii. 

Hab. ui. 

„ Safan. iu. 


Wa'iz xi. aux xii. 

Bag. ii. 10 tak 

„ Mal.iii. auriy. 

Wazih ho, ki upar ke Kaqshe meu jo Wird 'Id i I 

asliB ke ba'd ke Battaisweo Itwar 

ke liye muqarrar 

hue» unhea hametba Amad se 

pahle Itwir ko parhns ohahiye. 

Digitized by 






MmqaddoB AndHyas. 

Pahla Wipd 


Aiyub xlii. 7 tak 
Tnh. XX. 19 86 2i tak 

Tas. ix. 8 tak 

Paid. iy. 11 tak 
A'mal Yi. 

l^hnr. xxxiiL 9 se 
Yuh. xiii 28 86 36 tak 

Tir. XXXI. 18 tak 

Bom. ii. 17 se 


Yas. ilix. 13 tak 
Gal. L 11 se 

?hur. xiu. 17 tak 

1 Sam. ii. 27 se 36 tak 

Paid. iii. 16 tak 

Yas. Iviu. 13 tak 
Marq. ii. 13 se 23 tak 

Nauha i. 15 tak 
Yuh. xi?. 15 tak 

Ydh. XT. 14 tak 

Yas. Ixv. 17 tak 
Yfih. xii. 20 86 42 tak 

Yas. xxxy. 
Yiih. xiv. 8 tak 

Yas. vii. 10 se 17 tak 
Titos iii. 4 86 9 tak 


Yas. yi 

Baruk iy. 21 le 81 tak 

1st X. 12 86 

Kul. il 8 86 18 tak 

Yas. xlix. 18 86 24 tak 
Yuh. ii. 12 tak 

Yip. i. 11 tak 
A'mal xxyi. 21 tak 

Haggai ii. 10 tak 

Yas. xxii. 15 se 

Yas. Iii. 7 se 13 tak 

Yonah iii. 

*Ibr. xii. 3 86 18 tak 

Nanha \l 13 se 
Yfih. xiv. 15 86 

Nanha ilL 34 se 
Yfih. xy. 14 se 

Dusra Wild 

*M i WHadai. 

Pahla Wipd 

Busia Wird 

Mtumdda$ SUfaniu, 

Pahla Wird 

Dusra Wird 

Pahla Wird 

Ma'^fM hfulifihiM. ha /tin > 


Pahla Wird , 

Dusra Wird 


Pahla Wird... .4 

Dusra Wird 

Mvqaddat PauZtw ha dU phirtuL 

Pahla Wird 

Dusra Wird 

Kunwari Mariyam H Tahdrat 

Kunwari Mariyam hi hasharat 

Pahla Wird 

Dusra Wird.... 

*id i Qiyamat »e vMd Pit. 

Pahla Wird 

Dusra Wird 

Dflsrft Wird ], 

Digitized by 



*Td i Qiyamat se paUa BvM, 



*ld % Qiyamat $e pMd Juma^rdt 



Mvharah JwMa\ 

Pahla Wird 


*Id i Qiyamat ha *Arfa. 


Busra Wird 

'Td i Qiyamat he ha'd ha Fir, 


Dagra Wird 

'id i QSydmat he ha*d hd MangaX, 



Muqaddai Marque 

Muqaddae Ftlippue aur Ya^quh, 






'id i NuzHl he ha'd hd Pir. 



*id i NuzHl he ba*d hd Mangdl, 



Muqadd€t» Bamabd. 


Dusra Wird 

Muq. Yuhannd Baptisma dejiewdld, 



Muqaddas Patras. 



Muqaddai Ya*qiib. 




Nanha iv. 21 tak 
Tuh. zYi. 16 tak 

Hoshe' ziii 15 tak 
Yuh. xvii 

Paid. xzii. 20 tak 
Yuh. xviU. 

Zak. ix. 

Luqa xxiii. 50 se 

^hur. XT. 22 tak 
Luqa xxiy. 13 tak 

Tuh. xxi. 15 tak 

Yas. Ixii 6 se 

Yas. Ixi. 
Yuh. i. 43 88 

Dan. Til 9 80 15 tak 
LQq& xxiy. 44 se 

Paid. xi. 10 tak 
1 Eur. xU. 14 tak 

Yoel ii. 21 se 

1st. xxxiii. 12 tak 
A'mal iy. 31 ae 

Mai. ill. 7 tak 
Mati iii. 

Hizq. iii. 4 se 15 tak 
Yuh. xxi. 15 se 23 tak 

2 Sal. i. 16 tak 
Luqa ix. 51 se 57 tak 


Dan. ix. 20 86 
Yuh.xvi.16 8e 

Hoshe* xIt. 
Yuh. xiit 36 tak 

Yas. Iii. 13 se anr liii. 
1 Patras il. 

Hoshe' T.8sevL4tak 
Bom. vi.. 14 tak 

Oazal ii. 10 se 
Mat! xxviii. 10 tak 

Hizq. xxxvii. 15 tak 
Yuh. xxL 15 se 

Hizq. i. 15 tak 
Zak. iy. 

2 Sal. ii. 16 tak 
'Ibr. iv. 

Ginti xi. 16 se 31 tak 
1 Eur. xii. 27 se aur xiii, 

Mikahiy. 8tak 
1 Yuh. iy. 14 tak 

Nahum i. 
A'mal xiy. 8 se 

Mai. iy. 

Mati xiy. 13 tak 

Zak. iii 

A'mal iy. 8 se 23 tak 

Yir. xxyi. 8 se 16 tak 

J i y i i i z^d by VjQOQ4^ 



MmqaddoM Bartulmtn 

Muqaddoi MaH. 

Muqadda9 mhall. 



Mtiqadda$ Luqa 

jr«9. Shama'un awr Tahidah, 

8af$ Muqaddat. 


Dosra Wild 


1 Sal. six. 15 n 

Paid, xxxii. 

A'mal xii 5 86 18 tak 

Ya8. It. 

Tas. zxTiii. w 17 tak 

mkmat iiL 10 tak 


Ist. xviii. 15 86 

1 Taw. xxix. 20 tak 

Dan. X. 4 86 
Muk. xir. 14 86 


Yir. iii 12 86 19 tak 

Hikmat y. 17 tak 





Motoi^ kd pdldd din 

MMtrak Juma* 




xix., zlv.y IXXXY. 

yi., xxxii, xxxTiii 

xxii.» xl., Ut. 

ii., Ivii, ckL 

TiiL» XT., xxi 


Ixxxix., ox., oxxxii. 
oil, oxxx., GxUii. 
Ixix., IzxxyiiL 
oxiii., oxiy., cxyiii 
zxiy., xlyii, cyiii. 
dy. cxly. 


Digitized by 




suBH El nam;(z. 



dCsrI wied. 


dCsbI wird. 





Paid!T20 iw'ii!' 




ii.4 8e 







lit % 

iv. 16 86 

iL22 86 




V. 28 86 vi. 

9 tak 




'Id i Zuhur^ 



MatViv. '23*86 v! 



13 tak 


Lukyajwig, Prist 


V. 13 86 83 

ix. 20 tak 

iv. 32 86 V. 

aur Shahid. 


17 tak 


xi 10 tak 

V.33 86 


V. 17 86 



vi. 19 tak 





VL19 86VU. 



vii. 35 tak 



vii. 7 86 


vii. 35 86 

viii. 5 tak 


HilaryuB, Bishap 

xviii. 17 86 

viii. 18 tak 

xix. 12 86 

viii. 5 86 26 

aur Muqirr. 

30 tak 




viii. 18 86 

xxi. 22 tak 

viii 26 86 


xxi. 83 ae 

xxii. 20 tak 

ix. 18 tak 


ix. 23 tak 



ix.l8 8e 

xxiv. 29 86 

52 tak 

ix.28 86 


xxiv. 52 86 

i.24i»k . 



X. 24 tak 


anr Shahid. 

XXV. 19 86 

^x.24 8e 

xxvi. 18 tak 

x.24 8e 


xxvi 18 de * 





aur ohahid. 


xii. 22 tak 




Agne8» Eui^wari 
aur Shahid. 


xii. 22 86 


xiii. 26 tak 


Yinkentyus, . 

TTXi 36 86 

. xiii. 24 tak 


xiii 26 86 


xxxiL 22 86 

XUi. 24 86 

53 tak 




XXXV. 21 tak 

xiv. 13 tak 

xxxvii. 12 


XV. 30 tak 


Muqadda$ Paultu 


Paid, xxxvit 12 


Mat! xiv. 13 86 

Paid, xxxix. 

A'm&l XV. 30 86 
xvi. 16 tak 



XV. 21 tak 

xii. 17 tak 

xvi 16 86 




XV. 21 86 

xlL 53 86 

xlU. 25 tak 

xvii 16 tak 


Xlii. 25 86 

xvi. 24 tak 


' xvii 16 86 


xlui. 25 86 

xliv. 14tak 

xvi. 24 86 

xvii 14 tak 

xliv. 14 86 



xlv. 25 tak 

xvii. 14 86 

xlv. 25 86 

xlvi. 8 tak 

xviii. 24 86 

xix. 21 tak 


Digitized b^ 









dOsra wibd. 






Paid. xlvi. 26 86 
zlviL 13 tak 


Paid, xlvii 1386 

A'mal xix. 21 86 


Kuntearl Mart' 

xviii. 21 86 

XX. 17 tak 

Blasius, Bishap 

xix. 3 tak 


Paid. xIvliL 

xix. 386 27 


XX. 17 86 

anr Shabid. 




xix, 27 86 

XX. 17 tak 

?:hur. i 

xxi 17 tak 


Agatha; Kuowari 

$hiir. iL 

XX. 17 86 


xxi 17 86 

37 tak 


iv. 24 tak 

xxi 23 tak 

iv. 27 86 V. 

15 tak 

xxi. 37 86 

XXii. 23 tak 


V. 15 86 vi. 

xxL 23 86 

vi. 28 86 vii 

XXii 23 86 

14 tak 

14 tak 

XXiii. 12 tak 


vii. 14 86 


viii. 20 tak 

XXiii 12 86 



13 tak 

XXii 15 86 

41 tak 

ix. 13 86 


X. 21 tak 

XXii 41 86 

XXiii 13 tak 





xii. 21 tak 

XXiii. 13 86 

xii 21 86 43 




xii. 43 86 

xiii. 17 tak 


Tiii 17 86 

xiv. 10 tak 

xxvii. 18 tak 


xiy. 10 86 

XXiv. 29 86 

XV. 22 tak 

xxvii. 18 86 


Walintiniu, Bis- 

-^ XV. 22 86 

XXV. 31 tak 

xvi. 11 86 

xxviii 17 


xvi. 11 tak 




XXV. 31 86 


xxviii 1786 




XX. 22 tak 



xxi. 18 tak 

XXVi 31 86 


XXii 21 86 

XXiii. 10 tak 



1 XXiii 14 86 

xxvi. 57 86 


iil7 86 


XXV. 23 tak 


xxviii 13 tak 





xxix.35 86 


42 tak 

57 tak 

XXX. 11 tak 



xxvii. 57 86 

xxxii 15 tak 



xxxii. 15 86 


xxxiii 12 






xxxiv. 10 tak 


xxxiv. 10 86 

27 tak 




i 21 86 

viii. 18 tak 


5hiir. xxxiv. 27 



^hnr. XXXV. 29 
86 xxxvi 8 tak 

viii 18 86 


XXXiX. 3086 

u. 23 86 iU. 

13 tak 

xi 17 tak 



XL 17 86 

iiil3 86 

Ahbar ix. 22 86 
X. 12 tak 

ix. 19 86 



iv. 35 tak 

— -xvi 23 tak 



xix. 19 tak 


xix. 30 86 



XX. 9 tak 

Digitized by 


^^^ JANTRT, 




8HlM Kl NAMlZ. 






Devid, Arch 


Marq. iv. 35 se 

Abb. XXV. 18 86 

Bom. xi. 25 tak 

' Bisbap. 
Che4, Bishap. 

y. 21 tak 

44 tak 


xxvi. 21 tak 

V. 21 se 

xxvi. 21 86 

xL 25 80 


Ginti yi. 

yL 14 tak 

Ginti ix. 15 sex. 
11 tak 



X. 11 se 

vi. 14 86 30 


— '- xi. 24 tak 




. Xi. 24 86 

— r- vi. 30 se 


xiv. aur XV. 8 


: xiiL 17 se 

yii. 24 tak 

xiv. 26 tak 

• XV. 8 80 



xiv.26 8e 

vu. 24 se 

viii. lOtak 

xvi. 23 tak 



xvi. 23 80 

viii. 10 se 



1 Kur. i. 26 tak 


XX. 14 tak 

ix. 2 se 30 


XX. 14 se 



xxi. 10 tak 

ix. SOse 

xxi. 10 se 

32 tak 




X. 32 tak 

TXii. 22 86 

iv. 18 tak 


GreguriuB, Sba- 
hld aur Bishap. 


iv. 18 80 aur 




xi. 27 tak 

xxvii. 12 86 



Ist. i. 19 tak 


13 tak 

l8t. i. 19 86 

vii. 25 tak 


ii. 26 tak 



u. 26 se ill 
18 tak 

vii. 25 80 


iu. 18 86 

xii. 85 se 

xiii. 14 tak 

iV.25 tak 



iy. 25 86 41 

xiii. 14 86 

v. 22 tak 



SeksanoQ ka 

V. 22 86 

xiv. 27 tak 


X., aur xi. 1 


yii. 12 tak 

xiv. 27 86 

53 tak 

yii. 12 86 

; xi. 2 80 17 




xiv. 53 86 


xi. 17 se 


BinidiktUB, Ma- 

xi. 18 tak 

xv. 42 tak 

xi. 18 86 

xii. 28 tak 


xy. 16 tak 

xv. 42 86 xvi. 

xvii. 8 86 



xylii. 9 86 

Luqa i. 26 tak 

xxiv. 5 86 

xiv. 20 tak 




i. 26 86 46 



xiv. 20 80 


Kunwdri Manyam 

i. 46 86 

xv. 35 tak 



kdhashdrat pdnd. 


ii. 21 tak 

Ist. xxviii. 15 se 
47 tak 

XV. 35 86 


xxviii. 47 se 

ii. 21 86 

xxix. 9 86 



iii. 23 tek 

xxxi. 14 tak 

2 Enr. i 23 tak 


iv. 16 tak 

xxxi. SO 86 

xxxii. 44 tak 

i. 23 se ii. 

14 tak 

30 tak 


xxxii. 44 86 

iv. 16 86 


ii. 14 86 aur 




▼. 17 tak 

Yahosbu' i. 

Digitized by 


















Bichan}* Bisbap. 

Muqaddas Am- 




Yahcmhu' ii. 



ix. 3 se 

— — xxi. 43 86 
xxii. 11 tak 


Qaz. iL 

— yi. 24 se 

Alfij, Aioh Bis- 

Muqaddas Giyor- 
giyiis, Shabid. 

Muqadda$ Mar' 
qu8f InfilnawiB, 

viii. 32 

ix. 25 tak 

xi. 29 tak 





1 Sam. i. 

ii. 21 se 







• xiv. 24 tak 

1 Sam. xvii. 31 

xvii. 55 se 

xviii. 17 tak 

XX. 18 tak 



Luqa V. 17 se 

vi. 20 tak 

vi. 20 se 

vii. 24 tak 

vii. 24 se 

viii. 26 tak 

viii. 26 86 

ix. 28 tak 

ix. 28 se 51 


ix. 51 se X. 

17 tak 

- X. 17 se 

xi. 29 tak 

xi. 29 se 

xu. 35 tak 

xii. 35 se 

xiii. 18 tak 

xiii. 18 se 

xiv. 25 tak 

xiv. 25 se 

XV. 11 tak 

XV. 11 se 



xvii. 20 se 

xviii. 31 tak 

xviii. 31 se 

xix. 11 tak 

xix. 11 se 

28 tak 

xix. 28se 

XX. 27 tak 

XX. 27 se 

xxi. 5 tak 

xxi. 5 se 



Yabosbu' iii. 


X. 16 tak 

xxii. 11 se 


Qaz. iv. 

vi. 24 tak 



xi. 29 se 





1 Sam. ii 21 tak 







xiv. 24 

47 tak 


1 Sam. xvii 81 

se 55 tak 

XX. 18 86 

— xxiv. 

XXV. 1 


2 Knr. v. 


— :- vii 2 86 

-^— ix, 


xi. 30 tak 

— — xi. 30 se xii. 

14 tak 
xii. 14 se 

anr xiii. 



iv. 21 tak 

iv. 21 86 V. 

13 tak 

V. 13 86 






— iv. 25 86 V. 

22 tak 
-^ V. 22 86 vi 

10 tak 

Fllip. i 



KvL i 21 tak 

— — i 21 80 H. 

ii 8 se 


Digitized by 

*^ JANTEl, 







DtrsRA wnta 

PAHT.I wmD. 

dusrI wibd. 


pu8 aur Ta*giib, 

KqL iii 18 tak 

M^^^M-* MMMm ^%^ ip«e^^ 


1 Sam. zxyi. 


1 Sam. xxviii. 3 



7 tak 


SaHb k& paja 


xxiL 81 86 

54 tak 




2 Sam. iu. 17 se 

xxii. 54 S6 






vtt. 18 tak 



hanna Injilna- 
W18 ka Latini 
ne hazir hona. 


xxiii 26 se 

50 tak 






XXUL 50 86 

xxiv. IS tak 




xm. 88 se 

xiv. 26 tak 

xxiv. 13 se 

XV. 16 tak 



XV. 16 Be 

Yuh. i. 29 tak 

Xvi. 15 tek 

2 This, i 


XVi. 15 86 

xyU. 24 tak 

i. 29 se 

xvii. 24 86 

xviii. 18 tak 



xviii. 18 se 


xix. 24 tak 



xix. 24 se 

iii 22 tak 

xxi. 15 tak 

1 Tim. i 18 tak 



iii. 22 se 




1 SaL i. 28 tak 

iv. 31 tak 

1 Sal. i. 28 86 
49 tak 

— iii. 



iv. 31 86 




1 SaL iy. 20 se 

v. 24 tak 




vi. 15tak 

V. 24 86 

viii. 22 tak 



viii. 22 se 

54 tak 


viu. 54 86 

ix. lOtak 



Banstaiif Arch 


vi. 22 86 41 


xi 26 tak 



xi. 26 86 

vi. 41 86 

xu. 25 tak 



Xii. 25 86 

xiu. 11 tak 

vii 25 tak 

XUi. 11 86 



xiv. 21 tak 

vu. 25 se 

xvi 8 tak 

Titus i 



viii. 31 tak 




xviii. 17 tak 

viii. 31 86 

xviii 17 se 








*^;. ^•^ 


ix.39 8ex. 

22 tak 

2 Sal. i 



Bi4 mn'azzaz, 

2 Sal. ii. 

X. 22 86 

iv. 8 se 

ii. aur iii. 7 




xi. 17 tak 

vi 24 tak 

iii 7 86 iv. 

14 tak 


vi24 8e 






20 tak 





X. 18 tak 

xii. 20 se 

X. 18 se 


Digitized by VJ 


JANTEI, ^^^^ 




SUBH KI ;namXz. 


pahlI wibq. 

dOsrI wird. 





2 Sal. xiii. 

Yoh. xiii. 21 tak 

2 ^L xvii. 24 

2 Taw. xii 

'Ibr. viu. 


xvu. 24 Be 

.xiii 2186 



2 Taw. xiii. 



X. 19 tak 




xvi aur xvii 

14 tak 

X. 19 86 





XX. 31 tak 

xi. 17tak 


-T — XX. 81 se 

anr xxi. 

■ XVi. 16 86 

— xxii. 

xi.l7 8e 



n — xxiii. 


- — xxiv. 





xxvi aur 




. xxviii. 

—r- xviii. 28 se 


Ya'qub i. 


xxix. S 86 

— xix. 25 tak 

2 Taw. XXX. 


.21 tak 

aur xxxi. 1 


Muqaddas Bar- 
naba, Ba$uh 

••••«*•• ••*«**•• ••««••«* 

•^••••^w «v««« v«« •«■•*««* 



Yuh. xix. 25 86 

2 Sai xix. 20 tak 



— xix. 20 se 

-. — XX. 19 tak 




Yas. xxxviii. 9 
se 21 tak 

XX. 19 86 

2 Taw. xxxiii 






1 Pat. i 22 tak 


-i— xxiii. 21 Mi 

- — A'mal i 

— T—xxiv. 8 86 

i. 22 86 ii. 

xxiv. 8 tak 

XXV. 8 tak 

11 tak 


Muqaddas iLlba^ 
niu Sfaahid. 

XXV. 8 so 


'Ixra i aur iu. 

ii. 11 seaur 

iii. 8 tak 


•Izril iv. 

: ii.22 8e 


iu. 8 se iv. 

7 tak 



— iii. 

viii 15 86 1 iv.7 86. 


E4war4 Badshah 


— iv. 82 tak 

X. 20 tak 



Nih. i. 

iv. 32 86 V. 

17 tak 

Nih. ii 



— -iv. 

v,17 8e 





vi. aur vii 6 


— vi 

vii 73 86 

aur viii 



Muq, YuhannS 

• •••• •#999>*9> #9 9ii|.C ••# • 


Nih. xiii. 15 tak 


Nih. xiii 15 86 

1 Yuh. i. 


Ister i. 

VU. 35 86 

Ister ii. 15 86 aur 

ii. 15 tak 


. vui. 5 tak 



- — iv. 




a 15 86 




Viii 26 86 


iii 16 tak 


Muqaddas Patras, 


Aiyub L 

A'mal ix. 23 tak 

Aiyub ii. 

1 Yuh. iii. 16 se 
iv. 7 tak 

Digitized by 
























Knowaii Mari- 

Maqaddas Mar- 
tiniis k& tabad- 
dul i maqam. 


pahlI wzbd. dCsbI wmo. 

Swidhan, Bishap. 

Margarita, Kuo< 

Muqaddas Mari- 
yam Magdaliya. 


\itMaddai Ya^qvhy 

Muqaddas Han- 








— XXT. Mir 


XXX. 12 le 

27tak « 

xxxyiii. 89 

86 aur xxxix. 

Am& i. 20 tak 


iii. 27 B6 iv. 

20 tak 

v.. 15 86 



xi. 15 tak 

A'mal ix. 1 


- xii. 10 86 

- xiv. 9 86 28 

Ama. xy, 18 86 

XVi. 31 86 

x?iL 18 tak 

Xix, 13 86 

xxi. 17 tak 

xxiii. 10 86 


•X. 24 tak 

- 2.24 86 



xiii 26 tak 

xiii 26 86 


XV. 80 tak 

XV. 30 86 


— XTi 16 86 

XTii 16 tak 

XTU. 16 86 


xviii. 24 86 

xix. 21 tak 

— xix. 21 86 
XX. 17 tak 

XX. 17 86 

xxi. 17 tak 

xxi 17 86 

37 tak 
xxi 87 86 

xxii 23 tak 

— xxii 28 86 
xxUi 12 tak 

— xxiii 12 86 

— xxiv. 


PAHLA WHU). dOsbI wibd. 

A'mal XXY. 

— xxvi 



— xxviii. 17 86 

Aiy. iv. 

■ vi 






xxii. 12 86 

29 tak 



xxix. aur 

XXX. 1 
xxxi 13 86 




Ams. i. 20 86 


iv. 20 86 y. 

15 tak 



X.16 86 

xi 15 86 


xiv. 28 86 

XV. 18 tak 

Anu. xvi 20 tak 

xviii 10 86 

XX. 28 tak 

xxii 17 tak 

xxiv. 21 86 

xxvi 21 tak 

— — y. 

2 Tub. 

Mafi i 18 ae 



iv. 23tak 

iv. 28 86 T. 

18 tak 
y. 18 86 38 

y. 83 86 

vi. 19 tak 


7 tak 
vii. 7 86 

viii 18 tak 

viii 18 86 

ix. 18 tak 

-^— ix.18 n 

— X. 24 tak 

x.24 8e 


xii. 22 tak 

xii 22 86 

xiii 24 tak 

— ^xiii. 24 86 
53 tak 

— xiii 53 86 
xiy. 13 tak 

xiv. 13 86 

XV. 21 tak 

XV. 21 86 

xvi 24 tak 

Digitized by 


























SUBH Kl i^AMlZ. 






Yisfi' Nam. 

Muqaddas Lau- 
rentyiu, Shahid. 

Ams. xzviL 28 






Yir. ii. 14 tak 
V. 19 se 

vii. 17 tak 





xxii. 18 se 

— xxi?. 


-^xxix. 4 se 

20 tak 



Muq<idda§ Bar^ 

If nqaddas Angas- 
turns, Bishap. 

Muqaddas Tuh- 
anna Baptists 
ki sir katna. 


- xxxiii 14 


• xxxvLHse 


1. 21 tak 

Hiaq. i 15 tak 

iii 15 se 

- xiL 17 se 

Bom. ii 17 tak 

ii. 17 se 






viii. 18 tak 

viii. 18 se 

ix. 19 tak 

ix. 19 se 

— -X. 


— xL 25 80 



— xiv. aur xv. 

XV. 8se 


1 Kmr. i. 26 tak 



iv. 18 tak 
iv. 18 se aur 



- vii. 25 tak 

- viL 25 se 



* X. aar xi 1 
- xi. 2 se 17 



Ams. xxviii. 15 

xxxi. 10 se 

Wa'iz ii 12 tak 





V. 19 tak 

vi22 tak 



' xiii 8 se 24 


- xvii 19 tak 



• xxiiil6tak 

• XXV. 15 tak 



xxxi 15 se 

88 tak 
xxxiii Use 




• xxxvi. 14 


•xxxviii 14 

Yir. xxxix. 

li.54 8e 

Hisq. i. 15 se 
iii 15 tak 


- xi. 14 se 

• xiii 17 tak 

Ifati xvi 24 se 

xvii 14 tak 

xvii 14 se 

xviii 21 tak 

xviii. 21 se 

xix. 3 tak 
xix. 8 se 27 

xix. 27 se 

XX. 17 tak 

— XX. 17 se 

xxi 28 tak 

xxi 23 se 

xxii 15 tak 

xxii 15 se 

41 tak 
xxii 41 1 

xxiii 13 tak 

— xxiii. IS fie 

— xxiv. 29 se 

XXV. 31 tak 

XXV. 31 Be 


xxvi 31 se 

57 tak 
xxvi 57 se 



57 tak 

— xxvii 57 se 

— xxviii 

Mar. i 21 tak 

i. 21 se 


ii 23 se iii 

13 tak 
iii 18 se 

iv. 85 tak 

iv. 35 se V. 

21 tak 


Digitized by 






pahlI wibd. 

dCsbI wird. 

PAHLl wnu). 




Hizq. xiii. 17 se 

1 Kur, xi. 17 se 

Hizq. xiv. 12 tak 

Marq. t. 21 se 


xiv. 12 se 

xii. 28 tak 

XVL44 se 

vL 14 tak 



xu. 28 eo 

aur xiii. 

xviii 19 se 

vi. 14 se 30 



-^ — xx.l8tak 

xiv. 20 tak 




XX. 33 se 



xxii.28 8e 

vii. 24 tak 


xxiv. 15 se 

XT. 85 tak 


vii. 24 86 

viii. 10 tak 


YairarVhiiB, Bis- 

xxvii. 26 

XV. 85 se 

xxvii 26 se 

viii 10 se 



is. 2 tak 


EuQwan IMatI- 

xxviii. 20 



ix. 2 se 30 

yam ki wUadat 




xxxiL 17 


2 Ear. i. 23 tak 

xxxiU. 21 


— ix.30 8e 



i. 23 se ii. 

14 tak 

xxxiv. 17 


X. 32 tak 


xxxiv. 17 se 

ii. 14 Be 

aur iii. 

xxxvi. 16 se 




xxxvii. 15 




xi 27 tak 




xi. 27 se 

xu. 13 tak 


Muqaddas salib 

Dan. U. 24 tak 


iL24 8e 

xii 13 se 

35 tak 




vii. 2 se 

iv. 19 tak 

xii. 35 so 

xiii. 14 tak 


iv. 19 se 


v. 17 tak 

xiii. 14 se 


Lambert, Bishap. 

V. 17 se 



xiv. 27 tak 


vu. 15 tak 



xiv. 27 se 

53 tak 


ix. 20 tak 

xi. 30tak 

ix. 20 se 



-: — X. 20 tak 

xi. 30 se 

xiL 14 tak 

XV. 42 tak 


Muqaddas Mali, 

xii. 14 se 

XV. 42 se 


aur xiii. 



Hoshe' u. 14 se 

Gal. i. 


Luqa i 26 tak 


V. 8 se vi. 7 



vii. 8 se 

i 26 se 57 



— via. 


ix. [tak 

i. 57 se 



iv. 21 tak 


ii. 21 tak 


Muqaddas Kup- 
Myanus, Arch 

xiii. 15 tak 

iv. 21 se T. 

13 tak 

ii 21 se 



v.lSse f 

Yoel ii. 15 tak 

iii 23 tak 


ii.l5 8e 28 


vi. 'i 



iv. 16 tak 




#**••*##§# 9 9000W90i 9 00^ 

• ••••see*s#9%# *###t • •• • 1 


Muqaddas Hiya- 

Yoel iii. 9 se 


'Amos i. aur ii. 4 

Luqa iv. 16 se 



Digitized by 



xxi 1 










Bemigyoiy Bis* 

'Amos ii. 4 86 iii. 

Ifisloo ii 

'ijll08 iv. 4 86 

Luqa V. 17 tak 


Y. 18 tak 


V. 18 86 vi. 

9 tak 

V. 17 86 



iv. 25 tak 


vi20 tak 




iv. 25 86 V. 

22 tak 


vi 20 86 


Yonah i. 

V. 22 86 vi 

10 tak 

Yonah ii 

vii 24 tak 


Feth, KuDi;?ari 
. aur Shabid. 


vi. 10 86 


vii 24 86 


Mikah i 10 tak 


Mikah ii 

viii. 26 tak 





viii. 26 86 


Mnqaddas Diy- 
nnnsyus, Bishap. 









ix. 28 86 51 



Nahum ii. 



ix. 51 86 X. 

17 tak 



i 21 86 ii 



X. 17 86 


B4war4 Badshab 
ka Tabaddul i 



Saf. i 14 tak 

xi. 29 tak 



Saf.i.l4 8eii.4 

— iii 18 tak 



Xi29 86 





xii. 35 tak 


Hag. u. 10 tak 


— ii. 10 86 

xii. 35 86 



7ek. i. 18 tak 



— xiii 18 tak 




xiii 18 86 

•••••f#a ••• •••••• ••• ##• • 

••••••••••••t« ••• •##99#8 


Zak. iii 



xiv. 25 tak 





xiv. 25 86 

XV. 11 tak 



2 Tliis. i 

^^ viii. 14 tak 

XV. 11 86 



ix. 9 86 



X. '^ 



xvii. 20 tak 



1 Tim. i. 18 tak 


xvii. 20 86 


Krispinag, Sha- 


i. 18 86 aur 

Malaki i 




MalakT iL ' 


iii. 13 tak 

xviii. 31 86 

xix. 11 tak 






Hikmat i 

— Xix. 11 86 

28 tak 


ma*un aur 

— — V- 

xix. 28 86 

^ 1 



Hikmat ii 


Hikmat iv. 7 86 

XX. 27 tak 




vi. 22 86 vii 

15 tak 

XX. 27 86 

xxi. 5 tak 



vii 15 86 


viii 19 tak 

XXi5 86 

Digitized by 










dOsrI wibd. 


Bab Muqaddawn 
ha din. 


Hikmat is. 

2 Tim. iii. 

Hikmat xl 15 tak 







xxii' 81 86 

54 tak 



Titus i. 

Bin 8MFh ii. 

xxii 54 86 


iii. 17 86 80 



iv. 10 86 



Lenar^ Muqirr. 



vii 27 86 

xxiii. 2686 

50 tak 


X. 18«e 


xiv. 20 tak 

XXiii. 60 86 

xxiv. 13 tak 


XV. 9 se 

'Ibr. i. 

XVi. 17 86 

xxiv. 13 86 



ii. aur iii. 7 


xviii. 16 86 

Yuh. i29tak 


— xix. 13 se 

iii. 7 86 iT. 

14 tak 

xxii. 6 86 

24 tak 

i 29 86 


Muqaddas Mar- 
tlDiis, Bishap. 


ir. 14 se 

aur V. 

xxiv. 24 se 



xxxiii. 7 se 

23 tak 


xxxiv. 15 86 

iU. 22 tak 


Brityus, Bishap. 



xxxvii8 86 

19 tak 

iU. 22 86 





iv. 31 tak 


MaPutus, Bis- 

xlL 14 tak 


xiii. 15 86 




X. 19 tak 

1. 25 tak 

V. 24 tak 


Hyu, Bishap. 

Ii. 10 se 

X. 19 86 

Barak iv. 21 tak 

V. 24 86 


Baruk iv. 36 se 
aur V. 

xi. 17 tak 

Yas. i. 21 tak 

vi. 22 tak 


Yas. i. 21 86 

xi. 17 86 


vi 22 86 41 



Edman4) Bad- 

iii. 16 tak 


iv. 2 86 

vi. 41 86 


V. 18 tak 


v. 18 86 

vii 25 tak 


Kekllya, EuQ- 
wall aur Shahid. 


Ya'qub i. 

vii. 17 tak 

vii. 25 86 


Mnqaddas Kle- 

viii. 5 86 18 


viii. 18 86 

viii 31 tak 

mint, Bishap. 


ix. 8 tak 


ix. 8 se X. 

5 tak 


X. 5 se 20 


viii. 31 86 


Katharin, Kuo- 

X. 20 86 


xi. 10 tak 



Xi. 10 86 



ix. 39 86 X. 

22 tak 



1 Pat. i. 22 tak 

xiv. 24 tak 

X.22 86 



i. 22 »3 ii. 

11 tak 


xi. 17tak 



xix. 16 tak 

ii. M ge iii. 

8 tak 

— xix. 16 86 

xi 17 86 47 



Muqaddas And- 

riyaSf Basul, 


Digitized by 

















KuQwari Mari- 
yam ka pe^ mes 

Lukya, Kuuwari 
aur Shahid. 



Muqaddcu Tomdf 

'Id i Wiladat. 
Muqaddaa Stifa- 

nu8y Shahid. 
Muqaddas ' Yu- 

hanruif Injil- 

Ma*sum hach' 

chon ltd din. 

Silvietar, Bishap. 



Yas. XXL 18 tak 

xxii. 15 80 


— ^ xxvL 20 tak 


xxviii. 14 

- xxix. 9 tak 

- XXX. 18 tak 




Xl. 12 86 

XH. 17 86 

xlii. 18 86 

xlui. 8 tak 


xlv. 8 86 




119 86 

lii. 13 86 

aur liii. 

Yas. Iv. 
— Ivii. 

Yas. Ixi. 
— Ixiii. 

• Ixv. 8 S6 


1 Pat. iii. 8 se 
iv. 7 tak 

iv. 7 86 


2 Pat. L 



1 Yuh. i. 

iil5 86 

iii. 16 tak 

iii. 16 86 iv. 


iv. 7 86 



3 Yuh. 



ii. 18 86 iii 

7 tak 
— iv. 

Muk. viii. 



Huk. xvi. 
xix. 11 tak 

— XX. 

xxi. 15 86 

xxii. 6 tak 


pahlI wibd. 

Yas. xxii. 15 tak 


xxvi. 20 86 

aur xxvii. 
— — xxviii. 14 86 

xxix. 9 se 

XXX. 18 86 

— xxxii 


xl. 12 tak 

xU. 17 tak 

xlii. 18 tak 

xliii. 8 86 

xliv. 21 86 

xlv. 8 tak 



xlix. 13 86 


lii 13 tak 


Yas. Ivi 



Yas. Ixii. 



dCsrI wibd. 

Yuh. xi 47 86 

xii. 20 86 

xiii. 21 tak 

xiii 21 86 



xvi. 16 tak 

xvi. 16 86 


xviii. 28tak 

— xviii 28 86 

xix. 25 tak 

xix. 25 86 

XX. 19 tak 

XX. 19 86 


Muk. ii 18 tak 


Muk. X. 


Muk. xviii. 

• xix. 11 86 

• xxi 15 tak 

-xxii. 6 86 

Digitized by 






5Ti> • Qiyamat, jis par aur sab gair-mnqarrarl tiwharlmunhasir rahte 

X hain, hamesha us Itwar ko hot! hai, jo M&roh kl ikkis win t&rlkli 

ya us ke~ba'd kl FuranmasI ke ba'd Fahl& ho ; aur agar Furanm&sl 

Itw&r ko waqi' ho, to 'Id i Qiyamat us ke ba'd hi ke Itwar ko hogf . 

Amad hapahla Itwar hamesha wuh Itwar hot& hai^yyMuqadSM 
Andriyas he din ke ziy&da nazdik ho, khwah us se pahle waqi' ho, 
khw&h us ke ba'd. 

Lent $e tin hafte pahle hd Itwar 'Id % Qiyamat se nau hafte 
pahle ka Itwar hota hai ; aur usi tarah Lent $e da hafte pahle hd 
Itwar us se ath hafte pahle ka Itwar, Lent sepahld Itw&r us se s&t 
hafte pahle k& Itwar, aur Lent hd pahla Itwar us se ohha hafte 
pahle ka Itwar hota hai. ' • 

Fhir Btijd hd Itwar ya Boge$han Sande 'Id i ^yamat ke panch 
bafte ba'd ka Itwar hota hai : aur usi' tarah 'Id i Su'ud us'"ke 
ohalte din ba'd hot! hai, aur 'Id i Nmul us ke sat hafte ba'd k& 
Itwar aur *Id i TaslU us ke ath hafte ba'd ka Itwar hota hai. 


Sal bhar ke sab Itwar7 

Hamare Ehudawand Yisu' Maslh ka khatna. 

'Id i Zuhfir. 

Muqaddas Faulus ka dil phima. 

Mubarak Eunwarl kl Taharat. 

Huqaddas Mattiyah, Basul. 

Mubarak Eunwarl ka basharat pana. 

Muqaddas Marqns Injil-nawls. 

Muqaddas Filippus aur Ya'qnb, Basul. 

Hamare Ehudawand Yisu' Maslh ka Su'ud. 

Muqaddas Bamaba. 

Muqaddas Yuhanna Baptisma denewale kl Wiladat. 

Muqaddas Fatras, Basul. 

Muqaddas Ya'qub, Basiil. 

Muqaddas BartulmaT, BasuL 

Muqaddas MatT, BasCil. 

Muqaddas Mlkail aur kuU Firishte. 

Muqaddas Luqa, Injil-nawfii. 

Muqaddas Shiuna'un aur Yahudah. 

Sab Muqaddas. 

Muqaddas Andriyas, BasuL 

Muqaddas Toma, Basul. 

Hamare Ehudawand kl Wiladat. 

Muqaddas Stifanus, Shahld. 

Muqaddas Yuhanna, Injil-nawls. 

Muqaddas Ma'sum. 

'Id i Qiyamat ke ba'd ka Fir aur Manga!* 

'Id i Nuzul ke ba'd ka Fir aur Mangal. 

Digitized by 




Zail kl 'Idon ke ' Arfe ya Bedarian :— 

Hamare Khud&wand kl Wiladat. 
Mubarak KtiQwarl Maryam kl Taharat. 
Mubarak Kunw&rl ka bash&rat pan&. 
•Id i Qiyftmat. 
'Id i Su'ud. 
'Id i Nuzul. 
Muqaddas Mattiyy&b. 
Muqaddas Tuhanna BaptistA, 
Muqaddas Patras. 
• Muqaddas Ya'qub. 

Muqaddas Bartulm&I. 

Muqaddas Mail. 

Muqaddas Shama'un aur Yahudftlu 

Muqaddas Andriyas. 

Maqaddas Toma. 

•Sab Muqaddas* 

Wazih ho, ki agar in men se kol 'Id Pir ko waqi' bo, to Bedarl ya 
Boza us se pahle Itwar ko nablg, balki Sanlchar hi ko rakkha jae. 


1. Lent ke challson din. 

2. Imbar Dez, [ya'nl Taqarrur ke charon muqarrarl dinog se pahle 

Budh, Juma', aur Sanlohar] ; ya'nl Lent ke pahle Itwj&r, 'Id i 
Nuzul, Siptembar kl ohaudahwin tarikh, aur Disembar kl 
terahwiQ tarikh, ke ba'd ke Budh, Juma', aur Sanlohar* 

3. Aiyam i Iltija ke tinon din, ya'nl Muqaddas JumaWdt, jo ham&re 

Khuddwand ka Su'ud bhi kahlata hai, us se pahle Pir, Mangal, 
aur Budh. 

4. 'Id i Wiladat ke siwa s&l bhar ke sab Jum'a. 



Digitized by 





UBH aor ShAm kl NamAz Oirj& y& Chepal y& Oh&nsal 
ke ma'mull maq&m par 'amal men &e, basharte ki us 
'ilaqe ke H&kim i shara* kl taraf se kol aur hukm s&dir .^a 
bo. Aur Chansalon ki wnhl surat rahe, jo pahle se rahtl 
al bai. • 

Aur wazih ho, ki Giij& kl jo Zebftish aur Eh&dim&n i din 
kl jo Ar&iflh un kl ad& i khidmat ke bar ek waqt Edward 
Sbasbnm ke aan i julos ke dusre s&l men P&rlimant ke hukm 
se isl EalI8ij& i Inglist&n men muata'mal thi, wuhl badastur 

Digitized by 




f Snbh kiNam&z ke shnru' men ipiadim i din Eitab-i-Muqaddaskiia AyatoD men 
06, jo zail men darj haio, ek ya kai ek baland awaz se parhe. Ba'd ns kQ v» 
'ibarat ko, jo Ayatoo ke niche marqam hai, snnae. 

AGAE sharlr apnl shararat se jo 
karta hai, baz ae, aur wuh 
kftm kare, jo durnst aur jaiz hai, to 
wuh apnl jSn jitt rakkhega. (Hizq, 
xviii. 27-) 

Maifi apne ganabon ko man let& 
hua ; aur meri khata bamesha mere 
samne haL (Mazmur li. 3.) 

Mere gun&bon se chashm-poBbi 
kar ; aur merl sari buraiyan mita dal. 
{Mazmur li. 9.) 

Ebuda ke zabihe shikasta jan 
hain : dil shikasta aur khaksar ko, 
ai "Khuda, tu haqlr *na janega. 
{Mazmur li. 17.) 

Apne dil ko pbaro, na ki apne 
kappa ^o, aur Khudawand apne 
Khud&kttaraf mutawajjib ho; kyua- 
ki wuh mihrb&n aur sbafiq hai, qahr 
kame meu dblma, aur nihayat rabim 
hai, aur saza dene se dareg karta 
hai. (Toel ii. 13.) 

Kbud&wand bamare Khuda kl rah- 
maten aur amurzgarian bain, bar- 
chand ki bam ne us se bagawat kl 
hai : bam hargiz Khudawand apne 
Khud& kl ftwSz ke sbunawH na hue, 
ki us kl sbarl'aton par, jinhen us ne 
ham&re age zahir kiya chalen. 
(Ban. ix. 9, 10.) 

Ai Khudawand, mujhe tambib de, 
par andaze se ; apne qahr se nablg, 
na ho ki tu mujhe n&bud kar de. 
( Yar, z. 24 ; Mazmur vi. 1.) 

Tauba karo; kyunki asman kl 

UR. PR. 

badsbsbat nazdik fil hai. (MaU 
iii. 2.) 

Main uthkar, apne bfip ke p&s 
jaunga, aur us se kahunga ki Ai bap, 
main ne asman ka, aur tere nazar 
men gunahgar hua; ab is laiq 
nabin raha, ki phir tera beta kah^ 
laun. (Luqd xv. 18, 19.) 

Ai Khudawand, apne bande ko 
apne sath 'adalat men na la ; kyunki 
koi insan jiti jan tere buzur rastbaz 
thabar nahin sakta. (Mazmur cxliiL 


Agar bam kaben ki ham begunah 
bain, to apne ap ko fareb dete bain, 
aur ham men sachchai nahin : agar 
apne gunahon ka iqrar karea, to 
wuh bamare"* gunahon ke mu'af 
kame, aur hamen sari nar&st! se pak 
kame men, sachcha aur 'adil hai. 
(1 Tuh I 8, 9.) 

A I piyare bhaiyo, Kitab-i^Muqad- 
das kitne hi maqamon men 
hamen ubharti hai, ki apne tarah 
tarah ke gunahon aur badlon k& iqrar 
karen ; aur un kl nisbat Qad ir i Mutlaq 
Khud& ke buzur, jo hamara Asm&ni 
Bap hai, babana na karen aur na un 
par parda dalen ; balki garlb, '&jiz, 
tfiib, aur tabi'dar dil se un ka iqrar 
karen ; taki us ke be-badd rabm o 
karm se un kl mu'afi hamen basil 
bo. Aur agarobi ham par farz hai 
ki l^X waqt Khuda k^^ samne firo* 

Digitized by CjOOglC 


tanl 196 apne gnn&bon ko m&n len, 
lekin yih kama khasskar us waqt 
farz hai, jab ham is liye jama' hon, 
ki jo bar! barl ni'maten ham ne us 
ke hathon pal hain, un ka shukr ada 
karen, ns kl hamd nihayat laiq tanr 
par baja Iften, us ka paktarm Kalam 
snnen, aur jo ohizen jism anr ruh 
dono ke liyje darkar hain, us so 
mfiagen. Is waste main sab hazirin 
se ba-minnat 'arz karta hun, ki pak 
dil aur 'ajizi kl &waz se asm&nl fazl 
ke takht ke huzur mere sath akar 
mere pichhe pichhe kaho : 

f Iqi^ i 'amm, jise tamam jam&'at 
^adim 1 dm ke sath ghu^ne tekkar, 
US ke piclihe plohhe kahe. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur kamal rahlm 
Bap; Ham ne khata kl hai, 
aur khol hul bheron kl manind teri 
rahon se bhatak'^aye hain. Ham 
ne apne apne dil ke mansubon aur 
khwahishon ki ziyada pairawX kl hai. 
Ham tare "pak hukmon ke khilaf 
chale hain. Jo ham ko kama lazim 
tha, wuh ham ne nahin kiya ; Aur 
jo ham ko kama rawa na tha» wuh 
ham ne kiya hai; Aur ham men 
kuchh sihhat nahln. Lekin, ai Khu- 
d&wand, tii ham 'ajiz qusurwaron 
par rahm kar. Ai Khud&, jo apni 
khataon ka iqrar karte hain, tu unhen 
chhor ^e. Jo tauba karte hain, 
unhen bahal kar; Un wa'don ke 
bamiijib jo tu ne hamslre Khudawand 
Masih Yisu' kt ma'rifat bani Adam 
se kiye hain. Aur ai kamal rahlm 
B&p, us ki"khatir yih bakhsh, Ki 
ftge ko ham khudaparasti, rastbazi, 
aur parhezgarl se zindagl basar 
karen, Taki, tere pak Nam ka jalal 
zfthiFho. Amin. 

f Makhlasi ya'ni gunahoQ ki Mn'afi, 
jisesirf Frist hi khara hokar Bimae ; 
aur jama'at gbutne ^eke rahe. 

QADIE i Mutlaq Khuda, hamare 
Khudawand Yisu* Maslh ka 
Bap, kisi gunahgar kl maut nahin 
ohaht&, balki yih chahtS hai, ki wuh 
apnl badi se b&z akar zinda rahe; 
aur us ne apne Khadimon ko yih 
'Utiyftr aur hukm diya haT, ki wuh 

us ke bandon ko jo tauba karte hain 
un ke gunahon se Makhlasi aur 
Mu'aft pane ki khabar aur hukm 
sunaen; wuh un sab ko, jo sachchi 
tauba karte aur us ki muqaddas Injil 
par beriya iman rakhte hain, Magffirat 
aur Makhlasi bakhshta hai. Pas ao, 
ham us ki minnat karen, ki wuh 
hamen sachchi tauba ki tauftq aur 
apna "Buhxd-Quds bakhshe, taki jo 
kam ham is waqt karte hain use 
pasand aen, aur age ko hamari baqi 
'umr safai aur pakizagi se guzre, 
taki ham ftkhir i kar us ki abadi 
khushi men dakhil hon; hamare 
Khud&wand Yisii' Masih ke wasile se. 

f Is maqam par, anr har da'a ke ba'd, 
jama*at Amin kahe. 

Y Fhir ^hadim i dm ghntne tekkar 
Du'a i Babbani ko baland awaz se 
parhe ; aur jama'at bhi ghntne take 
hue, yahau aur ig^uda M 'Ihadat ke 
lis kisi mauqa' par yih Du'a ae, use us 
ke sath Bath parhe. 

A I hamare Bap, Tii jo fisman men 
hai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Teri badshahi ae. TerT marzi jaisi 
Ssman par pari hoti hai, zamin par 
bhi ho. Hamari roz ki roti aj ha- 
men de. Aur ham&re qusiiron ko 
mu'af kar, Ki ham bhi apne qusiir- 
wSron ko mu'&f karte hain. Aur 
hamen azmaish men na parne de, 
Balki burai se bacha. Kyiinki bad- 
shahi, Aur qudrat__ aur jalal, Abad 
tak Tera hi hai. Amin. 

f Ib ke ba*d yih bhi kahe, 

PnsL Ai Khudawand, tu hamare 
honthoB ko khol de ; 

Jawdh, To hamari zaban ter! hamd 
bayan karegi. 

Prist. Ai Khuda, hamare bachane 
men jaldi kar. 

• Jawah. Ai Khudawand, jald ha- 
mari madad kar. 

f Ab Bab khare hoo aur Pnst kahe, 

Jalal Bap, aur Bete : aur ItiLhul- 
Qnds ka ho ; 

. Jawdb. Jaisa ibtida men tha, is 
waqt hai : aur abad tak rahega. 

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Prist* l^Lliudftinrand kl hamd karo. 
Jawab. Khudawand ke N&m kl 
hamd ho. 

f Ba'd az ao yih Masmfb*, Jo zail meo 
daij hai, parha y& gaya jae ; magar 
'Id i Qijamat ke %6 dusra ^t ma- 
qarrar hai. Aur har Mahine ki 
Unniswio tiiri^h ko yih mazmur is 
maqam par nahiQ, balki us! rpz ke 
Mazan& ke Bath parha jae. 

MazmUr xcv. 

A* 0, ham Khudawand ki madhsaral 
karen : hamapnt njgfttkl chat- 
ftn ko khush hoke lalkSren. 

2 Ham shakrguzarl karte hue tis ke 
huz&r mea j&es; anr mazmiur gSte 
hue, US ke S,ge khusht k4 na'xa 

3 "kyunki Khud&wand bara hi 
Khnda hel: aur barS hi bsdsh^h, 
jo sab ma'budon par muqaddam 

4 Zamin kl barl se barl gahraiyaa 
118 ke qabze meg liain : paharoQ kl ba- 
land chotlan bhi ubI kl hain. 

5 Samundar us kS hai, aur ub ne 
use paidS, kiy& : aur usi ke hathon ne 
khushkl bhI banSI. 

* 6 Ao ham sijda karen, aur jhuken : 
ham apne Khaliq Khudawand ke 
huzur ghutne token. 

7 Ki wuh hamar& Khud& hai : aur 
ham us kl char&gah ke log, aur us be 
h&th kl bherea hai&. 

8 Agar &j ke din turn us kl aw|lz 
suno, tum apne dilon ko salkht na 
karo: jaisS ki Marlb&h meu azma- 
ish ke din biyftban ke darmiyan 
karte the : 

9 Jab ki tumhare b&pdadon ne 
mujhe Szmaya : aur mora imtihan 
kiy&, aur mere kam ko bhI dekha. 

10 Challs b^ras tak mai$ us pusht 
se naraz; raha, aur main ne kaha : 
Yih wuh log hain ki jin^ke dil har 
waqt gumrah bote haia, aur unhon 
ne m&k rahon ko na pahchana. 

11 Ki jin se main ne apne gusse 
men qasam khai f ki wuh meH 
aramgah men dakhil na honge. 

Jalal Bap, aur Bete : i^ur Buhulr 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida men th&Jb waqt hai . 
aur abad tak rahega. Amuu 

f Is ke ba'd, Mazamtr bamujib mor 
qanrara tarfib ke parhe ya gae jaei|. 
Aur sal bhar har mazmur ke a]h:bizL 
men, aur ifii tarah Tin Jaw&non ke 
OiU Zakariyah A» Gii, Mubarak Kwf 
wart Maryam ke Git^ aur Skama*wi 
ke Qit ke a]^ir.meB bhi yih jui^le 

Jalal Bap, aur Bete : aur Biohulo' 
Quds ka ho; 

Jaw&h. Jaisa ibtida men tha, is 
waqt hai: aur abad tak"* rahega. 



Y Ba'd az ao Pahl& iWird, Jantii ke 
mutabiq, Purane 'Ahd-name meo se 
8af aur baland awaz se parha jae» 
bafiharte ki us roz ke liye koi ^hass 
Wird muqarrar na ho. Aur parhne- 
wala aisi waza* aur rukh par khara 
ho ki sab hazirin bal^tibi sun sakeo. 
Aur is ke ba'd ^1 ke har roz zail ka 
git, jo Hamd-TJUah kahlata hai, 
pafha ya gaya jae. 

^ Wazih ho, ki bar ek wird se pahle 
Khadim i din yuQ kabe, ki ab fulan 
Kitab kd fulan Bah^ yd fulan Bab hi 
fvXdn dyat $%uru* libti hai^ aur har 
wird ke ba'd wuh yuo kahe, ki pdhld 
yd dusrd Wird ab tamdm hOd, 


A I Khuda, ham terl hamd karte 
J\, hain : ham tujhe Khudawand 
mante hain. 

2 Sari Sunya : tujh azall Bap kl 
parastish kart! hai. 

3 Tujhe sare Firishte : asman aur 
un kl tamam quwwaten ; 

4 Kariibln aur Saraftn : bilanaga 
pukar pukarke kahte hain ; 

5 Quddus, QuddiiB, Quddus : Khu- 
dawand Eabbul-afwaj ; 

6 Asman o zamin : tore Jalal kl 
Hashmat se ma'mur hain. 

7 Kasulon kl pur-jalal jama'at : 
teri hamd kartl hai. 

8 Nabion kl sharIf majlis : terl 
hamd kartl hai. 

9 Shahidon kl nurani fauj : terl 
hamd kartl hai 

10 Tamam jahan men pak Kali- 
I Aj& : iqrar kartl Ij^ " 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


11 Ei Tt BAp hai : terlHashmat 

12 Anr terfi Betfi : 'AllshSn, haqiql, 
aur iklauta hai. 

13 Aar Bilhiil-Quds : Tasalll dene- 
w6l& hai. 

14 Ai Maslh: tu Jalalka Badshah 

15 Tu Bap k& : azall Bet& hai. 

16 Jab tu naj&t ke li'ye in8§,n 
banne ko th& : tu ne Eunwarlke pet 
86 nafrat na kl. 

17 Jab tujnaut kitalkht par galib 
hu& : tu ne Asman kl Badshahat Bare 
mominlh ke liye khol dl. 

18 Tu Khudfi ke dahne : B&p ke 
Jalal men baith& hai. 

19 Hamen yaqln hai : ki tu ha- 
mUri 'Adalat ke liye aeg&. 

20 Is liye ham terl minnat karte 
hain ki tu apne bandon kl madad 
kar : jin ka fidiya tu ne apne qlmati 
khun 86 diya haL 

21 Unhen abadi jalal men : apne 
Muqaddason ke sath shumar kar. 

22 Ai Khud&wand, apnl nmmat ko 
8al&mat rakh : aur apnl miras ko 
barakat bakhsh. 

23 Unparhukumatkar: anrabad 
tak unhen sarfaraz farma. 

24 Boz ba roz : ham terl ta'zim 
karte hain. 

25 Aur tere N&m kl parastish : 
abadul-abad karte rahenge. 

26 Ai Khudawand, mihrbani 
karke : aj hamen gunah se baohae 
rakh. "" 

27 Ai Ehud&wand, ham par rahm 
kar : ham par rahm kar. 

28 Ai Khudawand, apnl rahmat 
ham par nazil kar : kyunki hamara 
bharosa tujh hi par hai. 

29 Ai Khudawand, mer& bharosa 
tujh hi par hai : main kabhl shar- 
minda na huag&. " 

1 Ya yih Saiod porha ya gftya jae. 

Hn JawanoQ ka Git. 

KHUDAWAND kl sab San'ato, 
Khudawand ko mubarak ka- 
ho : abad tak us kl hamd o ta'zim 

2 ^nd&wand ke Firishto, Khu- 

dawand ko mubarak kaho : abad tak 
us kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

3 Ai Asm&no, Khudawand komu- 
harak kaho : abad tak us kl hamd o 
ta'zim karte raho. 

4 Ai Ffinio, turn jo Fazfi se upar 
ho, Khud&wand ko mubfirak kaho : 
abad tak us kl hamd o ta'zim karte 

6 Khudawand kl sab Quwwato 
Khudawand ko mubarak kaho : abad 
tak us kl hamd o ta'zim karti raho. 

6 Ai Suraj, ai Chand, Khudawand 
ko mubarak kaho : abad tak us kl 
hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

7 Ai Asman ke Sitaro, Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kaho : absid tak 
us kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

8 Ai Meah, ai Os, Khudawand ko 
mubarak kaho : abad tak us kl hamd 
o ta'zim karte raho. 

9 Khuda kl sab Hawao, Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kaho : abad tak us 
ki hamd o,ta'zIm karti raho. 

10 Ai Ag, ai GarmI, Khudawand 
ko mubarak kaho : abad tak us kl 
hamd o ta'zim karti raho. 

11 Ai SardI GarmI ke mausimo, 
Khudawand ko mubarak kaho : abad 
tak us kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

12 Ai Os, ai Pale, Khudawand ko 
mubarak kaho : abad tak us klhamd 
o ta'zim karte raho. 

13 Ai Pale, ai Jare, Khudawand 
ko mubarak kaho : *abad tak us kl 
hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

14 Ai Yakh, ai Barf, Khudawand 
ko mubarak kaho : abad tak us kl 
hamd o ta'zim karti raho. 

15 Ai Bato, ai Dino, Khudawand 
ko mubarak kaho : abad tak us kl 
hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

16 Ai Boshni, ai Tarlkl, Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kaho : abEid tak us 
kl hamd o ta'zim karti raho. 

17 Ai Bijliyo, ai Badalo, Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kaho: abad tak 
us kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

18 Kash ki Zamin Khudawand ko 
mubarak kahe : aur abad tak us kl 
hamd o ia'zim karti rahe, 

19 Ai Paharo aur Pahariyo, Khu- 
dawand ko mubarak kaho*: alMid tal; 
us kl hamd o ta'zim kartto-aho^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


20 Ai Zambi kl tam&m Nabat&t, 
Eliiid&wand ko mubarak kaho : abad 
tEtk us kl hamd o ta'zlm karti raho. 

21 Ai Cbashmo, Ehudawand ko 
mubarak kaho : abad'tak us kl hamd 
o ta'zim karte raho. 

22 Ai Samundaro, ai Nadiyo, Ehu- 
dawand ko mubiirak kaho : abad tak 
us ki hamd o ta'zim kartI raJho. 

23 Ai barl MachhUyo aur pani men 
sab phimew&lo, Ehudawand ko mu^ 
barak kaho : abad tak us kl hamd o 
ta*zlm karte raho. 

24 Haws ke sab Parindo, Ehud&- 
wand ko mubarak kaho : abad* tak us 
kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

25 Ai sab Darindo aur Charindo, 
Ehudawand ko mubarak kaho : abad 
tak us kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

26 Ai bani Adam, Ehudeiwand ko 
mubarak kaho : abad tak us klhamd 
o ta'zim karte raho. 

27 Eash ki Israll Ehud&wand ko 
mubarak kahe : aur abad tak us kl 
hamd o ta'zim karta rahe. 

28 Ehudawand ke Eahino, Ehu- 
dawand ko mubarak kaho : abad tak 
us kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

29 Ehudawand ke Bando, Ehu- 
dawand ko mubarak kaho : abad tak 
us kl hamd o ta'zim karte raho. 

30 BastbazoQ ki Buho aur Jano, 
Ehudawand ko mubarak kaho : abad 
tak us kl hamd o ta'zim karti 

31 Ai muqaddas aur dill khaksar 
Logo, Ehudawand ko mubarak 
kaho : abad tak us kl hamd o ta'zim 
karte raho. 

32 Ai HananySh, Azaryah, aur 
Mishael, Ehudawand ko mubarak 
kaho : abad tak us ki hamd o ta'zim 
karte raho. 

Jalal Bap, aur Bete : aur B&hul- 
Quds ka ho; 

Jaisa ibtida men tha,J[s waqt hai : 
aur abad tak rahegS.. Amin. 

f Ba'd az ao Dusra Wird Naje 'Ahd- 
name meo se Pahle Wird ki tarah 
parha jae. Aur is ke ba'd zail ka 
Git parha ya gaya jae, basharte ki 
wnh usi roz ke Wird meo ya Mu- 
auddoi Yuhanna Baptuma denewale 
ke din ki Injil meo parha na jae. 

Muq, Luqd i. 68. 

KHUDAWAND Isr&il ke Khuda 
kl hamd ho: kyunki us ne 
* apnl ummat par tawajjuh karke 
use ohhutkara diyft ; 

2 Aur apne khadim DSud ke gha- 
rane men : hamare liye najat ka 
sing nikaia ; 

3 (Jaisa us ne apne pak nablo^ 
kl zabani kahS tha : jo ki dunya ke 
shuru' se bote fte hain ;) 

4 Ya'nl ham ko hamare dushma- 
non se : aur sab kina rakhnewalon 
ke hath se najat bakhshl. 

5 Taki ham§,re b&p dadoQ par 
rahm kare, aur apne pfik 'ahd ko 
yad farmae ; 

6 Ta'nl us qasam ko : jo us ne 
hamare bap Ibrahim se khal thi ; 

7 Ei wuh hamen yih 'inayat 
karega : ki apne dushmanon ke hath 
se ohhutkar, "" 

8 Us ke huzur p&klzagi aur rast- 
bazl se : 'umr bhar bekhauf us kl 
'ibadat karen. 

9 Aur ailarke, tu Ehuda Ta'&la 
k& nabi kahlaega : kyunki tu Ehu- 
dawand kl rahen taiyar karne ko us 
ke age age chalega ; 

10 Taki us kl ummat ko naj&t 
ka 'ilm bakhshe : jo un ko gunahon 
kl mu'afi se hasil ho. ~ 

11 Yih hamare Ehudfi kl 'ain 
rahmat se hoga : jis ke sabab 
'alam i bala ka aftab ham par tulu' 
karega ; 

12 Taki un ko jo andhere aur 
maut ke saye men baithe hain 
raushni bakhshe : aur hamare qada- 
mon ko salamati kl rfih par dale. 

Jalal Bap, aur Bete : aur Biihul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tha, is waqt hai : 
aur abad tak rahega. Amin. 

f Ya yih Mazmfir. 
Mazmur o. 

A I sari sarzamino, Ehudawand 
ke liye khushl kk na'ra maro : 
khushi se Ehudawand kl 'ibadat 
karo, gate hue us ke huziir men 
hazir ho. ^ , 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


2 Tom j&no ki Elmd&wand wuhl 
Khndft hai ; nsl ne ham ko banaya, 
;Qa ki liam me ap ko : ham us ke log 
hain, aur us kl qhatagah k? bberen. 

3 Shnkrguzirf karte hue. us ke 
darwazon men, aur hamd karte hue 
us kl bargahon me^ dakhil ho : us ka 
ihsan mano, us ke Nam ko mubarak 

4 Ei Ehudawand bhal& hai, us ki 
rahmat abadi hai : aur us kl wafa- 
dari pusht dskT pusht.hai. 

Jalal B&p aur Bete ': aur Buhul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tha, Jis waqt 
hai : aur abad i;ak rahegS. Amin. 

% Phir ^adim i din aur jama'at 
kha^e hue Basuloo ke 'Aqide ko 
g^n ya pazheit, sirf un dinoo ke 
fiiwa jin ke liye Mnqaddas Atha- 
nasyuB ke 'Aqide ka parhna muqarrar 

MAIN Iman rakhta hufi Ehuda 
Qadir i Mutlaq Bap par, jo 
asman o zamin ka Ehaliq hai; 

Aur Yisu' Maslh par» jo us ka 
iklauta Beta aur hamara Ehuda- 
wand hai : wuh Euhul-Quds ki 
qndrat se pet men para, Eunwarl 
Maiyam se paida hua, Puntiyus 
Fll&tus ke 'ahd meg dukh uthaya, 
iBiiaslub hua, mar gaya, aur dafh 
hua, 'Alam i arwah men utar gaya ; 
Tisre roz murdon men se jl utha, 
Asman par charh gaya, Aur Ehuda 
Qadir i Mutlaq Bap kedahne baitha 
hai ; Waha^t se wuh . zindoa aur 
murdoQ ki ^adalat ke liye SnewUla 

Maig Iman rakhta hun Buhul- 
Quds par; Pak Eathulik Ealisiya 
par ; Muqaddasonki Sharakat ; Guna- 
hon ki Mu'afi ; Badan ki^Qiyamat ; 
Aur abadi zindagi par. • Amih. 

f Ba'd ax ao sab aoal^ $e ghntne 
tekeo, aur zail Id Du'aeo pairhi jaeo ; 
lekin pahl6 :^hadim 1 din baland 
awaz 86 yih kahe : 

Ehudawand tumhare sath ho. 
Jawab, Teri ruh ke sath bhi rahe. 
' Khddim % dm. Ham du'a mangen, 
B^hud&wand,ham par rahm kar. 


Jawib. Maslh, ham par rahm kar. 
Ehudawand, ham. par rahm kar. 

f Fhir Vhmm i din -baq! l^badimoo 
aur jama'atsamet Da'&-i-Eabbani ko 
baland a^^ se parhe. 

A I ham&re Bap, Tti jo asman men 
hai, Tera NSm p&k mana jae* 
Ten badshahi ae. Teri marzi jdisi 
asman par puri Jiotl hai, zamin par 
bhi ho. Hamarl roz ki roti aj har 
men de. Aur hamfire qusuron ko 
mu'af kar, Ei ham bhi apne quslir- 
waton ko mu'af karte hain. Aur 
hamen azmS-ish men na parne de, 
Balki burai se baohS. Amin. 

Y Phir Fris^ khara hokar kahe, 

Ai Ehudawand, apni rahmat ham 
par nSizil kar. 

Jawab. Aur apni najat hamen 
bakhsh. ' 

PnsL Ai Ehudawand, Badsh&h 
ko salamat rakh. 

Jaioab. Aur jab ham tujhe puk&- 
ren, rahmat se hamari sun. 

PnsL Apne Ehadimon ko rastbazi 
ka jama piJiina. 

Jawdb. Aur apne barguzlda logon 
ko khushi 'in&yat kar. " 

Frist Ai Ehudawand, apnlummat 
ko salamat rakh. 

Jawdb. Aur apni mitas ko barakat 

Prist. Ai Ehudawand, hamare za- 
mane men sulh< bakhsh. 

Jawah." Eyunki', ai EhudS, tere 
siwa hamari taraf aur koi larnewfila 

Prist. Ai Ehud&, hamare dilon ko 
saf kar. * "" 

Jaw&b. Aur apkie Euhul-Quds ko 
ham se juda na kar. 

5 Iske ba'd tin Ealiktea pajrhi jaeo ; 
pahli, usi "Roz ki Kalikt, ya'ni wuhi 
Jo Bfaarakat ki tartib ke liye muqanav 
hai; dusri, Aman o aman ke liye; 
tisii, nekchalni ko waste Fasl milne 
ki Dn'a. Axtt yih do pichhli Ka- 
liktefi kabhi na badleo, balki Sal ke 
har roz Snbh ki Kamaz meo parhi 
jaeo ; aur sab log ghutoe^^ke rahoo. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


DtMfi Kalikt, aman o amdn he liye, 

A I £lliuda, aman ke bani aur itti- 
faq ke dost, tujhe janna ha- 
marl abadi zindagl hai, terl g^aml 
purl azadi hai; ]£bmare dnslimanon 
Ke sab hamlon men apne 'ajiz 
bandon kl bimlyat £ar; tfiki bam 
terl bimayat par pnra bbarosa 
rakbkar, klsl mukbalif ke zor se na 
daren; apne Kbudawand_ Yisu' 
Maslh kl qndrat ke sabab. Amin. 

2Wi Kalilcty Fazl ke liye. 

A I Kbndawand, bamare asmani 
B&p, Qadir i Mntlaq anr azall 
Kbnda, tu ne bamen aj kl snbb tak 
sablh salamat pabuncbaya bai ; 
apnl barl qndrat se din bbar bamarl 
bimftyatkar; anr yib bakbsb ki ftj 
na to bam kisi gupab men pbansen, 
anr na kisI tarab ke kbatre men 
paren; balki terl bukumat se bam&re 
sab kamon ka aisa intizam bo» ki jo 
kncbb tere bnzur rast bai, wnhl 
bamesba kiya karen; bamSre Kbn- 
dawand Yisu' Maftib ke waslle se. 

Y Kwairoo men anr jsdiaii kahio gane 
ka dastur ho, Git k& manqa' yihi haL 

f Ba'd is ke zail ki paooh Pn'aeo porhi 
jaeo, Biwa ns xnanqa' ke, kl Lit&ni;^ 
parhi jae ; anr is surat moQ sirf do 
aJ^hiri du'aeo, jo watiao bhi mnndaraj 
baio parhi jaeo. 

Dtt'a Janab Bddskah mu'azzam Qaisar 
i Hind ke liye. 

A I Kbndawand, bamare asmani 
Bap, bnznrg anr qadir, badsha- 
bon ke Badsbab, kbndawandon ke 
Kbndawand, b&kimon ke a'la Hakim, 
tu apne takbt par se zamfn ke sare 
rabnewalon ko dekbta bai; Ham 
dil o jan se terl minnat karte bain, 
ki bam&re nibayat;mibrban Mslik 
Badsbab mn'azzam Edward Qaisar 
i Hind par, karm kl ' nazar rakb ; 
anr apne Biibnl-Qnds ke fazl se ns 
ko aisa ma'mur kar de, ki wnb terl 
marzX kl taraf bamesba mail rabe, 
anr ten Tab par cbale ; nse fismani 
ni'matea ba kasrat 'inayat farma; 
tandumstl anr iqbalmandl ke satb 

ns kl 'nmr barba ; nse qnwwat de, ki 
apne sab dnsbmanon par fatb pae ; 
anr akbir-i-kar, is zindagl ke ba'd, 
abadi kbnsbl o kbnrrami ko pa- 
bnncbe'; bamare Kbndawand Yisu' 
Masib ke wasllo se. Amln. 

Du'd Bddshdhl Jfhdnddn ke liye. 

A I Qadir i Mntlaq Kbnda, s&rl 
kbiibi ke sarchasbme, bam 
firotani se terl minnat karte bain ki 
bamarl mibrban Malika Alexandra, 
Jarj, Sbabzada e Welz, SbabzadI e 
Welz, aur tamam badsbabi kbandto 
ko iMurakat bakbsb; Unbe& apnft 
Biibnl-Qnds 'inayat kar ; apne asmani 
iazl se m&lamal kar ; bar tarab kl 
sa'adat ke satb iqbalmand farmft, 
anr apnl abadi liadsbabat mea pa- 
bnncb& ; bamare Kbndawand YisA* 
Maalb ke waslle se. Amln. 

Du'd JSJiddimdn i din aur Jam&^atof^ 
ke liye. 

A I QSdir i Mntlaq aur abadi 
Kbnda tu bl bare 'ajib kam 
karta bai; Hamare BisbapoQ anr 
Gallab&noa par anr jo Jama'ates 
nn ke sipnrd bain, nn sab par 
bbl apne fazl kl sibbat-bakbsb Bub 
nazil kar ; aur is liye ki wub tnjbe 
filbaqlqat kbnsb karen nn par 
apnl liarakat k! os bamesba nazil 
kar. Ai Kbndawand, bamare Sbaff 
anr DarmiyanI Yisii' Maslb_kl 'izzat 
ke waste yib bakbsb de. Amm, 

Muqaddaa Kbrusustnm kl du'd. 

A I Qadir i Mntlaq Kbnd&, tti 
ne bamen yib tauflq bakhsbl 
bai, ki bam ne is waqt ek dil 
bokar tnjb se apnl 'amm du'aen 
mangi bain ; aur tii ne wa'da kiya 
bai ki jab do ya tin mere Nam par 
ekattbe bon, to main nn ki darkbwa- 
ston ko qabiil karungS; Ab, ai 
Kbnd&wand, apne bandon k! mnrfir 
don anr 'arzon ko is tarab piira kar, 
jislnen nn krkbass bibtarl bo : bam 
ko is jaban men baqq ki pahchan, 
anr ns jaban men abadi zindagl; 
bakbsb de. Amln. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



2 Kurinthton xiii. 14. 

KHUDAWAND Yisu* Maslh ka 
fazl, aur Khuda kl mahabbat, 

anr Buhnl-Quds kl Bhirakat, ham 
sab ke sath boil rahe. Amtn, 

Sal kl bar Sobh kl Kamaz kl Tartib yahao tam&m hui. 



^ 3ham kl Namaz ke sburu* meo Ijlhadim i dm Eitab i muqaddas ki in Ayatoi} 
meu se, jo zail meo darj haio, ek ya kai ek baland awaz se parhe. Ba*d is ke us 
'Ibarat ko, jo AyatoQ ke niche marqum hai, sunae. 

AGAE sbarlr apnl shararat se jo 
karta bai, baz ae, anr wnb 
kam kare, jo duiiist aur jaiz bai, to 
wub apnl jan jTtI rakkbega (Hizq. 
xviii. 27.) 

Main apne gunabon ko man leta 
biin ; aur merl kbata bamesba mere 
samne bai. {Mazmur li. 3.) 

Mere gunabon se obasbm-posbi 
kar; aur merl sari buraiyan mita 
dal. (jMozwwr li. 9.) "^ 

Kbuda ke zablbe sbikasta jan 
bain: dil sbikasta aur kbaksar ko, 
ai Khuda, tii haqTr na janega. 
{Mazmur li. 17.) 

Apne dil kp pharo, na ki apne 
kapron ko, aur Khudawand apne 
Kbud& kl taraf mutawajjih bo; 
kyiinki wub mihrban aur shaftq 
bai, qahr karne men dblma, aur 
nibayat rabim bai, aur saza dene se 
dareg karta bai. {Yoel ii. 13.) 

Khudawand hamare Kbuda kl rah- 
mate]^ aur amurzgarlaQ bain, bar- 
chand ki ham ne us se ba^awat ki 
bai: bam hargiz Khudawand apne 
Kbuda kl awaz ke shunawa na hue, 
ki us kl sharfaton par, jinben us 
ne bamSre age zahir kiya, cbalen. 
{Dan. ix. 9, 10.) 

Ai Khudawand, mujhe tamblh de, 
par andaze se ; apne qahr se nabTn, 
na ho ki tii mujhe nabiid kar de. 
( Tir, X. 24 ; Mazmur vi, 1.) 

Tauba karo; kyiinki asman kl 

badshabat nazdik al bai. (Man 
iii. 2.) 

Main uthkar, apne b&p ke pas 
jaunga, aur us se kaJiu^ga ki Ai b&p, 
main ne asman kS aur tere nazar 
men gunabgar hiia : aur ab is laiq 
nahin raha, ki phir tera beta kahlaun. 
(Lugd XV. 18, 19.) 

Ai Khudawand, apne bande ko 
apne sath 'adalat men na la ; kyunki 
kol insan jitl j§n tere huzur rastbaz 
thabar nablQ sakt&. (Mazmur oxUii, 2.) 

Agar ham kaben ki bam be-gunah 
bain, to apne ap ko fareb dete hain, 
aur bam men sacbcbal nabin ; agar 
apne gunabon ka iqrar karen, to wub 
hamare gunabon ke mu'af karne, aur 
hamen sari narastT se pak karne men, 
sachcba aur 'adil bai, (1 Yuh. 1. 
8, 9.) 

A I pyare bhaiyo, Kitab-i-Muqad- 
das kitne hi maqamon men 
barney ubharti bai, ki apne tarah 
tarah ke gunabon aur badlon ka 
iqrar karen ; aur un ki nisbat Qadir 
i Mutlaq Kbuda ke huzur, jo hamara 
asmani Bap bai, bahana na karen aur 
na un par parda dalen ; balki garib, 
'ajiz, taib, aur tabi'dar dil se un k& 
iqrar karea; taki us ke be-hadd 
rahm o karm se un ki mu'afr hamen 
basil ho. Aur agarchi bam par farz 
bai ki bar waqt Kbuda ke samhe 
firotani se apne gun&hon ko man len, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



lekin yih karna kbasskar us waqt 
farz hai, jab ham is liye jama' 
hon» ki jo barl barl ni*maten ham 
ne us ke h4tIion pal hain, un 
ka e^ukr ada karea, ns kl hamd 
nihayat laiq taiir par baja laen, ns 
ka paktarln Kalam sunen, aur jo 
chSzQu j^sni aur ruh dono ke liye 
darkar hain, us se mangen. Is 
waste main sab hazii^n Be barmin- 
nat *arz karta hun, ki pak dil aur 
'ajizi kl awaz se asman! fazl ke takht 
ke huzur mere sath akar mere pichhe 
pichhe kaho. 

^ Iqrar 1 'amm, jise tamam Jama'at 
]^adim i dm ke sath ghu^e tekkar, 
ua ke piohhe pichhe kahe. 

A I Qadir i Matlaq aur kamal 
rahim Bap, Ham ne khata kl 
hai, aur khol hui bheron kl m&nind 
terl rahon se bhatak gaye hain. 
Ham ne apne apne dil ke mansubon 
aur khwahishon kl ziyada pairawl 
kl hai. Ham tere pak hukmon ke 
khil&f chale haia. Jo ham ko karna 
lazim tha, wuh ham ne nahm kiya ; 
Aur jo ham ko karna rawa na tha, 
wuh ham ne kiya hai; Aur ham 
men kuchh sihhat nahln. Lekin, 
ai Khudawand, tii ham 'ajiz qusur- 
waron par rahm kar. Ai Khuda 
jo apnl khataog ka iqrar karte hain, 
tu unhen chhor de. Jo tauba karte 
hain, unhen bahal kar; Un wa'don 
ke bamujib jo tu ne hamare Khu- 
da wand Maslh Tisu' kl ma'rifat bani 
Adam se kiye hain. Aur ai kamal 
rahim Bap, us kl khatir yih bakhsh, 
Ki age ko ham khudaparasti, 
rastbazl, aur parhezgari se zindagi 
basar karen, Taki tere pak Nam k& 
jalal zahir ho. Amln. 

^ Makhlas! ya*ni gnnahoo k! Mu'afl, 
jise'sirf Prist hi khara hokar sunae; 
aur jama*at ghn^ne teke xahe. 

GADIB i Mutlaq Khuda, hamSre 
Khudawand Yisu' Masih ka Bap, 
kist gunahgar kl maut nahln chahta, 
balki yih chaht& hai, ki wuh apnl 
badi se baz akar zinda rahe; aur 
lu ne apne ^hadimo^ ko*yi^ ikhti- 

yar aur hukm diy& hai, ki wuh ns 
ke bandon ko jo tauba karte hain 
un ke gunahon se MakhlasI aur 
Mu'aft pane kl khabar aur hukm 
sunaen ; wuh un sab ko, jo sachchi 
tauba" karte aur us kl muqaddas 
Injil par beriya tman rakhte hain, 
Magfirat aur MakhlasI bakhshta hai. 
Pas ao, ham us kl minnat karen, ki 
wuh hamen sachchi tauba kl tauftq 
aur apnft Suhul-Quds bakhshe, taki 
jo k&m ham is waqt karte hain use 
pasand &en, aur age ko ham&rTbfiqt 
umr safal aur paklzagi se guzre, 
t&ki ham akhir i kar us kl abadi 
khushi mea dakhil hon ; hamare 
Khudawand Yisfi* Maslh ke waslle 
se. Amln. 

% Phir ?hadim i din frhntne tekkar 
Du'a i Bahbani ko parhe aur jama'at 
bhi ghutne teke hue,' use uske sath 
sath parhe. 

A I hamare Bap, Tii jo asman men 
hai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Ten badshahl ae. Terl marzl jaisi 
asman par piirl hoti hai, zamlu par 
bhi hou Hamarl roz kl roti aj bar 
men de. Aur hamare qusiiron ko 
mu'af kar, Ki ham bhi apne qusiir- 
waron ko mu'af karte hain. Aur 
hamen azmaish men na parne de, 
Balki burai se bacha. Kyunki bad- 
shahl, Aur qudrat_ aur jalal, Abad 
tak Tera hi hai. AmiD. 

f Is ke Wd wuh yih bhi kahe : 

PrUL Ai Khudawand, tii hamare 
honthon ko khol de. 

Jawdb. To hamart zaban texl 
hamd bayan karegl. 

PrisL Ai Khudft, ham&re ba- 
chclne men jaldl kar. 

Jawah. Ai Khud&wand, jald hsr 
m&rl madad kar. 

Y Ab sab khare hoQ aur Prist kahe^ 

Jalal Bap, aur Bete : aur Buhul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jawab. Jaisa ibtid& men tha, is 
waqt hai: aur abad tak rahega* 

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Prist Khud&wand kl liamd karo. 
Jawab. Klmdawand ke Nam kl 
hamd ho. 

^ lake b'ad Maz&mir bamtjib miiqar- 
rara tartib ke pa^he ye gae jaeo. 
Phir Porane 'Ahd-name meo 0e ek 
muqarrar 1 Wlrd parha j ae. Aur b'ad 
iske Mubarak Know&ri Mariyam ka 
Git, jo zail meo dag hai, parh& ya 

Jlftt^. Luqd i. 46. 

llfHia jftn Ehndftwand kl barflf 
ixL karti bai : anr meif rah mere 
mnnjl Ehndft se khnsh hM. 

2 Eyfmki ns ne apnf bandl kl 
pasth&ll par nazr kl : anr dekh, ab 
se lekar liar zamane ke log mnjhe 
mnb&rak kahenge. 

3 Kyunki vs QSdir ne mere liye 
bare hare k&m kiye bain : aur us ka 
nam p&k hai. "^ 

4 Aur UB ka rahm un par jo us 
86 darte haia : pusht dar pusht 
rahta hai. 

5 Us ne apne bazu se zor dikh&ya : 
aur jo apne tain barft samajhte the 
un ko paraganda kiya. 

6 Ub ne ikhtiyarwalon ko takbi 
se gira diya : aur pasthalon ko ba- 
land kiyft. 

7 Ub ne bhiikhoQ ko achchhl chl- 
zcm se ser kar diya : aur daulatman- 
don ko khall hath laut& diya. 

8 Ub ne apne bande Isratl ko 
sambhal liya : taki apnl us rabmat 
ko y&d farmae, 

9 Jo Ibrahim aur us kl nasi par 
abad tak rahegl : jaisa us ne hamare 
bapdadon se kaha th&. 

Jalal Bap aur Bete : aur Buhul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisft ibtid& men tha, Js waqt hai : 
aur abad tak rahega. Amfn. 

f Ya yih Masmur parba ya gay& jae; 
dwa Unniswio taiikh ke, jismeD wuh 
UBi roz ke Mazamlr ke sath parha 

Mazmur zoviii. 

KHUDAWAND ka ek naya git 
gfio ; kyunki us ne 'ajaibat 
* kiye : us ke dahne hath, aur mu- 
qaddas bazu ne ubo fath bakhshl. 

2 Khudawand ne apnl najat zaiiir 
kl : us ne apnl sadaqat ummaton ko 
kholke dikhl&L 

3 Us ne Israil ke gharane kl ba- 
bat, apnl rabmat aur amanat ko yad 
farmaya : zamin ke sare kanaron ne 
hamare Khuda kl najat ko dekh&. 

4 Ai sari zamln, Khudawand ke 
liye khushi k& na'ra mar : awaz ba- 
land kar, aur khushi manake madh 

5 Khudawand ke liye barbat ba- 
jfike gao : barbat bajake» aur sur 
bandhke gao. 

6 Narsinge aur qam&I phunkte 
hue : Khudftwand Badshah ke ago 
khushi kl ftwazen karo. 

7 Samundar, aur ub kl ma'mfo^y 
shor maoh&en : sari dimya bhi» aur 
sab jo us men baste hain. 

8 Nadltolkal den, aur paha^Sn 
milke khuahfan karen : Khudawand 
ke &ge; ki wuh zamIn kl 'adalat 
kame at& hai. 

9 Wuh sadaqat se duny& kl : aur 
rasti se ummaton kl *adalat karega. 

Jalal Bap aur Bete : aur Buhul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tha, Js waqt hai : 
aur abad tak rahega. Amin. 

f B'ad az an Nae 'Ahd-name men se 
ek muqarrar! Wird parha jae. Aur 
phir is ke b'ad Shama'tin ka git, jo 
zail meu daij hai, parha ya gaya jae. 

Mvq. L%qa ii. 29. 

A I Malik, ab tu apne gulam ko 
apne qaul ke muwatiq : sala- 
mati se rukhsat deta hai ; 

2 Kyiinki merl ankhoQ ne: terl 
najat dekTi ll hai, 

3 Jo tu ne sab ummaton ke ru« 
baru : taiyar kl hai ; 

4 Taki gair-qaumoQ ko raushni 
denewal& nur : aur terl ummat Israil 
ka jalal bane. 

Jalal B&p aur Bete : aur BUhul- 

Jai6& ibtida men tha, Js waqt hai : 
anr abad tak raheg&. Amin. 

T Ya yih* Mazmikr; siwa BarahwiQ 
tari^h ke. 

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KHITDX ham par rahm kare^ aur 
ha^^ barakat de : aur apne 
chibre ko ham par jalwagar farm&e ; 

2 Taki ieil rfth ssamin par jftnl 
jae : .anr terl najat sari qaumon men. 

3 Ai Khada, log terl sitaisii ka- 
ren : sab log terl madb-khwanl kareg. 

4 Ummaten khusb ]^on, aur kbu- 
sbl ke mare gaen : ki tu rasll se 
logoDL kl 'adajat kar^a» aur zamin 
par Ummaten ko bidayat farmaega. 

5 Ai ]piuda, log terl sitaisb ka- 
ren : sare log terl sit&ifib karen. 

"d ZamlQ apna b&sil paida karegl : 
Khuda, bam&ra Ebuda, bam ko ba- 
rakat dega. 

7 Kbuda ham ko barakat dega : 
anr zamin ke sare kanare us ka dar 

Jalal Bap aur Bete : aur Subul- 

Jaisa ibtid& men tba,Js waqt bai : 
aur abad tak raboga. Amfti, 

1 Phir B^hadim i din aur jama'at khaf e 
hue KasflloQ ke 'Aqide ko pafbeo 
ya gaeo. 

MAIN Iman rakbta bin Ebuda 
Qadir i Mutlaq BSp par, jo 
asmftn o zamin ka Kbaliq bai ; 

Aur Yisu' Maslh par, jo us ka 
eklauta Beta aur bamara Ebuda- 
waud bai ; wub Eiibul-Quds kl qud- 
rat se pet men para, Eugwarl Mar- 
yam se paidaliua,* Puntiyus Pilatus 
ke 'abd men dL-akh utbaya, Maslub 
bua, mar gaya, aur dafii bua, 'Alam 
i arwab men utar gayaj tisre roz 
murdon meiaTse jl u|ba, Asman par 
cbarb~gaya, Aur Ebuda Qadir i 
Mutlaq Bap ke dabne baitba bai; 
WabftQ se wub zindoQ aur murdon 
kl 'adalat ke Uye anewala bai. 

Main Iman rakbta bun Bubul- 
Quds par ; Pak Eatbulik Eallsiya 
par; Muqaddason kl Sbirakat; Gu- 
nabon kf Mu'aiT; Badan kl ^iya- 
mat ;'Aur abadi zindagi par. Amiu. 

^ Ba'd as fto sab adab ae ghu(De tekeo, 
aur zaU ki Du'aeu parhi jaeu ; lekin 
pahle l^h&dlm i din baland &vaz sd 
jib kahe : 

jpiudawand tumbare s&tb bo. 
Jawab. Ten rub ke sdth bbl 

Khddim i din. Ham du'ft m&ngen. 
Ebudawand, bam par rabm kar*"* 
Jawah. Masib, bam par rabm kar. 
Ebudawand, bam par rabm kar. 

T Phir ^hadim i din ba^I ^hadimoQ 
anr jama'at eamet Dn'a i Babbani ko 
baUnd awaz se parhe. 

A I bamftre Bap, Tii jo asmfin men 
bai, Tera Nam pak manft jae. 
Ten b&dsbSbl ae. Ten marzl jaisi 
asman parpurl boti bai, zamln par 
bbl bo. Hamarl roz kl roti aj ba- 
men de. Aur bamare qusuron ko 
mu'af kar, Ei bam bbl apne qusur- 
waron ko mu'af karte bain. Aur 
bamen azmSisb meu na parne de, 
Balki bural se bacba. Amin.* 

^ Phir Piis^ khara'hokar kahe: 

Ai Ebudawand, apnl rabmat bam 
par nazil kar. 

Jawab. Aur apnl najat bamen 
bakbsb. " 

PrUt. Ai Ebudawand, Badsbab 
ko salamat rakb. 

Jatoah. |Aur jab bam tujbe pu- 
karen, rabmat se baman sun. 

Prist, Apne EbadimoQ ko rast- 
bazl ka jama pabina. 

Jawdb, Aur apne barguzlda logon 
ko kbusbl • inayat kar. " 

Prist. Ai l^budawand, apnl um- 
mat ko salamat rakb. 

Jawdb. Aur apnl miras ko bara- 
kat de. 

Prist. Ai Ebudawand, bamare 
zamane men suib bakbsb. 

Jawah. EyCi&ki, ai Ebuda, tere 
siwa baman taraf aur koi lamewalS 

Prist, Ai £^uda, bamare dilon 
ko saf'kar. "" 

Jawdh. Aur apne Biibul-Quds ko 
bam se juda na kar. 

% Ba'd ae au tin Ealikteo parbi jaeo ; 
pahli usi Koz ki : dusri Itmlnan ke 
liye : tisri, tamam I^batroo meo Ma- 
dad milne ki du'a : jo zap^pieD likhi 
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haio. Anr yih do pichbli Klikteo 
kabhi na badleo, balki bar roz Sbam 
kl Namaz men barabar parbi jaeQ. 

Sham hi namaz hi dusrl kaliht. 

A I Ehnda, tam&m pak khwahi- 
shen, sab aohcbhi tadblren, 
aur knll liek a'm&l terl taraf se ate 
hain : Apne bandon ko wuh itmlnan 
de, jo diiny& nahtn de saktl: t&ki 
hamare dil tere hnkm baja lane par 
musta'idd raben, aur ham teri panab 
men apne dushmanon se bekbauf 
bokar apna waqt aman aur cbain se 
guzaren, yib hamare Munji Yisu' 
Masih ke sawab ke waslle se ho. 

Titrt Mliht Tam&m Kkatron men 
Madad milne he liye, 

A I Ehudawand, ham ten minnat 
karte hain, hamarl tarik! ko 
raushnT kar de, aur apnl bar! rahmat 
se hamen is rat ke sare kbauf o 
khatar se baoha ; apne eklaute Bete 
hamare Munji Yisu^ Maslh kl mu- 
habbat k! khatir. Amva. 

% Ewairoo meo, aur jabao kabio gane 
ka dastur bo, Git ka maaqa' yibi baL 

Du'd Janah Bddshdh mu'azzam Qaisar 
i Hind he liye, 

A I Ehudawand, ham&re asmani 
Bap, buzurg aur qadir, badsha- 
hon ke Badshah, khudawandoQ ke 
Ehudawand, hakimon ke 'ala Hakim, 
tu apne takht par se zamin ke sare 
rahnewalon ko dekhta hai ; Ham dil 
o jan se terl minnat karte hain, kl 
hamare nihayat mihrb&n Malik 
Badshah mu'azzam Edward Qaisar 
i Hind par, karam kl nazar rakh; 
aur apne Buhul-Quds ke fazl se us 
ko aisa ma'mur kar de, ki wuh terl 
marzl kl taraf hamesha mail rabe, 
aur ten rah par chale ; use asmani 
ni'maten ba kasrat 'inayat farma; 
tanduru'sti aur iqbalmandl ke s&th 
us kl 'umr barha ; use quwwat de, ki 
apne sab dushmanon par fath pae ; 
aur akbir-i-kar, is zindagi ke ba'd, 
abadi kbusbr o khurrami ko pa- 

hunche; hamare Ehudawand Yisu' 
Maslh ke wasile se. Amin. 

Du'a Badshaht Khdndan he liye. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Ehuda, sari 
khubl ke sarchashme, ham firo- 
tanl se terl minnat karte hain, ki 
hamS.n mlhrban Malika Alexandra, 
Jarj, Shahzada e Welz, ShahzadI e 
Welz, aur tamUm badshabi khaudan 
ko barakat bakhsh; Unhen apna 
Euhul-Quds 'inSyat kar; apne fts- 
manl fazl se malam&l kar ; har tarah 
ki sa'adat ke sath iqbalmand farma, 
aur apnl abadI badshabat men pahun- 
chS; hamare Ehudawand Yisu* 
Maslh ke waslle se. Am%n, 

Du*d Khddimdn i din aur Jamd'aton 
he liye. 

AIQadiri Mutlaq aur abadi Ehuda, 
. tu hi bare 'ajib kam karta hai ; 
Hamare Bishapon aur Gallabanon 
par aur jo jama'aten un ke sipurd 
hain, un sab par bhi apne fazl kl sih- 
hat-bakhsb Bub nazil kar; aur is 
liye ki wuh tujbe filhaqiqat khush 
karen un par apnl barakat kl os 
hamesha nazil kar. Ai Ehudawand, 
hamare Shaft' aur DarmiyanI Yisu' 
Maslh^kl 'izzat ke waste yih bakhsh 
de. 2mln, 

Muqaddas JSJirusustum hi du'd, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Ehuda, Tu ne 
hamen yih tauflq bakhshi hai 
ki ham ne is waqt ek dil hokar tujh 
se apul 'amm du^aen mangi hain ; 
aur tu ne wa'da kiya hai ki jab do 
ya tin mere Nam par ekatthe hon, 
to main un kl.darkbwastOQ ko qabiil 
karunga ; Ab, ai Ehudawand, apne 
bandon kl muradon aur 'arzoQ ko is 
tarah piira kar, jis meg un kl khass 
bihtarl ho : ham ko is jaban men 
haqq kl pabchau, aur us jabjn men 
abadI zindagi, bakhsh de. Amln. 

2 Kurinthlon sciii, 14. 

KHUDAWAND Yisii' Maslh ka 
fazl, aur Ebuda kl mahab- 
* bat, aur Suhul-Quds kl sbirak&t, 
ham sab ke sath hoti rahe. Amln, 

6al kl bar Sbam kl Kamaz ki Tartib yahan tamam bul^ i 

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< 18 ) 


5 Zail Id 'Idoo meo, Snbh ki Namaz ke waqt, Basuloo ke 'Aqide ke 'iwaz ^hadim 
i din am jama'at hamare Masihi iman ke is iqrar ko, jo Muqaddas Athanasyus 
ke 'Aqide ke nam se mashhtir hai, khare hue gaeo ya pafheo : — > 

Ya'ni 'Id-i-wiladat, 'Id4-Zahur, Muqaddas Mattiyas ke din, 'Id-i-Qiyamftt, 'Id-i- 
Su'ud, 'Id-i-Nuzul, Muqaddas Tuhanna Baptista ke din, Muqaddas Ta'qub ke 
din, Muqaddas Bartulmai ke din, Muqaddas Mail ke din, Muqaddas Shama'un 
war Yahudah ke din, Muqaddas Andriyas ke din, aur 'H-i-TasHs Jco bhi. 

JO kot najat obshe : use sab b&ton 
fie zijada zariir hai, ki Kathulik 
Iman par qaim rahe. 

2 Is Iman ko agar kol bekam-o- 
kast anr khalis na rakkhe : to vnih 
beshakk abadi halakat men parega. 

3 Anr Eatbnlik ImSn yih hai : ki 
ham Wfibid Allah kl parastish Taslls 
men, anr Salus ki parastish Tanhid 
men karen ; 

4 Na Aqanim ko makhlufc karen : 
na Janhar ko taqsim. 

5 Kyunki Aqnumiyat Bap ki aur 
hai. Bete kl aur : Buhnl-Qnds ki aur. 

6 Lekin Bap, Bete, aur Buhnl- 
Qads kl Uluhiyat ek hi hai : Jalal 
barabar, 'Azmat yaksan azall. 

7 Jaisa Bap hai, waisa hi Beta : 
anr waisa hi Kuhnl-Qnds hai. 

8 B&p gair-makhluq, Beta gair- 
makhliiq : Euhnl-Qnds gair-makh- 

9 BSp gair-mahdud, Beta gair- 
mahdud : Kuhnl-Quds gair-mahdiid. 

10 Bap azall, Beta azall : Buhnl- 
Quds azc^I. 

11 Taham tin azall nahfia : balki 
ek hi azall hai. 

12 Isl tarah na tin gair-mahdud 
hain, na tin gair-makhluq : balki ek 
hi gair-makhluq, anr ek hi gair- 
mahdud hai. 

13 Isl tarah Bap Qadir i Mutlaq, 
Beta Q&dir i Mntlaq : Euhul-Qiids 
Qadir i Mutlaq hai. 

14 Taubhl tin Qadir i Mutlaq 
nahfo : balki ek hi Qadir i Mutlaq 

16 Waisft hi Bap Khuda, Beta 
Ehud& : Buhul-Quds Khud& hai 
' 16 Tftham tin Ehud's nahm : balki 
ek hi ]^hud» hai.' " 

17 Isl tarah Bap Ehudawand, 
Bet& Ehudawand : Buhul-Quds 
Ehudawand hai. 

18 Phirbhl tin Ehudawand nahia: 
balki ek hi Ehudawand hai. 

19 Eyiinki jis tarah Maslbl usul 
ke sabab hamen manna parta hai : 
ki bar Aqnum judagana Khuda aur 
Ehudawand hai ; 

* 20 UsI tarah Eathulik Din ke 
bamujib yih kahna mana' hai : ki 
tin Ehuda ya tin Ehudawand hain. 

21 B&p na kisi se masnii' hai : na 
makhluq, na maulud. 

2*2 Beta sirf Bap hi se hai : na 
masnu' hai, na makhluq, balki mau- 

23 Buhul-Quds Bap aur Bete se 
hai : na masnu', na makhluq, na 
maulud, balki s&dir hai. 

24 Pas tin Bap nahin, balki ek hi 
Bap hai ; tin Bete nahin, balki ek hi 
Beta : tin Euhui-Quds^nahin, balki 
ek hi Euhul-Quds hai "" 

25 Aur is Salus men kol ek dusre 
se pahle ya pichhe nabm : na kol ek 
dusre se bara y& chhota hai. 

26 Balki* tinon Aq&nim yaksan 
azall : aur baham barabar hain. " 

27 Algaraz bar amr men7 jais& 
ki upar bayan hiia hai : wahid kl 
parastish Taslls men, aur Salus kl 

Earastish Tauhid men kami wajlb 

28 Pas jo kol najat chahe : Salua 
ko yiinhl mane. 

29 ^y&wa is ke, abadI najat ke 
liye zarur hai: ki wuh hamare 
Ehud&wand Tisu' Masih ke Tajas- 
sum par bhi sahib im&n rakkhe. 

30 Eyunki sahih Iman yih hai, 
ki hain Ttiq&d rakkhen aur>iqr&r bhX 

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karen : ki hamara Khudawand Yisii* 
Masfh, jo Khnda ki Beta hai, jOiudft 
bhi hai aur Insan bhi. 

31 Wuh Khuda hai, BSp ke 
Janhar se sab 'alainon se peshtar 
maulud : aur Insau hai jo apnl Man 
ke Jauhar se is 'alam ,men paida 

82 Wuh kamil Khuda aur kamil 
Insan hai: nafs-i-iiati^a aur ihsani 
jism se maujud; 

33 Uluhiyat kl rah se Bap ke 
barabar: Insaniyat kl rah se Bap se 

34 Wuh agarchi Khuda aur Insan 
hai: taham do nahin, balki ek hi 
Masih hai. 

35 Ek hi hai; is taur par nahIn 
ki Uluhiyat ko jismaniyat se badal 
dala : balki is taur par ki Insaniyat 
ko TJIuhiyat men le liya. 

36 Wuh mutlaqan ek hai: Jau- 
haron ke ikhtilat se nahin: balki 
Aqnum ki yaktal se. 

37 Kynnki jis tarah nafs i natiqa 
aur jism milke ek insan hota hai: 

usi tarah Khuda aur Insan milke ek 
Maslh haL 

38 Us ne hamarl najat ke waste 
dukh uthaya: 'alam i arwah men 
utar gaya, tISre din murdon men se 

39 Asman par charh gaya, aur 
Khuda Qadir i Mutlaq'Bap ke dahne 
baitha hai : wahan se wuh zdndon 
aur murdon kl 'adalat ke liye ane- 
wala hai. 

40 Us kl amad par sab admi apue 
apne badan ke sath ji uthenge : aur 
apne apne a'mal ka hisab deng^. 

41 Tab jinhoB ne nekl ki hai, 
wuh abadi zindagr men : aur jinhon 
ne bad! ki hai, wuh abadi ag mea 
dakhil hoQge. 

42 Kathulik Iman yihi hai ; us 
par agar koi saohche dil se i*tiqad 
na rakkhe, to wuh najat ko hasil na 
kar sakega. 

Jalal Bap aur Be^e : aur liiihul. 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tha, is waqt hai : 
aur abad tak rahega. Xmin. 


f Har Itwar, Budl^ aur Jtiiua' koSabhki Namaz ke ba'd y& kis! oiir waqt jab 
Hakim-i-shara' farmae yih Litaniya ya'ni Musajat-i-'&mm g&i ya pafhi jae. 

A I Khuda Bap, tu jo asman men 
hai: ham'ajiz gunahgaron par 
rahm kar. 

At Khuda Bap, iu jo asman men Tidi : 
ham 'djiz giinahgaron par rahm har, 

Ai Khuda Bete,"jahan ke Tidiya 
denewale : ham *ajiz gunahgaron par 
rahm kar. 

Ai J^hudd Sete, jahan he Fidiya 
denewale: ham 'djiz gunahgaron par 
rahm har. 

Ai Khuda Euhul-Quds, Tu jo Bap 
aur Bete se sadir hai: ham 'ajiz 
gunahgaron par rahm kar. 

Ai Khuda Buhul-Quds, TU jo Bap 
aur Bete se sadir hai : ham 'djiz gunah- 
garon par rahm har. 

Ai quddiis, mubarak, aur jallL 
Salus, tin Aqanim, ek Khuda : ham 
^Ajiz gunahgaron par X^kvx 'ka.x* 

Ai quddus, mvibdrah, aur jaUl Sdlus, 
tin Aqdnim^ eh Khuda: ^am ^djiz 
gunahgdron par rahm har. 

Ai Khudawand, hamarl taqslron 
ko yad na kar, aur xia ham are bap^ 
dadon kl taqslron ko: aur hamare 
gunahon ka badla na de; ai karim 
Khudawand, hame^ ohhor de, apne 
logon ko jin ka fidiya tii ne apne 
beshqimat khfm se diya, chhor de, 
aur abad tak ham se naraz na rah. 

AihartmKhuddwandy hamen chhor de. 

Har tarah kl burai aur afatse; 
gunah se, Iblls ke hllon aur hamlon 
se : apne gazab se, aur abadi 'azab se, 

Ai harm Khudawand^ hamen hachd, 

Dil ke sare andhepan se; guiiir, 
shekht, aur riyakarl se ; hasad, dush- 
mani, aur kine aui: h^ tar^^b kl b^ 

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At karim Khuddwandf hamen hacha, 

Haramkarl, aur baqi sab muhlik 
gunahoj^se; dunyaJism^aurSliaitau 
ke tamam fareboQ se, 

At karim Khudawandf hamen hachd, 

Bijll aur tufan se; wab&, marl, 
anr k&l se ; larSl anr khun, aur n^ga- 
hSnl maut se/ 

At karim Khudawandy "hamen haehd, 

Tamam fasad, sazish, o bag&wat 
se ; tamam jhiithi ta'llm, bid'at, anr 
tafriqe so; dil'kl sakhtr, aur apne 
Kalam aur Hukm kl tahqir se, 

At karim Khuddwandy Jiamen hacM. 

Apne pak Tajassum ke raz ke 
waste ; apul pak Faidaish aur Ehatne 
ke waste ; apne Baptisma, FSqe aur 
Azm&ish ke wfiste, 

At karim Khudatoandy hamen hachd. 

Apnl sakbt PareshanI aur khun ke 
Pasine ke waste ; apnl Sail b aur AzI- 
yat ke waste ; apnibebaha Maut aur 
Dafn hone ke waste; apnl pur Jal&l 
Qiyamat aur Su'ud ke waste; aur 
Buhul-Quds ke fine ke w&ste, 

Ai karim Khtiddwand, hamen hachd. 

Hamare bar ek dukh ke waqt; 
hamare bar ek sukh ke waqt ; marte 
dam, aur 'adalat ke din. 

At karim JSJiuddwandy hamen hachd. 

Ai Ebudawand Kbuda, ham gu- 
nabgar terl minnat'kart^ baig ki tu 
hamarf sun; aur karm kai:ke rab i 
rast par apnl pak Kalfciya i jami' 
ki hidayat farma ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand^ hamdri sun. 

Karm karke apne Bande hamare 
mibrban Badsbah aur Hakim Edward 
Qaisar i Hind kl bifazat kar, aur 
usetaqat bakhsb kiwuh terlsachobl 
parastish kiy& kare aur r&sti o p&ki- 
zagi se zindagi guz&re ; 

At karim Khti^wartdj hamdri mtn. 

Karm karke us ke dil ko apne 
Iman, khauf aur mahabbat ke tabi' 
lakb ; aur aisA kar ki wuh ^lamesba 
tujh par tawakkul rakkhe, aur bar 
dam ten 'izzat o jal&l ka talib rahe ; 

At karim JKJntddtoandy hamdri sun. 

. Karm karke us kA hami o hafiz 

xah, aur us ke sab dusbmanon par 

use fath bakhsb ; 

Ai karim l^uddwandy harmri sun. 

Karm karke bam&ri mibrb^Q ]l[a- 

lika Alexandra, Jarj, Shabzada e 
Welz, ShahzadI e Welz, aur tamam 
Badsbahl iKb&nd&n ko, barakat 
bakhsb aur sal&mat rakh ; 

Ai karim JKhuddwand^ hamdri sun. 
Karm karke s&re Bishapon, Prls- 
tofi aur Dlkauon ko apne Kalam ke 
sabib 'ilm aur samajb se munawwar 
kar : aur ais& kar ki y^uh us ko apnl 
nasibaton men pesh kare^, aur chal 
cbalan se bbl z&nir karen ; 

Ai karim EJiuddwandy harmri sun. 
Karm karke Kaunsil ke Wazlron 
aur sab UmarS e mulk ko fa2di 
danal aur samajb se ma'mur kar ; 
Ai karim jpiuddwandy hamdri sun. 
Karm karke is mulk ke Waisrfil, 
Gavamaron, aur Jajon kl hifazat 
kar, aur apnl nek maslabat se un kl 
rahnumal farma ; 

Ai karim JSJiuddwaridy hamdri sun. 
Karm karke sab HakimoQ ko 
bai-akat de aur mabfuz rakh, aur 
unben tauflq bakhsb ki wuh insaf 
karen, aur baqq ko qaim rakkben ; 
Ai karim JSJiuddwand, hamdri sun. 
Karm karke apne s&re logon ko 
barakat de, aur mabfuz rakh ; " 
Ai karim KhudduHindy hamdri sun, 
Karm karke sab qaumon men itti- 
bad, sulh aur muwafiqat ^)aid& 

Ai kavim Khuddwandy hamdri sun. 
Karm karke hamen ais& dil de, jo 
ter! mahabbat aur khauf rakkhe, aur 
tere bukmon ko shauq se baja l&ya 
ki^re; " 

Ai karim Khuddwandy hamari sun. 
Karm karke apne sftre logoa ko 
ziyada tanfiq bakhsb, ki wuh tere 
Kalam ko '&jizl se sunen, aur khalia 
nlyat se us ko qabul karefi, aur Buh 
ke phal laen ; 

Ai karim jpiuddwandy hcmdri sun, 
K^rm karke jitne gumrab hue, 
aur jinhon ne fareb khaya sab ko 
rah-i-haqq'par la ; 

Ai karim ^huddwand, hamdri suit. 
^Karm karke jo qaim hain unhea 
quwwat bakhsb ; za'if diloB ko tasalll 
de aur un kl madad kar ; giro huon 
ko uth&ke khara kar; aur &khir-C 
kar Shaitan ko hamare p&nWba se 
kuobalwa de ; 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Ai hafim Kkud&wandf hamdri mm. 

Kaim karke jo khatre mcQ hain 
tin kl kumak kar ; hajatmandon kl 
madad kar; aur mnslbatzadon" ko 
tasalll de ; 

Ai karlm Khuddtoand, hamart sun. 

Karm karke khushki aur tarl ke 
8ab musafiron, eab h&mila 'aiiraton, 
ftab bimaron, aur nanbe bacbchofi ki 
hifazat kaiT; aur tamam qaidion aur 
asiron par apnl rahmat bbej ; 

ACkarlm Khuddwandj hamdri sun, 

Earm karke yatimon, bewaon, aur 
Bab bekason aur mazlumon kl hima- 
yat aur khabarglrl kar ; 

Ai karlm Khuddtoand, hawdri mn. 

Earm karke kull bani Adam par 
rahm kar; 

Ai karlm Khuddteandy hamdri sun, 

Earm karke bam are dushmanoQ, 
satanewalon, aur tuhmat lagaue- 
w&lon ko mu'af kar aur un ke dilog 
ko pber de ; 

Ai karlm Khuddtoand, hamdri mm. 

Earm karke zamin ki fasll pai- 
dawar hamen de aur us kl bifazat 
kar, ki waqt par hamare k&m 

Ai karlm Khuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Earm karke bamen sacbchl tauba 
kl taullq de; hamare sare guuah, 
gaflaten, aur nadanlan mu'at' kar; 
aur apne Eubul-Quds ke fazl se 
bamen ma'mur kar, ki apuS cbal 
cbalan tere pak Ealam ke muw&fiq 
gudbSren ; 

Ai karlm Khuddwandy hamdri sun. 

Ai Ehuda ke Bete, hamfirl sun. 

Ai jpiudd ke Bete, hamdri sun. 

Ai Ebud& ke Barre : Tu jo jab&n 
ke gunab utba le jAta bai ; 

Apnd itmlndn hamen hakhsh. 

Ai Ebuda ke Barre: Tujojaban 
ke gun§b utba le jata bai ; 
Ham par rahm kar. 

Ai Masib, namari sun. 
Ai Ma^slhy hamdH sun. 

Ebud&wand, bam par rabm kar. 
^huddwandy ham par rahm kar. 

If asib, bam par rabm kar. 
Masih, ham par rahm kar. 

!l^budawand, bam par rahm kar. 
fhuddwandy ham par rahm kar. 

f Is ke ba*d Prist jama'at samet Dn*& 
i Babbani parhe. 

A I hamare Bap, Tii jo asman men 
bai, Tera Kara pak mana jae. 
Terl badshabi ae. Terl marzi jaisi 
asman par purl hoti bai, zamIn par 
bhi bo. Hamarl roz kl roti aj ba- 
men de. Aur hamare qusuron ko 
mu"af kar, Ei ham bhi apne qusur- 
waron ko mu'af karte bain. Aur 
hamen azmaish men na parne de, 
Balkilbural se baoha. Amln ." 

Prist Ai Ehudawand, hamare 
gunahon ke mutabiq bam se suluk 
na kar. 

Jawah, Na hamarl badion ke mu- 
wafiq hamen badla de. 

Ham du'a ma^gen. 

A I Ebuda, rahim Bap, tu sbikasta- 
dilon kl ah aur ^mzadon kl 
arzu ko baqlr nabin janta; Jab 
kabhl bam kisi dukb ja musibat se 
tang bokar tere huzur du'a mangen, 
rabm se hamare nazdik rah aur fazl 
karke bam an sun ; taki jo burl teul- 
blreg Sbaitan ya insan apne makr 
o fareb se hamare kbilaf karte boa 
bigar jaen, aur tere husn i intizam 
se tut jaen ; aisa ki ham tere bande, 
kisi tarah ke zulm se nuqsan na 
utbakar, terl pak Eallsiya men hame- 
sba tera «hukr karte raben ; hamare 
Ehudawand Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se. 
Ai Khuddteandy uihy hamdri madad 

A I Ehuda, ham ne apne kanoa se 
Buna, aur hamare bapdadoQ ne 
ham 86 bayan kiya hai, ki un ke 
dinoQ aur un se peshtar qadim za- 
mane men tu ne ky& hi bare bare 
kam kiye the. 

Ai Khuddwandy tUhy hamdri madad 

Jalal Bap aur Bete : aur Bubul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jawdh. Jaisa ibtida me^ tha, is 
waqt bai: aur abad tak rahega. Amln. 

Ai Maslh, hamea dushmanoa se 
panah de. 

Hamdiri mustbcUoQ par mihr kl naiwr 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

'IViras khSke ham&re dil ke gamon 
par nigah kar. 

Bahm harke ajpne logon ke gunah 

Earm ke satli hamarl du'&on par 
tawajjuh farms. 

At Ihn % Bdudy ham par rahm kar* 

Ai Maslh, ab aur hamesha mihr- 
bftnl karke hamarl sun. 

Ai Maathy mihr se hamarl mm; ai 
J^uddtoand Matnhy mihr se hamarl sun. 

Fnst, Ai Ehndawand, terl rah- 
mat ham par nazil ho ; 

Jawah. Kyunki hamdr& bharosa 
iujh hi par hat. 

Ham du'a m&ngen. 

A I B&p, ham khaksarl se terl 
minnat karto hain, ki tu ha- 
marl kamzorlon par rahm kt nazar 
kar ; aur jin afaton ke ham 'adl kl 
rfth se bahut hi sazaw&r hue haig, 
unhen apne Nam ke jalal ke waste 
ham se tal de ; aur yi 'inayat kar, 
ki ham apne sab dukhon men apn& 
sara asra aur bharosa te^ hi rahmat 
par rakkben,aur hamesha ohsl ohaltui 

DU'iBN. 17 

ki pakizagi aur safal se ten khidmat 
karen, taki terl 'izzat o jalSl zShir 
ho; ham&re ek hi DarmiyanI aur 
Shaft*, Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke 
waslle se. Amin. 

Muqaddas EJirusmtum In dv!d. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
hamen yih tauftq bakhshl hai 
ki ham ne is waqt ek dil hokar tujh 
se apni 'amm du'aen mangi hain; 
aur tu ne wa'da kiya hai'ki jab do 
ya tin mere Nam par ekatthe hon, 
to main un ki darkhwaston ko qabul 
karunga; Ab, ai Khudawand, apne 
bandon kl muradon aur 'arzon ko 
is tarah pura kar, jismen un ki kh&ss 
bihtarl ho: ham ko is^jahSnmen 
haqq kl pahchan, aur us jahan men 
abadi zindagl^ bakhsh de. Amln. 

2 Eurinthlof^ ziii. 14. 

KHUDAWAND Yisu' Maelh k& 
fazl, aur Khuda kl mahabbat, 
* aur Buhul-Quds kl shirakat, ham 
sab ke s&th hoti rahe. Amm. 

Yahau LitudyS tamam hui. 



5 Jo litauiya ya Snbh aur Sb&m Id Namaz ki do aJ^hirl da'&oo se pahle parhe jaeg. 


Bdrish ke wdsie. 

A I Khuda, asmani BSp, Tu ne 
apne Bete Yisu' Maslh kl 
ma'rifat un sab'se, jo terl badshahat 
aur us kl rastbazi ke talib hain, sab 
ohizon k& jo un kl jism&nl parwarish 
ke wlste dark&r ham, wa'da kiy& 
hai; Ham terl minnat karte hain ki 
ham&rl is zarurat men is qadr b&rish 
bhej ki ham apne llram aur terl 
'izzat ke liye zamin kl paid&wftr 

UB. FB. 

h&sil karen; ham&re Khudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se.* Arntn. 

Bdrish ke ba/nd hone ke w&ste. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khudawand 
Khuda, Tu ne ek b'sr insan ke 
gunah ke sabab ath admlon ke siwa 
tamam khalqat ko garq kiya, aur 
phir apnl barl mihrbani se wa'da 
kiya ki use do bftra kabhl is tarah 
^arat na karungfi ; Ham 'ajizi se terl 

Digitized byCjO(9QlC 



minnat karte haifi^ Id agarchi ham 
apnl badlon ke sabab 'adL kl rSh se 
jharlon aur sailabon kl afat ke sa- 
ssSw&r ham, taubhl ham&rl sachchi 
tanba par lihaz karke ais& mnw&fiq 
mausim 'in&yat kar, ki ham zamlu 
kl paidfiwfir waqt par h&sil karen ; 
aur ten tamblh se apna chal chalan 
Budhama, aur tere lutf ke sabab tert 
ta'rif o tamjid kamS. sikhen ; ham&re 
Khudawand Yisu' Maslh'ke waslle 
se. Amln. 

CKrdnl aur Qdht he toaqt ki du*&» 

A I Ehiidft, asmfinl BSp, terl 'ina- 
yat se barish hoti, zamlu phal 
l&tl, haiwan aur machhllan kasrat se 
hotI hain; Ham tert miuuat karte 
hain ki apne logon kl muslbaton par 
uazar kar ; aur aisa kar, ki jo kami 
aur gir&nl kl takllf ham ab apnl 
bad! ke sabab bilkull wajiban uth& 
rahe hain, arzani aur firawani se 
badal jae ; ham&re Khudawand Yisu' 
Maslh kl mahabbat ke tufail se, jis 
kl tere aur Buhul-Quds ke sath 
tamam 4zzat o ta'zim ab aur abad 
tak hotI rahe. Atntn. 

Td yth du'd. 

A I Khudft,rahlm Bap, Tu ne Illsha' 
nabi ke zamane men Samariya 
shahr kl barl kamI aur^giranl ko 
firawani aur arzani se yakbargi ba- 
dal dala ; Ham par aisa rahm farm& 
ki ham ko bhi, jo apne gunahon ke 
sabab waisi hi saza pa rahe hain, 
waqt par aram mile; apnl fismanl 
barakat se zamin kl paidSwar barha ; 
aur yih bakhsh, ki ham terl sakhiwat 
ke in'Sm pakar unhea tere jalal, aur 
muhtSjon kl raf a i 7arurat, aur apne 
arSm ke"" liye kharch kiya karen ; 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke 
waslle se. Amtn, 

Jang, aur Sangdmonke waqt k% du^d. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, bad- 
sh&hon ke Bsldshah, kull mau- 
judat ke Malik, ten qudrat kS, 
samna makhltiqat men se koX nahin 
kar sakta, gunahgaron'ko saza denaj 

aur sachchi tauba karnew&l<m par 
rahm kama ten hi shan ke laiq hai ; 
Ham 'ftjizl se terl minnat karte hain 
ki hamSre dushmanon ke hath se 
hamen bach& aur rih&I de; un ka 
takabbur tor, un ka kina thanda kar, 
aur un ke mansube bigSr de; taki 
ham ten himayat se musallah hokar 
sab khatron se hamesha mahfuz 
rahen, aur is tarah tujh haqiql fath- 
bakhsh Khuda ka jal&l zahir karen ; 
yih tere iklaute Be^ hamare Khu- 
d&wand Yisu* Masdi ke sawab ke 
waslle se ho. Amtn. 

Wabd yd *dmm htmdri ke waqt kl du^d. 

A I Q&dir i Mutlaq Khud&, tu ne 
u» sarkashi ke sabab, jo ten 
khass ummat ne bayaban men Mus& 
aur Harun ke barkhilaf k^ apne 
qahr se un par waba bhejl ; aur phir 
Baud b&dshah ke 'ahd men sattar 
hazftr adml Waba kl afat se halak 
kiye, taubhl apne rahm ko yad karke 
baqi logon ko bachSya; Ham *ajiz 
gunahgaron par, jo is waqt saWit 
bimarl aur marl men mubtila hain, 
rahm kar ; aur jis tiarah tu ne us 
waqt kafiara qabul karke halak 
kamewale firishte ko saza dene se' 
mana' kiya, usi tarah ab karm karke 
yih waba aur sakht biman ham men 
se dafa' kar; biamfire Khudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se.' Amin. 

f Imbar (ya'ni Taqarrnr ki taiyari) ke 
haftoQ meo yih da'a un ke liye, jo 
kisi muqaddas darje par muqarrar 
hone wale hoQ, xoz parhi jae. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, hamfire 
asmani Bap, tu* ne apne 'aziz 
Bete ke qlmati khun se Kallsiya i 
jami' kharld ll hai; Us par rahm kl 
nazar kar, aur tere khadim Bishap 
jo tere galle ke Galiaban hain, un 
ke dilon kl is waqt aisi hidayat 
farma, ki wuh be soche samjhe kisI 
par hfith na rakkhen, balki Imandarl ' 
aur hoshyan se ten Kallsiya ke pak 
'uhdon par Khidmat ada karne ke 
liye l&iq shakhson ko chun len. 
Aur jo kisI 'muqitddas kam par 
muqarrar honewale h|kin, up ko 

Oigitized by CjOOQ tC 



Hpnft fad aur agm&nl barakat 'inavat 
kar, t&ki wuh apne chalan aur ta'llm 
dono se terS jalaL zahir karen, aur 
knll bani Adam kl najat ke kam ko 
tataqql den; ham&re KhMawand 
Yisn' Masfbke waslle se.' Amm. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, sab 
nrmaton ke bakhslinewale, Tu 
ne apne ilabi intizam se apnl Ka- 
lldiya men mukhtalif Daije muqarrar 
kiye bain; Ham kbaksarl se terl 
minnat karte bain, ki jitne ns men 
kisi 'ubde anr kbidmat par muqarrar 
bonewale bain, unben apna fazl 
'inayat kar ; aur nn ko apne d£n-i- 
baqq ke 'ilm se aisa ma'miir, aur be- 
'aib cbal obalan se aisa arasta kar, 
ki wnb tere buzurg Nam ke jalal 
aur teri muqaddas KalMya ke laide 
ke liye tere buzur wafadartse kbid- 
mat baia laen ; bamare Kbu^awand 
Tisu' Mae^b Se waslle se. A^ln. 

f Yih du'a up ar ki Ms! dn'a ke ba'd 
j pafni ja sakti hat 

A I Kbuda, bamesba rabm kbana 
aur mu'af karna tera kbassa 
bai; bamarl minnaten qabul kar, aur 
bamen jo apue gunabon kl zanjir 
men jakre bile bain, apnl barl rabmat 
se taras kbakar kbol de; bamare 
Darmiyani aur Sbafi' Yisu* Masib 
ki 'izzat ke waste yib bakbsb. Amn. 

% Bt^d Mahkamort^'liya Parlimanf 
aur Sarkar-i'HindQstdn he liye, 

A I nibayat karlm Ebuda, bam 
. tamam Saltanat ke* waste, kbu<- 
susan Mabkama-i-a'liya Parlimant 
ke liye [jis ka ijlas is waqt bamare 
nibayat dlndar aur mibrban Badsbab 
ke bukm se bo raba bai], 'ajizi se 
teri minnat karte bain. Aur yaban 
Hindustan men bam Waisray, 6a^ 
vamaron, Haikort 'adalaton, Eaun- 
silon,aur un sab keliyedu'ama^gte 
baia, jo is mulk meg kisi tarab ka 
ikbtiyar rakb^e bain; Ei tu karm 
karke unki tamam masbwarat aur 
kar-rawai mea aisi bidayat aur kam- 

yabi bakbsb ki tera jalal zubuir pae 
teri Eallsiya ko faida pabufiobe, aur 
bamare Bsdsbib aur us Id Saltanat 
ki bif azat, 'izzat, aur bibtari bo ; aur 
un ki kosbisb se sab baton k& aisa 
pukbta intizam bo, ki sulb o kbairi- 
yat, sacbcbai. aur insaf, dindari o 
kbudaparasti, pusbt dar pusbt bain 
men barqarar raben. Yib sab, aur 
baq^ jo kucbb nn ke, aur bamare, 
aur teri tamam Ealisiya ke liye 
darkar bo, bam^ajizi se apne nibayat 
mubarak Ebudawand aur MuxijI 
Yist' Masib ke Nam aur Si£arisb kl 
kbatir mangte bam. Amtn. 

SddsMh imu'azzaTny Badahahx Khan- 
d&Uy Mdhkama e a'liya Pdrlimantf 
aur Sarkdr i Hindustan, he Uye 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur kamSl 
karim Ebuda aur Bap, bam 
teri minnat karte baia ki bamare 
mibrban Edward Badsbab, Qaisar 
i Hind, -Malika Alexandra, Jarj 
Sbabzada e Welz, SbabzadI e Welz, 
aur tamam badsbabi kbandan par 
(aur Mabkama e a'liya Parlimant 
par jis ka ijlas is waqt bo raba bai), 
rabm kar. Aur yaban Hindustan 
mea bam* Waisray, Gavamaron, 
Jajoa, aur jitne bamare Badsbab 
ki taraf se ikbtiyar rakbte bain, un 
sab ke liye bbi du'a mangte bain, ki 
wub sab baton ka bandobast danai, 
irasti^ aur rabm se karen, taki tere 
pak nam ka jalal, aur teri kalisiya, 
aur Badsbab ki ra'iyat ki bibtari bo ; 
bamare ]&budawand Yisu' Masib ke 
wasile se. Xmtn. 

Gair-Mctzhabwdlon Ice dil Phirne 2^ 

A I Ebuda, Tu ne sab qaumon ko 
ru e zamin par rabne ke liye 
ek bl kbun se paida kiya, aur apne 
mubarak Bete ko is liye bbeja, ki jo 
dur baia aur jo nazdik bain dono ko 
sulb ki basbarat de : Aisa^ar, ki ia 
mulk ke sab log tujbe dbuadbeg 
aur paen;.aur ai asmani Bap, apne 
is wa'de'ko, ki Main Stpni Biib tamam 
bani Adam par nazil pcarnnga. laid 

Digitized by 




pura kar ; hamare Mnnji Yisu' Maslh 
ke waslle se. Amtn. 

T Ear h&lat aur bar darje ke admiOQ 
ke liye du*a« jo un manqa'oo par 
pajrlii jae, jab Litaniya ka parhna 
mnqarrar na ho. 

A I Ehuda, tamam bani Adam ke 
Kh&liq aur Parwardigar, bam 
bar b&lat aur bar darje ke admloD 
ke liye 'ajizi se 'arz karte bai^i, ki 
tu karm karke un ko apnl raben 
dikba, aur apnt naj&t sab qaumog 
par zahir &rm&. Kbasskar ham 
£athulik KallsiyS, kl bibtarf ke liye 
du'a mangte bain; ki terl Bub-i« 
karim us kl aisi hidayat aur bando- 
bast kare, ki jitne apne ap ko Maslbl 
m&nte bain wuh sab ran-i-haqq kl 

rabnum&I paen, aur rub kl yaganagi, 
mel milap ke band, aur obal cbalan 
kl ras tl ke sAtb Iman ko q&im rakklien. 
Ab ham un sab ko, jo rub, ya jism, 
ya mal kft kot ranj y& takllf ufha 
rabe hain, terl pidarSna shafaqat ke 
sipurd karte hain [*kbusu8an un 
• Yib us waqt ^Sj jin ke liye ham 
'iaha jae jab koi se du aon kl dar- 
Bhakhs jama'at khwast kl gayi hai] ; 
kidu'aookeliye fci tu karm karke 
daryiwaat kare. ^^^ ^^ j^^ ^^ j^ ^ 

rurat ke muwafiq tascJll aur ftram 
de ; un ke dukboQ men unhen sabr 
bakbshe, aur un kl sab musIbatoQ 
ka anjam bakbair kare; yib ham 
Yisu' Maslh ka w&sta dekar maggte 
haifi. Amln, 


Shukrdna e 'dmm. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khud&, sab 
rahmaton ke Bap, bam tere 
nalaiq bande terl sarlmibrbanlOQ aur 
shafaqatoQ ke waste, jo tu ne ham 
par aur sab &dmIon par kl hain, 
* w * r*k^su8an un par, 

U^i^^^^t Soterthalklrah^^ 
ke liye dn'a mao- ton ke liye ab terl 
gi gayi bo, aur hamd aur shukrgu- 
wuh Bhnkrana zarl kam& chabte 
adakarnachahe. j^^-^-j j^^-i ..j^^ 

ke B&th dil o jan se ter& shukr karte 
haig. Ham apnl paidSisb, parwa- 
rish, aur is zindagi kl sari ni'maton 
ke liye, aur in se bbl ziy&da us bebaha 
mahabbat ke liye, jis se tu ne hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ko dunya 
ke fidiye mea de diy& ; aur fazl ke 
wasllon aur jal&l kl ummed ke liye 
bhi tera shukr ad& karte hain. Aur 
ham terl minnat karte hain, ki apnl 
sab rahmateg hamare diloQ par aisI 
naqsh kar, ki ham beriya dil se 
shukrguz&r hon aur terl hamd na 
sirf zabfin se, balki chal cbalan se 
bhI yun zahir kareQ, ki apne ap ko 
terl khidmat ke liye nis&r karen, aur 
Hunr bhar tere huzur paklzag! o 

rSstbazI ke s&th obalen; hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ke wastle 
se, jis kl, tere aur Buhul-Quds ke 
sath, tamam 'izzat^o ta'zltn abad-ul- 
ab&d hoti rabe. Amtn. 

Barish ka Shukrdna. 

A I Khuda, ham&re asmani Bap» 
Tu apne karm aur parwardigft- 
n se zamin par pahl& aur piobhla 
menh barsata hai, ki ins&n ke faide 
ke liye phal paida ho ; Ham firotani 
se ter& shukr karte hain ki hamarl 
barl zarurat ke waqt tu ne karm 
karke apnl miras par &khir-i-kar 
tazagl-bakhsh menh barsaya, aur us 
ko jo khushk thi serftb kiya hai ; jis 
se ham tere nal&iq bandoQ ne bara 
firam p&ya, aur tere pak nam k& jal'al 
zahir hua ; terl un rahmaton ke sabab 
jo hamare Khudawand Yisu' Maslh 
men hain, ham yih shukr ada karte 
hain. Jmtn. 

Barish thamne ka Shukrdna. 

A I Khudawand Khud&, Tu ne 
sakht b&rish aur sailab kl fifat 
se ham ko 'adl kl r&h se past kiyft 
tha, aur ab apnt rahmat se 'ain waqt 
par achohha mausim bhejkar bam^r^ 

dilon ko tasall! o taskln bakhsbl hai ; 
Teri is mibrbani ke sabab ham tere 
miiqaddas Nam kl hamd o sana karte 
bain, aur terl sbafaqat ka zikr pusbt 
dar pusbt bamesba karte rabenge; 
apne Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke 
wasile se. Amln. 

Arzanl led Shuhrdna. 

A I kamal rabim Bap, tH ne apoe 
karm o fazl se apnl Eallsiya 
ki dill du'aon ko sunkar bamarl 
girani aur kami ko arzan! o firawani 
se badal diya bai ; Ham teri is kbass 
faiyazi ka sbukr 'ajizi se karte bain, 
aur minuat karte haiQ ki teri sbafa- 
qat bamesba bam par rabe, ki ba- 
marl zamin apnl paidawar bamen 
diya kare, jis se tera jalal zabir aur 
bamen aram basil bo ; bamare Kbu- 
dawand Yisu' Masib ke waslle se. 

Suih ka aur dushmanon se rihdt pane 
ka Shukrdna, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Ebuda, Tu apne 
bandoQ kl panab ke liye un 
ke dusbmanon ke muqabale men ek 
mazbut qila' bai ; bam teri bamd o 
sbukrguzarl karte bain ki jin bare 
aur zabir kbatron men bam gbire 
hue the, un se tu ne hamea cbburaya 
hai; Ham iqrar karte baig ki bam 
jo un ka shikar na hue, yih tera hi 
ibsan bai; aur teri minnat karte 
bain ki teri rabmaten ayanda bbl 
ham par waisi hi rahea, taki tamam 
jaban ko ma'lum bo ki tu hamara 
Munji aur qawwl Eiba! denewala 
hai ; bamare Kbudawand Yisu' Masib 
ke wasile se. Amtn. 

Apne mulk Be Hangdma mauquf hone 
kd Shukrdna, 

AT azall KbudU, bamare asmani 
Bap, sirf tu hi ek gbar ke 
logon ko yakdil kar deta, aur tund- 
mizaj aur sarkasb qaum ke balwe 
ko mita deta bai; Ham tere pak 
Nam ka sbukr karte bain ki jo fasad 
aur bangame in dinon bamSre mulk 
men barpa hue the, unben tu ne 


karm karke mauquf kiya; bam 
kamal 'ajizi se teri minnat karte 
bain, ham sab par aisa fazl kar, ki 
ainda tere pak bukmon ki rah men 
tflbi'darl se cbalen ; aur kamal kbu^ 
daparasti o sbaistagi ke sath apnl 
zindagi amn aur chain men guzaren, 
aur in rahmatoa ke liye, jo ham par 
buin, hamd o shukrane ki qurbanlag 
bilanaga tere huzur guzrante raben ; 
apne Kbudawand Yisu* Masib ke 
wasile se. Amtn. 

Wahd yd km *dmm hlmdrl ae rihdi 
pdne kd Shukrdna, 

A I Kbudawand Khuda, Tu ne us 
sakbt aur haibatnak bala se, 
jo in dinon ham par pari tbi, bamare 
gunahon aur qusuron ke sabab bamen 
zakhmi aur tabab kiya tha ; aur ab, 
'adalat ke waqt apne rabm ko yad 
farmakar, hamai^ janon ko maut ke 
panje se cbburaya; Ham apne ap 
ko jan o tan samet, jinhea tii ne 
ribai bakhshi bai, tujh rabim Bap 
ki nazr guzr&nte bain, ki ham tere 
liye zinda qurbani banen, aur teri 
Kalisiya men teri rabmaton ki ta'rif 
o ta*zim bamesba karte raben ; apne 
Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke wasile 
se. Amin. 

Td yih Shukrdna* 

A I kamal rabim Bap, ham tere 
buziir firotani se iqrar karte 
bain, ki teri sbari'at men jitne 'aza- 
bon"ka wa*id bua bai, un sab ke ham 
apne gunagun gunahon aur sakhtdili 
ke sabab 'adl ki rah se mustabaqq 
the ; Lekin cbunki tu ne apni bari 
rabmat se karm karke bamari bekar 
aur nakamil 'ajizi ko dekha aur us 
muta'addi marz ko, jis se bam in 
dinon tabah-hal ho gaye the, daf a 
karke bamare gharon men khushi o 
tandurusti ki awaz pbir sunwSi ; Is 
liye ham teri Janab i Dabi ke huzur 
men hamd o sbukr ki qurbani guz- 
rante bain, aur teri is mubafizat aur 
parwardigarl ke liye, jo bam par 
zabir bui, tere jalil Nam kl ta'rif o 
ta*zim karte bain ; apne Kbudawand 
Yisu* Masib ke wasile /fie.^J[i 

Digitized by VjOO? 

( 22 ) 



f ^zih lio, ki jis Itwar, ya aur 'arfewale muqaddss din kd liye jo Ealikt mnqarrar 
hai, wuh ns ke 'arfe kl namaz i sham mea bhi pap m jae. 

Amad U Pdhld liwdr. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, hamen 
tauftq do, ki ab is fani zindagi 
ke darmiyan, jis meu tera Beta Yisu' 
Maslh barl fiiaotanl ke s&th liamare 
pas aya, ^m tarlkt ke kam ohhorke 
nfir ke hatbyar bandh leg; taki 
akhirl din, jab wub apnl bashmat o 
jaial ke sath zindon aur murdoa kl 
'adalat ke liye pbir ae, to bam gair- 
f&nl zindagi ke liye usl ke waslie se 
jl utbeS) jo tere aur Eiibul-Quds ke 
satb ab aur bamesba jita aur saltanat 
karta bai. Amin. 

% Yih Kalikt Amad ki aur kaliktoo 
ke sath 'Id i Wiladat ke 'arfe tak har 
roz parhi jae. 

gHATT. Bomioo ziii. 8. 

A PAS ki mababbat ^e siwa, kisi 
cbiz me& kisI ke qarzdar na bo ; 
kyuQki jo dusre se mababbat rakbta 
bai, us ne sbarfat par piira 'amal 
kiya. Kyunki yib baten, ki Zina 
na kar, Kbiin na kar, Cborl na kar, 
Lalacb na kar, aur in ke siwa &ur 
jo kol bukm bo, un sab ka ^bulasa 
is bat men payat jata bai, ki Apne 
parausi se apni manind mababbat 
rakb. Mababbat apne parausi se 
bad! nab^ karti ; is waste mababbat 
sbarl'at ki ta'mll bai. Aur waqt ko 
pabcbankar aisa bl karo, is liye ki 
ab wub gbarl a pabuncbl ki turn 
nind se jago ; kyunki jTs waqt bam 
fman lae the, us waqt kl nisbat ab 
bamarl najat nazdik bai. Eat babut 
guzar gayl, aur din nikalnewal& bai : 
pas bam tarlkl ke kamoQ ko tark 
karke, raushnl ke bathyar bandh 

len. Jaisft din ko dastur bai, 
sbaistagi se cbale^ ; na ki n&ob rang 
aur nasbebSzI se, na izin&k&rl aur 
shabwatparasti se, aur na jbagre aur 
basad se ; balki Kbud&wand 'Yisii' 
Masib ko pabin lo, aur jism kl 
kbwabisbon ke liye tadblren na karo. 

INJIL, Matixxi. 1. 

AUE jab wub YarCLsbalem ke 
nazdik pabunobe, aur Zaitun 
ke pabar par Baittage ke pas ae, to 
Yis&' ne do sbagirdon ko yib kabkar 
bbej&, ki Apne samne ke ganw men 
jao ; waban pabuQcbte bl ek gadbl 
iDandbl bul, aur us ke satb bachcba 
tumben milega ; unben kbolkar mere 
pas le ao. Aur agar koi tum se 
kucbb kalie, to kabna, ki Yib 
Kbudawand ko darkar bain; wub 
iilfaur unben bbej dega. Yib is 
liye bua, ki jo nabi kl ma'rifat kabS 
gaya tba, wub piira bo, ki Siyyon ki 
betl se kabo, ki Dekb, tera Badshab 
tere pas ata bai ; Wub ballm bai, aur 
gadbe par sawar bai ; Balki ladii ke 
bacbcbe par. Pas sbagirdon ne jakar, 
jaisa Yisu' ne unben bukm diya tbg, 
waisa bl kiya ; aur gadbl aur bacbcbe 
ko lakar apne kapre un par dale; 
aur wuh un par bkitb gaya. Aur 
bblr men ke aksar logog ne apne 
kapre raste meg bichbae, aur &uron 
ne darakbton se daliyan katkar rah 
men pbailaln. Aur bbir jo us ke age 
age jati aur picbbe pichhe cball atf 
tbi, pukar pukarkar kabtl tbi, ki Ibn 
i Daiid ko Hosha'na, mubarak bai 
wub, jo Kbudawand ke nam par &ta 
bai, 'alam i bala par Hosba'n^, 
Aur jab wub Yarushalem men dakbil 
bria, to sare sbabr men balchal par 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



gayf, atir log kahne lage ; Yih kaim 
hai? Bhir ke logon ne kaha; Yih 
Galll ke i^asarat k& sabl Yisu' hai. 
Aur Yiflu' ne Khuda kl haikal men 
dakhil hokar, nnsab ko nikal diva, 
jo haikal men kbarld o farokht kar 
rahe the, anr sarrafog ke takhte aur 
kabutar-faroshon kl chaukiyan ulat 
din, anr nn se kaha ; Likh& hai, ki 
Mer& ghar dn'a ka ghar kahlaegft; 
magar turn ^ use dakuon kl khoh 
banftte ho. 

Amad hd Dusrd Itto&r, 

A I mnbarak KhudSwand, Tii ne 
Bab muqaddas kitaben hamarl 
ta'Ilm ke liye likhwaln ; yih bakhsh 
ki ham nnhen is tarah snnea^ parhen, 
sochefi, Bikhen, aur dil me^ hazm 
karen, ki tare pak kal&m se sabr o 
tasalTl hasil karke hayat i abadi kl 
ns mnbarak nmmed ko ikhtiyar 
karen anr hamesha th&me rckhen, jo 
tu ne hamare MunjI Yisu' Maslh 
men hamen dl hai. Am%n» 

^HATt. Bomion xv. 4. 

JITNI bates pahle likhx gayi^, 
wnh hamari ta'Ilm ke liye likhl 
gaylQ, taki sabr se anr kitab i mu* 
qaddas kl tasall! se nmmed rakkhen. 
Anr Ehnda, sabr anr tasalli £& 
chashma, tnm ko yih tanftq de, ki 
Maslh Yifiu* ke mntabiq apas men 
yi^dil raho; taki tum yakdil anr 
yakzaban hokar hamare Khndawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke Ehuda anr Bap ki 
barlil kara Fas jis tarah Maslh ne 
Ehuda ke jalal ke liye tum ko apne 
sath shamil kar liya hai, ust tarah 
tnm bhi ek dusre ko shamil kar lo. 
Main kahta hun ki Maslh Ehnd& kt 
sachchaX sabit kame ke liye makh- 
tunon ka khadim bana, taki nn 
wa'don ko pura kare, jo bapdadon se 
kiye gaye the, smr gair-qaumen""bhl 
rahDi ke sabab Ehuda ki barai karen ; 
chnuanchi likba hai ki, 'is waste 
main gair-qaumon men tera iqrar 
kar&nga, Anr tere nam ke git 
gaiinga. Anr phir wuh kahta hai, | 

ki Ai gair-qanmo, us ki nmmat ke 
sath khushi karo ; Phir yih ki, Ai 
sari gair-qanmo, Ehndfiwand ki 
hamd karo; anr sari nmmaten us 
ki sitaish karen. ; Anr Yasha'yah 
bhi kahta hai, ki Yishai kl jar 
zahir hogi, ya'nl wnh Bhalk;h8 jo 
gair-qaumon pi^ hnkumat kaorne ko 
nthega ; XTsI se gair-qanmen nmmed 
rakkhen^. Pas Ehuda, jo nmmed 
k& chashma hai, tumh^ imfin rakhne 
ke b&'ifl sari khnshl'aur itmlnan se 
ma'mur kare,' t&ki Buhn'l-Quds ki 
qndrat se tumhflri nmmed ziyada 
hoti jae. 

INJiL. Laqazxi.25. 

S'OBAJ aur chand anr sitaroa men 
nishan zahir honge, anr zamin 
par qaumoa ko takllf hogi; kymki 
wuh samundar anr us ki lahronlce 
shor se ghabra jaengi. Aur dar ke 
mare aur zamin par anewali balaoa 
ki r&h dekhte dekhte logos ki j&n 
men jan na rahegi ; is liye ki fisman 
ki quwwaten hilai jaengi. Us waqt * 
log Ibn i Adam ko qndrat anr bare 
jalal ke sath badal mes ate dekhenge. 
Aur jab yih baton hone lagenT to 
sidhe hokar sir upar nthana ; is'liye 
ki tnmh&tf makhlasl nazdik hogi. 
Aur us ne un 80 ek tamsil kahi, ki : 
Anjir ke darakht aur sab darakhton 
ko dekho. Jonhin nn men konpalen 
nikaltl hain, tum dekhkar ap hi jan 
lete ho, ki ab garmi nazdik hai. Isl 
tarah jab tnm in bat«n ko bote 
dekho, to jan lo, ki Ehuda ki b&d- 
shahat nazdik hai. Main tum se 
sach kahta hUn, ki Jab tak yih sab 
baton na ho len,_yih nasi hargiz 
tamam na hogi. Asm&n anr zamin 
tal jaenge, lekin meri baten hargiz 
na talengi. ~ 

Amad kd TUrd Itwdr. 

A I Ehudawand Yisu' Maslh, Tu 
ne apnl pahll ftmad ke waqt 
apne rasul ko Uiej& tba, ki wuh tere 
age teri rah dumst kare ; yih bakhsh, 
ki tere razon ke khadim aur mukhtar 
bhi nafarm&non ke dilon ko rast- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


b&zon kl danal kl taraf mail karke, 
terf rah ko yun taiyar kareg, ki jab 
terl dusri amad jahan kl 'adalat ke 
liye ho, ham tere hnzur maqbul 
nmmat thahren; ki tu B&p anr 
Buhnl-Quds ke sath, hamesha wahid 
Ehuda, abad ul &bad jTta aur ealtanat 
kartfi rahega. Amtn, 

_ :^HATT. 1 Kurinthion iv. 1. 

ADMl hamkoMa8thk&kh&dim,aiir 
Ehud& ke bhedon ka mnkhtar 
samjhe. Aur yah&n mukht&r me^ 
yih b&t dekhl jatX hai, ki diyanatdar 
nikle. Lekin mere nazdik yih niha- 
yat khaftf b&t hai, ki turn y& kol 
ins&nl *ada1at mujhe parkhe, balki 
main khad bhi apne ap ko nahin 
parakh'tS. Eyunki mera dil to 
mujhe malamat nahln kart& ; magar 
is Be main rastbaz nahln thahrta : 
balki mer& parakhnew&Ta Ehuda- 
wand hai. Pas jab tak Ehudawand 
na &e, waqt se pahle kisi bat kS 
faisala na karo; wuhl t&rlkl kl 
poshlda b&tej^ raushan kar dega, aur 
dilon ke mansube zfihir kar dega; 
aur us waqt har ek kl ta'rif Ehuda 
kl taraf se hogT. 

INJIL. Matlzi.2. 

AUE Yuhanna ne qaidkh&ne mea 
Maslh ke kamon ka hai sunkar, 
apne shagirdon kl ma'rifat us se 
puchhwa bheja, ki Anewal& tu hi 
hai, ya ham dusre kl rah dekhen? 
Yisu' ne jawab men un se kaha, ki 
Jo kuchh turn sunte aur dekhte ho, 
jakar Yuhanna se baySn kar do, ki 
andhe dekhte, aur langre chalte 
phirte hain, korhl pak sSf kiye jate, 
aur bahre sunte hain, aur murde 
zinda kiye jate hain, aur garlbon ko 
khushkhabarl sunai jati hai; aur 
mubarak wuh hai, jo mere sabab 
se thokar na kbae. Jab wuh rawana 
ho liye, to Yisu* ne Yuhanna kl 
babat logon se kabna shuru' kiya, ki 
Tum biyaban men ky& dekhne gaye 
the ? kya hawa se hilte hue sarkande 
ko ? To phir kya dekhne gaye the ? 
Eya mihin kapre pahine hue shakhs 
ko? Dekho, jo'mihin kapre pahinte 
hain, wuh badshahon ke gharon 


meg bote hain. To phir kyun gaye 
the? Eya ek nabi ke dekhne ko? 
Han, main tum se kahta hufi, balki 
nabi se bare ko. Yih wuhl hai, jis 
kl b&bat likha hai, ki Dekh, main 
apna paigambar tere age bhejta hun^ 
jo terl rah tere age taiySr karega. 

Amad ha Chauthd Itwdr. 

A I Ehudawand, ham 'arz karte. 
hain, ki tu apnl qudrat z&hir 
fiEurm& aur hamare darmiyan akar 
bari quwwat se hamarl kumak kar ; 
ki'ham jo apne gunfihoQ aur badlOQ 
ke sabab apnl muqarrarl daur men 
bahut hi ruke hue hain, tere bare fazl 
orahmse jald madad p&kar rihal hasil 
karen ; jih tere Bete hamare EhudS- 
wand ke kaffare ke sabab ho; tere 
aur Euhul-Quds ke sath usi kl *izzat o 
ta'zim abad ul ab&d hoti raho. Amln, 

ipiATT. FilippioQ iy. 4. 

EHUDAWAND men har waqt 
khushraho; phir kaht& hun, ki 
* khush raho. Tumharl narmmizajl 
sab admlon par zahir ho. Ehuda- 
wand qarib hai. EisI bat ka fikr 
na karo : balki har ek bat men tum- 
harl darkhwasten, du'ft aur minnat 
ke waslle se, shukrguzarl ke sath 
Ehuda ke samne pesh kl I'aen; to 
Ehuda ka itmln&n, jo samajh se bil 
kuU babar hai, tumhare dilon aur 
^[hayalon ko Maslh Yisu' men mah- 
fuz rakkhega. 

IXJiL. Yuhanna 1.19. 

AUE Yuhannft kl gawahl yih hai, 
ki jab Yahudlon ne Yaru- 
shalem se kahin aur Lewi yih 
puchhne ko us ke pfis bheje, ki Tu 
kaun hai ? to us ne iqrar kiya, aur 
inkar na kiya, balki iqrar kiy&, ki 
Main to Maslh nahlQ hun. Unhon 
ne us se puchh&, Phir kaun hai? 
Eya tu Eliyyah hai ? Us ne kah& ; 
Main nahln hun. Eya tu wuh nabi 
hai ? Us ne jawab diya, ki NahlQ. 
Pas unhon ne us se kaha ; Phir tu 
hai kaun? taki ham apne bhejne- 
waloQ ko jawab den. T$ apne haqq 

Oigitized byCjOOQlC 



mefi ky& kahta hai ? Us ne kaha ; 
Main, jaisa Yasha'yah nab! ne kaha 
hai, biyabfin men ek pnkamewale 
kl aw&z hun, ki Turn Ehudawand kl 
rah ko sidha karo. Yih Farlston kl 
taraf se bbeje gaye the. Unhon ne 
lis se yih suwal ^ya, ki Agar tu na 
Maslh hai, na Eliyyah, na wnh nabi, 
to phir baptisma kyun deta hai? 
Tuhanna ne jawab men un se kaha, 
ki Main pAnI se baptisma deta huu ; 
tumhSre darmiyan ek shakhs khara 
hai, jise tnm nahln jtote, ya'ni mere 
ba'd ka anewala, jis kl juti ka tasma 
main kholne ke laiq nahlg. Yih 
baten Yardan ke par Bait'aniyyah 
men waqi' huln, jahag Yuhanna 
baptisma det& tha. 

*Id % Wilddat^ ya'ni M<mh kd janam- 
diuy jise Krismas JDe lihl hahte hain 
{ya*nl 25 Diaembar), 


A I Qadir i Mntlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
apna iklantft Beta ham ko 
bakhsh diya,ki wnh hamarl zat ikhti- 
yar kare, anr goya is waqt ek pa'kda- 
manKnnwarl sepaidaho; yih bakhsh, 
ki ham, jo nay& janam pakar fazl se 
tere lep^k farzand bane hain, roz 
ba roz tere Buhul-Quds ki qndrat se 
naye bante jaen ; hamare usi Khnda- 
wand Yisii' Maslh ke waslle se, jo 
tere aur nsl Ruh ke sath, hamesha 
wahid Khnda, abad ul abad jita aur 
saltanat karta rahega. Amin. 

5HATT. 'Ibranion 1 1. 

A OLE zam&ne men Khuda ne 
bapdados se hissa ba hissa aur 
tarah ba tarah nablon k! ma'rifat 
kalam karke, is zamane ke akhir 
men ham se Bete kl ma'rifat kalam 
kiya, jise us ne sari chlzon ka waris 
thahraya, aur jis ke waslle se us ne 
'ahim bhi paida kiye; wuh us ke 
jalal kft partau, aur us kl zat ka 
naqsh hokar, sab chlzon ko apnl 
qudrat ke kalam se sambhalta hai ; 
wuh ^unahon ko dhokar 'alam i b&la 
par Kibriya kl dahini taraf ja baitha ; 
aur firishton se iel qadr buzurg ho 
gs^yai jis qadr us ne miras men un 

se afzal nam paya. Eyiinki firish- 
ton men se us ne kab kisX se kaha, 
ki Tu mera Beta hai, Aj tu mujh 
se paida hua? Aur phir yih, ki 
Main us k& B&p hunga, aur wuh 
mera Beta hoga ? Aur jab pahlaute 
ko dunya men phir lata hai, to kaht& 
hai, ki Khuda ke sab firishte uho 
sijda karen. Aur firishtoQ ki babat 
yih kahta hai, ki Wuh apne firishton 
ko hawa^, aur apne khadimon ko 
ag ke shu'le banat& hai*: Magar Bete 
kl babat kaht& hai, ki Ai KhudS 
tera takht abad ul abad rahega ; aur 
ten badsh&hat ka 'asa rasti ka 'asa 
hai. Tu ne rastbazi se mahabbat, 
aur badkarl se 'adawat rakkhi ; Isl 
sabab se Khuda, ya'ni tere Khuda 
ne khushi ke tel se, Tere sathion kl 
banisbat tujhe ziyada masah kiya. 
Aur yih, ki Ai Khudawand, tu ne 
ibtida meg zamin kl neo dali, aur 
asman tere hath kl karlgarl hain: 
Wuh nest ho jaenge ; magar tu baqi 
rahega: Aur wuh sab poshak kl 
manind pur&ne ho jaenge : Tu unhen 
chadar kl tarah lapetega, aur wuK 
poshak kl tarah badal jaenge : Magar 
tu wuhl hai, aur tere baras khatm 
na honge. 

INJIL. Yuhanna 1.1. 

IBTIDA men Kalam tha, aur 
Kal^m Khuda ke sath tha, aur 
Kalam Khuda tha. Yihl ibtida 
men Khuda ke sath tha. Sari 
chXzen us ke wasile se paida hulja ; 
aur jo kuchh paida hua hai, us men 
se kol chiz bnl us ke bagfair paida 
nahln hul. Us meu zindagi thi; 
aur wuh zindagi admXon k& nur tha. 
Aur nur tarlkx men chamakta hai : 
aur tanki ne use qabul na kiya. 
Ek adml Yuhanna nam a maujiid 
hua, jo Khuda kl taraf se bheja 
gaya tha. Yih gawahl ke liye 
aya, ki nur kl gawahi de, taki sab 
us ke waslle se iman laen. Wuh 
khud to nur na tha, magar nur kl 
gawahl dene ko aya tha. Haqiql 
nur, jo har ek adml ko raushan 
karta hai, dunya men ane ko tha. 
Wuh dunya men tha, aur dunya 
us ke waslle se paida hut, aur dunya 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



ne use na pahchana. Wuh apne 
ghar &ya, aur us ke apnon ne use 
qabfil na kiya. Ijekin jitnon ne 
use qabul kiya, us ne unhen £[liuda 
ke farzand banne ka haqq bakhsha, 
ya'ni unben jo us ke nam par Iman 
Ifite bain, Wub na kbiin se, na jism 
kl kbwabisb se, na insan ke irade se, 
balki Kbuda se paida bue. Aur 
Kalam mujassam bua, aur fazl aur 
sacbcbal se ma'mur bokar bamare 
darmiyan raba, aur bam ne us ka 
aisa jaLal dekba, jaisa Bap ke iklaute 
ka jalal. 

Maqaddas Stifanus Tea din (ya^ni 26 


A I Kbud&wand, yib bakbsb, ki 
apne sab dukbon men, jo is ru- 
i-zamin par tere kalam-i-baqq kl sba- 
b&dat ke sabab bam par paren, bam 
asman kl taraf gaur se nigab karke us 
jalal ko jo zabir bonewala bai Iman kl 
nazar se dekben ; aur Eubul-Quds se 
pur bokar,tere pable sbabid muqaddas 
Stifanus ke namune par apne satane- 
w§Io£^ se mababbat rakkben aur un 
ke liye du'a e kbair karni slkben, ki 
us ne apne qatilon ke liye tujh se 
du'a mangi. Ai mubarak Tisu', tu 
un sab kl madad ke liye, jo tere 
waste dukb utbate bain, Kbuda ke 
dabine kbara bai, aur tu bl bamara 
DarmiyanI aur Sbaft' bai. Amtn. 

f Is ke ba*d, aur phir har roz naye sal 
ke 'aif e tak, 'Id i Wiladat ki Kalik^ 
parhi jae. 

KHATT KE IWAZ. A'mal vii. 55. 

STIFANUS ne Eubu'l Quds se 
ma'mur bokar, asman kl taraf 
gaur se nazar kl, aur Kbud& ka jalal, 
aur Yisu' ko Kbuda kl dabini taraf 
kbara dekbkar kaba, ki Dekbo,jnain 
asmkn ko kbula bua, aur Ibn i Adam 
ko Kbuda kr dabini taraf kbar§, 
dekbta bun. Magar unbon ne bare 
zor se cbillakar apne kan band kar 
liye, aur ek dil bokar us par jbapte ; 
aur sbabr se babar nik&lkar us ko 
sangsar karne lage : aur gawSbon 
ne apne kapre Sbaul nam ek jaw&u 

kepfinwoQ ke pas rakh diy^. Pas 
yib Stifanus ko sangsar karte rabe ; 
aur wub yib kabkar du'a mangta 
raba, ki Ai Kbudawand Yisu', merl 
rub ko qabul kar. Pbir wub gbutne 
tekkar barl aw&z se pukar&, ki Ai 
Kbud&wand, yib gunab un ke zimme 
na laga : aur yib kabkar so gaya. 

INJIL. Matixxm.34. 

DEKHO, maiu nabloi^ aur danaoB 
aur faqibos ko. tumbare pas 
bbejta bun ; un men se ba'z ko qatl 
karoge, aur sallb par cbarbaoge, aur 
ba'z ko apne 'ibadatkbanon meg kore 
maroge, aur sbabr ba sbabr satate 
pbiroge ; taki sab rastbazog ka kbun, 
jo zamin par babaya gaya, turn par 
ae : rastbaz Habll ke kbun se lekar 
Birikyab ke bete Zakaryab ke ]^bun 
tak, jise tum ne maqdis aur qur- 
bangab ke darmiyan qatl kiya. 
Maifi tum se sacb kabta bun, ki Yib 
sab kucbb is zamane ke logon par 
aega. Ai Yarusbalem, ai Yarusba- 
lem, tu jo nablon ko qatl karti bai, 
aur jo tere pas bbeje gaye, unbeQ 
sangsar kartI bai I kitnl bl bar main 
ne cbaba, ki jis tarab murgi apne 
bacbcbon ko paron tale jama' kar 
letl bai, usi tarab main bbl tere 
larkon ko jama' kar liis, magar tum 
ne' na cbaba ! Dekbo, tumbara gbar 
tumbare liye wiran obbora jata bai. 
Kyunki main tum se kabta bug, ki 
Ab se mujbe pbir bargiz na dekboge, 
jab tak na^ kaboge, ki Mubarak bai 
wub jo Kbudawand ke nam par ata 

Muqaddas TuJiannd Injll-nauns ha din 

(jja'nl 27 Diaembar), 


A I rabim Kbudawand, bam terl 
minnat karte bain, apne niir 
kl cbamaktl kiranen apnl Kallsiya 
par dal, ki wub, tere mubarak Basiil 
aur Injll^nawls muqaddas Yubanna 
kl ta*llm se munawwar bokar, tere 
kalam i baqq ke niir men is tarab 
cbale, ki akbir>i-kar abadi zindagi 
ke niir ko pabuncbe ; bamare Kbuda- 
wand Yisii' Maslb ko wasile se. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ma'sCm baohohon ka din. 


^HATT. 1 Yuhanna i. 1. 

US zindagi ke EaUm kl babat jo 
ibtida se thft, anr jise bam ne 
fluna, atir apnl ankhon se dekba, 
balki ganr se dekha, aur apne b&thon 
80 chbiia ; (yib zdndagl zahir hul, aur 
ham ne use dekba, aur us kl gawahl 
dete haia, aur isl bamesha kl zindagi 
kl tumhen khabar dete bain jo Bap 
ke sath thl, aur bam par zahir hul) ; 
jo k^chb ham ne dekh& aur sun& 
bai, tumhen bhi us kl khabar dete 
bain, taki turn bfal hamare sbarik bo : 
aur hamai^ shirakat Bap ke sath, 
aur us ke Bete Yisu' Maslh ke s&th 
bai. Aur yib baton ham is live 
likhte bain ki ham&rlkhushi piirl no 
jae. Us so sunkar jo paigfam bam 
tumhen dete bain, wtih yib bai, ki 
Kbuda"niir bai, aur us men zar& bbl 
tfirlkl nahln. Agar bam kaben, ki 
bamarl us ke sath shirakat bai, aur 
phir tarlkl me& cbalen, to ham jbuthe 
bain, aur haqq par 'amal nahln kar'te ; 
lekm agar bam nur men cbalen, jis 
tarab ki wuh niir meg bai, to ba- 
marl apas men shirakat bai, aur us 
ke Bete Yisu' ka khun hamen tamam 
gunfib 80 pak kartS bai. Agar ham 
kahes, ki ham begunah bain, to 
apne ap ko fareb dete baig, aur ham 
men sachchal nahln. Agar apve 
gunahon ka iqrar karen, to wuh 
hamare gunahon ke mu'af kame, 
aur hamen sari Harastl se pak kame 
men sachcha aur 'adil bai. Agar 
kab"en, ki ham ne gunah nahin kiyS, 
to use jhutha thabrate bain, aur us 
ka kalam ham men nahln bai. 

INJIL. Yflhanna xxi. 19. 

XnSU' ne Sbama'un Patras se ka- 
X bft, ki Mere picbhe ho le. 
Patras ne phirkar us shagird ko 
plohhe ate dekha, jis se Yisii' ma- 
babbat rakhta tha, aur jis ne sham 
ke kbane ke waqt us ke sine k& 
Sahara lekar pUchba tha, ki Ai Ebu- 
d&wand, tera pakarw&newala kaun 
bai? Patras ne use dekhkar Yisu' 
se kaba ; Ai Ehudawand, is ka ky& 
b§I hoga? Yisu' ne us se kaba; 
Agar maifi chahufi, ki yib mere ane 

tak thahra rabe, to tujh ko kya ? 
tu mere picbhe ho le. Pas bhaiyoa 
meu yib bat mashhur ho gayl, ki 
wi^b shagird na marega. Lekin Yisu' 
ne US se yib nahln kaba tha, ki yib 
na marega; balki yib,ki Agar maifi 
Gh&huQ, ki yih mere ane tak thahra 
rabe, to tujh ko kya? Yih wuhl 
shagird bai, jo in batog kl gawahl 
deta bai aur jis ne in ko likha bai ; 
aur bam jante^bain, ki us kl gawahl 
sachobi bai- Aur bhi babut se kam 
haifl, jo Yisu* ne kiye; agar wuh 
juda juda likhe jate, to main sa- 
majhta bug, ]^ jo kLtabeg likhl jatlfi, 
un ke Uyp dunya moQ gunjaish na 
hotl. . 

Ma^8um BachchyQ Jed din Qfd^nt 28 
. Disembaf). 


A I Qadir i mutlaq Ehuda, Tfi ne 
yib thahraya bai ki baohchos 
aur shlrkbwaroB ke munh se terl 
qudrat kk ziihur ho, anr tii ne nanhe 
bachohon kl maut se apna jalal zahir 
kiya: bamarl sab burl 'adaton ko 
mar dal, aur apne fazl se hamen aisi 
taqat de, ki a|)ne chalan kl be'aibi, 
aiir marne tak Iman kl ^aedarl se, 
tore muqaddas Nam ka jalal zahir 
karen; hamare Ehudawand Yisu' 
Masib ke wasile so. Amin, 

?HATT KE »IWAZ. Mnkashafa xiv. 1. 

PniB maiQ ne nigab kl, to kya 
dekhia biiQ, ki wuh Barra Siy- 
yon ke pahar par kl\ara bai, aur us 
ke sath ok lakh clbaualls bazar 
shakhs bain, jin ke mfttho par us ka 
aur us ke Bap ka nam likha hua 
bai. Aur mujhe asman par se ek 
aisI awaz sunal dl, jo zor ke pSnl, aur 
barl garaj kl si &w&e thl; aur jo 
awaz maiQ ne suni, wuh aisI thl 
jaise barbatnawaz barbat bajate hon. 
Wuh takht ke samiie, aur charon 
jandarog aur buzurgog ke age, goya 
ek naya git g& rabe the : aur un ek 
lakh ohaualls bazar shakhsofi ke 
siwa, jo dunya m^n se kharld liye 
gaye the* kol us git ko n^ slkh saka. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Yih wall tain, jo 'auraton ka s&th 
aluda nahTn hue, balki kunware hai&. 
Till wnh hain, jo Barre ke plohhe 
plchhe chalte hain, jah&n kahlQ wuh 
jata hai. Yih Ehudft anr Barre ke 
liye pahle phal hone ke waste admlon 
mea Be kharld liye gaye hain. Anr 
tin ke miinh se kabhl jhuth na nikla 
th& ; wnhlbe'aib hain, 

INJIL. Mail 11. 13. 

DEEHO, Khndawand ke firishte 
ne Yustif ko khwab men dikhal 
dekar kaha, ki XTth, bachohe anr ns 
kl m&u ko sath lekar Misr ko bhag 
ja ; aur jab tak ki main tnjh se na 
kahun, wah^ rahna, kyOnki Herodes 
is bachohe ko talash kame ko hai 
taki nse halak kare. Pas wuh nthfi, 
anr rat ke waqt bachche aur ns kl 
man ko sath lekar, Misr ko rawana 
ho gaya ; anr Herodes ke mame tak 
wahin raha ; taki jo Khndawand ne 
nabi kl ma'rifat kaha thS, wnh pura 
ho, ki Misr men se main ne apne 
bete ko bnlaya. Jab Herodes ne 
dekha, ki Majusion ne mere sath 
hansi kl, to nihayat gnsse hu&, anr 
adml bhejkar Baitliahm anr ns kl 
sari sarhaddo^ ke andar ke nn sab 
larkon ko qatl karw& diya, jo do do 
baras^ke ya is se chhote the, ns 
waqt ke hisfib se jo ns ne Majusion 
se tahqiq kiya tha. Us waqt wnh 
bat purl hul, jo Yirmayah nabt kl 
ma'rifat kabi gayl thT, ki Bamah 
men awaz snnal dl, rona anr bar& 
maitam, Eahel apne bachchon ko ro 
raht lud, Anr tasalll qabui nahlQ 
karti, is liye ki wnh haia nahln. 

'Id i Wilddat ke ha'd id liwdr. 

A I Qadir i Mntlaq Ehnda, Tu ne 
apna iklanta Beta hamen 
bakhsh diya, ki wnh hamarl zat 
ikhtiyar kare, anr goya is waqt ek 
pkkdaman Knnwarl se paidfi ho;, 
yih bakhsh, ki ham, jo naya janam 
pakar fazl se tere lepalak farzand 
bane hain, roz ba roz tere Euhnl- 
Qnds kl qudrat se naye bante jaen ; 

hamare nsl Khndawand Yisn' Maslh 
ke waslle se, jo tere anr nsl Buh ke 
sath, hamesha w&hid Khndfi, abad 
nl fibad jita anr saltanat kame- 
wala haL Amln. 

5HATT. Galatioa iv. 1. 

MAIN yih kahta hun, ki waris jab 
tak bachcha hai, agarchi wnh 
sab ka malik hai, magar ns meg anr 
gnlam men farq niSiIn; balki jo 
mfftd b&p ne mnqarrar kI, ns waqt 
tak sarparaston anr mnkhtaron ke 
ikhtiyar men raht& hai/ Isl tarah 
ham bhi jab bachche the, to dnnyawX 
ibtidal batOQ ke paband hokar gnla- 
ml kl halat men rahe: lekin jab 
waqt pura ho gaya, to Khnda ne 
apne Bete ko bheja, jo 'anrat se 
paida hua, aur sharl'at ke mataht 
paida hua, taki sharl'at ke matahtoQ 
ko mol lekar chhnra le, anr ham ko 
lepalak hone ka darja mile, Anr 
chunki tum bete ho, is liye Khnda 
ne apne Bete ka Euh hamare dilon 
men bheja, jo Abba, ya'nl, Ai Bap, 
kah kahkar pukarta hai. Pas ab tu 
g^ulam nahln, balki beta hai; anr 
jab beta hii&, to Khnda ke sabab 
waris bhi hu&. 

INJIL. Mail 118. 

AB Yisu' Maslh kl paidaish is 
tarah hul, ki jab ns kl man 
Maryam kl mangn! Yusnf ke sath 
^o gayl, to nn ke ikatthe hone se 
pahle, wnh Buhn'1-Qnds kl qndrat 
se h&mila pal gayl. Pas ns ke 
shanhar Yusnf ne, jo rfistb&z tha, 
anr nse badnam kama nahln chahta 
tha, chnpke se ns ke chhor dene ka 
irada kiya. Wnh in baton ko soch 
hi rah& tha, ki Khndawand ke firishte 
ne nse khwab men dikhal dekar 
kaha; Ai Yusnf ibn i Daud, apnl 
biwl Maryam ko apne han le ane 
se na dar ; kyunki jo ns ke pet men 
hai, wnh Euhn'1-Qnds kl qudrat 
se hai. Wnh beta janegT, anr tu 
ns ka nam Yisu' rakhna; kyunki 
wnhl apne logon ko nn ke gnnahon 
se najat dega. Yih sab knchh is 
liye hua, ki jo Khndawand ne nabi 
kl ma'rifat kah& tha, "s^nh purft ho, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ki Dekho, ek kunwarl h&mila hogi, 
auT beta janegi, Aur us ka nam 
'Immanuel rakkhenge ; jis ka tarjn- 
ma jih hai; Khuda hamare satb. 
Fas Yusuf ne nlnd se jagkar waisa 
bl kiya, jaisa Kbudawand ke firisbte 
ne nse bukm dija tba; aur apnl 
biwf ko apne ban le aya ; aur us ko 
na jana, jab tak wub beta na jani ; 
aur us k& nam Yisu' rakkba. 

Mcuflh he SJtatne Tea din (ya'nt 1 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, Tu ne 
apne mubarak Bete ka kbatna 
karakar use insan ki kbatir sbarl'at 
ka mabkum kar diya; bamen Eub 
ka asll kbatna 'inayat kar, taki 
bamare dil aur sab a'za tamam 
dunyawl aur nafsani kbwabisbon 
ki taraf se murda bon, aur bam sab 
baton men teri mub&rak marzl ke 
tabi' raben; usf tere Bete bamare 
Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke waslle 
se. Arnin, 

?HATT. Eomiouiv. 8. 

TirUBABAK wub sbakbs bai, jis 
jYI . ke gunab Kbudawand mahsub 
na karega. Fas kya yib mubarak- 
badi makbtunon bl ke liye bai, ya 
namakbtunon ke liye bbl ? Kyunki 
bamara da'wa yib bai, ki Ibrabim 
ke liye us ka Iman rastbazi gina 
gay&. Fas kis balat men gina gaya ? 
MakbtunI men, ya namakbtuni men ? 
Makbtuni men nab^, balki namakb- 
tuni men. Aur us ne kbatna ka 
nifib&n paya, ki us Iman kl rS43tbazI 
par mubr bo jae, jo use namakbtuni 
kl b&lat men basil tba: taki wub 
un sab ka bap tbabre, jo bawujiid 
namakbtfin bone* ke Iman late bain, 
aur un ke liye bbl rastbazi mabsub kl 
jae ; aur un makbtunon ka bap bo, jo 
na sirf makbtiin bainj'^balki bamare 
bap Ibrabim ke us Iman kl bbl 
pairawl karte bain, jo use na- 
makbtiinl kl balat men b&sil tba. 
Kyunki yib wa'da ki wub dunyS 
ka w&ris boga na Ibrl^bim se ua us 

kl nasi se sbarfat ke waslle se kiya 
gaya tba, balki Iman kl rastbazi ke 
waslle se. Kyu^i agar sbarl atwale 
bl waris bon, to Iman befaida raba, 
aur wa'da labasil tbabra. 

INJIL. Luqa ii. 15. 

JAB firisbte un ke pas se asm&n 
par cbale gaye, to aisa bHa ki 
cbarwabo]^ ne apas me^ kaba, ki 
Ao, Baitlabm tak cbalen, aur yib 
bat jo bui bai, aur jis ki Kbudawand 
ne bam ko kbabar di bai dekben. 
Fas unbon ne jaldl se jakar Maryam 
aur Yusuf ko dekba, aur us bacbcbe 
ko cbarni men para paya ; aur unbe^ 
dekbkar wub bit, jo us larke ke 
baqq men un se kabi gayl tbl, masb- 
bur kl; aur sab sunnewalon ne in 
baton par, jo cbarwabon ne un se 
kabin, ta'aj j ub kiya. Magar Maryam 
in sab baton ko apne dil men rakb- 
kar gaur karti rabL Aur cbarwabe, 
jaisa un se kaba gaya tba, waisa bi 
sab kucbb sunkar aur dekbkar 
Kbuda kl baral aur bamd karte bue 
laut gaye. Jab atb din pure bue, 
aur us ke kbatne ka waqt aya, to 
us ka nam Yisu' rakkba gaya, jo 
firisbte ne us ke pet me^ parne se 
pable rakkba tba. 

T Yihi Kalikt aur ^hatt o Injil *Id i 
Zuhur tak bar roz parhn^ meo aea. 

*Id i ZuMr, ya'ni Masth ke gair-qaumon 
par zdhir hone ka din^ jise Ipifam 
bhi kahte hain (^ya'nt 6 Janyuari), 


A I Kbuda, Tu ne ek sitare kl rab- 
numal se apne iklaute Bete ko 
gair-qaumog par zabir kiya ; rabmat 
se yib bakbsb, ki bam, jo ab tujbe 
Im&n kl rab se jante bain, is zindagi 
ke ba'd tere Ilabi jalal ka didar 
basil karen; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib ke waslle se.' Amin. 

?HATT. Ifieiou iii. 1. 

I SI sabab se mai^ Faulus jo turn 
guir-qaumwalon kl kbatir Masib 
Yisu' ka qaidi bun — sbayad tum ne 
I^^buda ke us fazfke inl^ftm k& bai 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Bunft bogft, jo tumbare liye mnjli 
par hua; ya'nl yih ki wiih bhed 
mujhe mnkashafe se ma'lum hu&; 
ohuD&sobi maia ne pable us k& 
mukbtasar bfil likba bai, jise parbkar 
turn lua'lum kar sakte bo, ki 'main 
Masib ka wub bbed kis qadr sa- 
majbta biin; jo &ur zamfinon men 
bani Adam ko is tarab ma'lum na 
bua tb&, jis tarab ns ke muqaddas 
raBulon aur nablon par Hvh men ab 
z&bir bo gay& bai; y&'nl yib, ki 
Masib Yisii' mea gair-qanmea kbusb- 
kbabarl ke waslle mir&s men 
bbarik, anr badan men sbfimil, anr 
wa'de men dakbil bain ; anr ipiuda 
ke us fazi ki bakbsbisb se, jo ns kl 
qndrat kl tasir se mnjb par bua, 
maia is kbusbkbabarl k& kbftdim 
ban&. Mujb par, jo sab muqaddason 
men cbbote se cbbota bun, yib fazl 
bua, ki main gair-qaumon ko Masib 
kl beqijas daulat kt kbusbkbabarl 
dun; aur sab par yib bat rausban 
karun, ki jo bbed azal Se sab cblzon 
ke paidS, kamewale Kbuda men po- 
sblda raba, us ka kya intiz&m bai ; 
taki ab kallsiyS ke Avraslle Ebuda kl 
tarab tarab kl bikmat>un bukumat* 
waloa anr ikbtiy&rwalon ko, jo 
asmani maqamon men bain, ma'lum 
bo jae, us azall irade ke mutabiq 
jo us ne bam&re Kbuda wand Masib 
Yisu' men kiya tba: jis men bam 
ko us p£^ Iman rakbne ke sabab 
dilerl bai, aur bbarose ke satb ras&I. 

INJIL. Matliil. 

JAB Yisu' Herodes badsbab ke 
zamane meg Yabiidiya ke Bait- 
labm men paida bua, to dekbo, kal 
MajusI ptotb se Yaiiisbalem men 
yib kabte bfie &e, ki Yabudion kl 
Lfidsbab jo paidft bua bai, wub ka- 
ban bai? kyunki piirab men us ka 
s^ilra dekbkar, bam use sijda kame 
ae bain. Yib sunkar Herodes bad- 
sbab, aur us ke satb Yarusbalem 
ke sab log gbabr& gaye. Aur us 
ne qaum ke sab sardar kabinon aur 
faqlbo^ ko jama' karke tin se pucbbft, 
ki Masib kl paidaisb kab&n boni 
cbftbiye? TJnbon ne us se kaba, ki 
Yabiidiya ke Baitlabm men ; kyiinki 

nabr kl ma'rifat yun likbft gay& bai, 
ki Ai Baitlabm, Yahud&h ke 'ilaqe, 
Tu Yabiid&b ke b&kimon men bargie 
sab se obbot& nabin; Kyunki tujb 
meg se ek sard&r niklega, Jo meri 
ummat Isr&il ki gallab&ni karegA. 
Is par Herodes ne Majusion ko cbup- 
ke se bulakar un se tabqiq kiya, 
ki wub sitara kis waqt dikbai diy& 
tba; aur yib kabkar unben Bait- 
labm ko bbeja, ki J&kar us bacbcbe 
ki babat tbik tbik daryaft karo, aur 
jab wub mile, to mujbe kbabar do, 
t&ki main bbi &kar use sijda karii&. 
Wub badsbSb kl bat sunkar rawana 
bue, aur dekbo, jo sitara unbon ne 
piirab men dekba tb&, wub un ke 
age age obala, yab&n tak ki us jagab 
ke iipar jfikar tbabr gaya, jaban 
wub bacbeba tba, Wub sitare ko 
dekbkar nibayat bi kbusb bue. Aur 
us gbar men pabunebkar, bacbcbe 
ko us ki man Maryam ke pa^ dekba, 
aur us ke age girkar sijda kiya ; aur 
apne dibbe kbolkar sona aur loban 
aur murr us ko nazr kiya. Aur 
Herodes ke pas pbir na jilne ki 
bidftyat kbwab men pakar, diisfl 
rab se apne mulk ko rawana bue. 

*Id i ZuMr Jce ha*d Pahld Itwdr. 

A I Kbudawand, bam teri minnat 
karte bain, ki apne bandon kX 
du'aen, jo tujbe pukarte bain, rabmat 
se qabiil kar; aur yib bakbsb, ki 
jin k&mon ka "kaxnS, un par farz bai, 
unben wub jclnen aur samjben, aur 
im&ndari se baja lane ki bbi tauf^q 
o taqat pfien; bam&re Kbudawand 
Yisii' Masib ke wasile se. Amtn. 

J^HATT. BomiOD xn. 1. 

PAS, ai bbaiyo, main KbudS "kl 
rabmaten yad dil&kar turn se 
iltimas karta biin, ki apne badan 
aisi qurb&ni bone ke liye nazr karo, 
jo zinda, aur pak, aur Kbuda ko 
pasandida bo ; yibi tumb&ri ma'qul 
'ibadat bai. Aur is jaban ke bam- 
sbakl na bano,' balki 'aql nayl bo 
jane se apni sdrat baddlte jaoj taki 

^ ^ Digitized byVjOOgie 


Ehuda kl nek aur pasandida aur 
kamil marzl tajribe se ma'lum karte 
raUo. Mam us tauflq k! wajh se 
jo mnjh ko mill bai^ turn men bar 
ek se kabta bun, ki jaisS 8amajbn& 
obabiye, ns se ziy&da kol apne ap 
ko na samjbe, balki jaisft Ebuda 
ne bar ek ko and&ze ke mnwafiq 
Iman taqsim kiya bai, i'tidal ke 
s&tb apne &p ko waisft bl samjbe. 
KyunH jis tarab bam&re ek badan 
men babnt se a'zS bote baig, anr 
tamam a'za ka kam yaksan nabln ; 
iBl taiab bam bbi, jo babut se bain, 
Masib men sb&mil bokar ek badan 
hain» aur &pa8 men ek dusre ke a'za. 

INJIL. L&qaii.41. 

"VTIStJ' ke man bap bar baras 'Id i 
X Fasab par Yarusbalem ko jaya 
karte tbe. Aur jabjirab barab ba- 
ras ka bua, to wub 'Id ke dastur ke 
mnwSfiq Yarusbalem ko gaye. Jab 
wnb un dinon ko pura karke laute, 
to wub larka Yisu' Yarusbalem mea 
rab gayai aur us ke man bap ko 
kbabar na but. Magar yib samajb- 
kar ki wub qafile men bai, ek 
manzil nikal gaye, aur use apne 
risbtadaron aur janpabobanos meg 
dbufidbne lage. Jab na mila, to 
use dbu2|dbte bue Yarusbalem tak 
YfSkjpaa gaye. Aur tin roz plobbe 
aisa bua ki unbo& ne use baikal 
mes ust& Jon ke blob men baitbe, un 
"ki sunte aur un se suwal karte bue 
paya. Aur jitne us kl sun rabe tbe, 
us kl samajb aur us ke jawabon se 
dang tbe. Wub use dekbkar bai- 
ran bue, aur us ki man ne us se 
kab& ; Beta, tu ne kyun bam se aisa 
kiya? Dekb, tera b£p aur main 
kurbte bue tujbe dbundbte tbe. Us 
neun se kaba; Tum mujbe kyua 
dbundbte tbe? Kya tum ko ma'lum 
na tba, ki mujbe apne Bap ke ba^ 
bona zarur bai? Magar jo bat us 
ne un se kabi, use wub na samjbe. 
Aur wub un ke a&tb rawSna bokar 
Nasarat men &ya, aur un ke tabi' 
raba; aur us kl ma^ ne yib sab 
baten apne dil men lakkbln. Aur 
yisu' bikmat aur qadd o qamat men, 


aur Kbuda kl aur insan kl maqbu- 
llyat men, taraqqi karta gayS. 

'Id % Zuhur Tee hd'd Dusrd Itwar, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall Kbuda, 
Tu &sm&n o zamin kl sab oblzon 
ka bakim bai ; rabmat se apnl um- 
mat kl minnaten sun, aur bamen 
'umr bbar apna itmlnan diyS kar; 
bamare Ebudawand Yisu* Masib ke 
waslle se. Amtn. 

5HATT. Eomiouxii.6. 

A TIE cbunki us taufiq ke muw&fiq 
jo bam ko dl gayl, bamen tarab 
tarab kl ni'mateg milffi,. is liye jis 
ko nubuwwat mill bo, wub Iman ke 
andaze ke muwafiq nubuwwat kare ; 
agar kbidmat mill bo, to kbidmat 
mea laga rabe; agar ko! mu'allim 
bo, to ta'llm me& masbgul rabe; 
aur agar nasib bo, to naslbat meg : 
kbairat bantopwaU sakbawat so 
bai^te ; pesbw& sargarmi se pesbwai 
kare; rabm kamew&la kbusbl ko 
satb rabm kare. Mababbat beriya 
bo. BadI se nafrat rakkbo ; nekl se 
lipte rabo. Biradarana mababbat 
se apas men ek dusre ko piySr karo ; 
'izzat ke ru se ek dusre ko bibtar 
samjbo ; kosbisb men susti na karo ; 
rubanljosb men bbare rabo; Ebu- 
d&wand kl kbidmat j karte rabo ; 
ummed meg kbusb, muslbat me& 
sSbir, . du'& maagne mes masbgul 
rabo ; muqaddasog kl ibtiyajen rafa' 
karo; musafirparwari meg lage ra- 
bo. Jo tumben satate bain, un ke 
waste barakat obabo: barakat cba- 
bo, la'nat na karo. Ebusbl karne- 
waloa ke satb kbusbl karo ; ronewa- 
lofi ke satb roo. Apas men yakdil 
rabo. IJnebe uncbe kbay&rna ban- 
dbo, balki adna logos kitaraf muta* 
wajjib bo. 

INJIL. Yuhannaii. 1. 

PHIB tlisre din Q&na e GalQ me^ 
ek sbadi bui ; aur Yisu' kf 
mag waban tbi: aur Yisu' aur us 
ke ^bagirdos ki bbl us sbadi mea 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



da'wat thi. Anr jab mai ho chnk!, 
Yisu' kl man ne us se kaha, ki Un 
ke pas mai nahin rahl. Yisu' ne 
us 86 kaha; Ai 'aurkt, mujhe tnjh 
86 kya kam hai? Abhl mera waqt 
nabiB aya. Us kl man n6 khadi- 
mon se kaha; Jo kuchh yih turn 
86 kahe, wuh karo. Wahan Ya- 
hiidlOB kl taharat ke dastur ke mn- 
wafiq patthar ke chha matke rakkhe 
the, anr un me^ do do, tin tin man 
kl gunjaish thi. Yisu' ne un se 
kaha; Matko^ meg pani bhar do. 
Pas unhon ne un ko lab & lab bhar 
dija. Phir us ne un se kaha, ki 
Ab nikalkar m&r majlis ke pas le jao, 
Pas wuh le gaye. Jab mlr majlis 
ne wuh pan! chakkha, jo mai ban 
gaya tha, aur na janta tha, ki yih 
kahaa se al hai, (magar khadim, 
jinhon ne p&nl nik&l& th&, j&nte 
the,) to mlr majlis ne dulha ko 
bulakar us se kahS; Har shakhs 
pahle achchhl mai pesh karta hai, 
aur naqis us waqt jab pikar chhak 
gaye; magar tu ne. achchhl mai 
ab tak rakh chhorl hai. Yih pahla 
mu'jiza Yisu' ne Q&nA e Galll meg 
dikhakar apuft jalal zahir kiya, aur 
us ke sHfigird us par Iman lae. 

'Id i ZuMr le ha'd 2Wa Itwd.r. 

A I Qftdir i Mutlaq aur azall 
Khud&, hamarl kamzorlon par 
rahm se nazar kar, aur sab khatroQ 
aur zaruratoji ke waqt apn& dahn& 
hath ham&rl himayat aur madad ke 
]iye barh&; ham&re Khudawand 
Yisu' Idaslh ke waslle se/ Amm. 

yTTATT. Bomioo xii. 16. 

APNE ap ko 'aqimand na samjho. 
BadI ke 'iwaz kisi se badi na 
karo. Jo bdteg sab logon ke nazdik 
aohchhl haifi, un kl tadblr karo. 
Jah&n ^ftk ho sake, tum apnl taraf 
86 sab admlog ke s&th mel milfip 
rakkho. Ai 'azizo, apn& intiq&m 
na lo; balki gazab ko mauqa' do; 
kyunki yih liknft hai, ki Khudawand 
kaht& hai ; Intiqam len& mera kam 

hai, badl& maifi hi dung&. Balki 
Agar tera dushman bhuka ho, to us 
ko kh&na khila ; agar piyftsa ho, to 
use p&nl pila ; kyunki aisS kame se, 
tu us ke sir par ag ke angarog k& 
dher lagaega. Bad! se maglub na 
ho, balki neki ke zarfe se badi par 
galib So. 

INJiL. Mativiu.1. 

JAB wuh us pah&r se utrft, to 
bahut 6l bhir us ke plohhe ho 
ll. Aur dekho, ek korhl ne pSs 
akar use sijda kiya, aur kaha; Ai 
Khudawand, agar tu chahe, to mu- 
jbe pak saf kar sakta hai. Us ne 
hath barhakar use chhua, aur kah& ; 
Main ch'ahta hun, tu p&k saf ho jft. 
Wuh faujan korh se pak saf ho 
gaya. Yisu' ne *us se kahs ; Kha- 
bardar, kisI se na kahua, balki jSkar 
apne tain kahin ko dikhS, aur jo 
nazr Musa ne muqarrar kl hai use 
guzran, t&ki un ke liye gawahl ho. 
Aur jab 9ivih Kafamahum men dfi- 
khil hua, to ek subadar us ke pSs 
aya, aur us kl minnat karke kah& ; 
Ai Khudawand, mera khadim fWj 
ka mar& ghar men paVs hai, aur 
nihayat takllf men hai.' Us ne us 
86 kah& ; Main akar us ko aohchhfi 
kar diinga. Siibadar ne jaw&b men 
kaha ; Ai Khudawand, main is l&iq 
nahIn, ki tii merl chhat ke niche &e; 
balki sirf zab&n se kah de, to mer& 
khadim shifa pft jaeg&. Kyunki 
maifi bhi dusre ke ikhtiy&r mea 
hiin, aur sipahl mere mataht haia ; 
aur jab ek se kahta hun, ki Ja, to 
wuh jat& hai ; aur dusre se, ki A, to 
wuh at& hai; aur apne naukar se, 
ki Yih kar, to wuh kart& hai 
Yisii' ne yih sunkar ta'ajjub ki- 
ya, aur plohhe anewalon se kah&; 
Maig tum se sach kahta hiin, ki 
main ne IsrS.Il men bhi aisa Imfin 
nahlQ payft. Aur main tum se 
kaht& hiiQ, ki bahutere purab aur 
paohohhim se akar, Ibrahim aur 
Izhaq aur Ya'qub ke sath fismftn 
kl b&dsh&hat kl ziyafat men sharlk 
hoQge : magar badshahat ke bete 
b&har andhere men dftle j&esge; 
wahia rona aur dfinton kft pisnft 

Oigitized bTvjOOQlC 

to I ZUHCB KE BA'D ohautha itwab. 


hogiL Aur Yisii' ne subadAr 86 
kahft ; Ja, jaisft tu ne i'tiqad kiya, 
tere liye wais& hi ho ; aur ubI gharl 
khsdim ne shifts p&I. 

'Id i Zuhur he ha'd Chauthd Itwar. 


A I Khuda, Tu j&nta hai ki ham 
aise be-shnm&r aur bare kha- 
tron men ghire hue haig, ki apnl 
basharlyat kl kamzorl ke sabab 
hamesha khare nah^ rah sakte ; 
hamen aisl tAqat de aur hamfirl aisi 
himayat kar, ki sab khatron meg 
sambhale rahen, aur sab fizmaishon 
men pure utren ; hamSre Khudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se. Amtn. 

^HATT. BomiOQ xiii. 1. 

HAB shakhs a'la hukumaton ka 
t&bi'd&r rahe ; kyunki kol hu- 
komat aisl nahln, jo Khud& kl taraf 
se na ho ; aur jo hukiimaten maujud 
hais, wuh Khuda ki taraf se mu- 
qarrar hain. Pas jo koT hukumat 
ka samna kart& hai, wuh Khuda ke 
intizam ka mukhalif hai : aur jo 
mukhalif hain, wuh saza paenge. 
Kyunki nekokftr ko hakimon se 
khauf nahin, balki badkar ko hai. 
Pas agar tu h&kim se nidar rahna 
chahta hai, to neki kar, us kl taraf 
se teri ta'rlf hogi ; kyunki wuh terl 
bihtan ke liye Khuda ka khadim 
hai. Lekin agar tu bad! kare, to 
dar ; kyunki wuh talwar befaida 
liye hue nahlg ; aur Khuda ka kha- 
dim hai, ki us ke gazab ke mu- 
wafiq badkar ko saza det& hai. 
Pas tabrdar rahna, na sirf gazab 
ke dar se zarur hai, balki dil bhi 
yihi gawahl deta hai. Turn isl liye 
khiraj bhi dete ho, ki wuh Khuda 
ke khadim hain, aur is khass kam 
men hamesha mashgiil rahte ha^. 
Sab ka haqq ada karo ; jis ko khiraj 
chahiye, khiraj do; jis ko mahsiil 
chahiye, mahsiil; jis se darna cha- 
hiye, us se daro ; jis kf 'izzat kami 
ohahiye, us k[ 'izzat karo. 

INJiL. MatiTiii. 28. 

JAB Yisu' kishtl par charhft, to 
us ke shagird us ke sath ho 
liye. Aur dekho, jhrl inen aisa bara 
tiifan ay&, ki kishtl lahron men chhip 
gayl ; magar wuh sota tha. Onhog 
ne pas akar use jagaya, aur kaha; 
Ai Khudawand, hamen baoha ; ham 
halak hue jate haifi. TJs ne un se 
kaha; Ai kami*tiqado, darte kyiin 
ho? Tab us ne uthkar hawa aur 
pam ko danta, aur bara amn ho ga- 
ya. Aur log ta'ajjub karke kahne 
lage; Yih kis tarah ka adml hai, 
ki hawa aur pan! bht us ka hukm 
mante hain. Jab wuh us par Gada- 
renlon ke mulk men pahunoha, to 
do adml jin men bad-ruhen thin, 
qabroQ se nikalkar use mile; wuh 
aise tundmizaj the, ki kol us raste 
se guzar nahlg sakta tha. Aur 
dekho, unhon ne chillakar kaha ; Ai 
Khuda ke Bete, hameg tujh se kya 
kam? Kya tu is liye yahan aya 
hai, ki waqt se pahle hamen 'azab 
men dale? Un se kuchh diir~bahut 
se siiaroa ka gol char raha tha. Pas 
bad-ruhoQ ne us kl minnat karke 
kaha, ki Agar tu ham ko nikalta 
hai, to hamen siiaron ke gol men 
bhej de. TJs ne un se kaha, ki Jao! 
Wuh nikalkar suaroQ ke andar chall 
gayin; aur dekho, sara gol karare 
par se jhapatkar jhll men ja para, 
aurjpani men dub mara. Aur c£a- 
ranewale bhage, aur shahr men 
jakar sab majara, aur un ka ahwalj 
jin men bad-ruhen this, bayan kiya. 
Aur dekho, sara shahr Yisii' se 
milne ko ziikla, aur use dekhkar 
minnat kl, ki hamarl sarhaddon se 
bahar ohala ja. 

\Id i Zuhur he ha*d Panchwdn Itwar. 

A I Khudawand, ham terl minnat 
karte hain, apnl Kalisiya ko, 
jo tera gharana hai, apne din i haqq 
par hamesha qaim rakh; ki jo log 
sirf tere asmani fazl kl ummed par 
takiya karte hain, hamesha terl 
bari qudrat kl himayat mea rahea ; 

Digitized byC30?)QlC 



hamare Kliudawaiid Yisfi'^ Maslh ke 
wasfle se. i[mtti. 

KHATT. KtdusBion lit 12. 

ri ^huda ke barguzjldos kl 
tarah, jq pak aur 'aziz hain, 
^frdmandly aurmihrVanr, ^ur firo-r 
^nl, anT faUin, anr tahammnl k& 
U^^ftpabinoi; agar kifil ko dusr^.kl 
9)^k&yat ho, to ek dusre kl l^rdasht 
)care, aur.ek dusre k© qufli^r, inti'a,f 
kara; jaise Ehudawana se. tup* 
: liare qiiBur mu'^f .kiye, ^nraise ^ibl 
pujA i)hl k«f!0 : ii,vx m $ab ke .upar 
I iQfl^bbat ko jo kamal kii patk^ 
, hfti bandh lo. AtKt Ma^Sh ka it^^i-^ 
pftny^jis ke liye turn ek badati bokar 
^(Ifie bill gBkje ho, tnmhare dilou par 
hnkumat kare, aur turn sbtikrguzar 
1^0^ Maslh ke kal»am.>. ko apne 
dUoa mefi kasrat se ba^ne. do; aur 
kamSl dan&I se apas me& ta'lf m aur 
nasttiat karo, aur apne diloQ me^ 
fazd ke sath Khiida ke liye xnazaimr 
«ur git aur rdhanl gazalea gao ; aur 
kalam yS kam jo kuohh karte ho, 
wuh sab Khudawand Yisii' ke nam 
ae karoy anr usi ke wasile se Khuda 
B5p kft shukr bajS lao. 

, INJIL. Mat! xiii. 24. 

A"" SMAN- ki badsh^hat ns admi kl 
mftnind hai, jis ne c^ne khet 
xsten aohchha bij boya ; magar logoQ 
kelsote men, us kl^ dushman ay a, 
aur gehuOQ mefi kap^e daoe bhf 
bokar chala gaya. Pas jab pattiyaa 
niklibi anr balen a^, to wuh karwe 
i^ne^ bhi dikhai , . diye. Ghar * ke 
mftlik ke naukaron. ne akar us se 
kaha; Ai khudawandi, kyfi tu ne 
apne khet men achchb& blj na boya 
th& ; phir ns men karwe dane kahan 
se a gaye ? Us ne unTse kaha ; Yih 
kisi dushman ne kiya haL Nauka- 
ron ne us se kaha; Toky& tu ohahta 
hai, ki ham jakar unhen jama' karen ? 
Wfi ne kaha; Nahin; kahin aisa 5a 
IftO, ki karwe dftnoQ' ke • jama' kartie 
^len, turn nn ke sath gehiis^ bhI. 
nkhar lo. Fasl tak to dono ko 
ikatt£i& barhne^ do ; anr fasl ; ke 
waqt maiE kfitAewaloa se* kah 
dii&gft, ki Fahle karwe d&ne jaatda* 

kar ik», atir jal&ne ke wftste nix ke 
gatilie bfindh lo, • aur gehu^* mere 
khatte men jama' kar do. 

*Id i ZttMr ke ha*d Chhata Itwdr. 

A I Khuda, tera mub&rak Bet& is 
liye zahir hiia ki Iblls ke 
kamon ko barbad .karke, ham ^o 
Khuda ke farzapd, aur abadi zindagl 
ke iPv^aris banae; ham 'a?:z karte 
hain, yih.tauftq baktsb, ki hain jp 
yih*ummed rakhte liain, apne S,h ko 
aisa pak karen^ jaisa wuh pak ,Wji.; 
taki jab wuh qudrat aur ba^e jaliS ]^p 
sath -phir, zahir ho, ham us ki abad^ 
aur jalali saltanat men lis k^ surat 
par ban jaen ; jis men wuh, tere jBath 
ai Bap, atirlere sath ai Ruhul-Quds, 
hamesha wahid Khuda abad ul Sb&d 
jita aur saltanat karta raheg&. Amtn, 

55ATT. 1 Yuhamia iii. 1. 

DEKHO> Bap ne ham se kafei 
mahabbat kl hai, ki: bam 
Khuda ke farzand kahlae; aur ham 
hain bhI. Dunya hamen is liye 
nahm jftntl, kl ns ne use bhi nahfn 
jajia. 'Azizo, ham is.waqt Khndft 
ke £srzand Imin ; anr abhl tak yih 
zahir nabin hiia ki ham kya kuchh 
honge. lina, jante hain ki jab ^wnh 
zahir hpga» to ham bhI ns kl mftnind 
honge ; kyunki us ko waisa hi dek- 
henge, jaisa wuh hai. Aur jo koi 
us se yih ummed rakbta hai, apne 
ap ko waisa hi pak karta hai, jaisa 
wuh pak hai. Jo kol gunah karta 
hai, wuh shara' kl mukhalafat karta 
hai; aur gunah shara' k! mnkhala-) 
fat hi hai. Aur tnm jante ho ki 
1 wuh ip liye zahir hua tha, ki guna* 
'hon ko utha le jae; aur its kf zat 
men gunah nahln. Jo kol us men 
qaim rahta hai, wuh gunah nahfn 
karta: jo kol gnnah karta hai, na 
us ne use dekha hai, atir na jShSl 
hai. Ai babhoho, kisf ke fareb men 
na ana:' jo r^flitbazl ke kam karta 
hai, wuhl us kl :,tarah rastbaz ha^.' 
Jo shakhs gunah karta hai, #tili 
IbUs ee' im ; kyfinki IHlfe shuru' h^ 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 



Be gunah karta raha hai. Khndft k& 
Beta isl liye zahir hua tfa§, ki Iblls 
ke k&mon ko mitae. 

INJiL. Matixxiv. 23. 

US waqt agar koL turn se kabe, ki 
Dekho, Maath yahan hai, yft 
wahfin hai, to yaqfn na kamft. 
Kyfmki jhfithe Maslh aur jhuthe 
nab! uth khare honge, anr aise bare 
nishan aur 'ajib kam dikhaenge, ki 
agar mumkin ho, to barguzldog ko 
bbl gumr&h kar len. Dekho, main 
ne pahle hi turn se kah diy& hai. 
Pas agar wuh ixim se kaheQ, ki 
Dekho, wnh biy&ban men hai, to 
bahar na j&nA : Dekho, wuh kothri- 
yon me& hai, to yaq!n na karn&. 
KyuQki jaioe bijllpurab se kaundhkar 
pachchhim tak dikhftl detf hai, waise 
hi Ibn i Adam ka ana hoga. Jahfig 
murdar hai, wahSn giddh jama' ho 
jaenge. Aur fauran un dinon kl 
muslbat ke ba'd siiraj t&rik ho jaega, 
aur chand apnl raushni na deg&, 
aur si tare ftsman se girenge, aur 
asmanon kl quwwaten hilai jaengi : 
aUr us waqt Ibn i Adam k& nish&n 
asman par dikhftl dega ; aur us waqt 
zamin kl sari qaumen chhfiti pitengi 
aur Ibn i Adam ko bari qudrat aur 
jalal ke s&th asman ke badalon par 
ate dekhengl. Aur wuh narsinge 
kl barf ftwaz ke sath apne firishton 
ko bliejegft, aur wuh us ke barguzl^ 
don ko ch&ron taraf se Ssm&n ke is 
sire se us sire tak jama' karenge. 

Lent (Fa'nl Bazpn) se Un hafte 
Fahle ka Itwdr. 


AX Ehudawand, hani 'arz karte 
hain, apnl ummat kl du'aon 
ko tawajjuh karke sun; taki ham, 
o apne gunahon kl wajibi saz& p&te 
ain,t6ri mihrke sabab tere nam ke 
jal&l kl khatir rahmat kl rah se ohhut 
jgen ; ham&re Munji Tisu' Maslh ke 
waslle se, jo tere aur Eiihul-Quds ke 
s&th, hamesha w&hid Khudd, abad 
ul &bad jltft aur siltanat karta ra- 
heg&. Amln. 


?HATT. 1 Kurinthion ix. 24. 

KYA tum nahlQ jSnte ki maidfin 
ke daurnew&le daurte to sab. 
hi hain, magar in'am ek hi le jatft 
hai? Tum bbl aise hi dauro^ taki 
jito. Aur har pahlawan sab tarah 
k& parhez kart& hai ; wuh log to 
murjhanew&la sihrft pftne ke liye 
yih karte hain, magar ham us sihre 
ke liye karte hain, jo nahin murjhfita. 
Pas main bhi isl tarah daurt& hun, 
ya'nl bethikan& nahln; naain isl 
tarah mukkon se larta hun, ya'nl 
us kl m&nind nahln, jo hawft ko 
m&rtft hai : balki maifi apne badan 
ko m&rt& kutta, aur use q&bu meu 
rakhta hun : aisft na ho ki aurofi 
meu manadi karke &p n&maqbul 

INJiL. Matixx. 1. 

A"" SMAN kl badshahat us ghar ke 
malik kl manind hai, jo sawere 
nikU, taki apne angurl b&g mea 
mazdur lagae. Aur us ne ma^uron 
se ek dinar roz thahrSkar, unhen 
apne bag mea bhej diyS. Phir 
pahar din charhe ke qarib nikalkar, 
us ne auron'ko bazar men bek&r 
khare dekha, aur un se kaha ; Tum I 
bhi bag men ohale jao ; jo w&jib hai, ' 
tumhen dunga. Pas wuh ohale gaye. 
Phir us ne do pahar aur tisre pahar 
ke qanb nikalkar waisft hi kiyft. Aur . 
kol ek ghanta din rahe, phir nikalkar 
auron ko khare paya, aur un se kaha ; 
Tum kyun yahan tamam din bekar 
khare rahe ? Unhon ne us se kaha ; 
Is liye ki kisi ne ham ko mazdurt 
par nahln lagaya. Us ne un se 
kaha ; Turn bhi bag mea ohale jao. 
Jab sham liul, to bag ke malik ne' 
apne karinde se kaha, ki Mazduron 
ko bula, aur piohhlon se lekar pahloa 
tak unhen mazdurl de de. Jab wuh 
ae jo ghanta bhar din rahe lagae' 
gaye the, to unhen ek ek dinar mila. 
Jab pahle mazdur ae, to unhon ne 
yih samjha, ki hamen ziyada milega, 
aur un ko bhi ek hi ek dloar mila. 
Jab mila, to ghar ke malik se yih 
kahkar shikayat kame lage, ki In 
piohhlon ne ek hi ghanti^kam ^iyA' 

"" Digitized by CjOOQIC 



hai, aur tii ne inhen ham&re baxabar 
kar diya, jinhoQ ne~din bhar k& bojh 
uthajS, aur sakht dhup sahL XTs ne 
jaw&b dekar nn men se ek se kaba ; 
Miy&n, main tere sath beinsaf I nabin 
kartal ky& terft mujh se ek dlnSr 
nablQ ibabr& tba ? Jo tera bai utha 
le^ aur obal& ja ; merl marzl yib bai, 
ki jitnft tujbe deta bug, is picbble ko 
bbl ntn& bl duQ. Kya mnjbe raw& 
nabm, ki apne mSl ko jo ohahun so 
karufi ? Y& tu is liye ki main nek 
bun, bun nazar se dekbt& bai? Isl 
tarab &kbir awwal bo jaenge, aur 
awwal &kbir. 

Lent se do hafte Pdhle hd Itwdn 

A I Kbudawand Kbuda, Tu dekbta 
bai, ki bam apne kisi kam par 
bbarosa nabIn rakbte ; rabmat se yib 
bakbsb ki bam terf qudrat ke ba'is 
sab bal&on se bacbe raben ; bamHre 
Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke waslle 
se. Amm. 

?HATT. 2 Kurinthion xi. 19. 

TUM to 'aqlmand bokar kbusbi se 
bewuqufon ki bardasbt karte 
bo. Jab koi tumben gulS^m banata 
bai, ya kh& jata bai, y& pbansa leta 
bai, ya apne S.p ko bara banata bai, 
y& tumbare munb par tamancba 
marta bai, to tum bardasbt kar lete 
bo. Mera yib kabnS zillat bl ke 
taur par sabi, ki bam kamzor se tbe. 
Magar jis kisI bat men kol diler bai, 
(agarcbi yib kabna bewuquft bai,) 
main bbi diler bun. Kya wubl 
*IbranI bain? Main bbl bun. Kya 
wubl Israill bain? Main bbi bun. 
Eya wubl Ibrahim kl nasi se bain ? 
Main bbl bun. Kya wubl MasIb 
ke kbadim bain? (mera yib kabna 
dlwanagi bai ;) main ziyadatar bun ; 
mibnaton men ziyada, qaid men 
ziyada, kore kbane men badd se 
ziyada, barha maut ke khatron men 
raba biin. Main ne Yabudlon se 
pancb bir ek kam cb&lls cballd kore 
kbie. Tin bar beden kbfiln, ek b4r 
fiangsar kiya gay&, tin martabe jabaz 

tiitne kl balS men par&, ek rat din 
samundar men k&t&; main barb& 
safaron men, daryaon ke "kbatro^ 
men, dakiios ke kbatrog men, apnl 
qaum se kbatroa men, gair-qaumoQ 
se kbatrofi mes, sbabr ke kbatrog 
men, biyabSn ke kbatrog men, sa- 
mundar ke kbatrofi men, jhutbe 
bbaiyoQ ke kbatrofi mm; mibnat 
aur masbaqqat meg, barba bedarl 
kl balat mefi, bbuk aur piyas kl 
muslbat meg, bftrbft faqakasbl men, 
sardi aur nj^ngepan kl b&lat meg 
raba bun. Aur batoa ke 'ilawa, jin 
ka main zikr nablfi karta, sari kali- 
siyaon ka fikr mujbe bar roz a dabata 
bai. Kis kl kamzorl se maia kamzor 
nablg beta? Kis ke ibokar kbane 
se mer& dil nablfi dukbta? Agar 
fakbr bl karna zarur bai, to un batog 
par fakbr karuaga, jo merl kamzorl 
se muta'alliq bain. Kbudawand 
Yisu' ka Khud& aur Bap, jis kx abad 
tak bamd bo, janta bai ki main jbiitb 
nablg kabta. 

INJIL. Luqaviii. 4. 

PHIR jab barl bblr jama* bul, aur 
bar sbabr ke log us ke pas 
cbale ate tbe, us ne tamsil men kaba, 
ki Ek bonewala apna bij bone nikla. 
Aur bote waqt kucbb rab ke kanare 
gira aur raugda gaya, aur bawa ke 
parandon ne use obug liya. Aur 
kucbb cbatan par gira, aur ugke 
sukb gaya, is liye H us ko tan na 
pabuncbl. Aur kucbb jbariyon 
men gira, aur jbariyon ne satb satb 
barbkar use dabaliya. Aur kuchb 
acbcbbi zamin men gira, aur ugkar 
sau gunS pbal layft. Yib kabkar us 
ne pukara; Jis ke sunne ke kan 
bon, wub sun le. Us ke sbagirdon 
ne us se pucbbS., ki yib tamsil kya 
bai? Us ne kab&; tum ko Kbuda 
kl badsbabat ke bbedon ki samajb 
dl gayl bai, magar auron ko tamsiloQ 
men sunaya jata bai, taki dekbte 
bue na dekbeg, aur sunte biie na 
samjben. Wub tamsil yib bai, ki 
bIj Kbud& k& kalam bai. Bab ke 
kanare ke wub bain jinbon ne suna ; 
ba'd us ke Iblls akar kalam ko un 
ke dil se cbbin le jata bai, aisa na 

digitized by VjOOQIC 



lio ki Im&n l&kar najat paen. ' Aur 
ohatan par ke wuh hain, jo snnkar 
kaldm ko khushl se qabul kar lete 
hain ; lekin jar nabin rakhte, magar 
kuchh 'arse tak Iman rakhkar Sz- 
maish ke waqt phir jate hain. Aur 
jo jhariyoB men para, ns se wuh log 
mnrad hai^ jinhon ne snna, lekin 
hote hole is zindagi ke fikron aar 
daulat anr 'aish o 'ishrat men phans 
jate hain, anr nn ka phal pakt& 
nahls. Magar aohchhl zamin ke 
wuh hain, jo kalam ko snnkar 'nmda 
anr nek dil men sambhale rahte, anr 
sabr se phal late hain. 

Lent se Pahld ItwSr. 

A I Khndawand, Tu ne hamen 
Bikhay^ hai, ki mahabbat 
bagair hamare sab kam nikamme 
hain; apna Euhnl-Quds bhejkar 
hamare dilon men wnh mahabbat 
jarl kar jo sab ni'maton men afzal, 
aur mel milap aur sari khublon ka 
haqiql band hai; aur us ke bagair 
bar zinda tere nazdik murda hai ; 
apne iklaute Bete Yisu' Maslh kX 
khatir yih bakhsh. Arnin, 

?HATT. 1 Kurinthiou xiii 1. 

A GAB maifi admlon aur firishton 
kl zabanen boluQ, aur mahab- 
bat na rakkhunrto main thanthanata 
hua pital, ya jhanjhaDatI huT jhanjh 
hun. Aur agar mujhe nubuwwat 
mill, aur sare bhedon aur kull 'ilm 
kl waqiftyat hiil, aur mera Iman 
yaha]^ tak kamil hua ki paharon ko 
hata dun, aur mahabbat na rakkhiin, 
to main kuchh bhi nahln. Aur agar 
apna sara mSl garlbon ko khila dun, 
ya apna badan jalane ko de dun, aur 
mahabbat na rakkhun, to mujhe 
kuchh bhi faida nahlnT Mahabbat 
sabir hai, aur mihrban; mahabbat 
hasad nal^In karti ; mahabbat shekbl 
nah^ marti, aur phultl nahin, nazeba 
kam nahln kartI, apnl bihtarl nahln 
ohahtl, jhunjblati nahln, badgumani 
nahia kartI ; badkarl se khush nahln 
hoti, balki rasti se khush hoti hai ; 

sab kuchh sah letl hai, sab kuchh 
yaqln kartI hai, sab baton kl ummed 
raMitl hai, sab baton kl bardasht 
kartI hai. Mahabbat'^ko zawftl na- 
hln ; nubuwwaten hon, to mauquf 
ho" jaengi ; zabSnen hon, to jati 
rahengf; 'ilm ho, "to mit jaega. 
Eyunki hamara 'ilm naqis hai, aur 
hamarl nubuwwat natamam: lekin 
jab kamil aega, to nSqis jata rahega. 
Jab main bachcha th&, to bachchon 
kl tarah^'bolta tha, bachchon kl si 
tabfat thi, bachchon kl si samajh 
thi ; lekin jab jawan hua, to bachpan 
kl baten tark kar din. Ab ham ko 
aine men dhundhl& sa dikhal deta 
hai; magar us waqt rubaru dekhenge. 
Is waqt mera 'ilm naqis hai ; magar 
us waqt aise pure taur par pahcha- 
nunga, jaise main pahchana gaya 
hun. Garaz Iman, ummed, mahab- 
bat, yih tinon daimi hain; magar 
afzal in men mahabbat hai. 

INJIL. Lfiqa xviii. 31. 

PniB Yisu' ne un barah ko sath 
lekar un se kaha, ki Dekho, 
ham Yarushalem ko jate hain, aur 
jitnl baten nablon kl ma'rifat likhl 
gayl hain, Ibn i Adam ke haqq men 
purl hongl. Kyunki wuh gair-qaum- 
walon ke hawale kiya jaega, aur log 
us ko thatthe men uraenge, aur be- 
'izzat karenge, aur us par thukenge ; 
aur us ko kore marenge aur qatl 
karenge ; aur wuh tisre din jl uth- 
ega. Lekin umhon ne in men se kol 
bat na samjhl : aur yih qaul un par 
poshlda raha, aur in baton ka maldab 
un kl samajh m^ na aya. Jab wuh 
chalte chalte Yarlho ke nazdik pa- 
huncha, to aisa hua ki ek andh& rah 
ke kanare baitha hua bhikh m&ng 
raha tha. Wuh bhlr ke jane "kl 
awaz snnkar puchhne laga, ki yih 
kya ho raha hai? Unhon ne use 
khabar dl, ki Yisu' Nasarl ja raha 
hai. Us ne chillakar kaha ; Ai 
Yisu', Ibn i Daud, mujh par rahm 
kar. Jo age jate the, wuh us ko 
dantne lage, ki chup rahe: magar 
wuh 4ur bhi ohillaya, ki Ai Ibn i 
Daud, mujh par rahm kar. Yisu' 
ne khare hokar hukm Aij^y ki. Us 

Digitized by VjDOQ IC 



ko mere p&d l&o. Jab nazdik aja, 
to us ne lis se yih pflchha ; Tu kya 
chahta hai, ki main tere liye karim? 
Us ne kaha; Ai Khudawand, yih 
ki main bina ho jauQ. Yisu' ne us 
se kalia; Bina ho ja; tere Iman ne 
tujhe aohchha kiya. Wuh usi dam 
bina ho gaya, anr Khuda kl barai 
karta hua us ke picbhe ho liya. 
Anr sab logon ne dekhkai: Khuda kl 

Bozon ha Pahld din jise Aahwenzde 
hh% kahte hain* 


A I Q§dir i Mutlaq aur azalt Khuda, 
Tu apne kisi makhluq se nafrat 
nah£a rakhta> aur sab tauba karne- 
walon ke gunah bakhshta hai ; ham 
men naye aur shikasta dil paida 
kar, taki ham, apne gun&ho& ke 
laiq a&os karke, aur apnl khasta- 
hall ko mankar, tujh se, jo sari 
rahmatoB ka Khuda hai, purl mu'aft 
hasil karen; hamare Khufiawand 
Yisu' Masih ke waslle se. Amln, 

% Yih kalikt aiyam 1 roza men bar roz 
ki mnqarrarl kalik^ ke ba'd parhi jae. 

SHATT KE 'IWAZ. Yuel ii 12. 

KHUDAWAND farmata hai, Tum 
ab apne sare dil se roza rakh 
* rakhke, aur matam aur zarl kar 
karke, merl taraf phiro* Aur apne 
dil ko pharo, na ki apne kapron ko, 
aur. Khudawand apne Khuda kl 
taraf niutawajjih ho; kyuQki wuh 
mihrban aur sha£[q hai, qahr karne 
mefi dhlma, aur nihayat rahim hai, 
aur saza dene se dareg kartS hai. 
Kaun j&ne ki wuh phire aur paohhtae, 
aur apne plohhe ek jbarakat chhor 
jae, jo Khudawand apne Khuda ke 
liye ek hadiya aur tapawan ho? 
Saihun men turhi phunko, aur ek 
din ko roza ke liye muqaddas thah- 
rfio, aur muqaddas jama'at kl 
manadi karo. Tum logon ko jama' 
karo; jama'at ko muqaddas karo; 
bfirhofi ko ikatthe karo ; larkon ko, 
aur shltkhwaron ko bhi taraham 

karo; dulha apnl kothrl se, aur 
dulhin apne khilwat-kh&ne se nikal 
ae; kahin log, Khudawand ke 
kh&dim, deorhi aur qurbangah ke 
darmiyan roya karen, aur kahen, ki 
Ai Khudawand, apne logon par sha- 
fieu^at kar, aur apnl mirSs ki ihanat 
raws na rakh ; aisa na ho ki gair- 
qaumen un par hukumat karen : 
wuh qaumon ke darmiyan kahe ko 
kahen, ki Un ka Khuda kahan hai ? 

IKJIL. Mativi. 16. 

JAB tum roza rakkho, to riyakaroa 
kl tarah apnl surat ud&s na 
banfio, kyunki .wuh apna munh 
bigarte hain, taki log unheg rozadar 
janen. Main tum se saoh kahta 
hun, ki wuh apna ajr pa chuke. 
Balki jab tu roza rakkhe, to apne 
sir men tel dal, aur munh dho ; taki 
adml nahin, balki terS. Bap, jo poshl- 
dagl men hai, tujhe rozadar jane; 
is surat men tera Bap, jo poshidagi 
meg dekht& hai, tujhe badla dega. 
Apne waste zamin par mal jama' na 
karo, jahan kira aur zang kharab 
karta hai, aur jahan chor naqb la- 
gate aur churate hain ; balki apne 
liye asman par mal jama' karo, 
jahan na kira kharab karta hai, na 
zang, aur na wahan, ohor naqb 
lagate aur churate hain; kyunki 
janag tera mal hai, wahin tera dil 
bhi laga rahega. 

Lent Jca PaMd Itwar^ 


A I Khudawand, Tu ne hamari kha- 
tir, chalis din aur ohalis rat 
fS,qa kiya, ham par fazl kar ki aisi 
parhezgari ikhtiyar karen, ki ha* 
mara jism Euh ka maglub ho, aur 
ham rastbazi aur haqiql paklzagi se 
ten rabbani tahrlkon ko hamesha 
mante rahen ; tdki teri 'izzat o jalal 
zahir ho, ki tu B&p aur Euhul-Quds 
ke sath, hamesha w&hid Khuda, 
abad ul &bad jit& aur saltanat karta 
raheg&. Amln. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



gHATT. 2 Knrmthios Ti. 1. 

AITE lutm jo ufl ke s&tti kfim men 
sharlk haiQ, yih bhi iltimas 
karte W&, ki KhudU ka fazl jo turn 

rhudy'befaida na raline do ; kyuri- 
wuli kahta hai, ki Main ne 
qubaltyat ke waqt terl sun ll, anr 
najat ke din ten madad kli: dekHo, 
lib qnbnllyat k& waqt h^i; dekbo, 
yih najat kS din hai: bam kisl b&t 
inen tnokar kbane k& kol manqia* 
na£m* dete, t&ki' blim&Tl khidmat 
par barf nu ae; balki Kbuda ke 
kbadimon kl tarab bar b'fit se apnX 
kbabi z&bir karte bain, bare sabr se, 
Innslbaton se, ibtiyftjon se, tanglon 
se, kbre kb&ne se, qaid bone s^, 
bangamon se, mibnaton se, bedfirlo^ 
se, laqon se, paklzagi se, 'ilm se, 
tabammnl se, mibrbanl se, Bubnl- 
Quds se, beriya mababbat se, kalaih 
i baqq se, Kbud& k^ qudrat se ; rast- 
bazi ke batbySroQ ke wastle se jo 
dabine baenbain, 'izzat anr be'izzatf 
ke waslle se; badn&mt ainr neknanil 
ke waslle se ; go gnmrSb karnewgle 
ma'lum bote bain, pbir bbl saobcbe 
bai]^; gumnamon kl matiind bain, 
tftbam masbbur bain; marte fau(^ 
kl m&nind bain, magar dekbo, jl£ 
bain; z^ar kbanewalon kl manind 
bain, magar jan Se mare nabin jate; 
gamglnon kl mianind bainj^'lekin 
namesha kbnsb rabte bain; kanga- 
log kl manind bain, magar babn- 
teron ko danlatmand kar dete bain ; 
nsdaron kl manind baia, tabam sab 
kucbb rakbte bam. 

INJiL. Matiiy.l. 

US waqt Bub Yisu' ko jangal men 
le gaya, taki Iblls se azmayl 
jae. Aur cballs din aur cbalis rat 
faqa.karke, fikbir ko use bbuk lagl. 
Aur azmanewale ne pas akar us se 
kab&, ki.Agar tfi .Kbuda ka Beta 
bai, to farma ki yibpattbar rotiyS& 
l)an j&en. Us n^ jaw&b men kab& ; 
Idkba bai, ki Adml sirf roti bl se 
jita na rabega, balki bar bat 8e» jo 
Ebuda ke musJi se nikaltl bai. Tab 
XhlSa use muqaddas sbabr m^ le 

fay&, aur baikal ke kangure"par 
bara karke us se kab&, ki Agar tu 

Kbudft k& Bet&lud, to apne ta&i 
nicbe gir& de ; 'kytlnki likbA baa, la 
Wuh terl babatupne firishtcm ko 
htikm degft ; Aur wub tujhe b&tb6d 
piiiT utb& lesge, aiB& na no, M tena 
psfiW kd pattbar kl tbes l^e. Yisa' 
ne us se kab&; Yili bbl wcba'bla, 
ki Tu \l^budftwand apne Ebuda kr 
fizmfiisb* na kar. Phur Iblls use ek 
babiit uncbe pabAr par le gayft, anr 
dtmya ki sftrl badsbAb&tenaur un ki 
sban o sbaukat use dikb&I^ aur us 86 
kabft, Id Agar tujbukkar mujh^ 
sijda kare, to yib sab knohb tujb^ 
de diinga. Tisn* ne us se kaba ; Ai 
Sbaitan dur bo, kydnki likba bai, 
ki Tu Ebudawond apne Ebud& ko 
sijda kar, aur sirf usi kl 'ib&dat kar. 
Tab Iblls us ke pfts se obala gaySr ; 
aur dekbo, firisbte ftkar us kl kbid- 
jhAt kame lage. 

Lent id l)ii3rS Itwdr. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq EbudS, Tu 
dekbta bai ki bamen apne 
sambbalne kl kucbb tSqat*nabln| 
Zabir m6n bamare badan kl, aur 
batin men bamarl rub kl bifazat 
kar ; taki jitnl muslbaten badan par 
Sen, aur jitne bure kbayal rflb kO 
nuqsan ke waste us par bamla karen, 
un sab se bam mabfiiz raben"; 
bamaro Ebudawand Tisu' Maslh \% 
waslle se, Jjatn. 

yHATT. 1 ThiBialiuindtoo Iv. 1. 

A I bhaiyo,; bam tum se darkbwast 
karte bain, aur Ebudawand 
Yisu' men tumben naslbat karte 
bain, ki jis tarab tum ne bam se 
munasib ob&l cbalne, aur Ebuda ko 
kbnsb kame kf ta'llm pa!, aur jis 
tarab tum obalte bbl bo, usI tarab 
&ur taraqql karte j&o. Eyunki tum 
jante bo, ki bam ne tum KolSlbud&- 
wand Yisu' kl taiaf se kyU ^ft 
bukmpabuncbae. GbunanobiEbudft 
kl marzl ySx bai, ki tum^pakbano, 
ya'nl bar&mkftrl se bacbe rabo ; aur 
bar ek tum men se pftklzagi aur 



kamft j&ne; na ehahwat ke josh se, 
un qaamon kl m&nind jo Khuda ko 
nalim jantin : anr kol shakliB apne 
bhal^ke satk is amr men ziyadatl 
aur daga na kare, kjunki Khuda- 
wand in sab k&mon ka badl& lene- 
wSl& hai ; chunanohi ham ne pahle 
bhi turn ko tamblh karke jata diya 
tha. Is liye ki Khuda ne ham ko 
nap&kl ke liye nahin, balki pftkizagl 
ke liye bulayft. Fas'jonahln m&nta, 
wnh admX ko nahin, balki Khuda 
ko nahin m&nta, jo turn ko apna 
Fak Bulfdeta hai. 

INJIL. Matixy. 21. 

PHIR Yisn* wahaa se nikalkar 
Sur aur Saida ke 'ilaqe ko 
rawana hua. Anr dekho ek Kan'Snl 
'aural nn sarhaddog se nikll, anr 
pnkarkar kaha, ki Ai Khudawand, 
Ibn i Daud, mnjh par rahm kar ; ek 
bad-rub merl betl ko burf tarah satati 
haL Magar us ne kuchh jawab use 
na diya. Aur us ke shagirdon ne 
pas akar» us se yih 'arz kl, ki Use 
rukhsat kar de, kyunki hamare 
pichhe ohillat! hai. Us ne jawab 
men kaha, ki Main Israil ke gharane 
ki khoi hui bheron ke siwa &ur kisi 
ke pSs nahin blieja gaya. Magar 
us ne akar use sijda kiya aur kaha ; 
Ai Khudawand, merl madad kar. 
Us ne jawab meu kaha, ki Larkon 
kl roti lekar kutton ko dal denl 
achchhl nah^. Us ne kaha; Han, 
Khudawand "kyunki kutte bhi un 
tukron men se khate hain, jo un ke 
malikoQ kl mez se girte haiQ. Is 
par Yisu' ne jawab men us se kaha ; 
Ai 'aurat, ter& bara hi Iman hai; 
jaisa chahtl hai, tere liye waisa hi 
ho; aur us kl betl ne usi gharl 
ishifa pal. 

Lent ka Tura Itwdr. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, apne 
'ajiz bandoB kl dill arzuon 
par lihaz rakh ; aur sab dushmanon 
se hamari him&yat kame ke liye 
apnl 'azim Qudrat ka dahna h&th 

barha; hamare Khud&wand Yisu' 
Maslh ke waslle se. Amtn. 

?HATT. Iflfliott ▼. 1. 

PAS tum 'aziz farzandon kl tarah, 
Khuda kl manind bano; aur 
mahabbat se chalo, jaise Maslh ne 
tum se mahabbat kl, aur hamare 
waste apne ap ko khushbu kl ma- 
nind Khuda kl nazr karke qurban 
kiy&. Aur jaisa ki muqaddason ko 
munasib hai, tum men har&mkari 
aur kisI tarah kl napaki ya lalaoh 
ka zikr tak na ho ; aur na besharmi, 
aur behudagol, aur thatthebazi ka, 
kyunki yih laiq nahl^ : balki bar'aks 
is ke shukrguzarl ho. Kyugki tum 
yih khub jante ho, ki kisI haramkar, 
ya nkpak, ya lalchi kl, jo butparast 
ke barabar hai, Maslh aur Khuda 
kl badshahat men kuohh miras 
nahlfi. Kol tum ko befaida batoa 
se dhoka na de, kyunki inhin guna- 
hon ke sabab se nafarmani ke 
farzandon par Khuda ka g-azab 
nazil hota hai. Fas un ke kamon 
ke sharik na ho ; kyiinki tum pahle 
tarlkl the, magar ab Khudawand 
meu nur ho : pas nur ke farzandon 
ki tarah chalo, (is liye ki nur ka 
phal har tarah ki nekl aur rastbazi 
aur sachchal hai), aur tajribe se 
ma'lUm karte raho, ki Khudawand 
ko kya pasand hai; aur tariki ke 
bephal kamon men sharik na ho, 
balki un par malamat hi kiya karo ; 
kyunki un ke poshlda kamon ka 
zikr bhi karna sharm ki bat hai. 
Aur jin chizoa par malamat hoti 
hai, wuh sab nur se zahir hotI hain : 
kyunki jo kuchh zahir kiya jat& hai, 
wuh raushan ho jat& hai. Is liye 
wuh kahta hai, ki Ai sonewale, jag, 
aur murdon men se jl nth, to Masiti 
ka nur tujh par chamkega. 

n^jlL. Luqaxi. 14. 

PHIE Yisii' gungi bad-riih ko 
nikal raha thft. Aur jab wuh 
bad-riih utar gayl, to aisa huS ki 
gufiga bola; aur logon ne ta'ajjub 
kiya. Lekin un meu se ba'z ne 
kaha; Yih to bad-ruhoa ke sardar 
£a*alzabal kl madad se bad-ruhon 

Digitized by 




ko nik&ltA hai. Ba'z &iir log azma- 
iah ke liye us bo ek asmani nish&n 
talab kame lage. Magar us ne un 
ke khayalon ko jankar un se kaha, 
ki Jis kisl badskahat men phut pare, 
-wnh wiran ho jati hai ; aur jis gh'ar 
meg phut pare, wuh barbad ho jata 
hai. Aur a'g^ Shaitan bhi apna 
mukhalif ho jae, to us kl badshahat 
kis tarah qaim rahegl? kyunki turn 
men babat kahte ho, ki Yih bad- 
rfihon ko Ba'alzabul kl madad se 
nikalta hai. Aur agar main bad- 
ruhon ko Ba'alzabul kl madad se 
nikalta hun, to tumhare bete kis kl 
madad se nikalte hain? pas wuhl 
tumhare munsif honge."" Lekin agar 
main bad-ruhon ko Khuda kl qudrat 
86 nikalta hun, to Khuda kl badsha- 
hat tumhare pas a pahunchl. Jab 
zorawar adml hathyar b&ndhe hue 
apul haweli ki rakhwall karta hai, 
to us ka mal hifazat se rahta hai; 
lekin jab us se koi zorawar hamla 
karke us par gallB ata hai, to us ke 
sab hathyar, jin par us ka bharosa 
th& chhin leta, aur us ka mal lutkar 
bant deta hai. Jo merl taraf nahin, 
wuh mere khilaf hai; aur jo mere 
sath jama' cahln karta, wuh bakherta 
hai Jab napak ruh admi men se 
nikalt! hai, to 8ukhe maqamon men 
aram dhundhtl phirti hai; «ar jab 
nahln pati, to kahtf hai, ki Main 
apne usi ghar meg laut jaungi jis 
se nikll hun; aur akar use jbara 
hiia aur ar&sta patI hai. Phir jakar 
&iir sat Tuheu apne se burl hamrah 
le all hai, aur wuh us meu dakhil 
hokar wahaQ bast! haig; aur us 
adml ka pichhia hai pahle se bhi 
kharab ho jata hai. J^b wuh yih 
baten kah Tah& tha, to aisa hua ki 
bhir men se ek 'aurat ne pukarkar 
us se kaha; Mubarak hai wuh pet 
jis men tu raha, aur wuh ohhatiyaa 
jo tu ne chuslB. Us ne kaha ; Han, 
magar ziyada mubarak wuh hain, jo 
Khuda ka kalam sunte, aur us^par 
'amal karte hain. 

Lent Id Ohauthd liwar. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, ham 
ten minnat karte hain, ki 
ham jo apne bure kamon ke sabab 
sazS ke mustahaqq hainj tere fazl 
kl tasalll ke ba'is rahmat kl rah 
se rihal pSen; hamare Khudawand 
aur Munji Ylsu' Maslh ke waslle se. 

?HATT. GalatioQ iv. 21. 

rJH se kaho to, turn jo sharf at 
ke mataht bona chahte ho, 
kya shan'at kl bat ko nahin sunte ? 
Yih likha hai, ki Ibrahim ke do 
bete the; ek laundl se, dusra azad 
se. Magar laundl ka larka jismani 
taur par, aur Izad ka larka wa'de 
ke sabab se paida hua. In batOQ 
men tamsll pal jatI hai : is liye ki 
yih 'auraten goya do 'ahd hain ; ek 
Koh i Sina'par ka, jis se gulam hi 
paida bote hain, aur wuh Hajira 
hai. Aur Hajira 'Arab ka Koh i 
Sina hai; aur maujuda Yarushalem 
US ka jawab hai, kyunki wuh apne 
larkon samet g-ulami men hai. Ma- 
gar 'alam i bala kl Yarushalem azad 
hai, aur wuhl haman man hai. 
Kyunki likha hai, ki Ai banjh ! tu 
jis ke aulad nah^ hoti, khushi 
mana ; Tu jo dard \ zih se nawaqif 
hai, awaz baland karke ohilla: 
Kyunki bekas chhori hul kl aulad 
shauharwall kl aulad se ziyada hogl. 
Pas, ai bhaiyo, ham Izhaq kl tarah 
wa'de ke farzand hain. Aur jaise 
us waqt jismani paidaishwala ruhani 
paidaishwale ko satata tha, waise hi 
ab bhi hota hai. Magar kitab i 
muqaddas kya kahtl hai? Yih, ki 
Laundl aur us ke bete ko nikal de, 
kyunki laundl ka beta azad ke bete 
ke sath hargiz waris na hoga. Pas, 
ai bhaiyo, ham laimdl ke farzand 
nahm, balki azad ke hain. 

INJIL. Yuhanna yi. 1. 

IN baton ke ba'd Yisu' Qalll kl 
jhll, ya'nl Tibiriyas kl jhll ke 
par gaya. Aur barl b|ilr us ke 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



pioUie ho Ir, kyunki jo mu'jize 
wuh bim&ron pax karta tha,, "iin ko 
wuh deklite"the. yisu'' pahar par 
oharh gaya, aur apne shagirdon ke 
Bath wahan baitha. Aur Yahiidlon 
kf 'Id i Fasah nazdik thi. Pas jab 
Yisu' ne apni agkhen uthakar dekha, 
ki mere pas barl bhir a rahl hai, to 
Filippus se kaha, ki* Hajn in ke 
khane ke liye kahag se rotiy^ mol 
len? Magar tis ne us ke azmane 
keT liye yih kaha ; kynnM wuh Sp 
janta tha, ki main kya karunga. 
Filippus ne use jawab diyft, ki Do 
sau dinar kf rotiyan in ke liye kafi 
na hongl, ki bar ekto thorl bhi tail 
jae. TJs ke shagii^on men se ek 
ne, ya'nl Shama'un Patras ke bhfil 
Andriyis ne, Us se kaha; Yahan 
ek larka hai, jis ke pas jau kl panch 
rotiySn, aur do machhliyan hain; 
magar yih itne logon men kyS 
hain? Yisu' ne kahft, ki Logon 
ko bitbao. Aur us jagah bahut 
ghas ihl. Pas wuh mard, jo takhml- 
nan panch hazar the, baith [gaye. 
Yisu' ne^wuh rotiyan lln, aur shukr 
karke unhen jo baithe the bUnt din ; 
aur isl tarah machhliyon men se jis 
qadr chahte the bant diy&. Jab 
wuh ser ho ohuke, to us ne apne 
shagirdon se kaha, ki Bache hue 
tukron ko jama' karo, taki kuchh 
^a'i' na ho. ChunSnchi unhon ne 
jama' kiya, aur jau kl pSndh rotiyon 
ke tukron se, jo khanewalon se bach 
rahe the^ barah tokriyan bharln* 
Pas jo mu'jiza us ne dikhaya wuh 
log use dekhkar kahne lage; Jo 
nabi dunya men anewala tha, fi'l- 
haqiqat yihl hai 

Lent Jed Pdnchwdn Itwdrm 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Ehuda, ham 
terl minnat karte hain, apne 
bandon par rahm kl nigah kar ; taki 
tere bare karm se tin ke jism aur 
ruh kl'hidayat o hiiasiat hameisha 
hot! rahe ; hamSre Khndawand Yisu* 
Masih ke waslle se. Amin. 

IfHATT. 'Ibrauiott ix. 11. a ' ' 

JAB Maslh ayanda kr achohbt, cjit- 
zoa ka sardarrkahin hokafaya, 
to us buzurgtar aur kamtiltar khaime 
kl rah se jo hathoa ka bana hiia; 
ya'ni is dunya ka, nahin ; aur bakron 
aur bachhron ka khun lekar naihfn, 
balki apna hi khibi lekar, pak ma- 
kan men ek hi bar dakhil ho gaya, 
aur abadi khalasi fcarai. Kylinki 
jab bakron aur bailon ke khuit aur 
gae kl rakh napakon par chhirke 
jane se zahirl paklzagX basil hoti 
hai; to Masih ka khun jis ne'apne 
ap ko azall Biih ke waslle il^huda 
ke feamne be'aib qurban kar diya, 
tumhare dilon ko inurda kamon se 
kyun na pak karega, taki zinda 
Khuda kl ^ibadat karen. Aur is! 
sabab se wuh naye 'ahd ka darmi- 
yanl hai, taki us maut ke waslle se 
jo pahle 'ahd ke waqt ke qusuron kf 
mu'aft ke liye hul hai, bulSe htte 
log wa^de ke bamujib abadf^ mlras 
ko basil karen. 

INJIL. Yuhanna viii. 46. 

rSU' ne kaha. Turn men kaun 
mujh par gunah sabit karta 
hfti ? Agar mai^ sach bolta bun, to 
mera yaqtn kyufi nabin karte? Jo 
Khuda se hota hai, wuh Khuda kf 
baten sunta hai : turn is liye nahlQ 
sunte ki Khuda se nahlQ ho, Tabu- 
dlon ne jaw|lb moQ us se kaha ; Kya 
ham kbub nahXn kahte ki tu Samarl 
hai, aur, tujh men bad-ruh hiti? 
Yisii' ne jawab diya, ki Mujh men 
bad-ruh nahlQ; magar maig apne 
Bap kl 'izzat karta bun, aur turn 
merl be'izzati karte ho. Lekin maig 
apnl buzurgi nahin chahta; ban, ek 
hai jo use ohahta, aur faisala karta 
hai. Main turn se saoh sach kahta 
bun, ki Agar kol shakbs mere kalam 
par 'amal karega, toabad tak kabhl 
maut ko na dekhega. Yahudlog ne 
us se kaha» ki Ab ham nejanliyft 
ki tujh men bad-ruh hai. Ibrahim 
mar gaya, aur nabf mar gaye ; magar 
tu kahta hai, ki Agar kol mere ka- 
lam par *amal karega, to abad tak 
kabhl maut ka maza na ohakkhega. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



\ Ham&r& bap Ibrahim jo mar gaya, 
kya tu us se bara hai ? aur nab! bbl 
mar gaye ; tu apne ap ko kya thah- 
rata hai? Yisu' ne jawab diya; 
Agar main &p apnl baral karun, to 
meri baral kuohb nahln. Lekin meri 
baral mora Bap karta bai, jise tum 
kalite bo ki bamara Kbuda bai: 
Tum ne use nahln jana : ' lokin main 
use janta bun; aur agar kabiin ki 
use nablfi janta, to tumhari tarah 
jhutba banung&: magar maifi use 
janta, aur us ke kalam par 'amal 
kartS bug. Tumbara bap Ibrahim 
mera din dekhne ki ummed par ba- 
but khush tha; cbtinancbi us ne 
dekba, aur khush hua. Yabudlon 
ne us se kaba, ki Teri'umr to abbi 
paobas baras kl nahln; phir tu ne 
Ibrahim ko dekba ? Yisu' ne un se 
kaba ; Maig tum se saoh saob kahta 
bun ; Pesbtar us se ki Ibrahim paida 
hua, maia biin. Pas unbon ne us 
ke marne ko patthar uth&e ; magar 
Yisu' chhipkar haikal se nikal gaya. 

*Id i Qiyamat se Pahld Itwdr, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall Kbuda, 
Til ne us barl mahabbat se jo 
insan se rakhta bai, apneBetehamare 
Munji Yisii' Masih ko bheja ki wuh 
bamara sa jism ikbtiyar karke sallb 
par maut ka dukh uthae, taki tamam 
bani Adam us kl barl firotani ke 
namiine par cbal^; Eabm se yih 
bakhsh, ]^]ham us ke sabr ke namune 
par cbalen, aur us kl qiyamat ke sha- 
nk bbl bo jaen ; usi bamare Khuda- 
wand Yisii' Maslh ke waslle se. Amln. 

?HATT. Filippiou ii. 5. 

WAISA hi mizaj rakkho, jaisa 
Maslh Yisa* ka bbl tha ; us 
ne agarchi Khuda kl siirat par tha, 
Khuda ke barabar bone ko qabze 
men rakhne kl chiz na samjba, balki 
apne ap ko khall kar diya, aur kha- 
dim kl surat ikbtiyar kl, aur insanon 
ke musbabib ho gaya; aur insani 
nhakl men zahir bokar apne ap 
ko paht ikr diya, aur yahan tak 

farmanbardar raha, ki maut, balki 
sallbl maut, gaw&ra kl. Isl inraste 
Khuda ne bbl use bahut sarbaland 
kiya, aur use wuh nam bakhsha jo 
sab namon se a'la bai; taki Yisu' 
ke nam par bar ek ghutna tike, 
khw&h asmanlon ka bo, khwah za- 
mlnlon ka, khw&h un ka jo zamin 
ke niche haia; aur Khuda Bap ke 
jalal ke liye bar ek zaban iqrar kare, 
ki Yisu' Maslh Kbudawand bai. 

INJIL. Matixxvii. 1. 

JAB subb bill, to sab sardar ka- 
binon aur qaum ke buzurgOB 
ne Yisu'^e kbilaf mashwara kiy& 
ki use mardaien ; aur use bSgdhkar 
le gaye, aur Fllatus hakim ke ha- 
wale kiya. Jab us ke pakar wane- 
wale Yahiidah ne yih dekba ki wuh 
mujrim thahraya gayS, to pachht£ly a, 
aur wuh tis rupaye sardar kabino& 
aur buzurgon ke pas pher laya, aur 
kaba ; Main ne gun&h kiy&, kL be- 
qusur ko qatl ke liye pakarwaya. 
Wuh bole ; Hamen kya ? tu jan, 
Aur wuh rupayon ko maqdis men 
phenkkar ohala gaya, aur jakar apne 
ap ko phansi dl. Sardar kahinon 
ne rupaye lekar kaba ; Inben haikal 
ke khazane men dalna rawa nabin, 
kyiinki khiin kl qlmat hai. Pas 
unbog ne sal ah karke un rupayon 
se kumbar ka khet pardeslog ke dain 
kame ke liye kharlda. Is sabab 
se wuh khet aj tak khun k& khet 
kablatfi hai. Us waqt jo Yirmayah 
nabi kl ma'rifat kaba gaya tha, wuh 
piira hiia, ki Jis kl qlmat thahral 
gayl thi, unbon ne us kl qlmat ke 
wuh tIs rupaye le liye ; (us ki qlmat 
ba*z bani Israll ne thahral thi ;) aur 
unhen kumbar ke khet ke waste 
diya, jaisa Kbudawand ne mujbe 
bukm diya. Yisu' hakim ke samne 
khara tha, aur hakim ne us se yih 
piic^a; Kya tii Yabudlon ka bad- 
shah hai? Yisii' ne us se kaba; 
Tii khud kahta bai. Aur jab sardar 
kahin aur ibuzurg us par ilzam laga 
rabe the, to us ne kuchh jawab na 
diya. Is par Pllatus ne us se kaba ; 
Kya tii nahln sunta, ki yih tere 
kbilaf kitnl sawablan-^te hain? 

Digitized bTtjOooTe- 



Ud ne ek bat kS bhi ns ko jawab 
na diy&, yahSn tak ki b&kim ne 
bahut ta'ajjub''kiya. Aur hakim 
ka dastur tha, ki 'Id par logon kl 
khatir ek qaidi jise wnh chahte the, 
chhor deta tha. Us waqt Bar-Abb& 
nam'nn ka ek mashhiir qaidI tha. 
Pas jab wuh ikatthe hue, to Fllatas 
ne nn se kaha; Turn kise chahte 
ho, ki main tnmharl kh&tir chhor 
dto ? Bar- Abba ko, ya Yisu* ko jo 
Maslh kahlat& hai? Kynnki nse 
maUum tha, ki nnhon ne is ko hasad 
se pakarwSya hai. Anr jab wnh 
takht i ^adalat par baitha hua tha, 
to ns kl blwl ne nse kahla bheja, ki 
Tu is rastbaz se kuchh kam na 
rakh; kyunki main ne aj khwab 
men is ke sabab se bahut dukh 
uthilya hai. Lekin sardar k&hinon 
aur buzurgon ne logon ko nbhara, 
ki Bar- Abba ko mang len, aur Yisu' 
ko halak karaen. Hakim ne un se 
kaha, ki In dono men se kis ko 
chahte ho, ki tumhari khStir chhor 
dun? Wuh bole; Bar- Abba ko'. 
Pllatus ne un se kaha; Phir Yisu' 
ko jo Maslh kahlata hai ky& karun ? 
Sab ne kaha, ki Us ko sallb dl jae. 
Us ne kaha ; Kyun, us ne kya bural 
kl hai? Magar wuh &ur bhi chill& 
chillakar bole, ki Us ko salib dl jae. 
Jab Pllatns ne dekha, ki kuchh ban 
nahin parta, balki nlt& balwa hota 
jata hai,' to pani lekar logon ke 
rubaru apne hath dhoe, aur kaha; 
Main is rastbaz ke khun se barl 
huaT tum jano. Sab logon ne jaw&b 
dekar kahfi, ki Is ka khun hamarl 
aur ham&n aul&d kl gardan pari 
Is par us ne Bar-Abba ko un kr 
khatir chhor diya, aur Yisu' ko kore 
lagwakar hawale kiya, taki sallb df 
jae. Is par hakim ke sipahlon ne Yisu' 
ko qala' men le jakar sari paltan us 
ke gird jama' kl; aur us ke kapre 
utarkar use qirmizi cboga pahinaya ; 
anr kanton ka taj banakar ns ke sir 
par rakkha, aur ek sarkanda us ke 
dahine hath men diya, aur us ke 
age ghutne tekkar use thatthon men 
urane lage, ki Ai Yahudlon ke bad- 
shah, adab ! Aur us par thuka, aur 
wuhl sarkanda lekar tus ke sir par 

marne lage. Aur jab ns k& thattha 
kar ohnke, to choge ko ns parse 
ntarkar phir nsl ke kapre use pa- 
hinae, aur sallb dene kd le gaye. 
Jab bahar ae, to nnhen Shama'un 
nam ek KurenI adml mila: use 
begar men pakra, ki ns kl salib 
uthae. Aur ns jagah jo Gulguta, 
ya'nl khopri kl jagah, kahlati hai 
pahunchkaf, pit mill hul mai nse pine 
ko df^ magar ns ne chakhkar pina 
na chaha. Anr nnhon ne nse sallb 
par charhaya, aur us ke kapre qura' 
dalkar bant liye, anr wahan baithkar 
us kl nigahMnI kame lage. Aur 
us ka ilzam likhkar ns ke sir se 
upar laga diya, ki Yih YahCdIon kJL 
BADSHAH YisO' HAI. Us waqt us ke 
sath do daku sallb par charhae gaye, 
ek dahine, aur ek baen. Aur rah 
chalnewale sir hila hilakar us ko 
la'n ta'n karte, anr kahte the; Ai 
maqdis kedhanewale, aur tin din men 
bananewale, apne tain bacha; agartu 
Khuda ka Beta haij'^to sallb par se 
ntar a. Isl tarah sardar kahin bhi, 
faqlhon aur buzurgon ke sath milke, 
thatthe se kahte the; Is ne auron 
ko bachaya, apne tain nahin baoha 
sakta. Yih to Israil ka badshah 
hai ; ab sallb par se ntar ae, to ham 
us par Iman laen. Is ne Ehuda par 
bharosa rakkha hai; agar wuh ise 
chahta hai, to ab is ko chhura le, 
kyiinki is ne kaha tha ; Main ij^huda 
ka Beta hiiQ. Isl tarah daku bhi, jo 
ns ke sath sallb par charhae gaye 
the, us par la'n ta'n karte the. Aur 
do pabar se lekar tisre pahar tak 
tamam mulk men andhera chhaya 
raha. Aur tisre pahar ke qarib 
Yisu' ne barl awaz se chillakar 
kaha; EIl, Ell, lama shabaqtani? 
ya'nl Ai mere Khuda, ai mere 
Khuda, til ne mujhe kyiin chhor 
diya? Jo wahan khare the, un 
men se ba'z ne sunkar kaha ; Yih 
Eliyyah ko pukarta hai. Aur fan- 
ran un men se ek shakhs daura, aur 
isfanj lekar sirke men duboya, aur 
sarkande par rakhkar nse chusaya. 
Magar baqlon ne kaha ; Thahar jao, 
dekhen to, Eliyyah use bachane ata 
hai, ya nafaln. Yisu' pMr barliawaz 

" Digitized by VjOOQIC 



se ohill&ya, anr jan de dl. Aur 
maqdis ka parda upar se niche tak 

Ehatkar do tnkre ho gay&, aur zamin 
irzl aur chatanen tarak gay^ ; aur 
qabren khul gayln, * aur bahut se 
jism un muqaddason ke jo so gaye 
the jl uthe ; aur us ke jl uthne ke 
ba'd qabron se nikalkar muqaddas 
shahr men gaye, aur bahuton ko 
dikhal diye. Pas subadar aur jo us 
ke sath Yisu' kl nigahbani karte 
the, bhaimchal aur tamam majara 
dekhkar, bahut hi dare aur bole, ki 
Beshakk yih Khudi ka Bet& tha. 

Pir ha roz *Id i Qiydmat se pahle. 

KTTATT KB 'IWAZ. Yasha'yah Ixiu. 1. 

"VTIH kaun hai jo Adum se, aur 
X khub Burkh poshak pahine hue, 
Busrah se ata hai ? Yih jis ka libas 
darakhshan hai, aur apni tawanai ki 
buzurgi se khiram karta ? Yih main 
hun, jo rastbazl ki shuhrat deta hun, 
aur najat dene par qadir hun. Kis 
liye teri poshak surkh hai, aur tera 
libas us shakhs kl manind, jo angur 
ke kolhu men raundta hai? Main 
pe tan i tanha anguron ko kolhu men 
kuohla, aur logon men se mere sath 
kol na tha : han, main ne unhen apne 
gusse men latara, aur apne josh men 
unhen raunda, aur un ka lahu mere 
libas par chhirka gaya, aur maia 
ne apne sare kapron ko najis kiya ; 
kyiinki intiqam ka din mere dil men 
hai, aur mere chhurae huon ka sal a 
pahunoha hai. Maia ne nigah kl, 
aur koi madadgar na tha ; aur mai^ 
ne ta*ajjub kiya ki ko! sambhalne- 
wala na hiia : so mera hi bazu najat 
ko apne liye laya, aur mere hi qahr 
ne mujhe sambhala. Han, main ne 
apne qahr se qaumon ko latara, aur 
apne gazab se unhen purza purza 
kiy&, aur un ke lahu ko zamIn par 
gira diya. Main Khudawand kl 
shafaqat ka zikr karii^ga, Khuda- 
wand hi kl sitaishoQ ka, us sab ke 
mutabiq jo Khudawand ne hamen 
'inayat kiya hai, aur us barl mihr- 
bani ke sabab, jo us ne Israil ke 
gharane par, apnl khass rahmaton 

aur firawan shafaqatoa ke mutabiq 
zahir kl hai. Ki us ne kaha, Yaqinan 
wuh mere hi log hain, aise larke jo 
be-wafalnakarenge; chunanch'i wiih 
un ka bach&ne^ala hua." Un kl 
sari tanglon me^ wfth un ka mu- 
khalif na hiia, par us ke huzur ke 
firishte ne unhen bachaya; us ne 
apnl ulfat aur apnl mahabbat se un- 
hea najat dl, us ne unhen uthaya, 
aur qadim se hamesha unhen liye 
phira. Lekin wuh bag! hiie, aur 
unhon ne us ke Eiihul-Quds ko 
gamgin kiya; is liye wuh un kH 
dushman ho gaya, aur wuh un se 
lara. Par us ne agle dinon ko, aur 
Musa ko, aur us kl ummat ko yad 
kiya, aur farmaya, Wuh kahan hai, 
jo un ko apne galle ke chaupanon 
samet samundar men se bahar laya ? 
Wuh kahan hai, jis ne apna Euhul- 
Quds un ke andar dala ? jis ne Musa 
ke dahne hath par apne qawwl bazu 
kobarhaya kiya, aur un ke fige panlon 
ko chira, taki apna aisa nam kare jo 
abad tak ra];Le ? jis ne gahrapon meu 
se un kl rah-numal kl, ghore kl tarah 
jo biyaban men chale, unhon ne 
thokar nahin khal ? jis tarah charpae 
nasheb men utren, usi tarah Khuda- 
wand kl Kuh unhen aramgab meg 
lal ; aur usI tarah tu ne apnl qaum 
ki hidayat ki, taki tii apne liye ek 
jalll nam paida kare. Asman par se 
nigah kar, aur muqaddas aur jalil 
maskan se dekh ; terl gairat aur terl 
quwwat kahan hai, teri barl maya, 
aur teri rahmaten jo mujh par hiii 
thin, kyS mauquf ki gain? Yaqluan 
tii hamara Bap hai, agarchi Ibrahim 
ham se na-waqif ho, aur Israil ham- 
eu na pahchana Tu, ai Khudawand, 
hamara Bap hai, aur tu hamara 
Naj&t bakhshne-wala hai, tera nam 
abad se hai. Ai Khudawand, kyun 
tii ne hamen apnl rahoQ se gumrah 
kiya? KyuQ tu ne hamare dil ko 
sakht kiya, ki tujh se na daren? 
Apne bandon ki khS^tir, apnl miras 
ke firqon ki khatir, phir a. Teri 
qaum i muqaddas thorl muddat tak 
use qabze men rakhtl hai; aur ab 
hamare dushmanon ne terl maqdis 
ko pamal kiya. Ham tQ un ki ma- 
Digitized byCjOOQlC 



nind hue, ki jin par tu ne kabbi 
tasallut nabTii rakkbS, atir jo tere 
nam ke nablg kablae. 

INJIL. Marqus xir. 1. 

DO din ke Wd Fasab aur Td i 
Fatir bonewall tbi : aur sardar 
k&bin aur faqlb manqa' dbu^db rabe 
tbe, ki use kyunkar fareb se pakarke 
qatl karen ; kyimki kabte tbe, ki 'Id 
ko nabTn, aisa sa bo ki logon men 
balwS bo jfie. Jab "wub Bait'auiyyab 
men Sbama'un korbl ke gbar khanH 
kbane baitba hui tba, to ek 'anrat 
jat&m&sl ka besbqlmat kbalis 'itr 
sang i marmar kl 'itrdfinl men lS,T; 
anr 'itrdanl torke, 'itr ko us ke sir 
par d&lS. Magar ba'z apne dil men 
kbafa bokar kabne lage; Yib 'itr 
kis liye zai' kiyft gaya ? Kyimki 
yib 'itr tin sau dinar se ziyada ko 
bikkar, garlbon ko diya ja sakta 
tba. Aur wnb nse malamat kame 
lage. Yisu' ne kaba; Use cbbor 
do: kyun nse diqq karte bo? us 
ne mere satb bbalal kl bai. Kyiin- 
ki garib gurbft to bamesba turn* 
bare pas bain; jab cbabo, un ke 
satb nekT kar sakte bo ; lekin main 
tumbare pas bamesba na rabunga. 
Jo kucbb wub kar sakl, us ne 
kiya; us ne dafn ke liye mere ba- 
dan t)ar pable se 'itr mala. Main 
tum se sacb kabta bun, ki Tamam 
dunya men, jaban kahTn Injtl kl 
manadi kl jaegT, yib bbl jo is ne 
kiya is kl y ad gar! men kaba jaega. 
Pbir Yabudab IskariyotT, jo un ba- 
rab men se tba, sardar kabinon 
ke pas cbala gaya, taki use un ke 
batb pakarwa de. Wub yib sunkar 
kbusb bue, aur us ko rupaye dene 
ka iqrar kiya. Aur wub mauqa' 
dbiindbne laga, ki kisT tarab qabu 
pakar use pakarwa de. 'Id i FatTr 
ke pable din, ya'nl jis roz Fasab ko 
zabb kiya karte tbe^ us ke sbagirdon 
ne us se kaba; Tu kaban obabta 
bai, ki bam jakar tere liye Fasab 
kbane kl teiyarT karen? Us ne 
apne sbagirdon men se do sbakbs 
bbeje, aur un se kaha; Sbabr men 
jao; ek sbakbs pani ka gbara liye 
bue tumben milega : us ke picbhe | 

bo lena ; aur jaban wub dakbil bo, 
us gbar ke malik se kabna ; Ustad 
kabta bai, ki Mera mibmankbana, 
jaban main apne sbagirdon ke satb 
Fasab kbaun, kaban bai? to wub 
ap tumben ek bara balakbana arasta 
aur taiyar dikbaega : wkbln bamare 
liye taiyan kama. Pas sbagird 
obale gaye, aur sbabr men akar, 
jaisa us ne un se kaba tba^ waisa 
bl paya, aur Fasab taiyar kiya. Jab 
sbam bul, to wub un barab ke satb 
aya. Aur jab wub baitbe kba rabe 
tbe, to Yisii' ne kaba ; Main tum se 
sacb kabta bim, ki tum men se ek, 
jo mere satb kbata bai, mujbe pa- 
karwaega. Wub dilgTr hone aur ek 
ek karke us se kabne lage; Kya 
main bun? Us ne un se kaba, ki 
Wub barab men se ek bai, jo mere satb 
tabaq jnen bath dalta bai. Kyiinki 
Ibn i Adam to, jaisa us ke baqq men 
Hkba bai, jata hi bai ; lekin us adml 
par afsos bai, jis ke waslle se Ibn 
i Adam pakarwaya jata bail agar 
wub admt paida na beta, to us ke 
liye achchba bota. Aur wub kba 
hi rabe tbe ki us ne roti iT, aur bara- 
kat ebabkar tori, aur unben dl, aur 
kaba, ki Lo, yih mera badan bai. 
Pbir us ne piyala lekar sbukr kiya, 
aur unben diya ; aur un eabbon ne 
us men se piya. Aur us ne un se 
kaba, ki Yib 'abd ka mera wub 
kbun bai, jo babuteron ke liye ba« 
baya jata bai. Main tum se saoh 
kabta biin, ki Angur ka sblra pbir 
kabbl na pTunga, us din tak ki 
Kbuda kl badsbabat men naya na 
pTun. Pbir git gake babar Zaitun 
ke pabar par gaye. Aur Yisii' ne un 
se kaba; Tum sab thokar kbaoge, 
kyiinki likba bai, ki Main cbarwabe 
ko marunga, aur bberen paraganda 
ho jaengl. Magar main apne jT 
uthne ke ba'd tum se pible Galil 
ko jaunga. Patras ne us se kaba ; 
Go sab thokar khaen, lekin main 
na khaiinga. Yisii' ne us se kabal 
Main tujh se sacb kabta biin, ki Tii 
aj isl raty murg ke do bar bang dene 
se pable, tin bar mera inkar karega. 
Lekin us ne babut zor dekar kaba ; 
Agar tere satb mujbe mama bbl 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



bare,. tatibliT terft ink9.r hargiz na 
karungg. Isl tarah &nr sab ne bbl 
ksiba. Phir wuh ek jagah ae jis ka 
n&m Gatsamane th&, anr us ne apne 
shUgirdon se kab&; Taban baitbe 
rabo, jab tak main du'a mangun, 
Anr Patras aur Ya*qub anr Yii£ann& 
ko apne satb lekar nibayat bairan 
anr beqarar bone lagft, anr nn se 
kaltift; Men jan nibayat gamgin bai, 
yaban .tak ki mame kl 
bunpb gay! bai : turn yabfig tbahro, 
axir jagte rabo. Anr wnb tbora age 
barba, aur 2amln par girke du'a 
mSngne laga, ki agar bo sake, to 
yib gbart.mtyb par se tal jae; aur 
kaba ; Ai Abba, ai Bap, tujb se sab 
kncbh bo sakta bai; is piyale ko 
mere pas se bat& le : tabam jo main 
ohabtft bun wub nabin, balki jo t^ 
ohabta bai wubl bo. Pbir wub aya, 
anr unben 8ot& pakar Patras se kaba ; 
Ai Sbama'un, tu sota bai ? kya tu ek 
gbarl bbl na jag saka? Jago aur 
dn'& mango, taki azmfiish men na 
paro: rOb to musta'idd bai, magar 
jism kamzor bai. Wub pbir cbala 
gaya aur wubl bat kabkar du'a 
xa&ngi; aur pbir akar unben sota 
pfiyd, kyunki un kl ankben nird se 
bbarl tbla ; aur wub na Jante tbe, 
ki use kya jawab den. Pbir tTsrT 
bar &kar un se kaba ; Ab sote rabo 
anr Sram karo: bas, waqt a pa- 
htinob& bai; dekbo, Ibn i Adam 
gunabgaron ke hfttJ^ men bawale 
kiy&jatabai. ntbo,obalen: dekbo, 
mera pakarwanewala nazdik a pa- 
huncba bai" Wub yib kab bl raba 
tba, ki fi'lfaur Tabiidab, jo un bandi 
mm se tba, aur us ke satb ek bblr 
talwikren aur IStbiySn liye bue sardar 
kAbinon" aur faqibon aur buzurgcm 
kl iaraf se ft pabuncbl. Aur us ke 
pakarwanewjQe ne wohm yib pata 
diy& 'tb&; ki Jis ka main bosa lun, 
wubl bai: use pakarkar bifazat se 
le jana. Wub akar* fi'lfaur us ke 
p&s gay&, aur kab& ; Ai Babbi aur 
U8 ke bose liye. Unbon ner us par 
bfttb dftlkar use pakar liya. Un 
xaen se jo p&s kbare tbe, ek ne 
talwftr kbencbkar, sard&r kabin ke 
liaukar par'oW^l^mr us ^ kan ur& 

diyft. Yisii' ne un se kaba Kya turn 
talw&ren aur latbiy&Q lekar mujbe 
daku kT tarab pakarne nikle bo? 
Main bar roz tumbafre pas baikal 
men ta'llm deta tbft, aur tum ne 
mujbe nabln pakra: lekin yib is 
liye btia bai ki nawisbfe pure bon. 
Is par B&re sbagird use cbborkar 
bb&g gaye. Magar ek jaw&n apue 
nange badan par mibln cbadar orbe 
bue us ke pTobbe bo liya ; use logon 
ne pakra, magar wub cbadar cbbor- 
kar nanga bbag gayft. Pbir wuli 
Yisu' ko sardar kabin ke pfis le gaye ; 
aur sab sardar kabin, aur buzurg, 
aur faqTb us ke bS,n jama' bo gaye. 
Aur Patras fftsile par us ke plcbbe 
picbbe sardar kabin ke dlwankbano 
ke andar tak gaya ; aur piyadon ke 
satb baitbkar ag tapne laga. Aur 
sardar kabin aur saresadr '^filat- 
wale Yisu' ka mar dalne ke waste 
us ke kbilaf gawabl dbimdbne lage, 
magar na paT; kyunki babutercm 
ne us par jbutbl gawSblan to din,* 
lekin un kl gawablan muttafiq na 
tbtn. Pbir ba'z ne utbkar us par 
yib jbutbl gawabi dT, ki Ham ne 
use yib kabte suna bai, ki Main 
is maqdis ko jo batb se bana bai 
dbaunga, aur tin din men dusr& ba- 
haunga, jo batb se na bana bo. 
Lekin is par bbl un kl gawabi 
muttafiq na nikll. Pbir sard&r ka- 
bin ne blcb men kbare bokar Yisu* 
se pucbba, ki Tu kuclib jawab nabln 
deta? yib tere kbilaf kya gawabi 
dete bain? Magar wub cbupka bl 
rabs, aur kuchli jawab na diyft. 
Sardar kabin ne Us se pbir suwal 
kiya aur kabft; Kya tu us Situda 
ka Bet& Masib bai ? Yisu' ne kaM ; 
Han, main bun : aur tum Ibn i Adam 
ko Qadir i Mutlaq kl dabini taraf 
baitbe, aur asman ke badalon ke 
sStb ate dekboge. Sardar kabm ne 
apne kapre pbarke kaba ; Ab bamen 
gawftbon kl kya bajat rabi? Tum 
ne yib kufr suna : tumbarl kya rae 
bai? Un sab ne fatwa diya, ki 
Wub qatl ke laiq bai. Tab ba'z 
us par tbtikne, aur us ka munb 
dbftnpne, aur us ke mukke m&me. 



kl baton swaS, ! anr piySdon ne use 
tamanohe mar marke apne qabze 
men liya. Jab Patras niohe sahn 
men tha, to sardar kahin kl laundi- 
yon men se ek wah&n al, aur Patras 
ko'ag tkpte dekbkar us par nazar 
kT aur ki^e lag! ; Tu bbl us Nasarl 
Yisu' ke s&th tha. Us ne inkar 
kiya, aur kaha, ki Main to na janta 
aur na samajhta bun, ki tu kya 
kahtT hai : pbir wuh babar deorhl 
men gaya ; aur murg ne bl^g dT. 
Wub laundT use dekhkar un se jo 
pas kbare the pbir kabne lagT ; Yib 
un mense bai. Magar us ne pbir 
inkar kiya. Aur tborl der ba'd un- 
bon ne jo pas kbare tbe Patras se 
pbir kaba ; Besbakk tu un men se 
bai ; kyiiaki tii Gallll bbl bai. Ma- 
gar wub la'nat kame aur qasam 
kbane laga, ki Main is adml ko, jis 
ka turn zikr karte bo^ nabln janta. 
Aur fi'lfaur dusri bar murg ne bang 
di. Patras ko wub bat jo Yisii' ne 
us se kabi tbi yad aT, ki Murg ke do 
bar bang dene se pable tu tin bar 
mera inkar karega. Aur is par gaur 
karke wub ro para 

Mangal Jca roz *Id i Qiydmat se pahle. 
^HATT KB 'IWAZ. Yasha'yah 1. 5. 

KHUDAWAND Yabowab iflere 
kan kbolta bai, aur main bag! 
* nabln bun, aur na bargasbta bota. 
Main apnl pitb marnewalon ko deta, 
aur apne gal un ko jo bai ko nochte 
bain; apna munb ruswal aur tbiik 
se nabin cbbipata. Par Kbudawand 
Yabowab merl bimSyat karta; aur 
is liye main sbarminda na bouQga ; 
aur is liye main ne cbakbmakb ke 
pattbar kl manind apna munb rakb 
diya, aur mujhe yaqln bai ki pasbe- 
man na bunga. Wub jo mujbe rast- 
baz tbabrata bai nazdik bai : wub 
kaun bai jo mujb se jbagra karega ? 
Ao bam amne-samne kbare bon; 
kaun bai jo mujb se ddwa kare p wub 
mujb pas ae. Dekbo, Kbudawand 
Yabow&b merl bimayat karta bai; 
kaun mujbe mujrim tbabrae? Dekb, 

wub sab kapre kl manind purftne ho 
jaenge, kire unh^ kb&enge. Tum- 
b&re darmiySn kaun bai, jo Kbuda- 
wand se dartft, aur us ke kb&dim kl 
baten suuta bai, jo andbere men 
chalta, aur rosbnl nabtn pata ? Wub 
Kbudawand ke n&m'" par i'timad 
rakkbe, aur apne Khuda par takya 
kare. Dekbo, turn sab jo ag sulgate 
bo, aur apne ko mash'alo& se gber 
lete ho ; obalo apnl bl ag ke sbu'le 
ke darmiyan, aur un masb'alos ke 
blob, jinben tum ne sulgaya. Turn 
mere bath se yibi paoge, ki 'azab 
men let raboge. 

INJIL. MarquB xv. 1. 

AUE fi'lfaur, subb bote hi, sardar 
kabinon ne buzurgon aur faqi- 
bon aur sare sadr 'adalatwalon samet 
salab karke, YisH' ko bandbwaya, 
aur le jakar Pilatus ke bawale kiya. 
Aur Pilatus ne us se piicbba; Kya 
tu Yabudion ka badsbab bai? Us 
ne jawab men us se kaba ; Tu kbud 
kabta bai. Aur sardar kabin us par 
bahut baton ka ilzam lagate rabe. 
Pilatus ne us se dobara suwal karke 
yib kaba; TU kucbb jawab nabm 
deta ? dekb, yib tujb par kitnl baton 
ka ilzam lagate bain ? Yisu' ne pbir 
kucbb jawab nabln diya ; yabaa tak 
ki Pilatus ne ta'ajjub kiya. Aur wub 
'Id par ek qaidi ko, jis ke waste log 
*arz karte the, un ki khatir obbor 
diya karta tha. Aur Bar- Abba nana 
ek admi un bagion ke sath qaid men 
para tha, jinbon ne bagawat men 
khun kiya tha. Aur bhir upar 
charbkar us se 'arz kame lag'i, ki Jo 
tera dastur bai, wub bamare liye kar. 
Pilatus ne unben yib jawab diya; 
Kya tum chahte bo, ki main turn- 
bar! khatir Yabudion ke badsbab ko 
obbor diin? Kyunki use ma'liim 
tha, ki sardar kabinon ne is ko hasad 
se mere bawale kiya bai. Magar 
sardar kabinon ne bhir ko ubbara, 
taki Pilatus un ki khatir Bar-Abba 
hi ko chbor de. Pilatus ne dobara 
un se kaba ; Pbir, jise tum Yahiidion 
ka badsbab kahtp ho, us ko maifi 
kya karun ? Wub pbir cbillae, ki 
Use sallb de. Aur !f llatus ^e un ^^ 

Digitized by VjO'OQ IC 


kali& ; Eyun, is ne kya bural kl hai ? 
Wtih &ur bhi chillae, ki Usesalib de. 
Pilatus ne, logofl ko khush kame ke 
irade se, un ke liye Bar- Abba ko 
ohhor diya, aur Yisu' ko kore lag- 
wakar hawale kiya, taki sallb dl jae. 
Aur sipabi ns ko us sahn men le 
gay©» jo Praitoriyun kahlsta hai; 
aur sari paltan ko bula l&e. Aur 
unhon ne use arg'awani cbog'a pabi- 
n|Lya, aur kanton ka taj ban&kar us 
ke sir par rakkba; aur use salam 
kame lage, ki Ai Tahudlon ke b&d- 
sh&b, adab I Aur wuh . us ke sir 
par sarkanda marte, aur us par 
thukte, aur gbutne tek tekkar use 
sijda karte rabe. Aur jab use 
thattbon men ura ebuke, to us par 
86 argawani ebo'j^a utarkar usi ke 
kapre use pabinae;.pbir use salib 
dene ko babar le gaye. Aur Sba- 
ma'un nam ek KurenI adml, Sikandar 
aur Bufus ka bap, dibat se &te hue 
udbar se guzrS; unbon ne use 
begar men pakra, ki us kl salib 
utbae. Aur wuli use maqam i Gul- 
gut& par lae, jis ka tarjuma Kbopri 
ki Jagab bai. Aur murr mili b^i 
mai use dene lage, magar us ne na 
ll. Aur unbon ne use salib par 
cbarbaya, aur us ke kapron par qura* 
dalkar, ki kis ko kya mile, unben 
bant liya. Aur pabar din cbarba 
tba,* jab unbon ne us ko salib par 
obarbaya. Aur us ka ilzam likbkar 
OS ie upar laga diya gaya, ki Ya- 
Hi^DfON Kk BAdshah. Aur unbon ne 
ns ke'satb do d&ku, ek us ki dabini, 
aur ek us ki bain taraf salib par 
obarbae. Aur raS obalnewale sir 
hila' bilakar us par la'n ta'n karte, 
aur kabte the, ki Wab ! maqdis ke 
dbanewale, aur tin din men bana- 
newale, salib par se utarke apne 
toXa baoba. Isi tarab sardar kanin 
bbi^ faqibon ke satb milke, apas men 
tbatthe se kabte tbe; Is ne auron 
ko baobaya, apne tain nab^ baoba 
sakta. Israil ka badsbab Masib ab 
salib par se utar ae, taki bam dekb- 
kar iman laen. Aur jo us ke satb 
salib par obarbae gaye tbe, wub us 
par la'n ta'n karte tbe. Jab do 
pabar bui, to tamam mulk men 


andbera obba gaya, aur tTsre pabar 
tak raba. Aur tisre pahar ko Yisu' 
bari awaz se cbillaya, ki Ilobi, Ilohf, 
lama sbabaqtani? jis ka tarjuma 
yib bai: Ai mere Kbuda, ai mere 
Kbuda, tu ne mujbe kyun obbor 
diya ? Jo pas kbare tbe, un men se 
ba'z ne yib sunkar kaba: Dekbo, 
wub Eliyyab ko bulata bai. Aur 
ek ne daurkar isfanj ko sirke men 
duboya, aur sarkande par rakbkar 
use obusaya, aur kaha ; Tbabar jao, 
dekben to, Eliyyab use utame ata 
bai ya nabin. Pbir Yisii' bari awaz 
se obillaya, aur dam de diya. Aur 
maqdis ka parda upar se niebe tak 
pbatkar do tukre bo gaya. Aur jo 
siibadar ns ke samne kbara tba, us 
ne use yun dam dete biie dekbkar 
kaba, ki Yib adml besbakk Ehuda 
ka Beta tba. 

Budh ka roz *Id % Qiydmat se pahle. 
]5:HATT. 'Ibranion ix. 16. 

JAHAN wasiyat hai, waban wa- 
siyat kamewSle ki maut bhi 
sabit boni zarur bai. Is liye ki 
wasiyat maut ke ba'd hi jarl hoti, 
hai, aur jab tak wasiyat kamewala 
zinda rabta bai, us ka ijra nabl^ 
hota. Isl liye pabla 'abd bhi bagair 
kbiin ke nabin bandba gaya. Chu- 
nanehi jab Musa tamam ummat ko 
sbarl'at ka bar ek hukm suna ohuka, 
to bacbhroQ aur bakron ka khun 
lekar, pani, aur lal un, aur zufla ke 
satb, us kitab aur tamam ummat, 
par chhirak diya, aur kaba, ki Yib 
us 'abd &a khun bai, jis ka hukm 
Kbuda ne tumhare liye diya haL 
Aur isl tarab us ne khaime aur 
'ibadat kl tamam ohizon par khun 
cbbirka. Aur taqrlban"sarl chlzen 
sbari'at ke mutabiq kbun se pak kl 
jati haia, aur bagair khun bahae 
mu'aft nabin hotl. Pas zarHr tba, 
ki asmam dilzon kl naqlen to in ke 
waslle se pak kl jaen ; magar khud 
asmam chlzen in se bibtar qurbanlon 
ke wai^le se. "Kyunki Maslh us bath 
ke banae hue pak makan men dakhil 
nabin hM, jo baqlq^I pak makan ka 
namuna h^h 1>alki asman hi meg 

Digitized by CjO?)Q IC 



dakbil hu&; taki ab EHnda ke ru- 
baru bam&iir kbatir bazir bo : yib 
nabm ki wnb apne ap ko bar bar 
qnrban kare, jis tarab ki sardar- 
kftbin p&k makSn men bar Bftl dusre 
k& kbun lekar jata bai ; wama bin& 
e 'alam se lekar us ko bar bar dukb 
utbanft zarur bota : magar ab zama- 
non ke akbir men ek bar zSbir bua, 
tftki apne ftp ko qnrban kame se 
gnnab ko mit& de. Anr jis tarab 
admlon ke liye ek bSr mama anr ns 
ke ba'^ 'adalat k& honft mnqarrar 
bai ; isl tarab Masib bbl ek bar 
babnt logon ke gnnab ntbdne ke liye 
qnrban bokar, duerl bar bagair 
gnnab ke, najat ke liye nn ko 
dikbai degSy jo ns kl r&b dekbte 

INJIL. Lflqa xxii 1. 

AUE 'Id i Fatir, jis ko *Id i Fasab 
kabte bain, nazdfk tbi. Anr 
sardar kftbin liur DEtqlb mauqa' 
dbundb rabe tbe ki nse kis tarab 
Diftr dalen, kyiinki logcm se darte 
tbe. Anr Sbaitan Yabudab men 
sam&yft, jo JskariyotI kabl&ta, anr 
nn b&rab men sbnmftr kiyft jfitft tbft. 
Us ne jftkar sardar kftbinon anr 
sipabfon ke sardaron se sal&b'kT, ki 
ns ko kis tarab nn ke bawftle kare. 
Wnb kbnsb bne, anr nse mpaye 
dene k& iqrftr kiyft. Us ne mftn 
Uyft, anr manqa' dbundbne laga, ki 
nse bagair bangftme ke nn ke bawftle 
karft de. Anr 'Id i FatIr kft din ftyft, 
jis men Fasab zabb kamft farz tbft. 
Anr Yisn' ne Patras anr Yubannft 
ko yib kabkar bbejft, ki Jftkar ba- 
mftre kbftne ke liye fasab taiyftr 
karo. Unhon ne ns se kabft; Tn 
kabi^ obftbtft bai, ki bam taiyftr 
karen? lis ne nn se kabft; DelUio, 
sbabr men dftkbil bote bl tnmben 
ek ftdml pftnl' ka gbarft liye bue 
milegft; jis gbar men wnb jfte, ns 
ke picbbe cbale jftnft.' Anr gbar ke 
mftHk se kabnft, ki TTstftd tnjb se 
kahtft* bai ; Wnb mibmftnkb&na ka- 
bto bai, jis men apne sbftgirdon ke 
s&tb Fasab kb&nn? Wnb tnmhen 
ek barft bftlakbftiuir ftrftsta kiyft bnft < 
dikbftegft : wabfia taiyftrl kamft. | 

IJnbon ne jftkar, jaisft ns ne nn se 
kabft "tbft, waisft bl pftyft, anr Fasab 
taiyftr kiyft. Jab waqt bo-gayft, to 
wnb kbftnft kbftne baitbft, anr rasul 
ns ke sfttb baitbe. tls ne nn se 
kabft ; Mnjbe barl arzu tbT, ki dnkb 
sabne sepableyih Fasab tnmbftre sfttb 
kbftun; kyiinki main tnm se kabtft 
bun, ki Use kabbT na kbftungft, jab 
tak wnb Ebndft kT badsbftbat men 
piirft na be. Pbir ns ne piyftla leki^ 
sbnkr kiyft, anr kabft, ki Is ko lekar 
ftpas men bant lo : kyunki main tnm 
se kabtft" bim,'ki Angnr kft sbira ab 
se kabbi na'plungft, jab tak Ebndft 
kl bftdsbftbat na ft le. Pbir ns ne 
roti ll, anr sbnkr karke torT, anr yib 
ki^kar nn ko dl, ki Yib merft badan 
bai, jo tnmbftre waste diyft jfttft bai : 
men yftdgftrl ke liye yibi kiyft karo. 
Anr iea tarab kbftne ke ba'd piyftla 
yib kabkar diyft, ki Yib piyftla mere 
ns kbun men nayft 'and bai, jo 
tnmbftre wftste babftyft jfttft bai. 
Magar dekbo, mere pakarw&newftle 
kft batb mere ^sath mez par bai 
Eynnki Ibn i Xdam to, jaisft ns ke 
waste muqarrar bai, jfttft bl bai; 
magar ns sbakbs par afsos bai, jis 
ke waslle se wnb pakarwftyft jfttft 
bai I , Is par wnb ftpas m^ ptcbbne 
lage^ ki Ham men se kann bai, jo 
yib kftm karegft ? Anr nn m^ yib 
takrftr bbl bnT, ki Ham men selbmn 
barft samjhft jfttft bai? Us ne nn se 
kaiift, ki Gair-qanmon ke bftdsbfth 
nn par bnknmat cbal&te bain; anr 
jo nn par ikbtiyftr rakbte bain, 
kbndftwand i ni'mat kablftte bain. 
Magar tnm aise na honft; balki jo 
tnm men barft bai, wnb cbbote kl 
mftnind, anr* jo sardftr bai, wnb 
kbidmat kamewftle kl mftnind bane. 
Eyfmki barft kann bai; wnb jo 
kbftnft kbftne baitbft, yft wnb jo 
kbidmat kartft bai? kyft wnb nabto, 
jo kbftnft kbftne baitbft bai? Lekm 
main tnmbftre darmiy&n kbidmat 
karnewftle kl mftnind bto. ' Iffogar 
tnm wnb bo, jo mert ftemftisbon men 
barftbar mere sfttb rabe. Anr jaise 
mere Bftp ne mere liye ek bftdsbftbat 
mnqarrar kl bai, main bbl tnmb&ie 
liye mnqarrar kartft lh^,,^)c^ merf 



b&dshfthat men merl mez par khao 
plo ; balki tnin takhton par baithkar 
IsT&Il ke barah qabllon k& insaf ka- 
Toge. Sbama'un, Shama'un, dekh, 
Shait&n ne turn logon ko mang liya, 
taki gehiion kl tarah phatke ; lekin 
main ne tere liye dn'a m9^gl, ki 
tera tm&n jat& ne rahe : aur jab tu 
rnju' kare, to apne bhaiyon ko mazbut 
•kama. Us ne us se kaba ; Ai Kbnd&- 
wand, tere satb main qaid bone, 
balki mame ko bbl taiyar bun. Us 
ne kab&; Ai Fatras, main tujh se 
kabta him, ki aj mnrg bang na dega, 
jab tak tu tin bar mera inkar na kar 
lega, ki main nse nabm janta. Fhir 
TLB ne nn se kaba, ki Jab mai^ ne 
tnmben batue, aur jholl, anr juti 
bagair bbeja tba, kya turn kist chlz 
ke mnhtSj rahe the? Unhon ne 
kaba ; EisI chlz ke nahln. Us ne 
Tin se kaha, Magar ab jig ke pas 
batua ho, wnh use le, anr is! tarah 
jholl bbl ; anr jis ke pS.s na ho, wnh 
apnl poshak beohkar talwar kharlde. 
Kyiinki main tnm se kahta bun, ki 
yih Jo likha^hai, ki Wnh badklron 
men ginS gaya, ns ka mere haqq 
men pura bona zariir hai ; is liye ki 
jo kuehh mnjh se nisbat rakhts hai, 
wnh pnr& bona hai. Unhon ne kah& ; 
Ai Khndawand, dekh, yahan do 
talwaren bain. Us ne un se kaha ; 
Bahnt hain. Fhir wnh nikalkar 
apne dastur ke mnwafiq Zaitun ke 
pahSr ko gaya, anr shagird ns ke 
pichlie ho liye. Anr us jagab pa- 
himcbkar us ne un se kaba; Da'a 
mango ; ki azmaish men na paro. 
Anr wnh un se bamusbkil al'ag 
hokar kol patthar ke tappe age 
barha, aur ghntne tekkar yun dir a 
m&Qgne lag§., ki Ai Bap, agar tu 
ohabe, to yih piy&la mujh se hata 
le; taham men marzl nah^, balki 
ten hi marzl pun ho. Aur asman 
86 ek firishta na ko dikhal diya; 
wnh nse taqwiyat deta tha. Fhir 
wnh sakht pareshanl men mnbtil& 
hokar 6nr bhl dilsozT se dn^ mSngne 
lagS; anr us ka paslna goy& khiin 
kl ban bar! bunden hokar zamln par 
tapal!t& tlia. Jab du'a se uthkar 
Bbikgixdon ke pas ftya, to unhen gam 

ke mare sote p9,y& ; aur un se kah& ; 
Turn sote kyun ho? uthkar du'a 
mango, taki azmaish men na paro. 
Wuh yih kah hi raha tha, ki dekho 
ek bhlr aT, aur un b§,rah men se 
wnh jis k&nam TahudHh tha un ke 
age age tha. Wuh Yisu* ke pas aya, 
ki us ka bosa le. Yisu' ne us se 
kaba, ki Ai^ Yahudah, kya tu bosa 
lekar Ibn i Adam ko pakarwatS hai ? 
Jab us ke sathlon ne malum kiy&, 
ki ky& honewala hai, to kaba; Ai 
Khudawand, kya ham talwar cha* 
iken ? Aur un men se ek ne sardar 
kahin ke nankar par chalakar us ka 
dabina kan ura diya. Yisu' ne 
jawab men kaha; Itne par kifayat 
karo : aur us ke k§>n ko ehhukar us 
ko aohchha kiya. Fhir Yisu' ne 
sardftr kahinon, anr haikal ke sar- 
daron, aur buzurgon se, jo us par 
charh ae the, kaha ; Kya tum mujbe 
daku jankar talwaren aur lathiyan 
lekar nikle ho? Jab main bar roz 
haikal men tumh^re sath tha, to 
tnm ne mujh par hath na dal& ; 
lekin yih tnmharl ghaiT, aur tarlkl 
ka ikhtiyar hai. Fhir 'wnh nse pa- 
karke le chale, aur sardar kahin ke 
ghar men le gaye. Aur Fatras fasile 
par us ke pichhe pichhe jata tha. 
Anr jab unhon ne sahn ke bich men 
ag jal^T, aur milkar baithe, to Fatras 
un ke bIch men baith gaya. Ek 
laundT ne use ag kl raushnT men 
baitha hua dekhkar us par khub 
nigkh kT aur kaha ; Yih bbl us ke 
sath tha. Magar us ne yih kahke 
inkar kiya, ki Ai 'aurat, main use 
nahTn janta. Thorl der ke ba'd kol 
&ur use dekhkar bola, ki Tu bhl 
unhin men se hai. Falras ne kaha ; 
Miyan, main nahln bun. Kol ghante 
bhar ke ba'd ek &ur shakhs yaqlnl 
taur se kahne laga, ki Yih admt 
beshakk us ke sath tha ; kyunki 
GalllT hai. Fatras ne kaha, Miyan, 
main nahm jant& tu kya kahta hai. 
Wuh kah "hi raha tba, ki usi dam 
murg ne bang dl. Aur Khudawand 
ne phirkar~Fatras kT taraf dekha. 
Aur Fatras ko Khudawand kl wuh 
bat yad aT, jo us se kahT thT, ki Zj 
murg ke bang dene s^n^aU^ J^ft^tTn 

" Digitized by 



bar mera iukar karega. Aur wuh 
bahar jake zar zar roya. Aur jo 
adml Yisu' ko pakre hue the, us ko 
thatthe men urate' anr marte the. 
Aur us kl ankhen band karke ub se 
yih kahkar puchhte the ; Nubuwwat 
se bata, kis ne tnjh ko mara ? Aur 
unhon ne ta'ne se &ur bhi bahut sT 
baten as ke khilaf kahin. Jab din 
htia, to sardar kahin aur faqlh, ya'nl 
qaum ke buzurgon kl majlis jama' 
hul: aur unhon ne use apnl sadr 
'adalat men le jakar kaha ; Agar tu 
Maslh hai, to ham se kah de. Us 
ne un se kaba; Agar main tum se 
kahuuy to yaqln na karoge ; aur 
agar puohhun, to jawab na doge. 
Lekin ab se Ibn i Adam qadir i 
mutlaq Khuda kT dahini taraf baitha 
rahega. Is par un sab ne kaha; 
Pas kya tu Khuda ka Beta hai? 
Us ue un se kaha ; Tum khud kahte 
ho, kyunki mam hun. Unhon ne 
kaha; Ab hamen gawahl kl kya 
hajat rahl? kyunki ham ne khud 
usi ke munh se sun Hya hai. 

JumaWat "ka roz *Id i Qiydmat se pahle, 
5HATT. 1 KuiinthiOD xi. 17. 

LEKIN yihihukm jo deta hun, is 
I men tumharl ta'rif nahin karta, 
is liye ki tumhare jama' hone se 
faida nahin, balki nuqsan hot& hai. 
Kyunki awwal to main yih sunta 
hto, ki jis waqt tumhari kallsiya 
jama' hoti hai, to tum men tafriqe 
hote hain, aur main is k& kisT qadr 
yaqln bhi karta hto. Kyunki tum 
men bid'atcm ka bhi bona zarur hai, 
iaki zahir ho jae, ki tum men maq- 
bul kaun se hain. Pas jab tum 
baham jama' hote ho, to tumhara 
wuh khana 'Ashfi e BabbanI nahin 
ho sakta; kyunki khane ke waqt 
har shakhs dusre se pahle apn& 'asha 
kha leta hai, aur kol to bhuka rahta 
hai, aur kisi ko nasha ho j&ta hai. 
Kyun ? Khane pine ke liye tumhare 
ghar nahin ? Ya Khuda kl kallsiya 
ko n&chiz jante, aur jin ke pas 
nahin, un ko sharminda karte ho? 
Main tum se kya kahun ? Kya is 

bat men tumharl ta'rif karun ? Main 
ta'rif nahin karta. Kyunki yih bat 
mujhe Khudawand se pahunchi, aur 
main ne tum ko bhi pahunoha dl, ki 
Khudawand Yisu' ne, jis rat wuh 
pakarwaya gaya, roti ll ; aur shukr 
karke tori, aur kaha, ki Yih mera 
badan hai, jo tumhare liye hai : merl 
yadgarl ke waste yihl kiya karo. 
Isl tarah us ne khSne ke ba'd piyala^ 
bhi liya, aur kaha, ki Yih piyala 
mere khun men naya 'ahd hai : jab 
kabhl plo, men yadgarl ke liye yihl 
kiya karo. Kyunki jab kabhl tum 
yih rotI khate, aur is piyale men se 
pite ho, to Khudawand kl maut kS 
izhar karte ho, jab tak wuh na ae. 
Is waste jo kol namunasib taur par 
Khudawand kl rotI khae, ya us ke 
piyale men se pie, wuh Khudawand 
ke badan aur khun ke bare men 
qusurwar hoga. Pas adml apne ap 
ko azma le, aur isl tarah us rott 
men se khSe, aur us piyale men se 
pie. Kyunki jo khate pIte waqt 
Khudawand ke badan ko na pah- 
chane, wuh is khane pine se saza 
paegS. Isl sabab se tum men bahu- 
tere kamzor aur bimar hain, aur 
bahut se so bhi gaye. Agar ham 
apne ap ko janchte, to saza na pate. 
Lekin Khudawand ham ko saza 
dekar tarbiyat karta hai, taki ham 
dunya ke sath mujrim na thahren. 
Pas, ai mere bhaiyo, jab tum khane 
ke liye jama' ho, to ek dusre kl rah 
dekho. Agar kol "bhuka ho, to apne 
ghar men kha le, taki tumhara jama' 
hon£l saza ka ba'is na ho. Aur baqi 
b&ton ko main akar durust kar 

INJIL. Luqaxxiiil. 

PHIB un kl sari jama'at uthkar 
use Pllatus ke pas le gayl. Aur 
unhon ne us par ilz&m lagan& shurii' 
kiya,'ki Ise nam ne apnl qaum ko 
bahkate, aur Qaisar ko khiraj dene 
se mana' karte, aur apne ap ko 
Maslh badshah kahte paya. Pllatus 
ne us se puchha ; Kya tu Yahiidlon 
ka Badshah hai? Us ne us ke 
iawab men kaha; Tu khud kahta 

hai. Pllatus ne sardariahinon aur 

Digitized by ^ 


'fimm logon se kaHa, ki Main is 
shakbs men knohli qnsur nahTn pata. 
Magar wuh aur bhl zor dekar kahne 
lage, ki Tih tamSm Yahudiya men, 
balki Gralll se lekar yahan tak, loffon 
ko sikha sikhakar ubbarta hai. Yih 
snnkar Fllatns ne puobha ; Kya yih 
adml GralllT bai ? Anr yih ma'liim 
karke ki Herodes kl 'amaldarl ksl 
hai, use Herodes ke pas bheja, ki 
wTih bbl nn dinon Yarusbalem men 
tha. Herodes Yisu' ko dekhkar ba- 
hnt khnsh hua ; kyunki mnddat se 
US ke dekhne ka mnsht&q tha, is liye 
ki us ka hai suna tha, aur ns ka kot 
mu'jiza dekhne ka nmmedwar tha. 
Anr wnh ns se bahnterl baten 
puchhta raha^ magar ns ne nse knohh 
jawab na diya. Anr sardar kahin 
anr faqlh khare hue zor ahor se ns 
par ilzam laga'te rahe. Fhir Herodes 
ne apne sipahlon samet nse zalll 
kiya, anr thatthe men nraya, anr 
chamakdar poshak pahinakar ns ko 
Pllatns ke pas "wapas bheja. Anr 
nsl din Herodes anr Fllatns apas 
men dost ho gaye, kyunki pahle nn 
men dnshmanl thl. Phir Ptlatus ne 
sardar kahinon, anr sardaron, anr 
'amm logon ko jama' karke nn se 
kaha, ki Tnm is shakbs ko logon ka 
bahkanewala thahrake mere pas lae 
ho; anr dekho, main ne tnmhare 
s&mne hi ns kl tahqiqat kl, magar 
jin baton ka ilzam tnm ns par lagate 
ho, nn kl nisbat na main ne ns men 
knchh qnsur paya, na Herodes ne, 
kyunki ns ne nse hamare pas wapas 
bheja hai; aur, dekho, ns se koT 
aisa fi'l nahTn hua, ki wnh qatl ke 
laiq thahrta. Pas main ns ko pitwa- 
kar ohhore deta hun. Sab milkar 
chilla ntlie, ki Ise le ja, anr hamarl 
khatir Bar- Abba ko ohhor de. (Yih 
kisT bag^awat ke ba is, jo shahr men 
huT thl, anr khun kame ke sabab 
qaid men dala gaya tha.) Magar 
Pllfttns ne Yisu' ke chhome ke irade 
se phir nn se kaha. Ijekin wnh 
chillakar bole, ki Is ko sallb de, 
sallb. Us ne tTsrI bar nn se kaha ; 
Kyun? is ne kyS bnral kl hai? 
main ne is men qatl kl koT wajh 
nahin pal: pas main ise pitwakar 

chhore deta hun. Magar wnh chilla 
chillakar sir bote rahe, ki nse sallb 
dl jae. Anr nn ka chillana kargar 
htia. Pas Pllatns ne hnkm diya, ki 
nn kr darkhwast ke mnwafiq ho. Anr 
jo sbakhs bag-awat anr khiin kame 
ke sabab qaid men para tha, anrjise 
nnhon ne manga tha, nse ohhor diya ; 
magar Yisii' ko nn kl marzT ke 
mnwafiq sipahlon ke hawale kiyS. 
Anr jab ns ko liye j&te the, to nnhon 
ne Shama'iin nam ek KnrenT ko, jo 
dihat se ata tha, pakarke sallb ns 
par rakh dl, ki Yisii** ke pTohhe 
pichhe le cbale. Anr logon kl ek 
baiT bhir, anr bahnt si 'anraten, jo 
ns ke waste rotl pittr thin, ns ke 
pichhe pichhe challn. Yisu' ne nn 
kl taraf phirke kab&, ki Ai Yaru- 
sbalem kl betiyo, mere liye na roo, 
balki apne anr apne bachchon ke 
liye roo. Kyiinki dekho, wnh din 
ate bain, jin men kahen^e ; Mubarak 
hain banjhen, anr wim pet jo na 
jane, aur wnh ohhatiyan jinhon ne 
dudh na pilaya. Us waqt pah&ron 
se kahnft shnrii' karenge, ki Ham 
par gir paro ; anr tllon se, ki Hamen 
chhipa lo. * Kyiinki jab hare darakht 
ke sath aisa karte ham, to siikhe ke 
s&th kya knchh na kiya jaega? 
Anr wnh do &nr admlon ko bhl, jo 
badk&r the, liye jate the, ki ns ke 
sath qatl kiye jaen. Jab wnh ns 
jagah par pahnnohe, jise EhoprI 
kcSite hain, to wahim nse sallb dl, 
anr badkaron ko bhl, ek ko dahini 
anr diisre ko bain taraf. Yisu' ne 
kaha ; Ai Bap, in ko mn'af kar ; 
kyiinki yih jante nahin, ki kya karte 
hain. Aur nnhon ne ns ke kapron 
ke hisse kiye,-anr nn par qnr'a dala. 
Anr log khare dekh rahe the. Anr 
sardar bhl tliatthe mar markar kahte 
the, ki Is ne anron ko bachaya ; agar 
yih Khnda ka ~Maslh anr ns k& 
Bargnzlda hai, to apne ap ko bachae. 
Sipahlon nB bhl pas akar anr sirka 
pesh karke ns par thattha mara anr 
kaha, ki Agar tu Yahudlon ka bad- 
shah hai, to apne ap ko bacha. Anr 
ek nawishta bhl us ke npar lagfiya 
gaya tha, ki Ym YAHtolON ka bad- 
shah HAL Phir jo badkarsalllp nar 



latkae gaye the, tin men se ek use 
yun ta'na dene laga, ki Eya tu 
Maslh nahin? to apne ap ko anr 
ham ko baohs. Magar dusre ne use 
jhirakkar jawab diya ; Kya tu Khu- 
dase bhi nahin darta, hala&ki usT 
saza men girif tar hai ? Aur hamarl 
aaasTto wajibi hai ; kyimki apne ka- 
mon ka badl& pa rahe hain, lekin is 
ne kol beja kam nahin kiya. Fhir 
us ne kaha; Ai Yisu', jab tu apnl 
badshahat men ae, to mighe yad 
kama. Us ne us se kaha; Main 
tujh se sach kahta hun, ki aj hi tu 
mere sath Firdaus men'hoga. Phir 
do pahar ke qarib se tisre pahar tak 
tamam mulk men andhera chhayS 
rah&, aur suraj kl raushnl jatl rahl ; 
aur maqdis ka parda bich men se 
phat gaya. Fhir Yisu' ne bar! awaz 
se pukarke kaha, ki Ai Bap, main 
apnl ruh tere h&thon men saunpta 
hun : aur yih kahkar dam de diya. 
Yih majara dekhkar subadar ne 
Khuda kl baral kl, aur kaha ; Be- 
shakk yih admt rastbaz tha. Aur 
jitne log is nazz&re ko ae the, yih 
majara dekhkar ohh&tl pitte hue 
laut gaye. Aur us ke sab janpah- 
ch&n, aur wuh 'auraten jo Galll se 
us ke sath al thin, dur kharl yih 
baton dekh rahl thin. < 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, ham 
'arz karte hain, apne is ghar- 
ane par fazl kl nigah kar, jis kl 
khatir hamara Khudawand Yisu* 
Maslh pakarwae jane aur sharlron 
ke h&th men giriftar hone aur sallb 
par maut ka dukh uth&ne ko razi 
hu&; ab wuh tere aur Buhul-Quds 
ke sath, hamesha wahid KhudS, abad 
ul abad jita aur saltanat karta hai. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall 
Khuda, Ten Buh se Kalisiya 
ka kull badan hidayat pata aur 
muqaddas banta hai; Hamarl iltija 
aur du'a jo ham terl muqaddas Kali- 

siya ke har darje ke logon ke liye 
ten dargah men pesh karte hain, 
qabul kar ; taki us ka har 'uzw apne 
apne 'uhde aur khidmat men Iman- 
d&rl aur khudaparasti se ten bandagi 
baja lae; hamare Khudawand aur 
Munji Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se. 

A I Bahim Khuda, Tu ne sab ad- 
mlon ko' paida kiya, aur apne 
kisi makhluq se nafrat nahin rakhta, 
aur gunahgar kfimama nahin chahta, 
balki yih chahta hai ki wuh terl 
taraf phire aur zinda rahe; Sab 
Yahudlon, Muhammadlon, Butparas* 
ton, aur Bid'atlon par rahm karke 
un se sari jahS.Iat, sakhtdill, aur 
apne Kalam kl tahqir dur kar ; aur 
ai mubarak Khudawand, un ko is 
tarah apne galle men mila le, ki 
wuh us baqiye ke sath jo haqiql 
Israll hai naj&t paen, aur ek hi galla- 
ban, ya'nl hamare Khudawand Yisu' 
Maslh ke mataht, ek hi galla ban 
jaen ; wuh tere aur Buhul-Quds ke 
satE, hamesha wahid Khuda, abad 
ul abad jlt& aur saltanat kiurta 
rahega. Amtn, 

KHATT. 'IbraniOD X. 1. 

SHABI'AT jis men ayanda kl 
aohohhl chlzoa ka 'aks hai, aur 
un chlzon kl asll surat nahin, un ek 
hi tarah kl qurbanlon se, jo har sal 
bila n&ga guzr&ni jatl hain, pas ane- 
walon ko hargiz kamil nahin kar 
sakti. Wama un ka guzranna'kyiin 
mauquf na ho jata ? Is liye ki jab 
'ibftdat kamewale ek bar pak ho 
jate, to phir uh ka dil unhen gunah- 
gar na thahrata. Balki wuh qur- 
banlan sal ba sal gunahon ko yad 
dil&tl hain. Kyunki mumkin nahfia 
ki bailon aur bakron ka khun gima- 
hon ko diir kare. Isl liye wuh 
dunya men ate waqt kahta hai, ki 
Tu ne qurbani aur nazr ko pasand 
na kiya, Balki mere liye ek badan 
taiyar kiya; Purl sokhtani qurba- 
nion aur gunah ki qurbanlon se tu 
khush na hua: Us waqt main ne 
kaha, ki Dekh main &ya hun, (Kitab 
ke warqon men merl iiisbat likha 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



hf^a hai,) taki, ai Ehuda, ten marzl 
pari kariin. Upar to wnh kahta hai, 
ki Na tn ue qurbanion aur nazron 
aur purl sokhtanl qnrbanlon, anr 
^nah ki qurbanlon ko pasand kija, 
anr na un se khush hua ; nalanki wnh 
qurbanlan sbarfat ke mnwaHq gnz- 
ranl j&tl bain ; anr phir jib kalita 
hai, ki Dekb maia aya bun, taki terl 
marzl purl karun ; garaz wnb pable 
ko manquf kart& bai, taki dusre ko 
qaim kare. UsI marzl ke sabab 
bam Yisu' Maslb ke jism ke ek bl 
bar qnrban bone ke waslle Be pak 
kiye gaye bain. Anr bar ek kabin 
to kbare bokar bar roz 'ibadat karta 
haiy aur^ek bl tarab kl qnrb&nl&n bar 
bar gnzranta bai, jo bargiz gunabon 
ko dur nabin kar saktm : lekin yib 
sbakbs bamesba ke liye gnnabon 
ke waste ek bl qnrbanl guzrankar, 
Kbnda kl dabini taraf ja baitba; 
anr nsi waqt se mnntazir bai, ki 
ns ke dnsbman ns ke panwon tale 
kl cbankT banen ; kyunki ns ne ek 
hi qnrbanl cbarbane se nn ko ba- 
mesba ke liye kamil kar diya bai, jo 
pak kiye jate bain. Anr Biibn'l- 
Qnds bbl ham ko yibi batata bai ; 
ky^ki yib kabne ke ba'd, ki Kbn- 
d&wand farmata bai ; Jo 'abd main 
nn dinon ke ba'd nn se bandbungfi, 
wnh yib bai, ki Main apne qanun 
nn ke dilon par likCunga, anr un 
ke zibn men dalfmga ; pbir wnb yib 
kabta bai, ki Un ke gnnabon anr 
iDedTnTon ko phir kabbl yad nk ka- 
runga. Anr jab in kl mn'afir bo gayl 
hai, to pbir gnnab kl qnrbanl nabin 
rabl. ras ai bbaiyo, cbunki bamen 
Yisu' ke kbun ke sabab ns nayl aur 
zinda rab se pak makan men dakbil 
hone kl dilerl bai; jo ns ne parde 
ya'nl apne jism men se bokar, ha- 
mare waste makbsus kl bai; anr 
cbiinki bamar& aisa bara kabin bai, 
jo Kbnda ke ghar ka mnkbtar hai ; 
to ao, ham sacbobe dil anr pure 
Iman ke satb, anr dil ke ilzam ko 
diir karne ke liye dilon par cbblnte 
lekar, anr badan ko saf p&nl se 
^nlwakar, Kbnda ke pas cbalen: 
anr apnl nmmed ke iqrar ko maz- 
butl se thame rahen; kyunki jis 

ne wa'da kiya hai, wnh sacbchS hai: 
anr mababbat anr nek kamon kl 
targib dene ke liye ek dusre k& libaz 
rakkhen ; aur ek dusre ke sfith jama' 
bone se baz na aen, jaisa ba'z logon 
ka dastur bai, balki ek dusre ko 
naslbat karen ; anr jis qadr ina din 
ko nazdik bote hue dekhte ho nsl 
qadr ziyada kiya karo* 

IN JIL. Tubazma xiz. 1. 

IS par Pllatns ne Yisu' ko lekar 
kore lagwae. Anr sipablon 
ne kanton kS taj banakar ns ke 
sir par rakkha, anr use argawani 
poshak pahinal; aur ns ke p&s a 
akar kanne lage; Ai Yabudlon ke 
badsbab, adab ! Anr ns ke taman- 
che. bhi mare. Fllatus ne pbir bl- 
bar jake logon se kab&, ki Dekbo, 
main use tnmbare pas*b&bar le at& 
bun, taki tum jano, ki main us ka 
kncbh jnrm nabin pata. Yisu^ 
kafiton ka taj rakkbe, anr argawanl 
poshak pahine babar aya, anr Pl- 
latns ne nn se kaba; Dekbo yih 
&dml! Jab sardar k&bin anr pi- 
ycldon ne use dekba, to chiUake 
kaharki Sallb de ! Sallb I Fllatus 
ne nn se kaba, ki Tum hi ise le jao 
anr sallb do, kyunki main is ka 
kncbh jnrm nabin pata. Yabn- 
dlon ne use jawab diya, ki Ham abl 
i sbarl'at bain, anr sbarl'at ke 
mnwafiq wnh qatl ke laiq bai, 
kyunki ns ne apne ap ko KbndAi 
ka Beta banaya. Jab Fllatus ne 
yih bat snni, to &nr bhi dara, 
aur pbir qal'a men jakar Yisu* 
se kaba; Tu kaban ka bai? Ma- 
gar Yisn* ne use jawab na diya. 
Fas Fllatns ne ns se kab&; Tu 
mujb se bolta nabtn ? Kya tu nabin 
janta, ki mnjbe tere ohbor dene ka 
bbl ikbtiyar hai, anr sallb dene 
ka bbl ikbtiyar hai? Yisu' ne use 
jawab diya, ki Agar tujhe upar se 
na diy& j&ta, to ter& mujb par kncbh 
ikbtiyar na beta ; is sabab se jis ne 
mnjbe tere bawale kiy&, ns ka gnnah 
ziyada hai. Is par Fllatns ns ke 
chhor dene men kosbish karne laga ; 
magar Yabudlon ne cbillakar kaba; 
Agar tu is ko cbhore4eta hai, tO' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Qaisar k& khairkhwah nahln. Jo 
kol apne ap ko badsbah banata bai, 
wnb Qaisar ka mnkbalif bai. Pi- 
latus yib baten sunkar Yisu' ko 
babar laya, aur us jagab jo Cbabu- 
tara anr 'IbranI men Gabbata kab- 
latl bai, takbt i 'adaiat par baitb&. 
Yib Fasab kl taiyarl ka din, aur 
cbbate gbante ke qarib tba. Pbir 
us ne Yabudlon se kaba; Dekbo, 
yib bai t'nmb&r& badsbab. Pas 
wub obillae, ki Le ja, le ja, use sallb 
de ! Pllatus ne un se kaba ; Kyft 
main tumbare badsbab ko sallb 
dunT Sardar kabinon ne jawab 
diy&, ki Qaisar ke siwa bamara kol 
badsbab nabln. Is par us ne us ko 
un ke bawale kiya, taki sallb diya 
jae. Pas wub Yisu' ko le gaye, aur 
wub apnl sallb &p utbae bue us 
jagab tak baKar gaya, jo KboprT kl 
jagab kablatr bai, jis ka tarjuma 
*Ibrani men Gulguta bai. Waban 
unbon ne us ko, aur us ke s&tb &nr 
do sbakbson ko sallb dl, ek ko idbar, 
ek ko udbar, aur Yisu' ko bleb men. 
Aur Pllatus ne ek kitaba likbkar 
sallb par laga diya: us men yib 
likba bua tba ; YisO' NAsarI YahC- 
nfON El BAdshah. Us kitaba ko 
babiit se Yabudlon ne parba, is liye 
ki wub maqam jaban Yisii' sallb 
diya gaya tba, sbabr ke nazdik tba : 
aur wub 'IbranI aur Latlnl aur 
YunanI men likb& bua tba. Pas 
Yabudlon ke sardar kabinon ne 
Pllatus se kaba, ki Yabudlon ka 
Badsbab na likb, balki yib, ki us 
ne kab&; Main YabiidTon ka Bad- 
sbab biin. Pllatus ne jawab diy&, 
ki Main ne jo likb diya, wub likb 
diya. Jab sipabi Yisu' ko sallb de 
obuke, to us ke kapre lekar cbar 
bisse kiye, bar sipalil ke liye ek 
bissa, aur us ka kurta bbl liya ; yib 
kurta binsila sarasar buna biia tba. 
Is liye unbon ne apas men kaba, 
ki Ise pbaren nabln, balkTus par 
qur'a dalen taki ma'lum bo ki kis 
ka nikalta bai. Yib is liye biia ki 
wub nawisbta piira bo jo kabta bai, 
ki Unbon ne mere kapre bant liye, 
Aur men posbak par qur'a* dala. 
Obunanobi sipablon ne aisa bl kiy&. 


Aur Yisu' kl sallb ke pas us kT 
man, aur us kl man kl babin, 
Maryam Klopas kl bTwT, aur 
Maryam Magdallnl kbarl tbln. 
Yisii' ne apnl man aur us* sbagird 
ko jis se mababbat rakl^ta tba, pas 
kbare dekbkar, man se kaba, ki Ai 
'aurat, dekb, tera beta yib bai. 
Pbir sbagird se kaba; Dekb, terl 
man yib bai: aur usi waqt se 
wub sbagird use apne gbar le 
gaya. Is ke ba'd, jab Yisii' ne jan 
liya, ki ab sab baten tamam buTn, 
taki nawisbta purSr bo, to kaba, 
ki Main piyasa bun. Wab% ek 
sirke se bbara bua bartan rakkbft 
tba. Pas unbon ne sirke men 
bbigoe bue isfanj ko ziife kl sbskb 
par^rakbkar, us ke munb se lagay&« 
ras jab Yisii' ne wub sirka piya, 
to kaba, ki Tamam biia: aur sir 
jbuk&kar jan de dl. Pas cbunki 
taiyarl ka din tba, Yabudlon ne 
Pllatus se darkbwast kT, ki un kl 
tangen tor dl jaen, aur lasben utar 
It jaen, taki Sabt ke din sallb par na 
ri^en; kyiinki wub Sabt ek khass 
din tba. Pas sipablon ne akar pable 
aur dusre sbakbs kl tangen torTn, jo 
us ke satb maslub bile the. Lekin 
jab unbon ne Yisu' ke pas akar 
dekb& ki wub mar cbuka bai, to 
us kl tangen na torTn. Magar un 
men se ek sipabi ne* l^ale se us kl 
pasll cbbedl aur fi'l faur us se kbun 
aur pani bah nikla. Jis ne* yib 
dekba bai usT ne gawabT dl bai, aur 
us kl gawabi sacbcbl bai ; aur wub 
janta bai ki sacb kabta bai, taki 
tum bbT Tm&n lao. Yib baten is 
liye biiln ki yib nawisbta pura bo, 
ki Us kT koT baddT na torT jaegi. 
Pbir ek &ur nawisbta kabti bai, ki 
Jise unbon ne cbbeda, us par nazar 

*Id i Qiydmat k& ^arfa. 

A I Kbudawand, yib bakhsb, ki jis 
tarab bam baptisma ke waslle 
tere mubarak Bet© apne Munji Yisii' 
Masib kl maut men sbai^k biie jhain. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC "" 


tiBl tarah apnl kharab khwaHishon 
ko bar waqt mame se us ke sath 
dafn ho jaen ; anr qabr anr maut ke 
darwaze se guzarkar pur-surur qiya- 
mat ko pabunoben ; yib ust bamare 
Kbndawand tere Bete Yisu' Maslb 
ke sawab kl badanlat bo, jo bamarT 
kbatir mua, anr dafn bua, aur pbir 
jl utba. Amln. 

¥HATT. 1 Patras iii. 17. 

AGAE Kbnda ki yibi marzl bo, ki 
turn nekl kame ke sabab dukb 
Qtbao, to yib bad! kaxne ke sabab 
diikb utbane se bibtar bai. Is liye 
ki Maslb ne bbT, ya'nl rastbaz ne 
nar&ston ke liye, gunabon ke ba'is 
ek bar dukb utbaya, taki bam ko 
Kbuda ke pas pabuncbae ; wub jism 
ke i'tibar se to mara gaya, lekin rub 
ke i'tibar se zinda kiya gay&; isl 
men na ne j&kar un qaidl rubon men 
manadi kT, jo us agle zamane me^ 
nafarman tbTn, jab Kbuda Nub ke 
waqt men tabammul karke tbabra 
raha tba,"^aur wub kisbtl taiyar bo 
rabi tbT, jis par sawar bokar tbore 
se adml, ya'nl atb janen, pan! l^e 
wasTle se bacbTn : aur usT panT ka 
musbabib bbl, ya'nl baptisma, Yisu' 
MasTb ke jl utbne ke wasTle se, ab 
tamben bacbata bai ; us se jism kl 
najasat ka dur kama murad nabin, 
baiki kbalis nTyat se Kbuda ka talib 
bona murad bai; wub asman par 
jakar Kbuda kT dabinT taraf baitba 
bai ; aur firisbte aur ikbtiyarat aur 
qudraten us ke tabi' kl gayT bain. 

INJIL. Mati xxvii 57. 

JAB sbam buT, Yusuf nam, Arima- 
tiyab ka ek daulatmand sbakbs 
aya> jo kbud bbl Yisu' ka sbfigird 
tha. Us ne Pllatus ke pas jakar 
Yisu' kl lasb mangl. Is par Pllatus 
ne de dene ka bukm diya. Aur 
Yusuf ne lasb ko lekar saf mibin 
cbadar men lapeta, aur apnl nayl 
qabr men rakb diya, jo us ne obatan 
men kbudwal tbi, aur ek bara 
pattbar qabr ke munb par lurbkake 
obala gaya. Aur Maryam Magda- 
llnT, aur dusrT Maryam wabfin qabr 
ke samne baitbl tbin. Dusre din, 

jo taiyarl ke ba'd ka din tba, sardar 
kabinon aur FarTsTon ne Pilatus ke 
pas jama* bokar kaba ; Kbudawand, 
bamen yad bai, ki us dbokebaz ne 
jite ji kab& tba, ki Main tin din ke 
ba'd jT utbunga. Pas bukm de, ki 
tisre din tak'qabr kl bifazat kl jae, 
kabin aisa na ko ki us ke sbagird 
akar use cbura le jaen, aur logon se 
kab den, ki wub murdon men se jl 
utb& : to yib piobbla dhoka pable se 
bhi bura boga. Pllatus ne un se 
kaba ; Tumbare pas pabrewale bain ; 
jao, jaban tak tum se bo sake us kl 
bifazat karo. Pas wub pabrewalon 
ko sath lekar gaye, aur pattbar par 
mubr karke qabr kl bifazat kl« 


Y Subh ki naraaz meu, 95 MazmGr kl 
JBgah zaU ki ayateo gal ya parhi jaen. 

HAMAEA bbT Fasab, ya'nl 
MASIH qurban bua ; pas ao 
bam 'Id karej^. 

Na purane l^bamTr se, aur na badT 
aur sbararat ke kbamTr se : balki 
safdilT aur saobcbaT kT bekbamTr 

rotr se. (1 Kur. v. 7, 8.) 


MASIH jab murdoB mea se jT 
utba bai to pbir nabTn mame 
ka; maut ka pbir us par ikbtiyar 
nabTn bone ka. 

Kyunki MasTb jo mua, gunab ke 
i'tibar se ek bar mua : magar ab jo 
jTta bai, Kbuda ke i'tibar se jTta bai. 

Isl tarab tum bbT apne ap ko 
gunab ke i'tibar se murda, magar 
Kbuda ke i'tibar se MasTb Yisu' 
men zinda samjbo. (Bom. vi. 9-11). . 

MASIH murdon men se jT utba 
bai: aur jo so gae bain, un 
men pabla pbal bua. 

Kyunki jab admT ke sabab se maut 
aT : to admT bT ke sabab se murdon 
kT qiyamat bbj aT. ~ 

Aur jaise Adam men sab marte 
bain, waise bT MasTb men sab zinda 
kiye jaenge. (1 Kur. x^l 20-22.) 

"" Oigitizedby VjOOQIC 



Jal&l Bap anr Bete : anr Euhul- 

. Jaisa ibtida men tha, in waqt 
hai : anr abad tak rahega. Amin. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khnda, Tu ne 
apne iklante Bete Yisu' Masih 
ke waslle se maut ko maglub karke 
ham&re liye abadl zindagi ka dar- 
waza khol dija hai ; Ham 'ajizi se 
ten minnat karte bain, ki jis tarah 
tu pahle se kbass fazl karke bamare 
dilon men nek irade dalta hai, usi 
tarab bar waqt bamarl madad kar, 
ki bam nnben nek anjam ko paban- 
eb& saken; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib ke waslle se, jo tere anr 
Eubnl-Qnds ke satb, bamesba wabid 
Kbnda, abad nl abad jita anr saltanat 
karta lubega. Amm. 

l^KATT, KuluBBioD iii. 1. 

PAS jab tum Maslb ke satb jilae 
gaye, to 'alam i bala kl cblzog 
kl t^asb men rabo, jaban Maslb 
manjud bai, aur Kbuda kl dabini 
taraf baitba bai. 'Alam i bala kl 
cbTzon ke kbayal men rabo, na zamin 
par kl cblzon ke ; kyiinki tnm mar 
gaye, anr tnmbarl zindagi Maslb ke 
satb Kbnd& men obbipT bul bai. 
Jab^ Maslb, jo bamarl zindagi bai, 
zabir kiya jaega, to tnm bbl ns ke 
satb jalal men zabir kiye jaoge. Pas 
apne nn a'za ko mnrda karo, jo 
zamIn par bain; ya'nl baramkarl, 
aur napaki, aur shabwat, anr burl 
kbwabisb, anr lalacb ko jo bntpa- 
rastl ke barabar bai ; ki unbin ke 
sabab se Kbnda ka gazab nafarmani 
ke farzandon par nazil beta bai ; aur 
tum bbl, jis waqt nn baton men 
zindagi guzarte tbe, ns waqt nnbin 
' par obalte tbe. 

INJIL. Yuhaxma xx. 1. 

HAPTE ke pable din, Maiyam 
Magdallnl aise tarke ki abbi 
andbera bl tba, qabr par al, aur 
pattbar ko qabr se bata bua dekba. 
Pas wnb Sbama'un Patras anr us 
dusre sbagird ke pas, jise Yisu' i 
'aziz rakbtS tba, daurl bul gayl, anr { 

nn se kah&, ki Kbnd&waud ko qabr 
se nikal le gaye ; anr hamen ma'ium 
nabin ki use kaban rakb diya. Pas 
Patras anr wnb dusra sbagird ni- 
kalkar qabr kl taraf cbale. Anrdono 
satb satb danre : magar wnb du8r& 
sbagird Patras* se age barbkar qabr 
par pable pabnncba. Us ne jbnkkar 
nazar kl anr suti kapre pare bue 
dekbe; magar andar na gaya. 
Sbama'un Patras ns ke picbbe picbbe 
pabnncba, anr ns ne qabr ke andar 
jake dekba, ki sutI kapre pare bain, 
anr wnb rumal jo ns ke sir se'bandba 
bua tbS, sutI kapron ke satb nabin, 
balki lipta bua ek jagabalag para bai. 
Is par dusra sbagird bbl, jo pable 
qabr par aya tba, andar gaya ; anr 
ns ne dekbkar yaqm kiya. Kyimki 
wnb ab tak ns nawisbte ko na jante 
tbe, jis ke bamujib ns ka mnrdon 
men se jl ntbna zarur tba. Pas yih 
sbagird apne gbar ko wiapas gaye. 

*Id % Qiydmat ke hafte ka Pir. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, Tu ne 
apne iklante Bete Yisu' Maslb 
ke waslle se maut ko maglub karke 
bamare liye abadl zindagi ka dar- 
waza kbol diya bai; Ham 'ajizi se 
ten minnat karte bain, ki jis tarab 
tu pable se kbass fazl karke bamare 
dilon men nek ir§.de dalta bai, ned 
tarab bar waqt hamarl madad kar, 
ki bam nnben nek anjam ko pabnn- 
cba saken; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Maslb ke waslle se, jo tere anr 
Bubnl-Qnds ke satb, bamesba wabid 
Kbnd&, abad nl abad jita anr salta- 
nat karta rabega. Amin. 

gHATT KE 'IWAZ. A'mal x. 34. 

PATBAS ne zab&n kbolkar kaba ; 
Ab mnjhe pura yaqln bo gaya, 
ki Kbuda lost ka taratdar nabin : 
balki bar qanm men jo ns se darta 
anr rastbazi karta bai, wnb ns ko 
pasand ata bai. Jo kalam ns ne 
bani Israll ke pas bbeja, jab ki 
Yisu' Maslb kl ma'rifat (jo sab ka 
Kbndawand bai) sulK & kbiM9b-. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



khabarl dl, us bat ko turn jante ho, 
jo Yuhanna ke baptisma kl manadx 
ke ba'd, QbM se shurti' bokar, 
tam&m Yahiidiya men masbbur bo 
gayl ; ki Kbuda ne Ylsu' Nasarl ko 
Biibal-Quds aur qudrat se kis taiab 
xnasab kiya : wub bhalal karta, aur 
un sab ko jo Iblls ke bath se zulm 
ntb&te tbe, sbifa deta pbira ; kyunki 
Kbnda ns ke satb iba. Aur bam un 
sab kSmon ke gawab bain, jo us ne 
Yabudlon ke mulk aur Yarusbalem 
men kiye ; aur unbon ne us ko sallb 
par latkakar mar dala. Us ko 
Kbuda ne tisre din jilaya, aur zabir 
bbl kar diya, na ki sari ummat par, 
balki un gawabon par jo age se 
Kbuda kie cbune bue tbe, ya'nl bam 
par, jinbon ne us ke murdon men se 
jT utbne ke ba'd us ke salli kb&ya 
piya. Aur us ne bamen bukm diya, 
ki Ummat men man&dl karo aur 
gawabi do, ki yib wubl bai jo 
Kbuda kl taraf se zindon aur murdon 
ka munsif muqarrar kiya gaya. Is 
Bbakbs kl sab nabi gawSbl dete bain, 
ki jo koT us par Iman laega, us ke 
nam se gunabon kl mu'aft basil 

IK<nL. Luqa zziy. 13. 

AUB dekko, usi din un men se 
do adml us ga^w kl taraf ja 
rabe tbe, jis ka nam ImmSiis bai; 
wub Yarusbalem se kol sat mil ke 
fasile par bai. Aur wub in sab 
batoQ kl babat, jo w&qi' bul tbin, 
apas men batcbit karte jate tbe. 
Jab wub batobit aur puebbpaobb 
kar rabe tbe, to aisa biia ki Yisu' 
ap nazdik akar un ke satb bo liya. 
Lekin un kl ankben band kl gayl 
tbin, ki us ko na pabcbanen. Us 
ne un se kaba ; Yib kya bates baia, 
jo turn cbalte cbalte apas men karte 
bo ? Wub gamgin se kbare bo gaye. 
Pbir ek ne jis & nam EQiyupas tba, 
jawab men us se kaba ; KyS, tu 
Yarusbalem men akelS mus&fir bai 
jo nablfi janta, ki in dinoa ^^ niea 
kya kya bua bai? Us ne un se 
kaba ; Kya bua bai ? Unbon ne us 
se kaba; Yisu' Nasarl k& majara, 
jo Kbuda aur sari ummat ke nazdik 

kam aur kalam men qudratwala 
nabI tba; aur sardar kabino^ aur 
bamare bakimon ne us ko pakarwa 
diya, taki us par qatl ka bukm diya 
jae ; aur use sallb dilal ; lekin bam 
ko ummed tbl, ki Isr&ll ko makblasi 
yibi dega. Aur 'alawa in sab batOQ 
ke, is majare ko aj tLsra din bo gaya ; 
aur bam men se cband 'auraton ne 
bbl bam ko Eairan kar diya bai, jo 
sawere bl qabr par gayl tbin: aur 
jab us kl lasb na pal, to yilTkabtl 
bill alg, ki Ham ne roya men firisb- 
ton ko bbl dekba : unbon ne kaba, 
ki wub zinda bai. Aur ba'z bamare 
B&tblon men se qabr par gaye, aur 
jais& 'auratoa ne kaba tba, waisa bl 
paya, magar us ko na dekba. Us 
ne un se kaba, ki Ai nadano, aur 
nablon kl sari baton ke manne men 
Bust i'tiqadol Kya Masib ko yib 
dukb utbakar apne jalal men dakbil 
bona zarur na tba? Fbir Musa se 
aur sab nablon se sburu' karke, sare 
nawisbton men jitnl ^baten us ke 
baqq men likbl bul bain, wub un ko 
samjba dm. Itne m^ wub us ganw 
ke nazdik pabuncb gaye, jaban jate 
tbe : aur us ke dhang se aisa ma'lum 
bua, ki wub age barbna chabta bai. 
Unbon ne use yib* kabkar majbur 
kiya, ki Hamare satb rab, kyunki 
sbam bna cbabtl bai, aur din"ab 
babut dbal gaya. Pas wub andar 
gaya, taki un ke satb rabe. Jab 
wub un ke satb kbana kbane baitba, 
to aisa bua ki us ne roti lekar bara- 
kat cbabi, aur torkar un ko dene 
laga. Is par unki ankben kbul 
gaym, aur xmbon ne us ^o paboban 
Hya ; aur wub un kl nazar se gaib 
bo gaya. Unbon ne apas men kaba, 
ki Jab wub rab men bam se baten 
karta, aur bam par nawisbton ka 
bbed kbolta tba, to kya bamare dil 
josb men na bbar gaye tbe? Pas 
wub usI gbarl utbkar Yarusbalem 
ko laut gaye*; aur un gyarab aur 
un ke satblon ko ikattba paya. Wub 
kab rabe tbe, ki Kbudawand besbakk 
jl utba, aur Sbama'un ko dikbai diya 
bai. Aur unbon ne rab ka bai bayan 
kiya, aur yib bbl, ki use rotI torto 
waqt kis tarab pabcbana^ * , * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



*Id i Qiydmat he hafte Jed MangaL 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
apne iklaute Bete Yisu' Maslh 
ke waslle se maut ko maglub karke 
hamare liye abadi zindagi ka dar- 
waza khol diya hai; Ham 'ajizi se 
ten minnat karte hain, ki jis tarah 
tu pahle se khass fazl karke hamare 
dilon men nek irade dalta hai, usi 
tarah har waqt hamar! madad kar, 
ki ham nnhen nek an jam ko pahun- 
cha saken; hamare Khudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke wasile se, jo tere aur 
Euhul-Quds ke sath, hamesha wahid 
Khnda, abad ul abad jita aur saltanat 
karta rahega. Amin. 

5HATT KE 'IWAZ. Amal xiii. 26. 

A I bhaiyo, IbrUhlm ke farzando, 
aur ai -khndatarso, is najat 
ka kalam hamare pas bheja gay a. 
Kyunki YarusTialem ke rahnewalon 
aur un ke sardaron ne na use pah- 
chana, aur na nabion kl baten sam- 
jhin, jo har Sabt ko sunai jati hain ; 
is liye us par fatwa dekar un ko 
pura kiya. Aur agarchi us ke qatl 
ki koi wajh na mill, taubbi unhon 
ne Pilatus se us ke qatl kl dar- 
khwast kl. Aur jo kuchh us ke haqq 
men likha tha, jab us ko tamam kar 
chuke, to use salib par se utarkar 
qabr men rakkha. Lekin Khuda 
ne use murdon men se jilaya: aur 
"wuh bahut dinon tak un ko dikhal 
diya, jo us ke sath Galil se Yaru- 
shalem men ae the ; ummat ke 
samne ab wuhi us ke gawah hain. 
Aur ham tum ko us wa'de ke bare 
men, jo bapdadon se kiya gaya tha, 
yih khushkhabari dete hain, ki 
Ehuda ne Yisu' ko jilakar, hamari 
aulad ke liye usi wa'de ko pura kiya ; 
chunanchi dusre Mazmur men likha 
hai, ki Tu mera beta hai, aj tu mujh 
se paida hua. Aur us ke is tarah 
murdon men se jilane kl babat, ki 
phir kabhi na mare, us ne yun kaha, 
ki Main Daud kl pak aur sachchi 
ni'maten tumhen dunga. Chunanchi 
wuh ek aur Mazmur men bhi kahta 

hai, ki Tu apne Muqaddas ke sarne 
kt naubat pahunchne na dega. Kyun- 
ki Daud to apne waqt men Khuda 
kf marzl ka labi'dar rahkar so gaya, 
aur apne bapdadon se ja mila, aur 
us ke sarne kl naubat pahunchi : 
magar jis ko Khuda ne jilaya, us 
ke same kl naubat nahin pahunchi. 
Pas, ai bhaiyo, tumhen ma'lum ho, 
ki USI ke wastle se tum ko gunahon 
kl mu*afi kl khabar dl jatI hai. Aur 
Musa kl sharfat ke ba'is jin baton 
setum bari nahin ho-sakte the, un 
sab se har ek Iman lanewala us ke 
ba'is barl hota hai. Fas khabardar, 
aisa na ho ki jo nabion kl kitab men 
aya hai, wuh tum par sadiq ae, ki 
Ai tahqir kamewalo, dekho, ta'ajjub 
karo, aur mit jao; Kyunki main 
tnmhare zamane men ek kam karta 
hun, Aisa kam, ki agar kol tum se 
bayan kare, to kabhl us ka yaqin 
na karoge. 

INJIL. Luqa xxiv. 36. 

rSlJ' ap un ke bich men a khara 
hua, aur un se kaha ; Tumhari 
salamati ho. Magar unhon ne gha- 
brakar aur khauf khakar yih samjha, 
ki kisi ruh ko dekhte hain. Us ne 
un se kaha ; ki Tum kyun ghabrate 
ho ? aur kis waste tumhare dil men 
shakk paida hote hain ? Mere hath 
aur mere panw dekho, ki main hi 
hun ; mujhe chhukar dekho ; k^'unki 
riih ke gosht aur haddi nahin hoti, 
jaisa mujh men dekhte ho. Aur yih 
kahkar us ne unhen apne hath aur 
panw dikhae. Jab mare khushi ke 
un ko yaqln na aya, aur ta'ajjub 
karte the, to us ne un se kaha ; Kya 
yahan tumhare pas kuchh khane 
ko hai? Unhon ne use bhuni huT 
machhll ka qatla diya. Us ne lekar 
un ke rubaru khaya. Phir us ne 
un se kaha, ki Yih men wuh baten 
hain, jo main ne tum se us waqt 
kahl thin, jab tumhare sath tha, 
ki zarur hai ki jitnl baten Musa kl 
Tauret, aur nabion ke sahlfon, aur 
Zabur men men babat likhl hain, 
purl hon. Phir us ne un ka zihn 
khola, taki kitab i muqaddas ko 
samjhen, aur un Be^^aha:| Yun 

" Digitized by VjOOQ IC "^ 



likha hai, ki Maslh dukh nthaega, 
aur tlsre din murdon men se jl 
uthega; anr Yarushalem se shnru' 
karke sari qanmon men tanba anr 
gunahon kl mn'aft kl manadi us ke 
nam se kl jaegl. Tum in baton ke 
gawah ho. 

*Id i Qiydmat Ice ha!d lea Pahld Itwdr. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Bap, Tu ne 
apna iklanta Beta bak^sha, ki 
wnh hamare gunahon ke sabab mare, 
aur hamare rastbaz thahme ke liye 
phir jl uthe ; Hamen yih tauftq de, 
ki kine aur badi ka khamlr aisa diir 
karen, ki p&k chalan aur sachchal 
ke sath hamesha terl khidmat karte 
rahen ; yih usT tere Bete hamare 
Khudawand Yisu'_ Maslh ke sawab 
kl badaulat ho. Amtn, 

KHA TT. 1 Yuhanna v. 4. 

JO koi Khuda sepaida hua hai,wuh 
dunya par galib ata hai ; aur 
wuh galaba, jis se dunya maglub 
hill hai, hamara Iman hai. Dunya 
ka mag'lub kamewala kaun hai, siwa 
us shakhs ke jis ka yih Iman hai, 
ki Yisd' Khuda ka Beta hai ? Yihl 
hai wuh jo pan! aur khiin ke waslle 
se aya tha, ya'nl Yisu' Maslh ; wuh 
na faqat p&nt ke waslle se, balki 
pani aur khnn dono ke waslle se aya 
tha; aur jo gawahldetahai, wuhBuh 
hai, kyunki Euh sachchal hai. Aur 
gawahl denewale tin hain, Biih aur 
panI aur khun ; aur yih tinon ek hi 
bat par muttafiq hain. Jab ham 
admlon kl gawahl qabiil kar lete 
hain, to Khuda kl gawahl to us se 
barhkar hai, aur Khuda kl gawahl 
yih hai, ki us ne apne Bete ke haqq 
men gawahl dl hai Jo Khuda ke 
Bete par Iman rakhta hai, wuh apne 
eip men gawahl rakhta hai : jis ne 
Khuda ka yaqln nahin kiya, us ne 
use jhHtha thahraya ; kyunki wuh 
us gawahl par jo Khuda ne apne 
Bete ke haqq men dl hai, Iman nahin 
laya. Aur wuh gawahl yih hai, 
ki Khuda ne hamen hamesha kl 

zindagi bakhshi, aur yih zindagi us 
ke Bete men hai, Jis ke pas Beta 
hai, us ke pas zindagi hai ; aur jis 
ke pas Khuda ka Beta nah^, us ke 
pas zindagi bhi nahin. 

IN JIL. Yuhanna xx. 19. 

PHIR usidin jo hafte ka pahla din 
tha, sham ke waqt, jab wahan 
ke darwaze jahan shagird the, Ya- 
hudlon ke dar se band the, Yisu' 
akar bich men khara hiia, aur un 
se kaha, ki Tumharl salamati ho! 
Aur yih kahkar us ne apne hath 
aur pasll unhen dikhal. Pas sha- 
gird Khudawand ko dekhkar khush 
hue. Yisu' ne phir un se kaha, ki 
Tumhan salamati ho ; jis tarah Bap 
ne mujhe bheja hai, usi tarah main 
bhi tumhen bhejta him. Aur yih 
kahkar un par phunka aur un se 
kaha, ki Ruhu'l Quds lo. Jin ke 
gunah tum bakhsho, un ke bakhshe 
gaye hain ; jin ke gunah tum qaim 
rakkho, un ke qaim rakkhe gaye 

'Id i Qiyamat he ha*d Jed Du^rd Itwdr, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
apna iklauta Beta is waste 
'inayat kiya, ki wuh hamare liye 
gunah ka kaffara aur khudaparasti 
kl rawish ka namuna bhi ho ; Ham 
par fazl kar, ki hamesha kamal 
shukrguzarl ke sath us kl wuh 
bebaha ni'mat qabul karen, aur 
niz har roz koshish karen, ki us 
kl paktarin rawish ke mubarak 
naqsh i qadam par chalen ; hamare 
usi Khudawand Yisii' Maslh ke 
waslle se. 

^IHATT. IPatrasiilO. 

AGAR kol Khuda ke khayal se, 
beinsaf^ ke ba'is dukh uthakar, 
takllfon kl bardasht kare, to yih 
pasandlda hai. Is liye ki agar tum 
ne gunah karke mukke khae, aur 
sabr kiya, to kaun sa fakhr hai? 
han, agar nekl karke dukh pate, aur 
sabr karte ho, to yih^JBLhuda^ ke 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



nazdik pasandlda hai. Aur turn iisiT 
ke liye bul&e gaye ho: kjnnki 
MasTb bhi tumhfire waste dnkh 
nthakar tumhen ek namuna de gay& 
bai, taki us ke naqsb i qadam par 
obalo. Na us ne gunab kiya, aur 
na VLB ke mnnb se kol makr kl bat 
nikll : na wnb galiy&n kbakar gall 
det& tba; aur na dukb pakar kisi 
ko dbamkata tba ; balki apne &p ko 
saobobe ins&f karnewale ke sipurd 
karta tba : wuh &p bamare gunabon 
ko apne badan par liye bue sallb 
par cbarb gaya, taki bam gunabon 
ke i'tilkr se markar rastb&zl ke 
i'tibar se jlen ; aur usi ke mUr kbane 
se turn ne sbifa pal. Kyimki pable 
turn bberon kl tarab bbatakte pbirte 
tbe ; magar ab apnl rubon ke Oalle- 
b&n aur Nigabban ke pas pbir a 
gaye bo. 

INJIL. Yuhaim& x. 11. 

rStr ne kaba, ki Acbcbb& cbar- 
w&b& main bun : acbcbbS cbar- 
w&fifi, bberon ke liye apnl jan deta 
hai. Mazdur jo na charwaba bai, 
na bberon ka m&lik, bberiye ko 
ate de^kar bberon ko obborke 
bbag jata hai, aur bberiyS unko 
pakarta aur paraganda'karta hai. 
Wuh' is liye bbag jata hai, ki 
mazdur hai, aur us ko bberon ka 
fikr nabln. Achchba cbarwali& main 
bun ; jis tarah Bap mujhe jant& hai, 
aur main Bap ko jant& bun, isT tarah 
main apnTj bberon ko j&niA bun, aur 
merT bber^ mujhe jantT bain ; aur 
main bberon ke liye apnl jan deta 
h^. Aur meiir &ur bhi bheren bain, 
jo is bberkbane kl nabin.* Mujhe 
un ka bhi lSn& zarar bai ; aur wuh 
men awaz sunengi ; pbir ek hi galla 
aur ek hi charwaba hogS. 

*Id i Qiyamat ke ha*d ha Tiara Ittodr. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu 
gumrahon ko haqq ka nur is 
liye dikbata hai, ki wim pbir rah i 
rast par aen : Jitne log Maslhl din 

men shank kiye jate bain un sab ko 
yih bakhsh, ki jo baton un ke iqrar 
ke khilaf bain un se parhez karen, 
aur jitnT baton us ke muwafiq bain 
un kl pairawl karen ; bamare Khuda- 
wand Yisti' Masfb ke waslle se. 

gHATT. IPatrasiill. 

A I piyaro, main tumhan minnat 
karta bun, ki tum apne ap ko 
pardesl aur mnsafir jankar un jis- 
mam kbwahishon se parhez karo, 
jo rub se larai rakhtl bain : aur gair- 
qaumon men apna chal~ohalan nek 
rakkho ; ta^ jinbaton men wuh tum- 
hen ,badkar jankar tumhan badgoT 
karte bain, tumhare nek kamon ko 
dekhke, unhl ke sabab mulabize ke 
din Ehuda kl barai karen. Khuda- 
wand kl khatir* insan ke bar ek 
intizam ke* tabi' raho : badsbab ke, 
is liye ki wuh sab se buzurg hai ; aur 
hakimon ke, is liye ki wuh badkaron 
kl saza aur nekokaron kl ta'rlf ke 
liye us ke bheje hue "hain ; ky toH 
Khuda kl yih marzl hai, ki tumnekl 
karke nadan admlon kl jahalat kl 
baton ko band kar do : aur apne ap 
ko azad jano ; magar is azadi ko badi 
ka parda na banao, balki apne ap 
ko Khuda ka banda jano. Sab kl 
'izzat karo. Biradan se mahabbat 
rakkho. Khuda se daro. Badsbab 
kl 'izzat karo. 

INJIL. Yuhanna xvi. 16. 

YISU' ne apne shagirdon se kaha. 
Id Then der men tum mujhe 
na dekhoge ; 'aur pbir then der men 
mujhe dekh lege. Pas us ke ba'z 
shagirdon ne apas men kaJia; Yih 
kya bai "jo wuh ham se kahta hai, 
ki Thorl der men tum mujhe na 
dekhoge*; aur pbir thorl der men 
mujhe dekh logo: aur*yih, ki Is 
liye ki main Bap ke pas jata bun ? 
Pas unhon ne kaha, ki Thorl der"jo 
wuh kahta hai, yih kya l>at hai ? 
ham nahm jante ki kya kahta hai 
Yisu' ne, yih jankar ki wuh mujh 
se suwal kama ohahte bain, vn se 
kaha; Kya tnm apas men~^men is 
bat b nisbat puohh paefah kaiste ho^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Id Thoil' der men turn mnjhe na 
dekhoge; anr phir thorl der men 
mnjhe dekh loge? Main tum se 
each saoh kahta hun, ki Turn to 
rooge anr matam karoge, magar 
dunya kbnsh hog! : turn gamgln to 
hoge ; lekin tumhara gam hikhnshi 
ban jaega. Jab 'anrat janne lagtl 
hai, to gamgln hoti hai, is liye ki 
ns ke dakb kl gharl & pahnnohl; 
lekin jab baohcha paida ho chnkta 
hai, to is kbnshx se ki dnnya men 
ek admt paida hna, us dard ko phir 
yad nahin kartl. Fas tnmhen bhi 
ab to gam hai ; magar main tum se 
phir milimga, aur tumhara dil khush 
hoga, aur tumharl khushl kol tum 
se ohhin na lega. 

*Id % Qiydmai ke ha*d la Chautha 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Ehudfi, gunah- 
garon ke be-lagam iradon aur 
khwahishon ko sirf tu hi qabu men 
la sakta hai; Apne bandon ko yih 
bakhsh, ki jis ka tu hukm deta hai 
us ko wuh pasand karen, aur jiska 
tu wa'da kartS hai us ke arzumand 
hon; taki dunya kl ranga rangi aur 
adal badal men hamare dil bilkull 
wah^ lage rahen, jahan haqtql khu- 
shian maujud hain ; hamare Khuda- 
l^and Yisu' Mairh ke wasile se. 

5HATT. Ya'qubi.l7. 

HAB aohchhl bakhshish, aur har 
k&mil in'Sm lipar se hai, aur 
nuron ke Bap kl taraf se milta hai, 
jis men na kol tabdill ho saktl hai, 
aur na gardish ke sabab us par saya 
parta bai. Us ne apnl marzi se 
hainen kalam i haqq ke wasile se 
paid& kiyft, taU us kl makhliiqat 
men se ham ek tarah ke pahle phal 
hon. Ai mere piyare bhaiyo, yih 
b&t tum jSnte no. Pas har adml 
snnne men tez, aur bolne men dhirs, 
aur gusse m^ dhlma ho; kyunki 
insftn ka g^sa Ehudft kl rdstb^zl 


k& kam nahin kartft. Is liye sSrI 
naj&sat, aur badi ke fazle ko dur 
karke, us kalam ko hallml se qabul 
kar 16, jo dil men boya gaya, aur 
tumharl ruhon ko najat de saktS 
hai. "" 

INJIL. Tuhanna xvi. 5. 

rSXJ' ne apne shagirdon se kaha, 
ki Ab main apne bhejnewale 
ke pas jata hun; aur tum men se 
koT mujh se nahin piichhta, ki Tu 
kahan jata hai ? balki is liye ki main 
ne yih baten tum se kahln, tumhara 
dil gam se bhar gaya. Lekin main 
tum se sach kahta hun, ki mera jana 
tumhare liye faidamand hai ; kyunki 
agar mainna jaun, to wuh Madadgar 
tumhare pas na aega, lekin agar 
jaunga, to use tumhare pas bhej 
dun^a. Aur wuh akar dunya ko 
gunah, aur rastbazi, aur 'adalat ke 
bare men qusurwar thabraega : gu^ 
nah ke bare men, is liye ki wuh 
mujh par Iman nahin late ; rastbazi 
ke bare men, is liye ki main Bap ke 
pas jata hun, aur tum mujhe phir 
na dekhoge ; 'adalat ke bare men, is 
liye ki dunya ka sardar mujrim 
thahraya gaya hai. Mujhe tum se 
aur bhi bahut si baten kahni hain ; 
magar ab tum un kl bardasht nahin 
kar sakte. LeMn jab wuh, ya'nl 
Sachohai ka Euh, aega, to tum ko 
tamam sachchai kl rah dikhaega: 
is liye ki wuh apnl taraf se na ka- 
hega ; lekin jo kuchh sunega, wuhl 
kahega, aur tumhen ayanda kl kha- 
baren dega. Wuh'^mera jalal zkhir 
karega ; is liye ki mujh hi se hasil 
karke tumhen khabaren dega. Jo 
kuchh Bap ka hai, wuh sab m^ra 
hai; is liye main ne kaha, ki wuh 
mujh hi se hasil karta hai, aur 
tumhen khabaren dega. 

^Id i Qiydmat he ha'd ha Pdnchwdn 


I Ehudawand, sab khubian ten 

hi taraf se atl hain ; Ham 'ajiz 

bandon ko yih bakhsh,^ tere ipak 

"" Digitized by VjOOQIc 



»ID I SU'tJD. 

ilham se ham men nek khayal paidS 
hon, aur terl rahmat kl hidayat se 
ham Tin ko pur§, bhi karen ; hamare 
Khndawand Yisu' Maslh ke ^aslle 


^IHATT. Ya'qubi. 

EALAM par 'amal kamewale 
bano, na mahz sunnewale jo 
apne ap ko dhoka dete hain. Kyun- 
ki jo kol kalam ka sonnewala ho, 
anr us par 'amal kamewala na ho, 
wuh US shakhs kl manind hai, jo 
apnl qudrati surat alne men dekhta 
hai: is liye ki wuh apne ap ko 
dekhkar chala jata, aur fauran bhul 
jata hai ki main kaisa tha. Lekin 
jo shakhs azadi kl kamil sharl'at par 
gaur se nazar karia rahta hai, wuh 
apne kam men is liye barakat paega, 
ki sunkar bhulta nahin, balki 'amal 
karta hai. Agar kol apne ap ko 
dlndar samjhe, aur apnl zaban ko 
lagam na de, balki apne dil ko dhoka 
de, to us kl dindarl batil hai. Ha- 
mare Khuda aur Bap ke nazdik 
khalis aur be'aib dindarl yih hai, 
ki yatimon aur bewa 'auraton kl 
muslbat ke waqt un kl khabar len, 
aur apne ap ko dunya se hedfg 

IN JIL. Yuhanna xvi. 23. 

MAIN turn se sach sach kahta 
hun, ki Agar Bap se kuchh 
mangoge, to mere nam se turn ko 
dega. Ab tak tum ne mere nam se 
kuchh nahln manga: mango, to 
paoge, taki tumharl khushi purl ho 
jae. Main ne yih baten tum se 
tamsllon men kahin ; wuh waqt ata 
hai ki phir tum se tamsllon men na 
kahunga, balki saf saf tumhen Bap 
kl khabar dunga. Us din tum mere 
nam se mangoge : aur main tum se 
yih nahln kahta, ki Bap se tumhare 
liye darkhwast karunga ; is liye ki 
Bap to ap hi turn ko 'aziz rakhta 
hai, kyiinki tum ne mujh ko 'aziz 
rakkha hai, aur Iman lae ho ki main 
Bap kl taraf se nikla. Main Bap 
men se nikla aur dimya men aya 
hiin ; phir dunya se rnkhsat hokar 
Bap ke pas jata hun. Us ke sha- 

girdon ne kah& ; Dekh, ab' tu saf s&f 
kahta hai, aur kol tamsll nahln 
kahta. Ab ham jan gaye, ki tii sab 
kuchh janta hai, aur is ka muhtaj 
nahln ki kol tujh se puchhe. Is 
sabab se ham Iman late ham, ki tii, 
Khuda se nikla hai. Yisii' ne unhen 
jawab diya ; Kya tum ab Iman late 
ho? Dekho wuh gharl ati hai, 
balki a pahunchi, ki tum sab para- 
ganda hokar apne apne ghar kt rah 
loge, aur mujhe akela chhor doge ; 
taubhl main akela nahln hiin, kyun- 
ki Bap mere sath hai. Main ne tum 
se yih baten is liye kahln, ki tum 
mujh men itmlnan pao. Dunya 
men muslbat uthate ho ; lekin kha- 
tir jama' rakkho; main dunya par 
galib aya hiin. 

'Id i Su'ud. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, ham 
ten minnat karte hain, yih 
bakhsh, ki jis tarah hamara Iman 
hai, ki tera iklauta Beta hamara 
Khudawand Yisu' Maslh asmanon 
par charh gaya hai, ham bhi dil aur 
khayal se wahin charhke barabar 
usi ke pas rahen, jo tore aur Buhul- 
Quds ke sath, hamesha wahid Khuda, 
abad ul abad jita aur saltanat karta 
hai. Amin, 

5HATT KE 'IWAZ. A'mali.l. 

A I Thiyufilus, main ne pahla 
risala un sab b^on ke bayan 
men tasnif kiya, jo Yisu' shurii' men 
karta aur sikhata raha, us din tak 
ki wuh un rasulon ko jinhen us ne 
chuna tha, Euhu'i Quds ke waslle se 
hukm dekar, upar uthaya na gaya. 
Us ne dukh sahne ke Wd bahut se 
subiiton se apne ap ko un par zinda 
zahir "bhi kiya; ohunSnchi wuh 
challs din tak unhen nazar ata, anr 
Khuda kl badshahat kl baten kahta 
raha : aur un se milkar un ko hukm 
diya, ki Yarushalem se bahar na jao, 
balki Bap ke us wa'de ke pura hone 
ke muntazir raho, jis ka zikr torn 
mujh 8e sun chuke bo, Kyunki 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

"tD I. SFCD KE BA'D ka itwae. 


Yiihanna ne to pani se baptisma 
diya ; magar tarn thore dinon ke 
ba'd Buhnl Qnds se baptisma paoge. 
Pas nnhon ne jama' hokar tis se yih 
piicl^ia, ki Ai Kliadawand, kya tn 
isl waqt Israll *ko badshahl pbir 
'ata kareg&? Us ne un se kaha; 
Un waqton anr mi'adon ka janna, 
jinh^ Bap ne apne hi ikhtiyar men 
rakkha hai, tumh&ra kam nahln. 
Lekin jab Buhn'l Qnds turn par nazil 
hogS, to tum quwwat pSoge ; anr 
Yarushalem, anr tamam Yahudiya, 
anr Samariya men, balki zamin kl 
intiha tak, mere gawah hoge. Yih 
kahkar wnh nn ke dekhte dekhte 
iipar utha liya gaya; anr badll ne 
nse nn kl nazaron se chhipa liya. 
Anr us ke jate waqt, jab wnh asman 
kl taraf ganr se dekh rabe the, to 
dekho, do mard safed poshak pahine 
nn ke pas a khare hue, aur kahne 
lage; Ai Gallll mardo, tum kyun 
khare asman kl taraf dekhte ho? 
Yihi Yisu', jo tumhare pas se asman 
par uthaya gaya hai, usi tarah phir 
aega jis tarah tum ne use asman par 
jate dekha hai. 

INJIL. MarquB xvi. H. 

PfllE pichhe Yisu' nn gyarah ko 
bhi, jab khana khane baithe 
the, dikhal diya, aur un kl bei'tiqadi 
aur sakhtdill par malamat kl ; kyun- 
ki jinlion ne us ke jl nthne ke ba'd 
nse dekha th&, inhon ne nn ka yaqln 
na kiya tha. Anr us ne un se kaha, 
ki Tum tamam dunya men jakar 
sari khalq ke s&mne Injil kl manadi 
karo. Jo imAn lae aur baptisma le, 
wuh najat paega : aur jo Iman na 
lae, wuh mujrim thahraya jaega. 
Anr Iman lanewalon ke darmiyan 
yih mu'jize honge : wuh mere nam 
se bad-ruhon ko nik&lenge; nayl 
nayl zaban^ bolenge; sanpon ko 
ntha lenge; aur agar kol halak 
kamew&ll chiz plenge, unhen kuchh 
zarar na pahimchega ; wuh bimaron 
par hath rakkhenge, to achchhe ho 
ja^ge. Garaz Khudawand Yisu' 
nn se kal&m kame ke ba'd asman 
par uth&y& gaya, aur Khuda kf 

dahini taraf baith gayS. Phir 
unhon ne nikalkarhar jagah man&dl 
kl, aur Khud&wand nn ke sath kam 
kartft rah&, aur kalam ko, un mu'ji- 
zon ke waslle se jo sath s&th bote 
the, sabit karta raha. Amin. 

*Id % Su^ud "ke ha*d h& Itwdr. 


A I Khnda, jal&l ke badshah, Tu ne 
apne iklaute Bete Yisu' Maslh 
ko fathmandl kl barl shan o shaukat 
se apnl asmani b&dshahat men sarfa- 
raz kiyS hai ; Ham terl minnat karte 
ham, hamen bekas na chhor, balki 
apnS Eubul-Qnds hamare pis bhej, 
kl wuh hamen tasalli bakhshe aur 
usI maqam par sarfardz kare, jahan 
hamara Munji Maslh ham se pahle 
gaya hai ; wuh tere anr Ruhul-Quds 
ke sath, hamesha wahid Khuda, abad 
ul abadjfta aur saltanat karta ra- 
hega. Amln. 

5HA.TT. 1 PatraB iv. 7. 

SAB chlzon ka khatima jald hone* 
wala hai ; pas hoshyar raho aur 
du'a mangne ke liye taiyar. Sab se 
barhkar yih hai, ki apas men barl 
mahabbat rakkho, kyunki mahabbat 
bahut se gunahon par parda dal detl 
hai. Bagair burburae apas men 
musafirparwarl karo : jin ko jis jis 
qadr ni'mat mill hai, wuh use Khuda 
kl mukhtalif ni'maton ke achchhe 
mukhtaron kl tarah ek dusre kl 
khidmat men sarf karen; agar kol 
kuchh kabe, to aisa kahe ki goya 
Khuda ka kalam hai; agar kol. 
khidmat kare, to us taqat ke mu- 
tabiq kare, jo Khuda de ; taki sab 
baton men Yisu' Maslh ke waslle 
Khuda kS jalal 2ahir ho: jalal aur 
i^tanat abadu'l abad usI kl hai. 

INJIL. Tuhanna xt. 26, anr xyi. 1-5. 

JAB wuh Madadgar aega, jis ko 
main tumhare pas Bap kl taraf 
se bhejimga, ya'nl Sachohal ka Buh, 
jo Bap kl taraf se nikalta hai, to 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


wuh men gawahl dega : aur turn 
bhl gawah ho, kyunki shuru' se 
mere Bath ho. Main ne yih baten 
tnm se is liye kahln ki turn thokar 
na khao. Log turn ko 'iMdat- 
khanon se kharij kar denge, balki 
wuh waqt ata hai ki jo kol tarn ko 
qatl karega, wuh guman karegS ki 
main Khuda kl khidmat karta hun. 
Aur wuh is liye yih karenge, ki 
unhon ne na Bap ko jana, na mujhe. 
I^ekin main ne yih baten is liye tum 
se kahln, ki jab un ka waqt ae, to 
tum ko yad a jae ki main ne tum se 
kah diya tha; aur main ne sburu' 
men tum se yih baten is liye na 
kahln, ki main tumhare sath tha. 

'Id i Nuzul^jiae Hwitsande bhl kahte 


A I Khuda, Tu ne goya is waqt 
apue Tmandar bandon par apne 
Euhul-Quds ka nur bhejkar un ke 
dilon ko ta'llm dl ; Yih 'ioayat kar 
ki ham usi Euh kl tasir se sab baton 
men sahlh tamlz rakkhen, aur us kl 
pak tasalll se hamesha khushi karte 
rahen ; yih hamare Munjl Yisu' 
Masih ke sawab kl badaulat ho, jo 
tere sath, usI Euh kl yaganagi men, 
abad u], abad jita aur saltanat karta 
hai. Arriln. 

l^HATT KE 'IWAZ. A*malill. 

JAB 'Id i Pintekust ka din aya, to 
wuh sab ek jagah jama* the; 
ki yakayak asman se aisi awaz al, 
jaise zor kl andhl ka sannata hota 
hai, aur us se sara ghar, jaban wuh 
baithe the, gunj gaya. Aur unhen 
ag ke shu'le kl sT phattT huT za- 
banen dikhaT din; aur un men se 
bar ek par a thahrTn. Aur wuh sab 
Euhu'l Quds se bhar gaye, aur gair 
zabanen bolne lage, jis tarah Euh ne 
unhen bolne kT taqat bakhshl. Aur 
bar qaum men se jo asman ke tale 
hai, khudatars Yahudi Yarushalem 
men rahte the. Jab yih awaz al, to 
bhir lag gayT, aur log dang ho gaye. 

kyunki har ek ko yihl sunftl detH 
th&,"ki yih merl hi boll bol rahe 
hain. Aur sab hairan aur muta'ajjib 
hokar kahne lage ; Dekho, yih bolne- 
wftle kya sab Gallll nahln ? Phir 
kyunkar ham men se har ek apne 
apne watan kl bolt sunta hai? 
Halanki ham Parthl, aur MedT, aur 
'ElamT,aur rahnewale Misuputamiya 
aur Yahtidiya, aur Kappadukiya, atu- 
Puntus aur Asiya, aur Frugiya anr 
Pamfuliya, aur Misr aur Libua ke 
'ilaqe ke jo Kurene kl taraf hai, aur 
EomI musafir, khwSh Yahudi khwah 
un ke murid, aur Kretl aur 'Arab 
hain; magar apnl apnl zaban men 
un se Khuda ke bare bare kamon ka 
baySn sunte hain. * * " 

INJIL. Tfihanna xir. 15. 

TISIJ' ne apne shagirdon se kahft, 
ki Agar tum mujh se mahab- 
bat rakhte ho, to mere hukmon par 
'amal karoge; aur main Bap se 
darkhwast karunga, to wuh tumhen 
dusra Madadgar bakhshega, ki abad 
tak tumhare sath rahe, ya'nT sach- 
chal ka Euh, jise dunya hasil nahln 
kar saktT, kyiinki na use dekhtl, aur 
na jantT hai: tum use jante ho; 
kyunki wuh tumhare sath rahta hai, 
aur tumhare andar hoga. Main 
tumhen yatlm na chhorunga; main 
tumhare pas aunga. Thorl der baqi 
hai, ki dunya mujhe phir na de- 
khegl; magar tum mujhe dekhte 
rahoge : chunki main jita hun, tum 
bhl jTte rahoge. Us roz tum janoge 
ki main apne Bap men hun, aur tum 
mujh men, aur main tum men. Jis 
ke pas mere hukm hain, aur wuh un 
par 'amal karta hai, wuhl mujh se 
mahabbat rakhta. hai ; aur jo mujh 
se mahabbat rakhta hai, wuh mere 
Bap ka piyara hoga, aur main us se 
mahabbat rakkhunga, aur apne ap 
ko us par zahir karunga. lis Ya- 
hudah ne, jo IskariyotI na tha, us se 
kaha; Ai Khudawand kya hua, ki 
tu apne ap ko ham par to zahir kiya 
chahta hai, magar dunya par nahln? 
Yisu* ne jawab men us se kaha, ki 
Agar kol mujh se mahabbat rakkhe, 

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to wnh mere kalfim par 'amal ka- 
rega, aur mera BSp us se mahabbat 
rakkhega, aur bam us ke pas &en^e 
aur us ke sdth sukunat karenge. Jo 
mujb se mababbat nablA rakbta, 
wub mere kalam par 'amal nabln 
karta; aur jo kalam turn sunte boj 
wub mera nabln, balki Bap ka bai, 
jis ne mujbe bheja. Main ne yib 
baten tumbare satb rabkar turn se 
kabln. Lekin Madadgar, ya'nl Rub- 
u'l Quds, jise Bap mere nam se 
bbejega, wubl tumben sab baten 
sikbaega, aur jo kucbb main ne tum 
se kaba bai, wub sab tumben yad 
dilaega. Main tumben itmln&n diye 
jata bun ; apna itmlnan tumben deta 
bun : jis tarab dunja detl bai,~main 
tumben us tarab nabln deta. Turn^ 
bara dil na gbabrae aur na dare. 
Tum sun cbuke bo, ki main ne tum 
se kaba, ki Jata bun,' aur tumbare 
pas pbir ata bun. Agar tum mujb 
se mababbat rakbte, to is bat se, ki 
main Bap ke pas jata bun, kbusb 
bote ; kyunki Bap mujb se bara bai. 
Aur ab main ne tum se us ke bone 
se pable kah diyS bai, taki jab bo 
jae, to tum yaqTn karo. Is ke ba'd 
main tum se babut si baten na ka- 
rungdr, kyunki dunya ka sardar ata 
bai : aur mujb men us ka kucbb 
nabln ; lekin yib is liye bota bai ki 
duny^ jane, ki main Bap se mababbat 
rakbta ^^£i; aur jis tarab Bap ne 
mujbe bukm diya, main waisa bl 
karta bto. " 

*Jd i Nmul he hafte hd Pir, 

A I Kbuda, Tu ne goya is waqt 
apne Imandar bandon par apne 
Rubul-Quds ka nur bbejkar un ke 
dilon ko ta'lTm dl; Yib 'inayat kar 
ki bam usi Eub kT tasTr se sab baton 
men sabib-tamiz rakkben, aur us kl 
pak tasalll se bamesba kbusbl karte 
raben; yib bam&re MunjT Yisii' 
Masfh ke sawab kl badaulat bo, jo 
tere satb, ust B^b kT yag&nagT men, 
abad ul &bad jita ai^r saltanat karta 

?:HATT KB 'IWAaj. A'mal.x. 34. 

PATBAS ne zabau kbolkar kaba; 
Ab mujbe pura yaqln ho gaya, 
ki Kbuda kisl ka tarafdar nSiTn: 
balki bar qaum men jo us se darta 
aur rastbazi karta ^i, wub us ko' 
pasand ata bai. Jo kalam us ne 
ban! Israil ke pfts bbeja, jab ki 
Yisu' Masib kl ma'rifat (jo sab ka 
Kbudawand bai) sulb kl kbusb- 
kbabarl dl, us bat ko tum jaiite bo, 
jo Yubanna ke baptisma kl manadi 
ke ba'd, GalTl se sburu' bokar, tamam 
Yabudiya men masbbur bo gayl; ki 
Kbuda ne Yisu' Nasarl ko Rubul 
Quds aur qudrat se kis tarab masab 
kiya : wub bbalai karta, aur un sab 
ko jo Iblls ke batb se zulm utbate 
tbe, sbifa deta pbira ; kyunki Kbuda 
us ke satb tha. Aur bam un sab 
kamon ke gawab bain, jo us ne Ya- 
budlon ke mulk aur Yarusbalem 
men kiye ; aur unbon ne us ko sallb 
par latkakar mar dala. Us ko Kbuda 
ne tisre din jilaya, aur zabir bbl kar 
diya, na ki sari ummat par, balki un 
gawabon par jo age se Kbuda ke 
cbune bue tbe, ya*nf bam par, jinbon 
ne us ke murdon men se jl utbne ke 
ba'd satb kbaya piya. Aur us 
ne bamen bukm diya, ki "Ummat 
men manadi karo aur gawabi do, ki 
yib wubl bai jo Kbuda kl taraf se 
zindon aur murdon ka munsif mu- 
qarrar kiya gaya. Is sbakbs kl sab 
nabi gawabi dete bain, ki jo kol us 
par Iman laega, us ke nam se guna- 
bon kl mu'a^ basil karega. Patras 
yib baten kab bl raba tba, ki Bubu'I 
Quds un sab par nazil biia, jo kalam 
sun rabe tbe. Aur Patras ke satb 
jitne makbtun Imandar ae tbe, wub 
sab bairan bue, ki gair-qaumon par 
bbl Biibu'l Quds kl bakbsbisb jan 
bul. Kyimki unben tarab tarab kl 
zabanen bolte, aur Kbuda kl barai 
karte suna. Patras ne jawab diya ; 
Kya kol pam se rok sakta bai, ki yib 
baptisma na paen, jinbon ne bamarl 
tarab Biibu'l Quds paya? Aur us ne 
bukm diya, ki unben Yisu' Masib 
ke nam se baptisma diya jae. Is par 
unbon ne us se darkbwast kl, ki 
cband roz bam&re pas rab. , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



INJIL. TQhann& iii. 16. 

KHUDA ne duny& Be aisi ma- 
habbat rakkhi, ki us ne apna 
' iklaata Beta bakhsh diya, taki 
jo kof US par Iman lae halak na 
ho, balki bamesha ki zindagl pae. 
Kyunki Khuda ne Bete ko dunya 
men is liye nabin bbeja, ki dunya 
par saz& ka hnkm kare, balki is liye 
ki dunya us ke waslle se najat pae. 
Jo us par Iman lata bai, us par saza 
ka hukm nahi^ beta ; jo us pair Iman 
nabIn l&ta, us par saza ka bukm bo 
cbuka; is liye ki wub Kbuda ke 
iklaute Bete k^ nam par Iman nabin 
laya. Aur saza ke bukm ka sabab 
yib bai, ki nur dunya men aya bai, 
aur admlon ne tarikl ko nur se ziyada 
pasand kiya, is liye ki un ke kam 
bure tbe. Kyunki jo kol badi karta 
bai, wub nur se dusbmani rakbta 
bai, aur nur ke pas nabm ata, aisa 
na bo ki us ke kamon par malamat 
ki jae. Magar jo sacbcbal par 'amal 
karta bai, wub niir ke pas ata bai, 
taki us ke kam zabir bon, ki wub 
Kbuda men kiye gaye bain. 

*Id i Nuzul he hafie h& MangaL 

A I Kbuda, Tii ne goya is waqt 
apne Imandar bandon par apne 
Kubul-Quds ka nur bbejkar un ke 
dilon ko ta'llm dl; Yib 'inayat kar 
ki bam usi Bub kl tasir se sab baton 
men sabib tamlz rakkhen, aur us kl 
pak tasalll se bamesba kbushi karte 
raben; yib bamare Munji Tisu' 
Masib ke sawab kl badaulat bo, jo 
tere satb, usi Eiib ki yaganagi men, 
abad ul abad jita aur saltanat karta 
bai. Amin, 

?HATT KE *rWAZ. Amal viii. 14. 

JAB Easulon ne jo Yarusbalem men 
tbe suna, ki Samarion ne Kbu- 
da ka kalam qabul kar liya, to Fatras 
aur Yubanna ko un ke pas bbeja: 
inbon ne jakar un ke liye du'a 
mangi, ki Bubu'l Quds paen ; kyunki 

wub us waqt tak un men se kisl par 
nazil na bua tba; unboa ne sirf 
Kbud&wand Yisu' ke nam par baptis- 
ma liya tba. Pbir inbon ne un par 
batb rakkbe, aur unbon ne Eubu'l 
Quds pSya. 

IN JIL. Yuhanna x. 1. 

MAIN tum se sacb sacb kabta 
bun, ki jo kol darwaze se 
bberkbane men dakbil nabin bota, 
balki &ur kisi taraf se ~ cbarb 
jata bai, wub cbor aur daku bai. 
Lekin jo darwaze se dakbil bota 
bai, wub bberon ka cbarwaba bai. 
Us ke liye darbaa darwaza kbol 
detS bai; aur bberen us ki awaz 
sunti bain: aur wub apni bberon 
ko nam ba nam bulakar babar le 
jata bai. Jab wub apni sab bberon 
ko babar nikal cbukta bai, to un'ke 
age age cbalta bai, aur bberen us ke 
picbbe picbbe bo leti bain*; kyunki 
wub us ki awaz pabcbanti bain. 
Magar wub gair sbakbs ke picbbe 
na jaengi, balki us se bbagengi; 
kyunki gairon ki awaz nabin 
pabcbantin. Yisu' ne un ' se yib 
tamsil kabi: lekin wub na samjbe 
ki yib kya baten bain jo bam se 
kabta bai. Pas Yisu' ne un se 
pbir kaba ; Main tum se sacb sacb 
kabta bun, ki Bberon ka darwaza 
main biin. Jitne mujb se . pahle 
ae, sab cbor aur daku bain ; magar 
bberon ne un ki na suni. Darwaza 
main bun : agar koi mujb se dakbil 
bo, to najat paega, aur andar babar 
&y^ i^y^ karega, aur cbara paega. 
Obor nabin ata, magar cburSne aur 
mar dalne aur balak karne ko. 
Main is liye aya ki wub zindagi 
paen, aur kasrat se paen. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall Kbuda, 
Tu ne apne bandon ko yib tau- 
fiq di bai, ki bam sacbobe Iman ke 
iqrar se azali Salus ke jalal ko taslim 
karen, aur Janab i ilabi ki qudrat ko 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



mankar Wahid Allah kl parastish 
karen ; Ham ten minnat karte hain, 
ki til hamen is Iman par sabitqadam 
rakh, aur hamesha sab mtislbaton se 
bacha ; ki tii Wahid Khuda abad ul 
abad zinda aur saltanat karnewal^ 
hai. Amm. 

BIHATT KE IWAZ. Mukashafa iv. 1. 

F baton ke ba'd jo main ne nigah 
kl, to kySr dekhta bun, ki adman 
men ek darwaza khnla hiia hai ; aur 
jis ko main ne peahtar narsinge kl 
eTI awaz se apne sath baten karte 
Sana tha, wiihl kahta hai, ki Yaban 
upar a ja; main tnjhe svuh baten 
dikhaunga, jin ka in baton ke ba'd 
bona zarur hai. Fanran main Euh 
men a gaya; anr kya dekhta hun, 
ki asman par ek takht rakkha hai, 
aur us takht par kol baitha .hai ; 
aur jo us par baitha hai, wuh sang 
i yashab aur 'aqlq sa ma'liim hota 
hai, aur us takht ke gird zumurrud 
kl si ek dhanuk ma'lum hoti hai. 
Aur us takht ke gird chaubls takht 
hain: aur un takhton par chaubls 
buzurg safed poshak pahine hue 
baithe hain, aur un ke si^n par 
sone ke taj hain. Aur us takht 
men se bijliyan aur awazen aur 
garjen paida hotI hain ; aur us 
takht ke samne ag ke sat chirag 
jal rahe hain; yih Khuda kl sat 
ruhen hain ; aur us takht ke samne 
goya shishe ka samundar billaur kl 
manind hai ; aur takht ke bloh men 
aur takht ke girdagird char jandar 
hain, jin ke age pichhe ankhen hi 
ankhen hain. Fahla jandar babar 
kl manind hai, aur diisra jandar 
bachhre kl manind, aur tisre jandar 
ka ohihra insan ka sa hai, aur chau- 
tha jandar urte hue 'uqab kl mdnind 
hai. Aur in charon jandaron ke 
ohha chha par hain, aur charon 
taraf aur andar ankhen hi ankhen 
hain, aur rat din bagair aram liye 
yih kahte rahte hain, ki Quddus, 
quddus, quddus Khud&wand Khuda, 
Qadir i mutlaq, jo tha, aur jo hai, 
aur jo anewala hai. Aur jab wuh 
jandar us ki tamjid, aur 'izzat, aur 

shukrguzarl karenge, jo takht par 
baitha hai, aur abadul abad zinda 
rahega, to wuh chaubls buzurg us 
ke samne jo takht par baitha hai gir 
parenge, aur us ko sijda karenge, jo 
abadul abad zinda rahega, aur apne 
taj yih kahte hue us tal^t ke samne 
dal denge, ki Ai hamare Khuda- 
wand aur Khuda, tii hi tamjid, aur 
'izzat, aur qudrat ke laiq hai : kyUn- 
ki tu hi ne san chlzen paida kin, 
aur wuh terl hi marzl se thin, aur 
paida huln. 

INJiL. Yuhanna iii. 1. 

TURISION men se ek shakhs 
Jj Nikudemus nam Yahiidlon ka 
ek sardar tha: us ne rat ko Yisu' 
ke pas akar us se kaha : Ai Babbi, 
ham jante hain ki tft Khuda kl taraf 
se ustad hokar aya hai; kyiinki jo 
mu'jize tii dikhata hai, kol shakhs 
Habln dikha sakta, jab tak Khuda 
us ke sath na ho.. Yisu' ne Jawab 
men us se kaha ; Main tujh se sach 
sach kahta hiin, ki jab tak kol naye 
sire se paida na ho, wuh Khuda kl 
badshahat ko dekh nahln sakta. 
Nikudemus ne us se kaha; Adml 
jab biirha ho gaya, to kyiinkar 
paida ho sakta hai? kya wuh do- 
bara apnl min ke pet men dakhil 
hokar paida ho sakta hai? Yisii* 
ne jawab diya, ki Main tujh se sach 
sach kahta hiin ; Jab tak kol adml 
pan! aur Biih se paida na ho, wuh 
Khuda kl badshahat men dakhil 
nahln ho sakta. Jo jism se paida 
hiia hai, jism hai, aur jo Biih se 
paida hua hai, ruh hai. Ta'ajjub 
na kar, ki main ne tujh se kaha ; 
Tumhen naye sire se paida bona 
zariir hai. Hawa jidhar chahtl hai 
chaltl hai, aur tii us kl awaz sunta 
hai, magar nahln janta, ki wuh 
kahan se atl, aur kahan ko jati 
hai : jo kol Buh se paida hiia aisa 
hi hai. Nikudemus ne jawab men 
us se kaha ; Yih baten kyiinkar ho 
saktl hain? Yisii' ne jawab men 
us se kaha; BanI Israil ka ustad 
hokar kya til in baton ko nahln 
janta? Main tuih a^^^saohrisach 

, ~ DigiflTied by 



kahtft him, ki jo ham j&nte hain, 
wnh kahte hain, anr jise ham ne 
dekha hai, ns kl gawahl dete hain ; 
aur tarn hamarl gawahl qabiil nahin 
karte. Jab main ne tum se zamin 
kl baten kahin, anr tam ne yaqin 
nahig kiya, to agar main tnm se 
asm&n kl baten kahun, to kyunkar 
yaqln karoge ? Anr asman par kol 
nahln charba, siwa ns ke jo asman 
se n&a, ya'nl Ibn i Adam, jo asman 
men hai. Anr jis tarah Musa ne 
sanp ko biyaban men unohe par 
charhaya, nsi tarah zariir hai ki 
Ibn i Adam bhl unche par char- 
hay& jae; taki jo koT Tman lae, us 
men hamesha kl zindagi pae. 

'Id • Taslr%8 ke ba'd led PaMd Itwar. 

A I Khnda, jitne tnjh par bharosa 
rakhte haig, nn sab kl tu quw- 
wat hai; rahmat se hamarl du'aon 
ko qabiil kar ; anr chiinki ham apnl 
basharlyat kl kamzorf ke sabab tnjh 
bagair kol aohchha kam nahln kar 
sakte, is liye apne fazl kl madad ha- 
men 'inayat kar, ki ham tere hukm 
is tarah baja laen ki nlyat anr fi'l 
dono se tujhe khush karen ; hamare 
Khndawand Yisii' Maslh ke waslle 
se. Amtn* 

5HATT. 1 Yuhanna iv. 7. 

Al 'azizo, ao ham ek dusre se ma- 
habbat rakkhen; kyunki ma- 
habbat Khnda kl taraf se hai, aur 
jo kol mahabbat rakhta hai, wuh 
Khnd& se paida hua hai, aur Khuda 
ko j&nta hai. Jo mahabbat nahlu 
rakhta, wnh Khuda ko nabin janta, 
kyiinki Khuda mahabbat hai. Jo 
mahabbat Khuda ko ham se hai, 
wuh is se zahir hiil, ki Khuda ne 
apne iklaute Bete ko dunya men 
bheja hai, taki ham us ke sabab se 
zinda rahen. Mahabbat is men na- 
hln, ki hain ne Khud& se mahabbat 
klfbalki is men hai, ki us ne ham se 
mahabbat kl, aur hamare gun&hon 
ke kafiare ke liye apne Bete ko 
bhej&. Ai 'azizo, jab Khudft ne 

ham se aisi mahabbat kf, to ham 
par bhl ek diisre se mahabbat karni 
farz hai. Khuda ko kabhl kisi ne 
nahln dekh&: agar ham ek diisre 
se mahabbat karte hain, to Khuda 
ham men rahta hai, aur us kl ma- 
habbat hamare dil men kamil ho 
gayT hai. Chiinki us ne apne Euh 
men se hamen diya hai, is se ham 
j&nte hain, ki ham us men qaim 
rahte hain, aur wuh ham men. 
Anr ham ne dekh liya hai, aur ga- 
wahl dete hain, ki Bap ne Bete ko 
duny& ka Munji.karke bhejS hai. 
Jo kol iqrar kart& hai, ki Yisii* 
Khuda ka Beta hai, Khuda us men 
raht& hai, aur wnh Khuda men. Jo 
mahabbat Khuda ko ham se hai, us 
ko ham jan gaye, aur hamen us ka 
yaqln hai. Khuda mahabbat hai; 
aur jo mahabbat men qaim rahta 
hai, wuh Khuda men qaim rahta hai, 
aur Khuda us men qaim rahta hai. 
Isl sabab se mahabbat ham men 
kamil ho gayl hai, t&ki hamen 'ada- 
lat ke din dilerl ho; kyunki jaisa 
wuh hai, waise hi dunya men ham 
bhl hain. Mahabbat men khauf 
nahin hota: balki kamil mahabbat 
khauf ko diir kar detl hai, kyiinki 
khauf se 'azab hota hai; aur kol 
khauf kamewala mahabbat men ka- 
mil nahln hua. Ham is liye mahab- 
bat karte hain, ki pahle ns ne ham 
se mahabbat ki. Agar kol kahe, ki 
main Khuda se mahabbat rakhtS 
hiin, aur wuh apne bhaT se 'adawat 
rakkhe, to jhiitha hai; kyunki jo 
apne bh&I se jise us ne dekh& hai, 
mahabbat nah^ rakhta, wuh Khuda 
se bhl, jise us ne nahTn dekha, ma- 
habbat nahln rakh sakta. Aur ham 
ko us kl taraf se yih hukm mila hai, 
ki jo kol Khuda se mahabbat rakhta 
hai, wuh apne bhal se bht mahabbat 

INJIL. Luqaxvi. 19. 

EK daulatmand tha, jo argaw^ul 
aur mihin kapre pahinta, aur 
har roz khushi manata aur shan o 
shaukat se rahta tha. Aur La'zar 
nam ek garib, nasuron se bhara hua, 
us ke darwaze jar^l^^^^tha. 



Use arzu thi, ki daulatmand kl mez 
ke jhute se apna pet bhare; balki 
kutte bhf akar lus ke nasur chatte 
the. Atir aisa hua ki wuh garib mar 
^aya, anr firishton ne use le jakar 
Ibrahim kl god men rakh diya ; aur 
daulatmand bhi mua, aur dafn hua. 
Us ne 'alam i arwah ke darmiyan 
'azab men mubtila hokar apnl ankhen 
utbain, aur Ibrahim ko dur se dekha, 
aur us kl god men La'zar ka Aur 
us ne pukarkar kaha, ki Ai bap 
Ibrahim, mujh par rahm karke La'- 
zar ko bhej, ki apnl ungll ka sira 
pani men bhigokfio: merl zaban tar 
kare ; kyunki main is ag men tarapta 
hun. Ibrahim ne* kaha ; Beta, yad 
kar, ki tu apnl zindagi men apnl 
achchhl chlzen le chuka, aur usi 
tanJi La'zar burl chlzen; lekin ab 
wuh yabag tasalll pat& hai, aur tu 
tarapta hai. Aur in sab baton ke 
siwa, hamare tumhare darmiyan ek 
bara garha rakkha gaya hai, aisa ki 
jo yabaa se tumharl taraf par jana 
chahen, na jft saken, aur na log 
udhar se hamarl taraf war & saken. 
Us ne kaha ; Pas ai bap, main ten 
minnat karta him, ki tti use mere 
bap ke ghar bhej ; kyunki mere 
pSnch bhal hain; taki wuh un ke 
samne in baton kl gawahi de, aisa 
na ho ki wuh bhi is 'azab kl jagah 
men aeg. Ibrahim ne us se kaha, 
ki Un ke pas Musa aur ambiya to 
hain; un kl sunea. Us ne kaha; 
Nahin, ai bap Ibrahim; han, agar 
kol murdoa men se un ke pas jae, to 
wuh tauba karenge. Us ne us se 
kaha, ki Jab wuh Musa aur nabloa 
hi kl nahin sunte, to agar murdoQ 
men se kol jl utfae, to us kl bhi na 

*ld i Ta$U8 ke ha^d Tea JDusrd Itwdr, 

A I Ehudawand, jin ko tu tarbi- 
yat karke apne khauf aur ma- 
babbat meg sabitqadam rakht& hai, 
un ko apnl madad aur hid&yat se 
hargiz mahrum nahin rakhtS; Ham 
terS minnat karte hain, ki hanaeQ 

apne karm o parwardigarl kl panah 
men mahfaz rakh, aur aisa kar ki 
ham tere pak nam ka daimi khauf 
aur mahabbat rakkhen ; hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke wasile 


?:HATT. 1 Yuhanna iii. 13. 

A I bhaiyo, agar dunya tum se 
'adawat karti hai, to ta'ajjub 
na karo. Ham jante hain ki maut 
se nikalkar zindagi men dakhil ho 
gaye, kyunki ham bhaiyon se ma- 
habbat rakhte hain. Jo mahabbat 
nahlQ rakhta, wuh maut kl halat 
men rahta hai. Jo kol apne bhal se 
'adawat rakhtS hai, wuh khuni hai : 
aur tum jante ho, ki kisi khunI men 
hamesha kl zindagi maujud nahin 
rahtl. Ham ne mahabbat ko isl se 
jana hai, ki us ne hamare waste 
apnl jan de dl : aur ham par bhi 
bhaiyon ke waste jan deni farz hai. 
Jis kisI ke pas dunya ka mal ho, aur 
wuh apne bhal ko muhtaj dekhkar 
rahm kame men dareg kare, to us 
mea Khuda kl mahabbat kyunkar 
qaim rah saktl hai? Ai bachcho, 
ham kalam aur zaban hi se nahin, 
balki kam aur sachchal ke zarl'e se 
bhi mahabbat karen. Is se ham 
janenge ki haqq ke hain, aur jis bat 
men hamara dil hamen ilzam dega, 
us ^e bare men ham us ke huzur 
apnl diljam'l karenge : kyunki Khuda 
hamare dil se bara hai, aur sab kuchh 
janta hai. Ai 'azizo, jab hamara dil 
hamen ilzam nahls^ deta, to hamen 
Khuda ke samne dilerl ho jati hail 
aur jo kuohh ham mangte haiji, wuh 
hamen us kx taraf se milt& hai; 
kyuaki ham us ke hukmog par 'amal 
karte haia, aur jo kuohh wuh pasand 
karta hai use baja late hain. Aur 
us ka hukm yih hai, ki ham us ke 
Bete Yisu' Maslh ke nam par Iman 
laen, aur jaisft us ne hamen hukm 
diya, us ke muwafiq apas men ma- 
habbat rakkhea. Aur jo us ke huk- 
mon par 'amal karta hai, wuh is 
men, aur yih us men qaim rahta hai. 
Aur isl se, ya'nl us Buh se jo us ne 
hamen diya hai, ham j&nte hain ki 
wuh ham men qaim rs * 

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Hi jaui^e nam 



INJXL. LaqaxiT. 16. 

EK shakhs ne bar! ziyftfat kT, aur 
bahit 86 logon ko bulfiyS. Aur 
khane ke waqt apne naukar ko 
bbeja, ki biilae huon se kahe, ki 
Ao, ab kbana taijar bai. Is par 
sab ne milkar 'nzr kamS sbnrii' 
kiyS. Pable ne ns se kaba, ki Main 
ne kbet kbarldS bai ; mnjbe zarur 
bai ki jakar use dekbun ; main terl 
minnat karta bun, ki mnjbe ma'zur 
rakb. Dusre ne" kaba; Main ne 
bailon kl panob joriyan kbarldl bain, 
aur unben azmane jata bun ; main 
ten minnat karta biin, ki mujbe 
ma'zur rakb. Ek &ur ne kaba; 
Main ne biyab kiya bai, is sabab se 
nabln & sakta. Pas us naukar ne 
akar apne malik ko in baton kl 
kbabar dl. Is par gbar ke malik ne 
gusse bokar apne naukar se kab&; 
Jald sbabr ke bazaron aur kucbon 
men jakar garlbon, lunjon, andbon 
aur'langron ko yaban le a. Naukar 
ne kaba'; Ai kbudawand, jaisa tu 
ne farmaya tba, waisa bl bua, aur 
ab bbl jagab bai. M&lik ne us 
naukar se kaba, ki Sarakon aur kbet 
kl baron kl taraf ja," aur logon ko 
majbu'r karke la, taki mera gbar 
bbar jae. Kyunki main tum se 
kabta bun, ki jo bulae gaye tbe, 
on men se kol sbakbs mera kU&na 
na cbakbne paega. 

'Id i TasUs ke ba'd led Tisra Itwar. 

A I Ebud&wand, bam teiT minnat 
karte bain ki rabmat se bamarl 
sun ; aur jis tarab tu ne bam^ du'a 
mangne kl dill Srzii dl bai, usi tarab 
tamam kbatron aur mui^baton meg 
apnl qawwl madadse bam&nbimayat 
kar aur tasalll bakbsb; bam&re 
Ebud&wand Yisu' Masib ke waslle 
se. Amln. 

5HATT. lPatra8T.5. 

SAB ke sab ek dusre kl kbidmat 
ke liye firotanX se kamarbasta 
rabo; is liye ki Ebuda ma^fruron ka 

muqabala karta bai, magar firota- 
non ko tauflq bakbsbta bai. Pas 
Kbuda ke qawwl batb ke nicbe 
firotanl se . rabo, taki wub tumben 
waqt par sarbaland kare ; aur apna 
sara fikr usT par dal do, kyunki us 
ko tumb&r&kbayal baL Tum bosbyar 
aur bedar rabo: tumbara mukbalif 
IblTsgarajnewale sber i babarki tarab 
dbundbta pbirta bai, ki kis ko pbfir 
kbae : tum Xman men mazbut bokar, 
aur yib jankar us ka muqabala karo, 
ki tumbare bbaT jo dunya men bain, 
aise bl dukb bbar rabe bain. Ab 
Kbuda, jo bar tarab ke fazl ka 
cbasbma bai, jis ne tum ko MasTh 
men apne abadi jalal ke liye bulaya, 
tumbare tbori muddat tak dnkb 
utbane ke ba'd, ap bl tumben kamil, 
aur qSim, aur mazbut karega. Abad- 
u'l abad usI kl saltanat rabe. Amln. 

IN JIL. Luqa xt. 1« 

8 ABE mabsul lenewale aur gunab- 
gar us ke pas ate tbe, taki us 
kl baten sunen. Aur Farlsl aur 
faqlb burburakar kabne lage, ki 
Yib adml gunabgaron se milta, aur 
un ke satb kban& kbata bai. Us ne 
un se yib tamsll kabi, ki Tum men 
aisa kaun adml bai, jis ke pas sau 
bberen bon, aur un men se ek kbol 
jae, to ninnanawe ko biyaban men 
cborkar us « kbol bul ko, jab tak 
mirna jae, dbundbta na rabe ? Pbir 
jab mil jatl bai to wub kbusb bokar 
use kandbe par utba let4 bai ? Aur 
gbar men pabuncbkar, dostoa aur 
parausiyon ko bulata aur kabta bai, 
ki'Mere satb kbusbl karo; kytoki 
merl kbol huT bber mil gayl ? Main 
tum se kabta bun,* ki Isl tarab nin- 
nanawe rastbazon kl nisbat, jo tauba 
kl bajat nabln rakbte, ek tauba 
kamewale gunabgSr kl babat asman 
par ziyada kbusbl bogl. Ya kaun 
aisT 'aurat bai, jis ke pas das dirbam 
bon, aur ek kbo jae, to wub obirag 
jalakar gbar men jbaru na de, aur 
jab tak mil na jae, kosbisb se 
dbundbtl na rabe? Pbir jab mil 
jata bai, to bahineliyon aur parau- 
sinon ko bulakar na kabe, ki Miere 



khoya biia dirham mil gaya ? Main 
torn se kahta bun, ki Isl tarah ek 
tauba kamewale gnnahgar kl babat 
Kbuda ke firisbton ke samne kbusbl 
botT bai. 

'Id i TasUa ke ha'd ka Chautha Itwar. 

A I Kbuda, Tn un sab ka bami 
bai jo tujk par bbarosa rakbte 
bain ; tujb bagair na mazbutl bai na 
paklzagi ; Apnl rabmat bam par 
bakasrat bbej, taki terl bukumat aur 
bid&yat se bam fani cblzon men se 
is tarab guzar jaen« ki akbir i kar 
Tin cbizon ko na kboen jo gairfani 
bain ; Ai asmani Bap, bam are Kbuda- 
wand Yisja' Masib ki kbatir yib 
bakbsb. Amm.. 

IJIHATT. Eomioo viii. 18. 

1ITEBI danist men is zamane ke 
JjX dnkb dard is laiq nabin, ki us 
jalal ke muqabil bo saken, jo bam 
par zabir bonewala bai. Kyunki 
makbluqat kamal arzu se Kbuda ke 
beton ke zabir bone kl rab dekbtl 
bai. Is liye ki makbluqat batalat 
ke ikbtiyar men kar dl gayl tbl, na 
apnl kbusbl se, balki us ke ba'is se, 
jis ne' us ko is ummed par batalat 
ke ikbtiyar men kar diya, ki makblu- 
qat bbl fana ke qabze se cbbiitkar, 
Kbuda ke farzandon ke jalal kl 
azadi men dakbil bo jaegi. Kyunki 
bam ko ma'lum bai, ki sari makblu- 
qat milkar ab tak karabti bai, aur 
dard i zib men pari tarapti bai. 
Aur na faqat wubl, balki bam bbl, 
jinbeg Eub ke pable pbal mile bain, 
ap apne batin men karabte bain, aur 
lepalak bone, ya'nX apne badan kl 
makblasl, kl rah dekbte baig. 

IN JIL. Luqa yi. 36. 

JAISA tumbara Bap rabim bai, 
tum bbl rabmdil bo. 'Aibjol 
na karo, tumb&rl bbl 'aibjol na kl 
jaegl ; mujrim na tbabrao, tum bbl 
mujrim na tbabrae jaoge ; kbalasi 
do, tum bbl kbalasi p&oge. Diya 

karo, tumben bbl diya jaega, acbcbba 
fiaimana dab dabkar aur bila bilakar 
aur labrez karke tumbare palle men 
dalenge ; kyunki jis paimane se tum 
napte bo, usi se tumbare liye 
napa jaega. Aur us ne un se ek 
tamsil bbl kabi, ki Kya andbe ko 
andba rab dikba sakta bai? kya 
dono garbe men na girenge ? Sbagird 
apne us tad se bara nabin ; balki bar 
ek, jab kamil nua, to apne ustad 
jaisa boga. Tu kyiin apne bbal ki 
ankb ke tinke ko dekbta bai, aur 
apni ankb ke sbabtir par gaur na- 
bin karta? Aur jab tu apni ankb 
ke sbabtir ko nabin dekbta, to apne 
bbal se kyunkar kab sakta bai, ki 
Bbal la, us tinke ko jo teri ankb 
men bai, nikal dun ? Ai riyakar, 
pable apni ankb men se to sbabtir 
nikal, pbir us tinke ko jo tere bhal 
ki ankb men bai acbcbbi tarab 
dekbkar nikal sakega. 

' J(i i TasUa ke hd*d ka Pduchwdn Itwar, 

A I Kbuda wand, bam 'arz karte 
bain, ki tere intizam se is 
jaban ka daur aise amji ke satb jari 
rabe ki teri Kalisiya kbudaparasti 
aur kamal itminan se teri kbidmat 
kbusbl ke satb kiya kare, bamare 
Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke wasile 
se. Amxn* 

?:HATT. 1 Patras iii. 8. 

GAEAZ, sab ko sab yakdil aur 
bamdard rabo ; birlldarana ma- 
babbat rakkbo ; narmdil aur firotan 
bano ; badi ke 'iwaz badi na karo ; 
aur gali ke badle gali na do ; balki 
is ke bar'aks barakat cbabo ; kyun- 
ki tum barakat ke waris bone ke 
liye bulae gaye bo. Cbunancbi Jo 
koi zindagi se kbusb bona, Aur 
acbcbhe din dekbna cbabe, Wub 
zaban ko badi se, Aur bontbon ko 
makr ki b&t kabne se baz rakkhe : 
Badi se kanara kare, aur neki ko 
'amal men lae ; Sulb ka talib bo, aur 
us ki kosbisb men rabe. Kyjunki 

Digitized by VjOOQI^ 



Khndawand kl Dazar rastbazon ]£i 
teraf hai, Anr us ke kan tin kl du*«l 
par lage hain : Magar badkar Khnda- 
wand ki nigah men bain. Agar 
turn neki kame men sargarm bo, to 
turn se bad! {kamewala kann bai? 
Aur agar rastbazl kl kbatir dukb 
sabo bbl, to tnm mnbarak bo : na un 
ke darane se daro, aur na gbabrao ; 
balki Masib ko Kbudawand jankar 
apne dilon meg muqaddas samjbo. 

INJIL. Luqav. 1. 

JAB bblr us par giri partT tbi, aur 
Kbuda ka kalam suntl tbt, aur 
wub Gannesarat kl jbll ke kanare 
kbar& tba, to aisa bua ki us ne jbll 
ke kanare do kisbtlan lagl dekbTn, 
lekin macbbll pakaniewale un par 
se utarkar jal dbo rabe tbe. Aur us 
ne xm kisbtlon men se ek par cbarb- 
kar, jo Sbama'uQ ki tbi, us se darkb- 
wast kT, ki kanare se zara batS le 
cbal. Aur wub baitbkar logon ko 
kisbtl par se ta'llm dene laga. Jab 
kalam kar cbuka, to Sbama'un se 
kaba ; Gabre men le cbal, aur turn 
sbikar ke liye apne jal dalo. Sba- 
ma'un ne jawab men kaba; Ai 
8abib, bam ne rat bbar mibuat kl, 
aur kucbb batb na aya ; magar tere 
kabne se jal dalta bun. Yib kiya 
aur wub macbblijon ka bara gol 
gber lae, aur nn ke jal pbatne lage. 
Aur unbon ne apne sbarlkon ko, jo 
dusri kisbtl par tbe, isb&ra kiya, ki 
ao, bamarT madad karo. Pas un- 
bon ne akar dono kisbtlan yaban tak 
bbar din ki dubne lagln. Sbama'un 
Patras yib dekbkar Yisu' ke pan- 
won men gira, aur kaba; Ai 
Kbudawand, mere pas se ja, is liye 
ki main gunabgar adml bun. Kyun- 
ki machbliyon ke is sbikar se, Jo 
unbon ne kiya, wub aur us ke sab 
satbi babut bairan bue. Aur waise 
bl Zabdl ke bete Ya'qub aur Yu- 
banna bbl, jo Sbama'un ke sbarTk 
tbe, bairan bue. Yisu' ne Sbama'un 
se kaba ; Kbauf na kar ; ab se tu 
admlon ka sbikar kiya karega. 
Wub kisbtlon ko kanare par le ae, 
aur sab kucbb cbborkar us ke 
pTchbe bo liye. 

'Id i TasUs Ice ha*d Jed Ckhaid Itwar. 


A I Kbuda, Tu ne unke liye jo 
tujb se mababbat rakbte bain, 
aisi acbcbbi ni'maten taiyar kar 
rakkbl bain, jo insan kl samajb se 
babar bain ; Hamare dilon men apnl 
mababbat is qadr jarl kar, ki bam 
sab cbTzon se ziyada tujb se mabab- 
bat rakbkar tere wa'don ko, jo 
bamarl sab kbwabisbon se barbkar 
bain, bS.sil karen; bamare Kbuda- 
wand Yisu' Masib ke waslle se. 

l^HATT. EomioD vi. 3. 

KYA tum nabin jante, ki bam 
jitnon ne Masib Yisu' mea 
sbamil bone ka baptisma liy&, to us 
kl maut men sbamil bone ka baptis- 
ma liya? Pas maut men sbamil 
bone ke baptisma ke waslle se bam 
us ke satb dafn bue ; taki jis tarab 
Masib Bap ke jalal ke waslle se 
murdon men se jilaya gaya, usi 
tarab bam bhi nayi zindagi kl rab 
cbalen. Kyunki jab bam us kl 
maut kl musbababat se us ke satb 
paiwasta bo gaye, to besbakk us ke 
jl utbne kl musbababat se bbl us ke 
satb paiwasta bonge. Cbunanobi 
ham jante bain, ki bamarl purani 
insanlyat us ke s&tb is liye sallb dl 
gayl, ki gunab ka badan 
jae, taki bam age ko gunab kl gu- 
lami men na raben. Kyunki jo 
mua, wub gunab se barl bua. Pas 
jab bam Masib ke s&tb mue, to bameg 
yaqln bai ki us ke satb jlenge bbl ; 
kyiinki yib jante bain ki Masib jab 
murdon men se jl utb& bai to pbir 
nabin mame ka ; maut ka pbir us 
par ikbtiyar nabin bone ka. Kyim- 
ki Masib jo mua, gunab ke i'tibar 
se ek bar muft: magar ab jo jita 
bai, Kbuda ke i'tibar se jita bai. Isl 
tarab tum bbl apne ap ko gunab ke 
i'tibar se murda, magar Kbuda ke 
i'tibar se Masib Yisu' men zinda 
samjbo. ^ , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


INJiL. Mativ. 20. 

YISU' ne apne shagirdon sd kaha 
ki A^ar tumharl rastbazT faql- 
hou tfar Parlslon kl rastbazi se 
ziyada na hog!, to turn asman kl 
badshabat men hargiz dakhil na 
hoge. Turn sun chnke ho, ki aglon 
se kaha gaya tha, ki Khun na kar, 
aur jo koT khun karega, wuh 'adalat 
kr saza ke laiq hoga; lekin main 
turn 86 yih kahta hun, ki jo 
kol apne bhal par gusse hoga, 
wnh 'adalat kl saza ke laiq hoga; 
aur jo kol apne bhai ko pagal ka- 
hega, wuh sadr 'adalat kl saza ke 
laiq hoga; aur jo us ko ahmaq ka- 
hega, wuh ag ke jahannam ka saza- 
war hoga. Pas agar tu qurbangah 
par apni nazr guzranta ho, aur wa- 
han tujhe yad ae, ki mere bhal ko 
mujh se kuohh shikayat hai; to 
wahlii qurbangah ke age apnl nazr 
chhor de, aur jakar pahle apne bhal 
66 milap kar; tab akar apnl nazr 
guzran. Jab tak tu apne mudda'l 
ke Bath rah men hai, us se jald sulh 
kar le, kahin aisa na ho ki mudda'l 
tujhe munsif ke hawale kar de, aur 
munsif tujhe sipahl ke hawale kar 
de, aur tu qaidkhane men dala jae. 
Main tujh se sach kahta hun, ki jab 
tak tu kauri kaurf ada na kar 
dega, wahan se hargiz na chhutega. 

*ld i TaslU ke ha^d Jca Satvod'Q Itwdr. 

A I tarn am quwwat o qudrat ke 
Malik, Til sab achchhi ni'- 
maton ka bani aur bakhshnewala 
hai ; hamare dilon men apne Nam 
kl mababbat ka bij bo de, ham men 
saohohi dind».rl barha, sari nek 
khaslaton ko taraqql de, aur apnl 
barl rahmat se un par hamen qaim 
rakh; hamare Khudawand Yisu' 
Maslh ke wasiie se. Amm. 

?HATT. Bomiou vi. 19. 

MAIN tumharl insani kamzorl 
ke sabab insani taur par 
kahta hun: jis tarah tum ne apne 


a'za badkarl karne ke liyo napaki 
9ur badkarl kl g^laml ke hawrde 
kiye the, usi tarah ab apne a'za pak 
hone ke liye rastbazi kl gulami ke 
hawale kar do. Kyilfiki jab tum 
gunah ke g-alam the, to rastbazi ke 
i'tibar se azad the. Pas jin baton 
se tum ab sharminda ho, un se 
tum us waqt kya phal pate the? 
Kyunki un ka anjam to maut hai. 
Magar ab gunah se azad, aur Khu- 
da ke gulam hokar, tum ko apna 
phal mila, jis se paklzagi hasil hoti 
hai, aur is ka anjam hamesha kl 
2indagl hai. Kyunki gunah kl maz- 
diirl maut hai, magar Khuda kl 
bakhshish hamare Khudawand 
Maslh Yisu' men hamesha kl zin- 
dagi hai "" 

INJIL. MarquB viii. 1. 

TTN dinon men, jab phir barl bhir 
U jama' hul, aur un ke pas iuch& 
khane ko na tha, to Yisu' ne apne 
shagirdon ko pas bulakar un se 
kaha; Mujhe is bhir par tars ata 
hai, l^unki yih tin din se barabar 
mere saFh rahl hai, aur in ke pas 
kuohh khane ko nahin: agar main 
inhen bhuka ghar ko rukhsat karun, 
to rah men thakkar rah jaenge ; aur 
ba'z in men se dur ke hain. Us ke 
shagirdon ne use jawab diya, ki Is 
biyaban men kahan se kol itnl 
rotiyaa lae ki inhen ser kar sake ? 
Us ne un se puchha, ki Tumhare 
pas kitnl rotiyan haia ? Wuh bole. 
Sat. Phir us ne logon ko hukm 
diya, ki zamin par baitti jaen : aur 
us ne wuh s&t rotiyan lin, aur shukr 
karke torin, aur apne shagirdon ko 
deta gaya ki un ke age rakkhen; 
aur unhon ne logon ke age rakh 
din. Aur un ke pas thorl si chhoti 
machhliyan thto : us ne un par 
barakat ohahkar""kaha, kiyih bhi un 
ke age rakh do. Pas wuh khukar 
ser hue ; aur bache hue tukron ke 
eat tokre uthae. Aur log' char 
hazar ke qarib the; phir us ne 
unhea rukhsat kiya. 

Digitized by 




^Id % Ta$lU he ha'd ha Athwdn Itwdr. 

A I Khuda, ten kamil tadblr se 
zamin o asman kl sari b§ton ka 
intizam hota hai ; Ham 'ajizi se terf 
minnat karte hain, ki eab nuqean 
kamewalT ohizen ham se dur kar, 
aur sari mnfid chTzen hamen 'inayat 
farma; hamare Khudawand Yisu* 
Maslh ke wasile se. Amin. 

^HATT. Romioa yiii. 12. 

A I bhaiyo, ham qarzdar to hain, 
magar jism ke nahin, ki jism ke 
mutabiq zindagi guzaren. Kyunki 
agar turn jism ke mutabiq zindagi 
gnzaroge, to zariir maroge. Aur agar 
ruh se badan ke kamon ko nest o na- 
bud karoge, to jite rahoge. Is liye 
ki jitne Khuda ke Kuh kl hidayat 
se chalte hain, wuhl Khuda ke bete 
hain. Kyugki tum ko gulami ki 
ruh nahin mill, jis se phir dar paid a 
ho; balki lepalak hone ki ruh mill, 
jis se ham Abba, ya'n! ai Bap, 
kahkar pukarte hain. Euh khud 
hamari ruh ke sath milkar gawahi 
deta hai, ki ham Khuda ke tarzand 
hain. Aur agar farzand hain, to 
waris bhi hain; yani Khuda ke 
waris, aur Masih ke hammiras ; ba- 
sharte ki ham us ke sath dukh 
uthaen, taki us ke sath jalal bhi 

mJIL. Mail vu. 15. 

JHtJTHE nabloasekhabardar raho, 
jo tumhare pas bheron ke bhes 
men ate hain, magar batin men 
pharnewale bheriye hain. Un ke 
phalon se tum unhen pahchan logo. 
Kya jhariyon se angur, y^ untka- 
taron se anjir torte hain ? Isi tarah 
har ek achchha darakht aohchha 
phal lata hai, aur bura darakht bura 
phal lata hai. Achchha darakht 
bura phal nah&a la sakta, na bura 
darakht achchha phal la sakta hai. 
Jo darakht achchha phal nahin lata, 
wuh kata aur ag men dala jata hai. 
Pas un ke phalon se tum unhen 

pahchan lege. Jo mujh se, Ai Khu- 
dawand, ai Khudawand, kahte hain, 
un men se har ek asman ki badsha- 
hat men dakhil na hoga, magar wuhl 
jo mere asmani Bap ki marzi par 
ohalt& hai. 

'Id % TaslU he ba'd hd Nawdn Itwdr. 

A I Khadawand, ham 'arz karte 
hain, hamen aisi tabl'at 'inayat 
kar, ki hamesha wuh baten jo rast 
hain sochen aur 'amal men laen ; 
taki ham, jo tujh ba^air kol nek 
kam nahin kar sakte, terl madad se 
teri marzi ke mutabiq zindagi basar 
kar saken ; hamare Khiidawand Yisu* 
Masih ke wasile se. Amin, 

^HATT. 1 KurintioD x. 1. 

A I bhaiyo, main tumhara is se 
nawaqif rahna nahin chahta, 
ki hamare sare bapdada badal ke 
niche the, aur sab ke sab samundar 
men se gazre; aur sab hi ne us 
badal aur samundar men Miisa ka 
baptisma liya; aur sab ne ek hi 
ruhani khurak khal ; aur sab ne ek 
hi riihani pan! piya: kyunki wuh 
us ruhani chatan men se panT pite 
the, jo un ke sath sath chaltl thi : 
aur wuh chatan Masih tha. Magar 
un men aksaron se Khuda razi na 
hua; chunanchi wuh biyaban men 
dher ho gaye. Yih baten hamare 
waste 'ibrat thahrln, taki ham burl 
chizon ki khwahish na karen, jaise 
unhon ne ki. Aur tum butparast 
na banc, jis tarah ba'z un men ban 
gaye the; chunanchi likha hai, ki 
Log khane pine baithe, phir nachne 
kiidne uthe. Aur ham haramkarl 
na karen, jis tarah un men se ba'z 
ne kl, aur ek hi din men tels hazar. 
mare gaye. Aur ham Khudawand 
kl azmaish na karen, jaise un men 
se ba'z ne kl, aur sanpon ne unhen 
halak kiya. Aur tum burburao 
nahin, jis tarah^nn n.e^^^^[^ur. 



burae, anr halak kamewale se halak 
hue. Tih baten un par 'ibrat ke liye 
waqi' huln, aur ham akhirl zamane- 
walon kl naslhat ke waste likhl 
gajTn. Fas jo kol apne ap ko qaim 
samajhta hai, wuh khabardar rahe, 
ki gir na pare. Turn kisi aisi azmaish 
men nahin pare, jo insan kl bardasht 
se bahar ho. * Anr Khnda saohcha 
hai ; wnh tum ko tumhail taqat se 
ziyada azmaish men na pame dega ; 
balki azmaish ke sath nikalne kl 
rah bhi paida kar dega, taki tum 
bardasht kar sako. 

INJIL. Ltlqa xyi. 1. 

YISU' ne shagirdon se bhi kaba, 
ki Kisi daulatmand ka ek mu- 
khtar tha ; ns kl logon ne us se shi- 
kayat kl, ki Yih teralmal urata hai. 
Fas us ne us ko bulakar kaha, ki Yih 
kya hai, jo main tere haqq men sunta 
hun ? Apnl mukhtarl ka hisSb de ; 
kyiinki age ko tii mukhtar nahin rah 
sakta. Us mukhtar ne apne jl men 
kaha, ki Kya karun? kyunki mera 
malik mujh se mukhtarl chhine leta 
hai : mitti to majh se khodi nahin 
jati, aur bhikh mangne se sharm atl 
hai. Main samajh gaya ki kya karun, 
taki jab mukhtarl se mauquf ho 
jaun, to log mujhe apne gharon men 
jagah den. Fas us ne apne malik ke 
ek ek qarzdar ko bulakar pahle se 
piichha, ki Tujh par mere malik ka 
kya ata hai ? Us ne kaha ; Sau man 
tel. Us ne us se kaha, ki Apnl 
dastawez le, aur jald baithkar pachas 
likh de. Fhir diisre se kaha ; Tujh 
par kya ata hai ? Us ne kaha ; Sau 
man gehiin. Us ne us se kah&, ki 
Apnl dastawez lekar assi likh de. 
Attr malik ne belman mukhtar kl 
ta'rif kl, is liye ki us ne hoshyarl 
kl thi : kyu^H is jahan ke farzand 
apne hamjinson ke sath mu'amalat 
men nur ke farzandon ki nisbat 
ziyada hoshyar hain. Aur main 
tum se kahta hun, ki NarastI kl 
daulat se apne liye dost paida karo j 
taki jab wuh jatT rahe, to yih tum 
ko hamesha ke maskanon men jagah 

*Id i TaslU ke Wd ha Daswan Itwar, 

A I Khudawand, terl rahmat 
ke kan tere 'ajiz bandon kl 
du'aoQ par lage rahen; aur is liye 
ki wuh apnl muradon ko pahunohen, 
aisa kar ki wuh un chizon kl darkb- 
wast karen, jo tujhe pasand aen ; 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ke 
waslle se. Amln. 

5HATT. 1 KurintiOD xii. 1. 

A I bh&iyo, main nahin chahta, ki 
tum ruhani ni'maton ke bare 
men bekhabar raho. Tum jante ho, 
ki jab turn gairqaum the, to gunge 
buton ke pichhe jis tarah kol tum 
ko le jata tha, usi tarah jate the. 
Fas main tumhen jatata hun, ki jo 
kol Khuda ke Euh kl hidayat se 
bolta hai, wuh nahin kahta, ki Yisii' 
mal'un hai ; aur na kol Euhu'l Quds 
ke bagair kah sakta hai, ki Yisu' 
Khudawand hai. Ni'maten to tarah 
tarah kt hain, magar Euh ek hi hai. 
Aur khidmaten Imi tarah tarah kl 
hain, magar Khudawand ek hi hai. 
Aur tS.8lren bhi tamh tarah kl hain, 
magar Khuda ek hi hai, jo sab men 
bar tarah ka asar paida karta hai. 
Lekin bar shakhs men Euh ka zuhur 
faida pahunchane ke liye hota hai. 
Kyimki ek ko Eiih ke waslle se 
hikmat ka kalam 'in&yat hota hai ; 
aur diisre ko usI Euh kl marzl ke 
muwafiq 'ilmlyat ka kalam : kisi ko 
usI Euh se Iman ; aur kisi ko usI ek 
Euh se shifa dene kl tauAq ; kisi ko 
mu'jizon klqudraten; kisi ko nubuw- 
wat ; kisi ko jriihon kl imtiyaz ; kisi 
ko tarah tarah kl z^^baneg ; kisi ko 
zabanon k& tarjuma karna: lekin 
yih sab tasiren wuhl ek Euh karta 
hai, aur jis ko jo ch&hta hai, bantta 

INJiL. Luqaxir.41. 

JAB nazdik akar shahr ko dekha, 
to us par roya, aur kahs ; Kash 
ki tii apne isl din men salamati kl 
baton janta! magar ab wuh teri 
ankhon se chhip gayl hain. Kyiinki 

"" *" Digitized by VjDOylC" 


wuh din tujh par aenge, ki tere 
duehman tere gird morcha bandhkar 
tujlie gher lenge, anr bar taraf se 
tang karenge, anr tujh ko, anr tere 
bachchon ko jo tujh men hain,'zamln 
par de patkenge ; anr tnjh men kisi 
pattbar par pattbar baql na ohbo- 
renge ; is liye ki tfi ne ns waqt ko 
na pabcbana, jab tujh par nigah kl 
gayl. Pbir wub baikal men jakar be- 
cbnewalon ko nikd,lne laga, anr un se 
kaba ; Likba bai, ki Mera gbar dn'd, 
ka gbar boga ; magar tarn ne ns ko 
dakuon kl kbob bana diya. Aur wub 
bar roz baikal men ta'llm deta tb&. 

*Id % Taslts he ha'd ka Gydrahucan 


A I Kbnd&, Tu apnl k&mil qudrat 
kbasskar rabm kame anr taras 
kbane men zabir karta bai; Babm 
karke apna fazl bam par is qadr 
nazil kar, ki bam, tere bukmon kl 
rab men daurkar, ten mibr ke wa'don 
ko basil ka'ren, aur tere asm am 
kbazane ke sbarlk bo jaen; bamare 
Kbudawand Yisu' Ma8Tb"ke waslle 
se. Amin. 

¥:HATT. 1 Kurintioo XV. 1. 

A I bbaiyo, main tumbea wubl 
kbusbkbabarl jat&e deta bun 
jo pabie de cbuka bun, jise tum ne 
qabul bbl kar liya t£a, aur jis par 
qaim bli! bo ; ust ke ivasilo se tum 
ko najat bbl miltl bai, basbarte ki 
wub kbusbkbabarr jo main ne tum- 
ben dl tbi yad rakbte bo; wama 
tumbara Iman lana befaida bua. 
Gbunancbi main ne sab se pable 
tum ko wubl bat pabunoba dl, jo 
mujbe pabuncbl tbI, ki Masth kitab 
i muqaddas ke bamujib bamare 
gunabon ke liye mua ; aur dafn bua ; 
aur tisre din kitab i muqaddas ke 
bamujib jl utba; aur Kefa ko, aur 
ns ke ba'd un barab ko dikbai diya ; 
pbir pancb sau se ziyada bbaiyog 
KO ek satb dikbai diya, jin men se 
aksar ab tak maujud bain, aur ba'z 
so gaye; pbir Ta'(]^iib kp dikba| 

diya ; pbir sare rasulon ko ; aur sab 
se pTcbbe mujb ko, jo goya adbiire 
dinon kl paidaisb bun, dikbai diya. 
Kyunki main rasulon men sab se 
cbbota bun, balki rasul kahlane ke 
laiq nabin, is liye ki main ne Kbuda 
kl kallsiya ko sataya tba. Lekin jo 
knobb bun, Kbuda ke fazl se bun : 
aur us ka fazl jo mujb par bua, wub 
befaida nabin bua ; balki main ne 
un sab se ziyada mibnat kl : aur yib 
men taraf se nabTn bul, balki Kbuda 
ke fazl se jo mujb par tba. Pas 
kbwab main bun, kbwab wub hon, 
bam yibi manadi karte bain, aur isl 
par tum Iman bbl lae. 

INJIL. Luqa zyiii. 9. 

YISU' ne ba'z logon se, jo apne 
par bbarosa rakbte tbe, ki bam 
rastbaz bain, aur baqi admTon ko 
naobiz jante tbe, yib tamsll kabr, 
ki Do sbakbs baikal men du'a 
mangne gaye ; ek FarisI, dusra 
mabsul lenewala. Farlsl kbara bo- 
kar apne jT men y^n du'a m^-ngne 
laga, ki Ai Kbuda, main tera sbukr 
karta bun, ki baqI admlon kl tarab 
zalim, beinsaf, zinakar, ya is mab- 
sul lenewale kl manind nabin bun. 
Main bafte men do bar roza rakbta, 
aur apnl san amadani pa?: dabyaki 
lagata bun. Lekin mabsul lenewale 
ne dur khare bokar itna bbl na 
chaba, ki asman IsJ taraf ankb utbae | 
balki cbbati pit pitkar kaba, ki Ai 
Kbuda, mujb gunabgar par rabn^ 
kar. Main tum se kabta bto, k} 
Yib sbakbs dttsre kl nisbat rastbaz 
tbabrkar apne gbar gaya; kyunki 
jo kol apne ap ko bara banaega, 
wnb cbbota kiya jaega ;* aur jo apne 
ap ko cbbota banaega, wub bar^t 
kiya jaega. 

'Id i Taalls Tee ha*d Jed Bdrahwdn 


A I Qadir i Mntlaq aur azall Kbuda, 
Tu bamare mangne kl nisbat 
sunne par bamesba ziyada musta'idd 
rcibta, aur hamarl aijzu imy liyaqat 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



dono se ziyada ham ko diya karta 
hai; Apnl rahmat ham par kasrat 
se nazil ketr, anr jin kamon ke sabab 
hamare dil kanpte hain unben mu'af 
farma, aur wuh achohhl chlzen 
hamen de, jin ke mangne ke ham 
laiq nahTn, magar sirf tere Bete apne 
Khudawand Yisu* Masih ke sawab 
aur shafa'at ke tnfail se. Amin. 

lf.HA.TT, 2 Kttrintloo iii. 4. 

HAM Maalh kl ma'rifat Khuda 
par aisa hi bharosa rakhte 
hain : yih nahin ki ba zat i khad 
ham is laiq hain, ki apnl taraf se 
knchh khay^l bbl kar saken ; balki 
ham&rl liyaqat Khnda kl taraf se 
hai; jis ne ham ko naye 'ahd ke 
khadim hone ke laiq bhi kiya : laf- 
zon ke khadim nahln^ balki riih ke ; 
kynnki lafz mar dalte hain, magar 
ruh zinda karti hai. Aur jab mant 
ka wuh 'ahd jis ke huruf pattharon 
par khode gaye the aisa jalalwala 
hua, ki bani Israll Musa ke chihre 
par, us jalal ke sabab se jo us ke 
chihre par tha, gaur se nazar na 
kar sake; halanki wuh ghatta jata 
tha; to ruh k& 'ahd to zarur hi 
jalalwala hoga. Kyunki jab mujrim 
thahranewala 'ahd jalalwala tha, to 
rastbazi ka 'ahd to zarur hi jalalwala 

INJiL. MarquB Tii. 31. 

■^ISU' phir Sur ki sarhaddon se 
X nikalkar Saida ki rah se Dika- 
pulis ki sarhaddon men hota hua 
Galll kt jhll par pahuncba. Aur 
logon ne ek bahre ko jo hakla bhi 
tha, us ke pas lakar us kl minnat ki, 
ki apna hath us par rakh. Wuh us 
ko bhir men sei alag le gaya, aur 
apnl ungliyan us ke kanon men dalln, 
aur thukkar us kl zaban chhui, aur 
asman kl taraf nazar karke ek ah 
bharl, aur us se kaha ; I£fattah, ya'nl 
Khul ja. Aur us ke kan khul gaye, 
aur us kl zaban ki girih khul gayl, 
aur wuh saf bolne laga. Aur us ne 
unhen hukm diya, ki KisI se na 
kahna; lekin jitna wuh un ko hukm 
deta raha, utna hi ziyada wuh charoha 

karte rahe. Aur unhon ne nihayat 
hi hairan hokar kaha ; Jo kuchh us 
ne kiya, sab aohcbha kiy&; wuh 
bahron ko sunne kl, aur gunS^S ^® 
bolne ki t&qat det& hai. 

*Id i Taslta he ha^d ha Terahwdn 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur rahim 
Khuda, ten hi 'inayat se tere 
imandar bande haqiqi aur pasandlda 
khidmat kar sakte hain; Ham 'arz 
karte hain, ki is zindagi men ten 
khidmat aisi im&ndail se baja laen, 
ki akhir i kar tere asmani wa'don se 
mahrum na rahen ; hamare Ehuda- 
wand Yisu' Maslh ke sawab ke sabab. 

?:HATT. Galatioo iii. 16. 

IBBAHIM aur us ki nasi se wa'de 
kiye gaye. Wuh yih nahin 
kahta, ki naslon se, jaisa bahuton 
ke waste kaha jata hai ; balki jaisa 
ek ke waste, ki Teri nasi ko; aur 
wuh Masih' hai. Mera yih matlab 
hp^i, ki Jis 'ahd ki Khuda ne pahle 
se tasdiq ki thi, us ko sharfat char 
sau tls baras ke ba'd akar batil nahin 
kar sakti, ki wuh wa'da lahasil hoi 
Kyiinki agar miras shan'at ke sabab 
se mill hai, to wa'de ke sabab se na 
hui: magar Ibrahim ko Khuda ne 
wa'de hi ki rah se bakhshi. Fas 
sharf at ky a rahi ? Wuh naf armanion 
ke sabab se ba'd men di gayi, ki us 
nasi ke ane tak rahe jis se wa'da 
kiya gaya tha ; aur wuh firishton ke 
wasile se ek darmiyaui ki ma'rifat 
muqarrar ki gayi. Ab darmiyani 
ek ka nahig hota ; magar Khuda ek 
hi hai. Pas kya shari'at Khud& 
ke wa'don ke khilaf hai? Hargiz 
nahin ! kyiinki agar koi aisi shari'at 
di j&ti, jo zindagi bakhsh sakti, to 
albatta rastbazi shari'at ke sabab 
se hoti. Magar kitab i muqaddau 
ne sab ko gunah ka mataht kar 
diya, taki wuh wa'da jo Yisu* Masih 
par iman lane par mauqiif hai. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Tmandfiroa ke haqq mea pur& kija 

INJiL. Luqix.23. 

MUBAEAK Lain wnh ankhen jo 
yih baten dekhti hain, jinhen 
turn dekhte hor Kyunki main turn 
se kahta hun, ki Bahut se nabloQ 
aur badshabon ne cbaba, ki jo baten 
tnm dekbte bo dekben, magar na 
dekhin ; anr jo baten turn sunte bo 
sunenT magar na sunln. Aur 
dekbo, ek 'alim i sbara* utba, anr 
yib kabkar ns kl azmaisb karne 
laga, ki Ai nstad, main kja kariin, 
ki bamesba kl zindagi ka waris 
baniin ? TJs ne us se kaba, ki Tanret 
men kya likbfi, bai? Tu kis tarah 
pai-bta bai ? Us ne jaw&b men kaba, 
ki Kbudawand apne Kbnda se, apne 
Bare dil anr apnl sarr jan anr apni 
sari taqat anr apnl sari !aql se ma- 
babbat rakb; anr Apne parausl se 
apne barabar mababbat rakb. Us 
ne us se kaba ; Tu ne tbik jawab 
diya : yibi kar, to tii jlega. Magar 
us ne apne tain rastbaz tbabrane kl 
garaz se Yisu* se pucbba, Pbir mera 
parausl kaun bai? Yisu' ne jawab 
men kaba, ki Ek adml Yarusbalem 
se Yaribo ki taraf ja raba tba, ki 
dakuon men gbir gaya; unbon ne 
us ke kapre"utar liye, anr mara bbl, 
aur adbmua cbborkar cbale gaye. 
Ittifaqan ek kabin usi rab se ja 
raba tba ; aur use dokbke katrakar 
cbala gaya. Isi tarab ek Lewi us 
jagab aya; wub bbT use dekbke 
katrakar obala gaya. Lekin ek 
Samarl safar karte karte waban a 
nikla, aur dekbkar tars kbaya, aur 
us ke pas aya, aur us ke zakbmon 
ko tel aur mai lagakar b&ndba, aur 
apne jan war par sawar karke sarae 
mea le gaya, aur us kl kbabargirl 
kl. Dusre din do dinar nikalkar 
bbatiyare ko diye aur kaba; Is ki 
kbabargM kama ; aur jo kuobb is 
se ziyada kbarcb boga, main pbir 
akar tujbe ada kar diinga. In tinon 
me& se us sbakbs ka, jo dakuon 
men gbir gaya tba, terl dknist men 
kaun parausl tbabra? Us ne kaba ; 
Wub jisne us par rabm kiya. Yisu' 

ne us se kaba; Ja, tii bbl aisa hi 

^'Jd i TasUs ke ha*d Jca Ohatidahwaff 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall 
Kbuda, Iman, ummed, aur 
mababbat ko bam men barba ; aur 
is liye ki bam tere wa'don ko 
basil kareQ, aisa kar ki tere buk- 
mon ko 'aziz janen; bamare Kbu- 
djlwand Yisu' Masib ke waslle se. 

5HATT. Galatioa v. 16. 

MAQAR main yib kabta biin, 
ki Rub k-e muwafiq obalo, 
to jism kl khwabisb ko bargiz pura 
na karoge. Kyunki jism Rub ke 
kbilaf kbwabisb karta bai, aur Rub 
jism ke kbilaf; aur yib ek dusre ke 
mukbalif bain ; taki jo turn cbabte 
ho, wub na karo. Aur agar turn 
Rub kl bid ay at se cbalte bo, to 
sbarfat ke matabt nabin rabe. Ab 
jism ke kam to zabir bain, ya'nl 
baramkarl, napaki, sbabwatparasti, 
butparasti, jadugarl, 'adawaten, jba- 
gra, basad, gussa, tafriqe, judaian, 
bid'aten, bugz, nasbebftzl, naobrang, 
aur &ur in kl manind : in kl babat 
tumben pable se kabe deta bun, 
jaisa ki pesbtar jata obuka bun, 
ki aise kam karnewale Kbud& kl 
badsbabat ke wans na bonge. 
Magar Rub ka pbal mababbat, 
kbusbl, itmlnan, tabammul, mibr- 
bani, nekl, imandari, hilm, par- 
bezgarl bai: aise aise kamoa kl 
koi sbarl'at mukbalif nabln. Aur 
jo Masib Yisu' ke bain, unbon ne 
jism ko us kl ragbaton aur kbwabi- 
sbon samet sallb par khencb diya 

INJIL. Liiqa xvii. 11. 

AUR aisa hii§., ki Yarusbalem ko 
jate hue Yisii' Samariya aur 
Galll ke blob se bokar ja raba tba. 
Aur ek ganw me^ dakbil bote waqt, 
das korbl us ko mile. Unbon ne 

Digitized by 



dur khare hokar baland awaz se 
kaha; Ai Yisu', ai sahib; ham par 
rahm kar. Us ne unhea dekhkar 
kaha; Jao, apne tain kahino^ ko 
dikhao. Aur aisa hua ki wuh jate 
jate pak saf ho gaye. Phir un mea 
se ek, yih dekhkar ki main shifa pa 
gaya, baland awaz se Khud& kf barai 
karta hua lauta. Aur munh ke bal 
Yisu* ke panwon par girke us ka 
shukr kame'lagl ; aur wuh Samarl 
tha. Yisu* ne jaw&b men kaha, 
Kya dason pak saf na hue ? Phir 
wuh nau kahaQ hain ? Kya siwa is 
pardesl ke &ur na nikle, jo lautkar 
khuda kl tamjid karte ? Phir us se 
kaha ; XTthkar chal& j& ; tere Iman 
ne tujhe aohGhh& kiya hai. 

'Id f TasUa ke ha*d id Pandrdhwan 


A I Khudawand, ham 'arz karte 
ham, ki apnl Kallsiya ko apnl 
daimi rahmat se rnahfuz rakh; aur 
chunk! insan apnl kamzorl ke sabab 
gime se tujh bagair bach nahl^ 
sakta, tu madad karke hamen sab 
nuqsan kamewall chlzon se bach&, 
aur jo baten hamarl najat ke liye 
faidamaud hain un kl taraf hamarl 
rahnumal kar; ham&re Khudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke wasile se. Amln. 

]^HATT. Galatioavi.ll. 

DEKHO, maig ne kaise bare bare 
harfon me^ turn ko apne hath 
se likha hai. Jitne log jismaul 
namud ohahte hain, wuh tumhen 
khatna karane par majbur karte 
hain ; sirf is liye ki Maslh ki sallb 
ke sabab satae na jaeg. Kyunki 
khatna karanewale khud bhi shari'at 
par 'amal nahin karte ; magar tum- 
hara khatna is liye karana chahte 
hain, ki tumharl jismani halat par 
fakhr karen. Lekin Ehuda na kare. 
Id maig kist chiz par fakhr karun, 
siwa apne Khudawand Yisu* Maslh 
kl salib ke, jis se dunya mere i'tibar 
se maslub hiil, aur main dunya ke 

UB. PR. 

i'tibar se. Kyunki na khatna kuchh 
chiz hai, na namakhtuul, balki naye 
sire se makhluq bona. Aur jitue is 
qa'ide par chalen, unhen, aur Khuda 
ke Israll ko, itmInS,n aur rahm hasil 
hota rahe. Age ko kol mujhe takllf 
na de : kyiinki main apne jism par 
Yisu' ke dSg liye hue phirta hun. 
Ai bhaiyo, haraare Khudawand Yisii' 
Maslh ka fazl tumharl ruh ke sath 
rahe. Amln. 

INJIL. Matiyi.24. 

KOl drdml do malikon ki khidmat 
nahin kar sakta; kjunki ja 
to ek se 'adawat rakkhega, aur diisre 
se mahabbat, ya ek se mila rahega, 
aur dusre ko n&chiz janega. Tum 
Khuda aur daulat dono kl khidmat 
nahlQ kar sakte. Is liye main tum 
se kahta hiin, ki apni jan ka fikr na 
karna ki ham kya khaenge ? ya kya 
plenge? aur na apne badan ka, ki 
kya pahinenge ? Kya jan khurak 
se, aur badan poshak se barhkar 
nahlQ? HawS ke parando^ ko 
dekho, ki na bote hain, na katte, 
na kothiyoQ men jama' karte hain ; 
taubhl tumhara asmani Bap un ko 
khilata hai. Kya tum un ee ziyada 
qadr oahlQ rakhte ? Tum men aisa 
kaun hai, jo fikr karke apnl 'umr 
men ek gbarl bhI barha sake ? Aur 
posb&k ke liye kyun fikr karte ho? 
Jangll sosan ke darakhton ko gaur 
se dekho, ki wuh kis tarah barhte 
hain; wuh na mihnat karte,* na 
katte hai^; taubhl main tum se 
kahta hUn, ki Sulaiman bhi, bawujud 
apnl sari shan o shaukat ke, un me^ 
se kisi kl manind poshak pahine hiie 
na tha. Pas jab Khuda maidan kl 
ghas ko, jo aj hai, aur kal tanur men 
jhoQki jaegl, aisi poshak pahinatl 
hai, to ai kami'tiqado, tum ko kyus 
na pahina dega ? Is liye fikrmand 
hokar yih na kaho, ki Ham kya 
khaenge? ya kya plenge? ya kya 
pahinenge? Ki in sab ohizoQ kl 
tal&sh men gair-qaumeg rahtl hain ; 
aur tumhara asmani Bap janta hai, 
ki tum in sab ohtzon ke muhtaj ho ; 
balki tum pahle us kl badshahat aur 

Digitized by VjOQQIC 


us kl rastbazl ki talash karo, to yih 

Bab oblzen bbl tumhen mil jaencl. INJIL. Luqa vii. 11. 

Pas kal ke liyc fikr na karo^ kjunki TpHOEE 'arse ke ba'd aisa hiia, ki 
kal kA ^din apne liye ap fikr kar J. Tisu' Natn nam ek sbabr ko 
legft. Aj ke liye aj bi ka dukb gaya, aur us ke sbagird aur babut 
kaft bai. se log us ke bamrab tbe. Jab wub 

sbabr ke pbatak ke nazdlk pabuncba ; 
to dekbo, ek murde ko babar liye 
j&te tbe ; wub apnl m&n ka iklauta 
beta tba, aur wub bewa tbT: aur 
sbabr ke babutere log us ke satb 
tbe. Use dekbkar Kbudawand ko 
tars aySr aur us se kaba ; Bo nabln. 
Pbir us ne pas akar janaze ko cbbua, 
aur utb&newale kbare bo gaye, aur 
us ne kaba ; Ai jawan, main tujb se 
kabta biin ; Utb. Wub murda utb 
baitba, aur bolne laga. Aur us ne 
use us kl man ko saunp diya. Aur 
sab par dabsbat cbba gayl, aur vrah 
Kbuda kl baral karke kabne lage, 
ki Ek bstra na'bl bam men utba bai, 
aur yib, ki Khuda ne apnT ummat 
par tawajjub kl bai. Aur us kl 
nisbat yih kbabar sftre Tabudiya 
aur tamSm girdnawab men pbail 

*Id % ToBlia ke ha^d M Solahwdn Itwar, 

A I Kbudawand, bam terl minnat 
karte baig, ki terl d&imi 
sbafaqat terl Kallsiya ko pak saf 
kare aur bacj^ae; aur cbiinki wub 
ten kumak bagair sal&mat nabin rab 
saktl, apni mibr o madad se bamesba 
us kl bi&zat kar; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masih ke waslle se. Amln. 

5HATT. AfMOD iii. 13. 

MAIN darkbwast karta bun, ki 
turn meri un musibaton ke 
sabab jo tumb&rl kbatir sabta bun, 
bimmat na bare, kyiinki wxib turn- 
bare liye 'izzat ka ba'is bain. Is 
sabab se main us Bap ke Age 
gbutuQ tekta bug, jis se asmfo aur 
zamin ka bar ek kband&n namzad 
bai; ki wub apne jalal kl daulat 
ke muwafiq tumben yib 'inayat 
kare, ki turn us ke Bub se apnl 
batini insanlyat men babut bi zora- 
war bo jao ; aur Iman ke waslle se 
Masib tumb&re dilon men sukunat 
kare; taki tum mababbat men jar 
pakarke, aur bunyad qaim karke, 
sab muqaddason samet bakbubi ma'- 
lum kar sako, ki us ki cbaurai, aur 
lambal, aur unch&I, aur gabr^i kitni 
bai, aur Masib ki us mababbat ko jan 
sako, jo janne se babar bai, taki tum 
Kbuda ki sari ma'murl tak ma'mur 
bo jao. Ab jo aisa qadir bai, ki us 
qudrat ke muwafiq jo bam men tasTr 
karti bai, bamarl darkbwUst aur 
kbayal se babut ziyada kam kar 
sakta bai, kallsiya men aur Masib 
Yisu' men pusbt dar pusbt, aur abad 
ul abad us ki tamjid boti rabe. 

*Id i TasUa Ice ha*d ka- Sairahwdn 


A I Kbud&wand, bam tujb se 'arz 
karte baia, ki tera fazl bame- 
sba bamare age picbbe cbale aur 
bamen - sab nek a'mal men bar waqt 
masruf rakkbe ; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib ke wasile se. Am\n, 

5HATT. AffiiOD iv. 1. 

PAS main jo Kbudawand men qaidi 
bu^, tum se iltimas kartl bun, 
ki jis bulawe se tum bulae gaye tbe, 
us ke munasib obalo ; ya'nl kamal 
firotani aur bilm ke satb tabammul 
karke mababbat se ek dusre ki 
bardasbt karo ; aur isi kosbisb men 
rabo, ki Bub ki yaganagi sulb ke 
band se bandbi rabe. Ek bi badan 
bai, aur ek bl Bub; obunanobi 
tumben jo bulae gaye tbe, apne 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


bnlae jane se ummed bhi ek hi hai ; 
ek hi Khudawand hai, ek hi imau, 
ek hi baptisma ; aur sab ka Khnda 
aur Bap ek hi hai, jo sab ke upar, 
aur 6ab ke darmiyan, anr sab ke 
andar hai. 

INJIL. Luqa xiv. 1. 

A IS A hiia ki Yisu' Sabt ke din Farl- 
slon ke sardaron men se kisi 
ke ghar khana khane ko gaya ; anr 
wnh us kl tak men rahe. Anr 
dekho, ek shakhs ns ke samne tha, 
jise jalandar tha. Yisu' ne shara' 
ke 'alimon aur Farlslon se kaha, ki 
Sabt ke din shifa bakhshni rawa hai, 
ya nahin? Wuh chup rah gaye. 
Us ne use hathlagakar shif^ bakhshi, 
anr chhor diya ; anr un se kaha, ki 
Tnm men se kann aisa hai, jis ka 
gadha ya bail kue men gir pare, anr 
wnh Sabt ke din ns ko fauran na 
nikal le ? Wuh in baton ka jawab 
na de sake. Jab us ne dekha, ki 
mihman sadr jagah kis tarah pasand 
karte hain, to nn se ek tamsll kahl, 
ki Jab kol tnjhe shad I men bulae, to 
sadr jagah par na baith, ki shayad 
ns ne tnjh se bhi kisI ziyada 'izzat- 
dar ko bulaya ho ; aur jis ne tujhe 
aur use dono ko bulaya hai akar 
tujh se kahe, ki Is ko jagah de ; phir 
tnjhe sharminda hokar sab se niche 
baithna pare. Balki jab tu bulaya 
jae, to sab se nichi jagah ja baith, 
taki jab tera bulanewala ae, to tujh 
se kahe, ki Ai dost, age barhkar 
baith; to un sab kl nazar men, jo 
tere sath khana khane baithe haii^, 
terl 'izzat hogi. Kyunki jo kol apne 
ap ko bars banaega wuh ohhota 
kiya jaega; aur jo apne ap kb 
chhota banaega, wuh bara kiya 

^Id % TasliB Ice ha^d kd Athdrahwdn 


A I ^hudawand, ham terl minnat 
karte hain, ki tu apne bandon 
ko yih tauftq de, ki wuh dunyfiij 

nafs, aur Shait&n kl azm&ishon ka 
muqUbala karen, aur saf dil aur 
khalis nlyat se tujh wahid Kbuda 
kl pairawl karen; hamare Khuda- 
wand Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se. Amin, 

?:HATT. 1 KurintiOD 1. 4. 

MAIN tumh&re bare men Khudft 
£e us fazl ke bfi'ia jo Maslh 
Yisii' men tum par hiia, hamesha 
apne Khud& ka shukr karta hun, ki 
tum us men bokar sab baton men, 
kalam aur 'ilm kl har tarah kl 
daulat se daulatmand ho gaye ho; 
ohunanohi Maslh kl gawahl tum 
men qaim hiii: yahan tak ki tum 
kisI ni'mat men kam nahin; anr 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ke 
zuhiir ke muntazir ho, jo tum ko 
akhir tak qaim bhi rakkhega, taki 
turn hamare Khudawand Yisu' Maslh 
ke din beUzam thahro. 

INJIL. Mail xxii. 34. 

JAB Farlslon ne suna, ki Yisii' ne 
Saduqion ka munh band kar 
diya, to wuh jama' ho gaye; aur 
un men se ek 'alim i shara* ne 
azmane~ke liye us se piichha; Ai 
nstad, Tauret men kaun sa hukm 
bars hai? Us ne us se kahft, ki 
Kliud&wand apne Khud& se apne 
Bare dil, aur apnl s§,n j&n, aur apnl 
sari 'aql se mahabbat rakh. Bara 
aur pahla, hukm yihl hai. Aur 
diisra us kl m&nind yih hai, ki 
ApuQ parausi se apne barfibar mah- 
abbat rakh. In hi do hnkmon par 
tamam Tanret aur ambiya ke sahl- 
fon ka madar hai. Aur jab Farlsl 
jama' hue, to^ Yisu* ne un se yih 
piichha, ki Tum Maslh ke haqq men 
kya samajhte ho? Wuh kis ka 
beta hai ? XJnhoQ ne ns se kaha ; 
Daiid ka. Us ne un se kaha ; Pas 
Daiid "Ruh. kl hidayat se kyunkar 
use Khudawand kaht% hai, ki 
Khud4wand ne mere Khudawand 
se kaha ; Merl dahni taraf baith, 
jab tak main tere dushmanon ko 
tere panwon ke niche na kar diin ? 
Pas jalT Daiid us ko Khudawand 

Digitized by 




kahta hai, to wuh us ka beta kyun- 
kar thahra ? Aur kol us ke jawab 
men ek bat na bol saka, aur nisi us 
din se pbir kisi ne us so suwal karne 
kl jur'at ki. 

'Id i TaalU he ha*d ha Unnmodn Itiodr, 

A I Khudfi, cbiinki bam tere bagair 
tujhe kbush nahin kar sakte ; 
Apnl rabmat se yib 'inayat kar, ki 
tera Eubul-Quds sab baton men 
bamare dil ka Hadi o Hakim rabe ; 
bamare Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke 
waslle se. Amtn. 

?HATT. AfBioniv. 17. 

IS liye main yib kabta bun, aur 
Kbudawand men jatae deta 
bun, ki jis tarab gair-qaumen apne 
bebuda kbayalat ke muwafiq cbaltl 
bain, turn ayanda ko us tarab na 
cbalna, kyunki un kl 'aql tarik bo 
gayl bai, aur wub us nadani ke 
sabab jo un men bai, aur apne dilon 
kl sakbtl ke ba'is, Kbuda ki zindagi 
se kbfirij bain ; unbon ne sun bokar 
sbabwatparasti ko ikbtiyar kiya, 
taki bar tarab ke gande kam birs se 
kafen. Magar tum ne Masib ki aisi 
ta'llm nabin pal; balki tum ne us 
saobcbai ke mutabiq, jo Yisu' men 
bai, usi kl sunt, aur us men yib 
ta'lim pai bogi, ki tum apne agle 
cbal chalan ki us purani insaniyat 
ko utar dale, jo fareb ki sbabwaton 
ke sabab se kbarab boti jati bai ; 
aur apnl 'aql ki rubani balat men 
naye bante jao, aur nayi insaniyat ko 
pabino, jo Kbuda ke mutabiq saob- 
cb&i ki rastbazi aur pakizagi men 
paida ki gayl bai. Pas jbutb bolna 
cbborkar bar ek sbakbs apne parausi 
se sacb bole, kyunki bam apas'men 
ek dusre ke 'uzw bain. Gussa to 
karo, magar gunab na karo : suraj 
ke dubne tak tumbari kbafagi na 
rabe: aur Iblls ko mauqa' na do. 
Cbori kamewala pbir ebori na kare, 
balki acbcbba pesba ikbtiyar karke 
b&tbon se mibnat kare, taki mubtaj 

ko dene ke liye us ke pas kucbb bo. 
Koi gandi bat tumbare munb se na 
nikle, balki wubi jo zarurat ke 
muwafiq taraqqi ke liye acbobbi bo, 
taki us se sunnewalon par fazl bo. 
Aur Kbuda ke pak Hub ko ranjida 
na karo, jis se tum par makblasi ke 
din ke liye mubr bul. Har tarab ki 
talkbmizaji, aur qabr, aur gussa, aur 
sbor o gul, aur badgoi, bar qism ki 
badkbwabi samet, tum se dur ki 
jaefi : aur ek dusre par mibrban, 
aur narmdil bo, aur jis tarab Kbuda 
ne Masib men tumbare qusur mu'af 
kiye bain, tum bbi ek dusre ke 
qusur mu'af karo. 

INJIL. Matiix. 1. 

rSTJ* kisbtl par cbarbkar par 
gaya, aur apne shabr men aya. 
Aur dekbo, log ek mafluj ko, cbarpal 
par para bua, us ke pas lae. Yisu' 
ne unka TmSn dekbkar, mafluj se 
kaba ; Beta, kbatir jama' rakb ; tere 
gunab mu'af. bue. Aur dekbo, ba'z 
faqibon ne apne dil me$ kaba ; Yib 
kufr bakta hai. Yisu' ne un ke 
kbay&l ma'lum karke kaba, ki Tum 
kyun apne_dilon men bure kbayal 
late ho ? Asan kya bai, yib kabna, 
ki Tere gunab mu'af bue, ya yib 
kabna, ki Utb aur cbal pbir ? Lekin 
is liye ki turn jan lo, ki Ibn i Adam 
ko zamin par gunabon ke mu'af 
karne ka ikbtiyar hai, (us ne mafluj 
se kaba ; ) Utb : apnl cbarpai utba, 
aur apne gbar cbala ja. Wub utb- 
kar apne gbar cbala gaya. Log yib 
dekbkar dar gaye, aur Kbuda ki 
barai karne lage, jis ne admion ko 
aisa ikbtiyar bakbsba. 

'Id i Tadls he ha'd kd Btatodn Itwdr. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur kamal 
rabim Kbuda, bam teri minnat 
karte bain, apni beintiba mibr se 
bames sab nuqsan kamewali cbizon 
se bacbae rakb; taki bam, jism o 
rub se musta'idd bokar, un kamo^ 
ko jo tS bam se cbabU bai kbusbl 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



se pura karen ; hamare Kkudawand 
Yisu' Masrh ke wasile se. Amln. 

«:hatt. Afiioav.l5. 

PAS ganr se dekho, ki kis tarah 
chalte ho; nadanon kl tarah 
nahln, balkidaDaon kl manind chalo ; 
aur waqt ko g^anlmat jano, kjunki 
din bure hain. Is sabab se nadan 
na bano, balki Khndawand kl marzi 
ko samjho, ki kya hai. Aur sharab 
me]& matwale na bano, kyunki is se 
badchalnl waqi' hot! hai ; balki Euh 
se ma'mur hote jao ; aur apsis men 
mazamir, aur git,'anr ruhani gazalen 
gayft karo, aur dil se Khudawand ke 
liye gate bajate raha karo ; aur sab 
batoB men hamare Khudawand Tisu' 
Masih ke nam se hamesha Khuda 
Bap ka shukr karte raho ; aur Masih 
ke khauf se ek dusre ke tabi' raho. 

INJIl. Mati xxii. 1. 

YlStJ' ne kaha Asman kl badsba- 
hat us badshah kl manind hai, 
jis ne apne bete kl shadi kf; aur 
apne naukaron ko bhejS ki bulae 
huon ko shadi men bulaen; magar 
unhon ne ana na chaha. Pliir us ne 
&ur naukaron ko yih kahkar bheja, 
ki Bulae huon se kaho, ki Dekho, 
main ne ziyafat taiyar kar ll hai ; 
mere bail aur mote mote janwar 
zabh ho chuke hain, aur sab kuchh 
taiyar hai; shadi men ao. Magar 
wuh beparwai karke ohal diye, koi 
apne khet ko, kol apni saudagari ko, 
aur baqlOQ ne us ke naukaron ko 
pakarkar be'izzat kiya, aur mar dala. 
B&dsh&h ko gussa aya, aur apna 
lashkar bhejkar, un khunlon ko 
halak kar diya, aur un ka shahr 
phunk diya. Tab us ne apne nau- 
karoQ se kaha, ki Shadi kl ziyafat to 
taiyar hai, magar bulae hue laiq na 
the. Pas raston ke nakon par jao, 
aur jitne tumhen milen, shadi men 
bula lao. Aur wuh naukar bahar 
raston par jakar, jo unhen mile, kya 
bure kya bhale, sab ko jama* kar lae, 
aur shadi kl mahfil mihm&non se 
bhar gayl. Aur jab badshah mihma- 
noQ ke dekhne ko andar aya, to us 

ne wahaa ek adml ko dekha, jo 
shadi kl poshak pahine hue na tha ; 
aUr us se kaha ; Miyan, tu shadi ki 
poshak pahine bagair yahan kyunkar 
a gaya ? Lekin us ka munh band ho 
gay a. Is par badshah ne khadimon 
se kaha ; Us ke hath panw baiidhkar 
us ko b&har andhere men dal do; 
wahan rona aur danton ka pisna 
hoga. Kyunki bulae hue bahut 
bain, magar barguzida there. 

'Id % Taslr%8 he Wd ha IhhUwd^ Itwar. 

A I Eahim Khudawand, ham terl 
minnat karte hain apne Iman- 
dar bandon ko mu'afi aur itmlnan 
bakhsh ; ki wuh apne tamam guua- 
hon se pak hokar diljama'I se terl 
khidmat karen ; hamare Khudawand 
Yisu' Masih ke wasile se. Amln, 

BLHATT. Afsiou vi. 10. 

KHUDAWAND men aur us kl 
qudrat ke zor men mazbut 
' bano. Khuda ke sab hathyar 
bandh lo, taki tum Iblls ke mansu- 
bon ke muqabale men qaim rah sako ; 
kyiinki hamen khun aur gosht 
se kushtl nahin karni hai, Imlki 
hukumatwalon aur ikhtiyarwalon, 
aur is dunya kl tarlkl ke hakimon 
aur shararat kl un ruhani faujoQ 
se, jo asmani maqamon men hain« 
Is waste tum Khuda ke sare 
hathyar bandh lo, taki bure din 
men muqabala kar sako, aur sab 
kamon ko anjam dekar qaim rah 
sako. Pas sachchal se apnl ka- 
mar kaskar, aur rastbazi ka baktar 
lagakar, aur panwon men sulh 
kl khushkhabarl kl taiyarl ke jute 
pahinkar, aur un sab ke sath 
Iman kl sipar lagSkar, qaim raho, 
jis se tum us sharlr ke sare jalte 
hue tiron ko bujh& sako; aur 
najat ka khod aur Buh kl talwar, 
jo Khuda ka kalam hai, le lo ; aur 
har waqt aur har tarah se Buh 
men du'a aur minnat ^karte rat 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



aur isl garaz se jagte raho, ki sab 
mnqaddason ke waste bila naga 
du'a manga karo; aur mere liye 
bhr, taki bolne ke waqt mujhe 
kalam kame kl taufiq ho; jis se 
main khushkbabari ke bhed ko 
dileri se zabir karun, jis ke liye 
zanjlr se jakra hua elchi bun ; aur 
US ko aisi dileri se bayan karun, 
jaisa bayankarna mujh par farz hai. 

INJIL. y uhanna iv. 46. 

BADSHAH ka ek mulazim tba^ 
jis ka beta Kafamabum men 
bimar tha. Wub yih sunkar ki 
Yisu' Yahudiya se Galil men a ga- 
y& bai, us ke pas gaya, aur us se 
darkbwast kame laga, ki Cbalkar 
mere bete ko shifa bakhsh : kyu^ki 
wuh mame ko tba. Yisu' ne us se 
kaba ; Jab tak tum nisban aur 'ajtb 
kam na dekbo, bargiz Iman na laoge. 
Badsbab ke mulazim ne us se kaba ; 
Ai Kbudawand, mere bacbcbe ke 
mame se pable cbal. Yisii' ne us 
se kaba ; Ja, tera beta jita bai. Us 
sbakbs ne us bat ka yaqin kiya jo 
Yisu' ne us se kabi, aur chala gaya. 
Wuh raste hi men tba, ki us ke 
naukar use mile aur kabne lage, ki 
Tera larka jita bai. Us ne un se 
pucbba,*ki Use kis waqt se aram 
bone laga tba? Unbon ne kaba, 
ki Kal satwen gbante inen us kl tap 
utar gayi. Pas bap jan gaya, ki 
wubl waqt tha jab Yisu' ne us se 
kaba tha, ki Tera beta jita hai. 
Aur wuh khud aur us ka sara gha- 
rana Iman laya. Yih dusra mu'jiza 
hai, jo Yisu' ne Yahiidiya se Galll 
men akar dikhaya. 

'Id i Tadls Ice ha^d Tea Bdlswdn Itwdr. 

A I Ehudawand, ham terl minnat 
karte bain, apni Kalisiya ko, 
jo tera gbarana hai, khudaparasti 
par hamesha qaim rakb ; taki wuh 
terl bim&yat se famam musIbatoQ 
se bachi rabe, aur nek a'mal ke 

sath ten khidmat men nisar rahe; 
hamare Kbudawand Yisu' Maslh ke 
wasile se. uimln. 

^HATT. FUippioui.3. 

MAIN jab kabhT tumhen yad 
karta bun, to apne Khud& ka 
shukr baja lata hiin; aur bar ek 
du*a men jo tumhare liye mangta 
hiirt, hamesha khusbl ke sath tum 
sab ke liye darkhwast karta hiin, is 
liye ki tum awwal roz se lekar Sj 
tak khushkhabarl ke phailane men 
sharik rahe bo ; aur mujhe is bat ka 
bbarosa hai, ki jis ne tum men nek 
kam shurii' kiya hai, wuh use Yisu' 
Maslh ke din tak pur& kar dega; 
chunanchi wajib hai, ki main tum 
sab kl b&bat aisa hi khayal kariin, 
kyufiki tum mere dil men rahte ho, 
aur men qaid aur khushkhabarl 
kl jawabdihl aur subiit men tum 
sab mere sath fazl men sharik ho. 
Kbuda mera gawah hai, ki main 
Maslh Yisu' ki si ulfat karke turn 
sab ka mushtaq bun. Aur yih du'a 
karta hiin, ki tumhan mahabbat, 
'ilm aur bar tarah kl tamiz ke sath 
4ur bhi ziyada hoti jae ; taki 'umda 
'umda baton ko pasand kar sake; 
aur Maslh ke din tak safdil raho, 
aur thokar na khao ; aur rastbazi ke 
pbal se, jo Yisii' Maslh ke sabab se 
hai, bhare raho, taki Khuda ka jalal. 
zabir ho, aur us kl sitaish ki jae. 

INJIL. Matixviii21. 

PATE AS ne Yisu' se kaha, ki Ai 
Kbudawand, agar mera bhal 
mera gunah karta rahe, to main 
kitnl dafa use mu'af karun? kya 
sat dafa tak ? Yisii* ne us se kaha ; 
Main tujh se yih nahin kahta, ki sat 
dafa, balki sat dafa ke sattar gune 
tak. Fas asman ki badshahat us 
badsbab kl manind hai, jis ne apne 
naukaron se hisab lena chaha. Aur 
jab hisab lene laga, to us ke samne 
ek qarzdar hazir kiya gaya, jise das 
bazar tore dene the. Magar chunki 
us ke pas kuohh ada kame ko na 
tha, is liye us ke malik ne hukm 
diya, ki Yih aur is kl iorii bacbcbe. 

Digitized by*^ ' 



aur jo kuohh is ka hai, sab becha 
jae, aur qarz wusul kar liya jHe. 
Pas naukar ne girkar use sijda kiya 
aur kaba; Ai kbudawand, mujbe 
mublat de, to main tera sara qarz 
ada kariing&. Us naukar ke lualik 
ne tars kbakar use ebbor diya, 
aur us ka qarz bakbsb diya. Jab 
wuh naukar babar nikla, to us ke 
bamkbidmaton men se ek us ko 
mila, jis par us ke sau dinar ate 
tbe; us ne us ko pakarkar us ka 
gala gbonta aur kaba, ki Jo mera 
ata bai, ada kar de. Pas us ke 
bamkbidmat. ne us ke samne girkar 
us kr minnat k! aur kaba, Mujbe 
mublat de, main tujbe ada kar 
dunga. Us ne na mana, balki jakar 
use qaidkbane me^ dal diya, ki jab 
tak qarz ada na kar de, qaid rabe. 
Pas us ke bamkbidmat yib hal 
dekbkar babut g^amgin bue, aur 
akar apne malik ko sara abwal 
suna diya. Is par us ke malik 
ne us ko pas bulakar us se kaba; 
Ai sbarlr naukar, main ne wub 
sara qarz tujbe is liye bakbsb diya 
ki tu ne merl minnat ki tbi; kya 
tujbe lazim na tba, ki jais^ mai^ 
ne tujb par rabm kiya, ta bbi apne 
bamkbidmat par rabm karta ? Aur 
us ke malik ne gusse bokar, us ko 
jalladon ke bawale kiya, ki jab tak 
tamam qarz ada na kar de, qaid 
rabe. Isl tarab tumbare satb mera 
asmani Bap bbl karega, agar tum 
men se bar ek apne bbai ko dil se 
mu'af na kare. 

EIHATT. Filippiou ill. 17. 

*Id i Taslls ke hd!d TeUwdn Itwdr. 

A I Ebuda, bamati panab aur 
quwwat, tu tamam kbuda- 
parastl ka ban! bai ; Ham terl min- 
nat karte baig, ki tii apnl Kallsiya 
ki dili du'aon ke sunne par musta'idd 
rab, aur yib 'inayat kar, ki jo cblzen 
bam iman se ma^gte baig unben 
baqiqat men paen ; bamare Khuda- 
waud Yisu* Masib ke waslle se. Amin, 

A I bbaiyo, tum sab milkar meri 
manind bano, aur un logon ko 
pabcban rakkbo, jo is tarab cbalte 
bain jis ka namuna tum bam men 
pate bo. Kyunki babutere aise bain, 
jin ka zikr main ne tum se barba 
kiya bai, aur ab bbi ro roke kabta 
bun, ki wub apne cbal cbalan se 
Masib ki saJib ke dusbman baia : 
un ka anjam balakat bai, un ka 
kbuda pet bai, wub apni sbarm ki 
baton par fakbr karte bain, aur 
dunya kiipbizon ke kbay&l men rabte 
baig. Magar bamara watan asman 
par bai; aur bam ek Munji, ya'nl 
Kbudawand Tisu' Masib ke waban 
se ane ke intizar mes bain; wub 
apni us quwwat ki tasir ke muwafiq, 
jis se sab cbizen apne tabi' kar sakta 
bai, bamari pastbali ke badan kl 
sbakl badalkar, apne jalal ke badan 
ki surat par banaega. 

INJIL. Matixxii. 15. 

US waqt Farisiog ne jakar masb- 
wara kiya, ki use kyunkar 
baton me© pbaasaen. Pas unbon 
ne apne sbagirdon ko Herodion ke 
satb us ke pas bbeja, aur unbon ne 
kaba ; Ai ustad, bam jante baig ki 
tu sacboba bai, aur sacbcbai se 
Kbuda ki rab ki ta'lim deta bai, aur 
kisi ki parwa nabin karta; kyunki 
tii kisi admi ka taratdar nabin. Pas 
bamen bata, tu kya samajbta bai? 
Qaisar ko jizya dena rawa bai, ya 
nabin? Yisii' ne un ki sbararat 
jankar kaha; Ai riyakaro, mujbe 
kyun azmate bo? Jizye ka sikka 
mujbe dikhao. Wub ek dinar us 
ke pas le ae. Us ne un se kaba; 
Yib surat aur nam kis ka bai? 
Unbon ne us se kaba; Qaisar ka. 
Is par us ne un se kaha; Pas jo 
Qaisar ka bai, Qaisar ko, aur jo 
Kbuda ka bai, Kbuda ko ada karo. 
Union ne yib sunkar ta'ajjub kiya, 
aur use cbborkar ebale gaye. 

Digitized by 



*Id i Tc^Us he hold Tea Ghavih%8wdn 


A I Ehndawancl, ham ten minnat 
karte hain, ki apne bandon ko 
nn ke gunahon se makhlasi de ; taki 
teri beintiha mihr ke sabab ham sab 
un gunahon ke band se, jo ham ne 
apnr kamzorl ke ba'is kiye hain, ri- 
hal paen ; Ai asmani Bap,hamare mu- 
barak Khudawand aur Mnnji Yisu' 
Maslh kl khatir yih bakhsh. Amtn, 

5HATT. KulufBioa i. 3. 

HAM tiimh§re haqq men ham- 
esha dn'a karke, apne Khuda- 
wand Yisu' Masih ke Bap, ya'nl 
Khuda, ka shukr karte hain ; kyiinki 
ham ne suna hai, ki Maslh TisiV par 
tnmhara Iman hai, anr sab muqaddas 
logon se mahabbat rakhte ho, ns 
ummed ki hui chiz ke sabab jo tum- 
hare waste asman par rakkhl hut 
hai, jis ka zikr tum us khushkha- 
bari ke kalam i haqq men sun ohuke 
ho, jo tumhare pas pahunchi hai; 
jaise sare jahan men bhi phal detl, 
aur taraqql karti jati hai ; chnnanchi 
jis din se tum ne us ko suna, aur 
Khuda ke fazl ko sachche taur par 
pahohana, tum men bhi aisa hi kartI 
hai; usi kl ta'llm tum ne hamare 
'aziz hamkhidmat Ipafras se pal, 
jo hamare liye Maslh ka diyanatdar 
khadim hai ; usI ne tumharl mahab- 
bat ko jo Buh men hai ham par 
zahir kiya. Isl liye jis din se yih 
suna hai, ham bhi tumhare waste 
yih du*a mftngne aur darkhwast 
karne se baz nahin ate, ki tum 
kamal ruhan! hikmat aur samajh ke 
sath us kl mai-zi ke 'ilm se ma'miir 
ho jao; taki tumharft chal chalan 
Khudawand ke laiq ho, aur us ko 
har tarah se pasand ae, aur tum men 
har tarah ke nek kam ka phal lage, 
aur Khuda ki pahchan men barhte 
jao ; aur us ke jalal kl qudrat* ke 
muwafiq har tarah kl quwwat se 
qawwl bote jao, taki khushi ke sath 
har surat se sabr aur tahammul kar 
sako ; aur Bap ka shukr karte raho. 

jis ne ham ko is laiq kiya, ki nur 
men muqaddason ke sath miras ka 
hissa paen. 

INJIL. Matiix. 18. 

YISIJ' un se yih baten kah hi raha 
tha, ki dekho, ek sardar ne 
akar use sijda kiya aur kaha ; Merl 
betl abhl mart hai ; lekin tu chalkar 
apna hath us par rakh, to wuh zinda 
ho jaegT. Yisii' uthkar apne shagird- 
on samet us ke plohhe ho liya. Aur 
dekho, ek 'aurat ne jis ke barah 
baras se khiin jarl th&, us ke pichhe 
. akar us kl poshak ka kanara ohhua ; 
kyiinki wuh apne jl men kahtl thi, 
ki Agar sirf us kl poshftk hi chhii 
lungl, to aohohhl ho jaungl. Yisii' 
ne phirkar use dekha, aur kaha; 
Betl, kh&tir jama' rakh ; tere Iman 
ne tujhe achchha kar.diya; pas 
wuh 'aurat usI gharl achchhl ho 
gayr. Aur jab Yisii' sardar ke ghar 
meg ayii, aur bS.nsll bajanewalon ko, 
aur bhtr ko g-ul machate dekha, to 
kaha; Hat jao, kyiinki larki marl 
nahlQ, balki sotl haiT Wuh us par 
hansne lage. Magar jab bhir nikal 
dl gayl, to us ne andar jakar, us ka 
hath pakra, aur larki uthl. Aur is 
bat kl shuhrat us tamam 'ilaqe meg 
phail gayL 

*Id i TasUa he ha*d ha PachUwdn Itwar. 

A I Khudawand, ham terl minnat 
karte hain, apne Imandar ban- 
don ke dilon ko xibh&r; t&ki wuh, 
nek a'mal se khiib phaldar hokar 
tujh se khiib ajr paen ; hamare Khu- 
dawand Yisii* Maslh ke waslle se. 



5HATT KE IWAZ. Yaramiyah xxiii. 5. 

DEKH wuh din &te hais, Khuda- 
wand kahta hai, ki main Daud 
ke liye sadaqat kl ek Sh&kh nika- 
liinga, aur ek Badshah badshahl 
karega, aur iqbalmand hoga, aur 
'adalat o Isadaqat zamin par karega. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Us ke dinon men Yabuda najat pae- 
ga, aur Israil salamati se Bukunat 
karega, aur us ka Nam yih rakkha 
SADAQAT. Isi liye dekh, wuh 
din ate hain, Khndawand kahta hai, 
ki wuh phir na kabenge, Khuda- 
Avand zinda hai, jo Ban! Israil ko 
mulk i Misr se nikal laya ; balki, 
Khndawand zinda hai, jo Israil ke 
gharane kl aulad ko, nttar ki mam- 
lukat se, anr sare mulkon se, jahan 
main ne nnhen hank diya tha, char- 
ha laya, anr nnhen dakhil karaya, 
ki wuh apnl zamTn men basen. 

INJIL. Yuhannft vi. 5. 

PAS jabj Yisu' ne apni ankhen 
nthakar dekha, ki mere pas ba^ 
bhir a rahi hai, to Filippus se kaha, 
ki Ham in ke khane ke liye kahan 
se rotiyan mol len ? Magar us ne "iis 
ke azmane ke liye yih kaha ; kyunki 
wuh ap janta tha, ki mai^ j^a 
karunga. Filippus ne nse jawab 
diya, ki Do sau dinar ki rotiyan in 
ke liye kafi na hongi, ki bar ek ko 
thori bhi mil jae. Us ke shagirdon 
meu se ek ne, ya'ni Shama'un Patras 
ke bhai Andriyas ne, ns se kaha; 
Yahan ek larka hai, jis ke pas jau ki 
panch rotiyan, aur do machhliyan 
hain ; magar yih itne logon men kya 
hain? Yisu' ne kaha, ki Logoji ko 
bitbao. Aur us jagah bahut ghas 
thi. Pas wuh mard, jo takhminan 
panoh bazar the, baith gaye. Yisu' 
ne wuh rotiyan lis, aur shukr karke 
unhea jo baithe the bant din ; aur isi 
tarah maohhliyon men se jis qadr 
chahte the bant diya. Jab wuh ser 
ho chuke, to us ne apne shagirdon se 
kaha, ki Bache hue tukron ko jama' 
karo, taki kuchh za'i na ho. Chu- 
nagchi unhon ne jama' kiya, aur jau 
ki panoh rotiyon ke tukron se, jo 
khanewalon se baoh rahe the, barah 
tokriyaa bharln. Pas jo mu'jiza us 
ne dikhaya wuh log use dekhkar 
kahne lage ; Jo nabi dunya men ane- 
wala tha, fi'lhaqlqat yihl hai. 

f Agar Amad ke pahle Itwar se peshtar 
'Id 1 Taslis ke ba'd pBcbis se ziyada 
Itwar hoB, to 'Id i Zuhur ke ba'd 
jitne Itwar kam hue the, un ki Kalik- 

ten, ]^batt, aur Injileo is mauqa' 
par basb i zarurat parbi jaeo. Aur 
agar Amad se peshtar 'Id i Taslis ke 
ba'd ke Itwar pacbis se kam boQ, to 
baqi cbhore jaeu ; Magar yih a^hirj 
Kalikt, Elhatt, aur IdjU hamesha 
Amad se pahlc Itwar ko parhi jaeQ. 

Muqaddas Andriyas Jed din (ya^ni 30 


A I Qadir i Mutkq Khuda, Tu ne 
apne Muqaddas Basiil Andri- 
yas par aisa faizl kiya, ki wuh tere 
Bete Yisu' Masih ke bulawe ko khu- 
shi se qabul karke fauran us' ke 
pichhe ho liy& ; Ham sabhon ko yih 
tautiq de, ki tere pak Kalam se bu- 
lae jakar filfaur apne ap ko nisar 
karen, ki tere pak hukmon ko tabi'- 
darise baja laen; hamare Khiidawand 
Yisu' Masih ke wasile se. Amin. 

B:HATT. Eomiou x. 9. 

AGAE tu apni zaban se Yisu' ke 
Ehudawand hone ka iqrar kare, 
aur apne dil se iman lae, ki Khuda 
ne use murdon men se jilaya, to najat 
paega. Kyunki rastbazi ke liye 
iman lana dil se hota hai ; aur najat 
ke liye iqrar munh se kiya jata hai. 
Chunanchi kitab i muqaddas yih 
kahti hai, ki Jo koi us par iman 
laega, wuh sharminda na hoga. 
Kyunki Yahiidlon aur Yunanioa men 
kuchh farq nahto ; is liye ki wuhi 
sab ka Khndawand hai, aur apne 
sab du'a mangnewalon ke liye faiyaz 
hai. Kyunki Jo koi Khndawand ka 
nam lega, najat paega. Magar jis 
par wuh iman nahin lae, us se kyun- 
kar du'a manges ? aur jis ka zikr 
unhon ne nahin suna, us par iman 
kyunkar laen? aur bag-air manadi 
kamewale ke kyunkar sunen ? Aur 
jab tak wuh bheje na jaen, manadi 
kyunkar karen? Chunanchi likha 
hai, ki Kya hi khushnuma hain un 
ke qadam, jo achchhi chizon ki 
khushkhabari dete hain ! Lekin sab 
ne is khushkhabari par kan na 
dhara. Chunaachi Yasha'yah kahta 
hai, ki Ai Khndawand, hamare pai- 

g'am ka kis ne yaqin ki: 

Digitized by v 




iman sunne se paida hota hai, aiir 
sniiDa Maslh ke kalam se. Lekin 
main kahta hun; Ky& tinhon ne 
nahm sun a ? Beshakk suna : ohuDan- 
ohi likha hai, ki Un kl awaz tarn am 
ru e zamin par, Aur un kl baten 
dnnya kl hadd tak pahunohlQ. Phir 
main kahta hun ; Kya Israll "waqif 
na tba ? Awwai to Musa kahta hai, 
ki Main un se tarn ko gairat dila- 
unga jo qaum hi nahin, Ek nadan 
qaum se tum ko gussa dilaunga. 
Phir Yasha'yah bara diler hokaryih 
kahta hai, ki Jinhon ne mujhe nahin 
dhundha, tinhon ne mujhe pa liya ; 
Jinhon ne mujh se nahIn puchha, un 
par main zahir ho gaya. Lekin IsrSIl 
ke haqq men yun kahta hai, ki Main 
din bhar ek nafarman aur hujiati 
ummat kl taraf apne hath barbae 

INJIL. Matiiv. 18. 

rSU' ne Galll ki jbll ke kanare 
phirte hue do bhaiyoa, ya'nl 
Shama'un ko jo Patras kahlata hai, 
aur us ke bbSI Andriyas ko jfall men 
jal daltedekha; kyunkiwuh machh- 
liyon ke pakamewale the ; aur un se 
kaha, ki Mere pichheobale ao, to main 
tumhen admion ka pakarnewall 
banaunga, Wuh fauran jal chhorkar 
us ke plohhe ho liye. Aur wahan se 
age barhkar, us ne aur do bhaiyon, 
ya'ni Zabdi ke bete Ya*qub, aur us 
ke bhal Yuhanna ko deMia ki apne 
bap Zabdl ke sath kishti par apne 
jaloa 1^1 marammat kar rahe hain, 
aur unhen bulaya. Wuh fauran 
kishti aur apne bap ko chhorkar us 
ke pichhe ho liye. 

Muqaddas Tomd Rasul Jed din (ya'ni 
21 Diaemhar), 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur abadi zinda 
Khuda, Tu ne Iman ke ziyada 
istihkam ke liye apne muqaddas 
Kasul Toma ko apne Bete ke ji 
uthne kl nisbat shakk men pame 
diya ; Yih 'inayat kar, ki ham tere 
Bete Yisu' Masih par aisa kamil aur 

pukhta i'tiqad rakkhen, ki hamara 
Imdn tere huzur kabhl malamat ke 
qabil na thahre. Ai Khudawand, 
usi Yisu' Maslh ke wasile se hamari 
sun, jis kr, tere aur Euhul-Quds ke 
sath, ab aur abad ul abad tamam 
'izzat o ta'zlm hoti rahe. Amin^ 

^QATT. AfsIoQii. 19. 

PAS ab tum pardesi aur musafir 
nahln rahe, balki muqaddason 
ke hamwatan aur Khuda ke gharane 
ke ho gaye, aur rasulon aur nablon 
kl neo par, jis ke kone ke sire ka 
patthar khud Maslh Yisu' hai, ta'mir 
^yo gay© i^o ; ^sl men har ek 'ima- 
rat mil milakar Khudawand me^ ek 
pak maqdis bantf jati hai ; aur tum 
bhi us men baham ta'mir kiye jate 
ho, taki Buh men Khuda ka maskan 

INJIL. Yuhanna XX. 24. 

UN barah men se ek shakhs, ya'nl 
Toma, jise Tauam kahte haia, 
Yisu' ke ane ke waqt un ke sath na 
tba. Pas baqi shagird us se kahne 
lage, ki Ham ne Khudawand ko 
dekha hai. Magar us ne un se kaha, 
ki Jab tak main us ke hathon men 
mekhon ke surakh na dekh lun, aur 
mekhon ke surakhon men apni ungli 
na dal lun, aur apna hath us kl pasli 
men na da], lun, hargiz yaqln na 
karunga. Ath roz ke ba'd, jab us 
ke shagird phir andar the, aur Toma 
un ke sath tba, aur darwaze band 
the, to Yisu' aya, aur fetch men khara 
hokar bola ; Tumharl salamatl ho. 
Phir us ne Toma se kaha, ki Apnl 
ungll pas lakar mere hathon ko dekh, 
aur apna hath pas lakar merl pasll 
men dal, aur bei'tiqad na ho, balki 
i'tiqad rakh. Toma ne jawab men us 
se kaha; Ai mere Khudawand !"*Ai 
mere Khuda ! Yisu' ne us se kaha ; 
Tu to mujhe dokhkar Iman laya hai ; 
mubarak wuh hain, jo bagair dekhe 
Iman lae. Aur Yisu* ne aur bahut 
se mu'jize shagirdon ke samne di- 
khae, jo is kitab men likhe nahln 
gaye ; lekin yih is liye likhe gaye^ 
ki tum iman lao, ki Yisu' hi Khuda 
ka Beta Maslh hai, aur Iman lakar 
us ke nam se zindagi p4^qq[^ 


Muqaddas Paulua he dilphime kd din 
{ya!n% 25 Januarl). 


A I Khuda, Tu ne mtibarak Basul 
Muqaddas Fanltis kl manadi se 
Injil kl ranshnl tamam dunya men 
ohamkal ; Yih tauftq de, ki ham, ns 
ke dil phime ka 'ajib hal yad rakh- 
kar, Tis kl pak ta'llm par 'amal kame 
se apnl shukrguzarl zahir karen ; 
hamare Khndawand Yisu' Maslh ke 
waslle se. Amin. 

gHATT KE 'IWAZ. A'mal ix. 1. 

AUE Shfiul, jo abhr tak Khn- 
dawand ke shagirdon ke dham- 
kane aur qatl karne kl dhun men 
tka, sardar kahin ke pas gaya, 
aur us se Damishq ke Ibadat- 
khanon ke liye is mazmun ke khatt 
mange, ki jin ko wuh is Tarlq par 
pae, khwah mard, khwah 'aurat, un 
ko bandhkar Taroshalem me£^ lae. 
Jab wuh safar karte karte Damishq 
ke nazdik pahuncha, to aisa hua ki 
yakayak asman se ek nur us ke 
girdagird a chamka; aur wuh 
zamin par gir para, aur yih awaz 
sum, ki Ai ShaiU, ai Shaul, tu mujhe 
kyim satata hai? Us ne puchna, 
ki Ai Khudawand, tu kaun hai ? Us 
ne kaha; Main Yisu' hun, jise tu 
satata hoi : magar uth, shahr men 
ja, aur jo tujhe kariia chahiye, wuh 
tujh se kaha jaega. Jo adml us 
ke hamrah the, wuh khamosh khare 
rah gaye, kyunki &waz to sunte the, 
magar kisi ko dekhte na the. Aur 
Shaul zamIn par se utha ; lekin jab 
ankhen khol&i, to us ko kuchh na 
dikhal diya; aur log us ka hath 
pakarke Damishq men le gaye. 
Aur wuh tin din tak na dekh saka, 
aur na khaya na piya. Damishq 
men Hananyah nam ek shagird tha. 
Us se Khudawand ne roya men 
kaha, ki Ai Hananyah ! Us ne 
kaha; Ai Khudawand, main hazir 
hun. Khudawand ne us se kaha; 
Uth, us kuche men ja jo Sldh& 
kahlata hai, aur Yahudah ke ghar 
men Shaul nam Tarsi ko puohh 


le; kyimki dekh, wuh du*a maag 
raha hai ; aur us ne Hananyah 
nam ek adml ko andar ate, aur apne 
upar hath rakhte dekha hai, taki 
phir bina ho. Hananyah ne jawab 
diya, ki Ai Khudawand, main ne 
bahut logon se is shakhs ka zikr 
suna, ki is ne Yarushalem men tere 
muqaddason ke sath kaisi kaisi 
buraiyan kl haifi. Aur yahaa is ko 
sardar kahinon kl taraf se ikhtiyar 
mila hai, ki jo log tera n§.m lete haia, 
un sab ko banfii le. Magar Khu- 
dawand ne us se kahS,, ki Tu ja; 
kyunki yih qaumon, badshaho^t aur 
bani Israll par mera nam zahir kame 
ka mera chuna hua wasTla hai. Aur 
main use jata dunga, ki use mere 
nam kl khatir kis qadr dukh uthana 
parega. Pas Hananyah jakar us 
ghar men dakhil hua; aur apne 
hath us par rakhkar kaha, ki Ai 
bhal Shaul, Khudawand, ya'nl Yisu', 
jo tujh par us rah men jis se tu aya 
zahir hua tha, usi ne mujhe bheja 
hai, ki tu binal pae aur Buhu'l Quds 
se bhar jae. Aur fifturan us kl 
ankhon se chhilke se gire, aur wuh 
bina ho gaya, aur uthkar baptisma 
liya; phir kuohh khake taqat pal. 
Aur wuh kal din un shagirdon ke 
sath raha jo Damishq men the. 
Aur fauran 'ibadatkhanon meg 
Yisd' kl manadi kame laga, ki wuh 
Khuda ka Beta hai. Aur sab 
sxmnewale hairan hokar kahne lage ; 
Kya yih wuh shakhs nahlg hai, jo 
Yarushalem men is n&m ke lene- 
walon ko tabah karta tha, aur yahafi 
bhi isl liye aya tha, ki un ko bandh- 
kar sardar kahinos ke pas le jae? 
Lekin Shaul ko aur bhi quwwat 
hasil hoti gayl, aur wuh is bat ko 
sabit karke ki Maslh yihl hai, 
Damishq ke rahnewale Yahudlon 
ko hairat dilata raha. 

INJIL. Matixix.27. 

PATBAS ne jawab mes us se 
kaha, ki Dekh, ham to sab 
kuchh chhorkar tere pichhe ho liye 
haig; pas ham ko kya milega? 
Yisu' ne un se kaha ; Main turn se 
sach kahta hiis, ki jab Ibn i Adam 



nayl paidaish men apne jalal ke 
takht par baithega, to turn bhi jo 
mere pichhe ho liye ho, barah 
takhton par baithkar, Israli ke 
barah kabilon ka iDsaf karoge. Aur 
jis kisi ne gharon, ya bhaiyon, ya 
bahinoa, ya bap, ya man, ya 
bachchon, ya kheton ko mere nam 
ki khatir chhor diya hai, ns ko sau 
giina milega aur hamesha ki zindagi 
ka waris hoga. Lekin bahut se 
awwal akhir ho jaenge, aur akhir 

Mculih hd haihdl men hazir hiyd Jdnd^ 
jise Muqaddcu Kuntodrl Maryam hi 
Tdhdrat hhl hahte hain (ya^nl 2 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur abadi zinda 
Khuda, ham terl Janab men 
'ajizi se 'arz karte hain, ki jis tarah 
tera iklauta Beta haikal men goya 
aj ke din hamare insani jism men 
hazir kija gaya, usi tarah ham bhi 
dil kl paklzagi aur safai ke sSth, usi 
tere Bete apne Khudawand Yisu* 
Maslh ki ma^rifat tere huzur hazir 
kiye jaen. Amln. 

5HATT KE 'IWAZ. Malaki iii. 1. 

DEKHO main apne Sasul ko 
bhejunga, aur wuh mere age 
meri rah ko durust karega ; aur wuh 
Khudawand, jis ki talash meu tum 
ho,' ban, 'Ahd ka Basul, jis se tum 
khush ho, wuh apni haikal men 
nagahan aega. Dekho wuh yaqinan 
aega, Babb-ul-Afwaj farmata hai. 
Paruske ane ke din men kaunthahar 
sakega ? Aur jab wuh namud hoga, 
kaun hai jo khara rahega ? Ky unki . 
wuh sunar ki ag, aur dhobi ke sabun 
ki manind hai, aur wuh lupe ka 
mail katta hua, aur use khalis karta 
hua baithega. Aur wuh bani Lawl 
ko pak karegd, wuh unhea rape aur 
Bone kl manind.saf karega ; taki wuh 
rastbazise Khudawand ke age hadiya 
guzranen. Tab Yabuda aur Yaru- 
shalem ka hadiya Khudawand ko 
pasand aega, jaisa agle dinon me^, 
aur guzre hue barason men tha. 

Aur main 'adalat ke liye tumhare 
nazdik aunga, aur jadugaron par, 
aur zinakaron par, aur jhiithi qasm 
khanewalon par, aur un par jo 
mazduron ko zulm se mazdurl nahin 
dete, aur bewaon aur yatimon par 
sitam karte, aur musafir ko phira 
»dete ki wuh apna haqq na pae, aur 
mujh se nahig darte, musta'idd hoke 
gawahi dunga, Rabb-ul-Afwaj far- 
mata hai. 

INJIL. Luqa u. 22. 

PniB jab Miksa ki shari at ke 
muwafiq un ke p^k hone ke din 
pure ho gaye, to wuh us ko Yaru- 
shalem men lae, taki Khudawand 
ke &ge hazir karen, (jaijsa ki Khu- 
dawand ki shari'at men likha hai, 
ki Har ek pahlauta Khudawand 
ke liye muqaddas thahrega,) aur 
Khudawand ki shari'at keis qaul ke 
muwafiq qurbani karen, ki Qum- 
rion ka ek jor&, ya kabutar ke do 
bachche lao. Aur dekho, YaiiiBha- 
lem men Shama'iin nam ek admi tha, 
aur wuh admi rastbaz aur khuda- 
tars aur Israll ki tasalli ka munta- 
zir tha, aur Ruhu'l Quds us par tha. 
Aur us ko Biihul Quds se agahl 
hui thi, ki jab tak tu Khudawand 
ke Masih ko dekh na le, maut ko 
na dekhega. Wuh Ruh ki hida- 
yat se haikal men aya, aur jis waqt 
man bap us larke Yisu' ko andar lae, 
jbaki us ke liye shari'at ke dastur 
par 'amal karen, to us ne use apni 
god mea liya, aur Khuda ki hamd 
karke kaha, ki Ai Malik, ab tu apne 
gulam ko apne qaul ke muwafiq 
salamati se rukhsat deta hai; Kyunki 
meri ankhon ne teri najat dekh li 
hai, Jo tu ne sab ummaton ke rubarii 
taiyar ki hai, Taki gair-qaumon ko 
raushnidenewala nur Aur teri ummat 
Israil ka jalal bane. Aur us ka bap 
aur us ki man in baton par, jo us ke 
haqq men kahi jati "thin, ta'ajjub 
karte the. Aur Shama'iin ne un ke 
liye barakat chahi, aur us ki man 
Maryam se kaha; Dekh yih IsraH 
men bahuton ke gime aur uthne ke 
liye, aur aisa nishan hone ke liye 
muqarrar hua hai, jis kl^mukbalaiat 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



ki jaegi — balki khud teri jan bhi 
talwar se chhid jaegl — taki bahut 
logonjce dilon ke khayal kbul jaen. 
Aur Asber ke qablle men se Hannah 
nam Faniiel ki beti ek nabiya tbi ; 
WTib babut 'umrrasida tbi, aur apne 
knnwarepan ke ba'd sat baras ek 
sbanbar ke satb guzare the; wub 
cbanrasi baras se bewa tbi; aur 
baikal se juda na hoti tbi, balki rat 
din rozon aur du*aon ke satb 'ibadat 
kiya karti tbi. Aur wub usi gbari 
waban akar Kbuda ka sbukr kame 
lagi, aur un sab se jo Yarusbalem 
ke cbbutkare ke muntazir tbe us 
ki babat baten kame lagi. Aur 
jstb wub Khudawand ki sbari'at ke 
muwafiq sab kucbb kar cbuke, to 
Galil meg apne sbabr Nasarat ko 
pbir gaye. Aur wub larka barbta 
aur quwwat pata gay&, aur bikmat 
se ma'mur bota gaya, aur Kbud& ka 
fazl us par tba. 

Muqitddaa Mattiyydh Ted din (jja'nl 24 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, Tu ne 
beiman Yabudab ki jagab apne 
waffidar baude Mattiyyab ko obun 
liya, ki wub barab Basulon ke sbu- 
mar men sbamil bo; Yib 'inayat 
kar ki teri Kalisiya, jbutbe Easulon 
se bamesba bacbkar, wafadar aur 
sacbcbe gallabanon ke intizam o 
bidayat men rabe ; bamare Kbuda- 
wand Yisu* Masib ke wasile se, 

^IHATT KE IWAZ. A'mali. 15. 

TTNHIN dinon Fatras bbaiyon 
Ij men, jo takbminan ek sau 
bis shakbson ki jama'at tbi, kbara 
bokar kabne laga; Ai bbaiyo, us 
nawisbte ka pura bona zarur tba, jo 
Bubu'l Quds ne Daud ki zabani ns 
Yabudab ke baqq men pable se 
kaba tba, jo Yisu* ke pakarnewalon 
ka rabnuma bua ; kyunki wub bam 
men sbumar kiya gaya, aur us ne is 
kbidmat ka bissa pay a. (Us ne 
badk^rl ki kamai se ek kbet bfisil 

kiya ; aur sir ke bal gir&, aur us ka 
pet pbat gaya, aur us ki sari antri- 
yan nikal parin. Aur yib Yaru- 
sbalem ke sab rabnewaloQ ko ma'- 
lum bua, yaban tak ki us kbet ka 
nam un ki zaban men Haqal-dama 
par gaya, ya'ni Khun ka Kbet.) 
Kyunki Zabur men likba bai, ki 
Us ka gbar ujar jae, Aur us men 
koi basnewala na rabe : aur Us ka 
'uhda dusra le le. Pas jitne'arse 
tak Kbuda wand Yisu* bamare satb 
ata jata raba, ya'ni Yubanna ke 
baptisma se lekar Khudawand ke 
bamare pas se utbae jane tak, jo 
barabar hamare satb rabe, cbabiye 
ki un men se ek mard bamare satb 
us ke jT u^bne ka gawah bane. Pbir 
unbog ne do ko pesb kiya, ek Yusuf 
ko, jo Bar-Saba kablata, aur jis ka 
laqab Yustus bai, dusra Mattiyyab 
ko : aur yib kabkar du'a mangi ; 
Ai Khudawand, tu jo sab ke dilo^ 
ki janta bai, yib zahir kar, ki in 
dono men se tu ne kis ko cbuna bai, 
ki wub is kbidmat aur risftlat ki 
jagab le, jise Yabudab cbborkar 
apni jagab gaya. Pbir unbon ne 
un ke bare men qur*a dala, aur 
qur'a Mattiyyab ke nam ka nikla. 
Pas wub un gyarab rasulon ke satb 
sbumar bua. 

INJIL. Matixi. 25. 

US waqt Yisu' ne kaba ; Ai Bap, 
asman aur zamin ke Khuda- 
wand, main teri bamd karta bun, ki 
tu ne yib baten danaon aur 'aqlman- 
don se cbbipain, aur bacbcbon j^ar 
zahir kin. Han, ai Bap : kyugki 
aisa hi tujbe pasand aya. Mere 
Bap ki taraf se sab kuchb mujbe 
saunpa gaya, aur koi Bete ko nahin 
janta, siwa Bap ke ; aur koi Bap ko 
nahin janta, siwa Bete ke, aur us ke, 
jis par Beta use zahir kama chahe. 
Ai mibnat utbanewalo, aur bojb se 
dabe hue logo, sab mere pas ao, 
main tumben aram dunga. Mera 
jua apne iipar utha lo, aur mujh se 
sikbo ; kyiinki main balim bun, aur 
dil ka firotan; to tumbari janeg 
aram paengi. Kyunki mera jua 
mulaim bai, aur mer& bogh balka. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Muhdrah Kuntodrl Maryam he hasha- 
rat pane kd din (ya*n% 25 Mdrch.^ 


A I Ehudawand, ham terl minnat 
karte hain, hamare dilon meg 
apna fazl jari kar; taki jis"tarah 
ham ne firishte ke paig-am se tere 
Bete ke tajassum ka raz jan lijS, hai, 
usi tarah ham us kl sallb aur aziyat 
kl rfih 86 us kl qiyamat ke jalal men 
pahunchae jaen; nsI apne Ehnda- 
'wand Yisii' Maslh ke waslle se. 

5HATT KE 'IWAZ. Yasha'yah vii. 10. 

PAR Ehudawand ne Akhaz se 
khitab karke kaha, ki Ehuda- 
wand apne Ehuda se koi nishan 
mang, khwah niche zamln men, 
^hwah upar balandl men7 Par 
Akhaz ne kaha, ki Main nahin 
mangne ka, aur main Khud&wand 
ko nabfn ftzmane ka. Tab nabi ne 
kaha, Ai Daud ke kh&ndan ab tum 
8uno; insan ko thakana tumhare 
age nihayat chhoti bat hai, so kya 
tum mere Ehuda ko bhi thakaoge 1 
Bawujud is ke Ehudawand ap tum 
ko ek nishan. dega ; dekho, Eunwarl 
hamila hogi, aur beta janegl, aur us 
ka nam 'Immanuel rakkhegl. Wuh 
dahl aur shahd khaega, jis waqt 
tak ki wuh bura tark kame ka, aur 
bhala pasand kame ka imtiyaz pfte. 

INJTl: Luqai26. 

CHHATE mahine Jibrall firishta 
Ehiida kl taraf se Galll ke ek 
shahr men jis ka nam Nasarat tha, 
ek kunwan ke pas bheja gaya, jis 
kl mangn! Daud ke gbarane ke ek 
mard Yusuf nam se hui thi ; aur us 
kunwan ka nam Maryam tha. Aur 
firishte ne us ke pas andar ake kaha ; 
Salam tujh ko, jis par fazl hua hai I 
Ehudawand tere sath hai. Wuh is 
kalam se bahut ghabra gayl aur 
sochne lagf, ki yih kaisa salam hai. 
Firishte ne us se kaha ; Ai Maryam, 
khauf na kar, kyuaki Ehuda kl taraf 
se tujh par fazl hua hai ; aur dekh, 
tu hamila hogi aur beta janegl; us 
ka nam Yisu' rakhna. Wuh buzurg 

hoga; aur Ehuda Ta'ala ka Beta 
kahlaega, aur Ehudawand Ehuda 
us ke bap Daud ka takht use dega, 
aur wuh Ya'qub ke gharane par 
abad tak badshahi karega, aur us kl 
badshahl ka akhir na hoga. Ma- 
ryam ne firishte se kaha; Yih 
tjriinkar hoga, jis hai men ki main 
mard ko nahin janti? Aur firishte 
ne jawab men us se kaha, ki Riihu'l- 
Quds tujh par nazil hoga, aur Ehuda 
Ta'ala kl qudrat tujh par saya 
dalegl, aur is sabab se wuh pakiza 
jo paida honewala hai Ehuda ka 
Beta kahlaega. Aur dekh, teri 
rishtadar Illshiba' ke bhl burhape 
men beta honewala hai ; aur ab j^a 
ko, jo banjh kahlati thr, chhata 
mahlna hai. Eyunki jo qaul Ehuda 
kl taraf se hai, wuh hargiz betasir 
na hoga. Maryam ne kaha ; Dekh, 
main Ehudawand kl band! hun ; 
mere liye tere qaul ke muwafiq ho. 
Phir firishta us ke pas se chala 

Muqaddas Margus Ted din (ya^m 25 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Ehuda, Tii ne 
apni muqaddas Eallsiya ko 
apne Injilnawls Muqaddas Marqus 
kl asmani ta'llm se danai bakhshl 
hai ; Ham ko yih tauftq de, ki larko^ 
kl tarah batil ta'lim ke har jhoke se 
idhar udhar urte na phiren, balki 
ten muqaddas Injll kt sachchai par 
qaim rahen; hamare Ehudavand 
Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se. Amm, 

^LHATT. Afaiooiv. 7. 

HAM men se har ek par Maslh kl 
ba^»hish ke andaze ke mu- 
wafiq fazl hiia hai. Is! waste wuh 
kahta hai, ki Jab wuh 'alam i bala 
par charha, to qaidlon ko sath le 
gaya, Aur admlon ko in'am diye. 
(Us ke charhne se aur kya pay a 
jata hai, siwa is ke ki wuh zamln 
ke niche ke 'ilaqe men utra bhl tha ? 
Aur yih utamewala wuhi hai, jo 
sare asmanon se bhi upar charh 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


gay a, tSki sab chlzon ko tna'mur 
kare.) Aur usi ne ba'z ko rasiil, 
aur ba'z ko nabi, aur ba'z ko mu- 
basbshir, aur ba'z ko charwaha aur 
ustad banakar de diya ; taki muqad- 
das log kamil banen, aur khidmat- 
guzari ka kam kiya jae, aur Masih ka 
badan taraqql pae : jab tak ham sab 
ke sab Khuda ke Bete ke iman aur us 
kl pahohan men ek na ho jaen, aur 
kamil insan na banen, ya'nl Masih 
ke pure qadd ke andaze tak na 
pahunch jaen; taki ham age ko 
baohche na rahen, aur admion k! 
bazlgari aur makkari ke sabab^ un 
ke gumrah karnewale mansubon ki 
taraf, har ek ta'lTm ke jhoke se 
maujon kl tarah uchhalte bahte na 
phiren; balki mahabbat ke sath 
sachchal par qaim rahkar, aur us ke 
sath jo sir hai, ya'ni Masih ke sath, 
paiwasta hokar har tarah se b'arhte 
jaen ; jis se sara badan, har ek jor 
kl madad se paiwasta hokar aur 
gathkar, us tasir ke muwafiq jo 
baqadr har hisse ke hot! hai, apne 
ap ko barhata hai, taki mahabbat 
men apnl taraqqi karta jae. 

INJIL. Yuhannaxv. 1. 

ANGUB ka haqiql darakht main 
bun, aur mera Bap bagban hai. 
Jo dall mujh men hai aur phal nah^ 
latl, use wuh kat dalta hai; aur jo 
phal latl hai use ohhl^ntta hai» taki 
ziyada phal l&e. Ab turn us kalam 
ke sabab, jo mai^ ne turn se kiya, 
pak ho. Tum mujh men qaim raho, 
aur main tum men. Jis tarah dali, 
agar augur ke darakht men qaim na 
rahe, to apne ap se phal nahTn la 
saktl ; is! tarah tum bhi agar mujh 
men qaim na raho, to phal nahin la 
sakte. Main angiir ka darakht hun, 
tum daliyan ho ; jo mujh men qaim 
rahta hai, aur main us men, wuhl 
bahut phal lata hai; kyiinki mujh 
se juda hokar tum kuchh nahIn kar 
eakte. Agar koT mujh men qaim na 
rahe, to wuh dall ki tarah phenk 
diya jata, aur siikh jata hai ; aur log 
unhen jama' karke ag men jbonk 
dete bain, aur wuh jal jati hain. 
Agar tum mujh men qaim raho, aur 


meri baten tum men qaim rahen, 
to jo chabo, ma ngo ; wuh tumhare 
liye ho jaega. "Mere Bap ka jalal 
isi se hota hai, ki tum bahut sa 
phal lao ; jab hi tum mere shugird 
thahroge. Jaise Bap ne mujh se 
mahabbat rakkhl, waise hi main ne 
tum se mahabbat rakkhl; tum merl 
mahabbat men qaim raho. Agar 
tum mere hukmon par 'amal karoge, 
to meri mahabbat men qaim rahoge, 
jaise main ne apne Bap ke hukmon 
par 'amal kiya hai, aur us kl ma- 
habbat men qaim hun. Main ne 
yih baten is liye tumlie kahi hain, 
ki men khushi tum men ho, aur 
tumharl khushi pur! ho jae. 

Muqaddas FiUppus aur Ya'qub Jed din 
{ya'nl 1 Mei). 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, tujhe 
haqiqat men pahchanna abadi 
zindagT hai ; Hamen yih bakhsh, ki 
tere Bete Yisu' Masih ko kamil taur 
par janen, ki rah aur haqq aur zin- 
dagT wuhl hai : taki tere muqaddas 
Easiilon Filippus aur Ya'qub ki pai- 
rawT karke, ham us rah men, jo abadi 
zindagi ko pahunchatT hai, sabitqa- 
dami se chalte rahen; yih usi tere 
Be^e hamare Khuda wand Yisii' Ma- 
sih ke waslle se ho. Amm. 

?HATT. Ya'qub i. 1. 

KHUDA ke aur Khudawand Yisu' 
Masih ke bande Ya'qub ki taraf 
' se, un barah qabilon ko jo jabaja 
rahte hain, salam pahuncbe. Ai 
mere bhaiyo, jab tum tarah tarah 
ki azmaishon me^ paro, to is ko yih 
jankar kamal khushi ki bat sama- 
jhna, ki tumhare Iman ki azmaish 
sabr paida karti hai. Aur sabr ko 
apna piira kam kame do, taki tum 
pure aur kamil ho jao, aur tum men 
kisi bat kl kami na rahe. Lekin 
agar fum men se kisI men hikmat 
ki kami ho, to Khuda se mange, jo 
bagair malamat kiye sab ko faiyazi 
ke sath detS hai; us ko di jaegi. 
Magar iman se mange, aur kuchh 

Digitized by 




shakk na kare; kyunki shakk karne- 
w&la samnndar kl lahr kT manind 
hota hai, jo hawa se bahtT aur uob- 
haltl hai. Aisa adml yih na samjbe, 
ki mujhe Khudawand se kucbh mi- 
lega; wnb sbakbs dodila bai, aur 
apni sari baton men beqiyam. Adna 
bbal apne ala martabe par fakbr 
kare; aur daulatmand apnl adna 
balat par: is liye ki gbas ke phul 
kl tarab jata rabega. Kyunki suraj 
nikalte bl sakbt dbup parti, aur 
gbas ko sukba ^^ti bai, aur us ka 
pbul gir jata bai, aur us ki kbubsu- 
rati jati rabtT bai ; ist tarab daulat- 
mand bbi apni rab par cbalte cbalte 
kbak men mil jaega. Mubarak ^ub 
sbakbs bai, jo azmaisb kl bardasbt 
karta bai : kyunki jab maqbul tbabra, 
to zindagi k& wub taj basil karega, 
jis ka Kbudawand ne apne mababbftt 
kamewalon se wa'da kiya bai. 

IN JIL. Yuhanna ziy. 1. 

AUB Yisu' ne apne sbagirdog se 
kab§., ki tumbar& dil na gba- 
brae ; tum Kbuda par Iman rakbte 
bo, mujb par bbl Iman rakkbo. Mere 
Bap ke ghar men babut se makan 
bain ; agar na bote, to main tum se 
kab deta; kyunki main jata bun, 
taki tumhare liye jagab taiyftr ka- 
run. Aur agar main jakar tumbare 
liye jagab taiyar karun, to pbir akar 
tumben apne satb le lunga; taki 
jab&n main biin, tum bbl bo. Aur 
jaban main jata bun, tum waban kl 
rab jante bo. Toma ne us se kahft ; 
Ai Kbudawand, bam nabin jante 
ki tu kaban jata bai; pbir rab kis 
tarab janen ? Yisu' ne us se kaba, 
ki Bab, aur Haqq, aur ZindagX main 
bun ; koT mere wasile ke bag-air Bap 
ke pas nabin ata. Agar tum ne 
mujbe jana bota, to mere Bap ko 
bbl jante ; ab use jante bo, aur dekb 
liya bai. Filippus ne us se kaba; 
Ai Kbudawand, Bap ko bamen di- 
kba ; yibl bamen kafT bai. Yisu' ne 
us se kaba ; Ai'Filippus, main itnl 
muddat se tumbare satb bun; kya 
tu mujbe nahrn janta ? Jis ne mu- 
jbe dekba, us ne Bap ko dekba; tu 

kyunkar kabta bai, ki Bap ko ba- 
men dikba? Kya tii yaqln nabin 
karta, ki main Bap men bun, aur 
Bap mujb men bai ? Yih baten jo 
main tum se kabta bun, apul taraf 
se nabin kabta: lekin Bap mujb 
men rabkar apne kam karta bai. 
Mera yaqln karo, ki main Bap men 
bun, aur Bap mujb men; nabin to 
mere kamon hi ke sabab mera yaqln 
karo. Main tum se saoh sach kabta 
bun, ki Jo mujb par Iman rakbta 
hai, yih kam jo main karta bun, 
wub bbl karega; balki in se bbl 
bare Team karega ; kyunki mam Bap 
ke p&s jata bun. Aur jo kucbh tum 
mere nam se cbahoge, main wubl 
karunga, taki Bap Bete men jalal 
pae. Agar mere nam se mujh se 
kucbh cbahoge, to maig wuhl ka* 

MuqaddM Bar-Naha Basul ha din 
(jfa^m 11 Jun). 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbudawand 
Kbuda, Tu ne apne muqaddas 
Basul Bar-Naba ko Buhul-Quds kl 
khass ni'maton se ma'mur kiya; 
Ham ten minnat karte bain, ki ba- 
men na apni gunagun ni'matOQ se 
mahrum rakb, aur na us fazl se jis 
ke zarl'e ham un ko bar waqt terl 
'izzat o jalal ke liye isti'mal karen, 
hamare Kbudawand Yisu' Maslh ke 
wasile se. Amln. 

5HATT KB 'IWAZ. A'mal xi. 22. 

TTN logon kl kbabar Yarushalem 
iJ kl kalisiya ke kanon tak pa- 
buncbl ; aur unbon ne Bar-Naba ko 
Antakiya tak bbeja. Wub pahuncb- 
kar, aur Kbuda ka fazl dekhkar 
khusb hua ; aur un sab ko naslhat 
kl, ki dilf irade se Kbudawand se 
lipte raho: kyunki wub nek mard 
aur Bubul Quds aur iman se ma'miir 
tha: aur babut se log Kbudawand 
ki kalisiya men a mile. Pbir wub 
Sbaul kl talasb me^ Tarsus ko cbala 
gaya : aur jab wuh mila, to use 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Antukiya mea laya. Anr aisa huft 
ki wuh sal bhar tak kallsiya kl 
jama'at men shamil bote, anr bahut 
se logou ko ta'lim dete rahe; anr 
sliagird pahle Antakiy& hi men 
Masihl kahlae. UnHln dinon me^ 
chand nabi Yarushalem se Antakiya 
men ae. Un men se ek ne, jis kft 
nam Agabus tba, khare bokar Bub 
kl bidayat se zahir kiya, ki tamam 
dunya me^ bara kal parega; aur 
yib Klaudiyus'ke *abd men waqi* 
bua. Pas sbagirdon ne tajwiz kl, 
ki apne apne maqdur ke muwafiq 
Yabudiya men rahnewale bbaiyofi 
kl kbidmat ke liye kucbb bbejen. 
Cbunancbi unbon ne.aisa bi kiya, 
aur Bar-Naba aur Sbaul ke batb 
buzurgon ke pas bbeja. 

INJIL. Yuhanna xv. 12. 

MEBA bukm yib bai, ki jaise 
main ne turn se mababbat 
rakkbi, turn bbl ek dusre se mababbat 
rakkbo. Is se ziyada mababbat kol 
sbakbs nabin karta, ki apnl jan at)ne 
doston ke liye de de. Jo kucbb 
main tum ko bukm deta bug, agar 
tum use karo, to mere dost bo. Ab 
se main tumben naukar na kabunga, 
kyunki naukar nabin janta ki us ka 
malik kya karta bai ; balki tumben 
main ne dost kaba bai, is liye ki jo 
baten main ne apne Bap se sunin, 
wub sab tum ko bat a din. Tum ne 
mujbe nabin chuna, balki main ne 
tumben cbun liya, aur tum ko mu- 
qarrar kiya, ki jakar pbal lao, aur 
tumbara pbal qaim rabe ; taki mere 
nUm se jo kuobh Bap se mango, wuh 
tum ko de. 

Muqaddas Tuhannd BaptUma denewdle 
Ted din (ya'ni 24 Jun), 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, tere 
intizam se tera kbadim Yu- 
hanna Baptisma denewal& mu'jize 
ke taur par paida bua aur tauba 
kl manadi se tere Bete ham are 
MunjI kl rah taiyar kame ko bheja 
gaya ; Ham ko us kl ta'lim aur pak 


chalan ka aisa pairau bana, ki ham 
us kl manadi ke bamujib sachohl 
tauba karen, aur us ke namnne ke 
mutabiq istiqlal se saoh bolen, dilerl 
se sharSrat ko malamat karen, aur 
sabr se haqq kl khatir dukh utbaen ; 
hamSre Khud&wand Yisu' Maslh ke 
waslle se* Amm. 

5HATT KB 'IWAZ. Tasha'yah xl. 1. 

TUM tasalll do, mere logon ko 
tum tasalll do, tumbar& Kbuda 
farmata bai. Yarushalem ko dil&sa 
do, aur us se pukarke kaho, ki Us kl 
muslbat ke din, jo jang o jidal ke 
the, guzar gae. Us ke gunab ka 
kafara bua, aur us ne Kbuda wand ke 
hath se apne sab gunabon ka badla 
do-cband paya. Bay&ban men ek 
manadi kamewale kl awa^, Tum 
Kbudawand kl rah durust karo, 
sabra men hamare Kbuda ke liye ek 
sidbl shahrah taiyar karo. Har ek 
nasbeb uncha kiya jae, aur har ek 
koh aur tila past kiya jae, aur har 
ek terhl chiz sldhi, aur n^-bamwar 
jagah hamwar kl jae. Aur Kbuda- 
wand ka jalal ashk&ra boga, aur 
sab bashar ek.satb use dekhenge, ki 
Kbudawand ke munh ne yib farmaya 
bai. Ek awaz huf, ki Manadi kar. 
Aur main ne kaba, Main kya manadi 
karun? Har bashar ghas bai, aur 
un kl sari raunaq maidan ke phul kl 
manind bai. Ghas murjbati hai, 
phul kumhlate bain, kyunki Kbuda- 
wand kl bawa us par babti hai : 
yaqinan log ghas bain. Han, ghas 
murjbati hai, phul kumhlate bain; 
par hamare Khuda ka Kalam abad 
tak qaim hai. Ai tu jo Saibun ko 
khueh-khabarlaa sunati hai, unche 
pahar par charh. Ai tu jo Yaru- 
shalem ko basharat deti hai, zor se 
apnl awaz baland kar ; khub pukar, 
aur mat dar'; Yahuda ki bastlofi se 
kah, Dekho apna Kbuda. Dekho, 
Kbudawand Khud& zabardasti ke 
sath aeg^l, aur us ka bazu apne 
liye saltanat karega: dekho, us ka 
sila us ke sath hai, aur us ka ajr us 
ke age. Wuh chaupan kl manind 
apna galla char&ega, wuh barroQ ko 
apne hath se farahamr^karep:^ 


apnl god men uthake le ohalega, aur 
un ko jo dfbdh pilatl hain fiesta 
Shifita le jftegS.. 

INJiL. LuqaL57. 

ILISHIBA* ke janne ka waqt a 
pahunchft, anr wuh beta jani. 
Aur us ke parausiyon aur rishta- 
daron ne yih sunkar, ki Khudawand 
ne us par barl rahmat ki, us ke sath 
khushl manai. Aur athwen din aisa 
hua ki wuh larke ka khatna kame 
ae, aur us ka' nam us ke b&p ke 
nam par ZakaryS.h rakbne lage. 
Magar us kl m&u t^^ kah& ; Nahin, 
balki us ka nSm Yuhanna rakkha 
jae. Unhon ne us se kaha, ki Tere 
ku&be men kisi ka yih nam na}iln. 
Aur unbon ne us ke bap ko isbara 
kiya, ki tu us k& nam ky& rakbna 
chahta bai? Us ne takhtl mangake 
yih likb&, ki Us ka nam Yubanna 
hai : aur sab ne ta'ajjub kiyfi. UsI 
dam us ka munb aur zaban kbul 
gayl, aur wub bolne aur Khud& kl 
bamd kame laga. Aur un ke as pas 
ke sab rabnewalon par dabshat ebba 
gayi ; aur Yabudiya ke tamam pabari 
mulk men in sab baton ka cbarclia 
pbail gaya. Aur sab sunnewalon ne 
un ko dil men socbkar kab& ; To yib 
larka kaisa bonewal& bai ! Kyunki 
Kbudawand ka hatb uIb par tba. 
Aur us ka bap Zakaryab Bubu'l 
Quds se bbar gaya, aur nubdwwat 
kl rab se kabne laga, ki Kbud&wand 
Israil ke Kbuda kl bamd ho, Kyunki 
us ne apnl ummat par tawajjuh 
karke use cbbutkara diya, Aur 
apne kbadim Daud ke gbarane men 
Hamare liye najat ka sing nikala; 
(Jaisa us ne apne pak nabion ki 
zab&nl kaba th&, Jo ki dunya ke 
sburu' se bote ae bain,) Ta'nl bam ko 
bam&re dusbmauog se, Aur sab kina 
rakbnewalon ke batb se najat bakb- 
sbl; Taki bam&re bapdadon par 
rabm kare, Aur apne pak 'ahd ko 
yad farmae ; Ya'nl us qasam ko jo 
us ne bamare bftp Ibr&bim se kbal 
tbi, Ki wub bamen yib 'inayat kare- 
g& ki apne dusbmanon ke bftib se 
cbbutkar, Us ke buzur p&klzagl aur 
rastbkzl se 'umr bbar bekbftuf us k| 


'ib&dat karen. Aur ai larke, tu 
Kbuda Ta'&ii ka nabl kablaega; 
KyuQki tu Khudawand kl rabeQ 
taiyar kame ko us ke age age 
cbalega; Taki us kl ummat ko 
najSt ka 'ilm bakbsbe, Jo un ko 
gunabon ki mu'aft se hasil bo. Yib 
bamare Kbuda ki' 'ain rabmat se 
boga, Jis ke sabab 'alam i bai a ka 
aftab bam par tula' karega, Taki un 
ko jo andbere aiir maut ke saye meg 
baithe bain rausbni bakbsbe, Aur 
bamare qadamon ko salamati ki rab 
par dale. Aur wub larka barbta 
aur rub men quwwat p&ta gaya,' aur 
Israil par zahir hone ke din tak 
jangalog men rabft. 

Muqaddas Patras h& din {ya'nl 29 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, tu ne 
apne Bete Yisu' Maslh ke wa- 
slle se apne Easul Muqaddas Patras 
ko Ibahut si afzal ni'maten dekar 
takid se farmS,ya ki merS. galla 
cbarft ; Ham teri minnat karte bain, 
aisa kar ki sab Usquf aur Grallab&n 
tera pak Kalam koshisb se sunayft 
karea, aur ahl i jama'at farm&nbar- 
dari se un kl pairawl karen ; taki 
wub abadi jalal k& t&j basil karen, 
bamare Kbuda wand Yisu* Maslh ke 
waslle se. Amtn, 

jjHATT KE 'IWAZ. A'mal xii 1. 

US waqt men Herodes badshah ne 
satane ke liye kalisiya men se 
ba'z par bath dal&. Aur Yubannft 
ke bbal Ya'qub ko talw&r se qatl 
kiy&. Jab dekba, ki yih bat Yabu- 
dlon ko pasand al, to Patras ko bbl 
giriftar kar liya. Aur yih 'Id i 
Fatir ke din the. Aur us ko pa- 
karke qaid kiya, aur nigabbani ke 
liye cb&r char sip^lblon ke char 
pahron men rakkha ; is irade se ki 
Fasah ke ba'd us ko logon ke samne 
pesh kare. Pas qaidkbftne men to 
Patras kl nigahb^nl bo rabi thi: 
magar kallsiyS us ke liye ba dil o 
jan Kbuda se du'& m&ng rahl tbi. 
Aur jab Herodes use nesh karne ko 

•^ Digitized byCjOOgle 



th&, to U8t rat Patras do zanjlron se 
bandfaa bua do sipahlon ke darmiyan 
sota tha : aur pahrewale darwaze 
par qaidkhane kl nigahbanl kar 
rahe the ; ki dekho, Kbudawand ka 
ek firisbta a kbara bug, aur us 
kotbrl men nur obamak gaya : aur 
us ne Patras kl pasll par batb mar- 
kar use jagaya aur kaba, ki Jald 
utb. Aur zanjirei^ us ke b&tbon 
men se kbul parln. Pbir firisbte ne 
us se kaba ; Ka'mar bandb, aur apni 
jut! pabin le. Us ne aisa bl kiya. 
j?bir us ne us se kaba, ki Apna 
cboga pabinkar mere picbbe bo le. 
Wub nikalkar us ke piobhe bo liya, 
aur yib na j^na, ki jo kucbb firisbte 
kl taraf se bo raba bai wub waqa'f 
bai, balki yib samjba, ki roy& dekb 
raba bun. Pas wuh pable aur dusre 
balqe men se nikalkar, us lobe ke 
pbatak par pabunobe^ jo sbabr kl 
taraf bai ; -wub ap se ap un ke 
liye kbul gay a : pas wub nikalkar 
kucbe ke us sire tak gaye ; aur fauran 
iirisbta us ke pas se chala gaya. 
Aur Patras ne bosb men akar kaba, 
ki Ab maig ne sacb sacb jan liya, ki 
Kbudawand ne apna firisbta bbejkar 
mujbe Herodes ke batb se cbbura 
liya, aur Yabadi qaum kl sari ummed 
tor dl. 

INJIL. Mati xvi. 13. 

JAB Yisu' Qaisariya Filippi ke 
'il&qe men aya, to apne sbagir- 
Hon fie yib puobba, ki Log Ibn i 
Adam ko kya kabte bain ? Unbon 
ne kaba ; Ba'z Yubanna baptisma 
denewala kabte bain, ba*z Eliyyab, 
ba'z Yirmayab, ya nablon men se 
koL Us ne un se kaba ; Magar turn 
mujbe kya kabte bo? Sbama'un 
Patras ne jawab men kaba ; Tu zinda 
Ebuda ka Beta Masib bai. Yisu' 
ne jawab men us se kaba, ki Mu- 
barak bai tu, Sbama*un Bar-Yona; 
kyunki yib bat gosbt anr kbun ne 
nabin, balki mere Bap ne, jo asman 
par bai, tujb par zabir kl bai. Aur 
main bbl tujb se kabta bun, ki Tu 
Patras bai, aur main is pattbar par 
apnl kalisiya banaunga, aur 'alam i 
arwab ke darwaze us par galib na 

aenge. Main asman kl badsbabat 
kl kunjiyan tujbe dunga, aur jo 
kucbb tu zamln par bandbega, wub 
asman par bandbega ; aur jo kucbh 
tu zamln par kbolega, wub asman 
par kbulega. 

Muqaddas Ya'quh Basul kd din Q/a'ni 

25 Julal), 


A I Babim Kbuda, jis tarab tera 
muqaddas Easul Ya'qub, apne 
bap aur sare mal ko cbborkar, tere 
B^te Yisu' Maslb ke bulane par far- 
manbardarl se jbat us ke picbbe bo 
liya, usi tarab terl 'inayat se bam 
bbl, tamam dunyawl aur nafsanl 
kbwabisben cbborkar, tere pak buk- 
mon ke baja lane par bamesba mus- 
ta'idd raben ; apne Kbuda wandYisu' 
Maslb ke waslle se. Amin, 

^HATT KB 'IWAZ. A'mal xi. 27 bo 
xii. 3 tak. 

UNHIN dinon men cband nabl 
Yarusbalem se Antakiya men ae. 
Un men se ek ne, jis ka nam Agabus 
tba, kbare bokar Eub ki bidayat se 
zabir kiya, ki tamam dunya men 
bara kal parega ; aur yib Klaudiyus 
ke' abd men' waqi' bua. Pas sbagirdon 
ne tajwiz kl, ki apne apne maqdur 
ke muwafiq Yabudiya m^ rabne- 
wale bbaiyon kl kbidmat ke liye 
kucbb bbejen. Cbun&ncbi unbon 
ne aisa bl kiya, aur Bar7Naba aur 
Sbaul ke batb buzurgon ke pas 
bbeja. Us waqt men Herodes bad- 
sbab ne satane ke liye kalisiya men 
se ba'z par batb dala. Aur Yu- 
banna ke bbal Ya'qub ko talwar se 
qatl kiya. Jab dekba, ki yib bat 
Yabudlon ko pasand al, to Patras ko 
bbl giriftar kar liya. 

INJIL. Mail XX. 20. 

US waqt Zabdl ke beton kl man 
ne, apne beton ke satb us ke 
samne akar sijda kiya, aur us se 
kucbb 'arz kame lagl. Us ne us se 
kaba, ki Tu kya cbabtl bai? Us 
ne us se kaba ; Farma, ki yib mere 
do bete terl badsbabat^en ek itert. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



dahnTy aur ek ten b&lg taraf baithe. 
Yisu' ne jawab men kaha; Tarn 
nah^ jante, ki kya mangle bo. 
Jo piyala main pine ko bun, kya 
turn pt sakte bo? Unboa ne ns se 
kaba ; Pi sakte bain. Us ne nn se 
kaba; Mera piyala to ploge, lekin 
apne dabne baen kisi ko bitba dena 
mera kam nabin, magar jin ke liye 
mere Bap kl taraf se taiyar kiya 
gaya, nnbto ke liye bai. Aur jab 
dason ne yib suna, to un dono bbai- 
yon se kbafa bue. Magar Yisu' ne 
unben pas bulakar kaba; Turn 
jante bo, kigair-qaumon ke sardar 
nn par bukumat cbalate, aur amir 
un par ikbtiyar jatate bain. Turn 
men aisa na boga, balki jo tum men 
bara bona cbabe, wub tumbara 
kbkdim bane, aur jo tum men aw- 
wal bona cbabe, wub tumbara 
gulam bane : chunancbi Ibn i 
Adam is liye nabin aya, ki khid- 
mat le, balki kbidmat kare, aur 
apnl jan babuteron ke badle fidye 
men de. 

Muqaddaa Bar'Tulmal Easul ha din 
{ya*m 24 Agaat), 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall Kbuda, 
Tu ne apne Easul Bar-Tulmai 
ko yib tauftq dl, ki us ne tere Kalam 
par sacbcbe dil se Iman lakar us kl 
manadi kl ; Ham terl minnat karte 
I bain, ki jis Kalam par wub Iman 
laya, us ko terl Kallsiya 'aziz rakkbe, 
us kl manadi kare, aur us ko man 
bbl le; bamare Kbuda wand Yisu' 
Masib ke wasile se. Amin. 

5HATT KE »IWAZ. A'mal v. 12. 

RAStJLON ke batbon se babut se 
nisban aur 'ajib kam logon 
men zabir bote tbe, aur wub sab ek 
dil'bokar Sulaiman ke baramade 
men jama' bua karte tbe. Lekin 
auron men se kisi ko jur'at na bul, 
ki un men ja mile; magar log un kl 
baral karte tbe : aur Iman lanewale 
mard o 'aurat Kbuda wand kl kall- 
siya men 4ur bbl kasrat se a mile; 
^q.ban tak ki log bimaron ko sarakon 

par la lake, ob&rpaiyon aur kbatolon 
par lita dete tbe, taki jab FatraiEi ae, 
to us k& saya bl nn men se kisT par 
par jae. Aur Yarnsbalem ke cb&- 
ron taraf ke sbabron se bbl log, 
blm&ron aur napak rubon ke satae 
buon ko lakar, kasrat se jama' bote 
tbe ; aur wub sab aobobbe kar diye 
jate the. 

INJIL. Luqa xxii. 24. 

AUE un men yib takrar bbl bul, 
ki Ham men se kaun bara 
samjba jata bai? Us ne un se kaba, 
ki i^rqaumon ke badsbab un pax 
bukumat cbalate bain; aur jo un 
par ikbtiyar rakbte bain, khuda- 
wand i ni'mat kablate bain. Magar 
tum aise na bona ; balki jo tum men 
bara bai, wub cbbote kl manind, aur 
jo sardar bai, wub kbidmat kame- 
wale kl manind bane. Kyunki bara 
kaun bai; wub jo kbana kbane 
baitba, ya wub jo kbidmat karta 
bai? Kya wub nahm, jo kbana 
kbane baitba bai ? Lekin main tum- 
bare darmiyan kbidmat karnewale 
kl manind biin. Magar tum wub 
bo, jo mere sare azmaishon menbara- 
bar mere satb rabe. Aur jaise mere 
Bap ne mere liye ek badsbabat 
muqarrar kl bai, main bbl tumbare 
liye muqarrar karta bun, taki merl 
badsbabat men merl mez par kbao 
pTo; balki turn takbton par baitb- 
kar Israll ke barab qabilon ka insaf 

Muqaddas Mail Sasul kd din (ya'ni 21 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq KbudS, Tu ne 
apne mubarak Bete kl ma'rifat 
MatI ko mabsul kl cbauki par se 
bulakar Easul aur Injilnawls mn- 
qarrar kiya; Ham ko yib tauflq 
bakbsb, ki sab tarab ka lalacb aur 
daulat kl beja kbwabisb cbborkar, 
usi tere Bete Yisii' Maslb kl pairawl 
karen, jo tere aur Eubul-Quds ke 
satb, Wabid Kbuda, abad ul abad 
jita aur saltanat karta rabega. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


5HATT. 2 KnrintioD iy. 1. 

PAS jab ham par aisa rabm hua, 
ki hamen yih khidmat mill, 
to ham himmat nahm harte : balki 
ham ne sharm kl poshTda baton 
ko tark kar diya, aiir makkarl kl 
cbal nahln ohalte, na Khuda ke 
kalam men amezish karte bain ; 
balki haqq zahir karke Khnda ke 
rii ba ru bar ek adml ke dil men 
apnT nekl bithate hain. Aur agar 
hamarl khushkhabarl par parda 
para hai, to halak honewalon hi ke 

' waste para hai : ya'nT nn belmanon 
ke waste, jin kl 'aqlon ko is jahan 
ke khuda ne andha kar diya hai, 
taki MasTh jo Khuda kl surat hai, us 
ke jalal kl khushkhabarl kl raush- 
nl un par na pare. Kyunki ham 
apnT nahln, balki Maslh Yisu* kl 

• manadl karte hain, ki wuh Khuda- 
wand hai ; aur apne haqq men yih 
kahte hain, ki Yisu' kT khatir tum- 
hare gulam hain. Is liye ki Khuda 
hi hai, jis ne farmaya, ki Tarlki 
men se nur chamke; aur wuhl ha- 
mare dilon men chamka, taki Khuda 
ke jalal kl pachhan ka nur Yisu' 
Maslh ke chihre se jalwagar ho. 

INJIL. Mati ix. 9. 

YISU' ne wahan se age barhkar, 
Mail nam ek shakhs ko mah- 
sul kl chauki par baithe dekha ; aur 
us se kaha; Mere pTchhe ho le. 
Wuh uthkar us ke pTchhe ho liya. 
Aur jab wuh ghar men khana khane 
baitha hua tha, to aisa hua ki bahut 
se mahsul lenewale aur gunahgar 
akar Yisu' aur us ke shagirdon ke 
sath khane baithe. Farlslon ne yih 
dekhkar us ke shagirdon se kaba; 
Tumhara ustad mahsiil lenewalon 
aur gunahgaron ke sath kyun khata 
hai? Us ne yih sunkar kaha, ki 
Tanduruston ko hakim darkar nahln, 
balki blmaron ko. Magar tum ja- 
kar is ke ma'nl daryaft karo, ki 
Main qurbanl nahln, balki rahm 
pasand karta hun; kyiinki main 
rastbazon ko nahln, balki gunah- 
garon ko bulane aya hun. 

Muqaddas MikaU aur hull Firishton 
hd din (ya'nt 29 Siptembar), 


A I azall Khuda, Tu ne Firishton j 
aur admlon kJ khidmaton ka 
taqarrur o intizam 'ajib tartib se"kiya 
hai; Eahm se yih bakhsh, ki jis < 
tarah tere pak Firishte asman par i 
barabar teri khidmat karte ham, usi 
tarah wuh tere hukm se zamin par ' 
hamari kumak o himayat karen ; 
hamare Khudawand Yisu* Masih ke 
wasile sa Amtn. 

gHATT KE 'IWAZ. Mukashafa xii. 7. 

A"" SMAN par laral hul : Mikall 
aur us ke fir'ishte azhdahe se 
larne ko nikle ; aur azhdaba aur 
us ke firishte un se lare ; lekin galib 
na ae, aur is ke ba'd asman par 
un ke liye jagah na rahi. Aur wuh i 
bara azhdaba, ya'ni wuhl purana 
sanp jo Iblis aur Shaitan kahlata 
hai, aur sare jahan ko gumrah kar 
deta hai, zamln par gira diya gay'a, 
aur us ke firishte bhi us ke sath 
gira diye gaye. Phir main ne as- 
man par se yih bar! awaz atl suni, 
ki Ab hamare Khuda kl najat, aur 
qudrat, aur badshahat, aur us ke 
Maslh ka ikhtiy ar zahir hua ; kyunki 
hamare bhaiyon par ilzam lagane- 
wala, jo rat din hamare Khuda ke 
age un par ilzam lagaya karta hai, 
gira diya gaya. Aur wuh Barre ke 
khun, aur- apni gawahl ke kalam 
ke ba'is us par galib ae ; aur unhon ' 
ne apnl jan ko 'aziz na samjha, ya- 
has tak ki maut bhi gawara kl. 
Pas ai asmano, aur un ke rahne- 
walo, khushl manao. Ai khushkl 
aur tari, tum par afsos hai; kyunki 
Iblis bare g-usse mes tumhare pas 
utarkar ay a hai, is liye ki janta hai, 
ki mera thora hi sa waqt baql hai. 

INJIL. Mati xviii. 1. 

US waqt shagird Yisu' ke pas 
akar bole ; Pas asman kt 
badshahat men bara kaun hai ? Us 
ne ek bachche ko pas bulakar use 
un ke bioh men khara k^r diya, aur 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



kaha ; Main tnm se saoli kahta hiin, 
ki agar turn na phiro, aur bachchon 
kl inanind na bano, to asman kl 
b&dBbahat meg hargiz dakhil na 
hoge.. Pas jo koi apne ap ko is 
baohche kl nianind obhota banaega, 
wnbl asman kT badsbafaat men bara 
boga. Aur jo kol aise bacbche to 
mere nam par qabul karta bai, wub 
mnjhe qabul karta bai ; lekin jo koT 
in cbboton men se, jo mujb par 
Iman lae bain, kisT ko tbokar kbila- 
ta bai, us ke liye yib bibtar bai, ki 
ek barl cbakkl ka pat us ke gale 
men latkaya jae, aur wub gabre 
samundar men dubo diya jae. Tbo- 
karon ke sabab dun ja par afsos bai ; 
kyiinki tbokaron ka lagna zarur bai, 
lekin us adm! par afsos bai, jis ke 
ba'is se tbokar lage. Fas agar tera 
batb ya tera panw tujbe tbokar 
kbilae, to use katkar apne pas se 
pbenk de ; tunda ya langrS bokar 
zindagi men dakbil bona tere liye 
is se bibtar bai, ki do batb ya do 
panw bote, tu bamesba kl ag men 
dala jae. Aur agar terl ankb tujhe 
tbokar kbilae, to use nikalkar apne 
pas se pbenk de ; kana bokar zin- 
dagi men dakbil bona tere liye is 
se bibtar bai, ki do ankben bote, 
tu ag ke jabannam men dala jS.e. 
Kbabardar, in cbboton men se kisi 
ko naobiz na janna; kynnki main 
turn se kabta bun, ki Asman par 
un ke firisbte mere asmani Bap 
ka mu^b bar waqt dekbte bain. 

Muqaddas Luqd Injilnatots ha din 
{ya'nl 18 Aktdbar). 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
Liiqa Tabib ko, jis kT ta'rlf 
Injil men paT jati bai, is liye bulaya 
ki wub Injilnawls aur rubani Tabib 
bo ; Karm se yib 'inayat kar ki us 
kT ta'lTm kT sibbat-bakbsb dawaon 
se bamare sab rtibanT marz dafa' 
bon ; apne Bete bamare Kbudawand 
Yisii' Masib ke sawab kl badaulat 
yib bakbsb, Amn, 

KJIATT. 2 Timothiyus iv. 5. 

TU san bftton men bosbyar rab ; 
dukb utba; basbarat ka kam 
anjam de; apnl kbidmat ko piira 
kar. Kyiinki main ab qurb&n ho 
raba bun, aur mere kucb ka waqt 
a pabuncba bai. Main acb<^bbl 
kushtT lar chuka, main ne daur ko 
kbatm kar liya, main ne Iman ko 
mabfiiz rakkba. Ayanda ke liye 
mere waste rastbazi ka wub taj 
rakkba bua bai, jo 'adil munsif, ya'nl 
Kbudawand, mujbe us din dega; 
aur sirf mujbe bi nabTn, balki nn 
sab ko bbl, jo us ke zubur ke arzii- 
mand bon. Mere pSs jald ane ki 
kosbisb kar: kyiinki Demas ne is 
maujuda jaban ko pasand karke 
mujbe cbbor diya, aur ThissalunTke 
ko cbala gaya, aur Kreskens Gala- 
tiya ko, aur Titus Dalmatiya ko. < 
Sirf Liiqa mere pas bai. Marqus 
ko satb lekar a ja ; kyunki kbidmat 
ke liye wub mere kam ka bai. 
Tukbikus ko main ne Ifisus bbej 
diya bai. Jo cboga main Troas 
men Karpus ke ban cbbor aya biin, 
jab tu ae, to wub, aur kitaben, 
kbasskar raqq ke tumar, leta aiyo. 
jSikandar tbatciere ne mujb se babut 
baraiyan kTn : Kbudawand use us 
ke kamon ke muwafiq badla dega. 
Us se tii bbl kbabardar rab : kyunki 
us ne bamari baton kl barl mukbaia- 

INJiL. Luqax. 1. 

EHUD A WAND ne sattar adml 
&ur muqarrar kiye, aur jis 
' jis shabr aur jagab ko kbud 
janewala tba, waban unben do do 
karke apne age bbeja. Aur wub 
un se kahne laga, ki Fasl to babut 
bai, lekin mazdur tbore bain; is 
liye fasl ke malik ki minnat karo, 
ki apnT fasl katne ke liye mazdCir 
bbeje. Jao; dekbo, main tumben 
goya barron ko bberiyon ke blob 
men bbejta biin. Na batiia le jao, 
na jholT, na jutiyan ; aur na rab men 
kisi ko salani karo. Aur jis kisi 
gbar men dakbil bo, pable kabo, ki 
Is gbar kT salamati bo. Agar wab&n 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


kol sietlamati ka farzand hoga, to 
tnxnhara salam ug par thahrega; 
nahin to, turn par lant aega. Us! 
ghar men raho, aur jo kuclih nn se 
mile, khao plo ; ky Qnki mazdur apnl 
mazdurl ka haqqdar hai. 

Muqaddas Basul Shama^un^aur Ya- 

huddh ka din (ya*ni 28 Aktobar), 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
apnl Kallsiya kl 'im&rat ko, jis 
ke kone ka sira khud Yisu' Maslh 
hai, Basulon aur Nabfon kl bunyad 
par banaya hai; Yih tauftq de, ki 
nam nn kT ta'llm ke sabab ruhanl 
ittibad men aise gathe raben, ki terl 
pasand ke laiq ek muqaddas haikal 
banen; hamare Khudawand Yisu' 
Maslh ke wasile se. Amin, 

?HATT. Yahudahl. 

TAHtJDAH kl taraf se jo Yisu' 
MASlh ka banda anr Ya'qikb kft 
bhal hai, un bulae hiion ke nam, jo 
Ehnda B&p men 'aziz, anr Yisu' 
Mainh ke liye mahfuz haiQ. Bahm 
aur itmlnftn anr mahabbat tnm ko 
ziyada hasil hot! rahe. Ai piyaro, 
jis waqt main tum ko ns najat kl 
babat likhne men kamal kosbish kar 
raha tha, jis men ham sab sharik 
bain, to main ne tnmhen yih nasfhat 
likhnl zarur janl, ki tnm ns iman ke 
waste janfishani karo, jo muqaddason 
ko ek hi bar sannpft gaya thfi! 
Eyunki ba'z aise shakhs chnpke se 
ham men a mile hain, jin kf is saza 
ka zikr qadim zamane men peshtar 
se likha gaya th&; yih bedln hain, 
anr hamare Ehnda ke fazl ko shah- 
watparasti se badal dalte hain, 
aur hamare wahid Malik aur 
Ehudawand Yisu' Maslh ka inkar 
karte hain. Pas agarchi tnm sab 
baten ek bar jan chnke ho, taham 
vih bat tnmhen yad dilanl chahta 
nun, ki Ehudawand ne ek ummat 
ko mnlk i Misr men se chhurane ke 
ba'd nnhen halak kiya jo Iman na 
lae. Aur jin firishton ne apnl 
hukiimat ko qaim na rakkha, balki 
apne khass maqam ko ohhor diya. 

nn ko ns ne d&imt qaid men iaiTkT ' 
ke andar xoz i 'aaffm kl 'ad&lat tak 
rakkha hai. Isl tarah Sadom, anr 
'Amorah anr nn ke aspas ke shahr 
jo in kl tarah haramkarl men par 
gaye, anr gair jism kl taraf ragib 
hue, hamesha kl ag kl saza men 
giriftar hokar ja e 'ibrat thahre hain! 
Taham yih log bhi apne wahmon 
men mnbtila hokar nn kT tarah 
jism ko napak karte, anr hnkiimat 
ko naohlz jante, anr 'izzatdaron par 
la'n ta'n karte hain. * 

IN JIL. Yuhanna xv. 17. 

MAIN tum ko in baton ka hukm 
is liye deta hm, ki tum ek 
dusre se mahabbat rakkho. Agar 
dunya tum se 'adawat rakhtl hai, to 
tum jante ho ki us ne tum se pahle 
mnjh se bhI 'adawat rakkhl hai. 
Agar tnm dunya ke bote, to dunya 
apnon ko 'azIz rakhtl : lekin chunk! 
tum dunya ke nabin, balki mam^ne 
tnm ko dunya men se chun liyaliai, 
is waste dunya ""turn se 'adawat 
rakhtl hai. Jo bat main ne tnm se 
kahl thi, use yad rakkho, ki naukar 
apne malik se bara nahin hota. 
Agar nnhon ne mnjhe sataya, to 
tnmhen bhI sataenge; agar nnhon 
ne merl bat par 'amal kiya, to tnm^ 
hari bat par bhi 'amal karenge. 
Lekin yih sab kuchh wnh mere nam 
ke sabab tnmhare sath karenge, 
kyunki wnh mere bhejnewale" ko 
nahin jante. Agar maig na ata, 
anr un se kalam na karta, to wnh 
gnnahgar na thahrte : lekin ab nn 
ke pas nn ke gnnah ka 'nzr nahin. 
Jo mujh se 'adawat rakhta hai, wnh 
mere Bap se bhI 'adawat rakhta hai. 
Agar main nn men wuh kam ntf 
karta, jo kisi dusre ne nahl^ kiye, 
to wnb gnnahgar na thahrte: magar 
ab to nnhon ne mnjhe anr mere Bap 
dono ko dekha, aur dono se 'adawat 
kl. Lekin yih is liye hua ki wnh 
qanl pura ho, jo nn kl sharf at men , 
likha hai, ki Unl^a ne mujh se 
mnft 'adawat kl. Lekin jab wuh 
Madadgar aega, jis ko maig tnmhare 
pas Bap kl taraf se bhejunga, ya'nl 
bachchal ka Buh, jo Bap kl taraf se 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


nikalta hai, to wnh gawahl dega : 
aur turn bhi gaw&h ho, kyunki shnru' 
86 mere sath ho. 


Sab Muqadda8on Jed din {ya*nl 1 



A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
apne barguzldon ko apne Bete 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ke 
ruhanl badan kl sharakat men ek 
kar diy& bai ; Ham par aisa fazl kar 
ki tamam nekokarl o kbndaparastl 
men tere mnbarak Mnqaddason kl is 
tarab pairawl karen, ki bam nn be- 
qiyas kbusblog ko pabuncben jo tu 
ne apne beriya mababbat rakbne- 
walon ke liye taiyar kar rakkbl 
bain ; bamare Kbndawand Yisu' 
Masib ke waslle se. Amln. 

:i^HATT KE 'IWAZ. Mukashafa vii. 2. 

PHIE main ne ek &ur firisbte ko, 
zinda Kbuda kl mnbr liye bue, 
masbriq se upar kl taraf ate dekba ; 
us ne un cbaron firisbton se, jinben 
zamTn aur samundar ke zarar pa- 
buncbane ka ikbtiyar diya gay a tha, 
baland &waz se pukdrkar kaba, ki 
Jab tak bam apne Kbuda ke bandon 
ke matbe par mubr na kar len, 
zamin aur samundar aur darakbtoQ 
ko zarar na pabuncbana. Aur jin 
par mubr kl gayl, main ne un ka 
sbumar suna, ki ban! Israll ke sab 
qablLon men se ek lakb cbaualls 
bazar par mubr kl gayl. Yahudab 
ke qablle men se barab bazar par 
mubr kl gayl: Ea'uben ke qablle 
men se barab bazar par : G&d ke 
qablle men se barab bazar par: 
Asber ke qablle men se barab bazar 
par : Naftall ke qabiie men se barab 
bazar par : Manasbsbib ke qablle 
men se barab bazar par : Sbama'un 
ke qablle men se barab bazar par : 
Lewi ke qabiie men se barab bazar 
par: Yissakar ke qablle men se 
barab bazar par ; Zabulun ke qabiie 
men se barab £azar par : Yusuf ke 
qablle men se b&rab bazar par: 
Binyamin ke qablle men se barab 
haz&r par mubr ki gayi. In batofi 

ke ba'd jo main ne nigab ki, to kya 
dekbta bun, kfbar ek qaum, aur 
qablle aur ummat, aur aM i zaban 
kl ek aisl barl bblr, jise kol sbumar 
nabin kar saita, safed jame pabine 
aur kbajur kl daliyan apne batb(m 
mea liye bue, takbt aur Barre ke 
age kbari bai ; kur barl S.waz se 
cbilla cbillakar kabti bai', ki Najat 
bamare Kbuda kl taraf se bai, jo 
takbt par baiiba bai, aur Barre ki 
taraf se. Aur sare firisbte us takbt, 
aur buzurgon aur cbaron jandaron 
ke girdagird kbare bain ; pbir wub 
takbt ke age munh ke bai gir pare, 
aur Kbuda ko sijda karke kaba; 
Amin : Hamd, aur tamjid, aur bik- 
mat, aur sbukr, aur 'izzat, aur 
qudrat, aur taqat, abadu'l abad 
bamare Kbuda kl bo. Amin. 

INJIL. Mativ. 1. 

YlStJ' is bbir ko dekbkar, pabar 
par cbarb gaya ; aur jab baitb 
gaya, to us ke sbagird us ke pas ae ; 
aur wub apnl zaban kbolkar unben 
yiin ta'llm dene laga ; Mubarak bain 
wub jo dil ke garib bain, kyunki 
asman ki badsbabat unbin ki bai. 
Mubarak bain wub jo gamgin bain, 
kyiinki wub tasalli paenge. Muba- 
rak bain wub jo balim bain, kyunki 
wub zamin ke waris bonge. Mu- 
barak bain wub jo rastbazi ke bbuke 
aur piyase bain, kyiinki wub asiida 
bonge. Mubarak bain wub jo 
rabmdil bain, kyiinki un par rabm 
kiya jaega. Mubarak bain wub jo 
pakdil bain, kyunki wub Kbuda ko 
dekbenge. Mubarak bain wub jo 
sulb karate bain, kyiinki wub Kbuda 
ke bete kablaenge. Mubarak bain 
wub jo rastbazi ke sabab satae gaye 
baig, kyiinki asm&n kl badsbabat 
unbin kl bai. Jab mere sabab log 
tumben la'n ta'n karenge, aur sata- 
enge, aur bar tarab ki buri baten 
tumbarl nisbat nabaqq kabenge, 
to tum mubarak boge. Kbusbl 
karna, aur nibayat sbadman bona, 
kyiinki asman par tumbara ajr bara 
bai, is liye ki logon ne un nabiog 
ko bbl jo tum se pable tbe, isl tarah 
sataya tba. 

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( 105 ) 




f Jitne sha^s Fak Sharakat men sharik hon& ohaheo, wuh kam se kam ek din 
pahle jama'at ke GaUaban ko apne apne nam ki ittila' den* 

f Aur agar nn men se koi badchalan maahhur ho» ya kin no qaul ya fi'l se apne 
parosioo ka koi aisa qnsur kiya, jis se Jama'at ko ranj pahuocna ho ; to Gallabau 
agkh hone par ns shakhs ko bnlwakar jata de, ki jab tok tu barmala izhar na kare, 
ki maiu ne Baohchi tauba kar 11 aur apne pichhle bure ohaktn ko sudhar liya hai, 
us waqt tak l^udawand ki Mez par hazir hone ki jur*at hargiz na kama ; taki 
wnh Jama'at jis ko ranj pahnocha tha razi ho jae. Phir yih bhi zarur hai, ki jin 
ka qnBiir ns ne kiya ho, un ko mn'awiza de, ya kam se kam yih wa'da kare, ki jab 
mnjbe manqa' milega, to zartir aisa kariioga. 

f Phir jin shakhsoo meo bugz aur kine ke galbe ke nishan GaUaban ko nazar aeo, 
un se bhi wuh waisa hi suluk kare ; ya'ne jab tak use ma'liim na ho, ki un meo 
mel milap ho gaya hai, us waqt tak wuh un ko l^hudawand ki Mez ke sharik na 
hone de. Aur agar jhagra kamewaloo meii se ek to dusre ke sab qusur tah-i-dil 
se mu'af. kame, aur apne kiye hue nuqsan ka mn'awiza done par razi ho, lekin 
diisra bawujud samjhane ke Masihi mel milap ko manztlr na kare, balki apni zidd 
aur kine par ara rahe ; to is hai men ^adim i din us taib ko muqaddas Sharakat 
moD sharik kare, aur is ziddi ko sharik na kare. Magar shart yih hai, ki jo 
Ipiadim i din is surlj:hi ya is se pahli surj^hi ke bamiijib kisi ko sharakat se mana* 
kare, wuh zarur hadd ke darje chaudah roz ke andar Hakim i shara' ko is kaifiyat 
ki ittila' de. Aur Hakim i sbara* us qusurwar par Qaniin i Ealisiya jari kare. 

f Mez, jis ke iipar Sharakat ke waqt ek saf safed chadar bichhi ho, Giija ke bich 
meo, ya Gbansal meo, jahao Subh aur Sham ki namaz ka parhna muqarrar hai, 
rakkhi rahe. Aur Prist Mez ke Shimali janib khara hoke Du'a i Babbani aur zail 
Id Ealikf parhe ; aur jama'at ghutne teke rahe. 

A I hainare Bap, Tii jo asman men 
hai, Ter& Nam pak mana jae. 
Ten badshahl ae. Teri marzl jaisi 
asman par piiri hoti hai, zamin par 
bhi ho. Hamari roz ki roti aj ha- 
men de. Aur hamare qu8iiron ko 
mu'af kar, Ki ham bhi apne qusiir- 
waron ko mu'af karte hain. Aur 
ham en azmaish men na parne de, 
Balki burai se bacha. Amin. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Ehuda, tere 
age sab ke dil ka hai khula 
hai, tujhe sab kl muraden ma'liim 
hain, aur tujh se koi bhed ehhipa 
nahin; apne Eiihul-Quds ke ilham 
so hamare dil ke khayalon ko pak 
kar, taki ham tujh se kamil mu- 

habbat rakkhen, aur laiq taur par 
tere pak Nam kl ta'zim karen ; 
hamare Khudawand Maslh ke waslle 
se. Amln. 

t Tab Prist, jama'at ki taraf phirkar, 
dasoo hukm sat* awaz se sunae; aur 
jama'at, ghu^ne teke hiie, har hukm 
ke ba'd us hukm ki guzashta nafiar- 
mani ke liye rahmat, aur ainda ki 
ta'mil ke liye fazl, l^uda se maoge. 

Khadim i din. 

KHTJDA ne yih baten farmafn, ki 
Khudawand tera Khuda main 
hiin. Mere huziir tere liye diisrE 
khuda na ho. 

Log, Ai Khudawand, ham par 
rahm farma, aur is hukm ke baja lane 
par hamare dilon ko mail kar. 

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JSh&dim % din. Tu apne liye kol 
murat, y& kisl chtz kl surat, jo upar 
&sm&n par, y& niche zamtn par, yS. 
panl men jo zamin ke niche hai, mat 
bans,. Tu nnke age apne tain mat 
jhuka, aurnannkl'ibadat kar, kyun- 
ki mam Ehndawand tera Ehnda 
^aiyiir Khnda hun, anr bSpdadon kl 
badkarl4a nnkt anlad par jo mujhse 
'adawat rakhte hain, itsil aur cbanthi 
pusht tak pahunchatS hun, anr 
hazaron par jo mujb se mnhabbat 
rakhte'^aur mere hukmon ko mante 
hain, rahm kartS hun. 

Log, Ai Khudawand, ham par 
rahm farma, aur is hnkm ke baj& 
lane par bamare dilon ko mail 

Khadtm i din. Tu Khndawand 
apne Khuda ka nam befaida mat le, 
kyunki jo uska Nam befaida leta 
hai,"^ Khndawand use begunah na 

Log. Ai Khndawand, ham par 
rahm farma, anr is hnkm ke baja 
lane par hamare dilon ko mail 

JSJUidim % din. Tu Sabt ka din pak 
rakhne ke liye yad rakh. Chha din 
tak tu mihnat karke apne sare kam 
kaj kar, lekin satwan din Khnda- 
wand tere Khnda ka Sabt hai : ns 
men knchh kam na kar, na tu, na 
tera beta, na ten bet I, na tera ^lam, 
na ten laundT, na terl mawashl, aur 
na tera mnsafir jo tere phatakon ke 
andar ho : kyunki Khndawand ne 
ohha din men asman o zamIn, darya 
anr sab knchh jo in men hai, bana- 
ya, anr satwen din aram kiya, is liye 
Khndawand ne Sabt ke din ko bara- 
kat di, aur use mnqaddas thahrSya. 

Log. Ai Khndawand, ham par 
rahm farma, aur is hnkm ke baja 
lane par hamare dilon ko mail 

Khddim % din. Tu apne ma bap ko 
'izzat de, taki terl 'nmr ns zamfn par 
jo Khndawand tera Khnda tnjhe 
deta hai, daraz ho. 

Log. Ai Khndawand, ham par 
rahm farma, aur is hnkm ke bajg. 
lane par hamare dilon ko mail kar. 

^hadim i din. Tu khun mat kar. 


Log. Ai Khnd&wand, ham par 
rahm farmS^ anr is hnkm ke baja 
lane par ham&re dilon ko m&il kar. 

Khddim i din. Tu zin& mat kar. 

Log. Ai Khndawand, ham par 
rahm farma, anr is hnkm ke baja 
Ifine par hamare dilon ko mail kar. 

JSMdim % din. Tu chorl mat kar. 

Log. Ai Khndawand, ham par 
rahm farma, anr is hnkm ke baja 
lane par hamare dilon ko mail kar. 

Khddim i din. Tu apne paransi 
par jhuthi gawahl mat de. 

Log. Ai Khndawand, ham par 
rahm farma, anr is hnkm ke baja 
lane par hamare dilon ko mail kar. 

Khddim % din. Tu apne parausi 
ke ghar ka lalach mat kar : tu apne 
parausi kl joru, anr nske gnlam, aur 
nski lauadT, anr nske bail, aur ns 
ke gadhe, anr kisi chiz ka, jo tere 
parausi kl hai. lalach mat kar. 

lx>g. Ai Khndawand, ham ten 
minnat karte hain, ham par rahm 
farma, anr apne in sab hukmoQ ko 
hamare dilon par naqsh kar. 

f Phir Prist pabl! tarah khara hokar 
Badshah i mu'azzam ke waste in 
donoQ meo se ek kalikt parhe. 

Ham dn'a mangen. 

AL Qadir i Mntlaq Khnda, ten 
saltanat abadi, anr ten qndrat 
behadd hai; tamam Kallsiya par 
rahm kar ; anr apne barguzlda Kha- 
dim hamare Badshah anr Hakim 
Edward Qaisar i Hind ke dil ko 
aisi hidayat farma, ki wuh, apne ap 
ko tera khadim jankar, sab baton 
se ziyada terl 'izzat o jalal ka talib 
rahe ; anr ham, ns kl tamam ra'lyat 
samet, is bat par khub lihaz karke 
ki ns ne kis kitaraf se ikhtiyar pay a 
hai, tere sabab anr ten khatir, tere 
mnbarak Kalam anr hnkm ke mn- 
wafiq, wafadan se ns kl khidmat o 
'izzat karen, anr firotani se ns ke 
farmanbardar rahen ; hamare Khn- 
dawand Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se, jo 
tere anr Buhnl-Qnds kesath, hamesha 
wahid Khnda, abad nl abad jita aur 
saltanat karta rahega. Amln. 

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Td yih h&likt, 

A I Q&dir i MntiLaq aur azalT KliQcla, 
ham tere pak Kalam se sikhte 
hain, ki Badshanon ke dil tere hakm 
o ikhtiyar men hain, aur tu apni 
ilabi hikmat se jis taraf bihtar j&nta 
hai un ko mail aur mutawajjili karta 
hai; Ham firotant se terl minnat 
karte bain, ki tu apne Kbadim ba- 
mare Badsbab aur Hakim Edward 
Qaisar i Hind ke dil ko aisa mail 
aur mabkum rakb, ki wub apne liar 
kbayal, qaul, aur fi'l men bamesba 
teri 'izzat o jalal ka talib bo, aur isl 
kosbisb men rabe, ki terl kbalq ko 
jo us ke sipurd bai kbusbbg,!!, amn, 
aur kbudaparasti men mabfuz 
rakkbe ; Ai rabim Bap, apne 'aziz 
Bete bam are Kbudawand Yisu' Masib 
ki kbatir yib 'inayat kar. Amln, 

f Is ke ba'd usi roz ki Kalikt parhi 
jae. Aur Ealik^ ke ba'd hi Pris^ yih 
kahkar Elbatt ko parhe, ki '' ipiatt 
(yd j^batt ke 'iwaz Ki'tab i mnqaddas 
ka muqarrari hifisa) fulao Kitab ke 
fnlau Bab ki fulao Ayat se shnru' 
hota hai." Anr jab Khatt ko parh 
ohuke, to kahe, **Ab ^hatt tama'm 
hua." Is ke ba'd jama'at kbari ho 
jae, aur Prist l^U^ ko yih kahkar 
parhe,ki **Muqadda8 Injil fulao lojil 
ke fulaQ Bab ki ful&o Ayat se shuru' 
hoti hai." Aur jab Injil ko parh 
chuke, to zail IsA 'Aqida gaya ya 
parba jae; aur jama'at usi tarah 
kbari rabe. 

MAIN Iman rakbta hiin ek Kbud& 
(Jadir i Mutlaq Bap par, Jo 
ftsman o zamin, Aur sab dekbl aur 
andekbl cblzon ka kbaliq bai. 

Aur ek Kbudawand Yisii' Masib 
par, jo Kbuda ka iklauta Beta bai ; 
kull 'alamon se pesbtar apne Bap se 
mauliid, Kbuda se Kbuda, Niir se 
Niir, Haqlql Kbuda se baqlql Kbuda, 
MasQu' nabln balki mauliid ; Us ka 
aur Bap ka ek bl jaubar bai ; Us ke 
wasile se kull ebizen banin ; Wub 
ham admlon ke liye aur bamari 
najat ke waste asman par se utar 
aya, Aur Rubul-Quds kl qudrat se 
Kunwari Maryam se mujassam biia, 
Aur insan bana, Aur Puntiyus Pila- 
tus ke 'abd men bam are liye masliib 


bbl bua. Us ne dukb utbaya aur 
dafn bua, Aur tisre din pak nawisb- 
ton ke bamiijib jX utba, Aur asman 
par obarb gaya, Aur Bap ke dabine 
baitba bai. Wub jalal ke satb 
zindon aur murdoa ki 'adalat ke liye 
pbir aega ; Us kl saltanat kbatm na 

Aur maig Iman rakbt& bii£^ Eiibul- 
Quds par, Jo Kbudawand aur zin- 
dagi bakbsbnewala bai; Wub Bap 
aur Bete se sadir bai. Us kl Bap aur 
Bete ke satb parastisb o ta'zTm boti 
bai, Wub Nablon kl zab&Dl bola. 
Main ek Kathulik Easiill Kallsiya 
par Iman rakbta huu* . Main ek 
Baptism a ka, jo gunabon ki mu'aft 
ke liye bai, iqrar karta bun, Aur 
murdon kl qiyamat, Aur ayanda 
.jaban ki bayat ka intizar karta bCin. 

% Is ke ba'd Gallalwn jama'at ko l^abar 
de, ki is Hafte meo kaun kaun si 
'Ideo ya Boze ke din manne chahiyeD. 
Aur agar Sbarakat houewali ho, to 
wuh us ki ittila' bhi isi mauqa' par 
de : aur [nikah ka aur] girja meQ 
Gbande ka ishtihar, aur Talab i haziri 
ke l^hutut, aur Kalisiya se ki«i ke 
i]^hraj ka izhar, isi waqt sunae jaeo. 
Aur pirja meQ 'Ibadat ke waqt 
!l^badim i din ke siwa aur koi kisi 
bat ka ishtibar na de ; aur wuh bbi 
■iwa un batoo ke, jo is Eitab ke 
Qawa'id meo muqarrar halo, ya 
Badshah ya Hakim i sbara' ki taraf 
se mu'aiyan ki jaeo, aur kisi bat ka 
ishtihar na de. 

f Ab wa'z sunaya ^te, ya jo nasihateu 
banamJJomt7t hukm se jariki gayio 
ya ayanda jari ki jaeogi, un meo se 
ek parhi jae. 

f Ba*d us ke Prist ^hudawand ki 
mez ke pas pbir jakar Basm i nazr 
shuru' kare, aur zail ki ayatOQ meu 
se apni rae ke muwafiq ek ya kai ek 

TUMHARI rausbni admlon ke 
samne cbamke, taki wub 
tumbare nek kiimon ko dokbkar, 
tumbare Bap kl, jo asman par bai, 
barai karen. Matt v. 16. 

Apne waste zamln par mal jama' 
na karo ; jaban kira aur zans; 
kbarab karta bai, aiir jaban cbor 
naqb lagate aur cburate bain ; balki 
apne liye asman par maljama' karo, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



jahan na kirS. kharab karta, na zang, 
aur na wah&n ohor naqb lagate aur 
ohur&te hain. Mafi vi. 19, 20. 

Job kuchh turn oh&hte ho, ki log 
tnmhare sath karea, wuhl tum bhl 
un ke sath karo ; k junki Tauret aur 
nablon kl ta'llm yihl hai. Mati yii. 12. 

Jo mnjh 86, Ai Khudawand, ai 
KhudSwand, kahte hain, un men se 
har ek asm&n kl badshahat men 
dakhil na hoga, magar wuhl jo mere 
asmani Bap ki marzl par chalta 
hai. Mati vii. 21. 

Zakkai ne khare hokar Khuda- 
wand se kaha ; Ai Khudawand, dekh 
mala apna adha mal garibon ko deta 
huQ ; aur agar kisi ka kuchh nahaqq 
le liya hai, to us ko chau-guna ada 
karta hun. Luqd xix. 8. 

Kaun sa sipahl kabhl apnl girah 
se khakar jang karta hai? Kaun 
angiir ka h&g lag&kar us ka phal 
nahin khata ? ya kaun galla chara- 
kar us galle ka diidh nahin pita? 
1 Kuriiithion ix. 7. 

Jab ham ne tumhare liye riihani 
chlzen boln, to kya yih koi barl bat 
hai, ki ham tumharl jismani chTzoQ 
kl fasl katen ? 1 Kurinthlon ix. 11. 

Kya tum nahin jante, ki jo mu- 
qaddas chlzon kl khidmat karte hain, 
wuh haikal se khate hain? aur jo 
qurbaugah ke khidmatguzar hain, 
wuh qurbaDgah ke sath hissa pate 
haia ? Isi tarah Khudawand ne bhi 
muqarrar kiya hai, ki khushkhabari 
sunanewale khushkhabari ke waslle 
se guzara karea. 1 Kutinthton ix. 
13. 14. 

Jo thora bota hai, wuh thora 
katega ; aur jo bahut bota hai, wuh 
bahut katega. Jis qadr har ek se 
apne dil men thahraya hai, usi qadr 
de ; na dareg karke, aur na lacharl 
se, kyiinki Khuda khushi se dene- 
wale ko 'aziz rakhta hai. 2 Kurin- 
thlon ix. 6, 7. 

Kalam kl ta'llm panewala ta'Jlm 
denewale ko sab achchhl chizon men 
sharlkkare. Farebnakhao; Kbuda 
thatthon men uahln uraya jata : 
kyunki adml jo kuchh bota hai, 
wahi katega. Galafion vi. 6, 7. 

Jahan tak mauqa' mile, sab ke sath 

nekl karen, khasskar ahl i Iman ke 
sath. OcUation vi. 10. 

Dindarl qana'at ke sath bare nafa' 
ka zarfa hai ; kyunki na ham dunya 
men kuchh lae, aur na kuchh us 
mea se le ja sakte hain. 1 Ttmti- 
thiyus vi. 6, 7. 

Ts maujuda jahan ke daulatmandon 
ko hukm de, ki sakhawat par taiyar, 
aur imdad par musta'idd hoa; aur 
ayanda ke liye apne waste ek achchhl 
bunyad qaim kar rakkheu, taki 
haqiqi zindagi par qabza karen. 
1 Timuthiyua vi. 17-19. 

Khuda be-insaf nahin, jo tumhare 
kam aur us mahabbat ko bhiil jae, jo 
turn ne us ke nam ke waste is tarah 
zahir kl, ki muqaddason kl khidmat 
kl, aur kar rahe ho. ^Ihrdnion vi. 10. 

Bhalal aur sakhawat karna na bhii' 
lo, is liye ki Khuda aisi qurbanlon 
se khush hota hai. *Ihrdmon xiii. 1 6. 

Jis kisI ke pas dunya ka mal ho, aur 
wuh apne bhal ko muhtaj dekhkar 
rahm karne men dareg kare,tous men 
Khuda kl mahabbat kyiinkar qaim 
rah sakti hai ? 1 Yuhannd iii. 17. 

Apne mal men se khairat kar, 
aur kisI muhtaj se kabhl munh na 
mor; to Khudawand bhi tujh se 
munh na morega. Tohit iv. 7. 

Maqdiir bhar rahm kar. Agar 
tere pas bahut ho, to bahut de : agar 
tere pas thora ho, to us there men 
se khushi ke sath dene kl himmat 
kar : kyiinki is tarah tii zariirat ke 
din ke liye ajr i nek jama' kar lega. 
Tohit iv. 8, 9. 

Wuh jo misklnofi par rahm karta 
hai Khudawand ko udhar deta hai : 
jo kuchh us ne diya hoga, wuh use 
pher dega. Amsdl xix. 17. 

Mubarak hai wuh jo miskin kl fikr 
rakhta hai: Khuda wand bipatkewaqt 
usI ko rihal dega. MazmUr xli. 1. 

^ In ayatoD ke parhte waqt pikan, ya 
Girja ko muhafiz, ya koi aur laiq 
ad mi jo is Jkbidmat par muqarrar ho, 
MuhtajoQ ke liye l^hairat, aur jama'at 
ki baqi nazreu, ek munasib bar tan 
mey, jo Abl i jama*at kl taraf se is 
kam ko live mila bo, jama' kare , phir 
us ko Prist ke pas adab se lae, aur 
Prist use nazr guzrankar pak Mez 
par 'ajizi ke satli rakh^e. , 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



f Aur agar Shaiakat honewali ho, to 
Prist is waqt itni Boti aur Mai Mez 
par rakkhe, jitni wnh kafi samjhe. 

f Aur yih karke Prist kaho : 

Ham Masib kl knll Kallsiyft ke li3^e, 
jo rii i zamln par riihani jang kar 
rahi hai, du'a mangen. 

A I Qadir iMutlaq aur abad! zinda 
Ehuda, Tii ne apne luuqaddas 
Basul kl ma'rifat hamefi sikb&ya hai, 
ki sab admiOQ ke liye du*a, iltija, aur 
shukrguzarl kareg ; bam 'ajizi se 
terl minnat karte bain ki tii kam&l 
rabm se [* hamdri hhairdt aur nazren 
• Agaryiairat H /^/^It^^, jo 
yani^Ssuiahoo, ham ten Janabiil&bi 
to alfaz [hamari ke buzur mea pesb 
^ainit aur naz- karte baig, qubiil 
reu aur] ohhoye farmS; mibrbanl 

j*®^' karke Kallsiya i ja- 

mi' ko sacbcbai yaganagi aur mel 
milap kl rub se bamesha ma'miir 
rakb ; aur aisa kar, ki jitne tere pak 
Nam ka iqrar karte bain tere pak 
Kalam ki. sabfb ta'lim par mutta- 
fiq ur rae bon, aur ittibad aur Maslbl 
mababbat mcQ zindagi basar karen. 
Aur bam 'arz karte bain, ki tii sab 
Masibi BadsbaboB, mulk ke WalTon, 
aur Hakimoji ko salamat o mabfuz 
rakb; khasskar apne Kbadim ba- 
mare Badsbab Edward ko; t&ki us 
kl 'amaldarl men bamara intizam dln- 
d&rl aur amn ke satb bo ; aur us ke 
taraam Musbiron, aur un sab ko jo 
us kl taraf se ikbtiyar rakbte bain, 
yib taufiq bakbsb, ki wub be-rii- 
ri'ayat insclf kare&, taki sbararat aur 
badi kl saza bo, aur tera din i baqq 
aur sari neklan qaim rabe&. Ai asmani 
Bap. sare BisbapoQ aur GallabanoQ 
ko aisltauftq de, ki wub tere sacbcbe 
aur zinda Kalam ko apne cbalan aur 
ta'lim donon se zabir karea, aur tere 
p&k Sakramintoa ko wajib taur par 
ada karea. Aur apnl tarn am ummat 
ko apna asmani fazl bakbsb, kbasskar 
is jama'at ko jo yaban bazir bai; 
taki wub dil kl garlbl aur bare adab 
se terS pak Kalam sune, aur qabiil 
kare, aiir 'umr bbar terl baqlqikbid- 
mat pakizagi o rastbazi se bajS l&e. 
Aur, ai Kbudawand, bam kamal 

'ajizi se ten minnat karte bain, ki 
jitne is cbandroza zindagi men tak- 
llf, gam, mubtajl, bimarl, ya kisl aur 
muslbat men giriftar bain, un sab ko 
apnl sbafa^at se tasalU aur madad 
de. Aur jitne tere bande is jabfin 
se tere Iman aur kbauf ke satb in- 
tiq&l kar gae bain, un sab ke liye 
bam tere pak Nam ka sbukr karte 
baia ; aur 'ajizi se tera fazl cbabte 
baiat taki bam un ke nek namiine 
kl is tarab pairawl karea. ki un ke 
satb ten asmani b&dsbabat ke sbarik 
boa ; Ai Bap, Yisii' Masib kl kbatir, 
jo bamara ek bl DarmiyanI aur Sbafi* 
bai, yib bakbsb. Am%n, 

f Jab ipiadim i din muqaddas Shara- 
kat ke 'amal meo aoe ki ittila' de, 
(aur yih ittila' hamesha Sharakat ke 
'amal men ane ke din se pahle Itwar 
ya kisi 'Id ko di jae,) to Wa'z ya 
Homili ke khatm hone par wuh zaU 
ki Nasihat pafhe. 

A I 'azizo, mera irada bai ki Kbudft 
kl madad se [fulan roz] jitne 
log dindarl o kbudaparasti ki taraf 
mail boa* un sab ko Masib ke Badan 
aur Kbiin kl kamal tasalllbakbsb 
Sakr&mint diia; taki wub us ko 
Masib kl pur-sawab Sallb o Aziyat kl 
yadg&n mea l^a ; kyiiaki sirf usi ke 
wasile se bam apne gUD&boa kl mu- 
'aft pate aur asm an kl Badsbabat ke 
sbarik bote baia* Pas cbiiaki ba- 
mare asmani Bap, Qadir i Mutlaq 
Kbud&, ne bamea apne Bete bamare 
MunjiYisii' Masib ko, na sirf is waste 
diy& bai, ki wub bamarl kbatir mare, 
balki is waste bbl ki wub ifi pak Sakra- 
mint men kbud baman riibani kbu- 
rak o giza bo, is liye bam par farz bai 
ki kamal 'ajizi ke satb dil o jan se 
us ka sbukr karea* Pas cbiiaki yib 
Sakramint un ke liye jo use laiq 
taur par lete baia ek rabbani aur 
tasalll-bakbsb sbai bai, aur jo use 
nalaiq taur par lene kl jur'at karte 
baia un ke. liye kbatamak bai; 
libaza tum ko naslba't karni mujb par 
farz bai, ki is 'arse mea eocbo ki yib 
pak raz ky& bl a'l& darje ka bai, aur us 
mea ualaiq taur par sbank bona kaisa 
kbatamak bai ; pas tum apne diloa 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



ko ja&oho anr ftzmfto, beparw&I aur 
xnakkarl se nahin, balki aise tatir par, 
ki turn is asmani Ziyafat men P&k 
B&f hoke, ja'nl shadi k& wnh lib&s 
pahine hue fir sako, jis ko KHuda ne 
pak NawishtoB mea zarurl thahraya 
hai, auT yu& is pak Mez par maqbul 
mihman thahro. 

Is ka tarlqa yih hai, ki pahle turn 
apne chalan ko Khuda ke hukmoQ 
keqa'ide se milake jancho ; aur jis 
jis bat men, khwah nXyat khwah 
qaul khwah fi'l meg, - turn apne ap 
ko khatakar pao, us kl nisbat apnl 
ganahgarl par roo, aur apne chal 
chalan ke siidhame ka pakk& ir&da 
karke, Qadir i Mutlaq Khndcl ke 
hnzur apne gunfihofi k& iqrfir karo. 
An; agar turn ko malum ho jae, ki 
turn ne jo qusur kiye hain wuh na 
sirf Khuda ke, balki parausion ke bhi 
hain, to un se milfip karnfi zarur hai ; 
aur turn ne jis kisi ka kol nuqsfin y& 
haqq-talafi kl ho, us kfi mu'awiza 
maqdur bhar dene par musta'idd ho ; 
aur jinhoQ ne tumhara qusur kiya 
ho, un ko is tarah mu'&f kame ko 
taiyar raho, jis tarah turn chfihte ho 
ki Khuda tumh&re qusur mu'af kare ; 
warna pak sharfikat ke lene ka sirf 
yihl natija hoga, ki turn ziyada muj- 
rim thahroge. Pas agar tum me^ 
se kol Khuda kl nisbat kufr bakne- 
wala, ya us ke Kalam ka roknewalfi, 
ya us par tuhmat laganewfila, ya 
zaul, ya klnawar, ya hasid ho, ya 
kisi aur bharl jurm mej^ mubtilft ho, 
to wuh apne gunahon se tauba kare, 
nahlQ to is pak Mez ke pfts na ae ; 
kahlQ aisa na ho ki is pak Sakramint 
ke lenekeba'dlbllsjaisa IdYahudah 
men dakhil hua tum mea bhi dfikhil 
ho, aur tumhare dil mea har tarah 
kl badlag bharke, tumhare jism o ruh 
donon ko halak kare. 

Aur chunki lazim hai, ki kol 
shakhs jab tak Khuda kl rahmat par 
pura bharosa na rakkhe, aur us ka 
dil us ko ilz§,m se ban na kare, us 
waqt tak pak Sharakat men shamil 
na ho ; pas agar tum men aisa koi 
ho, jo waslla i mazkur se apne dil 
kfi itmlnan ua kar sake, balki ziyfida 
tasalll ya sal&h k& muhtaj ho, to 

chfihiye ki wuh mere pfis, yS. KhiuU 
ke Kalfim ke kisi aur hoshyar anr 
dfinfi Khadim ke pas, ae anr dil khol- 
kar apn& gam bay&n kare ; taki wuh 
Khuda ke pfik ELalam ^I hidayat 
pakar apne gunahon se makhlasl ka 
laid a, aur aisi ruh&n! salah bbl pae 
ki jis se us ke dil ko taskin ho, aur 
kisi tarah ka khatkfi y& shubha b&ql 
na rahe. 

f Lekin agar "Pnet dekhe ki log pak 
Sharakat men shamil hone se gafil 
haio, to nasibat i bala ke 'iwaz zail ki 
Nasihat parhe. 

A I piyaro bhaiyo, mera irada hai ki 
Khuda ke fazl se [fuldn roz"] 
'Asha i Eabbani ko 'amal meg laun ; 
aur us meQ Khuda kl taraf se sub 
hazirin kl da'wat karta huQ ; aur 
Khudawand Yisii* Masih ka wasta 
dekar tumhari minnat karta hiiQ, ki 
jis ziyafat men Khuda kbud tum ko 
mahabbat se bulata hai, us mefi 
se inkar na karo. Tum jante ho ki 
yih kaise ranj aur bemuruwwati ki 
bat hai, ki kol shakhs barl ziyafat 
kare, aur apne dastarkhwan par har 
qism kfi khana chune, yaha^ tak ki 
mihmanoa ke ane ke siwa kuchh 
kasar na rahe, aur phir bhi bulae 
hue log nihayat uashukr hokar ane 
se besabab inkfir kare^. Aise hai 
meg tum meu ^ kaun ranjida na 
hogfi? Kaun na samjhega ki merl 
barl be'izzati hiil ? Is liye, ai Maslh 
meu ^^y^ 'azizo, khub khabardar ho, 
aisa na'ho ki tum is pak 'Asha se 
gair-hazir hokar apne iipar Khuda 
ka qahr bharkao. Yih kahDa to 
asan hai, ki * maig is liye sharik 
nahlfi hone ka ki dunyawl karobar 
mea pha^a hua hiiQ. Lekin Khuda 
ki dargah menlaise bahanoQ ka man- 
ziir bona fisan nahlfi hai, Agar 
kol kahe, ki maia to bara gunahgar 
hiis, is liye ane se darta hiin; to 
phir tauba kyuQ nahlfi^ karte, aur 
sndhar kyua nahin jate ho? Jab 
Khudfi tumhea bulata hai, to yih 
kahne se, ki maia nahl^ ane ka, 
kya tum ko sharm nahl^ ati? lazim 
to yih th& ki tum ap Khuda kl taraf 
rujii' karte, ab tum 'uzr karke kahto 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



ho ki bam taiyftr xiahi;& ? Apne dil 
meu khub gaur karo, ki is tarab ke 
babane Ebuda ke huz^r na obalesge. 
Injil mea likb& bai, ki jinboQ ne 
ziyafat se is liye inkar kiya ki bam 
ne zam&i kbarldl bai, ya bailon kl 
jorlOB ko azmaya cbabte baig, ya 
sbadl kl bai, unke 'uzr manziir na 
bue, balki wiib asmani ziyafat ke 
bargiz laiq na tbabre. Main to 
taiyar rabiinga ; aur apne 'Ubde ke 
i'tibar se main Kbadcl ke Nam se 
tumbarl da Vat karta bun, aur Masib 
kl taraf se tnmben bulata bu^; 
main tum ko naslbat karta buQ ki 
agar tum apnl najat cbabte bo, to 
is pak Sbarakat men sbamil bo. 
Aur ebunki Kbuda ke Bete ne sba- 
faqat karke tumbari najat ke liye 
apni jan Salib par di, is liye tum 
par farz bai, ki us ke qurban bone 
kl yadgarl men us! ke bukm ke 
bamujib 'Asba i Babb&nl lo; aur 
apne diloa me^ socbo ki agar tum 
is se gafil rabe,aur Kbudawand kl 
Mez se dida o danista baz rabe, 
aur tumbare jo bbai is asmS^ni giza 
kl ziyafat meg sbarik bote bain un 
se alag rabe, to Kbuda kl kais! be- 
burmatl karte bo, aur is sabab se 
kaisi sakbt saz& tumbSre sir par 
jbum rabi baL Agar tum in batOQ 
ko bakbubl socbo, to Kbuda ke fazl 
se tumbarl nlyat sudbar jaegi ; aur 
is bat ke liye bam apne asmani Bap 
Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda ke buzur 
'Srjizi ke satb du'a mangne se baz na 

f Sbarakat ke 'amal meo ane ke waqt, 
lab Sbarik honewale pak Sakramini 
lene 'ke liye qarine se hazir boo, 
PriBt yih Nasibat parbe. 

A I 'azizo, Kbudawand meg pyaro, 
tum jo bamare Munji Yisu' 
Masib ke Badan aur Kbiin kl p&k 
Sbarakat ana cbabte bo, tumben 
gaur kam& cb&biye ki Muqaddas 
Pau][us sab ko kaisi naslbat kart& 
bai, ki jab tak apne &p ko kbub na 
jaficbo aur na azm&o, is EotI ke 
kb&ne aur is PySle mefi se p&ie kl 
lur'at mat karo. Kyiiaki jis tarab 
10 pak 9&kkramint se bam ko barA 

flEiida botft bai, agar bam sacbcbl 
tauba kamew&le dS aur zinda Iman 
se US ko lete baig (ki is surat meg 
bam rubani waza' se Masib k£t gosbt 
kbfite aur us ka kbun pite bain; 
bam Masib me& baste baig aur Masib 
bam meg basta bai ; bam Masib ke 
satb ek bote bain aur Masib bamare 
satb ek bot& bai;) usi tarab agar 
bam nalaiq waza' se us ko lete bain 
to bara khatra bota bai. Kyuaki is 
bai men bam apne Munji Masib ke 
Badan aur Kbiin ke mujrim tbabrte 
baia; bam * Kbudawand ke* Badan 
ka lib&z na karke apnl saza kbate 
pIte baia; bam Kbuda ka qabr 
apne iipar bbark&te baia ; bam use 
naraz karte baia ki wub bam par 
qism qism kl blmarlaa aur tarab 
tarab kl maut bbeje. Pas, ai bbalo, 
apne ap ko jaacbo, t&ki Kbudawand 
tum ko na jaacbe; apne picbble 
gunaboa se sacbcbl tauba karo; 
bamare Munji Masib par zinda aur 
mazbiit Iman rakkbo; apna cbal 
cbalan sudbaro, aur sab admloa se 
kbalis mababbat rakkbo; tab tum 
in pak razoa mea sbarik bone ke 
laiq tbabroge. Aur barl sbart yib 
bai, ki tum kamSl 'ajizi aur sidqdill 
se Kbuda Bap aur Bete aur Eubul- 
Quds ka is liye sbukr karo, ki 
bamare Munji Masib ne, jo Kbuda 
aur insan donoa bai, apnl maut aur 
aziyat se dunya ka fidiya diya bai. 
Us ne apne &p ko yabaa tak past 
kiya, ki bam 'ajiz gunabgaroa ke 
liye, jo andbere aur maut ke saye 
mea pare tbe, Sallb par mii&; taki 
bamea Kbuda ka farzand banae, 
aur abadi zindagi kl sarfarazi bakb- 
sbe. Aur cbiiaki is bat ko bamesba 
yad rakbna wajib tb&, ki bamare 
HadI aur ek bl Munji Yisii' Masib 
ne bamare liye yua marne se kaisi 
beintiba mababbat dikbai, aur us 
ke besbqimat kbun ke babae j&ne 
se kaise besbiimar faide bam ko 
basil bue baia, is liye us ne bamarl 
barl aur daimi tasalll ke waste in 
pat razoa ko muqarrar kiya, ki us 
kl mababbat ke nisban aur us kl 
maut kl yadgar bamesba rabea* Is 
l^ye ao, jis tari^b ki bam^ar sarasar 

* '^ '^ *■ Digitized by (300gle 



farz hai, ham ns k&, anr B&p aur 
Buhnl-Quda ka, shukr hamesba 
baja laya karen, aur apne &p ko hb 
kl muqaddas marz! ke bilkidl tabi' 
rakkhen, aur 'umr bhar haqiqi pakl- 
zagl o rastb&zl se us kl khidmat meg 
mashgul rahea. Amln. 

f Phir jo p&k Sbarakat lene ae haim 
Prist im BO yih kabe : 

TUM jo apne gunfihoa se ba dil o 
j&n sachohl tauba karte bo, aur 
apne parosiog se mel aur mababbat 
rakbte, aur ainda Khuda ke bukmon 
kl pairawl karke aur us kl pak rahoa 
mea qadam m§.rke na! zindagi basar 
kame ka qasd karte bo; Iman ke 
sath pas ao aur apnl diljama'I ke 
liye is pak Sakramint ko lo; aur 
'ajizi se gbutne tekkar Khuda Qadir 
i Mutlaq ke age firotani so yun 
iqrar karo. 

f Is ke ba'd ^badiman i din men m 
ek sbakbs pak Sbarakat ke sab lene- 
walon ki taraf se yih Iqrar i 'amm 
parbe; ya'ni wub anr san jama'at 
'ajizi se gbn^ne tekkar yih kahen : 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, Ha- 
mate Khudawand Yisii' Masih 
ke Bap, Sab cblzon ke Khaliq aur 
sab admlOQ ke Munsif;* Ham ro 
roke apne tarab tarah ke gunahon 
aur badfon ka iqrar karte bain, Jo 
bam ne waqt ba waqt kbayal, qaul, 
aur fi'l se Teri janab ilahl ke bar- 
kbilaf basbiddat kl baig, Jin ke 
sabab tere qabr o gazab ka bam par 
bharakna 'ain insaf tha. Ham dil 
o jan se tauba karte baig, Aur apne 
in beja kamon ke sabab nihayat 
gamgin baia ; Un kl yad bam ko 
talkh ma'lum boti hai, Un ka bojb 
bam se uthaya nahin jata. Ai 
kamal rabltn Bap, bam par rabm 
kar, Ham par rabm kar; Ham se 
jo kuchh hiia bai, Apne Bete hamare 
Khudawand Yisii' Masih kl khatir 
inu'af farma; Aur yih bakhsh ki 
ainda ham Nal zindagi niea ten 
khidmat baja laea aur tujhe khush 
karea ; Taki tere Nam kf 'izzat o 
jalal ho ; Hamare Khudawand Yisu' 
Masih ke waslle se.* Amln. 

f Tab Prist (ya Bisbap, agar harir 
bo) kbara ho, aur jama*at ki taraf 
pMrkar * yih MakblasI ka kalima 

QADIB i Mutlaq Khuda, hamara 
asmani Bap, jis ne apnl barl 
rahmat ke sabab un sab se, jo dill 
tauba aur sachche Iman ke sath us 
kl taraf rujii* karte hain, gunahon ki 
mu'aft ka wa'da kiya hai ; Wuh turn 
par rabm kare ; tumhare sare guna- 
hon ko bakbshe aur un se tum ko 
rihal de ; bar tarah kl neki men tum 
ko mustabkam o mazbiit kare ; aur 
tumben abadi zindagi ko pahunchae ; 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke 
waslle se. Amln. 

^ Phir Prist kabe: 

Suno ki hamara MunjI Masih un 
sab se, jo us kl taraf sachchal se 
rnju' karte hain, kaise tasalll ke 
kalime farmata hai. 

A I mihnat uthanewalo aur bojh 
se dabe hue logo, sab mere pas 
ao, main tumhen aram dunga. Miiq. 
Mati xi. 28. 

Khuda ne dunya se aisi mababbat 
rakkhi, ki us ne apna iklauta Beta 
bakhsh diya, taki jo kol us par Iman 
lae, halak na ho, balki hamesha ki 
zindagi pae. Muq. Yuh. iii. 16. 

Jo Muqaddas Paulus kahta hai, 
wuh bhi suno. 

Yih bat sach, aur bar tarah se 
qubiil karne ke laiq hai, ki Masih 
Yisii' gunahgaron ko najat dene ke 
liye dunya men aya. 1 Tlmutikyus 
i. 15. 

Jo Muqaddas Yuhanna kahta hai, 
wuh bhi suno. 

Agar kol gunah kare, to Bap ke 
pas hamara ek Madadgar maujiid hai, 
ya'nl Yisii* Masih rastbaz ; aur wuhi 
hamare gunahon ka Kafiara hai. 1 
Yuhanna ii. 1. 

f Is ke ba'd Prist yih bhi kabe : 

Apne dil 'alam i bala par lagao. 
Jawdh. Ham un ko Khudawand, 
kl taraf lagate Jiain, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



PrUi. Ham apne Khudawand 
Khuda' kS slmkr karen. 
' Jawdh, Aisa karna wajib o mu- 
nasib hai. 

f Fhir Frist l^hndawand ki Mez Id 
taraf phirkar yuo kahe : 

YIH nihayat wajib o mnnasib, aur 
Ham par farz bhl hai, ki bar 
»Yihlafz,ya'm waqt aur bar jagab 
Muqaddas Bap, teri flbukrgnzari ka- 
'Id i Taslis ko ren, Ai Kbudawand, 
chhoydiyejaen. Muqaddas Bap,* Qa- 
dir i Mutlaq aur Azcdi Khuda. 

f Agar koi ipiass Tamhid mnqarrar 
ho, to wnh is jagah parhi jae ; wama 
zail ka jnmla m mauqa* par parha 

• jae. 

IS waste, Firishton aur Muqarrab 
firisbtos aur kuU asmanl gurob 
ke B&tb, bam tere jalll Nam kl bamd 
o ta'zim karte bain ; aur bamesba 
yviu teri sitaish karte baio, Quddus, 
Quddas, Quddns, Khud&wand Eabb 
ul afwaj, fisman o zamin tere jalal 
se ma'mur bain ; Ai Ebudawand 
Ta'ala, ter& hi jalal bo. 'Imtn. 


Id' i Wiladat Jco, aur ua ke ha'd 8&t 
din tak. 

IS liye ki tu ne apne iklaute Bete 
Yisu' Masib ko bakbsba, ki wub 
goya is waqt hamare liye paida bo ; 
wub Eubul-Quds ki qudrat se apnl 
man Kunwarl Maryam ke jaubar se, 
gunah ke dag se mubarra, baqIqX 
insan bana, taki wub bam ko sare 
gunah se pak kare. Is waste Firish- 
ton, wg. 

'Id i Qiyamat ko^ aur w ke ha^d sat 
din tak. 

MAGAE teri bamd kami khususan 
tere Bete apne Khudawand 
Yisu' Masib ki pur-jalal (jiyamat ke 
liye ham par farz hai ; kylinki Fasab 
ka asal Sarra wuhi hai, jo hamare 
waste qurban hua, aur jaban ka 
gunah u^ le gay& hai ; u« ne apnl 
UB. FBt 

maut se maut ko nest kiya, aur a^me 
phir ji uthne se ham ko abadi zin- 
dagi dobara bakhsbl hai. Is waste 
Firishton, wg. 

'Id i Su'ud ko, aur us ke ha'd s&t 
din tak. 

YIH tere kamal'aziz Bete, hamare 
Khudawand Yisii' Masib "ke 
wasile* se bo ; wub apni pur-jalal 
Qiyamat ke ba'd apne sab BasuloQ 
par saf zahir hua, aur hamare liye 
jagab taiyar karne ko un ke dekbte 
dekhte asman par charb gaya, taki 
jabag wub hai, waban ham bbl 
charbke us ke sath jalal mea bad- 
sbabl kareB. Is waste Firishton, 

'Id i Nuziil ko, aur U8 ke ha*d cKha 
din taJc. 

T7IH hamare Khudawand Yisii' 
X Masib ke wasile se bo ; jis ke 
nihayat sacbebe wa'de ke muwafiq 
goya is waqt Eiibul-Quds yakbargi 
bari awaz ke sath, bare zor ki hawa 
ki manind, atishi zabanog ki surat 
men asman par se utarkar EasHloa 
par a thahra, taki unhen ta'lim de, 
aur piire baqq ki taraf un ki rab- 
numai farmae; aur us ne un ko 
mukbtalif zabanen bolne ki ni'mat 
aur aisi dileri aur sargarmi 'inayat 
ki, ki unhon ne sab qaumon men 
Injil ki manadi istiqlal se ki; aur is 
ke sabab ham tariki aur gumrabi se 
ebbiitkar, tere aur tere Bete Yisii' 
Masib ke saf nur aur sahib pahchan 
ko pabunobae gae bain. Is waste 
Firishton, wgt. 


Sir/ 'Id i Tasb-s ko. 

lU wabid Khuda, wabid Khuda- 
wand hai ; na ki ek hi Aqnum, 
balki ek hi Jaubar men tin Aqanlm. 
Kyiinki Bap ke jalal ki nisbat jo 
kuchh hamara iman hai. Bete aur 
Eiibul-Quds ki nisbat bhi, bila farq, 
aur be kam-o-kast, hamara wuhi 
iman hai Is waste FmebtoQ, tog^. 

Digitized by VjO^ * 



f InTambidoo meo le bar ek ke ba'd 
hi yih gaya ya parha jae : 

IS waste, Firishton aur Muqarrab 
firishton aur kull asman! guroh 
ke satb, ham tere jalll Kam k! hamd 
o ta'zim karte haig; aur bamesha 
' ym terl sit&ish karte hain, Quddus, 
Quddus, Quddus, Khud&wand Eabb 
ul afwaj, ftsm&n o zamin tere jal&l 
8e. ma'mur haig ; Ai Ehudawaud 
Ta'ala, tera bl jalal ho. Amtn. 

f Is ke ba'd Prist, jpindawand ki Mez 
ke pas ghntne te^^sirt sab Sbarik 
honewaloQ ki taraf se yih Du'a parbe: 

A I rahim Khudawand, ham apn! 
rastb&z! par nahin, balki terl 
gunagun aur bar! rahmaton par 
bharosa karke terl is Mez ke pas 
ane ki jur'at karte hain. Ham to is 
laiq bhi nahig, ki jo tukre terl Mez 
par se girte hain chunen. Lekin 
tu wuh Khudawand hai, jis ka 
khassa hamesha rahm farmana hai. 
Is liye, ai karim Khudawand, yih 
bakhsh, ki ham tere 'aziz Bete Yisu' 
Masih ka gosht is taur se khSen, aur 
us k& khun is waza' se plen, ki 
hamare gunSh-aluda badan us ke 
badan se p£Lk s&f kiye jaea, aur 
hamarl ruhpB iis ke nihayat besh- 
qimat khun se dhot jaen, aur ham 
us meg, aur wuh ham men, hamesha 
base. Amtn. 

T Jab Prist, Mez ke samne khani 
hokar, Boti aur Mai ko aise qarine 
se rakb ohuke, ki asani aur shaistagi 
86 jama'at ke rubaru Boti ko tor sake, 
aur Pyale ko apne bathoQ meo le 
sake, to zail ki Du*a 1 Taqdis parhe : 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, hamare 
asmani Bap, tu ne apnl ban 
shafaqat se apne iklaute Bete YisCi' 
Masih ko bakhsha, ki wuh hamara 
fidiya dene ke liye salib par mare ; 
us ne us par apne ap ko ek hi bar 
nazr charhakar, kull jahan ke guna- 
hoa ke liye ek puri, kamil, aur kafi 
qurbani, nazr, aur mu'awiza diya; 
aur apni is beshqimat maut ki ek 
daimi yadgar muqarrar ki, aur apni 
muqaddas Injil men ham ko farmaya, 
ki jab tak main phir na mUj turn 

ise karte raho. Ai rahim Bap, ham 
kamal firotani se teri minnat karte 
haia, ki hamarl sun ; aur yih bakhsh, 
ki ham tere Bete apne Munji Yisu' 
Masih ki thahrii hiii pak rasm ke 
mutabiq, us ki maut aur aziyat ki 
yadgari mea, teri paida ki hui is roti 
aur mai ko khane aur pine se us ke 
kamal mubarak Badan aur Khiin 
mea sharik hon. Jis rat wuh hawala 
kar diya gaya, us ne » ^^ p^..^^ ^^ 

* Boti li; aur shukr kabi ko a:pne 
karke ftori, aur apne hathoo men le. 
shagirdon' ko dekar t Ab roti ko 

kaha : Lo, khao, tyih ^^\, , . 
- -n J •• ' *•' . 1 Ab sab roti 
mera Badan hai, jo paJ hath rakkhi. 
tumhare liye diya 
jata hai ; Meri yadgari meg aisa hi 
kiya karo. Isi tarah 
khane ke ba'd us ne § ^^F^*® ?*" 
§ Pyale ko liya; aur *P^^^5thmeoIe. 

shukr karke un ko diya aur kaha : 

Tum sab is men se 

pio, kyuaki Nae 'Ahd , II ^^ ^^ ^^ 

kail yih mera Khiin K?^?:S 
hai, JO tumhare aur thwahsurahi,ji8 
bahutOB ke gunahon me© taqdis ko 
ki mu'aft ke waste liye mai ho, hath 
baha^a jata hai; Jab "^^®- 
ise pio, merl^yadgari meg aisa hi 
kiya karo. Arnin. 

f Is ke ba'd ^adim i din Sharakat 
ki donoo ashya khud le ; aur ba'd az 
ao agar koi Bisliap ya Prist ya Dikaji 
hazir ho, to un ko bhi usi tarah de, 
aur phir Jama'at ke logoa ko bhi 
qarine se, un ke hathoo meo de deke, 
bante. Aur lete waqt sab firotani 
se ghutne teke raheo. Aur jab wuh 
kisi ko Boti do, to yih kahe :' 

HAMARE Khudawand Yisii' Ma- 
sih ka Badan, jo tere waste 
diya gaya, tere badan aur ruh ko 
abadi zindagi ke liye bachae rakkhe. 
Ise le aur kha, is bat ki yadgari 
men ki Masih tere waste mua, aur 
shukr Jcartd hud Masih ko apne dil 
meu iman se kha. 

f Aur jab ^adim i din kisi ko Pyala 
de, to yih kahe : 

HAMABE Khudawand Yisii' Ma- 
sih ka khiin, jo tere waste 
bahaya gaya, tere badan aur rah ko 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



abadi zindagi ke liye bacb&e rakkhe. 
Ise pi, is bat kl y&dgarl meQ ki 
Maslh ka khan tore w&ste bah&y& 
gaya, aur shnkr kar. 

f Agar taqdis ki hui Boti ya mai sab 
ke iharik hone se pahle Jkharoh lio 
jae, to Prist upar ki 'Ibarat ke s&th 
aur ki taqdis kare; ya'ni Boti k& 
mntabarrik karna in lafzoo se shnru' 
kare, ki ** jis rat Hamara Munji Yisu' 
MABih"wg,^ aur Pyale ka mntabarrik 
karna in lafzoo se ki ** Isi tarah khane 
ke ba'd," wg. 

% Jab sab shank ho cbnkeQ, to l^hadim 
i din l^hudawand ki Mez ke pas phir 
akar, taqdis ki hui Boti aur Mai meo 
se jo kuchh bacha ho| adab ke sath 
Mez par rakhkar, saf kattani chadar 
se 4haok de. 

Y Is ke ba'd Prisj: Dn'a i Babbani 
parhe, aur Jama'at us ke pichhe 
piohhe har Fiqra parhfi jae. 

A I bamare Bap, Tu jo asmfin men 
bai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
TerT badsbabi ae. Terl inarzl jaisi 
asman |)ar purl boti bai, zamin par 
bbl bo. HamarT roz kT roti aj ba- 
men de. Aur bamare qnsuron ko 
mn'af kar, Ki bam bbl apne qusiir- 
wftron ko mu'af karte bain. Aur 
bamen azmaisb men na pame de, 
Balki'bural se baoba. Kyunki bad- 
sbabi, Aur qudrat_aur jalal, Abad 
tak Tera bl bai. Amin. 

f Is ke ba'd zail }d du'a parhi jae. 

A I Ebudawand, asmani Bap, bam 
•tere 'ajiz bande dil o jan se 
yih 'arz karte baig, ki Tn apnf 
pidarana sbafaqat se bamarl bamd o 
sbukr kl is qurbani ko manzur kar ; 
aur kamal Srotanl'se terl minnat 
karte bain, ki tere Bete Yisu* Masib 
ke sawab aur maut ke sabab aur us 
ke kbun par Iman rakbne ke waslle 
se bam ten kuU Kallsiya samet apne 
gunaboQ kl mu'an aur us ki aziyat 
ke baqi sab faide basil karen. Aur 
ab, ai Kbudawand, bam apne ap ko 
jism o rub samet tere buzur nazr 
guzrante bai^, taki tere liye zl'aql, 
muqaddas, aur zinda qurbani baneQ ; 
aur firotani se terl minnat karte 
bain ki bam sab, jo is pak Sbarakat 
men sbamil bue bain, tere fazl aur 

asmani barakat se bilkuU ma'mur 
bo jaeg. Aur agarcbi bam apne 
tarab tarab ke gunaboQ ke sabab 
tere buzur kol qurbani guzranne ke 
laiq nabin, taubbi bam minnat karte 
bai]£ ki tu bamarl liyaqat ka andaza 
na kar, balki bamarl kbataoQ ko 
mu'af karke is kbidmat ko, jo bam 
par farz bai qabul kar; bamare 
Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke wasile 
se, jis ki ma'rifat aur jis ke satb, 
Bubul-Quds kl yaganagi mefi, ai 
Qadir i mutlaq Bap, tamam 'izzat o 
ta'zim abad ul abad terl bl boti rabe* 

Yd yih Du'd. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur abadi zinda 
Kbuda, bam dil o jan se tera 
sbukr karte baig, ki tu mibr karke 
bamen jo in pak razo^ mcQ durusti 
se sbarik bue bain, apne Bete bamare 
Munji Yisu' Masib ke nibayat besb- 
qlmat Badan aur Kbun kl rubani 
kburak kbilata bai; aur is bat se 
apna fazl o karm bam par sabit 
karta bai ; aur yib bbl, ki bam tere 
Bete ke rubani badan men, jo sab 
Imandaroa kl mubarak jama'at bai, 
darbaqiqat gatbe biie 'azw bai^; 
aur tere 'aziz Bete kl bebaba maut 
aur aziyat ke sawab ke sabab ummed 
kl rab se terl abadI badsbabat ke 
waris bbl bai&. Aur ai asmani Bap, 
bam nibayat firotani se 'arz karte 
bain, ki apne fazl se baman aisi 
madad kar, ki bam is pak xifaqat 
meg qaim rabeg, aur jo nek a'mal 
tu ne pesbtar se bamare kame ke 
liye taiyar kiye bain, un sab ko 
kiya karea; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib ke waslle se, jis kl, tere 
aur Eubul-Quds ke satb, tamam 
'izzat o^ta'zlm abad ul abad boti 
rabe. Amin, 

^ Phir yih parha ya gaya jae. 

9 I LAM i bala par Kbuda ka jalal, 
J\_ aur zamIn par sulb, aur bani 
Adam se razamandl bo. Ai Kbu- 
dawand Kbuda, asmam Badsbab, 
Kbuda Qadir i Mutlaq Bap, bam 
tere bare jalal ke sabab terl bamd 
karte, tujbe mubarak Jcabte, terl 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



paraBtish karte, tera jalal zahir 
karte, aiir tera shukr karte hain. 

Ai Khudawand, iklaiite Bete 
Yisu' Masih ; ai Khudawand Khudk, 
KliTida ke Barre, Bap ke Bete, tu jo 
jahan ke gunahon ko utba le jata 
hai, ham par rahm kar. Tu jo jahan 
ke gunahoQ ko utha le jata hai, 
ham par rahm kar. Tu jo jahan ke 
gunahon ko utha le jata hai, hamarl 
du'a qabul kar. Tu jo Khuda Bap 
ke dahne baitha hai, ham par rahm 

Kyunki Tu hi quddus hai ; Tu hi 
Khudawand hai; ai Masih, tu hi, 
Kiihul-Quds ke sath,_Khuda Bap ke 
jalal me^ a'la hai. Amln, 

f Ba'd is ke Frist, ya agar Bishap 
hazir ho to wuhi, yih Barakat ka 
kalima kahkar Jama*at ko ml^sat 

KHUDA ka itmlnan, io samajh se 
bilkuU bahar hai, tumhare dil- 
• on aur khayalon ko Khuda aur us 
ke Bete hamare Khudawand Yisii' 
Masih ki pahchan aur mahabbat men 
mahfuz rakkhe ; aur Qadir i mutlaq 
Khuda, Bap, Bete, aur Euhul-Quds 
kl barakat tum par ho^ aur tumhare 
sath hamesha rahe. Arnin, 

f Jab Sharakat na ho, to zail ki Kalik- 
too meQ 86 ek ya kai ek rasm i 
Kazr ke ba'd parhi jaeo ; aur munasib 
mauqa' par Subh ya Sham ki Namaz 
ya Sharakat ya Litaoiya kl t^hass 
Ealiktoo ke ba'd bhi in du'ao'o ko 
Kbadi'm i din ki rae ke mutabiq 
parhna jaiz hai. 

A I Khudawand, hamarl in dar- 
kliwaston aur du'aon men mihr- 
bani karke hamare sath rah, aur 
apne bandofl ki rah ko abadi najat 
basil kame ke liye durust kar; taki 
is fani zindagi kl tamam tagaiyurat 
meu tere bare karm se teri madad 
har waqt un ki panah ho; hamare 
Khudawand Yisii' Masih ke waslle 
se. Amln, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khudawand aur 
azall Khuda, ham 'arz karte 
hain ki tu apne lutf se hamare dil 
aur badan donon kl aisi hidayat 
hnkumat aur taqdis farma, ki ham 

terl shara' aur ahkam kl rfth par 
chalen; taki terl kamil qudrat kl 
himayat se is jahan meg aur abad 
tak hamare jism o riih mahfiiz rahen ; 
hamare Khudawand q_ MunjI Yisu' 
Masih ke waslle se. Amin. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, ham 
terl minnat karte hain, ki jo 
batea ham ne aj apne kanon se suni 
hain, wuh tere fazl se hamare dilon 
men aisT jar pakren, ki ham men nek- 
chalnT ka phal paid a karen, taki tero 
Nam kl hamd o 'izzat ho ; hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke waslle 
se. Amtn. 

A I Khudawand, apne kamal karm 
o fazl ke sath sab kamon men 
hamara peshwa ho, aur apnl daimi 
madad se hamen age barb a; taki 
hamare sab kamon ka shuru', aur 
qiyam, aur anjam tujhl men ho, aur 
is tarah ham tere pak Nam ka jalal 
zahir karke tere rahm se akhir i kar 
abadi zindagi hasil karen; hamare 
Khudawand Yisii' Masih ke waslle 
se. Aniin. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, tamam 
danai ke sarchashme, tu ha- 
mare maggne se pahle hamarl haja- 
ten, aur maagte waqt hamarl nadam 
janta hai ; Ham terl minnat karte 
haia, ki hamarl kamzorlon par taras 
kha; aur jin chlzon ke ma^gne kl 
ham apnl nalaiql ke sabab jur'at 
nahlQ rakhte, aur apne andhepan ke 
ba'is maag nahin sakte, tii ^ mihr- 
banl se apne Bete hamare Khuda- 
wand Yisii' Masih kl liyaqat ke 
tufail se hamen bakhsh de. Amin. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tii ne 
wa'da kiya hai, ki jo mere Bete 
ka Nam lekav kuchh mangen, main 
un kl 'arzoB ko suniinga ; Ham teri 
minnat karte hain, ki mihrbani se 
hamarl taraf, jinhon ne is waqt apnl 
du'aen aur darkhwasten tere huziir 
kl hain, kan laga ; aur yih 'in ay at 
kar, ki jo chlzen ham ne Iman se 
ten marzi ke muwafiq mangi hain, 
zariir hamen milen, taki hamarl 
ihtiyaj rafa', aur tera jalal zahir ho ; 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke 
waslle se. Amln. ^ i 

, Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


f Jin ItwarOQ anr baqi Maqaddas dinoo ko Sharakat na ho, an meo Sharakat ki 
tartib ke ahurii' se leke. us Du'^ i 'amma tak, jo ru i zamin par ruhani jang karne- 
wall kail Masihi kalisiya ke liye hai, sab kachh.parha jae ; aar us ke ba*d in upar 
likhi hui KaliktoQ meo se ek ya kai ek parM jaeo, aar a^ir meo Barakat kft 
kalima parha jae. 

f Anr agar Frist ke sath sharik hone ke liye itne log na aeo, jo as ki samajh men 
kafi hoD, to 'Asha i Babbani 'amal meo na ae. 

f Aar agar kisi 'Ilaqe ke ahl i iama'at meo bis se ziyada Sharakat ke lenewale na , 
hoD, taabhi bagair is ke ki cnar, ya kam se kam tin sha]^ Prist ^ Bath sharik 
hone ko aeo, Sharakat 'amal meo Ba ae. 

IT Aur Usqufi girjoQ, aur Kalijoo ke girjoo meo, jahao bahut se Prist aar pikan 
rahte halo, wah sab kam se Icam har Itwar ko Prist ke sath Sharakat leo* basharto 
ki un ke sharik na hone ki koi ma'qiil wajh na ho. 

f Aar is liye ki Boti aur Mai ki nisbat ilkhtilaf aar wahm ki koi wajh na rahe^ 
wazih hoki ma*miili Boti ho to kafi hai ; magar Gehiio ki Boti jahao tak achchhi 
aur ^alis asani se mil sake, isti'mal ki jae. 

f Aur agar kuchh Boti aar Mai be taqdis hue bach rahe, to Gallab&n use apne 
khardi meo iae ; lekin agar taqdis ki hui roti ya mai kuchh bach rahe, to wuh 
Girja ke babar na jane pae, balki Prist, ^^ ^harikoo meo se jin ko wuh us waqt 
apne pas bulae wuh bhi, Barakat ke kalima ke ba*d hi, as ko adab se khaeo 
aur pieo. 

f Sharakat ke liye Boti aar Mai ko Gallaban aur Girje ke mahafiz ahl i Jama'at 
ke kbarch se muhaiya kiya kareo* 

f Aur wazih ho, ki Jama'at ke har sha^:hs ko s&l meo kam se kam tin dafa* 'Asha i 
rabbani meo.sharik bona chahiye, aur in meo se ek martaba 'Id i Qiyamat ho. 
Aur har sal 'Id i Qiyamat ke dinoo meo, ahl i Jama'at ka har sha^s apne l^lhadim 
i din ya gallaban ko, ya us ke naib ya naiboo ko, apna hisab de ; aur jo kuchh 
dastur ke muwafiq Kalisiya ka us ke zimme nikle, usi waqt aur wahio ada kare. 

f 'Ibadat ke tamam hone ke ba'd, rasm i Nazr ke waqt jo kuchh wusul hua ho, wuh 
Khadim i din aur Girje ke muhafizoo ki rae ke mutabiq l^hairat ya aur dini kJElmoQ 
meo kharch kiya jae. Aur agar wuh is amr meo muttafiq na ho sakeo, to ?rah 
chanda Hakim i shara' ke hukm ke mutabiq ]^arch kiya jae. 

f 'Asha i rabbani ke 'amal meo lane ki Tartib i bala meo jo hukm hiia hai, ki 
Sharik honewale log us ko ghutne teke hue leo, is hukm ka matlab to achchha 
hai, kyiiol^i ek to Masih ki taraf se jo ni'mateo is 'asha ke sab laiq Lenewaloo 
ko milti haio, un ke sabab hamari 'ajizana shukrguzari ghutne tekne se zahir 
hoti hai, aur dusre agar gbutne teke hue na lete, to pak Sharakat meo 
behurmati aur betartibi ka waqi* bona mumkin hota. Magar phir bhi, ohuoki 
mumkin hai ki koi, ya to nadani aur kamzori ke sabab, ya bugz aar zidd ke 
ba'is, is ghutne tekne ke ulte ya bure ma'ni nikale ; is liye wazih ho, ki 'Asha 
meo ghutne tekne se yih miirad nahio, ki Sakramint ki jo Boti ya Mai jismani 
taur par li jKti hai, us ki, ya Masih ke zati Gosbt o J^hun ki kisi Jismani 
Maujiidagi ki parastish ki jae, aur na aisa karna jaiz hai Kyuoki Sakramint 
ki £U)ti aur Mai joo ki too apni asliyat par rahti haio, aur is liye parastish ke 
laiq nahio, kyuoki un ki parastish karni to Butparasti hoti, jis se sab imandar 
Masihioo ko nafrat karni farz hai ; aur hamare Munji Masih ke zati Badan anr 
IChun yahao nahio, balki Asman par maujud haio ; aur yih J^hayal Masih ke 
zati Badan ki haqiqat ke ]^hilaf hai, ki wuh ek hi waqt ek se ziyada maqamon 
meo maujud ho sake. 

Digitized by 


( "8 ) 




f Jama'at ko samihaya jae, ki bihtar yih hai ki Baptisma Itwar ya aur Muqaddas 
dinoo ko, jab bannt log jama' bote liaio, 'amal men ae ; awwal is liye ki jo Jama'at 
UB waqt hazir ho, wiih is bat par gawahi de sake, ki fulau admi baptisma pakar 
Masihi Kalisiya ke shumar meo da^hil kiya gaja hai ; aur dusre, jo koi baohchou 
ke Baptisma ke waqt hazir ho us ko yad ae, ki maiu ne apne Baptisma ke waqt 
:^huda ke samne kya iqrar kiya tba. Aur isi liye yih bhi bihtar hai, ki Baptisma 
ki tartib desi zaban meQ pa^hi jae. Taham, agar zarurat ho, to BachchoQ ko aur 
kisi loz bhi baptisma dena jaiz hai. 

f Aur wazih ho, ki har ek Larke ke, jo baptisma panewala ho, do Dharam bap, aur 
ek Dharam ma ho ; aur har ek Larki ka ek Dharam bap aur do Dharam ma hoQ. 

f Jab BachohoQ ko baptisma dena ho, to un ke Ma bap ek roz peshtar ya usi roz 
Subh ki Namaz se ptuile, Gallal^n ko ittila dec Phir ohahiye ki Dharam ma aur 
Dharam bap, aur BachchoQ ke sathwale, Gallaban ki rae ke muwafiq khwah Subh 
ki, ^wab Sham ki, Namaz ke dilsre Wird ke tamam bote hi, Hanz ke pas hazir 
hoQ. Aur Prist Hauz ke pas akar jis meo us waqt saf Pani bbara hua ho, aur 
wahao khara hokar, piibhhe ki : — 


YA yih Bachoha baptisma pa 
ohuka hai, ya nahlQ ? 

f Agar wuh jawab deo ki Nahio, to 
Prisfc yvLU kahe : 

A I 'azizo, chu&ki sab bani Adam 
gunah ke sath pet me^ parte 
anr paida hote haig, aur hamSra 
Munji Maslh farmata hai ki Jo Sdml 
Panl aur Eiihul-Quds se nae sire se 
paid& na ho ya'nl naya janam na 
p§.e, wuh Khuda kl badshahat men 
dakhil nahin ho sakta ; is liye main 
tum se iltimas karta hiin, ki hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ke waslle 
Khuda Bap se du'& mango, ki wuh 
apne faiz o rahm se is Bachche ko 
wuh ni'mat bakhshe, jo taba'l taur 
par U8 ko hasil nahin ho sakti ; ya'nl 
yih, ki wuh Pan! aur Biihul-Quds 
ka baptisma pakar, Maslh kl pak 
Kalisiya men shamil %o, aur us h& 
ek zinda 'azw hane. 

t Phir Prist kahe: 

Ham du'a mangeQ. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall Khuda, 
til ne apnl bar! rahmat se Niih 
aur us ke l^h&ndan ko hal&k hone se 

panl ke waslle kishtl mes baohayft ; 
aur nfz apnl ummat banI Israil ko 
Bahr i Qulzum se sahlh salamat p&r 
utarkar apne pak Baptisma kl misal 
dikhal; aur phir apne 'azlz Bete 
Yisii' Masih ke Yardan nadl mea 
Baptisma pane se riibani taur par 
gun&h dho dalne ke liye Pant ko pak 
thahraya; Ham terl minnat karte 
hain ki tii apnl behadd rahmaton se 
18 Bachche par mihr kl nazr kar ; «• 
ko Biihul-Quds se dho aur pak kar ; 
t&ki wuh, tere qahr se chhiitkaT« 
Maslhl KiJlsiy& kl kishti men dakhl 
pde; aur iman mea mazbiit aur 
ummed se khush hokar, aur mahab- 
bat men jar pakarkar, is dukh-bharT 
dunya kl lahron se aisd par utar 
jdCf ki akhir-i-kar abadi zindagi ke 
mulk men pahuQchkar tere sath abad 
ul abad badshahi kartd rahe ; hamare 
Khudawand Yisii' Maslh ke waslle 
se. Arnin, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur ^irfanl 
Khuda, tii sab muhtajon ka 
hami, sab panahgiroa ka madadgAr, 
Imandaron kl zindagi, aur murdoa 
kl qiyamat hai ; Ham is Bachche ke 
liye tujh se du'a mangte haia, ki yih 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


jo tere pak Baptisma ke liye dyd hai^ 
ruhani nae janam ke waslle se apne 
gnnShon kl mii'aft pde, Ai Khuda- 
wand, us ho qabul kar, aur jis tarah 
tu ne apne 'azlz Bete kl ma'rifat yih 
wa'da kiya, ki Mango to tumhen diya 
j&ega ; dhundho to paoge ; khatkha- 
tao, to tumhare waste khola jaega ; 
tlsl tarah ab ham mangnewalon ko 
de,liam dhundhnewaloa ko mile, ham 
khatkhatanew^lon ke liye darwaza 
khol; ta'ki yih Bacheha tere asmani 
gusl kl daimTbarakat hasil karke, ns 
abadi badshahat men pdhunche, jis 
ka wa'da tu ne hamare Khndawand 
Maslh ke waslle se kiya hai. Amtn, 

f Ab jama^at khari ho, aur Prist kahe : 

InjTl kl ayatea suno, jo mnqaddas 
Marqus ne apnl Injil ke das wen bab 
men terahwi^ ayat se likhl hain. 

LOG bachhogko Maslh ke pas lane 
lage, taki wnh unhe& chhue, 
magar shagirdon ne un ko jhirka. 
Tisii' yih dekhkar khafa hua, aur nn 
se kaha ; Baohcho^ ko mere p&s ane 
do; nnhen inana' na karo; kyunki 
Ehuda krbadshahat aison hlj^klhai. 
liiain tnm se saoh kaht& hf^, ki Jo 
koT Ehuda kl badshahat ko baohche 
kl tarah qabul na kare, wuh us men 
hargiz dakhil na hoga. Phir us ne 
unhea apnl god men liya, aur un 
par hath rakhkar unhen barakat dl. 

f iDJil parhne ke ba*d, ^hadim i din 
us ke bare men yih mu^htasar Nasi- 
hat sunae. 

I piyaro, tum is Injil men hamare 
Munji Maslh ka kalam sunte 
ho, ki us ne hukm diya ki bachohon 
ko mere pas lao ; aur jo lo^ un ko us 
ke pas ane serokte the, unhen kyun- 
kar danta ; aur sab logon ko kaisT 
naslhat karta hai ki un kT si ma*su- 
miyat paida karen. Tum dekhte ho 
ki us ne saf ishare aur fi'l se un par 
apuT khairkhwahl kis tarah zahir kr, 
ki unhen god men liya, aur un par 
hath rakhkar du'a i khair dT. Fas 
tum shakk na lao, balki khub yaqln 
karo, ki wuh is Bachche ko bhT, jo 
hazir ^t, mihrbani se qabul karke, 



apnl rahmat kl god men lega, aur 
use abadi zindagi kl barakat dekar 
apnT hamesha kl badshahat hd sharik 
karega. Fas jab ham ko is tarah 
yaqin hu& ki hamara asmani Bap 
apne Bete Yisu' Maslh ke kalam ke 
bamujib is Bachche ka bhala chahta 
hai, aur is men kuohh shakk na raha, 
ki ham jo is Bachche ko pak Baptisma 
dilane ko l&e hain wuhj hamare is 
mahabbat ke kam ko pasand karta 
hai, to ham Im§,ndarl aur 'ajizi se us 
ka yun shukr kareg : 

A I Qadir i Mutlaqaur azalT Ehuda, 
asmani Bap, ham firotani se 
tera shukr karte hain, ki tu ne karm 
karke hamen is waste bulaya hai, ki 
ham tere fazi ko pahchanen aur tujh 
par Iman laen ; Hamarl is pahchan 
ko barha, aur hamen is Iman par 
hamesha mazbut rakh. Is Bachche 
ko apna Eiihul-Quds bakhsh, ki wuh 
nae sire se paid& hokar abadi najat 
kd waris ban jde ; hamare Ehuda- 
wand Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se, jo 
tere aur Euhul-Quds ke sath ab aur 
hamesha jita aur saltanat karta hai. 

f If ke ba'd Prist Dharam ma l^lp se 

yuu kahe. 

A I piyaro, tum is Bachche ko bap« 
tisma dilane yahaa lae ho, tum 
ne du'a mangi hai ki hamara Ehuda- 
wand Yisu' Maslh mihr se us ko 
qabul kare, gunahon se rihal de, 
Euhul-Quds ke waslle se pak kare, 
aur asman kl badshahat aur abadi 
zindagi bakhshe. Tum ne yih bhi 
suna hai, ki jitnl chlzen tum ne 
mangI hain, un sab ke dene ka wa'da 
hamare Ehudawand Yisu' Maslh ne 
apnl Injil men farmaya hai ; wuh to 
is wa'de ko yaqinan yad rakkhega 
aur piira karega. LekinMaslh ke aise 
wa'de ke ba'd zariir hai ki yih Bacheha 
bhi, jab tak balig hokar is bat ko 
apne zimme na le sake, tumhare wa- 
slle jo us ke zamin ho, sachcha wa'da 
kare ki main Shaitan aur us ke sab 
kamon ko tark karungd, Ehuda ke pak 
Ealam par mazbut Iman rakkhungd, 
aur us ke hukmon par farmanbardarl 
se 'amal karUngd. ^ , 

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Fas main puclilita hUn : 

KYA tu is Bachohe kl taraf se 
Shaitan anr us ke sab kamon 
ko, dunya kl nikamml dhum dham, 
aur hashmat, anr bar tarab ke lalacb 
ko,aur jism kf nafsani kbwabisbon 
ko aisa tark karta bai, ki na to un kl 
pairawl karega na un ke qabze men 

Jawab. Main nn sab ko tark karta 

IKhadim i din. 

KYi tu Kbuda Qadir i Mufclaq 
Bap par, jo &8man o zamin ka 
Kbaliq bai, Iman rakbta bai? 

Anr Yisu' Masib par bbl, jo ns k& 
eklanta Beta anr bamara Kbndft- 
wand bai? anr is par bbl kl wnb 
Eubnl-Qnds kl qndrat se pet men 
para, Knnwarl Mariyam se paida 
bu'a ; Puntyns Pilatns ke 'abd men 
dnkb utbaya ; maslub bua, margaya, 
anr dafn bua; 'alam i arwab men 
ntar gay a, aur tlsre roz mardoa men 
se jl utba ; asm an par ebarb gay a, anr 
Kbuda Qadir i Mntlaq Bap ke dabine 
baitba bai ; anr waban se dnnya ke 
akbir men zindon aur mnrdon kl 
'adalat ke liye aue wala bai ? 

Aur kya tu Rubul-Quds par ; pak 
Katbnlik Kalisiya ; Muqaddason kl 
Sbarakat ; gnnabon ki Mn'afi ; jism 
kl QiySmat ; anr maut ke ba'd abadi 
zindagi par Iman rakbta bai? 

Jawdh. In sab baton par mera 
pakka Iman bai. 

J^McZ«fn i dm. 

YA tu is Iman par baptisma 
cbabta bai? 
Jawah. Han, yibi merl &rzu bai. 

Khddim i din. 

PAS kya tu Kbuda kl pak marzl 
aur bnkmon ko farmanbardarr 
ke satb m&nega, aur 'umr bbar nn 

Jawab. Han, main aisa bi karunga. 

^ PhirPriBtkahe: 

I rabim Kbuda, yib bakbsb, ki 
is BiUfhche men pnrana Adam 



I aisa dafn kiya^jae, ki u$ men nayft 
fidmljintbe. Arntn, 

Yib bakbsb, ki sab nafsani kbwa- 
bisben tu men mar jaen, aur jitnl 
cblzen Eub se 'ilaqa rakbtl bain sab 
U8 jneu zinda bon aur barben. Amtn. 

Yib bakbsb, ki wnb aisi quwwat 
o qndrat basil hare, ki Sbaitan anr 
dunya aur jism^par fatb pakar nn 
par galib ra^6. Arntn. 

Yib bakbsb, ki jis kisi ko bam 
apne 'ubde aur kbidmat kl baisiyat 
se yaban terl nazr karen, wnb as- 
mani neklon se arasta bbl bo, aur 
abadi ajr pae. Ai mubarak Kbuda- 
wand Kbuda, tu jo abad ul abad jita 
aur sab cblzon par bukumat rakbta 
bai, yib tere rahm se bo. Amln. 

A I Qadir i Mntlaq anr abadi zinda 
Kbuda, tere kamal 'aziz Bete 
Yisu' MasIb ne bamare gnnabon kl 
mu'aft ke liye apne nibayat mubfirak 
pablu se p&nl aur kbun donoQ babae, 
anr apne sbagirdon ko bukm diya, ki 
tum jakar sab qaumon ko sbagird 
banao, aur unben Bap anr Bete aur 
Eubul-Quds ke nam par baptisma do; 
Ham 'arz karte bain, ki tu apnl ja- 
ma'at ^I minuaton par mntawajjib 
bokar, rubanl tanr par gunab dbone 
ke liye is PanI kl taqdls kar ; aur 
bakbsb ki yib Bachchd, jo abbi is men 
baptisma pane ko hai, tere fazl se 
ma'mur bo jde, aur bamesba tere 
Imandar aur barguzlda farzandon ke 
sbnmar men rahs; bamare Kbnda- 
wand Yisu' Mastb ke waslle se. Amin. 

f Ab Prist Bachche ko apne hathon 
par lekar Dharam ma bap se kahe: 

Is Baobcbe ka nam rakkbo. 

f Phir wuh un ka bataya liua nam 
lekar, basharte ki wuh yaqin se kaheo 
ki yih baohcha gote ki barcULsht ba- 
]^hubi kar sakta hai^toyih kahte hue 
use ihtiyat o ]k:habardari se pani meu 
gota de, ki : 

A I fulan, main tujbe Bap aur Beto 
aur Biibul-Quds ke Nam par 
baptisma det& bun. Amln. 

If Lekin agar wuh log yaqln se kaheo 
ki baohcha kamzor hai, to kalima i 
nuudmra kahte hue sirf us ke upar 
pan! 4alna bi kafi hoga, ya'nl : 


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A I fulan main tujlie Bap anr Bete 
aur Euhul-Quds ke Nam par 
baptisma deta bun. Amin. 

f PhirFrlB(kahe: 

HAM is Bacbche ko Masih ke galle 
kl jama at men shamil karte 
auT * ns par sallb kl shakl is bat ka 
♦ [Ab Prist bo- nisban ban ate bain, 
chche kl peshani ki ainda wub is b&t 
par sallb ki shakl se na sharmdegd ki 
banae.] MaBib i maslub ke 

Tman ka iqrar kare, aur ns ke jbande 
tale gunab, dunya, aur Shaitan se 
mardana lare, aur jitedam tak Masib 
ka wafadar sjpabi aur kbidmatguzar 
hand rabe. Amin. 

^ Phir Prist kahe: 

A I piyare bbaiyo, obunki t« Bachche 
ne naya janam paya, aur Masib 
kr Kalisiya ke badan men paiwast 
hud hat, ab bam in ni'maton par 
Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda ka sbukr 
karen ; aur ek dil bokar us se du'a 
mangen, ki yih Bachcha apnl sari 
zindagi is tarab basar hare^ jaisa ki 
ab us ka sburu' bug, bai. 

f Is ke ba*d sab ghn^ne ^kkar yih 

A I bamare Bap, Tu jo asman men 
bai, Tera Nam pak man a jael 
Terl badsbabi ae. Terl marzl jaisi 
asman par purl boti bai, zamin par 
bbl bo. Hamarl roz kl roti aj bamen 
de. Aur bamare qusuron ko mu'Sf 
kar, Ki bam bbl apne qusurwaron 
ko mu'af karte bain. Aur bamen 
azmaisb men na_ pame de, BaUci 
bural se bacba. Amin. 

If Phir Prist kahe: 

A I kamal rabim Bap, bam dil se 
tera sbukr karte bain, ki tu ne 
karm karke w Bachche ko apne 
Eubul-Quds se naya janam dekar use 
opna lepalak Beta, aur apnl pak 
KalDsiya ke badan ha 'azw banaya 
hai. Aur bam 'ajizi se terl minnat 
karte bain, ki yih Bachcha jo gunab 
kl nisbat murda aur rastb&zl ke liye 
sdnda, aur Masib kl maut kisbarakat 

se us ke satb dafn hud hai, purani 
admiyat ko sallb de, aur gunab ke 
sare badan ko bilkull nest kare ; aur 
jis tarab wub tere Bete kl maut Jed 
sbarik hud hai, us kl qiyamat kd bbf 
sbarik ho; taki akbir i kar, terl pak 
Kalisiya ke baqiyye ke satb, terl 
abadi badsbabat kd waris bo jde ; 
bamare Kbudawand Masib ke waslle 
se. Amin. 

f Phir sab khare hoc, aur Prist Dharam 
ma bap ko yuQ Nasihat kare : 

CHIJNKI is Bachche ne tumbare 
waslle se, jo us ke z&min bo, 
yib wa'da kiya bai, ki main Sbaitan 
aur us ke sab k&mon ko tark karUngd, 
Ebuda par Iman rakkhungd, aur us 
kl kbidmat kiy& karUngd ; pas tum 
ko yad rakbna cbabiye, ki tumbara 
zimma bai ki jab yih Bachcha sikbne 
ke qabil ho to us ko yib sikbaya j&e, 
ki us ne yaban tumbarl ma'rifat kya 
bl bbarl 'abd, wa'da, aur iqrar kiya 
bai. Aur is liye ki wub in baton 
ko bakbubl jan sake, tumben use 
samjbana boga ki Wa'z suna kare ; 
aur kbasskar aisa karo ki jihBachcha 
'Aqida, Du'a i KabbanI,Dason Hukm, 
aur baqi jitnl baten Maslbl ko apnl 
rfibanl sibbat ke liye janni aur manni 
cbabiyen, unben apnl desi zaban men 
hifz kare ; aur wub aisi nek tarbiyat 
jpae, ki kbudaparasti kl rab chale 
aur Masibl cbalan rakkhe. Aur tum 
bamesba yad rakkbo, ki Baptisma 
bamSre iqrar ka nisban bai, aur wub 
iqrar yib bai, ki bam apne MunjI 
Masib ke namune par obalenge, aur 
us ke bamsbakl banesge ; ya'nl, jis 
tarab wub bamare liye miia aur pbir 
ji utba, usi tarab cbabiye ki bam bbl 
jinbon ne baptisma paya bai gunab 
kl taiaf se maren, aur rastbazi ke 
liye jl utben, aur apnl sab kbarab 
aur gandl kbwabisbon ko bamesba 
marte raben, aur roz ba roz bar tarab 
kl nekcbalnl aur kbudaparasti men 
taraqql karte jaen. 

^ Phir wuh yih bhi kahe : 

YAD rakkbo, ki jab yih Bachcha 
^Aqlda, aur Du'a i EabbanI, aur 
Dason Hukm apnl desi zaban men 

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aHAB Mfisr ^AiJBaaxm ea baffisma. 

Biin& sake, aar is ke 'alawa Eallsiya 
ke Sawal o jawab kl, jo isl matlab 
ke waste muqarrar hai, ta'lim p& 

chuhej to wnli mustahkam hone ke 
Hye Bishap ke samue hazir JUyd 

KHUDA ke Kal&m se sabit hai, ki jo Bacbclie baptisma pfikar us se 
pahle ki un se kol gunih sadir ho mar jate hain, wuh beshakk najftt 
pate hain. 
Sallb ka jo nishaa Baptisma men musta'mal hai, ns kl nisbat tam&m 
waswasa dur kame ke liye wazih ho, ki us ke sahlh ma'nl, aur jarl i^khne 
kl wajh, tiswen Qanun men, jo San 1604 men jarl hua, darj hai. 



f Har Jama'at ka (Sallaban logon ko aksar jata diya kare, ki wuh apne Baohohoo ko 
nn ke paida hone ke ba*d pahle ya dusre It war, ya kiBi aur Muqaddas dm jo danniyaa 
waqi* ho, Baptisma dilaeOt ftur us se ziyada moltawi na rakkheo ; basharte ki 
ziyada tai^hir kame ki aisl koi ma*qul wajh na ho, jise Ghkllaban darust samjhe. 

f Aur niz wuh unhen yih jata diya kare, ki wuh bagair kisi bare sabab aur zariirat 
ke apne Bachchou ko ^harou meo baptisma na dillen. Lekin jab zariirat pare, to 
Baptisma is tariqe se diya jae. 

f Pahle, us Jama'at Idl Khadim i din, ya us ki {^irhazin men koi aur taqarrnr- 
yafta ii^hadim i din jo mil sake, un ke sath jo hazir hoo $huda se du'a maoge, aur 
Du*a i Babbani, aur 'Alaniya Baptisma ki Basm men se jitni kalik^eu waqt aur 
mauqa' ke munasib hoo, parhe. Phir hazirin men se kol us Bachche ka nam 
rakkhe, aur ^hadim i din us par yih kahte hue Pan! ^le, ki : 

Al/ttZan, main tujhe Bap aur Bete 
aur Eiihul-Quds ke Nam par 
baptisma deta hun. Amin. 

f Is ke ba'd sab ghutne tekeu, aur 
^hadim i din yih kahkar J^huda ka 
shukr kare : 

A I kamal rahim Bap, ham dil se 
tera shukr karte hain, ki tii ne 
karm karke is Bachche ko apne Eiih- 
ul-Quds se naya janam dekar aj>nd 
lepalak Beta, aur apnl pak Kallsiya 
Jed 'azw baiiaya hai. Aur ham 'ajizi 
se terl minnat karte hain, ki yih 
bachcha jo ^nSh kl nisbat murda 
aur raetbazi ke liye zinda, aur Masih 
kl maut kl sharakat se us ke sath 
dafn hud hai, purani admlyat ko 
sallb de, aur gunah ke sare badan 
ko bi'lkuU nest kare ; aur jis tarah 
wuh tere Bete kl maut kd abhl 
shank hud hai^ us kl qiyamat kd bhi 
sharik ho ; aur akhir i kar tere bS^qi 
Muqaddason ke sath, terl abadi bad- 
shahat kd waris ho jae ; usi tere Bete 
hamare Khudawand Yisii' Maeih ke 
wasfle se. Amm, 

f Aur wuh log yaqin karen ki jiB Bach- 
che ka baptisma is tarah hiia ho, us ka 
baptisma shara' ke muwafiq aur kafi 
hai, aur yih ^hayal na kareo, ki use 
baptisma phir dilana chahiye. Magar 
phir bhi, agar wuh Bachcha, jis ko 
baptisma is tarah mil& ho, jitik rahe, 
to munasib hai ki wuh Girje meo 
hazir Mya jae; taki, agar us ko 
baptisma usi Jama'at ke ipiadim i 
din ke hath se mila ho, to wuh 
Jama'at ko yaqin dilae, ki Baptisma 
kl Basm, jo ghar par 'amal men al, 
dnmst hai. Is hai meo ^luUlim i dm 
yuQ kahe ki : 

MAIN tumhare samne tasdiq 
karta hiin, ki Eallsiya kl sahlh 
b muqarrarl Tartib ke muwafiq fuldn 
waqt fuldn jagah chand gawahon ke 
sSmne main ne is Bachche ko 
baptisma diya. 

f Lekin agar Bachche ne kisI dusre 
taqarrur-yaf ta ^[hadim i din ke hath 
se oaptisma paya ho, to jis Jama'at 
ke 'ilaqe meu wuh paida hua ya 
baptisma paya ho, us ka ^adim i 
din yih tahqlq kure ki Bachche ko 
sbara' ke muwafiq baptisma mila hai 
ya nahiQ. Is hai meo, agar Bachche 
ke l&newal^ jawab deo«^ ki yih Baoh- 

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cha baptisma pa diqka^liAi, to ^»- 
dim i dm on se is tarah aw bhi a 
daryaft kare ki : 

IS Bachche ko baptisma kis ke 
hath Be mlla ? 

Jab is Bachche ko baptisma mila, 
118 waqt kaun hazir tha ? 

Chiinki miimkin hai ki kal baten, 
jo is Sakramint ke liye lazimT hain, 
aisT nacharl ke waqt khauf ya jaldT 
ke sabab rah jaen ; is liye main turn 
Be yih bhl daryaft kartfi hun, ki : 

Is Bachche ko kis shai se baptisma 
diya gaya ? 

Is Bachche ho kin lafzon ke sath 
baptisma diya gaya ? 

Y Anr agar Bachche ke lanewalou ke 
jawaboD se Ij^badim i dm ko maUum 
ho ki sub bateo ns tarah halo, jis 
tarah honi wajib haiu ; to wuh Bach- 
che ko phir baptisma na de, balki 
yih kahkar us ko sachche Masihioo 
ke galle meo shamil kare, ki : 

MAIN tumhare samne tasdiq 
karta hun, ki is Bachche ke 
baptisma men sab baten achchhl 
tarah anr sahlh tartib ke muwafiq 
'amal men ain ; anr yih, jo maurusl 
gunah anr Khnda ke guzab kl halat 
men paida hud tha, Nae janam ke 
gnsl ka Baptisma pakar ab Khnda 
ke farzandon anr abadi zindagi ke 
wanson ke shumar meQ shamil hai ; 
kyunki hamara Khnda wand Yisii' 
Maslh aise Bachchon ko apne fazl o 
rahm se mahrum nahm rakhta, balki 
kamal nlfat se unben apne pas 
bnlata hai ; chnnanchi Mnqaddas 
Injil hamarl tasalll ke liye yiin ga- 
wahl detl hai. 

Mnqaddas Marqus x. 13. 

LOG bachhon ko Maslh ke pas 
lane lage, taki wnh nnhen cbhiie, 
magar shagirdon ne un ko jhirka. 
Yisii' yih dekhkar khafa hiia, "anr 
nn se kaha ; Bachchon ko mere pas 
ane do ; nnhen mana' na karo ; ky- 
unki Khnda kltbadshahat aison hi 
kl hai. Main tnm se each kahta 
hiin, ki Jo kol Khnda kl badshahat 
ko bachche kl tarah qabul na kare, 
wnh na men hargiz dakhil na hoga. 
Phir ns ne nnhea apnl god men liya. 

anr u^ par h&th rakhkar nnhen 

b^rakat dl; 

'» » .. ' • 
t liSifiX parhne ie ba'di K^hadim i din 
us ke bi^emf ^mal^htaBarNasir , 
hat sunae. ' '' ' ; , ' 

A I piy&ro, tnm is InjTl men hamare 
Mnnji Maslh ka kalam snDte 
ho, ki ns ne hukm diy& ki bachchon 
ko mere pas lao; anr jo log nn ko 
us ke pas ane se rokte the, nnhen 
kyiinkar danta; anr sab logon ko 
kaisi naslhat karta hai ki nn kl sT 
ma'siimiyat paida karen. Tnm 
dekhte ho ki ns ne saf ishare anr fi*i 
se nn par apnl khairkhwahl kis tarah 
zahir kl, ki nnhen god men liya, anr 
nn par hath rakhkar dn'S i khair dl. 
Pas tnm shakk na lao, balki khub 
yaqln karo, ki ns ne is Bachche ko 
bhl, jo hazir hai, mihrbani se qabiil 
karke apnl rah mat kl god men liya 
hai, anr jaisa wnh apne pak Kalam 
men wa'da kar chnk& hai, waise hi 
wuh use abadi zindagi kl barakat 
dekar apnl hamesha kl badshahat ka 
sharik karega. Pas jab ham ko is 
tarah yaqln hiia hai, ki hamara 
asmani Bap apne Bete Yisii* Maslh 
ke kalam ke bamiijib is Bachche ka 
bhala chahta hai, to ham Imandarl 
anr 'ajizi se ns ka shnkr karen, aur 
us Du'a ko parhen, jo Khndawand 
ne ap hamen si^haf hai. 

A I hamlire Bap, Tu jo asman me]^ 
hai, Tera N&m pak mana jae. 
Terl badshahl ae. Terl marzl jaisi 
asman par piirl hoti hai, zamin par 
bhl ho. Hamarl roz kl roti aj ha- 
me& de. Anr hamare qnsiiron ko 
mn'af kar, Ki ham bhl apne qusiir- 
waron ko mu'af karte hain. Anr 
hamen azmaish men na parne de, 
Balki bnral se bacha. Amin. 

A I Qadir i Mntlaq anr aisal? 
Khnda, asmani Bap, ham 
firotani se tera shnkr karte hain ki 
tu ne karm karke hamen is waste 
bnlaya hai, ki ham tere fazl ko pah- 
chanen anr tnjh par Iman laen. Ha- 
marl is pahchan ko barha, anr hamen 
is iman par hamesha mazbiit rakh. 
Is Bachche ko apna Buhnl-Qnds 
bakhsh, ki yih jo hamare Khnda- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



wand Yisu' Masih ke waslle nae sire 
86 paida Md aur abadlnajat Jed waris 
ban gayd hai, terd handa hand rahe, 
aur tere wa'de ko hasil kare; tere 
U8l Bete hamare Khudawand Yisu' 
Masih ke waslle se, jo tere aur Ruhul- 
Quds ke sath ab aur haraesha jita 
aur saltanat karta hai. Amm, 

IF Phir Prist bachche ka Nam puchhe, 
aur jab Dharam ma bap use bataeo 
to !l^hadim i din kahe : 

EYA tu is Bachche kl taraf se 
Shaitan aur us ke sab kamon 
ko, is dunya kl nikamml dhum dham 
aur hashmat, aur bar tarah ke lalaoh 
ko, aur jism kl uafsani khwahishon 
ko aisa tark karta hai, ki na to un 
kl pairawi karegS na un ke qabze 
men rahega? 

Jawab, Main un sab ko tark 
karta bun. 

Khddim % din, 

KYA tii Khuda Qadir i Mutlaq 
Bap par, jo asman o zamln ka 
Khaliq hai, iman rakhta hai ? 

Aur Yisu* Masih par bhi, jo us ka 
eklauta Beta aur hamar a Khudawand 
hai? aur is par bhi ki wuh Eiihul- 
Quds ki qudrat se pet men para, 
Kunwari Mariyam se paida huS; 
Puntyus Pllatus ke 'ahd men dukh 
uthaya; maslub hua, mar gayS, 
aur dafh hiia ; 'alam i arw&h men utar 
gaya, aur tisre roz murdon men se 
ji utha ; asman par charh gaya, aur 
Khuda Qadir i Mutlaq Bap ke dahine 
baitha hai ; aur wahan se dunya ke 
akhir men zindon aur murdon ki 
'adalat ke liye anewala hai ? 

Aur kya tu Euhul-Quds par ; pak 
Kathulik Kalisiya; Muqaddason ki 
Sharakat; gunahon ki Mu'aft; jism 
ki Qiyamat ; aur maut ke ba'd abadi 
zindagi par Iman rakhta hai ? 

Jawdh. In sab baton par mera 
pakka Im&n hai. 

jpiddim i din. 

PAS kya tu Khuda ki pak marzf 
aur hukmon ko farmanbardarl 
ke sath manega, aur 'umr bhar un 
par ohalega ? 

Jawah. Han, main aisa hi ka- 

t Phir Prist kahe : 

HAM is Bachche ko Masih ke galle 
ki jama'at men shamil karte 
aur* us par salib kl ♦ [Ab Prist ba- 
shakl is bat ka nisban cbcbe ki peshani 
banate hain,ki ainda par salib kishakl 
wuh is bat'se na ahar- ^^^^^-^ 
mdegd ki Masih i maslub ke iman 
ka iqrar kare, aur us ke jhande tale 
gunah, dunya, aur Shaitan se mar- 
daDa lare, aur jite dam tak Masih kd 
wafadar sipabi aur khidmatguzar 
hand rahe. Amin. 

t Phir Prist kahe : 

A I piyare bhaiyo, chiinki is Bachclie 
ne Baptisma ke wasile se naya 
janam pay a, aur Masih ki Kalisiya 
ke badan men paiwast Imd hai, ab 
ham in ni*maton par Qadir i Mutlaq 
Khuda ka shukr karen ; aur ek dil 
hokar us se du'a mangen, ki wuh 
apni sari zindagi is tarah basar kare, 
jaisa ki ab us ka shuru' hiia hai. 
^ Phir Prist yih kahe : 

A I kamal rahim Bap, ham dil se 
tera shukr karte hain, ki tu ne 
karm karke is Bachche ko apne Eiih- 
ul-Quds se naya janam dekar use 
apnd lepalak hetd, aur apni pak 
Kalisiya ke badan kd 'azw banaya 
hai. Aur ham 'ajizi ee teri minnat 
karte hain, ki yih hackcha jo gunah 
ki nisbat murda aur rastbazi ke liye 
zinda, aur Masih kl maut ki sharakat 
se us ke sath dafn hud hai, puranT 
admiyat ko salib de, aur gunah ke 
sare badan ko bi'lkull nest kare ; aur 
jis tarah wuh tere Bete ki maut kd 
sharik hud hai, us kl qiyamat kd bhi 
sharik ho; laki akhir i kar, teri pak 
Kalisiya ke baqiyye ke sath, teri 
abadi badshahat kd waris ho jae; 
hamare Khudawand Yisii' Masih ke 
wasile se. Amm, 

^ Phir sab khare hoD, aur Prist dharam 
ma bap ko yuQ nasihat kare : 

CHUNKI is Bachche ne tumhare 
wasile se, jo us ke zamin ho, yih 
wa'da kiya hai, ki main Shaitan aur 

us ke sab kamog ko ta]:k karilngd^ 
r- — gi^ 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Khuda par iman rakkhunga, aur us 
kl khidmat kiya Jcarunga ; pas turn 
ko yad rakhna cbahiye, ki tumhara 
zimma hai ki jab yih Baohcha sikhne 
ke qabilho to us ko yih sikbaya jae, 
ki U8 ne tumharl ma'rifat l^a bl 
bbari 'ahd, wa'da, aur iqrar kiya bai. 
Aur is liye ki wub in baton ko ba- 
kbubl jan sake, tumhenusesamjbana 
hoga ki Wa*z suna kare aur kbasskar 
aisa karo ki yih Bacbcba 'Aqida,Du'a 
i Babbanl, Dason Hukm, aur baqi 
jitnl baton Masihl ko apnl rubani 
sibbat ke liye janni aur manni cba- 
biyen, unben apnl desl zaban men 
hifz kare ; aur wuh aisi nek tarbiyat 
pae, ki kbudaparasti ki rah chale aur 
Masihl chalan rakkhe. Aur turn 
bamesha yad rakkho, ki Baptisma 
hamare iqrar ka nishan bai, aur wuh 
iqrar yih hai, ki ham apne Munjf 
Masib ke namune par chalenge, aur 
us ke hamshakl banenge ; ya'nl, jis 
tarah wuh hamare liye^mua aur phir 


jl utha, usi tarah chahiye ki ham bhi 
jinbon ne baptisma paya hai gunah 
kl taraf se maren, aur rastbazi ko 
liye jl uthen, aur apni sab kharab 
aur gandl khwahishon ko hamesba 
mftrte rahen, aur roz ba roz har tarah 
ki nekchalnl aur khudaparasti men 
taraqql karte jaen. 

f Lekin agar wuh, jo Bachche ko Girje 
meu lae haia. Prist ke eawaloQ ke 
aise betbikane jawab deo, jin se sabit 
na ho sake, ki Bachche ne pan! se, aur 
Bap, anr Bete, aur Buhul-Quds ko 
Nam par baptisma paya hai ya nahio 
(kyuoki baptisma ke liye yilii do 
bateu lazimi haiu), to Prist us ko 
Baohchoo ke 'Alaniya Baptisma ki 
tartib ke bamujib jo upar likhi hui 
hai baptisma de; magar jiB waqt 
yrah Bachche ko Hauz meu gota de, 
us waqt yih kalima kahe ki : 

Alfuldn, agar tii baptisma na pa 
chukd ho, to main ab tujhe Bap 
aur Bete aur Biihul-Quds ke n&m par 
baptisma deta hUn. Amin. 


Y Jab baligoQ ko baptisma dena ho, to chahiye ki Ma bap, y& awr mu'tabir log, kam 
se kam ek hafta pahle Bishap ko, ya kisi aur shakhs ko jiBe wnh is kam par 
muqarrar kare, is liye ittila* dec, ki ua ka munasib imtiban liya jae, ki aya nnhoD 
ne Masihl Din ke Usui men kafi ta'llm pal hai ya nahio ; aur is liye bhi ki un 
ko nasihat ki jae, ki wuh is pak Sakramint ke pane ke waste apne ap ko Dn'a 
aur Boze ke sath taiyar kareo. 

^ Aur agar wuh baptisma ke laiq thahreu, to kisi muqarrari Itw&r y& Muqaddas 
din ko, jab jama' at jama* ho, Gallaban ki rae ke muwafiq Jjphw&h Subh $hwah 
Sham ki Namaz ke dusre Wird ke ba'd hi, dharam ma bap, unheo hauz ke pas 
hazir karne ke liye, taiyar raheo. 

^ Phir Frist wahau khara hokar puchhe. Id jitne yahan baptisma pane ke liye hazir 
kiye gae haio, un meu'se koi baptisma pa chuka hai, ya nahiQ ? aur agar yih jawab 
mile ki Nabio, to Prist you kabe : 

A I 'azizo, cbunki sab ban! Adam 
gunah ke sath pet men parte 
aur paida bote hain, aur jo kuchh 
jism se paida hota bai^ jism hai, aur 
jo log jism men bain Khuda ko khush 
nahin kar sakte, balki apnl zindagi 
^uuah men guzarte* aur gunah ke 
bahut se kam karte rahte bain ; aur 
bamfira Munji Masih farmataliai ki 
Jo adml Paul aur Euhul-Quds se 

nae sire se paida na ho, ya'nl nay a 
janam na pae, wuh Khuda kl badsha- 
bat men dakhil nabin ho sakta; is 
liye main tum se iltimas karta bun, 
ki hamare Khudawand Yisu' Maslh 
ke wasllo Khuda Bap se du'a mango, 
ki wuh apne faiz o karm se~ in 
shahhson ko wuh ni'mat bakhshe, jo 
unlien taba'I taur par hasil nabfia ho 
sakti ; ya'nl yih, ki w^]x PanI aur 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Buhul-Quds ka baptisma pakar, 
Masih kl pak Kallsiyft men shamil 
hoUy aur us he zinda 'azw hanjaen. 

t PMr Prist kahe : 

Ham dn'a m^g^. 

(f Is waqt tamam jama*at ghatne teke.) 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq anr azall Khud&, 
Tu ne apnl bcurl rahmat se Nuh 
aur US ke kh&ndan ko hal&k hone se 
pan! ke waslle kishtl men baohaya ; 
aur nlz apnl ummat bani Israll ko 
Babr i Qulzum se sahib salamat par 
utarkar apne pak Baptisma kl misal 
dikhal; aur phir apne 'aziz Bete 
Yisu' Masth ke Yardan nadi men 
Baptisma pane se ruhani taur par 
gunah dho dalne ke liye PanI ko pak 
thahraya; Ham terl minnat karte 
hain ki tu apnl behadd rahmaton se 
apne in handon par mihr kl nazar 
kar; tin ko Euhul-Qnds se dho aur 
pak kar; taki wuh, tere qahr se 
chhutkar, Maslhl Kallsiya kl kishtl 
men dakhl pden; aur rman men 
mazbut, aur ummed se khush hokar, 
aur mahabbat men jar pakarkar, is 
dukh-bharl dunya kl lahron se aise 
p§,r utar j&en ki akhir-i-kar abadi 
zindagi ke mulk men pahunchkar 
tere sath abad ul abad badshahl karte 
rahen; hamare Khudjlwand Yisu' 
Maslh ke waslle se. Amtn, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur gairfani 
Khuda, tu sab muhtajon ka 
hami, sab panahglron ka madadgar, 
Imandaron kl zindagi, aur murdon 
k! qiyamat hai; Ham in Shakhson 
ke liye tujh so du'a mangte hain, ki 
yih jo tere pak Baptisma ke liye de 
hain ruh&nl nae janam ke waslle se 
apne gunahon kl mu'afi paen, Ai 
Khuda wand, un ko qabul kar, aur jis 
tarah apne 'aziz Bete kf ma'ri- 
fat yih wa'da kiya, ki* Mango to 
tumhen milega, dhundho to paoge, 
khatkhatao to tumhare liye khola 
jaega ; UsI tarah ab ham mangne- 
waion ko de, ham dhu^dhnew&lon ko 
mile, ham khatkhatSnewfilon keliye 
darwaza khol ; tSrki yih shakhs tere 
asmani gusl ki daimi barakat hSsil 
karke us abadi badshahat men pa- 

hunchen, jis ka wa'da tik ne ham&re 
Khudawand Maslh ke waslle se kiya 
hai. Amln. 

% Tab jama'at khari ho, aur Prist kahe : 

Injil kl ayaten suno, jo Muqaddas 
Yuhanna ne apnl Injil ke tisre 
Bab men pahll Ayat se likhl hain. 

Ti^ABISlON men se ek shakhs 
JC Nikudemus nam Yahudlon ka 
ek sardar tha : us ne rat ko Yisu' 
ke pas akar us se kahi,; Ai Eabbi, 
ham jante hain ki tu Khuda ki taraf 
se ustad hokar ftya hai ; kyunki jo 
mu'jize tii dikh&ta hai ; koi shakhs 
nahin dikha sakta, jab tak Khuda us 
ke sath na ho. Yisu' ne jawab men 
us se kaha ; Main tujh se sach sach 
kahta hun, ki jab tak koi naye sire 
se paida na ho, wuh Khuda kl bad- 
shahat ko dekh nahin sakta. Ni- 
kudemus ne us se kaha ; Admi jab 
burha ho gaya, to kyimkar paida ho 
sakta hai? kya wuh dobara apnl 
man ke pet men dakhil hokar paida 
ho sakta hai ? Yisu' ne jawab diya, 
ki Main tujh se sach sach kahta 
hun; Jab tak koi adml panI aur 
Buh se paida na ho, wuh Khuda ki 
badshahat men dakhil nahin ho 
sakta. Jo jism se paida hua hai, 
jism hai, aur jo Buh se paida hua 
hai, rub hai. Ta'ajjub na kar, ki 
main ne tujh se kaha ; Tumhen 
naye sire se paida bona zarur hai. 
Hawa jidhar chahti.hai chaltl hai, 
aur tu us kl awaz sunta hai, magar 
nahin janta, ki wuh kahan se atl, 
aur kah&a ko j&ti hai : jo koi Buh se 
paida hua ais& hi hai. 

f Is ke ba*d wuh zail ki Kasihat parhe : 

A I piyftro, tum is Injil men hamare 
MunjI Masih ka qaul sunte ho, 
ki jab tak koi adml pani aur Buh 
se paida na ho, wuh Khuda kl bad- 
shahat men d&khil nahin ho sakta. 
Is se tum samajh sakte ho, ki agar 
mumkin ho, to is Sakrftmint ka lena 
nihayat hi zarurl hai. Isi tarah se, 
Muqaddas Marqus ki Injil ke akhirl 
Bab men likh& hai, ki jab Masih 
asm&n par j&ne ko tha to us ue apne 
shagirdon ko yih hukm-diya kiTum 

" Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



tamam dunyft men jakar sari khalq 
ke s&mne Injil kl manadl karo. Jo 
Iman lae aur baptisma pae, najat 
paega ; aur jo Iman na lae, mujrim 
thahraya jaega. Is se bhi zaMr hai, 
ki baptisma se ham ko kaisa bara 
faida hota hai. Aur isl liye jab 
Muqaddas PatrasBasul ne pahll dafa' 
Injii kl manadl kl, jis se bahuton ke 
dil par chot lagl, aur wuh us se aur 
baql Easulon se puchhne lage ki Ai 
bhato,ham 1^& karen? to us ne jawab 
men an se kaha Tauba karo, aur tum 
men se har ek apne gunahon kl mu'- 
aft ke liye baptisma le, to tum Ruhul- 
Quds ko in'am men paoge. Is liye 
ki yih wa'da tum aur tumharl aulad 
aur un sab dur ke logon se bhi hai, 
jin ko hamara Khudawand Khuda 
apne pas bulSega. Aur us ne 
awr bahut si baten jata jata kar, 
unhen yih naslhat kl, ki Apne ap 
ko is terhl qaum se bachao. Chun- 
anchi wuhl Rasul dusre maqam par 
yTh gawahl deta hai, ki Baptisma 
Yisu' Masih kl ji uthne ke waslle 
se, ab tumhen bachatS* hai; us se 
jism kl naj&sat ka dur karnft 
TQurad nahin, balki khalis najat se 
Khuda ka talib bona murad hai. 
Pas tum shakk na lao, balki khub 
yaqln karo, ki wuh in shahhson ko jo 
hazir hain, aur sachohl tauba harte, 
aur Iman kl r^h se us ke pas ate Aatn, 
mihrbani se qabiil karke, tin ko 
gunahon ki mu'aft aur Euhul-Quds 
'ata farmaegS., aur abadi zindagi kl 
barakat dekar apnl hamesha kl 
badshahat ke sharlk karega. 

Pas jab ham ko is tarah yaqln hua, 
ki hamara asm&nl Bap apne Bete 
Yisu' Maslh ke kalam ke bamujib in 
shcfkhson ka bhala chahta hai, to ham 
Imandarl aur 'ajizi se yih kahke us 
ka shukr karen : 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall Khuda, 
asmani Bap, ham firotani se 
tera shukr karte hain, ki tu ne karm 
karke hamen is waste bulaya hai, ki 
ham tere fazl ko pahchanen aur tujh 
par Iman laen ; Hamarl is~pahchan 
ko barha, aur hamen is Iman par 
hames&a mazbat rakhi In ShakJuan 

ko apn& Buhul-Quds bakhsh, ki nae 
sire se paida hokar abadi najat k6 
waris ban jden ; hamare Khudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke waslle se, jo tere aur 
Buhul-Quds ke sath ab aur hamesha 
jltg. aur saltanat karta hai. Amln. 

Y Phir Prist un shal^hsoQ se jo baptisma 
lene ae boo, yuQ kabe : 

A I hskrepiydro, tum jo pak Baptisma 
pine kl arzu se yahan ae ho, 
tum ne suna hai ki is jama'at ne 
kaisi du'a mangi hai, ki hamara 
Khudawand ^Tisu' Maslh karm 
kar&:e tum ko qabul kare aur bara- 
kat de, gunahon se ohhurae, aur 
asman kl badshahat aur abadi zin- 
dagi bakhshe. Tum ne yih bhi 
suna hai, ki jitnl chlzen ham ne 
mangi hain, hamare Khudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ne un sab ke dene ka 
wa'da apne pak KaUm men kiya 
hai; wuh to is wa'de ko yaqinan 
yad rakkhega aur pura karega. 
Lekin Maslh ke aise wa'de ke ba'd 
zarur hai ki tum bhi apne in Gawa- 
hon aur is tamam jama'at ke age 
sachohft wa'da karo, ki 7M,m Shaitan 
aur us ke sab kamon ko tark karenge^ 
Khuda ke pak Kalam par mazbut 
Iman rakkhsnge, aur us ke hukmon 
par farmanbarbarl se 'amal karenge. 

^ Is ke ba*d Pris^ baptisma lenewaloo 
meo se bar ek se zail ke Sawal kare : 

KYA tu Shaitan aur us ke sab ka- 
mon ko, dunya kl nikamml 
dhUm dham aur hashmat, aur har 
tarah ke lalach ko, aur jism kl na£3&nl 
khwahishon ko aisa tark karta hai, ki 
na to un kl pairawl karega na un ke 
qabze men rahega? 

Jawab. Main un sab ko tark karta 


EYA til Khuda Qadir i Mutlaq 
Bap par, jo Ssman o zamin ka 
Khaliq hai, Iman rakhta hai ? 

Aur Yisu' Maslh par bhi, jo us 
ka eklauta Beta aur hamara Khu- 
dawand hai? aur is par bhi ki 
wuh Euhul-Quds kl qudrat se pet 
men para, Kunwarl Mariyam se 
paida hii*a ; Pnntyus Pllatus ke 'ahd 
men dukh uthaya; masliib hua, 

■" * Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




mar gayS, aur dafh liua;'alam i arwab. 
men utar gay a anr llsre roz murdon 
men se ji ntha; asman par cbarb 
gaya, aur Khuda Qadir i Mutlaq Bap 
ke dahine Ijaitha hai ; anr wahan se 
dunya ke akhir men zindoQ anr 
murdon kl 'adalat ke li}^ anewala 

Aur kya tu Euhul-Qnds par ; pak 
Eathnlik Ealisiya; Muqaddason kl 
Sharakat ; gunahon ki Mn'aft ; jism 
ki Qiyamat ; aur mant ke ba*d abadi 
zindagi par iman rakhta hai? 

Jawdh, In sab baton par mera 
pakka Iman hai. 


YA tu is Iman par baptisma 
chahta hai ? 
Jawdh. Han, yihl merl arzu hai. 


PAS kya tu Khuda kl pak marzl 
aur hukmoa ko farmanbardarl 
ke Bath manega, aur 'umr bhar un 
par ehalega ? 

Jawah. Han, Khuda madad kare 
to main aisa hi kame kl kosbish 

f Phir Prist kahe : 

A I rahim Khud&, yih bakhsh, ki 
in sJiahhson men purftna Adam 
aisa dafn kiya jae, ki un men nay& 
adml jl uthe. Amm, 

Yih bakhsh, ki sab nafsani khwa-* 
hishen un men mar jaen, aur jitnl 
chlzen Euh se 'ilaqa rakhtl hain sab 
un men zinda hon aur barhen. 

Yih bakhsh, ki wuh aisi quwwat 
o qudrat hasil karen^ ki Shaitan aur 
dunya aur jism paj fath pakar un 
par galib rahen. Amm. 

Yih bakhshj'ki yih adml jo hamare 
'uhde aur khidmat ki haisiyat se ya- 
han terl nazr kiye jdte hain, asmani 
neklon se arasta bhi hon, aur abadI 
ajr pden, Ai mubarak Khudawand 
Khuda, tu jo abad ul abad jita aur 
siab chlzog par hukumat rakhta hai, 
yih tere rahm se ho. Amtn. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur abadI zinda 
Khuda, tere kamal 'aziz Bete 

Yisu' Maslh ne hamftre gan&hon kl 
mu'aft ke liye apne nihayat mubarak 
pahlu se pani aur khiin donon bahae, 
aur apne shagirdon ko hukm diya, 
ki turn jakar sab qaumon ko shagird 
banao, aur unhen Bap aur Bete aur 
Euhul-Quds ke nam par baptisma 
do; Ham 'arz karte hain, ki tfi is 
jama*at kl minnaton par mutawajjih 
hokar ruhani taur par gunah dhono 
ke liye is panI kl taqdis kar; aur 
bakhsh ki jo shakhs abhl is men 
baptisma pane ko hain, tere fazl se 
ma*mur ho jaen, aur hamesha tere 
Tmandar aur barguzlda farzandon ke 
shumar men rahen; hamare Khuda- 
wand Yisii* Masih ke wasTle se. 

f Is ko ba'd Prist bar ek baptisma le- 
newale ka dahna hath pakarke Hauz 
ke pas jls tarah munasib samjhe 
manqa' se le ao,anr Dbaram ma bap 
se ns ka Nam puchhe; aur pbir yih 
kahta hua us ko panI meQ gota de ya 
us par pani dale, ki : 

Alfuldn, main tujhe Bap aur Bete 
, aur BiihuT-Quds^ ke Nam par 
baptisma deta hun. Amln. 

^ Phir Prist kahe : 

HAM is shakhs ko Maslh ke galle 
kl jama'at me£^ shamil karte 
aur * us par sallb kl shakl is bat ka 
nishan banate haig, ki * rjjy prjgt us 
ainda wuh is bat se na shaikhs ki pes'ha- 
sharmdegd ki Maslh i ni par Salib kx 
maslub ke Iman ka«l^^^*^^®J 
iqrar kare, aur us ke jhande tale 
gunah, dunya, aur Shaitan se mar- 
dana lare, aur jite dam tak Maslh hd 
wafadar sipahl aur khidmatguzar 
hand rahe. Amln. 

t Phir Prist kahe: 

A I piy are bhaiyo, chiinki in shaMson 
ne naya janam paya, aur Ma- 
slh kl Kalisiya ke badan men pai- 
wast hue hain^ ab ham in ni'maton 
par Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda ka shukr 
karen ; aur ek dil hokar us se du'a 
mangen, ki wuh apnl sari zindagi is 
tarah basar karen, jaisa ki ab us ka 
shuru' hua hai. ^ i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



% Fbir Bab ghutne tekeo, aur Du'a i 
Babbani parM jae. 

A I hamare Bap, Tu jo asmSn men 
bai, Terdi Nam pak mana jae. 
Teri badsbahl ae. Terl marzi jaisf 
asman par puri boti bai, zamin par 
bbl ho. Hamari roz kl rotl aj ba- 
men de. Anr hamare qusuron ko 
mn^f kar, Ei bam bbl apne qnsur- 
waron ko mii'af karte bain. Aur 
hamen azmaisb men na parne de, 
Balki burai se bacba. Amin, 

A I asmani Bap, bam 'ajizi se tera 
sbukr karte bain, ki tu ne 
karm karke bam ko is waste bul&ya 
hai ki bam tere fazl ko pabcbanen 
aur tujb par Iman laen; Hamari is 
paboban ko barb a, aur bames is 
Iman par bamesba mazbut rakb. In 
shakhson'ko apna Kubul-Qudsbakbsb, 
taki yib jo ab nae sire se paida hue^ 
aur bamare Kbudawand Yisu' Masib 
ke wasile se abadi najat he waris 
ban gae hairty tere hande hane rahen^ 
aur tere wa'don ko basil karen ; apne 
usi Bete bamare Kbudawand Yisu' 
Masib ke wasile se, jo tere sath usi 
Hubul-Quds k! yaganagi me^ ta 
abad jita aur saltanat karta rabega. 

f Ab sab khare boQ, anr Prist zail ki 
Kasihat parbe ; lekin pahle Dharam 
ma bap ki taraf mukhatib hokar yuQ 

CHUNKI in iihdkhson ne tumbare 
samne wa'da kiya bai ki ham 
Sbaitan aur us ke sab kamon ko 
tark karenge, Kbuda par Iman rakkh- 
enge, aur us kl kbidmat kiya ka- 
renge ; pas tum ko yad rakbna cba- 

biye, ki tumbara zimma bai ki un ko 
yad dilaya karo ki unlion ne abbi is 
jama'at ke samne, aur kbass kar 
tumbare samne jo un ke cbune biie 
gawab bo kya lil bbarl 'abd, wa'da, 
aur iqrar kiya bai. Aur unhen yib 
bbl samjbana cbabiye, ki wub ban 
kosbisb ke satb Kbuda ke pak Ka- 
lam kl sabib ta'llm basil karen ; taki 
wub hamare Kbudawand Yisu' Ma- 
sib ke fazl aur pahchan men taraqql 
karte rahen, aur is jahan men kbuda- 
parastT, rastbazT, aur parhezgarl se 
zindagi basar karen. 

^ Phir wuh nn ki taraf, jinbon ne us 
waqt Baptisma paya ho, mu]|^hatib 
bokar yih bhi kahe : 

ATJB tum par bbl, jinkon ne abbi 
Baptisma ke wasile se Maslh 
ko pahin liya hai, wajib o lazim bai, 
ki obunki tum Yisu' Masib par iman 
lane se Kbuda ke aur nur ke farzand 
ban gaye Ao, is liye apna chalan aisa 
rakkbo, jaisa tumharl Maslbi da'wat 
ke laiq, aur niir ke farzandon ko mu- 
nasib bai ; aur bamesba yad rakkho, 
ki Baptisma bamare iqrar kanishan 
bai, aur wuh iqrar yih hai, ki bam 
apne Munji Masib ke namune par 
chalenge, aur us ke bamsbakl banen- 
ge : ya*ni jistarah wuh hamare liye 
mua, aur pbir ji utha, usI tarah cba- 
biye ki bam bbl jinbon ne Baptisma 
paya bai, gunah kl taraf se maren, 
aur rastbazi ke liye jl utben, aur 
apnl sab kbarab aur gaudi khwahi- 
shon ko bamesba marte rahen, aur 
roz ba roz bar tarah ki nekchalnl 
aur khudaparasti meQ taraqql karte 

Y Mnnasib hai ki jo koi is tarah Baptisma pae, wuh Baptisma ke ba'd, joohio ach- 
chha mauqa' mile, Bishap ke hath se mustahkam kiya jae ; taki pak Sharakat 
meu shamil kiya jae. 

^ Agar aise sha^hs, jinboo ne bachpan meu Baptisma na paya ho, us se pahle ki 
balig hokar khud jawab de saken, Baptisma paoe ke liye hazir klye jaeo, to un ke 
Uye Bachchou ke *Alaniya Baptisma ki Tartib, ya bare khatre ki halat meu Ghar 
par Baptisma dene ki Tartib, istrmal meQ lani kafi hogi ; magar lafz Baohoheko 
'iwaz lafz Larkd ya Larhi, ya Shahhs, hash i manqa' kaha jae. 


Digitized by 


( 130 ) 




rMHARA nam kya hai? 
Jawdh. Fuldn. 

Sawdl. TumharS, yih Nam kis ne 

Jawdh Mere Dharam ma bap ne 
mere Baptisma ke waqt rakkha ; jis 
8e main Masih kd 'azw, Khnda kd 
farzand, aur asman kl badshahat Ted 
waris ban gayd. 

SawdL Tumliare Dharam ma bap 
ne 118 waqt tnmhare liye kya kiya ? 

Jawdh. Unhon. ne mere nam se 
tin baton ka wa'da aur 'ahd kiya. 
Pahli yih, ki maia Shaitan anr ns 
ke sab kamon ko, is kharSb dunya 
kl dhumdbam anr wabiyat baton ko, 
anr nafs kl sab bnri khwShishon 
ko tark harungd. DusrI yih, ki 
main Maslhl Din ke sab Mas-alon 
par im&n rahhhungd, Anr trsri yih, 
ki main Khnda kl pak marzl anr 
htikmon ko mdnungd^ anr nn par 
'umr bhar chalungd. 

SawdL Kya turn samajhte ho ki 
jis tarah nnhon ne tnmharl taraf se 
wa'da kiya tha, nsl tarah tumhen 
Iman rakhna aur 'amal kam& farz 

Jawdh. Han, beshakk ; balki 
Khnda kl madad se aisa hi Icarungd, 
Aur main dil se apne asmani Bap 
ka shukr kartd hua, ki us ne hamare 
Munji Yisu* Maslh ke waslie se 
mujhe najat kl is halat ke liye 
bulaya hai. Aur main Khnda se 
'arz hartd hun, ki wuh mujhe aisi 
tauftq de, ki jite dam tak isl halat 
men qaim rahuQ. 

Apne 'Aqide ke Mas-ale sunaa 

MAIN Iman rakhta hun Khudft 
Qadir i Mutlaq Bap par, jo 
asman aur zamin ka Khaliq hai : 

Aur Yisii' Maslh par, jo us ka 
iklauta Beta aur hamara Khudawand 
hai ; wuh Kiihul-Quds kl qudrat se 
pet men para, Kunwari Mariyam so 
paida hua, Puntyus Pllatus ke 'ahd 
men dukh uthaya, Masliib hua, mar 
gaya, aur dafn hua, 'Alam'i arwah 
men utar gaya ; Tisre roz murdon 
men se jl utha, Asman par eharh 
gaya, Aur Khuda Qadir i Mutlaq 
Bap ke dahne baitba hai; Wahan 
se wuh zindon aur murdon kl 'adals^ 
ke liye anewala hai. 

Main Iman rakhta hiin Biihul- 
Quds par; Pak Kathulik Kallsiya 
par; Muqaddason kl Sharakat; Gu- 
nabon kl mu'afi; Badan kl _Qiya- 
mat ; Aur abadi zindagi par. Amin. 

SawdL Tum apne *Aqide ke in 
Mas-alon se khasskar kya kya 8ikhie 
ho? " 

Jawah. Pahle main yih sikhtd hun, 
ki Khuda Bap par, jis ne mujhe aur 
tamam jahan ko paida kiya hai, 
iman rakkhiin. Diisre yih, ki Khudft 
Bete^par, jis ne mera aur tamam 
bani Adam ka fidiya diya hai, Iman 
rakkhiin. Tisre yih, ki Khuda 
Riihul-Quds par, jo mujhe aur 
Khuda ke sab ohune hiie logon ko 
pak karta hai, Iman rakkhiin. " 

Sawdl. Tum ne kaha, ki mere 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Dliaram mft bftp ne merl taraf se 
<Kliiid& ke Hukmon ke mftnne k& 
wa'da kiy& tha. Bhalft, batao, ki 
wnh kitne hain? 

Jawab. Das. 

Sawal, WnhkannsehaiQ? 


WTJHl, jo Kturuj ke biswea b&b 
mea likhe Me baifi, ya'nl Khti- 
da ne farmaya ki, Khudawand terft 
KbndftjjotirjbezaTnlniMisr seanrga- 
ikmon ke gbar se nikal laya main huQ» 
1. Mere huzur tere liye "duerft 
Khndft na ho. 

* 2. Tu apne liye kol murat, ya kist 
cbtz kl surat, jo npar a^man par, ya 
niche zamm par, yft p&nl meg jo za* 
mln ke niche hai, mat bana. Tu 
unke age apne tain mat jhttkS, anr 
na nnki 'il^dat kar, kyunki main 
Khndawand tera Ehnda ^iy ur Khn- 
da hun, anr bapdadon kl badkarlan 
nnkI aul&d par jo mnjhse 'adawat 
rakhte hain, tisri aur chanthi pusht 
tak pahnnchS,ta hun, aur haz&ron 
par jo mnjh ee mababbat rakhte aur 
mere hukmon ko mante haia, rahm 
kart& hun. 

3. Tu Khudawand apne Ehuda ka 
nam befaida mat le, kyunki jo uska 
Nam befaida let& hai, Khudawand 
use begnnah na thahraega. 

4. ^ Sabt ka din pak rakhne ke 
liye yad rakh. Chba din tak tu 
mihnat karke apne sare kam ksj kar, 
lekin sUtwfin din Khudawand tere 
Khud& ka Sabt hai : usmen kuchh 
kam na kar, na tu, na tera DetS, na 
teri betl, na tera gulam, na terl 
lauadl, na ten mawashl, aur na 
ter& mus&fir jo tere phatakon ke 
andar ho: kyunki KhudSwand ne 
ohha din mea asman o zamin, darya 
aur sab kuchh jo in men hai, ba- 
naya, aur satwen din aram kiya, 
is liye KhudAwand ne Sabt ke din 
ko barakat dl, aur use muqaddas 

5. Tu apne ma bap ko 'izzat de, 
t&ki ten 'umr us zamin par jo Khu- 
d&wand t6r& Khudft tujh§ det& hai, 
^ar&z ho. 

6. Tu khun mat kar^ 

7c Tu zina maikarv 

8. Tfi chorl mat kar. 

9. Tu apne parausl par jhuthi ga- 
w&hf mat de. * : 

10. Tu apne parausi ke ghar ka 
Iftlach mat kar : tii apne parausi kl 
joru aur uske gulam aur uskl laundl, 
aur uske bail, aur uske gadhe, aur 
kisT ohTz ka, jo tere parausi kl hai, 
Idlaoh mat kar. • 

Sawdl, In Hukmon se turn khass- 
kar kya kya alhhtd ho ? 

Jawdh. Main do baton stkhtd 
hwa. ; ya'nl yih, ki mujh par Khuda 
ka kya haqq hai, aur yih bhi; ki 
mujh par apne Parausi is, kya haqq 

Sawal. Turn par Khudft ka kya 
haqq hai? 

Jawab, Mujh par Khudft ka yih 
haqq hai, ki main us par Iman rak- 
I[hun, us ka khauf maniin, aur aptie 
sare dil aur apni sari 'aql aur apnl 
sari jan aur apne sare zor ke sath 
us 86 mababbat rakkhim; us kl 
parastish* kariin, us kft shukr ada 
karun, us par piira bharosa rakkhun, 
us 66 du'a mangun, us ke pfik Nftm 
aur Kalftm kl hurmat karun, aur 
'umr bhar us kl khidmat saohchal se 
kartd rahun. 

Sawal, l^um par apne parausi ka 
kya haqq hai ? 

Jawdh, Mujh par apne Parausi ka 
yih haqq hai, ki apne barabar us se 
mababbat rakkhim, aur jo bartfto 
main kisi se apne liye chdhtd hiin, 
wuhi bartao us se kariin ; Apne ma 
bap se mababbat rakkhun, aur un 
kl 'izzat aur madad karun f Bftdshfth 
kl, aur jitne us kl taraf se ikhtiyar 
rakhte hain, un sab kl 'izzat aur* 
farmanbardarl karua ; Apne sab 
hadlon, ustadon, dinl gallab&non, 
aur malikon kd tfibi'dar rahun^; 
Apne sab baron se adab aur 'ftjizi 
ke sath pesh' aua ; KisI ko qaul ya 
fil se dukh na dun; Apnft sara 
kar obftr sachchftl aur insaf se karim ; 
Apne dil men kuchh kina yft dush- 
mani na rakkhfin ; Apne h&thon ko 
ebon chakarl Be, aur apnt zab&n ko 
badgol, jhuth, aur tuhmat se baz 
rakkhua; Apne badaiir^ko parhez« 

Digitized by VjOOV IC 



gftrl, lioshy&ri, anr p&kd&mani se 
rakkhto; Parae mal ka lalach y& 
khwfthiBh na kariin, balki apnl rozi 
rftsti Be paida karni sSkhun aur lis 
men mihnat kariin, anr Khudft jis 
h&iat men mnjhe rakhna ohahe nsl 
men apnelTarz ad& kiya karun. 


Mere piydre Larke, yih jan lo, ki 
turn in baton par apne ap 'amal 
nabin kar sa^te, aur bagair Khnda 
ke kbass fazl ke na ns ke Hukmon 
par cbal sdkie na ns kl khidmat kar 
sahte bo. Aur is fazl ke basil kame 
ke liye zarur bai, ki tum bar waqt 
us ke waste dil se du'a mango. Pas 
agar Du'a i EabbanI yad bai, to 


A I bamareBap, Tu jo asmftn men 
bai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Terl badsbabi ae. Teri marzl jaisi 
asman par purl boti bai, zamln par 
bbi bo. Hamari roz ki roti aj ba- 
mea de. Aur bamare qusuron ko 
mu'af kar, Ki bam bbl apne qusur- 
waron ko mu'af karte bain. Aur 
bamen azmSisb men na pame de, 
Balki bural se bacbaT Amln, 

SawdL Is Du'a men tum Kbuda 
se kya chahte bo ? 

Jawdh. Mam apne Kbudawand 
Kbudft se, jo bamara asmani Bap aur 
tetmam kbublon ka bakbsbnewala 
bai, yib ehdhtd bun, ki wub mujb 
par aur sab logon par apnS fazl 
nfizil kare, taki jis tarab bam par 
w&jib bai usi tarab bam us kl paras- 
tisb, kbidmat, aur farmanbardarl 
karen. Aur main Kbuda se yib bbl 
du'a Jcartd btin, ki jitnl cbfzen 
bamare jism aur rub ke liye darkar 
bon, bamen diya kare ; aur bam par 
rabm karke bamare gunabon ko 
bakbsbe; aur karm karke bamen 
bar tarab ke rubani aur jismani 
kbatron se bacbae rakkbe ; aur bam 
ko bar ek gunab aur badi, aur 
bamare rUbauI dusbman, aur abadt 
mant se mabfaz rakkbe. Aur mujbe 
ummed bai, ki wub apne rabm o 
karm se, bamftre Kbud&wand Tisu' 

Mastb ke wastle, ais& bl karegd. 
Anr is sabab main kdhtd bun Amin, 
ya'nl Aisa bl bo. 


MASTH ne apnl Kallsiyft men 
kitue Sakramint muqarrar 
kiye bain ? 

Jawab, , Sirf do, jo najat ke li3'e 
sab ko zarur bain ; ya'nl Baptisma, 
aur 'Asba i EabbanI. 

Sawdl, Is lafz Sdkrdminl se ky& 
murad bai ? 

Jawab, Wub kisi andarunl aur 
riibgDl fazl ka, jo bamen diya jata 
bai, beruni aur zabir nisban bai; 
aur kbud Masib kl taraf se is liye 
muqarrar bua, ki us fazl ke basil 
kame ka waslla, aur us ke mil jaue 
ke yaqin ka ba'is bo. 

Sawdl. Sakramint ke kai juzw 
bain ? 

Jawab. Do; ek to beruni aur 
zabir nisban, aur dtisra andartinl aur 
rubani fazL 

Sawdl. Baptisma ka beruni aur 
zabir nisban ya 'alamat, kya bai ? 

Jawab. Paul ; jis men Bap, aur 
Bete, aur Bubul-Quds ke Nam par 
Baptisma diya jata bai. 

Sawdl. Andariinl aur rUbanl fazl 
kya bai? 

Jawab. Gunab kl nisbat maut, 
aur rastbazi ke liye nal paidaisb; 
cbunaacbi bam jo taba'l taur par 
gunab men paida bokar g'azab ke 
farzand tbe, ab Baptisma ke waslle 
se fazl ke farzand ban jate baiQ. 

Sawdl. Baptisma lene kl kyS 
sbart bai ? 

Jawab. Tauba, jis se lenewale gu- 
nab ko tark karte baia ; aur Iman, 
jis se wub Kbuda ke un wa'doQ 
par, jo is Sakramint meu tin se 
kiye jSte baig, pakka' yaqln rakbte 

Sawdl. Bacbobe to apnl kamsinni 
ke sabab in sbarton ko ada nablg 
kar sakte, pbir Baptisma kyiin pate 

Jawab. Is wftste ki wub apne 
Zaminofi kl ma'rifat un donon 
sbartofi ke piire kame k& wa'da 
karte baifi, aur us wa^e ko ibSlig 

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Sawal. TTs 66 ham ko katm bo 
faide basil bote hain ? 

Jawab. Tihy ki jis tarah hamare 
badan Eoti anr Mai so qawt anr 
taza bote bain, usl tarab bam&rl 
ruben Masib ke Badan anr Kbun se 
taqwiyat anr tazagi pati bain. 

Sawdl 'Asbft i Kabbftnl'ke lene 
kikya sbart bai? 

Jaiodb, Tib, ki lenewale apne fip 
ko jancben, ki Sya bam gnzasbta 
gnnabon se sacbcbl tauba karke nal 
zinda'gl basar karne ka pakka irada 
rakbte; Kbuda ke rabm par jo 
MasIb ke waslle bota bai zinda Iman 
rakbke, ns kl mant ko sbnkrguzarl 
ke satb yad karte ; aur sab admion 
se mababbat rakbte bain, ya nabln7 

boke kbnd pura karnft nn par farz 

Sawal 'Asba i BabbanI ka Sakrfl- 
mint kis garz se mnqarrar bua ? 

Jawab, Is garz se, ki Masib kl 
mant kl qnrbani kl, anr nn faidon 
kl jo ns se bamen basil bote bain, 
daiml yadgar bo. 

Sawdl. Asba i Eabbani ka bernni 
jnzw ya nisban ky a bai ? 

Jawah. Hot! anr Mai, jin ke 
kbane anr pitieka bnkm Kbndawand 
ne diya bai. 

Sawal. Andariinl jnzw, jis ke yib 
nisban baifi, kya bai ? 

Jawdb. MasIb ka Badan anr 
Kbun, jinben Imandar log 'Asba i 
KabbanI men filbaqlqat anr yaqinan 
lete anr p&te bain. 

f Har Jama*at ke Gallaban ko chahiye, ki Itwaron aur baql Muqaddas dinoQ meo. 
Sham kl Namaz ke dusre Wird ke ba*d, Jama'at ke jo Larke us ke pas bheje 
jaeo un meo se jitnoo ko wuh munasib samjhe, Girja meu is Eatikizam ke kisi 
na kisi hisse ki 'alanlya talim diya kare, aur un ka imtihan liya kare. 

Y Aur Jama'at ke sab larkon ke Walidain ya Sarparaston ko chabiye, ki un ke 
jitne larkoQ NaukaroQ anr Sbagirdoo ne Eatikizam ko na sikba ho, unheo mu- 
qarrari waqt par Girja meu hazir karke aisa intizam kareo ki wuh Gallaban ki bateo 
farmanbardari se sunes, aur us ke mahkum raheu ; aur jo kuchh un ke sikhno 
ke liye yahao mnqarrar hai jab tak wuh use na sikh leo, isi tarah girja meo 
aya Irareu. 

IT Jab Larke balig hokar 'Aqida, Du'a i BabbanI, aur Das Hukmon ko apni Desi 
Zaban meo suna sakeo, aur is mu^tasar Eatikizam ke baqi Sawalou ke jawab 
bhi de sakeo, to ohahiye ki wuh Bishap ke s&mne hazir kiye jaoQ. Aur har ek 
mustahkam honewale ke sath ek Dharam bap, ya ek Dharam ma, Gawah ke taur 
par hazir ho. 

IF Aur jab kabhi Bishap ittila* de, ki fulao waqt Larke mustahkam hone ke liye 
mere pas hazir kiye jaeo, to har Jama*at ka Gallaban apni Jama'at ke jitoe 
shakhsoQ ko mustahkam hone ke liye Bishap ke samne hazir kiye jane ke laiq 
samjhe, un ko ^wah ^hud lae, khwah apni dasti^atti fihrist ke Bath un ke 
namoo ko bheje. Aur agar Bishap un ko manzur kare, to tartib i zail ke bamujib 
unh^o mustahkam kare. 



f Muqarrari loz, jab sab Mustahkam honewale Bishap ke samne qarine se kha^ 
hoQ, to wuh (ya koi dusra ^hadim i din, jise wuh us Kam ke liye muqarrar kare), 
sail ka Dibaja parhe. 

CHtJNKI Kallsiya ki yib garz bai 
ki Istibkam ki raem mnstabkam 
honewaloB kl ziyada taraqql ke 
waste 'amal men fie, is liye nsne yib 
bnkm dena mnnasib Bamjb& bai, ki 

ainda sirf wubl sbakbs mnstabkam 
kiye jaen, jo 'Aqida, Dn'a i Eabban!, 
anr DasoQ Hnkm snna sakeg, anr 
niz nn baql sawalo]^ ka, jo mukb- 
tasar Katikizam men^darj baifi, 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 



jawab de sakefi. Pas is hukm k& 
oaja lana bahut hi bihtar hai, taki 
larke, jab Binn i tamlz ko paban- 
ob'kar yib jau len, ki hamSre bbarm 
ma bap ne Baptisma ke wiaqt bamarl 
taraf se kya wa'da kiya tha, to kbud 
apni zaban aur marzl se, Kallsiya 
ke rubaru barmala us wa'de ko 
tasdiq aur mustabkam karen: aur 
niz yih wa'da karen, ki jin baton 
ko bam apne iqrar se manzur karte 
bain un par Kbuda ke fazl se wafa- 
darl ke satb 'amal kame ki bamesba 
kosbish karte rabenge. Aur 'alawa 
iske munasib bai, ki jis kisi ne hSklig 
bokar Baptisma paya, wub Baptisma 
ke ba'd^ jonbm aebcbha mauq'a mile^ 
Bisbap ke bath se mustabkam kiya 
jae, taki pak Sbarakat men sbamil 
kiya jae. 

f Tab Bishap kahe : 

KYA turn us bbari wa*de aur 'abd 
ko, jo tumbare Baptisma ke 
waqt tumbarl taraf se kiya gaya 
tba, yaban Kbuda aur is jama'at ke 
riibara do bara karte, aur khud us 
ko tasdiq aur mustabkam karte bo, 
aur yih mante bo, ki jitnl baton ka 
wa'da tumbare Dbaram ma bap ne 
us waqt tumbarl taraf se kiya tba, 
ya tum ne kbud kiya, un par Iman 
rakbna aur 'amal kamS, tum par 
farz bai ? 

f Har ek buland awaz se yih jawab 
de, ki : 

Han, main mania biin. 

HAMAEI madad Kbudawand ke 
Nam se bai, 

Jawdh. Jis ne asman o zamin ko 
paida kiya. 

Bishap. Kbudawand ka Nam 
mnbarak rabe. 

Jawab. Ab se abad tak. 

Bishap. Kbudawand, bamarl 
du'aen sun. 

Jawab. Aur bamarl fary&d ko 
apne pas pabuncbne de. 

Bishap. Ham du'a mangen. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur azall 
Kbuda, Tii ne karm karke 
apne in bandon ko Panl aur Biihul- 

Quds se naya janam diya, aur sab 
^nabon kl mu'aft bakbsbl bai ; Ai 
Kbudawand, bam teri minnat karte 
baifi, ki Eiibul-Quds Quwwat-bakb- 
sbnewale se unben qawwikar aur un 
men apne fazl kl giinagiin ni'maten 
roz ba roz barbata rab, ya'nl bikmat 
aur samajb kl riih, maalabat aur 
riibaDi quwwat kl riib, ma'rifat aur 
sacbcbl kbudaparasti ki riib ; aur, Ai 
Kbudawand, apne pak kbauf kl riib 
se unben ab aur ta abad i^a'mur 
rakb. Amin. 

f Phir Bab mnstahkam honewale 
Bishap ke samne tartibwar ghutne 
tekeo, aur woh har ek ke sir par 
apn& hath rakhkar yih kahe : 

A I Kbudawand, apne asmanf fazl 
se apne is Larke (ya apm is 
Banded ko panab men rakb, taki wub 
bamesna tera bl hand rabe ; aur jab 
tak terl abadi badsbabat men na 
pabuncbe, wub tere Eiibnl-Quds ko 
roz ba roz ziyada basil Itartd jae. 

Y Is ke ba'd Bishap kahe : 

Kbudawand tumb&re satb ho. 
jawab, Terl rub ke satb bhi rabe. 

f Phir sab ghutne tekeHy wxx Bishap 

Ham du*a mangen. 

A I hamare Bap, Tii jo &smSn men 
bai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Ten badsbabi ae. Terl marzi jaisl 
asm&n par purl hoti bai, zamIn par 
bbl bo. Hamarl roz kl roti aj bamen 
de. Aur hamare qusuron ko mu'af 
kar, Ki ham bbi apne qusurwaron 
ko mu'af karte hain. Aur bamen 
azmaish men na_ parne de, Balki 
bural se bacba. Amtn. 

Y Aur yih Ealikt bhi parhe : 

A I Qfidir i Mutlaq aur azali Kbu- 
da, jo kam teri Janab i il&bl 
ke buziir 'umda aur pasandida bain, 
un kil irada kama aur 'amal men 
lana dono tujh hi se bote bain ; ham 
tere in bandon ke liye 'ajizi se min- 
nat karte bain, jin par ham ne abhl, 
tere muqaddas Easiilon ke namiine 
par, bath is liye rakkhe hain, ki is 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



isbftre 86 TixL ko yaqln ho, ki tera 
karm aur 'inayat un par hai. Ham 
'arz karte Lain, ki tera pidarana 
h&tli hamesha un par rahe;' tera 
Buhul-Quds liamesha un ke hamrah 
rahe; aur tu apne Kalam ke janne 
aur manne men un kl aisi* hidayat 
kar, ki akhir ko wuli abadi zindagi 
basil karen ; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Mas^ke wasile so yib bakbsb, 
jo tere aur Eubul-Quds ke s&tb, ba- 
mesba wabid Kbuda, abad ul abad 
jita aur saltanat karta rabegft. AmtTi. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbudawand aur 
azall Kbuda, bam 'arz karte 
bain ki tu apne lutf bo bamare dil 
aur^badan donon kl aisi bidayat 

hukiimat aur taqdis farma, ki bam 
terl sbara' aur abkam kl rab par 
obalen; taki teri kamil qudrat kt 
bimayat se is jaban men aur abad 
tak bamare jism o rub mabfiiz raben ; 
bamare Kbudawand o Munji Yisi' 
Mas!b kewaslle se. Amm. 

Y Is ke ba*d Bishap zail ke kalime se 

un ko barakat ki du'S de : 

aADIR i Mutlaq Kbuda, Bap, 
Bete, aur Eiibul-Quds kl Bara- 
kat tum par bo,_aur tumbare sath 
abad tak rabe. Amtn, 

Y Wazih ho ki koi Bha]j:li8 pak Sliara- 
kat meo shank hone na pae, magar 
jab kl wnh mustahkam kiya jae, ya 
mastahkam hone ke liye taiyar aar 
mushtaq ho. 


f Fahle zaror hai, ki jin ka nikah honewala hoi, nn ke nikah ka Ishtihar giija men 
judagana tin Itwaroo meu, Subh ki Namaz ke waqt, ya agar subh ki namaz na ho, 
to sham ki Namaz ke, dusre "Wird ke ba'd hi, diya jae ; ya'ne Gallaban dastur ke 
mnwafiq kahe : 

[AIN fulan maqam ke fuld% aur 

fuldn maqam kr fidan^ ke Ni- 

kab ka Isbtibar deta bug. Agar 
tum men se kisl ko mum&na'at ka 
ma'qul sabab malum bo, ki jis se 
in donon sbakbson ka pak Nikab 
bandhnft jaiz na bo, to bayan karna 
obabiye. Yib sawal ka pabl& (ya 
dilsra, yd tisra) martaba bai. 

f Aur jin ka nikah honewala hai agar 
wuh juda jada do MaqamoQ meo 
rahte hoQ, to un ke Nikah ka Ishti- 
har donoo MaqamoQ meo diya jae, 
aur ek Maqam ka Gkdlaban an ka 
Nikah na l&odhe, magar jab ki ns 
ko dusre Maqam ke Gallaban se 
nn ke nikah ke tinoQ Ishtiharoa ki 
Sanad mil jae. 

Y Basm i Nikah ke muqarrari din anr 
waqt, jin ka nikah honewala hai wuh 
apne dostoo anrparansioo sametGiija 
ke HchoQ bioh meo aeo, aar wahao 
Mard dahni taraf aur 'Aurat ns H 
baio taraf donoo eka^^he khare hoo, 
aur Pris( yuo kahe : 

A I 'azizo, bam Kbuda ke buziir, 
aur is jama'at ke rubarti is liye 

jama' hue bain, ki is Mard aur is 
'Aurat ka pak Nikab bandben. Aur 
yib 'izzat kl balat bai, jise "Kbuda 
ne insto kl begun&bl ke waqt mu- 
qarrar kiya, aur wub us riibani 
yaganagi ka nisban bai, jo Maslh 
aur us kl Kalisiya ke darmiyan bai. 
Aur is pak balat ko Masib ne Qana 
i Galll men nikab men ane aur apna 
pabla mu'jiza dikbfine se raunaq o 
zinat bakbsbl. Aur Muqaddas Paulus 
us ki yib ta*rif karta bai, ki wub 
sab admlon men 'izzat ke laiq bai. 
Libaza nahfn ohabiye ki kol use 
be'aql baiw&n kl tarab apnl nafsani 
kbwahisbon ko piira kame ke liye 
be soobe samjhe ya sbabwatparasti 
se, ikbtiyar kare ; balki cbahiye ki 
wub adab aur bosbyarj^ ke satb, soob 
bicbarke, parbezgarl aur Kbuda ke 
kbauf se us ko ikbtiyar kare; aur 
jin sababon se Nikab muqarrar biia, 
un par bakbubl gaur kare. 

Gbunancbi pabla sabab yib bai, 
ki aulad paida bokar Kbudawand 
ke kbauf aur tarbiyat ke sStb par- 
Digitized byCjOOQlC 



warish pfte, taki us ko pak Nam ka 
jalal zahir ho. 

Dusra sabab yib bai, ki zina aur 
aise bi aur gnnahon ka 'ilaj bo ; taki 
jin ko zabt ki taqat na mill bo, wuh 
byab karke apne ap ko Masib ke 
badan ke bedag 'azw banae rakkben. 

Tisra sabab yib bai, ki jo rifaqat, 
madad, aur tasalll dukb sukb men 
donon ko ek dusre ^e milnl cbabiye, 
wub milen. 

Ab yib donon sbakbs is pak balat 
men dakbil bone ke liye 'aqd bandb- 
n e ko bazir bain. Pas agar kol kncbb 
ma'qul sabab bata sake, jis se in 
donon ka nikab jaiz na bo, to wub 
abbi bol ntbe, nabin to &inda kabbi 
kucbb na bole. 

Y Fhlr, jin ka nikah honewala bai, Frist 
un H taraf mulchatib hokar k£^e : 

MAIN tumben 'adalat ke ns kbauf- 
nak din ki.yad dilake, jis men 
sab ke dilon ke bbed kbul jaenge, 
tum donon ko takid aur bukm karta 
bun, ki agar kol tum men se mu- 
mana'at kl kucbb wajb janta bo, ki 
jis se tumbara Nikab bandbna jaiz 
na bo, to wub abbi us ka iqrar kare. 
K3runki yaqin jano, ki jin ka jurna 
Kbuda ke Kalam ke mutabiq nabin 
Ma, wub Kbuda ki taraf se nabin 
jure, aur na un ka Nikab jaiz bai. 

f Nikah ke din, agar koi shakhs mu- 
mana'at ki koi wajh bayan kare, ki 
4is se un ka Nikah baQdhna l^huda 
fki Shari'at ya is Mulk ke Qanun ke 
ru se jaiz na ho ; aur wnh, aur ns ke 
sath mn'tabar zamin bhi, apna da'wa 
Babit kame ke liye taraf i sani ko ya 
to iqramama likh de, ya nikah ke 
rokne ka harjana kisi ke pas Amanat 
rakkhe,to is muqaddame ki tabqiqat 
tak rasm i nikah mnltawi rahe. 

Y Agar mnmana'at ki koi wajh pesh 
na kl jae, to Gallaban mard se yiio 

A I fuldn^ kya tii is 'Aurat ko apni 
byabta biwi bone ke liye qabiil 
karta bai, taki Kbuda ke bukm ke 
muwafiq Nikab ki pak balat men us 
ke satb zindagi basar kare? Kya 
tu us se mababbat rakkbega, use 
tasalli dega, us ki 'izzat karega, aur 
bim&ri o tandurusti men us ki kba- | 

bargiri karega; aur jab tak tum 
donon zinda rabo, aur sabbon ko 
cbborkar sirf usi se kam rakkbega ? 

f Mard jawab de ki : 

Han, mujbe manzur baL 
T Phir Prist 'Aurat se kahe ; 

A I /fiZan, kya tu is Mard ko apna 
sbauhar bone ke liye qabiil 
karti bai, taki Kbuda ke bukm ke 
muwafiq Nikab kl pak balat men 
us ke satb zindagi basar kare ? Kya 
tu us ke bukm men rabegi, us ki 
kbidmat karegi, us se mababbat rak- 
kbegi, us ki 'izzat karegi, aur bimari 
o tandurusti men us ki khabarglri 
karegi ; aur jab tak tum donon zinda 
rabo, aur sabbon ko cbborkar sirf 
usi se kam rakkbegl? 

f 'Anrat jawab de, 

Hag, mujbe manziir baL 

f Tab ^hadim i din kahe : 

Is 'Aurat ko is Mard ke satb by&be 
jane ko kaun supurd karta bai? 

f Tab wnh ek dusre se qaul o qarar 
is tanr par kareu, ki J^badim i din, 
'Aurat ko ns ke bap ya kisi dost ke 
hath se lekar, Mard ke dabne bath 
se 'Aurat ka dahna hath pakrae, aur 
mard us ke picbhe pichhe yHo kahe : 

MAIN fuldn tujh fulan ko apnl 
byabta biwi bone ke liye qabiil 
karta bug, taki Kbuda ke pak bukm 
ke muwafiq aj se leke, jab tak maut 
bam ko juda na kare, bbalai aur 
burai, tangi aur babali, bimari aur 
tandurusti men tujbe apna bana rak- 
kbuQ, tujb se mababbat rakkbun 
aur teri kbatir kariin; aur is ka 
main tujb se qaul o qar§.r karta 

T Phir wnh hath chhor deu ; aur 'Au- 
rat, apne dahne hath se Mard ka 
dahua hath pakarke, ^hadim i din 
ke piohhe pichhe kahe : 

MAIN fulan tujb fulan ko apna 
sbaubar bone ke liye qabiil 
karti bUn, taki Kbuda ke pak bukm 
ke muwafiq aj se leke, jab tak maut 
bam ko juda na kare, bbalai aur 
buraiy tangI aur babali. bimari aur 

Oigitized by VjOOQIC 



tandurnsti men tujhe apna bana rak- 
kbun, tujh se mahabbat rakkbun, 
terl kbatir karun, aur tere bukm 
men rabun ; aur is ka main tnjb se 
qanl o qarar karti bun. 

f Fhir wnh hath chhor deo ; aur Mard 
'Aurat ko ek Ghhalla de ; lekm pahle 
use, Frist ^^^ ELhadim ke muqarrari 
haqq ke sath, Ini&h par rakkhe. Tab 
Prist Chhidle ko lekar Mard ko de, 
taki wnh use 'Aurat ke baeo hath 
ki chauthi ungli meu pabina de. Aur 
Mard us Ohhalle ko pakre hue Prist 
ke batane se yuQ kahe : * 

MAIN is Cbballe se tujhe byabta 
bun, apne badan se teri 'izzat 
karta bun, aur apna sara dunyawl 
mal tujhe deta bun ; Bap, aur_Bete, 
aur Eubul-Quds ke nam se. Amin. 

T Phir Mard Ohhalle ko 'Aurat ko 
baeu hath ki chauthi ungli meo 
rahne de, aur wah donoo ghutne 
tekoQ ; aur Elhadim i din kahe : 

Ham du'a mangen. 

A I azall Kbuda, tamam bani Adam 
ke Kbaliq aur Parwardigar, 
sare rubuni fazl ke Bakbsbnewale, 
aur abadi zindagi ke Ban! ; Apne in 
bandon, ya'ni is mard aur is 'aurat 
par, jinben bam tere Nam se barakat 
kl du'a dete bain, apni barakat nazil 
kar ; taki jis tarab Izbaq aur Eibqab 
apas men wafadarl ke satb nibabte 
tbe, usi tarab yib donon is qaul o 
qarar par, jo unbon ne apas men 
kiya bai, aur jis ka nisban yib 
Gbballa bai jo mard ne diya aur 
'aurat ne liya, Imandarl se qaim 
raben, aur bamesba kamal mababbat 
aur muwafiqat ke satb mile raben, 
aur tere bnkmon ke bamujib zindag! 
guzaren ; bamare Kbuda wand Yisu* 
Masib ke wasfle se. Arntn* 

Y Phir Prist donoo ke dahne hath 
milakar kahe : 

Jinben Kbuda ne jora bai, unben 
adml juda na kare. * "" 

f Tab ^ladim i din jama'at se kahe : 

CHtJNKI ful&n aur fuldn ne ftpas 
men pak nikab par ittifaq kiya 
bai, aur Kbuda aur is jama'at ke 
samne us ka iqrar kiya, aur us k& 

apas men qaul o qarar kiyS, aur 
Obhalle ke dene aur lene aur batb 
milane se us ka izbar kiya bai, is liye 
main in donon ko Sbaubar aur BiwI 
qarar deta bun. Bap aur^Bete aur 
Bubul-Quds ke Nam se. AmIn. 

Y Aur Jg^hadim i din yih Barakat ka 
kalima bhi kahe : 

KHUDA Bap, Kbuda Beta, Kbuda 
Bubul-Quds tumben barakat 
de, tumbarl bifazat aur nigabbani 
kare ; Kbudawand rabm karke turn 
par apne karam kl nazar rakkbe; 
aur tumben bar ek rubani barakat 
aur fazl se aisa ma*miir kar de, ki 
tum yib zindagi ekattbe is tarab 
guzaro, ki ainda jaban men abadI 
zindagi pao. Amln. 

f Tab IJ^hadim i din ya aur ^ladim 
j^hudawand ki Mez ke pas jakar zail 
l^e Mazmar ko pajrheo ya gaeo : 

Mazmur cxxviiL 

1ITUBAEAK bai bar ek jo Kbuda- 
ifl wand se darta bai : aur us kl 
rabon par cbalt4 bai. 

Ki tu apne batbon ki kamal kba- 
ega : tu sa*adatmand bai, aur kbair 
tere satb bai. 

Teri joru us tak kl manind bogi : 
jo mewe se ladl bul, tere gbar ke as 
pas bai ; 

Tere baobcbe teri mez ke gird: 
zaitun ke paudbon kl manind bonge. 

Dekbo wub insan jo Kbudawand 
se darta bai : aisa mubarak boga. 

Kbudawand Saibun men se tujhe 
barakat dega : aur tii apni 'umr bbar 
Yarusbalem kl kamyabi dekbega. 

Balki tii apne bacbobon ke baobcbe 
dekbega : salamatl Israll par bo. 

Jalal Bap aur Bete : aur Bubul- 
Quds ka bo ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tba^is waqt bai : 
aur abad tak rabega. Amin. 

Y Ya yih mazmur. 

Mazmur Izvii. 

KHUDA bam par rabm kare, aur 
bam ko barakat de : aur apne 
cbihre ko bam par jalwagar 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Taki terl r&h zamln par j&nl jae : 
aur teit najat sari qaumon men. 

Ai Khuda, log ten sitaish karen : 
sab log terl madh-khwani karen. 

Ummaten khusli hon, aur khushl 
ke n^are gae^ : ki Tu rasti se logon 
ki 'adalat karega, aur zamla par 
ummaton kl hidayat farmaegd. 

Ai Khiida, log terl sitaish karea : 
sure log teri sitaish karen. 

Zamln apna hasil paida karegl : 
Khuda, hamara Khuda, ham ko bara- 
kat dega. 

Khuda ham ko barakat dega : aur 
zamin ke sare kanare us ka dar 

Jalai Bap aur Bete : aur Buhul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tha» is waqt 
hai : aur abad tak rahega. Amln. 

Y Jab Mazmur ho ohuke, aur Mard 
anr 'Aiirat ^hudawand ki Mez ke 
samne ghutoe tekeo, to Prist Mez 
ke pas kbara ho aur un ki taraf 
mntawajjlh hokar, yuo kahe : 

Khudawand, ham par rahm kar. 
jawah. Maslh, ham par rahm kar. 
EMdim i din, Khudawand, ham 
par rahm kar. 

A I hamare Bap, Tu jo asman men 
XjL hai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Terl badshahl ae. Terl marzl jaisi 
asman par purl hoti hai, zamin par 
bhi ho. Hamari roz ki roti fij hamen 
de. Aur hamare qusurofi ko mu'af 
^kar, Ki ham bhi apne qusurwaroQ ko 
mu'af karte hain. Aur hamej^ azma- 
ish men na parne de, Balki burai se 
bacha. Amin. 

^Puidim % d^n. Ai Khud&wand, 
apne bande aur apni bandi ko sala- 
mat rakh ; 

Jaiodh. Ki wuh tujh par bharosa 
rakhte hain. 

Kliddim % din. Ai Khudawand, un 
ke liye apne muqadidas maqam se 
madad bhej ; 

Jawab, Aur hamesha un ko apni 
panah men rakh. 

JKJiadim i din, Un ke liye ek 
mazbut qiFa ho, 

Jawdh. Un ke dushman ke hamle 
ko waqt. 

Khddim i din. Ai Khud&wand, 
hamari du'a sun. 

Jawdb. Aur hamari faryad ko 
apne pas pahunchne de. 

^Mdim i din, 

A I Ibrahim ke KhudS, Izhaq ka 
Khuda, Ya'qub ke Khuda, apne 
in bandon ko barakat de, aur un ke 
dilon meu abadi zindagi ka bij bo 
de;"taki jo kuohh wuh tere pak 
Kalam mea se apne faide ke liye 
sikhen, use 'amal men bhi laen. Ai 
Khud'awand, asman par se un par 
rahm ki nazar kar, aur unhen bara- 
kat bakhsh, aur jis tarah tu n^ Ibra- 
him aur Sarah par apni barakat n&sil 
kl, jis se un ko bari tasalll mili, usi 
tarah apne in bandog par mihr karke 
barakat nazil kar; taki wuh, terl 
marzl ke tabi*dar, aur terl panah men 
har waqt mahfuz vahkar, marte dam 
tak terl mahabbat men bane rahen ; 
hamare Khudawand iTisu* Masih ke 
wasile se'. Amin. 

^ Agar 'Aurat ke janne ki 'umr guzar 
gai ho, to zaU ki Bu'a na parhi jae : 

A I rahim Khudawand aur asmani 
Bap, tere karm ke faiz se 
bani Adam barhte hain; Ham terl 
minnat kai-te hain ki apni barakat 
se in donon shakhson kl madad kar, 
ki wuh aulad se phui^n phalen, aur 
niz apas men mile jule Masihi ma- 
habbat aur wafadari ke sath itnl 
muddat tak jite rahen, ki apne b&I 
bachchoa ko Masihi din aur nek rah 
men tarbiyat paya hna dekfa l(m, 
jis 86 terl hamd o 'izzat ho ; hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ke wasile 
se. Amin. 

A I Khuda, Tu ne apni bar! qudral: 
se sab ohizon ko nest se bast 
kiya; aur.atir chizon ko tartib dene 
ke ba*d yih thahr&ya, ki mard jo 
khass teri surat aur shabahat par 
paida hua tha, usi se 'aurat paida 
ho ; aur un ko baham milake sikh- 
aya, ki jinhen main ne Nikah ke 
wasile se ek kiya, un ko juda karna 
kabhi jaiz na hoga. Ai Khuda, tu 
ne nikah ki halat ko aisa afzal aur 
pak raz ban&ya hai, ki wuh us ruhaui 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



nikah aur yaganagl ka nisban attr 
misal hai, jo Maalh aur us kl Kallsiya 
ke darmiyan Lai. Apne in bandon 
par rahm kl nazar kar, taki yih mard 
tere Kalam ke inuwafiq apnl blwl se 
mababbat rakkbe, jis tarab MasTb 
ne apnl dulbin Kallsiya se aisT ma- 
babbat rakkbT, ki apne ap ko ns kl 
kbatir nisar kiya, aur apne jism ke 
barabar use cbaba aur pala posa. 
Aur yib bhi bakhsh, ki yih 'aurat 
apne sbaubar ke satb mababbat, 
knusbmizajT, pakdamanT aur farman* 
bardarl se rabe, aur kamal garlbT, 
parhezgarly aur milansarl se pak aur 
kbudaparast biwlon kl pairau ho. 
Ai Kbudawand, in donon ko barakat 
de, aur apnl abadi badshabat ke 
waris bana; hamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Maslh ke wasTle se. Arnin. 


T Tab Prist kahe. 

ADIB i Mutlaq Kbuda, jis ne 
_ibtiba men hamare pahle ma 
bap Adam o Hawwah ko paida kiya 
aur nikah ke rishte se paklzagi ke 
sath baham milaya^ Turn par apne 
fazl kl daulat barsae, turn ko pak 
kare aur barakat bakhshe, taki turn 
jism o rub se us ko khush rakkho, 
aur marte dam tak pak mababbat 
se ekatthe raho. Amln, 

% Is ke ba'd, agar Shanhar aur BIwi 
ke faraiz ke bay an meo koi Wa*z na 
ho, to ]^hadiin-i-din zail ki nasihat 
parhe : 

TUM sab jin ka nikSh bo cbuka 
hai, aur tum sab jo Nikah kl 
pak halat ikhtiyar karne ka irada 
rakhte ho, suno ki muqaddas Kitab 
shauharon se un kl blwTon ke haqq, 
aur blwIon se un ke shauharon ke 
haqq kl babat kya kahtl hai. 

Muqaddas Paulus apne us Khatt 
ke panchwen B^b men jo us ne 
IfisTon ko iikha, sab "bytlhe hiie 
mardon ko yih hukm deta hai ; ki 
Ai shauharo, apnl blwiyon se ma- 
babbat rakkho, jaise ki Maslh ne 
bbl kallsiya se mababbat karke 
apne ap ko us ke waste maut ke 
ha wale kar diya ; taki us ko kalam 
ke sath pani se gusl dekar aur 

saf karke muqaddas banae, aur 
ek aisd jalalwall kallsiya banake 
apne pas hazir kare, jis ke badan 
men dag, ya jhurrl, ya koT 4ur 
aisi chiz na ho; balki pak aur 
be'aib ho. Isl tarah shauharon ko 
lazim hai, ki apnl blwiyon se apne 
badan kl manind mababbat rakkhen^ 
Jo apnl blwT se mababbat rakhta 
hai, wuh apne se mababbat rakhta 
hai: kyunki kabhl kisT ne apne 
jism se dushmani nahin kl, balki us 
ko p&lta, aur parwarish karta hai, 
jaise ki Maslh kallsiya ko ; is liye 
ki ham us ke badan ke 'uzw hain. 
Isl sabab se adml bap se aur man se 
juda hokar apnl blwi ke sath rahega, 
aur wuh done ekjismhonge. Yih 
bhed to bara hai, lekin main Maslh 
aur kallsiya kl babat kahta bun. 
6a bar hai tum men se bhi bar ek 
apnl biwl se apnl manind mababbat 
rakkhe : 

1st tarah wuhf Muqaddas Paulus 
KulussTon ko likhte hue, sab byahe 
hike mardon ko yun hukm deta hai, 
ki ai shauharo, apnT blwiyon se ma- 
babbat rakkho, aUr un se talkhmi- 
zajl na karo. 

Yih 1^1 suno ki Muqaddas Patras, 
jo Maslh ka rasiil, aur khud byaha 
hiia tba,byahe hiion ko kya farmata 
hai : ki Ai shauharo bhi blwiyon ke 
sath 'aqlmandl se basar karo, aur 
'aurat ko nazuk zarf jankar us kl 
'izzat karo, aur yun samjho ki ham 
done zindagi kl ni'mat ke waris bain, 
taki tumharl du'aen ruk na jaen, "" 

Yahan tak to sbaubar par blwI 
ke jo farz hain, wuh tum ne sune. 
Ab, ai biwlo, tum par tumhare shau- 
haron ke jo farz hain, wuh bhi suno, 
chunanchi muqaddas Kitab men 
unka saf bay an hiia hai. ~ 

Muqaddas Paulus mazkura bala 
Ifision ke khatt men tum ko yiin 
sikhata hai, ki Ai biwiyo, apne 
shauharon kl aisT tabi' raho, jaise 
Kbudawand kl. Kyiinki sbaubar 
biwt ka sir hai, jaise ki Maslh kall- 
siya ka sir hai, aur wuh khud badan 
ka bachanewala hai. Lekin jaise 
kallsiya Masih ke tabi* hai, waise hi 
biwiyan bhi bar bat mee^pne^skau- 




haron ke tabi' hon. Aur phir wuh 
kabta hai, ki Biwi is bat se kbayal 
rakkhe ki apne sbaubar ae darti 

Aur jo kbatt us ne KulussTon ko 
likba, us men wub tumben yib 
mukbtasar naslbat karta bai: Ai 
biwiyo, jaisa Kbudawand men 
munasib bai, apne apne sbaubaron 
ke tabi' rabo. 

Pbir Mnqaddas Patras bbl tnmben 
yib babut acbcbbi talim deta bai, ki 
Ai biwiyo, turn bbl apne apne sbau- 
bar ke tabi' rabo; is liye ki agar 
ba'z un men se kalam ko na mante 
bon, taubbi tnmbare paklza chal 
cbalan aur kbauf ko dekbkar, bag'air 
kalam ke apnl apnl biwl ke cbal 

cbalan se Kbuda kl taraf kbisch 
jaen. Aur tumbara singar zabirl na 
bo 7 ya'nl sir g^dbna, aur sone ke 
zewar, aur tarab tarab ke kapre 
pabinnaj balki tumbarl batinX aur 
posblda insanlyat, bilm aur mizaj 
kX gurbat kl ^airfanl araisb se 
arasta rabe; kyiinki Kbuda ke 
nazdik is kl barl qadr bai. Aur 
agle zamane men bbl Kbuda par 
ummed rakbnewail muqaddas 'aura- 
ten apne ap ko isX tarab sanwarti, 
aur apne apne sbaubar ke tabi* rabtT 
tbin : cbunancbi Sarah Ibrabim ke 
bukm men rabtl, aur use kbuda- 
wand kabtl tbi ; turn bbl agar nekl 
karo, aur kisi darawe se na daro, to 
us kl betiyan buln. 

Y Munasib hai ki nae byahe hue log apne Nikah ke waqt, ya us ke ba'd ke pahlo 
mauqa' par, pak Sharakat leo. 



i Jab ko! shaikhs bimar ho, to us ki Jkhabor us 'Ilaqe ke ^badim 1 din ko d! jae, aor 
wuh us ke ghar meu dakhil bote hi yih kahe : 

bamen azmaisb men n^ parne de, 

S ghar, aur us ke sab rabnewalon 
kl salamati bo. 

^ Jab wuh bimar ke pas pahuQche, to 
ghutne tekkar yih kahe : 

EHUDAWAND, bamarl taqslron 
ko yad na kar, aur na bamare 
bapdadon kl taqslron ko; ai 
karlm Kbudawand,* apne logon ko, 
jin ka fidiya tii ne apne besbqlmat 
kbun se diya, cbbor de, aur abad tak 
bam se naraz na rab. 

Jawab. Ai karXm Kbudawand, 
bamen cbbor de. 

Y Tab Ijlhadim i din kahe : 

Ham du'a mangen. 

Kbudawand, bam par rabm kar, 

Masth, ham par rahm kar. 
Kbudawand, bam par rabm kar. 

A I bamare Bap, Tu jo asm&n men 
bai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Terl badsbabi ae. Terl marzl jaisi 
fisman par purl botX bai, zamin par 
bbi ho. Hamarl roz kl roti aj ba- 
mea de. Aur bamare qusiiron ko 
mu'af kar, Ki bam bbl apne qusiir- 
. waron ko mu'af karte bain. Aur 

Balki bural se bacba. Amln. 

J^hddim i din. Ai Kbudawand, 
apne haride ko salamat rakh ; 

Jawdb. Ki wub tujb par bbarosa 
rakhtd bai. 

Khddim % din, Apne pak maqam 
se us ke liye madad bbej ; 

Jatodh, Aur bar waqt barl qudrat 
se us kl bimayat kar. 

Khddim i din. Dusbman us par 
qabu na pae ; 

Jawab. Na sbarlr nuqsan karne 
ko us tak pabunobe. 

Khddim i din. Ai Kbudawand, us 
ke liye ek mubkam burj bo. 

Jawdh. Us ke dusbman ke bamle 
ke waqt. 

Khddim % din. Ai Kbudawand, 
bamarl du'aen sun. 

Jawdb. Aur Hamari faryad ko 
apne pas pabuncbne de. 

JSJiddim i din. 

A I Kbudawand, asman par so apne 
is bands ko dekh, us kl khabar 
le, aur use fursat de. ApnX rabmat 
kX ankbon se us par nazar kar, use 
tasalll de, aur^g^^^^ag^^wub tujb 


par pur& bharosft kare ; duBbmaii ke 
khatre se ub kf himayat kar, aur 
daimi itmlDun aur salamati ke Bath 
mahfuz rakh; hamare Ehiidawaiid 
Yisu' Maslh ke wasile se. Amtn. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur kamal rahlm 
Khuda aur Munjf,hamarXBun; 
apne is hande par, jo btmarl men 
mubtila hai, apna ma'mul! karm 
farms. Ham terl minnat karte bain, 
ki apnl is pidarana tambib ko us kl 
zijada pakizagi ka waslla kar, aisa 
ki wub apnl kamzorl pahcbankar 
Iman men ziySda mazbut bo, aur 
ziy&da tab-i-dil se tauba kare ; Taki, 
agar ten marzl bo ki us ko us kl 
pabll tandurustf par babal kare, to 
wub apnl bfiqt 'umr tere kbauf se 
aur tere jal&l ke liye basar kare; 
wama ub ko aisi tauftq de, ki wub 
terl is tambib ko is tarab qabul kare» 
ki is dukbbbarl zindagi ke kbatm 
bone par tere'satb abadi zindagi mea 
sukunat kare; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib ke wasile se. Amm. 

f Tab ^IhacUm i din bimar ko zail ke 
ya nn Id manind aur lafzoQ se nasihat 

A I ^dre, yib jan rakkbo, ki Qadir 
i Mutlaq KbudS zindagi aur 
maut ka, aur jitnl baten un se ta'al- 
luq rakbtl bain, maslan jawani, tSqat, 
tandurusti, burbapa, kamzorl aur 
bimarl, sab ka Malik bai. Pas, tum- 
ban bimarl kaisi bl kyun na bo, 
yaqln jano, ki wub Kbuda kl taraf 
Be bai. Aur yib bimarl kisi sabab 
se tumbare pas kyun nabbejl gay! bo 
kbwab is liye ki tumbare sabr ka 
imtiban bo, taki auron ko namuna 
mile, aur tumbara Iman Kbudawand 
ke din ta*nf aur 'izzat ke laiq aur 
pur-jalal tbabre, aur tumko jalal 
aur abadi kbusbi ziyada basil bo; 
kbwab wub tumbare pas is liye 
bbejl gal bo, ki tum men jo kucbb 
tumbare asmani Bap kl nazar men 
bura bo us kl islab kl jae; magar 
yib yaqln j&no, ki agar tum apne 
>];unl^on se sacbcbl tauba karo, aur 
Kbuda kl rabmat par us ke 'aziz Bete 
Yisu' MasIb ke sabab bbarosa rakbkar, 
apnl is b|m&n ko sabr se s^bp, f^nx 


us kl pidarana tambib ke liye '&jizi 
se us ka sbukr karo, aur apne ap ko 
bi'lkuU us ke tabi' karo, to yib bitnan 
tumbare faide ka ba'is bogi, aur uB 
rab i rast men jo abadi zindagi ko 
pabuncbatT bai, tum ko age barhaegl. 

f Asrar mariz bahut bimar ho, to Gal- 
laban apni sasihat is maqam par 
tamam kar sakta hai; nahfo to use 
yuQ barhake kahe : 

PAS Kbudawand kl is tambib se 
r&zl rabo; kyunki, jaisa Mu- 
qaddas Paulus 'Ibranioa ke Kbatt 
ke barabwen Bab meg kabt& bai, 
jis se Kbudawand mababbat rakbta 
bai use tambib karta bai, aur jis ko 
beta bana leta bai, us ke kore bhi 
lagSta bai. Tum jo kucbb dukb 
sabte bo wub tumbarl tarbiyat ke 
liye bai. Kbuda farzand jankar 
tumbare satb suliik kart& bai ; wub 
kaun sS bet& bai, jise^bap tambib 
nabln karta ? Aur agar tumben wub 
tambib na kl gayl, jis men sab sharik 
bain, to tiim baramzade'tbabre, na 
bete. 'Ilawa is ke, jab bamare 
jismanl bap bamen tambib karte tbe, 
aur bam un kl ta'zim karte rabe, to 
kya rubon ke Bap kl is se ziyada 
tabi'darl na karen, jis se bam zinda 
raben? Wub to tbore dinon ke 
waste apnl samajb ke muwafiqlam- 
blb karte tbe, magar yib bamare 
faide ke liye karta bai, t&ki bam bbl 
UB kl pakizagi men sb&mil bo jaeQ. Ai 
'azIz hhdl, yib baton muqaddas Kitftb 
men bamarl tasalll aur ta'llm ke liye 
likbl gayl bain, taki jab kabbi bamare 
fismanl Bap kl marzl ho ki bam par 
kisI tarab kl Iza bbeje, to bam sabr 
aur sbukrguzarl ke s&tb us kl tambib 
ko bardasbt karen. Aur Maslbl 
admlon ko kol tasalll is se barbkar 
na jannl obabiye, ki muslbaten* tak- 
llfen, aur bimanan sabr se eaSae ke 
wasile se MasIb ke bamBtirat ban jaen. 
Kyunki us ne bbl pable dukb utbaya, 
aur Wd us ke ftsm&n par jakar kbushi 
men pabuncba ; wub jab tak masliib 
na bu&, apne jalal men dakbil na 
hua. Fi'lwaqi' isl tarab MasIb ke 
satb dukb utbana bl bamare liye 
abadi kbusbi kl rab bai^paur Maajb 


ke sath khusbl se marn& hi ham&re 
abadi zinda^I men dakhil hone ka 
darw^za hai; ya^ isl tarah ham 
mant se jl nthkar us ke sath abadI 
zindagi men rah sakte hain. Pas 
main Khtida ke Nam se tumhen 
naslhatkarta hiin, ki apni is bimarl 
ko, jo tumhare liyeaisi hTmnfid hai, 
sabr se qabul karke its iqrar ko, 
jo tnm ne apne Baptisma ke waqt 
Khuda ke samne kiya tha, yad karo. 
Aur chunki is zindagi ke ba'd ns 
'adil Mnnsif ke rubaru, jo tarafdari 
bagair sab kl 'adalat karega, hisab 
dena hai, is waste main tnmhea takid 
karta hiin, ki apne &p ko, aur apne 
hai chal ko, jo Khud& aur ins&n 
donon se *ilaqa rakht& hai, jSnoho ; 
taki apne qusuron ke sabab ap apne 
mudda'i bankar, aur apne ap ko 
mulzim thahrakar, Masl^ kl khatir 
hamare asmani Bap se rahmat pao, 
aur us khaitfnak 'adalat mea na turn 
par ilzam lage, na turn mulzim thahro. 
Is waste main tumhen Masl'hl Din 
ke Mas-ale sunata hufi, taki tUm jan 
sako ki aya tumhara Iman aisa hai 
ya nahin, jaisa Ma&ihl adml ka hon& 

5 Ab !^adim i din Din ke Mas*ale is 
taur par sunae, M : 

KYA tu Khuda QSdir i Mutlaq 
Bap par, jo asman o zamin kft 
Khaliq hai, Iman rakhta hai ? 

Aur Yisu' Masfh par bhi, jo us kfl 
iklauta Beta aur hamara Khudllwand 
hai ? aur is par bhI ki wuh Euhul- 
Quds kl qudrat se pet men para, 
Ku&warl Mariyam se paida hu'a; 
tuntyus Pllatus ke 'ahd mes dukh 
uthayg; maslub hiia, mar gay&, 
aur dafn hua; 'alam i arw&h meu 
utra, aur tisre roz murdoit men se 
jl utha ; asmah par charh gayft, 
aur Khuda Qddir i Mutlaq Bap ke 
dahine baithS hai; aur waha^ se 
duny & ke fikhir mea zind<m aur mur- 
don kl 'addat ke liye &newfil& hai ?. 

Aur kya tu Euhul-Quds par; pSk 
Kathulik Kallsijd; Muqaddason kl 
Sharakat ; gun&hon kl Mu'Sft; Jism 
kl Qijamat ; aur maut ke ba'd abadi 
zindagi par Iman rakht& hai? 


^ Mariz jawab de, ki : 
In sab bston par mera pakkA Im&n 

f Tab Khadim i din tahqiq kare, ki 
aya wuh apne gnnahou se sachchi 
tauba karti, anr tamam Ikbalq se 
mahabbat rakbta hai, ya nahio ; aur 
use sasihat kare, ki jltnoo ne tum- 
hara qusiir kiya ho, un sab ko tah-i- 
dil se mu*Sf karo ; aur agar turn ne 
au707j ka qusur kiya ho, to un se 
mu'afi maogo ; aur jis amr meu turn 
ne kisi ka nuqsan y& haqq talfi ki 
ho, apne maqdur bhar us ka mu*&wiza 
do. Aur agar mariz apne mal ka 
bandobast na kar chuka ho, to us ko 
samjhaya jae, ki apn& ek Wasiyat- 
uama Ukha do, aur jis ka dena aur 
jis se lena ho bata do; taki ^hud 
tumhari ziyada l^atiijama'i ho, aur 
tumhare Wasioo ko bhi aram mUe. 
Lekiu munasib hai ki logon ko aksar 
yad dilaya jae, ki apni tandurusti ke 
waqt apne mal o asbab ka bai^dobast 
kar rakkheo. 

If Yih bateu Jo upar likbi hiil haiu 
agar ]^adim i din munasib lane to 
Du'a macgne se pahle hi kah sakta 

Y Jo mariz maqdur rakbte hais, un ko 
Khadim i din khairat Id zarur takid 

% Ab mariz ko targib di jae, ki agar 
kisi bhafi gunah ke sabab us ke dil 
men khatka ho, to wuh apne gunahoQ 
ka mufassal Iqrar kare. Is Iqrar ke 
ba'd, agar wuh 'ajizi aur tah-i'4il se 
darkhw&st kare, to Piist is iaur par 
use Mal^ksi de. 

HAMAB A Khudawand Yisii' Masih 
apni Kallsiya ko aisa iqtidar 
de gaya hai, ki jitne gunahgSr sach- 
chi tauba karen aur us par sachchi^ 
Iman rakkheg, un sab ko makhlasi 
de; wuh apni bar! rahmat se tere 
qusiiron ko bakhshe ; aur us ikhtiyar 
se, jo us ki taraf se mujhe mila hai, 
maifl tujhe tere sab gunahoa se 
makhlasi deta hiia, Bap aur_^Bete 
aur Eiihul-Quds ke Nam se. Amin. 

T Tab Prist zail ki Kalikt payhe. 

Ham du'a m§>agea* 

AI kamal rahim Khuda, Tu apni 
rahmatoa kl kasrat ke mutSbiq 
un ke guBfihoa ko, jo sachchi tauba 
kaxte haia, aisa diir o dafa' karta 
lisA^ ki tu untiea phir kabhl yad nah&i 

' ■ ■ ■ DfgitrzedbyVjO'^* ' '■ 


kart& ; Apne is hande par, jo kamal 
&rza se magfirat chdhta lud, rahmat 
kf nazar kar. Ai kamal karim Bap, 
us men jo knohh Shaitan ki dagu 
anr kine se, ya khad nsl ki nafsani 
khwahish aur zu'f ke sabab, bigar 
hM ho, use bahal kar de; Kallsiji 
ke badan ke is bltaar 'azw ko us kl 
yagana^r men mahfuz o qaim rakh ; 
US kl slukastadili ka lihaz kar, ns ke 
uasnoQ ko qabul kar, us ke dard ko 
aisa kam kar, jaisa tu us ke liye 
bibtar jane. Aur cbunki wnh apna 
sara bbarosa sirf terl hi rahmat par 
rakhtd hai, us ke guzre hue gunShon 
ko hisab mea na 1&, balki apne mu- 
barak Buh se us ko quwwat bakhsh ; 
aur jab ten marzi ho ki us ko yahan 
se utb&e, to use apne fazl ki god mea 
le; apne kamal 'aziz Bete hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke sawab 
kl badaulat yih bakhsh. Amin, 

Y Tab ]^adim 1 din yih Hazmur pa^rhe. 
Mazmur Ixxi. 

A I Khudawand mera bharosa tujh 
par hai : tu mnjhe kabhi shar- 
minda na hone de. 

Apnl sadaqat se mnjhe bacha le, 
aur mujhe makhlasi bakhsh : meri 
taraf kan dhar, aur mujbe rihai de. 

Tu mere rahne ke liye ek chatan 
ho, jahfin main hamesha jaya kardn : 
tu hi ne meri najat ka hukm kiya hai, 
ki tu meri chatan aur mera garh hai. 

Ai mere Khuda, sbarir ke hath se : 
aur kaj aur be-mihr insan ke panje 
se mujhe chhura. 

Kyunki ai Klhudawand Yahowah, 
tu meri ummed hai : meri larkai se 
mer& bharosa tujhi par hai. 

MaiQ us dam se ki pet se nikla, 
tujhi se sambhala gay& : tu wuh 
hai jis ne mujhe- meri man ke rihm 
mea se nikala; main sada ten sitaish 

Maia bahutoa ke liye aohambha 
hua huQ : par tu meri muhkam pa- 
nahgah hai. 

Mera mufih terl sitaish aur tore 

jalal ki ta'rif se : s&re din labrez rahe. 

Burh&pe men mujhe pheak na de : 

meri za'ift ke waqt mujhe tark mat 



Ki mere dushman mera oharoha 
karte haia : aur wuh jo men jSn ki 
ghat mea haia* Spas mea maslahat 
karte hain, 

Aur kahte haia, ki Khuda na use 
tark kiy& hai : so us k& pichha karo, 
aur use pakro, ki us ka chhuranewala 
koi nahla. 

Ai Khuda, mujh se dur na ho : ai 
mere Khuda jald meri madad kar. 

Wuh jo mere jani dushman haia, 
khajil aur fana hon : aur wuh jo 
meri badi chahte hain, sharm aur 
ruswai se mulabbas hon. 

Par main bar dam ummedwar 
rahungS : aur teri sart sitaish ziyada 
ziyada karta jaunga. 

Mera muah teri sadaqat aur teri 
najat sare din bayan karega : is liye 
ki main us ka hisab nahin janta. 

Main Khudawand Khuda ki quw- 
wat se andar jaung& :"main sirf teri 
hi sadaqat ka zikr kariing£ 

Ai Khuda, tii ne mujhe larkai se 
tarbiyat kiya : aur ab tak main teri 
'ajib qudraten bayan karta rahahun. 

Ab main burha aur sar sufed bun, 
so ai Khuffa, td ab bhi mujhe tark na 
kar : yahan tak ki main teri quwwat 
is pusht par, aur tere zior ko har ek 
shakhs par, jo age ko paida hoga, 
zahir karun. 

Ai Khuda, teri sadaqat bahut 
baland hai : ki tu ne bare bare Jcam 
kiye, ai Khuda teri misl'kaun hai ? 

Jalal Bap, aur Bete : aur Kuhul- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida mea tha,Js waqt hai : 
aur abad tak rahega. Amin. 

T Aur a^hir men yih bhi kahe : 

A I jahan ke Najat-dihinda, Tii ne 
apni Salib aur .beshqimat Khun 
se hamara fidiya diya hai; Ai Khu- 
dawand, ham 'ajizJ se teri minnat 
karte haia* ki hamen najat de aur 
hamarl madad kar. •" 

t Tab ?hadim 1 din yih kahe : 

QADIR i Mutlaq Khudawand un 
sab ke liye, jo us par bharosa 
rakhte hain, hihayat muhkam qiVa 
hai; aur jitni ohizea aaman aur zamin 
par, aur zamin ke niche/ " 

Digitized by' 



ns ke huzur jhuktl aur tabi' ralitl 
bain ; wubl ab aur bamesba ko tujbe 
panab men rakkhe ; aur tujbe yaqln 
bakbsbe, ki gsman ke niobe bani 
Adam ko kol dusra Nam nablQ diya 
gaya, jis men aur jis ke wasile se 
salamati aur'najat basil bo sake, 
magar sirf bamareJBLbudawand Yisu' 
Masib ka Nam. Amin. 

f Is ke ba'd wuh yih kahe : 

KHUDA i karrm kl rabmat o 
bimayat men bam tujbe sompte 
balQ. Khudawand tujbe barakat 
de, aur tera bafiz rabe. Kbudawand 
apna cbibra tujb par jalwa^r far- 
mae, aur tujb par fazl kare. iBLbuda- 
wand terl taraf mutawajjib Iio, aur 
tujbe itmlnan bakbsbe, ab aur bame- 
sba ko. Amln. 

Bimdr hachche ke liye du*d, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda aur 
rabim Bap, zindagi aur maut 
tore bl batb men bain ; Ham 'ajizi 
se terl minnat karte bain, ki is 
bacbcbe par, jo bimar para bai, 
asman par se rabm kl nigab kar. 
Ai Kbudawand, apnl najat use de ; 
thik* waqt par use us ke jismani 
dard se ribal de, aur apnl rabmaton 
kl kbatir us kl rub ko najat de; 
Taki, agar terl marzl bo ki zamln 
par 'US kl *umr ko barbae, to wub 
apnl zindagi ko tere hi waste sarf 
kare, aur Imandarl se ten kbidmat 
karke, aur apne zamane ke logon 
ko faida pabugcbakar, tere jalal ke 
zubur ka waslla bane; ya use un 
asmani makanoji me^ jagab de, jaban 
un kl ruben, jo Kbudawand Yisu* 
moQ so jate bais, daimi aram aur 
kbusbi mea rabtl bain. Ai Kbuda- 
wand, apnl un rabmaton kl kbatir 
yib bakbsb, jo usi tere Bete bamare 
Kbudawand Yisu' Masib mea baia ; 
wub tere aur Bubul-Quds ke satb, 
bamesba wabid Kbuda, abad-ul-abad 
jita aur saltanat karta rabega. Amln. 

Du^a aise hmar Tee liye, jis ke hachne 
kl kam ummed ho, 

I rabmatofi ke Bap, aur kamal 
tasalll ke Kbuda tangi ke waqt { 


sirf tu bl bamarft madadg&r bai; 
Ham tere is hande ke waste jo badan 
kl bait kamzorf meg tere bStb se 
dahd pard bai, tere pas kumak ke 
liye daure ae bain. Ai Kbudawand, 
is par karm kl nazar kar ; aur jitna 
us ka jism kamzor beta jata bai, usf 
qadr tu apne fazl aur Bubul-Quds 
se us ko batini quwwat 'inayat kar. 
Us ko yib tauflq bakbsb, ki wub 
apnl gttzrf bui 'umr ki sab bbul 
obuk ke sabab beriya tauba kare, 
aur tere Bete Yisu' par mazbut 
Iman rakkbe; taki us se pable ki 
dunya se utb jae us ke gunab teri 
rahmat se mitae jaen, aur asman 
par us ke magfirat-name par mubr 
ki jae. Ai Kbudawand, bam jante 
to bain, ki tere samne kol bat gair- 
mumkin nabin, aur agar tu cbahe, 
to ab bbi use utbakar kbara kar 
sakta, aur bamare darmiyan cband 
roz aur rabne de sakta bai. Lekin 
cbunki zabir men ma'lum beta bai, 
ki us ki rihlat ka waqt nazdik bai, 
is liye bam teri minnat karte bain, 
ki us ko maut se pable aisa tai^'ar 
kar de, ki jab wub tera maqbiil 
bokar yaban se salamati ke satb 
rukbsat bo, to us ki rub terl abadi 
badshabat me^ qabul ki jae; yib 
tere iklaute Bete bamare Kbuda- 
wand aur Munji Yisu' Masib ke 
sawab o sifarisb ke wasile se bo. 

Widd^ kl du*d us marlz ke liye Jis he 
mame kl naubat d pahunchl ho, 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, kamil 
kiye bue rastbazon ki rubeg 
apne kbaki qaidkbanon se ebbutne 
ke ba'd tere pas zinda rabti baig. 
Ham tujb ko wafadar Kbaliq aur 
kamal rabim Munji jankar tere is 
hande apne pydre hhdl ki rub ko 
'ajizT se tere batb men sompte bain ; 
aur nibayat firotani se minnat 
karte baifi, ki tere buziir besbqadr 
tbabre. Ham 'arz karte baig ki 
tu use us bedag Barre ke kbun se, 
jo jaban ke gunab utba le jane ke 
liye zabb kija gaya, dbo de, taki 
jo aludagi is dukbbbari aur kbarab 
dunya men nafs kl sJbabwatOQ j& 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Shaitan ke hilon se ns ko lag! ho, 
us se woh bi'ikuU pak s^f hokar 
tere huzur bedag* aur be'aib hazir 
kiyd jae. Aur hamen jo jito rahte 
hain ta'llm de, ki apni fanl balat 
kl is misal ko, aur rozmarre kl aur 
misalon ko, dekhkar daryaft karen 
ki ham khud kaise fanl aur napaedar 
hain ; aur apnl 'umr ke din is tarah 
ginen, ki jite jl apne dilon ko us 
pak aur asmani hikmat kl taraf 
tawajjuh se lagaen, jo akhir-i-kar 
bamoQ tere iklaute Bete hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke sawab 
ii badaidat abadi zindagi ko pahun- 
ohae. Amin. 

Du'd un logon ke waste Jin ke dihn 
men kuchh waswaaa ho, 

A I mubarak Khudawand, rahma- 
tOQ ke Bap, aur kamSl tasalll- 
bakhsh Khud a. Ham terl minnat 
karte hain ki tu taras khakar aj^ne 
is dilglr hande par hamdardi se nazar 
kar. Tu use mujrim thalirakar us 
ke dil mea talkhl paida karta, aur 
us ke guzashta gunah us ke muqabil 

khare kartS hai. Tera qahr use 
daba e dalta hai, aur us kl j^n hairan 
o pareshan hai ; Lekin, ai rahim 
Khuda, chunki tu ne apna pak Ka- 
1am hamarl ta'llm ke liye likhwaya, 
taki ham terX muqaddas Kitab se 
sabr o tasalll hasil karke ummed 
rakkhea, is liye yih bakhsh, ki 
wuh apne bal, aur tere wa'ld aur 
wa'doQ kl durust samajh rakkhe; 
taki wuh na ter& bharosa chhore, 
na tere siwa aur kisi ka bharosa 
rakkhe. Sari azmaishon ka muqa- 
bala karne ke liye use taqat bakhsh, 
aur us kl sari beqararion ka 'ilaj 
kar. Masle hue sarkande ko na 
tor, aur dhuwaa uthte hue san ko 
na' bujha. Nakhush hokar use apnl 
rahmat se mahrum na kar; balki 
use khushi o khurrami ki awaz 
suna, taki jo haddlag tu ne tor! hais 
shadman hon. JDushman ke'khauf 
se use ehhura, aur apne chihre ka 
niir us par jalwagar farm a, aur use 
itmlnan bakhsh; yih hamare Khu- 
dawand Yisu' Masih ke_ sawab o 
sifarish ke tufail se ho. Amln. 


% GhuQki Bab insan fani haio, anr bahut se nagahani ^Jiatron, marzoQ, aur bimanou 
men ghiie rahte halo, aur un ko kftbhi ma'lum nahio ki dunya se kab ilhlat 
karecge; pas, is murad se ki jab kabhi Qadir i Mutlaq ^uda ki marzl ho ki 
uDhen bnla le, wnh maut ke liye taiyar pae jaeo, Gallalwknoo ko chahiye ki waqtan 
fa waqtan, aur JbJinsusan waba ya kisi our muta'addi bimari ke waqt, apne apne 
Ahl i jama'at ko samjhaeQ, ki hamare Munji Masih ke Badan aur J^iun ki pak 
Sharakat men, jo Girja men 'alaniva *amal mea ae, aksar sharik hua karen ; taki 
agar nagahani afat meo giriftar none ke ba'is yih muyassar na ho sake, to wiih 
ziyada na ghabraeo. Lekin agar mariz Girja na ja sake, par ghar men Sharakat 
pane ki arzH rakkhe, to wuh Gallaban ko bar waqt 4:habar de, aur is ki bhi ittila* 
kare, ki mere sath kitne shaikhs sharik honge ; aur zarur hai ki yih tin, ya kam 
se kam do, hou ; aur jab mariz ke ghar men ek laiq jagah sab zaruri asbab samet 
yao taiyar ho, ki Gallaban is rasm ko adab ke sath ada kar sake, to Gallaban 
wahau jake pak Shaiakat ko 'amal meo lae, aur zail ki Ealikt, ^att, aur Injii 
se shuril' kare. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq aur abadi zinda 
Khuda, bani Adam ke Khaliq, 
jin se tu mahabbat rakhta hai'unhea 
til tambih karta hai, aur jis kisi ko 
til qabiil karta hai use tii tadlb 
karta hai; Ham terl minnat karte 
haifi ki apne is hande par, jis par 

UR. PB. 

tere hath ki mar pari hai, rahm kar ; 
aur use yih tauftq bakhsh, ki wuh 
apnl is bimarl par sabr se razi ho, 
aur agar terl mubarak marzl ho to 
wuh phir tandurust ho; aur jis waqt 
us kl riih us ke badan se nikle, to 
wuh tere huzur bedag hazir ki jae ; 
hamare ^hujdawand Tisu' Masih ke 
waslle se. AmXn. 

Digitized by CjOO^ IC 



?HATT. 'Ibranioa xii. 5. 

A I mere bete, Ehudawand kl 
tamblh ko naohlz na jan, Aur 
jab vrah tn jhe malamat kare, to bedil 
na ho; Kyimki jis se Kbudawand 
mahabbat rakhta bai, use tambth 
bhi karta hai, Aur jis ko beta bana 
leta hai, us ke kore bhi lagata hai. 

INJIL* Yuhannav. 24. 

MAIN turn se sacb saob kahta bun, 
kl Jo mera kalam sunta, aur 
mere bbejnewale ka yaqm karta 
hai, hamesha ki zindagf us kl hai, 
aur us par sazS ka hukm nahfn hota, 
balki wuh maut se nikalkar zindagi 
men dakhil ho gay& hai. 

f Is ke ba'd FUst in alfaz se shuru' karke, kl ^ Tom jo apne gnnahoo *' toag^ pak 
Sharakat ki upar likhi hui tartib ko 'amal men lae. 

% Pak Sakiamint ki taqsim ke waqt, Frist pahle ]khnd Sharakat le, aur ba'd us ke 
nn ko de, jo mariz ke sath sharik hone ko hazir hog, aar sab ke pichhe mariz 

f Lekin agar kpi admi ^hwah bimari ki sbiddat ke sabab, Vhwah is liye ki Gallalula 
ko waqt par ^habar na pahuQChi ho, ya ns ke Fath sharik honewale na miles, va 
kisi aur ma'qiil muzahimat ke ba'is, Masih ke Badan anr ^hun ke Sakramint ko 
na pa sake, to GkiUaban use ta'lim de, ki agar turn apne gunahoo se sachohi tauba 
karo, anr yih mazbut Iman rakkho, ki Tisu' Masih ne tamhare waste Salib par 
mant ka dukh nthaya, anr tamhare chhntkare ke liye apna ^bun bihaya, anr is 
se jo ni'mateu tnmneu hasil hui haiu nnheo dil se yad rakkho, aur nn ke waste 
Masih ka edinkr ji jan se baja lao, to agarcni turn Sakramint ko apne mngh meu 
nahio le sakte, tanbhi hamare Mnnji Masih ke Badan ko aisa luiate anr ns ke 
^un ko aisa pite ho ki ns se tumhari ruh Id sihhat hogi. 

% Agar Bimar-pnrsi anr Bimar ki Sharakat donoo ek hi waqt 'amal men aeo to 
jaldi ke waste Prist Bimar-pnrsi ki tartib ko ns Mazmtir se pahle, lis ka shnm' 
yih hai, ki Ai J^ndawand, toog, tan^m karke fanran rasm i Sharakat ko shnra' 

Y Haiza ya kisi aur mnta'addi bimari ke waqt, agar Ahl i janul'at yaparansiOQ men 
se bimari lagne ke Ikhanf se koi mariz ke sath ghar meo sharakat lene ko na ae, 
to mariz ki khass dar^hwast par ^hadim i din ns ke sath akela sharakat le 


f ^habardar ki zail ki tartib nnke liye *amal men na 8e jo Baptisma pae bagaii 
ya Ealisiya se kharij hokar, ya Jkhnd-knshi karke, mar gae hon. 

f Prist anr ]khadiman girje ke ihate, ya Qabristan ke darwaze par, Janaze se ja 
mileo : anr giije ya Qabr ki taraf Maiyit ke age age yih pafhte ya gate hue chaleo : 

KHUDAWAND farmata hai, Qi- 
yamat aur zindagi to main 
huQ : jo mujh par Iman lata 
hai, go wuh mar jae, taubhl ziuda 
rahega : aur jo kol zinda hai, aur 
mujh par Iman lata hai, wuh abad 
tak kabhl na mareg&. Yuh, xi. 25 
aur 26, 

MAIN janta hiin ki mera rihal 
denewala zinda hai, aur wuh 
jo akhiri hai zamTn par uth khara 
hogSL : aur harchand mere post i& 
ba'd yih jism bhi nest kiya jae, lekin 
main apne gosht men se Khuda 
ko dekhiinga, use main apne liye 
dekhimga, balki merl hi ankhen 

dekhengT, na ki begfine kl. Aiy. xix. 
25, 26, 27- 

HAM dunya meg kuehh na lae, 
aur zahir hai ki kuchh le ja 
nahin sakte. Khudawand ne diya 
aur Khudawand ne liya, Khudawand 
ka Nam mubarak hai. Tim. vi. 7 ; 
Aty. i. 21. 

f Jab wnh giije moQ pahuncheo to 
zail ke mazmuroQ meo se ek, ya donoQ 
parhe jaeu : 

Mazmur xxxix. 

MAIN ne kaha, Main apnl rahor^ 
kl khabardarl kariinga : ki 
men zaban se gunah na ho.)Q[^ 



Anr jis waqt sharlr mere B&mline 
hoga : to main apne munh ko lag&m 

Main gunga anr khamosk ho raha : 
anr nek kahne se bhi rah gaya; 
mora gum taza hua. 

Sine ke bich mere dil men tapish 
hLui, anr mere sochne men ag bhar- 
kl : tab main ne apnl zaban se 

Ai Khndawand, mnjhe batS, ki 
mera anjam kya hai, anr merl 'nmr 
kitnl hai : taki main janua, ki ns kl 
kitnl muddat baqi hai. 

Pekh tu ne merl 'nmr balisht 
bhar kl, anr merl zindagi tere age 
na*<shlz hai : yaqinan har ek shakhs 
agarohi barqar&r ho, lekin mahz be- 
snbat haL 

Bila shakk, har ek insan wahm 
anr khayal eft chalti phirta hai; 
be-shubha wnh 'abas be-kal bote 
hain : wnji zakhira karta hai, anr 
nahia jSnta ki nse kann lega. 

Ab, ai Khndawand, mnjhe kis kl 
xmimed hai : mnjhe tert hi nmmed 

Mujh ko mere eare gunahon se 
naj&t de : mnjh ko jahiloA ka nang 
mat kar. 

Main gunga rahta, maia apna 
mnnh na kholta : kynj^i tu hi n& 

Mnjh se apnl bal& dur kar : main 
to tere ke zor se fan& hua jata 

Jab tu adml ko, ns ke gnn&h ke 
ba'is malamaten karke adab data 
hai, to ns ke jas ko patange kl 
manind kho deta hai : yaqinan har 
ek ins&n mahz be-subat hai 

Ai Khndawand men du'a snn, anr 
mere n&la par kan dhar : mere ansu 
dekhke khamosh mat rah. " 

Kynnki maig tere samhne pardesi : 
anr apne sare bap-d&don ki manind 
mnsafir hun. 
. Mnjh se ankh pher le, taki main 
dam le Iuq : ns se &ge ki main yah&n 
se jaua, aur phir na rahun. " 

Jalal Bap anr Bete : anr Buhnl- 
Quds ka ho ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tha,jB waqt hai : 
aur abad tak rahega. Amla*^ 

Mazmur xc. 

A I Khndawand pusht dar pnsht : 
hamari panllhgah tu h! rahahai. 

Feshtar ns se ki pahar paida hne, 
aur zamin anr dnny&* ko tu ne 
banay& : azal se abad tak tu hi 
Khnda hai. 

Tu insan ko khak men pher det& 
hai : anr farmata hai, ki Ai bani 
Adam, phiro. 

Ki hazar baras tere age aise hain, 
jaise kal ka din jo gnzar gaya : anr 
jaise ek pahar rat. 

Tu nnhen yun le jata hai, jaise 
sail&b se, wnh goya nlhd hain : wnh 
fajr ko ns ghas kl m&nind hain jo 
ngl ho. " 

Wnh snbh ko lahlahatl hai, anr 
tar o tfiza hoti hai : sbSm ko k&tl 
jStl hai, anr sukh j&tl hai. 

Ki ham tere qahr se fan& ho gae : 
anr tere gazab se paresh&n hue. 

Tii ne namfirl badkan^n apne age 
rakhin : aur ham&re poshlda gnnah 
apne chihre kl roshni men. 

Ki hamSre sare din tere qahr mm 
gnzre : anr hamare baras khayal ki 
tarah basar ho gae. 

Hamari zindagi ke din sattar baras 
hain; anr agar quwwat ho to assi 
baras : lekin yih tawanal mihnat anr 
mashaqqat hai; kyunki ham jald 
jate rahte hain, aur nr jate hain. 

Tere qahr kishiddatkajannewala 
kann hai : anr tere gazab ka, jo tere 
m'b ke mntabiq hai? * 

Hamen ham&ri 'nmr ke din ginna 
sikha : aisa ki ham dan& dil hasil 

Ar Khndawand, phir; kab tak:. 
anr apne bandon ki taraf phir mnta- 
wajjih ho. 

Ham ko sawere apni rahmat se 
sier kar. : t&ki ham apni *nmr bhar 
khushniid anr ^htishwaqt rahen. 

Jitne dinon tak tu ne ham ko 
dukhi rakha, anr jitne baras tak 
ham ne zabtini dekhi : ntne baras 
tak ham ko khnrsandi de. ' 

Apne kam apne bandon ko : anr 
apni shankat nn ke farzandon ko 

Anr !^hndawand hajQiire ]^udl( 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



kl ni'mat ham par ho : hamare hath- 
on ka kam ham par qaim ho ; han, 
hamare hathon ke k&m ko q&im kar. 

Jalal Bfip aur Bete: aur Ruhul- 
QiicJB ka ho ; 

Jaisa ihtida mea tha, is waqthai : 
aur abad tak rahegft. Amiu. 

f Is ke ba'd Wird parha jae jo Mu- 
qaddas Paulus ke Kurinthioo ke 
nam ke pahle !^hatt ke 15 Bab meo 
86 liya gaya hai : 

1 Kurinthion xv. 20. 

FI'L waqi' Maslh murdofi men se 
ji utha hai, aur jo so gaye 
hain, un men pahla phal hiia. 
Kyunki jab admi ke sabab se maut 
ai, to admi hi ke sabab se mnrdon 
kl qiyamat bhi al; aur jaise Adam 
men sab marte hain, waise hi Maslh 
men sab zinda kiye jaenge. Lekin 
har'ek apnl apnl barl se : pahla phal 
Maslh ; phir Masih ke ane par us ke 
log. Is ke ba'd akhirat hogi; us 
waqt wuh sari hukumat aur sara 
ikhtiyar aur qudrat nest karke, 
badshahat ko Khuda, ya'nl Bap ke 
hawale kar dega. Kyunki jab tak 
ki wuh sare dushmanon ko apne 
panwon tale na le ae, us ko badshahl 
karni zarur hai. Sab se piohhla 
dushman jo nest kiya jaega, wuh 
maut hai. Kyunki Khuda ne sab 
kuchh us ke panwon tale kar diya 
hai. Magar jab wuh kahtS. hai, ki 
Sab kuchh us ke tabi' kar diya gaya, 
to zahir hai, ki jis ne sab kuchh us 
ke tabi* kar diya, wuh alag raha. 
Aur jab sab kuchh us ke tabi' ho 
j&ega, to Beta khud us ke tabi' ho 
jaega, jis ne sab chlzen us ke tabi' 
kar din ; taki sab men Khuda hi sab 
kuchh ho. Wama jo log murdo© ke 
liye baptisma lete hain, wuh kya 
karenge ? Agar murde jl uthte hi 
nahin, to phir kyun un ke liye 
baptisma lete hain ? Aur ham kyun 
har waqt khatre meu pare rahte 
hain? Ai bhaiyo, mujhe us fakhr 
ki qasam, jo hamare Khudawand 
Maslh Yisu' men tum par hai, main 
har roz marta hua. Agar main 
ins&n kl tarah Ifisus mea darindon 
60 lara, to mujhe kyp, faida? Agar 

murde na jilae jaenge, to ao, khaen 
plen, kyunki kal to mar hi jaenge, 
Fareb na khao : burl suhbaten ach- 
chhl 'adaton ko bigar detl hain. 
Eastbaz hone ke liye hosh men ao, 
aur gunah na karo; kyunki ba'z 
Khuda se nawaqif hain. Main 
tnmhen sharm dilane ko yih kahta 
hue. ^b kol yih kahega, ki Murde 
kis tarah jl uthte hain, aur kaise 
jism ke sath ate hain ? Ai nadan, 
tu khud jo kuchh botl hai, jab tak 
woh na mare, zinda nahlnkiyajata: 
aur jo tu bota hai, yih wuh jism 
nahin jo paida honewala hai ; balki 
sirf dana hai, khwah gehiin ka, 
khwah kisi aur chiz ka; magar 
Khuda ne jaisa irada kar liya, waisa 
us ko jism deta hai ; aur har ek bij ko 
us ka khass jism. Sab gosht yaksan 
gosht nahin : balki admlon ka gosht 
aur hai: chaupayon ka gosht aur; 
parandon ka gosht aur hai ; machh- 
liyon ka gosht &ur. AsmanT bhi 
jism" hain, aur zamini bhi : magar 
asmSnlon^^ka jalal aur hai, zaminion 
ka aur. "Aftab ka jalal aur hai, mah- 
tab ka jalal aur, sitaron ka jalal &ur ; 
kyunki sitare sitare ke jalal men farq 
hai."^ Murdon ki qiyamat bhi aisi hi 
hai. Jism fana kl halat men boya jata 
hai ; aur baqa kl halat men jl uthta 
hai : behurmati ki halat men boya 
jata hai ; aur jalal kl halat men ji 
uthta hai: kamzorl ki halat men 
boya jata hai : aur quwwat ki halat 
men ji uthta hai : nafsani jism boya 
jata hai ; aur riihani jism ji uthta 
hai. Jab nafsani jism hai, to ruhani 
jism bhi hai. Chunanchi likba bhi 
hai, ki Pahla admirya'ni Adam, 
zinda nafs bana, Piohhla Adam 
zindagi bakhshnewall ruh bana. 
Lekin ruhani pahle na tha, balki 
nafsani tha ; is ke ba'd ruhani hua. 
Pahla admi zamin se, ya'nl khaki, 
tha : dusra admi asmani hai. Jaisa 
wuh khaki tha, waise hi aur khaki 
bhi hain ; aur jaisa wuh asmani hai, 
waise hi aur asmani bhT hain. Aur 
jis tarah ham us khaki ki surat par 
hue, usi tarah us asmani ki siirat 
par bhi hofi. Ai bhaiyo, mera 
matlab yih hai, ki gosht aur jkhun 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Khuda ki badshahat ka waris nahin 
ho sakta, aur na fana baqa kl waris 
ho sakti hai. Dekho, main turn se 
bhed ki bat kahta hun: ham sab 
to nahin soenge, magar sab badal 
jaenge ; aur yih ek dam men, ek pal 
men, pichhla narsinga phunkte hr, 
boga: kyunki narsinga phunka 
jaega, anr murde gairfani halat men 
ntbenge, anr ham badal jaenge. 
Kyunki zariir hai ki yih fan! jism baqa 
ka jama pahine, aur yih mamewala 
jism hayat i abadt ka jama pahine. 
Aur jab yih fani jism baqa ka jama 
pahin chukega, aur yih mamewala 
jism hayat i abadi ka jama pahin 
ohukega, to wuh qaul pura hoga jo 
likha hai, ki Maut fath ka luqma 
ho gayl. Ai maut, teri fath kahan 
rahi? Ai maut, tera dank kahan 
raha? Maut ka dank gunah hai; 
aur gunah ka zor shari'at hai: 
magar Khuda ka shukr hai, jo ham- 
are Khudawand Yisu' Maslh ke 
waslle se ham ko fath bakhshta hai. 
Pas, ai mere 'azTz bhaiyo, sabitqadam 
aur qaim raho, aur Khudawand ke 
kam men hamesha afzaish karte raho, 
kyunki yih jante ho, ki tumharl 
mihnat Khudawand men befaida 
nahin hai. 

f Jab wuh Qabr ke pas pahuQcheo, 
aur jab tak Maiyit zamiu meo 
rakhne ki taiyari hot! rahe, Prist 
zail kl bateo parhe, ya Prist aur 
JSlhadiman mllkar unhes gaeu : 

INSAN jo 'aurat se paida hota hai 
there hi din jita hai, aur musi- 
baton men phansa rahta hai. Wuh 
phul ki tarah khilta, phir tora jata 
hai, wuh saye ki tarah dhal jata 
hai, aur kabhi yaksan nahin rahta. 

Ham zindagi men bhi maut ke 
panje men hain: ai Khudawand, 
ham tere siwa, jo hamare gunahoa 
ke sabab, 'adl ki rah se naraz hai, 
aur kiski panah dhundhen ? 

Taubhi, ai kamal Quddus Khuda- 
wand Khuda, ai kamal Qadir Khuda- 
wand, ai Quddus aur kamal rahim 
Munji, tu hamen abadi maut ki 
talkhi ke hawale na kar. 

Ai Khudawand, tu hamare dilon 
ke bhed janta hai, hamari du'a ki 

taraf se apni rahmat ke kan band 
na kar; balki, ai kamal Quddus 
Khudawand, ai kamal Qadir Khuda, 
ai Quddus aur rahim Munji, ai kamal 
buzurg aur azali Munsif, hamen 
bacba le, aur marte dam hamen 
maut ke kisi dard ke sabab apne se 
juda hone na de.. 

f Jab hazirin meu se ba'z log maiyit 
ko mitti deo, tab Prist kahe : 

CHtJNKI Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda 
ki yih marzi hiii, ki hamare is 
hhdl ki ruh ko, jo rihlat kar gayd hai, 
apni barl rahmat se apne pas bula 
le ; is liye ham us ke jism ko zaniTn 
ke hawale karte hain, ya'ni mitti ko 
mitti, rakh ko rakh, khak ko khak 
sompte hain; is kamil aur qawwi 
ummed par ki hamare Khudawand 
Tisii' Masih ke wasile se abadi zin- 
dagi ke liye Qiyamat hogi ; wuh us 
barl qudrat ke mutabiq, jis se sab 
chizon ko apne tabi' kar sakta hai, 
hamare zalll badan ko badalkar apne 
jalil badan ka hamsurat banaega. 

IT Tab yih parha ya gaya jae. 

MAIN ne asman men se yih awaz 
suni ; ki Likh, Mubarak haia 
wuh murde jo ab se Khudawand 
men marte hain ; Euh kahta hai, ki 
Beshakk ; kyiinki wuh apni mihna- 
ton se aram paenge* 

f Tab Prist kahe : 
Khudawand, ham par rahm kar. 

Masthy ham par rahm kar. 
Khudawand, ham yar rahm kar. 

A I hamare Bap, Tii jo asman men 
hai, Tera Nam p&k mana jael 
Teri b&dshahi ae. Teri marzT jaisi 
asman par piiri hoti hai, zamin par 
bhi ho. Hamari roz kl roti aj hames 
de. Aur hamare qusiiron ko mu'af 
kar, Ki ham bhi apne qusiirwaron 
ko mu'af karte hai^. Aur hamen 
&zmaish men na_ parne de, Balki 
burai se bacha. Amin. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, jo log 
Khudawand men hoke yah&n 
so rihlat kar jate hain, un kl riihen, 
tere pas zinda rahti ham, aur iman- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



d&nm kl rnhen, jism ke bojh se rihal 
pakar, tere pas khuahl o khurraml 
zn^ rahU haia; Ham dil se tera 
Bhukr karte bain, ki hamdre is hhdt 
ko is gunah-bharT dunya ke dukboa 
se cbburana tujbe pasand aya. Aur 
terT minnat karte bain, ki tu karm 
karke apne fazl se apne barguzlda 
logon ka shumar jald pura kar, aur 
apnl badsbabat ko jald la; taki bam, 
un sab samet jo tere pak Nam ke 
bacbobe Iman par intiqal kar gae 
bain, tere azall o abadl jalal men jism 
o rub kl purT takmil aur kbusb-balT 
hasil karen : bamare Khudawand 
Yisu' MasTh ke waslle se. Amln. 


A I rabtm Kbuda, bamare Ebuda- 
wand Yisu' Maslb ke Bap, qi- 
yamat aur zindagi wuhl bai ; aur ns 
par jo koT Iman lae, agarobi mar jae 
taubbl zinda bai ; aur jo koT jTta aur 
us par Iman rakbta bai, abadl maut 
ka maza na cbakkbega ; ns ne apne 
muqaddas Easul Pauius kl ma'rifat 
bamen sikbaya bai, ki jo log Masib 

men soe bue bain, haui un ke 
waste na-nmmedon kl tarah gam na 
karen ; Ai Bap, bam kbaksarl se terl 
minnat karte bain, ki bam ko gunab 
kT maut men se utbakar rastbazT kl 
zindagi men dakbil kar; ta]d jab 
bam is jaban se kuch karen, to Masib 
men aram paen, jis tarab bamen 
ummed bai ki hamdre is bhdi ne paya 
bai ; aur akbirl roz jab sab ji uthenge, 
bam terl nazar men maqbM tbabren ; 
aur wub barakat basil karen, jo tei a 
kamal 'aziz Beta un sab se jo terl 
mababbat aur kbauf rakbte bain us 
waqt yib kabkar dega, ki Ao, mere 
Bap ke mubarak logo ; jo badsbabat 
bina e 'alam ke waqt se tumbare liye 
taiyar kl gal, use mlras men lo, Ai 
rabim Bap, ham terl minnat karte 
bain, bamare DarmiyanI aur Fidya 
denew&le Yisu* Masib ke wasile se 
yib 'inayat kar. Amln. 

KHUDAWAND Yisu* Maslh ka 
fazl, aur Kbuda kl mababbat, 
* aur Bubul-Quds kl sbirakat, bam 
sab ke satb boti rabe. Amin. 


f 'Aurat, janne ke ba'd ma^muU waqt par, suthre kapre pahine hde Qirje meu ae, 
aur wahao dastur ke muwafiq ya Hakim i shara' ke hukm ke bamttjib munaaib 
jagab par ghutne teke ; tab Pns^ tu3 se kahe : 

CHCNKI Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda 
kr^D&yat se tum salamati ke 
satb j an In, aur us ne janne ke bare 
kbatre men tumbarl bifazat kl, is 
liye cb&biye ki tum dil se iKbuda 
ka sbukr karo, aur yib kabo : 

[If Tab Prist cxvi. Mazmur parhe.] 

MAI^ Khudawand se mababbat 
rakbt& ■ biin : kl us ne merl 
awaz aur merl minnaten sunln. 

Ki us ne meri taraf kan dbare: 
so main jab tak jita rabiinga, us ka 
nam liye jaiinga. 

Maut ke dukbon ne mujb ko gbera : 
aui* qabr ke dardon ne mujb ko pakra. 

Main dukh aur gam men giriftar 
biia, tab main ne Kbudawand ka 
Nam liya : ki Ai Kbudawand mibr- 
banl karke merl jan bacba le. 

Kbudawand mibrban aur sadiq 
bai : aur bamara Kbuda rabm karne* 
wala bai. 

Kbudawand sada logon ka nigah- 
ban bai : main 'ajiz ho gaya, us ne 
mujbe bacba liya. 

Ai men jan, apnT aramgah men 
phir: ki Khudawand ne mujb pjS 
ibsan kiya bai. 

Tu ne mujbe mame se : aur men 
ankbon ko ansii babane se, aur mere 
panw ko pbisalne se baehaya. i 

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Main Khudawand ke age : ziudagl 
ki zamin men chalunga. 

Maifi Tman laya, aur is liye main 
bola : mnjh par ban bipat thi. 

Mais ne apnl ghabrabat men 
kaba : ki Sare admi jbutbe bain. 

Main Ebudawand ko us kl sari 
ni'maton ke 'iwaz men: jo mujbe 
milln, kyS dun ? 

Main najat ka piyala ntbaunga: 
aur Kbudawand ka Nam pukarunga. 

Main abbl us ke sare logon ke 
sambne, Kbudawand ke liye apnl 
nazren ada kalung^ : Kbudawand 
ke gbar kl bargabon me&, aur tere 
darmiyan ai Yarusbalem* Kbuda- 
wand kl sitaisb karo. 

Jalal Bap aur Bete: aur Enbul- 
Quds ka bo ; 

Jaisa ibtida men tba,Js waqt bai : 
aur abad tak rabega. Amin. 

If Ya Mazmur cxxvii. 

JAB ki Kbudawand bi gbar na 
banae : to un kl mibnat jo us 
kl bina karte bain, be-faida bai. 

Agar Kbudawand bi sbabr k& 
nigabban na bota : to pasban ki be- 
darl 'abas'bai. 

Tumben kucbb faida nabiQ,. jo 
sawere utbte bo, aur aram lena der 
tak mauquf rakbte, aurmasbaqqaton 
ki rotlan kbate bo : yun wub apne 
pyare ko nind deta bai. 

Dekbo farzand Kbudawand kl 
taraf se miras bain : aur pet ke pbal 
usi se ek ajr bain. 

Jaise pablawan ke batb men tir : 
waise bi jawani ke farzand bain. 

Mubarak wub mard, jis ne apne 
tarkasb ko un se bbar diya : wub 
pasbeman na bonge, jis waqt darw&ze 
par dusbmanon se baten karenge. 

Jalal Bap aur Bete : aur Kubul- 
Quds ka bo ; 

Jaisa ibtida me|i tba is waqt bai : 
aur abad tak ral^ega. Amin. 


Ham du'a mangen. 

Kbudawand, bam par rabm kar. 

Masth ham par rahm kar. 
Kbudawand, bam par rabm kar. 

A I bamare Bap, Tu jo asman men 
bai, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Ten badsbabi &e. TerT marzl jaisT 
asman par puri botl bai, zamTn par 
bbl bo. HamarT roz kl roti aj bamen 
de. Aur bamare qusuron ko mu'af 
kar, Ki bam bbi apne qusurwftron 
ko mu'af karte bain. Aur bamen 
azmaisb men na parne de, Balki 
bural se bacba. Kyunki badsbabi, 
Aur qudrat aur jalal, Abad tak 
Tera bi bai. Amin. 

Khadim % din. Ai Kbudawand, 
apni is bandl ko salamat rakb ; 

Jatbdh. . Ki wub tujb par bharosa 
rakbtl bai. 

KhMim i dm. Us ke liye ek maz- 
but qil'a bo ; 

Jawdh. Us ke dusbman ke bamle 
ke waqt. 

Khadim i din. Kbudawand, ba- 
mari du'a sun ; 

Jawdb. Aur bamarl &rySA ko 
apne pas pabuncbne de. 

' Jpiadim i din. 

Ham du'a mangen. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, bam 
farotani se tera sbukr karte 
bain, ki tu ne karm karke apnl is 
band! ko janne ke bare dukb aur 
kbatre se obbutkara diya bai; Ai 
kamal rahim Bap, bam teri minnat 
karte bain, ki wub teri madad se is 
jaban men apni 'umr imandarl se 
guzSje, aur teri matzf ke muwafiq 
cbale ; aur an^wale jaban men abadi 
jalal ki sbarik bo jae ; bamare Kbu- 
dawand Yi$a' Masib ke waslle se. 

Y Jo 'aurat Sbnkzana ada kanie ae, cbahiye ki wub dastur ke muwafiq Nazr gxiZ' 
rane ; aur agar us -v^aqt 8harakat 'amal moQ ae, to munasib hai ki wuh us ko le. 

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( 152 ) 







f Subh Id Kamaz ke ba'd, jab dastor ke muwafiq Litaniya ho chuke, Prist Namaz 
parhne ki jagah ya Pulpit (ya'ni mimbar) par se yih kahe : 

A I bhaiyo, pahle zamane kl KalT- 
siya men siyasat ka yih 'umda 
tariqa tha, ki jo shakhs ashkara 
gtmah se mujrim thahrte the, un par 
Rozonke shuru' men'alaniyatambih 
ka hukm hota tha, aur wuh is jahan 
men saza is liye pate the, ki iin ki 
Tuhen Khudawand ke din men najat 
paen, anr dusre log, nn ke namune 
Be 'ibrat pakar,qusurkame seziyada 

Is ke 'iwaz, jab tak ki tariqa i 
mazkur phir bahal na ho (aur us ka 
bahal bona bahut hi bihtar hota), 
yih manziir hai, ki is waqt turn sab 
ke samhne Khuda ki la'nat ke wuh 
'amm fatwe parhe jaen, jo betauba 
gunahgaron par hue hain, aur Istisna 
ki Kitab ke 27wen Babj a^r Kitab i 
muqaddas ke aur maqamon se chune 
gae ham. Aur turn bar fatwe ke 
jawab men Amin kaho, taki Khuda 
ke bare qahr se, jo gunahgaron par 
hota bai, agah hokar, tum dill aur 
sachchi tauba ki taraf ziyada mail ho 
jao ; aur is pur-khatar zamane men 
ziyada hoshyarl se chalo; aur jin 
gunahon ki babat tum apni zaban se 
iqrar karte ho, ki wuh Khuda ki la'nat 
ke laiq hain, un se tum bhago. 

MALA'UN hai wuh admi, jo par- 
astish ke liye kol murat khod- 
kar ya dbalkar banae. 

f Tab jama'at jawab meo kahe : 

Ehadim i din. Mala'un hai wuh, 
jo apne bap^ya ma par la'nat bheje. 
Jawab. Amin. 

Khadim i din, Mala'un hai wuh, jo 
apne parausi ki zamTn kl sarhadd ko 

Jawab, Amin. 

Khadim i dm, Mala'un hai wuh, jo 
andhe ko rah se bhatkae. 

Jawab, AmTn. 

Khadim i din. Mala'un hai wuh, jo 
pardesi, yatTm, ya bewa ka muqad- 
dama bigare. 

Jawab. Amin. 

Khadim % dtn, Mala'un hai wuh, jo 
apne parausT ko chhipkar mare. 

Jawab. Amin. 

Khadim i din. Mala'un hai wuh, jo 
apne parausi ki biwi ke sath ham- 
bistar ho. 

Jawab. Amin. 

JSJiddim i din. Mala'iin hai wuh, 
jo begunah ke qatl kame ke liye 
ujrat le. _ 

Jawab, . Amin. 

Khadim i din. Mala'iin hai wuh, jo 
insan par apn§. bharosa rakkhe, aur 
insan ko apni panah thahrae, aur 
apna dil Khudawand se phere. 

Jawab. Amin* 

JSJiddim i din. Mala'un hain be- 
rahm, haramkar, zinakar, lalachl» 
bntparast, tuhmatlaganew&le, nashe- 
baz, aur zulm kamewale. 

Jawab. Amin. 

Khadim i din, 

PAS chunki Daiid nabi kl gawaht 
ke bamujib wuh sab mala'iin 
hain, jo Khuda ke hukmon se gum- 
rah hote aur bhatak jate'hain ; is 
liye ham log, us khaufnak gazab ko, 
jo hamare siron ke upax jhum raha. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



aur har dam ham par gima chahta 
hai, yad karke nihayat shikasta-dili 
aur garibi ke sath apne Ehudawand 
Khnda kl taraf phiren, aur apni 
badchalnl par ro rokar, aur apni taq- 
Blron ka iqrar karke, tauba ke laiq 
phaT lane kl koshish karen. Kyunkil 
ab darakhton ki jar par kulhara 
rakkha hua bai, pas jo darakht 
achcbba phal nahin lata, wub kata 
aur ag men dala jata hai. Zinda 
Khiida ke hathon meg parna haulnak 
bat hai; wnhgunahgaronparphande, 
angare, aur gandhak barsaega, aur 
andhi aur tufan bhejega ; un ke pine 
ka yihT piyala hoga. Kyunki dekho, 
Khudawand apni jagah se nikal aya 
hai, taki zamln ke rahnewaloQ kl 
shararat ka badla de. Lekin us ke ane 
ke din ki kaun bardasht kar sakega ? 
aur jab wuh zahir ho, to kaun thahp 
sakega? Us ka chhaj us ke hath 
men hai, aur wuh apne khaliyan ko 
khub sat* karega, aur apne gehuon ko 
to khatte men jama' karega, magar 
bhiieT ko us ag men jalaega, jo bujhne 
kl nahin. Khudawand ka din aise ata 
hai , jaise rat ko chor ; aur jis waqt log 
kahte rahegge ki Salamati aur sab 
tarah ki bekhatri hai, tab un par na- 
gahani halakat is tarah aegi, jis tarah 
hamila 'aurat ko dard lagte hain, aur 
wuh na bachenge. Tab intiqam ke 
din Khuda ka wuh qahr zahir hoga, 
jise ziddi ganahgaron ne apne dil ki 
sakbti se apne upar jama' kar rakkha 
hoga; ki Khuda to unhen tauba 
karne ko hamesha bulatS rahta hai, 
lekin wuh us ki mihr, sabr, aur 
muhlat ko nachiz jante hain. Khu- 
dawand farmata hai ki us waqt wuh 
mujhe pukarenge, par main na su- 
nunga ; wuh mujh ko koshish se 
dhundhenge, par na paenge ; aur yih 
is waste hoga ki unhon ne ma'rifat 
se dushmcvni rakkhi, aur Khudawand 
ke khauf ko na mana, "balki meri 
salah se nafrat ki, aur meri tambih 
ko haqir janS hai. Us waqt, jab 
darwaza band ho jaega, khatkhatane 
ka waqt phir na rahega; aur' jab 
'adalat ka waqt pahunch lega, to 
rahmat ke liye faryad karne ki nau- 
bat na rahegi. Hae I hae I kya hi 

haulnak awaz uskamil insaf ke hukm 
ki hogi, jo un par diya jaega, jab un 
se yih kaha jaega, ki Ai maVuno, mere 
samne se us hamesha ki ag men 
chale jao, jo IblTs aur us ke firishton 
ke liye taiyar kl gayi hai. Is liye, ai 
bhaiyo, jab tak najat ka dinbaqi hai, 
ham waqt par khabardar ho jaen ; 
ky iinki rat at! hai, jis men kol kuchh 
kam" nahin kar sakta. Lekin ham, 
jab tak nor hamare pas hai, niir par 
Iman l&en, aur nur ke farzandon ke 
laiq chalen ; taki ham bahar ki tariki 
men dale na jaen, jahan rona aur 
dant pisna hota hai. Khuda jo rahm 
karke hamen sudhar jane ko bulata, 
aur apni behadd shafaqat se wa'da 
karta hai, ki agar tum pure aur sach- 
che dil se meri taraf phiro, to jo 
kuchh ho chuka hai use main mu'af 
kariinga, ham Khuda ki is mihrbani 
ko yunhin na ganwaen. Kyunki 
agarchi hamare gunah qirmiz ki 
manind lal hon, wuh barf ki tarah 
safed kiye jaenge ; aur agarchi wuh 
argawani hon, tanbhi un kr tarah 
ujle ho jaenge. Khudawand farmata 
hai, ki tum log apni tamam shararat 
80 baz ao, to tumhara gunah tumhari 
halakat ka ba'is na hoga; sari be- 
dini, jo tum se hui hai, apne se dikr 
phenko ; apne men nae dil aur nai 
ruh paid& karo ; Khudawand Khuda 
farmata hai, ki ai bani Israil, tum 
kyiin mama chahte ho? main to kisi 
marnewale ki maut se razi nahin; 
pas phiro, to jite rahoge. Agarchi 
ham ne gunah kiya hai, taubhl B&p 
ke pas hamura ek Madadgar maujud 
hai, ya'ni Yisu' Masih rastbaz ; aur 
wuhi hamare gunahon ka kafGara hai. 
Kyiigki wuh hamari taqsirog ke 
waste zakhmi hiia, aur hamari badi 
ke sabab mara gaya. Is waste ao, 
ham us ki taraf phireg, kyiinki wuh 
un sab gunahgaroQ ko, jo sachchi 
tauba karte hain, rahm se qalml 
karta hai ; aur yaqin jano, ki agar 
ham tauba aur Iman ke sath us ke 
pas aen, aur apne ap ko us ke tabi' 
karke ainda ns ki r^on meg qadam 
marcQ, aur us ka mulaim jua aur 
halka bojh apne upar lekar farotani, 
sabr, aur muhabbat men us ki pairawl 

Digitized by VjOO.Q IC 



karen, aur us ke Ruhul-Qucls ki hu- 
kumat ke mahkuna rah^g, aur lia- 
mesha us ke jala.1 ke talib rahkar 
apne apne kam men shukrguzaii ke 
sath us ki khidmat laiq taur pair 
baja laen, to wuh bamen qabiil kame 
ko taiyar, aur hamare gunah bakbsb- 
ne par nihayat musta'idd rahta hai. 
Is tarah se Maslh bam ko sbarl'at 
ki la'nat, aur us nibayat sakbt wa'id 
ee bacbaega, jo un par parega, jo us 
kl bain taraf kbare kiye jaenge ; aur 
wub bam ko apni dabnl taraf kbara 
karke apne Bap kl pur-mibr muba- 
rakbadl dega, aur bam ko bukm dega 
ki tum meri jalll badsbabat ko wire^ 
men lo. Is men wub apnl bebadd 
rabmat se bam sab ko pabimcbae. 

^ Phir sab ghntne tekea, aur Prist 
aur !^hadiman us lagab, jab&o Liiauiya 
parhue ka dastur nai, ghutae t^kkar is 
Mazmur ko parlieo. 

Mctzmur li. 

A I ?:HUDA apnl rabm-dill ke 
mutabiq mujb par sbafaqat 
kar : apnl rabmaton kt kasrat ke 
muwafiq mere gunab mita de. 

Men bural se mujhe kbub dbo: 
aur merl kbataon se mujbe pak kar. 

Ki main apne gunabon ko mSn 
leta bun : aur merl kbata bamesba 
mere sambne bai. 

Mais ne tera bl gunab kiya bai, 
aur tere bl buzur badi kl bai : taki 
Tu apni baton men s^diq tbabre^ 
aur jo Tu 'adalat kare, to Tu pak 
zabir bo. 

. Dekb, main ne bural men surat 
pakrt : aur gunab ke satb merl ma 
ne mujbe pet men liya. 

Dekb, Tu andar kl sapbobal cbabta 
hai : so batin men mujbe danal 

Zufa se mujbe pak kar, ki main 
saf bo jaun : mujb ko dbo, ki main 
barf se ziyada sufed bun. 

Mujbe kbusbl aur 'kburrami kl 
kbabar suna : ki merl badldlan jio- 
iien Tu ne tor dala, sbadman bon. 

Slere gunabon se obasbrnTposbt 
kar: aur meri s&il bur&Ian mita 

Ai Kbudawand mere andar ek p&k 
dil paida kar : aur ek mustaqlm rub 
mere batin men nae sar se dal. 

Mujb ko apne buzur se mat bank : 
aur apna Bub i Pak mujb se na 

Apnl najat ki sbadmani mujb ko 
pbir 'inayat kar : aur apnl azad Eub 
se mujb ko sambbaL 

Tab main kbatakaron ko terl 
raben sikblaunga : aur gunabgar 
teri taraf ruju' karenge. 

Ai Kbuda, mere Najat-denewale 
Kbuda, mujbe kbun ke gunSb se 
ribal de : ki meri zuban teri sada- 
qat ke git buland awaz se gae. 

Ai Kbuda wand mere labon ko kbol 
de : to mera munh teri sitaisb bayan 

Ki Tu 2abibe se kbusb nabin, 
nabln to main deta : sokbtani qurbanf 
men teri kbusbnudi uabtQ. 

Kbuda ke zabibe sbikasta jan 
bain : dil-sbikasta aur kbaksar ko, 
ai Kbudawand, Tfi baqlr na janega. 

Apni kbusbi se Saibun ke satb 
bbalai kar : Yarusbalemil. dlwaron 
ko bana. 

Tab Til sadaqat ke zabtbon, aur 
sol^btani qurbanion, aur k&mil qur- 
banlon se l^usbniid boga : tab wub 
tere mazbab par bacbbre cbarba- 

Jalal Bap aur Bete : aurBiibuI* 
Quds ka bo ; 

Jawib. Jaisa ibtida men tba, is 
w&qi hai : aur abad tak rabega. 

KhudSwand, ham par rabm kar. 

MoMhy ham par rahm Tear. 
Kbudawand, bam par rabm kar. 

A I bamare Bap, Tii jo asman moQ 
ba|, Tera Nam pak mana jae. 
Teri badsbabi ae. Teri marzi jaisi 
asman par piiri hoti bai, zamin par 
bbl bo. Hamari roz ki roti aj bamen 
de. Aur bamare qusuron ko mu*^ 
kar, Ki ham bbi apne qusflrwaron 
ko mu'af karte bain. Aur bamen 
azmaish men na_ panie de, Balki 
burai se bacba. Amin. 

l^Mdim i din. Ai Kbudawand 
apne bandon ko salamat rakb ; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Jawdh, Rl wuh tujh par bharosa 
rakbte hain. _ 

Khddim T din. ' Alam i bala se un 
kl madad bbej ; 

Jawah. Aur hamesba nn kl hi- 
mayat bari qudrat se kar. 

Khddim i dm. Ai bamare MuDJi 
Kbuda, bamarl madad kar. 
' Jatodh. Aur apne Nam ke jalal 
kl kbatir bamen ribal de ; apne 
Nam kl kbatir ""ham gunabgaron 
par rabm kar. 

Khddim % din. Ai Kbud&wand, 
bamarl du'a Bun. 

Jawdh. Aur bamarl faryad ko 
apne pas pabuncbne de. 

jptddim i din. 
Ham du'a mangen. 

A I Kbudawand, bam terl minnat 
karte bain, rabm se bamarl 
du'aen sun, aur jitne tere buziir 
apne'ganabon ka iqrftr karte bain, 
un 3ab ko cbbor de ; taki jin ke dil 
gunab ke sabab un par ilzam lagate 
bain, tere rabm ki maglirat se makb- 
lasf paen ; bamare _ Kbudawand 
Masib ke waslle se. Am\n. 

A I kamal Qadir Kbuda aur rabim 
Bap, til tamam bani Adam par 
taras kbata, aur apne, kisi makbluq 
se nafrat nabin rakbta; tu gunab* 
gar kl maut nabin cbabta, balki yib 
cbabta bai» ki wub apne gunab se 
baz akar najat pae; Eabm karke 
bamarl taqsiron ko mu'af kar ; 
bamen jo apne gun^bon ke bqjb se 
dabe aur tbake bue bain qabul kar 
aiur tasalll de. Hamesba rabm karna 
tera kbassa bai; gunabon ki magfirat 
fiirf ter& bl k&m bai. Is liye; ai 
mibrban Kbudawand, bameg elibor 
de; apue logon ko, jin ka tu ne 

fidiya diya bai, cbbor de; tere 
bande jo zalll kbak aur '&jiz gunab- 
gar bain, un se bisab na le ; balki 
bam jo garibi se apnl kbarabi ka 
iqrar karte, aur apne qusuroQ se 
sacbcbl tauba karte bain, bam se 
apna gazab yu£^ tal de, aur is jaban 
men aisi jald bamarl madad kar, ki 
ainda jaban men bam ta abad tere 
satb zinda raben ; bamare Kbuda- 
wand Yisu' Masib ke waslle se. 

f Tab jama'at zail ki du'a J^hadim 1 din 
ke picbhe pichhe parhe. 

A I mibrban Kbudawand, bamen 
' pber, to bam pbirenge. Ai 
Kbudawand, Terl ummat jo terl 
taraf ro roke aur roze aur du'a ke 
satb pbirti bai. Us par mibrban bo, 
Ai Kbudawand us par mibrban bo. 
Kyunki tu rabim Kbuda, Sbafaqat 
se pur, bufdbar, Aur bara bl taras 
kbauewala bai. Jab bam saza ke 
qabil bote bain, tu obbor deta bai, 
Aur gazab kairte waqt bbl rabm 
ko yad karta bai. Ai mibrban 
Kbudawand, apni ummat ko cbbor 
de. Use cbbor de, Aur apne wirse 
ko paresban na bone de. Ai Kbuda- 
wand, bamarl sun, kyunki tera rabm 
bara bai, Aur. apnl rabmaton kl 
kasrat ke muwafiq bam par nazar 
kar; Apne mubarak Bete bamare 
E^^budawand Yisu' Masib 'ke sawab 
aur sifarisb ke tufail se yib bakbsb. 

. f Tab yhadtm i din akela kahe : 

KHUDA WAND bam ko barakat 
de, aur bamarl nigabban! kare ; 
* Kbudawand apne cbibre ka nur 
bam' par cbamkae, aur bamen itmi- 
ii£Ln bakbsbe, ab aur bamesba ko. 

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( 156 ) 



MazmOr I. 

MUBABAK wuh &dint hai jo sha- 
rlTon kl salah par nahm clial- 
ta, aur khatakaron kl rah par khara 
nahin rahta : aur thattharkamewalon 
kl majliB men nabln baithta ; 

2 Balki Khudawand kl sharl'at 
men magan rahta : aur din rat ns kl 
sharl'at men socha karta hai. 

3 So wnh ns darakht kl manind 
hoga, jo pani kl nahron ke kanare 
par lagaya j&,e : anr apne waqt par 
mewe la,e; 

4 Jis ke patte mnrjh&te nahl^ ; anr 
apne har ek kam men phulta phalta 

5 Sharlr aise nahlti, balki wnh bhn- 
se kl manind hain : jise hawa nra 
le jati hai. 

6 So sharir 'adalat men khare na 
rahenge : na khatakar sadiqon kl 
jama'at men. 

7 Eynnki Khudawand sadiqon k! 
rah janta hai : par sbariron kl rah 
nest o nabiid hogl. "" 

MAZKttB n. 

QAUMEN kis liye josh men hain : 
aur log batil khayal karte hain? 

2 Zamin ke badshah samhna karte 
hain, aur sardar apas men : Khuda- 
wand ke aur us ke Masih ke mu- 
khalif mansube b&ndhte hain : 

3 Ki aOy ham un ke band khol 
dalen : aur un kl rasslan apne se tor 

4 Wnh jo asm&n par takht-nishTn 
hai, hansega : aur Khudawand un- 
hen thatthon men ura,ega. 

5 Talb wuh guase m^ un se baton 

kareg& : aur nihayat bezar hoke un- 
hen pareshani men dalega. 

6 Main ne to apne badshah ko koh 
i muqaddas Saihun par bithlaya hai 

7 Main hukm ko ashkara kariinga, 
ki Khud&wand ne mere haqq men 
farmay& : Tu mora beta hai, main aj 
ke din tera bap hua. 

8 Mujh se mang, ki main tujhe 
qaumon ka waris karunga : aur za- 
min sarSsar tore qabze men kar 

9 Til lohe ke 'asa se unhen torega : 
kumhar ke bartan kl manind Tu un- 
hen chaknachur karega. 

To Pas ab, ai badshaho, hoshyar 
ho : ai zamIn ke 'adalat-kamewalo, 
tarblyat lo. 

11 Parte hiie Khudawand kl ban- 
dagl karo: aur kampte hue khushi 

12 Bete ko chumo, ta na ho, ki 
wuh bezar ho, aur tum rah men halak 
ho jao : jab us k& qahr yak-a-yak 
bharke. Mubarak wuh sab jin ka 
tawakkul us par hai. 

MazmOb m. 

A I KHUDAWAND, wuh jo mujhe 
dukh dete ham kya hi barh 
ga,e : wuh bahut ham, jo meri mu- 
khalafat par uthte hain. 

2 Bahutere merl jan kl babat kahte 
hain : ki Khuda se ab us kl rihal 

3 "Par Tu, ai Khudawand, mere 
liye sipar hai : Tii'merl shaukat, aur 
mera sarfaraz-kamewala hai. 

4 Main Khudawand kl taraf apnl 
awaz ko buland karta hiin : wuh merl 
du'a apne koh i muqaddas par se sun 
leta hai. 

5 Main let gayft aur^o raha. main 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Boz 1. 

zabOb kI kitab. 


jftg tithft : kynnki Eliud&waiid mujh 
ko sambhaltft hai* 

6 Das hazaradmlonne mnjhe gher 
liya hai : par main nn se nahin darne 

7 Uth, ai Khudawand, ai mere 
Khudft/mujhe bacha : ki Tu ne mere 
B&re dushmanon ke gal par tamanche 
mare, Tu ne shariiron ke dant tore. 

8 Najat Khudawand hi se hai : 
ten harakat'tere logon par hai, 

MazmOr IV. 

JAB main Tnjhe pukarun, to Tu 
gun, afmen sadaqat ke Khuda : 
tangi men Tu ne mujhe kushadagi 
bakhshr, mujh par rahm farms, aur 
meri du'a sun le. 

2 Ai mard-bachoho, kab tak merl 
'izzat ruswal gini ja,e : kab tak turn 
batil ko dost rakhoge, aur jhuth kr 

3 Yaqin kar jano, ki Khudawand 
ne dindar ko apne liye alag kar rakha 
hai : Khud&wand, jab main use pu- 
karunga sun lega. 

4 Kampte raho, aur gunah na 
karo : apne bistar par pare hue apne 
hi dilon men soch karo, aur chupke 

5 Sadaqat ki qurbanl&n guzrano : 
aur Khudawand par tawakfail karo. 

6 bahut se kahte hain : ki Kaun 
ham ko kol chiz jo khSb hai dikh- 


7 Ai Khudawand, Tu apne chihre 
ka jalwa' : ham par roshan kar. 

8 Tu np mere dil ko khushi bakh- 
shI hai : us se zijada jo un ko us 
waqt hoti thi, jab un ke galle aur 
mai kl bahut&yat hul. 

9 Main salamati se let jaungg, 
aur so hi rahungft : kyunki Tu hi 
akela, ai Khudlwand, mujhe sala- 
mati se rahiie deta hai* 

MazmCb V. 

A I KHUDAWAND, merl baton 
par kan dhar : aur mere soch 
par dhyan rakh. 

2 Ai mere Badshah aur mere 
Khuda, mere nala kl awaz ko sun : 
ki maifi Tujbl se du'a mangta hun. 

3 Ai Khudawand, Tu subh ko meri 
awaz sunega : ki main subh ko apne 
ta,^ taiyar karke terl taraf takta 

4 Ki Til wuh Khuda nahin, jo sha- 
rarat se khush ho : sharlr tere sath 
rah nah^ sakta. 

6 Wuh jo shekhlbaz hain terl 
an&hdn ke samhne khare nahin rah 
sakte :"Tii sab badkirdaron se 'adawat 
rakhta hai. 

6 Tii un ko, jo jhuth bolte hain, 
nabiid karega : Khudawand khiiui 
aur dagabaz adml se nafrat karta 

7 Lekin main jo hun so terl rah- 
mat kl kasrat se tere ghar men aiin- 
ga : aur Tujh se darkar terl muqaddas 
haikal kl taraf Tujhe sijda karunga. 

8 Ai Khudawand, apni sadaqat 
men mera* rahbar ho : mere dushman- 
on "ke sabab se mere samhne apnl 
rah ko sidha kar. 

9 Ki un ke munh men kachh kha- 
ral nabm : un ke batin men sarasar 
khotai hai. 

10 Un ka gala khull gor hai : 
wuh apnl zuban se kbushamad karte 

ii Ai Khuda, TU unhen mulzim 
jan,aisa ho, ki wuh apnl mashwaraton 
se ap hi gir ja,en : un ko un ke 
gunahon kl kasrat ke sabab nikal 
phenk, ki unhon ne Tujh se sarkashi 
kl hai. 

12 Tab wuh sab, jo Tujh parbha- 
rosa rakhte hain, khush rahenge, wuh 
hamesha khushi* se lalkarenge, ki 
Tii un kl nigahbanl karta hai : aur 
sab tere Nam ke dost-rakhnewale 
Tujh se shadman honge. 

13 Is liye ki, ai Khudawand sadiq 
ko Tii hi barakat deta hai : Tu us ko 
ndhrbani kl Bipar tale dhamp leta 

MazmOr VI. 

A I KHUDAWAND, Tu mujhe 
apne gusse se mat dapat : aur 
apne gazab ke josh se mujh ko tamblh 

Digitized by 




B6:i^ 1^' 

2 Ai Ebudawancl, miijh par rahm 
kar, ki main be-t&b Ma : ai Khudft- 
wand, mujEe ohangft kar, ki men 
haddion men larzish ho rahl hai. 

3 Anr merl jan men bbl nibayat 
kapkapl hai : pas Tu, ai Khnd&wand, 

4 Ai Khudawand, phir S, merl jan 
ko chbiir& : apnl rabmat ke ^sabab 
mnjbe bacha le. 

5 Is liye ki mant kl hSlat men 
ter! jSA nabin : kaun terl sbnkr- 
guzarl gor ke andar karega ? 

6 Main karAhte karabte thak ga- 
ya, main sari rat apne bistar par 
apne Imsuon ko babSta hfin : main 
unbin se apne palang ko bhigotl 

7 Gam ke sabab merl ankhen 
dhandhla ga,In : mere sab dnsbmanon 
ke sabab se~men &nkhen bnrhiyft 

8 Mnjh se diir rabo, ai s&re bad- 
kirdaro : ki Ebud&wand ne mere rone 
kl awaz snnf . 

9 Khudawand ne merl faryad snni 
hai :'Khndawand merl dna qubul 

10 Mere sare dnshman sharminda 
ho ja,enge, anr nihayat kapkapi men 
parenge : wnh phirenge anr nagah- 
an! khijalat khincbenge. 

MazmCe VIL 

A I KHUDAWAND, mere Khnda, 
mera bharosa Tnjh par hai : 
mujh ko un sab se, jo mere pichhe 
pare bain/^bachS, anr mnjbe ribftl de : 
2 Na ho ki dnshman sher kl tarah 
mujh ko ph&re : anr jis waqt kol 
mer& bachanewal& na ho, mnjbe 
pnrze pnrze kare. 

. 3 Ai Khud&wand, mere Khnd&, 
agar main ne yih kiya : agar mere 
hath se bad! hui ; 

4 Agar main ne ns se, jo mnjh se 
mel rakhta tE&, bad! kl ho : ya 
main [ne ns ko jo be-sabab mera 
dnshman tba lutil ho ; 

5 To dashman dar-pai boke mera 
jr le : aur men jan ko zamin par 
p&,emal kare, anr men 'izzat khftk 
men mila,e. 

Ai Khud&wand, apne qahr men 
nth, aur mere dushmanon ke josh 
o kharosh kl mukhalifat men &p ko 
bnland kar : aur mere liye j&gt& rah, 
ai Tu, jo 'adalat ko muqarrar karta 

7 Kyunki logon kl gurohen tero 
fts pSs farahatn hul bain : pas Tu un 
ke liye phir bulandl par ja. 

8 Khudftwand qaumon kl 'adalat 
karega : ai [Khudawand, jaisi men 
sadaqat, aur jaisf men diyanatdarl 
hai, waise hi merll insaf kar. 

9 Ai kash ki Vuron kl burai nest 
o nabud ho : lekin~^u sadiqon ko 
quwwat de. 

10 Ki Tu, ai sadiq Khuda : dilon 
aur gurdon ka janchnewaU hai. ~ 

11 Men sipar Khuda ke sath hai : 
wuh nn ko, jin ke dil sidhe bain, 
rihal deta hai. 

12 Khuda sadiq ka insaf karta 
hai : aurHaqq Ta'ala bar roz badkar 
par jhunjhlata hai^ 

13 Agar wuh baz na &,egaj to 
Khuda apnl talwar tez karega ; Us 
ne to apnl kaman par chills char- 
haya hai, aur use taiyar kiya hai. 

14 Aur Us ne us ke liye maut ka 
saman taiyar kiya hai : Wuh apne 
jalte hue tir bauSta hai. 

15 Dekho, use badkarl ke dard 
lage : aur masbaqqat ka use pet 
rahft hai, aur jhuth ko janta hai. 

16 Us ne garha khoda, aur gahra 
kiyft : aur us garhe men, jise wnh 
banata tbS, &p gira. 

17 Us kl ziyank&n nsl ke sir par 
paregX : aur us k& zulm usi ki 
khoprl par utrega. 

18 Main Khudawand kl, Us ki 
sadaqat ke mutabiq, sita,ish karun- 
ga : aur Khud&wand Ta'al& ka Nam 
gaunga. ' 


A I KHUDAWAND, bamare Rabb, 
kya hi buzurg hai terS N&m 
tamam zamlti par : Tu ne apnX 
shaukat asmanon par z&hir kl hai. 

2 Tu ne aplae mukh&lilbn ke 
sabab bachcbon aur sblrkhwaron ke 
uiunh men se quwwat paid& ki hai : 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




ta ki 111 dushmaa anr intiqftm-lene- 
wale ko khSmosh kar&,e. 

3 Jab main tere fismUnon par, jo 
ten dastkariln hain, dhy&n karta 
Mn : anr chand anr" sitaron par, jo 
Tu ne banae. 

4 To ins&n ky& hai, ki Tu ns kl 
jild kare : anr Sdamzad kyA, ki Tu 
ake us ki khabar le ? 

5 Tu ne US ko firishton se thora 
bl kam kiya : anr sb&n o sbankat 
ka taj ns ke sir par rakba bai. 

6 Tu ne ns ko apne bath ke kam- 
on par bnkumat bakbsbl : Tu ne sab 
kncbb ns ke qadambn ke nicbe kiya 
hai : 

7 Sari bber bakrlan, anr ga,e bail : 
anr jangll cbanp&,e ; 

8 Anr asman ke parinde, anr dar- 
ya kl macbbllan : anr bar ek cbiz, jo 
darya ki rabon men gnzarti bai. 

9 Ai Ebndawand, bamare Babb : 
kya bl bnznrg bai tera Nam tamSm 
zamfn par I 

MazmQr IX, 

MAIN apne sare dil se Kbnda- 
wand kl sita,isb karunga : 
main tere sare 'ajib kamon ka bayan 
kar^ga. *" 

2 Main Tnjb se kbnsb anr kbnsb- 
waqt rs^unga : ai Haqq Ta'ala, 
main tere Nam kl sita,isb karunga. 

S'Jab mere dnsbman nlte pbiren : 
wnb tere sambne se dab jS,enge, anr 
balak bonge. 

4 Ki mera insaf anr qaziya Tu ne 
cbnkaya : Tu takbt i 'adalat par 
baitbke sacbdba insaf karta bai. 

'5 Tu ne qanmon ko malamat 
kl bai : Tu ne sbarlron ko fana kiyS, 
Tu ne nn ka nam abad nl abad tak 
mita dala bai. 

6 Are ai dnsbman, kbarablSn ba- 
mesba ke liye tamam'buln : t& ne 
sbabr ke sbabr njar diye, anr nn ka 
zikr nn ke s&tb mit gaya bai. 

7 Lekin Kbnda'wand abad tak 
takbt-nisbtn bai : ns ne 'adalat ke 
liye apni masnad taiyar ki bai. 

8 Aur wnb sadaqat se jaban ks 

insaf karegft : aur rftsti se qanmon 
kl 'adalat karega. 

9 Ebnd&wand mazlfimon ke liye 
mnbkam makan bai : anr mnsilMit 
ke waqt men panabg&b. 

10 Wnb, jo terS Nam jante bain, 
ter& bbarosa rakbenge : ki Tu ne, ai 
Kbndawand, nn ko, jo ieti talasb 
men bain, tark nabin kiy& bai. 

11 Kbudawand ki, jo Saibun par 
knrsl-nisbin bai, sita,isb ke git gSo : 
logon ke darmiyan ns ke 'ajib kamon 
ka bayan karo. " 

12 Jab wnb kbun kl pnl'sisb 
kart& bai, to nnben yad kart& bai : 
wnb naobSron kl fiE^y&d ko far&mosb 
nabin karta. 

IS'Ai Kbndawand, mnjb par rabm 
kar : ns dnkb. par, jo main apne 
dnsbmanon se kblncbt& bun, nazr 
kar, ai Turjo mantlte darw^on par 
se mer& ntbanewalft bai : "" 

14 T& ki main Saibun kl beti ke 
darwazon par terl sab sita,isben 
bayan karun : anr terl najat se wajd 

15 Gair-qanmen ns kue men, jo 
nnbon ne kboda tbs, girl bain": ns 
dam men, jo nnbon ne ebbipaya tba, 
nnbto ke panw pbanse. 

le'Kbnd&wand masbbur bua, ki 
ns ne 'adalat kl bai : sbarir apne 
batbon ke k&m ke pbande men 
pbansa bai. 

17 Sbarir palta,e jake jabannam 
men d&le j&,enge : wnb sari qanmen 
jo Khnda ko bbul jati bain. 

18 Ki miskin bamesba faramosb 
nablh kiya ja,ega : 'djizon kl nmmed 
sada tori na ja,egl. 

19 Utb, ai Kbndawand, ki insan 
gSlib na ho : qanmon ki 'adalat tere 
hn^ur men kl ja,e. "" 

20 Ai Kbudawand, nn ko dara : 
ta ki^qanmen apne ko basbar bl 
j&nen. "" 

MazmOr X. 

A I KHUDAWAND, Tu kyiin diir 
kbara rabt& bai : dnkb ke 
aiyam men Tu kyun ap ko cbbipata 

2 Sbarir ke ^rur se miskin ka 
kaleja jal jata bai : wnb^n masbwa- 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


raton men, jo tmhon no k^, giriftar 
hote hain. 

3 Ki sharlr apne nafs kl shahwat 
par fakhr karta hai : aur Intere ko 
nek-bakht kahke Khudawand ko 
haqir janta hai. 

4 Sharir apnl rudarl ke ghamand 
80 tahqiqat nabm karta : ns ke 
fiare kli^yal hain, ki Khad& nahin 

5 Us kl 'adaten hamesha yaksan 
rahtl hain : terl 'adalaten ns kl nazr 
Be bahut upar hain ; wuh apne sare 
dushmanon so akarta hai ; 

6 Apne'dil men kahtS hai, Mujh 
ko jumbish nahogl : mujh par pndfit 
dar pusht bht bipat na paregi. 

7 Us ka mnnh la'nat' anr daga 
aur zulm so bhara hai : us kl zaban 
ke niche fasad aur badi hain. 

8 Wuh dihat kl ghaton men baith- 
ta hai : wuh khalwat ke makanon 
men be-gunahon ko qatl karta hai ; 
us "kl ankhen "poshida miskin par 
lag! hui hain. 

9 Wuh ohhipke sher kl manind, 
jo apnl jhari men ho, ghat men laga 
hiia hai : wuh ghat men rahta hai, 
ki miskin ko pakre. 

10 Wuh miskin ko : apne dam 
men lake pakarta hai. 

11 Wuh chur char hoke par jata 
hai : miskin us ke quwwatwaron se 
gir jate hain. 

12 Wuh apne dil men kaht& hai, 
Khuda bhul gaya hai : us ne apna 
mrmh chhipaya ; us ne hargiz ns^m 
dekha hai. 

13 Uth, ai Khudawand, ai Khuda, 
apna hath barha : khaksaron ko bhul 
na ja. 

14 Sharlr Khuda kl tahqir kvus 
karta hai : wuh apne dil men kiuiita, 
ki Tu tahqiqat na karega. 

15 Tu ne to dekha hai : ki Tu 
ziyankarl aur ranjidagi par nazr 
karta hai. 

16 Ki apne hath se badl& de; 
miskin ap ko tore sipurd karta hai ; 
yatim ka madadgdr Tu hai. 

17 Sharlr aur bure ka bSzu tor: 
aisa ki us kl shararat phir dhundLl 
na pal j&,e. 

18 l^hudawand azal se abad tak 



Bftdshah hai : begana qaumen us kl 
sarzamin par se fana hiitii. 

19 Ai Khudawand, Ta"ne miskin- 
on k& matlab suna hai : Tu un ke 
dilon ko musta'idd karega, aur kan 
dharke sunega ; 

20 Ki yatlmon aur mazlumon ka 
insaf kare : t& ki khaki adml phir 
zulm na kare. 

MazmOr XI. 

■jITERA tawakkul Khudawand par 
ilL hai : tum kyunkar merl jan 
ko kahte ho, ki Chiriya si apne 
pahar par jati rah ? 

2 ki dekh, sharlr apnl kaman par 
chilla charhate hain; apna ttr chillo 
men jorte": ta ki wuh poshlda sldhe- 
dilwalon par chhoren. 

3 Jab ki bunyiden bigar ga,to : 
to sadiq kya karega?" ' "" 

4 Khudawand apnl muqaddas hai- 
kal men hai : Khudawand ka takht 
asman par hai ; 

5 Us kl ankhen^dekhtl hain : us 
kl palaken banl~Adam ko azmati 

6 Khudawand sadiq ko janchta 
hai : par sharir aur wuh jo sitam ko 
ohahta hai, us kl Buh us se dushmani 
rakhtl hau 

7 Wuh sharlron par angare aur ag 
aur gandhak bar8a,ega : aur luh un 
ke piyale ka hissa hoga ; 

8 Is waste ki Khudawand, jo sadiq; 
hai, sadaqat ko chahta hai : aur us ka 
munh sidhe logon kl taraf mutawajjih 
haL"" "" 

MazmOb XTT. 

A I KHUDAWAND, rihai de; ki 
dindar adml jate rahte hain : 
aur diyanatdar log bani Adam men 
se g&^h ho jate. ~ 

2 Un men har ek apne hamsa,e ke 
sath behuda baton karta hai : wuh 
chaplusi ke labon'se aur do-dill se 
bolte hain. 

3 Khudawand sab chaplusi ke 
honth : aur wuh zaban, jis se bara 
bol nikalta hai, kat dalega; 

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4 Jo y un kabte bain, ki Ham apnl 
zaban se gilib honge : bamarebontb 
bamare bain, kaun bai, jo bamara 

5 Misklnon kikbarab-b&ll aur ba- 
jatmandon kl tbandi Bans par nazr 

6 Kbudawand farmatft bai, Ab 
main ntbta bun : jo us se akarta bai, 
main ns se us ko rib&I dunga. 

7 Kbudawand ka kalam cbokba 
kalam bai : jaise ritp& mitti kl gba- 
riya men taya gaya, aur sat martaba 
s&f kiya gaya. 

8 Tu bl, ai Kbudawand, un ka 
b&fiz bai : Tu unben is zamane ke 
logon se abad tak bacba rakbega. 

9 Sbarlr log bar taraf akarte pbirte 
bain ^par un ki jitnl sarfarazi bai, 
bani Adam kl utnl bl pasti bai. 

MAZMtjR xin. 

A I KHUDAWAND, kab tak Tu 
mujhe bbulta rabega? kya 
bamesba tak : kab tak Tii apna munb 
mujb se cbbipa,ega? 

2 Kab tak main apne jl men man- 
siiba bandbta rabto, aur apne dil men 
sare din g^am kiya karun : kab tak 
mera dusmnan mujb par" sarbuland 
rabega ? 

3 Ai Kbudawand, mere Kbuda, 
tawajjub karke meri sun : men an- 
kben rosban kar, na bo, ki mujbe 
maut kl nind a ja,e ; 

4 Na bo, ki mera dusbman kabe, 
Main us par galib biia : aur mere sa- 
tanewale mere tal jane se kbusb 

6 Aur main jo bun, so terl rabmat 
par mera bbarosa bai : mera dil teri 
ribal se kbusbwaqt boga. 

6 Main Kbudawand kl bamd aur 
eana gaiinga : kyunki us ne mujb 
par ibsan kiy& bai. 

Mazmur XIV. 

AHM AQ apne dil men kabt& bai : 
Kbudft naliln. 

2 Wub kbarab^biie, un ke kam 
makrub bain, kol nekokar nabln. 

3 Kbudawand ftsman par se banI 
^dam par nigab karta : 1^ dekbe ki 

UR. F^ 

un men kol danisbmand Kbuda k& 
t&lib bai, y& nabln. 

4 Wub sab gumrab bue ; wub ek 
satb bigar ga,e : kol nekokar nabln, 
ek bbl naliln. " 

5 Kya un sab badkaron ko samajb 
nabln, jo mere bandon ko yiin kba 
jate bain jaise roti kbate bain : wub 
Kbudawand ka Nam nab^ lete. 

6 Wub waban bare kbauf men 
bue ; kyunki Kbuda sadiqon kl nasi 
ke darmiyan bai. 

7 Tum miskin kl salab kl tabqir 
karte bo : is liye ki Kbudawand us 
kl panab bai. 

8 Kasb ki Israel ki najat Saibun 
men se botll jab Kbudawand apnl 
qaum ke qaidion ko pber la,ega : to 
Ya'qub shad boga, aur Israel kbusb. 

Mazmur XV. 

A I KHUDAWAND, tere khaime 
men kaun rabega : tere kob i 
muqaddas par kaun sukiinat kareg& ? 

2 Wub jo sidbi cbal chalta bai : 
aur sadaqat ke kam karta bai, aur 
apne dil se sacb bolta bai. 

3 Wub jo apnl zaban se chuglr 
nabln kbata, aur apne bamsa,e se 
badi nabln karta : aur apne parosi 
par 'aib nabin lagata bai. 

4 Wub jis kl nazr men nikamma 
adml kbwar bai : par wub unben jo 
Kbudawand se darte bain 'izzat deta 

6 Wub jo apne zarar par qasam 
kbata bai : aur badalta nabln. 

6 Wub jo sud ke liye qarz nabln 
deta : aur be-gunabon ke satane ke 
liye risbwat nabln leta. 

7 Wub jo yib karta bai : kabb! na 

Mazmur XVI. 

I KHUDA Tu meri bifazat kar : 
kyunki mujhe tera hi bbarosa 



2 Ai men jan, tu ne Yabowab ko 
kaba bai : ki Tii mera Kbudawand 
bai, tere ba^r meri bbalai nabln. 

3 Un muqaddason aur kbass logon 

Digitized by 





kl bAbat jo sarzamln men rahte bain : 
unbj^ se merl sari khiisbl haL 

4 Tin ke dukb, jo gear ke picbbe 
danrte bain : barbie rabenge ; 

5'Un ke'kbunwale tapawan main 
na tapaungsl : baiki main apne bon- 
tbon.Be im ke n&m bbl na lunga. 

6'M.eTl mlrfts kS aur mere piyale 
k& bissa Kbnd&wand hai : mere 
bakbre ka nig&bban Tu bai. 

7 Dil-pazlr makanon men mere 
liye jarib kl ga,I : ban, merl mlras 
sutbri bai. 

8 Main Kbndawand ko mnbarak 
kabunga, jo mujbe salab deta bai : 
mere"giirde r&ton ko mujbe ta'llm 
dete bain. 

9 Merl nigabbamesba Kbnd&wand 
par bai : is liye ki Wnb mere dabne 
batb bai, mnjb ko kabbi jumbisb na 

10 Isl sabab mera dil kbnsb bai, 
anr merl sbaukat sbad : mera jism 
bbl nmmed m^ cbain karega, 

11 Ki Tu merl jan ko qabr men 
rabne na dega : aur Tu apne Quddus 
ko sarne na dega. 

12 Tu mujb ko zindagani kl rab 
dikbla,ega; terebuzurmen kbusblon 
se sen bai : tere dabne batb men 
abad tak 'isbraten bain. 


A I KHUDAWAND, sidq ko sun, 
aur merl faryad par dhyan 
rakb : aur merl du'a par, jo be-riya 
labon se nikaltl bai, k&n dbar. 

2 Mera insaf tere buzur se nikle : 
teri ankben rasti par nazr karen. 

3 Tu mere dil ko azmata bai" Tu 
rat ko men kbabar lene at&; Tu 
mujbe parakbta, par Tu kol badi na 
pa,ega : mera munb kbata na kareg&. 

4 Insan ke fi'lon ko dekbkar, tere 
labon ke sukban ke sabab : main ne 
apne ko balak-kamewale ki rabon se 
bacba rakba. " 

5 Mere qadamon ko apnl rfibon 
men tb&me rakb : ki mere p&nw na 
pbislen. • 

6 Main Tujbe pukarta bun, ki Tu, 
ai Kbuda, meri sunega : merl taraf 
kan'dhar, men 'arz sun le. 

7 Apnl 'ajib mibrbani kar, ai Ttii jo 
tawakkuUkaxnewalon ko un se : jo- 
tere dabne batb kl mukbalafat men 
utbte bain, bacbata bai* " 

8 Mujbe ankb kl putll kl manind 
mabfuz rakb : mujbe apne paron ke 
saya tale obbipa le, 

9 Unsbanronse,jo mujbparzulm 
karte bain : aur mere jani dusbmanon 
se, jo mujbe gbere bue hain. "" 

10 Wub apni cbarbl men cbbip 
ga,e bain : wub apne munb se bara 
bol bolte bain. 

11 Wub ab bamare bar ek qadam 
par bam ko gberte bain : aur un kl 
gnkben lag! bui bain, ki bam ko za- 
min par gir& den. 

12 Aur un kl misal yib bai, jaise 
sber, jo sbikar par jr laga,e : aur jaisS 
sber ka baobcba, jo cbbipke gbat men 
biaitbe. "" 

13 ITtb, ai Kbud&wand, us ka 
sambna kar, us ko dbakel de : meri 
jan ko us sbanr se, jo ten talwar bai, 
ribal de : 

14 Un logon se, ai KbuJ&wand, jo 
tere batb bain, dunya ke logon se, jin 
ka bakbra is! zindagani men bai : 
aur jin ke pet Tu apnl nibani"cbizon 
se bbarta ; 

16 Un ki aulad bbi ser boti : aur 
wub apnf baqi daulat apne bai 
bacbcbon ke liye cbbor jate bain. 

16 Par main jo biin, sadaqat men 
tera munb dekbiinga : aur jab main 
teri siirat par boke jagunga, to main 
ser biinga. "* " 


MAZMtiR xvni. 

A I KHUDAWAND, jo men quw- 
wat bai : main Tujb se mahab- 
bat rakbta bim. 

2 Kbudawand mert chatan, aur 
mera garb, aur mera cbburanewala 
bai : mera Kbuda, men cbatan, jis 
par mera bbarosa bai; men dbal, 
aur men najat ka sing, aur mera 
uQoba burj. 

3 Main Kbudawand ko, jo sita,isb 
ke la,iq bai, pukarta bun : auTt yun 
apne dusbmanon se ribat pata. 

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4 Maut kl rasslon ne mujh ko ghe- 
ra : aur benlXiL logon ke sailabon Use 
mnjhe daray§. 

5 Got hi kl rasslon ne mujhe gher 
liya : maut ke phandon ne mujhe age 
Be phansaya. 

6 Main ne tangi ke waqt Khuda- 
wand ko~pukara, aur apne Khuda ke 
age chill&ya : us ne meri awa^ apn! 
haikai men se suni, aur meri faryad 
us ke samhne us ke kanon tak pa- 

7 Tab zamin kampt, aur larzl : 
Bare pahar jar mul se hil ga,e, aur, 
is liye ki wuh gazabnak hua» thar- 

8 Us ke nathnon se dhunwan 
nthsL : aur us ke munh se &g bharki, 
jis se ang&re dahak uthe. 

9 Us ne asmanon ko jhukSya, aur 
wuh niohe utra : us ke panwon tale 
tariki thi. 

10 Wuh Karubi par sawar hua, aur 
parwaz kar gaya : wuh haw& ke paron 
par ura. 

11 *Us ne tarikr ko apna parda 
kiya : aur us ke girdagird panion ka 
andhera aur badalon kl ghata us ka 
khaima tha. 

12 Us chamak se, jo us ke age thi : 
us ke andhere badal phatkar ole aur 
angare ban ga,e. 

13 Khuda wand asmanon men 
garja, aur Haqq Ta'ala ne apni awaz 
nikali : to ole aur angare ban ga,e. 

14 Han, us ne apne tir chhore, aur 
un ko paraganda kiya : aur bijlian 
chamk&,m, aur unhen ghabra diya. 

15 Us waqt pani ki thahen dikhai 
din, aur teii jhunjhlahat se, ai 
Khudawand : han, tere nathnon ke 
dam ke jhoke se jahan ki newen 
khul ga,in. 

16 Us ne upar se bhejkar mujhe 
pakar liya : gahre panion men se us 
ne mujhe khinch liya. 

17 Mere zabardast dushman se, 
aur tm se, jo mera kina rakhte the, 
us ne mujhe rihai di : is liye ki wuh 
mujh se sakht zorawar the. 

18 Unhon ne bipat ke din mera 
samhna kiya : lekin Khud&wand 
mera takiya tha. 

19 Wuh mujhe nikalke ek kush- 

&da jagah men le gaya : us ne mujhe 
chhuraya, kyunki wuh mujh se 
khusk th&. 

20 Khudawand ne, jaisi meri sada- 
qat thi, mujh ko jaz& di : aur mere 
hathon ki pakizagi ke mutabiq us ne 
mujhe badla diya. 

21 Is liye ki main ne Khudawand 
ki raben yad rakhin : aur shararat 
karke apne Khuda se munh na 

22 Kyunki us ki sari 'adalaten 
mere zer i nazr rahin : aur us ke 
huknion ko main ne apne se diir na 

23 Main us ke sath sidhft raha : 
aur main ne Sp ko apni badkari se 
baz rjaikhg. 

24 So Khudawand ne meri sada- 
qat ke mutabiq, aur meri pakdasti ke 
muwafiq : jo us ki ankhon ke samh- 
ne thi, mujh ko jaza di. 

25 Kahm-karnewale ko Tii apne 
ta,in rahim dikhlata hai : aur neki- 
kamewale par ap k6 neki-karne- 
wala zahir karta. 

26 Khalis ko Tu apne ta,In 
khalis dikhlata hai : aur kajrauon 
ke sath Tu kajrau maliim hota. "^ 

27 Kyunki Tu miskinon ko baoh- 
ata hai : aur Tii unchi ankhon ko 
nicha karta hai. ! 

28 Tu mera chirSg jalata hai : 
Khudawand mera Khuda mere an- ; 
dhere ko ujala karta hai. 

29 Ki main teri kumak se ek fauj 
par daurta hiin : main apne Khuda 
ki madad se ek dlwar kiid* jata 

30 Khuda jo hai, us ki rah kamil 
hai : Khudawand ka sukhan taya 
hiia hai ; wuh un sab ki, jinhen us 
ka bharosa hai, sipar hai. 

31 Khudawand ke siwa Khud& 
kaun hai : aur hamare Khuda ko 
chhorke 'chatan kaun hai ? 

32* KhudSr hi hai, jomerlkamar ko 
mazbiit bandhta hai : aur. meri rah ko 
k&mil kartl. 

33 Wuh mere panw hamion ke se 
karta hai : aur mujhe mere unche 
makanon par khara karta. 

34 Wuh mere Ibathon ko jang ki 
ta'lim deta hai : yahanlak ki pital; 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 




kl kaman mere b&ziion se jhukai jatr 

35 Tu ne apnl najat kl sipar mnjli 
ko 'inayat kl : aur tere dahne hath 
ne mnjh ko sambhala, aur tere ihsan 
ne mnjh ko buznrg kiya. 

36 Tu ne mere qadamon ko mere 
tale kushada kiya : yah^n tak ki 
mere panw phisalte nahln. 

37 Main ne apne dushmanon ka 
pichha kiya, aur unhen ja liya : main 
pichhe na phira jab tak unhen fana 
na kiya. 

38 Main ne unhen mara hai, ais& 
ki wuh nth nahln saken : wuh mere 
qadamon ke niche gir pare hain. 

39 Kyunki Tu ne laral ke waste 
meri kamaf mazbut bandhi hai : Tu 
ne un ko, jo mujh par charh a,e hain, 
mere niche jhukaya. ' " 

40 Tu ne mere dushmanon ki pith 
mujbe dikhlal : aur main ne un 
ko, jo niera kina rakhte the, nabud 

41 Wuh chilla,e, par koi bachane- 
wala na tha : han,' Khudftwand ko 
pukara, par ub ne unhen jawab na 

42 Tab main ne unhen aisft pisS, 
ki wuh gard kl manind, jo hawa 
men hoti hai, ho ga,e : main ne 
unhen yun nikal phenka, jaise raston 
men ki kich. 

43 Tu ne mujhe logon ke jhagron 
se rihSi di : Tu ne mujhe ajnabi qaiu 
mon ka sardar kiya ; 

44 Wuh log, jinhen main nahin 
janta tha : meri farman-bardarl kar- 

45 Meri shuhrat sunte hi wuh 
mujhe manenge :^ajnabion ki naslen 
meri khushamad karengi. ~ 

46 Ajnablon ki naslen murjhft jS,- 
engl : aur apne chhipne ke makanon 
men thartharft,engi. 

47 Ehudawand hizinda hai ; meri 
chatan mubarak hai : mera najat- 
denewala Ehuda buland hai. 

48 Ehuda hi hai, jo mera inti- 
qam leta hai : aur qaumon ko mere 
zer karta hai. 

49 Wuh mujhe mere dushmanon 
se chhurata hai : ban, Tu mujhe un 
par, jo mujh se mukh&lafat kame ko 

uthe hain, b&la kart& hai : Tu ne 
mujhe zaTim admi se rihai dr. 

50 So main, ai Ehudawand, qaum- 
on ke darmiyan terft iqrar karunga : 
aur tere Nam ke git gaunga. "" 

51 Wuh apne badshah ko bari ri- 
ha,ian bakhshta hai : aur apne masih 
par, Daud par, aur us ki nasi par, 
abad tak rahm kiya karta hai. 



A" SMAN Ehuda k& jalal bayan 
karte hain : aur faza us kl 
dastkfiri dikhlati hai. 

2 Ek din dusre din se baton kartft 
hai : aur ek rat dusrl rat ko ma'rifat 
bakhshti hai. 

3 Un ki koi lugat aur zaban 
nahin : un ki awSz suni nahin j&tl ; 

4 Far sari zamin men un ki tar 
gunjtl hai : aur dunya ke kanaron 
tak un ka kalam pahuncha hai. " 

5 Un men us ne aftab ke liye 
khaima khara kiya hai : jo dulhe ki 
manind khalwat-khane se nikal ata 
hai, aur pahlawan ki tarah maidan 
men daurne se Iphush hot& hai. 

6 Afla'k ke kanare se us ki bara- 
mad hai, aur us ki gardish un ke 
dusre kanare tak hoti : us kl garmi 
se koi chiz chhipi nahin. 

7 Ehudawand ki tauret kamil hai, 
ki dil ki phemewall hai : Ehuda- 
wand ki shahadat sachchi hai, ki 
sadadilon ko ta'lim denewali hai. 

8 Ehudawand ki shari'aten sidhi 
hain,'ki dil kikhushi bakhshti hain : 
Ehudawand ka hukm saf hai, ki 
ankhon ko roshan kartS. hai. 

9 Ehudawand ka khauf pak hai, 
ki us ko abad tak pa,edan hai : 
Ehudawand ki 'adalaten sachchi, 
aur tamam o kam&l sidhi hain. 

10 Wuh sone se, balki" bahut 
kundan se, ziyada nafis hain : shahd 
aur us ke chhatte ke tapkon se 
shirintar hain. 

11 Us ke siwA tera banda un se 
tarbiyat pata hai : un ke yad rakhne 
men bara hi ajr hai. 

12 Apnl bhul chukog^ko kaun jan 

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zabCe kI kitab. 


sakt& hai : Tu mujh ko gunah i 
pinhani se pak kar. 

13 Apne bande ko 'amd ke gunah- 
on se bhi baz rakh ; unhen mujli par 
galib bone mat de : tab main rast 
bunga, aur bai*e gnnab se pak ra- 

14 Mere munb kl baten, aur mere 
dil ke socb : tere buzur men pasand 

15 Ai Kbudawand, mer! cbatan : 
aur mere fidija-denewale. 

Mazmx^r XX. 

MUSlBAT ke din Kbudawand 
teri sune : Ya'qub ke Ebuda 
ka Nam tujbe bulandl bakbsbe. 

2 Maqdis bl se terl kumak bbeje : 
aur Saibun men se tujbe sambbfile ; 

3 Tere sare badyon ko yad far- 
ma,e : aur terl sokbtani qurbanion 
ko qubul kare ; 

4 Tere dil kl kbwabish ke muwa- 
fiq tujb ko in'am de : aur tere sare 
mansubon ko pura kare. 

5 Ham terl najat se kbusbl mana,* 
enge, aur apne Kbuda' ke Nam par 
apne jbande kbare karenge : Kbuda- 
wand teri sari muraden purl kare. 

6 Ab main janta bun, ki Kbuda- 
wand apne masib ka cbburanewala 
bai : wub apne dabne batb ke najat- 
denewale zor se apne muqaddas 
asman par se us ki sunega. 

7 Yib garion ka, wub gboron ka : 
par bam Kbudawand apne'Kbuda 
ke Nam ka zikr karenge. 

8 Wub kbam bue, aur gir pare : 
lekin bam utbe, aur sidbe kbare liue. 

9 Ai Kbudawand, ribai de : jis 
waqt bam pukaren, us din badsbab 
bamarl sune. "" 


A I KHUDAWAND, ten tawauui 
se badsbab kbusbl karta bai : 
aur teri najat se kya bi dil-sbad bai I 

2 Tu ne us ko us ke dil ka matlab 
diya : aur us ne jo kucbb apne 
mimb 83 manga, Tu ne use radd na 

3 f 'aiz ki barakaton se Tu ap bi j 

us ke satb pesb aya : Tu ne kbalis 
sone ka taj us ke sir par rakba. 

4 Us ne Tujb se zindagi cbabi : 
aur Tu ne us ko 'umr ki dar&zi abad 
tak bakbsbl. 

5 Teri najat se us ki sbaukat 
'azim bai : basbmat aur jalal ko Tu 
ne us par rakba bai. 

6 Ki Tu ne us ko sada ki bara- 
katon ka sabab tbabraya bai : Tu ne 
us ko apne didar se nibayat kbusb- 
waqt kiya. 

7 Kyunki badsbab Kbudawand 
par tawakkul .rakbttl bai : Haqq 
Ta'ala ki rabmat se wub jumbisb na 

8 Tera batb tere sftro dusbmanou 
ko dbundb nikalega : tera dabna 
bStb tere bairlon ka tbikana laga,- 

9 Jis waqt Tu un par qabr ke 
satb nigab kare Tu unben tanur ki 
tarab dabka,ega : Kbudawand un ko 
apne gazab se nigal ja,ega, aiu' ag 
un ko kba legi. 

10 Tu un ka pbal^zamln par se ; 
aur un ki nasi bani Adam ke darmi- 
yan se nabud karega. 

11 Kyunki unbon ne tere barkbi- 
laf badi pbailai : aur aisi burl fikr 
socbi, ki use an jam tak pabuncba na 

12 Ki tu un ki pitb dikbla,ega : 
aur tu un ke rubaru apne cbille ko 

13 Ai Kbudawand, Tu apnl bi 
quwwat se buland bo : bam teri 
qudrat ki madb aur sana ga,enge. 


Mazmgr xxn. 

A I mere Kbuda, ai mere Kbud&, 
Tu ne mujhe kyun cbbora 
bai : Tu meri ribai se, aur mere 
karSbne ki baton se, kyun dur raba ? 

2 Ai mere Kbuda, main din ko 
cbillata bun par Tu nabin sunta : 
rat ko bbi, aur mujhe qarar nabin ; 

3 Magar tu quddus bai : Tu Israel 
kl madb men sukunat-karnewala 

4 Ilamare bapdadon ne Tujb par 

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tawakktd kiya : tmlion ne to ta- 
wakkul kiya, aur Tu ne unhen chhu- 

5 XJnhon ne Tnjli se faryad kl, 
aur rihai ^al : nnlion ne Tujh par 
bharosa kiya, aur sharminda na hue. 

6 Far main kira bun, na insan : 
admion ka nang bun, aur qaum kl 

7 Wub sab jo mujb ko dekbte 
bain mujb par banste bain : wub 
apne bontb pasarte bain, wub sir 
bila bilake kabte bain, ki 

8 Us ne ap ko Kbudawand par 
cbbora bai, ki wub use bacba,e : jis 
bal ki wub us so raz! bai, to wubi 
use cbbura,e. 

9 Ba bar bal Tu bl bai, jo mujbe 
pet se babar lay a : meri ma ki cbba- 
tion par bbi Tu bi mere i'timad ka 
ba'is bua. 

10 Main paida bote bi Tujb par 
pbenka gaya : jab main apni ma ke 
pet se nikla, tab bl se Tu mera 

t Kbuda bai. 

11 Mujb se dur mat rab, ki tangi 
pabuncba cbabti : aur madadgar kol 

12 Babut se bailon ne mujbe a 
gbera bai : Basan ke mazbut bailon 
ne cbaron taraf se mujb par bujiim 
kiya bai. 

13 Wub mujb par pbamewale aur 
gunjnewale sber kl tarah : munb 
pasare biie bain. 

14 Main pan! kl tarab baba jata 
biin, aur mere band band alag bo 
cbale bain : mera dil mom kl tarah 
mere sine men pighal gaya. 

15 Meri quwwat t&kre kl tarah 
khusbk bo ga,I, meri* zaban talii se 
iagi jati bai : aur Tii mujbe maut ki 
kbak par bitbata bai. 

16 Kyunki kutte mujb ko gherte 
bain : shariron ki gurob mera ibata 
karti bai ; 

17 Wub mere bath aur mere panw 
ebbedte ; Main apni sab baddion ko 
gin sakta bun : wub mujbe takte 
bain, aur gburte bain. 

18 Wub mere kapre apas men 
bantte bain : aur mere libas par qur'a 
dalte bain. 

19 Par Tu, ai Kbudawand, dur 

mat rab : ai meri tawSnai, jald mer! 
madad ke liye a. 

20 Meri jSn ko talwar se baoba : 
meri wabida ko kutte ke bath se. 

21 Babar ke munb se aur bbains- 
on ke singon se mujbe rihai de : Tii 
ne meri sunke bachaya bai. 

22 Main apne bbaion men tera 
Nam bayan karunga : aur majma' 
men tera sanakhwan hiinga. 

23 Turn, joKhudawaiid se darte 
bo, us ki sita,i8b karo : ai Ya'q^b kl 
sari nasi, tum us ki buzurgi karo ; 
ai Israel kX sari aulad, us ka dar 

24 Ki us ne dardmand ke dard ki 
tabqir nabin ki : na us se use nafrat 
ai, na us ne us se apna munb pher 
liya ; balki jab us ne us ko pukara, 
us ne jawab diya. 

25 Bari jama*at men mujb se teri 
sita,ish bogi : main un ke age jo us 
se darte bain, apni nazren ada ka- 
riinga. . "" 

26 Wub jo balim bain, kha,enge, 
aur ser honge : wub jo Kbudawand 
ke talib bain, us ki sitri,ish karenge ; 
tumbara dil abad tak jita raba 

27 Sare jaban ko sarasar y&d a,e- 
ga, aur wub Kbudawand ki taraf 
rujii' la,enge : sab qaumon ke gbar- 
ane tere age sijda karenge. 

28 Ki saltanat Kbudawand ki 
bai : qaumon ke darmiyan wubi 
hakim bai. 

29 Dunya ke sare daulatmand 
kha,enge : aur sijda karenge. 

30 Wub sab bbi, jo "kbak men 
milte bain, us ke buziir jbukengel 
aur wub jin ki majal nabin, ki^pni 
jan bacba,en. 

31 Ek nasi bogi, jo us ki bandagi 
karegi : wub Kbudawand ki ek 
pusht gini ja,egi. 

32 Wub a,enge, aur un logon ko, 
jo paida honge, yih kabke us ki 
sadaqat z&bir karenge : ki Us ne 
aisa kiya. 


KHUDAWAND mera chaupan 
bai : mujb ko kuchh kami 

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Boz 5. 



2 Wnh mnjhehariyftllohar&gahon 
men bithl&ta hai : wuh raliat ke 
chaslimon ki taiaf mujhe le pahtm- 
ch&ta hai 

3 Wuh men jan plier lat& hai : 
anr apne N&m kl khatir mujhe sada- 
qat kl rahon men liye phirtS hai. 

4 Balki Jab main maut ke saja 
kl wadi men phirunTto mujhe kuchh 
khauf o khaitar na toga : kyunki Tu 
mere sath hai, terl chharT aur terl 
lathi, wuh hi men tasaAl ke ba'is 

6 Tu mere dushmanon ke rubaru 
mere age dastarkhwan bichhata : Tu 
mere sir par tel malta, mer& piy&la 
labrez hoke chhalaktS hai. 

6 La-kalam mihrbani aur rahmat 
'umr bhar mere qadam se lagl rahen- 
gl : aur main hamesha Khudawand 
ke ghar men sukunat karunga. 

Mazmub XXIV. 

ZAMIN Khudawand kl hai, aur 
us ki ma'murl bhi : jahan aur 
us ke sare bashinde us ke hain. 

2 Is liye ki us ne us kl bina 
panlon par rakhl : aur use sailabon 
par qa,ini kiya. 

3 Khudawand ke pahar par kaun 
charh sakta hai : aur us ie makan^i 
muqaddas par kaun khara rah sakta 
hai ? ^ 

4 Wuhl hai, jis ke hath saf hain, 
aur jis ka dil pak hai : jo apna dil 
butlan par nal^n lagata, aur jo makr 
se qasam nahin khata. 

5 Khudawand kl barakat use 
pahunchegl : aur us ke najat-dene- 
wale Khuda kl sadaqat us ke sath 

6 Yih wuh pusht hai, jo us kl 
talib hai : tere didar ka khwahan 
Ya'qUb hai. * "" 

7 Ai phatako, apne sir unohe karo, 
aur ai abadi darwazo, unohe ho : ki 
jalal ka Badshah dakhil ho. 

8 Yih jalal ka Badshah kaun hai : 
Khudawand, jo qawl aur qadir hai ; 
Khudawand, jo jang men zorawar 
hai. " 


9 Ai phatako, apne sir linohe 
karo, aur ai* abadI darwazo, unohe 
ho : ki jalal ka Badshah dakhil 

10 Yih jalal ka Badshah kaun 
hai : Lashkaron ka Khudawand wuhl 
jalal ka Badshah hai. 

Mazmur XXV. 

A I KHUDAWAND, main apnl jan 
*ko terl taraf uthata hun, ai 
mere Khuda, main Tuj'h pax bhorosa 
rakhta hun : mujhe sharminda hone 
na de, mere dushman mujh par sha- 
diyana na baja,en. 

2 Aur un men se bhi, jo Tujh se 
ummed rakhte hain, kol sharminda 
na ho : balki wuh,3o na-haqq Tujh 
se sarkashi karte hain, sharminda 

3 Ai Khudawand, mujhe apnl 
rahen dikhla : mujh ko apne raste 

4 Apnl sadaqat men mujh ko le 
chal, aur mujh ko ta?llm de : ki 
mera najat-denewala Khuda Tu hai, 
sare din main tera intizar kbinchta 

5 Ai Khudawand, apnl rahmaton 
ko aur apnl mihrbanlon ko yad kar : 
ki wuh qad&n se sabit hain. • 

6 Men jawani ke gunahon ko, aur 
mere qusiiron ko yad mat kar : Tii 
apnl rahmat ke mutabiq apul khubl 
ke liye, ai Khudawand, mujhe' yad 

7 Khudawand bhala aur sidha 
hai : is liye wuh gunahgaron ko rah 
i haqq dikhlata hai. 

8 Wuh hallmon ko 'adalat kl rah 
batata hai : aur^misklnon ko apnl 
rah kl bat sikhlata hai. 

9 Khudawand ki san rahen rahmat 
aur sadaqat hain : un ke liye, jo us 
ke 'ahd o us kTshahadaton ko yad 
rakhte hain. 

10 Ai !ELhudawand, apne Nam ke 
waste merl badi ko bakhsh de : ki 
wuh bar! hai. 

11 yfuh kaun sa insan hai, jo 
Khudawand se darta hai : wuh us 
ko wuhl rah, jo use pasand hai, 

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Boz 5« 

12 Us ka jl ohain se rahega : aur 
us kl nasi zam&i ki waris hogl. 

13 Khudawand ka bhed iin pas 
hai, jo us 86 darte hain : wuh un ko 
apne 'ahd kl shinasal 'inayat karega. 

14 Merl ankhen hamesha Khuda- 
wand kl taraf lagl rahtl hain : 
kyunki wuhi mere panw phande se 

15 Merl taraf mutawajjih ho, aur 
mujh par rahm kar : ki main akela 
aur dukh men hiin. 

16 Mere dil ke gam bahut barh 
ga,e : Tu mujh ko mere dukhon se 
rihai de. 

17 Merl pareshani aur men ma- 
shaqqat parnigah kar : aur mere sab 
gunah bakhsh de. 

18 Mere dushmanon ko dekh, ki 
wuh bahut hain : aur"jo mera kina 
rakhte so andher karke rakhte hain. 

19 Meri jan kl muhafazat kar, aur 
mujhe bacha le : aur mujhe sharmin- 
da de, kyunki mujhe tera hi 
bharosa hai. 

20 Aisa kar, ki rasti aur sidhaf 
mere nigahban hon : ki mujhe Tujh 
se ummed hai. "" 

21 Ai Ehuda, Israel ko : us kl 
sari takllfon se rihai de. 

Mazmur XXVL 

A I KHUDAWAND, mera insaf 
kar, ki main apnl sidhal ki rah 
chala hiin : aur main ne Khudawand 
par tawakkul kiyS hai, main lagzish 
na khaunga. 

2 Ai Khudawand, mujhe azma, 
aur mera imtihan kar : mere gurdon 
ko, aur mere dil ko ta le. " 

3 Ki terl shafaqat meri ankhon ke 
samhne hai : aur main teri sach^ ki 
rah chala hun. 

4 Main behiidon ke sath nahin 
baitha : aur riyakaron ke sath nahin 
chalta hiin. "" 

5 Badkaron ki jama'at ka main 
dushman hiin : sharlron ke sath main 
na baithiinga. " "" 

6 Main be-gunahi men apne hath 
dhoiinga : tab main, ai Khudawand, 
tere mazbah kl tawaf karunga ; 

7 Ta ki main shukr ada kame 

men apnl awfiz uthaiin : aur tere 
Bare 'ajib kamon ka bayan kariin. 

8 Ai Khudawand, terl sukunat ka 
ghar : balki wuh makan, jahan tera 
jalal rahta hai, mujh ko khush aya. 

9 Merl jan ko gunahgaron men 
shamil mat kar : aur meri hayat ko 
khiinrez admion ke sath na mila : 

' 10 Ki un ke hathon men fasad 
hai : aur un ka dahna hath rishwaton 
se pur hai. 

11 Mam jo hiin, apni stdhai se rah 
chaliinga : mujhe makhlasi de, aur 
mujh par rahm kar. 

12 Mera panw hamwar jagah par 
hai : main majma'on men Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kahiinga. 

Mazmur XXVII. 

KHUDAWAND meri roshni hai, 
aur meri najat, mujh ko kis ki 
*dahshat : Khudawand meri zin- 
dagi ka pushta hai, mujh ko kis ki 
haibat ? 

2 Jis waqt sharir, jo mere dush- 
man aur mere bairi hain, mera gosht 
khane ko mujh par charh a^e : to 
unhon ne thokar khai, aur gir ga,e. 

3 Agarchi ek lashkar mere bar- 
khilaf khaima khara kare, to mere dil 
ko kuchh khauf nahm : agarchi meri 
mukhalafat men larai barpa ho, tau- 
bhl mera tawakkul sabit rahega. 

4 Main ne Khudawand se ek 
suwal kiya, usi ka main talib ra* 
hunga : ki main 'umr bhar Khuda- 
wand ke ghar men sukiinat kariin, 
ta ki Khudawand Je jamal ko dekh- 
iin, aur us ki haikal men tahqiqat 

5 Kyunki musibat ke waqt wuh 
mujh ko apne khaime men chhipa 
lega : apne dere ke parde men mujhe 
poshida rakhega, wuh mujhe chatan 
par charha,ega. 

6 So ab main apne sare dushman- 
on men, jo mere as pas hain : sar- 
buland kiya jaunga ; "" 

7 Main us ke khaime men khushi 
ki qurbanian kariinga : main gaiinga, 

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han, main Khud&wand kl madh- 
sarSI karunga. 

8 AiKhudawand, jab main buland 
awaz 86 ohillaun, to Tfi sun le : aur 
mnjh par rahm kar, aur mujhe 
jawab de. 

9 Jab Tu ne farmayft hai, ki Mere 
didar ke talib ho : tab mera dil bol 
utha, Ai KhudSwand, main tere didSr 
ka talib hun. 

10 Mnjh se ru-posh mat ho : aur 
se se apne bande ko kharij mat 

11 Ki tu sada mer& madadgar hua 
hai : mnjh ko tark na kar, aur mnjh 
ko chhor mat de, ai mere najat-dene- 
wale Khuda. 

12 Kyunki mera bap aur meri ma 
mujh ko chhor ga,e : par Khudawand 
meri parwaiish karega. 

13 Ai Khudawand, mujh ko apnl 
rah bata : aur mere dushmanon ke 
sabab mujhe us rah par, jo barabar 
hai, le chal. 

14 Mere dushmanon kl marzl par 
mujhe mat chhor : kyunki jhuthe 
gawah, aur wuh jo zulm ki sans lete 
hain, mujh par barp& hue hain. 

15 Agar mujhe i'tiqad na hota, ki 
main zindagl kl zamin men Khuda- 
wand kl ni'mat dekhimga : to main 
behawass ho jata. 

1 6 Khudawand kl intizarl kar, aur 
mazbut rah ; wuh tere dil ko taqwi- 
yat dega : main phir kahta hun, ki 
Khudawand ka muntazir rah. 


MAIN Tujhe pukfirtft hiin, ai 
Khudawand, meri chatan : 
mujh se khamoshi mat kar, na ho, ki 
agar Tu mujh se kh&moshi kare, to 
main un sa ho jaun, jo garhe m^ 
gimewale hain. 

2 Jab main tere age chillaun, aur 
ten muqaddas ilhamgah kl taraf 
apne hath uthaun : to Tu meri min- 
naton kl awaz sun le. 

3 Un shariron aur badkirdaron ke 
sath, jo apne hamsayon se salamati 
kl baten karte hain, aur un ke dilon 
men sharr hai : mujh ko shamil 
karke mat nikal. 

4 Jaise un ke a'mal, aur jaise un 
ke bure fil hain : un ko 'iwaz de ; 

5 Jaisa un ke hathon'ne kiya hai, 
waisa hi un se kar : un ka bcidla un 
ko de. 

6 Is liye ki wuh Khudawand ke 
kamon aur us ke hathon kl kfirlgarl 
ki taraf dbyan nahin karte : wuh 
unhen dha,ega, aur na bana,ega. 

7 Khudawand mubarak hai : ki 
us ne meri minnat kl awaz suni hai. 

8 Khudawand mera zor, aur meri 
sipar hai ; mere dil ne us par tawak- 
kul kiya hai, aur mujhe us kl pushtl 
hai : so mera dil shiddat se khush 
hai ; main git gake us kl madh ka- 

9 Khudawand un kl tawanal hai : 
aur wuh apne maslh ke liye muhkam 
qil'a hai. 

10 Apne logon ko najat bakhsh, 
aur apnl miras men barakat de : un 
kl ri*ayat kar, aur unhen hamesha 
tak sarfaraz rakh. "" 

MazmGr XXIX. 

KHUDAWAND kl nisbat se jano, 
ai qudratwalo : Khudawand kl 
* nisbat se jalal aur qudrat jano. 

2 Khudawand kl nisbat se jalal 
us ke Nam ke ]a,iq m&n lo : husn i 
taqaddus se Khud&wand ko sijda 

3 Khudawand kl Swaz p&ulon par 
hai : jalalwala Khuda garajta hai ; 

4 Khudawand bare panion par hai, 
Khudawand kl awaz zorawar hai : 
Khudawand kl awaz jalal wall hai. 

5 Khudawand kl awaz deodaron 
ko torti hai : balki Khudawand Lub^ 
nan ke deodaron ko bhi torta hai. 

6 Wuh un ko bachhron kl manind 
kudata hai : aur Lubnkn"'aur Siryiin 
ko jawan bhainse kl manind. 

7 Khudawand kl awaz ag ke shu- 
'alon ko chlrti hai ; Khudawand kl 
awaz dasht ko larzati hai : Khuda- 
wand dasht i Qadis ko bhi larzata 

8 Khudftwand kl awaz se himlon 
ke pet girte hain, aur wuh jangalon 
ko saf kar detl hai : us kl haikal men 
sab kol ktthta hai ki Us k4 jal&l hof 

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9 Khud&wand tufan par baitha 
hai : balki Kbudawand hamesha ke 
liye saltanat ke takht par baitha bai. 

10 Kbtrdawand apne logon ko zor 
bakbsbta hai : Khudawand apne 
logon ko salamati kl barakat deta 


A I KHUDAWAND, main terl ta'- 
zim kariinga, kyunki Tu ne 
mnjh ko sarfaraz kiya : aur mere 
dushmanon ko mujh par khush hone 
na diya. 

2 Ai Khudawand mere Khuda, 
main ne Tnjhe pukara : aur Tu ne 
mujhe changa kiya. 

3 Ai Khudawand, Tu meri jan ko 
patal se nikalke upar luya : un men 
se, jo garhe men girte hain, Tu ne 
meri hi jSn-bakhshl kl. 

4 Ai Khudawand ke muqaddas 
logo, us ke liye gao : aur us ki qud- 
dusl kl yadgari men shukr karo. 

5 Ki us ka gussa ek dam ka hai, 
aur us ke karam men zindagani hai : 
rona sham ko ho, par subh ko gane 
kl naubat hogl. 

6 Main ne apne chain ke waqt ka- 
ha, Mujh""ko kabhl jumbish na hogi : 
ai Khudawand, Tu ne apnl mihr- 
bani se mere pahSr ko khub qa,im 
kiya : 

7 Tu ne apna munh chhipaya : aur 
main ghabraya. 

8 Main tere age, ai Khudawand, 
chillaya : aur main ne Khudawand 
se fazl manga. 

9 Mere khun men kya' fa.,ida hai : 
jo main garhe men giriin ? 

10 Kya khak tera shukr karegl : 
kya wuh teri wafa ko bayan karegl ? 

11 Sun, ai Khudawand, aur mujh 
par fazl kar : ai Khudawand, Tu 
mera madadgar ho. 

12 Til ne mere waste mere matam 
ko nachne se badal diya : Tii ne mer& 
tat khol dala, aur meri kamar men 
khushi ka patka bandha ; " 

13 Itne liye ki meri shaukat terl 
madh aur sana ga,e, aur khamosh na 

rahe : ai Khud&wana mere Khuda, 
main abad' tak tera shukr karta 

Mazmue XXXI. 

A I KHUDAWAND, mera tawak- 
kul Tujh par hai : mujh ko 
kabhl sharminda hone na de ; mujhe 
apni sadaqat se ohhura. 

2 Apne kan meri taraf jhuka : aur 
jald mujhe rihai de ; 

3 Tu mere liye mazbut chatan : 
aur mere bachao ke liye ek muhkam 
qil'a ho. 

4 Ki Tii hi meri chatan aur mera 
garh hai : pas, Tii apne Nam ke liye 
meri rahbari aur meri rahnumai kar. 

5 Mujhe us jal se, jo unhon ne 
chhipake mere liye bichhaya hai, 
nikal : ki Tu hi mera zor hai. 

6 Main apni riih ko tere hath men 
sompta hun : ai Khudawand, sachai 
ke Khuda, Tii ne mujhe makhlasi 
di hai. 

7 Main un se 'adawat rakhta hun, 
jo darog butlanon ki nigahdari karte 
hain : magar main jo hiin, so Khuda- 
wand par mera tawakkul hai. 

8 Main teri rahmat par shadan aur 
shadman hunga ; ki Tii ne mere 
dukh par nigah ki, Tu ne meri jan 
ki sakhtion ko pahchan liya ; 

9 Aur mujh ko mere dushman ke 
hath men hawale na kar diya : Tu 
ne kushada jagah men mera panw 
khara kiya. 

10 Ai Khudawand, mujh par sha- 
faqat kar, ki main tang-hal hiin : 
meri ankhen gam se jati rahin, balki 
meri jan aur mera pet bhi. 

11 Ki meri zindagani gam men 
fana hiii : aur meri 'umr karahne 
men ; 

,12 Meri quwwat meri burai se 
ghat chali : aur meri haddian khushk 
ho ga,in. 

13 Main apne sab dushmanon ke 
samhne ek nang tha, khususan ham- 
sayon ke nazdik : aur apne jan-pah- 
chanon ke pas 'ibrat; jo mujh ko 
rah par dekhte mujh se dur bhagte 

14 Main us admi ki manind, jo 
mar ja,e, aur koi uaa^yad na kare. 

Digitized by Vjt)OQlC 




farltmosh ho gaya Mn : main tute 
hue basan kl mauind hun. . 

15 Ei main ne bahuton kl tuh- 
maten sunto": har taraf ~se khauf 
hota, ki wuh apas men mere bar- 
khilaf hoke mashwarat karte, balki 
merl jan mame par mansuba bandhte 

16 Far, ai Rhudawand, main 
Tujh par tawakknl karta : main 
kahta hun, Tu mera Khuda hai. 

17 Meri auqat tere hath men 
bain : mujh ko mere du'shmanon ke 
hath se rihal de, aur un se jo mere 
pichhe pare hain. 

18 Apne chihre ko apne bande 
par cbamka : apnl rahmat se mujhe 

19 Ai Khuda wand, mujhe sharm- 
inda hone na de, kyunki main Tujhe 
pukarta hun : balki sharir hi sharm* 
inda hon, aur wuh gor men, chup- 
chap pare rahen. 

20 Jhiithe labon ko khamosh kar : 
jtn se gustakhi aur hiqarat ki sakht 
baten sadaqat ke barkhilaf nikaltl 

21 Wah kya hi bara tera ihsan 
hai, jo Tu apne darnewalon ke liye 
chhipa rakhta hai : aur un par, jin 
ka tawakkul Tujh par hai, bani 
Adam ke samhne zahir karta hai I 

22 Tu hi unhen admion ki ban- 
dishon se apni huzuri ke parde men 
chhipata hai : tu hi unhen zabanon 
ke jhagre se apne khaime men 
poshida karta hai. 

23 Khudawand mubarak hai : ki 
us ne muhkam shahr men apnl 'ajib 
mihrbani mujh ko dikhlai. 

24 Main ne ghabrake kaha : ki 
Main teri nazron se dur phenka gaya. 

25 Bawujud us ke jab main tere 
age chillaya : to Tu ne meri minnat 
ki awaz sun ll. 

26 Ai Khudawand ke sare muqad- 
das logo, us se mahabbat rakho : ki 
Khudawand dindaron ka nigahban 
hai, aur ^rur-kamewftlon ko be- 
tarah badla deta hai. 

27 Ai logo, jo Khudawand se um- 
med rakhte ho, tum sab zor pakro : 
ki wuh tumh&re dilon ko mazbuti 


Mazmur XXXII. 

IliTFBARAK hai wuh jis ka gunah 
JLU. bakhsha gaya : aur khata 
dhampi ga,i. 

2 Mubarak hai wuh admi, jis ke 
gunahon ko Khudawand hisab men 
nahin lata : aur jis ke dil men daga 

3 Jab main chup raha : to mert 
haddian sare din karahte karahte 
gal ga,m. 

4 Kyunki tera h§,th rSt din mujh 
par bhari tha : meri tari garmion 
ki khushki se mubaddal hui. 

5 Main ne Tujh pas apne gunah 
ka iqrar kiya : aur main ne apnl 
badkari nahin chhipai. 

6 Main ne kaha, Main Khudawand 
ke age apne gunah ka iqrar karunga : 
so Tu ne meri badzati ke gunah ko 
bakhsh diya. 

7 Isi liye har ek jo dlndar hai, us 
waqt, jis men Tu mil sakta hai, 
Tujh se du'a mangega : yaqinan jo 
bare panion ke sailab a,en, wuh use 
na pahunchenge. 

8 Tu mere chhipne ka makan hai ; 
Tu mujhe dukhon se baehata hai : 
najat ke giton se Tu mujhe gherta 

9 Main tujhe ta'lim dunga, aur us 
rah men, jis men tu chalega, tujhe 
sikhlaunga : teri rahnumai ke liye 
main apni ankh tujh par lagaunga. 

10 Turn ghoron aur khachcharon 
ki manind mat ho, ki un ko samajh 
nahin : aur un ka munh lagam aur 
bag ke saranjam se band karna hai, 
na ho ki wuh tujh tak a,en. 

11 Sharir par bahut si muslbaten 
hain : par wuh jis ka bharosa 
Khudawand par hai, rahmat se 
ghera jata hai. 

12 Ai sadiqo, Khudawand ke sa- 
bab khush ho, aur shadmani karo : 
aur tum sab, jo rast-dil ho khushi 
se chillao. 


A I sadiqo, Khudawand ke sabab 
khushi karo :'ki hamd karna 
Bidhe logon ko sajta hai. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




2 Barbat ohherte hue Ehudawand 
kl sitajish karo :'aur das tar ka bin 
bajake us ki madh-saral karo. 

3 Us ke liye ek naya git g&o : 
sughrai se baja bajake khushl se 

4 Eyunki Ebud&wand k& kalam 
fiidha hai : aur us ke sare kam wafa 
ke Bath hain. 

6 Wuh sadaqat aur adalat ko dost 
rakhta hai : zamin Khudawand kl 
rahmat se ma'mur bai. 

6 Khudawand ke kalam se asman 
bane : aur un ke sare lasbkar us ke 
munh ke dam se. 

7'Wuh darya ka pan! tude kl 
manind jama' karta hai : wuh 
gahrapon ko makhzanon men rakh 
chhorta hai. 

8 &arl zamIn Khudawand se darti 
rahe : aur jahan kl sari abadi us ka 
khauf mane. 

9 Ki us ne kaha, aur wuh ho gayS : 
us ne farmaya, aur wuh barpa hua. 

10 Khudawand qaumon kl mash- 
waraton ko nachiz karta hai : wuh 
logon ke mansubon ko batil kar deta 
hai. "" 

11 Khudawand kl mashwarat abad 
tak sabit rahegl : us ke dil ke man- 
sube pusht dar pusht jarl honge. 

12 Khush-hal hai wuh qaum, jis 
ka Khuda Khudawand hai : aur wuh 
log, jinhen us ne pasand karke apnl 
mlras kiya. 

1 3 Khudawand asman par se dekh- 
ta hai; wuh sare bani Adam par 
nigah karta hai : wuh apnl sukunat 
ke maqam se zamIn ke sab bftsh- 
indon ko taktS hai. 

14 Un ke dilon ka eksan kame- 
wala wuhi hai : wuh un ke s&re 
'amalon ka thik jannewala hai. 

15 Kol badshah nahin, jo apne 
lashkar kl firawani se rihal pa,e: 
kol pahlawan apne zor kl kasrat se 
iiajat nahIn pata. 

16 Bach nikalne ke liye ghore se 
kilm uahln chalta : wuh apne bare 
zor se kisi ko bacha nahin sakta. 

17 Dekho, Khudawand kl ankh 
un par hai : jo us se darte hain, aur 
un par, jo us kl rahmat ke ummed- 
war hain ; 

18 Ta ki un k! janon ko maut se 
ohhura,e : aur unhen kal men jita 

19 Ham&rl janon ko Khud&wand 
ka intizar hai : wuhl bamara chara 
aur hamarl sipar hai. 

20 Hamara dil usi se khush hai : 
ki ham us ke muqaddas N§>m par 
bharosa rakhte hain. 

21 Ai Khudawand, jaise hamen 
Tujh par tawakkul hai : waise hi 
ten rahmat ham par ho. 


MAIN bar waqt Khudawand ko 
mubarak kahunga : us kl sita,- 
ish sad a mere munh men hogl. 

2 Merl ruh Khudawand par fakhr 
karegl : garib log sunenge aur khush 

3 Mere sath Khuda kl barai karo : 
ham milke us ka Nam buland karen. 

4 Main ne Khudawand ko dhiin- 
dha, us ne merl suni : aur mujhe 
mere sare khaufon se rihai dl. 

5 Unhon ne us par nazr kl, aur 
roshan ho ga,e : aur \m ke munh 
sharminda na hue. 

6 Yih miskin chillaya, aur Khuda- 
wand ne suna : aur use us kl sari 
musibaton se bacha liya. 

7 Khudawand ka firishta un kl 
charon taraf jo us se darte hain, 
khaima khara karta hai : aur unhen 
bachata rahta hai. 

8 Are ao, chakho, aur dekho, ki 
Khudawand mihrban hai : mubarak 
hai wuh adml, jis ka bharosa us par 

9 Ai us ke muqaddas logo, Khuda- 
wand se daro : kyunki jo us se darte 
hain, unhen kuchh kami nahln. 

10 ShernI ke bachche hajatmand 
bote, aur bhiikhe rahte hain : par jo 
Khudawand ke talib hain, unhen 
kisI ni^nat kl kamI nahln. 

11 Ao, ai larko, aur merl suno : 
main tumhen Khuda-tarsI sikh- 

12 Wuh kaun insan hai, jo zin- 
dagl ka mushtaq hai : aur barl 'uinr 
chahta hai, ta ki bhalai dekhe* ? 

13 Apnl zaban ko^4>adI se : aur 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


zabCe ki KITAB. 


honthon ko dag& kl b&t bolne se, baz 
rakh. "" 

14 BadI 86 bhag, aur nekl kar : 
salamatl ko dhimdh, aur hbH ka 
plchha kar. 

15 Khudawand kl ankben sadiqon 
par : aur us ke kan un kl faryad par 

16 Kbudawand ka munb un ke 
barkbilaf bai jo badkirdar bain : 
ta ki un ki yadgari zamin par"se 
mita dale. 

17 Sadiq cbillate bain, aur Kbuda- 
wand suntk bai : aur unben un ke 
Bare dukbon se ribal deta bai. 

18 Kbudawand un ke nazdik bai, 
jo sbikasta-dil bain : aur un ko jo 
kbasta-jan bain, bacbata bai. 

19 Sadiq par babut si muslbaten 
botf bain : par Kbudawand us ko un 
sab se cbburata bai. 

20 Wub *us ki sari baddlon ka 
nigabban bai : un men se ek bbi 
tiitne nabin pati. 

21 Badi^sbarlr ko balak karegl : 
aur un par, jo sadiq ke kina rakbne- 
wale bain, ilzam diya ja,ega. 

22 Kbudawand apne bandon ki 
janon ko makblasi deta bai : aur un 
men se, jin ka tawakkul us par bai, 
kisi par ilzam na diya ja,ega. 



A I KHUDAWAND, un se, jo 
mujb se jbagarte bain, jbagar : 
aur un se, jo mujb se larte bain, lar. 

2 Sipar aur pbarl pak'ar : aur mefi 
kumak ke liye kbara bo. 

3 Bbala nikal, aur un ke sambne 
ki rab ko, jo mere picbbe pare bain, 
band kar : merl jan ko farmS, ki 
Terl najat Main biin. 

4 Wub jo merl jan ke kbwabSn 
bain, kbajil aur ruswa bon : aur wub 
jo meri tababi ka mansuba bandbte 
bain, bat&,e ja,en aur sbarminda 

5 Jaise bbusi bawa ke age boti 
bai, waise bl wub bon : aur Kbuda- 
wand ka firisbta unben dbakel de. 

6 Un Is rab andberi aur pbisalni 

bo : Kbudawand ka firisbta unben 

7 Ki unbon ne be-sabab mere liye 
garbe men apna jal cbbipaya : aur 
na-baqq merl jan ke liye garba 
kboda bai. 

8 Us par nagabani tababi pare, 
aur wub apne jal men jo us ne 
cbbipaya ap bi pbanse : ban, usi 
men gire ki balak bo. 

9 Par mera ji Kbudawand men 
kbusbwaqt boga : aur us ki najat se 
sbadmani karega. 

10 Meri sari baddian kabengi, Ai 
Kbudawand, Tujb sa kaun bai, jo 
miskin ko us ke batb se jo us se 
zabardast bai obburata : ban, miskin 
aur mubtaj ko us se, jo nnben garat 
karta bai ? 

11 Jbutbegawah utbe bain : wub 
mujb se aise suwalat karte bain, jin 
se main agab nabin. 

12 Wub neki ke 'iwaz men mujb 
se badi karte bain : wub meri jan ko 
bekas cbborte bain. 

13 Main'ne to, jab wub bimar tbe, 
tat ka libas pabina, aur roze rakb 
rakbke apne ji ko be-aram kiya : 
aur meri du'a palatke mere sine men 
ati tbi. 

14 Main ne un se wub suluk 
kiya, jo koi apne dost aur bbai se 
kare : maia sir jbukakar aisa kurba, 
jaise koi apni ma ke liye gam kare. 

15 Par wub meri musibat se kbusb 
boke jama' bo ga,e : wub zalil log 
mujb par farabam biie, jin se main 
be-kbabar tba; wub mujbe pbarte, 
aur baz na ate ; 

16 Kaminon ke satb, jo roti ke 
liye tbattha marte : aur mujb par 
dant kicbkicbate. 

17 Ai Kbudawand, kab tak Tu 
dekba karega : un ki kbarabion se 
meri jan ko cbbura, meri wabid ko 
sber-bacbcbon se. * 

18 Main bari jamft'at men tera 
sbukr karunga : main logon ki 
kasrat ke darmiyan teri sita,i8b 

19 Wub jo na-baqq mere dusbman 
bain mujb par kbusbwaqt na bon : 
aur wub, jo be-sabab mere bairl 
bain, mujb par palak namaren. 

.Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


zabiDb ki kitab. 


20 Eytinki vmh sal&mati kl bat 
nahln karte : balki miilk ke sallin 
W par makr ke manBuWlitadhte 

21 Aur unhon ne mTijli par apna 
miinli pasara £ai, anr kahte haiu : 
AhKy ahA, ham&i^ ankhon ne yih 

22 Ai Khudawand, Tu yih dekhta 
hai : kbamoshi mat kar, ai Khnda- 
wand, mnjli se mat dur rah. ^ 

23 Ai mere EhudS, ai mere Babb, 
nth : anr mere insaf ke liye aur 
mere faisale ke liye jag. 

24 Ai E^ndawand, mere Khnda, 
apnl sadaqat ke mut&biq mera insaf 
kar : anr unhen mnjh par khnshwaqt 
na hone de. 

25 Wnh apne dilon men kahne na 
pa,en, Wachhire, yihl ham chfihte 
the : aur wnh na kahen, ki Ham use 
chat kar ga,e. 

26 Wuh, jo men bnrai se khnsh 
bote bain, sharminda anr mswa hon : 
jo merl dusbmani par pbulte bain, 
sbarmindagl anr mswal ka libas 

27 Wnh, jo meri nek-nami ke 
mnsbtaq bain, kbnsbl se chill&,en, 
anr shadman hon : anr sada kaba 
karen, ki Wnh bara Kbndawand hai, 
jo apne bande ki salamati ko chabta 

28 Anr merl zab&n ten sadftqat : 
aur ten sita,ish kl bat tamam din 
kahtl rahe^. 


BADKAE kf shararat ki kabawat 
mere dil ke andar hai : ki 
Kbnda ka khauf us kl ankhon ke 
age nahln. 

2 Eyunki wnh apnl nazr men 
apko bhaTa thabrake apne ko war- 
galat& hai :'ki men bural f&sb na 
bogi aur makrub jani na ja,egl. 

3 Us ke mnnb ki baten badi aur 
fareb bain : wuh danishmandl anr 
nekl ko tark karta hai. 

4 Wuh apne bistar par pare pare 
badi ke mansube b&ndbta hai : wiih 
aisi rah men jo achcbbi nabin khara 
boke rahta hai : wuh bural se nafrat 
nabin khata. 

5 Ai Ebudawand, Ssm&non men 
ten rabmat hai : aur tert waf&d&n 
badllon tak pabunobl hai. 

6 Ten sadaqat bare pabHron kl 
manind hai : ten 'adalaten lobi ek 
bara gabrao bain. 

7 Ai Ebudawand, Tu insan aur 
baiw§,n ka parwardagar hai; ai 
Ebuda, ten mihrbanl kya hi 'aziz 
hai : is liye bant Adam tere paron 
ke saya tale ake pan&h lete bain. 

8 Wuh tere ghar kl cbikn&I kb&ne 
se ser bonge : aur Tu apni 'ishraton 
ke darya se unben ser-ab karegft. " 

9 Ei zindagi k& chashma tere pas 
hai : ham ten rosbnl men sbamil 
boke rosbnl dekbenge. 

10 Tu apne pahcbannewalon par 
apnl rabmat ko barba : aur un par, 
jin ke dil sidbe bain, apnl sadaqat ko. 

11 Gbamand-kamewalon ka panw 
mnjh par na pare : aur na'sbanr'ka 
b&tii mujbe kbarij kar de. 

12 Badkar waban gire hue bain : 
wuh dbakele ga,e bain, aur pbir na 
nth sakenge. 


BADEAEON ke sabab tu mat 
kurb : bure kam-karnewalon se 
tu basad na kar. 

2 Ki wnh jaldl gbas kl manind 
kat dale ja,enge : aur bare sabze ki 
tarab murjba,enge. 

3 Ebud&wand par tawakkul rakh, 
aur neki kar : tu sarzamin men zinda- 
gani basar kar, aur diyanatdan par 
chara kar. 

4 Ebud&wand ki yftd men masrur 
rah : ki wuh tere dil ke matilib piire 

5 Apni r&b Ebud&wand par ohhor 
de, us par tawakkul kar : wuh khud 
bana lega. 

6 Wuh ten sadaqat ko nur ki 
tarab zahir karega : aur teri 'adalat 
ko do pabar ki si roshni bakbsbega. 

7 Ebudawand ki taraf chupke 
ruju' bo, aur us ke intizar men 
tbabra rah : us shakhs ke sabab se, 
jo apni r&h men kamyab bota hai. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




aur bnre mansube bandhtS hai, mat 

8 Gnssa kame se bSz a, aur g^azab 
ko tark kar : ap ko mat uska, aisa 
na ho, ki tu sbararat men gire. 

9 Ki badkar kat dale ja,enge : 
lekin vnih, jo Kbudawaud ke mun- 
tazir bain, zamin ko mlras men lenge. 

10 Ki ek tborl si muddat bai, ki 
sbarir na boga : tu gaur karke us 
ka makan dbundbega, aur wub na 

11 Lekin wub jo ballm bain, 
zamin ke waris honge : aur babut si 
rabat pake kbusb-dil bonge. 

12 Sbarir Kadiq ke barkbilaf ban- 
disben bandbta bai : aur us par dant 
kicbkicbatS, bai. 

13 Kbudawaud us par bansta bai : 
kyunki dekbta bai ki us ka din ata 

14 Sbarir talwar nikalte, aur apnl 
kamSn kbincbte : ta ki miskin aur 
mubtaj ko gira,en, aur un ko, jin ki 
raben sidbi bain, j^n se maren. 

16"Un kl talwar unbin ke dilon 
men paitbegl : un kl kamanen tut 

16 Tbora sa, jo sadiq ka bai : 
babut se sbariron ke mal o asbab se 
bibtar bai. 

17 Ki sbariron ke bazu tore 
ja,enge : par Kbudawaud sadiqon 
ka tbamnewala bai. 

18 Kbudawaud dindaron ke dinon 
ko pab'cbanta bai : aur un kl mlras 
abadi bogl. 

1 9 Wub bure waqt men sbarminda 
na bonge : balki kal ke dinon men 
ser rabenge. 

20 Lekin wub, jo sbarir bain, 
balak bonge, aur Kbudawaud ke 
dusbman barron ki cbarbl kl manind 
tana bonge : wub dbunwen kl ma- 
nind jate rabenge. 

21 Sbarir udbar leta bai, aur pbir 
ada nabin karta : par sadiq rabm 
karta bai aur in'am deta bai.' 

22 Kijin par us kl barakat bai, 
zamin ke waris bonge : aur jin par 
us kl la'nat bai, kat ja,enge. 

23 Lisan ke qadam Kbudawaud 
sabit rakbta bai : ^i^r us "kl ri,b ko 
dost rakbta bai. 

24 Agarobi wub gir ja,e, par pari 
na rabega : kyunki Kbudawaud us 
ka batb tb^mta bai. 

25 Mainjawan tba, abbiirbabua : 
par main ne sadiq ko tark kiye biie, 
aur us ki nasi men se kisi ko tukre 
mangte na dekha. 

26 Wub sada rabm karta rabta 
bai, aur qarz diya karta bai : us ki 
nasi mubarak bai. 

27 BadI se bbag, aur nekl kar : 
aur abad tak abad rab. 

28 Ki Kbudawaud 'adalat ka dost- 
dar bai ; aur apne muqaddas logon 
ko tark nabin karta, wub abad tak 
mabfaz rabenge. 

' 29 Bedin log saza pa,enge : par 
sbariron ki nasi kati ja,egir 

30 Sadiq zamin ke waris bonge, 
aur abad tak us par basenge. "" 

81 Sadiq ka munb danai ki bat 
kabta bai : us kl zaban se 'adalat ka 
kaUma nikalta bai. 

32 Us ke Kbuda ki sbari'at us ke 
dil men bai : us ka panw kabbi na 

33 Sbarir sadiq kl gbat men laga 
bai : aur us ke qatl ke darpai~rabta 

34 Kbudawaud us ko us ke qabii 
men na cbborega : aur 'adalat ke 
waqt use mujiim na tbabra,ega. 

35 Kbudawaud ka muntazir rab, 
aur us kl rab ko yad rakb, ki wub 
tujb ko zamin ka waris karke sarfa- 
razi bakbsbega : aur jab sbarir kate 
ja,enge, to tft dekhega. 

36 Main ne sbarir bara ru'bdar 
dekba : jo ap ko us bare darakbt kl 
manind, jo kbud-rau bo, pbailata 


37 Par wub guzar gaya, goya tba 
bi nab^ : main ne use dbundba, wub 
kabin na mila. 

38 Kamil ko tak, aur sidbe ko 
dekb rakb : ki aise adml ka anjam 
salamati bai. 

39 Far kbatakar sab ke sab balak 
bo ja,enge : sbarir ka anjam nesti 

40 Sadiqon kl najat Kbudawaud 
se bai : dukb ke waqt wub im ka 
mubkam qil'a bai. 

41 ij^hud^wand un ki mfidad kare* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


zabCb KI kitab. 

Boz 8. 

g&, aur nnhen rih&I deg& : wuh tin 
ko sliarlron bo clibura,ega anrbacha,- 
ega, is liye ki un k'a bharoBft us par 

Mazmur XXXVIII. 

A I KHUDAWAND, apnegussese 
mujh ko mat jhirak : aur na 
apne qahr se mujhe tamblh de. 

2 Ki tere tir mujhe chubh ga,e 
hain : aur tera bath mujh par bharl 

3 Tere gfusse ke sabab mere jism 
ko sihhat nahfn : aur mere gunah 
ke ba*is men haddion ko aram nahm. 

4 Ki mere gunah mere sir se 
guzar ga,e : aur bharl bojh kl manind 
mujh par bhari ho ga,e. 

5 Mere ghao badbu ho ga,e, aur 
sar ga,e : merl himaqat ke sabab se. 

6 Main jhuka hua hun, aur kham- 
d&r ho gaya : main din bhar roya 
karta hun. 

7 Kyunki meri kamar bilkull 
khushk ho^ga,I : aur mere jism men 
sihhat nahin. 

8 Main be-tab ho gaya hun, balki 
nipat pis gaya : aur dil kl ghabrahat 
se chillata hun. 

9 Ai Khudawand, mera sara ishti- 
yaq tere huzur hai : aur mera 
karahna Tujh se chhipa nahln. 

10 Mera dil dharakta hai, mera 
zor mujh se jata raha : aur meri 
ankhon kl roshni, wuh bhi g^a,ib hul. 

11 Mere dost, aur mere ashna, 
afat ke sabab mujh se alag khare 
rahe : aur mere rishtadar mujh se 
dur ja khare hue. 

12 Wuh* jo merT jan ke khwahan 
hain, mere phansane ko phande 
marte hain : aur wuh, jo mere dukh 
ke rawadar hain, mere haqq men 
aisi baten kahte hain, jin men mera 
ziyan hai, aur sare din makr ke 
mansube b&ndhte hain. 

13 Far main bahre kl manind ho 
gaya> jo kuchh sunta nahln : aur 
giinge kl manind, jo apna murh 
nahin kholta. *" 

14 Main us shakhs kl manind 
hua, jis ne mutlaq na suna hai : aur 

us kl manind, jis ke munh men 
hujjat na ho. "" 

15 Ki, ai Khudawand, mujhe Tujh 
se ummed hai : Tu jawab dega, ai 
Khudawand, mere Khuda. 

16^ Is liye main ne kaha, ta na 
ho ki wuh mujh par khushi karen : 
jo ki mere panw ke phisalne par 
phiilte hain. "" 

17 Main gira chahta hiin : aur 
mera gam sada mere samhne hai. 

18 Kyunki main apna gunah ap 
kholke kahta : aur apnl taqsir ke 
l^yo ganigin hiin. 

19 Mere dushman jite hain, aur 
qawi hain : aur wuh jo na-haqq mere 
bairr hain, bahut ho ga,e. 

20 Wuh, jo nekl ke 'iwaz men badi 
karte hain : mere dushman "bane 
hain, is liye ki main neki ki pairaul 
karta hun. 

21 Ai Khudawand, mujh ko tark 
mat kar : ai mere Khuda, mujh se 
dur mat rah. 

^ 22 Meri madad ke liye jaldi kar : 
ai Khudawand mere najat-denewSle. 

MazmOr XXXIX. 

MAIN ne kaha, Main apni rahon ki 
khabardarl kariinga : ki meri 
zaban se gunah na ho; 

2 Aur jis waqt sharlr mere samhne 
hoga : to main apne munh ko lagam 
dunga. " 

3 Main gungft aur khamosh ho 
raha : nek kahne se bhi rah gaya ; 
mera gam taza hua. 

4 Sine ke bich mere dil men tapish 
hiii, aur mere sochne men ag bhar- 
ki : tab main ne apni" zaban se 
kaha, " 

6 Ai Khudawand, mujhe bata, ki 
mera anjam kya hai, aur meri 'umr 
kitni hai : ta ki main janun, ki us ki 
kitni muddat baqi hai. " 

6 Dekh, Tii ne meri 'umr balisht 
bhar ki, aur meri zindagi tere age 
na-chiz hai : yaqinan bar ek shakhs 
agarchi barqarar ho, lekin mahz 

7 Bila shakk, bar ek insan wahm 
aur khayal sa chalta phirta hai; 
be-shubha wuh 'abaa, 9^-kaJ bote 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


zabCe KI kitab. 


hain : wnh zakhlra karta hai, aur 
nabin janta ki use katin lega. 

8 Ab, ai Kbudawand, mujbe kis kl 
ummed bai : mujbe terl bl ummed 

9 Mujb ko mere sare gunabon se 
najat de : mujb ko jabilon ka nang 
mat kar. 

10 Main gunga rabta, main apna 
munh na kbolta : kyunki Tu bl ne 
yib kiya bai. 

11 Mujb se apnl bal§. dur kar : 
main to tere batb ke zor se fana bua 
jata bun. 

12 Jab Tu adml ko, us ke gunab ke 
ba'is malamaten karke adab deta bai, 
to us ke jas ko patange kl manind 
kbo det& bai : yaqinan bar ek insan 
mabz be-subat bai. 

13 Ai Ebudawand mer! du'a sun, 
aur mere nala par kan dbar : mere 
ansu dekbke kbamosb mat rab. 

~14 Kyunki main tere sambne par- 
desi : aur apne sare bap-dadon kl 
manind musafir bun. 

15 Mujb se ankb pber le, ta ki 
main dam le liin : us se age ki main 
yaban se jaiin, aur pbir na rabun. 


MAIN ne sabr se Kbudawand k& 
intizar kiya : wub merl taraf 
ma,il bua, aur us ne merl faryad 

2 Wub mujbe baulnak garbe aur 
daldal ki klob se babar nikal laya : 
aur mere panw us ne cbatan par 
rakbe, aur mere qadamon ko sabit 

3 Aur us ne mere munb men ek 
naya git dala : jis se bamare Kbuda 
ki bamd bo. 

4 Babutere dekbenge aur darenge : 
aur Kbud&wand par tawakkul ka- 

5 Mubarak bai wub ins&n, jo 
Kbudawand par apna bbarosa rakbt& 
bai : aur mag^ruron ki, aur un ki, jo 
jbutb ki taraf pbirte bain, tawajjub 
nabin karta. " 

6 Ai Kbudawand, mere Kbuda, 
terl 'ajrb qudraten, jo Tii ne kar 
dikblain, babut si bain; aur teri 

tadbiren, jo bam&re liye bain : 
mumkin nabin ki tere buzur tartib 
ke satb gini ja,en. 

7 Main to unben kbolke tere age 
bayan kai*ta biin : lekin wub to 
sbumar se babar bain. 

8 Zabiba aur badya ko Tu ne 
nabin cbaba : Tu ne mere kan kbole. 

9 Sokbtani qurbani aur kbata ki 
qurbani ka Tu talib nabin : tab main 
ne kaba, Dekb, main ata bun. 

10 Kitab ke daftar men mere baqq 
men likba bai, ai mere Kbuda : main 
teri marzi baja lane par kbusb bun ; 
teri sbari'at to mere dil ke biob bai. 

11 Main bari jamS'at men sada 
qat ki basharat deta biin : dekb, ai 
Kbudawand, main apna munb band 
nabin karta, aur Tu janta bai* 

12 Main teri sadaqat ki bat apne 
dil men cbbipa na rakbta : main 
teri wafadari aur iteri najat ki bat 
kabta bun. 

13 Main teri mibrbani aur teri 
sacbai ko : bari jama'at se posbida 
nabin rakbta biin. 

14 Ai Kbudawand, apni rabmaton 
ko mujb se dareg na kar : teri mibr^ 
bani aur teri wafadari bar dam mere 
nigabban raben. 

. 15 Ki be-sbumar buraion ne mujbe 
gber liya ; mere gunabon ne mujbe 
pakra, ais& ki mam ankb upar nabin 
kar sakta : wub mere sir ke balon se 
sbumar men sdyada bain; so main 
ne dil ebb or diya. ~ 

16 Ai Kbudawand, mibrbanikarke 
mujbe ribai de : ai Kbudawand, jald 
meri madad ko pabuncb. 

17 Wub jo meri jan mame ke 
darpai bain, babam kbajil aur ruswa 
bon : wub jo meri tababi ke rawadar 
bain, bata,e ja,en aur sbarminda bon. 

18 Sab jo mujb par Aba, abi, 
kabte bain : apni is burai ke badle 
paresban bon. 

19 Aur wub sab, jo tere talib bain 
tere sabab kbusbwaqt aur kburram 
bon : aur wnb, jo teri najat ke 'asbiq 
bam, sada kab& karen, ki Kbuda- 
wand ki buzurgi bo. " 

20 Main to miskin aur mubtftj 
biin : lekin Kbudawand meri fikr 
karta bai* ' 

Digitized by CjOO^ IC 

•J 78 



21 MerS ohara, mera ohbTirane- 
walft, Tu hi hai ; ai mere Khuda, 
der mat kar. 



MUBARAK hai wuh, jo miskin kl 
fikr rakhta hai : Khndawand 
bipat ke waqt usl ko rihai dega. 

2 Khudawand us ka hafiz rahega, 
aiir use jita rakhegS, aur wuh zamin 
par mubarak hoga : aiir Tu use us 
ke dushmanon kl marzi par na cbhor 

3 Khudawand us ko blmSrl ke 
bistar par sambhalega : Tu us kl 
bimarX men us ka sara bichhaunft 
pherke bichha,ega. 

4 Main ne ktUia, Ai Khud&wand, 
mujh par rahm kar : meri jan ko 
shifa de, is liye ki main tera gu- 
nahgar bun. 

5 Mere dushman mujhe bura kahte 
hain : ki Wuh kab marega, aur us 
ka nam kab mit ja,ega ? 

6 Jab wuh mujhe dekhne ko atS 
hai, tab behuda baten karta hai : us 
ka dil burai ko apne liye sametta 
hai, wuh bahar jatS hai, aur use 
bayan karta hai. 

7 Sab jitne mera kina rakhte hain, 
mere barkhilaf apas men kanaphusi 
karte : wuh mere satane ke liye man- 
sube bandhte hain, 

8 Aur kahte hain, Ek burl blmarl 
use lagl hai : ab jo wuh para hai phir 
na uthega. 

9 Mere ham-dam ne bhi, jis par 
mujhe bharosa tha : aur jomeres&th 
roti khata tha, mujh par lat uthal. 

10 Par Tii, ai Khudawand,* mujh 
par rahm kar : aur mujh ko uth& 
khara kar, ta ki main un se- badla 

11 Is se main j&n gay a ki Tu 
mujh se khush hua hai : ki mera 
dushman mujh par fath nahm p&ta. 

12 Aur main jo hiin, so men diya* 
natdari ke bals Tulnujh ko sam- 
bhaltS. hai : aur mujh ko apne huzur 
men abad tak sabit rakhega. 

13 Khudawand Isr&el ka Khud& : 
azal se abad tak mubarak hai', Amin. 

Mazmur XLII. 

JIS tarah se ki harni p&nl ke soton 
kl nihayat piyasi hoti hai : waise 
hi merl riih, ai Khuda, terl nihayat 
piyasi hai. 

2 Men ruh Khuda ke liye, zinda 
Khuda ke liye, tarasti hai : kab main 
jaiin, aur Khuda ke huziir hazir 

3 Mere ansii rat din mera khana 
hain : jis hai ki wuh bar roz mujh se 
piichhte hain, Tera Khuda kahan hai ? 

4 Main yih yad karta hiin, aur 
apne men apni jan ko undelta hun : 
is liye ki main guroh ke sath hoke, 
us guroh ke sath jo 'Id ke din ko 
manti hai, 

5 Khushl kl Srwaz se gata hua, aur 
shukr karta hiia : Khuda ke ghar 
men jata tha. 

6 Ai mere jl, tii kyiin gira jata 
hai, aur tu mujh men kyZn be-aram 

7 Khuda par bharosa rakh : ki 
main us kl sita,i8h age ko bhi . ka- 
runga, ki us ka chihra najat-dene- 
wal& hai. 

8 Ai mere Khuda, mera jl gira 
jata hai : so main Yardan ki zamin 
men, aur Harmun men, koh i Misgar 
par, Tujhe yad kariinga. 

9 Tere p&nl kl dMron kl awaz se 
gahr&o gahrao ko pukarta hai : terl 
sari maujen aur terl dheu mere sir 
se guzar ga,e. 

10 Khudawand din ke waqt apnl 
mihrbani ko farma,eg& : aur rat ke 
waqt main us k& git g&iinga ; merl 
du'a men hayat ke Khuda kl taraf 

11 Main Khuda ko, jo merl chatan 
hai, kahiinga, Tu mujhe kyiin bhul 
gaya hai : main kyiin dushman ke 
zulm se gam karta chala jata him ? 

12 Mere dushman us talwar kl 
manind, jo men haddlon se guzar 
jS,e : mujhe mal&mat karke dukh 
dete hain, 

13 Aur roz roz mujh ko kahte 
hain : Tera Khuda kahan hai? 

14 Ai mere jl, tu kyOn gira jata 
hai : aur tu mujh men kyiin be-aram 
hai? - t' - 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




15 Khudfi par tawakkul kar : 
kynnki" main ns kl Bita,ish age ko 
bbl ketr^gaf'jo mere cliihro kl najat, 
aur mer& Khiida haL 

MazmIJr XLIIl. 

A I KHUDA, mera insaf kar, aur 
is be-rahm qaum par meil 
hujjat sabit kar : mujhe makk&r aur 
badkar adml se ribal de. 

2 Ki mera panah-denewala Ebud& 
Tu hai ; kyun Tu mnjbe dur karta 
bai : main dusbman ke znlm se kyun 
rot& cbala jata bun ? 

3 Han, apne n^r aur apnl sachal 
ko zabix kar, wub bl men rabbarl 
karen : wub bl mujb ko tere kob i 
muqaddas par aur tere maskanon 
men pabuncba,en. 

4" Tab main Kbuda ke mazbab ke 
])as, Kbuda ke bussur, jo men kamal 
kbusbl bai, jaunga : aur main barbat 
bajake ten Bit&,isb karunga, ai 
Kbuda mere Kbuda. 

5 Ai mere jl, tu kyun gira j&ta 
bai : aur tu mujb men kyun be-aram 

6 Kbuda par tawakkul kar : ki 
main us kl 8ita,i8b age ko bbl ka- 
runga, jo mere cbibre kl najat,* aur 
mera Kbuda bai. 

MazmOr XLIV. 

A I KHTJDA, bam ne apne kanon 
se suna, aur bam&re bapdadon 
ne us kam ko : jo tu ne un ke dinon 
sabiq zam&ne men kiya bai, bam se 

2 Ki tu ne qaumon ko apne batb 
se kbarij kiya, aur inben basaya : 
tu lie tin' logon ko ukbara, aur in ko 

3 Kl wub apnl sbamsber se is 
zamin ke malik na bue : na apne 
bazu se ^alib &,e; 

4 Balki tere dabne b&tb se, aur 
tere bazu se, aur tere cbibre kenur 
se : is liye ki ten mibrbani un par 

5 Ai Kbuda, Tu mera Badshah 

bai : Ya'qub ke liye ribal k& bukm 

6 Tenmadad sebam apne dusb- 
manon ko dbakel denge : tere Nam 
se bam un ko, jo bam par cbarbte 
bain, pamal karenge. 

7~Ki mera takiya apnl kaman par 
nabin : na men talwar mujbe bacba 
saktl bai ; 

8 Balki Tu bl bam ko bamare 
dusbmanon se bacbata : aur un ko, 
jo bamar&'klDa rakbte bain, rusw& 
karta bai. 

9 Ham tamam din Kbuda par 
fakbr karte bain : aur tere nam kl 
abad tak sita,isb karenge. 

10 Lekin ab Tu ne bam ko tark 
kiya, aur ruswa kiya : aur bam&re 
lasbkaron ke satb nabin cbalta. 

11 Tu dusbman ke age se bam ko 
bbag& deta bai : aur wub, jo bamara 
kina rakbte bain, apne waste lut 
lete bain. 

12 T^ ne bam ko bberon kl 
manind un kl kburisb kiya : aur 
bam ko qaumon ke darmiyan aw&ra 

13 Tu ne apne logon ko muft 
becb dala : aur un ki qlmat se apnl 
ftmdani nabin barbal. 

14 Tu ne bam ko bamare paroslon 
ka nang kiya : un ke nazdik, jo 
bam&re aspas bain, bam ko an*- 
gusbt-numa aur maskbara kiya. 

15 Tu ne bam ko qaumon ke dar- 
miyan zarb ul masal kiya : aur logon 
ke darmiyan sir dbunne ka sabab. 

16 Men mswal bamesba mere 
sfimbne bai : aur mere cbibre kl 
sbarmindagi he mujb ko dbamp liya, 

17 Tubmat aur malamat karne- 
wale kl awaz ke sabab : dusbman 
aur intiqam-lenewale ke age. 

18 Yib Bab kucbb bam par biia ; 
par bam Tujbe nabin bbiile : aur tere 
'abd men be-waial nabfn kl. 

19 Na bamare dil Tujb se bar- 
gasbta hue : aur na bamare panw 
ten rab se mure bain. 

20 Par Tu ne azbdabon ke makan 
men bam ko kucbla : aur maut ke 
saya tale bam ko cbbipS diya. 

21 Agar bam apne Kbuda ka nam 
bbul ga,e, ya bam ne kisi ajnabl 

Digitized by VjOOQIc 




ina*bud kl taraf apne hath phaila,e : 
To kya Khuda us ki tahqiqat na 
karega; wuh to dilon ke razon se 
bhi agah hai. 

22 Ki tere hi liye ham sare din 
mare jate hain : aur zabh kl bheron 
ke barabar gine jate bain. 

23 Bedar ho ; kyun so raht& hai 
Tu, ai Khudawand : jag, ham ko 
hamesha ke liye tark mat kar. 

24 Tu kyun apna mnnh chhipata 
hai : aur hamarl muslbat, aur us 
zulm ko jo ham par hota, kyun 
bhula deta hai ? 

25 Ki hamarl jan khak men mil 
chair : hamara pet zamfn se laga. 

26 Hamarl madad ke liye uth : 
aur apnl rahmaton ke waste ham ko 
rihai de. " 

Mazmub XLV. 

1li~EEE dil men achchha mazmun 
JjjL josh marta h ai : main un chizon 
kb, jo main ne badsbah ke haqq men 
banal bain, bayan kartS hun. 

2 Men zaban : mahir likhnewale 
ka qalam hai. _ 

3 Tu husn men bani Adam se ka- 
hto ziyada hai : tere honthon men 
lutf bitaya gaya hai ; isl liye Khuda 
ne tujh ko abad tak mubarak kiya. 

4 Ai pahlawan, apnl talwar ko, jo 
ten hashmat aur buztirgwarl hai : 
hama,il karke apnl rSn par latka. 

6 Aur apnl buzurgysrarl se sawftr 
ho, aur sachai aur mulayamat aur 
sadaqat ke waste iqbalmandi se age 
barh : aur tera dahna hath Tujh ko 
miihib kam 8ikhla,ega. 

6 Tere tir tez hain, log tere niohe 
gire parte hain : wuh badshfth ke 
dushmanon ke dil men lag jate hain. 

7 Ter& Takht, ai Khuda, abad ul 
abad hai : ten saltanat k& 'asa rastl 
k& 'asa hai. 

8 Tfi sadaqat ka dost, aur shararat 
ka dushman hai : is sabab Khuda, 
tere Khuda ne tujh ko khushi ke tel 
se, tere musahibon se ziyada, masah 

9 Tere sare libas se murr, aur 'ud, 
aur taj kl khushbu atl hai : ki jin se 
hathl-dant ke mahallon ke darmiyan 
unbon ne tujh ko khush kiya hai. 

10 Badshahon ki betlan terl 'izzat- 
walion men hain : malika Ofir ke 
sone se arasta hoke tere dahne hath 
khan hai 

11 Ai betl, sun le, aur soch, aur 
apne kan idhar dhar : aur apne logon 
aur apne bap ke ghar ko bhul ja ; " 

12 Ta ki badshah tere jamal ka 
nipat mushtaq ho : ki wuh tera 
Khudawand hai ; tu use sijda kar. 

13 Aur Sur kl betl hadye la,egi : 
qaum ke daulatmand ten khushamad 

14 Shahzadi ghar ke andar kuU 
jalwagar hai : us ka libas sarasar 
tash ka hai. 

15 Wuh soznl kapre pahinke bad- 
shah pas lal jati hai ; kunwarl 
'auraten jo us ki sahelian hain, us 
ke pichhe pichhe tere pas pahunchai 
jati hain. 

16 Khushi aur shadmani se wuh 
pahunchai jati hain : wuh badshah 
ke mahall men dakhil hoti hain. 

17 Tere bete tere bapdadon ko 
qa,im-maqam honge : tu unhea 
tamam zamin ke sardar muqarrar 

18 Main sart pushton ko tera 
Nam yad dilaiinga : pas sare log 
abad ul abad teri sita,iBh karenge. 

MazmOr XLVL 

KHUDA haman panah, aur ha- 
mara zor hai : wuh sakhtion 
men madad ke liye nihayat 
musta'idd hai. 

2 Is liye hamen kuchh khauf 
nahin, agarchi zamin ka inqilab 
ho : aur pahar' apnl jagah se hilke 
samundar ke bich men bah ja,en ; 

3 Agarchi us ke pani shor macha,en 
aur phen utha,en : aur pahar un ke 
barhne se hil ja,en. 

4 Ek nadi hai, jis ki dharen 
Khuda ke shahr ko khush karti 
bain : Haqq Ta'ala ke maskanon ke 
maqdis ko. 

5 Khuda us ke bichon bich hai ; 
use hargiz jumbish na hogi : Khuda 
subh sawere us ki kumak karega. 

6 Qaumen jhunjhlati hain, mam- 
lukaten jumbish khatl^hain a wuh 

"" Digitized by VjQOylC 

Ki»z 9. 



apnl awftz Bun&tft, zamin pighal jati 

7 Laslikaron ka Khnd&wand ham- 
aro sath hai": Ya*qub ka Khuda 
hamarl panah bai. 

8 Ao, Khudawand ke kamon ko 
dekho : ki zamin par kaisi kaisi wl- 
rauTan karta hai. 

9 Ki wuh zamin kl intihS tak 
laratSn mauquf karata hai : wuh 
kamaii torta, aur neze do tukre 
karta, aur garion ko ag se jalata hai. 

10 Tham ]a>ol aur jano ki main 
Khuda him : main qaumon men 
buland hungS.; main zamin par 
buland hunga. 

11 Lasbkaron ka Khudawand 
hamare sath hai : Ya'qub ka Khuda 
haiiiiit 7 panah hai. 


Al sab logo, turn talian bajao : 
khushi kl buland "awaz se 
Khuda ke huziir na'ra maro. 
' 2 Ki Khudawand Ta'ala muhib 
hai : wuh tamam zamin ke upar 
Badshah i 'azim hai. 

3 Wuh qaumon ko hamare zer kar 
dalta hai : aur gurohon ko hamare 
panwon ke niche. 

4 Wuh hamari miras hamare liye 
pasand karta : Ya'qub ka fakhr, jise 
wuh chahta hai. 

5 Khuda khushi se lalkarfce hiie 
upar charha : ban, Khudawand turhl 
kl awaz iie satb. 

6 Gft gake Khuda kIsita,ishkaro, 
git gake sita,ish karo : hamare bad- 
sbah kl sita,ish gIt gake karo, git 
gake sita,ish karo. 

7 Ki Khuda sare jahan ka b&d- 
shah bai : soch samajhke us kl 
sita,ish ke git gao. 

8 Khuda qaumon par saltanat 
karta bai : Khuda apne muqaddas 
takht par baitha hai 

9 Qaumon ke umara, Ibrahim ke 
Khuda ke logon se milke, jama' 
liue bain : kyunki jahan kl siparen 
Khuda ki bain, wuh nihayat buland 

Mazmur XLVIII. 

KHUDAWAND buzurg hai, aur 
la,iq hai : ki hamare Khuda ke 
shahr men, us ke muqaddas pabar 
par, us ki sita,ish bahut tarah se ki 

2 Bulandl se khiibsiirat, tamam 
zamin kl khushi, koh i Saihiin bai : 
us kl uttar atraf men bare Badshah 
ka shahr hai. Us ke mahallon men 
mashhiir hai ki Khuda ja e panah 

3 Kyunki dekh, ki badshah baham 
a,e : aur ek sath guzre. 

4 Wah dekhkar fauran dang hue : 
wuh ghabra,e, aur bbag ga,e. 

5 Kapkapi ne unhen waban pak- 
ra : aur aise dard ne, jaisa janne ke 
waqt 'aurat ka hota hai ; 

6 Us piirabi bawa se : jo Tarsis ke 
jabazon ko tor daltl hai. 

7 Jaisa ham ne suna tha, waisa hi 
lasbkaron ke Khudawand ke shahr 
men, apne Khuda ke shahr men, ham 
ne dekha : Khuda use abad tak bar- 
qarar rakhega. 

8 Ai Khuda, ham terl haikal ke 
darmiyan : ten mihrbani ko g^aur 
karte bain. 

9 Ai Khuda, jaisa tera Nam bai, 
zamin par sarasar waisi hi terl madh 
hai : tera dahna hath sadaqat se 
bhara hua hai. 

10 Koh i Saihun khush ho, Ya- 
hudah ki betlan khushi karen : terl 
'adalaton ke sabab. 

11 Saihun men ghumo, aur us ke 
chaugird phiro : us ke burjon ko gino. 

12 Tum us ki sbabr-panah ko dil 
se gaur karo, aur sochke us ke ma- 
hallon ko dekho : ta ki tum anewali 
pusbton ko us kl khabar do. 

13 Ki yih Khuda abad ul abad 
hamara Khuda hai : ta dam i marg 
wuhl haman hidayat karega. 

MazmOr XLIX. 

A I sarf ummato, yih suno : kan 
dharo, tum sab jo dunya men 
baste ho ; 

2 Kya adna, kya 'ala, kya daulat- 
mand : kya muhtaj, sab ek sath. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




3 Mere mnnhsehikmatkekalime 
niklenge : aur mere dil ka dhy&n 
khirad hoga. 

4 Main ek tamsll kl taraf apn& 
kan dbaringS : main apnl raz ki bat 
"barbat bajltebue kbolke kahunga. 

6 Main muslbat ke dinon men kis 
liye dariin : jab mere aranga-mame- 
walon ki bural mujbe ghere ? 

6 Jo apnl daulat par i'timad 
karte bain : aur apne mal kl firawani 
par phuHe bain; 

7 TJn men se kisl ka maqdur na- 
bln, ki apne bbal ko cbhura,e : ya 
us ka kaf ara Kbuda ko de : 

8 Ki un kl jan ka fidiyabbarl bai : 
yib kam abad tak mauquf rakbna 
boga : 

9 Ki wub sada jita rabe : aur 
bargiz maut na dekbe. 

10 Kyunki wub dekbta bai ki 
danisbmand log marte bain, aur isl 
tarab se bewuquf aur baiw§.n ke se 
adml fana bote bain : aur apnl daulat 
aurog ke liye cbbor jate bain. 

11 Un ke dil men kbayal tba, ki 
bamare gbar abad tak qa,im raben- 
ge : aur bam&re maskan pusbt dar 
pusbt ; wub apne nam apnl zamlnon 
par rakbte. 

12 Far ins&n basbmat kl balat 
men mutlaq nabm rabta : wub 
baiwanon kl manind bai ; wub nest 

13 Yib un kl rab, un kl bimaqat 
bai : aur im ke picbble log un kl 
baton ko pasand karte bam. 

14 Wub bberon kl manind patal 
men dale jate bain, maut unben cbar 
ja,egl, aur rastkar subb ko un par 
musallit bonge : un ka jamal patal 
bl kbo dega, un ka kol gbar na 

15 Lekin Kbuda merl jan patal 
ke qabu se' *cbbura,ega : ki wub 
mujbe le rakbega. * 

16 Tu kbaufnak mat bo, jab kol 
daulatmand bo ja,e : jab us ke gbar 
kl basbmat barbe ; 

17 Kyunki 'wub mame kei waqt 
kucbb satb na le jS,ega : aur us kl 
sbaukat us ke picbbe na utregl. 

18 Agarcbi wiib at)ne jite jl apnl 
janko mubarakbad detatba : aur jab 

tu apnl bhaliU kare, log teri ta'rif 

lO'Wub apne bftpdadon kl nasi 
men sbamil bo ja,ega : wub bargiz 
ujal& na dekbenge. 

20 Ins&n jo basbmat men bai, 
aur samajbta nabin : baiwanon kl < 
mftnind bai, jo fana bo jate bain. 

MazmGb L. 

bowab ne farmeiya : aur zamin 
ko suraj ke nikalne kl jagab se leke 
us ke dubne kl jagab tak bulaya bai. 
2 Saibun se, busn ke kam§.l se : 
Kbuda jalwagar bua bai. 
* 3 Hamara KbudS S.egft, aur cbup- 
cbap na rabega : ag us ke age age 
fana karti ja,egl, aur us ke girdagird 
sbiddat se tufan boga. 

4 Wub upar asmanon ko talab 
karta : aur zamIn ko bbl, ta ki apne 
logon kl 'ad&lat kare. 

5 Mere pak bandon ko mere pas 
farabam karo : jinbon ne mere sai^ 
qurbanr par 'abd kiya bai. 

6 Tab asman us 1^ sadaqat ko ash- 
kara karenge : ki Kbuda bl 'adalat- 
kamewala bai. 

7 Ai merl qaum, sun, main kabta 
bun : ai Israel, main tujb par gawabi 
deta bun, Kbuda, tera Kbuda, main 
bl bun. 

8 Main tujb ko tore zablbon kl 
babat malamat nabib karunga : ki 
terl sokbtani qurbaman to bamesba. 
mere age bain. 

9 Main tere gbar ka bail na lunga : 
na tere bare ka bakra. 

10 Ki jangal ke sab jandar mere 
bain : aur kobistan ke baiwanat ba- 
zarCa bazar. 

11 Main pabar ke sare parandon 
se agab bun ; aur dashtl cbarand 
mere bain. 

12 Agar main bbukba bot&, to 
tujb se na kabta : ki dunya aur us 
kl ma'murl merl bai. 

13 Kya main bailon ka gosbt 
kbata bun : ya bakron ka labu pita 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




14 Tu shukrgozarl kl qurbanlt^ 
Ehud&ke age giizran : aur Haqq 
Ta'ala ke huzur apnl nazren add kar. 

15 Aur miiBlbat ke diiTmujli se 
faryad kar : main tujhe makhlasi 
dunga, aur tu znerajalal zahir ka* 

16 Par sharlr ko Khuda kahta 
hai : Tujhe mere hukmon ke bayan 
kame se kya kam ? tu kyun apne 
munh se mere 'ahd ka zikr karta 

17 HalanH tu tarbiyat se 'adawat 
rakhta hai : aur mere kal&m ko apne 
pichhe phenkta hai ? 

18 Jab tu ohor ko dekhta hai, to 
us se rSzI hota hai : aur z&nlon ka 
sharik hota hai. 

19 Tu apna munh shararat par 
chal&ta hai : aur zabftn se daga ka 
mansttba bandhta hai. 

20' Tu baithke apne bhai kl gibat 
karta hai : t^ apnl hi ma ke bete par 
tuhmat lagata hai. 

21 Tu ne yih kiya, aur main kha- 
mosh ho raha; tu ne guman kiya 
ki main tujhl sa hun : par main tujhe 
tambllT dunga, aur tare kamon ko 
ten ankhon ke age ek ek karke 
tujhe dikhaimga. 

22 Ab, ai~^ Khuda ke fiaramosh- 
kamewalo, is ko socho : na ho ki 
main tumh^ para para karun, aur 
kol chhuranewala na ho. 

23 Jo kol sita^ish ke zabihe guzran- 
ta hai, wuh mera jalal zahir karta 
hai : aur us ko, jo apnl chal chalan 
durust rakhta hai, main Khuda kl 
najat dikhlaunga. 

Mazm^b LI. 

A I KHUDA, apnl rahm-dill ke 
mutabiq mujh par shafaqat 
kar : apnl rdbmaton kl kasrat ke 
muwafiq mere gunah mita de. 

2 Men bural se mujbekhub dho : 
aur merl khata se mujhe pak kar. 

3 Ki main apne gunahon ko man 
leta hun : aur merl khata hamesha 
mere samhne hai 

4 Main ne tera h£ gunah kiya hai, 
aur tere hi huzur badi kl hai, ta ki 
Tu apnl baton men sadiq thahre, aur 

jo Tu 'adalat kare, to Tu pak zahir 

5 Dekh, main ne bural men surat 
pakn : aur gunah ke sath men ma 
ne mujhe pet men liya. 

6 Dekh, Tu andar kl sachai ohahta 
hai : so batin men mujh ko danai 
sikhla. " 

7 Zufa se mujhe pak kar, ki main 
saf ho jaun : mujh ko dho, ki mam 
barf se ziyada sufed. hun. 

8 Mujhe khushi aur khurrami kt 
khabar suna : ki merl haddian^ 
jinhen Tu ne tor dala shadman hon. 

9 Mere gunaLon se chashm*posGl 
kar : aur merl san buraian mita daL 

10 Ai Khuda, mere andar ek pak 
dil paida kar : aur ek mustaqlm ruh 
mere batin men na,e sar se dal. 

11 Mujh ko apne huzur se mat 
hank : aur apnl ruh i pak mujh se 
na nikal. 

12 Apnl najat kl shadmani mujh 
ko phir 'inayat kar : aur apnl azad 
ruh se mujh ko sambhal. 

13 Tab main khatakaron ko ten 
rahen sikhlaunga : aur gunahgar 
ten taraf ruju' karenge. 

14 Ai Khuda, mere najat-dene- 
wale Khuda, mujhe khun ke gunah 
se rihai de : ki men zaban ten 
sadaqat ke git buland awaz se ga,e. 

15 Ai Khudawand, mere labon ko 
khol de :'to mora munh ten sita,ish 
bayan karega. 

16 Ki Tu zabihe se khush nah^ 
hota, nah^ to main deta : sokhtani 
qurbam men terl khushnudi nahln. 

17 Khuda ke zabihe shikasta-jan 
hain : dil-shikasta aur khaksar ko, ai 
Khuda, Tu haqir na janega. 

18 Apnl khushi se Saihun ke sath 
bhalal kar :* Yarushalem kl dlwaron 
ko bana. 

19 Tab Tu sadaqat ke zablhon aur 
sokhtani qurbanlon aur kamil qurba- 
nion se khushnud hoga : tab widi tere 
mazbahpar bachhre charha,enge. 

Mazmub LIL 

A I zabardast insan, tu ziyankan 
par ky^ fakhr karta hai : 
Khuda ka ihsan har roz hai. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Boz 10. 

2 Ten zabftn kharabll^ Ijftd karti 
hai : wtih dagabazlan kartI bai tez 
iifiture kl manind. 

3 Tusbararatkoneklse^aurjbutb 
bolne ko saoh kahne se : ziyada dost 
rakbta bai. 

4 Tu biibtan kr sari baton ko ob&h- 
tl bai : ai dagabaz zaban. 

5 Is liye Kbudft abad tak tnjbe 
barbad kareg& : wub tnjbe ntba leja,- 
ega, anr tnjbe tere kbaime se jbar 
pbenkega, anr zindagi ki zamin se 
tnjbe ukbar dalega. 

6 Aur sadiq dekbenge, anr dar- 
enge : anr us par bansenge ; 

7 Dekb, jib wnb sbakbs bai, ki 
jis ne Kbnda ko apnl panabgab na 
samjba : par apne m&l ki firawani 
par takiya kiya, anr apnl sbararat 
se qawl buS. 

8 Lekin main Kbnda ke gbar men 
zaitun ke bare darakbt kl manind 
bun : merS bbarosa' abad nl fibad 
Kbnda kl rabmat par bai. 

9 So main sadaterlsita,i6b karun- 
ga : ki Tu ne aisS kiya ; ~ 

10 Anr tere Nam kg intizSr ka- 
runga : jo tere mnqaddas logon kl 
nazr men kbub bai. " 

MazmGb lux. 

AHMAQ apne dil men kabtft bai : 
ki Kbnda nabln. "" 
2 Wub kbar&b bSe, nn ke kam 
makrub bain : koi nekokar nabln. 
_ 3 Kbnda ne asman par se "banl 
Adam par nazr kl bai : ta dekbe ki 
kol danisbmand, ya kol Kbnd& ka 
talib bai. 

4 Har ek'nn men se gumrftb bua ; 
wnb sab ke sab bigar ga,e : koi neko- 
kar nabln, ek bbi nabln. 

5 Kya nn badkaron ko fabm na- 
b^ : jo mere logon ko yiin kbftte 
bain, jaise rotf ko kb&te bain ? wnb 
Kbnda ka Nam nabln lete bain. 

6 Wnb waban nibayat dare, jab&n 
kbauf kft maqam na tba : ki Kbnda 
nn kl baddlan, jo tere mnqabil kbai- 
mazan bain, kbind& detft bai ; t& nn- 

ben sbarminda karega, ki Kbnda ne 
nnben baqlr kiya bai. 

7 Kasb ki Israel kl najat Saibun 
men se botf : Jab Kbnda apnl qaum 
ke"qaidIon ko pbir*la,ega, to Ya*qub 
kbusb boga, anr Israel sbadman. 

MazmCr LIV. 

A I KHUDA, apne Nam se mnjh 
ko bacba : anr apnl qnwwat 
se mera insaf kar. 

2 Ai Kbnda, men dn'a snn : aur 
mere mnnb kl baton par kan dbar. 

3 Ki begane meri n^nkbalafat men 
ntbe bain : aur zalim merl jan ko 
picbbe pare bain; yib Kbnda ko 
apne rubaru nabln rakbte. ' 

4 Dekbo, Kbuda mera madadgar 
bai : Kbndawand nn ke darmiyan 
bai jo men jan ko sainbbalte bain. 

5 Wnb mere dnsbmanon par bnral 
ko lanta dega : apnl waiadan men 
Tu nnben fana kar. 

6 Ai Kbndawand, main apnl 
kbusbl se tere liye qnrbani ka- 
runga : main tere Nam kl sita^isb 
karunga, ki bbala bai. 

7 Ki Tu ne sari muslbaton se mnjbe 
bacbaya bai : anr men ankb mere 
dnsbmanon kl kbarabi dekbtL 

MazmCr LY. 

A I KHUDA, merl du'a snn : anr 
men minnat se mnnb mat 

2 Men taraf kan dbar, aur men 
sun : kurbta bua main pbirta bun, 
anr cbillata bun ; 

3 Dnsbman kl awaz, anr sbarlr ke 
zulm ke sabab : ki wnb mujb par 
znlm kiya cbabte bain, aur gazab ke 
satb mera kina rakbte bain. 

4 Mera dil mujb men nipat dnkbt& 
bai : aur main maut ke baulon men 
para bun. 

5 Damft anr kampn& mujb par a 
para : kapkapl mujb par galib ai. 

6 Main ne kaba, Kasb ki kabutar 
ke se mere pankb bote : to main nr 
j&ta, anr arftm pata. 

7 H&n, main tab dur tak sair 
karta : anr jangalon men rabta. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Bojs 11. 



8 Ki main 'shiddat kl andhf aur 
jbakkar se : jaldl panah ke liye bach 

9 Ai Ehudawand, unhen halak 
kar; un ki zabanon men tafriqa 
dal : ki main shabr men znlm aur 
jbagra dekhta bfm. "" 

10* Din aur rat wuh us kl dlWaron 
par sair karte pbirte bain : ziyankarl 
aur gam-kbwarl us ke bicb boti rabtl 

11 SbarHrat us ke darmiyan bai : 
zulm aur daga us ke kucbon se jati 
nab!n rabtln. 

12 Dusbman to nabin tba jo mujhe 
malamat karta tbS, : nabin to main 
us kl bardasbt karta ; "" 

13 Na mera ktna-rakbnewala tba 
jo mujb par bala-dasti karta tba : tab 
main us se cbbip jata ; 

14 Balki tu, mera bam-darja ad- 
ml : mera ulfati banda, aur mera 
jan-pabcban tba; 

15 Ea bam milke kbusb-ikbtilati 
karte tbe : aur gurob ke satb Kbuda 
ke gbar men jaya karte tbe. 

16 Nagaban un par maut a pare; 
wub jiteji patal men utren : kyunki 
un ke gbaron men aur un ke bicb 
sbararat bai. " 

1 7 Par main KbudS ko pukarimga : 
tab Kbudawand mujbe bacba lega. 

18 Sbam ko, aur subb ko, aur do 
pabar ko, main faryad karunga, aur 
nala karunga : so wuh men awaz 
sun lega. 

19 Us ne merl jan ko us jang men, 
jo unbon ne mujh se kl bai, salamat 
cbhuraya : kyunki wahftn babut 
mere Bath the. " 

20 Kbuda sunegS, aur unben ja- 
wab dega : ki wuh qadim se takht- 
nisbin bai. 

21 Az bas ki unbon ne inqilaben 
nabin dekbin : wuh Khuda se nabm 

22 Us ne un par, jo us se ikhtilat 
rakhte the, apne hath dale bain : us 
ne us ke sath 'ahd-sbikaul ki. 

23 Us ka munh makkhan se ziya- 
da chikna bai, par us ke dil men 
jang bai : us ki baton tel se ziyada 
mula,im bain, par nangf talwaren 

24 Apna bojh Kbudawand par 
dal, ki wuh tujhe tbambh lega : 
wuh kabhi sadiq ko lagzish khane 
na dega. 

25 Par, ai Khuda, Tu un ko bala- 
kat ke garhe men gira dega ; khuni 
aur dagabaz log apni adhi 'umr tak 
na pahuncbenge : par mera i'timad 
Tujhi par bai. 


A I KHUDA, mujh par rahm farma, 
ki insan mujhe nigla chabtft 
bai : wuh larta hua bar roz mujhe 
satata bai. 

2 Mere dusbman bar roz mujh ko 
nigla chabte bain : ki babut bain jo 
gustakh hoke mujh se larte bain. 

3 Jab main darta bun : to main 
Tujh par tawakkul kart& bun. 

4 Main Khuda par, us ke qaul 
par^ fakhr karta bun : mer& tawak- 
kul Khuda par bai ; main dame ka 
nabin, ki bashar mera kya kar sakta 

5 Wuh bar roz meri baten katte 
bain : un ki sari fikr bai, ki mujh 
se badi karen. 

6 Wuh jama' hoke kamin men 
baithe bain : wuh mere naqsb i 
qadam ko takte bain, jab ki wub 
meri jan lene ki intizari men bain. 

7 Un ki ummed bai ki badkari 
karke nikal bachenge : ai Khuda, 
apne qahr se un logon ko dhakel de. 

8 Tu meri awaragion ka shumar 
karta; Tu mere ansuon ko apne 
shishe men rakh : kyS. wuh tore 
daftar men mazkur nabin ? 

9 Jab main faryad karunga, to 
mere dusbman ulte phirenge : 
mujbe yih yaqin bai, ki Khuda 
meri taraf bai. 

10 Main Khuda par, us ke qaul 
par, fakhr karta bun : main Kbuda- 
wand par, us ke qaul par fakhr 
karta bun. 

11 Mera tawakkul Khuda par 
bai : main darne kft nabin; insan 
mera kya kar sakta bai ? 

12 Ai Khuda, terl maxmaten mujh 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 




par hain : main ter4 sLukrana ada 

13''Ki Tu ne merl jan maut se 
bachal ; aur mere panw ko phisalne 
na diya : ta ki main KhndS ke age 
zindon ke nur men chalun. 

MazmxJr LVII. 

MUJH par rahm kar, ai Khnda, 
mnjli par rahm kar, kynnki 
men j§,n ko tera bharosa hai ; ban 
main tere paron ke saya tale panab 
liye""rah(inga jab tak ki yib afateh 
tal ja,^. 

2 Main Kbtidfi s6, jo Haqq Ta'ala 
bai, faryad karunga : nsl Kbudfi se 
jo mere liye bar ek kam ko anjam 
deta bai. 

3 Wub asman par se bbejta anr 
mnjb ko baobatS bai : aur use jo 
mujbe nigla cbabta bai malamat 
karta bai. 

4 Kbuda apnl rabmat anr apnl 
sacba! ko bbejega : mer! jan sberon 
ke bich men bai ; _ 

5 Main atisb-mizaj bani Adam ke 
darmiyan leta bun : jin ke dant 
barcbb^n aur tir bain, aur jin kl 
zaban tez talwar bai. 

6 Tu asm&non par sarfaraz bo, ai 
Kbuda : aur sari zamin par tera 
jalal zabir bo. 

7 Unbon ne mere p&nwon ke liye 
jal lagayaT^bai; men jan jbuki bul 
bai : unbon ne mere age garba 
kboda bai, jis men &p gire bain. 

8 Mera dil q&,im bai, ai Kbuda, 
mera dil qa,im bai : main gaung&, 
aur madbsaral karunga. *" 

9 Jftg, ai men ebaukat, ai bin 
aur barbat, jag : main sawere 

10 Main logon ke darmiyan tera 
sbukr karungar ai Kbudawand : 
main ummaton ke bIc£L tera madb- 
sara bunga. " 

11 El ten rabmat &8m&non tak 
buland bai : aur ten sacbal badllon 

12 Ai Kbuda, Tu asmanon par 
sarfaraz bo : s&n zamfiQ par", tera 
jaUl zabir bo. 


KYjL tum cbupebap rahte bo, 
jab ki baqq farmana bai : ai 
Adamzado, kyS tum sacbcbl 'adalat 
karte bo ? 

2 Balki tum apne dil men bad- 
karian karte bo : tum apne batbon 
ke zulm ko zamIn par taulte bo. 

3 Abl i sbararat ribm se begana 
bote : wub paida bote bl bbatak 
jate, aur jbutb bolte. 

4 XJn ka zabr sSmp k& sa zabr 
bai : wub us babire n&g kl manind 
bain, jo apne kan band kar rakbta 

5 Aur mantar parbnewalon kl 
awaz nabj^ sunta : bare se bare 
mantar kl us men tasir nabln. 

6 Ai Kbuda, "un ke dant un ke 
munb men tor ; ai Kbudawand, sber- 
bacbebon kl darben tor dal : wub 
pani kl tarab, jo' bab jata bai, gudaz 
bo ja,en ; jab wub tiron ko cbille men 
jore, to wub kate bue ma'lum bon. 

7 Jis tarab gbonga gal jata, wub 
fan& bon : wub 'aurat ke saqte kl 
tarab aftab ko na dekben. 

8 Us se pesbtar ki tumbari degon 
men kanton se anob lage : wub 
girdbad kl manind unben, kbwSb 
sabit kbwab jala bua bo, ura deg&. 

9 Sadiq jab intiqam ko'dekbega, 
to kbusb boga : wim sbarlr ke labu 
se apne panw dboega; 

10 Aisa ki adml kabega, Taqinan 
sadiq ke liye jaza bai : be-sbakk ek 
Kbuda bai, jo zamIn par insaf karta 

MazmOb LIX. 

A I mere Kbuda, mere dusbmanon 
se mujbe obbura : mere mu- 
kbalifon se mujb ko mabfuz rakb. 

2 Mujbe badkaron se baoba le : 
aur kbuni admlon se ribai de. 

3 Dekb, ki wub men jan kl gbat 
men lage bain : zorawar log merr 
mukbalafat par jama' biie bain ; ai 
Kbudawand, mera kucbb ganab aur 
taqsir nabfn. ^ , 

"" Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




4 Wuli dant^e haig, aur &p ko 
taiyar karte J^ain, par more kisi 
quBur ke sabab nahin : Tu mujh so 
milne ke liye jag, aur dekh. 

5 Pas, ai Khud&wand, Eabb nl 
afwaj, Israel ke Ehuda, sari qanmon 
ka b&l tajwiz kame ke liye jag : 
dagfa-denewale gunahgaron par rahm 
niat kar. 

6 Wnh sbam ko lautte hain : wuh 
kntte kl manind bhaunkte bain, aur 
sbabr men bar taraf pbirte bain. 

7 Dekb, wnb munb se dakarte 
Lain, aur un ke labon ke andar 
talwaren bain : aur kabte, ki Kaun 
sunta bai? 

8 Far Tu, ai Kbud&wand, un par 
bansega : Tu sari qaumon ko mas- 
kbara ban&,ega. 

9 Harcband us ka zor bai, par 
main Tujbl par nigab rakbunga : 
ki Ebuda meri panab bai. 

lb Mera Ebuda jo bai, us kl rab- 
mat mujb ko age se lene a,egl : 
Ebuda mert murad ko mere dusb- 
manon par purl bul mujbe dikb- 

11 TJnben jan se mat m&r, na bo 
ki mere log bbul ja,en : unben apnl 
qudrat se awara aur past kar, ai 
Ebuda wand bamart sipar. 

~12 Ei un ke munb ka gunab, un 
ke bontbon ki bat bai ; is liye kasb 
ki wub apne gbamand men giriftar 
bon : kyunki wub la'n ta^n karte, aur 
jbiitbi baten kabte bain. 

13 Qabr se un ko fana kar, unben 
fan& kar, ta ki wub baqi na rabenl 
aur log yaqin karke janen ki zamin 
kl sarbaddon tak Ebuda "Ya'qub kl 
saltanat karta bai. 

14 Pbir sbam ko wub lauten : 
aur kutte ki manind bbaunkte ja,en, 
aur sbabr ki bar taraf pbiren. " 

15 Wub kbane ki talasb men 
bbatakte pbirenge : aur jab ser na 
bon to sari rat ko waban katenge. 

16 Main to terl qudrat kf sana 
gaunga ; ban, main subb ko puk&rke 
teri rabmat ke git gaunga : ki Tu 
mera mubkam qil'a baiylkur musibi^t 
ke din merX panabgab. 

17 Aur ai meri quwwat, main 
terl madb kariinga : ki Ebuda meri 

mubkam qiFa, aur mera rabim 
EbudS bai. 


A I EHUDA, Tu ne bam ko radd 
kar diya, Tu ne bam ko para- 
ganda kiya : Tu gussewar bua, Tu 
bamari taraf pbir mutawajjih bo. 

2 Tu ne zamin ko larzaya ; Tu ne 
use tora : us ke rakbne mila de, ki 
wub kampti bai. 

3 Tu ne apne logon ko sakht 
baten dikblain : Tu ne bam ko 
bairat ki mai pilal. 

4 Tu ne un ko jo Tujb se darte 
bain jhanda diya : ki wub baqq ki 
kbatir kbara kiya ja,e. 

5 Ta kitere mabMb ribai pa,en : 
Tu apne dabne batb se bacba le, aur 
bamari sun. 

6 Ebuda ne apne taqaddus men 
farmaya bai, is live main kbusbi 
karunga : main Sikm ko taqsim 
kaningS, aur Sukkat ki wSdi ko 

7 Jili'ad mera bai, aur Munassi 
mera : Ifraim bbl mere sir ka bai 
bai, Yabiidab mera q§nun-saz bai ; 

8 Moab mere dbone ka lagan bai ; 
main Adum par apni juti cbalaunga : 
ai Filist, mere ba'is sbadiyana baja. 

9 Mujb ko basin sbabr men kaun 
le ja,ega : Adum tak mujb ko kaun 

10 Ai Ebuda, kya Tu bl nabin, 
jis ne bamen radd kar diya : Tu bi, 
ai Ebuda, jo bamare lasbkaron ke 
sath na cbala ? "" 

11 Musibat men bamari madad 
kar : ki ribai insan ki taraf se 'abas 

r 12 Ebuda bl se bam babaduri kar- 
enge : kyunki wubi bamare dusb- 
manon ko pamal karega. 

MazmOa LXI. 

A I EHUDA mera nala sun : meri 
du'a qubul kar. 

2 Main apnl dilgiri men zamin ke 
sire se teri faryad karunga : us chat* 
&n tak, jo mujb se uncbl bai, mujb 
ko le pabuncba. 

3 Kyunki Tu mere Uye ek f^inab 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Boz 12. 

hua hai : dtishmanon ke ra ba ra ek 
mazbut bnrj. 

4 Main tere maskan men sada raha 
karunga*: main tere paron ke say a 
tale panah lunga. 

5 Ki ai Khuda, Tu ne mei^man- 
naten qubul kin : Tu ne mujh ko un 
logon ki si, jo tere Nam se darte 
bain, miras dl. 

6 Tu badshab ki zindagani bahut 
barba,eg& : aur us ki 'umr pusbt dar 
pusbt tak. 

7 Wuh Kbuda ke buzur abad tak 
sabit rahega : aisa kar, ki rabmat 
aur sacb§.i se us ki mubafazat bo. 

8 So main abad tak tere Nam ki 
sana gaunga : aur bar roz apnl nazren 

Mazmur LXII. 

M^ET jan cbupke faqat Kbuda bi 
ke intizar men bai : ki meri 
najat us se bai. 

2 Wubl akela meri chatan, aur 
meri najat bai : wubi mera mazbut 
qil'a bai ; mujb ko sbiddat se jumbisb 
na bogi. 

3 Tum kab tak ek mard par 
bamla karoge : tum sab ap bi sbikast 
kbaoge, jaise jbuki bui diwar, aur 
jaise dagmagati bar. 

4 Wub mansuba bandbte bain, 
faqat is waste ki use us ki sbaukat 
se utar den : wub jbutb se kbusb 
bote bain; wub apne munb se to 
barakat bhejte bain, par apne batin 
men la'nat karte bain. 

5 Aimerijan,cbupke faqat Kbuda 
ke intizar men rab : ki meri ummed 
usi se bai. 

6 Wuhi akela meri cbatan, aur 
meri rihai : aur mera garb bai, so 
mujb ko jumbisb na bogi. ' 

7 Meri najat, aur meri sbaukat, 
Kbuda ki ta^af se bai : mere zor ki 
cbatan, aur meri panab, Kbuda bai. 

8 Ai logo, bar waqt us par tawak- 
kul karo : aur apne dil us ke buzur 
tindel do, ki Kbuda bamari panab 

9 Yaqinan kam-qadr log bebuda 
bain, aur 'all-qadr asbkbass jbutbe 

bam : so wub sab ke sab bebudagi 
se tarazu men babut balke bain. 

10 Zulm par takiya na karo, aur 
lut pat karke bebuda na bano : agar 
mal ziyada bota ja,e, to us par dil 
na lagao. 

11 Kbuda ne ek bar farmaya, aur 
main ne do martaba yib suna : ki 
Zor Kbuda ka bai. 

^ 12' Aur Babmat bbl Tujbi se bai, 
ai Kbudawand : ki Tu bar sbakbs 
ko us ke 'amal ke mutabiq badla 
deta bai. 

MazmCr LXIII. 

I KHUDA, tu mera Kbuda bai : 
main tarke Tujh ko dbundbun- 

2 Meri jan teri piyasi bai : aur 
mera jism kbusbk aur dbup ki jail 
biii zamin men, jaban pani nabin, 
tera musbtaq bai ; 

3 Ta ki teri qudrat, aur teri basb- 
mat ko dekbe : jaisa ki main ne bait 
i quds men dekba bai. 

4 Is liye ki teri mibrbani zindagi 
se bibtar bai : to mere bonth teri 
sita,isb karte rahenge. 

5 Isi tarab jab tak ki main jita 
bun, Tujb ko mubarak kaba kariin- 
ga : aur tera Nam le leke apne batb 

6 Meri jan yiin ser bogi, goya ki 
gude aur cbarbi se : aur mera munb 
kbusbi karte bue bontbon se teri 
8ita,i8b karega ; 

7 Jab ki main Tujbe apne bistar 
par yad karta bun : aur rat ke pabron 
men tera dbyan karta bun. 

8" Is liye ki Tu mera cbara bua : 
pas main tere paron ki chbanw tale 
kbusbi manaunga. 

9 Meri jan "tere picbhe lagl bai : 
tera dabna batb mujb ko tbamta bai. 

10 So wub, jo meri jan ke kbwab- 
an bain, ta ki mujbe balak karen : 
zamin ke asfal ko jate rabenge. 

11 Wub talwar se kbet a,enge : 
wub gidaron ka luqma bonge. 

12 Lekin'badsbab Kbuda se mas- 
rur boga ; bar ek sbakbs, jo us ki 
qasam kbata, fakbr karega : par un 
ka munb, jo jbutb bolte bain, band 
boja,eia.. * rn^c^nJo 

Digitized by VjOOQICl 

Roz 12, 



MazmOr LXIV. 

A I KHUDA, men faryad men 
men awaz sun : aur us dalishat 
se, jo dushman ke sabab hoti, men 
jan bach§>. 

2 Aur shartron kl pinhani mash- 
warat : aur badk§,ron ke hangame 
se mujhe obliipa ; 

3 Jo apnl zaban ko talwftr kl 
manind tez kan» hain : aur kam&n 
khinchte hain, ta ki karwl baton ke 
tir chala,en ; 

4 Ta krchhipke kamil &dml ko 
mSren : wub nagahani tIr lagate 
hain, aur darte nahln. 

5"Wuh ek bure kam men ap ko 
qawl karte hain : wuh poshlda 
phande mame kl bat chit karte 
hain; wuh kahte hain ki Ham ko 
kaun dekhega ? 

6 Wuh badkanon ke liye khojte 
hain : wuh kahte, ki Ham ne pakkl 
tadblr nikall; un men se har ek ka 
batin aur dil gahra hai. 

7 Par Khuda un par ek tIr chalS.,- 
ega : wuh nftgahan ghayal ho 

8 So wuh apnl zaban ke phande 
men &p ko phansa,enge : sab, jo on 
ko dekhenge, bhagenge ; 

9 Aur" sab adml darenge, aur 
Khuda ke kam ko bay&n karenge : 
aur wuh us ke fi'lon ko achchhl tarah 

10 Sadiq Ehudftwand ke sabab 
khush hoga, aur us par tawakkul 
karega : aur wuh sab jo dil ke sidhe 
hain fakhr karenge* 

MazmOr LXV. 

A I EHUDA, Saihun men terS 
intizar chupke se kiya jatft 
aur ten hamd o sana hoti : aur 
Tujhl ko nazr ada kl ja,egr. 

2 Ai Tu, jo du'a ka sunnew&lS 
hai : sare bashar Tujh pas a,enge. 

3 Ehataon ne mujhe maglub kiya 
hai : hamftre" gunahon k& kafara Tu 
hi karega. I 

4 Mubarak hai wuh, jise Tu ne { 

chun liya, aur apne nazdik kiya, t& 
ki wuh ten bargahon men sukunat 
kare : ham tere ghar ki, h&n, ten hi 
muqaddas haikal kf, khubl se ser 

5 Tu sadaqat se hauln&k chlzen 
dikhake ham ko jawab deta hai, ai 
hamare najat-denewale Khuda : Tu 
zamin ke sare kanaron ka, aur un ka 
bhi, jo dur darya ke bich men hain, 
bharosa hai 

6 Tu ne, jo zor se kamarbasta 
hai : apnl qudrat se paharon ko qa,im 

7 Tu daryaon ke shor ko, aur un 
ki maujon kl awaz ko : aur logon kl 
dhum ko, mauquf karata hai. 

8 Wuh, jo zamIn ki intiha men 
baste hain, tere nishanon se khaut* 
kbate hain : ki Tu subh o sham ke 
nikalne kl jagahon ko khush o 
khurram kartft hai 

9 Tu zamIn ka hai dekha karta : 
aur us ko serabi bakhshta hai. 

10 Tu us ko Khuda ke darya se, 
jo pani se bhara hai, malamal karta 
hai : Ti"i taiyan karke un ke liye 
galla maujud karta hai. 

11 Tu us kl regh&rion ko khub 
tar karta, aise ki us ke dhar baith 
jate : Tu us ko menhon se narm 
karta hai, Tu us ki roidagi men 
barakat bakhshta hai. 

12 Tu apne lutf se sal ko taj 
bakhshta hai : tere naqsh i p& se 
raugan tapakta hai. 

13 Bayaban men charag&hon par 
qatre tapakte hain : aur paharlan 
har taraf khushi se ghen hul hain. 

14 Gharagahen gallon se mulab- 
bas hain : aur nasheb galle se dhamp 
ga,e hain; wuh khushi so lalkarte, 
balki wuh gate hain. 

MazmOr LXVI. 

A I san sarzamino, Khuda ke liye 
khushi se chillao': us ke Nam 
ke jalal ke git gao, hamd karte hue 
us kl hashmat zahir karo. 

2 Khuda se kaho, Tere kam kya 
hi miihib hain : ten barl qudrat ke 
ba'is tere sare dushman' terl khush- 
amad karenga r^ i 

■" Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




3 S&Tl ssamin Tnjhe sijda karegl : 
aur terl madhkhwan hogi ; wuh tero 
Nam^a git gfi,enge. 

4 Ao, Khuda'ke kam dekho : ki 
bani Adam ke haqq men us ke kam 
mnblb bain. 

5 Ub ne samtindar ko kbiisbkl 
bana dftlft : wnh dary& men panw 
dharke p&r cbale ga,e, waban bam 
ns ke sabab se kbnsbwaqt bue. 

6 Wub apniqudrat se abadi sal- 
tanat karta bai : us klftnkbenqaum- 
on ko dekbtl bain ; gardankasb log 
ap ko sarbuland na karen. 

7 Ai logo, bamare Kbudft ko mn- 
barak kabo : anr ns kl'sita^isb karko 
&waz snn&o ; 

8 Jo bamarl jSn ko zinda rakbtS 
bai : aur bamare pSnw pbisalne 
nabin deta ; 

9 "Ki Ttt ne, ai Kbud&, bam ko 
ftzmaya : Tu ne bam ko yun tayS, 
jaise rupa t&y& ja,e. 

10 Tu ne bam ko dam men pbans- 
ayft : Tu ne bamarl kamaron par 
dukb bandbft bai. 

11 Tu ne logon ko bamare siron 
par cbarbay& : bam Sg aur p&nl men 
pare, par Ta ne bam ko serab jagab 
men pabuncb&ya bai. 

12 Main sokbtani qurb&nl leke 
tere gbar men jafingft; main tere 
liye apnl nazren ada karunga : wub 
jo bipat ke waqt mainne apne labon 
se muqarrar k]^, aur apne munb se 

13~Main p&le bue janwar leke 
sokbtani "qurbSnlan, mendbon kl 
kbushbulon samet, tere liye ^gaz- 
rdnunga Tmain bacbbre aur bakre 

14 Ai'^sftre kbuda-tarso, tum &o, 
suno : ki main bayan kartft bun, ki 
us ne merl jan se yib yib kucbb kiya. 

15 Main apne munb se us p§s 
cbillayS : aur us kl ta'rif merl zaban 
se bul. 

1 6 Agar mer& dil badkarl par m&,il 
bai : to Kbudftwand men na suneg&. 

17 Par Kbud& ne to suna bai : us 
ne men du'a kl awaz par k&n dbara. 

18 Mubarak bai Kbuda, jis ne 
men du'a ko na pbera : aur na apnl 
rabmat ko mujb se. 

MazmOr Lxvn. 

KnUDA bam par rahm kare, aur 
bam ko barakat de : aur apne 
cbibre ko bam par jalwagar 

2 T& ki ten rSb zamin par j&nl 
ja,e : aur ten najat sari qaumon men. 

3 Ai Kbuda, log ten sita,ish karen : 
sab log ten madb-kbwani karen. 

4 Ummaten kbusb bon, aur khusbl 
ke m&re g&,en : ki Tu rasti se logon 
kl 'adalat kareg&, aur zamIn par 
ummaton kl bidayat farma^ega. 

5 Ai Kbuda, log ten sita.isb karen : 
sare log ten sita,i6b karen. 

6 ZamIn apna basil paida karegl : 
Kbuda, bamara Kbuda, bam ko bara- 
kat dega. 

7 Kbuda bam ko barakat dega : 
aur zamIn ke sare kanare us ka dar 


KHUDA utbe, us ke dusbman 
tittar bittar bon : wub, jo us 
* ka kina rakbte bain, us ke buzur 
86 bbagen. 

2 Jis larab dbuwan paraganda 
beta bai, usi tarab Tu unben para- 
ganda kar : jis tarab mom ag par 
pigbalta bai, sbarlr Kbuda ke buzur 
men fana bon. 

3" Par sadlq shadman bon, aur 
Kbuda ke sambne masrur bonT: ban, 
khusbl ke mare pbule na sama,en. 

4 Kbuda ke git gao, us ke Nam 
ke sana-kbwan bo : us_kl rab taiyar 
karo, jo 'apne"Nam YAH se sawar 
boke bayabanon men guzar jata, aur 
us ke buzur kbusbl karo. 

5 Yatlmon ka bap aur bewaon ka 
wall : apne makan i muqaddas men 
Kbuda bai. 

6 Kbuda tanbaon ko gbaranewale 
karta bai, wubl aslron ko cbburake 
kamyabi men lata bai : par sar&asb 
log kbusbk zamIn men rabte bain. 

7 Ai Kbuda, jis ^am Tu apne 
bandon ke age age babar nikla : aur 
jis dam Tu bayaban se guzra ; 

8 ZamIn larzl^ an ~ 

Digitized by ^ 


Boz 13. 



jS:hud& ke hnsur : h&n, Slnft kl bhi, 
Rhiida ke hnzur, jo lor&el k& Khuda 
hai, jumbish hul. 

9 Ai Khuda, Tu ne zor ka menb 
barsaya :* jis se Tu ne apnl za'lf miras 
ko qa,im kiyft. 

10 Terl jama'at us men basi : ai 
Khuda, Tu ne apne lutf se miskinon 
ke liye tasyarl kl. 

11 Khudawand ne hukm diya : 
aur Idiush-khabari-denewallon ki 
barl jam&'at tht. 

12 Lashkarwale badsh&h bhag 
bh&g ga,e : aur 'aurat ne, jo ghar 
men rahl, lut ka mal banta. 

13 Jab turn bhersalon ke darmiyan 
qarar pakroge, tab turn aise hoge, 
jaise kabutar : jis ke bal rupe se 
marhe hon, aur jis ke par khalis 
sone se. 

14 Jis waqt Qadir i Mutlaq ne 
badshahon ko us men tittar bittar 
kiya : to wuh Zalmun ki barf kl 
m&nind sufed ho gaya. 

15 Khuda ka pahar Basan ka sa 
paharhai : Basan ke pahar kl manind 
ek cliotidar pahar hai. 

16 Turn kyiin dah karke takte ho, 
ai chotidar paharo ? yih wuh pahar 
hai, jis men Kliuda ne chaha, ki 
base : hSn, Khudawand us m^ ta 
abad basega. " 

17 Khuda kl garlan bis hazar 
hain, balki hazarh& hazar hain : 
Khud&wand un ke darmiyan hai, 
SlD& maqdis men hai. 

18 Tu unche""par oharha ; Tii ne 
aslron ko asfr kiy& : Tu ne logon ke, 
balki sarkashon ke darmiyan, hadye 
liye, t& ki Khudawand KhudS on 
men base. 

19 Khudawand bar roz mubftrak 
hai ; wuh ham par bojh rakht& hai; 
wuhl hamara najat-denew&la Khuda 

20 Hamara Khuda, so najat-dene- 
wal& Khuda hai : aur maut se rihal 
bakhstna Yahowah Khudawand hi 
ka kam hai. 

21 Balki Khuda apne dushmanon 
ke sir : aur us shakhs kl balwaU 
khopri ko, jo gunah kart& jfita hai, 
chur kar dega. 

22 Khudawand ne farmaya, Main 

Basan se unhen pher laung& : han, 
main daryft ke gahr&o men se unhen 
pher launga ; 

23 Ta ki tere panw tere dushmanon 
ke lahii se surkh hon : aur tere 
kntton kl jibhen bhi waisi ho ja,en. 

24 Unhon ne, ai Khuda, terl ohalen 
dekhin : han, mere Khuda, mere 
Badsh&h kl^chalen maqdis men 
dekhin. "" 

25 Ganewale ftge age chale, baja- 
newale pichhe piohhe : aur kun- 
warlan un ke darmiyan khanjrian 
bajati jatian thfo. 

26 Ai tum jo Israel ke chashme se 
ho, majma'on men Khuda ko : han, 
Khudawand ko, mubarakbad kaho. 

27 Chhota Binyamin, un ka ha« 
kim, aur Yahudah ke sardar, aur un 
kl guroh : aur Zabulun ke sardar, aur 
Naftall ke sardar, wahan hain. 

28 Tere Khuda ne teri mazbiiti ka 
hukm kiya : ai Khuda, -as kam ko, 
jo Tu ne hamare liye kiya, mazbiiti 

29 Ten haikal ke sabab, jo Yaru- 
shalem par bala hai : badshah Tujh 
pas hadye la,enge. 

30 Tu naistan ke wahshi ko, aur 
bailon ke jhund ko, qaumon ke ba- 
ohhron samet, dant, ta ki har ek, 
chandl kl Inten lake, tabi'dar bane : 
us ne un qaumon ko, jo jang se 
khush hoti hain, tittar bittar kiya 

31 XJmara Misr se a,enge : Kush 
ke log fauran apne hath Khuda kl 
taraf barha,enge. 

32 Ai'zamin kl mamlukato, Khuda 
ke git gao : aur Khudawand ke 
sanakhwan ho ; 

33* Usi ke, jo falak ul aflak par, jo 
qadim se hain, sawar hai : dekh, wuh 
apnl awaz suuata hai, jo zor kl awaz 

34 Tum tawanai kl nisbat Khuda 
hi kl taraf karo : ki us kl jalalat 
Israel par zahir hai, aur us ka zor 
badllon men hai. 

35 Ai Khuda, Tu apne muqaddas 
makanon men muhib hai : Israel ka 
Khuda wuh hai, jo zor aur taqat 
apne logon ko bakhshta hai ; Khuda 
mubarak hai. ^ * i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




MazmCb LXIX. 

A I KHUDA, Tu mujh ko bacha 
le : ki panl merf jan tak pahxm- 
che hain. 

2 Main gahrl kich men dbas cbala, 
jaban kbare bone kl jagab nabm : 
main^ gabre panl men para, dbeu 
meiB upar se guzarte bain. 

3 Main cbillate obillatelbak gay a : 
mera gal& kbusbk bua, apne Kbuda 
kl intizarl karte karte men ankhen 
dbnndbla ga,In. 

4 Wnh, jo"be.8abab merft kina 
rakbte bain, sbumar men mere sir 
ke balon se ziyada bain : wub, jo 
mnjbe balak kiya obabte bain, aur 
na-baqq mere dusbman bain, zabar- 
dast bain : 

5 Jo kuobh ki main ne nabtn 
cbbina, so main pber dunga : ai 
Kbnda, Tu merl nadani se waqif bai, 
aur merl taqsiren Tujb se cbbipl 

6 Ai Ebud&wand Babb ul afwaj, 
wub jo tera intizar karte mere liye 
sbarminda na bon : wub, jo Tujb ko 
dbimdbte bain, sS Israel ke Kbuda, 
mere liye sbarminda na bon. 

7 Kyunki tere liye main ne malft- 
mat utbal bai : aur sbarmindagi ne 
mere munb ko dbampa. 

8 Main apne bbalon ke nazdik 
pardesi ban& : aur apnl ma ke 
farzandon ke bfcb ajnabi tbabrd. 

9 Ki tere gbar kt ^airat ne mujb 
ko kba liya : aur un kl malamaten, 
jo Tujb ko malSmat karte bain, 
mujb par parfn. 

10 Aur jab main roy&, aur roza 
rakbke apnl jan ko takllf dl : to wub 
bbl men ruswal k& ba'is bu&. 

11 Aur jab main ne tat ka libas 
pabina : to unbon ne mujbe zarb ul 
masal kiy&. 

12 Wub, jo pbatak par baitbe 
bain, men babat bakte bain : aur 
nasbebaz mere baqq men gate bain. 

13 Lekin, ai Kbudaiwand : main 
jo bun, Tujb se du'a m&ngtS bun. 

14 Tu qabuliyat ke waqt, ai Kbuda, 
apnl rabmat kl be-pay&nl se : apnl 

najat-denewall sacb&I se, men sun 

15 Mujbe kicb se nikal, ki main 
na dubiin : ais& kar, ki main un se^ 
jo mer& kIna rakbte bain, aur panlon 
kl gabral se, bacbaya jaun. 

16 Pan! ki barb ko mujb par se 
guzame na de ; gabrao mujbe nigalne 
na pa,e : aur na ku& apna munb 
mujb par band kame pa,e. 

17 Ai Kbuda wand men sun le, ki 
teri mihrbani kbub bai : apnl rab- 
maton kl firawani ke mutabiq merl 
taraf mutawajjih bo. 

18 Aur apne bande se apna munb 
na cbbipa, ki mujb par bipat bai : 
jaldl se men sun. 

19 Men jan ke pas &, aur us ko 
cbbura : mere dusbmanon ke sabab 
mujbe ribai de. 

20 Tu men malamat-kasbl, aur 
men ruswal, aur meri be-burmati se 
agab bai : mere sare bain tere age 

21 Malamat ne mera dil tora ; 
main biman men giriftar bun : main 
takS. kiya, ki kol mujb se bamdard 
bo, par kol nabfn; aur kol mujbe 
tasafll de, par na mila. 

22 Unbon ne mujbe kbane ke 
'iwaz pitt diya : aur men piyas bu- 
jbane ko sirka pilaya. 

23 Aisa kar, ki un k& dastar- 
kbwan un ke liye pbandS bo : aur jo 
kuobb un kl bibtan ke liye bai, un 
ke pbansane ka d&m bo ja,e. 

24 Un kl ankben andbl bo ja,en, 
ta ki na dekben : aur un kl kamaren 
sada kampti raben. 

25 Apn& gazab un par undel de : 
aur terS, qabr i sbadid unben pakar le. 

26 Un ka maball ujar bo ja,e : un 
ke kbaimon men rabnewala kol na 

27 Kyunki wub us ko, jo ter& 
m&r& bua bai, satate bain : aur tere 
zakbmlon kl takllf baton'se barbate 
bain. ~ 

28 Un ke gunab par gunab barba : 
aur unben apnl sadSqat men d&kbil 
bone na de. 

29 Unben zindon ke daftar se met 
de : aur s&diqon ke darmiy&n un ko 
qalambapd na kar. ^ i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Roz 14. 



30 Par main miskln anr gamgin 
hun : ai KhudS, terl najat mujhe 
(sarfarazi l)akhshe. 

. 31 Main git gake Elrnda ke Nam 
kl bamd karunga : anr sbukrguzarl 
karke us kl baral karunga. 

32 Is se ]^biid&w^d, bail anr 
bacbbre kl nisbat : jin ke sing anr 
kbnr &ote bain, ziyada kbusb bogft. 

33 Paresban i kbatir dekbenge, 
aur kbusb bonge : aur tumb§,re~dil, 
ai turn jo Kbuda ke talib boj jl ja,en. 

34 Kyunki Kbudawand misklnon 
kl sunta bai : aur apne aslron kl 
biqarat nabin karta. " 

35 Asman aur zamlnns klsit&,isb 
.karen : samundar bbl, aur bar ek 

cbiz, jo us men rengtl bai. 

36 Ki Kbuda Saibun ko bacbS 
lega, aur XabudSb kl bastion ko 
bana,ega : t& kl wub wab&n basen, 
aur us ko apnl mir&s rakben. "~ 

37 lis ke bandon kl aulld 1&I us 
kl waris togl : am wub, jo us ke 
Nam par 'asbiq bam, us men bud-o- 
b&sb karenge. " 

MazmGb LXX. 

A I KHUDA, men ribai ke liye: 
ai Kbudawand, merl kumak 
ke liye, jald a. 

2 Wub, jo merl jan ke dar-pai 
bain, sbarminda aur kbajil bon : 
wub jo mujb se badi kame cbabte 
ulte pbira,e ja,en, aur ruswft bon. 

3 Wub, jo kabte bain. Aba, aba : 
us be-'izzati ke badle jo unbon ne kl, 
ulte pbira,e ja,en. 

4 Wub sab, jo tere talib bain, 
Tujb se kbusb aur kburram bon : aur 
wub, jo terl naj&t ke 'asbiq bain, sada 
kaba karen, ki Kbuda kl barai bo. 

5 Main miskln bim, aur mubtaj : 
ai Kbuda, merl taraf jald &. 

6 Tu bl mera obara bai, aur mera 
najat'denewala : so ai Kbudawand, 
der na kar. 

Mazmub LXXL 

A I KHDDAWAND mera bharosft 
Tujb par bai ; Tu mujbe kabbi 

UR. PR. 

sbarminda bone na de : appi sad&qat 
se mujbe bacba le, aur mujbe makb- 
lasl bakbsb, merl taraf kftn dbar, 
aur mujbe ribal de. 

2 Tu mere rabne ke liye ek cbatan 
bo, jaban main bamesba jaya karun : 
Tu bl nelnerl najat ka bukm kiya bai, 
ki Tu merl cbatan aur mera garb bai. 

3 Ai mere Kbuda, sbarlr ke batb 
se: aur kaj aur be-mibr insan ke 
panje se, mujbe cbbura. 

4 Kyunki ai Kbudawand Yabo- 
wab, Tu merl ummed bai : merl 
larkai se mera bbarosa Tujbl par 

5 Main us dam se ki pet se nikla, 
Tujb bl se sambbala gaya*: Tu wub 
bai, jis ne mujbe merl ma ke ribm 
men se nikala ; main sada terl sita,ish 

6 Main babuton ke liye acbambba 
bHa bun : par Tu merl mubkam pa- 

7 Mera munb terl sita,isb aur tere 
jamal kl ta'rif se : sare din labrez rabe. 

8 Burbape men mujbe pbenk na 
de : merl za'ift ke waqt mujher tark 
mat kar. 

9 Ki mere dusbman mera obarcba 
karte bain : aur wub jo merl jan kl 
gbat men bain, apas men maslabat 
karte, aur kabte bain, "ki Kbuda 
ne use tark kiya bai : so us ka 
picbba karo, aur use pakro, ki us ka 
cbburanewala kol nabln.' 

10 Ai Kbuda, mujb sedur na bo : ai 
mere Kbuda jald meri madad kar. 

11 Wub jo mere jam dusbman 
bain, kbajil aur fana bon : aur wub 
jo merl badI cbabte bain, sbarm aur 
ruswai se mulabbas bon."" 

12 Par main bar dam ummedwar 
rabiinga : aur terl sari sita,isb ziyada 
ziyada karta jaunga. 

13 Mera munb terl sadaqat aur terl 
najat sare din bayan karega : is liye 
ki main un ka bisab nabln janta. 

14 Main Kbudawand Kbuda kl 
quwwat se andar jaimga : main sirf 
terl bl sadaqat ka zikr karunga. 

15- Ki, Ai Kbuda, Tu ne mujbe 
larkai se tarbiyat kiya :- aur ab tak 
main terl 'ajib qudraten bayan karta 
raba^bun. " 

Digitized byCj06)QlC 




16 Ab main burh& aur sir-sufed 
hun, BO aiEhuda, 'Tu ab bhi mujhe 
tai^ na kar : yahan tak ki main terl 
quwwat is pusht jpar, aur tere zor 
ko bar ek shakbs par» jo &ge ko 
paida hoga, zSbir karun. 

17 Ai Ehud&, ten sadSqat babnt 
buland bai : ki Tu no bare bare kftm 
kiye ; ai Ehuda terl misl* kaiin bai ? 

18 Tu bai, jis ne bamen barl 
sakbt muBlbaton so agabi dl : aur 
Ta bam ko pbif jil&,6g&, anr zamin 
ke asfal se bam ko pbir upar le 


19 Tu merl baral ziy&da kareg& : 
aur pbir tawajjub karke mujbe ta- 
salll bakbsbega. 

20 Aur main bbl bin baj& bajake, 
ai mere Ebuda, terl 8ita,isb, terl 
amanat kl 8ita,i8b karung& : ai 
Israel ke Qudd^,main barbat bajake 
tere g£t gaunga. 

21 Mere bontb, jis waqt ki main 
terl madb-sar&I kar%ga, nibayat 
kbusb bonge : aur aise bl mer& jl, 
jise Tu ne kbal&sl bakbshl. 

22 Aur apnl zab&n'se bbl sfire din 
terl sadaqat ki baten kabta rabunga ; 
ki wub, jo mere zarar ke kbwaban 
bain, ruswa bue, aur pasbem&n bo 
ga,e bain, 


A I EHUDA, badsb&b ko apnl 
'adalaten 'ata kar : aur badsbab 
ke bete ko apnl sadfiqat de. 

2 Wub tere logon men sad&qat se 
bukm karega : aur tere misklnon 
men 'ad&lat se. 

3'Pabar logon ke liye sal&mati 
zabir karenge Taur tile bbl sadft- 
qat se. 

4 Wub qaum ke misklnon ka insaf 
karega, aur mubtajon ke fieurzandon 
ko badia,eg& : aur zalim ko tukre 
tukre kareg&. 

5' Jab tak ki siiraj aur oband 
baqi rabenge : s&n pusbton ke log 
Tujb se dara karenge. 

6 Wub barisb kl manind, jo k&te 
biie gbas par pa^e, n&zil bogA : aur 
pbiibi ke menh kl tarab, jo zamln ko 
ser&b karta bai. 

7 Us ke 'asr men, jab tak ki 

oband baqI rabegft : s&diq pbalenge, 
aur salamati firawftn bogl. 

8 Samundar se samundar tak : 
aur dary& se intib& i zamln tak, tu . 
ka bukm jarl bog&. 

9 Wub, jo bayaban ke bfisbinde 
haig, us ke sanxbne jbukenge : aur' 
us ke dusbman mati obategge. 

10 Taisis aur jazlron* ke salatm 
nazren la,enge : aur Sab& aur Slb& 
ke badsb&b badye guzranenge. 

11 H&n, s&re b&dsb&b us'ke buzur 
sijda karenge : sari guroben us kl 
bandagi karepgl. 

12 Eyunki wub dubal-denewSle 
mubtaj ko, aur miskin ko : aur un 
ko, jin ka kol madadg&r na bo, 

13 Wub miskin aur mubt&j par 
tars kba,eg& : aur mubtajon kt jan 
bacba lega. * "" 

14 Wub un kl janon ko zulm aur 
gazab se bach& lega : un ka kbiin us 
kl nazr men besb-qimat boga. 

15 Wub"jita rabega, aur Saba k& 
8on& use diya ja,eg& : us ke baqq 
men sad& du*& bogi, bar roz ns kl 
mub&rakb&d kabi ja,egl. 

16 Anaj kl kasrat sarzamin men 
pabaron la cbotlon par bogi : us kl 
pbalLubn&n Kellarakbt kl tarab 
jbarjbara,eg& ; aur sbabr ke log mai- 
dan ke gbfis kl m&nind sarsabz bonge. 

17 Us ka N&m abad tak baqI 
rabeg& : jab tak ki aftab rabegS, us 
ke Nam k& rawaj boga ; log us ke 
b&'is fip ko mubarak kabenge, sfirl 
qaumen use mub&rakbadi dengl. 

18 Ebud&wand Ebuda, Israel k& 
Ebnda* : jo akel& bl'ajib kam kart& 
bai, mubarak bai. 

19 Us k& jalll N&m abad tak mu- 
b&rak bai : s&ra jaban us ke jal&l se 
ma'mur bo; Amin, aur Amln« 

MazmOb LXXin. 

TIS par bbl Ebud& Isr&el ke liye : 
jitne s&f-dil bain, kbiib bl bai ! 
2 Lekin main jo" bun, so mere 
panwog k& pbisaln& naz£k tba : aux 
m^e qadamon k& rapat j&na qarlb. 

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Boz 14. 



3 Ei main nadan ghamandlon par 
hasad kart^tha : jab ki main ne 
sbarlron kl kamy&bl dekbt 

4 Ki"iui ke marne tak kol 'uqda 
nah^ : aur un kl quwwat kamil bai. 
. 5 liw ftdmlon kl tarab un par 
bipat nab^ parti : aur na aur logon 
kl tarab un par afat atr. 

6 Isl liye gbamand ne tauq kl 
tarab un ko gber liya : aur zulm ne 
un ko posbak k! manind db&mp 

7 Tin kl ankben obarbl ke b&'is 
ubbri but bain : aur un ke dil ke 
tasaUwur badd se barbte bain. 

8 Wubtba^tba m&rte aursbararat 
Be zulm kl baten karte bain : ^rur 
Be bolte bain. 

9 Unbon ne apne mimb asmanon 
par kiye bain : aur un kl zabanen 
zamin kl sair kartl^n bain* 

10 So us ke log idbar ruju* late 
bain : aur p&nl babutayat se un se 
cbusa jata bai. 

11 Aur wub kabte bain, Kbuda 
kyunkar j&nta : Haqq Ta'ala ko kya 
agabi bai ? 

12 Dekbo, yib sbanr jo sada 
iqbalmand rabte bain ; wub apnl 
daulat barbate jate bam : yaqinan 
main ne apne dil ko 'abas saf kiya, 
aurXe-gunabX se apne batb dboe. 

13 Ki main sare din be-arftm 
rabta bun : ai^ bar subb ko tambib 
pata bun. 

14 Agar main kabta, ki yun bayan 
karunga : to "dekb, ki main teri 
aulad kl gurob se be-wafai karta. 

15 Jab main is ko socbta tba, t& 
ki wub men samajb men a,e : to 
mere nazdik yib bara musbkil tb& ; 

16 Jab tak ki main Kbuda ke 
maqdis men dakbil na bua : tab main 
pe un k& anj&m samjba. 

17 Ki yaqinan Tu un ko pbisaltl 
jagabon men bitbata bai : aur Tu 
{im ko" balakat ' men ^bakei deta 

18 Wub ek dam men kya bl 
wiran bo ga,e : wub sakbt^absbaton 
se kaise saf barbad bo 'ga,e I 

19 Jagnewale ke kbwab kl ma^ 
nind : ai Kbudawand,*jab Tu jagega, 
Tfi un kl surat ko b^qlr janeg^ 

20 Ki mera dil.malul bfia : aur 
main apne gurdon men cbbid gaya. 

21 Is tarab main jabil tba, aur 
nad&n : main tere.buzur baiwan ki 
manind tba. 

22 Tau bbl main bamesba tere bl 
satb tba : Tu ne mera dabna batl» 

23 Tu apnl maslabat se mujbe 
bidayat karega : aur akbit i kar 
mujbejalal men sbamil karega. 

24 Asman jMtr mera kaun bai, 
magar Tu : aur zamIn par tere siwa 
koi nabin, jis ka main musbtaq bun. 

25 Mera jism aur mera dil gbata 
jata bai : par Kbuda mere dil ki 
cbatan, aur mera abadi bissa bai. 

26 Ki dekb, wub, jo Tujb se dur 
bain, fana bote bain : Tii ne un sab 
ko,3o teri taraf se'pbirke zani bue, 
balak kiya bai 

27 Par main jo bun, so meri bba- 
lai Kbuda ke nazdik rabne se boti : 
main ne Kbuda wand Yabowab par 
tawakkul kiya bai, ta ki main tere 
sare kamon ko sbubrat dun. ~" 


A I KHUDA, Tu ne kyun bam ko 
£iamesba ke liye. radd kar diya : 
teri cbaragab ki bberon par tere qabr 
ka dbuwan kyiin utb raba ? 

2 Apnl "us jama'at ko : jis kl Tu 
ne qiadim se kbaridari ki, « 

3 Apne mirasi firqe ko, jise Tu ne 
kbalasi bakbsbi : us kob i Saibiin.ko, 
jis men Tii'ne sukunat ki, yad farma. 

4 Da,iml wfranion ki taraf apne 
qadam barba : ki dusbman ne Bait i 
Quds men sab kocbb kbarab kar 
dala bai. 

5 Tere dusbman tere mi^ma'onke 
darmiyan gauga macba raJie bain : 
unbon ne apne bl nisban nisban 
tbabra,e bain. 

6 Ek ek aisa ma'liim bota, ki goya 
gbane darakbton par : kulbaron ko 
linQba karke cbalata bai. 

7 Ki ab wub us ki naqqasbion ko : 
ek-bargi tabarcm aur batbaurotii se 
torte bain. 

8 Unbon ne tere maqdis men ag 
lagaf bai 7 unbon ne tere Nam ke 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




maskan ko zamln par gir&ke n&p&k 


_ 9 Uiihon ne apne dil men kahft, 

Ao, irn ko ek s&th barb&d luaren : 

unhon ne sarzamin men EhudA kl 

Bftri 'ibadatgahon ko jaU diya hai. 

10 Ham apne nishanon ko nah&i 
dekhte ; kol nabi bhi nabln : aur 
ham&re darmiyan kol nahm, jo j&ne 
ki yih kab tak bogS. 

11 Ai Ehndft, dusbman kab tak 
mal&mat karegS : kya dusbman abad 
tak tere Nam par kufr bakegS ? 

12 Tu kyun apna hatb, apn& dab- 
na b&tb, Idilncb leta bai : use apnl 
ba^al se nik&Ij aur unben tam&m kar. 

13 Ebuda mera qadlml badsbab 
hai : jo* zamln ke bleb najat ke kftm 
karta bai. 

14 Tu ne apnl qudrat se daryS. ko 
cblr& : Tu ne panlon men magaron 
ke sir kuchle. 

15 Tu ne lawiyatan ke siron ke 
tukre kiye : Tu ne use bayftban ke 
basnewalon kl kburisb kiya. 

16 Tu ne cbasbmon ko aur sail&b- 
on ko obira : Tu ne sadft babnew&le 
daryaon ko kbusbk kiy&. 

17 Din tera bai, aur rat bbl ten : 
nur o aftab Tu bl ne tbabr&,e. 

18 Zamln k£ s&rl sarbadden Tu ne 
muqarrar kin : aiyam i garmi aur 
jare ko Tu bl ne banaya. 

19 Ai Ebudawand, ise yad rakb, 
ki dusbman mal&mat karta bai : aur 
jabil qaum tere Nam par kufr baktl 

20 Apnl fakbta kl jan bblr ke 
qabu men na kar : aur apne miskln- 
on kl gurob ko bamesba na bbul. 

"21 'Abd par mulabaza kar : ki 
zamln ke sare andbere maqam zulm 
ke maskanon se ma'mur bo ga,e. 

22 Aisa bone na de, ki mazliim 
ruswa boke ulta pbire : balki miskin 
aur mubtaj tere Nam kl sitft^isb 

23 Utb, ai Ebud&, apne muqad- 
dame men ap bujjat kar : aur yad 
rakb ki kyunkar jabil adml bar roz 
Tujbe mal&mat karta bai. 

24 Apne dusbmanon kl &w&z ko 
bbul na ja : ki un ka gaugg, jo ter& 
muqabala karte bain, nit barbt& bai. 

MazmOb LXXV. 

A I EHUDA, bam ten bamd karte 
bain : bam bamd karte bain. 

2 Tera"'N&m bam se nazdlk £ai : 
tere 'ajib k&mon kl mun&dl botf. 

3 Jab ki main mauqa' paun : tab 
main r&sti se 'adalat karunga." 

4 Sarzamin aur us par ke sare 
basnew&le pigbal ga,e : main bl ne 
us ke sutunon ko sambbal& bai. 

5 Main ne gbamandlon se kab&, 
Gbamand na karo : aur sharlron se, 
ki Sing na utb&o ; "" 

6 Apn& sing uncba na karo : gar- 
dan-kasbl se mat bolo. 

7 Ei sarfarazi na purab se &tl bai : 
aur na pacbcbbim se, aur na dakban 

8 Balki Ebud& 'ad&lat-kamewal& 
bai : wub ek ko past kart&, aur 
dusre ko sarfar&z kart&. 

9 Ei Ebud&wand ke b&th men ek 
piy&la bai, jis men surkb mai bai : 
wub ek tarklb se bbar&'bai, us men 
se wub undelta bai. " 

10 Magar us kl talcbbat ko sar- 
zamin ke sare sbarir nicborenge, 
aur plenge. * "" 

11 Par main jo bun, abad tak 
bayan karungS : aur"Ya*qub ke 
Ebud& kl bamd g&imga. 

12 Aur main sbariron ke sab sing 
k&t dalung& : par s&dlqon ke sing 
buland kTye j&,enge. "" 

Mazmur LXXVI. 

KHUDA Yabudab ke darmiyan 
masbbur bai : us k& N&m Israel 
men buzurg bai. 

2 Aur Salim men us ka kbaima 
bai : aur Saibun men us ka maskan. 

3 Waban us ne kam&non ke tir, 
aur siparenj aur talwaren torm : aur 
lar&Ian mauquf kar din. "" * "" 

4 Tfi buzurg, balki sbikarlpab&ron 
se : ziyada sbaukatwala bai. * " 

5 Mazbiit-dilwale log lut ga,e, wuh 
apnl nind men so rabe : aur zabar- 
daston men se kisi ne apne b&tb na 
pa,e. *" "" 

6 Terl dapat se, ai Ya'qAb ke 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Boz 16. 



Khuda : garl&g aur ghore nind men 
garq hue. 

7 Tnjh Be, h&n, Tujh hi se darft 
oh&hiye : aur jab Tu ek dafa qahr 
kare, to kauu tere hnzur khara rah 
8akt& hai ? 

8 Tu ne ftsmftnon par bo hukm 
sunaya : zamin darl, aur tham ga,I ; 

9 Jis waqt 'ki Ehudft 'adalat 
karne utha : t& ki zamln ke sare 
halimon ko bacha;e. 

10 Kyunki ftdml k& gfazab terl 
8ita,i8h karega : magar ^azab ke 
baqiye se Tu apnl' kamar ko kasega. 

11 Turn sab, jo us ke as pas ho, 
Khudftwand apne Khuda kl nazren 
raano, aur unhen ada karo : aur sab 
log us ke huzur, jis se darna chahiye, 
hadye l§.,en. 

12 WulTamlron kl jan lets : wuh 
zamln ke badsh&hon ke liye muhlb 


MAIN Khuda kl taraf apnl &w&z 
uth&t&, aur pukSrta nun : h&n, 
Khuda ill ki taraf apnl Swaz uthata 
hun, so wuh merl taraf kan rakhta 

2 Bipat ke din main ne Khuda- 
wand kl talash kl : mere hathr&t ko 
uthe rahe aur gire nahin ; merl jan 
ne tasalli pane se inkar kiya. 

3 Main Khuda ko yad karta, aur 
ghabrata hun : main socha kart&, aur 
mera jl duba jata. 

4 Tune merl ankhenkhullrakhin: 
main hairan hotS, aur bol nahin 

5 Main agle dinon ko : aur qadlml^ 
barason ko, sochtfi him. 

6 M'ain apn& git jo rat ke waqt 
gaya y&d karta hun : aur apne hi 
dil men soch karta hun, aur merl 
ruh bahut si taftlsh karti hai. 

7 Kya Khudawand mujh ko ha- 
mesha ke liye radd karega : avr phir 
kabhl mujh par mihrbani na far- 
ma,ega ? 

8 Kya us kl rahmat sfif abad tak 
jati rahl : aur kya ns ka wa'da pusht 
dar pusbt batil ho gaya ? 

9 Kya Khuda apnl rahlml bhul 

gay& : ky& us ne qahr 86 apnl rah- 
maton ko band kar diy& ? 

10 ^o main ne kahft, Merl za'ift to 
yih hai : Haqq Ta'ala ke dahne hath 
se inqilab hai. 

11 Main Khudawand ke kftmon 
ka tazkira karunga : kyunki main 
tere qadlml 'aja,ibat koyad rakhiinga. 

12 Main tere sab kam ko nit so- 
chunga : aur tere fi'lon par dhyan 

13~Ai Khuda, terl rah muqaddaa 
hai : kaun ma'biid Khuda kl manind 
bara hai ? 

14 Tii wuh Khuda hai, jo *ajlb 
kam karta hai :*Tu ne apne zor ko 
qaumon ke darmiyan zahir kiya. 

15 Tii ne apne bazii se apne logon 
ko : bani Ya'qiib aur banf Yiisuf ko, 
makhlasi bakhsbl. 

1*6 Panlon ne, ai Khuda, panron 
ne Tujh ko dekha, wuh dar gaye : 
gahrao bhi be-qarar hiie. 

17 Badllon ne pani undel diya : 
badalon ne awaz sunai, tere tir 
charon taraf se ure. 

18 Tere garaj* kl awaz girdbad 
men hiil : bijllon ne jahan ko roshan 
kar diya, zamln larzi aur kampt. 

19 Terl rah samundar men hai, 
aur tera guzar bare panlon men : 
tere naqsh i qadam ma'liim nabtn. 

20 Tii ne Miisa aur Harun ke hath 
se, galle kl manind : apne logon kl 
rahnumai kl. 


A I merl guroh, men ta'llm par 
kan rakh : mere munh kl baten 
turn kan dharke suno. 

2 Main apna munh kholkeektam- 
sll kahunga : aur main raz kl baton 
ko, jo qadim se hain, zahir karunga; 

3 Jinhen ham ne suna hai, aur 
jana : aur hamare bapdadon ne ham 
se bayan kiya. "" 

4 Ham un kl aulad se poshlda na 
rakhengo : balki anewall pusht par 
Khudawand kl sita,ish, aur us kl 
qudraten, anr us ke 'ajlb kam, jo us 
ne kiye, zahir karenge^ , 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




5 Eyrmki us ne Ta'qub men ek 
8hahadat~q&4ni kl, aur banl Isr&el 
men ek Bhari'at kar rakliX. 

6 Jis kf babat us ne hamare 
bapdadon ko bukm kiyS : ki wuh 
use aphi aulftd ko sikhla,en ; 

7 Ta ki anewali ptisht,'wuh far- 
zandjopaid& hon, slkheniaur wuh 
nthke apnl anlad ko sikhla^en : 

8 Aur wnh Kbuda par tawakkul 
karen : aur Khud& ke kamon ko 
bhula na den, balki us ke bukmon 
ko bifz karen ; 

9 Aur apne bapdadon kl tarah ek 
sbarlp &ur sarkash nasi na bon : aisi 
nasi, ki jis ne apua dil musta'idd na 
kiya, aur un ke jl Ebuda se lage na 

10 Bani IfrSIm ne bathy&r lagake : 
aur kamanen pakarke, jaug ke din 
pith pberl. 

11 Unbon ne Ebuda ke 'abd ko 
bifz na kiya : balki us ki sbari*at 
par cbalne se inkar kiya ; 

12 Aur us ke kamon ko, aur us kl 
*ajib qudraton ko : jo us ne un par 
zabir kin, bbul ga,e. 

13 Us ne uH ke bapdadon ke 
sambne zamfn i Misr men : Zu*an ke 
maidan men, 'ajib kam kiye. 

14 Us ne samundar ke do bisse 
kiye, aur unben par pabunobayS : 
aur us ne panlon ko ttida tuda kbara 
kar diya. 

15 Din ke waqt us ne badli se un 
kl rabbarl ki : aur s&rl rat ag ke 
sbu'le se. 

16 Us ne bayabiln men obatanon 
ko cbira : aur un men se un ke pine 
ko goya gabre daryaon ka pan! 
bakhsba. . . * 

17 Us ne cbatan bl men se sailab 
nikale : aur nabron ka sa pani babaya. 

18 Tab bbl wuh us ka gimab 
karte ga,e : aur bayaban men Haqq 
Ta'ala se ba^&wat kL 

19 Aur unbon ne apne nafs ke 
liye kbana m&ngke : apne dilcm men 
Khuda ko azmlya. '" ". 

20 Han, unbbn ne Ebudft kl mu- 
kbalafat men kalam kiya : aur kabft, 
Kya Ebuda dasbt men kbwSn i 
ni'mat desaktabai? "" 

21 Dekho, us ne obat&n ko mara, 

aisa ki pauI bab nikia, aur dbaren 
pbut cballn : kya wub roti bbl de 
sakfa bai? ky& apne logon ke liye 
gosbt taiy&r kar sakta'bai? 

22 So Ebud&wand ne suna, aur 
nibayat gusse bua : is liye Ya'qub 
men ek ag bbark&I ga,I, aur Israel 
par qabr bbl ut^fi. 

23 Eyunki unbon ne Ebuda par 
i'timad na kiy& : aur us ti najat par 
i'tiqad na rakba. - 

24 Aur us ne upar se badllon ko 
bukm kiya : aor us ne asm&n ke 
darwaze kbole ; 

25 Aur un par mann bars&yS, ki 
kba,en ; aur un ko SsmSnl galla 

26 Ek ek ne amiron kl giz& kbat : 
us ne unben kburak bbejkar asuda 

27 Us ne asman men purabt bawa 
cbalal : aur apne zor se us ne dakbanl 
bawa ko bbl babaya. 

28 Aur us ne un par kbak kl ma- 
nind gosbt : aur darya ki ret ki 
manind pardfir murg barsa,e ; 

29 Aur us ne unben un ke kbaim- 
on ke blob men : aur un ke maskanon 
ke as pas, giray&. 

30 So unbon ne kbayfi, aur kbiib 
ser bue; ki us ne un kl tamanna un- 
ben bakbsbl : wub apni tamanna se 
kanare na rabe. 

31 Par jab ki un ka kbana un ke 
munbon men tba, tab Ebuda ka qabr 
un par bbarka, aur un men se tanau- 
waron ko qatl kiya : aiir" Israel ke 
jawanon ko gira dala. 

32 Bawujiid is sab ke pbir unbon 
ne gunab kiye : aur us ki *ajlb qud- 
}:aton ke sabab i'tiqad na kiy§. 

33 Tab us ne un ke dinon ko 
bebiidagi men : aur un ke barason ko 
bairam men tamam kiya. "" 

34 Aur jab ki us ne unben qatl 
kiya, tab unbon ne use dbundba : 
aur baz a,e, aur sawere Ebiida ke 
talib blie ; 

35 Aur yad kiya, ki Ebuda un ki 
cbatan : aur Ebuda Ta*ala un ka 
fidjra-denewala bai. 

36 Lekin unbon ne apne munb se 
us ke satb riyakari ki : aur apni za- 
banon se us se jhiitb M^ ; . 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

fioz 15. 



37 KyunH tin ke dil us ke sath 
qa,ini na Ihe : aur wnli us ke 'abd 
men wafadar na rahe. 

3§ Par wuh rahlm hai, attr ns ne 
nn kl badksnan bakhshin : anr nnhen 
Lalak na kiya ; 

39 Han, barha vlb ne apne qabr ko 
Toka : anr apne s&re gazab ko bhar- 
kaya nabln. 

40 Kynnki ns ne yad kiyS, ki 
wnh basbar bain : jaise ki bawa, jo 
obali j&tl bai anr pbir nabfo sltX. 

41 Kitnl bar nnbon ne'^bayabftn 
men ns se bagawat kl : anr wfir&na 
men nse bezar kiya. 

42 Anr nnbon ne phir Kbnda ko 
azmaya : anr Israel ke Qnddus par 
dag lagaya. 

43 Unbcm ne ns ke bftth ko yad 
na kiya : anr na ns din ko, ki jab ns 
ne nn ko dnsbman se cbhuraya. 

44 Ki kynnkar ns ne Misr men 
apne nisban : anr Zu'an ke maidan 
men apne 'ajib kam kar dikbla,e : 

45 Anr nn kl nadlon ko labu kar 
dala : ki wnb apnl nabron se pi na 

46 Us ne nn men danson ko bbeja, 
jo nnben IshS, ga,e : anr mendakon 
ko, jinhon ne nnben balak kiya. " 

47 Us ne nn ke mewe klron ko : 
un ki mibnat ke pbal tiddlon ko 

48 Us ne nn kl taken ko olon se : 
anr nn ke anjir ke darakbton ko 
pale se mara. 

49 Us ne un ke mawesbl ko olon 
ke bawale kiya : anr nn ke gallon 
ko bijli ke. 

50 Us ne, bala ke firishton ko 
bbejke, nn par apna sbiddat ka 
qamr : gnssa anr gazab anr 'azab 
nazil kiye. 

51 Us ne apne qabr ke liye rah 
nikall : nn kl jan ko mant se panab 
na dl, balki un kl janen waba ke 
bawale k&i. 

52 Us ne Misr men sare palautbe 
mare : Ham ke maskanon men un 
kl qnwwaton ke pable pbal. "" 

53 Par apne logon ko bheron kl 
manind rawana .kiya : anr nn" ko 
galle kl tarab bayaban men r&b 

54 Anr nnben amn se le gaya, 
aisa ki wnb na dare : par nn ke 
dnsbmanon ko samnndar ne dnba 

55 Anr ns ne nnben apne mnqad- 
das si wane par pahunchaya : ya'ni 
ns pabar par, ki jise us ke dahne 
hath ne paya tba. 

56 Anr ns ne qanmon ko nn ke 
samhne se hanka : anr qnr'a dalke 
jaTIb se nnben miras %antl, anr ban! 
Israel ke firqon ko nn ke khaimon 
men basaya. 

57 Tis par bhi nnbon ne Kbnda 
Ta'ala ko azmaya : anr nse bezar 
kiya, anr ns kl shahadaton ko bifz 
na kiya ; 

58 Balki bargashta hue, anr apne 
bapdadon kl manind be-wafai ki : 
wnb terhl kaman kl manind ek taraf 
phir ga',e^ 

59 Aur unhon ne apne unche ma- 
kanon ke sabab nse gazabnak kiya : 
aur apnl kbodi hul muraton se us ko 
gairat dilal. 

60 Kbnda yih snnke gusse hua : 
anr Israel se nafrat kl. 

61 Anr ns ne Saila ke maskan ko : 
ns kbaime ko jo ns ne logon ke dar- 
miyan khara kiya tha, tark kiya. 

62 Aur ns ne apne *abd ke sanduq 
ko asir karwaya : aur apnl bashmat 
ko dnsbmanon ke hath men kar 

63 Us ne apne logon ko talwar ke 
bawale kiya : aur apnl mTras par us 
ka gussa bharka. 

64 Ag ne un ke jawanon ko fana 
kiya : aur nn kl kunwarion ka gauna 
na hua. " 

65 Un ke kahin talwar se mare 
pare : anr nn ki bewaon ne nn par 
nanha na kiya. 

66 Tab Khudawand us shakhs kl 
tarah, jo nind se chaunke : aur us 
pahlawan kl manind, jo mai ke nashe 
men hua tha, jaga. 

67 Aur ns ne apne dnsbmanon ki 
pichharl mai^ : aur us ne nnhen sada 
ka nang kiya. 

68 Aur US ne Yusnf ke kbaime ko 
radd kiya : aur Ifralm ke firqe ko, 
chnn na liya : 

69 Par us ne Yahudah ke firqe 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Eoz 16. 

ko : aur koh i Saihun ko, jo us ka 
mahbub tha, barguzlda kiya. 

70 Aur us ne apne maqdie ko &8- 
man sa buland banaya : aur zamin 
kl manind, jis kl neo us ne bamesha 
ke liye rakbl. 

71 Aur us ue apne bande Daud ko 
barguzlda kiya : aur gallon ke bher- 
salon men se use nikal liya : 

72 Us ne use bacbcbewall bheron 
ke plcbbe se^le liya : t& ki apne 
logon, bani Ya'qub ko, aur ban! Israel 
ko, jo us kl miras hain, cbara,e. 

73 So us ne unben apne dil ki r&sti 
se charaya : aur apne hfttbon kl cha- 
lakl se un kl rahnumal kl, " 

Mazmur LXXIX. 

A I KHUDA, gair-qaumon ne terl 
miras men dakhl kiya : terl 
muqaddas haikal ko unbon ne napak 
kiya, Tarusbalem ko dber kar diyi.. 

2 Tere bandon ki lashon ko unbon 
ne asm&nl parindon ki : aur tere pak 
logon ke gosbt ko zamIn ke wabsblon 
ki kburisb kiya. 

3 Unbon ne un ke labu ko Yaru- 
sbalem kl gird-nawab men pani ki 
manind babaya : aur un ka garne- 
wala koi na bua. 

4 Ham to apne bamsayon ke liye 
ek nang : aur un ke liye, jo bam are 
as pas bain, ja e tamaskbur aur is- 
tibza bue. 

5 Ai Kbudawand, kab tak? kya 
Tu bamesba bazar rabega : kya teri 
gairat atisb ki manind bbarki bi 
rabegi ? 

6 Apna gussa un qaumon par 
undel de, jinbon ne Tujb £o na 
pabcbana : aur un saltanaton par, ki 
jinbon ne tera Nam na liya. 

7 Ki unbon ne Ya'qiib ko nigal 
liya : aur us ke maskan ko ujar diya. 

8 Aglon ki badkarlon ko bamare 
baqq men yad mat kar, apni rabmat- 
on ko jald bamare liye ar kar : ki 
ham babut past bo ga,e. 

9 Aibam&renajat-denew&leKbuda, 
apne Nam ke jalal ke liye bamarl 

madad kar: ham ko bacba le, aur 
apne bi Nam ke liye bamare gunab- 
on ko dbaipp le. 

10 Gair-qaumen kis liye kaben : 
ki Un ka Kbuda kaban hai ? 

11 Tu apne bandon ke baba,e hue 
kbiin J^a intiqam jo bua : bamail* 
nazron ke age gair-qaumon par jata 
de. "" " 

12 Asiron ki Sanson ko ap tak 
pabuncbne de : apni bari qudrat ke 
muw&fiq un ko, jo maut ke liye mu- 
qarrar hue bain, bacba le. 

13 Hamare bamsayon kl bar ek 
malamat ka badla, jis jis tarab ki 
unbon ne, ai Kbudawand, teri ma- 
lamat ki : s&t guna un ki god men 
rakb de. 

14 So bam, tere bande, aur teri 
charagab ki bberen, abad tak teri 
sbukrguzarl karengi : bam bar ek 
pusbt ke Sge teri 8it&,isb kiya 

MazmGr LXXX. 

A I Israel ke garariye, Tu jo Yusuf 
ko galle ki manind le cbalta : 
aur karubim ke upar takbt-nisbin 
bai, jalwagar bo. 

2 Ifraim aur Binyamin aur Mu- 
nassi ke age : apni quwwat ko bara- 
kat de, aur ake bam ko bacba. 

3 Ai Kbuda, bam ko pbirS : aur 
apne cbibre ki rosbni dikbla, to bam 
bacb ja,enge. 

4 Ai Kbudawand Kbuda, lashkar- 
on ke Kbuda : kab tak tere qabr ka 
dbunwan tere logon ki du'a ke bar- 
kbillf utb rabega ? "" 

5 Tu unben ansuon ka kbana kbi- 
lata bai : aur unben matke bbar 
bbarke ansii pilata bai. 

6 Tu bam ko bamare bamsayon 
ke age jbagre k& sabab kart& bai : 
bamare dusbman Spas men banste 

7" Ai Kbuda, lasbkaron ke Kbuda, 
bam ko pbira : aur apna cbibrarosban 
kar, to bam bacb ja,enge. 

8 Til ek tak ko Misr se nikal laya : 
Tu ne g^air-qaumon ko kbarij kiya, 
aur use lagay&. " 

9 Tu ne us ke age jagab saf kf : 

Digitized by 


Boz 16. 



anr us ne gahrl jar pakri, aor sarza- 
min ko bhar diya/ 

10 Fahar us ke 8&ya tale chhip 
ga,e, aur j^huda ke deodftr us kl 
sh&khon se dhamp ga,e. 

li lis ne* apnl dallan samundar 
tak phailain : aur apnl tahnlan nahr 
tak. "■ 

12 Fhir Tu ne uskeihate ko kyun 
tor d&la : ki ab wuh sab, jo us rah se 
guzarte bain, use nooh lete bain. 

13 Jangll suar use kbarab kart& 
hai : aur dasbtl cbaupaya use kb& 
jat& bai. 

14 AiEbuda,lasbkaronkeKbuda, 
bam ten minnat karte, Id pbir as- 
raaa par, se nigab kar : aur dekb, 
aur is tak par tawajjub kar ; 

15 Is nabat par, jise tere dabne 
batb ne lagaya : apnl sb&kb samefc, 
jise Tii ne apne liye mazbiit kiya. 

16 Wub ag se jalal ga,I, aur k&tl 
ga,I : wub tere obibre kl 4^P&t ^ 
balak bote bain. 

17 Tera bath, tere dabne bfttb ke 
insan par bo : us Ibn i Adam par 
jise Tii ne apne liye tawan& kiya bai. 

18 Tab bam Tujh se na pbirenge : 
bam ko jila, ki tera Nam liyft karenge. 

19 Ai Kbudawand Khuda, lasb- 
karon ke' Ebud&, bam ko phira : 
apne^cbibre kl roshni obarnkft de, to 
bam bach ja,enge. 

Mazm^b LXXXI. 

PUKABKE Khuda kl madh gao, 
ki wub bamara biita bai : Ya'- 
qiib ke Khuda ke liye khusbl se lal- 

2 Sur bandbke ek git gao, aur 
tabla: aur khusb-awazdar barbat, 
bin samet bajao ; 

3 Aur na,e chand ke waqt aur 
piire chand ke, bamarl muqarrari 'id 
ke din qamal phunko. 

4 Kyunki yih Israel kl sunnat : 
aur Ya'q^b ke Khuda ka shara' hai. 

6 Us ne to yih Yiisuf ke darmiy&n 
sbabadat ke liye thahraya : jab us 
ne mulk i Misr men khuruj kiya; 
wahan main ne ek boll suni, jo na 

6 Main ne us ke kandhe par se 

bojh utara : us ke hath tag'arlon se 
cbhura,e ga,e. 

7 'JTu ne bipat men faryad kl, main 
ne tujbe chhuraya : main ne garaj 
kl ar men se tujhe jawab~diya ; 

8 Aur main ne tujhe : Marlbah ke 
panlon par azmaya. 

9 Ai mere logo, suno, ki main tujh 
par gawahl dunga : ai Israel, agar tii 
merl sunega, 

10 To tere darmiyan kol diisra 
ma'biid na bo : tu kisi ajnabi ma'biid 
ko sijda na kama. 

11 Kbudawand, tera Khuda, main 
hnn, jo tujhe Misr kl sarzamln se 
babar laya : apna munb khol, ki 
main use bbar dunga. 

12 Far mere logon ne meri awaz 
par kan na dhara : aur Israel ne 
mujhe na ohaha. 

13 Tab main ne unhen un ke dilon 
kl sarkasbl ke bas men ohhor diya : 
wub apnl mashwaraton par chale. 

14 Ai kash ki mere log men sunte : 
aur Israel men rahon par chalta ! 

15 Ki main jaldl un ke dusbman* 
on ko maglab karta : aur un ke 
bairlon par apna hath phirata. 

16 "Wub jo Kbudawand ka kina 
rakhte, us se dabke us kl khusbauiad 
karte : par in ka waqt abadi beta. 

17 Wub in ko suthre se sutbre 
gehiin khilata : aur ohatan ke shabd 
se main tujhe ser karta.' 

Mazmub LXXXII. 

KHUDA kl jama'at men Khuda 
khara hai : ilahon ke darmiyan 
' vrah, 'adalat karta hai. 

2 Tum kab tak be-insafl se 'adalat 
karoge : aur sbarlron kl tarafdari 
karoge ? 

3 Misklnon aur yatlmon ka insaf 
karo : dilglron aur hajatmandon ka 
baqq pabunobao. 

4 Muhtaj aur miskfn ko rihai do : 
shanron ke bathon se unhen obhurao. 

5 Wub nahin j&ite, aur "wub sam- 
jbenge nabh^ 1 wuh andhere men 
, chaTte bain :"zamln kl sart bunyaden 
I jumbish karti bain. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



£oz 16. 

6 Main ne to kaha, ki Turn ilah 
ho : aur""tum sab Haqq Ta'ftlft ke 
farzand ho. 

7 Par turn bashar kl tarah maroge : 
aur shahz&don men se ek kl mSnind 
gir jaoge. 

8 Ai Khuda, nth, Tu Sp zamin kl 
'adalat kar : ki T^ sfirl nmmaton k& 
malik hai. 


A I KHTJDA, obnp mat ho ; kha- 
moshi mat kar : aur chain na 
le, ai Khnda. 

2 Kyunki, dekh, tore dnshman 
dhum machate hain : aur nnhon ne, 
jo tera kina rakhte"hain, sir uthaya 

3 Wuh chatural se tere logon par 
mansuba bandhte hain : aur tere 
chhipa,e huon ke khil^ mashwarat 
karte hain. "" * _ 

4 Wuh" kahte hain, ki Ao, un ko 
ukhar dalen, ki qaum na rahen : aur 
Israel kH nam plnr zikr men na a,e. 

5 Kyunki unhon ne eka karke jl 
se mashwarat klhai : aur terlmukha- 
lafat men 'ahd bandha hai. 

6 Adum ke ahl i khaima, aur Is- 
ma'ell : aur MoabI, aur sare Hajirl, 

7 Aur Jabal, aur 'Ammun, aur 
' Amaliq : aur Filist, Siir ke bashindon 
samet, muttafiq hain. 

8 Asur bhi un men shSmil hai : 
unhon ne bani Lut kl madad men 
apne hath barbate. 

9 Tu un se aisa kar, ki jaisa Tu 
ne Midyanlon : aur Sfsara, aur T&bin 
se, wadi i Qaisun men kiy& : 

10 Jo 'Ain-Dor men halak hue : 
wuh zamIn kl khad ho ga,e. 

11 TJnhen, han, un ke amiron ko 
Gurab aur ZJab kl manind kar : balki 
lin ke sare sardftron ko Zibah aur 
Zillman'a ki m&nind kar ; _ 

12 Jinhon ne kaha hai, ki Ao : 
Khuda ke gharon ke ham malik 

13 Ai mere Khuda, unhen girdbad 
kt manind kar : aur bhus kl manind 
ru ba ru hawa ke. 

14 Jis tarah ag jangal ko jalati 

hai : aur jis tarah shu'la paharon ko 
jhulas deta hai ; 

15 UsI tarah Tu apnl andhi se un 
k& plchh& kar : aur apne tufan se 
unhen paresh&n kar. 

lO'Ai Khuda wand, un ke munh 
ko ruswaf se bhar de : ta ki wuh tere 
Nftm ke talib hon. 

17 Wuh abad'tak sharminda aur 
pareshan hon : han wuh ruswa hon, 
aur fana ho j&,en. " 

18 Aur wuh janen, ki tu hi akela, 
jis ka nam TAHOWAH hai : sari 
zamIn par buland o b&la haL 


A I lashkaron ke Khudawand : tere 
maskan kya lil dilkash hain I 

2 Men ruh Khudawand kl bar- 
gahon ke liye &rzumand, balki gudaz 
hoti hai : mer& man aur mer& tan 
zinda Khuda ke liye lalkarta hai. 

3 Gaure ne bhi apnA ghonsla, aur 
ababll ne apna ashiyana to p&ya hai, 
jahan wuh apne bachche rakhen : 
terl qurbangahon ko, ai lashkaronke 
Khudawand, mere Badshah, aur mere 

4 Mubarak wuh hain, jo tere ghar 
men baste hain : wuh sada terl sita,ish 

5 Mubarak wuh insan, jis men 
quwwat Tujh se hai : un ke dil men 
ten rahen hain. 

6 Wuh Baka kl wadI men guzar 
kai-te hue use ek ku& banSte : pahli 
barsfit use barakaton se dhamp letl. 

7 Wuh quwwat se quwwat tak 
taraqql karte ohale jate hain : yahan 
tak H Khuda ke &ge Saihun men 
hazir bote hain. 

8 Ai Khudawand, Babb ul afwaj, 
men du'a qubul kar : ai Ya'qub ke 
Khuda, kan dhar. 

9 Ai Khuda, ai haman sipar, nazr 
kar : aur apne maslh ke munh par 
nig&h rakh. 

10 Ki ek din, jo tert bargahon 
men kate : ek hazslr se bihtar hai. 

li Mere liye Khuda ke ghar kl 
darbani : shararat ke khaimon men 
rahne se bihtar hai. _^ . • " 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Roz 17. 



12 Eynnki Khudawand Khuda ek 
aftab hai, axir sipar hai : Elradawand 
fazl aur jalal bakhshta hai; un logon 
86, jo eSdhi chftl chalte hain, kol 
achchhl chiz dareg^ na karegS. 

13 Ai lashkaron ke Khudawand : 
mtibarak wuh insan hai, jise tera 
bharosa hai. 


A I KHUDAWAND, Tu ne apni 
sarzamin par mihrbanl kl hai : 
Tu Ya'qub ke qaidlon ko pher 

2 Tu ne apne logon ke gunah 
bakhsh diye : Tu ne nn ki sab khata 
chhipa dalL 

3 Tune apne sab qahr ko ntha 
liya : Tu apne gazab kl shiddat se 
baz aya hai. 

4 Aihamarenajat-denewale Khuda, 
ham ko phira : aur apne qahr ko ham 
par se daf a kar. 

5 Kya Tu ham se sada bezar 
rahe]ga : kya Tu sari pushton par 
apne qahr ko khinchega ? 

6 Kya Tu phirke hamen na jila,- 
ega : ta ki tere log Tnjh se khushi 
karen ? 

7 Ai Khudawand, ham ko apnl 
rahmat dikha : aur apnl najat ham 
ko bakhsh. 

8 Main sununga, ki Khudawand 
Khuda kya farmata hai : wuh to 
apne bandon aur apne pak logon se 
salamati kl baten kahega, par Ifizim 
hai ki wuh phir jahalat kl taraf na 

9 Yaqinan us kf najat un se, jo us 
se darte hain, ns^sdik hai : tSf ki jal&l 
hamari sarzamin men base. 

10 Eahmat aur "sachSI mill hul 
hain. : sadaqat aur salamati ne ek 
dusre se bosa liya hai. 

11 Sachal zamin se ugegl : aur 
sadaqat asman par se niche nazr 

12 Han, Khudawand bhi jo kuchh 
khiib hai so dega : aur hamdrl sarza- 
mtn apna hasil paid& karegl. 

13 Sadaqat us ke age gge chalegl : 
aur apne naqsh i qadam ko ek rah 


A I KHUDAWAND, apna kan 
jhuka, aur merl sun : ki main 
pareshan aur miskin hun. 

2 Merl jan kl hifazat kar, ki main 
dindar hun : ai Tii jo raera Khuda 
hai, apne bande ko, jis ka tawakkul 
Tujh par hai, rihal de. 

3 Ai Khudawand, mujh par rahm 
kar : ki'main tamam din tere 
nala karta hun. 

4 Apne bande ke jl ko khush kar : 
ki ai Khudawand, main apne dil ko 
terl taraf uthata hun. 

5 Kyunki Tu, "ai Khudawand 
bhala hai, aur bakhshnewala : aur 
terl rahmat un sab par, jo Tujhe 
puk&rte hain, wafir hai. 

6 Ai Khudawand, merl du'a sun : 
aur meri munajat kl awaz par kan 

7 Main apnl bipat ke din Tujhe 
pukariinga : ki Tu merl sunega. 

8 Ma'budon ke darmiyan, ai 
Khudawand, Tujh s& kol nahm : aur 
terl si san'aten kahin nahln. 

9 Ai Khudawand, sSrI qaumen, 
jinhen Tii ne khalq kiyS, a,engl, aur 
tere age sijdakarengi : aur tere N&m 
kl buzurgl karengi. 

10 Ki Tii buzurg hai, aur *ajib 
kam kart& hai : Tu hi akel& Khuda 

11 Ai Khudawand, mujh ko apnl 
rah bata, main terl sachal men chal- 
tinga : mere dil ko ek-tarfa kar, tSk 
ki main tare Nam se darun. 

12 Ai Khudawand, mere Khuda, 
main apne sare dil se terl sitd.,ish 
karunga : aur abad tak tere N§m kl 
buzurgl kariinga. 

13 Ki terllrahmat mujh par bahut 
hai : aur Tu ne merl riih ko asfal 
pat&l se liaj&t dl hai. 

14 Ai Khuda, magriiron ne mujh 
par charhal kl hai : aur katar logon 
kljama^at merl jan ke pIcKhe pari 
hai; aur unhon ne Tujhe apnl 
ankhon ke samhne nahln rakha. 

15 Lekin Tu, ai Khudawand, 
Khuda i rahim aur kaiim auribar- 

Oigitized by VjOOQ IC 




d§.8bt-kamewala hai : shafaqat aur 
waiU men barhkar hai. 

16 Merl taraf mutawajjili ho, aur 
mujh par rahm kar : apne bande 
ko apnl tawanat bakhsh, aur apnl 
laundx ke bete ko najat de. 

17*Mujhe* bhalal ka kol nishan 
dikhla, t& ki wuh, jo iner& kina 
rakhte hain, dekhen, aur sharminda 
hen : kyunki Tu ne, ai Khudawand, 
merl madad kl, aur mujhe tasalll dl. 


US kl bunyad muqaddas paharon 
men hai : Khudawand Sai^un 
ke darwazon ko Ya'qub ke sare 
inaskanon se ziyada dost rakhta hai. 

2 Ai Khuda ke shahr : terl babat 
jalalwall baton kahl jati hain : 

3 Main Bahab aur Babul ko maz- 
kur kariinga : ki wuh mere pah- 
channewaLon men shamil hain ; 

4 Dekh, Filist, aur Sur, Kiish 
samet : yih wahan paida hua. 

5 Aur Saihiin kl babat kaha 
ja,eg&, ki Ful&na, fulana, us men 
paida hua : aur Haqq Ta'ala ap us 
ko qiyam bakhshega. 

6 Khudawand, jis waqt qaumon 
ke nam likhega, to ginke kahega : 
ki Yih shakhs wahan paida hua tha. 

7 Aur ganewale aur bajanewale 
bhr honge : mere sare chashme Tujh 
men maujud hain. 


A I KHUDAWAND, mere najat- 
denewale Khuda, main ne din 
rat tere age faryad kl : merl du'a 
tere huzur pahunche ; apna k&n 
merl faryad par dhar. 

2 Ki mera jl dukhon se bhar& hua 
hai : aur merl jan patal ke nazdik & 
pahunchi hai. 

3 Main un men gina gaya him, jo 
garhe men giro jilte hain : main us 
mard kl manind hiin, jiiTkl quwwat 
kuchh na ho : " 

4 Murdon ke darmiyan &zad hiin ; 
un maqtulon kl manind, jo gor men 
lete hain : jTnhen Tii phir yftd nahin 
karta, balki wuTi tere hath se ka"t 
d&le ga,e hain. 

5 Tii ne mujh ko garhe ke asfal 
men dal& : andhere makanon men, 
gahraon men. 

6 TerS qahr mujh par par& rahta : 
Tii ne apnl sari maujon se mujh ko 
dukh diyft. " 

7 Tu ne mere j&n-pahchanon ko 
mujh se dur kiya : Tii ne aisa "kiya 
ki unhen mujh se nafrat &tl hai : 

8 Main qaid men par gay& : aur 
nikal nahin sakta. "" 

9 Merl ankhen dukh ke sabab 
dhundhla ga,I hain : ai Khudawand, 
main har roz Tujhe pukarta hiin, 
main ne apne hath terl taraf phaila,e 

10 Ky& Tu murdon ke liye 'ajfb 
kam karegS, : kya murde uthenge, 
aur teri sit&,ish karenge ? 

11 Kya gor. men terl rahmat : aur 
kya halfikat hi men terl sachal ka 
charcha hoga ? 

12 Kya tere 'ajib kam andhere 
men ma'liim honge : aur teri sadaqat 
faramoshi ki sarzamin men ? 

13 Ai Khudawaud, main jo fhiin 
Tujhe duhal deta hiin : merl du'a 
subh ke waqt tere huziir men pahun- 

14 Ai Khudawand, Tii kyiin merl 
jan ko radd kar deta hai : aur apna 
munh mujh se chhipata hai ? 

15 Main afat-zada aur marne par 
hun : main to larakpan se teri hai- 
baton sahta, main hairan hun. 

16 Tera qahr mere sir se guzar 

fay& : terl dahshaton ne mujhe fana 

17 Wuh tamam din pani kl manind 
men charon taraf maujzan hain : 
unhon ne mujhe bilkuU gher liya 

18 Dostdar aur ashna Tii ne mujh 
se dur kar diye : mere jan-pahchan 
tarlkl hi hain. 

Mazmur LXXXIX. 

MAIN abad tak Khudawand kl 
rahmaton ke gitgaiinga : main 
san pushton ko apne munh se teri 
sachai kl khabar dunga. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Roz 17, 



2 Eynnki main ne kalift, ki Bah- 
mat kl 'im&rat abaJ tak uthti j&,eg! : 
aBiDanon par Tu apnl sach&I ko unhin 
men q&,im kar rakheg&. 

3 Main ne apne barguzlde se ek 
'ahd kiya hai : main ne apne bande 
Baud se qasam khal hai : 

4 Main terl nasi ko abad tak qa,im 
rakhungft : aur tere takht ko pusht 
dar pnsht qarar bakbshunga. 

5 Anr ai EbudSwand, asm&n tere 
'ajib k&mon kl sitS,i8b karenge : 
muqaddas logon kljama'atterl wafa- 
darl ki bhi. 

6 Ei asm&n par Ebnd&wand ka 
nazir kaun : bani Ull&h men Ehuda- 
wand kl manind kaun bai ? 

7 Ebuda muqaddason kl majlis 
men nibayat mubib bai : aur un sab 
kl jo us ke gird bain, ta'zim ke la,iq 

8 Ai Ebudawand, Babb ul afwaj, 
Tujb sa' tawana Ebudawand kaun 
bai : aur tere as pas ten sacbal bai. 

9 Tu samundar ke josb o kharosb 
par farman-rawa bai : Tu us kl 
maujon ko, jis waqt ki wub utbtl 
bain, tLama deta bai. 

10 Tu ne Babab ko zakbml kl 
tarab obur kiya bai : Tu ne apne 
zor i bazu se apne dusbmanon ko 
tittar bittar kiya. 

11 Asman tere, zamin bbl teri : 
jaban aur us kl abadi Tu ne banai. 

12 Uttar aur dakban ka Ijad- 
kamew&la Tii bai : Tabur aur Har- 
miin tere Nam se kbusbl man&te 

13 Tera bazu zor kS bai : tera batb 
qawl, tera dabnft batb buland bai. 

14 'Adalat aur sadftqat tere batb 
kl bunyadbain: rabmat aur sacbal 
tere age age cbaltm. 

15 Mub&rak wub gurob, jo 'ibadat 
kl qamal kl &waz kl sbinajsa bai : 
ai Ebudawand, wub tere cbibre ke 
nur men kbiramfin bonge. 

16 Tere Nam ke sabab wub sare 
din kbusbwaqt rabenge : ten sadaqat 
se wubbulandl p&,enge. 

17 Eyu^ un kl taw&nal kl 
sbaukat ITu bai : terl mibrb&nl se 
ham&re sing uncbe kiye j&,eng6. 

1,8 ^i bamftrl sipar Ebud&wand se 

bai : aur Israel ke Quddus kl taraf 
bamarA badsbab bai. 

19 Tab Tu ne roya men apne mu- 
qaddas ko farm&ya aur kaba : Main 
ne ek zabardast ko kumak ke liye 
barpa kiya. 

20 Main ne qaum men se : ek 
barguzlda ko buland kiya.~ 

21 Main ne apne bande D&ud ko 
paya : main ne use apne muqaddas 
tel se mamsub kiya. 

22 Mera bath us ke satb barqarar 
rabega : mer& bazu use zor bakb- 

23 Dusbman use zarar na pabun- 
cba sakega : aur na sbararat ka far- 
zand use dukb de sakega. 

24 Aur main us ke bairlon ko us ke 
ru ba ru p&mSl karunga : aur un ko, jo 
us ka kina rakbte bain, de marunga. 

25 Magar men sacbal aur meri 
rabmat us ke satb bongi : us ka sing 
mere Nam se iincba boga. 

26 Main us k& bath samundar par 
rakbunga"': aur us ka dabna batb 
nabron par. 

27 Wub mujbe pukarke kabega, 
ki Tu mera bap : mera Ebuda, aur 
men najat kl cbatan bai. * 

28 Main use apna palautba bbl 
tbahraunga : aur zamIn ke badsbab- 
on se bala. 

29 Abad tak apnl rabmat us par 
q§,im rakbunga : aur mera 'abd us 
ke satb ustuwar boga. 

30 Us kr nasi ko abad tak pa,ed&rr 
bakbsbungS. : aur us ke takbtkobbi, 
asman ke dinon ke barabar. 

31 Agar us ke farzand men sba* 
n'at ko cbbor denge : aur mere 
bukmon par na cbalenge ; 

32 Agar wub mere buquq ko 
'udiil karenge, aur mere bukmon ko 
yad na rakbenge : to main cbban se 
un ke gunabon kl, aur koron se un 
kl badi kl saza dunga. ' ^ 

33 Bawujud is ke main apnl rab- 
mat us par se na kblncbfinga : aur 
na apnl sacb&I ko jbutblaiing&, 

34 Main apne 'abd ko na torunga, 
aur us sukban ko, jo mere miinb se 
nikal gaya, na badlunga : mam ne 
ek b&r apnl quddusi kl qasam kb&I, 
main Baud se jbutb na bolungft. 

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35 Vb kf nasi abad tak qa,im rahe- 
gl : aur us kft takht mere ftge suraj 
kt manind. 

36 Wuh oh&nd kl tarah, aur 
asman ke sachohe gaw&h kl mfir 
nind : abad tak qa,im rahegft. 

37 Par Tn ne to radd kar diya, 
aur zalll jaii& : Tu to apne inamsuh 
80 bez&r huft. 

38 Tu ne ue 'alid ko, jo apne 
bande se kiya thS, batil kiy& : Tu 
ne us ke taj ko zamtn par phenkke 
napak banay&. 

39 Tu ne us ke sare ihaton ko tor 
dal& : Tu ne us kl raazbut garhlon 
ko g&rat kiy&. 

40 S&re rahguzar use lutte hain : 
wuh apne hamsayon ka nang hua. 

41 Tu ne us ke dushmanon ke 
dahne hath ko buland kiya : Tu ne 
us ke sare bairlon ko khush kiya. 

42 Tu ne us kl talwar kl dhar ko 
bhi mor diya : aur use jang men 
khara nahin karaya. 

43 Tu ne us ki shaukat ko' kho 
diya : aur us ke takht ko khak par 
de mara. 

44 Tu ne us kl jawani ke dinon 
ko kotah kiya : Tu ne use sharmin- 
dagl ke libas se dhampa. 

45 Ai Khudawand, kab tak ? kya 
til abad tak ap ko chhipa,e rahega : 
kya tera gussa ag kl tarah bharakta 
hi rahega ? 

46 Yad kar ki mera waqt kitna 
kotah hai : Tii ne kyun sab bani 
Adam ko 'abas paida kiya ? 

47 Kaun sa insan jita hai, jo maut 
ko na dekhega : kya wuh patal ke 
qabze se apnl jan bacha,ega ? 

48 Ai Khudawand, ten agll wuh 
mihrbanlan kya huin : jin kl babat 
Tii ne Daiid se apnl wafadarl kl 
qasam khal ? 

49 Ai Khudawand, apne bandon 
kl ruswai yad kar : ki main bahut- 
eri qaumon kl sari malamaton ko 
apnl god men liye hue hiin ; 

50 Ki jis'se, ai Khudawand, tere 
dushmanon ne hiqirat kl hai, ki jis 
se tere mamsuh ke naqsh i qadam 
ki hiqarat kl hai : Ehudawand abad 
ul abad mubarak b(^. A^in^ tm 
Am&x. * . . . 

MazmOr XC. 

A I KHUDAWAND pusht dar 
pusht : hamarl panahgah Tii hi 
raha hai, 

2 Feshtar us se ki pahar paida hiie, 
aur zamin aur dunya 'ko Tu ne 
banaya : azal se abad tak, Tii hi 
Khuda haL 

3 Tu insan ko khak men pher deta 
hai : aur farmata hai, ki Ai banI 
Adam, phiro. 

4 Ki hazar baras tere age aise hain, 
jaise kal ka din jo guzar gaya : aur 
jaise ek pahar rat. 

5 Tii unhen yiin le jata hai, jaise 
sailab se, wuh goya nInd hain : wuh 
fajr ko us ghas kl manind hain jo 
ugl ho. 

6 Wuh subh ko lahlahatl hiki, aur 
tar o taza hoti hai : sham ko kati 
jati hai, aur sukh jati hai. 

7 Kihamtereqahr8efanahoga,e: 
aur tere gazab se pareshan hiie. 

8 Tu ne hamarl badkarlan apne 
age rakhin : aur hamare poshlda 
gunah apne ehihre kl roshni men. 

9 Ki hamare sare din tere qahr 
men guzre : aur hamare baras kha- 
yal kl tarah basar ho ga,e. 

10 Hamarl zindagi ke din sattar 
baras hain; aur agar quwwat ho, to 
assi baras': lekin yih tawanai mihnat 
aur mashaqqat hai ; kyunki ham 
jald jate rahte hain, aur ur jate hain, 

11 Tere qahr ki shiddat ka janne* 
wala kaun hai : aur tere gazab k£(, 
jo tere ru*b ke mutabiq hai? 

12 Hamen haman 'umr ke din 
ginna sikha : aisa ki ham dana dit 
basil karen. 

13 Ai Khudawand, phir ; kab tak : 
aur apne bandon kl taraf phir muta^ 
wajjih ho. "" 

:r. 14 Ham ko sawere apnl rahmat se, 
ser kar : ta ki ham apnl 'umr bhar 
khushnud aur khushwaqt rahen. 

15 Jitne dinon tak Tu ne ham ko 
dukhl rakha, ovlt jitne baras tak 
ham ne zabiini dekhl : utne baras 
tak haxa. ko khursandl da 

16i Aj)ne kkm 9^2ie hindon ko : aur 

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Koz 18. 



apnl shaukat aa .ke fatzandon ko 

17 AurKhudSwandliamareKhTidft 
kl ni'mat Lam par ho : ham&re hatlion 
k& k&m ham par qjSt,^ ho, hfin, 
hamare hathon ke kd.m ko q&,im kar: 


WUH, jo Haqq Ta'ala ke parda 
tale sukunat karta hai : so 
Qadir i Mutlaq ke saya tale rahega. 

2 Main Ehudawand kl babat kah- 
ta him, ki wuh merf panah, aar mera 
garh hai : mer& Khuda, jis par mera 
tawakkul hai. 

3 Yaqinan wuh tujh ko saiy&d ke 
phande se : aur muhlik waba se 
rih&I dega. 

4 Wtdi tujhe apne paron tale chhi- 
pa,ega, aur us ke pankhou ke niche 
tujhe panah mileg! : us kl waf&dari 
teri sipar aur pharl hogl. 

5 Tu rat kl haibat se na daregS. : 
aur na us tir se, jo din ko urt& hai ; 

6 Aur na us waba se, jo andhere 
men chaltl hai : aur na us marl se, 
jo do pahar ko wiran karti hai. 

7 Tore as pas ek hazar gir j&,enge, 
aur das hazar tore dahne hSth par : 
lekin wuh tere nazdik na ft,egt. 

8 Faqat tu apnl ankhon se nigah 
karega : aur sharlron ke badle ko 

9 Kyunki Tu, ai Khudawand, 
men panahgah hai : tu ne Haqq 
Ta'&la ko apna maskan ikhtiy&r 
kiya ; 

10 Is liye tujh par kol afat na 
a,egl : aur kol waba tere khaime ke 
pas na pahunchegl. 

11 Kyunki wuh tere liye apne 
firishton ko l^ukm kareg& : ki wuh 
terl sab rahon men terl nigahbanl 
kareg; "" . "" 

12 Ki wuh tujhe apne hathon par 
utha lenge : ta na ho ki tere p&nw 
ko kisi patthar se thes lage. " 

13 Tu sher aur samp ko latarega : 
tu sher-baohcha aurazhdaheko panw 
tale kuchlega. "" 

14 Aur is liye ki us ne mujh se dil 
lag&y&, main use najfit dungA : aur 
main use/unphe par bith&ung&y ki us 
ne mera Nam pahch&n&. 

15 Wuh mujhe pukarega, aur main 
use jawfib dunga : us ke dukh utha- 
ne ke waqt main us ke s&th hunga, 
main use chhur&unga, aur use 'izzat 

16 Main use 'um): kl dar&zl se ser 
karung& : aur apnl najat use dikha- 

MjlzmCr XGII. 

KHUDAWAND ka shukr kam& : 
aur tere Nftm kl sita,ish ke git 
' gaua, ai Haqq Ta'&la, bhaU hai ; 

2 Subh ko ten sbafaqat k& : aur 
r&t ko ten am&natd&n ka tazkira 

3 Das tfir k§ saz, aur bin : aur 
barbat khush-ilhani se baja bajake. 

4 Ki Tu ne, ai Khudawand, apne 
k§,m se mujhe khushwaqt kiyS : main 
tere h&thon kl san'aton se shadiyana 

5 Ai Khudawand, tere k&m kya 
hi 'azim hain : tere mansube nihayat 
'amfq hain ! 

6 Nad&n adml nahlb j&nt& : aur 
jahil use samajhta nahln. 

7 Jab ki shanr ghsi kl m&nind 
ugte hain, aur sarebadkird&r lahlah- 
ate hain : to yih is liye hai ki wuh 
abad tak fana ho jft,en; par, ai ^ 
Khudawand, Tii abad ul Sb&d buland 

8 Kyunki dekh, tere dushman, ai 
Khudawand, han, tere dushman fana 
honge : sare badk&n-kamew&le tittar 
bittar honge. 

9 Tu mere sing ko gainde ke sing 
kl manindbulandkaregft ; main t&za 
tel se mala jat&. 

10 Men ankhen mere dushmanon 
ko qar&r se dekhengi : aur mere k&n 
bhi shanron kl khabar, jo mujh par 
oharh a,e, sunenge. 

1*1 S&diq khajur ke darakht kl 
manind lahlaha,eg& : wuh Lubnan 
ke deodar kl tarah barhegS. . 

12 Wuh, jd Khud&wand ke ghar 
men laga,e ga,e hain : hamare Khuda 
kl dargahon men phulenge. 

13 Wuh""burhape men bhi mewa 
d^ge : wiib sh&d&b aur tar o taza 

14 Ta ki zahir karen, ki ^hud&- 

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Eoz 19. 

wand sidha hai, wuh meil chat&n | 
hai : us men na-rasti nabin hai. 

MazmOr XCIII. 

KflUDAWAND saltanat karta 
hai, wuh ehaukat ka khil'at 
' pahine hue hai : Khudawand ne 
pahina hai, us ne apnl kamar quwwat 
se kasl. 

2 Is liye jahan qsL,im hai : ki wuh 
talta nahin. 

3 Teratakhtqadim semustahkam 
hai : Tu to azal se hai. 

4 Nahron ne uth&I, ai Khuda- 
wand, nabron ne apnl awaz uth&I : 
Tiabren apnl josh o kharosh kl awaz 
utbati hain. 

6 Kbudlwand bulandl par bahut 
se pa'nion kl Swaz : aur samundar 
kl barl "maujoa. kl nisbat qawltar 

6 Ten shahadaten nihayat yaqinl 
bain : ai Khudawand, quddusl tore 
gbstr ko hamesha zeb detl hai. 


A I KHUDAWAND, intiqamon ke 
^huda : ai intiqamon ke Khuda, 
jalwag;aT ho. 

2 Ai jah&n ke insaf-kamewale, 
ap ko buland kar : aur ghamand- 
kamewalon ko badl& de. 

3 Ai Khudawand, sbarlr kab tak : 
ban, sbaitr kab tak shadiyana bajaya 
karenge ? 

4 "Wuh dakarte, wuh gust&kbl kl 
baton bolte' : s&re badk&rl-kamew&le 
lafzfml karte. 

5 Wuh, ai Khudawand, tere logon 
ko pis dalte hain : aur terl miras ko 
dukh dete hain.'" 

6 Wuh bewa aur pardesi ko jan se 
marte hain : aur yatim ko qatl karte 

7* Aur kahte hain, Khudawand na 
dekhega : Ya*qub ka Khuda hargiz 
samajh na lega. 

8 Ai qaum ke be-wuqufo, samjho : 
ai jahilo, turn kab boshyar hoge? 

9 Wuh, jis ne kan lagaya, kya 
nahIn sunta : wuh, jis ne ankh banai, 

10 Wuh, jo qaumon ko tamblh deta 
hai, kya wuh saza na karega : wuh jo 
insan ko danish sikhlata hai, kya 
wuh waqifiyat na rakhta hoga? 

11 Khudawand insan ke khiyalat 
ko janta hai : ki wuh batil hain. 

12 Mubarak wuh insan, jise Tu, ai 
Khudawand, tadlb karta : aur apni 
sharl'at men se us ko sikhlata ; 

13 Ta kT Tu us ko dukh ke din 
chain bakhshe : yaban tak ki sharlron 
ke liye garha khoda ja,e. 

14 Ki j^udawand apne bandon 
ko tark na karega : aur apnl miras ko 
cbhor na dega. 

15* Kyunki 'adalat sadaqat k| taraf 
phirke a,egl : aur wuh sab, jin ke dil 
sldbe hain, us ke pichhe pidhhe ho 

16 Mere waste shariron ke muqa- 
bsde men kaun utbega : aur mere liye 
badkan-kamewalon ka kaun samhna 
karega? " 

17 Agar Khudawand mera ma- 
dadgar na hota : to nazdfk tha ki 
men jan khamoshi ke 'alam men jake 

18 Jis waqt main ne kaba, Mera 
panw phisal chala T so, ai Khuda- 
wand, ten rahmat ne muih ko tham 


19 Jab ki mere dil men fikren 
kasrat se hotin : tab ten tasallian 
mere jl ko khush karti hain. 

20 Kya iiyankan ke takht ko : jo 
ain ke waslle se mashaqqat karata 
hai, tere sath kuchh shirkat hai. 

21 Wuh sadiq kl janlene par hujum 
karte hain : aur be-gunah ke lahu 
bahane ka^fatwa dete hain. 

22 Lekin Khudawand'mera buij 
hai : aur mera Khuda men panah kl 
ohatan hai. 

23 So wuhl un kl badkan un par 
dalega, aur unhm kl bural men un ko 
fana karega : ban, Khudaw^d ho- 
mara Khuda un kb fana karega. 

MazmOr XCV. 

AO, ham Khudawand ki madh- 
sarai karen : ham apnl najat kl 
ohatan ko khusE hoke lalkaren. 

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Boz 19. 



2 Ham shukrguzftrl karte hue us 
ke huzur men ja,en : aur zabur gate 
hue us ke age khushi ka na'ra maren. 

3 KyunU Khudawand bara hi 
KhudS hal: aur bara hi Badshah, jo 
sab ma'budon par muqaddam hai. 

4 Zamln kl barl se barl gahralan 
us ke qabze menhain : paharon kl 
buland chotlan bhi usTkl hain! 

5 Samundar us ka hai, aur us ne 
use paid& kiya : aur usi ke bSrthon ne 
khushkl bhi banal. 

6 Ao, ham sijda karen, aur jhuken : 
ham apne khaliq Khudawand ke 
huzur ghutne teken. 

7 Ei wuh hamara KhudA hai : aur 
ham us ki charag&h ke log, aur us ke 
hath kl bheren hain. 

8 Agar aj ke din tum us kl awaz 
suno, tum apne dilon ko sakht na 
karo : jaisa ki Marlbah men azma,ish 
ke din, bayaban ke darmiyan karte 

9 Jab ki tumhare bapdadon ne 
mujhe &zmaya : aur mera imtihan 
kiya, aur mere kam ko bhi dekha. 

10 Chalis baras tak main us pusht 
se naraz raha, aur main ne kaha : 
Yih wuh log hain, ki jin ke dil har 
waqt gumrah bote hain, aur unhon 
ne merl rahon ko na pahchana : " 

11 Ki jin'se main ne apne ^sse 
men qasam khal : ki Wuh merl 
aramgSh men dakhil na honge. 

MazmOe XOVL 

AO, Khudawand ke liye ek naya 
git gao : Khudawand ke liye 
ga, ai sari zamln.* 

2 Khudawand ke liye gao, aur us 
ke Nam ko mubarak kaho : roz roz 
us kl najat kl basharat do. 

3 TJmmaton ke darmiy&n us ke 
jalal ko : aur sari qaumon ke bich us 
kl *ajlb qudraton ko, bayin karo. 

4 Kyunki Khudawand buzurg aur 
nihayat sita,ish ke la,iq hai : wuhl 
sare ma'budon kl nisbat se ziyada 
muhib hai. 

5 Ki ummaton ke sare ma'biid hech 
hain : par asmanon kS, bananewalS 
Khud&wand hai. 

6 'Azamat aur hashmat us ke age 
UR. rau 

hain ; tawanal aur jamftl ns ke maq- 
dis men hain. 

7 Khudawand kl jano, ai logon ke 
gharano : Khudawand kl hashmat o 
quwwat jano. 

8 Khudawand kl, us ke Nam kl 
la,iq buzurgi karo : hadye l&o, aur us 
kl bargahon men Ao. 

9 Khudawand ko taqaddus ke husn 
ke sath sijda karo : ai sari zamln, us 
ke huzur kampti rah. 

10 Qaumon ke darmiy&n kaho, ki 
Khudawand saltauat karta hai : is 
liye jahan qa,im hai, wuh jumbish 
nabin pat&, wuh sadaqat se logon ka 
insaf karega. "" 

11 Asman khushi karen, aur za- 
mln shadiyana taja,e ; samundar aur 
us kl ma'murl shor karen. 

12 MaidSn, us sab samet jo un 
men hai, bag bag hon : ban ke sare 
darakht lahlaha,en, "" 

13 Khudawand" ke fige ; kyunki 
wuh ata hai, wuh zamln kl 'adslat 
kame Sta hai : wuh sadaqat se jahSn 
kl, aur apnl sachai se logon kl 'ada- 
lat kareg&. "" 


KHUDAWAND saltanat karta 
hai, zamln khushi kare': chhote 
bare jazire shad hon. 

2 Badllan aur kali ghata,en us ke 
as pas hain : sadaqat aur 'adllat us 
ke takht klbunyfid hain. 

3 Ek ag us ke age age jati hai : 
aur us ke dushmanon ko har tai^f 
jalati hai. "" 

4 Us kl bijllon ne 'alam ko roshan 
kiya : zamln dekhte hi kamp ga,I. 

5 Fahar Khudawand ke huzur se 
mom kl manind pighal ga,e : sari 
zamln ke Khudawand ke ru ba rii. 

6 Asman us kl sadaqat kl manadl 
karte hain : aur san ummaten us ke 
jalal ko d"ekhtl hain. 

7 Sharminda hon wuh sab, jo 
khode hue but pujte hain, aur mu- 
raton par phulte hain : dk sare ma'- 
budo, tum use sijda karo. 

8 Saihiin ne suna, aur magan hul : 
Yahudah kl betian, ai Khudawand, 
terl 'adalaton se* khushwkqt hiiln. 

9 KyufikiT ai* Khudawand, Tu 

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Boz 19. 

san zamXa par ba1& hai : T& sAre 
ma'budon se nipat sarbuland hai. 

10 Turn, jo Khuda ke chahnewale 
ho, badi se klna rakho ; wuh apne 
muqaddason kl janon ka nigahbto 
hai, wuhl un ko shaxlron ke hath se 
chhurata hai. 

11 ' Niir sadiqon ke liye boya gay& 
hai : aur khushl un ke liye, jin ke 
dil sidhe hain. 

12 Ai sS.diqo, tttm Khud&wand 
men khnsh ho : aur us kl quddust ko 
yad karke shukr karo. 


KHUDAWAND ka ek naya git 
gao; kyunki us ne 'aja,ibat 
kiye : us ke dahne hath, aur niu- 
qaddas bazu ne use fath bakhshl. 

2 Khuda wand ne apul najat zahir 
ki : us ne apnl sadaqat ummaton ko 
kholke dikhlai. 

3 Us ne Israel ke gharane kl 
babat, apnl rahmat aur amanat ko 
yad farmaya : zamfn ke sare kanaron 
ne hamare Khuda ki najat ko dekha. 

4 Ai sari zamln, Khudawand ke 
liye khushi ka na'ra mar : awaz bu- 
land kar, au]r khushi manake madh 


5 Khudawand ke liye barbat ba- 
jake gao : barbat bajake, aur sur 
bandhke gao. 

6 Narsinge aur qamal phunkte 
hue : Khudawand Badshah ke age, 
l^hushi ki awSrzen karo. 

7 Samundar, aur us ki ma'muri, 
shor maoha,en : sari dunya bhi, aur 
sab jo us men baste hain, 

8 Nadian tal den, aur paharlan 
milke khushian karen : Khudawand 
ke age ; ki wuh zamin ' ki 'adalat 
karne ata hai. 

9 Wuh sadaqat se dunya ki : aur 
rasti se ummaton ki 'adalat karega. 

Mazmur XCIX. 

KHUDAWAND saltanat karta 
hai; ummaten kampen : wuh 
karubion ke upar takht-nishln 
hai ; zamin larze. 

2 Khudawand Saihun men buzurg 
hai : aur wuh sari qaumon^par bu- 
land hai. 

3 Wuh tere buzurg aur muhib 
Nam ki sita,ish karen : ki wuh quddus 

4 Badshah ki tawanai bhi 'adalat 
ko dost rakhti hai : Tu ne sadaqat ko 
qa,im kiya ; aur Tu ne 'adalat aur 
sadaqat ko ban! Ya'qub men anjam 

5 Tum Khudawand hamare Khuda 
ko buzurg jano : aur us ke panwon 
ki kursi ke pas sijda karo ; "wuh 
Quddus hai. 

6 Musa aur Harun, us ke kahinon 
ke darmiyan, aur Samuel un ke bich, 
jo us ke nam-lewa hain : wuh Khuda- 
wand ko pukarte thej us neun ki 

7 Us ne badll ke sutun men se un 
ke sath baton kin : unhon ne us ki 
shahadaton aur qaul ko, jo us ne 
unhen bakhsha, hifz kiya. 

8 Ai Khudawand, hamare Khuda, 
Tu ne un ki suni hai : Tu un ka 
bakhshnewala Khuda tha, agarchi 
Tu'un ke ba'd a'inal ka badla bhi un 
se leta tha. 

9 Khudawand hamare Khuda ko 
buzurg jano, aur us ke muqaddas 
pahar ke age sijda karo : ki Khuda- 
wand hamara Khuda quddus hai. 


A I sari sarzamino, Khudawand ke 
liye khushi ka na'ra maro : 
khushi se Khudawand ki 'ibadat 
karo, gate hue us ke huzur men 
hazir ho. "" 

2 Tum jano, ki Khudawand wuhi 
Khuda hai ; usi ne ham ko banaya, 
na ki ham ne ap ko : ham us ke 
log hain, aur us ki charagah ki 

3* Shukrguzari karte hue us ke 
darwazon men, aur hamd karte hue 
us ki bargahon men dakhil ho : us 
ka ihsan mano; us ke Nam ko 
mubarak kaho. 

4 Ki Khudawand bhala hai, us ki 
rahmat abadi hai : aur us ki wafa- 
dari pusht dar pusht hai. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 





MAIN rahmat aur 'ad&lat ke git 
g&imga : ai Khud&wand, main 
ten sitSfish ke git gaunga. 

2 Main[^&mil rah men : d&nish- 
mandl ke sath clialimg&. 

3 Tu mujh pfis kab a,ega : main 
apne ghar men kamil dil 8e tahalt& 

4 Main apnl finkhon ke ru ba ru 
kisi bun cbiz ko na rakhunga, main 
kajranon ke kam se dnshmanl rakb- 
ta : mujbe tis se kucbb 'ilftqa na 

5 Kaj-dil& ddml mere yaban se 
cbalS ja,e : main sbarir se &sbndJ na 

6 Wnb, jo cbbipke apne bam8&,e 
par tiQimat lagat& bai : main use jan 
se mariinga. 

7 Wiib jo bnland-nigah bai, aur 
wuh jis ke dil men gurur samSja : 
main us kl bardasbt na karunga. 

8 Men ankben mnlk ke fmandaron 
par bain : fi wub mere s&tb raben ; 

9 Wiib jo kamil rS.b par cbalta 
bai : men kbidmat karega. 

10 Wub,' jo dagabaz bai, mere 
gbar ke andar na rabega : aur jbutb 
kabnewal& men nazr tale na tbab- 

11 Main mulk ke sare sbanron ko 
sawere fan& karunga : t& ki Kbudd- 
wand ke sbabr se sare badkirdaron 
ko kat daliin. 

MazmOr CII. 

A I KHTJDAWAND, mert du'a 
sun : aur men faryfid ko apne 
buzur pabunebne de. 

2 Apna munb mujb se na cbbip&, 
men tangi ke din men taraf kan 
rakb : jis din mai^ pukarun, jald 
mujbe jaw&b de. "" 

3 Eimen 'umr dbuwen kl tarah 
ga,ib bo jati : aur men baddi&n luktbl 
ki m&nind jal jatin. ' "" 

4 Mer& dil kbetl kl manind m&r& 
para, aur sukb gay& : main roti 
kbana bbl bbul jata. "" 

5 Mere kar&bne ke sbor se : meri 
baddlan mere gosbt se & millb. 

6 Main jangll bawasil kl manind 
bu& : main wir&ne k& ullu ban&. 

7 Main par& j&gt& bun, aur gaui e 
kl tarab : obliat ke npar akel& rabta. 

8 Mere dusbman s&re din mujbe 
malamat karte bain : wub jo mujh 
par junun karte bain, mer& n&m 
leke qasam kb&te bain. 

9 Kyunkimainrotrkijagabkbak 
phankta liun : aur apne pani men 
anau milStft bun, 

10 Tere gazab aur qabr ke sabah 
se : kyunki Tu ne mujb ko barpa 
kiyS, pbir gir& diyS. 

11 Men 'umr ke din sftya kl tarah 
ghatte bain : aur main gbas kl 
manind murjbayS.. 

12 Par, Tu, ai KbudSwand, abad 
tak b&ql rahegS : aur terS zikr pusht 
dar pusht. 

13 Tu utbegft, aur Saihun par rah- 
mat karega : ki us par rahmat karno 
k& waqt bai, bSn, us ka miita'aiyan 
waqt pabuncb& bai. 

14 Ki tere bande us ke pattharon 
ko oh&bte bain : aur us kl kb&k par 
shafaqat karte bain. 

15 Aur qaumen Ehudawand ke 
N&m se darengi : aur zamin ke sare 
badsb^'tere'jal&l se. 

16 Kyunki Ehudawand Saihun ko 
bin& kart& : wub apne jalal men 
z&bir bota. "" 

17 Wuh muhtaj kl du'& kl taraf 
mutawajjib bota : aur un kl du'a ko 
baqlr nabln janta. 

18 Yih pichhll pusht ke liye likba 
ja,ega : aur log, jo paida honge, 
Khud&wand kl sita,ish karenge. 

19 Ki us ne apne buland aur 
muqaddas makan par se nigab kl : 
Khud&wand ne asm&n par se zamin 
par nazr kl ; 

20 Ta ki qaidi ka kar&hn& sune : 
aur ki unben, jin par qatl ka fatwa 
biia bai, chhura,e ; 

21 Ta ki Saihiin men Khud&wand 
ka Nam bayan kiya ja,e : aur Yaru- 
sbalem men us kl sita,ish ho. 

22 Jab ki ummaten aur mamlu* 
katen : Khud&wand kl 'ibadat ke 
liye ek sath jama' bon. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




28 Us ne rftli men mer& zor ghata 
dija : merl 'umr ko kotah kiya. 

24 Main ne kaba, Ai mere Khuda, 
men adhi 'umr men mujh ko na utha 
le : tere baras pnsht dar pnsht hain. 

25 Tu ne qadim se zamin ki bina 
dall : asman bbl tere bStb kl san- 
'aten bain. 

26 Wub neBt bo ja,enge, par Tu 
baqt rabega : ban, wub sab posbak 
kl manind purane bo ja,enge ; 

27 Tu unben libas kl manind 
badlegSr, aur wuh mubaddal bonge : 
par Tu wubl bai, aur tere barson kl 
intiba na bogl. 

28 Tere bandon ke farzand base 
rabenge : aur un kl nasi tere buzur 
qa,im rabegu 

mazmor cm. 

A I meri jan, Kbudawand ko muba- 
rak kab : aur wub sab, jo mujb 
men bo, us ke muqaddas Nam ko. 

2^ Kbudawand ko mubarak kab, 
ai merl jan : aur us kl sab ni'maton 
ko farSmosb na kar : 

3 Wub terl sfirl badkSrfon ko 
bakbsbta bai : wub tujbe sari blmarl- 
on se sbifiSr deta bai : 
~4 Wub terl jan balakat se bacbata 
bai : wub tujb par sbafaqat aur rab- 
maton ka taj rakbta bai ; 

5 Wub ten 'umr ko aobcbbi 
acbcbbi obizon se fisuda kart& bai : 
ki Tu 'uqab ki manind az sar i nau 
jawan bota bai. 

6 Kbudawand sare mazlumon ke 
liye : sadaqat aur insaf karta bai. 

7 Us ne apnl raben Musa ko 
batlain : aur apne kam bani Israel ko. 

8 Kbudawand rabim aur kanm 
bai : ^sse bone men dblma, aur 
sbafaqat men barbkar bai. 

9 Us ka jbunjfilan& da,imi nabfn : 
wub apne gusse ko abad tak nabin 
rakb cbborta. 

10 Us ne bamare gunabon ke mu- 
wafiq bam se suluk nabin kiya : aur 
bamarl badkanon ke mutabiq badlft 
nabm diya ; " 

11 Balki jis tarah se asman zamIn 
ke upar buland bai : usi tarab us kl 
rabmat un par barf bai, jo us se 
4arte bain. 

12 Furab pacbcbbim se jii^ft dur 
bai : utn! dur tak us ne bamarl 
kbataog ko bam se juda kiya. 

13 Jis tarab bap beton par tars 
kbat& bai : usI tai-ab Kbudawand un 

', jo us se darte bain, tars kh&ta 

14 Ki wub bamSn baqiqat ko 
jSrUta bai : wub yad rakbta bai ki 
bam mitti bain. 

15 Insan jo bai, us ke din gbfis kl 
manind bain : wub jangll gul kl 
manind pbulta bai. 

16 Ki baw& us par se guzn, aur 
wub nabin : aur us ka maqam pbir 
use na pabcbanega. 

17 Lekin Kbudawand kl rabmat 
un par, jo us se darte bain, azal se 
abad tak bai : aur us ki sadaqat far- 
zandon ke farzandon par ; 

18 Jo ki us ke 'abd ko bifz karte 
bain : aur us ke bukmon ko yad 
karke un par 'amal karte bain. 

19 Kbudawand ne asmanon par 
apna takbt qa,im kiya : aur "us ki 
badsbahi sab par musallit bai. 

20 Kbudawand ko mub&rak kabo, 
ai us ke firisbto, tum jo zor men 
sabaqat le jate bo : aur us ke 
bukmon par 'amal karte bo, aur us 
ke kalam ki &waz ko sunte bo. 

21 Kbudawand ko mubarak kabo, 
ai sab us kelasbkaro : ai us ke kbid- 
mat-kamewalo, tum jo us ki marzi 
par cbalte bo. 

22 Kbudawand ko mubarak kskbo, 
ai us ke sare makbluq, us ki mam- 
lukat ke bar maqam men : ai men 
jan tu Kbudawand ko mubarak kab. 

MazmCr civ. 

A I men jan, Kbudawand ko mu- 
barak kab : ai Kbudawand, 
mere Kbuda, Tu niba'yat buzurg 
bai ; Tu basbmat aur jalal ka libas 
pabina bu& bai. 

2 Wub nur ko posb&k ki manind 
pabintS bai : aur asmfinon ko parde 
ki manind pbailata bai : "" 

3 Wub apne balakbanon ko p&nion 
men banata bai :*^ur Xadlicm ko 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




apnl rath thalir&ta hai : aur liaw& ke 
bazuon paer wuh sair karta hai : 

4 Wuh apne firishton ko ruhen 
banata hai : aur apne !k;hidmat-guz&r^ 
on ko ag kS shu'la : 
"^5 TJs ne zamln ko us kl bunyadon 
par ban&ja : ki use kabhl abad ul 
abftd jumbish nahin. 

6 Tti ne us kcT gahr&o se aisft 
dhampa jaise lib&s se : aur pani pa- 
haron-ke Apar khare the. 

7 Wuh terl ghurki se bhage : aur 
ten garajnew&ll &w&z se gurez&n 

8 FahSron par oharhte hain, wuh 
wadlon men : us jagah ke bich jo 
Tu ne~un ke liye l^nal, utar j&te 

9* Tune ek hadd b&ndhlhai, us 
se wuh guzarte nahin : aur zamln 
ko phir (mhipane ke liye nahIn &te. 

10 Wuh chashmon ko jarl karke 
nadlon men bhejtS : wuh pah&ron ke 
bloh bahtl hain. 

11 Aur wuh maidan ke har ek 
chaupa,e ko panI detl hain : gorkhar 
bhi us se apnl piyas bujhate hain. 

12 Tin ke Ss pas hawal parinde 
basere leie hain : wuh dal Asl par 
chahchah&te hun. 

13 Wuh apne''b&l&khanon se pa- 
haron ko serfib karta hai : terl 
san'aton ke phalon se zambi &suda 
hai. " " 

14 Ghaupajon ke lije ghas, aur 
insan kl khidmat ke liye sabzl wuhl 
ugfttft hai : ta ki wuh zamln se 
khur&k paida kare ; 

15 Aur mai, jo insftn ke dil ko 
khush karti hai, aur raugan se ziySda 
chihre ko chamkatl hai : aur roti, jo 
ins&n ke dil ko taw&nal bakhshtl hai. 

16 Ehudawand ke darakht tarl se 
ser hain : LubnSn ke deodar, jo us 
ne laga,e ; 

17 Jin men parinde ashivane ba- 
n&te hain : aur laglag, jo hai, saro 
ke darakhton men us ka ghar hai. 

18 Aur unche pahSr kohl bakron 
ke liye hain : aur ohat&n jangll 
khar^goshon El panAh ke liye. 

19 Us ne ch&nd ko waqt kl ti'd&d 
ke liye ban&y& : aur aft&b apne 
gurub kl jagah jftn rakhtft hai. 

20 Tu andhera karta, aur rat hoti : 
jis men s&re jangll haiw&n sair karte 

21 Sher-bachche apne shikar ke 
liye garajte bain : aur Khud& se apnl 
khurak mangte hain. 

22 Aftab" nik^lte" hi wuh jama* 
hote hain : aur apnl mand men let 
jate hainT " 

23 Insan apne kar o bar ke liye nikalta hai : aur sham lak 
apnl mibnat ke liye. 

24 Ai Khud&wand, terl san'aten 
ky& hi bahut hain : Tu ne un sab ko 
hikmat se banaya, zamln tere mal se 
pur hai. 

25 Fhir 3rih aisa bar& aur chaura 
samundar hai : jis men be-shumkr 
chalnewftle, chhote bare janwar, 
maujud hain. 

26 Us men jahaz rawan hain, aur 
wuh lawiyat&n bhi, jo Tu ne banaya : 
ta ki us men kheltk phire. 

27 Yih sab terl taraf takte hain : 
ki Til un ko waqt par un kl khurak 
pahuncha de. 

28 Jo Tu unhen detft hai, so wuh 
lete hain : Tu apnl mutthi kholta 
hai, to wuh achehhl ohfzon se ser 
hole hain. 

29 Tu apn^ munh chhip&t& hai, 
wuh hairfin hote hain : Tu un ka 
dam pher leta hai, wuh mar jUte 
hain, aur apnl mitti men phir mil 
j&te hain. 

30 Tu apna dam bhejta hai, wuh 
paidfi hote nain : aur Tu ru e zamln 
ko az sar i naiTarasta karta hai. 

31 EhudSwand ka jalal abad! hai : 
Khudawand apnl san'aton se khush 
hai. "" 

32 Wuh zamfn par nigah karta 
hai, so kamp jati hai : wuh paharon 
ko chhut& hai, so un se dhunwan 
utht& hai. 

33 Main to jab tak jlt& rahiinga, 
tab tak Khudawand ke git gaiingg : 
main jab tak maujiid rahiinga, apne 
Khuda kl sit&,ii^ ke git gaiinga. 

34 Mere gaur k& mazmiin use 
pasand a,e : main Khudawand se 
masrur hiinga. 

35 Kfish" ki gunah-kamew&le za- 
mln par se fan& ho ja,en,^aur sharlr 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Boz 21. 

baqi na rahcn : Ai merl jan, Khuda- 
waiid ko mubarakbad kah. Khudfir 
wand ki Bita,ish karo. 

MazmtJb OV. 

K HUD A WAND ka slitikr karo, us 
ka nam lo : logon ke darmiyan 
• us ke kamon ko bayan karo. 

2 Us ke liye'gao, ns kl hamd ke 
git gao : us ke sab *ajlb kamon ka 
charcha karo. 

3 Us ke muqaddas Nam par fakhr 
karo : Khudawand ke talibon ke dil 
khushwaqt hon. 

4 Khudawand ke aur us kl quw- 
wat ke talib ho : sada us ke cliihre 
ke kbwahan rabo. 

5* Us ke "^ftjlb kamon ko, jo us ne 
kiye,us ke gara,ib ko bhi, yad karo : 
aur un 'adalat ke hukmon ko, jo us 
ue apne munh se farma,e ; 

6 Ai IbrsTblm us ke bande kl nasi : 
ai bani Ya'qub, us ke barguzldo. 

7 Wuhi Kbudawand hamara Kbu- 
cla hai : tamam zamin men us kl 
'adalaten bain. 

. 8 Uslie abad tak apne 'abd ko, us 
sukban ko, jo us ne bazar pushton 
ke liye farmaya hai : ySd rakha ; 

9 Wubl 'abd, jo us ne Ibrahim se 
kiya : aur Izhaq se us kl qasam 

10 Aur use Ya'qub ke liye ek sha- 
rf at : aur Israel ke liye ek 'ahd i 
abadi thahraya ; 

11 Yih kahte hue, ki main Ean'an 
kl zamin tujh ko deta bun : yih terS 
maurusi hissa hai : 

12 Jis waqt ki wuh shumar men 
kam the : balki bahut there, aur us 
zamla men pardesi the. 

13 Aur"^wuh qaum ba qaum : aur 
mamlukat ba mamlukat pare phirte 

14 Us ne kisf ko un par zulm 
kame na diya : us ne un kl khatir 
badshahon ko malamat kl ; 

15 Ei, Mere mamsiihon ko mat 
chhuo : aur mere nablon se badi na 
karo. *" 

16 Balki us |ie kal ko bulaja ki 

us sarzamin men ho : us ne rotl kl 
sari tek tori. 

17 Us ne un ke &ge ek ehakhs ko 
bheja : Yusuf becha gaya ki i^ulam 

18 Jis ke panwon ko unhon ne 
paikarlan pahinake dukh diya : us kl 
jan lobe kl qaid hul : 

19 Jis waqt tak Id us ka kalam 
pura hua : ki Ehudawand ke sukhau 
se wuh taya gaya. 

20 Badshah ne log bheje, aur use 
rihai dl : qaumon ke hakim ne use 
azad kiya. 

21 Us ne use apne ghar ka mukh- 
tar : aur apnl sari milkiyaton par 
hakim thahraya ; 

22 T*a ki us ke sard&ron ko, jab 
obahe, bandh ^ale : aur us ke buzurg- 
waron ko danai sikhla,e. 

23 Israel bhI Misr men aya : aur 
Ya*qiib Ham kl sarzamin men musafir 

24 Aur us ne apne logon ko niha* 
yat hi barhaya : aur unhen un ke 
dushmanon se ziyada qawl kiya. 

25 Us ne un ke dilon ko phera, ki 
wuh us ke logon se 'adawat kame 
lage : aur us ke bandon se dagabazl. 

26 Tab us ne apne bande Musa 
ko : aur apne barguzlda Harun ko, 

27 Unhon ne un ke darmiySn us 
kl nishanlon ko dikhlaya : aur HlUn 
kl zamin men mu'jizon ka 

28 Us ne"tarlki bhejl, so andhera 
hua : aur unhon ne us ke hukmon se 
sarkashi na kl. 

29 Us ne un ke panion ko labii 
bauaya : aur un kl machhlKm ko 
mar dala. 

30 Un kl sarzamin ne bahut se 
mendak ugle : un ke badshahon kl 
kothrlon men bhI. 

31 Us ne hukm kiya, aur dansen : 
aur machchhar un kl sab hudud men 

32 Us ne menh kx jagah un par 
ole barsa,e : aur'un ki sarzamin par 
dhadhaktl ag bhegl. 

33 Us ne un ke anguron ko aur un 
ke dtajlron ko barbad kiya laur uU'kl 
hudiid ke'darakht tor dale. 

34 Aur ua bo liukm kiy&, aur 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




tiddlfin SXa; malakh blil nikle, aur 
wah beshumar the : wnh un kl zamin 
kl sari sabzl£^ kha ga,e ; aur nn ke 
inulk ke mewe nigal ga,e. 

35 Aur U8 ne un kl sarzamln men 
sare palauthe mare : un kl tamam 
quwwat kepahle phal. 

86 Aur wuh unhen riipe aur sone 
ke Bath nikal laya : aur un ke firqon 
men ek bhl na-tawan na tba. 

37 Un ke nikal jane se Misr kbush 
hua : kjunki un kakhauf un par para 
th&. " ■ 

38 lis ne badll ko pbailayfi, ta ki 
8&ya kare : aur ag ko, ta H rat ko 
rosban kare. 

39 Unbon ne manga, us ne bateren 
pabuncba d^ : aur un ko fismanf roti 
se ser kiya. 

40 Us n.e cbatan ko cbIrA, aur pani 
uebble : p&nl nabr kl mSnind khusbkl 
par babe. 

41 Eyunki us ne apne muqaddas 
kalam ko : aur apne bande Ibrabim 
koyad kiyS.. 

42 Wuh apne logon ko ^busbl ke 
satb : aur apne barguzldon ko sbadi- 
yftne ke satb, nikal l&y& ;"" 

43 Aur unben qaumon kl sarza- 
mlnen din : unbon ne qaumog k& 
basil mir&s pal ; *" 

44 Ta ki wub us ke buqiiq ko 
bifz karen : aur us ke sbara'on ko 
yad rakben. Kbudawand ki sita,isb 
karo. " 

MazmOr CVI. 

KHTIDAWAND kl Bita,isb karo. 
Kbudawand ka sbukr karo, 
• kyunki wub bbala bai : aur us kl 
rabmat abadl bai. 

2 Kaun Kbudawand kl qudraton 
kl taqrir kar sakta bai : us kl sari 
sita,isben kaun suna sakta bai ? 

3 Mubarak wub, jo insaf ko yad 
rakbte bain : aur wub, jo- bamesba 
sadaqat ke kam karta bai. 

4 Ai Kbudawand, mujb par yad 
karke wub mibrbani kar, jo Tu apne 
logon par karta bai : b&n, mujb par 
apni najat leke mutawajjib bo ; 

5 Ta ki main tere barguzldon ki 
bbalai dekbun : aur ta ki main teri 
qaum ki kbusbwaqti se kbusb^^bun, 
aur ten mir&s ke satb fakbr karun. 

6 Ham ne apne b&pdadon samet 
gunab kiye : bam ne n&-farmanl ki, 
bam ne sbararat ki. 

7 Hamare bapdade Misr ke bieb 
teri 'ajib qudraton ko na samjbe; 
unbon ne terf rabmaton ki kasrat ko 
yad na kiya : balki darya par, darya 
i Qulzum par, bagawat ki. 

8 Lekin us ne apne Nam ke liye 
unben bacbaya : t& ki apni qudrat 
zabir kare. 

9 Aur us ne darya i Qulzum ko 
danta, so wub sukb gay a : wub un- 
ben gabrfiion men se par le gay&, jaise 
bayaban men se. 

10 Us ne unben us ke batb se, 
jo un ka kina rakbta tba, rih&i di : 
aur dusbman ke batb se kbalasi 

i 1 Aur panlon ne un ke bairlon ko 
cbbipa liya : un men se ek bbf"na 
bacba. "" 

12 Tab wub us ki bfiton par iman 
la,e : wub us ki bamd o sana ga,e. 

13 Wub jald us ke kamon ko bhul 
ga,e : aur us ki salab ke intizar men 
na rabe. . "" 

14 Unbon ne jangal men birs se 
kbwabisb ki : aur bayaban iaen 
!i§Lbuda kq tonaya. 

15 Usneunka matlab rawakiya : 
par un ki janon m&D, lagarl bbeji. 

16 Unbon ne Jbjiiaimagab men Musa 
par : aur Kbudawand ke muqaddas 
mard Harun par, basad kiya. 

17 So zamin pbati, aur Datan ko 
nigal ga,i : aur Abirkm kl jam&'at ko 
dbamp liya. 

18 Han, un ki jama'at men &g 
bbarki : us sbu'le ne sbeiriron ko 
bbasam kar diya. "" 

1 9 Unbon ne Hurib men ek bacbbra 
banaya : aur dbali bui mOrat ke age 
sijda kiya. 

20 Is tarab unbon ne apne jalal ko 
ek bail ki tasbbib se : jo ghas kbata 
bai, badal dala. 

21 Unbon ne apne najat-denewale 
Kbuda ko bhula diya : jis ne Misr 
men bare bare kam kiye tbe ; 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


22 'Ajib kam Ham ki zamin men : 
aur muhlb kam darya i Qulziim par. 

23 Aur us ne farmaja, ki Main 
Tinhen halak karunga, agar us ka 
barguzlda Musa ns darar men ns ke 
age na khara liot& : ta ki ns ke gazab 
ko phere, na ho ki wuh unhen nabud 
kar dale. 

24 Han, nnhon ne us dil-pazir 
zamIn kl tahqir klTwuh us ke sukhan 
par Iman na l&,e ; 

25 Balki apne kbaimon men kur- 
kura,e : aur Khudawand kl awaz ie 
sbanawa na hue. 

26 Tab us ne apn& hath un ^r 
uthaya : ki unhen bay&ban men gir& 

27 Aur un kl nasi ko bhi ummaton 
men gira de : aur unhen mulkon men 
tittar bittar kar de. 

28 Wahan wuh Ba'aLfagur se mil 
ga,e : aur murdon kl qurbanlftn 
kh&ne lage. "" "" 

29 TJnhon ne us ko apne 'amalon 
se gussa dilaya : aur wab& un men 
phut nikll. 

30 TJs waqt Finihas uth&, aur insaf 
kiy& : so waba jail rahl.' 

31 Aur yih us ke liye sad&qat ginl 
ga,I : pusht dar pusht abad tak. 

32 Unhon ne phir us ko Marlbah 
ke p&nlon par gussa dilaya : so Musa 
ko un ke sabab ziyan hua : 

33 Kyunki unhon ne us kl ruh ko 
diqq kiya : aisfi ki~~wuh apne labon 
se n&-munasib bola. " 

34 Unhon ne un qaumon ko : jin 
kl b&bat Khudawand ne unhen hukm 
diy& th&, mar na dala ; " 

35 Balki gair-ummaton se mel 
kiy& : aur un ke kam sikhe ; 

36 Aur un ke buton kl parastish 
kr, jo un ke liye phanda hue : un- 
hon ne to apne beton aur apnl betlon 
ko shayatm ke liye qurb&nl kiya"; " 

37 Aur be-qusuTon kfi, ya'nl apne 
beton aur apnl betlon k& khun kiy& : 
ki unhon ne un ko £an*&n ke buton 
ke age zabh kiya ; aur zamm lahu se 
nap&k hul. 

38 T^ hi apne k&mon se aluda 
hue : aur apne fi'lon se zinakar 
bane. "" 

39 Tab Khud&wand ka gussa apne 


Boz 22. 

logon par bharka : aisft ki us ne apnl 
miras se bhi nafrat kl ; 

40 Aur us ne unhen gair-qaumon 
ke qabze men kar diya : so wuh, jo 
un k& kina rakhte the, un par musallit 

41 Un ke dushmanon ne un ko 
sataya : wuh zerdast hoke un ke t&bi' 
ho ga,e. 

42 Us ne barha un ko rihal dl : 
par unhon ne apnl mashwarat se use 
bezar kiya, aur wuh apnl badk&rl ke 
sabab past kiye ga,e. 

43 So us ne un ke dukh par nazr 
kl : jab ki us ne un ka nala sun&. 

44 Aur tis ne un ke liye apne 'skhd 
ko yad farm&ya, aur apnl rahmaton 
kl firai^ranl ke mutabiq paohhtftya': 
Han, us ne aisa kiya, ki un sab ne 
bhi jo unhen asir karke le ga,e^ un 
par tars kh&ya. 

45 Ai Khud&wand, ham&re Khuda, 
ham ko rih&l bakhsh, aur ham ko 
gairqaumon men se jama' kar le : ta 
ki tere muqaddas Nam k& shukr 
karen, aur terl sita,ish par fakhr 

46''Khudawand, Israel ka Khud&, 
azal se abad ti^ mub&rak ho : aur 
sare log bolen, Amin. 


mazmur cvn. 

KHUDAWAND kl shukrguzarl 
karo, ki wuh bhala hai : aur us 
kl rahmat abadi hai. 

2 Wuh, jo Khud&wand ke chhur&,e 
hue hain, yun kahen : jinhen us ne 
dushman ke hath selihal ba^ishl, 

3 Aur unhen sarzamlnon se jama' 
kiya : niirab aur pachchhim, uttar 
aur dakhin se. 

4 Wuh bayaban men, us wirfine 
men jah&n r&h nahm, bhatakte the : 
unhen kol shahr na miltft 'th& jahan 
bas^. " 

5 Wuh bhukhe aur piy&se bhi 
hiie : un kl jan un men gash khati 
thi. . 

6 So unhon ne apnl bipat men 
Khudawand ko puk&r& : us ne un kf 
muslbaton se unhen lihSf dl« 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Boz 22. 



7 Aur unben sTdhl rah men chal- 
&7& : ta ki wuh baene l&,iq'~8hahr 
men pahimchen. 

8 Ch&biye ^ wnh Khudawand ke 
age 118 kl rahmat kl : aur bani Adam 
ke age us ke 'ajib k&mon kl, sita^ish 
karen ! "" 

9 iLynnki ns ne tarasti hul jan ko 
ser kiya Taur bkukke k& jl kbubl se 
bbar diyft. 

10 Wnh, jo t&rlkt men aur maut 
ke 8&ya men baitbe the : aur muslbat 
aur lohe sejakre hue the ; 

11 Eyxmki unhon ne Khuda ke 
hukmcm se bagawaFkl : aur Haqq 
Ta'&la kl maslahat kl hiqarat kl ; 

12 Is] liye us ne un ke dilon ko 
mashaqqat se '&jiz kiy& : wulTgir 
pare, aur kol madadgar na th&. 

13 Tab unhon ne apnl bipat men 
Khud&wand ko~puk&ra : aur us ne 
unhen un kl muslbaton se chhurayA. 

14 Us ne unhen t&rlkl aur maut 
ke s&ya tale se bahar nik&la : aur un 
ke bwdhanon ko tor dala. 

15 OhShiye ki wuh Khud&wand 
ke [&ge us kl rahmat kl* : aur ban! 
Adam ke &ge, us ke 'ajib kamon kl, 
8ita,ish karen I " 

16 Eyunfi us ne pital ke darwaze 
tore : aur lohe ke bende kat diye. 

17 Ahmaq apnl burl eh&l se : aur 
apnl badkftrlon ke sabab apne par 
dukh late ther 

18 Un ke jl ko har ek tarah ke 
kh&ne se nafiat hul : aur wuh maut 
ke darw&zon ke nazddc & psJ^unche. 

19* Tab unhon ne apnl muslbat 
m^ Khud&wand ko puk&ra : us ne 
unhen un ke dukhon se khalasi dl. 

20 Us ne apn& Sal&m bhej&, aur 
unhen chang& kiya : aur us ne unhen 
un ke garhon se rih&I bakhshl. " 

21 Oh&hiye ki wuh Khud&wand 
ke fige us kl rahmat kl : aur banI 
Adam ke &ge us ke 'ajib k&mon kl, 
sit&,ish karen 1 "" 

22 Aur s£ukr ke zablhon ko guz- 
r&nen : aur sh&dm&nl se us ke k&mon 
ko bayan karen. " 

23 Wuh,jojah&zonmensamundar 
kl sair karte hain T wuh, jo bare 
p&nlon par jake^k&r o b&r karte 

24 Wuh hi Khudawand ke kftmon 
ko : aur gahr&o men us ke'aj&ibko, 
dekhte hain. 

25 Kyunki wuh hukm kart& hai, 
aur tufSnl""haw& uthtl hai : jo us kl 
maujon ko buland karti haL 

26 Wuh asm&Q par charhte hain, 
phir gahr&o men utarte hain : un kr 
j&nen paresh&nl se pighal j&tl hain. 

27 Wuh badmast kl tarah dagma- 
g&te aur larkhar&te ham : un ke 
haw&ss bilkuU ur ga,e hain. 

28 So wuh apnl tangi men Khuda- 
wand ko pukarte bain : aur wuh un 
kl muslbaton se unhen chhur&t& hai. 

29 Wuh &ndhl ko tham& clet& hai : 
ais& ki us kl maujen qar&r pakarti 

30 Tab wuh khush bote biun, ki 
unhen chain mil& : wubl un ko, jis 
bandfior men wuh j&y& ch&hte hain, 
le pahunch&t& hai. 

31 Oh&hiye ki wuh Khud&wand ke 
&ge us kl rahmat kl : aur banI Adam 
ke &ge us ke 'ajib k&mon kl sit&,isb 

32"" Wuh logon ke majma' men us 
kl bar&I karen : aur buzurgon kl 
majlis* men us kl 8it&,ish karen. 

33 Wuhnabronko8abr&:aurp&nl 
ke chasbmon ko sukbl zamin kar 
d&lt& hai. 

34 Jaiyid zambi ko shor kar deta 
hai : un kl sbar&rat ke sabab se, jo 
waban baste hain. 

35 "Wuh bay&b&n ko jhll : aur 
khusbk zamIn ko chashme ban&t& 

36 Wabtowuhbhiikhonkobas&ta 
hai : t& ki wuh rahne ke Tiye shahr 
taiy &r karen ; 

37 Aur kbetl karen, aur anguron 
ke b&g* lag&,en : jin se afz&,ish ke 
phal h&sil hon. 

38 Wuh unhen barakat bbl det& 
hai, so wuh bahuT ho j&te hain : aur 
un kl maw&sbl ko kam hone nahin 

39 Wuh phir ghat j&te hain, aur 
zalll bote hain : zulm aur muslbat 
aur gam ke m&re. 

40 Wuh amiron par zillat dalta 
bai : aur ais& kart& hai, ki wuh berah 
bay&ban men bbatakte nbirte bain. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Boz 22. 

41 Wuh kliaksaron ko nn kl 'ajizi 
men se uthft khara karta hsi : aur lui 
ke gharanon ko galle kl tarah ban&ta 

42 Sadiqlogdekbenge,atirma8ruF 
hon^e : aur sare badkaron ka munh 
band ho j&,ega. 

43 Wuh kaun 8& dan& hai, jo in 
par mnlahaza kare : ki wuh Ehud&- 
Avand kl rahmaton ko khub sam- 


Al KHUDA, mera.dil q&,im hai ; 
main apnl shaukat ke 8&ih 
gaung&, aur sit&yish karungft. 

2 Jag, ai bin aiir barbat : main 
sawere jagiinga. 

3 Ai Khudawand, main logOQ ke 
darmiy&n teil shukifgazati karunga : 
main qaumon ke bich terf hamd 

4 Kyunki ten rahmat 'azitn hai, 
balki afimanog se barhkar : aur terl 
amanatdarl badlto^ tak hMi, . 

5 Ai ^hud&, Tu fismanon par sar- 
faraz ho : aur tera jalal fi&n zamin 

6 Ta ki tere mahbub rihal p&,en : 
Tu apne dahne hftth ee mg&t de, aur 
men sun. 

7 Ehuda ne apno' taqadduB m^ 
farm&ya hai : Main khushi karunga, 
main Sikm ko taqefm karung&, aur 
SukkS.t ki YfSudii ko mapunga? 

8 Jili'ad mer& hai, aur MunassI 
bhi mera : aur Ifrafm bhi inere six 
ka zor hai, aur Yahudah mera qdnto- 
saz hai. 

9 Moftb mere dhone k& lagan : 
Adum par main apnl jiitl chaUunga, 
Filist par main shadiyana bajaunga. 

10 Hasin shahr men kaun mitjhe 
le ja,ega ; Adum. tak^mera xahbax 
kaun hog& ? 

11 Ai Khud&, ky& Tu nikhm, jis 
ne hamen radd kiya : ai Khuda, kya 
Tu nahin, jo hamare lashkaron ke 
sath khuruj nahib karta ? ^ 

12 Bipat men Bamarl kumak kar : 
kl adml kl madad batil hai* 

13Ehud|l.hX 08 ham ba^ldurt 
karenge : kyunki wuhl hamfire dush- 
manon ko lat&r maregft. 

Mazmur CIX. 

A I KHUDA, mere mahmiid, chup 
mat ho : kyunki unhon ne 
shanr ka munh aur dftgab&z ka 
dahan mujh par khulway& hai. 

2 Wuh jliutbl zaban se mere sath 
baten k^rte hain : unhon ne kina k! 
baton se mujh ko gher Uya hai, aur 
wuhl3e-sabab mujh se larte hain. 

3 Wuh men dosti ke*'iwa«"men 
mujh se dushmani karte hain : par 
main jo hun, du'a karta. 

4~Unhon ne men nekl ke 'iwaz 
mujh se badi kl hai t aur mahabbat 
ke badle men 'ad&wat. 

5 Tu ek sharlr ko usjMtr mnqarrar 
kar : aur us ke dahne hath Shait&n 
khara rahe. 

6'Ki jaV us kf !adalat kt;ja,ei to 
wuh mujrim thahre : aur us kl du'a 
gunah gini ja,e. 

7 Us ke din there hog ;.us.ka 
'uhda dusra pa,e, * . , 

8 Us ke bachche yatim ho ja»m : 
aur us kl joru bewS ho. 

9 Us ke baehcliie < sada . awara 
rahen, aur bhikh mangen : wuh 
apne'^wlranon se khurak ^J^i^^Jite 

10 *Qarz-khwah sab knqhh jo ua 
^ ho pakar le' ja^e ; aur pfaadesf us 
kl kamai.ko'lut leoou 

11 Koi us par tars na kha>e : aur 
kol na ho, jo us ke yatlmim par 
rahmkcure. • 

12 Us k! nasi baql na rah^ : aur 
diisn pusht m^ us ka nam mit^ya 
jtt,e. . "" 

13 Us ke bapd&don kl badkan 
Khud&wand ke huzftr mazkurrabe : 
aur us kl ma ka gunah mitayft na 

14 Wuh init Khudawand k0 &ge 
maujud rah,en : aur wuh zamIn pat 
se un ka tazkira nabiid kar de. 

15 Kyunki us ne rahlml ko y<ad 
na kiy& :''magar wuh miskfh aur 
muhtaj ke plohhe par&, balki dil- 
shikasta ke bhi, ta lu us ko qati 

Digitized by 


Boz 23. 



16 Jaifift 118 ne la'nat karne ko dost 
rakhft, so wnh ns par a pare : anr 
jaisa wnh barakat chabne se bezar 
raha, bo wiib barakat iib se dur rabe. 

17 Jais& us ne la'nat karne ko 
kbil'at ki manind pabin liya : waise 
la'nat pani kl manind us kl antrlon 
men, aur tel kl tarab us kl baddlon 
men gbuse. 

18 Wub ns ke liye aisi bo, jaise 
posbak, jis se wub mulabbas beta 
bai : aur jaise patka, jo sada us kl 
kamar ke gird upta rabta bai. 

19 Kbudawand kl taraf se mere 
dusbmanon ka : aur un ka, jo merl 
jan ko bura kabte bain, yibi badla bo. 

20 Par Tu, ai Yahowab Kbuda- 
wand^ apne Nam ke liye mujb se 
suluk kar : ki terl rabmat kbub bai, 
mujbe najat de. 

21 Ki main miskin aur mubtaj 
bun : aur mera dil mujb men cbbed& 
bua bai. 

22 Main dbalte bue saye kl ma- 
nind, tamam bo cbala : main tiddl 
kl tarab upar tale ur&ya gaya bun. 

23 Mere gbutne faqe se sust bo 
ga,e : aiir merk gosbt cbiknSI ke 
bagair ek dbokba bai. 

24 Main un ka nang bua : wub 
mujbe takte bain, aur apna sir 
bilate bain. 

25 Ai Kbudawand, mere Kbuda, 
men kumak kar : apnl rabmat ke 
mutabiq mujbe najat de ; 

26 Ta ki wub janen, ki yib tera 
batb bai : ki Tu ne, ai Kbudawand, 
yib kiya bai. 

27 Wub la'nat karen, par Tii 
barakat de :.. jab wub utben, to 
sbarminda bon; par tera banda 
sbadman bo. 

28 Mere dusbman kbijalat kl po- 
sb&k se mulabbas bon : aur apnl 
sbarmindagi ki cbadar se ap ko 
ebbipa len. 

29 Main apne munb se Kbuda- 
wand kl babut bl sit&,isb karunga : 
main babuton ke bicb us kl bamd 

30 Kyunki wi;b miskin ke dabne 
bfitb par kbar& bai : ta ki us ko un 
se,. jo us iX jSii par fatwa dete bain, 
ribai de. " 

MazmOr ox. 

EHUDAWAND ne mere Kbudft. 
wand ko farmayfi : Tii mere 
dabne b&tb baitb, jab tak ki main 
tere dusbmanon ko tere panwon tale 
kl cbauki banaun. "" 

2 KbudSwand tere zor ka 'as& 
Saibun men se bbejegS : Tu apne 
dusbmanoiTke darmiyan bukmr§.nT 

3 Tere log terl quwwat ke din 
busn i taq^dus ke satb ap se 
musta'idd bonge : terl jawani kl os 
subb ke ribmwfill kl nisbat se ziyada 

4 Kbudfiwand ne qasam kb&! bai, 
aur wub na pacbbta,ega : Tu Malik 
i Sidq ke taur par al]^ tak kfibin 

5 Kbudawand tere dabne batb 
par :*apne qabr ke din, b&dsb&bon 
ko de mfir^a. 

6 Wub qaumon men 'ad&lat ka- 
rega, wub unben lashon se bbar 
deg& : wub babut mamlukaton men 
logon ke siron ko kucblega. "" 

7 "Wub rab men nftle ka pan I 
pTegfi : is liye wub sir ko buland 

MazmOb OXI. 

MAIN tamam dil se Kbudawand 
kl sita,isb karunga : sadiqon 
kl mabfil men, aur jama'at men. 

2 Kbudfiwand ke kam buzurg 
bain : un sab ke taftlsb kiye bue, jo 
un ka sbauq rakbte bain. 

3 Us ka kam jah o jalal bai : aur 
us kl sadaqat abad tak qa,im bai. 

4 TJs ne apne 'ajib kamon ke liye 
yadgarl rakbl : Kbudawand mibrbun 
aur rabim bai. 

5 Us ne un ko, jo us se darte 
bain, kbana diya : wub apne 'abd 
ko abad tak yad farma,ega. 

6 Us ne apne kamon ka zor apne 
logon ko dikbl&ya : t& ki imben 
qaumon kl miras bakbsbe. 

7 Us ke bfitb ke kam baqq aur 
'adalat bain : us ke sftre abkam 
yaqlnlbakir r^ i 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


8 Wnh hamesha abad tak qa,im 
rahte : wnh sachal aur sldh&I se kiye 
ga,e hain. 

9 Us ne apne logon ke liye makh- 
lasl bbejl : apne 'ahd ko abad tak 
mazbut farmayft bai; us ka Nam 
quddus aur mubib bai. 

10 Kbudawand ka kbauf danal 
k§, sbnru' bai : nn sab kl, jo ns par 
'amal karte bain, acbcbbi samajb bai ; 
ns kl sita^isb abad tak q&,im bai. 

Mazm9r OXII. 

MUBARAK wnb &dml bai, jo 
Kbndawand se kbauf rakhta 
bai : aur ns ke farmanon se nibayat 
kbusb bai. 

2 Us kl nasi zamin par zorawar 
bogi : B&diqon kl aulfid mubarak 

3 Us ke gbar men mal aur daulat 
bogl : aur us kl sadaqat abad tak 
qa,im bai. 

4 Tanki bl men rastkaron ke liye 
nur cbamaktS bai : ki wub mibrban, 
aur dardmand, aur sadiq bai. 

5 Nek &dml mibrbani kartS bai, 
aur qarz det& : wub apnl kftr-rawal 
r&sti se kartS. 

6 Taqinan us ko kabbl jumbisb 
na bogl : s&diq Id yadgar! abadi 

7 Wub bun kbabaren sunke birft- 
san na boga : us ka dil qfi,im bai, 
ki us ka tawakkul Ebud9,wand par 

8 Us k& dil bar-qarar bai, wub 
na daregfi : yabftn tak ki wub apne 
dusbmanon kI kbarabi dekbegS. 

9 Us ne bikbrayft bai, us ne kan- 
galon ko di^a bai : us kl sadaqat 
abad tak qa,im bai ; us k& sing jalal 
ke satb sarfarfiz boga. 

10 Sbarir dekb^a, aur kurbega, 
aur apne dant pisega, aur pigbal 
ja,ega : sbarlron kl tamanna fana 
bo ja,egl. 

mazhob oxni. 

A I KHUDAWAND ke bando, us 
il 8it&,isb karo : Ebud&wand 
ke N&m kt madb karo. 

2 Ebud&wand k& N&m : is dam se 
abad tak mub&rak ho. 



3 Aft&b ke tult* se leke us ke 
gxirvib tak : EhudAwand k& N&m 
mamdub bo. 

4 Ebud&wand s&rl ummaton par 
buland o b&l& bai : us k& jal&l fism&n- 
on par bai. 

5 Ebud&wand bam&re Ebud& kl 
m&nind kaun bai : jo bulandl par 
rabt& bai, 

6 Aur &p ko past kart& : t& ki 
&sm&n zambi par nig&b kare? 

7 Wub miskin ko kb&k se utba 
let& bai : aur mubt&j ko mazbale par 
se unch& kart& bai ; 

8 T& ki use amfronke s&tb : balki 
apne bl logon ke amlron ke satb, 
bithl&,e. "" " 

9 Wub b&njh 'aurat ko gbar men 
bas&t& bai : ais& ki wub bacbcbcm kl 
m& kbusbl ke s&tb bo. " 

MazmCr GXIV. 

JAB Isr&el Misr se nikl& : aur Ta'- 
qub k& gbar&n& ajnabjt zab&n- 
bolnew&le logon men se ; 

2 To Yabud&b us'kl maqdis bu& : 
aur Isr&el us kl mamlukat. 

3 Samundar ne 3rib dekb&, aur pa- 
lat gaya : Yardan ne bbl, aur ultl 

4 JPab&ron ne mendbon kl m&nind 
ebbal&ngen m&rin : aur pab&rlon ne 
bber ke bacbcbon^kl m&nind.* 

5* Ai samundar, tujbe ky& bu&, ki 
tu bb&g& : aur ai Yardan, ky& bu&, ki 
tu ultl babl? 

6 Aur ky& bu&, ai pab&ro, jo 
tum mendbon kl m&nind obbal&ngen 
m&rte bo* : aur ai tllo, jo tum bber 
ke baebcbon kl m&nind ? 

7 Ai zamIn, tu Ebud&wand ke 
buzur tbartbara : Ya'qub ke Ebuda 
ke buzur ; 

8 Jo pattbar ko p&nl k& bauz ba- 
n&t& bai : cbaqmaq ke pattbar ko 
p&nl k& cbasbma. 


MazmGb OXY. 

AM ko, ai Ebud&wand, nabig, 
bam ko nalJn, bal^i apne N&m 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Boz 24. 



ko buzurgf de : apnl rahmat ke liye, 
aur apnl sachal ke sabab se. 

2 Qaumen kyun kaben : ki Un ka 
Ebud& ab kahan Eai? 
' 3 Hamar& Kbnda to asman par 
hai : us no jo kncbb chaba, so 

4 Un ke but rupa aur 8on& bain : 
Admlon kl dastkarlto. 

6 Wuh mnnb rakbte bain, par 
bolte nabfn r'wtib ankben rakbte 
bain, par dekbte nabin ; 

6 Wubkan rakbte hain, jwr sunte 
nabl& : un kl n&ken bb! bain, lekin 
Bunghte nabin ; 

7 Wub batb rakbte bain, par ^a- 
karte nahta : wub panw rakbte bain, 
par cbalte'nabfo ; wub apne gale se 
bbl &waz nabin nikalte. 

8 Wub, jo unben ban&te bai^, aur 
wub sab : jo un ka bbarosa rakbte 
bain, unbm kl manind bain. 

9~Ai Israel, tu Kbudawand par 
tawakkul kar : wubl un k& madadgar 
aur un kl sipar bai. 

10 Ai Harun ke gbar&ne, tu 
Kbud&wand par tawakkul kar : ki 
wubl un ka madadg&r aur un kl 
sipar bai. 

11 Ai Kbudfiwand ke damew&lo, 
Kbud&wand par tawakkul karo : 
wubl un k& madadgar aur un kl 
sipar bai. 

12 Kbud&wand ne bam ko yad 
kiy&; wub bam^ barakat dega : 
wub Israel ke gbarftne ko barakat 
dega ; wub Harun ke gbarftne ko bbl 
barakat dega. 

13 Wub un ko jo Kbudawand se 
darte bain : cbboton'ko baron ke 
s&tb barakat degft.* " 

14 Kbudftwand tumb&rl barbtl 
kare :'tumbftrl aur tumbftre larkon 

15 Tum Kbudftwand kl taraf se : 
jis ne asmftnaur zamin ko paidft kiyft, 
mub&rak bo. 

16 Asmftn, ban, fismftn Kbuda- 
wand_ke bain : lekin us ne zam&i 
bani Adam ko^'inftyat kl. 

17 Murde Kbud&wand kl 8itft,isb 
nabm karte :* aur na wub sab« jo 
*alam i kb&mosbl men utar jate. 

18 lieki]^ bftm i9"waqt so teke 

abad tak : Kbudawand ko mubarak 
kabenge. kbudftwand kl sitftjisb 


MAIN Kbudawand se mababbat 
rakbta bim : ki us ne merl 
awaz aur merl minnaten sunin. 

2 Us ne merl taraf kan dhare : so 
main, jab tak ki jitft rabiingft, us ka 
Nam liye jfiunga. 

3 Maut ke dukbon ne mujb ko 
gbera, aur qabr ke dardon ne mujhe 
pakrft : main dukb aur g&m men 
giriftar bua. 

4 Tab main ne Kbudawand ka 
Nftm liya : ki Ai Kbudawand, mihr- 
banI karke merl jftn bacba le. 

5 Kbud&wand mibrban aur sadiq 
bai : aur bam&r& Kbuda rabm- 
kamew&l& bai. 

6 Kbudawand s&da logon ka ni- 
gabban bai : main 'ftjiz bo gayft tba, 
us ne mujbe baob& liy&. 

7 Ai merl j&n, apnl &ramgab men 
pbir : ki Kbud&wand ne tujb par 
ibsan kiyft kai. 

8 Tu ne mujb ko mame se, aur 
men l^kbon ko ftnsu babane se : aur 
mere pan won ko phisalne se,bacbayft. 

9 Main Kbud&wand ke &ge : zin- 
dagi kl zamIn men cbalung&. 

10 Main Im&n"iay&, is liye main 
bol& ; mujb par barl bipat tbi : main 
ne apnl gbabr&ba't men kab&, £1 
S&re &dml jbutbe bain. "" 

11 Main Kbud&wand ko, us kl 
s&rIni*maton ke 'iwaz men : jo mujbe 
mUSn, ky& dun ? " 

12* Main naj&t k& piy&la utbaung& : 
aur Kbud&wand k& N&m puk&rving&. 

13 Main abbi us ke s&re logon ke 
s&mbne Kbud&wand ke liye apnl 
nazren ad& karung& : Kbud&wand ki 
nig&b men us ke"muqaddas logon k& 
mamft gar&nqadr bai. '^ 

14 Ai Kbud&wand, main minnat 
karta bun, kjninki main, ter& banda 
bun : main ter& banda^ terl laundl 
k& beta, Tu ne mere bandban kbol'e. 

15 !ltfainterebuzursbukrguz&rlke 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




zablbooharhaungA : aur Khxid&waiid 
k& NSm pukarungft. 

16 Main abhCus ke sftre logon ke 
age, apDl nazren Khud&wand ke liye 
ada karunga : Khudawand ke ghar 
kl bargahon men, anr tere darmiyan, 
ai Yarusbalem,"" Khudawand kl bI- 
ta^ish karo. 

MAZMte cxvn. 

A I san qanmo, Khudawand kl 
hamd karo : ai' sab ummato, 
turn us kl sita,ish karo. 

2 Kyunki us kl rahmat ham par 
galib hulT aur Khudawand kl sachai 
abad tak hai. Khudawand kl sita,i8h 

MAZMtjR cxvra. 

KHUDAWAND kl shukrguzarl 
karo : ki wuh nek hai; aur us 
* kl rahmat abad tak hai. 

2 Ai kash ki Israel yih kahe : ki 
Us ki rahmat abad tak hai. 

3 Harun ka gharana bhi ab yih 
kahe : ki Us kl rahmat abad tak 

4 Ai kash ki wah jo iKhudawand 
se darte hain, yih kahen : ki Us kl 
rahmat abad tak hai. 

5 Main ne tangi men Khudawand 
ko pukara : Khudawand ne merl 
sunke kushadag! bakhshl. 

6 Khudawand men taraf hai, main 
nahin dame ka : insan mera kya kcix 
sakta hai ? 

7 Khudawand mere madadgaron 
men hai : pas, main unhen jo mera 
klna rakhte hain dekh lunga. 

8 Tawakkul kama Khudawand 
par us se bihtar hai : ki insan ka 
bharosa rakhe. 

9 Khudawand par tawakkul kama 
us se bihtar hai : ki amiron ka bha- 
rosa rakhe. 

10 Sari qaumon ne mujh ko gher 
liya : main yaqinan Khudawand ke 
Nam se un ko nabud karunga. 

11 Unhon ne to mujhe ghera, han, 
unhon ne mujhe ghera hai : main 
yaqinan Khudawand ke Nam se 
unhen nabud karunga. 

12 Unhon ne mujhe shahd kl mak- 

khlon kl tarah gher liy ft, woh kanton 
kl ag kl manind bujh ga,e : main 
yaqinan Khudawand ke Nam se 
unhen nabud karwaga. 

13"Tii ne mujbe"bare ssor se dhake- 
la, ta ki mujhe gira de' : lekiu Khuda- 
wand ne merl madad kl. 

14 Khudawand merl quwwat aur 
mera iakhr hai : wuh to merl najat 

15 Sadiqon ke khaimon men khu- 
shi aur najat kl awaz hai : Khuda- 
wand ka dahna hath bahadurl karta 

16 Khudawand ka dahna hath 
buland hua : Khudawand ka dahna 
hath bahadun' karta hai. 

1 7 Main na marunga, balki jlunga : 
aur Khudawand ke kam bayan kar- 

18 Khudawand ne mujhe khiib 
tamblh kl : lekin us ne mujhe maut 
ke hawale na kiya. 

19 Sadaqat ke darwaze mere liyie 
kholo : main un se andar jftunga, 
main Khudawand kl sita.ish karunga. 

20 Khudawand . ka darwaza yih 
hai : us men sadiq dakhil bote hain. 

21 Main ten hamd o Sana karunga: 
ki Til ne men sun ll, aur men najat 

22 Wuh patthar, jise mi'maron 
ne radd kiya : kone ka sira ho gaya 

23 Yih Khudawand se hua : jo 
haman nazron men 'ajib hai. 

24 Khudawand ne yih din muqar- 
rar kiya : ham to is men khuslil 
karenge, aur shadman honge. 

25""Ai Khudawand, main minnat 
karta hun, najat bakhsEiye : ai 
Khudawand main muinat karta 
hun, kamyabi bakhshiye. 

26 Mubarak hai wuh, jo Khuda- 
wand ke Nam se ata hai : ham Khu- 
dawand ke ghar men se turn ko 
mubarakbadi dete hain. 

27 !^hudawand wiih Khuda hai, 
jis ne ham ko nur dikhlay'a : qurbani 
ko mazbah ke singon tak rasslon se 

28 Mera Khuda Tu hai, aur'main 
terl sita,ish kariinga : Tu mera Khuda 
hai, main ten buzurgi karunga. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fioz 24. 



29 Ehndftwand kl shukrgazarl 
karo, ki vrah. nek hai : aur iib kl 
ralimat abad tak hai. 

MazmGb CXIX. 


TIITJBiEAK wuh, jo rSh men ka- 
Ifl mil-raftar hain : aur Khndfi- 
wand ke shara' par chalnewSle hain. 

2 Mubarak wuh hain, jo us kl 
shahSrdaton ko jfid rakhte hain : aur 
apne s&re dil so use dhiindhte hain. 

3 Wuhbadi bhinahfo karte : wuh 
us kl rahon par chalte hain. 

4 Tn ne"hukm kiya hairki ham jl 
jSn se : tere qawa'id ko hifz karen. 

5 Kash ki merl rahen durust"kl 
jatin : ta ki tere hukmon ko lihaz 

6 Jab ki main tere sSre hukmon 
ko nigah rakhunga : to sharminda 
na hunga. 

7 Main terl sadaqat ke infisalon 
ko Bikhke : apne dil kl rasti se teil 
Bita,ish karlinga. 

8 Main tere hukmon ko hifz kar- 
unga : T^ mujhe akhir~tak na chhor. 

3 BET. 

JAWAN apnl r&hen kis tarah saf 
kar rakhe : us par khub nigah 
kame se, tere kalam ke mutabiq. 

10 Main ne apne sare dil se terl 
tal&sh kl hai : tu mujh ko apne huk- 
mon se bhatakne mat de. 

11 Main ne tere kalSm ko apne 
dil ke btch chhipa liyft : ta ki main 
tera gunah na karun. 

12 Ai Khud&wand, Tu mubarak 
hai : apne ahkam mujhe sikhl&. 

13 Main ne apne labon se : tere 
munh kl s&rl 'adSlat<m ko bayan kiya. 

14 Main ten shahadaton kl rah 
men aisa'shadm&n him z'jaise ki 
tamam daulat se. 

15 Main tere qawa'id men guur 
karung& : aur terl rawishon ko mu- 
l&haza karwig&. 

16 Main tere hukmcm men magan 
rahunga : main tera kalam na bhul- 
unga. "" 


APNE bande par ihsS^n kar : ta ki 
main jl jaun, aur tere kalam 
ko yad rakhun. 

18 Men ftukhen khol : ta ki main 
ten shan'at ke 'ajib mazmiinon ku 

19 Main zamin par ek musafir 
hun : apne hukm mujh se na chhipa. 

20 Mera jl har dam : terl 'adala- 
ton ke ishtiy&q men para tarapta 

21 Tu ne magruron ko, un la'natf- 
on ko : jo tere hukmon se bhatak 
jate, danta hai. 

22 Malamat aur hiq&rat ko mujh 
par se dafa' kar : kyunki main ne 
ten shahadaton ko hifz kar rakha 

23 Amiron ne bhi majlis kl, aur 
mere khilaf baten kahin : par tera 
banda tere huquq par dhyan laga,e 
hue hai. 

24 Ten shahadaten bhi merl 
'ishrat : aur merl salah-denewallan 
hain. "" 

T dJLlat. 

MEEI jan khak se lagl jati hai : 
Tu apne qaul ke mutabiq mujh 
ko jila. 

26 Main ne apnl r&hen bay&n kin, 
aur Tu ne men suni hai : mujhe 
apne huqUq sikhla. 

27 Apne qaw&'id kl rah ko mujhe 
bujha de : main tere 'ajIbkSmon par 
dhyan kariinga. 

28 Men jan gam ke m&re pighal 
jat! hai : apne qaul ke mutabiq mujh 
ko qa,im kar. 

29 Darpg-gol kl rah mujh se dur 
kar : aur mihrb&nl karke apnl sha- 
n'at mujhe bakhsh. 

30 Main ne sachal kl rah ikhtiyar 
kl : aur t^ 'adalaten apne r^ ba ru 

31 "Main ten shahadaton se chimat 
raha hun : ai Ehudawand, mujhu 
sharminda na kar. 

32 Main tere hukmon kl r&h men 
daurungg ; in live ki Tu mera dil 
ku^fiaUa karta Iiai. 

Digitized by 




Roz 25. 


n HE. 

A I KHXJDAWAND, mujhe apne 
huguq kl rail batl& : main nse 
akhir tak yad rakhunga. 

34 Mujh ko fabm 'ata kar, aur 
main ten sliarl*at ko hifz karungft : 
h&nrmain tuse apne s&re dil se hifz 
kar rakbungft. 

35 Mujhe . apne hnkmon ke raste 
men chala : ki merl khnshl us men 

36 Mere dil ko apnl shahftdaton 
kl taraf m&,il kar : na ki l&lach kl 

37 Men ankhon ko pher de, ki 
butl&n par nazr na karen : aur apnl 
rah men mujhe zindagi bakhsb. 

38 ^ne qaul ko apne bande ke 
liye qa,imrakh : isliye kiwoh Tujh 
8e khauf rakbtft hai. 

39 Us malamat ko, jis se main 
darta him, mujh se dafa' kar : ki 
ten 'adalaten bhall bain. 

40 Dekh, ki main tere qawa'id ka 
musbtaq bun : apnl sadaqat men 
mujhe zindagf bakbsb. 

1 wio. 

A I KHUDAWAND, apnl rah- 
maton ko : b&n, apnl najat ko, 
apne qaul ke mut&biq mujh tak ane 

42 Ta ki main us ko jo mujhe ma- 
lamat karta hai"5awab dun : kyunki 
mujhe tere qaul ka bharosa hai. 

43 Aur haqq bat ko mere munh 
se kisi tarah juda na kar de : ki tere 
hukmon par mera i'timad hai. 

44 Aur main teri sbari'at ko bar 
waqt : abad ul abad tak hifz kar 

45 Aur main kushada jagab men 
cbalta phirta rahunga : ki tere qawa- 
'id ko dhundhta bun. 

46 Aur main badsbabon ke age 
bbl terl shabadaton ka tazkira ka- 
riinga : aur sharminda na hunga. 

47 Aur tere hukmon se hazz utba- 
unga : ki main unhen chabta bun. 

"48 Main tere hukmon kl taraf, jin 

se main mahabbat rakhta hun, apne 
hath uthaunga : aur tere huqiiq ko 
sochta rahunga. 

t ZAIN. 

APNE bande kl khatir apne qaul 
ko : jis ka T^ ne mujhe um- 
medwar kiya, yad farma. 

50 Tib mere dukh men men ta- 
salll hai : ki tere sukhan^ne mujhe 
zindagi bakhshi hai. 

51 Magruron ne mujh se babut 
thatholian kin : lekin main ne terl 
sharf at se kanara na kiya. 

52 Ai Khudawand, main ne terl 
qadlml 'adalaton ko yad rakha : so 
tasalll pat " 

53 Un shanron ke sabab, jinhon 
ne ten sbari'at ko cbhor diya hai : 
hairani ne mujhe a pakra. 

54 Mere musafir-khaiie men : tere 
abkam mere git bain. 

55 Ai Khudawand, main ne tera 
Nam rat ko yad kiya hai : aur teri 
shan'at kl muhafazat kl hai. 

56 Yih mujh ko is liye hai : ki 
main ne tere farmanon ko hifz kiya. 

n KHET. 

bakhra hai : main ne to kaba 
hai, ki Main ten baton ko hifz ^- 

58 Main apne sare dil se tere 
cbibre kl tawajjuh dhundhta bun : 
Tu apne qaul ke mutabiq mujh par 
rabm farma. 

59 Main ne apnl rahon par gaur 
kiya : aur terl shabadaton kl taraf 
apne qadam phere. 

60 Main no phurti kl : aur tere 
hukmon ke hifz kame men den na 

61 Sbarlron ke jalon ne mujhe 
ghera : par main ne ten shan'at ko 
faramosh na kiya. 

62 Main adhi rat ko uthunga : ki 
ten sadaqat ke infisalon ke sabab 
ten shukrguzanan karun.^ 

63 Main un sab ka ham-nisbin 
hiin jo Tujh se darte bain : aur un 
ka jo tere fara,iz par 'amal karte 

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64 Ai Ehud&wand, zamln terl 
rahmat se ma'mur hai : mujlie apne 
hnqfiq sikhlA. 

b TET. 

A I KHUDAWAND, Tn ne apne 
^lam ke mut&biq : apne bande 
se khnsh-sulukl kl hai. 

66 Mnjli ko achchb& imtiyaz anr 
d&nisli sik}i& : ki main tere hukmon 
par Imftn layft hun. "" "" 

67 Mnslbatmen giriftar hone Be 
pefihtar main gumrah hot& tba : par 
ab main ne tere kalam ko hifz kiy& 
hai. " 

68 Tn nek hai, anr nekl karta 
hai : mnjhe apne huquq sikhlS. 

69 Magfruron ne mnjh par jhuth 
b&ndh& hai : par main tere fara,iz ko 
apne sare-dil se hifz kar rakhunga. 

70 Un k& dil charbl kl minind 
ohikn& ho rah& hai : par main terl 
sharl'at se magan him. ~ 

71 Bhala hu& ki main ne dnkh 
p&ya : ki main tere qaw&'id ko si- 

72 Tere munh ki sharl'at : mere 
liye haz&ron sone riipe ke sikkon se 
bihtar hai. " " 


t YOD. 

TEBE h&thon ne mujhe banaya, 
aur mujhe arasta kiya : mnjh 
ko fahm 'at& kar, td ki main tere 
ahkam sikhun. 

74 Wuh jo Tnjh se darte bain, 
mnjhe dekhke khush honge : kyunki 
main ne tere snkhan "par i'timad 

75 Ai Khudawand, main jSnta ki 
terl 'adalaten rast hain : aur ki Tu 
ne wafadarl se mnjh ko dukh diya. 

76 Jaisa Tu ne apne bande se 
wa'da kiy& hai : waise ten shafaqat 
merl tasalU ka b&'is ho. 

77 Terl rahmaten mere sh&mil- 
hAl hon, ta ki main jita rahun : ki 
terl sharl'at men khnshi hai. " 

78 Magrur sharminda hon, ki 
unhon ne nft-haqq mere mnqaddame 
ko big&ra : par main tere far&^iz par 
f^yftn rakhungA. ^ 

UR. PR. 

79 Ais& ho, ki wuh jo Tujh se 
darte hain : aur wuh jo ten shaha- 
daton ko j&nte hain, merl taraf 
phiren. "" 

80 Ais& kar, ki mera dil tere qa- 
wa'id kl taraf kamil tawajjuh kare : 
t& ki main sharminda na hun. 

3 KiP. 

IITEBl j&n terl najat ke sbauq se 
i.U. ^sh khati hai : main tere qaul 
par i'timad rakhta hun. 

82 Men ankhen tere sukhan ke in- 
tiz&r men yih kahte hiie 'fan& hutn : 
ki Til mujhe kab tasalll dega? 

83 Main to us mashk kl manind 
hua, jo dhunwen men dharl ho : par 
tere qaw&'id ko main bhiil na jata. 

84 Tere bande kl~umr ke din kit- 
ne hain : Tii kab mere satanewalon 
se 'ad&lat karega ? " 

85 Magriiron ne, jo ierl sharf at ke 
pairau nahin : mere liye garhe khode 

86 Tere sftre hukm bar-haqq hain : 
wuh na-haqq mnjh ko satate hain ; 
Tii men kumak kar. " 

87 Nazdik hai, ki wuh mujhe 
zamln par se nabiid karen : lekin 
main ne tere fara,iz ko tark nahtn 

88 Apnl rahmat ke mutabiq mujhe 
zindagi bakhsh : ki main tere munh 
kl shahadat ko hifz kariinga. " 

^ lImad. 

A I KHUDAWAND, tera kaUm : 
asman par sada sabit hai. 

90 Ten sachai pusht dar pusht 
hai : Tii ne zamln ko qiyam baUisha, 
aur wuh tbahar rahl. 

91 Wuh ten 'adalaton ke live aj 
ke din tak qa,im hain : kyunki sab 
tere khadim hain. ~ 

92 Agar ten sharl'at men khushi 
na hot! : to main apnl muslbat men 
halak ho jata. "" " 

93 Main tere fara,iz kokabbi fara- 
mosh na kariinga : ki Tu ne un ke 
waslle se mujhe bayat bakhshi hai. 

94 Main tera hiin, mujhe bacha, 
le : ki mam tere £su:a,iz ka talib hiin.! 

95 Shanr men ghat men lage hSe 

Digitized by CjOO^ IC 


hain, ki mnjbe bal&k karen : lekin 
mam terl shahadaton par dhyan 
rakht& hun. 

96 Main ne har ek kam&l ko, ki 
us kl hadd hai, dekhft : lekin tere 
bukm nihayat wasi' hain. 


An ! main ten sbarl'at se kaisl 
mababbat rakbta bun : mera 
80cb 8&re din us bi men bai. 

98 Tu apne bukmon ke wastle se 
mujb ko ZQ«re dusbmanon se ziyada 
danisbmandkartabai : kiwnbbame- 
sba mere s&tb bain. 

99 Men danisb uii sab kl d&nisb 
se, jo mnjbe ta'lim dete bain, ziyada 
bai : kyunki main terl sbabadaton 
ka dbyan karta rabta bun. " 

100 Main burbon se ziyada sa- 
majbta bun : kyunki main ne tere 
i'ara,iz ko bifz kiy& bai. 

• 101 Main ne bar ek burl rab se 
apne panw b&z rakbe : ta ki main 
tere kalam ko bifz karun. 

102 Main ne tert 'adalaton se ka- 
nara na kiya : kyunki Tu ne mujbe 
ta'llm dl bai. 

103 Ten baten mere talu ko kya 
bi mitbl lagt! bain : balki sbabd se 
bbl ziyada jo mere munb men bo. 

104 Tere fara,iz ke waslle se main 
ne fabmid pal : is liye bar ek jbutbl 
rab se main 'adawat rakbta bun. 

3 nCn. 

TERA kalam mere pftnw ke liye 
obirag : aur merl rab kl rosbnl 

106 Main ne qasam kbil bai, aur 
main use pur& karung& : ki main 
teri sadaqat ke infisalon ko bifz ka^ 

107 Mujb par bar! muslbat bai : 
ai Kbudawand, apne kalam ke mu- 
tabiq mujbe jilfi. 

108 Ai Kbudawand, mibrbani 
farmake mere munb ke badyon ko 
qubul kar : aur apnl 'adalaten mujbe 

109 Men jan bamesba men hatb- 



ell par bai : b&wujud us ke main ne 
ten sbarfat ko faramosb na kiya. 

110 Sbariron ne mere liye pbanda 
lagaya bai : par main tere fiB^a,iz se 
kanare na bua. 

111 Main ne ten sbabadatoQ ko 
abadi miras janke apna kar liya : 
kyunki wub mere dil kl kbusbi 
ke ba'is bain, 

, 112 Main ne apne dil ko is taraf 
ma,il kiya : ki tere qawa'id par 
bamesba akbir tak 'amal karun. 

D sXmae. 

BB-SUBAT kbayalon se main be- 
zar bun : par teh sbarfat se 
mababbat rakbta biin. 

114 Tu mere obbipne ka makan, 
aur men sipar bai : main tere kalam 
se ummed rakbta bun. 

115 Ai badkaro, mere pas se dur 
ho jao : ki main to apne Kbuda ke 
bukmon kl mubafazat karunga. 

116 Apne qaul ke mutabiq mujbe 
sambbal, ta ki main ji jaiin : aur 
apnl ummed ki babat mujbe sbar- 
minda na bone de. 

117 Mujb ko tbambb, ki main 
salamat rabiin : aur main bamesba 
tere buquq par nigab rakbunga. 

118 Tii un sab ko radd far dalta 
bai, jo tere buquq se bbatak jkte : 
ki un ki fitrat jbutb bai. 

119 Tu ne zamin ke sab sbariron 
ko mail ki manind dur kiya : so 
main terl sbabadaton se mababbat 
rakbta bto. ^ 

120 Mera badan tere dar se 
kampta bai : aur main terl 'adalaton 
se darta bun. " *" 

y 'ain. 

MAIN ne 'adalat aur sadaqat kl 
bai : mujbe un ke bawale na 
kar, jo mujb par zulm karte bain. 

122 Kbair ke liye apne bande ka 
zamin bo : ta ki mag^r log mujb 
par zulm na karen. 

123 Men anl^en teri najat ke, 
aur teri sadaqat ke"qaul ke : intizar 
men fana bo ga,in. 

124 Apne bande se apnl rabmat 
ke mutabiq suluk kar : <»ur mi:yjb j^p 
apne buquq sikhl^ '; 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Boz 26. 



125 Main terS* banda hun, mujh 
ko fahm de : ta ki main terl shaha- 
daton ko pahchanun. 

126 Khudawand" ke liye kam 
karne ka waqt hai : ki unhon ne 
teri sharfat ko tora. 

127 Main is liye tere hukmon ko 
gone Be : balki oliokhe sone se, ziyada 
'aziz rakhta hiin. 

128 Is liye main tere s&re far&,iz 
ko sab baton ke haqq men rast jantft 
nun : anr sab jhiithi r&hon ko diish- 
man rakhta bun. * 

S) FE. 

TEBl^ sbabftdaten 'ajib o garlb 
ham : is liye merl jan unhen 
hifz kar raRhtl hai. "" 

130 Tere kalam k& mnkftshafa 
roshnl bakhshta hai : wuh sSre sada 
logon ko fahmid 'inayat karta hai. 

131 Main apna munh kholke para 
hampt& h^n : kyunki main tere 
hukmon ka miishtaq hun. 

132 Jis tarah Tii nn par tawajjuh 
kiya karta hai, jo tere Nam se 
mahabbat rakhte : mujh par bhi 
kar, atir mujh par rahm farma. 

133 Apne qaul se mere qadamon 
ko durust rakh : aur kisi tarah kl 
badi ko mujh par galib hone na de. 

134 Insan ke zulm se mujhe 
raakhlasi de : tab main tere fara,iz 
ko iiifz kariing&. 

135 Apne bande ko apne chihre 
kl jalwagarl dikhla : aur mujhe 
apne huquq sikhla. 

136 FanI kl nahren merl ankhon 
se bahtl hain : is liye ki log terl 
shari'at ko hifz nahfn karte. 

V alDE. 

A I KHUDAWAND, Tii sadiq hai : 
aur tere infisal wSjibl hain. 

138 Tu ne apnl shahadaton "ko : 
sad&qat aur kamal amftnatdlri ke 
sath jatS. diy& hai. 

139 Merl gairat mujhe kha ga,I : 
kyunki mere dushmanon ne ten 
b&ton ko faramosh kiy& hai 

1^ Ter& kalam nih&yat pitkfza 
hai : is liye te7& banda us se mahab- 
bat rakhta hai. 

141 Main haqlr aurzalil hun : 
par main tere fara,iz ko farfimosh 
nahin karta. 

142 Teri sadaqat abadi sad&qat 
hai : aur terl shari'at haqq hai. 

143 Musibat aur afat ne mujhe 
a liya hai : lekin tere ahkam merl 
khushi hain. 

144 Terl shahadaton ki sadaqat 
abadi hai : mujhe fahm 'a til kar, ta 
ki main ji jaun. 


p QOB*. 

MAIN apne sare dil se pukarta 
hto : ai Khudawand, meri 
sun ; main tere huquq ko hifz 

14(5 Main Tujhe pukSrta hun; 
mujhe bacha le : to main teri sha- 
hadaton ko yad rakhunga. 

147 Main subh par sabqat karte 
hue chillata hun : ki mujhe tere 
sukhan par i'timad hai. 

148 Merl ankhon ne pahron par 
sabqat ki hai : ta ki main" tere 
sukhan ka dhyan rakhun. " 

149 Ai Khudawand, apni shafaqat 
ke mutabiq meri awaz sun : aur 
apni 'adalaton ke muwafiq mujhe 
zindagi bakhsh. 

150 Wuh, jo shararat ke darpai 
hain, nazdik a,e : wuh terl shari'at 
se dur hain. 

151 Ai "Khudawand, Tii nazdik 
hai : aur tere sare ahkam haqq hain. 

152 Main ne teri shahadaton ki 
babat qadim se ma'lum kiya : kT Tii 
ne un ki bunyad ko abadi qiyam 

n RESH. 

MERI musibat par nazr kar, aur 
mujhe rihai de : ki Inain ne 
teri shari'at ko faramosh Hahln kiya. 

154 Meri taraf se jawab-dihi kar, 
aur mujhe makhlasi de : apne qaul 
ke mutabiq mujhe zindagi bakhsh, 

155 Najat shariron se diir hai : 
kvunki wuh tere huquq ko nahin 

166 Ai Khudawan(L terl rah- 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




maten bahnt hain : apnl 'adalaton 
ke mutabiq mujhe zinda kar. 

167 Wuh, jo mere plohhe pare 
hain, aur wuh, jo mere dushman 
hain, bahut hain : lekin main ne 
terrshahadaton se kan&ra na kiya. 

158 Mainne be-wafaon ko dekha, 
aur Tin se nafrat kl : kyunki nnhon 
ne tere sukhan ko hifz na kiyft. 

159 Dekh, ki main tere fara,iz ko 
kaisa ohabta hiin : ai Khudawand, 
apnl shafaqat ke mutabiq mujhe 

160 Tera kaUm ibtid& hi se saoh- 
cha hai : aur terl sadftqat kft har ek 
infisal abad tak. 

fi^ SfllK. 

SABDAB be-sabab mere plohhe 
pare hain : par mora dil tere 
kaJ&m il se khauf khat& hai. 

162 Main tere sukhan se, us kl 
m£lnind : jise bari lut mil ja,e, khush 

163 Main jhuth se bezar hiin, aur 
nafrat rakhta hiin : par tert sharl'at 
ko dost rakhta hun. 

164 Main ten sad&qatke infis&lon 
kl babat : har roz sat martabe teri 
sita,ish karta hiin. 

165 TJn ko bara chain hai, jo terl 
sharl'at ko dost rakhte hain : un ko 
kisi tarah se thokar nahl^ lagtl. 

166 Ai Khudawand, main terl 
naj&t ka ummedwar hiin : aur main 
tere hukmon ko 'amal men laya. 

167 Men riih ne ten shahadaton 
ko hifz kiya hai : aur main unhen 
ba shiddat 'azlz rakhta hiin. 

168 Main ne tere fara,iz aur terl 
shahadaton ko hifz kiya hai : ki 
men s&n rahen tere age hain. 

n TJLU. 

A I KHUDAWAND, mere nale ko 
apne huziir ane de : aur apne 
kalam ke mutabiq mujh ko fahm 
'ata kar. 

170 Men minnat ko apne huziir 
pahunchne de : aur apne qaul ke 
mutabiq mujhe rihal de. 

171 Mere labon se terl sita,ish 
niklegi : jab ki Tii mujhe apne hu- 
qiiq sikhla,e. 

172 Men zaban tere kalam k& 
charoha karti rahegl : ki tere sare 
ahkam sadaqat hain. 

173 Ai kash ki"tera hath mert 
kumak karta : ki main ne tere fara,iz 
ko ikhtiyar kiya hai 

174 Ai Khudawand, main ten 
najat ka mushtaq hiin : aur terl 
sharl'at men khurraml hai. 

175 Men jan jitl rahe, ta ki wuh 
ten sita,ish kare : aur ten 'adalaton 
se men kumak ho. 

176 Main us bher kl manind, jo 
khol ja,e, bhatak gaya hiin : apne 
bande ko dhundh, ki main ne tere 
hukmon ko faramosh nahin kiya. 

MazmGr OXX. 

APNI paresham men main ne 
Khudawand ko pukara : us ne 
men sum. 

2 Ai Khudawand, merl jan ko 
jhuthe honthon : aur dag^baz zaban 
se rihai de.' "" 

3 Ai jhiithi zaban, tujhe kya diya 
ja,ega, aur' tujhe kya hasil hoga : 
pahlawan ke tez tir, ratama ke jalte 
hiie koelon ke sath. 

4 Mujh par wawaila hai, ki main 
Masak men sukunat karta : aur 
Qldar ke khaimon ke pas rahta hun ! 

5 Men jan un ke sath, jo sulhlse 
kina rakhte hain : ba-lihaz apne 
fa,ide ke ziyada 'arse se rahl. 

6 Main to sulh ka adml hun : 
lekin jab main bolta hun, to wuh 
jang par taiyar bote hain. 


MAIN apnl ankhen paharon ki 
taraf uthata hiin : Kalian se 
men madad a,egi ? "" " 

2 Men madad Khudawand se hai : 
jis ne asman o zamin ko paida kiya. 

3 Wuh tere panw ko phisalne na 
dega : wuh, jo tera hafiz hai, na 

4 Dekh, wuh jo Israel k& muhafiz 
hai : hargiz na iinghega, aur na 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




5 Khudawand ter& mufaafiz hai : 
Khnd&wand tere dahne hath par 
tBra 8&yaban hai. 

6 Aft&b se din ko, aur m&htab se 
T&t ko : tujhe kuchh zararna pahun- 

7 Khudawand har ek bural se 
tujhe xnahfuz rakhega : wiih ten jan 
ko mahfuz rakhega. 

8 Khudfiwand tere jane ftne men, 
is waqt se leke : abad tak, tera haiiz 


MAIN khush hua, jis^waqt wnh 
mnjhe kahte the : Ao, Khudft- 
wand ke ghar chalen. 

2 Ai Yarushalem, hamare panw : 
tere darwazon ke bich khare hain. 

3 Ai Yarushalem, tu bani hai, us 
shahr kl m&nind : jo ki baham khub 
paiwasta hai : 

4 Jis men firqe, balki Yah ke fir- 
qe : Israel kl shahadat ko oharh jate 
hain, ki Khudawand ke Nam kl 
8ita,ish karen. 

5 Kyunki us men'adalat ke takht : 
Daud ke khandan ke takht, rakhe 
hue hain. 

6 Yarushalem kl sal&mati ke liye 
du'a m&ngo : wuh jo tujh ko dost 
rakhte hain, salamat rahen. 

7 Teri char-dlwarl men salamati : 
aur tere mahallon men amn o chain 

8 Main apne bhalon aur doston 
ke liye ab kaht& hun : Tujh men 
salamati ho. 

9 Khudawand ham&re Khuda ke 
ghar ke liye : main terl khairiyat 
ka talib rahunga. 

MazmOr cxxin. 

MAIN ne apnl ankhen terl taraf 
uthain : ai asman par baithne- 

2 Dekho, jis tarah se ki g^lamon 
k£ §nkhen apne aq&on ke hath ki 
taraf hain, aur laundlon kl ankhen 
apnl bibl ke hSth kl taraf* lagl rahtl 
hain : i&I tarah hamSrl ankhen 
Khudawand apne Khuda kl taraf 
hain, jab tak ki wuh ham par rahm 
na farma,e. 

3 Ai Khudawand, ham par rahm 
farma, ham par rahm farma : ki 
ham hiqftrat se khub ser ho ga,e. 

4 Asuda-h&lon ke tamaskhur se, 
aur magfruron kl hiqarat se : hamarl 
jan nihayat ser hiil. 

MazmOr CXXIV. 

A GAB Khudawand na hot&, jo ki 
hamarf taraf tha, chahiye ki 
Israel ab kahe : agar Khudawand 
na hota, jo ki hamart taraf tha, jis 
waqt ki log hamare muqabale men 

2 To wuh usi waqt ham ko jita 
nigal jate : jab ki un ka gazab ham 
par bharka tha ; 

3 Ust waqt ham pani men g'arq 
ho jate : dhara hamarl jan par guzar 

4 XTsI waqt umadte hue panI : 
haman jan hi par guzar karte. 

5 Mubarak ho Khudawand : - jis 
ne ham ko un ke danton ka shikar 
na hone diya. 

6 Hamarl jan chiriya kl tarah 
saiyad ke jal se chhut't : ki jal tuta, 
aur ham nikal bhage.* 

7 Haman madad Khudawand ke 
Nam se hai : jis ne asman aur zamin 
ko paida kiya. 

MazmOr CXXV. 

TTTXJH jin ka tawakkul Khuda- 
VY wand par hai, koh i Saihun ki 
manind hain : jo talta nahm, balki 
abad tak sabit hai.' 

2 Yarushalem jo hai, so pahar us 
ke as pas hain : usi tarah Khuda- 
wand, is waqt se leke abad tak, 
apne logon ke as pas hai. 

3 Kyunki sharlron ka sonta sa- 
diqon ke hisse men uabin thaharne 
ka : ta na ho ki sadiq badkan ki 
taraf apne hath barha,en. 

4 Ai Khudawand, bhalon se : aur 
un se, jo sidhe-dil hain, bhalai kar. 

6 Par wuh, jo apni terhi rahon kl 
taraf bhatak jate hain : Khudawand 
un ko badkaron ke sath rawana 
karega; kkin lerSel par salamaW 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 





KHUDAWAND jis waqt SaihunI 
aslron ko phir laya : us waqt 
' ham un kl m§.nind the, jo 
khwab dekhte hain. 

2 Tab hamare munh bimsl 86 bhar 
ga,e : aur ham&rl zaban gane so. 

3 Tab gair-qaumon ke darmiyan 
yih charcha tha : ki KhudSwand ne 
un se bare suluk kiye. 

4 Han, Khudawand ne bam se 
bare suluk kiye : ham khush hain. 

6 Ai Khudawand, hamare asiron 
ko pher la : janub kl nahron kl 

6 Wuh jo ansuon ke sath bote hain : 
khushi se gate hue dirau karenge. 

7 Wuh to bij ka zakhira uthake 
rota hua chala jata hai : par be- 
ishubha khushi ke sath apnt pullan 
utha,e hue phir a,ega. 


JAB ki Khudawand hi ghar na 
bana,e : to un kl mihnat, jo us 
kl bina karte hain, be-fa,ida hai ; 

2 Agar Khudawand hi shahr ka 
higahban na hota : to pasban kl 
bedarl 'abas hai. 

3 Tumhen kuchh fa,ida nahin, jo 
sawere uthte ho, aur aram lena der 
tak mauquf rakhte, aur mashaqqaton 
kl rotian khate ho : yun wuh apne 
piyare ko nind'deta hai. 

4 Dekho, farzand Khudawand kl 
taraf se miras hain : aur pet ke phal 
usi se ek ajr hain. 

5 Jaise pahlawan ke hath men tir : 
waise hi jawani ke farzand hain. 

6 Mubarak wuh mard, jis nelkpne 
tarkash ko un se bhar diya : wuh 
pasheman na honge, jis waqt dar- 
waze par dushmanon se baten kar- 


MUBARAK hai bar ek jo Khuda- 
wand se darta hai : aur us kl 
rahon par chalta hai. 

2 Ki tu apne hathon kl kamal 
kha,ega : tii sa'adatmand hai, aur 
khair tere sath hai. 

8 Terl jorunstakklmftnindhogl: 
jo mewe se ladS hul tere ghar ke fis 
pas hai ; 

4 Tere baohohe terl mea ke gird : 
zaitiin ke paudhon kX manind honge. 

6 Dekho, wulTinsan jo Khuda- 
wand se ^9,TtSk hai : aisa mubarak 

6 Khudawand Saihiiu men se tujhe 
barakat dega : aur tu apnl 'umr 
bhar Yarushalem kl kamyabi dek- 
hega ; 

7 Balki tii apne bachchonkebi^h- 
che dekhega : SalamatI Israel par 

MazmCr CXXIX. 

MEEI jawam se leke unhon ne 
barha mujhe sataya hai : Israel 
chahiye ki ab kahe ; 

2 Men jawam se leke barha onhon 
ne mujhe dukh diya : par wuh mujh 
par galib na hue. 

3 Halwahon ne merl pith par hai 
jota : unhon ne apnl regharian iambi 

4 Khudawand sadiq hai : us ne 
sharlron ki rasslon ko kat dala. 

6 Wuh sab, jo Saihiin se bugz 
rakhte hain : sharminda hon, aur 
ulte phira,e ja,en. 

6 Wuh chhaton kl ghas kl manind 
hon : jo peshtar us se ki kol use 
ukhare, khushk ho jati hai ; 

7 Iris se dirau-kamewala apnl 
mutthi nab&a bharta : aur na pule- 
bandhnewala apne daman ko ; 

8 Aur rah-guzar nahin kahte, ki 
Khudawand kl barakat tum par ho : 
ham Khudawand ka nam leke tum- 
hare liye du'a karte hain. 

MazmCr CXXX. 

A I KHUDAWAND, main gahraon 
men se tujhe pukarta hun : «5 
Khudawand, merl awaz sun. "" 

2 Merl minnat kl awaz par : tere 
kan mutawajjih hon. 

3 Ai Yah, agar tfi gunah ka hisab 
le : to, ai Khudawand, kaun khara 
rahega ? 

4 Par tere pas to magfirat hai : ta 
ki log tera dar rakhen. 

5 Main Khudawand ke intizur 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Boz 28. 



men hun, merl jan us ke intizar men 
haT: anr mnjhe ub ke kal&m ka 
bliarosa hai. 

6 Meri ruh pasbftnon kl banisbat 
jo subh ke mnntazir bote : ban, 
pasbanon kl banisbat jo subb ke 
mnntazir bote< Kbudawand ka ziyada 
intizSr karti bai. 

7 Ai Israel, Khudawand par ta- 
wiiknl kar : kirrabmat Kbudawand 
ke pas bai, us ke pas kasrat se makb- 
lasl bai. 

8 Aur wubl Israel ko : us kl sari 
badkftrlon se ribal dega. 


A I KHUDAWAND, mera dil 
m'agrur nabin, aur main bu- 
land-nazr nabin bun : main bare 
mu'amalon, aur un baton men, jo 
mere liye nibayat 'ujuba bain, dakbl 
nabin karta. 

2 Yaqinan main ne apne jl ko 
tbanda kiya, aur use qarar karaya, 
jaisa ki dudb se cbbura,e bue larke 
ka, jo apni ma pas bai : ban, mera ji 
apne men us larke ka sa bai, jis ka 
dudb ebburaya gaya bo. 

3 Ai Israel, is dam se leke abad 
tak : Kbudawand par tawakkul kar. 

Mazmur CXXXII. 

A I KHUDAWAND, Daud ke liye : 
us ki sari masbaqqaton ko yad 

2 Ki us ne Kbudawand ki qasam 
kbai : aur Ya'qu'b ke Qadir ki mannat 

3 Yaqinan main to apne rabne ke 
dere men na jaungS : aur na apne pa- 
iang ke"bicbbaune par cbarbunga ; 

4 Main na kbwab ko apni ankbon 
men jane dunga : aur na unghal ko 
apni palakon men, 

5 Jab tak ki Kbudawand ke liye 
ek maqam : aur Ya'qiib ke Qadir ke 
liye ek maskan na paun. 

6 Dekbo, bam ne us kl kbabar 
Ifr&ta men suni : bam ne us ko baya- 
ban ke maidanon men paya. 

7 Ham us ke maskanon menja,^- 

ge : aur bam us ke panwon ki cbaukt 
ke sambne sijda karenge. 

8 Utb, ai Kbudawand, apni aram- 
gab men dakbil bo : Tu aur teri 
quwwat ka sanduq. 

9 Tere kabin sadaqat se mulabbas 
bon : aur tere pak log kbusbl se lal- 

10"Apne bande Daud ki kbatir : 
apne mamsub ke ebibre ko mat 

11 Kbudawand ne sacbSi se Daud 
ke liye qasam kbal : jis se wub na 

12 Ki Main tere pet ke pbal men 
se : kisi ko tere liye tere takbt par 

13 Agar tere larke mere 'abd aur 
meri sbabadat ko, jo main unben 
jataunga, bifz karenge : to un ko 
larke^bbl tere takbt par abad tak 
baitbte cbale ja,enge. 

14 Ki Kbudawand ne Saibun ko 
ebun liya : aur cbaba, ki wub apae 
liye maskan bo. 

15 Yib mere cbain ka abadi 
makan bai, main us men basunga : 
kyunki main us par ragib bun. 

16 Main us ke asbab i ma'asb 
men babut si barakat dunga : main 
us ke miskinon ko roti se ser karimga. 

17 Main us ke kabinon ko najat 
ka libas pabinS.iinga : aur us ke pak 
log kbusbl se lalkarenge. 

18 Waban main aisa kariinga kl 
Daiid ke liye ek singpbutega : main 
ne apne mamsub ke liye ek cbirag* 
taiyar kar rakba bai. 

1 9 Aur kbijalat ko us ke dusbman- 
on ka libas karunga : lekin us ke 
upar usi ka taj cbamakt& rabega. 

mazmxjr cxxxni. 

DEKHO, kya kbiib aur kya subani 
bat bai : ki bbal ek satb bud o 
basb karen ! 

2 Yib us mabang-mole 'itr kl ma- 
nind bai, jo sir par dala ja,e : aur 
babke darbl par, balki Harun ki 
darbl par iioke, us ke pair&ban ke 
gireban tak pabuncbe ; 

3 Aur Harmun kl os kl m&nind : 
jo Saibun ke pabaron par gire ; 

. Digitized byCjOOQlC 


zabGb KI kitab. 


4 Ki wahan Khudawand ne bara- 
kat aur hayat' i abadi kl babat 
hukm &rmay&. 


DEKHO, ai Ehudawand ke sab 
bando, jo rat ko Khudawand 
ke gbar men kbare rabte ho : Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kaho. 

2 Maqdis kl taraf apne hath uthao : 
aur KhudSwand ko mubarak kaho. 

3 Khudawand, jo asman aur zamin 
ka klialiq hai : tujhe Saihun men se 
barakat bakhshe. "" 

MazmOr CXXXV. 

KHUDAWAND kl 8ita,ish karo. 
Khudawand ke nam kl 6it&,ish 
karo : ai Khudawand ke bando, 
us ki 8ita,ish karo. 

2 Tum, jo Khudawand ke ghar 
men : hamSre KhudS ke ghar kl 
bargabon men, khare rahte ho, 

3 Khudawand ih sita,i8h karo; 
kyunki Khudawand nek hai : us ke 
nam kl 8ita,ish ke git gao, ki yih 
kam dil-pasand hai. 

4 Ki Khudawand ne Ta*qub ko 
apne waste chun liy& : aur Israel ko 
apne khass khazane ke waste. 

5 Kyunki main jantA hiin, ki 
Khudawand buzurg hai : aur ki 
]iamara Babb sSre ma'bydon se bara 

6 Jo kuchh ki Khudawand ne 
chaha : us ne asman, aur zamln, aur 
daryaon, aur sSre gahraon men kiy&. 

7 Bukharat zamIn kl atraf se wuhl 
uthata hai : aur bijll menh ke sath 
banata hai, aur hawa ko apne makh- 
zanon se nikal l&ta hai. 

8 UsI ne Misr ke palauthe mare : 
kya ins^n ke, kya haiwan ke. 

9 Usi ne bhejke nishanlan aur 
'aja,ib gara,ib kam : ai Misr, tujh 
men Fira'un aur us ke sare khadim* 
on ko dikhla,e. 

10 UsI ne barl barl qaumon ko 
Tiiara : aur zabardast badshahon ko 
qatl kiya ; 

11 Saihun Amurlon ke b&dshah, 
aur 'Uj Basan ke bS^shah ko : aur 
Kan'an kl sari mamlukaton ko : 

12 Aur un kl zamIn miras men : 
h&n, apne Israeli logon ko mIras men 

13 Ai Khudawand, tera N&m abad 
tak hai :*ai Khudawand, ter& zikr 
pusht dar pusht baqi rahega. 

14 Kyunki Khud&wand apne log* 
on ka insaf karega : aur apne bandon 
kfhalat ke sabab pachht&,ega. 

15 Gair-qaumon ke but sona, aur 
rupa : aur admlon kl dastk&rlan hain. 

16 Wuh munh rakhte hain, par 
bolte nahin : wuh ankhen rakhte 
hain, par dekhte nah^ ; 

17 Wuh kan rakhte hain, par 
sunte nahin : wuh to munh se sans 
bhi nahin lete. 

18 Wuh jo un ke bananewale hain, 
unhin kl manind hain : aur har ek, 
jise un ka bharos& hai7 aisa bl hai. 

19 Ai Israel ke gharane, Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kaho : ai Harun 
ke gharane, Khudawand ko mubarak 

20 Ai L&wl ke ghar&ne, Khuda- 
wand ko mubarak kaho : ai tum jo 
Khudawand se darte ho, Khudawand 
ko mubarak kaho. 

21 Khud&wand Saihun men mu- 
barak hai : wuh Yarushalem men 
basta hai ; Khudawand kl sita,ish 


KHUDAWAND kl shukrguzfir! 
karo : ki wuh bhala hai, aur us 
kl rahmat abad tak hai. 
2 Us k&, jo ilahon ka Khud& hai, 
shukr karo : ki us "kl ratmat abad 
tak hai. 

8 UsI ka shukr karo, jo khud&- 
wandon ka Khudawand hai : ki us 
kl rahmat abad tak hai. 

4 UsI ka, jo akela bare 'ajib kam 
karta hai : ki us kl rahmat abad tak 

5 UsI ka, jis ne danai se asman 
bana,e : ki us kl rahmat abad tak hai; 

6 UsI ka jis ne zamln ko panlon 
ke upar phailaya : ki us kl riJimat 
abad tak hai. 

Digitized by 


Boz 28. 



7 UsI ka, 'jig ne bare bare naiyir 
bana,e : ki us kl rahmat abad tak 
hai :_ 

8 Aft&b, ki jis ka 'amal din ko 
hai : ki us kl rahmat abad tak hai : 

9 Aur mahtab aur sitare, jin ka 
*amal rat ko hai : ki us kl rahmat 
abad tak hai. 

10 IJsI ka, jis ne Misr ko, ns ke 
palauthon samet, mara : ki ns kl rah- 
mat abad'tak hai : 

11 Aur Israellon ko nn ke dar- 
miyan se nikal laya : ki us kl rah- 
mat abad tak hai : 

12 Qawl hath se, aur barha,e hue 
b&zu se : ki us kl rahmat abad tak 

13 TJsI ka, jis ne darya i Qulzum 
do hissar kiye : ki us kl rahmat abad 
tak hai : 

14 Aur Israellon ko us ke darmi- 
yan se par le gaya : ki us kl rahmat 
abad tak hai : 

15 Aur Fira'un ko, us ke lashkar 
samet, darya i Qulzum men jhar 
dala : ki -us kl rahmat abad ta£: 

16 UsI ka, jo bayaban men apne 
logon ka rahnuma hua : ki us kl 
rahmat abad tak hai. 

17 TJsI ka, jis ne bare bare bad- 
shahon ko qatl kiya : kius ki Vahmat 
abad tak hai : 

18 Aur namwar salatin ko jan se 
mara : ki us kl rahmat abad tak hai : 

19 Amurlon ke badshah Saihun 
ko : ki us kl rahmat abad tak hai : 

20 Aur Basan ke badshah 'tlj ko : 
ki us kl rahmat abad tak hai : 

21 Aurun kl sarzamin ko miras 
kar diya : ki us kl rahmat abad tak 

22 Apne bande Israel kl mIras : 
ki us ki rahmat abad tak hai. 

23 TJsI ka, jis ne ham ko, hamarl 
pasti kl halat men, yad farmaya : ki 
us kl rahmat abad tak hai : 

24 Aur ham ko hamare dushman- 
on se rihai bakhshi : ki us kl rahmat 
abad tak hai. 

25 TJsI ka, jo bar jandar ko rozl 
deta hai : ki us kl rahmat abad tak 
hai. _ 

26 Asman ke Ehuda kl shukrgu- 

zarl karo : ki us ki rahmat abad tak 

27 Khudawandon ke Khudawand 
kl shukrguzan karo : ki us kl rahmat 
abad tak hai 


BABUL kl nadlon par, wahan ham 
baithe : aur Saihun ko yad kar- 
ke roe. 

2 Ham ne apnl barbaten'bed ke 
darakhton men : jo us ke bich men 
the, tang dto. "" 

3 Kyunki wahan unhon ne, jo ham- 
en asir karke le"ga,e the, ham se 
darkhwast kl, ki ham kuchh ga,en : 
aur wuh, jo hamare satanewale the, 
chahte the ki ham khushi mana,en, 
yih kahke ki Saihun ke giton men 
se hamare liye ek git gao. " "" 

4 Ham kyunkar ajnabi kl sar- 
zamiQ men : Eiiudawand ke git 

5 Ai Yariishalem, agar main tujh 
ko bbul jaun : to mora dahna hath 
apna hunar bhule. 

6 Agar main tujh ko yad na rakh- 
iin, aur agar main Yarushalem ko 
apnl auwal khushi se ziyadatar 'aziz 
na janun : to merl zaban talu se lag 


7 Ai Khudawand, bani Adum kl 
mukhalafat men, Yariishalem ke din 
ko yad kar : ki unhon ne kaha. Use 
barbad karo, use bekh o bun se bar- 
bad karo. 

8 Ai Babul ki beti, jo garatgar 
hai : mubarak wuh jo tujh se us 
suluk ka, jo tu ne ham se kiya, 
intiqam le. 

9 Mubarak wuh, jo tere larkon ko 
pakarke : pattharon par patak de. 


MAIN apne sare dil se terl sita,ish 
karunga : ilahon ke age main 
ten sana-khwanl karunga. 

2 Main* terl muqaddas haikal ki 
taraf sijda karunga, aur tere Nam 
ki sita,ish karunga, terl rahmat ke 
sabab, aur terl saohai ke sabab : ki 
Tu ne apne qaul ko apne sare Nam 
se ziyada barhuya. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




3 Jis din main ne pnkara, Tu ne 
men sun! : aur merl r^ ko himmat 
deke qawl kiya. 

4 Ai Ehudawand, zamin ke sab 
badshah : tere munh ke kalam siinke 
teri Bita,isli karenge. 

6 Han, wnh Khudawand kl rahon 
men ga,enge : ki Khudawand ka 
jalal bara hai. 

6 Kyunki Kbndawand buland hai, 
aur paston par tawajjuh karta hai : 
anr md^jpruron ko dur se pahchanta 

7 Harchand main afaton ke darmi- 
yan ohalta phirtft Mn, par Tu mujhe 
zinda karega : Tu mere dnshmanon 
ke qahr par apn& hath barh&,ep:&, 
aur apne dahne hath se mujhe 

8 Khudawand mere liye kam ko 
anjam dega : ai Khudawand terl 
rahmat abad tak hai ; apne hathon 
ke baxia,e hue kamon ko tark mat 


A I KHUDAWAND, Tu mujhe 
janchta, aur pahchanta hai : 
Tu mera baithna aur mer& uthna 
jantS hai, Tu mere andeshe ko dur. 
se daryaft karta hai. 

2 Tu merS chaln& aur mera letn& 
khub janti hai : baiki Tii merl sari 
rawishon se waqif hai. 

3 Ki dekh, merl zaban par kol aisl 
bat nahin : ki jis se Tu, ai Khuda- 
wand, bilkull Sgah nahln. 

4 Tu age pichhe mera ghernewala 
hai : aur Tii ne apn& hath mujh par 
rakh& hai. v 

5 Ais& 'irfan mere liye nihayat 
'ujuba hai : yih buland hai, main us 
ko uahln panunch saktft. 

6 Ten ruh se main kidhar jaun : aur 
terl huzun se main kahan bhagun ? 

7 Agar main asman ke iipar charh 
jaun, to Tii wahan hai : agar mam 
patal men apna bistar bichhaun, to 
dekh, Tu wah4n bhi hai. 

8 Agar subh ke pankh leke : main 
samundar kl intih& men ja rahun ; 

9 To wahan bhI terl hath mujhe 

le chalega : aur terft dahna hath 
mujhe sambhalega. 

10 Agar main kahun, ki Tanki to 
mujhe chhipa Tegl : tab r&t mere 
gird rosbnl ho ja,egl. 

11 Yaqinan tarikl tere samhne tl- 
ragi nahin paida karti, par r&t din ki 
manind roshan hai : tarlkl aur roshni 
donon ek-san hain. 

12'"Ki Tu mere gurdon ko apne 
qabze men rakhta hai : merl ma ke 
pet men Tii ne mujh par saya kiya. 

13 Main terl 8ita,ish hi karta ra* 
hunga ; kyunki main dahshatnak 
taur se 'ajib o ganb bana hun : tere 
k&m hairat-afza hain» is k& mere jl 
ko bar& yaqln hai. 

14 Jab ki main parde men ban&ya 
jata tha, aur zamIn ke asfal men 
manqush hota tha : to mere jism kl 
siirat Tujh se chhipl na thL 

16 Ten ankhon ne mere be-tartib 
madda ko dekha": aur tere daftar 
men yih sab chlzen tahrlr kl ga,In. 

16 Aur un ke dinon ka hai bhi ki 
kab banengi : jab hanoz un men se 
kol na thi. 

17 Ai Khuda, tere andeshe mere 
haqq men kya hi qlmati hain : un kl 
kuU jama' kya hi barl hai ! 

18 Main unhen kya ginun? wuh 
to shumar men ret se ziyada hain : 
jab main jagta hun, to phir bhi tere 
sath hun. 

19 ATKhuda,Tu yaqinan sharlron 
ko qatl karega : pas, ai khiinio, mere 
pas se dur ho jao. 

20 Kyunki wuh ten babat shara- 
rat se b&ten karte hain : tere dush- 
man to tera Nam 'abas lete hain. 

21 Ai Khudawand, ky& main un 
ka kina nah^ rakhta, jo tera kina 
rakhte hain : kya main un se, jo 
tere mukhalif hoke uthte hain, bezar 

22" Main shiddat se an k& kiha 
rakht& hun : main unhen apne dush- 
manon men ginta hiin. 

23 Ai Khuda, mujhe janoh anr 
mere dil ko jan : mujhe azma, aur 
mere andeshon ko pahchan : 

24 Dekh, ky& mujh me£ kol dard- 
asgez 'adat hai, ki nahin : aur mujh 
ko abadi rah men chal&r 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Hoz 29. 



MazmOr CXL. 

A I KHUDAWAND, sharlr insan 
66 mujh ko rihal do : zaHm 
admlon se mujhe bacha rakh ; 

2 Jo apne dilon men bure andesbe 
karte bain : wub bar roz larftton ke 
w&ste jama' bote. 

3 Sampon kl manind wub apnl 
zab&nen tez karte : iin ke bontbon 
ke tale afa'I ka zabr bai. * " 

4 Ai Ebudawand, sbarlr ke b&tb 
se mujbe bacb& : zalim insan se 
mnjbe mabfuz rakb, kyunki wub is 
fikr men bain ki mere qadamon ko 
gira den. "" 

5 Magruron ne cbbipke mere liye 
pbauda aur rasslan taiyar kl bain : 
unbon ne rabguzar men jal bicbbaya 
bai, unbon ne mere liye dam laga,e 

6 Main ne Kbudawand se kab&, 
Til mer& Ebuda bai : ai Ebuda- 
wand, merl munaj&t kl &w&z sun. 

7 Ai Yabowab Ebudawand, ai 
men najat ke z6r : jang ke din Tii 
ne mere sir par saya kiya. 

8^ Ai Ebudawand, sbarlr k& mat- 
lab pura mat kar : us ke bure man- 
siibon ko anjam tak pabuncbne na 
de, ta ki wub sir na utba,en. 

9 Aur jinbon ne mujbe cbaron ta- 
raf se gber liya bai : aisa kar la un 
ke bontbon kl ziyankarl unbin ke 
siron par pare. 

10 Un par angare dale ja,en : wub 
iinben ag men jbonkega, aur garbon 
men gira dega, ki wub pbir utb na 

11 Bad-zaban &dml zamin par 
ga,im na rabega : sitam-gar insan 
sitam bl k& sbikar boke nabud bo 

12 Mujh ko yaqln bai, ki Ebuda* 
wand mazlumon ka insaf karega : 
aur misklnon ka badla lega. 

13 Fi-1-baqIqat sadiq log tera Nam 
leke sbukrguzarl karenge : aur rast- 
b&z tere buzur men sukunat karenge. 


A I EHUDAWAND, main Tujbe 
pukarta bun, merl taraf jald a : 

jab main Tujbe pukarim, tab merl 
awaz par kan dbcir. 

2 Ei merl du'a tere buzur bakliur 
kl tarab pabuncbal ja,e : aur mere 
batbon ka utbana sbam kl qurbani 
kl manind bo. 

3 Ai Ebudawand, mere munb par 
nigabban bitbla : mere bontbon ke 
darwazon kl darbani kar. 

4 Mere dil ko kisi burl bat kl taraf 
ma,il bone na de : ki wub badkaron 
men sbamil boke badkan na kare; 
aur mujbe un ke mazadar kbanon 
men se kucbb kbane na de. 

5 Sadiq mujb ko mare, wub mibr- 
bam bai; wub mujbe tambib de : 
yib mere sir ka raugan bai : 

6 Agarcbi dobara bbl kare, mera 
sir us se inkar na karega : par meri 
du'a un kl badkarlon ke bar'aks kl 

7 Un ke bakimon ne obatan ke 
kararon ke darmiyan cbbutti pal : 
aur us waqt unbon ne merl baten 
sunlD^ ki wub mithi tbin. " 

8 Hamarl baddlan qabr ke munb 
men yun bikbar ga,in : jaise ki lakri 
boti, jab kol use zamin par cbire aur 

9 Lekin, ai Yabowab Ebudawand, 
merl ankben terl taraf bain : mera 
tawakkul Tujb par bai, Tu merl jan 
ko mat undel. 

10 Mujb ko us dam se baeba jo 
unbon ue mere liye bicbbaya : aur 
badkaron ke jalon se. 

11 Ebabis apne dam men ek satb 
pbans ja,en, : jis waqt ki main us 
taraf nikal jaun. " 

MazmGr CXLII. 

MAIN Ebudawand ke age apnl 
awaz buland karta : main apnl 
awaz bl se Ebudawand se niinnat 
karta bun. 

2 Main apnl faryad us ke buzur 
men kbolke karta : aur apna dukb 
dard us ke age bayan karta. 

3 Jis waqt mera jl udas bai, tab 
tii men rawisb janta : jis rab ki 
main cbalta bun, unbon ne cbbipke 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Boz 30. 

13B men mere liye pliand§. lag&ya liai. 

4 Main ne apne dabne hath nig&h 
kl : aur dekha, par kol na pay&, jo 
mujhe pahchantft ho ; 

5 Mujhe kah^ pan&h na rahl : 
kol men jan ka hal puchhtfi nahfo. 

6 Ai Khndawand, main tere ige 
chillaya; anr main ne kah& : Tii 
merl pan&h hai, aur zindon kl saiza- 
min men mer& bakhra tu hai. 

7 Mer! faryad sun le : kyunki 
main bahut za'lf ho gaya hun ; ~ 

8 Mujh ko un se, jo mere pichhe 
pare hain, chhura le : ki wuh mujh 
se zorawar hain. 

9 Men ruh ko qaid se rihal bakhsh, 
ta ki tere Nam kl sita,ish ho : sadiq 
log mere Us pas jama' honge, jab ki 
Tu mujh par ihsan karega. 

Mazmur CXLIII. 

A I KHUDAWAND, men du'a sun. 
men minnaton par kfin rakh : 
apnl wafadar! se aur apnl sadaqat se 
mera jawab de. 

2 Aur apne bande ko apne sSth 
'adalat men na la : kyunki ko! insan 
jrtt jan tere huzur rastbaz thahar 
nahin sakta. 

3 Ki dushman men jan ke plohhe 
para hai, us ne merl zindagi ko khak 
13ar pa,emal kiya : us ne mujh ko un 
kl manind, jo muddat se mar ga,e 
hain, tartki men bithaya hai. 

4 Is liye mera jl mujh men udas 
ho gaya hai : mera dil mere bich men 
ujar gaya hai. "" 

5* Main agle dinon ko yad karta 
hun ; main tere sare kamon ko sochta 
hiin : main ten dastkarl par ^aur 
karta hun. 

6 Main apne hath terl taraf bar- 
hata hiin : merl riih khushk zamla 
kl manind teri piyasi hai. 

7 Khudawandjjaldmensun, men 
riih tamam hone par hai : mujh se 
mu&h na mor, nahig to maig un kl 
manind ho jaiifiga, jo garhe men 
girto haig. 

8 Mujh ko subh ke waqt apnl sha- 
faqat kl awaz suna, kyunki mera 
tawakkul Tujh par hai : apnl rah ki 
jis men main chaliin, mujhe bata; 

kyunki main apnl ruh ko ten taraf 
uthata hiin. 

9 Ai Khud&wand, mujh ko mere 
dushmanon se rihai de : ki main tere 
pas panah leta hun. 

10 Mujhe apnl marzl par cLalna 
sikhla, kyunki Tu hi to mera Khnda 
hai : ten nek riih mujhe rasti ke mnlk 
men le chale. 

11 Ai Khudawand, mujh ko apne 
Nam ke liye zinda kar : apnl sadaqat 
ke liye men jan musibat se chhura. 

12 Aur apnl rahiiiat se mere dush- 
mason ko fana kar : aur un sab ko, 
jo mere ji ko dukh dete hain, nabiid 
kar, kyunki main tera banda hun. 

MazmOr CXLIV. 

KHUDAWAND, men chatan, mu- 
barak ho : jo mere hathon ko 
jang kama, aur men ungllon ko 
larna sikhlata ; "" 

2 Mera shafaqat-kamewala, aur 
mera garh, mera iinoha burj, aur 
mera chturanewala, men sipar, aur 
wuh jis par mera tawakkul hai : jo 
mere tale mere logon ko maglub 
karta hai. "" 

3 Ai Khudawand, insan kya hai, 
ki Tii use yad farma,e : aur adamzad 
kaun hai, jo Tii use shumar kajre? 

4 Insan to butlan kl manind hai : 
aur us kl zindagi ek guzarte hue 
saya kl manind. 

5 Ai Khudawand, apne asmanon 
ko jhuka, aur utar a : paharon ko 
chhii, to un se dhuwan uthega. "" 

6 Bijll gira, aur unhen tittar bittar 
kar : apne tir chala, aur unhen 
ghabra de. 

7 Upar se apne hath phaila : aur 
mujhe rihai de, mujhe bahut panlon 
se aur ajnabi aulad ke hath se chhura 

8 Jin ke munh se wahl baten ni- 
kaltl hain : aur un ka dahna hath 
jhuth ka dahna hath hai. 

9 Ai Khuda, main tere liye ek 
nay a git gaiinga : main das tar ki 
bin bajake terl sana-khwani karunga. 

10 Tu hi hai, jo sliahon ko najat 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 




bakhflhtft hai : aiir apne bande Daiid 
ko'bnri te^ se baoh&ta haL 

11 Mnjhkoajnablaul&dkeh&thon 
80 ohhura le, anr rihal bakhsh : 
jin ke munh se wabi kalam nikalt& 
hai, aur jin ka dahna bath jbuth ka 
dabna bath bai ; 

12 T& ki bamare bete apnl jawani 
men paudbonkl manind : aur bam&rl 
betlan zawiya ki gburlon kl manind 
bon, JO maball ke andsza se kbnsb- 
tar&sb bon ; 

13 Ta ki bamare makbzan mala- 
mfil bon, jin men se isx qism kl 
cbiz muyassar bo : aur bamarl bberen 
baz&ron lakbon bamarl gallon men 
janen ; 

14 Aur bamare bail mote taze bon, 
aur ki tut parne kl naubat na bo : 
aur na nikal jane kl, aur ki bamare 
bazaron men kisi tarab kl nalisb na 

15 Mubarak bai wub gurob, jis ka 
yib bai bo : mubarak bai wub gurob, 
jis k& ]Blbuda Kbudawand bai. 


A I KHUDA, mere badsbab, main 
terl baral karunga : aur main 
abad ul abadtere N&m ko mubarak 

2 SSdn bar roz Tujbe mubarak 
kabiinga'': aur main abad ul abad 
tere Kam kl sita^sb kariinga. 

3 Kbudawand buzurg bai, aur 
wub nibayat sita,isb ke la,iq bai : 
aur us kl buzurgi tabqiq kame se 
babar bai. 

4 Har ek pusbt diisrl pusbt se tere 
kamon kl sita,i8b karegl : aur terl 
qudraton ka bayan karegl. 

5 Main teri janab kl jalll 'izzat 
par : aur~tere 'ajib kamon par, dbyan 

6 Aur log tere bauln&k k§mon kl 
qudrat ka cbarcba karen : main terl 
buzurgi ka bayan kariinga. 

7 Wub tere bare ibsan k& babut 
8& zikr karenge : aur terl sadaqat ke 
git gMnge." 

8 Kbudawand mibrban aur rabim 
bai : guaaA kame men dlilma, aur 
sbafaqat men barbkar bai. 

9 Kbud&wand sab ke liye bbala 
bai : aur us kl rabmaten us kl sari 
san'aton par bain. 

10 aI Kbud&wand, terl sfirl dast- 
karlan ten sana-kbw&nl karti bain : 
aur tere muqaddas log Tujb^ muba- 
rak-bad kabte. 

11 Wub ten saltanat ke jalal ka 
bayan karte : aur ten qudrat ka 
cbarcba karte ; 

12 Ta ki adml-zadon par us kr 
qudraten : aur us ki saltanat ki jalil 
sbaukaten zabir karen. 

13 Terl saltanat abadi saltanat 
bai : aur ten bukiimat pusbt dar 
pusbt qa,im rabtl. 

14 Kbudawand un sab ko, jo girte 
bain, tbamta bai : aur un sab ko, jo 
nibur ga,e bain, utba kbara karta 

15 Sab kl ankben Tujh par lagi 
bain : Tii unben waqt par un kl rozl 
deta bai. 

16 Tii apnl muttbl kbolta bai : 
aur bar ek jandar ka pet bbarta 

17 Kbudawand, apnl san rabon 
men sadiq bai : aur apne sab kamon 
men rabim bai. 

18 Kbudawand un sab se, jo us ko 
pukarte bain, nazdik bai : un sab se, 
jo sacbai se us ko pukarte bain. 

19 Wub logon kl murad, jo us 
se darte bain, piin karega : wubi 
un ki faryad sunega, aur unben 

20 Kbudawand un sab kl, jo us se 
mababbat rakbte bain, bifazat karta 
bai : lekin sare kbabison ko nabiid 

21 Mera munb Kbudawand ki si- 
ta,isb ka mazmun kabega : ban, bar 
ek basbar abad ul abad us ke mu- 
qaddas Nam ko mubarak kaba kare. 

MazmOb CXLVI. 

A I men jan, Kbudawand kl si- 
ta,isb kar; main jab tak jita 
rabiinga, Kbudawand kl sita,isb 
kariinga : main jab tak maujiid bim, 
Kbudawand kisana-kbwani kariinga. 
2 Amiron par, adml-zade par7ta- 
wakkul na'^karo : ki us men najat 
dene kl taqat nab&. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


3 Us k& dam nikal j&t& hai, wnh 
apnl mittl men phir jat& hai : usl 
din us ke mansube fan& ho jate bain. 

4 Mubarak bai wub, jis kl kumak 
Ya'qub ka Kbud& bai : aur jis ka 
tawakkiil Ebud&wand us ke Kbud& 
par bai ; 

5 Jis ne &sm&n ban£ly&, aur zamln, 
aur darya, aur sab jo kucbb ki un 
men bai : jo bamesba apnl sacbfil ko 
barqar&r rakbta bai ; 

6 Jo mazlumon kft insftf kart& 
bai : aur bbukbon ko roti det& bai. 

7 Kbud&wand~asiron ko cbburata 
bai : Kbud&wand andbon kl finkben 
kbol deta baL 

8 Kbudawand unben, jo nibur 
ga,e bain, sldbft kbara kartft bai : 
Kbudawand sadiqon ko 'aziz rakbt& 

9 Kbudawand pardeslon k& ni- 
gabban bai; wub yattmonaur bewon 
ko sambbalta bai : lekin^sbarlron kl 
rab ko iincba nIob& kart& bai. 

10 Kbudawand abad tak saltanat 
kareg& : ban, terft Kbudfi, ai Saibun, 
pusbt dar pnsbt. 


KHUDAW AND ki sita,isb karo ; 
ki bam&re KbudakI sana-kb wa- 
' nl kam& bbala bai : is liye ki 
wub dil-'azlz bai; sita^isb kama 
sbayasta bai. 

2 Kbudawand Yarusbalem ko ta'- 
mir karta bai : wub Israeli biobbure 
buon ko jama' karta bai. 

d'Wub sbikasta-dilon k& 'ilsj kartft 
bai : wub nnke zakbmon ko bandb- 
ta bai. 

4 Wub sit&ron k& sbum&r karta 
bai : aur unk& jiid& judft nam rakbta 

5 Ham&r& Kbud&wand buzurg bai, 
aur bars qadir bai : us ka fabm bay&n 
se babar bai. 

6 Kbudawand ballmon ko sam- 
bbalta bai : par sbartton ko zamln 
par patak deta bai.. 

7 Jawab men apnl barl par tum 
Iglbudawand kTsbukrguzarl ke git 


Boz 30. 

gao : barbat bajake bamare Kbuda 
kl sita,isb karo : 

8 Jo asman par badllon ka parda 
dalta bai, jo zamln ke liye menb 
taiyar karta bai : jo pabaron par 
gbas ugata bai ; 

9 Jo bablmon ko rozl deta bai : 
aur kauwon ke bacbebon ko bbl, jo 
cbillate bain. 

10 Us ko gbore ke zor se kbusbi 
nabin : aur mard kl pindllon se raza 

11 Kbudawand ko un se, jo us se 
darte-bain : aur un se, jo us kl rab- 
mat ke ummedwar bain, raza bai. 

12 Ai Yarusbalem Kbudawand kl 
sita,isb kar : ai Saibun, apne Kbuda 
kl 6ita,isb kar. 

13 Kyunki us ne tere darwazon 
ke bendon ko mazbuti bakbsbl : aur 
tujb men tere bacbebon ko barakat 

14 Wub terl atraf men amn bakbsb- 
ta : aur tujbe sutbre se sutbre gebiin 
se asiida karta. 

15 Wub apna bukm zamln par 
bbejta bai : us ka kalam nibayat 
tezrau bai. 

16 Wub barf un kl manind deta 
bai : wub pala rakb kl manind bik- 
berta bai. 

17 Wub apne yakb ko Inqmon kl 
manind pbenk deta bai : us ki tband 
kl bardasbt kaun kar sakta bai ? 

18 Wub apna bukm bbejta bai, 
aur unben gala deta bai : wub apnl 
bawa cbalata bai, aur pam bab jate 

19 Wub apna kalam Ya'qiib par : 
aur apne buqiiq aur apnl 'adalaten 
Israel par, zabir karta bai. 

20 Us ne kisi qaum se aisa suluk 
nabln kiya : aur na wub us kl 'ada- 
laton se agah bo ga,In. 


A" SMANON par se Kbudawand kl 
sitajislTkaro : bulandlon par se 
us kl sita,isb karo. 

2 Ai us ke sab firisbto, us kl sita,- 
isb karo : ai us ke sab lasbkaro^ ub 
kl Bita,isb karo. 

8 Ai suraj, aur ai oband,^us kl 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Roz 30. 



sita,iBh karo : ai rosban sit&ro, turn 
sab us kl 8it&,isb karo. 

4 Ai fism&non ke asmftno : aur ai 
p&nio, jo &smanon ke upar bo, us kl 
Bit&,isb karo. 

5 Wub Ebudawand ke Nam kl 
sitftyisb karen : ki us ne bukm diya : 
aur wub maujud bo ga,e. 

6 lis ne un ko abadi pa,ed&rl bakb- 
sbl : us ne un ki taqdir muqarrar kl, 
jo tal nabin sakti. 

7 Ai tinnino, aur ai gabrftpo : 
zamlD par se Kbudawand kl sita,isb 

8 Ag aur ole, barf aur bukbar : 
aur zor kl andbi, jo us ke bukm ko 
baja Ifite bain ; 

9 Pabar aur s&re tile : mewad&r 
darakbt aur sare deodar ; 

10 Jangli janwar, aur sare mawa- 
sbl : aur kire makore, aur parinde ; 

11 Sbab&n i zamln, aur sari um- 
maten : umara aur zamln ke sab 
'adalat-kamew&le ; 

12 Jaw&n o kunwarl&n bbl, aur 
b&rhe, baobobon samet ; wub Kbuda- 
wand ke Nam kl sita,isb karen : ki us 
k&N&m akela'all-sban bai,usl ka jalal 
zamln aur ftsman ke upar pbailS. bai. 

13 Wubl apne logon ke sing ko 
buland kartS bai : yibi us ke pak 
logon kl, bani Israel kl, us qaum kl 
jo us se nazdik hai, sbaukat bai. 


EHUD A WAND ka ek nayft git 
gao : aur us kl madb pak logon 
' kl jama'at men. 
2 Israel apne bananewale se sbad- 
m&n bo : banI Saibun apne Badsbab 
\^ sabab khusbl karen. 

3 Wub us ke Nam kl sita^isb karte 
hue nacben : wuh tabla aur bar- 
bat bajate hue us kl sana-kbwani 

4 Kyunki KbudSwand apne logon 
se kbusb hota bai : wub balimon ko ' 
najat kl zinat bakbsbt& bai. 

5 Pak log apnl buzurgwarl par 
fakbr karen : aur apne bistaron par 
pare hue buland awaz se gaya karen. 

6 Kbuda ki sita,isben un kl zaban 
par bon : aur ek do-db&rl talw&r un 
ke hatbon men bo ; 

7 Ta ki gair-ummaton se intiq&m 
len : aur logon ko saza den ; 

8 Ei un ke badsbabon ko zanjiron 
se : aur un ke amiron ko lobe kl 
berlon se jakren ; 

9 Ta ki un par wub fatwa, jo likba 
hu& hai, jftrl karen : ki Us ke pak 
logon kl yihl sbaukat hai. 

MazmCr CL. 

FS ke maqdis men Kbuda kl si- 
ta,isb karo : us kl qudrat kl 
faza par us kl sita,ish karo. 

2 Us kl qudraton ke sabab us kl 
6ita,ish karo : us kl buzurgi kl kasrat 
ke mut&biq us kl sita,isb karo. 

3 Qarnai phunkte hue us ki sita,ish 
karo : bin aur barbat chherte biie us 
kl sita,ish karo. 

4 TabU bajate hue aur nachte hue 
us kl sita,ish karo : tarwale sazon ko 
aur bansllon ko bajate hue us kl 
sitajish karo. 

5 Buland-awaz jbanjb bajake us 
kl sita^ish karo : kbush-awaz jbanjb 
baja bajake us kl sita,ish karo. 

6 Har ek cbiz jo sans letl hai : 
Khudawand kl &ita,ish kare. 

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( 240 ) 








JITNE log maqaddas Kitab anr qadim Musannifoo ki kitabe^ ganr le parhte hain, un 
par zahir hai ki BasuloQ ke aiyam se lekar Masih kl Ealisiya meo ^jLhadiman i dm 
ke yih Darje barabar chale ae halQ, ya*ni Bisbap, Fiist, aor Dikan. Anr yih 'Uhde 
hamesha aisi 'izzat anr bnrmat ke laiq samjbe jate tbe, ki koi sbakbs nn 'ubdoti meo se 
kisi ke faraiz ada kame ki jur'at na kar sakta tba, magrar jab wuh pable bulaya aur 
azmaya gaya bo, anr us ka imtiban liya gaya bo, anr ns msQ aisi slfaten ma'lum bo gal 
boo jo ns 'nbde ke liye zaruri baio ; aur mz jab 'alaniya Namaz aur Hath rakbne ke 
'wasile ee wuh sbara'i IJkhtiyarwaloQ se us 'uhde par muqarrar kiya gaya ho. Pas is 
waste ki yih Daije luglistan ki Ealisiya moQ jari rahec, aur un ki 'izzat anr bnrmat hot! 
rahe, yih manzur hua ki Ealisija mazkura meo koI adml shara' ke mutabiq Biahap ya 
Frist y^ pikan na gina jae, na in daijoQ m&u se kisi ke Faraiz ada kame pae, magar jab 
wuh zaUL kl tartib ke mnwafiq bnlaya anr azmaya gaya ho, aur us ka imiihan liya gaya 
ho, aur wuh us darje men da^hil kiya gaya bo, ya kisi Bisbap ke bath se mnqaddas ya 
maqarrar bo chnka ho. 

Aur kisi ko pikan ke 'uhde par muqarrar kama jaiz nahio, jis ki 'umr 23 baras ki oa 
hogai ho, magar jab us ko Bisbap ki taraf se Ijazatnama mila bo. Aur jo koi Pris^ ke 
'uhde par muqarrar ho, zarur hai ki wuh pure 2i baras ka ho chu^ ho. JLur jo koi Bisbap 
ke 'uhde par muqarrar ya mnqaddas kiya jae, zarur hai ki ns ki 'umr pure 30 baras 
kl ho. 

Phir jab Bisbap ne ya to ap, ya mn'atabar gaw&hi se, ma'lum kar liya bo ki ummed war 
nekchalan anr bejurm sha^hs hai, aur imiihan lane aur azmaish kame ke ba'd jan liya ho, 
ki wuh Latin! zaban meu maharat, aur mnqaddas Kitab ki kafi samajh rakhta hai, to 
Qanun moQ jo anqat mnqarrari haio nn meo, ya zarurat ke sabab aur kisi Itwar ya 
Mnqaddas din ko, zail ki tartib ke mnwafiq us ko ]|J)|l(an ^^ 4^Je meo dakhil kar^^ 

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( 241 ) 


f Jab wub din pahuaohe, jo Bishap ne mnqarrar kiya ho, to Subh ki Namaz ke 
ba'd, ek aisa Wa'z ya Nasihat ki jae, jis moQ Dikan honewaloo ke Faraiz aor 
'Uhde ka baySn kiya jae ; aur is ka bayan ho, )d Masih ki Ealisiya meQ wuh 
Darja kaisa zaruri hai, aur ahl i jama'at ko'Uhde ke lihaz se DikanoQki kaiai qadr 
karni cbahiye. 

f Tab Bishap un 8hdkh$on ke liye, jo 
muqarrar none ke qabil thahren, 
Jama'at se Dn'a ki darlkhwast karke, 
un lE^hadiman i din aur jama'at ke 
logon samet, jo hazir hoQ, Litaniya 
ko, ma' un Du'aoQ ke jo zail meo 
halo, parhe. 

Litaniya aur dUtri darkkwasten. 

A I Khudft Bftp, tii jo asman men 
hai : ham '&jiz gunahgaron par 
rahm kar. 

Ai Khudd Bap, tu jo dsman men 
hai : ham 'djiz gunahgaron par rahm 

Ai Khudft Bete, jahSn ke Fidiya 
denewale : ham 'ajiz gunahgaron par 
rahm kar. 

Ai Khudd Bete, jahdn Ice Fidiya 
denewale : ham 'djiz gunahgaron par 
rahm kar, 

Ai Khuda Biihul-Quds, Tii jo Bap 
aur Bete se sadir hai : ham 'ajiz 
gunahgaron par rahm kar. 

Ai Khudd Buhul-Qudsy TU jo Bap 
aur Bete se sddir hai : ham 'djiz gunah- 
garon par rahm kar. 

Ai quddus, mubarak, aur jalil 
Saliis, tin Aqanim, ek Khuda : ham 
'ajiz gunahgaron par rahm kar.. 

Ai quddus, mubdrak, aur jalil Sdlus, 
{in Aqdnim, ek Khudd : ham 'djiz 
gunahgdron par rahm kar, 

Ai Khudawand, hamari taqsiron 
ko yad na kar, aur na hamare 
bapdadon kl taqsiron ko : aur hamare 
^nnahon ka badla na de; ai karim 
Khudawand, hamen chhor de, apne 
logon ko jin ka fidiya ih. ne apne 
beshqimat khiin se diya, chhor de, 
aur abad tak ham se naraz na rah. 

Ai karim Khudawand, hamen chhor 

f Fahle, jab Bishap pak Mez ke pas 
apni kursi par baitha ho, aur Dikan 
honewale ashJkhas shaista libas pohne 
hue hoo, to Arch^ikan, ya us ka 
Naib, in ko us ke rlibara yih kahte 
hae pesh kare, ki : 

A I mu'azzaz dinl bap, main in 
shakhson ko ap ke rubarii 
pesh karta hiin, taki wuh Dlkan ke 
'uhde par mu'aiyan kiyejden. 


KHABAKDAR, kijin shdkhson ko 
tum hamare riibaru pesh karte 
ho, wuh 'ilm aur khudaparasti 
ke chalan ke sabab is laiq aur qabil 
hon, ki apni Khidmat ko aise wajib 
taur par baja Iden^ ki Khuda kl 
'izzat aur us ki Kalisiya ki taraqql 

Y Arcbdikan jawab de: 

MAIN ne un ki nisbat tahqiqat ki, 
aur un ka imtihan bhi liya 
hai, aur merl danist me& wuh aise 
hi hain, 

f Fhir Bisbap jama'at se kahe : 

A I bhaiyo, agar tum men se kol 
ho, jo in shakhson men se, jo 
Dikan ke 'uhde par muqarrar hone 
ke liye pesh kiye gae hain, kisi kl 
nisbat kol Muzahimat ki wajh ya 
mashhiir Jurm janta ho, jis ke sabab 
munasib na ho ki wuh is 'Uhde par 
muqarrar kiya jae, to ab wuh Khuda 
ke Nam par samne ae, aur us Jurm 
ya Muzahimat ko zahir kare. 

f Aur agar kisi ke baqq moQ koi bhari 
Jurm ya wajh i Muzahimat pesh ki 
jae, to Bishap us Bba]y:ba ko us waqt 
tak, ki wuh us Jurm se bari na thahre, 
muqarrar karne se baz rahe. ' 
XJB. P«. 

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Har taraH kl bural aur fifat se; 
gunah se, Iblis ke hllon aur hamlon 
se : apne g'azab se,aarabadl'azab8ey 

Ai harim Khuda/wand^ hamen hacha. 

Dil ke sare andbepan se; gurur, 
shekhl, aur riy&karl se ; basad, 
dusbmanl, aur kfne aijir bar tarab kl 
be-muruwwati se, 

Ai hanm Khudawand, hamen hachd, 

Haramkari, aur baqi sab mublik 
gunabon se ; dunya, jism, aur Sbaitan 
ke tam&m farebo^ se, 

Ai kanm Khuddwand, hamen hacha. 

Bijli aur tiifan se ; waba, mari, 
aur kal se ; larai aur kbtin, aur naga- 
bfinl maut se, * 

Ai harlm Khuddwand, hamen hacha. 

Tamam fas&d, s&zisb, o bagawat 
se ; tam&m jbutbl ta'llm, bid'at, aur 
tafriqe se; dil kl sakbtf, aur apne 
Ealam aur Hukm kl iabqir se, 

Ai harim EJiuddwand, hamen Ixichd. 

Apne pak Tajassum ke raz ke 
waste ; apnl pfik Faidaisb aur Ebatne 
ke waste ; apne Baptisma, Faqe aur 
Azmfiisb ke wslste, 

Ai harm l^uddioand, hamen hacha. 

Apnl sakbt ParesbanI aurkbunke 
Pasine ke wfiste ; apnl Sallb aur Azi- 
yat ke waste ; apnl bebaba Maut aur 
Dafn bone ke waste ; apnl pur jal&l 
Qiyamat aur Su'ud ke w&ste aur 
Bubul-Quds ke ane ke waste, 

Ai kanm Khuddwand, hamen hachd. 

Hamare bar ek dukb ke waqt; 
bamare bar ek sukb ke waqt ; marte 
dam, aur 'adalat ke din, 

Ai harim Khuddwand, hamen hachd. 

Ai Kbudawand Kbuda, bam gu- 
nabgar terl minnat karte baig ki Tu 
bamarl sun ; aur karm karke rab i 
Tast par apni pak Kallsiya i jami' 
kl bidayat farma; 

Ai harim Khuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Karm karke apne Bande bamare 
mibrbanBadsbab aur Hakim Edward 
Qaisar i Hind kl bifazat kar aur 
use taqat bakbsb ki wub terl sacbcbl 
parastisb kiya kare aur rasti o paki> 
zagi Be zindagi guzare ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdri gun. 

Karm karke us ke dil ko apne 
ImSn, kbauf o mababbat ke tabi* 
rakb; aur aisa kar ki wub bamesha 

tujb par tawakkul rakkbe, aur bar 
dam ten 'izzat o jalal ka talib 

Ai harim ^uddwand, hamdri sun. 

Karm karke us ka bami o bafiz 
rab, aur us ke sab dusbmanoQ par 
use fatb bakbsb ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdri mtn. 

Karm karke bamari mibrban Ma- 
lika Alexandra, Jd.rj, Sbahz&da e 
Welz, Sbabzq^I e Welz, aur tamam 
Badsbahl Kbandan ko, barakat 
bakbsb aur sal&mat rakb ; 

At karim Khuddwand, hamdri sum. 

Karm karke sare Bisbapon, Pris- 
ton aur Dlkanon ko apne Kalam ke 
sabib 'ihn aur samajb se munawwar 
kar ; aur ais& kar H wub us ko apnl 
nasIbatoQ meg pesb karen, aur cb&l 
obalan se bbl z&bir karen ; 

Ai karim J^uddwand, hamdri 9un. 

Karm karke apne in handon ko 
barakat de, jo ab Dikan [ya Prist] 
ka Darja pdneujdle bain, aur un par 
apna fazl barsa ; taki wub apne 'Ubde 
kl kbidmat ko aise laiq taur par 
baja Iden, ki terl Kalisiya kl taraqqt 
aur tere pak Nam ka jalal zabir bo ; 

Ai karim jpmddwand, hamdri eun. 

Karm karke Kaunsil ke Waziroa 
aur sab 'Umara-i-mulk ko fazl, 
d&nal aur samajb se ma'miir kar; 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Karm karke is mnlk ke Waisrae, 
'Gravamaron, aur Jajon H bifazat 
kar, aur apnl nek maslabat se un ki 
rabnumal farma ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Karm karke sab Hakimo^ ko 
barakat de aur mabfuz rakb, aur 
unbe& taufiq bakbsb ki wub insal: 
kareg, aur baqq ko qaim rakkben ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Karm karke apne sare logoa ko 
barakat de, aur mabfuz rakb ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand^ hamdri sun. 

Karm karke sab qaumoa men itti- 
bad, sulb aur muwafiqat paida 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdti sun. 

Karm karke bamen aisa dil de, 
jo ten mababbat aur kbauf rakkbe, 
aur tere bukmoQ ko sbauq se baja 
laya kare ; 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Ai hartm Khuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Earm karke apne s&re logon ko 
ziyada tauftq bakheh, ki wnh tore 
Kalam ko 'ajizi se sunen, aur kbalis 
nlyat se us ko qabul karen, aur Buh 
ke phal l&en; 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdri sun, 

Karm karke jitne gumrah hue, 
aur jinhon ne fareb khaya sab ko 
rah-i-haqq par la ; 

Ai karlm Khuddwandy hamdri sun. 

Karm karke jo q&im bain unben 
quwwatbakbsh; za'lfdilonkotasalS 
de aur un ki madad kar ; gire buog 
ko utbake kbara kar; aur akbir-i- 
kar SbaitSn ko* bamare panwon se 
kucbalw& de ; 

Ai hartm Khuddwand^ hamdri sun. 

Karm karke jo kbatre men hsAn 
un kl kumak kar; bfijatmandost kl 
madad kar; aur muslbatzadon ko 
tasalll de ; 

Ai hartm KJiuddtoandy hamdri sun. 

Karm karke kbusbkl aur tari ke 
sab musafiros, sab bamila 'auratofi, 
sab bimaron, aur nanbe bacbcbon 
kl bifazat kar; aur tam&m qaidlog 
aur asiron par apnl rabmat bbej ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand^ hamdri sun, 

Karm karke yatlmon, bewaoa, 
aur sab bekasoQ aur mazlumoa kl 
bimayat aur kbabargfrl kar ; 

Ai karim JSJiuddwandj hamdri sun, 

Karm karke kuU bani Adam par 

Ai karim Khuddwand^ hamdri srni. 

Karm karke bamare dusbmanon, 
satanewalog, aur tubmat lagane- 
walon ko mu'af kar aur un ke dilog 
ko pber de ; 

Ai karim EJiuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Karm karke zamin kl fasll paid&- 
war bamea de aur us kl bifftzat kar, 
ki waqt par bamare kam ae ; 

Ai karim Khuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Karm karke bame& sacbcbl tauba 
ki tauf^ de; bamare sare gunab, 
gaflaten, aur nadaniag mu'&f kar; 
aur apne Bubul-Quds ke fazl se 
bamen ma'mur kar, ki apna cbal 
cbalan tere p&k Kalam ke muwafiq 
sudbarea ; 

Ai karim JSJiuddwand, hamdri sun. 

Ai Kbuda ke Bete, bamfirl sun. 

Ai Khudd ke Bete, hamdri sun. 
Ai Kbuda ke Barre : Tu jo jabftn 
ke gunab utba le jata bai ; 
Apnd itmindn hamen hahhsh. 
Ai Kbuda ke Barre : Tu jo jabSn 
ke gun&h utba le jata bai ; 
Ham par rahm kar. 
Ai Masib, bam&ri sun. 

Ai Masih, hamdri sun. 
Kbud&wand, bam par rabm kar. 

Khuddwandj ham par rahm kar. 
Masib, bam par rabm kar, 

Masih, ham par rahm kar. 
Kbudawand, bam par rabm kar. 

Eliuddwand, ham par rahm kar. 

f Is ke ba'd Pris^ jama'at saxnet Dal 
i'Babbfijii parhe. 

A I bamare B&p, Tu jo &sm6n men 
bai, Tera N&m pak mana j&e. 
Teri badsb&bi ae. Terl marzi jaisi 
asman par purl boti bai, zamin par : 
bbi bo. Ham&ri roz ki roti ftj 
hamea de. Aur bamare qusuroQ ko 
mu'gf kar, Ki ham bbl apne qusur- 
waroB ko mu'af karte baia. Aur 
bamea azmaish mea na parne de, 
Balki bural se bachS. Amin* 

Prist. Ai Kbudawand, bam&ro 
gunahoa ke mutabiq bam se suluk 
na kar. 

Jawah. Na bam&rl badlOQ ke 
muwafiq bameQ badla de. 

Ham du'& m&age&. 

A I Kbuda, rabim Bap, tu shikasta- 
diloQ ki ah aur gamzadoQ ki 
arzu ko baqlr nahig j&nta; Jab 
kabbi bam kisi dukh ya musibat se 
tang bokar tere huzur du'a mangea, 
rahm se bamare nazdik rah aur fazl 
karke hamarl sun ; taki jo buri tad- 
birezx Sbait&n ya insfin apne makr 
o fareb se bamare khil&f karte bon 
bigar jaen, aur tere husn i intizam 
se tut jaen ; aisA ki ham tere bande, 
kisi tarah ke zulm se nuqs&n na utb&- 
kar, teri pak KalisiyS men bamesha 
tera shukr karte rahen; bamare 
Kbudawand Yisu' Masib ke wasile se. 
Ai Khuddwand, uth, hamdri madad 
kar, aur apne Ndm ke wdste ham&n 

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A I Khuda, ham ne apne kanoa se 
suna, aur hamare bapd&don ne 
ham 86 bay&n kiy& hai, ki nn ke 
dinofi aur un se peshtar qadim 
zamane men tu ne ky& hi bare bare 
kam kiye the. 

Ai Khudawand, uth, hamdri madad 
havj aur apni Hzzat Tee waste hamen 

Jalal Bap, anr Bete : aur Euhul 
Quds k& ho ; 

Jawab. Jaisa ibtidfi meg thfi, is 
waqt hai : aur abad tak rahega. 


Ai Maslh, hamen dushmanon se 
pan&h de. 

Hamdri mwUbaton par mihr Jcl nazar 

Taras khake hamare dil ke gamon 
par nigah kar. 

Bahm karhe apne logon ke gundh 

Karm ke s&th hamarl du'aoQ par 
tawajjuh farma. 

Ai Ibn i Ddud, ham par rahm kar. 

Ai Masih, ab aur hamesha mihr- 
bSnl karke hamarl sun. 

Ai Marnkf mihr ae hamdri sun; ai 
Khuddwand Maaih, mihr se Juimdri sun. 

Prist. Ai Khudawand, terl rah- 
mat ham par nazil ho ; 

Jawab. Kyunki ham&r& bharosa 
tnjh hi par hai. 

Ham du'fi m&ngea« 

A I Bap, ham khsksarl se terl 
minnat karte hain, ki tu ha- 
marl kamzorion par rahm kl nazar 
kar ; aur jin afatog ke ham 'adl kl 
rah se bahut hi sazaw&r hue hain, 
unhoQ apne Nam ke jalal ke wfiste 
ham se tal de ; aur yih 'inayat kar, 
ki ham apne sab dukhon me& apna 
sara asra aur bharosS terl hi rahmat 
par rakkhen,aur hamesha chal chalan 
kl paklzagi aur safal se terl khidmat 
karen, taki terl 'izzat o jalal zahir 
ho; hamare ek hi DarmiyanI aur 
Shaft', Khud^awand Yisu' Maslh ke 
waslle se. Amtn. 

IT Tab Sbarakat kl Namaz, zail ki 
Kalik(, Elhatt, aur IdjiI samet, gai 
}.a parhi jae. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, tu ne 
apnl n&hl Peshblnl se apnl 
Eallsiyft men Kh&diman i din ke 
mukhtalif Darje muqarrar kiyo 
haifi; aur apne Hasulofi ko ilhani 
se sikhaya tha, ki wuh pahle Shahid 
Muqaddas Stifanus aur aur shakhson 
ko chunkar DlkanoQ ke Darje par 
mu'aiyan karen ; Apne in bandon 
ko, jo ab usi 'Uhde aur Khidmat par 
bnlae gae hain, rahm ki nazar kar ; 
aur unhen apne Din ke haqiql 'ilm 
se ais& malamal kar, aur chal chalan 
kl be'aibi se aisi zinat bakhsh, ki 
wuh kalfim aur nek namune donon 
se is 'Uhde mea ten khidmat Iman- 
dfirl ke s&th karen^ taki tere Nam ka 
jal&l aur terl ]^allsiya kl taraqql ho ; 
ham&re Munji Yisu' Maslh ke sawab 
kl badaulat yih bakhsh, jo tere aur 
Buhul-Quds ke s&th ab aur hamesha 
jita aur saltanat kart& hai. Amtn. 

?HATT. 1 Tlimithiyus iii 8. 

ISl tarah kh&dimon ko bhl sanjida 
bona oh&hiye; dozaban, aur 
sharabi, aur najaiz nafa' ke lalchi 
na hon; aur Iman ke bhed ko pak 
dil men hifazat se rakkhen. Aur 
yih bbi pahle azmae jaen, is ke ba*d 
agar beilzam thahren, to khidmat 
k& k&m karen. Isl tarah 'auraton 
ko bhl sanjida bona chahiye, tuhmat 
laganewall na hon, balki parhezgar 
aur s&rl baton men Imandar hon. 
Khadim ek ek biwl ke shauhar hon, 
aur apne apne bachchon aur gharon 
ka bakhubl bandobast karte hon ; 
kyunki jo khidmat ka kam bakbubl 
anjam dete hain, wuh apne liye 
achchha martaba, aur us Iman meQ 
jo Maslh Yisu* par hai, barl dilerl 
hasil karte hain. 

Y Ya yib, jo BasuloQ ke A'mal ke 
obba'te bab ee liya gaj*. 

A'mdl vi. 2. 

AUR un barah ne shagirdon kl 
jama'at ko apne pas bulakar 
kaha; Munasib nahlQ ki ham 
Khuda ke kalam ko chhorkar kbane 
pine ka intizam karen. Pas, ai 
bhaiyo, apne men se sat neknam 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



shaklison ko chun lo, jo Ruh anr 
danal se bhare hue hon, ki ham tin 
ko is kam par muqarrar karen. 
Lekin ham to du'a men aur kalam 
kl khidmat men mashgul rahenge. 
Yih bat sari jama'at ko pasand al. 
Pas unhon ne Stifanus nam ek 
shakhs ko, jo Tman aur Ruhu'l Quds 
se bhara hua tha, aur Filippus, aur 
Prukhurus,aur Nikanor, aur Timon, 
aur Farminas, aur Nikulaus AntakI 
ko, jo naumurid Yahudi hua tha, 
chun liya; aur inhen rasulon ke 
age khara kiya; unhon ne du*a 
mangkar in par hath rakkhe. Aur 
Khuda ka kalam phailta raha ; aur 
Yarushalem men shagirdon ka ehu- 
mar bahut hi barhta gaya, aur 
kahinon ka bara g'uroh is din ke 
taht men ho gaya. 
f InjU ke parhne se pahle, Bisliap, 
apni knni par bait^ft hua. har mu- 
. qarrar honewale ae jama'at ke rubaiu 
sail ke eawalat kare. 


KYA tum ko bharosa hai, ki turn- 
hare dil men Ruhul-Quds ne 
yih tahrlk kl haifki tum is 'Uhdei 
aur Khidmat ko ikhtiyar karo, taki 
Khud& ke jalal ke zuhur aur us ki 
ummat kl taraqqi ke liye us kl khid- 
mat baja lao ? 

Jawdb. Han, mujhe bharosa hai. 


EYA tum samajhte ho ki tum 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' 
Maslh kl marzi aur is Mamlukat ke 
ain ke mu wafiq Kallsiya kl Khidmat 
kame ko sachmuoh bulae gaye ho? 

Jawdh. Han, main ais& hi sam- 
ajhta huD. 


KYA tum Purane aur Nae 'Ahdna- 
mon ke tamam Musallam Na- 
wishton par beriya Iman rakhte ho ? 
Jawdb, Han, main un par Iman 
rakhta hun. 


J IS Girjft men tum khidmat ke 
liye muqarrar hoge, us men kya 
tum jama'at ko wuh nawishte ko- 
shish se parhkar sunaya karoge ? 
Jawab. Han, main aisa hi karunga. 


DIKAN ke 'Uhde ke faraiz yih 
hain, ki jis Girja men wuh khid- 
mat ke liye muqarrar ho, us men 
*Ibadat ke waqt Prist kl mad ad kare, 
aur khususan jab wuh Sbarakat kl 
khidmat ada kare, to is ke bantne men 
us kl madad kare. Phir yih, ki girja 
mefi muqaddas Kitab aur Homiliyaa 
sunaya kare; aur larke larklon ko 
Katikizam kl ta'llm diya kare ; aur 
Prist kl gairhazirl mea bachchoa ko 
baptisma de, aur agar wa'z kahne kl 
ijazat tu9 ko Bishap kl taraf se mile, 
to wa'z kahe. Is ke 'alawa us par 
yih bhi farz hai, ki jahan jama'at ke 
marizoB, garlbeg, aur natawanoa kl 
madad ka bandobast ho, wahaa un 
ko dhiindh dhundkar un kfe hai, nam, 
aur makan Gallaban ko batae, taki 
us kl targib ke waslle Ahl i jama'at 
ya auron kl khairat se un kl zarfi'- 
rates rafa' ho jaen. Pas kya tum 
yih sab kam khushi o razamandl se 
karoge ? 

Jawdh. Haa, Khuda kl madad se 
maia aisa hi kariiag&* 


KYA tum apna apnd chal chalan, 
aur apne apne khandan ka chal 
chalan, Maslh kl Ta'llm ke muwafiq 
durust karne kl kamal koshish 
karoge, aur hatt al maqdiir apne ap 
ko aur un ko bhi Maslk ke galle ke 
liye muM namune banaoge ? 

Jawdb. Haa> Khudawand merl 
madad kare, to maia aisa hi ka- 


KYA turn apne Hakim i shara', 
aur Kallsiya ke aur a'la Khadi- 
man i din kl, aur un kl bhi, jin ke 
ikhtiyar aur hukm mea turn hoge, 
adab ke*8Sth farmanbardarl karoge, 
aur dil kl khushi aur razamandl se 
un kl Maslhl hidayaton kl pairawl 
karoge ? 

Jawdb. Haa^ Khudawand merl 
madad kare, to mina aisi hi koshish 
karuaga. ^ i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



^ Tab muqarrar honewaloo men se bar 
ek Bishap ke saimne adab se gbutne 
teke, aur wub yih kab kabkar bar ek 
ke sir par apne Hatb rakkbe : 

Ttj yih Ikhtiyar le, ki Khuda kl 
Kallsiya mes Dikan ke 'Dhde 
kr, jo ab tere supurd kiya jata hai, 
khidmat ada kare; Bap, aur JBete, 
aur Euhul-Quds ke Nam se. Amin. 

^ Phir Bisbap bar ek ko 'Abd-nama i 
Jadid kl ek jild yih kabkar de : 

mtS yih Ikhtiyar le, ki Khuda kl 
X Kallsiya men Injil ko parbe, 
aur agar Bishap khud tujh ko us 
men se wa'z kahne kl 'ijazat de to 
wa'z bhi kahe. 

f Tab nn men Be ek, jise Bisbap bukm 
de, yib Injil parbe. 

Luqa xii. 35. 

TUMHAEI kamaren bandhi rah- 
en, aur tumhare chirag jalte 
rahes; aur turn un admlon kl manind 
raho, jo apne malik kl rah dekhte 
hon, ki wuh shadl men ee kab 
lautega ; taki jab wuh akar darwaza 
khatkhatae, to fauran us ke waste 
khol dea. Mubarak hain wuh 
naukar, jin ka malik akar unhen 
jagta pae : main turn se sach kahta 
hiin, ki wuh kamar baadhkar unhen 
khana khane ko bithaega, aur pas 
fikar un ki khidmat karega. Aur agar 
wuh rat ke dusre pahar men, ya tisre 
pahar men akar un ko aise hsl meg 
pae, to wuh n a akar mubarak hain. 

^ Pbir Bisbap Sharakat ki baqi rasm 
ada kare, aur jitne muqarrar hue bon, 
sab girja meo tbahrkar usi roz Bishap 
ke sath Sharakat leQ. 

% Jab Sharakat J^tm bo, to vJfhirl 
Kalikt ke ba'd, barakat ke kalime se 
peshtar hi, zail ki Kklikten paybi 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khudft, sab 
achchhl chlzon ke bakhshne- 
wale, tu ne apne bare lutf se karm 
karke apne in.handon ko qabul kiya, 
anr apnl Kallsiya men Dikan ke 
'Uhde par muqarrar kiya hai; Ai 
Khudawand, ham terl minnat karte 
hain, aisa kar, ki wuh apnl apnl 
khidmatguzSrl men hayadar, firo- 
tan, aur sabitqadam rahen^ aur 
tamam riihani zabite ke tarlqon 
par khushi se chdLen; aur apne 
dilon ko har waqt ilzam se mubarra 
rakhkar, aur tere Bete Maslh men 
har dam mazbut o paedar rahkar, is 
adna 'Uhde men aisaachchha bartao 
haren, ki terl Kallsiya kl a'la Khid- 
matoa par sarfaraz hone ke laiq 
thahren; apne usI Bete hamare 
Munji Yisii' Masib ke waslle se yih 
bakhsh, jis kl ta'zim__aur 'izzat abad 
ul abad hot! rahe. Amm. 

A I Khudawand, apne kamal karm 
o fazl ke sath sab kamoa me^ 
hamara peshwa ho, aur apnl daiml 
madad se hamea age barha; taki 
hamare sab kamon ka shurii*, aur 
qiyam, aur anjam tujhi men ho, aur 
is tarah ham tere pak Nam ka jalal 
zahir karke tere rahm se akhir i 
kar abadi zindagi hasil karen; 
hamare Khudawand Yisu' Masih ke 
waslle se. Amin. 

KHTJDA ka itmlnan, jo sarisamajh 
se bahajr hai, tumhare diloQ 
aur khayaloa ko Khuda aur us ke 
Bete hamare Khudawand Yisii' 
Maslh kl pabchan aur mahabbat 
mea mahfnz rakkhe; anr Qadir i 
mutlaq Khuda, Bap, Bete, aur 
Eiihul-Quds kl barakat tum par ho, 
aur tumhare sath hamesha rahe. 

1 Is waqt Dikan ko yib bataya jae, ki agar ma'qul wajboo se Bisbap ki rae kucbh 
aur na bo, to use sal bba?r Dikan ke 'Uhde par rahnU boga, taki wub Kalisiya ki 
khidmat ke mu]^btalif umur ^eo bosbyar o taiyar bo jae. Aur agar is kbidmatga- 
zari men wuh imandar aur mibnatkash paya jae, to qaniin ke muqairari auqat 
mcQ, ya zarurat ki balat mea kisi aur Itwar ya Moqaddas din ko, us ka Bisbap 
use Kalisiya ko rabaru 'mil ki tartib ke muwafiq Prist ke Darje par muqarrar kare. 

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( 247 ) 


f Jab Bishap ka tbahraya hua din ae, to Sabh ki Namaz ke tamam bono par ek ai8& 
Wa'z ya Nasihat ki jaejis meo Prist bonewaloQ ke Faraizaur 'Ubde ki khidmatou 
ka bayan ho ; aur ylh bbi, ki Masih ki Kalisiya meo wnh Darja kaisa zarurl hai, 
aur ahl i jama'at ko 'Uhde ke lihaz so PristoQ ki kaisi qadr karni chahiye. 

f Fable Bisbap pak Mez ke pas apnl 
kursi par baitbe, aur bar ek Prist 
bonewala sbai&ta libas pabine hue 
bo; aur Arohdikan, ya uski gairha- 
ziri men ns ka Naib, in sab ko yih 
kahte hue Bisbap ke samne pesh 
kare, ki : 

A I mu'azzaz dinl bap, ma,iu ^^ 
shahhson ko ap ke riibaru pesh 
karta hiia, taki wuh Prftt ke 'uhde 
par muqarrar hiyejaen, 


KHA6AEDAE, Idjin ahdkhsan ko. 
turn hamare rnbaru pesh karte 
ho, wuh *ilm aur khudaparasti 
ke chalan ke sabab is l&iq aur qabil 
hon, ki apnl Khidmat ko aise wajib 
taur par baja Iden, ki Khuda kl 
'izzat aur us kl Kal&iya kl taraqql 

Y Arcb^ikan jawab de : 

MAIN ne un kl nisbat tahqiq&t kl, 
aur un ka imtihan bhi liyft 
hai, aur men danist meu wuh aise 
hi hain. 

f Phir Bisbap Jama'at se kabe : 

A I Khuda ke bando, jin shahhson 
ko ham aj, Insha Allah, Prist 
ke pak *Uhde par muqarrar karenge", 
wuh yibi hain ; Kyufiki ham ne un 
ka wajib imtihan liya aur is meg 
kuchh shakk nahin paya, ki wuh is 
'Uhde aur Khidmat ke liye shara' 
ke mutabiq hulae gae hain^ aur niz 
us ke laiq bhi hain. Magar phir 
bhi agar tum men se kol ho, jo in 
shakhson men se kisi kl nisbat kol 
Muzahimat kl wajh ya mashhur 
Jurm janta ho, jis ke sabab munasib 
na ho ki wuh is pak Khidmat par 
muqarrar kiya jae, to ab wuh Khuda 
ke Nam par samne ae, aur us jurm 
ya Muzahimat ko zahir kare. 
^ Aur agar kisi ke haqq meu koi bhari 
Jurm ya wajh i Muzahimat pesh Id 

' jae, to'Bisbap us sbaJhibs ko us waqt 
tak, ki wuh ub Jurm se bari na 
thahre, muqarrar kame se bsiz rahe. 

' Y Tab Bisbap un sba^bsoQ ke liye, jo 
muqarrar hone ke qabil t^abroi}, 
Jama'at se du'a ki darJkbwast karke, 
un !ipiadiman i din aur jama'at ke 
logos samet, jo hazir hoD, Litaniya 
aur baqi Du'aoo ko us tarab gae ya 
parbe, jis tarah Dikanoo ke Taqarrur 
ki Tartib meu tbahr cbuka hai ; ma- 
gar sirf us tartib meo Litaniya ke 
bich jo khass Du'a barbai gai, us meo 
lafz ptkan chhor diya jae, aur lafz 
Pritl us ke 'iwaz'pairha jae. 

IT Tab Sharakat ki Namaz, zail ki 
Kalikt,5batt axu: Injil samet, gal ya 
pa^hi jae. 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, sab 
achchhl chlzon ke bakhshne- 
Vale, Tu ne apne Buhul-Quds ke 
waslle se apnl Kalisiya men mukh- 
jtalif Darjon ke Khadim-i-din mu- 
qarrar kiye hain; Apne in handon 
ipar, jo ab Prist ke 'Uhde ke liye 
bulde gae hain, rahm kl nazar kar; 
aur unhen apne Din ke haqiql 'ilm 
se aisa malamal kar, aur chal chalan 
kl be'aibi se aisi zinat bakhsh, ki 
wuh kalam aur neknamiine donon 
se is 'Uhde men terl khidmat Iman^ 
darl ke sath karen, taki tare Nam 
ka jalal aur terl Kalisiya kl taraqql 
ho; hamare MunjI Tisu' Maslh ke 
sawab kl badaulat yih bakhsh, jo tere 
aur Biihul-Quds ke sath abad ui abad 
jita aur saltanat karta rahega. Amhi, 

?:HATT. Ifisiooiv. 7. 

HAM men se har ek par Maslh kl 
bakhshish ke andaze ke mu- 
wafiq fazl hiia hai. Isl waste wuh 
kahta haiy ki Jab wuh 'alam i bala 
par charha, to qaidlon ko sath le 
gaya, Aur admlon ko in'am diye. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



(Us ke charbne ee aur kya paya jata 
hai, siwa is ke ki wuh zamin ke 
niche ke 'ilaqe men utra bhi tha? 
Anr yih utarnewala wuhl hai, jo 
Bare asmanon se bhI upar cbarb 
gaya taki sab cbizon ko ma'mur 
kare.) Aur usi ne ba'z ko rasul, 
anr ba'z ko nabi, anr ba'z ko mu- 
bashshir, aur ba*z ko oharwaha 
aur ustad banakar de diya; taki 
muqaddas log kamil banen, aur 
khidmatguzarl ka kam kiya jae, 
aur Masih ka badan taraqql pae: 
jab tak ham eab ke sab Khuda ke 
Bete ke Iman, aur us ki pahchan 
men ek na ho jaen, aur kamil insan 
na banen, ya'nl Masih ke pure qadd 
ke andaze tak na pahunch jaen. 

% Is ke ba'd Injll maqaddas Mali ke 
naaweo Bab meo se parhi jae. 

Matt ix. 36. 

JAB Yisu' ne bhir ko dekha, to us 
ko logon par tars aya, kyunki 
wuh un bherofi ki manind jin ka 
charwaba na ho, khastahal aur 
paraganda the. Tab us ne apne sha- 
girdon se kaba, ki Fasl to bahut hai, 
lekin mazdur thore hain. Fas fasl ke 
malik ki minnat karo, ki wuh apni 
fasl katne ke liye mazdur bhej de. 

^ Ya zail kilnjil, jo muqaddas Yuhan- 
na ke dasweo Bab meo se li gai hai. 

Yuhcmnd x. 1. 

MAIN tum se sach saoh kahta 
hiin, ki jo koi darwaze se 
bherkhane men dakhil nahin hota, 
balki aur kisi taraf se charh jata 
hai, wuh chor aur daku hai. Lekin 
jo darwaze se dakhil hota hai, wuh 
bheron ka charwaba hai. Us ke 
liye darban darwaza khol deta hai ; 
aur bheren us ki awaz sunt! hain: 
aur wuh apni bheron ko nam ba 
nam bulakar bahar le jata hai. Jab 
wuh apni sab bheron ko bahar nikal 
chukta hai, to un ke age age chalta 
hai, aur bheren us ke pichhe pTchhe 
ho letl ham; kyunki wuh us kT 
,awaz pahchanti hain. Magar wuh 
gair shakhs ke pichhe na jaengi, 
balki us se bhagengi ; kyunki ^airon 
kl awaz nahl^ pahohantln. Yisu* ne 

un se yih tamsil kahl : lekin wuh 
na samjhe ki yih kya baten hain jo 
ham se kahta hai. Pas Yisu' ne ua 
se phir kaha ; Main tum se sach sach 
kahta hun, ki Bheron ka darwaza 
main hun. Jitne mujh se pahle ae, 
sab chor aur daku hain; magar 
bheron ne un kl na sunl. Darwaza 
main bun : agar kol mujh se dakhil 
ho, to najSt paega, aur andar bahar 
aya jaya karega, aur chara paega. 
Chor nahin ata, magar churane aur 
mar dalne aur halak kame ko. 
Main is liye aya ki wuh zindagi 
paen, aur kasrat se paen. Achchba 
charwaba main hun : achchba char- 
waba bheron ke liye apni jan deta 
hai. Mazdur jo na charwahS hai, 
na bheron ka malik, bheriye ko ate 
dekhkar bheron ko chh'orke bhag 
jata hai, aur t)heriya un ko pakarta 
aur paraganda karta hai. Wuh' is 
liye bhag jata hai, ki mazdur hai, 
aur us ko bheroa ka fikr nahin. 
Achchba charwaba main hun; jTs 
tarah Bap mujhe janta hai, aur 
main Bap ko janta hun, isl tarah 
main apni bheron ko janta bun, aur 
merl bheren mujhe janti hain; aur 
main bheron ke liye apni jan deta 
hun. Aur meri aur bbl bheren 
hain, jo is bherkhane ki naliln. 
Mujhe un ka bbl lana zarur hai; 
aur wuh meri awaz sunengi; phir 
ek hi galla aur ek hi charw&ba hoga. 

^ Phir Bishap, apni kursl par baitha 
hua, nnheQ zail ki bateu sunao. 

A I bhaiyo, tum ne apne khalwati 
imtihan ke waqt, aur us uasihat 
men jo abhl tumhen kl gai hai, aur 
un pak Wirdon men bhi jo Injll aur 
Easiiloja ke sahlfon se liye gae, yih 
Buna hai, ki yih *Ghda jis ke liye 
tum bulae gae ho, kaisa a'la, aur 
kaisa bharl hai. Aur ab ham phir 
apne Khudawand Yisii* Masih ke 
Nam se tumhen nasihat karte hain 
ki yad rakkbo, ki tum kaisi a'li 
Manzalat, aur kaise bharl 'Uhde aur 
Amanat ke liye bulae gae ho ; ya'nl 
is ke liye ki tum Khudawand ki 
taraf se Elchi aur Pasban aur Mukh- 
tarkar hokar, Khudawand ke gharane 

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ko sikbao, jatao, khilao aur un ka 
bandobast Icaro ; aur Masib kl para- 
ganda bberon ko, aur us ke farzandon 
ko jo is kbarab dunya ke darmiyau 
baig, dbuQcLba karo, taki wub Masib 
ke wasile se abadi najat p&eg. 

Fas apne apne dil mea yib bat 
naqsb kar rakkbo. ki tumhen kaisa 
bara kbazana supurd kiya jata bai ; 
ya'nl Masib kl bberen, jinbea us ne 
apnl maut se kbarida, aur jin ke 
waste us ne apna kbun babaya tba. 
Jis Eallsiya aur Jama'at kl kbidmat 
tumben karni bogi, wub Masib kl 
Dulban anr us ka Badan bai. Aur 
agar us Kallsiya ya us ke kisi 'uzw 
ko tumbarl gaflat ke sabab kisI tarab 
ka nuqsan ya barj pabuncbe, to turn 
jante bo ki yib kaisa bbari qusiir 
boga, aur us kl kaisi baulnak saza 
bogl. Is liye apne dilon men gaur 
karo, ki tarn ko Kbuda ke farzandon 
aur Masib kl Dulban aur Badan kl 
jo kbidmat karnI bogl, us se garz 
kya bai; aur turn, apne farz ke 
muwafiq, batt al maqdur aisl tadblr 
'karo, ki jitne tumbare supurd baia 
ya bo&ge, un sab ko Kbuda ke Im&n 
aur 'irian men aisa muttafiq karo, 
Aur Masib me& aisl pukbtagi aur 
goya buliigat tak pabuncbao, ki tum- 
bare darmiyan na din kl galati kl, na 
obal ebalan kl badi kl jagab baqirabe, 
aur us waqt tak turn mibnat, tarad- 
dud, aur kosbisb se dastbardar na bo. 

Fas cbunki tumbara 'Ubda aisa 
'umda aur aisa musbkil bbl bai, is 
liye zabir bai ki turn ko us ke faraiz 
men kaise bare fikr aur tawajjub se 
masbgul bona cbabiye, taki jis Kbu- 
da wand ne turn ko aisl a*l& Manzalat 
par qaim kiya bai, tum us ke tabi'dar 
aur sbukrguzar tbabro, aur niz kha- 
ibardar rabo, aisa na bo ki tum ap 
tbokar kbao, ya auroa ke tbokar 
kbane ke sabab bano. Magarmumkin 
nab^ ki tum is kam kl taraf apnl 
zat se mail bo ; kyunki aisa mailan 
aur qabiliyat sirf Kbuda bl se mil 
saktl bai; is liye tum ko cbabiye, 
aur nibayat zarur bbi bai, ki us ke 
Bubul-Quds ke liye sargarmi se du'a 
mSnga karo. Aur yib bbSrI kftm 
jis'ka maqsad insftn kl najat bai, 

tum aur kisI tadblr se an jam tak 
pabuncbe nabin sakte, magar sirf 
muqaddas Kitab se ll biil ta'Ilm aur 
naslbat karne, aur us ke mutabiq 
obalne se; libaza socbo, ki Kitab i 
muqaddas ke parbne aur sikbne men, 
aur apne, aur apne gharanon ke cbal 
ebalan ko usi Kitab i muqaddas ke 
qa'ide ke muwafiq durust karne men, 
kaisa masbgul bona cbabiye. Aur 
isl sabab se yib bbl cbabiye, ki batt 
al maqdiir sab dunyawl taraddud aur 
sbuglon ko cbboro aur un se kanara 

Ham ko qawwl ummed bai ki tam 
in baton ko apne dilon men muddat 
se socb aur jancb cbuke boge, aur 
yib irada i mueiammam kiya bog&, 
ki fazl i ilabi se is 'Ubde ke faraiz 
men, jis ke liye Kbuda ne karm 
karke tum ko bulaya bai, apne &p 
ko bi'lkull tasadduq karoge ; yaban 
tak ki turn batt al maqdur sirf ibi 
ek kam men lage raboge, aur apne 
sab taraddud aur sbugl isl se mu- 
ta'alliq rakkboge. Ham ko yib bbl 
ummed bai, ki tum bamare ek bl 
Munji Yisii' Masib kl Sbafa'at ke 
wasile Kbuda Bap se Riibul-Quds 
kl asmani madad bar waqt manga 
karoge; taki Kit&b i muqaddas ke 
roz ba roz parbne aur socbne se tum 
apnl Kbidmat men ziyada pukbta 
aur mazbiit bote j&o ; aur apne anr 
apne gharanon ke cbal ebalan ko 
pak karne, aur Masib ke qa'ide aur 
Ta'llm ke sancbe men dbalne kl 
kosbisb waqtan fa waqtan aisl kiya 
karo, ki tum opni jama^aton ki 
pairawl ke liye kbudaparasti ke 
mufid namiine bano. 

Aur ab, is liye ki Masib kl yib 
Jama'at jo bazir bai samajb sake, ki 
in baton men tumhdre kbayal aur 
trade kya bain, aur is liye bbl ki 
tum apne is wa'de ke sabab apne 
faraiz ada karne kl taraf ziyada ragib 
bo jao, in sawalon ke, jo bam Kbuda 
aur us kl Kallsiya ke Nam se 
mazkiira b&ton kl nisbat tum se 
karenge, saf saf jaw&b do. 


TA'tnm apne apne dil men yib 
samajbte bo, ki bamare Kbuda- 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



wand Yisii' MasiK kl marzl, aur 
Inglistan kl Eallsiya ke tarzqe ke 
muwafiq Pilst ke Darje aur Khidmat 
ke liy e bulae gae ho ? ' . 

Jawab. Han, main aisa hi sa- 
majhta hun. 


KTA tumhen yaqln hai, ki jin 
'Aqidon ka manna ns abadi 
najat kl shart hai, jo Yisu' Masih 
par Iman lane se hot! hai, wnh sab 
Kitab i muqaddas men kafi taur par 
mnndaraj hain ? Aur kya tumhara 
yih qasd hai, ki jo jama'at tumhilre 
sipnrd kr jaegT ub ko usi Kitab i 
muqaddas men se ta'lim doge; aur 
jo kuchh tumhen yaqin ho, ki Kitab 
i muqaddas se sabit ho sakta hai, 
kya us ke siwa koi bat abadi najat 
ki shart thahrakena sikhaoge? 

Jawab, Han, mujhe aisa hi yaqin 
hai, aur main ne qasd kiya hai ki 
fazl i ilahi se main aisa hi karunga. 


PAS kya tum wafadarl se koshish 
karoge, ki Masih ki Ta'lim, 
Sakraminton, aur Siyasat ke tarlqon 
ko is tarah hamesha 'amal men lao^ 
jis tarah Khudawand ne hukm diya, 
aur is Kalisiya aur Mulk ne qabul 
kiya hai; aisa ki jo jama'at tumhari 
NigahbanI men sipurd ho, use takid 
se unhea mSnne aur 'amal men lane 
ki ta'lim do? " 

Jawab. Han,Khudawandklmadad 
se main aisa hi karunga. 


KYA tum bar dam wafadari se 
musta'idd rahoge, ki har galat 
aur ajnabi ta'lim ko, jo Khuda ke 
kalam ke barkhilaf ho, hatko aur dur 
karo ? aur kya tum apne 'apne Galle 
men tanduruston aur bimaron ko bbi, 
zarurat aur mauqa' ke muwafiq, 
khalwati aur 'alaniya dono taur par 
jataoge aur nasihat karoge? 

Jawah. Hag, Khudawand meri 
madad kare, to main aisa hi karunga. 

YA tum Du'a mSjigne, aur mu- 
qaddas Kitab ke parhne men, 


aur jo baten us ke samajhae ke liye 
muftd haia tin ke gaur men koshish 
karoge, aur dunyawi aur naMnl 
shuglon se kanare rahoge? 

Jawab, Has, Khudawand meri 
madad kare, to maig aisi hi koshish 


KYA tum koshish karoge, ki apne 
ap ko, aur apne apne gharane 
ko bhi, Masih ki Ta'lim ke muwafiq 
durust karo ; aur apne ap ko aur un 
ko bhi hatt al maqdur Masih ke galle 
ke liye mufid namuna banao? 

Jawab. Haa, Khudawand meri 
madad kare, to main isi men dil 


KYA tum sab Masihion men, aur 
khususan un men jo tumhare 
sipurd hain ya honge, liatt al imkan 
amn, mel milap, aur mahabbat qaim 
karoge ? 

Jawab. Han, Kbud&wand meri 
madad kare, to maia aisll hi karunga. 


KYA tum apne Hakim i shara', 
aur Kalisiya ke aur ala kha- 
diman i din ki, aur un kl bhi jin ke 
ikhtiyar aur hukm men tum hoge, 
adab ke sath farmanbardSrl kait^gfe; 
aur dil ki khushi aur razamandi se 
un kl Masihi hidslyaton ki ^airawl 
karoge, aur un ke Masihi faisalon ke 
tabi* rahoge ? "~ 

Jawab. Han, Khudawand meri 
madad kare, to maia aisa hi karunga. 

% Tab Bishap khara hokar yuQ kahe : 

QADIE i Mutlaq Khuda, jis ne tum 
ko yih sab kam karne ka irada 
bakhsha hai, unben 'amal men lane 
ki q[uwwat aur taqat bhi bakbshe ; 
taki jo kam us ne tum men shurii' 
kiya hai, use kamSl tak bhi pahun- 
chae; hamare Khudawand Yisu* 
Masih ke wasile se. Amin. 

1 Is ke ba'd Janja'at se yih darjjhwast 
ki jae, ki in sab baton ke liye dil 
hi dil men ?buda se 'ajizi ke sath 
iltijakare; aur in Du'aon ke waste 
kuchh 'arse tak ^ham^ihi rahe. | 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Y Is 1;o ba'd Prist lionewale ashkhas 
^hutne teke raheu, anr Bishap zail 
ka git gae ya payhe; ya'ni Bishap 
shuru' kare, aur Prist, aur dusre 
haziriD, har bait ka dusra misra' 
gaeo ya parhen. 

KHUDA Ruh Pak I Tfl dil men S 
Asman! Dur ham men ohamka ; 
• Taqdis ke Ruh I Ham bandon par 
Ilaft-chand in'am tu nazil kar. 

Mubarak masab az asman, 
Hayat-bakhsb hai aur itmlnan; 
Tu apnl daim roshni se 
Zulmat mita, blD^I de. 

Tu apne bebadd fazl se 
Sab dag se pak kar, kbusbl de; 
Ai dil ke Hafiz mibrban ! 
Gamgini dur kar, bakbsb aman. 

Hamare HadI aur Ustad I 
Tu rab-i-baqq ka kar irsbSd ; 
Bakbsb Bap aur Bete kl pabcbfin 
Aur apnl bhf jo Tin yaksan ; 

Ta pusbt dar pusbt 'abduz-zaman 
Ham gaen, hokar kbush ilban : 
" Hamd kbublon ke cbasbme ko, 
Bap, Bete, Rub kl sana bo I " 

f Is ke ba'd Bishap yih kahkar zail U 
da*a parhe, ki 

Ham du'& man gen. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, asmani 
Bap, Tii ne apni bebadd ma- 
babbat aur shafaqat se, jo ham par 
bill, apna iklauta aur kamal 'aziz 
Beta Yisii' Maslh ham ko is liye diya 
b»i, ki wuh hamara Fidiya Denewala 
aur abadi zindagi ka BanI ho; aur 
us ne, apDl maut se hamare fidiya 
ka kam piira karke, aur asman par 
cbarhkar, apne Rasul, NabI, Bashir, 
Mu'allim aur Ohaupan dunya men 
bheje, aur in kl mibnat aur khidmat 
ke zarf e se jaban kl sab atraf men 
ek bara galla jama' kar liya, taki 
tere pak Nam kl abadI hamd ho. 
Ten azall shafaqat ki in barl ni'maton 
ke liye ham dil o jan se tera shukr 
karte bain, aur is liye bbl ki tii ne 
apne in handon ko, jo bazir hain, 
karm karke usi 'Uhde aur Khidmat 

ke liye bulaya hai jo ban I Adam kl 
najat ke waste muqarrar hiil hai, 
ten hamd aur parastish karte baig ; 
anr usI tere mubarak Bete ke wasile 
*ajizl se minnat karte hain, ki un 
sab ko, jo yahafi, ya aur kahin, tera 
pak Nam lekar du'a mangte bain, 
yih bakbsb, ki ham apne ap ko terl 
in ni'maton, aur aur sab ni'matog ki 
bamesha shukrgazari zahir karen ; 
aur Ruhul-Quds kl madad se tere 
aar tere Bete ke 'irfan aur Iman men 
roz ba roz barhte aur taraqqi karte 
rahea ; taki tere in Khddimon se, aur 
un se bhi jin ke liye yih tere jpiddim 
muqarrar hmge^ hamesha tere pak 
Nam ka jalal ho, aur terl mubarak 
badsbabat taraqqi pae ; apne usI Bete 
hamare Khudawand Yisii' Masib ke 
waslle se yih bakbsb, jo usi Riihul- 
Quds kl yaganagi men tere sath abad 
ul abad jita aursaltanatkarta rahega. 

Y Is da'a ke ba'd, Bishap nn PristoD 
saraet, jo hazir hoQ, har ek Prist 
hooewale ke sir par judagana apne 
hath rakkbe. Taqarrnr panewale 
'ajizi se ghutne t^^^ raneo, aur 
Bishap har ek se yuQ kahe ki : 

KHTJDA kl Kallsiya men Prtet ke 
'Uhde aur Kam ke liye, jo ab 
hamare Hathon ke rakhne^se tere 
supurd kiya jata hai, Riihul-Quds 
ko le. Jin ke gunah tii bakhshe, un 
ke bakhshe gae ; aur jin ke gunah 
tii rahne de, un ke rah gae. Aur tii 
Khuda keKalam, aur us ke muqaddas 
8akraminton ka amanatdar dene- 
wala ho ; Bap, aur Bete, aur Riihul- 
Quds ke Nam se. Amin. 

^ Tab wnh sab ghutne teke raheo, 
aur Bishap har ek ke hath meQ 
Eitab i muqaddas ki ek jild yih 
kahkar de : 

J IS Jama'at ka khadim tu sbara' 
ke muwafiq muqarrar hoga, us 
mea Khuda ka Kalam sunane, aur 
pak SakramintoQ ke 'amal men lane, 
ka ikhtiyar le. 

Y Is ke ba'd, Nildlya ka 'Aqida eaya 
ya parha jae ; aur phir is ke ba'd 
Bishap Sharakat ki Namaz ki baqi 

rasm adakare ; aur jitaoo ne Taqarrur 

Digitized by LjOOQ FC 



paya ho sab ek 'sath us ko leo ; anr 
jab tak us ko na le obukec, usi ja^h 
raheo, jaliao iin par Hath rakkhe 
gae the. 

f Jab Sharakat tamam ho, to aJkhirl 
Ealikt ke ba'd, Barakat ke kalime 
86 peshtar hi, zail ki Kalikteo parbi 

A I kamal rahim B&p, ham tert 
minnat karte hain, ki apne ia 
bandpQ par apnl asmani barakat 
bhej; taki wuh rastbazi ka jama 
pabine rahen, aur tera Kalam jo tin 
ke munh se nikle aisa kamyab bo, 
ki kabbi be-tasir na rahe. Yih bbl 
bakhsb, ki jo kncbh wnb tere kamal 
muqaddas Ealam me^ se, ya us ke 
mazmun ke mutabiq, pesb kareg, 
nse apnl najat k& wasila samajbkar 
Bunne anr tasllm kame kl tanfiq 
ham ko mfle ; t&ki ham apne tam&m 
qanlon aur filon men tere jalal aur 
tert bEdshahat kl taraqql ke talib 

rahen ; hamare Khu^awand Yisu' 
Maslh ke waslle se. Amm, 

A I Ehudawand, apne kamal karm 
o fazl ke s&th sab kamon men 
hamftra peshwa ho, aur apnl daimi 
madad se hamen age barha; taki 
hamare sab k&mon ka shuru', aur 
qiyam, aur anjam tujhl men ho, aur 
is tarah ham tere pak Nam ka jalal 
zahir karke tere rahm se Skhir i kar 
abadi zindagi basil karen; hamare 
Ehud^wand Yisu' Maslh ke waslle 
se. Amln. 

KHUDA kfiitmrnan,jo8arrsamajh 
se b&har hai, tumhare dilog aur 
kbayalon ko Ehuda aur us ke Bete 
hamare iBLhudawaud Yisu' Maslh kl 
pahchan aur mahabbat men mahfiiz 
rakkhe; aur Qadir i mutlaq Ebuda, 
Bap, Bete, aur Buhul-Quds kl bara- 
kat tum par ho, aur tumhare sath 
hamesha rahe. Amin. 

f Agar ek hi din men ba'z shaJ^soo ko Dikan ka Daija, aur ba'z ko Prist ^^ Daija 
mile, to pikan honewale pahle pesh kiye jaeo, aur ba'd us ke Piist honewale : aur 
doDOQ ke liye Litaniya ko ek bar parhua kafi hoga. Kalikteo to dono parhi jaeo, 
pahle Dikanoo ki, ba'd us ke Pristoo ki. l^buttt IfisioQ It. 7-13 ho, jaise isi 
Tartib moQ marqiiin ho chuka hai. Is ke ba'd hi, io Dikan ke daije par mu'aiyan 
honewale hoo un se tartib i bala ke mutabiq sawal kiye jaen, tab un ka Ta'aiynn 
ho. Phir un moQ se ek sha^hs Injil ko pafhe, ya'ni l^hwah muqaddas MatI ix. 
86-88, jaise is Tartib men marqum ho chuka hai, khwah muqaddas Lu(}a xii. 85-38, 

C* ' e Dikanoo ke ta'aiyun ki Tartib men marqum ho obuk& hai. Akhir i ^r Prisi 
ewaloQ se bhi sawal kiye jaeo, aur un k& Taqarmr ho, jaise isi Tartib meo 
hukm ho chuka hai 

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( 253 ) 



f Jab Girja meo sab tarah ki taiyari 
ho chuke, to Snbh ki Namaz ko ba'd 
Aroh-Bishap, ya aur koi Bishap jo 
is kam ke liye tbahraya gaya ho, 
Sharakat ki Namaz ko shuru' kare ; 
aur is meo Kalikt ylh ho : 


A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda, Tu ne 
apne Bete Yisu' Masfh ke 
zarl'e se apne muqaddas BasuloQ ko 
bahnt si 'umda ni'maten dekar un 
ke zimme kiya ki terS. galla char&en ; 
ham terl minnat karte hain, ki sab 
Bishapon ko, jo ten Kallsiya ke 
Chaupan hain, aisi taufiq de, ki wuh 
tera Kalam koehish se snnaen, aur 
lis ke mntabiq jo Masfhl Siyasat ke 
tarlqe hain nn par 'amal bhi kar&en ; 
aur jama'aton ko bhi yih bakhsh, ki 
wuh un done kl pairawl farmanbar- 
darl se karen, taki galle aur Galle- 
ban dono abadi jalal ke t&j ko hasil 
karen; hamare Khuda wand Yisu* 
Masih ke waslle se. Amln. 

f Tab dusra Bishap ^[hatt ko parhe. 

1 Timuthiyus iii. 1. 

YIH bat sach hai, ki Jo shakhs 
nigahban ka 'ubda chahta hai, 
wuh aohchhe kam kl khwahish karta 
hai. Pas nigahban ko beilzam, ek 
biwi k& shauhar, parhezgar, muttaqi, 
shaista, musafirparwar, aur ta*llm 
dene ke laiq bona chahiye; nashe 
men gul machanewala, ya marplt 
karnewala na ho, balki hallm ho, na 
takrarf, na zardost; apne ghar ka 
bakhiibi bandobast karta ho, aur 
apne bachchon ko kamal sanjidagi 
se tabi' rakhta ho. (Jab kol apne 
ghar hi ka bandobast karDa nahin 
janta, to Khuda kl kallsiya kl 
kyiinkar khabarglrl karega?) Nau- 
iDurid na ho, taki guriir karke 
kahin Iblls ki sT saza na pae. Aur 

b&harwalon ke nazdik bhi neknam 
bona chahiye, taki malamat meu aur 
Iblls ke phande men na phanse. 

1 Ya ylh. 
]p[ATT KB 'IWAZ. A'mal xx. 17. 

AUR Paulus ne Miletus se Ifisus 
men kahl& bheja aur kallsiya 
ke buzurgon ko bulwayS. Jab wuh 
us ke p&s ae, to un se kaha ; Turn 
khud jante_ho, ki pahle hi din se, 
ki maia ne Asiya men qadam rakkha 
bar waqt tumh&re sath kis tarah 
raha; ya'nl kam&l firotani se, aur 
ansu baha bahakar,aur un azmaishou 
men jo Yahudlon kl sazish ke sabab 
mujh par waqi' hiiln, Khudawand 
kl khidmat karta raha. Aur jo jo 
baten tumhare faide kl thin, un ke 
bayS.n karne, aur 'alaniya aur ghar 
ghar sikhane se kabhl na jhijhka ; 
balki YahMlon aur YunanTon ke rii 
ba rii gawahl deta raha, ki Khuda 
ke s&mne tauba karna, aur hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Maslh par Iman 
lana chahiye. Aur ab dekho, main 
riih men bandha hua Yariishalem 
ko jat& hiin, aur na maUiim ki 
wahan mujh • par kya kya guzre : 
siwa is ke ki Eiibul Quds bar shahr 
men gawS,hl de dekar mujh se kahta 
hai, ki qaid aur musTbaten tere 
liye taiyar hain. Lekin main apnl 
jan ko 'aziz nahln samajhta ki us kl 
kuchh qadr karun, ba muqabala is 
ke, ki apna daur, aur wuh khidmat 
jo Khudawand Yisu' se pal hai, piirC 
kanm, ya'nl Khuda ke fazl kl 
khushkhabarl kT gawahl dun. Aur 
ab dekho, main janta hun ki turn 
sab, jin ke darmiyan main badsha- 
hat kl manadi karta phira, mera 
munh phir na dekhoge. Pas main • 
aj "ke din tumhen aata'l kahta 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



hun, ki sab ke khun se pak hun. 
Ryunki main Khuda kT sari marzl 
turn se pure taur par bayan karne 
se na jhijhka. Pas apnl anr us 
sare galle kl khabardarl karo, jis ka 
Euhul Quds ne tumhen nigahban 
thahraya, taki Khuda kl kalisiya kl 
gallabani karo, jise us ne khass 
apne khun se mol liya. Main yih 
janta bun, ki mere jane ke ba'd 
pbarnewale bheriye tum men aenge, 
jinben galle par kuobb tars na S.ega; 
aur khud tum men se aise adml 
uthenge, jo ultT ultl baton kabenge, 
taki sbagirdon ko apnl taraf kbenob 
len. Is liye jagte rabo, aur yad 
rakkbo, ki main tin baras tak rat din 
ansu baba babakar bar ek ko sam- 
jbane se baz na aya. Ab main 
tumben Kbuda aur us ke fazl ke 
kalam ke sipurd karta bun, jo tum- 
barl taraqql kar sakta bai, aur 
sare muqaddason men sbarik karke 
miras de sakta bai. Main ne kisi 
kl cbandT, ya sone, ya kapre ka 
lalaob nabin kiya. Tum ap jante 
bo, ki inbin batbon ne merl aur 
mere satbion kl bajaten rafa' kin. 
Main ne tum ko sab baton karke 
dikba din, ki is tarab mibnat karke 
kamzoron ko sambbalna, aur Kbu- 
dawand Yisu' kl baton yad rakbnl 
cbabiyen, ki us ne^khud kaba; 
Dena lene se mubarak bai. 

Y Tab aur koi Bishap Injil ko parhe. 
Tuhannd xxi. 15. 

YlStJ' ne Sbama'un Patras se 
kaba, ki Ai Sbama'un, Yuhan- 
na ke bete, kya tu in se ziyada mujh 
se mababbat rakbta bai ? Us ne us 
se kaba; Han, Kbuda wand ; tii to 
janta bl bai, ki main tujbe 'aziz 
rakbta biin. Us ne us se kaba ; 
To mere barre cbara. Us ne dobara 
us se pbir kaba, ki Ai Sbama'un, 
Yubanna ke bete, kya tu mujb se 
mababbat rakbta bai? Wub bola ; 
Han, Kbuda wand, tuto janta bi bai, 
ki main tujb ko 'aziz rakbta bun. 
Us ne us se kaba ; To merl bberon 
ki gallabam kar. Us ne tisri bar us 
se kaba, ki Ai Sbama'iin, Yubanna 
ke bete, kya tii mujhe 'aziz rakbta 

bai ? Cbunki us ne tisri bar us se 
kaba ; Kya tu mujbe 'aziz rakbta 
bai, is sabab se Patras ne dilgir 
bokar us se kaba; Ai Kbuda wand, 
tu to sab kucbb janta bai ; tujbe 
ma'lum bl bai, ki main tujbe 'aziz 
rakbta bun. Yisu' ne us se kaba ; 
To merl bberen cbara. 

T Yayih. 
Yuhannd xx. 19. 

PHIE usi din, jo bafte ka pabla 
din tba, sham ke waqt, jab 
waban ke darwaze jaban shagird 
the, Yabudlon ke dar se band the, 
Yisu' akar bich men khara biia, aur 
un se kaba, ki Tumbarl SalamatI 
bo! Aur yih kabkar us ne apne 
bath aur pasll unheg dikhai. Pas 
shagird Khudawand ko dekhkar 
khush hue. Yiaii' ne pbir un se 
kaba, ki Tumhan salamati ho ; jis 
tarab Bap ne mujhe bh'eja bai, usi 
tarab main bhi tumben bhejta bun. 
Aur yih kabkar un par phunka aur 
un se kaba, ki Eiihu'l Quds lo. Jin 
ke gunah tum bakhsho, un ke 
bakhshe gaye bain; jin ke gunah 
tum qaim rakkbo, un ke qaim rak- 
khe gaye hain. 

T Ya yih. 
Mdti xxviii. 18, 

rStJ' ne pas akar un se baten 
kin, aur kaba, ki Asman aur 
zamin ka kuU ikhtiyar mujhe diya 
gaya bai. Pas turn jakar sab qau- 
mon ko shagird banao, aur unhen 
Bap aur Bete aur Euhu'J Quds ke 
nam par baptisma do ; aur unhen yih 
tallm do, ki un sab baton par 'amal 
karen jin ka main ne tum ko bukm 
diya; aur dekho,main dunya ke akhir 
tak hamesha tumhare sath hun. 

^ Jab Injil aiir Nikaya ka 'Aqida aur 
Wa'z khatm hoo, to do Bisbap us 
ko, jo Bishap banne ke liye chuna 
gaya ho, aur jo is waqt Jubba i 
usqaH pahne hue ho, usi 'ilaqe ke 
Arch-Bishap ke samne, ya kisi aur 
Bishap ko samne jo shara'i farman 
ke wasiie se namzad kiya gaya ho, 
pesh karen. Arch-Bishap pak Mez 
ke pas apnl kursi par baitha rahe, aur 
pesh karnewale Bishap Vuq kahen : 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



A I kam&l mu'azzaz dinl B&p, ham 
ap ke hnziir is khudaparast 
mur 'alim o fazil sbakhs ko pesh karte 
hain, ki wuh Bisjiap ke darje par 
TaqarruT o Taqaddus p&e. 

T Tab Aroh-Bishap Taqaddus ke liye 
Fannaa i shahi talab karkeparh^vae, 
phir jo Bishap honewnle boo, unse 
Aroh-Bishap ki wajibi Farmanbardari 
ki Qasm zail ke mutablq li jae. 

ArcTi/'Bishap ki wajiM Farmanbardari 
ki Qasm. 

EHUD A ke Nam se, Amin. Main 
fuldrif fulan Kalisiya aur 'Ilaqe 
ka chiina hua Bisbap, is bat ka qaul 
o qarar karta bun, ki main, fulan 
'ilaqe ke Arcb-Bisbap aur Sadr Kali- 
siya ki, aur un ke Janisbinon kl, 
wajibi burmat aur farmanbardari 
karunga. Is men Kbnda, Yisu' 
Masib ke wasile se, men madad kare. 

f Yih Qasm Aroh-Bishap ke Taqaddus 
ke waqt us se li na jae. 

5 Tab Aioh-Bishap hazirin i jama'at 
ko, yih kabkar du'a maogne Id targib 

A I bb§.iyo, Mnqaddas LuqA kl 
Injil men likbS bai, ki bamare 
Munjl Masib ne apne barab Easiilon 
ke cbunne aur bbejne se pable sari 
r&t dii'a mangne men guzarl. Pbir 
Easulon ke A'mal kl kitab men likba 
bai, ki Antakiya men jo Sbagirdtbe, 
nnbon ne Paiilus anr Bamaba par 
batb rakbne aur bbejne se pable 
roza rakkba aur du'a mangl. Pas 
bam bbl, apne Munjl Masib aur us 
ke Easulon ke namiine kl pairawl 
karke, pable du'a mangen, aur us ke 
ba'd bl is sba^bs ko, jo bamare 
samne pesb kiya gaya bai, Bisbap 
ke darje men dakbil karen, aur jis 
kam ke liye bam bbarosa rakbte 
bain ki Bubul-Quds ne us ko bulaya 
bai, us ke karne ko use bbejen. 

f Tab Litaniya, jaisa ki Dikanou ke 
Taqarrur ki tartib meu'hukm hai, 
parbi jae, magar is darkbwast ke 
ba'd, H *' Karm karke sab BisbapoD, 
wg." wuh kbass Darjkhwast, jo tartib 
i mazkur meo ba;hai gai, chbor di 
jae, aur us ke 'iwaz zailjki Dariyihwast 
parbi jae; 

KABM karke bamare is obnne 
biie Bbal ko barakat de, aur 
us par apna fazl nazil kar, t&ki jis 
'Uhde ke liye wub bulSya gaya bai, 
us ke faraiz ko Ifiiq taur par ada kare, 
taki terl Kalisiya kl taraqql, aur tere 
Nam kl 'izzat, bamd, aur jalal bo; 

Jawdh, Ai karim !^budawand, 
bamarl sun. 

Y Tab zaU ki Du'a pa^hi jae. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbudfl, sab 
acbcbbi cblzon ke bakbsbne- 
wale, Tu ne apne Enbul-Quds ke 
wasile se apnl Kalisiya men mukbta- 
lif darjon ke Kbadim-i-din muqarrar 
kiye bai^ ; apne is bande par, jo ab 
Bisbap ke kam aur kbidmat ke liye 
bulaya gaya bai, rabm kl nazar kar ; 
aur use apne din ke baqiql 'ilm se 
aisa malamal kar, aur cbal obalan 
kl be'aibi se aisi zinat bakbsb, ki 
wub kalam aur fil se bbl is 'Ubde 
men terl kbidmat Imandarl ke satb 
kare, taki tere Nam ka jalal aur terl 
Kalisiya kX taraqql aur acbcbba 
intizam bo; bamare Munjl Yisii' 
Masib ke sawab kl badaulat yib 
bakbsb, jo tere aur Biibul-Quds ke 
satii abad ul abad jita aur saltanat 
karta rabega. Amin, 

f Tab Aroh-Bishap, apni kursi par 
baitha hua, Taqaddus panewale se 
yuo kahe: 

A I bbai, cbiinki muqaddas Kitab 
aur qadim Qanunon men yib 
bukm bai, ki Masib kl Kalisiya men, 
jis ke kbarldne men us ne apna kbun 
tak baba diya, Hukiimat karne ke 
waste kisi par jaldbazi se batb 
rakbkar us ko mamUr na karen ; is 
liye tum ko is 'Dbde par qaim karne 
se pable main cband Umur men tum 
se sawal karunga, taki yib Jama'at 
jan le, aur gawabi bbl de sake, ki 
Kbuda kl Kalisiya men kis tarab se 
guzran karne ka tumbara irada bai. 

KYA tumben yaqln bai, ki tum 
bamare Kbudawand Yisu' 
Masib kl marzl, aur is Mamlukat 
ke ain ke mutabiq is 'Ubde ke liye 
filbaqlqat bulae gae bo? 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Jatoab. Hftn, mujlie aisS hi yaqln 


KYA tumlien yaqln hai, ki jin 
'Aqidon k& mannft us abadi 
najat kl shart hai, jo Tisu' Maslh 
par Iman lane se hoti hai, wnh sab 
Kitab i mnqaddas me^ kaft taur par 
mundaraj hain ? Atir kya tumhSrS 
yih qasd hai, ki jo jama'at tumhare 
sipurd kl jaegi ns ko usi Kitab i 
mnqaddas men se ta'llm doge; anr 
jo kuchb tnmhea yaqln ho, ki Kitab 
i mnqaddas se s&bit ho sakta hai, 
kya ns ke siwS kol bat abadi najat 
kx shart thahrake na sikhaoge, anr 
na sabit karoge ? 

Jawdb. Hag, mnjhe ais& hi yaqln 
hai, anr main ne qasd kiya hai ki 
fazl i ilahl se main aisa hi kariinga. 


PAS kya turn nsl mnqaddas Kitab 
ke mihnat se mutala'a kame 
men waf& karoge, anr ns kl sahlh 
samajh kl Khnda se dn'& karoge; 
aisa ki tnm nsi kl ma'rifat sahfh 
Ta'llm se sikhane anr nasihat kame, 
anr niz mnkhalifon k& mnqabala 
karoe anr nnhen qail kame ke qabil 
ho jao ? 

Jawab. Han, Khnda kl madad se, 
main aisa hi kariinga. 


KYA tnm mnsta'idd ho, ki har 
dam wafadarl se har galat anr 
ajnabi ta'llm ko,jo Khnd& ke Kalam 
ke barkhilaf ho, hatao anr diir karo ; 
anr khalwati anr 'alaniya taur par 
anron ko bhi waisa hi karne kl targib 
doge anr himmat bandhaoge ? 

Jawah, Han, Khnda wand meri 
madad kare, to main aisS karne ko 
mnsta'idd hiija. 


KYA tum tamam bedlnl anr dnn- 
yawl shahwaton ka inkar karke 
is jahan i man]iida men parhezgarl, 
r&stbazi, anr khndapanistl se basar 
karoge; aisa ki tnm apne ap ko 
anron ke liye sab baton men nek 
a'mai ka namiina dikhao, taki jab 

mnkhalif tnmharl kisi tarah ki bad- 
nami na kar sake, to sharminda ho 

Jatoab. Han, Khnd&wand merl 
madad kare, to main ais& hi kar- 
unga. " 


KYA tum sab admlon men hatt al 
imkan amn, mel milap, aur 
mahabbat qaim karoge ; aur tumhare 
'Haqe men jo log mufsid, sarkash, 
aur sbarlr hon, un ko ns ikhtiyar se 
jo Khuda ke Kalam ke mutabiq tum 
ko hasil hoga, aur is Mamlukat ke 
Am se tumhare supurd hoga, tamblh 
aur saza doge ? 

Jawdb. Han, Khnda kl madad se 
main aifia hi kariinga. 


KYA tum anron ke muqarrar 
kame aur bhejne men, aur un 
par hath rakhne meg, amanatdar 
rahoge ? 

Jawdb. Han, Khnda kl madad se 
main aisa hi rahiingS. ' 


KYA tum apne &p ko hallm dik- 
haoge, aur Masih kl kh&tir ga- 
ribon aur muhtajon par, aur nachar 
pardesion par, rahm karoge ? 

Jawdb. Han, Khnda kl madad se 
main apne ap ko aisa hi dikh&iinga. 

f Tab Arch-Bifihap, khara hoke, yuQ 
^ kahe: 

QADIR i Mutlaq Khnda, hamara 
asmani Bap, jisne tnm ko in 
sab kamon ke karoe ka nek irada 
diy& hai, Unhen 'amal men lane ke 
liye bhl tumhea quwwat o taqat de ; 
taki, jab wuh tum meg yih achchha 
kam tamam kar chuke, jo us ne 
shuru' kiya hai, to tum akhirl roz 
kamil aur beilzam thahro ; hamare 
Khudawand Yisii* Maslh ke wasile 
se. Amin. 

Y Tab jo Bishap hone ke liye chim& 
gay a ho, apna baqi UsquH Lib3s 
pahine; aur jab wuh ghutne t^ke, 
to us ke liye zail ka gifc gaya ya 
parha jae; ya'ni Aroh-Bishap shuru* 
kare, aur Bishap log aur hazirin 
samet har bait ka dusra^misra' paf- 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



KHUDA, Euh Pak I Tu dil men a 
Asm&nlnur ham men chamk&; 
Taqdis kl Bull ! Ham bandon par 
Haft-oband in'am ko nazil kar. 

Mubarak masah az asmdn, 
Hayatrbakbsb bai, aur itmln&n ; 
Til apnl daim rausbnl se 
Zulmat mita, binal de. 

Tu apne bebadd fazl se 
Sab da.g se pak kar, kbushi de; 
, Ai dil ke Hafiz mibrb&n I 
Gamglnl dur kar, bakbsb aman. 

Hamare H&dl aur Ustad I 
Tu rab-i-baqq k& kar irsb&d ; 
Bakbsb Bap aur Bete kl pabebfin 
Aur apnl bbl jo Tin yaks&n : 

T& pusbt dar pusbt abduz-zam&n 
Ham gaen, bokar kbusb-ilban : 
*' Hamd kbublon ke cbasbme ko, 
Bap, Bete, Eub"kl sanft bo ! " 

Y Isjce ba'd Aroh-Bishap yuo kahe: 

Ai Kbudawand bamarl du'a sun. 
Jatvdh. Aur bamarl far jad apne 
tak pabuncbne de. 

Ham du'& mftngen. 

A I Q&dir i Mutlaq KbudS, kamal 
rabim Bap, Tu ne apnl bebadd 
sbafaqat se, jo bam par bul, apna 
iklauta aur kamal 'aziz Beta Yisu' 
Masib is liye diya bai, ki wub ba- 
mara Fidiya denewala aur abadi 
zindagi ka BanI bo ; aur us ne apnl 
maut se bamare fidiye ka kam piira 
karke, aur asman par cbarbkar, apnl 
ni'maten bani Adam par kasrat se 
barsaln,''is tarab ki ba'z ko Basul, 
ba'z ko NabI, ba'z ko Basblr, ba'z ko 
Gbaupan aur Mu'allim banaya, taki 
in ke waslle se us kl kallsiya ki 
taraqql aur takmll bo; bam teri 
minnat karte bain ki apne is bande 
ko aisi tauflq bakbsb, ki wub terl 
Injil ko, jo tere satb mil&p k! kbusb- 
kbabarl bai, bar jagah pbailane ko 
Jbamesba musta'idd rabe; aur jo 
ikbtiyar us ko diya jaega, use balak 
kame ko nabin, balki najat dene 
ko, nuqsan ke liye nabin, balki 
madad kamo ko 'amal men laya 

UR. PR. 

kare; taki jab wub bosbyftr aur 
wafadar naukar kl tarab tere kban- 
dan ko bar waqt un ka bissa de 
cbuke, to akbir/i kar abadI kbusbl 
men d&kbil kiya jae; bamare Kbud&- 
wand yisu' MasIb ke waslle se yib 
bakbsb, jo tere aur Bubul-Qads ke 
satb, bamesba wfibid Ebuda, abad 
ul abad jita aur saltanat karta ra« 
bega. Amin, 

Y Tab Aroh-Bishap, anr dosre Bis- 
hap jo hazir hoo, ohune hue Bishap 
ke sir par, jo im ke samne ghutne 
teke rane, apne hath rakkheo, aur 
Aroh-Bishap juq kabe : 

KHUDA kl Kallsiya men Bisbap 
ke 'Ubde aur Kam ke liye jo 
ab bamare Hatbon ke rakbne se 
tere sipurd kiya Jata bai, Bubul- 
Quds ko le; Bap, aur Bete^ aur 
Bubul-Quds ke Nam se. Amln. 
Aur bamare Hatbon ke rakbne se 
Kbuda ka fazl jo"tujbe ab diya 
j'ata bai, us ka sulgana na bbUlna ; 
kyiinki Kbuda ne bamen dabsbat kl 
rub nabin, balki qudrat, aur nia- 
babbat, aur tarbiyat kl riib dl bai. 

f Tab liob-Bishap us ko Kitab 1 mu- 
qaddas ki ek jild yih kahkar de : 

TILAWAT, naslbat, aur ta'llm 
dene men maab^^ rab. Is 
Kitab men jo baten mundaraj bain, 
un par gajxr kiya kar. Un men 
apna dil lagae rab, taki un se jo 
taraqqi basil bo, sab admlon par 
zabir bo. Apnl aur apni ta'lim dono 
ki obaukasi kar, aur un bateg kl 
ta'mll men laga rab; kyiinki aisa 
karne se tu apnl aur sunnewalon ki 
najat ka bbl ba'is boga. Masib ke 
galle ka bberiya nabifi, balki cbau- 
pan ban; unben pbar na kbana, 
balki obaraya karna. Za'ifon ko 
sambbalna, bimaron ka 'ilaj karna, 
zakbmion ke zakbm bandbna, jo 
kbarij bain unben pber lana, kboe 
bHon ko dbundbna. Mibrban ban, 
par'gafil na bo; tambib kar, par 
rabm karna na bbiil. Pas jab sardar 
Cbaupan zabir boga, to tii jalal ka 
lazawal taj paega; bamare Kbuda- 
wand Yisii' Masib ke wasile se. 
Amln. ^ I 

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Aroh-bishap ya bishap ka taqaddus. 

f Tab Arch-Blshap Sharekat Id Namaz 
ki baqi rasm ada kare ; aur us ke 
t&th ^wub BlBhap jis ne abhi Taqad- 
dus paya ho, aur dusre Bishap bhi, 
sharakat leo. 

f Anr Bab ke ba'd, Barakat ke kalime 
se peshtar yih Du'aeo parhi jaeo. 

A I kamal rabim Bfip, ham terl 
minnat karte hain ki apue is 
bande par asm&nl barakat nazil kar ; 
anr us ko apne Eiibul-Quds se aisa 
mustaftz kar, ki wub tere Kalam ke 
snnane men na sirf kamal sabr aur 
ta'llm ke satb sargarml se m^daiuat 
aur minnat aur sarzauish kiy& kare, 
balki is ke 'alawa Imandaron ke 
liye kalam, ohul chalan, mababbat, 
Iman, parbezg&rl, aur paklzagi men 
'umda namiina bbl bane; taki apnl 
daur ko waflid&rl se pur& karke, 
&kbin roz rfistbazl ka wub t&j pae, 
jo 'fidil munsif, ya'nT Ebudftwand ne 
apne pas rakkba bai; wub Bap, 
aur Rubul-Quds ke Bath, w&bid 

Ebuda abad ul abftd^jitft aur sal- 
tanat karta rabegS.. Amm, 

A I Kbudawand, apne kamal karm 
o fazl ke satb sab k&mon 
men bamar& pesbwa bo, aur apnl 
daimi madad se bamen age barba; 
taki bam&re siCb kamon ka sburii', 
aur qiy&m, aur anjam tujbl men bo, 
aur is tarab bam tere pSk Nam k& 
jalal zabir karke, tere rabm se akbir 
i kar abadi zindagi basil karen; 
bamare Kbudawand Yisu* Masib ke 
waslle se. Amin. 

KHUDA kfi itmltian, jo sari sa- 
majb se babar bai, tumbare 
dilon aur kbayalon ko Ebuda 
aur us ke Bete bam&re Kbudawand 
Yisu' MasIb kl pabcban aur mababbat 
men mabfuz rakkbe; aur Qadir i 
mutlaq Kbuda, Bap, Bete, aur Bub- 
ul-Quds ki barakat tum par bo^ aur 
tumb&re s&tb bamesba rabe. Amin, 

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( 269 ) 





f 8ubh aur Sham hi Namaz he toaqt 
mazkura e zail Mazdmir^ Aurady 
Fiqrdt i du'diya aur Kaiikten istVmal 
kamijdiz hongi, 

Khass Mazamir xx., ci., cxxi. 

Ehass Aurad. 

Pahla, Yahosbu' i. bab, 10 ayat tak, 

ya Amsal viii. bab, 17 ayat tak. 
Dusra, RomTon xiii. b.ab, 11 ayat tak, 
ya Mukashafa xxi. bab, 22 ayat se, 
xxii. bab, 4 ayat tak. 

Y *Aqide he ha*d he Fiqrdt i du^diya 
yih honge. 

Prist Ai Khtidftwand, apiiT rah- 
mat ham par zabir kar. 

Jaw&b. Anr apnl najat hamen 

Prist. Ai Khudawand, Badshah 
ko salamat rakh : 

Jawdh. Ki wuh tujh par bharosa 
rakhta hai. 

Prist, Apne muqaddas maqam se 
us kl madad bhej. 

Jawdh. Aur barl qudrat se ha- 
mesha us kl mad ad kar. 

prist. Ai Khudawand, us ke 
liye muhkam qala' h(>. 

Jawdb^ Us ke dushmanon ke 
hamle ke waqt. ~ 

Prist. Apne Khadimon ko rast- 
bazT ka jama pahina. 

Jawdh. Aur apne barguzTda logon 
ko khushi 'inayat kar. "" 

Prist. Ai Khudawand, apnT um- 
mat ko salamat rakh. 

Jawdh. Attr apnl mlr&s ko bara- 
kat de. 

Prist. Ai Khudawand, ham&re 
zamane men sulh bakhsh. 

Jawdh. Kyiinki, ai Khuda, tere 
siwa hamarl taraf aur kol larnewal& 

Prist. Ai Khudawand, hamarl 
di^'a sun ; 

Jawdh. Aur hamarl faryad ko 
apne tak pahunchne de. 

Y 8vbh yd Shdm Jci Namaz hi pahU 
Kdlikt he ba^d yih Kdliht parlujde : 

A I Khuda, tu qudrat se apne 
logon kl parwarish karta aur 
mahabbat se un par hukumat rakhta 
hai; apne Bande hainare Badshah, 
Qaisar i Hind ko aisi tauffq bakhsh, 
ki us ke 'ahd men is qaum ka inti- 
zam danal se hua kare, aur terl 
Kallsiya kamal dindarT aur aman se 
ten 'ibadat kartT rahe ; aur aisa bhi 
kar, ki Badshah dil o jan se tujh 
par nisar hoke aur akhir tak nek 
kamon par qaim rahkar teri hidayat 
se us abadi badshahl ka waris ho, 
jo tu ne apne Bete Yisu^ Maslh ke 
wasTle se qaim ki hai. Amin. 

. H Agar Litdniyd gdi yd parM jde, to 
Muqaddas Khruaustum Jci du'd $e 
pahle yih I)u*den parhi jden. Agar 
Litdniyd na parhi jde^ to "Subh yd 
Shdm ki Namdz hi un Du'don hi ba 
jde jo Bddshdhi 1S.handdn he liye 
muqarrar hHi hain, yih mrhi jden^ 
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A I KhudSwand, hamare Khuda, 
tu apni qudrat ke kalam se 
sab chlzon ko sambbalta aur un par 
bukiimat karta bai, Hamara jo 
Badsbab Edward Qaisar i Hind 
goya aj ke din tere fazl aur parwar- 
digarl se Badsbab bone ke liye 
qaim kiya gaya, us ke waste ba- 
marl 'ajizi kl du'aon ko qabul kar ; 
aur us ke satb bamari mibrban 
Malika Alexandra, Jarj Sbabzada e 
Welz, Sbabzadi e Welz, aur tamam 
Badsbabi Ebandan ko bbi aisT 
barakat de, ki wub sab, bamesba 
ten mibrbani par takya karke, terT 
qudrat se mabfuz rahen, aur tere 
daim! fazl se sarfaraz bokar, tere 
buzur tandurustT, salamati, kbusbi, 
aur 'izzat ke satb raben, aur maut 
ke ba'd abadi zindagT aur jalal 
paen; bamare MunjT Yisii* Masib 
ke sawab aur sifarisb ke sabab yib 
bakbsb, jo tere aur Kubul-Quds ke 
satb bamesba wabid Kbuda abad ul 
abad jita aur saltanat karta rabega. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, Tu 
jab&n kl sari badsbabaton par 
bukumat rakbta, aur unben jis 'ko 
cbabta ' bai us ko deta bai ; bam 
tera beriya sbukr karte bain, ki tu 
ne karm karke goya aj ke din apne 
Bande bamare Badsbab mu'azzam 
Edward Qaisar i Hind ko is Saltanat 
ka Takbtnisbrn kiya. Terl bikmat 
se us kl rabnumaX aur tere bazu se 
us kl taqwfyat bo ; us ke zamane 

men saobcbai, insaf, rastbazT, pakl- 
zagT, sulb aur mababbat sab barbtl 
raben ; us ke tamam masbwaron aur 
kosbisbon ko aisa durust kar, ki un 
se tera jalal aur us ki ra*iyat kl 
bibtari bo; aur bam logon ko aisi 
tauftq bakbsb ki kbusbi se us kl 
farmanbardarl karen. Ea'iyat ke 
dil bamesba us ki taraf mutawajjib 
raben: us kl Badsbabi daraz aur 
iqbahnand kar, aur ayanda jaban 
mea ns ko baqa ke taj se sarfaraz! 
bakbsb; bamare Kbudawaud Tisu' 
Masib ke waslle se. Amm, 

Ittihdd ke liye Du*a» 

A I Kbuda, bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib ke Bap, sirf wubi 
bamara Munji, aur Sulb ka Sardar 
bai; Hamen dil se gaur karne ki 
taufiq de, ki apne kbarab ikbtilafon 
ke sabab bam kaise bare kbatron 
men giriftar bain. Sab dusbmani 
aur ta'assub, aur 4ur jitnl baton ke 
ba'is bam Maslbf ittibad o ittifaq se 
inikte baifi, un ko dur kar ; taki jis 
tarab ek Bad&n aur ek Rub, aur 
bamare Bulawe^kl ek Ummed, ek 
Kbudawand, ek Iman, ek Baptisma, 
aur bam sabbon ka ek Kbuda aur 
Bap bai, usi tarab age ko bam ek 
dil auj ek jan bokar, aur Saobcbai, 
Sulb, Iman aur Mababbat ke ek pak 
band se fipas m<en wabasta bokar, ek 
kbayal aur ek zaban se tera jalal 
zabir karea ; bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib ke waslle se. Amin. 


f Pdk Sharakat hi Namdz men hajde us 
roz ki KdHkf, Khatt aur Injil he^ Ticub 
i zaU '^arai parhijde. 


A I Kbuda, tu qudrat se apne logon 
kl parwarisb karta aur ma- 
babbat se un par bukumat rakbta 
bai ; apne Bande bamare Badsbab, 
Qaisar i Hind ko aisi tauftq bakbsb 

ki us ke 'abd men is qaum ka intizam 
danai se bua kare, aur teri Kallsiya 
kamal dindari aur aman so teri 
'ibadat karti rabe ; aur aisa bbi kar 
ki Badsbab dil o jan se tujb par nisar 
boke aur akbir tak nek kamon par 
qaim rabkar, teri bidayat se us abadi 
badsbabi ka w&ris bo, jo tu ne apne 
Bete Yisu' Masib ke waslle se qaim 
ki bai. Amm. 

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?:HATT. 1 Patras ii. 11. 

A I piyaro, main tumharT minnat 
Karta hun, ki turn apne ap ko 
pardesi aur musafir jankar un jismanl 
khwahishon se parhez karo, jo ruh 
se laral rakhtl bain ; anr gairqaamon 
men apna chal chalan nek rakkho; 
taki jin baton men wnb tumben 
badkar jankar tumbarl badgol karte 
bain,tnmbare nek kamon ko dekbke, 
nnbln ke sabab mulabize ke din 
Kbnda kl baral kare^. Kbndawand 
kl kbatir insan ke bar ek intizam 
ke t&bi' rabo : badsbab ke, is liye 
ki wnb sab se buzurg bai; anr 
bakimon ke, is liye ki wnb badkaron 
kl saz& aur nekokaron kl ta'rif ke 
liye ns ke bbeje bue bain; kyunki 
Kbnda kl yib marzl bai, ki turn 
nekl karke nadan admlon kl jabalat 
kl baton ko band kar do : aur apne 
ap ko azSd jano ; magar is azadi ko 
badi ka parda na banao, balki apne 
ap ko Khuda ka banda jano. Sab 
kl 'izzat karo. Biradarl se mababbat 
rakkbo. KbudS se daro. Badsbab 
kl *izzat karo. 

INJiL. Matixxii. 16. 

FARISION ne apne sbagirdon ko 
Herodion ke satb us ke pas 
bbeja, aur unbon ne kaba ; Ai 
ustad, bam jante bain ki tu sacbcba 
bai, aur sacbcbal se Kbuda kl rab kl 
ta'llm deta bai, aur kisi ki parwa 
nabln karta ; kyunki tu kisI &dml k& 
tarafdar nahln. Pas bames bata, 
tu ky& Famajbta bai? Qaisar ko 
jizya dena rawa bai, ya nabxn? 
xisu' ne un ki sbararat jankar kaba ; 
Ai riyakaro, mujbe kyun azmUte 
bo ? Jizye ka sikka mujbe dikbao. 
Wnb ek dinar us ke pas le ae. Us 
ne un se kaba ; Yib surat aur nam 
kis k& bai ? (Jnbon ne us se kaba ; 
Qaisar ka. Is par us ne un se kaba ; 
Pas jo Qaisar ka bai, Qaisar ko, aur 
jo Kbuda ka bai, Kbuda kO ad a 
karo. Unbon ne yib sunkar ta'ajjub 
kiya, aur use cbborkar cbale gaye, 

T Agar yth Bo» Itwdr yd htn , dur 
Tihwdr ko howey to uii Bog kl Kdlikf, 
Khait aur If^il parhtjdey aur Hhwdri 
Kdlikt ke ha*d marquma e hold du'd 


T U$i Eoz ji$ toaqt mund$ib ho mar' 
quma e zail tartib 'amal men IdrdjdtM 


A I Kbuda, bam terl bamd karte 
bain : bam tujbe Kbudawand 
mSnte bain. 

2 Sari dunya : tujb azall Bap kl 
parastisb karti bai. 

3 Tujbe Bare Firisbte : asman 
aur un kT tamam quwwaten ; 

4 KariibTn aur Saraftn "bilftnagfa 
pukar pukarke kabte bain ; 

5 Quddus, Quddus, QuddiiS : 
Kbudawand Babbiil-afwaj ; 

6 Asm&n o zamin : tere Jalal kl 
Hasbmat se ma'mur bain. 

7 Easnlon kl pur-jalal jama'at : 
ten bamd karti bai. 

8 NabTon kl sbarlf majlis : terl 
bamd kartfbai. 

9 Sbabldon kl niir&nl fkuj : terl 
bamd karti bai. 

10 Tamam jaban men p&k £lall< 
siy& : iqr&r karti bai, 

11 Ki Tu Bap bai : terl Hasbmat 
la-intiba ; 

12 Aur tera Beta ; 'allsban, 
baqIqT, aur iklauta bai ; 

13 Aur Eubul-Quds : Tasalll 
denewala bai. 

14 AiMasIb : tu* Jalal kaB&dsbab 

16 Tu Bap ka : azali Beta bai. 

16 Jab tu najat ke liye insan 
banne ko tba : tu ne Kunwarl ke pet 
se nafrat na kl. 

17 Jab tii maut^ki talkbl par 
galib bii& : tu ne Asman kT B&d- 
sbabat sare mominin ke liye kbol 

18 Tu Kbudft ke dabne : B&p ke 
Jalal men baitba bai. 

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19 Hameh yaqla. bai : ki 
hamarl 'Adalat ke liye aeg&. 

20 Is liye ham tert minnat karte 
liain ki tu apne bandon kl madad 
kar : jin ka fidiya tu ne apne qlmatt 
khun se^ diya hai. 

21 Unhen abadT jalal men : apne 
Muqaddason ke sath shumar kar. 

22 Ai E^iudawand, apnr nmmat 
ko salamat rakh, : anr apnl miras ko 
barakat bakbsli. 

23 Un par hukumat kar : aur 
abad tak unhen sarfaraz farma. « 

24 Boz ba roz : ham terl ta'zlm 
karte hain. 

25 Aur tere Nam kT parastish : 
abadnl-abad karte rahenge. . 

26 Ai Khudawand, mihrbani 
karke : aj hamen gunah se bach&e 

27 Ai Khudawand, ham par rahm 
kar : ham par rahm kar. 

28 Ai Khudawand, apnl rahmat 
ham par nazil kar : kyunki hamara 
bharosa tujh hi par hai. . 

29 Ai Khudawand, mera bharosa 
tujh hi par hai : main kabhl shar- 
minda na hung&. 

T Tab Prist hahe: 
Khudawand tumhare sath ho. 
jawdb. Ten xuh ke sath bhi 
Prist, Ham du'a maggeg. 
Khudawand ham par rahm kar. 
Jawah, Masihliam pax rahm kar. 
Khudawand ham par rahm kar. 

A I hamare Bap, Tu jo asman men 
hai, Tera Nam pak mana jael 
Terl badshahi ae. Terl marzl jaii^ 
asman par purl hoti hai, zamfn par 
bhI ho. Hamarl roz ki roti aj hamen 
de. Aur hamare .qusuron ko mu'af 
kar, Ki ham bhI apne qusurwaron 
ko mu'af karte hain. Aur hamefi 
azmaish men na_parne de, Balki 
bur&l se baoha. Amn, 

f Phir Prut hhara hokar hahe : 

Ai Khudawand, Badshah ko sala- 
mat rakh. 

Jawah. Jo tujh par bharosa rakh- 
t& hai. 

Prist, Apne muqaddas maqam se 
us kl madad bhej. 

Jawdh. Aur barl qudrat se hame- 
sha us kl himayat kar. 

Prist Us ke dushman us par 
qabu na paen ; 

Jawdh. Aur na sharlr nuqaan 
kame ko us tak pahunchen. 

Prist. Ai Khuda hamarniu'S sun ; 

Jaw&b. Aur hamarl faryad ko 
apne tak pahunchne de. 

Ham du'a mangen. 

A I Khuda, tu qudrat se apne logofi 
kl parwarish karta, aur mi^b- 
bat se un par hukumat rakhta hai; 
apne Bande hamare Badshah, Qaisar 
i Hind ko aisi taufiq bakhsh, ki us ke 
'ahd men is qaum ka intLzam danal se 
hua kare, aur terl Kaltsiya kamal 
dindarlaur aman se terl 'ibadatkarti 
rahe ; aur aisa bhi kar, ki Badshah 
dil o jan se tujh par nisar hoke aur 
akhir tak nek kamon par qaim 
rahkar terl hidayat se us abadi 
badshahi ka waris ho jo tu ne apne 
Bete Yisu^ Masih ke waslle se 
kl hai. Amin. 

A I Khudawand, hamare Khuda, 
tu apnl qudrat ke kalam se 
sab ohizon ko sambhalta aur un par 
hukumat kai^ hai, Hamftra jo Bad- 
shah Edward Qaisar i Hind goya aj 
ke din tere fazl aur parwardigaiT se 
Badsh&h hotie ke liye qaim kiya 
gayil, us ke waste hamixl 'ajizi kl 
du'ao]a ko qabul kar ; aur us ke sath 
hamari mihrbah Malika, Alexandra, 
Jarj Shahzada e Welz, Shahz&dl e 
Welz aur tarn am Badshahi khandan 
ko bhi aisI barakat de, ki wuh sab, 
hamesha ten mihrbani par takya 
karke, terl qudrat se mahfuz rahen, 
aur ten daimi fazl se sarfar&z hokar, 
tere huzur tandurusti, salamati, 
khushi aur 'izzat ke sath rahen, aur 
maut ke ba'd abadI zindagi aur jalal 
paeg ; hamare MunjI Yisu' Maslh ke 
Sawab aur Sifarish ke sabab yih 
bakhsh, jo tere aur Buhul-Quds ke 
sath hamesha w&hid Khuda abad 
ul abad jita aur saltanat karta 
rahega. Amin, ^ i 

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A I Qadir i Mutlaq Khuda,Tu ja^a,n 
kl sari badshahaton par nnkii- 
mat rakhta, aur unhen jis ko chalita 
hai us ko deta bai ; bam tera beriya 
sbukr karte bain, ki tu ne karm 
karke goya aj ke din apne Bande 
bamare Badsbab mu'azzam Edward 
Qaisar i Hind ko is Sultanat ka 
Takbtnisbln kiya. Teri bikmat se 
Tis kl rabniimai aur tere bazu se us 
kl taqwiyat bo ; us ke zamane men 
saobobal, inSaf, rastbazi, paklzagi, 
sulb aur mababbat sab barbtl raben ; 
us ke tamam masbwaron* aur kosb- 
isbon ko aisa durnst kar, ki un se 
tera jalal aur us kl ra'iyat kl bibtari 
bo; aur bam logon ko aisi tauflq 
bakbsb ki kbusbl se us ki farman- 
bardarl karen. ■ Ba'lyat ke dil 
bamesba us kT taraf mutawajjib 
raben : us ki Badsbabi daraz aur 
iqbalmand kar, aur ayanda jaban 
men us ko baqa ke taj se saifarazi 
bakbsb; bamare Kbudawand Yisu' 
Masib ke wasile se. Am%n» 

Ittihdd he liye Du^d, 

A I Kbuda, bamare Kbudawand 
Yiflu' Msuslb ke Bap, sirf wuhf 
bamata Munji, aur Sulb ka Sardar 
bai;. HJamen dil se gaur kame kl 
taufiq de, kTapne kbarab ikbtilafon 
ke sabab bam kaise bare kbatron 

men giriftar bain. Sab dusbmani 
aur ta'assub, aur 4ur jitnl baton ke 
ba'is bam Maslbl Ittibad o Ittifaq 
se rukte bain, un ko dur kar, taki 
jis tarab ek Badan aur ek Bub, aur 
bamare Bulawe^ki ek Ummed, ek 
Kbudawand, ek Iman, ek Baptisma, 
aur bam sabbon ka ek Kbuda aur 
Bap bai, usi tarab age ko bam ek 
dil aur ek jan bokar, aur Sacbcbai, 
Sulb, Iman aur Mababbat ke ek pak 
band se apas men wabasta bokar, ek 
kbayal aur ek zaban se tera jalal 
zabir karen ; bamare Kbudawand 
Yieu* Masib ke wasile se. Aram. 

A I Qadir i Mutlaq Kbuda, tamam 
danai ke sarcbasbme, tu 
bamare mangne se pable bamarl 
bajaten, aur mangte waqt bamarl 
nadaiff" janta baiT Ham terl minnat 
karte bain, ki bamarl kamzorion par 
taras kba ; aur jin cbizon ke mangne 
kl bam apni nalaiql ke sabab jur'at 
nabin rakbte, aur apne andbepan ke 
ba'is mans: nabin sakte, tu mibrb&nl 
se apne Bete bamare Kbudawand 
Yisu' Masib kl liyaqat ke tufail se 
bamen bakbsb de. Amm. 

QlDIE i Mutlaq Kbuda, Bap, 
Bete, aur Eubul-Quds kl bara- 
kat tum par bo,_aur tumbare sath 
bamesba rabe. 

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( 264 ) 


Jin par Ingliatdn he donon Subon he Arch-Bishap aur Bishap^ aur iamdm Khd- 
diman % din,u8 Majlis men muttafiq hue, jo San 1562 'Iswl men Landanmen 
Din i Haqqhi niahat ihhtildf i roe dafa' karne aur ittifdq qatm harne he 
Uye mun'aqid hut. 


I. Sdlua i aqdas he Imdn he bayan 

ALLAH Wahid, zu-1-hayat, aur 
barbaqq bai; wnh azali o 
abadlbai, wuh gair-mutajassad, g'air- 
munqasam, aur gair-mutaassar hai; 
us kl qadrat aur hikmat aur*khubi 
bebadd hai; wuh sab marat aur 
gair-maral chlzon ka Khaliq aur 
Hafiz hai Aur la Wahdat i ilahl 
men tin Aqanim, ya'nl Bap, Betft, 
aur Buhul-Quds hain, jin ka jauhar, 
qudrat, aur azaliyat ek hi hai. 

IL Kaldm, ya'nl Ihnulldh he haydn 
merij jo haqlql Insdn hand. 

BETA, jo Bap ka Eal&m, aur azal 
se Bap ka mauliid hai, Khuda 
i barhaqq, aur azall o abadi hai ; aur 
us ka aur Bap ka ek bl jauhar hai. 
Us ne insani zat mubarak Kunwarl 
ke pet men, us ke jauhar se, qabul 
kl; chunancbi do purl aur kamil 
Zaten, ya'nl Ulubiy at aur Insaniyat, 
ek hi Shakhs men aisi mutawassi} 
ho gain, ki phir kabbi dono kl judal 
nahin bone kl ; aur un se ek Masib 
hua, jo baqiql Khuda aur baqiql 
Insan hai; us ne fil-wftqi' aziyat 
uthal, maslub hua, mar gaya, aur 
dafn bua, taki apne Bap ko ham se 
milae ; aur na sirf admlon kl mau- 
rusi qusurwarl ke liye, balki un ke 
sab fi'll gunahon ke liye bhi qurban 
ho. ~ 

III. 'Alam I arwdh men Masih he utar 
jane he haydn men. 

J IS tarah Maslh hamare liye mua 
aur dafh bua, usi tarah yih bhI 

manna farz hai, ki wuh 'Alam i 
arwah mefi utar gaya. 

lY. Matfih hi Qiydmat he haydn men. 

MASIH murdon men se fil-waqi* 
ji utha, aur us ne apna badan, 
ma' gosht aur haddion, aur kamil 
insani zat ke sab lawazimat ke, phir 
le liya, aur un samet wuh Asm&n 
par charh gaya, aur waban, jab tak 
roz i bashr men sab Admlon kl 
'adalat ko phir na ae, baitha rahega. 

y. Buhul-Quds he haydn men. 

RUHUL-QUDS Bap aur Bete se 
sadir hai, aur Bap aur Bete k& 
jo jauhar, 'azmat, aur jalal hai, us ka 
bbl wubl hai ; aur wuh ha^Iql aur 
azall o abadI Khuda hai. 

YI. Is haydn men, hi pdJe Nawishte 
najdt he liye Kdfl o Wdfl hain. 

JITNI b&ten najat kfe liye tatuH 
hain, wuh sab Kitab i muqaddas 
men mundaraj hain; pas kisi par 
yih lazim thabrana jaiz^nabln, ki 
wuh aisI kol bat usul i Iman men 
sbumar kare, ya najat ke liye zarurl 
samjhe, jo na to Kitab i muqaddas 
men pal jati, aur na us se- sabit ho 
saktl hai. Kitab i Muqaddas se 
hamarl murad 'Abd-Nama i 'Atlq 
aur ' Abd-Nama i Jadid kl wuh Mu- 
sallam Kitaben hain, jin ke musta- 
nad hone men Kallsiya ko kabhl 
shakk nabin bua. 

Musallam Kitabon kl Fihrist. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Qdzlon ki KiUHb, 
' Samuel kl Pahti Kitdh^ 
Samuel hi Dusri Kitahj 
Saldrm hi PahU Kitab, 
Salatln hi Dusri Kitah, 
Tawarihh hi PahU Kitdb, 
Tawdrikh hi Dusri Kitdhf 
*Azrd hi PaMi Kitdh, 
*Azrd hi J)u§ri Kitahf 
Astar hi Kitdh, 
Aiyuh hi Kitdbf 

Sulaimdn h% OazaUul-Gazaldi, 
Char Amhiyd e Ahhar, ' 
Bdrah AnSiyd e Asgar. 

Aur dusn Kitabon ko (jaise ki 
Hiyarunnmus (ya'nl Jeram) kahta 
hai), chal chalan ke nek namune 
aur akhlaq kl dnrustl ke liye Eall- 
siya parbtr hai; magar 'Aqaid ke 
snbut ke liye un se sanad nabin letl. 

Wnb Kitfiben yib bain, 

*Azra hi Tisri Kitab, 

'Azrd hi Chauthi Kitab, 

Tohiydh hi Kitdb, 

Yahudit hi Kitdh, 

Aatar hi Kitdh hd hdqi hissa, 

Hihmat hi Kitab, 

YasW bin Sirahh, 

Bdruh Nahi, 

Tinon Jatodnon hd OU, 

Susanna hd Qissa, 

Bel aur Azhdahe hd Qissa^ 

Munassi hi Du*dy 

Mahhdhion hi PahM Kitdhj 

Mahhabion hi Dusri Kitdh. 

'Abd-Namai Jadid ki sab Kitabon 
ko, jaisi 'umiiman tasllm kl jati bainj 
ham bbl musallam mante bain. " 

YLL. 'Ahd-Ndma i *A(iq he baydn men, 

9 A HD-NAMA i 'Atiq, 'Abd-nama 

JLX i Jadid ke barkbilaf nabin; 

kyunki na sirf 'Abd-nama i Ja£d 

men, balki 'Abd-n&ma i 'Atlq men 
bbl, BanI Adam ko Maflib ke waslle 
se bay&t i abadi kt da'wat kl jatI bai, 
ki wnb Kbuda aur Insan bbl bokar, 
Kbuda aur Insan ke darmiyan ek 
bl Darmiyani bai. Pas wub log 
i'tabar ke laiq nabin, jo yib batil 
ta'llm dete bain, ki zamana i salaf 
ke mominin sirf Is jaban ki barakaton 
ke ummedwar tbe. " 

Agarcbi Masibi log us Sbara' kl 
Bit Easmog ke paband nabin, jo 
Kbuda ne Musa ke waslle se dinj aur 
na kucbb zururat bai ki us ke Mulkl 
ainon ko koi bakim i zaman murau- 
waj kare : tabam jo Abkam AkblaqI 
kablate bain, un ki ita'at se kol 
Masibi azad nabin. 

VIIL Tinon *Aq%don he baydn men- 

r" TON 'Aqide, ya'nl Nikaya ka 
'Aqida, aur Atban&sius ka 
'Aqida, aur wub jo 'umuman Rasulon 
ka 'Aqida kablata bai, bilkull iman 
aur taslim ke laiq bain; kyunki 
wub Kitab i muqaddas ki qata'i da- 
lilon se sabit bo sakte baig. 

IX. Maurusi gunah he baydn men. 

MAURtJSI Gunab se Adam kl 
pairawi murad nabin, (jaise 
ki abl i Pilagiyus ka be-asl o batil 
qaid bai,) balki wub bar ek adml ki 
si&t ka, jo fitrl taur par Adam ki nasi 
se paida beta bai, nuqs o fasad bai ; 
jis ke sabab insan asli rastbazi se 
babut bl dur j& para bai, aur bit- 
taba' badi ki taraf mail bai, cbun- 
ancbi nafs kikbwabisbrub kikbwa- 
bisb ki bar wa'qt mukbalif rabti bai ; 
aur is ke ba'is bar sbakbs men jo 
duny& men paida bota bai, yib mau- 
rusi guuab Kbuda ke gSLzah aur 'azab 
ka mustaujib bota bai. Aur zat i 
insani ki yib kbarabi un men bbl 
baqi rabti bai, jinbon ne wiladat i 
sani pai bai ; cbuoancbi wub nafsani 
mizaj jo Yunani mes frunemd sdrhus 
kablata bai, (jis se ba'z asbkbas 
nafsani bikmat, ba'z nafsani bawas, 
ba'z nafs ka mailan, ba'z nafs kl 
ragbat murad lete baiQ,) Kbuda ki 
Sbara' ka tabi' nabin bota. Aur 
agarobi un ke liye jolman late aur 

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baptisma p&te liain, kuobh saza ka 
hnkm nahln, magar taubhl Basul 
iqrar kart& hai, ki nafsani khwahish 
gunali men dakhil bai. 

X. JPrZ mukhtdri he haydn m^. 

ADAM ke gnDah men parne ke 
ba'd se Insan kl^yili* balat 
ho gal hai, ki wuh apnl zati taqat 
aur nek a'mal se is qabil nahln, ki 
Im&n lane, aur Khnda se da'a ma^gne 
kl taraf mju' kare, anr ns par mns- 
ta'idd ho : Pas, bagair is ke ki 
Khuda k& fazl, Maslh ke waslle ee, 
hamarl peshwal kare taki ham men 
nek ir&da paida ho, aur nek irfida 
paid a hone par -wnhl fazl hamare 
kamon men shamil hai bhi rabe, 
ham me^ aise nek a'mSl kl taqat 
nahln, jo Khndft kl nazar mea pasan- 
dlda aur maqbul ho^. 

XI. Insdn he Bdathdz thahame he 
baydn men. * 

HAM Khuda ke huziir apne a'mal 
ya sawabon ke ba'is r&stbaz 
nahln thaharte, balki sirf apne 
Khudawand aur MunjI Yisu' Maslh 
ke saw&b ke sabab, Iman ke waslle 
Be, r&stb&z thaharte bain : Pas yih 
'Aqida ki ham Iman hi se rastbaz 
thaharte bain, nih&yat sibbat-amez 
aur bahut tasalll-bakhsh hai, jaise 
ki UB Homill men jo ki Bastbaz 
thahame ke bab meg hai, mufassal 
bayan kiy& gaya hai. 

XII. Neh A^mdl he haydn men. 

AGAECHI wuh Nek A'mal jo 
Iman ke phal bote bain, aur 
admlon ke Eastb&z thahame ke ba'd 
un se sadir liote bain, na hamare 
gunahon ka kafP&ra ho sakte haig, 
na Khuda ke insaf kl tab la sakte 
hain; lekin phir bhI wuh Maslh 
men Khuda ke huzur pasand aur 
maqbiil bote hain, aur sachche aur 
Kinda Imftn se bizzarur paidft bote 
hain, yahaQ tak ki un se zinda Im&n 
aisa s&f pahchfina j&ta hai, jaisa 
darakht apne phal se. 

XIII. Un A'mal he haydn men, jo 
Bdstbdz thahame se pahle hiye jdie 

CHCNKI wuh A'm&l jo Maslh ke 
fazl aur us kl Bub ke Ub&m 
pane se pahle kiye jate hain, Yisu' 
Maslh par Iman lane se sadir nahln 
bote, is liye na wuh Khud& ko pasand 
ate hain, aur na wuh (ba'z 'Ulama 
ke qaul ke bamiijib) qabiliyat kl 
rah se insan men Khuda ke fazl kl 
liyaqat paida kar sakte hain ; balki 
is ke bar'aks, chunki wuh Khuda kl 
marzl aur hukm ke mutabiq nablQ 
kiye jate, is liye hamenkuchh sbakk 
nahin ki wuh gunah^ men dakhil 

XTY. Zdidul farz A*mdl he haydn 

UN 'Ulama kl ta'Um takabbur 
aur be-dlnl se khall nablQ^ jo 
kabte hain, ki Khuda ke bukmon 
ke 'alawa ba'z aur bhi ikhtiyarl kam 
hain, jin ko z&idul fiea^* kahte hain ; 
ky^ki is se yih da'wa paida hota 
hai,'ki ham na sirf Khud& ka haqq 
hi ad& karte hain, balki jo ham par 
farss o lazim hai, us se ziy&da bhI us 
ke liye karte hain; hala&ki Maslh 
saf saf farmatfi Tiai, ki Jab .sab 
kuebb, jo tumbare liye farmaya 
gaya hai kar chuko, to kaho, ki Ham 
nikamme naukar haig. 

I XY . Is haifctn men, hi rirf Manh 
idh se harl had. 

MASIH bamftrl zat kl haqiqat men, 
gunah ke siwa, bar amr men 
hamare 'ain mushabih bana, lekin 
gun&h se wuh jism aur rub done 
men bilkull mubarra tha. Wuh is 
liye aya, ki be-'aib Barra ho, jo apne 
ap ko ek hi bar qurb&n kame se 
jaban ke gunah utbft le j§,e ; aur 
Muqaddas Yuhanna ke qaul ke bamii- 
jib gunah us men tha hi nahln. 
Lekin baqi ham sab agarchi bap- 
tisma pakar Maslh men nae sire se 
paida Me hain, taubhl bahut baton 
men khata karte bain; aur agar 
kahen'ki ham be-gunahhain, to apne 
g,p ko fareb dete bain, aur haqqham 
men nablb. ^ | 

" "" Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



XVI. V8 gundh he lay an men jo 
Baptisma Jce ha'd kiyajdtd hau 

T71H ta'llm haqq nahls, ki har 
X muhlik gunah jis ko insan 
Baptisma ke ba'd 'amadan karta hai, 
Euhul-Quds ke khilaf wuh khass 
gunah hai, jis ki magfirat muhal 
hai. Is liye, jo Bapiisma pane ke ba'd 
gunah. men phanste haig un^ par 
tauba ka darwaza band na karna 
chahiye. Yih mumkin to hai ki ham 
Ruhul-Quds ke husiil ke ba'd, us fazl 
ko jo bakhsha gaya tha, chhorkar, 
gunah men phansen ; lekin yih bhi 
mumkin hai, ki ham Khuda ke fazl se 
phir uth khare hon, aur apna chalan 
sudharen. Pas wuh lo^ malamat ke 
laiq hain, jo kahte ham ki ham se 
ainda 'umr bhar gunah kabhl nahin 
hone ka, ya yih kahte hain ki sachohe 
taibin ke liye ja i magfirat baqi nahln. 

XVII. Taqdir^ aur Barguzldagt 
Tee haydn me^, 

TAQDIR jo Hayat ke liye hai, us 
se Khuda ka wuh azall maqsad 
mur&d hai, jis se us ne, qabl az bina 
i '&lam, apne mashwara i khufiya ke 
muwafiq 'azm bil-jazm kiya hai, ki 
jin ko us ne Masih men ban! Adam 
men se chun liya hai, un ko, la'nat 
aur 'azab se bachae, aur Izzat ke 
zuruf banakarj Maslh ke waslle se 
abadi najat ko pahunchae. Pas 30 
Khtida k! taraf se aisi afzal ni'mat 
se mustaflz hue hain, wuh Khuda 
kl Ruh se, jo waqt par un mea tasir 
karti hai, us ke maqsad ke muwafiq 
bulae jate hain : wuh Fazl ke wasile 
se is da'wat ko qabul karte hain : 
wuh muft rastbazthahrae jate hain : 
wuh Khuda ke lepalak fafzand bante 
hain :* wuh us ke iklaute Bete Yisu' 
Masih ke ham-surat ho jate hain: 
wuh dindari ke sath nek a^mal kl 
rah par dial£e hain, aur akhir i kar, 
Khuda kl rahmafse, abadI khushi 
1^0 pahunchte hain. 

&ch to hai ki jo khudaparast hain, 
aur yih apne tajribe se pate hain, ki 
Masih kl Euh ham men tSsir kartI 
hai, aur nafs ke fi'lon ko aur ham- 
are khaki 'azuon ko murda kartI jati 

hai, aur hamare dilon ko asman ke 
a'la matalib kl taraf khlnch letl hai, 
un ke liye Taqdir aur hamare Masih 
men Barguzida hone ka gaur shirin 
aur khush-gawar aur be-bayan ta- 
salll se pur hota hai ; kyugki is ke 
sabab un ke dilon men us abad! 
Najat ka yaqln jo Masih ke wasllo 
se hasil honewall hai, sabit o nihayat 
mustahkam ho jata hai, aur Khuda 
kl mahabbat bhi un ke dilon men 
bahnt hi shu'lazan hoti hai : Lekin 
taubh! jo shakhs nukta-chin atir nafs- 
parast, aur Masih kl Ruh se be-bahra 
hain, un ke liye yih ek nihayat haul- 
nak afat ka ba'is hai, ki wuh Khuda 
kl Taqdir ka fatwa har waqt apne 
pesh i nazr rakkhen; kyunki is se 
qabu pakar Shaitan unhen ya to 
mayusi kT daldal men dalta hai, ya 
beparwa banakar khubs aur najasat 
kl is naubat ko pahunchata hai, jo 
mayusi se hargiz kam khatarnak 

Is ke 'alawa chahiye ki ham 
Khuda ke wa'don ko is tarah qabiil 
karen, jis tarah Kitab i muqaddas 
men 'umuman pesh kiye gae hain, 
aur ham ko apne af al men Khuda 
kl usi Marzl par chalna chahiye, jo 
us ke Kalam meU ham par saf saf 
zahir kl gal hai. 

XVIII. Is haydn men hi abadi Najat 
mrf Ma»ih ke Nam ae hadl hotl hai, 

KALISIYA ke nazdik wuh log 
fatwa ila'niat ke qabil hain, 
jo yih bat kahne kl jur'at karte 
hain, Ki jo shakhs jis Mazhab ya 
Firqe se ta'alluq rakhta ho, usi se 
wuh najat paega, basharte ki wuh 
koshish karke apna chal chalan us 
Shara' ke aur Fitri tamlz ke muta- 
biq durust kare. Kyiinki Kitab i 
muqaddas sirf Tisii' Masih ka Nam 
hamen batati hai, ki usi se bani 
Adam najat pa sakte haia* 

XIX. Kallsiyd Jce haydn mefi. 

MASIH kl zahiri Kalisiya se mo- 
minln ki aisi jama'at murad 
hai, jis men Khuda ka khalis Kalam 
sunaya jata hai, aur Sakramint sab 
zarurl lawazimat ke sath Masih ke 

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z&bita ke bamujib dnrusti se 'amal 
men ate hain. 

Na sirf Yariishalein, Sikandariya, 
aur Antakiya kl Kalisiyaen galatl 
meu pari bain, balki EomI Ealisiya 
bbl, na* faqat cbal cbalan^anr Elt 
rasm ke bab men balki Iman ke 
mnqaddamat men bbi galati men 
pari bai. 

XX. KaUsiyd he ihhtiydr he haydn 

KALISIYA Bit rasmon ko mu'ai- 
yan karne ka iqtidar, anr Iman 
ke Mnqaddamat ko faisal karne ka 
ikbtiyar rakbtl bai : Magar Kbnda 
ke tabrlrl Ealam ke barkbilaf kol 
bat mu*aiyan kami ns ko rawa 
nabig, anr na Kitab i mnqaddas ke 
kisl maqam kl is tarah tafsir kamI 
lis ko jaiz bai, ki wuh dusre maqam 
kl zidd bo. Pas agarcbi Kallsiya 
Kitab i mnqaddas kl gawab o mu- 
bafiz bai, pbir bbl jis tarab ns par 
farz bai ki ns ke barkbilaf kol 
faisala na kare, isl tarab yib ns ko 
rawa nabin, ki ns ke 'alawa kisi 
dusre amr ka i'tiqad Najat ki sbartoQ 
men darj karke kisI ko ns par maj- 
bur kare. 

XXI. KaUnyd hi Majdlis i'Amma he 
ihhtiydr he haydn men, 

MA JALIS ,i 'Amma ko Sbab&n i 
waqt kt raza aur bnkm bag^air 
jama' kama jaiz nabln. Aur cbufiki 
wub aise admlon ke majma* bote 
bain, jin me^ ba'z Kbuda kl Bub 
aur'kalam ke muti' nabln, is liye 
lab wub jama' boa, to yib mumkin 
ai, ki ilablyat meu bbl gfalati men 
paren, aur ba'z auqat par bbl cbuke 
bain. Pas jo baton unbon ne najat 
ke liye zarurl tbabrain, bagair is ke 
ki sabit bo sake, ki wub Eit&b i 
mnqaddas se ll gal bain, na un kl 
kuobb qadr bai, aur na wuh sanad 
tbabar saktX bain. 

XXII. Purgdioriyvm^ ya^ni A*rdfhe 
haydn men, 

ROMI Kallsiya jo ta'llm Purga- 
toriyum ya'ne A'raf, aur Mag- 
firatnamoQ ke bab men, aur Mura- 

ton aur TabarmkoB kl ta'zim anr 
parastisb, aur Muqaddason se du'a 
mangne ke bab men detl bai, batil 
aur be-asl Ijad bai, aur Kitab i 
muqaddas ki kisI sanad par mabnl 
nablQ, balki Kalam 1 Ilabi ke muta- 
naqiz bai. 

XXIII. Jamd'at men dim hhidmat 
hajd Idne he haydn men, 

KISI ko jaiz nabin ki jab tak 
wub 'alaniya wa'z kabne, aur 
Jama'at men Sakraminton ko 'amal 
men lane ke liye basb i sbara' 
mu^iyan bokar, in kbidmaton ke 
liye bbeja na jae, yib kam az kbud 
ikbtiyar kare. Aur sirf aise logos 
ko basb i sbara' mu'aiyan aur bheje 
bue janna cbabiye, jo abl i ikbtiySr 
ke waslle se is kam ke liye munta- 
kbab aur muqarrar hue bain, ya'nf 
un sbi^kbson ke waslle se jinbon ne 
Jama'at men yib ikbtiyar paya 
bai ki Kb§.dim&n i din ko bulftkar 
Kbudawand ke anguristan mea 

XXIY. Ishaydnmen^hiJamd'atmen 
aisi hi zahdn ha isti^mdl hOy jise log 
samajhte hon, 

T7IH bat Kbuda ke kaldm anr 
JL pable zamane kl Kallsiya ke 
riwaj ke sarib, barkbilaf bai, ki girje 
men Du'a i 'Amm, ya Sakraminton 
ki ta'mll aisi zaban men kl jae, jise 
log na samajb saken. " 

XXY. Sakrdminton he haydn mer^ 

MASIH ke muqarrar kiye bue 
Sakr&mint na sirf Maslblon 
ke iqrar ki 'alamatea bain, balki 
kbususan wub fazl aur Kbuda ke 
us irada i kbair ke, jo wub bamarl 
nisbat rakbta bai, aise yaqinl gawab 
aur muassir nisban baia, jin ke 
waslle se, Kbuda bam mea kbufiya 
taur par asar karta bai, aur bnan 
sirf paida bx nabin karta, balki 
mazbut aur mustabkam bbl karta hai. 
Injil men bamare Kbnd&wand 
Masm ne do Sakramint muqarrar 
kiye bain; ya'ni, Baptisma, aur 
'Asba i I^bbani. 

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Jo p&Qch Busum 'umiiman Sakra- 
mint kahlate hain, ya'nT Istihkam, 
Tambib, Taqarrur, Nikab, akbirl 
Masab, un ko Injil ke Sakrainint 
na samajbna cbabije; kyunki ba'z 
un men se galat taur par "Basulon 
kl pairawl kame se paida hue bain, 
aur ba'z zindagi kl aisl balaten bain 
jo Kutub i mnqaddasa ke muwafiq 
mustabsan to bain; lekin pbiif bbl 
Baptisma aur 'ABba i Babbanl kl 
tarab wub Sakraminton ka kbassa 
nab^ rakbtin; is waste ki Kbnda 
kl taraf se un ke liye kol zabirl 
nisban yS rasm muqarrar nabln. 

Masib ne Sakramint is liye mu- 
qarrar nabln kiye, ki log unben 
takte raben, ya liye pbiren; balki 
is waste ki bam wajib taur par un 
k& isti'mal karen ; aur un kl sibbat- 
bakbsb tasir sirf unbin men botf 
bai, jo unben laiq taur par lete 
bdin, magar jo unben nal&iq taur 
par lete bain, wub muqaddas Faulus 
ke qaul ke bamiijib, apne liye saza 
kam&te bain. 

XXYI. Is hayan men, hi Khadim&n i 
din kl Nalaifi ke sahah Setkraminton 
he asar men khalal ndhln did, 

AOABGHI zabin Kalisiyft men 
bbale bure bamesba xajAe jule 
rabte bain, aur kabbc kabbi bure 
adml Kalam aur Sakraminton kl 
Ebidmat par mukbt&r bo jate bain ; 
magar cbiiaki wub na apne, balki 
Masib ke nam se apna k&m karte 
bain, aur usi ke 'ubdadar aur mukb- 
tar-k&r bokar apnl kbidmat bajft 
ISte bain, is liye yib jaiz bai ki 
ham Kbuda ka Ealam sunne, aur 
Sakr&mint lene men un kl Kbidmat 
qabttl karen. Un kl bural ke sabab 
na Masib kl mu'aiyan kl bul rasmon 
ka asar jata rabta bai, aur na us fazi 
men, jo Kbuda ki bakbshisbon se 
miltft bai, un ke liye kucbb kbalal 
ata bai, jo Iman se aur sbara'I taur 
par' un ke bath se Sakramint lete 
ham ; garz un ke lenewale, ^ ba- 
wujude ki bad admlon ke b&tb se 
lete bain taubbi Masib ke zfibite 
aur wa'£. ke sabab barakat se mab- 
lum nabln rabte* 

Taubbi Kallsiy& kl siyasat men 
yih sbamil bai, ki badchalan Kba- 
dimSn i din ke bai kl tabqiqat 
kl jae, aur jo log un ke jurmon se 
w&qif bon un par nalisb karen : aur 
akbir i kar jab wub insaf ke ru 
se mujrim tbabren, to apne 'ubde 
se ma'zul kiye jaen. 

XXVn. Baptisma ke haydn men. 

BAPTISMA na sirf iqrar ka ek 
nisbau, aur farq kame kl ek 
aisl 'alamat hai, jis se Maslblon kl 
gair-maslblon se tamlz boti bai, 
balki wub Wiladat i sani ya'ni nae 
Janam ka bbl nisban aur goyft ek ala 
bai, jis se jo log durusti se Baptisma 
pftte bain, KallsiyS men paiwand bo 
jate bain ; aur jo wa'de Kbud& ne is 
bab men kiye bain ki bam gun&bon 
kl magfirat p&en, aur Bubul-Quds 
ke waslle se us ke lep&lak farzand 
banes, un pai^ zabiran goya dast- 
kbatt aur mubr bo jati bai ; Iman 
bbl mazbut ho jata bai, aur Kbuda 
se du'& mangne kl badaulat Fazl ki 
taraqql hoti hai. 

Bacbcbon k& Baptisma Kallsiya 
mea zarur barqarar rahe, kyunki 
yib q&*ida Masib ke zabite ke baCiut 
hi muwafiq bai 

XXYm. *Ashd ft Bahbdnl ke haydn 
men, ' 

' A SHA i Babbanl na sirf us mu- 
J\, babbat k& nisban hai jo Ma- 
slbioa ko apas men rakhni cbabiye, 
balki kbususan us Fidiye k& ek 
Sakramint bai, jo Masib kl maut se 
hamare liye diya gaya : yaban tak 
ki jo log, durust aur l&iq taur par, 
Iman ke sath, use lete baia, un ke 
liye wub BotI jise bam tprte baig, 
Maslh ke Badan kl sbar&&at hai; 
aur isl tarab Barakat k& Fiyala 
Maslh ke khun kl sharakat bai. 

Tagaiyur i jaubar, ya'nI,'A8b& i 
Babbanl meu BotI aur Mai ke jaubar 
ka tabaddul, muqaddas NawisbtoQ 
se s&bit nabln ho sakta; balki yih 
rae Kitab i muqaddas ke saf saf 
kalimat kl 'ain zidd hai, aur SakrS- . 
mint kl Khususiyat ko ulat detl hai, 

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aur bahut se batil tawahhnmat ka 
mabda hui hai. 

Maslh ka Badaa, ' Asha i muqaddas 
men, sirf ftsinftnl aur ruhani taur par 
diya aur liya aur kbaya jata bai. 
Aur is 'Asha men, Masib ke Badan 
ke lene aur kb&ne ka waslla Im&n 

'Asba i BabbanI ke Sakramint ko 
rakb cbboma, ya liye pbima, ya 
buland karna, ya sijda karua, Masib 
ke bukm ke muwanq nabfn. 

XXIX. Is haydn men, lei jab had dd- 
ml 'Ashd % Bahbdni lete hain, toumh 
Masih kd Badan ndhin Jchdte, 

BAD admi, aur jo log zinda Iman 
se be-babra bain, agarcbi (mu- 
qaddas Augustinus ke qaul ke 
bamujib) jismani aur zablrl taur 
par Masib ke Badan aur Kbun ke 
Sakramint ko danton se cbabate 
bain, taubbi wub kisi surat se Masib 
meg sbarik nablQ bote ; balki is ke 
bar'aks, aisi 'umda cbiz kenisbanya 
Sakramint ka kbana pina un kl 8az& 
bl ka ba'is beta bai. 

XXX. Donon ashyd lene he haydn 

AHL i jama'at ko Kbudawand ka 
Piyala lene se mamana'at na 
karni cb&biye ; kyu]|ki Ma)3l)i k;^ yib 
bukm aur zabita bai, ki EabbanI 
Sakramint ke dono ajza sab Maslb- 
lon ko barabar diye jaen. 

XXXI. Ma»ih le% ua eh ht Qurhdnl ke 
haydn men^Jo Saltb par purl hui. 

MASIH kl Qurbamjo ek bl b&r 
btti, tam&m jaban ke sare 
gunaboa k&, kbwab wub mauriisl 
Son, kbw&b fill, kamil fidiya aur 
kaif^ra aur mu'awiza hai, aur is ke 
siwa gunab ke liye kol dusra mu'- 
&wiza nabln. Is liye jo bat BomI 
Eal&iya men masbbur bo gal bai, ki 
Massofi kl qurbanlftg cbarbate waqt, 
Frist Masib ko zindon aur murdon 
ke liye nazr guzranta bai, taki wub 
apnl saza aur qusurwari se ribal 
p&en, mabz kufr kl kabani aur kba- 
tamak fareb kl bat bai 

XXXII; PrUton ke Nikdh ke haydn 

BISHAPON, Priston, aur Dikanon 
ko Ebuda kl Sbara' men yib 
bukm nalils, ki wub mujarrad rabne 
ka qaul o 'abd karen, ycl nikab se baz 
raben; is liye aur sab Maslblon ki 
tarab un ko bbl jaiz bai, ki apnl sam- 
ajb ke mut&biq nik&b karen, dar bale 
ki apne dil men yib faisala karen, ki 
nik&b dindarl ke liye muftd boga. 

XXXIII. h haydm men, ki Jo log- 
Kalieiyd se khdrij kiye jden, un se 
kandre ra^nd ckdhiye, 

JO sbakbs Kallsiya ke 'alaniya 
fatwe se basb i sbara' Kallsiya 
ke ijma' se munqata' aur us kl 
sbarakat se kbarij kiya gaya bo, 
kull imandaroa ko lazim bai ki jab 
tak wub tauba ke zarl'e se Kallsiya 
se 'alaniya milaya na jae, aur mab- 
kama i zl ikbtiyar se us men pbir 
qabul na bo, us waqt tak use be- 
dinon aur kbirajglroQ men sbumar 

XXXIY. KaUsiyd ke Bitodyatl das- 
iuron ke haydn men, 

ZABUB nabfn ki Dastnr aur 
Busiim sab jasab ek bi, aur bar 
surat men yaksan bon ; kyunki wub 
bar zam&ne men mukbtalif rabe bain, 
aur mukbtalif mulkon aur waqton 
aur logon keriwaj ke muwafiqun ko 
tabdil kama jaiz bai, ba-sbarte ki 
Kbuda ke Kalam ke barkbilaf ko£ 
bat mu'aiyan na kl jae. Kallsiya 
ke jo dastur, aur rusum Kalam i 
Ilftbl ke barkbilSf na bon, aur Sahi- 
ban i ikbtiyar ke bukm o marzl se 
muqarrar hue bog^ un ko agar kol 
apnl kbass r&e se dida o danista 
'alaniya tore, to aur logon kl 'ibrat 
ke liye use 'alaniya tambib kami 
cbabiye, kyunki wub Kallsiya ke. 
'&mm intizam mefi kbalal dalta, 
aur H&kim kx bukumat ko nuqsan 
pabuncbata, aur kamzor bbalon ko 
tbokar kbilata bai. 

Har ek 'alabida ya'nf mulki Kall- 
siya. ko ikbtiy&r bai ki Kallsiya kl 
wubrit rasm muqarrar, yamubadda), 
ya mansukb kare, jo mabz insafi ke 

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ikbtiyar se mu'aiyan hon, basharte 
ki jo kuchh wah kare, ruhani faide 
ke liye kare. 

XXXY. Homiliyan he haydn men, 

J IS tarah Homiliyon kl pahli Kitab, 
jo Edward Shashum ke 'ahd 
men sbai' hul, aifil ta'llm detl bai, 
jo kbudfiparastl aur riibanl sibbat 
barb&tx, aur is zamane ke liye zarurl 
bbi bai, usi tarab Homiliyon kl 
dusri Kitab kl bbl yibi kaifiya^bai, 
jis ke mazamin kl fibrlst zail men 
juda juda mundaraj bai; is liye bam 
ne yib tajwiz kl bai, ki Girjaoa men 
Kbadiman i din iin ko kosbisb karke 
saf saf parba karen, taki abl i jama'at 
unben samajb sakeQ. 

Homiliyon kl Fibrist. 

1. Oirja ke mu'amaldt men adah o 

shdwtagl kl zaruraL 

2. BtU-para$ti ke khatre he baydn 


3. Oirjdon kl marammai kamsy aur 

un ke 8df rakhne ke baydn 

4. A^mdl i hasna ke baydn mm, jin 

men se OMtoal Boze kd baydn 

5. Shikam-parwarl aur Nashe-bdzl 

kl burdl ke baydn men, 

6. JSJiuah-poshdkl kl Ifrdt ke hhildf 


7. Du'd ke baydn men. 

8. Namdz ke Maqdm aur Waqt ke 

baydn men, 

9. Is baydn men ki Du^d i 'Amma 

aur Sakrdminton In ta'mU ub 
zabdn men honl chahiye^ jia ko 
sab sam^jhte hon. 

10. iPiudd ke Kaldm kl hurmat karne 

he baydn men, 

11. JSJiairdt ke baxjdn men, 

12. ifoM^ kl Wilddat ke baydn men. 

13. Masth he dukh uthdne ke baydn 


14. Masik kl Qiydmat ke baydn men. 
16. Masih ke Badan aur Khun kd 

Sakrdmint Idiqtaw parlene ke 
baydn mef^. 

1 6. Buhul-Quds kl N€maton ke baydn 


17. Aiydm % lltijd ke baydn men, 

18. Halat % Nikdh ke baydn men. 

19. Tavha ke baydn men, 

20. Kahili ke baydn men, 

21. Bagdwat ke khildfmen. 

XXXVI. Bishapon aur Khddimdn i 
din ke Taqculdus ke baydn men, 

A" RCH-BISHAPON aur Bisbapon 
ke Taqaddns, aur Priston aur 
Dikanon ke Taqarrur kl jo* Eitab 
Edward Sbasbnm ke 'abd men sbai' 
bnf, aur nsi zam&ne mea FarBmant 
kl sanad se tasdiq bul, ns men 
TaqaddDS aur Taqarrur i mazkur ke 
sab lawazim mundaraj bain : aur us 
men kol aisl bat nabin", jis se 
tawabbumat ya be-dlnl mutasauwir 
bo. Pas bamara yib fatwa bai, ki 
jitne adml Sbab i ^dwar^ mamdub 
ke san i julus ke dusre sal se, is 
waqt tak is kitab ke Busum ke 
mutabiq muqaddas ya muqarrar 
kiye gae bain, ja, ainda unbia 
rasmon ke mutabiq muqaddas ya 
muqanar kiye jaen, un ka Taqaddus 
ya Taqarrur sabib o ba-qa'ida aur 
basb i sbara' samjba jae. 

XXXYII. Mulia Hdkimon he baydn 

BADSHAH i Mu'azzam ko Mulk 
i Inglistan aur apne digar 
Mum&lik men a'U ikbtiyar basil 
bai, aur is Saltanat ke sab Darjoa 
ke log, khwab wub KallsiyS ke 
'ubdedar bon, kbwab na bon, tam&m 
muqaddamat men us ke zer i bukm 
bain, aur na wub kisi dusre mulk ke 
bakim ke ma-t^bt bain, aur naun ka 
ma-tabt bona munasib bai. 

Cbiinki sunne men aya bai ki ba'z 
tubmat laganewale log bamare is 
kabne se n&raz bote bai^, ki Badsbab 
i Mu'azzam ko a'la ikbtiyar basil 
bai ; pas sab par wazid bo, ki bam 
apne Badsbabon kx taraf na Kbuda 
ka Kalam sunane, na Sakramint ad& 
karne ki kbidmat mansub karte 
bain; cbunancbi yib bat bamarf 

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Malika i Mu'azzama Elizabeth ke 
Injankshans (ya'nl farmanon) se saf 
sabit hai ; balki sirf wuhl ikhtiyar 
dete hain, jo Kliudft ne ap sab dindar 
Badshabon ko bamesba dijS. hai, 
jaisa ki Eitab i muqaddas se zahir 
hai ; ya'ni yih, ki jis jis darje aur 
martabe ke log Ehuda ne iin ke 
supurd kiye hon, khwah wuh dini 
hon, khwah mulki, iin men se bar ek 
par hukumat karen, aur ziddl aur 
badkar logon ko mulki ikhtiyarat se 
roka karen. 

Eoma ka Bishap is Mamlukat i 
Inglistan men kuohh ikhtiy&r nahin 

Jaiz hai ki Mulk ke Qaw&nin ke 
bamujib bare aur sakht jaraim ke 
'iwaz men l^slhlon ko maut kl saz& 
dl jae. 

Maslhlon ko jaiz hai ki Hakim i 
mulk ke hukm se hathyfir bftndhkar 
sipah-garl karen. 

XXXYIII. Is hay an meny ki Masthlon 
ka mdl o asbab muahtdrak nahln. 

MASIHION ka Mai o Asbab haqq 
aur qabze ke ru se mushtarak 
nahin, jaise ki ba'z Ana-Baptista 
log behiida bakte hain. Magar phir 
bhi bar shakhs par farz hai, ki apne 
mal men se maqdur bhar sakha^wat 
se muhtSjon ko khairat de. 

XXXIX* Maaihlon ke Qasm hhane Jce 
haydn men. 

YIH to ham mante hain ki hamare 
Khudawand Yisu' Masih, aur 
us ke Rasul Ta'qub ne, be-sabab aur 
be-soche Qasm khani Maslhiog ko 
mana* kl hai, phir bhI hamarl yih 
rae hai, ki kisi khair aur haqq ke 
mu'amale men Hakim ke hukm se 
qasm khanI Maslbl Din men mana' 
nahIn, basharte ki yih NabI kl ta'llm 
ke muwafiq, 'adl o ins&f aur rasti se 


1. ^ALUS % aqdaa ke tmdn ke 
A3 haydn men, 

2. Kaldm, ya*nl Ihnullah ke haydn 

men, jo haqiql Insdn hand. 

3. * Alain % arwdh men MaAh ke utar 

jdne ke haydn men. 

4. MasHh k% Qiydmat ke haydn men. 

5. BuJiul-Quda ke haydn men, 

6. Is haydn men, ki pdk Nawishte 

najdt ke liye Kdfl o Wdfi 

7. *AhdrNdma i 'Aiiq ke haydn men. 

8. Tlnon *Aq%don ke haydn men. 

9. Maurusl gundh ke haydn men. 

10. Fi^l^ukhtdrl ke haydn men. 

11. Insdn ke Bdsthaz thahame ke 

haydn men, 

12. Nek A' mdl ke haydn meri. 

13. Un A' mdl ke haydn men, jo 

Bdsthdz thahame se pahle kiye 
jdte hain. 

14. Zdidulfarz A*mdl ke haydn men. 
15 Is haydn men, hi sirf Masih gundh 

se hari hai. 
16. Us gundh ke haydn men, jo Bap- 
tisma ke ha'd kiydjdtd hai. 

17. Taqdir aur Barguztdagt ke haydn 


18. Is haydn men hi ahadi Najdt sirf 

Mtuiih ke Ndm se hdsU hoti hai. 

19. Kalisiyd ke haydn men, 

20. Kalisiyd ke ikhtiydr ke haydn 


21. Kalisiyd ki Majdlis % 'Amma ke 

ikhtiydr ke haydn men, 

22. PUrgdtoriyum, ya'ni A'rdf ke 

haydn men, 

23. Jamd'at men dini khidmat hajd 

Idne Ice haydn men. 

24. Is haydn men, ki Jamd'ai men aisi 

hi zahdn kd ist^mdl ho, jise log 
samajhte hon. 

25. Sakrdminton ke haydn men, 

26. Is haydn men, ki Khddimdn-i-din 

ki Ndldiqi he satah Sakrd- 
minton ke asar men khalal nahin 

27. Baptisma he haydn men, 

28. *Ashd i Bahhdm he haydn men, 

29. Is haydn men, ki jab had ddml 

'Ashd i Bahhdnl lete hain, to wuh 
Masih kd Badan nahlf^ hhdte. 

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30. Donon ashya lene he haydn men. 

31. Masih kl U8 eh h% Qurhdni he 

haydn menj Jo Salib par purl 

32. Priston he Nihdh he haydn men. 

33. Is haydn men, hi jo log KaUsiyd 

$e hhdrij hiyejden, un se handre 
raind ehahiye. 

34. Kdtmyd he Biwd'jaR doMri^ 

he haydn men* 

35. Homiliyon he haydn me^. 

36. Bishajpon aur EJkddimdn i din he 

Taqaddue he haydn men. 

37. Midhi Hdhimon he haydn men. 

38. Is haydn men^ hi Masihion hd mal 

o atbah mushtarah ndhhi. 

39. MaMlan he Qasm hhdne he haydn 


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( 2?4 ) 


Jitne &pas men zail ke rislite y& n&te rakhte hem, xm ko b&ham nik&h 
kamft Eit&b i mnqaddw aur ham&re qawfinln ke ru^ mana' hai. 

Kai mard zail he rishton yd ndto^ men 
nikdh na hare : 

Kol *aurat zail he rishton pa ndton men 
nikdh na hare : 


DadT ya nanl, 
Sautell dadi ja nanl, 
Dadiyft sas ya naniya sas. 


Dada ya nana, 
Sautel& dada ya nana, 
Dadiya susra ya naniya susra. 


MausI (Khala), 
Chaohl ya KakI (TaT). 


Chacha ya kaka (Tay&), 
Mama (M&mu), , 



MamI (Mumanl), 
Fbupbiya sas, 
Mamiya sfts. 



Mau8& (Khalu), 
Chaohiya susra, 
Mamiya susra. 



Sautell ma, 



Sautela b&p, 



Sautell betl, 



SautelS bet&, 
Damad (Jamat). 







Jeth ya Dewar, 




Natnl (NawasT), 

Pot bahu. 



NawasS (Natl), 

Pot damad (Pot jamM). 


Nat bahu, (Nawas bahu), 

Sautell poti, 

Sautell natnl (Sautell nawasi). 


Nawas damad (Nat jamaF), 

Sautela pota, 

Sautela nati (Sautela nawasft). 


Bhatfj bahu. 


Bhatlj damad (Bhatlj jama!). 


Bhanaj bahu, 
Sale ki betT, 
Sail kl betf. 


Bhanaj damad (Bhanaj jamal), 
Jeth ya dewar ka beta, 
Nanad ka beta. 



TU 4qoo^ 

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