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Full text of "Library of Congress United States telephone directory collection. [microform]"

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WASHINGTON. D. C. 20540 



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EAST HAMPTON .^ »^ ffc, * ^ 1 



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= CO 

:= CM 

MARCH, 1944 

_ • 


Do not make telephone calls during or immediately after an air raid alarm. 

It is essential that the lines be kept free for use by the defense authorities. 

If your telephone rings, h owf^ver, please answer promptly. 

> • t 


r\eadu i\,efei'ence cJLidt 



hire Emergency Police Emergency 


Telephoning Out of Town 

Station-to-Station Calls 

Station-to-Station calls are those on which 
you ask the operator for the desired telephone 
only, and not for a particular person, nor for 
a particular extension telephone or depart- 
ment served by a private switchboard. The 
charge for a station-to-station call begins 
when the called telephone answers. These 
ciills are handled more rapidly and at lower 
ratts than person-to-person calls. 

Person-lo-Person Calls 

Person-to-Person calls are those on which you 
ask the operator to call a particular person 
to the telephone or to reach a particular ex- 
tension telephone or department served by a 
private switchboairi The charge begins when 
the desired person, extension telephone or 
department answers. The charge is higher 
than for a station-to-station call. 

Appointment and Messenger Calls 

Appointment calls, when you ask the oper- 
ator to arrange to complete a call to a par- 

ticular person at a particular time, are made 
at the person-to-person rate. Messenger calls, 
when it is necessary to employ a messenger 
to call the designated person to the nearest 
telephone, are made at the person-to-person 
rate plus the charge made by the messenger. 

Collect Calls 

If you want the charge for an out-of-town call 
to be put on the bill of the called party, tell 
the operator when you make the call that it 
is a "Collect Call." If someone at the called 
telephone agrees to accept the charges, you 
will be connected. Collect calls cost no more 
than other out-of-town calls, except in the 
case of station-to-station calls having an 
initial period charge of 20^ or less. 

Telegrams by Telephone 

You may telephone telegrams, cablegrams, or 
radiograms by following the instructions 
shown under the telegraph company listings 
in this directory. The telegraph charges will 
.7p;<ear on your telephone bill. 


^*n n»^ i ,,^^ 


Telephone Directory — March 1944 

Service Galls 

From DIAL Telephones From MAJSVAL Telephones 


ASSISTANCE— In completing a call OPERATOR 

INFORMATION— For local numbers not in directory . 113 

REPAIR SERVICE— If telephone is out of order 114 

BUSINESS OFFICE — To inquire about service arrangements, 

bills etc., please refer to Page II. 



Out-of-Town Galls 

From DIAL Telephones 


When you will talk with anyone, 


When you want a particular person or department 
or a particular extension of a private switchboard. 

From MAJSVAL Telephones 
Give call to OPERATOR 


Emergency Galls 

Call or dial operator and say: "I want to 
report a fire," "I want a policeman," or 
"I want an ambulance." Then tell the 
Operator where help is needed — giving the 
telephone number, street address and the 

town or community you are calling from. 
The quickest way is to call or dial the fire 
or police emergency number direct. A 
convenient space for entering such impor- 
tant numbers is on the opposite cover. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 205 Church St., New Haven 7-1217 

Locality Exchange Locality Exchange 

Cobalt East Hampton & Middletown 

Comstock Bridge East Hampton 

Cromwell Middletown 

Durham Middletown 

East Haddam Colchester, Moodus 

& Deep River 

East Hampton East Hampton 

Gildersleeve Middletown 

Haddam Middletown 

Haddam Neck East Hampton 

Higganum Middletown 

Lake Beseck Middletown 

Lake Pocotopaug East Hampton 

Leesville Moodus & East Hampton 

Marlborough . . East Hampton & Middletown 

Maromas Middletown 

Middlefield Middletown 

Middle Haddam East Hampton 

Millington Moodus 

Moodus Moodus 

North Westchester East Hampton 

Ponset Middletown 

Portland Middletown 

Rockfall Middletown 

Rock Landing East Hampton 

Shailerville Middletown 

Tylerville Middletown 

Westchester East Hampton 

West Cromwell Middletown 

Westfield Middletown & Meriden 

Corrected to February S, 1944 
Copxright 1944 by The Southern New England Telephone Company 


The Southern New England Telephone Company 


Office Hours 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Sat. 8 A.M. to 12 M. 
W. A. JORDAN, Manager 

,., P ii„„^c, Telephone: Middletown 700 

Middletown 141 College St r ^r, • rnKno" 

East Hampton 141 College St., Middletown. .Ask Operator for Business Office^ 

Moodus Ask Operator for "Business Office 


At the company's business offices each service representattve cares for a "««'' «™»P "' 
customers. Your service representative is famUiar with your account and present telephone 
ZTewUt gladly assist you in all matters regarding them and mil refer to the manager 
my items requiring his personal attention. 

^ , „ TTT 1? F«o« ...35 Court St., New Britain 

Dhtric. Manager: W.F. EveiK ^^^^^^ 

Division Manager: G. H. Pimm •"' 


„ „ . Clark's Comer Store, 73 Main Street 

Eiast Hampton 


227 Church Street. New Haven 6, Connecticut Telephone New Haven 6-9821 

Allerton F. Brook. v •? h^^ 

Robert S. Judd • •; • -Vice P'^'Jent 

Ch.rle. E. Rolfe A..hlant to President 

George G. CopeUnd Secretary .nd J^^^'" 

Luciu. S. Howe General Auditor 

Listen for the Dial Tone 

Remove the receiver and listen fo'^iJ*® 
dial tone— a steady humming sound. This 
indicates that the dial equipment is ready 
to take your call. Please do not dial until 
you hear it. 

Party-Line Service 

Satisfactory party-line service depends 
upon the co-operative use of the service 
by all on the line. Please limit your con- 
versations reasonably and give immediate 
right-of-way to emergency calls. 

Before you dial, make sure the line is 
not being used. If you hear a series of 
clicks, someone else is dialing; tell him 
you've interrupted and hang up. If you 
hear clicks while you are dialing, ask the 
other person to hang up; then replace your 
telephone for a moment and dial the com- 
plete number again. 

To dial another party on your line, please 
refer to the card sent you which lists the 
other parties on your line and tells how to 
call them. If you have mislaid this card, 
dial operator. Give her the number you 

Elmer P. Bradley Vice Pre*, and Genl. Manager 

William W. Wren General Commercial Manager 

Raymond A. Brown General Traffic Manager 

Robert S. Bru.t General Plant Manager 

Ernest A. Johnson Chief Engineer 

wish, and tell her it's another party on 
your line. 

Bills for Service 

Bills are rendered monthly and are pay- 
able upon receipt. If you pay your bill in 
person please bring the whole bill with you. 
If you pay by mail, enclose only the bill 
stub with your remittance. 

How To Identify Our Employees 

Every telephone employee carries an 
identification card or badge bearing his 
photograph. Permit access only to those 
with this identification. 

Directory Listings 

Every subscriber may be listed once in 
the alphabetical section of the directory 
without charge. Additional listings may be 
arranged for at an additional charge, ac- 
cording to the kind of listing required. 

When you receive a new directory, we 
suggest that you check your listings. If 
they are incorrect in any particular, please 
call the Business Office so that we may 
adjust our records for the next issue and 
' protect your service in the meantime. 



mk A 451523 



117 Church 2127 

IS Main 146 

AAA Auto Club 117 Church 2127 

Emergency night calls 1038 

Emergency night calls 2722 

ALAServlce 117 Church 2127 

Emergency night calls 1038 

\ Emergency night calls 2722 

Abbey John D r Gildersleeve 2417-R 

Abel Frank E r 161 So Main 4302-J 

Abelhauser Robert r 3 Bransfield Av Prthid 4147 

Abramo Alexander r Ncwficld 4437-W 

Abramo Sebastian r 216 William 3033-M 

Accaputo Angelina Miss r 15 Miller 4411-W 

Acheson E Campion Mrs r 356 Washington 220 

Ackerman Arnold W r 163 E Main 3119-M 

Ackerman Grace Mrs r Long Hill Rd 4040-J3 

Ackerman Merritt S r 24 Durwin 1515-W 

Ackerman Store & Filling Sta Durham Center 2809 

Ackerman William H r 174 Lincoln 4239 

Ackley Adeline E Miss r 410 Ridge Rd 1754 

Adair D P r Breton Rd 3127 

Adamczyk Stanley r 13 Main St Ext 2434-J 

Adametz L A r Higganum 2685-Wl 

Adamo Jennie Mrs r 85 Broad 3195-W 

Adams Carl E r Kikapoo Rd Lk Bsck Mddlfld. .3955-J4 

Adams Claude r South St Crmwl 2149-R 

Adams F W Dr osteopath 363 Main 483-W 

Residence 145 Broad 483-R 

Adams Henry S Jr r 22 Wyllys Av 1127-J 

Adamski George r 51 Jackson 4244-M 

AdamskI Veronica Miss r 169 Boston Rd 3419-M 

Adamson Hilda Mrs r 8 W Silver 747-J 

Addis RF r Smith 1010-W 

Addison C r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3253-J3 

Adinolfo Sebastian© r 105 Grove 4197«J 

580 New Pk Av WH 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for EntcrprIse-9090 

Adorno Andrew r High Prtland 3516-J 

Adorno Joseph A r 206 Main 780 

Adorno Salvatore Sr r 206 Main , . .780 

Agnelli Domlnick P r Higganum 4165-Wl 

Agogliati Gionni r Portland 3708-Jl 

Agricultural Conservation Assn of Middlesex County 
Agricultural Adjustment Administration 

US Dept of Agriculture 438 Main 4310 

Ahearn John B r 18 Marlboro Prtlnd 1359-R 

Ahearn Michael J r 12 South St Prtlnd 1813-R 

Ahem Daniel E r 440 High 1215-R 

Ahern Jamel Mrs r 154 College 1465 

Ahem John J r 7 Glynn Av 3674-W 

Ahem Mary Miss r 75 Union 912 

Ahern P J r Higganum 673-W3 

Ahlberg August r 203 Prospect. . . ; 2353-J 

Ahlberg Bros groc feed & prov 234 Main Prtlnd. . .411 

Ahlberg John L r 211 Prospect 3630 

Ahlberg Lars M Louis r 41 Home Av 2471-R 

Ahlberg Lawrence A r 60 Park PI 2684-R 

Ahlberg Nellie M Mrs r Coc Av Prtlnd 1967-J 

Ahlquist Arthur r New La Crmwl 2398-R 

Ahiquist John L r 17 Pleasant 4185 

Ahrens Theodore R r 107 Front 1594-M 

Airo Carmelo r 25 Park PI 1640-J 

Aivano John r Durham 1347-J2 

Alban Matthew r 97 Asylum 1638 

Albert Dewey r 54 Grove 241*W 

Alden Osborne r 169 College 1136-J 

Alderman Raymond E r Middle 3905-J3 

Aldrich Harry r East St 944-J2 


Aleria Joseph r 57 Knowlcs Av 4055-J 

Alessi Gaetano r 74 Center St 4304-W 

Alessi Gloria M Miss r 59 Center St 1286 

Alexander Chester Mrs RN 136 Berlin 4227-W 

Alexander Hattle Mrs r 24 Waverly Av Prtlnd . 1809.M 
Alexander Stanley J MD office 229 Main Prtlnd. . .3775 

Alford Julia Mrs r 4 South St 4081 

Algie R B r Madison Rd Drhm 2733-W3 

Aliano Sebastian r South St Crmwl 4102<W 

Allen Fred G r 135 High 3056>l 

Allen House restaurant & tourists Main Drhin.678>l3 

Allen L J r 8 MacDonough PI 3848-R 

Allen Louis D r Haddam 3157-Wl 

Ailing Fred M Mrs r Durham 3128-Jl 


476 Main 980 

Allison C A grocer 78 Union 223^ 

Alquist Earl J r Old Mill Rd 3839 

Alquist John C r Highland Av Prtlnd 2813-W 

Alsop Jessie M Miss r William Prtlnd 3574^ 

Alter H r 269 Goodrich Hgts Crmwl 2816-W2 

Amara Harry P r 32 Grand 2291 

Amara Michael r 32 Grand 1782 

Amara Sebastian r 23 Portland 1708-J 

Amato John r 277 Main Crmwl 2816-J2 

Amato Joseph r 3 Pine Av 4187-J 

BOO Main 104'W 

Amato Rosindo r 16 Pease Av 104*R 

Ambler Homer r 254 Main Prtlnd 3182-W 

Ambrosia Alfred A r 69 Grand 2138-W 

Ambrosia Bert r 148 William 4013-W 

Ambrosia E Harry refrgrtrs & washers 69 E Main. 2288 

Amenta Antonio J r 29 Green 3753 

Amenta Caroline Miss r 8 Saybrook Rd 1847 

Amenta I M r 64 Saybrook Rd 3980-M 

Amenta John r 92 Lincoln 1818>W 

Amenta Salvatore r 35 Rapallo Av 1643-R 

Amenta Salvatore M Mrs r 34 Ferry 3970«J 

Amenta Sebastian P r 31 New La Crmwl 1648 

American Coal Co yard & office No Main 324-R 

American Fl Surfacing Co 28 Marlborough Prtlnd. .2281 

American Legion Home Post No 75 Water 996 

American Nursery 8c Tree Expert Co Rockfall. ... .472 

American Red Cross West St Crmwl 4250 

American Red Cross Chapter House exec ofc 

27 Wash. 4460 

Ames George C r Ames Hollow Rd Prtlnd 783-J3 

Amoco Service Sta 337 So Main 2289 

Andeen Carl Jr r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 2453-W3 

Andeen Norman R r Christian HI Hggnm 2685-J2 

Anderson A H r 158 Schuyler Av 3009-R 

Anderson Aaron r Russell Av Prtlnd 2865-M 

Anderson Albert E r West St Crmwl 2103*R 

Anderson Alma Miss r West St Crmwl 2103-J 

Anderson Andrew r Highland Av Prtlnd 1292 

Anderson Andrew r 528 Main Prtlnd 1539-J 

Anderson Andrew r McDonald Av Crmwl 1132-R 

Anderson Arthur J garage 154 William 2233 

Residence 44 Wall 4151>W 

Anderson Arvid S r Strongs Av Prtlnd 2369 

Anderson Burton r 12 Silver 3983>W 

Anderson C G r 53 E Main Prtlnd 2014-J 

Anderson C Roy r 10 Evergreen Av 4058 

Anderson Carl r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 1817-Jl 

Anderson Carl E r 59 Warwick 1214-R 

Anderson Carl E Mrs r 27 Waverly Av Prtlnd. . .3822-J 

Anderson Carl F attorney-at-law 279 Main 1300 

Anderson Carl F attorney-at-law 279 Main 13 

Residence 105 Cross 2780 

Anderson Clifford R r 155 Main Crmwl .4543 

Anderson Dorothea Mrs RN 646 No High 2113 

Anderson E August r 84 Air Line Av Prtlnd 921-R 

Anderson E L r Strongs Av Prtlnd 1146^ 


Middletown 2 

Anderson Edgar r 48 E Main Prtlnd \^7o^ 

Anderson Edwin r Summer Gldrslve ",,<« n 

Anderson Emma L Miss r Anderson Rd -Vo^\J, 

Anderson F E r Higganum -JoLl 

Anderson F E Oil Co Brownstone Av Prtlnd 38V8 

Anderson Frank r 24 Fowler Av ,;«? w 

Anderson Fred r 55 Prospect • . . . • • ;f^^^-j; 

Anderson George r 28 Oakwood Manor Crmwl.2313-Wl 

Anderson George E r 29 Church Prtlnd IZT'^u 

Anderson George E r 206 Main Z844-W 

Anderson Gunard r 324 Main Prtlnd 1451-M 

Anderson Gust Mrs r 22 Woodman V ' • tlll'^ 

Anderson Hattie M Miss r 15 Church Prtlnd. . . -^Seg-R 

Anderson Hilma P Miss r South St Crmwl 2466-J 

Anderson Hjalmar r 7 Longworth Av 1940 

Anderson J Elmer r 10 Spring Prtlnd : ' -rTr! 

Anderson J Irving r Higganum oici m 

Anderson John r 3 Crown i^t'o 

Anderson John Francis r New La Crmwl ,A;7"^ 

Anderson John G r 1 Fountain Av 3304-W 

Anderson John V r Rose HI Prtlnd 124^1 

Anderson Lenore Miss r Pleasant Crmwl , J„ ']!; 

Anderson Marie Mrs r 82 Evrgm Rd Crmwl. . •^258-W2 

Anderson Marjorie M Mrs r Higganum ^^ '^A 

Anderson Martha M Mrs r 10 Evergreen Av 4058 

Anderson Oil Co Brownstone Av Prtlnd 3898 

Anderson Olive Miss r 96 Main Crmwl ?oI?'S 

Anderson Olof r Nordland Av Crmwl iV>, i 

Anderson Oscar Mrs r Margaritc Rd 5? ,, 

Anderson Paul G RN Brooks Rd Mrms ^,to^Tf, 

Anderson Raymond F r 386 Washington -^fJ^-W 

Anderson Stanley R r 5 Eastwood Rd Crmwl. •3351-W2 

Anderson Theodore C r 131 Cross -.VioJu 

Anderson Thomas E r 75 Lawn Av ^,«t« 

Anderson William r Timber Hill Rd Crmwl .... 4102-M 

Anderson William A r 14 Ward 2467-J 


Johnson 3850 

After business hours 

Main Gate & Employment Office 4290 

Executive Offices ^^94 

Purchasing Agent ^^92 

First Aid U S Inspection & Tool Room 4279 

Andrew William D r 261 Pine 1599-R 

Andrews Dorothy J Miss r 33 Bellevue PI 1116-J 

Andrews R D r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 3028-J2 

Andrews W J r 5 Long La ^^i^fc"*! 

Annello Lucy Miss r 11 Cherry 170 

Annenberg J r 648 Main _178 

Annino Carl L r 2 Rapallo Av 3935 

Annlno J S & Son rl est & ins 25-27 No Main 1691 

Annino James V r 2 Rapallo Av 4233 

Annino John groc & conf 35 Grand 1545 

Annino John Mrs r 35 Grand Vci, , 

Annino Louis r 23 Broad ;!,,;« 

Annino Michael Mrs r 4 Erin T^TL 

Annino Ned r Gilshcnan PI ^516 

Annino S Jeff r 87 South St Crmwl 362Z 

Annino Santi A contr & bldr 27 Hotchkiss ^ .331 

Annlno's Furniture Store 632 Main 418-W 

Annino Santi L r 4 Erin J^,^ « 

Ansell James C r 16 Walnut .•'°^,;, 

Anthony's Beauty Salon & Barber Shop 438 Mam^^ 301 

Cccchini A r 255 Main Prtlnd o^fJ^w 

Aquaterra Co real estate Haddam -T^aV d 

Archambault Eugene A r 47 Walnut 2303-R 

Arcidiacono Michael r Wall Crmwl ilyo 

Ardell Edgar r Bretton Hgts ;„? m 

Artndt George E r 71 Main Crmwl 3581-M 

Aresco Carmelo B r 238 William • • 1440 

Aresco Jennie M Miss r 63 Court 4548-M 

Aresco Joseph r 55 Bridge 2635.W 

Aresco Joseph r 590 High. . .^ 1177-W 

Aresco Joseph M r Main Rckfl n&l-Ji 

Aresco Louis r 260 Pearl Aio 1 

Aresco Salvatore A r 121 College ,JVn 

Aresco Sebastiana Mrs r Rockfall 3860 


Pease Av co\iy 

Arkasky Benjamin r 9 Perry Av Prtlnd ^?}^^.\ 

Armstrong Cuthbert D r 10 Brainerd Av "vffoi 

Armstrong Dorothy Miss r 95 Cross li'^\ 

Armstrong Edward M r 42 Wall • -"Sj 

Armstrong Walter J r Middlesex Av Prtlnd ™'5 

Arnold Araminla Mrs r Haddam :,o^, w? 

Arnold Harry W Mrs r Haddam i'Tyl\ 

Arnold Herbert E r 167 High ,„i wt 

Arnold Mary Hazen Mrs r Haddam Hii'ilii 

Arnold Philip C Mrs r Haddam o«q wi 

ArrigonI Anthony r Durham ^001 jt 

Arrigoni Charles J r Durham antCwi 

Arrigoni Chas J r Durham Center. Vo?2 

Arrigoni D road contractor 605 Main -annq Jl 

Arrigoni Dionigl r Durham aooi GuJ 

Arrigoni Ferdinand L r Durham , , T, it 

Arrigoni Frankly n W r Durham 1147-JJ 


Hotel office 605 Main ■'»'=» 

Arrigoni Joseph r Higganum J?cq^ 

Arrigoni Mary Miss Durham 2it 

Arrigoni Restaurant 605 Main 6LJ 

Art Gravure Studios Inc 53 Hubbard o,, w? 

Arthur Charles r Durham V^l'^iZ 

Ashley Frances M Miss r 56 Grove ;,^, Jj; 

Ashline F R r Crystal Lake Rd ti'^i 

Asman John C r Durham V-n7i9 

Asman W W r Durham . 

Associated Transport Inc terminal Queen Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . Enterpri$e-1370 

Astle Arthur J r Johnson \}}} , 

Astle Arthur J Jr r 17 Catherine 1246^ 

Astle Harold J r 7 Pine Av • ■_266^ 

Astle John P r 126 Marlborough Prtlnd l/ZzV'. 

Astle Paul r Old Mill Rd 2463-M 

Aston Herbert W r 395 Main Prtlnd lObl-J 

Atkins Grace M Miss r Long HI Rd 3287 

Atkinson Keith W r Pine St Ext 3685^ 

Atkinson Margaret L Miss r 128 Grand 2752^ 

Atkinson W B Mrs r 15 Freestone Av Prtlnd. . .1252.W 

Broad o/i-i^ uw* 

Atwell B R Durham ,,,0 ., 

Atwell Geo M r Durham 07, wi 

Atwell Gertrude B Mrs r Main Drhm ,,oa Jul 

Atwell H M r Durham V-Jno 

Atwell R J jeweler 254 Main *^"JJ 

Residence 30 So Main ■"'" 

Atwell Stanley C r 45 Home Av ^oJc'ii 

Atwell Waldo r Main Drhm ,«?! 1$ 

Atwell Warren L r Durham ,oArt 

Auburn Manufacturing Co Pease Av V-TnT 1 

Augeri Alexander r 28 Hillside Av ?iSf o 

Augeri Anthony r 1 Dunham Av 7™ 

Augeri Concetto dry goods 19 Green PI 2079 

Augeri Concetto S r 16 Goodyear Av 1512 

Augeri Josephine Miss r 14 Evergreen Av 1289 

Augeri Julia Mrs r 19 Green PI • • -^^^l-J 

Augeri Michael Mrs r 10 Walnut lo'So 

Augeri Peter r 16 Air Line Av Prtlnd ?ncQ 

Augeri Roseria r 118 Grove 4059 

Augeri Salvatore r Derby Rd Rckfl 898-W3 

Augeri Sebastian r 341 So Main 2962-M 

Augerl's Specialty Shop 572 Main . . 2528 

Augur Kenneth r Middleficld 1073-Jl 

Augur Rose Miss r Middlefield 1059-W2 

Augustine Edward J r 146 So Main 3909 

Augustine Victoria Miss r 50 Union ^^°^'\L 

Austin Millard B r 39 Breton Rd ^^^^Jfi 

Avery H C r Cherry La Drhm 3129-W3 


Babcock Ethol G Miss r 88 Church 1591-J 

Back Russell attorney at law 363 Main 1003 

Residence 209 Main Crmwl 2057-Jl 


359 Main 510 

Electrical Contractoi 359 Main 510 

Bacon Louis P r Ncwfield 2153 

Bacon Charles B r Newfield 2153 

Bacon C Marsden r Westfield Dist 937-J2 

Bacon C Marsden Jr r Westfield St 937-Jl 

Bacon Charles E r 107 Birdscy Av 4005-J 

Bacon Charles R Capt r 73 Lawn Av 2702-W 

Bacon Curtiss S r 515 Main 584 

Bacon Frederic S r 569 Main 2437 

Bacon Grace L Mrs r 426 Ridge Rd 1587-W 

Bacon Henry r Newfield 195 

Bacon Isabelle E Miss r 18 Walnut 3012-W 

Bacon Willis E i Ncwfield 160 

Badavas William J r Newfield 1235-W 

Baehr Edwin S r Cromwell 763-W2 

Baer Wm H r 66 So Main 762 

Bafuma Rose Miss r 24 Park PI 3429-R 

Bagadinski Stephen J r Bank Prtlnd 3838-W 

Bagenski Michael C r Main Rckfl 2646-W2 

Baginski Helen Mrs r 30 Miller 3627-J 

Baginski Joseph r Way Rd Mddltwn 3193-Jl 

Baginski Stacia Miss r Maiden La Drhm 49-W4 

Bahrenburg W H Jr r 

Haddam Quarter Rd Drhm.2872-W4 
Baler John J r 11 Cooley Av . 2879-J 

Bailey A C r Garden 4205-W 

Bailey A D r Haddam 2610-W2 

Bailey Albert H r 82 Main Crmwl 3582-J 

Bailey Angie M Miss r Christian HI Hggnm 3686-Jl 

Bailey C H r 16 Church Prtlnd 3218 

Bailey Charles A r 24 Washington Rd Crmwl. .2876-J2 

Bailey Clifford r Wall Crmwl 3440 

Bailey Dayid N r Phedon Pkwy 2657-W 

Bailey Edward C r 27 Wall Crmwl 837.W 

Bailey Eldon r 16 Lake 3917-W 

Bailey Eugene E r 263 Hunting HI Av 3723-W 

Bailey Franklyn F r Bear Rock Rd Drhm 698-J2 

Bailey George F r Haddam 3415-J2 

Bailey H E r Cromwell 2765 

Bailey H M Mrs r Durham Center 2359-J2 

Bailey Harold C r 286 Ridge Rd 3537-J 

Bailey J F 1 Durham 3016-W3 

Bailey John C r 4 Elm 684-J 

Bailey Leon A r Higganum 4173-J2 

Bailey Lovell S r Haddam 3157-J3 

Bailey M D r Newfield 3550-M 

Bailey Mabel F Miss r Cedar 667 -W 

Bailey Margaret Mrs r 171 Church 4286-W 

Bailey Marie V express-woman 31 Walnut Hartford 

(toll call) Hartford-2-6228 
Bailey Maude E Miss r 10 Prospect HI Crmwl. .3584-W 

Bailey Percival r Walkley HI Hddm 2772-J4 

Bailey R C Mrs r Haddam 3415-W2 

Bailey Robert E r 25 Wall Crmwl. • 1085-M 

Bailey Robert K r Haddam 3415-Wl 

Bailey Roscoe r 160 Highland Av 2378 

Bailey Rufus W r Morgan 1055 

Bailey Ruth E Miss r 163 Cross 3869-W 

Bailey Walter r 25 Evergreen Av 729-J 

Bailey Walter S r 253 Rjjlge Rd 3697-M 

Baines Samuel J r Rose HI Prtlnd. 3172-W3 

Baird Victor r 69 Roosevelt Dr 2662-W 

Baisden Charles S r 278 So Main 2497 -W 

Bojorek Frank r Reservoir Rd Prtlnd 766-W2 

Bajorek Joseph r Reservoir Rd Prtlnd 3172-Jl 

Bak Joseph r Middlefield St 3926-R 

Baker Carrie J Miss r Cromwell 692W2 

Baldwin Dayton A r Farm HI Rd 1056 

Baldwin Edward r 10 Hobson 1794-M 

3 Middretown BAB— BAR 

Baldwin Ethel G Mrs r 128 Broad . . 277-B 

Baldwin J G Mrs i 26 Miles Av . 1086-R 

Baldwin Linus genl contr 414 Farm HI Rd 1990 

Baldwin Norman F i Millbrook Rd 557-W 

Baldwin Robert 1 Farm HI Rd 2823-J 

Baldwin Walter r Highland Av 782 

Baldwin Wm H r Randolph Rd 3977-W 

. Balinski Chester C r 84 Ridge Rd 4293-W 

Balinski Walter r Coles Rd Crmwl 1464-W2 

Ball E T r Bow La 1563>R 

Ballachino Anthony cash rcg rprng 48 Center St 2529 

Ballard Lorance r 26 MacArthur Ct 4190-M 

Balzer Anton r 38 Burr Av 4155-J 

Balzer John r Turkey HI Hddm 681-W3 

BankoskI Stella Miss r 175 Ridge Rd 3696-M 

Bankoski Vincent r 136 Ridge Rd 3377-W 

Banks Cleo Miss r 11 Portland 2364-W 

Banks J J Rev r 121 Bridge 3346-W 

Banks Theo H Jr r 28 Lawn Av 2427 

Banta Alfred C r Durham 2995-J3 

Baraban Howard r 6 Clinton Av 1746-J 

Baranoski Jacob r Hendley 4274 

Barbieri Anthony r 23 Rome Av 4499 

Barbour Harold S r Higganum 2135-J3 

Barbour Olcott N r Rr 311 Main Prtlnd 2195 

Barce Albert r 272 Court 1472-M 

Bardweli Howard W Mrs r 58 Berlin 252 

Bark A F Mrs r 22 Spring Prtlnd 663-R 

Barker Charles r 130 Highland Av 2435-W 

Barker F C r Main Prtlnd . . 1955-R 

Barker Mabel Mrs r 99 Asylum 1841-J 

Barnett Eric V r Ranney Crmwl 3044.R 

Barney Mclvin E r Haddam 1629-W3 

Baron Michael J r 5C4 Washington 2926-M 

Baron Vera B Miss r 79 Boston Rd . . . 556-W 

Barone John r 178 Pearl 4307-W 

Baronc Louis r 26 St John 3610 

Barone Michael r 108 Spring 3221-W 

Barone Orazio r 67 College 2741-J 

Barone Vincent r Main Crmwl .2923 

Baroni Angelo r Higganum 591 -Jl 

Baroni D r Higganum 591-J3 

Baroni Frank r Lake Av Hggnm 3137.W1 

Baroni Peter L r 4 Dewey 1248-J 

Barr Browne Rev r 60 Crescent .2243 

Barracliffe E H r 28 MacArthur Ct 4190-J 

Barrett Augustine r 607 High 1759 


River Rd Crmwl 3660 

Barrett Helen F Miss r 139 Berlin 3194-R 

Barrett Ray Mrs r Middlefield 2036-W3 

Barrett Roland M r Jobs PonoK Prtlnd 1819-Jl 

Barrett Wesley Mrs r 608 Main Gldrslve 4433-W 

Barrow Eva M Miss r 128 Hieh 728 

Barrows Robert A r Beaver Meadow Rd Hddm 3340-J3 

Barrows Roy r Penfield HI Prtlnd 1651-W4 

Barry Carlos Jr r 322 Main Prtlnd 786 

Barry Frank r 522 High 282? 

Barry Harold P r Middlefield 1635-W2 

Barry James E r 87 Woodward Av 3539 

Barry John r Marlborough Prtlnd 1276-W 

Barry John C r 51 E Main Prtlnd 1336 

Barry Mary Miss r 14 Barry Prtlnd 2658 

Barry Michael Mrs r 37 Spring 4289.M 

Barry Olive G Miss r 42 Schuyler Av 1479.J 

Barry Ralph A r 18 McKenzie . . 825-R 

Barry Raymond A r 22 Hillside Av 4299 

Bartalotta Thomas r 50 Liberty 1889-W 

Barteaux Leon r Haddam 679-Jl 

Bartholomew H H r Haddam 2610-J4 

Bartlett Henry r 77 Freestone Av Prtlnd 857-M 

Bartlett Roscoe S r Saybrook Rd 2810*J 

Bartman John r 39 FrisseU 2743-M 

BAR-BER Middlefown 4 

Bartman Reed B r 438 Main Prtlnd 4607-W 

Bartolotta Angelina Mrs r Ranncy Rd Crmwi. . .2149-W 

Bartolotta Anna Mrs r 13 Spring Prtlnd 1074-J 

Bartolotta Anthony r 122 Prospect 3203-J 

Bartolotta Guy r 77 Grand 4008-W 

Bar'iolotta Joseph r 61 Fairvi?w Hgts Prtlnd. .40i7-W 
Bartolotta Luigi i 4 West St Crmwl 2409- J 

Bartolotta Sal r 90 Prospect ^^^I'/^t 

Bartolotta Sebastian r 10 Main Crmwl .1774-J 

Bartolotta Sebastian G r 159 So Main 738-J 

Bartolotta Sebastiano r 19 Middlesex Av Prtlhd.l451-W 

Bartolotta The Florist Main Crmwl 431 

Bartolotta The Florist 534 Main ^38 

Bartolotta Thomas R r 139 Church 4426-J 

Bartolotta Tony r 74 College ^^i^'^, 

Barton Sumner S r 311 Main Prtland 905-J 

Bascom E F r Jackson HI Rd MddlHd 2041-Wl 

Basiel Jennie Miss r 46 Freestone Av Prtlnd .. 2697-W 

Basile William J r 669 High -685 

Baskin Benjamin r 36 Walnut vil t 

Basso Emil r Indian Hill Av Gldrslvc 4566-J 

Bastian Ella C Mrs r 43 Breton Rd . . 258-J 

Bastura Walter r 237 E Main ^ 'Z 

Battistini Lawrence H r Greenhouse Av Crmwl. 4366-R 

Batty Anna Miss r 64 West St 2155-W 

Batty Geo r 14 Pike PI ^^'"^ 

Batty Robert Mrs r 70 Home Av 2471-J 

Batty Wilbur G r 152 E Main 2762-W 

Batty William R r 74 MUl ??It*i 

Bauer Albert A r 26 Ridge Rd 2492-R 

Bauer Alice L Miss r 94 Front 1165-J 

Bauer Frederick r 12 Ridge Rd 3029-R 

Bauer George C r Millbrook Rd 3945-Jl 

Baumann Fred G r 66 Durant 2029-M 

Bayley H J r 91 Front ^i^n'^i 

Bayley James r 33 Ridge Rd T,,; i 

Bayley Walter r 423 Main Prtlnd 1216-J 

Bazzano Carl r Ncwfield 586-R 

Bazzini Albert G r Durham 2924-J3 

Bazzini Minnie Miss r Durham 2924-Jl 

Beach Francis A Mrs r 115 High 284 

Beattie T S r 18 Silver 1786 

Beauchemin Sylvia Mrs RN 136 Berlin 989-J 

Beauchemin Vincent P r 28 Saybrook Rd 3733-R 

Beaudry Edwin D r 441 High 2752-W 

Beaupre Hector r Peters La Rckfl 898-J2 

Beauregard Mary Mrs r 3 Pomeroy PI .3166-M 

Becker Harry W r 7 Allison 2901 

Becker Ray r Main Rckfl 927-J2 

Beckett Alice M Miss r Spring Prtlnd 3616-M 

Beckley Charles W r 21 Vine 1253-W 

Beckley Frederick G r 46 Russell 2317-R 

Beckwith Ellsworth r Haddam 3156-W4 

Beckwith Frank r 282 Pine 4187-W 

Beckwith George r Haddam 3156-W2 

Bedini J J r Haddam 2771-W4 

Beebe David H insurance 438 Main 72 

Res Breton Hgts 197 

Beebe Richard H r 500 Main 1456-J 

Beemer Ernest R r 4 Hubcr Av 1217-W 

Beers Emma N Mrs r 20 Church Prtlnd 3569-W 

Beers Wm R r 11 Brainerd Av 2757-W 

Behm Adolph r 39 Knowles Av 3284-W 

Behm August r 38 Oak 2392-M 

Behm GusUve L r 9 Warren 61 

Behm Louis r 47 Knowles Av 897-W 

Behn Wallace r Haddam 4241-W3 

Behrman's Luggage Shop 148 Main 318 

Beinstock Annie Mrs r 4 South St 2822-W 

Bell Carlyle S r 523 Main Prtlnd 3320 

Bell Cassie S Mrs r 487 Main Prtlnd 4208-W 

Bell E I r 393 Main Prtlnd 217-M 

Bell H C F r 22 Wyllys Av 1077 

Bell H Hurlburt r 487 Main Prtlnd 1965-R 

Bell Henry C r Sand Hill Rd Prtlnd 2862-W2 

Bell Joseph r 116 Asylum ,t^A «, 

Bellamo Vincent r 206 William 3849-W 

Bellchamber Frank r 25 Park PI 4031-W 

Bellchamber J E r 44% Silver 3324 

Bellchamber John r Greenhouse Av Crmwl 3558-W 

Belle Frank N r &29 Ridge Rd 2601-M 

Bellingham Thomas E r Long River Village 4417-M 

Bellmore Ernest A r 49 Crescent 3586-J 

Bellobuono Angcio builder & cntr Pine St Ext... 2505 
Bellobuono John r 25 Clinton Av 2711 

Bellobuono Michael C r Pleasant Crmwl 253-J 

Bellows Nicola F stocks-bonds 279 Main 1143 

Belnak Marion Miss r 133 Church 1591-R 

Belniak John r 6 Hillside Av 3277-J 

Bement Edward T state fish & game wrdn 

26 Spring Prtlnd . 3489-J 

Bement Frank B r 21 Long La .li^VH 

Bengston Air Maromas 3691-Wl 

Bengston Carl B r Perry Av Prtlnd 2394-R 

Bengston Frances Mrs r 75 Vine 1113-W 

Bengston G B r 143 Prospect. ^^^I^ 

Bengston John C r 400 High 1379 

Bengtson Alfred r 42 Bartlett Prtlnd 1578-J 

Bengtson C Russell r 68 Tryon 1654-J 

Bengtson Carl I r Strongs Av Prtlnd 1268-J 

Bengtson Carl W r 12 Saybrook Rd 3151-W 

Bengtson Charles H r 35 Silver 3665 

Bengtson Charles J Mrs r Strickland Prthid 
Bengtson E Arnold r Maromas. ...... 

Bengtson E H r 90 Johnson 

Bengtson Fred r Boston Rd 

Bengtson George r Washington Rd Crmwl 
Bengtson Harry Mrs r 596 Main 
Bengtson John E r Newtown 
Bengtson Oscar E r Strickland 
Benham Earl r Higganum 






Prtlnd 4433-J 


Prtlnd 3174-J4 


Benham Martha J Mrs r 194 Court 1680 

Benham W A Mrs r 35 Sumner 1853-W 

Bennett Earle W r 1 Newtown 2841-W 

Bennett George r 2 Tryon ^^nl" o 

Bennett Gordon C r 96 So Main 509-R 

Bennett J A r 323 Main Crmwl ^^^^'ii 

Bennett Mary Mrs r 34 Erin ^^??m 

Bennett Mary Elizabeth Miss r 53 Home Av 1758 

Bennett Melvin C Sr r 82 E Main 4568 

Bennett Melvin T r 80 E Main 3107-J 

BennetVWilliam L r Pleasant Crmwl 776-M 

Bensenhaver Russell r 49 Knowles Av ... 897-J 
Bensenhaver S E Mrs r Haddam Rd 1987-J3 

Bensenhaver William E r Freeman Rd 734-Jl 

Benson Alma Miss r Stevens La ^^^^'.15 

Benson Ben S r 53 Ridge Rd ^^V^\L 

Benson Harry E r 2 Durant Ter 1405-M 

Benson May Miss r 126 Broad 277-J 

Berarducci Sam r 86 Pearl 4550 

Berbr Chas restaurant So Main St Ext . 326 

Berchulski Helen E Miss r Higganum 2486-J3 

Berg Frank r 145 William 2018-W 

Berg Thea Mrs r 105 Main Crmwl 3584-R 

Bergen John F r 177 Prospect 1239-M 

Bergendahl Carl E r Pine St Ext 978 

Bergeson Edward r William Prtlnd 1255-W 

Berggren August r 47 E Main Prtlnd ^^^^m 

Berggren J Philjp r 144 Lincoln 207 

Bergman Berkeley r 14 Erin "^^^"^ 

Bergman Ernest r 52 Bartlett Prtlnd 1578-W 

Berkeley Service Sta 111 Washington 1492 

Berndtson Adolf r Main Gldrslve 1718-W 

Berndtson Everett r 632 Main Gldrslvc 3579-W 

Bernier Adeline Mrs r 117 College ^^®^:; 

Bernson G M r Gcer Crmwl 2382-J2 

BernstenJohn r Saybrook Rd 4308-Wl 

Berresford John K r Main Drhm 699-J4 

Berrie David R r 41 Laurel 3728-J 

Berrle Robert C r 16 Robert 4205-J 


Bcrt-y Louise Miss r 35 Crescent 3273-M 

Berry Wm T r Old Mill Rd 3049-W 

Berson Samuel r Deerfield Av 4523-J 

Berten Henry r Durham 2a93-W2 

Berten John r 230 Farm HI Rd .552-R 

Bertolini David r Higganum 2768-J2 

Beseck Community Store Lk Beseck Mddlfld 2856 

Bessell Edmund r Millbrook Rd 194-J3 

Betoncourt Leo r 218 E Main 1117-W 

Bette's 538 Main 374 

Beveridge Clayton r Long Hill Rd 891-J 

Beveridge Clifford T r Newficld 3475-W 

Beveridge Colin L r 11 Knowles Av 2912-M 

Beveridge Thos r 172 Cross 2245 

Bevilaqua Peter r Higganum 3794-W2 

Bibisi Michael r 246 Hunting Hill Av 3683-J 

Bibisi Powers Helen Mrs r 181 Main 2947-J 

Bibisi Salvatore r Cemetery Rd Crmwl 1566-R 

Biddie Damon r Arnold 1952-W 

Bidwell A M Jr r Guilford Rd Drhm 2995-W3 

Bidwell A M Jr r 16 Wall 1646-W 

Bidwell Albert H r 65 Bow La 2302-J 

Bidwell Ernest S r 44 Saybrook ^d 2627-W 

Bidwell Samuel T r 32 Fairview Av 1398-R 


3 Silver 334 

Bielby Atala P Miss r 145 Lincoln 536-R 

BielefieldFJ r 81 Russell 1455-R 

Bielefield Fred J Jr r Miner 231-Jl 

Bielefield Walter C r Newtown 2656-M 

Bienashski Stephen r 57 Grove Prtlnd 4345-J 

Big Y Feed Co Middleficid Center 1617-J2 

Bigelow E B r Middlefield 1617-W3 

Bighinatti Ben r Newfield 3604-W3 

Bilitz Julius r 14 Starr Mill Rd 1356-J 

Billett Mary Miss r 126 Broad 277-J 

Billingham P L Mrs r 6 Prospect HI Rd Crmwl. 3583-W 

Bill's Lunch 203 Main 3381 

Bineze vski Walter r 51 Marlborough Prtlnd. . . .4269-J 

Binge 'dward C deputy sheriff 363 Main 1003 

Binge V alter H r 392 Washington 128 

Binke V alter r Dewey 758-R 

BinkowsKi Regina S Miss r 38 William 1103 

Binks Geo W Main Crmwl 2754 

Binks Thomas M Mrs RN Garfield Av 3690-J 

BIrdscy B A r Lexington Av 1198-J 

Birdsey Cleveland W r Ballfall Rd 1436-J3 

Birdsey Geo H r Woodside Cir 3124-M 

Birdsey Herbert r Ballfall Rd 1436-Wl 

Birdsey Monroe r Westficld 1436-W3 

Birdsey Robert C r Middlefield 4040-Wl 

Bischoff Ralph F r 261 Washington Ter 3015 

Bish Stanley V r 92 West St 3419-J 

Bishel A H r 60 So Main 1071 

Bishel Sherman C r Ridge Rd 1219 

Bishop Minnie W r Saybrook Rd 1078-W2 

Bishop Samuel R r Tryon 3633-R 

Biss John Jr r 34 Hubbard 3052 

Bitgood G E Jr Or grad vet 62 Silver 1298 


62 Silver 1298 

Bittman Eva Mrs r 163 E Main 81-M 

Black Luella Miss r 40 William 2009-J 

Bladek S J r 229 E Main 874-W 

Blake Edward L r Main Drhm 986-W3 

Blake Harold W r Millbrook Rd 4309-W2 

Blake Herbert r 2 Stowe Av 2704-R 


Plumbing-heating Rr 152 Main 2750 

Blake Robert r Tryon 2180-J 

Blake Thomas E r 34 Evergreen Av 1435-M 

Blake William r Coleman Rd 955-Jl 

Blakely Ora Mrs r Higganum 666-Wl 

Blakely Wesley H r River Rd Crmwl 923-M 

Blakcslce Hcaton r Durham Center 3017-W4 

5 Middlefown BER— BOS 

Blancato Joseph r 211 Pearl 4557.W 

Blancato Josephine Miss r 24 Lake < 1747 

Blancato Mary Mrs r 9 Bank Prtlnd 3328-J 

Blancato Samuel I r 245 Main Prtlnd 3372-J 

Blandin E E Lt r 273 Court 3494 

Blank Albert J r 77 Chestnut 3535-J 

Blank Paul r 8 E Main 3142-W 

Blankenagel John C r 214 High 2880-W 

Blascnke Pauline Mrs RN Highland Av Prthid. .962-W 

Blaskey William r Higganum 679-W4 

Blatchley & Ballard Inc whsle grain & feed 

158 Russell 3605 

Blatchley Milton r 160 Russell 4164 

Blatchley Sherman C r 144 Russell 2390 


Electrical contractors-repairers 237 Main.... 2760 

Electric radios & refrigerators 237 Main 2760 

Blau Walter A r 82 Lawn Av 3041 

Blau Walter A Jr r 80 Lawn Av 2341-J 

Blau William r 57 Brainerd Av 4193-J 

Peterson Henry r Barbara Rd 938-W 

Blifford Irving H r 605 Main 3508 

Bliss Charles L r 49 Brainerd Av 138 

Bliss H R r Haddam 3757-J2 

Bliss Jennie E Miss r 417 High 1899-R 

Bliss P & H serials 171 E Main .2255 

Bliss Philip office 171 E Main 2255 

Residence 154 Church 1833 

Bliven Charles F Mrs r 5 Barry Av Prtlnd 573-J 

Blodgett Ellsworth H r Old Gulf Rd Hddm 3415-Jl 

Blodgett Paul N r 139 Broad 1888-R 

Blois Raymond G r High Mddlfid 3192-W4 

Blomberg Hjalmar r Carroll PI Crmwl 3165-W 

Blomberg Margaret Mrs r 30 Fountain Av 2249-W 

Blomberg Phyllis Miss r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl. 4039-W 

Bloomquist Anna Mrs r 11 Coe Av Prtlnd 1967-M 

Bloomquist Harold r Jackson HI Rd Mddlfld. .1073-J3 

Bloomquist Milton r 384 Main Prtlnd 3573-W 

Bloomquist Valentine r 23 Vine 2327-W 

Bmerck John r 12 Air Line Av Prtlnd 4152 

B'Nai Brith No 897 181 Main 3396 

Boardman Taxi Service East Haddam Cr()ssroad . 618-W3 

Bodeau Edward r Boston Rd 896-W3 

Bo-Del Beauty Salon 72 Washington 2262 

Bogdan John r Middlefield 1581-J4 

Bogdan Joseph r 33 West St 2311-R 

Bogue Alice Mrs r Carroll PI Crmwl 972-J 

Bolan Mary A Miss r 151 Broad 2357-W 

Bolster Alton A r Main Hddm 3758-Jl 

Bombaci Frank r 70 College 4090 

Bombaci Frank r 154 Grand 4237*J 

Bombaci Jim r 4 Prospect PI 785-R 

Bonafonte Benjamin r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 680-J4 

Bonaiuto Joseph r 15 Rapallo Av 4373-J 

Bonaiuto S painter & decorator 339 Main 357 

Residence 34 Burr Av 1580 

Bonaiuto Salvatore r 212 Hunting Hill Av 3642-W 

Bondi John r 217 College 3635-R 

Bonewicz Anthony r 582 High 1177-J 

Bonfoey Clarence N r 11 Liberty 4174 

Bongiorno Frank J r 118 Highland Av 1198-R 

Bongiorno Sebastian r 63 Ferry 812-R 

Bonvino Gaetano mnmntl works So Main St Ext. .1693 

Bonvino Nicholas r 98 William 4508-J 

Booth Carrie E Mrs r 231 Hunting HI Av 1891 

Booth James W r 231 Main Prtlnd 3372-R 

Booth James W Jr r 2 Jefferson Av 3549 

Boothe Perry M r 46 Old Mill Rd 4355-W 

Boothroyd Geo H r 1 Factory 66-M 

Bordonaro Sam r Cotton HI Rd Prtlnd 1016-J3 

Borenski John r Main Rckfl 4162-Jl 

Borghini James r 105 Johnson 2605-W 

Borowicz Zygmund r 10 Clay Av 166-J 

Boscarino Nicholas r 38 Ferry 3978 

BOS— BRO Middletown 6 

BoseeJ Kennard investment securities 363 Main 2468 

Residence 32 Brainerd Av 550 

Boston Fruitery fruit & vegetables 154 Main 600 

Bostrom George H r 11 Commerce Prtlnd 281-J 

Bostrom Hjalmer r 19 Coc Av Prtlnd 956-M 

Bostrom William T r 94 Main Crmwl 2970-M 

Bosworth Wesley r Indian Hill Av Gldrslve 4566-W 

Botelle H B r Cromwell ^i^^t\ 

Botelle Helen A Miss r Shadow La Crmwl 2495-J2 

Botti John r Newfield offtj! 

Boublik Joseph r Durham 961-WZ 

Boucl-ard Fred r Field Crmwl 4049-Wl 

Boughton A Leslie r 404 Pine 242 

Boughton Edith G Miss r 156 College 1409 

Bourgeois Amos r 13 New La Crmwl 291-J 

Bouteiller Austin W r Brctton Hgts 3054-J 

BouteillerW H r 34 Lawn Av 889 

Boutwell M N r 39 Evergreen Av ^^^c "l 

Bowen John Mrs r 50 Ferry 845-J 

Bowen Mildred Miss r 41 Union 4378-J 

Bower Bernice Miss r 1 Main St Ext 3733-M 

Bowers Carlton S r 23 Butternut 1113-R 

Bowman Emma Mrs r E Main Prtlnd 2310-M 

Boy Scouts Middlesex Council 27 Washington 4100 

Boyko Mary Miss r 10 E Main 3863-J 

Bozzi Aldo J r 669 High 2673.M 

Bozzi Alexander r 239 Pearl 2665-W 

Bradbury L R r 190 High 3212-J 

Bradford David C r Freestone Av Crmwl 2938-W2 

Bradford Emory H Mrs r 39 Spring 4057-W 

Bradley Caton r Millbrook Rd 2482-W2 

Bradley Frank T r Long HI 730 

Bradley Geo W Mrs r Newfield 4395-J 

Bradley Marie Celeste Mrs r Millbrook Rd 2482-W2 

Bradley's Express 13 Butternut 458 

Bragdon Marjorie Miss RN 18 Main 1564-M 

Bragg Marshall F r Main Drhm 3128-J2 

Brainard Charles r 266 Ridge Rd 1193 

Brainard Dwight P r Ridge Rd 2307 -W 

Brainard Edith Mrs r Higganum 3074-Wl 

Brainard Harley E r 288 Ridge Rd 1299-W 

Brainard Hazel r 5 Liberty PI 1303-J 

Brainard Oliver Mrs r Killingworth Rd Hggnm.4267-Wl 

Brainard Olyn A real estate 360 Main 1694 

Residence 705 Ridge Rd 3827-J 

Brainard P A Mrs r 650 Main 3648-M 

Brainard Robert B ins 438 Main 72 

Brainard Robert B r 296 Ridge Rd 2922 

Brainerd E LeRoy r 148 Broad 3338 

Brainerd Eveline W Miss r Haddam 2689-W3 

Brainerd Frank J r 405 Main Prtlnd 2892 

Brainerd Henry r 76 Berlin 1728 

Brainerd Lester r 5 Warren 1313-W 

Braisted Paul J r Haddam 2689-J4 

Bramblee Mary E Miss r 169 College 3266-R 

Branciforte Alfonso r 99 Grand 4134-W 

Branciforte Carmelo r 9 Main Crmwl 3807 

Branciforte James r 1 Main Crmwl 2721 

Branciforte Louis r 2 Jefferson Av 727 

Branciforte Santo r 12 Main Crmwl 4160 

Branciforte Tony r Main Crmwl 3542 

Brannack K E r 38 Schuyler Av 1598-W 

Bransfield Edward r 714 Main 3106-M 

Bransfield Edward Mrs Rr 142 Main Prtlnd 3393 

Bransfield James C Mrs RN 24 Fairview Prtlnd 2993-W 

Bransfield Jerrold F Dr dentist ofc 508 Main 423 

Residence Main Prtlnd 3352-J 

Bransfield John Mrs r 336 Main Prtlnd 682-J 


Coal-wood office 77 Main Prtlnd 388 

Residence 259 Main Prtlnd 3236-J 

Bransficld's Restaurant 116 Court 2578 

Brass Rail Grill 196 Main 3387 

Brass Walter S r Ballfall Rd Wstfld 1596.J3 

Brault George r Ponset 679-W2 

Bravakis James T r 177 College 872 

Bray Charles E r 208 College 1112 


Contractors 56 Oak 148-W 

Conn Steam Brown Stone Co Portland 92 

Portland Brown Stone Quarry Co Portland. . . .92 

Oil Portland "2 

Brazos Frank 319 Washington Tcr I960 

Brazos George r Ridge Rd 4098-J 

Brazos C uy W r So Main St Ext 2936-Jl 

Brazos John r 70 Oak 1346 

Brazos Joseph Mrs r 84 High 148-R 

Brazos Julia A Miss r 100 High 3445.W 

Brazos Manuel A Mrs r 85 High 1903 

Brazos Neale r 286 Russell 3697-R 

Brazos Robert P fuel oil & kerosene 84 High 2072 

Brazos Ronald S r 11 Oak 2179-W 

Brazos Warren r 18 Commerce Prtlnd 3632-W 

Breck Samuel Jr Mrs r Shailerville 3157-J4 

Brede George r 374 Main Prtlnd 3569-J 

Bregman Samuel r 274 Court 2431-W 

Breier Henry r 93 Chestnut 166-M 

Brennan Franks r Geer Crmwl 3187-J3 

Brennan W J r 84 Catherine 1029-J 

Brenner J E Mrs r 70 Saybrook Rd 4259-M 

Brewster Chas H Inc automobiles 154 William. . .2233 

Brewster Chas H r 152 Mt Vernon 2242 

Bride J Raymond r Air Line Av Prtlnd 686 

Bride Mary H Miss r 16 Grand 1338 

Bride T R r 11 Liberty 2309-W 

Bride William r Air Line Av Prtlnd 690-J 

Bridge S Mrs r 416 Washington 2717-J 

Bridgman F Brainerd r Durham Rd No Gfd 2995-J4 

Briggmann Donald r 97 Russell 4592 

Briggs Chas N r 83 Union 1063 

Briggs Evelyn J Mrs r Higganum *. • .3402-Wl 

Briggs L H G r 384 High 2603-W 

Bright Winton A r Ridgewood Rd 2977-W 

iBrindle Evans Mrs r 2 Wall 2312-R 

Brink Alyce Mrs r 20 Breton Rd 3447-W 

Briscoe Avalon Miss r Millbrook Rd 194-W4 

Brisson Joseph r Ponset 679-Wl 

Bristol Bertha L Mrs r 48 Broad 1501-J 

Bristol Luzerne r Durham .777-Jl 

Bristol Oliver M r Maiden La Drhm 777-J2 

Bristol & Peterson garage Main Drhm 602 '^ 

Bristol L A r Durham 777-Jl 

Britten Harold C Dr dent ofc 438 Main 2516 

Residence 334 Washington 3326 

Brittingham Ray M Jr r Prospect Prtlnd 4339-W 

Broadbent Richard E r Newfield 841 

Broadhurst Russell D r Newfield 4038-W 

Brock Clifford dairy products Ridge Rd 3887 

Brock E LeRoy r 797 Ridge Rd 3609-M 

Brock Henry J dairy products 796 Ridge Rd 3886 

Brock Percy J r Prout Hill Rd 2461-J4 

Brock Walter C r Cedar 2749-J 

BrockunierSH r 101 High 1049-W 

Brodcrick J H Mrs r 252 Main Crmwl 2938-Jl 

Brodeur C C r 48 Brainerd Av 4450 

Brody Samuel r 181 E Main 1917-M 

Bronson Paul N r 57 Fairview Hgts Prtlnd 3139 

Brookes Arthur W r Haddam ^^^? 

Brookes Fred A Jr r Haddam 1865-W2 

Brookes Robert A r Christian HI Hggnm 3684-W2 

Brookes Whitney K r Higganum 672-J3 

Brookfield Farm Durham 3262 -J3 

Kennels Durham 3262-Jl 

Brooks Harry r 46 Indian HI Av Prtlnd 954-M 

Brooks Lucy E Miss r 220 Ridge Rd 1387-M 

Brophy Mary E Mrs r 162 Highland Av 1259-M 


Plumbing & heating stoves 67 Main 894 

Brown Philip J r 149 Lincoln I9l9 

Brown E Iva Mrs r 125 Cross. 1052-M 

Brown Harold r 4 George 4336-W2 

Brown Harry D r 100 Chestnut 503-R 

Brown Helmuth H r Durham 3991-Wl 

Brown John r Timber HI Rd Crmwl 3112-W 

Brown M A Mrs r 287 Washington Ter 504 

Brown P Brendan r 562 Main 2030-J 

Brown Robert B r 344 Main Prtlnd .4424-R 

Brown W C r Middlefield 2036-Wl 

Brown William Jr r 234 William 3289-J 

Brown William D r Margarite Rd 1832 

Browne M W r 22 Berlin 278 

Brownlow D B r 26 Warwick 1716-W 

Brownstone Restaurant 164 Main Prtlnd 2585 

Bruce J S r 20 Lawn Av 3169 

Bruckner Martin L r 233 Main Crmwl 3272 

Brunetto Frank r Saybrook Rd 4308-J2 

Brunetto Val r 39 Grand 3681-W 

Bruni Amileo r 60 Ferry 4285 

Brunner Paul r Durham 1991-Wl 

Brush Edgar r 12 Oak 71-W 

Brush Hiram r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 4039.J 

Brustman Joseph A r 41 Lawn Av 4030 

Bryant Earle W Mrs r Ballfall Rd 3774-W 

Bryant Gordon r 73 Roosevelt Dr 4439-J 

Bryant Jules r Bow La 4074-W 

Bryant Julia C Miss r Main Drhm 3680-W4 

Bryar Alice Mrs r Long River Village 4398-R 

firys Anne Louise Mrs RN 359 So Main 2698-R 

Buccilli Henry r 163 Pearl 4296 

Buchas Charles r East St 213-W4 

Buchheit Rudolph r Jail Hill Rd Hddm 4407-W2 

Bucionis Joseph r Saybrook Rd .1078-J4 

Buckley Ralph r William Prtlnd 3694 

Buckley Willard E Dr r 23 Mazzotta PI 3493-W 

Buckman Lorenz W r 166 Highland Av 1259-R 

Buckman Louis W r 29 Highland Ter 928-W 

Buckman Roy C r 60 Knowljs Av 4574-W 

Buckner Process Co Saybrook Rd 316 

Budka Frank r Higganum 2135-W3 

Budnick Morris L r 34 MacArthur Ct 4190-R 

Bucll Carlton M r Christian HI Hggnm 2685-J3 

Buffum Charles E r 166 Lincoln 1983 

Bugaj Joseph r 82 Boston Rd 556-R 

Buggie Edward r Cromwell 2876-W2 

Buggie Mary A Miss r West Cromwell 535-J2 

Buggie Thomas r Main Crmwl 2495-Jl 

Buggie William K r West St Crmwl 2979 

Buker Gerald H r 35 West St 1854-W 

Bulkelcy Robert T r 139 Vine 2981-J 

Bulkeley W S r West St Crmwl 3130-J 

Bullard C S r 260 Pine 3149-J 


Department Store 386 Main 1400 

Lucas Evans Mrs r 116 Breton Rd 2130 

Bunce Richard H r 51 Lawn Av 559 

Brainard Dwight P r Ridge Rd 2307-W 

Dorflinger Walter B r 190 Hunting HI Av 1460-W 

Molander Robert E r 102 So Main 2329 

German J A r 111 Breton Ridge 2712 

Zeeb George C r 225 College 1174-W 

Bundy J r East St 944-W4 

Bunnell C Wallace r 130 Highland Av 2435-M 

Buntly Frocks Inc dress mfr Rapallo Av 1980 

Burdick F C r 362 So Main 2698-J 

Burdick Henry S r Pleasant Crmwl 2149-M 

Burek Anna Mrs r 41 Sumner 3846 

Burford M G r Randolph Rd 1192-R 

Burgess Norman r Long River Village 4396-M 

Burgess Philip r 1 E Main 2132-J 

Burke Arthurs Mrs RN Middlefield 1603 

Burke Mary A Miss r 157 Grand 519-W 

Burkhart Clifford W r Freeman Rd 734-J2 

Burleigh Margaret E Miss r Bartholomew Rd 3046 

Burleson Lester W r Bow La 3109-W2 

Burnell J H r 46 West St 2311-W 

7 Middletown BRO— CAH 

Burnham Charles Nelson r Middlefield 3197-J2 

Burnham Harold G r Middlefield 3197-Wl 

Burnham's Store general store Middlefield 4490 

Burns Catherine Miss r Wolcott Av Prtlnd 3571-J 

Burns Helen Mrs r 98 Spring 3348-J 

Burns James H r 105 Main Prtlnd 1973-R 

Burns John F r 25 Prospect 1007 

Burns Katherine M Miss RN 108 Main 1459 

Burns Leroy M r Westfield 231-W2 

Burr Adelbert S r Higganum 512-Wl 

Burr C R r Middlefield 966-J2 

Burr Clayton Mrs r Higganum 512-J2 

Burr Dennis r 6 Fowler Av 1416-J 

Burr Elbert Mrs r Lake Av Hggnm 2933-J3 

Burr Eldon R Mrs r Durham Center 3017-Wl 

Burr Eugene Mrs r Higganum 3402-J2 

Burr Everett Mrs r Parmelee HI Rd Drhm . . . 1991-W3 

Burr Floyd r 12 Crown 568-R 

Burr H L Mrs r 70 Crescent 16 

Burr Harry M r Randolph Rd 1707 

Burr J C r 8 Crescent 3473 

Burr Jasper r Durham 3297-J2 

Burr K E Miss r Rockfall 4162-W2 

Burr Leon T r Higganum 664-W2 

Burr Lottie I Mrs r 16 Silver Prtlnd 4532-W 

Burr Nehemiah Mrs r Durham 2871-W2 

Burr Noah A Mrs r Depot Hill Rd Hggnm 1172-J2 

Burr Ralph H Jr r 43 Silver 185-R 

Burr Raymond C r Newfield 1065 

Burr W E S Mrs r Ponset 3503-W2 

Burton Edward S r Alquonquin Rd Lk Bsck. .3265-Wl 

Bush Bessie R Mrs r 74 Main Crmwl 3581-J 

Bushey Charlotte Miss r 62 Strong Av Prtlnd. . . .2839 

Bushnell J Clement r 74 Main Crmwl. 3581-W 

Bussom Thomas W r 350 High 2877 -J 

Butler Alma M Mrs RN 26 Spring Prtlnd 3489-J 

Butler Austin J r Middlefield 2164-J4 

Butler Clifton r Haddam 3157-Jl 

Butler E Dudley Mrs r 156 High 1467 

Butler George S r 61 Main Crmwl 2723-R 

Butler Henry A r Perry Av Prtlnd 1765-M 

Butler Nathaniel J r 240 Russell 4501-R 

Butler's Insurance Office ins-rl est 243 Main 244 

Boughton A Leslie r 404 Pine 242 

Lawson William W r 388 Washington 3752 

Freeman H Eugene r 52 Wyllys Av j3722-J 

Butler's Laundry Service 208 Main 2475 

Butterfield Victor L r 208 High 2619 

Butterfly Shop 318 Main 346 

Buttcrworth Burton H r West St Crmwl 3528-W 

Butterworth Harry C r Morgan 1568-J 

Butterworth Joseph W r 56 Fountain Av 2912-R 

Byloff Estellc Mrs r 63 Roosevelt Dr 4492-R 

Bynon C E Mrs r 55 Lawn Av 2148-J 

Byrne Raymond C r 44 Rome Av 4357-W 

Byrne Thomas r Bow La 3109-J4 

Byrnes Robert L r 252 Pine 2623-M 

Bysiewicz W J r East St 944-Jl 

Bystrek John S r East St 3924-W4 

Bywaler W C r 154 Lincoln 779-R 


Cade Adelbert r Middlefield 2192 -W2 

Cade Allison D r 30 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3409-M 

Cadger A E r 186 Main Crmwl 3248-W2 

Cady Walter G r 49 High 24 

Caffery James r 15 Chestnut 560-W 

Caffery James T r 6 Court Crmwl 2692 -Wl 

Caffrcy Bernard r 7 Nordland Av Crmwl 3554 

Caffrey Edward F r Court Crmwl 3994-W3 

Cahill Cecelia Miss r 10 Wetmore PI 1236 

Cahill Evelyn F Mrs RN 74 Boston Rd 1311-W 

Cahill John E r 97 Lawn Av I993-W 


Middletown 8 

Cahill Michael A r 11 Long La 1463-J 

CahlilWmJJr r 483 High 2017-J 

Caiazza Angelo Mrs r 19 Grand 2633 

Caiazza Casto L r 490 High 3002 

Cairns Janet P Mrs r 335 Ridge Rd 3737-W 

Calhoun Hazen A Mrs r Main He:(?nm 3794-Jl 

Callaghan Timothy Mrs r 30 E Main Prtlnd 1091-J 

Callahan John J r High Prtlnd 1351-R 

Callahan Margaret Mrs r 204 Main Prtlnd 3459-W 

Callander John M r 492 Main Prtlnd 1965-W 

Cambria Don atty-at-law 296 Main 2866 

Residence 151 Broad 3063 

Cambria Guy CPA 164 Court 1823 

Residence 346 Washington 2440-W 

Cambria Thomas attorney-at law 296 Main 2866 

Cambria Thomas r 137 Vine 2628-J 

Cameron C D r 46 Fountain Av 598 

Cameron George F r Highland Av 2707-M 

Cameron William F r Coleman Rd 955-W3 

Cammarata Frank r 23 Clinton Av 4119-W 

CamozzI Egidio r Durham 3005-W2 

Camp Burton H r 110 Mt Vernon 2139-J 

Camp C Curtis r Pine 2891-J 

Camp D W r 131 Mt Vernon 140 

Camp Edward G r 483 Main Prtlnd 1394 

Camp H C r Main Drhm 3296-W2 

Camp H L r Highlawn Meriden Rd 2 

Camp R W Mrs r 387 High 2930 

CAMP RW co- 
Clothing furnishings 412 Main 248 

Camp Robert W Jr r Pine 3532 

Campanelll John r 12 Riverside Prtlnd 3353.W 

Campbell A Harold r 426 High 162 

Campbell Andrew J Mrs r 155 Petri 1569 

Campbell C A r 86 High 4047-J 

Campbell & Campbell attorneys-at-law 438 Main . .361 

Campbell Ruth L Miss r 576 Main Prtlnd 1955-W 

Campisi Anna Mrs r 157 Hunting Hill Av 554-J 

CampisI Sebastian r 35 Rapallo Av 4463-J 

Canestra Joseph r 22 E Main 4166-W 

Canfield Marjorie Mrs r 188 William 3628-J 

Cann Walter r Greenhouse Av Crmwl 4366-M 

Cannata Anthony r 35 Clinton Av 2959-W 

Cannata Helen L Miss r 23 Johnson 4128-J 

Cannata James r 68 College 1133-M 

Cannata Joseph r 49 Ferry 2686-M 

Cannata Joseph r 44 Washington 4377-J 

Cannata Joseph r 198 William 157-M 

Cannata Nicholas r 80 Liberty 4598 

Cannata S r 166 College 2441-W 

Cannata Sam coal 58 Court .324-W 

Cannata Sebastiano meat & groceries 65 Stack. .2577 

CannatU Michael r 152 Main Prtlnd 693 

Cannon C M & Son see Blake 8c Peterson 

Cannon Samuel C r 666 Ridge Rd 865 

Cansdale Robert r 212 E Main 1413 

Cantwell Madeline L Mrs r 321 Main 3766-W 

Cantwell Wm J r 12 Fairview Prtlnd 2952-R 

Capello Frank r 14 Silver Prtlnd 2493-W 

Capitos Anargyros r 2 Laurel 3781 

Capitol Bowling Alleys 547 Main 2590 

Tringali Frank r Rapallo Av 3435 

Capitol Theatre 354 Main 2400 

Caplltcka Stanley r 59 Bartlett Prtlnd 1578-M 

Cappello & Cappello barber shop 240 Main 319 

Cappelto Mary G Mrs r 260 Pearl •• . . 1037 

Capper Sidney r 150 Ridge Rd 3696-W 

Capsalls James r 99 Spring 2606-J 

Carandino Ben r Turkey HI Hddm 681-Wl 

CarboARMrs r 74 Ncwficld 2469 

Carbo Theresa B Mrs RN Rockfall 472 

Cardarelll E J r 249 Main Crmwl 4408-Wl 

Cardclla Emanuel r 59 Court 1057 

Carey John r 15 Main St Ext 297 

CarinI Peter r Haddam 4241-W2 

Carlln Elsa Mrs r Nordland Av Crmwl 2397-W 

Cariing Esther B Mrs r 200 College 1561 [ 

CarlinI Anthony F r 203 Pearl 1985-M j 

Caril J Howard r 377 Ridge Rd 3097 j 

Carison Albln r 598 Main Prtlnd 953-M 

Carison Alfred r Portland 783-Jl 

Carison Anna C Miss r Rockfall 924-Wl 

Carison Arthur r Bellevue PI 888-R 

Carison Arthur J r 202 Main Crmwl 2928-Jl 

Carlson Axel M Jr r Prout Hill Rd 2461-J3 

Carlson Bodine Mrs r Higganum 3686-J4 

Carlson C A r 155 Vine 1332-M 

Carlson C Edward r 26 Warwick 1716-J 

Carison Cari A t Brooks La Crmwl 1189-R 

Carison Cari E r Penny Cor Rd Prtlnd 3061-J2 

Carlson Clara Miss r Higganum 2457-Jl 

Carlson D A atty-at-law Main Prtlnd 3576 

Residence 541 Main Prtlnd 3136-J 

Carison Dorothy M Miss r 62 Highland Av 1874-J 

Carlson Esther C Miss r 102 Spring 3730-J 

Carlson Eva A Miss r 562 Main 1705 -J 

Carlson Frank service sta So Main 2548 

Carlson Frank r 28 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3409-W 

Carlson G E r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 4044-J3 

Carlson Godfrey r 63 Prospect 2728-J 

Carison Gustaf A r Higganum 666-Jl 

Carlson Harry W r Higganum 4177-W2 

Carison Ida Mrs r 19 Wall 946 

Carlson J Aaron r Strickland Prtlnd 1939-W2 

Carison J Harold r 215 Pcari ,. 3183-W 

Carison Joseph r Elm Crmwl 2668-R 

Carlson Julius r 124 Highland Av 1608-M 

Carison Mazle M Mrs r Higganum 3137-W2 

Carlson & Olson cntrs & bldrs Schuyler Av 2230 

Carison Raymond H r Maple Shade Rd 191-Wl 

Carison Reginald r Higganum 1629-Jl 

Carlson Robert r Haddam 2773-J3 

Carlson Ruby Mrs r Higganum 1923-J3 

Carison Sophie Miss r Higganum 672-W2 

Carlson Theodore A r Evergreen Rd Crmwl 4258-Jl 

Carison Theodore L r 262 William 741-M 

Carison Vincent R r 15 Broad 1522-M 

Carison Warner r Dublin HI Hggnm 666-J4 


Sumner St Ext ^ ' 

Carlson Carl J r 162 Liberty 4520 

Carmichael Robert r 37 Hubbard 3927-W 

Carnevale Frank J r 15 Columbus Ave 3699 

Caron Maurice C r 1 Laurel 4577 

Carpenter E J r Shunpike Rd Crmwl 3994-Jl 

Carpentiere Frank r 86 Court 4320 

Carris Clarence r Main Drhm 1632-R 

Carro Santo r 4 Main Crmwl 3238-W 

Carroll A B Jr Lt r 330 Washington 1332-W 

Carroll J Francis r 6 Silver 1831 

Carroll Vincent r 536 Main 1327-W 

Carson John J r Ridgewood Rd Wstfld 3924-J4 

Carta Angelo r 70 College 2298-R 

Carta Anthony r 33 Loveland 764-W 

Carta Carl r Fowler Av 2960-W 

Carta Carmelo r 20 Liberty 4126-R 

Carta Constantina Mrs r 226 William 741-J 

Carta Frank r Pine St Ext 3667-W 

Carta John r Perry Av Prtlnd 1765-R 

Carta Joseph builder & cntr 25 Hotchkiss 2278 

Carta Joseph r Bartholomew Rd 563-J2 

Carta Lucy Mrs r 39 Grand 2005-R 

Carta Sal r 34 West St 3984-W 

Carta Sebastian r 64 College 453 7-J 

Carta Sebastian r Tryon 4553-W 

Carta Triest r 17 Erin 4277 

Carta Vincent r Tryon 4553-J 

Cartelli Sebastian r 79 Spring 4564 

Cartelli Vincent r 141 Spring 1098-R 

Carter George r Menden Rd Mddlfld 3197-W3 

Carter J W r Main Gldrslve 2925 

Cartland C F r 50 Highland Ter 2735-J 

Cartwright Al r Rockfall 8U-J3 

Caruso James V suspender mfr 22 Evergreen Av. . .406 

Case Myron N r Portland 3173-W2 

Casella Anthony D r 22 Prospect Gldrslve 3673-J 

Casey Michael B nurse 91 Marlborough Prtlnd. .3439-W 

Casey's Diner Main Crmwl 1485 

Cashman Eleanor Miss r Highland^Av Prtlnd 3925 

Cashman William M r 19 Clinton Av 1655-W 

Caso Greenhouses Main Crmwl 2227 

Casper Edward Mrs r 397 High 1899-M 

Casserino Angelo r 90 Grand 4538-W 

Casserino Bros moving & trkg 12 Washingtoft. . .3087 

Casserino Rose P Mrs RN 18 Main 1564-W 

Cassidy Robert r 9 Elm 2730-W 

Cassier Agnes Miss r 57 Brainerd Av 1583-M 

Castelli Alexander r Rose HI Prtlnd 906-W4 

Castetii John r Rose HI Prtlnd 3173-J2 

Catalano Philip r 319 Main Prtlnd 4539 


Autos-repairs 493 Main 117 


Furniture carpets etc 488 Main 1275 

Cavanaugh Harry r 4 Wavcrly Av Prtlnd 967 

Cavanaugh Moses J r Haddam 2942-W4 

Cecchini Ernest J r 18 Johnson 1283-J 

Cecchini Jean Miss r 263 Pearl 2401-M 

Cecchini John r 77 Spring 4353-W 

Cecchini Joh" r 10 Griffin PI 1177-R 

Cederholm Mathilda Mrs r 19 Fountain Av 740-J 


208 Main 2475 

Ccnt'l Conn Credit Rating Bureau Inc , 

9 Crown Meriden 1100 


Complete Banking Service 363 Main 132 

Central News & Smoke Shop 284 Main 1480 

Ceplenski Edmund r 27 Bacon Av 3777-R 

CeplenskI Frank Mrs r New La Crmwl 2398-J 

Ceplenski Stephen r 5 New La Crmwl 4313-M 

Cerbo Mary Mrs r 10 Portland 199 

Cermak Joseph r 107 Front 4291-J 

Cernan John r Brainard HI Hggnm 2443-Wl 

Chadsey Herbert J r Saybrook Rd 563-W2 

Chadsey Ofa Elmer r Durham 2872-J3 

Chadsey Percy r 103 Asylum 2895-W 

Chadsey Russell r Saybrook Rd 563-Wl 

Chafee Charles A r 27 Pleasant 2462-J 

Chafee Philip M r Lee 4225-R 

Chaffee A D r Higganum 4165-Jl 

Chaffee L B r 88 Home Av 864 

Chalker Egbert r 48 Loveland 2238 

Chalker Frederick r West St Crmwl 2691-W3 

Chalker R S r 270 Pine 3263-W 

Challenger Sidney W r 104 Broad 1470-W 


363 Main 717 

Chamberlain Charies r 29 Sumner 4362-R 

Chamis Thomas r 509 Ridge Rd 3068-J 

Chandler Edwin T r Haddam Quarter Rd Drhm.2872-J2 

Chandler Frank C r Coles Rd Crmwl 219-W2 

Chapell A R r 28 Fairview Av Prtlnd 4089-J 

Chapin Albert D r Durham 3931-J2 

Chapin L S r 116 Hunting Hill Av 2477-M 

Chapman Charles B r 203 Peari 3425-J 

Chapman Irving A r 29 Marlborough Prtlnd 285 

Chapman Julia A Miss r 425 Main Prtlnd 1966-J 

Chapman W H Co brass specialities 222 E Main. .2193 

Chapman Webster C r Durham 1321.W1 

Chappel Peter r 40 Rome Av 4257-W 

Charbonnier Henry r 5 Pleasant Crmwl 2411-M 

Charter Oak Upholstering Co 282 Main 2465 

The Yellow Pages are full of buying information. 

9 Middletown CAR— CLA 

Chase Cari C Dr 121 Main 1750-WZ 

Optical Dept 121 Main 4096 

Residence Clover 3048 

Chase Daniel E r Carll Rd 102 

Chase R W r Powder Horn Farm Mddlfld 2027-Wl 

Chedel Charles B Mrs r 160 Washington 1234 

Chernoff Phillip M Dr dentist 360 Main 1368 

Residence Old Mill Rd 3821 


Nurserymen Rockfall 362 

ChesI Hugo r 132 Spring 3035-J 

Chesner Harry r 67 Highland Av 2467-W 

Chester Robert E r East Hampton Rd Prtlnd. .3264-Wl 

Chestler Irving r 63 Silver 1425-M 

Chiarappa E jeweler 98 Washington 449 

Res 52 Breton Rd 2747 

Childrens Home Cromwell 3487-J 

Childs Meader Mrs r 4 South St Prtlnd 1813-M 

Choquette James C r 7 Hillside Ct 3441-J 

Christensen C M H r Great HI Lk Prtlnd 3929-J3 

Christensen Charies L dance studio 181 Main.... 2276 

Christensen Ray E r Randolph Rd 2019 

Christensen Shailer R r 5 Clover 737-W 

Christie Ralph Aldrlch Rev r 286 Court 1233 

Christine F fruit 699 Main 2557 

Christopher Robert r 13 Alsop Av 2144-W 

Christopher Wm r 4 Longworth Av 1921-M 


Reynolds W S 96 Church 888-W 

Chubbuck Daniel r 57 Highland Av 3477-J 

Church Anna E Miss r Haddam 665-J2 

Church Arthur r 209 Pine 1050 

Church H L r 193 Court 4245-J 

Church of the Holy Trinity Main. . . ^^ 1528 

Church Sarah L Mrs r Haddam 669-Jl 

Churchill Ayala L Miss r 478 Main Prtlnd 1380-J 

Churchill Edward S insurance 438 Main 2517 

Churchill Josephine Miss r 45 Silver 185-M 

Ciaburri Charies r 92 Ridge Rd 4293-M 

Ciaburri Frank r 40 Freestone Av Prtlnd 2697-M 

Ciaburri Michael r 20 Stow Av 3166-R 

Ciampaglia Carl J r 72 High 3919 

Ciampaglia Clara Mrs r 8 Crown ..1840-J 

Ciampaglia Olga Mrs RN 78 Stack 3007-VI 

Claschini Sam r 20 Erin 4138 

Ciccarello Angelo r 48 Hillside Av 3963-W 

Ciccarello Joseph r 585 High 1283-W 

Cimino Joseph r 14 Knowles Av 1393-J 

Cirulnik David r Haddam 3156-J4 

Cities Service Oil Co Distr Brownstone Av Prtlnd. . . .96 

Citron William M r 127 College. 2105 

City Court aee Courts 

City Plumbing & Heating Co 58 Liberty 412 


353 Main 12 

Civitello Benny r Wall Crmwl 2343-J 

Clairglow Manufacturing Co Ind HI Av Gldrslve. .3534 

Clapp Edward T Rev r Main Prtlnd 3578>j 

Clark Arthur M Mrs r Haddam 2942-J3 

Clark Beatrice Miss r 119 Court 4347-W 

Clark Bradford L r Haddam Quarter Rd Drhm.2893-J4 

Clark C A r 43 Saybrook Rd 503-M 

Clark Charles r Rose HI Prtlnd 906.W2 

Clark Charles C r 206 Prospect ..1442-W 

Clark Charles D r Hidden Lk Hggnm. . . 2406^4 

Clark Cleve r Walklcy HI Hddm 2772-J2 

Clark Clifford L r Durham Center 1991.J2 

Clark Dorothy Miss r 708 So Main .2763-W 

Clark Edward r Wallingford Rd Drhm 3175-Jl 

Clark Elton E r 15 Crescent 86 

Clark Eugenes r 51 Park PI 2129 

Clark Fred C r Howe Rd Drhm 1321-J3 

Claric G Frederick r Davis HI Prtlnd 783-Wl 

Clark Gilbert Z r 31 Crescent 1355-J 

CLA— CON Middletown 10 

Clark Gladys L Miss r 55 Broad 1620 

Clark Henry r Parmelce Hill Rd Drhm 3313-Wl 

Clark Henry C r Higganum 2685-W4 

Clark Herbert G r 4 Linden 2172-J 

Clark J B r Cherry La Drhm 3499-W2 

Clark J W r 13 Frissell 3734-J 

Clark James A r Rose HI Prtlnd 3173-Wl 

Clark Leroy r Hidden Lake Rd Hggnm 2406-W4 

Clark Mazie B Mrs r Higganum 1172-W2 

Clark Oliver H r 56 Bartlett Prtlnd 1389-R 

Clark Stanley Garage Strickland Prtlnd 2543 


Jewelers 276 Main 941 

Clark W W r Higganum 2980-W3 

Clark Walter A r William Prtlnd 1380-W 

Clark Wilbur I r Guilford Rd Drhm Cntr 975-W2 

Clarke Carl T Mrs r Red Gate House Drhm 2187-J2 

Clarke F A groceries & prvsns 7 Warwick 107 

. Residence 11 Warwick 524 

Clarke Gerald B r 243 Main 4388-R 

Clarke Richard G r Breton Hgts 3527 

.Clarke Robert B r Maple Shade Rd 3915-Wl 

Clew George F r 5S0 High 3939-J 

Clew Harry T r 473 High 1245 

Clew William J r 31 Mazzotta PI 1225 

Closson John D r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3265-J3 

Cobb Dorothy Miss r 49 Roosevelt Dr 4482-R 

Cobb George r 21 Mansfield Ter 2956-W 

Coca Cola Bottling Co of Middletown So Main 3990 

Cochran Oscar B r Highland Av Ext 2777-W 

Cockburn Kenneth Dr r 18 Robert 3021 

Coddington Leslie r 121 Grand 1706-W 

Cody Ellen J Miss r 45 Broad 1227 

Cody Stanley Mrs RN 37 McKenrie 2931 


506 Main 435 

Coe C M Mrs r Coc Av 3285-W2 

Coe C W r Coe Rd Drhm 3291-J2 

Coe Fred T r Rockfall 927-J3 

Coe H Eliot Mrs r Main Drhm 3619-W2 

Coe Lewis H r Middlefield 2027-Jl 

Coe Phebe W Miss r DeerfieW Av 3835-M 

Coe Robert S r New Haven Tnpke Drhm 2924-W2 

Coe Wm B r Coe Rd Drhm 3291-J3 

Cohen Marcus r 26 Marlborough Prtlnd 3032-M 

Cohen Philip r 330 So Main 4458 

Cohen Samuel r 103 Grove 3307 

Cohn Rubin r 10 Breton Rd 3076 

Colavito Josephine Mrs r 15 Erin 2194-J 

Colbert James J r 44 Russell 2317-W 

Cole Hilda Mrs RN Tinjaer HI Rd Crmwl 922-R 

Coleman Ann M Miss r 31 Warwick 1214-J 

Coleman Ann T Miss r 103 Prospect .1895-J 

Coleman Emily Miss r Higby Rd 757-J3 

Coleman H B Mrs r 112 Highland Av 4052 

Colemart Harold J r 39 Main Prtlnd 964-W 

Coleman Kathleen Mrs r 198 E Main 4465-J 

Coleman Richard Sr Mrs r 478 Main 570 

Coleman Richard J r 14 Johnson 1855 

Coleman Stanley r Middlefield 757-W2 

Coleman Thos J 508 Main 1009-W 

Res Rockfall 1009-R 

Coleman Timothy B r Rockfall 1385-J2 

Coleman William A r Coleman Rd 955-Wl 

Coles Albert E r Ro'tkfall 898-J3 

Coles Chas H Mrs r 76 So Main 715-R 

Colctta Mary Miss r 58 Green 4376-W 

College Restaurant 126 Main 2859 

College Taxi Service 45 Main 340 

Collings E J r S Warren 3180 

Collings John E r Lorraine Ter 1596-Wl 

Collins Anna W Mrs r 31 Russell 2726-J 

Collins Ernest E r 27 Grand 4448-J 

Collins Frank E r RockfaU. 2646-Wl 

Collins Leo J r Freestone Av Crmwl 2938-J4 

Collins & Lindermark mts-groc Rockfall 4500 

Collins P S Rev r Shadow La Crmwl 3028-Wl 

Collomore John r 24 Cooley Av 3969-W ^ 

Colonial Mica Corp E Main 1667 

Color Mart Paint & Wallpaper Supply 710 Main 444 

Colson Auto Elect Service 142 William 421 

Columbia Meat Market 91 Center St 2286 

Combe Anthony r Evensen PI Crmwl 2720-W3 

Combe Leo A r 26 Silver 1352 

Comen Caroline Mrs r 53 Main 4048-W 

Comerford Thomas r 223 Pearl 750-R 

Commerford Grace M Miss r 12 Longworth Av. . . .892-J 

Community Chest office 27 Washington 2727 

Community Store grocs 326 So Main 446 

Comstock Clifford W r 4 Perry Prtlnd 1937 

Conant Edward r Wcstfield St 1596-J2 

Condon M H Mrs r 11 Waverly Av Prtlnd 1809-R 

Condon Nora Mrs r 12 Grand 3140-J 

Condren James P Mrs r 29 Waverly Av Prtlnd 1315-M 

Cone Earldine H Mrs r 195 Court 2957-R 

Cone Jessie F Miss r 27 Church Prtlnd 551-W 

Cone Marcia D Mrs r 43 So Main 1390-W 

Cone Orlow F r 38 Coe Av Prtlnd 1967-W 

Congdon Arthur B r Ridgewood Rd 55-J2 

Congdon Ellen M Miss r Newfield 170 

Congdon Fred G r Ridgewood Rd 167 

Congregation Adath Israel Church 1550 

Rabbi's Study 48 Church 1186 

Conklin James V r Westfield 3905-W2 

Conklin Pharmacy 274B Main Prtlnd 2095 

Conklin Roland H r Fairview Prtlnd 1576 

Conley C H r 116 Mt Vernon 1524 

Conlon Frank N r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3950-J3 

Conlon William r 24 Roland Ct Crmwl 1773-J 

Conn Beer Distributors Inc 471 Main 756 


Auto bodies 1 Kings Av 354 

Connecticut Co office 725 Main 190 

Conn Corrugated Box Div of Robert Gair Co Inc 

Portland. 3560 

Conn Light & Power Co gas ofc 80 Main 3600 

Conn Mica & Mining Co mme Gildcrsleeve 3061-J3 

Conn Novelty Co 471 Main 756 

Conn Plan for Hospital Care Inc 

(toll call) New Haven-7-0171 

Electric Light office 209 Court 

During business hours 4000 

Other times as follows 

Trouble or Emergency calls 1790 

Connecticut State Employment Service 279 Main. .3480 
Conn State Guard 5th battalion State Armory ... .3840 

Long Lane Farm office Long La 3670 

Conn State Hospital Middletown 3700 

Board of Elducation — 

State. Trade School 83 Church 1830 

Forestry Department — 

Cockaponset Forest Haddam 1865-Jl 

Meshomasic Forest Portland 766-Wl 

State Forest Fire Tower Guilford 2995- J 2 

Highway Department — 

Garage Dist No 5 Haddam 1799.W1 

Maintenance Garage Higganum 4072 

Miron C E plant office Freestone Av Prtlnd. .1279 
State Laboratory ofc Marlborough Prtlnd. .. .246 
National War Agencies 

War Price & Rationing Boards 

Cromwell Local Cromwell 2055 

Durham Local Durham 678-W2 

Haddam Local Higganum. 2980-J2 

Middlefield Local Middlefield 1241-W4 

Middlesex County 33 Pleasant. .' .4210 

Middletown Local Municipal Building 203 

' Portland Local Main r 1795 

onn Steam Brown Stone Co Portland 92 

onn Valley Welding Co Rr 117 Washinston 2366 

Connell Arthur J r Portland 3188 

Connell Harry T r 136 Lincoln 917-M 

Connell Ida White Mrs RN Portland 766-J2 

Connell Joseph r 584 Main Gldrslve 1951-W 

Connell's 330 Main 877 

Connelly Daniel F r Wall Crmwl 1115-W 

Connelly Herbert L r 171 Mount Vernon 1934 

Connelly Stanley r 1 Jefferson Av 4501-W 

Connery J F r 17 Broad 2669 

Connors Albert F r 497 Main 2978-R 

Connors William E r 406 So Main 1466-R 

Conrad F C Mrs RN 22 Roland Ct Crmwl 1773-W 

Conroy Anna A Miss r 141 Johnson 3082-R 

Conroy James Mrs r 161 Johnson... 1744-V\I 

Conroy James F r 15 Pease Av 3824 

Conroy James P r 52 Liberty 1597 

Conroy John J r Main Drhm 2681-Wl 

Conroy John J r 424 Ridge Rd 3738-W 

Conroy Joseph Mrs r 201 Liberty 2318-W 

Conroy Thos Mrs r 171 Liberty 2937-J 

Conroy Thomas E r 56 Catherine 1606 

Conroy Vincent r 15 George 4464-J2 

Conroy William T r 24 Brainerd Av 1532-R 

Consolidated Motor Lines Inc 

see Associated Transport Inc 

Constant Service Station Tylerville 618-Wl 

Constantine Athan r 70 Erin St Ext 3231 

Consumers Finance Corp 516 Main 2533 

Conxant Charles E r 80 Prospect 3657-J 

ContI Charles Mrs r Higganum 1984J2 

Conti Michael r 11 Erin 4189-W 

Continental Textile Printing Corp Middlefield 4020 

Convey Frank Mrs r 1 Macdonough PI 860 

Convey Frank L Mrs r 241 Court 181-R 

Cook Irving S r Higganum 3684-Wl 

Cooke Annie E Miss r 22 Jackson 1196 

Cooke John H r Meridcn Rd 772-W 

Cooke Peter P r 27 No Main 4357-R 

Cooke Russell r 5 Crown 1840-W 

Cooke's Express Co 426 Woodland Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . . Enterprise-2380 

Cook's Products Co 63 Court 2274 

Cooley & Co 100 Pearl Hartford 

(toll call) Hartford-7-5171 

Cooley Earl r Middlefield 2164-Wl 

Coombs Gertrude Miss r 40 Burr Av 3234-J 

Cooney Frank r 144 Pearl 3843 

Cooney John r 47 High Prtlnd 4269-W 

Cooney Margaret Mrs r 27 Loveland ;1508-J 

Cooper Kenneth C r Great Hill Lake Rd Prtlnd. .945-Jl 

Coots Earle S grocery store Main Hddm 669-W2 

Cope Stuart r Ridgewood Rd 2977-J 

Copeland Chauncey r 17 Carll Rd 565*W 

Copperthaite Lauren r Main Hddm 1799-Jl 

Copperthite James r Killingworth Rd Hggnm. . .4267-Jl 

Cordisco Anthony r 22 Bacon Av 4538-J 

Cordone Francis M r 10 Evensen PI Crmwl. . .2720-J4 

Cordone Jennie Mrs r 59 Bridge 3229 

Cordone Laura Mrs r 13 Pease Av 4431-R 

Corell Charles P r Randolph Rd 803 


Optometrist 502 Main 484 

Residence Spring Prtlnd 745 

Corey R E r 61 Homestead Av Prtlnd 3181 

Cornall Evelyn A Miss r Durham Center 3313-J3 

Cornall W S r Durham Center 3313-J3 

Cornell Joe r 597 High 3677-M 

Cornell MS r (toll call) Saybrook-7694 

Corneroli Eugene c Newfield St 2778 

Cornwall Charles D r 392 Main Prtlnd 1061-R 

Cornwall Frederick Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-W3 

Cornwall Ira J r Gildersleeve 124-J2 

Cornwall Nelson r Rose HI Prtlnd .124-Wl 

Corona Joseph J r 351 Butternut 3879 

11 Middletown 


Corona Robert B r Rockfall 2965-J2 

Coronella Sebastian r 2 Alsop Av 4377-M 

Corvo Adam r 47 Hillside Av 3963-R 

Corvo Ceaser r 28 Grand 4533 

Corvo Josephine Miss r 28 Bacon Av 2847-M 

Corvo R C r 59 Stack 2116 

Corvo Venerino r 21 Spring 4179 

Cosky Catherine V Mrs r 38 Walnut 149-J 

Costanzo Lucy Miss RN 33 Villa 1137-W 

Costello Catherine M Miss r Cromwell 2876-W3 

Costigan Edward F r 25 Robert 2301-M 

Cote Wilfred J r E Ridge Rd 1703.R 

Cotrone Frances Mrs r 567 High 2996-W 

Cotter Agnes M Mrs RN 97 Bartlett Prtlnd . . .3261-W 

Cotter Frederick r 46 Durant 1415-M 

Cotter John J r 28 Johnson 218-W 

Coughlin John B r 499 High 3597 

Coughlin Margaret Miss r 123 Church 527-J 

Coughlin W J r 85 Hotchkiss 564-M 


Funeral dirs 594 Main 127-Wl 

Funeral Home 491 High 127-W3 

Coughlin Arthur M r 512 Main Prtlnd. . .127-W2 

Coughhn R Emmett r 413 High 127-J4 

Deasey Daniel H r 154 Spring 127-Jl 

Counter Wilfred r Jackson HI Mddlfld 1294-W2 

County Officers See Courts 


Common Picas Court 

Clerk's Office 255 Main 45 

Pitblado Elizabeth Mrs ofcl ct rprtr 255 Main. 45 
Juvenile Court 

Juvenile Court 27 Washington 4270 

Probate Court 

Probate Court 255 Main 505 

Superior Court 

Superior Court Clerk office 255 Main 45 

Pitblado Elizabeth Mrs ofcl ct rprtr 255 Mn. .45 

Coutsouridis Catherine Miss r 212 E Main 3874-R 

Covey Lane E r 63 Barbara Rd 1992-J 

Cowie Alexander r Pine 3546 

Cox Arthur L Mrs r 171 Prospect 2304-R 

Cox Frank H r 65 Church 4337-W 

Crafts Irving M r 485 Main Prtlnd 4243 

Craig Alice M Mrs r Main Hggnm 2457-W3 

Craig GMMD office 119 Main 1529 

Cram Frank r 76 Prospect 3116 

Cramer Bernard C r 50 E Main Prtlnd 2182-W 

Cramer Charles W atty See Hartford Exch 

Cramer Wesley K see Butler's Insurance Office 

Crampton A B r 185 Church 774-W 

Crandall Henry r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3955-Jl 

Crawford Daisy M Miss r 45 Park PI 1640-W 

Crawford Morris B r 159 High 143 

Crescent Street Hospital 77 Crescent 2484 

Crescimanno Connie Miss r 54 College 1133-W 

Crescimanno Rosario r 212 William 3289-R 

Crescimanno Sebastian E r 212 William 4505-R 

Crescimano Laura Miss r 156 Grand 1835-J 

Crolius William r Christian HI Hggnm 1923-W2 

Cromwell Defense Council Main Crmwl 4350 


Cromwell 288 

Cromwell Hall Inc sanitarium Cromwell 254 

Cromwell Motor Serv Co Inc sis & scr Mn Crmwl. 2043-W 

Johnson C A r Nordland Av Crmwl 2043-R 


Town Clerk ofc Cromwell 2754 

Fire Department 

Headquarters West St Cromwell 2910 


Supt office West St Cromwell 2945-W 

North West School North Rd Crmwl 219-W4 

PubUc Health Nurse West St Cromwell 2945-R 


CRO— DAR Middletown 12 

Cronin John F r 7 Laurel 3147 

Cronin John J druggist 294 Main 615 

Residence Ridge Rd 3738-J 

Cronin MichatI P r 10 Riverside Prtlnd 2459R 

Cronin P J r 8 Silver 1866 

Cronin T J r 158 Pearl 206-W 

Cronin Thomas J r 15 Saybrook Rd 970-J 

Cronlty John Mrs r 188 Main Crmwl 3248-W3 

Crook Edward L r Brick La Drhm 2433-Wl 

Crooks B W 'Irs r 41 Loveland 4475-R 

Crooks M Charlotte Miss TA 23 Pleasant Crmwl. 3654-J 

Croslcy Harry r 16 Evergreen Av 3018-R 

Crotty Anna Mrs r 80 Center St 4304-J 

Crowe James P r 129 Bridge 3878-M 

Crowell Annie K Mrs r 163 Vine 1332-R 

Crowd! E L Dr dentist 164 Court .38 

Residence 20 MansBeld Ter 1264 

Crowell Ida B Mrs r Randolph Rd 1769-M 

Crowell Stephen M r Randolph Rd 1780 

Crowell Tracy M r 117 Highland Av 801 

Crowell Watson S r Higganum 2768- W2 

Crowley George r 34 Johnson 1283-R 

Crowley Geo J r 58 Farm HI Rd 2784-J 

Csere Julius r 22 Marlborough Prtlnd 2464-R 

Cuber Frank r 425 Butternut 3117-M 


Oft 98 WiUiam 2111 

Wholesale warehouse 98 WUliam 2111 

Cubcta Salvatore r 36 So Main 2462 -W 

Cubeta John r 142 Highland Av 371 

Cubeta Nicholas P Dr dentist 516 Main 323 

Residence 23 Garden 2690 

Cubeu Sebastian r 90 William 4079-W 

Cucia Concetta Mrs r 67 College 501 

Culver M Eugene attorney-atlaw 232 Main 233 

Residence 216 So Main 1611 

Cummings George r Saybrook Rd 1078-Jl 

Cummings W J r 185 Pearl 4008-J 

Cunningham John C r 1 Wall 900 

Cunningham Joseph r 150 Liberty 95 

Cunningham W F r Millbrook Rd 1067.J 

Curkin Bertha Mrs r Main Prtlnd 1904-J 

Curkin David r 11 Rome Av 184 

Curkin H mts & grocs 326 So Main 446 

Res 78 Highland Av 1090 

Curkin Philip r 145 Church 3792 

Curran Cecelia A Miss r 75 Stack 3814-J* 

Curran James Mrs r 2 Main 1125-J 

Curran Robb Jean Mrs RN 478 High 3732-M 


Florist 100 Washington 4303-W 

Residence 31 Loveland 4303-R 

Curtin Daniel J r 32 E Main Prtlnd 1091-R 

Curtin John J r 1 Falcon Ter 1436-W2 

Curtin William C r 8 E Main Prtlnd 3721-W 

Curtin William P r 215 Prospect 2677.J 

Curtin's Service Station 711 Main 2580 

Curtis Clinton A r Knowles Av 3284-J 

Curtis Harry r 221 E Main 1168-R 

Curtiss George W r 33 Spring Prtlnd 1261-J 

Curtiss Oliver L r 54 Marlborough Prtlnd 3789-J 

Curts Paul H r 196 College 1477 

Cutaway Harrow Co Higganum 4370 

Cutler Michael Mrs r Maromas 3689-W2 

Cutts Helen E Miss r 78 Pearl 2326 

Cycan Evelyn E Miss r 153 Liberty 3171-J 

Cycan Josephine Mrs r 136 Grand 3011-J 

Cynoskc Claire Miss r 180 Liberty 714 

Cynoske James r 617 High 4367-W 

Cypress Grill So Main St Ext 2571 

Cyrullk Joseph W r 8 Frazier Av 3543-J 

Cyrulik Pauline Mrs r 123 Butternut 4281-M 

Cuja Adolph J r 567 Butternut 1391-W 

Cxaja Aitxandcr Mrs r 62 Boston Rd 2625-J 


Czaja Carl r 149 Camp 807-J| 

Czaja Helen B Miss r Middlefield Rd Drhm. . .1347-Wl 

Czaja Peter r 77 Birdsey Av 3705-M' 

Czaja Stanley r 34 W Silver 747-W 

Czajka Stacia Miss r 6 Flower 2822-J 

Czech Pauline Mrs r Smith Wstfld 3905-W3 

Czepiel Carl r Higganum 3794-Wl 

Czepiel John J r Tower Hggnm 1986-J2 

Czepiel Julian P r Lee 3247-R 

Czlapinski Frank r Cromwell 535-J3 

Czuba John r 19 Silver 537-W 

Czys George r 7 Flower 2666-W 


Dacier Louise R Miss r 126 Broad 1645-R 

Dagle Dalis Mrs r Wall Crmwl 2343-W 

Dagnall Bertha I Miss r 43 Strong Av Prtlnd 3053 

Dagnall John W r 384 Main Prtlnd 3573-M 

Dagnall Wesley r Tryon 4259-W 

Dahlquist Isabella V Miss r 89 Vine 4207-W 

Dahlquist Norma Mrs RN Marlborough Prtlnd. .3439-M 

Daigle Bruno E r 11 Clinton Av 1500 

Dainty Maid Inc Powder HI Mddlfld 4315-W2 

Dale Glenn R r 148 Broad 902-W 

Dale Norman r Middlefield 1635-W2 

Dale Sydney P r Main Drhm >, 2872-W2 

Daley Daniel r 33 Johnson 1471 

Daley E J r 39 Bellevue PI 688 

Daley Harold T r 62 Grand 3295 

Daley Michael r 166 Pearl 1889-J 

Daley Vincent r 27 Johnson 1797-M 

Daley William r 34 Bacon Av 163-W 

Daltry Joseph S r 136 High 844 

Daly Edward F r 141 Main Prtlnd 1658-R 

Daly Fred r Geer Crmwl 2382-W3 

Daly Harry J r 157 Lincoln 1882.W 

Daly John E r 32 Jackson 3088-J 

Daly Lucy T Miss r 91 Prospect 1657 

Daly Thomas r 153 BerUn 989-W 

Daly Thomas F Jr r 88 Lawn Av 4193-W 

Damiata Giuseppe r 57 Ferry 3995-J 

Damiata Josephine Mrs r 209 Pearl 1742-W 

Damiata Rose M Miss r 211 Pearl 1742-J 

Damiata Salvatore r 14 Erin 3235.W 

Damiata Salvatore r 664 High 4214-J 

Damico Amedeo r 50 Liberty 2863 

Damm Henry J Mrs r 116 Highland Av 2494 

Dana E V r 37 Home Av 3992 

Danforth Herbert C r 71 Lawn Av 1316 

Danieie Plumbing & Heating Co Frstne Av Crmwl. 2223 
Daniels Domenick coal & fuel oil 104 Grove. .. .2076 

Daniels Edgar N r 59 Oak 1962-J 

Daniels Egbert A r Prout HI Rd 3609 J 

Daniels H Mrs r Daniels Farm Millbrook Rd. .2890-R 

Daniels H & Son milk Millbrook Rd 2890-W 

Daniels J E r Ye Old Homestead Farm 1443-R 

Daniels Joseph r Pine St Ext 3667-J 

Daniels Lewis B dairy products Millbrook Rd. . .2890-W 

Daniels Louis r 25 Oak 1898-W 

Daniels Norman J r Pine St Ext 3471.W 

Daniels E r Randolph Rd 3791-J 


Office 578 Main 2539-W 

Yard Air Line Av Prtlnd 2539-R 

Daniels Stanley P r Long HI Rd 891.R 

Daniels W W Mrs r 148 Pearl 206.J 

D'Antonio Alfred S r 18 Portland 2473 

D'Aquiia Salvatore r 213 William 2121-J 

D'Aquila Salvatore Mrs RN 615 High. 3677-J 

D'Aquiia Scbastiano r 79 College 4531-W 

Darley J Walter r Haddam 2457-J2 

Darley Seth W r 16 Newtown 2699 

Darling D F Sr r 22 Berlin 2384-R 

Darna Maurice A r Jobs Pond Prtlnd. . 675-J 

Darr John W r 330 High 3907^ 


arrow Warren EJr r Penfield HI Prtlnd 1651-W2 

ascanio Carl r 14 Fowler Av 4150 

D'Ascoli William plumber 58 Liberty 412 

Dasconio Luigl r Middlefield 2965-Jl 

Dasho Jean Mrs r 74 Hartford Av 3878-R 

Dastoli Joseph r Hubbard Dist 2472-Wl 

Davi Mario G r 998 Silver 4498-M 

David Frank r 223 E Main 1168-W 

David John H r South End Av Drhm 3005-J4 

David Thomas F r Coleman Rd 832-W2 

Davies Daniel r 34 Fairview Av 1932-J 

(Davles Lester r 144 Main Crmwl 4480 

Davis A Beryl Miss RN 69 Silver 4180 

Davis C E r Miramichi 1142 

Oavis Charles T Mrs r Long HI Rd 575 

Davis Donald C r River Rd Mrms 1231-J2 

Davis E S Jr r 370 Ridge Rd 4098-W 

Davis Edward r Farm Hill Rd 3729-M 

Davis Elsie Mrs r 44 South St 3818-J 

Davis Ernest S Mrs r 398 Main Prtlnd 1031 

Davis Frank Mrs r 15 Wall Crmwl 1085-W 

Davis Frank Twitchell r 409 Ridge Rd 1419 

Davis George trucking 25 Wall 424 

Davis Harold r Dewey 2307-J 

Davis Harold W DDS office 164 Court .360 

Residence 268 Court 787 

Davis James J r 61 Roosevelt Dr 2662-R 


Lumber building material Sumner 981 

Davis Louis E Mrs r 14 Miles Av 848 

Davis Margaret C Mrs r 536 Main 2660-J 

Davis Marion Miss r 95 Hotchkiss 564-W 

Davis N E r 135 Mt Vernon 1012 

Davis Ralph W r 74 Bow La 2302-R 

Davis Roswell r 91 Cross 2136-W 

Davis William W Jr r 124 Main 2687-J 

Dawson Francis J r Barbara Rd 1992-W 

Dawson J Mrs r 50 Jackson 4244-R 

Dawson John E r 50 Jackson 4244-W 

Dawson Walter E r 58 Lake 2756-M 

Dawson William r 61 Schuyler Av 339-R 

Day John Jr r 30 West St 1621 


Investment securities 279 Main 1143 

Dayton E R r 21 Summer Prtlnd 541 

Dean Alfred V r 81 Vine 958-M 

Dean Chas Mrs r Meriden Rd 1356-W 

Dean Earl L r 94 Liberty 3198 

Dean H L r 84 Asylum 131-J 

Dean Philip F r 380 Main Prtlnd 1896-R 

Dean William r 397 Main Prtlnd 1061-W 

Dean William E r Haddam 2159-J2 

Deane Albert S r High Prtlnd 3943 

Deane Arthur R Jr r 185 E Main 3787-W 

DeAngelis John J r 19 Burr Av 4273-W 

Deasy Katherine Miss r 154 Spring 1535 

DeBari Francis r 160 E Main 4354-M 

DeBari Joseph r Bartlett Prtlnd 1069-W2 

DeBari Louis r 11 Main Crmwl 2423-R 

DeBari Mario r 24 Waverly Av Prtlnd 1315*4 

DeBari Michael cleaning & dyeing 580 Main 1574 

DeBari Salvatore r 385 Main Prtlnd 3573-R 

DeBenedetto John r So Main St Ext 1365-W3 

Deckelman Chris r Meriden Rd 1436-Jl 

Dee Thomas A r 88 Woodward Av 2342 

Deegan John F r 28 Roberts 1860 

DeForest Charles r 6 Liberty PI 4103 

Dc Forest Emily A Mrs r Bow La 502 

DeFrance August L r 9 Evergreen Av 3288-J 

DeFrance Louis r 41 Garden 2147-W 

DeFrance Marguerite Miss r 135 William 2018-J 

DeGraff Arthur r 75 Air Line Av Prtlnd 3913 

DeGrotr Harold r Highland Av Prtlnd 2306-W 

Delancy John P r 2 Warren 2767-M 

13 Middletown DAR— DiM 


162 Water 2596 

DeLay John r 90 Marlborough Prtlnd 4251-W 

D'Elia Frank P r 32 Spring 1260 

D'Elia Vincent r 140 Grand 2719-W 

DeLuca Maurice r 39 Grand 1766-J 

DelVccchio Frank r 49 Park PI 3954 

deMaCartyCustave r Cherry La Drhm 3017-J3 

DeMacarty Marjorie Mrs r Durham 2187*J1 

DeMale Hugo painter & decorator 367 So Main. . .2285 

D'Emanuel Elizabeth Miss r 19 Alsop Av 2144-M 

Demaris Eleanor Miss r 254 Washington 1882«M 

DeMauriac W J Mrs r 605 Main .858 

DeMauro Harry r 104 Grove 4356-M 

DeMauro Rosario r 134 Church 826-J 

DcMerchant Herman C r East St Wstfld 4253-J2 

DeMerrItt J E r Laurel Brook Rd 1395-W3 

Demers Nelson A r 72 Home Av 2740-J 

Deming Alfred r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 2897-J3 

Deming David F r 175 Main Crmwl 3588«J2 

Deming James A r 35 Wall 1575*J 

DeMore J C r Timber Hill Rd Crmwl 4278-M 

DeMore Roland r White School Av Crmwl 1749-W 

Denehy Katherine F Miss r 120 College 1519 

Denert John r 53 Russell 3629-J 

Denette Roland r 40 Spring Prtlnd 3489-W 

Denny C S r 34 Wyllys Av 2346-W 

Dentner Mfg Co Inc shipping tags Portland 2176 

DePaolo Salvatore r 31 Grand 4228-W 

Depatie Alfred r Newfield 3099-M 

DePaulo Shirley Mrs r 119 Asylum 3634 

De Pcyster Frederick Mrs r 333 Main Prtlnd 2407 

DeProto Joseph Mrs r 23 Hubbard 1588 

Deren Violet Miss r Newfleld 1154-W 

DeRenne Charles S r 199 Main Crmwl 763-J3 

Dercnthal Bernard C r 499 High 3597 

Derenthal Joseph W r Geer Crmwl 2381-J3 

DeRita Peter r 134 Washington 3652 

DeRosa S F Dr r Lakeshore Dr Lk Beseck 3259-W3 

Derwin James E Rev r West St Crmwl 1058 

Desormiers Eli r 58 Indian Hill Av Gldrslve 2955-J 

DeToro Angelo r 519 High 3081 

DeToro George r 657 High 3668-J 

DeWolf Elizabeth Mrs TA Randolph Rd 1816-W 

DeV.'olf John C Mrs r 81 Lawn Av 1167 

DeWolf Linton Jr r Murray 1952-M 

Dexter Carleton B r Tryon 4259-J 

Dexter W C r 70 Loveland 2292 

Deyorio Antoinette Miss r 3 Prospect PI .4593 

DiBernardi Alfred r 17 Freestone Av Prtlnd. . .4139-M 

Dickerson Clark C r 9 Asylum 3162-W 

Dickerson William R r 564 Washington 2123-R 

Dickes Karl H Jr r Ridgewood Rd 3924-J3 

Dickes Karl H Mrs r Poplar Rd 226-Jl 

Dickinson Arthur E r 29 Sumner 4362-W 

Dickinson C W Mrs r Haddam 669^W1 

Dickinson Charles r Christian HI Qrmwl 219-Wl 

Dickinson Ernest G Mrs r Stevens La 3085-J 

Dickinson Ernest N r River Rd 3314-W2 

Dickinson Harry R r 570 Main 3782-W 

Dickinson Irving V r Higganum 3245-W2 

Dickinson Shirley B Mr r Haddam 681>J3 

Dickinson W A Jr r Clover 2470 

Dickinson William A 3rd r 6 Loveland 3G96-M 

Didato Salvatore r 364 So Main 1772 

Didato Thomas R r 16 Durant Ter 3705*W 

DiGiandomenico Raffe r 70 Ferry 1732 

Dilk Wm r Elm Rd Crmwl 1717^ 

Dillon Frank Mrs r 7 E Main 2132-W 

Dillon Gladys P Miss r Newfield 597-J 

Dillon John R Mrs r Waverly Av Ext Prtlnd 977 

Dillon Mary T Miss r 7 Evergreen Av 1435-R 

Dillon Thomas F r 65 Home Av 2602-W 

DiMauro Angelo r 9 New La Crmwl 291-W 

DIM— DUN Middletown 14 

DiMauro Angelo r Spruce Ter Prtlnd 4143 

DiMauro Angelo Mrs r 39 Center St 4605-J 

DiMauro Louis r South St Crmwl 3044-M 

DiMauro Nicolo r South St Crmwl 1812 

DiMauro Rose Miss r 41 College 3873 

DiMauro Salvatore r 51 Warwick 3959-M 

DiMauro Sebastian r 41 Green 1798-R 

DiMauro Sebastian r 211 So Main 2826-W 

DiModica Joseph r 4 Erin 3421-W 

Dineen William J Mrs r 165 Grand 3203-R 

Diocesan Bureau of Social Service 50 Washington 2210 

Dishman Alexzine Miss r 95 Church 2827-W 

DiStefano Anthony r 638 No High 2673-W 

District Nurse Asso 51 Broad 3490 

If no answer call 880 

DIttman Elliott V r Killingworth Rd Hggnin. . .2453-J3 

Dittman William H r Haddam 2773-J4 

Dixon William H caterer 77 Hotchkiss 2203 

Res Higganum 3503-W3 

DIugolenski John r Rr 27 Hotchkiss 2934-J 

DIugosz Helen A Miss r 55 South St 3215 

Doane Beverly C r Way Rd Mddlfld 3193-J3 

Dobros Joseph r 18 Waverly Av Prtlnd 2705-W 

Dobson George Mrs r 11 Evergreen Av 788-W 

Dodd Alfred r 37 Lawn Av 2148-W 

Dodd John A Mrs r 22 Lawn Av 918 

Dodge G C r 296 Main Crmwl 50 

Doebener Clarence L r 75 Hunting HI Av 3275-M 

Doebener Evelyn F Miss r 5 Vine 3047-M 

Doering Anna I r 114 Main Crmwl 3603 

Doherty Daniel J conf 136 E Main 2094 

Residence 30 W Silver 747-M 

Doherty John Mrs r 31 Spring Prtlnd 663-M 

Doherty Loretta Miss r 17 Pleasant 151-M 

Doherty William J r 3 Glynn Av 3037-R 

Dohl F M Mrs r Ncwfield 2420-W 

Dolce Rosario r 57 Spring 4431-M 

Dolce Sebastiano r 29 Hubbard 2873-M 

Dombrowski Stanislaw r Davis HI Prtlnd 783-J2 

Domingue Clifford N r 39 So Main 3720-R 

Dominic Samuel r 70 Grove 3311 

Donahoe Bros contractors 127 Grand 2280 

Donahoe Julia T Miss r 316 Washington 2171-W 

Donahoe Walton E r 5 Ranger Av 830 

Donahue Betty Mrs RN 68 Tryon 1618-J 

Donahue C J r Rockfall 1241-J2 

Donahue Edward r 64 Pearl 868-R 

Donahue F B r 21 Park PI 2728-W 

Donahue W H r 95 Prospect 1895-W 

Donahue William C r 166 Washington 2967-J 

Donatoni G r Ponset 3503-Wl 

Donatoni Joseph r Ponset Rd Hggnm 2453-W2 

Dondero Timothy r Christian HI Rd Hggnm. .3686-Wl 
Donohue Robert F r 12 Prospect HI Av Crmwl 3558-J 

Donovan Andrew J Jr r Geer Crmwl 3427-W2 

Donovan Florence Miss r 186 E Main 2779-W 

Donovan James K r 33 Silver 2779-M 

Donovan John T r 177 Liberty 916-M 

Donovan Joseph M r 60 Green 2521 

Donovan Patrick J r 68 Farm HI Rd 2784-W 

Dontigney Shelton A r Middlefield 4153-Wl 

Doolan Daniel J Jr r 183 Pearl 2835 

Doolan John F r Coleman Rd 955^J2 

Dooley Harold J r 42 High 3302-J 

Dooley John J r 5 Glynn Av 3674-J 

Dooley Richard Mrs r 166 Cross 1764.W 

Dooley Robert r 63 Newtown 1407-W 

Dooley William J gasoline sta 200 Main Prtlnd 2098 

Residence Phedon Pkwy 3452-J 

Doolittle Burton B Jr Mrs r 84 Breton Rd 2736 

Doolittic Burton B Sr Mrs r 11 Summit PI 1251 

/ To locate your nearest dealer, lotk in the Yellow Pages. 


14 Church 5j 

Anderson Andrew r 2 Highland Av Prtlnd. . .1292| 

Doolittle Burton r 84 Breton Rd 2736| 

Hodge F Irving Jr r Woodside Cir 1929-Wl 

Dorflinger J Cleveland r 20 Evergreen Av . . . . 1627-W) 

Dorflinger Ralph r Higganum 1986-W3 

Dorflinger Russell L r 265 Cross 2833-M 

Dorflinger Walter B r 190 Hunting HI Av 1460-W, 

Dorgan Robt J r 56 Wyllys Av 1382 

D'Orio Rose Mrs r 689 Main 3761-R 

Dorman's General Store Main Crmwl 417, 

Dougherty Bernard r 28 Waverly Av Prtlnd. . .1315-R 
Dougherty Ella F Miss nrs Indian HI Av Gldrslve.2034 

Dougherty Leo r Bartlett St Ext Prtlnd 1064-W2 

Dow H L Mrs r W Long HI 891-M 

Dower Almond r 392 Main Prtlnd 217.W 

Dower Walter r 364 Main Prtlnd 3342-R 

Dowling Daniel S r South St Crmwl 4573-R 

Dowling Eugene J r 127 Barbara Rd 1330 

Dowling Helen M Mrs r 157 Front 2963-W 

Dowling John r 25 MacArthur Ct 4492-M 

Dowling Victoria J Miss r 163 College 746-J 

Downes Sally Miss r 432 High 3281 

Doyle Catherine Miss r 5 Stowe Av 1287 -J 

Doyle Daniel r 26 W Silver 747-R 

Doyle Parker W r Highland Av 4317-W 

Dragoo Emily B Mrs RN 157 E Main 3611-M 

Drajewicz John J r 16 Maple 4129 

Dreher August M r Congdon 294-Wl 

Dreher E A r East St 226-J3 

Dreher Edward P r Paddock Corner W Crmwl . 3604-W2 

Dreher Elmer B r East St 226-Wl 

Dreher Smith Co hdw & agr implts 234 Main 577 

Drennan Helen T Miss r 8 Allison 1175 

Drescher Robert r Pickering Prtlnd 3121 

Drew John G r Arnold 1952-J 

Drew Joseph H r Nooks HI Rd Crmwl 2897-Jl 

Dripps David meats & provisions 261 Ridge Rd. . .973 

Residence 49 Saybrook Rd 2368 

Dripps Joseph Mrs r 576 Ridge Rd 3952 

Driwitz Mathilda Miss r 424 High 4191-J 

Drozd Joseph r 139 Schuyler Av 1205-W 

Dubin Emanuel r 28 Saybrook Rd 4571-W 

Dubois Napoleon r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3955-W2 

Duda Charles J r Ballfall Rd Mddlfld 1436-J2 

Duda Edward r 9 Burbridge Av 1148-M 

Dudek Fred r 20 So Front 125-M 

Dudek Herman r Boston Rd Rckfl 3968-W2 

Dudek William r Crystal Lake Rd 2461-W2 

Dudley LaVern T r Rockfall 965-Jl 

Duff Dorothea G Mrs RN Main Gldrslve 4483-R 

Duff Francis r 13 Fowler Av 4326-M 

Duffy Thomas J r Magnolia PI 3683-R 

Duffy William r Pine Ridge Crmwl 3238-M 

Dugan Marion Miss r 29 Crescent 251 

Duggan Margaret A Mrs r 275 Main Crmwl ... 2938J2 

Duitch Bernard r 602 Main 4546-R 

Du-Lite Chemical Corp River Rd 4585 

DuMais William r 605 Main 2030-R 

Dumeer Harold Mrs r 164 Grand 1036-J 

Dumeer J Robert r 194 Ridge Rd 839-J 

Dumeer & Looby automobile paint shop 27 Walnut. 476 

Dumeer Wesley A r 5 Fifth Av 4115 

DumontO r 651 High 4432-W 

Dunczyk Bruno Mrs r 18 Burr Av 2659-W 

Dunford Ralph C r 124 Main Crmwl 2025-Wl 

Dunham Elizabeth H Miss r 235 Court 181-J 

Dunklee Bernice M Mrs r Newfield 3163 

Dunklee Lester r Newfield 578-W 

Dunlap D S r 38 West St Crmwl 1132-M 

Dunlop Tire & Rubber Corp 720 Main 1681 

Dunn Adrian R Mrs r 498 High 303a-J 

Dunn Agnes R Miss r 520 High 2722 

Dunn Alexanders r 590 High 4128-W 

Dunn George M r 27 Spring 3105-W 



lunn Gerald V r 11 Fairvlew Av 4491 -J 

►unn James A Mrs r 45 Loveland 3759-W 

|Dunn John Mrs r 142 Front 267-W 

JDunn Mae M Miss r GU2 Main , . . 2632 

jOunn Mark F r 29 Spring 4289-W 

'iPunn Pauline G Mrs r 154 Cross 3536 

Dunn Rita Miss r 8 Butternut 3922-W 


124 Washington V .929 

0unn Walter J r 466 Washington 942-R 


Funeral director 53 Washington 480 

>unn*$ Diner 728 Main 642 

»upnik Joseph r Westfield 1596-W2 

Juran Eloy A r 68 Home Av 451'i-W 

Durgin Richmond P r Poplar Rd 3924-Wl 

Durham Defense Council Durham 3297-Wl 

Durham Displays Inc Main Drhm 3858 

Durham Mfg Co The Durham 3996 

Durham Restaurant Durham Center 1319-Wl 


Durham Consolidated School Durham 986-J3 

Durham Volunteer Fire Dept Main Drhm 986-W2 

Durinick Rudolph G r Lake Av Hggnm 2933-Wl 

Dutcher Floyd A r 36 Roland Ct Crmwl 2313-Jl 

Dutcher George M r 77 Home Av : . 1431 

Dutting A R tire recapping 160 Main Prtlnd 2081 

Dutting Arthur R r 402 Main Prtlnd 773-M 

Dutting Frances Ellen Miss r 8 Butternut 3117-R 

Dutton Gilbert E r Middlefield 2787-W2 

Dybick John r 7 Baer 815-W 

Dybick John C Jr r 7 Baer 2436-M 

Dyer Bernard r 63 Home Av 2602-J 

Dyer Forrest E r 390 High 4124 

Dyer Kirk W r Cromwell 2748-J3 

Dvkas Annabelle Mrs RN 30 Park PI 744-R 

Dykas Frank r 31 Robert 2172-R 

Dykas John r 24 Jackson 4146-W 

Dykas Peter r Bow La 2183 

Dynes T W r Durham 969-Wl 

Dzialo Alex W r 21 Chestnut 1579 


Eager Albert r Washington Rd Crmwl 1704-Wl 

Eager George r Evergreen Rd Crmwl 2383-W3 

Eagle Wood Working Co 236 Pearl 440 

East Haddam Coal & Lumber Co East Haddam 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . . Enterprisc-9290 

East Haddam Grain Co Tylervilie 3756-J2 

East Haven Packing Co Inc slghtr hse River Rd. . . .439 

Eastman Frank L r 91 Broad 3195-M 

Eastman Frank M r 15 Nordland Av Crmwl. . .1249-J 

Eastman Harry r 43 Tryon 2634-W 

Eastman Leila M Miss r 52 Liberty 2006-R 

Eastman Oscar E r Evenscn PI Crmwl 2720-Wl 

Eastman P Oscar r 24 Fountain Av 934 

Eastwood John r 132 William 2156-J 

Eastwood Thomas r 269 Pine 2146-J 

Eaton Robert P r 81 Home Av 3669-J 

Eaton Vernet E r 125 Bretton Rd 2989-W 

Eccleston Enos r 62 Air Line Av Prtlnd 677-M 

Ecker Frederick C r 119 Highland Av 806-J 

Ecker Sophie Mrs r 107 Cross 266-M 

Ecker Walter r 204 Main Crmwl 2928-J2 

Eckerslcy Alfred r Timber HI Rd Crmwl .\ 922-W 

Eckersley Benjamin B r Arbutus 876-Jl 

Eckersley Thomas r 58 Durant Ter 1572-J 

Eckhoff Ann J Mrs r Middlefield 2192-J4 

Eckhoff C C r Middlefield 2192-Jl 

Eckstein Carl r Bartlett Prtlnd 1069-W4 

Economy Meat Market 189 E Main 308 

Eddie's Auto Laundry & Service Center 45 Water. 1450 

Eddy Arnold r 5 George 4336-W3 

Eddy Otis F r 55 Asylum 3125.W 

Eddy Reed r 87 Asylum 279-R 

15 Middlefown 


Edelberg Max r 192 So Main 1989 

Edelberg Nathan Dr dentist's office 108 Main . . 256-W 

Residence 23 Columbus Av 256-R 

Edelberg Simon tailor 105 College 2217 

Residence 234 Court 580 

Edgar George W r New Haven Rd Drhm Cntr. .1319-Jl 

Edgewood Country Club Inc Cromwell 3060 

Edmiston Howard W r Walkley HI Hddm 2772-W4 

Edney Sarah Mrs r Freestone Av Prtlnd 1372-W 

Edwards Geo Mrs r 164 Main Crmwl 2785-J3 

Edwards H D r Christian HI Hggnm 668-J2 

Edwards Harry S r 23 Miles Av 1727.W 

Edwards Sidney A r Coe Av Prtlnd 1896-J 

Edwards William C r 14 Warwick 1243 

Egeter Battery Co 117 Washington 302 

Egeter George r 354 Farm HI Rd 3564 

Egeter J Mrs r 36 Brainerd Av 2174 

Ehlers Charles J r 15 Brainerd Av 2169 

Ehlers Ernest H r 217 Ridge Rd 1729-J 

Ehlers John H r 38 Saybrook Rd 1230 

Ehlers John Hendley r Carll Rd 3575-W 

Ehlers Raymond r Prout HI Rd 3609-R 

Ehlers Wilbur r Sears 2186-J 

Eick A Fred r Maple Av Drhm 3680-Wf 

Eick Charles Arnold r Durham 3175-W4 

Eidenbenz Agnes A Miss r 307 Washington 804 

Eis Mfg Co Inc No Main .3500 

Eisenstein Bernard r Barbara Rd 4525-M 

Eisenstein Joe meats & groc 83 Main Prtlnd 2290 

Eisenstein Molly Miss r 66 Union 532-W 

Eisenstein Myer r Barbara Rd 3726-W 

Ek Carl r 11 West St Crmwl 3528-J 

Ekstein I M Rabbi r 6 Broad 214-J 

Ekstrom Rudolph Jr r 71 Stack 3730-R 

Electrolux Corp (toll call) New Haven-7-2186 

Ellgator Emil r Perry Av Prtlnd 2917-R 

Elliot Addie G Mrs r 98 Ridge Rd 568-W 

Elliot William H r Rockfall 3944-J2 

Ellis Carlos Jr atty-atlaw 363 Main 1003 

Residence 69 High 1478 

Ellis L E r 115 Asylum IIW-W 

Ellsworth H E Mrs r 65 Homestead Av Prtlnd. .2813-J 

Ellsworth McClure E r 67 Homestead Av Prtlnd .962-J 

Ellsworth's H W Sons plmbng 264 Main Prtlnd . 2267 

Ellsworth H William r 69 E Main Prtlnd. .1959-J 

Ellsworth Clarence C r 17 Church Prtlnd. .3569-M 

Elmcrest Manor 25 Marlborough Prtlnd 881 

Elmgren C J r 57 Highland Ter 3443 

Elty Robert r 70 Roosevelt Dr 4497-W 

Elve C Howard r 22 Bartlett Prtlnd 3673-R 

Ely Ethel D Miss r 45 Sumner .1853-J 

Ely Harry N r 8 Wetmore PI 232-J 

Ely John E r Tylervilie 3757-J3 

Ely Newton r Haddam 2773-Jl 

Emanuele Benny r 26 Garfield Av 3690-R 

Emerson William G r Jackson HI Rd Mddlfld 4018 

Emery B F r 25 Walnut 1119 

Emery George H r 32 Saybrook Rd 4238-M 

Emmette Earle E r 6 Cottage 2137-J 

Emmette Harry N r Greenhouse Av Crmwl 4366-W 

Emmons A D r 51 So Main 523-W 

Emmons A J fnrl dir ofc 162 Main Prtlnd 2250-R 

Residence 159 Main Prtlnd 2250-W 

Emmons George r Grove Prtlnd 2616-W 

Emmons Howard A r Middlefield 2041-W2 

Emond Joseph A r 46 Spring 3971-J 


Office 40 Broad 2860 

Drakos George r 2 Wetmore PI , . .1910 

Empire Shoe Rebuilders 167 Main 382 

England Fred I r 152 Liberty 2694-R 

English Harry J r 204 E Main 4556 

English Thomas H r 32 Johnson 1177-M 

ENG— FIS Middletown 16 

English William G r 

Hazenhurst Orchards Hddm.2689-Wl 

Engstrom Carl H r 24 Marlborough Prtlnd 3032-W 

Ennis M J Mrs r Middle Wstfld 3905-J4 

Enowitch Elliot r 108 High 3445-J 

Enscoe John R Mrs r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3265.W2 

Ensworth L L & Son Inc 344 Front Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . Enterprise-1420 

Epstein Ralph W r 250 Court 264 

Erbal Fred r Russell 2186-W 

Erdman Arthur r 49% Silver 1836-J 

Erdman Charles r 17 Evergreen Av 2047-W 

Ericksen Rex S r Millbrook Rd 4166-M 

Erickson Sixten V r 22 Wall Crmwl 1115-J 

Ericson R Edwin r 33 Prospect Gldrslve 4053-W 

Erikson Arthur E A Sr r 170 Liberty 3707-W 

ErIIck Helen Miss r 17 Sumner 3874-J 

Eriick Helen Mrs r 217 College 1444 

Ern August F r Higganum 512-J4 

Errington Frederick Rev r Higganum 2486-W3 

Esposito Salvatore r Brook Rd 3692- Jl 


Clothiers 470 Main 137 

Etheridge Charles Mrs r Brown 832-J3 

Eureka Mica Mining & Milling Co 

Davis HI Prtlnd. 783-W2 

Evans David H r 138 Spring 1098-J 

Evans George I Mrs r 31 Spring 3105-M 

Evans I H r Clover 737-J 

Evans Joseph W r Higganum. 1986-W4 

Evans P N Mrs r 116 Breton Rd 2130 

EvarUW K r 206 College 886 

Evensen Margaret P Mrs RN 261 Main Crmwl. 2720-W2 

Ewald Charles r Washington Rd Crmwl 3187-W2 

Ewald John E r Newfield 3604-J2 

Ewald Robert G r Shunpike Rd Crmwl 3994-W4 

Ewald Wm F r Cromwell 3994-J2 

Ewald William J r West St Crmwl 535-Wl 

Ewald William T r Court Crmwl 763-Jl 

Ewanowski Alexander J r Lrl Grv Rd Lng HI. .1184-W2 
Exman Eugene r Maromas 3689-J2 


Fabian Samuel r 41 Warwick. 2179-J 

Facius Fred B r 65 Lawn Av 1006-R 

FaciusJohnA r 107 Ridge Rd 2109-W 

Fadgen Earle J r 66 Roosevelt Dr 4497-J 

Fagan F C r 375 Ridge Rd 192 

Fagan Richard C Mrs r 355 Main 2815-M 

Faggone Concettlna Mrs r 12 Hillside Av 139-W 

Fahey Agnes K Miss r 108 Main 1459 

Falrbank William E r 272 Court 875 

Falrcloth George r Higganum 1936-W3 

Falbo Salvatore G r 255 William 3040 

Faico Santo r Saybrook Rd 4308-W2 

Falcon's Playground Lakeview Pk 2792 

Fall Burton B r Ridge Rd 1072-W 

Fall E B r 58 Lawn Av 1846-J 

Family Welfare Assoc 27 Washington 1135 

Fanska Herman r W Cromwell 2915-J2 

Faraci Anthony r McKenzie 3986 

Faraci Louis r 170 Pearl 3543-W 

Faraci Michael C r 65 Stack 4125-R 

Farley Margaret Miss r 145 Mt Vernon 2339 

Farm Bureau Middlesex County 438 Main 4310 

Labor Dcpt 438 Main. . 3916 


225 Main 33 

Farrall Ann Mrs r 31 Fowler Av 4551-W 

Farrands Edwin r 189 E Main 2927 

Farrands Richard r 41 E Main 3349-R 

Farrell Agnes Mrs r 24 Brownstone Av Prtlnd. .1973-W 
Farrell Christopher J r 5 Brnsfld Av PrUnd. . .3294-W 

Farrell Lillian Mrs r 288 So Main 1290-J| 

Farrell Louis S r 216 College 2177-M 

Farrell Mary W Miss r 7 Waverly Av Prtlnd. . . .1975-M' 

Farrow George r 477 High .1712-R' 

Fatscher George C r Long HI Rd 39651 

Fauver Edgar Prof r Mt Vernon 1027 

Fawthrop Walter r 265 Main Crmwl 3427 Jl 

Fay John H r High Prtlnd 3616-J 

Fazzino Concettina Mrs r Bank Prtlnd 3906-W 

Fazzino Frank r 5 Bank Prtlnd 3328-R 

Fazzino Joseph r 36 St John 3637 

Fazzino Joseph r 2 Sand HI Rd 1731-M 

Fazzino Josephine Miss r 153 Pearl 3025-4 

Fazzino Michael r 127 Court 4066-Vlf 

Fazzino Nick tavern 131 Court 612 

Fazzino Salvatore r 39 Ferry 812-W 

Fazzino Salvatore r Strickland Prtlnd 3174-J2 

Feitel Frank L r Saybrook Rd 4321-Jl 

Fekety Stephen H Dr office 675 Main 201-W 

Residence 272 Court 201-R 

Feldmann H G r 158 College 4234-J 

Fellows Douglas M r 57 Geer Crmwl 2381-W3 

Ferencz Andrew r 145 Cross 2767-W 

Ferguson Alexander r 188 William 2163 

Ferguson Alexander W r 160 Pearl 582 

Ferguson Fred B r 49 E Main Prtlnd,. 2182-J 

Ferguson John r 15 Coe Av Prtlnd . 2058-W 

Ferguson Richard H r 256 Washington 536-J 

Ferguson Robert R r 134 William 1928-J 

Ferguson Thomas H r 181 Main Prtlnd 1904-W 

Ferraguto Domenci r 198 So Main 4155-W 

Ferraris E M Miss RN 

57 Indian Hill Av Gldrslve. 3159-W 

Ferree Edward L r 43 Home Av 2033-W 

Ferree Ellen J Miss r 278 Court 1472.W 

Ferree Frank E r 275 Ridge Rd 1842 

Ferrell Elsie M Miss r 278 Court 1472-J 

Ferrera Antonio r 186 Washington 2175-M 

Ferry Street Market 76 Ferry 347 

Fersch John F r 54 Park PI 4335 

Fesler Wesley E r 36 Lawn Av 1844-W 

Fiala Josephine Miss see Sanibel Hospital 

Fiducia Anna Miss r 74 Center St 3762-M 

Fiducia Lucy Miss r 3 Court PI 3323 

Field Frank r 116 Main 1062-M 

Field Harry r 86 Mill 19-W 

Field Howard B Jr r Fowler Av Drhm 4247-Wl 

Field Howard B Mrs r Durham Center 3129-Wl 

Field Lewis r 63 South St 1631 

Field Marcus E r 23 Broad 2842 

Field Morris r 128 Highland Av 2655-J 

Fielding Edward M r 6 Court Crmwl 2692-Wl 

Fields Gideon r Jobs Pond Prtlnd 129-Wl 

Fife Robert Hcrndon r 617 Main Gldrslve 3579-R 

Fllanda Ann Miss r 77 Stack 3730.W 

Filanda Ann M Miss r 2 Pease Av 3971-R 

Fillback Edward B r Morgan 3608-J 

Fillmore Arthur E r Timber HI Rd Crmwl 3772-J 

Fillmore Charles r 11 New La Crmwl 2402-W 

Fillmore Harry r 64 Pearl 750-M 

Fillmore Lester A r 160 Main Crmwl 2785-W2 

Finkelstein David Rabbi r 62 Church St 1522-W 

Finkelstein Sidney office Stack 3300 

Residence 39B So Main 1810 

FInkle Horace C r 251 Main Prtlnd 3l86 


Middletown 3400 

Westfield District 3400 

First Church of Christ 190 Court 2794 

Fischer Henry F r Westfield ..231-J3 

Fischer Paul E r 495 Main Prtlnd 1965-J 

Fisher Chas E r 10 Longworth Av 3014J 

Fisher Clyde Olin r 329 Main Prtlnd 767 

Fisher Elizabeth L Miss r Staddle HI .110 

Fisher Geo J r 202 Court 880 



fisher Harold r Rockfall 2646-Jl 

Fisher Jessie W MD 28 Crescent 280 

I Residence 430 Main Prtlnd 1808 

fisher John Jr r 25 Roland Ct Crmwl 2313-W2 

fisher Joseph r Pisgah Rd Drhm 969-W4 

Fisk John L r 110 Washington 1386 

Filtzgerald F J r 2 Longworth Av 1921-W 

FUtzgerald John P r 159 Broad 1888-J 

Plltzgerald's Market mts & vegs 174 Court 742 

j Fitzgerald Edward J r Robert 1536 

FItzgibbons M J r 43 Park PI 3933 

FJtzgibbons Norbert Mrs RN 426 High 4191-W 

Fitzglbbons Thomas r 40 Evergreen Av 1435-W 

Fhzpatrick Katherine Mrs r 23 Woodman 2460-W 

Fitzpatrick Louis J r 2 Pomeroy PI 3084-W 

Fitzpatrick M J r 223 Saybrook Rd 563-J3 

Fitzpatrick William J r 19 Walnut 2678-W 

Fiumecel Michael r 68 Center St 4304-M 


Groceries & provisions 130 Cross 3388 

Residence 4 Long La 1052-J 

Flanagan Eugene Sr r 4 Highland Av Prtlnd. . .2631-W 

Flanagan Fred r Chamberlain Rd 41-W2 

Flanagan John V r 427 High 1719 

Flanagan William r 37 Front 1856-J 

Flannigan John r 38 Hotchkiss 4142-W 

Fleming Leslie r 233 Pine 3263-M 

Fletcher Chas J r 58 Washington 533 

Flood F G r 23 E Main Prtlnd 2848 

Flood Harold W r Air Line Av Prtlnd 686 

Flood Thomas C attorney-at-Iaw 279 Main 13 

Atty-at-law Main Prtlnd 3576 

Residence E Main Prtlnd 7 

Flood Wm H r Highland Av Prtlnd 1814-R 

Florin Fred R r 108 Main Crmwl 2398-W 

Florkoski Anthony J r 13 Riverside Prtlnd 4554-J 

Florkoski John Mrs r Maple Av Prtlnd 677-W 

Florkoski K S r 188 Main Prtlnd 2118 

Floryan Jane Miss r 21 Cooley Av 4046 

Flowers Fred r 36 Walnut 3078-W 

Flynn Albert r 24 Walnut 4120 

Flynn Anna F Miss r 71 Crescent 151-W 

Flynn Frank r 230 Main Prtlnd 3372-M 

Flynn Jane E Mrs r 52 Wyllys Av 1127-R 

Flynn John Henry r Westfield 3924.J2 

Flynn Julia C conf & groceries 67% Silver 627 

Flynn Mary Miss r 3 Air Line Av Prtlnd 3423-W 

Flynn Raymond r 41 Catherine 791-R 

Flynn Thomas r 29 Wall 1722 

Fodaski Fred F r 85 Home Av 2178-J 

Fogelmark Gustaf r Portland 4425 

Fogelmarks The Portland 3366 

Foley A J r 15 E Main Prtlnd 2776 

Foley Arthur J Jr r 99 E Main Prtlnd 4578 

Foley Charles E r 133 College 3948-W 

Foley Francis J Mrs •• 122 College 1470-M 

Foley John W r 165 Front 1013-J 

Foley Stephen J r 24 Fairview Prtlnd 4089-W 

Foley Wm A r Fowler Av 2626-W 


99 E Main Prtlnd 4578 

Folsom Luther E r 278 Main Prtlnd 689-W 

Fontanelli Anthony r 143 Liberty 846-J 

Footit Gerald W r East St 226-J2 

Footit James Jr r 658 High 576-M 

Footit Joseph F r Old Mill Rd 3049-J 

Footit Melbert J r 669 High 3290 

Forbush Lillian Miss RN 36 Brainerd Av 257-M 

Ford Arthur K r 4 Warren 3047-W 


Sales-service 53 No Main 2650 

Ford Frank G r 40 Brainerd Av 4063-W 

Ford James E r 52 Saybrook Rd 3829-W 

Ford News Agency 356 Main 1496 

Ford R B fire chief south district 79 E Main 3620 

Forer J H r 39 Highland Ter 755 

17 Middletown FIS— FRA 

Forest City Finance Co Inc 164 Court 299 


21 W SUver 2254 

Forest City Laundry 260 William 456 

Forest City Market 238 Main 4579 

Forest City Package Store 475 Main 2220 

Forline John A r Durham •. . .3291-W2 

Forline Louis r Durham 1321-W2 

Forlini Salvatore r Newfield 1235-M 

Formenti U tlr cing rprg & dyng 596 Main 1675 

Formica Anthony r 103 Spring 3814-R 

Formica Frank r 53 College 4441-W 

Formica Frank A r 590 High 3939.W 

Formica Luciano r 13 Main Crmwl 2423-W 

Formica Salvatort r MiddlcfUd 321(KI2 

Formica Sebastian J r 53 College 2781-R 

Formica Sebastian J r 30 Spring 4041-W 

Forsberg A W Mrs r 697 Main Gldrslve 953-W 

Forst Charles r Mt Vernon 595 

Fortin Roland r Coles Rd W Crmwl 1464.W3 

Fortuna Angelina Mrs r 9 Rome Av 2887^ 

Fosa Fr;<nk E r 37 Park PI 525-W3 

Foss Alfred N r TylervilU 3757.W4 

Foss C J r Haddam 2771-J2 

Fossi Peter r 16 Erin 4189-J 

Foster James H r 21 Grove Prtlnd 3997-M 

Foster Malcolm C r Gordon PI 2739 

Foster Margaret Pierson Miss r 126 Main Crmwl 2025-J3 

Foster Marietta Miss r 47 Brainerd Av ^38 

Foster Myron r 128 Schuyler Av 3241-W 

Foster Walter A r 28 Hillside Av 2874-J 

Fountain Arnold E r 39 Deerfield Av 2950 


Flower Shop 483 Main 808 

Kodak Shop 483 Main 808 

Fountain F B r 73 So Main 1096 

Fountain F Irving r 133 Broad 1968-R 

Fountain HA r Rockfall 1385-W3 

Fowler F C r Evensen PI Crmwl 3098-W2 

Fowler Fred L r Middlefield 1073-W2 

Fowler Irving N Mrs r Middlefield 1617-W2 

Fowler Kenneth L r Jackson HI Rd Mddlfld. . .1059-W3 

Fowler Lester D r Middlefield 1626-W3 

Fowler Raymond r Middlefield 2322J2 

Fox & Becker Granite Co mnmts 10 Rapallo Av. . . .58 

Fox Everett E r 27 Wall 114-W 

Fox Frederick C r Old Mill Rd 948 

Fox G & Co 960 Main Hartford 120 

Fox James C Mrs r 275 Washington 516 

Fox Jesse G watch clock jewelry rprng 148 Main 2241 

Residence 27 Wall 3075 

Foye Wilbur G Mrs r 1 Miles Av 1727-J 

Fragilio Frank r 658 Main 3648-W 

France Bertrand r 448 Main Prtlnd 1268-W 

France Raymond r Nathan Hale Hd 3452-W 

Francis Annette Miss r Durham 3005-Wl 

Francis Clifford E r Durham Center 3189-Wl 

Francis Edgar S Mrs r Durham 2871-W3 

Francis F J r Main Drhm 2187-W2 

Francis George J r Durham 3626 

Francis L E r 276 Court 2742-J 

Francis Robert r Maple Av Drhm 2871-J2 

Francisco Haviland D r 129 Bridge 1344-R 

Francisco William H r Durwin 2279-R 

Franco Rose Miss r 34 Spring 2887-W 

Frank Harry S MD office 144 Washington 2050-W 

Residence 230 Washington 2050-R 

Franklin Edward L r Franklin Rd Crmwl 2876-Jl 

Franklin Frances T Miss r Cromwell 2166-J 

Franklin John H r Shadow La Crmwl 2495-W2 

Franklin Joseph r Lincoln Crmwl 3773-R 

Franklin Oil Co Cromwell 1663 

Franklin Raymond F r 193 Main Crmwl 3248-J2 

Frank's Restaurant Main St Ext 1559 

FRA— GEN Middretown 18 

Fraternal Order of Eagles 168 Court 2798 

Fraulino Anna C Miss r 137 Liberty 884 

Fraulino Michael r 9 Clinton Av 1746.W 

Frazee S E r Shadow La Crmwl 2495-J3 

Frazer A H r 263 Main Crmwl 3509 

Frazer Dorothy Mrs RN 223 Main Crmwl 2928-W2 

Frazer John Jr Mrs r Freestone Av Crmwl 3918-W2 

Frazer John Mrs Sr r South St Crmwl 4183 

Frazier Charles H r Highland Av Ext 3765-W 

Frazier David r 251 Pine 2623-J 

Frazier Grace Miss r 374 So Main 3228-M 

Frazier Hattic C Mrs r 40 So Main 3273-W 

Frazier Helen J Mrs r 30 Lake 1466-J 

Frazier Mary Mrs r 70 Home Av 2740-W 

Frazier Vernon A r 49 Main Crmwl 4332-W 

Frederick August r 7 Walnut 3374-J 

Frederick John W r Brush HI Rd 955-W2 

Fredette George r Durham 3262-W4 

Fredrickson Fred W r Higganum 3245-Wl 

Fredrickson Gustaf r Christian HI Hggnm 4173-Wl 

Freenrian Charles L r 175 So Main 738-R 

Freeman H Eugene r 52 Wyllys Av 3722-J 

Freimuth John r 23 Chestnut 1647-R 

French Charles r 624 Main Prtlnd 911-W 

French Thomas E Jr r 91 Tryon 4074-M 

French Walter r Home Av 2178-R 

Frenett John B r 117 Asylum 131-R 


Jeweler 390 Main 828 

Freund Max M r 272 Court 749 

Frick George r Ponset 3503-Jl 

Fricke Frank E r 418 Washington 230-J 

Friedman Arthur r Deerfield Av 3725 

Friedman Hyman r 675 High 2056-R 

Friedman Irving r 112 Grove 3764-W 

Friendly Barber Shop 578 Main 455 

Frisbie R A Mrs r 22 So Main 296 

Frisbie Russell r 89 Main Crmwl 2355-J 

Frismar Inc Higganum 3488-M 

Frissell F H r 30 Silver 1028 

Frissell F H Jr r Frissell 1630 


Office & weaving mill Silver 4330 

Braid Mill & Dyehouse Higganum 3488-W 

Frissell Frank H r 30 Silver 1028 

Frissell Ralph A r Frissell 3202 

Frissell R A r Frissell 3202 

Frobel Richard r Ponset 674-J3 

Fro-Joy Ice Cream Co 40 College 1605 

Fry L Mae Miss r 18 Main 856 

Fuchko William r Jackson HI Mddlfld 1294.W3 

Fuchs George r 38 St John 4305-J 

Funicello Angelo r 58 Freestone Av Prtlnd 857-W 

Fussell John r 635 Main Prtlnd 4483-M 


Gabrielle Grace R Miss r 170 Mt Vernon 867 

Gadzinski Alexander J r 8 Burbridge Av 1755-W 

Gaffney Bernard r Stevens La Crmwl 291-R 

Gaffney Edward r Shadow La Crmwl 3028-Jl 

Gaffney Edward A r Cromwell 2876-Wl 

Gaffney Leo L r 22 Waverly Av Prtlnd 1315-W 


Portland 3560 

Galanto James groceries 25 Portland St 407 

Galgowski Tony r Miller Rd Mddlfld 966-W3 

Galitto Emilio r Westfield St 3550-W 

Gallagher Frances Mrs RN South St Prtlnd 3476-W 

Gallagher Francis J r 57 Front 1335 

Gallagher Frank Mrs r 4 Tryon 1110 

Gallagher's Garage Rr 121 Main 2519 

Gallitti Paul Mrs r 92 Uncoln , ^ , 4818-J 

Gallitto Salvatore r 26 Ferry 155-Vf 

Galuska Wanda Miss r 22 Cooley Av 3867 

Galvin James r Haddam 2448-J3 

Gamer Harry R r 144 Washington 3410 

GaneyJohnJJr r 28 Johnson 218-Jl 

Gangi F J Mrs r Saybrook Rd 90S-W1 

Gannon James C r 180 Hunting HI Av 2811-J 

Garbonola Alfred r High Mddlfld 3192-JH 

Garbonola Louis r Jackson Hill Rd Mddlfld. .2041-W4 

Garde A E r 70 Main Crmwl 2723-l(V 

Garde Donald S r 72 Main Crmwl 2723-M 

Garden Restaurant 465 Main 2556 

Gardner Jack r 187 William 4457^ 

Gardner Mary Miss r 208 Cross 2491«M 

Garibaldi M B Society 54 Washington 14S2 

Garigliano Sam r New Haven Rd Drhm 2924-Wl 

Garofalo Anthony r 19 Cherry 4495-M 

Garofalo John Mrs r 81 Ridge Rd .1649-W 

Garofalo Joseph r 22 St John * . . 1857 

Garofalo Louis r 35 Hubbard 774-J 

Garofalo Sal J r 168 Grand 2704-J 

Garofalo Sebastian r 55 Grand 2609-J 

Garrett Hurst F r Durham 3005-W3 

Garrigus Alfred C r Tylerville 3756-J3 

Garrigus C G Co factory Tylerville 3756-Jl 

Garrity Daniel A r 276 Court 2742-M 

Garrity Daniel P r 166 Washington 3497 

Garrity Josephine Mrs r 99 Chestnut 3733-W 

Garvey James V r Lake Shore Dr Mddlfld 3259-J2 

Garvie Austin r 17 Laurel 4114-W 

Gas Co 80 Main 3600 

Gasior Catherine Mrs r 95 Middleficld 3926-J 

Gasior Edward r 264 Court 4484-R 

Gasparrelli Louis r Boston Rd 9oO-R 

Gasser Harry J r Randolph Rd 274-R 

Gastler A J r Durham 697-Jl 

Gastler F E r Higganum Rd Drhm 2683-Wl 

Gastler J Burton r New Haven Rd Drhm 1321-Jl 

Gates Donald W r Middleficld 2787 -Wl 

Gates Harold r North Rd Crmwl 219-J3 

Gatzke Ernest r 7 Fowler Av 2626-M 

Gaudino John r Bartholomew Rd 2472-W2 

Gay Charles lu- Middleficld 4153-W2 

Gayeski Andrew r 9 Main St Ext 2436-W 

Gayeski Anthony r 5 W Silver 3928-W 

Gayeski John P r 219 E Main 1977-W 

Gay's Beauty Salon 284 Main 467 

Gearing Raymond Mrs RN 39B So Main 4137-J 

Geary Francis r 418 So Main 2499-W 

Geary Marie E Miss r 15 Fountain Av 2145 

Geary Robert B r 59 So Main 523-M 

Geary Thomas r 628 Butternut 1537-W 

Geary William C r Waverly Av Ext Prtlnd 2310-J 


245 Main 1677 

Geato Joseph r 38 Middlesex Av Prtlnd 843 

Gedney Vernon C r 584 Main Prtlnd 1951-R 

Geer Henry W Mrs r 50 Schuyler Av 1097-J 

Geffkcn Frederick r Rockfall 2902-J2 

Geffken Geo F W r Rockfall 1385-Jl 

Geffken Henry F W r Rockfall 4284-W 

Geffken Lillian Miss r Rockfall 4284-J 

Geiger Alfred r Higganum , • . 4154-J4 

Geiger Arthur L r 60 Bretton Rd 4145 

Gellen Lillian E Mrs r 15 Broad 4288-W 

Gemeinhardt Laurence E r Ncwficld 3768-J 


Blau's Electric Shop Inc 237 Main 2760 


69 E Main 2288 

General Ice Cream Corp 40 College 1605 

General Liquors Inc 28 Main 2266 

^f^ General Public JLoan Corp 438 Main 2613^ 




Main Crmwl 1683 

Cejngler Harry N r New La Crmwl 4313-R 

Gfjorge Andrew J r Durham Rd . . . ._ 3260 

Ge'orge Marian L Mrs r East St . . .'. 213-J4 

Gerecke Walter r Wadsworth 3698-M 

Geij-main D F r 465 High 2012-W 

German J A r 111 Breton Ridge 2712 

Getman Spence M r 279 Main Prtlnd 3566-J 

Geii-mano Sebastian r 167 E Main 3611-R 

GeHolami Luigi r 135 Johnson 1744-J 

GerWsi Vincenzo r Durham 2733-J2 

Gesner Harry A refrigerator service 69 E Main. . .2288 

Residence Tylerville 3156-Jl 

Ge^saro Vito r 97 Liberty 3144-J 

Gett George H r Coles Rd W Crmwl 1464-Wl 

Getz George J r 39 Oak 1962-W 

Ghent Harold B r 456 Washington 569-W 

Ghent Helen Miss r 602 High 4367-R 

Ghent Matthew F r 66 Hubbard 2706-W 

Gherlone Peter r Saybrook Rd 1987-W3 

Ghezzi Nancy Mrs r Ncwficld 578-M 

Giacco Alfred r 29 Hotchkiss 4261-W 

Giacco Salvatore r 70 Pearl 761-W 

Giansiracusa Tony r 30 Miller 3019-M 

Giardina Guy r 12 Pearl 4361-W 

Gibb La Verne V Mrs r 257 Main Crmwl 4408-Jl 

Gibbons E L r Ncwficld 204 

Gibbons Ernest R r Bellevue PI 3206 

Gibbons F E Mrs r 200 Court 277-M 

Gibbs Ervin F r 478 Main 933-W 

Gibson Charles r 62 Highland Av 1874-W 

Giecold Joseph r Miner 3910-Jl 

Gieselbreth Clifford A r 28 Mrlbrgh Prtlnd 2464-W 

Gieselbreth John A Dr chrpdst 274 Main 396 

Residence 151 Berlin 3194-J 

Gifford Paul A r 329 Washington Ter 4379 

Giglio Guy r 220 Pear! 2226 

Gikomski Bronislaw r 2 Butternut 3599-J 

Gilbert A W r Ridgcwood Rd 805 

Gilbert Abble M Miss RN 11 McDonough PI 3335-R 

Gilbert Earl r 23 Brainerd Av 1348-J 

Gilbert George B Rev r Millbrook Rd 3945-W3 

Gilbert Gladys W Mrs r 7 Liberty 2309-J 

Gilbert Paul A r Ridgewood Rd 55-J3 

Gilbert Raymond r Dewey 2601-W 

Gilbert Robert D r 235 Main Crmwl 2929-W4 

Gilbert Shelley T r Prout Hill Rd 732-J4 

Gildersleeve C G Mrs r 613 Main Gldrslve 3486.R 

Gildersleeve Henry r 628 Main Gldrslve 911-J 

Gildersleeve James B r 609 Main Gldrslve 2198-W 

Gildersleeve Oliver Mrs r 610 Main Prtlnd 175-W 

Gildersleeve Philip r 3 Indian HI Av Gldrslve. . .1748 
Gildersleeve S & Sons store 646 Main Gldrslve . .356 

Gildersleeve Village see Portland Town Of 

Gile Edward r Barbara Rd 2351 

Gilfix Joseph W r 67 Pearl 907 

Gill James r 101 Lincoln 829-J 

Gillette Miner H r Haddam 665-Wl 

GillettlAC r 135 Bridge 854 

Gilletti Donald r 135 Bridge 3878-J 

Gilligan John J r 643 High 1448 

Gitman Henry r Ridgewood Rd 55-W2 

Gilshenan Julia F Miss r 449 High 1304-R 

Gioco Anthony S r 22 Green 4595-W 

Groco Joseph r 40 Green 1798-J 

Gioco Mary Miss r 5 Green 4341-M 

Gionfriddo Frank meats & prov 55 Rapallo Av. . . 2248 

Gionfriddo Joseph r 245 Main Prtlnd 2154-R 

Gionfriddo Louis r 14 Bacon Av 2059-M 

Gionfriddo Michael r 40 Hotchkiss 4188-W 

Gionfriddo Peter r 618 High 2982-W 

Girard Henry W r Washington Rd Crmwl 692 -J2 

Girl Scouts Inc 27 Washington 660 

Gluffrida Bruno r 212 William 3020-R 

Giuffrida Giulio r 27 Prospect 760-J 

19 Middletown GEN— GOR 

Giuffrida Innocenzio r 36 Washington 3145 W 

Giuffrida John A r 994 Silver 4477-M 

Giuliano Emanuel r Smith 539-J3 

Giuliano Sebastian r 540 Main Prtlr>d 3556-W 

Giza Albert r 121 Hunting HI Av 554-W 

Gladding Coit r 280 Pine 1599-W 

Gladwin Eugene P r Durham 4567-Jl 

Gladwin James H r Ackley PI 1149 

Gladwin Lafayette r Candlewood HI Hggnm. . .3271-W4 

Glahn W A r Higganum 4154-Jl 

Glasheen James r 20 Fairview Prtlnd 161-M 

Gleason Ardis P Miss r 234 Court 1806-W 

Gleason Harriet W Miss r 5 Glover PI 2106-J 

Gleeson Cornelius J r 160 Hunting HI Av 3347-J 

Gleisberg Richard P r 125 Vine 3606 

GlowaskiJohn r 25 Bank Prtlnd 3811-W 

Glowka John r 52 Sumner 1117-M 

Glynn Benjamin F r 170 College 1639-J 

Godwin Frank J r Chamberlain Rd 41-Jl 

Goehlert Helen H Miss r 56 High 3096-M 

Goff Leonard E r Margarite Rd 1523-R 

Goff Roger L r 14 Glover PI 671-W 

Golab Claire Miss r 49 Loveland 4475-W 

Golba Charles r 10 Hillside Av 139-J 

Goldberg Harris r 32 Saybrook Rd. 3114 

Goldberg Henry r 145 Church 4426-W 

Goldberg Meyer r 564 Main Prtlnd 3362 

Golder William r Pine St Ext 4517-W 

Goldman Harry A r 162 College 2003-R 

Goldner P J r 330 Ridge Rd 1870 

Goldreich Lena Mrs r Saybrook Rd 2980-W2 

Goldstein Arthur V 12 Clinton Av 4119-J 

Goldstein Edward A r 21 Clinton Av 2709-J 

Golembeski John r 29 Evergreen Av 729-M 

Golensky David r 172 Grand 4237-W 

Golnik Herman K r 48 Grand 2005-J 

Golob Peter A r 46 Middleficld St 2824-W 

Gombieski Eddie J r Pine 3085-W 

Gombieski Sophie Mrs r 43 Hotchkiss 2374 

Gomes Joseph r High Mddlfld 235-Jl 

Gomez-Ibanez Jose r 32 Wyllys Av 2346-J 

Gondek Julian r 2 Fountain Av 266-R 

Gondek Mary V Miss r 25 Maple 1997 

Gonyea Ernest P r 103 Roosevelt Dr 4498-J 

Goodale Julia Mrs r Main Drhm 2681-W4 

Goodale Lawrence r Cherry La Drhm 3499-J2 

Goodale Marjorie Miss r 138 Grand 1053-W 

Goodale Willis H r Durham 986-Jl 

Goodell Charles L r Higganum 672-J2 

Goodell Wilbur B r 16 Wetmore PI 232-R 

Goodreau E H fuel oil 133 Berhn 1692 

Goodrich F R r 496 Main Prtlnd 2828 

Goodrich Frederick W r 518 Main Prtlnd 2944-W 

Goodrich H B r 2 Miles Av 1727-M 

Goodrich H W r 524 Main Prtlnd 589 

Goodrich Howard B r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-J2 

Goodrich J W r 4 Strongs Av Prtlnd 269-W 

Goodrich Mattie E Miss r Newfield 1902 -W 

Goodrich Milo Mrs r Old Mill Rd 4043 

Goodrich Norman R r Strickland Prtlnd 3174-J3 


Office & bulk plant 26 Water 172 

Service Station No 37 26 Water 172 

Goodrich Wesley A r Wadsworth 3698-W 

Goodwin Irving S r Parmelee HI Rd Drhm 3313-W3 

Goodwin William r 362 So Main 4333-J 

Goodyear Rubber Co bts & shoes 114 Church. . . .2700 

Gora John r 15 Portland 3834 

Goral Michael J r 232 Cross 2833-J 

Gorden Edgar A r Marlborough Rd Prtlnd 2110 

Gordon Annie B Estate r 87 Bartlett Pftlnd 723 

Gordon David K r Newfield 2869 

Gordon Irving J r Haddam Rd . . . r 1987-W4 

Gordon Wm B r West Long HI 1395-W2 

GOR— HAP Middletown 20 


Opticians 363 Main 384 

Gordon Morton M r 81 Church 1020 


174 Main ' 2204 

Gorman Frank D r Scars 3695-W 

Gorman Harold B r 11 Kings Av 2709-W 

Gorsky Rudolph J r Wavcrly Av Ext Prtlnd 3988 

Gotta Leo r Glastonbury Rd Prtlnd 3682-W3 

Goundrey G Eugene r Columbus Av 3590 


Tools & water pumps 82 Center St 2509 

Gowin Lester M r 119 Old Mill Rd 2882 

Grabek Leo r 31 South St Prtlnd 2168-J 

Grabek Walter T r 7 Alsop Av 1456-R 

Graber Harry groceries 127 Court 2538 

Graber Harry r 55 Loveland 1376-M 

Grace Mae Mrs r Rockfall 813-J2 

Grace Raymond L r RockfaU 2902-J3 

Graham Angus H r 29 Robert 4375-W 

Graham Thomas r 50 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3008-W 

Gralchen Alfred W r 87 Spring Prtlnd 2323-J 

Grande Agnes Mrs r Wall Crmwl 2412-W 

Granstrand John H r 29 Bartlett Prtlnd 2786-J 

Granstrand Mary Mrs r 16 Lake 2032-J 

Grant David A r 17 Miles Av 2975-J 

Grant George H r Long HI Rd 1269.W 

Grant Richard F MD office 221 Main Crmwl 2527 

Grant WT Co 404 Main 327 

Grass! John r Newfield 2915-J3 

Grasso James r Millbrook Rd 3945.W2 

GratrlxAMrs r 164 Pearl 1134-J 

Graves Harold A r Randolph Rd 4266-W 

Graves Lloyd r Higganum 3688-J3 

Gray Alan r 34 Home Av 3669-R 

Gray Julia Miss r 21 Saybrook Rd 815-M 

Gray Preston r 49 Crescent 1634 

Gray William A r Middlefield 2036-Jl 

Gray William X r Middlefield 2036-J3 

Greaves Hubert r MiUbrook Rd 1182-Jl 

Greaves W N r 78 Main Crmwl 292-W 

Greco Angelo r 23 West St Crmwl 3772-R 

Greco Anthony r 111 Catherine 3305-W 

Greco Lucy Miss r 31 Green 4595-M 

Greco Sebastiano r Chamberlain Rd 41-W3 

Greco's Greenhouses 4 Pease Av 482 

Greely Royden K r 1 Cottage 1329 

Green George F Rev r 142 Cross 4276-J 

Green Lester T r Randolph Rd 1157 -J 

Green Patrick r Fowler Av 3406 

Greenbacker William r Middlefield Center 1059-J4 

Greenblatt Mark r Long River Village 4417-R 

Gregorowicz Jennie Miss RN Durham 3936-J3 

Gregory John r Sand HI Prtlnd 4329-Wl 

Grella John Mrs r 19 Saybrook Rd 4252-M 

Grenman Ernest r Higganum 4262-W3 

Gresham Alfred T r Haddam 2159.W2 

GrtsI Fred r Brainard HI Hggnm 668-Jl 

Grey Terri R Miss r 112 Highland Av 4052 

Griffin James C r 157 Grand 519.W 

Griffin Mae A Miss r 46 Warwick 2973.J 

Griffin William J r 61 Main 4048-J 

Griffith Edith P Mrs r 357 Ridge Rd 3080-J 

Grillo Paul r 151 Pearl 771-M 

Grimaldi Rose Miss r 158 Broad 3354 

Grimm Fred J r 140 Highland Av 928.J 

Grimm Hans r 9 Crown 2109-R 

Grippo Angelina Mrs r 175 College 2909-M 

Grippo Elizabeth Mrs r 612 Main 1859*W 

Grishkat Charles r 42 Cherry 4158-M 

Griswold Arthur L r Miner 3432 

Griswold Frank M r Lincoln Crmwl 2371-J 

Griswold Mildred I Miss r 58 Broad 3308-W 

Critiel Andrew J r 84 Roosevelt Dr 4477.W 

Grody Robert W r Durham Center 13194W2 

Groeper Lester Mrs r 6 West St Crmwl 240©-M 

Groeper Max r River Rd Crmwl 92|3-R 

Gross Jacob S meat market 54 Sumner Ipl4 

Gross Julius r 142 So Main 27l4.W 


142 So Main 3(484 

Grout John N r Hidden Lk Hggnm 2406-Jl 

Grower Julius H MD office 164 Court 2478-W 

Residence 32 Mansfield Ter 2478-R 

Grower Louis r 93 Marlborough Prtlnd 3965-M 

Grower Nathan r CromweU 1817-W2 

Grower's Grocery & Prov Main Crmwl 2885 

Grozinsky Sam r Durham 87J-W1 

Gstell Ernest F r Brown 

Grzegorowicz John r 343 So Main 

Grzegorowicz Regina Miss r Riverside Prtlnd. . .4554-R 

Guarino Albert J r 2 Saybrook Rd 2474 

Guarino Louis J r 42 Evergreen Av 3877-W 

Guebert M L Rev r 197 E Main 2388-J 

Gugllelmetti Frank Mrs r Durham 975-Wl 

Guglielmino Joseph oil service 80 College 2287 

Gugliemino J L r Elm Crmwl 2466-R 

Gugliemino Sebastiano r South St Crmwl 3044-W 

Guibilee Carlo r 15 Macdonough PI 2297-J 

Guida Alexander Sr r Coleman Rd 2783-J3 

Guida J V r 20 Summit PI 3871-W 

Guida Lillian B Mrs r Coleman Rd 2783-Wl 

Guida William r Main Rckfl 2902-W3 

Guild Warren W r Fairview Av 3869-J 

Guilford Boatrice L Miss r 222 College 262-R 

Guilford F Morse r Hidden Lk Rd Hggnm 2406-W3 

Guiliano Domenic r 107 Liberty 2654-J 

Guire J J r Durham 49-W3 


Petroleum products Brownstone Av Prtlnd. .3370 

Gulf Refining Co sec Gulf Oil Corp 

GulielmettI Philip r 622 High 1383-J 

Gunter William Dr dentist 164 Court 369 

Res 172 Washington 3470 

Gurland Harold r 59 Crescent 19-J 

Gurland R whsl frt & prdc 45 Sumner 2045 

Residence 4 Glynn Av 2903 

Gustafson Charles r Rivcrview Prtlnd 2334-M 

Gustafson Edwin r Margarite Rd 2672-J2 

Gustafson Einar A V r 40 Catherine 3678-W 

Gustafson Eric G r Higganum 1986-J3 

Gustafson Eva Mrs r 24 Nordland Av Crmwl 2397-R 

Gustafson Fillmore r 29 Prospect Gldrslvc 3673.W 

Gustafson Gunnar E r 444 Washington 1825-M 

Gustafson Hannah Mrs r 103 Main Crmwl 811 

Gustafson Linus B r 301 High 1610 

Guy Harold S r 274 Court 3613 

Guy RIct ft Davis office 329 Main 1000 

Rice Robert W r 86 Broad 265 

Davis Frank Twitchell r 409 Ridge Rd 1419 

Daley Edward J r 39 Belle vue PI 688 

GaUagher F J r 67 Front 1335 


Haas Catherine Mrs r 124 Ridge Rd 831 

Habersang A R r Powder HI Mddlfld 2192-J2 

Habersang Raymond L r Powder HI Mddlfld. . .2027-W4 

Hackady Carl H r 51 Warwick 239 

Hackett Rose G Miss r 258 Court 1698 

Haddam Public Health Assoc Higganum 2418-Jl 


Town Clerk's Ofc Haddam 2812-J2 

Selectman r Haddam 3402^11 

Probate Judge r Higganum 591-W3 

Fire Department 

Haddam Volunteer Fire Co Higganum 2775-Jl 

O'Connor William E r Higganum 2775-J2 ,] 

Petrofsky Felix A r Higganum 1923-Wl 

Haddam Volunteer Fire Co Higganum 2775-Jl 

O'Connor William E r Higganum 2775-J2 

Had den Herbert P r 55 Bartlett Prtlnd 1389-J 

Haddock D E Miss r Court Crmwl 3187-W3 

HadMock Vera Mrs r 39 So Main 3770 

Haffjt Louis r Brook Rd 3692.W2 

Haftjel M r Westfield St 3550-J 

Hag<fel Joseph M r 98 Catherine 3305-J 

Hag<;l M Mrs wood & lumber 206 E Main 1671 

Hageman Fred C Mrs r Elm Rd Crmwl 2024-M 

Hag«iman Wray r Eastwood Rd Crmwl 2692-W3 

Hagcirman Leah Mrs r 256 Farm HI Rd 552-W 

Hagsjerty Eugene Mrs RN Meriden Rd 3592 

Hagclerty John E r Washington St Ext 3419-R 

HagJund George W r 39 Grand 4228J 

Hahn E J r 119 Schuyler Av 3241-J 

HannEN r 267 Court 3937 

Hahn William H r 44 Wyllys Av 3138-W 

Haig Eleanor C Mrs r 68 Tryon 909-W 

Haig J Fred r 102 Highland Av 3507 

Haines Frank D office 363 Main 1003 

Residence 337 Main Prtlnd 2608 

Haines Frederick G Jr r 80 E Main Prtlnd 1068 


460 Main 2350 

Halt Marjory B RN 197 Hunting HI Av 1415-R 

Hajek William r Brainerd HI Hggnm 2443-J2 

Halaby John P Dr dentist 347 Main 410 

Residence Clover 1792 

Hale Burt J Mrs r 165 Lincoln 536-M 

Hale C Harry r William Prtlnd 2630 

Hale C K & H T Inc Main Gldrslve 1212 

Hale Charles R r Bartlett St Ext Prtlnd 3061-W2 

Hale Clarence r 29 Goraon PI 3428-M 

Hale Edward I r 548 Main Prtlnd 1539-R 

Hale Emily J Mrs r 384 Main Prtlnd 3573-J 

Hale George W r 7 Fairview Av Prtlnd 3640 

Hale Harry L r Main Gldrslve 3556-J 

Hale Herbert R r Glastonbury Rd Prtlnd 1016-J2 

Hale Hester E Miss r Indian HI Av Gldrslvc 954-W 

Hale Howard r Gildersleevc 1069-Wl 

Hale Perry insurance 238 Main Prtlnd 885 

Hale Titus S r High Prtlnd 1711 

Hale Truman H r 585 Main Gldrslve 2940 

Hale Watson r Glastonbury Rd Prtlnd 1016-W2 

Halepas Xandria Mrs r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 680-Jl 

Hall Albert L Mrs r Durham 3936-J2 

Hall Arthur B dairy products Saybrook Rd 3010 

Res Main Hddm 665-W3 

Hall Bertha A Mrs r 15 Water 1789-R 

Hall Carl A r 76 Fairview Hgts Prtlnd 3664-W 

Hall Caroline Mrs r 41 Prospect Prtlnd 1592-W 

Hall Charles G Mrs r Higganum 668-J3 

Hall Frank I r 64 Lawn Av 1507 

Hall Harold F r Durham Center 3189-J2 

Hall Harriet Mrs f 9 Wetmorc PI 1284-W 

Hall Helen M Miss r 3 Glover PI 1886-J 

Hall Henry S Co pianos & clectl mdse 

147 WilUam 494-W 

Hall Henry S r 1 Barbara Rd 494-R 

Hall Ivar F r Hunting Hill Av 3861 

Hall Kenneth E r West St 4601-W 

Hall Palmer D r Tryon 3142-J 

Hall Ralph W r Abbey Rd Crmwl 3427.W3 

Hall Sherman W r 5 Strongs Av Prtlnd 1301-W 

Hall Stephen S Mrs r 341 Main Prtlnd 91 

Hall William W r Evergreen Rd Crmwl 4258-W3 

HallabyAG 88 Court 3591 

Hallaby Mary Mrs r 146 Spring 1740-R 

Halliday E C casino Great HI Lk Prtlnd 3929-Jl 

Hallock A Avery r Prospect HI Crmwl 4044-Wl 

Halloran Michael r 61 Main 1877 


32 Main 1549 

Hallworth Frank W r 31 Knowles Av 4055-W 

Halpern Harry r 566 High 88 

21 Middlefown HAD-WAR 

Halstead H J Mrs r 98 Main Crmwl 3795 

Halstedt Ernest E A r 266 Farm HI Rd 2497-J 

Halyburton R F r Carll Rd fl^7 

Hamilton & Co 980 Chapel. (toll call) New Haven-6-4106 

Hamilton Samuel R Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 3172-J3 

Hamlin Clifford E r 135 William 1595-J 

Hancock Charles W r 85 No Asylum 2895-J 

Hancock John Mutual Life Ins Co 363 Mn 336 

Hancock Virginia E Miss r 450 Washington 1768 

Hanford Jay r 51 Indian HI Rd Gldrslvc 954-R 

Hannaford F L r 41 Brainerd Av 286 

Hannigan George r 145 Broad 1888*M 

Hannon Philip M r 35 Catherine 3678-J 

Hansen Elizabeth E Mrs r 51 Main 214-W 

Hansen J Cornelius r 5 Perry Av Prtlnd 548 

Hansen T Louis Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-W2 

Hanson Adolph r 172 Liberty 916-W 

Hanson Albert S r Madison Rd Drhm 2733- J3 

Hanson Axel W r Coe Av Prtlnd 956-R 

Hanson Charles J r Newfield 1714 

Hanson Electric 205 Main 414 

Hanson Raymond F r 226 Hunting HI Av. 599-J 

Hanson Ernest r 6 Glover PI 4064-R 

Hanson Henry r 134 Mt Vernon 1306 

Hanson Howard A Dr dentist 363 Main 2235 

Residence Carll Rd 3575.M 

Hanson S L Rev r 136 Liberty 572 

Happy Acres Powder HI Mddlfld 4315-Wl 

Harbison Alexander W r 104 Main Crmwl 2970-W 

Hardy William r Meriden Rd 1757 

Hare E M r Great HI Lk Prtlnd 2365-J 

Hargraves Robert F r Maple Shade Rd 191-W4 

Hargreaves Elsie C Mrs RN 645 Ridge Rd 3120-W 

Harmon Charles r East St 1464-J3 

Harmon Kenneth r Rockfall 966-Jl 

Harmon Mary L Mrs r 434 Main Prtlnd 1966-M 

Harney Anna Miss r 479 High 1712-M 

Harney John M Mrs r Bow U 797-W2 

Harper A r 9 Park PI 2966-R 

Harrington Karl P r 163 High 2731 

Harrington Leslie Lt r 57 High 2956-J 

Harrington W Ernest Mrs r Wallace Crmwl 2025-Jl 

Harrington Walter E r 23 Roland Ct Crmwl 153-W 

Harris Bessie M Miss r 87 Ridge Rd 3029-J 

Harris Burton S r 150 Ridge Rd 1726-J 

Harris Delbcrt r Millbrook Rd 732-W2 

Harris Geo H r Washington St Ext 3244-R 

Harris H C r Walkley HI Hddm 2772-Wl 

Harris Uuis H r Millbrook Rd 557>l 

Harris Moses B r 374 Ridge Rd 3737-M 

Harris Myron C r Millbrook Rd 41-J3 

Harris Raymond r Wilcox Rd 1207-J3 

Harris Richard D r Middlefield 4040-W2 

Harris WmW r 26 Hunting HI Av 1457-J 

Harrison Burton A r 5 Ridge Rd 3696-J 

Harrison Henry ^ r 10 Glover PI 2732 -J 

Harry & Joe's grocery & delicatessen 86 Church . . 2096 

Harry's New Blue Sunoco Station Main Prtlnd 655 

Hart Blan r Allen Rd Crmwl 2818-J 

Hart Douglas r 41 West St Crmwl .1749-J 

Hart James C Dr optometrist 164 Court 2257.W 

Res 43 Long La 2257-R 


Middletown branch 329 Main 68 

Hartford Courant 347 Main 1353 

Hartig Eunice Miss r 8 Roosevelt Dr 4396-W 

Hartigan Joseph Mrs RN 10 Erin 1357-M 

Hartigan Wm r 581 High 2052-li 

Hartigan William E gas sta 187 Main Prtkid 2554 

Hartigan's Grocery 140 E Main 2507 

Hartke Gerhardt r 36 Mill 2422 

Hartke LeRoy Mrs r 11 Main St Ext 3547 

Hartman D J filling station Berlin 391 

Hartman James L r 127 Berlin 3525*M 

HAR-HIG ^ Middletown 22 

Hartman Raymond J r 18 Jackson 18 

Hartnett Michael J r Middlesex Av Prtlnd 2864-M 

Hal^orn George A Mrs r Pleasant Crmwl 2373-R 

Hartt Julius School of Music of Hartford 516 Main. .387 

If no answer call 3032-M 

Harvey Carl C MD office 119 Main 48-W 

Residence 20 Silver 48-R 

Harvey George W r Hubbard Dist 2674-W 

Harvey Ira E r Millbrook Rd 194.W1 

Harvey Oliver r 3 Omo 3051 

Harvey Robert E r Barbara Rd 1066 

Harvey S I r Durham 3262-W3 


Durham 2924.W3 

Harv^ood Channing E r 107 High 1619 

Harzevitch Josephine Miss r 19 Cmmrcc Prtlnd. 2120-M 

Hasbrouck Augustus r Millbrook Rd 1182-W3 

Hasselman James B r 138 Broad 1024 

Hasson John L r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3253-W2 

Hastings C S r Washington Rd Crmwl 3187-J4 

Hastings Henry W Mrs r Newfield 4437-J 

Hastings Hugh P r Clover 2370-W 

Hastings Kendall P r 260 Pine 1599-M 

Havlicek Joseph A r Overlook Av. . ! 1703-M 

Havlicek Mary Mrs r 192 College 3479 

Hawley H H r 787 Ridge Rd 3904 

Hawxhurst W H r Freestone Av Crmwl 2938-W3 

Hayden Randolph L r Haddam 2670-W3 

Haydon Sophie V Miss r 56 Loveland 2789-J 

Hayes Allan r 8 Hillside Ct 3441-W 

Hayes Daniel M r 8 Newfield 3185-J 

Hayes Garrison B r 21 Lake 3228-W 

Hayes James T r 127 Highland Av 806-W 

Hayes Maude I Miss r Talcott La Drhm 2871-Jl 

Hayn Lcokadia Miss r 56 Russell • • .2317-J 

Hayn Samuel r 58 E Main 2312-W 

Hays Albert r 124 Hunting Hill Av 3071-W 

Haythorn Joseph J gas station 436 So Main 2851 

Haythorn Jos J r Randolph Rd 3621 

Summer Residence Jobs Pond Prtlnd 675-W 

Hayward Lester B r 73 Bow U 108.1 -W 

Hazelton John W r 188 Pearl 3030 

Hazelton Julia C Miss r 105 Lincoln 2360-J 

Hazen Carleton Rev r Barbara Rd 3727-J 

Hazen Edward W Foundation office Haddam. . . .2160-W 

Hazen Helen Bradford Miss 113 College 221 

Hazen Helen R Mrs r Haddam 1092 

Hazen J J r Haddam 2670-J3 

Hazen L R Mrs r 212 College 3635-J 

Hazenhurst Farm Haddam 2160-W 

Foss C J superintendent Haddam 2771-J2 

Office supplies-typewriters 

172 Court ;;;? B 

Healy Joseph H r Rr 27 Wavcrly Av Prtlnd .3Z39-R 

Healy Raymond T r 43 E Main Prtlnd 3426 

Healy Wm r 481 High 1712-J 

Hedges Ira G r 33 Breton Rd 258-W 

Hedges R S r 101 E Main Prtlnd 551-J 

Hedges Raymond S Jr r Fairview Prtlnd 2993-J 

Hedges Wm B r 28 W Silver ^^^?',i 

Hedstrom C r 533 Main Prtlnd 3136-W 

Heger Frank r Christian HI Hggnm 3684-Jl 

Hehir M G Miss hair dresser 363 Main 467 

Heidel W A Mrs r 116 Mt Vernon HH 

Heidenis Milo r 46 West St Crmwl 2102-W 

Heidenis Stanley r 73 West St Crmwl 676-J 

Heidenis Warren r Orphanage Rd Crmwl 4157 

Hell Christopher F r 115 Highland Av 1198-W 

Heil William A r 71 Highland Av 2992 

Heim Richard r 151 Berlin 3525-W 

Heinrich George r Maple Shade Rd 191-Jl 

Heinrich John Martin r Randolph Rd 1014-J 

Heinrich Margaret L Miss r Randolph Rd 1816-M 

Helschman Walter Lt r 562 Main 203b-J 

Heise A E r Middle 3905-W4 

Heise Albert H r Long River Village 439|S-J 

Hejna Max Mrs r 9 E Main 1653-J 

Heldmaier Raymond r 146 Tryon 1j54 

Heldt Lav^rence r Timber Hill Rd Crmwl 4278-R 

Helene Beauty Shop 355 Main 2445 

Helenek George r Higgannm 2455-J2 

Hclenek George P r Lee 3247-J 

Hellwig August r Saybrook Rd 3283iW3 - 

Henderson Charles r 202 Washington 11775 

Henderson James r Wall Crmwl 24t2-M 

Henderson James G r Victoria Rd Gldrslve 43i9-J 

Hendley Herbert J r 41 Evergreen Av 78i8-M 

Hendley James A r Ridge Rd 1931 

Hendley Melville G r 104 Frisbie 3639-W 

Hennessey James r Margarite Rd 2672-W2 

Hennessey & Lemieux plumbing 432 Butternut. . .1690 

Hennessey Martin J r 41 Fountain Av 1935-W 

Hennessey Rodney r 36 Lake 3705-J 

Hennion Harold F r 34 Roland Ct Crmwl 4070 

Henrikson Henry E r Randolph Rd 1035-J 

Henry Edward B r 56 Knowles Av . . 1325 

Henry Louis W r 132 Front 2405-W 

Henry Rose S Mrs r 84 Russell 282-W 

Henry William r Main Rckfl 1781-Jl 

Henry William r 292 Russell 3697-J 

Henry's Frozen Custard & Sandwich Shop 477 Mn.2063: 

Heppenstall H P r 9 George 4336-Wl 

Heppenstall Joseph r 26 Wall 114-J 

Herdman Charles C r Bow La 3109-W3 

Herdman Laura Mrs TA 69 Oak 1633 

Herdman Raymond M r 26 Hillside Av . . 3094-J 

Herdman Teresa Miss RN 118 Prospect 2734 

Herman F A r Rockfall 927-Wl 

Herman Willis J r 536 Main 2660-M 

Hernandez William r 134 Church 887 

Herrmann Adam r 4 W Silver 3022-J 

Herrmann Carl r Randolph Rd 1816-R 

Herrmann Clarence F r 18 Brainerd Av. ... 1348-R 

Herrmann Howard J r 38 MacArthur Ct 4482-W 

Herrmann Theodore r 54 Home Av 1032 

Herrmann Theodore Mrs r 52 Home Av 2985-W 

Herrmann's DIctsn Store 138 Main 379 

Herrmann Carl FJr r Farm Hill Rd .3474 

Herrmanns Her-Del Stables Crystal Lk 2200 

Herrmann's Liquor Shoppe 138 Main 379 

Hershman Mannie r 436 High 2157 

Hertzberg Herman L r 93 So Main 4167-W 

Hess Hallcy R r 30 Roosevelt Dr 4409-M 

Hetrick Harry Mrs r Gospel La Prtlnd 3061-W3 

Hetrick Mfg Co 28 Summer Gldrslve .'.4203 

Hetzel Andrew J Mrs r 7 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3553 

Hewett I F r 166 Lincoln 917-J 

Hewitt J W Mrs r 68 Lawn Av 1846-W 

Heydenreich Robert A Rev r 64 High 3302-W 

Hibbert Kenneth r 33 Walnut 2678-J 

Hick Irving Jr r Durham 4327-Wl 

Hick William r 248 Main Crmwl 2816-Wl 

Mickey Everett r 32 Wall 1575-R 

Hicks Edith Mrs r 278 Court 1224-J 

Hicks Irving W r 4 Breton PI 2349-W 

Higganum Center Meat Market Higganum . . .1936-Wl 

Higganum Feed Store Higganum 2775-J3 

Higganum Garage Higganum 3402-W2 

Higganum Union School Higganum 673-Wl 

Higganum Village see Haddam Town Of 

Higganum Wire Frame Co Christian Hill Hggnm. 4177-Jl 

Higginbotham Granville S r 13 Durwin 3045-J 

Higgins Francis T r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 680-J2 

Higgins John J r 59 Catherine 1919-M 

Higgins Joseph r Ridgcwood Rd 55-Wl 

Higgins Maurice J r 429 High 1439 

Higgins Thomas r Long River Village 4409-W 

Higgins Wm r 273 Pine 1599-J 

Higginson William J Mrs r 55 Broad 2832 



Hiljley Clarence E r Pine Ridge Crmwl 3238-R 

HItason Heniy r 246 Washington 4453-W 

HNberrOscar F r Timber HI Rd Crmwl 3112 -J 

Hill Chester James r 11 Long La 4454-M 

Hi^ Edward J r 438 Washington 1161-J 

Hill G Albert r Gordon PI Trench HI . 3513 

Hill Helen Mrs r 118 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3034-M 

Hill May C Mrs r 159 Liberty 2644-M 

Hill Raymond r 21 Broad 4513-W 

Kilt Theodore r 251 Main Prtlnd 2154-J 

Hip Thomas J r 68 Mill 1221-W 

Hill William r 8 Flower 874-R 

HillJWilliam H r Strickland Prtlnd 1939-J3 

HiUenbrand James A r Millbrook Rd 1182 W2 

HiHiker Benford J r 11 Cottage 2948-J 

Hiiliker Benford J Jr r 73 Mill 1721-W 

Hills Robert r 11 Vine 3306-R 

Hillside Dairy Newfield 2232-W 

Hines Frank J Mrs r 184 Liberty 2999 

Hines Harry S r Candlewood HI Hggnm 976 W3 

Hines Virginia Miss r 138 Washington 1284-J 

Hines William H r 37 Long La 2645.J 

Hingkledey E F Mrs r 36 High 1427W 

Hintz Ernest r 4 Fowler Av 2331W 

Hinz Richard C r Congdon 294-J3 

Hippler H A r 338 Ridge Rd 1771 

Hippolitus John D r Laike Shore Dr Mddlfld 3259-Jl 

HIrtle Joseph A r 28 Saybrook Rd 4175-J 

Hitchcock Pharmacy Main Crmwl 1481 

Hitchcock Roy D r 30 Roland Ct Crmwl 3510 

Hoadley Grace L Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 124W3 

Hoar John D r 65 Vine 3205-J 

Hoar William D r 536 Main 1023-J 

Hoar William J r 32 West St ' 2311-M 

Hoberman Jacob r George 1076 

Hobson J Harry Mrs r 117 Grand 2425-W 

Hodge Dwight r Nooks HI Rd Crmwl 680-W2 

Hodge F I r 36 Warwick 1015 

Hodge F Irving Jr r Woodside Cir 1929-W 

Hodge Harry r 38 Warwick 4558-W 

Hof-Brau Tavern 42 Main 2584 

Hoffman Florence E Miss r Quarry Av Prtlnd 200 

Hoffman Hyman r 43 So Main 1880 

Hoffman Karl T r Haddam 2689W2 

Hoffman Robert V r 17 Long La. ..yv 37 

Hoffman W E r Prospect Prtlnd. . .' 2946 

Hoffmann L W r Pine Av 64 

Hofher Harry F r 233 E Main 3024 

Hofher James M r Jefferson 2348 

Hofmann Frank r Cromwell 3994-J3 

Hofmann Henry F r Court Crmwl 763-J2 

Hofmann Joseph F Mrs r 212 Main Crmwl 2928-J3 

Hogan Daniel r 121 Washington 925 

Hogerty W J r Old Mill Rd 2463-R 

Holder H W gasoline station Durham 2565 

Holder Henry r Durham Center 3991-J2 

Holland John A Mrs r 276 Court 2742-W 

Holley Erving Dr r Maplewood 896-W2 

Hollister A A Mrs r Marlborough Prthid 2362 

Holmes A E dental office 121 Main 270 

Holmes A E Mrs r 154 Washington 1824 

HofmesAWr 5 Summit PI 1195 

Holmes C Burton r 53 Breton Rd 29-W 

Holmes Everett S 1st r 17 Breton Rd 258-R 

Holmes Everett S 2nd r 280 So Main 2823- W 

Holmes Furniture Co 516 Main 368 

Holmes H G r 38 Main 1125-R 

Holmes Herbert G r 23 Evergreen Av 3506 

Holmes N C r 23 Nordland Av Crmwl 1249-W 

Holmes Upholstery Co 516 Main 368 

Holmes William D i 138 College 1341-J 

Holoman William r 29 William 1476 

Holowieszko Loretta Mrs r 3 Geer Crmwl 2381-W2 

Holroyd George F r Pine St Ext 238 


Furniture 547 Main 2150 

23 Middietown HIG— HUG 

Holstebro Kaye r Prospect Gldrslve 4099 

Holt Clarence D r 17 Fairview Prtlnd 531-M 

Holt John Mrs r Tryon 4259-R 

Holt Warren J r Cedar Rckfl 898-W2 

Holter Alban r Grove Prtlnd 2518-R 

Holter John P r Riverview Prtlnd 2480 

Home Awning & Auto Top Co 1 Erin 2849 

Home Dairy Saybrook Rd 3010 

Homstead Richard r 315 High 2124 

Hood John r 39ya E Main 1423-M 

Hood Thomas C r Beaver Meadow Rd Hddm. . .3340-Wl 

Hooper Curtis J r 62 Prospect Prtlnd 4104 

Hoops Thomas r Poplar Rd 130 

Hoover AC Mrs r 18 Pine 547 

Hopkins Grace M Miss r Crystal Lk Rd 2986-Wl 

Hopkins Henry W r 108 Grand 2715-J 

Hopler Mildred B Miss r Middlefield 1294-Jl 

Hoppe Elizabeth B Miss r Boston Rd 1311-R 

Hopper Howard E r 154 So Main 862-R 

Horton Thomas L r Haddam 2773-W3 

Hotel Vasques 624 Main 473 

House Warren r Wavcrly Av Ext Prtlnd 3822-W 

Housing Authority of City of Middletown Silver . . .4364 

Houska Charles r River Rd 3314-J2 

Houston F T r 56 Park PI 3133-R 

Howard Anne Mrs i 25 Fairview Prtlnd 531-R 

Howard Robert N r 340 Main Prtlnd 3566-W 

Howard W C r Westfield 213-W3 

Howard's Cleaners 530 Main 1689 

Howcson Lcona Miss TA 5 Flower 874-J 

Howie John R r Durwin 2878 

Howland Emma H Mrs r 255 High 2185-W 

Howland H S sheet metal work 24 Pearl 405 

Howland Leroy A r 255 High :* 546 

Howley Thomas F r 261 Pine 2146-R 

Howley Thomas FJr r 56 Fountain Av 1244-J 

Hoyt Carlylc G r Miner 4485 

Hubbard Albert H r Higganum 3402-Jl 

Hubbard Arnold B r 55 Crescent 543 

Hubbard Carolyn K Miss r Long La 1867 -M 

Hubbard Clinton r Lake Av Hggnm 3137-J4 

Hubbard E D Mrs r Lone Tree Farm 176 

Hubbard Elmer S Mrs r Higganum 673-Jl 

Hubbard Harriet M Miss r i97 Main Crmwl. . .2057-W3 

Hubbard Henry W Mrs r Randolph Rd 1170 

Hubbard LeRoy r 322 So Main 3517 

Hubbard Raymond A r Long HI Rd 1443-W 

Hubbard Reuben r Durham 986-W4 

Hubbard Robert r Millbrook Rd 1182-J2 

Hubbard S V r 128 Main Crmwl 2025-W2 

Hubbard Service Station garage 111 Court 2054 

Hubbard Alfred H r Newfield 597 -W 

Hubbard Seth S r 67 Warwick 165 

Hubbard Seth S Jr r 131 Highland Av 2655-W 

Hubbard Willard D r Millbrook Rd 1182-J2 

Hubbard William C r Cozy Ct Crmwl 4116-M 

Hubbeil A B r Laurel 1231-Jl 

Hubbell Elmers r Old Mill Rd 47 

Hubel A E Mrs RN 32 Burr Av 1883J 

Huber Alexander J Jr r 14 Pease Av 4431-W 

Huber Mary Miss r 224 Pearl 4469 

Hubner Allen F r Sears 2729-J 

Hubner Frank r 24 MarArthur Ct 4190-W 

Hubner Oscar C r Hillcrest Av 3405-M 

Hubner Walter r 164 Front 267-M 

HudccJohnW r 673 High 2906-J 

Hudec Louise Mrs r Brooks Rd Mrms 3692-J4 

Hudson Earl R r 680 Ridge Rd 903 

Hudson Fur Shop 501 Main 305 

Hudson Irene M Miss r 278 Pine 3263-J 

Hughes A F r 708 Ridge Rd 3675 

Hughes Albert K r 14 Bartktt Prtlnd 3578-M 

Hughes Albert M r 1 Ferry La Prtlnd 2417-W 

Hughes David E r Crystal Lk Rd 2143-J4 

HUG— JAY Middletown 24 

Hughes Earl K r 32 Bartlett Prtlnd 2786W 

Hughes Julia L Mrs r 121 Grand 2197 

Hugo August E r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 3069-Wl 

Hull Albert P Jr r Cedar 2749-R 

Hull Brewing Co (toll call) Wallingford-633 

Hull Doris E Miss r 78 Front 1266-R 

Hull Dorothy G Miss r 83 Broad 1609 

Hull George E r Ncwfield 1141-J4 

Hull Maurice P r Durham 971-J3 

Hummell Bert H r 609 Ridge Rd 408 

Hurrtmelman George r Freestone Av Crmwl 2938-J3 

Hunderlach Charles F r Wadsworth 2335-J 

Hunderlach John F r Wadsworth 2335-W 

Hunsberger A Roy r 148 Church 4060 

Hunt Adelbert P r Farm HI Rd 1637-W 

Hunt Fred R r 198 Liberty 1864 

Hunt M E r Millbrook Rd 1982-J 

Hunt Robert L r Brush Hill Rd 4040-J4 

Hunter & Havens Inc mill supplies 

340 Capitol Av Hartford 
(No toll chg) Ask operator foi . . . Enterpri$e-1360 

Hunter Thomas r 57^^ Silver 3989 

Hunter Wm r 206 Main Crmwl 2929-W2 

Hurd Gertrude E Mrs r 169 Main 878 

Hurlburt Adeline J Miss r 76 E Main Prtlnd . . 1959-R 

Hurlburt Albert R r 46 Loveland 1520-J 

Hurlburt Albert S r Dewey 758-W 

Hurlburt Allen C r 573 No High 2677-W 

Hurlhurt Arthur C r 55 Russell 2726-W 

Hurlburt Clarence S r 58 Durant Ter 3705-R 

Hurlburt Frank r 61 Warwick 3959-R 

Hurlburt Fred'k S r 6 Bellevue PI 3514 

Hurlbut Betsey Miss GA 235^ E Main 1272-R 

Hurliman Jacob C r Maiden La Drhm 49-Jl 

Hurlimann Robert r Durham 698-Jl 

Hurt Paul T r Higganum 3303-Wl 

Huse Clair L t Middlefield 1241.W1 

Hutchings Marie Miss r 35 Lake 1572-W 

Hutensky Louis r 45 Rapallo Av 720-J 

Hutson William r 26 Main St Ext 2436-J 

Hutton Thomas r 170 Liberty 4131-J 

Hyatt Robert P r No Madison Rd Drhm 3991-W3 

Hyatt Wallace J r Reeds Gap Drhm 3175-J2 

Hyde Katherlne r 129 Washington 902.R 

Hyland Anna F Mrs r Bartlett Prtlnd 1069-J4 

Hyland John H Mrs r 345 So Main 3448-R 

Hyland Mary J Mrs r 58 SUver 1191 



Women's apparel 324 Main 2544 

Ideal Financing Assoc Inc see General Public Loan Corp 

Ideal Grocery 518 High 659 

Ideal Printing Co 56 Knowles Av 1325 

Imme Salvatore r 15 Green Ct 1614-J 

Inferrera Louis r 172 Washington 3416-W 

Ingersoll Charles M r Haddam 2689-J3 

Ingcrsoll Phelps r Old Mill Rd 2819 

Ingham Charles S r Haddam 2942-W3 

Ingham George r Haddam 2788-Wl 

Inglls Ernest A r 33 Mansfield Ter 236 

Inglis John r Haddam 3758-W4 

Inglis Robert r 11 Laurel 2751-J 

Inland Contracting & Engineering Co 

Timber Hill Rd Crmwl. 366 

International Meat Market 84 Court 3004-W 

Intravaia Sebastian r 57 Grand 4033 

Intravia J & Sons Inc florists 163 Main 3070 

Invernizzi John r Durham.- 2359-J3 

Ireton Harold F r 9 Vine 3083 

Ireton Raymond r 47 Catherine 791-W 

Ireton Vincent C r 8 Air Line Av Prtlnd 3526 

Irwin Henry 3rd r Durham 3936-W4 

Irwin S W r Fowler Av Drhm 4247^1 

Isaacson Carl R r Smnle Rd Lk Bsck Mddlfld. .39504W1 

Isaacson T Mrs r Middlefield 3197JW2 

Isbell John W Mrs r Durham Center 699-J2 

Italian American Meat Market 46 Court 11169 

Italy Charles A r 26 Stow Av 1^922 

Italy Thomas r 39 College 4/094 

Itkin Joseph r 16 Macdonough PI 2744-W 

Itkin's Curtain & Linen Shoppe 498 Main 2261 

Iverson Martin r East Hampton Rd Prtlnd. . .92$rW4 
Ives S Mary Dr r 142 High .240 


J Dee Sign Co 16 Knowles Av /404 

Jablonski Anton! r Higby Rd Wstfld 757-J2 

Jablonski Frank r Elm Rd Crmwl 3355-W 

Jack Daniel r Penfield Hill Rd Prtlnd 209-J2 

Jack's Lunch Inc 464 Main 646 

Jackson Alfred r 147 Schuyler Av 3793 

Jackson Alfred A r 187 Pine 3331-W 

Jackson Archie r 342 Farm Hill Rd 2759-R 

Jackson Bros garage Durham 1203-J3 

Jackson George H r Main Drhm 1203^11 

DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer 

Marlborough Prtlnd . 1181-W 

Jackson E A r 75 E Main Prtlnd 2456-W 

Jackson L H 54 E Main Prtlnd 3131 

Jackson Jennie Mrs r Marlborough Prtlnd. 1181-R 

Jackson C W r Highland Av Prtlnd 2813-R 

Jackson Chas S r Higganum 512*J3 


Office 117 Church 2127 

Jackson Cora M Miss r 142 High 240 

Jackson G Phillip r Prospect Prtlnd 2188-J 

Jackson Helen Atkinson Miss r Higganum 512-Jl 

Jackson John J r Durham 3016-W2 


Pontiac Sales S'. Service 16 Stack 228 

Jacob Arthur H r 127 Cross 2327-M 

Jacobs Albert r Pine St Ext 3685-W 

Jacobs C W r Pine St Ext 920.W 

Jacobs Frank M Mrs r 12 Walnut 1945-J 


Genl contractor-builder Pine 398 

Jacobs Myron E r Kelsey 2783-J4 

Jacobs Thomas r 59 Knowles Av 2912-J 

Jacobs Thomas R msn contr & bldr 58 Knowles Av.399 
Jacobson Alan Dr office 25 Marlborough Prtlnd. . . .881 

Res 192 Cross 2260 

Jacobson Andrew r No Cromwell 3069-J2 

Jacobson Frank A furn rprng So Main St Ext. . . .2236 

Jacobson Harold r 21 E Main 3863-R 

Jacoby Emil r Higganum 976-Wl 

Jagoda Frank r Rockfall 813-Jl 

James Edward r 63 Main Crmwl 2415-R 

James Elsie L Miss r Jobs Pond Prtlnd 129-W2 

James John r Great Hill Lk Prtlnd 2396-Wl 

James William J r 140 Church 1102 

Jamieson Wm A r Washington Rd Crmwl 2383-J2 


254 Main Prtlnd 372 

Janicke Howard A r 39A So Main 3523-J 

Janicke Mildred Miss r 13 Catherine 142 

Janicki Edith Miss r 40 Silver 3288-W 

Jarvis Charles L Co office & factory Pease Av. . . .3920 

Jarvis Marshall N r Main Prtlnd 43 

Jarvis William F r 555 Main Prtlnd 93 

Jarzabck Stella Miss r 30 Maple ,1755-M 

Jarzavek John C r 37 E Main 4225-J 

Jaskot Cclia M Miss r 15 Omo 1130-M 

Jason Andrew r 111 Middlefield 1581-W2 

Jason Louis r 15 Goodyear Av 4188-J 

Jay Charles r Rockfall 3944-Jl 


Jay Frederick Neal r U Grove 4125-W 

Jaylstanley r Rockfall 927-Jl 

Jeli^ek Florence Miss r Saybrook Rd 1987-W2 

Jenkins Edna M Miss r Middlefield Center 1626-J2 

Jenkins George H r High Mddlfld 3192-J3 

Jenkins Wesley r 1 Lincoln Rd Crmwl 2371-W 

Jennings Daniel S r Mt Vernon 4287-W 

Jennings Robert F r 290 Hunting HI Av 3412-W 

Jensen Emma M Miss r 470 Washington 1825-W 

Jensen Oscar r 16 E Main 1739-W 

Jepson Lois Mrs RN Great HI Lk Prtlnd 2396-J4 

Jcnwne Garment Co Inc 63 Hubbard 1665 

Jcssop J Walter r 5 Bellevue PI 3132 

Jtwttt Frank E r 40 Church 1595-R 

Jewett Sylvia Mrs r 478 Main 933-R 

Jezouit Stanley L r 289 Main Crmwl 748-W2 

Jimmys Beauty Salon 347 Main 2283 

Rosano James V (toll call) New Britain-2813 


90 No Main 785-W 

Jlrsa John r Maromas Rd Hggnro 1986-Jl 

Joe's Auto Electric 115 Washington 330 


Tylerville 618-W2 

John Ernest r Main Drhm 2872-Jl 

Johnson Adrian A r Sears 2729-M 

Johnson Albert r Higganum 2457-W2 

Johnson Albert r Randolph Rd 1035-W 

Johnson Alf R kennels Worthington Ridge Berlin 

(toll call) New Britain-5501-R 

Johnson Alfred r Higganum 2685-W3 

Johnson Alfreda B Miss r 69 Home Av 2033-J 

Johnson Algot r 16 Waverly Av Prtlnd 2705-R 

Johnson Alyce Miss r 142 College 1341-M 

Johnson Archibald W r 19 Bacon Av 163-M 

Johnson Arthur F r Marlborough Ct Prtlnd 1034 

Johnson Arthur J r 30 Coe Av Prtlnd 2058-M 

Johnson Arthur L r Newfield Hgts 3726-J 

Johnson August Mrs r 13 High Prtlnd 1372-J 

Johnson Buckley E r Main Hddm 2159-Wl 

Johnson C A r Nordland Av Crmwl 2043-R 

Johnson C Albin r Cromwell 3069-Jl 

Johnson C Valdemar r 285 Main Prtlnd 689-J 

Johnson Carl E r Chipeway Rd Lk Beseck 

Mddlfld. 3955-J2 

Johnson Carl E r Strong Av Prtlnd 1146'R 

Johnson Carl H r 

Cherokee Rd Lk Beseck Mddlfld. 3253-Wl 

Johnson Carl H r 442 Washington 569-J 

Johnson Carl I r Timber Hill Rd Crmwl 3812-W 

Johnson Carl J r Higganum v 666-J2 

Johnson Carl L r 271 Hunting Hill Av 1429 

Johnson Charles A r 664 High 2395 

Johnson Charles A r 101 So Main 850 

Johnson Charles B r 144 Marlborough Prtlnd 687 

Johnson Charles S r Durham 697-W3 

Johnson Clarence L r Saybrook Rd 3184 

Johnson Clayton M r Middlefield 966-J3 

Johnson David L r Higganum 672-W4 

Johnson Donald r 129 Farm Hill Rd 4171-W 

Johnson Doris Miss r New La Crmwl 2398-M 

Johnson Edward T r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-W3 

Johnson Edward W r 1 Elm Rd Crmwl 3213-W 

Johnson Edward Wm r So Main St Ext 1365-J3 

Johnson Edwin W r 251 Main Crmwl 3098-J3 

Johnson Ellen Mrs r South St Crmwl 776-J 

Johnson EIna Mrs r Portland 1069-J2 

Johnson Eric G r 221 Hunting Hill Av 4542-W 

Johnson Eric H r 168 Uberty 1724-W 

Johnson Ernest R r 26 Waverly Av Prtlnd 857-J 

Johnson Esther C Store Higganum 3394 

Johnson Everett D r 272 Court 1237-J 

Johnson Everett F r 14 Flower 3799-W 

Johnson Frances R Mrs r 42 Fountain Av 4087 

Johnson Frank A r Pleasant Crmwl 2373-M 

Johnson Frank H r Bow U 797-Wl 

25 Middletown 


Johnson Frank LMrs r Nordland Av Crmwl . . .1861-W 

Johnson Frank W r 175 So Main 738-W 

Johnson George Mrs r 12 Main 4524-W 

Johnson Geo V r Sand HI Rd Prtlnd 926-J3 

Johnson Gustaf E r 16 Fairview Prtlnd 3815-W 

Johnson H Alfred r 38 Robert 2301-R 

Johnson Harold r Timber HI Rd Crmwl 2024-J 

Johnson Harold S r 28 Pearl 4484-M 

Johnson Harry r Timber Hill Rd Crmwl 3812-M 

Johnson Harry E r Prospect Prtlnd 4559 

Johnson Harry H r Bow La 3109-J3 

Johnson Helmer M r Prospect PI Crmwl 1817-W4 

Johnson Henry S r Great HI Lk Prtlnd 209-J3 

Johnson Herbert S r Higganum 591-W3 

Johnson Hilda Miss r 9 Coe Av Prtlnd 956-J 

Johnson Hjalmar r 151 Cross 3146>W 

Johnson Homer L r Durham 697-J2 

Johnson Irving r West St Crmwl 2915-Wl 

Johnson J Aaron Mrs r 14 Waverly Av Prtlnd. .3239'J 

Johnson J Jacob r Higganum 664-W3 

Johnson J L r 11 Gordon PI 1156 

Johnson Joel r Court Crmwl 692-W4 

Johnson John A Mrs r 13 Commerce Prtlnd. . . .2120*J 

Johnson John W groc & conf West St Crmwl 3880 

Residence 28 West St Crmwl 3345-M 

Johnson K E r Massasoit Rd Lk Beseck 3955-W3 

Johnson Lester P r 129 Highland Av 583 

Johnson Lewis r Maromas 3692-Wl 

Johnson Lila Mrs r 4 Bank Prtlnd 3353-M 

Johnson Louis A r 18 Breton Rd 3447-J 

Johnson Martin r Prout HI Rd 732-Wl 

Johnson Mary B Mrs r Millbrook Rd 1423-R 

Johnson Mildred C Miss r 140 Marlborough Prtld. .3003 

Johnson Morgan Mrs r 160 So Main 4242-W 

Johnson Oscar W r 321 Main Prtlnd 2419-R 

Johnson Paul A r 36 Lakeside Av 3477-R 

Johnson Peter C r 32 Hotchkiss 522 

Johnson Philip r 16 Boston Rd 2926>W 

Johnson Raymond W r 28 Freestone Av Prtlnd . 4139-J 

Johnson Reynold r 18 Wall Crmwl 837-R 

Johnson Richard C r 231 E Main 1272-W 

Johnson Richard E r Haddam 2448-W2 

Johnson Richard E r 139 Vine 2981 -W 

Johnson Richard J r Higganum 3688-Wl 

Johnson Richard W r 34 Coe Av Prtlnd 4424-J 

Johnson Robert A r 367 Main Prtlnd 1131 

Johnson Robert Guy r 24 Strongs Av Prtlnd 3342-J 

Johnson Robert J r 34 Wall 778-M 

Johnson Rudolph r 142 Hunting Hill Av 3790-J 

Johnson William T r 134 Cross 2314-M 

Jonas Harold I r 1 Ackley PI 526 

Jones Arthur W r Millbrook Rd 3349-J 

Jones Charles r Meriden Rd Mddlfld 2983-J4 

Jones Forrest S r So Main 2707-J 

Jones Frederick H r Higganum 2486-J2 

Jones G L r 37 Silver 1324 

Jones & Hanson Inc ofc ins & rl est 353 Main. . .4282 

Jones J Allen r 228 Main Prtlnd 3372-W 

Jones James J r 90 Grove 4118-J 

Jones James J Mrs r 54 E Main 4252-R 

Jones John r 246 Washington 1964-J 

Jones M G Miss r 180 Washington 1274 

Jones Mary Alice Miss r 17 Brainerd Av 2746'J 

Jones Percy r Maple Av Drhm 53-W2 

Jones Russell r 177 Main Crmwl 2785-J2 

Jones W Edwin Mrs r 79 High 769 

Jordan Robert r Breton Hgts 1944-W 

Jordan William A r Old Mill Rd 126^ 

Josephson Andrew r 11 Waverly Av Prtlnd. . . .1343-W 

Josephson Oscar S r 435 Main Prtlnd 3102 

Josephson Otto r 577 Main Prthid 1955-J 

Joyce John T r 34 Oak 1504-W 

The Yellow Pages are full of buying Information. 

JOy^KIN Middlefown - 26 

Joyce William M Dr office 121 Main 1750-W2 

Optical Dept 121 Main 4096 

Residence Main Crmwl 1750-W4 

Judson Leon W r Glastonbury Rd Prtlnd 1016-W4 

Juliano Rosario r 714 So Main St Ext 2229-W 

Julius Grill 97 Court 635 

Jurczak Frank r Maple Rckfl 3944-W2 

Jurczak Joseph J Jr r W Long HI 1269-J 

Jurczak Rose Miss r 16 Loveland 3759-J 


Kabatznick J r 62 Church 1522-W 

Kabatznick Leon B r 55 Oak 4597 

Kabatznick Louis Mrs r 129 College 1585-R 

Kabatznick's Furniture Store 684 Main .... 1920 

kachinski Catherine Mrs r 14 Burr Av 3379 

Kachinski Frank r 69 Spring 2696-J 

Kachuk William T r 94 South St Crmwl 2466-W 

Kaczenski Stanley H r Derby Hd Rckfl 3944-W4 

Kahan Samuel r 14C Cross 1845-W 

Kahrman Everett E r Higganum 2418-J3 

Kahrman Oliver G r Higganum 2768-J3 

Kairis Julius r 97 Court 587-W 

Kaiser Eileen Miss r West St Crmwl 2691-Wl 

Kalen C Robert r 27 Strong Av Prtlnd 1301-J 

Kalesz Joseph B r 22 Maple 1148-W 

Kaleta John r 7 Omo 2211 

Kalinowski Charles r 34 Air Line Av Prtlnd 2294-W 

Kalinowski Joseph P r 2 South St Prtlnd 3906-M 

Kalish Alexander W r 1 E Main 553-R 

Kalish Stanley B r Millbrook Rd 4225-M 

Kallfelz L A r 217 So Main 4479 

Kalman Adam r 414 So Main 2499-M 

Kalman John J r 104 Grove 4555-W 

Kamins Morris r 152 Liberty 2694-J 

Kane Michael Brick Co Newfield 1087 

Kane Walter r Evensen PI Crmwl 3098-Jl 

Kania Mary Miss r 15 Main St Ext 2436-R 

Kapitzke Earle N r 59 Fairview Hgts Prtlnd 2340 

Karatkewiz John r 16 Allison 3125-M 

Karlstrom Robert Mrs r 253 Main Crmwl .. 2720-J3 

Karpe Charles J r 56 Freestone Av Prtlnd 1809-J 

Karpinski Henry G r 79 College 581-M 

Kasek Ferdinand J r 66 Homestead Av Prtlnd. .1033-J 

Katz Benjamin r Maple Av Drhm 53-J2 

Kauffman Arthur r South St Crmwl 4389-W 

Kaufman I & Son painters 59 Highland Av 2525 

Kaufman Joseph r 238 William 4067-W 

Kavanaugh Helen A Miss r Wavcrly Av Prtlnd 3559-R 

Kavanaugh Mary J Miss r 612 Main 6-W 

Kavanaugh Teresa Miss r 39 E Main Prtlnd 2952-J 
Kay Murray D Co auctioneers 

52 Main Southington (toll call) .Southington-757 

Keane Catherine Miss r 147 Main Prtlnd 1658-M 

Keane Daniel r 37 Marlborough Prtlnd 3511-J 

Keane Patrick D Mrs r 23 Freestone Av Prtlnd. 1252-J 

Kearney David P r 130 William 1533-R 

Kearns Gus r Rr 499 Main 2020 

Kearns Gus Restaurant 494 Main 1493 

Keefe John B Jr r 50 Freestone Av Prtlnd 2697-J 

Keefe Margaret L Miss r Boston Rd 3254 

Keeler Harold r Durham 3931-Jl 

Keenan William H r 489 Main 1996-W 

Keene Philip r 271 Court 4026 

Keitel & Erbal Serv Sta 567 Main 601 

Kelleher J Miss r 92 High 1005 

Keileher Joseph r Barbara Rd 2657 -J 

Keller A W Mrs r 136 Ridge Rd 3377-J 

Kelley Daniel r 18 Stowe Av 1138-J 

Kelley Kathleen D Mrs RN 170 Lincoln 3901 

Kelley Lillian C Mrs r 297 Main Crmwl 1223-J4 

Kelley Michael r 172 Hunting HI Av 2811-R 

Kelley Thomas r 46 Schuyler Av 2961-W 

Kelley Thomas F r 172 Hunting HI Av 3347-R 

Kellish Amelia Mrs r Meriden Rd 291 5-J 

Kellish Daniel r Jackson HI Mddlfid 2041.W3 

Kellner Michael F r Higganum 3074fJ2 

Kellner Paul r Main Hggnm 3074-W3 

Kelly Bakery 48 Rapallo Av 222 

Kelly Francis D r 23 Bartlett Prtlnd 3057 

Kelly Elizabeth Mrs r 532 Main 1023-W 

Kelly James J Mrs r 17 Durant 3448-J 

Kelly James M attorney-at-law 279 Main 1300 

Residence 148 Church 4600 

Kelly Mary E Miss r Pearl PI 761-J 

Kelly P J r Main Drhm 3016-IWl 

Kelly Reginald r Plumb Rd Wstfld 294^2 

Kelly Samuel r 4 Windward 3144-W 

Kelly Thomas r 186 Cross 2833-W 

Kelly William r 40 Hotchkiss 4133-M 

Kelly Wm R r Saybrook Rd 152-W 

Kelsey Alva H r 27 Brainerd Av '257-J 

Kelsey Daniel B r Portland 906-W3 

Kelsey Erwin H r Arbutus 876-J3 

Kelsey F S r Main Hddm 1799-J3 

Kelsey Harold C Mrs r Arbutus 876-J2 

Kelsey Horatio N r Main Hggnm 2768-Jl 

Kelsey Howard r 40 Fountain Av 931 

Kelsey James r Farm HI Rd SSS-W 

Kelsey Joseph C Mrs r 41 Front 276-J 

Kelsey Samuel r Haddam 2788-W3 

Kelsey Samuel r 430 Washington 66-W 

Kelsey Spring Water Co Arbutus 345 

Kelsey W E r Haddam 3631-Jl 

Kelsey Wm H r Rose HI Prtlnd 906-Wl 

Kelsey's Ski Tow Run Durham 3291-W3 

Kemp John C r Higganum 4154-J3 

Kendall Albert r Hicksville Rd Crmwl 4278-W 

Kendall Harold S r Timber Hill Rd Crmwl 4102-J 

Kendzior Frank r 15 W Silver 2354-W 

Kendzior Leo r 22 Front 4291-W 

Kenefick John J r Evergreen Av Ext 506 

Kenigsbcrg Morris r 18 E Main 1982-M 

Kennedy Allen H clectl cntr Main Crmwl 471 

Kennedy-Peterson Inc invst sec 75 Pearl Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . . Enterprise-8990 

Kennlston Winfred B r 159 Cross 2446 

Kensel Raymond J r 109 Birdsey Av 2756-W 

Kerr John A r Margarite Rd 3225-R 


Florist Main Prtlnd 1199 

Flower Shop 170 Court 1513 

Keser F Eliot r William Prtlnd 293-J 

Keser S J r 505 Main Prtlnd 3615-W 

Keser Wm B r 10 Bartlett Prtlnd 3555-W 

Ketchen Benjamin W r Maiden La Drhm 2941-J4 

Kcyes John J r 138 Spring 1740-J 

Kidney E V r 54 Park PI 2684-J 

Kidney Edward r 3 W Silver 3787-M 

Kidney James r 24 W Silver 2354-R 

Kidney John H r 35 Evergreen Av Ext 1162-R 

Kieft Cecil Wm r 29 Burr Av 790 

Kieft George B r Wcstfield 1787-W 

Kieft Olive Mrs r Maplewood 1581-W4 

Kiernan V R r 171 Church 826-W 

Killian Anthony C r 177 Front 1961 

Kilpatrick Howard C r 121 Main 1928-R 

Kilpatrick James r 80 Center St 4304-R 

Kimball Donald r 101 Ridge Rd 2151-R 

Kimshcl William Rev r Durham 2893-W3 

Kincaid George C r Court Crmwl 692-J4 

Kincaid J Harvey Mrs r Pleasant Crmwl 2411-R 

Kincaid S M r 6 Eastwood Rd Crmwl 3351-W3 

Kincaid's Service Station 104 Main Crmwl 1499 

King C B r 132 Pearl 834 

King Caroline S Miss r 153 Lincoln 2603-J 

King Christy J r Long River Village 4417-W 

King Edmund r 20 Boston Rd 963-J2 

King Ernest S r Cedar 869 

King John F Mrs RN Newfield 3036-W 

tng Joseph W r 450 High 13b4-W 

ing Norbert ice dealer 20 Boston Rd 457 

ing Walter r Old Mill Rd 2463-W 

Kingsbury A F r 389 Main Prtlnd 696 

KIngsland Everett r Higganum 2457-J3 

Kingsland Jarvis r Maple HI Hggnm 664-Wl 

KIngsland W E r Haddam Rd Hggnm 1984-W3 

Kingston James C r 45 Freestone Av Prtlnd. .1297-W 

Kinley Mildred A Miss r 331 Main 1121 

Kinniery Mary E Miss r 11 Flower 1369-J 

Klnnlery P D r 186 Liberty 2318-M 

Kinrade Phyllis Miss r 31 No Fowler Av 4551-J 

Kinsel Wm C r Schuyler Av 1205-J 

Kinsella's Drug Store 514 Main 623 

Kinsella Joseph P r 486 High 1263 

Klapprodt Arno r 50 Loveland 3759-M 

Klare Ernstine Mrs r Training HI Rd 2472-J2 

Klare Leo r Bartholomew Rd 563-Jl 

Klas Frank r Ponset 674-Wl 

Klauzenberg John r Bartlett St Ext Prtlnd 1064-Jl 

Kleczkowski Adeline L Miss r Main Rckfl 813-W2 

Klein Alois Mrs r 2 Liberty PI 3133-J 

Klein George r Pickering Prtlnd 1979-R 

Klein Harold R r Portland 2862-J2 

Klein Minnie A Miss r Killingworth Rd Hggnpi.4154-W3 

Marlborough Prtlnd 2293 

Klember's Service Station 74 Marlborough Prtlnd. 2854 

Klenet George r 267 Court 3434-J 

Klick Ben r Main Rckfl 2646-W3 

Klick Frank r 32 Spring Prtlnd 1963-R 

Klick Joseph T r 27 William 2009-R 

Klick Stanley r 62 Middlefield 816-Jl 

Klick Steven J r 9 Maple 3541 

Klimck Stanley r Bow La 3109-J2 

Klimkowski Hilary r 26 Stowe Av 1138-W 

Klimkowski John r 140 Pearl 829-M 

Kloetzer Alfred r 996 Silver 4439W 

Kmietak Frank r 36 Liberty 4108-W 

Kmietek Lillian R Mrs r 10 Allison 3125-J 

Kmletek Stanley r 10 Omo 1130-J 

Knickerbocker Charles r 329 Main 3993-W 

Knieling Anna L Miss r 57 Warwick 1511 

Knieling Service Station 405 So Main 2296 

Knieling John W r 57 Warwick 1511 

Knight Edythc P Miss r 58 Liberty 4108-J 

Knight Howard r 189 E Main 4476-W 

Knight Jennie M Mrs r 124 Main. 2687-R 

Knights of Pythias Apollo Lodge No 33 360 Main. .2060 

Knobby's Tavern 288 So Main 620 

Knowles John C r Ponset 674-W3 

Knowlton J Judson r Bow La 2738 

Knowlton Lenore Mrs r 31 Silver 4394 

Knox Lewis A r Smith 3910-J2 

Knudsen Bros Dairy Hartford Tnpke No H 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for . Enterprisc-2090 

Knudsen Hans r 42 West St Crmwl 1566-M 

Knust Everett & Cambria CPA 164 Court 1823 

Koba Josephine Miss r Middlefield 816-W4 

Koblinski Gustaf Mrs RN 478 Main 3763-W 

Kokoski Stella T Miss r 60 Butternut 4281-W 

Kokoski Stiven r 35 Rapallo Av 1643-J 

Kokoszka Catherine Mrs r Villa 1137-J 

Kokoszka John r East St Rckfl 2965-J4 

Kokoszka Louis r 424 So Main 3315-J 

Kokoszka Mary B Mrs r Jcksn HI Rd Mddlfld. .1294-J4 

Kolenda Mitchell r 4 Omo 3319 

Kolinsky Elizabeth Mrs r 201 High 1668 

Kolinsky Joseph C r Crystal Lk Rd 2143.J3 

Koncet Mary Mrs r Higganum 3686-J2 

Konopka John Thomas r 31 Cooley Av 3454 

Konopka Myron insurance 438 Main 72 

Res Clover 1461-W 

Koppers Conn Coke (toll call) Deep River-2049 

Korn Francis E town clerk's office Durham 4363 

Kosicki Edward A r 13 Flower 2846 

il Middlefown KIN— KUf 

Kosicki W r 27 New La Crmwl 177-W 

KosinsklES r 126 Broad 2815-W 

KosinskI S r 36 Wyllys Av 3138-J 

Koslnsky Adelle Miss r Schuyler Av 3270 

Kosinsky W J mts & grocs 232 William 2074 

KoskI John r 68 Union 4043 

Kosko Mary F r Higby Rd 757-Wl 

Kosko Matro r Meriden Rd Mddlfld 2983-J3 

Kotarskj C r 68 Union 1868-J 

Kowal Agnes Mrs r 64 Boston Rd 3453-W 

Kowal Beatrice D Mrs RN Bow La 3023 

Kowal John J r 39 Sumner 2814 

Kowalczyk Dorothy Marie r 229 E Main 1433 

Kowaleski John r 167 So Main 4168 

Kowaleski John r 88 Union 835 

Kowaleski Peter P r 32 Loveland 1508-R 

Kowaleski Theodore A r 135 Grand 1053-J 

Kowalewske Frank r Main Crmwl 2057-J2 

Kozlowske Felix r 220 Main Crmwl 3321-J4 

Kozlowski Rose A Miss r 7 W Silver 2874-W 

Kozmon Lukas J r Higganum 674-J4 

Kraensky Harriet Miss r 75 College 3973-W 

Krashan Joseph r 132 Main Crmwl 3587-Wl 

Krauth Ernest F r 132 Church 527-W 

Krauth John r 20 Chestnut 560-J 

Krawczyk Ned r 81 William 4481-W 

Krenz Arthur r Rockfall 2902-Jl 

Krenz Ludwig r 542 Main 4324 

Krenz Restaurant 542 Main 1555 

Kresgc S S Co 5 10 «Sf 25c store 440 Main 2213 

Kress Charles r 41 So Main 1879-W 

Kreykenbohm William r 276 Court 3451 

Kriedel Edward r Nordland Crmwl 2648-R 

Krieger Edward H r East Ridge Rd 3977-J 

Kriese Alfred Mrs r 127 Front 276-11 

Kricse Martin M r Hillcrest Av 1271-J 

Kriger Emil r 332 Main Prtlnd 2865-W 

Kriger Peter r Haddam 1629-W2 

Krivanec Erma Mrs r Haddam 3340-W3 

Kroc George W r Higganum 4154-W2 

Krol Mary meats & deUcatessen 229 E Main 3389 

Kromer Karl r 2 Walnut 3374-R 

Kronwall Oswald r 42 Schuyler Av 1479-M 

Kropack Lila W Mrs r 32 So Front 3872-W 

Krukulski Peter r Bow La 797-J3 

Krukulski Steve r Bow La 797-W4 

Krulis John J r 29 Front 3715-W 

Krumm Gerald F r 278 Court 2431-M 

Krumm Paul r 148 Washington 2639 

Krupa Edward W r Bidwell Ter 529-J 

Krupa Frank r 28 Birdsey Av 1457-W 

Kruse Cornelius Prof r Randolph Rd 901 

Kruvka John groceries & meats 45 Walnut 993 

Krzywinsky Walter r 91 Butternut 1113-M 

Kucera Louis r Haddam 4407-Jl 

Kucharcik Anna Mrs r 95 So Main St Ext 1365-J2 

Kuehneman E H r 117 Grand 2425-J 

Kuehncman Philip r 88 Lincoln 771-W 

Kuhns Oscar Mrs r 124 High. • 1256 

KuiaskI Stephen r 137 Asylum ., 4312-M 

Kujawski Andrew r Middlefield 1241-J^ 

Kujawski Charles r Forest 1581-Wl 

Kuligoski John r 36 Liberty 4126-W 

Kulmacz Joseph r 71 Schuyler Av 1479-W 

Kunigones Joseph r 4 Hillside Ct 3787.R 

Kunze C G r 83 Hunting HI Av 2316-W 

Kupfer W C Mrs r Maiden La Drhm 49-J2 

Kurek Paul r Hendley 3932-M 

Kurneta Anthony r 101 Hotchkiss 2488-W 

Kurtzman Abraham r 27 MacArthur Ct 2662-J 

Kutner Max r 84 Union 855-M 

Kutzner Gustav r Randolph Rd 3285- Wl 

To locate your nearest de'aler, look in the Yellow ^agts. 

KUT— LEE Middlefown 28 

Kutzner William r Randolph Rd 3285-W3 

Kuzminski Edward B r High Prtind 3261-J 

Kuzminski Eugene R r 24 Liberty 1134.R 

Kuzminski John r Perry Av Prtind 1359-J 

Kwoiek Julian A r 53 Sumner 1868-W 


LB Stables Randolph Rd 1990 

UBarge Arthur J r 5 Greenfield Av 1367.W 

LaBarge Marlon Mrs r 48 Main 3123-W 

Ubbadia John r 28 Saybrook Rd 2879-R 

UBclla Alfonso r 24 Liberty 3359-M 

LaBella Emanuel r 57 Silver 818-J 

LaBella Joseph r 634 High 1446-J 

LaBella Joseph r 30 Hillside Av 3094-R 

LaBella Josephine Miss r 11 Glover PI 671-J 

LaBella Louis r 25 Hotchkiss 2934.M 

UBclla Louis MD office 612 Main 899-W 

Residence Breton Rd 899-R 

LaBella Nicholas r 104 Hunting Hill Av 1570-J 

UBclla Paul P r 650 High 3786-W 

LaBella Philip r 65 Warwick 3026-R 

UBclla Sebastian r 76 Lawn Av 819 

LaBrecque Eugene P r 473 Ridge Rd 1047 

LaChase Anthony r 75 Prospect 4349 

Lachowicz Anthony r 19 Goodyear Av 3655-W 

Lackey E Dent Rev r 48 Broad 1501-R 

Ladd Grace L Miss r 241 Court 1806-M 

Ladinig Charles E r 156 Ridge Rd 1649-J 

Udinig Ewald r Main Crmwl 2785-Jl 

LaFlamme Martha Mrs RN 25 Cooley Av 2126-M 

LaFontaine Rosalind S r 10 Eastwood Rd Crmwl.3351-J2 

Lafontaine Roy A r 95 Main Prtind 3294-M 

UForge Frank E r 118 Highland Av 3299-J 

LaJoic Amanda Mrs r 207 Pearl 2653-J 

UJoic Armand A r 42 Spring 3975 

Lakeview Dairy dairy products 796 Ridge Rd 3886 

Ukey H R r 233 William .157-J 

LaMarre A r South St Crmwl 4573.W 

Lamb Guy F ar:.iitect Clover 2534 

LaMorc Peter r Grove Prtind 3438-J 

LaMotta Philip r 419 High 1899.W 

Lampert Samuel r 255 Ridge Rd 3557-J 

Undell Edwin r Millbrook Rd 732-J3 

Landell Gunnar r Millbrook Rd 3945-Wl 

Lander Nicholas r 10 George 4464-Wl 

Une Lillian H Mrs r 66 Pearl 136 

Langer Benj real estate & insurance 516 Main. . . .2530 

Residence ?82 So Main 1469 

Langer Murray r 650 Main 3979-M 

Unger William M r 37 West St 287-J 

Ung's Filling Station Saybrook Rd 908-J3 

Lang Kalman J r 34 Saybrook Rd 3535-W 

Lanteri Philip r 73 Center St 2298-J 

LaPila Lucy Mrs r 29 Ferry 1211-W 

LaPila Wesley r 29 Green 4341-W 

LaPlant Lawrence N r E Hampton Rd Prtind. . .2737-W 

Lappin Albert A r 455 Ridge Rd 4085 

Lappostato Frank r 86 Spring 2442-W 

Larcher R r 252 Main Prtind 3236-W 

UrDizzone Domenic r 88 Church 2827-M 

LaRocca Mary Mrs r 76 Ferry 2769 

URosa Frank r 178 Pearl 4307-J 

LaRosa Richard r 57 Ferry 812-J 

Urson Arthur C r 440 High 1304-M 

Larson Axel r 89 Vine 4207-J 

Larson C A cntr & bldr Strickland Prtind 1064-J3 

Lars9A Charles A r Coe Av Prtind 2058-J 

Urson Charles E r Cromwell 922-J 

Urson Charles W r Portland 1064-Wl 

Larson Ernest L r 77 E Main Prtind 2456-M 

Urson Everett r Oakwood Manor Crmwl . . . 3321-Wl 
Larson Frank E c 51 Catherine 1029-R 

Larson Harold r 1B7 Prospect 791-J 

Larson Henry r 100 Roosevelt Dr 447^-J 

Urson Hilma Mrs r 43 Catherine 2624- 

Larson John r Timber HI Rd Crmwl 2024-W 

Larson John A Mrs r 46 Indian HI Av Prtind . . 954-M 

Larson Mary Mrs r 89 Grand 2847-W 

Larson Oscar E r 324 Washington v 1332-J 

Larson Oscar G Rev r 2 Nordland Av Crmwl 2648-M 

Larson Philip r Miner 3910-W3 

Urson Royal E r Main Gldrslve 2875 

Larson Silas H r Cromwell 2818-W 

Laskey Henry r Bransfield Av Prtind 964-J 

Lasky Walter r 571 High 949-W 

Lasky Walter r 56 Marlborough Prtind 838-M 

Lassen Ervin W r Lk Shore Rd Mddlfld 3259-Wl 

Lastrina Louis r 53 College 4441-M 

Lastrina Michael J r Freestone Av Prtind 1372*M 

Lastrina Salvatore r 14 Silver Prtind 3459>M 


Bakery shop 25 Union 394 

Lastrina Violet Miss r Freestone Av Prtind 4345-W 

Latshaw S R r Haddam 1629-Wl 

Lauritsen Andrew P r Jackson Hi Rd Mddlfld. .2041-J2 

Lauritsen Arthur C r Jackson HI Mddlfld 2041-J4 

Laverty Edward C r 11 Alsop Av 1089-J 

Uverty William r Boston Rd 556-M 

Lavezzoli Frank r Haddam 2448-W3 

Law Edward Mrs r 9 Macdonough PI 2297-W 

Lawless Agnes Miss r 7 Frissell Ter 3734-W 

Lawrence Anne Miss r 138 Washington 2042-M 

Lawrence Ashton C r Main Drhm 4567-Wl 

Lawrence Dorothy E Mrs r Middlefleld 235-W3 

Lawrence Frank C Brainerd HI Hggnm 668-W4 

Lawrence George r East St Wstfld 1464-W4 

Lawrence Ruth E Miss r Gordon PI 3428-R 

Lawrence William r 45 Main 1593.W 

Lawrence William M r 11 Warwick 518 

Lawson Bert r 101 Broad 859-W 

Lawson William W r 388 Washington 3752 

Lawton E E r Middlefield 965-J3 

Lawton Earl r 22 Spring Prthid 663-W 

Lawton Geo B r 175 Lincoln 775-W 

Lawton J A Dr r 166 Washington 2830 

Lawton James r 44 Home Av 22 

Lawton John M r 20 Cooley Av 1038 

Lawton Katherine Miss r 80 So Main 4534-W 

Lawton M W r 6 Glynn Av 259 

Lawton Raymond r 90 Air Line Av Prtind 3167 

Lawton Thomas A Mrs r 11 Wetmore PI 4082-W 

Lawton William r 51 Oak 2889-W 

Layman Cedric D Rev r Middlefield 1059-Wl 

Layman F E r Maromas 1231-W2 

LaZink William r 330 So Main 4589-W 

Leach Walter L Mrs r Old Mill Rd 2496 

Leadbetter Marie Mrs r 206 E Main 51-M 

Leahy J H tob & conf 236 Main Prtind 652 

Residence 25 Freestone Av Prtind 3161-M 

Learned H G Mrs Ridgewood Rd 315 

Leary Albert J r 8 Frisbie 2047-J 

Lcary John F r 650 Main 3565.W 

Leary Joseph r 2 Main 3249-J 

Lcary William J r Middlesex Av Prtind 1190-W 

Leary's Service Station 71 Main 649 

Leary George r Bartlett St Ext Prtind. . .1064-W2 

LeBlanc Henry r Newficld 578-R 

LcBocuf Jean R r Hobson 3120*J 

LcBoeuf Norbert r Arnold 2332.W 

LcCompte Louis D r 37 Park PI 2337.W 

Ledderhose Henry G r 73 Durant 2029-R 

Leduc Robert r 77 E Main 4156.W 

Lee Edward W r Chauncey Rd 1207-J2 

Lee Francis M r Chauncey Rd 1207.W3 

Lee J W Jr r Elm Crmwl 3436-R 

Lee Jabez r Elm Crmwl 3436.W 

Lee James r 123 Church 4133-J 

Lee Peter r 206 Camp 807-W 

Lcc Sherman W r Chauncey Rd 1207-W2 

Lee Wesley r New La Crmwl 1278-M 

Lee William r Chauncey Rd 1207-J4 

Leeds Northrup Co industrial instruments 

(toll call) Hartford-32-4474 

Lccte Sidney r Higganum 1172-Jl 

Lefco Maria Miss r 43 College 2781-J 

Lefco Walter W r 13 W Silver 3278.W 

Leggett fdith Mrs r 448 Main Prtind 3330 

Leghorn John J r Abbey Rd Crmwl 2382-Jl 

Leghorn William r Court Crmwl 3187-W4 

Lehmann Frank H r 122 Main Crmwl 2748-Jl 

Leiber Charles J r Lake Beseck Mddlfld 3950-J4 

Leightsingcr Raymond r 67 Oak 2439-J 

Leineweber C H r 93 Asylum 1320 

Leining William r Durham 1991-Jl 

Leipziger Elwood r 153 So Main 4421-J 

Ultzes Maurice r 73 Silver 4412-W 

Leiand Myron Johnson r 12 E Main 1982-W 

Lemieux Bros filling station Meriden Rd 2224 

Lemieux Fred I r 432 Butternut 4301-J 

LcMontagne James r 4 Middlesex Av Prtind. . .1190-M 

Lenda Frank r 37 New La Crmwl 1278-R 

Lentini Joseph r 8 Linden 943-W 

Lentini Mary F Mrs r 63 Court 4077-R 

Lenz Oscar G wholesale conf So Main St Ext 1696 

Lenz Robert W r 15 Lakeside Av 1250-J 

Leonard H E Mrs RN Maple Av Drhm 961-J2 

Leonard Henry K r 23 Loveland 1508-W 

Leonard Howard r 71 Warwick 3967 J 

Leonard Howard C Jr r 17 West St 3599-R 

Leonard Morton r Rockfall 8%-Wl 

Leone Frank r 74 Frances Av 3339-J 

LePard Alexander r 45 High Prtind 1351-M 

LeOuatte H B Mrs r Maple Av Drhm 3680-Wl 

Lerner David T r 6 Johnson 1442-J 

Lerner's Fur Shop 181 Main 403 

Lesbines Harry T r 63 Stack 2637 

Lescoe E r 66 Home Av 3274-W 

LesiLoulsJ r 89 Grove 3115-W 

Leslie Gilbert P r 158 Mt Vernon 4572 

Lesse Edward r Higganum 4165-W2 

Lesse John r 41 Ridge Rd 4172 

Lesse Raymond Mrs r Freeman Rd 908-W3 

Lesser Marion Mrs r 71 Silver 131-W 

Lester Emily Mrs r Summer Gldrslve 4069-W 

Levin George r 43 So Main 1390-J 

Levin Max r Park PI 2189-W 

Office 471 Main 756 

Levine Benjamin r 14 Park PI 1144 

Levlne L r 49 Hubbard 2873W 

Levine Louis r 26 Mansfield Ter 1957 

Levis Marie Miss r Cedar Rckfi 896-W4 

Levson Morris r 233 Pearl 3214 

Levson P & Sons coal & grain No Main 395 

Levson Philip groc & prov 174 Grand 2271 

Lewis Caleb G r 452 Washington 66-R 

Lewis Clayton B r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3253-Jl 

Lewis Edward S r 29 Spring Prtind 663-J 

Lewis J Elton r Brown 832-Wl 

Lewis Margaret Miss r 276 Court 1589-W 

Lewis Norman F r 226 Main Crmwl 3321-W3 

Lewis Paul r Long River Village 4472-W 

Lewis S R Mrs r Wall Crmwl 837-J 

Lewis VIdal C r 50 Main 3249-R 

Lewis W I r Randolph Rd 1159-W 

Lewis William P r 18 E Ridge Rd 2305 

Lewis Winifred M Miss r Haddam 665J3 

Libera Joseph D r 313 Main Crmwl 1223-Jl 

Licitra Salvatore r 87 Spring 558-J 

Lleberman J Mrs r 55 Broad 1363 

LIfset Theodore r 33 Lawn Av 3417 

Liggett Drug Store 360 Main 183 

Light Joseph F r Newfield 4395-R 

Liljestrand A W r Long La 1867-W 

Limbach R T r Mt Vernon 4287-R 

29 Middletown LEE— LON 

Linares Eva Mrs r 50 Ferry 4393-R 

Lincoln C C Inc 80 Church , 2920 

Lincoln Clarence C r Russell 3697-W 

Lincoln Charles G r 11 Pearl ' 3103-J 

Lindberg Allen r New La Crmwl 177^1 

Lindberg Eric r Lincoln Crmwl 922-M 

LIndemark Richard L snd & grvl 273 Farm HI Rd.2221 

Lindemark Theodore r Rockfall 1781>W2 

LIndcmuth John R r Main Prtind 940 

Lindenmeyr Henry & Sons 

paper dealers 117 Spruce Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for . . Enterprisc-1730 

Linderme E Frederick r 3 Coe Av Prtind 3336-J 

Lindcrme Edgar F r 21 Wall 1646-J 

Linderme Ernest r 22 Silver 2004-W 

Linderme Harold r 24 Wall 4511-J 

Lindquist August r Brooks Av Crmwl 2881-J 

Lindquist Helen Miss RN 210 So Main 4226-W 

Lindquist Karl N r 12 Fairview Prtind 1958-W 

Lindquist Laura Mrs r 34 Burr Av 2826-J 

Linebcrry Howard B r 76 Berlin 3736>R 

Lineberry Walter r Westfield 1517.W 

Lineen Martin r 155 Prospect 3058-W 

Linchan Charles T r Prospect Prtind 2188-W 

Linehan James H r Newfield 1154-J 

Linchan John S r Fairview Hgts Prtind 3143 

Linchan Joseph D r 175 Prospect 3286-J 

Linehan Margaret Miss r 16 Glover PI 892-W 

Lines Alice B Miss r 73 Home Av 2471-M 

Lingham James r Field Rd Crmwl 4049-W3 

Link George A r 55 Church 1341-R^ 

Link Harry r Middlefield 174-W 

Linmar Farms Inc milk & cream Reeds Gap Drhm-3890 

Linquist Carl r Main Crmwl 3587-Jl 

Lippincott L Howard r 121 Asylum 28%-M 

Lisitano Nellie Mrs r 550 High 3077-M 

Lisitano Sebastian r 2 Green 1614-M 

Lisowsky Stanley r 115 Bridge 4411-J 

Litch Earl L r Middlefield Center 31%- J4 

Litka Fred r 533 High 4367-J 

Livingston C E Mrs r 12 Fairview Av 2491-W 

Livingston W Robert r Randolph Rd 4317-J 

Lobdell Harry R r 22 Waverly Av Prtind 1809-W 

Lockhart Frank r 13 Burbridge Av 4443-W 

Lodge Neal R r 42 West St 287-W 

Loewenthal Bertha Miss r 107 Russell 180 

Loewcnthal George H r Prospect 936 


Lumber yard 82 Berlin 1900 

Loewenthal Harold W r Cedar 2899-W 

Loewenthal Raymond I r Prospect 2426 

Loffredo Louis MD office 77 Crescent 2484 

Logan Harold Mrs r 136 William 4521-W 

Logan Sterling M r 36 Wall 540-R 

Logiudice Sebastiano r Round Hill Rd 1075-W2 

LogiudiceTony r 616 High 3242-R 

Lohman Helen Miss r Saybrook Rd 908J2 

Lohmeyer Richard r 72 Saybrook Rd 3653 

Lohnciss A J r 19 Oak 414U 

Lohneiss Lawrence r 13 Erin 2021 

Lojewski Edward J r 53 West St 3926-M 

Lombardi Antoniette Miss r 178 Prospect 3421-J 

Lombardi John r 128 Spring 2324-J 

Lombardi Patrick A r 124 Spring 2324-W 

Lombard© Carmelo r 28 Hillside Av 979 

Lombardo Michael r 18 Green Ct 1614-R 

Lombardo Paul Jr r Saybrook Rd 1987-Jl 

Lombardo Rose Miss r 27 Bacon Av 4106 

Long Lane Farm main office Long La .3670 


Range-fuel oil Sand HI Prtind 926-W3 

Longworth-Carlson Co Ford agcy 53 No Main. . . .2650 

Longworth S A r 672 Ridge Rd 2485 

If no answer call 3306>l 

LON-MAL Middletown 30 

Longwirth Winifred Mrs r Tryon 2180-W 

Looby Charles r 26 Walnut 2049-M 

Lord B F r 7 Kings Av 121-R 

Lord James r 40 Saybrook Rd 1875 

Lord Leonard r Morgan 1568-W 

Lord Porter D r Newfield 3823-J 

Lorentz Georgiana Mrs r 94 Main Crmwl 2970-M 


281 Main 2968 

Loucks William H r 3 Hillside Ct 3441.M 

Loveland Charles Selden r Durham 3297-Wl 

Loveland Harold r Durham 969-J2 

Loveland John E Mrs r 93 Broad 85 

Lown Walter r 21 Waverly Av Prtind 2310-R 

Loyal Order of Moose Club 189 Court 636 

Lucas H S Mrs r 32 Silver 2308-M 

Lucas Henry r E Hampton Rd Prtind 3264-J2 

Lucas Robert r 324 Main Prtind 4436-W 

Lucey Joseph M r 46 Durant Ter 1405-W 

Lucey Margaret Miss r 46 Durant Ter 1572-R 

Luckhardt Alice Miss r 2 Main 855-W 

Luckhardt Frank r Victoria Rd Gldrslve 4053-J 

Luckhardt Mae Miss r 130 Main 1062-R 

Luhr Alfred L W r 8 Oak 3134-W 

Luistro Anthony r T5 Pleasant Crmwl 4544-W 

Luistro Seb flr surfacing 28 Marlborough Prtind 2231 

Lukasik Frank S r Cherry HI Rd Rckfl 2965-Wl 

Lund Marion Mrs r 83 Asylum 1852 

Lundberg Arthur M r 7 Pine Av 3304-J 

jLundberg Axel r 46 Jackson 3088-W 

Lundberg Edward A r 72 Prospect 775-J 

Lundberg Eric A r 203 Pine 594-J 

Lundberg Evald C r Marlborough Prtind 500 

Lundberg Lydia Miss r 31 Oak 215-M 

Lunden Chas & Son pntr & dctr 229 Cross ..1661 

Lunden Charlotte Vliss r 221 Cross 2688-W 

Lundgren Carl A r Christian Hi Hggnm 3686-W4 

Lundgren David A r Candlewood HI Hggnm. . . .976-W2 

Lundgren Erland A r W Haddam Hggnm 2406-Wl 

Lundgren John A r Candlewood HI Hggnm 976-J4 

Luntz Frank Or dentist 363 Main 861-W 

Residence 100 Main Crmwl 861-R 

Lupinek Lewis J r Fowler Av Ext 1416-W 

Luthi Ernest Mrs r 165 Main Crmwl 3588-W2 

Lyman C Clifford r 17 Silver 2308-J 

Lyman C E 3rd r High Mddlfld 235-J2 

Lyman Charles E Mrs r Durham 2683.W2 


Office & barns Middlefield 2787-J2 

Storage & Peach House Middlefield 2787-J3 

Gates Donald W r Middlefield 2787W1 

Lyman John r Middlefield 2787-Jl 

Holt Warren J r Cedar Rckfl 898-W2 


Office & factory Middlefield 3317 

•" Lyman Henry H r Middlefield 1821-W 

Lyman C Elihu r Middlefield 3196-J2 

Lyman Howard R r Ridge Rd 2601-J 

Lyman Ralph B r William Prtind 3574-R 

Lyman Robert L plumbing & htng 12 Evergreen Av 314 

Lynch J R meats & vegetables 132 Main 452 

Residence 283 Washington 1120 

Lynch James R r 8 Silver Prtind 103-R 

Lynch John C i 17 Freestone Av Prtind 3533-M 

Lynch Michael Mrs r 8 Riverside Prtind 4554-W 

Lynch P F r 30 Stowe Av 2015-W 

Lynch R H r 110 So Main 715-M 


Auto refinisher Washington St Ext 1751 

Lynch V Jeanette Mrs r River Rd 3314-W4 

Lynch William r 27 FrisscU 2743-W 

Lyon Randolph S r 163 Mt Vernon 1105 

Lyons Louis E r 138 Liberty 1337 

Macchletto Angelo r Lk Bescck Mddlfld 3265.J1 

MacDermott Henry E J Mrs r Turkey HI Hddm.681-W4 

MacDonald Edward H r 36 Russell 3629-W 

MacDonald George J r Wadsworth 2173 

Macdonald Harry R r 50 High 1715-J 

MacDonnell J J r Old Castle Rd Wstfld 539-W4 

MacFarlane James r 181 E Main 3119-J 

Machell John r Long HI 3987-W 

MacKenzie John r Phedon Pkwy 54 

Mack's Store dlctsn soda n pprs & mag 2 Main 2796 

MacLaren H W r Durham Center 3189-W2 

MacLeod Roderick A Rev r Haddam 2788-J2 

MacMahon R G r Fairview St Ext Prtld 1026 

MacMillan N G r 32 Newtown 565-J 

Madsen P F r Main Crmwl 2408 

Magee Robert B r Woodside Cir 1929-M 

Maggiore Angela Mrs r 12 Silver Prtind 2493-M 

Maggiore Lucy Mrs r 115 Bridge 4411-R 

Maggiore Salvatore r Rr 635 Main 6-J 

Magnano Chester r Newfield 1908-R 

Magnano E r Haddam Quarter Rd Drhm. . 2893-Jl 

Magnano Frank D r 135 Grand 4599 

Magnano Joseph MD office 100 Broad 196 

Magnano Mamie Mrs r 42 Center St 3762-W 

Magnano Mary Mrs r 14 Maple 1148-J 

Magnano Michael r 2 Pomeroy PI 3011-W 

Magnano Michael r 65 Warwick 3959-W 

Magnano Nicholas grocery store 44 Grand 2523 

Magnano Salvatore r 47 Air Line Av Prtind. . . .2459-J 

Magnuson Frank E r 73 E Main Prtind 1959-M 

Maher Ella Miss r 77 Grand 2119-R 

Maher Genevieve Miss r 29 No Main 2142 

Maher Mary Mrs r W Cromwell 1464-J2 

Maher Michael H r 260 Main Prtind 3559-M 

Maher William J r Quarry Av Prtind 2649-W 

Mahoney James H r 177 Ridge Rd 1726-W 

Mahoney Margaret Miss r 9 E Main Prtind 1975-R 

Maice Elizabeth Mrs r Crystal Lk v. .2461-Wl 

Maier Paul S clerk superior court 255 Main 45 

Residence Middlefield 2041-J3 

Maine Edson L r 40 Knowles Av 2912W 

Maine Edson L Jr r 326 So Main 4071-W 

Maitland Arthur C r 54 Broad 42 

Maitland D L Dr r 54 Broad 42 

Maitland W A r Millbrook Rd 4195-W 


208 Main 2475 

Makuch Frank r Mcriden Rd Mddlfld 2983-Wl 

Malcarne Edward r Durwin 1763 

Malcarne Eleanor Mrs r 42 Garden 2676 

Malcarne Emil r Durwin 1515-J 

Malcarne Ernest r Farm HI Rd 585-R 

Malcolm Ada W Mrs r Middlefield 965-W2 

Mallery Lester T Rev r 4 Crescent 1999 

Mallove's Jewelry & Gift Store 471 Main 756 

Maimbcrg Herbert r Cedar 2749-W 

Malone Angelina Miss r 246 William 3033-W 

Malone Angelina M Mrs r 71 Ferry 3767-W 

Malone Ann r 19 Clinton Av 2870 

Malone Anthony r 29 Spring 721 

Malone Jessie Mrs r 585 High 1797-W 

Malone Lydia Mrs r 18 Pleasant Crmwl 2612-W 

Malone Mary Miss r 71 Ferry 155-J 

Malone Mary B Miss r 218 Pearl 3425-W 

Malone Michael r 93 Grand 2012-J 

Malone Richard R r Long River Village 4404-W 

Malone Vincent P r Magnolia Av 3723-M 

Maloney Alice M Miss r 612 Main 4546-M 

Maloney Allen Mrs r Bartholomew Rd 1078-W3 

Maloney Christopher J r 31 Erin 2194-R 

Maloney James r Ackley PI 4037 

Maloney John T r 14 Starr Mill Rd 1311-J 

Maloney Matthew E r Randolph Rd 3285-Jl 

Maloney Warren r Saybrook Rd , • .3283-W2 

laloney Wilbur B r 33 Evergreen Av 1162-W 

Malt & Hop Store 62 Court 2538 

Maltese George r 156 So Main 2718-J 

Maltese Thomas A r 127 Liberty 1926-J 

Malton George M Mrs r 390 Washington 2908 

Mancarella John r 37 Union 4399 

Mancarella Joseph r 41 Water 1789-M 

Manchester Arthur H r 660 High 3668-M 

Manchester William J r Powder HI Rd Mddlfld. 2027-W3 

Manfredi Vincent r 98 Liberty 1889-R 

Mangiameli Salvatore r 81 Spring 3155 

Mangine Alexander Mrs r 20 Pearl 4361-J 

ManleyJohnE r Haddam 2771.J1 

Manley W N r 5 Highland Av Prtind 1079-W 

Mann Albert Jr r 130 Mt Vernon 329 

Mansfield Louise M r 151 Main 1414 

Mantel John H Mrs r Meriden Rd 1436-W4 

Mantel William G r 29 Warwick 2184-J 

Manthay Reinhold r East St Wstfld 226-W2 

Manthay Theodore A r Highland 937-W2 


So Main St Ext 633 

Marchese Joseph r 28 Durant Ter 3062 

Marchese Louis r 177 William 2170-W 

Marchese Minnie Mrs r 29 Hotchkiss 2934-W 

Marchese Rosario r 202 William 3020-J 

Marchese Salvatore r 84 College 4531-J 

Marchese Salvatore r 240 Cross 1398-M 

Marchese Studio photographer 274 Main 2061 

Marchese Peter r 82 College 4441-J 

Marchese Vincenzo r 216 College 3976 

Marchinkoski Edward r 153 E Main 3611-J 

Marcil Everett r Field Crmwl 4049-Jl 

Marcil Roy E r Field Crmwl 4049-J2 

Marcus D Furniture Co 63 Washington 413 

Marcus D r 39 Highland Ter 3358 

Marcy William D r Haddam 3758-W2 

Marek Victor J r Higganum 2457-Wl 

Margnelli John r 598 High 3760-J 

Margnelli Salvatore r 28 Saybrook Rd 4211-W 

Mariano Marty r 26 Oak 2392-J 

Marinello Cornelius J r 79 E Main 4159 

Marino Angelo r 20 Liberty 579 

Marino Carmelo r 267 Court 1994-W 

Marino Carmelo Milardo r 149 E Main 51-R 

Marino Concettina Mrs r Saybrook Rd 908-Wl 

Marino Felice r 238 William 157-R 

Marino Harry r 90 Main Crmwl 1730 

Marino Joseph r 106 Grove 4356-R 

Marino Joseph r 139 Liberty 2449-W 

Marino Josephine Miss RN 55 Warwick 3026-J 

Marino Marie Mrs r Rr 56 Ferry 845-W 

Marino Mary Miss r River Rd 3818-W 

Marino Noc r 90 Grand 1094 

Marino Rose Louise Miss r 5 WiUiam PI 4457-R 

Marino Salvatore r 58 Center St 4209 

Marino Sebastian r 41 Hotchkiss 4142-J 

Marino Sebastian A r 50 VVyllys Av 4027-J 

Marino^Sebastian J r 51 Hamlin 3957 

Marino Sebastiano bakery 56 Ferry 420 

Marino Vincent r 11 Breton Rd 2022-J 

Marino's Market 11 Grand 2202 

Markey William F r 211 So Main 1883-R 

Markham Ernest L r Perry Av Prtind 1070 

Markham John D r 351 Butternut 3599-W 

Markham Leonard B r Main Drhm 3296-J3 

Markham Raymond M r 19 Grove Prtind 2984 

Markoski Joseph r 120 Highland Av 2735-W 

Markowitz Harry r 697 Ridge Rd 2843 

Mark's Beauty Salon 125 College 3894 

Marks Frank r 57 Ridge Rd 2492-J 

Marks George A r 23 Grove Prtind 3438-W 

Marks Herbert r 48 E Main 3219-J 

Marks Melvin r 81 Church 4224 

(Vl«rk5 William H r 23 Grove Prtind 2616-J 

31 Middletowrt 


Marlin John B r Reeds Gap Durham 3890 

Marnell Fred r Court Crmwl 763-Wl^ 

Maromas District see Middletown City Of 

Maron Walter J r 17 Chestnut 3646 

Maron William r 25 McKenzie 1438-J 

Maron's Pharmacy 187 E Main 643 

Maron Theodore W r 23 McKenzie 3731-R 

Marosz Henry r Meriden Rd Mdalfld 2983-W4 

Marotta Frank nurseryman Rockfall 362 

Marselli Sistino r 44 St John 1708-W 

Marshall C B r Margarite Rd 1157-W 

Marshall George E r Margarite Rd 1523-W 

Marshall George W r 21 Laurel 3728-W 

Marshall Joseph J r 15 Oak : . . . .3013 

Marshall Marie E Mrs r Rose HI Prtind 124-J3 

Marshall Richard r 33 Fnsbie 2764-W 

Marshall William A r Crystal Lk Rd 2143-Wl 

Marshall William G r 215 E Main 2725-M 

Marson William r 41 E Main 3219-R 

Marszaiek Francis S r 90 Middlefield 2824-M 

Marthers Clarence r 8 Huber Av 3666-J 

Marthers Florence Mrs r 15 Huber PI 1051-J 

Marthers Hugh r 9 Glynn Av 1254 

Marthers Ralph G r 429 Ridge Rd 4272.W 

Martin Andrew J Rev r Christian HI Hggnm. .3684-W3 

Martin Arthur B r 582 Main Prtind 781 

Martin Charies Mrs r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 4049-J3 

Martin Edward E Dr DC office 438 Main 1672 

Residence 447 Ridge Rd 2490 

Martin Frank L r 320 So Main 2921-W 

Martin Irvin M r Higganum 2980-Jl 

Martin J F r 29 Long La 1123-J 

Martin James r Walkley HI Hddm 2772-J3 

Martin Rebecca RN 382 So Main 3529 

Mary Jane Beauty Salon 243 Main 2512 

Mary-Lou Beauty Studio 260 Main Prtind 2868 

Maselli Anna r 26 Miller 3019-W 

Maselli Hugo F r 635 High 182 

Masin Chas J Jr r 43 Spring Prtind 3350 

Masin Jerry r Millbrook Rd 1182-Wl 

Mason E Mrs r Middlefield 1635-J2 

Mason Joseph R r 91 Roosevelt Dr 4492-W 

Masonic Social Club 33 Pleasant 1495 

Masselli D P r Great HI Lk Prtind 2396.J2 

Masselli Daniel r 128 Highland Av 1198-M 

Masselli John r 84 Spring 2013-R 

Masselli Joseph r 64 Freestone Av Prtind 857-R 

Masselli Michael J r Ranney Rd Crmwl 3044-J 

Masselli Nicholas r 82 Spring 2442 -J 

Massicott Dorothy Mrs r Field Crmwl 4049-W2 

Mastergeorge John W r 528 High 1897-J 

Mastergeorge Leonard r 63 Grand 1942 

Mastergeorge Michael Mrs r 560 High 4061 

Masterton JamesA r 150 Lincoln 759-R 

Mastras Gost r 182 E Main <. .. .2345-J 

Mather Richard B r Carll Rd 1826-J 

Mathewson A Lyman r Main Drhm 971-Jl 

Mathewson Earl r Durham 2187-Wl 

Mathison Thomas Mrs r 206 So Main 1388 

Matteo Plumbing & Heating Co 34 Liberty. 351 

Mattco Ralph r 30 Liberty 1916-J 

Matterazzo James r 152 Grand 3084-J 

Matterazzo Josephine Miss r 13 Washington 3876 


46 Hotchkiss 2100 

Mattes Israel r 151 Church 1213 

Mattes Samuel S r Old Mill Rd 98 

Matthias Edgar r 70 Russell 1455-W 

Matthias Louise M Miss r 131 Highland Av 2435-R 

Mauldin Charles W Lt (jg) r 41 So Main 4518.J 

Maxwell H F r 138 Washington 1713 

Maxwell J Melburn r 107 Grand 2715-R 

May Elizabeth Mrs r 9 Broad 4264-W 

May Irving F r 26 Bartlett Prtind 3555-M 


MAY-MES MWdletewn 32 

May Irving F r Jobs Pond Rd Prtlnd 1651-Wl 

May Norman E Mrs r Randolph Rd 274-W 

Mayall Rosa D Mrs r 39 Braincrd Av 1155 

Maynard Arthur r 20 Wall 4511-W 

Maynard Edith M Miss r 137 E Main 81-J 

Maynard Wm A r Higganum 2980-J3 

Mays Anna Mrs r 79 Air Line Av Prtlnd 3714-R 

Mazanek Fred r Higganum 512-W2 

Mazzotta Anthony r 243 Pearl 3735-R 

Mazzotta Carmelo mason cntr & bldr Randolph Rd.460 

Mazzotta Carmelo r 154 Grand 1287-W 

Mazzotta Salvatore r Mazzotta PI 988 

Mazzotta Salvatore I r 156 Prospect 3058-R 

McAllister James r Washington Rd Crmwl 1377-R 

McAllister Leonard r Washington Rd Crmwl 1377-W 

McAuliffc Bernard F r 119 Asylum 1114-J 

McAuliffe Gerald V r 12 Flower 1369-W 

McAuliffe Joseph P r 28 Fountain Av 2249-J 

McAuliffe Robert V Mrs r 72 Lake 3071-M 

McBrien Samuel H r Davis HI Prtlnd 783-W3 

McCabe Clarence W r 231 Main Crmwl 2928-W4 

McCabe Harry J r 152 Hunting HI Av 2811-W 

McCabe Roger r 27 Chestnut 3733-J 

McCabe Walter A r High Shlrvlc 3157-J2 

McCann Anna Miss r 576 Main 1705-M 

McCarthy B F Rev r 51 Freestone Av Prtlnd 2044 

McCarthy D J r 120 So Main 957 

McCarthy Frank M r 4 Glover PI 4064-W 

McCarthy George r Bell 937-W3 

McCarthy Kenneth r 88 Mill 3216-W 

McCarthy Michael J r 147 Vine 890-W 

McCarthy R Emmett Mrs RN 61 Home Av 1187 

McCarthy Robert L r 169 E Main. . 4354-R 

McClelland David C r Mt Vernon 4287-J 

McClure Arnold W r 506 Main Prtlnd 1965-M 

McClureGeneJ r 1 Shanlcy Ct Crmwl 1811-Jl 

McCluskey J Bernard r 181 E Main 4476-J 

McConaughy James L r 269 High 83 

McConochie J F r Millbrook Rd 4195-J 

McConochie John A r Main Drhm 3931-W2 

McCormack Ethel M Miss r 124 Main 1062-W 

McCrossan Raymond L r West St Crmwl 2103-M 

McCue Thomas r Jefferson Av 3412-M 

McCurdy H G r 79 Lawn Av 3538 

McCutcheon Albert B r Marguerite Rd 2986-W3 

McCutcheon Ernest L r Laurel Ledge 2986-W2 

McCutcheon Franklyn r 26 Durant 3642-M 

McCutcheon Gertrude Mrs r 70 Durant 2029-J 

McCutcheon H L Jr signs & painting 65 Durant 1660 
McDermottClara J Mrs RN Pickering Prtlnd. . .247-W 

McDevitt John F r 578 High 1613 

McDonald Charles r 125 Mt Vernon 3518-J 

McDonald Henry Jr r 287 High 2974-W 

McDonald Henry Mrs r 343 Washington 3687-J 

McDonald Joseph P r 326 Main Prtlnd 682-V\l 

McDonald Kevin L r 23 Fairview Prtlnd 161-W 

McDonald Thomas F r 326 Main Prtlnd 2419-M 

McDonough WilliamE r 170 Prospect 2971-W 

McDowell Arthur V r 133 So Main 1176 

McDowell Charles r 15 Silver Prtlnd 2493-J 

McEwan George C r 56 Geer Crmwl 3427-Wl 

McEwan George C Jr r Middlefield 3253-W3 

McFadden Charles H r Haddam 2788-Jl 

McFadden Kenneth E r Long Hill Rd 2891-R 

McGeown Mary C RN 183 Prospect 1909-J 

McGetrIck James r 8 Quarry Av Pitlnd 3298 

McGiveron Robert r 15 Allison 3154-R 

McGrath William F r 52 Catherine 3108 

McGrath William R r 145 So Main 3376-J 

McGuinness Agnes T Miss TA Frissell 10 

McGuinness Marion H Mrs r 192 E Main 51-W 

McHugh A M Mrs r 41 Crescent 1355-W 

McHugh J Raymond r 38 Rome Av 3617 -W 

Mclnerney Nora Miss r Middle Wstfld 539-Jl 

Mclntyre Harold W r 88 Main Crmwl 1777-R 

Mclntyre Harry P r Court Crmwl 3994-Wl 

Mclntyre Madelyn Miss r 540 High 4334-J 

McKay H C r Rose HI Prtlnd ,^,tt''!i 

McKennaJE r 41 Crescent «, 

McKenna John F r 438 Main Prtlnd 3903 

McKcnncy H E r Tylerville 2919-W2 

McKenzie Donald r 17 Allison 3446 

McKeon Arthur r 4 Prospect Hill Rd Crmwl ... 3875-J 
McKlnstry Raymond C r Saybrook Rd Hggnm . 2135-Jl 

McLean J Bassett r 116 College 4184-W 

McLean John J r E Hampton Rd Prtlnd 2862-Wl 

McLean Julia N Miss r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-Jl 

McLeod Christie MD 28 Crescent 280 

Residence 430 Main Prtlnd 1808 

McLeod Donald r Margarite Rd 1314-J 

McLeod Edwin T r 26 Hotchkiss 268-M 

McLeod James r Margarite Rd 3225-W 

McMahon Edward J r 166 Liberty 779-J 

McMeken Beda Mrs r 55 Bartlett Prtlnd 1389-J 

McMeken Clifford r Laurel Grove Rd 1395-J2 

McMeken Harold W r Anderson Rd 1395-Jl 

McMeken John r 4 Waverly Av Prtlnd 1839-J 

McMillan Rose Mrs RN 15 Alsop Av 2900-W 

McMurray Edward T Sr r Mack Rd Mddlfld. . .1073.W4 

McNeil Robert r Berlin Rd Crmwl 1141-J3 

McNeil Thomas C r 332 Main 1582-W 

McNulty Edward r 513 Main Prtlnd 3615-J 

McNulty Raymond A r 515 Main Prtlnd 169 

McNutt Ernest F r Turkey HI Hddm .670-J4 

McNutt Ernestine Miss r 656 High 576-R 

McNutt Willard r 294 So Main 1290-W 

McPheters Albion J r 39 High Prtlnd 4269-R 

McQueen W N r Cromwell 2415-J 

McQuillan Vincent J r 446 High 1706-J 

McRac J Donald r 181 Main Prtlnd 3459-R 

Mead Eugene H r Pine Av 3492 

Mead James E r 20 Oak 3808 

Mead James L r 95 Hunting HI Av 2316-J 

Mead William E r Haddam 2812-J3 

Meade Fancy Dress Costumer 280 Russell 2205 

Meader Chas S Mrs r 78 Pearl 2347-J 

Medolago Emilio r 10 Newfield 1141-Wl 


Feed dealers 76 No Main 74 

Package Store 82 No Main 74 

Meehl's Auto Parts automotive parts 650 Main... 2190 

Meehl E F r Westfield 1473 

Meister F W r Fairview Hgts Prtlnd 3664-M 

MekrutFrankJ landscape gardener 21 W Silver 2254 

Mekrut Sigmond S r 2 Factory 2926-J 

Melicn Alfred r 235 Farm HI Rd 951 

Melien Chas B r 5 Tryon 2302-M 

Melicn Henry Mrs r 11 New La Crmwl 4313-W 

Melien John G r Saybrook Rd 1078-Wl 

Melien Oscar A r 103 Birdsey Av 1572-M 

MellnJohnH r 186 College .746-W 

Melien H M r 21 Knowles Av 3771-W 

Mendello Julia Miss r 164 Main Prtlnd 3459-J 

Mendelowitz Alex r 54 Grove 4555-J 

Meriden Motor Club Ferry Rd Prtlnd 3463 

M^riden Y M C A Camp Coginchaug Drhm 698-W4 

Merlo Rose M Miss r 68 Center St 3785 

Merriam Joseph r 159 Washington 112 

Merriam Mfg Co stationers tinware Main Drhm.l632-W 

Merriam Robert W r 301 Washington 1080 

Merrill & Co inv sec 36 Pearl Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . . Enterprisc-1230 

Merritt Robert C r Durham 1147-W3 

Merwin Emily F Miss r Maiden La Drhm 2941-W2 

Merwin Fred C r 92 So Main 715-J 

Mesick Edward M r 1 Derwin 36 

Mesick Frank C r Middlefield 3243-W4 

Mesick William r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 1817-W3 

Messer Benjamin r River Rd Crmwl 847 

Messina Ernest r 44 Stack 4368-W 


Auto dealers 18 Main 146 

Messina James J r 18 Main 3641-W 

Messina Paul r 8 Clinton Av; 2212 

Metropolitan Life Ins Co 164 Court 1518 

Metz Charles B r 68 Lawn Av 4306-W 

Meyer Edward r Clover 3589 

Meyers Louis r 60 Pearl 3164 

Miano Guiseppc r Westfield 1139 

Miano Salvatore r 51 Hubbard 2002-J 

Miazga Theodore r 27 Cooley Av. 2126-W 

Micciulla Angelo r 12 Fairview Av. .*. 2491-R 

Miceli Guy r 126 Broad 4392-J 

Miceli Sebastiano r 11 Breton Rd 2022-W 

Michael Samuel K Mrs r 137 Front 1531-W 

Michael Y Mrs r Turkey HI Hddm 670-W3 

Michalski Joseph r Prospect Hill Rd Crmwl 2648-W 

Michelson A E garage Higganum 3402-W2 

Residence Higganum 3074-Wl 

Michelson Gladys Miss r Higganum 2768-Wl 

Mickiewicz Loretta r 16 Lake 3624 

Middlefield Grain & Coal Co Middietield 174-R 

Middlefield School Middlefield 1241-W2 


Town Hall Middlefield 1059-Jl 

Maier Paul S town clerk 255 Main 45 

il\ Maier Paul S r Middlefield 2041-J3 

Bigelow E B first selectman Middlefield. . .174-R 

Fowler Helen K tax cUctr Middlefield 2322-J2 

Middlefield Volunteer Fire Dept Middlefield . . .1059-W4 
Middlesex Bag & Paper Co Inc 10 Cooley Av. . . .1850 

Middlesex Bakery 47 Union , . .2520 

Middlesex Beauty Salon 354 Main 350 

Middlesex Co Historical Society 194 Court 1680 


County Commissioners office 255 Main 3 

Department of Child Relations 255 Main 3 

County Jail Haddam 3974 

Children's Reception Cottage Haddam. . . .2610-Jl 
Sir of Wgts & Msrs Hubbard G E 207 E Mn.ll26 

Wrubel Morris H coroner 164 Court 90 

Sugrue John cnty investigator 255 Main... 1345 

Middlesex County Y M C A Smith 3910-J2 

Middlesex-Cromwell Plumbing & Heating Co 

South St Crmwl 3743 

Middlesex Fruitery 191 Main 322 


Office-yard Union 3279 


28 Crescent 3800 

Middlesex Lunch 180 Main 641 

Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co 210 Court 3000 


278 Main 363 

Middlesex Quarry Co pint Kllngwrth Rd Hggnm. 674-J2 

Office 605 Main 1822 

Middlesex Service Station 100 Main 2583 


353 Main 1981 


Plumbing & heating supplies Main St Ext. . . .935 

Middlesex Theatre box office 111 College 123 

Lobby Telephone 111 College 658 

Middletown Bargain Box 19 Rapallo Av 448 

Middletown BIdg & Loan Assoc 181 Main 317 


181 Main 1678 

Administrative & Executive Depts-Offices 

Mayor City Hall 3208 

Registrar of Voters City Hall 2481 

Tax Assessor City Hall 2367 

Tax Collector City Hall 913 

Town & City Clerk City HaU 100 

Treasurer City Hall 26 

Continued see next column 

33 Middletown 


Charities & Hiighways 

First Selectman ofc City Hall 56 

Wilcox Raymond H r E Long HiU '. . .2918 

Social Service Division City HaU 2652 

Almshouse River Rd 1760 

Highway Garage Randolph Rd 1145 

CITY COURT— Listed Alphabetically under "Court*" 
Fire Department 


Headquarters 533 Main 3401 

Chief r 475 Washington 44 

Health Department 

Health Officer office City Hall 2133 

Highways see Charities & Highways 

Park Department 

Commissioner ofc City Hall 3208 

Police Department 


Headquarters City Hall 3101 

Chief r 400 Washington 1863 

Probate District 

Probate Judge ofc City HaU 505 

Public Works Department 

Superintendent office City Hall 567 

Cannon Samuel C r 666 Ridge Rd 865 

Sanitation Department * 

Treatment Works E Main 561 

Bauer Henry W r 181 Ridge Rd 3724-M 

Kincaid James J r 9% E Main 1653-W 


Middletown City School District 

Supt & Bus Ofc 251 Court 3177 

Central 201 College 1247 

Commodore Macdonough 66 Spring 25 

Johnson 51 Green 4 

Middletown High 251 Court 3177 

Stillman Loveland 1624 

Middletown Town Consolidated School DIst 
Woodrow Wilson High 

supts ofc Hntng HI Av 1226 

Moody V B Supt r Randolph Rd 2998 

Eckcrsley Hall 61 Durant Tcr v 1418 

Farm Hill 390 Ridge Rd 2997 

Hubbard 11 Silver 1258 

Long Hill Randolph Rd 3042 

Newfield Newfield 1375 

Staddle Hill Butternut 1521 

Westfield East 944-J3 

Street Department 

City Yard Washington 517 

Hill Fred B r 143 Vine 2026 

Brainerd Charles E r 177 Pearl 1317 

Water Department ^ 

Secretary ofc City Hall 810-W 

Shop E College 810-R 

Pumping Station Highland Av 3596 

Ackerman William J r Mt Higby Rsrvr. . .4428-R 

Closson Perry J r 3 Wetmore PI 3951-W 

DiMauro Rosario r 249 William 3951-h 

Middletown Cleaners & Tailors 118 Main 2084 


Coal wood oil 319 Main 15-W 

Coal yard William . . ' 15-R 

Middletown Concrete Co plant Water 469 

Office 605 Main 1822 

Middletown Credit Bureau 9 Crown Meriden 1100 

Middletown Defense Council chrmn Mncpl Bldg...4200 

Middletown Finance Corp 438 Main 72 

Middletown Fish Market 99 Center St 1350 

Middletown Grain Assoc Inc Ridgewood Rd 167 


83 Court 422 

MID— MOL Middletown 34 

Middletown Live Poultry Market 53 Court 1695 

Middletown Lodge B P E 220 Main 625 

Middletown Mfg Co Stack 3300 

Middletown Music Studio 547 Main 3742 


Banking & trust service 267 Main 3.56 

Middletown Plate Glass Co 151 William 2247 

Middletown Press Publishing Co 472 Main 1700 


129 William 1849 

Murphy Thos A r 129 William 1849 

Middletown Rubber Corp Walnut 1163 

Middletown Sand Serv 80 Collcsre 2287 


Banking 315 Main | 3200 

Midaietown Slaughter House River Rd 439 

Middletown Stove & Linoleum Co 102 Center St. . .1679 
MIDDLETOWN TOWN OF . see Middletown City of 

363 Main 132 

Middletown Wall Paper & Paint Co 339 Main 357 

Middletown Window Cleaning Co 55 College . 365 

Middletown Wire Products Co 22 Evergreen Av...3885 
Middletown Wdwrkng Co furn rpmg Rr 84 Court. .491 

Middletown Yacht Club Water 996 

Mieike Dorence r Maple Av Drhm 53-J3 

Miellez Ge«rge r Prospect Crmwl 2199 

Mierzcjewski William J r 68 Hubbard 3780 

Mifflin Charles r 16 Bank Prtlnd 3906-J 

Mikulski Charles r 22 George 3982 

Mikusky Alice Mrs r 203 E Main 4465-R 

Milano Sebastian Mrs r 57 Ferry 2686-R . 

Milardo Anthony r 210 Pearl .868-W 

Milardo Carmelo J r 98 Grove 833 

Milardo Connie Miss r 34 St John 4305-W 

Milardo Emanuele mason contractor 34 Breton Rd 337 

Milardo Frank J r Ryan 3977-R 

Milardo Joseph r 30 Marlborough Prtlnd 4091 

Milardo Joseph r 63 Spring 4431-J 

Milardo Lena Mrs r 21 Rome Av 273 

Milardo Louis r 22 Bank Prtlnd 866 

Milardo Louis J r 19 Fairview Av 4491-R 

Milardo Luigi r 2 Main Crmwl 1262 

Milardo Michael S r 191 Farm HI Rd 3729-W 

Milardo Mike r 140 Liberty 3641-R 

Milardo Paul r 73 Court 2894-W 

Milardo Salvatore r 87 Liberty 1916-W 

Milardo Sebastian r 74 Hartford Av 3627-W 

Milardo Sebastian r 61 Spring 1911-W 

Milardo Yolanda Miss r 13 Liberty 1889-M 

Milber Fred Mrs r Middlefield 1626-W2 

Milbrand John r 173 E Main 684-W 

Miles B C r 16 Coc Av Prtlnd 956-W 

Miles Earle F r So Main St Ext 1075-J3 


Office Cromwell 2152 

Millane Neal A r Wyllys Av 2663 

Millanc Daniel A r Cromwell 2152 


Division Borden Co 41 Broad 1530 

Gesner Arnold r Haddam 665-W2 

Miller Aaron E Mrs r Middlefield 3196-J3 

Miller Anna F Mrs r 1 Brownstonc Av Prtlnd. .3662-W 

Miller Benj r Durham 1321-J2 

Miller Caroline L Mrs r 49 High 24 

Miller Charles J ire 2 Durwin 545 

Miller Charles J Dr chiropodist 516 Main 2251 

Residence 157 Lincoln 3831-W 

Miller Edna A Mrs r 157 College 1188 

Miller Edward C r Fowler Av 3567-W 

Miller F E r 21 E Main Prtlnd 3341 

Miller Frank Mrs r Middlefield 235-J3 

Miller Fred C r Middlefield 3243-J3 

Miller Henry r 20 Fowler Av 4523-W 

Miller Jack general insurance office 282 Main 24( 

Residence 172 Washington 175 

Miller Kenneth L r 22 E Main 1739-J 

Miller Leslie W r Lee . . .' 2674-J 

Miller M H r Lake Ridge Hgts 194-J4 

Miller Max r 33 Highland Tcr 2883 

Miller Milton J r 127 Russell 3537-W 

Miller Paul r West St Crmwl 535-W4 

Miller Pauline C Miss mncrg & hr drsg 164 Court .78 

Residence 489 Main 1996-J 

151 Earle Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for Enterprise-1480 

Miller R^lph S r 97 Broad 1295 

Miller Raymond F r Baileyvillc 3193-W2 

Miller Raymond H r 21 Walnut 1945-R 

Miller Robert r 56 Marlborough 838-R 

Miller Sarah B Miss r Middlefield 3243-Wl 


Paper box manufacturer 37 Washington 3836 

Miller Wm r 8 Loveland 3282 

Millerick Eugene r 36 Catherine 791-M 

Millerick Martin P r 61 So Main 523.R 

Millett Fred B r 350 High 2877-W 

Millington A Miss r 206 E Main 1917-W 

Mills Herbert L Mrs r Middlefield 1821-J 

Mills Wm L r 19 Evergreen Av 788-R 

Miner Camilla F Miss r 175 E Main 2762-J 

Minick Helen Miss r 99 Asylum 3154-J 

Minor Lloyd W Dr office 119 Main 733-W 

Residence 495 Ridge Rd 733-R 

Mintzer Grant H r Miner 231-J2 

Mintzer Margaret Miss r Miner Wstfld 231-Wl 

Misenti Anna W Mrs hairdresser 1G5 Broad 393 

Misenti Edward r 1 Pomeroy PI 1892 

Misenti Guy E r 625 No High 2982-J 

Misenti James N r 24 Grand 1360 

Misenti Joseph S insurance 438 Main 72 

Res 165 Broad 393 

Misenti Joseph V r 135 Liberty 3914 

Misenti Mary H Miss r 72 Grand 4530 

Misenti Michael r Bretton PI 4068-W 

Misenti Rose Miss r 31 Rome Av 3240 

Misenti Salvatore r 51 Grand 4434 

Misenti Santi & Son mason contractor 40 E Main 321 

Misenti's Drug Store 566 Main 1487 

Misler John r Millbrook Rd 19402 

Mitchell Angelo r 12 Jackson 3337 

Mitchell Benjamin F r So Main St Ext 1365-Wl 

Mitchell Charles B pntg & dcrtg 143 William 1573 

Res Deerfield Av 2714 


Division Borden Co 41 Broad 1530 

Mitchell George r Highland Av 1323-M 

Mitchell H L Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-Jl 

Mitchell James T Mrs r 109 Broad 260 

Mitchell Wallace r 10 Main Crmwl 1774-W 

Mittelman J Mrs r 614 Main 1362 

Mittelman Louis r 482 High 3038-W 

Mittlefehldt Victor M r Mcriden Rd 807-R 

Mix Ruth Roberts Mrs r Durham Center 3936-Wl 

Modehn Ida Mrs r Higganum 2418-W2 

Modehn M E Webber r Higganum 3074-Jl 

Modern Barber Shop 195 Main • • 2066 


Office 69 E Main 2288 

Feuser Stephen Jr r Millbrook Rd .2482-Jl 

Modern News Store 574 Main ' 1540 

Modern Window Cleaning Co Breton PI 378 

Moeller John N r 208 Hunting HI Av 2962-W 

Mohawk Mfg Co 56-76 Hamlin 21 

Mojzis Henry r Walklcy HI Hddm 2772-W3 

Mokoski Edward r 44 Wyllys Av 1127-W 

Molander Robert E r 102 So Main 2329 

Moller Conrad G r River Rd Mrms 150-W 

Farmers Cottage River Rd Mrms 3691-J3 

Mol-uhn Ernest A r Durham 3017-W3 

Molzan Gustav r 7 Wall 3151.J 

Monarca Anna Mrs r 258 Pearl 2401-W 

Monarca Joseph r Bretton PI 4178-W 

Monarca Sebastian V mason Old Mill Rd 2542 

Moncada Angela M Miss r Highland Av Ext. . . .2763-M 

MoncadaTim r 129 Highland Av 2435-J 

Moncardi Salvatore groc & diet 129 Church 1488 

Monica Louis r Durwin 2279-J 

Monnes Fred W r Washington Rd Crmwl 2383-Jl 

Monnes John J r Cromwell 692-W3 

Monte Frances Mrs r Haddam 2448-Jl 

Monte Green Inn So Main St Ext 401 


423 Main 3650 

Catalogue Department 423 Main 4220 

Moody Carolyne E Mrs r 10 Randolph Rd 2432-R 

Moody V B Jr r Long River Village 4417-J 

Moorcroft James r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 4044-W3 

Moore Charles H r 1 Greenfield Av 1367-J 

Moore Charles r 28 Saybrook Rd 4175-W 

Moore H J r 700 Ridge Rd 2829 

Moore Louise Mrs r 9 Water 1789-J 

Moore Marilyn I Miss r 32 Breton Rd 2640 

Moorhead C E r Sand Hill Rd 4553-R 

Mooz Herman A r Main Hddm 2159-J3 

Mooz Louise F Mrs r Haddam 4241-J2 

Moquin Lionel W r 7 Roosevelt Dr 4404-R 

Mora Dental Laboratory 438 Main 2246 

Moran Thomas F r 58 Park PI 1762 

Morassini Armand r 1 Erin 4318 

Morassim Thomas r Decrfield Av 3835-R 

Morawa Sign Co 426 Main 493 

Morello Angelo r Hicksville Rd Crmwl 3773-M 

Morello Angelo r 33 Hotchkiss 4261-J 

Morello Carl C r 54 Grove 2911 

Morello Nicholas r 52 Center St 587.J 

Morello Rose Miss r 41 Court 4080 

Morello Salvatore r 51 Spring 1616-R 

Morello Sebastian r 223 William 3912-J 

Morello Vincent r 3^ Cherry 3767-J 

Morgan Earl W r 14 McDonough PI 2167-J 

Morgan George H r 481 Ridge Rd 562 

Morgan Harvey r 9 Bank Prtlnd 2459-M 

Morgan John A r 465 Ridge Rd 3268 

Morgan Sarah G Miss RN 23 Park PI 744-J 

Morgan W L r Durham 971-W3 

Morgan's books & stationery 338 Main 443 

Moriarity Mary G Miss r 11 Johnson 983 

Morkosky Jack r 2 Fowler Av. 1890-W 

Moroni Remo r 14 Portland 2028 

Morra John r Rose HI Prtlnd 3172-W2 

Morris Norma E Mrs r 284 High 2974-J 

Morrison John F r Cromwell 748-Wl 

Morrissey Joseph B r Barbara Rd 938-J 

Mofrissey Wm P r Middlefield 3192-W2 

Morrow Watson r 5 Coe Av Prtlnd 2617-J 

Morse Amos C r 191 Asylum 3813 

Morse & Otte meats & groceries Durham 678-Wl 

Moskey Joseph A r 227 William 4505-W 

Moslcy J H r 420 Main Prtlnd 3999 

Moss Walter H r Durham 2681-Jl 

Motejzik Albert dry goods 7 Saybrook Rd 2265 

Moulson Frederick G r 17 So Front 125-J 

Mount Milton r Portland 766-J4 

Mousch LA r Durham 2733-Jl 

Mousch Pauline Mrs r Middlefield 3192-Wl 

Mowry E S Mrs r 84 Home Av 2471-W 

Mozdierz Francis J r 166 Ridge Rd 3696-R 

Mozdziesz Stanley J r West St 3599-M 

Mozier Mary D Mrs r Main Drhm 678-J2 

Mozoski Alice Miss r 67 Freestone Av Prtlnd 1343-J 

Mrozowski William r Durham 4327-W2 

Mulcahy John M r Fairview Hgts Prtlnd 161-R 

35 Middlefown MOL— NAT 

Mulcahy Margaret E Miss r 4 Riverside Prtlnd, 3838-M 

Muller John Carl r River Rd Maromas 3691-J4 

Muller J V r Maromas 3314-W3 

Muller Joseph Elmer r 226 Washington 1964-R 

Mullin Daniel J r 173 Liberty 814-J 

Mullins Catherine Mrs RN 73 Stack 3348-W 

Mulready Edward r 166 Grand 2315-M 

MunnDamaseJ r 2 Victoria Rd Gldrslve 3806-R 

Munno J r 30 Schuyler Av 1160 

Munson Frank r Laurel Grove Rd 1395-W4 

Murdock Ella D Mrs r 400 Main Prtlnd 773-W 

Murnane Anne Miss r 61 E Main Prtlnd 2753-W 

Murnane Hannah Miss r 5 Ackley PI 2141 

Murnane John F r 84 Fairview Hgts Prtlnd. . . .3616-R 

Murphy Elizabeth M Miss r 23 Rome Av 1930 

Murphy Grace E Miss r 17 Freestone Av Prtlnd. . .3430 

Murphy Harold J r 32 Freestone Av Prtlnd 189 

Murphy James Dr office 101 Broad 28 

Murphy James W r 16 Prospect Prtlnd 1503 

Murphy John r 162 Grand 519-R 

Murphy Joseph A r 133 Lincoln 237 

Murphy Joseph F r 394 High 1265 

Murphy M E Miss r 223 College 262-M 

Murphy R J r 116 Washington 1527-R 

Murphy Richard F r E Hampton Rd Prtlnd 879-W2 

Murphy T J r Fairview Av Prtlnd 3616-W 

Murphy Thos A r 129 William 1849 

Murphy Wm J plmbg & htng 222 Main Prtlnd. . .1673 

Residence 525 High 1378 

Murphy's Drug Store 644 Main 488 

Murphy's Leather Goods Shop 507 Main 320 

Murphy Joseph F r 394 High 1265 

Murray A A & Sons artsn well contr 194 Ridge Rd 2295 

Murray Ellen E Miss r 160 College 3635-M 

Murray Harry L r 193 Ridge Rd 839-R 

Murray John r Fowl(?r Av .".... .3828-J 

Murray Richard r Randolph Rd 2432-J 

Murray W A r Durham 3680-J2 

Murray's Sandwich Shoppe 198 Main 1483 

Muscillo Sally Mrs r Middle Rd 539-W3 

Muskatallo John r 5 Cross Prtlnd 4459 

Muzik Joseph r Haddam 4407-J2 

Muzik Joseph John r Millbrook Rd 557.M 

Muzzicato Anthony r Washington St Ext 2913-R 

Myers Leo r 21 Water 1969-J 

Myers Preston r 8 State Ter 4497-M 

Myers William R r 274 Court 2774 

Myjack Gertrude A Miss r Forest 1184-Jl 

Myjak Agnes Miss r 7 Hubbard 1998-W 

Myjak Joseph r Lincoln Rd Crmwl 3355-J 

Myjak Rudolph r Randolph Rd 1159-J 

Myjak Stanley J r 120 Boston Rd 3453-M 

Myjak Teofil r Cherry HI Rd Rckfll 2965-W2 

Mylchreest Joseph H Inc gcnl cntr 33 Brainerd Av.588-R 

Warehouse bldg mtrl 40 William 588-W 

Mylchreest J Warren r 33 Brainerd Av 588-R 

Mylchreest William r 44 Brainerd Av 257-W 

Myrick John L r Court Crmwl 763-W3 

Mystic Btmns Prdcts Co of Conn Inc 

Brownstone Av Prtlnd 1600 


NanfitO Philip r 110 Marlborough 3985-J 

Naomi Dress Co Pease Av 2277 

Naples Andy r Bear Rock Rd Drhm 698-J3 

Napoli Barber Shop 266 Main Prtlnd 2506 

Napoli S Charles r 156 College 2177-W 

Napolitan Alfonso r 70 West St Crmwl 676-W 

Napolitano Angelina D Miss r Main Crmwl. . . .4408-W2 

Narrow Fabric Textile Union 88 E Main 4194 

Naruk Frank r 22 Warwick 2973-W 

Nash Anna M Mrs RN Crystal Lk 2461-W3 

Nash Sales & Service 80 Church 2920 

Natalie Dominic r 22 Brownstone Av Prtlnd, . .3662-J 
Natalie Rose Mrs r 18 MiUer 1344-M 

NAT— NUR Middletown U 

Nate's Market 23 Sumner 3638 

National Beverages Inc Rr 110 Court 375 

National Cylinder Gas Co Portland 2253 


560 Main 3478 

Naughton Margaret Mrs r 272 Court 1472-R 

Nearing Carrie A Miss r Main Crmwl 1777-J 

Nedley Charles r Bransfield Av Prtlnd 4186 

Nedley Edmund R r 74 West St 3816 

Nedley Richard r 74 Ncwfield 4038-R 

Nedobity Mary Miss r Brainerd HI Hggnm 2443-W2 

Nedza Frances Miss r 3 Main St Ext 4019-W 

Needle M B grocer 73 E Main 2790 

Neff Clifford W r Higganum 3402-W3 

Neff Gaston L r Higganum 3686-W3 

Neff Tracy L r Higganum 3245-W3 

Ncgrelli Louis r Christian HI Hggnm 1923-Jl 

Negrelli Matthew r Ponset 679-W3 

Neill Fred meats Cromwell 210 

Neilson Andrew Mrs r 122 Marlborough Prtlnd. 3985-R 

Nejako Frances T Miss r 24 Burr Av 795 

Nelligan William E Mrs r Elm Rd Crmwl 2466-M 

Nelson Archie r Highland Av 1769-R 

Nelson Christian r 41 Middlesex Av Prtlnd 2864-J 

Nelson Christian M r Haddam 2773-W2 

Nelson Elizabeth Miss r 85 Grand 3449 

Nelson F Wm Jr r 252 Main Prtlnd 4570 

Nelson Gilbert W r 144 Spring 4506-J 

Nelson Gustaf r Great HI Lk Prtlnd 2396-W2 

Nelson Harry r Haddam 2689-Jl 

Nelson Marie Mrs r 39 Freestone Av Prtlnd ... 1972-W 

Nelson Nicholas r Portland 3708-Wl 

Nelson Oscar E r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 2453-W4 

Nelson Paul r Timber Hill Rd Crmwl 3812-J 

Nelson Robert W r Garfield Av 3690-W 

Nelson Wallace r Strong Av Prtlnd 3257-W 

Nelson Walter N MD office 76 Main Crmwl 67 

Nemecek Anna Mrs r Brooks Rd Mrms 3692-W4 

Nenninger Nellie Mrs r Senaca Rd Lk Bescck. .3265-J2 

Nenninger William E r Long River Village 4439-M 

Nestcr Benjamin r New Haven Rd Drhm 1991-J3 

Netik Joseph A r Haddam 1865-W3 

Nettleton Ernest E r Middlefield 1294-J3 

Nettleton Warren E r Jackson HI Rd Mddlfld. .2983-W3 

Neubaum John r 3 Fowler Av 1416-R 

Neumann A F Mrs r 162 Church 3960 

Neumann Phillip W r Higganum 4173-W3 

Neumann Sigmund r 100 High 590 

Neville Abbie G Miss r 59 Broad 1108 

. Neville Bernhard r 108 Main Crmwl 1309-R 

Neville Edward r 155 E Main 2907-W 

Neville Frank P Mrs r 57 So Main 1334-J 

Neville Joseph r 47 Warwick 4141-W 

New Bridge Dairy ice cream 220 Main Prtlnd 1546 

New Deal Garage storage 625 Main 3386 

New England Fabric Co narrow fbrcs 350 So Main.3168 

New England Shade & Blind Mfg Co Main Drhm 495 

New Haven Dairy Co 40 College 1605 

New Haven & Shore Line Railway Co Inc 725 Main. 190 

150 Lincoln . .3636 

New York Bakery Inc 114 Main 367 

NYNH&HRRCo Freight Station 52 

Passenger Station 1183 

Freight Sta E Haddam & Moodus 3756-W3 

Passenger Station pay station Cromwell 2799 

Passenger Station Middlefield 3196-W2 

Passenger Station Portland 1720 

Passenger Sta Higganum & Haddam. .. .4262-Wl 

Newberg Andrew r Nordland Av Crmwl 2648-J 

Newberg Ivon C r 41 So Main 3424 

Newberg Max Mrs r 43 So Main 1349 

Newberg Oscar A service station Main Crmwl 3385 

Residence 14 Nordland Av Crmwl 1861-J 

Newberth l> A r 492 High 904 

Newell Archer G r 173 So Main 2643-J 

Newell Francis r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-Wl 

Newell Isaac G r 12 Crescent 151-J 

Newell Robert S r 186 So Main 1784-J 

Newhall W Gordon r 208 Main Prtlnd 4512-W 

Newkirk Clarence r 15 Park PI 2966-J 

Newman John C r 27 Summit PI 31 

Newport W F r 276 High 3256 

Newsom Karl S r 65 E Main Prtlnd 2014-R 

Newton Abner B r Durham 2893-Wl 

Newton Gaylord A r Durham 2941-Wl 

Newton Hattie M Mrs r Durham 777-Wl 

Newton J E Mrs r Durham 2893-J3 

Nev^on Raymond r 16 Coe Av Prtlnd 3336-R 

Newton Stanley S r Durham 777-J3 

Nichols Clarence J r Brainerd HI Hggnm 2443-J3 

Nichols Fannie L Miss r 88 Church 1591-J 

Nichols Oliver W r Sand HI Prtlnd 129-J4 

Nickle Mary B Mrs r Highland Av Prtlnd 2122-W 

Nicolson F W Prof r 132 High 538 

Nielsen Andreas r 55 Home Av 2379-J 

Nielsen Carl r 60 High 1715-W 

Nielsen Lawrence r Prospect Prtlnd 3578-W 

Nielsen N B r Main Crmwl 3248-Wl 

Nielsen Walter B r Summer Gldrslvc 3958-R 

Niles Elmer F Mrs r 32 Evergreen Av 1162-J 

Nilson Oscar W r 64 Bridge 1893 

Nims Homer W r Thompson HI Rd Prtlnd 766.W4 

Nissen Wm M r 211 Ridge Rd 1387-J 

Nistal Louis r 155 So Main 738-M 

Nixon Clarence J r 64 Wyllys Av 3722-W 

Nixon Fred A r 120 Main Crmwl 2748-W4 

Nixon J F r 3 Brainerd Av 2836 

Noble Thomas H r Cromwell 2929-Wl 

Nocera Frank meats-groceries 80 Liberty 863 

Nocera Frank r 64 Grove 3316 

Nocera Sebastiano r Roosevelt Dr 4498-W 

Nolan D A Dr r 59 Park PI 3332 

Nolan Eugene E r Fairvicw Av Prtlnd 1088 

Nolan James Mrs r Greenhouse Av Crmwl 3875-W 

Nolan James P r Middle 539-W2 

Nolan Jane Miss r Newficld .3185-W 

Nolan John r 529 High 3242J 

Nolan Matthew r 23 Robert 2301-J 

Nolan Peter r 229 E Main 1272-M 

Nordgren Alf r Gccr Crmwl 2382-J3* 

Nordgrcn Matilda Mrs r 63 Main Crmwl 2723-J 

Nordgren's Feed Store Gecr Crmwl 3427-J2 

Nordgren Frederick I r Franklin Rd Crmwl . . 3676 

Nordquist Anton r Glastonbury Rd Prtlnd 1016-Jl 

Norman Frank H r Jackson Hill Rd Mddlfld. . .1073-W3 

Norris Mary T Miss r 148 Spring 4528-J 

Norris Michael E r Magnolia Av 3723-R 

Norstrum J Russell r 59 West St Crmwl 1106 

North Cromwell see Cromwell Town Of 


724 Main 141 

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co 438 Main 2517 

Norton Clyde T r 608 High 1897.W 

Norton Ernest C r 88 High 1427.M 

Norton Fred J r 1 Rome Av 4041-J 

Norton Guy P r River Rd 150-R 

Norton Thomas W r Maromas 3692-W3 

Nosal Stephen J r Higganum 672-W3 

Novak Frank S r 8 Butternut 230-R 

Novak Martin r Schuyler Av 1097 -W 

Novak Thomas A r 43 Hunting HI Av 3679-J 

Novis Ben r 23 Broad 3973-J 

Nowakowski Paul A r 34 Hubbard 1956 

Noxon Edward C r 46 West St 2311-W 

Noxon Edward C Jr r 46 West St 2311-J 

Noyes Rhythm Camp for Girls Pnfld H] Prtlnd. .209-W3 
Noyes School of Rhythm Inc Penfield HI Cblt. .209-W2 

Nugent's Dress Shop 422 Main 3580 

Nurses' Registry 202 Court 880 

Nursick Steve r 39 Grove Prtlnd 4251-J 

NusinoffMax r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3955-Wl 

Nutrition Office 51 Broad 2263 

Nye George r Lk Shore Dr Mddlfld 3259-J3 

Nyman Edward r Hillcrest Av 3567 -J 

Nyman John r 15 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3533-W 

Nyrcn David r Riverview PI Crmwl 1309-J 

Nyrcn Esther Miss r Cromwell 1309-M 


Oakliff Harold r Grove Prtlnd 3997-W 

Oakliff Paul Jr r 22 Commerce Prtlnd 2120-R 

Oberg A F dry goods & furn Cromwell 355 

Residence West St Crmwl 1189-M 

Oberg David r 19 West St Crmwl 3772-W 

Oberg Forrest H r 46 West St Crmwl 2102-J 

O'Brien D r Indian HI Av Gldrslve 3579-M 

O'Brien Denis & Sons Inc contr Ridgewood Rd 950 

O'Brien Denis J r 57 Saybrook Rd 1709 

O'Brien Dorothy C Mrs r 8 Burr Av 3190 

O'Brien Florence M Miss r 145 Broad 2357-M 

O'Brien Helen Miss r 37 Johnson 2321.M 

O'Brien John Mrs r 146 Liberty 1807-R 

O'Brien Joseph P r 595 High 3677-W 

O'Brien P Stephen r Ridgewood Rd 950 

O'Brien William J r 20 Marlborough Prtlnd 2464-J 

O'Brien William S r 18 Roland Ct Crmwl 3321-W4 

O'Callaghan Eileen M Miss r 120 Spring 3035-W 

O'Connell John F r 133 So Main 1176 

O'Connor James r 392 So Main 2032-W 

O'Connor Mallie T r 392 So Main 2032-W 

O'Connor's Grocery Store 390 So Main 1542 

Odd Fellows Building Assoc 203 Main 990 

Odette Wm r McDonald Av Crmwl 972- R 

O'Donnell Edward P r White School Av Crmwl. .1749-M 

O'Donnell John r Great Hill Lk Prtlnd 2396-Jl 

O'Donnell John G r 16 Marlborough Prtlnd 2394-J 

O'Donnell Kathleen Miss r 21 Johnson 3964 

Oefinger Rodney J r 6 Longworth Av 3656-W 

Oertel Anna B Miss r 55 Broad 1620 

Offsianik Frances T Miss r 150 Pearl 3755 

Ogorzaiek Joseph r Main Rckfl .813-W3 

Ogorzaiek Stanley r Main Rckfl 1241-Jl 

Ogorzaiek Walter F r 4 Butternut 1373 

O'Heare Arthur J r 540 Main Prtlnd 2429-M 

Ohison Irene W Mrs r Ridge Rd 1180 

O'Keefe Thomas F r 102 Lincoln 1384 

Oktavec John J r Higganum 4154-Wl 

O'Leary James J r 214 High 4050 

Oliszewski Catherine M Miss r Perry Av Prtlnd . 2916-M 

Olsen Arthur C r Newtown 4206 

CIsen Herman r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 3503- J4 

Olsen Olof Henry r Middlefield 1635-Wl 

Olsen Robert r 471 Washington 942-M 

Olson Albert r 67 Fountain Av 1313-M 

Olson Albert r 135 Hunting HI Av 1322 

Olson C F & Co general mdse Higganum 2775-J4 

Olson Carl W r 40 West St Crmwl 4535-W 

Olson & Conrad meats & groceries Main Crmwl. . .1538 

Olson Emil r 11 Carll Rd 1826-W 

Olson Eric H r Newficld 1141-J2 

Olson Ernest J r Victoria Rd Gldrslve 4053-R 

Olson Frank G r Cromwell 2024-R 

Olson Fred r Higganum 3684-J2 

Olson Gothard A fl finshng 30 Summer Gldrslv. . . .477 

Olson John E r 235 Pine 1993.J 

Olson Julia Miss RN 17 Fairview Prtlnd 2954-W 

Olson P Alfred r Schuyler Av 2230 

Olson William M r 60 Fairview Prtlnd 4017-J 

Omicioli Charles J r Marlborough Prtlnd 3789-W 

Omo Mfg Co rubber goods Walnut 1163 

O'Neil Mary G Miss r 420 High 2330 

O'Neil Rose F Miss r 536 Main 1327.M 

Opalacz Michael r Boston Rd 896-J3 

Organek Joseph J r Strongs Av Prtlnd 1586-J 

37 Middlefown NUR— PAL 

Organek Konstanty r 141 Marlborough Prthid . 4256-W 

Organek Victor S r 40 Bartlett Prtlnd 1578-R 

Orinski Raymond r Washington Rd Crmwl. . . .1704-Jl 

Orkil Inc Higganum 4370 

O'Rourke Mary C Miss r 30 Hotchkiss 2679-J 

Ortise Sebastiano trkg sand stone 40 Green 486 

Osgood C Sumner Rev r 69 Main Crmwl 292-J 

Osgood Henry A r Middlesex Tnpke Hddm . . . 2942-J4 

Osofsky Abraham r 54 Stack 3220 

Osora Martin r 56 Silver 1788 

Ostergren E r 328 Main Prtlnd 2419-J 

Ostergren Gustaf A t Portland 209-Jl 

Ostergren Herbert r 2 Park PI Crmwl 2929^2 

Ostergren Leonard D r 27 Waverly Av Prtlnd.. .3822-R 

OtfinoskI Frances Miss r Main Rckfl 924-W3 

Otflnoski Theodore r Rockfall 813-W4 

Otflnosky Jacob r Newficld 2232-R 

O'Toole John J r E Hampton Rd Prtlnd 8 

O'Toole William L Mrs r 634 Main 3565-M 

Ott Edward A r 106 Schuyler Av 1598-M 

Ottavi James r 681 High 576-J 

Otte A W r Durham Center 3129-Jl 

Otte Alfred W r Cherry La Drhm Cntr 3129-J3 

Otte Carl r Wallingford Rd Drhm 3175-Wl 

Otte Carl H r Durham 49-W2 

Otte Fred H r Durham 2872-W3 

Otte Herbert Jr r Maple Av Drhm 961-Jl 

Otte John C r Durham 971-J2 

Otte William A Mrs r Durham Center 699-J3 

Otterbein Arthur J r 200 Ridge Rd 4540 

Otterbein J A mfr mtl speclts 59 Hubbard 2214 

Otterbein Walter C r 52 Ridge Rd 2151-W 

Overhysser G A Jr r 24 Wyllys Av 1374 

Overstreet A B r 276 Court 4042 


Pacholski Bruno r 31 Russell 2726-M 

Packard A A r 369 Main Prtlnd 3152 

Packard Maynard E r 3 Macdonough PI 2167-W 

Packard Sales & Service 80 Church 2920 

Paddock Edwin r Newficld 3823-W 

Paddock Howard W r Cromwell 3604-W4 

Paddock W W r W Cromwell 3604-J3 

Paganetti Ben r New Haven Rd Drhm 3297-W2 

Pagano Joseph r Lincoln Rd Crmwl 4573-J 

Pagano Joseph r 41 Spring 2607 

Pagano M J r Lincoln Rd Crmwl 3773-W 

Pagano Peter A r 101 Hunting HI Av 1570-W 

Pagano Vincent r 636 High 3786-J 

Page Benjamin F r Durham Center 3936-W2 

Page Frederick H r Main Drhm 853-J3 

Page Henry E r 188 William 4457-W 

Page Henry I r Durham Center 699-Wl 

Page Steele & Flagg Co industrial supplies & hdwr 

30 Prout New Haven 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . Enterprl$e-2100 
Page & Warner Inc auto acces 146 William 1735 

Page Ellsworth F r 221 Ridge Rd 1729-W 

Holmes Harold W r 23 Evergreen Av 3506 , 

Pagerino Joseph r 8 Walnut 895*W 

Palace Diner 627 Main 2559 

Palace Theatre 338 Main 1770 

Paley Sal r Portland 3551 

Paley Sidney r 99 Liberty 1894-R 

Palmer Aaron J atty-at-law 252 Main 2161 

Res 29 Lawn Av 1526 

Palmer Arthur r 143 Prospect 2971-J 

Palmer C F r 50 Frissell Tcr 2115-W 

Palmer D r 72 E Main 2834-W 

Palmer Fredrick Lee r 294 Ridge Rd v.3.4iP6-R 

Palmer G Tryon r Garden 289-W 

Palmer George A r 130 Broad 1645-J 

Palmer I E Co hmnks netting etc F^c^j^jr. . - -1620 

PAL— PET Middletown 38 

Palmer Kalman r Newfield St 2008 

Palmer Lawrence S Dr r 27 Loveland 2392-W 

Palmer Paul S r 285 Main Crmwl 748-J3 

Palmer Peter Mrs r Cromwell 2409-W 

Palmer Pcthia C Mrs r 181 E Main 2345-W 

Palmieri Florence M Mrs r 12 Macdonough PI. . .3335-M 

Palumbo James Mrs r 89 Liberty 4078-R 

Pandalfo Alexander r 87 Spring 558-W 

Pandlani Arthur r Durham 975-Jl 

PandianI Vincent Mrs r Durham Center 2359-W2 

Pandolfo Lena Mrs r 51 Ferry 1281 

Pandolfo Michael J r 71 Hubbard 3720-J 

Pandolfo Salvatore r 11 Green Ct 1614.W 

Pappolardo Sebastian r 2G4 Court 4484-J 

Paradise Restaurant 12 Main 3380 

Parcak Ann Miss r 48 Bransfield Av Prtlnd 964-R 

Parels J W r Maiden La Drhm 2941-W3 

Parcsi Alice Mrs r 6 Main Crmwl 3238-J 

Paris! Jeremiah r 50 Spring 4057-J 

Park Chas M r 150 High 94 

Park Delicatessen Store 18 Main 3367 

Park View Barber Shop 30 Main 2522 

Park View Pharmacy 43 Main 648 

Parker Anne Mrs r Walklcy HI Hddm 1629-J2 

Parker George E r 57 Saybrook Rd 2810-M 

Parker John r Allen Crmwl 3344-W 

Parker Victoria Mrs r TylerviUe 2448-Wl 

Parmelee Edward D r Bow La 2693 

Parmclee Esther E Mrs r Durham 3313-W2 

Parmelee Florence Miss r 21 Loveland 3759-R 

Parmelee Frank L r 79 Mill 3216-J 

Parmelee Fred F & Son awngs & uphlstr 179 E Main 313 

Parmelee Harold R r Middlcfield 3193-Wl 

Parmelee Howard r MacArthur Ct 4472-J 

Parmelee Mary A Miss r 86 So Main 715-W 

Parmelee Merlin r 5 Russell Ct 3441-R 

Parmelee Richard C attorney-at-law 164 Court .2414 

Res Saw Mill Rd Drhm 3297-W4 

Parmelee Willis E r New Haven Rd Drhm 3297-W3 

Parshley James S r 279 Court 1039 

Parsons Howard L r 400 Washington 1232-J 

Parsons William A r Durham 2681-W3 

Pascall Geo C r Main Prtlnd 1745 

Pasieka Charles Mrs r Middlefield St 1581-J2 

Pasieka John r Westfield . 1787-R 

Pasieka Joseph A r Main Rckfl 1385-W2 

Pasieka Stanley J r Camp 1787-J 

Pasquale Daniel r 42 Rome Av 3484 

Pasquarelli I Mrs r 116 Marlborough Prtlnd 2904 

PassanesI Joseph msn cntr & bldr 111 Hghlnd Av 359 

Passanesi Paul r 82 Johnson 3082-W 

Passanisi Joseph S r 50 Green 4045 

Passinese Mariano r 23 Garfield Av 4323-M 

Passlnese Sebastian r Rockfall 3210-Jl 

Patenaude Clarence r 121 Church 3258-R 

Patenaude Fred W r Morgan 35 

Paterson Arthur E Rev r Maple Shade Rd 191-W2 

Pattavina Minnie Mrs r 48 Hamlin 4067-J 

Pattavina Salvatore r 144 Liberty 3856-R 

Pattavina Sebastian M r 440 Washington 1825-J 

Patten B W Mrs r Bow La 1081-J 

Paul A r Turkey HI Hddm 681-W2 

Paul Hyman N r Higganum 1984-W2 

Pauli Adolph F r 50 Brainerd Av 1583-R 

Paulson E Arvid r 25 Highland Ter 928-R 

Pavone Fred r 80 College 2994-J 

Payne Alvah B Mrs r Main Prtlnd 968 

Payne Charles F r Portland 945-J3 

Payne Frank C r Portland 945-W3 

Payne John L r Portland 945-W2 

Payne S Orllla Miss r 206 College 886 

Payne's Music House 107 College 1682 

Pear Bessie Mrs r Marlborough Rd Prtlnd 2737-R 

Pearce Malcpm r Durham- . • 2681-J2 

Pearson Ernest W r E Ridge Rd 1474.W 

Pease Frank E r 146 Pearl 1502 

Pease R Sumner r 21 Pleasant 1358 

Peck Edward r 2 Glynn Av 3796 

Peck Ernest W Mrs r 113 Cross 3269-W 

Peck Harry D r 344 Ridge Rd 842 

Peck Horace H r 364 Ridge Rd 1783 

Peck J Norman r 60S Ridge Rd 2432-M 

Peck W A Mrs r Higganum 3402-J3 

Peckeroff Philip r Haddam 3156-Wl 

Peckham D W r Middlefield , 1635-W3 

Pedersen Chris r Ridgewood Rd 55-Jl 

Pedersen I r 201 Main Crmwl 2720-W2 

Peerless Pattern Works 27 Clinton Av 352 

Pehota Frances Miss r Rockfall 2902-W2 

Pelkey Joseph r Main Drhm 3128-Wl 

Pellegrini John Mrs r 70 Marlborough Prtlnd. .1979-W 

Prescription dcpt 108 Main 4010 

^ - So Farms Branch E Main 2540 

Pendleton Everett A r Middlefield 1626-Jl 

Pendleton Merritt r Middlefield 4162-W3 

Penfield Richard P r 488 Main Prtlnd 1862-W 

Penney Frank E r East St 294-J2 

Penney J C Co department store Main 1670 

Penniman Alice W Miss r 156 College 1409 

Penniman Caroline deF supt Long La Fm Long La. 3670 
Pennington Apartments 

2nd floor 347 Main 3360 

3rd floor 347 Main 2551 

Peplau August r Fowler Av Ext 1416-M 

Peplau Rudolph r 296 Russell 4323-J 


Br 152 Main 311 

Pernel Benjamin L r Middle Wstfld. . . .' 539-J4 

Perruccio A M Miss r 114 Prospect 2315-W 

Perruccio Carmcia Mrs r 70 Church 4429-W 

Perruccio S r 148 Highland Av 3431 

Perruccio Salvatore r 101 Grove 4442 

Perruccio Salvatore r Wall Crmwl 2412J 

Perruccio Sebastiano r 45 Grand 4448-W 

Perry Harold r Washington Rd Crmwl 3187-Jl 

Perry Hazel B Miss r 175 College 1136-R 

Perry John J r 4 Hill 1232-R 

Perry William F r 57 Saybrook Rd 3309-J 

Ferryman C B r Main Drhm 3017'J1 

Rerun Peter P r 74 Newfield 4038-M 

Peruta John Mrs r Quarry Av Prtlnd 1658-W 

Peryam G S r 24 Silver 2308-W 

Peryam Mildred Mrs r 3 Ackley PI 1468 

Peryam Richard r Crystal Lk Rd 2986-Jl 

Peservich Edward J r 22 Durwin 3418 

Pessina Robert r 130 Collcirc 3798-W 

Pessoni Joseph A r Huber Manor 3666-W 

Pessoni Raymond r 64 Pearl 868-J 

Peters A H Mrs TA 42 West St Crmwl 2976 

Peters Joseph r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 591-Wl 

Peterson Albert N r 128 Marlborough Prtlnd. . .3972-J 

Peterson Alex r G30 High 1151 

Peterson Barbara A Miss r 612 Main 4546-J 

Peterson Carl E r 56 E Main Prtlnd 1959-W 

Peterson Elmer r Strong Av Prtlnd 1586-W 

Peterson Ernest G r 205 Prospect 2353-W 

Peterson Fred r Middlefield 2322-W3 

Peterson Harry A Rev r 23 Wavcrly Av Prtlnd. . .1273 
Peterson Henry F Mrs r Powder HI Mddlfld . .2027-W2 

Peterson Henry r Barbara Rd 938-W 

Peterson Ida Mrs r 57 Fountain Av 2642-R 

Peterson Ida E Miss RN 60 Home Av 2985-M 

Peterson Johan A r Saybrook Rd 908-W2 

Peterson John E r 15 Durwin 2279-W 

Peterson Olof Mrs r West St Crmwl 2103-W 

Peterson Olof S r 155 Lincoln 3831-J 

Peterson P A r 85 Main Crmwl 2970-J 

Peterson Roy r 6Q Spring 3647 

Peterson S Robert r 14 Fountain Av 266-W 

Peterson Swan A r River Rd Mrms 3691-W2 

Peterson William r 14 Walnut 3483-R 


Gas-oil 276 Main Prtlnd 335 

Peterson William R r 13 Bartlett Prtlnd 65 

Peterson Wm R Inc rng-fuel oil 276 Mn Prtlnd 3868 

Peterson's Grill 706 Main 3359 

Petino Antonio r 144 Berlin 3194-M 

Petras Alois r Laurel Grv Rd 1395-J3 

Petras Josephine F Mrs r 18 Warwick 3959-J 

Petras William F r 6 Schuyler Av 3857-W 

Petrofsky Felix A r Higganum 1923.W1 

Petrofsky Francis Mrs r Norfolk 1011 

Petrofsky Henry M snd stn & cndrs 21 Burr Av. .3893 

Petrofsky Henry W r 22 MacArthur Ct 4398-J 

Petrofsky Joseph J r West Cromwell 1408 

Petruk John S r Westfield Dist 937-J3 

Petrus Joseph J r 71 Hunting HI Av 3679-W 

Petruzello Thomas Mrs r 9 Greenfield Av 1240-M 

Petruzzello Angelo r Wall Crmwl 837-M 

Petruzzello Josephine Miss r 69 Church 4429-J 

Petruzzello Michael r 241 Pearl 2273 

Petruzzello Salvatore U r 241 Pearl. . . . j 1828 

Petterson Lars T r 197 Liberty 1458-J 

Petzold Max P r East Hampton Rd Prtlnd 926-W2 

Petzold William J r E Hmptn Rd Prtlnd 926-Jl 

Pfirman Howard S r Hiilcrest Av 283 

Phelps Frederick L r 28 Brainerd Av 2757-M 

Phil Frederick r 34 Wall 778-W 

Phillips Kenneth A r Walkiey HI Hggnm 3631-J2 

Phillips Wendell r Breton Hgts 3054-W 

Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co 363 Main. . . .540-W 

Physicians' Telephone Bureau 202 Court 880 

Piangenti Walle r Plumb Rd Wstfld 294-J4 

Planka Frank A r 2 Cottage 4242-R 

Pianka Paul Mrs r 36 Brainerd Av 2746-W 

Pianka Peter r 25 South St 3064 

Piasta Peter F MD 145 So Main 63 

Platti Frank E r 28 Marlborough Prtlnd 4594 

Piatti Herman r 251 Main Prtlnd 2958 

Piatti Joseph r 660 Main Gldrslve 2417-J 

Piatti Joseph Jr r 633 Main Gldrslve 4483-W 

Pickering C A r 22 Brainerd Av 798 

Pickering Governor Co Pickering Prtlnd 1166 

Pickett John F r 439 High 2125 

Piechocki Paul W Rev r 79 So Main 508 

Piekarski Jacob J r 18 W Silver 3278-J 

Piekarz Wilhelmina Miss r Ames Hllw Rd Prtlnd 2862-J3 

Pleper Niel W Dr r Randolph Rd 1707 

Pierce Cassius H r 140 Main Crmwl 3587-J2 

Pierce Jefferson r Chestnut Av 1323-J 

Pierce Marlow B r 161 Main Crmwl 3588-Wl 

Pierce Marshall A r Eastwood Rd Crmwl 2692-J2 

Pierce Westley r Nooks HI Rd Crmwl 1817-Wl 

Plerson A N Inc florist Main Crmwl 224 

Pierson Andrew A r 8 Elm Rd Crmwl 4056 

Plerson Arvid B r 20 Catherine 2605-J 

Pierson David L garage 64 West St Crmwl 2239 

Pierson Emily M MD office Main Crmwl 2336 

Pierson Harold C pntng & dcrtg 143 William 1573 

Residence 71 Bow La 1654-R 

Pierson John E Mrs r 12 Evensen PI Crmwl. . .3098-J4 

Pierson Mildred Miss r Abbey Rd Crmwl 2382-Wl 

Pierson Olive D Mrs r 148 Main Crmwl 3644.M 

Pierson Wallace R Jr r Wallace Crmwl 1656 

Pieta Anna Miss r 387 So Main 3315-W 

Piftta Casimir r 29 Magnolia 3683-W 

^1 Pignatello Michael Mrs r 36 Highland Ter 4014-J 

■ Pike William N r 41 Wall 149.M 

Pikiell Benjamin r Great HI Lk Prtlnd 2396-W3 

Pillarella John r 139 Liberty 3856-M 

Pillarella Nicholas r 532 High 3242-W 

Pine Grove Cemetery Assoc 14 Church 507 

Pinkham Russell W r Penfield HI Rd Prtlnd. . .1651-Jl 

Pinsker Esther Mrs r 14 Mansfield Ter 1475 

Pinsker S D r 189 Pine 3331-R 

39 Middlefown KT— POR 


Jewelers-opticians 230 Main 2216 

Pinunsky Claire Miss r 16 Pleasant Crmwl 2612-J 

Piper R S r 154 Prospect 3956 

Pirruccio Angelo r Saybrook Rd 3832 

Pirruccio Anna Miss r 32 Bacon Av 163-J 

Piba Lucy Mrs r 69 Union 3663-J 

Pistel Adam J r 69 Front 1725 

Pitblado Elizabeth Mrs r 1 Ferry La Prtlnd 2417-W 

Pitruzzello Angelo groc & mt mkt 184 Main Prtlnd, 437 

Pitruzzello Angelo r 77 Church 2016-W 

Pitruzzello Emanuel J r 7 Stow Av 821 

Pitruzzello Luigi r 509 Butternut 3932-W 

Pitruzzello Mario r 497 High .4231 

Pitruzzello Sebastian r 101 So Main 1449-W 

Pittera Frederic P r 20C Main 780 

Pittsinger Charles r 103 College 743-W 

Pizzini John r Higganum 1984-Jl 

Planeta Charles W r Franklin Rd Crmwl 2876-J3 

Planeta George H r Durham Center 1991-W2 

Planeta Veronika Mrs r Higganum 2933-J2 

Plante George r 95 Front 2405-M 

Planten Kenneth W r 37 Laurel 30 

Plourd William r 148 Schuyler Av 1205-M 

Plum Elihu H r Tryon 1642-W 

Plumb Henry C r East St 4253-W2 

Plumley D L r Geer Crmwl 2381-Wl 


Reynolds W S 96 Church 888-W 

Poart Harold J Mrs r Main Hggnm 1936-J3 


Middletown 3100 

Poliner Harry r 47 Huber Manor 3122 

Poliner Isadore r 95 High 3317 

Poliner Israel atty 516 Main ! ! ! ] ! ^2600 

Residence Mansfield Ter 1948 

Poliner J & Sons Shoe Store 548 Main 436 

Poliner M shoes & clothing 668 Main 2070 

Poliner Morris atty at-law 516 Main . .2600 

Polish Falcons Inc 183 Court !...2850 

Pollock Alfred H r 478 Main Prtlnd .1953-J 

Polozie Ellenette Mrs RN 58 Frisscll Ter 2115.M 

Pomfret John J r 103 Grand 3777-M 

Pompoe's Gr.ill 52 Rapallo Av 606 

Pontiac Sales & Service Agency 16 Stack 228 

Popalardo Salvatore r 264 Court 44d4-W 

Popp Antoinette R Miss r 155 E Main 2675 

Popp John A r 91 Front 1266-M 

Popular Food Market meat department 184 Main, 1699 

Fruit Dept 184 Main 52O 

Porteous Frederick r 159 Vine .2628-W 

Porteous Harold Mfs r 572 Main Prtlnd 1951.J 

Porteous J H Mrs r Prout HI Rd 893 

Porter Camille K Miss r Higganum 672 -Jl 

Porter Herbert L r Coles Rd Crmwl 219-J2 

Porter Philip W r Higganum 1172-J3 

Porter Ralph L r Congdon .1154.R 

Porter Wallace r Higganum 3402-Wl 

Porter Whitney S r Higganum '2418-Wl 

Portland Auto Body & Radiator Wks 37 Mn Prtlnd. 312 

Portland Boat Works Grove Prtlnd 2518-W 

Portland Bottling Works Air Line Av Prtlnd 1814-W 

Portland Brownstone Quarry Co Portland, . . 92 

Portland Dist Nurse & Welfare Assoc Main Prtlnd" '. ^386 

If no answer call 2122-W 

Portland Foundry Co Portland 1124 

Portland Fruitery 204 Main Prtlnd .4A73 

Portland Meat Market Inc Main Prtlnd ....... ^2209 

Portland Memorial Home, .see Doolittle Funeral "Service 

Portland Plumbing Supply 210 Main Prtlnd 3883 

Portland Restaurant 188 Main Prtlnd 2853 




Middletown 40 


Administrative Offices 

Town Clerk & Selectmens Ofc Main Prtlnd. .3576 

Judge of Probate ofc Main Prtlnd 3576 

Buck Litxrary Main Prtlnd '^■' 

Fire Department 

Hose Co No 1 268 Main Prtlnd 60e 

Hose Co No 2 636 Main Gldrslve olt. 

Chief 644 Main Gldrsvle ;;;;{^; 

Residence Strickland Prtlnd 3174-W^ 

Schools ..-Q 

Supt & High School Ofc Main Prtlnd 1178 

Central School E Main Prtlnd 2458 

Gildersleeve Grammar School Gildersleeve . . . bVJ 

Water Works ^ „ , j /icon 

Brooks Harry supt 46 Indn HI Av Prtlnd. 4590 


269 Main Prtlnd • =" 

Portland Water Co office 368 Main Prtlnd ^oi 

Porto T & Sons motor trans 

600 So Colony Wallingford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. .Enterprise-8690 
Post Agnes H Miss r 20 Strong Av Prtlnd 1268-M 

Post Edith M Miss r 169 College illt<u 

Post LeRoy r 631 Main Gldrslve icR 

Post Mary F Miss r 602 Main -J^^^ 

Poste John r Newficld ,?oi wa 

Potter Ella H Miss r West St Crmwl ^^^Jn? , 

Potter Frank E Dr rl58 College ^^2003^ 

Potter John H r 14 Riverside Prtlnd ,?nc , 

Potter Ozlas W r E Ridge Rd ;„, Oi'^ 

Poulin Arthur r Long Hill Rd Mddlfld 2322-W2 

Powers Joseph P r 200 Prospect 1239-R 


83 Court --fl 

PrattALMrs r 18 Silver ,«5wi 

Pratt Charles r Durham avqI 

Pratt Harriet Mrs r 163 Church ,,,o uua 

Pray H L r Durham ^^^.TL. 

Premier Food Store 142 So Main 


155 Main 

Press Isador M r 2V4 Glynn Av ,nc! 

PressMax r 68 High 1054 

Press Max Co tailor 282 Main ^^o5 

Preston Nelson H r 242 Farm HI Rd " ' oi lo 

Prickett Gordon r 19 Roland Ct Crmwl ^^^J" ,7 

Priest Alton r Candlewood HI Hggm ^l\i\ 

Priest Paul A r Higganum „,, n 

Priest Robert W r Candlewood HI Hggnm ^^J*:" 

Pring John F r 604 Main Prtlnd ^S^.R 

Prior Fannie W Miss r 76 Tryon 164Z-J 

Prizzi George r 103 Court 3004-R 

Probate Court ''" ^J^i^ 

Professional Service Bureau 516 Main ■••t.zi 

Prospect Nurseries Inc 128 Main Crmwl ^^^„,i 

Prout B R Mrs r Durham VoiZ 

Prout E B Dr r 48 Bartlett Prtlnd IZw 

Prout EarleW r Main Prtlnd • „3031 

Prout Marion W Miss r 18 Goodyear Av ^0,^'" 

Provost Conrad D r Newfield St 514-W 

Prudential Ins Co of Amer 438 Main ;««»7;j: 

Prue Dorothy E Miss r Main Rckfl ^^ Xonl 

Psomas Anthony r 219 Farm Hill Rd 197b 

Public Market 480 Main ■•}}^' 

Pugllatti Joseph r 170 Pearl 407a-J 

PuglisI Antonia Mrs r 421 High 1899.J 

Puglisi Josephine Mrs r 80 William 4079-J 

PuglisI Stephen r 192 Liberty..... 2318.R 

Pugsley Mabel E Miss r 39A So Main 4137.W 

Pukd Joseph Mrs r 26 Loveland 19V8-J 

Pulasky A J r 2 Saybrook Rd ■ • ■ • • • • -^006 

Pulvirentl Joseph r 49 Huntmg Hill Av 1457-R 

Purdell George F r Maple Shade Rd "92^ 



Purtlll Alice Miss r 57 So Main }Ua'i 

Pusey Nathan M r Pine St Ext ZZ^I'S, 

Pusz John r 356 So Main ??« « 

Putnam Allan C Mrs r 87 Main Crmwl 2355-M 


Investments 164 Court ^J^" 

Main Office 6 Central Row Hartford .2117 

Pyne Andrew J r Marlborough Prtlnd 838.W 

Quigley Bernard J r Penfield HI Prtlnd 209-J4 

Quinn Edward r Christian HI Hggnm ^t?5',^ 

Quinn Thomas r 3 Mazzotta PI 3^0^, 

Ouinn's Filling Station 311 Main Crmwl 748-J2 

Quirk Anna T Miss r 19 Bank Prtlnd ^Al«^ 

Quirk Eugene M r 9 Liberty 3359-R 

Quirk Frank r Tryon oo 

Quirk Louis F cvl engr-surveyor 48 Home Av. .... .J9 

Quirk P E r E Hampton Rd Prtlnd V-,\i » 

Quirk Thomas H r Tryon 


Rabadeau Roger r 96 Lawn Av ?n«"»5 

Race Arthur r 69 Fountain Av 1052-W 


Well drilling Main Drhm BW-wx 

Rackliff Robert F r 451 High 2425-M 

Rackliffe Oil Co water terminal Cromwell 16o3 

Raczka Chester S r 244 Russell .3723-J 

Raczka Theodore attorney-at-law 363 Main ••\9?^ 

Residence 244 Russell - .3723-J 

Rady Hans r 30 Freestone Av Prtlnd ?Jti*? 

RadziwonJohn r 9 Omo In i 

Rafala Salvatore r 194 E M;'!n • -Sl-J 

Rafferty Grace Mrs r 29 Erin 3223-J 

Rafkind A B MD office 363 Main 770-W 

Res 163 E Main •770-R 

Raftery Joseph Mrs r 31 Erin 3058^« 

Raftcry Julia M Miss r 150 Spring ^oqaIm 

Ragusa Lucille B Miss r 99 Liberty Ice, 

Raicik Frank r 33 Rome Av 455Z 

Railway Express Agency Inc Rr 725 Mam : ' 'I „ 

Ralney James Mrs r 208 Main Prtlnd ™"II 

Rajtar Genevieve Miss r 55 William , Ja, i, 

Rak Frank r Bear HI Rd Mrms ■ . • • -/e^l-JZ 

Ramberg Helen C Miss r 103 Marlborough Pftlnd.573-M 

Rame Benedict S r 19 Loveland. iio Jj, 

Ramsdell LeRoy A r Coles Rd Crmwl "„ »J 

Rand Frank L r 276 Court 1237-W 

Rand Nettie Mrs RN 136 William .nnn 

Rand Philip S r 10 Wesleyan PI • -fOOV 

Rand Theo Mrs r Bow La "b^'^ 

Randall Gordon B r 101 High J'':^ 

Randall Harold M r 625 Main Gldrslve ^ll-" 

Randazzo Emanuele r 84 Court 34bb 

Randazzo Gerald r 9 Court PI 2°^= 

Ranno Carmaline Miss r 588 Main Vqca i 

Ranno John r 145 Liberty 38W>-J 

Ranno James Mrs r 43 Spring A-i^l m 

Ranno Sebastian r 20 St John Ani9 

Ranno Sebastiano r 28 Hillside Av oiTxtt 

Rasch Joseph r East St. Hkoo 

Rasch Ludwig P r 97 Front -fj^" 

Rasche Wm r 132 Hunting HI Av 554-M 

Rasero Joseph r 43 Front \n^kM 

Ratcliffe Fred r 28 Hotchkiss 201b-M 

Ratcliffe Geo H r 195 Prospect ,0,, m 

Ratcliffe Samuel G r 199 Prospect \q,, m 

Ratcliffe Thomas r Prospect PI Crmwl }!?}:;r^ 

Rathbun Geo R Mr$ r 97 E Main Prttad 2404-M 

To find an "authorized dealer" look In the Yellow 

Ration Boards 

Middlesex County 4210 

Cromwell , , 2055 

Durham 777-W4 

Haddam 2980-J2 

Middlefield 1241.W4 

Middletown 203 

Portland 1795 

Rau Alice Miss r 40 Fairview Av 4491-W 

Rau Frederick S r 45 Park PI 3322 

Rau LInwood r 148 Lincoln 2937-R 

Rau Robert James r 21 Hunting Hill Av 3953-J 

Rau Ruth Miss r 15 Silver Prtlnd 1904-M 

Raudat Wm r Durham 1147.J1 

Ravitch Abraham r Maiden La Drhm 698-Wl 

Ray Paul C r Cherry HI Rd Mddlfld 2965-W3 

Ray William S r 278 Court 1224-W 

Raymond De-icer Corp River Rd 3865 

Raymond HenryT r 107 Church 2016-J 

Read T Irvin r 60 Lake 3334 

Read Thomas A r 29 Fountain Av 2905 

ReardonJohn r 50 Bransfield Av Prtlnd 3294-R 

Reardon Mary A Miss r 266 Main Prtlnd 3559-J 

Reath Joseph r Brick La Drhm 2433-J2 

Recor Bernice Mrs r Hidden Lk Hggnm 2406-J2 

Red & White Food Store 261 Ridge Rd 973 


Brownstonc Av Prtlnd 96 

Tire Recapping Dept 75 No Main 1491 

Filling Station Cromwell 2807 

Goldberg Meyer r 470 Main Prtlnd 3362 

Red Wing Oil Co Brownstonc Av Prtlnd 96 

Red Wing Oil Heating Co sec C B Stone Inc 

Redford Martha E Miss r Ridge Rd 1881 

Redford Philip H W r Washington Staddle HI . 772-M 

Reed Charles Mrs r 79 College 4536 


143 William 3540-W 

Reed G U r Clover 3540-R 

Reed Walter P Mrs r 48 Silver 185-W 

Regal Men's Shop 308 Main 306 

Regan James Joseph r 105 Spring 3221-J 

Reggazoni Gregory r 67 Catherine 1919-W 

Reiland George Mrs r 99 Lincoln 2360-R 

Reilly Edwin J r 316 Washington 1048 

Reilly Elizabeth Mrs r Washington St Ext 1854-M 

Reilly Katherine Miss r 77 Church 3655-J 

Reilly Mary C Miss r 148 Church 4429-M 

Reilly Philip Edward r Summit PI 1871.W 

Reilly Thomas F r 424 Washington 958-W 

Reiman Frank A r 171 Main Crmwl 2785-Wl 

Reiman George E r 62 Air Line Av Prtlnd 921-W 

Rein Dorothy E Miss r Higganum 673-W4 

Reinhold Kurt r 658 Ridge Rd 2703 


Rr 24 Stack 409 

Reinholtz Henry Mrs r Middlefield 3193-W4 

Relnholtz Otto r 70 Lake 3071.R 

Reinsch Edward F r 1 W Silver 3277-R 

Reinsch Hazel R Miss r 61 Silver 1417 

Reinsch William R r Cedar 2899-J 

Reiser Margaret L Miss r Randolph Rd 1590-w 

Reiss Helen U Miss r Crystal Lake Rd 2986-J2 

Rembis Sophie Mrs r Rockfall 3210-W3 

Remington Rand Inc electronic div High 4580 

Repozo Joseph J r Indian HI Av Gldrslve 683-W 

Rex Dyers & Cleaners 75 Ferry 3469 

Reynolds Benjamin F r Penfield HI Prtlnd , 20 

Reynolds Edward H r 11 Pine Av 1734 

Reynolds James r 478 High 1623-W 

Reynolds Paul A Prof r Maple Shade Rd 191-J3 

Reynolds Pearl M Mrs r Long River Village. . .4404- J 

Reynolds W S automobile dealer 96 Church 888-W 

Reynolds Walter r Aston La 816-Wl 

Reynolds Walter r 572 Main Prtlnd 4563-W 

41 Middlefown RAT— ROB 

Rhodes S A r 205 Main Crmwl 1291 

Riccardi Michael r 87 Spring 3830 

Rice Fred Mrs r 711 Ridge Rd 3961-W 

Rice Helen E Mrs r HadJam 4241-Jl 

Rice Robert W r 86 Broad 265 

Rich Albert M r Middlefield Rd Drhm 1347-W2 

Rich Alvln F r Durham 3262-J3 

Rich Ellen Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 3172-W4 

Rich Frank Paint Store 183 Court 1662 

Rich Franklin A r Millbrook Rd 1423-W 

Rich Harry C r Durham 3128-W2 

Rich Morris C r Main Drhm 2871-J3 

Rich Philip J r Durham 3262-J2 

Richards Ernest G r River Rd Mrms 3314-J3 

Richardson Edith B Mrs r Portland 926-Wl 

Richardson Ruth Mrs prctcl nrs 

59 Bartlett Prtlnd . 1389-M 
Richter Chas E contractor & builder 151 Front. . .1674 

Richter Louis E r 171 Front 1013-W 

Rickert Helen Mae Mrs RN 110 Front 1531-M 

Rider Fremont r Newfield 2ov8-J 

Rljs John r 40 MacArthur Ct 4482-M 

Rinaldi Umbcrto r 90 Spring 4334-R 

Rinde Hamilton Mrs r 230 Main Prtlnd 3524 

Riordan Bros meats & groc 64 Washington 390 

Riordan C F r 178 Lincoln 549 

Rischall Harold M r 41 So Main 1879-M 

Rising Farnham H r Crystal Lake Rd 2986-J3 

Risk Robert J r 51 Main 4107-J 

Risley Charles M r 118 Main Crmwl 2748-W3 

Ritchie Donald Mrs r Rockfall 896-Jl 

Rittenhouse Gerard H r 12 Marlborough Prtlnd. 3378-R 

Ritter Adelaide F Miss r 132 Pearl 834 

Riverside Restaurant 141 Bridge 3460 

Rizza Ernest r Smith Wstfld 3905-Wl 


Breton PI 378 

Rlzzo Rose Mrs r 179 Prospect 3923-M 

Rizzo Salvatore r 161 Liberty 1326-M 

Rizzo Vincent r 63 College 2298-W 

Robb John r Margarite Rd 1314-W 

Robbins James J r 10 Prospect 1424 

Robblns John pntr & dcrtr Washington Crmwl 432 

Robbins Lucy J Miss RN 69 Church 1333 

Roberts Albert D r 65 Oak 1504-M 

Roberts Allen C r Meriden Rd 2983-Jl 

Roberts Arthur A r 128 High 1049-J 

Roberts Arthur H r Durham 2871-Wl 

Roberts C Howard Jr r Maiden La Drhm 49-J3 

Roberts Clayton C r Saybrook Rd 2634-J 

RobertsDorothy E Miss r 119 Main 2319-R 

Roberts Earl C r Chauncey Rd >. . .41.W1 

Roberts Eben J contractor & builder 70 Bow La. .427 

Roberts Edwin A r 18 Schuyler Av 1479-R 

Roberts Frank Jr r Saybrook Rd 3980-R 

Roberts Frank J r Saybrook Rd 3980-J 

Roberts Frank W r Maple Shade Rd 3915 Jl 


16 Broad 2620 

Roberts Heber J r East St 213-J3 

Roberts Kate Miss r Farm Hill Rd 3729-M 

Roberts M I Mrs r Cabin Hddm .3631-W3 

Roberts Murrell D r Ballfall Rd 213-Jl 

Roberts Paul E r So Main St Ext 2936-Wl 

Roberts Poultry Farm Maiden La Drhm 2941-J2 

Roberts Philip B r Maiden La Drhm 2941-Jl 

Roberts W H r Bow La 797-J2 

Robertson James L r Bartholomew Rd 2472-Jl 

RobichaudEJ r 536 Main 2660-R 

Robida Edward r 219 Prospect ." 4006 

Robida Richard r 25 Hotchkiss .4410 

Robinson Chas E r 46 E Main Prtlnd 2753-J 

Robinson Florence M r 29 Freestone Av Prtlnd . 1972*M 
Robinson Henry C & Co Inc invst sec 363 Main. .2468 j 


Middletown 42 

Robinson Howard E r 98 E Main Prtind 1905 

Robinson Lucille Miss r 16 Coc Av Prtind 1967-R 

Robinson M W Co Rockfall ^519 

Robinson Walter r Middlcfield 1635-Jl 

Roccapriore Benj A Dr office 504 Main 525-Wl 

Residence 68 Erin St Ext 525-W2 

Roccapriore Gerardo S r 230 Pearl 3735-W 

Rochette Chester r Newfield 2915-J4 

Rochette Esther Mrs r 35 Rapallo Av 1643-W 

Rochette Frank 16 So Front 3059 

Rockfall Corp 27 Washington 119 

Rockfall District see Middiefield Town of 


Rockfall 362 

Rocks Julia Mrs r 489 Main 232-M 

Rockwell Ben r Plum Rd 294-W4 

Rockwell Flow Mrs r Glastonbury Rd Prtind. . . 1016-J4 

Rockwood K C Misi r Durham Center 699-W3 

Rodenski Natalie Miss r 3 Vine 2158-J 

Rodgers Hubert r 167 Vine 890-J 

Rodowlc F C general store Rockfall 2646-J2 

Residence Rocl.fall 2646-J3 

Rogalsky Stanley J r Glastonbury Rd Prtind. .3682-Wl 

Rogan John H Mrs r Penfield HI Prthid 1651-J2 

Rogers David C r 26 Pine 3649 

Rogers E C r 2 Shanlcy Ct Crmwl 2831 

Rogers & Hubbard Co fertilizers Portland 2000 


Furniture itiovers-storage Fagan Av 932 

Rogers J W r 23 So Main 272 

Rogers Theodore E r Morgan 158 

Rogers Jacob r 42 Hotchkiss 1878-W 


Moving-trucking 91 Schuyler Av 1505 

Rogers Mabel E Miss r 284 Hunting HI Av 599-M 

Rogers Mfg Co bone goods Rockfall 1884 

Rogers Michael J r Deerfield Av 3835-J 

Rogers Russell L r Freestone Av Crml 3918-J2 

Rogoz Alfred r 70 E Main 4489-W 

Roguski Bernice Mrs r IS Hillside Av 3928-M 

Roman Charles r 5GS Main Prtind 1951-M 

Roman G V r Quarry Av Prtind 3718 

Roman Harold G r 564 Main Prtind 2429-W 

Romcgialli Andrew r 663 High 164 

Ronan Anna Miss r 19 Fairview Prtind 161-J 

Ronian Clara L Mrs r 9 Macdonough PI 2297-W 

Root May Miss r 2 Main 855-J 

Rooth Ragnar r 159 Main Crmwl 3588-W3 

Rosa Nicholas r 188 Liberty 2318-J 

Rosano Ignazio S r 71 Birdsey Av 2244 

Rosano Louis r 75 Center St 4406-J 

Rose Christopher E Jr r Cedar Rckfl 3944-J4 

Rose Dorothy Miss r Newfield Hgts 3602 

Rose Garden 64 Stack 3399 

Rose Harold T Dr veterinarian 1475 

Rose Reuben r 18 Glover PI 4149-W 

Rose Thomas r 259 Main Crmwl 2816-Jl 

Rosenberg H Edward r South St Crmwl 1462 

Rosener Harry B r 29 Lawn Av 3113 

Rosenthal B r 231 E Main 1943 

Rosenthal Fannie M Mrs r 220 E Main 1918 

Rosenthal Henry r 163 E Main 4354-M 

Rosenthal Ida Miss r 12 Hubbard 2766-R 

Rosenthal Isidore r 26 Evergreen Av 3065 

Rosoff Samuel r 163 Liberty 2644-R 

Ross Earle R Dr dentist office 292 Main 433 

Residence 49 Home Av 574 

Ross Harold L r Bretton Rd 4178-J 

Ross Steven r Rockfall 896-J2 

Rossi Joseph Theodore r 234 Farm HI Rd 1848 

Rossitto Salvatore r 142 Grand 1215-M 

Rest Elsie Mrs r Turkey Hill Rd Hddm 4407-J3 

Rounds Harold r 26 Hotchkiss 4133-W 

Rounds Harris D r Higganum 1936-W4 


Middiefield 1548 

Rowe DeWItt N r 36 Freestone Av Prtind 1972-R 

Rowen E J r Freestone Av Crmwl 2938-Wl 

Royal Cleaners & Dyers 580 Main 1574 

Royal Lunch 586 Main • 1543 

Royce Wingate M monuments 26 Jackson 2535 

Rozwoda B groc & meat 94 Air Line Av Prtind. . .2552 

Rubin Benjamin B r 165 So Main 2643-R 

Ruderman S Mrs r 650 Main 271 

Ruffino Louis r So Main St E.xt 1365-Jl 

Ruffino Sebastiano r Boston Rd 3968-W4 

Ruffino Sebastiano r Brush Hill Rd 4547 

Ruggeri Josephine Miss r 59 Court 3594 

Ruimerman Hendrick r Nathan Hale Rd 2661-W 

Ruitto John r High Prtind 3664-J 

Ruitto Joseph r 40 Middlesex Av Prtind 3089 

Rullmann Otto F r 16 Spring Prtind ^ 1074-W 

Ruscica Paul r 142 Grand ' 2015-M 

Rusco Products E Main 1040 

Rusconi Charles Mrs r Newfield 1908-J 

Rusconi Garage The 12 Liberty 2258 

Rusconi Louis r 9 Glover PI 1886-W 

Rush Harry J r Court Crmwl 692-Wl 

Russell Arland W electrician Cromwell 2514" 

Russell Charles A r Haddam 2160-R 

Riissell Employee's Store groceries E Main 377 

Russell Forrest G r 29 Miles Av 3066-W 

Russell J C Mrs r Haddam 2771-Wl 

Russell Library 119 Broad 2140 

Russell Library So Farms Branch E Main 1685 

Russell Mfg Co office & plant 88 E Main 1040 

After business hours Fire Calls 89 

Russell Package Store 134 E Main 2073 

Russell T M Jr r Ridgewood ^32 

Russell T Macdonough Mrs r Laurel Grove Rd. . .1210 

Russett John G r 2 George "^l^t'^ 

Russett Louis H r 33 Robert 1445.W 

Russett's Retail & Wholesale Oil Plant 

see Walter H Goodrich Co Inc 

Russo Guy r 139 William 1595-W 

Russo James r 41 Center St 4605-M 

Russo Jennie Mrs r Long River Village 4472-R 

Russo John r 84 Grand 3777-J 

Russo Joseph r 39 Rapallo Av 720-W 

Russo Michael A ins agent 355 Main 2062 

Russo Mickey r 93 William 4508-W 

Russo Salvatore r 76 Ferry 1562 

Russo Sebastian r Middlesex Av Prtind 2864-W 

Rustic Peter C r 31 Villa ^^^^\^, 

Ruth Earl B r 229 Court ^^^i^c , 

Rutledge Frank r 99 Prospect 2315-J 

Rutledge James F r 4 Carll Rd 1407-J 

Rutty Warren r Turkey HI Hddm 681-J2 

Ryan A Benton Jr r 205 Pine 2623-W 

Ryan Edward P r 133 Spring ^^^I[,, 

Ryan H P r Durham 3175-W3 

Ryan Joseph r Highland Av Prtind ^^^trn 

Ryan Leonard attorney at law 321 Main 1277 

Residence 241 Court ^^^r> 

Summer residence Haddam 2670-J2 

Ryan Neil J r 225 Farm HI Rd 552-M 

Ryan Stetson K r 33 So Main 3403-W 

Ryan William H r 506 Main Prtind 1965-M 

Rybczyk John r 227 E Main 874-M 

Rycek John r 6 Main St Ext 166-R 

Ryon G K r Saybrook Rd 1152 

Ryon Howard W r Fair Rd Hggnm 3688-W2 

Durham :...250-W 

-Ryon Burton M r 91 Asylum 250-R 

Ryon Oliver I r Higganum 664-Jl 

Ryon Russell r 132 Highland Av 928-M 

Rys Michael r 171 Boston Rd 3419-W 

To locate your nearest dealer, look In the Yellow Pages. 

Ryzak Frank r 107 Highland Av 1250-W 

Rzasa Frank J r 126 Front 3715-J 

Rzasa Joseph r 109 Highland Av 1122 


Saba Phosy r 28 Bacon Av 2059-W 

Sabados Paul r School Mddlfld 1294-Wl 

Sabin Frederick r 62 Knowles Av 1312-J 

Sadinsky Hyman S r 114 Highland Av 4014-W 

Sadlowski Stella T Miss r 17 Air Line Av Prtind. 3530 
Sadlowski Vera Miss r 14 Air Line Av Prtind. . .2294-J 

Saflicki Joseph r Rockfall 1596-W3 

Saflicki Lucy Mrs r 14 Portland 4254-R 

Sagan Thomas r Highland Av Ext 1769-W 

Sage Allen & Co Inc 896 Main Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask Operator for Enterprlse-lOOO 

Sage Harold B r 17 Wall 3079-J 

Sage Raymond M r 63 Silver 1425-W 

St Casimir Polish Aid Society 76 Union 2201 

St Elizabeth's Convent St Johns Sq 528 

St Francis Church 10 Elm 2935 

St John's Rectory St Johns Sq 725 

St Luke's Home Corp 135 Pearl 2088 

St Mary's Convent 40 Hubbard 2048 

St Paul Louis r Main Rckfl 1781-J2 

St Sebastian's Convent 163 Broad 1410 

St Sebastian's Rectory 155 Washington 3293 

Salafia Anthony r 87 Center St 4347-R 

Salafia Helen K Miss r 22 Clinton Av 1655-J 

Salafia Joseph r 5 Hillside Ct 529-W 

Salafia Michael r 50 Russell 2726-R 

Salafia Philip r 12 Ferry 4158-W 

Salamandra Nicholas r Middiefield 2322-Jl 

Salamone Christopher P r Saybrook Rd 3283-Jl 

Salamone Marie Mrs r 10 Court PI 3784-J 

Salemi Joseph r 11 Prospect 4169 

Salmonson C Fred r 51 Fountain Av 2642-J 

Salmonson Edward r 18 Catherine 3082-J 

Salonia Irene Mrs r 64 GrSnd 1584 

Salonia Joseph r 100 Highland Av 3222 

Salonia Sebastian r 74 College 2298-M 

Salustro Paul r 109 Bridge 3346-J 

Salvation Army local corps 179 Court 338 

Salzman Victor L r 3 Eastwood Rd Crmwl 3351-Jl 

Sambor Stanley r 444 Butternut 3117-J 

Samolik Alice Mrs r Wadsworth. . . , 1184-J3 

Sam's Fruit Shoppe 40 Main 2545 

Samuelson Ann Miss r 50 Main 855-R 

Samuelson Carl D r 173 Liberty 814-W 

Samuelson Nels r Indian Hill Av Prtind 954-J 

Sanborn F Leslie r Strongs Av Prtind 4338 

Sanders H r Randolph Rd 274-J 

Sanderson Elizabeth Miss r Main Drhm .1347-W3 

Sandor Paul r Freeman Rd 1987-J2 

Sandor Paul Jr r 4 Wavcrly Av Prtind 1975-W 

Sandre Charles P r 73 College .4212 

Sands Walter S r Haddam 2812-Jl 

Sandstrom G C r 126 Freestone Av Prtind. . .3034-W 

Sandstrom Otto r 83 Church 1873-W 

Sandstrom Thomas F r 133 Liberty 1326-W 

Sanibel Hospital So Main St Ext 300 

Sanoski Paul Mrs r 224 Washington 1964-W 

Sanstrom Carl E r 205 Ridge Rd 1387-R 

Sanstrom John A r 9 Kings Av 121-M 

Sanstrom John W r 24 Rt)bert 4375-J 

Sanstrom Linus L r Maromas 3689-Wl 

Santangelo Anna Mrs r Washington Rd Crmwl. 2383-W2 

Santangelo Earl r Falcon Ter 1636-J 

Santangelo Grace Mrs r 184 So Main 2137-R 

Santangelo Leo B ins & real estate 279 Main. . . .751-W 

Residence 11 So Main 751-R 

Santangelo Harold r 55 Church 2755 

Santoro Joseph r Middle 539-Wl 

Santostefano Ermelinda Miss RN 58 Ferry 3548-W 

Santostefano Felix r 234 Saybrook Rd 563-W3 

43 Middletown RYZ— SCH 

Santostefano Joseph r 170 Pearl 3902 

Santostefano Sebastian r 445 High 3411-W 

Sanzaro Sebastiano r 41 Center St 4605-W 

Sapio Salvatore J r 67 College 4537-W 

Sapotta Joseph r Strong Av Prtind 3257.J 

Sapper Dean r 99 Catherine 1029-M 

Saraceno Alexander r 49 Rapallo Av . . . . .... .1571 

Saraceno Frank r 15 Silver ' 3983-J 

Saraceno Louis r 21 Knowles Av 1393-W 

Saraceno Salvatore r Gilshenan PI 793-W 

Saraceno Salvatore r 4 Hillside Av 3706-W 

Sarcia Frank r 52 Center St 4023 

Sarra Tony r 94 Spring 2013-J 

Satagaj John r 40 Butternut 1232-W 

Satagaj Peter r 48 Middiefield 2155-J 

Sattcrfield Ralph r Deerfield Av 4326-R 

Sauer Lizzie P Miss r 111 So Main 1449-M 

Sauermann George^r 23 Front 4024 

Saulnier George Mrs r Old Saybrook Rd 908-W4 

Saunders John F r Higganum 2h86-J1 

Saunders L de L Mrs r Higganum 2135-J3 

Saunders William r Randolph Rd 274-W 

Savastra Nicholas r 48 Jackson 4244-J 

Savoie Marcel J RN Berlin Rd Crmwl 2915-Jl 

Savoy Restaurant 202 Main 2858 

Sawers Mary B Miss r 222 College 262-R 

Sawicki Frank r 19 E Main 4166-J 

Sawyer Russell B r 43 Braincrd Av 2031-W 

Sbalcio Lucy Mrs r 26 St John 1914-J 

Sbona Emanuel r 98 Hunting HI Av 3953-W 

Sbona Samuel r 97 Spring 3007-M 

Scaglione John r Durham 699-W2 

Scalia Louis r 359 Butternut 4301-W 

Scamporino Vincent J r 25 Breton Rd 1150 

Scanlon Bros printers 617 Main 2386 

Scanlon Frank J r 227 Main Crmwl 2929-Jl 

Scanlon William J r 436 High 2654-R 

Scanlon Florence Miss r 16 Oak 71-J 

Scanlon John r 25 Farm HI Rd 2497-M 

Scanlon Marcella Miss r 28 Hillside Av 3312 

Scarlato Frank r 144 Berlin 3194-W 

Scarrozzo Josephine J Miss r Newfield 3604-Jl 

Scata Joseph r 27 Grand 1766-W 

Scata Mary J Miss r 12 Ferry 4495-W 

Scata Sebastian r 11 Portland 2635-J 

Schadtle Fred r New La Crmwl 2402-R 


Bakery 166 Main 2450 

Schaefer Charles A r 201 So Main 1025 

Schaefer George J r 54 Lawn Av 3934-W 

Schaefer Clifton Mrs RN 41 Saybrook Rd 4571-J 

Schaefer E P Mrs r 21 Lawn Av 105 

Schaefer Electric Co 176 Court 385 

Schaefer Irving r 4 Miles Av 3066-J 

Schaefer Wm r Cromwell 1223-Wl 

Schaffer H P r Plum Rd Wstfld 294-Jl 

Schaffer Stephen r Barbara Rd 4525-W 

Schaf heitle August Mrs r 16 Durant 1560 

Schafrick George r Middiefield 2036-W2 

Schattschneider E E r 440 Ridge Rd 3080-R 

Schaub August r Rockfall 927-J4 

Schaub George r 37 Loveland 1520-M 

Scherer Martin J r Rose HI Prtind 124-W2 

Schettino Fred r 3 Stow Av ' 519-J 

Scheu Albert r 22 Geei Crmwl 2381-J2 

Scheu John V r Washington Rd Crmwl 692-Jl 

Schiike Carl W r 187 Ridge Rd 3545-J 

Schiike Charles r Shun Pike Rd Crmwl 535-Jl 

Schiike Edward r 210 Ridge Rd 3545-W 

Schiike Fred r 60 Ridge Rd 2338-W 

Schiike Fred Jr r 44 Ridge Rd 2338-J 


136 E Main 1494 

SCH— SHE Middletown 44 

Schilling Charles R r Main Drhm Cntr 853-J2 

Schilling Edward F Mrs r 70 Crescent 3593 

Schilling J P grain & feed Main Drhm 544-J2 

Schilling Raymond J r E Ridge Rd 1299-J 

Schilling W H architect 30 Oak "^OS? 

Schinzel Ernest r Poplar Rd 3924-Jl 

Schirmer C F G r Higganum 3137-J2 

Schirmer Carl F Higganum 3137-J2 

Schmaltz Gustave r Jackson HI Mddlfld 2041-Jl 

Schmaltz Henry r Washington Rd Crmwl 1704-J3 

Schmidt Helen Mrs r 43 So Main 3227-W 

Schmidt Leo A r 64 Wyllys Av 4608-W 

Schmidt's Laundry Rr 148 William 459-W 

Schmidt Alexander r 307 Ridge Rd 459-R 

Schneck Henry P r 51 Silver 3731-J 

Schneider Edward C r 25 Gordon PI 116 

Schochet Louis r 210 So Main 4226-J 

Schonbrun Harry r 145 Church 4286-J 

Schondorf Emma Mrs r 17 Warwick 4273-J 

Schor Harry L & Son whsle conf & beer 183 Court. 1941 

BaummerFT r 86 Lawn Av 4063-R 

Schram Charles F pntr & dec 28 Wall 328 

Schram Fred P groc 30 Wall 1687 

Schram Harry E r 60 Saybrook Rd 2953 

Schreiber Gaston r Turkey HI Hddm 681-Jl 

Schreier Charles r Cromwell 2373-W 

Schreier Clara Mrs RN School Crmwl 2411-J 

Schreier Herbert J r School Crmwl 3779 

Schufer Elizabeth M Miss r Bank Prtlnd 3906-R 

Schukoske John A r Haddam Rd 3303-J2 

Schuler Louis A r 110 Hunting HI Av 1288-W 

Schultz Adeline Miss r 122 Front 3468 

Schultz Agnes Mrs r 471 High 1623-J 

Schultz Arnold r 14 So Front 3949 

Schultz Burton r 42 George 4464-W2 

Schultz Francis C r 143 Front 267-J 

SchulU Harry r Rockfall 1385-J3 

Schultz John r 17 Garden 289-M 

Schultz John T r Prospect Hill Av Crmwl 4044-Jl 

Schultz Wanda Miss r 9 Water 1789-W 

Schultze Alfred P r 444 High 3411-M 

Schuster Anton r Haddam Rd 1310-W 

Schwartz Charles r 259 Pearl 4325-W 

Schwartz Philip E MD 309 Main Prtlnd 498 

Schwarz Ernest I office No Main 3500 

Schwarz Ernest 1 r Old Mill Rd 3778 

Schwarz Fred B r 156 So Main 2867-W 

Schwarzkopf Kurt r MiUbrook Rd 194-W2 

Schwensfeir Robert J Jr r McDonald Av Crmwl. 3345-J 

Sciacca Zcferina Mrs r 124 College 4184-J 

Scionti Angelo r 76 Ferry 4456 

Scionti Grace Miss r 13 Rapallo Av 4373-W 

Scionti Salvatore r 61 Grand 4493-W 

Scionti Sebastian r South St Crmwl 4278-J 

Scirpo Concetto coal & fuel oil dlr 49 Grand. 2065 

Scirpo Joseph r Durham Rd 1075-Wl 

Scirpo P S 9 Cherry 402 

Scirpo Salvatore r 100 So Main St Ext 1075-J2 


Oils 9 Cherry 402 ^ 

Scoboria Nan W Mrs RN West St Crmwl 3130-W 

Scory Christine Mrs r Christian Hill Hggm. . . .3688-Jl 

Scory Clifton M r 46 Washington 1089-W 

Scory John G r Higganum 2135-W2 

Scotti John L r 119 College 4319-R 

Scotti Louis A r 11 Newfield 1141-W2 

Scovel Edw S elcc contr 31 Burr Av 2207 

Scovell Ernest W Mrs r Penny Cor Rd Prtlnd. 3061-Wl 

Scovil D & H Inc mfrs plntrs' hoes Higganum 216 

Scovll Francis B r Christian HI Hggnm 4177-J2 

Scovill Charles W r Higganum 4173-Jl 

Scovil! John T r Bow La 3422 

Scovill Ronald L r 5 Oak 71-M 

Scranton Arthur J r 537 High 1383-W 

Scranton Mary E Miss r 37 Wall 149-R 

Screen Albert D r Middlefield. 3196-Wl 

Scrivener Austin r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 2897-W3 

Scully Frank W Mrs r 138 Liberty 846-R 

Scully Helen Mrs r Congdon 1154-R 

Scully John r Newfield 3036-M 

Scully Marguerite M Miss r 28 Prospect 1381 

Scully Walter r 18 Garden 2147-M 

Scully William r Staddle HI 2155-M 

Seaburg Ernest C r 221 Hunting HI Av 599-W 

Seagrave Dayton S r 28 Chestnut 1647-J 

Seagrave Eugene r 1 E Main 553-W 

Seagrave Frank r 259 William 3849-J 

Seagrave's Filling Station 209-211 E Main . ...2800 

Seagriff Luke V r Nathan Hale Rd 3842 

Sears L G r Maplewood 1581-J3 

Sears Melbourne r 7 George 4336-J4 


343 Main ' • -3090 

Segal I R r Deerfield Av 1328 

Segerberg Carl E architect Barbara Rd 492 

Segerberg Fred Mrs r 198 Hunting HI Av 1460-J 

Segerberg A r^ Durham 3499-Jl 

Seidel Arthur r Ballfall Rd 1596.J1 

Seiferman C J r Portland 879-J2 

Seiferman J H r 106 Lincoln 1534 

Seiferman's Restaurant Portland 879-J3 

Selfert Geo F r Durham 2995-W2 

Seifert Walter A r Durham Center 975-J3 

Selective Service Local Draft Board 33 Mncpl Bldg.752 

Selicious Emanuel r 9 Hillside Av 3787-J 

Selleck Frank S Mrs r 142 High 1776 

Selleck Harold G r 679 Ridge Rd 3827-W 

Sellew Edward B Mrs r 161 College 2441-M 

Sellew Mary H Miss r 205 Main Prtlnd 695-W 

Sellew Sanford Mrs r 131 Broad 2347-W 

Sellew T H gcnl cntr 84 Main Crmwl 325 

Sellew T H Jr r Rivcrview PI Crmwl 4116-W 

Seiner William H r Lake Av Hggnm 2768-W4 

Sena Frank r 33 Rome Av 3617-J 

Scpiol John r 7 Maple Av 2352 

Serenson C Mrs r 130 Main 1062-J 

Sergi Samuel r 3 Main Crmwl 1604-J 

Seria Angelina Miss r 14 Portland 1914-W 

Serra Joseph r 60 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3008-J 

Scrra Salvatore r 74 College 2741-W 

Scttipane Carmelina M Miss r 564 High 2677-M 

Scvigny Albert B r 94 Spring 1305 

Seymour George S r Magnolia Av 3776 

Sgueglia John r Pleasant Crmwl 1974 

Shaffer Howard G r 1 Jefferson Av 4323-W 

Shall John H r 19 Warwick 3134-M 

Shailer Edwin E Mrs r Haddam 2919-Wl 

Shailer H L r 167 Liberty 694.M 

Shailer R H r Shailcrville 3758-J3 

Shailerville Village see Haddam Town Of 

Shaler Carrie E Miss r Main Hddm 2812-W2 

Shanley Dorothy M M Miss r 255 Main Crmwl 1811-W2 

Shapiro George r 650 Main 3979-R 

Shapiro Herman r 145 Prospect 1222 

Shapiro J A & Son dry goods 136 Main 2071 

Shapiro Harry L r 32 High 1970-W 

Shapiro J A r 34 High 1970-J 

Shapiro Nathan r 89 Brctton Rd 796 

Shapiro Philip R r 51-A Silver 212 

Sharrie Joseph A r 76 William 2844-J 

Shaw Belting Co 178 Court 211 

Shaw Ralph H r 466 Ridge Rd 1371 

Shea Genevieve Miss r 577 High 3077 -W 

Shea John F r 108 Main , 2990 

Shea Thomas J r 70 Casper ) 2636 

Shea Thos J r 68 Hubbard 3072 

Shearer Fred W r 78 Home Av 1601 

Sheedy Jtremiah J r 63 Grove 241-J 

Sheedy Thomas J r Dm Rd Crmwl 2668-M 

Sheedy William M r 652 No High 1446-W 


Shechan Annie P Miss r 170 Lincoln 4131-W 

Sheehan John r 176 Liberty 1724-J 

Shefcyk Anna Miss r 6 Omo 59 

Shefcyk John S r 141 Cross 2314-W 

Shefcyk Mary Mrs r 94 Sumner 3826-W 

Shefcyk Stephen r 342 So Main 3407 

Sheftet S rags & scrap metal 86 Church 2252 

Shekosky Fred r Eastwood Rd Crmwl 2692-W2 

Sheldon Lester J r Arbutus 876-W4 

Sheltz Peter G r 127 Berlin 4575-J 

Shepard A N Mrs r 620 Main Prtlnd 802 

Shepard Allan F r 44 Farm HI Rd 144 

Shepherd's Nine Penfield HI Cblt 209-W2 

Sherman Anna Mrs r 67 Court 4077-J 

Sherman Harriet Mrs r 66 So Main 789 

Sherman Howard H r 4 Cottage 3191 

Sherman Lizzie W Mrs r 27 Broad 784 

Sherwood Henry MD office Main Drhm 1447 

Shettleworth Oscar S r 61 Prospect 62 

Summer residence Job's Pond Rd Prtlnd. . .129-J2 

Shipman Alice Miss r 3 Alsop Av 3519 

Shirley 'ohn J r 24 Laurel 2764-J 

Shiien A <;rocs & prov 51 Loveland 639 

Shiien Elairte R Miss r 51 Loveland 4475-J 

Shiien H r 489 High 208-W 

Shiien Herman r 241 Pine 4414-W 

Shiien Jacob r 131 Berlin 4227-J 

Shiien Louis r 241 Pine 883 

Shiien M r Barbara Rd 4405 

Shiicn's Furniture Co 654 Main 451 

Short Evelyn M Miss r 217 William 2667 

Shubert Geo E r 45 Saybrook Rd 3104-W 

Shuler Robert r Durham 969-W3 

Shultz Heber r Wilcox 1207-Wl 

Sibley Elizabeth Miss r Powder HI Mddlfld 963-J3 

Sibley John D r Powder HI Mddlfld 4315.W1 

Siecienski Jennie Mrs r 530 Butternut 1537'M 

Siecienski Joseph E r 583 Butternut 1537-J 

Siecienski Victor I r 14 Knowles Av Ext 4454-W 

Siegel Alfred W r Seminole Rd Lk Beseck 3950-W3 

Siegel Fred'k C r 36 Burf Av 3050-W 

Siegel Louis C r 28 Burr Av 2452-R 

Siena Bette Miss r 110 Marlborough Prtlnd. . . .4256-J 

Siena Emilio r 46 Green 4376-J 

Sitna Joseph r 8 Crosi Prtlnd 838-J 

Siena Lucy D Mrs r 61 Center St 4406-W 

Siena Michael r 227 Pearl 4230 

Sienkiewicz Stanley r 544 Butternut 1391-M 

Sienkiewicz Walter r East St Rckfl 2965-J3 

Sienko Bernice R Miss r 200 E Main 2388-W 

Sienko Bruce r 115 Ridge Rd 4032.W 

Sienko Edward N r 202 E Main 4465-M 

Sienna Nicholas r Court Crmwl 3994-J4 

Sienna Sebastian r 18 Air Line Av Prtlnd 1813-W 

Sicring W A r 15 Pearl 1432-J 

Sierpinski Leonard r 101 Highland Av 3477-M 

Signorelli Joseph r 37 Green 4595-J 

Sika John A r 10 Burbridge Av 1148-R 

Silk George E r 242 William 4591 

Silliman Alvie L r 453 High 2719-J 

Silliter-Holden Inc mill suppHes 

433 New Park Av Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for . . Enterprise-1160 

Silver Louis V Mrs r 454 Main Prtlnd 1966-W 

Sima Joseph r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 674-W2 

Simmons Madlyn Miss r 26 Robert 943-J 

Simpson Joseph B r 40 Coe Av Prtlnd 3946-W 


Petroleum products Brownstone Av Prtlnd . 1676 

Sindelar Anton r Haddam 2773-Wl 

Singer Sewing Machine Co 38 W Main Meriden 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . . . Enterprise-9570 

Sisters of Mercy Freestone Av Prtlnd 1404 

Sitterly Alice Miss r 36 Miles Av 1086-M 

Sizer S Oliver r Highland Av Prtlnd 2122-M 

Sjovall Herman r New La Crmwl 1278-W 


45 Middletown SHE— SMI 

Skarb Joseph r Higganum 666-W3 

Skelley Helen G Mrs r 1 Long La 2645-R 

Skiba Cecelia T Miss r Round HI Rd 2783-W3 

Skinger Leonard r 15 Hubbard 1756 

Skinner Frank r Hicksvillc Rd Crmwl 4102-R 

Skinner Frederick R r KilUngworth Rd Hggnm . 2453-Jl 

Skinner M G r Higganum 2453-J4 

Skinner Orville B r 103 So Main 4167-J 

Skoog Philip r 13 Nordland Av Crmwl 1861-R 

Skubel Stanley r 116 Asylum 131-M 

Slack Mildred L Miss r Washington Ext 3521-M 

Sleath William F r Barbara Rd 4075 

Sloan Harry r 1 43 Liberty 1807-J 

Slocum Frank A Mrs r 159 Broad 3568-W 

Slocum Frederick Prof r 74 Wyllys Av 27 

Sluhan Clyde r Walkley HI Hddm 1629-J4 

Sly Priscilla Miss r Bow La 797-W3 

Smalley John A r 140 E Main 81-W 

Smallshaw Fred r 125 Washington 902-J 

Smallwood Albert B r Main Drhm 3128-W4 

Smazer Rhinie G r Frisbie 4114-J 

Smazer Robert r Ridgewood Rd 55-W3 

Smedick Delia L Miss r 23 Bank Prtlnd 921«J 

Smedick E Frank r 562 *lain 4529 

Smetana George r Haddanr 679-J3 

Smigel Joseph L r 67 Mill 4447 

Smigel Peter r 3 Flower 4132 

Smigel Walter J r 28 Walnut 1837 

Smigiel Joseph John r 28 Sumner 4065 

Smigiel Walter r Boston Rd Rckfl 3968-J3 

Smith Agnes H Miss r 145 Mt Vernon 2339 

Smith Angus D r Eastwood Rd Crmwl 3504 

Smith Arthur C r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 3197-Jl 

Smith Arthur L r 2 West St Crmwl 3772-M 

Smith Arthur T r Middlefield 2164-Jl 

Smith August r 5 Fowler Av 3126-J 

Smith & Bishel Co hardware dealers 246 Main 46 

Smith Calvin S r 203 Hunting Hill Av 2962-J 

Smith Charles r 27 Butternut 4281-J 

Smith Clara B Miss RN 80 So Main 4534-J 

Smith Clifford B r 146 Mt Vernon 1282 

Smith E C r 138 Washington / .1829-J 

Smith E E Mrs r BaUeyville 3193.W3 

Smith F H r 27 Bartlctt Prtlnd 3578-R 

Smith Frank A r 180 College 1639-W 

Smith Frank L r Old Mill Rd 3158 

Smith Fred N r Highland Av Prtlnd 2122-R 

Smith Geo A r 7 Saybrook Rd 1950-J 

Smith Gustav r 1 E Main 553-J 

Smith Guy r 4 Fowler Av 3828-W 

Smith Guy E r 7 Bransfield Av Prtlnd 3294-J 

Smith H E Mrs r 11 Mansfield Ter 3658 

Smith Halkett P r 3 Wall 2611-J 

Smith Harold B r 125 Berlin 3525-R 

Smith Harold V r 660 High 3612-W 

Smith Harvey D Mrs r Main Hddm 4241-Wl 

Smith Helen M Miss r 602 Main 4546-W 

Smith Henry r 1 Fowler Av 2960-J 

Smith Henry A r Randolph Rd 1014-W 

Smith Herbert L r Middlefield 3197-J3 

Smith J Mfg Co cash box & japans Westfield. .115-W 

Smith John A r 85 Front 1266-J 

Smith John F r 3 Oak 71-R 

Smith Louis F A r 110 Main Crmwl ,.3583-M 

Smith John G r 17 Newfield i915-W3 

Smith Lowndes A Mrs r Summit PI 3871-J 

Smith Mae C Mrs r 5 Macdonough PI 3848-W 

Smith Marjorie Miss r Westfield 115-R 

Smith Nathan H Mrs r Longworth Av 2042-W 

Smith Otis A Mfg Co Rockfall 4519 

Smith Percy r Saybrook Rd 4321-Wl 

Smith Ruth B Mrs r 44 West St Crmwl 2881-W 

Smith Teresa A Miss r 570 Main 1705-W 

Smith W B r 636 Ridge Rd 758-M 


Middletown 46 

Smith W R r Coe Av 3285-J4 

Smith Warren L Mrs r Higganum 2135-Wl 

Smith William r 150 Main Prtlnd 2649-J 

Smith William G r 9 Wall 815-J 

Smith William L insurance 438 Main 72 

Res Pine St Ext 542 

Smithwick Daniel G r 110 Ridge Rd 568-M 

Smithwick Thomas r 17S E Main 3531-J 

Snel! Fred J r Middleficld 4327-Jl 

Snow Harry r 265 Pine 4144-W 

Snow Richard F r Turkey Hill Rd Ilddin 3415-W4 


12 Hamlin 2272 

Snow Wilbert r Ncwficld 1021 

Snyder George r Coleman Rd 2783-W2 


Office 716 Main 1022-W 

Sobelefski Florence W Mrs r 60 Hubbard 2706-J 

Socha Andrew r 1 4.'} Cross 1052-R 


Office River Rd / • 1084 

Soeltl Anton r Durham 1147-J2 

Soest Hugo C r 291 Washington 1738 

Sokoloski Joseph r 22 Sumner 2430-J 

Solger Merritt H r 31 Lovcland 764-J 

Soloman Jack r Brook Rd 3692-J2 

Solomon Max r 140 Grand 1607 

Soltys Anton r 3 Saybrook Rd 1950-W 

Soltz David r 546 Main 2376 

Sommerfeld Margaret Mr^ r Cndlwd HI Hggnm.3271-Wl 

Sondak Herman r Maple HI Hgc;nm 664-J2 

Soneson A L r 10 Wavcrly Av Prtlnd 2428 

Soneson J Melvin r Arbutus 876-Wl 

Sonnenberg Herman r 108 Grand 4134-J 

Sons of Italy 74 Court 999 

Soobitsky Azreal r 28 Saybrook Rd 4238-J 

Soobitsky Eshuwa r Ponset Rd Hi^'qnm 4267-J3 

Soobitsky Sh r Haddam Quarter Rd Drhm 2433-W2 

Soobitsky Theodore r Higganum 4267-J2 

Soren Sarah Mrs r Haddam 670-W2 

South Cong Church Pleasant 151-R 

Church Office 60 Crescent 2243 

South Farms District see Middletown City Of 

So Main Auto Serv Inc So Main 434-W 

Counter H A r 11 E Main 434-R 


Business Office 141 College 700 

Information — Ask Operator for Information 

Repair Service — Ask Operator for .. Repair Service 
Architects & Builders Service 128 Washington. 705 

see Doolittle Funeral Service 

Southmayd Florence M Mrs r 2 Clover 82 

Southmayd Harry B r 53 Oak 215-W 

Southmayd W A r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl 4044-J2 

Spack Louis J r 10 Wall 3797 

Spada Anna Miss r 242 Court 2987-J 

Spada Anthony r 51 College 4348-J 

Spada Anthony r 21 West St Crmwl 1132-J 

Spada Emanuel r Washington Rd Crmwl 1704-W2 

Spada Salvatore r 52 Knowles 3771-J 

Spada Sebastian r 41 Union 4378-W 

Spada Vincent r Millbrook Rd 553-M 

Spaeth John W r 45 Lawn Av 1293-W 

Spallone Charles r Old Mill Rd 2333-M 

Spang H Austin r 131 High 2240 

Spargo John S r Higganum H72-W3 

Spatcher Geo Mrs r 1 Ravine Av 3331-J 

Spear Clara H Mrs r 562 Main 722 

Spear William P r Fairvicw Prtlnd 1995 

Spector A M r 31 Laurel 4114-R 

Specyalski Joseph r 124 Boston Rd 1825-R 

Speight Harold E Dr office 642 Main 122 

Speight Harold E Mrs r 29 Saybrook Rd 2888 

Spellman John r Rivervicw Prtlnd 2334-R 

Spenard Fred r 3 E Main 2132-M 

Spencer Albert E r Haddam Rd 3303-W2 

Spencer B F Mrs r Christian HI Hggnm 2685-Jl 

Spencer Donald E r Candlewood Hill Hgg«m. . .3271-J4 

Spencer Edwin C r Maromas 3691-Jl 

Spencer Ellis H r Brainerd Hi Hggnm 668-W2 

Spencer Florence J Mrs r Higganum 3245-Jl 

Spencer Frederick A Mrs r Middlefield 2322-Wl 

Spencer H B r Haddam 2610-W3 

Spencer Howard F r Higganum.- 3684-J3 

Spencer Leverett E r Rockfall 1385-Wl 

Spencer Margaret Miss r Haddam 2670-Wl 

Spencer Raymond r Lee 4266-J 

Spencer Roger D Mrs r Middlefield 965-J2 

Spencer Roger P r Candlewood HI Hggnm 976-J2 

Spencer S E r Higganum 3271-W3 

Spenle Andrew Mrs r Barbara Rd 4525-J 

Speria Joseph J Mrs r 33 William 581-W 

Spillane Thomas K Mrs r 168 Washington 2967.R 

Spinney James E r 3 Greenfield Av 4362-J 

Splaine Robert r Main Drhm 2683-J2 

Spooner Edward r 91 Russell 959-J 

Spooner George r 160 Front *. . .1531-J 

Squillacote Angelo r Maromas 3314-Jl 

Squires Edward C r 17 Johnson 2321-R 

Squires W D r 13 Dm Rd Crmwl 2668-W 

Srulowitz Hyman r Wallingford Rd Drhm 873-Jl 

Stables Agnes Miss r 27 Long La ^ 2688-J 

Stachowicz John r 37 Hubbard 774-M 

Stackpole Frank C r Higganum 512-W3 

Stacy Carroll M r 3 Fowler Av 1271-W 

Stancliff Annie Strong Mrs r 350 Main Prtlnd . .1190-J 

Standard-Knapp Corp Main Prtlnd 3710 

Standard Oil of N Y see Socony-Vacuum Oil Co Inc 

Standard Tire Co Inc 117 Main 638 

Combe Leo A r 26 Silver 1352 

Staniszewski Alexander r Durwin 3211-J 

Staniszewski Walter P r 21 Silver 4076 

Stankiewicz S J Mrs r 27 So Main 2361 

Stanley A C r Saybrook Rd 4308-Jl 

Stanley James r Saybrook Rd 3303-W3 


100 Main 485 

Stannard Arthur G r 5 E Main 3217-W 

Stannard Cleveland r Durham 2410 

Stanton John F r Higganum 1172-Wl 

Stanton Michael Mrs r 32 W Silver 2344 

Star Cleaning & Dyeing Co Rr 510 Main 2524 

Star & Crescent Club 201 High 1668 

Starr Alice T Miss r 8 Elm 2730-J 

Starr S W Mrs r 39 Wall 3079-W 

Starr Samuel J r Ridge Rd 3068-W 

State Armory 70 Main 628 


Hqtrs & Sta H Hfd...(toll call) Hartford-7-6341 

State Trade School see Connecticut State of 

Statkiewicz Stanley T auto washing 100 Main 485 

Statkiewicz Stanley T r 158 Highland Av 3719 

Stauffer N Miss r 47 So Main 523-J 

Staursky Louis S r 9 Fowler Av 3126-W 

Steady Alden W r 468 Main 933-J 

Stearns Carl L r 8 Brainerd Av 1933 

Stearns Harold G r 11 Mansfield Ter 3658 

Stearns Stanley L r 74 Home Av 3135-W 

Stcbbins Charles r 58 Broad 4013-J 

Steed Susan C C Miss r 80 Home Av 515 

Steele Alice Miss r 46 Spring Prtlnd 1261-W 

Stefanowicz Sophie Miss r Wadsworth 1184-W3 

Steffens J F r West St Crmwl 2691-J4 

Steffman Charles r 5 Longworth Av 1829-W 

Steffman David E r Rockfall. 1781-J4 

Steffman George r Middleficld Center 3196-W3 

Steinkamp August r Ridge Rd 758-J 

Stckl Wm r Saybrook Rd 1310-J 

Stemmler August r High Prtlnd 3574-M 

Stemmler J Henry r High Prtlnd •.293-W 

Stepan Mary Miss r 137 Front 2405.R 

Stepczyk John r 51 William 2641 

Stephan John H r 25 Durwin 870-W 

Sterling M R r 20 Roland Ct Crmwl 153-J 

Sternfeld F W r 249 Washington Ter 187-W 

-Sterry Edward L r Highland Av Prtlnd 1958-M 

Stetson C L r 5 Elm Rd Crmwl 3812-R 

SteUon W E r 75 Main Crmwl 3582-R 

Stetynski Alexander r Middle 539-J2 

Stevens Burr E Mrs r Old Mill Rd 40 

Stevens C Burdell r 22 Saybrook Rd 815-R 

Stevens Chas J r 5 Linden 3809 

Stevens Clifton A r Christian HI Hggnm 4177-Wl 

Stevens Crayton T r Durham 697-W2 

Stevens Daniel L r 399 Main Prtlnd 1216-W 

Stevens Edmund L Mrs r 69 Home Av 2033-J 

Stevens Ellis r Rockfall 813-Wl 

Stevens Harold E r Cedar Rckfl 898-Jl 

Stevens Helen A Miss r 145 Main Crmwl 3587-W2 

Stevens J & E Co iron toys hardware Cromwell 3067 

Stevens J S Jr r Penfield HI Prtlnd 3264-W2 

Stevens Jennie Miss r 21 Lawn Av 105 

Stevens Lillian M Miss r 10 Flower 4465-W 

Stevens Raymond r Christian HI Hggnm 1923-W4 

Stevens Walter I r Durham Center 4247.W2 

Stevens Wilson E r Maple Av Drhm 53-Jl 

Stevenson S J r 5 Ridge Rd 4293-J 

Stevenson William E r 20 Spring Prtlnd 2404-W 

Stewart Charles r Cobalt 3929-W2 

Stewart Press printing 154 William 2713 

Stewart Samuel M r 231 Pine 594-W 

Stewart Thomas A r Penfield HI Prtlnd 2391 

Stewart W S r 14 Spring Prtlnd 1963-J 

Stidolph Alice Miss r Old Mill Rd 2463-J 

Stielau Albert r 6 Hillside Ct 947 

Stielau August r 24 Hubbard 774-R 

Stielau Edward r 48 Knowles Av 871.W 

Stielau William A r 115 Front 566 

Stoba Lawrence r West St 4601-M 

Stocking Cecil r Nooks HI Rd Crmwl 680-W3 

Stocking Earl G r Timber HI Rd Crmwl 3773-J 

Stocking George E r Gildersleeve 3173-Jl 

Stocking Leonard r McDonald Av Crmwl 1132-W 

Stocking Mavin Rev r IS Church Prtlnd 3552-J 

Stocking William C r Rose HI Prtlnd 3173-J3 

Stockton Lloyd r 272 Court 2742-R 

Stodder F E Miss r Middlefield 1059-J3 

Stojak Joseph r 207 Pearl 3183-J 

Stokes Otto Harry r 144 Berlin 4575-W 

Stokes R M r 133 Broad 1968.J 

Stolba Bohumil r Lake Ridge Hgts 3945-J2 

Stolba Joseph L r 50 Saybrook Rd 4238-W 

Stolba Otto r 24 Evergreen Av 729-W 

Stolba William F r Higganum 3503-J2 

Stomberg Oscar r 101 Spring 820 

Stomboli Frank r Durham 3291-Wl 


Office 53 Warwick 661 

Hibbard Roger r 41 Brctton Rd 2264 

Ryon Burton M r 91 Asylum 250-R 

Peck Harry D r 344 Ridge Rd. 842 

Foley Wm r Fowler Av 2626-W 

LaBella Angelo r 331 Farm Hill Rd 2759-J 

Stone Charles B r Main Crmwl 2358 

Stone Fannie B Mrs r Durham 3931-Wl 

Stone Fred r 641 Ridge Rd 1794-W 

Stone Louis r TylervUlc 3156-J2 

Stone Mary L Mrs r Main Drhm Cntr 853-W2 

Stonehaven guest house 325 Main Prtlnd 1489 

Storr Thorton J r 122 College 2837 

Story Arnold B r Millbrook Rd 1182 -W4 

Stoveken AM r 146 Main Crmwl 4478 

Stow Isabelle F Mrs r 2 Prospect HI Crmwl 3584-M 

Street Harry L r 40 Church 4092-J 

47 Middletown STE— SWA 

Street L D r 61 E Main 2312-J 

Strickland Clara B Mrs r 275 William 534 

Strickland E C Mrs r Middlefield 2192-J3 

Strickland F E r Strickland Prtlnd ,. 3174-W2 

Strickland Harold L r Strickland Rd Mddlfld. ..4153-Jl 

Strickland Lee E r 35 Deerfield Av 2331-M 

Strickland Linus E r Rockfall 3243-W2 

Strickland Lulu B Miss r Long River Village. . .4439-R 

Strickland Marian P Mrs r 234 Court 2957-J 

Strickland Warren L r Strickland Prtlnd 3174-Jl 

Stroehia Anna M Mrs r 154 Front 2963-J 

Strohia LeRoy r 115 Front 4291-M 

Strom Anna M Mrs r CromwrcU 2897-J2 

Strom Charles r 368 Farm HI Rd 585-J 

Strom John r 14 Woodman 2158-M 

Strom Oscar R r 161 Cross 2604 


Ofc-yd Main Prtlnd 1128 

Barry John C r 51 E Main Prtlnd 1336 

Dodd Alfred r 37 Lawn Av 2148-W 

MacMahon R G r Fairview St Ext Prtlnd. . . .1026 

Strother Lewis r 18 State Ter 4497-R 

Stroud W E Mrs r 497 Main Prtlnd 4208-J 

Strubhar Paul D r Phedon.Pkwy 3726-R 

Struzcnski Anthony r East St Wstfld 3924-W2 

Strycharz Frank r 86 Chestnut 2434-W 

Stubbings R B r 73 Pearl 761-M 

Stueck J W & Son Inc catering 438 Main 713 

Stucck Phillip J r 190 Washington 2320 

Stueck Marion Miss r Washington St Ext 3623 

Styletex 248 Main 496 

Suba M M r 294 Main Crmwl 1223-W3 

Suburban Gas Co 123 Court 416-W 

Nights Sundays & Holidays cHl 1184-J2 

Suchanek Joseph r Millbrook Rd 2482-J2 

Suchanek Joseph A Jr r Millbrook Rd 2482-J4 

Suchocki Allen P r.225 E Main 2666-M 

Suchoski E A r 114 Prospect 1036-W 

Sudano Mario slaughter house 47 Grand 310 

Sugarman Lester H Dr optometrist 230 Main 2216 

Sugruc John r 11 Crescent 1796 

Sullivan Clarence J r 139 Cross 4276-W 

Sullivan D J r 109 gross 800 

Sullivan Dennis J r Durham 3296-Jl 

Sullivan Frank P r 654 High 3668-W 

Sullivan Harry F r 19 So Front 3086-J 

Sullivan J J Mrs r Wolcott Av Prtld 3571-W 

Sullivan J William r Middle Haddam Rd Prtlnd. 2737-J 

Sullivan John L r 24 Air Line Av Prtlnd 690-W 

Sullivan Robe^rt Rev r Lk Beseck Mddlfld 963-W3 

Sullivan T E Mrs r 11 Perry Av Prtlnd 1765-W 

Summ Roger F r 115 Main Crmwl 2256 

Summers William Jr r 86 Roosevelt Dr 4477-R 

Sundell John r Evergreen Rd Crmwl 23o3-Wl 

Sundstrand Adding Machine Agency 172 Court 275 

Sunshine Dairy Coleman Rd 2783-J3 

Superior Court see Courts 

Supove Jacob L r 576 Main 3782-J 

Supreme Co candy & tobacco 79 Court 1684 

Suprenant Kenneth r Smith 3910-Wl 

Suski Walter B r 43 Hubbard 4223 

Susky Helen Mrs r 18 Burr Av 3150 

Sutkowski Bruno J r Wadsworth 3932-J 

Sutkowski Francis r Dow La 3204 

Sutkowski Joseph F r 2191^ E Main 1208 

Svec Harold r Higganum .3245-J3 

Svec John r Haddam 2771-J3 

Svihovec Charles r 152 E Main 3531-W 

Svihovec Edward r 16 Warwick 3039 

Swanson Alarick r Shanlcy Ct Crmwl 1811-J2 

Swanson Carl G W r 93 West St Crmwl 2691-J3 

Swanson Carl L r Randolph Rd 3285-J2 

Swanson Clarence H r Lincoln Rd Crmwl 1189J 

Swanson E Mrs r 32 Strong Av Prtlnd 11464 

SWA— TOP Middletown 48 

Swanson E Leonard r 216 Main Crmwl 2313-J2 

Swanson Ernest C r 7 Coe Av Prtlnd 3946-J 

Swanson Harry W r Eastwood Rd Crmwl 2692-J3 

Swanson M C r 47 Saybrook Rd 2810-W 

Swanson Mabel J RN Main Crmwl 1971 

Swanson Swan Jr r Middlcficld 2164-W2 

Swanson Wm Mrs r West St Crmwl 3487-W 

Sweeney John M r 13 Durant 1109 

Sweet A N Dr office 164 Court 1220-W 

Residence 720 Ridge Rd 1220-R 

Sweet Harry T r 9 Evensen PI Crmwl 3098-W4 


111 Church 1954 


Durham Center 4509 

Sweet N Marguerite Miss r 50 Crescent 1622-J 

Sweet Walter L r 500 High 2017-R 

Swol Josephine Miss r 30 Mill 852 

Sylvester Thomas C r 13 Glover PI 4149-J 

Sylvestro Theodore S r 137 E Main 4086 

Sylvestro Vincent r 53 Chestnut 2943-M 

Synnott Jos P r Rose HI Prtlnd 906-J2 


Tabol Peter J r 14 Evergreen Av 4468-W 

Tackney Charles r 267 Main Prtlnd 3559-W 

Taege Mary Mrs r 17 E Main Prtlnd 4397 

Taft Henry r 80 Highland Av 1250-R 

Taft Samuel r 36 Evergreen Av 3962 

Talbot Bertha Mrs r 162 Main Crmwl .3351-J3 

Talbot Edith Miss r 2 Hubcr Av 3056-W 

Talbot John H r 17 Hidge Rd 2109-J 

TalevI Arnold r 103 Bridge 4265 

Tanis Martin r 26 Church Prtlnd 3552-R 

Tarallo Aurelio r 26 Erin 3235-J 

Tarallo Thomas r 58 Ferry 3995-W 

Tarnowski John r 20 Air Line Av Prtlnd 1813-J 

Tarrant John R MD 359 Main Prtlnd 1686 

Taus Nettie Mrs r Haddam Rd 3283-J3 

Tavel Mary Mrs 3 Saybrook Rd 358 

Taylor Charles H r 84 Pearl 1985-W 

Taylor Clinton r Middle 3905-Jl 

Taylor David r Cobalt 555-W2 

Taylor Edwin A r Main Gldrslve 2198-J 

Taylor F B Mrs r 54 Grand 1838 

Taylor Giles A r So Main St Ext 2229-J 

Taylor Jeanette r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 2933-W4 

Taylor Maybelle Mrs r 74 Bank Prtlnd 3811-J 

Taylor Murray r Cobalt 555-W3 

Taylor Myer K r 278 Hunting Hill Av 599-R 

Taylor Richard R r 519 Ridge Rd 1014-R 

Taylor Schuyler J r 414 Main Prtlnd 817 

Taylor Thomas r 194 Liberty 2189-J 

Taylor William R r 34 Knowles Av 1296-W 

Taylor Willmore F r 45 Prospect Prtlnd 3806-J 

TELEPHONE CO see Southern New England Tel Co 

Teliander Martin r 27 Catherine 791-J 

Teller Jacob r 138 Pine 2989-M 

Teller Stephen A r 225 Main Crmwl 2313-J3 

Tellier Wilfred P r 214 Pearl 3735-J 

Templeton S J r 43 Fountain Av 1935-J 

Tenenbaum A r 157 Liberty 3171-R 

Tcrmine Emanuel r 23 Bidwell Ter 4522 

Termlne Thomas r 28 Bidwell Ter 3442 

Terranova N J r 648 High 576-W 

Terrill Harry C r Middlefield 963-W2 

Terrill L M Miss r Middlefield Center 1617-Jl 

Terrill Walter H r Jackson HI Mddlfld 1073-Wl 

Terrlo E J r Newfield 1141-W3 

Terry George C r 80 Lawn Av 2379-M 

Tesslo Theodore Gildersleeve 2591 

Tewksbury Albert r Middlefield 2027-J2 

Tewksbury Earl C r Middlefield 2027- J3 

Thayer Alice A Miss r 200 Russell 2181 

Thayer H I r Haddam 2942-J2 

Thayer Harry S r 264 William 3849-R 

Thayer John r 42 West St Crmwl 1741 

Thayer Joseph S r 200 Russell 2181 

Thayer Julian B r Middlefield 966-W2 

Thayer William D r 277. Pine 3263-R 

Thody August R r 37 Warwick 2184-W 

Thody Charles J r 96 Lawn Av 1308-J 

Thody Ernest Mrs r Randolph Rd 1590-W 

Thody Frieda Mrs r 475 Ridge Rd 3737-R 

Thomas George C r 36 Miles Av 2040 

Thomas Josephine V Mrs r 37 Roberts 2301-W 

Thompson Bertha R Mrs r Saybrook Rd 3980-W 

Thompson C E r 576 Main Prtlnd 3750 

Thompson Clara Mrs r Durham 971-W2 

Thompson Finton r 7 Macdonough PI 2297-R 

Thompson John Rev r Durham Center 3936-Jl 

Thompson Kenneth C r Bear Rock Rd Drhm 698-W3 

Thompson Laura W Miss r 81 Grand 101 

Thompson Myron r 18 Fowler Av 4326-W 

Thompson Perley C r River Rd Crmwl 3654-R 

Thompson Rose Mrs r 8 Frazier Av 2006-J 

Thompson W E r Summer Prtlnd 3958-W 

Thompson W L r 420 Washington 2717.R 

Thompson Ward H r Main Drhm Cntr 853-W4 

Thomson Alexander r 89 Broad 1432-W 

Thornton Kemper r 30 Burr Av 2659-M 

Thornton Robert L r 28 Pleasant Crmwl 4544-J 

Thorpe George W r Highland Av 1323-R 

Thorpe Thomas r Long River Village 4398-M 

Thrall Clarence D r Barbara Rd 3727-W 

Thrall Lyie F r Meriden Rd 772-R 

Three Oaks restaurant KiUingworth Rd Hggnm. 674-Jl 

Thurner John C r 164 College 4234-R 

Tibbals John C r 148 College 3635-W 

Tibbals Nellie C Mrs r 54 Bartlett Prtlnd 1389-W 

Tibbals Nettie R Miss r 211 Pine 3149-W 

Tibbals P G Mrs r 566 Ridge Rd 3769 

Tibbals William I r 7 Saybrook Rd 4166-R 

Tierney George A rl est-insurance 164 Court 4466 

Res 149 Spring 799 

Tierney Henry E r Powder HI Mddlfld 2192W1 

Tietze Fred'k R r Haddam Quarter Rd Drhm.2433-W4 
Tifft Bros investment securities 49 Pearl Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . . Enterprise-1020 

Tillotta Jennie Mrs r 41 Court 4548-R 

TImbrell Wilfred r 78 E Main 4156-M 

Tine Frank F filling station Main St Ext 3382 

Tine Frank F r 28 Hubbard 2880-J 

Tine Mary Miss r 126 Knowles Av 2363-R 

Tironl Josephine Miss r 90 Grove 3115-M 

Tobiasen Charles Mrs r 53 Loveland 1376-W 

Tobler Genevieve Mrs r Stevens La 2891-W 

Tochko Agnes F Mrs r Evergreen Rd Crmwl. . . .2166-W 

Tochko Anthony A r 198 E Main 3799-J 

Tochko Blair r 316 Farm HI Rd 1637-J 

Todd Whitney A Mrs r 246 Main Prtlnd 2154-M 

Todeschini Guido r Killingworth Rd Hggnm. . . 3137-J3 

Todeschini Louis r Dublin HI Hggnm 4262-Jl 

Todeschini Sebie Mrs r Long River Village 4409-J 

Tolette Charles A r Saybrook Rd 3309-W 

Toloczko Emily Miss r Middlefield 965-J4 

Tomassi Peter r 41 Court 4548-J 

TomaszewskI Joseph r 34 Prospect 760-W 

Tomlinson Irving r Main Drhm 4567-J2 

Tommasi Guy r 256 William 4505-J 

TommasI Michael r 471 High 3732-W 

Tong George W r Maiden La Drhm 698-W2 

Tony's Billiard Parlor 547 Main 2572 

Tony's Blue Sunoco Serv Sta 85 Union 3462 

Toomey Jennie M Mrs r 70 Main 823 

Topazio Concetto r 38 Ferry 2838 

Topazio Edward r 133 Bridge 4062 

Topazio Rosolino r Rr 38 Ferry 4393-J 

Topazio Virgil r 20 Pearl 4140 

Tosto A r 98 Spring 2606-W 

Tots & Teens Shop 308 Main 2222 

Toussaint Florence Mrs r 660 High 3668-R 

Tower Andrew R r Haddam 1799-J4 

Town Clerk's Office Haddam 2812.J2 

Towner Everett H r 25 Fairview Prtlnd 531-J 

Towner A Mrs RN Higganum 664-J4 

Towner Wm r Old Mill Rd 4603-R 

Towner William Thomas architect 164 Court. .4603 -W 

Townroe R R r 14 Alsop Av 1602 

Townsend HarryA r 102 Main Crmwl 2355-W 

Townsend M W r 161 College 154 

Tracy F E MD office 120 Pearl 234-W 

Residence Old Mill Rd 234-R 

Tracy Gerald J r 17S Pearl 4307-R 

Traskers Stanley r Main Hddm 3757-W2 

Traskos Henry r 31 Walnut 3483-M 

Traskos Stanley J r Perry Av Prtlnd 1359-M 

Traskos Walter r Rockfall 927-W2 

Traverse I Robert r Old Mill Rd 2333-W 

Tray nor Earle A r 63 Barbara Rd 1992-J 

Treacy Richard F r 578 High 3498 

Treat Charles W r High Mddlfld 235-W4 

Treat Richard L r 20 Brainerd Av 1532-J 

Trebbe Charles F r 45 Crescent 1622.W 

Treiber John r Meriden Rd Mddlfld 965-W3 

Tremblay Leo A r 32 Washington 726 

Trevithick Fred W r Mansfield Ter 1242 

Trevithick W J r 181 qoUegc 295 

Trinity Church Main Prtlnd 1190-R 

Trinka Mildred Miss r 1006 Silver 4404-M 

Triple X Stores Inc 614 Main 2884 

Tripp Joseph S r 43 So Main 4182 

Tripp Samuel M r W Long HI 3987-R 

Trischman Geo W r Durham 2433-W3 

Trischman Warren A r Middlefield 1241-W3 

Trotta Jane Miss r 23 Rome Av 4430 

Trotta Theresa Miss r 70 William 3826-J 

True George W Mrs r 161 Mt Vernon 1060 

Tryon Daniel E r Saybrook Rd 2810-R 

Tryon Elmer C r Riverview Prtlnd 2416 

Tryon Frank W r 31 Evergreen Av 4468-J 

Tryon J C r Ryon. .' 1743 

Tryon Viola M Miss r 532 Main 2660-W 

Tubbs E S r 43 New La Crmwl 1278.J 

Tuccio Salvatore r 28 Saybrook Rd 2943-W 

Tuccitto Sebastiano r 95 Air Line Av Prtlnd ... 3714-J 

Tucker Leroy M Mrs r Cromwell 3069-W3 

Tucker M Russell Main Drhm 1632-M 

Tucker Myron H r Middlefield Center 1635-J3 

Tucker W G r Durham 777-W3 

Tufveson Ethel Miss RN Allen Crmwl 2399 

Turnbull Charles D r Shailerville 3157-W3 

Turner Benjamin F r 280 Russell 2205 

Turner Donald B r 48 MacArthur Ct 4482-J 

Turner George A r East St 3924-W3 

Turner Nelson B r 20 Burr Av 1664-R 

Turner Paul B r West St Crmwl 2691-Jl 


Photographer 207 Main 1664-W 

Turney Luella Mrs r 20 Marlborough Prtlnd 186 

Turning Carl W r 67 Indian Hill Av Gldrslve. . .4235-W 

Turro Genevieve Miss r 78 Grove 4197-W 

Turro John A r 71 Spring 2696-W 

Tuttle C B r 100 Grand 163-R 

Tuttle E L Mrs r 56 E Main 3847 

Tuttle George B r Newfield 1506 

Tuttle Howard r Newfield 1104 

Tuttle L6uls M r 41 Park PI 1046 

Tuttle Wallace M r Newfield 204 

Tuttle William r 195 Liberty 4101-W 

Twiss H I r 127 Main Crmwl 2025-W3 

Twitchell J E r 33 Cherry 4495-R 

Tyier Jennie R Miss r Tylcrville 3756-Wl 

Tyler Rollin U r Tylcrville .1. . . .3757-Wl 

Tyler Thomas r 41 Silver 952-J 

49 Middletown TOS-VAL 

Tylervllle Village see Haddam Town Of 


Painter 41 Silver 353 

Tynan John J r 414 High, v 2387 

Tynan Joseph E r 1 1 Crescent 1339 

Tynan Morris R r 23 Saybrook Rd 3199 

Tynan Wm J r 4 E Main 2132-R 

Tyrrell Christian r 6 Saybrook Rd 4252-W 


Uliano Angelo r 68 Grove 4118-W 

Uliano Lillian Mrs r VO Stack 4368-J 

Uliasz Anna P Mrs r 51 Bretton Rd 3871-R 

Umba Anne E Miss r 95 Lincoln 829-R 

Umba Charles r Portland 3929-W4 

Umba Walter H r Prout HI Rd 732.J2 

Underwood R E Dr osteopath 140 Washington .... 425 

Residence 11 William Prtlnd 1516 

Undina Beverages Higganum 3137-W3 

Unger Sidney S Dr chiropodist 363 Main 303 

Residence 688 Ridge Rd 851 

Unlkiewlch Frank r 98 Marlborough Prtlnd 573-R 

Union Park Tavern 48 Main 1554 

United Advertising Corp . . (toll call) New Haven-8-1177 

United Restaurant dining room 275 Main 994 

United States Employment Service 279 Main 3480 


Army Engineers rl estate branch 363 Main. . .202 
Agriculture Department 

Farm Security Administration 

Migratory Labor Camp Portland 906-Jl 

Coast Guard Portland 3892 

Employment Service office 279 Main 3480 

Post ofc 291 Main 87 

National War Agencies 

War Price & Rationing Boards 

Cromwell Local Cromwell 2055 

Durham Local Durham 678-W2 

Haddam Local Higganum 2980-J2 

Middlefield Local Middlefield 1241-W4 

Middlesex County 33 Pleasant 4210 

Middletown Local Municipal Building 203 

Portland Local Main 1795 

Navy Department 

Navy Training Unit Wesleyan University. . .4560 
Flight Preparatory School V5 Wesleyan 

University 4560 

College Training Unit V12 Wesleyan 

University 4560 

Officers' Club 143 High 2808 

Urgo John r Evensen PI Crmwl 2720-W4 

Urschell Louise E Mrs r 30 Lakeside Av 2972 


Vacca Angelo Mrs r Old Mill Rd 2237 

Vacca Angelo A r Old Mill Rd 1022.R 

Vacca John r 29 Air Line Av Prtlnd. 1018 

Vaclavik Barbara Mrs r Haddam Rd 2980-W4 

Vaine Archie A r Cherry Hill Rd Rckfl 3243-W3 

Vainc Felix r 70 Hunting HI Av 3124-W 

Vaine Francis H r 468 Main 1510 

Vaine Jerry r 178 So Main 2452-J 

Valeri Antoinette Miss r 44 Spring 4057-M 

Valeri Rita Mrs r 697 Main 3761-J 

Valeskie Joseph r 170 College 2909-W 

Valk Henry W r Westfield 4253-Wl 

Valk John W r East St 4253-W3 

Valley Fuel Oil Heating Co office 

Brownstone Av Prtlnd 2107 

Valley Mills grain & feed 249 Main Prtlnd 1095 

VAL-WAN Middlefown SO 

Valley Oil Co Inc mn ofc Brownstone Av Prtlnd. .2107 

Oil Terminal Brownstone Av Prtlnd 2107 

Filling station Bridge -605 

Filling station 1 Silver 1544 

Filling station So Main 644 

Blenus Claude r 11 Commerce Prtlnd 3182-J 

Valli Dominico r Sand HI Prtlnd 926-J2 

Valll Uuis F r Sand HI Prtlnd ^S^fcAw 

VanBeynum C W r Portland 2365-W 

Van Buskirk Raymond r Evensen PI Crmwl. . .3098-Wl 

Vandergrift Jacob H r 81 Roosevelt Pr 4492-J 

Vanderlaan Albert r Ponset Dist Hddm 4267-W2 

Vandcrlaan Theodore r Higganum 4267-W3 

VanDeWater Daisy Miss r 162 Pearl 2114 


169 Main 339-W 

VanWyck W B Rev r 24 Silver 2308-W 

VanZandt Malcolm J Rev r 356 Main Prtlnd 1434 

Vapyre Gas Agency 123 Court 416-W 

Varhuc Frank P r Rockfall 1781-W4 

Varno Bertha M Miss r Lk Beseck MddltUI 3950-Jl 

Varricchio Frank A r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl. . .3069-J3 

Vasa Jerry r Haddam 3758-W3 

Vaslliou V A r 138 Berlin 3414 

Vasiliou William A public accountant 363 Main. . .3882 

Vasques Hotel 624 Main 473 

Vaughn Walter Mrs r 23 Portland 2364-J 

Vecca Sebastian r 32 Cherry 4377-W 

Vecchitto Carl r 67 Ferry 3548-J 

Vecchitto Gaetano r 25 Cherry 1211-J 

Vecchitto Nancy Mrs r 158 Broad 4148-W 

Veit Martin r 72 Grand 4236 

Ventura Anthony r Higganum 4262-W2 

Verheyn Emil r 144 Tryon 4266-M 


120 Washington 2589 

Vernale Patsy r 59 Silver 3731-M 

Vestal Merton I r Hillcrest Av 3405-W 

Veterans Employment Representative 

United States Employment Service 279 Main. 3480 

Victory Cleaners & Tailors 197 Court 490 

Vigeant Lionel L r Haddam 2919-J2 

V Viger Gedion r 16 Chestnut 560-M 

Vigneri John F r 180 Prospect 3286-W 

Vigneri Joseph r Rockfall 3944-Wl 

Vikroski Stephen r Durham Rd 1075-W4 

Vile Harry M r Haddam 2919-J3 

Villa David r Haddam 2448-J4 

Vinbladh C W r Greenhouse Av Crmwl 2758-W 

Vincent Helen M Miss r 21 Freestone Av Prtlnd. 3721-J 

Vincent John r 239 William 3849-M 

Vinci Emanuel r 258 William 4097 

Vinci J J Coal Co Newficld 919 

Vinci Joseph r 5 Alsop Av 1456-W 

Vinci Joseph Mrs r 246 William 2121-W 

Vinci Salvatore r 628 High 2056-J 

Vinci Salvatore E r 9 Woodman 4025 

Vinci Sebastian r 30 Bacon Av 208-J 

Violissi Jack r 50 Marlborough Prtlnd 4260 

Vitale Ettore r 95 Main Crmwl 3583-J 

Vitale Marie Mrs r 142 Lincoln 759-J 

VIveros Mae Mrs r 154 Pearl 3025-W 

Vladik Louis Jr r 10 Huber Av 4467-W 

Vladik Mildred Miss r 9 Huber Av 1049-R 

Vogel Bernard r 48 High 3233 

Vogt Carl r 37 Prospect Gldrslve 3806-W 

Vogue Beauty Salon 516 Main 426 

Voizo Patrick r 44 Washington 4377-R 

von G rose hwitz Gustav r 77 Pearl 2653-W 

vonHagen August r 24 Church Prtlnd 551-R 

VonHagen August r Crystal Lk Rd 2461-J2 


Hairdresser 178 Court 1723 

Vesper Lillian H Mrs r 145 Broad 3568-J 

Vulk Joseph r Durham 1147-W2 

Vynaiek Edward F r Durham 1147-Wl 


Wadsv/orth C H r 78 E Main Prtlnd 3845 

Wadsworth Clarences Mrs r Long HI Wadsworth 5 

Wagner Carl P Dr office 25 Marlborough Prtlnd... 881 

Residence 38 Bartlett Prtlnd 3716 

Wagner Michael r 2 Dunham Av 2834-M 

Wagner Paul R r 49 Crescent 1625 

Wahl Paul L r Sand HI Rd 2914 

Wahrcnberger Louis r Higganum 1984-J3 

Waibel Erwin r Higganum 4154-J2 

WainvirrightWm r 32 Marlborough Prtlnd 247-M 

Waite Joseph r 13 Green Ct 3140-W 

Walden Charles H r 42 Indian HI Av Prtlnd .2955 -W 

Walden Edward r Glastonbury Rd Prtlnd 3682-J3 

Waldmann Emanuel H attorney-at-law 516 Main. .2530 

Residence 65 Pearl 1988 

Waldner Clarence G r Bow La 797-Jl 

Waldo Russell W r 30 Robert 1445-J 

Waldron Joseph F r Rockfall 2902-W4 

Walker Carleton L r 8 Miles Av 2975-R 

Walker Charles F r 38 Loveland 862 -W 

Walker Henry H r 14 Marlborough Prtlnd 2916-J 

Walker Margaret C Mrs r 35 Brainerd Av 2483-J 

Wall Alice C Miss r 184 Washington 187-J 

Wall Edbert H r 20 Miles Av 1086-W 

Wall Joseph S Dr r Main Drhm 3296-W2 


1 Wall St Crmwl 614 

Waller George R Sr r 10 W Silver 3022-R 

Waller Stanley r 3 Linden 1445-M 

Waller William A r Bow La 3633-M 

Wallett Margaret F Miss r 89 Middlefield 3947 

Wallett William R r 85 Middlefield? 106 

Wallin Anna V Miss r 285 Main Prtlnd 905-W 

Wallin Bernard A r 285 Main Prtlnd 905-M 

Walmsley John r 159 Ridge Rd 2479-W 

Walsh Bernard r 18 So Front 2438 

Walsh Elizabeth R Miss r 159 Broad 1008 

Walsh Ella C Miss r 6 Wetmore PI 1527-M 

Walsh Frank D r 67 So Main 3586-M 

Walsh Irene Miss r 121 Marlborough Prtlnd. . .3985-W 

Walsh James r 434 Washington 556-J 

Walsh John upholstering 181 Main 376 

Walsh John E r Mazzotta PI 792-R 

Walsh John T luggage & harness 148 Main 318 

Walsh John W r 21 Miles Av 2483-W 

Walsh Joseph P r 86 Lincoln 1793 

Walsh Kate C Miss r West St Crmwl 3165-J 

Walsh Katherine M Miss r 160 Lincoln 917.W 

Walsh Marguerite G Mrs r 169 Liberty 694-W 

Walsh Michael r 70 Hubbard 2002.W 

Walsh Rose Mrs r 148 Church 691 

Walsh Stanley r 177 E Main 2907-J 

Walsh Thos P Mrs r 675 Main 159 

Walsh Walter J r Wolcott Av Prtlnd 964-M 

Walsh William r 5 Fairview Prtlnd 1958-R 

Walsh William J r South St Crmwl 4328 

Walstedt Algot r Portland Rd Prtlnd 3682-Jl 

Walstedt Fredolf r 16 Freestone Av Prtlnd 4139-W 

Walter Arthur C r Bow La 3109-Wl 

Walter Gilbert E r 129 William 2932 

Walter William A r 216 Hunting HI Av 2962.R 

Walters Gustav r 14 Laurel 2751-W 

Walters Julius D r 95 Frisbie 3018-J 

Walters Rudolph r 15 Evergreen Av 1627-M 

Wamester Francis W r 29 Garden 3055-M 

Wamcster Louis A r 150 Highland Av 2629-W 

Wamester P C Jr r Brown 205-W 

Wannerstrom Elmer r Portland 1016-W3 

Wannerstrom Fred W r Portland 1016-Wl 


270 Main Prtlnd 497 

War Manpower Commission 279 Main. 3480 

Ward Alfred C r 27 Fairview Av Prtlnd 1082 

Ward Donald L r 33 MacArthur Ct 2662-M 

Ward Jessie M Miss r 46 Crescent 1318-J 

Ward John r 105 Highland Av 3477-W 

Ward John S r 4 Liberty PI 1458-W 

Ware Mabel F Mrs r Falcon Ter 3774-J 

Warenda Louis M r So Main St Ext 3255 

Warfield James r Jobs Pond Prtlnd 1819-W2 

Warmsley Herbert E r 2 Farm HI Rd 1454 

Warner Chas W Mrs r 344 Washington 1083 

Warner Clinton r E Ridge Rd 1474-J 

Warner D C r Middlefield 1626-Wl 

Warner David E r Cherry HI Mddlfld 4153-J2 

Warner Frances Miss r 101 High 1049-M 

Warner Helene B Miss r Lorraine Ter 1636-R 

Warner Hiram T r Evergreen Rd Crmwl 4258-Wl 

Warner Louise D Mrs r 181 Main Crmwl 2057-J3 

Warner W L naval architect 114 College 344 

Warner Winthrop r 344 Washington 1083 

Warshauer William r 689 Ridge Rd 229 

Washburn James R r 117 Grove 4125-M 

Washburn Ralph J r Middlefield 4153-W3 

Waskom Joseph r 17 Roosevelt Dr 4396-R 

Waterman Chester Dr office 119 Main 3748 

Residence 1 Spruce Ter Prtlnd 2991 

Waters Frederick Jr r River Rd Crmwl 2411-W 

Waters Randall r South St Crmwl 2149-J 

Watral Joseph J r Higganum 1936-J2 

Watral's Restaurant Higganum 3363 

Watrous Alden S r West St Crmwl 592 

Watrous Charles D diner 58 Main Crmwl 1497 

Watrous Myron r Higganum 3688-J2 

Watrous S r 154 Broad 261 

Watson Grace W Mrs r High Prtlnd 3327-W 

Watson James B r Rockfall 927-W3 

Way Louis N r Middlefield 3193-J2 

Way Oscar N r 220 E Main 2725-W 

Wayne Glenn H Jr r 130 Mt Vernon 3518-W 

Waz John r 24 Cooley Av 2131-W 

Webb Loren D r Maromas 3314-Jl 

Weber Fred r Cherry La Drhm 3499-W3 

Weber Michael r Millbrook Rd 909-M 

Webster Arthur E r 151 Main Crmwl 3644-W 

Weckman Frank G r 96 Highland Av 3356-M 

Weiman Herman r 1 Court PI 3820 

Weimann Joseph r 34 Quarry Av Prtlnd 3783 

Weiner Martin B r 234 Court 859-J 

Weir H Louis r WiUiam Prtlnd 3574-W 

Weiss Edward r Haddam 3340-W2 

Weitzman Benjamin r Morgan 3810 

Weitzman Charles r 18 Main 532-R 

Welch Elizabeth C Mrs TA 240 Russell 4028 

Welch J FCr 24 Pearl 173 

Welch Jack r 36 Laurel 4455-W 

Welch Laura A Miss r 489 Main 1577 


Office Main Crmwl 2508 

Welker B r 62 Main Crmwl 1659 

Welker R r Riverview PI Crmwl 4313-J 

Wells George r 28 Summer Prtlnd 3958-M 

Wells Irving F r Walkley HI Hddm 3631-Wl 

Wells Philip Palmer r Maplewood 816-J2 

Wells Wellington r Meadow Rd Prtlnd 1939-Jl 

Wendrychowicz Francis r 10 Silver Prtlnd 1904-R 

Wendt G R r 169 High 3153-J 

Wenneke Carl r 236 Pearl 2782 

WennekeCarl & Co auto tires & rprs 649 Main. 2795 
Werdelin Victor H r 605 Main Prtlnd 953-J 

If dissatisfied with your present dealer or service — 
look in the Yellow Pages. 

51 Middlefown 



Private Branch exch connecting all ofc&depts. 1800 

Alumni Council Winchester House 1800 

Alumni House 284 High 645 

Argus Winchester House 333 

College Infirmary Davison House 3230 

College Store 289 Court 824 

Downey House High 1171 

Faculty Club 343 High 2564 

Guest House r 208 High 2619 

Navy Mess Wesleyan University 4009 

Russell House 350 High l^H 

U S Navy Flight Prep School . .see U S Govt 

Wesleyan Cardinal Winchester House 415 

Dormitories — 

So College High 1800 

Alpha Chi Rho 300 High 995 

Chi Psi Church 991 

Delta Tau Delta 315 High 610 

Sigma Chi 157 Church 650 

Sigma Nu 310 High 1558 

Fraternity Houses — 

Alpha Delta Phi 201 High 992 

Beta Thcta Pi 184 High 632 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 276 High 621 

Phi Nu Theta 200 High 1498 

Phi Sigma Kappa 1 Wesleyan PI 611 

Psi Upsilon House 242 High 607 

Wcsoloski Edmund r Newfield St 4395-M 

Wessels F E Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-J3 

West Cortland E r 9 Frisbie 952-W 

West Cromwell see Cromwell Town Of 

West Fred r 15 Pearl 3103-W 

West Irving H r 80 Pearl 2175-W 

West John r Madison Rd Drhm 3991-Jl 

West Side Market 239 Pine 2269 

Westcott James H Jr r 14 Commerce Prtlnd. . .2154-W 

Westerberg Maurice r Cozy Ct Crmwl 3908 

Western Union Telegraph Co 204 Main 

To send a telegram cablegram or radiogram 
at any time 

Ask operator for Western Union 

For all other purposes 4385 

Westervelt A C r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 591-J2 

Westfield District see Middletown City Of 

Westfield Volunteer Fire Dept Miner lOlO-R 


Blau's Electric Shop Inc 237 Main 2760 

Weston C E r 29 Park PI 2728-M 

Wetherbee Chas L r Main Crmwl 2424 

Wetherbee Franklin C r Greenhouse Av Crmwl. .3584-J 

Wetherby Fred H plbg & htng 147 William 462 -W 

Residence 278 Ridge Rd 462-R 

Wetherill Frederick r 107 Asylum 2896-W 

Wetherill Joseph r 105 Asylum 4312-R 

Wetzel Rudolf r Penfield HI Prtlnd 209-Wl 

Whalen Emma Mrs r 10 Fountain Av 3207J 

Whalen Marguerite Miss r 9 Prospect PI 792 -W 

Whalen Marie Mrs r 536 Main 4507-W 

Wheaton F Lome Dr r New Haven Tnpke Drhm.l319-J4 

Whelan Drug Stores Inc 420 Main 2536 

Whitby S M r 45 E Main Prtlnd 915-J 

Whitby's Market meats & groc 250 Main Prtlnd. .2501 

White Agnes Miss r 50 Warwick 2184-M 

White Beatrice Miss r Wavcrly Av Prtlnd 2310-W 

White Charles E r 54 Warwick 4558-J 

White Frank H r 35 Park PI 2375 

White Fred W r Higby Rd 757-W3 

White Frederick r Maple Av Drhm 961-Wl 

White Herbert L r 5 Strongs Av Prtlnd 269-J 

White Howard D r Highland Av Prtlnd 2122-J 

White Joseph r 125 Highland Av 1608-R 

White L E r Rockfall 4162-J2 

White Matthew r 17 Fairview Av 2491-J 


Middletown 50 

Valley Oil Co Inc mn ofc Brownstone Av Prtlnd. .2107 

Oil Terminal Brownstone Av Prtlnd 2107 

Filling station Bridge 605 

Filling station 1 Silver 1544 

Filling station So Main ^4 

Blenus Claude r 11 Commerce Prtlnd 3182-J 

Valll Dominlco r Sand HI Prtlnd 926-J2 

Valli Louis F r Sand HI Prtlnd ^^tl'^I 

VanBeynum C W r Portland 2365-W 

Van Buskirk Raymond r Evensen PI Crmwl. . .3098-Wl 

Vandergrift Jacob H r 81 Roosevelt Pr 4492-J 

Vanderlaan Albert r Ponset Dist Hddm 4267-W2 

Vandcrlaan Theodore r Higj?anum 4267-W3 

VanDeWater Daisy Miss r 162 Pearl 2114 


169 Main 339-W 

VanWyck W B Rev r 24 Silver 2308-W 

VanZandt Maicolnfi J Rev r 356 Main Prtlnd. . 1434 

Vapyre Gas Agency 123 Court 416-W 

Varhuc Frank P r Rockfall 1781-W4 

Varno Bertha M Miss r Lk Beseck MddlHd 3950-Jl 

Varricchio Frank A r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl. . .3069-J3 

Vasa Jerry r Haddam 3758-W3 

Vasiliou VA r 138 Berlin 3414 

Vasiliou William A public accountant 363 Main. . .3882 

Vasqucs Hotel 624 Main 473 

Vaughn Walter Mrs r 23 Portland 2364-J 

Vccca Sebastian r 32 Cherry 4377-W 

Vecchitto Carl r 67 Ferry 3548-J 

Vecchitto Gaetano r 25 Cherry 1211-J 

Vecchitto Nancy Mrs r 158 Broad 4148-W 

Veit Martin r 72 Grand 4236 

Ventura Anthony r Higganum 4262-W2 

Vcrhcyn Emil r 144 Tryon 4266-M 


120 Washington 2589 

Vernale Patsy r 59 Silver 3731-M 

Vestal Merton I r Hillcrest Av 3405-W 

Veterans Employment Representative 

United States Employment Service 279 Main. 3480 

Victory Cleaners & Tailors 197 .Court 490 

Vigeant Lionel L r Haddam 2919-J2 

Viger Gedion r 16 Chestnut 560-M 

Vigneri John F r 180 Prospect 3286-W 

Vigneri Joseph r Rockfall 3944-Wl 

Vikroski Stephen r Durham Rd 1075-W4 

Vile Harry M r Haddam 2919-J3 

Villa David r Haddam 2448-J4 

Vinbladh C W r Greenhouse Av Crmwl 2758-W 

Vincent Helen M Miss r 21 Freestone Av Prtlnd. 3721-J 

Vincent John r 239 WilHam 3849-M 

Vinci Emanuel r 258 WilUam 4097 

Vinci J J Coal Co Newfield 919 

Vinci Joseph r 5 Alsop Av 1456-W 

Vinci Joseph Mrs r 246 WiUiam 2121-W 

Vinci Salvatore r 628 High 2056-J 

Vinci Salvatore E r 9 Woodman 4025 

Vinci Sebastian r 30 Bacon Av 208-J 

Violissi Jack r 50 Marlborough Prtlnd 4260 

Vitale Ettore r 95 Main Crmwl 3583-J 

Vitale Marie Mrs r 142 Lincoln 759-J 

Viveros Mae Mrs r 154 Pearl 3025-W 

Vladik Louis Jr r 10 Huber Av 4467.W 

Vladik Mildred Miss r 9 Huber Av 1049-R 

Vogel Bernard r 48 High 3233 

Vogt Carl r 37 Prospect Gldrslve 3806-W 

Vogue Beauty Salon 516 Main 426 

Voizo Patrick r 44 Washington 4377-R 

vonGroschwitz Gustav r 77 Pearl 2653-W 

vonHagcn August r 24 Church Prtlnd 551-R 

VonHagen August r Crystal Lk Rd 2461-J2 


Hairdresser 178 Court 1723 

Vosper Lillian H Mrs r 145 Broad 3568-J 

Vulk Joseph r Durham 1147-W2 

Vynaiek Edward F r Durham 1147-Wl 


Wadsworth C H r 78 E Main Prtlnd 3845 

Wadsworth Clarences Mrs r Long HI Wadsworth 5 

Wagner Carl P Dr office 25 Marlborough Prtbid...881 

Residence 38 Bartlett Prtlnd 3716 

Wagner Michael r 2 Dunham Av 2834-M 

Wagner Paul R r 49 Crescent 1625 

Wahl Paul L r Sand HI Rd 2914 

Wahrenberger Louis r Higganum 1984-J3 

Waibel Erwin r Higganum 4154-J2 

Wainwright Wm r 32 Marlborough Prtlnd 247-M 

Waite Joseph r 13 Green Ct 3140-W 

Walden Charles H r 42 Indian HI Av Prtlnd. .2955 -W 

Walden Edward r Glastonbury Rd Prtlnd 3682-J3 

Waldmann Emanuel H attorney-at law 516 Main 2530 

Residence 65 Pearl 1988 

Waldncr Clarence G r Bow La 797-Jl 

Waldo Russell W r 30 Robert 1445-J 

Waldron Joseph F r Rockfall 2902-W4 

Walker Carlcton L r 8 Miles Av 2975-R 

Walker Charles F r 38 Loveland 862 -W 

Walker Henry H r 14 Marlborough Prtlnd 2916-J 

Walker Margaret C Mrs r 35 Brainerd Av 2483-J 

Wall Alice C Miss r 1S4 Washington 187-J 

Wall Edbert H r 20 Miles Av 1086-W 

Wall Joseph S Dr r Main Drhm 3296-W2 


1 Wall St Crmwl 614 

Waller George R Sr r 10 W Silver 3022-R 

Waller Stanley r 3 Linden 1445-M 

Waller William A r Bow La 3633-M 

Wallett Margaret F Miss r 89 Middlefield 3947 

Wallett William R r 85 Middlefield T 106 

Wallin Anna V Miss r 285 Main Prtlnd 905-W 

Wallin Bernard A r 285 Main Prtlnd 905-M 

Walmsley John r 159 Ridge Rd 2479-W 

Walsh Bernard r 18 So Front 2438 

Walsh Elizabeth R Miss r 159 Broad 1008 

Walsh Ella C Miss r 6 Wetmore PI 1527-M 

Walsh Frank D r 67 So Main 3586-M 

Walsh Irene Miss r 121 Marlborough Prtlnd. . .3985-W 

Walsh James r 434 Washington ,....556-J 

Walsh John upholstering 181 Main 376 

Walsh John E r Mazzotta PI 792-R 

Walsh John T luggage & harness 148 Main 318 

Walsh John W r 21 Miles Av 2483-W 

Walsh Joseph P r 86 Lincoln 1793 

Walsh Kate C Miss r West St Crmwl 3165-J 

Walsh Katherine M Miss r 160 Lincoln 917-W 

Walsh Marguerite G Mrs r 169 Liberty 694-W 

Walsh Michael r 70 Hubbard 2002-W 

Walsh Rose Mrs r 148 Church 691 

Walsh Stanley r 177 E Main 2907-J 

Walsh Thos P Mrs r 675 Main 159 

Walsh Walter J r Wolcott Av Prtlnd 964-M 

Walsh William r 5 Fairview Prtlnd 1958-R 

Walsh William J r South St Crmwl 4328 

Walstedt Algot r Portland Rd Prtlnd 3682-Jl 

Walstedt Fredolf r 16 Freestone Av Prtlnd 4139-W 

Walter Arthur C r Bow La 3109-Wl 

Walter Gilbert E r 129 William 2932 

Walter William A r 216 Hunting HI Av 2962-R 

Walters Gustav r 14 Laurel 2751-W 

Walters Julius D r 95 Frisbie 3018-J 

Walters Rudolph r 15 Evergreen Av 1627-M 

Wamester Francis W r 29 Garden 3055-M 

Wamester Louis A r 150 Highland Av 2629-W 

Wamester P C Jr r Brown 205-W 

Wannerstrom Elmer r Portland 1016-W3 

Wannerstrom Fred W r Portland 1016-Wl 




270 Main Prtlnd 497 

War Manpower Commission 279 Main. 3480 

Ward Alfred C r 27 Fairview Av Prtlnd 1082 

Ward Donald L r 33 MacArthur Ct 2662-M 

Ward Jessie M Miss r 46 Crescent 1318J 

Ward John r 105 Highland Av 3477-W 

Ward John S r 4 Liberty PI 1458-W 

Ware Mabel F Mrs r Falcon Tcr 3774-J 

Warenda Louis M r So Main St Ext 3255 

Warfield James r Jobs Pond Prtlnd 1819-W2 

Warmsley Herbert E r 2 Farm HI Rd 1454 

Warner Chas W Mrs r 344 Washington 1083 

Warner Clinton r E Ridge Rd 1474-J 

Warner D C r Middlefield 1626-Wl 

Warner David E r Cherry HI Mddlfld 4153-J2 

Warner Frances Miss r 101 High 1049-M 

Warner Helene B Miss r Lorraine Ter 1636-R 

Warner Hiram T r Evergreen Rd Crmwl 4258-Wl 

Warner Louise D Mrs r 181 Main Crmwl 2057-J3 

Warner W L naval architect 114 College 344 

Warner Winthrop r 344 Washington 1083 

Warshauer William r 689 Ridge Rd 229 

Washburn James R r 117 Grove 4125-M 

Washburn Ralph J r Middlefield 4153-W3 

Waskom Joseph r 17 Roosevelt Dr 4396-R 

Waterman Chester Dr office 119 Main 3748 

Residence 1 Spruce Ter Prtlnd 2991 

Waters Frederick Jr r River Rd Crmwl 2411-W 

Waters Randall r South St Crmwl 2149-J 

Watral Joseph J r Higganum 1936-J2 

Watral's Restaurant Higganum 3363 

Watrous Alden S r West St Crmwl 592 

Watrous Charles D diner 58 Main Crmwl 1497 

Watrous Myron r Higganum 3688-J2 

Watrous S r 154 Broad 261 

Watson Grace W Mrs r High Prtlnd 3327-W 

Watson James B r Rockfall 927-W3 

Way Louis N r Middlefield 3193-J2 

Way Oscar N r 220 E Main 2725-W 

Wayne Glenn H Jr r 130 Mt Vernon 3518-W 

Waz John r 24 Cooley Av 2131-W 

Webb Loren D r Maromas 3314-Jl 

Weber Fred r Cherry La Drhm 3499-W3 

Weber Michael r Millbrook Rd 909-M 

Webster Arthur E r 151 Main Crmwl 3644-W 

Weckman Frank G r 96 Highland Av 3356-M 

Weiman Herman r 1 Court PI 3820 

Weimann Joseph r 34 Quarry Av Prtlnd 3783 

Weiner Martin B r 234 Court 859-J 

Weir H Louis r WilHam Prtlnd 3574-W 

Weiss Edward r Haddam 3340-W2 

Weitzman Benjamin r Morgan 3810 

Weitzman Charles r 18 Main 532-R 

Welch Elizabeth C Mrs TA 240 Russell 4028 

Welch J F C r 24 Pearl 173 

Welch Jack r 36 Laurel 4455-W 

Welch Laura A Miss r 489 Main 1577 


Office Main Crmwl 2508 

Welker B r 62 Main Crmwl 1659 

Welker R r Riverview PI Crmwl 4313-J 

Wells George r 28 Summer Prtlnd. 3958-M 

Wells Irving F r Walkley HI Hddm 3631-Wl 

Wells Philip Palmer r Maplewood 816-J2 

Wells Wellington r Meadow Rd Prtlnd 1939-Jl 

Wendrychowicz Francis r 10 Silver Prtlnd 1904-R 

Wendt G R r 169 High 3153-J 

Wenneke Carl r 236 Pearl 2782 

WennekeCarl & Co auto tires & rprs 649 Main. 2795 
Werdelin Victor H r 605 Main Prtind 953-J 

If dissatisfied with your present dealer or service- 
look in the Yellow Pages. 

51 Middletown 



Private Branch exch connecting all ofc&dcpts . 180^ 

Alumni Council Winchester House 1800 

Alumni House 284 High 645 

Argus Winchester House 333 

College Infirmary Davison House 3230 

College Store 289 Court 824 

Downey House High 1171 

Faculty Club 343 High 2564 

Guest House r 208 High 2619 

Navy Mess Wesleyan University 4009 

Russell House 350 High 1411 

U S Navy Flight Prep School sec U S Govt 

Wesleyan Cardinal Winchester House 415 

Dormitories — 

So College High 1800 

Alpha Chi Rho 300 High 995 

Chi Psi Church 991 

Delta Tau Delta 315 High 610 

Sigma Chi 157 Church 650 

Sigma Nu 310 High 1558 

Fraternity Houses — 

Alpha Delta Phi 201 High 992 

Beta Theta Pi 184 High 632 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 276 High 621 

Phi Nu Theta 200 High 1498 

Phi Sigma Kappa 1 Wesleyan PI 611 

Psi Upsilon House 242 High 607 

Wesoloski Edmund r Newfield St 4395-M 

Wessels F E Mrs r Rose HI Prtlnd 1938-J3 

West Cortland E r 9 Frisbie 952-W 

West Cromwell see Cromwell Town Of 

West Fred r 15 Pearl 3103-W 

West Irving H r 80 Pearl 2175-W 

West John r Madison Rd Drhm 3991-Jl 

West Side Market 239 Pine 2269 

Westcott James H Jr r 14 Commerce Prtlnd. . .2154-W 

Westerberg Maurice r Cozy Ct Crmwl 3908 

Western Union Telegraph Co 204 Main 

To send a telegram cablegram or radiogram 
at any time 

Ask operator for Western Union 

For all other purposes 4385 

Westervelt A C r Killingworth Rd Hggnm 591-J2 

Westfield District see Middletown City Of 

Westfield Volunteer Fire Dept Miner 1010-R 


Blau's Electric Shop Inc 237 Main 2760 

Weston C E r 29 Park PI 2728-M 

Wetherbee Chas L r Main Crmwl 2424 

Wetherbee Franklin C r Greenhouse Av Crmwl. .3584-J 

Wetherby Fred H plbg & htng 147 William 462 -W 

Residence 278 Ridge Rd 462-R 

Wetherill Frederick r 107 Asylum 2896-W 

Wetherill Joseph r 105 Asylum 4312-R 

Wetzel Rudolf r Penfield HI Prtlnd 209-Wl 

Whalen Emma Mrs r 10 Fountain Av 3207-J 

Whalen Marguerite Miss r 9 Prospect PI 792-W 

Whalen Marie Mrs r 536 Main 4507-W 

Wheaton F Lome Dr r New Haven Tnpke Drhm.l319-J4 

Whelan Drug Stores Inc 420 Main 2536 

Whitby S M r 45 E Main Prtlnd 915-J 

Whitby's Market meats & groc 250 Main Prtlnd. .2501 

White Agnes Miss r 50 Warwick 2184-M 

White Beatrice Miss r Waverly Av Prtlnd 2310-W 

White Charles E r 54 Warwick 4558-J 

White Frank H r 35 Park PI 2375 

White Fred W r Higby Rd 757-W3 

White Frederick r Maple Av Drhm 961-Wl 

White Herbert L r 5 Strongs Av Prtlnd 269-J 

White Howard D r Highland Av Prtlnd 2122-J 

White Joseph r 125 Highland Av 1608-R 

White L E r Rockfall 4162J2 

Whlt« Matth«W r 17 Fairview Av 2491-J 

WHI— woo Middletown 52 

White Ralph W r 155 Cross 740-W 

White Robert Jr r Durham 3680-Jl 

White Robert L r Durham 961-W3 

White Theodore Albert r 54 Warwick 3967-W 

White Theodore H r 67 MiU 3276-W 

White W Sanford r Hi^ganum 1936-Jl 

White Walter I r Higby Rd 757-J4 

White Walter P Jr r 540 Main Prtlnd 2944-M 

Whitehead Jos W r 17 West St Crmwl 972-M 

Whitehead Raymond r 436 Washington 66-J 

Whitley Joseph M r 21 Waverly Av Prtlnd 2310-R 

Whitmore B Earle r Bow La 1563-W 

Whitmore Electric Co 103 Court .397 

Whitmore Elwyn C r 52 Frisbic 1435-J 

Whitmore Geo G Co 285 Farm HI Rd 2299-W 

Whitmore Chaunccy E r 285 Farm HI Rd.2299-R 

Whitmore L J r 39 Saybrook Rd 503-J 

Whitmore Stewart r 35 Saybrook Rd 503-W 

Whitney Dwight N Mrs r 307 Washington 804 

Whittemore Harry B r 160 High 2817 

Whittles Ray S r 544 Main Prtlnd 1539-M 

Wiberg Evelyn Mrs r 14 Breton Rd 2349-J 

Wickham Louis r Main Drhm 853-J4 

Wicks R S r Tryon 3408 

Wideen Walter r 25 Nordland Av Crmwl 3505-R 

Widyn Walter J r Durham 697-Wl 

Wiernasz Anthony r 60 Hubbard 1406 

Wiernasz Edward r 42 Rome Av 4357-J 

Wiernasz Josephine K Miss RN 58 Hubbard 3227-M 

Wiernasz Walter r 16 Fowler Av 1890-M 

Wiese Fred D r Beaver Meadow Rd Hddm 3340-Jl 

Wight C L Jr r Great Hill Lk Prtlnd 2396-W4 

Wigmore M r 142 Lincoln 1876 

Wiknik Arthur r Millbrook Rd 2482-W4 

Wilbur GS r Main Prtlnd 1061-M 

Wilbur Gladys E Miss r 93 Vine 1232-M 

Wilcox Alfred A r W Cromwell 914-W 

Wilcox C M r 59 Home Av 3375-W 

Wilcox Clarence T r 15 Broad 1107.W 

Wilcox Crittenden & Co Inc marine hdwr 

234 So Mn 1420 

Wilcox Edward A r 31 Brainerd Av 1843 

Wilcox George S Mrs r Durham 3499-Wl 

Wilcox Lace Corp 10 Coolcy Av 2234 

Wilcox Laura Mrs r 42 Miles Av 17 

Wilcox Minnie C Mrs r East St Wstfld 4253-Jl 

Wilcox Paul P r Durham 1340 

Wilcox Robert r Strickland Prtlnd 1939-Wl 

Wilcox Stewart C r 190 High 3212-W 

Wilcox Walter S r Durham Center 1319-J2 

Wilcox William W Sr r 271 Washington Ter 298 

Wilczak Stanley r 23 Silver 537-R 

Wilder Ella A MD office 80 So Main 1779 

Wllderman Arthur r 18 Saybrook Rd 2312-M 

Wllderman Emil r 45 E Main 3162-J 

Wllderman Jacob groceries 57 Russell 1556 

Residence 96 Russell 2939 

Wllderman Rudolph r Millbrook Rd 1423-J 

Wilk Anna Miss r 39 Marlborough St Ext Prtlnd . 1351-J 

Wilk Joseph 6 r 43 High Prtlnd 1351.W 

Wilkes William r 46 E Main Prtlnd 2753-J 

Wilkinson John H r Wadsworth 1184-Wl 

Wilkinson Walter r Rockfall 896-J4 

Wilkinson William H r Boston Rd 2123-J 

Willard Battery Sales & Service 117 Washington 302 

Willey L B Dr dentist office 321 Main 113 

Residence 137 So Main 3037-M 

Willey M K crdt ins Laurel Brook Rd Mddlfld 3744 

Williams Claude B r Freestone Av Crmwl. . . .3918-Wl 

Williams Clifford D r 12 Glover PI 2732-W 

Williams Davis F r 55 Brainerd Av 2622 

Williams Fred C r Saybrook Rd 2472-W4 

Williams G M Jr r Walklcy HI Hddm 1629-J4 

Williams George E r Main Prtlnd 1963-M 

Williams Guy r 49 Silver 3966-W 

Williams Harold A r Arawana 2898-W 

Williams Mary Miss r George 3244-J 

Williams Richard F r Hayden HI Hddm 2670-W2 

Williams Richard H r Shailcrville 3758-J2 

Williamson C H Jr r Chamberlain Rd 41-J2 

Williamson Herbert r 157 Cross 1845-M 

Williamson Kossuth M r 263 Court 2987 -W 

Willis C G r Haddam 1865-Wl 

Wilioughby Alfred E r Great HI Lk Prtlnd 23%-J3 

Willoughby Alfred E r Great HI Lk Rd Prtlnd . 3264.W4 

Wilson Alexander r Pine St Ext 920-J 

Wilson Clyde D Rev parish office Main 1528 

Res 144 Broad 3520 

Wilson Douglas R r 62 Durant Ter 2988-W 

Wilson Frank r Randolph Rd 4317-R 

Wilson Geo A r 705 Ridge Rd 2332-J 

Wilson Gilbert r 187 College 2441-R 

Wilson H E Rev r 4 Prospect Hill Rd Crmwl. . .2758-J 

Wilson L E r Penfield HI Prtlnd 3264-Jl 

Wilson L S r 153 Cross 1253-M 

Wilson Lila Miss r 72 Ridge Rd 2134-\AI 

Wilson Louis A r Tylerville 2919-W4 

Wilson Robert P r 187 So Main 171 

Wilson Rose Miss r 45 McKcnzie 1438-W 

Wilson William Mrs r 97 Cross 871-M 

Wilson William F r Jackson HI Mddlfld 1294-J2 

Wilson William J r W Cromwell 914-R 

Wilton Gertrude Mrs r 51 Main 4107-R 

Wimler Charles W r Guilford Rd Drhm 2995-W4 

Wimler Elmer V r 377 So Main 4333-W 

Wimler Fred Jr r Durham 2995-Jl 

Wimler William r Durham 975-J2 

Wimmer Ludwig r Wcstfield 1517-M 

Wingate Edw L Jr r 55 Brainerd Av 1583-W 

Winner Stanley K r 29 Maple 895-J 

Winner Wanda M Miss RN 217 E Main 1977-J 

Winter Fred Jr r West St Mddlfld 965-Wl 

Winter Maria Mrs r Middlefield 965-W2 

Winzer Eric r 167 Ridge Rd 4293-R 

Wirth Hans r 79 Hunting HI Av 3275-R 

Wise Smith & Co Hartford 

(No toll chg) Ask Operator for . Enterprise-1100 

Wiseburn George D r Tylerville 3756-W2 

Wisnewski Bernice Miss r 127 Freestone Av Prtlnd.2282 

Wisnieski Stanley r 161 Grand 519-M 

Wisniewski Zigmund r 7 Walnut 1615-J 

Witenberg N r 614 High 3760-W 

Withe Jacob r 10 Burr Av 2498 

Withey George L Rev r 22 Church 70 

Witkin Charles r 23 Park PI 3900 

Witkowski Steve r New La Crmwl 2402.M 

WItkowski Zigmund r 20 Burbridgc Av .3942 

Witte Louis r 39 Russell , .2317-M 

Wnck Thomas r 22 Cooley Av 2131-J 

Woike Emil W r River Rd Crmwl 776-W 

Woike Reynolds r 4 Prospect Hill Rd Crmwl. . .2402-J 

Wojcicki John r 47 Middlefield St 2155-R 

Wojtowicz Walter r Middlefield St 816-J4 

Wojtusiak Joseph r Nooks Hill Rd Crmwl ... 3069-W4 

Wolak Adam r Forest 816-W2 

Wolan Edward r 171 Church 1217-J 

Wolan Nellie Miss r 175 Pearl 4307-M 

Wolf Karl W r River Rd 3689-J3 

Wolfe Charles S r 6 Brctton Rd 2861 

Wolfe Ernest r Middlefield 3243-J4 

Wolfe John r 147 Liberty 2449-M 

Wolfe John E r 24 McKenzie 825-M 

Wolfe LaVern S Miss r Deerfield Av 3754 

Wollman Josephine Mrs r 19 Boston Rd. , .-. . .2926-R 

Womens Relief Corps Home of Conn Cromwell 768 

Wonsicki Helen Mrs r 81 Front 1266-W 

Wood H S r Newfield 3768-W 

Wood John L r 180 So Main 3234-R 

Wood Leonard J r Lake Beseck Mddlfld 3253-W4 

Wood R G r 101 High 3U8.W 

Woodbridge Homer E r 178 Cross 3093 

Woodings Winfield H r Rose HI Prtlnd 3172-J4 

Woodruff John Jr r 386 Washington 416-R 

Woods Joseph F r 33 Fairvicw 1932-W 

Woodward Drug Store 240 Main 4618 

Woodward Inez Mrs RN 355 Main 4392 -W 

Woodward Joseph D r Rose HI Prtlnd 3173-W3 

Woollacott John r Long River Village 4409-R 

Woolworth F W Co 428 Main 2225 

Worth Geo E r 46 Breton Rd 1733 

Worth Spar Co Inc Cobalt 341 

Worthington James M r Newfield Hgts 1565 

Woyner Stanley E r East Hampton Rd Prtlnd 290 

Wrang J P r 7 Park PI 1194 

Wrang James P r 19 Prospect 3736-J 

Wrang Mary Mrs r Mazzotta PI 79-W4 

Wrang Wm E Dr office 296 Main 79-W2 

Residence Mazzotta P! 79-W3 

Wright Florence Mrs r Pine Ridge Crmwl 3238-R 

Wright James H r Haddam 2670-J4 

Wright William A r 103 Lincoln 1906 

Wrubel David A groc 27 Silver 2797 

Residence 42 MacKenzie 2708 

Wrubel Meyer r 27 Silver ' 2664-J 

Wrubel Morris H attorney & coroner 164 Court. . . .90 

.Residence 100 Hunting HI Av 1030 

Wrubel Samuel H r 5 Allison 1836-W 

Wrubel's Inc dept store 392 Main 1200 

Beauty Salon 392 Main 1200 

Wrubel Regina Mrs r 250 Court 264 

Wrubel Arthur M r 21 Pearl 1153 

Wrubel Bernard S r 240 Washington 3226 

Wrubel William F r 35 Home Av . . H 

Wrzos W r 267 William ' 741-R 

Wycinowski Madelyn Miss r 57 Russell 1455-M 

Wyer Herbert H r 129 Main Crmwl 3587-J3 

Wysocki Benj r 35 Walnut 1615-W 


Xenelis Costas r 71 Birdsey Av 4494 


Yale E Ernest r Miner Wstfld 3472-Wl 

Yale Robert L r Rockfall 2421-Jl 

Yantosh Mary Miss r Lake Av Hggnm 2933-Jl 

Yates Everett r 13 Long La 4454-R 

Yoroski Rose M Miss r 20 Air Line Av Prtlnd. .2168-W 

Young Adolph r Cozy Ct Crmwl 1309-W 

Young Alfred B r 254 Boston Rd 3968-Jl 

Young Bernard Mrs r 47 So Main 3586-W 

Young Elmer C Mrs r 65 Oak 2889-J 

Young Ethel Mrs r 1 Glover PI 3014-W 

Young Frank Mrs r 259 William 741-W 

YoungTrank A r 74 Washington Rd Crmwl. .1704-W3 

Young Frank R r 84 Highland Av 3356-W 

Young George r 266 Pine 1308-W 

Young Harold B r 201 So Main 1025 

Young Harold E r 22 Miles Av 1086-J 


Printing & stationery 182 Court 1397 

Residence 11 Miles Av 1727-R 

Young James H r 7 Miles Av ^V^k^ 

Young Jesse r 35 College ,o,, ^, 

Young M Dana r 3 Shanlcy Ct Crmwl 1811-Wl 

Young Margaret Miss r 541 High ^^itS 

YMCA Crescent 2820 

Young Peoples Federation Cromwell SI i 

Young Robert L r 6 Crown -SfeS-J 

Young Thomas J r 113 So Main ^ ^ d 

Young William B Jr r 605 Main 1705-R 

Young Wm B Mrs r 53 Breton Rd 'V'}^a 

Young Winfield E r 239 Main Crmwl 2313.W4 

53 Mid dletowii— Eas» Hampton 


Zabickl Adolf r 32 Warwick 1872 

Zacchio Domenic r 173 Main Crmwl 3588-J3 

Zachary Frank r 34 Silver 537-J 

Zadina Frank r Higganum 4173-W2 

Zagoren Louis r Main Hddm 2610-J2 

Zagoren Milton M r 28 Saybrook Rd 4238-R 

Zaichick A R r 67 Highland Av , .2467-W 

Zajechowski Henry r High Prtlnd 4269-M 

Zaklukiewicz Edward r 1 Omo 3078-J 

Zakrzewski John r 26 So Front 3086-R 

Zampini Columbine Rita Miss r 74 Hfd Av 3878-W 

Zampinl Frank A r 5 Freestone Av Prtlnd 3409-R 

Zampini Joseph F r 79 Bridge 4029-W 

Zanelli Louis J r Main Hggnm 3794-J2 

Zanelli Victor r Higganum 2443-W3 

Zapp Katherlne E Miss r 180 Russell. 3695-J 

Zarolinski Sophie Miss r 61 Fountain Av 1244-R 

Zaroslinski Edward r 77 Center St 4314 

Zatloukal B r Millbrook Rd 2482-W3 

Zawisa James r 6 W Silver 1869-W 

Zawisza J J r 14 Fifth Av 4192 

Zawisza Stanley F r Hendley 3932-R 

Zdunczyk Jean Miss r 135 Asylum 4312-W 

Zeeb George C r 225 College 1174-W 

Zeiser Chas W r 31 Long U 1123-Vll 

Zens August F r 4 West Crmwl 3345-R 

Zetterholm B E r 27 Pleasant Crmwl 1085-R 

Zidler Leo r 29 Villa 2171.J 

Zieroth Ernest r South End Av Drhm 3005-J2 

Zieroth William r Higganum Rd Drhm 2683-Jl 

Zigmont Joseph Mrs r Berlin Rd Crmwl 2915-W2 

Zimmer Anton J r Middlefield .963-Jl 

Zimmerer Fred J Jr r Ridge Rd 2601-R 

Zimmerer W H r Deerfield Av 2331-R 

Zimmerman Herbert I Dr dentist 363 Main 135 

Residence 15 Robert 3717 

Sum res Great Hill Lk Prtlnd 3929-J2 

Zimmerman L Mrs r Durham 697-J3 

Zimmitti Emanuel r 188 Pearl 2119-J 

Zimmitti Joseph r 48 Center St 4181 

Zimmitti Paul r 76 Church 4429-R 

Zimmitti's Grocery Store 49 William I486 

Zink Stanley Mrs r Evergreen Rd Crmwl 4258-J2 

Zisk Stanley r Middlefield St 3210-J3 

Zito Frank Mrs r 146 High 4467-J 

Zlatohlavek Charles r 272 Hunting HI Av 3339-R 

ZIokower Herbert r Randolph Rd 1834-W 

Zuchowski Walter r 128 Uncoln 779-W 

Zuerlein George W r 74 Pearl 3907-R 

Zukowski Frank r 11 Hubbard 2439-W 

Zultanski Steven r 66 Home Av 3274-W 

Zwanzigcr Harry r 113 Hunting Hill Av 2477-R 

Zwingman Irving r Higganum 2775-W3 

Zywno Nick mts & groc 29 Silver 441 

Zywno Steven r 9 Omo 1130-W 

Zywoclenski Edward r Murray 1834-J 

Zywocienski Jennie Mrs r 16 Lake 3917-J 



Acme Machine Tool Co 13 Summit 470 

Adams Minnie H Mrs r Westchester 29'5 

Adier Ralph M r Cobalt 123-4 

Adier Sol r Cobalt * 341-12 

Alden Lester E r Staeth Rd 114-2 

Alden Monroe r Middletown Rd 225-3 

Allen Harold D r Lk Pocotopaug 328-5 

Allen Harold D r 6 Main 39-2 

American Distilling & Mfg Co E High 52 


East Hampton 54 

Anderson Adolph r Forrest 483 

Anderson Arthur r 33 Barton HI 591 

Anderson Carl A r Middletown Rd 199-12 

Anderson Carl I r 12 Bevin Av 147-5 

Anderson Charles W r 2 W High 237-5 

Anderson Harry L r 30 W High 271-3 

Anderson Harry T r Middletown Av 7-2 

Anderson Jacob A Mrs r Middletown Rd 155-5 

Anderson Nellie Mrs r No Main 265-3 

Anderson Paul r Haddam Neck 35-5 

Anderson Wm r Cobalt 155-3 

Andreasen Alfred r E High 264-4 

Archer H B r Marlborough 194-2 

Arnold Steven Mrs r 28 Main 231-12 

Artistic Wire Products Co 1 3 Summit 542 

Aultman Charles S r Hall Pk Mrlbrgh 391-12 

Austin Carrie J Mrs r Marlborough 339-5 

Avery Harrison r Wells Av 311-12 

Azar Raymond W r 27 Edgerton 494 


Babel George W r Haddam Neck 583-12 

Bacon Robert E r 10 No Main 235-5 

Bailey Arnold W expressing Haddam Neck 129-5 

Bailey Emily A Mrs r East Hampton 129-2 

Bailey Flora Mrs r 5 Starr PI 24-2 

Bailey Harry A r 11 Barton HI 227-3 

Barber Allan r Clark HI 233-23 

Bargfrede Sallma Mrs r So Main 51-4 


4 Summit 154 

Barton Edwin A r Hills Av 175-2 

Barton Fred H r 6 Barton HI 202 

Barton J C tools 4 No Main 455-2 

Residence 18 W High 455-3 

Batschelet M Ethel Miss r Colchester Rd 75-13 

Batterson I H r Colchester Av 466 

Bazar Edward r Waterhole Rd Clchstr 128-13 

Becker Henry M r Comstocks Bridge 75-12 

Beckwith Ruth A Miss r 60 Main 165 

Beebe Herbert r 10 W High 38 

Bellman Lewis J r Hog HI Mddl Hddm 125-4 

Bell A L r Old Marlborough Rd 322 

Belltown Alleys E High 287 

Belltown Diner East Hampton 87 

Berlage A r So Main 19-3 

Bcrner Rudolf r So Main 571 

Bessette R C Mrs r Marlborough Rd 328-4 

Bevin Abner G r 19 W High 61 

Bevin Bros Mfg Co mfrs bells Bevin Rd 160 

Bevin C G r 4 Bevin Ct 208 

Bevin Chauncey G 2nd r 29 Summit 54 

Bevin Gordon D r 28 Summit 456 

Bevin Marshall r 2 Bevin Ct 266 

Bevin Stanley A r 11 Lakeview 261 

Bevin & Wilcox Line Co 95 Skinner 335 

Beyer C F r No Main 264-5 

Binge B Mrs r Sears PI 392 

Biondi James R r Colchester Av 464-5 

Biondi Joseph r So Main 544 

BIrner Michael r Young 15-2 

Bishop Geo E Rev r Lk Pocotopaug 17-5 

Bissell George L r 11 E High 312 

Blagodatny Ella Mrs r Middletown Rd 353-5 

Blair Madeline F Miss r 29 Bevin Blvd 476 

Blakeslee Roger r Marlborough 194-13 

Blau Walter A r Sears PI 231-2 

Blish E Allan summer resorts Marlborough 102-2 

Residence Marlborough 339-3 

Bloomfield H B r West Development 574 

Bloomqulst Gunnar r Haddam Neck 132-12 

Boden George r Middle Haddam 443-3 

Boden John r Middle Haddam 332-12 

Boden Percy L r Middle Haddam 443-12 

Bollerer Mae Mrs r Middle Haddam 484-2 

Bolles C S r Marlborough 381-2 

Booma Harry r Marlborough 351-12 

Booming Alice M Miss r Marlborough Rd 315 

Bosse Fernand r Lafayette Rd Mrlbrgh 126-13 

Boule Leon r 7 W High 346 

Brack Arthur r White Birches 8-12 

Brack Chris r White Birches 8-2 

Brack Walter G r White Birch Rd 6-2 

Brady Earl J r Westchester Center. . .- 29-3 

Brainard Asa Mrs r Westchester 162-12 

Bralnard Maude Miss r Cobalt 148-2 

Brainerd E C r Haddam Neck 583-2 

Brainerd Frederick A Mrs r Haddam Neck .. 134-12 

Brainerd William D r Haddam Neck 132-2 

Bransfield Ellen Miss r 7 Barton HI 447 

Bransfield Harold r 39 Main 453 

Braren William r 7 Crescent 227-2 

Breece Everett r 13 Barton HI 572 

Brewer Frederick r White Birches 8-4 

Briggs H F r 42 Main 492 

Bristol Warren E r Westchester Center 77-13 

Broderick Sadie Mrs r Haddam Neck 156-14 

Brooke William D r Shipyard Rd Mddle Hddm 255-3 

Brooks Chauncey D r Haddam Neck 156-5 

Brooks Daniel S r 6 Colchester Av 133 

Brovall Carl r Haddam Neck 63-3 

Brown Carol Miss r 6 Middletown Av 43-4 

Brown Eugene T Dr chiropractic phys 91 Main . .171-2 

Brown Howard C Estate Comstocks Bridge 167-3 

Brown J Marshall r 40 Summit 164-2 

Brown T S Ins Agency Inc 68 Main 66 

Bruggeman Charles Mrs r 48 Barton HI 166 

Bryan James E r 18 Main 367 

Buell Geo W r Marlborough 108-4 

Buell R T r Marlborough 13-3 

Burdick Herbert C r Chestnut HI 15-3 

Burke J B r 1 Edgerton 212 

Burkhardt Herman Mrs r 6 Bevin Av 420 

Burnham Harry J r Middletown Rd 469 

Burr Howard r 16 W High 274 

Burton Ronald r Barbara Av 598 

Butler H Russell r Bay Blvd 384 

Butler Hubert E r Middle Haddam Rd 132-14 

Byloff Carl r Cobalt 138-5 


Caffyn William r Marlborough 102-4 

Cahlll Geo W r 45 Summit 183 

Cahill Mary E Miss r 36 Summit 243 

Calef Arthur B r Middle Haddam 157-12 

Camp Wopowog East Hampton 64 

Campbell Wallace E r West Pt 139 

Canney A Wallace Rev r No Westchester 471-3 

Carlson E George r Haddam Neck 63-2 

Carlson E Samuel r Arrow Pt 387 

Carlson Ethel Miss r Haddam Neck 63-4 

Carlson George W r Middle Haddam 332-3 

Carpenter-Hayes Paper Box Co 8 Walnut Av 179 

Carpenter KIrby r So Main 460 

Carpenter M L r So Main 354 

Carpenter S F r 40 No Main 56 

Carrier G B r Middle Haddam 127-13 

Carrier J A Mrs r Middle Haddam 127-4 

Carrier N B A r Middle Haddam 273-4 

Case Kellogg F r East Hampton 124-4 

Casteran Hortence Mrs r Cobalt 11-5 

Cavanaugh George M r Middle Haddam 356-5 

Cavanaugh Geo T r 41 Barton HI 172-3 

Cavanaugh T M r Middle Haddam 131-2 

Cavanaugh T William r 28 Bevin Blvd 62-12 

Center Garage Barton Hill Rd 98 

Center Package Store 89 Main 171-4 

Cereghlnl John r Middle Haddam .131-3 

Chamberlain Roswell r No Westchester 18-12 

Chapell Charles E r Comstocks Brdg 75-5 

Chapell Myron C r Colchester Av 167-2 

Chapman Arthur r Marlborough 103-14 

Chapman Bertha Mrs r 4 Bevin Av 257-3 

Chapman Melvin r Marlborough 351-3 

Chapman Robert N r Marlborough 103-3 

Chapman W R r Haddam Neck '. .547-12 

Chatham Hall 68 Main 285 


78 Main 16 

Chatham Store The hardware 80 Main 330 

Chelifoux Joseph r E High 253-5 

Christ Church Rectory Middle Haddam 561-5 

Chrlstensen Chris S r Marlborough 108-12 

Christensen Max Mrs r 16 E High 562 

Christianson A r Haddam Neck 33-5 

Christopher Chris M r No Main .340 

Christopher W S r 8 Wells Av 557 

Cisek Peter Mrs r 15 Main ^ 4-2 

Clark A N r Haddam Neck 134-4 

Clark Byron M r Hills Av 175-3 

Clark Dorothy Mae Miss r No Main 6-12 

Clark Fred B r Pickerel Lake Rd Wstchstr 77-12 

Clark Fred B r Westchester 9-5 

Clark George r Depot Hill Rd Cblt 23-3 

Clark Harry L r 134 Main 252 

Clark Helen W Miss r 118 Main 105-12 

Clark John r 8 Maple 192-4 

Clark Lydia E Miss r Middle Haddam 157-5 

Clark Maude A Miss r 10 Main 338 

Clark Nellie Mrs r Watrous 461 

Clark Newton A r 18 Walnut Av 548 

Clark's Corner Store 73 Main 400 

Clearwater Lodge Marlborough Rd 83 

Clement Edward r Middle Haddam 138-3 

Clements Norman V r Bay Blvd 592 

Cobalt General Store Cobalt 21 

Cobalt Village see East Hampton Town Of 

Cobler John r Middletown Rd 225-5 

Coe Hazel Mrs r Lk Pocotopaug 267-4 

Colbert James Mrs r Middletown Rd 353-4 

Coleman Fred r New London Tnpke Mrlbrgh 194-4 

Collendo John r Colchester Av 42-2 

Collins A F r Cobalt 123-3 

Collins Alton B r Middle Haddam 443-4 

Colson F Theodore r Middle Haddam 532-3 

Cone Arthur E r East Hampton 206-4 

Cone Ernest G r 4 W High 14 

Cone Howard A r Middle Haddam 561-3 

Cone Lloyd E Thread Co Moodus. . (toll call) Moodus-90 

Cone Lloyd E r Oak Knoll 234 

Conger David L r Middle Haddam 273-12 

Congregational Church Main 170 

Conklin J Howell r 15 Summit 65 

Conlin Carlton r 120 Main 76-5 

Conn Light & Power Co ofc 81 Main 300 

Night & Sunday calls 264-2 

Forestry Dept 

Meshomasic State Forest Cobalt 238-5 

National War Agencies 

War Price & Rationing Boards 

East Hampton Local 94 Main 269 

Marlborough Local Marlborough 41-2 

Connerton Frank r Marlborough Rd 477 

Conrad James r Haddam Neck 547-13 

Consic Joseph r Colchester Av 42-12 

Cook Eva G Miss r Wells Av 311-3 

Cook Ruby E Mrs r 12 Maple Av 559 

Cookson Delmas B r E High 253-12 

Cooley Arthur r Moodus Rd 128-2 

Cooper Chas D r Middle Haddam 332-4 

Cornwell Merritt J r No Main 307 

CostellQ Barnes J r 13 Maple Av 594 

55 East Hampton 

Coughlin Bernard r Middle Haddam 561-2 

Coughlln James E r Cobalt 445-5 

Cozzi Achille r Middle Haddam 131-5 

Crawford Peter r Marlborough 41-4 

Crawshaw Thomas A r Marlborough 130-12 

Cronstedt Val r Bull HI Rd Mrlbrgh 143-2 

Crosby Frances L Mrs r 2 Crescent 229-2 

Currivan J F r No Main 569 

Curtis Guy W r So Main 539 

Daley Anna A Miss r Flanders Rd 303 

Daley Michael J r Flanders Rd 444 

Dallas Alexander r Haddam Neck 347-3 

Dancause Samuel P r Marlborough 363-5 

Darcy Wm r So Main 248 

Darling Emellne E Miss r Old Marlborough Rd 17-4 

DartRSJr r Middle Haddam 366-3 

Dart Russel r Middle Haddam 366-2 

Day Edith M Mrs r Bevin Av 257-2 

Day Fannie M Miss r 6 Niles 329 


Marlborough Rd 450 

Day Herbert W r 7 Wells Av 120 

Day Jacob A Mrs r Old Marlborough Rd 197 

deLoes Ottolina Cordey Mrs r Old Marlborough Rd.l87 

Dcnison Carrie B Mrs RN Marlborough 102-5 

Denman Thomas A r 136 Main 182 

Denman Thomas Earl r No Main 434 

Dennler Albert r White Birch Rd 454-13 

Dennlcr Otto r White Birch Rd 454-5 

Despard Matthew E r Abbey Rd 565 

Dickinson David B r Cobalt 123-5 

Dickson C Estelle Miss r 149 Main 344 

Dickson Edna M Miss RN 158 Main 45 

Dill Olga Mrs r Moodus Rd 128-3 

Dix James C r Middletown Av 43-12 

Doberrentz T W r Marlborough . 57-5 

Dorrance Elizabeth Mrs r 64 Main 383 

Dorrance William r East Hampton 313 

Dotzsauer Gustave r Middle Haddam 532-4 

Douda Frances Mrs r Colchester Av 464-13 

Dragoo Charles r Middletown Rd . 445-2 

Driggs Roger W r Bay Blvd 27-3 

Duhamel E C r So Main 43-5 

Durgin E R Com r Shipyard Rd Mdl Hddm 255-2 

Duryea LA r E High 546 


Earsy Henry A r 62 Barton Hill Rd 232 

East Hampton Lumber & Coal Co ofc 22 Skinner. . .370 

East Hampton News 17 Barbara Av 256 


Town Clerk's Office 94 Main 320 

Public School Summit 342 

High School Bevin Blvd 220 

Fire Department 

Fire Dept Summit 149-3 

Linquist Fred r 8 Starr PI 149-4 

Morrissey William R r 16 Maple 323 

Weir Merton r 10 Starr PI 55 

O'Conncll Paul r 6 Summit 195 

Edberg William r Marlborough 108-13 

Eddie's Service Station E High 289 

Edgcmere Hotel Lk Pocotopaug , . .230 

Eichlnger Frank r 35 Barton HI 581 

Ekiund Ruth S Mrs r 7 Starr PI 207-2 

Elkln Edward r Cobalt 341-2 

Elklns Thrift Store Main 200 

Ellis Albert T r 17 Barbara Av 256 

Emerson Joseph r 24 W High 271-5 

East Hampton 



40 Broad (toll call) Middletown-2860 

Enegr«n David E r Middle Haddam 132-5 

Engel Howard J r Tartia 263-12 

Engstrom John r White Birch Rd 6-4 

Eriandson E Leonard r 26 Lakcview 573 

Eriandson Edith C Miss r 22 Lakcview 253-2 

Eriandson Elmer George r 32 Barton HI 480 

Evans Howard 8 r Haddam Neck 134-5 

Evans Lewis T r Middle Haddam 356-4 

Evans William H r Middle Haddam 157-4 

Everett William N r Colchester Av .485 

Feegel Fred B r 14 Walnut Av 552 

Fellows Laurence r Middle Haddam 273-2 

Ferdon L r Jones Hollow Mrlbrgh 334-5 

Ferrari John J r Railroad Av 193 

Ferrigno Andrew r 49 Summit 298 

FinleyMBMrs r No Westchester..! 471-4 

Fitch FT Mrs r 43 Main 10 

Fitch Grosvenor G r 8 No Main 264-13 

Flood Ellery M r Middletown Av 46 

Flood Merton r 39 Walnut Av 374 

Flynn Daniel Mrs r 11 Bevin Blvd 257-5 

Fowler Carlton S r 3 Lakeview 522 

Fowler George C r 8 Lakeview 437 

Francfort Alfred H r Middle Haddam 129-3 

Franson Carl r Marlborough 108-14 

Frontell Harry A r 48 Summit 378 

Fuller Augustus H r Middletown Av 361-2 

Fuller C G r 122 Main 76-4 

Fuller John A r Marlborough 334-3 

GahrmannJohn r North Westchester 9-14 

Gallup W E Mrs r 34 No Main 396 

Galvin Frank r Chestnut HI 15-13 

Galvin Mary Mrs r 12 Bevin Av 147-2 

Ganter Charles E r Marlborough 126-12 

Gardner Norman H MD office 43 Main 121-2 

U no answer call 1" 

Gardner Norman H Mrs r 22 Summit 121-3 

Gardner R H r Flanders Rd 302 

Garvey Paul V 34 W High 70 

Gates F F r 3 E High 358 

Gates F Kilbourne r 12 Colchester Av 451 

Gee Signe Mrs RN Middletown Rd Cblt 138-4 

Gillette S C r Haddam Neck ^ • ■ 156-3 

Gillette Sterling CJr r Haddam Neck Rd. .... .547-2 

Gillon Edward r 56 W High 213-3 

Gilmour Andrew r No Westchester 471-2 

Glass Guy B r Layfette Rd Mrlbrgh 59-12 

Gleason Charles G r Hall Mrlbrgh 363-12 

Goff Eugene B r 7 Lakeview 253-4 

Goff Livie M Mrs r Middletown Av 173-3 

Goff Louis C r E High 421 

Goff Mary A Mrs r Middletown Av 361-4 

Goff Royal r 6 Lakeview 343 

Goff Violet C Mrs r Old Marlborough Rd 328-2 

Gong Bell Mfg Co bell & toy mfrs 6 Walnut Av 152 

Goodrich Annie W Miss r Westchester 77-2 

Goodrich E T Mrs r 5 Barton HI 184 

Gorden A r Clark HI 233-13 

Gorin Bessie W Mrs r 12 Maple Av 326 

Gorman John r W High 528 

Gorrcck August r Lyman Viaduct 143-3 

Gorrick Joe r No Westchester 161-4 

Gorsuch W Ellsworth r Old Marlborough Rd 308 

Gove W D r Marlborough 102-14 

Gowen Louise Mrs r Middletown Rd 553 

Grant Elizabeth Miss r O'Neil Dr 247-14 

Grape Victor r Cobalt • •138-2 

Greaves William E r Middle Haddam 532-2 

Greene Earl H r Marlborough 334-13 

Gregory H Theodore r Middle Haddam 366-13 

Griggs Claude r 34 Bevin Blvd 362 

Grover George C Mrs r Middletown Av 7-4 

Grover Newton L r Colchester Av 240 

Guiot Joseph r Staeth Rd 114-13 

Gustafson August W r East Hampton • 206-5 

Gustafson Nils r Haddam Neck 63-5 

Gutterman Julius r Marlborough 13-13 


Haas August r Middle Haddam 366-4 

Haddam Neck Village sec East Hampton Town Of 

Hale Leon A r 35 Walnut Av 176-2 

Hale Milton W r Middle Haddam 157-14 

Hall Allan A r Marlborough 57-4 

Hall Charles A r 45 No Main 524 

Hall Clifford B r East Hampton 27-2 

Hall Elmer E r Marlborough 59-4 

Hall George B r 28 Edgcrton 107-12 

Hall Malcolm r Haddam Neck Rd 132-4 

Hallberg Edwin C r 24 Main 584 

Hallberg Elmer r Middle Haddam 125-3 

Hallberg Emma Mrs r Middle Haddam 131-4 

Hallberg Frances Mrs r Hog HI 4- .131-13 

Hallberg Paul r Middle Haddam 332-5 

Hallberg Roy r Hog HI Rd 131-12 

Hammell Abe r Cobalt 11-3 

Hammerseth Louis r Haddam Neck 583-5 

Hammond Harry J r 64 Main 31-5 

Hammond Lester Mrs r 24 No Main 265-2 

Hancox L N r No Westchester 9-12 

Hand William r 12 Wells Av 231-5 

Hangen J A r 50 Main 566 

Hanna William Jr r Middle Haddam 356-3 

Hanna William Sr r Middle Haddam 148-12 

Hansen Carl E r Old Marlborough Rd 141 

Hansen Hans M r Old Marlborough Rd 188-2 

Hansen Henry M r Old Marlborough Rd 188-3 

Hanson J W r Tartia 263-2 

Hansson Bernhard r Haddam Neck 35-2 

Harger Sterling r So Main 136-4 


East Hampton Branch 66 Main 72 

Hartinger John r East Hampton 53-4 

Hart's Cabin Trailer Camp Lk Pocotopaug 293 

Hathaway Inne Inc No Main 96 

Healey Claire Miss r 8 Maple 369 

Healey Daniel W r 146 Main 178-3 

Hedrick Frederick G r East Hampton 8-5 

Hedrick Joseph r East Hampton 8-5 

Heidelberg Inn Lakeview 84 

Hendrickson Edward r Skinner 7-3 

Hersey Lyie r Marlborough 185-3 

Hill Lillian B Miss r 48 Skinner 361-12 

Hill Mabelle S Miss r 48 Skinner 50 

Hill N N Brass Co mfrs bJls 25 Skinner 20 

Hill N N r 56 Main 5 

Hill N N r Arrow Pt 336 

Hill Norman W r 50 Main 357 

Hill Wyman N r 46 Main 122 

Hills H G r 19 Summit 218 

Hills P S r 29 No Main 265-13 

Hitchcock Earl Jr r Colchester Av i 464-4 

Hitchcock Earl C r 152 Main 352 

Hitchcock Kenneth E r 50 Barton HI 386 

Hitchcock Raymond r 45 Barton HI 427 

Hitchcock Wilbur D r 11 Main 249 

Hodge Floyd r Marlborough 53-23 

Hodge L E r Marlborough 53-2 

Hoffman Robert Rev r Haddam Neck 589-12 

Holahan William r Marlborough 488-4 

Holcomb Max r Abbey Rd 206-3 

Holley Harold r No Main 586 

Hollister Edward Mrs r East Hampton 238-2 

Hollister Robert J r r Markham 580 

Holm John W r Air Line Av 377 

Holman Ward G r Marlborough 488-3 

HolmqulstC T r Haddam Neck 134-2 

Holt Galpin Mrs r 29 No Main 355 

Horowitz Henry r Marlborough 219-12 

Hosking Robert R r 14 W High 489 

House Carleton r Cobalt 148-13 

House Howard r 52 Main 31-4 

House N E Co r Middletown Rd 540 

House Neal E r Middletown Rd 199-4 

House Theodore r Middletown Rd 199-3 

Hovey George A r 51 Main 31-12 

Hoxie Myrtle Mrs r So Main 76-3 

Hoyrup Henry r Edgerton 587 

Hubbard Harold Mrs r Great HI Rd Cblt 68-2 

Hudec Joseph r Cobalt 181-5 

Hughes W E r Middletown Rd 462 

Hurd Louis r Middle Haddam 125-12 

Hurd Park caretaker Middle Haddam . . , 356-2 

Hurlburt Evelyn Mrs r Young 15-4 

Buschke Helen Miss RN 107 Main 105-2 

Hyde Courtney r Middle Haddam 158-3 

Hyde H C Deaconess r Middle Haddam 158-2 

Hyde Sarah E Miss RN Cobalt 148-3 

Hyde Thomas A Mrs r 14 Maple 192-12 


Ideal Inn Marlborough .- . . . 292-2 

Ingraham John H r 2 Hills Av 175-4 

Ingraham Leon E r Wells Av 305 

Isacson Gus r Colchester Av 217 

Isacson John U r Colchester Av 422 

Isleib Arthur r Marlborough 53-5 

Isleib Martin r Marlborough 339-12 

Isleib Roger r West Rd Mrlbrgh 339-4 

Islieb Charles r Marlborough 334*12 

Ivers Fred r No Main 433 

Ivers Julia A Miss r 30 Bevin Av 62-2 

Ivy Inne No Main 296 


Jacobson Helen D Mrs r Colchester Av 464-12 

Jaffe Paul r East Hampton 128-5 

Jarvis J C r New London Tnpkc Mrlbrgh 103-12 

Jenks W K r Haddam Neck 33-12 

Jewell Spencer M r E High 189 

Johnsen Olaf r 19 E High 145-2 

Johnson Albln r Tartia 464-3 

Johnson Alice T Miss r Haddam Neck 63-13 

Johnson Arthur William r Haddam Neck 547-4 

Johnson Bertha D Mrs r 26 No Main 235-3 

Johnson C r 20 W High 564 

Johnson George I lumber Haddam Neck 33-4 

Johnson Gustav A r Marlborough 108-2 

Johnson Helmar r Haddam Neck 589-2 

Johnson Ida H Miss r Middle Haddam 273-5 

Johnson John r Cobalt 23-5 

Johnson John A r Alden's Crossing 48-5 

Johnson Joseph r 31 Barton 150 

Johnson Olga J Miss r So Main 51-5 

Johnson Paul r Haddam Neck 33-14 

Jones Walter r So Main 526 

Jones Wayne r White Birch Rd 124-2 


Kagerer Joseph r Forrest , 172-2 

Kaminske Alice Mrs r Colchester Av 464-14 

Kane John F r Old Marlborough Rd 106 

Kane John T r 36 Walnut Av 376 

Karlson Anton T r Marlborough 381-4 

57 East Hampton 

Kaufman Samuel r Middletown Rd 577 

Kavanaugh Nelson T r 14 Colchester Av 459 

Kellogg A J r 41 Main 4-5 

Kennedy Mary H Mrs r Marlborough 185-12 

Kilpatrick William r Cobalt 11-4 

Kimball W D r Middle Haddam 222 

King Gerald E r Middle Haddam 58-12 

Kinghorn Harry r Marlborough 59-2 

Knapp Walter r Old Marlborough Rd 247-4 

Knudsen A r Marlborough Rd 328-3 

Kochuck Ignace r 103 Markham 48-2 

Kosinsky Theodore S r So Main 538 

Kowa Rudy r Gleason La Mrlbrgh 363-14 

Krotky Agnes Miss r 11 Summit 278, 

Krotky Arthur R r 128 Main 438l 

Kruger Paul r Haddam Neck 347-4 

Kuhne WMrs r Cobalt Rd Cblt 238-3 

KulakowskI John r White Birch Rd 454-4 

Kuritz Fred E r Haddam Neck 129-12 

Kuzmech Robert R r 10 Lakeview 253-3 


Lagerstrom Godfrey Mrs r 20 Colchester Av 113 

Lair J Edward Rev r 14 Barton HI 331 

Laird D A Dr r Blacksmith Hill Rd Mddle Hddm. 127-12 

Lake View House F Heirendt No Main 93 

Lamont Andrew Mrs r Westchester 9-2 

Lane Samuel V r Meeks Pt 17-3 

Langdon Elwood F r Haddam Neck 129-14 

Langdon Harriet Mrs r 6 Bevin Blvd 439 

Langdon J A Mrs r Haddam Neck 33-2 

Lanzi A A r 12 Walnut Av 482 

Lanzi Morris r 21 Walnut Av Ill 

LaPiene Norman r 7 Middletown Av 551 

Larrow Colin A r Middletown Rd 353-12 

Larson Carl E r Marlborough Lk Mrlbrgh 126-2 

Lasch Albert r 7 Railroad Av 24-3 

Lawrence John r 14 Lakeview 247-12 

Leewitz Georges r 26 Barton HI 118 

Leonard Fred r Middle Haddam 58-3 

Lester Robert r Marlborough 57-14 

Lewis Arthur E Mrs r Cobalt 181-12 

Leydens Dingeman r Middle Haddam 127-14 

Lieser W H r Jones Hollow Mrlbrgh 334-4 

Lieser William A r West Rd Mrlbrgh 339-14 

Lind C Alexander r Middle Haddam 561-12 

Lindqulst Conrad r 42 Main 135 

Lindquist Fengal J r Arrow Pt 27-5 

Lindquist Fritz r Colchester Av 423 

Lindquist G F r Colchester Av 42<4 

Lindstrom C A Mrs r Lk Pocotopaug 82 

Little Louis W r 138 Main '145 

Loffredo Louis Dr r Scars PI 388 

Logan Milton C r Meeks Pt 104 

Loomis Geo T r Westchester 29-12 

Loos George Jr r White Birch Rd 454-3 

Lord F Genevra Miss r 2 Crescent 319 

Lord George B r So Main 136-12 

Lord Howard B r Marlborough 334-2 

Lord John B r Marlborough 185-5 

Lord Milton J r Marlborough , 57-2 

Lord Norman R r Marlborough 57-3 

Loshe Lillie D Miss r Middle Haddam 366-5 

Lowenhaupt R H r Middle Haddam 273-13 

Luddy John E r Middle Haddam .443-2 

Lund F r Haddam Neck 347-13 

Lundell Charles r Haddam Neck 35-4 

Lyman Herbert r Marlborough Rd 114-12 

Lyman William H r 47 Barton HI. . :! 474 

Lynch Arthur J r 28 Main 321-3 

Lyons Robert Jr r 130 Main 19-5 

If dissatisfied with your present dealer or service- 
look in the Yellow Pages. 

East Hampton 58 

M "" ~ 

Machen Louise K Mrs r Layfcttc Rd Mrlbrgh 59-3 

Mack Elizabeth G Mrs r 22 Main 321-4 

Mack George W r Abbey Rd 478 

MacNaught George K Rev r Marlborough 130-5 

Madigan Mary Mrs r Middletown Rd 211 

Maitland Claudine r Bay Blvd 371 

Malbuisson Henry r Cobalt 23-4 

Maples Louis r 14 Edgerton 385 

Markham C C r 141 So Main . .'. 242 

Markham Clyde N r So Main 116-5 

Markham Hiram W r Tartia t 263-3 

Markham N H Mrs r So Main 178-4 

Markham Percy P r 8 E High 309 

Markham W W B r 7 E High 145-4 

Markham W W B & Son insurance & rl est E ^igh 60 

Markham William N r Chestnut HI 15-5 

Marlborough Tavern Marlborough 294-2 


Town Clerk office Marlborough 41-13 

Maton Jules r 31 Summit 47 

McCabe Don L r E High 570 

McClench Cora C Miss RN 4 Summit 560 

McClure Ruth Mrs r Cobalt 11-2 

McGuire James T r W High 431 

McLean Frank H Jr r Cobalt 11-14 

Mead H B r 8 Main 39-3 

Mead Sarah L Miss r 36 Main 36 

Meagher Edward A r Young 112-12 

Meder Joseph A r 27 Main 321-2 

Metcalf Charles r Young 79 

Michael Philip r Cobalt 341-5 

Middle Haddam School Middle Haddam 125-5 

Middle Haddam Store genl mdse Middle Haddam. .332-2 
Middle Haddam Village see East Hampton Tovi^n Of 

Milburn John D Dr r 13 W High 117 

Mills Edward r Colchester Av 42-3 

Mills Henry r Middle Haddam 379-5 

Millward Charles W restaurant No Main 468 

Miner William H r Marlborough 103-4 

Minnick Paul W r Bull HI 143-13 

Mitchell Harry r White Birch Rd 6-5 

Moard Walter r 32 Bevin Blvd 394 

Montstream Edwin r Marlborough 53-12 

Moody Lillian Mrs r Middletown Rd 199-2 

Moon Andrew J r 3 W High 74 

Moore James W r Arrow Pt 306 

Moore Joseph H r 35 Summit 556 

Moore Roy r Middletown Rd 353-3 

Morehouse Laurence r Leesville 101-5 

Morassini Raymond r Forest 172-5 

Morgensen Victor r 22 Colchester Av 254 

Moriarity Mildred Miss r 38 W High 142 

Moriarty Jennie Mrs r Champion HI 279 

Moriarty Sadie Mrs r 10 Wells Av 364 

Morrissey Anthony r 18 Maple 163 

Myers F A r Marlborough 13-12 


Neil Alfred B r Comstock's Bridge 75-4 

Neal Dan A r Westchester 162-5 

Ncidlingcr Olin E r Lk Pocotopaug 27-12 

Nelson Emil r East Hampton 178-2 

Nelson Emil Mrs r Haddam Neck 63-14 

Nelson Florence Miss r Colchester Av 463 

Nelson Oscar r Marlborough 103-2 

Nelson Swan r 9 Crescent 229-4 

New Haven & Shore Line Railway Co Barton Hill Rd.98 

New Method Laundry Corp High 465 

NVNH&HRRCo Pass Sta East Hampton 12 

Newell J C Mrs r Cobalt 443-5 

Nichols Edward P r 56 Barton HI 209 

Nichols Harold r So Main 116-2 

Nichols James R Mrs r Skinner 37S-2 

Nichols Joseph r Skinner 375-3 

Nichols Marshall M r 25 No Main 490^ 

Nichols Milton W Parksidc 401 

Residence 23 No Main 235-2 

Nichols Owen r Hills 597 

Nichols Robert E r 3 Lakeview 251-2 

Nichols Sidney Mrs r Great HI Rd Cblt 68-3 

Nichols Stanley W r 31 No Main 428 

Nielsen A T r Pocotopaug Ter 563 

Nielsen Otto r Haddam Neck 347-5 

Nilsen Harry S r Haddam Neck 134-13 

Nordberg Arvid r Young 112-2 

Norris Frederick W r Westchester 162-13 

Norton C H Co fibre manufacturer No Westchestcr.226-2 

Norton Edward r No Westchester 226-12 

Norton Sylvina C Miss r No Westchester 226-3 

Nowsch Max r Marlborough 381-5 

Nyman Motor Sales E High 223 


Oakwood Camp Lk" Pocotopaug 280 

O'Connell Donald J r 29 Barton HI 49 

O'Connell John D r 47 Summit 159 

Of shay Barney L r Marlborough 41-3 

Of shay Bros auto suppls mts & groc Marlborough. .283 

Ofshay Frances Mrs r Marlborough 41-12 

Olafsson Ami r Marlborough Rd 191 

Olandcr John F r Marlborough 381-3 

Oliver Anthony A r Marlborough 102-5 

Oliver Herbert r Lk Pocotopaug 593 

Olsen Waller A r 132 Main 555 

Olson Albin J r Forrest 224 

Orttle Julia Mrs r Young 112-3 

Ostergren Carl r Cobalt 181-3 

Ostergren Reuben E garage Cobalt 181-2 

Residence Cobalt 181*4 

Ostergren Robert N r Cobalt 341-3 


Palmer Edmund r Watrous 541-2 

Palmer Edna Miss r Watrous 588 

Palmer Fred A r Old Marlborough Rd 17-2 

Paquin J A r Marlborough Rd 247-13 

Parker J J r Middle Haddam 129-4 

Parmelee Nellie Mrs r Middle Haddam 157-3 

Pasternak Walter r 108 Main 576 

Peck Edward T r Westchester 162-2 

Peck Raymond N r Middle Haddam 561-4 

Pelletti Frank r Middletown Rd 318 

Pelletti Joseph r Middletown Rd 317 

Perrin Michael J r Staeth Rd 351-2 

Peterson Frederick r Main 4-4 

Peterson J Raymond r Aldens Crossing 48-3 

Peterson J T r So Main 19-2 

Peterson Knut W r Flanders Rd 426 

Peterson Walter r So Main 136-2 

Peterson Werner r White Birch Rd 124-3 

Pettengill Louis r Flanders Rd .471-12 

Pettengill Myron N r Marlborough 103-5 

Pettengill Roy B r Marlborough 126-3 

Phelps Flora C Mrs r Westchester 162-4 

Phelps Jennie Miss r Cove Meadow Rd 156-13 

Phelps Mary Mrs r Westchester 77-4 

Planeta Stanley r Marlborough 108-12 

Pocotopaug Lodge Lk Pocotopaug 82 

Porter Frank E r Marlborough 103-13 

Porter Henry H r Chapman Rd Mrlbrgh 102-12 

Post Edith M Miss nurse Old Marlborough Rd 382 

Post Ernest r 14 Walnut Av 236 

Pranowitz J r Westchester 162-3 

Purple Arnold A r 14 E High 245 

Purple Norman W r 146 Main 37 

Purtscher Josephine Miss r Middle Haddam 475 


East Hampton 

Qulnn E J r Flanders Rd 276 

Rakatzky A F r 22 Main 575 

RankI John livestock Marlborough 143-5 

Residence Marlborough 143-4 

RankI Joseph wood & charcoal Marlborough 41-5 

RankI M G r Marlborough 219-3 

Ration Boards Local 

East Hampton • .269 

Marlborough 41-2 

Ravitch Harry Haddam Neck 547-5 

Ravoli Sylvester r 17 E High 145-13 

Ray Ellen Mrs r East Hampton 206-12 

Raymond W K r Colchester 77-3 

Read D A r Haddam Nerk 134-3 

Read Franklin B r Middle Haddam 255-4 

Reisinger Wolf r Middletown Rd 204 

Rich E J r 42 Main 228 

Rich Gerald r Starr PI 119 

Rich H C 15 W High 85 

Rich John R r Starr PI 246 

Rich Robert H r 4 Crescent 359 

Rich Selwyn r 40 Walnut 372 

Richter Ferdinand r Middle Haddam 58-4 

Ridgway Ivison B Mrs r Middletown Rd 529 

Roberts Ernest F r Haddam Neck 589-5 

Roberts Paul r Marlborough 219-2 

Robinson Daniel r 44 Walnut 599 

Robinson Herman Mrs r Forrest 203 

Rogers Bradley r 107 Main 137 

Rohrbach Charles H Captain r Haddam Neck. . . .583-13 

Rosenblatt Jacques A r East Hampton 128-14 

Royce Alfred H r 82 Main 227-4 

Royce Bert r So Main 481 

Royce Henry J r r West Rd Mrlbrgh 339-13 

Royce Henry Mrs r 42 Walnut Av 558 

Ryan Eleanor J Miss r 22 W High 271-4 

Ryan John M r Walnut Av 365 

Sagarino Dan r Marlborough 57-13 


896 Main Hfd (toll call) Hartford-2-7171 

Sandin Eric r East Hampton .101-3 

Sandin GustaveT Mrs r Haddam Neck 33-3 

Saner William W r Marlborough 114-3 

Sartre Kenneth r Cobalt 23-13 

Saucier Alfred r Middletown Av 568 

Savitski Joseph r No Westchester 161-2 

SavitskI Stanley r No Westchester 161-13 

Savitsky Theodore r No Westchester 161-14 

Schandall John r Tartia Rd 263-4 

Scherp Frederick r East Hampton 155-12 

Schlag Robert J r Main Mddle Hddm 366-12 

Scholl Allen E r West Pt 390 

Schwartz Louis C r Middletown Rd 442 

Scott Lester r Lake View 493 

Scranton Elizabeth Mrs r 10 Bevin Blvd 140 

Segal Aaron r 20 Summit 241-5 

Selden Howard A r Middle Haddam 273-3 

Selden Thos J r Haddam Neck 547-3 

Selective Service Local Draft Board 34 55 Main 40 

Sellew L B r 130 Main 491 

Scllew Ralph G r So Main 299 

Sevenair John E r 13 Kayrock Rd 533 

Sexton AW r 7 Main 39-4 

Sexton L Perry r 18 Summit 316-2 

Sexton Willis G r 10 Crescent 229-3 

Shailor Chas L r No Westchester 18-4 

Shailor's Garsge No Westchester 18-3 

Shanahan J C r Middle Haddam 58-13 

Shapiro Jos S No Westchester 161-3 

Sharpe LeRoy r Bay Blvd 27-4 

Shepard C F r Middle Haddam 379-4 

Shorey Clayton H r Young 101-13 

Siebert Leonard r 42 Barton HI 214 

Sieberts Bakery 97 Main 440 

Sieverts Fred r Haddam Neck 63-12 

Silverberg Samuel r Marlborough 185-2 

Simington William E Mrs r^ Pocotopaug Ter 567 

Simmons David r 20 No Main 590 

Simonson Arnold A r 13 Starr PI 207-3 

Sjoblad Karl r White Birch Rd 124-5 

Skinner Nellie /Mrs r No Westchester 161-12 

Slack Theodore W r Middle Haddam 58-5 

Slater Edwin W r East Hampton 101-14 

Smith David P Dr r Bay Blvd 216 

Smith Eaton E r Bevin Blvd 147-3 

Smith Lena Mrs r 24 Walnut Av 171-5 

Smith LeRoy R r Middle Haddam 148-5 

Smith Martin r Young 101-12 

Smith Peter r 60 Barton HI 436 

Smith Samuel r Haddam Neck 35-14 

Smith William W r Cove Meadow Rd 583-3 

Smith WilmerW r 9 Wells Av 373 

Snell Harold r Colchester 9-13 

Snow Minnie R Miss r 30 Main 277-2 

Soderstcn J Oscar r 5 W High 297 

Solomon Bros general store No Westchester 161-3 

Soreff Louis Dr office 17 Main 270 

Business Office 141 College Middletown 

Ask Operator for Business Office 

Information — Ask Operator for Information 

Repair Service — Ask Operator for. . Repair Service 
Architects & Builders Service 

128 Washington Middletown 

(No toll chg) Ask operator for. . . . Enterprlse-8080 

Spencer Burton W r Marlborough Rd 328-12 

Spencer Ernest R r 3 Main 389 


112 Main 452-2 

Spencer Helen Miss r Marlborough Rd 432 

Spencer WaKer B r 142 Main 452-3 

Spicer E A r Old Marlborough Rd 247-2 

Stabile Emilio J r Tartia Rd 464-2 

.Standish Arthur L r Colchester 77-5 

Standish George H r Westchester 29-2 

Staples H L r Marlborough 13-23 

Starr A M Net Co Summit 250 

Starr Ambrose M r 3 Starr PI 110 

Starr Robert J r 13 Main 44 

Starr Bessie C Mrs r 34 Barton HI 180 

Starr Bros Bell Co 12 Summit 1 

Starr Allen E r 3 Starr PI 110 

Starr Georgianna Mrs r 137 Main 107-3 


Sta K Hartford Rd (toll call) Colchester-321 

Stenquist Warner r 26 Fairview Ay Mrlbrgh 363-2 

Stevens Daniel L r Bay Blvd 27-14 

Steves Auto Sales 91 Main 260 

Stewart SamI r Middletown Rd Cblt 123-2 

Stocking J H r 19 Main 78 

Stoltz Alfred L r New London Tnpkc Mrlbrgh ... 185-4 

Strickland Clarence r Middle Haddam 356-13 

Strickland Herbert r 26 Summit 448 

Strong Anson r Haddam Neck 347-2 

Strong Charles H r 37 Walnut Av 176-5 

Strong Gordon r 153 Main 115 

Strong Harold J r White Birch Rd 454-2 

Strong Herbert W r Colchester Av 75-3 

Strong Leo G r 13 Wells Av . .262 

Strong Matthew r 24 Summit 169 

Strong Milton C r White Birch Rd 454-12 

Strong Ralph W r East Hampton 310 

Surowiak Frank r Westchester 18-2 

Eost Hampton ^0 

Swanson Alfred r Middle Haddam 532-5 

Swanson Carl / r W High 239 


Tamm Fred W r Haddam Neck 583-4 

Taylor Albert r Bauer Hill Rd 267-3 

Taylor Cecil H r Middle Haddam 131-14 

Taylor John I r West Development .233-3 

TELEPHONE CO — see Southern New England Tel Co 

Terp Carl r Chestnut HI 71 


Office E High 520 

Terry Samuel r Middlctown Av 457 

Thatcher Forrest G r 17 Barton HI 424 

Thatcher Ralph r 19 Bevin Blvd 147-4 

Thatcher Raymond r 16 No Main 446 

Thatcher's High 465 

Thienes Elmer T Rev r Marlborough 59-5 

Thomas Theodore r Cobalt 138-14 

Tibbals Ernest r 9 W High 549 


95 Main 92 

Torkelson Charles E insur 68 Main 66 

Residence 8 Colchester Av 215 

Torkelson Rose Mrs r 12 Middlctown Av 43-2 

Trawick W Douglas r Middle Haddam 561-14 

Treblas Anita Miss r 25 No Main 473 

Trudeau Edward W r Marlborough 13-2 

Turcottc Henry J r Marlborough 102-3 

Turner James Jr r 8 Crescent 275 

Turner James C r 38 Barton HI 272 

Tyler James J Rev r 33 W High 30 


United States Employment Service 279 Main 

(toll call) Middletown-3480 

Post Office Main 333 

National War Agencies 

War Price & Rationing Boards 

East Hampton Local 94 Main 269 

Marlborough Local Marlborough 41-2 


Valentine R H r Haddam Neck 156-2 

Valentine Thomaj J r r 12 No Main 497 

Valley View Poultry Farm Clark HI 233-2 

Valli Theresa M Miss r Smith 268 

Varney K W r 145 Main 397 

Velldeth Frederick r Marlborough Rd 351-5 

Vergason J C r Marlborough 130-4 

Vine Alfred r 19 Hall Mrlbrgh 363-3 

Voelker Paul r 154 Main 174 

Voison Leon J r 39 Barton HI 393 

Vondrich Emanuel r Flanders Rd ^2^ 


Walker John Mrs r Marlborough 126-5 

Walker L P Mrs r Middle Haddam 379-2 

Walker's Filling Station Marlborough 91-3 

Wall Clement H r So Main 550 

Wall F J r Middlctown Rd 67 

Wall Funeral Home 34 W High 70 

Wall & Garvey Service Station 36 W High 288 

Wall James F r 4 Starr PI 337 

Wall M W r So Main 144 

Wall R A blksmth 85 Main 168-5 

Residence 33 Summit 251-3 

Wall R Joseph r Middlctown Rd 225-4 

Wall Richard J r 50 W High 100 

Wall Robert r Cobalt 341-4 

Wall T M r Cobalt 23-2 

Wall Thomas r 6 Starr PI 24-4 

Wallis George r White Birch Rd 6-4 

Wallis Lillian Mrs r Lk Pocotopaug 537 

Wallsten David E r Haddam Neck 35-3 

Walsh James J r 18 E High 525 

Walsh William A r Barbara Rd 196 

Walsh's Market meats & groceries W High 350 

Walstedt Paul A r 3 Bevin Av 22 

Walton Charles r 43 Barton HI 172-4 

Walton George Mrs r Flanders Rd 327-4 

Warzecha Rose Mrs r No Main 151 

Waterman R H r Lk Terramuggus Mrlbrgh 102-13 

Wathen T A r Marlborough 391-3 

Watrous C M r 28 Summit 345 

Watrous Herbert D r 116 Main 304 

Watson Harry G r Abbey Rd 206-2 

Webb George r Arrow Pt Rd 425 

Weber John E r Haddam Neck . . 589-13 

Wedgwood J Dean Mrs r No Main 221 

Weinzierl John r Marlborough Rd 449 

Weir Ethlyn Mrs r 16 No Main 69 

Weir Jerome F r Marlborough 13-4 

Wells Eleanor R Mrs r 42 No Main 231-4 

Wells John B r 38 No Main 311-2 

Wentworth Nathan W r Haddam Neck 134-14 

West Claude A r So Main 496 

West George A r 14 No Main 235-4 

West Ola M Mrs r 28 Main 277-3 


No Westchester E Hmptn 161-3 

Western Union Telegraph Co Railroad Sta. 12 

To send a telegram cablegram or radiogram 
at any time 

Ask operator for Western Union 

Weyers Richard r Cobalt 445-4 

White Bruce r West Development .527 

White Geo K r 17 Summit 360 

Whiton Arthur W Mrs r 10 Edgerton 107-4 

Whittles Linton E r West Development 233-4 

WhittyJohnW r 9 Maple 523 

Whyte Dorothy L Mrs r Marlborough 185-14 

Wiard J B r Middle Haddam 125-13 

Wilcox Edward L r 30 Walnut Av 176-4 

Wilcox John M r 16 Summit 398 

Wilkes Charles r Youpg 112-4 

Wilkes Geo E r East Hampton 132-3 

Wilkinson J E r Bay Blvd 578 

Willerford Thomas r Summit 241-12 

Willey Dcrwood r Clark HI 205 

Williams A D r 25 Barton HI 227-5 

Williams Albion Jr r Cobalt 123-13 

Williams David A r 43 Walnut Av 176-3 

Williams Kenneth r Barbara Rd 264-3 

Wilson's Eva Beauty Shoppe 77 Main 168-3 

WImmer John A r Marlborough 53-3 

WIndmiller Everett r 88 Main 585 

Witkin Abe r Barbour Rd 579 

Wolthauscn L H r Wopowog Rd 101-4 

Woodruff C A r So Main 177 

Worms Theresa Mrs r Middlctown Rd 368 

Worthington J R r 1 Main 28 

Wright Holdcn r Marlborough 126-4 



Middlctown Rd 32 

Youngs Ray r Middlctown Rd 32 


Zanlungo Pasquale r Cobalt Rd 238-4 

Zawadsky John r Westchester 9-3 

Zawisza Joseph r No Westchester 18-5 

Ztrvtr William r Marlborough. . . : 130-2 


Alexander A D r East Haddam 231-3 

Alexander C C r E Haddam 217 

Alger Albert r East Haddam 32-5 

Angersola Joseph r Moodus 251 

Arnold Lloyd r E Haddam 71-13 

Artzybasheff Boris r East Haddam 228-4 

Auster Morris r Falls Rd ' 29-32 

Auster Philip r Colchester Av 158 

Averill Jennie Mrs r Moodus 167-2 

Axelrod J Mrs r No Moodus 118 

Ayres Lillian Mrs r E Haddam 69-2 




Bailey William F r East Haddam 228-13 

Baliek Fred r Petticoat La E Hddm 246-13 

Baliek Fred T Jr r E Haddam 145-2 

Baliek Rudolph r E Haddam 91-12 

Balvin Joseph r East Haddam 32-12 

Banner Jack r North Moodus 7 

Banner Rose Mrs r Moodus 20 

Baron Ida Mrs r Moodus 25-4 

Baroni Ernest r Town E Hddm 233-5 

Baskin Sarah M Mrs r E Haddam 145-14 

Batchelder William E r Moodus 207 

Beebe R L r E Haddam 28-3 

Belanich William r E Haddam 27-5 

Berner Wm r Moodus 210-3 

Bernstein Charles r Moodus 149 

Bibbiani Gene J r Moodus 81-13 


3 Silver (toll call) Middletown-334 

Bielat Stanley K meats & groceries Moodus 106 

BielotWalter r Moodus 117 

Bigelow Mary Smith Mrs r E Haddam 76-3 

Bill's Soda Shop Moodus 3 

Bixby B J r Sawmill Rd 153 

Blaschik Joseph r E Haddam • 83-14 

Blaschik Stanley r East Haddam 231-2 

Blaschik William r E Haddam 72-2 

Bloch Paul P r Moodus 62-4 

Bloch Thomas r Moodus 248 

Boardman Eugene r E Haddam 78-13 

Boardman Norman D r E Haddam 164-3 

Boardman Samuel r East Haddam 69-14 

Bockstein D r E Haddam 28-23 

Bogel Joseph Jr r East Haddam 95-13 

Bogel Wm A r East Haddam 229-13 

Bohn Frank S r Millington Rd E Hddm 136-4 

Bower Joseph F r Moodus 184 

Bower Lawrence r Moodus 31-13 

Braczkowski S r Moodus 228-5 

Bradley Dwight J Dr r Wickam Rd E Hddm 202-12 

Bragdon Norman r E Haddam 98-2 

Breslow Boarding House Town E Hddm 10 

Breslow Meyer r Town E Hddm 230-13 

Bridge Way Inn Leesville 4 

Brindley C L r No Moodus 105 

Brooks Clifford E r Johnsonvillc 186 

Brooks John S fish net manufacturer E Haddam. . .222 

Brooks Malcolm B r East Haddam 170-2 

Brown A W r Moodus 28-2 

Brown Charles r E Haddam • • . . . .77-5 

Brown E E Mrs r E Haddam 74-5 


Moodus 67 

Brownell Crary r Moodus 70 

Brozek A Co Moodus 216 

Budka Emma Mrs r E Haddam 27-13 

Burdick E B r East Haddam 60-2 

Bury John J r Moodus 142 

Butler Geo E Mrs r E Haddam 176 


Cabin Grill Moodus 172 

Camp Sokol E Haddam 81-4 

Campbell Wilber r Moodus r. 26-2 

Canfield Harold r E Haddam 81-5 

Carlson Gustaf A Jr r Landing HI E Hddm 82-14 

Carroll Edith L Miss r E Haddam 145-4 

Carston Knute r E Haddam 233-2 

Cashman Catherine Mrs r Moodus 236 

Cashman Vincent r East Haddam 76-5 

Cashman's Garage Moodus 41 

Chaffee Nellie E Miss r Moodus 36 

Chapman A C r Millington Green E Hddm 83-12 

Cistin John r E Haddam 98-4 

Clark Francis E r E Haddam 87-13 

Clark John H r E Haddam 91-5 

Clarke Margaret Mrs r East Haddam 77-23 

Cobleigh Irving V r E Haddam 82-3 

Comer George r E Haddam 119-4 

Comstock Wilbur S Mrs r E Haddam 79-3 

Cone Frank S r E Haddam 27-4 

Cone Lloyd E Thread Co Moodus 90 

Cone Sherwood r East Haddam 72-4 

Forestry Dcpt 

State Forest Fire Tower E Haddam 119-5 

Highway Dept 

Bridge Dept E Haddam 199 

Haddam -East Haddam Bridge 60-3 

National War Agencies 

War Price & Rationing Boards. 

East Haddam Local Moodus 247 

Conn Valley Insurance Agency Moodus 203 

Cook Calvin S r No Moodus 25-3 

Cosky Frank r E Haddam 193 

Cowan Hail r East Haddam 95-12 

Crawford Horatio H Rev r Moodus 45-13 

Crotker Frank H Mrs r Moodus 252-2 

Crook J Bruce MD r E Haddam 178 

Cross Harry I r Moodus 99 

Curtin Joseph r East Haddam 84-2 

Cut Rate Package Store Main 13 

Czaja John F r Moodus 148 


Danikow Andrew r E Haddam 83-4 

Darcy Arthur r Moodus 140 

Davis A C Com r Hadlyme 87-3 

Davis Carl r East Haddam 32-13 

Davis David r E Haddam 28-5 

Davis George V r East Haddam 95-2 

Davison Frank S r Moodus 58-12 

DeLorenzo Nick general merchandise E Haddam. . .15-2 

Residence E Haddam 78-4 

Demeter Louis r E Haddam 26-3 

Devil's Hopyard State Park Moodus 169 

Diamond Fannie Mrs r East Haddam 145-3 

Dill Gustaf r East Haddam 28-15 

Donnellan Arthur r Leesville .212 

Dow H Shailer r East Haddam 170-13 

Drown Walter C r E Haddam 77-13 

Dykas John r Moodus 187 

Dykas Joseph r Moodus 31-23 


E Haddam Coal & Lumber Co E Haddam 132 

E Haddant Fishing & Game Club Inc E Haddam 30 

East Haddam Garage Co Inc East Haddam 75-4 

East Haddam Public Library Moodus 218 


Town Clerk E Haddam 49 

Selectmen's Office East Haddam 74-12 




East Haddam Volunteer Fire Dept E Haddam 133 

Edkins Arthur r East Haddam 131-4 

Edkins Jay Alden r East Haddam 229-12 

Edmonston Frank r Moodus 53-2 

Elk Inn Leesville Rd ^ 

Elkin Michael r Moodus 37 

Elm Camp Moodus . oVi^ 

Elmendorf John E r E Haddam 81-12 

Ely Heber G r Moodus 78-J 

Emily Electa C Mrs r Moodus 174 

Emiey M F Mrs r E Haddam 69-12 

Emmons Florence S Miss r E Haddam 79-23 

Emmons Harry r Neptune Av _64-4 

Emmons Hattie C Mrs r E Haddam 139-4 


40 Broad (toll call) Middletown-2860 

Ericksen Aven r Moodus 10^ 

Fagin Rose Miss r Moodus 29-2 

Fanfrlik Bertha Mrs r E Haddam 77-2 

Fast Sam boarding house No Moodus 19 

Fielding George r Moodus 31-12 

Fisher R r Moodus ^^'^ 

Folette Fred r E Haddam 136-2 

Force D N Jr r E Haddam 164-12 

Frankel Herman M r Moodus 109 

Frankel Max r Moodus 157 

Eraser Peter M r East Haddam 62-5 

Friedman Bertram J Dr dentist Moodus 191 

Residence Colchester Av 108 

Fuller Gertrude C Mrs r Moodus 163-5 

Fuller LeRoy r Moodus 242 

Gates Allen H Rev r E Haddam 96-4 

Gates Ambrose r East Haddam 81-14 

Gates Carrie Mrs r East Haddam 84-4 

Gates Harry Pay r E Haddam 81-2 

Gelston Mortimer A r East Haddam 95-4 

Gelston W I r East Haddam 229-4 

Godfried Milton S Dr r Lk Bashan E Hddm 52-32 

Godspeed Leonard r Moodus 230-4 

Golden Leon r Town E Hddm 230-2 

Goldstein Benjamin r East Haddam 138-2 

Goldstein Sadie Mrs r Moodus 107 

Golet Joseph C r Moodus 253-2 

Golet Waiter r Colchester Av 156-2 

Golub Mary Miss r Moodus 104 

Gorman C Mrs r Moodus 23-5 

Gorman Ward r East Haddam 77-3 

Goss C Mrs r East Haddam 170-5 

Gottfried I r Moodus 159 

Gould Northam R r E Haddam 173 

Graham Mary Mrs r E Haddam 71-2 

Grand View Hotel Grand View 1 

Greenberg Aaron hotel No Moodus 8 

Greenberg Aaron r Moodus 144 

Greenberg Harry Grand View 1 


Hadlyme District see East Haddam Town Of 

Halameck John r E Haddam 84-5 

Hall Albert G r North Moodus 25-5 

Hall Geo B r No Moodus 25-2 

Hall Ida W Mrs r East Haddam 74-3 

Hall Joseph L r Millington Rd 229-3 

Hall Walton J r r Moodus 42 

Harris Edwin r Moodus 165 

Harris Sol r E Haddam 119-13 

Hefflon F G plumbing & heating E Haddam 71-5 

Henry Luther B r East Haddam 170-3 

Herman Anna Mrs r Moodus 221 

Higgins T J r Moodus 31-2 

Hilton Ted r Moodus 73 

Hitriz Albert r Moodus 31-4 

Hoffmann Rudolph r East Haddam .91-2 

Holmes Sophronia R Miss r East Haddam 230-5 

Hopkins Margaret M Mrs r E Haddam 171 

Horowitz Minnie Mrs r No Moodus 23-3 

Horsefield Thomas E Dr r Moodus 130 

Hotyckey Antoinette Mrs r E Haddam 83-5 

Houra Rudolph J r Wickam Rd E Hddm 202-4 

H ungerf ord Leon G r Moodus 53-5 

Hurter Rudolf Hotel E Haddam 18 


Ingman Ralph F r East Haddam 62-5 

Jackter Ben r Moodus 194 

Jaheika Anton r Moodus 167-12 

Jenckes Robert D r E Haddam 213 

Jenckes Robert J Mrs r E Haddam 152 

Farm House E Haddam 97-2 


Funeral director (toll call) Lyme-87-3 

Johnson E S Mrs r Moodus 63-3 

Kalat Helen C Mrs r East Haddam 28-32 

Kalifon Max Rabbi r North Moodus 177 

Kaminski Joseph r Moodus 154-3 

Kandell Flora Miss r Moodus H 

Karas Julis F Mrs r E Haddam 220 

Katz Morris r East Haddam 228-2 

Kauffman Adeie Miss r East Haddam 229-5 

Keech Gilbert W garage E Haddam 209 

Kiley Dennis r Moodus 195 

Kimball Ralph J r Petticoat La E Hddm 246-14 

Klapper Ruth Mrs r Moodus 53-14 

Klar Yetta Mrs r Moodus 66 

Kleinberg Gussic r Moodus 101 

Klick John r Moodus 238 

Korcak William r Moodus 156-12 

Kostoss Joseph r New Colchester Rd 29-12 

Kotowski Theophilus Rev r St Bridget's Rectory. . . .34 

Kozlowski John r E Haddam 72-3 

Krashefski Josephine Mrs r Moodus 29-5 

Kunar Frank r East Haddam 246-5 

Kurek Agnes Miss r Moodus 62-2 

Kuzaro Chas r Moodus 61-3 

Kuzaro John r Moodus 62-13 

Kwitman David r East Haddam 119-3 


Funeral directors (toll call) Deep River-2055 

Latronico Alfred Mrs r East Haddam 84-3 

Lawton B L Mrs r E Haddam 182 

Lechner Frida Mrs r Moodus 141 

Lee M H r E Haddam 78-5*. 

Leesville District see East Haddam Town Of 

Levine M r Moodus 44 

Lewis Lillian B Mrs r Moodus 156-3 

Lewis Walter R r Moodus 167-3 

Linko Peter r East Haddam 87-5 

Liska Walter W r E Haddam 84-15 

Loucks Josephine S Mrs r East Haddam 164-13 

Loucks Phillip Mrs r Landing HI E Hddm 82-2 

Lukie Michael r Moodus 93 

When you need something In a hurry — look In the 
Yellow Pages, 



MacDermott Geo V r Town 146 

Mack Caroline E Miss r E Haddam 26-5 

Mager Clara Mrs r Moodus. 64-3 

Mager Morris r North Moodus 17 

Maloney W B r East Haddam 164-4 

Mansfield Woodford S r Moodus 53-12 

Maples L P r Moodus Reservoir E Hddm 28-4 

Mark Louis H r Conecrest 59 


Trucking oil-oil burners Moodus 47 

Maynard Kenneth r Moodus 156-5 

McCabe Walter A Co. mfr photo mntgs E Haddam 138-3 

McCann Charles r East Haddam 143-5 

Mclnnes Frances Dr r Lk Bashan E Hddm 52-5 

McMullen R T r E Haddam 183 

Messer Paul J r E Haddam 79-4 

Miller Grace F Mrs r E Haddam 95-3 

Miller Jim East Haddam 231-12 

Miller Sandra Mrs r E Haddam 91-3 

Millington District see East Haddam Tov/n Of 

Miner Abbie EMiss r Millington 202-2 

Miner Harry r Moodus 156-4 

Monte Harry r No Moodus c 192 

Moodus Beauty Salon Moodus 215 

Moodus Drug Store Moodus 123 

Moodus Lumber & Coal Co Moodus 210-2 

Moodus Savings Bank Moodus 198 

Moodus Tavern & Sandwich Shop Main 12 

Moodus Village see East Haddam Town Of 

Morgan George W Mrs r E Haddam 97-4 

Morgan Leiand W r E Haddam 97-3 

Morgan Winfred L r East Haddam 97-12 

Morse Jared Kirtland r Cedar Ledge E Hddm 134 

Morse Mabel Mrs r E Haddam 56-3 

Murphy Charles r Colchester Av 31-3 

Myers Austin S r East Haddam 197 


Narducci Eugene r East Haddam 139-5 

Nathan Hale Apartments East Haddam 128 

Nathan Hale School Moodus 147-3 

National Bank of New England E Haddam 75-2 

Nelson Katherine Mrs r East Haddam 82-23 

Neptune Twine & Cord Mills Moo'dus 63-2 

Neubauer Minnie Mrs r E Haddam 98-3 

Nichols F Gillette Mrs r E Haddam 96-3 


Garage Moodus 65 

Residence Moodus 35 

North Plain District see East Haddam Town Of 

Novinski Lottie Miss r Neptune Av 88 

Oberholser Edw J r East Haddam 233-12 

Ocelik Charles r E Haddam 32-4 

Olcott Henry C Mrs r E Haddam 152 

Olmsted R C r Town E Hddm 163-3 

O'Neil Frank P r Moodus 232 

Pach Geo J r Leesville 56-5 

Pach Joseph electrical contractor Moodus 58-4 

Pajje Richard E Rev r E Haddam 69-5 

Palmer Frederic C r Town Rd E Hddm 231-4 

Palmer Rae C r Moodus 58-2 

Parkus Stanley r Johnsonvillc 166 

Passerella Nick Mrs r East Haddam 75-13 

Pear Samuel r Moodus 40 

Pear's radios & genl mdse Moodus 160 

Peck A E r River E Haddam 74-2 

Peck Elmer N r E Haddam 139-3 

63 Moodus 

Peck Eugene B r Millington 202-3 

Peck Wm Mrs r East Haddam 76-4 

Peckeroff Esther Mrs r No Moodus 39 

Peckeroff Hyman r North Moodus .''23-2 

Peckeroff Louis r North Moodus 110 

Peters Albert G r East Haddam 91-4 

Phelps George N r E Haddam 179 

Polstein Anna Mrs r Moodus 162 

Polstein Isack r Moodus 223 

Polstein Samuel r Moodus 163-2 

Polstein Tillie Mrs r Moodus 29-4 

Purple Abbie L r So Main 46 

Purple & Silliman general store Moodus 68 


Raab Isador r E Haddam 26-13 

Ranney M Rogers Miss r Moodus 185 

Raskin Harry r Town E Hddm 233-4 

Rathbun Free Memorial Library E Haddam. . . .139-12 
Ration Board Local 

East Haddam 247 

Ray School Corp Moodus 147-2 

Reilly Howard W Mrs r Main E Hddm 71-4 

Reynolds Elsie Miss r E Haddam 131-2 

Ritt Samuel H attomey-at-law Moodus ,. . .203 


E Haddam 18 

RoberU Allan K r Moodus 38 

Robinson W H r East Haddam 32-3 

Roelants Anne P-'Mrs r East Haddam 131-12 

Rogers Alice M Miss r Moodus 31-5 

Rogers Chas H r No Moodus 24-2 

Rogow Max r Colchester Av 224 

Root Wilbur C insurance agent office E Haddam. . . .49 

Residence Leesville 57 

Rose W Paulding r East Haddam 230-3 

Rozwodowski Leon r Moodus 61-2 

Ruth Anthony Fred r Town E Hddm 233-14 

Rutty Sam r Leesville 137-2 


Sacks Jack r Moodus 150 

Schleifer Jacob r Moodus 25-13 

Schleis Edward r East Haddam 76-13 

Schulman Max r East Haddam 26-12 

Schulman Sarah Mrs r Moodus 43-3 

Schwarz Rudolph J r E Haddam 112 

Scoville G E r E Haddam 76-12 

Seidman Morris r Moodus 25-12 

Shadybrook House Moodus 11 

Snanaghan Edward r East Haddam 188 

Shaw Holland E r Bashan Rd 29-13 

Shea Frank P r Moodus 113 

Shea George r Moodus 235 

Shea James A r Moodus 102 

Shea Joseph F r Moodus 208 

Shea Josephine Mrs r Wigwam HI 154-2 

Shea Steve r E Haddam 82-13 

Sherry H r Moodus 114 

Sibal Robert G r East Haddam 231-5 

Simon Max r Moodus 234 

Sindclar Joseph r East Haddam 246-3 

Sipples Mary Miss r Moodus 29-3 

Sipples Thomas H r Moodus 206 

Sisson Agnes P Miss r Moodus 92 

Skinner Annie L Mrs r East Haddam 82-4 

Smith Dora Mrs r E Haddam 72-12 

Smith George J r Moodus 226 

Smith George M r Moodus 33 

Smith H Huntington r East Haddam 79-5 

Smith Mary Mrs r Moodus 249 

Smith R M post office E Haddam 75-3 



Smith R Marshall r East Haddam 229-2 

Smith Robert A Mrs r East Haddam 233-3 


Business Office 141 College Middletown 

Ask Operator for Business Office 

Information — Ask Operator for Information 

Repair Service — Ask Operator for. . . Repair Service 

Architects & Builders Service 
128 Washington Middletown 
(No toll chg) Ask operator for. Enterprise-8080 

Spencer Charles T r Moodus 43-2 

Spencer Clarence r E Haddam 75-12 

Sprecher M L r E Haddam 119-12 

Star Meat & Poultry Market Moodus 240 

Starr Henry S r Moodus 181 


Sta K Hartford Rd (toll call) Colchester-321 

Steiert Eugene r E Haddam 243 

Stein Harry r Moodus 21 

Stout Theodore r E Haddam 143-2 


Moodus 55 

Strojny Joseph r E Haddam 82-12 

Strong Richard r Moodus 137-12 

Strom Fannie Mrs r North Moodus . .24-3 

Strom Irving r Moodus 53-4 

Swan A Clifton r E Haddam 77-4 

Swan Leonard r Moodus • ■ • 53-3 

Swan R B Mrs E Haddam 79-2 

Swan R H r E Haddam 164-2 

Talbot B W r Moodus 115 

Talbot Stanton r Moodus 86 

Tape Harry r East Haddam 98-5 

TELEPHONE CO — see Southern New England Tel Co 

Terry Alfred H r Hadlyme 87-4 

Tesar Joseph Jr r Moodus 137-4 

Theiler Georgina Mrs r Moodus 61-4 

Thomas E B r Moodus 80 

Thomas W J r Moodus 45-4 

Thompson James E r E Haddam 82-5 

TIcrney William r Moodus 241 

Tilton Fred N r E Haddam 52-4 

Town of East Haddam ofc Town Clerk E Haddam .49 

Tracy W J r East Haddam 145-12 

Tribble Charlotte W Mrs r Moodus 53-23 

Tylec Joseph S genl mdse Moodus 68 

Residence Moodus • • 151 

Tyler Irving H r E Haddam 71-3 

Tyroler Co E Haddam 231-12 


Undine Twine Mills Inc Moodus 200 

United Distillers Products Corp East Haddam. .. .31-14 
United States Employment Service 279 Main 

(toll call) Middletown-3480 

National War Agencies 

War Price & Rationing Boards 

East Haddam Local Moodus 247 

Urban Ruth Mrs r East Haddam 27-2 


Vafenski Marshall r Moodus 161 

Valley John r E Haddam 72-14 

Ventres Mildred L Miss r E Haddam 76-2 

Veselak Rudolph r E Haddam 26-4 

Vogel James P Mrs r Moodus 204 


Walden Albert E r Moodus 246-4 

Wallant Peter r E Haddam 97-14 

Walsh Thomas H r Leesvillc > 56-4 

Walters H B r Town E Hddm 103 

Wang Louis r Moodus 225 

Warneke Heinz r Wickam Rd E Hddm 202-5 

Warner Demaris Miss r E Haddam 69-13 

Wartel Matthew Dr dentist Main 189 

Residence Moodus .^ 144 

Weaver John J r East Haddam 71-12 

Weinstein Harry r Moodus 205 

Weinstein's Soda Shop Main 2 

Welshock John L r Moodus 64-12 

Welshock Joseph J r Moodus 167-4 

Wendel F C H Mrs r E Haddam 72-13 

Wescott Harry A r East Haddam 98-12 

Wetherell Sylvester r Moodus 190 

Wilkinson B A r Moodus 175 

Williams Edgar D r Main E Hddm 131-3 

Williams F A r E Haddam 170-12 

Williams Grover r Moodus, 155 

Williams John M r Moodus 54-2 

Wind Raymond H r E Haddam. . . / 77-12 

Wiscavage George r Town E Hddm 91-13 

WoccI H G r E Haddam 98-13 

Wolf Anton r E Haddam 87-2 

Wolf Boarding House East Haddam 6 

Wolf Charles r East Haddam 230-12 

Wolf Frank restaurant E Haddam 87-12 

Wood Barry r Moodus 246-2 

Worthington Edward C r No Moodus 24-13 

Worthington William F r Moodus 116 


Vindra Edward r E Haddam 136-13 

Yindra Julia Mrs r Smith Rd E Hddm 229-14 


Zavadnik Max r No Moodus 23-4 

Ziobron Charles Mrs r Moodus 154-5 

Ziobron Frank r Plains Rd 54-4 

Ziobron Joseph r Moodus 62-3 

Ziobron Walter r Moodus .* 45-2 



Ansvier Promptly 



A RENTED CAR . . . . 



hatever it is you want, the^'YELLOW PAGES"' 
of your Telephone Directory will tell you WHO sells 
it and WHERE they are located. 

your constant guide when shopping. It will save you 
time, steps, trouble. 


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