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Full text of "The Ussher memoirs ; or, Genealogical memoirs of the Ussher families in Ireland (with appendix, pedigree and index of names), compiled from public and private sources"

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S. P. G. MISSIONARY IN JAPAN (1873-I882) ; 


" Nescire quid antea quam sis acciderit, id est, semper esse puerum" 

— CiCERO. 





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79 7 987 7 








v^ ■^^■■■'* 


Lord Archbishop of Armagh (1625-1656). 

From an Engraving by Vertve, 0/ the Pairtting by Sir Peter Uly, formerly at Shotover 


WIS. HIST, ^oGietY.- 


i -2 























In sending forth, another genealogical work, I mtist request the indulgence of 
my readers with respect to such faults and errors as may he found. My 
approaching departure to a distant country and the preparations necessary for 
it, together with the labours and constant journeyings in connection with my 
official duties, have rendered it a most difficult task to carry out to completion 
without thorough leisure, a work requiring such minute accuracy and constant 
reference. In any case I hare made the way clear for further investigation. 
The subject of the book is one which must be interesting to many besides those 
connected by blood with Ireland's greatest Scholar, and there is a large 
amount of information as to the early ffistory of Dublin and of Trinity College. 
The plan adopted has been to commence each chapter with a short pedigree of 
that branch of the Usshers treated of therein, which is followed by an expan- 
sion of the same in narrative form. The Appendix contains many documents 
printed for the first time, such as extracts from Parish Registers, Freemen's 
Rolls, the Funeral Entries, etc. ; there is also a Tabular Pedigree on the basis 
of Sir Wm. Betham's in Elrington's Life of Primate TJssher, but greatly 
enlarged. An alphabetical index of Usshers and some others mentioned in 
the work is added. 

I have to return my hearty thanks to all those members of the TJssher 
family who have helped me either by giving information or subscribing, 
especially Richard J. TJssher, Esq., of Cappagh House, Co. Waterford, who 
has lent me many interesting documents and worked up the history of 
his own branch thoroughly for me; also Major-General John T, TJssher, 
and Dr. Isaac W. TJsher of Dundrum, who have taken the greatest trouble 
in ascertaining all they possibly could about their own and other branches 
I also thank all those who have kindly subscribed towards the publication 
of these Memoirs. 


To his Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief of the Forces for 
directing searches to be made for me in the MS. Records at the Horse 
Guards ; to Sir J. Bernard Burke, C.B., for again allowing me to freely examine 
the Funeral Entries and the Visitation of the City and Co. of Dublin ; to 
J. J. Digges La Touche, Esq., LL.D., Deputy Keeper of the Irish Records, for 
generous permission, through a lengthened period, to search the invaluable and 
varied documents under his care, and also to the gentlemen in the Search-room 
for their courteous assistance ; to Thomas French, Esq., Assistant Librarian 
T.C.D., for similar kindness in regard to the very interesting historical and 
genealogical MSS. in my Alma Mater, which have yielded me such a rich 
store of cvirious information ; to Rev. C. T. M'Cready, Rev. "W. Reynell, W. 
O'Donnavan, LL.D., and Mr. Edward Evans of Cornmarket, for many most 
precious items of information and for the use of private MS. notes ; and also 
to my clerical brethren who have freely allowed me to inspect their Parochial 
Registers ; to the Town Clerk of Dublin for permitting me to read the Free- 
man's Lists and Repertory of the Assembly Rolls ; to H. E. Doyle, Esq., C.B., 
and the other gentlemen who have helped me with regard to the illustrations, 
lastly, to Messrs. Sealy, Bryers & "Walker of Dublin, who have taken such a 
great interest and spared no trouble in the publishing of this book, I express 
my sincere obligations. The portrait of Master John Ussher has been 
substituted for that of Sir "Wra. TJssher, Jun., as the one supposed to be Sir 
"William's is not certainly known to be his. 

I am indebted to R. Day, Esq., F.S.A., for the loan of the "super libros " 
of Primate Jas. Ussher, of which an exact fac-shnile is given on the cover. 

I regret that I was unsuccessful in the application which I made for 

permission to copy the TJssher letters in the Ormonde Collection at Kilkenny 



DuBLix, New Year's Day, 1889. 



PREFACE - - ^ - - - - -• '• ^^ 

HISTORICAIj INTKODUCnON ----- vii. — xi. 






■WALLS, DXnBLIN ------ 28 — 42 




IX. PRIMATE JAMES USSHER ... - - 86 104 




QUAY - . - - . . - - 145—167 






HIS DKSCENDANTS . . . - . 228 247 

APPENDICES I. TO X. - - - - - - 249 279 


INDEX OF NAMES ----.. 297 304 


Frontispiece. — ^Primate James Ussher, D.D., 

Lord Archbishop of Armagh. Born 1581, died 1656. 
From au engraving by Yertue, of the painting by 
Sir Peter Lely, formerly at Shotover. 

To face p. 44. — Primate Henry Ussher, D.D., 

Lord Archbishop of Armagh. Born about 1550, died 1613. 
From a photograph of the painting at Armagh Palace. 

To face p. 62. — The Arms of Primate Hekry Ussher, emblazoned. 

Quartered with those of the Yorkshire Usshers. From 
the Funeral Entry in Ulster Office. 

To face p. 86. — The Arms or Primate James Ussher. 

From Brit. Mus. Add. MS., 5855, fo. 66b. 

To face p. 130. — Sir William Ussher, Senr., Clerk of the Council. 

Born 1561, died 1659. From a water colour copy in Natl. 
Gal. of I., of his picture at Castledillon. 

To face p. 172.— John Ussher, Master of Chancery. 

Born 1646, died 1732, son of Sir Wm. Ussher, junr. 
From a copy of his picture at Eastwell, Co. Galway. 

To face p. 177.— Rev. Henry Ussher, D.D., IS.F.T.C.D. 

Born 1741, died 1790. First Astronomer Euyal of Ireland. 
From a miniature by his daughter. 

To face p. 181. — Sir Thomas Ussher, KC.B. 

Eear Admiral of the Blue. Born 1779, died 1862. From 
a photograph by Cranfield, of his picture. 

HISTORICAIj inteoduction. 

As many of those who are readers of this work may not have the patience to 
go through the details, or to pick out the interesting facts lying imbedded in a 
mass of dry pedigree, the writer purposes here to give a short sketch of the 
Ussher family, which was distinguished, not merely because from its bosom 
sprang the extraordinary man, who towered so high in mental endowments 
and varied learning above his fellows, but also because there were not a few 
of the name besides, who were distinguished in other ways. 

The first of the name who was undoubtedly an ancestor of the present wide- 
spread branches of the Irish Usshers, was Arlantor or Arland Uscher or 
Ussher, who appears to have been settled in Dublin as a leading merchant in 
and before 1439, was bailiff of that City in 1461, Mayor in 1469, and died in 
1479. A tradition as old as Archbishop James Ussher's time states that Arland 
IJscher was descended from a John Nevil of the Northern Nevils, who 
accompanied Prince John in 1185 to Ireland as Usher of the Court, and 
adopted the surname of Usher or Ussher from his office ; but this tradition is 
not corroborated by contemporary evidence. 

It is curious certainly that from 1185 to 1439, there should have been no 
knightly or landed family of the name in Ireland, as known to either public 
or private records or other documents. Still the coat of arms which was in 
use by the father and uncles of the great primate, viz. : a chevron ermine 
between 3 batons or, on a ground azure, and the crest, a mailed hand and 
arm holding a baton or, are testimony of the tradition being founded on 
some such fttct. 

It is probable that John le Ussher or de Ussher, who in 1302 was 
made Constable of Dublin Castle by King Edward I., held the office for 
several years, and was then re-appointed by Edward II. (who seems to have 
been his friend or patron, the original appointment having been "at the 
instance of Xing Edward's son,") was the grandfather or great grandfather 
of Arland Uscher. 


If John le Usslier were the same as John Nevil, then the title " servant 
of the King," and his connection with the King's son might have given 
rise to the story about Prince John ; for there is always a tendency in the 
absence of records to throw back the date of a tradition to the earliest coming 
of the English into Ireland. 

John le Ussher appears to have. lived latterly in England, and either died 
or retired from office in 1309-10. Now if he were of the Yoik<hire or West- 
moreland Nevils, his son may have lived and died in the North of England, and 
Arland Ussher, the grandson, when coming over to Dublin, and settling there 
as a leading merchant, may have brought the coat of arms and the story of his 
origin with him. Everything seems to point to Arland Ussher's having come 
from England. No Ussher appears in the long list of mayors and bailiffs of 
Dublin before him ; no Ussher is mentioned in any way during the hundred 
and forty years previous to him, as holding any office or any land in Ireland. 
Again the fact, that Primate Henry Ussher and his three brothers, who had 
studied in the English Universities, and one of whom, Christopher, was Ulster 
King of Arms, quartered the 3 lions' paws erased sable of ths Usshers of 
Fetherstone Hall, near Pontefract, Yorks (a famil}' who claimed descent from 
an Usher of Pichard II. at Pomfret or Pontefract Castle) with their own 
ancestral arms, points to their having had some belief in and knowledge of a 
Yorkshire origin, and of a connection with that family. In the absence of 
clearer evidence, the writer offers this only as a suggestion. 

The Nevilles claim to be descended from Gilbert de Neville, said to have 
been the Admiral of the Conqueror's fleet in 1066, and the Nevilles of Paby 
Castle, York.^hire, marked this by a galley in their arms. Geoffry, grandson 
of the above Gilbert, married Emma Bulmer, the heiress of Brancepeth ; there 
is a tower at Kaby Castle stiil named " the Bulmer Tower," and near the top 
of this tower a large B for Bulmer is twice cut in the stone. 

Isabel, the dr. and heiress of Geoffry, married liobert FitzMeldred, who 
took the name of Neville (cf. " Burke's Extinct Peerage "). 

Peturning to Arland Ussher, we find that he married twice into old 
feudal families of the Pale, viz. : those of Taylour and Berford, which would 
be unlikely unless he were of ancient descent himself ; his sons also marrie.1 
into the well-known families of Cheevers, Foster, D'Arcy and FitzWilliams. 


Arland Usslier liad by his 2nd marriage two surviving sons, John and 
Christopher, who were respectively the founders of two great lines of 

John Uscher or Ussber, the elder son, had by his marriage with Joan 
Foster of Killeigh two sons, Arland and Thomas. The former of these, 
Arland Ussher or Usher of Dublin,, foimdcd the Santry or Cromlin 
family, now represented by the Ushers formerly settled at ]^irr, who 
have always steadily adhered to the single " s " in the spelling of the 
name. The most noted of this branch was the above named Arland 
(the second) who was not only a prominent merchant and collector of the Port 
of Dublin, but a man of religious zeal, having rebuilt St, John's Church. 
The notices of him seem to point to his holding some important office, and 
the writer discovered in a MS. pedigree in T.C.D. a statement that this Arland 
was King of Arms. If this was so, he was probably an " Ireland King of 
Arms," an office in existence long previous to the Ulster Office. He married into 
the ancient house of Holy wood of Artane, descended from Sir Robt. de Holy 
Wood or de Sacro Bosco, Knighted in 1361, as " the worthiest in chivalry," 
by Lionel, Duke of Clarence and Earl Palatine of Ulster. 

The descendants of Arland Usher, jun., intermarried with the well-known 
families of FitzJobn, Ball, Plunkett, Eustace, Malone, Segrave, Challoner, 
and Shelton. 

This lamily of the Usshers held fast to the faith of their ancestors, and 
thus by forfeiture of estates, lost their former prosperity. 

Among the Usshers of Birr were several men of fine moral and social 
character, such as Noble Luke Ussher of Gurteen, and Noble Luke Ussher 
who presided at a meeting of the Roman Catholics at Birr in 1833. 

Thomas Ussher, the 2nd son of Arland Ussher the younger, married 
Margery, dr. of Henry Geyton, a member of a very old civic family in 
Dublin, and was by her the father of five sons and three daughters ; the first 
and third of his sons were eminent merchants, the eldest daughter was wife 
to John Garvey, Archbishop of Armagh, the second, third and fifth sons 
distinguished in the Church, Law and Court. Of these, Henry, the second 
son, a learned and pious Divine, having studied in Cambridge, Oxford and 
Paris, was ordained and became Archdeacon of Dublin. It was while holding 


this dignity that lie gained great renown as a preacher, and went at the 
request of the Lord Chancellor and his fellow citizens, and at his own expense, 
to London, to plead for permission for the building of a new College. So 
successful was he, that he returned with a Charter from Queen Elizabeth, in 
which it is expressly stated that the Queen grants it owing to his persuasion, 
and in consequence she appoints him to be first Fellow, his friend Rev. Luke 
Cballoner, second Fellow, and TJs^her's nephew. Rev. Lancellot Money, third 
Fellow of the Collfge of the Holy and Undivided Trinity near Dublin 
Henry TTssher's youngest son, the distinguished Robert Ussher, Provost of 
T.C.D., and Bishop of Kildare, fell on evil times in 1641, and died of grief 
brought on by his troubles. 

For his labours in connection with Trinity College, Henry Ussher was 
promoted to the Primacy, which he held with honour and respect till his death. 
1613. His descendants were estated gentlemen at Balsoon in the Co. Meath. 
The most eminent of them was James Ussher, who was a Roman Catholic 
priest in Kensington, and died in 1771. Some of his works, such as " Clio, 
an Essay on Ta>te," are written in a most chaste and exquisite style. ' He was 
a famous schoolmaster, and partner in that profession with John Walker, the 
author of the Pronouncing Dictionary. Arlund Ussher, third of the name, 
was a distinguished Chancery lawyer, who married a daughter of James 
Stanihurst, the Recorder of Dublin, and three times Speaker of the Irish 
House of Commons. But the greatest honour this Arland Ussher had was 
that of being the father of two most learned sons, of whom the younger, 
Ambrose, was unfortunately cut off by death too soon for the world's gain, but 
the elder, James Ussher, the famous scholar, antiquary and divine, was per- 
haps in his own line, the most wonderlul genius in our Church since the 
Reforraaiiun, and equally holy, humble and innocent as he was of command- 
ing intellect, and almost miraculous attainments. He was successively 
Professor of Divinity in Dublin University, Bishop of Meath, and Archbishop 
of Armagh. His name as a man of learning became known throughout 
Europe, and even penetrated into the far East, where he had agents employed 
to secure rare MSS. of the Scriptures and other works. He was appointed by 
Charles I. to hold the Bishopric of Carlisle in commendam, on being despoiled 
cf his property by the Irish rebel?, but he lived to be very poor and dependent 


on the bounty of kind friends, owing to his faithiulness to King and Church 
in the days of Oliver Cromwell. He died in his 76th year in the spring of 
1656, leaving an only child, concerning whom and her descendants the writer ' 
has gathered many fresh facts for this work. 

"We now turn to Christopher, the youngest son of the first Arland Ussher, 
and who married 1st a D'Arcy and 2ndly into the great feudal family of 
FitzWilliam or FitzWilliams,now represented by Earl FitzWilliam, and by the 
Earl of Pembroke. Christopher Ussher died early in life, but left a son John 
Ussher, who occupied a most prominent position, as Alderman, and Collector of 
Customs, being greatly trusted by the Government of the day for his ability 
and disinterested patriotism. He was also a man of deep piety and religious 
zeal, and at his expense and in his house at Bridgefoot, Dublin, was printed 
the first book in the Irish language. 

His son. Sir William Ussher* the elder, married the daughter of 
Archbp. Loftus, and obtained great influence as Clerk of the Privy Council, 
an office which he held from 1593 until the fall of Chas. I. In his 
house and at his expense was printed the first version of the Irish 
Xew Testament. He died aged ninety-six, leaving many sons and daughters 
who contracted alliances with leading Irish families, and his eldest son 
Arthur also left a large family of sons and daughters, from whom many of 
the present nobility and gentry are descended in the female line, such 
as the Duke of Wellington, the Marquis of Ormonde, the Earl of Rosse, etc. 
From Sir Wm. Ussher's grandson, Sir Wm. Ussher, junr., of Bridgefoot, 
were descended John Ussher, Master of Chancery, ancestor of the Usshers of 
Mt. Ussher and of Eastwell, Co. Galway, and of the Abbe Edgeworth, also of 
Sir Thomas Ussher, K.C.B., well known in connection with the exile of 
Napoleon I. to Elba. From Colonel Beverly Ussher, a younger brother of 
Sir Wm. Ussher^ junior, came the Usshers of the Co. Waterford, and Ussher, 
Lord St. George, ancestor of the Duke of Leinster. 

• He charpred on the chevron ermine of the Ussher arms for difference a lozeng« 
with the FitzWilliam arms, ».«., Gules on a bend cotised ar. 3 popinjays vert. Adam 
Ussher, Ulster, 1619 1G33, bore the same with a crescent for difference. 







The name Usher or Ussher is often found in ancient documents in Engklid 
after the Norman Conquest ; in the first instance as a title of office, and 
then as a sirname derived from the office of the first person of the name. 
Thus in an Inquis. post mort., 56th Henry I., we find Richard le Usslier, 
Southampton, owned a house in Calpe Str,, Winton ; in Inquis. 106, 21st 
Edw. I., " Ricus le Usser pro Priore Cantuar, Kcevic' Cantuar. tenement' 
ibidem';" in 32nd Ed. L, Nicholas Ussher. 

In Morpeth Deanery, Northumberland in the 35th of Edw. III., 
Robert Usher is witness to a deed of John Preston of Newe, and we find a 
deed of May 29th, 1452, by which a tenement of the East side of Newgate 
betw. the land of the Abbot of "Westminster on the south, and that of 
Richard Uscher on the north side was conveyed to James Bukk. In 1461, 
Jan. 10, 5th of Edw. lY., Rowland Usher grants to H. Bewick 2 tenements, 
which tenements he had by charter of feoffment irova. Roger Uscher at 13s. 4d. 
p. ann. for ever. 

An ancient family of the name Ussher was early settled in Yorkshire, and 
Glover in his visitation of that county, 1585 (which is continued in 1612j) 


gives the pedigree and origin of the name as follows (cf. T.C.D. MS., 
F. 4-14, p. 66) : 

JACOBUS f. . . . Domini Conniers, gent. Usher, Rich. 2, 1377, apudPomfret 
Castle, wide no7nen est desumpta, m. . . . f . sola Hen. Hack- 
worth de Hakworthingam Hall, in Co. Lincoln. Issue : 
I. Joannes, 1403, of Fetherstone m . . . f. & h. Thomae Baghill de 
Fetherston Hall, Yorks. Issue : 
I. Robert Ussher of Featherstone ; m. Alice f . Ric. "Wentworth de 
Bretton arm. Issue : 
i. Robert Ussher, 1515, alive in 1585, m. Joana, f. & h., Tho. 
"Wilbore de Arksty Hall, als New Hall als Whitefryers. 
Issue : 

1. Matthew Ussher, eldest son, m. . . . 

(1) Robert Ussher. 

(2) Matthew Ussher. 

(3) Thomas Ussher. 

(4) Cotton Ussher. 

(5) George Ussher. 

(6) Frances Ussher. 

(7) Elizabeth Ussher. 

(8) Mary Ussher. 

(9) Ursula Ussher. 

2. Thomas Ussher, m. Anne, dr. of_John Bore, of Doncaster. 

Issue : 

(1) Robert Ussher. 

(2) Nicholas Ussher. 

(3) Joan Ussher. 

(4) Dorothy Ussher 

3. William Ussher, m. Anne, dr. of Robt. Crawshaw, of 

Epworth, in the Isle of Axholme. Issue : 

(1) John Ussher, d.s.p. 

(2) Joan Ussher. 

4. Robert Ussher, Clerk in Holy Orders. 

5. Richard Ussher, Clerk in Holy Orders. 

6. Nicholas Ussher, s.p. 

7. John Ussher, s.p. 

8. Marf'aret Ussher. 


I. Isabel Ussher m. Robert Rogers of Bristol. 
II. Margaret Usslier m. Thos. Wroe. 

There ■would seem to have been a knowledge on the part of the Dublin 
Ufeshers of some connection between them and this Yorkshire family of TJssher, 
Many of the Christian names in both are identical, and Primate Henry TJssher 
and his descendants quartered the arms of the Yorkshire TJsshers with their 
own, as we also find in Arland Ussher's Funeral Entry, and in a coat of arms 
of Primate James in a contemporary MS. armory in the British Museum. 

The name Ussher or Usher is still common in the north of England, 
and from thence extended early into Scotland. We find in a Close Roll of 
the 4th year of Richd. II. the name of " Finalay Ussher, a Scottish merchant, 
and previous to that, Robert Vsher, Provost of Peebles, cf. Excheq. Rolls, Scot. 
1330. The Rev. W. Neville Ussher, Rector of Stow, Lincolnshire, writes 
that his family now of Edinburgh and eminent merchants there, were formerly 
owners of Toftfield in the parish of Melrose, where he has traced the name in 
the parish Registers as far back as 1645 ; there is a tradition that they were 
originally of the stock from which the great Archbishop sprang. John Usher 
of Toftfield was an intimate friend of Sir TValter Scott, to whom he sold his 
estate, which now forms a part of Abbotsford. 

In the University of Oxford James Ussher was B.A. 1508, M.A. 1510, 
Fellow of All Souls' Coll. Thos. Uscher was B.A. 1450. Wm. Huscher, 
Chaplain, suppl. for B. Canon L. 1510. 



The founder of the Dublin family of Ussher and its various branches was one 
Arlantor orArlanton Uscher, a merchant of Dublin in the reign of Henry YL, 
But there were persons of the name in Ireland long before his time. Thus in 
a Plea Roll of 10th Edw. I. Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, Marshall of 
England and Lord of the parts of Leinster in which Dunbrody was, in 1281, 
complained of certain persons for entering his forests of Bentry in Wexford 


where they felled and appropriated oaks and other trees. An Inquisition was 
taken as to Hay Hustard and Wm. Uesher, as to "whether the aforesaid Hay 
Huskard and Wm. Uesher whether without the leave and consent of the Earl 
himself, entered his forest of Bentry and destroyed and wasted many oaks and 
other trees in the same forest, etc., against the peace, as the Earl says, or if 
they by the grant and will of Robert Cokeril, then Seneschal of aforesaid Earl 
had leave to cut 6 oaks, which they took and never destroyed any others" (cf. 
Gilbert's Chartularies of St. Mary's Abbey). 

Again, in the Calendar of Irish State Papers temp. Edw. I., Aug. 12, 
1288, " The King notifies that Wm. de Yalence his uncle and Joan his wife, 
remaining in England had attorned before the King Simon de Usher, etc., in 
all pleas and plaints in the Courts of Ireland (Pat. 16 Edw. I. m. 6), and 
further in 1288 ' Simon le Usher attorned for 2 years.' " 

1290-1. " Letters of Attorney in Ireland for 3 years under the names 
of Simon le Usher and Peter le Usher for Joan de Yalence " (Pat. 19 Edw. I. 
m. 17), and so likewise in 1295. 

In Cal. of State Documents, Ireland, 1302-1397, we read : Feb. 17, 130^ 
21. grant to John le Ussher, Serv*' of the King, at the instance of King 
Edward's son, of custody of the King's Castle of Dub. to hold for his life, 
provided that he conducts himself well and faithfully in the custody. He 
shall moreover yearly render and receive as much as other keepers were wont 
to render and receive. 


Payments. To John le TIsscher for custody of the Castle from June 10 
in 130^, until August 31 next ensuing 83 days, £4. 3s. 

Again, 130f, Johnle Huscher, Const, of Castle, Dub., for custody thereof, 
Sept. 1, a. r. 31 to St. Yal. Day, to wit 167 days at 12d. a day, pd. to Rd. 
de Balebin, his 1. t. in Castle, £8. 7s. 

1305. John de Usher attorned Peter de Alyton for 2 years. 

July 10. 

130f . John le Ussher attorned Wm. Butyler for 1 year. 

March 22. 

In the Memoranda Rolls Ist year of Edw. II. (1307) John Usher is 
appointed Constable of Dublin Castle. 


In the Close Roll, 2iid Edw. II. 36. Lib., John le Ussher, Const. Castr. 
Dub. £9 4s. ad. rat. 12d. p. die.' p. feod. suo., Dub. 24 Oct. 

49. R. vie' Dub.' p'cipit. qd. de exitib batte sue lib' fa' Johi de Usser, 
Const' Cast' Dub' p expens' vigiles in eodem castro 22s. 9d. ad rat l^d. p. die. 
Dub. 15 Nov. 

3rd year of Edw. XL 1 R. Tbes' etc. Lib' Johi le Ussher Const' Cast' 
Dub. £9 4s. p oust. p'd. 1309. 

Plaj^air in bis British Family Antiquity writes in a note wben speak- 
ing of the Musgrave family : " The Ussher family is of great antiquity'- in 
Ireland, but is originally of English descent, where they bore the name of 
Nevill, being of the Nevills of the j!^orth until the reign of Henry II., when 
John I^evill, the Ist Irish Ancestor in 1185, having attended the King's son 
into Ireland, adopted the name of Ussber* from the office which he then held." 
The same statement is made in Dr. Parr's Life of Primate James Ussher, and 
as he was Chaplain to the Archbishop, we may take it as probably made on the 
Primate's authority, but except the extracts above mentioned there is no early 
notice of the name of Ussher in any of the Close or Pipe RoUs, and it is unlikely 
that the Huissier or Usher of Prince John would have been without a large 
grant of lands or that his descendants woidd have first come to eminence as 
merchants. In connection with this tradition of lN"eville descent, we find in the 
Prestita Roll of 12th John, in a list of Knights, militibus de exercitu Hib. 
" Walter de Nevill, Henricus de Nevill, Hugo de Nevile." 

In the Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland, November 9, 1420 
(1011) the King commanded the Earl of Northumberland to issue a writ to 
the Archbp. of York to deliver Malcolme in exchange to Sir Richard Nevyle, 
Constable of Pontefract Castle, Wcstmr. 6th Henry YT. File 3. 

Sir John de Neville of Raby also accompanied Richd. II. to Scotland in 
1385. As there does not seem to have been a Lord Conyers so early as the 
reign of Richd. II. it is possible that Glover's pedigree of the Yorkshire family 
should have beeu derived from a Neville of Pomf ret Castle. 

*The word "Usher," is from the old French "Hui8her,"a door, whence huissier, 
Usher, Latin Ostarius, one who stands at the door to usher visitors into the presence. 




Pedigree of the descendants of Arlantor Uscher. 

ARLA^^TOR USCHER m. 1st, Alson Taylour, and liad issue : 

I. Thomas TJscher m Elizth. Cheevers, of Macetown, Co. Meath, whose 

ancestor received a grant of his lands from Henry II. 

I. Alson, f. & h., m "Wm. Bath, m. 2Ddly, John Bellew. 

1. John Bath of Athcarne, Chief Justice, C.P., m. Margaret, 
dr. of Thos. Darcj. 

(1) "Wm. Bath, of Athcarne, Co. Meath. 

(2) George Bath. 

(3) Robt. Bath. 

(4) Luke Bath. 

II. Margaret Uscher, 

Arlanton Uscher m. 2ndly, Anne Berford, of the family of 
Kilrue, and had issue : 

III. John Uscher m. Joan Foster. 

I. Arland Uscher m. Rose Holj-wood. 

1. Robert Uscher of Cromlin. 

2. Katherine Uscher. 

3. Alson Uscher. 

II. Thos. Uscher m. Margery Geyton. 
III. Jennet Uscher. 

IV. Robert Uscher, d. y. 
Y. Philip Uscher, d. y. 

YI. Christopher Uscher m. Maud D'Arcy. 

m. 2ndly;i Alison Fitzwilliams of Merrion. 
YII. Anne Uscher. 

There are many sources of information for the history of Arland Uscher 


and his descendants, owing to the fact of their having held prominent offices 
in Dublin and other parts of Ireland. 

The name Arland, sometimes wrongly spelt Arnold, is evidently an 
abbre\iation of the older forms Arlantor and Arlanton, which are the original 
of Arlander and Alentor and the same as Orlando or Roland. The form 
Arland appears only in two other families, those of Barry and Eustace, and 
then perhaps by derivation from the Usshers. Arland Barry was son of Aid. 
James Barry, Sheriff Dub. 1577, and . . . Eustace had by Bealing, his second 
wife a son Arland. A similar name, Erlend, is found frequently among the 
Js^'orse Jarls of Orkney ; thus Erlend, Earl of Orkney, d. 950 ; Erlend, Earl of 
Orkney, d. 1098, had a son, Erling, slain in Ireland ; and Erlend Ungi, Earl 
of Orkney, d. 1156. 

According to the Pedigree recorded in the Ulster Office, which is 
founded on Funeral Entries, Rolls, Inquisitions and other original documents, 
Arlanton Uscher or Ussher, was Bailiff of Dublin in 1461, and Mayor of 
DabHn in 1469 ; there is a power of attorney granted to him in the Memoranda 
RoU 8 Edw. lY., which is xmfortunately lost ; his death is recorded in the 
Christ Church Obit Book as, "Arlanton Wscher, ob. Jan., 1479." He married 
1st Alson, dr. of . . , Taylour of Swords and his wife Joana, dr. of Richd. 
Bagot, and by her had issue : 

I. Margaret Uscher. 
II. Thomas Uscher, who by his wife, Elizabeth, dr. of Walter 
Cheevers, of Macetown, Co. Meath, and his wife, Kate, dr. of 
Sir AVm. Welles, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, by . . . Plunket, 
dr. of Lord Eilleen, had issue Alsona, daughter and heiress, m. 
first Wm. Bath, of Alhcarne, Co. Meath, by whom she had 
issue John Bath of Athcarne, Chief Justice of Ireland. The 
above "Wm. Bath was grandson of Matthew Bath, of Dollards- 
town, by Bessie, d. and heir to Russell, of RussellstowTi, 
Co. Meath. Sir Wm. Welles was son of Leonj Lord de Welles, 
Lord Lieut, of Ireland. 
John Bath, by Margaret, dr. of Thos. Darcy, was the father of four sons, 
William, George, Robert and Luke, and ancestor of the family of De Bathe. 
Alsona Uscher m. secondly John Bellew, of Bellewstown. 


A RL ANTON UscHER, m. Secondly Anne Berford, of Kilrue, Co. Meath, and 
had issue : 

III. John Usslier, of whom below. 

IV. Uobert Ussher, d.s.p. 
V. Philip Ussher, d.8.p. 

YI. Christopher Ussher, of whom presently (Chap. XI.) 
VII. Anne Ussher. 
In T.C.D. MS., E. 3, 28, p. 5, is the following :— " Arland Uscher and 
Anne Berford his wyfe made a taile to theire sonnes, John, Robert, Phillip and 
Christopher, Anne and Margarett, for want in heires of the males afor'd to 
one Tomas, and for want of their heires to Corpus Cristi yeld in Dublin for 
maintenance of a Person to the poor house in Brewers Lane wch the said 
Arland erected, and for want of p'formance of the sd. covenant with the poor 
house the sd Anne Berford's heirs to re-enter upon his land p'ceU of the land 
was thouse in Lane neer St. John's and their Lands in the contry : this taile 
bereth date about the xiith yr of Edw. the iiijth. Ed. the 4th began his 
reign 4° Meii 1460 and enOed his life in M'ch, 1482. Alson Ussher by the 
reporte of my [Christopher Ussher's] cozen Richard Ussher made a taile for 
want of heirs of her body to John Ussher his heires w'ch taile beareth dat in 
Henry Vlth is daies. Henry Vlth began his reigne the last of August 1442 
and ended his life in March 1460." 

John Ussher, of the City of Dublin, mercht., 1485, m. Joana, dr."~^ of TVm. 
Foster, of Killeigh, by Katherine, dr. of — Birt,* of Tullock, 
(** The said Wm.'s father m. Genet, dr. of Cusack of Gerardstown."' 
Rot. Pip. 18 Hen. VII.) and by her had issue : 

I. Arlanton or Arland Ussher, Ireland King-at-Arms (?), Sheriff 
of Dublin, 1521, appointed joint Feoffee by Xpr. Ussher, 
1526, Mayor, Dub. 1528, appointed joint Collector of 
Customs for the ports of Dublin, Drogheda and Dimdalk 
in 1532, died 13th of February, 1557 (4th PhH. & Mary). 
This Arland Ussher rebuilt St. John's Church, Dublin, 
which became the burj'ing place of his family, cf. 
Repertorium Viride, "Ecclesia Sti Johannis de Boves Street 
{i.e., Booths Str.) quam hac tempestate Arnold us Usher 
restaurayit a fundamentis." In 1548 the Christ Church 
Chapter leased to him the " winetavern under the said 
church, which the said Arland then enjoyed." 
See T.C.D. MS., F. 4, 18, 7 ; pp. 06 and 1 10 for the pedigrees of the Fosters and Birts. 


Are read also in Inq. 34, Dub. 32° Hen. YIII. " qd. Abbas Wm. Launay 
of St. Mary, Dublin, 28 Oct. 32 H. YIII. p.cartam suam de dat 6th diei Octobr' 
a° dni 1538 dimisit Arlando TJsber omes decim garbury and flur rect' de 
Kylemacudrj'ke, ad D'minu 31 annor." 

Also an official Inquisition as to the property left in Ireland by Lord 
Deputy Gray was, in 1540, on his arrest, commanded by the Lords of the 
Council in England, and on this subject a communication was sent to them 
(State Papers, Ireland, Henry YIII., Nos. 34, 35), in which the Archbp. of 
Dublin and two others say : — 

" We have also examd Arland Ussher whoo confesseth by his othe that 
he hathe no more in his custody of the sayde Lordes Leonardos but one bason 
of sylver. He sayeth he had in his keping a stele caskett with dyverse bagges 
ensealed, whiche one Eute, the said Lord Leonardo's servaunte tooke from 
hym ; but how mooche was in the sayde caskett and bagges he knew not — 
and as he thought no small sorume. Dublin vii. of Auguste." Robert Cowley, 
Master of the Rolls, wrote to the Duke of Norfolk that Arland Ussher had 
been examjoied to the same effect, (cf. Gilbert's Chartul, St. Mary's Abbey). 
II. Thomas Ussher, of whom below (Chap. Y.) 
III. Jenet Ussher m. 1st PoweU, m. 2udly Capes. 

The above Arlaxd Ussher m. Reia Rex or Rosina, dr. of — Holywood 
of Artane. It is recorded in the Christ Church Mortiloge that she gave a 
silver bowl of 27 ounces for the Common table of the Yicars of Christ Church. 

In the account of lands, etc., of St. Mary's Abbey at its dissolution, 
1539-40 (in the State Papers, Ireland, vol. ii. 2, edited by J. T. Gilbert, Esq.), 
they say, in an Inquisition, "quod Arnaldus Ussher tenet ibidem (p'sh of St. 
Olave in Fishamble Street), imam domum pro termino annorum et reddit per 
annum vi.* viii.*^" 
By Rose Holywood he had issue, 

Robert Ussher, of Santry and Cromlin (of whom below in the next 
chapter), and two daughters, Katherine and Alson Ussher. 




Pedigree of the descendants of Robert Usher of Santry. 

ROBEIIT USHER, b. 1528, m. Margaret FitzJohn, and had issue: 
I. Thomas Usher, d.y. 
11. Richard Usher, m. 1st Ellinor Plunket, and had issue : 
I. Robert Ussher, m. Margaret Ball, and had issue : 

1. Robert Usher, jun., m. . . . 

(1) Arland Usher. 
(2, 3, 4) Children. 
(5) Marie Usher. 

2. Matthew Usher. 

3. John Usher, m. . . . 

(1) August Usher, m. . . . 

[1] Augustin Usher. 

4. Amy Usher, m. Jiarth. Rely. 

5. Bridget Usher, m. Peter Holmes. 

6. Anne Usher. 

II. Margaret Usher, m. Edmund Malon?. 

III. Elizabeth Usher, m. Maurice Eustace. 

IV. A daughter m. Robert Preston. 
Richard Ussher, m. 2ndly Jane Ball, and had issue : 

V. John Usher of Kilkenny, d. unmd. 
VI. Rose Usher, m. Thos. Challoner. 
VII. Eleanor Usher, m. Lamerick Nottingham. 
VIII. Mary Usher. 

III. Ellinor Usher, m. Walter Ball. 

IV. Margaret Usher, m. Robert Feekins. 
Y. Anne Usher, m. "Walter Archbold. 


Egbert Usher, first mentioned, m. 2ndly, Catherine Sedgrave, and had 
issue : 
YI. Laurence Usher, m. Ist Miss Marshall, 2ndly Margaret White. 

I. Luke Usher, ancestor of the Usher family of Birr. 
YIL Robert Usher, m. Amey . . . 

I. Arlantor Usher of Fishamble Street. 
VIIL ^rland Usher, d. inf. 
IX. Elizabeth Usher, m. Edw. Cateling. 
X. Marie Usher. 
XL Eose Usher, m. John Shelton. 
lloBERT Usher, of Santry, Alderman of Dublin, bom in 1528, was 
aged 28 at his father's death. Mention is made of him in the will and 
Inquisition of his relative JS^icholas Holywood, of Tartaine, 10th August, 1570, 
who " enfeofs John Ussher of Dublin, mrcht., son to Thos. Ussher, deed., of 
the same in his lands of Turtaine, etc., for purposes herein, etc. ; Ballicaricke 
Co. Dub. to the only use of my cussen Eobert Ussher of Dublin, Alderman, 
and his assigns for and until such tyme for debt due to him and to all other 
my creditors according my said cossyn Eobert Ussher's knowledge and 
discretion and as also for full p'ferment and myntenance to learning of every 
my children and cossins ; to cossin Robt. Ussher for and in consideration of 
his paynes alwayes to my use £23 ; to his son Richard £100 towards his 
myntenance and keping to the ins of court to the studie of the law or at or to any 
learning else as he the said Richard shall dispose. Margarett sister to Richard 
one other £100 in p'ferment ; cossyn Robert Ussher's is other doghters 
£100. Robert Ussher to be guardian to my children and overseer of my 

From the Dublin Assembly Rolls we learn that at Easter, 1566, his 
name occurs, and at the Christmas Assembly, 1570, it was " agreed that 
Alderman Robert Usher sball have the tenement in the Fishamble Street 
wherein lately dwelled John ... for 61 years, paying £20 and such yearly 
rent as John . . . payd ;" and Michaelmas, 1583, "a lease for years to 
]^ichola3 Coleman of an orchard near i/ie gate of All Haliowes now in tenure 
of the administrators of Robert Usher, to commence from termination of the 
present interests. Rtnt 26s. 8d. per ann." 


Robert Usher, m. first Margaret, dr. of Thomas FitzJohn,* of Fianston, 
and his -wife, Marj" Cruse, and widow of Richard Foster, of Santry ; and 
secondly m, Katherine, dr. of Patrick Sedgrave, of Killeglan, in 1567. He 
was Sheriff of Dublin, 1553, and Mayor of the same, 1561. 
By Margaret FitzJohn he had issue : 

I. Thomas Usher, who died young. 

11. Richard Usher of Cromlin and Santry, Co. Dublin (of whom 

below) born c. 1550, ob. 18th August, 1625, m. first Ellinor, 

dr. of Robert Plunket of Dunsoghly, by his wife Anne 

Plunket (widow of Wm. Birmingham, Baron of Carbery). 

Anne Plunket was dr. of Sir John Plunket, Knt., of Bewley, and his 

2nd wife Anne Barnewell. The said Sir John was 12th in descent' from John 

de Pluquenet or Plunket of Be ^vley , Co. Louth, who died 3rd August, 1082 ; Lady 

Carberj^had descent through herfemale ancestresses from the families of D' Arcy, 

Netterville, Luttreli, Bellew, Eustace and Wangle of Navan. She m. 2ndly', 

17th July, 1548, Robt., son of Sir John Plunket, Knt., and Katherine 

FitzLeons als Luttreli. Sir John Plunket, Justice K. B., buried 1559, was son 

of Christopher (d. 1537), and Kath. dr. of Philip Birmingham, Cap. Just. K.B. ; 

Christopher was son of Sir Thos. Plunket of Dunsoghly, Chief Just. K.Ib., and 

his wife Jenet Finglas. 

Richard Usher's first wife died 1597, and was buried 6th September, 
1597, in St. John's Church, Dublin. He m. secondly, Jane, dr. of Nicholas 
Ball, Aldernoan and Mayor of Dublin, and M.P. for Dublin city, in whose will 
pr. 1610, Richard is mentioned; she had previously been wife to Robert 
Cusack of Garryson, and had issue; she died 26th July, 1641. Richard Usher 
died the l8th of August, 1025. A Prerog. gr. admon., 13th Noyr., 1626, was 
obtained by his son Robert. 

In 159-4 there was " a demise from the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church 
to Richard Ussher in considn; of £4 EngL of a wynetavern cellar under the 
church with the house and bawne thereto belonrrinsr." 

III. Ellinor Usher, m. first to Walter Balle or Ball, Alderman and 
Mayor of Dublin, who died in 1598 ; secondly, to Dr. Robert 
Conway, Master of Chancery, who died in 1602 ; thirdly, to 

• Another Margaret FitzJohn, dr. of Eicbard, of Fianstown, and Genet, dr. of Gerald 
riunket, the son of fcjir Alexr. Plunket, of Eathmore, Knt., married James, Lord Killeen. 


Sir John Eliot, 3rd Baron of the Exchequer, and of Balriske, 
Co. Meath. By her first husband she had issue, among others, 
her eldest son, Robert Ball, Aid. and Mayor of Dublin, who 
md. Jenet, eldest dr. of Primate Henry Ussher,* by «vhom he 
had issue ; also a dr. Rose Ball, wife of Rev. Lucas Challoner, 
D.D., by whom she had issue Phoebe Challoner, wife of 
Primate James Ussher. 

The fragments of an interesting old sandstone slab commemorating Sir 
John Eliot and his four wives are in the ancient ruined Church of Balsoon, 
Co. Meath, of which he was the founder. On it are the Eliot and Usher arms 
impaled, with the name Elenor Uscher (cf. an article on it by the author in 
the Trans. R.I.H.A.A., 1888). 

lY. Margaret Usher, wife of Robert Feekins of Ballitraston, alive 
in 1595 ; son to ... . Feekins, who m. Margaret, dr. of 
John Dela Hide of Moy glare, and was squire to Edward 
Staples, Bishop of Meath. 

Y. Anne Usher, m. 1st, "Walter Archbold of Timolin, who died 
1629 and was buried in Moone Abbey ; 2ndly, Thos., son of 
Richard Barnewall and his wife Fabia Shelton ; 3rdly, James 
Sherlock, ob: 1595, of the Castle of Naas, by whom she had 
a son James. 

Theprerog. will of Jas. Sherlock of Naas, dated 1595, recites that he 
"enfeofied by deed of 31st July, 1595, Edward Dillon of Bishopscourt, gent., 
Tomas Sherlock of Xaas, mrcht., and Robt. ffeakins of Ballitraston, of my 
Castell in the Naas, and lands descended by my late father John Sherlock, 
towards the New Bridge for p'ferm't of Jane Sherlock, my eldest di\, and of 
ray other drs., and whear I have also enfeoffed Richard Ussher of Santry, 
Robert ffeakins of Baltraston and Thomas Sherlock by deed of enfeofm't 30 
July, 1595, of house I dwell in, etc." He mentions his first wife Jane ; his 
lands he bequeaths to Robert Sherlock his eldest son, and in failure of heirs 
to Philip his 2nd son. James Eustace of Ballemore shall paie of my sister 
Alson Sherlock Ylb., my nephew Morris Eustace. " If my eldest sone do aplie 
his books well, etc." Brothers Robt. Ifeakins anv'^ Tbos. Sherlock, overseers 
of will. Debts — Item to George Ussher of Dub. X lb. str. Item to Cussen 

• The author's mother, Jemima Ball, -was 7th in lineal descent from Primate Henry 
Usher, and 8th from Ellinor Usher als. Ball. 


Eob. Usher X lb. Item to Larance and Eobt. Usber of Dub. Y I lb. Proved 
14 Oct., 1595. Anne Ussher's oath is recorded in the gr. admon. This James 
Sherlock was probably the founder of the family of Sher locks of Sherlockstown. 
Robert Usher of Santry, by his 2nd wife, Katherine Sedgrave or 
Segrave had issue : 

VI. Laurence Usher, mrcht., of Dublin, Freeman of Dub. 1595, 

alive in 1627 (of whom presently). 

VII. Robert Usher, mrcht., of Dublin, Freeman of Dub. 1595 (gr. 

admon prerog. 25th March, 1651 to his son Arlantor) m. 

Amy. . . and had issue: 

I. Arlantor Usher, an eminent mercht. of Fishamble St., Dublin, 

who, according to his Funeral entry, "departed this life the 

last day of July, 1659, and was buried the 2nd day of 

August following in Christ Church, Dublin." He issued 2 

Copper trade tokens in 1657 (cf. Dr. A. Smith's paper Trans. 

R.I.A.) From the large number of Chancery bills in his 

name dealing with commercial matters, it is evident that ha 

had transactions of a wide nature, in one case as far as 


In the MS. Cal. Tat. Rolls, Chas. I. (1635) there is "a graunt of his Majestie's 

most gracious and free p'don unto Arlanton "Wsher of the city of DubKn, 

mercht, for the Ladinge of any exhibited commodities att any time heretefore 

in the shipp caUed the Flower of Lynn, whereof Roger Deere was master, 

countrary to the statutes of undecimo Tertio Eliz. Reg., leaving a blank for 

Yo. Lp to impose a fine for his ma'ties, wherein is contained an exception of 

the o-oods and forfeitures for wch judgm't is already given in the Exchequer 

or asserted there depending for the same, and a proviso that if the sd Arlanton 

"Wbher shall sue for the delivery of the said goods or any of them out of his 

Maj. hande, out of the hands of any other haveing the same under his Maj's. 

13 April." ' 

YIII. Arland Usher, d. infant. 
IX. Elizabeth Usher, m. 1st, EdAvard Cateling ; m. 2ndly, 
Christopher Lynch of Croby, Recorder of Drogheda, learned 
in the law, who deed. 29th of March, 1613, by whom she had 
isiue : Robert, Lionel, Mary, Margery, Elinor, Margaret, 
Mabel, Frances, Elizabeth, Jane, Anne and Ismay. 
X. Marie Usher. 


XI. Eose Usher, m. John Shielton of Dublin, Alderman, who died 
25th Maj', 1608, and had issue Thos. and Christopher ; she 
died 26th Dec, 1607, and they are buried in St. Michan's 
Church, Dublin " with lis father and ancestors." In his 
prerog. will dated Marcb 22, 1608, he mentions his brothers- 
in-law, Mr. Richard Usher of Cromlyn, and Mr. Francis 
Taylor, bis stepfather or father-in-law. Matt. Handcock, and 
his father John Shelton, deed., and that "I owe Sir W. Ussher 
1 lb. st. in Engl, money, for which he hath a biU of my 
Laurence* Usher, the sixth child of Robert of Santrj^ and his 2nd wife, 
was, without doubt, the ancestor of the Usher family resident at Birr or 
Parsonstown, K. Co., until some years ago. 

Laurence Usher, m. 1st, a dr. of John Marshall, who died 1597 ; he 
m. 2ndly, Margaret White, dr. of John White, Sheriff of Dublin, who died 
26th April, 1603. The name of Laurence Usher occurs in Primate Jas. 
Ussher's State of Meath diocese, 1622 ; "Robert Ussher, Laurence Ussher of 
Dublin, mercht. and others are his Ma'teesfermorsof the Rectory of Ratowth, 
being impropriate." Also according to a Chancer}' decree of 9th Feb. 1627, 
Thos Akyns, tailor, Pl'ff., Laurence Usher, mercht. of Dub., Deft., the PLff. 
was to recover 20s. being the freight of goods sent to Chester on board of 
PLff's Barque, and also 40s. expended in Chester, plff. and deft, and Luke, 
dcffs son to give mutual releases and to withdraw all actions, suits, etc., 
respecting said sums." This decree is valuable as containing the link neces- 
sary to connect the Ushers of Birr with the Santry or CromlLn family. 

I. Luke Usher, probably father of Robert Usher of Birr, m. . . . and 
had issue : 
I. Robert Usher, Apothecary of Birr, born about 1640, living at 
Birr in or before 1690, in which year his house was burnt 
during the troubles ; his will was pr- 12 June, 1704, atKillaloe. 
In it he bequeaths to his son Laurence £50; to son James £100 ; 
to children of son Luke, viz., Rob. and Joan, £40 each ; to 
children of dr., now Mary Bedo, £20 each, James Bedo being 
her husband ; to Margt. Usher £200 ; to son John £200, he to 

* The Christian names in order of the CronJin Ushers are Eobert, Laurence, Luke ; 
Robert Usher of Birr, bom about 1640, had 2 sons, Luke and Laurence. The name Luke 
has ever since continued in the Birr family of Ushers. 


be Executor. The bonds of Terence Magrath and his son John, 
etc. to be paid. Witnesses, Mich. Archer, Barnaby Archer. The 
will was proved by his son John. The aforesaid Robert Usher 
of Birr m, . . . and had issue : 

(1) John Usher of Birr, Apothecar}', m. . . . and had issue 
Robert and others. 

Luke Usher, Surgeon, of KillmcShane, Co. Galway, m. by Prerog. Lie. 
25th Aug., 1735, Margaret Archer of Birr. Robert Usher, son of John Usher 
of Birr, m., 1740, Catherine, dr. of Francis Maddin of Eyrecourt, mercht. 
There is a deed of 1746, by which Luke Usher, tanner, of Eyrecourt, did set 
to Wm. Gunning, sen. and jun., KillmcShane for 31 years, at £47 Is. per 
ann. A deed of 6th May, 1767, recites one of 9th April, 1740, by which Wm. 
Purefoy of Woodfield, Co. Galway, Esq., set to Adam Bloomfield, of Eyrecourt, 
gent., KillmcShane, Luke Usher, Surgeon, brother-in-law to Adam Bloom- 
field. In 1767 Luke Usher of Birr, gent., is mentioned in same deed. 

These items are set down to help further enquiries. 

(2) Luke Usher, born about 1675, became surety for the parish 
priest of Birr, July 10, 1704. He also was an Apothecary in 

In his will pr. 7th K'ov., 1718, he leaves to his wife, Catherine, \ of 
his substance : | to his children, viz., his dr. Mary, son Thos. dr. Bridget, 
dr. Ann, sons Luke aud Peter who are minors ; £26 to his dr. Joane, which 
with 14 lb. expended on her make up the legacy of my father Robert Usher, 
deed., which I leave, and also £35 to my son Robt., with £6 pd. his master 
which make up the legacy, etc. 

"Item I leave the following bonds in Trust for Father Wm. Shaugnessy, 
he paying expenses, viz. : George Comerford 40 round due of bond which he 
promised to Bror. John Usher, Bror. James Usher's bonds, Br. Michl. Archer 
and Phillys Lowry to be administrators. Coll. Terence Magrath of Ronay, 
Co. Tipperarj^, guardian to my children." 

(3) Laurence Usher, mentioned in the accounts of Joseph 

Inman of BaUybrittan, 1715, as owing money to him. 

(4) James Usher ; a James Usher of St. Michan's parish. Dub., 

was m. by Prerog. Lie. to Sarah Thirkild of same, 5th Nov., 
1737. Also in 1732 James Usher, weaver, was admitted 
Freeman of Dub. by special grace. 

(5) Mary Usher, m. James Bedo, and had issue. 


(6) Margaret Usher. The Ossory will of Margaret Usher, 
spinster, of Kilkenny, "bequeaths to Edmond, sou of Oliver 
Eustace and Jane Hughes, of Myshill, Co. Carlow, and to 
James Comerford of Kilkenny, mrt., all my substance, and 
to all and each of my relations Is. no more. John 
FitzGerald of Callan is my nearest relation. 16 Aug. 1754, 
Margt. Usher her mark." Richard Archer of Kilkenny 
withdraws a caveat to this will in 1765. 
Luke Usher, apothecary, above mentioned, m. Catherine Rush of 
Co. Gal way, by Prerog. Lie, dated 23rd T^ovr., 1700, and had issue : 

[1] Mary Usher. [2] Robt. Usher. [3] Thos. Usher. 

[4] Bridget Usher. [5] Joan Usher. [6] Ann Usher. 

[7] Xoble Luke or Luke Usher, of whom below. [8] Peter 

Usher. Of these — 

I^oble Luke Usher, born 1709, Surgeon, of Birr, m. Anne, dr. of 

Benjamin Bloomfield,* Esq., of Eyrccourt, on Jan. 10, 1737, and had issue a 

numerous familj'. He died in 1787. A stone formerly in Birr graveyard, 

now in Ballarat, Australia, has on it the Usher crest with the motto, " Cede 

Majoribus," and the inscription : 

Sacked to the memory of IS^gble Luke Usher. 

This stone 


Erected by the Rev. Hems worth Usher. 

He died on the 2nd 

of October, 1787, 

aged 78 years. 

*The will of Benjn. Blumfield of Eyrecourt was pr. 1737, and mentions his 4th 
son Benjn., and leaves his property in trust to Rev. Thos. Hemswortb, of Abbeyville, 
Co. Tipy., and Lawrence Paine for his children; his eldest son John Blumfield, his 5th 
stm Richd., his 3rd son Adam, 2nd dr. Anne, 3rd dr. Dorothy, wife Dorothy, Sister Mary 
Masterson als. Blumfield. Witnessed by Ne. Luke Usher. His eldest son John 
Bloomfield, Esq., of Newport, Co, Tipperary, m. Charlotte, dr. of Saml. Waller, Esq., 
and had issue Benjn. Lord Bloomfield of Redwood, Co. Tipperary, Lieut. -Genl. in the army, 
and a very distinguished officer, whose son Benjn. is now Lord Bloomfield. 

Adam Bloomfield, the 3rd son, had issue a dr. Jane, who m. Cuthbert Feltus of 
the Co. Carlow, and had issue Elizth. Feltus, who m. Major Benjn. Marcus Ball, father 
of the Eight Hon. J. T. Ball, Ex-Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 



Of the children of Noble Luke Usher, according to an old famil}- Bible 
now in Australia, and belonging to his daughter, Mrs. Yero : 

I. John Usher, born June 1st, 1739, died June, 1788. There was formerly 
a headstone in Birr to his memory with the Usher crest on it. He 
m. Mary, 5th dr. of Richard White of Castleview, Co. Tipperary, 
and his wife, the dr. of Roger Finch, Silversmith, of Dublin. By 
her he had issue : 

1. Matthew Usher. 2. Mark Usher. 3. Ts^oble Luke. 4. John 
Usher. 5. Hemsworth Usher — all Roman Catholics. 
6. Catherine Usher, Protestant. 
Of these, Noble Luke Usher, Apothecar^^ of Birr, born about 1782, ra. 
Monica AVhite. Will dated 29th November, 1832, pr. 1866 ; guardians to 
children. Counsellor Joseph Burke of Elmhall, and Richd. White of Parsons- 
town. He had issue : 

(1) John Usher. (2) Mark. (3) Luke. (4) Matthew. 

(5) Joseph F. Usher, M.D., Ballarat, Australia, m. . . . and 

has issue. 

(6) Sarah Usher. (7) Mary Usher. (8) Monica Usher. 

This Noble Luke Usher was Chairman of a meeting of R. Catholics at 
Birr, 24th February, 1833, to petition against the introduction of martial law 
into Ireland. 

Catherine Usher, born 24th Novr., 1782, died 2nd April, 1844, buried 
in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, m. 18ih July, 1801, George Harden, of 
Dublin, born 19th Jan., 1775, died 30th April, 1832, buried in St. Thomas' 
Churchyd., Dub., and by him had issue : 

(1) Sarah Harden, bom 27th April, 1802. 

(2) John Mason Harden, of Brighton Lodge, Raheny, and 

48 Lower Buckingham Street, Dub., born 6th May, 1803, 
m. 11th May, 1836, his cousin, Susan Frances, eldest dr. 
of Robert Usher, Esq., of Cashel, and Frances Kinna, and 
had issue : [1] George Harden, m. Eliza Revell, and has 
issue. [2] John Mason Harden. [3] Frances Harder, 
m. 186:{, Rev. Cbas. Wm. Benson, LL.D., of Rathmines. 
[4] Catherine Harden m. Arthur Parker Holmes, 1886, 
Surgeon-Major 1st Sikhs, d. let January, 1887. [5] Robert 
Usher Harden. [6] Wm. H. Harden. [7] Henry Harden. 


[8] Charles Harden. [9] Susan Harden m. Ricliard N". 
Stoker, Surgeon-Major Ist Goorkhas. [10] Sarah Lucy 
(3) Mar}' Harden. (4) George Harden. (5) Catherine Harden. 

(6) Robert Allan Harden, m. Eliza "Watson, and had issue : 

[1] Ralph Wm. Harden, Clerk in Holy Orders, B.A., 
T.C.D., born 20th June, 1838, m. Anne, youngest dr. of 
Stevens Goff, and has issue : Mary, Eliza and Georgina. 

[2] George Fredk. Harden, M.B., T.C.D. [3] Robert 
Allan Harden. 

(7) Richard Harden. (8) Mary Harden. (9) "Wm. Harden. 

(10) Henry Harden, of Dundalk, m. Anne, youngest dr. of 
Robert Usher of Cashel, and Helen Coppinger, his 2nd 
wife ; died 5th Jan., 1857, leaving issue : George 
"William Harden. A.B., T.C.D. ; Anne, and Henry 
Harden, LL.B., T.C.D. 

(11) Joseph Harden. (12) Georgina Harden. (13) Behjn. 
A. M. Harden ni. Dorathea Carloton, and had issue : 
Sarah "W., John Mason, Catherine Usher H., Dorathea 
Catherine H. 

II. Margaret Usher, born May 6th, 1740; 

III. Dorothy, born July 17th, 1741, died an infant. 

IV. Anne Usher, born August 26th, 1742, m. Mr. Yero of Veronaj 

Co. Wexford. Her will was proved 1816. 
V. Mary Usher, born March 8th, 1744, alive 1816. 
VI. Benjamin Usher, of Eyrecourt, born March 6th, 1745, m. 
Frances . . . and had issue : John, A.nne, Frances, 
Catherine and Margaret. His will was proved atClonfert 1800. 
VII. Dorothy Usher, born Feb. 14th, 1747, died young. 
VIII. "William Usher, gent., of Creagh, King's Co., born Jan. 17th, 
1748, w. pr. 1794, m. Rebecca Porter, by whom he had 
issue, five children, \\z. : 

1 . Mary Anne Usher. 

2. Isaac Usher, born at Frankfort, K. Co. 1790, d. 1859, late 

of the Genl. Post Office, Dublin, m. Frances, dr. of John 
Parker, Solicitor, Dublin, and had issue : 
(1) Isaac William Usher, L.R.C.P. Edin. 1863; L.R.C.S.I. 
1862, of Tudor House, Dundrum, Co. Dublin. Med. Off; 


Dundriun Dispensarj' ; late Puraer Student, City Dub. 
Hosp. ; Fel. Acad, of Med. Irel. ; Mem. Irish Med. Assoc. 

3. Luke Usher deed., went to the U. S., America, m. . . . and 

had issue : 

(1) Hon. Bloomfield Usher, Banker, of Potsdam, St. 

Lawrence Co., New York State, m. Ist his cousin Anne 

Usher, and had issue : 

[1] Bloomfield Usher of the Custom House, New York, 

m. his cousin Sarah U sher. [2] Francis Warren 

Usher of Madison, Wisconsin. [3] William Usher. 

[4] Michael Hoflfman Usher. [5] Mary Usher m. 

Mr. Darrell of New York. 

Hon. Bloomfield Usher m. 2ndly, Grace Laflin and has issue, Gracie Usher. 

(2) Luke Usher of the National Bank of Potsdam, New 

York State, m. Hannah, dr. of Isaac Small of Little 
Falls, and has issue, two daughters, Anne and Susan 
Usher, and a son Frank Usher. 

(3) Mary Anne Usher of Potsdam, U. S. 

(4) William Usher, deed., went to America, m. Janet 

Cilsey, and had issue : 
[1] Wm. Alexander Usher, of Little Falls, U. S. 
[3] Marcella Usher. 

(5) Rebecca Usher m. Mr. Caswell of Little Falls. 

(6) Jane Usher m. Mr. Hoffman of Little Falls. 

4. Bloomfield Usher, deed., went to America, m. . . . and had 

issue, Anne Usher and Luke Usher, the father of Sarah, 

and 3 other drs. 
IX. Piobert Usher, born August 4th, 1749, lived and died at 
98 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, m. . . . and had issue : 
1. John Usher, d. unmd. 2. Robert Usher, went to America 
and had two sons, Robert and Richard, both d.s.p. at Louis- 
ville, Kentucky. 3. William Usher, m. and died in Dublin. 
4. Eliza Usher m. Mr. T. Rielly, of 96 Middle Abbey Street, 
Dublin, d. 13G4. 5. Anne Usher, d. unmd. Perhaps 


Eobert L. Uslier, late of the Commissariat, w. pr. 1830, died 
in Fishamble Street, Dublin, unmd., was of the same family. 
X. Noble Luke Usher, born March 6th, 1750, died young. 
XI. Joseph Usher, born January 18th, 1751. 

XII. Richard Usher, born October 13th, 1753, Surgeon and Apothecary 

in Capel Street, Dublin, m. Elizabeth Armstrong, and had 

issue : 

1. Sarah, m. Rev. Thos. Cranfield, Rector of Templescobin, 

Co. Wexford, and had issue : Dr. Richard Cranfield m. 

Mary Furlong, d.s.p., Dr. Thos. Cranfield of Enniscorthy, 

Ada m. — Abbott. 2. Anne. 3. Is^oble Luke. 4. Sheldon, 

born 1780, entered T.C.D. 1795, m. and had two children. 

5. George Rochford, m. and had three children. 

6. Emma, m. Dr. Furlong, had issue ; /. John Furlong, 
late Surgeon-Genl. in Ireland. 2. Mary m. Dr. R. 
Cranfield, her cousin, j. Anna F. 7. Dorothea, m. 
Edward Madden of Dublin. 8. Eliza, m. John Jackson of 
Limerick. 9. Richard, Lieut. 62nd Regt. 10. Harriet. 
11. Julia. 12. Wm. Armstrong, Lieut., R.IS"., m. Anne 
Judd, and had twelve children, viz. : Eliza Anne m. Mr. 
Henzelle ; George Wm., dead ; Emma m. Mr. Anderson ; 
William, dead; Dora, dead; Mari>- m. Mr. Ward; Sarah, 
dead; Wm. Armstrong, dead; Harriet, dead; Julia m. 
Mr. Lewis ; Kathleen Victoria, dead ; William residing in 

XIII. Bloomfield Usher, born December 14th, 1754. 
, XIV. Luke Usher (or Noble Luke), born February 3rd, 1757, of 
Gurteen, Co. Tipperarj', called for his benevolence, " the 
poor man's friend," the first R. Catholic who was J.P., 1798 ; 
died 1807, w. pr. that year, John Lalor, Executor (Francis 
Usher of Love Lane, witness). He m. 1st Kate Lowtb, and 
had issue by her : 
1. Thomas Usher, Surgeon R.N. 
Present at the Mutiny of the Nore, and acted as medical ofiicer in the 


boats of the fleet. He was at the battle of Cainperdo'v\Ti wdth Admiral 
Duncan, and at the capture of 2 Dutch ships of the Line which had escaped 
the action. He was in one of a squadron of ships sent to the Baltic to convey 
Russian troops to the Texel, to aid the Duke of York, then commanding the 
British troops in Holland. He was present at the surrender of the Dutch 
fleet in the Texel to Yice- Admiral Mitchell, and in the Comet Fire ship, when 
the Desiree, a new French frigate of 44 guns was cut out of Dunkirk and 
three others driven on shore. He was at the battle of Copenhagen with 
Admiral Nelson, who after the action forced the enemies' fleets to re-enter 
their own ports, and he was employed for many years in small cruisers 
blockading the ports of Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and many other coasts, 
preventing vessels entering Boulogne, was at the battle of Trafalgar with 
Lord Nelson, and in charge of 1000 French prisoners captured at Walcheren, 
amongst whom a dreadful fever broke out, which was contracted by him. He 
received a medal and 3 clasps. For 40 j'ears afterwards he was a travelling 
Inspector of Mails, residing in Limerick where he was an old and respected 

Dr. Usher m. 1st at, St. Peter's Xch, Dublin, 14th Nov., 1810, Caroline, 
dr. of . . . Warren, and had issue a son : 

(1) Noble Luke Usher, bap. St. Peter's, Dub. 9th Aug., 

1815. Mrs. Usher died, aged 27, and was buried at 

St. Peter's Dub. 13th Sept., 1816. 
He m. 2ndly, Marianne, dr. of Archdeacon Price> Rector of Roscrea, 
and his wife, Miss Tottenham (whose mother's name was Annesley), and 
had issue : 

(2) Brevet Lt. Colonel Edward Price Usher, R.M.I., who 

served in the Crimea, obtaining a medal and clasp and 
the Turkish medal, and also in China, obtaining a 
medal and 3 clasps. He is dead some years, leaving 
a widow, Elizabeth, who died Jan. 24, 1888, in London. 

(3) Captain Chas. Loftus Tottenham Usher, R.M.I., of 


(4) Henr}'' Usher m. a Miss Fox. 

(5) Robert Usher, of the Genl. Post Office, Dublin. 
(<)) Christina Usher, dead. 

(7) Ricarda Usher, baptized St. Peter's, Dub., 23rd June^ 


2. Noble Luke Usher. 

3. Eobert Usher of Cashel, 3rd son of Xoble Luke Usher, bora 

about 1780, died 1847 ; "sv. pr. same year, m. 1st, 
Frances Kinna, and had issue : 

(1) Susan Frances Usher, m. John Mason Harden. 
Robert Usher m. 2ndly, Helen Coppinger in 1829 and had issue : 

(2) Katherine, m. Frank O'Kearney, and had issue. 

(3) Emily, m. William Wayland, and has issue. 

(4) Helena, m. William Victor, and has issue. ~ 

(5) Ellen, m. Dr. Yernon Russell of Cashel and has issue. 

(6) Anne, m. Henry Harden of Dundalk, and has issue 

(see p. 17). 

4. William Usher ra. Eliza, dr. of Archdeacon Price, sister of 

Thomas Usher's wife. 

5. Kate Usher m. Richd. Sparkes, and had issue : 

(1) Richard. (2) Robert, a doctor. (3) Thomas, a 
solicitor. (4) Sophia, m. Mr. Perrot. 

6. Sarah Usher m. . . . Mian of Gort. 

7. Monica Usher m. John Spain. 

8. Mary Usher m. . . . Madden. 

Noble Luke Usher, of Gurteen, m. 2ndly, Bridget Lalor, and had issue : 

9. Eliza Usher. ) mentioned in their 

10. Margaret Usher. I father's will. 

XV. Rev. Hemsworth Usher, born Co. Galway, Dec. 10, 1758, entered 
T.C.D. 1776, Pwector of Tyrrelspass and Clonfad, and Vicar 
of Horseleap, Dio. Meath; w. pr. 1821, md. 1st Oct. 1784, 
Catherine Clerk of St. Bridget's parish, Dublin, to whom he 
bequeathed Oldtown, Ferans, and Little Ardrans, and other 
property in the King's Co. and in Birr. By her he had issue : 

1. Rev. John Usher, Rector of Tyrrelspass, whom Chas. Lever 

describes as the worst preacher in Ireland. Entered 
T.C.D. 1809, B.A. 1813.. 

2. Hemsworth Usher. 

3. Richard Usher, born 1800, entered T.O.D., 1816. 


4. Francis Usher of Lovelane, Dublin, 1821. 

5. George Uslier, born 1806, entered T.C.D., 1825. 
XVI. Catherine Usher, born Nov. oth, 17 GO. 

XVII. Elizabeth Usher, bom April 7th, 1761, m. Mr. Anderson. 
XVIII. Dorothy Usher, born IS^v. 27th, 1763, alive in 1816, wife of 

John Puncy Yero, Esq. of Snugborough, Co. Waterford, 

murdered at Vinegar Hill in 1798. 

We now return to EICHARD USHER (see p. 11), of Cromlin, born 1550, 
who by his first wife, Ellinor Plunket, had issue : 

I. Margaret Usher m. Edmund Malone, Alderman of Dublin, 
died 1635 ; by whom she had issue, one son, William, and 
seven daughters, of whom Frances Malone m. Richard 
Dillon of Clonbrock, the ancestor of Lord Clonbrock. 
II. Elizabeth Usher m. Maurice Eustace, of Clongowes Wood, Co. 
Xildare, died January, 162|, without issue. James Eustace, 
con sang. prox. heir. 

III. A daughter, probably m. Robert Preston (cf. Chancery Decree). 

"The Exors. of James Preston of Balmadan, gt., Plfis., John Preston of 
Westerton, and Ellinor Talbot, his wife, Defts., 7 June, 1608. Defts. to pav 
Plffs. for moiety of wardship of Robert Preston £150, being half of £300 
offered by Richard Usher of Cromlin as a marriage portion to said Robert 
with Richard's daughter." 

IV. Robert Usher, '' the elder," first of Cabinteely, died 1650 ; on 

18th Jan}'., 12ih Jac. I., "a License was granted to Robert 
Usher of Cromlin, and als gents to keep taverns in the City of 
Dublin." On October 5th, 1640, in the Irish House of Lords, 
" Robert Usher, Esq., against Nichols, Clk. (debt £500), who 
got protection by Privilege from the Primate of Armagh 
though not entitled to it ; he being neither menial nor chaplain. 
Usher was admonished for aspersion on the Primate, and was 
ordered to alter his petition with apology." He m. before 
1607, Margaret, the youngest dr. of Aid. Nicholas Ball, M.P. 
for the City of Dublin, 1585, their children being mentioned 


in Nicholas Eall's Will, dated 1608. They had issue 
(according to a Chancery Bill) : 

1. Robert Usher, "Junr.," of Cromlin, forfeiting Papist pro- 

prietor, 1657 (Survey and Dist. Book), Dublin ; will proved 
1660, in which he appointed John Bisse, Recorder of Dublin, 
John Exham, Senr., Esq., and " my brother," Stephen 
Dowdall, of Gallstown, gent., overseers, my eldest sodj 
Arlande Usher, executor ; to each daughter £200, each son 
£100, to be paid when they are respectively 18 and 21, out 
of the property of my inheritance according to my father's 
death, only the town and lands of Crumlin excepted, with it 
for my eldest son's maintce., he not to be maried before hie 
better himself either in the Inns of Court or by travel in 
other countries for 3 years. My sister Ann Usher to take 
charge of my dr. Marie. My law books I leave with Alder- 
man Edward Arthur." Witnesses, John Usher, Elinor 
Ussher [step-uncle and step-aunt]. 

2. Matthew Usher, who " served abroad in the wars," and filed a 

Chancery Bill in 1688 against Holmes. Perhaps Matthew 
Usher, subscriber to Carson's Chronology, 1743, was a son 
of his. 

3. John Usher, mercht., of Oxmantown, deceased before 1688j 

who by his wife . . . had issue : August Usher, father of 
Augustine Usher. 

4. Amy Usher, mentioned in the Will of Nicholas Ball, as 

eldest dr. of Ptobt. Usher, his son-in-law, and bequeathed 
£20, m. Bartholomew Rely, son and heir of Barnaby 
Rely, of Tj^mothan, Co. Dublin. 

5. Bridget Usher, m. Peter Holmes, of Dublin, who died 1675, 

leaving issue : (1) Jane, m, James Ryan, gent., 2ndly, 
m. . . . Magcnnis. (2) Margaret, m. Arthur Stephen; 
(3) Ann, m. . . . Southern, (4) Mary, w. pr. Mar. 28th, 
1718. (5) Cisly. (G) George, d. v. patr. (7) Robert m. 
. . . and had issue John, George and Peter. (8) Gilbert; 
6; Ann Usher, mentioned in her brother Robert's will. 


Richard Usher, of Cromlin, by bis second wife, Jane, dr. of Nicbolas Ball, 
wbo was widow of Robert Cusack, of Garryson, wbo died December 8tb, 1597, 
leaving one son, bad issue : 

V, John Usber, mercbt., of Kilkenny, died \mmd. ; w, dated 
April 22nd, 1675, gr, admon., Ossory, April 7tb, 1676, to 
Mary Nottingbam als Conner, niece and nearest of kin. In 
tbe will be requests tbat all debts due be paid to Mr. Tbos. 
Wetberly, and especially to Mr. Jobn Balle [bis 1st cousin] 
mercbt. of Dublin, wbo is indebted £34 or more, sterl. in 
gold, as appears under said Balle bis bands. 
In tbe MS. Yol. D, relating to tbe Irisb Establishments, and now in tbe 
Irish Rec. Office. 
Exchequer : 

" John Usher, Esq., Chief e Chamberlain of y^ Exchequer 
paid for bis fee in a year and 40 days, ending 
20 March, 1636 ... ... ... £13 6 8 

Liberates, John Usber, Esq., for same time ... 6 13 4" 

VI. Rose Usher, died 13th Oct., 1624, m. Tbos. Challoner, mercbt., of 

Dublin, son of John Challoner, the Queen's Secretary in 

Ireland, and bad issue : 1. John Challoner. 2. Luke Challoner. 

VII. Eleanor Usher (or Gennet), m. Lamerick Nottingham, of 

Ballyowen, Co. Dublin, who died 1673, and was buried in 

Lucan church, leaving issue : 

1. Mary. 2. William. 3. Captain Peter. (Captain Peter 

Nottingham, of Ballyowen, m. . . . and had a dr. Anne 

who m. 2ndly Breut Moore, Esq., and bad issue, Sir Edw. 
Moore, Knt.) 4. Frances. 5. Ignatius. 6. Jane. 
7. Bridget. 8. Richard. 9. Stephen. 10. Patrick. 
11. Martha. 12. Anna. 
In bis will Lamerick Nottingham names bis wife Gennet, and wills that 
she hold tbe farm of Ballyowen until May next. He also names bis brother 
Robert Usher and brother Suffeild. 
VIII. Mary Usher — 
It is not knoAvn whether there are still existing any male descendants of 
the first marriage of the first Robert Usber of Santry ; but the Chancery Bill 


alluded to above gives some family history as follows: " Matthew Usher, gent, 
and August Usher, son and heir and adminr. of John Usher, late of Oxman- 
towne, mercht. deceased ; Matthew and John are younger children of Robt. 
Usher, Sen., of Cromlin, deed.; the said Robert, the elder, was seized of an 
estate in land in the Co. Dublin and suburbs, and left by him to his eldest son 
Robert, the younger, deceased, leaving some small legacy and portion of the 
youngest daughter Bridget, and having a fatherlike love and affection for 
Matthew and John. Peter Holmes and Bridget his wife, dr. of the said 
Robt. Usher, eenr., the sd. Robert Usher, junr., his son and heir having died 
soon after his father's decease, Peter and Bridget Holmes took out letters of 
admon. to the sd. Robert Usher, senr., Matthew Usher then being abroad 
trying his fortime in ye wars. August is an old antient decrepit man, 
Augustin a young orphan. The Holmes married their dr. Jane to one James 
Ryan, gent, deed., of Dublin. The house in Thomas St. worth £18 per ann. 
was in her possession. Arlande Usher is son and heir of Robt. Usher the 
younger." Mich., 1688. 

Perhaps of the same branch was Peter Usher, of King St., near Stephen's 
Green, Foimder, of Dublin, Freedom of Dub. by grace 1709. Will dated 
18 Dec, 1726, pr. 1728, m. Elizabeth . . . and had issue: 

I. Peter Usher of Hoy's Court, DubUn, Freeman by birth, Mich. 
1718, m. . . . and had issue: 
1. James, bap. 1737. 2. Christopher, bap. Nov. 12, 1739, 
3. David, bap. Oct. 26, 1741. 4. Margaret, bap. Dec. 12. 
1742, buried Sept., 1745. 

II. David Usher. III. Ann, m Stone before 1726. IV. Mary. 

V. Martha. VI. Margaret, bap. Feb. 4, 1721. VII. John, 

bap. Jan. 10, 1722, buried Feb. 28, 1722. 

There are two Ferns wills which may be those of descendants of this family. 

The will of Patrick Usher, of Ballinagore, Co. "Wexford, farmer, 1836, 

mentions his 3 sons, Peter, deed., Richard and "William, his wife Margaret, 

and his sister Mary Dempsey. John Usher signs as witness. 

The will of Peter Usher, farmer, of Ballingore, 1827, mentions his wife 
Bridget and 3 children, Margaret, Mary and Anastatia : his brother the Rev. 
Richard Usher, R. Catholic Priest. John Etchingham, witness. 




Pedigree of the descendants of Thomas Usher. 

THOMAS USSHER, m. Margery Geyton, and liad issue : 
I. John TJssher, m. Katherine May, and liad issue : 

I. Walter Usslier, m. Mary Kennedy, and had issue : 

1. George TJssher, m. Alson Gough, and had issue: 

(1) Patrick TJssher, m. Mary Nulty, and had issue : 

[1] George TJssher, m. . . . and had issue: 
[/] John TJssher, living 1782. 
[.?] Christopher TJssher, alive 1782. 

[2] Stephen TJssher, Jesuit Priest. 

[3] Michael TJssher. 

[4] Barbara TJssher. 

[5] Mary TJssher. 

[6] Ann TJssher. 

(2) John TJssher. 

(3) Ignatius TJssher. 

(4) "Walter TJssher. 

(5) Anne TJssher. 

(6) Barbara TJssher. 

(7) Mary TJssher. 

(8) Bridget TJssher. 

2. Christopher TJssher, m. Margaret Orr (.P). 

(1) Thomas TJssher. 

(2) EKzabeth TJssher. 

(3) William TJssher. 

(4) Jane TJssher. 

(5) Ann TJssher. 

3. Matthew TJssher, m. Ismay Dillon (?) 

4. John TJssher. 


5. Mary Ussher. 

6. Anne, m. John Brice. 

II. Amy Ussher m. Robt. Mapas. 
III. Mary Ussher m. . . . Kelley. 
II. Henrj' Ussher, Primate of aU Ireland, of whom in Chap. YI. 

III. Arland Uesher, m. Margaret Stanihurst and had issue : 
I. John. II. James, iii. Ambrose. 

IV. George Ussher, m. -^neas Kenan. 

V. Christopher Ussher, Ulster King of Arms. 
YI, Rose Ussher m. Primate Garvey. 
YII. AHs Ussher. 
YIII. Katherine Ussher. 

JENNET USSHER, m. 1st, . . . Powell, 2ndly, . . . Capes. 

The following interesting pedigree, never before published, is taken from 

T.C.D. MS., E.I., 21, page 23, and was written by Christopher Ussher, 

imcle of Primate James Ussher. 

*' My own petigre. 

Tomas Uffher, my father, marid M. Geton by who he hath to sonnes 
and doughters. 

John Henry, Arland, George & Chrpr., Roose, Allis Cathryne. 

Roose m. Jo. Money who begate 

on her Lancelot and Allis, after the decease of Money, Garvye. 

Henri mard. Margery Eliote, 

by who he bed Markes and Ambrose. Arland maried M. Stanyhurste. 

After the delefse of my father my mother 

m. Rd. Staine, after the desese of R. Staine she marid 

Mr. Ambrose Forthe, now Officiall in Mikhs. 1575, 0. e. t. 

Jo. Arland [?] my grandfather, m. Jouan Foster, by whowe he hade 
Arland and Thomas and a dr. called Jenet, who m. Pouell and after him Capes. 

Arlant, maried Rose Holywode by whome he had Rt., who maried Mt. 
FitzJohn, by who he hade Thomas, Rd. and Elenor, Margaret and Anne. Rd. 
maried Elenor Plunket. Elenor Ufsher maried Walter Balle, and Mt. maried 
Fekines. Anne m. BarnwaU. After the defsese of Margt. FitzJohn, Robart 
maride Catte Sedgrave, by whome he had Laraunce, Robarte, Izabell and Royse 
1566 Father adye 76. 

Sench his deth 12 yeres of St. Marke his daye that cometh 1578. 

My uncle Arlanton Ufsher died the 18 of Jaui^nuarv, 1557 

My father died the — ." 


Thomas Ussher, 2nd son of John Ussher and Joan Foster, who was the 
ancestor of that branch of the TJsshere which included the illustrious Primate 
James Ussher, was bom about 1496, and died the 25th of April, 1566, 
being probably then seventy-six years old. He married Margery,* daughter 
of Henry Geyton or Geydon, Bailiff of Dublin, and his wife Margaret Berford. 
Mrs. Ussher md. secondly, Mr. Shillingf ord ; thirdly, Richard Staine ; fourthly. 
Sir Ambrose Forth, Judge of the Consistorial Court. In the Calendar of 
Irish State Papers, March 4, 1549, Thos. Scotte writes to Depy. Bellyngham: 
" Mr. Bolton and Thos. Hussher have promised to get him health, altho' he 
finds little ease." 

Thomas Ussher and Margery Geyton had issue : 

I. John Ussher, mercht., of Dublin, Sheriff of that city, 1592, died 
20th of April, and was buried the 21st of April, •rlT§5 in the 
Chancel of St. John's Church, Dublin. According to a Chancery 
Inquisition he was feoffed of the Castle and lands of Treffans, 
Co. Meath, and left "Walter his son and heir, 7 years old. It 
would appear from the Patent Rolls, 17th Jac. I., that a grant 
was made to Wm, Parsons of " a house with a backside and 
other buildings, situated in the angle between High Street and 
St. Nicholas Street in Dublin city, in which John Usher and 
afterwards Thomas Bushopp, Alderman, lately dwelt." Thos. 
Byshopp, md. John Usher's widow and died 2l8t June, 1616. 
He had the wardship of Walter Ussher, John Ussher's son. 

* For the pedigree of Margery Geyton or Geydon, see in T.C.D. MS., 4, 18, p. 105. — 
Thos. Geydon of Dublin m. Anna Woodbome, and had John Geydon f. & h., who by 
Genet N angle had issue : I. Simon Geydon m. Kath. Cusack. II. Henry Geydon, Aid. 
(d. 8 June, 1530), m. Margt. dr. of Simon Berford, and had issue: (1) John, m. Eliz., 
dr. of Wm. Bath of Dollardstowu, and had Hy. and Ann. (2) Hy. (3) Thos. m. Amy 
Eustace. (4) Margt. m. Thos. Ussher. III. Margt. Abbess of theHoges, by Dublin. 

Thos. Geydon had by Anna Woodborne 2ndly, Jenken Geydon, m. Joan Lansay, 
and had issue : I. Thos. II. Nic. m. Kath., dr. of Jo. West, and of Ales, dr. and h. of 
Cruise, and had issue: (1) John m. Eliz., dr. and h. of John Peppard, Aid. of Dub., and 
had Nic, Eichd., Kath. m. Nic. Colman, Agnes m. Edm. Harold, Amy, Sisely, Alson m. 
Nic. Quaytrod. (2) Mich. Geydon m. Eose White, and had Margt., m. Gerot Dillon. 
III. John m. Alson, dr. of Cruise. 

Wm. Geydon was Provost of Dub., 1333 and 1334. Henry Geydon was Bff. of Dub., 
1518. Nicholas Geydon, in 1619. Bimon Geydon, in 1525. Nich. Geydon, Mayor of 
Dub., 1532. 


The signatures of Jolin Ussher and Thos. Byshoppe, both appear 
as witnessing a deed of Archbp. Adam Loftus, 10th Jan., 1588 
(cf. British Museum, Add. MS., 21,506). 
John Ussher by his wife Katherine, dr. of Patrick May, mercht, of Dublin 
and of Kilmactalway, who died 17th June, 1616, had issue : 

I. Walter Ussher, born 1588, Alderman of Dublin. In a Flant, 

1600, is a grant to Thos. Bushoppe, mercht. of Dublin, of the 

wardship and marriage of Walter, son and heir of John Ussher, 

late of Dublin, mrt., and the custody of his lands during his 

minority; Rent 30s., of which 20s. for maintaining the minor, 

with a clause for his education in T.C.D. Fine £3, 10th April. 

Walter Ussher, m. Mary, daughter of George Kenedy of Dublin, 

Alderman, who died 20th Nov., 1661. In her will proved that 

year, she leaves her son George 12 pence, her son John £5 ; all 

the rest to her son Christopher, whom she made her executor. 

The following are the items in the will of Walter Ussher : 

" To be buried by my father in St. John's Church Dublin ; " mentions "A 

deed of feoffment 4th Aug., 1630, by which I make over the lands of Trefan, 

etc., in the Co. Meath and Dublin, to 5 merchants of Dublin ; " " wife Mary 

£60 per ami., son John Usher £25 per ann., and a chamber in my house in 

High St., wherein I now dwell, to my son George the house after the death 

of his mother ; to son Christopher £3 for portion ; to son Matthew £3 for 

portion ; eon Brice married my dr.; son George to be seized, etc. of all lands ; 

son Matthew to be my sole executor, and I give him £50. In case the heirs 

of my lawful sons fail, the goods to go my natural brother Stephen ; in lack 

of his heirs, to Richd. Brice my grandson. Remainder to Robert Usher of 

Cromlin. 31 March, 1636." Witnessed by John and Christopher Usher, sons. 

He died the 3rd of April, 1636. 

John Ussher had also a natural son, Stephen, who was a mercht. of some 
consequence in Dublin, and m. Mary, dr. of Christopher Bisse, Esq., by 
whom he had a son John Ussher. The wiU of Stephen Ussher was proved 
30th May, 1651. 

II. Amy Ussher, m. first Robert Mapas of Dublin, mercht., who 

died 8th Jan., 1618. She md. secondly, John Nolan, and died a 
widow. A grant admon. of her goods was made Aug. 26th, 1631, 
to Christopher Mapas, mercht. 


III. Mary Usslier, m. . , . Kelley, and was buried in St. Nicholas 
Cliurcli, Dublin, 17th Ma)^ 1654. 

The above-named Alderman Walter Ussher, by Mary Kenedy, his wife, 
had issue : 

1. George Ussher, Junior, mercht. of Dublin, bom c. 1613, 
23 years old in 1636, died July 3rd, 1671, and was buried in 
St. James' Church, Dublin; he married Alsoo, eldest dr. of 
Alderman Patrick Gough, of Dublin (and his wife, Alson 
Piers, of Tristernagh, who m. 2ndly, Nicholas Dowdall, of 
Drogheda), and sister of Ignatius Gough. 
In the Assembly Rolls of Dublin, Mich. Assembly, 1653, there was " a 
lease to J. Moorecroft, clerke, during the exercise of his ministry, of a piece 
of ground in St. Nicholas' Ste., lately in tenure of George Usher, con- 
taining in length 32 yds., in breadth 17 yds. at a peppercorn yearly." 

1668. " George Usher, nuper fuit proprietor vil. et ter. de Rathconny, 
contin' 61 acr' et etiam de 40 al' acr' ib'm." 

In 1671, George Usher and Alson his wife, and Ignatius Gough, exors. 
and admors. of the "Wills of Patrick Gough, Aid. Dub. and William and 
Henry Gough, his sons, are mentioned in a Chancery Decree. 

In MS. Vol. M, formerly in the Irish Record Tower, the names of George 
Usher and Alice, his wife, appear in the list of Innocents in Right of Wm. 
Gouo-h, inhabitantof Dublin, for 457a. 3r. 17p. in the counties of Roscommon, 
Meath, Dublin and Kildare. Also that of Mary, relict of Walter Usher, for 
Meath and Dublin City. George Ussher, by his wife Alson, had issue : 

(1) Patrick Ussher, merchti of Dublin, deceased before 
1740, m. first, Elizabeth, dr. of . . . Creagh; secondly 
a dr. of Sir Thady Duffe, Knt. ; thirdly, Mary, dr. of 
Matthew Nulty, by whom he had issue, Alicia Ussher. 

By his first wife he had issue : 

[1] George Ussher, an eminent merchant of Dublin j 
who resided in Church Street, and died in 1758. 
He m. first . . . who died April 20th, 
1742 ; secondly, Ann ... He had issue (but 
by which wife is uncertain) two sons. 


[/] John Usslier, alive in 1782. 
[2] Christopher Ussher, alive in 1782. 
[2] Stephen Ussher, a Jesuit Father in 1739, died 

in 1762. 
[3] Michael Ussher, gent., of Janeville, Co. Dublin, 
who, ia his will, dated 1782, bequeathed to his 
nephew, John Usher, Esq., of Dublin, £200 ; to 
Miss Frances Segrave,dr. of Neal Segrave,E8q., 
of Cabra, £50, to Eleanor Segrave, £50. 
A deed of July 25th, 1740, recites that George Usher of Dublin, mercht., 
and Stephen and Michael Usher, gents, and eo-heirs of Patrick Usher, Esq., 
deed., did assign to Honora Forster, milHner, for £400, for ever the ground, 
formerly waste, but now built on, on the East side of Church Street, 91 ft. in 
depth to King's Inn "Wall. "Witnessed by Joseph Usher, of Dub., mercht. 
[4] Barbara Ussher, Dub., will proved 1765. 
[5] Marj' Ussher m. . . . O'Fallon. 
[6] Ann Ussher m. . . . Collin. 

(2) John Ussher. 

(3) Ignatius Ussher, Captain in FitzJames' Infantry 

Regt., 1688. 

(4) "Walter Ussher, Ensign in Lord Slane's Infantry 

Regt., 1688, perhaps the same "Walter who was buried 
in St. Catherine's Church, Dublin, a R, Cath. priest 
(cf. Register, 15th December, 1698.) 

(5) Anne Ussher, wife of Colonel Con. Geoghegan, in 

Westmeath, married in 1673. 

(6) Bridget, probably wife of . . . Gernon, and mother of 

George and Bridget Gernon, minors. 
A Chancery Decree of 1708 names as plaintiffs Patrick Usher and 
Bridget Gernon, als Usher, widow, and George and Bridget Gernon, minors, 
their guardian, Bridget. 

(7) Barbara Ussher. 

(8) Mary Ussher, m. first . . . Madden, of Dublin, mercht. ; 

secondly, Bartholomew Hodges, of Dublin. 



Walter Ussher and Jlary Kenedy had issiie : 

2. Christopher Ussher, gent, of Patrick Street, Dublin, died 
Novr., 1659, Dub., intest, gr. 13th March, 1660, m. 
Margaret . . . and had issue : 

(1) Elizabeth Ussher, bap. St. Nicholas Chvirch Without, 

Dub., 1648. 

(2) Wm. Ussher, bom 1654, buried St. Nicholas Without, 


(3) Jane Ussher, mentioned in the above gr. admon., died 

before 1665. 

(4) Anne Ussher, bap. 1658 in St. Nicholas Without, 

Dub., 1658. 

Perhaps Thos. Usher, buried in St. Nicholas Without in 1649, and to 
whose goods a gr. admon. was obtained by Christopher Usher o^ Dublin, 
20th March, 1652, was a son of his. 

Margaret Ussher, widow of Christopher Ussher, died in 1665. In the 
Dublin Will Book, p. 148, 1661-1665, is per will, as follows : 

" Memorandum that inJan.orFeb., 1664, Margaret Usher, late of the Parish 
of St. Nicholas Without the Walls, Dublin, deed., after shee had severall times 
and in severall particulars declared her affection with aboundant expressions 
of kindnes towards Margaret, the now wife of George Roimd, etc., and had 
declared that the sayd Margaret was the nearest kinswoman and relation sLee 
had in the world, etc., did declare her last will nuncupative, in manner 
following : — I leave twenty shillings to the poore of the parrish wherein I now 
live, to be payd out of my goods. Item I give aU my goods & c'teles unto 
my nearest kinswoman I have in the world, vizt. : Margaret Pound, except 
one silver bowle which I bequeath \mto Thomas Howell, as all soe one bed and 
boulster, one blankett, one cadow, one pair of sheetes, 3 pewter dishes, one 
pott, one pann which I leave unto Martha Bowker, as all soe one green 
Rideing hood which I bequeath unto Mary Crow." Grant to Margt. Price 
als Pound, of admon. to Margaret Usher, late of St. Patrick Street, widow. 
1st June, 1665. 

;'«. Matthew Ussher, gent, of Clathrath, Co. Mcath, appointed 
executor to bis father's will, m. Ismay . . . who 


obtained a grant admon. to his goods, 30th April, 1661. 
There is a Chancery Bill lodged by Matthew TJssher 
against his brother George, 25th February, 1657, in which 
be complains of the non-fulfilment by him of the said will. 

4. John Ussher, Jesuit Father, bom 1613, died in Dublin, 1698. 

5. Mary Ussher, buried in St. John's Church, Dublin, 1622 

Perhaps the Mary CTsher of St. John's parish m. 1639, 
by consistorial license to Edward Bentley, aurifier, of St. 
Werburgh's, was named from her, and a sister. 

6. Anne Ussher, married John Brice, Mayor of Dublin, 1605, 
and had issue, Richard Brice. t^v'i/^'t 

Ijg^vi^ ^ 

II. Henry Ussher, Primate of all Ireland, of whom in Chap? YI. 

III. Arland Ussher, thefatherof Primate James, of whomin Chap. VIII. 

IV. George Ussher, Freeman of DubKn, 1579, born c, 1558, died 

January, 16?S, merchant of Dublin. In 1585, "a lease was 
made to George Usher for 41 years of a shop lately built 
near the High Conduit beginning this last Michaelmas, rent 
4l8., he to find a Lanthorn with candlelight from 6 to 9 
o'clock to light passengers." (Dub. Assembly Rolls.) He 
married ..tineas, dr. of . . . Kenan, and had issue : 

1. Gerald Ussher, Freeman of Dublin, 1593, m. Alice, dr. of 

. . . Nugent, and died before his father. 

2. Rose Ussher, wife of George Devinish, by whom she had a 

son, Edward Devinish. Doctor Arthur, of Limerick, in 
his diary, 1627, 12th February, writes : " Georgius 
Deuonish, Senator, Dub., pro uxore hijdrope detenta ob 
intempestiva Pochioru alboru a partu suppressionem. 
18th February, Georgius Deuonish, pro | £1 
predicta uxore ... ... ) 5 

14th July, Georgius Deuonish, pro uxore 5 0" 

3. Jane Ussher, m. . . . Corbally. 

4. Katherine Ussher, m. Richard Duflfe, water-bailiff of Dublin, 
who died 1634, leaving issue : (1) Edward. (2) Patrick, 
(3) George. (4) John. In his will he desires to be buried in 




St. Audoen's Church, " in the ancient buryall place of ray 

fourfathers and ancestors ;" leaves " to wife Katherine Duffe, 

alias TJssher, the lease of the house now inhabited by myself 

80 long as she remains the Tvidow of Mr. Richard Duffe ; if 

she marry, only \, and f between my children. To my wife 

the grand close of ye. Keyage granted by the citie unto 

Edward Ball, to the use of Robert Ball, Alderman, imder 

whose tj^the of right I enioie the same." 

In a Chancery Decree, 1643, Katharine Duffe recovered £40 and £10 per 

ann. from the "Water-bailiffs of Dublin out of the profits of office of Water- 

baiKff and Sergent at Mace, Dublin, provided that in these troublesome times 

there be enough, 

5. Cecilia Ussher, m. . . . Tankard. In 1637 Edward Tankard 

was assessed in St. Audoen's parish for the parson's stipend. 
Wm. Tankard too was bon of Nicholas Tankard, who died 
1601. Cecilia m. secondly, Robert Linacre, Sheriff of 
Dublin, who died 25 Dec, 1620, and by whom she had 
issue : Stephen, Elizabeth and Frances. 

6. Mary TJssher. 

7. Ales Ussher, ra. . . . Knox. 

Y. Christopher Ussher, Ulster King of Arms and Principal 
Herald of Ireland, born c. 1556, entered the Universitj'' of Cam- 
bridge in 1579. In T.C.D., MS. 3. 16. " Chropher Ussher 
reductus est in matricula universitate academiae Cantabr. an. 
dni. 1579 termino pasch. Matthaeus Stokes." 

According to Cooper's Athenae Cantab., he was " educated in Trin, 
Hall., Camb., where he proceeded B.A., 1582. He was in 1586 convened 
before Dr. Tvndall, Yice Chancellor, and Dr. Still, Justices of Peace, for 
having spoken words derogatory to the Queen's authorit}' and title. 
The case against him failed and he was acquitted, although the Judges 
deemed it expedient to give him a godly exhortation to be circumspect and 
wise in tallying of princes' matters. In the same year he took LL.B. On the 
3()th June, 1588 by patent he was made Ulster King of Arms (third in suc- 
cession from the founding of the office) and Principal Herald of the whole 


Kingdom of Ireland, also, though a layman, Archdeacon of Armagli. He 
died immarried 25th June 1597." From the Cal. Pat. Eolls EKz., 1597, we 
iind that Christopher Ussher as Ulster King had 40 marks a year and fees, 
which was to be continued to his successor Daniel Molyneux. 

The will of Christopher Uscher, als. Ussher, proved 1597, is naturally an 
interesting and valuable document. It runs as follows : — 

" I Xpr. Ussher hibs Ulster, though sick in bodye yet waole in mynd 
and of p'fect memorie, do make this day my last will and Testament in manner 
and forme following : ffirste I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, who of 
nought hath made and sent his onely sonue to redeme me by the shedding of 
bis most p'cious blod on the crosse, and his holy spirit to illuminate and guide 
me, from whom prod'eth any good, and looke onely to be saved by him and 
doubt not, constantlie beleve whensoever he shall call me out of this transitorie 
life to see him with these eyes in his Kingdome p'pared for me as one of his 
elect to be saved. 2ndly, I bequeathe my bodj- to be buried in St. Johne's 
my p'sh church, in some convenient place in the chancell by my father 

Thomas Ussher. 

Debts that I do owe. 
Itm — I do owe imto my brother John Ussher, \ 
as appeareth by his shopp booke f . ) 

Itm — to John "Withers uppon certayne p'cells of plate, y\z., a silver bowle 
wth a cover dobble guilt, London toach ; a salt wth a cover dobble guilt and 
a silver bottle in paune of fyve pounds to be payed to last day of St. Michael- 
mas terme next, v lb. 

Debts due to inc. 

Itm — James Carrott servaunt to Mr. Gopper hath a concordatum of myne 
of y\\ lb. to be paid by his man, wh'ch I do owe him 111 lb. who also hath 
my bill for the thre pounds. Itm— John Michell, Attendant to the Erie of 
Ormond, owcth by his specialtie or bill, xxx^' st. 

Itm — John Ratleff, scholemaster owcth by bill as appereth, xxxi-'- st. 
whereof there is paid xi^- vi*^- st. 

Knightcs ffeoes to me dciv. 

Itm — Sir Gefirye ffentou for his ffeo, etc., xxx' st. 

Itm — Sir Nicholas Devcreux, for his fee and for w'ch I gave Mr. Maxeston 
an acquittance to recceave the sura and as yet unretorncd nor sat)'-sfied, xxx'- st 


Itm — Sir George Cowley for his ffee p'r'mised to be paid the last q'ter, 
xxx^- st. 

Itm — Sir Henry Owtridge, some tyme an undertaker in Mounster, for his 
ffee, XXX*- st. 

2. Itm — Sir Richard "Wingfeld, for his ffee, xxx*- st. Itm — Sir . . . 
Chichester for his ffee xxx^- st. for ffunerall chardges yet dew. Itm — Mrs. 
MecEwey, for my service and attendance, in her Maj's rich coate, at the 
funerall off her former husband, Mr. Mare, xxvi*- viii"^- st. Itm — Mr. 
Edward Loftus and Mr. Gifford for the like s'vice at Sir Henrye Duke, there 
ffather's funerall, xi^- st. (Mr. Cusacke of Lessmollan for his father's 
funerall, whereoff receved xv^- st. fro' 3 gold nobbes for my fee and x^- st., 
my horse hiere) xxxvi^- viii^- Itm — I will that my plate shall be sold to 
the most advantadge onely reserving to my mother in a token my lyttle 
s'iver water bottell. 

I will also yt. my housh'd stuff be sold and in like sorte my bookes accdg 
to the bequestes before graunted. 

Itm — I will and hereby ordayne my beloved brother George Ussher, my 
sole and alone executor of this my Testament, and allow him a cloake to 
attend my charges. 

Itm — I will that my mourning gowne and heid be given Athlone pur- 
covant at armes to goe before my corpes in his cote of armes. And to make lae 
eight scochiones off armes in mettall uppon bockany or ten off a tannvsh w'ch 
he had off me, for wch he shall have given me his a book off armorie newlie 
transcribed and written for himself 

Itm — "Whereas I have a gold ring of old Mrs. Deudly in pawne off vii^- 
vi^- St. I will the same to be restored to the oyoyner as my free gift and 
guilt from the debte, ffurther I ordayne and appoynte my nephew, Lancellot 
Money the overseer off this my last will and Testament, that all thino-es be 
done and p'formed according my trew and playne meaning. In witness wher- 
off I have hereunto sett to my hande and seale, the xxx*- off Maj', 1597. 
"Witnesses p'sent at the signing, sealing, Christopher Ussher, 

and p'fecting of this will, Ulster. 

La. Money, p'bend of St. Michaeles, Dublin. 
J. Geydon, Margaret Stanihurst." 


Christopher Ussher was buried, according to his will, in St. John's Church, 
Dub., 25th June, 1597. 

YI. Rose Ussher, sixth child and eldest dr. of Thomas and Margery 
Ussher, m. first, John Money, Aid., Mayor of Dublin, 1550, by 
whom she had issue : Lancelot and Alice. In 1594-9 Lancelot 
Money, clerke, was Gustos of St. Stephen's; it was ordered that 
" he shall be good unto the poore, and discharge the cure as 
becoming St. Bride's Asskole." Lancelot Money mentioned in 
the will of Christopher Ussher as his nephew, was named in the 
Charter of Trin. Coll. as one of the first three Fellows. Rose 
Ussher, m. secondly, John Garvey, Dean of Christ Church, 
and afterwards Archbishop of Armagh, who had previously 
md. Joana, dr. and heir of John Money, Alderman of Dublin, 
and by her had had issue : I. Lancelot Garvey, who m. Alice 
Passefield. 2. Alson Garvey, m. Walter Harold, deed, 
before 1612, leaving issue, Redmond and Marie Harold. 
Rose Ussher, als. Garvey, died Dec, 1612, and was buried in Christ Church, 
Dublin. Her will (Dub. Dioc.) nuncupative, says : 

" Mem. — That on or about the 9th day of June, in the year 1612, Rose 
Usher, als. Garvie, of the citiie of Dublin, widow, made a nuncupative will, 
bodie to be bur'd in Christ Church by the rest of her firiends. Itm — To 
nephew Walter Usher, a damaske table cloth and towell. Itm — Her plate, all 
her linen and woollen beddinge, bedsteads, brasse and pewter to her sd 
nephew Walter Ussher, to pay her debts, to see her well buried. Itm — To 
Marie Harold, daughter to Walter Harrould of Dublin, gen., deed., farme of 
the Kill, als. the Kill of Grange of Clonkuen, d'ing life onelie, and after to 
Redmond Harrold and his assignees, sonn unto Walter Harrold, gent., deed." 
In presence of Walter Usher, of Dub., Aid. and others. Proved xi. Feb., 1614. 
John Garvey, the second husband of Rose Ussher, born in the Co. Kilkenny, 
and educated at Oxford, was first made Archdeacon of Meath, and in 1565, 
Dean of Christ Church, Dublin, and a Privy Councillor. He was appointed 
Bishop of Kilmore in April, 1585, and held the Deanery of Christ Church still 
by dispensation. On the 10th of May, 1589, he was translated to Armao-h, 
and still held the Deanery. He died in Dublin on the second of March, 1594, 


and was buried in Christ Church. He was a very hospitable and benevolent 
man, and so had permittal of 1st fruits, £137 13s. Id. from the Government. 
A pedigree of the Garvey family is in T.C.D., MS. F. 4. 18. "Fj'ntaa 
Garvey de Mergage, in Co. Mayo, m. Eliz. Cogane de familia. Galynge 
de Athleane, in Co. Mayo, and had issue : I. Thomas m. Sabrina f . . . 
"Walsh, in Co. Mayo, and had issue : 1. Denes, m. Gormalina Dowdall e 
familia de Ardglas in Tinnahinoy, and had issue : (1) Joannes, m. 
Fyllonckia, als. Fynolla Butler de familia de Bonessoulby, and had issue: 
[1] Joannes, Decan. Eccl. Trin., Dub., m. lst,Margt. f. Xpri. Plunket, m. 2ndly, 
Joanna f. & h. of Jo. Money, Aid,, Dub., by whom he had issue, Lancelot and 
Alson. By his first wife Archbishop Garvey bad issue : 1. Christopher 
Garvey of Lehinch, m. Ann f. . . . Walsh de Kilgobbin, by whom he had 
John, m. . . . f. Burk, gt., Co. Mayo. Antony and James. 2. Wm. 3. Jo. 
4. Henry. 5. Anthony. 6. Thos. 7. Genet, m. Jac. FitzJohn of Fianstown. 
8. Marian, m. Walter f. . . . Walsh de Shanganah. 9. Mary, m. 1st, Aspill 
f. de Aspillde Kimlestowne. m. 2ndly, Edmund Wellssley." 

The following letter written by Archbishop Garvey is in T.C.D., MS. 
E. 3. 16. 

" After my hartie comendacons and ffor as muche as I am somewhat caused 
wheareby I am not able to travell thether myself and that I think my brother 
Chroper Uscher is not able to com thither convenientlie by reason of the 
Kinges Marshealls buriall I thought goode therefore to require you and 
hereby to aucthorise you in the absence of Mr. Uscher to supply my roum or 
place there, and w'th all to certifie unto Denis Culleame that I have appointed 
this bearer, David hurlie, my Register there for this p'nte Visitacone and 
otherwise duringe my pleasure and to receave suche ffies as is or shal be due 
to me there or elsewheare, wherefore I require you to use him and none ells 
as my Register there and that you see that Denis Culleame doe deliver him 
my rente tayle and suche other instruments, monuments, resceipts, acts and 
records, as belongeth unto me. Even soe I bid you hartellie well to fare, 
Dublin this viiith of february, 1590. 

" Yor. lovinge frende, 

"Jo. Armachanus." 


VII. Ales Ussher, second daughter of Thomas and Margery Ussher, 
died a maid, 23rd of Nov., 1607, aged above 60, and was 
buried in Christ Church, Dublin. Probably she and her sister 
Katherine were the two blind Aunts who taught James 
Ussher to read. 
YIII. Katherine Ussher died about 1613, at Termonfeighan and was 
buried with her sisters in the Lady Chapel of Christ Church, 
Dublin. Her will proved 9th Feb., 1613, is as follows : 
" In the name of God, Amen. I Katherine Uscher of the citty of Dublin 
gentlewoman, being sicke in body, yett in p'fect memory, God's name be 
praysed and blessed evermore, do make this my last will and Testament, in 
manner and fforme ffollowinge : ffirst I bequeath my soule unto Almightie 
God, my Creator, and my body to be buryed in the Lady Chappell in Christ 
Church in Dublyn, by my sisters. Item — My will is yt. my nepJme James 
Uscher shall Jiave the Jwuse in the ffishe streete in Dublin, wliere Mr. Sexton 
now dwelleth: the writinge whereof I gave unto himself e, and farther it is my 
will yt he shall have the interest yet unexpired in the house wherein my Lady 
fforth now dwelling in St. NicJwlas Streete in Dublin .aforesd. Item — My 
wiU is that my cozen Margaret Uscher, dr. unto my nephue Luke Uscher, shall 
have all such interest as I have in the Tythes of Stale rgan. Item — I doe 
leave unto my nephue Marke Uscher, my silver guilt and silver goblett. Item — 
I doe leave with my nephue "Walter Uscher my silver beaker and the silver 
goblett I boughte of himselfe. Item — I do leave with my nephue Robert 
Uscher, in the Colledge, a ffeather bed, a payr of sheets, a caddowe, a piUow 
beer and a chest. Item — I do leave with my neece, Jane Uscher, alias Ball, 
my silver guilt Tankard. Item — I doe leave with my neece Ales Uscher a 
table cloth, halfe a dozen of napkins and two silver spoones. Item — I doe 
leave wth. my neece Margerie Uscher a table clothe, half a dozen of napkins 
and 2 silver spoones. Item — I do leave to my neece Mary Dscher, alias Kelly, 
one payer of sheets and one dozen of napkins. Item — I doe leave with my 
neece Sissie Uscher, alias Tankard, one pr, of sheets and one dozen napkins 
Item — I doe leave with my neece Marie Uscher, alias Lynneker, one pr. of 
sh'ts and one dozen of Napkins. Item — I doe leave with my neece, Katherine 
Uscher, alias Duffc, my best broade cloth gowne guarded. Item — I doe leave 


with my neece, Ales Uscher, alias Knox, the gownd I had of my sister Rose. 
Item — I doe leave ^vith my neece, Jane Uscher, alias Corbelly, my brasse 
pann ; yt is with Anne Allen. Item — I doe leave my servants, Marie Duffe 
and Janet Myssett, to the discretion of my nephue Luke Uscher, whom I 
make and appoynt my sole executor. Item — I doe leave unto the said Luke 
Uscher, my executor, the interest of my dwelling house in Dublin, and what- 
ever goods, moveble or immoveble, I have or of right ought to have, excepting 
that which I have formerly bequeathed by this my will and last Testament 
and doe require him to carrie me to Dublin to be Buried." This is the true 
will and last Test't of Mrs. Katherine Uscher, made in Termonfeighan in the 
presence of us whose names ensueth, dated the xxiind of August, a.d, 1613. 

Edmond Moregans. 

Lu. Ufcher, mk. 

Pr. 9 Feb., 1613. ^ X 



Pedigree of the family of Henry Ussher. 
PRIMATE HENRY USSHER, m. Margery Eliot, and had issue : 

I. Marcus Ussher, of Balsoon, M.P., of whom in the next chapter. 
II. Ambrose Ussher, d. y. 
III. Thomas Ussher, d. 1610, m. Ellinor . . . 

lY. Rev. Archdeacon Luke Ussher, m. Mary O'Connor, and had issue: 
I. Rev. Arland Ussher, Rector of Termonfeckin. 
II. Christopher Ussher, d. s. p. 

III. Toby Ussher, m. Margaret ... 

IV. Francis Ussher. 

V. The Rev. Wm. Ussher, Rector of Killincoole, m. Margaret Part- 

VI. Margaret Ussher, m. Archdeacon Edmond Donnelan. 
VII. Dorothy Ussher, m. Joseph Travers. 

VIII. Susanna Ussher, m. 1st, Archdeacon George Wright, 2ndly, 

. . . Sleg. 
IX. Christian Ussher, m. Benjamin Bolton. 


Y. John Usshtr, of Baltray, m. Martha . . . 

I. Captain Henry Ussher, m. Elizabeth Berford. 
VI. Matthew Ussher, m. Margaret . . 
YII. Bichard Fssher, m. Mary Ashe, of Trim, and had issue: 

I. Luke Ussher. 
YIII. Right Rev. Robert Ussher, Bishop of KQdare, m. Jane Kynaston, 
and had issue : 
I. Edward Ussher. 
II. Maud Ussher, d. y. 

III. Theophilus Ussher, d. y. 

IV. Margery Ussher. 
V. Mark Ussher. 

VI. Sarah Ussher. 
IX. Jenet Ussher, m. Robert Ball of Dublin, and had issue. 
X. Rose Ussher, m. Sir Edward Trevor, and had issue. 
Primate Henry Ussher, m. 2ndly, Mary Smith, and had issue: (she m. 
2ndly, Wm. FitzWiUiams of Dundrum.) 
XI. Margery Ussher. 
XII. Mary Ussher, m. 1. Robert Witherall, 2ndly, John Jeeves. 
XIII. Ellinor Ussher. 

Tho>l\s and Margery Ussher had issue : 

II. Henry Ussher (of whose life a short sketch is given by Ware in 
his Antiquities of Ireland), probably born c. 1550. He was 
{ace. Wood's Athenae Oxonienses), "Coll. Magd. admissus in 
matriculam Acad. Cantab., Maii, a" 1567." Henry Usher, 
Coll. Magd., A.B., Ann, 1569-70. " In the beginning of 
1572 he went to Oxford, settled in University Coll., and was 
incorporated and took the same degree in the beginning of 
July, 1572, and in a few days after was licensed to proceed 
in Arts, which degree being completed by standiug in the 
Act, he made some continuance here, studied the theological 
faculty, and laid a sure foundation therein by the helpeof 
divers noted men then in the University, among whom 
Doctor Humphrey and Doctor Holland were two." He 


afterwards studied in Paris. He was probably ordained about 
1574, and seems to have soon made bis mark in the Irish 
Church. Ware says : " He was first promoted to the 
Treasurership of Christ Church, Dublin, and on the Saturday 
before St. Patrick's Day, 1580, he was admitted into the 
Chapter House and installed Archdeacon of Dublin, and on 
St. Patrick's Day, in St. Patrick's Cathedral, likewise; by 
means of Adam Loftus, then Archbishop, he was made 
Rector of Taney, Rathfarnham, Donny brook and Kilgobbin, 
being the Corps of the Archdeaconry. He laboured greatly 
about the erection of Trinity Coll., near Dublin, and was the 
agent sent to England to present a petition to Queen 
Elizabeth and to solicit the matter in that behalf. He 
obtained a Mortmain License for the lands granted by the 
city of Dublin for the site of the said collej^e, and in reward 
was nominated the first Fellow." Dr. Thos. Smith in his 
life of James Ussher, published in Latin in 1707, has a para- 
graph entitled " The Praises of Henry Ussher." He says 
that he knows he would not be pardoned if he said too little 
about what Ireland owes to that great and illustrious man. 
" First, he so lucidly, and with such strength of arguments 
defended the rights of St. Patrick's Church (which Perrot 
meant to turn into a coUege), that he averted that dire omen. 
The difficulties too about the founding of Trin. Coll., Dub., 
were so great, the delays so long, that the Irish Parliament 
thought then that none was more worthy than Henry Ussher, 
or more suitable found to plead before the Queen the cause of 
it. So he joyfully went to England in 1590, sparing no 
expense, avoiding no labours." In 1694, he was appointed 
Vice-Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, 
The following interesting notices of him appear in the the Calendars of 

Irish State Papers for 1574, 1585 and for 1591 : 

Lord Justice Loftus to Walsyngham, September 12th, 1583, mentions— 

" The backwardness of the City of Waterford in causes of relio-ion. Thos. 

Jones, Dean of St. Patrick's ; Dr. Robt. Conway, Chancellor of Christ Church, 

..v.*..jai -^*^iiM»-;,.*M*arfi«iit*wiiS!^ 


Lord Archbishop of Armagh (1595-1613). 

From a Photoyraph of the faintini/ at Armai/h PaJact. 


Dublin ; and Archdeacori Henry Ussher, were successful in their preaching 
there. The citizens lament that they have not one preacher amongst them." 

November, 1584, Sir John Perrot to Walsingham : 

"Henry Ussher sent over to cross King James' plot for the two Uni- 

No. 56. December SLst, 1584. Mention of a Petition of the Preben- 
daries of St. Patrick's to the Privy Council to stay the dissolution of that 
Cathedral. This was probably presented by Ussher on November 16th. 

No. 58. "Rd. Tomeson, Treasurer of St. Patrick's, and Archdeacon 
Henry Ussher are the only preachers in Ireland." 

[The learned Bishop of Down, Dr. Peeves, informs me that Henry 
Ussher could preach in Irish.] / 

Vol. CLXI. 

May, 1591. Memo, by Archbishop Loftus to ask for a new grand Seal of 
Ireland to be sent over by Archdeacon Usher. 

November 4th, 1591. The Lord Deputy and Council to the Privy Council 
in favour of the bearer, Mr. Henry Uscher, Archdeacon of Dublin. They 
recommend to them the creation of the College with such degrees of learning 
as La the Colleges in the Universities of England are used. 

January 13th, 159^, Burghley's letter to the Lord Deputy says that "on 
the 1 ^th a warrant was delivered to the Archdeacon of Dublin for the erection 
of Trin. Coll. there." 

In the case of the Queen (by Mr. Nugent) against Chief Justice Sir Robert 
Dillon, Mr. Henrj' Ussher, Archdeacon of Dublin, was examined as a witness. 

Among the dignitaries of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Archdeacon of 
Dublin, Mr. Henry Uscher, was paid £42 ISs. 8d. per ann. In 1592, the 
Archdeaconry of Dublin was worth £11 los. 2d. per ann. 

In 1595, on the death of his brother-in-law. Primate John Garvey, Arch- 
deacon Ussher was appointed by Queen's letter Archbishop of Armagh and 
Primate of all Ireland, and was consecrated on the 23rd July m that year, a 
dignity justly due to his eminent abilities, learning and services. Over that 
See he presided until 1613, holding the Archdeaconry of Dublin in com- 
mcndam by a License dated July ITth, 1595. Dr. Smith says : " He was pro- 
moted on account of his wisdom, holiness of life, learning and other gifts." 


In a life of James Ussher, by Dillingliain, written in Latin, and of wiiich. 
the MS. is in the Brit, Mus., he says : — *' Patruum Usserii Henricum Usserium, 
virura doctuna et prudentem Cantabrigiae quidem in Anglia bonarum 
literarum studiis institutum;" i.e., the uncle of Ussher, Henry Ussher, a learned 
and prudent man, trained in the study of literature at Cambridge in England. 

Archbishop Henry Ussher had a country estate and seat at Balsoon on the 
right bank of the Boyne, opposite to Bective Abbey. There, high over the 
river, he built a house of which the cellars still remain. Under the grass are 
pavements stretching towards the river. There is an old ruined church close 
by, which, according to the inscription on their tomb, was founded by Sir John 
Eliot, Baron of the Exchequer, and his first wife, Ismay Rochfort, and in 
which many of Henry Ussher's descendants are interred. In this church, on 
the 11th September, 1604, William Pils worth was consecrated Bishop of 
Kildare, the Primate having retired there because the plague was then raging 
in Dublin. 

In a Chancery Decree of 1594, Henry Ussher, as Plaintifi", recovered to him 
and his assigns from Patrick Archbald, Defendant, the towns and lands of 
Balsoon and Evestown with their appurtenances and £3 costs. In Father 
Hogan's edition of "The State of Ireland, 1598," among the principal gents 
of the " Bar. of Dece, Co. Meath, are Hen. Usher, Ld. Primate of Armagh, 
of Balstown, and Usher of Balsound." 

Primate Ussher also resided a good deal at Drogheda and at Termoni eckin 
near that town, as the ecclesiastical buildings at Armagh were then in a 
ruinous condition. He was associated, as President, with the Commission 
appointed for the Ulster Plantation. 

In 1611, July 4th, Andrew, Bishop of the Isles, writes to the Archbishop 
of Canterbury: — "Except the Lord Chancellor himself, the Archbishop of 
Tuam, Dr. Challoner and Mr. Ussher, he can name no man of the ministry in 
this kingdom who has knowledge or care to propagate the EvangeU." A 
meeting of the Bishops was held in Dublin. " In this meeting they have 
done what they could. The Archbishop of Armagh, somewhat old and unable 
albeit, will mind it." — Cal. State Papers. 

Henry Ussher died full of years, and greatly honoured and respected 
among the Irish, at Termonfeckin, on April 2nd, 1631, being Good Friday, 


and was buried in the monument of his predecessors, Octavian de Palatio, 
Lancaster, and Long, in which also his successor, Christopher Hampton, was 
interred, in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter's at Drogheda. This monument 
probably perished when Oliver Cromwell burnt down the steeple of the church 
in 1649. It were much to be wished that some memorial of the last restins: 
place of Henry TJssher, to whom Ireland and the Irish Church owe so much, 
could be erected instead of the one thus destroyed. 

The Prerogative "Will of Henry Ussher, Archbp. of Armagh, Lord Primate 
of Ireland (1595-1613). 

Memorand y* the seconde day of Aprill in the yeare of the Lord 1613 
Henry Uscher Lo. Pry mat of all Irelande being of pfect mynd and memory 
& purposinge to make his last will & Testamente, made the same In 
manner and forme ffollowinge — > 

In the name of God Amen, I Henry Uscher Lo. Primatt of all lerland, 
being sicke in body yet of p'fect memory God be therefore praysed doe make 
this my last will & testament in manner and forme ffollowing. 

ffirst I bequeth my soule to Almighty God my Creator my Saviour and 
redeemer and my body to be Entered in St. Peter's Church at Droheda : in 
the mo'ment of my p'dicessores . that I doe leave and bequeathe and it is my 
will that my sonne Marcus Uscher being my eldest sonne and heire shall have 
to him and to his heires the tonne and landes of Balstowne and Eueston my 
pte of Draystown with all and singular there apptenning, and I doe bequeath 
unto him the leases in the hand of the Teythes of EHmessane & Turolocks 
town in the county of Meathe & doe dissharge him his heires and assigns of 
all Accoumpts Peconinge and demande whatsoever fro* the beginings of the 
world untill this day that whereas I have formerly disposed of the Arch- 
deconry of Dubline unto my sonne Luke Uscher & that he hath injo3'ed the 
hundred poundes English to be by him satisfied to my sonne Richard Uscher 
and fforty pounds English to my sonne in law Captain Edward Trevor : And 
doe bequeath unto him y® 50 pounds English wh: is ought me by Philip 
Dowdall of Droheda, merchant : It : I will & my will is that my son John 
Uscher shall have my house in S* Patrick's street wherein Arthur Brewerton 
& "Will Woods now dwell he selling the rente thereof to the Churchwardens 


of S* Patrick Church and doe discharge him of all Accoumpts & Reconings 
whatsoever untill this day. I doe will and my will is that my son Mathew 
Uscher shall have freely unto him, all my goods & chattels whatsoever in hand 
at the making of this my will in the towne and fielde of Ardmagh, and about 
the same — and for arrears of Rente which are due to me my saide sonne 
Matthew to Acount for the same unto the overseers of this my will to the use 
and behoofe of my wife and three youngest children- It : I will and my will 
is that my sonne Richard Uscher shall that C" English formerly specified 
upon my sonne Luke Uscher together with the Lease which I have of the 
Teythes of Rathbegan & the interest which I have in Gormanston in the Co. 
of Meathe and that six score pounde English which. John Ashe doth owe for 
the pfermente of bis daughter Mary to my sayd sonne Richard. It : I doe 
give and bequetb to my sonne Robert Uscher the teythes of Kilbride & 
Cloghran Swords and Ballymore and I doe give & leave unto him all my books 
which I have, my Executors to deliver unto him presantly after my decease- 
It : I do give & bequeth to my well beloved wife And to my children Borne 
by her named Margery Mary & Ellinor All my goods & chattels movable and 
unmovable which I have in Tarmonfechane or about the same, and "Wh : I 
have in my house of Droheda And my chest of Aparrell in Dublyne & C^^ 
sterl or there about which is ought me by Henry Frankljnie of Droheda 
Alderman. It : I will and my will is that my wife & my 3 younge children 
begoten upon here to be my Executors & that they doe accomplish this my 
will in all pte wh/ so fare as the same doth concerne them . It : I will and my 
desire is that my brother in law Sir John Elliott Knt & my well beloved sonne 
in law Captaine Edward Trevor to be the overseers of this my will and doe 
require them to use their best Indevores to see the same duely executed to 
the uttermost of their powers- 

This will was made by worde of mouth by the above named Henry Uscher 
Lo Primatt of all Ireland the second day of Aprill Ann Dom 1613. before 
us whose names are here under writen , and we were Required to put the same 
in writinge which we accordingly did the same day, in manner & forme above 
expressed and in witness whereof have hereto sett our hands 
Mary U/cher Edw : Trevor 

Jo : Elyot Mar Uscher. 


The Archbishop was twice married ; first about 1573, to Margaret, dr. of 
Thomas Eliot of Balriske, Co. Meath, and his wife Elizabeth Smart ; secondly, 
to Mary Smith, who surnved him. By his 2nd wife he had issue three 
daughters, Margery, Mary and Elinor, of whom the second, Mary Ussher, m. 
Robert "\Yitherall and had issue two sons and tw^o daughters ; viz., Dudley, the 
eldest son, Eobert the 2nd son, died young. Beatrix, the elder dr., and Margery 
the 2nd dr. The above said Robert "WitheraU died at EnniskiUen, 16th 
Sept., 1634, and was buried there. His relict m. John Jeeves of Drogheda, 
Alderman, by whom she had issue, Anne Jeeves, who m., as his 2nd wife, 
Walter Dawson, Esq., in 16S0, from which a considerable property in Co. 
Armagh and Tyrone came to the Dawson family. Her husband was the 
ancestor of the Earl of Dartrey. 

Primate Henry Ussher's 2nd wife, in 1614, re-married with William 
Fitz Williams, Esq., of Dandrum, who died 16th July, 1616, s. p. He was 
brother of Sir Thos. Fitz Williams, Knt., Ist Viscount Merrion and Fitz 

In the Pat. Rolls. 13th Jac. I. we find a " Recognizance 27 July, 
1614, whereby William Fitz Williams of Dundrum, Esq., Sir Thos. Fitz 
Williams of Merryong, Knt., in Dublin County, Patrick Cusack of Rathaldron 
in Co. Meath, Esq., and Henry Che vers of Muncton in Dublin County, bound 
themselves in the several sums of £300 by Wm., and £133 6s. 8d. by the 
others to Sir John Eliot and Capt. Edward Trevor, to the use of Margery, 
Mary and Elinor Usher, drs. of Henry Usher, Archbishop deceased, upon con- 
dition that where the said Wm. Fitz Williams had married Mary the relict 
of the sd Primate and in her right had taken upon him the execution of his 
will, whereby Mary and her children were appointed joint Executors : and 
whereupon deliberate consideration being had of the Estate of the said Lord 
Primate, by consent of the said Sir John Eliot and Capt. Trevor, and by order 
of Thomas, Archbishop of Dublin, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, it was decreed 
that Wm. FzWms. shd pay to Margery £150, and to Mary and Elinor £100 
each at certain times laid down in sd order and decree." 

The above Henry Chevers, 2nd son of J. Chevers of Macetowu, m. 
Catherine, sister of Lord FitzWilliam. The Fitz Williams first came into 
Ireland with Prince John. 

Primate Henry Ussher by his first M'ife, Margaret Smart, had i.ssue : 
I. Marcus Ussher, of Balloon, Co. Meath, of whom below. 



II, Ambrose Usslier, born about 1674, mentioned in Arland Ussber's 
pedigree, and must have died young. 
III. Thomas Ussher, of Patrick's Close, Dublin, who died in 1610. 

In his will proved in Dublin, the 26th of May same year, he says : 

" I Thomas Ussher, the unprofitable servant of God, both strong in body 
and mind, God be thanked &c,; while I live in the p'sh and close of St. 
Patrick's near Dublin, if I die, wish to be buried in said Church. I leave 20 
shillings to the poor of St. Patrick's. Item — / gyve unto Mr, James Ussher 
tenn shiUinges desiring him to preach at my burial T He also names his wife, 
EUenor Usher, Signer Emanuel Philippi, mercht., of Farro in Portingal to 
whom he owes £33 15s. Od., Paul Greenwood, a ISTorthem Clothier of Halifax, 
also a creditor, and my wife's trade of keeping of shoppe in the Exchange or 

It is not known whether Thomas Ussher left issue, but 'it is possible that 
the persons mentioned in the following Cork Marriage bonds were a son and 
grandson of his, viz. : 

Henry Usher of the p'sh of St. Mary Shandon, and Margaret, dr. of 
Tomas Stawell of Finbar, 20 May, 1635. 

Thos. Usher of Shandon, mercht., and Sara, dr. of Jonas Morris of Cork, 
Alderman, 15 Sept., 1666. 

An Ellinor Ussher, widow, was buried in St. Michan's, Dub., 14 Oct., 1662. 

A Thomas Usher was also presented to a Crown living 8th Aug., 1637. 

A branch of the Usshers was settled in the Co. Clare also, possibly des- 
cended from Thomas Ussher. Thus in the Charter of Incorporation of Ennis, 
20th Oct., 1612, Thomas Usher is one of the burgesses named. 

T.C.D. M.S., 2, 22, the Co. Clare Depositions, 1641, p. 690 : 

" Anna Margrett Yssher, the Relict of Thomas Ussher, late of Ballyma- 
Krincian, in the p'ish of Killyin, within the County of Clare, gentle, 
deceased, deposeth and saith that on or about Christmas last and since the 
beginning of this past rebellion in Ireland she was robbed and forceably dis- 
poiled of her goods and chatties to the value of 944 lb., part consisting of debts 
amounting to the same of one hundred and twenty pounds due from the 
[persons] named. 

" Michael Ricbforte, of Limbrick, merchant ; Daniel McGorman, of 


Fuchenchy, in the sd county, gentl. ; Dominicke Bonfield, of Inishcathy, in 
the sd Co., m'chant ; Henry Blackwell, of Killardan, in the sd County, gentl. ; 
John O'Morrissa, of ye Laume drogh ; Henry O'Morrissa, Nealen, labourer ; 
Lawrence White, of Limbrick, merchant, and in actuall rebellion, therefore this 
deponent canott get satisfaction from them. The deponent saith that about 
Xmas last two hundred and ten yearlings steers and three of the deponents* 
cows were taken away by Patrick Conyre." 

One Antony Ussher, Esq., of Doaagarogue Castle, Co. Clare, perhaps son 
to Thomas, was besieged also by the rebels in 1641. 

IV. The Rev. Luke Ussher, Archdeacon of Armagh. In the state of 

the Diocese of Meath, 28th May, 1622, by Bishop James 

Ussher, we read : 

" Kentstown, in the countie of Meath, presentative. The Lord Baron of 

Dunsan}', Patron. Mr. Luke Ussher, Batchelor of Arts, a preaching minister 

of good life and conversacion, value 30^ st. He is Archdeacon of Ardmagh, 

and resideth in the dioces of Ardmagh. Mr. Wm. Warr, a reading minister 

of the countrey birth, a very old sickly man, is curate and residetii." In 

Henry Ussher's will it is mentioned that he had formerly disposed of the 

Archdeaconry of Dublin to his son Luke. Katherine Ussher, spr., in her 

will, 1614, witnessed by her nephew, Luke Uscher, leaves to Margaret 

Uscher, dr. of Luke, all such interest as she had in the tithes of Stalorgan, 

and to Luke, her executor, the interest of her dwelling house in DubKn, and 

whatever goods she has, with certain exceptions. She appears to have died in 

his house at Termonfeckin. 

Archdeacon Luke Ussher died the 6th of November, 1632. A grant of 
his will nuncupative was made the 19th of November, 1632, to Mary Ussher 
als Connor, his widow. 

He married Mars', dr. of Teige O'Connor, by whom he had issue : 

I. Ptev. Arland Ussher, according to the Regal Visitation of 1633, 
was Rector of Clonmore, donatus de Drogheda, Arch'pus 
"\alet £30, and also of Heinestown, Dundalk, Arch'pus, 
valet £42. He was afterwards rector of Termonfeckin or 
Terfeekin, where he died s.p. in 1659. In his last will nun- 
cupative, dated Oth July, 1659, he appointed his si-^ters 


Margaret Donnelan als Usher, and Susanna Sleg als Usher, 
Exors., but he died before his ■will was written. The will 
was proved by them, 1665, witnessed by Wm. Barry, Clk. ; 
"Wm. Pilsworth, Clk., and James Grace. 
11. Christopher Ussher, d.s.p., 163^. 

III. Toby Usher, m. Margaret. . . 

IV. Francis Ussher. 

V. Eev. William Ussher, m. Margaret Park of Dungannon, Rector 
of Killincoole, Co. Louth, previously to 1641. 
In his depositions made 9th March, 1642 (cf. T.C.D. MS. 3, 5), he says : 
" I William Vscher, Rector of Killencoole, in Co. of Louth, and in the Bar. 
of Dondalke, have lost by this rebellion, and by these parties following these 
severall things. 

Inp. in mouny lost and due, 211 pounds. ^ 

£211 Item in plate a hundred pounds worth. 
280 Item in come in my haggard a hundred pds. worth. 
IHo Item in corne in ground fourscore pds. worth. 
90 Item lost a hundred pds. a year. 

Item lost in books, fifteen pounds worth. 

746 Item in living and householde stuffe, fiftie pds. worth. 
Item in cowes and horses, £50 worth. 
Item in apparell of my owne and my wife's, fortie pounds 
IMy plate, apparell, some of my cowes and two geldings being taken by 
Phellimie O'^N^elle out of the Bar. of the Upper Dungannon, and the rest of 
ray things being taken by Colle MattBrien, Matt Maughone, the goods beeing 
in the custodie of one Patrick Beruen, Esq., and John Burke, gentleman, 
bouth the sayde men countieof Lowth, and in the Bar. of Dundalke. 

Jurat, 9th March, 1 642, John Sterne. Will : Vscher." 

Wm. Ilitchcocke. 

VI. Margaret L'ssher, m. Edmond Donnelan, Archdeacon of Cashel. 
VII. Dorothy Ussher, m. Joseph Travers of Benburb, Co. Tyrone. 


VIII. Susanna Ussher, m. first Rev. George "Wright, ordained Deacon 
and Priest 6 Jan^- 1621 ; Archdeacon of Dromore, Novem- 
ber 30th, 1629. In Dean Jones's Remonstrance concerning 
Church and Kingdom of Ireland, 4to, 1642, we read that — 
" Master Wright, Archdeacon of Dromore, had his house 
■which cost him much, burnt. I saw himself, his wife and 
2 children in extreme misery at Charlemont, from whence 
theyjourneyed to Kinard, 1641." Susanna m. secondly . . . 
IX. Christian Ussher, m. Benjamin Bolton, youngest son of Lord 
Chancellor Bolton. 
Mary Ussher, als Connor, relict of Archdeacon Luke Ussher, died (accg. to 
the Ulster Ped.) in 1640. There is a grant of admon. of the goods of Mary 
Usher, late of Ganderstown, in the parish of Terfeckin, Co. Louth, widow, to 
Nicholas White, of Dublin, merchant, husband of Margery White als Barry, 
pronep., etc., of the defunct 20th December, 1677 ; and also a Chancery 
decree for Mary Usher of Termonfeckin, widow. Plaintiff, against George 
Thomas, of same, Defendant, Clk., Plaintiff to recover £40 with interest and 
cost. Injunction to is§uefor payment, Termonfeckin, 2l8t April, 1635. 

Possibly descendants of Luke Ussher may still be in the Co. Louth, for 

in January, 1888, a wall dated 4th March, 1887, Probate to Jas. Ussier, 

28th January, mentions that John Ussher, farmer, late of Barmaltin, Co. Louth. 

who died 20th December, 1887, left bequests for R. Catholic charitable objects. 

V. John Ussher, of Baltray, in the parish of Termonfeckin, near 

Drogheda, m. Martha, dr. of Thomas . . . and had issue : 

1. Captain Heniy Ussher, Lieut., 1649, afterwards of Sutton, near 

Howth, m. Elizabeth, dr. of Michael Berford, of Kilrue (and 

his wife, Margaret, dr. of Sir Christopher, 22nd Baron of 

Ilowth, who deceased 16th February, 1610), who died 10th 

May, 1658, and by whom he had a daughter, Maria Ussher. 

The prcrog. will of Elizabeth Usher als Berford, of Sutton, Co. Dublin, 

pr. 25th August, 1662, mentions "my present husband. Captain Henry 

Ussher," and bequeaths " £4 to Mr. John Walker, which I borrowed before 

mY last marriage, and £10 to him that he dispose of it for pious uses for my 


soule. Also 3 barrels of cori to the poor when corn comes in. £5 to Mr. 
John Walker that he may remember me ; a silk gown and petticoat to sister 
Gernon ; handkercher and Holland apron to my sister Cecilia ; a curled hood 
a small scarf, item my lame handle to sister Brigide ; to Mary FitzWilliams, 
a gorgette ; item to Mary Barrett my old sarge gowne and petticoat ; my red 
waistcoat to my maid Margt., my enamelled ring to my nurse ; my Holland 
smocke and head clothes unto Mrs. Geoghegan. Item my long riding scarf e 
and my sadle cloth and cushion to my mother ; my husband Henry Usher to 
be executor. 1st May, 1658. Elizth. Usher." Witnessed by Cisly Berford, 
John Winter, Captain Henry Usher of Warrenstown, Co. Meath. 

Bridget FitzGerald als Berford, Marie Garland als Berford, of . . . wid. 
and of Cisile Berford. 

There is also mention in it of Michael Berford,* deed., father of the 

yi. Matthew Ussher, deed. 1667, of Carentele, Co. Tyrone, m. 
Margaret . . . and had issue. 
A prerog. gr. admon. of the goods of Matthew Ussher, arm. intest., was 
obtained 4th Oct., 1G67, by Mary Jacob, als Jones, his grandchild, and agr. 
of the goods of Margaret Usher, wid. intest., by Thomas Jacob, gent., Dublin, 
late husband of Mary Jones, als Jacob, grandchild and nearest of blood, 15th 
Oct., 1669. 

YII. Richard Ussher, m. Mary, dr. of John Ashe of Trim. In the will 
of Primate Henry Ussher, he leaves Richard £100 English 
and the lease of the Tithes of Rathbeggan, and his interest 

•There is a pedigree of the Berford family in T.C.D. MS., r4, 18: Galfrid de 
Bratforil, vel Braeford, nunc Birford, had issue, Roger de Birford, who had Walter de Kil- 
row and deDonaghniore, juxtaleNavan, who had Roger, father of : I. Walter de Birford, 
had issue: 1. Thos., father of Ann, m. Rt. Bar. de Howth. 2. Joan m. Rd. White of 
Clongell. 11. Simon de Birford, father of 1. Roger B. of Kilrow (1363, 1372). 2. Edmond. 
3. Jo., father of Rd. 4. Rd., father of Thos., 1363. III. Edm. de B., had issue : I.Jo, had 
Rd., who hadEdmd., 1363, father of Margerj', m. Jo. Rochfortde Kilbride. 2. Martin, s.p. 
1363. Roger of Kilrow, had issue : (1) Simon of Kilrow, father of [1] Christopher B. 
m. Joan Petit, and had issue : Thos. B. of Kilrow m. Jenet Eustace, and had Ann, dr. 
and h., m. 1st, Birmingham, and 2ndly, Nich., Ld. Howth. By Birminfham she had 
issue ; Anne m. CLri)r., 17th Ld. Howth, and had Joan, m. Rt. Preston of Balaiadun. 
Chrpr. B. had 2udly, Edm., m. Birt. and had issue : Simon Berford de Kilrow m. Kath. 
dr. of Nic. Cusaok, of Gerardstown, and had issue : 1. Rd. Berford m. Jenet Eustace. 
2. Thos. 3 to 12. Nine daughters. 


in Gormanstown, Co. Meath. Richard TJsslier died in 1616, 
according to the Ulster Pedigree, but this may be a mistake, 
as we find Luke, son of Richd. Usher, generosus, born in 1623 
at KUmenah, entered T.C.D. in 1641. 
VIII. Robert Ussher, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, and Bishop of 
Kildare ; born about 1592. The earliest mention of him is 
in the will of his Aunt Katherine Ussher, 1613, in which 
she says, " I doe leave with my nephue Robert Uscher, in 
the CoUedge, a ffeather bed, a payr of sheets, a caddowe, a 
pillow beer and a chest." His father by his will in the same 
year bequeaths to him the tithes of Kilbride and Cloghran, 
Swords and Ballymore, and gives him all his books. 
He was admitted a Fellow of Trin. Coll., Dub., October 3, 1611.; B.A. 
Aest. 1612 ; M.A., 1614 ; was Yice Provost in 1615 ; B,D., Aest. 1621. In 
1617 he was made Prebendary of St. Audoen's, Dublin ; on Oct. 23 in same 
year was appointed Rector of Ardstraw and Ardtrea ; he became Rector of 
Shankill or Lurgan, 1629 ; was Prebendary of Dromaragh, May 18, 1624 ; 
was elected Provost of T.C D., Oct. 16, 1629 ; sworn Provost, Jan. 4, 1630, 
resigned Aug. 11, 1634, and for many years after was Pro-vice-Chancellor of 
the University of Dublin. In 1634 he was inducted into the Archdeaconry 
of Meath, and was consecrated Bishop of Kildare 25th February, 1635. 

A Latin letter and set of verses addressed by him to James Ussher, about 
1630, are found in Dr. Parr's Collection (see Appendix). 

Robert Usher was appointed Provost by the Fellows of Trinity College, 
Dublin, with the King's sanction, they having first to pay into the King's 
Exchequer a sum of £10. Robert Ussher, though a Divine of great pietj' and 
of a most amiable disposition, yet through lack of firmness in ruling the 
troublesome inmates of the College, was rather a failure. Under these circum- 
stances the Irish Primate, who had recommended his cousin for the post, 
applied to Laud to intervene, that the Provost *' who is of too soft and gentle 
a disposition to rule so heady a company " might be removed. Robert Ussher 
retired from the contest readily, accepting the Archdeaconry of Meath. 

**He was," says Ware in a MS., "a Prelate orthodox, unblamable, 
learned, of a meek, modest, conscientious and gentle behaviour- He was an 


euemv to all Theatrical Representations, and would not admit them into the 
CoUeo'e, according to former practice, untill he was in a manner commanded 
by the Lords Justices. He was a constant and assiduous Preacher, and 
remarkable for his Pulpit abilities, which he continued to his death, even after 
he fled from the fury of the Irish Rebellion." "He took great pains," says 
Harris, " in solliciting the Parliament for an act for the recovery of the lands 
of his Bishopric, aliened by Craik and Pilsworth, though without success." 
Oq the 21st of Jan., 1635, Robert Ball leaves his son and heir "bound 
unto ye Reverend father in God Robert Usher, Doctor of Divinitie and Bp. 
of Kildare," in £1,000 to the use of his younger children. The will is 
witnessed by Robert Usher. 

Wherever the Bishop was living at the Rebellion of 1641, he must have 
fallen into great trouble, for he fled to England, and died at the house of his 
wife's kinsman at Pantabirsly or Plas Warren, near Ellesmere in Co. Salop, 
on the 7th Sept., 1642. Ware gives the following epitaph as on his grave in 
the Chancel of Doddleston Chapel near Oswestry: 

" Here lieth the Body of that constant and faithful Preacher of God's 

Word, the Right Reverend Father in God, ROBERT, Lord Bishop 

of Kildare, son of Henry, Lord Primate of all Ireland, who died 

at Pantabirsly, Sept. 7th, a.d- 1642." 

The writer is indebted to Rev. W. Reynell for an interesting quotation 

from the Shropshire Gazetteer, Wem., Salop, 1824, page 133: " An Irish 

^rr/ibishop who was on a visit at Plas Warren was taken iU and died, and is 

buried within Doddleston Church in Ellesmere Parish." 

Robert Ussher, m. before 1623 Jane, eldest dr. of Francis Kynaston of 
Pantabirsly in Shropshire, afterwards of Saull, Co. Down, and his wife 
Katherine, dr. of John Trevor, Esq., of Brynkynalt, Co. Denbigh (whose 
younger dr., Magdalen Kynaston, m. Rev. Joslin Ussher, the Bishop's 

He had issue by her: 

1. Edward Ussher, born at Balsoon, on March'3, 1623, entered 

T.C.D. from the school of St. Patrick's, as a scholar, in 1638. 

Though little more is known of him, he may have been the father of an 

Edward Usher of Magheralin near Lurgan, Co. Down, who was buried in 


Donaghcloney churchyard, 7th Nov., 1715, and if so, -was the ancestor of a 
large branch of the family settled as linen weavers in Magheralin parish, down 
to the beginning of this century (see Magheralin Parish Registers). 

In the Diary of a Roman Catholic, Doctor Arthur (cf. Journ. Kilkenny 
Archffiol. Soc, 1867). " 10th & 13th Sept, 1632, Doctor Rob. Yssher pro suo 
filio Edwardo," 10s. each time. Also, " Doctor Robertus Vssher p ancilla, 9 Jun, 
1627, 7s. Od., Doctor R. Yssher p'dict' 16 Aug. 10s. Doctor R. Yssher, 
1630, 12 Aug., lOs. 6d. Doctor Rob. Yssher p afline suo, 23 feb. 1631, 6s. Od. 
Dr. Rob. Yssher, 3 April, 10/-, 5 April, 10s. Doctor Rob. Yssher pro ux, 
6 Dec. 1632, for wife's sister, 21 Oct., 1632." 

II. Maud Ussher, buried in St. Audoen's, 20th April, 1637. 

III. Theophilus Ussher, son of Rob. Bp. of Kildare, bpt. 10th Jan. 

163| in St. Michan's Church, Dub., bur'd. Nov. 29, 1638. 

IV. Margery Ussher, bap. 29th June, 1639. 

V. Mark Ussher, bap. 9th Oct., 1640. f 

VI. Sarah, dr. of Edward (?J, LordBp. Usher, bap. 11th Oct., 1642, 
at Oswestry. 

There were probably others born before 1637. 

IX. Jenet Ussher, d. 5th June, 1620, wife of Robert Ball, Alderman 
and Mayor of Dublin, d. 1635, by whom she had issue : 

I. Mary Ball, bom 1602, m. James Kerdiffe. 
II. Walter Ball, born 1603, died v. p. 

III. William Ball, Captain in Lord Castlestewart's Regt. of Foot, 

afterwards a barrister, and M.P. for Kells, m. Ellinor Bisse, 
and had issue who died young. 

IV. George Ball of Dublin, born c. 1608, d. 1636, m. Jane ... and 

had issue : 
1. Robert Ball, of Ballygall, Co. Dublin, and of Drogheda, m. 
Anne. dr. of Aid. John Desmynieres, 2nd Lord Mayor of 
Dublin, and had issue : 

(1) Jane Ball m. Aid. Edward Dudgeon. 

(2) Anne Ball m. Paul Espinasse. 


(3) George Ball of Ballsgrove, Drogheda, born 1678, 

d. 1760, m. Mary Roe, and had issue: Robert Ball 
of Ballsgrove ; Capt. George Ball, grandfather of 
Sir John Ball Greene, C.B., Chief Commissioner of 
Valuation, Ireland ; and other children. 

(4) Capt. John Ball, of Churchill's Dragoons. 

(5) Rev. Charles Ball, M.A., of Dublin, born 1683, 

d. 1758, m. Deborah . . . and had issue : George 
John and Deborah Ball ; of these, John Ball m. 
Christian Standish, and had issue, with others, 
Robert Ball of Dublin, m. 2ndly, Editha Gurly, and 
had issue, with others, Jemima Bali, mother to the 
present writer. 
X. Rose Ussher, 2nd wife, in 1612, of Captain Sir Edward Trevor, 

Knt., Member of the Privy Council, of Brynkynalt and of 

Rostrevor, by whom she had : 
I. Margery Trevor, bom at Navan, 13th Aug., 1613, d. y. 

II. Sarah Trevor, bom at Rostrevor, 13th Aug., 1616, m. . . . 


III. Mark Trevor, of whom below. 

IV. Magdalen Trevor, born at Brynkynalt, Nov., 1621, m. Sir Hans 

V. Edward Trevor, born at Brynkynalt, 8th May, 1623, slain at 
Babothery, m. Elizth., dr. of Henry Lord Folliott and widow 
of Richd. Wingfield ; she ra. 3rdly, Sir John Ponsonby. 
Rose Ussher died Slst Oct., 1623 ; Sir Edward Trevor died in 1649, in 
which year his prerog. will was proved. He was buried in Clondallan Church 
beside his late wives and children. 

Mark or Marcus Trevor, born 15th April, 1618, at Rostrevor, Col. of a Regt. 
of Horse, temp. Chas. II., Marshal of Ireland, 6thXov., 1667,CustosRotulorum 
Co. Down, 22nd July, 16— , Governor of Ulster, May 11, 16G4, IGUo, who for 
his gallantry in wounding Oliver Cromwell at Marston Moor was created 
Baron Trevor of Rosse, Co. Down, April 21, 1662, and Yiscount Dungannon 


28tli Aug. 1662, died at Dundalk, lOth Mar, 1669, and was buried in the 
Church of Clondallan, Co. Down 

He married 1st, on 29th September, 1633, Frances, dr. and co-heir of 
Marmaduke Whitchurch, Knt., of Loughbrickland, who came to Ireland to 
clothe Queen Elizabeth's army, was Constable of CarUngford, died at Ros- 
trevor, 9th February, 1655, and was buried in Clondallan Church. By her 
he had issue : 

1. Marcus Trevor, d.v.p., 3rd of June, 1669. 

2. Arthur Trevor, bap. at St. Audoen's, 11th of June, 1661, d.y. 

3. Edward Trevor, bur'd. at St. Audoen's, 5th of March, 1665. 

4. Maria m. as 2nd wife, William Hill of Hillsborough, Co. 

Down, who died 1 693, and had issue two sons. Her stepson 
Michael Hill m. Anne, dr. and heir of Sir Jobn Trevor of 
Brynkynalt, and was the ancestor of the Marqiiis of 

5. Rose Trevor m. Nicholas Purcell, Baron of Loghmoe, 

d. 1684. 

6. Frances Trevor m. Nich. Sankey of the Co. Longford. 

Col. Marcus Trevor m. 2ndly, Ann, dr. of . . . Lewis of Anglesey, and had 

7. Lewis, 2nd Visct. Dungannon in 1669. 

8. John, slain by his br. Marcus, 1680. 

9. Marcus, 3rd Lord Dungannon, m. Arabella Susanna, dr. and 

co-heir of Hugh Hamilton, Lord Glenawley. 

10. 11, 12. Katherine, Edgar, Richd., buried at St. Audoen's 

Church. (For the information thus given cf. T.C.D. MS.,. 
F. 4, 1. 18, and Lodge's Peerage of Ireland). 




Pedigree of iJie descendants of Marcus Ussher of Balsoon. 

I. MARCUS USSHER of Balsoon died 1632, m. Christian Conway, and had 
issue : 
I. Rev. JocELix UssHER of Balsoon, d. 1657, m. Maudlin Kynaston, 
and had issue : 

1. James Ussher of Balsoon, d. 1667, m. Sarah Hamilton, d.s.p, 

2. Rev. Markes Ussher of Balsoon, d. 1698, m. Jane Borrowes, 

and had issue : 

(1) Henry Ussher of Balsoon, d. 1744, m. Barbara Mason, and 

had issue : ' 

[1] James Ussher, d.y. 
[2] Marcus Ussher, d.s.p., 1740. 
[3] Jocelin Ussher, d.s.p., 1742. 

[4] Mary Ussher m. 1734, Richard Baldwin of Dublin, 
and had issue : 
7. Richard Baldwin of Dublin, m. Grace Evans, and 
had issue : 
[/] Charles Baldwin. 
[.?] Richard Baldwin, 
[j] Grace Baldwin m. Francis Leigh. 
[2] Barbara Baldwin m. Capt. Thos. Ormsby. 
[3] EKza Baldwin m. T. Waldron. 
[4] Mary Baldwin m. J. Donnelly. 

(2) Lieut. James Ussher of Trim, m. Mary . . . and had issue: 

[1] Kildare Ussher of Trim, m. Margaret Healy, and 
had issue : 
/. Jane Ussher m. Mr. Farrell. 
2. Anne Ussher m. Mr. Flood 


[2] Henry (?) Usslierm 

/. James Usslier of Moynalty, Co. Meath, m. Lucy 
Reany, and had issue : 
[/] Hugh Usslier of Moynalty, m. Lore Sharpe, 
and had issue : 
([/-/o]) The Eev. John Ussher of Baltinglass and 

3. Rev. Francis Ussher, F.T.C.D., d. unmd. 

4. Margaret Ussher m, John Bankes, and had issue. 

5. Christian Ussher m. Wm. Hamilton, and had issue. 

II. Rev. Henry Ussher, Archdeacon of Kildare, m. . . . and had issue : 

1. Nicholas Ussher, of Tromman, Co. Meath, gent., m. . . . and 

had issue : 
(2) Henry Ussher of Braskanagh, gent., m. Christian . . . 
and had issue : 
[1] Rebecca Ussher. 
[2] Nicholas Ussher. 
[3] Alice Ussher m. . . . Tinkler. 
[4] Abigail Ussher. 
[5] Markes Ussher. 

2. Marks Ussher m. . . . and had issue : 

(1) The Rev. "Wm. Ussher m. Margaret . . . and had issue : 

[1] SibeUa Ussher m. Wm. Booker. 

(2) Richard Ussher of Ballyhagadon m. . . . and had issue : 

(3) Robert Ussher of Queen's County. 

3. Jocelin Ussher, an officer, m. Katherine Rawson, and had 

issue : 
(1) Gilbert Ussher m. Mary . . . and had issue : 

[1] James Ussher m, Jane FitzSimons, and had issue : 
/. Gilbert Ussher of London m. Eliza Hale. 
2. Marcus Ussher of Cork. 
J. Joseph Ussher of Gloucester. 

III. Richard Ussher of Tathrath m. . . . and had issue. 


IV. Elizabeth Tssher m. 1st, Christopher Piers, m. 2ndly, . . . Bellwood 
m. 3rdly, Michael Hayter, m. 4thly, AVm. Howard, and died 
y. "Wm. Ussher of Donagoran, probably son to Marcus. 
VI. Christopher Ussher, died 1692, probably son to Marcus. 
VII. A daughter probably m. Mr. Lightburne, and had issue : "Wm. 
Lightburne, Dean of Derry. 

We now return to Primate Henry Ussher's eldest son, Marcus or Mark 
Ussher, Esq., of Balsoon, Co. Meath, who was bom before 1575, became 
Sovereign and first M.P. for Armagh in 1613, and died Jan., 1632. He 
witnessed his father's will in 1613, in which were bequeathed to him, as heir, 
the lands of Balsoon, Evestown and Draystown, and the lease of the tithes of 
Kilmessan and Turloughstown. 

In 1619, May 1, "an order was had from the Lord Deputy and Council, 
for Mark Ussher to repair the Chancel of Scurlogstown Church, Co. Meath." 
Visit. Book of Meath Dio. 

14th of June, 1626, Thos. Kent of Dainstown, Co. Meath, Plff., by a 
Chancery Decree recovered from Marcus Usher, Esq., of Balsoon, Samuel 
Mayart [Justice of C.P., 1626] and Mary his wife, £30 and costs. 

Marcus Ussher m. Christian, dr. and heiress of Robt. Conway, LL.D., 
Master of Chancery, and his wife Mary Piu:don, and had issue, so far as is 
known : 

I. Reverend Joslin or Jocelin Ussher, Clk., of Balsoon, B.A., T.C.D., 
Aest. 1622, Precentor of Kildare Cathedral, Oct. 12, 1639, d. 
July, 1657. 
Little is known of him except from his sworn Deposition, dated March 
24, 1642 (cf. T.C.D. MS., F 2, 9, p. 249). 

" Jocelin Vscher of Balsoune, clerke inhabitinge in theparishe of Balsoune 
and Barony of Deise in the County of Eastmeath, beinge duely sworne deposeth 
as followeth, that the Relys of ye County of Cavan with many more to the 
number of 300 came to his house at Balsoune on the 25th day of Nov'ber 
last past and forcibly tooke from him at that tyme in the space of eight 
hours : 


From the Funfral Entry i/i the Uhtir Ofice. 


In houses, gardens, calves, sheepe and swine in value at tlie least 200 lb. 
In woollen, linnen, beddinge and other householde stuffe wth haise hoase- 
holde provision and other severall necessaryes in value 150 lb. 

Come in my haggarde wch then they did dispose off and their adherents 
sithence that t}Tne have severall tjTnesdone, beinge undervalued worth 200 lb. 
Come now in the grounde wch I am. deprived off worth eight score 
poimds st. 

Eastate of inheritance worth 100 lb. by ye yeare. 

In Ty thes sevenscore pounds by ye yeare at 3 yeares losse amounting 420 lb. 
I am deprived of I am credibly enformed of a good house with payes of 
office and other buildings to ye full value of 800 lb. 

The improvement of the land at ye least 300 poimds. 

Sum total 1096 lb. Os. Od. 
What persons were knowne to this deponent in the County of Meath or 
elsewhere, he hath given full information to ye jury apointed for the same 

There came to this deponent' house the night before his robblnge one 
Hichard Uscher his owne brother and James Balfe of Kells and one John 
Kelly wch marryed 3 sisters ; these men were then at his house and as he 
verily believes was joined wth them in their rebelKous actions whatsoever 
was then acted, ye next morninge when ye Kelys came there was one James 
Dayle a neighbour of this deponent dwellinge in a place called the Grange, 
in ye parisshe of ye Begtive who was an actor wth them and ye Relys still 
sayde that they had ye King's comission for all their action. 

Jurat, Martii 24, 1641. Jocelin Ussher. 

William Ledwich. 
Hen. Brereton." 
Rev. Jocelin Ussher m. after 1633, Magdalen, 5th dr. of Francis Kynaston 
of Saule, Co. Down, and his wife Katherine, dr. of John Trevor, Esq., of 
BrynkjTialt, Co. Denbigh, and sister of Sir Edw. Trevor; who died 22nd 
Jan., 1682, and was buried in Balsoon Church, and by whom he had issue : 
1. James Ussher of Balsoon, who d. 1665, without issue. 
A grant of admon. intest. of the goods of Jumes Usher, late of Dub., gent., 
was made to Sarah Usher, widow. May, 1665. 



A grant, secondly, of the goods of James Usher, late of Balsoon, gent., 
intest., was made to Mark Usher of Dublin, gent., and James Hamelton, 
nearest of blood, Slst May, 1667. 

In the Meath Hearth Money Roll, Bar. Deece, 1664, fras. Eliott of 
Ballinter pd. 2s. for 1 hearth and Ysher of Balsoon 4 shil. for 2 hearths. 

A grant admon. of the goods of Sara Usher, late of Balsoon, was made to 
Marcs Usher of Dub., gent., and to James Hamilton of Newcastle, Co. Down, 
prox. consanguin. a steril'e. defunctae, 31st May, 1667. 

In the Hamilton MS., p. 114, we read, " They (the relatives in Scotland) 
being ignorant of what politicks James Hamilton of Newcastle had practised 
with his cousin K . . . Usher of Balsoon, his intrigues with his cousin Ann 
Trail being not yet discovered." 

2. Rev, Marcus Ussher, born at Balsoon in 1644, educated at 
Trim under Mr. Turbridge, entered T.C.D. 1658; Sch. 
March 7, 1660, B.A. 1662, ordained about 1668, Rector of 
Tara, etc., Dio. Meath, Dec. 14, 1695 to 1698, and after- 
wards owner of Balsoon on the death of his brother James. 
He signed the Freemen's RoU of Trim on April 14, 1683, 
and again Sept. 1 686. He m. Jane, widow of Gilbert Rawson, 
Esq., of Donaghmore, Queen's Co., dr. and co-heir of Henry 
Borrowes of Ardenode and Canny court, who m. 3rdly, 
Capt. John Haynes and died previously to 1732, in which 
year Capt. Haynes then married a second time, made his 
will. For the children of Marcus Ussher see below. 
The will of Henry Borrowes, Capt. 1641, Lt.-Col. 1648 (nuncupative) 
dated March 5, 1658, leaves, "My brother John Graydon and my wife joint 
Exors., wife during widowhood to receive the rent of Cannycourt, my sister 
Elizabeth Borrowes to enjoy the benefit of the land of Ballymore for 7 years," 
he saying, " I will not be worse to you than I was to sister Graydon." Henry 
Borrowes desired that his father's sword be left " with br. Graydon till his son 
be of age ; his mother Jane Burrowes asked what he wd do for his drs. ; he 
said, the cattle shd be divided among them." — Pr. Jan. 21, 1663. 

Pedigree — Henry Borrowes of Giltown, who d. 1615, m. 1. Jane Savage. 
2. Catherine Eustace of Giltown. He was son of Erasmus Aborough of Calais 



(Harvey's Vis. Devon, 1564) and direct descendant of John de Burgh, or at 
Borough, 1397, gr. gr. grandson of Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent. 

Henr}' Borrowes had issue: 1. Sir Erasmus Borrowes, M.P., 1646. 
2. Capt. Richard Borrowes (1648), m. Elizabeth . . . who d.v.s. ; his will pr. 
1649. 3. Henry Borrowes (above mentioned) m. and had issue : Jane, Elinor 
and Mary ; he d- 1658. 4. Alexr. Borrowes. 5. Edward Borrowes (Ensign 
1648) m. . . . and had issue: Jane and Erasmus. 6. Catherine, m. John 
Graydon. 7. Elizabeth. 8. Ellen. 

3. Rev. Francis Ussher, 3rd son of Rev. Jocelin TJssher, born 

at Balsoon in 1646, educated at Trim under Mr. Turbridge, 

entered T.C.D., 1G58, Sch. 1663, B.A. Jan. 29, 1665, FeUow 

in 1667, died s. p. 1672. 

Rev. Marcus Fssher died at Balsoon in 1698. His prerog. wiU, dated 

29th August, 1698, recites that being at present somewhat indisposed he makes 

his last will, wishes to be buried in Balsoon Chiu-ch, leaves to his wife Jane, 

Balsoon and Mnnystown, etc.. Trebly, EJnockstown, Ballinafredogc and 

Bridge End for life ; his children's maintenance and education as Robert 

Rochford, Esq., James Hamilton, Esq., of Newcastle, and George Browne, 

Doctor, shall appoint, till James the youngest son be 22. To Henry Ussher, 

his eldest son, Balsoon and Ts^innestown after his mother's death. To James, 

£400. One large silver tankard to Henry. To hie sister, Margaret Banckes, 

the reversion of the estates, in case his sons have no issue. Also in case she 

have none, then to Nicholas Ussher, son to Henry Ussher, late Archdeacon of 

Kildare, and his heirs male after the death of " my sister." On the seal 

affixed to the will are the arms of Ussher of Dublin, quartered with those of 

Ussher of Fetherstone Hall, Torks. 

This will was proved September 1st, 1698, by Jane, his widow. 
The lack of wills in this branch of the family has rendered it very difficult 
to trace out the pedigree completely, but great help has been found in the 
Fun'l Entries in the Ulster Office, various Deeds and Chancery Bills, and 
especially from a MS. pedigree of the descendants of Primate Henry Ussher 
of Balsoon (of which I heard from my friend, Dr. W. O'Donnavan, M.R.I.A.) 
and the histoi^y of which is curious. It was found in a box in the MSS. room, 
T.C.D., labelled E. 2, 19, but the key having been lost, the Sub-Librarian had 



to send for a locksmith to open it. Though not mentioned in the catalogue of 
contents, it was there, endorsed thus : " This paper was received by Yice- 
Provost J. Barrett, May 11th, 1792, from Geo. TJssher, Esq., of Gloucester, a 
lineal descendant of the within Henry Ussher." 

Rev. Marcus Ussher, by Jane Borrowes, his wife, had issue : 
(1) Henry Ussher, of Balsoon, of whom below. 
■ (2) Lieut. James Ussher, of whom presently. 

Henry Ussher of Balsoon, born 1684, shortly after coming of age, filed at 
Easter, 1706, a Bill in Chancery against his stepfather, John Haynes, which 
contains some unhappy family history. He says in it that his father Marcus 
was seized in fee of Trubly, 'Knockstown, Ballynafedogg and liridgend, and 
seized for the terra of his life or in tail in Balsoon and Ninnestown, Craies- 
town and Coolejohn, by virtue of some settlement made thereof by some 
ancestor of the said Marcus, altogether worth £600 per ann. Also M. Ussher 
was possessed of and entitled to a very great personal estate to the value of 
£6,000 and upwards. Marcus Ussher died 22nd August, 1698. Henry 
Ussher being then under age (14 years old), he says :_ "My mother Jane 
possessed herself of the personal estate and also entered into possession of the 
lands, took rents, etc., until 1699, when she m. Capt. John Haynes, and since 
then they have received them, and committed great waste and destruction, and 
also used the personal estate for themselves. I came of age last June, when 
in a most dutiful manner by letter, and myself and friends, 1 made application 
to John Haynes, but they refused to listen and deliver up deeds, so (to prevent 
utter ruin), I brought an ejectment suit for recovery. Marcus Ussher, it is 
pretended, held in fee simple ; he m. Jane Eawson, and in 1687, it is pretended, 
made certain deeds settling his property on Jane ; Balsoon is worth £200 
per ann. There is also a pretended will of his, but he only wished to make a 
settlement in the family. If there is a deed of that date, it is only made to 
preserve his estate from the Irish late rebellion in 1688. The said Jane had 
some relatives having very great power with the Irish. Marcus Ussher 
declared to several persons that he had no power to will the estate. If the 
will was signed by his hand, he had no memory nor power of disposing at the 
time ; his hand must have been guided and the pen put into it and held." 
The result of this action was to put Henry Ussher in possession of his paternal 

Tradition says that Henry Ussher was a very extravagant man, and from 
deeds preserved in the Irish Reg. of Deeds, he appears to have mortgaged his 
property very hea^-ily. 

Thus, 14th November, 1711, he granted for payment of certain debts and 
in consideration of a further sum lent, Trubly, etc., to Sir Thos. Taylor of 


Kells, with a proviso of redemption in half a year on payment of £1000 and 

Balsoon also was mortgaged in 1717, 1720, 1733 and 1736, and on 
February 8th, 1716, Henry TJssher for certain considerations leased Balsoon 
to John Preston, Esq., of Lismullin, Co.Meath, and heirs for ever at a yearly 
rent of 12s. per acre. John Preston, Esq., of Bellinter, the descendant of the 
above mentioned John Preston, is now the proprietor of Balsoon. 

Another Deed, regd. July 18th, 1717, bearing date 5th February, 1708, 
recites that H. Ussher in consideration of the marriage portion received by 
him with Barbara his wife, dr. of Alderman Robert Mason, of Dublin, etc., 
sold his estates for ever to the trustees of the marriage for uses contained in 
the Release. 

Henry Ussher died in 1744. \xi.Exshaiv's Mag., December 1744: " Died 
Henry TJssher, late of Balsoon, Esq., by whose death an estate of £900 per 
ann. falls to Richd. Baldwin, Esq." 

By his wife Barbara Mason, whom he married in 1708, Henry Ussher had 

issue : 

[1] James Ussher, died young. 

[2] Marcus Ussher, died v. patr., 1740. In Pne's Occur- 
rences, 17th May, 1740, we read that : " On Saturday 
evening (10th May) last, died of an apoplectic fit at 
Kilkenny, Marcus Usher, Esq., Surveyor of that city. 
He was a gentleman of a fair character, and his death 
is very much lamented. He was eldest son of Henry 
Usher, of Balsoon in Co. Meath, Esq. He has left one 
brother, Jocelin Usher, now abroad on His Majesty's 
fleet, who is heir to the estate of that ancient family." 

[;i] Jocelin Ussher, R.N., died before 1744. 

[4] Mary Ussher, only dr. and eventual heiress, d. 1771 
(cf. Faulkner's Dub. Journal, July 27th, 1771) : " In 
Hume Street, Mrs. Mary Baldwin, relict of Richard 
Baldwin, Esq., a lady much regretted by all who had 
the pleasure of her acquaintance." 


She m. at St. Bride's Church, Dublin, on 
October 7th, 1734 (as his 2nd wife) Richari 
Baldwin, Esq., of Aungier Street, Dublin, 3rd son of 
Chas. Baldwin, Esq., of Dublin, who died 1730, and 
was a relative of Provost Baldwin, to whom he left 
the reversion of his property in his will. 

By Richard Baldwin, she had issue : 

1. Richard Baldwin, Esq., of Merrion Square, Dublin, 

w. pr. 1795, m. 4th July, 1764, Grace Evans, dr. of 
the Hon. Grace Freke, als Evans, wid., of Dawson 
Street, Dub., who died 1809, and by her had issue: 
Charles Baldwin ni. . . , Richard Baldwin, Grace 
Baldwin m. 11th December, 1788 Francis, son of 
Robt. Leigh, of Rosegarland, Co. "Wexford; and 
other drs. 

Richard Baldwin, son of Mary Ussher, in his 
will leaves his house in Merrion Square to his wife, 
as piirchasod with her money, he to be buried in St. 
Peter's churchyard. He mentions deeds dated 
4th July, 1764, on his marriage, in which Garret, 
Lord Mornington, and Crosby, Lord Brandon are 
trustees ; leaves his lands in Co. Dublin and Roscom- 
mon to his eldest son ; to his 2nd son, Richard, 
estates in Co. Sligo. [There is a place called Castle 
Baldwin in Sligo] ; to his sisters £50 each for 

2. Barbara Baldwin m. Capt. Thos. Ormsb}', an officer of 

Dragoons, on February 5th, 1769, in St. Anne's 
Church, Dublin, and had a dr. Mary. 
J. Eliza Baldwin m. T. TValdron, of Dublin. 
^. Mary B;jldwin m. J. Donnelly, of Gloucester Street, 
Richard Baldwin, the husband of Mary Ussher, died 1768. Pjies Occur- 
rences — " In Aungier Street, Pt. Baldwin, Senr., Esq., whose extensive charity 
and benevolence entitled him to the esteem and regard of all who had the 


pleasure of Ms acquaintance, and who is sincerely regretted by numbers to 
whom his death is a real loss." 

In his will pr. 1768, he wishes to be buried in St. Peter's churchyard with 
his late wife and children. "To my dear wife, Mary TJssher, I leave £400 
per ann. during her widowhood, in accordance with her marriage settlement, 
out of my estate, also £600 per ann. in lieu of what I owe her, and also that I 
have a right to by her deceased mother, Barbara TJssher, etc., also whatever may 
be recovered out of the estate of her father, Henry Ussher, Esq., deed., if she 
thinks proper to sue for the same, otherwise I leave the same to my Exor. 
hereinafter named, and after her decease or marriage, to my Exor. To my 
drs., Barbara, £5,000 ; Elizabeth, £4,000 ; Mary, £3,000. when of age ; to 
my nephew. Sir Bridges Baldwin, M.D., and his lady, £40, etc." 

Bev. Marcus Ussher of Balsoon had issue secondly, Lieut. James TJssher 
(younger brother of Henry TJssher), born at Balsoon in 1689, educated in 
Dublin by Dr. Jones, entered T.C.D. 1705, B.A. 1709, entered the army and 
ace. British Museum Add. MS. 29,880, was Lieut, in Lord Ashburnham's 
Horse, and in receipt, in 1715, of £54 15s. per ann. half pay. 

A deed of 5th June, 1709, recites " an agreement between John Haines, 

Esq., of Cannycourt, Co. Kildare, and his wife Jane Haynes, als. TJssher, als. 

Rawson, als. Burrowes, 1st pt.. Sir Ealdare Burrowes, Bt. of Giltown, Henry 

Warren, Esq. of Grangebegg, both Co. Kildare, and Robert Graydon of 

Kussellstown, Co. Wicklow, 2nd pt., by which deed first reciting that Jane 

Haynes stands seized in her demesne as of fee simple as sister and heir of Anne 

Eiug, als. Burrowes, deed, and the sd John Haynes in her right, of one entire 

3rd pt. in 3, of Cannycourt, and they have levied fines on \ of sd lands, and 

for afi'ection for James TJssher, 2nd son of Jane, and her daughter Katherine 

Ussher, als. Rawson and their issue, and that the sd James might the better 

be able to advance himself in marriage thereafter and settle a jointure on such 

wife as he shd marry and for continuing the sd lands in the blood of Jaae, 

they did to the 2nd pt. quit claim of \ pt. of Cannycourt, and after the death 

of James Ussher to the use of his male heirs, and in default of such, to the use 

of Katherine Ussher, and after her death to the use of Gilbert, her eldest son 

and his issue, and for want of such to Mark, 2nd son of Kath., and his issue, 

and for lack of such to Jane Ussher, her 2nd dr., on condition of her marrying 


a gent., who together with his childn by her shall take the name of Burrowes, 
and in default remr. to the use of Sir Kildare lJurrowes." 

It is not known whom Lieut. James Ussher married, or when he died. The 
Registers of Trim parish where he lived, and which might throw light 
on the matter, are lost, there being none now older than 1836. All 
that is known of him is in some deeds of lease. Thus in Feb. 23, 1711, 
he made a deed with John Haynes of Cannycourt, reciting a previous deed of 
same year, by which J of said lands were conveyed to Trustees for his use, 
and that for £100 John Haynes renounced his right in that pt. of Cannycourt. 
Passing over some years we find that in Oct. 1744, Jas. Usher of Athboy, Co. 
Meath, gt., granted 146 acres of Cannycourt, being his third pt., to Benjn. 
Haynes, his stepbrother at £60 per ann. 

James Ussher probably m. a lady from the parish of Rathmolyon, near 
Trim. Mrs. Mary Usher was buried at Rathmolyon on April 20, 1751. From 
the mention of "a. print of the Ussher and Russell arms" in the will of 
Kildare Ussher (see below) her name may have been Russell. By her he had 
issue : 

[1] Kildare Ussher, gent., died at Trim, Co. Meath, in 
1778, in which year his will was proved there. In it 
he desires to be buried in I^ewtown Church, near Trim 
(a R.C. burying ground) ; to his grandson Marks 
Ussher Farrell he leaves a legacy, to his dr. Jane 
Farrell, ala. Ussher, £1 p. ann. from the lands of 
Ballicareen, his dr. Ann Flood, als. Ussher, £1 p. ann., 
her dr. Margt Flood is mentioned. " To Richard 
Ashe Vizer,* son to cousin Carthy Yizer of Trim, two 

' The names Carthy aad Yizer come in, in connection with Christopher Ussher of 
Mt. Ussher. Thos. and Carthy Vizer signed the Trim Freeman's Roll in 176-1, and a 
Christopher Ussher in 1686. Carthy Vizer obtained a Faculty as Public Notary, 2oth 
Novr., 1761. 

In 1727-30 a Decree in Chancery was obtained by Christopher Usher and EUzth., 
his wife, EUzabeth Carthy, widow, and Thos. Vizer, gent., pLffs. against Theophilus 
Jones, Esq., Walter Jones and Edw. Madden, defts. Defts. to pay £5,"J22 with iiit. at 
£6 p. c. for Rowestown, Olitown and Corballis, p'sh of Connel, Co. Kildare, Treffan, 
Moyfenragh and also places in Westmeath and King's Co. 

The connection appears thus in Burke's Diet, of Commoners. 

Nicholiis Jones of Kosetown, Co. Kildare, had issue : 1, Thomas, d. 1720. 2. Catherine, 


teaspoons and the prints of Primate Ussher and tJie 

Ussker and Russell's amies now in the house of Mr. 

Thos. Yizer of Trim aforesaid, als. to his father Carthy 

Vizer, etc., for his good nature to me in illness ; to my 

wife Margt. Ussher, als. Healy, John Adams' House, 

Cath. Healy's house and Rofferty's house, and the 

house she now lives in, during my lease." 

The Christian name " Kildare " is a clue, Sir Kildaie BuiTowes being a 

cousin of Lieut. James Ussher's mother, and a grandson of the Earl of Eildare. 

[2] Henry Ussher, believed to have been 2nd son of Lieut. 

James Ussher, had issue a son, 

/. James Ussher, who more than 70 years ago resided 

in the parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, and claimed to 

be of the Balsoon family of Usehers. He held the 

farm of Balinclava, near Billyfoot Bridge, having 

been previously an under agent on the Chaloner estate, 

but got into difficulties and had to give up his farm, 

and then held a situation under Mr. Chaloner. He 

died about 1840. By his -wife, Lucy Beany, of Balsoon, 

he had issue : [/] Lucy Usher, m. Mr. Walker. 

\_2] Hugh Usher of the Glen, Kingsfort, who d. 1878, 

and was married three times. By his 1st wife Love 

Sharpe he had issue : ([/-i"]) Catherine, Elias, 

Margaret, James, AViUiam. ([<5]) Bev. John Usher, 

Rector of Baltinglass, m. Mary Kenny, and has issue : 

John George and Bismark. ([7-/0]) Hugh, Samuel, 

Richard, Lucy. 

The Rev. Jocelin Ussher of Balsoon had issue also : 

IV. Christian Ussher, m. Wm. Hamilton of Erenagh, Co. Down, 
who d. 1686, leaving issue two children : 

m. Benj'n Chetwode, Esq., she d. before Dec. 12, 1695, leaving Elizabeth, only child, m. 
Chr. Ussher, and alive iu 1754. 3. Elizabeth, m. Major Richard Carthy and had issue, 
Thos. d. 8. p. 1754, and Isabella. 4. Jane, m. 1st, Eev. Ralph Yizer and had issue : Thos, 
Tizcr; m. 2ndly, Wm. Wilson. Rev. Ralph Yizer caiue of an old Dublin family. A 
jierson named Carthy Yizer went from Trim to New Zealand many years ago. 


1. Jocelin Hamilton, who was mortally wounded when only 

20 years old, in a duel provoked by Bernard "Ward, High 
Sheriff of the Co. Down, whom he shot dead, at the rear 
of the old Church of Downpatrick ; his will pr. 1689, 
requests that he should be buried in the Cathl. Church of 
Down ; his lands he leaves to his brother-in-law, James 
Hamilton of Tollymore; his sister Christian 51 broade 
pieces of gold, which formerly did belong to her mother, and 
also her mother's wedding ring. " To uncle Marks Usher, 
clerk, £10, to sd uncle's child (if living) £10. To uncle 
John Banks of Ardee and my aunt his wife, £10 each." 

2, Christian Hamilton, died 1691, (leaving in her will, to her 

aunt Margaret Banks £50), m. her cousin James, son of 
Hans Hamilton, and had issue : Margt. Hamilton, m. John 
Cufie, 1st Lord Desart, and d. s. p. 
V. Margaret TJssher, m. John Bankes, gent., of Ardee, in 1 687, 
and had issue : John Bankes, gt.. Supervisor of Hearth money 
at Ardee, who m. Mary Allin of St. Paul's parish. Dub,, 
Nov. 2Sth, 1715, and died 8.p. Jan. 24, 1667, leaving his 
property to his cousins Samuel Bankes of Ardee and Percival 
Bankes of Ennis, Co. Clare. 
II. "We now return to the second son of Marcus Ussher, senr. of 
Balsoon, and his wife Christian Conway, viz. : 
Henry Ussher, Canon and Archdeacon of Kildare, 1665, and 

resident there in 1654, m. and had issue : 

I. Nicholas Ussher mentioned in a Common Pleas judgment, 1680, 

as of Trommon, p'sh of Rathmolyon, Co. Meath, and in 1698 

as heir in remainder, in the will of Rev. Marks Ussher, his first 

cousin. He was probably the father of 

1. Henry Ussher, of Braskanagh, King's Co. gent., who d. 1744, 

his will being proved at Kildare. By his wife Christian 

... he had issue: (1) Rebecca Ussher. (2) Xicbolas 

Ussher. (3) AHce Ussher, m. . . . Tinkler. (4; Abigail 

Ussher. (5) Murkes Ussher. 


II. Marks Ussher, born at Kildare, 1654, ScL and B.A.,T.C.D., 1 679, 
ordaiued 10th Sept., 1679 by Antony, Bp. of Kildare, Rector 
of Bally dan 1684, kept a school at Marj-borougb. By bis 
•wife ... be bad issue : 

1. The Rev. "SVm. TJssber, born at Maryborough, 1689, entered 

T.C.D., 1722, B.A., 1727, Rector of Castlejordan, Co. 

Meath ; by his wife Margt who d. 1772, he had issue : 

(1) Sibella Ussher, m. Mr. "Wm. Booker of Co. Westnieath, 
Aug., 1767. 

2. Richard Ussher of BaUyhegadon, Queen's Co., m. . • . and 

had issue. 
Tbe following curious story, characteristic of the times, is told by him in 
a Chancery BiU entered 12th Nov., 1709. 

Richard Ussher of BaUyhegadon, gent., -v. Peter and Grace Alley, says 
that, " Peter Alley, junr. of Grantstown, Clk., taking a great delight in hunt- 
ing and horse racing, kept hounds and horses for his pleasure therein, through 
which he was brought to be in great want of money and in great probability 
of losing his living or Parsonage and to be put in prison if he did not raise 
money to pay what debts he had contracted by his folly, and being in great 
distress applied to Joceline Ussher, Esq., a person of good estate and one of 
Her Maj's justices of the peace for y« said Co. and acquainted him of his great 
want of money and y« necessity he had for y« same, and what circumstances 
he lay under at that time, and that if he or some other of his friends did not 
supply him with money, he shd be ruined and amdone, and proposed to set a 
very good and beneficial farme to such person as shd advance and lend him 
monies, at a lower rate than the same was used to be sett for ; your orator 
showeth that Joceline Usher being my uncle and knowing I wanted a good 
farm, paying one year's rent in advance I agreed, not doubting that Alley was 
an honest fair man and wd be cautious in his dealings with me. On the 27th 
March, 1707, articles were drawn up to demise Ballyhagedon and Rahenphelan 
at 3/6 per acre, Alley being parson of the parish, and having 156 acres, but I 
advanced £27 by the bands of Robert Ussher my brother in 1707, who took a 
receipt in baud. I fell sick but sent goods to the house, and taking advantage, 
he caused them to be locked up in a room th( re but refused to quit the farm, 


and remained there with his family and then confederated with others named. 
Then I repaired to Dublin where I was arrested by contrivance of Alley at 
the suit of Saml. Bridges and carried to the Wheat Sheaf, where I am ever 
since, and Alley impounded my cattle, whereupon Joceline Usher went for a 
Rep'ter when Alley had the cattle drove into another p'sh and kept 5 or 6 
days without meat or fodder, and after drove them to Donoghmore. I ask 
for a writ to be directed to Peter Alley and his wife Grace. My wife and 
children are in distress : Alley promised on the word of a priest that as soon 
as the cattle were appraised he would deliver them up, &c." 

3. Robert Usher, mentioned by Richard Usher, as his brother. 
III. Jocelin Ussher, third son of Archdeacon Henry Ussher, an 
officer in the army, and afterwards of Rosnadough and of 
KillmmTy, J.P. for the Q4ieen'3 Co., m. 1st, Katherine, dr. 
and heiress of Gilbert Rawson, Esq. of Rosnadough, Queen's 
Co, (which in 1714 Jocelin and his son Gilbert Usher sold 
to Chas. Baldwin, Esq., father of Richd. Baldwin, who m. 
Mary Ussher of Balsoon) and his wife Jane Borrowes, after- 
wards Ussher. A gr. admon. intest. to her goods was made 
to Jocelin in 1710. By her he had issue : 
]. Gilbert Ussher, gent., of Bridgend and Balsoon, and after of 
Ramsgrange, Co. Wexford, drowned in the river BojTie, 
1725, who by his wife, Mary . . . afterwards wife of 
Terence Callaghan, had issue : 
(1) James Ussher of Collierstown, Co. Meath, gent., bom 1720, 
who on 19th Nov., 1744, took out a grant admon. intest. 
to the goods of his father, the mother renouncing her title. 
This James Ussher was brought up a Roman Catholic, and 
was a man of great ability. He married about 1747, Jane Fil z- 
Simons, by whom he had issue 3 sons who survived him, viz.: 
[1] Gilbert Ussher of London, m. Eliza Hale of London. 
[2] Marcus Ussher of Cork. " A Pronouncing Grammar 
and Spelling Book," by M. Ussher, printed 1794, at 
Gloucester by R. Raikes (the Sunday School founder) 
was probably by this Marcus Ussher. 


[3] Joseph ITssber of Gloucester, alive in 1794, who 
probably had a son George TJssher, from whom Dr. J. 
Barrett received the pedigree mentioned above. 

A short account of James TJssher may be interesting. He was born near 
Dublin, son of a farmer, became a linen draper in Dublin, married and was left 
a widower with four children, of whom one died soon ; he then became a E..C. 
priest, went co London, kept a successful school in Kensington Gravel Pits, 
in which he was for a time a partner with Joha "Walker, author of the Pro- 
nouncing Dictionary, and died 1772 in London. 

The will of James IJsher, gentlemaii, of the p'sh of Paddington was pr. 
in London 24th Dec, 1771, in the P.C.C. ; body to be buried as his soqs 
mio-ht wish. Exors, Mr. Gerard Robinson of Queen's St., p'sh of St. George's, 
Bloomsbur}', Esq., and my beloved son Gilbert Ussher. All my goods share 
and share alike to my 3 children, Gilbert, Marks and Joseph. Dated 17th 
Dec, 1771. 

He was the author of several works, some of which ran through many 
editions : 

1. A Treatise on a New System of Philosophy, founded on the Universal 

Operations of Nature. London : J. Davies, Russell St., 1764. A 
copy is in the Bodleian Library. This work deals severely with 
Locke as leaning too much towards Naturalism. 

2. Clio, a discourse on Taste, addressed to a young Lady, a production of 

a very chaste and elegant style, 3rd edition, 1772 ; re- published with 
addition of notes and anecdotes and quotations by J. Mathew. 
London : Longman & Rees, 1802. Mathew says in his preface, 
" Few works more popular or a greater number of editions than this 
by the ingenious author, J. Usher." A copy is in the British 
Museum Library. 

3. Letters by a Freethinker. Published in Cork ; a defence of Roman 


4. An Introduction to the Theory of the Human Mind, which Thos. 

Green says he " read with much interest." 
o. An Elegy, .<r. a. 8vo., printed privately in 1860, with MS. notes 
by Porson. 


In May, 1745, James Ussher, gent., of Calliaghstown, Co. Meath, leased to 
"Wm. Pleasants (trustee of the marriage settlements of Rev. Joshua Phipps of 
Dub., and Mary, mercer of Dub., spr.) for £150 pd. by hira, the third pt. of 
Cannycourt. Also on 29 th April, 1748, James Ussher, late of Calliaghstown, 
now of Newtown, near Trim, for £100 did assign Cannycourt, to Martha Yote, 
subject to a previso of redemption; and a deed of June 1st, 1748, recites that 
James Ussher of Newtown, gt., and Jane Ussher, als FitzSimons, his wife, did 
release to Daniel Bewley of Dub., timber mercht., for £1,330 pd by him, \ of 
Cannycourt, containing 146 acres, 2 roods, 31 perches, bounded by the part 
owned by Benjn. ITaynes and the pt belonging to Alexr. Burrowes. 

2. Thomasin Ussher, dr. to Joceline Ussher and his wife 

Katherlne, m. before 1741, Richard Russell of Marshalls- 
town, Co. Meath. 

3. Jane Ussher, m. before 1743, Michael "Wheeler of Curtistown, 

Co. Meath. 
Jocelyn Ussher, m. secondly in 1712, Elinor, widow of Capt. Joshua 
Wiseman (who d. in London, 1709, leaving a son Hugh) and then resided at 
Killmurry, near Trim, having issue by her a son. 

4. Marks Ussher, born c. 1713. 

Jocelin Ussher, deceased before 1738, in which year his widow, Elinor, m. 
thirdl}^ John Despard, Esq., of Carrtown, Queen's Co. 

Marcus Ussher, senior, of Balsoon, had issue also by Christian Conway. 

III. Richard Ussher of Tathrath, Co. Meath, attainted and forfeited in 
1641, mentioned in Rev. Jocelin's deposition. In the Meath 
Subsidy Roll, 1662, Barony of Screen, we find Ptichd. Ussher 
of Riverstown, paying for his goods £3 6s. Also a Chancery 
Decree relating to the lands of Riverstown and Castletown, 
Tarah, Co. Meath, mentions Patrick Archer, gent., and Aid., 
John Preston, as Plffs. ; and Richard Ussher, of Assey, gent., 
as one of the Defts., and they got a decree against him for 
£90 per ann. for 5 years. 

IV. AVilliam Ussher, of Donagoran, Co. Meath, arm., will proved 
1687, was probably another son of Marcus ; he leaves every- 


thing in trust to Terence Connor, of Ardglasson, Co. Meath, 
gent., father of Chas. Connor, minor, and only Exor. 
By the Act of Settlement, 22nd Chas. II., William Usher, Esq., obtained 
part of Pickettstown, 156a., at £3 3s. 2d. ; Donagorran, 156a., at £3 3s. 2d. ; 
Searaghstown (part), 47a., at 19s. O^d. ; \ Bar, Fore, Co. Meath : in Boy- 
anagh, CoUriagh, 56a. 1r. 14p., at £1 28. 8|d. ; Bar. Clonlonnan, Co. W. 
Meath ; part of Ballynan, 262a. and 20p., at £3 19s. Tjd. ; Bar. of 
Corkagunihy, Co. Kerry. In 1662 he paid for his freehold in Co. Meath, 8s. 
hearth money. 

y. Christopher Usher, of Ball^Tiesker, Co. Meath, gent. (gr. admon. to 
Elizabeth, his widow, 27th January, 1692), was perhaps a son 
or grandson of Marcus Ussher, senr. The name Christopher 
may have come through Christopher Conway, onlj' brother to 
Mrs. M. Ussher, or Christopher Piers. According to Lodge, 
Honora, dr. of Henry Stoughton and Mary Ponsonby, of 
Crotto, Co. Kerry, had issue by Edward Shewell, of Ardfert, 
a dr., Mary, ra. Hobert Usher, of Ballynaskea, Co. Meath, in 
1735, and had issue : 1. Edward Usher, ra. 1755, Martha, dr. 
of Wm. Mullins, of Bamham. 2. Richard Usher. 
3. Stoughton- Thos. Usher. In Pue's Occurrences, 1732 — 
" Stolen 22nd IS^overaber last, off the lands of Aughamore, 
Co, Kerry, a bay mare marked E.U. from Robert Usher, of 
Aughamore, gent." 
YI. Elizabeth Ussher, eldest dr., m. 1st, Christopher Piers (2nd son 
of Henry Piers,* Esq., of Tristernagh, Co. Wmeath), who 
deed. 7th June, 1634, having issue : i. Henry, d. y. 
II. Thomas, d. y. iii. Mark. iv. Jane, m. TVm Hannan, of 

* On a slab in the south wall over a table tomb in the old chapel of Tristeraagh is. 

nscr. " 1020 aetatis suae 52." 

" Hoc tegitur saxo Dominus Pietate refulgpns 
Henricus Persus prognatus stemmate claro, 
Aedis Tristernagh reparato et incola et hospes 
Qui instinctu sacro turaulum sibi struxerat istum 
PoRtquam saoratas sedes renovaverat hasce 
Adjuijctam atque viam stravisset cetera Christo 
Commendasset ai:imae cibus, succurito lector." 


the Co, Cavan. Christopher is buried in the Chapel of 
Tristernagh. His son Mark m. Bridget, dr. of Teigue 
Farrell, of Tullogh, and had issue : Christopher, Henry, 
Mark, and 6 daughters. 
Elizabeth Ussher m. 2ndly, . . . Bellwood, and had issue : i. Usher Bell- 
wood, Collector of Kinsale, and had issue, Thos., who had Frances, gr. admon., 
5th May, 1790. ii. Maudlin, iit. Christian. Elizabeth Ussher m. 3rdly, 
Michael Hayter, of Ballymacarrick, d. 1658, and had issue a dr., Lettice. 
Elizabeth m. 4thly, Wm. Howard, d.s.p., and she died 1st February, 1684, 
and was buried in Balsoon Church. Her third husband, Michael Hayter, in 
his will desires to be buried in the church of Dronuge, and leaves his estate to 
his wife Elizabeth, till dr. Lettice be 16 ; then \ to wife, f to dr. If they 
die s.p., all his estate to go to the heirs of Joslin Usher of Balsoone, deed., 
my brother-in-law, and his heirs for ever, provided that they pay the legacies, 
and do not sell nor alienate from the house of Balsoone. To son in-law, Alex. 
Sceall, £20 my son-in-law, Wm. Hermon, lease of Zillmenoran : lands to 
house of Balsoone, the hereafter with the former legacies to be paid to my 
dear wife's five children by her former husbands as followeth : 1st to Joane 
Pierce als Hermon, £15; to "Maudlin Bellwood, £15; to Usher Bell wood, £15; 
to Marcus Pierce, £10 ; to Christian Bellwood £10. 19th May, 1658. 

yil. A daughter probably m. Mr. Lightburne, and had issue : Rst. 
"Wm. Lightburne, Vicar of Trim and Dean of Derry, who had 
a son, StaflFord Lightburne. In the will of Rev. PreV- Wm. 
I^ightburne, he mentions his cousin, Eev. Marks Ussher. 
Also in the will of Stafford Lightburne, Esq., of Trim, 
12th March, 1697, he mentions his cousin. Dr. John Stearne, 
Yicar of Trim, and Pev. Marks Ussher. 
A Mark Usher, gent., died in Dublin, gr. admon. intest., 19th December, 
1734, to his widow Dorothea and his son Joseph. In 1777 intest. admon. of 
the goods of Joseph Usher, merchant of Dublin, was gr. to Joseph Thorogood, 
his cousin, and nearest in blood. This Mr. Joseph Usher was witness in 1740 
to a deed, and in 1742 appears as a subscriber to " Carson's Chronology." Mark 
may have been a brother to Jocelin Ussher of Rosnadough. 

Also in Pucs Occurrences, Saturday, December 22nd, 1764, " Mrs. Carter 
died, aged 104, in Britain Street, Dublin, great granddaughter to Archbishop 
Ussher ; she retained her senses to the last." 




Pedigree of Ai'land Ussher's descendants. 

AELAND rSSHER, d. 1598, m. Margaret, dr. of James Stanihurst, and had 
issue : 
I. John Ussher, d. young. 
11. Elizabeth Ussher, d. unmd. 
III. Sarah Ussher m. Theophilus Buckworth, Bishop of Dromore, 

d. 1652. 
IV. Ellinor Ussher, d. 1640, m. Robert Lill, Provost of Trim, d. 1667, 
and had issue. 
V. James Ussher, Primate and Archbp., b. 1580, d. 1656, m. Phoebe 
Challoner, and had issue : 
I. Elizabeth Ussher, ra. Sir Timothy Tyrrell. 
VI. Ambrose Ussher, d. unmd., 1629. 
VII. Mabel Ussher m. Dr. Lewis Jones, Bishop of Killaloe, and had 
VIII. Anne Ussher, d. 1651, m. Wm. Hilton, Baron of the Excheq. 
d. 1651. 
IX. Thomasina Ussher, d. unmd. 

X. Margaret Ussher, d. 1630, m. Robert Bermingham of Ballogh, 
d. 1638. 

Thomas Ussher and Margery Geyton, his wife, had issue : 

III. Arland, Arlanton or (as he is sometimes called) Arnold Ussher, 

one of the six clerks of Chancery, and Registrar of Chancery 

Appeals (cf. Fiants of Queen Elizabeth, 1599, No. 6,275)~ 

" Grant to Wm. Conway, of the Office of Sole Registrar of 
Appeals or Provocations Spiritual in Ireland to the Queen in 
Chancery in Ireland, under the Act for Appeals, 28 Hen. VIIL, 
vacant by the death of Arland Uscher, gt." 


He was born c. 1552, and, says Dr. Thos. Smith, "was a most illustrious 
man, who inheriting by birth resources ample enough, educated well in the 
schools, in the arts with which boys of the more gentle stock are wont to be 
imbued, after he had reached manhood, addicted himself altogether to the 
study of English Municipal Laws, which there also obtain force everywhere 
by statute of Parliament, in the knowledge of which he had made such 
great progress, that pierciag their depths with penetrating eye, he was at a 
mature age appointed one of the six clerks in Chancery." He married Margaret, 
dr. of James Stanihurst, three times Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, 
a Master of Chancery and Recorder of Dublin. She died in 1626. 

In Molyneux's "Visitation of the City of Dublin," it is written that: 
" Nicholas, son of Henry Stanyhurst (which Henry is thought to be the firste 
of this name that came into Ireland), had issue 2 sons, James, and Richd., 
mrct. of Dab., m. by — Blake, had issue, Henry Stanyhurst (of whom in 
another place), and Thomas, a Capt. under the Archduke of Austria, now 
1610, James Stanyhurst, eldest son of Nicholas, was Recorder of Dublin, and 
had to wife, Anne, dr. and sole heire of Thos. FitzSymon of Courtduffe, 
(2ndly, m. to — Brereton, who had noe issue by her). By James Stanyhurst 
shee had issue, Richd., now living with the Archduke of Austria ; "Walter (of 
whome in the next descente) ; Henry, dead in England in his youth. Margaret, 
wife to Arland Ussher, and ... a dr. Walter Stanj-^hurst, 2nd sonne of James 
Stanyhurst, now of CourtduflFe, 1610, who had to his first wife, Cicilie Nangle 
of Navan, and to his second wife Elizabeth, dr. of Sir Frances Stafford, Knt., 
one of y'' Privie Councel of Ireland ; by the former he hath issue, Mary and 
Margaret, and by the 2nd, Christopher Stanyhurst, aged about 3 years now 
in IGIO." 

Dr. Smith quotes Edmund Campian, the Jesuit in Letter III., as saying 
that James Stanyhurst secretly received him when flying from England 
whom he nourished in his own house, and commended in 1570, to a friend in 
the country where he might be safely hidden. Smith thinks that James 
Stanyhurst, though outwardly out of loyalty conforming to the Reformed faith, 
yet in his bosom privately nurtured the ancient teaching. 

In 15G9 Stanihurst proposed, as Speaker in the Irish House of Commons, 
that the Queen be asked to found an Academy in Dublin, so that the sons of 


magistrates need not go abroad to study, at great expense, and with a danger 
of learning disloyalt3\ This was the first mo-vetnent made towards the 
establishing of an Irish University, of which his grandson was such a 
shining light. 

James Stanihurst was born in 1522, and died in 1573. His will, formerly 
in the Prerogative Office, Dublin, has perished. He was the author of three 
works: 1. "Piae Oration es "; 2. "Ad Corsagiensem Decanum Epistolae"; 
3. " 3 English Speeches as Speaker of the House of Commons." 

Richard Stanihurst, the brother of Margaret Ussher, who was born in 
Dublin, in 1545 or 6, became a Commoner of Univ. Coll., Oxon, 1563, studied 
law at Furnival's and Lincoln's Inn, and then returned to Ireland, where he 
married and became a Roman Catholic. A letter of his in a very difficult hand- 
writmg and addressed to Arland Ussher, in T.C.D. MS., E. 3. 16, runs thus : — 


" To my looving broother in lawe Mr. Arland Ussher. The money that 
was sent me stoode mee to so smale steede as that I coude not repayr home- 
wards. I have sent for my wiefes and look for her cooming day lye. And in so 
muche as her apparinge wylle be very cheryeable to mee, as by experience 
you partly know, and my purse is not welle furnished at this present, I shalle 
desyre you to be so goode as to deale with yor coosenne Balle in suche order 
as you dealt with heem for the third pennye profitts, you know what I meane, 
and lett mee have his warrant to the sayd merchant for the simi of xl lb. st. 
in wares, and I wylle bee bound to the sayd merchant to the use of Mr. DauUe 
as firmely as hee wylle devise. I beseeche you bee so earnest in this that you 
coopasse hit. And I shall accompt hit so frendely a turn as I wille reckon my- 
self both bounde to you for solliciting the matter, and to Mr. Baule for grting 
hit. Thus wyth my comendacions to my sister, I beeteche you too God. ffrom 
London the xxxth of July, 1576. 

" Yor looving broother, 

" R Stanihurst." 

Richard Stanihurst removed afterwards to the Continent, where he lost his 
wife, took orders, and became Chaplain to Albert, Archduke of Austria. 

From the Cal. State Papers, Elizth. (Ireland) we extract : "Novr, 20, 1591, 
Liege, Walter Stanihurst (br. of Richd.) to his mother Mrs. Ann FitzSimons. 
To send his (Ws) sons James and Nicholas over to England by the bearer 
to be placed at the Inns of Court. His two daughters to be placed with the 
old lady at Kildare." [HoL] p. 1. 

Dec. 26th, 1591, " Walter Stanyhurst to his sons J. & N. Stanyhurst. To 
accompany the bearer Christopher Roche into England, where he has provided 
for their education in the Inns of Court [IIol.] seal with device." 



April 2()th, 1502, "Advertisements by Nicholas Weston — Entertainment of 
Richard Stanihurst, native of Dublin, at the Spanish Court. He was sent out 
of Flanders b}' the Prince of Parma, to cure the King of some disease, and it 
is reported that he is a famous man and very well thought of." 

Eichard Stanihurst corresponded with his nephew James Ussher. He 
died in 1G18 at Brussels. His works were: /. Harmonia sive Catena Dialec- 
tica in Porphyrianas Constitutiones. London, 1570, '79, fol. 2. The 1st 4 
Bookes of Virgil's Eneis tr. into English Heroical Yerse with trans, of Psalms, 
Epitaphs thereto annexed." 1583, sm. 8vo. j. De Rebus in Hibernia' gestis, 
Lib. 4. Antwerp, 1584. ^. Descriptio Hiberniae ; in English in Holinshed's 
Chron. 5. De vita Sti. Patricii Hyb. Apos. Lib. II. Antwerp, 1587. 6. Heb- 
domada Mariana 1609, 8vo. 7. Hebdomada Eucharistica, Douay. 1614, 8vo. 
8. Brevis Premunitio pro fut. Concertatione cum Jacobo Usserio Hyberno, 
Dubliensi, 1615. p. The Principles of Catholic Religion. 

Walter Stanihurst, son of Richd., a Jesuit born at Brussels, 1601, d. 1663. 
He published Album Marianum, Louvain, 1641, and other works. 

To return to Arland Ussher : In the Cal. Pat. Rolls of Eliz. 23°, 1580, 
Membrane 1, we find "A License for Tirrelough M'Cave to alienate to Arland 
Ussher the Rectory of Scurlockstown in Co. Meath, the tithes, manses and 
alterage due to the Vicar and curate excepted, March 10," 

In 1590 Arlande Usher, gent, and Wm. Usher, gent., Exors. of John 
Filz-Xpr Usher, late of Dublin, Alderman, obtained a Chancery Decree 
against another. 

In 15^7, 31st May, "Arland Usher of Dub., gt., plfi"., by a Chancery 
Decree recovered agst. Thos. Copproun, mercht, 2 messuages and their appurt. 
in Hangman Lane in St. Mychan's P'sh, p'cell of Blackfriars, and 45s. costs." 

Walter Ball, Alderman of Dublin, in his will dated 1598, bequeaths to his 
family certain land purchased by him from Arlandon Ussher in the Co. 

Arland Ussher* died the 19th August, 1598, and was buried on the 20th 
August in St. Werburgh's Church. This seems to confirm the fact of his 
house being in Nicholas Street. 

♦ The Exors. of Arland Ussher held in Co. Meath, Mortimer's lease in Xewfield and 
IvnockmarK, tne rectory of Knockmark, the Tithes of St. Bridget and Davidstown, 
Donaphmore and Stonehall. Co. Louth, land, in Ballybalricke, late possessions of Jo. 
BurncU, attainted. (Xo. 57, Cal. I. S. P., 1607). 


Arland had issue by Lis wife Margaret Stanihurst, who died 1609 : 
I. John Ussher, who died young. 
II. Elizabeth TJssher, d. unmd. 

III. Sarah Ussher, m. Theophilus Buckworth, Bishop of Dromore, 

who was born near Wisbeach, retired in 1642 to England and 
died at Whitehall in 1652, in the 92nd year of his age. 

IV. Ellinor Ussher, who died 22nd Nov., 1640 and was buried in St. 

Patrick's, Trim, the 26th, m. E-obert Lill, gent., J.P., Provost 
of Trim, who died 17th April, 1667, and was buried on the 
19th in St. Patrick's, Trim, and by whom she had issue : 
1. William Lill. 2. James Lill. 3. Cecily Lfll, m. Thos. 
Borrowes of Stradown, Co. Cavan, and had issue : Pobert, 
Hugh, Thos., Alexr., Martha m. Thos. Fleming of 
Lism'^louge. From Thos. is descended the present Mr. 
Borrows of Stradown. 4. Ann Lill. 5. Mary Lill, m. 
Henry Pakenham of Tullynally or Pakenham Hall, who d. 
20th Ano. K. Chas. II. and was buried in Mayne Church ; 
she d. 12th June, 1665, leaving issue 4 sons and 3 drs., 
viz. : Thomas, Theophilus, d.s.p.; Henry, d.s.p.; William of 
Carne, Co. W'meath ; Eleanor, m. John Smyth of Kiltomb; 
Mary and Martha. Of these, Thos., born 1651, Knt., deed, 
1706, had issue Edwd., who was father of THOMAS 
PAKEXHAM, BARON LOXGFOPD, 1756, and ancestor 
of the present Earl. 

V. James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh (of whom below in 

Chap. IX). 
VI. Ambrose Ussher, born abt 1582, M.A., Fellow T.C.D., 1601, died 
unmd. in 1629. He was a celebrated Oriental Scholar and 
well acquainted with the Arabic and Hebrew languages. His 
MSS. are in Trin. Coll. Dub., and include a translation of the 
Bible in 3 vols. 4to., made before the authorized version. Iq 
1616 he had a parish in the Co. Louth. In the Bawlinsou 
MSS. in the Bodl. Lib. are 2 vols, called Codex Chartaceus 
•^ 849, presented by James Tyrrell the Historian, and contain- 


ing many letters, among which is a letter of Ambrose Ussher, 
which we here subjoin : — 
" Henry Brigges, my recomendations not forgotten. My brother directed 
me to send unto you such things as could be conveyed to London for his use, 
wherefore I intreat you to deliver unto him these foure letters with nine 
pounds of money wch you shall receave fro' this bearer Mr. John Frith, alsoe 
to deliver to Mr. Bedwell thother letter together with the Arabique 
book. And think nothing my doubt of your cure heerin, in hope of further 
acquaintance in time to come. I end. 


"Ambrose Ussher, 
" 1606." 
Among the MSS. in T.C.D. are Ambrose TJssher's brief Catechism, 12mo. 
Forms of Prayer, etc. 

Translation of the Psalms by Ambrose Ussher. 

Ambrose Ussher stayed some time at Cambridge for the sake of study, and 
Mr. Wm. Ej-re, a great Orientalist at Cambridge, in a letter to James 
Ussher, says, " Interea vero agnosco me valde obeeratum esse tibi et doctissimo 
juveni, fratri tuo Ambrosio qui peritissima manu sua qusedam in meum usum 
et Alcorano Arabics exscripsit." " But meanwhile I acknowledge myself 
greatly indebted to thee and to that most learned youth, thy brother Ambrose, 
who with his own most skilful hand copied out in Arabic certain things from 
the Alcoran for my use." 

In Letter CXXXV. in Dr. Parr's life of Ussher, Dr. Bedell, Provost of 
T.C.D., on March 5th, 162|, writes, " Mr. Usher's sudden taking away 
admonishes me to work while the day lasts." " Yesterday I was following 
Mr. Usher's funeral.'* "Was he buried in the College Chapel or at St. 
Werburgh's with his parents ? 

VII. Margaret Ussher, m. Hobert Bermingham of Ballogh, Co. 
Dublin, who died 13th March, 1638. She was buried 
at St. Werburgh's, Dub., 27th Novr., 1630. By Robert 
Bermingham, she had issue : 

1 . Wm. Bermingham who died young. 

2. James Birmingham, J.P., m. EUinor, dr. of Nichs- Fitz- 


"William of Baldimgan, Co. Dub. and had issue : Nicholas 
and James. 

3. Theophilus Bermingham. 

4. Ellinor Bermingham, m. "Wm. Halpenny of Clonekeane, 

Co. Louth, gent. 
6. Alson Benningham, m. John Fleming of Ardagh, Co. 
Meath, gent. 

6. Margaret Bermingham, m. Ist, Barth. Staples of Drogheda; 

2ndly, Darditz. 

7. Mabel Bermingham, m. John Stearne of Greenane, Co. Down 

Official to Theophilus, Lord Bishop of Dromore, and Henry, 
LordBiehop of Down, and had issue by him: (1) Jas.Steame, 
LL.D. (2) Wm. Stearne, d. young, (3) John Stearne, M.D., 
m. Dorothy Ryves, and had John Stearne, Vicar of Trim, and 
Bp. of Clogher, Bridget m. John Eotton, and Mabel m. Thos. 
ITall. (4) Capt. Robert Stearne of Tullynally, Co. West- 
meath, m. Margaret Stevens and had issue : Robt., John and 
six drs., Anne m. John Coddington, Mabel m. Robert 
Tighe,in 1681 Eleanor, m. Matthew Smith, Frisweed m. . . . 
Brunton, Elizabeth, m. Rev. Jonathan Ball, and Katherine. 

8. Sarah Bermingham m. Andrew Buckworth. 

9. Anna Bermingham. 

VIII. Mabel Ussher, m. Right Rev. Lewis Jones,* Bishop of Killaloe 

before 1609. 

Lewis Jones, a native of Merionethshire, died in Dublin, 2nd Nov., 1646, in 

the 104th year of his age, and was buried in St. "Werburgh's Church. He was 

called the vivacious Bishop of Killaloe and is said to have married a young 

wife after he was threescore years old, by whom he had with others : 

(1) Sir Theophilus Jones of Osbertstown (see in Chap. XL) 

(2) Colonel Michael Jones, Governor of Dublin. 

(3) Henry Jones, Bishop of Meath. 

• In the Eawlinson MS. Cod. 849, p. 369b. 45 is a letter to James Ussher from his 
br.-in-law Lewis Jones, Dean of Cashel. "I wish you a prosperous journey to England ; 
set all things in order and make your will." " I writt to you desire your mother to send 
me some good seeds for my garden, and I will pay for it." A'thed, 23 Feb, 160§. 



From tlie first of these descended three females, who printed the sheets of 
Harris' Ware. 

Ambrose Jones, Bp. of Kildare, was another son of the Bp. of Killaloe. 
IX. Thomasina Ussher. 

X. Anne Ussher, who m. "Wm. Hilton, Baron of the Irish Ex- 
chequer, who in 1651 d.s.p. His will pr. same year, appoints 
br. Robert Lill, exor., and nephew John Stearne, overseer. 
She was buried in St. Werburgh's Church about the beginning 
May, 1651. Dr. Arthur in his Diary, writes : " 1626, Wiliam 
HiltoQ, Judge of the Court of Eoyal Faculties, for his wife, 
the Ld. Primate's sister, 26th March, £1." 



Pedigree of the descent of fames Ussher from his own handwriting in 
T.C.D., MS., D. 4, 6. 

Arlandus Ussher 
m. Anna Bereford. 

Johnnes Ussher 
m. Joanna Forster. 

Thomas Qaiton 
m. Agneta Wooiiborne 
I als AVoodbone 

Johannes Gaiton 
in. Jeneta Nangle. 

Ilenricus Gaiton 

m. Margaria Bereforde. 


Richard Stanvhurst, 
Major Civ. Dub. 1489 

Nicholas Stanyhurst 
m. Catherine Walsie. 

Thomas Ussher m. Margareta Gaiton. 

Thomas fitz Simons 
m. Elizabetha Beunet. 

Kicholaus fltzSimons 

m. Domina Margareta Plunket. 

Thomas fitzSymons 
m. Jeneta Kriighte. 

Jacobus stanyhurst m. Anna FitzSimons. 

Arlandus Ussher m. Margareta Stanyhurst. 

James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, was the 
second son of Arland Ussher, one of the six clerks of Chancery, and his wife 
Margaret Stanihurst. 

The life of this illustrious Prelate has been written by Drs. Bernard, 
Parr, Smith, Dillingham, Ware, Elrington and others. All that the present 
writer can attempt is to give an epitome of the leading events of his life, 
drawn from various materials in print, adding a {^r^ fresh facts. 

James Ussher was born in Nicholas Street, Dublin, in the parish of St. 
Nicholas Within, on the 4th Jan^'- 158?, was baptized cither in St. Nicholas' 



The Arms of Primate James Ussher. 
From Brit. ifui. Add. MS., 6856, fo. 66 h 


or St. "VVerburgh's Church, and went to a scliool in School house Lane, kept 
by James Hamilton, afterwards Viscount Clandeboye, and James FuUerton, 
who under the guise of pedagogues were in reality agents for King James VI. 
of Scotland, and were afterwards appointed Fellows of Trinity Coll., Dublin. 
As Bishop Reeves points out in his introduction to Carroll's History of St. ■ 
Bride's Parish, he walked every morning along the High Street and Corn- 
market and by St. Audoen's Church to his studies. 

Ussher praised much two aunts, blind from their infancy, who had such 
wonderful memories, as he used to tell, as to be able to repeat most of the 
Bible by heart, and who, he said, were the first to teach him English. These 
were probably Alice and Katherine Ussher, his father's sisters. 

At school he became in a short time the most proficient scholar in Latin, 
poetry and rhetoric. , 

He was at this time very fond of poetry, and also it is said of card 
playing, but when only twelve or thirteen years old, on reading a book of 
History, and reflecting on a saying of Cicero's, " Nescire quid antea quam 
sis acciderit, id est, semper esse Puerum," i.e-, " to be ignorant of what has 
happened before your birth, is to be always a child," he determined on the. 
study of Antiquity and everj^ kind of learning, a resolution which he carried 
out in a wonderful manner, for at 14 years of age he had reduced to synoptic 
tables the events of Antiquity. 

In 1593 the building of Trinity College in Dublin being finished, James 
Ussher, then in his thirteenth year entered as a scholar. It was said that he 
was the first scholar elected on the roll, but from an old list it would appear 
that he was the 2nd scholar and the 8th Fellow elected by merit. While there 
he studied Languages, History and Theology. In 1598, being then B.A., 
he intended to prepare himself for the Ministry, but his father wished him to 
study Law, which he would, though unwillingly, have done but that hia 
father's death set him free. Though he was heir, yet he then gave over his 
inheritance to his brother and sisters, only keeping enough to buy some books 
and maintain him in College. However he drew up an exact schedule of all 
the estates and leases left him, with all the suits and incumbrances on them, 
which he entrusted to his uncle for the benefit of his brother and sisters. 

In his ISth year he conducted a dispute with Henry FitzSymons, a Jesuit 


then imprisoned in Dublin Castle, who was so severely handled, that he declined 
to continue the conference and afterwards called him " Acatholicorum doctis- 

In 1600, being twenty years old, he took his Master's degree, and was 
chosen Catechist reader in the College, and being greatly pressed by his friends, 
who felt the power of his learning, he was ordained Deaccn and Priest in 1601 
on the Sunday before Christmas and in his twenty-first year, by his uncle 
Primate Henry Ussher. After this, having been appointed to preach at Christ 
Church on Sunday afternoons before the Lord Deputy, he handled the chief 
points of the controversy between the Roman and Anglican Churches with 
great ability. 

In 1603 the English army, after the battle of Kinsale, raised £1,800 to 
buy books for a library in Trinity College, and entrusted the money to Dr. 
Luke Challoner and James Ussher, who went to England, and both there and 
from i,he Continent procured the best that they could obtain. 

About this time the Chancellorship of St. Patrick's, Dublin, was conferred 
on him by Archbishop Loftus, and there he lived single for some years, and 
was visited by Camden in 1607, who in the last edition of his Britannia, p. 995, 
says : "Most of which (as to Dublin) I acknowledge to owe to the diligence and 
labours of James Ussher, Chancellor of St. Patrick's, who in various learning 
and judgment far exceeds his years." 

In 1607, in his twenty- seventh year, he took the degree of B.D., and soon 
after was chosen Professor of Divinity in Dublin University, which post he 
held thirteen years, lecturing every week through the whole year. 

In 1609 he went over to England to buy books, and while there made 
great researches both at Oxford and Cambridge, and made the acquaintance of 
many learned friends, and after this he used to go over once ever}-- three years, 
spending one month of the summer at Oxford, another at Cambridge, and the 
rest at London. 

In 1610 he was chosen Provost of Trin. Coll. Dublin, but declined the post 
lest it might interfere with his theological studies. 

In Letter YIL, Oct. 4, 1611, in writing to a friend about the post of 
Master of Armagh school, he says: '' I have dealt since with my uncle, the 


primate, both for the annual stipend in the proportion of the land lying about 
the school ; and do find him constant in his promise." 

During this period he preached every Sunday at Finglas, where he received 
tithes, with part of which he endowed a Vicarage there, (cf. Pat. Rol. 9. Jac. i.) 
" To present James Usher to the Chancellorship of St, Patr, and to Finglas 
Rectory thereunto annexed and held by Adam, late Archbishop of Dublin in 
commendam, who conferred the same on the said Usher, notwithstanding that 
the presentation thereto devolved on the king, 'jure devoluto,' and by reason 
of his royal prerogative, on account of the vacancy occurring during ad com- 
mendam, 12th July, 1611." 

In 1613 he took the degree of D.D., to which he was admitted by Primate 
Hampton. In that year he published his first treatise De Ecclesiariim Chris- 
tianarwn Successione tt Statu, in London. To this in 1615 his uncle Richard 
Stanihurst published a reply in the form of a letter. 

About 1614 Ussher married Phoebe, only dr. of his friend Dr. Luke 
Challoner, who on his death bed in 1613, had requested her to marry no one 
else but him, if he were willing. 

Dr. Ussher held the parish of Assye, near Balsoon, until the 17th Jac. i. 

From the Rawlinson MS. C. 849, p. 349b in the Bodleian, we extract these 

accounts, written by Ussher on the back of letters in 1615, as illustrating his 

mode of life. They are now published for the first time, 

"At St. Patrick's at 5s. y® week meat cometh in y® year to 13/. 

-D ji ^c\,^.ei.'\.>.\ rating every peck of oatmalt at 
Bread 1 peck of whea a fortnight, 3^^ ^^ ^i\i^^^ & bearemalt at 
m t year 26 (pecks) j g^_ g^ ^^^^^^ p^^ ^^ 

-p. . T. n "i Bearmalt J to | 16/. 13.r. 4^. | vz bread 

every month ( p.\ u o ' 0I ( 8/. loj. 4^. 

^ ) Oatmalt 2 24 ) ^^.^j^ g^ 

Servants' wages 

Stall wages 3/. 

20th pt. (payd April 24, 1615) 57j. M.-l^s. 

by 2 , 37^. Id. 

Horse 3/. 

Phebe's Apparell 40/." [This was Mrs. Ussher.] 




Also on another letter lie writes : 

"About Septer. 23, 1615, given to Phebe, \ls. for a hat; 20j. for a petti- 
coate ; IOj. for shoes shee had. 4 : 5. "2. 

One part fro. 'tiar endeth at Easter, 1618, y® other from Christ Church at 
Ejster, 1625. 

Bolsrett for Easter 1615 beside wch are only 4/, wch Sir Wil. Ufcher for 
2>\ years, so I am accountable for y*^." 

Also a letter from a Roman Catholic relative who was in prison and 
requested his interest to get out, and thus addressed : 

" To the Right ^""orshipful my verie loving cossen Doctor James Ussher, 
at his lodgings in the Strand, right over against Salisbury House." 

All these are contained in two MS. volimies containing Theolocical treatises 
by Dr. Ussher, and presented to the Bodleian by his grandson James Tyrrell. 

Dr. Ussher was appointed Yicar of Trim in 17th Jac. i. (cf. Pat. Rol. 17 
Jac. i. Dorso) on April 10th. 

In 1619 and 1620 being in England and recommended by the Lord Deputy 
and Council and also greatly approved of by the king, he was nominated by 
him to the Bishopric of Meath. King James is reported to have said that 
" Ussher was a Bishop of his own making." 

In this year his dr. Elizabeth was born and baptized in London. 

On his return to Ireland in 1621 he was consecrated on June 26, 19th 
Jac. i., by Primate Hampton and two other Prelates, in St. Peter's, Drogheda. 
He now preached constantly, and had the words of St. Paul, " Vae mihi, si 
non evangelizavero," engraved on his Episcopal Seal, which he continued in 
the Seal of the Primacy. 

In Sept. 28th, 1621, he writes from Dublin when on his way to conduct 
the Visitation of Meath. 

It was in the collection of MSS. for his work on the " The Antiquities of 
the British Churches " that he came on the famous " Book of Kells," under 
a note in which, by Gerald Plunket, who had got it from Richard Plunket, last 
Abbot of Kells, Ussher wrote : "August 24, 1621. I received the leaves of 
this booke and found them to bo in number 344. » He who reckoned before 
me counted six score to the hundred. Ja. Ussher [Episcopus] Midensis 
Elect." This MS. came with Ussher's collections to T.C.D. in 1661. 


In 1623, by a letter dated Westminster, June I3th, he was appointed a 
Privy Councillor, and when some Irish Roman Catholics of position refused 
to take the oath of supremacy he reasoned with them so well, that they were 
convinced and submitted. By letter LIII., he would appear to have been 
living at Finglas, March 18th, 1623. A letter to him from Primate Hampton, 
dated October 17th, 1622, says that a sermon preached by him was taken 
exception to, and that " it would not be amiss of you to leave Dublin and to 
spend more time in your own diocess that such as wont hear Doctrine may 
love and reverence you for your hospitality and conversation." This he 
appears to have done, for he writes to Hampton from Finglas, August 6th, 
1623 — " I will not fail to be present at the Assizes at Trim, as the Ld. Depy. 
is proceeding against the clergy." In 1623 King James hearing that Bishop 
Ussher was going to compile the Antiquities of the British Churches, urged him 
to go on with it, and wrote to the Irish Couacil to grant him leave of absence 
in order to consult the MSS. in the English Libraries. This being granted he 
accordingly went over to London in 1624, and preached on Jime 20th, before 
the King at Wanstead, a sermon on the Universality of the Christian Church 
and the Unitj' of the Catholic Church, which the king ordered to be printed- 

Concerning this journey the Bishop of Coventry wrote from Eccleshall, 
July 19th, 1623, that as Eccleshall was in the way to London, he wished to 
be Ussher's host. Ussher seems to have stayed at Oxford also, as on the 
28th January, 1624, Dr. James writes — "I am informed you passed this way 
not far from us to London, where 3'ou have remained for some few weeks," 
and on April 11th, 1624, James writes that Ussher wanted a house at Godstow 
of Sir Thos. Walters, not far from Oxford, and mentions two others, Water 
Eaton, and Waterstock, near Oxford, for faoilitating of his studies." 

Wm. Eyre also writes from Cambridge, March 7th, 1624 — " Quite lately 
I heard of your arrival in England and stay for some months." 

On September Oth, 1624, a letter was addressed to him at Wicken Ilall. 
On Januar}' 2nd, 162.5, he writes from Great Hadham in Herts where he 
stayed collating MS8., and there also he had a severe sickness and recovered, 
and Sir 11. Bourgchier writes to him at that place also on April 7th, 1625. 

While Ussher was in England, Primate Hampton died on the 3rd January, 
1025, and King James about six days before his own death pi'omoted the 


Bishop of Meath to the vacant See of Armagh on the 21st of March, to the 
delio-ht of all the Irish Church. But his return to Ireland was delayed for nine 
months by a quartan ague, for which he was treated by the King's doctors. 

It was during this time that at the request of Lady Mordaunt, afterwards 
Countess of Peterborough, when hardly recovered, he went in November, 1625, 
to Drayton in Northamptonshire, where Lord Mordaunt, afterwards Earl of 
Peterborough, Kved, to engage in a conference with a Jesuit named Beaumont. 
They met there, and on the fourth day the Jesuit declined to renew the 
controversy. The result of this was the conversion of Lord Mordaunt to the 
English Church. 

The biographers seem to be in the dark as to the succeeding half year of 
Ussher's life. Parr says he returned to Ireland in August, 1626, but an 
interesting Diary which first saw the light in 1867, brings out clearly a 
memorable time in his career, and explains origin of the unfounded tradition 
as to his flying to Lambay Island from the plague in 1650, which he could 
not have done, as he left Ireland in 1640, and never returned. 

Dr. Arthur, a Roman Catholic physician of Limerick, in his Latin Diary, 
1619, 1627 (published by Mr. Maurice Lenihan in the Journal of the 
Kilkenny Archaeol. Soc, 1867), says :* "But then, the Lord James Ussher, 
Doctor and pseudo-primate of Armagh, having lately returned from England, 

• " Tunc autem Dfis Jacobus Vssherus doctor 't pseudo-primas Armachanus ex Anglia 
nuper reversus, ubi diu cu morbo gravi reluctatus, cui profligando regiorum medicorum 
operam sumis expensis imploratam nequicquam expertus, ad me accersitum misit. 
Proveni ad eum Droghedae in sua aula comorantem 27° die martij 162^. Deinde audita 
ipsius relatione 't perspectis clarissimoru medicorum rescriptis et serio perpensis syrapto- 
matibus quae per totius morbi historia oriebantur. Ex his mihi videbar explorata 
habuisse ancipitis 't in dies invalaesentis morbi causam, hactenus complures viros clariss- 
imos latentem : qua ubi facto con jecturae meae laevi periculoperfectl consequutumme 
f uisse cognovi, confidenter eius curam in me suscepi nee me vsquam spes fefellit. Hujus 
gravis 't contumacis morbi regiorum 't clarissimoru Angliae medicoru opera eludentis cura, 
in tarn eminenti 't propter eruditione conspicuo homine,me inter Anglos (quibus Catholicse 
relio'ionis causa exosuseram) celebrem 't gratii reddidit." "1626, 14° Apriiis concomitatus 
sum Diim Primatem in insula Lambeij dictam, ubi remoti a turba visitantiura, incubui- 
mus grauiter, et vacavimus curae 't profligationi contumacissimi morbi ad S'"diem mensis 
Junij subseqaetis : tunc ante evicto morlao, 't ipso pristinae sanitati restituto prseter com- 
pluriu' expectatione, reversi sum' Dubliniu, ubi a Prorege 't coeteris regni Ordinibus nobis 
obvia euntibus, honorifice suscepti fuimus 9° Junij. Tunc ego Proregi Domino Vice- 
comiti faulkland indaganti consilium profectionis nostrae in illam Insulam, 't totius 
morbi historiam, et in quibus Regii medici erraverint, ita philosophice exposui, ut abunde 
sibi satisfactum fuisse ingenue fateretur ; 't omne pristinae invidiae 't malevolentiae 
ausam a me procul propelleret, et exiude me sibi 't charissimis suis omnibus in medicu 
assumpsit. Diis Primas proimpensa mea opera 14° Junij dedit mihi, £51." 


where he ■vv^as struggling long against a grievous disease, overcome by which 
he had sought and tried in vain the assistance of the King's physicians at very 
great expense, sent and summoned me. I went to him while staying at 
Drogheda in his palace, on the 22nd day of March, 162^. Then having heard 
his fetory and examined the prescriptions of the most famous physicians, and 
seriously thought over the sjTnptoms which arose through the history of the 
whole disease, from these I seemed to myself to have explored and found the 
cause of the doubtful and daily increasing disease, which was hidden from 
many most famous men ; and when I knew after some small experiment 
as to the truth of my conjecture, that I had perfectly understood it, I 
confidently undertook his cure, nor did hope anywhere deceive me. The 
cure of this grievous and obstinate disease which had eluded the treatment 
of the most famous physicians of the King in England, in the case of a man so 
eminent and conspicuous on account of his learning, made me famed and 
valued among the English (to whom I had been hateful by reason of the 
Catholic religion)." 

And again, " 1626, 14th of April, I accompanied the Lord Primate to the 
island called Lambay, where remote from the crowd of visitors, we stayed with 
dignity and were free for the cure of and struggle with that most obstinate 
disease to the eighth day of the following June ; then the disease having been 
first overcome, and he restored to his former health beyond the expectation of 
very many, we returned to Dublin, where we were honorably received by the 
Viceroy and other officials of State coming to meet us on the 9th of June. 
Then 1 explained the matter so pbilosophically to the Viceroy, Lord Viscount 
Falkland, who had enquired the design of our departure to that island, and the 
history of the whole disease, and wherein the King's physicians had been 
mistaken, that he acknowledged nobly that he was abundantly satisfied, and 
removed far from me all occasion of former envy and ill-will, and he hence- 
forward used me as a physician to himself and all his family. The Lord 
Primate gave me for my aid rendered, on the 14th of June, £51." 

Dr. Arthur mentions also that he received from the Lord Primate Ussher 
on the 7th January, 1627, for advice £1, and again on 20th December, 1021), 
£11, and that he treated Mrs. Phoebe Ussher on 9th April, 1626, 30th 
November, 1632, and 13th November, 1633, and James Ussher on 7th 
October and 2nd' November, 1632. 

King James before his death had made Dr. Ussher a grant of the Tem- 
poralities of the Primac}' from the death of his predecessor ; and King 
Charles I. also gave him an order on the Treasury for £400 to be paid 
immediately on his return to Ireland. 

During Usshcr's absence in England his mother through her brother's 


influence seceded to the Roman Communion. This was always a matter of 
grief to him, and Smith says : " It grieved him not a little that being detained 
in the city by the sacred matters of the Church, he was not present with his 
beloved mother when suddenly attacked by the death agony at Drogheda, so 
that he might have previously aided the departing soul by spiritual counsels 
and have commended her by his prayers to God." 

When he arrived, he set to work to reform his diocese, and then to correct 
the disorders in his Ecclesiastical Courts, though it is doubtful whether he 
succeeded well in the latter matter. Stewart in his History of Armagh thinks 
that his failure in this, and his lack of toleration, were among the very few 
things to be censured in his life 

In Michaelmas Term, Lord Falkland summoned an assembly of the 
representatives of the whole nation, both Romanists and Protestants, to Dublin 
Castle, and wished to oblige the Roman Catholics to consent to a tax for 
maintaining 500 foot and 500 horse, on condition of a fuller toleration of their 
religion. Ussher and the other Bishops entered a protest against this, and the 
next year he and the Bishop of Derry preached on the subject before the Deputy 
and Council ; by which means the project fell through. But at the request of 
the Deputy, the Primate made a speech to the assembly, urging them to aid 
the King's necessities, without any conditions. This he did, but without 
success, though had his advice been followed, the awful rising of 1641, which 
was in a manner predicted by him, could not have taken place. 

About this time the Archbishop, by means of Mr. Thomas Davis, Chaplain 
to the Turkey Company at Aleppo, obtained one of the first Samaritan 
Pentateuchs ever brought into the West of Europe, and also the Old Testament 
in Syriac, together with many other valuable manuscripts. 

In 1627, Blair, the Presbyterian minister of Bangor, Co. Down, relates 
that he paid two visits to Primate Ussher, the first at his town house in the 
city of Dublin, and tne second at his primatial residence in Drogheda. Of 
these visits,Blair in his autobiography has given an account which maybe taken 
cum grano sails, and which, as illustrating Ussher's deportment towards Non- 
conformists, may be here quoted : "In March, 1627," says Blair, " My noble 
Patron (Lord Clandcboyej having had a great esteem 'of Primate Us.sher, 
would have me accompany him to a meeting of the nobility and gentry of 
Ulster with the I'rimatc. " Accordingly I went and had a kind invitation to 
be at his table while in town. But, having mot with the English Liturgy 


tliere, I left my excuse with my Patron, that I expected another than formal 
liturgies in the family of so learned and pious a man. The Primate excused 
himself by reason of the great confluence that was there, and had the good nature 
to entreat me to come to Drogheda, where his ordinary residence was and 
where he would be more at leisure to be better acquainted with me. I com- 
plied with the Primate's invitation, and found him very affable and ready to 
impart his mind. He desired to know what was my judgment concerning the 
nature of justifying and saving faith. I told him in general that I held that 
accepting Jesus Christ, as he is freely oflFered in the Gospel, to be saving faith. 
With this he was well satisfied, and by a large discourse confirmed and further 
cleared the same by the similitude of a marriage, where it is not the sending 
or receiving the gifts, but the accepting the person that constitutes the 
marriage. From this he passed on to try my mind concerning ceremonies 
wherein we were not so far from agreeing as I feared, for when I had freely 
opened my grievances he admitted that all these things ought to have been 
removed, biit the constitution and laws of the place and time would not permit 
that to be done. He added that he was afraid our strong disafi'ection to these 
would mar our ministry, that he had himself been importxined to stretch forth 
his hand against us, and that though he would not for the world do that, he 
feared instruments might be found, who would do it ; and he added that it would 
break his heart if our successful ministry in the north were interrupted. Our 
conversation ending, he dismissed me very kindly, though I gave him no high 
titles ; and when trouble came upon us, he proved our very good friend as will 
appear in the sequel." 

In 1631 the Archbishop helped him and another out of a difiiculty they 
had with Bishop Echlinof Down, but in 1632, being applied to by them again 
he could do nothing: for them, as the matter was in the hands of the 

In 1628 he commenced a correspondence with "VVilliara Laud, Bishop of 
London, afterwards xVrchbishop of Canterbur}', which ripened into a deep 

In 1630 the King wrote to Ussher on the 30th April to take care to 
remedy the abuses in the Church, not only among the inferior clergy but the 
Bishops. By virtue of this authority he carried out great reforms through 
his Province. 

In 1631 he published at Dublin the History of Gottschalk and the persecu- 
tions that ho underwent. 

We find in the Dublin Assembly Ptolls for Easter, 1632, that " a Lease 
wa> made to Archbishop Jas. Usher, Primate, of a plot of ground walled 


about, facing his house on Hoggan Green, for 99 years, containing from the 
Ditch westwd. 10 yds. and from North to South 30 yds. at £5 sterlg." 

In 1632 he published also in Dublin a collection of ancient letters on Irish 
matters, from a.d. 590 to 1180. 

In 1634, at the opening of Parliament he preached before the Lord Deputy 
Strafford and the two Houses, at St. Patrick's, Dublin, and at the Convocation 
proposed that the Thirty -nine Articles should be accepted by the Church of 
Ireland ; which was accordingly done. But when Bishop BramhaU wished the 
English Canons to be accepted, TJssher opposed him, as it was against the 
liberties of the Irish Church, and so a compromise was made, some being 
received and other new ones added. 

In 1638 he published in Dublin a book in EngKsh concerning the Incar- 
nation of the Son of Grod. 

1639. He published about the end of this year, in Dublin, his celebrated 
work entitled " The Antiquities of the British Churches," which he dedicated 
to Xing Charles I. 

In the year 1640 he left Ireland for England, and an interesting story is 
told by Wodrow in his "Analeota" about him on this journey. 

*' It appears that Ussher having read the works of Rutherford, a learned 
Scottish Presbyterian minister, and having also heard of his great success and 
sweetness in preaching, resolved to go to England by way of Scotland, in 
order that he might visit the parish of Anworth in Galloway, where Rutherford 
officiated, and (without being known himself) might see and hear its dis- 
tinguished minister. Accordingly, accompanied by a servant, he arrived at 
Anworth. It was a Saturday night when he got there, and as there happened 
no place near the Church where he could stay except in Mr. Rutherford's 
house, he went there and enquired if Mr. Rutherford was at home. Mr. 
Rutherford's wife told him that he was, whereupon Ussher said that he was a 
stranger come from some distance, and designed to stay at Anworth till 
Monday ; but not Deing able to find any place where to stop in, he asked if he 
might have access to Mr, Rutherford's house. Mrs. Rutherford seeing him 
to be a gentleman and in good habit, desired him to alight, and signified that 
she desired to know his name. He said his name was James Ussher. No one 
in the house recognised the Primate under that name, and Mrs. Rutherford 
went and acquainted her husband and made Ussher welcome as a stranger, 
and left him to supper time, when nothing occurred to discover him. On the 
Sunday morning early Ussher went out into the fields, and came to a thicket 
of trees, a sweet retired place where Mr. Rutherford used often to retire. There 


the Primate spent some time alone in prayer for the Lord's blessing ou the 
services of the day. "Wlien ilr. Butherford came out as was his ordinary , know- 
ing nothing of the other being there till he drew near and heard his voice in 
prayer, and listening, he perceived a very extraordinary gift of prayer. Being 
wonderfully taken with it, he stayed till it was ended, and the other came out. 
Then, when he saw him, the name his wife told him struck him, and presently 
addressing him, he asked, * Are you the great and learned Ussher?' The 
other answered, ' I am he whom some men are pleased to term so.' Then Mr. 
Rutherford greeted him most aflfectionately and said, ' You must preach for 
me to-day.' * Nay,' said the other, ' I came to hear you preach and to be 
acquainted with you, and I will hear you.' ' Well,' said Mr. Butherford, ' I 
will take the forenoon and you the afternoon.' And so Mr. Rutherford 
preached in the forenoon and the Primate in the afternoon, to each other's 
great satisfaction. The Primate's text was John xv. 12 — ' This is my com- 
mandment that ye love one another, as I have loved you.' " . 

Another curious anecdote is contained in the Harl. MS. 6395, British 
Museum : 

" The learned Usher one day hastening to preach at Paul's Cross, entered 
the shop of one of the stationers, as booksellers were then called, and inquiring 
for a Bible of the London Edition, when he came to look for his text, to his 
astonishment and horror, he discovered that the verse was omitted in the 
Bible ! This gave the first occasion of complaint to the king of the insufier- 
able negligence and incapacity of the London press ; and, says the MS. writer 
of this anecdote, first bred that great contest which followed, between the 
University of Cambridge and the London Stationers about the right of print- 
ing Bibles." 

Wlien the Primate, about the beginning of 1640, went to England with wife and daughter, he meant to stay a year or two about his private afiairs 
and then to return, but not long after his arrival he went from London to Oxford, 
both for quiet, and to pursue his studies in the Libraries. He had lodgings 
in Christ Church, and after a while returned again to London, where he was 
residing in 1641 during the trial and execution of the Earl of Strafford. This 
was a great source of sorrow to him. He said to Charles I., as the king repeated 
in the presence of Col. Wm. Legge and Mr. Kirk, " 0, Sire, what have you 
done ? I fear that this act may prove a great trouble to your conscience, and 
pray God that your Majestj' may never suffer by the signing of this bill." 

In the Irish rebellion, in October of that year, the rebels plundered bis 
houses in the country, seized on his rents, quite ruined or destroyed his tene- 
ments, killed or drove away his numerous flocks and herds of cattle which 


were of great value, and left him nothing but his Library and some furniture in 
bis bouse in Drogbeda, wbieb was long besieged by the rebels. This library was 
afterwards conveyed to Chester and thence to London ; consequently, he was 
obliged to sell or pawn all bis plate and jewels. 

He was at this time offered the post of Honorary Professor by the city and 
University of Leyden ; and Dr. Bernard says that he was also invited into 
France with a promise of a large pension and religious freedom, by Cardinal 
Richelieu, who also sent him a gold medal with his own effigy, and a kind 
letter, on his publishing his work on the origin of the British Churches. 
Ussher in returning thanks sent the Cardinal a present of Irish greyhounds 
and other rarities. 

In 1642 he removed again to Oxford shortly before the King's coming, 
and there stayed in Bishop Prideaux's house near Exeter College. 

In Oxford he pursued his studies, and also preached every Sunday at some 
Church or other. In the summer of 1643 he was nominated to be one of the 
Assembly of Divines at Westminister, but on his refusal to attend, not only 
did the Puritans vote him out again, but the Committee for Delinquents' 
estates ordered his valuable books in Chelsea College to be seized, which 
would have been sold, but that Mr. John Selden obtained them for his own 
use, and so got hold of them and secured for the Primate's use such as were 
not stolen or embezzled away ; many papers and collections of his own writing 
were, however, lost. 

In 1645 Dr. Ussher left Oxford, for fear of a siege, and on the invitation 
of Sir Timothy Tyrrell (who had married his only daughter Elizabeth) to 
come to Cardiff in South Wales, where Sir Timothy was then Governor and 
General of the Ordnance, he went as far as Bristol, and thence to Cardiff, 
where they welcomed him gladly. Here he stayed almost a year in safety, 
and pursued his studies, having brought many chests of books with him, but 
at last he was forced to leave through the break up of the garrison and the 
departure of Sir Timothy, and then accepted an invitation from the Dowager 
Lady Stradling to come to St. Donate's Castle. When he was ready to go 
with his daughter Lady Tj^rrell, the country was up in arms, and in trying to 
get through, they fell into the hands of some rebels, who broke open and 
plundered his chests of books and papers, and puUcd Ussher and his com- 


panions off their horses. However others of better character conducted him 
to St. Donate's, where he was taken very ill and was near djTjQg, but fortu- 
nately recovered. 

In 1646 he intended to go abroad, but was prevented by a bitter Puritan 
Admiral named Molton ; and then received an invitation from the Countess 
Dowager of Peterborough to live at her house. This offer he accepted, and 
left St. Donate's after nearly a year's residence. In June he arrived safely 
in London and continued to stay with Lady Peterborough at one or other of 
her houses till his death. Not long after his arrival he retired to the Countess' 
house at Reigate in Surrey. 

In the beginning of 1647 he was chosen preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and 
continued in the office for nearly eight years, the Society providing furnished 
rooms at which he might stay from time to time, and also rooms for his 
Library, which was now brought up from Chester, being now almost all that 
he had remaining. 

From the preface to the Autobiography of Lord Herbert of Cberbury the 
Neo-Piatonist, who died in 1648, aged 67, we learn that " he sent for Primate 
Ussher and would have received the Sacrament, saying indifferently of it, 
that if there was good in anything, it was in that, or if it did no good, it could 
do no harm ; to which the Primate objecting refused, though many blamed 
him. Then having inquired the time, he said, 'An hour hence I depart,' and 
turning his head on the other side he expired serenely." 

Ussher preached before King Chas. I. at Newport, Isle of AYight, on the 
19th of November, 1648, the King's birthday, and after he had said farewell, 
he returned to Southampton in order to go to London. While there he was 
hindered preaching by the Governor of the Garrison. 

And now the sad close of his royal master's life was at hand. " On 
the day of the King's execution," as was related to Dr. Parr by Mr. 
James Tyrrel, the Primate's grandson, who heard it from the mouth of his 
servant, who lived with him till his death, " Lady Peterborough's house being 
just over against Charing- Cross, divers of the Countess's gentlemen and 
servants got upon the leads of the house, from whence they could plainly see 
what was acting before Whitehall ; as soon as his Majesty came upon the 
scaffold, some of the household came and told Dr. Ussher of it, and a&lvcd him 


if he would see the king once more before he was put to death ; he was at first 

un willing, but was at last persuaded to go up ; as well out of his desire to see 

his majesty once again ; as also curiosity, since he could scarce believe what 

they told hiiu, unless he saw it : when he came upon the leads, the king was 

in his speech ; the Primate stood still, and said nothing, but sighed ; and 

lifting up his hands and eyes (full of tears) towards heaven, seemed to pray 

earnestly ; but when his Majesty had done speaking, and pulled off his cloak 

and doublet, and stood stripped in his waistcoat, and that the villains m 

vizards began to put up his hair, the good Bishop no longer able to endure so 

dismal a sight, and being full of grief and horror for that most wicked fact 

now ready to be executed, grew pale, and began to faint ; so that if he had 

not been observed by his own servant and some others that stood near him 

(who thereupon supported him) he had swooned away. So they presently 

carried him down, and laid him on his bed, where he used those powerful 

weapons which God has left his people in such afflictions, viz., prayers and 

tears ; tears that so horrid a sin should be committed, and prayers that 

God would give his prince patience and constancy to undergo these cruel 

sufferings ; and that he would likewise not (for the vindication of his own 

honour and providence) permit so great a wickedness to pass unpunished." 

He always kept the anniversary of the King's death fasting. 

Shortly after this, John Evelyn says in his Diary, " 25th March, 1649, in 
the morning I heard the Archbishop of Armagh, that pious person and learned 
man, Usher, in Lincoln's Inn Chapel,"— and again June 7th, " Preached the 
Archbishop of Armagh in Lincoln's Inn from Romans v. v. 13." 

Again in 1652, 29th March, " I heard that excellent prelate, the Primate 
of Ireland (Jacobus Usher) preach in Lincoln's Inn, on Heb. iv. 16, 
encouraging of penitent sinners." 

About the middle of 1650 Ussher finished the first part of his famous work, 
" Annals of the Old Testament," and in 1654 he finished the second part. 
Dr. Parr says that Oliver Cromwell sent in 1654 for Dr. Ussher, who went 
unwillingly, and was received with great outward kindness and civility ; the 
conversation was chiefly about advancing the Protestant interest abroad and 
at home. On that occasion Oliver promised to give him a lease for twenty-one 
years of some lands belonging to the Sec of Armtigh which he accepted on 


account of his daughter and many grandchildren, but this was never really 
granted during Ussher's lifetime, and after his death was refused to his 
daughter and son-in-law on the score of " malignancy." 

Mr. Selden died in the winter of 165J, and on his death bed was visited 
and absolved by Primate Ussher (see Bodl. Rawlinson MS., B. 158, 175), who 
also preached his funeral sermon. 

In 1655 he paid a second visit to the Protector in order to try to persuade 
him to allow liberty in private to the Episcopal clergy, and succeeded in 
getting a promise that they should not be molested ; but on a third occasion 
when he endeavoured to get this in writing, Cromwell said he had further 
considered the matter, and could not do it. 

At this time John Evelyn in his Diary imder date 21st August, 1655, 
says : " I went to Ryegate to visit Mrs. Caiy, at my Lady Peterborough's. At 
Ryegate was now the Archbishop of Armagh, the learned James Usher, whom I 
went to visit. He received me exceedingly kindly. In discourse with him, he 
told me how great the loss of time was to study much the Eastern languages; 
that excepting Hebrew, there was little fruit to be gathered of exceeding 
labour ; that besides some mathematical books, the Arabic itself had little con- 
siderable ; that the best text was the Hebrew Bible ; that the Septuagint was 
finished in 70 days, but full of errors, about which he was then writing ; that 
St. Hierome's was to be valued next the Hebrew ; also that the 70 translated 
the Pentateuch only, the rest was finished by others ; that the Italians at present 
understood but little Greek, and Kircher was a moimtebank ; that Mr. Selden's 
best book was his Titles of Honour ; that the Church would be destroyed by 
sectaries who would in all likelihood bring in Popery. In conclusion, he 
recommended to me the study of philology above all human studies ; and so, 
with his blessing, I took my leave of this excellent person." 

Primate Ussher wrote in his Almanack in 1656, opposite to his birthday — 
" Now Aged 75 years, My days are fiUl ;^ and just after, in capital letters, 

In the month of February, 1656, he went again from London to Reigate, 
taking his last leave of his fnends and relations, and set to work to fiuish his 
" Sacred Chronology " ; being now far advanced in years, he was yet \'igorous 
in body and mind, but through constant study his eye-sight was impaired, so 


that lie could hardly see to write, and " now his thoughts seemed altogether," 
says Dr. Parr, " to dwell on his departure from this world." 

He fell ill of pleurisy on the 20th of March ; next morning he complained 
of a severe pain in the side and hip, which his physicians were unable to 
alleviate; he bore it with great patience for 13 or 14 hours, constantly 
praying ; on getting a little ease, he took his leave of his friends, and 
especially of the Countess of Peterborough, after which he desired to be left 
to his private devotions, and at 1 p.m. was heard to say his last words, " 
Lord, forgive me, especially my sins of omission." He fell asleep shortly 
after, to the great loss and sorrow of the Church and all his friends, in his 
76th* year, which he would have completed in Jan., 1657. 

" He had been," says Dr. Parr, " 55 years a minister, nearly 14 years a 
Professor of Divinity in Dublin University, and several years Yice- Chancellor 
of it ; sat as Bishop of Meath 4 years, and 31 years Archbishop of Armagh, 
being the 100th from St. Patrick in that See." 

The Countess and his relations intended to have buried him in her vault, 
and had his body embalmed. The Protector, however, forbade Sir Timothy 
and Lady Tyrrell to have the body buried anywhere else than at ^?"estminster 
Abbey, as he desired that there should be a public funeral. This funeral, 
though it brought Cromwell great praise for the so called liberality, only cost 
the Government £200, and the family three times that amount. 

The funeral took place on April 17th, 1656, the crowd being so great at 
the Abbey, that a guard had to be sent. Dr. Nicholas Bernard, formerly his 
chaplain, preached the sermon from 1st Sam. xxv. 1 — '■'And Samuel died, and 
all Israel were gathered together and lamented him and buried him." This 
sermon was afterwards printed by him with additions. The burial service of 
the Church of England was never allowed to be used, except for Archbishop 
Ussher, during the period of the Commonwealth. 

As illustratinj; his influence with others than those of his own com- 
munion, it is stated that Pichard Baxter, the Puritan Divine, wrote his book, 
" Call to the Unconverted," at the solicitation of the Primate. To a like effect 
Ptev. Dr. Stanford, in his "Symbols of Christ," p. 317, gives this interesting 

* All writers hitherto have erred in giving 1580 as the year of the Primate's birth, 
through misunderstanding the old style. He was really born on Jan. 4th 1681. 


anecdote — " Before me lies a faded MS. in the handwriting of a Puritan 
scholar, containing notes of his conversation with that holy Primate, Dr- 
James Ussher, in the year wherein he died. Early in that year he paid a visit 
to the writer who made humble request to him that he would give him on 
paper his thoughts touching the mysteries of justification and sanctification, 
and obtained his promise to do so. A few months later he visited him again, 
but without the promised document, and said in apology for his failure, ' I did 
begin to write, but when I came to do so of sanctification, that is, of the new 
creature that God forms by His Spirit in every soul, which he doth in truth 
regenerate, I found so little of it wrought in myself, that apprehending I 
should vtrite as doth a parrot speak, by rote and without knowledge, I durst 
not presume to do so.' " A few days later still, in the moment when this meek 
and holy servant of Christ left the world, the attendant who saw his lips 
tremble and bent over to catch the whisper of his last breath, heard it pass 
away with the prayer, " God be merciful to me a sinner," 

Dr. Parr gives the following description of James Ussher's personal 
appearance : " As for his personal appearance, he was indifEerent tall, and well 
shaped, and went always upright to the last, his hair naturally brown when 
3'oung ; his complexion sanguine ; his covmtenance expressed gravity and 
good nature ; his carriage free ; a presence that commanded both respect and 
reverence; and though many pictures have been made of him the air of his 
face was so hard to hit, that I never saw but one (that by Sir Peter Lilly) that 
was like him," Of his character. Bishop Burnett says, " Ussher had all the 
innocence of the dove." 

Dr. Parr's life of him with three hundred letters to or from him, is the 
most considerable memoir of the many written. Concerning this, John 
Evelyn in his Diar^^, under date 18th April, 1686, writes — " In the afternoon 
I went to Camberwell to visit Dr. Parr. After sermon I accompanied him to 
his house, where he showed me the Life and Letters of the late learned 
Primate of Armagh (Usher), and among them that letter of Bishop Bramhall's 
to the Primate, giving notice of the Popish practices to pervert this nation, 
by sending a hundred priests into England, who were to conform themselves 
to all sectaries and condition^ for the more easily dispersing their doctrine 
among us. This letter was the cause of the whole impression being seized, 


upon pretence that it was a political or historical account of things not relating 
to theology, though it had been licensed by the Bishop, which plainly showed 
what an interest the Papists now had — that a Protestant book containing the 
life and letters of so eminent a man was not to be published. There were also 
many letters to and from most of the learned persons his correspondents in 
Europe. The book will, I doubt not, struggle through this unjust 

Rev. C. F. Wyatt, Broughton Eectory, Banbury, writes to me that in his 
copy of Parr's "Life of Ussher," he had pasted a catting from Dr. Bliss' Library 
Catalogue — " Dr. G-. Marshall, sometime Rector of Line. Coll., had a very 
considerable hand in collecting this life of Archbp. Usher, but died the year 
before it was published," (MS. note by Dr. Arthur Charlett.) 



Pedigree of the Direct Descendants of James Ussher. 

JAMES USSHER, bom 1581, died 1656, buried at Westminster Abbey, 17th 
April, m. in 1614, Phoebe, only dr. of Rev. Luke Challoner, 
D.D., and his first wife Rose, dr. of Ald° Walter Ball, Mayor 
of Dublin, and had issue by her : 
I. Elizabeth Ussher, bapt. Sept. 19th, 1620, d. 1693 ; m. Sir 
Timothy Tyrrell, Knt. (son of Sir Timothy Tyrrell, of Oakley, 
Bucks) about 1641, and had issue : 

I. James Tyrrell of Shotover, Oxon, born May 6th, 1642, m. Mary 

Hutchinson, and had issue : 

1. James TjTrell of Shotover, Lt. Genl., d.s.p. 

2. Mary Tyrrell, m. John Aldworth. 

II. Charles Tyrrell, died in Ireland, immd. 

III. John Tyrrell, Admiral in the East Indies, d. 1692. 

IV. Usher Tyrrell, settled in Jamaica, m. a dr. of Admiral Van Tromp. 
v. Elizth. Tyrrell, m. Philip Hoby of Bisham. 


VI. Mary Tyrrell, m. Henry Cavendish of Doverbridge, Derbyshire, 
from whom are descended Lord Waterpark, Lord Kilmaine, 
Lady Bolsover, the Marquis of Headfort, and others. 
VII. Penelope Tyrrell, m. Sir James Eussell, Knt., of the Isle of 
Nevis, and died 3rd Deer., 1707 ; from her are descended the 
Baroness Le Despencer, and Rev. Sir F. Stapleton, Bt. 
WW. Eleanor Tyrrell, m. Chas. Blount, 4th son of Sir Henry Blount, 
Knt., of Titenhanger, Herts., and had issue : 1. Hester 
Blount, m. Sir H. Tyrrell. 2. Eleanor Blount, d.y. 
3. Charlotte Blount, m. . . . Smith. 
IX. Bridget Tyrrell, m. Samuel Byrch of Herefordshire, grandson 
of Samuel Byrch of Manchester, of the family of Byrch, of 
Byrch in Lanes. 
Primate James Ussher's wife was Phoebe Challoner,* only surviving child 
and heiress of the Rev. Luke or Lucas Challoner, D.D. By her he had issue 
one daughter, Elizabeth Ussher, of whom we treat below. 

The Rev. Luke Challoner was a remarkable man, of good family, being a 
relative of the famous Sir Thos. Challoner of Guisborough, in Yorkshire. 
According to Woods' MS. F. 7, p. 12, in the Bodl. Lib. and a Pedigree in 
Randle Holm's MSS., etc. (copies of which J. Challenor Smith, Esq., of the 
Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, kindly sent me), the funeral 

entries in the Ulster office, and Glover's Yis. Yorks. , 

Roger Chaloner, citizen and mercer, of London, bur^ St. Dunstan in the 
East, 1521, m. Margaret, dr. & h. of Richd. Middleton of London, 3rd son to 
Richd. Middleton, and by her had issue : 

I. Sir Thomas Chaloner of Steeple Claydon, Bucks, and Clerk of 
the P. Council, who bought the site of Guisborough Priory 
in 1550; in July, 1565, he was a suitor for a grant of 
mines in Ireland ; and died 14th October, 1565. He m. 
Etheldreda, dr. of Edwd. Frodsham, of Elton, Co. Chester, 
and had issue : 

The word Chaloner appears first in old -wills in London, as descriptive of a trade, 
viz. : a vendor of cloth made at Chalons in France, and then by degrees, le Chaloner, 


I. Sir Thomas Chaloner, Knt., only son, a famous traveller and 
writer, who m. (1) Elizth. Fleetwood, by whom he had issue 
(cf. Yis. Yorkshire) ; m. (2) Judith, dr. to Wm. Blunt of 
London, Esq. 
II. John Chaloner or Challoner, gent., Alderman, Mayor of Dublin, 
(4 and 5 Philip and Mary, Membr. 4. Aug. 8th. " Com- 
mission of the Peace to John Challoner, Mayor of Dublin, 
for City and Co. of Dublin"), and Principal Secretary 
to the Queen in Ireland, who in 1551 got a grant of 
Lambay,* and in 1559, as "John Challoner of Lambaye," 
was M.P. for Dungarvan, m. 1st, ... by whom he had 
issue : i. Thos. Challoner, mercht., of Dublin, who was li\ing 
in 1585, and m. Rose, dr. of Richard Usher of Cromlin, by 
his 2nd wife Jane Ball, and by her had issue two sons, John 
and Luke Challoner. ii. Margaret Challoner, m. Robert 
Bysse of Dublin, who was bur'd. in St. Audoen's, 9th Dec, 
1599, and had issue : Christopher, John, Robert, William, 
Anne, Margaret, Jane and Sarah Bysse. iii. Robert 
Challoner, mercht., of Dublin (probably a son) bur'd. in St. 
Audoen's, 15th Feb., 159|, m. . . . Stephens, by whom he had 
issue ; she d. 13th Feb., 1598 (cf Funl. Entr.) 
Aid"- John Challoner m. 2ndly, Elizabeth Smythe, died 1585. The Prerog. 
will of Elizth. Challoner, late wife of John Challoner, her Maj^ Priucipall 
Secretarie in Ireland and deed., was pr. 21st Nov., 1585, her body to be bur'd. 
in Christ Church in the grave of her late husband, Mr. Laimcelot Alford to be 

• 835. Membrane 15. Pat. Eol. Elizfh. 109. " License to George Archbp. of Dublin, 
with the consent of the Chapter of the Church of the Holy Trinity, to alienate and grant 
to John Challoner, gont., his heirs and assigns in fee farm, the Island of Lambay and all 
its appurtenances with the Castle and lands, courts leet and view of franc pledge, at a 
rent of £6 133. 4d. Irish ; provided he erect a harbour within six years, and a village for 
shelter and refuge of the fishermen. Sept. 2l, 3° Ed. VI." 

In the reign of Queen Elizth. a grant of Lambay Island was made to Sir Wm. Ussher 
in fee, subject to an annual payment of £6 to the See of Dublin. The Usshers and their 
heirs had it till about 50 years since, when Ld. Talbot bought it ; his son, the present Lord, 
sold it to Count Constantine, who also owtis Portrane. Boate in his Nat. Hist, of Ireland, 
mentions Lambay as belonging to Sir William Ussher of Dublin, " who hath there a fine 
little castle of freestone, and close by it a village." The island is two miles long, one 
mile and a half broad, nearly oval, contains 1,371 aores, and is in the parish of East Lusk. 


her Exor. " I bequeath to Ellyne. my brother Rayffe's Smythe's dr., etc., 
and my caddowe, she paying to Thos. Challoner 40s," 

Probably of this family was James Challoner of Drogheda, gent., will pr. 
1680, burd. in St. Peter's, Drogheda, sister Jane Challoner, sister Anne, wife 
of Nich. Phelps, Eliz., wife of Brerton, Mary, wife of Wm. Stanley, nephew 
James Challoner of Dublin, brewer, who in 1701 bought from the Trustees 
of the forfeited estates 2 houses he dwelt in, in Patrick Street, also Thos. 
Challoner, nieces, Katherine, Elizth., and Mary.* A Mr. "Wm. Chaloner also 
was bur'd. Aug. 6th, 1673, in St. Audoen's. In St. Cath., Dublin, were 
bap. Rupert, son of Rupert Challinor 19th Sep., 1697, and Rich., son of Nich. 
Challinor, 18th Aug., 1698. 

III. Francis Chaloner, who had issue : i. Rev. Luke Challoner, D.D., 
bom 1550, m. 1st, Rose, dr. of "Walter Ball, AW- and 
Mayor of Dublin, who d. of the plague, 25th Oct., 1604, and 
is bur'd. in Trinity College, Dublin, with her husband and 
most of her issue ; she had issue with others, two drs. 

I. Ruehanna Challoner, d.y. 2. Phoebe Challoner, m. 
Primate James Ussher. Luke Challoner m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, 
dr. of Christopher Perceval, who survived him, and d.s.p. 

II. Nicholas Challoner, mercht., of Dublin, deed. s.p. 3rd 
Dec, 1620. 

Luke Challoner, D.D., took a leading part in the founding of Trinity 
College, Dublin, having induced the Corporation of Dublin to give for the 
purpose the dissolved monastery of All Hallows, and assisted Henry Ussher 
in obtaining the Charter. He was also treasurer and clerk of the works 

•The Chaloner family of Kingsfort, Co. Meath, maybe of the same stock, and their 
arms are the same, viz.: Sa. a chev, betw. three cherubim's heads or. 

Of this family, the Eev. John Chaloner, a native of Salop, (Sch. T.C.D., M.A. 1682) 
was chapjkin on Board the " Royal SoTereign," ia the reign of William III. He marzied 
a Miss Clutterbuck, and dying 1783, left a son Richard of Kingsfort, who by a dr. of . . . 
Graham of Flatten Hall, Diogheda, left issue a son Richard, a dr. Charity. The son 
d.s.p. m., and the estate of Kingsfort passed to the second son of his eldest dr. Mrs. 
Pratt, who took the name of Chaloner and died a few years since ; his widow still survives. 
The above named Charity m. Rev. John B-stty, whose dr. Charity m. Capt. John Smith,' 
grandfather of John Chaloner Smith, M.R.I. A., author of " British Mezzotinto Portraits 
Described;" Rev. Canon Richard Travcrs Smith, D.D., Vicar of St. Bartholomew's, 
Dublin, and Travcrs Blackley Smith. 


during the building, and In the Charter was nominated one of the first three 
Pellows. His name appears in the Calendar as a donor of £10 to the College, 
and from letters of James Ussher to him, he would seem to have taken a verj'' 
active part in the management of T.C.D. 

He was Preb^- of Malahidert, in St, Patrick's Chapter, Dublin, May 27th, 
1597, and Yice- Chancellor of the University of Dublin, from 1612 to his 
death on April 27th, 1613. 

Among the T.C.D. MSS. are, Notes of Sermons by Luke Chaloner ; 
The Common-place Book of Luke Chaloner agst. Pome, etc., 12mo ; Luke 
Chaloner's acct. of the lands of Mulhuddert, 1st Aug., 1595, £80 63. 2d. ; 
Catechetical Books ; Collectanea de rebus Theol., 2 vols. 

In Yol. II. p. 39 of the Funl. Entries, Ulster office, " Luke Challoner, D. 
of Divinitie, dec. 27 of Aprill, 1613, he was the first mover and the earnest 
Solicitour for the buildinge and foundinge of Trinitie Colledge by Dublin, 
where he lieth buried with this Epitaph : 

" Condi tur hoc tumulo Challoneri triste cadaver. 
Cuius ope et precibus conditur is ta domus." 
Luke Challoner intended, had he lived, to have given James Ussher his 
only dr., Phoebe in marriage, with a considerable estate in land and money ; 
but dj'ing before he could see this arranged, he charged her upon his death bed, 
that if Dr. Ussher was wiUing to marry her, she should think of no other person 
for her husband. Soon after she was married, and was wife for 40 years to 
Primate Ussher ; djang a year and a half before him. Phoebe Challoner was. 
married about 1614. A letter from James Ussher to Luke, dated London, 
April 9th, 1613, seems to show that Ussher was not in Dublin when Luke died, 
but he was in Trinity College in March, 1616. 

The will of Luke Challoner, proved in the Dublin Dio. Court, is interesting. 
" In y^ name of God, Amen. I Lucas Challoner, beinge in my rio-ht mind, 
leve this as my last will and Testament, this 18 of March, 1612, coformiuge 
tni my leading, first I leve my soule to the Lorde gratious mercy in the 
mediation of his dear sonn in whom for my salvation I f aythf ully trust & my 
body to be buried as my executors shall think good, except I doe before my 
death dispose of the place and manner, I (conforminge till the former deed of 
gift to Phcebe doe leve my daughter Phebe Challoner the tenn houses I have 


on the Merchant Key, whearin Mr. fErith and An Pipeold nowe dwelleth, 
beinge wortli 17/. 10s. st. p. ann. Next I leva hir the lease of the house in 
the CasteU Street which will pay four Mr. Pensitt 131b. 6d. st. p. ann., but 
doth yet pay but 20s. st., then I leve hir y« right and tenure in the house with 
all the furniture, implements, stufPe and utensills in \'^q Castell Streete where- 
in I nowe dweUe (as in my dead of gift to my said daughter Phebe upsaid) 
which house Sir John Turrell* and myself lately builded. As also the new 
gaUery added this last year thereto, of which Sir John Turrell or his assignes 
shall have paydd for the materiall which amounted to above 22/. Next lleve 
hir the newe house with the lease thereof whearin John Seele now dwelleth, 
also I leave hir the farme in BaUegaUe held by Mr. Ball, and Mr. Sedgrave's 
holdinge and Mr. Cardiffe holdinge and Robert Clune his holdinge. Next I 
leave hir aU my bookes except these following which I shaU dispos^e by legacy. 
Also I leve hir 321b. st. dew for four quarters on Mr. Creme and other corne 
dew to me which I leve to hir and the heires of her body lafully begotten and 
if she dye before, I leve them to Mr. Matthew Tirrell, if he dye without heires 
male lafully begotten, to Margret TurreU and her eires males and for want of 
such to Richard and Edward TerreU. Moreover I leve my wife Elizabeth 
ChaUoner, daughter to Mr. Persival, out of all the fermes and whatsoever else 
I have confirmed by dead of gift to my daughter Phebe, fiftye pounds Irish 
p. ann. the accp« of which is sett downe in the mortmege between his father 
and me duringe his naturall life, to be paydd at Michaelmas and Ester by 
even portions duringe hir naturall life. More I leve my saj^d wife the use of 
the chamber over my parlour beinge furnished fitly with beddinge and 
necessaries during her continuance widowe. Moreover I leve hir 20 Eno-lish 
books to be chosen by the consent of hir and Phebe my dauo-hter. More I 
charge Phebe to leve Margret Turrell at hir mariage 20/. st. and to Richard 
and Edward Turrell 5/. a yeare when they are 24 year ould. More I leve Mr. 

Ai^ °^;r • ^''i'^^ ^™' '^^"■^^' '°'''^^^- of I^ub- bur'd.-Sir John Tyrrell Knt 

Alderman Mayor of Dub., 1602, m. Mary Sedgrave, dr. of Walter Sedgrave, Ad and 
Mayor of Dub. and had issue : Walter, Matthew, Eichd., Edwd., Cicely (wifL of Nicb 
.Stephens, Sheriff of Dub.). Margaret and others. Lady Terrell d. Deer., 1004 S r John 
Vlrt]\ t-'^"''\.'^' i''-: i^^""^*^"^' ^^'^^^^l' E^q-. bur'd. April 19th. 1G34, son anS 
Mr! T ^ ^r^i7 ' ,""• ^^'"''^' '^'■- ^f ^P- J^oas Wheeler of Ossory, and had 3 daughters. 
^L}l^:^^^:^^^^'il^'''-'-^ ^■'''' -• ''^'^'^^ Sedgrave. and thoir^nnt. 


James Vsher Bhmnius 5 tomes on tlie counsells, to Mr. Richarson Augustine's 
works, to my my shall Hill ten English books of Phebe hir choosinge, and to 
Mr. Hill my Turkey grogram gowne, to John Seele I leva hi. st. when the rents 
come in, a year after I be dead, and to Mr. Egeton, Mr. Bird, Mr. Martin, Mr. 
Pedock, Mr. Donalln, Mr. Marven a latine book in 4° or 8° of Mr. Richarson' s 
and Mr. Vsher' s cJiosinge and Mathew Turrell's alowing. to S' "Will. Usher 
ten Latin books, these be will cbose; to Mr. Ball and Edward Ball a gould 
ringe of 25* a peace, and George Ball I leve a ringe or scale of 40^- I also 
leve my daugbter Phebe my sole executrix and administratrix. 

"Witness I publish this to bee my last 

Jobn Richardson Will this lOtb Aprill, 1613. 

ffraunces Dudwell. Lucas Challoner. 

Probat 5 May, 1613, to Phebe Challoner. Witness^ Xpher Bysse, Jobn Seele." 
It is greatly to be regretted tbat the effigy of Luke Challoner on his tomb 
at the rear of the Dining Hall of Trin. Coll., Dublin, was allowed to be 
irretrievably injured by the dropping of water from the eave of a roof before 
being placed in its present position. 

In the 1st Series of the Lismore Papers, Yol. Y., p. 191, Sept. 17th, 1641 : 
" Uppon sigbt of Mrs. Yscber her lettres to my cozen ffenton Parsons to 
requier 2 deeds towching 3000 sheep deposited in my hands I gave bim the 
3 deeds." Mrs. Ussber died in England in 1654. 

According to tbe parisb Regr. of St. Dunstan's in the East, London, 
published by the Camden Society : 

1620 ( Elizabeth, dau. of ) -u ^- j a -j nu i. 

Sep. 19 I Doctor Ussber & Phebe ( ^^^ ^^P*^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ C^^^^^- 

There is a reference to ber death in " Strange and Remarkable Prophecies of 
tbe Holy Learned and excellent Jas. Usher," Dublin, printed by M. Gunne, 
1714 — "The Lady Tyrrell, daur. to Primate Ussber, died at her seat in 
Oxfordshire, April 29, 1714, aged 106." But this must be wrong, first as to 
her age, as she could not, if she bad died then, bave been more than 93 years 
old, and secondly as to the date, as the inscription on her tombstone in Oakley 
Churcb sbows that she bad died many years before. 

Boyle, Earl of Cork, in his Diary, Yol. lY., Ist Series, writes, 15th July, 
1636 — " My son dongarvan and his ladie with Mrs. Elizth. Yssher, onclie 


childe of the good Lord prymate, embarqued at the Ringsend, near Dublin, 
for England, God bless and prosper them with a happie passadge," and in the 
margin, "They returnd to Dublin that night, the wynde being East." Boyle 
continues, " 16 July, 1636, I received back from the Lord Primate 4 MS. 
books of reKgion, bound up in quarto and received back my will and Test., 
which I left sealed up in truste to be kept by his Lo^- and published after my 
decease, as I porpose to make a new will." 

Elizabeth Ussher must have married Sir Timothy Tyrrel,junr., of Shotover 
and Oakley, during the Primate's stay at Oxford, in 1641. 

Sir Timothy Tyrrel or Tyrrell was eldest son of Sir Timothy Tyrrel of 
Oakley in Bucks (of the stock of the Tyrrells of Shornton, and master of the 
Buckhounds to Eing Chas. I. and Prince Henry), by his wife Eleanor, dr. of 
Sir Wm. Kingsmill, Knt., of Sidmanton, Hunts. Sir Timothy Tyrrel, junr., 
was of the Privy Chamber to King Chas. I., and rated by the Sequestrators at 
£750 composition for his estate. He held the rank of Colonel in the Royal 
Army, was Govr. of Cardiff and General of Ordnance under Lord Gerard. 

In the Calendar of State Papers (Domestic) 1638, we find — " The Petition 
of Timothy Tyrell, son of Sir Timothy Tyrell, your Maj's late servant. Your 
Majesty conveyed to petitioner, my father on his death bed, your intentions 
towards his children by letter of Lord Holland, which encouraged petitioner's 
mother to strain her poor estate to give petitioner a chargeable education 
abroad, the better to qualifj' him for your service — Prays to be taken into your 
or the prince's service and that the Earl of Holland may be your remembrancer 
when there is opportunity to admit him." 

""Jan. 2, i6jp. Whitehall, Henry, Earl of Holland, to Timothy Tyrell, 
Lieut, of the King's Forest of Shotover and Stowood, Co. Oxon. A warrant 
to search houses within 3 miles of the forest for greyhounds, nets, and to 
destroy deer." 

After the Restoration, on February 11th, 1662, Lord Treasurer South- 
ampton writes to the King that he has leased for 31 years 562 acres of Shot- 
over, 421 of Stowood forests to Sir Timothy Tyrell, who will pay the Bishop 
of Oxford £100 per ann., the rentals being £56 and £50 per ann. 

On October ord, it was ordered " That as the lands of Shotover were unfit 
for a park thro' waste of rebellion, the lessee to enclose or build on or till 

1665, " Sir Timothy TyrreU has spent £2000 on buildings." 

In the Collection of the King's Letters in the Car^e Papers, MS. xli., 119, 
Bodl. Lib. — "Sir Timothy Tyrrel and Dame Elizabeth his wife, sole dr. of 


James Lord Arclibp. Usher, to have the residue of a term of years of some of 
the said Jas. TJssher's own estate near Finglas, made to Sir Ed. Bagshaw, 
which afterwards came to one Hewlett, who forfeited same for treason." 
Dec. 12tb, 1660, 122. 

In a memorandum made by Luke Challoner in one of his MS. books in 
T.C.D. Library he enimierates the townlands which he held at Finglas from 
the Archbp. of Dublin, 400 Irish acres in all. These were held on long but 
terminable leases at a very low rent, and were sublet by him on short leases ; 
the rents of the different denominations were, as he calculated, likely to be 
largely increased on the termination of the sub-leases. The portion of these 
which now are the property (in fee simple) of Bev, John "W. Stubbs, D.D., 
Senr. FeUow T.C.D., are " The Court," " Solomon's Fields," " The Lord's 
Leisure," and 20 acres attached. The other portions, " The Lord's Demesne," 
" The Stockens," etc., include Ballygall. The lands held by Cardiffe adjoin' 
Dr. Stubbs' property. In the Ormonde Papers in the Appendix to the 0th 
Report of the Hist. MS. Commission is an accoimt of a suit in the time of the 
Duke of Ormonde on the part of Sir Timothy Tyrrell and his lady agst. 
Matthew Harrison and Richard Phillips, who pretended an interest in 20 
acres of land in Finglas and had taken hay from it. 

In the Co. Dub. Survey and Distrib. Book, P'sh of Finglas, Sir Timothy 
Tyrrell is stated to have bought pt of Ballygobbon, 79a. 2r. 20p,, forfeited 
1641, by Xpr. Plunket. 

Evelyn in his Diary, 24th October, 1664, says — " "We dined at Sir Timothy 
Tyrill's, at Shotover. This gentleman married the daughter and heir of 
Dr. James TJssher, Archbishop of Armagh, that learned Prelate. There is here 
in the grove a fountain of the coldest water I ever felt, and very clear. His 
plantation of oaks and other timber is very commendable." 

And again, " 8th July, 1675. "We W this night at Henley-on-Thames. 
Next day, dming at Shotover, at Sir Timothy Tyrill's, a sweet place, we lay 
at Oxford." 

The Ptev. E. Elton, Rector of Shewington, Newport Pagnell, formerly 
Rector of "Whcatlcy, near Shotover, writes: 

" The subject of the Tyrrclls of Shotover is one which has been of interest 
to me ever since I was living at "WTieatley. The Shotover branch is, I 


believe, now extinct ; it was seated there from the time of James I. Shotover 
was a Royal forest, and in a State Paper Calendar it is stated that in 1634 the 
timber at that time was more valuable than that in the New Forest. Much 
of this was cut down during the Civil Wars, and inconsequence, in 1662, it 
was disafforested. 

"The first Timothy Tyrrell (Sir) was master of the buckhounds, and the 
story says, that whilst holding the deer for King James to kill, the King was 
so awkward that he cut Tyrrell's arm, and on the latter going to court when 
recovered, the King gave him the Rangership of the forest as a compensation. 
This was held by the family until the disafibresting took place, when a portion 
was set apart for them in fee. 

"The estate passed from the Tyrrells to the family of Schutz, circa 1742, 
and I believe there was a relationship between them. From the Schutzes it 
passed to the Drurys about 1840. On the death of Mr. Drury iu 1850, it was 
sold to a Mr. Gammie (returned from Queensland), and again, ia 1873, was 
bought by Col. Miller, who has modernized the house a good deal and put the 
place in beautiful order. 

"When I first knew the house in 1851 it remained in the same condition as 
when possessed by the Tyrrells, except that there were two state rooms which 
had been furnished for George II., or some of his children. The other 
furniture was verv venerable, and the saloon crowded with paintings ; full 
length portraits of James I., and his Queen and Prince Rupert, Archbishop 
Ussber and many others. These were sold at a general sale in 1855. Mrs. 
Elton's aunt was for five years tenant of the house. This was built about 
1727 by General Tyrrell who was Col. of the Blues ; he succeeded his father 
James (the historian), whose library was sold. It contained some valuable 
books. I remember his History of England with marginal notes of his own. 

" A.t the sale in 1855, Mr. Henly, M.P., bought some portraits for Sir John 
Tyrrell, of Borcham, in Essex, on the idea of some connection between the 
families. This is a property now possessed by Sir J. Tyrrell's married 

The Rev. C. F. Wyatt, Broughton Rectory, Banbury, in answer to 
enquiries, writes that " Many of the Tyrrells were baptized at Forest Hill, near 
Shotover, but only one was buried there, viz., Frances Tyrrell, in 1663. 
The portrait of Archbishop Ussber was put up by auction when all the other 
eff'ects at Shotover House were dispersed in 1855. An Oxford Fellow gave a 
commission for it ; in a weak moment the agent bid 120 guineas instead of 
keeping to his linait of 3 or 4 guineas. Consequently the portrait remained 
unsold at Shotover several months ; it was then removed to London and sold 
to a Xorthumberland gentleman whose name I do not recollect. It was a half 
length of the Archbishop seated, much more resembling a Lely than (as the 
Catalogue stated) a Yandyke. Amongst the portraits there were those of Sir 


Timothy Tyrrell and of Mrs. Usher, wife of the Archbp., but not, I think, of 
his daughter." 

In a schedule of grants under the Act of Settlement with Bill of Explana- 
tion, names are mentioned of some which obstruct its perfecting, among 
whom are Sir Timothy Tyrrell. 

There is also a petition of Dame Eliza Tyrrell, dr. of James Usher, late 
Archbishop of Armagh, stating that the Parlt. of Ireland had passed a Bill 
for an annuity of £500 to her and her heirs, and praying same to be taken 
into consideration by the Committee for Irish affairs. 

The name of Sir Timothy Tj-rrell also appears in Roll vi., 14, of the Cer- 
tificates for Adventurers. 

John Evelyn, 1689, 12th August, Layercourt, in writing to Saml. Pepys 
says : "But the Lord Primate Usher was inferior to none I have named among 
the clergy for rare MSS., a great part of which being brought out of Ireland 
and left with his son-in-law. Sir Timothy Tyrill, was disposed of to give bread 
to that incomparable prelate during the late fanatic war ; such as remained 
yet at Dublin were preserved, and by a public purse restored and placed in the 
College library of that city." 

Sir Timothy Tyrrell by his wife Elizabeth Ussher, had issue : 

I. James Tyrrell of Shotover, Qu. Coll., Oxon, M.A. 1663, Com- 
missioner of Privy Seal, author of a General History of 
England to the time of Wm. III., in 5 vols., and other 
works ; born 6th May, 1642, called to the Bar, d. 7 June, 1718, 
m. Mary, dr. and h. of Sir Michael Hutchinson, Knt., of 
riadbury Worcestershire, and had issue : 
I. James Tyrrell, bom 1674, M.P. for Boroughbridge, 1741, 
Lieut.-Genl. in the army. Governor of Tilbury Fort and 
Gravesend, 1737, Governor of Berwick, Groom of Chamber 
to the Prince of Wales 1741 ; he died s.p. in 1742, aged 
68, leaving Shotover to his relative, Augustus Schutz. 
IT. A son, died young, 

III. Judith Tyrrell, died unmd. 

IV, Mary Tyrrell, m. John Aldworth of Ruscombe and d.s.p. ; she 

was alive in 1745. 


II. John Tyrrell, born 1646, Capt. of a Man-of-War and Admiral of 
tlie East Indies, died in 1692. 
III. Charles TyrreU, who died in Ireland, unmd., 1694. 
Two letters of Mrs. Evelyn to Mr. Terryll in Ireland are printed in the 
iv*^ Yol. of Evelyn's Diary, the first dated Feb. 10th, 166|, in which she 
says : " The most important good-fortune which has befallen me of late is the 
honour I have had to kiss my lady, your mother's hands, with two of your 
sisters, whose stay in town being short, as well as mine deprived me of the satis- 
faction I rejoiced much in." The 2nd letter in 1670, alludes to a report of Mr. 
Tyrrell's return into England, about Easter, and compliments him on his 
prudence, wondering " what can be the charms of a place which has not only 
invited but detained persons of so much wit in it." 

lY. Usher Tyrrell, settled in Jamaica, m. a daughter of Admiral 

Yan Tromp. 
Y. Margaret Tyrrell, d. unmd., 27th Feb., 1686, bur'd. at Oakley. 
YI. A daughter . . . m. . . . Stapleton. 

YII. Elizabeth TyrreU, m. Philip Hoby of Bisham, Berkshire, fourth 
son of Peregrine Hoby, and yoxinger brother of Sir John 
Hoby, Bart., by whom she had issue a dr. Elizabeth. 
YIII. Mary TyrreU, m. Henry Cavendish of Doverbridge, in Derbyshire, 
and had issue. Sir Henry Cavendish, who went to Ireland as 
Seer'', to the Duke of Devonshire, and m. Anne Pyne, by 
whom he had issue : i. Sir Henry Cavendish, m. Sarah 
Bradshaw, and had issue, Richard Cavendish, created Baron 
Waterpark, whose grandson Henry Anson Cavendish is now 
3rd Baron Waterpark. ii. Mary Cavendish, m. George 
Quin of Quinsborough, and had issue, Mary, m. T. Taylor, 
1st Marquis of Headfort. 
Et. Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish had also issue, Anne, who m. the 2nd 
Baron Eilmaine, and had issue : 1. John, 3rd Baron Kilmaine, born 1794, and 
had issue Jervis-Lyon, now Lord Kilmaine. 

2. Hon. H. Browne, Dean of Lisw^re, and Rector of Burnchurch, Co^ 
Kilkenny, whose 2nd dr. Augusta Marv Elizth. Browne m. Lieut. -Gen. 


Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck, father by his first wife of the 7th Duke of 
Portland, and was created Baroness Bolsover. 

Deborah, dr. of Sir Henry Cavendish, m. Sir Ed. Musgrave, 1st Bart, of 
Tourin, and d.s.p. 

IX. Penelope Tyrreli; m. Sir James Russell, Knted., 10th May, 1672, 
Govr. of the Isle of Nevis ; and died 3rd Dec, 1707, leaving 
issue, 3 drs. : i. Elizabeth, ii. Penelope, m. Sir James 
Stapleton, Bt. of the Leeward Islands, and was direct ances- 
tress of Sir Thos. Stapleton, Lord Le Despencer, who was 
grandfather to Mary, Baroness Le Despencer, and also 
father to Rev. Sir Francis Jarvis Stapleton, Bt. iii. Frances, 
m. . . . Matthews of the Isle of Nevis. 

X. Eleanor Tyrrell, m. Charles, fourth son of Sir Henry Blount, Knt., 
of Titeiihanger, the author of Anima Ahmdi, etc., and had 
issue : i. Hester Blount, m. Sir Henry T3'^rrell. ii. Eleanor 
Blount, d.y. iii. Charlotte Blount, m. . . . Smith. 
XI. Bridget Tyrrell, m. Samuel Byrch of "Whitborne, Herefordshire, 
of a Lancashire family. 
XII. A daughter. * 

The following monuments, and others of the Tyrrell family are in Oakley 
Church, Bucks : — 

On a mural monument in the south aisle : 

" Here lieth the body of Sir Timothy Tyrrell, late of Shotover and once of 
Oakley, Knt., eldest son of Sir Timothy Tyrrell, Master of the Buckhoundsto 
King Charles 1st. He married Elizabeth, only daughter of Dr. James Usher, 
Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, by whom he had four sons 
and eight daughters. He faithfully and valiantly asserted the cause of his 
master King Charles 1st, and was a Capt. of Horse and then a Col. of Foot, 
and Govr. of the Castle of Caerdiff in South Wales, and General of y® Ordnance 
in that Province. He was an indulgent husband, a kind father and a good 
master ; just in his dealings and hignly charitable to the poor. He deceased 
on the XXIIL day of October, a.d. MDCCI., having lived almost LXXXIV. 


years ; who being worn out with age and divers long infirmities, now rests in 
hope of a blessed resurrection." 

On a large black marble slab in the floor, with the arms of Tyrrell impaling 
on a chevron crinone between three scrolls : 

" Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth, late wife of Sir Timothy Tyrrell of 
Shotover, in the County of Oxon, Knt. She was only daughter and heir of 
that pious and learned Archbishop, Dr. James Usher, late Primate of all 
Ireland, and was herself a person of exemplary worth and piety ; an excellent 
wife and most indulgent mother, and highly charitable to the poor. After 
being married about fourty years she died a.d. 1693, to the great grief of her 

On a slab in the floor — 

" Here lieth Capt. John Tyrrel, son of Sir Timothy Tyrrel and Dame 
Elizabeth his wife, who was made by King Charles 2nd Admiral in the East 
Indies, and in the sea fight 1690 did withstand y® violence of y^ whole French 
navy, always showing himself a true lover of his country, a valiant and 
skilful commander. 

He was born Anno 1646 
& died Dec. 6, 1692." 

On a mural monument — 

" Here lieth y® body of James Tyrrell, Esq., son of Sir Timothy Tyrrell of 
Shotover and Oakley, Knt., by Elizabeth, sole daughter of Archbishop Usher, 
bom in 1643. He died in 1718, aged 75 and upwards. [Here follows a long 
eiJogium of his virtues and learning.] Of his issue only two survived him, 
James Tyrrell, Lieut.-General of his Majesty's Forces, and Mary, relict of 
John Aldworth of Ruscomb." 

There are also slabs, to Mary, his wife, who d. 1687, aged 42, and to 
Mrs. Margery Tyrrell, 2nd dr. of Sir Timothy Tyrrell, d. 27 th February, 1686. 
And there is a tablet with a Latin inscription to Genl. James Tyrrell who 
served in Flanders to the Peace of Utrecht and d. 30 Augt. 1742, at. 68. 
It was erected by his kinsman, Augustus Schutz, who was probably related 
through the Hutchinsons. 




Pedigi'cc of the Family of Christopher Ussher, Mayor of Dublin. 

CHmSTOPHER USSHER, 2nd surviving son of Arlanton and Anne 
Ussher m. 1st Maud Darcj, who d.s.p. January, 1524. 
He m. 2ndly, Alison, dr. of Thos. Fitz "Williams, of Merrion, and died 
Jan. Slst, 1626, leaving issue : 

I. John Ussher, Alderman of Dub., born 1524, m. aV" 1560, Alison, dr 
of Sir. Wm. Newman, Knt., Mayor of Dub., and had issue : 
I. Christopher Ussner, d. inf. 
II. Sir Wm. Ussher, Knt., born 1653, d. 1659. 

m. 1st, Isabel, dr. of Archbp. Adam Loftus, and had issue. 
m. 2ndly, Margaret Cludde. 
Sir "VYm. by his first wife had : 

1. Arthur Ussher, drowned 1629, m. Judith Newcomen, who 
d. 30th July, 1652, and had issue : 

(1) Sir William Ussher, Junr., m. 1st Elizabeth Parsons, 

m. 2ndly, Ursula St. Barbe, and had issue by both 
of whom see presently. 

(2) Margaret Ussher, d. 1683, m. Sir Paul Davis, Knt. 

(3) James Ussher, Capt. in the Army, d.s.p. 

(4) John Ussher, Capt. in the Arm}-, d.s.p. 

(5) Adam Ussher, Archdeacon of Clonfert, d. 1715. 

(6) Beverly Ussher, Lt.-Col. in the Duke of Ormonde's 

Guard, d. 1683. 

(7) Katherine Ussher, m. Sir Philip Percival, Knt. 

(8) Isabella Ussher, m. Sir Percy Smyth, Knt. 

(9) Christopher Ussher, d.y. 

(10) Philip Ussher, d.y. 

(11) Arthur Ussher, Ensign in the Army, d.s.p. 

(12) Alice Ussher, m. Sir Theophilus Jones. 


2. Adam Usslier, Ulster King of Arms. 

3. Mary Usslier, m, William Crofton, of Temple House, Co. 

Sligo, and had a dr. Mary Crofton, m. George Percival. 

4. Jane Usslier, m. Daniel Molyneux. 

5. Margaret Ussher, m. Sir Beverly Newcomen, Bt. 

6. Alice Ussher, m. Sir Thos. Phillips, Knt. 

7. Ellinor Ussher, m. Sir Chas. Forster, Knt. 

8. Anne Ussher, m. Sir Robert Meredith, Bt. 

Arland Ussher and Anne Berford had a second son to survive, Christopher 
Ussher, ancestor of the Usshers of Ussher's Quay, and of Mt. Ussher, Co. 
"Wicklow, and Eastwell, Co. Galway, also of the Usshers of Clontarf, and of the 
Co. "Waterford. 

Christopher Ussher born about 1465, mrcht., Bailiff of Dublin in 1511, 
Mayor of Dublin, 1516 and 1524, died 30th Jan., 152g, 16th year of 
Henry YIII., was also Customer and Collector of the Port of Dublin, Jan"- 
13, 1514 (Lodge MS.) In the Obit Book of Christ Church Cathl. we find his 
name as " Christopher "Wscher, quondam Mayor, ob. 1525." 

In the Earl of Kildare's Eental, Sept., 1514, " i. Hackney given to 
Cristofor Usher." 

In the Chartularies of St. Mary's Abbey, edited by J. Gilbert, are men- 
tioned, " the p'sh of St. Nicholas, Dub., in Yico Pellipariorum, and that K". 
Hancocke lately was wont to pay for the free return of the tenement which 
Xphorus Ussher held ii^- which now is vacant by reason of the attainder of 
John Burnell." (1536.) 


"Christr. Ussher, Maior 1516-17" (excerpts from chartuls) 1516-17. 
" Proceedings between the City of Dublin and St. Mary's Abbey in relatin"- 
to fishing, &c., 10 Jan., 8th Hen. YIII., between Chr. Usher, Mayor of 
Dublin, &c." 

1539. " Rochelle St., Dublin, the widow of Wm. Newman." 

An Inquisition post mortem, No. 19, 18th An° Henry YIII., taken at 
Dublin before the Baron of the Exchequer, on the next day of March after 
the Feast of St. Barnabas the ApostJp, 18th H. YIII., recites that " they 
whose names are subscribed, say on their oath that Cristofer Ussher of Dublin 


mrclit., was seized in fee of 3 messuages and \\ carucate of land in Donagh- 
brook in the Co. Dublin (one watermill in same place excepted) and Held them 
from the King in chief by military service : that the said Cristofer died on the 
last day but one of January, in the 16th year of Henry V"III., and that John 
Ussher is son and heir of the sd Cristofer, and of the age of 2 years at the 
time of his sd. father's death, and not married ; that Alison ffitzSymon, late 
wife of the sd. Cristofer, is married to James ffitzSymon of Dublin, the license 
of the King not being then obtained ; that from the causes above mentioned, 
on the previous day, the premises were held in the King's hand." 

Inq. 18, H. VIII., the next day of March after the Feast of St. Kath., at 
Dublin, recites " that Simon Byrfort of Kylrowe, and Arland Ussher were 
seized in fee on the day that Cristofer Ussher died, of 3 mes' and 1^ carucat 
of land in Donabroke, one watermill there being excepted, to the use of the sd, 
Cristofer and his male heirs, and by failure of heirs, to Richard ffitzWillm and 
bis heirs, so that the said Lands may remain, and that the said premises are held 
of the King in chief by royal service ; that the said Cristofer Ussher died on 
the last day but one of Jan^- in the 16th year of the reign of Henry YIII. ; 
that Johes Ussher is his son and heir and of the age of 2 years at the time of 
the death of the said Cristofer ; that Alisona ffij;zW"illm, late wife of the said 
Cristofer, is married to James ffitzSymon, the King's leave not being obtained ; 
that the said Arland received possession of the aforesaid premises in Donabroke 
from the time of the said Cristofer's death to the day of the taking of this 
Inquisition, and from the aforesaid causes the aforesaid premises in Donabroke 
are in the King's hand." 

" Inquis. 21, 18th Henry YIII., Wednesday after the Feast of St. Thomas, 
at Dublin — that Cristofer Ussher was seized as of fee, of one castle and two 
burgages in the town of Crenoke, which are held of Nicholas Scorloke, son 
and heir of Thomas Scorloke."* 

• Inq. : 3 9. Inq. : capt. apud Dublin coram Barofi de Sccio die ruarti px post festii 
Sci Bamabi a" Ei H. VIII., 18° p. subscript (etcc.) qui dicunt sup. sacrum suu qd 
Cristoforus Ussher de Dublin m'cator s'situs fuit ut de ffeod de 3 messuag & H carucat 
terrae in Donaghbrooke in Com Dublin, (uno molendino aquatic ibim except) & ilia 
tenuit de rege in capita p s'viciu militar' — qd diet' Cristoforus obiit die [lenultimo Januar 
a° ri H. VIII. inl6 et quod Johes Ussher est fil. et heres dci Cristofori & de etate duor' 
aunor' tempore mortis dci patris sui et no' maritat' — qd Alisona nup ux dci Cristofori 


Christopter Usslier married 1st, Maud Darcy [? of Flatten], who d.s.p. 
Jany,, 1524 ; he married 2ndly, Alison, dr. of Thomas FitzWilliamsf 
of MerrioD, Bray and Bagotrath, and his wife Eleanor, dr. of John 
Dowdall, 2nd son of Sir John Dowdall of Newtown and co-heir to her 
mother Margaret, dr. of Sir Jenico D'Artois, a Gascon, and his wife 
Maud, dr. of Sir Christopher Plunket, of Rathregan, Lord of Killeen, 
jure uxoris, who d. 1445, and who m., 1463, Joan, dr. and heir of 
Sir Lucas Cusac, 4th Lord of Killeen, descended from Geoffrey de 
Cusac, Lord of Killeen, who held under Hugh de Lacy the lands of 
Killeen and Gerardstown. 
Christopher Ussher by Alison FitzWilliam (who m. 2ndly, James 
FitzSimons, mercht. of Dublin, and 3rdly, James Sedgrave of Dublin, Alder- 
man), had issue : 

John Ussher, of the City of Dublin, mercht., Alderman, and Mayor of 
Dublin, 1561. lie was born in 1524, and was aged 2 years at his father's 

est maritat' Jacobo ffitzSymon de Dablin, liceutia regia inde non obtent— (qd) ex causia 
p'dic supra diet' p'miss' capt' in man Eeg. 

Inq. 18, H. VIII., d. Mart, px post festu St Kath. apud Dub. 

" Qd Simon Byrfort de Kylrowe et Arlandus Ussher seisit' fuer' ut de feod die quod 
Cristoforus Ussher obiit de 3 mes &.\\ carucat terrae in Donabroke (uno molendino 
aquatico ibim excepto) ad usu dci Crist, et hered. mascul & p. d'ifect hered, Eico ffitz- 
Willm & hered. suis q'd diet terrae (ete.) remaneant — et qd diet p'miss' tenent' de Eege in 
capite p svic' regat. 

Qd diet C. U. obiit penultimo die Jan. anno regni H. VIII., 16, qd Johes U est ejus 
f & h et de etate 2 an. temp, mort Diet. C. non maritat. qd Alisona ffitzWillm niip uX 
diet C. est maritat Jacobo ffitzSymon licentia Regis non obtent' — quod dietus Arlandus 
p'cepit pfic'pdic prmiss in Donabroke a tempe mortis diet C. usq' ad diem cap t't'onehuj'. 
Inquis — et ex caus' pdie, p'diel p'rmiss in Donabroke sunt in manu Regis." 

Inquis. 21, 18th Henry VIII. mere, post S. St. Thorn apud Dub. " Qd Cristoforus 
Ussher seit f uit ut fe'do de uno eastro, de duobus burgag — in vUl de Crenoke que tenent' 
de Nieh' Scorloke fil et hered. Thome Seorloke." 

t Ace. Lodge, the Fitz Williams family first came over with John into Ireland. Wm. 
FitzWilliams by Elizabeth, dr. of Robt. Holy wood of Tartaine, had Richd., who m. 
Genet Holywood, and had issue, Thos. FitzWilliams of Merrion, m. Eleanor Dowdall, and 
had issue, Alison, 2nd wife of Chrpr. Ussher, and Richd., father of Sir Thos. FitzWilliams, 
Constable of Wicklow, who m. Genet Finglas, and had issue, Sir Richd. Fitz William, 
Constable of Wicklow, who had issue: 1. Sir Thos. Visct. Merrion and FitzWilliam. 
2. Wm. of Diindrum, m. Mary, widow of Primate Henry Ussher, and d. 16th July, 1616, 
s.p. 3. Cath. m. Henry Chevers of Monkstown, 2nd son of J. Chevers of Macetown, 
Co. Meath. 

Aaron Crossley says — "The arms are cut in stone on the 2nd story of Lord 
FitzWiUiam's old stone house called Meryan, it fronts the sea, being about 2 miles distant 
from the city of Dublin." 


death, had livery on the 1st of March, 1545, 37th j-ear of Henry VIII., at a 
Fine of 20 marks (Inq. P.M. and Rot. Pip. 38 Hen. YIIL), died ah*- 
1590, married Alson or Ales, dr. of Sir William jS'ewman, Aid. and Mayor of 
Duhlin, who died 26th Jan., 1601, and was bur'd 31st Jan. in Christ Church 


" 1557, 10th AufH. The Lord Deputy made an expedition agst James 
McConnell, a Scot. For further aid he (according to custom) took the Mayor 
of Dublin, John Spenfield, attended with a troop of horse and company of foot 
of the city, 220 men, well armed under conduct of John Ussher, Captain, etc., 
and 80 archers. The Scots affrighted, declined coming to an engagement, and 
sheltered themselves in bogs and woods. However some of the principals 
submitted." See Harris' Dublin, Chap. XI., p. 310. 

John Ussher was Collector of Customs of the Port of Dublin, 1564, and to 
his munificence and religious zeal we owe the publication of the first book 
ever printed in the Irish language, which was issued in 1571, with a title of 
which the following is a literal translation : — " Irish Alphabet and Catechism. 
Precept or instruction of a Christian, together with certain articles of the 
Christian rule, which are proper for everyone to adopt who would be submis- 
sive to the ordinance of God and of the Queen in this kingdom: translated 
from Latin and English into Irish by John O'Kearney. 'Awake; why 
sleepest Thou, Lord ? Arise, cast us not off for ever.' Ps. 44, ver. 23. 
Printed in Irish in the town of the Ford of the Hurdles (Dublin) at the cost 
of Master John Ussher, Alderman, at the head of the Bridge, the 20th day of 
June, 1571— with the privilege of the great Queen, 1571." 

This small volume, of which but a single copy is now known to exist, 
consists of a translation of the Church Catechism, with an explanation of the 
Irish Alphabet and rules of pronunciation, compiled by John Kearney, 
Treasurer of St. Patr. Cath., who died abt. 1600 (cf. Gilbert Hist. Dub.) The 
fount of types was pro-v-ided by Queen Elizabeth. 

There is a warrant to John Usher of Dublin, for profit on goods exported 
from England to Ireland. Salisbury Papers, Append. Vllth, Report 194 b.. 
Hist. MSS. Com. 

In the Calendar of State Papers (Ireland), 1509-73, are some interesting 
notices of John Ussher. 


156-i. Sir T. Wrothe to Cecil, July 30 : "Here is one Jotn Ussher a 
zealous man in Christ's religion, an honest man of life, and well reported of 
them that have to do with him. He desirethto have the Costome of Dublinge 
which is be letted out Michaelmas next in ferme or otherwise as shall be 
thought good, in such sorte as it wilbe let to anye other : Suer -as it semith, 
he will serve of conscience, and that ruled by God's worde. This citie had 
nede of such one, for here is yetcatche that catche maye." 

July 31. Adam Loftus to same — " In favour of the suit of John Ussher of 
Dublin for the Custom." 

Feb. 8th, 1568. Ld. Justice FitzWilliams to Cecil : — 

" Remainder of the money received from John Ussher." 

May 11th, ir)68. Lord Tr. Winchester to Cecil, "for an allowance to be 
made to John Ussher of Dublin for carrying 2,000/. into Ireland." 

1568. Cecil to Sydney, refers the bearer Ussher and his suits to Sydney's 

June 18th, 1572. Ld. Deputy FitzWilliams to Burghley— Commends 
the bearer John Ussher, Alderman. 

July 5th, 1572. The Archbp. of Dublin to Burghley — Commends the 
bearer Mr. John Ussher, Alderman, of Dub., and " his cause, by which he will 
advantage Her Mai. 10,000/. per ann." 

July 7th, 1572. Ld. Dep'^- Fitz Williams to Burghley — " The bearer, 
Alderm. Ussher, has opened a device that seems very feasible for the coinage 
of base money in pence, etc." 

Jul}' 15, 1571. John Ussher to Burghley, with a rejoinder made to reply 
of the Mayor and Staplers of Dub., relative to his book ibr reformation of the 
Staple. Ussher's portion of profits of sd. device, he will bestow wholly in 
erecting a College of University here. 

The MS. of John Ussher's work, " De Eeformatione Hiberniae," was in 
the hands of Primate Jas. Ussher, and by him deposited in the Lib. of T.C.D. 

John Ussher's letter to Lord Burghley is as follows : — 

" Bight honorable (m}' deuty most humbly p'mised) pleasethe your Honour 
to be adv'tised that wheare your L. dyrectcd your I'rc. w^'' me, unto the 
Bight honorable Sir Henry Sydney, L. Deputye of Ireland, to understand his 
L. opinion of a boke 1)V mc devised for the reformation of the staple there ; 


■whiche bote when his L. had p'used, imedlately he sent for the Maior and 
Staplers of the cittie of Dublin, willing them yf they knewe any matter why 
the said device shuld be stayed or pntt backe, to bring the same in wryting. 
"Whear upon they consulting w^^ the Burgesses of the Stapleportes in Ireland, 
(w''^ then by occasion wear in Dublin at Parlament) dyd make up sevne 
Articles of objections against the said devise, w*^*^ being delyvered unto the 
L. Deputie, his L. delyvered me the same to make awnsweare unto the said 
objections. And having awnsweared them p'ticulerly, I redelyvered the boke 
into his L.and shortly after I chaunced to fall sj'ckeof a daugerus ageue,bymean 
whcarof ther was no reply made by the Staplers untjdl a lytill while befor his 
L. dep'ted : but now having the same in redines, and the same is to be 
practised, or els the whole advauntage of this yeare wilbe lost, I have thought 
good to advertice your L'. therof, that no fawt be imputed to me. AYhat the 
goodness or commoditie of the device is lyke to be, your Honour upon con- 
ference had w^^ the s*^ Lord Deputie or wth Mr. Tremain, who then was his 
L. Secretary, may easily conjecture. Butt I am farr deceved yf it advantage 
nott Her Ma*'^' sevne or eight thowsand powndes every yere, besyde such 
porcion as Her Highnes hathe graunted me of the p'fittes of the said device ; 
w*^*" porcion I mean wholy to bestow to the advancement of Goddes glory, 
Her Ma"'''* honour, and utilitie of this my native contre, in erecting one 
College of Universitie here, whear Her Grace and your Honours shall thinke 
convenient. I have here sent by this bearer the warrant w* was made to the 
L. Keper for passing my grawnt under the Great Seale, which j^our Honour 
staved untill ye understode the L. Deputie's opinion concerning the devise; 
\s'^^ patent assone as I shall receve sealed w^^ the Great Seale, I will 
imodiateh' resort unto Your Honors, to putt the device in practice ; and in the 
mean whyle I remayne to understand your Honor'^ pleasurs ; w'^'' I beseche 
your L. I may knowe w**^ all convenient spede; for j^I b?gin nott to practise 
at Barthelme tyde, or very shortly after, ther wilbe no good done this yeare. 
Thus I humblj' take my leve, beseching the Almighty to encrease your L. rii 
vcrtue and much honour. From Dublin this 15th of July A° D'ni, 1571. 
Your L. to command, John Us^her. 

" To the right honorable and my vcray good Lord, the Lord Bourughlev, 
cno of the Qwene's 3Ia"^^ most bono'''*' Privic Cownsaile." 


In the Dublin Assembly Rolls also are some notices of John TJssher. 

1552. " An order that John Usher, Aldn., shall have 83. 4d. in the lb. for 
■what he shall discover of the City's Revenue and excused from serving 

1566. Easter Assembly, " Order that Mr. John Usher, Treasurer, Mr. 
Eobt. Usher and others shall make a survey of the Town and Grange of 
Ballycullen, with all the appurts. and Mr. James Stanehurst shall have a lease 
thereof for 61 years after Mr. Chaloner's lease pay^." 

1566. Mich. Assembly. " The Mayor and Corpn. entitled to Ferrowlyn 
and lands by authority of Pari, and yet many years neglected. It is ordered 
that Mr. John Usher, Aldn., hath undertaken to recover same at his own 
charges, to have one half during life and the other to the city." 

1572, 14 Elizth. " John Ussher, Alderman, removed from being Alder- 
man, and Mch. Duff elected in his Place." 

23rd Eliz., 1581. " John Usher appointed Chamberlain of this City for the 
year, to receive 20s., to procui-e the orders that are used in London by the 
Chamberlain there." 

37th Elizth., 1594. "Agreed in the Post Assembly that Wm. Gough shall 
take out the pleadings in Chancery of the Matter commenced by Mr. John 
Usher, against the City." 

Also Archbishop Loftus in a letter to Secretary Walsingham in 1581, says: 

" It may please your honour, whereas my verie good L. the Lord Deputie 
in a generalitie hath commended to your Honors of the Counsell the sutes of 
the citie of Dublin, a long tyme sollicited there by Mr. Ussher, and for his 
better dispatche it hathe been ordered that their peticions were sent hither to 
he considered by the L. Deputy and counsell, who likinge thereof have also 
remitted them to the L. Chancellor of this realme, to have his opinion touch- 
inge them, w'^'' as I doubte not it wilbe favorable consideringe their deserte 
and the equitie of their sutes ; so I humblie beseche your Honor to be a meanes 
for the speedie dispatche of Mr. Ussher, and the endinge of their causes, their 
diligence and dutifullues in all services are so thoroughly knowene unto you, 
and so well reported by ray L. Deputy, that I nede not stande in comnicndacion 
thereof; my onely sute unto your Honor is for the speedie returnc of Mr. 
Ussher. the cytic in these tymes standeth in suche nede of him, beino- a rare 


man bothe for honesty and religion, ttat we lament his absence from us. 
Thus committing their cavrses to your honorable furtheraunce, I humblie take 
leave. From St. Sepulchre's the 3 of February, loSj. Your Honors at com- 
mandement. Ad : Dublin. 

" To the right honorable Sr. Frauncis T^alsingham, Knight, Hir Ma^*- 
Principall Secretary." 

In the Cal. State Papers, 1574-85, p. 353 : 

1582. John Ussher to Walsyngham — " Strongly urges the erection of a 
University out of the escheated lands as the only means, by educating the 
Irish youth at home, to keep them from rebellion in future and the notions 
imbibed at Louvain and Douay." 

P. 387. Chancellor Loftus to Walsyngham — " In behalf of John Ussher, 
an Alderman of Dublin, whom he has induced to surrender his right in a 
copper mine to one Cruse, at the desire of Burghley and Walsyngham." 
Same page — "John Ussher to Walsyngham re copper mines of Cashel." 
John Ussher died in or before 1590, in which year Arlande Usher, gt., 
and "Wm, Usher, gt., executors of John Usher FitzChristopher, late of Dublin, 
Alderman, Defts., were by a Chancery Decree to recover from certain plffs. 
£50, and 30s. costs. 

By his wife Ales Newman he had issue : 

I. Christopher Ussher, who died young. 
II. Sir AYilliam Ussher, Knt., of Portrane, and Donnybrook, nea^ 
Dublin, born 1561, Clerk of the Council, on March 22, 1593, 
Knighted by Sir George Cary, Lord Depy., 25th July, 1603, 
being St. James' Day, a burgess of Wicklow and M.P. for 
Wicklow, 1613. 
lie married first about 1586, Isabella, 2nd dr. of Adam Loftus, 
Lord Archbishop of Dublin, and first Provost of T.C.I)., 
Lord Chancellor of Ireland, by his wife Jane, dr. of Adam 
Purdon, of LurganPtace. Mrs. Isabella Loftus d. 11th Xov., 
1597. Sir "\Vm. Ussher m. 2udl3', Margaret, dr. of Edward 
Cludde, of Orleton, Salop, widow of George Goodman, of St. 
John's, ^>ho d.s.p., 18th Sept., 1603. By Isabella Loftus he 
had issue, of whom we treat below. 


William Usslier had a house in Bridgefoot Street, on the site of which now 
stands the Brazen Head Hotel, a quaint old inn, entered by an archway from 
the street through a passage leading into a court yard. 

Cal. for ]581, p. 318-9, Andrew Trollope, " Beipublicae Benevolus," to 
Walsingham — " My Lord Busshopp of Dublin hath marryed one daughter to 
Mr. Cowley, another to Mr. AVarren, another to Mr. Ussher [another to Mr. 
Colcloght], and gave £500 a piece in marryage with them." 

An account of the walls of Dublin, 1585, given in the Cal. State Papers, 
Iieland, says that, " From the towre in Mr. Wm. Harberde's possession to 
Mr. "Wm. Usher's house is 140 foote distance, the wall 14 feet hie and 5 foote 
thick and no ramjDire within nor buttris withoute. The wall of one side of 
the said Mr. Usher's house to the bridge gatte is 104 foote, the wall 4 foote 
thick and 19 foote hie, and the ground is firme, 5 foote hie, within the said 
wall, and the Liffie goeth hard by, and at every full sea it floes upe against the 
said wall being a springe tide." 

In the Cal. for 1586-88, p. 252, is, "a true advertisement of the Lord 
Chancellor of Ireland, his children how they be bestowed; ii. The second 
daughter is married to Wm. Uscher of Dublin, a private man, a citizen and 
an Alderman's son, able to dispend per annum 100 markes and the best part 
thereof is in leases." 

Also p. 92 — The Chancellor to Sir Eic. Byngham. An injunction to give 
up the Abbey of Boyle to "Wm. Uscher of Dublin. 

In Jan., 158,} Nicholas "White writes to his father Mr. John "White of 
Dublin, mrcht., and mentions his cousin "Wm. Usscher. 

"V\'^m. Ussher was made Clerk of the Council, 22nd March, 159^-, and 
always signed his name as Wm. Vscher. 

There is another note in 1592, in a State Paper about Archbp. Loftus' 
alliances : "Beale' m. "Wm. Ussher, who in lands of inheritance is worth £200 
per ann., of kindred with the FitzSymons, also a great name — "Wm. Ussher 
holds Lambaye, which Mr. Chaloner, the Queen's See}', possessed for 300 years 
(to come) by leases several under chapter seal, and since wrested from his son 
Thos. (the doing whereof merits examin.) and holds by colorable grant, and 
leases the most of the tithes of benefices from Bray to "Wicklow." 


1586-88, p. 92. "The Chancellor to Sir Ric. Byngham — "An injunction 
to give up the Abbey of Boyle to "VVm. Uscher of Dublin." 

In 159?, 6048 (4883), there is a grant to Wm. Usslier, Esq., Clerk of tlie 
Council of the office of Constable of the Castle of Wicklow, to be surrendered 
by Tho. Lof tus. To hold during good behaviour ; not to be removed. 

In 1602, as Clerk he had a salary of £63 6s. 8d. ; as Constable he had a 
salary of £13 6s. 8d. {Cal. Irish S. P., 1602, p. 113). 

In the house of Sir Wm. Ussher was executed the printing of the 1st Irish 
version extant of the New Testament, published with a title of which the 
following is the rendering : " The IS^ew Testament of ouj Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ, faithfully translated from the Greek into Irish by William 
O'Donnell, Printed at the town of the Ford of the Hurdles (Dublin), in the 
house of Master William Ussher, at the foot of the Bridge, by John Francke, 
1602." This is a verj^ small folio of 214 leaves printed in double columns. 
Its translator was afterwards Archbishop of Tuam. In the address to James I' 
he writes: "The present zeale and Christian aflfection of Sir William Usher, 
your Majestie's faithfull servant, and Clarke of your Councell Generall in 
Your Highnesse realme of Ireland (who follo'^'ing the steps of his religious 
father, willingly undertoke the greatest part of the charges of this impression) 
did greatly kindle mine affection to follow the worke with all earnestness." 

In the 1st Jac. I., Sir Wm. Usher, Knt,, and Arthur, his son, on 3 1st 
August, 1603, were appted to the Office of Genl. and principal Clerk of the 
Counsell in Ireland ; also on the 28th June, 1605, to the Office of Constable 
of the Castle of Wickloe. 

In 1604 Sir William Usher published a volume of "Instructions for his 

In 1606 he held the Hectory of Cloncurry, Co. Kildare, for the King. 
He was also Constable of Wicklow Castle in that year. 

Page 443. Apr. 10th, 1606. Sir A. Chichester to the Earl of Devonshire — 
Has seen letters of the King written to Sir Wm. Ussher, before the death of 
the late Queen, in which his Majesty was jileased to take notice of him ; this 
encourageth him to propound a reasonable suit regarding the foe farm of 
certain lands which he holds from the Kin? ... he has sent his son to be a 


suitor in his behalf, he himself by reason of his place being tied to give 
attendance here. 

Page 534, No. 814, 1606. " A docquet of borrowed money for the army 
in Ireland since 1st July, 1606, contains Sir "Wm.'s name for £200." 

1606-1608, No. 162. Sir A. Chichester to Salisbury—" Sir Wm. Ussher 
to succeed Sir Geoffry Fenton as Sec^- of State." 

No. 593. Sir Wm. Ussher's name in a list of Knts., servitors, etc., who 
are willing to undertake and make good such quantities of the escheated lands 
in Ulster as will be most available for his Majesty's service. 

In 1607, we find from the Patent Rolls, that there was a letter found at 
the door of the Council Chamber, addressed to Sir "Wm. Usher, disclosing a 
Catholic plot to take the Castle of Dublin, and murder the L.D. and Sir Oliver 
Lambert. This letter was delivered by him to Sir A. Chicester, 18 th May. 

From the Dublin City Assembly Rolls, we learn that in 1609, " A lease 
was made to Sir Wm. Usher, Knt., for 150 years on the Isleland by West the 
Bridge at a yearly rent of £1 6s. 8d." 

Cal. S. P., Ireland, 1610, No. 932, p. 546: "Warrant by the Ld. Dep. 
Sir A. Chichester to Sir John Davis, Knt., Attorney- GrenL, to draw forth a 
fiant of a pardon of alienation of the island of Lambay and of the townlands 
and wood of Cullon, Co. Dublin, to Sir Wm. Ussher, Kt., his heirs and 
assims. Dublin Castle, 22nd Dec, 1610." 

Sir Wm. Ussher was a Burgess of Wicklow, 1611-14. 

In Cal. S. P., 1613, p. 363: "John Wolferston and Patrick Bamewall 
were duly elected burgesses for Parliament for Wicklow, yet the Sheriff of the 
County and Porfcrieve have caused Sir Wm. Ussher and Sir Laurence 
Esmond to be returned indirectly ;" p. 379, " A declaration of the Protestants 
ref^arding the proceedings in the Lower House at the opening of Parliament, 
signed by 42 members, including Sir Wm. Ussher " (there was a scene between 
Catholics and Protestants) ; p. 443, " concerning Sir Wm. Ussher's election." 

In 1613, in reply to the accusation of certain Wicklow Recusants, it is 
stated that " in the town of Wicklow the Sheriff having directed his writ to 
Patrick Conway, as Portrieve to hold an election, one Wolverton and Robert 
Bamewall, at a meeting summoned by the Portrieve for court baron were 
elected ; but this being without consent of the Portrieve, and Conway not 


beino- truly Portrieve, — for the town, being no Corp"- before nor enabled to 
send burgesses was newly incorporated some few days before the issuing of 
the writ, and in that Charter Arthur Usher, Esq., was appointed Portrieve 
by His Majesty, was that election void, and they proceeded to a new election 
on the 1st of May, and Sir Wm. Usher and Sir Laurence Esmond were 

In the Lismore Papers, 2nd Series, Yol. I., p. 223, there is a letter of 
Sir Wm. Uscher to Boyle, addressed : " To the right worshipful my very 
worthy frend S'" Eichard Boyle, K'- and one of his Mat^^' privie Counsell," 
endorsed "X° ffebruary, 1614, ffrom Sir William Yscher " : 

" Sir, I receaved your letter by this bearer, Mr. SnoweU, together with 
your token, which is so good in the infancie as I can not doubt but that it 
wilbe very good when it cometh to full age. I send you here inclosed your 
warrantes of impost as you desyred. Here is no newes but that Sir Richard 
Cooke and his lady are lately arived, who bathed him selfe in holy weU at 
this now Cominge through wales, which I thinke nfether you nor I durst do. 
I cannot court you now with many complements, for I have bene busie all day, 
and it is now verj'' late, my eyes duU and this bearer in hast. listt me 
intreate you therefore in one worde to remember my hartiest salutations to 
your selfe, both my lady gossips and my daughter. And so I rest, 

" Yours faithefully at command, 
" from Dublin this ' " William Yscher. 

'* 7 of February, 1614." 

In 1616, "Sir Wm. Ussher, Knt., is .fitt to be inserted in Commission of 
the Peace for the Co. Dublin." T.C.D. MS. E, 1. 1. 

In the Pat. Rol. 15, Jac. L, is a Surrender by Adam Loftus of Monas- 
tervan, and Sir Will. Usher of Dublin City, Knt., of the territory of 
Shillelagh, now in Wicklow Co., near theBirne's county, and lately in Dublin, 
Wexford and Carlow Cos. 30 June, 1617. 

No. 425, p. 195. List of Concordatums. 

7th Deer., 1G17, "To Sir Wm. Usher, Et, Clerk, P.C, for his pains in 
keeping an exact book of all the sums of the Estreats fines, etc., taken at 
f^eneral and quarter sessions for 3 years at His Majesty's special directions." 


1619. Concordatums, March, 1618 to Apr., 1619. 

Feb. 6th. " Sir "\Ym. Usher, for monies disbursed to buy a carpet and 
other necessaries for the Council Chamber after the fire lately happened 

16J4, 22° Jac. I., Mar. 5, a grant from the King to Sir Wm. Usher, Knt., 
of the monastery of St. John Baptist near Loughcree, Co. Kosc, to hold in 
com. soccage as of the Castle of Athlone. 

1625-31. No. 693. Feb. 8. "J. [?] Usher, Clerk of the Council of I. to 
Conway — has served as Clerk of the Council in Ireland 31 years with good 
approbation of the State, and spent the best part of his life in it, and now 
His Majesty has bestowed the reversion of his office upon one Mr. Hanway, 
reserving to him (Mr. U.) and his son who is joined in patent with him all 
fees and perquisites during our good behaviour, but Mr. H. now labours to 
have the present exercise of the office, contrary to His Majesty's letters 
patent to him (Mr. Usher). Beseeches him to aSord him his favour in his 
just cause, being now a stranger in England, though in former times well 
known, and the oldest Officer the King has in Ireland. Lord Chichester has 
known him 20 years, and can best inform of him and his carriage." 

Dr. Arthur in his Diary, 27th Feb., 1628, 18th Mar. and 28th March, 
1628, enters Sir Gul. Yssher, senr., as paying £1 fee each time; also Sir W. 
Vssher, senr., 24th Feb., 1629, lis., 3 Mart. lis. 

In Yol. D., p. 333 of the MSS. relating to the Irish Establishments, now 
in the I. R. Off., among the " officers attending y^ State " is " Sir William 
Usher, Knt., Clerke of y*' Council for his fee for 1 year 40 days ending 1636, 
£63 6s. 8d." 

Sir William Ussher had issue by Isabella Loftus : 
I. Arthur Ussher, his heir, of whom below. 

II. Adam Ussher, born 1596, " Scoler of the Colledge Feb. 4, 1612.'^ 
B.A. May 14th, 1616; UlsterKingof Arms, joined in Patent 
with Daniel Molyneux, April 25th, 1629, and sole Kino- of 
Arms June, 1632, died 1st July, 1633, by a fall from his 
horse at the entrance of the Phcenix Park, unmd. A stone 
with his arms is in the front wall of a public house in 
Fishamble Street, at the corner of Lord Edward Street, and 


at the rear is a small building containing a room with an 
elaborate ceiling which was doubtless the office of the Ulster 

III. Mary Ussher, m. William Crofton, junr., of Temple House, Co. 

Sligo, son of Wm. CroftoUj senr., and grandson of John 
Crofton, Escheator General of Ireland, under Queen Eliza- 
beth, and had by him a dr. and heiress, viz. : 
1. Mary Crofton, ra. George Percival, fifth son of Sir Philip 

Percival, and was the ancestress of the present Mr. 

Percival of Temple House, and of the family of Percival- 

Maxwell of Finnebrog, Co. Down. 

IV. Jane ITssher, born 1582, d. 17th May, bur'd. 19th, 1674, in St. 

Audoen's Church, Dublin, m. Daniel Molyneux, born 1566, 

Ulster King of Arms, 1597, at £35 p. a., sou of Sir Thos. 

Molyneux, Chanc. Hib. Exch., and Katherine, dr. of Ludovic 

Flahault, Governor of Bruges, who died 13th June, 1632. 

He made a celebrated collection of Irish family History, now 

among the MSS. T.C.D. 

His prerog. will pr. 10th May, 1632, describes him as of Thomas Court, 

Dublin, and of Newland, Co. Dublin, and mentions that he and Ids eldest 

son Thomas made a lease for 80 years from date, to Sir Adam Loftus, Pobt. 

Meridith, "Wm. Vsher, eldest son of Arthur Vsher, Esq., Adam Ysher, second 

son of Sir Wm. Ysher, Kt, Philip Percivall, and Paule Davis, Esquires, of 

his estates ; the office of King of Armes to be sould as soone as possiblie may 

bee and the money disposed by the donors in Lease ; if the Office can't be sould, 

it is to be executed by him appointed by the donors, and Thos. Molyneux to 

have £20 a year out of it. His chamber at Thomas Court is mentioned. 

From an account of the Molyneux family, printed at Evesham, in 1820, 
by Sir Capel Molyneux, Bt., we learn that Daniel Molyneux had once to 
decide a dispute as to precedence between Capt. (afterwards Sir Wm.) Stewart, 
who had m. a dr. of Sir Pobert !Newcomen, and his br.-in-law, Beverly New- 
comen, who m. Margaret Ussher ; the decision being made against Stewart, 
he made an attempt to assassinate Daniel and wounded him desperatelv- 
Daniel Molyneux and Jane Ussher had issue as follows : 


1. Thomas Molyneux, Governor of Wicklow, slain by rebels 

in 1642. 

2. William Molyneux, died 1651, buried in Lincoln's Inn 


3. Samuel Molyneux, "born 4th March, 1616, and only 16 years 

old at bis father's death. In the time of the rebellion of 
1641 his mother retired to London, where she continued 
till 1649. In 1646 Samuel m. Margaret, dr. and co-beiress 
of "Wm. Dowdall of Dublin, by bis wife Margaret Dongan. 
In 1649 Samuel's mother returned, and lived witb her son 
Samuel till ber death. She lived to be 92 years of age, and 
died 17th May, 1674, and was buried in ber father's tomb 
in St. Audoen's. Saml. Molyneux died 23rd Jan., 1693, 
aged 76 years 10 months and 19 days, and was buried in 
old Sir "Wm. Usher's tomb. He bought Castle DiUon, Co. 
Armagh in 1664." He was ancestor of Sir Capel Molyneux, 
Bt., and grandfatber of Alice Molyneux, who m. Sir Pticbd. 
Wolseley, from wbom are descended Sir Clement "Wolseley , 
Bt. of Mt. Wolseley, Co. Carlow, and General Lord Vis- 
count Wolseley of Cairo. 

4. Arthur Molyneux, born 1618. 

5. Adam Molyneux, born 1623, m. Mary, dr. and co-beiress of 

Wm. Dowdall, d. June 25th 1674. 

6. Margaret Molyneux. 

7. Mary Molyneux. 

8. Alice Molyneux, m. Robert Bowyer. 

V. Margaret Ussber, m. Sir Beverly Newcomen, Bt., Keeper of tbe 
King's House of Kilmainham, by warrant, 26tb April, 1608, 
Provost Marshal of Loughfoyle 1610, son of Sir Hobt. 
Newcomen, Knt., of Thomas Court, Dublin (Genl. Purveyor 
of Victuals to the Army by Patent), by Catberine, dr. of 
Thomas Molyneux, Chanc. Hib. Excb. 
" Sir Beverly Newcomen, Kut. and Bt., Capt. of bis Maj's good sbipp 
called tbe Swallowe and Admirall of the Irish seas, m. Margt., 3rd dr. of Sir 


Wm. Usher, by whom he had issue, Arthur, Cicely, d.y., and Katherine, who 
m. Richard Parsons, Esq., son and heir of the Hon. Sir Wm. Parsons, Knt. 
and Lord Justice of Ireland. Sir Beverly and Arthur, his son, were drowned 
28th April, 1637, at Passage near Waterford, as they were coming in a long 
boat from the King's said ship." (Funl. Entry.) Catherine Newcomen, m. 
Eichd. Parsons, Esq., son and heir appr. to the Hon. Sir Wm. Parsons, Knt. 
and Bart., Lord Justice of Ireland. 

There are letters to Sir Beverly Newcomen in the Lismore Papers. 

VI. Alicia Ussher, m. Sir Thomas Phillips of Hammersmith, Co. 
Middlesex, Knt., Constable of Toome, and of Newtown- 
limavady, whose will was proved in 1635. He had three drs. 
Elizabeth, Dorothea, and Anne, and a son Chichester Phillips, 
and divided among them the £5,000 given him by the King. 
" My son to be earnest to solicit the King for some greater 
reward for my service in the Derry business." " My son 
Chichester to make a collection out of my papers and bookes 
of those thinges which doe concerne m3'ne owne actions, 
passages in ffrance, Ireland and elsewhere, and conc^ the 
Derry business, one Mr. Withers a poet to sett them forth and 
to get £30." Sir Thomas died at Hammersmith. There is 
a great deal of information about him and his buildings at 
Limavady in Hill's Account of the Plantation of Ulster. 
Alicia Ussher died 1st April, 1671, leaving in her will, " To my 
only child, Ann Coote my Exor. £400 from Capt. Nicholas; 
my body to be laid in the sepulchre of my father, and to that 
end £50 to bury mee. I never affected pompe in my life 
nor desire it at my death, onely a decent buryall ; to AUes 
Cole £20, to Chidley Coote £20, to Phillips Coote £20, to 
Lawrence Parsons £20 ; to Lowther Parsons £20 ; to Margt. 
CoUom £100, to her br. Wm, Parsons £100." 
1. Elizabeth Phillips, m. Henry Warren. 2. Dorothie Phillips 
ni. Laurance Parsons, of Birr, in 1G36, and was ancestress 
of the Earl of Rosso. 3. Anne Phillips, m. Childley Coote 
of Killcstcr, and had issue: Chidloy Coote, the ancestor of 


Sir Charles Coote, Bt., of Ballyfin, Queen's Co.; also Alice 
Coote, who m. Sir Michael Cole, and was ancestress of the 
Earl of Enniskillen. 4. Chichester Phillips, m. Susanna 
Warner, and had issue, Chichester Phillips [w. p. 12th 
Dec. 1728) m. Sarah Handcock, and had issue 4 sons, of 
whom Rev. Marmdake Phillips, d. 1770, leaving two drs., 
Abigail, wife of Godfrey Greene, and Jane, m. Richd. 
Blackbume of Co. Roscommon, whose dr. Mary m. Isaac 
Goldsmith, Dean of Cloyne. 
Alicia Ussher, Lady Phillips, was buried 6th April, 1671, in St. Audoen's. 

VII. Eleanor Ussher, m. Sir Charles Forster, Knt., Aid., Mayor of 

Dublin, 1640. He was 3 times married. By his wife Mabel, 
dr. of Nich. Kerdiff, and widow of Thomas Ormesby, Sheriff- 
Dublin, he had a son James; she d. 10th Oct., 1642, and was 
burd. in St. John's Church, the burying place of the Forsters. 
He m. 3rdly, Frances, dr. of Robt. Borrowes, and had a son, 
Chas. Forster, m. Eliz. Desminieres, and had issue : Richd, 
and Jane, and d. 1679. 
"Was Ald"^- Forster son of Sir Chrpr. Forster, Mayor of Dublin, 1629 ? 

VIII. Anne Ussher, died 12th May, 1669, buried 15th May in St. 

Audoen's ; m. in 1618, Sir Robert Meredyth, Chanc. Hib. 
Exch., and eldest son of Dr. Mered}i;h, Bishop of Leighlin. 
Sir Robert d. 17th Oct., 1668, and was buried 19th Oct., in St 
Patrick's Cathl.; in his will he desires to be buried there by 
Torch light without expense ; " to my wife Anne, of whose 
piety and love I have had many yeares experience, I leave 
the house in the lane leading from Church Str, to Mary 
Abbey"; son Chas., son Robt., dr. Elizth. and son St. George 
Carr are mentioned. 
From Anne Ussher, Lady Meredyth, are descended the following : — 
Joseph-Henry Leeson, 5th Earl of Milltown, who was son of Joseph, 4th 
Earl of Milltown and Barbara, 2nd dr. ot Sir Joshua-Colles Meredyth. 

Theresa ^Meredyth, 4th dr. of Sir Joshua, m. James MacEvo}', Esq., of 
Tobertynan, Co. Meath, and had two sous and two drs., the 2nd of whom, 


Barbara Frances MacEvoy, m. on 8tli Jan., 1856, Sir J. Bernard Burke, C.B., 
LL.D., Ulster King of Arms, and has issue. 

Sir E. H. J. Meredyth, Bt. of Greenhills is seventli in descent from Anne 

From tlie Yestry Book of St. Audoen's parish, Dublin (by the kindness of 
Hev. Christopher McCready) we extract the following notes : — 

** Sir Wm. Usber, paid £1 Os. Od. as cess for the parson in 163f ." 

In 1633 tbere was a meeting for the repairing of the Cburch ; amono the 
names signed is "Wm. Vsher, overseer. 

On Aug. 25, 1 636, Sir Wm. Ussher signs th.e book. 

In 1637 Sir Wm. Ussher paid £1 Os. Od. cess; Mrs. Ussber, widow, 8/-, and 
Mrs. Ussher for the White Hart, 10/-, and Sir Wm. Ussber signs a resolution 
to take down the organ and ruinous rood loft and to put up comely partition 
betw : nave and cbancel. 

In the assessment for 1653 Katherine Usber pd. 1/6, and in 1655 she 
paid 8s. 

Sir AYm. Ussber, senr., presented a petition as follows, in 1636 : 
" The petition of Sir William Ussher, the elder, Knt., 
To the Prebend and Parisbioners of St. Audoen's." 

•' The peticoner beinge to remove his Tombe from the place where nowe 
it stands in the Cbancell of St. Audoen's Churcb, soe as one pte tbereof may 
stand in the Cbancell and another pte tbereof in the He of the Church next 
to the place where tbe said Tombe now stands, bee desires yo'* wilbe pleased 
to give waye thereunto in regard hee cannott possibly otherwise place it." 

Answer : 

" Wee consent and agree tbat tbe fores'd Tombe bee placed in the said 
Cbancell and He wtb what convenience tbe prebend. Churchwardens and one 
Alderman of the p'ish shall see most fittinge. The said Sr. Willm. Ussber 
paying yearly three shill fower pence Irish unto tbe Xchwardens for the tyme 
beinge, for sucb ground as belonging to tbe Asle his Tombe is placed on. 
Wittness our bands this third of Aprill." 

" Upon the request of Sir Wm. Ussber the elder. Knight, wee Dudley 
Boswell, Prebend of St. Audoen's, Dublin, and John Ash, and Giles Drope, 


Xchwardens of the p'sh, together with the rest of the p'shioners assembled 
this eleaventh of Aprill, 1637, in the Xch of St. Audoen aforesd doe hereby 
give and grant full libertie and license unto the sd S"" William Ussher, Knt., 
to remove his tombe and to place it under the Arch that is on the South side 
of the high A Iter, soe as one parte of the said Tombe may stand in the Chancell of 
the said Church and the other part in the lie that is Southerly of the sd Chancell. 

"And wee hereby give and grant unto the said Sir "William Ussher, Knt., 
and his heires for ever soe muche ground as the said Tombe may conveniently 
stand on within the said Arch, conteineing eight foote in length next adjoyn- 
ing to the East pte of the said Arch and fewer foote in bredth on the north 
side of the Tombe belonginge to Eustace of Portlester, condy'lyee the said Sir 
William Ussher, Knt., his heires and executors paieing therefore yearely and 
every yeare for ever unto the Prebendrie of the said Xch of St. Audoen's for 
the tyme being two shill. Irish. And also paieing unto the Xchwdens of the 
sd p'ish for the tyme being 3 shill. f ower pence Irish yearely and everie yeare 
for ever for the use of the sd Church, for testimonie whereof wee have here- 
unto sett our hands and seales, dated this eleventh of Aprill, 1637, Dudley 
Boswell, Jo. Ashe, Gyles Drope." 

Sir WiUiam Ussher, senr., surviving his eldest son and heir, Arthur, died 
in Aug., 1659, his wiU dated 28th Dec, 1657, being pr. 26th Aug., 1659. 
The wiU which was nuncupative was proved in the Dub. Dio. Court. 

"William Ussher, Knt., 26 Dec, 1657, made his last will, of sound 
memory' though sick. 

"Hee did leave and give to his grandson and heir apparent. Sir Wm. Ussher, 
Knt., the younger, all his the said Sir William Ussher, the elder's goods, 
money, debts, creditts, chattells and other estate whatsoever, which hee had not 
formerlie disposed of by writing, and did also then appoint the said Sr. William 
Ussher, Knt., the younger, his sole executor of his last will and Testament. 

" Present when the above named Sir Wm, Ussher, Knt., the elder, made and 
declared his last wiU and Testament nuncupative in manner above written, 
wee whose names ensfoe. Paul D.wys. 

"PtD. BowvER. Phill Bremalle. 

J. Ussher." 
[Qu, if this was Capt. James Ussher.] 


"We now return to Arthur Ussher, eldest son of Sir William 
Ussber, Sen. 

Arthur Ussher, gent,, of Donnybrook, bora about 1588, Deputj'' Clerk of 
tbe Council, eldest son and beir of Sir William Ussber, Knt., died 2nd Marcb, 
1G28, in bis father's lifetime, m. Judith, eldest dr. of Sir Robert Newcomen, 
Knt, by Kutherine, (b". of Sir Thomas Molyneux, Chanc. Hib. Exch. Mrs. 
Ussber died 30th July, 1652, and was buried in St. Audoen's Church, Dublin. 
Arthur Ussher bad numerous issue by her. He was joined with his father in 
the patent of the Office of Clerk of the Council on 31st Aug., 1603, and was 
appointed Portrieve of Wicklow in the Charter, 1611. His life was prema- 
turely cut off by drowning when he was about 31 years old. He seems to 
have perished at the place where Ball's Bridge now is built. This bridge was 
so called certainly as early as 1724 (cf. St. Werburgh's Registers). In a rare 
book entitled " Ireland's Naturall Histor}'," 1645, by Gerard Boate, late doctor 
of Physic in Ireland, London, 1652, Chap. YII. sec. 7, •' of the Brooks of 
Driunconran and Rafernam, Dublin," is an account of his death, though 
bis Christian name is incorrectly given. 

" Of dangerous brooks there are two, bard by Dublin, both running into 
the haven — tbe one at the north side, a little below Drumconran (the Tolka), 
the other at tbe south side close by the Ringsend. This called Rafernam 
water, from the village by which it passeth (the Dodder), is far the worst of 
the two, as rising out of those great mountains southwards from Dublin, from 
Avhence after any great rain it groweth so deep that many persons have lost 
their lives therein ; amongst others Mr. John [for ' Arthur'] Ussher, father 
to Sir Wm. Usher that now is, who was carried away by tbe current, no body 
being able to succour him, although many persons, and of his nearest friends* 
both a foot and horseback were on both tbe sides. Since that time a stone 
bridge hath been built over that brook upon the way betwixt Dublin and 
Ringsend, which was hardly well accomplished, when the brook in one of 
those furious risings quite altered its channel for a good way, so as it did not 
pass under the bridge as before, but just before the foot of it, letting the same 
stand upon the drs- land and consequently making it altogether useless ; in 
wbich perverse course it continued until perforce it was constrained to return 
to its old channel and to keep Avitbin the same." The name " Ball's " was 

THE USSHER ME.\r01RS. 130 

given to the bridge probably either from Robert Ball, Mayor of Dublin, 1612, 
or from Thos. Ball, a builder of the peiiod, or it may be a corruption of " bald." 
In Boyle's Diary, April 11th, 1635, is the entry : " Sold Mr. David Begg 
remainder of 12 years I had to com in the lease of Mr. Arthur Vscher, in the 
Cellar and Romes above in Careles Innes, which I purchased of Mr. Thomas 
Ball, he since 1621 without paying me any rent, I having all the time paid 
Mr. .Yscher and his widdoe viii^'- per annum ( ) of the Churche, the 

cyttie and the souldiers." 

Arthur Ussher had issue by Judith, his wife : 

1. Sir William IJssher the younger, of Bridgefoot, born about 

1610 in Dublin, Kntd. 26th May, 1636, M.P. for the Co 

Dublin, 1661, lived at the Castle of Grange, Co. Wicklow, 

died 23rd April, 1671, buried in St. Audoen's Chancel the 

same day, seized of Portrane in the Co. Dublin. 

He married in 1633 as his first wife, Elizabeth, dr. of Sir William Parsons 

of Bellamont, Bt., Lord Justice of Ireland ; she died 29th Nov., 1638, and was 

buried 1st Deer., 1638, in St. Audoen's ; he m. secondly, Ursula, only dr. of 

Capt. George St. Baibe* of Dublin (and of the house of St. Barbe of White 

Parish in Wilts), by Mary, dr. of Edward Warburton, descended of the 

Warburtons of Arley in Cheshire. The M.L. (Consistl.) was dated 12th May, 

and the M. R. in St. Audoen's Register 1 9th May, 1645. Sir William Ussher 

had issue by both wives, for whom see below. 

Boyle in his Diary, 20th Sept., 1634, says : " I rode with my dr. Kildare, 
Dongarvan and his Ladye, WHl. Yscher, etc., to Maynooth to see the place, 
etc., dined and left my dr. there." Again, " June 10, 1635. Given my nephew, 
George Boyle, V lb. ster. at his departure from Dublin this daie in company 
with Sir Peercie Smyth and his Ladie, my cozen, Wm. Yscher's wife, Sir Wm. 
Parson's dr., towards Ballynetra ; where I besech God to bless them." 

* A Capt. John St. Barbe was in 1616 Constable of Ballinafad Castle, Co. Sligo, 
which he built. He is buried in the little Church of Ahanagh, Co. Sligo, near the Castle, 
according to an inscription on Mr. St. Barbe's tombstone, who died 1628, and which was 
existingcarly in this century. Richard St. Barbe of Ashington, Somerset, had issue : 
1 Henl-v St. Barbe, whose grandson was created a Baronet. 2. Thomas St. Barbe, d. 
1590, had issue (1) Thomas of Salisbury. (2) George, m. Mary Warburton, and had 
issue, Ursula. 


Clerk of the Council (1594-1659). 
From a Water-Colour Copy in Kail. Gal. 0/ Ireland, 0/ hit picture at CailUdiUon. 


Sir Wm. Ussher was appointed Commissioner of Excise by King's Letter, 
26th March, ] 661 (c£ Carte Papers, Bodl. Lib.) 

In the DubHn City Assembly, Christmas, 1663, " A Lease was made in fee 
farm for ever to Sir Wm. Ussher of a piece of ground commonly called the 
Island, lying behind his house in Bridge Street, and wh contns 4 acres 
18 perches of firm land, and from the extreme part of said Island on the Liffey 
by a line towards the Bridge in wideness into the Liffey afsd, distant from 
sd Sir Wm. Ussher's wall 8 perches and also from the sd extreme pt. westwd. 
by the sd line into the Liffey 4 perches (vizt., from the furthest bank or out 
bounds of the sd Island next the mill stream) at 20/- rent, £50 fine." 

Also in the Dublin Assembly, Easter 1666. There was granted " a Lease 
in fee farm to Sir Wm. Ussher of a waste piece of land Ipng behind the 
house of Alderman John Forrest, next the River Anna Liffey, which leadeth 
to the wall of the sd Sir Wm. Ussher's house, containing from the Bridge in 
breadth northwd., in length from the sd Bridge Gate, westward by the side 
of Sir Wm. Ussher's wall and house p'ting Aldn. John Forrest his holding 70 
yards or thereabouts, and at the west end from the south towards the north unto 
the Paver 21 yards next adjoining the land abeady let to Sir Wm. Ussher, 
Pent 40/-, with capons to surrender Alderman Forrest's Lease of the premises." 
K'otices of Sir Wm. Ussher, junr., are to be found in the Yestry Book of 
St. Audoen's, Dublin : In 1644, £1 10s. for parson's stip. ; 1645, eessor, 
assessmt., £1 10s.; 1647, sessor. ; 1648, £1 10s., assessmt. ; 1650, sessor, 
£1 10s. for cess; 1653, signed book at Easter assessmt., 7s. 6d. ; 1655, 
March 10, cess meeting, signs book and appointed collector; 1656, £2 10s. 
for minister's stipend; 1657, April 9, signed book, 14s., sessor p^£3; 1658, 
Augst. 31, a meeting as to bells, Sir Wm. Ussher subscribes £1 10s. assess- 
ment for parson, Sir Wm. Usher, £3. He signed the book May 9th, 1659, 
and same year gave £410 towards repairing the church. In 1660, £3 to 
minister's stip., signed book ; 1661, sessor, signed book ; 1662, £3 for parson ; 
1665, £3 to parson ; Jan., 1668, for re-edifying of church. Sir Wm 
Usher, £5. 

In 1665 Sir Wm. Ussher was seized of the tithes of the fisheries of Port- 
rane, Co. Dublin. 

There is a gr. admen. Intest. of the goods of Sir Wm. Ussher, junr., in 


1671, and in 1673 a gr. admon. of the goods of Sir Wm. Usslier, senr., to 
Christopher Ussher of Dub., Esquire, great grandson. For the children of 
Sir William Ussher, junr., see Chap. XII. 

2. Margaret, dr. of Arthur and Judith Ussher, m. Sir Paul 

Davis, Knt., Clerk of the Council, She died 20th July, 
1633. She had one son, James, buried 12th July, 1638, 
in St. Audoen's. Sir Paul died 7th, and was buried 8th 
Dec, 1672, in St. Audoen's. By his 2nd wife, Ann 
Parsons, he had issue a son. Sir John Davis, m, Ann . . . 
and had issue, Sir Paul Davis, Bt., Lord Mountcashel, d. 
Aug., 1716, and was succeeded in the title by his two sons, 
James and Edward, d.s.p. 

3. John Ussher, Capt. in King Charles I.'s army, and said to 

have been killed in battle (cf. Play fair). In the list of 
the Irish Military Establishments in 1648, in T.C.D. MS., 
F 3, 13, p. 21, Capt. John Ussher commands the 3rd 
Compy. of Col. Wm. Flower's Regt. A John Usher, Esq., 
of Dublin, was M.P. for Newtownlimavady, 1639. 

4. James Ussher, a Captain in the army under Chas. I., said 

to have died in battle (cf. Playfair), but in Yol. L., p. 13, 
of the MSS. relating to the Irish Establishments, among 
the Captains of foot on Irish half-pay is " James Usher, 
1668." The Earl of Cork in his Diary writes: "23rd 
Augt., 1639. This day came from Skolton [in Gloucester- 
shire], thearle of Barrymore with Capts. Jas. Yscher, 
Captn. fitzGerald of Ballymertir, Captn. Henesie, and the 
King having given only £2,000 for raising and bringing 
out of Ireland 1,500 Irish soldeers, came to Stalbridge." 

5. Adam Ussher, mentioned in grant admon., 1715. 

6. Beverly Ussher, Colonel in the Duke of Ormonde's Guards 

of whom see in Chap. XY. 

7. Katherine Ussher, m. Sir Philip Percival, Knt., ancestor to 

the Earl of Egmont. She died 2nd Jany., 1681, and was 
buried 6th Jany., in St. Audoen's, leaving issue two sons : 


1. Sir John Percival,"created Bart. 1G61. 2. George 
Sir Philip Percival was son of Richard Percival, of the 
house of Ivry, whose ancestors came over to England with 
Wm. the Conqueror, and who being at the Court of 
Elizabeth, after one day's scrutiny deciphered the secret 
letters taken on board of a Spanish vessel, which first 
revealed the- design of the Armada. Sir Philip obtained 
grants of forfeited lands in Ireland to the amount of 
10,000 acres. In the patent of the baronetcy was a clause 
that the eldest son or grandson shall exist a Bart, after 
the age of 21 years at the same time with his grandfather 
or father. This family were elevated to the Peerage in 
1715. The Earl of Egmont is the present representative. 
8. Isabella Ussher m. as his 2nd wife, in 1635, Sir Percy 
Smyth, Knt., of Ballynatray, Co. Waterford. He m. 1st, 
Mary, dr. of Robert Meade of Broghill, Co. Cork, and by 
her, who d. 27th No\., 1633, had issue four drs. : 1. Mary, 
2. Dorothy, bothd. young. 3. MabeUa, m. Sir Harry Tynte. 
4. Joan m. Col. Beverly TJssher. The Earl of Cork says in 
his Diary : " Feb. 9th, 163f, Sir Peercie Smythe was 
married to Mrs. Ipsabell Yscher." "June 10th, 1635, this 
daie departure from Dublin in company with Sir Peercie 
Smyth and his ladie, my cozen Wm. Vscher's wife, Sir 
Wm. Parson's dr. towards Ballynetra ; where I beseech 
God to bless them." 
Sir Percy Smyth d. in 1657. In his prerog. wiU proved that year he 
desires to be buried in the Earl of Cork's tomb in Toughal Church, with his 
father and mother, and mentions his wife Isabella, and her sons Boyle, 
Percy, William, Richard and John Smyth, also his dr. Joan Yscher, and his 
well-beloved brother-in-law, Lt.-Col. Beverly Vscher. He had also by 
Isabella Ussher, five drs., Margaret d. unmd., Elizabeth ra. Chas. Oliver of 
Castle Oliver, Isabella m. Walter Galwa)'- of Cork, Maria m. Yery Rev. 
Arthur Stanhope, Dean of W^aterford ; Catherine m. Rev John Rugge. Sir 


Percy was the eldest son of Sir Richard Smyth, of Heath Hall, Yorks, and 
after of Balljoiatray, by his wife Mary Boyle, who was dr. of Roger Boyle, 
and his wife Joan IN^aylor,* and sister of Richard Boyle, the great Earl of 
Cork. The late Richard Smyth, Esq., of BaUinatra}', lineal descendant of Sir 
Percy's 4th son, Richard, left by his wife Harriet, 2nd dr. of Hayes St. 
Leger, 2nd Yisct. Doneraile, an only dr. and heiress, Charlotte Mary, who 
m. Hon. Chas. "Wm. Moore (brother of Stephen Moore, 4th Earl of Mount- 
cashell), who assumed by Royal License the name of More-Smyth, and is 
heir presumptive to the Earldom. 

9. Christopher Ussher, died young. 

10. Philip Ussher, died young. 

11. Arthur Ussher. In MS. Yol. F, relating to the Irish 

Establishments, p. 272, Irish Army List, is the name of 
Cornett Arthur Usher, 1662. 

We find in MS. YoL D, same series, p. 440 : " Comet 
Arthur Usher in full satisfaction of all y® arrears and pay 
due to him as Cornet to Sir Theophilus Jones, his Troope 
of Horse in His Majestie's Army in Ireland, from 21 Oct., 
1661, to 27 July, 1662, by warrant dated 23rd March, 
1667. £45 3s." 

" Ensign of a Regt. lately in Ireland, and now in or 
about London, 22 March, 1668, and out of employment." 
(Brit. Mus. Add. MS., 28,938). 

A letter of Arthur Usher from Tecroghan to Sir 
Theophilus Jones, dated 25th Jan., 1681, is preserved in 
the Ormonde Collection of Letters at Kilkenny Castle, 
page 786 b, also another from him to the Duke of Ormonde, 
1685, page 802, and one of a Mrs. Usher, page 543 b. 

In the Ormonde Collection at Kilkenny Castle is a 

* A portrait in oils of Robert Naylor of Canterbury, father of Joan Boyle, in 
armour, with many other fine family portraits, and all the original title deeds of the 
Smyth property of Headborough and Ballynatray, is at Ballynatray. 


Certificate, lOtli Nov., 1685, as to the loyalty of Arthur 
Usher, signed by Ld. Granard and Sir Thos. Newcomen. 

He afterwards lived at Osbertstown, Co. Kildare, with 
his brother-in-law, Sir Theophilus Jones (cf. will of Col. 
Beverly Ussher, 1683, who names him), and latterly in 
"Werburgh Street, Dublin. His will (Dub. Dio.) was pr. 
26th Novr., 1707. The will bears a seal with the Ussher 
arms, and reads thus : " I, Arthur Ussher, Esq., of Dublin, 
will to be buried in St. Audoen's Church, the burying place 
of my family — to my nephew "Wm. Ussher of Bridgefoot, 
Esq., son to Christopher of the same, Esq., late deceased, 
my house and ground whereon it stands in St. Warborough 
Street, late in the occupation of Rd. Buckley, deed., and 
all other houses and gardens in sd street, then to Wm. 
Ussher, eldest sou and male heirs, ' and for default to 
Henery Ussher and male heirs, and for want of them to 
my nephew John Ussher, son to S' Wm. Ussher, deed., and 
Master of Chancery — to my servant Ralph Barker, £40 ; 
to my nephew Adam, son to sd S'' Wm. Ussher, £100. 
Item to Frederick, son to Adam, £30. Item to sd nephew 
John Ussher, £20 ; to nephew Arthur Ussher, son of Sir 
Wm. Ussher, £20, etc. Nephew Wm. Ussher, Exor. 
18 Nov., 1707, 6th year of Queen Anne." 

There is a prerog. gr. admoa. of the goods of Arthur 
Ussher, late of Dublin, arm. in test to Adam Ussher his 
brother, John Ussher of Dub., arm. nepos (1716, May 5), 
ex p'd necnon prox. consanguin. dfti Arthur Ussher. 

There is also a Common Pleas judgment of Arthur 

Ussher v. the Duke of Ormonde, about 1680. 

12. Alice Ussher m. Sir Theophilus Jones of Osbertstown, 

Naas, Co. Kildare. 

She died 12th Jan., 1686. He died before her. In his prerog. will he 

mentions that he had bequeathed to his son. Sir Arthur Jones, in his marriage 

settlement estates in Co. Westmeath, Tipperary, King's and Queeu's Counties 


and elsewhere, and be now settles on him and on his sons-in-law, Francis 
Butler and Charles Rochfort all others. Dated 28th Aug., 1684., pr. 26th 
Jan., 1685, by his wife and son, executors. "Witnessed by Chr. Ussher, Arthur 
Jones, Robt. Rochfort, Theo. Harrison. 

According to the parish Register of Naas, " Sir Theophilus dyed and 
bur'd. the 8th of Jan., 168|." Sir Theophilus was a Colonel of Horse. He was 
son of Dr. Lewis Jones, Bishop of Killaloe, by Mabel, dr. of Arland TJssher 
and Margaret Stanihurst. A pedigree of the Jones family was published in 
the Irish Builder, 1888. In the Naas Register, " Thomas Jones, son of Sir 
Arthur Jones, Knt., by Mary his wife, was born at Osberstown in this parish, 
the 11th of Feb., 16i§, at 12 of the day and was christened 17th March by 
..." [the Testis torn away]. Also, "Bur'd. Naas, Alice, dr. of Sir Arthur 
Jones and Mary his wife." There is a paten in use at Naas Church, with 
this inscription, " A paten given by Dr. Ambrose Jones, Ld. Bishop of Kildare, 
to Trinit}" Chapel, Osberstown, being lost in the troubles of 1688, this is given 
in lieu thereof by Lady Mary Jones." 

The Earls of Lanesborough are descended from Alice TJssher, Lady Jones. 



Pedigree of the Family of Sir William Ussher, Junior. 

SIR WM. XJSSHER, Junior, bom about 1610, Knted. 26ih May, 1636, 
Churchwarden of St. Audoen's, 1660, d. 1671, m. 1st, Elizabeth 
Parsons, and had issue : 
I. Arthur Ussher, born about 1633, d.s.p. 
II. Christopher Ussher of Bridgefoot, born about 1634, d. 1707, 
m. about 1674, Martha, dr. of Thos. Piggott, who d. 1682, 
and had issue: 
I. Elizabeth Ussher, born 1674, died 1675. 

n. "William Ussher of Ussher's Quay, born 1675, d. 1719, M.P. 
for Limavady, 1713, m. 1695, Lettice, dr. and co-h. of Sir 
Henry Waddington, and had issue : 


1. Martha Ussher, born 169(3, d. 1709. 

2. Lettice Usslier, bora 1697, d. 1701. 

3. Christopber Ussber, born 1698, d. 1699. 

4. Dorotby Ussber, born 1700, ds.p. 1723, m. 1721, Richard 

Wingfield, afterwards Viscount Powerscourt. 

5. William TJssher, born 1703, d. 1705. 

6. "William Ussber, of Ussher's Quay, born 1705, d. unmd. 1747. 

7. Henry Ussher, of Ussher's Quay, bom 1706, d. 1761, m. 

1739, Frances, dr. of Samuel Waring of Waringstown, 
and had issue : 
(1) William Ussber, born 1740, d.y. 

8. Lettice Ussber, born 1708, d. 1713. 

9. John Ussher, born 1709, d. 1713. 

10. Martha Ussher, bom 1712, d. 1763, m. 1740, Anthony 
Marlay, and had issue : 

(1) Letitia Marlay, m. 1765, Sir Eicbd. Wolseley, and 
bad issue : Sir Richd. Wolseley, d. unmd. 1819. 
in. Martha Ussher, bap. 17th July, 1677, d. July, 1751, m. Ist, 
Chief Justice Nehemiah Donnellan, and had issue ; m. 2ndly, 
12th July, 1712, Hon. Philip Percival. 
IV, Florence Ussher, born about 1678, d. 1682. 
V. Henrj' Ussher, bom 16 — , d. 1741. 

III. Margaret Ussher, bom 1635, m. Richard Neville ; both died 


IV. Judith Ussher, bom 1636, d. lltb Oct., 1674, m. Sir James 

Wemyss, and had issue : 
I. Elizabeth Wemyss, d. 1688. 
II. Judith Wemyss. 
V. Elizabeth Ussher, born 1637, d. unmd. 1675. 
SIR WILLIAM USSHER, junior, m. 2ndly, in 1645, Ursula St. Barbe, 
and had issue : 
VI. John Ussher, Master of Chancery, born 1646, d. 1732, of whom 
see presently in Chap. XII. 
VII. William Ussher, born 1647, d. vinmd. 1686. 


VIII. Adam Ussher, Archdeacon of Clonfert, born 1650, d. 1713, m. 
1677, Rebecca, dr. of Gilbert Wye of Fahan, Co. Derry, who 
d. 1694, and had issue : 
I. Ann Ussher, born 1678. 

II. Rev. Wm. Ussher, born 1680, Archd. of Clonfert, m. Mary 
Jenney, and had issue : 
1. Christophilus Ussher. 2. Rev. Wm. Ussher, Archdn. 
3. Rev. Adam Ussher. 4. Arthur Ussher, 5. Mary Jenney 
Ussher, Viscountess Molesworth. 

III. Rebecca Ussher, bom 1682, m. Rev. Alex. Knox, Rector of 

Ramelfon, and had issue. 

IV. Ursula Ussher, born about 1684, m. Nathl. (?) Smith. 
V. John Ussher, born 1686, d. 1688. 

VI. Elizabeth Ussher, born about 1687. 
VII. Rev. Frederick Ussher, born 1689, m. Martha Cope, and had 

issue, d.v.p. 
VIII. Adam Ussher, born 1691, m. Jane Tichborne, and d.s.p. 
IX. Arthur Ussher, born 1693. 

X. Charles Ussher, born 1694, d. 1770, m. . . . and d.s.p. 
[xi. John Ussher, year of birth imcertain, m. Sarah Murphy and had 
issue, see Chap. XIV.] 
IX. Arthur Ussher of Ramelton, d. unmd. 1732. 

X. Henry Ussher, born . . ., d. 1658. 
XI. Mary Ussher bom . . ., m. Henry Colley in 1674, and had issue : 

I. Richard (Colley) Wesley, first Lord Momington. 
XII. Francis Ussher, born 16 . . . 

SIR WM. USSHER, junr., by his first wife, Elizabeth Parsons, had issue : 
I. Arthur Ussher, who was born about 1633, died young. 
II. Christopher Ussher of Bridgefoot and Ussher's Quay, who 
was born about 1634, died 10th Jany., I7O7; his will was 
proved 1707. In Lord Capel's letters is one to Sec^- 
Coventry', dated Jime 2nd, 1675, in which he says: "This 
gent., Mr. Usher will attend you, etc., and papers are sent 


about the lawsuit with a whole society and that, of the 
judges and lawyers of Ireland." 
He signed the Yestry book of St. Audoen's for the first time, l4th Oct., 
1673, and again, Feb., 1674 ; 17th Marcb, 1678, and 30th May, 1681. 

The names of Christopher and Wm. Ussher appear for the Co. Wicklow 
in the Subsidy Act, 1698, and that of Christopher for Dublin City in 1695. 
A writer, quoted by Gilbert, writes in 1698 : " Christopher Ussher of 
Bridge Foot is a person of true piety, solid judgment, and great estate, and 
God has given him a heart to do good with it in his lifetime, for he is very 
eminent for his great charity, and a vast encourager of learning. I could 
write a folio in this gentleman's praise, but he's as humble as he's rich ; so I 
shan't, lest I ofiend his modesty, but this bit is enough to show how worthy 
he is of that great name he bears." 

He m., 1675, Martha, dr. of Thomas Piggott of Long Ashton, Co. 
Somerset, Master of "Wards in Ireland ; she died, and was buried Sept. 31st, 
1682, in St. Audoen's. By her he had issue : 

I. Elizabeth Ussher, born 1674, buried at St. Audoen's, 23rd 

Dec, 1675. 
II. William Ussher of Ussher's Quay, born in Dublin, bapt. 19th 
Novr., 1675, at St. Audoen's, educated by Mr. Johnson, 
Wansworth, Co. Middlesex, entered T. CD., 1691, Sch. 1699, 
M.P. for Limavady, 1713-1715, died 20th Jany., 171^ 
buried in St. Audoen's. 
A letter of Wm. Ussher in Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 28, 890, to the brother of 
Welbore Ellis, Bishop of Meath, runs thus : 
" To John Ellis, Esq., 

" Sr., — The Bearer, Mr. Sherlock, is my freind whom I have desired 
to waite upon you about an arrear of rent due to me for a piece of land yonr 
brother, S' Wm. Ellis, held by lease from my father and w'^'' I understand is 
by act of parliament conveyed to you, itt is soe considerable a sum amounting 
to £2,400 pounds and allowed and decreed me by our trustees (w'^'' I appre- 
hend by a change in your act is to be made good) that I am very desirous itt 
should be made an end of and therfore must desire you may come to some 
resolution w"> him about it w*"- shall be conclusive toV'' most Hum. Scr., 

"Wm. Ussiir.n." 


William Ussher, senr., of Ussher's Quay, m. in 1695, Lettice, dr. and 
co-heiress of Sir Henrj^ Waddington, Knt., of Clostokin, near Atlienry, Co. 
Galway by his wife Martha Bagot ; Wm. Ussher died 20th Jan., 171|; a 
Prerog. gr. admon. of his goods was obtained 2 1st Feb., 17 If, by Letitia his 
relict, for his children, William, Henry, Dorothea, and Martha, minors. A 
coromission with respect to his property was issued by the Prerog. Court in 
1719. His wife, Lettice Ussher, died in 1732, and was buried in St. Audoen's. 
In her prerog. will she desires to be buried by her husband and children, 
devises her estate, etc., in trust to cozen Nehemiah Donallan, Esq., now 
residing in the Co. Wicklow, Rev. Arthur Ormsby of Ballygrenane, near 
Limerick, and Christopher Ussher of the Linen Board. Her dr. Martha to have 
two-thirds, son Henry Ussher one-third ; if Martha die, etc., her share to go to 
brothers William and Henry. £100 per ann. annuity p' chased for son Henry ; 
son William owes £500 for diet, etc., many years ; dr. Martha to have £4,000 : 
w. pr. 26th Jan., 1732. 

On 2nd March, 1731, Lettice Ussher, in a deed of sale of woods mentions 
that her br., Bigby Waddington, died leaving her and her sister, Dorothy 
Waddington, als Tempest, now Ormsby, co-heiresses of Sir Henry Waddington 
and his wife Martha Digby, als Bagot [younger dr. of Rev. Essex Digby, 6th 
son of Sir Robert Digby and the Baroness Oflfaly, and br. of the first Lord 
Digby. Essex Digby, Bishop of Dromore, m. 2ndly, Lettice, dr. of . . . 

Wm. Ussher, sen., had issue by Lettice his wife : 

1. Martha Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 25th June, 1696, buried 

1st May, 1709. 

2. Lettice Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 20th June, 1697, buried 

12th Oct., 1701. 

3. Christopher Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 9th July, 1698, 

buried 8th April, 1699. 

4. Dorothy Ussher, born about 1700, d.s.p. 1723; she m. 

Richard Wingfield (afterwards Lord Powerscourt) 30th 
Aug., 1721, by Prerog. Lie; she was buried Dec. 30th, 1723, 
in the Church of St. Audoen's. Mrs. Pendarvesin a letter 
dated Dublin, 1729, snys : "Mrs. Donnellan spoke of a 


friend of hers, an elder sister of Miss Usher's, adorned with 
uncommon accomplisliments of mind and body. She 
married greatly, and in the midst of the most splendid gay 
and happy life, was seized with a consumption that hurried 
her from what she enjoyed here, in all likelihood to an 
uninterrupted happy state." 

5. William Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 21st Sept., 1703, 

buried 1705. 

6, William Ussher, jun., of Ussher's Quay, bom about 1705, 

d.s.p. 1747, enter'd T.C.D. as a Fellow Commoner 1719, 
B.A. 1727, High Sheriff, Co. Dublin, 1733. 

There are notices of him in Mrs. Pendarves, als Delany's Letters. Thus, 
in a letter of 26th Sept., 1731 : " Miss Usher's brother is a very agreeable 
young man, has sense and humour, but is so backward that I believe I never 
shall be better acquainted with him than to ask the common question of the 
hour and weather, etc." 

However she soon changed her mind and wrote, Dublin, 14th Dec, 1731, 
" Went to the ridotto. I danced with Mr, Usher 2 dances and had like to have 
been torn limb from limb." " This afternoon, music. Mr. Usher (who by- 
the-by is given me for a husband by the tattle of the town) came." 3rd Feb., 
1732. "Monday evening had an assembly of our prettiest men, Mr. Will 
Usher, etc. — Tuesday, were to eat oysters at Mr. Pilkington's, aud went, 
according]}' every woman was to take a man. My man was to have been Mr. 
Usher, but he basely deserted me." Dublin, 30th March, 1732. " Yesterday 
an assembly at Mrs. Butler's ; while eating, fiddles were sent for. Phill. danced 
with her cousin Will. Vsher." " Dangan, 29th May, 1732. We left Dublin, 
Mr. Usher, Nemmy Donnellan, etc., on horseback." " Jan., 1733. Last Tues- 
day dined at Mr. Usher's — we are to have a ball, of which 3 Kings and 3 
Queens, vizt., Lord Mountjoy, Mr. Thomson, Mr. Usher, Miss Penyfather, 
Miss Biddy Southwell, and mystlf." " 20th Feb., 1733. Mr. Usher is to call 
on us at one o' the clock to take the air ; afterwards we are to go home and 
dine with him; the hour draws near and I am not yet dressed, so farewell." 
" Dangan, 5th April, 1 733. Mr. Wesley has provided every one with a walking 
staff whereon is fixed our Parnassus' name. Mr. Usher is Vulcan." " 1 1th April, 


1733. Trim is the County To"wti ; went and saw King Jolin's Castle; his butler, 
gentleman-usher and standard bearer were the ancestors of the Dake of 
Ormond, Mr. Usher and Mr. "Wesley. Mr. Usher being High Sheriff of 
Co. Dublin this year, had to go to town." 

In Faulkner's Dublin Journal, 1747, we read that, ""Wra. Usher of Usher's 
Quay, Esq., died 7 Jiily, and is succeeded by his brother Henry Usher, Esq., 
Councellor." Also, in Faulkner's, 2nd Jan., 1748, is an advertisement of the 
sale of part of the estate of Wm. Usher, Esq., deed., for payment of debts, 
viz.: part of Donny brook, set at £416 7s. 6d. perann., the peel near Clonskeagh, 
also Killeroghter, Ballynehinch and Ballynowlan, Co. Wicklow, the ground- 
rents of a great part of Usher's Quay, Bridgfoot St., £458 per ann. and a 
tenemt. in High Str., called ' The Three Candlesticks,' set at £10 p. ann." 

7. Henry Ussher, born 1706, bap. Sept. 24th, St. Audoen's, 

confirmed at St. Patrick's Cathl. 1720, entered T.C.D. 24th 

April, 1722, B.A. Yern. 1726, Councillor-at-law, afterwards 

succeeded in 1747 to his brother William's estates. He 

lived in King St., Stephen's Green, and m. Frances, dr. of 

Samuel "Waring of "Waringstown, Co. Down, M.P. for 

Hillsborough by his wife, Grace, dr. of the Rev. Samuel 

Holt, (Saml. "Waring was son of Wm. "Waring, who m. 

2udly, Jane Close). The License (Consist'l) of H. Ussher's 

marriage is dated 8th April, 1739. They were married at 

St. Anne's, Dublin, 10th April, 1739, by Rev Mr. Holt. 

Mrs. Pendarves says, " 13th July, 1731, London. Last Friday I dined at 

Mr. "Wesley's and met Harry Usher." Again, " 19th July, 1752. Will's brother 

Harry Usher, been a year or two at the Bath ; his wife is a pretty woman." 

In the Registers of St. Bride's Church, Dublin, the baptism of "Wm. Ussher, 
son of Henry and Frances Ussher of Peter St., Dublin, on May 28th, 1740, is 
given. He must have died in infancy. Henry Ussher was buried in St. 
Audoen's from King St., Stephen's Greer, 23rd Jan., 1761. 

His prerog. will was proved 29th Jan., 1761 and requests that the debts 
of his late father "Wm. Usher, Esq., and his late brother "Wm. Usher, Esq., 
and his own debts be first paid. Further, " I leave the fee farm rents and 
lands of Inheritance to Isaac Holroyd and Stratford Canning of Dublin, Esqrs,, 


in trust, viz., if I die without issue in the lifetime of my wife Frances, for the 
use of my wife, and after dec. for my sister Marlay, wife of Anthony Marlay, 
Esq., and after for the first son of Martha Marlay, etc., and in default of such 
male issue to Lettice Marlay, only dr. and her heirs male, and in default to 
Christopher Usher, of Mt. Usher, late clerk of the Linen Board. For my wife, 
the plate, all the ready money, etc., and she to be sole executrix. Dated 24th 
Aug., 1757." He also mentions in it a mortgage on Lambay Island. 

A portrait of Mrs. Henry Ussher is preserved in Waringstown House, 
near Lurgan, Co. Down, the residence of her brother's descendant, Colonel 
Waring, M.P., together with a quantity of old plate engraved with the 
Ussher arms. Mrs. Ussher spent much time at Bath, and it is said that 
one night when she was at a party her footman arrived at the host's house 
seeking her. He told the butler to say that she was wanted, and when the 
butler asked how he should know her, was told in reply, to go to the 
handsomest old lady in the drawing room. She died at an advanced age. 

8. Lettice Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, Jan. 19th, 1708, buried 

15th Augt., 1713. 

9. John Ussher, d.y., buried in St. Audoen's, 9th Sept., 

10. Martha Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 27th July, 1712, d. 

Mrs. Pendarves in a letter, Dublin, 1729, says : "I am pleased you took 
so much notice of Miss Ussher ;" and on 22nd Sept., 1731 : "Mrs. Ussher and 
her son and daughter came ; you were much enquired after and heartily 
wished for ; the next day we dined at Mrs. Usher's and supped, an established 
rule in this place, and were very handsomely entertained." Again, " 26th Sept., 
1731. Your friend Miss Ussher is much improved, and very justly placed 
among the pretty women. She is a very good humoured cheerful girl, and 
much at your service, as she often tells me." Again, " Jan. 4th, 1733, Dublin. 
To-day I dine at Mr. Stanley Monck's. In the evening oysters — Miss Ussher 
and her cousin, Miss Ormsby, came." 

Martha Ussher m. 26th Oct., 1740, in St. Audoen's Church, Dublin, 
Anthony Marlay, 3rd son of Chief Justice Thos. Marlav, bv whom she had 


( 1) Lettice Marlay, born abH741, m. Richard Wolseley, Esq., 
in St. Thomas' Church, Dublin, SlstJan^- 1765 (the Bishop 
of Clogher performing the ceremony), and had issue : 
[1] Richard U ssher Wolseley, bom in Marlborough Street, 
bap. St. Thomas' Church, Dub., 7th May, 1766, who 
succeeded his father as Bart., and died unmd. 1819. 
[2] A son, born 27th March, 1667, d.y. 
[3] Antony Ussher "Wolseley, born in Earl Street, Dub., 
bap. 23rd Sept., 1772, St. Thomas' Church, Dub., 
d.y., son of Sir Richard and Lady Wolsely. 
Sir Richard "Wolseley, the husband of Miss Ussher, was eldest son to Sir 
Richard "Wolseley, of Mt. "Wolseley, Co. Carlo w, and Alice, great grand- 
daughter of Daniel Molyneux and Jane TJssher. "Williatn "Wolseley, Capt. 8 th 
Hussars, was his youngest brother, and grandfather of Yiscouat "Wolseley. 
Lord Wolseley possesses some property on Usher's Quay out of which he was 
awarded £1,220 compensation by the Corporation of Dublin for two houses, 
No. 9 and 10, which are to be taken down to make a new street from New 
Row thro' Mullinahack (1888). 

m. Martha Ussher, dr. of "Squire" Christopher and Martha 
Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, July 17th, 1777, died July, 1751, 
m. first, Nehemiah Donnellan, Lord Chief Justice of the 
Common Pleas, M.L. March 21st, 1694, and had issue : 

1. Martha Donnellan, bap. 18th Nov., 1695 [was she wife 

of Wm. Maynard, buried Jan. 16th, 1713, in Squire 
Usher's vault ?] 

2. Elizabeth Donnellan, born 1696, buried 23rd April, 1698. 

3. William Donnellan, d.y. 

4. Christopher Donnellan, born 1703 ; F.T.C.D., 1728-35 ; 

Rector of Iniscarra, Co. Cork, d. 1750. 

5. Catherine Donnellan m. Dr. Clayton, Bishop of Clogher. 

IV. Florence Ussher, born 1678, buried St. Audoen's, 3rd Oct., 1682. 
V. Henry Ussher, buried St. Audoen's, 1st Dec, 1741. 
III. Margaret Ussher, born 1635, m. Richard Neville ; both died 



lY. Judith Ussher, bap. St. Audocn's 8tli May, 1636, m. Sir James 
eldest son of Sir Patrick Werayss at St. Audoen's, 5tli Feb., 
1665, died Uth Oct. and buried Mtb Oct., 1674, in St. 
Audoen's ; sbe bad issue by Sir James Wemyss (who d. 1672, 
leaving bis wife by will £250 p. ann.) two drs. and cc-beiresse.s 


1. Elizabeth Wemyss, who in her will pr. Dublin 1688, leaves to 
her relatives the following legacies : "I leve to Chris'for, 
to my oncle IJssher £200, to Wille Ussher £100, to Mabe 
Ussher £100, to Mabe Wemyss £100, to my cosen 
Frances Wemyes £100, to my aunt Jons £50, to my cosen 
Morris £50, to my oncle Wemyes £10, to oncle Anton £10, 
to my oncle John Ussher £20, to my oncle William Ussher 
£10, to my oncle Artar Ussher £10, to oncle Adam Ussher 
£10, to Capt. Morris £10, to my cosen Donalan £10, to 
Docter Mollainex £10. To Maby Ussher my jewel and all my 
other little things, and to Wille Usser my salt celers and castors. 
" Eliz. Wemyes, May y« 30, 1688. 
"I leve my oncle Christefor Ussher my Exector. y* is my last 
will befor in a silver box behind my books in my closet." 
Her father left her £2,000. 
Elizabeth Wemyss, d. unmd., 19th July, aged 21, and was buried 
" in Squire Usher's vault" at St. Audoen's, July 21st, 1688. 
n. Judith Wemyss [? Mary], d. young ; her father in his will left 
her £1,500. 
V. Elizabeth Ussher, born 1637, d. unmd. 1675. 
Sir Wm. Ussher, junior, by Ursula St. Barbe, his second wife, had issue : 
VI. John Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 10th March, 164i entered 
T.C.D. in 1661 in his sixteenth year, B.A. 1665, LL.D., 
barrister-at-law, of whom see in Chap. XIII. 
VII. William Ussher, 3rd son of Sir Wm. Ussher, bap. 25th Nov., 
1647, at St. Audoen's, entered T.C.D., 1665, died unmd., 
1686, buried at St. Michan's, March, 1686. 
In List of " Prot. Officers lately in the Army in Ireland, and now in or 


about London out of employment. Officers in the Eoyal Regt. of Foot 

Guards, 22nd Mar., 1688.— Lieut. Wm. Usher, etc."; also stated to have been 

an Ensign, 1688, in the Duke of Ormond's disbanded Guards. (Brit. Mus. Add. 

MS. 28,938). The writer of these lists may not have known of Wni. Ussher's 


Till. Rev. Adam Ussher, Archdeacon of Clonfert, born 1650 in 
Dublin, educated with his brother William by Mr. Gary, 
entered T.C.D., 1665 [B.A. 1669], M.A. 1672, Aest. On 
15th Dec, 1675, he was presented by the Crown to the 
Vicarage and Rectory of Kilmore, Dio. Meath. He was 
Preb^- of Stagonill, 8th Feb., 1678. On 2nd July, 1680, he 
was presented to the Rectory of Clontarf, and on 31st July, 
1680, the Impropriation of Clontarf was granted to him. 
He was instituted to Ardstraw Rectory, 19th Augt., 1680. 
On 1st April, 1686, License of the Cure of the Parish of Kil- 
] ester was granted him. He resided latterly in Channell 
Row, Dublin, was made Archdeacon of Clonfert, 8th June, 
1702, and a member of the Irish Convocation, as Archdn., 
Jany., 1704. He was buried in St. Paul's, Dublin. " May, 
26, 1713, buried Mr. Adam Ussher " (St. Paul's Register). 
A grant admon. of his goods intest. was made to Rev. John 
Farquhar and John Hogg of Moneymore, principal creditors, 
16th March, 1715, and a Commission granted Rev. John 
Farquhar of Capleshawe, Co Monaghan, and John Hogg, of 
Moneymore, in Co. Londonderry, creditors of Adam Usher, 
late of Channell Row, near the City of Dublin, Clk., intest. 
df't., directed to Rev. Christophilus Jenny, D.D., Thos. and 
Hugh McLernon, gts. 22nd Nov., 1715. 
Adam Ussher m. about 1676, Rebecca, dr. of Gilbert Wye, of the Co. 

Antrim, Steward or Agent of the Estates of the Earl of Donegal, 1661, and 
subsequently of Fahan, Co. Derry, and sister of Rev. Mossom Wye. The Derry 

will of Joan, 2nd wife of Gilbert Wye, Esq., of Fahan, dated March, 1687, 
nuncupative, her will (w<=^ in this time of calamity was taken away by the 
enemy and lost)— to Gilbert Wye, £1 ; to Saml. Xewcomen \ a balliboe of 


land in the q'"- of Caromullan, and to his dr. Susan. Her late husband 
l*hilip Hill, w. pr., 1690. There was one Robert Wye, mentioned in the list 
of "Adventurers." 

The Rev. Mossom Wye, D.D., son of Gilbert Wye, born 1662 in Co. 
Antrim, entered T.C.D. 16th Nov., 1677, Sch. 1680, B.A.1682,B.D. 1696, D.D. 
1700, Title to Yicarage of Tallonstown 23rd May, 1685, Kilsaran, 6th July, 
1689, named for Co. Louth in Subsidy Act, 1698. Proctor for Chapter of Raphoe 
DJo. Jan., 1704, Rector of St. Peter's, Drogheda 1719, buried at Dunleer 3rd 
Jan., 1726. He m. Miss Piers and had a son. Rev. Chas. Wye, born at 
Dunleer 1694, w. p. Cork 1784 ; who had a son Francis Wye, and 2 drs., 
Mary, wife of . . . Qviin, and Elizth. his exor. Chas. Wye was Rector of 
Kilmeen and Ballymoney, Co. Cork. 

From a Chancery Bill, 1719, it appears that the Dean and Chap, of Christ 
Church, Dublin, being owners in fee, of Ballymolgan, Tipperstown, etc., and 
of Simmons court with the old ruinous Castle and gatehouse, etc., did on 29th 
Sept. 1717, demise them to Rev. Mossom Wye, D.D., for 21 years, being 426a. 
2r. 30p., at £105 p. ann. They were assigned to the suppliant, Christopher 
Ussher by Mossom Wye and Elizabeth Wybrants. 

Mrs. Adam Ussher was buried in the 3rd vault on the left of the Chancel 
of St. Michan's 10th Aug., 1694. 

Rev. Adam Ussher had issue by her : 

I. Ann Ussher, bap. 24th Feb., 1678, St. Michan's, buried 6th 

May, 1752, in the Chancel of St. Audoen's. 

II. William Ussher, born Dublin, bap. 12th May, 1680, entered 

T.C.D. 1697, aged 16, educated by Mr. Davy, B.A. 1702, 

Rector of Derrynoose, Dio. of Armagh, 17th Feb., 1743, 

and Archdeacon of Clonfert; he died 1744, and was buried 

in St. Audoen's 18th Jan., 1744, w. pr. 10th July same year. 

He was twice married — first to Mary, dr. of Rev, 

Christophilus Jenney, D.D., by whom he had issue ; secondly 

on 20th Oct., 1733, to Anne, dr. of Rev. Henry Jenney, 

Archdeacon of Dromore, first cousin to his first wife. 

In his will. Archdeacon Ussher leaves £20 to his wife Anne Ussher, als 

Jenny, to buy mourning ; to his sons Wm., Christophilus, Adam, and Arthur, 


£10 each to buy mourning. " All my plate and furniture to my brothers 
Fred, and Chas. in trust for the use of my wife, and after her death to my sons. 
My wife £10 per ann., which I have for my dr. Mary's life out of the estate 
of Hercules Langford Rowley, Esq., and after my wife's decease to one of my 
sons, as she appoints, and also what I am entitled to for my improvements on 
the estate of Madden, etc., I give to my sons." Wife and brothers exors. 

His 2nd wife, Anne Tssher, made her will 30th May, 1743 ; it was pr. 3rd 
July, 1752, by Eev. Fred., Adam and Chas. Ussher, surviving exors. In it 
she says that by a deed of settlement at her marriage she had power to settle 
£1,000 and also £500 mentioned. She leaves to her god-daughter, Mary 
Jenny Ussher, £600— to Christophilus Ussher £200, son of Archd. Ussher — 
to Wm., Adam and Arthur Ussher £200 to be equally divided — to the 4 sons 
of Archdeacon Ussher £500. "Whereas £1,600 aforesd. was secured on lands 
and tenemts. in and about Lurgan in Co. Armagh which may decrease in value, 
Marv Jenny Ussher is to receive in full first. Later codicil, to Lady Moles- 
worth to buy mourning, and the sniiff box L*^- Molesworth gave me, and to 
Miss Harriott Molesworth, etc. 

Account of the Family of Jenney. — Jenney of Bredfield, Co. Sufi'olk, was 
from Guisnes, near Calais, and came with Wm. I. to Haverland in Norfolk. The 
name of this branch was changed from Gyney to Jenaey. Sir Wm. Jenney, 
Knt., of Knodishall, Judge K.B., 1477. Sir Robt. Jenney, Knt., of Knodishall, 
m. 1640, Elizth. Offley. Traditionally when Capt. Barret of Fleetwood's Horse 
got Clanconnell (Donaghdoney and TullylishJ Co. Down, by buying up in 
addition to his own grant, all his troopers' debentures, for beer and horses, a 
Cornet Jenney alone held out and retained the townlands of Cornrainy and 
Gortmoira. On Aug. 12th, 1673, Elizabeth, dr. of Mr. Walter Jenney and 
Joan his wife, wasbapt. at St. Audoen's, Dublin. He was perhaps a brother 
of Rev. Henry Jenney, who signed as Prebendary of Mullaghbrack in 1666, 
and was probably father of — 

I. Rev. Christophilus Jenney, MA., D.D., born about 1650, subscribed 
Declaration of Conformity, as Rector of Mullaghbrack and 
Kilcluna, Au^.t., 1674, attainted, 1688 ; resigned, 1690, " iu 
order to go abroad, partly on his own, and parth'- on public 
affairs, and 9th Feb., 1690, had a discharge Irom his cure, 
and a testimonial of his rrood behaviour. He had been active 


at tlie defence of Derry." In 1695 the Crown did by Lett. 
Pat., Aug. 7th, 1695, appoint him to be Rector of the College 
Livings of Arboe and Ardtrea, and Archdeacon of Ossory on 
the promotion of Edward Walkington to the See of Down 
and Connor, Jenney being then chaplain to the Lord Deputy 
Capel. In 1698 he is mentioned in the Subsidy Act. His 
two Tyrone livings he held till his death in March, 1724. 
But he resigned the Archdeaconry of Ossory in 1700, havino' 
exchanged it with John Hint on for the Prebend of Rath- 
michael in St. Patrick's, Dublin, which he held till 1713. 
In 17U2, Wm. King, Bp. of Derry, visited the Diocese of 
Armagh by Commission from Primate Boyle, and reported 
that Dr. Jenney had gone to England and left only a Deacon 
in charge ; he was thereupon suspended until he went 1o 
reside in Ardtrea. Rev. C. Jenney m. . . . and had issue : 
I. William Jenney, born 1688, B. A., T.C.D., 1709. ii. Joshua 
Jenney, Kot. Pub. Fac, 1717. iii. Mary Jenney m. as first 
wife Archdeacon Wm. Ussher, senr , Rector of Derrvnoose. 
II. Re\-. Henry Jenny or Jenney, younger son of Rev. Henry Jenny, 
Senr., born about 1652, SchlT.C.D., 1673; B.A., 1676; M.A., 
1682; B.D. andD.D., 1701; Yicar of Seagoe, 16 S3; Chaplain 
to the Archbishop of Dublin; attainted by Jac. II., 1689; col- 
lated to Mullaghbrack,Oct., 1690; collated Rectory of Shankill 
(Lurgan) and Prebend of Dromara, 9th Augt., 1687 ; Rector 
of Donaghcloney and Tullylish, 1701-41, and Archdeacon of 
Dromore, m. . . . and had: i. Rev. Henry Jenney, born at 
Lisburn, 1681, Sch. T.C.D., 1699; B.A., 1702 ; M.A., 1705 ; 
B.D. and D.D., 1718 ; Prebendary of Mullaghbrack. 
Archdeacon of Armagh, Rector of Armagh, 1738, ditd 
1753, and there ^"s a monument to him in Armigh Cathl., m. 
Mary Daw.^on, who d. 1769, and had issue: 1. Rev. Henrv 
Jenney, B.A., 1748, curate of Armagh, m. and had a son, 
Henry. 2. Robert. 3. Edmond, of Liverpool, m. Ann . . . 
and d. 1769. 4. Marmaduke m. Mary . . . and d. 1785. 
5. Francis, ii. Christophilus Jenney of Dublin, born 1693, d. 
1741, m 1729, Elizabeth, dr. and heiress of ^ym. Brabazon of 
The Park, Co. Louth, and had issue:* 1. Henr^\ 2. Brabazon. 

• Of these : 1. Henry Jenney of Dublin, ni. Catheriue Clarges of Dublui. He became 
after 1763 Capt. of the oth Roy il Irish Dragoons. His w. pr., 1792, names bis children 
Anne and Gould, his property passed to his brothers. 2. Brabazon Jenney, Lieut. 5th 
Dragoons, who assumed the name of Brabazon, m. 1777, Margaret Lynch. He had 3 
drs. of whom one m. James Barton, and one son, Henry Jenney Brabazon of Willville, 
Co. Louth. 3. Christophilus, born 1739, ent. T.C.D., 1756. 4. Elizabeth m. 1758, 
JohnClincb. 5. Anne m 1763, Anthony Garstin of Braganstown, Co. Louth. [Informa- 
tion received from J. R. Garstiii, F.S.A ] 


3. Christopliilus. 4. Elizabeth 5. Ann. iii. Rev. Robert 
Jenney, B.A., T.C.D., 1709, Missionary of the S. P. G. at 
Hempstead in Long Island, and from 1742 to 1762 at 
Philadelphia, U.S.A. iv. Elizabeth m. 23rd Sept., 1704, Mr. 
George Lambert, v. Elinor m. 4th March, 1701, Dr. John 
Barton, and had issue: John, Elinor, James, Richd., Benjn., 
Nathl., Henry, a dr. m. first Mr. Merrifield, secondly, Arch- 
deacon Wm. Ussher, junr., Preb'- of St. Audoen's. vi. Jane, 
m. 9th Dec, 1713, Francis Sadler, vn. Ann m. as 2nd 
wife. Archdeacon Wm. Ussher, senr., and died s.p. Arch- 
deacon Jenney died at his house at Harrimount, Co. Down, 
aged 90, 20th Nov., 1742. 

People of this name and of the middle class still live in Lurgan, and there 
is also a family of Jenneys near Bungay in Norfolk. 

[For many of these items the writer is indebted to Bishop Reeves, and 
the Rev. Abraham Dawson of Seagoe.] 

Archdeacon "William Ussher, by Mary Jenney, his first wife, had issue : 

1. ChristophUus Ussher, deed, between 1760-63. Lady Moles- 

worth's will mentions him as dead. "Was he the same as 
Ensign Christopher Ussher, promoted Lieut, in 3rd Comp''- 
Otway's Regt., Dec, 1745 ? 

2. Rev. Wm. Ussher, born 1718, in the Co. Armagh, educated 

by Rev. Dr. Skelton, entered T.C.D., 1735 ; B.A., 1740; 
M.A. 1743 ; ordained Deacon about 1741 ; ordained priest 
12th April, 1742, at St. John's Church, Dublin, by the 
Bishop of Ferns and Leighlin; appointed to the parish of 
Kilteel and Rathmore, loth Jan., 1745 ; Preb''- of Kilmac- 
talway and Rector of Clondalkin 13th Dec, 1748 ; Arch- 
deacon of Glendalough, 1752, which he resigned; Rector of 
Carancastle, Beleston and Derrykeigham in Co. Antrim ; 
Preby- of St. Audoen's, Dublin, 1763 ; m. Mrs. Merrifield, 
his cousin, dr. of Dr. J. Barton of Lisburn, who died at 
Leinster St., Dublin, s.p., and was buried in St. Audoen's, 
10th March, 1770. He died 1773. His prerog. will dated 
6th Feb., 1773, pr. 19th April, 1774, leaves to his sister- 
in-law, Elinor Barton, his estate in the Co. Fermanagh' 
also the interests of the lands of Lisnatrunck, the mills 


of Lisburn and several other lands and tenements in or 
about Lisbum, which I hold under Lord Hertford, and 
which I got by my wife, and after her to my nephew, John 
Barton ; to the charity boys of St. Audoen's £100 to be put 
to interest for them by the minister and churchwardens 
of sd. Church ; to the poor widows of my 3 churches in the 
Co. Artrim, Carancastle, Beleston and Derrykeigham £10 
each ; to my nephew, Lord Molesworth, my books and 
plate (except those with the Molesworth crest) which 
belong to his sisters as the chattels of their mother, also to 
him £600 ; to my goason, Wm. Ponsonby, 2nd son to my 
niece, Louisa Ponsonby, £1,000, and if he die, to his brother 
Richard ; to my nieces, Harriette and Elizabeth Molesworth, 
to be residuary legatees and my house in Clare Str. ; to be 
buried in the family vault in St. Audoen's. Grant admon. 
to Sir Annesly Stewart, Bart., Exor. 

3. Rev. Adam Ussher, born at Armagh 1730, educated by Dr. 

Skelton, entered T.C.D. 1737, B.A. 1741, ordained Deacon 
on Sunday 25th Sept. at St. Patrick's, by the Archbp. of 
Dublin, 1743, Curate of Clontarf, died Sunday, 8th Sept., 
1745, of fever and pleurisy, and was buried in St Audoen's, 
10th Sept., 1745. 

4. Arthur Ussher, Master and Commander in the Royal Navy, 

17th Jan., 1757, perished in the fire with his sister, 6th 
May, 1763. 
Mary Jenney Ussher, m. as his second wife, 7th Feb., 1744, 
Richard, third Lord Yiscount Molesworth, and was burnt 
to death 6th May, 1763. The following extract from a 
letter dated London, 7th May, 1763, is to be found in 
Faulkner's Dublin Journal for that week : " It is with the 
utmost horror tliat I relate to you the dismal catastrophe 
which befel poor Lady Molesworth and her family yesterday 
morning about 5 o'clock, when a fire suddenly broke forth 
in her house by the carelessness of a servt. in the nursery, 
in which she herself, two of her daughters, her brother, 


■who was Capt. of a Man-of-War, the children's goremess, 
and two other maid servants perished. The other three 
daughters are indeed not consumed, bat scarce in a condi- 
tion preferable, the eldest jumping out of a 2nd floor 
window was caught upon the iron palisades, which tore 
her thigh so miserably that the surgeons were obliged to 
cut it off directly four inches above the knee ; another has 
her thigh bone broken close to the hip ; a third bruised 
from head to foot, and both much scorched. . . . List of 
saved : Lord Molesworth, fortunately at school ; Miss 
Harriet, thigh cut off and the other leg much torn with 
spikes ; Miss Louisa, thigh broken near the hip, but set and 
hopes of cure without amputation, head cut but not frac- 
tured; Mr. and Mrs. Molesworth; Miss Betty much bruised 
and scorched. Perished : Lady Molesworth, Miss Melesina, 
Miss Molly, Capt. Ussher, Mrs. Morelle, governess to the 
children ; Mr?. Patterson, Lady Molesworth's woman." 

Lady Molesworth's will was pr. 29th Xov., 1763. She had issue 
by Lord Molesworth : 

(1) Hon. Mary Molesworth, bom prematurely, 24th Sept., 

1744, d. young. 

(2) Hon. Henrietta Molesworth, born July, 1745, m. 10th 

Oct., 1774, Ptight Hon, John Staples, of Lissan, Co. 
Derry, and had issue, of whom see below. 

(3) Hon. Melesina Molesworth, born 27th Dec, 1746, 

burnt in the fire Gth May, 1763. 

(4) Hon. Mary Molesworth, born 30th Nov., 1747, perished 

in the fire, Gth May, 1763, 

(5) Hon. Kichard IS'assau, 4th Lord Molesworth, born 4th 

Nov., 1748, d.s.p. ^Srd June, 1793. 

(6) Hon. Louise Molesworth, born 23rd Oct., 1749, m. 1st, 

Wm. Brabazon Ponsonby, Lord Ponsouby of Imokilly 
26th Dec, 1769, and had issue : 



[1] John, 2nd Lord Ponsonby,and otliers. Slie m. 2ndly, 
Wm., 4tli Earl FitzWilliam, andd.s.p. ist Sept., 1824. 

(7) Hon. Elizabeth Molesworth, born 17th Sept., 1751, m. 

James Stewart of Killymoon, Co. Derry. 

(8) Hon. Charlotte Molesworth, bom 2nd Oct., 1755, in 

Henrietta St., Dublin. 
Ptichard, third Lord Viscount Molesworth, Field Marshal in the British 
Array, Commander-in-Chief in Ireland, Aide-de-Camp to the great Duke of 
^Marlborough, whose life he saved at Dlenheim, d. 1758. 

Hon. Henrietta Molesworth, the second dr., who m. the Hight Hon. John 
Staples of Lissan, M.P. Co. Antrim, had issue a second son, the Rev. John 
Molesworth Staples, who m. Ann, Recond dr. of Dr. xsTathl. Alexander, Lord 
Bishop of Meath, and had issue, Sir Nathaniel A. Staples, Bart., of Lissan, Co. 
Tyrone, who by his wife Elizabeth, only dr. of Capt. James Head, had issue 
'with others, Cecilia Staples m. Frederick Greer of Tullylagan, Co. Tyrone 
(eldest son of the late Thomas Greer of Tullylagan, and Wilhelmina, 5th dr. 
of Arthur Usshe i Oamphire, Co. AVaterford) and has issue Thomas Greer, 
(of. Chap. XYI.) 

Henrietta, wife of the Right Hon. John Staples, had issue also Grace 
Louisa Staples, who m. in 1807 James Butler, 19th Earl and 1st Marquis of 
Ormonde, and was mother of the late Marquis of Ormonde, of Lord James 
"Wandesford Butler, and of the Countess of Clermont, and grandmother 
of the present Marquis of Ormonde. 

in. Ptebecca Ussher, third child of Archdeacon Adam Ussher, 
bap. St. Michan's, Dublin, 18th April, 1682, m. Rev. 
Alexan'^pr Knox, Rector of Ramelton, Co.Donegal (son of Wm. 
Knox of Ashmoyne, Co. Donegal, who died 1710) andhad issue : 

1. William Knox. 

2. Rebecca Knox. The will of Rebecca Knox, Spinster, 

of Dublin, was pr. at Raphoe, 1766. She leaves her 
brs.-in-law. Rev. Bernard Ward and Ptev. Dr. John 
Lamy, the lease of Ashmoyne ; leaves legacies to her 
brother Wm. Knox, her sister Ann Lamy, her nephews 
Chas. and Rnlph Ward and John Lamy, her niece 


/ PLcbecca Lamy, now wife of George Young, Esq., and 

/ Ann Lamy, now wife of Chas. Nisbitt, Esq., lier niece 

/ Ann lYhaley and her brother Arthur "Ward, and her 

/ uncle Cbas Ussher. "Witnesses, Wra. and Chas. TJssher. 

I 3. Barbara Knox m. Rev. Bernard "Ward, and had issue : 

Chas. "Ward, Rev. Ralph "NYard, Arthur "Ward, Ann Ward, 

m. . . . Whaley. 

4. Ann Knox m. Rev. Dr. John Lamy, and had issue : John 

Lamy, Rebecca Lamy, wife of Geo. Young, Ann Laray, 
wife of Chas. Xishitt. 

5. Adam Knox. 6. John Knox. 7. Oliver Knox. 

IV. "CFrsida Ussher, born ab^ut 1684, m. I^athl. Smith, and had 

issue, Arabella, John and Rev, Wm. Smith. 
V, John Fssher, bap. St. Michan's, Dublin, 18th Sept., 168G, 
buried same, 11th Hay, 1688. 

VI. Elifabeth Ussher, born about 1687. 

vn. Rev. Frederick Ussher, bap. St. Michan's, 23rd Xov., 16'^!); 
educated in Dublin by Dr. Jones; entered T.C.D., 1705; 
B.A. 1709. He was presented to the Rector}' of Clontarf, 
8th Jure, 1713, and held it for 53 years. He was also 
Rector of Castletown Arra, Dio, Killaloe, imd died 14th 
Nov., 1766. He m. Martha Martyr Cope, dr. of Richard 
Cope and bis wife Elizth. Whaley, which Richard was son 
and heir of Walter Cope of Drumsally, Co. Armagh, by 
Martha, 5th dr. of the first Lord Blayuey. By her he had 
issue : 

1. Thomas Ussher, bap. St. Ann's, Dublin, 25th Aug., 1730, 

died voung:, and was buried in Clontarf Churchyard. 

2. Richard Ussher, died young, buried same place. 

3. William Ussber, died young, buried same place. 

The prerog. will of Rev. Fred. Ussher, D.D., Rector of C'nntarf, and 
Rector and Yicar of the Union of Castletown Arrha, Co. Tipperary was proved 
Dec, 1766, fifteen days after his death ; in it he wills to be buried with his 
children, leaves all to liis wife, whom he appoints exor., M'ith hi'? bmdicr Cha*. 


\o assist her ; dated 22nd Bee, 1760; a codicil 5tli Nov., 17G6. Witnesses, 
John Ussher, Michael Swift. 

The inscription on his tombstone at Clontarf reads : " Here lieth the body 
of the Rev. Fredk. TJssher, who succeeded his father, the Eev. Archdeacon 
Adam TJssher, in the Rectory of Clontarf where he remained 53 years much 
esteemed, whose excellent character in the tender name of Husband, Father, 
and Friend, was worthy of praise. He died 4th of ISI'ov;, 1766, aged 76 years, 
and here also lieth 3 of his sons, Thomas, Richard, and 'William." 

Mrs. Martha Ussher died in 1774; iu her will she mentions that she is 
seized in her own right as wife of Fredk. Ussher, of \ pt. of Tulinane and 
Cloghan, "which I leave for my nephew Thos. Tucker of Lagall, Co. Meath." 
•" My nephew Grange " is mentioned, etc., dated 12th June, 1774. Witnesses, 
John TJssher, Robt. Swift. 

VI II. Capt. Adam Ussher, son of Archdeacon Adam Ussher, bap. 
St. Michan's, 2t5th March, 1691 ; Ensign on half-pay of Wm. 
Lord Mountjoy'g Regt. of Foot in Ireland, 1715. His 
prerog. will dated 24th July, 1755, in which Adam Ussher, 
gent., of Dublin, leaves to his wife Jane all his fortune, etc., 
and makes her executrix, pr. 31st Dec, 1755. (A Capt. 
Ussher was buried in St. Peter's, Dublin, 8th Feb., 1754.) 
Adam Ussher m. Jane Tichborne, great granddaughter of Sir Henry Tich- 
borne, of Bewley, near Drogheda, who d.s.p. 1760. The will of Jane Ussher of 
DubUu, widow of Adam Ussher, Esq., pr. 1760, desiring, "to bs buried near my 
late dear husband in St. Kevin's Church. To my niece Mary Jenney, Lady Vis- 
countess Molesworth, £1,000, and after her death to four of her drs., and if they 
die, to the second dr. Harriet ; to the minister and wardens of St. Anne's £100 
for apprenticing one poor Protestant boy ; to the minister and wardens of St. 
Peter's £100 for same purpose; £6 to St. Bridget's for my mother Jane 
Tichborne, deed.; to Mrs. Margt. Wallis, dr. of Rev. Leslie Wallis, £200 and 
books ; to Mrs. Jane Leslie, dr. to the Rev. Matthew licslie, £50 ; to my niece 
Arabella Smith, now of Dublin, £25 ; to my niece Rebecca Knox, now of sd. 
city, £25 ; to my nephew Christophilus Ussher, a gold watch ; to my nej^hew 
Arlhur Ussher, my dear husband's diamond ring which he gave me; to Mrs. 
Anue Whittinofham (otherwise Walmsley) wife to Counsellor Walm-lpv, niv 


brilliant diamond ring, as it belonged to my late dear mother, Mrs. Jane 
Ticbborne, ber gold watcb and also 2 little pictures of my fatber and motber 
wben tbey "svere young, tbat bang over tbe glasses in my dining room. I 
bequeatb my own picture witb tbat of my late dear husband (now in my 
possession) to my dear niece, Lady Moles worth, and also that of Lord 
Molesworth which I have, to her dr. Harriet. The miniature picture which I 
have of the old Lord Loftus,* m}' great grandfather, to Chas., Earlof Drogheda 
and bis heirs ; and all others my family pictures (especially the miniature one 
of Sir Henry Ticbborne, f my grt. grandfather) to my cousin Sophie Tipping 
otberwiss Aston, dr. to Wm. Aston, Esq., deed., and now wife of Tbos. Tipping, 
Ksq. To my aunt, Mrs. Sarah Steele, my interest in the house in Grafton St. 

• Chas. Ld. Moore, m. Jane, only dr. and heir of Arthur Loftus, Visct. Elj, and left 
a dr. Anne, and died 1714. 

t Sir Hfnry TicLborne was 4th son of Sir Benjn. Tichbomp, of Ticbborne, Bt., and bis 
wife Amphilly Weston. He was a Col. snd Governor of Droghda 1G41, during the siege ; 
was Field Marshal of Ireland and d. 16G7. In his will he desires " to be buried at 10 in 
the night-time, without sound of Trumpett, beat of drum or volley shott ; £70 to the 
poor of Dublin ; £100 to repair St. Peter's, Dublin ; £50 to the poor of Drogheda ; to 
his 5'ounger sons his 49 arrears." He had issue by hia wife Jane, di. of Sir Eobt. 
Kewcomen : 1. Benjn., d.s.p. 2. SirWm. Tichbome, Knt., of Bewley. 3. Richard, Major, 
d. unmd. 4. Henry, d.s.p. 5. Samuel, d.s.p. 6. Dorcas, m. Wm. Toxteth of Drogheda. 
7. Amphilly, d. 13th March, buried Finglas, 15th March, 1682, wife of Major Richard 
Broughton. 8. Elizabeth, m. Roger West of Ballydougan, Co. Down. Of these, Sir 
Wm. Ticbborne, by his wife Jane, dr. and co-heir of John Bysse, Chief Baron Exch.: 
(1) Margaret, wife of Col. Stephen Stanley. (2) Henry, Lord Ticbborne and Ferrard, m, 
Arabella . . . and had issue : [1] Hfnry, m. Mary Fowke and had a dr. Elizth. 
[2] William, m. C. A. Mohsworth, aiid had 2 drs., Arabella and Wilhelmina. [3] Salusbury 
m. Wm. Aston and had Tiohbome and Sophia. (3) Benjn., killed at Hochstadt in 1704, 
m. Eliz. Gibbs and had Wni., Capt. K.N. d. unmd. Judith m. Sir Rt. Sutton, and two 
other drs. (4) John, Col. and Govr. of Athlone, alive in 1730, probably father of Mrs. Adam 
Utsher. (6) Bysjo, Capt., killed at Gibraltar, 1704, w. dat. 23rd May, 1700. 

Christoj.her Bisse. aim. of a Somprsetshire family. 2ud remembrancer Excheq. Hib. 

who d. 2Gth Nov., IGlft, m. 1st, Margaret Ilenshaw, bur. 31st Oct., 1597, s.p. Hem. 

2iidly, Margt., dr. of John Forster, Alderman of Dublin, who d. 15th March, 1640, and 

was bur. St. Audoeu's. By her he had issue : 1. Elizabeth. 2. Lienor, m. Wm. Ball of 

Ealhgall. Co. Dublin, d. 1G49. 3. Dorothy, m. Michael, s. & b. of Michael Homon of 

'"ayrick, Co. Rose, gt. 4. Jane. 5. Anna. G. Maria, m. S'ephen I'.'-her, mercht. 7. John 

iisfe, Rfcordfr of Dublin and Lord Chief Baron, d. 2Stb Jan., IGSO, m. Margt., dr. of 

rMuis Edfiewoith, late Clk. Hanaper, wid. of John Kiug, Clk. of Hanaper, and had 21 

■biirirni, of wLoiu there survived (1) Jane, d. 2nd July. 1G37, m. Sir Wm. Ticbborne. 

2) Elizabeth, d. 3id July. 1GG2. (3) Judith, m. 1654, Robt.Lord Molesworth. (4) Margt. 

A. 31^t Aug. S. Rev. linbert Bisse, l!rctor of Drogheda, d. 29th Aug., 1642, ni. . . .and 

luid issue, Ann. m. Burth. s. (!c h. of Barnwall of Eremore, who d. 1st Jan., IGOS, leaviuf^ 

i.-?ue. Jane and Maria. There was also a Robt. Bisse. d. Oct. 9th, 1594, m. Margt! 

Challouer and had Margt.. d. k\\". 2Stb, 1599, wife of Wm. Robinson. 


St — 

in which I now live, and the furniture, and on her death to Chas. Usher. 

To Anne, dr. of Quartermaster Wm. Cuthbert, now of the 2nd Horse £100, 

left to me by Mrs. Anne Brady, his aunt. My dear brother Chas. Usher, Esq., 

of Dublin, exor. 20 June, 1759.'* 

IX. Arthur Ussher, bap. 4th Aug., 1692, St. Michan's, buried in 

same 4th Feb., 1693. 

X. Charles Ussher, born in Dublin, bap. 6th Feb., 1G93, St. 

Michan's, educated at Haphoe, entered T.C.D. in 1709 ; 

B.A., 1715 ; LL.D. {honoris catisa), 1747, barrister-at-law, 

M.P. for the borough of Blessington, 1765 to 1770. lie 

seems to have married, as on 28th Nov., 1731 : 

1. Catherine Ussher, dr. of Chas. and Mary Ussher, was bap. 

in St. Audoen's. 

2. Barbara Ussher, d]\ "of Chas. and Mary Ussher, was bap 

in St. Audoen's. 
These children must have died young, and their mother died before her 
husband. He died in Capel Street, Dab., and was buried in St. Audoen's, 2nd 
Jan., 1770. In hisprerog. will he leaves to his grandniece, the Hon. Harriet 
Molesworth, £1,500 ; to his grandniece, Hon. Lousia Molesworth, £1,500 ; 
to his grandniece, Hon. Elizabeth Molesworth, £2,500; to his grandniece 
Eebecca Lamy, now wife of Geo. Young, £500; to his grandniece. Ana 
Lamy, now wife of Chas. Nisbitt, £1,000 ; t3 his nephew, Johu Smith, 
£200 ; to his nephew, Rev. "Wm. Smith, £500 ; to his grandnephew 
and godson, Chas. "Ward, the lease of the lands of Corick and Grallen in the 
manor of New ton Stewart, Co. Tyrone ; to his grandnephew. Rev. Ralph "Ward, 
the lease of Ballybeg and Coole, Co. Tyrone; to his grandnephew, John 
Lamy, the lease in RathmuU\n ; to his nephew, Wm. Knox, £50 ; tD tlie 
p'sh of St. Mary, £20 ; to his nephew, the Rev. "Wm. Ussher, his plate. He 
and the Rev. R. Ward to be Exors. 21st Sept., 1769." 

XI. John Ussher, born between 1693 and 1696, m. Sarah Murphv, 
of whom see Chap. XIV. 
IX. Arthur Ussher, born about 1651, gent., of Ramolton, Co. Doneo-al 
died 1732, bur'd in Ramelton Church ; in his will pr. at 
Raphoe, he leaves to the Rev. Fred. Usher, son to the Rev. 


Adam TJslier, deed., £100; to Comet Adam Uslier, br. to 
Eev. Fred. Uslier, and son to Adam TJslier, deed., £100 ; to 
Chas, Usher, br. to Frederic and Adam, and son to Adam, 
deed., £100 ; to Ursula Usber, sister to Fred. Uslier, and dr. 
to Adam, deed., £50 ; to Rebecea Knox of Ratbmelton (£100), 
eldest dr. of Rev. Alex. Knox, of Eathmelton ; to Barbara, 
2nd dr. of Rev. A Knox, £200 ; £100 to TVm. Usher, son to 
Archdeacon Usher, dated 1722. Codicil. — Nephew Chas, 
Usher, £10, 17th Oct., 1730. "Having already p"^- to Cornet 
Adam Usher, £100, I revoke the legacy to him and Ursula, 
X. Henry Ussher, born about 1653, buried 18th Feb., 1658, in St. 
XI. Mary Ussher m. Henry Cowley or CoUey, of Castle Carbery, and 
afterwards of Dangan, in 1674, and had issue : Richard 
CoUey, who took the name "Wesley on inheriting the property 
of his cousin, Garret Wesley, was created Lord Mornington, 
and m. Elizabeth, dr. of John Sale, LL.D., Registrar Dab. 
Dio., by whom he had issue : 

1. Garret Wesley, 1st Earl of Mornington, the famous musical 

composer, who m. Anne, eldest dr. of Arthur Lord 
Dimgannon, and had issue : 

(1) Richard, bap. St. Andrew's, Dub., Marquis WeUesley, 

and 2nd Earl of Mornington. 

(2) William, bap. St. Andrew's, Dub., Baron Maryborough, 
and 3rd Earl of Mornington. 

(3) Arthur Wellesley, bap. at St. Peter's, Dublin, ' first 

Duke of Wellington, Field Marshal, Commander-in- 
Chief of the Forces, Prime Minister of Great Britain, 
grandfather to Henry, 3rd Duke of Wellington. 

(4) Henry, Lord Cowley. 

(5) Very Rev. Gerald Valerian Wellesley, D.D., Dean of 

2. Elizabeth, dr. of Richd., 1st Lord Mornington, m. Chichester 


Fortescue, Esq., great grandfather of the Earl of 
Elizabetli Crosby, granddaughter of Garret, Earl of Mornington, m. 
Clotworlhy Rowley, and their dr. Francis m. Hon. C. Taylour, 1st Baron 
Langford, from whom the 4th Lord Langford is directly descended. 

XII. Francis Ussher of Molesworth Street, Dab., buried in St. 
Audoen's, 11th Dec, 1738. 



Pedigree of the Descendants of fohn Usher, Master of Chancery. 

JOHX USSHER, Master of Chancery, born 1646, d. 1732, m. Alice Moly- 
neux, and had issue : 
I. Sylvester TJssher, d. unmd., 1672. 
II. John Ussher, d.3% 
III. William Ussher, d. 1684. 
TI. Samuel Ussher, d. 1687. 

Y. Christopher Ussher, of Mt. Ussher, born about 1690, d. 1763, 
m. 1717, Elizabeth Chetwode, and had issue : 
I. John Ussher, his heir, born 1718, 3I.P. for Inistiogue, d.s p , 

II. Katherine Ussher, born 1719, d. in France. 

III. Martha Ussher, born 1720, m. Rev. Robert Edgworth of Fir- 
mount, Co. Longford, and had issue : 

1. Essex Edgworth Edgworth. 

2. Robert Edgworth. 

3. Ussher EdgwortV, Solicitor, Dublin, d. unmd., 1809. 

4. A dr. m. . . . Bowyer. 

0. The Abbe Henry Essex Edgworth, Confessor to Louis XYI. 
IV, Jane Ussher, born 1724, m. George Rowan of Drumbeg, Co. 
Kerry, andd. 1771. 


V. Alice TJssher, d. unmd. 

VI. "William Usslier, born 1731, d. 1774, Doctor of Physic at 
Athy, m. Elizabeth . . . and had issue : 

1. Elizabeth Ussher m. Eichard Davis, gt. 

2. Margaret TJssher. 

VII. Christopher Ussher, Capt. R.N., born 1732, d. ab*- 1772, m. 
Margaret Bailie, and had issue : 

1. Isabella Ussher, born 1768. 

2. Elizabeth Ussher m. John Rohan. 

3. Jane Ussher. 

4. Sarah Ussher. 

5. Christopher Ussher of Eastwell, bom 1770, m. in 1797, Ellis 

Browne, and had issue : 
(1) John Ussher of Eastwell, m. his first cousin, Mary 
Ussher, and had issue : 
[1] Christopher Ussher of Eastwell, bom 1832, d. 1884, 
m. Olivia Rutledge, and had issue : 
/. Agnes Ussher. 
2. Olivia Ellis Ussher. 
J. Wm. Arland Ussher. 
^. Christopher Ussher, d.y. 

5. Alison Ussher. 

6. Henry Ussher. 

[2] John Ussher, born aV- 1833, d. 1878, m. Isabella 
Dillon,'' and had issue: 
/. Sarah Salisbury Ussher. 
2. Mary Ellis Ussher. 
J. John St. George Ussher 
^. William Gerald Ussher. 

5. Violet Ethel Ussher. 

6. Mabel Sophia Ussher. 

[3] Edmund Augustus William Ussher, d.y. 
[4] William Augustus Edmund Ussher, of the Geological 
Survey of England and Wales. 


[5] Mary Ussher m. Dr. S. Jolinstoii. 
[6] Ellis Belinda Usslier, d. unmd. 

(2) Rev. Christoplier Ussher m. Elizabeth Brush, and had 

issue : 
[1] Arland Ussher. [2] Caroline Ussher. [3] Ada 
Ussher. [4] Christopher James Ussher. 

(3) William Ussher, d.8.p., 1880. 

6. John Ussher m. Mary Street of Canada, and had issue : 

(1) Samuel Ussher m. Harriet Colclough, and had issue : 
[1] John Ussher, killed in Riel's Rebellion ; and others. 

(2) Edgworth Ussher m. Sarah Thompson, and left issue. 

(3) John Ussher m. . . . 

(4) Margaret Ussher m. Thanet Thompson, and had issue : 
[1] John. [2] Mary. [3] James. [4] George. 

[5] Marg'^ret. [6] Georgina. [7] Francis. 

(5) Harriet Ussher m. George Mitchell, and had issue : 
[1] Mary. [2] Louisa. [3] Emily. [4] Jessie. 

(6) Mary Ussher m. her cousin, John Ussher of Eastwell. 
VI. Rev. Samoel Ussher, born 1695, d. 1771, Rector of Dungans- 

town, m. Frances "Walsh, and had issue : 
I. "William Ussher, Capt. R.N., lost at sea off Scilly. 
II. Thomas Ussher, born 1739, Capt. 16th Regt., d. 1788, m. 

Rebecca Walsh, who d.s.p. 1790. 
III. John Ussher, gent., Co. Wicklow, born 1740, d. 1770, m. 1764, 

Katherine, dr. of Rev. John Humble, and had issue : 

1. Ven. John Ussher, D.D., F.T.C.D., Archdeacon of Raphoe, 

born 1766, d.s.p. 1835. 

2. Rev. Cornelius Henry Ussher, D.D., F.T.C.D., bom 1767, 

d. 1836, m. his first cousin, Rebecca, dr. of Rev. Henry 
Ussher, Astronomer Royal of Ireland, and had issue ; 
(1) Rev. Henry Ussher. (2) Thomas Ussher. (3) John 

Ussher. (4) Rev. Wm. Cunningham Ussher. 

(5) Samuel Ussher. (6) James Ussher. (7) Frances 

Ussher. (8) Maria Ussher. 


3. Catherine Ussher. 
IV. Rev. Henry Ussher, D.D., Senr. RT.C.D., Astronomer Royal 
of Ireland, bom 1741, d. 1790, m. Margaret Burne, and 
had issue : 

1. Sir Thomas Fssher, K.C.B., Rear Admiral of the Blue, born 

1779, d. 1862, m. EKzabeth Forster, and had issue : 
(1) Thomas NeviUe Ussher, born 1806, d. 1886, m. in 1830, 
Eliza KatherLne Farnsett, who d. 1882, and had issue : 
[1] Adelaide Juliana Lucinda Ussher, born 1831, m. in 
1846, Major-Grenl. Robert Hughes, and has issue, 
Thos. Percy, and Sydney. 
[2] Thomas Neville Ussher, d.y. 

[3] Hon. Herbert Taylor John Ussher, born 1834, m. in 
1854, Julia, widow of Capt. Hicks, and had issue, 
Constance Ussher, m. Capt. C. Davenport of Daven- 
port, Cheshire. 
[4] Hai'tiana Maria Louis Ussher, born 1839, m. Col. A. 
S. Murray, R.A., and had issue Lydia and Herbert. 

(2) Sydney Henry Ussher, Capt. R.N., d. unmd., 1863. 

(3) Edward Pellew Hammett Ussher, Major R.M.I., m. 

Charlotte Duke ; m. 2ndly, CoL Cole. 

(4) William Henry Bernard Ussher, d. 1854, m. Miss 

Clarke and had issue : 
[1] Neville Ussher. [2] William Ussher. 

(5) Caroline Henrietta Ussher, m. Rev. Neville Parry. 

(6) Elizabeth S. C. Ussher, m. Rev. J. St. George Williams. 

(7) Ida Louise Ussher, d.y. 

(8) Frances Flood Ussher, d.y. 

2. John Ussher, born at Dunkirk, d.y. 

3. Henry Ussher, Midshipman R.N., d. 1802. 

4. Frances Ussher. 

5. Sarah Ussher. 

6. Margaret Ussher. 

7. Rebecca Ussher, m. her cousin Rev. Cornelius H. Ussher. 


8. Alice Richarda Ussher. 
V. Philippa Ussher, m. Thomas Ball of Sea Park, Co. Wicklow. 
VI. Alicia Ussher, m. William West. 
VII. Katherine Ussher, m. Wm. Fianamore. ' 
VII. Mary Ussher, born 1691, d. 1697. 
YIII. Lettice Ussher, born 1693, d. 1729. 
IX. Alice Ussher, born 1694, d. 1707. 
X. Jane Ussher, m. Ross Mahon of Castlegar, Co. Galway. 
XI. William Ussher, born 1697, d.y. 
XII. Margaret Ussher, d.y. 
XIII. Judith Ussher, d.y. 

XIY. Thomas Ussher, born in Westmeath 1704 ; M.A., T.C.D. 1728, 
m. . . . and had two drs. 

A rms — A chevron ermine between three batons or. Crest — An arm couped 
below the elbow, and erect vested bendy or and az. holding in the hand ppr. 
a baton Gold. Motto—" Ne vile velis." 

John Ussher, eldest son of Sir William Ussher, junior, by his second wife 
Ursula St. Barbe, was born in 1646, bap. St. Audoen's 10th March, 164| ; 
entered T.C.D. in 1661 ; became B.A. 1665, LL.D., a barrister-at-law, and 
resided for some time at Monaghan. He was Master in Chancery from 1698 
to 1721, when he surrendered his post. In 1688 "John Ussher" and others 
were made Trustees of the forfeited tithes and Rectories, for building 
churches and augmenting other Rectories. His name appears in the Subsidy 
Act (Irish) for 1695 as for the Co. Monaghan, and in that of 1698, for Dublin 
and the Co. Westmeath. In the Dublin Gazette for 173i 29th Feb., " Last 
Friday (25th) died in an advanced age, and Saturday was interred in St. 
Audoen's Church, John Usher, Esq., formerly one of the Masters in the High 
Court of Chancery. He was a gentleman of exceeding good character." 

The will (prerog.) of Dr. John Ussher of Dublin was proved 4th May, 1732. 
He bequeathed his goods to his son Christopher Ussher, " to whom I am 
obliged for his tender care and kindness to me and whom I appoint cxor." 
3rd Feb., 173^. A portrait of him in flowing wig is at EastweU, Co. Galway. 
He was aged 87 nt bis death. 


Master of Chancery (169S-1721). 
From a Copy 0/ )ns Picture at Easttvell, County Galway. 


He was possessed of tiie lands of Dungoogan in tlie Co. Gal way, as appears 
by his son's will, and also of Killeglan, Co. Meath, containing 4 quarters, and 
Onagh and Carragh containing 8 qrs., bar. Athlone, Co. Roscommon, and 
Fraughmore, 130 acres 2 roods in same Co., which he released to Samuel 
Molyneux, 30th Jan., 1710. Witnesses to the Deed, Thos. Molyneux, Physc. 
Doc, Dub., Pan Gran Parabon Skynner, Clerk to Brieu "Worthington, Notary 
Public. He also had property in Dublin. 

John Ussher m. Alice Molyneux, his 2nd cousin, bom about 1653, dr. of 
Samuel Molyneux of Buttesey and CastlediQon, 3rd son of Daniel Molyneux, 
Ulster King of Arms, and his wife Jane, dr. of Sir Wm. Ussher, senr. Mrs. 
Ussher's sister m. John Madden, and was ancestress of the Madden family of 
Hilton, Co. Monaghan. Alice Ussher was buried in St. Audoen's, Nov. 30th, 
1709. By her he had issue : 

I. Sylvester Ussher, born . . . buried in St. Audoen's 11th Oct., 
1672, " son of John and Ales." 
II. John Ussher, died young. 

III. "William Ussher, " son of Councillor John," buried in St. Audoen's, 

30th March, .1684. 

IV. Samuel Ussher, " son of Counsellor John," buried ia St. Audoen's, 

V. Christopher Ussher, born about 1690, Secretary of the Linen 

Board, Dublin, and after of Mount Ussher, Co. Wicklow (of 

whom below). 
YI. Mary Ussher, born 9th Oct., 1691, "dr. of John Usher," buried 

in St. Audoen's, 9th Oct., 1697. 
VII. Lettice Ussher, born about 1692,, buried in St. Audoen's, 24th 

Oct., 1729. 
VIII. Alice Ussher, born about 1693, buried in St. Audoen's, 7th April, 

IX. Jane Ussher, bap. in St. Michan's, 17th Feb., 169|, m. Ross 

Mahon of Castlegar, Co. Galway, and had a son Ross Mahon, 

father of Sir Ross Mahon, the first Bart., who was grandfather 

of the 2nd, 3rd and present Barts. In a Chancery Decree, 

1744, John Roe, Prot. Discoverer is Plff. agst. Ross Mahon 


and Christopher Usher, Esqrs., Defts., as to lands in the Co. 
There is a picture of Mrs. Jane Mahon at Eastwell House, Co. Galway. 
X. Rev. Samuel Ussher, born 1694; educated in Dublin by Dr. 
Drury ; entered Trin. Coll. Dublin, 9th July, 1714, at the 
age of 20 ; B.A. 1719 ; M.A. 1722 ; Rector of Dunganstown, 
Co. Wicklow, died 20th Aug., 1771, ni. about 1730, Frances 
dr. of J. Walsh and his wife . . . Eastwick, and had issue : 
I. "William Ussher, Capt. R.N., lost at sea off Scilly. 

II. Thomas Ussher, born 1739 ; Ensign in Col. Draper's Regt., Lieut. 

Dec, 1765, Capt. 16th Regt., died 1788, buried 15th Deer., 
1788, at St. Thomas' Churchyard, Dublin ; he m. by Cons. Lie. 
31st May, 1777 at St. Thomas' Dublin (by Rev. Mr. Usher) 
Rebecca, dr, of Rev. "W. "Walsh of Blessington, who d.s.p., 
1790. He leaves all to his wife by will ; her will (prerog.) 
leaves directions " to be buried in the Churchyard of St. 
Thomas' near my late dear husband, Thos. Usher, Esq., and 
my late uncle the Rev. Dr. Richard Stewart." She devises 
estate, etc., to John Usher of Mt. Usher, Co. Wicklow, and 
James Barlow, Esq., of Abbey St., intrust, viz., to hand to 
my niece Miss Rebecca Usher, 4th dr. of the Rev. Dr. Henry 
Usher, br. of my late husband, my gold watch and chain and 
trinkets ; to Miss Catherine and Miss Muriel Smith, drs. of 
the widow King of Frederick St., £5 5s. for mourning ; to 
Mrs. Margt. Usher, wife of Henry, £200, to pay to Frances, 
eldest dr. of Henry, £300 ; Miss Margt. Ussher, 2nd dr. of 
Henry; Miss Sarah, 3rd dr., and Alice Richarda Usher, 5th 
dr. of Henry, also to Thos., John and Henry, sons of Henry 
Usher — my hali brother "Wm. "Walsh, 2nd son of my late 
father Rev. "Wm. Usher of Blessington ; John and Cornelius, 
sons of my late husband's brother John." Dated Ist April, 
1789, pr. 14th July, 1790. 

III. John Ussher, gent., Co. Wicklow (cf. T.C.D. Matric. Reg. 1782) 

d. in Marlborough St. Dub., 1770, m. May, 1764, Katherine, 


dr. of the Rev. John Humble, Rector of Donagh, Die. of 
Derry who d. 1719, and aunt of the first Nugent Humble, 
Bt., and by her had issue, a daughter and two sons, viz.: 

1. Catherine Ussher, mentioned as a legatee of £30 in the will 

of her uncle Rev. Chas. Humble,Rector of Derry loran, 1772 

2. The Ven. John Ussher, Archdeacon of Raphoe 1818, born 

1765 ; educated by Rev. Thos. BaU ; entered T.C.D. 1782 ; 
Sch. 1784; elected Mem. Hist. Soc. 2nd Feb., 1785; B.A. 
1785 ; M.A. 1790; F.T.C.D. 1790 ; B.D. 1796 ; D.D. 1701 ; 
nominated by the Provost T.C.D. to Rector of Rahy, Dio. 
Raphoe, 10th Aug., 1799, d.s.p. 19th July, 1835, aged 69. 

3. Rev. Cornelius Henry Ussher, born 1766 ; educated by Rev. 

Thos. Ball ; entered T.C.D. 1782 ; Sch. 1785 ; B.A. 1786 ; 
elected Member of the College Hist. Soc. 8th Feb., 1786 ; 
Cand. for Auditorship 1788 ; F.T.C.D. 1794 ; D.D., Pro- 
fessor of Natl. Philosophy, Prebendary of Clondehorkey 
1st April, 1812, Rector of Tullyagnish 15th March, 1814 ; 
died 5th March, 1836, aged 69. " March 7th, 1836 buried 
the Rev. Cornelius Henry Ussher, D.D., late Fellow of 
Dublin University, and for 22 years Rector of this Parish 
of Tullaughnish." (Parish Register.) The Church of 
Tullyagnish was built during his incumbency. He pre- 
sented a chalice to the parish church in 1825. He married 
in 1806 his first cousin Rebecca, dr. of Rev. Henry Ussher, 
D.D.,S.F.T.C.D., and had issue: 

(1) Rev. Henry Ussher, born 1801 ; entered T.C.D. 1818 ; 

M.A., Curate of Magheraf elt and of BaUinderry, Dio. 
Armagh, went to AustraKa and d. unmd., 1878. 

(2) Thomas Ussher, born 1802, d.s.p. 

(3) John Ussher, born 1804, entered T.C.D., 1821, d.s.p. 

(4) Rev. "William Conyngham Ussher, born 1806, entered 

T.C.D., 1621 ; B.A., 1825; Yicar of Renhold, Beds. ; 
d. 1859 ; m. 1st, Hannah, dr. of N. Holmes of Derby, 
and had issue, Sophia Ussher. He m. 2ndly, Lucy, 


dr. of Rev. John Gartoa Hotrard, Rector of Stanton- 
by-Dale, and St. Michael's, Derby, and of Charlotte 
Gordon, his wife, and had issue : 
[1] William Howard Ussher, born 1839, d. 1874. 
[2] Henry Ussher, born 1841, m. Sara Talbot, and had 
issue : /. Lily Ussher, m. Edwd. Gooch. 2. "Wm. 
Ussher. j. Lucy Ussher. ^. PhiHp Ussher. 
5. Sophia Ussher. 6. NevHle Ussher. 7. James 
Cornelius Ussher, in Australia. 
[3] James Cornelius Ussher, born 1843, d. 1875, 
[4] John Garton Ussher, m. 1876, Caroline, dr. of Rev. 
H. Thomson, Rector of Hemley, Suffolk, and has 
issue : /. Maud Ussher. 2. Neville Ussher. 
J. Percy Ussher. ^. Frank Ussher. 5. Mabel 
Ussher — all in Australia. 
[0] Arland Samuel Ussher, bom 1858, of the Inland 
Revenue Department, Somerset House, London, 
(5j Maria Ussher, d. 1873, m. . . . Colyer of Sydney, 
N.S.W., and has issue, Ussher Colyer and John Cox 

(6) Samuel James Ussher, born in 1809. He and his 

brothers were educated by the Rev. George Newenham 
"Wright, M.A., at Bective House, Dublin ; he entered 
T.C.D., 1825 ; Sch., 1828 ; B.A., 1839 ; d. 1861, m. 
Margaret L. Chambers, and had issue : 

[1] Henry 0. Ussher, B.A., London Univ, now of Red- 
land Hill House, Bristol. 

[2] James Ussher of Sydney, N.S.W. 

[3] Arthur Hugh Neville Ussher. 

(7) Frances Ussher, d. 1854, m. . . . Armytage of Sydney, 


(8) James Ussher, killed by a fall from his horse in 

Australia, 1842. 


First Astronomer Royal of Ireland (1783-1790). 

Fmm a iliulitlnri hy in- iufjIUcr 


IV. Rev. Henry Usslier, D.D., Donegal Lecturer in Mathematics, 
1769-70, Professor of Astronomj'-, T.C.D., and Astronomer 
Royal of Ireland, 1783, Senr. Fellow T.C.D., born 1741, ia 
the Co. "Wicklow, educated bv the Rev. Thos, Ball, entered 
T.C.D., 1756; Sch., 1759; Fellow, 1764; pubHshed eight 
Astronomical Papers in the Trans. R. Irish Acad., 1785, 
9°, d. 8th May, 1790, m. Margaret, dr. of C. J. Burne, Co. 
Dub., a relative of the then Duchess of Leinster, and had issue : 

1. Frances Ussher. 

2. Margaret TJssher. 

3. Sarah Ussher. 

4. Rebecca TJssher m. her cousin, Rev. Cornelius Henry Ussher, 

F.T.C.D., and had issue as above. 

5. Alice Richarda Ussher. 

6. Sir Thomas Ussher, bom 1779, K.C.B., of whom below. 

7. John Ussher, born at Dunkirk, entered T.C.D., 1799. 

8. Henry Ussher, midshipman in His Majesty's ship Siree, d. 

1802, gr. intest. 

1774, June 21st. Deaths. "A few days ago at Shrewsbury, England, 
the Rt. Hon. Francis Andrews, Provost of T.C.D., one of H.M.'s Most Hon. 
Privy Council in this Kingdom, and one of the Reps, in Parlt. for the city of 
Derry. We are informed that he has bequeathed £5,000 for the purpose of 
building an Astronomical Observatory^ in the science of which mathematical 
branch, Doctor Ussher, one of the Junior Fellowf, is to be appointed Professor, 
with an annual salary of £200." 

The unproved will of the Rev. H. Ussher, Senior Fellow, T.C.D., 1791, 
mentions his wife, Margaret; drs., Frances, Sarah, Margaret, Alice; sons, 
Thos., John and Henry. "To my dr. Sarah, my harpsichord. To son Thos. 
my astronomical instruments (the house clock excepted) and my watch. 

March 19th, grt. adm. 9th April, 1791." 

SirThomasUssher, E:.C.B.,eldest son of Rev.Henrj- Ussher,first Astroaomer 
Royal of Ireland, entered the Royal Xavy, 27th Jan., 1791, as Midshipman 
on board the Squirrel], of 20 guns, commanded by Capt. Wm. O'Brien Drury. 
A detailed account of his naval career and exploits is contained in O'Byrne's 


"Naval Biographical Diet.," 1849. In May, 1796, he was appointed Lieut, 
in the Pelican brig, in which, on 17th Sept., 1797, he took part in the 
destruction of Le Trompciir, a French privateer. On 4th April, 1798, when in 
command of two boats containing 14 men, they were attacked in Cuba by 70 
soldiers, whom he put to flight, but was slightly wounded. On the next day 
be attempted to obtain possession of another privateer, and was shot through the 
right thigh, fainting from loss of blood, and was taken prisoner. For many 
months after his return to the Pelican he was obliged to use crutches, and yet 
in Jan., 1799, he successfully planned and accomplished the capture of La 
Trompeuse, another privateer. His long series of acts of daring bravery and 
heroism led to his being appointed on 18th Oct., 1806, to the command of the 
Redwing sloop of 18 guns, in which he was employed in protecting the trade 
against the Spanish gunboats near Gibraltar. On 7th May, 1808, near Cape 
Trafalgar he met seven armed vessels convoying twelve sail of merchant 
vessels, and sank with a broadside two, schooners; two other of the vessels 
with four merchantmen went down, and seven traders with an armed boat fell 
into his hand. 

For this and another gallant exploit on June 1st, 1880, Capt. Ussher " for 
his judicious and gallant conduct in his Majesty's Service," was promoted to 
post rank by a Commission dated 24th May, 1808, He returned to England 
on account of his wounds, and at a public dinner given to him by the nobility 
and gentry at Dublin, he was presented with the freedom of that city. 

He held command successively of 5 other men-of-war. In April, 1 814, beino- 
close in to Marseilles, he received a deputation from the citizens informino-him 
that Napoleon Bonaparte had abdicated, and that a provisional government 
had been formed. He therefore landed, and received a requisition from Lord 
Castlereagh to make ready to convey the Emperor to Elba. He repaired to 
Frejus, and there on the evening of April 28th, he embarked Napoleon, and 
at 8 p.m. on the 80th landed him at Porto Ferrajo in Elba. Capt. Ussher 
was greatly praised for the skilful way in which ,he performed this delicate 
duty. He remained at Elba until the transports conveying Napoleon's troops 
horse, etc., arrived, and then, though entreated by the ex-Emperor to prolono- 
his stay, he left. When Sir Thomas was conveying Napoleon in the Un- 
daunted, a rough gale came on ; Sir Thomas said to the Emperor, "Nothino- can 


happen, for I carry Cffisar and his fortunes ;" to which Napoleon replied, 
"Caesar is proud to be with TJssher." One evening shortly after his arrival 
at Elba, Napoleon was watching from his garden for the arrival of the little 
army still allowed to him. Some sails were seen in the distance, and the 
Captain of the Undaunted, who was near him, declared that if he had a good 
glass he could discover if they were those so anxiously expected. " If that is 
the only thing required," said the Emperor; "here is one, try it," and he 
took from his pocket an excellent German glass by Friedlander, magnificently 
mounted in gold, on which were engraved the Imperial arms. " Alas, Sir," 
exclaimed Captain Ussher, " these are not the sails we were waiting for." 
" Are you sure ?" answered Napoleon. " One cannot make a mistake with 
such an instrument as that, Sir," rejoined the Englishman, returning the glass 
to its owner. " Never mind. Captain," was the Emperor's amiable reply ; 
"pray keep this glass as a souvenir of your sojourn at Elba; perhaps you may 
pass it in your voyages. If you cannot land, you will, at any rate, look 
through them at my island, and thus pay me a visit." 

Napoleon also gave Sir Thos. Ussher a snuff box with his miniature on the 
lid set in diamonds. This passed into the hands of his eldest son at that 
time Consul-General and Charge d'Affaires at Port-au-Prince in Haiti, and 
was exhibited at the London E.Khibition in 1862, where it attracted much 
attention ; on his death, ia 1886, it passed into other hands. 

When Capt. Ussher returned from Elba, the Admiralty tried to make him 
say that Napoleon was mad. Ussher bravely refused, saying, " He is no more 
mad than you or I." In consequence of this he was in disfavour for some 
time, but he was not the man to court favour against his own convictions. 
Napoleon III. was always especially kind to Usshers or relations of 
Usshers; on one occasion when presenting a pencil case with eagle and cipher 
of Napoleon I. on it, to Mrs. Blunt, a niece of Sir Thomas Ussher, he said, 
" A pencil used by Napoleon I. presented to a niece of Sir Thomas Ussher 
by Napoleon III." Napoleon I. was very fond of Sir Thos., who had many 
tokens of his regard ia w riting. 

Capt. Ussher returned to England in the Duncan in Aug., .1814, 
was nominated a C.B., 4th June, 1815 ; awarded 2nd Dec. following a 
pension of £250 p. ann. for his wounds; appointed 2tth July, 1830, Equerry 


to the Household of Queen Adelaide; created in 1831 a K.C.B. (accom- 
panied with the honour of Knighthood) ; granted the Captain's Good 
Service Pension, 12th March, 1838, and advanced to the rank of 
Admiral, 9th Nov., 1846. He filled the posts of Commissioner of Bermuda 
and Halifax Dockyards from 1831 to 1838, and of Naval Commander-in- 
Chief at Cork from 1st Jul)', 1847, to his death. Sir Thos. TJssher 
published 'in 1840 in Dublin, "A Narrative of the First Abdication of 
Napoleon," of which copies are in the Libraries of the Brit. Mus. and of T.C.D. 
An extract from the London Times, May, 1848, says, " The late Admiral Sir 
Thomas Ussher, K.C.B., Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's Naval Forces 
on the Irish Station, late of Cove at Cork, who died on the 6th of Jan. last 
at the age of 69, had made his will in July, 1845, leaving to his two daughters 
Caroline and Elizabeth TJssher all his property, of what nature or kind soever, 
or wherever situate, and whether in progression reversion, remainder or 
expectancy, or which he might become entitled to, for their own absolute use, 
and further appointed them residuary legatees. By a memorandum written 
after the execution of his will, he also leaves to his two daughters the snuff 
box presented to him by the Emperor Napoleon, containing a celebrated 
miniature of the Emperor by Isabel, surrounded with magnificent brilliants. 
His Majesty, King George the Fourth, had offered him (Sir Thomas), £3,000 
for it, and a private individual a very much larger sum. Sir Edmund Knowles 
Lacon, Bart., his nephew and executor, obtained probate of the will in London, 
Sir Thomas having left personal property in England. The Honble. Capt. 
King, the other executor named in the will, died in the lifetime of the 

William IV. was very fond of Sir Thomas Fssher, who was his Equerry for 
some time ; one of his sons Edward (afterwards Major E.M. I.) was page at Court. 
Sir Thomas had the recommendation of possessing two daughters remark- 
able for their beauty ; a portrait of the youngest hung in Napoleon's cabin in 
the Undaunted, and often attracted the attention of the fallen Emperor, " bv 
the sweetness of the countenance and the brilliancy of the large dark blue 
eyes." An amusing anecdote is told of this captivating young lady and " our 
Sailor King."— "At the first Drawdng-room held by Queen Adelaide and 
William the Fourth after their coronation. Miss E. Ussher was presented, as 


Rear Admiral of the Blue ^^846-I862). 

trum a J'hiitvijriijih I'j Craufeld, of /i;s jiirivr". 


a matter of course, though already well known to ihe King, while he was 
Duke of Clarence, owing to his friendship of many years' standing with her 
father. At the moment of presentation, however, some hesitation occurred 
owing to a slight informality, as Lord James O'Brien was handing her forward. 
At this the King, in his hearty stentorian voice, called out, ' Is that Bessy 
r'ssher ? God bless her ! Let her come ! Why, I've known her since she was 
a baby ! ' And a hearty and resoxmding kiss, planted on either cheek of the 
blushing girl, gave ample testimony to the sincerity of his declaration and 
tlie vigour of his recjard." 

Sir Thomas Ussher m. Elizabeth, dr. of Thomas Forster, Esq., of Grove 
House, Buckinghamshire, and had issue 4 sons and 4 daughters. She was a 
Forster of the old blood. The Northumbrians have a saying, " The Almighty 
first made Northumberland, and then he made the Forsters." 

Ida, Duchess of Saxe "Weimar, was an intimate friend of Lady Ussher who 
wrote to congratulate her on King William's accession to the throne (Qac^n 
Adelaide being a sister of her Royal Highness, who was mother of Prince 
J-^dwaid of Saxe Weimar), and received the following charming reply. 

" Chateau de Welden, pres Garnie, 
7 JuiUet, 1830. 

" J'ai bien des remercimens u vous faire ma clere Madame Ussher, pour 
votre aimable lettre et pour la part que vous y temoignez aux changements 
qui ont eu lieu en Angleterre et surtout a I'egard de ma Soeur. Je ne puis 
vous nier que je la pleine de tout mon coeur, car ne tenant nullement aux 
grandeurs de ce monde, elle se sentait plus heureuse dans sa position precedente 
que dans ceUe qu'elle occupa maintenant. Que Dieu veuille I'assister et lui donne 
des forces desdans la haute destinee qu'il lui a impose. Du reste je crois que ce 
changemcnt sera un bien general. Recevez ausei, ma chere Mrs. Ussher, mes 
felicitations pour la nommination de Monsieur votre mari, que J'ai appris avec 
bien du plaisir. Je suis bien aise pour ma Soeur qu'elle soit aussi bien 
cntouree. Le Due est absent dans ce moment, sans quoi il me chargerait de 
fccs complimens pour vous. L'interet que vous avez bien-voulu prendre a la 
naissance de ma derniere petite fiUe me prouve que vous etes toujours la meme 
pour moi amicable et bonne. Grace a Dieu mes enfans se portent tons Ires 
bien, j'espere Ics votres de meme. Yeuillez leurs faire mes complimens ainsi 


envers Capt. Usstier, et croyez moi, ma chere Madam Ussher, avec un attache- 
ment bien sincere, et la plus haute consideration. 

" Voire devouee amie, 
" P.S. — Pardonnez ce terrible griffonage je dois me hater pour ne pas 
manquer le poste, et j'ai tres peu de temps a moi." 

The following letter also accompanying a copy of " Some Recollections of 
the last days of His late Majesty King William the 4th," given to Sir Thomas 
by Queen Adelaide, is in the possession of his last surviving daughter, Mrs. 

" Bushy Park, Slst July, 1837. 
"Dear Sir, 

" I am honoured with the commands of the Queen Dowager, who in 
the midst of the affiction never fails to remember the friends of his late 
Majesty, to beg your acceptance of the accompanying memoir of the last days 
of his fatal illness. Her Majesty feels confident that your attachment to our 
lamented king will prompt you to peruse with pleasure and interest any 
Eecord, however brief and imperfect, of the truly Christian patience and 
resignation with which His Majesty was enabled, by God's grace, to await his 
approaching end. 

" I am happy in being able to say that the Queen Dowager is in both 
health and spirits better than her friends could have expected. 

"I am, dear Sir, 

" Yours very faithfully, 

"John Eyle Wood. 
"To Captain 

" Sir Thomas Ussher." 

Sir Thomas Ussher had issue as follows : 

(1) Thomas Neville Ussher, of the Diplomatic Service, bora 
1806, d. April, 1886; was Consul General for Haiti; m. in 
1830, Eliza. Katherine Farnsett, dr. of Capt. John Famsett 
of Bierly Hall, Yorkshire, who d. Jan. 1882, leaving issue : 
[1] Adelaide Juliana Lucinda Ussher, born 2ath Oct., 


1831, m 1846, Major-Genl. Robert Hughes and lias 
issue two sons, Thomas Percy Hughes, Colonial Secre- 
tary, Natal, and Sydney Hughes, Lieut. R.N. 
[2] Thomas Neville Ussher d. in infancy. 
[3] Hon. Herbert Taylor John Ussher, C.M.G., born 22nd 
April, 1836, m, 1854, Julia Hicks, widow of Captain 
Hicks, and d. 2nd Deer., 1880, at Accra, Gold Coast, 
as Governor in-Chief of the Colony. Had he lived to 
return, he would have been Knighted. He had issue 
Constance Ussher, who m. Capt. C. Davenport of 
Davenport, Cheshire, and who has supplied some of 
the above interesting anecdotes about Sir Thomas 
[4] Haitiana Marie Louise Ussher, bom in Haiti in 1839, 
m. Colonel Augustus Stavely Murray, R.A., and has 
issue Lydia and Herbert Murray. 
(2) Sydney Henry Ussher, entered the Royal Navy 7th Feb., 
1822 ; first Com. 12th Aug., 1828 ; was appointed on North 
America and West India Station ; 22nd Feb., 1830, to the 
Blanche, 46 guns ; 19th July, 1833, as 1st Lieut, to the 
Sapphire ; 16th July, 1834 to the President, 52 guns, flag- 
ship of Sir George Cockburn, and 4th Sept. following to the 
Command of the Skipjack. In this he made prize of a 
Spanish slave brig of 8 guns and 20 men, and commanded 
the "Wasp in the coast of Africa, post Capt. 1846; died by 
drowning, unmarried 1863. 

(3) Edward Pellew Hammett Ussher, Major, Royal 

Marines, died in 1870 ; he was godson to Lord Exmouth ; 
he m. 27th July, 1848, Charlotte Maria, youngest dr. 
of Rev. Edwd. Duke of Lake House, Wilts, who m, 
2ndly, Colonel Cole, now residing at Southsea. 

(4) AYilliam Henry Bernard Ussher, of the Commissariat, 

died in Bermuda, 1854, godson to Wm. IV., Queen 
Adelaide and the Duchess of Saxe Weimar, m. Miss 


Clarke, niece to Hon. Admiral Byng, and had issue, 
Neville and TVm. Usslier. 

(5) Caroline Henrietta Ussher, m. Rev. Neville Parry, late 

Capt. 41st Ft., and d. Oct., 1884. 

(6) Elizabeth S. C. Ussher, m. Rev. J. St. George Williams, 

Rector of Clondullose, since deed. She now resides 
at Abbeyview, Monkstown, Co. Dublin. 

(7) Ida Louise Ussher, died young, godchild to Ida, 
Duchess of Saxe Weimar. 

(8) Frances Flood Ussher, d. aged 17, in Paris. 

VII. PhilippalJssher, m. 1748, Thomas Ball of Seapark, Co. Wicklow, 
and Creggan, Co. Armagh, and had issue : 1. Thomas Ball 
of Sidney Place, Bath, d. 1825, m. 1795, Mary Prideaux, and 
had issue: (1) Thomas Prideaux Ball, born 1796, d. 1869. 
(2) Philippa Ball. (3) Jane Eleanor Ball. (For the other 
descendants of Philippa Ussher, see Records of Anglo-Irish 
Families of Ball, by the Rev. W. BaU Wright). 
VIII. Alice Ussher m. William West of Co. Wicklow. 
IX. Katherine Ussher m. 1st, Mr. Sheppard ; m. 2ndly, William 
Finnemore of Donnybrook. 
X. William Ussher, son of John and Alice Ussher, bap. St. Michan's, 

21th July, 1697, died young. 
XI. Margaret Ussher, died young. 
XII. Judith Ussher, died young. 
XIII. Thomas Ussher, born 4th Nov., 1704, in Co. Westmeath, entered 
T.C.D., 1720 ; B.A., 1724 ; M.A., 1728. Nothing is known 
certainly about his history, except that his nephew, John 
Ussher, in 1796, leaves a legacy to his two drs. 

We now return to Christopher Ussher, eldest of the surviving sons of 
•Fohn Ussher, Master of Chancery; he was for many years Secretary of the 
I/iiien Board in Dubhn, and afterwards of Mount Ussher, Co. Wicklow. He 
(II. 22nd Feb., 1717, Elizabeth, only dr. and heiress of Benjamin Chctwode 
' llh son of Valentine Ghetwode, of Chetwode, Co. Bucks), Solicitor for the 


Irish Revenue, by Catherine, eldest dr. of Nicholas Jones, of Rosetown, Co. 
Kildare. She was born in St. Bride's parish, Dublin. 

Mrs. Pendarves (afterwards Delany), in a letter from Dublin, 30th March, 
1732, says, " Mr. Wesley had Butlerstown, a little house 3 miles out of town 
near the sea. It is now in possession of a near relation of his, Mr. Kit TJssher, 
a very sensible, plain, goodnatured man ; his wife is a poor little meek woman 
that never makes or mars sport." Also in one from Delville, 22nd April, 
1752, she says : " Next week we propose making an excursion to Mount Ussher, 
Co. Wicklow, about 20 miles ofiP, where I shall see groves of myrtle as common 
as nut trees ; Mr. Kit Usher's place." In another letter, dated Mount 
Usher, 2l8t May, 1752: "Mr. Usher sent a chaise and saddle horse for 
Mrs. DonneUan, her maid, and gran." The myrtles, she says, were so plentiful 
that the dishes were garnished therewith, and the gentlemen and ladies were 
going to deck Wicklow Church with them at Christmas. She also describes 
the groves of arbutus. In another letter, dated Delville, 19th June, 1752, 
she says: " The Mr. Usher we went to see is Christopher Usher, cousin to 
Will Usher, my old acquaintance who has been dead these 6 years." 

The prerog wiU of Christopher Usher of Mt. Usher, Co. Wicklow, proved 
10th March, 1764. By marriage articles 4th Jan., 1717, power to charge 
estates with £1,200 for younger children, and £500 for any urgent occasion. 
£1,500, portion of Elizabeth, to have been laid out on lands, and is limited to 
her for life, I discharge my lands, etc. I am possessed of the lands of Dun- 
googan, Co. Galwav, as heir to my father John Usher, and devise them to my 
8on°John Usher for Hfe, etc., and on failure of his male heirs to my son 
Wm., etc. £1,500 to my dr. AHce, to Jane Rowan, £500 ; sons Wm. and 
Christopher, £1,000 each. My drs. Catherine Usher and Martha Edgeworth 
are turned Roman Catholiqiies, and have quitted me and my family and aU 
natural ties to them and their country. I leave them Is. each, with my 
blessing. Richd. Lord Mornington, and my brother, Ross Mahon, Senr., of 
Castlebar, to be Executors. After, wife and son John, Exors., 17th Sept. 


Christopher Ussher, who died 1763, and was buried in St. Audoen's, 5th 
Sept., 1763, by his wife, Elizabeth, who d. at Mt. Ussher, 12th Sept., 1769, 

had issue: „ 

2 A 


I. John TJssher, his heir, bom in Co. Wicklow ahout 1718, 
educated by Mr. Bryan, entered T.C.D., 1746 ; B. A., 1750 ; suc- 
ceeded his father in 1763, High Sheriff for Co. Wicklow, 1764, 
M.P. for Inistiogue, 1783-90, died m. his house in Marlborough 
Street, Dublin, 1796. The prerog. wiQ of John Usher, of 
Eastville, Co. Gal way; to be buried ia St. Thomas's Church, 
if I die in Dublin, otherwise in Aughrim. To E,ichd. Tighe, 
brother of my late dear friend, Wm. Tighe, Esq., of Rosanna, 
and John Rowan, Esq., of Kilcarry, Co. Carlow, my estates 
for my nephew Christopher, son of my br. Christopher, of 
Kilcarry. Nephew John, £200 per ann. To sister Alice 
Ussher and sister Catherine Ussher, £50 per ann. To xmcle 
Thos. Ussher's two drs., £20. To my dear Wm. Finamore 
of Donnybrook, £200. Proved 4th Nov., 1796. 
II. Katherine Ussher, bap. St. Andrew's Dub., 15th Feb., 1719, 
joined the Roman Catholic Church and went to France in 
1748 with her sister, where she died. 
III. Martha Ussher, bap. St. Andrew's, Dub., 8th March, 1720, m. 
Rev. Robert Edgworth of Firmount, Co. Longford, and with 
him joined the Roman Catholic Church, and went to France 
about 1748, where he died. . 
The Rev. Robert Edgworth was son of Rev. Essex Edgworth, bom 1679, 
Rector of Templemichael, Co. Longford, who was 5th son of Sir John Edgworth, 
and a younger brother of the founder of the Edgworthstown family. Essex 
Edgworth's will proved in 1737, recites that he m. in 1719, ... dr. of Sir 
John King, Bart, with a fortune secured on her father's estate, of which £1,500 
was settled on his younger children and the remaining £1,908 9s. he settles 
on his eldest son Robert ; mentions his drs. Marj', Frances and Jane, dated 
1733; witnesses, Michael Neligan, Thos. Carter, etc. The Rev. Robert 
Edgworth of Firmount made his will 11th Dec, 1747, desiring to be buried 
on the North side of Edgworthstown Church — " If I die beyond sea, to be 
buried at least 10 feet under ground in the common cemetery; my wife Martha 
Edgeworth not to wear the usual mourning of widows but only such as is 
common for near relations, and I bequeath to her all her rings, watch and 


apparell, heartily sorry that it is not in my power to make her a more 
generous acknowledgement for her extraordinary tenderness and conduct with 
regard to me. Item : it is my desire that a copy of some picture done for me 
be made in miniature by a good Limner and set in gold, which I pray my 
sister-in-law Catherine Ussher to accept as a token of that friendship which 
I owe her for her love and tenderness of my family. Item : I bequeath to my 
eldest son Essex Edgeworth Edgeworth, my best watch ; and whatever shall 
remain after debts are paid I bequeath to my younger children. If my wife 
marry, my mother and sister Mary to be Exors. The former to accept of Bing- 
ham's Antiquities in 2 vols, folio, and the latter my large Oxford Bible folio, a 
valuable tho' cheap acknowledgement of my love, hoping my dear wife will 
not take amiss the removing her from y^ care of my affairs in y*" above 
mentioned case, this alteration being entirely designed to prevent her unhappi- 
ness, as I have known many women made miserable in second marriage for 
being too good to betray y^ children of a former husband." Signed in presence 
of John and William IJssher. Ussher Edgeworth, Esq., son and Resid. 
Legatee, proved 1794. 

Eev. Robert Edgworth, by Martha Ussher, had issue : 

1. Essex Edgworth Edgworth, mentioned in his father's wlQ. 

2. Robert Edgworth, who died before his brother Ussher. 

3. Ussher Edgworth,'Solicitor, of JerA-is St., Dublin, d. unmd., 

buried in St. Mary's Churchyard, Dublin. Rd. Downes 
Bowyer is appointed heir of all his goods, etc.; w. pr. 1809. 

4. A dr. m. . . . Bowyer. 

5. Henry Essex Edgworth, born 1745, known as the Abbe 

Edgworth, or Mons. de Firmont, of whose life we give a 

sketch translated and corrected from Beaulieu's "Biographic 

Universelle," Paris 1815. Vol. 14, page 562 :— 

" Henry Essex Edgeworth de Firmont, priest of the Roman Church and 

Vicar-General of the Church of Paris, sprang from a very considerable family 

of Middlesex in England, taking its name from the village of Edgeworth, now 

Edgeware, and which established itself in Ireland in 1582, when Francis 

Edgeworth came with his brother Edward to Ireland, and was Clerk of the 

Hanaper, Edward being Bishop of Down. Capt. Sir John Edgeworth son of 


Francis, ra. 2ndl3'', Mrs. Bridgman. He had by Lis first wife a son, and she 
a dr. by a former husband. The young people married and had a number of 
sons. In 1671 Sir John Edgeworth was Knighted ; his 5th son Essex gradu- 
ated at T.C.D., was Rector of Granard and then of Templemichael ; he m. a 
dr. of Sir Robert King of Rockingham, Co. Roscommon. Their eldest son 
Robert m. Martha TJssher and became Rector of Edgeworthstown, where 
Henry Edgeworth was born in the house where Oliver Goldsmith received the 
rudiments of education from Mr. Patrick Hughes. When Henry was four 
years old, his father gave up his living and removed to France ; Robert, 
Henry, and their sister went to Toulouse. Ussher remained in Ireland. 

The principal circumstance in the life of this ecclesiastic is connected with 
the horrible event which at the end of the 18th century carried horror and 
affright into all Europe, and the fatal consequences of which still make them- 
selves so vividly felt at the time when this notice is written. His father, an 
Anglican clergyman, abandoned the communion in which he had been brought 
up, and with his wife, and his sister-in-law. Miss Ussher, went to Toulouse, 
where young Edgeworth began his studies under the Jesuits, embraced the 
clerical profession, and soon became a model of good priests ; he first thought 
to dedicate himself to foreign missions, but his friends persuaded him that he 
would be just as useful to the true religion by defending it in his adopted 
country against the daily reiterated attacks of its many foes ; and he resolved 
to become a confessor in the capital A zeal so charitable could not be long 
ignored ; he was soon known in spite of his obscurity, and truly pious souls of 
all classes hurried to give him their confidence ; his former-fellow countrymen 
who were at Paris sought him out ; he succeeded even in reuniting several to 
the Catholic faith, and it was proposed to give him an Irish Bishopric, which 
he did not see his way to accept. 

Providence had destined him to discharge those terrible Ministrations which 
were very differently to honour and bless his memory. Madame Elizabeth, the 
King's sister, chose him for her director. She was in the Temple prison, a com- 
forting angel to her brother, who had long foreseen the lot reserved for him. In 
their private communications, she told him of the Abbe de Firmont, then 
retired to Choisy le Roi, and disguised under the name of Essex after the 
massacres of 1792. A long time before he had a presentiment of the loving 


mission whicli he was to fulfil near his king. Here is a passage of a letter 
which he wrote 21st Dec, 1792, to one of his friends in England: "My 
unfortunate master has cast his eyes on me to prepare him for death, if the 
iniquity of his people goes so far as to commit this parricide. I am preparing 
myself to die; for I am convinced that the popular fury will not let me survive 
for one hour this horrible scene. But I am resigned ; my life is nought. If in 
losing it I can save him whom God has placed /^r the fall and rising again of 
many, I would willingly sacrifice it, and my death w*^. not be in vain." The 
hateful proceeding had commenced at the moment when this letter was written. 
A little time before the warrant was brought, the King said to Mons. Males- 
herbes who passed near him every moment of the day not employed in his 
defence, " My sister has pointed out to me a good priest who has not taken the 
oath, and whose obscurity would permit him to escape afterward from persecu- 
tion. Here is his address. I pray you go to him, to tell him and prepare him to 
come when permission is granted me to see him." Then he added, " Behold a 
very strange commission for a philosopher ; for I know you are one ; but if you 
had to sufier as much as I, and must die as I am about to do, I would wish 
you the same sentiments which w^ console you much more than philosophy.' 
When the news that he was to die was communicated to Louis he asked for 
three days to prepare for death, and liberty to communicate with his confessor 
whose name he had given to the Minister of State. He was refused the 
respite, but allowed to see his family and Mons, de Firmont. The Minister 
took the Abbe in his own carriage to the prison. 

As soon as he was left with the King, as he relates in his published 
Memoirs, " Tears escaped in spite of me, and I fell at his feet without being 
able to make him hear any language but that of my grief." The King raised 
him and after confessing asked him many questions about the clergy and 
Bishops. At 8 the King rose, begged Mons. Edgeworth to wait and proceeded 
to take leave of his family. The Abbe witnessed the farewell. He 
then ofiered to say Mass, and the Commune having vmwillingly assented, at 
5 the next morning, Jan. 21st, he put on his vestments, celebrated Mass 
and administered the Communion to the King. At 8 the King entered the 
carriage, having previously asked the Abbe for his blessing. The King having 
ascended the scaffold said, " Messieurs, I recommend to you the Abbe." He 


took off his own coat before he mounted the scaffold. It was at this moment 
the Abbe said with a sublime look, " Montez au ciel, fils de Saint Louis." 
When they were going to bind the King's hands, and he seemed inclined to 
resist, the Abbe, whose expression was heavenly, gave him a last look and said 
" Suffer this outrage, as a last resemblance to that God who is about to be 
your reward." After the execution the priest descended and returned to 
Choisy le Roi, whence he did not go till April, 1795. He remained a long time 
at Bayeux, and in 1796 escaped to England and went to see the King's brother 
at Edinburgh. Pitt offered him a pension which he declined. He soon after 
followed Louis XVIII. to Blankenburg in Brunswick, and thence to Mittau. 
M. Edgeworth died 22nd May, 1807, aged 67, of a contagious fever caught in 
attending a number of sick French emigres. The Duchess of Angouleme 
waited on him in his last moments ; the Royal f amQy followed him to the 
tomb, and Louis XVIII. wrote his epitaph as follows : 

D. 0. M. 

Hie jacet 

Reverendissimus Yir 

Henricus Edgeworth de Firmont, 

Sanctae Ecclesiae Sacerdos 

Vicarius Generalis Ecclesiae Parisiensis, etc 


Redemptoris nostri vestigia tenens 

Oculus cajco 

pes claudo 

pater pauperum 

Maerentium consolator 


Ludovicum XYI. 

Ab impiis rebellibusque subditis 

Morti deditum 

ad ultimum certamen 


Strenuoquo martyri coelos apertos 



E manibus regicidanim 

Mira Dei protectione 


Ludovico XYIII. 

eum ad se vocanti 

ultro occurrens, 

Ei per decern annos, 

regia3 ejus farailiae, 

necnon et fidelibus sodalibus, 

Exemplar virtutum, 

levamen malorum 

eese prjcb.uit. 

Per multas et varias regiones 

temporum calamitate 

illi quern solum colebat 

semper similis 

pertransiit benefaciendo 

Plenue tandem bonis operibus 


die 22 Maii mensis 

Anno Domini 1807, 

Aetatis vero suae 62. 

R. I. P. 

Tbere is an oil painting of the Abbe Edgeworth at Eastwell House, Co. 


In a letter of bis in 1789, be speaks of bis motber ; her age and the 
sedentary life for 12 years past made bim apprehend the consequences of a 
long journey more than the daily riots of the place. She wished to flee to 
Cork. It is probable that she died in Ireland. 

It is a remarkable coincidence that Primate James Ussher visited his 
sovereign Chas. I. in prison, and was a witness of his execution, and that a 
great great grandson of Arthur Ussher of Donnybrook, who was third cousin 
to Primate James TTssher, was the comforter of his King Louis on the scaffold. 


IV. Jane Uesher, bap. St. Andrew's, Dublin, lOtb July, 1724, m. 

George Bowan, Esq., of Drumbeg, Co. Kerry, and d. 1771. 

cf. Faulkner's Dublin Journal, 28th May, 1771. " On Friday, 

24th, at her brother's house in Marlboro' St., Mrs. Eowan, wife 

of Geo. Rowan, Esq., of Drumbeg, Co. Kerry, and dr. to 

Christopher Usher, late of Mt. Usher." 
V. Alice Ussher, born between 1725 and 1730, d. unmd. after 1796. 
VI. "William Ussher, baptized at St. Ann's, Dublin, 29th May, 

1731; educated by Rev. Mr. Ball, entered T.C.D., 1751 ; Sch. 

1754 ; B.A., 1756 ; M.D., 1764 ; lived and died at Athy, Co. 

Kildare, m. Elizabeth ... by whom he had issue : 

1. EHzabeth Uspher, m. Richard Davis, gent. 

2. Margaret Ussher. 

"William Ussher died in 1774, leaving his wife as residuary legatee 
and executor, 5th April, 1774. The wiU was proved 23rd 
Dec, 1774. 
v[i. Christopher Ussher, Lieut, in his Majesty's ship, "Prince," 
1757, Capt. 1761, afterwards of Kilcarry, Co. Carlow, m. 
Margaret Bailie, who survived him, and by whom he had 
issue : 

1. Isabella Ussher, bap. 9th May, 1768, St. Ann's, Dublin. 

2. Elizabeth Ussher, m. John Rohan. 

3. Jane Ussher. 

4. Sarah Ussher. 

5. Christopher Ussher, bom 1770, educated at BaUitore School 

1784-8, entered T.C.D., 1788 (of whom below). 

6. John Ussher, bom about 1771, educated at Ballitorc, 1784, 

Lieut. R.N., afterwards Capt. of Militia, m. Mary Street, 
dr. of Samuel Street, for 24 years Speaker of the Legisla- 
tive Assembly of Canada, where he settled and had issue : 

(1) Samuel Ussher m. Harriet Colclough, and had issue : 
[1] John Ussher, who was killed fighting against Riel ; 

and also others. 

(2) Edgworth Ussher m. Sarah Thomson, and left issue : 


(3) John Usslier m. . . . and left issue. 

(4) Margaret Ussher m. Thanet Thompson, and had issue: 
[1] John, d.s.p. [2] Mary, d.s.p. [3] James. [4J 

George. [5] Margaret m. Rev. W. David, of 
St. Fagan's, S. "Wales. [6] Frances m. James 
Hamilton, Bishop of Hamilton. [7] Georgina m. 
Frederic Herbert, R.N. 

(5) Harriet Ussher m. George Mitchell, and had 
issue : 

[1] Mary m. Joseph Bawtree. [2] Louisa m. Edward 
Bawtree, and has issue, Edward Bawtree, R.N., 
another son and 4 drs. [3] Emily m. C. Spalding. 
[4] Jessie m. Clement Hanning of Toronto. 

(6) Mary Ussher m. her cousin, John Ussher of Eastwell. 
Christopher Ussher of Eastwell, Loughrea, Co. Galway, son of Lieut. 

Christopher Ussher of Kilcarry, succeeded his uncle, John Ussher, M.P., in' 
1796, and m. July, 1797, Ellis, dr. of James Browne of Browne Hall, Co. 
Mayo, by whom (who d. 1820), he had issue : 

(1) John Ussher, his heir, bom 1798, of whom below. 

(2) Rev. Christopher Ussher, born 1801, entered T.C.D., 

1820 ; B.A., 1825 ; Rector of Castlewellan, Co. Down, 
died 1859, m, Elizabeth, dr. of Richard Crane Brush 
of Dromore, Co. Down, deed., and had issue : 
[1] Arland Ussher, Gill Hall, Dromore, Co. Down, a 

well known artist. 
[2] Caroline Ussher. 
[8] Mary Adelaide Ussher. 

[4] Christopher James Ussher, of the Indian Civil 

(3) WiUiam Ussher of Co. Galway, d.s.p., 1878. 

(4) Ellis Ussher, ra. in St, Peter's Church, Dublin, 25th 

Oct., 1817, Xaverius Blake of Oran Castle, 'Co. 

2 b 


(5) Honoria Usslier m. Jolin Donnellan of Ballydonnellan 
Castle, adjoining East well, Co. Galway. 
We now return to John Usslier of Eastwell, eldest son of Christopher 
Usslier, who m., 1831, his first cousin, Mary, dr. of Capt. John Ussher of 
Canada, and d. 24th April, 1851, having had issue : 

[1] Christopher Ussher, late of Eastwell, bom 1832, m. 
in 1873, Olivia, dr. of Captain Da^'id Ruttledge of 
Barbersfort, Co. Galway, and d. 1884, leaving 
issue ; 

1. "William Arland Ussher, born Jan., 1878. 

2. Christopher Ussher, born 1880, died young. 
J. Henry Ussher, born 10th Feb., 1883. 

^. Agnes Ussher. 

5. Olivia Ellis Ussher. 

6. Alison Ussher. 

[2] John Xaverius Ussher of Rocklands, Oranmore, 
d. 1878, m. Isabella, dr. of Capt. Dillon of Johns- 
town, and left issue : 

/. Sarah Salisbury Ussher, born 1870. 

2. Mary Ellis Ussher, born 1871. 

J. John St. George Ussher, born 1872. 

^. William Gerald Ussher, born 1873. 

5. Violet Ethel Ussher, born 1874. 

6. Mabel Sophia Ussher, born 1877. 

[3] Edmond Augustus William Ussher, died young. 

[4] William Augustus Edmond Ussher, of the 
Geological Survey of England and Wales, 
edited Woodward's Geology, with notes, also author 
of " Post-Tertiary Geology of Cornwall." 

[5] Mary Ussher m. Stewart S. Johnston, M.D., son of 
the Rev. W. Johnston of Ratoath, Co. Meath. 

[G] Ellis Belinda Ussher, d. unmd. March, 1825. 




Pedigree of the Descent of Rev. John Usshcr and his children. 

JOnX irSSIIER, supposed to have been born 1G94 (and son of Archdeacon 
Adam Usshcr), mercht. of St. Michan's p'sh, m. by Prerog. Lie, 
1825, Sarah, dr. of Ptichd. Murphy, gent., of Blessington, and 
Anue, his wife, and had issue, with others : 
I. Gr.oiuiE UssiiEK, bom 1734, d.y. 
II. Alici: Us><[iEn, born 1735, d.y, 
III. John Ussheu, Clk., born 16th April, 1636, d. 1829, m. 1st, 
I ^Maria Amelia Anne . . . and had issue by her. (He m. 2ndly, 

Elizabeth Travers. who d.s.p., 1826) : 
, 1. John Usshcr, M.D., of Dublin and of Woodpark, Co. Dublin, 

I born 1758, d. 1823, m. first, Lucy Parkinson, widow, and had 

1^ issue : 

1. Arabella Ussher m. Rev. Chas. Mulloy, andd. 1818. 

2. John Ussher, Lt.-Col., m. Margaret Connor, and had issue : 

(1) John George Ussher. 

(2) George Skeffington Ussher. 

(3) James Henry Neville Ussher, Surgeon-Major A.M.D., 
m. dr. of Yen. Archdeacon Cox of Eaphoe, and had 
issue : 

3. Henry Ussher, Lieut. R.X. 

4. Amelia Ussher m. W. Pasley. 

5. Pdchard Beverly Ussher, born 1798, Capt. 86th Piegt., m. 
Henrietta Boileau, and hud issue : 

(1) John Theophilus Ussher, Major-Genl. (retired), born 
1823, ni. Annabella Eoss, and had issue : 
[1] Capt. Beverly Pi. Ussher ni. Elizth, Darcy. 
[2 j John Kenneth Ussher, d.y. 


[3] Alfred Lestock TJsslier, Lieut. 22nd Regt. 

[4] Hamilton O'Brien Ussher, Lieut. 3rd Batt. Gordon 

[5] Allan Yesey TJsslier, Lt. and Adjt. 26tli Eegt. 

(2) Beverly Ussher of Dublin, m. Charlotte E. Smyth, and 

has issue : 
[1] Mary Evelyn Ussher. [2] George Neville Ussher. 
[3] Charlotte Eliz. [4] Emily Georgina. 

(3) Henrietta Jane Ussher, d.y. 

(4) Henrietta Fanny Jane Ussher, d.y. 

(5) Simeon Ussher of Dublin m, Mary Jane Morris, and 

had issue : 
[1] Alma Janem. Dr. Yeates. [2] Richd. Henry, d.y. 
[3] Henriette. [4] Robt. Morris, Lieut. R.N. 
[5] Anna. 

(6) Charles Ussher, d.y. 

(7) Henrietta Ussher, d.y. 

(8) Henry Ussher, M.D., m. Jane Henrietta Thompson, 

and has issue : 
[1] Eleanor Neville. [2] Percival Gaisford. [3] Henry 
Boileau. [4] Elizth. Jane. [5] Arthur Chas. 

(9) Peter Roe Clarke Ussher. 

(10, 11, 12) Jane Ann ; Arabella m. Capt. Buchanan ; 
Henrietta m. Samuel Buchanan. 

(13) James Ussher of Lurgan m. Florence S. E. Smyth, 
and has issue: [1] Wm. A. [2] James. [3] Neville 
Boileau. [4] Chas. Butler. [5] Florence. [6] 

(14) Brandram Boileau Ussher, M.D., Bishop of the 
Reformed Episcopal Church, Montreal, m. Elizth. 
Leonora Thompson, and has issue : 

[1] Sydney Lahmire. [2] Clarence Douglas. [3] 
. Charles E. C. [4] George Richd. [5] Elizth. 
Henrietta. [G] ^Yarwick Wellesly Ussher. 


6. Charles Usslier, d. in London. 

7. Ellen Usslier. 

John Ussher, M.D., m. secondly, Miss Miler, and had issue : 

8. Jane Ussher m. Chas. Henry Leet, M.D., and had issue : 

(1) Elizabeth Isabel. 

(2) Georgina Jane m. Dr. Palk of Southampton. 

(3) Ambrose Wellesley Leet, D.D., Licumbent of Baggot- 

rath Church, Dub. 

(4) Emma Bulkeley Leet m. Henry B. Johnson, London. 

(5) Chas. H. Leet, M.D. 

(6) John Ussher Leet. 

(7) Edward Wilberforce Leet, R.N. 

(8) Mary Rosalie Leet, d.y. 

9. EHza Ussher, d. unmd. 1885. 

John Ussher, merchant, of St. Michan's parish, Dublin, bom between 1690 
and 1696, obtained the freedom of Dublin, at Michaelmas 1718, by service. 
He is believed to have been a son of Archdeacon Adam Ussher, Rector of 
Clontarf, though owing to the Archdeacon having left no will, and the Clontarf 
Registers of that period having perished, documentary proof of it is not as yet 
forthcoming. John Ussher m. by Prerog. Lie, 5th Nov., 1725, Sarah Murphy, 
spinster, of Blessington, Co. "Wicklow, bap. in Blessington Church, 27th Oct. 
1709. She was dr. of Richard Murphy, gent., of Blessington, who in his will 
proved 1725, appointed Rev. Philip Welsh of Blessington, and John Caldwell, 
gent., of Dublin, exors., and leaves his mother, Mrs. Anne Murphy, £20 per 
ann., his wife Anne ' to enjoy the house at Blessington where I now live,' etc., and 
£50 per ann.; plate left to wife and 2 drs. Anne and Sarah Murphy, equally ; 
he to be buried at Blessington; £30 to y° poor of said p'sh ; sisters Anne Jenkins, 
Elizabeth Evans, Mariabella Bruce, £10 each ; to Mr. Patrick Cockburn and 
widow Anne Cockburn, £10 each ; to nephew George Bruce £10 ; to niece 
Mariabella Bruce, £10 ; nephew David and niece Anne Evans £5 each ; niece 
Mariabella Jenkins £10; to Thos. Parsons, apprentice to Aldn. Bolton, £100 
when 21 years old ; to my wife mj'- flock of sheep. 27th Nov., 1724. 

Thos. Pocldington, overseer of will. Crest on seal, a Lion rampant, 

Ja. Gratton, witness- with coat of aims. 


It appears from a deed of 30th May, 1783, between Rev, Jolin Uesi.rj .,f 
Clontarf and Lord Hillsborough, that in 1678 the Lord Archbp. of buL. ., 
and Morogh, Ld. Blesinton demised to David Murph}', mercht., deed., o.-.,. 
plot, etc., for 3 lives, and that sd. Morogh, Ld. Blesinton on 25th Mar'.,,. 
1(399, demised to Richard Murphy, gent., only son and heir of sd. David 
Marphy, a piece of ground, etc. at Blessington ; these are all vested in tLe 
Rev. John Ussher. Again in a deed dated 20th March, 1784, the Rev, John 
Ussher assigns for his wife to J. M'Laughlin \ a lot of ground in Haadbury 
Lane, Thomas Court, and also a moiety of a piece of grouad at the rere of 
sd. lot, with a little tenement, called Mill House, all which were formerly 
devised by John Usher, late of the city of Dublin, and Sarah his wife, both 
deed., to John Cole the elder and younger, and Robt. Cole, and also, etc., 
demised by sd. John Usher, deed., to Mary Lyon of Dublin, widow, and Chrpr. 
Hearn of same, 

John Ussher appears to have resided afterwards in the parishes of St, 
Audoen's and St, Anne's; he had issue by his wife Sarah : 

I. George Ussher, bap, St, Audoen's, 26th March, 1735, d,y, 
II, Alice Ussher, bap. St. Audoen's, 26th March, 1735, d.y. 
III. John Ussher, born in Dublin, 16th April, bap. St. Audoen's, 20th 
April, 1736, "son of John and Sarah Ussher," of whom 
lY. Sarah Ussher, bap. St. Ann's, 8ih June, 1739, 
Y. Elizabeth Ussher, bap. St. Ann's, 30th June, 1740. 
YL Alice Ussher, bap. St. Ann's, 1st April, 1743. 
YII. Charles Ussher, bap. St. Ann's loth July, 1744. 
Children of John and Sarah Ussher, 
All these probably died yoxmg, except John Ussher, the third child. 
Of John's and Sarah's deaths we have no record, unless he be the same as 
a Mr, John Usher, Mathematician, who died in WiUiam Street, Dublin, 21st 
March, 1767 {Pue's Occurrences). 

The Rev. John Ussher was educated by the famous Mr. Ball, the school- 
master, and entered T.C.D. at the age of 17, in 1754, being registered as "the 
son of John Ussher, mercht." He was B.A. in 1760. He was ordained 
probably for the Curacy of Clontarf iu 1760 and succeeded to the Rectory in 


1766, on the deatli of the E,ev. Frederick Usslier, whose will, as well as that 
of Frederick's wife, he sigued as witness. He was twice married, first in 
1757, to Maria Amelia Ann ... by whom he had issue one son, John Ussher, 
of whom below. 

In 1788 " the Rev. John Ussher of Clontarf and Elizabeth Travers of 
Phippsborough, spinster, did lease the lands of Glendalough, held from the 
Archbp. of Dublin." 

He m. secondly the above Elizabeth Travers, who d.s.p. before him. 
Rev. John Ussher died 26th of Jan., 1829, at the great age of 93, and was 
buried in Clontarf Churchyard, where a headstone is erected to his memory, 
with this inscription : " Erected to the memory of the Rev. John Ussher, by 
his grandson, Charles Ussher, an humble tribute to the venerated shade of a 
kind and affectionate parent." His will and codicil proved 1829, leaves to 
" my beloved wife, Elizabeth Ussher, for and during her life my lease from Mrs. 
Ann Clarke of a field in the Green Lane in the parish of Clontarf, on which I 
built 2 cabins, and all my plate, also the sole use of the emolimieat due to 
me in the Bank of Ireland, and then to my grandchildren Charles, Jane, and 
Elizabeth, respectively, £900, £1,000, and £1,000 ; also to my lease of 
Glandelagh from the Archbp. of Dublin, also the interest of long annuity 
bonds in the Bank of England, and then to Lieut. John Ussher of the 66th 
Regt., my grandson ; wife and Erwin M'Alpin, Exors." By a codicil two grand- 
daughters, Jane and Eliza., along with wife, to be exors. 

" Mrs. Elizabeth Ussher, aged 84 years, of Clontarf, buried 28th December, 
1826, by Rev. Charles MoUoy, Rector of Clontarf." (Clontarf P'sh Reg.) 

The Rev. John Ussher, by his first wife, Maria Amelia Ann, had 

issue : i. John Ussher of Dublin, and afterwards of "Woodpark, 

Co. Dublin, andM.D. (Edinburgh), born Thursday, 8th June, 

1758, who d. 12th Julj^ and was buried 15th July, 1823, 

aged 65, m. first, 20th March, 1789, Luciuda Parkinson, 

widow (dr. of Irwin McAlpia,his partner from 1803 to 1814), 

who died 15th July, 1800, and by her had issue : 

1. Arabella Ussher, born 3rd Jan., 1790, m. Rev. Chas. Mulloy, 

6th March, 1810, in St. Peter's Church, Dublin, and d. 

13th Oct., 1818. Rev. Chas. Mulloy, younger son of Coote 


Mulloy of Boyle, Co. E-oscommon, succeeded the Rev. John 
Ussher as Bector of Clontarf, in 1811, d. May, 1832, und 
is buried at Collooney, Co. Sligo, of which he became 

2. John Ussher, born 3rd Feb., 1794, Lt.-CoL 66th Regt., 

served for many years in the 66th, 50th and 95th Regts. 
was present with the 66th at the occupation of Paris by 
the allied Powers in 1815, and served with it under Sir 
David Ouchterloney in the Nepaulese Campaign, 1816-17, 
and also in conjimction with the 20th Regt., when forming 
guard over Napoleon Bonaparte during his captivity in St. 
Helena, from 1817 to 1821, afterwards served in North 
America, the Mediterranean, Ceylon and South Australia ; 
he m. Margaret, dr, of John Connor, Solicitor, of Co. 
Roscommon, in 1837, and had issue : 

(1) John George Ussher, deceased. 

(2) George Skeffington Ussher. 

(3) James Henry Neville Ussher, Sargeon-Major, A.M.D., 

served in the Ashantee Expedition (medal and 
clasp), also in the South African war (medal). 
B.A. and M.B., Dub., 1866 ; Ch.M. (1st place), 1867, 
m. the dr. of Ven. Archdeacon Cox, Rector of Glen- 
columbkill, and resides at St. Helen's, Ramelton. 

3. Henry Ussher, Lieut. R.N., died s.p. in China. 

4. Amelia Ussher m. W. Pasley. 

5. Richard Beverly Ussher, born in Dame Street, Dublin, 14th 

Feb., 1798, Capt. 86th Regt., served also in the 53rd Regt., 
and retired from the Service by the sale of his commission ; 
he m. in St. Peter's Church, Dub., 3rd Aug., 1822, 
Henrietta Boileau, born 20th Oct., 1798, dr. of John 
Theophilus Boileau, of Fitzwilham Square, Dublin, a des- 
cendant of Charles Boileau, a Huguenot refugee, who d. 
1733, and was eldest son of Jacques Boileau, 10th Baron 
Boileau de Castelneau, near Niemes, and descended from 


Etienne Boileau, who was appointed by Louis IX., in 1255, 
to be Grand Provost of Paris ; another ancestor, Jean 
Boileau, was ennobled in 1371, by Charles Y. The younger 
brother of Charles Boileau remained a Roman Catholic, and 
became the eleventh Baron ; from him the present Baron 
is sixth in descent. Capt. Ussher had issue by her, of 
whom see below. 

6. Charles Ussher, bom 4th Sept., 1799, d.s.p. 

7. Ellen Ubsher. 

The prerog. will of John Ussher, M.D., pr. 1823, leaves legacies to his 
son John, Lieut. 66th Regt., his soa Richd., Ensign 86th Regt., his son 
Charles ; his drs. Jane, Ellen and Eliza, and his father, Rev. John Ussher, 
and also Amelia Ussher als Pasley. 

John Ussher, M.D., m. 2ndly Miss Miler, dr. of John Miler, mercht., and 
had issue : 

8. Jane Ussher m. Chas. Henry Leet, M.D., of 119 Upper 

Rathmines, Dublin, and had issue. 

(1) Elizabeth Isabel. (2) Georgina Jane m. Dr. Palk of 
Southampton. (3) Rev. Ambrose "Wellesley Leet> 
D.D., Incumbent of Baggotrath Church, Dub., Ex- 
Sch. and Senr. Moderator, T.C.D. (4) Emma m. 
Henry Bulkeley Johnson, London. (5) Charles 
Henry Leet, M.D., A.M.D. (6) John Ussher Leet. 
(7) Edward Wilberforce Leet, R.N". (8) Mary 
Ptosalie Leet, d. in infancy. 

9. Eliza Ussher, d. unmd. 

We now return to Capt. Richard Beverly Ussher, who had issue by his 
wife, Henrietta. 

(1) John Theophilus Ussher, Major- General, retired, born 
4th Sept., 1823, entered the array in May, 1843, 
and was retired on becoming a full Colonel in 
1880, having then completed nearly 38 years service 
on full pay. He served in the field, in the Cam- 
paign of 1844-5, in the Southern Mahratta Country, 



with the 22nd E,egt., and was present at the capture 
of the forts of Panala and Pawangarh, also in 
India during the mutiny of 1857-8, with the 87th 
Regt., and in the Murree Hills when that station was 
attacked by a large force of hill men ; served on board 
the ship, Eastern Monarch, with a large detachment 
of invalids when she blew up and was destroyed by 
fire on 3rd June, 1859, at which time he lost every- 
thing he had on board ; was for many years a 
Staff Ofl5cer of Pensioners, and had to retire on 
account of age. He m. Annabella, only dr. of Capt. 
Kenneth Tolmie Ross, 13th and 66th Regts., and has 
issue : 
[1] Capt. Beverly "Wm. Peid Ussher, 7th Dragoon 
Guards, served in the Zulu War and Egypt, and 
obtained South African Medal with 1878-9 clasp, 
ra. 9th May, 1887, Lizzie, 2nd dr. of Matthew P. 
Darcy, D.L., Kilcroney, Bray, Co. "Wicklow, and 
has issue: 
[2] John Kenneth Ussher, died young at Bombay. 
[3] Alfred Lestock TJssher, late Lieut. 22nd Pegt., 

retired from ill health on pension. 
[4] Hamilton O'Brien Ussher, Lieut., 3rd Batt. Gordon 
Highlanders, served in Bechuanaland with Methuen's 
[5] AUan Vesey Ussher, Lieut, and Adjt. 26th 
Cameronian Pegt. 
(2) Beverly Ussher, bom 7th Sept., 1824, of Charlemont 
Place, Dublin, m. Charlotte Emilia Smyth, and has 
issue : 
[1] Mary Eveline Ussher. [2] George Neville 
Ussher. [3] Charlotte Elizabeth Ussher. [4] 
Erailv Georgina Ussher. 


(3) Henrietta Jane Ussher, born 25th Dec, 1825, died at 

Barbadoes 20th Nov., 1826. 

(4) Henrietta Fanny Jane, born 8th Feb., 1827, in Trinidad, 

d. 8th Aug., 1828. 

(5) Simeon TJssher of Dublin, bom 6th July, 1828, m. 

Mary Jane Morris, dr. of Robert Morris of Lurgan, 

and d. 4th Dec, 1863, leaving issue : 
[1] Alma Jane Ussher, m. 1888, G. W. Yeates, M.B., 

25 Lr. Baggot St., Dublin. 
[2] Richard Henry Ussher, deed. 
[3] Henriette Ussher. 
[4] Robert Morris Ussher, Lieut. R.M.I. 
[5] Anna Ussher. 

(6) Charles Ussher, born 25th June, 1830, died 3rd 
Feb., 1832. 

(7) Henrietta Ussher, born 21st Aug., 1831, died 12th 

Sept., 1831. 

(8) Henry Ussher, M.D., formerly Assist. Surgn. R.N., now 

of Wands-worth, Surrey, born 8th Jan., 1833, m. Jane 
Henrietta Thompson, and had issue : [1] EUinor 
Neville Ussher. [2] Percival Gaisford Ussher. 
[3] Henry Boileau Ussher. [4] Elizabeth Jane 
Ussher. [5] Arthur Chas. Ussher. 

(9) Peter Roe Clarke Ussher, born 26th March, 1834, an 

eminent "Wesleyan minister in Australia. 

(10) Jane Anne Ussher, born 22nd Nov., 1835, d. 10th 

Jan., 1861. 

(11) Arabella Ussher, bom 28th May, 1837, m. Capt. 


(12) Henrietta Ussher, bom 3rd Nov., 1839. 

(13) James Ussher of Lurgan, Co. Down, Solicitor, born 

14th May, 1842, m. Florence Sarah Eleanor Smyth, 
and had issue: [1] William Albert Ussher. [2] James 
Ussher. [3] Neville Boileau Ussher. [4] Charles 


Butler Ussher. [5] Florence Eleanor Marian Usslier. 
[6] Arnold Ussher. 
(14) Brandram Boileau Usslier of Montreal, Canada, born 6th. 
Aug., 1845, M.D. of Illinois, Bishop of the Reformed 
Episcopal Church for Canada and Newfoundland, 1882. 
According to the " Canadian Biography of Public Men," published by the 
Hose Co. Toronto, Dr. Brandram Ussher, when still under age emigrated to 
America, where he studied medicine in the University of Michigan, and finally 
became M.D. in Illinois and practised for over ten years in Aurora city, 
lllionis. Under the license of Bishop Whitehouse he became a lay reader and 
was urged to enter the ministry of the American Church. Finally, however, 
on theological grounds he joined Bishop Cummins, who had seceded from that 
Church, and taken steps to organize the "Heformed Episcopal Church." Dr. 
Ussher was ordained Deacon in that Body 9th June, 1874, and Presbyter 16th 
July, 1876, by Bishop Cheney, and has been Pastor of St. Bartholomew's 
Montreal, since 1878, In 18i^2, on the 19th June he was consecrated a Bishop 
at the Reformed Episcopal Church of Holy Trinity, Southend, England, by 
JRight Rev. T. H. Gregg, M.D., D.D., who is Bishop of the "Reformed Church 
of England." Bishop Ussher has charge of the congregations in Canada and 
^Newfoundland. He m. 16th July, 1867, in Chicago, Elizabeth Leonora, 3rd dr. 
of Rev. Skefl&ngton Thompson of Broomfield, near Lucan, Ireland, and grand- 
daughter of the late Skeffington Thompson of Rathnally, Co Meath, by Anna 
Maria, only child and heiress of Thomas Carter of Rathnally. Thomas Carter 
was descended from the eldest son of the Right Hon. Thomas Carter, Irish 
Master of the Rolls and Secretary of State, whose father was Sergeant-at-arms 
in Dublin under Wm. III. Mrs, Ussher's mother, Elizabeth Margaret D'Arcy, 
was a lineal descendant of Sir John D'A.rcy of Flatten, Co. Meath, Lord 
Justice of Ireland in the 14th century. 

Bishop Brandram Ussher by his wife Elizabeth has had issue twelve 
children of whom six survive, viz.: 

i[l] SydneyLahmireNeviUe Ussher. [2] Clarence Douglas 
Ussher. [3] Charles Edward Cheney Ussher. [4] 
George Richard Beardmore Ussher. [5] Elizabeth 
Henrietta Ussher. [6] Warwick Wellesley Ussher. 




Pedigree of the Descendants of Beverly Ussher. 

BEVERLY USSHER, Lt.-CoL, 1649, d. 1683, m. 1st, Joan, dr. of Sir Percy 
Siuyth, by his first wife, Mary Meade, and had issue : 
I. Mary Ussher, m. 1666, Francis Smyth of Rathcourse}'', Co» 
Cork, and had issue. 
The abovenamed Beverly Ussher m. 2adly, Grace, dr. of Sir Richard 
Osborne (she m. 2ndly, 1684, Nicholas Dale), and had issue : 

II. Beverly Ussher of Kilmeadon m. Elizabeth . . . and had issue : 
I. Beverly Ussher, junr., of Kilmeadon, born about 1700, m. 1st, 
Mary Lysaght, and had issue : 

1. Marj^ Ussher m. John Congreve. 

2. Elizabeth Ussher m. Bolton Lee. 

3. Anne Ussher, born 1737, d. unmd. 

Beverly Ussher, junr., m. 2ndly, Elizabeth Shuldham, and had issue : 

4. Elizabeth Catherine Ussher m. Henry Alcock of Wilton. 
III. James Ussher of Ballinta3'lor, d. 1729, m. 1st, Jane Donnellan, 

1701, and had issue : 
I. John Ussher of Ballintaylor, M.P. for Dungarvan, d.s.p. 1747. 

II. Rev. Arthur Ussher, Missionary, S.P.G., m. 2ndly, Catherine 

Keily, having previously m. ... by whom he had issue : 

1. John Ussher, d.3'. 

2. Hannah Ussher m. Thos. Browne. 

III. Richard Ussher, d.s.p. 

IV. Beverly Ussher of Canty, m. 1750, Melian Roche, and had 

issue : 
1. John Ussher of Canty, m. Susanna Heame, and had issue : 
(1) Anne Ussher m. Arthur Quin, and had issue : 


[1] John Quin. [2] Arthur Quin. [3] Edward 
TJssher Quin. 
(2) Amelia Ussher m. Jolin Musgrave Hearne. 

2. Melian Ussher m. . . . Hearne. 

3. Jane Ussher m, George Boate of Duckspool. 

4. Isabella Ussher m. Roger Dalton who d. 1803. 
V. Anne Ussher m. Thomas Grant of Kilmurrj'. 

VI. Jane Ussher m. John Osborne Odell, and had, issue. 
VII. Isabella Ussher m. Jonas Blackall, and had issue. 
VIII. Susanna Ussher, d. 1770, m. Christopher Musgrave, and had 
issue : 
The abovenamed James Ussher of Ballintaylor, m. 2ndly, Mary 
Congreve, and had issue : 

IX. Rebecca Ussher m. Ambrose Power. 
ly. Capt. John Ussher, of Lumley's Regt. of Horse, m. 1714, Mary, 
dr. and heiress of Lord St. George, and had issue : 
I. St. George Ussher St. George, Lord St. George of Hatley St. 
George, d. 1775, m. 1752, Elizabeth, dr. and heiress of 
Christopher Dominick of Dominick Street, Dublin, and had 
issue : 
1. Hon. Emilia Olivia St. George, m. 1775, Robert Wm., 2nd 
Duke of Leinster, and had issue. 
11. Olivia Ussher m. Arthur French of Tyrone, Co, Galway. 
III. Judith Ussher m. Gorges Lowther of Kilbrew. 
Y. Judith Ussher, m. 1696, Robert Taylor of Ballynort, Co. 

VI. Isabella Ussher m. Edward Hubbart of Cappagh. 
YII. Anne Ussher, m. 1704, Sir Thomas Osborne, Bart., and m. 2ndly, 
Francis Skiddy. 
YIII. Capt. Arthur Usshkr, of the 8th Regt. of Foot, m. Lucy Taylor, 
and had issue, of whom in Chap. XYL 

This family use the same Crest and Arms as the Eastwell family, and as motto, 

"Amor vincit omnia." 


Beverly Ussher, fifth son of Arthur Usslier of Donnybrook, (Deputy Clerk 
of the Privy Council, and eldest son of Sir Wm. TJssher, senr.), was bom about 
1618, entered the army, and was a Lieut.-Colonel in 1649, as appears by his 
claim to arrears of pay made after the Restoration. In Vol. XLII., Carte 
Collectioii (Bodl. Lib.), is a King's Letter appointing him Corporal or Captain 
of the Field. 

" Charles R. 

" Right trusty and Right wellbeloved Councell""^' and right trusty and 
right welbeloved cousins and councelo''®- We greet yo^ well. Having received 
very good testimony of the constant Loyalty and good affections to our service 
of our trusty and welbeloved Beverly IJsher, Esq., Wee have thought fitt in 
consideration thereof to grant imto him the office of Corporall of the field to 
our standing Army in that our Kiugdome. Our will and pleasure therefore 
is that you cause Letters Patent to be passed under the great seale there, con- 
taining our grant unto him the s^ Beverly TJssher of the said office with all 
such Fees, Wages, Allowances, Entertainments, Rights, Priviledges, Proffitts 
and Emoluments to the s"^ office or place belonging as Capt. John Pikeman or 
any other enjoyed the same by virtue of the s*^ place to have and to hold the 
same for and during his Naturall life. And for so doing these our Letters 
shalbe your sufficient warrant, given at our Court at Whitehall, this 2nd day 
of July, 1661, in the 13 yeare of ourReigne. 

" By his Ma*y'« Command, 
" Edw. Nicholas. 

'• Grant to Beverly Usher of y^ office of Corporall of the field." 

In MS., Yol. F, p. 272, relating to the Irish Establishments, is the name 
of Lieut. Beverly Ussher, 1662. 

On the Restoration of Chas. IL, Lt.-Col. Beverly Ussher appears to have 
settled in the Co. Cork, at Ballyfinn, where he obtained a grant of land in 
1667, 19th Chas. IL. viz. : 19 townlands, i.e., Inegragy Castle, etc., 200 acres; 
Scarriffe, 120 acres ; Knockestruckin, Teadmore 'and Ballycarrane, 48 acres, 
bar. Imokilly, Co. Cork. Total grant 800 acres plantation (1,295a. 3r. 19p. 
Stat.), Totat Rent, £12 2s. llfd. 28th Nov., 19th Charles IL 

A letter of his to Sir Daniel Bellingham of Dublin says : 

" Sir, — In Mr. ffalcon bridge's absence I have appointed this bearer, Mr. 

Phillips, to act as agent for the troope to receive the six Moncthes pay which is 

now due to me as Corporall of the feild; if wee have assignments in the 

country I intrcat you that they may be as nccre our quarters as you can con- 


Tenientiy for I expect my Lord Leubten*^ landing there, and I would willingly 
have the troope in a ready posture to attend him. 

" Rosse, Sept. 23rd, 1664, " Yor. humble Servant, 

"fPor Sir Daniel Bellingham, "Beverly TJssher. 

'^ Knt. these." 

In MS. Vol. D relating to the Irish Establishments, p. 24, we find under 

" Offices General — 

" Lt.-CoU. Beverly Ussher for his entertainment as one of y® Corporalls of 
y^ field to y® army at 5s. p.d. for 365 days, ending y^ last of Sept., 1665, 
y® first in full, y® other in part by way of Imprest £68 Os. Od." 
Also page 441. 

" Provinciall, 

" Lt.-Coll. Beverly Ussher in full satisfaction of all y® arrears of pay to be 
to him as Lt. to y^ foot Company formerly under y^ commde. of y® Earle of 
Ossory in his Maje^*^^ army in Ireland from y® 21 Oct., 1661, to y^ 27 July, 
1662 by war* dated 24th of March, 1662. 

£0025 16 00." 

An indenture of Col. TJssher's and 2 others runs as follows : it was part of 
the grant to them on behalf of the 49 officers at Kilmeadon : 

"Beverly Ussher, This Indenture made the 8 and 20th day of ffeb. 

Arthur Dillone, in the year of our Lord 1667 and in the 

John Smyth, 20th year of the Reign of our Royal 

to ^ Sovereign Lord Charles II. by the grace 

John Linegar. of God, of England, Scotland, JFrance and 

Ireland King, Defender of the faith, etc. 

" Betweene Beverly Ussher of Ballyfinin in the County of Cork, Esq., 
Arthur Dillon of LismuUen in the Co. Meath, Esq., and John Smyth of 
BaUynetra in the Co. of "VVaterford, Esq., on the one part and John Lineo-ar 
of the City of Dub., ffacter of the other— Witnesseth that whereas the said 
Beverly Ussher, Arthur Dillon, and John Smyth, by these deeds Indented 
bearing date the day next before the date of those presents for and in consider- 
ation of the sum of five shillings stlg. to them the sd. B. U., A. D., and J. S. 
payed by the said John Linegar, did bargaine and sell unto the said John 
Linegar all that old timber house slated and a small yard situate on the Wood 
Key, in the City of Dublin, now or late in the possession of Nicholas 
Hanshawen and returned, to have been formerly the property of S"" Luke 
Fitzgerald, Knt., with all and singular ways, gardens, waters, casements, 
advantages and emoluments whatsoever to the same belonging or in anywise 
appertaining, and the reversion and rev'ns, remainder and reni'rs of all and 
smg'lar the premisses and all rents and profits whatsoever of the p'misses or 
reserved upon any demise made thereof or of any p't or parcell thereof £250. 
" Witnessed Wm. Smyth, John Izard, Robt. Carew." 


In the Ormonde Papers in the Hist. MSS. Com. Report it is stated that, 
"Ann Cottell of T^ew Ross, Co. Wexford, widow, had exemption from provid- 
ing quarters for Col. Ussher's troop, 25 June, IGG-l." 

In 1668 Beverly Ussher seems to have settled at Kilmeadon, Co, 
"Waterford, which he rented from Lord Doneraile's ancestor. An indenture 
of Joseph Fox, gent., to Coll. Beverly Ussher, dated 5th Aug., 1668, is in the 
Irish Record Office, and states that " Joseph Fox, gent., of Grings, Co. 
Tipperaiy, to Beverly Ussher of Ballyfyns, Co. Cork, Esq., did sell his lands 
granted by King Chas. II. in Ballynacury, 368 acres of protitable land 
plantation measure; Ballydesert, 548 acres; Shannakill North, 166 acres; 
Upper Ballycloghy, 1,709 acres; Ballynapp, 34 acres; Thomastown, 348 acres; 
Knockinreahy, i)5 acres ; Griounonore, 556 acres, in the Bar. of Upper Third, 
Co. Waterford. Joseph Fox for £800 pa'd by Beverly Ussher, doth release 
and confirm to B. U. these lands in Ijis actual possession, being by virtue of 
a bargain and sale to him thereof and by transfer to B. U. and his heires. 
Witnessed John Osborne, H. Osborne, and Michl. Hunt." 

Another document written by Beverly Ussher to Arthur Podmore 

(Pursuivant) says: " I, Lt.-Coll. Beverly Ussber, Lieut, to his Grace y^ Duke 

of Ormond troope do by these pres'nts appt. Arthur Podmore of Dublin, gent. 

my Attorney to receive warrants for pay of y^ sd troop. i6th March, 1677." 

A letter of Coll. Beverly Ussher, from Dublin to the Duke of Ormonde, 

dated Oct. 16th, 1675, is preserved in the Ormonde MSS. at 

Kilkenny Castle. 

The will of Colonel Beverly Ussher proved at Waterford Ist June, 1683, 

says : 

"I, Beverly Ussher of ffeddanes, Co. Waterford, Esq., wish my interment 
to be according as my well-beloved friends and kinsmen, John Osborne of 
Ballintaylor, Esq., Arthur Ussher of Osbertstown, Esq., and Richd. Smyth of 
Ballynatra, Esq.. shall judge. 

"Item : my eldest son Beverly Ussher to be sole exor., and if I die before 
he reach competent years, friends above mentioned to act. 

" I leave my estate according to the deed and settlement made Twentieth 
May, 1681, and £80 p. ann. to my wife Grace Ussher. 

"To my brother-in-law, John "jOsborne of Ballj-ntaylor, the custody and 
Tuition of my son Beverly. 

" To my wife the household goods, plate and coach and four of my best 
coach horses ; my daughter Judith £o()0 at 18 years of age, £20 p. ann. for 
her education and maintenance; to my dr. Isabella £200 and £15 per ann. 
for her education and maintenance ; to my dr. Ann £200 and £10 per ann. 



for her education and maintenance ; if ray wife be with child £200 to the child. 
To my eldest son Beverly the remainder. 

"Item : I reserve and bequeath to my daughter Mrs. Mary Smyth, wife to 
Francis Smyth cf Rathcoursie, etc. 4th May, 1683." 

(Seal with arms.) 

Col. Beverly Ussher m. first, Joan, dr. of Sir Percy Smyth, Knt., of 

Ballinatray, by his first wife Mary, dr. of Robert Meade, Constable of Broghill 

Castle, Co. Cork, whom he married Feb. 28th, 162? (of. Boyle's Diary); by 

her, who d. 1633, he had issue : 

I. Mary Ussher, m. Francis Smyth of Rathcourcy, Co. Cork (the 

Cloyne Mar. Bond is dated 9th June, 1 666) and son of Francis 

Smyth by Anne, dr. of Sir Francis Kingsmill of Ballybeggin, 

Co. Cork. She had issue by him : 

I. Francis Smyth, m. 1692, Isabella, dr. of Rev. John Rugge of 

Ballydaniel, Co. Cork, and had issue, of whom below. 

II. Piercy Smyth of Ightermorough, m. . . . Oliver, sister toRobt. 

Oliver of Clough, Co. Limerick. 

III. William Smyth. 

IV. Rev. Ussher Smyth, born 1680, educated by Edmond Molloy 

in Co. Cork, entered T.C.D. 2nd Feb., 1699; Sch. 1702; B.A. 

1703; Yicar Choral of St. Finbar's, Cork, 1711, m. . . . and 

had a dr. Mary. 
V. Mary Smyth, m. 9th Sept., 1695, Ven. Dominick Meade, Rector 

of Rathcoursey and Archdn. of Cloyne, youngest brother of 

Sir John Meade of Ballintubber, and had issue, Percy and 

Anne. From Anne are descended the Ryes of Ryecourt, 

Co. Cork. 
Francis Smyth, junr., by his Avife, Isabella Rugge, had issue, with Beverly, 
Wm. and two drs , John Smvth of Rathcoursev, lauried in Cloyne 5th Feb., 
1754, m. 1720, Henriettn, dr." of Michael Gould," d. 24th Sept., 1774, and bad 
issue, with a dr., James Tynte Smyth of Rathcoursey, d. 1806, m. Juliana, dr. 
of Ptobt. Armstrong of Rosehill, and had issue, John Smyth of Rathcoursey 
and eight others. 

John Smyth, the eldest son, m. 1831, his cousin Mary Smyth, and had 
issue John James Smyth, now of Rathcoursey, born 1831, m. Jtme, dr. of 
Wm. Mason of Derrylohan, and has issue, John Henry Gordon Smyth, born 
1885, and 5 drs. 

Beverly Smyth of Ightermorrow, 2nd son of Francis Smyth and Isabella 
Rugge, was barbarously burned in his own castle by a band of robbers from 
Cloyne, by being placed on a gridiron over the tire to make him tell where 


his money was deposited, from the effects of which treatment he died in his 
nephew's house at Ratbcoursey about Aug. 7th, 1772. 

Col, Beverly Ussher m. 2ndly, Grace, dr. of Sir Eichard Osborne, Bart., 
of Ballintaylor, Co. "Waterford (who d. 1G67, leaving issue 3 sons and 3 drs. 
The eldest dr. m. Col. Ussher ; Elizabeth the 2nd, m. Arthur Pomeroy, ancestor 
to Lord Harberton ; the 3rd, Aune, m. Richard Odell ; Mrs. Grace Ussher m. 
2ndly, by Prerog. Lie. 24th Jan., 1684, Nicholas Dale of Monctown, Co. 
Wexford). By her he had issue : 

II. Beverly Ussher, senr., mentioned in his father's will 1683 as 

eldest son and executor. There is some confusion in the 

printed pedigrees owing to this Beverly being supposed to be 

same as the one who was M.P. for Co. Waterford and died 

1756 ; the latter being really his son and grandson to Col. 

Beverly Ussher. The 2nd Beverly left no will, nor is any 

register of his marriage, nor will nor grant of admon. of his 

goods to be found, so that the mistake was easily made. 

He was named among the gentry of the Co. Waterford in the 

Subsidy Acts of 1695 and 1698. In a Chancery Bill B. U. 

of Lisnemuck}^ Co. Limerick, Esq., is said to have been seized 

in Aug., 1699, of Thomastown, Bar. Upper Third, Co. 

"Waterford, and borrowed £2,000 on it. 

There are also a series of Deeds in the Irish Peg^- of Deeds which throw 

a little light on his history : 

First. — A Lease regd. 23rd Nov. 1713, granted by Beverly Ussher of 
Shanakill, gent., to James Ussher of Taylorstown, Esq., in which for £600 
he aliened Cappagh, etc. 

Secondly. — A Lease,1713,from Beverly Ussher of Lisnemuck, Co. Limerick, 
gent., to James Ussher of Ballintaylor, Esq., in which it is said that James 
Ussher at the request of Beverly Ussher, paid to Alan, son and exor. of Sir John 
Brodrick, £500 in full satisfaction of a judgment against B. U., obtained by Sir 
John Brodrick in 1705, and for which B. U. did lease to J. U. Cappagh, etc. 

Tldrdly. — Beverly Ussher of Lisnemuck, gent., and James Ussher, his 
brother, made an agreement with Edward Hubbart, whereby, 5th Nov., 1714, 
Edw. Hubbard forthwith is to surrender to Beverly Ussher a lease made to 
him by Sir John Osborne for 3 lives, of Cappagh, etc., in consideration of a 
new lease for Edw. and Isabella's lives, in case the reversion of the lands of 
Ballintaylor come by the death of Lady Osborne to Beverly or James Ussher. 


Fourthly. — 1st March, 1714, Beverly Ussher of Lisnemuck, Co. Limerick, 
gent., Rev. John Pomeroy of Cork and John Odell of Killcrumpe, Co. 
Waterford, gent., 1st pt., James Ussher, 2nd pt. Beverly Ussher and John 
Odell for £2,U00 pd. to tliem and J. Pomeroy, did sell to James Ussher lands in 
the Co. Cork and Bar. of Imokilly and also Ballemointra, &c., Co. "Waterford. 

Fifthly. — 18th May, 1723, a lease between Beverly Ussher of Waterford, 
Esq., sctiior, one part, and Beverly Ussher, junr. of the same city, gent, of 
y** other pt, whereby sd. B. U. sen""- lessor, did let to B. U., jun^, Bolindesert, 
etc., as same is held by Richd. Power, containing 548 acres in the Bar. of 
Upper Third for a t^rm of 21 years from the 1st of May, 1736, at £80 per ann. 

Sixthly. — An indenture made 3()th Maj^, 1724, between Beverly Ussher, 
se7ir., of the City of Waterford, Esq., and Daniel Taylor and Joseph Joie of sd. 
city, gentles, of a lease tripartite between B. U., sen*", 1st pt, D. T. and J. J. 
2nd pt., and Beverly Ussher, junr., of said city, gent., son and heir apparent of 
the said Beverly Ussher, sen"", 3rd pt. 

Seventhly. — A mortgage by way of lease 3rd Aug., 1727, between Beverly 
Ussher and Beverly Ussher, jun^ of Waterford city, gents, 1st pt., and Hon. 
Hayes St. Leger of Dublin, Esq., whereby B. U., sen and jun^" aliened and 
confirmed to H. St. Leger, Ballydesert, etc., Bar. of Upper Third, sur conus- 
ance de droit, etc., this term last by B. U., sen"" and B. U., jun'', and Elizabeth, 
wife of B. U., sen"", to Eaton Stannard. 

Eighthly. — B. U., sen'' and B. U., jun'", of Waterford, 1st part, and John 
Hern, David Hern and Beverly Hern of Shanakill, Co. Waterford, gts., 2nd 
pt., by which they got for 5s. Shanakill, Thomastown and Boolycloh}' as lately 
held by J. Hern at £70 per ann. 

Ninthly. — 1st Sept., 1726, Beverly Ussher, jun'', of Waterford, gt., 1st pt , 
John Keane of Ballynecourty, Co. Waterford, gt., other pt. The sd B. U. 
doth demise to J. K., Garanfadda, etc., at a certain rent, in presence of Arthur 
Ussher of Cappagh, Esq., and James Martin of Ballynecourty, Clk.; sealed 
by J. Keane in presence of Mr. Richard Ussher of Taylorstown, gent. 

Tenthly. — 16th Sept., 1726, Articles by Beverly Ussher, sen., Esq., of 
Waterford Istpt., and Richd. Power of Coolnemucky, Co. Waterford, gt., by 
which B. U. did let to R. Power, Bolindesert, etc. 

Thus it appears from the above mentioned deeds that Beverly Ussher, who 
was a minor in 1683, was married to a lad}' whose Christian name was 
Elizabeth, that he was father of Beverly Ussher, jun., in 1723, and that he was 
resident at Lisnemuck, Co. Limerick in 1714 and in 1723 and onwards in 
Waterford. It is probable that he was aged about 15 at the time of Col. 
Ussher's death, and was perhaps born about 1668, so that he may have 
married in 1698-1700, and his son Beverly Ussher, jun., may have been born 
about 1701. 


Beverly Usslier was High SheriflFof the City of Waterford in 1727, and a 
Beverly TJssher, Esq., was High Sheriff of the Co. "Waterford in 1733 and 
another in 1751. AVe have no record of the deaths of Beverl}' TJssher, sea., 
and his wife, but he must have died before 1746. 
He left issue : 

I. Beverly TJssher, jun., freeman of "Waterford 1725, and M.P. for 

the Co. "Waterford from 23rd Oct., 1735, to Nov. 1757, vice 

Congreve. He died 1757. 

He married first, 26th March, 1733, Mary, dr. of K'icholas Lysaght of 

Mt. North, Co. Cork, and his wife, Grace (dr. of Col. Thos. Holmes of Kil- 

mallock), and sister of the first Baron Lisle of Mt. North; by her he had issue, 

3 drs. and coheiresses : 

1. Mary TJssher, bora 1731, m. John Congreve of Mount Con- 

greve, Kilmeaden, Co. "Waterford (M.E. St. Ann's, Dub., 
April, 1751), grandson of E,ev. John Congreve, Eector of 
Kilmacow, and his wife, Bebecca, dr. of Lt.-Col. Oliver 
Jones, and had issue, Ambrose TJssher Congreve, whose 
son, John Congreve, m. Hon. Louisa Dillon, dr. of Lord 
Clonbrock, and had issue, Ambrose Congreve, D.L., now of 
Mount Congreve. 

2. Elizabeth TJssher, bora 1735, m. Bolton Lee of Waterford, 

and had issue, TJssher, born about 1762. 

3. Anne TJssher, bap. Kibneadon Church, Co. "Waterford, 26th 

Sept., 1737, m. Simon Newport. "April, 1771. In 

^Waterford, Simon Newport, Esq., to Miss TJssher, one of 

the co-heiresses of Beverly TJssher, Esq." {Faulkner's 

Dub. Journal.) 

Beverly TJssher, junr., M.P., m. 2ndly (M.L. 1745), Elizabeth, dr. of 

Edmond Shuldham, senr., of Dunmauway, aad his wife . . . MacCarthy, 

heiress of the MacCarthy More. (Her brother, Edmond Shuldham, m. 

Judith, dr. of Capt. Arthur TJssher. Samuel, elder brother of Edmond, senr., 

m. the widow of Adam Molyneux, and had issue, Molyneux Shuldham of 

Ardtully, Co. Kerry). Beverly TJssher had issue by her : 

4. Elizabeth Catherine TJssher, born 1746, m. in 'Waterford, 


6tli Sept., 1766, Capt. Henry Alcock of Wilton Castle, 
Co. "Wexford, and tad issue : (1) Wm. Congreve 
Alcock, M.P., Co. Wexford, d.s.p. (2) Harry Alcock of 
Wilton, born 1792, m. Margaret, d. and h. of James 
Savage, and had issue : 

[1] Harry Alcock now of Wilton. 
[2] Usslier Wm. Alcock, late Lieut. 83rd Regt., also 2 
other sons and 5 drs. 
"Died at Wexford, on Thursday last, in her 73rd year, Mrs. Alcock, 
widow of the late Henry Alcock of Wilton, in the Co. Wexford, and one of 
the co-heiresses of the late Beverly Usher, Esq., one of the Representatives 
of the Co. Waterford." [Js'ewspaper of 1819.] 

Beverly Ussher, junr., who in 1746 was a subscriber to Smith's Hist, of 
Co. Waterford, survived his 2nd wife, and died at Zilrneaden. In his will 
proved 1757, he says: " By default of male issue of both my marriages, I am 
seized in fee simple of Glinamore, Shanakill, Boley, Thomastown, Ballynacurr, 
Ballygarrett, Knocknecrohy, Ballydiseart, Ballynabb, Scart, Glinavadera, 
Killeshall, Garranfadda, Knockacullen, East Ballylemons and West, Co. 
Waterford, which I leave in trust to my friends John Lysaght, of Mt. North, 
Esq., and Shapland Carew, Esq., of Woodstone; for the eldest dau. of my 1st 
marriage, Mary Ussher, \ ; the rest between my 2nd and 3rd drs. Elizabeth 
and Anne, and the only dr. of my 2nd marriage, Elizabeth Catherine. In 
default of their issue, then to my uncle Arthur Ussher; I received £3,000 
with my wife, Elizabeth Shuldham- Kilmeadon is held by lease from Lord 

Dated 30th Sept., 1755- Witnesses John Lyon, etc. Grant of Admon. 
was given to his dr. Mary Ussher, 31st Dec, 1757. 

III. James Ussher of Ballintaylor, High Sheriff, Co. Waterford, 1725, 
an Attorney at Law, d. iutest, 1729, m. 1st, Jane, dr. of 
Edmond and Ann Donnellan of Cloghane, Co Roscommon, 
on 5th July, 1710, and by her had issue : 
I. John Ussher, born 1703, educated at Midleton School, Co, Cork» 
entered T.C.D., 1721 ; B.A., 1725 ; studied law in the 
Middle Temple, London, and was called to the Bar, but settled 


at Ballintaylor, and became also agent to the Earl of Burling- 
ton, at Lismore. On 30th Sept., 1732, he sent his uncle, 
Arthur TJssher, of Cappagh, a letter of attorney from London, 
to act for him. He was elected M.P. for Dungarvan, Co. 
Waterford, in 1747, and died Jan^., 1748, at his house in 
Lismore. In 1746 he was a subscriber to Smith's Hist, of 
Co. "Waterford. There is a letter of his in the possession of 
R. J. Ussher, Esq., Cappagh, addressed: 

"To Arthur Ussher., Esq., at Cappagh, 
" Near Dungarvan, to go by Clonmell, Ireland, 

" Dr. Uncle, "August y« 28th, 1732. 

" I was favour'd with your obliging letter of y® 30th of July, which did 
not come to my hands as soon as it should by reason of some neglect in y® 
post, on y^ reverse you have a letter of attorney to put Jack Quarry in pos- 
sion of Knockmoan. I wish him success with it, and think it y® least I could 
do for one who has been so kind and serviceable to me ; I'm really glad it is 
in my power to oblige him, and am therefore prepared to stand all charges in 
Cashraan's favour, nor am I less pleased that he's chose Treas^- of our coimty 
with the additional circumstance of its being without the concurrence of y® 
persons vou mention'd in one of your letters whose reign over y® county I'm 
glad to find is not so compleat as they imagined. In one of your letters you 
promised to tell me a pleasant story of one of them, but you have forgot it ; 
as to Jack Quarry's accounts I'm convinced there is no occasion for inspecting 
them ; I've too much confidence in his honesty to suspect him in a much 
greater sum than go's thro' his hands ; I've not given a power in y® letter of 
attorney to niake him a Lease, for that I hold needless, he only desired to hold 
it till I settl'd at home, and if I then wanted it he would give it up, as both 
them are uncertain I would fix on no certain term to make a Lease of, but 
doubt not but he will rely on my promise y^ he shall hold it till I want it. 
Your reasons agamst engaging any farther with ye young Lady are 
jinanswerable, and I've prevailed much against my inclinations to absent 
7ny self from her, but passion must give way to prudence in a ^natter of such 
concern ; you have obligingly and effectually offered to remove the main 
objection to my going home, but your offer is too generous to be accepted of. 
I'm already sufficiently troublesome to you in the management of my affairs, 
and to be so in your house too I could scarce think of ; if I could dare mention 
a recompense to you your proposal would be much more agreeable ; however 
I stick close to m}' books, and am determin'd to return much sooner than I 
propos'd some time ago. Im quite at a loss what to do with Bevy, lie zvill be 
ruin'd where is, and what else can I do with him, I write a letter by this Post 


which he will not like, and yet I doubt it will have little effect on him so much 
inclined to be a reprobate as he is : tlie time of dischare-ingr Uniacke's mortfrasre I 
leave mtirely to you, tho there occurs a strong objection to discliarging it at 
present, which is y*^ / shall want a considerable sum when I'm going over to 
compleat my study of Books, furnish me with other necessaries and call me to yfi 
Bar; but 1 must trust to Providence for y*- I wish it were in my power to 
make my correspondence more agreeable to you, but y'^ it is impossible where I 
am ; Pve little 7nore to say at presetit than yt I'm entirely happy in havitigsuch 
a friend as yon are, yt I'm highly sensible of all your kindness, and shall 
make it y® business of my life to convince you y* I am. 

" Dr Uncle, y^ obliged and affec. nephew and Humble servt. 

" Jo"^ Ufsher. 

" Present my respects to all my good friends with you. 

" I saw in a news paper lately y' L'^y Osborne was robb'd by her servt. of 
20 guineas, besides some rings and other trifles, this was done by an English 
servant, she having discharged Mrs. Dempsy some time before." 

From an old MS. case for Counsel, dated after 1750, and in the possession 
of E. J. Ussher, Esq., we learn that " Sir John Osborn, late of Ballintaylor, 
Bart., but last of the city of London, deceased, being seized in fee of the lands 
of Taylorstown als Ballintaylor, Laragh, and Coolatoore, with their subd?- 
nominations, by deeds of lease or other conveyance granted them to James 
Ussher, late of Taylorstown, Esq., deed , and to his heirs and assigns for ever, 
at a yearly rent." 

James Ussher in 1701, on his marriage with Jane Donnellan, in considera- 
tion of £50i), portion paid him with his wife, settled the said lands on 
himself for life only, the remaiiider, after securing a jointure for Jane his wife 
in case she should survive him, to the first and every other son of his marriage. 
Jane died in her husband's lifetime, and he, about 1720, married Mary 
Congreve, by whom he had one only child Rebecca Ussher, who received £50 
yearly for her maintenance, and is to have a portion of £1,000 charged on 
other lands. James Ussher died on 29th Oct., 1729, intestate, leaving isme 
male four sons, John, Arthur, Ptichard and Beverly. John, his eldest sou, then 
(by virtue of the said settlement) who was soon after called to the Bar, entered 
into and became seized of the sd. settled lands, and also as heir of James 
Ussher, became seized of the lands of Cuppagh, Ballynehinnery, Knocknecrohy, 
Garryduffe, and Ballyncarrooly in the tenure and occupation of Arthur 
Ussher, Esq., East and AVest Bullymolaleas and Coolatoore, occupied by Mr. 
John Quarry, Ballynecourty Bally nemointragh and Coolnenaffe occupied by 
John Keane, Esq., Canty occupied by Mr. Thos. "Welsh, Killnef'arney iu 
possession of Matt, and Thos. Carreen, Boss and half of Monksland in tenure 
of Eichard Power, gent. 

John Ussher was also seized of the lands of Ballyfinn, Co. Cork, in tenure 


of Robert Longfield, Esq., and also of Ballywilliam in sd. count}-, in tenure of 
James Manning, gent, etc. 

James tJssher left his estate mucli encumbered by debt, and left bis three 
younjrer sons and two drs., Isabella and Susanna, unprovided for. 

Of these Arthur Ussher, being ordained a clergyman, and there being 
no advowsoa in the family, John Ussher, rather than have his brother 
condemned to a curacy, mide interest in 1736 with the Society for the Propa- 
gation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, to appoint Arthur one of their 
Missionaries in the Province of Pennsylvania, wnere Arthur remained many 
years in great esteem and favour with all ranks of the inhabitants, and from 
a little before the breaking out of the last war with France and Spain, had 
no letters from John Ussher, but shortly before that, he received a letter from 
him desiring him to send some seeds, plants and rarities to be planted at 
Ballintaylor, which he sent. 

Richard Ussher died unmarried, and John Ussher provided for his youngest 
brother Beverly in the army. Isabella was married to Mr. Jonas Blackall of 
Limerick, and died some years ago, leaving many children badly oflF, for whom 
John Ussher provided during his life; Susanna m. Christopher Musgrave, Esq. 
On or about 8th Jan., 1748, as John Ussher was at supper, he was seized 
with apoplexy, and lingered in a semi-conscious condition until the 14th of 
Jan., when he died iu the forenoon. On the 11th day of Jan. he made a will 
leaving all his real estate and freeholds to Beverly Ussher, his youngest 
brother. This will was drawn up and read to him by Mr. Christopher 
Musgrave before signing, and was witnessed by Christopher Musgrave, Arthur 
Ussher and Thos. Lowder. A grant of admon. of the goods of John Ussher 
of Lismore, Esq., was made in same year to Beverly Ussher of Taylorsto-wn. 
After John Ussher's death, however, Rev. Arthur Ussher, his next brother, 
returning from America, instituted proceedings for recovery of the property 
so bequeathed, but after some litigation the matter was compromised, the lands 
going to Arthur Ussher, who released them to Beverly Ussher. 

A deed dated 11th Dec, 1751, between Beverly Ussher of Ballintaylor 
and the Rev. Arthur Ussher, of the first part, Christopher Musgrave of 
Lismore, and Richard Musgrave of Littlebridge, of the second part, and Arthur 
Ussher of Cappagh, of the third part, states that " Whereas by deeds of lease 
and release bearing date 4th and 5th July, 1701, between James Ussher of 
TaylorstoAN-n, 1st part, William Ussher of the City of Dublin, and Gilbert 
Donnellan of Clengaffin in Co. Meath, 2nd part ; Ann Donnellan, widow of 
Edmond Donnellan late of Cloghaue in Co. Roscommon, deed., and Jane 
DonneUan, 3rd dr. of sd. Edmond and Ann, 3rd part, reciting that a man-iage 
was intended between James Ussher and Jane Donnellan, the sd. James did 
convey unto the sd. William Ussher and Gilbert Donnellan the plowlands of 
Ballintaylor and Laragh. And whereas the sd. James Ussher died many 

2 E 


years ago, leaving issue by tlie said Jane, likewise deed., several sons, John 
TJssher his eldest son and heir, the sd. Arthur Us-sher, Richard Ussher, deed, 
and the said Beverly Ussher, party to these presents, his fourth son, and 
whereas the sd. John Ussher did by his last will, bearing date 11th Jan., 1748, 
devise the aforesd. lands, together with several other lands, unto the sd. 
Beverly Ussher, and soon after died without issue and unmarried. Now 
this Indenture witnesseth that they, the sd. Bev^- Ussher and Art. Ussher, 
to put an end to controversies, have granted, bargained, sold, released and 
confirmed unto the said Christopher Musgrave and Ptichard Musgrave, 
Ballyntaylor, Laragh, Coolatoor, Glenbeg and Barranastoick and all the estate 
right, title of Bevy. Ussher and Art Ussher, to have and to hold the sd. 
premises unto the said Chrisr. Musgrave and Richd. Musgrave, to the use 
intent that they the said C. M. and R. M. being compleat and perfect tenants 
to the freehold of the said premises, one or more recoveries may be suffered 
of same, to which end it may be lawful for the said Arthur Ussher to sue forth 
and prosecute the said C. Musgrave and R. Musgrave one or more writs of 
entry sur. Desscisen in lee post before Common Pleas, and the said C. M. and 
R. M. shall appear and enter into the warrant and bond over to warranty the 
sd. B. Ussher and A. Ussher, etc., etc. 

Such recoveries shall operate, be and endure to the use of Art. Ussher. 

It shall be lawful for the sd. B. Ussher, during five years from the 25th 
Sept. last to fell all woods and timber trees on the woodlands of Ballyntaylor 
and Coolatore; the sd. B. Ussher may reside in the mansion house of Ballyn- 
taylor until the 1st May next. 

Sd. B. Ussher may receive all rents that fell due out of said premises to 
29th Sept. last, but the sd. Art. Ussher shaR be entitled to all rents due from 
29th Sept. last. 

And this Indenture witnesseth that the sd. Art. Ussher m consideration of 
the sum of £113 15s. to the said Art. Ussher, now paid, and also for the 
further consideration of Fifty Pounds, which the sd. Beverly Ussher hath by 
his Bond secured to the sd. Arthur Ussher, the sd. Arthur Ussher doth for 
ever remise and release unto the said Beverly Ussher all right, title and interest 
to all the real estate of inheritance, freehold or personal estate, which the said 
John Ussher died possessed of, and doth hereby ratif}^ confirm and allow the 
will of the said John Ussher. 
Signed by 
Beverly Ussher $, Arthur Ussher $, Christopher Musgrave $, 
Richard Musgrave $, Artr. Ussher $. 

The following extract from Smith's Hist, of Co. Waterford, second edition, 
1774, page 56, gives a description of: — 

" Ballyntaylor, the seat of the family of Ussher, and formerly that of the 
family of Osborne, situated on the S. of this parish (Whitechurch) about three 


miles S.TV. of Dungarvan. The house was built by Sir Ricbard Osborne, in 
1619, as appears by a coat of arms cut in stone iixed in an adjacent wall with 
that date. There are considerable plantations of timber trees (besides large 
adjacent woods) as oak, elms, wall-nut, etc., and also the arbutus, a tree which 
grows naturally in this kingdom. This and the buckthorn thrives here, 
becoming considerable large trees. . . . The fir also flourishes in this place. 
The late most worthy possessor, John TTssher, Esq. [to whose father it came 
from his uncle Sir John Osborne] being curious in this way, also planted 
nurseries of different kinds of Newfoundland spruce. . . . 

"A little above the house is an extensive prospect of the adjacent country 
and sea coast. The gardens lie in slopes on the side of the hill, and are 
capable of being much improved, nor is water wanting to supply any beauty 
of that kind. As the late worthy possessor delighted in planting, and other 
useful improvements, no doubt this seat would have been a considerable 
ornament to this part of the country had he lived a few years longer." 

II. Rev. Arthur Ussher, second son of Jaraes Ussher, born 1704, 
educated by Dr. Chinnery atMidleton School, entered T.C.D., 
1723; Sch., 1727; B.A., 1727; ordained same year, went 
to Pennsylvania about 1730, where he laboured under the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel until about 1750. 
Some letters of his to the Secretary of the S. P. G. are pre- 
served in the Archives of that Society, at 19 Delahay Street, 
Westminster, and by the kindness of the Secretary, Rev. H; 
Tucker, M.A., are here subjoined : 

" To the Rev. Philip Bearcroft, 
" Secretary to y^ Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 
" in foreign parts at the Charter house, London. 
"Rev. Sir, 

"On Thursday, y'' 14th of this instant, y^ Rev. Mr. Morris arrived at 
Dover, and I am now preparing to remove to Lewes, for which I desire my 
h*''^ thanks, may be presented to y" Society for this signal instance of their 
favour, and I take this opportunity of entreating you to accept y^ same, and 
shall endeavour to make a proi)er return for all y«^ past favours of y® venerable 
Society, and for this in particular. Since my last I have baptized 29 children 
in the counties of Kent and Sussex, and on Christmas day _ at Dover, had 
twenty-four communicants. The congregations there daily increase, and I 
hope they will do so in Sussex, the Dissenters having no teachers in either of 
v^ counties, being obliged to come to church, and behaving regularly and 
rlecentlv whilst there. I have drawn on y*^ veueiable Society in i'avour of 
Mr. Henry Pratt, which I pray may be accepted. As soon as I settle at Lewes, 


I shall take care to give you an account of ray reception, and of y® state of 
y® cliurclies there, which I cannot yet do. 

" In y^ meantime I conclude, Rev. Sir, 

" Your affect, brother, and oblig'd h^'® servt., 

" Arthur Ussher. 

"Lewes, March 25th, 1745." 

From this letter it "vrould appear that he had charge of the mission of 
Dover (afterwards held by Bishop Inglis) down to 1745. 

The next letter is also addressed to Dr, Bearcroft: — 

" Eey. Sir, 

" Since my last I have visited all y® parts of y^ counties committed to my 
charge, and have preached at y^ four several churches, where I constantly 
have pretty full congregations. I have likewise administered y® Communion 
at three of y® churches, and on Easter Sunday at y® town church had thirty 
communicants, at another, on Whit-Siinday, thirty-two, and at a third church, 
eighteen ; so y* I may truly say religion flourishes in Sussex County. The 
number of baptized since y** 26th of March are sixtj'-six. I preach constantly 
at each of y^ four churches, sometimes twice a week, and tho' some of them 
are above twenty miles from my usual place of residence ; mj' mission in effect 
is an itinerant one, for I dare say there are not four churches in any one 
mission in America. However, all this I chearfuUy undergo, so y*^ I may 
further y® salvation of those committed to my care. I have drawn in favour 
of Mr. Henry Pratt, for fifteen pounds sterling, which, considering my circum- 
stances, I hope will meet with acceptance. 

" I am, Rev. Sir, your oblig'd h^'^ servt., 

"Arthur Ussher. 
"Lewes, June 26th, 1745." 

Another letter of the same date says : — 

^' Rev. Sir, 

" Since my last of y^ 26th of March, I have visited my new congregations, 
by whom I was well received, and shall make it my daily endeavour to express 
a sense of gratitude to y" venerable Society, for their favour in removing me, 
in answering the end of my mission. The people of Sussex Count)' are a 
regular sober people, y'^ constantly attend Divine Service. They have four 
churches in the county, and I distribute my labours amongst them, after this 
manner, I preach two Sundays in the month at Lewes, one Sundav at the 
Cbappell bordering upon the Province of Maryland, and another' at the 
CLappell bordering upon Kent County ; at y® other Chappell, I miss a Sunday 
sometimes from each of the other churches, and preach there of week days 


beside. So that my mission is in effect an itinerant one, and all this I do 
cheartully, for none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear to 
myself, so y* I might finish my course with joy, and y^ ministry y"^ I have 
received of y® Lord Jesus, to testifie y® Gospel of y^ grace of God. Since my 
removal into Sussex, which was upon y^ latter end of March last, I baptized 
fifly-two white, and four neero children, and at Easter had eighteen com- 
municants at 3® church at Lewes, and thirty-two on Whit-Sunday at St. 
George's Chappell, and at St. Matthew's about three weeks agoe, eighteen, so 
y^ I maj' truly venture to say that the churches in Sussex County are in a 
flourishing condition, etc. 

"Arthur Ussher." 

The next letter also is addressed to Dr. Bearcroft: — 
" Rev. Sir, 

" In my last, I gave you a just account of y*^ state of my parish, and since 
have perceived no alteration for y® worse ; my churches being generally full 
on Sim^days, and many of y® Dissenters constantly attending at y® different 
churches of y® county. The congregations of Apoquiming and Dover have 
had a great loss, by y® deaths of their ministers, Mr. Pugh and Mr. Morris, 
but I hope thro' y® blessing of God on my endeavours, to keep y^ congrega- 
tions in Kent County together till they are supplied from England ; having at 
y^ request of y^ Churchwardens of Dover, and with y® consent of my Church- 
wardens, agreed to preach at Dover one Sunday in y® month, tho' at y^ dis- 
tance of fifty miles from my mission at Lewes. Since my last I have baptized 
at y® several churches 53 children and two adults, and can truly say that our 
church flourishes ; I have drawn for the quarter's salary in favour of Mr. 
John Heynell, which I hope will meet with acceptance. 

"I am. Rev. Sir_, 

" Your oblig'd h^'^servt., 

" Arthur Ussher. 
"Lewes, Sept. 25th, 1745." 

Thus it would seem that Mr. Ussher was obliged to take temporary charge 
of his old mission in addition to the new one. 
The next letter is also to Dr. Bearcroft — 

"Rev. Sir, 

" It is with great pleasure y^ I acquaint you of y® flourishing state of my 
churches in Sussex County. The are full on Sundays of devout attendants on 
our service, and v^ Dissenters constantly attend, and like our church better 
than they have done heretofore, so y^ I am in hopes my congregations will 
increase daily. The distance of my four churches one from another, and my 
attendance at Dover once a month, seems too hard for me ; but all this I think 


little of, being determined to spend y® remainder of mv days, in diligently 
performing y® duties of my station, and enlarging y® Kingdom of Christ in 
this world. Since my last, I have baptized 76 children, some of them being 
y^ children of Dissenting parents, who having no teacher of their own 
denomination have applied to me to baptize their children. I have drawn in 
favour of Mr. John Reynell for a quarter's sallary, my expences in travelling 
obliging me to draw quarterly, which I pray may be accepted. 

" I am, Rev. Sir, your oblig*^ h^^^ servt., 

" Arthur Ussher. 
"Lewes, Dec. 26th, 1745." 
Another letter, dated Lewe?, March 26th, 1746, is also to Dr. Bearcroft: — 

" Rev. Sir, 

" In my last, I gave you a fidl account of y^ state of y® churches within 
my mission, and can with great truth assure you, that they are still in a 
flourishing condition, many of those who have followed Mr. Whitefield's 
doctrine, having returned to y® churches from whence they had separated ; 
since the 25th of December I have baptized fourty-two infants, and two adults, 
who were bred Quakers, and have at y^ ibur churches y* I attended in Sussex 
County, sixty-eight communicants, whose lives and conversations are agreeable 
to their profession. Since y'' death of Mr. Morris I have attended y® churches 
in Kent once in five weeks (tho' at y* distance of fourty-five miles from Lewes) 
having first obtained leave from my several congrfgations to do so, and that 
without any allowance from ye people of Kent County (not even y* of travel- 
ling charges) but y*^ acceptance and success of my labours, make me submit to 
this with greater courage and resolution. But withal trust to y® venerable 
Society, whose capacity of doing good, I pray may enlarge, to make me an 
allowance for y^ service. I have drawn for £15 sterling in favour of Mr. 
Francis R,ichardson, which I pray may be accepted. I have nothing to add 
but y*^ y^ venerable Society would accept my humble thanks for all past 

" Am, Rev. Sir, your affect, and oblig*^. servt., 
" Yia Ireland. " Arthur Ussher." 

The following extract from a letter to the Secretary of S.P.G., from Mr. 
Usher, is in Vol. II. of " Historical Collections," relating to the American 
Colonial Church, by Bishop Perry of Iowa : — 

"Lewes, Dec. 26th, 1749. 
" Rev. Sir, 

" The confrresration likewise of Chester have about 10 davs ajjo had a 
great loss in the death of their worthy Missionary, Mr. Backhouse, and 
earnestl}' request the A'enerable Society that a Missionary may be sent them 
who was bred up in the principles of the Church of England, for the}', as well 


as I, agree in opinion, that those "who conform to the Church, from the 
Dissenting Church, do our Church very little service, being not steadfast in 
the principles of it." 

The Rev. Arthur Ussher did not live very long after his return to Ireland. 
The will (prerog.) of the Eev. Arthur Ussher, Clk., of Ballintaylor, pr. 1756, 
directs that he be buried at Whitechurch, Co. AVaterford, and bequeaths to 
Yalen tine Walsh and James Walsh, jun., of Canty, Ballintaylor, for the use of 
his wife Catherine Ussher, als Keily, dr. of John Keily of Kuockalahin, Esq. 
(a relative of Richd. Keily who m. Sarah Ussher of Camphire) — he had 
no issue by his second wife. John and Hannah are the children of his first 
•wife. His brother-in-law Christopher Musgrave is mentioned. 

By his first wife (name unknown) he had issue : 

1. John Ussher, died yourg. 

2. Hannal; Ussher, m. Thos. Browne, gent., of Ballintaylor. 

There is a deed of 8th Aug., 1767, by which they leased 
Ballintaylor to Robert Brown of Cappoquin. 

III. Richard Ussher, 3rd son of James Ussher, born about 1705, d. 

unrad. before 1748, witness to a deed in 1726. 

IV. Beverly Ussher, Lieut, in the army 1746, and afterwards 

Colonel of the Waterford Militia, of whom much has been 
already said, and who in youthful days, by reason of wild 
companions, was a source of anxiety to his brother John, was 
born about 1710, and m. 1750, Melian, eldest dr. of the late 
James Roche of Roach Hill, Co. Waterford, and Melian 
Holmes his wife, and a relative of the last Lord Fermoy of 
that period. He died 1777, leaving issue by her : 

1. Melian Ussher, m. Mr. . . . Heame. 

2. Jane Ussher, m. George Boate of Duckspool, Dungarvan, 

and had issue : (1) George Boate. (2) Beresford Boate. 

3. Isabella Ussher, m. Roger Dalton of Waterford, who d.s.p., 


4. John Ussher of Canty, near Dungarvan, born in 1751, died 

in 18011, m. Susanna, dr. of John Hearne, 17th Feb., 1781, 
and had issue : 


(1) Anne Ussher, m. Arthur Quin of Shanakill Castle, 
Carrick-on-Suir, and had issue : 
[1] John Quin, d.s.p. 
[2J Arthur Quin, d.s.p. 

[3] Edward Ussher Quin, now of Shanakill Castle, Co. 
"Waterford, m. Caroline, dr. of Re\-. Henry Barry, 
M.A., Fellow of Queen's Coll., Canib., and Rector 
of Draycott and Upton Scudamore, Wilts, and has 
issue : 
[4] Amelia Ussher, m. John Musgrave Hearne of Bally- 
thomas, and has issue one son and two drs. 
A Commission was issued to Chas. Humble, Esq., and Jara^s Walsh., gt., 
to swear George Boate, Esq., Exor. named in tlie will and codicil of Beverly 
Usher, late of Canty, Co. Waterford, deed., dated 28th Nov., 1777. 
Of the drs. of James Ussher of Ballintaylor : 

V. Anne Ussher, m. Thomas Grant of Kilraurry and had issue. 
VI. Jane Ussher, m. John Osborne Odell of Mt. Odell, Co. Water- 
ford, and had issue. 
Tii. Isabella Ussher m. Jonas Blackall of Limerick, Solicitor, and 
had issue. She d, before 1748 (see John Ussher's will). The 
win of Jonas Blackall of Barne Tihy, Co. Limerick, gent., 
leaves all to his br. John, his dr. EUinor Blackall's rights for 
his dr. Jane, and his sons, John and George, mentions 
Christopher Musgrave, Esq., of Lisraore, and his late wife 
Isabella Ussher, his brother John to pay £150 to his 3 children, 
named Christopher Musgrave, and George Tuthill of fltaha, 
Exors., 1752. 
A Jonas Blackall, Solicitor, died at Limerick, aged 76, in 1888, 
leaving a son, Henry Blackall, Solicitor of Limerick, probably 
great grandson to Isabella Ussher. 
VIII. Susanna Ussher, who d. 1770, m. Christopher Musgrave of 
Ballyin, Co. Waterford, and had issue : 
1. Sir Christopher F. Musgrave, Bart., who by his ^nfe Jane 
Beere had issue Sir Richard Musgrave, who by Frances 


Newcome had Sir E,Icliard Musgrave, wlio m. F. Yeates, and 

bad issue, Sir Eichard J. Musgrave, the present Bart, of 


The above named James Ilssher of Ballintaylor, m. 2ndly, Mary, dr. of 

Bev. John Congreve of Kilmacow (and his wife Rebecca Jones) who survived 

him and died at Clonmel. Her prerogative will, proved 25th July, 1744, 

leaves, " My dr. Rebecca TJssher all the estate, etc., and in case of lack of her 

heirs, to John Congreve, only son of my brother Ambrose Congreve, Esq., 

deed., Rebecca Power, Elizth. Power, and Ellinor Saunders, James Saunders 

and Jane Saunders, children of my sister Jane Saunders, deed., share and 

share alike, if my sd. brother Ambrose's son John die before 21 years of age." 

Dated 12th Nov., 1743. 

By a Chancery decree 1730-1, "Rebecca Usher, a minor, by her nest 
friend, Rebecca Congreve, widow, plff., recovers from John TJssher, Esq., 
Ambrose Congreve, John Power, and Mary Usher, defts., £1,000, her portion, 
with interest at £5 p. c. from 29th Dec, 1729, being the time of the death of 
James Usher, her father, out of Cappagh, Knocknecrohy, Ballynehimerj^ 
Garryduffe, Coolnasse, Ballygarrett and Monksland." 

IV. John Ussher, fourth son of Col. Beverly Ussher of Kilmeadon, 
bom aboutl682, Comet 1700 in Lieut.-Genl. Henry Lumley's 
Regt. of Horse, otherwise the 1st Kmg's Dragoons [cf. MS. 
Army List, 1704, in War Office] was no doubt with his regt. 
at Blenheim and through all the great battles under Marl- 
borough, and attained the rank of Captain. For his services 
in Flanders in the reigns of Wm. and Mary and Queen Anne, 
he was created Governor of Galway and Vice Admiral of 
Connaught, and was M.P. for Carrick-on-Shannon from 
1715 to 1741. He m. 20th Dec, 1714, Mary St. George, 
born 10th Aug., 1696, d. May, 1741, dr. and heiress of Sir 
George St. George, Lord Baron St. George of Headford and 
his wife, Hon. Margaret Skeffington, dr. of Lord Massareene, 
and by her had issue, of whom below. 
George, Lord St. George of Headford, in his will dated 4th Oct., 1734, pr. 
10th June, 1737, desires to be buried in St. Nicholas' Church, Galway, with 
Lis ancestors, or in Headford. " To my son, Captain Ussher, and my dr. 


Mary, his wife, both my coaches and my six coach mares ; all my plate to 
my grandson Ussher St. George, Esq.; books, pictures and Arms, etc., to ray 
Exors. ; lands to my grandson ; to my son Usher and his wife £600 per ann. iu 
lieu of claims, demands, etc." 

In 1721 John Usher, entered a Chancery Bill agst. Lord St. George, which 
recites the death of Lady St. George in 1711, and the marriage in 1714 at 
the age of 18 of Mary St. George, with her father's consent, to John Usher, 
complains that her father had not paid the maintenance charged on his estate, 
of £80 p. a. 

Capt. John Ussher, who d. in 1741, in which year his will was proved, had 
issue by Mary, his wife : 

I. St. George Ussher, who assumed the name of St. George, as 

heir io his grandfather; born 1715, High Sheriff, Co. 

Roscommon, 1737; M. P. for Car rick- on- Shannon, 1741-1763. 

He was created Baron St. George, of Hatley St. George, 

10th May, 1773, and m. 1752, Elizabeth, dr. and heiress of 

Christopher Dominick of Dominick St., with a fortune of 

£30,000 SJ^iie's Occur reiices\. 

Christopher Dominick, father of Lady St. George, died in 1743, and was 

buried in St. Mary's Churchyard, Dublin, leaving two children; to his dr. 

Elizabeth he left his fortune, his books, MSS., ancient coins, medals and 

curiosities, £1,500 as portion for his dr. Emilia ; if his drs. die without issue, 

to the eldest son of his cousin Dominick Dalton, deed.; mentions cousin Rev. 

Roger Foley, uncle Andrew Dominick, widow Rebecca Hamilton. 

He was the son of Dr. Christopher Dominick, Physician, of Dublin ; will 
pr. 1692, who made a Deed of Trust, 20th April, 1686, to his friends Sir 
Abell Ram, Knt., Sir John Coghill, Knt., and Andrew Ram, Esq., and another 
deed in the 4th of Wm. and Mary, of Fisher's Lane, Piphoe's Park, Capell 
St., Strand St. and Onnond Key, for use of eon Christopher and all his other 
children. " To my son Christopher my 3 largest silver goblet cups ; wife 
Elizth., my deare br. Samuel Foley, D.D." 

Richard Foley of Stourbridge, d. 1657, m. Alice, dr. of Wm. Brindley of 
Hyde, and had issue, Capt. Samuel Foley, 4th son, of Ripon, Dublin and 
Clonmel, who m. Elizabeth, dr. of Col. Solomon Richards of Raheen, and had 


issue : 1. Riglit Rev. Samuel Foley, F.T.C.D., Bishop of Down and Connor, 
and two other sons and a dr. Elizabeth, m. Christopher Dominick, M.D. (cf. 
Cotton's Fasti., Brady's Annals), 

Ussher, Lord St. George of Hatley St. George, died at Naples Jan., 1775. 
He was a great collector of pictures, many of which are now at Carton, 

His will pr. 1775, mentions his wife Elizabeth, whom he appoints guardian, 
and his only child, Emilia St. George, but Lady St. George having died 1st 
April, 1773, his Grace Wm. Duke of Leinster was sworn Executor 7th 
Dec, 1775. 

Ussher, Lord St. George had issue : 

1. Emilia Olivia St. George, only dr. and heiress, bom about 1753, 

m. at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by Special Lie, 4th Nov., 
1775, His Grace William Robert Fitzgerald, 2nd Duke of 
Leinster, and had issue with others, Augustus Frederick, 3rd 
Duke of Leinster, father of Charles Wm., the 4th Duke, and 
grandfather of Gerald, the present Duke. 

2. Olivia Ussher, dr. of Capt. John Ussher, m. 13th Jan., 1736, 

Arthur French of Tyrone, Co. Galway. 

3. Judith Ussher, m. Gorges Lowther of Kilbrew, Co. Meath. 

V. Judith Ussher, eldest dr. of Col. Beverly Ussher, m. at St. 
Audoen's, DubKn, 13th Dec, 1696, Robert Taylor of 
Ballynort, Co. Limerick, w. p. 1723, M.P. for Askeaton 
VI. Isabella Ussher, m. Edward Hubbart of Cappagh, Co. Waterford. 
YII. Anne Ussher, m. 1st in 1704, Sir Thos. Osborne of Beechwood, 
son of Nicholas Osborne; and m. 2ndly, in 1717, Francis 
YIII. Arthur Ussher, of whom see next chapter. 




Pedigree, of the Descendants of Arthur Ussher. 

CAPT. APTHUR USSHEP, 4tli son of Col. Beverly Ussher, born 1683, 
d. 1768, m. about 1724, Lucy Taylor, and had issue (probably 
with others d.y.) : 
I. Sarah Ussher, born 1726, m. Pichard. Kelly, and had issue : 
11. Judith Ussher, bom 1728, m. 1st, Edmund Shuldham, m. 
2ndly, John Creagh. 
III. Beverly Ussher, of Camphire, m. Jane, dr. of Christopher 

Musgrave, and d.s.p. 1761. 
IV. Arthur Ussher, bom 1740, d.y. 
Y. John Ussher, born 1743, d. 1789, of Camphire, m. 1st, in 1761, 
Elizabeth, dr. of Christopher Musgrave, and had issue : 
I. Susanna Ussher, born 1762, d. 1781. 

II. Arthur Ussher of Camphire, born 1764, m. 1788, Margaret 
Hewetson, and had issue : 

1. Elizabeth Ussher, born 1791, m. 1811, Maurice de Cloudt. 

2. John Ussher, born 1792, d.y. 

3. Arthur Ussher, d.)'. 

4. Pichard John Ussher, born 1799, d.y. 

5. Christopher ]\lusgrave Ussher of Camphire, m. Eleanor 

O'Grady, and had issue : 

(1) Arthur Edward Ussher m. 1st, Annie Julia Hassard, and 

m. 2ndly, in 1876, Kate Adams, and has issue by her : 
[1] Arthur Ussher, born 1878. 
[2] Robert Henry Ussher, born, 1881. 

(2) Thomas O'Grady Ussher of Flower Hill, born ISa'^, 

m. 1869, Henrietta Harris, and has issue : 
[1] Gertrude Elizabeth Ueshcr, born 1869. 


[2] Eleanor Melian TJssher, bom 1871. 
[3] Christoplier Arthur Usslier, bom 1873. 
[4] Thomas Harris Ussher, bora 1878. 
[5] Henrietta Anne Ussher, born 1881. 

6. Edward Ussher, born 1809. 

7. Catherine Ussher m. Ensign David Deane. 

8. Martha Ussher m. Edward Eoberts. 
P. Sarah Ussher m. Eich^rd Pearson. 

10. Mina Ussher m. Thos. Greer, and had issue. 

11. Lucy Ussher m. 1st, . . . Tucker, m. 2ndly, . . . Barnham. 

12. Julia Ussher m. . . . Bullock. 

13. Susan Ussher m. Strangman Davie Goff of Horetown, and 

had issue, (1) "William G. D. Goff of Glenville, Waterford, 
and others. 
1-4. Marffaret Ussher m. Wm. Jackson Greer, and bad issue. 

III. Lucy Ussher, born 1765, d. 1769. 

IV. John Ussher, born 1766, d. 1782. 

V. Sarah Ussher, born 1767, m. Capt. Ussher Boate, who d. 1804. 
John Ussher of Camphire, m. 2udly, 1770, Elizabeth, dr. of Wm. Paul, 
and had issue. 

VI. WilHam Ussher, Capt. 64th Regt., born 1771, d. 1796. 
VII. Elizabeth Ussher, born 1772, d. 1796. 
vni. Mary Ussher, born 1773, d. 1784. 
IX. Thomas Paul Ussher, Ensign 64th Pegt., born 1775, d. 1794. 
X. Lucy Ussher, bom 1776, d. 1797. 

XI. Richard Keily Ussher of Cappagh, bom 1778, d. 1854, Lieut. 

E.N., m. 1st, Martha Hewetson, d.s.p. He m. 2ndly, 1836, 

Isabella, dr. of Col. Jasper Grant, and had issue surviving : 

1. Richard John Ussher of Cappagh, born 1841, m. 1866, 

Elizabeth Owen, dr. of Rev. John W. Finlay, and has issue : 

(1) Beverly Grant Ussher, born 1867. 

(2) Percy John Ussher, born 1868. 

(3) Arthur Hamilton Ussher, born 1869. 

(4) Isabella Mary Grant Ussher, born 1871. 


(5) Neville Osborne Ussher, born 1873, d. 1880. 
XII. Judith Ussber, born 1779, d. 1798. 

XIII. Paul Ussher, bom 1780, d. 1781. 

XIV. John Ussher, born 1782, d. 1783. 

XV. Susanna Ussher, born 1783, d. 1798. 
XVI. Anna Ussher, born 1784, d. 1784. 

XVII. John Ussher of Landscape, born 1786, d. 1844, m. Lucy 
Glascott, and had issue : 

1. John Glascott Ussher of Landscape, d. unmd., 1863. 

2. Richard Ussher of Landscape, m. 1st, Charlotte Metge, m. 

2ndly, Mary Carroll, and has issue by her : 
(1) Richard Neville Ussher, bom 1882. 

3. Arthur Beverly Ussher of Australia. 

4. Wm. Neville Ussher m. Mary Anne Grant, and has issue : 
(I) William Ussher. (2) Mary Ussher. (3) Lucy Ussher, 

d.y. (4) Charlotte Ussher. (5) Sarah Ussher. 

5. El'.zabeth Ussher, d. unmd., 1861. 

6. Sarah Ussher. 

7. Lucy Arabella Ussher, d. unmd. 

8. Mary Ussher. 

9. Susan Emily Ussher m. Adam Glascott. 

10. Charlotte Ussher m. Rev. J. M. French. 

1 1 . Isabella Ussher, d. unmd. 

Arthur Ussher, probably posthumously born in 1683, youngest son of 
Col. Beverly Ussher of Kilmeadon, entered the army on 25th May, 1704, as 
an Ensign in Col. Evans' Regt. (see MS. Army List for 1704 in War Office), 
and soon accompanied that Corps to the Low Countries, where he displaved 
remarkable ability and courage. According to a note in an old pedigree 
preserved by his descendants, " he fought gallantly through nine campaigns 
under the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene, was left-handed, but a 
very skilful swordsman, and received a desperate wound in the forehead from 
a Scotchman in the French army. His colonel (also a Scot), intending to 
betray to the French the detachment of the regiment placed under Arthur's 


command, had it stationed in a defile for that purpose : Arthur Ussher by 
great bravery saved his company, and having captured the scout, from whom 
he took a letter written by his colonel, in which he engaged to betray his men 
to the French, fought his way through the defile in safety. Upon reaching 
the main body of the army he called out his colonel to single combat with 
swords, and killed him at the head of his regiment, for which he was tried by 
Court Martial, the Duke of Marlborough presiding. He was honourably 
acquitted, and received a letter from Queen Anne in her own handwriting for 
his zealous conduct in her service. This was during the time of truce in 
Flanders." This letter was carefully preserved in the family till about 50 
years ago, and is still remembered. A descendant of Capt. Ussher is supposed 
to have taken it with her at her marriage, and possibly lost it. [The writer 
had a search made at the Horse Guards to see if there was any confirmation 
in the records of Arthur Ussher's Regt., of the above-mentioned interesting 
tale, but none could be found ; it is, however, remarkable that in the Lists of 
the Succession of Colonels (1700 to 1706) given in the old Army Lists 
from their first publication no such name as Col. Evans is given.] 

Capt. Arthur Ussher's sword, marked G.R., is in the hands of E. J. 
Ussher, Esq., of Cappagh ; Richard Ussher, Esq., of Landscape, has his 
pocket-book with a short diary; and three of his Commissions, with regimental 
accounts, etc., are in the possession of Miss Sarah Ussher of Tramore. 

In the Records preserved in the Horse Guards, "War Office, he is mentioned 
as promoted from the rank of Ensign, to be Captain in Col. John Richmond 
Webb's Regt. of Foot (8th Ft.) 17th May, 1706, and Captain in the 
same Regt. 11th Jan. 1714-5. (Commission renewed on the accession of 
George I.) 

We give some extracts from the pocket book : — 

" Agreed with the ffrench master for 2 guilders p. month, commencing 
the 19th Aug., New Style." " January 5th, Recv^ of Mr. Sweet, 5,5000 gld"^" 
" An acct. of my expence in goeing to Amsterd™, Jan. 2nd, vizt. : 
for my owne exp^ att Nimegen - - 03 04 

for supplies, and ferrying from N. to Am em - 01 02 
p** for my own expense att Arnem - - 03 02 

For a post wagon fro Dlo. to Amsterd. - - 05 06 























For my own Expence fro. Am. to Amsterd"' 
and other disbursements ... 

For 4 baggrs - . - . - 

p^ for a basq^ - - - - 

For a porter to bring y^ money to my lodgings 
For a post wag° from Amsterd"" to Am™ 
P** for putting in a letter to Major Lincy 
For my expense att Amsterdam 
p*^ for bringing money to wagon 
To porter to feb* to the wagon fro. my lodg° 
for my own exp"^ fro. Amsterd™ to Arne™ and P. - 
For my owne expense att Arnem, and Portrage for | 
y® monpy ) 

for a post AVagon fro Arn. tolS^in. for my selfe and ) 
the money ) 

for tbe ferry and for porter att Ximegen - 
For my expense att Niinegen - - _ 

For a wagon fro. N. to Grave ... 
Then come various payments to officers in 1704 and 1705, from w^hich it 
is evident that Arthur Ussher, young as he was, had already shown his 
capacity for business, and the prudence for which through life he was con- 
spicuous. He appears to have been, at the age of 21, paymaster of his Reo-t. 
and in that capacity undertook the journey from the Camp at Grave to 
Amstci-dam and back, to fetch money. 

In another end of the book comes a remarkable and interesting entry : — 
"An? 2nd, 1704. mem' dm. 

" The Duke of Mallborough and Pry nee Eugene entirely defeated the 
whole £French army, tooke the Ml. de. Tallard prysoner and 12 
flfrench gen'alls w*^''in 4 leagues of Donawerth." [This was the battle of 

Again — " On the 27th of 9ber, 170|, there was a great storm in England 
y^"^ destroyed several capyt"^ ships." [In this the first Eddystone Light- 
house and its architect, and also Sir Cloudesly Shovel and many men of war 







Then comes the diary, only too short, of the march of the army, probably 
towards Bavaria or the Danube. 

" April the 21st, march*^ out of the Grave ■sv*'' Coll. Lalle's Regim* about 
10 of the clock and about a league of}® towne joyned the forces of y® buss, 
vizt., my L^ Ortney's, Huse and Shumburg's and "Windham's horse, and 
marchd to a village calF the Mill, w^'^in a leagues \ of the Grave where wee 
incamp*^ that night. Y® 22nd, on Sundaj^ about 7 in the morning wee march* 
to Eucksraere where wee incampd that night. 

" Munday the 23th wee marchd to a place calld Blitersfield, 5 league from 
Bucksmere and incampd there for 2 nights. 

" Wednesday y® 25th wee marchd to a small village within \ a league of 
Yenloe where wee were joyned by Brigd" fferryndon's Regim^ 

" Thurday y^ 26th wee marchd about 8 in ye morniLig, and incampd within 
\ a league of y® Yivermond, where y® Duke of Malborough came about 7 in 
the evening, and was saluted by y^ canon of y® towne. Friday the 27th wee 
raarch*^ about 8 in y* morn, and marchd to a place calld Mazyck, M'hich is 5 
leagues fro Ruremd, and by y^ way were joynd by Hambleton's atid Gallon's 
Ptegimts of foot, wee lay att Mazyck for 2 nights. 

" Sunday the 29th wee decamped and march* to Rakehin. (Reckem), 

"Munday the 30th, wee march* to St. Peterberry, a place w^'^n 2 leagues 
of Mastrj^ck and was joined by Strong, Temple and Mackartny. 

" On ^Yen8day the 2nd of May wee were joyned by the remaind"" of the 
English forces in this country where wee staved for 4 nights. 

" On Thursday the 3rd of May wee were revlued by the Duke of 
Mallborough : fryeday the 4th wee march* to Guillepau, 4 leagues fro St. 
Petersburg' ; Sunday the 6th wee decamped att 5 in the morning and march* 
to a place called Hertogenrad, w'^'^ is w^'^in a league of Guillepau. 

" "\Yesday the 8th wee marched 3 leagues and incamp* w'^'^in a muskctt 
shott of a Towne called Daiyne." 

The next entrj'- is, "July 7ih, 1705. 

11 pieces of canon, "3Brygad''* 

17 standards, Lt.-Gen" Shoults 

4 p'' of coflf", passed y* Lyn's neer Hespen 

1 p"" of Kettledrurao, Cornel Novell att Esemaelt (?) 


200 men killed, L^-Gea" Inglsby near 

2500 prysoners and deserters, Heylesam." 

200 officers taken, 

2 Lieut.-Gen^^ killed, [This was probably the battle 

2 Major Gen"^" of Ramillles.] 

The Regimental accounts are carried on from 1709 to 1714 ; among them 
are such items as : 

Aprill 10th, 1709. 

Capt. Arthur Ussher and Corapa"^, Cred. : 

By 13 days subsistence, ending y® 22nd of Stivers. 

Aprill, 1709, inclusiye, - - /323. 8^ 

Paid postage of letters for one year - 1. 10. 

Company accts. 

Capt. Arthur Ussher and Compa., Cred. : 
By his subsistence from y^ 24th of Aprill, 
1708, to 22nd Aprill, 1709, inclusive, 
being 364 days at 7/6 p. day as Capt., 3 
servants included, _ _ . £13<5 10 

By 3 Serjeants at Is. per day each, - 54 12 

By Corporals, - - - - 60 13 4 

65 private soldiers granad. at 5d. p. day, 591 10 7 

£843 5 11 

The orio-lnal Captain's Commission of Ensign Arthur Ussher runs as 
follows : — 

O John, Duke and Earle of Marleborough, Murquis of Blandford, Baron 
Churchill of Aymouth and Sandridge, one of her Majesty's Most 
Hon^"^ Privy Council, Knight of the most noble order of the Garter, 
Master Gen" of the Ordnance, Colonel of the ffirst Regimt. of ffoot 
Guards and Captain Gen" of her Majesty's Land forces, etc. 

Comissary Gen" 
of y® Musters, 
G. Marshall. 


To Arthur Ussher, Esq. 
Entered with y** ] By virtue of the Authority and Power to me given 

by her Majesty as Captain Generall of her Majesty's 
Land fforces ; I do hereby constitute and appoint you 
the said Arthur Ussher, to be Captain of that Company 
of Grenadiers in Her Majesty's Regiment of Foot 
Commanded by Brigadier John Richmond Webb, whereof Edward Fielding, 
Esq., was Captain. You are therefore to take the said Company into your 
care and charges, and duely to exercise the inferior officers and soldiers 
thereof in Arms ; and to use your best endeavours to keep them in good order 
and discipline and I do hereby command them to obey you as their Captain, and 
you are to observe and follow such orders and directions from time to time as 
you shall receive from Her Majesty, myself or any other your superior officer, 
according to the rules and Discipline of Warr. Given at the Camp at Grlmberg 
the seventeenth day of May, 1706. In the ffifth year of Her Majesty's 

Ensign Usher to be Marlborough, 

Cap. of Grenadiers in By his Grace's Command. 

Brigadier Webb's: Regt. C. Fre. Cardonall. 

The 2nd Commission is signed by George I., dated June 11th, 1715, and 
grants him a Company in Lieut.-Genl. Webb's Regt., being the renewal of 
the former one on the King's accession. 

In a document dated Glh June, 1719, Arthur Ussher is styled Captain in 
the Honble. Brig'" Morrisson's Regt. of Foot, being still the same corps. 

A letter of Edward Hubbart (who m. Isabella, Arthur's sister) to Robert 
Taylor, who had m. Judith Ussher, another sister, gives some information as 
to Captain Ussher's marriage, and expresses the strongest regard for him. 

" Cappagh, 23rd March, 1719. 
" Dear Bro., 

" I perused your letfr. to my bro. Arthur and would have writt to you to 
Corke as you desired, but beleived the hurry of affaires about the Intended 
Invjision might call you home sooner then you proposed. My bro. Arthur 
left us on Saturday last in order to be in Waterford to meett his Regim^ who 
are to be there before bim, and that I may now say something relating to 
y^ scttlcm* to be made as you desire ; the first proposall I made was to settle 


the whole concern on y« younge couple and y^ managem* thereof withm and 
without intirely to them, allowing such a competency as might be thought 
reasonable and we to live w^^ them, but wee doe not finde my bro. Arthur 
is willing to take the managcm^ of the house from my wife whilst sbe lives, 
soe that the best way I think to make all matters easy is that the Women 
shall goe hand-in -hand in y« managem^ of the household affaires and my bro. 
Arthur and I to jovne unanimously in }^ managem^ of the concernes abroad, 
and assist each other on all occasions, and as for my part I shall never 
controule him in anvtainge but heartily doe every thinge in conjunction w^ . 
him to his best advantage and you may easily believe my wife will doe y^ same 
by her ; and now to mention the Lands to be settled on the Lady, I propose 
the lands of Ballynahinnerv, Ballynemointra and Garriduflfe, w'=^ as land goes 
now, will veild att least 801b. p. ann., and if you'll propose or think of any 
other expedient proper to be done, you shall always hnd me ready to comply 
in doeing anything that can be reasonably expected from me, for I can assure 
you that°I have nothing more in view than to contribute every thinge in my 
Power that shall tend to their future satisfaction and advantage w'=^ is all I 
can att p'sent sav on this subject till we can next be soe happy as to have a 
personall conference with you. My wife joynes in our aff"ect. service to you, 
my good sister Tavlor and 'cozen Lucy, and I hope I need not many words to 
assure vou that I am, Dr. Bro., yor ever affect, and faithfuU servt. 

"I pray give our humble " Edw. Hubbard. 

service to our good friends 
att Ballyraacoo and the good 
family at Croagh when you 
see them." 

On 13th Jan., 1719, Arthur Ussher, Esq.. J.P., produced at Dungarvan 
Sessions a certificate of his receiving the Sacrament and qualifj'ing. 

Also in 1 724 he took the oath and got a certificate attested by the minister 
and wardens of Whitechurch, of his having received the sacrament and 
qualified on 29th Nov., 1724. 

In 1730 he was High Sheriff of the Co. Waterford. Among the country- 
people he went bv the name of " Capteen More." A third Commission 
appoints him to be Colonel of the Regiment of Militia Dragoons in Co. 
Waterford, in the room of Beverly IJssher, deceased, and to be Captain of a 
troop in sd Begt. Dated 5th Xov., 1756. 

Arthur Usshor was seized of Cappagh by a lease for lives under Sir John 
Osborne, Bart., in whom the fee vested. In the 27th year of Geo. II., he 
with his' eldest son, Beverly, levied fines, and they agreed that the fines should 


be for Arthur's sole use. Previous to his death he demised it to his eon 
John, who previous to his marriage withEKzth. Paul, by settlement of 25th 
Augt.,-1770, conveyed to Trustees to pay his wife £200 per ann. on his death, 
and £1,700 for the younger children. 

John TJssher also had a lease renewable for ever of Eallenamointra and 
Garryduffe, under Sir John Osborne. Sir John Osborne, wbo d. 1713, entailed 
Cappagh on his nephew Beverly, and his heirs male, and for want of such to 
James Ussher and his heirs male, for want of such to John TJssher and his heirs 
male, and for lack of such to Arthur UijsLer, and for lack of his heirs male to 
Nicholas, son to Sir Thos. Osborne. Beverly Ussher in 1713, leased it to his 
brother James. Finally it came to James' son, John Ussher of Balliutaylor, 
who, in 1732, renewed the lease to Arthur, and left the fee to his brother 
Beverly, who also executed a renewal to Arthur. Beverly's son John, in 
order to discharge his father's debts, procured an Act of Parliament to sell 
lands in Co. "Waterford. 

Captain Arthur Ussher died at Camphire in 1767; his will, dated 5th Jan., 
176G, was proved in 1768. To his son John he left his estate ; to his drs. 
Sarah Keily, Judith Creagh, £50 each for mourning ; to his dr. Elizth^ 
Us«hcr, £50. 

He m. about 1719, Lucy, dr. of Berkeley Taylor* of Askeaton, and niece 
of Robert Taylor of Ballynort, Co. Limerick, and by her had issue : 

• The E.ev. E. Ussher of Ventnor, has sent the following pedigree of the Taylor 
family. Crtst — A lion passant. Arms — 1 and 4 Sa. a lion passant argent, 2 and 3, gules 
around a chevron ermine, 10 cropsps patees arg. 

Sir Fras. Berkeley, Knt., 1597, Govr. of Askealon Castle, Co. Lim., M.P. 1613, m. 
Jane, dr. of Adam Loftus, D.D., Archbp. of Dub. and Ld. Chanc. Hib., and had issue: 
I. Maurice, Govr. of Lim., 1610, d. 1GS7 ; in the registry of his army called grandson of 
Sir Maurice B. of Bruton, Somerset. II. A dr. m. George Courtenay of Powderham, 
2nd son of Sir W. Courtenaj', 1596 succeeded to the Oughtred estates, had issue Francis 
Oughtred Berkeley, d.s.p. III. Gertrude, wife of . . . Taylor of Ballynort, Co. Lim., and 
Burton, Co. Cork, and by him had issue: 1. Robert Taylor, H.S.. Co. Limerick, 1670, 
M.P. for Askeaton, 1692-95, d. 1097, m. . . . Berkeley, and had issue, who all d.v.p. 2. 
Wm. Taylor of Barton, Co. Cork, 1693, d. 1712, m. Lucy, dr. of Col. Villiers Harrington 
of Wexford, and had issue : (1) Eobert Taylor, M.P. for Askeaton, 1703, H.S. Co. Lim. 
1700, m. Judith Ussher, 1696. (2) Berkeley Taylor, M.P., Askeaton, m. Sarah . . . and 
had issue : [1] William Taylor of Ballynort, d. 1767, had issue Catherine, Lady Massy, 
heiress of Ballynort, and Sarah, Countess of Carrick. [2] Richard. [3] Robert. [4) 
Edward. [5] Sarah m. T. Westropp. [6] Lucy m. Arthur Ussher, and had issue. [7] 
Marj', m. 1734, John Westropp. (3) Richard. (4-10) Sons and drs. IV. Frances m. 
Thos. Blany, m. 2ndly, James Purcell of Croagh. 


I. Sarah Ussher, born 1726, ni. Jan., 1745, Richard Kelly of Lis- 

more and Strancally (son of John Keily of Carrigleagh, Co. 

"Waterford), who d. Sept., 20th, 1782, leaving issue : 

1. John Keily, born 1748, d. 1808, m. 1700, Jane, dr. of John 

Bagwell of Marlfield, Co. Tipperary, and by her had issue : 

1. Sarah m. . . . Conner. 2. E-ichard. 3. Dorcas. 4. John 
of Strancally, born 1774, d. 1862, m. Margt., dr. of John 
Bagwell, and had issue : (1) John, born 1802, d. 1863, m- 
Maria Haigb, and had is&ue : [1] John, born 1837, m. 1866, 
Augusta Jnlia, dr. of Rev. Thos. Bell, of Brook Hill, Co. 
"Wexford, and had issue : /. John Townsend, born 1867. 

2. Fanny Isabella. [2] Emily m. David G. Griffith. 

5. Arthur Keily, born Jan. 22nd, 1777, d. at Ballysaggart, 

18th Aug., 18G2, of whom below. 6-14. Five sons and 4. drs. 

Arthur Kelly in 1843 changed his name from Keily to Ussher, inherited 
Callysaggart, Lismore, from his father, and m. 25th Oct., 1824, Elizabeth, 
dr. of Robert Martin of Ross, Co. Galway, who d. 1872, and by her had 
issue : 

(1) Isabella Ussher, born 16th June, 1827, m. 1854, Gervase 

Henry Bushe, and had issue, Wm. Daxon, born 13th 
Augt., 1855. 

(2) Jane Ussher, bom 7th Dec, 1820, d. 7th July, 1853. 

(3) John Ussher, born 13th Feb., 1831, m. 9th J^ov., 1865, 

Mary, widow of R. N. Gore Booth, and dr. of R. E. 
Egerton Warburton of Arley Hall, Cheshire, and had 
issue : 
[1] Edward, born 3rd Nov., 1869. [2] May, born 1875. 
[3] Maurice, born 1878. 

(4) Elizabeth Ussher, born 1832, d. 1873. 

(5) Arthur Ussher, born 1834, m. 1863, Mary, dr. of Joseph 

Malcolmson, of Portlaw, Co. Waterford. 

(6) Adelaide Ussher, born 3rd Dec, 1835, m. Yery Rev. 

Isaac R,eeves, Dean of Ross, and had issue. 

(7) Helena Ussher, born 17th Nov., 1839, m. 1868, J. C. 

Wood of Cork, and has issue. 

(8) Grace Ussher, born 1841, d. 1877. 

(9) Lavinia Ussher, born 1843. 

(lOj Rev. Richard Ussher of Ventnor, born 26th Jan., 1846, 
author of "Hist, of Croxall," m. 1872, Mary, adopted 



dr. of Sir R. E. Wilmot-Buxton, Bart., of Osmaston 
Hall, Derby, and has issue : [l] Robert Beverly Arthur, 
bom 1873]; d. 1876. [2] Robert Arland, born 1877. 
[3] Margt. EHzth. [4] Beverly, born 1872. [5] 
Stephen, bom 1882. [6] Mary Josephine. 
(11) Robert Benjamin, born 1848, m. 1886, Marj', dr. of J. 
Baldock of London. 
Sarah Ussher by Richard Keily, had issue also. 
II. Richard Keily. 

III. Rev. Arthur Keily, born 1754, m. Dorothea Townsend, and had 

issue, 2 drs. 

IV. A son. y. Lucy Keily m. P. Piercy. yi. Frances Keily m. 

. . . Musgrave. vii. Judith Keily m. . . . Alcock. yiii. 

Sarah Keily m. 1778, Sir John Keane of Belmont, ix. Anne 

Keily. X. Elizabeth Keily m. Peter Carey of Careys"\411e, Co. 

Cork. XI. Grace Keily, born 1766, m. J. "Westropp of 


II. Judith Ussher, born 1728, m. 1st, Edmund, 2nd son of Edmund 

Shuldham (and his wife, the dr. of M'Carthy More), of Dun- 

manway, Co. Cork. Mar. Settlemt., 2nd Dec, 1749. 

" Edmund Schuldham, Esq., and Judith Ussher were married 

by the Rev. Ralph Hawtrey, December y« 3rd, 1749." (Kil- 

meadon Parish Reg.) 

She had issue by him, Arthur Lemuel Shuldham of Dunmanway, born 

17o2. Shem. 2ndly, John Creagh of Castle Creagh, Doneraile, and had issue. 

III. Beverly Ussher of Camphire, born about 1730, m. Jane, dr. of 

Christopher and Susanna Musgrave, but d.s.p., having shot 
himself in Dublin, 17th May, 1761 ; his widow m- 2ndly 
Richard Musgrave. 

IV. Arthur Ussher, born 24th Oct., 1740, bap. Lismore Cathl., 18th 

Oct., 1740, died young. 
V. John Ussher of Cappagh,* born 8th April, 1743, bap. Lismore, 

* Cajipagh, the estate of John Ussher, Esq. [son of Captain Arthur Ussher], is 
situateouii tije north bide of the parish of \Vhiuchuich, and near it are the remains of 
an ancient building, said to have belonged to the Enights-Templars. Excellent marl 
has been found here, lying deep in an adjacent bog ; but the place being subject to be 
filled with water upon digging, makes it difficult to get any quantity of this useful 
manure. (Smith's Hist, of Co. Waterford, 2nd Edition, 1774, p. JS). 


13tli April. 1743, Freeman of Waterford, 17th Sept., 1770, 

J.P., d. at Waterford, 1789 ; his will was pr. 1st Sept., same 

year ; he was buried at "VVhitechurch. 

John Ussher, 3rd son of Capt. Arthur Ussher, m. 1st, 8th June, 1761 

(after the death of his elder brother, Beverly) Elizabeth, dr. of Christopher 

Musgrave, of Ballyin, who d. 6th March, 1769. He lived at Camphire 

until 1770. By his first wife lie had issue : 

I. Susanna Ussher, born 18th Dec, 1762, d. 9th K'ov., 1781. 
II. Arthur Ussher, born 30th March, 1764, reed, into the Church 
at Lismore, 19th Sept., 1765 ; succeeded his father in the 
Camphire estate, of whom below. 

III. Lucy Ussher, born 27th May, 1765, bap. Lismore, 19th Sept., 

1765, d. 1769. 

IV. John Ussher, born 9th Oct., 1766, died in London, 18th Jan., 

V. Sarah Ussher, born 16th Oct., 1767, m. Ussher Boate, of 

Duckspool, Capt. in 70th Regt., Mar. Settlemt. 18th Deer., 

John Ussher m. 2ndly, at "Waterford, 26th Aug., 1770, Elizabeth, dr. of 
"\Vm. Paul, of Water ford, great grand- uncle of Sir Eobert J. Paul, Bart., Bally- 
glan (see Burke's Irish Peerage for pedigree), and thenceforth resided in 
"Waterford, was appointed to the Commission of the Peace to Waterford, 5th 
Feb., 11th Geo. III. In 1785 John Ussher, son of BeA'erlj^ and gdson. of 
James, obtained an Act of Parliament to sell his estates. On the sale of these 
estates in 1786, John (son of Arthur) purchased the fee simpls of Cappagh, 
Knocknacrooha, BalljTiahemery and Garryduff (he and his father ha\dng 
hitherto only held a lease of lives renewable for ever of those lands). At 
the same time he raised £1,500 on mortgage of the lands to purchase them. 
By his 2nd wife he had issue : 

VI. William Ussher, born 14th Aug., 1771, matr. T.C.D., 1786, 

succeeded his father in the Cappagh estates, Capt. 64th 

Regt., was killed in a duel at Gibraltar, 1796. There is an 

inscription on a stone slab in a small cemetery now full, in 

the town of Gibraltar, to his memory. 


" Sacred " 
" To the memory of "W"^. Usslier, Esq., late Capt. in liis Majesty's 64tli 
Regiment of Foot, who hy his conduct in several actions in the West Indies 
not only derived credit to himself but did honour to the service in which he 
was employed. Brave, generous and humane whilst living, he obtained what he 
justly merited, the high esteem of his brother officers, and the fond respect 
of those intrusted to his command. Hastened to an early grave, his country 
has to lament the loss of an excellent officer, and society that of an honest 
man. He departed this life on the 29th March, 1796, in the 25th year of 
his age. As a small tribute of regard to the memory of so worthy a man, 
this stone is erected by the 64th Regt., jointly with the officers of the garrison 
at Gibraltar." 

VII. Elizabeth Ussher, born 24th Aug., 1772, d. 4th Sept., 1796. 
VIII. Mary Ussher, born 26th Nov., 1773, died of consumption 2 Dth 
Feb., 1784, buried at Christ Church, Waterford 
IX. Thomas Paul Ussher, bom 28th April, 1775, Ensign 64th 
Regt., died of yellow fever at Martinique, 11th April, 1794. 
X. Lucy Ussher, born 14th Aug., 1776, d. 25th Nov., 1797. 
XI. Richard Keily Ussher*, born 4th Feb., 1778, of Cappagh, 
Freeman of TVaterford, 1st Dec, 1800 ; he entered the Royal 
Navy at the age of twelve, and when only sixteen, while 
going out to the "West Indies such storms were encountered 
that his senior officers were all incapacitated by over-work, 
and he had to take the coromand, and work the ship. He was 
engaged in the capture of St. Lucia and Martinique from the 
French ; while in the West Indies he nearly died of yellow fever. 
On his brother William's death in 1796 (Thomas Paul Ussher having 
died in 1794), Richard succeeded to his estate, and left the Navy. 

He soon afterwards m. Martha, dr. of the Rev. John Hewetson of Suir 
View, Co. Kilkenny, a descendant of the Rev. Christopher Hewetson,t 

• For the interesting facts of his life the writer is indebted to his son, the present 
Richard J. Ussher, of Cappagh. , , ., 

t Christopher Hewetson was also Parson of Howth, and d. oth Aprd, 1633, leaving 
issue by 1st wife, Susan Siggan of Hampshire, Wm. and Elizth., and by his 2nd -wife, 
Eebecca Okes, Christopher and Thos. who got grants of land in Co. Kilkenny, 1642; 
Michael, Eector of Swords, 1674, of St. Andrew's. Dublin, 1679 ; Rebecca, buried at 
Swords; Marah, buried at St. Andrew's. (T.C.D.,MS. F. 3, 27, etc.) 

In 1743 Christopher Hewetson and Elianor, his wife, were bur. at Thomastown, Co. 



Treasurer of Christ Ciiurch CatM., but left no issue by ber. On 31st Jan., 
49th George III., be was appointed to the Commission of tbe Peace for the 
counties of "Waterford and Tipperary. 

"Wben Ricbard Tlssher came into possession of tbe Cappagb estate, tbe old 
castle or bouse tbat bis grandfather, Arthur, bad lived in sixty years before 
was a ruin, and there was no bouse fit for bim to live in, the property beino 
beld by a large number of small tenants. No trees stood on it, all tbe timber 
baving been previously cut down. Where Cappagb Demesne now exists 
there were bare furze-covered bills above, and an undrained morass in front, 
tbat gave rise annually to fever and ague, while tbe property was financially 
encumbered by the mortgage of 1786 and subsequent incumbrances, to so 
large an amount that, with tbe lawlessness prevailing among tbe lower classes, 
E-icbard Ussber could hardly realize more than agent's fees on the nominal 
rental at first. 

He built a bouse at Ballynabemery where he lived for a time. 

In tbe early part of this century tbere were no police in Co. Waterford, 
and it was abandoned to lawlessness, murderers and robbers keeping tbe 
population in a state of terrorism, tbe frequent outrages by day as well as by 
night being by no means exclusively or even generally of an agrarian character 
while tbose wbo denounced outrages to tbe autborities were visited by death. 
It was dangerous even to sit in one's bouse without bullet-proof sbutters. 
Faction figbts on a large scale were custom ery at certain fairs. Tbe gentry 
bad all quitted tbe country and Ricbard Ussber, with bis brotber- in-law, 
George Hewetson, and one otber were tbe only magistrates wbo could be got to 
execute tbe laws. They bad to perform the functions of police, and made many 
an expedition by nigbt to the bouses of criminals in mountainous parts of the 
country, wbom they brougbt prisoners to Cappagb, wbere tbey had to keep 
them until tbey could be sent for trial to "Waterford. In tbe detection and 
apprebension of criminals Ricbard Ussber was indefatigable and successful. 
He was said by bis poorer neigbbours to have been " tbe friend of every 
honest man," while be inspired a terror in criminals that seemed to render 
them powerless when in bis hands. 

While he lived at Ballynabemery his out-offices were burned and his cows 
ripped open with reaping-hooks. He subsequently left it, and built the older 


house at Cappagii, which with its offices formed a quadrangle closed by two 
strong gates in arch- ways. For some time he and his wife inhabited the 
upper rooms, the lower windows being built up and loop-holed for defence; 
He once rode into the fair of Mountain Castle, the Shanavests and Caravats 
being drawn up in opposing lines for a faction fight, but he rode in between 
them, took the ringleaders and brought them prisoners to Cappagh, while no 
one dared attack him. 

6th Dec, 1814. The Lord Lieutenant, by letter to Richard TJssher, of his 
Secretary W. Gregory, acknowledged the exertions of the Magistrates of the 
Co. Waterford, by which " so many of the persons concerned in outrages 
committed in your neighbourhood have been apprehended," and expressed a 
hope that by a continuation of the same line of conduct the county would soon 
be restored to tranquillity. (This eventuall}'^ took place.) 

Richard Ussher throughout his life at Cappagh continued to improve it. 
He built extensive farm-offices in connection with the house he had erected, 
reclaimed upland tracts of the property and made plantations along the hills, 
as well as about the demesne and lakes. These he excavated gradually by 
raising turf with boats in the morass, which being thereby drained ceased to 
produce ague. He consolidated the holdings and encouraged a more substantial 

At the same time, while continually entertaining his numerous relations 
and those of his wife (to all of whom his house was open) he gradually paid 
off all the incumbrances on the estate which at his death was left perfectly 
clear, his 2nd wife's fortune having enabled him to do this. 

His first wife was a herbalist, and in the absence of medical charities she 
effected innumerable cures among the peasantry, carried on various household 
arts, such as weaving and spinning, candle making, etc., now not thought of 
in private homes. 

She, as well as Elizabeth Ussher, his mother, and all his sisters joined the 
Society of Friends who carried on an intense religious movement in the South 
of Ireland, the Church being then in a very dead state. 

A Memoir of Elizabeth Ussher, the elder, and also letters of Elizth. Lucy, 
Judith and Susanna Ussher, were privately printed by J. Jones, South Gr. 
George's St., DuVin, in 1812; a 2nd Ed., 1815, and a 3rd. Ed., London, 1845. 


Bichard Ussher, thougli he did not conform to the Society of Friends, 
imbibed their conscientious objections to take or administer oaths, and accord- 
ingly ceased to act as a magistrate. 

15th Dec, 1829. By a letter of his brother John "we find that for these 
reasons he declined the office of High Sheriff, which was several times pressed 
on him. His wife Martha was dead in 1829. 

Richard Ussher m. 2ndlY, on 2nd Feb., 1836, Isabella, dr. of Col. Jasper 

Grant, of the 41st Eegt., and of the family of the Grants of Kilmurry, Co. 

Cork ; she was born at Montreal, when her father was Governor of Upper 

Canada. (He was afterwards Govr. of Carlisle). Richard Ussher 

died at Cappagh, 25th Feb., 1854, and was buried in the family vault at 

Whitechurch, leaving issue by his 2nd wife who d. at Cappagh, 20th July, 1881: 

1. Richard John Ussher, now of Cappagh, their only surviving 

child, born 6th April, 1841 ; J.P. Co. Waterford, 1863; 

m. 20th Jan., 1866, Elizabeth Owen, eldest dr. of Rev. 

John "William Finlay of Corkagh House, near Clondalkin, 

Co. Dublin, and by her has issue : 

(1) Beverly Grant Ussher, born 19th Feb., 18G7 ; Sch. 

New Coll., Oxon, Oct., 1885. 

(2) Percy John Ussher, bom 28th Aug., 1868; Lieut. 

Royal Marine Artillery, 1888, commission anthedated 
from 1885. 

(3) Arthur Hamilton Ussher, born 14th Sept , 1869. 

(4) Neville Osborne, Ussher, born 23rd Aug., 1873, died 

0th March, 1880. 
(5; Isabella Mary Grant Ussher, bom 20th March, 1871. 
Mr. Ussher, who in 1875 built the present house at Cappagh on a com- 
manding site, is known among Ornithologists as an authority on Irish birds, 
on which and on the prehistoric antiquities of his locality he has published 
various writings.* 

xii. Judith Ussher, born 14th Oct., 1779, d. 1798. 

• Cf. Zoologist 1879, etc.; Trans. I. Acad., 2nd Series, Vol. 11., Nov. ?9th, 1879 ; 
May 10th, 1880 ; Trans. El. Dub. Soc , April, 1881 ; Repts. of Brit. Assoc, 1880-8 1-S-' ; 
Journal R.H.A. Assoc. I., Jan.. 18S6. 


XIII. Paul Usher, born lOth Oct., 1780, d. 19tli June, 1781, buried at 

Christ Church, Waterford. 

XIV. John TJssher, born 22nd Feb., 1782, died of small pox, 6th 

Nov., 1783, and was buried at Christ Church, Waterford. 
XV. Susanna Ussher, born 25th April, 1783, d. 1798. 
XVI. Anna TJssher, born 2nd June, 1784, d. 27th Dec, 178i, buned 

at Christ Church, Waterford. 
x^^I. John Ussher, born 1st April, 1786 ; went to school at Ballitore 

in 1796 ; built house at Landscape, near Is'ew Ross, Co. 

"Wexford, m. Lucy Glascott, born 1791, d. 30th March, 

1863, dr. of Wm. Glascott of Piltown, Co. Wexford (a 

member of an old Wexford family) and d. 16th Feb., 1844, 

leaving issue by her : 

1. John Glascott Ussher, barrister-at-law, of Landscape, d. 

unmd. 12th June, 1863. 

2. Richard Ussher, now of Landscape, m. 1st., in 1849, 

Charlotte, dr. of Rev. James Metge ; m. 2ndly, oth Augt., 
1876, Mary, dr. of Wm. Hales Carroll or O'Carroll, of 
Ashane, Co. Tipperary, and 11 Harcourt Street, Dub., 
Agent to Archbp. Whately (a lineal descendant of the 
Princes of Ely O'Carroll), and by her has issue : 
(1) Richard Neville Ussher, bom 7th Oct., 1882. 

3. Arthur Beverly Ussher of Burrumbeet Lake, Ballarat, 


4. W^illiam Neville Ussher of Youghal, m. jMary Anne Grant, 

dr. of Jasper Grant of Cork, and has issue : 
(1) William Ussher. (2) Mary Ussher. (3) Lucy Ussher, 
d. young. (4) Charlotte Ussher. (5) Sarah Ussher. 
6. EKzabeth Ussherj d. unmd. 15th Aug., 1831. 

6. Sarah Ussher. 

7. Lucy Arabella Ussher, d. unmd. 

8. Mary Ussher. 

9. Susan Emily Utsher m. Adam Glascott of Killowen. 

10. Charlotte Ussher m. Rev. J. F. Metge ffrench (8:)n of 


Anthony F. firench of New Boss, and his wife Margt. 
Metge) Rector of Clonegal, Co. Carlow, an antiquary and 
genealogist, wlio is himself a descendant of Sir "Wm. 
Ussher, senr., through the Molyneux, Madden, Palmer and 
Metge families. 
11. Isabella Ussher d. unmd. 
We now return to Arthur Ussher, eldest son of John Ussher of Camphire, 

Arthur Ussher, born 1764, entered T.C.D. in 1782, B.A., 1786 ; Free- 
man of Waterford, 1780, m. at Waterford, 3rd Jan., 1788, Margaret, dr. of 
Rev. John Hewetson of Suir View, and had issue : 

1. Elizabeth Ussher, bap. Lismore Cathl., 12th July, 1791, 

m. 16th April, 1811, Maurice de Cloudt, Lieut, and 
Adjt. of the King's 2nd German Legion, subsequentl}'' 
Major of the same corps. 

2. John Ussher, bap. at Lismore, 29th July, 1792, died 


3. Arthur Ussher, died young. 

4. Richard John Ussher, bap. Lismore, 19th Dec, 1799, 

died young. 

5. Christopher Musgrave Ussher, of whom below. 

6. Edward Ussher, bap. 22nd April, 1809, entered the army 

and married. 

7. Catherine Ussher, m. 1823, David Deane, son of "Wm. 

Deane of Cork, and Ensign in the North Cork Militia. 

8. Martha Ussher m. Edward Roberts of TVaterford. 

9. Sarah Ussher, m. 10th April, 1823, Richard Pearson, 

Surgeon, 1st Dragoon Guards. 
10. Mina Ussher, m. 17th April, 1825, Thos. Greer of TuUy- 
lagan, Co. Tyrone, J.P., who was born 21st April, 1791, 
and bad issue : 
(1) Frederic Greer of Tully lagan, born 17th Feb., 1829, 
m. Cecilia, dr. of Sir Nathaniel Alexander Staples, 
of Lissan, Bart., by whom he has issue : 


(2) Usslier Greer, born 27th Feb., 1831, d. unmd. 

(3) Martba Greer m. Jobn H. Eidge. 

(4) Elizabetb Jackson Greer. ^5) Priscilla Sopbia Greer. 

11. Luc}' Ussberm. Ist, . . . Tucker, m. 2ndl3', . . . Barnbam. 

12. JiJia Ussber m. . . . Bullock. 

13. Susan Ussber m. Strangman Davis Goff (formerly spelt 

Gougb), of Horetown, Co. Wexford, and bas issue : 
(1) Wm. G. D. (a off of Glenville, Waterford, and otbers. 

14. Margaret TJssber m. 30tb June, 1827, Wm. Jackson 

Greer of Rbone Hill, Co. Tyrone, born 17tb Aug., 1797, 
and bad issue witb otber sons and drs. : 

(1) Tbomas Greer of Howtb. 

"We now return to Cbristopber Musgrave Ussber of Campbire, son of 
Artbur Ussber and bis wife Margaret. 

Cbristopber M. Ussber of Campbire m. Eleanor O'Grady, and bad issue : 

(1) Artbur Edward Ussber of Campbire, bom 24tb July, 

1835, m. 1st, in April, 1861, Annie Julia, dr. of Wm. 
Henry Hassard, Eecorder of Waterford ; m. 2ndly, 
IStbFeb., 1876, Kate, dr. of J. H. Adams, and bas issue: 

[1] Artbur Ussber, born 28tb Oct., 1878. 

[2] Robert Henry Ussber, born 25ib May, 1881. 

(2) Tbomas O'Grady Ussber of Flower Hill, Lismore, 

bap. 8tb Aug. 1838, m. 14tb Jan., 1869, Henrietta, 
' dr. of Tbomas Harris, Q.C., and bas issue : 

[/] Gertrude Elizabeth Ussber, born 25tb Oct., 1869. 
[2] Eleanor Melian Ussber, born 5tb Feb., 1871. 
[j] Christopher Artbur Ussber, born 25tb Feb , 1873. 
[^] Thomas Harris Ussber, born 30th Sept., 1878. 
[5] Henrietta Anne Ussber, born 10th Dec, 1881. , 
According to Faulkner's Dub. Journal, January 22nd, 1788, Mrs. Sarab 
Ussber died Tt Newtown, Co. Waterford, aged 79. She was probably of the 
same family. 










PRIMATE JAS. USSHER - - - - - -271 

TION BOOK, 1657 --_,.- 273 

COLL. DUB. ------ 









UssHERs vHo Obtained the Freedom of the City of Dublin. 
Extract from the City Freeman's Roll. 

18 Eliz., 1579. 

Usher, Geo., mrat. 



25 Eliz., „ 

Usher, Rosia, 



36 Eliz., „ 

Usher, Gerrardus, mrat. 



>> V '' 

Usher, Eosa 



Usher, Eobertus, mrat. 



38 „ 

Usher, Laurentius, mrat. 


ro 7 

44 „ . 

Usher, Catherine, virgo 



j> ?> 

Usher, Alicia, virgo 


" " 

Usher, Sisilia, virgo 


1 14 Jac. i. 

Usher, Mattheeus, mrat 


10 72 

1 '> >» 

Usher, Jenaett, virgo 


1 >> >? 

Usher, Maria, virgo 


6 „ 

Usher, Maria, virgo 


' 9^ 7 9 

Usher, Walterue, mer. 


8 „ 

Usher, [Margeria, virgo 


^1 j» 

Usher, Suzan, virgo 


14 „ 

Usher, Stephanus, mr. 



21 „ 

Usher, AUantor, mrat. 


1 Car. i. 

Usher, Christopher, mrat. 


M M 

Usher, Christopher, mrat. 


10 „ 

Usher, Robert, spec, gratia, 

49 sh 

>i >> 

Usher, Begnet, virgo 


! 11 „ 

Usher, Johes, mrat. 


12 „ 

Usher, Matthseus, mrat. 


13 „ 

Usher, Maria, virgo 


22 „ 

Usher, Jobs, mrat. 


>» j» 

Usher, Maria, spinster 


4 W. «Sc Jl" 


Usher, Jobs, Painterstainer 




Usher, Peter, smith 




Usher, John, mrat. 




Usher, Peter, smith 




Usher, James, weaver 





Usher, Montague, mrat. 




Usher, Jno., mrat. 


'; It is remarkable 

that do 

wn to two centuries ago females 

were made free in the 

City of Dublin, and had the privilege of transmitting the right, until a few years 


Names of Usshers and Ushers in T.C.D. 
Matriculation Lists. 

1638. Edward Usher, son of Eobert, Episc. Kildare, aged 15, born in Villa 
Balsoon, March 3, 1623. Commen, scholarium, Educ in Schola St. 

1641. Luke, son of Eichd., gener. 18, born Kilmena. Eeader. 

1658. Markes Usher, son of Josling Usher, minister, aged 14, born at Balsoon, 
Educ. Trim, sub Mr. Turbridge. 

1661. John Usher, son of Sir Wm. Usher, Knt., aged 16. Dublin. 

1662. Francis, son of Joslin Ussher, Presbyter., 16, born Balsoon, educ. Trim. 
1665. Wm., 3rd son of Sir Wm. Usher, Eq. Aurati, 15 Dub. Gary. 

1665. Adam, 4th son of Sir Wm. Usher, 15, Dublin. Gary. 

1674. Marcus Usher, son of Henry, Decani, 20. Kildare. Educ. Dub., sub. Eider. 

1691. Wm. Usher, son of Christopher, arm. 16, Dub. Educ. Wansworth, Go. 

Middlesex, sub Johnson. 
1697. Wm. Usher, son of Adam, clerk, 16, Nat. Balsoon, sub. Mr. Davy. 
1705. James Usher, son of Marci, elk., 16, Nat. Balsoon. Dub., sub. Dr. Jones 
1705. Frederick Usher, son of Adam, cler., 17. Dab., sub. Dr. Jones. 
1709. Gharles Usher, son of Adam, Archdn. of Clonfert, 19, born Dub., educ. 

Eaphoe, sub Dr. Gampbell. 
1714. Samuel Usher, son of John, D. Ganeellar, 20, Dub. ibidon, sub. Dr. Drury. 

1719. Wm. Usher, Soc. Gom. 

1720. Thomas Usher, son of John, Legls. Leg. Doc, 16. Westmeath, educ. Dub. 
1*21. John Usher, son of James, arm, 18. Go. Waterford, Midleton. 

1722. William Usher, son of Mark, clerk, 33, Queen's Go., educ. Dub. sub. Dr. 

1722. Henry Usher, F.C., son of Wm. Usher, arm, 15. Dub. 

1723. Arthur FU. James, arm., 19, Go. Waterford, educ. Midleton. 

1728. A student entered., educated by Mr. Usher, of Maryborough School. 

1735. Wm. Usher, son of the Eevd. Wm., 17, born Co. Armagh, educ. sub Dr. 

Skelton. Tutor, Dr. Clarke. 
1737. Adam, son of Eev. Wm. Usher, 16, born Armagh, educ. sub. Dr. Skelton. 
1746. John Usher, 16, son of Christopher, gent., born in Go. Wicklow, educ. sub. 

Mr. Bryan. 


1751. Wm. Uslier, son of Christoplier, Colonel, 16, educ. Mr. Ball. 

1754. Jolm Usher, son of John, mercht., 17, sub. Mr. Ball, born Dublin 

1756. Henry Usher, son of Eevd. Samuel, 15, bom Co. Wicklow, sub. Mr. Ball. 

Tutor, Mr. Hastings. 
1776. Hems worth Usher, son of Luke, Surgeon, Co. Q-alway, matr., Dec. 18, educ. 

M. Hacket. Tutor, Dr. Kearney. 
1780. Usher Lee, son of Bolton Lee, arm, Waterford, med, 
1782. Cornelius Henry, son of John Usher, gen., Co. Wicklow, sub. Mr. Ball. 

Tutor, Mr. Young, 
1782. Arthur Usher, son of John, gener., Waterford. 
1782. John Usher, son of John Usher, gen., Co. Wicklow, 
1788. Wm. Usher, son of John, gener., Co. Waterford. 
1788. Christopher, son of Christopher Usher, Dux nautae defunc, 18. 
1795. Sheldon Usher, son of Richard, apothecary, Co. Dahlia. Tutor, Mr. 

Usher, junr. 
1799. Usher, Glanville Doyle, son of Michl. Usher, 17, in City of Cork. 
1799. John Usher, son of Henry (Soc), born Dunkirk. 
1809. John Usher, S.O., son of Eevd. Hemsworth, 19, Dr. Usher. 
1816. Bichard, son of Eevd. Hemsworth, Westmeath, 16. 
1818. Henry, son of Eev. Henry Ussher, Dublin, 17. 

1820. Christopher Usher, 19, son of Christopher, gen., Co. Galway. 

1821. John, 17, son of Cornelius Hen., cler., Dub., Mr. Wright's School. 
1821. Wm., 15, son of Cornelius Hen,, cler.. Dub., Mr. Wright's School. 
1825. George, son of Eevd. Hemsworth Usher, 19, Westmeath. 

1825. Samuel Usher, son of C. Henry, elk., olim. Soc, Dub. 16, Mr. Wright's 



Note of Exchequek Inquisition, 23, 17, H. VIIT. 

An inquisition taken on the goods, etc., of Nicholas Holywood, on tlie Monday 
before the Feast of Ashes, 17th year of Henry VIII., recites that Nicholas 
Holywood was seized of the manor of Holywood, held from the King in chief, and 
of one house and 100 acres in le Nail. Thus seized he feoflfed John Logan, etc., 
for the use of Katherine Bermingham, his wife, on the 10th May, 17th year 
H. VIII. Christopher Holywood is brother and heir of Nicholas. Katherine 
Bermingham is still alive. By writing on 20th January, a° . . . H. VIII. 
Christopher H., long before death, held a house and 60 acres in Cottellston, from 
the Archbp. of Dub., granted to Et. Barnewall for the use of Christopher aforesd., 
and Ismay Barnewall, and also Tartaine. Xtopher H., on the 9th Oct., 17 
H. VIII., made his wiU, and says — " Por the use of Annie Sedgrave, my wife, in 
13 H. VIII., I Christopher feoffed lands in Naul and "Weston in le Nail to Nich. 
Crew for 6 years, for the use of Arland Usher, for a certain portion of marriage of 
Eosie Holywood my dr., wife of Arland Usher : Anne, dr. of Walter Preston, wife 
to my son, Thos. Holywood." 

Christopher Holywood died 17 H. VIII., 1 Feb. Thos. H. was then 18 years 
of age, and m. Anne, dr. of Wm. Preston. 

In T.C.D. MS. F. 4, 18, are some notes as to the same family: " Eob. 
Holywood, mil., had Xpr. (8 E. 2, 1385), who had issue Xpr., who had issue Rob. 
Holliwood, in sract. 1421." 

Wm. f. Jo. Hoi. (i. ex. admonistrator, Rob. H., mil. 1382, who m. Nesta) 
had issue 1, Wm. who had Jo. ; 2, Rob who had Xpr. Holywood, sot. 21 m. Kath. 
Zreston, 1448. 

Eob. de H. cap. Eemembrator 34 E. 3, i. 21. 

Jae. Cornwallis, Baro. Scac. 1449, 28, H. 5, m. Domina Maud Plunket, and 
had Eleanora m. Xpr. Holywood de Tartaine, and had issue Nich., who had issue 
Thomas, who had issue Nicholas. 

1436, Nic. f. Xpr. Hoi., Vicomes Co. Dub. 

Xpr. Hoi., Kenok justa Duleek with little Kenok, Cowlok, and Tartaine 

Robt. f. and h. had issue Margt., Eliz, and Eleanora. 

Al&o from Dalton's Hist. Co. Dub., we learn that in 1230 John de Holywood, a 
famous philosopher and mathematician, went to Paris and wrote 4 books ; he was 


\ buried in the Cloisters of the Convent of St. Maturine. In 1310 Eoger de Sacro 

; Bosco was summoned to the parlt. of Kilkenny. In 1361 Eobt. de H. " the 

worthiest in chivalry," was Knted. by Lionel, Duke of Clarence. In 1373 he had 
£40 for serving in the wars in Co. Kilkenny and Carlow, and 1377 he was required 
to march against the O'Byrnes and O'Tooles: that the King, in 1401, assigned 
Xpr. Holywood et alias to convene the Magnates, Proceres and commonalty of this 
Co. Dub., as they might deem it necessary. (E.ot. in Cane. Hib.) 

High Sheriff Co. Dublin, 1427, SirEob. Holywood. 

Artain was the estate of the Family of the Holywoods or de Sacro Bosco. 

Eob. de H. Eemembr. and after Baron Scac, pd, 40s. for a license to acquire 
certain lands and tenem** in Ireland. Sir Eob. H. d. 1435, leaving 3 drs. minors. 
One dr., Margt., m. Eobt. Burnell (Eot. CI. 19, Hen. YI.) In 1533 Eichd. 
Delahoyde and Thos. Howth of Artane had a gr. of hered. of late Thos. H. from 
Crown in chief, during minority of Nich. H., son and heir, also his ward and 
marriage. Then Artane became residence of Thos. Howth. 1539, Elizabeth, wife 
of Nich. H. of Artane and heiress general of Xpr. Baron Dunsany, was passed over 
on, her father's death, in favour of her uncle. 



Extracts as to Ussher riioii Daniel Molynetjx's Visitation of the City of 

Dublin, 1607. 

Page 7. " Mr. Eobte Vsher, Alderman of the Citty of Dublin, md. Margarett, 
dr. of Thomas PitzJohn, gent in the Co^ of Meath, and hath issue by her 2 sons 
and three drs. living, the names of the sons Thomas and Eichard, the names of 
the drs. Elenor, Margaret, Anne. The sd. Vsher md. unto his 2nd wife Katherine, 
the dr. of Patrick Segrave of Killeglan, gent., and hath issue by her two daughters 
named Elizabeth and Marie." 

Page 9, " Mr. John Usher, gt. and Alderman of the Citty of Dublin, md. Ales 
the dr. of Wm. Newman, sometyme Maior of the Citty of Dublin, and hath issue 
by her one sonne named Wm. Usher." 

Page 25, " Walter Ball, the eldest sonne of Barth'' BaU, gent., sometyme 
Maior of Dublin, the son of Thomas Ball of Stevinstown in the Co. of Dublin, and 
of Margaret Bermingham, the dau*^ of Nicholas Bermingham in the Co'' of Meath, 
gent. The said Walter B£ill md. Elenor Wsher, the dr. of Eobart Wsher, Alderman 
of the Citty of Dublin ; the said Walter bereth his armes as his father, by Patent 
as appeareth." 

" John Ussher, 3rd son of Arland (of which Arland more is elsewhere written) 
was Mayor of Dublin in An" 1561, and had to wife Joan Foster, of the house of 
Killegh, and begate 2 sonnes, Arland (of whome next) and Thomas, of whome in 
another place." [There is a slight mistake here. This John lived in 1485. It 
was John Fitz-Christopher who was Mayor in 1561.] "Arland Ussher, elder 
Sonne, had to wife Eose Holywoode, on whome he begate Eobarte Ussher, who had 
to his first wife Margaret Fitzjohn, on whom he begate Eichard (of whome in the 
next descente) and three daughters ; Margaret, wife to Eichard Fekins, Anne, wife 
first to Thomas BamewaU, and after to James Sherlocke, and Elenor, wife to 
Walter Ball, Alderman, Mayor of Dublin, secondly to Dr. Eobarte Conway, Mr. of 
the Jhancerj', and now thirdely to Sir John Eliot, Knighte, one of the Barons of 
the Exchequer. Eobte Ussher's second wife was Katherine Segrave, daughter of 
Patricke of Killeglan, on whome he begate Laurence and Eobarte Ussher, now 
living, 1610, Elizabeth, wife 1st to Edward Catlinge and after to Christopher Linch 
of Coraghboy, and Eose, wife to John Shelton Alderman, Mayor of Dublin. 
Eichard Ussher, eldest sonne of Eobte, built a castle in Cromlin." 



FuNERAii Entries of UssnEE, etc., in the Ulster Office. 
Vol. i. 14— 

Christoplier Usslier als Vlster, Kinge of Armes and principall herald of 
Ireland, was buryed in St. Joline's Churcli, the xxvth of June, 1597. 
Leveret Athlon sined at his funerall and had given him a slacke gowne, 
and his fee ; he died •without issue, unmarried. 
Vol i. 21— 

Vsfher, quartered with Uscher 
of Dublin ofYorks. 

Arland, 3 sonne of Tho. Uffher, in St. Warborogh's Church, xxth of 
August, 1598 : he had by his wyfe, Margt. Stan'"hurst, da", of James 
Stanyhurst, somtyme recorder of Dublin ; mother by him to James, 
Ambrose, Margaret, Mable, Thomasin, Anne, Sarah, Elizabeth and 
Eleanor ; he died sixth of August, and bur. the xxth of the same month. 

i. 23- 

i. 36- 

i. 37- 

John Usfher of Dublin, merchant, eldest son of Tho. Ullher, was buryed 
in St. Johne's Church, the 21st of April, 1599, he had to wyfe Katherin, 
da. to Patricke Maye, by whom he had issu : Walter and two daughters, 
Amy, wife to Kobt. Malpas, mercht. of Dublin, and Mary. 

Eose Vsfher, buryed in St. Mighan's, the xxvith of December, 1601, she 
was the wyfe of John Shelton of Dublin, Alderman, Maior. 

Eobert Conway, Doctor in Cyvill Law, buryed in St. Patrick's Church, the 
xxviiith of August, 1602, he was twice maried, his first wyfe was Mary 
Purdon, by whom he had issu : Cheristopher, son, and Christian, wife 
to Ma-|ke, eldest sonne of Henry Ussher, Lo. Primate ; 2 maryed Usser's 
dr., \. idow to Balle. 
i. 40— 

Margaret Whyte, buryed the xxvith of April, 1603. She was the wyfe of 
Laurence Ussher, merchant, by whom . . . 
i. 49— 

Alee, dr. of Tho. Ussher, lived above threescore year?, deed, ye 23 of 
Kovember, 1607. She lived unmarried and died a maid, is bur. in Christ 





Vol. ii.— 

Ales, dr. of Wm. Newman, Alderman and Maior of Dublin and wyfe of 
John TJsslier, Aid. Maior of the same citie, was bur. in Christe's Church, 
the last of Jan. 1601. Shee was mother to Chropher (dead in his youth) 
and Sir "William Ussher, Knight, Clerk generall of the Councill. 

Vol. ii. 19— 

George Uscher, sometime merchant of Dublin, dec. the xixth of Januarie, 
1609; he had to wife Anne Kenan, and had issue: Gerald (that died 
before him), Eose, Cicelie, Katherin, Mary, Ales and Jane. 

Vol. ii. 37— 

Eose, dr. of Thomas Ussher, wife, first to John Mony, secondly to . . . 
Vies, and thirdly to John Garvie, Lo. Archb. of Armagh, and Lo. Primate 
of all Ireland, deceased in Decemb., 1612, and is buried in Xt Xch, 

Vol. ii. 38— 

Christopher Lynch of Croboy, in y* countie of . . . learned in the lawes and 
sometime Eecorder of Drogheda, dec. 29 or 30 of March, 1613. He had 
to wife Elizabeth, dr. of Robte Uscher, of Dublin, Alderman, by whom 
he had issu : Eobarte Leonell, Mary Margerie, Eleonor, Margaret, Mable, 
fraunces, Elizabeth, Jane, Amie and Ismay. 

ii. p. 39— 

Henry Uscher, Lo. Archbp. of Armagh and Lo; Primate of all Ireland, dec. 
at Termonfeaghan the seconde of ApriU, 1613, being Good-Friday, and is 
buried at (.*. St Peter's) St. Marie's, Drogheda. He had to his first wife 
Margt. Eliot, seven sonnes and two daughters, Marke, Luke, Thomas, John, 
Mathew, Richard, Eobert, Jane, wife to Eobert Ball, Alderman and twice 
Maior of Dublin, and Eose, wife to Capt. Edwd. Trevor. His second 
wife is Mary Smith, who bore him 3 daughters. 
Eobarte Linaker, sometime Shreive of Dublin, deceased the 25 or 26 of 
December, 1620. He had to wife Mary, daughter of George Ussher, 
sometime of Dub°, and left issue : Stiven, Elizabeth frances and Constance 
besides others who died younge. 

ii. p. 41 — 

Elenor Uscher, dec. the 5th of December, 1613. She was wife, first to 
Walter Ball of Dublin, Alderman and Maior of Dublin ; secondly to Dr. 
Robt. Conway, one of y* Masters of y° Chancery, and thirdly to S' Jo. 
EUot, Kt. 


Vol. ii. p. 50 — 

llichard Ussher of CromL'n, dec. the of Auguste 1625. 
p. 93— 

Jane, daughter of Henry Ussher, sometime Lord Primace of all Ireland and 
•wife of Robert Ball, Alderman, Mayor of Dublin, deceased on Monday, 
the 5th June, 1620. 
Vol. iv. 1— 

Judith Newcomen, -wife of Arthur, son and heir of Sir "Wm. Usher, was 
buried in St. Owne's Church, 30 July, 1652. 
iv. p. 2— 

Joslin Usher, of Balsoone, in the Co. Meath. 

Arms "1 Departed the day of and was 

Usher quartered V buried y 30 July, 1657, married Maudlin, 
with Kinaston. J daughter of Kinaston. 

Usher, Kinaston 

a lion rampant sable, 
p. 27— 

Vsher and Burford,;i658. 

3 bears' heads sable. 

p. 44 — 

Mr. Alentor Usher departed this life the last day of July, 1659, and was 
buried the 2nd day of Augt. following, in Xt Xch, Dublin. 

Usher quartered with Usher 
of Dublin of Yorks. 

P- — 

Trevor, young son of Coll. Trevor, departed this life the ninth day of June, 
1661, and was buried the eleventh day of the same moneth, in St. Owin's 
Church, Dublin. 
Arms, Trevor and "Whitchurch, 
p. 80— 

Usher and Kenede. 

Mr. Usher departed this life the 17th day february, 1662, and was 
buried the 19th day of the same in St. John's Xch, Dublin, 1662. 


Mr. Usher dep. this life the 22nd of Aprill, 1664, and was buried the 23rd 
day of the same month. 


Mary, dr. of Ptobt. Lill, of Trim, late wife of Capt. Henry Packenliam, of 
Tulenaly, by whom she had 5 sons and 3 drs., viz. — Thos., Theophilns, 
Phillip, Wm., and Henry ; the drs. — Elenor, Mary and Martha, all un- 
married ; she died Monday, the 12th day of June, 1665, interred 16th. 
Lille and Usher. Lille departed this mortall life the 19th day of Aprill, 
1667, and was buried the 19th day, same month, 1667. 
p. 152 — 


The Lady Meredith departed this life the 11th day of May, 1669, and 
was buried the 15th day of the same moneth in St. Patrick's Xch, 1669. 
p. 158— 

Travor and Whitchurch and Travor and Lewis. 

Mark Travor, Lord Yisct. Dungannon, dep. this life the day of 
Januy., 1669, and was buried the day of same month, 
p. 165— 

Ysher and Gough. 

George Usher, son of "Walter, Alderman of the Citty of Dublin, was 
marled to [Alson], eldest daughter of Aid. Patrick Gough, of the sd. 
Citty, by whom he had issue, now living, 4 sonnes : Patrick Usher, 
John [Ignatius] and Walter ; 3 drs., viz., Mary, Ann and Barbara; the 
sd. first mentioned George Vsher dep. this mortall life the 3rd day of 
July, 1671, and was interred with fanerall rites in St. James Church, 
p. 201— 

Molyueux and Usher. 

[Jane] Usher was md. to Daniel Molyneus, Ulster ILing- of Armes of 
all Lreland, by whom she had issue, SamueU and Adam ; the aforesaid 
Usher dep. this life the 17th May, and buried 19th of same month in 
St. Owen's Xch, Dublin, 1674. 
p. 204— 

Judith Usher, dr. of Sir Wm. Ysher, was m. to Sir James Weyms, by 
whom Elizabeth and Mary Weyms. The 1st mentd. Judith depd. this 
mortall life the 11th Oct., and was interred the 14th of same month in 
St. Owen's Xch, 1674. 
p. 220— 

Mr. Peter Holmes depd. this mortall life the 2nd of December, and was bd. 
the 3rd in St. Michan's Xch, in Oxmantown, Dublin, 1675. He was 
married to Bridgett Usher, dr. of Ptobert Usher, of Cromlin, by whom 


he had issue, 3 sons aud 4 daughters, viz. : George, Robert and Q-ilbert ; 
Margt., Ann, Mary and Jane, 
p. 276— 

Kath., 2nd dr. of Arthur Usher, Esq., son of Sir Wm. Usher, depa. this 
mortall life the 2nd of Jany., and was buried the 6 th of the same in St. 
Owen's Church, Dublin, 1681. She marryed Percivall of, . . . 
p. 276— 


Maudlin, da. of Kennaston, of , dep. life y" 22nd of 

Jany., 168^, and was buried y' 25th of y same, in y* Xch of Balsoon, in 
Co. Meath. She md. Joslin Ysher, of Balsoone, by whom had issue 
many children, of which only 2 are living, viz., Mark and Margaret, 
p. 277— 

Sir Hans Hambleton, K. and Bt., d. 14th Feb., 1681, burd. at Mulogbrack, 
m. Maudlin, 3rd dr. of Sir Ed. Trevor, by whom, Sara (d. 24th Oct.), m! 
Sir Eobt. Hambleton, Knt., by whom one son, Hans Hambleton. 
p. 280— 

Mr. Nevill dep. this mortall life 13th Sept., bud. 16th, 1682, in the country, 
wife Usher. 
Vol. v., p. 32— 

Eose, dr. of Henry Usher, sometime Lo. Arsbishop of Armagh, and 
Primate of all Ireland, dec. the last of Oct., 1623. She was mar. to Sir 
Ed. Trevor, of Rose-Trevore, Knt. and one of the Privie CouncQ, by 
whom she had issue : Markes, Edwd., Margery, Sarah and Magdalen. 
She was b. in Xch of Clandally, Co. D. 
p. 38— 

Rose, dr. of Eich. Ussher, of Cromline, in the Co. D., dec. 13th of Oct., 
1624. She was mar. to Tho. Challoner, of Dab., merct, by whom she 
had John and Luk. She was buried in St. Audoen's Xch in Dub. 
p. 69— 

Morish Eustace, of Clongowes road, d. 1624, m. Joan, dr. of John Eustace, 
of Castlemartin, by whorae issue ; m. 2ndly, Eliz., dr. of Eichard Usher, 
of Cromlin, by whom issue. 
p. 105— 

.Margt., dr. of James Stainhurst, dec, the of Novr., 1626. She was mar. 
to Arland Ussher, by whom she had issue, the Most Eev. Father in God, 
Jamqs, Lo. Arbp. of Armagh, &c., Ambrose, Margt., Mable, Tomesin, 
Anne, Sarah, Elizth. and Eleanor. 


p. 135 — 

Arthur Usher, sonn and heir of Sir "Wm. Usher, Knt., dec. 2iid March 
being Mondaie, 1628, wife, Judith, dr. of Sir E. Newcomen, Knt., by 
whom he left issue. Was drowned at Donabrooke. 
p. 143— 

Walter Archbold, of Timolin, Co. Kildare, deed, the Septr., 1629. He 
had to his 1st wife, Elizabeth, dr. of Thomas Eustace, of Molaughcash, 
s(l. CO. His 2nd wife Anne, dr. of Robert Ussher, of Cromlin, issue : 
Eichd. and James, was buried in mone in y* Co. Kildare. 
p. 191— 

Luke Usher, Archdeacon of Armagh, deceased the 6th of November, 1632; 
he had to wife, Mary O'Connor, by whome he had issue : Arland, 
Christopher, Toby, Francis, Wm., John, Margaret, Dorothy, Susan and 
p. 197— 

Marke Ussher, deed, the of Jany., 1632 ; he had to wife Christian, dr. 
of Eobert Conway, Doctor in the Cyvil Law, by whome he had issue, 
p. 202— 

Adam Ussher, 2nd son to Sir Wm. Ussher, Knt., dec. 1st July, 1633, by a 
fall from his horse, before a shorte time succeed after Daniel Molyneux 
in the office of Ulster King of Armps. 
p. 205— 

Margt., dr. of Arthur Ussher, son of Sir Wm., deed. '20th July, 1633, she 
m. Paul Davies, left issue, Wm. 

Yol. vi., p. 9— 

Francis Kynaston of Pantiborsly in Shropshire, descended of the house of 
Oatley, in the said Shire, and after heere in Ireland, of Saull, in the Co. 
of Doune, Esq., deceased about the 1st of October, 1633, and was buried 
in the p'sh xch of Doune ; he had to wife, Kath., dr. of John Trevore of 
Brynkynalt, Esq., in Denbyshire, by whom he had issue : Edward, 
Eobert Arthur Marmaduc, Jane married to Eobert Ussher, Provost of 
T.C.D. ; Susan m. to Richard Hamilton of Ballygilbert, Co. D., Esq. ; 
Katherine Mary m. to James Melvyn of Ballykillin, in Co. Downe, Esq. ; 
Eose m. to Nicholas Fitzsimonds of Killcliffe, Co. D., gt., Magdalin and 

p. 36— 

Christopher Peirce, 2nd son of Henry Peirce of Tristenagh, in the Co. of 
Westmeath, Esq., deceased the vii of June, 1634. He had to wife, 


Elizabeth, dr. of Marke Usher of Ballsoon, in the Co. of Meath, Esq., by 
•whom be had issue : Henry, Thomas, Marke ; he is buried in the 
Chappell of Tristenagh. 

p. 201— 

Eobert Witherall of Rosetown, Co. Meath, gent., sonn of Robert Witherall 
of . . . took to wife, Margery, dr. of Henry Vsher, sometyme Primat of 
Ireland, by whome he had issue, 2 sons and 2 daughters, viz. : Dudly, 
eldest son, and Robert died younge. Beatrix the eldest dr., and Margery 
the 2nd dr. The sd Robt. dep. this life at Enishkellin, the . . . of Sept., 
1634, and was interred at EnishkeUin aforesaid. His relict m. John 
Jeeve of Drogheda, Alderman (4th Oct., 1637, taken). 

p. 316— 

Edmund Malone of Dublin, Alderman, d. 3rd Sept., interred in St. 
Audoen's Church, 14 same moneth, 1635. Hee had to wife Margarett, 
dr. of Richard Usher of Cromlin, Esq., by whom hee had issue : Wm. 
Malone, his cnely son and heir, who m. Elizth., dr. of Thos. Conran of 
Wyanstowne, Esq., Co. Dub. ; Mary m. Walter Conran of Dub., mrt., 
Elizth. m. David Begg, somtime Sheriff of Dublin ; Frances m. Richard 
Dillon of Clonebrock ; Elenor Malone, a nunne ; Margaret m. Paul Turner, 
Bridget and Joan. 

Vol. vii., p. 36— 

Walter Ussher of Dub., Aid., departed this mortall life the 3rd of Aprill, 
and was interred in the church of St. John's in Dub., the seventh of 
Aprill, 1636. Hee had to wife, Mary, dr. of George Kenedie of Dublin, 
Alderman, by whome he had issue fower sonncs and one dr., viz. : John, 
George, Christopher, Mathew, and Anne m. John Brice of Dub., 

p. 176— 

Sir Beverly Newcomen, Knt. and Bt., Capt. of his Ma**, good shipp called 
the Swallowe, and Admirall of the Irish seas, m. Margt., 3rd dr. of Sir 
Wm. Ussher, Knt., Clk of y' Council, by whome he had issue, Arthur 
Cicely, d.y., and Kath. He and Arthur were drowned 28th Aprill, 1637, 
at Passage, near Waterford, as they were coming in a long boat from the 
King's said ship. 

p. il2— 

Bartholomew Rely, eldest son and heir of Barnaby of Tymothan, Co. Dub. 
m. Amy, dr. of Robt. Usher of Cromlin. 



p. 348— 

Elizth., wife of Sir Wm. Usher, 
p. 559— 

Elizth., dr. of Michael Berford of Kilrow, m. Capt H. Usher of Sutton, 
burd. in Chapel of Sutton near Sutton, in isle Howth, 11th May, 1662. 
p. 565— 

Mary "Warburton m. Capt. Geo. St. Barbe, and had issue, Ursula m. Sir 
Wm. Usher of Dublin, 
p. 565 — 

Robert Bremingham of Ballogh, Co. Dub., gen., eldest son and heir Wm. 
of Ballogh, Esq., Barister, eldest s. and h. of Walter, s. and h. of Wm., 
s. and h. of Christopher Bremingham, s. and h. of John, s. and h. of 
Richard, s. andh. of Hugh Bremingham of same, Esq., took to 1st wife 
Margt., dr. of Allenter Usher of Dublin, gent., and sister of Archbp. James 
Usher, by whom he had 3 sons and six drs., viz., Wm. d. y., James, J.P., 
m. Ell in or, dr. of Nicholas fzwms. of Baldungan, Co. Dub., Theophilus, 
Ellinor m. Wm. Halpenny, Clonekean, Co. Louth, gt.; Mabell m. John 
Sterne, of Greenane, C. Down, official to Theo., Bp. of Dromore, and to 
Henry, Ld. Bp. of Doune ; Margt. m. Barth. Staples of Drogheda, Sarah 
m. Antony Buckworth of Dromore ; Anne, immd., Alson m. John Fleming 
of Ardagh, Co. Meath, gt. Robt. m. 2, Ann, dr. of Richd. Cashell of 
Dundalk, and Relict of Robert Fleming of Drogheda, and had issue, 
Wm. Bremingham. 

Vol. ix., p. 207— 

Elenor, dr. of Arlanton Usher of Dublin, gent. ; she was m. to Rt. Lill of 
Trim, Esq., Justice of Peace, Co. Meath, by whom she had 2 sons and 5 
drs., Wm., James, Cicelie m. Thos. Burrowes of Stradon, Co. Cavan, gt., 
Anne Mary, Martha, Sarah; Elenor d. 22nd Nov., 1640; she was bd. in 
St. Patrick's Church, Trim, 26th sd. month. 

p. 58— 

John Trevor, eldest son and heir of Sir Ed. Trevor of Rosstrevor, eldest son 
and heir of John Trevor of Brynkynalt, gt., eldest son a nd heir of 
Edward Trevor of same. John (1st) m. Margt., dr. of John Jeffreys of 
Arcten in Co. Denbigh, J.P., by whom he had Edward, John, Kath., 
Margt., Joane, d.y., Jane, Rose, Anne, Martha, Elizth., all young. John 
Trevor died at Bally clandon, 5th June, 1640, and is interred in Clandallin. 

Vol. X.— 

Elizabeth Usher, dep. 1st Feb., bur. 4th in the Church of Balsoon, 1684 ; 


1st m. Christoplier Pierce, by -whom she had several children, Mark and 
Jane. She m. 2ndly, . . . BeUwood, by whom one son and 2 drs., viz.: 
Usher, Maudlin and Christian : she m. 3rdly, Michael Haytor, by -whoin 
one dr., Lettice ; her 4th husbd. was "Wm. Howard, by wh. she had 
no issue. 
Yol. xi., p. 43— 

Judith Usher, wife to Sir J. Wemys, depd. this mortall life the 11th of 
October and was interred tho 18th of y* same month in St. Ow^en's Church, 
Dublin, 1674. 
p. 75 — 

Hamilton Magenis Usher 

Arms. Wm. Hamilton of Erenagh in Co. ' Downe, Esq. 

(third sonn of Wm. Hamilton, who was brother to y' Eight Hon, Lord 
Visct. Claneboy) tooke to his first wifeEienor, dr. of Magennis, gent., by 
whom he had issue, James, eldest sonn and heire, who married Ann, dr. 
of y° late Lord Mordant in y" kingdome of England, by whom he had 
issue one sonn. 'ind wife Christian dar. of Joslin Uaher sonn of Mark Usher 
who was sonn of Henry Usher ^ who was sonn of Henry Uher., Lord Frimate of 
Ireland by whom he had issue, JosHn, who is yet unmarried, and Christian 
md. to James Hamilton, sonn of Hans HamUtou, who was sonn of Wm. 
Hamilton, a younger br. to y* late Ld. Visct. Claneboy, hereinbefore 
mentioned. The sd. 1st md. Wm. H., d. 26tb January, 1680, and lyes 
interred in Downpatrick. 

Subscription of James Hamilton of Newcastle, 1686. 

Baron Hilton and Usher. 

Usher, bur. 5th April, 1658, in Church of Balsoon. 

Usher, d. and burd. 23rd April, 1664. 
p. 117— 

The Lady Philips dep. this life the 1st April, 1671, burd. 6th in St. 
Audoen's Xch, Dublin, 1671. 






Dublin Churches. 
j Registers St. Nicholas Within. 

1 Daniel, son of Daniel Usher, bap. 8th July, 1393. 

I From the lost Registers of St. Nicholis Without the Walls. 

1648. 8 June, Bapt. Elizabeth, d. Xpri. Usher. 

1654. 2 May, „ Wm. f. Xpri. Usher, St. Pair. St. 

165|-. 6 Jan., ,, Anne, d. Xpri. Usher, Patr. St. 
I 1645. 11 May, Bur. Tho. Usher. 

! 1657. 5 Nov., „ Wm. f. Xpri. Usher, s'pox. 

I 1659. 4 Novr., ,. Xpr. Usher, of Patr' k St. 

i 1670. 13 Novr., Bapt. Eobt. f Eobti. Sterne, New St. 

I 1665. 29 June, „ Margt. f. Robti Sterne, New St. 

MS. F. 4. 14. T.C.D. Extracts from St. Audoeii's Registers, hg Danl. Molgneux 

Judith f. Mr. Wm. Usher + 8 May, 1636. 

Elizabeth f. Wm. Usher, mil. + 27 Sept., 1637. 

Jo. f. Wm. Ushr mil. + 10 March, 1645. 
I Wm. f. Wm. Usher, mil. +25 Nov., 1617. 

Sir Wm. Usher and Mrs. Ursula St. Barbe, mar. 19th May, 1645. 

Mrs. Judith Usher, seps. 1 Aug., 1652. 

Henry f. W. Usher, mil. seps. 18 Feb., 1658. 

Sir Wm. Usher, seps. 23 Apr., 1671. 

Maud, dr. Dr. Eobt. Usher, Bp. Kildare, bur. 20 April, 1631. 

Lady Eliz. Usher, seps. 1 Dec, 1638. 

Sr. Jac. AVeams and Mrs. Judith Usher, mar. 5 Feb., 16G5. 

Theoph. Usher, son y Bp. of Kild., seps. Nov. 29, 1638. 

Wm. f. Xpr. and Martha Usher + 19 Novr., 1675. 
A Marriage Licence, May 12, for the marriage of Sir Wm. Usher and Ursula 
Saint Barbe of Dublin. 

Other Entries in the present Registers. 

Sylvester, son of John and Ales Ussher, bur. Oct. 11, 1672. 

Martha, dr. of Squire Xpr. and Martha Ufsher + July 17, 1676 

Wm. Barry and Ales Usher, mar. by publicn. Novr. 1, 1678. 


Martha, wife of Xpr. Usher, Esq., bur. Sept. 30, 1682.. 
Wm., the son of Counsellor John Usher, bur. Mar. SO, 1684. 
Samuell, the son of Counsellor John Usher, bur. Jan. 28, 1687. 
Nehemiah Donilan, Esq., and Martha Usher, mar. Mar. 21, 169?. 
Martha, dr. of Nehemiah and Martha Donilan, bap. Nov. 18, 1694. 
Sir Wm. Davys, Knt., Ld. C. Justice of K. B., bur. Sept. 24, 1687. 
Robert Taylor, Esq., and Judith Usher, married Deer. 13, 1696. 
The Lady Usher (Ursula St. Barbe), bur. Aug. 28, 1692. 
Nehemiah Donilan, Esq., Lord Chief Baron of I., bur. Deer. 26, 1705. 
Martha, dr. of Mr. Wm. and Letice Usher, bap. June 25, 1696. 
» » )j 11 M bur. May, 1st, 1709. 

Mary, the daughter of John Usher, Esq., bur. Oct. 9, 1697. 
Letice, dr. of Mr. Wm. and Lattice Usher, bap, June 20, 1697. 

11 'I'l „ „ 11 bur. Oct. 12, 1701. 

Xpr., son of Wm. Usher, Esq., and Letice, bap. July 9, 1698. 

11 „ ,, n .» „ bur. April 8, 1699. 

Jane, the dau. of Deunees Usher, bur. Oct, 18, 1703. 
Wm., son of Wm. Usher, Esq., and Letice, bap. Sept. 21, 1703. 

11 M n )> M ,, bui. March, H, 1705. 

Christopher Usher, Esq., buried June 10, 1706. 
Henry, son of Wm. Usher, Esq., and Letice, bap. Sept. 24, 1706. 

»> >> .1 . )j „ ,1 bur. Dec. 6, 1741. 

Lettice, dr. of Wm. Usher, Esq., and Letice, bap. Jan. 19, 170|. 

«> M 11 ). ,, ,, bur. Aup-, 15, 1713. 

Arthur Usher, Esq., (br. of Sir AVm.), bur. Nov. 24, 1707. 
Alice, the daughter of Dr. John Usher, bur. April 7, 1707. 
Alice, wife of Dr. Usher, buried in the Chancel, Ncfv. 30, 1709. 
Martha Maynard, wife to Mr. Willm., buried in Squire Usher's Vault, 

Jan. 17, 1713. 
Elizabeth Usher, buried in St. Anne's Isle, July, 27, 1725. 
Letice Usher, buried Oct. IG, 1729. 
Ann Usher, buried Oct. 24, 1729. 

Catherine, dau. of Chas. and Mary Usher, bap. Nov. 28, 1731. 
Doctor John Lusher, buried Feb. 26, 1732. 

George and Alice, childien of John aLd Sarah Usher, bap. Feb. 26, 1735. 
Barbara, dau. of Chas. and Mary Usher, bapt. Jan. 11, 1736. 
John, son of John darah Usher, bapt. Apr. 20, 1736 
Frances Usher [Francis], Mouldsworth Str., bur. Dec. 11, 1738. 


ArcMeacon Usher, buried in the Church, Jan. 18, 1744. 
John Donnellan, buried in the Chancel Vault, Aug. 12, 1744. 
Adam. Usher, buried in the Chancel, Sept. 10, 1745, from Clontarfe. 

Usher, Esq. [Wm. of Usher's Quay], buried July 8, 1747. 

Mrs. Usher from Jervis Str., buried Aug. 23, 1748. 

Mrs. Ann Usher, in the Chancel, buried May 6, 1752. 

John, son of John and Ann Usher, bap. Feb. 25, 1754. 

Catherine Donnellan, in y" Xch, buried Jan, 5, 1756. 

Henry Usher, from King Str., Stephen's Green, buried Jan. 23, 1761. 

Christopher Usher, Esq., buried Sept. 5, 1763. 

Mrs. Ussher, of Mt. Ussher, Co. Wicklovr, in the family vault, buried 

Sept. 4, 1769. 
Charles Ussher, Esq., from Capel Str., buried Jan. 2, 1770. 
Mrs. Ussher, from Clare Str., buried March 10, 1770. 
Mr; Garnett, wife of the Bp. of Clogher, in the Usher Vault, May 8, 1770 
Mrs. Usher, from Stephen's Green, buried July 17, 1803, 

Entries in St. Michan's Registers, Buhlin. 
Elinor Usher, widow, buried Oct. 14, 1662. 

( bapt. 8 Sept., 1686; burd. May 11, 1688, 
John, son of Adam Usher, Clk. I in y" 3rd vault on the left hand of the 

(. Chancel. 
Jane f. John Usher, arm. and Alice, bur. 17 Feb., 1693. 
'^m- f- .. M M „ „ 24 July, 1697. 

Ptebekah, wife of Eev. Adam Usher, bur. Aug. 10, 1695 
Buried Alice, the wife of John Usher, 1692. 

Theoph. f. Eob. Usher, Episc, Darens and Jana, bap. 10 Jan., 1637. 
Margery f. „ ,, ,. „ „ ,, 9 June, 1639. 

Marcksf. „ „ „ „ „ ,, 9 Oct., 1640. 

Ann f. Adam and Eebecca Usher, bap. 24 fi'eb., 1678. 
Wm. f. Adam and llebecca Usher, bap. 12 May, 1680. 
Eebecca f. Adam Usher, Minister, and Eebecca, bap. 18 April, 1682. 
Frederic f. „ „ „ ,, ^, 23 Nov., 1689. 

^^amf. „ „ „ ,, ^^ 28 Mar., 1691. 

Arthur f. „ „ „ J " 4 Aug., 1692. 

" t bur. 4 Feb., 1693. 
Charles „ „ „ ,, ijap. 6 Feb., 169^. 

Sarah, dr. of Edward Lord Bishop Usher, bap. 11 Oct., 1642, at Oswestry. 
Wm. Usher, bachelor, buried at St. Michan's, March 18, 1686. 


8t. PauVs Registers, Dublin. 
Mr. Adam Usher, buried 1713. 

St. Ami's Registers, Dublin. 

Capt. Thomas Ormsbj, and Barbara Baldwin, Feb. 5, 1769. 

Thos., son to Eev. Fred and Martha Martyr Usher, bap. Aug. 25, 1730. 

Wm., son to Cristopher and Elizth. Usher, ,, May 29, 1731. 

Christopher, son to Christopher and Elizth, Usher, „ Feb. 4, 1732. 

Elizth., dr. to Thos. and Eliz. Usher, „ April 21, 1733. 

John, son to Thos. and Eliz. Usher, ,, April 5, 1734. 

Sarah, dr. to John and Sarah Usher, ,, June 8, 1739. 

Elizth., „ „ „ „ „ „ June 30, 1740. 

Alice, „ „ „ „ „ April 1,1743. 

Charles, son to ,, „ ,, ,, July 13, 1744. 

Isabella, dr. of Cliristopher and Mra-gt. Ussher, bap. May 9th, 1768. 
Henry Qssher and Frances Warring, with a Consistl. Lie. by Rev. Mr. Holt, 
April 8th, 1739. 

John Congreve to Mary Usher, April 29th, 1751. 

St. Werburgh's Registers, Dublin, 
Margt. Usher als Brimingham, sister toy' Primate, bur. Nov. 27th, 1630. 
Margt., dr. of Peter Usher, Hoy's Court, Inft., bur. Sept., 1745. 
James, son of ,, ,, ,, ,, Bap. 1737. 

Christopher „ „ „ „ „ „ Nov. 12th, 1739. 

David „ „ „ ,, „ „ Oct. 2Gth, 1741. 

Margt., dr. of ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Dec. 12th, 1742, 

Elizth. Usher, Blind Quay, aged 68, bur. April 2nd, 1718. 

Si. Catherine's Registers, Dublin. 
Bur. y* 15th Deer., 1698, Walter Usher, a priest. 
„ 24th Jany., |f?3, ElHs Usher. 

St. Andrew's Registers^ BuUin. 
Bapt. IStli Feb., 171«, Kath., dr. of Christopher and Eliz. Usher. 
„ 8th March, 17-iJJ, Martha, ,, ,, ,, ,, 

,, July 20th, 1724, Jane ,, ,, ,, ,, 

St. Bride's Registers, Dublin. 
Nicholas, son of John Usher, bur. at St. Michael's a Pole, 27th Feb., 1695. 
Pachard Baldwin, Esq., and Mary Usher, spr., Oct. 7th, 1734. 
Wm., son of Henry and Frances Usher, Peter St., bap. May 28th, 1740. 
Bur Ann, wife of John Usher, gent., from St. Bride's Alley, June 18:h, 1704. 


Mary, dr. of Wm. Usher, bap. 9ber. 15th, 16G4. 
Thos., son of Thos. Usher ,, 1665. 

Elizth., dr. of Wm. Usher „ 1665. 

*S^, John's Registers, DuUin. 
Mary, dr. to Walter Ussher, bur. Jan. 25th, 1622. 

St. Thos.^ Registers f Dublin. 

Kichard Wolsely, Esq., and Miss Lettice Marlay, md. 
by the Bishop of Clogher, 31st Jany., 1765. 

Riehd. Ussher, son of E. Wolsely, and Lettice, his 
■wife, Marlborough St., Bap. May 7th, 1766. 

The wife of Ed. Wolsely, Esq., a son, March 27th, 1767, Pue. 

Anthony Ussher, son of Sir Richd. and Lady Lettice 
Wolsely, Earl St., Bap. Sept. 23rd, 1772. 

Thomas Waldron, Esq. and Elizth. Baldwin, md, by 
the Bishop of Cork, Feb. 2nd, 1774. 

Thomas Usher and Eebecca Walsh, C. Lie, by the 
Eev. Mr. Usher, May 31st, 1777. 

Capt. Thomas Usher, aged 49 years, bur. Dec. 15th, 1788. 

St. Peter'' s Registers. 

Oliver, son of John and Susanna Usher, bapt. 24th Dec, 1754. 

Capt Usher, burd. 8th Feb., 1754. 

Emilia Olivia St. George, only dr. of the ^ateEt. Hon. Usher, Lord St. George, 
to his Grace Wm. Eobt. Fzgd., Duke of Leinster. Special Lie. 4th Novr., 1757. 

Usher, Arabella and Eevd. Charles Ed. Molloy, 6th Mar., 1810. 

Usher, Thos. and Caroline Warren, 14th Nov., 1810. 

Usher, John, Harcourt St., bur, 15th Oct., 181C. 

Usher, Noble Luke, son of Thos. and Caroline, bap. 9th Aug., 1815, 

Ussher, Eicharda, dr. of Thos. and Marianne, bap. 23rd June, 1819. 

Ussher, Ellis, to Xavirius Blake, 25th Oct., 1817. 

Ussher, Eichd. Beverly and Henrietta Boileau, 3rd Aug., 1822. 

Usher, Caroline, aged 27 years, burd. from ^t. Andr. P'sh, 13th Sept., 1816. 
Usher, Wm., aged 35 years, St. Peter's P'sh, 17th May, 1817. 

John, son to Peter Usher, of King St., | ^^^J!' j>^^" 28tb,' 1722] 
Margt., dr. to Peter and Eliz. Usher, of King St., bap. Feb. 4tb, 1721. 



An extract from Sir Wm. Brereton's Travels in Ireland, 1634-5. 

" 1635, July 8. St. Owen's is the parish wherein my lord Primate was born ; 
and here in this church doeth he preach every Lord's-day at eight o'clock 
•whilst he is in town. I heard him upon Sabbath last, the most excellent 
able man, and most abundantly holy, gracious man that I have 
"July 10. This day I dined with my Lord Primate, Dr. Usher, who is a 
tall, proper comely man, about fifty-six years of age ; a plain, familiar, 
courteous man, who spends the whole day at his study, except meal time. 
He seems to be a man of pregnant parts, who hath good intelligence ; 
he is well read in antiquities. His entertainment good and plentiful. 
He is a most good and plentiful host, but nothing curious nor excessive. 
He is a most holy, well-affected bishop, a good companion, a man of good 
discourse. Having some conference with him about the reading of the 
book which gives liberty for recreation* upon the Lord's day, he used this 
expression, that there was no clause therein commanding the ministers 
to read the book, but if it were published in the church by the clerk or 
churchwardens, the King's command is performed ; this was his sense and 
opinion. Here was this day at dinner Dr. Eichardson, Bishop of Ardagh, 
a Cheshire man, and good scholar ; he was born near Chester, and mar- 
ried Sir Henry Bunburie's daughter, whom I went to visit after dinner, 
a tall, handsome, fat woman. The Bishop is an intelligent man, and 
gave me good resolution and satisfaction in many things." 
" July 12. I heard my Lord Primate at eight hour at St. Owen's Church, 
which is his parish, wherein he was born, where he preacheth every 
I Sabbath whilst he is in Dublin. I never heard a more powerful and 

j convincing sermon, and indeed he is a most holy and heavenly man, and 

j as pregnant witted as any I have heard. He doth most industriously 

}■ apply his study which he hath placed at a good distance from his house, 

j; to prevent distraction and diversion by the access of any company to visit 

I him, who are not admitted to disturb his studies. This his course and 


I, " 

ii * The Book of Sports, first published by King James I. in 1618 ; and by King Charles I. 

I in 1C33. 


order is so public as that few come to him at anytime of the day, save at 
the hours of relaxation, which is from eleven to one, and so about supper 
time; the rest of the day, from five in morning until sis in evening, is 
spent ordinarily in his study. I dined with him also July 13th, and then 
he was much more free and familiar with me. I had much private con- 
ference with him, and after dinner he took me into his closet, where 
although there be not very many books, yet those that are, much used 
and employed. . . . 
" He showed me his Articles of Eeligion, printed 1563 ; but I left mine with 
him which was more ancient and orthodox than Ms." 




Book, 1657. 
Portraine Parish — 

Proprietor. 1 

Sir Wm. Uslier, Protestant, Lambay Island, 100 acres, 100 acres, Prot. 

Finglas Parish — 

Christopher Plunket, pt. of Ballygobban, 79a. 2e. 20p. Sir Timothy Tyrrell. 

Cromlin, 810 — 78a. 3r. 32p. Robert Usher, not sequestered. 
Alexander ['? Arlander] Usher in Crumlin, 55a. Or. Op. 

181a. 3r. 24p. Eichd. Brice. 
Peter Nottingham, of Ballyo^en, in Clondalkin parish, bought. 
Lymerick Nottingham, Manager of Estate, 80 — Peter Nottingham. 
St. Kevan's Parish — 

C. S. Sir Wm. Usher, prot. Phe. of St. Pulcher. 

340a. Or. Op., viz., Acrescross, als Haroldscross 176a. 3r. 24p., and other 
lands between the higtiway from Newport and the way from Kevinport. 
Crumlin Parish — 

Orlando Usher, In Crumlin. 

78a, 3r. 32p., 78a. 3e. 30p. Eobert Usher not sequestered. Wm. and 
Ignatius Purcell bought. 

Donnabrooke Parish — 

Sir Wm. Usher, Engl., Prot., Donnebrooke, containing 80a. 
Taune Parish. Ptathdown ^ parish. 

Sir Wm. Usher, pt. of Milltown, 
Balrudery Parish — 

Eobt. Usher, Balrath, 36a., 29a. Eobert Usher. 

7a. „ not sequestered. 
Eobert Usher, of Crumlin, 

Killenan 137a. ,, 

Eobert Usher, Balruddery, several 
Tenemmts undistinguished 27. P. Barnwell 

Naule Parish — 

Eobert Usher, of Crumlin, Newnings, 34 ,, 
Part of Eeynoldstown 18 ,, 

2 m 


Balscadan Psh. ToLbertasli bought by Geo. Usher, Grange of Balscadan, 
150a. George Usher bought Baldongan parish. Butlertown, 380a. 
George Usher and Ignatius and "W. Gough. 

" Misplaced or stolen from the Eevd. Henry Jenny, of MuUaghbrack, at his 
lodgings at Mr. Jonet^, in the Lord Chief Baron's yard, on Cork Hill, Dublin, 
nine of his choicest sermons in one volume in 8vo. If any person can give 
intelligence of them, so that they may be had, shall have 3 guineas reward at 
Darby's Coffee House, in Skinner's Eow, they being of singular value to the 
Author, but of no use to anybody else." — Dublin Gazette, July 26th and 27th, 



Extracts from the Charter granted by Queen Elizth. to Trin. Coll. Dub. : 
" Cum dilectus subditus noster, Henricus TJssher, Archidiaconus Dubliniensis, 
nobis humiliter supplicavit, nomine civitatis Dubliniensis pro eo quod nullum 
Collegium pro Bcholaribus in bonis literis et artibus erudiendis infra regnum 
nostrum Hib. adhuc existit : ut Unum Col. matrem Universitatis juxta civ"". Dub", 
ad meliorem educ". institul". et instruc""'''" sch". et studentium in regno nostro 
predieto erigere fundare et stabilire dignaremur ac etiam ut aliquo modo commode 
provideretur pro relevamine et sustentatione Praepositi Sociorum et scbolarium 
quorundam, Sciatis, «S:c. 

" Primos et modernos Soclos ibidem facimus 
licenciamus, constituimus et ordinamus, 
Henricum Ussher, in artibus maglstrum, 
Lucam Challoner, in artibus magistrum, 
Et Lancellot Mouie in Artibus Baccalaureum 
per presentes Nomine jdurium. 3 martis. 

34° anno. Eliz." 

A letter from Dr. Robert Usher, afterwards Bishop of Kildare, to Doctor 
James Usher, afterward Archbishop of Armagh — 

" Ornatissimo viro, amantissimo q : suo sobrino Jacobo Usserio, dignissimo in 
nostra Academia Theologiae Professorl Salutem. 

Duas fulgeutes & insignes Stellas (vir ornatissime) firmamento nostrse Ecclesise 
nuper decessisse cimmeriae et horrendae, quibus miserrlma haec Insula, et in 
occasumvergens Academia invulvuntur, tenebrae promulgant ; ad quas dispellandas 
te fulgenti scientiarum sjilendore omnibus praelucentem, admirabili morum can- 
dore corruscantem, summoq: honore coronatum Deus elegit ut studiorum tuorum 
habena', ad emolumentum nostrae Ecclesiae Babylonica superstitione infestae, 
ad salutem Patriae mentis csecitate laborantis, & ad dignitatem Academiae in prae- 
cipitem ruinam irruentis, expedite flectas. Miseris succurrere te didicisse, ter 
nobilis ilia pugna nunquam satis laudanda' nuper cum superba, et septemplici 
Pomanae gentis Hydra, sub Christi vexillo inita, pro maturata tetate, ac illibata 
despcctae Ecclesiae ca^ititate, palam testatur quam pene oblivio, vel potius cruenta 
tyrannorum rabies etiam spirantem absorbuit & sopelivit. Perpetuas hujus pere- 
griuationes, duraq : exitia terribilem Draconis faciem fugieutis, ab ultima atiti- 


quitate. qua in cunabulis fuerat, ad nostra fere tempera vivis coloribus depinxisti. 
Nunc igitur facessant nostris finibus mendaces Eomanae Synagogse Cretenses, quo3 
olim abyssua turmatius evomuit, facessant (inquam) non sine hac novitate, qua 
perfidam, et obscoenam Babyloniae meretriceni Salutent; ferreo tui iagenii ariete 
Antichristiani regni fundamenta concussa, vel potius convulsa nova restauratione 
indigere ; veram Christi sponsam demum tenebrosis umbris extulisse caput ; teq : 
istius gravissimae Icontroversiae et contentionis palmam report asse. Hinc omnes, 
quos liber tuus, Taria sane lectione et doctriua perpolitus, vel saltern ejus fama a 
limine salutavif, uno ore te solum in hac materia. Apollinis lyram attigisse, con- 
stanter perhibent : hoc idem iusignis tua fama astipulatur quae nullam Europae 
partem insalutatam reliquit, idem industriae et ingenii tui fsetus, quern omne? avide 
arripiunt, summoque prosoquuntur amore. Filium equidem parentis causa omnes 
favent, parentem filii gratia omnes admirantur. Sic cunctos te cum admiratione 
amare cunctosq : te cum amore admirari facile percipias. Immortales Deo gratias, 
propterea quod te per devios antiquorum campoS vagantem in penetralia sum 
veritatis deduxit, benignitatis su£8 Thesauros tibi apperuit, teq : patriae incolumem 
patriamq, tibi restituit; tibique (amantissime sobrine) justissimas habeo gratia?, 
quas me tibi diu debuisse immensa tua erga me gratia comprobat, cujus tuum 
cubiculum mibi creditum minimam non esse tesseram ingenue fateor. 

Sed ne chartacea heec Salutatio te eravissimorum negotiorum mole obrutum, 
molestia afficiat, vela contraliam, hoc interim abste flagitarem, & hoc audaciae 
mese sjmbolum, pariter que amoris, serena humanitatis fronte accipias; 

Tuae Salutis felicitatis studiosu?, 

Rob. Ufferius. 
Ad obsccenam meretricem septem insidentem 
Montibus, de tuo libro Carmen. 

Frjgore cur pavido trepidas Babylonica Thais, 

Cur trepidse prebes turpia terga fugoe ? 
riuctibus Hesperiis emergit lucida stella, 

Qua Veniente lugip, quaq : Oriente cadis. 
Purpuream lucem vitat caligo profunda, 

Dagon Sic arcam concidit ante Dei. 
Hoc radiante patent cunctis geintura nefanda, 

Gorgoneusq : tuus partus aterq : parens. 
Mordaces anui, violataq: ftedera lecti, 

Et stygio soboles carcere spurca fluens. 
Fulgonti nuper cecidit tua gloria ca?lo. 

Nunc eadem terris in loca nigra cadit. 



From the Appendix to 20th Eeport of the Deputy Keeper of Public Becords^in 
Ireland — 

p. 89. "290 (253). Will of Robert, son of John Passavaunt, junior, clerk, 
made 6 May, 1439, diocese of Dublin, enumerates his goods — and the debts due 
him by Arland Usshere, merchant, &c. ; also the debts due by him, vizt. : To Arland 
Usher^ merchant, &c. Proved 31 May, 1439." 

p. 114. " 426. William Hassard, late prior of Christ Church, having resigned 
during a suit between him and Walter Kerdyff of ShaUon, regarding the lands of 
Muche Cabbraghe, Co. Dublin, the convent of Christ Church and Walter agreed 
to abide the award of Gerald Aylmer, Chief Justice of the King's Benches, and 
Patrick Fynglas, Chief Baron of the Exchequer. Master Arland Ussher and Thomas 
Stephyns having given their bond that the Prior and Convent should abide this 
award, George, Archbishop of Dublin, undertakes that the new Prior shall bind 
himself to award and release the said Arland and Thomas. Dated Trinity Term, 
29 Henry YIK., 1537." 

Pedigree from T.C.D., MS. F. 4, 88, showing intermarriages of Ussher and 
Sed grave families — 

" Pic. Sedgrave, de KiUeglan, m. . . . and had issue : I. Patr. de Killeglan 
m. . . . and had i. Anna, m. 1st, Jo. Scorlocke de Eathcridan, d. s. p. ; m. 2ndly, 
Jac Taylor de Swords, and had Eich. and Janet, ii, EicL, m. Eliz. Dowdall, and 
had Patrick, m. Joa Begg, and had issue, 1. Anna, m. Symon Barnwall de Kilbrew. 
2. Eichard de Killeglan, m. 1st, Alsona Dowdall ; m. 2ndly, Jenet f. Jac. Garland 
mil de Kilencoole. 3. Katherine, m. Robt. Usher, Aldn. iii. Walt, de Drog. and 
Dub., m. . . . lY. Jac. m. Eliz. f. Barnwall de Kilbrew, and had Kath. m. Rich. 
Finglas de Westpoleston. II. Rich, de Balebye, m. Anna Begge, and had i. 
Clemente de Boranstown, m, Kath. f. Eog. Duffe, and had Eich. m. Alson f. Wm. 
Conran and Maud Wycombe, it. Maud, m. Tho. Hackett de Sutton, and had 
Michael, who m. f. Tailour de Portmarnock, and had Thomas, m. f. Caddell. III. 
Jo. de Ballybaghal, m. Genet Dongan, and had Eich. and Kath. IV. Wm. m. 
. . . and had Xpr. f. and h. who m. 1st, Alson f. Humfreys, Aid., Dub, and Bixford, 
and had issue : Walter, Mayor, Dub., 1588, m. Ellenor f. Barth Balle, and had 
John, James and 3 dr?. ; Xpr., m. 2ndly, Anna Fian, and had Eichd. 


The Prerog. will of Amy Usher als. Nolan, pr. 1G34, mentions her sons-in-law, 
Andrew Clarke and Chr. Field, her cosin, Marie Meagenesie, dr. Cathelin 
Mapas als. Clarke, and dr. Mary Mapas, son George Mapas, son Nicholas, dr. 
Margaret Mapas, dr. Elizabeth, dr. Nell Mapas, br. Sir Wm. Bashopp, sister 
Mary Uoher, sister Susan Usher als. Clarke, sister Mary Kennedy, uncle Matt. 
May (mea). 

The Dub. will of Dennie Usher of Dublin, glover, to be bur. in St. James'. 
"Wife Eliz., dr. Anne, dr. Mary, grandson Dennie Hendrick, cozens Thos., audWrn. 
Usher and their sister. He died Tth Nov., 1676. 

Elildare M.L. of John Usher and Katharine Mooney, 8th Feb., 1683. 

Dub. gr. admon. goods of Wm. Usher, surgeon, of Dub., to John Usher, his 
brother, 1739, 18th June. 

Admon. goods (Prerog.) of Thos. Usher, late of Dub., gent., bachelor, deed., 
without father or mother alive, to John his br., Slst^March, 1790. 

Pedigree of the Usshers of Magheralin, Co. Down, drawn up from the Par. 
Eegrs., Wills and Deeds. They were probably descended from Bishop Robert 
Ussher, and were engaged in the linen manufacture. 

"Edward Usher of Maralm, d. 1715, bd. at Donaghclony, sigaed Yestry Book, 
Maralin, 1698, 1703-9, m. . . . and had issue: I. Thomas Usher of Ballym'^meane, 
d. 1729, m. . . . d. 1708, and had issue: i. John Usher of Coagh, gent., bora 1692, 
w. pr. 17G5, m. Margt., d. 1773, and had 1. Anne, born 171G, living 1765. 2. 
Jane, born 1718, living 1765. 3. Thomas, born 1719, buried 1719. 4. Montague, 
of Phrapper's Lane, Dub., born 1720, w. pr. 1720, freeman Dub., 1749, m. 1749, 
Jane Usher. 5. Ellinor, bora 1723, d. 1736. 6. John, born 1728. 7. Wm., born 
1732, of Coagh, d. 1795. 8. Margt., born 1734. 9. Thomas of Lurgan, born 
1735, alive 17G5, m. Isabella, w- pr. 1826, and had Barbara, Jane, and a dr., m. 
Peter Kilkenny, also Thos., who had issue, Thos. 10. Ellinor. 11. Henry, to 
whom his father bequeathed his silver-mounted sword in 1765. ii. Wm., born 

1694, m. . . . and had Ellinor, bora 1721 and Henry, born 1723. iii. Mary, m. 
James Charlton, 1700. iv. a dr., born 1697. v. Alice, born 1700. vi. Henry, 
born 1702, m. Sarah, and had issue: 1. Thos., d. 1737. 2. Elizth., born 1738. 
3. Alice, born 1740. 4. Sarah, 1742. 5. Chas., born 1744. G. Jane, born 17^6. 
7. Eleanor, born 1747. 8. Henry, born 1750. 9. A dr., born 1753. II. John 
Ussher, gent, of Edenballycogill, m. . . . and had issue : i. A dr., 1694. il A dr., 

1695. III. Helen, bora 1697. it. A son, born 1G99. v. Joseph, born 1702, d. 
1777. III. Edward Ussher, Diaper Weaver, m. Margt., dr. of Thos. Parkiiison, 
and d. 1732, leaving issue : i. A child, d. 1G93. ii. Edward, bora 169G, m. . . . 


and had Margt. in. A dr., born 1699. rv. James, born 1700, of Dromo, m. 
Eose, dr. of Matthew Stothard of Dromore (whose sister Penelope, m. "William 
JeUett, and another sister m. Wm. Close), and had issue: 1. Jane, d. 1721. 2. 
Mathew, born 1723. 3. Mary, born 1725. 4. Jane, born 1726. A John Usher 
of this family settled at Aghalee, Co. Antrim, died 1757, leaving wife Ann, sons 
John, Edward and Eobert, Thos. and Abraham both went to America, drs. Margt. 
Close, Jane Wolfender, Ann Usher and Eliz. Blizard. Mrs. Usher, widow, d. 
1778. Some of their descendants are still in Belfast." 

Statement of his family received from Mr. Francis J. Usher of Dolphin Yilla, 
S. Circular Eoad, Dublin : — 

" Thomas Usher of Lord Drogheda's Horse, born abt. 1724, had issue : Eobert 
Usher, born 1754, of Sallymount, near Arklow, in 1798, died, aged 96, in 1850, 
leaving issue : i. Thomas Usher, died aged 86, 24 April, 1882, m. Elizabeth 
Sparks, and had issue. 1. Francis J. Usher. 2.. Eobert Usher of Boyne View, 
Drogheda. 3. Edmond, settled at the Cape. ii. Eobt. rii. Wm. went to Australia. 
lY. John." 

1766. " In Molesworth Street, suddenly, Wm. Usher, Esq., M.D." 

1768. Feb. " Mr. Butler, Jeweller, to Mi^^s Usher of the Little Green, Dublin." 

1771. Oct. " :Mr. Wm. Howard of Smithfield to Miss Usher of Birr." 

\Faulkner'8 Journal.^ 
Inscription on chalice now in Ballarat, in possession of J. F. Usher, M.D. — 
" A present from Mr.«. Usher, Gurteen, to her sister, Mrs. Keating, 1813." In- 
scription in old cemetery, Ballarat — " Sacred to the memory of the beloved children 
of Joseph Francis and Margaret Usher, Edmund, born 7th Jany., died same day; 
Monica Euth, born 29th June, 1859, died 11th Nov., 1874. May their souls rest 
in peace." 

Inscription in Chancel of St. Audoen's Church, Dublin — " Arms of Mapas 
impaled with Usher." Here under lieth the body of Eobert Mapas of Dublin, 
merchant, son to Walter Mapas of Dundalk, gentleman. The said Eobert deceased 
the Sth of Jan., 1618. Amye Usher, wife to the said Eobert, caused this monu- 
ment to be made in her lif'i time for him and his posterity ; the said Amye died 
the of and 

There is also an Usher tombstone in Killanne Churchyard, Co. Wexford. 


Additional Entries of TJsshee fkoh Dublin Parish Registers. 

Mrs. Ussher, buried St. Anne's, Feb. 14th, 1764. 

John Eowan and Eliza Anne Usher, St. Anne's, m. March 26th, 1780. 

Bridget Usher, bur. St. Anne's, Sept. 10th, 1802. 

Eleanor Usher, bur. St. Anne's, Oct. 29th, 1802. 

Elizabeth Usher, bur. St. Anne's, Sept. 12r,h, 1800. 

Ellen Usher, bur. St. Anne's, Aug. 5 th, 1801. 

John Usher, bur. Oct. 23rd, 1772. 

John Usher, bur. Sept. Uth, 1782. 

Thomas Usher, bur. Aug. 27th, 1776. 

Thomas Usher and Letitia M'Evoy, by banns, m. Jan. 22nd, 1816. 

Catherine, dr. of Thos. and Letitia Usher, bapt. Dec. 8th (born 4th), 1815. 

Thomas, son of Thos. and Letitia Usher, (born 6th)j bapt, March 25th, IblO'. 

Elizabeth Usher, bur. Sept. 2l8t, 1811, St. Mark's. 

John, son of John and Mary Usher, bapt. 24th Sept., 1837, St. Mary's. 

Christopher Usher, bur. 27th March, 1742. 

Extracts from Dublin Evening Mail, Vol, L-XI. made by H. L. Tottenham, Esq. 
1831. Marriages. — Usher, Erancis, of Guilford, Co. Westmeath, Esq., Maria 
Eobinson, 2nd dr. of "Wm. E., of Anne Villa, Co. W'meath, Esq., m. 
29th June. 
Thomas Ussher, of Monksto^ni Cottage, Esq., 4th son of Eev. C. H. Ussher, 

and Miss Eliza Moore, of Eamelton, Co. Donegal, 11th May. 
Christopher Musgrave Ussher, ofCamphire, Esq., and Eleanor, eldest dr. of 
the late Thomas O'Grady, Esq., Surveyor-GenL, m. at Cove, IG Dec, 1833. 
Births. — Lady of Capt. E. B. Ussher, in Merrion Avenue, a dau., 21st Aug., 1831. 
,, „ „ in Charlemont Place, a son, 10th Jan., 1833. 

Deaths. — Catherine, -widow of Rev, Hemsworth Usher, at Guilford, Co. W'meath, 
18th Aug., 1833. 
Erancis, at North King Str., aged 71, 25th Jan., 1833. 
Hannah Mihill, wife of Eev. Wm. Conyngham Usher and dr. of Nathl. 

Holmes of Derby, Esq., where she died, 27th June, 1832. 
Ussher, Margaret, widow of Dr. Harry Ussher, S.F.T.C.D,, Andrew's Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy, T.C.D., died at Monkstown, 3rd Jan., 1826. 

Consistorial Licences. 
Beverly Usher, Esq., and Mary Lysaght, of St. Peter's, spr., 26th March, 1733. 
Eev. Eobt.Edgeworth, of Dub., and Martha Usher, of St. Ann's, spr., 21st May, 1739 
Eichard Sparks of Dub., gentleman, and Catherine Usher, of St. Bridget's, 

22nd Oct., 1793. 
John Despard, of the Queen's Co., Esq., and Ellinor Usher, of Clonturk, widow, 

16th Feb., 1738. 
John Usher, of St. Nicholas Citra, gentlenaan, and Alice ^rolyneux, of St. 

Catherine's, spr., 13th Oct., 1081. [Qu. Was she his 2nd wife?] 
Anthony ]\tarlay, Esq., and ]\Lartha Uslier, of St. Audoen's, spr., 2.'»th Oct., 1740. 
Eichard Baldwin, Esq., and Mary Usher, spr., of St. Bridget's, 7th Oct., 1734. 







Henry OjUcr. of- MaiyUsshuT, ^^t^ rSl''"' Jjoiy, daugbt*! - Bcvcrlj- Uashcr.^Elirabrtb. dr. of 

Kewiort, in Coot- HenijAJmct 


rho''m.^Pi^''!^ of JI''^«™t. JudU. 

d^^i™" d*rof' '^"""Pber, Dorothy, mm-. TfrAa^ 

r be IT I'll JoU -Knlhcrino Eev. ncnry Creher. r- llaipmt Pliilipps, Ali^, ^«aej 
I KapJ ot I. a. I -WmJIiu 



2 N 



6, 8. ([!.), 6, 9 
Thomas (i.), 6 

UscHER, Alson, 6, 9 

Alson ak Bath, 6, 7, 8 
Anne, 6, 8 

Arland, 7. Arlanton 7 
Arlantor, 6, 7 
Christopher, 6, 8 
Jennet, 6, 9 
John le, 4, John 6, 8 
Katherine, 6, 9 
Margaret, 6, 7 
Philip, 6, 8 
Richard, 1 
Robert (i.), 

Roger, 1 
Thomas, 2. Thomas (i.}, 6, 7. 

(ir.), 6, 9 
UsHEE, Bloomfield, Hon., 20 
Bloomfield, 20. (iii.), 20 
Catherine ah Harden, 18 
Chas. Loftus Tottenham, 22 
Edward, 77 
Edward Price, 22 
Elizabeth als Eustace, 1 0, 24 
,, als Cateling, 11, 24 
Ellen, 197, 201 
Ellinor ah BaU, 10, 12 

,, ah Nottingham, 10, 2C 
Hemsworth, Rev., 17, 23 
Hemsworth, 2, 3 
Hemsworth, 18 

Isaac, 19. Isaac "Wm., 19, 20 
John, 10, 25, 27 
John of Kilkenny, 10, 26 
Joseph F. (M.D.), 18 
Laurence, 14. (ii.) 15 
Luke (i.), 11,15. (II.) 16, 17. Luke 

or Noble Luke (iii.) 17, 18. 

Luke or No>)le Luke (iv.) 18. 

Luke or Noble Luke (v.) 21. 

TJsHEH, Margt. ah Feekins, 10, 13 
„ Margt. ah Malone, 10, 24 
„ Marie, 11, 14, 10, 25. Mary, 10, 26 
„ Matthew, 10, 25, 27 
,, Nicholas, 1 
„ Peter le, 4. Peter, 27. Richd., 10, 

10, 11, 12, 24,26 
„ Richd., 21 
,, Robert, 1. Rowland, 1 
„ Robert (ii.), 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15. 
(III.), 10, 24. (IV.), 14. (v.), 15, 
16. (vi.), 10, 25 

Robert, 23 

Rose, 11, 15. 

Rose ah Challoner, 11, 26 

Simon le, 4 
UssHER, Abigail, 61, 72 

Ada ah Mary Adelaide, 170, 193 

Adam (Ulster King), 119, 131, 

Adam (Archdn.), 147, 155, 156 

Adam (Rev.), 147, 160 

Adam (Capt.), 147, 164 

Adam, 118, 141 

Adelaide a/s Hughes, 171, 182 

Agnes, 169, 194 

Allan, 196, 202 

Ales ah Knox, 36 

Alfred L., 196, 202 

Alis, 29, 41 

Alice ah Tinkler, 61, 72 

Alice ah Lady Jones, 118, 144 

Alice ah Lady Phillips, 119, 134-5 

Alice Richarda, 172, 177 

Alice, 172-3. Alice, 169, 192 

Alice aZs West, 172, 184 

Alice, 195, 198 

Alice, 198. Alicia, 32. Alison, 
169, 194, Alson, 9 

2 p 




TJssHER,Ainbrose(i.),42,50. (II.) 79,83,84 
,, Amy ah Eeh-, 10, 25. Amy ah 

Mapas, 29, 31 
,, Amelia ah Pasley, 195, 200. 

Amelia ah Hearne, 206, 22-4 
„ Anna, 230, 245 
,, Ann, 147, 166 

,, Anne ah Lady Meredyth, 119, 135 
,, Anne ah Hilton, 79, 86. Anne, 8 
,, Anne ah Archbold, 10, 13 
,, Anne, 10, 25. Anne aU Flood, 

60, 70 
„ Anne ah Collin, 28, 33 
„ Ann, 28 

,, Anne ah Thrice, 29, 35 
,, Anne ah Geoghegan, 28, 33 
,, Anne ah Newport, 205, 213 
,, Anne ah Quin, 205, 224 
,, Anne ah Grant. 206, 227 
,, Anne ah Lady Osborne, 206, 2'j7 ' 
,, Arabella ah Buchanan, 196, 203 
„ Arabella ah Mulloy, 195, 199 
,, Arland or Arnold (ii.), 8, 9 
„ Arlanton (i.), 3, 7, 8, 118, 119 
,, Arlantor (iii.), 11, 14 
,, Arland (iv.), 11, 14 
„ Arland, 170, 193 
„ Arland (v.), 10, 25 
„ Arland, Eev.(Yi.), 42, 51-2 
„ Arland (vn.), 29, 35, 79, 80-1-2-3, 

,, Arland, Samuel, 176 
,, Arthur (of Donnybrook), 118, 131, 

„ Arthur, 118, 143-4 
,, Arthur, 145, 147 
„ Arthur (of Eamelton), 147, 166 
„ Arthur H. N., 176 
„ Arthur, Eev. (S.P.G.), 205, 217, 

218, 223 
„ Arthur, Capt., 200, 227-8, 230-31, 

2.32-33-34-35-36-37, 242 
,, Arthur, 228, 239 
„ Arthur (of Camphire), 228, 240 
M Arthur, 228, 246 
„ Arthur Edwd. (of Camphire), 228, 


UssHER, Arthur (of Camphire), 228, 247 
„ Arthur Hamilton. 229, 244 
,, Arthur Beverly, 230, 245 
„ Arthur ah Keily, 238 
„ Barbara, senr., 28, 33 
,, Barbara, junr., 28, 33 
,, Barbara, 166 
„ Beverly, Lieut-Col., 118, 141, 205, 

,, Beverly, Senr., of Kilmeadon, 205, 

211, 212, 213 
„ Beverly, Junr., M.P.. 205, 213, 

„ Beverly (of Canty), 205, 216, 217, 

218, 223 
,, Beverly Grant, 229, 244 
„ Beverly Eeid (Capt.), 195, 202 
„ Beverly (of Dublin), 196, 202 
„ Beverly (of Camphire), 228, 239 
,, Brandram Boileau (Bishop), 196, 

,, Bridget ah Holmes, 10, 25, 27 
,, Bridget ah Gernon, 28, 33 
,, Caroline H. ah Parry, 171, 184 
,, Caroline, 170, 175 
„ Catherine a/s Deane, 229, 246 
,, Catherine, 166 
,, Cecilia ah Tankard, 36. Charles, 

147, 166 
„ Charles, 198. Charles, 197. 201 
„ Charlotte ah ffrench, 230, 245-6 
„ Charlotte, 230, 245 
„ Christian als Bolton, 42, 53 
,, Christian aU Hamilton, 61, 71 
,, Christopher, ^?>., 33 
„ Christopher (Ulster King), 29, 36, 

37, 38, 39 
„ Christopher, 28, 34. ChUdren of, 

,, Christopher, 42, 52 
„ Christopher, 62, 77. Christopher 

FitzArland, 118-19-20-21. Chris- 
topher, 118, 126. Christopher, 

„ Christopher (of Bridgefoot), 145, 

„ Christopher, 146, 149 



UssHEE, Christopher (of Mt.Ussher), 168, 

173, 184, 185 
„ Christopher, R.N., 169, 192. 

Christopher (of East well), 169, 

192. (ir. of Eastwell), 169, 194. 

Christopher (of Eastwell), 169, 

„ Christopher, Eev., 170, 193 
„ Christopher James, 170, 193 
„ Christopher Arthur, 229, 247 
„ Christopher Musgrave, 228, 246 
,, Christophilus, 147, 159 
,, Dorothj' ah Travers, 42, 52 
,, Dorothv aU Wingfield, 146, 149 
„ Edgworth, 170, 192 
„ Edmund A. E., 169, 194 
„ Edward \\ H., 171, 183 
„ Edward, 229, 246 
„ Eleanor Melian, 229, 247 
„ Elizabeth ah Lady Tyrrell, 79, 104 
„ Elizabeth, 145, 148. Elizabeth, 

147, 163 
,, Elizabeth, 78, 83. Elizabeth ah 

Ddvis, 169, 192 
„ Elizabeth oh Eohan, 169, 192. 

Elizabeth ff/s AVilliams, 171,184, 

Elizabeth, 198. Eliza, 197, 201 
„ Elizabeth ah Lee, 205, 213 
,, Elizabeth Catherine ah Alcock, 

205, 213 
,, Elizabeth ah Piers, 77 
„ Elizabeth ah de Cloudt, 228, 246 
„ Elizabeth, 229, 242. Eliinor, 

widow, 50 
., Eliinor ah Forster, 119, 135 
., Ellis Belinda, 170, 194 
,, Ellis ah Blakp, 193 
„ Eliinor, 43, 48 
,, Family, 5 
„ Family (of Yorks) 3, 4 

„ ^ (of Birr) 15, 16-7-8-9, 

,, Florence, 146, 153 
,, Frances Flood, 171, 184 
,, Frances ah Armytage, 170, 176 
,, Francis, 24 
,, Francis, 42, 52 

UssHER, FranciF,Eev., F.T.C.D., 61, 65 
,, Francis, 147, 168 
„ Frederic (Rev.) 147, 163 
,, George, sen., 29, 35 
„ „ jun., 28, 32 
(III.), 32,33 
„ „ (IV.), 75 

(v.), 195, 198 
„ George, S., 195, 200 
,, Gerald, So 

., Gertrude Elizabeth, 228, 247 
„ Gilbert, 61, 74 
,, Gilbert (of London), 61, 74 
,, Haitiana, 171, 183. 
„ Hamilton O'Brien, 196, 202 
„ Harriet ah Mitchell, 170, 193 
,. Heurv, 169, 194 
„ Henry, E.N., 195, 200 

„ E.N., 171, 177, Henry C. 

„ Henry, Primate, 29, 35, 42-3-4-5- 

„ Henry (Capt.) 43, 53, 54 
., ,, (of Shandon), 50 
!, „ (of Balsoon), 60, 65-7 
„ „ (of Trim), 61. 71 
,. „ (Archdn. of Kildare), 61, 72 
,, ,, (of Braskanagh), 61, 72 

„ (of Ussher's Quay), 146, 151 
„ Henry, 146, 153. Henry, 147, 167 

Henry, Eev., 170, 175 
„ Henry, Eev. (S.F.T.C.D.), 171 177 
,, Henry, M.D. (of AVandsworth), 

., Henrietta ah Buchanan, 196, 203 
„ Henrietta Anne. 229, 247 
„ Herbert T., 171, 183 
., Honoria ah Donnellan, 170, 193 
;, Hugh (of Moynalty), 61, 71 
,, Ida Louise, 171, 184 
,, Ignatius, 28, 33 
„ Isabella ff/s Smyth, 118, 142 
„ Isabella, 169, 192 
., Isabella ah Hubbard, 206. 227 
'. Isabella ah Blackall, 206,217, 224 
„ Isabella ah Lalton, 200, 223 
„ Isabella Mary Grant, 229, 244 



UssHEi?, Isabella, 230, 246 

., James (Primate) 79, 83, 86, 87-104 

„ James (Capt.) 118, 141. 

„ James (of Balliutaylor), 205, 214, 


„ James (of Lurgan), 196, 203 

„ James H. Neville, 195, 200 

,, James, 170, 176 

,, James (Eev.) E.G. Priest, 61, 74 

,, James (i)f Moynalty), 61, 71 

„ James (Lieut j, 60, 69, 70 

,, James (of Balsoon), 60, 63-4 

,, James, 60, 07 

,, Jane ah Mol3'neux, 119, 132-3 

„ Jane ah Corbally, 35 

,, Jane ah Parrell, 60, 70 

,, Jane ah Wheeler, 76 

,, Jane ah Mahon, 172-73 

„ Jane, 169, 192 

,, Jane ah Eowan, 168, 192 

,, Jane ah Leet, 197, 201 

,, Jane Ann, 196, 203 

„ Jane ah Odell, 200, 224 

., Jane ah Boate, 206, 223 

,, Jenet ah Ball, 43, 57 

,, Jocelin, 60, 67 

„ Jocelyn (Eev.), 60, 02, 03 

,, Jocelyn, 61, 73, 74 

,, John le, 4, 5. John, 6, 8 

„ John (of Dub.) 28, 29, 30, 31 

„ John (1782), "l^i, 33 

,, John (Jesuit), 28, 35 

., John (of Dublin), 28, 33 

., John (FitzStepheu), 31 

„ John (of Baltiay), 43, 53 

,, John, Eev. (ot Baltinglass), 61, 71 

„ John, 228, 240. 

., John (of Camphire), 228, 239-40 

„ John, 79, 83 

„ John Ussher (Aid.) 118, 121, 126 

„ John (Ca)it.) 118, 141 

„ John, 140, 152 

„ John, 146, 154, 168, 172 

„ John, 147, 1G3 

,, John, IG.s, 173 

„ John (Capt.) 169, 192 

„ John (killed) 170, 172 

UssHEK, John Xaverius, 169, 194 
,, John, 170, 174 
„ John St. George, 169, 194 
,, John (Archdn.) 170, 175 
„ John (son of Cornelius) 170, 175 
,, John (merchant) 147, 166, 195, 

,, John (Eev. of Clontarf) 195, 

„ John (M.D.) 195, 199, 201 
„ John (Lt.-Col.) 195, 200 
„ John George, 195, 200 
„ John (Capt.) 206, 225-26 
„ John Theophilus, 195, 201 
„ John Kenneth, 195, 202 
„ John (of Balliutaylor) 205, 214- 

„ John (of Cantv) 205, 223 
„ John, 228, 246 
„ John, 229, 240 
., John, 230, 245 
,, John (of Landscape) 230, 245 
„ John Glascott, 230, 24o 
,, Joseph, 78 
„ Judith, 172, 184 
,, Judith ah Lady "Wemyss, 146, 154 
„ Judith ah Taylor, 206, 227 

„ Judith ah Lowther, 206, 227 

„ Judith ah Shuldham aU Creagh, 

228, 239 
„ Judith, 230, 244 

., Julia ah Bullock, 229, 247 

,, Katherine, 9 

., Katherine, 29, 41, 42 

,, Kath. ah Duffe, 35 

,, Katherine ah Percival, 118, 141 

„ Katherine, 168, 186 

„ Katherine, 170, 175 

., Katherine ah Finnemore, 172, 134 

,, Kildare, 60, 70, 71 

., Lettice, 140, 149 

,, Lettice, 146, 152 

,, Luke (Archdn.), 43, 51, 53 

'., Lucy ah Tuckt-r, 229, 247 

„ Lucy, 229, 240. Luev, 229, 241. 
Lucy, 230, 245 

., Lucy Arabella, 230, 245 



UssHER, Mabel Sophia, 1G9, 194 

„ Mabel ah Jones, 79, 85 

„ Margaret ah Neville, 146, 153 

„ ,, «/sLady Newcomen, 119, 


,, Margt. ah Benningbam, 79, 84 

„ ,, ah Davis. 118, 141 

,, ,, als Donnellan, 42, 52 

,, ,, ah Bankes, 61, 72 

,, Margaret, 169, 192 

,, „ aU Tbompson, 170, 193 

,, Margaret, 172, 184 

„ „ ah Greer, 229, 246 

„ Margery, 43, 48 

„ Marcus, 61, 74 

„ ,, (of Balsoou), 60, 67 

„ Marcus or Mark, 42, 47, 48 
60, 62 

,, Markes, 61, 72 

,, ,, Rev., 60, 64-5-6 

„ Marks, Eev., 61, 73 

„ Marks, 76. Mark, 77 

,, Martha, 146, 153 

„ Martha, 146. 149 

,, ,, ah Marlay, 146, 152 

,, ,, aU Edgeworth^ 168, 186, 

,, Martha ah Eoberts, 229, 246 
„ Mary ah Crofton, 119, 132 
,, ,, a/« Madden, 28, 33 
,, Mary, 29, 35 
„ „ ah Kellev, 29, 32 

„ ah O'Failon, 28, 33 
,, Mary, 36 
,, Mary Jenny, Lady Molesivorth, 

„ Mary ah Witberall, 43, 48-9 
,, Mary ah Baldwin, GO, 07 
,, „ ah Colley, 147, 167 
,, Mary Ellis, 169, 194 
„ „ aZs Johnston, 170, 194 
,, ,, aU Congreve, 205, 213 
„ Mary, Mrs. (of Eastwell), 170, 193, 

„ Mary, 229, 241 
„ „ 230, 245 
„ „ junr., 230, 2 i5 

TJssEEE, Maria «?« Colyer, 170, 176 
„ Matthew, 28, 34, 35 

M 43, 54 
,, Melian ah Hearne, 206, 223 
,, Michael, 28, 33 
,, Mina fl/s Greer, 229, 246 
,, Neville Osborne, 230, 244 
„ Nicholas, 61, 72 
„ Nicholas, junr., 61, 72 
„ Olivia Ellis, 169, 194 
,, Olivia ah French, 206, 2l7 
„ Patrick, 28, 32 
„ Paul, 230, 245 
,, Pedigree (T.C D. MS.), 29 
„ Percy, John, 229, 244 
., Peter Eoe Clarke, 196, 203 
„ Philip, 118, 143 
„ Philippa ah Ball, 172, 184 
,, Phoebe (wife of Primate Jas.), 105 
,, Rebecca ah Knox, 147, 162 
„ Rebecca (wife of Cornelius), 171, 

„ Rebecca, 61, 72 ah Power, 206, 

,, Richard le, 1 
„ „ of Ballintaylor, 205, 216, 

217, 223 
j, Richard, 43, 34-5 
,, ,, 61, 73 

,, „ (of Tathrath), 61, 76 

,, Richard, 163 
,, Richard Beverly, 195, 200 
„ „ John, 228, 246 

John, 229, 244 
Keily, 229, 241-42-43-44 
., ,, of Landscape. 230, 245 

,, Neville, 230, 245 

,, >» 77 

,, Robert, 2 

,, Robert (Bp. of Kildare), 43, 55, 


,, Robert, 61, 74 

„ Robert, 77 

„ Robert Henry, 228, 247 

,, Rose ah Garvey, 29, 39 
,, ,, ah Devinish, 35 
,, ,, ah Trevor, 43, 59 



UssHEE, Samuel, 168, 173. (Rev.) 
Samuel, 170, 174 
,, Samuel James, 170, 170 
,, Sarah ah Buck^rorth, 79, 83 
„ Sarah, 169, 192 
„ Sarah Salisbury, 169, 194 
„ Sarah aU Keily, 228, 238-9 
„ „ ah Boate, 229, 240 
,, „ ah Pearson, 229, 24G 
,, Sarah, senr., 230, 245 
„ „ junr., 230, 245 
„ Sibella ah Booker, 61, 73 
„ Simon, 196, 203 
„ St. George, Lord St. George, 206, 

„ Sydney H., 171, 183 
„ Sylvester, 168, 173 
„ Stoughton-Thomas, 77 
„ Stephen (Jesuit), 28, 33 
„ „ (FitzJohn), 31 

„ Susan ah Goff, 229, 247 
,, Susan E. ah Glascott, 230, 245 
,, Susanna ah Wright, 42, 53 
„ „ ah Mupgrave, 206, 224 

228, 240 

230, 245 
„ Thomas (i.) 6, 7 

(11.) 6, 28, 29, 30 

(III.) 10 
„ Thos., 42, 50 
,. Thomas (of Shandon), 50 
,, „ (of Ennis), 50 

M 163 
„ Thomas (Capt.), 170, 174 

170, 175 
„ 172, 184 

Sir, K.C.B.,171,177, 182 

Neville, 171, 182 
„ „ junr., 171, 183 

UssHEB, Thomas, O' Grady, 228, 247 
„ „ Harris, 229, 247 

„ Paul (Ensign), 229, 241 
,, Thomasina, 79, 86 
,, Thomasin a/s Eussell, 76 
„ Toby, 42, 51 
„ Ursula ah Smith, 163 
„ Yiolet Ethel, 169, 194 
„ Walter (Aid.), 28, 31, 32 
„ „ Capt., 28, 33 

,. Wm. (Eev.), 42, 52 

„ (Eev.), 61, 73 
,, Wm. (of Donagoran), 62, 76-7 
„ Wm., Sir, senr., 118, 126, 131, 

136, 137 
„ Wm.. Sir, junr, 118, 139-40-41, 

145-46-47, 1,54, 172 
,, Wm. (of Ussher's Quay), senr. 

„ Wm., 146, 150 
,, Wm- (of Usshers Quay), junr., 

146, 150-51 
„ Wm., 146, 151 146, 154 
„ Wm. (Archdn.), 147, 156-7 
,, (Prebendary), 147, 159 
„ Wm., 163 
„ Wm., 168, 173 
„ „ (M.D.),169, 192 
„ Wm. Arland, 169, 194 
„ Wm. Gerald, 169, 194 
„ Wm. A. E., 169, 194 
„ Wm., 170, 193 
„ Wm. (Capt. E.N.), 170, 174 
,, Wm. Cunningham, Eev., 170, 175 
„ Wm. H. B., 171, 183 
„ Wm., 172, 184 

„ Wm. (Capt. 64th Eegt.), 230, 245 
„ Wm., 230, 245 
„ Wm. Neville, Eev. 3 


Alcock of Wilton, 214 

Baldwin, 67-8 

Ball, 12, 13, 17«, 57-8, 81, 184 

Bath, 6, 7 

Berford, 8, 54, 54» 

Bermingham, 84 

Bisse, 165n 

Bloomfield, 17, 17n 

Bolsover, Baroness, 116 

Borrowes, 64-5 

Borrows, 83 

CarUngford, Earl of, 168 

Cateling, 14 

Challoner, 26, 105-10 

Clermont, Countess of, 162 

Colley als Wesloy, 167 

Congreve, 213 

Coote, Sir Chas., 135 

Cope, 163 

Dartrey, Earl of, 49 

Donnellan, 153 

Duffe, 35 

Edgworth, 186-191 

Enniskillen, Earl of, 135 

Eeekins, 13 

FitzJolin, 12, 12n 

FitzSimons, 61, 86 

Eitz Williams, 49, 121, 121n 

Foster als Forster, 8, 135, 181 

Garvey, 39, 40 

Geyton als Geydon, 30«, 86 

Goff, 19, 247 

Gough, 32 

Gr^er, 246-7 

Hamilton, 71-2 

Harden, 18, 19 

Headfort, Marquis of, 115 

Hewetson, 241 

Holywood, 9, 254 5 

Jenney, 157-8-9 

Jones, of Osbertstown, 85, 144-5 

Keily, 238-9 

Kilmaine, Baron, 115 

KynastOD, 56, 63 

Lanesborough, Earl of, 145 

Langford, Lord, 168 

Le De Spencer, Baroness, 115 

Leinster, Duke of, 227 

Lightburne, 78 

Lill, 83 

Loftus, Archbp., 126 

Longford, Earl of, 83 

Mapas, 31, 278 

Marlay, 152-3 

Meredyth, 135 

Milltown, Earl of, 135 

Molesworth, Lord, 160, 161 

Molyneux, 132-3 

Musgrave, Sir C, 224-5 

Newcomen, 133 

Nottingham, 26 

Ormonde, Marquis of, 162 

Osborne, 216, 219 

Pakenham, 83 

Paul, 240 

Percival, 132, 141 

Phillips, 134-5 

Plunket, 12, 24 

Rosse, Earl of, 134 

Sedgrave or Segrave, 29, 277 

Sherlock, 13 

Smyth of Ballynatray, 142-3 

Smyth of Eathcourcy, 210 

Stanihurst, 80-2 



Staples, 162 

Stapleten, Eav. Sir F. J., 116 

Stearne, 85 

St. B.irbe, 139 

St. George, 225-6-7 

Taylor, 237 

Tichborno, 164-5 

Tighe, 85 

Trevor, 58-9, 63 

Tyrrell, 104-5, 109, 109/J, 111, 117 

Waddington, 149 

Waring, 151 

Water park, Baron, 115 

Wellesley, 167 

Wellington, Duke of, 167 

Wemyss, 1^4 

Wolseley, 153 

Wolseley, Lord Viscount, 153 

Wingfield, 149 

Wright, 53, 184 

Wye, 155-6 


Page 4, line 2, for "Hustard" read "Huskard"; p 5, note, for " Ostarius " 
read "Ostiarius"; p. 6, line 5, for "I. Thomas" read "11. Thomas"; line 14. for 
" II. Margaret," read "i. Margaret "; p. 8, line 20, for " I. " read " i. "; p. 9, lines 

18 and 19, for " 11. III. " read " ii. iii. "; line 20, for " " read " Christopher =' ; 

p. 10, children of Richard Usher and Eleanor Plunket, for i. Robert, ii. Margaret, 
III. 'Elizabeth, rv. a dr." read " i. Margaret, ii. Elizabeth, iir. a dr., iv. Robert "; 
p. 11, line 12, insert after " death," " In the Earl of Kildare's Rental. Lexlep. In 
Lexlep a castell 't XL. acr" of land at a fme iiu m'ks set to Robert Yssh'', Dublin "; 
p. 13, line 19, for " Fabia " read "Ssalia "; p. 18, line 12, after " Monica White," 
insert " dr. of Doctor White of Galway "; line 17, " Mary Usher m. J. L. Somers, 
M.D., of Roscrea, and has issue sons and drs."; p, 28, line 7, for " Mary 
Nulty" read " Eliz, Creagh "; lines 9 and 10, omit brackets; p. 29, line 18, 
for "Uffher" read " Uffher "; p. 33, lines 1 and 2, omit brackets; line 4, 
add "Feb. 10 at Poitiers "; p. 49, 2nd line from end, for "Smart" read 
"Eliot"; p. 54, note, line 2, for » Braeford " read "Bracford"; p. 60, lines 
23-4-5, omit brackets and read as italic numerals; p. 62, line 6, for " Mr." read 
"Rev. Wm. "; p. 62, line 1, etc., for " iv. Elizabeth, v. Wm., vi. Christopher" 
read "iv.- Wm., v. Christopher, vi. Elizabeth"; p. 72, line 19, for " 1667 " read 
"1767"; p. 78, line 21, for " Mr. Lightburne" read "Rev. Wm. Lightburne, 
Rector of Oregan or Rosenallis, 1619"; p. 79, The order of Arland Ussher's four 
younger daughters ought to be (ace. T.C.D. MS., F. 4,18) "vii. Margaret, viii. 
Mabel, IX. Thomasin, x. Anne. The funeral entries have a different order, but 
probably do not give the true order, p. 104, Lady Tyrrell's second son was John, 
her third son Chas., ace. Lipscombe's Hist., Bucks ; p. 106, line 4, for " burd." 
read " bur'd. "; line 17, for " Ruehanna " read "Ruehama "; p. 118, line 23, omit 
" Archdeacon of Clonfert "; lines 21, 22, for " (3) James (4) John " read " (3) John 
(4) James"; p. 119 line 7, for "Sir Chas. Forster " read "Sir Christopher 
Forster"; p. 134, 2ud line from end, for " Childley " read " Chldley "; 
p. 135, line 11, the Ulster Pedigree and Burke's Gentry give as in the text, 
but ace. Sir Wm. Betham in Brit. Mus. Add. MS., 23,684, "Chas. Foster (who 
was not knighted), son of Richd. and nephew of Sir Christopher, m. 1st, Elizabeth, 
dr. of Thos. Huetson of Swords ; this is confirmed by the Funl. Ent. It must have 
been Sir Christopher who m. Eleanor Ussher ; p. 160, line 7, for " Artrim "read 
" Antrim "; line 26, before " Mary " insert " 5 "; p. 168, line 16, for " VI. Samuel " 




read " IV. Samuel ;" p. 170, lines 8 and 10, insert " (4) Ellis, 5) Honoria "; line 18, 
for " YI. Rev. Samuel " read " X. Rev. Samuel," and transpose position in reading 
accordingly ; same page, cliildren of John Usslier, 1. Katharine, 2. John, 3. Cornelius 
Henry; p, 171, line 17, for "Louis" read "Louise"; p. 171, Children of Eev. 
Henry Ussher, D.D., 1. Frances, 2. Margaret, 3. Sarah, 4. Rebecca, 5. Alice 
Ricbarda, 6. Sir Thomas, 7. John, 8. Henry; p. 172, lines 5-8, for "VIL, YIII., 
IX., X." read "VI., VH., VIIL, IX. "; p. 174, 5th line from end, for " Rev. 
Wm. Usher" read "Rev. Wm. Walsh"; p. 184, lines 11, 18, 19, for 
"vn., VIII., IX." read "v., vi., vn." ; p. 184, lines 13-15, 16, 17 from 
end, for "X., XI., XIL, XIII." read ''XL, XII., XIIL, XIV."; p. 193, 
line 6, for " of Hamilton " read " of Niagara "; p. 205, line 16 for " d. 
unmd." read "m. Simon Newport"; p. 210, line 26, for " Anne" read "Percy"; 
p. 213, line 11, after " by her" insert "who was buried at Kilmeadon, Oct. 18, 
1741;" p. 234, line 25, for " Murquis " read "Marquis"; p. 244, line 21, for 
*' anthedated " read " antedated "; p. 245, line 10, " John Ussher m. Lucy Glascott, 
11th June, 1811. They had issue, 1. Elizabeth, born 3rd Oct., 1812; 2. John 
Glascott, born 2nd June, 1814; 3, Sarah Maria, born 28th Jany., 1816 ; 4. Richard, 
born 26th Dec, 1817 ; 5. Lucy, born 12th May, 1819, d.y. ; 6. Lucy Arabella, 
born 21st Novr., 1820; 7. Mary, born 5th July, 1823 ; 8. Susan Emily, born 6th 
May, 1825 ; 9. Charlotte, born 27th Jul}', 1827 ; 10. William Neville, born 30th 
Novr., 1829 ; 11. Arthur Beverly, born 22nd May, 1831 ; 12. Isabella Harriet, born 
SlstMay, 1836." Same page, lines 27 and 28, correct thus—" (1) Wm. Neville Grant, 
(2)Maryanne,(3)IsabellaGrant, d.y., (4) Lucy Glascott, d.y., (5) Charlotte Thomasina, 
(6) Sarah Octavia"; p. 247, line 3, To "Elizabeth Jackson Greer," add "m. Col. 
Lowry, Rockdale, Dungannon, and d. 1888 "; line 7, after " Gofi" read ("The name 
is found as Goff, Goffe and Gough ; the family had an ancestor in 1649, who, in the 
death warrant of Chas. I. spelt his name as Goff.") Same page, line 8, " (1) Wm. 
Goff Davis Goff, born 12th Sept., 1838, m. 4th April, 1866, Anna Maria, dr. of 
Michael Dobbyn Hassard, M P., late of Glenville, Waterford, and has issue — 
[1] Herbert Wm., born 20th Oct., 1870 ; [2] Wm. Ernest, born 9th June, 1872 ; 
(2) Ussher Davis Goff, born 2nd Feb., 1841, d. 16th July, 1858 ; (3) Chas. Edw. 
Goff, born 30th Mar., 1844, d. 24th Aug., 1879; (4) Francis Davis Goff, born 24th 
July, 1850; (5) Margaretta Ussher Davis Goff, m. 14th Nov., 1872, Wm. M. 
Gibbon, of Templeslielin, Co. Wexford ; (6) Julia Anna Davis Goff, m. 1st Sept., 
1865, Joseph Wm, Deane of Longraigue ; (7) Rebecca, m. 5th March, 1883, Rev. 
H. A. Stern, D.D. (one of the Abyssinian captives.) ; (8) Lucy Ussher, m. 9th 
Nov., 1881, Chas. Scott Kilner, M.B., Bury St. Edmunds." Same page, line 12, 
for "of Howth," read " of Rhone Hill ; (2) Edmund Greer of Howth"; p. 294, 
for "Tlios. Brush," read " Richd. Brush." 


Ball, The Et. Hon. J. T., Vice-Chan., 

T.C.D,, Dundrum 
Ball, Townley B. B., Esq., Antrim 
Ball, H. Houston, Esq., Chiswick 
Bulkeley- Johnson, H., Esq., Eichmond, 

Burke, Sir J. Bernard, Ulster King of 

Arms, Castle, Dublin 
Burtchaell, George D., Esq., M.E.I.A., 

Butler, Lord James Wandesford, Dublin 
Cashel, The Lord Bishop of, "Waterford 
Chatterton, Miss, Devonshire Place, 

Close, Eev. Maxwell, M.E.I.A., Dublin 
Cole, Mrs., Southsea 
Colger, John Ussher Cox, Esq., Sydney 
Congreve, Ambrose, Esq., D.L., Mount 
Congreve, Kilmeaden, Co. Waterford 
Dartrey, The Earl of, Monaghan 
Day, E., Esq., F.S.A., 3 Sydney PL, Cork 
Deane, Joseph W., Esq., New Eoss 
firench, Eev. James J., Ballyredmond 

House, Clonegall, Perns 
FitzGerald,Chas.Ciarke,Esq.,J.P., Dublin 
Poljambe, Cecil, Esq., M.P., Newark 
Ganlv, Eev. Chas. W., Mageney 
Garstin, John E., Esq., F.SlA., M.E.I.A., 

Braarganstown, Co. Louth 
Goff, W. G. D., Esq., Glenville, 

Greene, Sir John Ball, C.B., Dublin 
Hance, E. B., Esq.. LL.B., Liscard 
Harden, Rev. Ealph W., Eathmines 
Harden, Henry, Esq., LL.B , Dublin 
Holmes, Mrs., Eathmines, Dublin 
Keily, Miss, 15 Lj-peat Ter., Cheltenham 
Leet, Eev. Ambros«, D.D.. Dublin 
Leet, Dr. C, 119 Upper Eathmines 
Lowry, Mrs., Eockdale, Dungannon 
Murray, Mrs. Stavely, 6 Cromwell Houses, 

O'Duffy, J., Esq., Eutland Square, Dublin 
Paul, Sir Eobert, Ballyglan, Waterford 
Quin, Edward Ussher, Esq., J.P., Carrick- 

Eeynell, Rev. W. H., B.D., Dublin 
Smith, Eev. Canon E. T., D.D., Dublin 
Smith, J. Chalenor, The Probate Eegistry, 

Somerset House, London 
Smyth, Hon. Mro. More, Ballynatray, 

Usher, Eev. John, Baltinglass 
Usher, Isaac, Esq., M.D., Dnndrum 
Usher, Francis J., Esq., Dublin 
Usher, Joseph F.,M.D., Ballarat, Victoria 
Usher, Eobert, Esq., Drogheda 
Ussher, Major-General J. T., London, W. 
Ussher, Hamilton O.B., Esq., London, W. 
Ussher, Alfd. Lestock, Esq., London, W. 
Ussher, Rev. W. Neville, Stow Eectory, 

Ussher, John Keily, Esq., Arley Hall, 

Ussher, Eev. E., S. Margaret, Yentnor 
Ussher, \Vm. Neville. Esq., Youghal 
Ussher, Eichard J., Esq., J.P., Cappagh 

Hou»e, Lismore 
Ussher, Eichard, Esq., Landscape, New 

Ussher, Eev. H., MA., The Eectory, St. 

Clements, Saltfleetby, Lincoln 
Ussher, James, Esq., Lurgan 
Ussher, Henry J., Esq., Bristol 
Ussher, W. A. 2., Esq., Torquay 
Ussher, Arland Samuel, Esq., Somerset 

House, London. 
Ussher, Miss Sarah, Tiamore 
Ussher, Eight Eev. B. B., Bishop of the 

EeformedEpiscopal Church, Montreal 
Ussher, Mrs., Eastwell, Loughrea 
Ussher, A. E., Esq., Camphire, Cappoquin 
Ussher, Eobert B,, Esq., London, S.W. 


8vo.— Second Edition, Enlarged— Price 5s. 



ElJ> fi^ ■■ Bkaa 

Compiled from Public and Private Sources. 


Author cf " The Ussher Memoirs" 

Med. 8vo, 10s 6d. 

The Members of Parlianient for the County and City of Kilkenny, 

Prom the earliest on record to tlie present time, and for 

The Boroughs o-F Callan, Thomastown, Inistiogue, Gowran, 
St. Canice or Irishtown, and Knocktopher, 


OF THE king's IX NS, 

Barrister-at-Law. Member of the Committee of the Royal Historical 
and Archaeological Association of Ireland. 


Cloth extra, with. Portrait of Author, 2s. 

" We could dpsire no better Sfloctinn from the poet's writinps for introduction to n popular audience. We 
trust it Tvi 1 be widely ri'ad by our countri'inpn If tlicy with to know the way in which their fathers thought and 
felt and lived, they could turu to no better guide than Samuel Ferguson,"- Aafion. 

Cloth extra, 2s. 

The Remains of St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, 

Ihe Confessio and Epistle to Coroticiis, 

Translated into English Blank Verse, with a 

Dissertation on the Patrician Documents contained in the "Trias Thaumaturga" and " Book of Armagh." 
Uniforn: Crown 8vo, 420 pp , Cloth Boards, 3s. 6d. 




foiiiitj Antrim | roiiiity 1M»mii 1 County I.<outh 

Coiiuty Armagh 1 County KilKeniiy | County Mexlbrcl 

Otlicr Counties in Preparation. 

These Tohimos afford a complete Dirertory of the Manufaf-turprs, Merchants, Tradrrs, Lando-n-ners, Farmtra, 
etc., in the Counly, icgeiher wkU u m.l^-^. ul inionuiit.ou iiitertsiing to Antiquarian.'^, Tourists, etc. 

DUBLIN: S E A L Y , B R Y E R S & \V A L K E R , 

94, 95 &; 96 Middle Abbey Street. 


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