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Full text of "Library of Congress United States telephone directory collection. [microform]"

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CITY: Birmingham 

YEAR: March 1920 

.*■.■ in \wm 

outhern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, 

GEO. R. KNOX, JR., Dlst. Mgr., Birmingham, Ala. 

_ . _, _ W. A. STEADMAN, Asst. Mgr, Birmingham, Ala. 

P. L. WOODRUFF. Gen. lifer., Atlanta, Ga, T. R. GENTRY, Coml. Supt., Atlanta, Ga,] 

Employes mi thin Company are forbidden to aeeepi either oral or written telephone meeea«ee 

tm be transmitted by an employe of thia Company oyer the lines of this Company, 


A R G Auxiliary Spring Co Inc. 

1908% Av B Main 

A & H Cash Grocery Co, 1148 Sylvan av.Maln 

Abbott A V, res, 1102 S" 28th Main 

Abbott Clarence E, res, Reeders Bessmr 

Abbott Chas H, r, Margaret Apts Main 

Abbott H C, res, 1701 llth av, s Main 

Abbott J C, res, 4310 Av C Main 

Abbott M T Jr, r, 1124 12th av, n Main 

Abbott Robt, res, 722 S 20th Main 

Abel A H, res, 408 S 54th Wdlawn 


1225 8th av, n Main 

Abele H M, res, 3007 15th av, n Main 

Abele W J, res, 3005 Ave E Ensley 

Abelson Frank & Co, 2119 3rd av Main 

Abelson Frank A, r, 1311 N 24th Main 

Abelson Isaac, res, 1503 14th av, a Main 

Abercrombie A D, res, 2300 18th Crt.. Ensley 
Abercrombie C J Mrs,r,2120 4th av.n.-.Maln 

Abercrombie D L, r, 714 l3t av, n Main 

Abercrombie H M.atty.Title Guar bl Main 

Abercrombie H M, r, 714 N 25th Main 

Abercrombie J I,atty,Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Abercrombie J I, r, 6116 1st av Wdlawn 

Abercrombie W A, res, 1320 N 33rd Main 

Abercrombie & Sewell, attys, 

Title Guar bl Main 

Abernathy T S, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Abernathy T S, res, 200 Summitt av Main 

Abernethy H B Mrs, r, 1222 N 29th Main 

Abernethy W H, r, 1618 Phelan Main 

Abkowitz A J, res, 720 N 22nd Main 

Abram C E, res, 1301 Cullom Main 

Abrams G B, res, 1826 Ave I Main 

Abramson H, dept store, 2122 2nd av..Main 

Abromson H, res, 1723 S 21st Main 

Achor Kate Mrs, res, 821 N 20th Main 

Acipco Pharmacy, 

2901 16th, n Main 

Pay station Main 

Acker W B, res, 1901 Hayes av Ensley 

Acker W H, res, 315 S 80th Wdlawn 

Acme Co, ofc, 312 N 24th Main 


430 S 19th Main 

Ridgely Apartments Main 


American Trust bl Main 

Hampton S Smith 

Ross C Smith 
Acme Manufacturing Co, 828 N 19th.. Main 
Acme Rebuilt Tire Co, Inc. 215 S 20th.. Main 
Acme White Lead & Color Works, 

2015 3d av, n Main 

Acton J S, res, 1217 Steiner av W End 

Acton P L Mrs, r, 938 Ella W End 

Acton R M, res, 218 S Hawkins W End 

Adair Douglass G. res, 2900 Cypress av.Maln 

Adair E B, res, 1529 llth av. s Main 

Adair J S, res, 1102 N 24th Main 

Adam J T, res, 1700 14th av, n Main 

Adams A A, res, 2974 Rhodes Cir Main 

Adams A A & Co, rl est & ins, 

2120 1st av Main 



























Main 223 EtCCtflCilLl 412 * 19th S *' 


Adams Art Co, pict frms, 511 N 20th.. Main 

Adams A T Mrs, r, 3317 Park av Ensley 

Adams C C, ofc, 2109 3d av, n Main 

Adams Chas E, res, 638 S 34th Main 

Adams C K, res, 150 Davies Wdlawn 

Adams Chas L Mrs, r, 317 Delta av. . .Ensley 
Adams Clifford L, res, 1806 10th av, s..Main 
Adams Drug Co, 1901 2d av Main 

1901 2nd av Main 

Adams Drug Co (p s), 2d av & 19th... Main 

Adam(s Emmet, res, 2920 10th av, n Main 

Adams E B, ofc, Empire bl Main 

Adams E B, res, Richmond Apts Main 

Adams E C Mrs, r, 2127 6th av, n Main 

Adams E C, res, 1424 N 31st Main 

Adams E C & Co.brokg.Am Tr bl Main 

Ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Adams Frank De B, r, 1612 S 13th Main 

Adams G R, res, 1317 Huntsv av Main 

Adams Geo W, res, 1626 8th av Bessmr 

Adams H E, r, 1918 Arlington av Bessmr 

Adams Ida Mrs, r, 1512 S 13th Main 

Adams J B, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Adams J D Mrs, r, 223 Parker Bessmr 

Adams J G, res, 221 44th Ensley 

Adams J G & Co, stks&bnds, 

218% N 2lst Main 

Adams Jno H, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Adams Jno H, r, 512 8th av, w Main 

Adams Jeff N, r, 1506 16th av, s Main 

Adams J R Mrs, r, 2921 Juniper av Main 

Adams Jno R, atty, Am Tr bl Main 

Adams Julien W, r, 135 N 51st Wdlawn 

Adams Rob, optician, 2008% 2d av Main 

Adams Rob, res, 3512 N 25th Main 


B-M bl Main 

Adams Thos A, r, Pratt City Ensley 

Adams W B Mis, r, 3036 Ensley av.. Ensley 

Adams W C Mrs, r, 1509 N 25th Main 

Adams W Carson, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Adams W Carson, res, 1027 S 30th Main 

Adams W H, r, 1920 6th av, n Main 

Adams W J, res, 1225 S 12th Main 

Adams W M, res, 1405 12th av, n Main 

Adams W S Mrs. r, 2218 Ensley av. . . . Ensley 


Ford Cars, 1620 3rd av Main 

Adamson W L, res, 602 Princeton. .. .W End 

Adcock R C, res, 1405 N 24th Main 

Adder Machine Co, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl. . .Main 

Addison J M, r, 281 S 67th Wdlawn 

Addressograph Co.ofc.Jeff Co Bk hi.... Ma In 

Adelson Sam, res, 514 N 16th Main 

Aderholt Ed Mrs, r, 2508 N 7th av....Main 
Aderholt F Jr, r, 7316 Georgia rd... Wdlawn 

Adkins J H, res, Shades Mt Main 

Adkins Smith, r, Thomas Sta Ensley 

Adler E A, res, 1406 S 15th Main 

Adler Edgar L, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Adler Edgar L, res, 2595 Hghlnd av...Maln 

Adler Ike, res, 1530 S llth av Main 

Adler Morris, r, 2147 Hghlnd av Main 

Adler, Morris & Co, coal & iron, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 






















6057 . 













All Kinds Roofing 1905 Ave. B— Telephone 19S 


• Indicates P. B. Exchang 










41/10 AMBUL4/VC£ M . 7cQ 
SERVICE mam 4ov\ 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Adler Sam M, res, 2625 Hglnd av....Maln 5937 
Advance Co, ofc, Cham of Com Main 5657 


B-M bl Main 3822 

Auditing Dept Main 6979 


Office, American Trust bl Main 715 

Plant, Coalburg rd Main 7204 

C F Papazoni, Supt Main 7204 

Night & Sunday calls Main 7984-J 

H W Klinger, Asst Supt, res Main 7984- W 

Ofc, Am Tr bl Main 781 

Magazines, Coalburg rd Main 7204 

Aetna Fire Ins Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 4987 

Aetna Life Ins Co.claim dept, B-M bL.Maln 1512 

Aetna Life Ins Co, ofc, 212 N 21st Main 6600 

Agan E C, res, 2305 18th Crt Ensley 1343-J 

Agans Laura Mrs, res, Whitfield Apts..Main 5219 

•AGE HERALD, 2109 5th av Main 4900 

Agee L F Mrs, res, 310 N 3rd av Main 1707-W 

Agee W C, res, 1804 12th av, s Main 1359-W 

Ager J W, ofc, N B'ham Main 7146 

Ager J Winfred, res, 1101 S 31st Main 2996-W 

Agnesia R, res, 931 8th av, n Main 4536-W 

Agrimi Ralph, groc, 303 S 23rd Main 3401 

Ahrens & Rich, auto rprs, 200 N 17th.. Main 149 

Aird J B, atty, Title bl. Main 886 

Aird J B, res, 2913 Juniper av Main 8495 

Ajax Metal Co of the So, 3914 Av A Main 212 

Akans E L, res, 4503 5th av, s Main 1150 

Akerman L, res, 1044 Sycamore Main 8275- J 

Akerman Walter Mrs,r\1209 Wdlnd av.s.Maln 6639 

Akers A K, ofc, Empire bl Main 6931 

Akin J L, res, 920 Cotton av W End 218-W 

Ala Abstract Co, 2109 3d av Main 380 

Alabama Anti-Tuberculosis League, 

308 N 21st Main 2071 

2019 Av F Main 3319 

Alabama Auto Repair Co, 1719 2nd av..Maln 808 


1928^ Av B Main 1028 

Alabama Baptist, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8597 

Ala Barber Supply Co, 2025 2nd av, n. . .Main 767 
Ala Boys Industrial School, 

Roebuck Springs Wdlawn 1018 

Ala Bound Oil & Gas Co, 515 N 20th Main 1972 

Ala Brewing Co, ofc, Av D Main 939 

Ala Brokerage Co, ofc, Steiner bl Main 3516 

Ala By-Products Corp, ofc, Boyles. . .Wdlawn 816 

Alabama Cafe, GOO N 2Cth ; . Main 739 


1308 1st av Main 2510 

Ala Children's Aid Society, Steiner bL.Maln 7904 
Ala Christian Advocate, Jeff Co Bk bl...Maln 5093 
Alabama Clothing House, 2122 1st av...Maln 2111 
Alabama Company, 1st Nat Bk bl, 

Sales dept Main 5800 

J W Porter, sales mgr Main 5397 

Vice-president Main 5801 

Purchasing dept Main 5802 

Auditing dept Main 5803 

Cnief engineer Main 3666 

Commissary, Gate City Wdlawn 198-J 

Lewlsburg comm, Lewisburg Main 8599 

Ala Coal Operators' Assn, Am Tr Main 3992 

Ala Coal Statistic Bureau, Am Tr bl...Maln 672 


1325 8th av, n Main 5776 

Ala Engraving Co, ofc, 108^ N 22d Main 2758 

Alabama Food Products Co, 310 N 17th. . Main 747 

•ALA FUEL & IRON CO, B-M bl Main 7227 

Ala Furniture Co, 2209 2d av, n Main 497 

Alabama Garage Co, 1719 2nd av, n Main 808 

Alabama Grocery Co, 1805 1st av Main 7071 

AGS R R, see Queen & Crescent, 

f M J? n ^. Ort A I MAIM 

Lowest Cash Prices ^^ \J #% ^ 228 


Alabama Hart Parr Co, ofc, 3 S 20th Main 2484 

Ala Home B & L Assn, 2026 1st av Main 269 

Ala Insp & Rating Bureau, Am Tr bL.Maln 719 

Ala Jobbing House, 2129 1st av Main 114 

Ala Key & Model Works, 417 N 19th Main 6282 

Alabama Mfg Association, Am Tr bl... .Main 1344 
Alabama Marble Co, ofc, 1701 Av A Main 408 


2115 2nd av Main 3213 

Ala Marketing & Canning Co, 

1629 1st av Main 6611 

1631 1st av Main 1229 

Ala Mercantile Co, ofc, 2321 2nd av Main 1138 


2409 Morris av Main 790 

Ala Motors Co, 1700 2nd av, n Main 8888 

Ala News Co, ofc, 2123 3rd av Main 552 

Ala Novelty House, 2119 3d av Main 6222 

Ala Packing Co, 2031 21st av, n Main 8667 

Ala Paint & Glass Co, 1813 2nd av, n..Maln 8049 
Ala Pathological Laboratory, 1st NB bL.Maln 8450 
Ala Penny Prud Savgs Bk, 310 N 18th.. Main 844 

Ofc, B-M bl Main 7800 

Night & Sunday calls 

New bus & operating dept /...Main 7801 

Acct & engnr dept Main 7802 

Executive & legal dept Main 7803 

Purch dept & warehouse Main 7804 

Magella sub sta w End 746 

Alabama Printing Co, 1709 2nd av, n...Maln 1441 

Ala Products Co, 2026 Morris av Main 8437 

Ala Representative & Com Co, 

1909 1st av, n Main 1198 

Ala State Fair Assn, Fairgrounds Ensley 8 

Ala State Land Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 405 

Ala Supply Co,plmb&htg,831 N 20th... Main 216 

Ala Tin Shop, ofc, 313 S 20th Main 5820 

Ala Title & Trust Co, 2111 3rd av Main 380 


406 N 23rd Main 7816 

Ala Tract Society, Lyric bl Main 2622 

Alabama Vinegar Co,1812 10th av,n...Maln 6578 
Ala Vocational School for Girls, 

Cedar Sta Wdlawn 377 

Alabama Water Co.ofc.Am Tr bl Main 6411 

Office, 328 19th Bessmr 176 

Pumping sta, Hawkins Spgs Bessmr 162-W 

Reservoir, Lipscomb Bessmr 152-J 

Alabama Willy's Light Co, 100 N 24th.. Main 2524 

Aland R, res, 1417 Cullom Main 2698- J 

Alban J, cafe, 304 N 20th Main 9471 

Albert C C, res, 2700 Av G Ensley 

Albrecht M H, res, 1007 Cotton av...W End 
Albright G L Mrs, r, 3105 11th av, n..Maln 

Albright Geo O, res, 6430 1st av Wdlawn 

Albritton-Hooper Grocery Co,1000S 15th. Main 

Alcazar Theatre, 1907 2nd av, n Main 

Aldrich T H, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Aldrich T H, res, 1026 Glen Iris av Main 

Aldrich T H Jr, r, 1429 N 33rd Main 

Aldrich W F, ofc, Jen! Co Bk bl Main 

Aldrich W F, r, Shades Mountain W End 

Aldrich W F, res, 1010 S 28th.... Main 

Aldridge Johnnie Miss,r,7411 Sis av. Wdlawn 

Aldridge J A, r, Vinesville Sta Ensley 

Aldridge M Z Mrs,r,l634 Pearson av..W End 
Aldridge W E Rev, r, 4915 5th av, n. Wdlawn 

Alessi Mike, res, 6600 1st av Wdlawn 

Alexander Alice Miss,r,1813 Av F Ensley 

Alexander A F, r, 3200 Cliff rd Main 

Alexander C W, res, 1300 5th av Bessmr 

Alexander E C, res, 926 S 19th Main 

Alexander F C, r, 7620 Hillman av. . .Wdlawn 

Alexander F G, res, 1515 S" 13th Main 

Alexander G A, res, 1226 N 12th av...Maln 
Alexander G C, res, 4816 1st av Wdlawn 

indicates P. B. Exchange 



Aii>uuU..te betvicfc ft). I UuZ 





TCL. ENSLEY 400 W^ ^^ 


Alexander Geo W, res, 1118 S 19th Main 

Alexander J C, res, Montevallo rd W End 

Alexander J W, r, 900 Sarah av W End 

Alexander J W, res, 323 3rd Ensley 

Alexander J W, res, 2426 Brown Blvd. Ensley 

Alexander Jas W, r, 105 Kate av Main 

Alexander Kathleen Miss, r, 219N53d Wdlawn 

Alexander M W, r, 1417 Alois av W End 

Alexander R G,r,335 Halstead.n Wdlawn 

Alexander Kobt H, r, 1140 N 13th Main 

Alexander Tony, r, 3532 10th av, n Main 

Alexander W P, r, 8332 Hillman av. .Wdlawn 

Alfano M, res, 330 S 12th Main 

Alford Horace C, atty, Farley bl Main 

Alford Horace C, res, 6110 1st av... Wdlawn 

Alford W J, res, 3709 N 27th Main 

Algee R D, res, 1130 S 17th Main 

All America Shoe Store, 1924 3rd av Main 

All E L, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

All Starr Barber Shop, Farley bl Main 

Allaway F A Mrs, r, E Brighton Bessmr 

Allbritton L, res, 2129 35th av, n Main 

Allbritton W E, res, 920 S 18th Main 

Allegri A G & Co, ofc, 2117 Morris av..Main 

Allen A, res, 1223 N 17th Main 

Allen Anson W, r, 1616 14th av, s Main 

Allen B A Miss, res, Terrace Crt Main 

Allen B M, atty, Farley bl Main 

Allen B M, res, 2230 High av Main 

Allen C L, groc, 619 Av F Main 

Allen C L, res, 7622 1st av Wdlawn 

Allen C M, contr, 114% N 21st Main 

Allen C M, res, 1201 N 31st Main 

Allen C M & Son, contrs, 114% N 21st.. Main 

Allen Chas T, res, 1100 N 29th Main 

Allen Dick, res, 4202 Av C Main 

Allen D F & Co, ofc, Lyric bl Main 

Allen Edgar, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Allen Edgar Mrs, r, 3820 Lkvw av Main 

Allen Eloise, res, 1116 Tusc av W End 

Allen E B, res, 715 Cotton av W End 

Allen E P, res, 430 Lucy av Main 

Allen E Paul, res, 1408 N 20th Main 


Brokers, 2316 1st av Main 

Allen Edward 8, res, 1100 N 29th Main 

Allen G H, res, 915 S 18th Main 

Allen H B, res, 2600 Browns Blvd Ensley 

Allen J, res, 1512 Phelan Main 

Allen J A, res, 340 N 53d Wdlawn 

Allen Jas A Dr, orthodontia, J C Bk bl. . Main 

Allen Jas A Jr Mrs, res, 1 203 N 17th Main 

Allen J E, res, 3820 4th av, s Main 

Allen J F, res, 6510 4th av, n Wdlawn 

Allen J M Mrs, r, 1709 6th av, n Main 

Allen J W, res, 4828 1st av Wdlawn 

Allen Jno W, res, 210 N 53rd Wdlawn 

Allen Lottie Miss, r, Arthur Sta Wdlawn 

Allen Lucinda, res, 519 Louise av Main 

Allen L B, res, 5916 2nd av, s Wdlawn 

Allen L W, res, 1818 Arlington av... Bessmr 

Allen Mamie Miss, res, 638 Smith av Main 

Allen Marion, res, 1441 Tate av W End 

Allen Mary, res, 1520 Av D Main 

Allen S Mrs, r, 6211 1st av, n Wdlawn 

Allen T J Jr Mrs, r, 5201 1st av Wdlawn 

Allen T M, res, 827 Princeton av W End 

Allen Vassar L, atty, 1st N B bl Main 

Allen Vassar L, res, Terrace Crt Main 

Allen Wm B, res, 1314 Waucoma Main 

Allen W E, groc, 3131 Dartmouth av. Bessmr 

Allen W L res, 606 Princeton W End 

Allen Wm L, res, 2500% Av F Main 

Allen W P Mrs, r, 1138 N 13th Main 

Allen & Black, attys, Farley bl Main 

Allen & Co, grain brkrs, Am Trust Main 

























249- J 







MAIN 8500 



12 South 20th Street MAIN 8900 

riltfbU O.RECTORS 

AmiwUnca Service |fl. I 00 Z 

Allen & Fisk, attys, 1st N B bl Main 51 

Alley Chas G, res, 1314 1st av W End 354 

Alley G I, res, 1500 Drtmth av Bessmr 1169-J 

Alley J L, groc, 1124 Tusc av W End 7 

Allgood R A Mrs, r, 215 S 57th Wdlawn 509-J 

Allgood R V, res, 424 S 54th Wdlawn 660-W 

Allinder B I, res, R F D 2 Bessmr 8513 

Allinder R C, r, 2309 18th Crt Ensley 264 

Allis-Chalmers Mfg Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 6592 

Allison Albert, res, 1304 St Chas Main 8523-J 

Allison Chas J, elk U S Crt, Govt bL.Maln 32 

Allison Chas J, res, 1235 21st, s Main 395 

Allison G A, res, 911 Tusc av W End 455-J 

Allison Hugh L, res, 1045 Sycamore. .. Main 2902-W 
Allison-McAdory Ins & R E Agcy, 

Empire bl Main 2819 

Allman Iona, res, 831 S 23d Main 1277 

Allred Jas, res, 1709 5th av Bessmr 328-W 

Allsop Stephen, res, 2401 Av J Ensley 396 

Almgren A F, res, 4313 Parkway Ensley 332-J 

Almon H W, res, 1107 12th av, n Main 3118 

Aloia J C, res, 812 22nd Ensley 459-J 

Aloia Studio, ofc, 418 18th Ensley 878 

Alosi F, res, 618 S 22nd Main 3222-J 

Alper Joseph, res, 1704 S 12th Main 4543-W 

Alphin J T, res, 1909 23rd Ensley 172-J 

Alsmiller C N, r, 929 Wdland av, s Main 8954-W 

Alsmiller W G, res, 1501 S 13th Main 3683 

Alston A H, atty, Am Tr bl Main 2230 

Alston W H, res, 1108 Sylvan av Main 1617 

Altman Herman, r, 2928 Cypress av....Maln 5457-J 

Altman J J Mrs, res, 2501 Av H Main 1442-W 

Altman J W, ofc, 1st N B Main 5847 

Altman Jno W, res, 800 S 26th Main 3588 

Altrurian Society, ofc, Farley bl Main 3590 

Alverson B G, res, 700 S 2Sth Main 4519-J 

Alverson Briggs T,r,217 S Hawkins.. W End 255-W 
Alverson Fannie D Mrs, res, 1100 N 2CthMain 9370-W 

Amalgamated Roofing Co, 18 S 20th Main 5292 

Amalgamated Street Car Union, Lyric blMain 3337 
Amalgamated Tire Stores Corp, 

2022 Av B Main 2585 

Amberson W D, res, 1229 Joseph Main 4287-W 

Amberson Wm J, r, 1229 N 26th Main 8565-J 

Ament H H, res, 934 Ala Main 4721-J 


Highland Bakery, 2008 Av F Main 491 

Huston Factory Main 6437 

Huston Factory, Shipping Dept Main 1019 

American-Blakslee Mfg Co, 

5400 2nd av, s Wdlawn 10 

Night & Sunday calls Wdlawn 61 

American Bolt Co, 39th & 10th av Main 1815 

Am Bureau of Shipping.ofc.Jff Co Bk bl. Main 3899 
American Can Co, ofc. 1st Nat Bk bL.Maln 347 
American Casket Co, 2412 2nd av, n. . . .Main 5305 

Genl ofc Main 8530 

Night & Sunday calls 

Beggs plant, 2700 N 24th Main 7169 

American Cast Iron Pipe Co, 

Doctors & Y M C A Main 8531 

Plant Main 8532 

Commissary, 2912 N 16th Main 7272 

Am Casting Co, iron fdry, ofc, 

9th av & L&N Main 1361 

Amer Cement Tile Mfg Co.ofc.Frfld. . Ensley 633-J 
Amer Cement Tile Mfg Co.ofc.B-M hi.. Main 5887 
Am Coal & Iron Products Co, Am Tr bl. .Main 1896 
Am Cotton & Grain Exchange Brkrs, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5900 

American Dist Telegraph Co.Wdwrd bl.Maln 2481 
Am Dry'Goods & Com Co, 2020 Av B Main 6913 


319 N 20th Main 3545 

Res of Mgr, 1717 5th av, n Main 8550 

Main 223 EtCCtftCitl 412 * 19ih St 



• • 












Monte. Main 3355 

• Main 285 

Main 134 


v a 1 1 o 

Am Hoist & Derrick Co, mchry, 

1405 N 31st Main 7201 

Am Laundry Co, 1720 2d av, n Main 3715 

Am Lumber & Export Co, Title bl Main 325 

Am Mine Owners Mutual, ofc, Am Tr blMain 7949 
Am Mutual Liability Ins Co, Emp bL.Main 9339 

Amer Nat'l Ins Co, B-M bl Main 6301 

Am Printing Co. 12Vfc N 22nd Main 120 

Am Radiator Co, sales ofc, Am Tr Main 1917 

Amer Radiator Co, plant, 3400 35th av..Maln 7950 
Amer Radiator Co, mfg forwdg dept..Maln 4453 

1 N 19th Main 5071 

Ensley ofc, 1914 Av E Ensley 1 

Bessemer ofc, 1813 2nd av Bessmr 191 

American Red Cross, 

Executive Secy, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6539 

Case Secy, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 7666 

Amer Rubber Co of Chicago, 2003 Av C.Maln 8678 
Am Sheet Metal Wks, 1305 8th av, n...Main 2236 

Am Snuff Co, ofc, Cham of Com Main 2695 

•AMER STEEL WIRE CO, Frfid Ensley 961 

Am Steel Wire Co, sales agt, B-M bl...Maln 5566 
Amer Steel & Wire Co.frt dept.B-M bL.Main 2016 

Am Sugar Refining Co, Am Tr bl Main 292 

Amer Tar Prods Co.rfg.Wdwd.Ala. .. Bessmr 263 

Ruddell R H, supt, res Bessmr 759 

Am Tel & Tel Co, 1715 6th av, n Main 9000 


1st av Main 7500 

Building supt Main 7500 

Ammon Wm, res, 1330 N 17th Main 6711 

Amos Guy S, res, 1203 N 29th Main 5471-J 

Amzi Godden Seed & Grain Co, 

2427 2nd av, n Main 125 

Anchors E H, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 152-W 


Chiropractor, Title Guar bl Main 7441 

Anderson Bros, auto rpr, 113 S 21st Main 2885 

Anderson B J Dr, dntst, Ala P S Bk. . .Main 2716 
Anderson B J Dr, r. 1012 11th av, n...Main 5860-W 

.Anderson C F, res, Dian Apts Main 5060- W 

Anderson C W, res, 1313 Tusc av W End 366 

Anderson David P,ofc,2109 3d av.n Main 380 

Anderson David P, r, 1501 S 21st Main 3112-W 

Anderson David S, atty, Am Tr bl Main 2230 

Anderson Ed L, r, 2233 Arlngtn av Main 1170-W 

Anderton E M' Mrs, res, 1005 S 14th Main 6775-W 

Anderson Frank Y Jr,r,2014 Hmblt av..Maln 5703 
Anderson F Y Mrs, res, 2240 Sycamore. Main 4342- W 
Anderson Geo Mrs,r,430 Carline av.. Ensley 144-J 
Anderson G A Mrs,r,805 17th Ensley 506-W 


831 39th Main 882 

Anderson H H, res, 630 S 34th Main 6866 

Anderson Jas, res, 2215 Av H Main 4208-J 

Anderson John, res, 2619 Av E Ensley 991-J 

Anderson J B, res, 518 Prnctn av...W End 585 
Anderson, J B & Co, contrs, 

420 St Chas av w End 16 

Anderson J C, res, 2423 13th av, n Main 7179-W 

Anderson J L Mrs, r, 712 Dctr av. . . Wdlawn 748-J 

Anderson J M, r, 931 44th Main 5458- W 

Anderson Jno W, res, 1119 N 30th Main 1893-J 

Anderson Lee E, res, 2124 4th av, n Main 7019-W 

Anderson L W, res, 3205 Bess Blvd.. Ensley 663-J 
Anderson Mary V Mrs, res, 618 17th.. Ensley 775-J 

Anderson Nona Miss,r,118% S 21st Main 7191 

Anderson N J, res, 1021 N 28th Main 6430-J 

Anderson Pelham H, r, 4240 Cliff rd...Maln 1200 
Anderson Rebecca Mrs, r, Frmnt Apts. Main 7714-W 

Anderson R G, res, 1309 Tusc av W End 524 

Anderson R T, res, 2109 S 14th av Mali 4267 

Anderson W A Mrs, res, 1012 N" 30th.. Main 1619-J 

Anderson W H, atty Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5615 

Anderson W H, res. Rldgely Apts Main 8139 

Anderson W W, res, 915 Central Main 2380 


Ambulanca Service R. I 00 Z 

•Indicates P. B. Exchan 



' r - ■ 1 i 

Anderson & Robinson, contrs, 

117% N 19th Main 4895 

Anderton H L, res, 808 Cotton av W End 492-J 

Anderton W W, r, 1305% St Chas Main 4463-W 

Andoe A J Mrs, res, 2509 5th av, n Main 6526 

Andoe P H, res, McCalla Bessmr 8323 

Andress Frank S, res, 4245 Av E Main 4277- J 

Andress & Coffman, attys, Title Guar bl.Maln 800 

Andrews A B, res, 719 N 21st Main 6557-J 

Andrews B C Mrs, r, 1304 Thomas Main 4287-J 

Andrews Ernestine Miss,r,1114 S 14th.. Main 9077 

Andrews E H, res, 1346 19th, s Main 1771 

Andrews E P Mrs, r, 1312 Thomas Main 5270-J 

Andrews F Nelson Mrs,r,1813 10th av.s.Maln 8834-W 
Andrews Groc Co, 3201 Bess Blvd. . .Ensley 258 

Andrews Harry, res, 1406 S 21st Main 3576 

Andrews John, r, 2431 Berkley av... Bessmr 447-W 

Andrews John F, r, 831 Mntgmry Main 2685 

Andrews J R, res, 1410 S 18th Main 2594-W 

Andrews N L, res, 3509 Bess Blvd. .. .Ensley 1088-J 

Andrews O L, res, 3727 Av E Main 4320-W 

Andrews R K, res, 206 N 62nd Wdlawn 725-W 

Andrews R L, res, 2918 Juniper av Main 8042-J 

Andrews Steele, res, 1406 S 21st Main 3576 

Andruss J B, res, 219 N 48th Wdlawn 186 

Angel L E Mrs, res, 1219 S 19th Main 7912-J 

Angell B M, traf mgr, Wdward bl Main 8950 

Angell W T Mrs, r, 1019 N 15th Main 4686 

Anglin T L, res, 1910 16th av, s Main 6983 

Angwin John, res, 17th av Ensley 1132 

Aniton G A Mrs, res, 241 S 61st'. Wdlawn 1249- J 

Annesley S A Mrs, r, 1008 S 14th Main 3508-J 

Ansley Foster, res, 2408 12th av, n....Maln 7275-W 

Ansley F H, res, Hill Top Ensley 722-W 

Ansley Hewlette, r, 1428 12th av, n Main 8854-J 

Anthony J A Mrs, r, 1738 31st Ensley 1152-J 

Anthony J C Dr, phys, 1st N B bl Main 1608 

Anthony J C Dr, r, 1412 S 15th Main 3408 

Anti-Saloon League, Cham Com Main 1623 

Anti-Tuberculosis Assn of Jeff Co, 

2019 Av F Main 3319 

Antognoli A A, res, 1204 N 25th Main 7959-W 

Antonio Joe, res, 2024 16th av Ensley 929 

Antonio Toney, res, 529 26th Bessmr 960-J 

Antwine Jno F, res, 1301 N 80th Main 6171 

Antwine-McGuire-DeShazo, clo, 

1914 3d av Main 3648 

Apollo Billiard Parlor (pay sta), 

2011 3d av Main 9142 

Apperson Laura Miss, res, 1417 2d a v Bessmr 362 

Applebaum J, res, 1707 Av I Ensley 228-W 

Appleby W C, r, 1319 Sylvan av Main 8397-W 

Aquilino M, res, 1306 Av E Ensley 879 

Arcade Market, 303 19th Ensley 298 

Archer Geo, res, 415 Princeton av..W End 609- J 

Archer Millinery, 1928 2d av Bessmr 628 

Archibald-Goldstein Motors Co, 

423 S 21st Main 4037 

Archibald H M Jr, ins, Clark bl Main 1000 

Archibald H M Jr, r, Shades Mtn W End 736-J 

Archibald R M Rev, r, 1203 Tusc av..W End 90-W 

Arkell Wm, r, 2301 Oakland av Ensley 689-J 

Armes Edmund C, r, Ridgely Apts Main 6756 

Armistead John.r.Roebuck Spgs Wdlawn 870-J 

•ARMOUR <£. CO, ofc, 2309 1st av Main 6915 

Armour & Co, 2013 3d av Bessmr 31 

Armstrong B M, r, 801 Mntgmry Main 1386-W 

Armstrong C E, res, 1601 10th av, s Main 5423-W 

Armstrong Ed- Mrs, r, 908 N 18th Main 2124 

Armstrong Hollis, r, 1441 S 18th Main 6715-W 


117 N 20th Main 4164 

Tutwiler Store Main 1510 

Armstrong Ira L, r, 3907 Clairmont av.Main 3117-J 
Armstrong Jas F, r, Palmer Terr. .. .Ensley 532-W 

Armstrong J G Mrs, r, 304 7th Bessmr 922 

Armstrong J G Mrs, res, 2126 7th av, n Main 2499 
Armstrong J S, res, 2533 20th Ensley 684«J 

• •4Mb • **•• AUTO AMBULANCE *§• 7*0 


LIULLUI FnnerJ Director Main 4862 

ndlcates P. B. Exchange 

Gachrist-Tarrant SEE « 


Main 469 

Armstrong Roy, res, 1212 S 16th Main 

Armstrong Reliable Lightg Co, 

306 N 17th Main 

Armstrong-Smith Co, lbtry, Potter bl...Main 

Armstrong W P, res, 813 N 41st Wdlawn 

Arnett Annie Mrs, r, 117 S Hawkins.. W End 
Arnett Lena Mrs, res, 2245 Highland av.Main 
Arnold B H Mrs, res, 4220 11th av. . . . Ensley 

Arnold Coal Co, yard, 1008 N 19th Main 

Arnold D F Mrs, res, 1305 N 32nd Main 

Arnold F G Dr, res, 4002 Summitt av..Main 

Arnold H S, res*, 910 2nd av W End 

Arnold J C, res, 3201 12th av, n Main 

Arnold J S, res, Ann Station Ensley 

Arnold-Kelly Lumbr & Mfg Co, 

2930 Av B Ensley 

ArnoldLLumber Co, ofc, 2930 Av B Ensley 

Arnold R W, res, 1315 Sylvan av Main 

Arnold W B, res, 1621 5th av Main 

Arnold & Patillo Plmbg Co, 418 18th. Ensley 

Arnott H B, res, 1500 N 25th Main 

Arnott M G, res, 2222 Ave F Ensley 

Arrant A J, res, 1308 Cullom Main 

Arrant Herman J, res, 2822 Pine av Main 


Jeff Co Bk bl, 

Underwriting Dept Main 

A J Arrant, Mgr Main 

Arrasmith C C, res, 2326 16th Crt.. Ensley 

Arrasmith H J, res, 1314 N 14th iVlain 

Arrico S A Mrs, res, 818 N 25th Main 

Arrow Dry Cleaning Co, ofc, 

2010 4th av, n .Main 

Art Metal Const Co, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 

Arthur R C, groc, 3d av & 53d Wdlawn 

Arthur R D, res, 1310 Av I Main 

Asbury J J, res, 1110 Glenn Vw rd Main 

Ash A & A, jwlrs, 1921 2d av, n Main 

Ash Aaron, res, 1331 St Chas Main 

Ash Albert, res, 1116 Elm Main 

Ash Geo, res, 1828 Rush av Main 

Ash J W Mrs, res. 1024 S 14th Main 

Ash T M, res, 15O0 5th av Bessmr 

Ashford T T, ofc, 2016 3d av Main 

Ashford T T, res, 1715 13th av, s Main 

Ashmead Henry C, res, 1602 11th av, s.Main 

Ashmore E E, res, 1119 S 14th Main 

Ashton W J, res, 1108 Glen Iris av Main 

Ashworth Robt F Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 

Ashworth Robt F Dr, res, 1215 N 31st.. Main 

Askew Edward, res, 2205 8th av, n Main 

Askew R E, res, 4109 9th av Ensley 

Askin & Marine, 112 N 19th Main 

Aspin M Mrs, res, 1000 N 12th Main 

Assell Jno R, res, 4717 2nd av, n.. Wdlawn 
Associated Employers Reciprocal, ofc, 

Am Tr bl Main 

Atcheson H P Mrs, r, 1315 1st av W End 

Atchison-Crofford Lbr Co, Realty bl.. Bessmr 

Atchison R E, res, 1421 2nd av Bessmr 

Atkins Alonzo, res, 1312 N 29th Main 

Atkins O D, res, 2931 Juniper av Main 

Atkins Robt L, r, 4801 Grand av Wdlawn 

Atkins Stanley, res, 1312 Av I Main 

Atkins T W Mrs, r, 7419 2nd av, n. Wdlawn 

Atkins W W, res, 75 Hghld av Ensley 

Atkinson Grant H, r, 8102 Ala av... Wdlawn 

Atkinson I N, res, 721 1st av W End 

Atkinson J P, res. 208 N Vine W End 

Atkinson T S, res, 234 N 49th Wdlawn 

Atlanta, B'ham & Atlantic R R, 

City tkt ofc. 2010 1st av Main 

Genl agt, frt&pass, Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 
Rate & trace elk, Jeff Co Bk bl....Main 

Freight Depot, llth Main 

Yard ofc. Green Sta, Elyton Main 

Frt & pass ofc, 1st av Bessmr 

Shop, Charles W End 































Main 223 

Electrical *■»* mhSt 


Atlanta Mutual Ins Co.Ala Pen SavBkbl.Main 4276 
Atlantic Barbers Supply Co,408 N 20th. Main 8651 
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co The Great, 

2019 2nd av, n Main 5400 

Atlas Mch & Sup Co, ofc, 1 S 20th Main 560 

Atlas Powder Co, B-M bl Main 1658 

Magazine, Lewisburg Main 3836-J 

At wood A L Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 6224 

Atwood A L Dr, res, 919 S 13th Main 2142 

Atwood & Wilev Drs.ofc.Wdward bl...Maln 6224 

Audit Co of B'ham, ofc, B-M bl Main 8039 

Aughtry W E, res, Rchmnd Apts Main 561 

Ault C D Mrs, res, 1004 2nd av Main 6705 

Ault P G, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8121-J 

Austin A E Mrs, res, 1319 N" 20th Main 848S 

Austin J C. res, 1527 S 15th av Main 6577 

Austin N W, res, 726 S 27th Main 8801-W 

Austin P, res, 1710 Av G Ensley 1007 

Austin R A, res, 5616 1st av Wdlawn 700 

Austin W J, res, Prncss Spgs Bessmr 853-W 

Auter Henry B, res, 1830 Jasper Main 7S14-W 

Auto Rent Service, ofc, 301 S 21st Main 826 

Auto Salvago &. Sales Co Inc. 25 21st. Bessmr 218 

Auto Supply Co, ofc, 127 S 20th Main 6601 

Automatic Transportation Co.ofc.B-M bl.Maln 3845 
Automotive Corporation, 

Ofc & parts dept, 1926 Av B Main 1915 

Retail dept & shop, 1026 Av B Main 9328 

Autry Thelma, res, 531 Fairfax av Bessmr 186-J 

Avent Margaret Mrs,r,321S 12th av,n..Main 7650-W] 
Avera Mabel Mrs, r, 112 Commerce. Wdlawn 702-J 
Averett Mary Lee Mrs,r,1739 llth av,s. .Main 4962 

Avery C M, res, 1400 4th av Bessmr 1042 

Averyt E W, res, 3412 12th av, n Main 4048 

Avondale Mills, 1st av Main 1048 

Avondale Park (p s), 5th av Main 9102 

Avondale Shoe Shop, 220 S 41st Main 8899 

Avondale Stove & Fdy Co, Avondale Main 1046 

Await Willa Mrs, r, 1301 Ina Main 4221- 

Awtrey J H, res, 324 S 54th Wdlawn 1212-J 

Awtrey Jas H & Co, ofc, 2024 1st av...Main 5414 
Awtrey Jas H & Co, rl est. Jeff Co Bk bl Main 9305 

Aydelott H T, res, 106 S 52nd Wdlawn 815 

Ayer J W, ofc, 37th av Main 7146 

Ayer O Miss, res, 1034 S 20th Main 7855 

Ayers J C, res, 3409 12th av, n Main 1364 

Ayers O L, res, 1001 Crescent av Main 4175-J 


B P O Elks, 212^ 19th Bessmr 405 

B & B Cleaning Company, 1013 N 24th.. Main 5387 

B & B'Shoe Co, 2121 1st av Main 1921 

Babb H O, res, 736 Ethel av Main 3944-J 

Bachelor Pressing Shop, 1 < ► 2 2 Av E... Ensley 1383 
Bachman I B Mrs, r, 1624 N 15th av..Maln 584 

Backschies F G, r, 608 Cotton av W End 234 

Bacon Albert H, r, lioo 1st av W End 135-W 

Badgley D H, r, 1615 Mamie av Main 3441-W 

Badham H L, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1105 

Badham H L, res, 1221 Whitaker Main 623 

Badham H L Jr, res, Fairmont Apts Main 4600 

Bagby A P, res, 1109 Cotton av W End 600 

Baggett A J, res, 102 Si 56th Wdlawn 941-J 

Baggett II J, res, 3207 N 24th Main 8309-W 

Baggett H W, res, 8337 Sloss av Wdlawn 1146 

Baggett W T, res, 321 43rd Ensley 1125-W 

Bagley G C, res, 1032 N 4 4th Wdlawn 244'J 

Bagley H M, res, 915 1st av W End 731 

Bagley J A Dr, r, 4310V6 10th av, n Main 7150 

Bagley J W, res, 500 Wood Wdlawn 89-W 

Bagley N L. res, 1725 Copeland av Main 5790 

Bagley W W Mrs, res, 824 N 19th Main 8904 

Bagwell A L, res, 915 N 40th Wdlawn 302-J 

Bagwell C A, basket wks, 501 Helen. .W End 419 

Bailes G Lewis, atty. City Hall Main 4113 

Bailos Geo L. res, 1322 Tusc av W End 184-W 

Bailey A L, res, 8431 Hillman av Wdlawn 1259-J 

Bailey A S, res, 1717 Berkley av.... Bessmr 449-W 

Hahn-Foreman C oSLTeL 195' 

Auto Fenders Made to Order 1905 Avenue B 


• Indicates P. B. Exchan 






service OTain toy 
Funeral Director Main 4862 

Bailey B Mrs, r, 4904 2nd av, s Wdlawn 863-W 

Bailey Cecil Miss, r, 1749 13th av, s...Maln 2707-J 

Bailey C S, res, 2405 19th av, n Main 7489-J 

Bailey D H, res, 8300 Hillman av Wdlawn 1181-W 

Bailey H M, lbr&coal, 1500 19th, n..Bessmr 299 

Bailey James, res, 1124 S 13th Main 1529 

Bailey Jeff, res, 1620 N 29th Main 6682-J 

Bailey J E (p s), Sayreton, Ala Main 9220 

Bailey J H, res, 2027 12th av, n Main 5957-J 

Bailey J S, res, 1411 Tusc av W End 920-J 

Bailey P H, res, Waddell Main 6737-J 

Bailey R C, res, 1310 West Main 3749-J 

Bailey S C, res, 8325 Walker av Wdlawn 1457-W 

Bailey W C, res, R F D No 1 Bessmr 8405 

Bailey W R, res, 2431 Acacia av Ensley 1032-W 

Bailey W T, res, 827 N 43d Main 8094 

Bailey & Collins, ins, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 9305 

Bain C A, res, 118 N 60th Wdlawn 36-J 


1704 1st av Main 3050 

Balne Tom Mrs, res, 1501 S 21st Main 3112-W 

Bains Drug Co, 5500 1st av Wdlawn 125 

Bains Drug Co, 

Pay sta, 5500 1st av Wdlawn 9110 

Bains G W, res, 1809 6th av, n Main 5259 

Bains H L, res, 1814 5th av Bessmr 612-J 

Bains R C Dr, res, Oxmoor W End 260- R 


2028 6th av, n Main 3239 

Bains G W, 2028 6th av, n Main 3239 

Bains H L, 2028 6th av, n Main 3239 

Baird A D Mrs, res, 400 Berry w End 86 

Baird J A, res, 10 Reeders Bessmr 262-W 

Baird & Hybart Auto Co, ofc, 403 17th. Ensley 175 


1514 S 13th Main 3468 

Baker C J Rev, r, 808 11th av, n Main 8239 

Baker C L, res, 4431 Av D Main 4554-W 

Baker C Ross Rev, r, 5925 3rd av, s. Wdlawn 731 

Baker C W, res, 1609 16th av, n Main 8710 

Baker Jim. res, 714 S 17th Main 6663-J 

Baker John H, res, 2505 Av E Ensley 1242-W 

Baker J O, res, 1930 8th av, n Main 4666 

Baker J W, res, 826 S 21st Main 4673-W 

Baker L A, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 6326 

Baker L A, res, 1333 N 32nd Main 4656-W 

Baker N R, res, 2601 Ensley av Ensley 1217 


2224 Mrs av Main 7539 

Baker P P, res, Crestline Hghts Main 6743-J 

Baker-Reld Lumber Co, ofc, Am Tr bL.Maln 6326 

Baker Sam, res, 928 S 14th Main 1717 

Baker T R, res, 2412 12th av, n Main 7275-J 

Baker- Vawter Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 6189 

Baker Vella Mrs, r, Green Spgs Main 3430-W 

Baker W B res, R F D 4 Main 2099-W 

Balabanos C D, res, 201 N 50th Wdlawn 465-J 

Balabanos Jno, res, 1719 Walker W End 612-W 

Balbanos T N, r, 205 N 50th Wdlawn 466 

Baldauf Nell Miss, r, 2510 Av I Main 8421-W 

Baldone Charlie, res, 800 N 24th Main 5478-J 

Baldone Joe, res, 4133 2nd av, n Main 3426-J 

Baldwin J F, bid mat, 2217 Morris av..Maln 624 

Baldwin J F, r, 1331 Hntsvlle av Main 4614-J 

Baldwin M C Mrs, r, 2329 3rd av, n. . . Main 7554-J 

Baldwin M M, atty. Empire bl Main 4780 

Baldwin M M, res, 3841 Crescent rd Main 2162 

Baldwin-Payne Co Inc. brokers, 

2429 2nd av, n Main 5178 

Baldwin W F, res, 1606 Av I Main 3327 

Baldwin W L, res, 1106 11th av, s Main 7919 

Balentine J W, res, 7219 1st av Wdlawn 832 

Ball Alfred, res, 1407 Minn av Bessmr 290 

Ball D C, res, 4200 Av D Main 7010-J 

Ball Edwin, res, 924 S 19th Main 1956 





Ball J H, res, 1712 7th av Bessmr 617-W 

Ball J M, res, 2501 Av H Ensley 1121-W 

Ball Mattie Mrs, r, 523 S 26th Main 7684 

Ballard A N Dr, res, 1105 N 25th Main 454 

Ballard-Ballard & Clapp Drs, homeopathic, 

Farley bl Main 110 

Ballard C B, res, 2165 11th av, s Main 4309-W 

Ballard Elwyn Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 110 

Ballard Elwyn Dr, res, 1105 N 25th.. Main 454 

Ballard F F, res, 2825 12th av, n Main 9393 

Ballard J M, res, 5301 1st av, s Wdlawn 384-W 

Ballard T B Mrs, res, 1403 St Chas Main 3501-W 

Ballard Wiley P, ofc, 1 S 20th Main 560 

Ballard's Agcy.flour mlrs.1623 1st av...Maln 1382 
Ballentine R H, r, 5023 2nd av, n.. Wdlawn 276-J 

Balls Wm C, res, 3553 Park av Ensley 1135-W 

Balton Charlie, res, 817 N 18th Main 9402-J 

Bancroft J D Mrs, r, 7922 Undwd av. Wdlawn 1177 

Band M, res, 903 S 18th Main 2285 

Bandman J, res, 2804 Juniper av Main 8890 

Banister R H, res, Ridgely Apts Main 4319 

Bank L Mrs, res, 1408 13th av, s Main 8444 

Bank of Alabama, 1724 Av E Ensley 700 

• BANK OF ENSLEY, Av E Ensley 53 

Bank of Ensley, 1821 Av E Ensley 53 

Bank of Ensley, branch, Wylam Ensley 104 

Bank Pawn Shop, 2023 2d av Bessmr 157 

Banks A K Mrs, res, 717 N 16th Main 2688-J 

Banks Chas F, res, 2503 9th av.... Bessmr 872-J 

Banks Frazer, res, 1004 St Chas Main 2752. 

Banks M C, contr, 210 N 17th Main 2371 

2800 Madison av Main 8513 

Banks M C, res, 1034 S 81st Wdlawn 1216 

Banks Nat, res, 922 Alabama av Main 5436 

Banks N G, res, 2208 Exeter av Bessmr 925 

Banton Howard S, res, 1130 Av H Main 4279 

Barbas Vashakis, res, 1734% 1st av Main 7955 

Barber Arlie, atty, 1st N B bl Main 772 " 

Barber Arlie, res, 415 Fulton av....W End 276 

Barber Chas, res, 1401 N 25th Main 8010 

Barber-Greene Co, ofc, 3 S 20th Main 2484 

Barber Greene Co, mchry, Am Tr bl Main 3594 

Barber's Drug & Seed Str,2331 2d av.n.Maln 154 


214 N 22nd Main 10 

Barclay C W, jwlr, Am Tr bl Main 3429 

Barclay C W, res, 1104 Louise Main 3996 

Barclay H G, res, 1501 N 35th Main 6634-W 

Barclay & Compton Drs.ofc.lst N B bl. .Main 467 
Barclift Clarence Mrs, r, 1419 N 31st.. Main 5510 
Barclift F E, res, 1904 Warrior Blvd.. Ensley 174-J 
Bardwell M G, res, 1016 Crescent av...Maln 2156-W 

Bare Susie Mrs, r, 1111 N 19th Main 2212-J 

Barfleld A M, res, 511 39th Ensley 196-J 

Barfleld F J, res, 113 N 23d Main 8674 

Barfleld S T, res, 822 N 21st Main 5736-J 

Barham T E, res, 3219 12th av, n Main 1832-W 

Barker Baking Co, 1919 3rd av, n Main 3126 

Barker J Hudson, r, 1620 14th av, s Main 3642-W 

Barker J L, res, 1707 10th av, s Main 4424 

Barker J Leonard Jr,r,1123 Louise av..Maln 8585 

Barker J R, res, 1718 14th av, s Main 9400 

Barker Nat, rl est, Fed Rsrv Bk bl Main 444 

Barker T W Mrs, res, 321 N 49th Wdlawn 930-J 

Barks Chas O, res, 112 Halstead. .. .Wdlawn 153-J 

Barksdale J W, res, Powderly W End 153-J 

Barley J B Mrs, res, 2221 Larch av. . . Ensley 475-J 
Barnard Ethel B Mrs, r, 300 S 55th.. Wdlawn 1273-W 

Barnard H H, res, 208 N 74th Wdlawn 1415 

Barner Luther W, ofc, B-M bl Main 5887 

Barner W M Dr, dntst, 323% 19th Bessmr 453 

Barner W M Dr, res, 1826 Fairfax av. . Bessmr 725-J 

Barnes Dennis, res, 706 N 53rd Wdlawn 170-W 

Barnes E If Rev, res, 1215 Church. . Bessmr 938-W 

Barnes E M, res, Terrace Crt Main 3901 

Barnes Ed S Rev,r,4804 10th av.n.. Wdlawn 1038 
Barnes Fred, res, McCalla Bessmr 8305 

Fndlcates P. B. Exchange 




The 000* "Company^ 


Barnes H P, res, 1910 Av I Ensley 

Barnes J C, res, 1908 6th av, n Main 

Barnes M H, groc, 309 1st av Ensley 

Barnes R H, res, 5600 5th av, s Wdlawn 

Barnes Walter E, rl est, 1st Nat Bk bl. .Main 

Barnes W H, ofc, 1715 6th av Main 

Barnes W H, res, 1316 Glen Iris av..Maln 
Barnett Barnett & Barnett, rl est, 

B-M bl Main 

Barnett D B, res, 1619 4th av Bessmr 

Barnett F W Rev, r, 3900 Summit av..Main 

Barnett J Mercer, yard mill, 5th Main 

Barnett J Mercer, r, 2120j Rose av....Main 


Yard and Mills, 5th av Main 

Barnett L M Dr, dntst, 221% 19th. .. Bessmr 
Barnett L M Dr, res, 1604 3rd av.. Bessmr 

Barnett R J Dr, dntst, 1st N B bl Main 

Barnett S T, res, Forest Park Main 

Barnett T B, res, 1514 S 19th Main 

Barnett W A, res, 1042 Alois av W End 

Barnhart H H, groc, 1801 Rush av....Maln 

Barnitz C B Mrs, r, 2305 7th av, n Main 

Barnwell Middleton S Rev,study,6th av.Maln 
Barnwell, Middleton S Rev, 

res, 1049 Cherry Main 

Barr C D, res, 1804 14th av, n Main 

Barr David A, res, 2020 Stout Main 

Barr Geo, res, 3315 N 29th Main 

Barr James Sr, res, 4528 5th av Ensley 

Barr L Mrs, res, 1633 Arlngtn av Bessmr 

Barr L E, res, 1605 Cleveland av....W End 

Barr Martin, dry gds, 223 19th Bessmr 

Barr Martin, res, 1915 Berkley av Bessmr 

Barr M H Mrs, res, 1111 12th av, s Main 

Barranco Chas P, res, 1724 4th av. .. .Bessmr 

Barranco S A, groc, 900 S 27th Main 

Barrett A C, res, 1400 N 16th Main 

Barrett C E, r, 8016 Hillman av.... Wdlawn 

•BARRETT CO THE, Frflld Ensley 

Barrett E W, res, 3603 Cliff rd MalrT 

Barrett E W, res. Shds Mtn Main 

Barrett F, res, 4301 5th av Ensley 

Barrett Fannie M Mrs, res, 1506 Av I.. Main 

Barrett H M, res, 205 N Pearl W End 

Barrett J C, res, 2509 Ensley av Ensley 

Barrett J M, res, 8902 6th av, s Main 

Barrett N A # Dr,r,7900 Undwd av.. Wdlawn 

Barrett T L, res, 1857 Pike av Ensley 

Barron M M Mrs, r, 2116 Drtmth av. .Bessmr 

Barron W Frank, res, 1125 N llth Main 

Barrow J H, res, 2015 Av F Main 

Barrow Ralph S, res, 1318 S 20th Main 

Barry Jas J, res, 1308 N 26th Main 

Barton Arthur, res, 1601 S 13th Main 

Barton A D M'rs, res, 107 2nd Ensley 

Barton James, atty, Title Guar bl Main 

Barton R C, res, Boyles Wdlawn 

fiartz F E, res, 2804% Ens av Ensley 

Basenberg W H, res, 168 N 5lst Wdlawn 

Basham R F, res, 1723 8th av Bessmr 

Bashara Dry Goods Co, 4700 Gary av.. Ensley 
Bashinsky Cotton Co, cot brks.Am Tr.Main 

Baskin Joel L, res, 1100 Fntn av Main 

Baskin J N, res, 407 Old 50th Wdlawn 

Basore T S L, res, 1010 llth av, s Main 

Bass A L, res, 801 S 14th Main 

Bass E Mrs, res, 531 Miller av Main 

Bass F F, res, 215 S 61st Wdlawn 

Bass F W, res, 1723 3rd av Bessmr 

Bass W O, res, 7900 Caldwell av.... Wdlawn 

Bassett Chas, res, 801 | 12th Main 

Batchelder Myra Miss, r. 14 N Pearl.. W End 

Bates Cora Mrs, res, 1217 N 26th Main 

Bates C C, res, 1900% llth av, n Main 

Bates D J, res, 414 Sarah av Main 














701- M 




Aruuhn;* 5»i>Le K.I 002 




Sheetrock Tel. Main 8500 

WaU Board Made of Gypsum Rock.— WITTICHEN 


AmUulanca S«,vr.e l a I UOZ 

Bates E D, res, 1108 N 28th Main 5785-J 

Bates Geo B Mrs, res, Terrace Crt.... Main 3202-W 

Bates H T, res, 302 S 76th Wdlawn 183 

Bates J M, res, 141 N 59th Wdlawn 827-W 

Bates Sallie, res, 1819 Av C Main 6170-J 

Batey & Robison, tlrng, B-M bl Main 4068 

Batson D C Dr, ofc, 708 Tusca av W End 980 

Batson D C Dr, res, 18 Canal W End 93-J 

Batson Essie Mrs, res, 1101 N 31st Main 5735-W 

Batson J H, res, 2900 Bess Blvd Ensley 563-J 

Batson M C, res, 2232 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 737-J 
Batson Merc Co.gen mdse,1916 3d av. Bessmr 257 

Batson S E, res, Waddell Main 6737-W 

Batson S R, res, 1411 N 30th Main 1354-J 

Batson T J, res, 1819 Drtmth av Bessmr 587 

Battalia J I Mrs, r, 712 S 23d Main 2969 

Batterton Coffee Co, rstrs, 2501 2d av..Main 82 
Batterton H T Mrs, r, 1415 S Cullom Main 9432 


2122 Av C Main 2315 

Battle E C, res, 1045 Alois av W End 304-W 

Battle H L Mrs, res, 510 N 24th Main 8442 

Battle W R Rev, res, 517 Park Row. Wdlawn 342-J 
Batton W M, res, 2713 Alabama av.. Ensley 673-J 

Batts O G, res, 1 10 Green W End 388- J 

Baty W C, res, 2019 Drtmth av Bessmr 930-W 

Bauer Geo, res, 804 Montgomery Main 6597-W 

Bauer Geo Mrs, res, 1916 8th av, n Main 6098 

Bauer Geo D, res, 1120 Glen Iris av Main 1620-W 

Bauer Marie H Miss.chrpdst.lst N B bl.Maln 4597 

Baugh A T, res, 902 S 29th Main 7302 

Baugh Hardware Co, ofc, 3004 N 27th.. Main 5392 

Baugh J F Berry, atty, B-M bl Main 1521 

Baugh J F Berry, res, 1016 S 26th Main 1862 

Baugh R H, res, 2205 Highland av Main 5317 

Baugh S A Mrs, res, 2119 6th av. n Main 5276-J 

Baugh & Emmerson, attys, B-M bl Main 1521 

Baum E P, res, 1315 N 26th Main 3226 

Baum H J. life ins, B-M bl Main 2860 

Baum Herbert J, res, Crescent Crt Main 2479-J 

Baxley B G, res, 617 Prnctn av W End 109-W 

Baxley C H, res, 2422 Bess Blvd Ensley 529-W 

Baxley J H, res, Smith's Crossing Bessmr 269-J 

Baxley W L, groc, 1900 19th Bessmr 663 

Baxley W L, r, 3620 Huntsville av.. Bessmr 436-J 

Baxter C C, res, 1113 Princeton av W End 438 

Baxter R R, r, 1621% S 12th av Main 8824 

Bayless E S, r, 1715 14th av, s Main 3673-W 

Bayliss J M, res, 315 N Pearl W End 768 

Bayliss S B, res, 1404 N 33rd Main 6995 

Bayne S C Mrs, res, 1904 5th av, n Main 6034 

Bazemore B B, res, 601 N 23rd Main 4565-W 

Bazemore J J, res, 1225 Fountain av Main 2191-W 

Bazemore & Beasley, auto reprs, 

2131 Av A Main 851 

Beach Geo W, res, 8205 Berney av.. Wdlawn 690 

Beach J H, res, 5812 1st av Wdlawn 316 

Beaird J T, res, 812 S 89th Main 1718-W 

Beall Millie Miss, res, 1014 Glen Iris av.Maln 5625-J 

Beall Mollie C Mrs, r, 1218 S 20th Main 7912-W 

Bealle A B, res, 1325 N 24th Main 2183 

Bealle J S Mrs, res, 1223 N 36th Main 3824-J 

Beals R M Mrs, res, 1601 Av I Main 6069 

Beamish F A Mrs, res, 1027 N 28th Main 8414-W 

Bean J B, ofc, B-M bl Main 9405 

Bean J R Dr, res, 2920 Juniper av Main 3^48 

Beard C B, res, 416 Fulton av W End 254-W 

Beard Jno F, res, 521 Cotton av W End 58 

Bearden J B, res, Waddell Main 6707-J 

Bearden W M, res, Rosedale Main 6499-W 

Beasley Chas Mrs, res, 2100 7th av, n..Maln 8157-W 
Beasley C B, res, 2808 Juniper av....Maln 2868 
Beasley Grady, res, 926 Georgia av....Main 7846 

Beasley J W, res, 1212 S 13th Main 4020-W 

Beasley W L,, rl est, 2008 1st av Main 4484 

Beasley W L, res, 2900 Ave G Main 113 

Beasley Walton M, r, 1613 llth av, s Main 9458-J 

Main 223 ElQCtriC&l 4 ' 2 N ' 19tH St 


• • 




Main 3355 

Main 285 

w *» ^ Main 134 
V a I I O Ensley 1477 

Beason J H, groc, 1025 11th av, n Main 3139 

Beason Walter W,r,8311 Walker av.Wdlawn 738 
Beatty Douglas, res, 1226 Maplewood av.Main 2948-J 

Beatty E T, mchnst's, 1101 Ave B Main 394 

Beatty E T, res, 1229 S 12th Main 2959 

Beatty Geo, res, 1004 loth av, n Main 6704-W 

Beatty I C, res, 1213 N 30th Main 2475-J 

Beatty I C Sr, res, 3503 12th av, n Main 4547-J 

Beatty R D, res, 3108 15th av, n Main 8714-W 

Beatty Rebecca L Mrs. r, 1015 S 14th.. Main 6343-J 
Beaty Geo Mrs, res, Whitfield Apts....Main 5635 

Beaty H T, res, 3211 N 24th Main 4471 

Beauford G W, res, 1716 7th av, n Main 5963-W 


Office, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4262 

Beaumont Hy F,r,829 Tusca av W End 413-J 

Beaven W H.elec sups.Jeff Co Bk bl...Main 726 

Beaven W H, res, 1531 S 11th av Main 1630 

Beavers Cafe Co, 115 N 20th Main 8371 

Beavers J L, res, 900 S* 16th Main 8249-W 

Beavers J R, res, 511 Euclid av Wdlawn 748-R 

Beavers Winston Mrs, r, 317 17th. . . . Bessmr 563-W 

Beavers W C, res, 4000 Ave D Main 8323-W 

Beavers W O, res, 509 N 23rd Main 4298 

Beavin J D, res, 131 1 N 30th Main 654-W 

Beck A W, ofc, Potter bl Main 1407 

Beck Candy & Groc Co, 1811 1st av. . . . Main 841 

Beck Candy & Groc Co, 1811 1st av Main 843 

Beck C L, res, 320 Ann Ensley 1159-W 

Beck Fred W, res, 1217 St Chas Main 2912 

Beck Herman M, res, 1335 St Chas Main 6914-W 

Beck Louis A, res, 2818 Juniper Main 7216 

Beck P B Mrs. res, 1023 N 24th Main 5257-J 

Beck Rolon, res, 5G21 4th av, s Wdlawn 1075-J 

Becker F Mrs, res, 1706 S 14th av Main 6894-J 

Beckham B F, res, 2406 Av H Ensley 362-J 

Beckley Leroy W, res, 630 44th Ensley 408-W 

Beddow A M Miss, r, 4100 7th av Ensley 906-W 

Beddow C P, res, 8430 Highland av Main 6760-J 

Beddow Roderick, r, 922 S 26th Main 3536 

Beddow W H Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8993 

Beddow W H Dr, res, 3430 Highland av.Main 6760-J 

Beddow W If, res, 2115% Av I Ensley 5I5-J 

Beddow & Oberdorfer.attys.Ttl Guar bl.Main 461 
Bedford John, r, 1501 Arlington av.. Bessmr 955-W 

Beecher L T, res, 408 Summitt av Main 7102-W 

Beecroft E Fraser Mrs,r,1008 S 20th.. Main 2233 
Beems Ora Mae Miss,r,1608 3rd av,n...Main 7641 

Beers Wm H Jr, res, 502 St Chas W End 733-J 

Beilhart J F, plmbr, 315 Cornelia av. . . .Main 8933 
Beitman Bros.cgr mfgrs,2408 4th av,n..Main 6213 

Beitman Joseph, r, -*«2 12th av, s Main 2343 

Belden Lotta Miss, r, 1034 S* 20th Main 5230-J ' 

Belden S Jr, res, 1309 S 13th Main 2920- J 

Bell A W Dr, r, 5351 3rd av, n Wdlawn 48 

Bell C F, res, 2211 12th av, n Main 243 

Bell D C, res, 1346 45th Ensley 617-J 

Bell D C Coal & Trans Co, 105 34th Ensley 1429 

Bell E C. res, 311 N Poplar W End 649-W 

Bell Frank G, r, 5301 6th av, s Wdlawn 619-W 

Bell G W, res, 1525 Fairfax av Bessmr 658-J 

Bell Jesse A, res. 2316 Apple av Ensley 193-W 

Bell J D, res, 4315 Ave B Main 6573-J 

Bell J E, res, 1431 College Main 6360- J 

Bell Jno L, res, 312 48th Ensley 1465-W 

Bell Jno W, res, 2520 16th Ensley 905 

Bell L A Mrs, res, 1908 Clrndn av Bessmr 1043-J 

Bell Lumber Co, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2527 

Bell Lucie J Mrs, r, 138 N 59th Wdlawn 359-J 

Bell Mattie C, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 267-J 

Bell M E Mrs, res, 1726 14th av, n Main 7456-J 

Bell M H, res, 4710 2nd av Wdlawn 215-W 

Bell Olivia, res. 517 Adams Wdlawn 89-J 

Bell-Ramsey Brokerage Co.lst N B bl.-Maln 3339 

Bell Robt N. atty, Farley bl Main 3 

Bell-Rogers Produce Co, 

2101 Morris av Main 971 

2101 Morris av Main 7840 


Ambulance Service n m I QUZ 

3 vindicates P. B. Exchai 

"Oer vice 

Bell-Rogers Produce Co — contd, 

2101 Ave E Ensley 709 

2101 Av E Ensley 70 

1820 1st av Bessmr 138 

Bell Tailoring Co, 105 19th Bessmr 694 

Bell-Tanner Produce Co,ofc,1629 1st av.Main 1229 

1629, 1st av Main 6611 

Bell W A, res, 1430 N 20th Main 5835- J 

Bell W D, res, 4325 Av B Main 6757-W 

Bell W H, res, 1615 N 31st Main 8875-W 

Bell W H Dr, r, 1500 33rd av, n Main 8S59-J 

Bell W J, res, 803 Cotton av W End 271-J 

Bellah M M Mrs, res, 1188 N 13th Main 8794 

Belle Mary, res, 2512 6th av Bessmr 960-W 

Bellmeade Prsng Club,ofc,1524 3rd av.n.Main 1182 
Bellsnyder George, r, 405 S E 54th.. Wdlawn 1158-W 
Belsher F E Mrs, r, 7726 Undrwd av.Wdlawn 14S8-J 
Belt Auto Indemnity Assn.ofc.lst NB bl.Main 6782 

Bemiss M H, res, 109 Sarah av Main 5220-W 

Ben Hur Temple, p s, 1809^ 4th av, n. .Main 9259 

Ben Hur Tribe, 1809^ 4 th a v, n Main 2395 

Bender Ed, res, 608 S 27th Main 8168 

Bender Furniture Co, 2211 3rd av, n Main 674 

Bender W K Mrs, res, 214 Charles W End 161- W 

Benedict Samuel R Dr.ofc.Emp bl Main 2437 

Benedict Sam'l R Dr, r, 2235 Hghlnd av.Main 8457-J 

Benedictine Sisters, 318 N 22nd Main 1710 

Benedictine Sisters, r, 140 Davies. .Wdlawn 1486 

Benedictine Sisters, r, Pratt City Ensley 439-J 

Benefleld J L, r, 3721 Ave E Main 4979 

Benetos A, res, 411 N 20th Main 4563 

Benetos N A, pay sta, 1318 N 19th Main 9200 

Benners Augustus, atty, B-M bl Main 7346 

Benners Augustus,r,2762 Hanvr Cir. .. Main 2726 

Benners Alfred H,r,1414 H'ville av Main 1055 

Benners T H, Am Tr bl Main 9595 

Benners T H, res, 2108 Rose av Main 3678 

Benners T H & Co, genl ofc, Am Tr bl. . Main 738 

Bennett A C Miss, r, 1925 Ave H Main 6658 

Bennett A L, res, 1411 S 18th Main 8737-W 

Bennett Ella Mrs, res, 1819 8th a v, n..Maln 9455-J 
Bennett Iron & Hide Co, 2030 8th av. Bessmr 528 
Bennett Josephine Mrs,r,607 N 20th... Main 5586 

Bennett J L, res, 75th rd Wdlawn 548-W 

Bennett J T, res, 721 17th Bessmr 690-J 

Bennett J W, res, 316 N 75th Wdlawn 1193-J 

Bennett M H, res, Sandusky Ensley 531-W 

Bennett Sam, res, 2500 Ave D Main 8999 

Eennett W D, res, 110 N Vine v\4 End 625-W 

Bennett W H, tin shop, 1927 3rd av.. Bessmr 96 

Bennett W M, res, 318 9th Bessmr 695-J 

Bennie Sinclair.mcht tlrng,321 N 19th.. Main 1145 

Bennie Sinclair, res, 1118 N 23d Main 3321-J 

Benoit Coal Mining Co.Jeff Co Bk bl...Main 4856 

Benson K V, ofc, 1719 2nd av, n Main 808 

Bentlcy C S, atty, Realty bl Bessmr 356 

Bentley Hettie Miss, r, 625 3rd av... Wdlawn 1252-W 
Bentley Mercantile Co, gen mdse, 

2325 2nd av, n Main 3289 

Bentley O L, res, 2412 Teague av Ensley 1275- J x 

Bentley T R, res, 1600 Beech Main 8559-W 

Benton Bros, 2303 5th av Main 2001 

Benton E F, res, 930 Central.... Main 8509-W 

Benton F C, ins, B-M bl Main 8039 

Benton G P, atty. Realty bl Bessmr 356 

Benton J C, res, 1719 Jasper Main 7438 

Benton J M Mrs, r, 1319 11th av, s Main 7735-W 

Benton L S, res, 1913 14th av, n Main 5923-W 

Benton Margaret Mrs, res, 

1730 Arlington av Bessmr 546-W 

Benton Percy Mrs, r, 1914 Berkley avBessmr 851 

Benton T W, res, 1604 6th av Bessmr 648 

Benton W N, res, 402 Earle av Main 3838-J 

Bentzen C J, res, 1622 S 13th Main 5475-J 

Berents T G, res, Vestal Heights Main 3676 

Beresford Thos J, r, 912 Tusc av W End 911 

Berger Rosa, res, 1333 N 14th av Main 5421-J 

Bergreen J A, res. 722 Peyton Main 1744-J 

Berk Morris, r, 2814 Mountain av Main 3 04O-W 

I Iff I AlP^W^Md, 769 
LlllE LUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

Indicates P. B. Exchange. 

Gilchrist-Tarrant E G _ £ 

Main 469 

Berkowitz Louis, res, 1424 8th av, n...Main 404-W 

Berman B, res, 1008 N 16th Main 2298-W 

Berman Bros Cooperage Co, 835 N 19th. .Main 7547 

Berman F, res, 1029 E 14th Main 5479-W 

Bernard H O, res, Crestline Main 6382- J 

Berney Oscar R, r, 1749 Trl Blvd Ensley 1219-W 

Berney Wm, res, 2807 Av E Ensley 1351-J 


1901 Ave E Ensley 23 

1901 Ave E Ensley 540 

Pay Sta v Ensley 9112 

Bernhard D, res, 7708 Berney av.... Wdlawn 1169-J 
Bernhard J E, res, 7722 Berney av.. Wdlawn 681 
Bernhardt R P, res, 2721 Bess Blvd. .. Ensley 435-J 

Bernheim J, res, 2818 Juniper Main 3759-J 

Bernheim S M, res, 1015 S 28th Main 5630-W 


2023 1st av Main 5100 

Bernheisel Danl, res, 719 N 18th Main 6838-W 

Bernstein Arthur I,r,1428% 11th av,s..Maln 4635-W 

Berry D Bass, res, 1904 10th av, s Main 1053 

Berry E J, res, 701 S 28th Main 6464 

Berry E J Coal Yard, ofc, 2923 Av E. . . Main 3621 

Berry F M Mrs, res, 1316 Cullom Main 8287-W 

Berry H C Mrs, res, 4104 Holley Ensley 1106-W 

Berry J H, res, 2230 36th av Main 7253-J 

Berry J H Realty Co, ofc, 2908 N 27th.. Main 7107 

Berry J W, res, 2429 Ensley av Ensley 1058-W 

Berry Mattie, res, 2309 10th av Bessmr 1138-J 

Berry N, res, 925 S 14th Main 4589-J 

Berry S A, res, 2806 Ensley av Ensley 123 

Berry Shoe Co, whol, 2021 1st av Main 8777 

Berry Van, res, 64 Vine Ensley 108-J 

Berry W A, res, 2163 Highland av Main 8837 

Berry W E Mrs, r, 5316 1st av Wdlawn 1022 

Berry W T Dr, ofc, B-M bl Main 65 

Berry W T Dr, res, 2809 11th av. n Main 1174 

Berry & Smith, life ins, Jeff Co Bk bl. . . Main 8715 
Berthon A H, clng&prsng, 202 3rd... Ensley 715 
Besala Garage & Machine Co, 

1917 4th av Bessmr 873 

Bessemer Auto & Electric Co, 

1830 Alabama av Bessmr 16 

Bessemer Auto & Repair Co, ofc, 

1818 2nd av Bessmr 108 

Bessemer Bakery, 500 19th Bessmr 111 * 

Bessemer Beauty Parlors.ofc.Rlty bl.. Bessmr 864 
Bessemer Beef Co, groc, 101 19th. . .Bessmr 4 
Bess Board of Trade, 312 N 19th. ... Bessmr 168 
Bess Coal, Iron & Land Co, 

Pres ofc, Am Trust Main 1105 

Real ets dept, 324 19th Bessmr 14 

Real estate dept, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 4630 

Bess Coffee Co, 219 N 19th Bessmr 400 

Bessemer Drug Co, 224 19th.". Bessmr 26 

Bessemer Dry Cleaning Co, ofc, 

1826 2nd av Bessmr 64 

Bessemer Dry Goods Co, 1905 2nd av. Bessmr 256 
Bessemer Fire Brick Co. ofc, 19th. ... Ensley 1316 
Bessemer Fire Brick Co, 

Yard, 2410 Av C Ensley 681 

Works, Ala av Bessmr 9 

Bess Fdy & Mach Co, shops, 8th av.. Bessmr 77 
Bessemer Furniture Co, 1925 2d av.. Bessmr 433 
Bessemer Gas Co, ofc, 1811 2d av.... Bessmr 13 

Bessemer Gas Co, plant, 8th av Bessmr 56 

Bessemer Grocery Co,whl,1930 3rd av. Bessmr 11 
Bessemer Hide & Bag Co, junk, 

1201 19th Bessmr 72 

Bessemer Hotel, ofc, 1931 Carina av.. Bessmr 638 
Bess Ice & Coal Co, Arlington av. . . .Bessmr 17 

Brighton depot Bessmr 281 

Bess Mar & Grnt Wks,ofc,413 N 19th. Bessmr 397 

Bessemer Motor Co, 515 19th Bessmr 51 

Bess Natl Bank, 221 N 19th Bessmr 1 

Bessemer Oil & Fertz Co, whol, 

2012 1st av Bessmr 101 

»■•«■. . M 1002 

Bessemer Printing Co, 1824 2d av... Bessmr 135 

Bessmr Shoe Fixery, 108 N 19th Bessmr 446 

Bessemer Soil Pipe Co,ofc,7th av Bessmr 45 

Bessemer Soil Pipe So.fd rm,7th av. . . Bessmr 347 

Bessemer Weekly, ofc, 1712 2d av Bessmr 276 

Bessemer Woolen Mills,tlrs,106 lth.. Bessmr 697 
Best A W J, res, 7500 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 1357-W 

Best E J, res, 4604 Valley rd Ensley 596-W 

Best Frank, res, 7821 Hillman av... Wdlawn 1402-J 

Best F W, res, 241 Kyser av Bessmr 1097 

Best Shoe Fixery, 1910 4th av, n Main 6993 

Best X D, res, 7932 1st av Wdlawn 1204-J 

Best & Russell Cigar Co, 1624 3rd av Main 4313 

Bethany R C Mrs, res, 526 N 23rd Main 8058-J 

Bethea Jack, res, 4117 Oak Ensley 1344-J 

Bethea Jno B, res, 1416 12th av, n Main 5596 

Bethea R E & Ins Co,ofc,2027 3d av..Maln 116 

Bethea S, res, 2811 Highland av ,..Maln 2905 

Betros & Berry, groc, 1430 Av F Main 4153 

Bettis J H, res, 302 S Vine „.W End 948-J 

Betts J M Mrs, res, 304% S 20th Main 8099 

Bevans H H, res, 1325 11th av, s Main 3403-J 

Bevell Cora Mrs, res, 5708 1st av. . . .Wdlawn 199 

Beverly Groc Co, Beverly PI W End 526 

Bevill R L Dr.dntst.Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5388 

Bibb H D, res, 4320% 7th av Ensley 89-W 

Bibb H E Mrs, res, 509 Miller av Main 3114-W 

Bibb J M, res, 5101 1st av Wdlawn 25-J 

Bibby Jas M, res, 320 S 41st Main 7929 

Bickell W G, res, 1132 Glenview rd...Main 7771 

Bickley T J Dr, ofc, 323% N 20th Main 4365 

Biddle John, res, 3525 N 27th Main 1374 

Biddle W J, res, 4711 2nd av, n Wdlawn 918-W 

Bidgood J R. res, 1315 N 31st Main 3880-W 

Biggio Hy, res, 1031 24th Bessmr 515 

Bigham S I, res, 6016 2d av, s Wdlawn 325 

Bigsby Brkrg Co, B-M bl Main 6277 

Bigsby C E, res, 1502 S 13th Main 2662-J 

Bijou Pressing Club. 218 N 22d Main 2780 

Bijou Theatre, ofc, 1700 3d av, n Main 1143 

Bilbe Geo, rl est agt, Title Guar bl Main 61 

Billups A C, res, 3212 12th av, n Main 7048-W 

Billups W B, res, Green Spgs Main 2117-J 

Bimstein B, res, 806 3 15th Main 7954-W 

Binder C N, res, 1520 N 26th Main 3436 


305 N 20th Main 3123 

305 N 20th Main 5869 

Binder S M, res, 1520 S" 14th Main 8582 

Bingham C A, res, DIan Apts Main 7874 

Bingham H G, res, 107 4th av Ensley 297 

Binning A Y, res, 4305 9th av Ensley 344,-J 

Binzel A J, res, 1205 S 15th Main 9505-J 

Birch Alex C, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6837 

Birch Alex C, res, 1234 Iroquois Main 4510 

Birch Neil Mrs. r, 2227 7th av, n Main 7544-J 

Birdwell John Mrs, res, 730 IStht Bessmr 1124-W 

Birk C A Mrs, res, 3413 Ave E Ensley 605-J 

B'ham Apothecary, Empire bl Main 7241 

B'ham Arms & Cycle Co, 2017 3rd av. . . . Main 72 
B'ham Artificial Limb Co.ofc.Ch Com.. Main 2886 

B'ham Athletic Club, 510 N 20th Main 1020 

Pay sta, 510 N 20th Main 9111 

Secy, 510 N 20th Main 1069 

B'ham Auto Body Co, 213 S 20th Main 6505 

B'ham Auto Co, garage, 109 S 20th Main 6429 

B'ham Automobile Club, 413 N 20th Main 2911 

B'ham Auto Laundry Co, 1819 1st av..Maln 5851 
B'ham Auto Repair Shop. 103 S 77th. Wdlawn 140 
B'ham Auto Top sup,304 S 20th. Main 6453 
B'ham Awng & Tent Wks,ofc,1928 Av B. Main 2163 

Birmingham Bag Co, 830 N 19th Main 5122 

B'ham Bar Assn, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl...Maln 6923 
B'ham Basket & Veneer Co, ofc, 

3829 1st av ■. Main 2128 

Birmingham Belt Railroad, 

Agent, 500 S 15th Main 5279 

Car record. 500 S 15th Main 286 

Main 223 

Electrical «»*»** 


HAfiN-F0REMAN R 'ctp ! 4 H t:« ng l 

All Kinds Roofing 1905 Ave. R— Telephone 195 




^Indicates P. B. Exchanj 

ldlcatet P. B. Exchange 





SERVICE mam /by 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Birmingham Belt Railroad — contd, 

Powell av team, Powell av&18th. . . .Main 5265 

Supt term, 9th av & 21st Main 2100 

Yardmaster, 8th av & 32nd Main 1363 

Block ofc, 10th av & 27th Main 6772 

Div frgt agt, Wdward bl Main 974 

B'ham Blue Print Co, Am Tr bl Main 3279 

B'ham Bottling Co, ofc, 1726 Av C Main 1025 

B'ham Branch Natl Assn, contrs & dlrs, 

Hood bl Main 3577 

B'ham Brick Co, ofc, 4301 S Park Ensley 377 

B'ham Broom Mfg Co, ofc, 1124 Av E..Maln 3151 

B'ham Buggy Co, 128 N 17th Main 2998 

B'ham Bldg & Improvement Co, Am Tr.Maln 764 

B'ham Casket Co, 2701 27th Main 7125 

B'ham Chero Cola Bot Co,2401 Av F...Maln 6296 
B'ham Civic Assn.ofc.Jeff Co Bk bl... Main 1413 

Cafe, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 9364 

B'ham Clay Products Co, Wdward bl Main 396 

B'ham Cleaning & Pressing Co, 

1629 5th av , Main 3776 

B'ham Coal & Coke Co,2324 8th Alley.. Main 1411 
B'ham Comfort&Mfg Co,2620 29th av.n.Main 5105 
B'ham Commission Co, ofc, Am Tr bl-.Main 6561 

B'ham Compress Co, 8th av Main 528 

B'ham Conserv of Music,1818 2d av,n..Maln 5846 


Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1273 

B'ham Creamery, 2331 3rd av, n Main 7985 

B'ham Credit Mens Assn, Ch Com Main 785 

B'ham Decorating Co, 701 3rd av, n. . . .Main 6432 
B'ham Discount Co.ofc.lst Nat Bk bl-.Maln 2351 

B'ham Drug Co, 600 Tusc av W End 786 

630 Tuscaloosa av W End 785 

Pay sta W End 9107 

Birmingham Eagle, 1727% 3rd av Main 5026 

B'ham Elec Battery Co, 2018 Ave B...Maln 7095 
B'ham Engineering Co, ofc, 1622 2nd av.Main 691 
B'ham Enterprises Inc. ofc, Woolwth bl Main 4880 
B'ham Equal Suffrage Assn, 1818 2d av.n.Main 5045 
B'ham Excelsior Co, mfrs, 40th av, n..Maln 5323 
B'ham Fertilizer Co, 

Factory, E B'ham Main 97 

Office, Am Jr bl Main 713 

B'ham Finance Co, ofc, Hood bl Main 3487 

B'ham Fish Co, 2125 2nd av, n Main 8051 

B'ham Fruit Beverage Co, 2330 Av B Main 9317 

B'ham Garage Co, 1512 2nd av, n....Maln 9543 
B'ham Gas Appliance Co,l720 3rd av,n..Maln 5550 


2020 1st av Main 7110 

B'ham Grain Co, ofc, Ave B Main 4675 

B'ham Gun & Key Co, 409 19th, n Main 593 

B'ham Hide & Tallow Co, 205 N 28th.. Main 189 
B'ham Hollow Tile Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 5934 


2514 2nd av, n Main 3036 

B'ham Ignition Supply Co, 2017 Av B..Maln 8750 


2200 Ave E Main 3700 


708 Tusc av W End 980 

Res, head nurse, 708 Tusc av....W End 969 

Nurses home, 612 Tusc av W End 955 

Pay sta, 708 Tusc av W End 9103 

Pay sta, 708 Tusc av.. W End 9106 

B'ham Iron & Development Co,9th av. . .Main 762 

B'ham Laundry Co, 213 N 22nd Main 164 

B'ham Leather Co, 1803 2d av Main 148 

Birmingham Linotype Composing Co, 

1701% N 3d av Main 5495 

B'ham Macaroni Co, 400 S 14th Main 759 

B'ham Machine & Fdry Co, 

Main ofc, 3700 10th av Main 530 

Purch dept only, 3700 10th av Main 6610 

Supt & night calls, 3700 11 av, n Main 4682 




All Grades AAAI MAIN 
Lowest Cash Prices W W §A\\m 228 

B'ham Marble & Tile Co, 1710 1st av, n.Maln 14 

B'ham Market Co, 2107 2d av Main 5798 

B'ham Mattress Co, 831 N 24th Main 958 

B'ham Mirrow Co, 210 N 26th Main 2490 


301 S 21st, 

Tires & Rd Service Main 

Accessory Dept & Mgr Ofs Main 

Sales Dept, Cars & Trucks Main 

Ofc & Booking Dept Main 

Shop & Serv Dept Main 1238 

•B'HAM NEWS THE, 2200 4th av, n..Main 8000 

Circulation dept, 2200 4th av, n Main 392 

Ensley ofc, want ad, 600% 19th.. Ensley 1403 

B'ham Nurseries Co, Av F W End 671 

B'ham Office Supply Co, 1716 3rd av..Maln 3980 

B'ham Ore & Mining Co, Am Tr bl Main 268 

Helen Bess mines Main 7696 

Birmingham O T,r,1613 Hntsville av...Main J559 
• B'HAM PACKING COMPANY, 2314 N 24th, 

Packing house, all depts Main 8616 

Ofc of pres & secy Main 5895 

City Store Branch, 2100 Morris av...Maln 6908 


2016 3rd av, 

Sales Department Main 

Shipping Department Main 

Sash & Door Dept, J W Angell. . . .Main 

T T Ashford, President Main 

B'ham Paper Co, ofc, 2104 Ave E Main 

B'ham Paper Co.shpng clk,2101 Av E..Maln 

B'ham Pattern Works, 1300 1st av Main 1137 

B'ham Plumbing Co, Ala P S Bk Main 1196 


1703% 3rd av Main 6898 


2112 Morris av Main 5326 

B'ham Publishing Co, 1705 3d av, n....Maln 1632 
B'ham Radiator Works, ofc, 106 S 22nd. Main 7491 
B'ham Rail & Locomotive Co, 

36th av Main 328 

36th av Main 7765 


1st av Main 3705 

k Bessmii branch ofc, 1802 1st av..Bessmr 8 

Ensley branch ofc, Av E Ensley 847 

Ensley branch ofc, Av E Ensley 120 

Line headquarters, 1001 5th av....Maln 6738 

Gas plant, 1323 3d av Main 2933 

Gas holder, Ensley, 1851 19th Ensley 876 

Car shops, master mech, 412 11th... Main 214 
Car barn, East Lake, 7800 1st av.Wdlawn 1008 

Freight ofc, B'ham, 1602 1st av Main 2504 

Freight ofc, Brighton, Brghtn.Ala.Bessmr 06 
Freight ofc, E Lake, 7800 1st av. .Wdlawn 1008 

Freight ofc, Ensley, Ave E Ensley i20 

Freight ofc, N B'ham, 30th av Main 7269 

Branch ofc, 1811 2nd av Bessmr 

Freight ofc, Wylam, Bank Ensley 

Frt ofc, 1800 1st av Bessmr 

Sub sta, 1800 1st av Bessmr 

Sub sta, Brighton, Brighton, Ala.. Bessmr 
Sub sta, Bessmr, 1802 1st av.... Bessmr 

Sub sta, E B'ham, 901 N 45th Wdlawn 

Sub sta, E Lake, 7800 1st av Wdlawn 1008 

Sub sta, Ensley, Av E Ensley 120 

Sub sta, N B'ham, 30th av Main 7259 

Trailer yard, 10th av Main 7543 

Trailer yard, Elizabeth Sta. W End 313 

Ninth av storeyard, 9th av Main 1609 

Emergency sta, 1602 1st av Main 161 

Puchg agt, 2100 1st av Main 9311 

B'ham Real Estate Exchange Ofc, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6900 

B'ham Realty Co, 

Ofc, 2118 1st av Main 854 

Ofc. N 33rd Main 7379 








Office &\M>rks Ti ^c 49* r «&* 

fairfieldjua. lneXfa$fcg*fr Lompany« ^_^ 


B'ham Rendering Co,rnvtg,49th Wdlawn 799-J 

B'ham Reporter, Pythian Temple bl Main 4786 


2008% 4th av, n •. Main 4022 


1526 10th av, n Main 9031 

B'ham Saw Works, 2614 2d av Main 2659 


117 N 21st ,. Main 6519 

B'ham Shoe Mfg Co, 121 N 21st Main 6389 

B'ham Shoe Shop, 407 N 19th Main 6228 

B'ham Slag Co, Jeff Co Bk bl..-- Main 1163 

Slag pit near No 3 mines'. Ensley 590 

Slag Pit, 3131 1st av Main 1 5193 

B'ham Southern College, 

Pres ofc, Owenton W End 30 

Matron's home W End 18 

Dormitory, pay sta, Owenton....W End 9109 
B'ham Southern High School.Owntn. . W End 712-W 
Birmingham Southern R R Co, 

Acct Dept, Wdward bl Main 345 

Car Acct Dept, Wdward bl Main 345 

Car record ofc, Brown-Marx bl Main 8429 

Freight depot, 1203 1st av Main 671 

Freight depot, Bessemer Bessmr 84 

Freight depot, Ensley Ensley 162 

Freight depot, Fairfield Ensley 179 

Superintendent's ofc, Ensley Ensley 1483 

Traffic dept, Brown-Marx bl Main 6887 

B'ham Specialty Co, whl novlts, 

2407 3rd av, n ...Main 3955 

B'ham Steel Corp, 3900 8th av, n, 

Information Main 1555 

Manager Main 1555 

Sales & estimating Main 3297 

Secy & acct Main 7378 

Employment agt Main 1555 

Raw material dept Main 3297 

Purchasing dept Main 3297 

General supt Main 1555 

Time keeper Main 7378 

Night calls Main 3297 

B'ham Steel Products Co.ofc.OOl N 40th. Main 4509 

B'ham Stock Yards, 1600 N 21st av Main 3734 

B'ham Stocking Co, 2214 1st av Main 2970 


Tenn Pike Main 7137 

B'ham Sunday School Assn, Title bl...Maln 5369 


2007 4th av, n Main 56 

Birmingham Terminal, 

Bureau of information, Term Sta... Main 1126 

Supfs ofc, Term Sta Main 3098 

Telegraph ofc *... Main 3541 

Genl baggage agt Main 1230 

B'ham Terminal Restaurant.Term Sta. Main 2255 

B'ham Title & Guar Co, 225 N 21st Main 669 

B'ham Trading Co, groc, 2481 2nd av..Maln 6451 

B'ham Traffic Bureau, Ch of Com Main 832 

B'ham Transfer-Traffic Co, 

Genl ofc, 1719 2nd av Main 7 

Baggage Main 236 

Terminal station Main 38 

L & N station Main 1351 

L & N station Main 6646 

Stable Main 11 

B'ham Trans-Traffic Co, ofc, Term Sta. .Main 236 


815 N 19th Main 2253 

B'ham Trussville Iron Co, 

Ofc. Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5936 


112 N 20th Main 5600 

B'ham View Co, 315% N 20th Main 860 


Ambulance Ssivlce M, I 002 





mbulancs Service R. I UUZ 

Building Material-Main 8500 

wrrriCHEN— 12 so. 20th St.— witticheni 


Birmingham Water Works Co, 

Ofc, ill 4 1st av Main 122 

Ofc, 2114 1st av Main 129 

Ofc, 604 19th Ensley 261 

N B'ham .pumping sta Main 66 

Cahaba fiver pumping sta Main 68-J 

Shades Mt filter plant Main 68-W 

Supt ofc Main 2451 

Engineer's res, Rosedale Main 4241 


2200 1st av, s Main 3970 


1711 1st av Main 1937 

Bishop G W, res, 4322 5th av, s Main 5443 

Bishop Jos M, c s practr, Am Tr bl....Main 6938 

Bishop Jos M, res, 1208 Beech Main 2940 

Bishop M D, res, 3915 Ava E Main 7494-J 

Bishop S A Rev, res, 24'29 37th av, n...Main 6107-J 

Bishop V O, res, 1401 2nd av Bessmr 667-W 

Bishop W D & Co, ofc, 2<305 2nd av, n. . . Main 3495 

Bissell C S, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4856 

Bissell C S, res, 2721 Caldwell av Main 4876 

Bissell H E, res, 928 S 31st Main 8556-J 

Bissell H E Motors Co, 

2308 1st av Main 3153 

2308 1st av Main 3154 

Bissell T L, res, Levert Apts Main 5170-W 

Bissett Frank, res, 902 N 13th Main 4009-W 

Bissett T J, res, Fairmont Apts Main 6243 

Bite Rogers H, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 5838 

Bitz C M, groc, 506 1st av Main 2269 

Bivens A M, res, 2604 18th av, n Main 3675 

Bivens R R, res, 2115% 3d av Main 6535 

Bivins Frank, res, 2413 8th av, n Main 6132 

Bivoni S, pay sta, 631 19th Bessmr 9121 

Bize D R, res, 2110 8th av, n. . Main 2691-W 

Blach Coleman, res, 2226 14th av, s Main 1704-W 

• BLACH J & SONS, clothiers, 3d av..Maln 5541 

Blach Max, res, 2230 14th av, a Main 3846 

Blach Simon, res, 1724 21st, a Main 4671 


Florist, Five Points Main *724 

Black Charlotte Miss, r, 935 S 20th... Main 3001-J 

Black Chas B, res, 731 N 21st Main 6557-W 

Black Cat Coal, ofc, 413 S 13th Main 228 

Black Douglas, res, 915 23rd Bessmr 872-W 

Black Diamond Coal Mining Co, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4856 

Black Hugo L, atty, Farley bl Main 3 

Black Hugo L, res, 1321 Waucoma av..Main 2953-J 

Black Jno C Mrs.r.5345 3d av.n Wdlawn 268-J 

Black J W Dr. ofc, Over Bank Ensley 82 

Black J W Dr, res, 2104 Ave G Ensley 436 

Black J W, res, 1317 N 31st Main 4992-J 

Black Loan Co, Clark bl Main 3551 

BVack W F Dr, res, 126 N 73rd Wdlawn 565-J 

Black & White Taxicab Co,1916 5th av.n.Main 499 

Blackburn D E Mrs, r, 2122 Av I Ensley 292-W 

Blackburn Felix E, r, 131 Eubank Main 3658-J 

Blackburn J S Rev, res, 3131 N 16th Main 3124 

Blackburn Morrow Mrs, r, 1711 Av G. Ensley 922 

Blackbume R, res, 1640 N 31st Main 5030-W 

Blackford F W, r. 1011 S 28th Main 1670 

Blackington C W, r, 2710 En sav Ensley 128-J 

Blacklock H Mrs, res, 1318 St Chas Main 1362-W 


Ofc. 431 S 20th j Main 1697 

Blackman H W, res, 1427 Tusc av...W End 975-W 

Blackman T G. res, 1900 11th av, n Main 665 2- J 

Blackmon J F (p s). 1533 19th Ensley 9116 

Blackmore A L, res, 1205 10th av, s. .Main 6211 

Blackwell C C, res, 1401 N 33rd Main 2609-J 

Blackwell J E, t\ 1901 15th av, n Main 4310 

Blackwell W W, res. 543 42nd Ensley 1409-J 

Blackwell Y M. r, 1417 10th av, s Main 4397-J 

Blackwood E J, res, 3116 12th av, n Main 8172 

Main 223 ElCCtfiCHU 412 N * 19th St% 





^Indicates P. B. Exchan 



Main . 3335 

Main • . 134 
Entloy . 1477 

Blair Arthur J, r, 323 Summit av Main 

Blair Charles S, r, 405 Summit av....Main 

Blair E R, res, 1523 12th av, s Main 

Blair W P, res, 544 Park Row Wdlawn 

Blake D T, res, 2512 12th av, n Main 

Blake E F, res, 750G Hillman av Wdlawn 

Blake J N, res, 823 18th Be6smr 

"Blake M C, res, 508 15th Bessmr 

Blake Sam M, res, Terrace Crt Main 

Blake V C, res, 1513 Cotton av W End 

Blakemore J T Jr, res, 3220 13th av, n. .Main 
Blakemore N E, res, 1109 2nd av....W End 

Blakeney Jas W, ins, Am Tr bl Main 

Blalock G W, res, 1210 Woodland av. . . .Main 
Blalock W D, gro&mts, 2800 Av C...Ensley 

Blanchard C M, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Blanchard K Mrs, res, 911 Ga Main 

Blank M S, res, 1527 14th av, s Main 

Blankenship A O, res, 301 4th av Ensley 

Blankenship J W, rl est, B-M bl Main 

Blanks C B, res, 521 S 47th Main 

Blanks N L Mrs, r, 8009 1st av Wdlawn 

Blanks Warren, res, 709 N 11th Main 

Blanton L L, res, R P D, PC Ensley 

Blanton R A, res, 1127 N 26th Main 

Blanton W A Mrs, res, 133 N 60th. . .Wdlawn 
Blatzer E M, res, 5518 10th av, n. . . .Wdlawn 

Blatzer J B, meats, 3330 N 27th Main 

Blau M L, res, 2200 12th av, n Main 

Blaylock Annie M Mrs, r, 1120 Clevlnd.Maln 
Blaylock J T, res, 1307 Hall av.... Bessmr 

Bledsoe Clng Co, 116 S 83rd Wdlawn 

Bledsoe-Dobbs, groc, 1600 Pearson av.W End 

Bledsoe F P, res, 1512 Tate av W End 

Bledsoe J H, res, 7520 Walker av... Wdlawn 
Blevins Annie B,r,1930 Exeter av... Bessmr 

Blevins J E, res, 2413 Ave H Ensley 

Blevins Wm Undertaking Co, 113 20th Bessmr 

Blinn Geo A Jr, ofc, Empire bl • Main 

Blinn Geo A Jr, r, 1312 11th av, s Main 

Bliss Ernest F, res, 4908 2nd av Wdlawn 

Bliss E S, res, 119 N 52nd Wdlawn 

Block L, res, 2918 Rhodes Circle Main 

Blomeley James, res, 1421 30th Ensley 

Bloomer J A Mrs, r, Lipscomb Bessmr 

BlOomer Wm Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 

Bloomer Wm Dr, res, Matthews Apts. Bessmr 

Blount E R, res, 2414 Av J Ensley 

Blount J I, mchnry, B-M bl Main 

Blount J I, r, 2J68 Hanover Cir Main 

Blount L P Mrs, r, 1206 Av H Main 

Blount R A, G C K of P, Penny Bk bl. . Main 

Blount R A, res, 522 7th av, n Main 

Blow M G Mrs, res, 1915 Av H Main 

Blue Banner Butter Shop, 2004 4th av, nMaln 

Blue Bird Water Co, 5400 1st av Wdlawn 

Blue J A Dr, dntst, Empire bl Main 

Blue J A Dr, res, 1330 N 29th Main 

Blue J H Dr. Realty bl Bessmr 

Blue Ribbon Dry Clng Co,414 N 19th... Main 


1907 4th av Main 

Blue Ribbon Shoe Shop, 1805 3d av Main 

Blue Ribbon Shoe Shop, 304 N 19th. Ensley 
Blue Ribbon Shoe Shop, 116 N 19th.. Bessmr 

Blumberg A, res, 512% N 16th Main 

Blumberg D H, res, Dian Apts Main 

Blumberg J A, res, 1952 16th av, s....Maln 

Blumberg R, ofc, 2106 1st av Main 

Blumberg R, res, 1512 S 20th Main 

Blumberg R & Sons Textile Co, 

2113 1st av Main 

Blumberg Shoe Co, whol, 2123 1st av..Maln 

Blumberg S J, res, 1716 15th av, s Main 

Blunt Lena, res, 500 Cave av Main 

Bluttman A, res, 625 S 20th Main 

Board O P Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 

Board O P Dr, res, 1240 Maplewood av Main 



882 W 











505 J 













6152- J 




ndlcates P. B. Exchange. 


Boatrite R L, res, 704 S 27th Main 2705 

Boatwright G W Mrs,r,2014 12th av,n..Main 8154 

Bobbs G W C Rev, r, R F D 5 Wdlawn 8005 

Bobo A H Dr, res, Irondale Wdlawn 200- J 

Bobs Auto Laundry, 2005 Av C Main 9429 

Bodeker Geo H, r, 1304 N 31st... Main 657 

Bodeker's Natl Detective Agcy.B M bl-.Maln 2241 

Boggan J J, res, 1308. N 31st Main 5231 

Boggan J J & Sons, whol groc, 

2121 Morris av Main 1038 

Boggan M H Mrs, res, 1918 Ave H Main 6248-W 

Boggs, J R, elec contr, 1916 Av E Ensley 79 

Boggs Jas R, res, 3206 Av E Ensley 307-J 

Boggs W B, res, 617 S 25th Main 1308-W 

Bohannan R S, res, 1864 Pike av Ensley 497-J 

Bohannon E S, res, Powderley W End 197-W 

Bohannon Wm E Prof, res, 

7719 Underwood av Wdlawn 1127-J 

Bohemian Bakery, 1802 4th av, n....Main 3480 

Bohler D H, res, 1528 12th av, s Main 1846 

Bohne Edw G, res, 2012 15th av, n....Maln 2636 


Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6903 

Bohorfoush Geo, groc, 731 S 18th Main 1865 

Bohorfush Jno, res, 2700 Av C Main 7359-W 

Boisclair F S, res, 1227 S 21st Main 2560-W 

Bolen A A, res, 1205 Av H Main 7524 

Bolen's Pharmacy, 1631 5th av, n Main 4338 

Boles S W, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 2-R 

Bolin W F, shoe shop, 228 N 18th Main 2197 

Bolin W F, res, 7315 Sloss av Wdlawn 716 

Bollas John, res, 2520% 4th av, n Main 3806 

Bomar Dan B, res, 1404 N 29th Main 2119-W 

Bomar John E, res, Cherry Ensley 430-J 

Bon Ton Barber Shop, 1905 Av E... Ensley 966 

Bon Ton Cafe, 214* 19th Bessmr 208 

Bon-Ton Cafe, pay sta, 214 19th Bessmr 9189 

Bond Ira G, res, Dian Apts Main 2809- W 

Bond Joe, res, 2103 5th av Bessmr 797-W 

Bond J M Dr, ofc, Realty bl. . Bessmr 239 

Bond Leonora Dr, res, 1512 S 15th Main 6804-W 

Bond W J, groc, 412. S 41st Main 4352 

Bonde J, res, 931 S 11th Main 3333-W 

Bonds J M Dr, res. 1808 8th av Bessmr 603-W 

Bondurant A M Mrs, r, 2100 Av H Main 3322 

Bondurant Geo, res, 1214 Avalon Main 3605-J 

Bondurant W M, res, 1764 Tusc av W End 595 

Bondurant & Wootten.attys.lst N B bl. . Main 347 

Bonduris T D, res, 1600 3rd av Bessmr 699-J 

Bondy Chas, fruit, 207 19th En9ley 9130 

Bonfeld J, res, 1011 S 26th Main 9374 

Bonfeld J & Co.dry gds,1822 1st av Main 8310 

Bonham S Y, res, 1725 Burgin av Ensley 1548-J 

Bonham W C, res, 1008 S 32d Main 1212-W 

Bonnell 6 If, res, 4202 Beech Ensley 1258-J 

Bonner J C Mrs, r, 1812 11th av, s Main 6023 . 

Bonner J F, plmbr, 1122 Tusc av....W End 434 
Bonner Jas C Mrs, r, 2610 16th av... Ensley 754 

Bonney C N, res, 827 N 17th Main 3543 

Bonnyman James, r, 1219 Maplewood. . Main 3273 
Bonnyman John, r, 1222 Maplewood. ... Main 1170-J 

Boobyer M Mrs, r, 2204 Av F Ensley 602-W 

Booker S K, res, 5502 2nd av Wdlawn 883 

Bookhard & Hand Mrs.drsmkg, Watts bl.Main 7922 
Bookman Geo J, r, 832 Wdland av, s...Maln 4130-W 

Boone A R, res, 901 10th av Main 4258-W 

Boone D S & Son,groc,5112 4th av.n. Wdlawn 1110 

Boope Jas A, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1803 

Booth W H,^res, 1312 Av I Ensley 924-J 

Boozer D T Dr, ofc, 708 Tusc av W End 980 

Boozer D T Dr, res, 1815 11th av, s..Maln 2041 

Borchers B F, res, 1317 Tusc av W End 330- W 

Borchers I M Mrs, res, 1330 Allen Main 7092 

Borden J P, res, Edgewood Main 5607-W 

Bordenca Chas, res, 826 N 52nd Wdlawn 1202-J 

Boriss I D, res, 149 Davles Wdlawn 913 


A «. j ;~c* C».'*is8 



Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gachrist-Tarrant DRUfi c0 

Main 469 

Borland-Tallman Lumber Co, 

Ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 9520 

Borland W H, res, 1200V& 13th av, n Main 8282 

Borland W S, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 9520 

Borland W S, res, 1320 Prnctn av..W End 974 

Borum J C, res, 5331 2d av, s Wdlawn 513-W 

Boss Geo, res, 1712 7th av, n Main 2058 


1808 Av F Ensley 57 

1808 Av F Ensley 62 

Bossong J Hardy, r, 3909 Parkway. . . . Ensley 196-W 

Bostlck E M, ofc, Cham of Com Main 4362 

Bostick H W, res, 1430 Phelan Main 3539 

Bostick P E, contr, 1st N B bl Main 1280 

Bostlck P E, res, 1516 13th av, s Main 3505-J 

Boston Clo Co, 1718 3rd av, n Main 8964 

Boston Joe, res, 2529 Av B Main 4602 J 

Bostwick F N, res, 2517 6th av, n Main 4638 

Bostwlck Leonard L, res, 1709 S 21st... Main 8621-J 

Bosworth H E, res, 3614 Av G Main 7593 

Bosworth J S, res, 231 N 47th Wdlawn 575-W 

Boterweg C, res, 2926 Ensley av Ensley 1220-W 

Botsal L R, res, 831 S 22d Main 1977-J 

Botta Nick, res, 401 17th Ensley 592 

Bottenfield L P, res, Harli Crt Apts Main 4881 

Bottomley M, res, 130 4th, P C Ensley 372 

Bouchelle Innis B Mrs, res, 1026 S 32nd. Main 3299-W 

Bousack Henry, res, 2308 Av D Ensley 1345-W 

Bowden A S, res, 3712 Av D Main 1641 

Bowden D H, res, 150 N 57th Wdlawn 564-J 

Bowdry H N, contr, Emp bl Main 7847 

Res of stableman, 1608 9th av, n....Maln 4631-W 
Bowdry H N, res, 3426 Norwood Blvd.. Main 4295 

.Bowen Geo, res, 1140 11th, av, s Main 2135 

Bowen Geo W, res, 1325 4th av Bessmr 1081-J 

Bowen L. res, 1304 William Main 4243- J 

Bowen O H, res, 1224 Whitaker Main 4109-J 

Bower J A, res, 1112 S Cullom Main 1222 

Bowers G M, res, 4323 Cliff rd Main 8160-J 

Bowers H N. res, 3119 N 13th Main 6809-J 

Bowers Lloyd G, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl...Maln 6919 

Bowers P B, res, 3810 Cliff rd Main 5318-J 

Bowers W J, res, 1430 33rd av, n....Maln 8193 
Bowers & Dixon, attys, Jeff Co Bk bl-.Maln 6919 
Bowers & Dobbs Mfg Co, 500 Helen.. W End 555 

Bowie Sidney J, autos, 2225 1st av Main 4391 

Bowie Sydney J, r, 3203 Glenn av Main 4104 

Bowles Allie Miss, res, 3507 Av C... Ensley 1535-W 

Bowles T P, r, 410 Princeton av W End 574 

Bowling Jno P. res, 1603 S 21st Main 1239 

Bowman Bros, brkrs, Ch of Com.... Main 4202 

Bowman C P, res, 1714 Pike av Ensley 519-J 

Bowman E R, res, 706 S 25th Main 2051 J 

Bowman J M, res, 910 Glen Iris av Main 8548- J 

Bowman J W, res, 8525 N 23d Main 3493 

Bowman Samuel C, r, 910 Glen Iris av..Maln 8548-J 

Bowmer T O, res, 1106 2nd av W End 374-W 

Bbwron A J. sales agt, B-M bl Main 7224 

Bowron A J, res, 3819 Crescent rd....Maln 6151 

Bowron C E, res, 2912 Cypress av Main 4855- J 

Bowron Fred W, res, 923% S 14th Main 4157-W 

Bowron James, res, 1401 S 20th Main 6992 

Bowron J Edgar, res, 1401 S 20th Main 6992 

Bowron Richard L, r, 1827 Pike av. . . . Ensley 1040-W 
Bowron Thos, res, 1022 28th, s Main 6337 


Office, 3730 6th av, s Main 5919 

Box G G, res, 333 N 53rd Wdlawn 355-J 

Box 5 M V, res, Richards av W End 227-J 

Boxer A Max, res, 1504 Beech Main 3171-J 

Boy Scouts of Am.ofc.Jeff Co Bk bl. . . .Main 3547 
Boyd A S Mrs, r, 110 1st, Thomas. .. Ensley 636 
Boyd C N Sr, res, 702 Princeton av..W End 382 

Boyd Geo E Rev, r, 2916 20th av Ensley 839 

Boyd Helen Mrs, res, 3121 10th av, n..Maln 5908-W 

Boyd Josh, res, 515 St Chas av W End 150-J 

Boyd J C, res, 118 N 63rd Wdlawn 944 

Main 223 EtCCtflC^H *** * l9th S *' 


» . >.n m. GO* 

Boyd J D, res, 1700 Berkley av Bessmr 1088-W 

Boyd Mfg Co, 2218 5th av, n Main 2664 

Boyd M L, res, 1119 9th av, n Main 3182-J 

Boydston J A Mrs, res, 211 Elyton W End 957-W 

Boyett R T, photos, 2008^ 2d av Main 8048 

Boyett R T, res, 1225 N 22nd Main 8087 

Boykin B V Mrs, res, 1624 19th Bessmr 1065-W 

Boykin Rhodes, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 962 

Boyle G A, res, 19l6 14th av, s Main 3757-J 

Boyle Jno R, atty, Am Tr bl Main 107 

Boyle Peter A, res, Fairview Cir Main 3033-W 

Boylston C H, res, 4221 Poplar Ensley 458-J 

Bozeman W E, res, 2112 5th av, n....Main 6134 

Brabazon W G, r, 1528 8th av, n Main 2839 

Brabston Henry G, res, 1327 N 30th Main 2189 

Brabston Henry G & Co, whol lbr, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2529 

Brabston T G, res, 926 S 28th Main 2335 

Brack Lillie, res, 1028 12th av, n Main 5309-J 

Bracken B C, res, 6030 2nd av, s. . Wdlawn 1285 

Braden H H, res, 2421 8th av, n Main 7968 

Bradford Duke C Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 6961 
Bradford Duke C Dr, res, 1819 Jasper.. Main 6641-W 

Bradford E A, res, 1220 11th, n Main 6415 

Bradford E A Undtkg Co, 1713 2d av,n..Maln 2914 
Bradford Ferd D Dr.ofc.Ala P Sav Bk..Maln 8315 

Bradford Ferd D Dr,r,1127 N Lawn Main 7432 

Bradford Miles, res, 5929 S 2d av Wdlawn 279-W 

Bradford N G, res, 1912 16th av, s Main 449 

Bradford S A, res, 129 8th av, n Main 2438-J 

Bradford T C, res, 437 Delta av Ensley 830-W 

Bradford T D Mrs,r,2317 6th av.n Main 6881-J 

Bradford Thos E, res, 1428 N 19th Main 4390 

Bradley Bros Grain Co, 401 20th. .. .Bessmr 144 

401 20th Bessemer Main 4850 

Bradley J G, res, 3215 Cliff rd Main 6504-W 

Bradley Jno M, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4780 

Bradley Jno M, res, 937 Alabama av. . . .Main 5932-J 

Bradley K G, res, 2013 Clrndn av Bessmr 426-W 

Bradley L B,r e&loans,1930 2d av... Bessmr 344 

Bradley L B, res, 1530 4th av Bessmr 838-W 

Bradley Lee C, atty, Empire bl Main 4780 

Bradley Lee C, res, Idlewild Cir Main 748-J 

Bradley Spring Co, ofc, 2201 Av C Main 7796 

Bradley T M, res, Idlewild Main 1589 

Bradley T R, r, 1930 Drtmth av Bessmr 449-J 

Bradshaw Caldwell, r, 2160 Hind av...Maln 3616 

Bradshaw D L, res, 2602 8th av, n Main 7978 W 

Bradstreet Co, Woodward bl Main 7561 

Brady Chas Mrs, res, 2214 7th av, n...Maln 9303 

Brady J F, res, 614 S 40th Main 9561 

Bragan Bros, furnaces, 2211 2d av, n...Maln 2530 

Bragan Geo W, res, 1509 N 19th Main 6857-J 

Bragan O W, res, 1505 S 15th Main 8688-W 

Brainard Sherman E, r, 1721 11th av,s..Maln 2432 

Braly J M, res, 1408 4th av Bessmr 682-W 

Brame J Y, res, 407 St Chas av W End 273-J 

Bramlage B Lawrence, r, 2728 Col Hill. Main 3924 

Bramlett R J, res, 1408 2nd av W End 584 

Brammer F E, res, Gilmore Sta W End 211-W 

Brand C P, res, 845 N 52d Wdlawn 101-W 

Brand J L, res, 217 Parker Bessmr 879-J 

Brand J P, plmbr, 5516 1st av Wdlawn 929 

Brande Sam, res, 940 N 18th Main 4631-J 

Brandes Jewelry Co, 306 N 20th Main 5634 

Brandes L Mrs, res, 518 S 12th Main 5024 

Brandes Lillie Mrs, r, 1014 Central Main 648-J 

Brandmill P E, res, 1416 N 29th Main 3083 

Brandon E W, res, 2210 16th av, s Main 7854-J 

Brandon Forney, res, 1500 Ftn av....Maln 3984-J 

Brannan W H, res, 924 S 13th Main 6902-W 

Brannon W L, res, 1917 Park av....Maln 8455 
Branscomb L C Rev, r, 1901 Nelson av..Maln 6770-J 
Brantley Marie Miss,r,3204 17th av,n..Maln 8610 
Brantley Mary, res, 2119 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 724-W 

Brantley W If Dr, dent, Empire bl Main 7332 

Branum J B Transfer Co, S 16th Main 5432 

Branum J R Mrs. res, 3921 Main. ... Bessmr 461-J 
Brasfleld B M, 2118 Morris av Main 7834 

Hahn-Foreman c "S0eI. 195 

Auto Fenders Made to Order 1905 Avenue B 



• Indicates P. B. ExchanQ 




Main 769 


Funeral Director Main 4862 

Brasfleld B M, r, 2110 Hmbldt av Main 5572 J 

Brasfield D C Mrs,r,l750 Wrrior Blvd.Enusley 422-W 

Brasher Omer, res, Dian Apts Main 2366- W 

Braswell Furniture Store, 1720 Av E.. Ensley 51 

Braswell J G, res, 307 4th Ensley 1396 

Braswell S G, res, 2723 Av E Ensley 1123-J 

Bratton Jno A Rev, r, 5114 1st av..Wdlawn 524 
Braun's Electric Service, 100 N 24th... Main 2524 

Braverman H, res, 830 N 18th Main 4181 

Bray C B Dr, dent, Empire bl : . . . Main 6340 

Bray C B Dr, res, Dian Apts Main 9385 

Bray N C Mrs, r, 623 N 23rd Main 2430 

Brazeal B M, res, Terrace Court Main 9318-J 

Brazeal J W, res, 1119 S loth Main 5052-W 

Brazeal R F, res, 1506 11th av, s Main 1663-W 

Brazelton A W, ofc, Crt Hse Main 2575 

Brazelton A W, res, 922 S 31st Main 4001-W 

Brazelton E S Mrs, r, 2407 Av E Ensley 1290-J 

Breeding H D, res, 1114 N 21st Main 6183-W 

Brennan Ed Mrs, res, 1501 N 31st Main 8714-J 

Brent D S, res, 8010 8th av, n Wdlawn 1458-W 

Brent T E, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl. . Main 4630 

Brett Geo E, res, 919 S 15th Main 1787 

Brewer C L, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 6496 

Brewer C R res, 3730 Main Bessmr 554 J 

Brewer W P, plbg & bldg material, 

1707 1st av Main 207 

Brewer W P, res, 1183 11th av, s Main 5563-W 

Brewer W T, res, 331 80th, n Wdlawn 1308-W 

Brewer & Hagood.attys.lst N B bl Main 6496 

Brewster A C, res. 1009 S 28th Main 5630-J 

Brewster & Brewster, crprctr, Ttl G bh.Maln 6955 

Brice H A, res, San Jose Apts Main 8947- J 

Brice L E, res, 309 S 21st Bessmr 716-W 

Brick Selling Co, ofc, Empire bl Main 743 

Bricklayers Union, 2119% 1st av Main 6815 

Bridge W B, res, 2420 Ave F Ensley 117 

Bridgers W Frank, r, 1908 16th av, s..Maln 5385 

Bridges C E Mrs, r, 2210 Av H Ensley 451-W 

Bridges C W, r, 2330 10th av, s Main 8823-J 

Bridges G W Mrs, res, 316 S 59th. .Wdlawn 976 

Bridges Jas H, res, 15 Marietta Main 7740 

Bridges J S, res, 2517 34th av, n Main 4646 

Bridges J T Mrs, res, 1500 5th av, n Main 6556-W 

Brierton B E Dr, r, 3704 Av F Main 1500 

Briggs Chas, res, 438 Owen av Bessmr 678-J 

Brlggs Joe H, res, 1801 Lyon av W End 152-W 

Briggs S L, res, 216 W 2nd W End 406-J 

Briggs Wm S. res, 1104 N 14th Main 9345 


1036 S 20th, 

Prescription Dept Main 

Drug Dept M aln 

Pay Sta, 1036 S 20th Main 

Bright Star Cafe, Realty bl Bessmr 

Bright Star Groc & Meat Mkt,315 19th. Ensley 






Bessmr 9130 

Bright Star Pool Room. Realty bl 
Brighton Community Store, 

1226 Water Bessmr 142-W 

Brighton Drug Co, Brighton, Ala Bessmr 189 

Brighton Drug Co. Brighton Bessmr 9168 

Brighton Leola Mrs, r, 8502 Hlmn av. Wdlawn 385 
Brighton Sadie Miss, r, 1216 N 29th... Main 6401-J 

Brigman J W, res, 1923 Av H Ensley 615-J 

Brilliant Coal Co, ofc. Am Tr Main 1988 

Briner F, res. 401 Elder av Ensley 1390 

Brisbane A M, r, 2806% Ensley av Ensley 240-J 

Britling Cafeteria. 1917 1st av Main 1470 

Britt W D, ofc, Cham of Com Main 6777 

Brittain Geo D, r, 2604 38th av, n Main 7307-W 

Brittain Joseph C. r*\ 2916 12th av. n.Maln 3793 
Brittain J L Rev, res, llio Ftn av....Maln 5574 

Brittan W B, res, 1429 17th av, s Main 6052-J 

Britton C G, res, 1927 6th av Bessmr 709-w 

Brltton Lena Mrs, r, 1405 Hayes W End 141-j 

Broady J M Rev, r, 1209 5th av, n Main 5562 

Broady J M Rev, res, 1028 S 28th Main 8953 

Brocato John, res, 1409 12th av, n Main 5723-W 


A)t»u„i..i,:» M «r*iai »V|, ■ UUsV 



■ * ' ■ 






65- J 


Brocato J C, res, 1920 llth av, n Main 

Brock J J, res, Huffman Wdlawn 

Brock O F, res, 1317 Alois av W End 

Brock Will, res, 831 44th Main 

Brock Walter M, r, 1304 Alois av W End 

Brockman E E, res, 1st, Wylam Ensley 

Brockman J K, res, Maplehurst W End 

Broda Jacob, res, 1137 llth av, s Main 

Broderirk Fred, r, 5048 Flrntne av.. Wdlawn 

Broderick Jno, res, 1305 N Ina. .". Main 

Brodie T L, arch, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6115 

Brogsdale Alice, res, 605 Chas Main 6220- W 

Brogsdale J H, res, 814 N 12th Main 7518-W 

Bromberg F W, jeweler, 20th Main 586 

Phonograph dept, 20th Main 1993 

Bromberg F W, res, 1901 16th av, s Main 7579-W 

Brook J M, res, 312 S 39th Main 

Brook J S, res, 918 S 16th Main 

Brooke R T, res, 1143 S 14th Main 

Brooks B A, res, 2113 Av H Ensley 

Brooks B A & Co, tlr, 308 19th Ensley 

Brooks C W, res, 320 S 18th Main 7982-J 

Brooks G E, mfg agts, Am Tr bl Main 6680 

Brooks G E, res, 1515 12th av, s Main 4398 

Brooks H M, res, 1000 S 31st Main 7752 

Brooks Josephine Mrs, r. 521 N 19th.. Main 4252-J 

Brooks J C, -res, 705 10th av, n Main 3893 -J 

Brooks Josie H Mrs, r, 940 S 19th Main 7971 

Brooks J T, res, 2100 Humbolt av Main 1426 

Brooks J W, res, 2820 3rd av Main 3376-J 

Brooks Jno W, res, 1 Ash av Bessmr 684 

Brooks Miles J, r, 3806 Edward Bessmr 320-W 

Brooks Milton J, r, 1915 Berkley av.. Bessmr 441-J 

Brooks Nick, res, 1718 1st av Main 7070 

Brooks O L, res, 609 Balsom av Ensley 148 J 

Brooks O P & Co, optcns, Farley bl Main 1795 

Brooks P B, res, 4230 Morris av Main 9527-j 

Brooks T E, res, San Jose Apts Main 8428 

Brooks T R Mrs, res. 812 18th Bessmr 772 

Brooks Will E, res, 901 S 22d Main 6875 

Brooks W H Mrs.r , 2300 7th av, n Main 3235-J 

Brooks Wade H, r, 919 3rd av W End 397-j 

Brooks W L, res, 2818 Av E Ensley 52 

Brooks & Lewis, rl est, 1824 3d av Bessmr 823 

Brookside-Pratt Mining Co, B-M bl Main 4845 

Broom J Ed, res, 1828 Jasper Main 774 

Broomall J M, res, 1156 Fountain av..Maln 1591-J 

Brophy Wm D, r, 2317 7th av, n Main 4031-J 

Brotherhood Undertaking Co, 

1824 1st av Bessmr 

Brothers J P Dr, dent, Empire bl Main 

Brothers J P, res, 1121 St Chas Main 

Brothers L L, res, 2108 Av I Ensley 

Broughton I W, r, 1706 Copeland av..Maln 

Broughton N J Dr, res, 229 61st Wdlawn 

Browdy J Mrs, r, 1213 S 15th Main 8270-J 

Brower Percy W, res, 1429 Louise Main 5970-J 

Brower W S, atty, 1st N B bl Main 930 

Brown A G, res, 306 Cotton av Main 1402-J 

Brown Arthur L, atty, Ttl Guar bl Main 7677 

Brown Arthur L, res, 3814 Ave E Main 4621-j 

Brown A M. res. R F D No 2 Bessmr 8530 

Brown A M Dr, ofc, 310 N 18th Main 503 

Brown A M Dr, res, 519 5th av Main 3887 

Brown B J, res, 2525 19th Ensley 407-W 

Brown Bros & Co, rl est, B-M bl Main 384 

Brown Chas A, res, 1211 S 12th Main 4698 

Brown Carl C, res, 1210 Maplewood Main 1099-W 

Brown Chas G, res. 1136 N 13th Main 5514-J 

Brown Clyde H, res, 15 Oak W End 770-W 

Brown C J, res, 1431 Catherine av...W End 722 

Brown Dan, res, 2520 Av E Main 2954-J 

Brown David Mrs, r, 2501 86th av, n...Maln 6107-W 

Brown D H & Co, coal, B-M bl Main 3511 

Brown Darby H, res, 3320 Cliff rd Main 1252 

Brown Edgar, res, Hueytown Besamr 8111 

Brown Ethel Miss, r, 2016 Pike av Ensley 675 

Brown E A, atty, Ala P S Bk Main 1981 

Brown E A, res, 624 Mortimer Main 7827-J 







Indicates P. B. Exchange 


The /&Q#tf$ Company^|BW 









3133 J 


Brown Elliott C Co, 

Ofc, Mountain Terr Main 

Brown E D, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 

Brown E D Mrs, r, 1224 N 29th Main 

Brown E L, r, 2903 Highland Main 

Brown E P Dr., r, Steiner bl Bessmr 

Brown F M, res, Newport Apts Main 

Brown Glenn, res, 3419 Willow av Main 

Brown G B Jr, loans, 2029% 2nd av....Main 6906 

Brown G B Jr, res, 1410 N 33d Main 1220-W 

Brown Groc Co, 103 N 55th Wdlawn 650 

Brown Geo H, res, 1704 Pearson av. . . . W 1 End 551 

Brown G W Dr, r, Pratt City Ensley 491 

Brown H Ben fc res, 2317 31st av, rt....Maln 6357 
Brown Harry C, r, 400 Waverly. ... Ensley 521-J 

Brown H L, trans, 6400 1st av Wdlawn 822 

Brown Harry S, res, 8537 N 27th Main 7427-W 

Brown J C, res, West Highlands Bessmr 551-W 

Brown J E, res, S Highlands Ensley 

Brown J E, res, 3119 Av D ...Ensley 

Brown J E Mrs, r, 1504 N 19th Main 

Brown J Ellis, r, 1738 Jefferson av.... Ensley 

Brown J G, res, 329 Gladys Bessmr 

Brown Jack J, res, 2002 Av G Main 

Brown J M, res, 514 St Chas av W End 

Brown J M, res, 116% N 22nd Main 


Undertaker, 2'523 29th av, n Main 7220 

Brown J N, res, 557 Powell W End 758-J 

Brown Jno R, res, 3223 Av E Ensley 1030 

Brown J W, res, 716 N llth Main 5744-J 

Brown J W Mrs, res, 1231 N 26th Main 1674 

Brown James W, res, 608 Tusc av..W End 

Brown Jas W, res, 308 49th Ensley 

Brown Kate Lindley Mrs,r,1608 8th av.n.Main 

Brown Lena, res, 1928 llth av, n Main 

Brown Lucien C, ins, B-M bl Main 

Brown Lucien C, res, 411 Lucy av....Maln 
Brown Louie W Mrs,r,19l7 10th av,s...Maln 

Brown Lucien W, r, 1807 N 29th Main 

Brown M A Mrs, r, 4812 2nd av, n.. Wdlawn 
Brown-Marx Cigar Store, p s, B-M bl-.Main 
Brown Margaret E Mrs,r,2022 Av D.. Ensley 
Brown Marie G Mrs,r,l700 Fulton av. . W End 

Brown M L, res, 1400 N 20th Main 

Brown M L Mrs, res, 1517 llth av, s. . . . Main 
Brown M L Mrs, r, 1512 llth av, 8.... Main 9492 
Brown Nettie Mrs, res, 1631 8th av. . .Bessmr 1147 

Brown R A, r e&ins, Wdward bl Main 29 

Brown R A, res, 2154 Hghlnd av Main 668 

Brown R A & Co, rl est, Wdward bl Main 

Brown R A & Co, r e&ins, Wdward bl. .Main 


Decorators, 104 N 22nd Main 

Brown R H, res, 5628 S 5th av Wdlawn 

Brown R H, res, 2000 N 34th av Main 

Brown Robt M, r, 1726 15th av, s Main 

Brown Rubber Stamp Works,224 N 22d.Maln 
Brown R T Jr Dr, res, 331 10th av, n..Maln 
Brown Sam Mrs, res, 7617 2nd av, n. Wdlawn 

Brown T E, res, 520 Sarah av Main 

Brown T H Mrs, r, 712 3d av, Byls.. Wdlawn 

Brown Thos H, res, 1033 N 24th Main 

Brown T M, r, 2017 14th av, n Main 

Brown Tom S, res, 1425 N 33rd Main 

Brown Tradg Stamp Par,1808 3d av,n..Maln 

Brown W A, ofc, Cham of Com Main 

Brown W Augustus, r, 1624 14th av, n.Maln 

Brown Walter A, r, 2116 12th av, n Main 

Brown W C, res, 704 3rd av, n Main 6244- J 

Brown W D Mrs, r, 1807 Clrndn av.. Bessmr 533 

Brown W E, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 767- W 

Brown W E, res, 1200 18th av, s Main 4794-J 

Brown Wilbur G, res, Terrace Crt Main 4779 

Brown W I, res, 2721 Louisiana av. . . . Ensley 673-W 
Brown Wm K. res, 1120 10th av, s Main 1891 










Sheetrock Wain ssao Wittichen 

Wall Board Made of Rock—Not Wood. 


Ambulance Svrvice n, I 00 L 

Brown Walter L Dr, ofc, 305 S 23rd.. Main 8499 
Brown Walter L Dr, r, 830 Cove av. . . .Main 6569 
Brown Wm L, res, 1009 Cldwl Terr... Main 8707-J 

Brown Wm R, res, 4112 Av C Main 2883 

Brown W S, r, 2908 Highland av Main 357 

Brown W S Rev,r,1005 McMlan av..W End 418-J 
Brown W S Merc Co, Inc. 2223 2d av, n, 

Groc & dry gds dept Main 182 

Ofc & shpng elk Main 194 

Grain & feed whse Main 633 

Brown W T, res, 7528 Berney av Wdlawn 744-J 

Brown Watt T, res, 1905 14th av, s Main 1544 

Brown & Hartline, 3 19th Bessmr 380- 


Meats & Groceries, 230 S 20th.... Main 6648 

Browne C F, r, 224 Cornelia av Main 6470-J 

Browne Carrie M, r, 1911 10th av, s...Main 8640 
Browne R S W, res, 108 Lucy av Main 2803 


Dodge Cars, 324 S 21st Main 6830 

Brownell Blaine, res, 4346 Cliff rd Main 4550 

Brownell H T, res, Edgewood Main 5607-J 

Brownell Ted, res, 3520 Cliff rd Main 574 

Browning J A, res, 232 Grace Wdlawn 656-W 

Browning J W, res, 825 S 13th Main 8956- J 

Browning Jno W, r, 7433 Hlmn av.. Wdlawn 915 
Browning L L, res, 7414 Hiliman av. .Wdlawn 1446- W 

Brownlee J L Rev, res, 2124 Av I Main 6501-J 

Brownlee Leslie G Dr, ofc, Wdward bl, . . Main 789 

Brownlee Leslie G Dr, res, Dian Apts Main 3008-J 

Brownlie J E, r, 1310 Hntsville av Main 5561- W 

Brownlie Roy, res, 1230 N 31st Main 5868- W 

Brownrigg C H, res, 1520 6th av Bessmr 619-W 

Broyles C T, res, 1124 N 32nd Main 8563-W 

Broyles J C, res, 425 Kenilworth Ensley 508-W 

Broyles R B Furn Co,ofc,2213 2d av,n..Maln 683 
Broyles R E, res, 5216 Grand av.... Wdlawn 451-J 


2023 3rd av, n Main 5855 

Broznack J, res, 1525 S 15th Main 4120-W 

Brubaker L E Rev, r, 2631 Ensley av. Ensley 1080 

Bruce Avery C, res, 1906 10th av, s Main 7472-J 

Bruce H B Mrs, res. 1514 S 14th Main 8237-J 

Bruce H W, r, 2515 19th av, n Main 1183 

Bruce J G, res, 1600 Clarendon av. . . .Bessmr 830 

Bruce J R Mrs, r, 428 Tappan W End 169-J 

Bruce J W, res, 2912 Ave G Main 2801-J 

Bruce R E Mrs. res, 4309 Main Bessmr 183-W 

Bruhy Nadia Mrs, r, 2216 6th av Main 3413 

Brumbach Jas T, res, 2001 Av J Ensley 126 

Brumback H S Mrs, r, 1925 13th av, n.Maln 8459-J 
Brumbaugh J C, r, 2523 Ensley av.. Ensley 856 

Bruns L E, res, 1806 5th av Bessmr 607- J 

Bruns W M, res. 1810 Dartmth av. . . . Bessmr 780- J 
Brunswick Billiard Hall, 1921^ 2d av, n.Maln 7371 

Brush F S, res, 2348 16th Crt Ensley 1147 

Bryan C A, res, 2111 12th av, n Main 5706 

Bryan Coal Corporation, ofc, B-M bl Main 782 

Bryan J A Rev, res, 623 S 22d Main 3923-J 

Bryan J C, res, Waddell Main 3870- J 

Bryan J W, res, 121 Jf 61st Wdlawn 710 

Bryan L B, res, 1017 S 16th Main 9068 

Bryan R L, res, 340 Floral av Wdlawn 1043 

Bryan W Hugh, r, 1510 Cotton av...W End 132 
Bryan W T. coal yard. 804 N 4Sth. . .Wdlawn 985 

Bryans H H Dr. dent. 1st Nat Bk bl Main 130 

Bryant Bros, bicycle rep, 2005 Av E. . Ensley 302 
Bryant Bros, bicycles, 114 N 19th. .. Bessmr 103 
Bryant B E Mrs, r. 1619 Marshall av. . .Main 1842-J 

Bryant C V, r, 8009 Berney av Wdlawn 1039-W 

Bryant F H, res. 416 S 54th Wdlawn 605 

Bryant H C Dr, ofc, 318 N 18th Main 2716 

Bryant H C Dr, res, 616 N 16th Main 3519 

Bryant Jas A, res, IftSl Bess Blvd. . . .Ensley 1527-J 

Bryant J C Mrs, res, 2124 Ave G Ensley 653 

Bryant J G, res. 1105 N 32nd Main 6612-W 

Main 223 EtCCtflCSU *** * *** 


• • 








• *■< 




• •■4 



• Indicates P. B. Exchang 

Monte- 2j> 3 II! 
v a 1 1 o «-£, » 

Bryant J T, res, 1820 6th av, n Main 6986 

Bryant Jasper W, res, 1421 6th av..Bessmr 825-W 

[ Bryant K E, res, 331 E 54th Wdlawn 1049-W 

I Bryant M A, res, RFD3 Bessmr 858-W 

Bryant S B, hdw, 101 77th Wdlawn 878 

Bryant W F, res, 405 Bryant Bessmr 439-W 

Bryant W W, res, 2019 Av I Ensley 1113 

Bryon E L, mchry, Wdward bl Main 2680 

Bryson Nettie Miss, r, 2500 30th av, n.Maln 4345 

Bube J, res, 1708 16th av, s Main 6665-W 

Buchan Henry C, r, 1304 Tusc av W End 182-J 

Buchanan C, res, 2221 Blvd av Ensley 447- j 

Buchanan F L, r, 2514 N 15th av Main 4679 

Buchanan J V, mrkt, 408 N 24th Main 6780 

Buchanan Phil G, res, 413 Lucy av Main 7634-W 

Buchi Jake, res, 7528 Undrwd av Wdlawn 961 

Buck Chas A, r, 816 Hillside Drv... Ensley 661-J 

Buck F B, groc, 219 N 19th Bessmr 400 

Buck F B, whol, 405 20th Bessmr 49 

Buck F B, res, 1801 Arlington av... Bessmr 710 

Buck H N, res, 823 N 49th Wdlawn 9089 

Buck Merc Co.gen mdse.The Plaza Ensley 680 

Buckelew Susie G Miss,r,2724 32 av,n..Maln 8490-W 

Buckeye Cotton Oil Co, E B'ham Main 538 

Buckner E M Mrs, r, Savoy Apts Main 3161 

Buckshaw A J Miss, r, 5806 1st av.. Wdlawn 574 

Buckshaw T C, res, 123 S 60th Wdlawn 67 

Bucyrus Co, mchry, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4422 

Budd R L, res, 7916 Walker av Wdlawn 859-J 

Buehler Bros, mt mkt, 2119 2d av, n..Maln 6192 

Buell D T, ofc, Brown-Marx bl Main 3837 

Buffalo Rock Co, ofc, 1805 1st av Main 7071 

Buffington A L, res, 1217 N 24th Main 7005-W 

Buggs & Thompson, shoe shop, 

. 309 s 20th Main 1006 

Buick Motor Car Co, 301 S 21st Main 489 

Builder Jno Mrs, r, Fairmont Apts... Main 4932 

Bull J H, res, 4110 Poplar Ensley 430-W 

Bullard Investment Co,ofc,2131 3rd av,n.Maln 5946 

Bullock W G, res, 118 Summit av Main Il92-J 

Bumford E, res, 2107 Clarendon av... Bessmr 834 
Bumgardner C H, r, 1904 Clrndon avBessmr 1043-W 
Bumgardner Geo H, atty, Realty bl.. Bessmr 86 
Bumgardner GeoH,r,1917% Brkly av. Bessmr 754 

Bumstead M A, res, 724 Alois av W End 339-W 

Bunch A J, res, 906 S 19th Main 4869-W 

Bunch-Morrow Motor Car Co, 516 S 21st. Main 9514 

Bunn O L, res, Hanover Crt Main 6387 

Bunn W B, res. 1108 N 29th Main 5054 

Bunt J B, res, Jefferson av Wdlawn 1307-J 

> Burbage S W, res. 921 S 12th Main 7121-W 

Burchell Ed, res, 47 Av F, w Main 2900-W 

Burchfiel E G, drugs, 100 S 77th. . .Wdlawn 1003 

Burchflel E G,r,7808 Undrwd av Wdlawn 1064 

Burchfield N B Dr, r, 3910 Hunts av. Bessmr 434-J 
Burchfleld N B Dr, r, 224% Water. . .Bessmr 937-W 

Burdett J W. res. 1318 Huntv av Main 4897 

Burdette E L, res, 5040 1st av Wdlawn 248-W 

Burdette Katie R Mrs, 

Res, 2920% Juniper av Main 4839-W 

Burdette L D, res, 806 Cotton av W End 587 

Burdette W K, res, 1031 McMillan av.W End 603 
Burdick Billiard Academy (pay sta) 

1820 2d av, n '. . Main 9119 

Burdin G I, res, 1430 Berkley av.... Bessmr 1069-W 

Burford Jas F, res, 3024 20th av Ensley 921-W 

• BURGER DRY GOODS CO.2013 2d av.Maln 4300 
Burger-Kennedy Realty & Ins Co, 

Steinerbl Maln ^ 

Burger M H. res, 1229 S 13th Main 6935-W 

Burger R D, res. Delmar Apts Main 5716 

Burges E C, res, 911 S 22nd Main 7911 

Burgess D A, res, 625 McAdory av... Bessmr 1057-W 

Burgess J L, res, 2120 Oak av Ensley 549-j 

Burgess J W Mrs, res, 1015 S 19th.... Main 4358-J 
Burgess T O (pay sta), groc & mdse. 

Gate City Wdlawn 9131 

Burgess W I, res, 5416 Union av Wdlawn 1197 



Amfeuhnct ?«tvlc« M.I 002 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Burgin Bros, shs&furn, 1911 Ave E.. Ensley 
Burgin Joe, res, 1923 St Louis av.... Bessmr 
Burgin John A (Burt), r, Pike av... Ensley ,-,,-. 

Burgin Jas B, res, 1430 N 30th Main 6384-W 

Burgin J C Mrs, res, 1718 2d av Bessmr 562-W 

Burgin J S, res, 8001 Burney av Wdlawn 349-J 

Burgin M B Mrs, r, 1608 Pike av.... Ensley 1177-J 
Burgin Wilson I, r, 1635 Pike av.... Ensley 536-J 

Burgin W M, r, 2901 Brown Boul Ensley 676-J 

Burgin & Jenkins.attys.Jeff Co Bk bl. . . Main 485 

Burke C C Mrs, r, 2210 7th av, n Main 4501-J 

Burke H C, res, 2013 Av H Main 2495 

Burke J A, res, 3029- Drtmth av Bessmr 210-J 

Burke J E, res, 1022 S 14th Main 683-W 

Burke Judson L, r, Margaret Apts... Main 7264 

Burke Maurice, res, 4705 1st av Wdlawn 1035-W 

Burke M A, res, 1701 Berkley av Bessmr 840-J 

Burke T J res, 1407 N 31st Main 608 

Burkhart B C, atty, Farley bl Main 3016 

Burkhart B C, res, 507 N 46th Wdlawn 946 

Burks B A Dr, ofc, 1917% Ave E Ensley 1437 

Burks E G, res, 803 Sarah av Main 4913 

Burks G W, res, 813 3d, P C Ensley 945-W 

Burks L C, res, 2222 Av J Ensley 1209-J 

Burks W S, res, 354 52d Wdtawn 339-J 

Burks & McKelvey,groc,1005 Tus cav.W End 14 

Burmeister Paul, res, 509 15th Bessmr 566 

Burnett A J, res, 2930 Exeter av Bessmr 124-W 

Burnett Boling C, r, 2726 Hnovr Cir..Maln 8179 

Burnett C L, res, 820 N 3rd av Main 4349-W 

Burnett H T, res, Richmond Apts Main 8273-J 

Burnett J L Mrs, res, 617 N 20th Main 3825-W 

Burnett R D. res, 2708 Highland av. ..Main 4921 


1816 2nd av Main 5050 

Wholesale, 1816 2nd av Main 351 

President, 1816 2nd av Main 8167 

Pay Sta, B-M bl Main 9183 

Burnett & Johnson, jwlrs, 1806 3d av..Maln 7795 

Burney C W, res. 1218 S 12th Main 4612-J 

Burnham Brooke Mrs, r, 4009 Forest Pk.Maln 8473-J 

Burnham B B, archt, Jeff C Bk bl Main 1088 

Burnham K Mrs, r, Ridgely Apts Main 8783 

Burns A C, res, 7508 1st av Wdlawn 1025- w 


Autos, 407 S 21st Main 5013 

Service Dept, 407 S 21st Main 8024 

Burns Evie Miss, res, 415 1st av Main 1235-W 

Burns E J Co, rl est.Jeff Co Bk bl Main 766 

Burns F A, res, 826 S 20th Main 9584 

Burns Harris, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 4106 

Burns HStrris, res, 1420 Cotton av W End 915 

Burns Harry, res, 1410 16th av, s Main 8828 

Burns H A, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8832 

Burns H K, res, 1031 S 26th Main 5912-W 

Burns H M, res, 1727 14th av, s Main 7013 

Burns J, res, 118 S 71st Wdlawn 425 

Burns J G, res, 719 Princeton av W End 741-J 

Burns Jno H, res, 424 N 53rd Wdlawn 430-J 

Burns Jesse L, res, 6212 1st av Wdlawn 55-W 

Burns J R, res, 1100 Louise Main 7548 

Burns W A Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 7064 

Burns W A Dr, res, 1506 S 13th Main 3482 

Burns W T, res, 4427 Ave B Main 6406-J 

Burns & Jackson, attys, Jeff Co Bk bL.Maln 8832 
Bums & Mullins, attys, 1st Nat Bk bL.Maln 4106 

Burnside A J, groc, Brighton Bessmr 114 

Burr Borden, atty, B-M bl Main 7346 

Burr Borden, res, Chestnutt Hill Main 4328 

Burris Jno B & Son, gen mdse, 

5817 2nd av ^...WUlawn 440 

Burroughs Adding Mach Co.JffC B bL.Maln 3263 

Burroughs S B, ins, Am Tr bl Main 8426 

Burroughs S B, res, 2205 14th av, s Main 6229 

Burrow W M Mrs, r, 600 Melchoir..W End 169-W 
Burrows J R, res, Rosewald Apts Main 5747 

I If J I AV ""MSB"""* 769 
LIULLUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gilchrist-Tarrant El 

Burrus W E, res, 720 N 22nd Main 9452-J 

Burruss H P, res, 1508 S 13th Main 2806- W 

Burse Henrietta J,r,1431 Josephine.. WEnd 67-W 

Burson J B Dr, dntst, 1st N B bl Main 50 

Burson J B Dr, res, 4731 2nd av, n.. Wdlawn 648-W 

Burson J D & Son, 107 S 77th Wdlawn 140 

Burson M J, res, 515 S 74th Wdlawn 1072-J 

Burt Geo W Jr, res, 7330 Hillman av. Wdlawn 783 
Burton B B, res, 1612 15th av, s....Maln 7622 

Burton Frank, res, 309 42nd .'...Ensley 215-W 

Burton Geo F, res, 701 N 49th Wdlawn 244-W 

Burton I B, res, 2242 Arlington av Main 4344-J 

Burton J E, res, 325 N 52nd Wdlawn 9083 

Burton J H, res, 1220 N 26th Main 6355 

Burton Realty Co, ofc, 2127 3rd av, n. . . Main 9358 

Burton Sales Co, Title Guar bl Main 6067 

Burwell Lily A Mrs, r, 630 N 22nd Main 7096 

Busby J W, res, 2400 Av H Ensley 406-W 

Busby P W, res, 3806 4th av, n Main 9435-J 

Busch C Edward Mrs, r, 410 43rd Ensley 1028-J 

Busch W W, res, 1836 Richards av W End 259-W 

Busenlehner Charley, r, 804 S 11th Main 4034 

Busenlehner J L, res, 225 Grace Wdlawn 814-J 

Busenlehner Louis, res, 930 Ala Main 5932- W 

Bush D B, res, 508% N 24th Main 6279 

Bush Ethel Miss,r,4330 Hntsvl av... Bessmr 938-J 
Bush Geo E, res, 5221 3rd av, s.... Wdlawn 375-W 
Bush Joseph R, res, 4927 2rd av, s.. Wdlawn 863-J 

Bush M W, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 6246 

Bush M W, res, 1400 Beech Main 893 

Bush T G Mrs, res, 1400 Beech Main 893 

Bussey W W, r, Roebuck Spgs Wdlawn 1245 

Buster Brown Hosiery MiUs.1824 Mor..Maln 257 

Busy Corner, confctry, 230 N 18th Main 7998 

Busy-Izzy, groc, 4517 Gary av Ensley 1539 

Butcher F E, res, 2613 Ensley av Ensley 529-J 


2018 2nd av Main 7168 

Butera J A, r, Martin Quar Ensley 551-J 

Butler C B, res, 1216 Fountain av....Maln 7899 
Butler Cleaning & Pressing Co, 

632 N 24th Main 9445 

Butler Edward J, res. 2200 Ens av... Ensley 829 

Butler F E, res, 1121 1 16th. . , i Main 135S-J 

Butler F T Mrs, res, 130 N 51st Wdlawn 456-J 


222 N 21st Main 146 

222 N 21st.... Main 819 

Butler Jas E, res, 1836 Pike av Ensley 299-W 

Butler J P Mrs, res, 330 Earl av Main 9504-W 

Butler Minnie Miss, r, Lipscomb Bessmr 878-W 

Butler Robt E, res, Fairmont Apts Main 7212-W 

Butler W L, 1004 Georgia av Main 5597-W 

Butt C E, res, 1626 S 13th Main 7849-W 

Button L & Co, 214 N 22nd Main 9347 

Button Leonard, res, 2013 Av G Main 9387 

Buzzanca Joe, res, 2530 6th av, n Main 3971 

Byars C B, res, 1814 Arlington av Bessmr 549-J 

Byara N L, res, 1315 N 19th Main 1287-J 

Byars B H, res, 5210 Austin av Wdlawn 1265- J 

Byars iS W, res, 616 10th av, n Main 3379 

Bynum Bertie Miss, r, 2513 6th av, n..Maln 2892 

Bynum Ellis, res. Tarrant City Wdlawn 419-J 

Bynum Genoa Mrs. r, 1604 N 17th.... Main 2239 

Byram J C, res, Waddell Main 3870-J 

Byrd A C Mrs, res, 800 Tusc av W End 380 

Byrd B A, res, 3501 12th av, n Main 5854 

Byrd C P, res, 2007 Av H Ensley 1389-J 

Byrd F G, res, 1905 16th av, s Main 7579-J 

Byrd H, res, 1821 N Jasper Main 7698-J 

Byrd J E Mrs, res, 4415 Ave C Main 8619-J 

Byrd Jerry M, res, 924 S 15th Main 9355 

Byrd Lee O, res, 7757 Underwood av. Wdlawn 349-W 

Byrd Oliver, res, 718 N 53d Wdlawn 170-J 

Byrd R L Mrs, res, 2321 13th av, n Main 5476-W 

Byrd W P, res, 933 S 19th Main 3265 

Main 223 EtCCtflC^l 4t2N - 19thSt 



Byrnes Thos P Rev, r, 1431 N 80th Main 6982-J « 

Byron A 9, res, 12 College W End 97-W 

Byron E L, mchry, Wdward bl Main 2680 

Byrum George R, r, 2908 Ave E Ensley 257 


410 19th Ensley 31 

Byrum John W, res, 2617 Bush Blvd. .Ensley 1128 
Bythewood W C, res, 602 Prnctn av..W End 427-J 


Cabaniss E H, r, 2251 Hghlnd av....Maln 416 

Cabiness J T, r, Madison Sta Bessmr 774-W 

Cabiness & Cabiness, attys, 1st N B bl. .Main 1068 


1818 2nd av Main 3031 

Victrola Department Main 947 

Cabot M Mrs, res, 100 Grace Wdlawn 213 

Cadden R C, res, 817 Gena W End 324-J 

Cade E E, res, 5903 1st av Wdlawn 29I-W 

Cade Irene Mrs, res, 835 S 14th Main 28S8-W 

Cafe Pantaze, 1902 2nd av, n ....Main 5177 

Caffee C C, res, 713 17th Ensley 1092-J 

Caffee J W, res, 1806 Marshall av....Main 5710-J 

Caffee S R Dr, res, 4201 3d av, s Main 2626 

Cagle Dunk A, res, 4321 8th av Ensley 395-J 

Cagle Geo L, res, 1320 N 16th Main 5224-J 

Cahaba, Southern Coal Co, Am Tr bl Main 4896 

Cahalan Frank, atty, Title Guar bl....Main 8498 

Cahalan J J, res, Mountain Terr Main 6425- W 

*CAHEEN BROS, dry goods, 

1924 2nd av, n Main 8641 

Pay station, 1924 2nd av, n Main 9159 

Caheen F, res, 2705 Highland av Main 2807 

Cahoon W F, res, 1130 11th av, s.. Main 8034 

Caillot Louis, res, 2704 Ave F Ensley 1224 

Cain Benson, res, 3447 Cliff rd Main 8022 

Cain John, res, 2802 Mtn av Main 7682-W 

Cain J E, hwd, 18 N 20th Main 6434 

Cain J E, furn, 1816 3d av Main 1380 

Cain J E, res, 3401 Hillside av Main 7293 

Cain Mary J Mrs, r, 2224 Elder av... Ensley 475-W 


414 N 19fh Main 5861 

414 N 19th Main 9462 

414 N 19th Main 8023 

414 N 19th Main 6028 

Caine F E, drugs, Irondale Wdlawn 144-W 

Calne W P. res, 2215 Av H Ensley 274-J 

Cairns T C, res, 944 St Chas Main 6667 

Calame Emma Mrs, res, 1209 S 16th.. Main S835-W 

Caldrello D, res, 1017 N 23rd Main 9585 

Caldwell Alex, res, 1329 Nolan av Main 7762-J 

Caldwell Chas S, res, 1320 12th av, s..Maln 3186 
Caldwell D W Mrs, r, Milner Hghts...Maln 1379 

Caldwell Erwin, r, 1910% 16th av, s Main 7770-J 

Caldwell E J, ofc, B-M bl Main 401 

Caldwell E J. res, 2177 Hghlnd av Main 1990 

Caldwell G P, res, 918 Ind av W End 307-W 

Caldwell J C, res, 115 Eubank Main 7918-J 

Caldwell J C, res, Lewisburg Main 5626- J . 

Caldwell J G Dr, dntst, 1st N B bl...Maln 4173 
Caldwell Jno Milner, r, Redmont rd....Maln 2896 

Caldwell L Dr, dntst, 1st Nat Bk Main 4173 

Caldwell R T, spl agt, Am Tr bl Main 4987 

Caldwell T J. res, 1036 S 31st Main 2855-J 

Caldwell W C, res, 219 N 74th Wdlawn 346 

Caldwell W D Dr,ofc,4317% 7 av.Wyl. . Ensley 881 

Caldwell W D Dr, r, 4108 8th av Ensley 86-W 

Caldwell Watson Fdy & Mach Co, 

1300 5th av, n Main 376 

Caldwell W L, res, 524 Burke W End 352-J 

Caldwell W L, res, 3525 Cliff rd Main 8123-W 


Bankers & Brokers, B-M bl Main 456 

Cale Drug Co, 

Pratt City Sta Ensley 107 

Pay sta, Pratt City Ensley 9109 


All Kind* Roofing 1905 Ave, B- Telephone J9S 







Main 769 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

•Indicates P. b. Exchan tf 

n G E Trr E ;/ es ' 66 Hglnd av Ens'ey 1426 

Caey W M, res. 3d av, Powderly. . . .W End 373-J 
Cahoun Chas A, atty, 1st N B bl....Maln 2334 
Calhoun Charles A,r,2201 Rdge Pk....Main 2284 
Ca houn Fannie E Mrs, res, 921 S 15th. . Main 3463-W 
Calhoun J A, res, 1701 Terrace Blvd.. Ensley 1232-W 
Calhoun & Glover.attys.lst N B bl....Maln 2334 

Ca Publishing: Co, 1701% 3d av, n....Maln 5495 

Call S E, res, 1225 N 36th Main 4018-J 

Callaway J M, res, 337 38th Ensley 870-W 

Callaway J T Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 6256 

Callaway J T Dr, res, Edgewood Main 6391 -J 

Callaway Ross, res, 824 N 39th Main 7460- J 

Callen Russell Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bL.Maln 3915 

Callen Russell Dr, r, 1920 Ave I Main 7164 

Callen R R, res, 1701 14th av, s Main 5009-J 

Caller W M, res, 4501 5th av, a....*.. Main 2388-W 

Callier Julia, res, 1123 46th Main 7433- J 

Calloway E J, res, 1002 S 20th Main 6744-W 

Calloway H E Mrs, res, 526 N 25th Main 7784-J 

Calloway R G, res, 3124 12th av, n Main 4285 

Calvin Jo Van, res, Ridgely Apts Main 1978 

Cameron A C Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 6481 

Cameron A C Dr, res, Ridgely Apts Main 3085 

Cameron A S Steam Pump Works, 

Am Tr bl M aln 4947 

Cameron R B, r, 2418 20th av, n Main 8382 

Cameron Walter, res, 4512 10th av, n..Maln 8918-W 

Cammack W W, res, 1147 S 14th Main 4333-J 

Camp Alta Miss,r,1720 Tuscaloosa av. . W End 718-J 

Camp A J, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 3405 

Camp Julie C Mrs, r, 1816 Ave I Main 4969 

Camp John J, res, 158 Davies Wdlawn 335 

Camp L R, res, 2800 Jeff av Main 3009 

Camp O L, res, 5904 Stone av Wdlawn 1020- J 

Camp Transfer & Storage Co, Inc. 

1721 1st av, 

SJSSf w • \ Maln ssos 

Stable Man's res, 1700 Av B Main 2985 

Manager's res Main 8925-W 

Camp W D, res, 1511 15th av, s Main 4525 

Campgn Comm of Cham of Com 

26 N 19th Maln 2g46 

Campbell A H, r, 410 Pulton av W End 964 

Campbell Arthur J, res, 1001 S 13th... Main 2625-J 
Campbell Charles M.agt.Potter bl....Main 698 
Campbell Chas M, r, 6230 1st av... Wdlawn 364 

Campbell Ed, r, 1530 N Allen Main 9454-W 

Campbell G G. res, 3401 N 29th Main 7135lw 

Campbell H J, res, 715 Peyton Main 3769-W 

Campbell J L, res, 308 S 54th Wdlawn 54-J 

Campbell J N, res, 521 16th Ensley 246-W 

Campbe Lyford, r, 100 Lucy av Main 8494-J 

Campbell L L. res, 5136 3d av, n. . . .Wdlawn 75-W 

Campbell L P, res, 1211 N 23rd Main 6084 

Campbell L P Miss, r, 110 Grady W End 282-W 

Campbell Mary, r, 906 Mortimer Main 6925-J 

Campbell Ollie Mrs, r, 1820 8th av, n...Maln 6214-J 

Campbell . E, res, 903 N 42nd Wdlawn 404-W 

Campbell W E, cotton, Wdward bl Main 6141 

Campbell W J, res, 1017 N 45th Wdlawn 502-J 

Campbell & Johnston, attys, 1st N B bl.Maln 931 
Canada Carbide Sales Co,2014 2d av.Bessmr 475 

Canady R C, res, 2112 12th av, n Main 9309-W 

Canant J W, r, 2009 Park av Main 5338-W 

Canant W H, res, 2105 Av G Ensley 920-W 

Canepa F, groc, 1714 4th av, n Main 2987 

Canepa Frank, groc, 701 N 19th Main 5390 

Canepa J B Rev, res, E Thomas Ensley 866- J 

Cannon C M, groc, 2430 Brown av.. Ensley 1200 

Cannon H H, res, 1320 19th Bessmr 747-J 

Cannon J S (Mrs, res, 1914 8th av, n....Main 

Cannon L C. res, 4610 1st av Wdlawn 

Cannon M V Mrs, res, 824 19th Bessmr 

Cannon Thos L, res, 713 Peyton Main 

Canon O D, res, 126 N 61st Wdlawn 

Canterberry A A. res, 133 N 58th Wdlawn 








am ul.incd Service rt.iOOZ 

Lowest Cash Wees COAL 228 

cZZ £2 yeaning Co.608 N i«i S! n S3 

Can to Park ^ g D C ,°' 2006 6th av ."-Maln 24S7 

capnol Park Inn, Park av Main 3947 

Capitol Park Motor Co, 2000 6th av n Ma to Icto 
Capps Chas W, res, 807 Toso av * . ?W I Ln2 Vll 

Capps J L, res, 310 Pearl w End 936 

Capps Wm M, res. 604 45th... .Enaley StL 
Capps & Son Groc Co. 4407 7th av Enl i.Z m, 

Carau^L nnle *2 ~* »» «•" jS S KU.W 

^S TS^XZ>t^ kV •„-• Ma! n n S 

1906 4th av, n Ma i n ,,., 

Caravella M, res, 1020 N 24th. . . . '. '.'. . '.Ma In llll 
Caraveila U C, res, 2400 Av I Man llll w 

Card Iff L Miss, res, 2916 Av G Main 2565-W 

Carden J B Mrs, res, 1001 Eula Man B360.J 

Cardwell Mattie, r, 608 9th av, n . . M^a ln 371^ 
Caretti Joe^ res. 3001 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 824-W 
Carey AW, res, 2177 Highland av....Maln 2761 

CarfJVM°' r ' 312 ° Dartmth av Ba..m? 974-W 

Car e F Mrs, res, 2206 Av O Main 4280 J 

Car fsle Joe? n 'p* V° th * V ' 8 • • BS SEw 

Par «! t °S D Capt ' r ' 1017 S 19th... Main 6744-J 
Carlisle J O, res, 1203 2nd av, n... W End 201 w 

Carj s |e JW Mrs.r,2501 Hwthrneav.. Ensley WW 
Car se Mabel Miss, r, 419 Louise av...Mal? 645 

Carlisle R R, res, 1213 N 23rd m 4 719-W 

Car isle R S, res, 224 N 48th Wdlawn 376 

Carlisle R W Rev,r,8429 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 210 
Carton C B, res, 7211 Sloss av Wdlawn 1119-j 

So^n° n R. R \ r £ s ' 100 ° Cotton av....W End 511 
Carlton Frank E Jr, r, 3421 Bess Blvd. Ensley 1258-W 

Car on John T. res, 723 Chas Main 86 

Carton O J, res, 1018 1st av W End 294-J 

r»l °" 53 reS ' OId Jnsbro Be ""»- 899-J 

Carlton R W, res, 120 S 61st Wdlawn 720-J 

Carmlchael D M, r, E Thomas Ensley 364-W 

Carmichael-Holcomb Candy & Groc Co 

510 N 26th Maln g997 

Oarmichael John C, r, 1160 S 12th.... Main 2538-J 

Carmchae J N Dr, r, 321 41st Ensley 182-J 

Carmlchael J H Mrs, res, 


Indicates P. B. Exchange 


2511 Bess Blvd. 

Ensley 534-W 

Carm chael Leila Mrs. res, 1033 S 21st.. Main 3336 
Carmichael O C, res, 1225 17th av, a.... Main 6052-W 

n™l C t! ae ! ^^ s ' r ' 1025 ^ N 24th... Main 5257-W 
Carmichael W M Dr, r, 706 Parkway. . Ensley 1374 
Carmichael & Carmichael Dra, ofc, 

Fairfield Ensley 601 

Carmlchael & Kidd Drs, dentists. 

Jeff Co Bk bl Maln 8111 


14108thav^n Ma | n 103 

Carnathan E E, res, 319 3rd av, w....Maln 4019-J 

Carnegie Steel Co Main 3720 

Carney Annie Mrs, res, 1032 Elm Main 5110 

Carney W H, res, 1600 16th av, n Main 4356-J 

Cams Geo D, groc, 2601 21st av, n....Main 7109 

Cams Geo D. res, 1205 N 25th Main 5086 

Cams Jno R, res, 5900 8d av, n Wdlawn 90-J 

Cams W A, res, 1530 Av I Main 6596 


Office, 1601 Ave A Main 4767 

WW Snead, Manager, Av A Main 4767 

Carothers A D. res, 1316 S 16th Main 7927-J 

Carpenter B S Dr, res, 526 44th Ensley 974-W 

Carpenter B S, r, 913 Ga av, s Main 8996 

Carpenter F H. res. 2304 16th Ensley 1107-J 

Carpenter J K Mrs, r, 4704 1st av.. Wdlawn 128-J 




m + 


Office &M*>rks 



om party 




Carpenter ML Miss, r, 1106 S 13th.... Main 5894-W 

Carpenter T J, res, 2501 Av I Ensley 183-J 

Carpenter & Hillman, mng prod, 

Jeff Co Bk bl M ain 3267 

Carpenter's Distct Council, 1813% 2,n..*Maln 1881 

Carper C E, res, 3029 Mtn av Main 5298-J 

Carprl Claude C, res, 1509 Ave F.... Ensley 1284 
Carr Ada Miss, res, 7131 1st av, n.. Wdlawn 745 

So"" £ 7' St ^f e mgr ' !st N B bl Main 6126 

Carr Gladys Miss, res, 1916 Ave H Main 6104-W 

Carr H A, res. 416 Melchoir w End 286 

S arr S3 rea ' 1220 llth av - n Main 957-W 

Carr Will, res, 2229 St Louis av Bessmr 597-J 

Carr W W, res, 430 Alabama av....W End 466 
Carraway C N Dr, ofc, A C I P Co. . . . Main 788 

Carraway C N Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 514 

Carraway C N Dr, r, 1600 N 26th Main 6750 

Carrel Jewelry Co, 200 19th Bessmr 180 

Carj-igan J L, contrs, 1002 Av E Main 4629 

Carrigan Raymond, r, Powderly Pike.W End 33- J 

Carroll Charlie, res, McCalla Bessmr 8302 

Carroll J A, res, 3308 Norwood Blvd Main 7375-W 

Carroll J S Mrs, res, 7415 3rd av, n. .Wdlawn 1209-W 

Carroll L J Rev, r, 1420 Tate av W End 193 

Carson B L, res, 905 Sarah av W End 942-W 

Carson J E, 6314 1st av .Wdlawn 

Carson M S, res, 229 N 52nd Wdlawn 

Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co, whl gds, 

p otter bl Main 

Carson S E, res, 211 N 54th Wdfawn 

Carson T J & Co, groc, 415 Tusc av. . W End 

Carson W L, res, 6434 1st av Wdlawn 

Carten F J, res, Ridgely Apts Main 9389 

Carter A C, res, 338 40th Ensley 507-W 

Carter Dry Goods Co. Morris Hotel Main 3812 

Carter E A, res, 212 S 61st Wdlawn 381 

Carter G W, r, 2330 Hwthrne av Ensley 213-W 

Carter J B, res, 4224 Av C Main 7395 

Carter J B Rev, res, 834 S 17th Main 7485 

Carter J Rivers, res, 800 S 29th Main 1498 

Carter McLin J, res, 508 Tusc av W End 425-W 

Carter R H, res, 322 N 61st Wdlawn 275-W 

Carter Walter, res, 1158 (Fountain av Main 9412-W 

Carter W I, res, 921 3d av Main 7289-W 

Carter W M, res, 715 N 18th Main 3334 

Cartwright Ida Miss, r, 609 N 26th Main 6550 

Cartwright Jno M, res, 2007 Humbolt av. Main 806 
Cartwright Jno M & Co.rl est,116 N 21st. Main 46 

Caruso V, res, 230 S 13th Main 7987 

Cary C M, res, 338 38th Ensley 981-W 

Casady T C Rev, res, 403 Berry W End 566 

Case G I Mrs, res, 215 N 50th Wdlawn 921-J 

Case H F, res, 1419 St Chas Main 3501-J 

Casey C P. res, 2019 Av F Ensley 1101-J 

Casey E S Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 305 

Casey E S Dr. res, 2150 Hglnd av Main 1790-J 

Casey J J, res, 116 Grace Wdlawn 1123-J 

Casey J L, res, 2705 Caldwell Tore Main 3093 

Casey R C Mrs, r, 92 Valley rd Ensley 350-J 

Casey T A Dr, res, 1700 23d, n Main 7194-J 

Cash Gertrude L Mrs,r,336 Flrl Pk.. Wdlawn 320-J 

Cason J Newton, r, 1516 S 16th av Main 7530-W 

Cast L B, res, 1205 12th av, s Main 2921-J 

Castiglia D, res, 2500 Av E Main 6828 

Castleman J H, r, 1508 16th av. n....Maln 2643-J 


1822 4th av, n. 

Fish & Poultry Department Main 7447 

Vegetable & Fruit Department Main 7447 

Wholesale Department Main 853 

Catanzano J C, res, 1142 N 13th Main 4254-J 

Catanzano N Mrs, r, 1201 12th av, n..Maln 6233 

Catanzano S, res, 1139 N 13th Main 3868-W 

Cates A J, res, 2407 34th av, n Main 7973-W 

Catha Ed, res, 1500 Hayes W End 912-W 

Catha E W, res, 1st av Ensley 1059-W 

Cather A H, res, 319 N 49th Wdlawn 930-W 

Cather A H Printing Co. 416 N 21st Main 637 

Portland Cement ™ttl 




» -• ■, - • **„, . Nil. 1 002 

Catterlin J W, res, 1327 Av F Ensley 886-J 

Caudle D H, res, 729 4th av Wdlawn 560-W 

Caudle M A, res, 431 Earl av Main 2214-W 

Caudle W M, res, 405 Earl av Main 5652-J 

Causey Drug Co, 930 N 48th Wdlawn 9134 

Cauthorne Philip, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8405 

Cavender C S, stock yds, 2329 Mrs av..Maln 6040 

Cavins E A, res, 2209^ 3rd av, n Main 7055 

Cawthon J B, res, 3731 Av D Main 5998-W 

Cawthorne Pearle, res, 1723 Av 1 1.... Ensley 884-J 

Cecil A D, res, 2621 Arlington av -.Main 6427-W 

Cecil Brokerage Co, Am Tr bl...: Main 7464 

Cefalu John, res, 925 Woodland av Main 4817-W 

Celite Products Co, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bL.Maln 7550 
Centenary Comms N Ala Conf.Ttle bL.Maln 6769 


1301 4th av Main 857 

Central Auto & Storage Co, 1631 3rd av.Maln 647 

Central Foundry Co, ofc, 730 22d Bessmr 44 , 

Central Ice Co, ofc, 2214 Ave A Main 374 

Central Iron & Coal Co, ofc, Valley Vw.Maln 2831 

Central Lbr Co, yd, 5th av & 21st Bessmr 119 

Central Market, 427 19th Bessmr 499 

Central Mortgage & Trust Co, 

2024 3d av Main 5280 

Central of Ga R R, 

E F Stovall, genl agt, 2010 1st av...Maln 1340 
W C Kilgore, coml agt, Wdwrd bl. . . Main 976 

City tkt ofc, 2010 1st av Main 7572 

City tkt ofc, 2010 1st av Main 979 

Rate clerk, 2010 1st av Main 1340 

Local frt agt, 1530 1st av Main 3010 

Local frght agt, 1530 1st av Main 8885 

Ch clerk, 1530 1st av Main 8885 

Loc rate elk, 1530 1st av Main 3010 

Cashier, 1530 1st av Main 1575 

Wrhouse foreman, 1530 1st av Main 8895 

Central Pharmacy, 4418 7th av, Wyl. . Ensley 256-W 
Central Plmb & Htg Co, 2129 3d av, n. .Main 2185 

Ceravalo Frank, p s, 1131 24th Bessmr 9156 

Ceravolo Joe, groc, 831 1 8th Bessmr 661 

Cerniglia Joseph, res, 3000 Av F Main 6076-J 

Cemiglia P, res, 1328 Ave F Main 7452-J 

Cerniglia Sam, res, 1529 Av H Main 6635-W 

Certain-teed Products Corp, 

1705 1st av, n Main 7586 

Chace Bros Auto Tire Shop, 208 S 21st. Main 8675 

Chadboume E F, res, 1815 N 15th av Main 2456-J 

Chaddock O A, r, 7501 2d av, n Wdlawn 72 

Chad wick Jno S Rev, ofc, Title Guar bl. Main 6619 

Chadwick R E, res, 2100 Ave I Ensley 27 

Chafln C V, res, 615 N 23rd Main 8561 

Chafln Lovejoy Miss,r,814 Eliza av..W End 562 
Chalrsell E C Mrs, r, 1312 14th av, s...Maln 4933-J 

Chairsell Henry Jr, r, 1419 Phelan Main 9552-J 

Chalifoux Music Dealer Co,Inc,1814 .dav.Maln 2141 
Chalifoux Paul E, r, 3838 Crescent rd..Maln 6425-J 

Challinor A B. res, 1109 S 26th Main 1315 

Chalmers A H, res, 342 39th Ensley 870-J 

Chalmers Thomas, res, 755 Parkway. . Ensley 1482-J 
Chamber of Commerce, 

1st av & 19th Main 25 

Bldg supt's ofc, ground fl Main 9570 

Agricultural Dept, Cham of Com Main 8761 

Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip Co, 

Jeff, Co Bk bl Main 5296 

Chamberlin Nona Mrs, r, 926 S 15th... Main 6079 

Chambers H T, res, 1645 Pike av Ensley 764 

Chambers H T & Co, ofc, 309^ 19th. .Ensley 1532 

Chambers H W, r, 1210 12th av, s Main 7668 

Chamhers J C Mrs, r, 3325 12th av, n..Maln 4245-J 
Chambers J Garnett Jr Dr, res, 

5413 10th av, n Wdlawn 1031 

Chambers P J Mrs,r,1739 Wdland av. ..Main 5821-W 

Chambers W R, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 6155 

Chambers W R, res, 1027 N 24th Main 4606-W 

Chamblee A L, res, 7504 1st av Wdlawn 1094 

Chamblee Frank L, res, 725 Tusc av. .W End 998 

Main 223 EtCCtflCSU 4t2N ' i9thSt 


• * 



^Indicates P. B. Exchang 








SMITH »:z 

Main 3355 
Main 285 
Main 134 
Eulej 1477 

Chamblee H G, res, 1512 2nd av, n W End 283 

Chamblee J D, res, 901 Cotton av. . . . W End 422 
Chamblee J J, res. 804 12th av, s....Main 8786 
Chamblee John W & Roscoe.aty.B-M bl.Maln 7980 
Chambee W C, res, 2416 19th av, n....Maln 6169-W 

Chamblee Z B Dr, r, 2601 20th av Main 7179-j 

Chambless E P, r, 2028 Humbolt av...Maln 3412-J 
Chambless T S, res, 712 S 27th Main 5911-J 

# » 


•^Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Chesnutt & Billings Clo Co, 

1908 4th av, n ....Main 9489 

Chesser J M, res, 1427 Arlington av. . Bessmr 1069-J 

Chew Launa Mrs, r, 3616 Ave E Main 4125 

Chicago Clothing Co, 1715 3rd av Main 3270 

Ch cago Furniture Co,ofe,1726-2nd av.n.Maln 9443 
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co, 

r-"^" * ~» ZZr* lk& » z ' in wain 5911-J ^nicago Fneumatlc Tool Co, 

Chamboredon A Mrs, r, 2417 8th av, n. . Main 5590-W 1925 5th av, n Main 1390 

Champ on Bros, groc, 1000 19th. .. .Bessmr 265 Chichester J D Mrs res 1100 S lith I Zmt* Si 

Champion Ira, res, 1003 Crescent av Main #>jro n>,i„i,J,** t\. if' ' y b i»tn....Maln 4518- 

Champion Shoe Shop, pa v sta * S ££!?2 i ohn D - * "« 15th av, s. .Main 8508 

Shop, pay sta, 

1717 3rd av, n Main 91g6 

Chancey Alice E Mrs, r, 902 S 18th.... Main 6824 

Sl! an ^ er £'£ es ' 122 ° N 3l8t M a'n 6075 " 

Chandler E G, res, 1828 13th av, s....Maln 1626 

Chandler J E res, 1509 St Chas Main 6470-W 

Chandler M B, res, 912 2nd av W End 658 


nv, i0 l S , 2 ^ 1St M »'n 5013 

Chandler & Co, dept store, Boyles Main 7130 

Chandler & Co, gen mdse, 1 N 14th.... Main 682 

Chaney A M, res, 212 Grace Wdlawn 1294 

Chaney W W, shoes, Cham of Com Main 1076 

Jianey W W, res, 523 Tusc av W End 637 

Chantz Jesse, res. 516 Ter Bou. .. .Wdlawn 353-M 

Chapin C C, res. 1208 N 31st Main 4963 

Chapman A O Mrs, r, 3106 13th av, n..Maln 4914-J 

Chapman F E. res. 501 S 26th Main 8789-W 

Chapman P G, res, 1905 Ave I Ensley 1149-W 

Chapman J M, res, 1828 Av I Main 5248-W 

Chapman J P Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 2862 

Chapman J P Dr, res, 1028 N 30th.... Main 6657-W 

Chapman Wm, res, 1325 Hayes W End 320-J 

Chappell A N, res, San Jose Apts Main 3687 

Chappell A N & Co, mdse brkr, Emp bl.Maln 8400 ""* 

Chappe J E, r, 1525^ 10th av, s Main 6893-W 

Chappelle W A, res. 3712 6th av, s....Maln 5718-J 

Chappie F E, res, 1229 lith av, s Main 4571-J 


2^ C ^ 2U1 Ave E Main 884 

CC Flemming, Pres, 1115 St Chas.. Main 1651-W 

S £ £ lemmIn *' VPres . 14 °2 S 17th. Main 2610-W 
C C Flemming Jr, res, 4400 Av E...Maln 4159-W 

Res o Stable Man, 2112 Alley E Main 7821-J 

Charlton Kenneth C, atty, 1st N B bl-.Maln 347 

Charlton Kenneth C, ofc, Govt bl Main 3300 

Charlton Kenneth C, r, Edgewd Main 6644- J 

Charlton R E, res, 1709 2nd av W End 224-J 

Chase D G, res 2205 15th av. n Main 4718-W 

Chase E M Mrs, r, 1512 10th av, s....Main 4576-W 

Chastain W T. res, 4100 Oak Ensley 1319-W 

Cheatham A E, res, 3715 Av F Main 4458 

Cheatham E F. res, Woodward Bessmr 458-W 

Cheatham Thos A Dr, ofc.lst N B bl-.Maln 2089 
Cheatham Thos A Dr. r, 1018 S 18th.. Main 8514-W 
Cheatham Z E, res, 1201 N 32nd Main 3869-J 

9,u ee ^ 9.^, res ' 427 N 46th Wdlawn 457-J 

Cheek P E, res, 1112 N 26th Main 418 

Cheek PERI Est & Ins Co, ofc, 

_ 18 f 08 % 3rd av. n Main 192 

Cheek T F. res. 2516 12th av, n Main 1616-J 

Cheery J A, res, 903 21st Main 5525 

Chenault Roy, res, 2401 4th av, n Main 6305 

Chenoweth Beach M, r, 2505 Aberdn rd.Maln 8430-W 


™<? ff i iCe ' T 2 ,t 01 r AV ~ F Ma,n « 2 ^ 

Cherokee Life Ins Co, Lyric bl Main 7842 

Cherry W N, res, 6631 1st av Wdlawn 1006- W 

Chesnut Sam L, res, 712 Talulah W End 335-W 

Chesnutt A C, res, 1625 N Bradley. .. .Main 4413 

Chesnutt M L. res, Shades Mt W End 430-R 


amaiilan?* Sannse H. ! 002 


Childers F Mrs, res', 1418 6th~av~.7.'. ."Bessmr "l51-J 

™2 0rS 5 ?• *?h 1300 N 31st Main 6226 

Childers Richard H, r, 4909 2nd av, nWdlawn 1302-J 

Children's Hospital, ofc, 2933 Av G....Maln 3807 

Childress D J, res, 800 Prnctn av W End 188 

Childress R M, res, 1514 6th av Bessmr 692 

Childress Wm, res. 1404 13th av. s Main 6156-W 

Childress W N, res, 109 Crew Ensley 45I-W 

Childs Battle, res. 717 S 16th Mai?, 1706-7 

Ch es Fannie Mrs, r, 1912 Ave H.... Ensley 207-J 

Chilson R G. res, 1419 S 14th Main 6981-W 

Chimano P, res. 1010 N 19th Bessmr 629-J 

Chinery George, res, 2213 12th av, n....Maln 8746 

Chiropractic Institute, Farley bl Main 2077 

Chisenhall L L. res, Madison Sta... Bessmr 774-J 

Chisolm Fred S, ins, 1st N B bl Main 6155 

Chisolm Frederick S, r, 1101 10 av, s..Maln 2129-W 

Chisolm H H. res, 910 S Central Main 3332 

Chisolm Henry L, res, 1033 S 31st Main 1206-J 

Chisolm John L, res, 1220 Whitaker Main 4109-W 

Chisolm P D Dr, dent, 1st N Bk bl....Maln 1705 

Chitwood R L, res, 1328 N 24th Main 8306-J 

Chitwood W W, res, 300 N 49th. .. .Wdlawn 1374 

Chojnowskl Max, r, 2101 Av G Ensley 1022 

Choromokos Geo, cafe, 420 20th Main 5472 

Choromokos George, r. 2029 5th av, n..Maln 8959 

Chris Place, restr, 1926 1st av Main 3962 

Christakos Geo, res, 2130 Ave B Main 3076 

Christian Geo W Mrs, r, 3807 10th a v, n.Maln 1751-J 

Christian L A, res, 118 Hallstead Wdlawn 62-J 

Christian-Lovelady Sales Co, 519 S 20th. Main 3780 

Christian II N, res, 2130 6th av Main 6377 

Christian W D, res, 1829 Bellview av..Main 3617 

Christlleb W E, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 355- J 

Church Joseph S, tires, 1600 2d av, n..Maln 3768 
City Barbecue Lunch Co, Inc, 

* 731 *»?*▼• n Main 9523 

City Coal & Wood Yard, ofc, 

1822 Ala av Bessmr 82 

City Dry CIng Co, 708 19th Ensley 992 

City Furniture Co, ofc, 2013 2nd av.. Bessmr 345 

City Grocery Co, 501 19th Bessmr 92 

•CITY ICE DELIVERY CO.2200 Av E.Maln 3700 

g oy ! es Wdlawn 368 

Si 8 . 16 * E"«'«y 41 

5411 1st av Wdlawn 152 

8101 1st av Wdlawn 1012 

Poplar, s W End 173 

City Jewelry & Loan Co, 115 19th.. Bessmr 259 


City clerk, City Hall Bessmr 113 

Fire department. City Hall Bessmr 370 

High school, 1331 Arlington av Bessmr 313 

Clarendon school, Clarendon av... Bessmr 284 

Roberts school, 1631 5th av Bessmr 285 

Office of mayor, City Hall Bessmr 753 

Police hdqrtrs, City Hall Bessmr 10 

Jonesboro school Bessmr 644 

Res pound kpr, 1230 5th av Bessmr 594-W 

Richard S Moon, r, 225 Owen av.. Bessmr 379-W 

Stables, 131 S 22nd Bessmr 372 

Hard school, 2400 Arlington av... Bessmr 969 




Funeral Director Main 4862 






Ryall H S, Sec'y Main 411 

Ryall H S, Sec'y, res Wdlawn 1129 

Barrett N A, Pres Main 484 

Brown J Ellis, Commissioner Main 306 

Burruss Henry Page, Commissioner Main 7143 

Hornady J R, Commissioner Main 7176 

Taylor John H, Commissioner Main 8679 


(In case of fire, call "Fire Department") 

All Stations (Old Birmingham)...- Main 545 

Avondale Station Wdlawn 1 

East Birmingham Station Wdlawn 1 

East Lake Station Wldawn 1 

Ensley Station Ensley 20 

Fairview Station Ensley 20 

Graymont Station W End 148 

North Birmingham Station Main 545 

Pratt City Station Ensley 20 

West End Station W End 148 

"Woodlawn Station ,. . .Wdlawn 1 

Wylam Station Ensley 20 

Chief Fire Dept, ofc, City Hall Main 5213 

Chief Fire Dept, r, 3d av & 15th Main 8760 

Repair Shop, Av D & 19th Main 3777 

(Private Telephones in Fire Stations) 

Sta No 1, City Hall Main 5745-J 

Sta No 2, 1900 Av D Main 2725- W 

Sta No 3, 2014 Magnolia av Main 6904-J 

Sta No 4, 212 N 24th Main 4553-W 

Sta No 5, 1300 N 19th Main 6825-J 

Sta No 6, 1501 3rd av, n Main 4114-J 

Sta No 7, 801 S 11th Main 6844-J 

Sta No 8, 4700 10th av Wdlawn 299-W 

Sta No 9, 1220 N 27th Main 5704- W 

Sta No 10, 4120 Av B Main 6757-J 

Sta No 11, 1220 N 14th Main 7248-J 

Sta No 12, 5427 1st av * Wdlawn 593-J 

Sta No 14, 119 N 8th av Main 8944-W 

Sta No 16, Ensley City Hall Ensley 479-W 

Sta No 17, Wylam Ensley 906-J 

Sta No 18, 300% 2nd av Ensley 1006-J 

Sta No 19, 112 S 77th Wdlawn 473-J 

Sta No 20, Fairview Sta Ensley 97 


Health officer Main 3926 

Laboratory Main 8772 

Meat & Milk Inspector Main 8772 

Res Ch Communicable Diseases, 

505 Ash. F C Ensley 384 

Sanitary Inspector, City Hall Main 3926 


Avondale Library Main 1685 

Public library, City Hall Main 5146 

Public Library, pay sta Main 9217 

Public library, reference dept Main 5146 

East Lake Library Wdlawn 480 

Ensley Library Ensley 262 

West End Library W End 518 

Woodlawn Library Wdlawn 897 


Building Inspector, City Hall Main 2344 

City Attorney. City Hall Main 4113 

City Comptroller, City Hall Main 8767 

City Employment ofc, City Hall Main 7040 

Engineer, City Hall Main 8766 

Electrical Inspector, City Hall Main 6585 

Excavation Department, City Hall Main 8766 

License Department, City Hall Main 8762 

Light Inspector, City Hall Main 6585 

Municipal Employment Bureau, Cty HI. Main 7040 

North Birmingham Power House Main 7196 

North Birmingham W & L Dept Supt. .Main 6585 

North Birmingham W & L Dept Main 7106 

Parks, Superintendent Main 8766 

Plumbing Inspector, City Hall Main 8768 

Purchasing Agent, City Hall Main 6587 

Relief & Correction Dept, City Hall Main 6686 

War Service Dept, City Hall Main 4038 

Weights & Measures Dept, City Hall.. Main 306 

Welfare Department, City Hall Main 6586 


H P Burruss, res Main 

Street Com Wdlawn 

Ensley Street Foreman Ensley 

N B'ham Street Foreman Main 

Stable Foreman Main 

Garbage Dept, City Hall ». . . . Main 

Stables, Av F Main 

Stables, Ensley Ensley 

Warehouse, Av F. Main 

Woodlawn Stables, 6200 4th av, n... Wdlawn 

Bureau of identification, City Hall... .Main 
Cecil D Gaston, Municipal Surgeon. .... Main 

Central Station, City Hall Main 

Central Station, City Hall Main 

Central Station, Detectives, City Hall.. Main 

Central sta, Jail Main 

Chief of Police,, res Main 

Detective dept, City Hall Main 

Pisgah Welfare Home, Germania Pk..W End 

Welfare Department, City Hall Main 

Avondale Station Wdlawn 

East Birmingham Station Wdlawn 

Elyton Station W End 

East Lake Station Wdlawn 

Ensley Station Ensley 

Graymont Station W End 

North Birmingham Station Main 

Pratt City Station .* Ensley 

Tuxedo Jet Ensley 

West End Station W End 

Woodlawn Station Wdlawn 

Wylam Station Ensley 


Birmingham District, Av F & 7th Main 

East Lake District Wdlawn 

Ensley District Ensley 

Grayont District Main 

North Birmingham District Main 

Pratt City District Ensley 

West End District Main 

Woodlawn District Wdlawn 

Wylam District Ensley 


Supt's ofc, 2030 Park av * Main 

Sec Bd of Education, 2030 Park av....Main 

Supervisors, 2030 Park av Main 

Birmingham, Barker School Main 

B'ham Cen High School, 1925 Av F Main 

Birmingham, Cunningham School Main 

Birmingham, Elyton School Main 

Birmingham, Graymont School Main 

Birmingham, Henly School Main 

Birmingham, Lakeview School Main 

Birmingham, Martin School Main 

Birmingham, N Bham School Main 

Birmingham, Paul Hayne School Main 

Birmingham, Powell School Main 

Birmingham, 17th Av Schoql Main 

Birmingham, S Highlands School. ... Main 

Birmingham, Ullman School Main 

Avondale, Avondale School Main 

Central Park Ensley 

Council School, 2000 Av L Ensley 

East Lake, Barrett School Wdlawn 

East Lake, Robinson School Wdlawn 

Ensley, Baker School Ensley 

Ensley, Bush School Ensley 

Ensley, Fairview School Ensley 

Ensley, High School Ensley 

Ensley, Minor School Ensley 

Ensley, Moore School Ensley 

Ensley, Pratt School, 306 3rd Ensley 

Fairfield School Ensley 

Gate City School Wdlawn 

Negro Industrial School Main 

Slater School, 14th Main 

West End, Hemphill School.. W End 

Woodlawn, Gibson School Wdlawn 

Woodlawn, Kennedy School Wdlawn 

Woodlawn, Woodlawn School Wdlawn 

Wylam, Wylam School Ensley 








































■Arlndlcatea P. B. Exchange 




SFRvirR main /by 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

City of Brighton, City Hall, Brghtn. Bessmr 755 

City of Fairfield, 

Police dept, 4900 Commerce av...Ensley 1321-J 

City clerk, 4602% Gary av Ensley 1321-W 

A C Decker, mayor, 4602% Gary av. Ensley 1321-W 


2319 1st av. 

Sales Department. „ Main 7880 

Office Main 7881 

City Restaurant, 402 N 18th Main 9511 

City Shoe Co, 1820 Av E Ensley 848 

Civitan Club, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 8450 

Claburn W H, res, 606 Tusc av W End 341-W 

Clancy John, res, 1408 Peters W End 325-W 

Clancy MC Mrs, r, 1230 11th av, s....Maln 4775 

Capp Belle Mrs, r, 113 S 60th Wdlawn 654-J 

Capp g L, res, 6304 3d av, n Wdlawn 497 

Capp w W Dr, Farley bl + .. Main 110 

Capp W W Dr, res, 511 Prnctn av..W End 27-J 

Clarence Auto Top Co, 210 S 21st Main 4837 

Clark Anna, res, 1025 8th av, n Main 3131 

Clark A R, res, Pike av Ensley 1220-J 

Clark Dan, res, 811 17th Ensley 239 

Clark E E, res, 1522 Berkley av.... Bessmr 704 
Cark E M, res, 4606 12th av, n.... Wdlawn 259-J 

Cark Frank B. rl est, Farley bl Main 2572 

Clark Fulton B, mds brkr, J C B bl...Main 109 

Cark Fulton B, r, 1430 Whitaker Main 6970-W 

Si ? £ k res ' Ivan hoe StaV Ensley 413-J 

Clark G Mrs, res, 2116 6th av, n Main 8341-W 

Clark Gladys Miss, r, 2210 Hghlnd av...Maln 9525-J 

Clark Geo H, res, 1811 Av I Main 5180 

Clark Geo Huntington, ofc, J C B bl. . . . Main 6877 
Clark Geo Huntington,r,2214 Orng av..Main 5953-J 
Clark Howard G Mrs,r,529 Prnctn av. .W End 356-J 

Clark H J, groc, 630 S 27th Main 680 

Clark H J, res, 1115 S 14th Main 5430-W 

Clark J C, res, 1427 N 25th Main 3011 

Clark J D, res, 1708 Jeff av Ensley 526-J 

Clark Louis V, ins, 1928 4th a v, n Main 607 

Cark Louis V. r, 2600 Highland av....Maln 1090 

S ar ti\ W ' r « 8 - 1512 N 30th Main 6984 

Cark-Malone Realty Co, 1928 4th av, n.Main 6723 
Clark Nat G Dr, ofc, Ave E & 19th. . . Ensley 77 
C ark Nat G Dr, r, 2600 18th av Ensley 83 

S , 2, Y' r , eS ' 303 N 60th Wdlawn 877 

Cark Richard B, r. 1321 Waucoma av..Maln 2953-J 

Cark Transfer Co, 2212 Av B Main 605 

Clark W L, res, 414 24th Ensley 1391 j 

Clark Wm M, res, 121.5 15th av, s Main 2906-W 

Clark & Brown, ins. Jeff Co Bk bl Main 109 

Clark & Jones Piano Co,1913 3rd av,n..Main 6120 
Clarke Chas W. res, 1014 S l2th....Maln 6055-J 
Clarke Samuel E, r, 511 Cotton av...W End 347-w 

Clary Lee res, 1026 S 26th Main 1456 

Cary W C res, 3414 llth av. n Main 5448-W 

Claunch L B Mrs. res, 300 Willie. ... Ensley 970-J 

Claxon G B, res, 1517 Av I M aln 5769 

Claxton L R res. 512 23rd Ensley 1109-W 

Clay Elsie Mrs, r, 1729 llth av, s. ... Main 8392 

S ay i eff ; ° fc> 4U S 20th Bessmr 364 

Cay Mack, res, 1830 Dartmouth av.. Bessmr 615 
Clay Mac & Jack.pnbrkrs.1923 2d av. .Bessmr 467 

Clay T L groc. 409 Water Wdlawn 691-W 

Claypool C C, res, 814 Tusc av W End 963-W 

Clayton C K, res, Elder av Ensley 1043-J 

C ayton R A, res. 5339 1st av. n Wdlawn 151-J 

C ayton R A & R T, ofc, Title bl Main 1821 

Cayton R O. res 714 S 31st Main 2060-W 

Clayton W <2 Dr. dent. Empire bl Main 7072 

Clayton W W, res. Graymont Main 7372- W 

Cleaver A H & Co.cotton.Ch of Com.. Main 6867 

Clem J M. res, 7626 Sloss av Wdlawn 894 

Clement W L, res, Old Jonesboro Bessmr 899-W 

Clements Arthur E, r, Roebuck Spgs. Wdlawn 459-j 

Clements F B, res, Orange av Main 1993 

Clements J P, res, 1730 8th av ,Maln 7514 



Am «, „.»,., rH. I 002 

All Grades f*f\ A I MAIM 
Lowest Cash Prices V^U AL 228 

Clements Jack P. res, 1315 Ala av W End 

Clements M D Dr.ofc.Fields bl Ensley 

Clements M D Dr, res, 500 Ray Ensley 

Clements W A, res, 3812 N 31st Main 

Clements W A & Sons,groc,4000 N 30th. Main 

Clements W K, res, 1772 Jeff av W End 

Clements & Duke, gen mds, Irondale. Wdlawn 

Clemo J L, res, 516 Balsam av Ensley 

Cleneay A B, res, 1221 N 22nd Main 

Cleve E A & Co, gen mdse, 35th av...Maln 




407 S 21st Main 5013 

Cleveland B F Mrs,r,20l6 Davis av... Ensley 624-J 

Cleveland C B, r, 800 Tusc av W End 380 

Clifford M E Mrs, r, 4300 5th av Ensley 1112-J 

Clift A S, res, 931 S 13th Main 8393-J 

Cline A, res, 2130 Dartmth av Bessmr 1079-J 

Clinton Mining Co, Clinton Mines W End 120 

Clisby A A, res, 1205 N 20th Main 7642- J 

Clisby Madam, 707 S 14th Main 7510 

Clisby W C, res, 1224 Virginia av Main 6149-J 

Cloud F H, studio, 1717 4th av, n Main 3967 

Cloud R E Dr, ofc, 1903% Av E Ensley 245 

Cloud R E Dr, res, 2105 Park av Ensley 72 

Clowdus Bernard F, r, 640 W 8th av Main 2223-W 

Clowdus Eula Miss, r, 2419 20th av,n...Maln 7083 
Clowdus R L, confctnr, 200 Jeff av.. Bessmr 659 

Clower E D Mrs, r, 2310 Elder av Ensley 378-W 

Clubb Wm A, res, 539 1st av Main 8573-J 

Coates Wm, r, 1200 S 10th av Main 5639 

Coats R L, res, 1404 6th av Bessmr 606-J 

Cobb Addie L Mrs, r, 1201 N 17th Main 1548-J 

Cobb Edmund P, res, 1429 Cullom Main 4794-W 

Cobb Henry ins.lst N B bl Main 382 

Cobb Henry H,r,2635 Arlngtn av Main 9325-W 

Cobb J G, res, 1320 Glen Iris av Main 3613 

Cobb Lora D Mrs, r, 8'06 Cove av Main 6360- W 

Cobb R C, res, 1700 N 21st Main 5048-W 

Cobb W S Dr, res, 8309 1st av Wdlawn 258-W 

Cobbs W A, res, 2115% Ave I Main 4673-J 

Coble G T, res, 1100 N 32nd Main 6701-W 

Coburn J T, res, 2227 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 1175-W 

Coca Cola Bottling Co, 508 S 22nd Main 2295 

Cocciatola O, res, 2101 5th av Bessmr 734-J 

Cocciola L Dr, res, 2000 12th av, n Main 4215 

Cochran J P Dr, ofc, 708 Tusc av W End 980 

Cochran J W, res, 1329 N 24th Main 3666-W 

Cochran M E, res, 109 N Pearl W End 423-J 

Cochran T J, r, 2019 Clarendon av Bessmr 9082 

Cochran W A, r, 2009 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 426-J 

Cochrane Marie Mrs, res, 3509 Av F Main 8113-J 

Cocke John, res, 1716 16th av, s Main 4954-J 

Cocke N P Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5200 

Cocke N P Dr, res, 3837 Crscnt rd Main 5797 

Cocke W R C. atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 931 

Cocke W R C, res, 1061 S 33rd Main 5340 

Cocke & Lynch, brkrs, Cham of Com Main 2496 

Cockle Wm, res, 1108 N 15th Main 6168-J 

Coe C L, res, 1515 Tusc av w End 180 

Coe John V, res, 1108 Iroquois Main 3965 

Coe M M Mrs, res, 901 S 31st Main 1979 

Coe Ouida Miss, r, 1023 N 28th Main 9363-J 

Coffee L W, res, 300 Tusc av W End 93-W 

Coffee Thos W Rev, res, 921 N 53rd. .Wdlawn 1324 

Coffey F B, res, 903 Tusc av W End 729 

Coffin H W, res, 1834 14th av, s Main 4389 

Coffin M R Mrs, r, 1510 S 19th Main 3688 

Coffman R D, atty, Title Guar bl Main 800 

Coggin W A, res, 2540 19th av, n... Ensley 312-J 

Coggins N B, res, 216 Grace Wdlawn 1278 

Cogglns S E, res. 301 Rose Wdlawn 858-W 

Coghill W W, res, 2501 12th av, n Main 5850 

Cohen Aaron, res, 837 N 19th Main 6077 

Cohen Isaiah, res, 1210 Sylvan av Main 8648-W 

Cohen J, res, 1504 15th av, s Main 4920-W 

Cohen Julius H, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 347 

Cohen L Mrs, res, 940 St Chas Main 4407-W 

Cohen M ax, res, 1705 Av G Ensley 469-W 


Lhero-Lola """ 

WfHlcatea P. B. Exchange 


Office &\M>rks Ti ^a <ffr T <*£k£ 

rAiRFiELp. aia. *"£ /mQ/t/U$* f Lompany-^^ 

TCLCN5LEy4oO fsGn 9 * ^q^tp* 


Cohen Morris, gro, 730 _N 16th Main 4482 

Cohen Morris, res, 1201 8th av, n....Main 4532 

Cohen M I, res, 630 N 14th Main 1479-J 

Cohen Octavus Roy, r, 2215 17th av, s..Main 1732 

Cohn A J, res, 1621 15th av, s Main 9537 

Cohn A J Metal Co, 1613 2nd av, n Main 8896 

Cohn H Mrs, res, 1216 3rd av W End 535-W 

Cohn J R, res, 1628 14th av, s Main 2231-J 

Cohn Louis, res, 1012 N 13th Main 3156 

Cohoon W C, res, 2416 13th av, n Main 6304-J 

Coker J A, res, 909 S 30th Main 7828 

Coker J R Mrs, res* 2426 5th av, n Main 6395-J 

Coker J W, groc, 329 1st av Ensley 1337 

Colby C D, res, 900 St Chas Main 6405 

Colby Decorating Co, Lyric bl Main 604 

Colby W D, res, 2905 Av G Main 2753-J 

Cole C E, plmbr, 312 N 21st Main 7015 

Cole C E, res, 1014 N 28th Main 7483 

Cole E M, res, 1327 N 14th Main 5421-W 

Cole Frank, res, Lewisburg Main 7126-J 

Cole-Graham Realty & Ins Co, 

1919 Av E Ensley 1024 

Cole Ina M Mrs, res, 619 N 23d Main 5699-W 

Cole Jno B, res, 2820 Pine av Main 9346-J 

Cole L W, res, 1405 N 17th »...Main 6759-J 

Cole Matilda, res, 804 N 12th Main 751S-J 

Cole Mary E Miss, r, 401 Louise av....Main 5424 

Cole S J, res, 2214 12th av, n Main 1783-J 

Cole W S, res, 1629 Mamie av, n Main 3873 


4600 N 2d av Wdlawn 896 

Coleman A H Mrs, r, 4321 Av C Main 2927-J 

Coleman, Coleman, Spain & Fisk, attys, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 389 

Coleman C W, res, Newport Apts Main 8541 

Coleman D C, res, Crestline Hghts. . . . Main 5233-W 

Coleman Francis, res, 120 N 43d Main 6629- J 

Coleman Jones, res, 1408 17th av, s....Main 5057-J 

Coleman J B, r, 8011 Undrwd av Wdlawn 1418-W 

Coleman James B, r, 1406 17th av,n..Maln 9354-J 
Coleman James G, r, 1406 S llth av. ...Main 1825 

Coleman J L Mrs, res, 1141 N 13th Main 6625-J 

Coleman M H, res, 2509 N 12th av Main 5978 

Coleman Phares, atty, 1st N B Main 389 

Coleman Phares, r, 2310 Hglnd a v.... Main 7868 

Coleman Phares Jr,r,1439 S 28th Main 5758-W 

Celeman R B, res, 1028 Portland. .. .Main 6949- J 
Coleman Stephen R, res, Terrace Ct. . . .Main 8947-W 
Coleman W H Dr, ofc, 116% 20th.. Bessmr 305 

Coleman W H Dr, res, 917 24th Bessmr 987 

Coleman W P, r, 512 Prnctn av W End. 64-J 

Coleman W R, res, 1021 S 19th Main 6097-J 

Colgan O W, res, 1414 N 17th Main 1901-J 

Colias Chris, bakery, 714 N 14th Main 2509 

Colias Chris, res, 2516 6th av, n Main 3477 

Colldis Mike, res, 4604 Gary av Ensley 630-J 

Collamore G T, res. 1210 S 15th Main 2646 

Colley E H, res, 6229 1st av WWIawn 282-W 

Colley Joe, pool room, 113 19th Bessmr 42 

Colley M T, res, 1503 S 15th Main 4609- J 

Colley Produce Co, whl, 1812 1st av. .Bessmr 196 

Colley Thomas, res, 311 S 21st Bessmr 877-W 

Collier A H, res, 1715 Marshall av Main 6094 

Collier Barron adv.Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 3187 

Collier C L, res, 2616 Av G Main 4415-W 

Collier Drug Co, whl, 2401 2nd av, n. . . .Main 1336 

Collier D M Dr, ofc, Woodward bl Main 5576 

Collier John, res, 2331 Orange av Main 5192 

Collier L <W; res, 2809 Juniper av Main 3491 

Collier R L, res, 7531 Sloss av Wdlawn 1011 

Collins C F, res, 1204 N 31st Main 5737 

Collins Edgar Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 9300 

Collins Edgar Dr, r, 3145 Norwood Blvd. Main 8804-W 
Collins Eula Mrs, res, 2217 7th av, n...Maln 8445 

Collins G C, res, 1509 5th av Bessmr 966-W 

Collins H W, res, 11 Walnut W End 317-J 

Collins J A, res, 608 Glenwood av Wdlawn 756-R 

SAN D W9 3ttT Wittlchen 

MAIN 8500 12 SO. 20th ST. 


Anijjlv. - S« v ? K.| 002 

Collins J A Dr, res, 225 N 62d Wdlawn 158 

Collins J C, res, 2024 Ave G Main 7562 

Collins J D, shoe str, 1910 1st av Main 1014 

Collins J D, res, Fairview Circle Main 2649-J 

Collins John H, r, 2629 12th av Bessmr 302-J 

Collins Jos T Jr.atty.Jeff Co Bk bl Main 969 

Collins J W Mrs, res, 281 S 65th Wdlawn 439-J 

Collins M A, atty, Farley bl Main 3 

Collins M J Jr Mrs, r, 1705 14th av, s..Maln 2543 

Collins Produce Co, 2106 Morris av Main 2541 

Collins P K, res, 609 Tusc av W End 483-J 

Collins R C, res, 1120 N 22nd Main 9309-J 

Collins R E, res, 3208 Norwood Blvd... Main 310 

Collins R W, res, 1129 Glenn Iris av Main 6623-W 

Collins Thos Dr, phys, 5500 1st av.. Wdlawn 125 

Collins Thos Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 353 

Collins Thos Dr, r, 5508 2nd av, s... Wdlawn 1336 
Collins T W, res, 534 Woodland av..WEnd 267-W 
.Collins Winifred Miss.r.Ridgely Apts... Main 6283 
Collins W H, res, 1125 N 29th Main 4529-W 


Whol Groc, 

Shpg Dept, 2329 1st av Main 8576 

Bkpg Dept, 2329 1st av Main 8678 

Pres Ofc, 2329 1st av Main 8579 

Colmant Nursery Co, 902 Cotton av..W End 54 
Colmer H G, res, 5902 Stone av.... Wdlawn 750 

Colonial Hotel (p s), 209 N 21st Main 9176 

Colpack A J, groc, 2007 2d av Bessmr 194 

Colpack A J, res, 1416 3d av Bessmr 464 

Colquitt Man, res, 2020 20th av, n Main 4063-J 

Colson E A, res, 2325 13th av, n Main 5882 

Columbia Graphophone Co, Am Tr bL.Maln 6729 
Colvert John Mrs, r, 2020 6th av, n....Maln 8311 
Colvin Gus, res, 1217 Maplewood av. ...Main 7930-W 

Colvin & Frost, 224 Spring Main 4696 

224 Spring Main 2198 

Comer B B, res, 1931 14th av, s Main 2789 

Comer Donald, res, 4309 Altamont rd..Maln 6891-J 

Comer F M, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 303-W 

Comer R T Dr, ofc, 1st N B bl Main 1497 

Comer R T Dr, res, 2815 Cypress av. . . .Main 744 

Comer W F Mrs, res, 1114 S 16th Main 6509-W 

Comerford B L,r,2105 Clarendn av. . Bessmr 1075-W 
Commercial Credit Co Inc, ofc, B-M bL.Maln 456 
Commercial Printing Co, 2124 Mrs av..Maln 5380 
Commons Coal & Charcoal Yd, 

900 N 13th Main 4689 

Commonwealth Life Ins Co, Realty bl. Bessmr 131 
Commonwealth Life Ins Co, 1st N B....Maln 6215 
Community Store, groc, 320 19th. ... Bessmr 756 

Comptometer Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8832 

Compton Etta Miss, res, 401 1st av Main 1561 

Compton F H Dr, res, 1722 5th av Main 575 

Compton J R, res, 5303 6th av, s Wdlawn 901-W 

Compton W S. res, 802 1st av W End 71-J 

Compton W W Dr, res, Readers. ... Bessmr 413 
Compton & Barclay, ofc, 1st N B bL.Maln 467 
Comstock C D, atty, 2103% 3d av, n..Maln 4665 

Concrete Steel Co, B-M bl Main 7815 

Concrete Steel Co, 1009 Av E Main 2477 

Condit Electrical Mfg Co, ofc, B-M bL.Maln 1369 
Condon J L Mrs, drsmkg. Burger's str. Main 8035 

Conger J P, res, 3218 Av C Ensley 1362 

Conkell Frank, res, 6318 2nd av, n. . .Wdlawn 478 

Conley Ella Miss, r, 825 N 20th Main 2160-W 

Conley M S Mrs, res, 1629 Bradley Main 3635-J 

Connell M R Mrs, r, 1125 Montg Main 1175-W 

Connell Will V, r, 3905 Glnwd av Main 8153 

Connell Will V Co Inc, whol groc, 

1617 1st av Main 4472 

Conner Frank H, res, 1400 N 24th Main 2074 

Conner J B Mrs, res, 1710 1st av.... Bessmr 890 
Conner J F Mrs, r, 4915 2nd av, n .Wdlawn 350-J 

Conner W G, res, 2125 N 19th Bessmr 469-W 

Conner Wm G, res, 4920 2nd av Wdlawn 804-W 

Connor J P, res, 1808 Rush av Main 5923-J 

Connor Jack R, res, Rldgely Apts Main 5885 

Main 223 EfeCttfCd,! ******* 


• * 



:-: MONTEVAILO :-: Entity 

JB^MM— — ■ — ^ ^ — — — ^— ■ — ■ — ■ 

Cennors Annie Mrs, r, 116 N 61st. . . . Wdlawn 
Connors Geo W, »*es, Mllner Hghta. . . . Main 
Cennors-Weyman Steel Co, B-M bl....Maln 

B-M bl Main 

50th 1 Wdlawn 

Conradi Fred, res, 6§1 S 20th Main 

Consolidated Mercantile Co Dept Store, 

"Wylara Ensley 

Office, 4407 7th av Ensley 


2801 1st av Main 

2801 1st av Main 

Consolidated Skirt & Waist Co, 

2117 1st av, n.... Main 

Continental Casualty Co,ins,Emp bl...Maln 
Continental Gin Co, 

Avondale fcty, Ave A & Spring. .. .Main 

B'ham fcty, 3850 10th av Main 

Sales dept, Title bl Main 

Drafting dept, Title bl Main 

Dlst sales mgr, Title bl Main 

Gen sales mgr, Title bl Main 

President, Title bl Main 

Treasurer, Title bl Main 

Secretary, Title bl Main 

Purchasing agt, Title bl Main 

Traffic mgr, Title bl Main 

Genl supt, Title bl Main 

Eng & impv dept, E B'ham Main 

Contoroupis Bros, groc, 

400 Carline av, P C Ensley 

Convenient Drug & Groc Store, 

8131 12th av, n , Main 

Conville K A, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Con vi lie Jk Hall, sales agts, Am Tr bL.Main 

Conway C 3 Mrs, res, 911 41st Ensley 

Conway Geo W, res, 1514 2»d av W End 

Conway T H, res, 1215 10th av, s Main 

Conway W I, res, 306 N 60th Wdlawn 

Conwell O J, r, 2529 34th av, n Main 

Conwlll L W Mrs, res, 811 S 16th Main 

Conybear A E, res, 1817 Ina.. . . .Main 

Coocho Tony, res, 2431 12th av. .. .Bessmr 

Cook A F, res, 431 8th av, n Main 

Cook C C, res, 1716 14th av, s Main 

Cook C F, res, 345 Owen av Bessmr 

Cook D Eugene, res, 2709 Av E Ensley 

Cook E, res, 7321 1st av Wdlawn 

Cook E A Mrs, r, 728 21st av, w Main 

Cook Farrls K, r, 408 Princeton av..W End 

Cook Jesse A Rev, res, 114 Pine W End 

Cook J K Mrs, res, 1815 29th Ensley 

Cook J M, res, 4831 5th av, s Main 

Cook Joe R, res, 1725 Ave N Main 

Cook Lillian Mrs, res, 614 S 28th Main 

Cook O L, res, 1505 10th av, s Main 

Cook O U, res, 1711 15th av, s Main 

Cook Paul, res, 702% S 28th Main 

Cook B S Mrs, res, 5700 1st av Wdlawn 

Cook T E, res, 2418 Av F Ensley 

Cook T W, res, 1904 Huntsv av. . .'. . .Main 
Coek W I Mrs, res, 771t 4th av, n.. Wdlawn 
Ceok's T>ry Cleaning Co, 408 N 2'3rd. . . . Main 

Cooke E C Mrs, res, 8810 Av E Main 

Cooley Ben, res, 512 N 16th Main 

Cooley E S, res, 6004 1st av Wdlawn 

Cooley M O Mrs, res, 1026 N 19th Main 

Coombs Cecil, res, 109 Pearl W End 

Cooney Jno F, res, 2524 18th av, n....Maln 

Cooney R F, brkr» Empire bl Main 

* Cooney R F, res, 702 S 28th Main 

£ Cooper B A, res, 1821 N 29th Main 

looser B A, res, 1500 12th av, n Main 

"Cooper Chas H. res, 1312 Cotton av..W End 
Coeper Frank J, res, 404 N 61st. .. .Wdlawn 
Cooper Julius B Dr.phys.lst N B bl...Maln 
Cooper Julius B Dr, 1st Nat Bk bl....Maln 
Cooper Julius B Dr, res, 1122 N 13th.. Main 


* Indicates P. B. Exchange 

• Indicates P. B. Exchange 



• S85 

• 134 






























Cooper J M, res, 1609 7th av Bessmr 743-W 

Cooper M B, res, 1601 15th av, & Main 8771 

Cooper Milton L, res, 2308 23rd av. . . . Ensley 1259-J 

Cooper W B Mrs, res, 2323 Av F Ensley 135-J 

Cooper W H, undtkr, 1628 2nd av, n...Maln 7237 
Cooper Wayne N, res, 123 Lewis. . . .Wdlawn 819-W 

Cooper W S, res, 1504 N 26th Main 7364 

Cooper & Martin Drs,ofc,lst N B bl...Maln 4067 


312 N 21st Main 7016 

Co-Operative Sales Co, ofc, Am Tr bl. . .Main 6689 
Cope Robt J, res, 1502 10th av, s....Maln 2887 
Copeland A Mrs, res, 1511 14th av, s. ...Main 1750-J 
Copeland Bros, tailors, 214^6 N 20th... Main 4864 

Copeland B B, res, 1213 2nd av W End 9090 

Copeland B G Dr, r, 2901 Fairvw rd...Maln 831 
Copeland Chas P Dr, r, 1611 12th av, s.Maln 4943 
Copeland Hal J, res, 2230 Arlington av. .Main 3079 
Copeland Hal J Groc Co, 125 S 20th Main 4617 

125 S 20th Main 12 

Copeland I, tailor, Watts bl Main 6828 

Copeland Inglis Shale Brick Co, 

Alton, Ala Wdlawn 1097 

Copeland J N, res, 1619 6th av Bessmr 1122-J 

Copeland J R, res, 1210 32d Main 3476 

Copeland M A Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 110 

Copeland M A Dr, res, 2208 17th av, s.Maln 2010 

Copeland N, tailor, 1929% 2d av Main 7172 

Copeland N, res, 1004 10th av, s Main 4973-J 

Copeland Prod Co, 2022 Morris av....Maln 965 
Copeland T R, res, 1822 Berkley av.. Bessmr 991-W 
Copeland W B, elk, Crmnl Crt, Ct Hse. . Main 798 
Coplan Lena Mrs, r, 2217 Orange a V. ..Main 7867 
Coplon Auto Co, auto rpr, 2410 1st av..Maln 9555 
Coplon Dave, shoes, 2116 2d av, n....Maln 1581 

Coplon Dave, res, 1604 8th av, n Main 4014-J 

Coplon I, res, 1715 Ave I. Ensley 506-J 

Coplon Kate Mrs, r, 2212 11th av, n....Maln 6368 
Corbett Wm Wilson, r, 1025 15th av, s. .Main 3952-W 

Corcoran J C, ofc, 2024 1st av Main 5016 

Corenblum B, res, 1030 Central Main 4507-J 

Corey Q L, res, 2600 ?6th av, n Main 1615 

Cork H V, res, 812 N 20th Main 6612-W 

Corley B F, res, 1622 Mamie av Main 4961-W 

Corley W L, res, 8008 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 715 

Cornelius Fritz, res, 1122 Ave G Main 6271-W 

Cornelius J N, res, 1410 N 24th Main 3060 

Cornelius Nanie, res. 1130 Hall av.. Bessmr 448-J 
Cornelius S F, res, 1333 St Charles Main 4889-J 


Brokers, 2025 Morris av Main 633 

Cornelius S F & Co, brokers, 

2025 Morris av Main 7822 

Cornell Geo. P, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4968 

Cornell Geo P, res, Ridgely Apts Main 5487 

Cornett Elizabeth Mrs, r, 1627 Brdly..Maln 6022 

Cornett N F, res, 7432 3rd av, n Wdlawn 1215-W 

Corning W E, res, 1818 Av E Main 6967 

Corns C Z Dr, res, 7618 Georgia rd.. Wdlawn 11S8-J 

Corona Coal Co, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 7620 

Corona Typewriter Agcy, 1812 3d av, n.Maln 8461 

Coroner Spain C L, Crt Hse Main 4214 

Corretti Jno B. res. 8620 Av D Ensley 1536-J 

Corwin C E, res, Idlewild Park Main 1562-W 

Cory Chappell, res, Huffman rd. -..Wdlawn 1303-J 

Cory C M Mrs, res, 721 S 80th Main 8614-J 

Cory & Faulkner, groc, 212 S 41st Main 1051 

210 S" 4lst Main 2703 

Cosby W M, res, 3800 Cliff rd Main 2686 


1501 Av A Main 632 

1501 Av A Main 140 

Coshatt W C, res, 2121 Av G Main 6875-J 

Cosinel Mike, res, 600 8th av, n Main 9449-J 

Cosper J A, res, 719 Carolina av.... Bessmr 879-W 
Cosper J O, res, 3204 Uth av. n Main 281S-J 

I If C WW TMBT"* 789 

LIUELUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gilchrist-Tarrant 5f»J ffi 

Main 469 

Cosper W T, res, Brighton Bessmr 435-W 

Coss M E Mrs, res, 704 S 27th Main 8360-J 

Cost Pearl V Mrs, r, 1718 Avt H Ensley 469-J 

Cost W D, res, 2228 Terrace Pk Ensley 98-W 

Costello Bros, 16 N 20th Main 4417 

Costello Gus, res, 1413 10th av,. s Main 4397-W 

Costellos Geo, res, 1011 S 14th Main 8472- W 

Coston H R Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 902 

Coston H R Dr, res, 1329 N 26th Main 123 

Coston W L, res, Hueytown Bessmr 940-W 

Cotten A L, res, 918 Alabama Main 4364 

Cotten C D, res, 1864 16th av, s Main 7770-W 

Cotten R E, res, 1434 18th, s Main 2973 

Cotton J, res, 1622 S 13th Main 2308-J 

Cotton Lena, res, 5401 Walnut. .. .Wdlawn "/88-W 
Cotton States Tire & Rubber Co, 

1711 2nd av, n Main 9590 

Couch Francis A Mrs, r, 215 N 59th. Wdlawn 1254-W 

Couch T E, res, 4116 5th av, s Main 1676 

Couch W K, res, 1413 Tusc av W End 770-J 

Couch Z B, res, 7601 2nd av, n Wdlawn 1266 

Coulbourn J T Dr, Wdward bl Main 4511 

Coulbourn Jos T Dr, r, "Glenwood," 

S 24th Main 6912-J 

Council of Defense, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl-.Maln 1113 

Counselman J S, res, 1611 S 13th Main 3544-J 

Country Club, Lakeview Main 2354 

Country Club, Rathskeller, Lakeview. .. Main 1496 

Country Club (pay sta), Lakeview Main 9104 

Counts C C, res, Lewisburg Main 7154-W 


Auditor's ofc, T O Gillespy, Ct Hse. .Main 824 

Board of Rev, Clerk's ofc Main 131 

Board of Rev, Crt Hse Main 6730 

Rufe Bivins, Ct Hse Main 8588 

Ofc, Jerry G\^in, Ct Hse Main 8588 

Ofc, Frank Hewitt. Ct Hse Main 8588 

Circuit Court, Chancery Div Main 619 

Circuit Court, Criminal Div Main 798 

Circuit Court, Law Div Main 2305 

Coroner, Dr G A Hogan Main 4214 

County Farm, Ketona, Ala Wdlawn 1231 

County Garage, 1900 Av G Main 3603 

County highway eng, S R Batson, 

Jeff Co Bk bl....' Main 7481 

County high school, Boyles Wdlawn 1205 

County Slctr, Jos R Tate, Crt Hse.. Main 15 

Election Commissioner, C H Main 4567 

County Supt of Education, ofc, C H.Main 3253 

Health officer, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8453 

Municipal Court, H B Abernathy.C H.Main 2108 
Municipal Court.J W McQueen.C H.Main 2989 
Municipal Court, Thos R Lea, C H..Main 7339 

No 5 camp, Rosedale Main 7824 

Probate Judge's Ofc, C H Main 1974 

Sanitary Eng, L H Salter, Ct Hse... Main 231 
S N Batson, Cty Engr, Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 5786 

Supt of Alms Hse, E B Sims Wdlawn 306 

Surveyor, S Lee Jr, Ct Hse Main 758 

Tax Assessor, Court House Main 913 

Tax Colector, Court House Main 5996 

Treasurer, M V Henry, Crt Hse.... Main 2329 

Board of Revenue, Realty bl Bessmr 87 

Circuit Court Bessmr 80 

Inferior Court Bessmr 315 

Probate Judge, Realty bl Bessmr 69 

Tax Assessor, Realty bl Bessmr 78 

Tax Collector, Realty bl Bessmr 24 

Treasurer, Realty bl Bessmr 81 

Gravel pit, Hueytown rd Bessmr 618 

Courie E S Dr, res, Woodward. ..... Bessmr 1145- J 

Courson C L, res, 213 S 57th Wdlawn 543-W 

Courson George, res, 622 S 28th Main 8654-J 

Courson Geo W Mrs, r, 833 W 8th av.W End 304-J 
Courtney A H, res, 4601 Grand av....Maln 3866-J 

Courtney Harry D, res, 2082 Av G Main 1073-J 

Cousins Geo P Dr, dntst, B-M bl Main 4000 

Covington C C, res, 1011 Glenn Iris av..Maln 7058-J 


» -•-> '•.'«»• M 1002 

Main 223 EtCCtfiC&l 412N ' 19thSt - 


Covington J R Mrs, r, 224 53d Wdlawn 545-W 

Covington, Sauer & Scarborough, 

Ofc, Woodward bl Main 2680 

Cowan A E Dr, ofc, 1822V6 Ave E... .Ensley 1424 

Cowan A E Dr, res, 2901 22nd av Ensley 1335 

Cowan A S, res, 1014 S 13th Main 2999-W 

Cowan C B, res, 1326 14th av, s Main 5988-J 

Cowan Cecil N, res, 1726 Clarndn av. .Bessmr 1090-J 

Cowan Jas J, res, 500 Cotton av W End 483-W 

Cowan L, res, 910 1st av W End 469 

Cowan Lula Mrs, r, 2221 8th av, n Main 7480 

Cowan W C, res, 111 Oak W End 172-W 

Cowart H M, res, 1325 N 32nd Main 6525-J 

Cowart J V, res, 2016 14th av, n Main 11I0-J 

Cowden Geo G, ofc, 1631 1st av, n Main 1229 

Cowden M H, res, 1025 Huntsv av.. Wdlawn 810 


Broker, Empir* bl Main 8696 

Coweta Fertilizer Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 713 

Cpwgill Drug Co, 2900 N 27th Main 7115 

Cowgill Geo C, res, 2512 34th av, n Main 7165-W 

Cowgill W A, res, Lewisburg Main 7175-J 

Cowherd B T Mrs, res, 7016 1st av.. Wdlawn 596 

Cowles Albon C, res, 1004 S 14th Main 2626-W 

Cox Advertising Agcy, Am Tr bl Main 2048 

Cox A J Jr, res, 3369 Hghlnd av Main 8132 

Cox Addie L Mrs, res, 1526 4th av. . . .Bessmr 1171-J 

Cox B C, rl est, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4762 

Cox B P, res, 1515 N 23rd Main 2644-J 

Cox Chas E, res, 1405 S 15th Main 6581 

Cox Carl 9, res, 820 8th av W End 181-J 

Cox D A, res, 1730 26th av, n Main 7917-W 

Cox D I, res, 5908 3rd av, n Wdlawn 1013 

Cox E J, groc, 1210 19th Bessmr 375 

Cox E J, res, 1608 19th Bessmr 112-J 

Cox E L Mrs, res, 731 S 20th Main 3976 

Cox F A, contr, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6897 

Cox Frank L, res, 1818 Rush av Main 7091-J 

Cox G L, res, 924 1st av W End 783 

Cox Hattie Mrs, r, 615 St Chas av W End 150-W 

Cox Holland E, res, 1624 N 29th Main 3106- W 

Cox Jno B, ins, B-M bl Main 5531 

Cox Jno B, res, 1038 Caldwell Terr.. Main 3629 

Cox Jno H, res, 1733 Wdland av Main 986 

Cox Jno Lewis, res, 1005 Crescent av..Maln 4341-J 

Cox J V, res, 3604 Av D Ensley 611-W 

Cox L E, res, 5204 Austin av Wdlawn 873-J 

Cox L H, res, 1213 N 24th Main 7085-J 

Cox L J, atty, 1st Nt Bk bl Main 834 

Cox L Q, res, 726 1st av W End 74-W 

Cox Motor Co, Inc. 223 N 25th Main 2115 

Cox Oliver, adv, Am Tr bl Main 2048 

Cox Oliver, res, 1614 Av I Main 3435-J 

Cox S E Mrs, r, 5046 Florentine av.. Wdlawn 261-W 

Cox T W, res, 4128 2d av, s Main 294 

Cox Wm, res, 1331 17th, n Main 3509- W 

Cox W A, res, 1225 N 25th Main 5335-J 

Cox W R, res, 529 Terrace Blvd Wdlawn 757-J 

Cox W T, res, 1105 S 30th Main 5333-J 

Cox & Gordon Packing Co, ofc, 

2131 Av F Main 2496 

Coxe J S, ofc, Potter bl Main 655 

Coxe J S, res, Highland Park Main 1562-J 

Coxe Mecca W Mrs, r, 2806 Cypress av.Maln 2097 

Coxe S O Rev, res, 1328 N 31st Main 3991-W 

Coxe W E, res, 912 Adams Main 2223-J 

Coyle J B Mrs, res, 912 S 12th av Main 8989 

Coyle J E Rev, res, 2114 3d av, n Main 3191 

Coyle James E Rev, r, 2120 3d av, n...Maln 3312 

Coyle P J, res, 1610 6th av, n Main 3231-J 

Coyle S" Mrs, res, 1003 Ave H Main 3593-J 

Crabbe B F, res, 1906 16th av, s Main 6130-J 

Crabtree S W, res, 1730 Tusc av W End 349 

Craddock E A, res, 4913 Av A Wdlawn 879 

Craft Merritt, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8376 

Craig D Ben, r, 1700 Arlington av Bessmr 274-J 

Craig Groc & Coal Co, Hillside Sta Main 8491 

Craig J H, Ins, Am Tr bl Main 8884 

Hahn-Forema»SlM 15^ 

Auto Fenders Made to Order 1905 Avenue B 






« MONTEVAl LO :-: 

Main . 
Main . . 

Main • , 
Enilex . 147 


Cennors Annie Mrs, r, 115 N 61st. . . . Wdlawn 612-W 

Connors Geo W, res, Milner Hghts. . . .Main 6562 

Cennors-Weyman Steel Co, B-M bl. ...Main 944 

B-M bl , Main 946 

50th • Wdlawn 1028 

Conradi Fred, res, til S 20th Main 1436 

Consolidated Mercantile Co Dept Store, 

"Wylara Ensley 116-J 

Office, 4407 Tth av Ensley 416 


2801 1st av Main 4316 

2801 1st av Main 7399 

Consolidated Skirt & Waist Co, 

2117 1st av, n.... Main 9583 

Continental Casualty Co,4ns,Emp bl. . .Main 2819 
Continental Gin Co, 

Avondale fcty, Ave A & Spring. .. .Main 1046 

B'ham fcty, 3330 10th av Main 634 

Sales dept, Title bl Main 611 

Drafting dept, Title bl Main §447 

Dlst sales mgr, Title bl Main 611 

Gen sales mar, Title bl Main J.639 

President, Title bl Main 1639 

Treasurer, Title bl Main 805 

Secretary, Title bl Main -805 

Purchasing agt, Title bl Main 1338 

Traffic mgr, Title bl Main 5447 

Genl supt, Title bl Main 1338 

Eng & impv dept, E B'ham Main 961 

Contoroupis Bros, groc, 

400 Carllne av, P C Ensley 105 

Convenient Drug & Groc Store, 

8131 12th av, n Main 669 

ConvillB K A, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 3532 

Convllle Jk Hall, sales agts, Am Tr bL.Maln 3532 

Conway C 3 Mrs, res, 911 41st Ensley 1402-W 

Conway Geo W, res, 1514 2»d av W End 346-J 

Conway T H, res, 1215 10th av, 8 Main 8878-W 

Conway W I, res, 306 N 50th Wdlawn 326 

Conwell O J, r, 2629 34th av, n Main 6346-W 

Conwill L W Mrs, res, 811 S 16th Main 7713-W 

Conybear A E, res, 1817 Ina . . .Main 2592 

Coocho Tony, res, 2431 12th av. . . ."Bessmr 1031 

Cook A F, res, 431 8th av, n Main 2666-J 

Cook C C, res, 1716 14th av, s Main 3673-J 

Cook C F, res, 345 Owen av Bessmr 161-W 

Cook D Eugene, res, 2709 Av E Ensley 1210-W 

Cook E, res, 7321 1st av Wdlawn 647 

Cook E A Mrs, r, 728 21st av, w Main 2206-J 

Cook Farrls K, r, 408 Princeton av..W End 357-J 

Cook Jesse A Rev, res, 114 Pine W End 608- W 

Cook J K Mrs, res, 1815 29th Ensley 366-W 

Cook J M, res, 4331 5th av, s Main 6148-J 

Cook Joe R, res, 1725 Ave N Main 1452 

Cook Lillian Mrs, res, 614 S 28th Main 6899 

Cook O L, res, 1505 10th av, s Main 7387-J 

Cook O U, res, 1711 15th av, s Main 3985 

Cook Paul, res, 702% S 28th Main 7177 

Cook B S Mrs, res, 5700 1st av Wdlawn 770-W 

Cook T E, res, 2418 Av F Ensley 423-W 

Cook T W, res, 1904 Huntsv av. . .'. . .Main 7652-J 
Coek W I Mrs, res, 7716 4th av. n.. Wdlawn 1458-J 
Ceok's T>ry Cleaning Co, 408 N 23rd. . . .Main 7276 

Cooke E C Mrs, res, 3810 Av E Main 8327-J 

Cooley Ben, res, 512 N 16th Main 8897 

Cooley E S, res, 6004 1st av Wdlawn 80-J 

Cooley M O Mrs, res, 1026 N 19th Main 6927-J 

Coombs Cecil, res, 109 Pearl W End 423-J 

Cooney Jno F, res, 2524 18th av, n....Maln 7144-J 

Cooney R F, brkr, Empire bl Main 3241 

Cooney R F, res, 702 S 28th Main 5167 

Cooper B A, res, 1321 N 29th Main 5357-J 

Cooper B A, res, 1500 12th av, n Main 8943 

Cooper Chas H. res, 1312 Cotton av..W End 308-W 
Coeper Frank J, res, 404 N 61st. .. .Wdlawn 1037 
Cooper Julius B Dr.phys.lst N B bl...Maln 4067 
Cooper Julius B Dr, 1st Nat Bk bl....Maln 4067 
Cooper Julius B Dr, res, 1122 N 13th.. Main 5515 


■^indicates P. B. Exchange 


Cooper J M, res, 1609 7th av Bessmr 743-W 

Cooper M B, res, 1601 15th av, » Main 8771 

Cooper Milton L, res, 2308 23rd av Ensley 1259-J 

Cooper W B Mrs, res, 2323 Av F Ensley 135-J 

Cooper W H, undtkr, 1628 2nd av, n...Maln 7237 

Cooper Wayne N, res, 123 Lewis Wdlawn 819-W 

Cooper W S. res, 1504 N 26th Main 7364 

Cooper & Martin Drs.ofc.lst N B bl...Maln 4067 


312 N 21st Main 7016 

Co-Operative Sales Co, ofc, Am Tr bl. . .Main 6689 
Cope Robt J, res, 1502 10th av, s....Maln 2887 
Copeland A Mrs, res, 1511 14th av, s. . . .Main 1750-J 
Copeland Bros, tailors, 214% N 20th... Main 4864 

Copeland B B, res, 1213 2nd av W End 9090 

Copeland B G Dr, r, 2901 Fairvw rd...Maln 831 
Copeland Chas p Dr, r, 1611 12th av, s.Maln 4943 
Copeland Hal J, res, 2230 Arlington av. .Main 3079 
Copeland Hal J Groc Co, 125 S 20th Main 4617 

125 S 20th Main 12 

Copeland I, tailor, Watts bl Main 6828 

Copeland Inglis Shale Brick Co, 

Alton, Ala Wdlawn 1097 

Copeland J N, res, 1619 6th av Bessmr 1122-J 

Copeland J R, res, 1210 32d Main 3476 

Copeland M A Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 110 

Copeland M A Dr, res, 2208 17th av, s.Maln 2010 

Copeland N, tailor, 1920% 2d av Main 7172 

Copeland N, res, 1004 10th av, s Main 4973-J 

Copeland Prod Co, 2022 Morris av....Main 965 
Copeland T R, res, 1822 Berkley av.. Bessmr 991-W 
Copeland W B, elk, Crmnl Crt, Ct Hse. .Main 798 
Coplan Lena Mrs, r, 2217 Orange av*. ..Main 7867 
Coplon Auto Co, auto rpr, 2410 1st av..Maln 9555 
Coplon Dave, shoes, 2116 2d av, n....Main 1581 

Coplon Dave, res, 1604 8th av, n Main 4014-J 

Coplon I, res, 1716 Ave I. Ensley 506-J 

Coplon Kate Mrs, r, 2212 11th av, n....Maln 6368 
Corbett Wm Wilson, r, 1025 15th av, s. .Main 3952-W 

Corcoran J C, ofc, 2024 1st av Main 5016 

Corenblum B, res, 1030 Central Main 4507-J 

Corey Q L, res, 2600 26th av, n Main 1615 

Cork H V, res, 812 N 20th Main 6612-W 

Corley B F, res, 1622 Mamie av Main 4961-W 

Corley W L, res, 8008 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 715 

Cornelius Fritz, res, 1122 Ave G Main 6271-W 

Cornelius J N, res, 1410 N 24th Main 3060 

Cornelius Nanie, res. 1130 Hall av.. Bessmr 448-J 
Cornelius S F, res, 1333 St Charles Main 4889-J 


Brokers, 2025 Morris av Main 633 

Cornelius S F & Co, brokers, 

2025 Morris av Main 7822 

Cornell Geo, P, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4968 

Cornell Geo P, res, Ridgely Apts Main 5487 

Cornett Elizabeth Mrs, r, 1627 Brdly..Maln 6022 

Cornett N F, res, 7432 3rd av, n Wdlawn 1215-W 

Corning W E, res, 1818 Av E Main 6967 

Corns C Z Dr, res, 7618 Georgia rd.. Wdlawn 1188-J 

Corona Coal Co, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 7620 

Corona Typewriter Agcy, 1812 3d av, n.Maln 8461 

Coroner Spain C L, Crt Hse Main 4214 

CorrettI Jno B, res. 8620 Av D Ensley 1535-J 

Corwin C E, res, Idlewild Park Main 1562-W 

Cory Chappell, res, Huffman rd. ..Wdlawn 1303-J 

Cory C M Mrs, res, 721 S 80th Main 8614-J 

Cory & Faulkner, groc, 212 S 41st Main 1051 

210 S 41st Main 2703 

Cosby W M, res, 3800 Cliff rd Main 2686 


1501 Av A Main 632 

1501 Av A Main 140 

Coshatt W C, res, 2121 Av G Main 5875-J 

Coslnel Mike, res, 600 8th av, n Main 9449-J 

Cosper J A, res, 719 Carolina av.... Bessmr 879-W 
Cosper J O, res, 3204 llth av, n Main 2S18-J 

^ — v i ■■ ■ i ■ - i8 — 8— — W — P i '■ i^ 1 "' — l ■■ -» 

9 f/tfl v Jk« AUTO AMBULANCE *m* 7CQ 


LIUELUI Funeral Director Mtb 4862 

• Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Gilchrist-Tarrant Ef! 

Main 469 

Cosper W T, res, Brighton Bessmr 435-W 

Coss M E Mrs, res, 704 S 27th Main 8360-J 

Cost Pearl V Mrs, r, 1718 Avf H Ensley 469-J 

Cost W D, res, 2228 Terrace Pk Ensley 98-W 

Costello Bros, 16 N 20th Main 4417 

Costello Gus, res, 1413 10th av,. s Main 4397-W 

Costellos Geo, res, 1011 S 14th Main 8472- W 

Coston H R Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 902 

Coston H R Dr, res, 1329 N 26th Main 123 

Coston W L, res, Hueytown Bessmr 940-W 

Cotten A L, res, 918 Alabama Main 4364 

Cotten C D, res, 1864 16th av, s Main 7770-W 

Cotten R E, res, 1434. 18th, s Main 2973 

Cotton J, res, 1622 S 13th Main 2308-J 

Cotton Lena, res, 5401 Walnut Wdlawn 788-W 

Cotton States Tire & Rubber Co, 

1711 2nd av, n Main 9590 

Couch Francis A Mrs, r, 215 N 59th. Wdlawn 1254- W 

Couch T E, res, 4116 5th av, s Main 1676 

Couch W K, res, 1413 Tusc av W End 770-J 

Couch Z B, res, 7601 2nd av, n Wdlawn 1266 

Coulbourn J T Dr, Wdward bl Main 4511 

Coulbourn Jos T Dr, r, "Glenwood," 

S 24th Main 6912-J 

Council of Defense, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl-.Maln 1113 

Counselman J S, res, 1611 S 13th Main 3544-J 

Country Club, Lakeview Main 2354 

Country Club, Rathskeller, Lakeview. .. Main 1496 

Country Club (pay sta), Lakeview Main 9104 

Counts C C, res, Lewisburg Main 7154-W 


Auditor's ofc, T O Gillespy, Ct Hse. .Main 824 

Board of Rev, Clerk's ofc Main 131 

Board of Rev, Crt Hse Main 6730 

Rufe Bivins, Ct Hse Main 8588 

Ofc, Jerry Gw,in, Ct Hse Main 8588 

Ofc, Frank Hewitt, Ct Hse Main 8588 

Circuit Court, Chancery Div Main 619 

Circuit Court, Criminal Div Main 798 

Circuit Court, Law Div Main 2305 

Coroner, Dr G A Hogan Main 4214 

County Farm, Ketona, Ala Wdlawn 1231 

County Garage, 1900 Av G Main 3603 

County highway eng, S R Batson, 

Jeff Co Bk bl. Main 7481 

County high school, Boyles Wdlawn 1205 

County Slctr, Jos R Tate, Crt Hse.. Main 15 

Election Commissioner, C H Main 4567 

County Supt of Education, ofc, C H.Main 3253 

Health officer, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8453 

Municipal Court.H B Abernathy.C H.Main 2108 
Municipal Court.J W McQueen.C H.Main 2989 
Municipal Court, Thos R Lea, C H..Main 7339 

No 5 camp, Rosedale Main 7824 

Probate Judge's Ofc, C H Main 1974 

Sanitary Eng, L H Salter, Ct Hse. . .Main 231 
S N Batson, Cty Engr, Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 5786 

Supt of Alms Hse, E B Sims Wdlawn 306 

Surveyor, S Lee Jr, Ct Hse Main 758 

Tax Assessor, Court House Main 913 

Tax Colector, Court House Main 5996 

Treasurer, M V Henry, Crt Hse.... Main 2329 

Board of Revenue, Realty bl Bessmr 87 

Circuit Court Bessmr 80 

Inferior Court Bessmr 315 

Probate Judge, Realty bl Bessmr 69 

Tax Assessor, Realty bl Bessmr 78 

Tax Collector, Realty bl Bessmr 24 

Treasurer, Realty bl Bessmr 81 

Gravel pit, Hueytown rd Bessmr 618 

Courie E S Dr, res, Woodward. ..... Bessmr 1145-J 

Courson C L, res, 213 S 57th Wdlawn 543-W 

Courson George, res, 622 S 28th Main 8654-J 

Courson Geo W Mrs, r, 833 W 8th av.W End 304-J 
Courtney A H, res, 4601 Grand av....Maln 3865-J 

Courtney Harry D, res, 2082 Av G Main 1073-J 

Cousins Geo P Dr, dntst, B-M bl....Maln 4000 
Covington C C, res, 1011 Glenn Iris av..Maln 7058-J 

Main 223 EtCCttiCSil 412N ' 19thSt - 


»- -.. t. > M 1002 

Covington J R Mrs, r, 224 53d Wdlawn 545-W 

Covington, Sauer & Scarborough, 

Ofc, Woodward bl Main 2680 

Cowan A E Dr, ofc, 1822% Ave E... .Ensley 1424 

Cowan A E Dr, res, 2901 22nd av Ensley 1335 

Cowan A S, res, 1014 S 13th Main 2999-W 

Cowan C B, res, 1326 14th av, s Main 5988-J 

Cowan Cecil N, res, 1726 Clarndn av. .Bessmr 1090- J 

Cowan Jas J, res, 500 Cotton av W End 483- W 

Cowan L, res, 910 1st av W End 469 

Cowan Lula Mrs, r, 2221 8th av, n Main 7480 

Cowan W C, res, 111 Oak W End 172-W 

Cowart H M, res, 1325 N 32nd Main 6525-J 

Cowart J V, res, 2016 14th av, n Main 1180-J 

Cowden Geo G, ofc, 1631 1st av, n Main 1229 

Cowden M H, res, 1025 Huntsv av.. Wdlawn 810 


Broker, Empire bl Main 8696 

Coweta Fertilizer Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 713 

Cp-wgill Drug Co, 2900 N 27th Main 7115 

Cowgill Geo C, res, 2512 34th av, n Main 7165-Wf 

Cowgill W A, res, Lewisburg Main 7175-J 

Cowherd B T Mrs, res, 7016 1st av.. Wdlawn 596 

Cowles Albon C, res, 1004 S 14th Main 2625-W 

Cox Advertising Agcy, Am Tr bl Main 2048 

Cox A J Jr, res, 3369 Hghlnd av Main 8132 

Cox Addie L Mrs, res, 1526 4th av.... Bessmr 1171-J 

Cox B C, rl est, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4762 

Cox B P, res, 1515 N 23rd Main 2644-J 

Cox Chas E, res, 1405 S 15th Main 6581 

Cox Carl S, res, 820 8th av W End 181-J 

Cox D A, res, 1730 26th av, n Main 7917-W 

Cox D I, res, 5908 3rd av, n Wdlawn 1013 

Cox E J, groc, 1210 19th Bessmr 375 

Cox E J, res, 1608 19th Bessmr 112-J 

Cox E L Mrs, res, 731 S* 20th Main 3976 

Cox F A. contr, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6897 

Cox Frank L, res, 1818 Rush av Main 7091-J 

Cox G L, res, 924 1st av W End 783 

Cox Hattie Mrs, r, 615 St Chas av W End 150-W 

Cox Holland E, res, 1624 N 29th Main 3106-W 

Cox Jno B, ins, B-M bl Main 5531 

Cox Jno B, res, 1038 Caldwell Terr. .Main 3629 

Cox Jno H, res, 1733 Wdland av Main 986 

Cox Jno Lewis, res, 1005 Crescent av..Maln 4341-J 

Cox J V, res, 3604 Av D Ensley 611- W 

Cox L E, res, 5204 Austin av Wdlawn 873-J 

Cox L H, res, 1213 N 24th Main 7085-J 

Cox L J, atty, 1st Nt Bk bl Main 834 

Cox L Q, res, 726 1st av W End 74-W 

Cox Motor Co, Inc. 223 N 25th Main 2115 

Cox Oliver, adv, Am Tr bl Main 2048 

Cox Oliver, res, 1614 Av I Main 3435-J 

Cox S E Mrs, r, 5046 Florentine av.. Wdlawn 261-W 

Cox T W, res, 4128 2d av, s Main 294 

Cox Wm, res, 1331 17th, n Main 3509- W 

Cox W A, res, 1225 N 25th Main 5335-J 

Cox W R, res, 529 Terrace Blvd Wdlawn 757-J 

Cox W T, res, 1105 S 30th Main 5333-J 

Cox & Gordon Packing Co, ofc, 

2131 Av F Main 2496 

Coxe J S, ofc, Potter bl Main 655 

Coxe J S, res, Highland Park Main 1562-J 

Coxe Mecca W Mrs, r, 2806 Cypress av.Maln 2097 

Coxe S O Rev, res, 1328 N 31st Main 3991-W 

Coxe W E, res, 912 Adams Main 2223-J 

Coyle J B Mrs, res, 912 S 12th av Main 8989 

Coyle J E Rev, res, 2114 3d av, n Main 3191 

Coyle James E Rev, r, 2120 3d av, n...Maln 3312 

Coyle P J, res, 1610 6th av, n Main 3231-J 

Coyle S Mrs, res, 1003 Ave H Main 3593-J 

Crabbe B F, res, 1906 16th av, s Main 6130-J 

Crabtree S W, res, 1730 Tusc av W End 349 

Craddock E A, res, 4913 Av A Wdlawn 879 

Craft Merritt. ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8376 

Craig D Ben, r, 1700 Arlington av Bessmr 274-J 

Craig Groc & Coal Co, Hillside Sta Main 8491 

Craig J H, Ins, Am Tr bl Main 8884 

UftftMM,£&M 19^ 

Auto Fenders Made to Order 1905 Avenue B 



vindicates P. B. Exchange 




Funeral Director Main 4862 

Craig J O, res, 411 Tusc av W End 497 

Craig J W, res, 3000 N 16th av Main 8863-J 

Craig P W, res, 206 8th Ensley 891-J 

Craig Wm Rev, res, 314 16th Ensley 802 

Craig W V, res, 3000 20th av Ensley 1011-W 

Crain G H, res, 1733 14th av, n Main 2616 

Crain Percy J, res, Pratt City Ensley 184-J 

Cram Chas W, mch shop, 217 S 20th.. Main 3397 

Cram Chas W, res, 6007 4th av.s Wdlawn 900 

Cram Frank G, res, 717 N 18th Main 1809-J 

Crandall Packing Co, ofc, 107 S 21st... Main 6567 

•CRANE CO, No 2 S 20th Main 7600 

Night & Sundays, call Night Nos. 

Sales & quotation dept, J L Hill... Main 7601 

Plmb dept, W T Mayfleld Main 7602 

J G Johns, asst mgr Main 7603 

Watchman & shpg dept Main 7604 

Pipe shop & wrhse Main 7605 

Cashier, bl elk & plmb dept Main 7606 

W L Roueche, shop supt, res... Wdlawn 1305- J 

Crane Jno Mrs, res, 1412 N 20th Main 5332* 

Crane O T Mrs, res, 6520 4th av, n.. Wdlawn 280-W 

Crane T O, res, 112 N 59th Wdlawn 315 

Craney Ellen Mrs, res, 814 2d av Main 6968 

Cranford Houston E,r,5229 Austin av.Wdlawn 499-J 
Crauswell W M, r, 1911 St Louis av.Bessmr 597-W 

Craven Chas A, ofc, 2209 Morris av Main 6713 

Craven Chas A, res, 419 Lucy av Main 7634-J 

Craven <F W Mrs, res, 1317 Cullom Main 5354-J 

Cravey J B, res, 227 N Pearl W End 220-J 

Crawford Abigail Miss, r, Ridgely Apts.Maln 6997 
Crawford E B Mrs, res, 3203 Glen av..Main 4104 

Craword E P Mrs, r, 130 Hllstd Wdlawn 153-W 

Crawford E S, r, 27 Depot, Bendale. .Wdlawn 560-J 

•Crawford Groc Co, 1218 N 14th Main 6599 

Crawford Geo Gordon, ofc, B-M bl Main 3725 

Crawford Geo Gordon, r, Hanover Cir..Maln 4588 
Crawford Jas B, res, 1530 10th av, s..Main 829 
Crawford J T, res, 1905 Berkley av.. Bessmr 863 
Crawford K M Mrs, r, 2231 7th av, n...MaIn 5595-J 
Crawford M C, res, 240 Jefferson av. .Bessmr 882-J 
Crawford Rudelle Miss,r,1319 Tusc av.W End 927-J 
Crawford Saxton D,r,1043 Cldwl Ter...Maln 9410 


1405 Av E Main 6164 

Jaa B Crawford, Pres, res Main 829 

E B Vaughan, Treasurer, res Main 8162 

Crawford W F Mrs, res, 1610 4th av. .Bessmr 532-J 
Crawford Walter M Rev,r,1124 Cullom. Main 7725 
Crawford W W, res, 1901 12th av, s Main 3422 


2227 1st av Main 4391 

Tire Dept, 2227 1st av* Main 92 

Credllle L P Mrs,r,1307 Princeton av.W End 489 

Creel A B, res, 1405 Tate av W End 334. 

Creel E C, res, 1622 S 13th Main 4884 


«124 Av C Main 1151 

Creely H C Dr, r, 3431 Norwood Blvd.. Main 267 

Crelly H C Dr, ofc, Emp bl Main 2249 

Crellv, McGee & McKinnon.phys.Em bl.Maln 2249 

Crenshaw C G Const Co, Wdwd bl Main 2482 

Crenshaw T L, r, 1251 Maplewood av..Maln 6427-J 

Crescent Cleaning Co, 118% N 20th Main 8466 

Crescent Coal Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 713 

Crescent News & Hotel Co. L&N Dp.. Main 1276 

Crescent Restaurant, 101 19th Ensley 283 

Creswell S L, groc, 2225 21st av Main 7260 

Crews Carl, res, 2206 Elder av Ensley 1271-W 

Crews J G Mrs, res, 2040 Brown Ensley 185-W 

Crews Lula Mrs, r, 4905 10th av, n.. Wdlawn 426-J 

Crews W D. res, 1417 S 17th Main 8730-W 

Crews & Green, furn. 2210 2d av Main 6551 

Crim Geo S, res, 2120 6th av, n Main 5330-J 

Crlm Jno L, plmbr, 312 N 21st Main 1991 

Crim Jno L, plumber, 312 N 21st Main 7015 

Crim Jno L, res. 1311 3rd av W End 460 




Crim W J, res, 77 Hglnd av Ensley 498-W 

Crisp Foster, res, Palmer Terrace Ensley 276-J 

Crisp Jno S Mrs, res, 1816 7th av, n..Maln 7875-W 

Crittenden M H, res, 1331 S 20th Main 7492 

Crittenden T J, res, 911 12th av, s Main 4260-W 

Crittendon Clem, res, 805 52nd Wdlawn 775-W 

Crockard Frank H, res, Wdward Bessmr 668 

Crocker Vollmer M, res, 2205 Av G Main 7516-J 

Crocker- Wheeler Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 1369 

Crockett Jno B, ofc, Wdward bl Main 570 

Crockett Jno B, res, San Jose Apts Main 9337 

Crofford J T, ofc, Trotter bl Bessmr 685 

Crofford J T, res, 1905 Berkley av Bessmr 863 

Cromartle C D Mrs, res, 718 S 21st Main 2210 

Cronen Jno J, res, 6207 1st av Wdlawn 422-W 

Cronheim D H, res, Fairview av Main 2810 

Crook B W, res, 5715 3rd av, n Wdlawn 

Crook J A, res, 5924 3d av, n Wdlawn 

Crook Magratha Mrs, r, 1516 4th av.Bessmr 

Crooks C T, res, 2008 26th Ensley 

Crooms Carrie Mrs,r,2430 Davis av.. Bessmr 

Crosby Decorating Co, 218% N 21st Main 9323 

Cross C B, res, Reeders Bessmr 984 

Cross DeWitte T, res, 1109 Cullom Main 5709-J 

Cross G E, res, 2312 Elder av Ensley 

Cross J E, res, 2904 Av G Ensley 

Cross J II Mrs, r, 7921 Cldwl av Wdlawn 

Cross J P, res, 118 S 55th Wdlawn 

Cross P C, res, 408 Delta av Ensley 

Cross Ralph L, rl est. 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Crossett Geo E, res, 2019 Av E Ensley 

Crossett G W Mrs, r, 2022 Av F Ensley 

Crossgrove C S, res, 825 S 21st Main 2042-J 

Crotwell A C, res, 1608 Drtmth av Bessmr .9-W 

Crotwell Bros Lbr Co, 2130 7th av.. 
Crotwell C C, res, 1527 Drtmth a.v. 

Crotwell Geo H, res, 1604 5th av 

Crotwell M E, r, 1708 Clarendon av.. 
Crotwell Mamie L Miss, r, 4438 Av B. 
Crotwell W T, r, 1512 Drtmth av. . 
Crotwell & Dillard, contrs, 

2100 6th av 

Crouch C P, res, 1119 N 13th Main 7647 

Crow Carl, res, Edgewood Main 720-J 

Crow Earl, res, 7739 Hillman av Wdlawn 1076-J 

Crow E C, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 5693 

Crow E C Mrs, res, 1161 11th av, s Main 6082-J 

Crow J M, res, Huffman Wdlawn 488-J 

Crow Ray, res, 1505 N 31st Main 2844-J 

Crowder A C, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 204 

Crowder A C, res, Ridgely Apts Main 1240 

Crowder Rose Mrs.ofc.lst N B bl Main 1213 

Crowder W C Rev, res, 208 S 66th.. Wdlawn 257-J 

Crowder Wm H, res, 1423 Av I EnSley 1436 

Crowe G T, res, 1930 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 342-W 

Crowe J H Mrs, res, 1616 3d av Bessmr 516 

Crowe Z E, res, 1717 5th av, n Main 3778 

Crowley E L, res, 5131 1st av Wdlawn 370-J 

Crowley J T, res, 1509 N 20th Main 1642-J 

Crown Cork & Seal Co The, 

2025 4th av, n Main 4140 

F S Terry, mgr Main 4140 

Crowson J C, res, 616 S 29th Main 5689 

Croy Frank O, res, 1117 Tusc av W End 15 

Cruikshank Geo M,r,2731 Linden av...Maln 437 

Crull A H, res, 7417 1st av Wdlawn 1376 

Crum I M, res, 420 St Cbas W End 16 

Crumbley N W, res, 119 8th av. n Main 8944-J 

Crumley L A Dr, dntst. 1st N B bl Main 4383 

Crumly L A Dr, res. 1117 S 14th Main 6468 

Crumly L M, res, R F D No 2, P C Ensley 674-J 

Crump A S, res, 1021 S 15th Main 1845 

Crump D H, r, 154 Raimond Mines. . Bessmr 715-J 

Crump E R, res, 250.") Av D Ensley 163-J 

Crump Jno H, res, 1013 Princeton av. .W End 400 

Crumpton O D Mrs, res, 520 S 23rd Main 4450 

Crumrine W H, res, 1112-A Pine Main 1724-W 

Crunk W P, res, 1222 N 26th Main 5103-J 


■^Indicates P. B. Exchange 




Bessmr 61 
Bessmr 1137 
Bessmr 544-J 
. Bessmr 388-J 
. .Main 5614 
Bessmr 705-W 

Bessmr 621 


w * 

rAiRFjELpjMA. \"£ /&0U$* Lompany^J 



Cruse-Crawford Mfg Co, 2101 Av B Main 2145 

2101 Av B Main 5155 

Cruse Jno H, res, 2030 Av G Main 5019 

Crutcher T M, dntl depot, 1st N B bL.Maln 5431 

Cryer L H, res, Terrace Crt Main 1481 

Crymes A C, res, 1722 15th av, s Main 7425-W 

Cudahy Packing Co of Ala, 2307 1st av. . Main 2420 

Cull E C Mrs, res, 1920 8th av Main 6512-J 

Cullen Bessie M Mrs.multgpng.Lyric bl.Maln 1822 

Cullen H D, pub dir, Cham of Com Main 967 

Cullen H D, adv. Lyric bl Main 1822 

Cullen H D, res, 926 S 14th Main 3523 

Cullen Louis H, brkr, 2016% Morris av. .Main 7100 

Cullen L H, res, 1717 Oxford av Main 6928-J 

Cullom E N, res, 3633 Cliff rd Main 1867 

Cullom Smith, res, 3319 Cliff rd Main 2102-W 

Cullom, Smith & Co, ins & rl est, 

2122 1st av Main 1281 

Cullpepper & Russell, p s, Avndle Pk..Main 9102 

Culp Maggie Mrs, res, 1622 Av J Ensley 784-J 

Culpepper C C, res, 2006 Park av Ensley 1306-W 

Culpepper H W Mrs, r, 2414 Av E.. Ensley 763-W 

Culpepper J F, res, 2315 Ave D Ensley 296-W 

Culvahouse R F, res, 1114 S 17th Main 1571-J 

Culver Harry L, res, 1127 N 11th Main 3208 

Culverhouse Chas rpr,2116 Av B.Maln 8078 

Culverhouse Chas E, r, 4531 Av E Main 5623-J 

Culverhouse H G, r, 2620 18th av, n...Maln 1839 

Cumming W M, pub accnt, B-M bl Main 5867 

Cummings E P, res, Shades Mt Main 4149-J 

Cummings Herbert, res, 1700 19th Bessmr 1065-J 

Cummings H J, res, Fairview Ensley 250-J 

Cummings J L, res, 226 N 52nd Wdlawn 179-J 

Cummings Jno P, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 9305 

Cummings T H, res, 1231 N 25th Main 8998 

Cummins T A, res, 1909 10th av, s...Main 7958 

Cuniff T J, res, Woodward Bessmr 1059-W 

Cunningham J A, r, 5050 3d av, n.. Wdlawn 540 
Cunningham J P, res, 1120 11th av, s..Maln 6000 

Cunningham J W, res, 3218 Cliff rd Main 3148-J 

Cunningham O W, res, 1206 N 12th Main 6221-W 

Cunningham R H, res, 1607 S 21st Main 1288 

Cunningham B B. res, N College Main 7234 

Cunningham S F, res, Rosedale Main 6675-J 

Cunningham W C, res, 1400 12th av, n..Maln 2014-W 
Cunningham W E, r, 1913 Dtmth av. .Bessmr 537-J 
Curd Joe Mrs, res, 1416 Berkley av.. Bessmr 324 

Curd R F, res, 1140 S 13th Main 4684 

Curl J N, gen mdse, Oxmoor W End 430-M 

Curl Ruth Miss, res, 1032 N" 19th Main 1102 

Curlee G C. res, 533 Park Row Wdlawn 518-M 

Curran K A Mrs, res 1215 N 30th Main 6352-W 

Currie E R Mrs, r, 5901 1st av Wdlawn 737 

Currie W A, res, 1001 S 28th Main 919 

Curry J C & Co, whol groc, 

2009 3rd av. Bess Main 546 

Curry J C & Co, grain & groc, 

2011 3d av Bessmr 680 

Curry J E, res. 1301 N 2fith Main 5355 

Curry M, res, 1012 Hall av Bessmr 390-W 

Curry Robert, res, 1308 Alois av W End 80-J 

Curtin E S, brbr shop, 117 N 19th Main 7251 

Curtis Chester D, res, 1215 S 12th Main 4020-J 

Curtis F E, res, 4115 Poplar Ensley 663-W 

Curtis F M, res, 1000 S 12th Main 7680 

Curtis W E, res, 106 Oak W End 687 

Curtrlght L C, ofc, 210 N 21st Main 6723 

Cushen Eva Mrs, res, 210% 19th Ensley 16 

Cushen M W, res. 1873 23rd Ensley 735 

Cusick W H Madame, r, 2012 Ave G..Maln 1559-J 

Cuthrell O F, res, 113 S 63rd Wdlawn 728 

Cutler F G, res, Shadyside Ensley 359-W 

Cutler-Hammer Mfg Co, ofc, B-M bl...Maln 1369 
Cypress Dry Cleaning Co,20l 2 4th av.n . . Main 728 
Cypress Kate Mrs, r, 1216 Mgnla av...Main 5858 

D O H Piano Co, ofc, 1622 3rd av, n Main 1516 

Bishopric Slucc0 * Plaster Board 

WITTICHEN— 12 So. 20th St.— MAIN 8500 


tabuUffPt it vi <» W. 1 002 

Dabbs Cal, res, R F D 1 Bessmr 8802 

Dabbs C H, livery, 1911 4th av ..Bessmr 387 

Dabney J D Dr, res, 1231 S 19th Main 7798 $^ 

Dabney J D Jr, res, 1231 S 19th Main 5150 

Dabney M Y Dr, surg, Empire bl Main 7140 

Dabney M Y Dr, res, 1912 13th av, s Main 1431 

Dabney MY Dr, res, 1231 S 19th Main 5150 

Daffron J T Mrs, res, 204 N 54th Wdlawn 942-W 

Dagnan Helen Miss, r, 2210 Av G Main 6289-W 

D'Agostino School of Music.1520 S 17th. Main 5876 

Daidone Anthony, r, 30iy 2 S 24th Main 5697-J 

Daisy Shoe Shop, 5522 1st av Wdlawn 1334 

Dalatos G, groc&frts, 2131 3d av Main 596 

Daley F J Mrs, r, 2405 4th av, n Main 2727-J 

Dalrymple W C, r, 2018 14th av, n... ..Main 3913 
Dalton Adding Mch Sales Agcy, Stnr bl.Maln 2324 

Dalton H E, res, 1516 11th av, s Main 7387-W 

Daly Alan J, res, 1006 S 12th Main 3521-J 

Daly Drug Co, Boyles Wdlawn 1379 

Daly E W Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 704 

Daly E W Dr, res, 1006 S 12th Main 3521-J 

Daly Jim, res, 2608 Av H Main 1564 

Damlco Francesco,gro,l401 6th av,n....Maln 6740 

Dampier M E Mrs, r, 117 N 71st Wdlawn 12-J 

Damsky M Mrs, r, 1030 N 17th Main 8827-J 

Danforth Alice A Mrs, r, 708 W 20th... Main 5290 
Danforth John B, res, 1707 13th av, s..Maln 8125-J 
Danforth R B, res, 2304 20th av, n...Main 7257-W 
Danicks Pool Room, pay sta, 

1815 2nd av Main 9189 

Daniel A H, res, 1427 24th, n Main 7565 

Daniel Arthur S, ins, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1903 

Daniel Arthur S, res, 7019 1st av Wdlawn 672 

Daniel C C, res, 915 College W End 198-W 

Daniel E. res, 115 S 59th Wdlawn 298-J 

Daniel E Co, plmbr, Realty bl Main 4540 

Daniel E L Mrs, res, 738 N 21st Main 4720 

Daniel Earl P, res, 313 42nd Ensley 873-J 

Daniel F B, atty, Title Guar bl Main 800 

Daniel H E, res, 1714 6th av, n Main 2013 

Daniel J E, res, 5800 2nd av, s Wdlawn 429-W 

Daniel J H, res, 810 25th Ensley 1161 

Daniel Jno W, res, 301 41st Ensley 284-J 

Daniel LA, res. 300 N Pearl W End 306-W 

Daniel L A, res, Hudson rd Wdlawn 856-J 

Daniel L E, res, 1739 Lyon av W End 769 

Daniel Machine Co, 731 3rd av, n Main 6674 

Daniel N L, res, 1531 N Allen Main 1659-W 

Daniel P E Mrs, res, 419 N 49th Wdlawn 570-W 

Daniel R H Mrs, res, 342 38th Ensley 981-J 

Daniel Robt L, atty, 1917% Ave E Ensley 642 

Daniel Robt L res, 2200 Av E Ensley 1207-J 

Daniel R T, res, 2428 15th av, s Main 3963-W 

Daniel Robt W, res, 1026 N 28th Main 4217-W 

Daniel T E Mrs, res, 1231 N 36th Main 5449-W 

Daniel T W, res, 3401 11th av, n Main 4443-J 

Daniel Walkef, res, 1413 Woods av..W End 392 

Daniel W E, r, 4420 10th av, s Ensley 482-W 

Daniels J3 W, res, 205 64th, s Wdlawn 135-W 

Daniels Washington, r, 817 S 14th Main 4515-W 

Daniels W C, res, 530 Wellington W End 748-J 

Darby A E, res, 4227 Ave A Main 5517 

Darby J O, res, 500 Cotton av W End 512-W 

Darby N C, res, 1134 S 15th Main 7382-W 

Darby W A, res, 5231 Grand av Wdlawn 486 

Darden C E, res, 2423 8th av, n Main 9549-J 

Darden C E Mrs, res, 1417 S 14th Main 4548-J 

Darden J B, res, 8518 Hillman av... Wdlawn 1066-W 

Darden R R, res, 1328 Cullom »....Maln 2002-J 

Darrah J F, res. 709 S 28th Main 6263- J 

Darrlng Louis, brkrs, 2120 Morris av...Main 6483 

Darring L, res, 3433 Highland av Main 5651- W 

Darrlng L, res, 1003 10th av, s Main 8236 

Dattoli Tony, res, 531 N 15th Main 7421-W 

Datz L C, res, 2154 Rose av Main 1794-W 

Daugette Palmer P. atty, Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 2276 
Daugette Talmer P, r, 1230 18th av, s.Main 8244-W 

Daughtry Wm R, r, 642 S 34th Main 5921-W 

Davenport A B. res, 1412 N 32nd Main 4914-W 

Main 223 Electrical 4t2 N ' * 9ih St 


• • 














Monte. Hal » 3355 

*■***»*«• Main 285 

v a 1 1 n Maia 1S4 


1703 4th av, n Main 4369 

David Leo, res, 2020 Pleasant av Ensley 1285-W 

Davids Laura J Mrs, r, 1318 S 20th Main 5170-J 

Davidson A A, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8120 

Davidson D, res, 3901 0th av Ensley 749-J 

Davidson D T, res, Albemarle Apts Main 895 

Davidson P A Prof, res, 1325 Allen Main 1791-W 

Davidson F E Dr, res, 1200 S 20th Main 4186-W 

Davidson Jas L, ofc, Am Tr Main 3992 

Davidson Jas L, res, 1739 11th av, s....Maln 4962 

Davidson M F, res, 3907 Ave F Main 3136-J 

Davidson Marion. T Dr, 

Ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4494 

Davidson Marion T Dr,r,2709 10th av.s.Maln 7938 

Davidson Robt, res, 3824 Ave B Main 4158-J 

Davidson T M, res, 1010 S 12th Main 4556-J 

Davidson W A. res, 1710 7th av Bessmr 234-W 

Davidson W E, r, 8024 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 1430-J 

Davidson W H, r, 2501 12th av Bessmr 442-J 

Davies Geo R, res, 1707 4th av Bessmr 655-J 

Davles William, res, Rosedale Main 3934-J 

Davies W A, res, 1309 Glen Iris av Main 4620-J 

Davies W S Mrs, res, 1715 5th av Bessmr 994 

Davis A Rev, res, 1415 10th av, s Main 6628 

Davis Andrew, res, 3437 5th av, n Main 1614-J 

Davis A B, res, 2121 6th av, n Main 7184 

Davis A C, cigars, 1815 Av E Ensley 1196 

Davis A C, res, 1912 Av G Ensley 1002-J 

Davis A J, barber shop, 202 19th Bessmr 437 

Davis A J, res, 1331 Hall av Bessmr 662-W 

Davis A S, res, 126 N 51st Wdlawn 785 

Davis Ben, res, 236 Old 50th Wdlawn 37 

Davis C B, res, 2028 Calera av Ensley 149-W 

Davis C B Engineering Co, B-M bl Main 3671 

Davis C E, groc, 701 Emma av Main 887 

Davis Chas G, res, 3214 Cliff rd Main 4790 

Davis C S Mrs, res, 722 S 40th Main 2891-J 

Davis D B, res, 2131 Av H Main 3556-J 

Davis David J, atty, 1st N B bl Main 834 

Davis David J, res, 3432 Willow av Main 4688-W 

Davis E, res, 1628 11th av, n Main 5104-J 

Davis E A, res, 1009 15th av, s Main 5291 

Davis Geo C, res, 7400 Sloss av Wdlawn 133-W 

Davis G H & Co, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2279 

Davis G Harry, r, 2220 Terrace Pk... Ensley 418-W 

Davis G Houston, res, 3221 Glenn av Main 6970-J 

Davis G W, res, 2318 Ave F Ensley 113-W 

Davis H A Mrs, res, 1861 Pike av Ensley 598-J 

Davis Harry B Mrs, r, 1706% 6th av, n.Maln 6242-J 

Davis H C Mrs, res, 1822 14th av, s Main 7419-J 

Davis H L Mrs, r, 2280 8rd av, n Main 8779 

Davis H Melville, res, 1601 S 13th Main 6787-W 

Davls'H P, res, 3128 Drtmth av Bessmr 601-J 

Davis Ira D, res, 3400 Ave E Ensley 1417 

Davis I R, res, 2029 N 12th av Main 898 

Davis I R Mrs. res, 200S Av G Main 3147 

Davis J B Mrs, res, 1200 Ave H Main 6637 

Davis Josie B, res, 802 N 12th Main 3035-J 

Davis J C, res, 1834 Lee av W End 689-J 

Davis J C, res, 4310 Ave D Main 2262 

Davis J D, res, 1612 Exeter av Bessmr 929-W 

Davis J D S Dr, infirmary, 2031 Av G. . Main 863 ' 

Davis J D S Dr, res, 2031 Av G Main 863 

Davis J D S Dr, res, 2772 Hanover Clr.Maln 7624 

Davis J Ellis, res, 1422 N 31st Main 6982-W 

Davis J G, res, 4800 2d av Wdlawn 887 

Davis J H, res, 162 S Pearl W End 694-J 

Davis Jas H, res. 1029 McMillan av. . . W End 717 

Davis J L, res, 1200 Magnolia av, n Main 7858-W 

Davis J L. res, 635 Tappan W End 775-W 

Davis J N, res, 1208 N 13th av Main 9538 

Davis J S. res. 1431 Tusc av W End 520-J 

Davis J S, res, 601 Emma av Main 7474-J 

Davis J W, res, 165 S 52nd Wdlawn 114- W 

Davis J W, res, 1320 Cotton av W End 672 

Davis J W, res, 1504 5th av Bessmr 829-J 

Davis Jno W, res, 6304 Waldrop av.. Wdlawn 784-W 

A.nbulinc* Seivlce W. I UU<- 

28 ^Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Davis L H, res, 929 S 20th Main 8613 

Davis M, res, 1417 8th av, n Main 2238 

Davis Margaret Miss,r,14 20 Tusc av. . . W End 627-J 

Davis Millie A, res, 1812 21st Ensley 982-J 

Davis Mercantile Co, ofc, 102 24th Main 1929 

Davis M L, res, 1007 11th av, n Main 5860-J 

Davis O A,, res, 2800 17th Ensley 1116 

Davis P O, res, 1134 11th av, s Main 4574 

Davis R A, res, 826 Balrd Main 2257-W 

Davis R B, res, 1402 12th av, n Main 2014-J 

Davis Realty & Investment Co, 

Ofc. 116 N 21st Main 7551 

Davis R M Rev, res, 605 N 15th Main 6513-J 

Davis T M, res, 2405 Ave H Ensley 524 

Davis Will Mrs, res, 2501 Av D Ensley 1493 

Davis W B Mrs, r, 1102 Virginia av... .Main 6849-W 

Davis W C, res, 2608 6th av, n Main 6212-J 

Davis W E Mrs, res, 1505 11th av, s Main 2661-W 

Davis WEB Mrs, r, 2772 Hanover Cir.Maln 7624 

Davis W H, res. 1701 10th av, s Main 5958-W 

Davis W L, res, 629 4th Ensley 947-J 

Davis W M, res, 630 S 48th Main 4581-W 

Davis W O, res, 300 S Poplar W End 194 

Davis W S, res, 154 N 57th Wdlawn 724 

Daviston Ruth Miss, 

res, 8631 Burney av Wdlawn 870-W 

Davitt A E, res, 72S Peyton Main 6117 

Davitt P H Mrs, res, 927 S 15th Main 8249-J 

Dawkins E A Mrs, res, 1312 Cullom Main 7058-W 

Dawkins J T Dr,ofc,1903% Ave E Ensley 42 

Dawkins J T Dr, res, 2417 Teague av. . Ensley 119 

Dawkins Tom, res, 1705 Bessie av Ensley 638-J 

Dawson A A, res, 1920 N 13th av Main 5812-W 

Dawson Bros Cycle Co, 2226 2d av, n..Maln 9441 

Dawson John, res, 400 8th av Main 7474-W 

Dawson Jas R Dr, ofc, B-M bl Main 2286 

Dawson Jas R Dr, res, 1407 S 21st Main 1875 

Dawson R G. res. 1443 S ISth Main 7425-J 

Dawson S W, res, 1317 1st av W End 403 

Dawson W E Jr, ins, Am Tr bl Main 8426 

Dawson W E Jr, r, 1329 Cullom Main 4058-J 

Day J F, res, Edgewood Main 6765-W 

Day Joseph G, res, 6610 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 1275-J 

Day J R, res, 2500 34th av, n Main 8089- W 

Day J W, res, 1508 16th av, s Main 4I09-W 

Day L R Rev. res. 217 N 24th Main 8865-W 

Day P L, res, 2110 Ave F Ensley 71 

Day S M Mrs, res, 622 Cotton av W End 450- J 

Day T H, res, 2001 Pike av Ensley 791-W 

Day W G Jr, res, 905 N 43rd Wdlawn 1389 

Deadman Marie L Miss, res, 

8421 Walker av Wdlawn 489 

Deadwyler J F, res, 5243 1st av Wdlawn 1241 

Dean E E, rl est, Rl Est bl Main 2910 

Dean Henry T, r, 1027 Crescent av...Maln 2988 

Dean Leon Dr, res, 3029 Ensley av Ensley 172-W 

Dean L R (p s), 1131 Ave F Main 9166 

Dean Mattie Mrs, res, 131 Halstead. .Wdlawn 432-W 

Dean M B Mrs, res, 1820 Allen Main 3582-W 

Dean S R, res, 2607 19th av Ensley 1373-W 

Dean T F, res, 2481 Hawthorne av Ensley 1178-W 

Dean W C, res, 409 Delta av Ensley 142-W 

Dean W K Dr, chiropractor, Farley bL.Main 2077 

Dearborn A R, secy, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1113 

Dearborn A R, res, 1730 15th av, s Main 3628 

Dearborn A R & Co. rl est, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1113 
Dearing Herbert C, r, 1921 Alois av.. Ensley 398-W 

Dearlng H W, res, 1917 Alolse av Ensley 939-W 

DeArman A T, res, Green Sprs Main 6088-W 

DeArman C M, res, Trotwood Pk Wdlawn 794-J 

DeArmond Gertrude G Mrs, res, 

1212 N 13th av Main 3554-J 

Deas R R, res, 1620 Marshall av Main 7698-W 

Deasy D E, res, 1204 1st av W End 548-W 

Deaver C W Dr, ofc, 708 Tusc av W End 980 

Deaver C W Dr, res, 10 Chas W End 961 

DeBardeleben Chas F, coal, B-M bl Main 7227 

DeBardeleben Chas F, r, Idelwild Pk..Maln 3130 

LlUCLUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

•Indicates P. B. Exchange. 


Gilchrist-Tarrant »£ « 

Main 469 


B-M bl... Main 7675 

Henry T DeBardeleben, Pres Main 7675 

G M Bowers, Acctnt & Pur Agt Main 7675 

DeBardeleben Hubert,r,2647 Pike av.. Ensley 359-j 
DeBardeleben H F Mrs, r, 2754 Jnpr av.Maln 6819-J 
DeBardeleben H T, res, Glen Iris Pk...Maln 3612 
DeBardeleben J D, res, Ridgely Apts... Main 5582 

DeBow A T, ins, Am Tr bl Main 6189 

Dedman W T, res, 7524 Walker av.. Wdlawn 363-W 

Dee Gun & Key Co, 1904 4th av, n Main 5724 

Dee Leslie, res, 2900 Rhodes Cir Main 7869 

Deedmeyer Frank.atty.Jeff Co Bk bl...Main 6837 
Deedmeyer Frank,r,2607 Madison av...Maln 8421-J 

Deerman M V, res, 411 Bryant Bessmr 1141-W 

Deerr L J,horse-shoeing,1425 3d av,n..Maln 7292 

Deerr L J, res, 219 S 57th Wdlawn 479 

DeFuniak A F, res, 704 W 20th Main 2399 

DeFuniak E A, ofc, Wdward bl Main 9335 

deFuniak Tire Co, 28 S 20th Main 881 

DeGroat W E, res, 409 Powell W End 155 

Dehaney Sam Jr, res, 2303 Ave F Ensley 938-J 

deHoll J C, res, 224 S 6lst Wdlawn 1222 

DeJarnett J T, res, 1605 7th av Bessmr 923-J 

DeJarnette Mims, r, 1727 Jffrsn av..W End 441-J 

DeJohn Chas, res, Wylam Ensley 570-W 

Delany Henry, res, 1100 Va av, s Main 6849-J 

Delap J N, res, 2019 Ave D Main 7934 

DeLaval Steam Turbine Co, Am Tr bL.Main 2669 

Delco Light, 406 N 20th Main 8815 

DeLoach Geo W, 124 S 68th Wdlawn • 796 

DeLoach Geo W, res, 2908 13th av, n..Main 4551 

Delpey A, res, 1517 10th av, s Main 1909-J 

DeLuxe Studio, 1918% 2nd av Main 6934 

Demarco Tony, res, 2500 N 26th Main 1932-W 

Dement A K, res. 2617 3lst av Main 8852-j 

DeMere F L.rl est agt.1917% 1st av.n..Maln 1779 

DeMers M H Mrs, res, 1924 Ave I Main 1586 

Denegre Car & Truck Co, 1924 Ave F..Maln 4116 

Denegre Car & Truck Co, 1922 Av F Main 5536 

Denegre Chas, ofc, 1924 Ave F Main 4116 

Denegre Chas, res, 3842 Crescent rd Main 5356 

Denham W L, res, 1615 S 12th Main 1433-W 

Denman C W, res, 646 44th Ensley 974-J 

Denman H J Dr, res, Sayreton Main 5238- J 

Denman H W. res, 431 Emma av Main 4835-J 

Dennerle A B Mrs.halr dress.Clark bL.Main 4224 

Dennis Auto Co, ofc, 418 19th Bessmr 288 

Dennis Charlie, groc, 717 S 15th Main 8516 

Dennis Jno A Mrs, r, 7531 2d av, n. .Wdlawn 644 

Dennis S V Mrs, res, 4428 Av C Main 

Dennis W C, res, 2511 14th av, n Main 

Dennis W F Mrs, 2100 5th av, n Main 2687 

Dennis W Z, r, 1633 Cleveland av...W End 

Denny W O, res, 212 Lewis Wdlawn 

Densler Louie E, r, 2704 12th av, n Main J B92 

Densmore Bros,tr&livery,2723 29th av..Maln 7124 

Densmore Will, res, 132 Edmond Wdlawn 

Denson A F, res, 112 N Poplar W End 

Denson Fred H Dr.r.Wdwd Ore Mines. Bessmr 

Denson John, atty, Title Guar bl Main 

Denson J M, res, 1615 6th av Bessmr 

Denson O G, res, 8440 15th av, n Main 3173-W 

Denson W A, atty, Title bl Main 5327 

Denson W A, res, 2612 Highland av Main 7862 

Denson & Ivey, attys, Title Guar bl Main 1877 

Dent J L, res, Fair Grounds Ensley 

Dent L H, res, 1219 11th av, s Main 

Dent R K, res, Edgewood Main 8559-J 

Dent WW, res. 1219 S 12th Main 7459-W 

Denton T J, ofc, Farley bl Main 4654 

Denver Rock Drill Mfg Co, 2128 1st av. .Main 6932 

DeRamus Leonard B, r, Wdward Bessmr 199-J 

Derryberry W Miss, r, 3520 N 24th Main 5787 

Derzls Cooley, res, 85th av Main 

Derzls Sam, res, 810 N 25th ....Main 4008 

Derzis & Pappageorge Frt Co,2013 Mor.Maln 5195 


Ambulincs U<vic« flfl. I 002 






Main 223 EfCCtflCHj 412N -* 9 *"S* 


DeShazo Emma Miss, 

Res, 5160 Grand av Wdlawn 166-J 

DeShazo E S, res, West Lake Bessmk* 1022- W 

DeShazo Jno M, res, 1619 14th av, s. . . .Main 6056 

DeShazo Manon, res, 8930 4th av, s Main 7763 

DeShazo Motor Co, 404 S 21st Main 1761 

DeShazo S A, groc, Rosedale Main 7939 

Despison James, res, 2581 4th av, n....Maln 2734-J 
DeTreville R E Flour & Grain Co, 

2229 Morris av ' Main 1366 

Detroit Motor Car Co, 619 S 20th.... Main 8288 
Detroit Steel Products Co, ofc, B-M bL.Main 9386 
Deuel Florence- H Miss, r, 106 Almond. W End 602- W 

Devareaux Coal Co, Ave A Ensley 21 

DeVaughan O L Mrs, res, 414% N 25th. M air 2367 
deVaux Annie F Mrs, r, 1023 N 30th.. Main 8029-W 
Deveraux Theo, res, 2308 Park av. . . . Ensley 726 

DeVore W A, res, 1108 N 12th Main 9418-W 

Devreaux Tom, res, 2805 Ave E Ensley 60 

Dew Samuel T, r, 7325 Georgia rd.. Wdlawn 1260-J 
Dewberry Drug Co, 2031 2d av Main 43 

2031 2nd av Main 5972 

Dewberry Drug Co (pay sta) Main 9163 

Dewberry-Fields Pharmacy, 2027 2nd av.Maln 1578 
Dewberry Jno R, r, 3133 Norwood Blvd. Main 5444-W 


2014 2d av, n Main 1140 

Dewey W H, res, 2816 12th av, n Main 1243 

DeWllton V W, res, 1908 Kuntsv av. ..Main 7652-W 

DeWitt C M, res, 1322 1st av W End 232 

DeWitt G M, res, 1608 4th av Main S973-W 

DeWitt H M, res, 1920 Pearson av W End 916 

Dews C L, res, 712 W 20th Main 7341 

Dewstoe M E Mrs, res, 1030 S 26th Main 6714 

Dewstoe Machine Tool Co, B-M bl Main 2709 

DeYampert A M, res. 519 Joseph Main 4789-W 

Dial A E. res, 2604 Tompkins av Main 1885 

Diamond Rubber Co, ofc, 424 S 20th.... Main 4842 
DiBenedetto Sam, res, 1001 N 21st.... Main 6407-W 
DIBeneditto Sam, res, 1101 7th av, n..Maln 8017 

Dicken W E, res, 2417 35th av, n Main 8092 

Dickens A G Mrs, res, 2221 Caro av.. Bessmr 778-W 

Dickens Price, res, 2501 17th av Ensley 918-J 

Dickerson W T, groc, 105 N 77th Wdlawn 1007 

Dickey G C, res, 1919 Pearson av W End 698- W 

Dickinson Donald, res, 18 Oak W End 230'VV 

Dickinson J G, res, 4222 2d av, s Main 3732 


Groceries, 122 Spring, 

Grocery Department Main 362 

Meat Department Main 362 

Dickinson J G & Co,groc,1000 N 19th.. Main 4936 

Dickinson T W, res, 624 S 28th Main 6621-J 

Dickinson Tom W Jr, res. 4221 avB Main 8756-W 

Dickinson W C. r, 5138 Grand av Wdlawn 165-W 

Dicks W B Mrs, r, Wdward Bessmr 932-W 

Dickson D M, res, 3311 12th av, n Main 9085 

Dickson J D, res, 223 Old 50th Wdlawn 311-W 

i Dickson John W, res, 1220 N 22d, s Main 2534-J 

Dickson R S Mrs, r, 1224 S 20th Main 7361 

Dictaphone The, Am Tr bl Main 6729 

Diegel A W, res, 447 Burke W End 446 

Diem & Wing Paper Co, 1601 1st av Main 4101 

Dienna D F, res, 1721 18th av, s Main 2707-W 

Diffay J O, res, 508 6th av, n Main 1965-W 

Diffley J T Mrs, res, 323 S 66th Wdlawn 424 

Dlfina Sam, res, 330 N 14th Main 3861 

Dlgesu Sam, res, 2501 4th av, n Main 3737 

Dlggins. Jno M, res, 301 23rd Ensley 1497-J 

Digiorgio G V, res, 729% 2d av, n Main 4027-J 

Dilger Ben I, res, 5500 3d av, n Wdlawn 229 

Diliberto V, res. 1429 6th av, n Main 6152-W 

Dill Fred O. res, 800 N 44th Wdlawn 7 

Dill H H. res, 2325 Apple av Ensley 99-J 

Dill J M Jr, res, 1316 Glen Iris av. ...Main 4860-W 

Dill Wm, res, 2623 Ave E Ensley 753-J 

Dill W Y, res, 924 18th, s Main 3122-J 

• » 


Peck-Williamson Furnaces 1905 Ave.B-Tel 195 






V Vi^n « #twv AUTO AMBULANCE *m • 7 ~ n 

LIUCLUI Funeral Director Mtin 4862 

Dillard Investment & Insurance Co, 

ofc, Farley bl Main 2774 

Dillard J E, res, 259 McCully Bessmr 1131-J 

Dillard J E Mrs, res, 227 Keyser av.. Bessmr 712-W 
Dillard J E Rev, res, 2227 Sycamore. . Main 4372 

Dillard Jas E Rev, study, S 19th Main 2086 

Dillard Mason J, res, 2016 Hghld av..Main 3520 

Dillin H E, res, 216 N 47th Wdlawn 505 

Dillin R G, res, 6300 2nd av, n Wdlawn 1220-J 

Dillon B H, res, 1209 N 32nd Main 6335-W 

Dillon J L, res, 1018 llth av, s Main 2843 

Dillon L B Dr, dent, Wdward bl Main 6140 

Dillon Lawrence J, res, 924 S 12th Main 2129-J 

Dillon L R, res, 3131 llth av, n Main 5735-J 

Dillon Thos Mrs, res, 1504 S 13th Main 1542-J 

Dillon W H, res, 1525 10th av, s Main 2898 

Dillon W T, res, 1231 S 12th. # Main 2662-W 

Dilworth Fulton, res, 2930 Pawnee av..Maln 3685 

Dilworth Jno E, res, 1217 S 13th Main 3670-J 

Dimick D B, res, 1313 12th av, a Main 3670-W 

Dlmit W F, r«s, 4715 5th av Ensley 306-W 

Dinken T M, res, 601 Glenwood av.. Wdlawn 727-W 

Dinsmorc II A, res, 1618 13th av, n Main 1548-W 

Direct Advertising Service, Inc.Lyric bl.Maln 1822 
Direx-All Mallng & Addrsng Mch Agcy, 

1814 3rd av, n Main 8461 

Disciacca Sam, res, 531 19th Bessmr 47 

Dlseker T H, res, 1316 N 17th Main 5721-W 

Dlsheroon Lee, motor cycle shop, 

2013 Ave E Ensley 943 

Disheroon Lee, res, 408 Hunter Ensley 623-W 

Dismuke Louisa, res, Rosedale Main 6675-W 

Dismukes E B, res, 3525 Ave G Main 6030-J 

Dispatch Printing Co, 2113% Mor av...Maln 634 

Disspain J E, res, 4725 1st av Wdlawn 1392 

Dixie Auto Sales Co Inc. ofc, 1912 4thav. Main 5413 


6th av, n Main 2389 

Dixie Brokerage Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 8884 

Dixie Chemical Products Co Inc, 

1627 1st av Main 5438 

Dixie Flying Corp, Dixie Field W End 45 

Evans Virgil V, Dixie Field W End 45 

Dixie Land Cafe, 302 N 18th Main 5183 

Dixon C E, res, 1918 Av H Ensley 1428 

Dixon Frank M, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6919 

Dixon F W, ofc, 2109 2nd av Main 828 

Dixon F W. res, 2207 16th av, s Main 1043 

Dixon Joseph R. res, 310 44th EnsJey 548-J 

Dixon J T, res, 1604 N 29th Main 2396 

Dixon Julian T, res, 715 S 33d Main 8230-J 

Dixon J W Mrs, res, 1044 Alois av W End 613 

Dixon M I Mrs, res, 1623 Phelan Main 1326 

Dixon N E, res, 1140 N llth Main 6591 

Doan Roy. res, Kewanee Mines Main 2137-J 

Dobbins Harriett E Miss, res, 

1210 N 12th Main 8505 

Dobbins J H, res. 711 S 33rd Main L104-W 

Dobbs Edward C, r. 1741 Central av..W End 117-J 

Dobbs J A,- res, 3630 Williams Bessmr 434-W 

Dobbs J I, res, 2512 7th av, n Main 4616 

Dobbs Louise Mrs, r, 2312 3rd av, n Main 1798 

Dobbs S W, res, 2104 Av G Main 8053 

Dobbs Thos C, res, 604 N 20th Main 6503-W 

Dobyns A A, res, 1715 llth av, s Main 4330-W 

Dodd Samuel Mrs, r, 508 S 49th Wdlawn 1253 

Dodge C E Mrs, res, 106 Cedar W End 224- W 

Dodge F B, res, 1318 S 20th Main 1695 

Dodge Jas. res, 7312 1st av Wdlawn 683 

Dodge Roofing Co, 411 19th Ensley 251 

Doerr Chas T, res, 1001 Glen Iris av Main 4455 

Doggrell C L, res, 1207 Montgomery Main 6862-J 

Dolcito Quarry Co. Dolcito Main 2873-J 

Dollar N J, res, 2300 22nd av, n Main 7864 

Dollar & Vlckery Stove Repair Shop, 

2311 2nd av Main 5324 

Domestic' Electric Co, 406 N 20th Main 8815 


A*ti :j!in;tf SvrYUtf H . I UUZ 

30 •Indicates P. B. Exchange 


POCAHONTAS ^^V/^^Im 228 



2409 Av E Main 1070 

Dominick G J, res, 1230 S 20th Main 1961 

Dominick Frank, atty, 1st N B bl Main 1377 

Dominick Frank, r,3800 Lakeview av....Main 3198-W 

Dominick M P, res, 1801 28th Ensley 227-J 

Domit Bros, groo, 302 S 20th Main 1428 

Donahoo A G, res, 1209- N 25th Main 6832-VV 

Donahoo H N, res, Richmond Apts....Maln 3672 


2701 2nd av Main 771 

Donahoo J E, res, 1632 Berkley av.. Bessmr 730-J 

Donahoo J F, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1740 

Donahoo J H Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 5628 

Donahoo J H Dr, res, 706 2d av Main 5328 

Donahue Geo Ed & Co, horses, 

2428 2d av Main 1381 

Donald C J, drugs, Fairfield Ensley 622-J 

Donald C J, rl est, 4600 Gary av Ensley 100 

Donald C J, rl est, 4602 Gary av Ensley 1325-J 

Donald C J, res, 4413 DeBrdlbn av.. Ensley 1205-W 

Donald D C Dr, ofc, 1st N B Main 4495 

Donald D C Dr, res, 1014 S 32nd Main 8671 

Donald' T C Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 177 

Donald T C Dr, r, 1822 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 779 
Donaldson Concrete Construction Co, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3350 

Donaldson G R, res, 1021% 3rd av Main 4772 

Donaldson Henry, res, 2018 10th av, s.Maln 2159-W 

Donaldson H T, res, 1206 N 12th Main 3059- J 

Donaldson J C, res, West Lake* Bessmr 1022-J 

Donaldson J M, r, 1724 Terrell Blvd.. Ensley 887-J 
Donaldson John W,r,2018 Algtn av.. Bessmr 983-W 
DonaldsonStobert Coal Co,ofc,B-M bl.-Maln 8889 
Donavon Denis B, res, 1919 8th av. . . .Bessmr 896 
Donegan G A, res, 1917 St Louis av.. Bessmr 572-W 

Donelson J E, res, 1321 N 31st Main 482 

Donnelly C A Dr, phys, 1st N B bl Main 5383 

Donnelly C A Dr, res, 1520 12th av, n..Maln 2122 

Donnelly E D, horses, 2428 2d av Main 1381 

Donnelly E D, res, 930 Ala Main 999 

Donnelly E J, res, 3001 Av E Ensley 387-W 

Donnelly J W, ofc, Empire bl Main 2672 

Donnelly James W, res, 2838 Hglnd av. .Main 4183 
Donoho Chas M Mrs, res, 1136 S 15th.. Main 5633-J 
Donovan Annie Mrs, res, 1221 Ave 11... Main 7786 
Donovan Mollie Mrs, res, 911 S 13th.... Main 5434 
Donovan Provision Co, ofc, 1601 1st av.Maln 4101 
Donovan Wm F, r. Roebuck Spgs. . .Wdlawn 606- J 

Dooly S S, res', 7533 1st av Wdlawn 272 

Dorman Chas W, res, 2616 18th av, n..Maln 3406-J 
Dorman Geo M, res, 2008 5th av, n....Maln 8097 
Dorman Rhoda L Mrs, r, 2304 5th av...Maln 1610 

Dorn A C, res, 1304 Cotton av W End 913 

Dorn & Foreman.tin shp,1526 3d Alley.. Main 2424 
Dorough Ada Miss, r, 1417 Tate av..W End 50-J 
Dorough Jesse A, r, 2419 Hawthne av. Ensley 547-J 

Dorough J O, res, 5218 Austin av Wdlawn 495-J 

Dorrance L S Capt, res, 306 39th. ... Ensley 1457-J 

Dorris Belle Mrs, r, 2301 7th av, n Main 8330 

Dorse E V Mrs. res, 4819 1st av Wdlawn 914 

Dorsey C A, res, 400 Princeton av. . . . W End 476-W 

Dorsky S, res, 1112 N 16th Main 5935 

Doster J T, res, 1 E Hanover Circle. . . .Main 1671 
Doster-Nbrthington Drug Co, 2108 1st.. Main 5500 

Instrument dept, 2108 1st av Main 6683 

Doty L L, res, 1249 Maplewood av....Maln 7301-W 
Dotzheimer F S, r, 5140 3rd av, n... Wdlawn 557-J 

Dougherty C E. res, 5031 1st av Wdlawn 312-J 

Dougherty Chas J.atty.lst N B bl....Maln 820 

Dougherty C J. res, 1310 18th av, s Main 2858-W 

Dougherty T G, res, Green Springs. .. .Main 6885- J 

Doughty J H, res, 3227 Glenn av Main 2590 

Douglas Alvin M.atty.Jeff Co Bk bl Main 22 

Douglas Alvin M, r, 214 N Hawklns..W End 374- J 
Douglas Bros, wh prod, 2017 Mrs av. ..Main 7457 
Douglas Gilbert F Dr, ofc, Emp bl....Maln 8583 
Douglas Gilbert F Dr, r, 3124 12th av, n.Maln 4285 

flj p j TELEPHONE 

Cnero-Cola — 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Office &\M>«ks,t, ^ 4h r «& 

FAiRFiELp. aia ™z J%n/tiUU& f Lompany _ 

TCL. ENSLEY 400 Wl 1 ^ ^Pjf^ 


Douglas Geo W, res, 2609 Av F Ensley 753-W 

Douglas J W, res, 100 Almond W End 661 

Douglas S C, res, 8234 Walker av... Wdlawn 367 

Douglas T L, res, 5505 3rd av Wdlawn 527-J 

Douglas & Ray, attys, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 22 

Douglass C M, res, 613 16th Bessmr 260 

Douglass E T, res, 2500 15th av, s...Maln 7610 

Douglass Fred, res, 1605 4th av, n Main 7118 

Douglass Geo W, res, 1717 7th av Bessmr 538- J 

Douglass John Dr.ofc.Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1708 

Douglass John Dr, res, 901 Ave K Main 3056 

Douglass W B, res, 1426 Milner Cres.-.Main 7318-J 

Douglass WE, res, 1422 S 16th Main 1156-J 

Douglass & Love Drs.ofc.Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 1708 

Dovel J P, res, 1415 N 30th Main 6856 

Dover W L Mrs, res, 2431 6th av Main 3644 

Dow F T, res, 3328 Cliff rd Main 4951 

Dowd Mollie Miss, res, 820 1st av..W End 316 

Dowd P J, res, 1216 N 24th Main 5244-W 

Dowdle J D Mrs, res, 430 Sarah av Main 8882-W 

Dowell W B, res, 5919 3d av, s Wdlawn 180 

Dowllng Drucilla Mrs, r, 1307 S CullomMaln 6235 

Dowling J C, res, 1403 N 31st Main 8470-J 

Dowllng J D Dr.r.Roebck Spgs Ter. . Wdlawn 401-J 

Downey Daniel, contr, 1st N B bl Main 7613 

Downey F T, res, 429 E 54th PI Wdlawn 1195 

Downey James, contr, 1st N B bl... ..Main 7613 

Downey James, res, 1007 13th, s Main 549-W 

Downey Jas A Sr, res, 1327 S 20th Main 4691-W 

Downing J H Dr, ofc, Lyric bl Main 2177 

Downing J H Dr, res, 1112 1st av W End 901-J 

Downs F M, res, 1500 32nd Ensley 714-J 

Downs G T, res, 107 N Hawkins W End 242-J 

Downs O A, res, 3001 20th av Ensley 1460-J 

Downs W L, res, 311 N Hawkins W End 665-W 

Doyle J P, res, 2617 Ensley av Ensley 573 

Doyle Mark, res, 408% N 19th Main 7689-J 

Doyle Maude R, res, 1230 Hall av... Bessmr 645-W 
Dozler Byron Dr, r, 2115 Humboldt av..Maln 5897-J 

Dozier H M, ofc, Wdward bl Main 2821 

Dozler H M, res, 1111 llth av, s Main 1933 

Dozier I, res, 712 llth Ct, w Main 5235-J 

Dozier Mack, res, 1401 N 9th Main 7720-J 

Dozier O T Dr, r, 2106 Humboldt av Main 5897- W 

Dozier Thomas, atty, Jeff Co Bb kl Main 34 

Dozler & Dozier Drs,spec,2020% 1st av.Maln 609 

Drake Addie L Mrs, r, 622 19th Bessmr 1024-J 

Drake C A Mrs, res, 1441 N 20th Main 2549-J 

Drake Chas H Dr, res, 1104 N 30th Main 3374-J 

Drake Hattie, res, 530 S 22nd Main 4870-J 

Drake Jas B, res, 224 W 2nd W End 550 

Drake O L, res, 1100 S 18th Main 2120 

Drake R L, res, 1311 Tusc av W End 727-W 

Drake Willard, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 51 

Drake Willard Mrs, r, 1430 Phelan Main 3539 

Drake & Gaston Drs.oclsts.Wdward bl-.Maln 343 
Dreadnaught Tire Co, ofc, 526 N 20th.. Main 2777 


Department Stores, 2nd av, 

Shoes, Advertising Main 8602 

Silk, Cotton Goods, Notions Main 8600 

Clothing & Men's Murnishlngs Main 8600 

Rdeayto-Wear, Millinery Main 8601 

Corsets, Underwear, Child's Dresses. Main 8601 

Deliveries, Complaints Main 8602 

Office Accounting & Credit Dept... Main 8603 

Office Secretary & Auditor Main 8603 

Office President & Treasurer Main 8604 

Information Main 8567 

Drennen Don, res, 1064 B 31st Main 2116-W 

Drennen D M, res, 1006 S 20th Main 1769 

Drennen Earle Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl..Maln 260 

Drennen Earle Dr, r, 2710 Hnvr Cir Main 340 

Drennen F M, r, 1220 Waucoma av Main 2507 

Drennen H A, res, 1223 Irlquolse Main 67 


2013 1st av, 

ft ■ ■ I The only Wall Hoard 

NnflfifFAPH that won't warpor burn 

VJMGC 1 1 UUlt Wlttlok»n,M. 8500 


Ambulincs Sstvlce n. I UUZ 

Drennen Hardware Co — contd, 

Hardware & House Furnishings Main 6545 

Wagons & Buggie3 Main 6545 

Shipping Department Main 6547 

Cashier & Bookkeeper Main 6547 

Shipping Department, 2014 Morris.. Main 1736 

Drennen J L, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 34 

Drennen J L, res, 1068 S 32d Main 4714 

Drennen M B, res, 510 St Chas av W End 670-J 


400 S 20th Main 5001 

Drennen Tea Balcony, 2d av Main 4250 

Drennen Wm Mrs, res, 3221 Glenn av..Main 6970-J 
Drennen W Melville, res, Rbk Spgs.. Wdlawn 1163- W 

Drew J D, res, 817 22nd Ensley 1371-J 

Drewry Silas, res, 1225 46th Wdlawn 591-J 

Drexelius G W, res, Richmond Apts Main 1952 

Driskell W S Mrs, res, 1321 S 20th Main 4355 

Driskill W N, res, 1108 N 24th Main 8067-J 


Ofc, 1701 2nd av, n Main 177 

Drummond W J S, res, 2022 Park av. .Ensley 995-J 

Dryer B J, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 2351 

Dryer Edmund H, ref in bkruptcy, 

Govt bid Main 2283 

Dryer Edmund H, res, 1212 Avalon Main 3481 

Dryer J B, res, 1104 Elm Main 1108 

Dryer P L, res, 1007 llth av, s Main 1883-J 

Dryer T B, res, 1414 Cullom Main 1519-W 

DuBois W W, res, 2019 22d av Ensley 955-J 

DuBose J E, res, 209 N 66th Wdlawn 760-W 

DuBose Leslie E, res, 1922 Mh av, n Main 6214-W 

DuBose M B,, 1120 Fntn av Main 6598-J 

DuBose-Winburn Iron Co, 1305 8th av.n.Maln 8416 

Duddy A, res, 909 S 12th Main 4539 

Dudley E A, groc, Hall av Bessmr 277 

Dudley Jack Mrs, res, 318 Chas W End 389-W 

Dudley J M, res, 2118 4th av Bessmr 797-J 

Duffee C G, res, Ridgely Apts Main 3132 

Duffee D J, res, 2502 18th Crt.. Ensley 419-J 

Duffee H B, res, 1625 Arlngtn av... Bessmr 730-W 

Duffee Lumber Co, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8187 

Duffee Lumber Co, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 9563 

Duffey R P, res. 323 S 59th Wdlawn 196-W 

Duffey W A, res, 211 Broad Main 2091-W 

Dugan F P, res, 1719 llth av, s Main 2515 

Dugas E C Mrs, res, 1221% Av H Main 3856-W 

Dugger D E Dr, dent, 5404% 1st av. .Wdlawn 73 

Dugger D E, res, 320 S 55th Wdlawn 576 

Dugger J M, r, 2508 Hawthorne av... Ensley 889-W 
Dugger Neal Mrs, r, 29*0 20th av... Ensley 1299 

Duke Bros Furn Co, 1813 4th av Main 1692 

Duke F H, res, 1504 Tusc av W End 192 

Duke Henry M, res, 1114 1st av W End 901-W 

Duke J B, res, 5039 1st av Wdlawn 501-J 

Duke S A, res, 1709 7th av, n Main 5175 

Duke W M, res, 7306 Sloss av Wdlawn 221-W 

Duke W M Co, brkrs, 1601 1st av Main 635 

Dukes Wm, lumber, 4301 Morris av Main 3411 

Dulaney W B, res, 805 Bell Bessmr 742-W 

Dulion L E, res, 1209 3d av W End 414 

Dumas J W, res, 8501 1st av Wdlawn 544-J 

Dun R G & Co, ofc, Wdward bl Main 1062 

Dunagan R F, res. 7409 3rd av, n Wdlawn 1330-J 

Dunbar Cafe, 325 N 17th Main 5109 

Dunbar Dry Clng Co, ofc, 1706 3d av, n.Maln 1505 

Dunbar J W, res, 87 1st av Ensley 816 

Dunbar R, res, 4904 1st av Wdlawn 653 

Duncan Annie Bell Miss, res, 

2307 20th av, n Main 2446- W 

Duncan C K, ofc, B-M bl , Main 912 

Duncan C K, res, 1207 Ash Main 8869 

Duncan Drug Co, ofc, 200 S 20th Main 6796 

Duncan Elizabeth Memorial Hosp, 

1708 3d av Bessmr 33 

Duncan Geo T, res. 1104 N 29tn Main 5106-J 

Duncan J D, res, 305 41st Ensley 752-J 

Main 223 EICCttKUl 4i2N - 19 *"S*- 


• * 



• Indicates P. B. Exchang 


v alio 

Main 3355 
Main 285 
Main 134 
En.Iey 1477 

Duncan J H, res, 4901 1st av Wdlawn 99-J 

Duncan J J Dr, res, 1124 S~12th Main 2897 

Duncan L G Rev, res, 2504 3d av, n..Maln 2734-W 

Duncan T A Mrs, res, 828 S 20th Main 4136-W 

Duncan W J, res, 1120 N 28th Main 2370-J 

Duncan W R, res, 413 N 22nd Main 2580 

Duncans Lucy, res, 721 Williams Main 1847- W 

Dunham C A & Co, ofc, 2109 3rd av, n. .Main 6042 
Dunion Rosa Mrs, res, 139 Edmond. .Wdlawn 952-W 

Dunker A P, res, 2509 8th av Main 2067 

Dunkerley E T, res, 1112 S 19th Main 7870-J 

Dunlap A H, res, 310 424d Ensley 1212-J 

Dunlap P B, res, 3500 Norvrood Blvd.. Main 2346 

Dunlap F S, ofc, 225 N 20th Main 2750 

Dunlap F S, res, 1101 N 29th Main 1619 W 

Dunlap H C Mrs, res, 2506 Av P. . . . Ensley 94-W 

Dunlap J J, res, 1212 S 20th Main 1207-J 

Dunlap Jaes T, life ins, Emp bl Main 1662 

Dunlap Jas T, res, 1230 Iroquois. . ». . . Main 2535-J 

Dunn Const Co, Inc, 

Genl contr, Cham of Com bl Main 1350 

Dunn C W, res, 2216 Av I Ensley 301-W 

Dunn Evans, atty, Am Tr bl Main 107 

Dunn Evans J, res, 1000 S 19th Main 1826 

Dunn Eula M', res, .1616 Ave H Main 2023-J 

Dunn Harry V, res, 432 Ann Ensley 1542-J 

Dunn J G, res, 7815 Sloss av Wdlawn 627-J 

Dunn M L Mrs, res, 2409 5th av, n Main 896 

Dunn S E Tire Co, 303 S 20th Main 8747 

Dunn W R J, res, 1049 S 32d Main 1538-W 

Dunn W V, res, 2308 Hawthn av Ensley 314-J 

Dunnam F P, res, 5901 4th av Wdlawn 171 

Dunnavant Tula Miss,r,l$3l 11th av, s.Maln 7329 

Dunston D A, res, E Thomas .-...Main 3049-W 

Dunston G L, res, 1800 Jasper Main 727-W 

Dunston L B, res, 2807 Brown av Ensley 1347-J 

Dunwody W Keese, res, 1317 St Chas..Maln 7691 

B-M bl Main 5641 

Boyles Gap Main 7262-J 

Boyles Main 7262-W 

Magazine, W Lake Bessmr 650 

Magazine keeper's res, Lewisburg. . Main 3835-W 

Duport A C, res, 2412 7th av, n Mafn 7333-W 

Dupree Geo P, res, 5935 1st av Wdlawn 1218-J 

Dupuy A W, dentist, B-M bl Main 638 

Dupuy A W, res, Powderly W End 153-W 

Dupuy-Burke Real Est Co, 1912 Av E. Ensley 351 

Dupuy J A, res, 2501 30th Ensley 250-W 

Dupuy L W, res, 3122 18th av Ensley 1052-J 

Duran F J Mrs, res, 829 N 21st Main 2693 

Duran W H, res, 1414 N 31st Main 4615-J 

Durant R L Rev, res, 2428 35th av, n..Maln 3237 

Durden W W, res, 2741 Pike av Ensley 489-W 

Durfield Robt R, res, 319 Louise av Main 2652-J 

Durham E L, res, 603 N 22nd Main 2514-j 

Durham Georgia Mrs, r, 1210 S 20th... Main 1926 

Durham R D Mrs, res, 3001 Av F Ensley 994-J 

Durham W L, res, 215 N 64th Wdlawn 546-W 

Durham Woolen Mills, ofc, 1825 2d av..Maln 6257 
Durick Stephen,gen mds,l931 8th av. .Bessmr 398 
Durick & Cochran Coal Co, yd, 

2031 8th av Bessmr 235 

Durr Aaron, res, 309 St George Main 4036-J 

Durr C M Mrs, res, 104 Ave B Main 1840-J 

Durr E F, res, 107 Sadler Main 3494-W 

Durr Joe, res, 111 Sadler Main 3494-J 

Durr W F, res, 307 Bank Main 6049-W 

Durrett Groc Co, 2531 N 21st Main 7366 

Durrett G W, res, 4909 N 7th av Wdlawn 338-W 

Durrett W G, res, 3700 N 27th Main 4820-W 

•Dusenberry T J, res, 1001 S 21st Main 6241 

Dusenberry Tire & Top Co, 2012 Av B. .Main 5985 

Duval W P, res, 2332 18th Ensley 844-J 

Dyer A S, res, 5516 10th av Wdlawn 334-W 

Dykes Ethel Miss, r, 2900 Av H Ensley 545 

Dykes T J, res, 2227 Bessemer Blvd.. Ensley 1435-W 


Amtaiifv't &«rvict M.I 002 


Indicates P. B. Exchange 



Genl Ofc & Plant, 515 S 19th Main 8387 

Branch Ofc, 410 N 20th Main 6884 

Eagan Martin, res, 1108 N llth Main 9412-J 

Eager A S, res, 8429 Hlllman av Wdlawn 1259-W 

Eagles T R, r, 8016 Undrwd av Wdlawn 867 

Eaken A J, res, 2716 Av P Main 6806-J 

Eanes Frank, res, 4321 5th av, s Main 1464 

Eanes Laboratory, 208% N 21st Main 3690 

Earle Bros, whol groc, 1801 1st av.„..Maln 1008 

Bookkeeper, 1801 1st av Main 1439 

Whol groc, 1801 1st av Main 1439 

Shipping clerk, 1801 1st av Main 263 

Earle John B, res, 1006 S 28th Main 6710 

Earle P H, res, 400 Cotton av W End 49 

Earle P H Mrs, r, 2217 Hghland av...Maln 126 
Earle Samuel L, res, 1223 Niazuma av.Maln 2068 
Early Annie Mrs, res, 2231 4th av, n..Maln 2434 

Early H J, res, 3212 Glenn av Main 3232-J 

Early Robt, res, 1204 10th av, s Main 4638 

Earnest Cleve, res, 425 Gladys Bessmr 1086 

Earnest Geo S Mrs, r, 5203 1st av.. Wdlawn 249-W 
Earnest L T Mrs, r, 202 Fairfax av.. Bessmr 883 

Easley J L, res, 1623 Bradley Main 6546 

Eason J H, res, 208 S 62d Wdlawn 427 

Eason W T, res, 6115 1st av Wdlawn 398-J 

East B'ham Coal Co, 44th Wdlawn 119-J 

East B'ham Iron & Rfg Co, Am Tr bl. .Main 6961 

Plant, 4330 Av A Main 1593 

East Brighton Groc Co, 4100 Main. .. Bessmr 1149-W 


600 S 27th, 

Prescription Department Main 348 

Office Main 348 

Pay Sta Main 9185 

East End Groc Co, 601 S 27th Main 4668 

East Fritz, res, 2317 20th Ensley 235-W 

East Lake Park, East Lake Wdlawn 880 

East Lake School Bldg, East Lake.. Wdlawn 1106 

East Pratt Coal Co, Woodward bl Main 815 

East W O, res, 412 Hunter Ensley 1285- J 

Eastburn Baxter M,r,316 Prnctn av..W End 708-J 

Easter M L Mrs, res, 2225 Av I Main 6999 

Easterby F C, bldg sup, B-M bl Main 8974 

Easteriing E H, res, 1113 Tusc av W End 906-J 

Eastes D T, res, 2515 12th av Bessmr 442-W 

Eastham Hood, r, 1728 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 862-J 
Eastham H C Mrs, res, 

1928 St Louis av Bessmr 604-J 

Eastis W F, res, 730 N 41st Main 3813 

Eastwood A C Mrs, r, 1120 Crescent av.Maln 3137 
Eatman A C Mrs, r, 2319 llth av, n...Maln 2192-J 

Eaton Linnette A, res, 1705 Av G Main 6270-J 

Eaves C V Mrs, res, 1112 Elm Main 3264 

Eaves Geo Rev, ofc, 308 N 21st Main 2071 

Ebaugh Jno L, res, 3508 Cliff rd Main 1331 

Ebbert S C, res, 1737 llth av. a Main 9430-W 

Eberhart Bartow, res, 1225 N 24th Main 6442-W 

Ebersole C D, res, 2819 Pine av Main 2039-J 

Ebinger S A Rev, res, 1612 Tusc av. . W End 394-J 

Eborn B F Mrs, res, 626 S 84th Main 8734 

Eborn Realty Co, ofc, Empire bl Main 8173 

Eccles Alice Miss, res, 415% 22nd Ensley 1207-W 

Echols D A, res, 1747 30th Ensley 195 

Echols H L, res, 1112 2nd av W End 280-W 

Echols J F, res, 1801 30th Ensley 1375-W 

Echols Mary, res, 124 S 22nd Bessmr 750 

Echols Robt Rev, res, 700 8th av, w Main 7639 

Echols Wm Graham Rev, 

Res, 3801 5th av, s Main 8342-W 

Echols W J, res, 412 N 16th ...Main 910 

Echols & Angwin, udtkrs, 1712 Av F. Ensley 106 
Echols & Strong, undtkrs, 400 N 15th.. Main 1618 
Eckerle Chas E Mrs,r,509 Cotton av..W End 917 
Economu Victor, r, Whitfield Apts Main 2025- J 


SERVICE maui lw * 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gachrist-Tarranl BE * 

Mam 469 

Economy Drug Sundry Co, whol, 

104 N 19th Main 9596 

Economy Meat Market, 1602 6th av, n..Main 4830 
Eddens S J, res, 1215 Steiner av..W End 727- J 
Eddleman W F Mrs, r, 1921 Park av...Main 797-W 

Eddy Ida Mrs, r, 2125 Pike av Ensley 632-J 

Eddy J H, res, 1618 15th av, s Main 1306 

Edge C E, res, 2112 Av I Ensley 1237-W 

Edison Benzol Plant,ofc,Wdwrd,Ala. . Bessmr 337-J 

Plant, Wdwrd, Ala Bessmr 337-W 

Edmndson E L Dr, res, 

3915 Huntsville av Bessmr 583-W 

Edmonds Henry M,r,1048 S 31st Main 2947 

Edmonds W C, res, 717 Hall av Bessmr 1027-W 

Edmondson D C Rev, r, Rosedale Main 5557-J 

Edmondson J H, r, 2130 7th av, n Main 8983 • 

Edmondson John H Dr, res, 

1717 13th av, s Main 5822 

Edmonson Jno H Dr, ofc, Empire bl-.Main 3647 


5400 1st av Wdlawn 174 

5400 1st av Wdlawn 703 

Edmundson D Lee, res, Harli Court. ... Main 6745-J 
Edmundson Lacey, res. 605 16th. ... Bessmr 1076 
Edmundson Laura T Mrs, res, 

4023 Huntsville av Bessmr 841-W 

Edmundson-Randle Drug Co, 

531 S 16th Bessmr 53 

Educational Exchange Co, Title bl Main 1821 

Edwards Aubrey, res, 1135 S 14th Main 6672 

Edwards A J Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 455 

Edwards B L, res, 1220 S 15th Main 7406-W 

Edwards B P O, ins, 2121^ 1st av Main 1297 

Edwards Bicycle Store, 419 N 19th Main 4128 

Edwards C E,rl est&ins,221% N 19th... Main 1475 

Edwards C E, res, 1112 S 13th Main 3954 

Edwards Chas L T, res, 1S15 Pike a.v. Ensley 806-J 

Edwards E L, res, 1211 N 24th Main 4477 

Edwards F M Mrs, res, 1104 S 14th Main 6578 

Edwards G B, lbr&coal,517 N 20th.. Bessmr 115 
Edwards G D, gen mds, 6228 2d av, s Wdlawn 52 

Edwards G W, res, 73 Vine, P C Ensley 287 

Edwards Hotel, 304 N 17th Main 1566 

Edwards H B Mrs, res, Brighton. ... Bessmr 97-J 
Edwards Jessie Mrs,r,1101 Arkdlpha rd.Main 8506-J 
Edwards Jas A, res, 1627 12th av, n..Main 6072 
Edwards J H, res, 2126 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 1054 
Edwards J I, res, 2234 Dartmouth av. Bessmr 822-W 

Edwards Motor Co, ofc, 800 19th Ensley 1322 

Edwards Motor Co, 213 S 21st Main 4045 

Edwards M E, res, 1507 Pike av Ensley 797-W 

Edwards R L Jr, res, 5010 3rd av, n. Wdlawn 922 
Edwards R L Sr, res, 506 Tusc av. . . . W End 479-J 
Edwards-White Drug Co, Brghtn, Al. Bessmr 97-W 

Edwards W J, res, 1322 N 24th Main 3557 

Edwards W T, atty, 1st N B Main 7646 

Edwards W T, r, 1806 14th av, n Main 4878 

Edwards Z B, res, 1416 25th, n Main 3512-W 

Edwards & Barham Loan Co, 

206% N 20th Main 2578 

Egger V If, res, 3915 Ave D Main 8736 

Ehlbert Jacob, res, 1S06 Ave I Main 1987-W 

Ehlers O D, res, 1807 14th av, n Main 4669 

Ehrhardt C F, res, 5405 1st av Wdlawn 218-J 

Ehrhart J F. harness, etc, 1729 2d av...Main 652 

Ehrhart J F Mrs, r, 1112 N 31st Main 4163-W 

Ehrman R H, res. 14 1 4 S 13th av Main 4266-J 

Eichel Edwin A. ofc, B-M bl Main 6883 

Eichel & Co, plmbg sup, B-M bl Main 6883 


Ofc, 123 S 2lst Main 81 

Eiland B H. res. 224 Sarah av Main 6733-J 

Eiseman Mark B, jwlr, Am Tr bl Main 3564 

Eiseman Mark B, r, 1438 Milner Cres..Main 1806 

Elaborated Roofing Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 6850 

Eldredge F F, res, 1003 S 10th av Main 4304-J 

Main 223 

Electrical 4i2NmhSt - 



Ambulance Ssrvlce flj. | UUZ 

Electric Blue Prtg Co, Wdwrd bl Main 2600 

Electric City Loan & Pledge Co, 

108 N 20th Main 490 

Electric Controller & Mfg Co, B-M bl...Main 4972 
Electric Garage & Repair Co, ofc, 

2018^ Ave B Main 5092 


2104 1st av Main 134S 

Electrical Repair & Service Co, 

1927 Ave A Main 5666 

Elgin Mae Mrs, r, 1811 5th av, n Main 2717 

Elite Pressing Club, 2722 Ave G Main 4744 

Elkourie H A Dr.ofc.Wdward bl Main 1754 

Elkourie H A Dr, r, 347 Floral Pk. . Wdlawn 150 

Elks Club, 2007 Ave D Ensley 221 

Elks Hall, 2104 N 19th Bessmr 405 

Elk's Hall, 1830 8th av Main 1311 

Ellard Coy, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 1155 

Ellard Eugene, conf, 7634 &t av Wdlawn 1014 

Ellard Gus, res, 122 S 63rd Wdlawn 1115 

Ellard J A Dr, dntst, 1st N B bl Main 1419 

Ellard J A Dr, res, 117 N 77th Wdlawn 1424-J 

Ellard S F Mrs, r, 4112 4th av, s Main 8657-W 

Ellard W W, r, 6615 Walker av Wdlawn 1109-J 

Ellard W W, res, 4805 1st av Wdlawn 667 

Elledge W P, res, 1025 N 17th Main 6618-J 

Elliott A A, res, 533 Randolph av W End 267-J 

Elliott A E, res, 5920 Granlav Wdlawn 899-W 

Elliott A F, res, Hilltop Station Ensley 209-J 

Elliott B H, res, 1618 S 14th av Main 4674 

Elliott Exam, res, 1416 S. 17th Main 2207-J 

Elliott-Fisher Co, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3886 

Elliott Joe, res, 1303 N 24th Main 5537 

Elliott Jas B, res, 1526 N 20th Main 2743-J 

Elliott J J, res, 900 S 13th Main 1887 

Elliott J M, res, 311 N Elyton W End 902-W 

Elliott J T, res, 2117 Sth av, n Main 7061 

Elliott Lena H, res, 2703 Ave D Main 6720-J 

Elliott R H, civil engr. Potter bl Main 590 

Elliott R H, res, 1301 S fist Main 4479-W 

Elliott R P, blksmith, 1520 2d av, n...Main 6534 

Ellis Alonzo, r, 7925 Undwd av Wdlawn 1041-W 

Ellis Andrew, res, 1725 Jeff av Ensley 1044-W 

Ellis A A Mrs, res, 209*6 N" 22nd Main 1939 

Ellis Charlotte, res, 2321 Av I Ensley 1485-W 

Ellis C C, res, 1203 1st av W End 583 

Ellis E C, res, 1106 1st av W End 135-J 

Ellis E E, res, 4004 Lakeview av Main 8486-W 

Ellis E W, res, 1310 Tusc av W End 147 

Ellis Frank F, res, 1015 S 30th Main 6632-W 

Ellis Prank M Mrs, r, 2216 llth av.. Bessmr 556-J 
Ellis G C, res, 4215 4th av, s Main 8318-J 


Drugs, 201 S Spring Main 2756 

Ellis Hugh H. atty, Farley bl Main 1434 

Ellis Hugh H, res, 1401 N 31st Main 8552-J 

Ellis Jewelry Co, 1S24 Av E Ensley 1427 

Ellis Jewelry Co, 1909 Ave E Ensley 367 

Musir Store, 1909 Av E Ensley 367 

Ellis J D Mrs, res, 4211 4th av, s Main 6576-J 

Ellis J E Investment Co, Am Tr bl Main 7084 

Ellis John E, res, 3115 15th av, n Main 6344-J 

Ellis Joe L, res, 119 Eubanks Main 8152 

Ellis Jesse W. res, 1630 14th av, n....Maln 5759-W 

Ellis Perkins, res. 1016 Sycamore Main 4021 

Ellis R H, res, 1206 4th av, n Main 7783-J 

Ellis R L Mrs, res, 322 38th Ensley 1166-W 

Bills Thos, res, 1238 Iroquois Main 4748-W 

Ellis W C, res, 1625 10th av, s Main 4296-J 

Ellis W M, res, 1114 N 24th Main 7910 

Ellis W W, res, 2622 Av P Ensley 428-W 

Ellis & Matthews, attys, Farley bl Main 1434 

Ellison C D, res, 7014 1st av Wdlawn 130-W 

Ellison C S. res, 2703 Av G Main 7960-J 

Ellison J W, res, 1208 Chas Main 2856-W 

Ellzey Mary L Mrs, res, 2422 Ave G. . Ensley 423-J 

Hahn-Foreman C oSiTel. 1951 

Peck- Williamson Pipeless Furnaces 1905 Ave. B 

• » 



•Indicates P. B. Exchangl 

rndlcates P. B. Exchange 










^.ffi^Mri. 769 
Funeral Director Main 4862 


753 • 


Montevallo rd, 

Office W End 

Supts Res, 019 Cotton av W End 


Greenhouse & Nursery W End 

Tutwiler Store, 425 N 20th Main 

Ely J O, res, 1618 11th av, s Mal» 6423-J 

Ely & Walker Dry Gds Co.whl.C of M..Maln 218 


Ofc, 2nd' av Main 3355 

Elyton Motor Co, 103 Tusc av Main 5245 

Embrey J N, res, Ridgely Apts Main 7151 

Embry Amelia M Mrs,r,1637 11th av,s..Main 3068 

Embry J R, res, 221 1st av Main 6008 

Emerson Shoe Co, 208 N 20th Main 233 

Emerson S R Rev, res, 102 Walnut... W End 226-W 

Emery W T, res, 717 S 12th Main 6394 

Emmal Frank, res, 2710 Av G Ensley 990 

Emmal W S, res, 2612 Ave H Ensley 243 

Emmerson G H, res, 1214 S 15th Main 9349-J 

Emmerson Ray J, atty, B-M bl Main 1521 

Emmerson Ray J, res, 1301 Phelan Main 4637-J 

Emond Fay Miss, r, 1116 N 16th Main 904-J 

Emond Robt A, res, 710 S 28th Main 8480 

Emond R L, gro, 1040 N 19th Main 428 

1040 N 19th Main 1391 

Emond W B, res, 1124 N 26th Main 4142 


Grocers, 2231 Magnolia av Main 6110 

Magnolia Pt Main 6113 

Magnolia av Main 6111 

2235 Magnolia av Main 6112 

Emond W B & Son,groc,2235 Mgnlia. . . Main 6112 

Empire Audit Co, Am Tr bl Main 1024 

Empire Building, supt's ofc, Emp bl...Maln 275 

Empire Clothing Co, 316 N 20th Main 1666 

Empire Coal Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 867 


Ofc. 501 S 25th Main 862 


Main Office, 601 S 25th y . Main 510 

Yard No 2, 23d, s Main 862 

• EMPIRE HOTEL, ofc, 22d Main 7051 

Empire Jewelry & Novelty Co, 

2212 1st av Main 8050 


Ofc, 430 S 19th Main 225 

1819 2nd av. n Main 170 

Empire Leather Co, 1711 3rd av, n Main 1942 

Empire Loan Co, 1801*4 2nd av Main 4378 

Empire Paint & Contg Co, Steiner bl...Main 4209 

Empire Pedic Parlor, Empire bl Main 8396 

Employees Loan Society, ofc. Lyric bL.Main 6376 

Employment Office, 206 N 26th Main 2772 

Endres Harry, r, 4519% Gary av Ensley 808-J 

Engel Irving M, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 51 

Engel M P, res, 1131 S 13th Main 7694-J 

Engelhardt F C. res, 1316 Warsaw Main 5298-W 

Engle J H, res, 1305 13th av. n Main 3602-W 

English Thos A, r, By-Prod Clb Use.. Ensley 284-W 

English Tom P, r, 7416 3d av Wdlawn 1054-W 

Enneking W F, res, 1405 N 33rd Main 6712-W 

Ensey I R, barber shop. 112 N 19th.... Main 2711 

Ensey I R, res, 146 N 51st Wdlawn 1206-J / 

Enslen E F, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4174 

Enslen E F, res, 2737 Highland av Main 2953-W 

Enslen Fred E, res, Roebuck Spgs.. Wdlawn 1318-W 
Enslen Realty & Insurance Co. ofc, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4174 

Enslen S C, res, 515 S 54th Wdlawn 584 

Ensley Auto Service Co. 1S:>4 Av F.. Ensley 393 


717 19th 



Ensley 731 


Ambulance Sstvlce R.IUUZ 

Ensley Clothing Co, 1927 2nd av Bessmr 412 

Ensley Clothing Co, 311 19th Ensley 1179 

Ensley Coal Co, ofc, Ave B Ensley 3 

Ensley Co, r_eal estate, 415 19th Ensley 4 

Ensley Enterprise, 2109 3rd av Main 6042 

Ensley-Fairfleld Laundry Co, 

1917 Ave E Ensley 432 

Ensley Fire Dept, 2100 Ave E Ensley 20 

Ensley Hdw Co, ofc, 819 19th Ensley 890 

Ensley Highland Pharmacy, 

2320 Ensley av Ensley 173 


1725 Ave F Ensley 1461 

Ensley Land Co, 1820 Av C Ensley 25 

Ensley Loan Co, 301 19th Ensley 574 

Ensley Lumber Co, 2300 Ave B Ensley 747 

Ensley Mattress Co,fctry,1906 Ave C Ensley 1056 

Ensley Motor Co, 1922 Av E Ensley 640 

Ensley Sheet Metal Works, 513 20th.. Ensley 1481 


1808 Av F, 

Ofc, 3000 Av B.\ Ensley 365 

Transfer Dept Ensley 57 

Building Supply Dept Ensley 62 

Enterprise Engraving Co,2120% 1st av.Maln 6950 

Entrekin E W, r, 5606 5th av, s Wdlawn 395 

Entriken W L, r, 2216 Terrace Pk... Ensley 290-J 

Epperson W F, res, 1301 23d av Ensley 558.W 

Epstein Ellis, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6837 

Equitable Life Assurance Soc, B-M bL.Main 803 

Erben B E, groc, 2202 Av F Main 2003 

Erckert Edgar A, billd hall, 118 S 41st.. Main 5254 

Erckert Gene, res, 2505 6th av, n Main 3219-J 

Erckert Sam, res, 2318 6th av, n Main 5232 

Erckerfs Barber Shop, 106 N 20th Main 1299 

Erdreich II K, r, 1007 Crescent av Main 1146- J 

Erickson Albert, res, 215 N 47th Wdlawn 813 

Erickson Chas, res, 1518 Hayes Main 8068-W 

Erickson E W, res, 1424 Fountain av..Maln 3530-J 
Erikson E J, res, 830 Hillside Dr. ..Ensley 1470-W 

Erlick Philip, res, 1912 6th av Bessmr 1048 

Erlick Sam, r, 1701 Clarendon av Bessmr 777 

Erlick & Lefkovits.d gds,1914 2d av.. Bessmr 703 

Erwin Baxter W, res, 1405 S 14th Main 2004-W 

Erwin E B, res, 1605 14th av, s Main 4920-J 

Erwin F L, res, 800 Huntsville av.. Wdlawn 1252-J 

Erwin H M, res, 1216 N 26th Main 9594 

Esdale C C, res, 1429 Louise Main 1172 

Esdale James, atty, 1st Nat Bk Main 3586 

Eshelman E H, res, 1431 25th, n Main 4193 

Eskew Mary Miss, r, 417 Emma av...Maln 8555 

Essig E H Mrs, res, 417 S 54th Wdlawn 798 

Essig & Busenlehner,bkry,411 N 14th.. Main 6236 

Estes Claude H, res, 1430 S Cullom Main 4889-W 

Estes Chas R, res, 923 S 18th Main 5644 

Estes C W, res, 1511 10th av, s Main 7358-W 

Estes Hortense Miss, r, 1084 S 20th... Main 5230-J 

Estes J A, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 882- W 

Estes J R, ofc, 306 N 26th Main 2772 

Estes Joseph R, res, 2200 14th av, s Main 6259 

Estes J W, res, 4022 Huntsv av Bessmr 1091-W 


2612 28th av, n. 

Main Yard Main 4055 

W Thornton Estes, Pres&Audtg Dpt.Maln 4057 


Woodlawn Yard, 115 S 52nd. f. .Wdlawn 188 


Woodward bl Main 955 

Claude H Estes, ofc, Wdward bl Main 955 

Tom G Estes, ofc, Wdward bl Main 955 

Estes W G, res, 1400 S 19th Main 5202 

Estes W Thornton,r,2219 Rdg Pk av..Maln 2007 

Estes & Jones. Trotter bl Bessmr 193 

Estogk Julia Miss, r, 4312 5th av Ensley 212-W 




Office &\M>«ks -n ^ At* s~ 
fairfjeld^aia. Ihe jj&tffcglT Company^ 

TCL. ENSLEY 40O •■P ,P ^ ^^jf^ 


Htchison M F, res, 1200 3rd av W End 256 

Ethridge P L, res, Hamilton Sta Ensley 115-J 

Eubank A Dr, dent, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 130 

Eubank A Dr, res, 200 2d av Main 1634 

Eubank A H, res, 2329 Bess Blvd Ensley 1208-W 

Eubank Geo Dr, dntst, 1st N B bl...Maln 1058 

Eubank Geo Dr, res, Harli Court Main 6745-W 

Eubank J H, res, 2117 Ave G Ensley 608-J 

Eubank Peyton A, ofc, 509 19th Ensley 456 

Eubank Peyton A, res, 2300 Park av.. Ensley 522 

Eubank R C, res, 2408 Bess Blvd Ensley 534-J 

Eubank W S, res, 200 Sarah av Main 4633-W 

Eubank & Bell, rl est, 409.19th Ensley 456 

Eubanks, Morefield & Bryan Drs, dntsts, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 130 

Eureka Broom Mfg Co, 1226 N Joseph.. Main 6490 

Eureka Coal Co, B-M bl Main 944 

Eva/is A H, plbg&wirg,1919 Ave E Ensley 6 

Evans A H Mrs, res, 2012 Ave F Ensley 978- W 

Evans Basil E', res, 720 Center Main 2900-J 

Evans Basil E, r, 1216 Maple wood av..Maln 9530- J 
Evans Bros Const Co.contrs,2312 Av F.Maln 1262 

Evans C T, res, 922 Georgia av Main 753 

Evans D F, res, 1430 S 18th Main 4017 

Evans E B, res, 1114 S 18th Main 8277 

Evans E G, resv 1516 N 31st Main 3832 

Evans Fred Mrs, r, 3901 39th av, n Main 9470-J 

Evans Frank V, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 3992 

Evans Frank V, res, 2916 Juniper av..Main 7853 

Evans Gip M, res, 5707 2nd av, s Wdlawn 509-W 

Evans G R, res, 108 Lewis Wdlawn. 1450-W 

Evans H, res, 601 S 32nd Main 7279 

Evans H H, res, 1020 S 18th Main 4187-W 

Evans Julia, res, 2513 4th av Main. 1963-J 

Evans Jno F, res, 831 S 15th Main 6288 

Evans J L, res, 2811 Av C Ensley 1218-W 

Evans John P, res, 1927 16th av, s Main 2796-J 

Evans J S Mrs, res, 1320 N 24th Main 6742- j 

Evans K L, res, 1825 8th av Bessmr 733-W 

Evans M A Mrs, res, 715 S 2lst Main 4805 

Evans Mary Ella, res, 1912 5th av... Bessmr 893-W 
Evans Theresa H Mrs,r,8500 2d av.. Wdlawn 544-W 

Evans T W, res, 527 N 23rd Main 478 

Evans Virgil V, Dixie Field W End 45 

Evans W B, res, 1611 N 14th av Main 8843 

Evans W D, res, 1913 Ave F Ensley 1002-W 

Evans W H, res, 920 Joseph Main 6925-W 

Evans W L Mrs, r, 8534 Walker av. Wdlawn 507-W 

Evans W M. res, 1157 11th av. s Main 6082-W 

Evansville Packing Co, 2131 Morris av..Maln 5227 

Everett C C, res, 1623 Ave I Ensley 1225-J 

Everett C J. res, 7514 Undrwd av Wdlawn 1189-J 

Everett H P, res, 710% S 28th Main 4746 

Everett Wm Blanks, ofc, Ch of Com bl.Maln 25 

Everett W Iff, res, 1140 S 12th Main 5135-J 

Everltt W P, res, 812 N 48th Wdlawn 775-J 

Evlns E E, res, 5020 Grand av Wdlawn 337-W 

Evins L S, res, 400 St Chas av W End 216 

Ewald William, res, 1201 Cotton av..W End 734 

Ewart W E, res, 1227 Va av Main 8256-W 

Ewing C A, res, 2508 18th Ensley 93-J 

Ewing D G, atty, Steiner bl Main 4412 

Ewing D G, res. 1709 10th av, s Ma<n 3661 

Ewing Robert W. res, 1021 S 30th Main 2349 

Ewing S F, res, 9J9 Glenn Iris av Main 1907-W 


1807 2nd av Main 5312 

Exchange Auto Shop, 112 N 24th Main 5059 

Exchange Hotel, 7 N 20th Main 5672 

Pay station, 7 N 20th Main 9187 

Exclusive Distributors Corp, 417 S 21st. Main 1715 


Office, 1608 2d av Main 3768 

Expert Prospecting & Development Co, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6877 

Exum Culpepper, res, 2913 Hghld av Main 3047 

. • 

Bishopric glsssii Platter Board 

WITTICHEN— 12 So. 20th St.— MAIN 8500 


A nbulanci Stivlc? Iff. I 002 

Ezell A T, res, 1850 Pike av Ensley 1462 

Ezell A T Drug Co, 1701 Ave E Ensley 500 

Ezell B L, res, 802 Fairfax av Bessmr 1051-J 

Ezell Drug Co, 1701 Ave E Ensley 1422 

Ezell J R, res, 1409 10th av, s Main 4645 

Ezelle R L, res, 2810 Cypress av Main 6918-J 

Ezzell W O, res, 302 S 54th Wdlawn 433-J 


Fabian I L. res, 1000 S 28th Main 1808 

Fadely L W, res, 6100 2nd av, s Wdlawn 595 

Fahey M 1 J, res, 1125 N 30th Main 6517-J 

Fain J W, r e&ins, 2107 3d av, n Main 6042 

Fain J W, res, 1211 N 32nd r. .Main 2853 

Fair A V, res. 3540 N 28th Main 7914-W 

Fairbairn C T, res, Thomas, Ala Main 6457 


2217 2nd av, n Main 6826 

Mgrs ofc Main 2417 

Faircloth D F, rl est, Field bl Ensley 1081 

Faircloth, D F, res, 2004 26th Ensley 91 

Fairfax H H Dr, dntst, 1905 2d av, n..Maln 266 

Fairfield Bakery, 5312 Gary av Ensley 325-W 

Fairfield Groc & Drug* Co, 5110 Gary av.Ensley 1028-W 
Fairfield Ice & Fuel Co, ofc, 

5208 Commerce av Ensley 1318-W 

Fairfield Land Co, ofc, 7 S Plaza Ensley 198 

Fairfield Lumber & Coal Co, ofc, 

5000 Commerce av Ensley 543 

Fairfield Motor Co, ofc, 5117 Gary av. .Ensley' 1340 
Fairfield Tailoring Co, 4602 Gary av.. Ensley 1353 

Fairley A L, res, 3415 Hgland av Main 6951-J 

Fairyland Park, ofc, 2000 1st av Bessmr 310 

Falk M L. res, 2503 Bay av Main 3896 

Falkner C E, loans, 112 19th Bessmr 21 

Falkner C E, res, Four Oaks Bessmr 635 

Falkner E, res, 3615 5th av, s Main 9451-J 

Falkner J B, res, 4918 10th av, n Wdlawn 104-W 

Falkner J R. res, 1915 Av D Ensley 1227-W 

Falkner J S, res, 2110 Park av Ensley 459-W 

FaTks J D Rev, res, R F D 2 Wdlawn 8502 

Falls H J. res, 1001 S 28th • Main 919 

Fancher A C, res, 1726 Cotton av W End 258 

Fancher II Mrs. res, 804 S 20th Main 7311 

Fancher Wm A, res. 7516 2nd av, n.. Wdlawn 818-J 
Farabee Mary E Mrs, res, 

5236 1st av, n Wdlawn 131-W 

Faries Bros.groc&mt mkt,810 S 15th Main 193 

Faris E C, res, 7201 Walker av Wdlawn 1352 

Fariss Anna L Miss, r, 1428 N 29th Main 6682- W 

Fariss W A, res, 1222 Tusc av W End 623-J 

Farletta Tony, r, 2720 21st av, n Main 5989-J 

Farley A J Dr, res, Irondale Wdlawn 1120-W 

Farley H L, res, 1526 10th av, s Main 4460-J 

Farmer Jno Mrs, res, 1004 S 12th Main 3682 

Farmer J M. r, 2307 Hwthrne av Ensley 1130-W 

Farmer J W, res, 1800 7th av, n Main 4503-W 

Farmer W M, res, 1224 N 32nd Main 6823-J 

Farmer & Cannon, jwlrs. til X 20th.. Main 8592 
Farmers & Ginners Ctn Oil Co,7oo Av F.Main 1017 

Farnum Chas E, res, 1415 Louise Main 3815-J 

Farr J E, res, 109 S Pearl W End 218-J 

Farr J H, res, 308 Main Bessmr 588-W 

Farr M A Mrs, res, 821 Tusc av W End 416 

Farr Talmage P. res, 1311 Cotton av..W End 794-W 

Farrar S C, res. 2 1 N Vine W End 397-W 

Farrar W C Dr, r, 120 N Halstead . Wdlawn 177 

Farrell Belle Miss, r, 2230 Av F Main 3945 

Farrell'Jno B, res, 6 College W End 481-J 

Farrendella John, p s, 431 19th Bessmr 9187 

Farrendella John, res, 431 19th Bessmr 272 

Farrlngton J E, res, 2121 Av G Ensley 550-J 

Farrington J W, res, 1316 N 24th Main 2475-W 

Farris J C. res, 1818 Berkley av Bessmr 722-J 

Fason J C Dr, dntst, Emp bl Main 48 

Fason J C Dr, res, 5422 2nd av, s Wdlawn 491 

Faulk Chas, res, 716 Princeton av W End 663 

Main 223 ElGCtTlC&l ** 2 * 19th St 


• • 




Main • 0355 
Main . . %S5 
Main • . 134 
Eniloy . 1477 

Faulkner Asa, res, 1122 N 30th Main 6554-W 

Faulkner J A, res, 4218 2d av, s Main 3903-J 

Faulkner Kathleen Miss,r,3814 Clmnt av.Main 4448-W 

Faulkner L C, res, 1705 Tusc av W End 939 

Faulkner Olean Miss,r,3618 Willms. . Bessmp 179-J 

Faulkner W H, res, 1437 N 20th Main 5865-W 

Faulkners Novelty Shop, 

313 N 20th Main 7993 

313 N 20th Main 9151 

Faull Richard, res, Reeders Bessmr 172 

Faull W T, res, 2016 2Gth av Ensley 1317 

Faultless Furniture Co, 1802 Ave F. ..Main 3789 

Faust Cafe, 212 N 20th Main 5977 

Fearn E P, res, 1307 S 17th Main 8021-W 

Fearn & Co, mdse brkrs, 603 S 22nd.. Main 6531 

Feaster A T, res, 1311 4th av, n W End 363 

Featherston J W, res, 901 Ala av Main 7039 

Federal Board for Vocational Education, 

Chamber of Commerce Main 8798 

Federal Casualty Co, ins, Lyric bl Main 7813 

Federal Motor Truck & Trailor Co, 

301 B Slat Main 489 

Federal Reserve Bank, Jeff Co Bk bL.Maln 1012 
Federal Sign System, elec, 

2113 3rd av, n Main 137 

2113 3rd av, n Main 54^ 

Federal System of Bakeries, 110 N 21st. Main 3243 
Federal System of Bakeries, J C B bL.Main 5151 
Feidelson D T, res, 1336 14th av, s....Main 8057-W 

Fein M, res, 1700 S 12th Main 4543-J 

Feinberg Mayer, res, 1609 8th av, n....Main 8660-J 

Feinstone S N, res, 1525 S 15th av Main 4809-J 

Felder Jas T. res, 1301 S 17th Main 8021-J 

Feldstein J, res, 1620 15th av, s Main 1131 

Felise F, groc, 2225 5th av, n Main 8404 

Felix G J, res-, 1008 Bush Blvd W End 78-W 

Felknor Geo E. res, 1700 12th av, s. .. .Main 3848- J 
Fe Dora C Mrs, r. 1306 Huntsv av...Main 5788-J 

Fe Rufus C, res, 1300 Huntsa vv Main 8775-J 

Felheimer Simon, res, 2133 16th av, s..Maln 7975-J 
Felt & Tarrant Mfg Co, add men, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Ma | n gg 3 £ 

Feltham A E Mrs. r, 215 Louise av Main 2274 

Feltus Bros Wall Ppr Co, 1815 4th av.n. .Main 5661 

Fenn J T res, Huffman Wdlawn 1411-W 

Fennell J A, res, 6001 4th a v, s Wdlawn 506-J 

?!!!♦ " T E ^ M * reS ' 822 S 20th M a'n 5198 

Fenton J T, res. 1516 N 26th Main 4308-W 

Ferga. is Nick, res. 300 N 14th Main 3228 

Fergadis Nick, res, 515 N 17th Main 8806 

Ferguson C W, res. 1006 Eula Main 2219-J 

Ferguson F H, res. 205 N 60th Wdlawn 696 

Ferguson Hill, r, 4243 Altamont rd....Main 5526-J 

Ferguson J B. res. 1106 Cotton av...W End 368-W 

Ferguson J C, res. 1915 22d av Ensley 882-W 

Ferguson Jno L. res. 1103 N 2sth Main 5106-W 

Ferguson Leo B Mrs, r, 1202 N 26th... Main 8312 

Ferguson Millinery Co, 2915 N 27th.... Main 6153 

Ferguson M W. res. Edgwood Main 7202-W 

Ferguson Onie Mae Miss, res, 

2335 16th Crt Enslev 10*5 J 

Ferguson Sallie Miss. r. 30s N 40th. Wdlawn 148-W 

Ferleman WE, res. 121 Edmond. .. .Wdlawn 952-J 

Ferlise Joe, res. Vanderbilt Sta Main 6821-w 

Ferrell C Clifton Mrs. res. 2316 Orng av.Main 6147 

Ferre aJ, res. 522 Emmett Main 5652-W 

Ferrell J E. r. 1705 Hawkins av. s Main 4497 

Ferrell J H Dr, ofc, 138^ S 55th. . . .Wdlawn 623 

Ferrell J H Dr. res. ltlfl N 32nd Main 7569 

Ferr s W H furn, 2214 2nd av, n Main itlo 

Ferris W H, res. 820 11th av, s Main 5669 

Fetter C R, res. 301 S 80th Wdlawn 937 

S^ X ,y m „ M ' re , S> lf,S Davie s Wdlawn 588 

Fidelity Mutual Life Ins Co.ofc.B-M bl. . Main 5031 
Fidger Emma J Mrs.r,r,313 4th av.n. Wdlawn 223-W 

Field D L, res. 002 N 41st Main 4598-J 

5 6 K ».*?**" & Co - Ch of Tom Main 1258 

Field Richard H, res, 2912 Ave F. ...Ensley 588-W 


Ambulinct S«ivln« fl. | 00? 

. ..Main 6654-J 
. Ensley 136 
. Ensley 40 

Fields A P, res, 1026 Central. 
Fields E T Dr, phys, 1901% Av E. 
Fields E T Dr, res, 2500 Pike av. 


1825 Ave E Ensley 266 

Fields I H, res, 1611 Pike av EnsleJ 535-W 

Fields J E, res, 600 Princeton av W End 708-W 

Fields Louis H, res, 718 17th Ensley 1173-J 

Fields-Whaley Furn Co,ofc,105 S 20th. Main 3343 

Fies Eugene. stks&bds.Am Tr bl Main 6411 

Fies Eugene, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 6411 

Fies Eugene, res, 2214 14th av Main 1678 

Fies Eugene Sr, res, 110^ S 30th Main 920 

Fies M, res, 2212 Ave N Main 1679 

Fies Ralph, res, 2314 Hglnd av Main 1677 

Fies & Sons, gen ofc & sales dept, 

JK av ; Ma,n 952 

Ofc, 2nd av Main 3663 

Fifth A v Grocery, 2200 5th av ...Main 3696 

Fifth Av Hotel, ofc, 1629 5th av Main 6251 

Pay station, 1629 5th av Main 9192 

Fifty-sixth St Baptist Church, 

5600 1st av Wdlawn 68 

Figgatt R L, res, 2910 12th av, n Main 8026 

Fike D, res, 1923 5th av Bessmr 1125 

Finch Albert P, res, 1528 N 29th Main 5757-J 

Finch B W, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 2-J 

Finch E W, res, 1322 Glenn av Main 3232-W 

Finch Mattie Mrs, res, Rising Sta. ..W End 442-J 

Finch M K, res. Edgewood Main 6391-W 

Finch O S, res, 1100 12th, n Main 5415-W 

Pinch Realty Co. rl est, 106 B 77th.. Wdlawn 1042 

Finch Thomas, res, 2520 N 23d Main 7599-J 

Finch Waverly, res, 130 N 77th Wdlawn 1055-J 

Findley John Mrs, r, Levert Apts Main 4064 

Fink J A, res, 2117 Ave I Ensley 585-W 

Fink L C, res, 1808 6th av Bessmr 846 

Finley O A, res, 2529 17th Ensley 950-J 

Finley W A, res, 214 Pearl W End 759-W 

Finney Lee. res. 126 S 51st Wdlawn 1395 

Finney Myrtle Mrs, res, 908 S 13th.... Main 2019-W 
Finney T L, res, 1031 Glen Iris av....Main 5439 

Finocchio X, res, 2101 Carolina av Bessmr 789 

Fiorella C. res. 310 S 23rd Main 8830 J 

Fiorella Joe. res, 2S00 Ave F Main 6806-W 

Fiorella Mike, res, 824 S 23d Main 4208-W 

Fipps J D, res, 911 N 39th Main 2557-W 

Fire Dept Hdqrtrs. City Hall Main 545 

Fire Dept. Market av, PC Ensley 20 

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co,401 S 21st. .Main 3184 

Firpo G A, res, 1002 Wheeler Main 8122-W 

First Ave Coal & Lbr Co. 1st av.... Wdlawn 56 

First Av Drug Co. Inglenook Wdlawn 916 

First Bank of Fairfield, 4607 Gary av. Ensley 553 
First Methodist Church Sou,530 N 19th. Main 5728 

Pastor's study Main 572g 

Pastors res, 518 N 19th Main 8356 

Asso pastor's res, 1510 Allen Main 1389-J 


1st Nat Bank Main 3795 

First Natl Bank Bldg, ofc of agt Main 1817 

First Nat'l Barber Shop (p s),lst N B..Main 9243 
First Presbyt-rian Church.ofc.J C B bl. .Main 6047 

Fisch H W, res. 1117 N 28th Main 8822 

Fisch Wm, res, 1215 Milner Main 1154-J 

Fischbach J H, res, 1412 Berkly av. . .Bessmr 106O-J 

Fischer Irma R Miss, r, 1621 S 13th Main 3518-J 

Fish Brenton K, atty, 1st N B bl Main 51 

Fisher Adelaide Mrs, r, 629 N 12th Main 7664 

Fisher C, res, 314 Amy av Main 7598-W 

Fisher-Farmer Tailoring Co, 

1924 1st av Bessmr 784 

Fisher G H Dr, ofc. Empire bl Main 44 

Fisher G.H Dr, res. 2140 Elder av Ensley 780 

Fisher Jno A, res, 1004 Ala av Main 7823- J 

Fisher S E Mrs, res, 800 S 20th Main 3216-W 

Fisher's Hardware, 1812 Ave E Ensley 567 


"""sffiS^lhi. 769 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gilchrist-Tarrant K * 

Main 469 

Fisk Brenton K, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 389 

Fisk Cassie Miss, res, 7721 1st av... Wdlawn 636 


400 S 21st Main 871 

Fisk Teachers Agcy,ofc,Titl e Guar bl...Main 1821 

Fiske Chas A. res, 719 Parkway Ensley 1216-J 

Fit Rite Shoe Store, 1923 2nd av Main 5015 

Fitch Clarence E, res, 1101 S 81st.. Wdlawn 666 

Fite Fred, atty, Title Guar bl Main 5764 

Fitton W A, ofc, 9 S 20th Main 536 

Fitton W A, res, San Jose Apt Main 1745 

Fitz J A, res, 1420 Phelan Main 7849-J 

Fitzgerald Edwin, spl agt, Am Tr bl. . Main. 8281 

Fitzgerald Edwin, r, 1882 16th av, s Majn 5715 

Fitzgerald Lena Mrs.r.Sunnyside Sta.W End 219-W 
Fitzgerald Marie Miss, r, $27 N 52nd. Wdlawn 1343 

Fitzgerald W T, res, 1022 N 21st Main 2427-J 

Fitzpatrick A S, dntst, Rlty bl Bessmr 128 

Fitzpatrick A S Mrs, r, 171fi 4th av. Bessmr 1052 
Fitzpatrick C D Mrs.r/SlO Drtmh av. Bessmr 929-J 

Fitzpatrick G B, res, 111 S 51st Wdlawn 501-W 

Fitzpatrick J C. res, 1805 2Sth Ensley 1103-W 

Fitzpatrick J C, r, 1530 Bergley av.. Bessmr 764-W 
Fitzpatrick J W, res, 3010 Exeter av. . Bessmr 147-J 

Fitzpatrick L. C, res, 432 N 40th Main 7963-J 

Fitzpatrick T J, res, 1712 2nd av Bessmr 562-J 

Five Points Barber Shp & Prsg Co, 

1028 S 20th Main 4699 


Retail, Five Points, 

Prescription Department Main 925 

Prescription Department Main 3034 

Five Points Garage, 2012 Magnolia av..Main 3842 
Five Points Gro Co, 1924 11th av, s...Main 5872 
Five Points Shoe Shop & Press Club, 

1026 S 20th Main 1039 

Flanigan I B, res, 5026 2d av. n... Wdlawn 192 

Flautt J H, res, 1704 28th Ensley 484-J 

Fleck W E, res, 2315 26th av, n Main 3135-J 

Fleetwood H E, res, 1305 St Chas Main 9415 

Fleetwood & Hoeye, novelties, 

1128 N 32nd Main 3998 

Fleischmann Co, 603 N 19th Main 7588 

Fleisher J E, res. 1515 14th av. s Main 5748-W 

Fleming Charlie Mae Miss, res, 

204 N 53rd Wdlawn 598-J 

Fleming J Knox, res, 3025 Mountain av.M-ain 8861 

Fleming R F, res, 1129 N 11th Main 5415-J 

Fleming Sanitary Cake & Pie Co, 

1920 4th av. n Main 9571 

Flemming C C, res, 1115 St Chas Main 1651-W 

Flemming C C Jr. res, 4400 Ave E Main 4159-W 

Flemming Elizabeth Mrs, res, 

1621 12th av, s Main 4190 

Flemming H C, res, 1402 S 17th Main 4773-W 

Flenner J R, res, 1208 Beach Main 4234 

Fletcher John F, res, 1022 Crescent av.Main 2321 . 

Fletcher J L, res, 1114 S 1.3th av Main 1620-J 

Flewellen G H, groc, 617 Tusc av W End 240 

Flewellen G H, res, 630 Cotton av W End 195 

Flinn O F Mrs, res, 907 S 17th Main 3849-J 

Flint Motor Car Co. ofc. 2124 Av C Main 1438 

Flint W H, res, 1026V6 S 18th Main 6029 

Flippo D S Mrs, res, 426 N 51st Wdlawn 301-J 

Flora Geo, res. 1826 9th av Bessmr 790-W 

Flora Studio, 1916% 3d av Bessmr 83 

Florence Cleaning & Dye Wks,20SN lMh.Main 724 
• FLORENCE HOTEL, 2nd av Main 3785 

H I Barclay Main 3063 

Florence Sarah F Mrs,r,2331 10th av.s..Maln 4321-J 

Florence V V Dr, dent, Farley bl Main 1430 

Florence V V Dr, res, 1216 1st av....W End 114-W 

Florsheim Bootery, 203 N 19th Main 361 

Flower Irving N, res, 1332 N 16th Main 3765-W 

Flowers E D Mrs, res. 814 1st av Main 6373- J 

Flowers Fred G. res. 5504 4th av, s. . Wdlawn 357-J 
Flowers J M, res, 2104 Ave H Main 5404-W 


A.:khuUrvt Ssryue m.lOUZ 

Main 223 ElSCtftCSU 4t2N19th St. 


Flowers J Morgan, res, 600 N 18th.... Main 1089 

Floyd J B, res, 2156 Rose av Main 4053 

Floyd" M T Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 7072 

Floyd M T Dr, res, 3143 Norwood Blvd. Main 8804-J 

Floyd O M, res, 2181 Hghlnd av Main 9407-J 

Floyd S P, res, 1717 11th av, s Main 6162 

Floyd W R, res, 4831 2nd av, n Wdlawn 948-J 

Fluker J E, res, R F D No 2». Bessmr 8514 

Fluker J H, res, 717 6th av, n Main 8751 

Fluker Nellie, res, 413 9th av, n Main 3101-W 

Flummer D J, att>\ 1917^ Av E Ensley 1328 

Fly J J, res, 2029 Ave F Main 7886 

Flynn Ed, res, 1 15 §nd av Ensley 1286 

Fogarty Mamie Miss,r,1911 Huntsv av.Main 8615 

Foley J M, res, 2608 38th av, n Main 7180-J 

Foley Sam, undertaker, Pratt City. .. Ensley 313 

Foley Sam. res, 108 1st Ensley 1361 

Fontaine O P, res, 5002 1st av Wdlawn 351 

Fontille Ben, res, 343 3d, s, P C... Ensley 320-J 

Fontille Furn Co, 1714 Av E Ensley 1025 

Fontille Paul, res, 2212 Ave F Ensley 468-J 

Foote J H. res, 4731 7th av Wdlawn 338-J 

Forbes A G, res, 1026 S 18th Main 6853 

Forbes Brooks, r, 2320 Highland av....Maln 3990-J 

Forbes E E, res, 900 St Charles Main 2217-J 

Forbes E E Piano Co, 1909 3d av, 

General office Main 83 

Sales department Main 83 

Forbes E E & Sons, 1922 3rd av, n. 

Piano dept Main 3698 

Phonograph dept Main 3698 

Forbes M A Mrs, r, 1404 Cullom Main 5742-J 

Forbes Thomas, res, Dian Apts Main 7390 

Forbes W C, res, 1422 S Louise Main 8929-J 

Ford A M. res, 3400 29th Main 7914-J 

Ford Bros Realty & Ins Co.ofc.Stnr bl-.Maln 6174 

Ford C H, res, 1008 Montgomery Main 4105 

Ford C M. ret, 1103 12th av, s Main 847 

Ford Thas W, res. Shades Mt W End 742-W 

Ford Edith Miss, res, 12 Walnut W End 311-W 

Ford Eugene C, res, 1101 S 15th Mai 5052- J 

Ford Earl L, res, 14 06 Uth av, s Main 1825 

Ford E M Jr, res, 1607 13th av, s Main 3840 

Ford G M, res, 223 6Sth Place Wdlawn 945 

Ford H P. res. 1105 Cullom Mnin 8411 

Ford Joe, res, Woodward Bessmr 897- W 

Ford Jno J, res. 2319 Av II Ensley 1533-J 

Ford J M. ofc, Farley bl . Main 7563 

Ford L E, ofc, Farley bl ".....Main 7563 

Ford L L. Dept of Justice, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5107 


Ofc. Farley bl Main 124 

Ofc. Farley bl Main 7563 

Ford Phillip, res, 1519 3rd av Main 1941 

Ford-Reid Ins Agency, Steiner bl Main 6174 

Ford Thos C, res. 178 Mims W End 351 

Ford Winnie, res, 5th Ensley 90 

Ford W B, res, Ridgely Apts Main 2062 

Ford Young, res, 2015 15th av, n....Main 5865-J 

Fordyce M B Mrs, res, 916 S 20th Main 9373-W 

Foreman J D. res, 1601 14th av, ■....Main 5748-J 
Foreman W R, res, 1219 N 30th Main 6718 


Office, Cemetery Wdlawn 77 

Sexton's Office Wdlawn 652 

Manager's Resilience Wdlawn 1318-W 

Forest Willie Mae, res, 3130 Av G Main 4235-J 

Formal) J It. res. 1120 Elm Main 6482-J 

Forrest Augustus, r, 1018 Elm Main 1583 

Forrest Susie M, res, 820 Lomb av..W End 648-J 

Forshee H F, res, 2205 Park av Ensley 451-J 

Forshee Mamie, res, 2309 Ave C Ensley 1249-W 

Forst Louis, res, 3013 Mountain av....Main 8409 
Forst "Louis Shoe Co. 1007 2nd av. . . .Bessmr 343 
Forsyth A R, res. 27 44 Hanover Cir...Main 2972 
Forsythe W C. res, 7008 1st av, n.. Wdlawn 1071-W 


Sheet Metal Warn 1905 Ape. B— Telephone 195 



• Indicates P. B. Exchang 









LlULLUl Funeral Director Main 4862 

Fort Lula J Mrs, r, 1051 Caldwell Terr. Main 

Fort S B, res, 3009 20th av Ensley 

Fort William E, res, 2233 14th av, s...Main 
Fortenberry G N, res, 7020 1st av... Wdlawn 
Fortner O Prof, chiropodist, Emp bl....Maln 

Fortner O, res, 1013 S 20th Main 

Fortson Isabelle, res, 2812 N 29th av..Main 

Forward H R, res, 929 Ala Main 

Foshee W E, res, 700 Center Main 

Fossettip.M, res, 1125 N 17th Main 

Fossick T L, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl....Ma!n 

Fossick T Lester, res, 1112 S 19th Main 

Foster A, res, 625 N 16th. .' Main 

Foster A C Dr, osteopath, B-M bl...!Maln 

Foster A C Dr, res, Osceola Sta Ensley 

Foster Auto Repair Shop, 

Ofc, 112 S 55th Wdlawn 

Foster Chas L, 

Res, 4608 DeBardeleben av Ensley 

Foster E H Mrs, res, 1208 Beech Main 

Foster J B, res, 1431 15th av, s Main 

Foster J F, res, 1912 10th av, s Main 

Foster J H, res, Remar Apts Main 

Foster J M Mrs, r, 1931 St Louis av.Bessmr 
Foster J M Mrs, 

Res, 1931 St Louis av Bessmr 

Foster Jno "S Mrs, res, 3215 12th av, n..Maln 

Foster J Wade, res, 2716 37th av, n Main 

Foster P B, res, 425 Ann Ensley 

Foster Ruby Mrs, res, 2213 4th av, n..Main 

Foster R C, res, 1420 St Chas Main 

Foster R J, res, 370S 27th av Main 

Foster Sterling, res, 1313 Niazuma av..Main 

Foster T A, res, 1409 Tusc av W End 

Foster-Taylor Motor Co, 211 N 22nd Main 

Foster V C, res, 1018 Glen Iris av....Main 

Foster W B, res, 719 S 20th Main 

Foulkrod C C, res, Roebuck Terc. . Wdlawn 

Fountain Emma Mrs, r, 413 16th Bessmr 

Fountain E R, res. 1706 2d av Bessmr 

Fountain Heights Groc Co, 

1100 12th av, n Main 

Fountain N B Mrs, res. Mary Lee rd..Main 

Fournier Frank, res, 823 41st Ensley 

Fourth Av Shoe Hospital,1916 4th av.n.Main 

FowlerC E, res, 1204 S 15th.... Main 

Fowler F E, res, 1231 nth av, s" Main 

Fowler H H, res, 2027 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 

Fowler R J res, 3717 Main Bessmr 

Fower W C, res, 2316 6th av, n Main 

Fowlkes C B Dr, dent. B-M bl Main 

Fowlkes F B, res, 2907 Highland av...Maln 
Fowlkes Henry S. res. 2707 loth av. s..Main 
Fowlkes H W, res, 3308 Cliff rd Main 


Ofc, B-M bl Main 354 

Fowlkes S P, res. 1830 12th av, s Main 6845 

Fowlkes Walter B, life ins, B-M bl....Main 2603 
Fowlkes Walter B. res. 2032 13th av. s.Maln 1549-W 


Chamber of Commerce Main 304 

Fox Bertram A Dr, res. 1700 S 21st Main 914 

Fox- Carl Dr, oculist, B-M bl Main 1647 

IFox Carl Dr. res, 1036 S 31st Main 1078 

Fox C M Mrs, res, 301 Louise av Main 2856-J 

Fox David J. res, 2176 Highland av Main 9525-W 

Fox Jno Mrs, res, 829 N 20th Main 4667 

Fox Louis J, clothing. 2210 2nd av Main 7809 

Fox Louis J. res, 1300 llth av, s Main 4294-J 

Fox R J, res, 2012 Hibernian av Ensley 316-J 

Fox W T, res, 1320 Niazuma Main 3247 

Foxboro Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 3843 

Frank E G Mrs, res, 1502 10th av, s Main 2516 

Frank H F. res. S30 S 20th Main 8298 

Frank W A Mrs, res. 612 N 17th Main 8234-J 

Franke W F, res, Waddell Main 6743-W 




367 - 


















Ambuhnci S««v!ce fl. I 00Z 

IONTAS ^^\^J»\L 



Frankel <fc Feldstein Clo Co, ofc, 

2131 1st av Main 5679 

Franklin A K Dr, dent, 1st Nat Bk bl. .Main 1444 
Franklin A K Dr, res, 5328 1st av.. Wdlawn 136- W 

Franklin C E, res, 2101 Av H Main 3081 

Franklin Coalmining Co,ofc,2200 Av E.Maln 309 

Franklin E B, res, 1639 llth av, s Main 5608-W 

Franklin Hugh, res, 3925 Cliff rd Main 3823 

Franklin John Mrs, res, 344 Powell.. W End 4} 
Franklin J A, res, 3409 Bess Blvd.. Ensley 1165-J 

Franklin Jas W, res, 1317 19th, n Main 924 

Franklin Life Ins Co, ofc, Farley bl Main 7086 

Franklin Printing Co, 2100 Morris av Main 6686 

Franklin, Stiles & Franklin, whol groc, 

2327 1st av. n Main 102 

2327 1st av, n * Main 686 

Franklin Theatre, 1817 Ave E Ensley 708 

Franklin Wm F, r. 3121 Nrwd Blvd Main 8713 

Franklin W M, res, 3851 Glnwd av Main 3929 

Franks E M, res, 118 N 73rd Wdlawn 221-J 

Franks J F, res. 3924 Ave D Main 9587 


Ave F, 

Greenhouse & Nursery W End 753 

Tutwiler Store, 425 N 20th '. . . . Main 447 

Manager's Res, Ave F & Mtv rd..W End 753 

Oliver W Fraser, res W End 753 

Frash E W, res, 1215 N 16th Main 4611 

Fraternal Hospital, 2430 llth av, n Main 432 

Nurses Home, "2516 llth av, n Main 5393 

Pay sta, 2430 llth av,,n Main »114 

Frawley W E, res, 1408 N 30th Main 4011-J 

Frazer A E Mrs, res, 1102 Tusc av W End 684-J 

Frazer E J, res, 1404 N 32nd Main 6677 

Frazer E W, res, 2708 12th av, n Main 2932-W 

Frazer Stuart H, atty, Am Tr bl Main 2230 

Frazer Stuart H, res, 1631 12th av, s..Main 8945 

Frazier Chas H, res, 1017 S 18th Main 4994-J 

Frazier E J, res, 1717% 3rd av Main 8988 

Frazier J D, res, 2104 Ave I. . . Ensley 301-J 

Frazier J E Dr, dntst, 1st N B bl Main 716 

Frazier J E Dr, res, 1720 12th av, s..Maln 1588 

Frazier Winnie Mrs, r, 105 Ave B Main 3418-W 

Fredrick C A Mrs, r, 1909 Av D Main 644-J 

Freedman J H, res, 1512 N llth av Main 3174 

Freeman A M Rev, res, 216 3rd W End 425-J 

Freeman A P, res, 2506 Ave I Ensley 903 

Freeman C B Mrs, res, 1010 N 30th Main 5379 

Freeman D T, res, 2117 7th av, n Main 4983 

Freeman FAB, res, Oak Crest Sta.. Ensley 417-W 

Freeman F M, res, 131 N 58th Wdlawn 809-W 

Freeman James, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2345 

Freeman James, res, 1024 S 26th Main 6959 

Freeman J C, res, 304 S 50th Wdlawn 137-W 

Freeman J M Mrs.r,325 Shrwd av... Wdlawn 254-W 

Freeman J T, res, 2006 Av F Ensley 863-W 

Freeman J W, res, 1304 Hayes av W End 281 

Freeman Mary Mrs, res, 2306 Av I. . . . Ensley 1000-J 

Freeman M H Dr, res, 119 Ave E Main 2117-W 

Freeman M H Jr Dr,ofc,1623 4th av,n..Maln I860 
Freeman O D Mrs, res, 5022 1st av.. Wdlawn 403-W 

Freeman R Miss, res, 630 1st av Main 6373-W 

Freeman R G, res, 1214 S 15th Main 9349-W 

Freeman Val. res, 2906 13th av, n Mafn 4265-J 

Freeman Wm H, res, 814 S 29th Main 2050-W 

Freeze J J, res, 4421 Ave C Main 2785 

Freeze R E\ res, 4606 7th* av, s Main 5058- W 

French A H hos,1513 3rd av,n..Maln 899 

French Beauty Co, 405% N 20th Main 1216 

French Dry Cleaning Co,ofc,1810 3d av.Maln 3014 
French Dry Cleaning Co,1810 3d av,n..Maln 3015 

French DoraL, res, Montevallo rd W End 567 

French Oscar E, r, 8401 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 420-W 

French Wm W, res, 1031 S 42nd Main 7455 

Freret A L, res, 501 40th Ensley 941-J 

Frey S G, res, 620 S 40th Main 3674-J 

Frick Cahaba Coal Co.ofc.2331 21st av.Maln 155 
Frick R A, res, 1519 S 16th Main 3805 

tdlcates P. B. Exchange 








.om party 


*_— ♦■■■ .* 


Frickhoeffer C W, res, 1313 N 32d Main 

Frickhoffer C A, res, 1122 N 29th Main 

IFricks Earle L, res, 2330 16th Crt Ensley 

Friddle J C, res, 905 S 14th ....Main 

Friedman Augusta Shop, women's rdy to wr, 

403 N 20th Main 

Friedman D, res, 2914 Fairview Cir. ...Main 
Friedman D & Co, wh rdy-to-wr, 

2019 1st av, n Main 

Friedman J, res, 2126 16th av, s Main 

Friedman J & Co, clthrs, 1908 1st av..Main 

Friedman M Mrs, res, 1926 Ave I Main 

Friedman M D, res, 1237 S 21st Main 

Friedman Samuel, res, 1002 S 28th Main 

Friedman-Shelby Branch Internatl Shoe Co, 

ofc, B-M bl Main 

Friedman S W, res, 1919 10th av, s Main 

Friedman Tire & Rubr Co, 230 S 21st.. Main 

Friend E M, res, 1824 Ave I Main 

Frierson F T, res, 1915 15th av, s Main 

Fries J E, res, 2420 Arlington av Main 

Fries Richard H, res, 1010 S 20th.. .Main 
Friese Edw A, res, 602 Tusc av....W End 
Frisco Coal & Grocery Co, 902 13th, n..Main 
Frisco Lines, 

•Supt Terminals, 9th av Main 

Asst Svpt, 9th av Main 

Chief Dispatcher, 9th av Main 

Coal Car Agt, 9th av Main 

Claim Agt, Personal Injury, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

DIv Freight Agt, Woodward bl Main 

Passenger Serv Agt, Woodward bl.Main 

City Ticket Ofc, 2010 1st av Main 

Special Agts Office, 9th av Main 

Record Clerk, 9th av Main 

Yard Clerk,' C & W yards Main 

Yardmaster, East Thomas Main 

Yard Clerk, East Thomas Main 

Master Mechanic, 9th av Main 

Freight Depots, 

Agent & Chief Clerk, 9th av Main 

Cashier, 9th av .«* Main 

Pratt City, Pratt City Ensley 

Ensley, Ensley Ensley 

Bessemer, Bessemer Bessmr 

Woodward, Woodward Bessmr 

Frith C B, res, 2914 12th av, n Main 

Frobos C W Mrs, res, 1305 llth av, s..Main 

Froehlich C A, res, 1118 Sylvan av Main 

Frolic Theatre Co, 312 N 18th Main 

Fromhold J J, res, 1730 Exeter av Bessmr 

Frost Annie Miss, res, 120 S Poplar.. W End 
Frost Jack, res, 4237 Ave E Main 


700 S 18th Main 

Froznpure Milk Products Co, B-M bL.Maln 
Fruittlcher Electric Co, 1804 4th av...Main 

Frultticher O D, re-s, 511 S 54th Wdlawn 

Fruittlcher W H, res, 1217 Mtgmry. . . Main 
Fryant C W, res, Albemarle Apts.... Main 
Frye John H, res, Roebuck Sprgs. . .Wdlawn 

Fryer J E, res, 520 Cotton av W End 

Fryer T S, res, 306 42nd Ensley 

Fugard F E, res, 1608 6th av, n Main 

Fulbright R J, res, 2517 36th av, n Main 

Fulenwider A L ,ofc, 2121 1st av, n Main 

Fulenwider A L, r, Wilson Sprgs. .Wdlawn 


212 S 22nd Main 

Fulenwider Julian, res, 5225 3d av, a. Wdlawn 
Fulford Robt B, res, 3014 12th av, n...Maln 
Fulgham Marcus T, r, 1915 14th av, n..Maln 
Fulgham Ruth Miss,r,6230 2d av.n.. Wdlawn 

Fulghum A W, res, 2329 Orange av Main 

Fulghum W W, res, Remar Apts Main 

Fuller Arthur, res, 9 Vine W End 

























12 South 
20th St. 

Main 8500 


A'-ibulinct S«tvlce ft. I UuZ 

Fuller C H, res, 905 2nd av W End 

Fuller H -H, res, 1108 Virginia av Main 

Fuller R L, res, 1609 N 31st Main 

Fuller S J, res, Germania Pk......W End 

Fullerton J R, res, 5101 6t hav, "S. . . .Wdlawn 

Fullerton S G, res, 412 N 49th Wdlawn 

Fullton Overton, res, Caldwell Tree Main 

Fulton Bros, drugs, 1831 2d av Bessmr 

Fulton Bros, drugs, 2d av & 19th. ... Bessmr 
Fulton D L, mkt, 2400 Drtmth av... Bessmr 

Fulton L R, res, 2609 Ave F Main 

Fulton M M Mrs, res, 3010 Drtmth av.Bessmr 

Fulton R A, res, 5910 2nd av, n Wdlawn 

Fulton W B, res, 527 S 27th Bessmr 

Funderburg Howard, res, 4008 Poole. ... Main 

Funderburk C R, res, 63 Vine En^Jey 

Funderburk W A, res, 1310 2nd av. . . . W End 
Fuqua B H Mrs, res, 2121 Zinn av.... Ensley 

Fuqua E C, res, 1002 Alabama av Main 

Fuqua J B, res, Montevallo rd W End 

Fuqua Walter H, r, Montevallo rd. . . . W End 

Furguson J B, res, 1106 Cot av W End 

Furman Thco B, res, Rising Sta....W End 

Furnas Ice Cream Co, 700 S 18th Main 

Furniture Dealers Assn, Clark bl Main 

Furr C W, res, 1311 Prnctn av W End 

Futrell G W, res, 4701 7th av Ensley 

G B A Hall, lodge, 2503 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 

G M C Truck Co, 121 S 20th Main 

Gable J L Mrs, res, 129 Pine W End 

Gadilhe Phil, res, 2130 Av G , Main 

Gafford F H, res, 2111 Hghlnd av Main 

Gafford Frank H Jr, r, 1820 14th av, s.Main 
Gafford I C, res, 2100 8th av, n Main 


413 S 21st Main 

Gage V S, res, 2211 S 17th av Main 

Gagliano Tony, res, 438 3d av, n Main 

Gahan J W, res, 1830 6th av, n Main 

Gaillard L S, plmbr, 1701 4th av, n..Maln 

Gaillard L S, res, 607 Chas Main 

Gainer T W, res, 711 1st av W End 

Gaines C D Dr, ofc, Averyt bl Ensley 

Gaines C D Dr, res, 2703 19th Ensley 

Gaines H P, Tes, 2416 14th av, n Main 

Gaines Mary Mrs, r, 5507 4th av, s. Wdlawn 

Gaines S J, res, 1027 Elm Main 

Galatas Jules Mrs, res, 2705 Av E.... Ensley 

Galbreath J W, res, 7532 Wlkr av Wdlawn 

Galena Signal Oil Co, ofc, 1107 10th av, nMain 

Gallagher Jas, res, 1600 28th Ensley 

Gallagher J C, res, 2527 Caldwell av. ..Main 
Gallagher Mamie Miss, res, 

2332 Bess Blvd Ensley 

Gallion T T Dr, res. 1231 N 22nd Main 

Galloway Thos, res, 10 Burrell Ensley 

Galloway W H Mrs, r, 1402 Huntsve av.Main 
Galtney J P, auto rprs, vl902 Av F. ...Main 

Galtney J P, res, 1120 N 13th Main 

Gambill A A, res. Terrace Crt Main 


Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Gambill J E, res, 1629 13th av, s Main 

Gamble A C, res, 2511 12th av Bessmr 

Gamble E B, res, 333 3Sth Ensley 

Gamble F K Rev, ofc, Title Guar bL.Maln 
Gamble F K Rev. r, 5<>03 5th av, n.. Wdlawn 

Gambrill Geo T Jr,r,1730 14th av.s Main 

Games Foundry Co, 2300 Ave A Ensley 

Gamewell R L, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Gamewell R L, res, 2724 35th av, n....Main 

Gammage B D, res, 200 Lewis Wdlawn 

Gammill C K, res, 905 8th av W End- 

Gammill Drug Co, 1430 llthav, s Main 

Pay Sta, 1430 llth av. s Main 
















• • 

Main 223 ElCCtflCiil * 12 * * 9tH St 




Vindicate* P. B. 




• P4 






Monte- •?:«„- »• 
v a 1 1 o J;*,-,™ 

Gammill L L Mrs, r, 1202 12th av, n...Maln 7758 
Gammon Lillie Mrs, res, 3925 Av D....MaIn 4242- J 
Gammon Wallace, res, 1330 Nolan av, n.Main 812-W 

Gandy Hattie Miss, r, 900 1st av W End 592-J 

Gandy J H, res, 2712 N 38th av Main 4820-J 

Gandy J Maury, res, 531 Fulton av..W End 930-J 

Gandy J S, res, 1710 Jeff av Ensley 836 

Gann J W, res, 2604 Ensley av Ensley 887-W 

Gannaway Caleb S, r, 2308 ISth Crt. Ensley 1377-J 

Ganster M W, res, 2900 12th av, n Main 4749-J 

Ganze & Perry, groc, 700 S 23rd Main 2931 

Garber Al C, ofc, B-M bl Main 456 

Garber Alex M, res, 1109 Sycamore Main 7277 

Garber J B, ofc, B-M bl Main 456 

Garber James R Dr.ofc.Wdwd bl Main 6604 

Garber Jas R Dr, res, 1407 S 14th Main 4513 

Garber & Garber, attys, 1st N B bl Main 820 

Garden T H, ins, Empire bl Main 2819 

Garden T H, res, 1918 S 16th av Main 2963-W 

Gardien J T, res, 925 B 19th Main 627-J 

Gardner Annie Mrs, r, 2919 Ensley av. Ensley 1042-W 
Gardner J R, res, 402 Prnctn av....W End 288 
Gardner Mark A, res, 911 2nd av. ...W End 140-W 
Gardner X E Mrs, r, Fairmont Apts...Main 7212-J 

Gardner Percy W, res, 4226 Av D Main 7010-W 

Gardner Robt E, res, 2215 Ave I Ensley 304 

Gardner 8 H, res, 1500 N 20th Main 4386-J 

Garhart Geo Mrs, res, 2431 5th av, n..Main 3606-J 

Garland P J, res, 122 Almond W End 134-J 

Garlington John, res, 118 Ave D, w Main 1840-W 

Garlington J M, res, Pratt City Ensley 654-W 

Garlington Pharmacy, p s, 1st av.... Ensley 9117 

Garlington's Pharmacy, loi 3rd Ensley 1115 

Garlock Packing Co, 2027 Av B Main 3230 

W N Todd, mgr, 2027 Ave B Main 3230 

Garner A O, res, 5012 Morris av Wdlawn 632 

Garner Crawford, res, 50 38th Ensley 492-W 

Garner J W, res, 1110 S 14th Main 5929 

Garner J W, res, 521 S 66th Wdlawn 802-W 

Garner Tom C, res, 212 N Poplar W End 429-J 

Garner W P, res, 1821 28th Ensley 499-W 

Garrard Auto Repair Co, 506 S 20th.. Main 5029 

Garrard G D, res, 1430 12th av, n Main 4791 

Garrett Ada Mrs, res, Sunnyside. . . . W End 252-J 

Garrett J A, res, 5315 Grand av Wdlawn 343- J 

Garrett J A, res, 401 Earle av Main 3912 

Garrett O A, res. 709 N 23rd Main 7131 

Garrett S E. res, 1723 14th av, n Main 7456-W 

Garrett WO Mrs, res, 73^ \V 20th Main 7244-J 

Garrett Wm O, res, 2122 Ave H Ensley 360-J 

Garrett W W, res, 3830 Lake View av..Main 7873-J 

Garrett W W Jr, res, 2924 20th av Ensley 797-J 

Garrett & Trimble, pltry, 2016 Morris avMain 39 
Garrigan W B Mrs, res, 2231 ltd av, n.Main 3766 
Garrison Burdette, atty, 1st N Bk bl-.Main 2351 
Garrison Burdette, res, 1626 11th av, s.Main 185 

Garrison J E Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 301 

Garrison J E Dr, res, 1626 11th av, s. . .Main 185 

Garrison K E, res, 1144 11th av, s Main 890 

Garrison Oscar J, r, 8517 2nd av. n. Wdlawn 1323-J 
Garrison Printing Co, ofc, 422 17th. .. Ensley 790 

Garry I, res. 1500 St Chas Main 7173-W 

Garver & Garver,groc,903 Hntsv av. .Wdlawn 618-W 

Garvin H G, res, 128 Halstead Wdlawn 977 

Gary Elsie Miss, res, 3224 N 16th Main 9582 

Gary H H, res, 3408 Hgland av Main 2060-J 

Gary J D. res, 7104 2nd av, n Wdlawn 9087 

Gary T E, res, 1900 N 23d Main 6169-J 

Gary AV H, ofc. 1719 2nd av Main 808 

Gasper C, r, 47no 9th av, Wylam Ensley 554-W 

Gasque Belle Mrs, res. 2125 6th av, n...Main 3763 
Gasque B O, res, 1314 Hntsvlle av. .. Main 4411 
Gassaway O H. r, 8612 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 707-W 

Gassman II M, consl eng, B-M bl Main 740 

Gassman II M, res, Summit av Main 1646-W 

Gaston A L Dr, ofc, Averyts bl Ensley 222 

Gaston A L Dr, oculist, Wdward bl....Main 343 
Gaston A L Dr, res, 2600 20th av... Ensley 562 


AtnbuUnci Service A. I 002 



Icates P. B. Exchange 

Gaston Cecil D Dr, ofc, Wdward bl...Main 6604 
Gaston Cecil D Dr, res, Ridgely Apts..Main 731 

Gaston Zell, res, 1449 Milner Cres Main 2155 

Gatsis Andrew, res, 101 Grace Wdlawn 1279 

Gaudin J T Mrs, res, 2803 Cypress av..Maln 7431-J 

Gaudy Eugene, coal, 830 N 20th Main 7269 

Gaugge! H J W, res, 510 43d Ensley 263-W 

Gaunt LB Mrs, res, 2120 5th av, n....Main 4271 

Gavalas Geo, res, 1600 2nd av Main 865-W 

Gay A G, res, 7301 Sloss av Wdlawn 252-W 

Gay Chas, res, 2410 Brown av Ensley 288- J 

Gay N B, res, 2500 Ave E Ensley 315 

Gayhart & Thompson, grge, 1929 Ave A. Main 3197 

Gav« I w IT' 8421 S1 ° SS av Wdlawn 1223-J 

Gayle R W Mrs, res, 1628 N 17th Main 6106-J 

Gazzam Clem, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl. ...Main 1477 

Gazzam Clem, res, 1314 Iroquois Main 4010 

Gee Stella Miss, r, 2101 Highland av..Mam 7714-J 

Geise JE res. 1125 N 13th Main 4254-W 

Geismer H S ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1278 

Geismer H S. res, 3919 Cliff rd Main 8512 

Gelders Louis, res, 16th av Main 5755 

Gem Barber Shop, 2204 2nd av Main 7047 

General Accident Assurance Co.Lyric bl.Maln 6436 
General Cigar Co, Inc. 1624 3rd av, n..Maln 4313 
General Elec Co. B-M bl Main 8337 


\jf} Tl "• Main 248 

Osbun I J, Agent's Residence Main 1739 

Gen Machinery Co.ofc, Brown-Marx bl...Main 1369 
General Printing Co,2005% 3rd av,n....Main 5453 
Gentry Ida Mrs, res, 1908 Pearson av.W End 958- J 

Gentry J K, res, 1126 N 14th Main 6339 

Gentry Mabel Miss, r, Dkui Apts Main 2805-J 

Gentry W T Dr, ofc, Title bl Main 330 

Geohegan A H, res. 1421 N 30th Main 2744 

Geohagen Chas .J, mchry, 15 S 20th.. 
Geohegan Chas J, res, 1428 N 20th., 
Geohegan L E, r, 3015 Norwood Blvd. 
George A M\ auto rprs, 1908 Ave D.. 

George A M, rest, 1605 S 13th.-. .• 

George J A, res, Irondalt^ Wdlawn 1464-J 

George J F, res, 3115 10th av, n Main 9506-J 

George Margaret Miss, res. 1027 S 18th. Main 1429 

George N. groc, 2700 Ave F Main 1321 

George W L, res, 78 Highland av Ensley 1498 

George Wiley L, res, 4808 2nd av, n. Wdlawn 30-J 
George's Sea Food No 2, 1817 3rd av...Maln 8211 


Jeff Co Bk bl. 

Underwriting Dept Main 2267 

Claim Dept Main 5913 

Georgia Chemical Wks, Am Tr bl Main 713 

Gerelds Lucy Miss, res, 1128 12th av, n.Main 3950 
Gerson Company, Inc. whl millinery, 

2221 2nd av, n Main 1095 

Gerson Iron Co, 3900 10th av, n Main 1271 

Gerson J L, res, 2128 Highland av Main 8901 

Gerson M J, res, 1315 Iroquois Main 9340 

Gewin W C Dr, ofc, 708 Tusc av W End 980 

Gewin W C Dr, r, Arlington PI W End 47 

Giacopazzi P, r, 1404 N 12th av Main 4816 

Giangrosso Peter,grc,1831 Crlna av. . .Bessmr 706 

Giardina Frank, res. ISfJ 27th Main 4874 

Giardina John, res, 703 19th Ensley 61 

Giardina Mike, res, Sherman Hts Ensley 190-J 

Gibbons M A Mrs, res, 504 Tusc av..W End 341-J 

Gibbons Thos Mrs, res, 4132 Ave E Main 4808-J 

Gibbs C V, res, 1422 N 16th Main 9465- J 

Gibbs Fred D, res, Hillside Sta Main 3044-J 

Gibbs Newton, res, 1113 12th av, ■...Main 5315 

Gibbs Paul J, res, 1115 S 15th Main 3017-W 

Gibbs W J, res, 2210 Ave Q Ensley 197-W 

Gibbs & Hargrove Shoe Co, 314 19th.. Ensley 817 

Gibson A Dr. vet, ofc, 1613 2d av Main 17 

Gibson A Dr, res, 1131 N 29th Main 2503 

Main 8062 
Main 2754 
Main 9567 
Main 1272 
Main 8016 



SERVICE anm «03 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gilchrist-Tarrant » * 

Main 469 

Gibson Albert, res, 33rd av Main 7174-J 

Gibson Blanche Miss, res, 1923 Av C. Ensley 935-W 

Gibson C F, res, Woodlawn Hgts Bessmr 

Gibson D F, res, Berney W End 

Gibson Geo A, res, 1130 N 11th Main 

Gibson Geo A, cntrs, 1st N B bl Main 

Gibson J B, rl est, Am Tr bl Main 

Gibson J B, rl est, 5505 2nd av Wdlawn 









Gibson J B, res, 5405 1st av, s Wdlawn 

Gibson J M, rl est, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Gibson J M", res, 201 N 60th Wdlawn 

Gibson J M, res, 2523 Caldwell av, s...Maln 8166 

Gibson Jno W, res, 2133 31st Ensley 488-J 

Gibson White, res, Shds Mtn Main 475 

Gibson W R Mrs, res, 716 S 22d Main 2028-J 

Gibson & Davis, attys, Watts bl Main 169 

Giddens L P, res, 1211 N 12th av Mairv 8071-W 

Giddens Mae Miss, res, 430 Tusc av..W End 930-W 

Gideon W P, res, 1916 13th av, n Main 3932-J 

Giesler C E, res, 509 Prnctn av W End 481-W 

Giger W A Mrs, res, 2100 Ave G Main 6289- J 

Gilardoni Marie Miss, r, 817 S 18th Main 1987-J 

Gilbert B S, res, 2301 Terrace Pfc . . Ensley 1430-W 

Gilbert Gladys, res, 611 4th Ensley 566 

Gilbert G R, res, 4930 2d av, n Wdlawn 307-W 

Gilbert J Willis, res, 1343 Tate av W End 128-J 

Gilbert O. res. 1022 9th av, n Main 1625-J 

Gilbert Trunk Fcty,Inc,2009 4th av Main 2362 

Gilbert T M, res, 324 4th Ensley 587-W 

Gilbert W H, res, 542 44th Ensley 1307-J 

Gilbreth J C, res, 1405 Cullom Main 8020-W 

Gilchrist J C, res, 2028 13th av, s Main 7493 


323 N 20th Main 469 

Giles C M, res, 2439 18th Ensley 1097 

Giles G C, res, 1408 Huntsv av Main 8412-J 

Giles G W, res, 721 Emma av Main 7759 

Giles M M, res, 1132 Sylvan av Main 6695-J 

Giles Teachers Agcy.ofc.Jff Co Bk bl.-Maln 6287 

Gilflllan J M, res, 1626 S 13th Main 5914 

Gill Harry, dry clng, 1923 11th av, n...Maln 8969 
Gill H T Dr, res, 1247 Maplewood av.Main 1233 

'Gill Piston Ring Co, ofc, 406 S 20th Main 3471 

Gill R E, res, 1328 3rd av W End 774 

Gill W G, res, 2907 N 27th Main 9307-J 

Gillam H J Mrs, res, 203 S 61st Wdlawn 390-J 

Gillem Auto Top Shop, 2111 Av C Main 8940 

Gillem L P, res, 122S N 12th Crt Main 7066 

Gillen P J Mrs, res, 630 19th Bessmr 581 

Gillespie B B, res, 2320 Ave J Ensley 810 

Gillespie D W, res, 208 N 48th .Wdlawn 449-W 

Gillespie J W, res, 1001 9th av, n Main 8221-J 

Gillespie Roomie, res, 308 11 Ct. w Main 6858-J 

Gillespy J M, res, Glen Iris Park Main 3852-J 

Gillespy J M Jr, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 921 

Gillespy J M Jr, r, 2006 Hghlnd av..Main 2800 
Gillespy John S Dr, r, 2006 Hghlnd av..Main 2800 
Gillespy & Wilder.atty.lst Nat Bk bl...Main 3814 

Gillett R H, res, 2600 Ave H Ensley 1009 

Gilley C N, res, 1620 10th av, s Main 7552-J 

Gillham L B Mrs, r, 1110 S 13th Main 7843 

Gilliam C L, res, 2612 Ave J Ensley 809-W 

Gilliam P Wittichen Mrs, r, 1220 Ash.. Main 2852 

Gilliam T N, res, 10 N Hawkins W End 102-J 

Gilliam W E, res, 1812 6th av, n Main 6449 

Gillian T E, res, 3627 1st av, n Main 6702-J 

Gilliland A L Mrs, res. 1325 St Chas Main 4463-J 

Gilliland B W, res, 1430 Arlington av. Bessmr 214-W 

Gilliland W C, res, 2.321 7th av, n Main 6002-W 

Gilmer Drug Co, 

1822 Av E '...Ensley 35 

1822 Av E Ensley 247 

Gilmer J T Mrs, res, 6438 1st av Wdlawn 414-W 

Gilmer W B, res, Caldwell av. ? Wdlawn 838 

Gilmore J J, res, 2115 16th av, s Main 1257 

Gilmore Laura B Mrs, r, 1109 N 15th.. Main 3006-W 
Gilmore N A Mrs, res, 2209 6th av, n..Main 1237-J 
Gllreath D H, res, 1004 Fountain av...Maln 4384 

Main 223 


amfeuUnct S« vi t R. I 002 

Gingold Furn Co, 2212 2d av, n Main 7454 

Gingold M I, res, 1125 S 13th Main 8857-J 

Ginsberg H, res, 1615 7th av, n Main 8234-W 

Ginsberg S I, res, 1142 12th av, n Main 7248-W 

Ginsburg S, res, 1019 Central Main 7236 

Ginzler L Mrs, res, 2230 21st av, n....Main 7247 
Giovanni Vireiglio, r, 1200 N 46th.. Wdlawn 519-J 

Girtman W F Mrs, r, 528 N 16th Main 7295 

Giscombe C S Dr, res, 4241 2nd ay, n..Main 3579 

Giscombe C S Dr, res, 1119 Lawn*. Main 5952-J 

Gist L B, res, 711 N 24th Main 7333-J 

Gist N, res, 1518 N 17th Main 531 

Gladden J D Mrs, r, 6209 1st av Wdlawn 398-W 

Gladden W M Rev, r, 1325 6th av, n...Maln 3573 

Gladney B F, ofc, B-M bl Main 8039 

Gladney W L, res, 908 Overlook pi... Ensley 1442-W 

Glascow J M, res, 2827 12th av, n Main 4627-J 

Glasgow J D, res, 2528 36th av, n Main 6318-W 

Glasgow M Whitfield Dr, res, 

4409 De Bardeleben av Ensley 730-J 

Glasgow R L, res, 4 209 8th av Ensley 374-W 

Glasgow W H, res, Wdward Bessmr 508-W 

Glass A F, res, 1322 Glen Iris av Main 7883 

Glass E T Dr, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 105 

Glass E T Dr, res, 1436 N 31st Main 883 

Glass E T Jr, res, 1000 N 30th Main 2965-W 

Glass Frank P, r, 2030 Quinlin av Main 1227 

Glass, Glass & Mitchell Drs.Jff Co Bk..Maln 105 

Glass J P, res, 107 Cedar W End 923-W 

Glass Lorene Miss, r, 2418 Ave F Main 3291 

Glass N C Dr, dntst, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 105 

Glass N C Dr, res, 236 3rd W End 295 

Glass W M, res, 7th av Wdlawn 694-W 

Glasscock A L, presg club, 927 3d av, n.Main 6385 
Glasscock Laura Miss, res, 2C01 19th.. Ensley 63S-W 

Glaze R J, res, 800 S 40th Main 5070-J 

Glaze Walter V, res, 2307 Larch av.. Ensley 955-W 

Glazner M L, res. 517 1st av Main 3949-W 

Gleason W E, res, 2030 20th av, n Main 3639-J 

Gledhill A Mrs, res, 721 N 21st Main 5780-W 

Glen Iris Dairy, 1010 S 15th Main 1643 

Glen Iris Table Supply Co, *02 8 13th... Main 8484 
Glenn Bros, gro & feed, 1823 Ave E... Ensley 225 
Glenn C B Mrs, res, 1420 Milner Cres.. Main 7318-W 

Glenn D C, res, 2023 Av H Ensley 1472 

Glenn E E, res, 1818 Copeland av Main 3120-W 

Glentt Edna H Mrs, r, 2717 Juniper av..Maln 4868 

Glenn E M Rev, res, 240S 34th av, n Main 7246 

Glenn Frank R. groc. 1615 4th av, n. Wdlawn 79 

Glenn G A, res, Glenn Sprgs Bessmr 294-W 

Glenn Hdw Co, 1814 Ave E Ensley 202 

Glenn J D, res, Glenn Sprgs Bessmr 920 

Glenn P A, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 2-M 

Glenn W B. res, 1420 N 29th Main 5511-J 

Glenn W J, res, 2401 Ave G Ensley 685-J 

Glenn W R, res, 2710 Pine Main 5694-J 

Glidden Stores Co. 2016 1st av Main 5805 

Globe Automatic Sprinkler Co.Am Tr bl.Main 8538 

Globe Dry Clng Co. 411 N 19th Main 173 

Globe Dry Clng Co, 1901 Ave F Main 7831 

Glover Allen, res, San Jose Apts Main 2621-W 

Glover A H, res, 7406 London av Wdlawn 1466-J 

Glover Chas E Mrs,r,2426 29th av.n Main 7226-W 

Glover John T, atty. 1st N B bl Main 2334 

Glover Jno T, res, 1020 S 16th Main 3398 

Glover L E, res, 728 Vfc S 12th Main 5494 • 

Gluck's'Dry Clng Co, 1713 3d av, n Main 2372 

Gnassi E R Dr, res, 712 N 26th Main 7188 

Goad Jones II, res. 816 S 20th Main 2951 

Gober C F, res, Jonestown Bessmr 1083-W 

Gober G L, res, 2015 25th av Ensley 1291 

Gober J J, res, 1540 27th Ensley 949-J 

Godbee J Mrs, res, 1506 15th av, n Main 1607 

Godbee S S. res, 1315 N 25th Main 6540 

Goddard J J. res, 429 Powell W End 580 

Goddard V B, res, 900 Georgia Main 6636-W 

Godfrey L C Mrs, res, 1115 S 17th Main 1960-J 

Godwin C C, res, 2313 32d av, n Main 7235-W 

Electrical «« ■»** Halm-Foreman R ~»«* Tel 195 







Mm sSSa mr tba, 769 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Godwin E S, res, 714 S 28th Main 7935 

Godwin G II, res, 1926 N 20th Main 8795 

Godwin J A, res, 8329 SIoss av Wdlawn 1181-J 

Godwin J I, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 178-J 

Godwin J L, res, Roebuck Sprgs. . .Wdlawn 1208-J 

Godwin J R, res, 200 N 58th Wdlawn 903 

Godwin Sam, res, 516 19th Bessmr 943 

Godwin W A Mrs, res, 605 N 20th Main 5780-J 

Godwin W H- Dr, res, 113 1st Ensley 353-W 

Goetz H G, res, 2315 5th av, n Main 5687-J 

Goetz R D, res, 748 Parkway Ensley 1382 

Goff J A, res, 123 S 64th Wdlawn 624 

Goff W H, res, 2822 Ave I Ensley 511-J 

Goin L, U Dr, ofc, 310 N 18th Main 503 

Goin L U Dr, res, 1416 7th av, n Main 7132 

Going C J, res, 1117 Montg Main 1175-J 

Going Job, res, 1125 Louise av Main 3627 

Going James A, rl est&ins, Farley bh.Main 73 

Going James A, r, 2211 Hglnd av Main 1082 

Going W S, res, 1047 11th av, s Main 6991-J 

Gold Market Co, ofc, 2422 2d av Main 1483 

Goldberg H, res, 1625 14th av, s Main 3960-J 

Goldberg H, res, 608 ISth Bessmr 488- W 

Golden Fleetwood A, res, 915 Ala av, s. .Main 4909 

Goldman Godfrey, res, Hanover Cir 'Main 3357 

Goldman L Mrs, res, 1728 S 21st Main 3956-W 

Goldner H, res, 1222 N 24th Main 8367 

Goldner Ike, res, 2019 N 14th av Main 3384-J 

Goldner Myer, res, 1523 11th av, s Main 5992-J 

Goldsmith Jno S, res, 1913 16th av. s..Maln 5781 
Goldsmith L, S Mrs, res, 1744 Jeff av. .Ensley 326-J 

Goldstein Abe, res, 1601 Hall, n Main 712-J 

Goldstein Bros, d gds&n, 1915 3 av, n..Maln 5422 

Goldstein B A, res, 1323 15th av, s Main 6935-J 

Goldstein D B, res, 1502 Milner Crst Main 3039-J 


828 S 18th, 

Pay Station Main 

Store No 1, 828 S 18th Main 

Store No 2, 819 S 15th Main 

Goldstein H, res, 1616 Phelan Main 

Goldstein H I, junk dlr, 1701 Ave D Main 

Goldstein H I, res, 1509 14th av, s Main 

Goldstein H M, res, 1528 Av I Main 

Goldstein Joe, ofc, 2008 2nd av, n Main 

Goldstein Joe, res, 1630 15th av, s Main 

Goldstein M, res, 927 S 13th Main 

Goldstein S, res, 1720 Ave G Ensley 

Goldstein Sam, res, 1016 N 13th Main 

Goldstein S Mrs, r, 1804 Copeland av..Main 
Goldstein & Cohen, dry gds, 404 19th. . Ensley 
Goldstein & Scholder, tire access, 

118 S 21st Main 

Golightly Katie Mrs, r, 1235 N 33d... Main 
Golson Lige O S, r, 1628 13th av, s...Maln 

Golson W P, rl est, 1820 2d av Bessmr 

Golson W P, res, 2306 Clarendon av. Bessmr 


„ 103 N 20th .....Main 

Gomperts Geo A, res, 826 Georgia Main 

Gonzalez Robt C, r, 3815 6th av, s Main 

Good Will Center, 318 4th Ensley 


2200 1st av Main 

Goodall R M, res, Glenn Iris Pk Main. 

Goode J J, res, The Pines Bessmr 

Goode P D, res, 915 2nd av W End 

Goodgame J W Rev, r, 1527 Ave F Main 

Goodgame J W Mrs, r, 7313 Arthur. .Wdlawn 

Goodh,ew J W, res, 3619 Ave E Main 

Goodman A S, res, Hanover Crt Main 

Goodman Henry C, res, Dian Apts Main 

Goodman Horace C, res, 3S09 Cliff rd..Main 
Goodman J B Mrs,r,2211 Terrace Pk.. Ensley 

Goodman L, fish, 219 N 18th Main 

Goodman L, res, 621 N 16th Main 
















Ambulance Setvlce flfl. ■ UUZ 

• Indicates P. B. Exch; 

BRILLIANT ^^^\ A I "" a ' n 
CAIIABA V\>#^L* 228 

Goodman Mfg Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 1369 

Goodman N, res, 1101 Wdland av, s Main 4711-J 

Goodman T M, res, 3926 Ave D Main 6869 


Henry C Goodman, pres Main 3989 

Office, 2024 3rd a"v, n Main 3989 

Warehouse, 1JI00 3rd av, n Main 9383 

Goodman's Drug Store, 322 S 20th Main 6487 

Goodrich B F Co, ofc, 424 S 20th Main 4842 

Goodrich Clara J Mrs, 

Res, 7704 Underwood av Wdlawn 956-J 

Goodwin A G, men's wear, 112 19th.. Bessmr 21 

-Goodwin C G, res, 2007 Ave F Ensley 875-W 

Goodwin Magnolia Miss, 

Res, 3015 19th av Ensley 9086 

Goodwin Margaret Mi^s, r, 1028 N 16th. Main 2476 

Goodwin R P, res, Oxmoor W End 260- J 

Goodwin Robt W, res, 1316 N Ina Main 1180-W 

Goodwin T E, res, 57 Hghlnd av Ensley 334-J 

Goodwin William, res, 1648 Rugby Main 5137 

Goodwin Wm B Dr.dntst.lst N B bl Main 167 

Goodwin W M, groc, 6 N Poplar W End 31 

Goodwin W M, re's, 1323 Tusc av...\W End 927-W 
Goodwin & Massey, Drs.dnts.lst N B bl.Maln 167 
Goodwin & McRee, clthrs, 508 19th.. Ensley 672 
Goodwyn Gardner, res, 1718 5th av.. Bessmr 731 
Goodwyn & Ross, attys, 1822 3rd av.. Bessmr 244 
Goodyear Raincoat Co, 213 N 20th Main 1624 


418 N 20th Main 9330 

Goodyear Shoe Repair Co, 1717 Av.E.. Ensley 867 . 
Goodyear Sudden Serv Tire Co, 

301 S 21st Main 826 


420 S 20th Main 6347 

Gordon D C Dr, dntst, 209^ N 20th Main 6266 

Gordon D M, res, 1221 N 31st Main 8962 

Gordon Home Circle System, store No 1, 

1909 1st av Main 5215 

Gordon I, res, 1014 S 15th Main 8134 

Gordon N S, res, 1100 S 18th Main 8975-J • 

Gordon Simon, res, 1127 S 30th Main 2633-J 

Gore D B, res, 2515 Linden: Main 5416 

Gore D B Co, Inc, ofc, Brown-Marx bl-.Maln 8507 

Gore Ollie, res, 161 Amory Ensley 1023- J 

Gore S N, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8258 

Goree W A, res, 4023 3rd av, s Main 8327-W 

Gorff Geo Mrs, res, 804 17th Ensley 750 

Gorham Ira F, res, 2404 Ave E Ensley 1060- W 

Gorman-Gammill Drug Co, 

2330 2nd av Main 80 

2330 2nd av Main 8866 

Gorman-Gammill Drug Co (pay sta), 

2330 2d av, n Main 9197 

Gorman-Gammill Seed Co, 

2330 2d av, n Main 3236 

2330 2d av, n Main 8941 

Gorman J B, res, 5012 4th av, n Wdlawn 502-W 

Gorman Louise Miss, res, 713 N 19th.. Main 3669 

Gosiger F A, res, 214 N Elyton W End 143-W 

Goslin Julius, res, 1216 N 33d Main 4733 

Gottlieb A, res, 1717 7th av, n Main 6455-J 

Gottlieb S, prtg, 1813 3rd av, n Main 6800 

Gottlieb S, res, 1130 Louise Main 599 

Goudelock W R, groc, 101 1st av Main 1551 

Goudelock W R, res, 300 Sarah av....Maln 1820-J 

Gough Geo, res, 629 S" 20th Main 8758 

Gough W A, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 8884 

Gough W A, res, 405 St Chas av W End 273- W 

Gould J T, res, 1316 Williams Main 2674-J 

Gould Tom, res, 4830 2nd av, s Wdlawn 1133-W 

Gould W P, res, 1732 .Wdlnd av, a.. ..Main 7348-J 

Govan Sarah, res, 323 St George Main 4957-W 

Gowen S E Mrs, res, 616 S 28th Main 8654-W 

Grace Frank G Dr, ofc, B-M bl Main 4367 

Grace Frank G Dr, res, 3446 Hig hav..Maln 6985 


Lhero-Cola £& 

jdlcates P. B. Exchan 





Office &\M>*ks Ti ^. -***/- ^A 

rAiRFiELpjUA. \he J&*Mjffl Company^ 

TCL ENSLEY 40O •ir S *^ f ^^jj^ 


Grace L E, ofc, 2415 1st av Main 6100 

Grace M B, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3782 

Grace & Simpson, attys, Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 3782 
Gracey J W Mrs, r, 6805 Georgia ay. Wdlawn 1114-W 
Gracey J W Mrs, r, 2518 5th av, 'n.. . .Main 7969 

S r ^ y L^ reS « 4130 Ave C Main 2927-W 

Grady M B, meat mkt, 414 N 24th Main 8939 

Graffeo Bros, groc, 1700 Ave I Ensley 811 

Graffeo Vito, res, 325 5th Ensley 144-W 

Grafflo C, res, 1030 5th av, n Main 5196 

Graffo Joe, res, 3529 12th av, n Main 4502-J 

Grafton I, res, 1905 Lyon av W End 103-J 

Graham A M, res, 1008 N 30th Main 6603 

Graham-Cole Realty & Ins Co, 

1919 Av E En8ley 1024 

Graham E Mrs, res, 201 34th Ensley 319 

Graham H W Jr, res, 147 N 57th Wdlawn 523-J 

Graham H W Mrs, res, 119 N 66th.. Wdlawn 819-J 

Graham J F, r, 1912 14th av, s Main 1836 

Graham N A, res, 1226 12th, s Main 3328-J 

Graham N A Jr, atty, Am Trust Main 842 


Ofc. 1726 Av B Main 74 

Sales dept, 1726 Av B Main 8769 

Graham Sam L, r, 1226 S 12th Main 3328-J 

Graham W E, res, 326 41st Ensley 892-W 

Grahl R B, ofc, B-M bl Main 1139 

Gramatas Albert, sft drks, 1813 Av E. Ensley 9104 

Grambs Fred L Prof, r, 815 S 30th Main 1810 

Grammas Bros & Pappas Conf Co, 

412 N 21st Main 793 

Grand Fish & O Co, Store No 2, 

2101 2d av, n Main 8539 

Grand Hotel, 2d av & 19th Bessmr 270 

Grand Hotel, p s, 1828 2nd av Bessmr 9190 

Grand Theatre, 208 19th Bessmr 207 

Granger E Mrs, res, 931 19th Bessmr 603-J 

Grannone S, res,. 806 17th Ensley 1173-J 

Grant A L, res, 1412 Alois av W End 335-J 

Grant C H, res, 414% N 19th Main 4216 

Grant J W, res. 225 X S.Trd Wdlawn 318-W 

Grant Malcolm McN,r,1601 13th av,s...Main 4977 

Grant W J. res, 2000 Pike av Ensley 497-W 

Grant Wm S Mrs, r, 221 N Hawkins.. W End 405-J 

Grass N Mrs, res, 1630 11th av, s Main 1582 

Grasselli Chemical Co, 

City office, B-M bl Main 4561 

Works, ofc, Grasselli, Ala Main 168 

Grasselli Powder Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 4561 

Gravenor J A. res, 4303 Hillside dr.. Ensley 1067-J 

Graves C E, res, 1010 1st av W End 235-J 

Graves D R Mrs, r, 1508 N 19th Main 4329-J 

Graves Grady, res 130 Almond W End 394-W 

Graves Horace E, r, Old Jonesboro. . Bessmr 1120-W 
Graves J D Produce Co, 2008 Mors av..Main 2081 
Graves Lizzie O Mrs, r. 1127 N 13th.. Main 2544-W 

Graves W A, res, 2900 N 32nd Main 8712-J 

Graves W H, res, 1214 Virginia av Main 7386 

Graves W R, res, 1424 S 18th Main 8254-J 

Graves Wm T, res, 410 Melchoir W End 50-W 

Gravette E, res, 104 N 60th Wdlawn 472 

Gravlee J A Mrs, res, 2011 N 14th av..Maln 8522 

Gray Ada Miss, res, 1320 N 32nd Main 1319 

Gray A J. res, 1504 N 30th ...Main 4093 

Gray A W, res, 315 Fairfax av Bessmr 341 

Gray C W, res, 261S Madison av Main 5640 

Gray F P, res, 213 S 56th Wdlawn 1471 

Gray Geo H, res, Huffman.. ..Wdlawn 488-W 

Gray Henry B, res, 1322 S 20th Main 4071 

Gray I E, res, 430 S 16th Bessmr 705-J 

Gray J L. res, 1002 N 30th Main 8759-W 

Gray J W, contr, Ch of Com Main 7845 

Gray Lillie, res, 3009 Fairfax av Bessmr 385-J 

Gray L E. res, 2516 15th av. n Main 4558-W 

Gray M Mrs, res, 1215 St Chas Main 6062 

Gray Ruth Mrs, res, 2402 5th av, n Main 5121 

Gr ay V S, res, 2114% Clarndn av.. Bessmr 773 

Al ■ | The only Wall Hoard 

\HDOff APlf that won't warp or bunr 

VjllGGflUOIV Whlichen, M. 8500 


Ambulance Service fl, I 002 

Gray Will, res, 4130 N 8th av Main 8916 

Gray W B, res, 5215 3rd av, s Wdlawn 112- J 

Gray W F, res, 1516 Allen Main 1465 

Gray W M, res, 7325 1st av Wdlawn 853 

Graymont Grocery Co, 700 Ella W End 3 

Grayson N B Dr, dent, Empire bl Main 7332 

Greagan Jno J, res, 2127 Hghlnd av..Main 7328 

Great Sou Life Ins Co, 1st N B bl Main 523 

Greco John, res, 431 Ave F Main 3125. 

Greek-Amer-Produce Co, 2020 Mns av..Main 3533 

Greeley P J, res, 516 N 18th Main 8838 

Green A C Dr, phys, 2901 N 16th. ... Mai.. C17C- 

Green A C Dr, res, 1709 Wdlnd av Main 8431 

Green B H, res, 1100 Ontario Bessmr 728-W 

Green C M, res, 1216 N 31st Main 2735-J 

Green Duff, res, 605 Tusc av W End 36 

Green Ernest, res, 2015 Ave F Ensley 373-W 

Green Elbert P Dr, res, 722 Gena av. .W End 326- W 

Green Fay Miss, res, 809 S 20th Main 9463-W 

Green Fred D, res, 4120 5th av, n Main 2579-W 

Green Groc Co, pay sta, 2301 Ave G.. Ensley 9118 
Green Jacob Mrs, r, 2130 Clarndn av. Bessmr 930-J 

Green J G Mrs, r, 1005 S Eula Main 5360-W 

Green Jos M, res, 1531 S 19th Main 6633-J 

Green Kate Miss, res, 708^ S 28th Main 4939-W 

Green L J, res, 2329 20th Ensley 151-W 

Green M, res, 2485 Bay av Main 8763-J 

Green Maxie, res, 1316 Ave D Main 6402-W 

Green M G Dr, ofc, 831 Hibernian av. Ensley 874 

Green O H, res, 1440 Tate av W End 508-W 

Green O H, res, Woodward Bessmr 1143-J 

Green O N, res, 8427 Sloss av Wdlawn 1223-W 

Green R A, res, 412 Cotton av W End 104-J 

Green Ross B, res, 8417 1st av Wdlawn 1248-J 

Green-Rosenbaum Co Inc, 1908 3d av, n.Main 2143 
Green R L & Co,mdse,200 Byls Pike. Wdlawn 756-W 

Green T E, res, 830 Alois av W End 695 

Green T L Mrs, res, 216 N 75th Wdlawn 1452-W 

Green Tree Shop, 519^ S 20th Main 8359 

Green Undertaking Co, 

2011 4th av Main 1002 

Res of mgr, 1108 Tusc av W End 11 

Green W C, res, 2218 6th av, n Main 6416 

Greenberg E, res, 1325 11th av, n Main 2835 

Greenberg E Auto Wrecking, 

.1131 3rd av, n Main 1245 

Greene Dan A, res, Terrace Crt Main 1572 


Empire bl. 

Drug- Department ^. Main 516 

Office Main 516 

Prescription Department Main 516 

Greene J E, archt, Am Tr bl Main 9482 

Greene J E. res. 1201 13th av, n Main 5042-W 

Greene J G, res, 1328 N 26th Main 2047 

Greene M V Mrs, res, 1118 N 24th Main 4240-J 

Greene Paul E, res, 108 Sarah av Main 1874-J 

Greene R L, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 735-W 

Greene W W. res, 501 7th av, n Main 6520-J 

Greenhalgh E, res, 3904 Bess Blvd. .. Ensley 518-W 
Greenman M, res, S16 S 19th Main 3390 


No 1, 317 N 20th Main 5751 

No 2, 407 N 20th Main 8149 

Billiard Parlor, Clark bl Main 9214 

Grocery Store. 2301 5th av. n Main 8517 

Greenwood Will, res, 1125 N 26th Main 2978 

Greer Arthur, res. 2509 7th av, n Main 3473-J 

Greer D E, res, 911 N 40th Main 8818-J 

Greer O W Rev, res, 4412 11th av Ensley 781-J 

Gregg D S, res, 912 Ethel av Main 3288-J 

Gregg M J, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2070 

Gregg M J. res, 2235 Sycamore Main 1579 

Gregory Ed, res, 2917 Tenn Pike Main 7342-W 

Gregory Ed, res, 210 N 60th Wdlawn 116-W 

Gregory E V, res, 910 S 17th Main 1246 

Gregory J B Mrs. res, 1510 N Allen Main 1389-J 

Main 223 ElCCttiC^Jl 4t2Nl9 *"S*- 


• • 



•Indicates P. B. Exch 


Monte- it!± 3 , 3 f! 

Main 285 

Valln Main 134 
VB «IO £,„| ey 147 7 










Gregory R L, res, 1056 S 32nd Main 3366 

Gregory V V, groc, 303 1st av Ensley 957 

Gresham A B Dr, ofc, 708 Tusc av W End 980 

Gresham A B Dr,r,601 Tusc av W End 674 

Gresham O G, ofc, 2026 1st av Main 269 

Gribbon H C, res, 5020 1st av Wdlawn 231 

Grider F A, coal sales agt, Am Tr Main 535 

Grider F A, res, Milner Hgts Main 1379 

Grier R B, res, 804 Carrie av W End 507-J 

Griffin Bros, mt mkt, 103 77th, s... Wdlawn 1100 
Griffin Coal & Trans Co, 7709 1st av, 

Grtfnt. W N, mgr Wdlawn 1083 

Griffin J M, res, !?24 14th av av, n Main 5339 

Griffin R N, res, 327 N 49th Wdlawn 567-W 

Griffin S S, res, 1104 Fountain av Main 7990 

Griffin W A, res, 3913 Ave E Main 7494-W 

Griffin W N, res, 7500 1st av, n •. .Wdlawn 1495 

Griffith D H, tin shop, 513 19th Ensley 109 

Griffith D H, res, Calera Ensley 366-J 

Griffith E J, res, 532 Ray Ensley 644-W 

Griffith J McMurray,r,2903 11th av,n..Main 9401-W 

Griffith S O, res, 1717 Jasper Main 3583-J 

Griffith W A, res, 1215 Cotton av W End 933-J 

Griffiths D G, res, 701 19th Bessmr 740-W 

Griggs Eddie Mae, res, 2311 Ave H Main 5591-J 


2030 8th av, n Main 665 

2030 8th av Main 3622 

Grimes Jno J, res, 1101 S 11th Main 4628 

Grimes L V Mrs, res, 510 N 22nd Main 6560-J 

Grimmer J B, res, 7S21 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 1472 

. Grisham W H, res, 5011 4th av, n Wdlawn 1153 

Grissom Joseph, blksmthng. 190s Ave B.Main 5837 

Grissom J Mrs, res, 1605 N 31st Main 6428-W 

Griswold D P, res, 4202 5th av, s Main 8319-J 

Griswold E P, res, 3915 Ave C Main 5529-J 

Groff A R, res. 2217 14th av, s Main 6910- J 

Grogan Frances Mrs, r, 2321 5th av, n..Main 6379 

Grogan J O Rev, res, 1822 10th av. s Main 7844-J 

Gross Sidney Dr, dntst, Wdward bl...Main 3561 
Grossman. Esrael, meats, 1423 8th av, n.Main 4818 

Grout 8 E Dr, Realty bl .Bessmr 417 

Grout S E Dr, res. Orlean Apts Bessmr 579 

Grover If A Mrs, r, 1609 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 744-J 

Grover P C, res, 2521 isth Ensley 1523-J 

Groves Jno W, r, 2026 14th av, s. a... Main 3914-W 
Grubb W I, U S Dist Judge. Gov bl...Main 3300 

Grubb W I, res-, Highland Park Main 1403-J 

Grubbs A J, res, 1828 14th av, n Main 5730-J 

Grubbs AV C, res, 4928 5th av, n Wdlawn 1292 

Guarantee Cleaning Co,ofc,123 S 20th.. Main 3595 


_ 413 s 13 *h Main 228 

Guarantee Drug Co.ofc.1031 N 3d av...Main 7532 
Guarantee Drug Co (p s), 1031 3d av..Main 9155 
Guarantee Leather Co. 1809 2d av Main 6864 


Birmingham Store, 1905 3rd av, n..Maln 3550 

Bessemer Store, 1904 2nd av Bessmr 711 

Guar Shoe Shop, 1908 3d av Bessmr 174 

Guarantee Shoe Shop. 1910 1st av Bessmr 596 

Guardian Life Ins Co of Amer, ofc, 

Wdward bl Main 2 736 

Guarino Frank, mkt,1830 Carolina av. Bessmr 334 

Guarino Frank, res, 3725 Edward Bessmr 320-J 

Guarino Jasper, res, 1124 19th Bessmr 749-J 

Guercio P, res, 701 S 12th Main 8427-J 

Guest Wm R, res, 1530 Av I Main 9512-W 

Guffln J W, res, 1221 X 25th Main 2620-J 

Guice Bros, mdse brkrs, Ch of Com... Main 4080 

Guice B L, res, 1203 llth av, s Main 3013-J 

Guice S L Mrs, res, sno 1 7th Ensley 1376-J 

Guill J H, res, 2519 5th av, n Main 5350 

Guilon B, groc, 339 5th, P C Ensley 770 

Guinn T W. res, 1722 S 14th Main 1680-W 

Quire J H, res, 1819 5th av Bessmr 842-J 


Amjjlai,;* Svtvlse H. I OOZ 


Gulas John, res, 1301 N 24th Mafn 8475-W 

Gulas Peter res, 2411 13th av, n Main 1251 

Gulf Coast Lines R R. ofc, Woodward bl.Main 876 
Gulf Refining Co of La,ofc,1412 8th av..Maln 3368 

Filling sta, 530 N 21st Main 9526 

Filling st<% 2030 Ave C -....Main 7581 

Gulf States Portland Cement Co, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3440 

Gulf States Steel Co, ofc, 

Sales dept, B-M bl Main 2307 

Vice-pres Main 2307 

Vice-pres & treas, Brown-Marx bl...Main 4747 

Purchasing dept Main 4742 

Purchasing agt Main 6356 

Traffic dept Main 4741 

Gen'l slpt of mines Main 4741 

Accounting dept Main 4743 

£ res Main 4740 

Chf eng, B-M bl Main 7391 

Shannon Mines w End 253 

Spencers Quarry Wdlawn 1484 

Virginia Mines Bessmr 182 

Gulf States Supply Co, sales agts, 

2008 4th av. n Main 1279 

Gullahorn E T, res, 304 Ash av Bessmr 258-W 

Gullahorn W J, res, 1520 Pike av Ensley 738-J 

Gunn "Emma Miss, res, 1314 24th Bessmr 933-J 

Gunn M D, res, 812 Ga Main 8112 

Gunn Robt, sexton, Gwd Cemetery. .Wdlawn 280-J 

Gunn W R, res, 1101 Cullom Main 1971-W 

Gunnells J B, res, 541 7th Bessmr 850-J 

Gunnels Jno N, res, 1605 10th av, s Main 1416 

Gurley J F Mrs, r, 7728 4th av, n Wdlawn 1449 

Guscott L A Mrs, r, 800 2d av, n Main 5632 

Gussen Wm Mrs, pianist, 1818 2d av, n.Main 5846 

Gustin C C, res. 3512 Willow av Main 8960-W 

Guthrie Belle Mrs, res, 3406 Av F Ensley 605-W 

Guthrie F, res, 4082 Main Bessmr 335-W 

Guthrie John, res, 4512 5th av Ensley 161-W 

Guthrie T L Mrs, r, 2523% 5th av.n...Main 7629 

Gwillim Mary Mrs, r, 4302 Ave B Main 5883 

Gwillim Reese, res, 1215 N 29th Main 4657- J 

Gwin J C B, res, 2301 Clarendon av. . . Bessmr 472-W 

Gwin J W, res, Hamilton Sta Ensley 676-W 

Gwin J Walter Dr. res, 1430 4th av.. Bessmr 714 

Gwin P E Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 

Gwin P E Dr, res. 1631 Arlington av. Bessmr 


2000 Front Ensley 

2000 Av A Ensley 

Gwin-Williams Groc Co,whl,2000 Av A. Ensley 272 

Gwin W M Groc Co. 1007 Tusc av..W End 547 

Gwyer William, res, 1122 Ave F Main 2109-J 

Gwynn Joe G, res, 2 Vine W End 102-W 


Hackstadt Jno F, r, 3388 Hghlnd av..Maln 1955 

Haddock R M, res, 507 Adams Wdlawn 1184 

Hadnott Coal Co, ofc, 824 N 12th Main 7667 

Hadnott C W, res. 1110 7th av Main 1473-J 

Haering R J, res, 712 Parkway Ensley 263-J 

Hafer C C Mrs. res, 1020 N 28th Main 8363-J 

Hafer J V, res, 3826 5th av, s Main 8893 

Haffey J B, res, 1109 N 30th Main 2151-J 

Haffner J E, res, 1723 2d av Bessmr 319 

Ilaffner J H, res. 1888 Lee av W End 9084 

Hagan A D Dr, dntst, Farley bl Main 4281 

liagan A D Dr, res. 130S 33d Main 5719-J 

Hagan C L, res, 404 Tusca av W End 205 


3d av Main 2750 

Store No 2, a:\o S 2<)th Main 5446 

Hagan-Dunlap Drug Co (p s), 3d av..Maln 9234 

Hagan H L, res, 219 Sarah av Main 3442-J 

Hagan J D, drugs, 2600 21st av Main 7114 

dlcates P. B. Exchange 

317 - 





service roam toy 
Funeral Director Main 4862 



Gilchrist-Tarrant « » 

Main 469 

Hagerman L H, res, 317 S 21st Bessmr 877-J 

Hagerty John T, res, 1601 6th av Bessmr 404-J 

Haggard Bert, res, 4129 8th av, n Main 2032 

Haggard Geo B W, ofc, 2120 1st av Main 8316 

Haggard J D, res, 1612 llth av, s Main 1700-J 

Haggard J D Realty Co.ofc.lst N Bk bl.Main 5496 

Haggard J L Mrs, res, 602 N 19th Main 7635-J 

Hagood A C, res, 1524 Ave I Bessmr 279 

Hagood Ernest C Dr, ofc, 5400 1st avWdlawn 703 
Hagood Ernest C Dr, r, 6436 1st av. Wdlawn 289 

Hagood EG, res, 1303 Allen Main 8927 

Hagood LB, res, 1824 33rd av, n Main 9490 

Hagood R H, res, 1st av w End 682-J 

Hagood R J, atty, 1st N B bl Main 6496 

Hagopian George, res, 101 N 77th.. Wdlawn 805 
Hagy J L, res, 1525 N 17th Main 8077 


1905 Av B Main 195 

Hahn J H, res, 5036 1st av Wdlawn 124 

Haigler J Ed, res, 1103 N 29th Main 7471 

Hail Joe C, atty, 1st N B bl Main 4166 

Hail Joe C, res, 1909 16th av, s Main 4239 

Hair G C, res, 2500 Ave J Ensley 1434 

Hale A W, r, 4505 DeBardeleben av.. Ensley 661-W 

Hale B A, res, 2217 8th av, n Main 2546 

Hale E P, res, Shades Mtn W End 430-W 

Hale Fred E, res, 1227 S 17th av Main 8263-J 

Hale J H, res, 2015 Pk av Main 8842-W 

Hale J S Mrs, res, 3121 Bess Blvd. .. Ensley 1404-J 
Hale Rebecca Miss, r, 3401 Willow av..Main 2738 
Hale Rebecca Miss, r, 3401 Willow av..Main 4980 

Hale W M, res, Shades Mtn W End 742-M 

Hale W W, res, 7532 Underwood av. Wdlawn 498-W 

Hales A E Mrs, res, 4320 1st av, n Main 6629-W 

Hales J T, res, 4253 Ave E Main 4564 

Haley-Haley & Collins.attys.JffCoBk bl.Main 969 

Haley H R, res, 2523 22nd av, n Main 8765-J 

Haley L J, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 969 

Haley L J Jr, res, 2918 Juniper av Main 4485 

Hall Alma Miss, res, 219 Cornelia av..Main 3933 

Hall A J, res, 1721 Oxford av Main 3225-W 

Hall Addle L Mrs, r, 2510 8th av, n Main 8196 

Hall Bros Dry Clng Co, 1901 Ave F Main 7282 

Hall Cordelia Mrs, res, 1930 6th av.. Bessmr 422-W 

Hall Chas K, res, 1116 N 29th Main 7891-W 

Hall Chas W, res, 5018 1st av Wdlawn 273-W 

Hall E F, res, 1725 Jasper Main 2605-W 

Hall Geo, res, 1920 6th av Bessmr 959-W 

Hall G H, res, 901 Georgia Main 1785 

Hall Henry, res, 3919 9th av Ensley 617-W 

Hall H S, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 3532 

Hall H S, res, 1412 Louise Main 6267 

Hall J Howard, res, Irondale Wdlawn 1144-W 

Hall J S, res, 1027^ N 24th Main 8586 

Hall J T, res, 1630 Tusc av W End 259-J 

Hall L F, res, 532 42nd Ensley 730-W 

Hall Louis W, res, 1032 Crescent av Main 3486 

Hall M D Mrs, res, 612 N 19th Main 7915 

Hall M M Mrs, res, Green Sprgs Main 6885- W 

Hall O R. res, 6S20 Sloss av Wdlawn 640-J 

Hall Pearl Mrs, res. 615 N 26th Main 9431 

Hall P W, claim adj, 1st N B bl Main 630 

Hall Robt F. res. 1411 Cullom Main 6808-J 

Hall Sammie Mrs, res, 1810 8th av, n..Main 4357 
Hall Susie Mrs. res, lis fl Almond... W End 920-W 

Hall Sylvester, res, 5322 1st av Wdlawn 443 

Hall S Feed & Groc Co,2419 2d av.n Main 6785 

Hall Sam H, res, 1326 N 26th Main 8144-J 

Hall Shoe Shop, 1015 4th av W End 634 

Hall S V Mrs. res, 147 N 51st Wdlawn 383-W 

Hall T W Mrs, res, 6815 1st av Wdlawn 190 

Hall W A, res, 214 Elder av Ensley 609-W 

Hall W O, res, 5033 1st av Wdlawn 312-W 

Hall's Pharmacy, 4516 Gary av Ensley 270 

Hallas Jas Jr, res, 1328 12th av, n Main 3506. 

Hallman Gus Mrs, res, Rosedale Main 8840- J 

Hallock William Mrs.r,414 Prnctn av.W End 676 

Afoul 223 

Electrical *»*»** 



Antbulanc* Service ^.IQuZ 

Halloran T K, res, E Thomas Main 6784-J 

Halsey Eula, res, 601 7th av, n Main 8773-J 

Halstead H F Mrs, res, 127 N 61st.. Wdlawn 1130-J 

Halsted Alfred A, ofc, Lyric bl Main 604 

Halter J F, res, 1424 N 30th Main 2608-J 

Ham Jette Miss, r, 118 S 61st Wdlawn 26-J 

Ham J H Mrs, res, 1606 12th av, s.L.Main 3269-J 

Ham R F, res, 455 Myrtle av W End 33-W 

Hambaugh Nisbet, atty, 1st N B bl Mairr 1462 

Hambaugh Nisbet,r,116 S Poplar W End 165-J 

Hambright Ruby E Miss, res, 

7227 1st av Wdlawn 1331 

Hamer Jno, res, 508 N 24th Main 6238 

Hamil J M, res, 1601 12th av, s Main 9080 

Hamill E N, atty. 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1189 

Hamill E N, r, 1709 Woodland av Main 3582-J 

Hamill I E Mrs, r, 1705 Woodland av..Main 2384-J 

Hamill J B Mts, res, 1187 N 26th Main 2976 

Hamill J H, res, 2428 20th av, n Main 2318-W 

Hamilton A S, res, 2820 19th av Ensley 322-J 

Hamilton Claude N, r, 2815 Brown av. . Ensley 368-J 

Hamilton E A, ofc, 2017 4th av, n Main 3233 

Hamilton Elbert A, res, 1515 N 31st Main 6929 

Hamilton F B, res, 2705 Brown av.. Ensley 208-W 

Hamilton Furn Co, 128 S 20th Main 4292 

Hamilton F H, r, 1726 Cleveland av..W End 167 

Hamilton G W Mrs, res, 2128 Oak Ensley 273-W 

Hamilton H H, res, 806 Glen Iris av. . . .Main 1838 
Hamilton J F Mrs,r,7620 Wlkr av... Wdlawn 481 

Hamilton J H Rev, res, 2405 Ave J Main 4076 

Hamilton J M, res, 3732 5th av, s Main 5998-J 

Hamilton L E, res, 2708 33rd av. n Main 7254-W 

Hamilton Louis T, res, 4715 2d av, n. Wdlawn 1131 
Hamilton Paul K, res. 2000 14th av, n..Main 364-J 

Hamilton Robt, res, 1022 Glen Iris Main 1478 

Hamilton Thomas A, ofc. Wdwrd bl Main 4681 

Hamilton Thos A, Wdward bl Main 4681 

Hamilton W A. res, 1123 N llth Main 8847 

Hamilton W B, res, 1216 N 28th Main 2932-J 

Hamilton, W C, res, 1301 S 19th Main 2248 

Hamilton & Robinson, prdc,2018 Mrrs av.Main 3866 

2018 Morris av Main 2341 

Hamlet S W, res, 733 Sarah av Main 3944-W' 

Hammack A L, Ford rprs, 1921 Av E..Main 2890 

Hammack A L, res, 1300 S 17th av Main 1690 

Hammack AV M, res, 90S 2nd av W End 686 

Hammel Eugene, res, 1402 15th, s Main 5425-W 

Hammel Mattress & Carpet Renovating Co, 

2115 3rd av, n Main 1330 

Hammers Lesty Miss. r. 1502 4th av.W End 127-J 

Hammers W E. res, 716 Tusc av W End 934 

Hammet W D, res. 1325 S 19th Main 5772 

Hamraett Myrtle, res, 3384 Hghlnd av..Maln 2958-W 
Hammille F S. res, 2422 Brown Blvd. Ensley 930-J 
Hammille F S, res. Shades Mtn W End 735-M- 


1714 3rd av. n Main 1446 

Hammond Benj. res. 1330 X 16th Main 5042-J 

Hammond-Byrd Iron Co, A m Tr bl, 

Ge "l ofc Main 385 

Pres ofc -. Main 3816 

Treas ofc Main 6383 

Sales dept, Am Tr Bk bl Main 8344 

H Hammond, ofc Main 3816 

Hammond B L Mrs, res, Terrace Crt..Main 5823-W 

Hammond C P, res, 1041 S 32nd Main 8141 

Hammond Frank, res, 2511 12th av, n..Main 7962 

Hammond Horace, ofc, Am Tr Main 3816 

Hamner B J, res, 816 N 55th ..Wdlawn 492-W 

Hamner May Doll Mrs.r,2173 llth av.s.Maln 4309-J 
Hampton Annie Miss,r.231 Louise av...Main 4478 

Hampton Wm' P, res. 1922 Av I Main 4387 

. Hamrick J D. res, 3630 Martin av.. Ensley 1098-W 

Hamrick R H Dr, Empire bl Main 1499 

Hamrick R H Dr, r, 2202 S 14th av Main 2356 

Hanahan E B, res, 1757 13th av, s Main 1686-J 

Hanbury A A, res, 1908 Lyon av W End 105-J 


Sheet Mtlal Work 1905 Ave. B— Telephone 19S 



^Indicates P. B. Excha 







i4t/TCMM£UL4JVGE m.:~ 7ca 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Hanbury M W, res, 1220 Av I '..Main 

Hanby J D, res, -1020 1st av *. ..W End 

Hanby J M, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Hanby S M, res, 3380 Hiland av Main 

Hancken C M, res, 1419 Hayes W End 

Hancock David, ofc, Potter bl.- Main 

Hancock T H Groc Co, 322 Fairfax avBessmr 

Hancock W R, res, 102 N Pearl W End 

Hand A L Mrs, res, 1526 Exeter av..Bessmr 

Hand Jno N, res, 126 Edmond Wdlawn 

Hand P H Mrs, r, 1215 2d av, n W End 

Hand Thos E Dr, dent. Empire bl Main 

Handley A E, r, 1835 Pearson av....W End 
Handley L S Mrs ,r, 1517 S 14th. ... Main 
Handy-Dandy Pressing Club, 112 N 18th. Main 
Hanes J O Rev, res, 5100 11th av, n. Wdlawn 
Hanger J E Inc. artfl limbs, Empire bl. .Main 
Hankins J M Dr, res, 6609 1st av... Wdlawn 

Hankins J N, res, 631 S 33rd Main 

Hankins W D Dr, r, 7600 1st av Wdlawn 

Hanks Geo D Mrs, res, 331 S 59th. . .Wdlawn 

Hanlin Coal Co, 103 S 41st Main 

Hanlin F A, res, 3816 6th av, s Main 

Hanlin G B, res, 4218 5th av, s Main 

Hanlin J Gray, res, 1525 N 31st Main 

Hanlin & Griffin genl mdse, 302 Spring. Main 
Hanlon Emma S Mrs, r, 6903 Ga av. Wdlawn 


1917 2d av Main 

Hanna Brokerage Co, ofc, 1st Nat Bk blMain 

Hanna H P Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 

Hanna H P Dr, res, 1301 S 19th Main 

Hanna L R, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Hanna L R, res, 1628 N 29th Main 

Hanna Walter, res, 1701 N 21st Main 

Hannah Maude Miss, res, 313 N 22nd.. Main 

Hanners J A, res, 2609 20th av, n Main 

Hannigan Pat, res, N Highlands Ensley 

Hannun J W, res, 1311 ,S 17th Main 

Hanover Shoe Co, 1918 3d av Main 

Hansberger J N Mrs, r, 1409 Hntsv av. .Main 

Hanson C Miss, res, 1228 N 2Sth Main 

Hanson G~ W, res, 2124 Hghlnd av Main 

Hansen H L, res, 2901 Zinn av Ensley 

Hanserd Thos, res, 5303 Austin av.. Wdlawn 

Hanson N J, res, 812 Tusc av W End 

Hanson V H, res, 1320 Iroquois Main 

Haralson Jonathan, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Haralson Jonathan, res, 1325 S 19th Main 

Haralson Jas D, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Haralson J D, res, 1807 Av I Main 

Haralson Sales Co, Inc. B-M bl Main 

Harbinson-Walker Refractories Co, 
' B-M bl Main 

Fairfield Ensley 

Harbuck W B, res, 5300 Austin av.. Wdlawn 

Hard Jas H, Ins, Farley bl Main 

Hard Jas H, res, 1405 Beech Main 

Harden Ada Miss, r, 1706 Marshall av.Main 
Hardie J W, res, 1410 S 17th Main 


Ofc, 800 N 28th Main 

Hardin Ben, res, 1530 Av I Main 

Hardin J A, res, 3210 Ave C Ensley 

Hardin J R, res, 7316 1st av ..Wdlawn 

Hardin R A, res, Roebuck Sprgs. . .Wdlawn 
Harding J W, res, 1932 St Louis av..Bessmr 

Hard man F M, ofc, 1719 2nd av Main 

Hardman F M, res, 1307 N 36th Main 

Hardman J Uell, res, 1005 S 28th Main 

Hardman W C, res, 512 S 49th Wdlawn 

Harduval Gus, conf, 326 19th Ensley 

Harduvel Gus, conf (p s), 326 19th.. Ensley 

riarduvel Theo (p s), 225 N 18th Main 

Harduvell Bros, 510 19th ►Ensley 

Hardwick C A, res. Ridgely Apts Main 

Hardwiok E P, res. 1615 10th av. s Main 



































Hardwick Green, res, 1701 N 11th.... Main 

Hardwick J T, res, 1429 30th Ensley 

Hardy C A, res, 1809 Ave I ; . . . Ensley 

Hardy J W, res, 2120 22nd av Ensley 

Hardy R A, res, COO Hunter Ensley 

Hardy W B Dr, res, Margaret Apts... Main 

Hardy W J Mrs, res, 2109 Ave F Ensley 

Harelik H, res, 1614 11th av, n Main 

Harelik H, res, 627 N 16th Main 

Harell.WH, res, 2513 Arlington av Main 

Hargis Josephine Mrs, r, 109 S 50th. Wdlawn 
Hargis Laura Mrs, res, 1131 N . . . Main 

Hargrave W L, res, 2500 22nd Ensley 

Hargreaves Imogen Mrs,r,1130 N 26th.. Main 
Hargrove B O, res, 1110 Cotton av...W End 
Hargrove Geo, res, 1230 "Virginia av....Main 

Hargrove J H, res, 1327 14th av, s Main. 

Hargrove J W, res, 6005 4th av, s.. Wdlawn 
Hargrove Wm E, r, 7815 Undrw a v. Wdlawn 

Harkins Ida W, res, 1625 Ave F Main 

Harlan J A, res, 1709 7th av Bessmr 

Harless G A Mrs, r, 2012 22nd av... Ensley 

Harllee P Z, res, 1310 N 32d Main 

Harman Chas W, res, 412 Emma av....Main 

Harman W W, res, 1026 N 29th Main 

Harmer Oscar E, res, 1601 7th av.... Bessmr 

Harmon H G, res, 1228 24th Bessmr 

Harmon John, res, 2131 5th av, n Main 

Harmon W J Mrs, r, 3421 Hghlnd av.Main 

Harney A W Mrs, res, 425 7th av, n Main 

Harold Chas L, res, 1046 Sycamore. . Main 

Harp J S, res, 1717 Jeff av Ensley 

Harper A Mrs, res, 2314 6th av, n Main 

Harper A E, res, 2408 30th av, n Main 

Harper A J, res, 2316 Hawthorne av.. Ensley 

Harper B G, res, 1323 1st av W End 

Harper B M Mrs, res, 3219 N 13th av..Maln 

Harper Joe H, res, 32 Depot Wdlawn 

Harper M J, res, 1438 18th av, s Main 

Harper TV B, res, 1221 N 29th Main 

Harpster E Mrs, res, 514 S 20th Main 

Harrell Ben, res, 2429 34th av, n Main 

Harrell Houston, res, 712 S 24th Main 

Harrell J W, res, 1210 Fountain av...Maln 
Harrell Leah A, res, 1715 10th av.... Bessmr 

Harrell M F, res, 116 S 49th Wdlawn 

Harrell P B Jr, res, 2310 Av E Ensley 

Harrell S J, res, 2322 Ave I Ensley 

Harrell T A, res, 5025 2d av, n Wdlawn 

Harrell W F, res, 1125 N 31st Main 

Harrell Walter H, r, 1616 N 29th av..Maln 
Harrell & Evans Transfer Co, 

2004 Ave E Ensley 

Harrington J H Mrs, r, 3710 4th av, s..Maln 

Harris A B, res, 909 19th Bessmr 

Harris A B Dr, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Harris A B Dr, res, 17 Idlewlld Main 

Harris A E, res, 2604 34th av, n Main 

Harris Bros, gents furn, 314 19th... .Bessmr 

Harris Bros Co, groc, 1402 7th av Main 

Harris B M Mrs, res, 1104 N 24th Main 

Harris Ben P, r, 2200 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 
Harris Crampton Mrs,r,1801 11th av,s..Maln 

Harris Carl A Dr, ofc, 210*4 19th Bessmr 

Harris Carl A Dr, res, Orlean Apts.. Bessmr 

Harris Clyde C, res, 10 College W End 

Harris C M, res, 1402 Center Main 

Harris Charlton S Dr, ofc, Wdwrd bl-.Main 

Harris Dorsey Miss, r, Dian Apts Main 

Harris D C, res, 3520 Nrwd Blvd Main 

Harris D G Mrs, r, 7229 Sloss av.... Wdlawn 

Harris Eva Mrs, r, 119 63rd, s Wdlawn 

Harris E C Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 

Harris E H Mrs, res, 615 N 22nd Main 

Harris Eugene J, C S pract, Am Tr bl. .Main 
Harris Eugene J, res, 1509 10th av, s..Maln 

Harris E J, res, 1325 S 14th av Main 

Harris Edith L Mrs, res, 1117 Cullom..Main 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 












1316 . 





756- M 














Ambulance Setvlce n. I UOZ 




Office SAVorks t, - <&* r <r^Sff 

fAiRRELp.AiA. m* /3m/W&*' Lompany<^5 


Harris E N Dr, res, Ralmo^d Mines. . Bessmr 130-J 

Harris E P, res, 2800 33rd av, n Main 9348-W 

Harris Ed S, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 7439 

Harris Ed S, res, Terrace Crt Main 9318- W 

Harris F O, res, 2610 Ave E Ensley 307-W 

Harris Farley W Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 7404 

Harris Farley W Dr, res, 1010 S 28th.. Main 7733 

Harris Geo C, res, 2539 Aberdeen rd Main 2929-W 

Harris G E Mrs, r, 1507 Ave I Main 7967 

Harris G M, res, 208 S Chas W End 660-J 

Harris Geo T Rev, res, 4419 Av E Main 8808- W 

Harris Geo W, res, 2731 Hghland av Main 3286 

Harris Geo W & Sons Wall Paper Co, 

115 N 21st Main 47 

Harris Houston, r, 1216 4th av, n...W End 84 

Harris H A Dr, ofc, 1822% Ave E Ensley 793 

Harris H A Dr, res, 2514 Ensley av.. Ensley 33 

Harris H F Dr, ofc, 2709 29th av Main 7008 

Harris H F Dr, res, 1527 Av H Main 2724 

Harris J D, res, 2126 12th av Main 1656 

Harris J G, res, 216 S 61st Wdlawn 520-J 

Harris Jno H Rev, res, 2334 21st Ensley 823-J 

Harris J J, res, Jonestown Bessmr 1083- J 

Harris J L res, 1911 15th a v, s Main 6130-W 

Harris J R, res, 1230 S 17th Main 4517-W 

Harris John S, res, 1919 Av F Ensley 140-J 

Harris J W, res, 2128 Ave G Main 2812-J 

Harris J W, res, W Hglnds Bessmr 1035-W 

Harris Jno W, r, 1317 Huntsv av Main 494 

Harris L F, res, 1023 18th, s Main 2471-J 

Harris Lovelady Furn Co, 2000 Ave E. Ensley 171 

Harris L M, res, 1614 Phelan Main 4933-W 

Harris Margaret Mrs, r, 726 N 21st.. Main 9509 
Harris Myrtle T Miss,r,2101 11th av,s..Main 1804 

Harris Ned, res, 1321 Waucoma av Main 2953-J 

'Harris-Otey H, res, 5135 3rd av, n.. Wdlawn 179-W 

Harris P H, res, 901 S 13th Main 693 

Harris R E, res, 654 Tappan W End 309 

Harris Roscoe E, r, 1021 S 26th Main 8511 

Harris Sadie Miss, res, 1819 Rush av..Main 9425 
Harris Schuyler, r, 2226 Clarndn av.. Bessmr 640-J 

Harris Seale Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 2862 

Harris S D Mrs, res, 3100 N 24th Main 3248-W 

Harris Theo Rev, r, 2116 22nd av Ensley 159 


Chamber Commerce -~«-i Main 118 

Warehouse No 2, 2131 Ave F Main 1347 

Res Stable Man, 2113 Ave F.. A Main 2005 

Res of Superintendent, 4314 Ave C.Maln 8313 

Res of Custodian Main 4115 

Res Pres & Genl Mgr,28l7 Abrdn rd.Maln 2929-W 

Harris T N, res, Pratt City Ensley 1084 

Harris W B, res, 1711 8th av, n Main 3051 

Harrio W F, res, 430 Terrace Blvd.. Wdlawn 518-R 

Harris W G, res, 1322 S 17th av Main 6886-J 

Harris W L, res, 4314 Ave C Main 8313 

Harris W P, res, 1530 3rd av Bessmr 792 

Harris W S, res, 7100 Sloss av Wdlawn 130-J 

Harris & Harris Drs.phys, Wdwrd bl....Main 7404 

Harris & Harris, miners, 1st N B bl Main 2745 

Harris & Ray Drs,ofc,1822% Ave E.. Ensley 793 
. Harris & Sparks Drs,ofc,1822% Av E. . Ensley 793 
Harrison Ardie Mrs, res, 2418 Av H. . Ensley 907-J 

Harrison C W Mrs, r, 704 N 26th Main 6671 

Harrison Edna Mrs, res. 729 Tusc av.W End 659-W 

Harrison E W, groc, 831 24th Bessmr 27 

Harrison G E.res, 1722 14th av, n Main 1260-J 

Harrison Ina Mrs, r, 1114 Tusc av. . . . W End 362 

Harrison I F, res, 417 Marmian Ensley 595-W 

Harrison John, res, 1313 N 44th Main 8918-J 

Harrison Jas F, res, 1214 N 14th Main 6868 

Harrison L E, res, 1209 N 31st Main 4806-W 

Harrison M Miss, res, 1217 15th av, s..Maln 2906-J 

Harrison Perry L, adj, B-M bl Main 1512 

Harrison Safety Boiler Wks, B-M bl-.Maln 91 
Harrison-Spencer Oandy Co, 108 S 18th. Main 280 

SAND r:v u WJtii c hen 

MAIN 8500 12 SO. 20th ST. 


Art-.taula- • \«ivlce fl. 1002 

Harrison Transfer Co, 1926 Morris av..Main 472 

Harrison T E, res, 904 S 14th Main 6795 

Harrison Wm, res, 1420 Peters W End 486 

Harrison W G Dr, Empire Main 238 

Harrison W G Dr, res, 3818 "Cliff rd..Main 3094-J 

Harrison W H, res, 3810 N 31st Main 1455 

Harrold F H, res, 4104 Ave E Main 8981 

Harry C C, res, 5613 2nd av, s Wdlawn 330-J 

Harsh G R, res, 3416 Highland av Main 4069 

Harsh, Harsh & Harsh, attys, - 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1247 

Hart Emma Mrs, res, 1428 Cotton av.W End 287-J 

Hart R V Mrs, res, Terrace Crt Main 3202-W 

Hart W D Mrs, res, 721 Burk W End 532 

Hart W H, res, 1408 N 45th Wdlawn 106-J 

Hart W T Mrs, res, 1631 2d av Bessmr 567-J 

Hartley S R Mrs, r, 4905 Grand av.. Wdlawn 1048-J 

Hartley & Fite, attys, Title Guar bl Main 5764 

Hartline W L, res, 1531 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 955-J 
Hartman Sam, res, 3806 Lakeview av..Main 8872 

Hartney W J, res, 628 N 50th Wdlawn 1202-W 

Harton H M, res, 1222 Virginia av Main 2072-W 

Harton W A, res, 59 Thomas av.... Ensley 761-J 
Hartsfield B II, res, 2102 10th av, s..Main 2333 

Hartsfleld J C, res, 2417 Ens av Ensley 560 

Hartsfield Wm J, r, 5037 Grand av.. Wdlawn 471 
Hartshorne J A, res, 5902 1st av.... Wdlawn 246-J 

Harves H. res, 1027 McMillan av W End 177-W 

Harvey C E, res, 1123 N 26th Main 3821-J 

Harvey C H, res, 7414 Sloss av Wdlawn 133-J 

Harvey Furn Co, ofc, 1727 2d av Main 7587 

Harvey F O, res, 1331 11th av, n Main 7762-W 

Harvey R F, res, 3727 Ave E Main 4320-W 

Harvin Joe, res, 2463 Alley E Main 9421- J 

Harwell A W, res, 2326 18th Ensley 844-W 

Harwell H H Mrs, res, 305 52nd Wdlawn 112-W 

Harwell V W, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 1085- J 

Hassell Jno O, res, 2510 8th av, n Main 8196 

Hassinger W H, ofc, B-M bl Main 3898 

Hasslnger W H, res, 2028 Highland av. .Main 6544 
Hassler C A, rl est & ins, Pratt Sta.. Ensley 311 

Hassler C A, res, 58 Vine Ensley 1070 

Hassler J R Mrs, res, 60 Hghlnd av. . Ensley 515 

Hassler R L, res, 1612 Pike av Ensley 484-W 

Hassler Shock Absorber Co; 417 S 2lst.Maln 1715 


Cleaning & Dyeing, 1325 8th av, n..Main 5776 
Hastings Geo H, res, 1604 15th av, s..Maln 8829 

Hatcher A S, res, 1216 N 29th Main 3407-W 

Hatcher C A, res, 2100 5th av, n Main 2687 

Hatcher HC.res, 1721 5th av Bessmr 632 

Hatcher J If, res, 2018 12th av, n Main 4150 

Hatcher W K. res. 1022 S 32nd Main 3605-W 

Hathaway Claude H, r, 1708 7th av.. Bessmr 828-J 

Hatley W G, res, 1308 Peters W End 375-W 

Hatton Hugh B, res, 807 S 30th Main 8355 

Haughton R K. res, 1826 14th av, s..Maln 7640 

Haughton T C, res, 1305 Cullom Main 2845-W 

Hausman FA, res, 1326 N 25th Main 3665-J 


Sales Dept, 1914 4th av, n Main 6206 

Credit Dept, 1914 4th av, n Main 7087 

Grafonola Dept, 1914 4th av, n....Maln 6206 

Ira G Bond, Mgr, 1914 4th av, n Main 7087 

Shipping Dept, 1914 4th av, n Main 6250 

Hawes Julia Mrs, res, 1215 S 15th .. Main 9505-W 
Hawkins Alice M Mts,r,924 Tusc av.W End 244- W 
Hawkins A Nat Mr%,r,1336 Huntsv av..Maln 2513-J 

Hawkins Abner N, res, 3906 Ave D Main 3860-W 

Hawkins Alfred N Mrs.r.1336 Hntsv av. . Main 2513-J 

Hawkins C E, loan ofc, 213% 19th Bessmr 173 

Hawkins D W, res, 1912 7th av Bessmr 740-J 

Hawkins Guy D, res. 1426 16th av, s...Maln 4043-J 

Hawkins H B, res, 333 40th Ensley 1125-J 

Hawkins H H, res, 2509 13th av, n Main 4658-J 

Hawkins H W Mrs, r, 2432 Irene av. . . Ensley 765-W 

Mwn223 ElCCtflC^l 412Nt9th St 




• Indicates P. B. Exchan 









Main . 3355 
Main . . S85 
Main . . 134 
Entloy . 1477 

Hawkins H W, res. 909 1st av W End 244-J 

Hawkins J Ed, res, 1214 S 12th Main 8238 

Hawkins Jas F, res, 1224 S Avalon Main 4787 

Hawkins J R Mrs, r, 4115 4th av, s Main 7633-J 

Hawkins N H, res, 2802 Ensley av..Ensley 530 
Hawkins Pearl Mrs, r, 1312 Tusc av..W End 619-W 

Hawkins R H, res, 2510 Av G Main 938 

Hawkins R L, res, 7500 Sloss av..Wdlawn 554-W 

Hawkins R N, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 962 

Hawkins R N, res, Mt Terrace Main 6793 

Hawkins Salome Miss, r, 315 N Ssth.Wdlawn 1338 

Hawkins 8 W, res, 2022 Stout Main 2582 

Hawkins W D, res, 711 S 81st Pl...Wdlawn 768 

Hawkins W L, res, 1200 Av C Main 5367 

Hawkins W M, res, 1315 Cotton av..W End 794-J 

Hawkins W P, res, 1403 Ave F Ensley 431-W 

Hawley Rose Miss, res, 1130 S 15th.... Main 2378 

Hawley S R, res, 7400 2d av, n Wdlawn 1209-J 

Hawley W G, res, 1404 5th av Bessmr 660-J 

Hay D R Mrs, res, 2925 29th Ensley 1036-W 

Hay T P Rev, res, 3910 5th av, s Main 9304-W 

Hay T Park Jr, ofc, Cham of Com Main 8761 

Hay T Park Jr, res, 1618 llth av, s Main 5771-J 

Hayden Chas C, res, 203 Broad Main 1235-J 

Hayden G E, res, 607 St Chas av W End 554-W 

Hayden J B, plmb, 2720 Ave G Main 5818 

Hayden J B, res, 1720 14th av, s Main 4626-W 

Hayden W C, atty, Lyric bl Main 4924 

Hayden W T, atty. Lyric bl Main 4924 

Hayden W T, res, 1015 S 40th Main 1275-J 

Hayes A L, res, 152 N 57th Wdlawn 564-W 

Hayes B B, res, 223 Sarah av Main 4019- W 

Hayes C C, res, Terrace Crt Main 4081 

Hayes Ella Miss, res, 1902 Stout Main 7239-J 

Hayes George W, res, 404 S 54th. . .Wdlawn 61 

Hayes Julia, res, 718 West Main 1989 

Hayes J J Mrs, res, 1723 4th av.... Bessmr 466-W 

Hayes J T Mrs, res, 1100 Elm Main 5824 

Hayes Maurice C Mrs, p, 1721 Gth av, n.Main 7463 

Hayes M J, res, 2016 St Louis av Bessmr 209 

Hayes O B, res, 1224- llth av, n Main 6108-W 

Hayes Turie, res, 1327 Florence W End 67-J 

Hayes T J Mrs, res, 1816 5th av Bessmr 608-W 

Hayes V S Mrs, res, 1S10 10th av, s..Main 8383 

Hayes W H, res, 16th S & Ave F Bessmr 249-W 

Hayes W L, res, 4233 Ave D _ Main 5034 

Hayley J A, res, 2200 6th av, n Main 8593 

Hayley J O, res, 611 Princeton av W End 462 

Hayne E S, res, 2321 33rd av, n Main 3358-W 

Haynes Alice Mrs, res, 4418 5th av, s Main 6294-J 

Haynes A F, res, 604 N 23rd Main 5664 

Haynes E T, res, 7208 1st av Wdlawn 746 

Haynie F M, res, 1509 18th Bessmr 564-J 

Haynie W M, res, 4301 Av D. . . . . . Main 4808-W 

Hays Hattie L Mrs, res, 1526 N 17th Main 9557-W 

Hays Jno H Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6026 

Hays R B Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 436 

Hays R B Dr, res. 1512 15th av, s Main 1156-W 

Hayward & Chandler, decorators, 

1816 2nd av Bessmr 383 

Hazelwood J T, res, 525 S 47th Main 8917 

Hazelwood R V Dr, r, 1600 4th av.. Bessmr 514 

Hazzard W W, res, 919 S 42nd Main 2986-W 

Heacock J D Dr, res. 3916 Summit av..Maln 526 
Heacock & Donald Drs, 1st Nat Bk...Maln 4495 

Head Ben H, res, 3S0S ;,th av, n Main 1167 

Head E B, res, 2701 3eih -nv, n Main 7180-W 

Head G W, res, 290S 16th av, n Main 8863-W 

Head H W, res, 2530 37th av, n. .*. Main 3399-W 

Head J C, res, 411 Water Wdlawn 701-J 

Head Jno D, res, 1100»A X 13th Main 7722 

Headley Auto Repair & Transfer Co. 

1718 2nd av Main 4999 

Headley Frank O Mrs, r, Ridgely Apts.Maln 2416 

Healey T F, furn, 201 S 20th Main 1103 

Healey T F. res, 1206 Tuscaloosa av..W End 230-J 
Healy Hanna Mrs, r, 4811 2nd av, n. Wdlawn 356-J 
Heard J T, res, 6300 3rd av, n Wdlawn 940 

t!)Si£?. E cg 


Ambulance Satvlce M. I 002 

Heard Maud E, res, 6235 2nd av, s. Wdlawn 1346 
Hearn Flefcher E, res, 1206 2nd av. . . W End 187-J 

Hearn R L, res, 1117 N 23rd Main 3309 

Heaslett B C Mrs, res, 1510 N 30th Main 2771-J 

Heaslett Goode S, res, 2319 14th av, n..Main 8306-W 

Heath J C, res. 1912 16th av, s Main 3461 

Heath Lois Miss, r, 5324 1st av.... Wdlawn 978 

Heath W H, res, 1603 Tusc av W End 938 

Heaton J Robt, res, 1033 N 24th Main 5089 

Heaton & Stickle, rl est, 2407 3rd av, n.Main 3955 

Hebbeln Jacob, res, 1228 N 25th Main 5184 

Heber Candy Co, mfrs, 2015 Av A Main 48~02 

Heck Chas G, res, 129 X 61st Wdlawn 1004 

Heer J E, res, 1501 North W End 80-W 

Heer Wm J. res, 531 St Chas W End 599-J 

Hecrmans C M Mrs, r, 2324 16th Crt. Ensley 487-J 

Heffernan J E, rl est, Farley bl Main 6145 

Heffernan J E, res, 1108 2d av W End 217-J 

Heflin Howell T Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 926 


Res, Molton Hotel Main 8743 

Heflin J W, res, 4020 2d av, n Main 6291-J 

Heflin Marvin R Rev, res, 1926 Av H..Main 7665 

Heflin T J, res, 1311 Waucoma Main 2506 

I Heflin Wyatt Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 302 

Heflin Wyatt A Dr, res, 3216 Cliff rd Main 441 

Heide M A Mrs, res, 2010 Av H Ensley 260-W 

Heide S S, res, 1923 Av G Ensley 189-J 

Heidenreich L M, res, Madison Apt Main 8966 

Heidt Coal & Lbr Co, 1620 Ave E Main 943 

Heidt C C, res, 2224 Arlington av Main 1409-W 

Heidt C C Jr, res, 830 S 30th Main 6951-W 

Heinberg Julius Mrs. r. 1426 5th av.. Bessmr 1044 

Heineke J H, res, 2520 8th av n Main 4695 

Heineke J H Rl Est & Ins Agcy Co, 

214 N 21st MaIn 45 

Heins J E Mrs, res, 608 N 23rd Main 1823-J 

Heins M G, res, 926 S 26th Main 1565 

Heinz H J Co, food prod, 2226 Morris. . .Main 57 

Heiser A J, res, 6909 Ga av Wdlawn 825-W 

Heiser E B, res. 1115 N 28th Main 9579 

Heist R G. res, Albemarle Apts Main 9467-J 

Heitlinger F J, res, 1516 Pike av Ensley 1558-W 

Held C M Mrs, res, 2514 5th av, n Main 6693 

Heldman A B, res, 1031 N 16th Main 8314-J 

Helena-Cahaba Mining Co, B-M bl Main 4845 

Helm C L. res, Crestline Hghts Main 5442-R 

Helm J B, res, &000 1st av. ....... .Wdlawn 232-J 

Helms A C, res, 1614 12th av, n Main 9094 

Helms C S", res, 7920 Berney av Wdlawn 614-W 

Helms J H, res, 731 S 13th Main 3948-J 

Helton Chas T, r, 121 Main, Tnglnk. . Wdlawn 849-J 

Hemphill R C. res, 717 S 30th Main 1406-J 

Hemphill Robt C Jr. res. 1026 S 28th.. Main 7769 

Hemphill R C & Co, Emp bl Main 627 

Hemstitching Headquarters, 

216^ X 21st Main 464 

Henckell C Rev, r, 5901 Stone av... Wdlawn 573-W 

Henderson A B, res, 1212 N 33rd Main 8245-J 

Henderson A B. groc. 2413 2nd av, n...Main 9573 
Henderson E C, res, 808 Ga av, s....Maln 6198 

Henderson H M, ofc, Farley bl Main 75«3 

Henderson H Iff, res. 1634 12th av. s..Main 6225-J 
Henderson J Y Mrs,r,5001 2d av.n. . .Wdlawn 329 

Henderson M W, ofc, -Farley bl Main 7563 

Henderson M W. res. Terrace Crt Main 2271 

Henderson. Virginia Mrs, 

Res, 1626 13th av, s Main 7674 

Henderson W B. res, 709 Cotton av. .W End 622 
Henderson W F Jr, r, 2000 Ave G... Ensley 798-J 

Hendley S S Mrs, res, 1210 N 33d Main 8233-W 

Hendon E L, res, 3203 Ave E Ensley 1242-J 

Hendon H L, res, 7200 Walker av.. Wdlawn 1189-W 

Hendon T F Rev, r, 1300 N 24th Main 2098 

Hendricks H L, res, 3623 1st av Main 2229 

Hendricks J A Mrs,r,7621 Udwd av. Wdlawn 1091 

ndlcates P. B. Exchange 



""".SS^lUn 769 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gilchrist-Tarrant HE * 

Main 469 

Hendricks J M, res, 422 N 16th Main 7909-W 

Hendricks J S, res, 330 S 59th Wdlawn 1185 

Hendrix D G, res, 5615 4th av, s Wdlawn 899-J 

Hendrix J B, res, 1115 2d av, n W End 140-J 

Hendrix P H, res, 1421 17th av, s Main 8052-J 

Heninger E S, res, 1012 Eula Main 9312-J 

Henley A S Mrs, res, 1507 S 13th Main 4127-J 

Henley C D, res, 5914 1st av Wdlawn 64-J 

Henley Jno C Mrs, res, 901 S 19th.... Main 1760 

Henley Jno C Jr, res, Warsaw Main 4401 

Henley J W Mrs, res, 1625 12th av, s Main 8995 

Henley W E, res, 901 S 19th Main 1760 

Henning A F, res, 416 St Chas av....W End 266-J 

Henning W H, res, 1130 3d av Main 5621-W 

Henry M V, res, 1504 16th av, n Main 9559-J 

Henry N G Mrs, res, 1700 13th av, n..Main 1786-J 

Henry W C, res, 6601 1st av Wdlawn 1219 

Henry W C Mrs, res, 3230 12th av, n. . .Main 4958-W 

Henshaw Burt, res, 330 38th Ensley 1463-W 

Henson C A, res, 223 Louise av Main 4253 

Henson Jno P, res, 1600 N 19th. ... Bessmr 112-W 
Hentschel Herman, gro, 1800 Ave E...Main 7270 

Hentschell H, res, 1415 llth av, s Main 2021-W 

Heralds of Liberty, ofc, Am Tr bl....Main 4079 

Herbert Wm, res, 1520 6th av Bessmr 971-W 

Herblin L B, res, 2445 18th Crt Ensley 441 

Herbst Fred E, res, 1006 Elm Main 8658-J 

Herd Jennie Miss, res, 2508 N 29th Main 4557 

Heriot Janet Miss, r, 101 Lucy av....Maln 1984 

Heriot W B, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3440 

Heriot & Co, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3440 

Herman Carrie Mrs,r,2300 3d av,n Main 1352-J 

Herman J W Jr, r, 5800 3d av, n... Wdlawn 265-J 

Herman M' B, mts, 1530 8th av, n Main 1291 

Hernandez R M, res, 908 St Chas Main 2494 

Hernandez W C, res, 1104 N 26th Main 1545 

Herring Fish Co, 1826 1st av Bessmr 206 

Herring-Hall Marvin Safe Co,2126 1 av..Main 2045 

Herring L J, res, 513 Cotton av W End 701-W 

Hershey Roy G Rev, res, 115 S 60th. Wdlawn 1214-W 

Hertz Arthur, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5151 

Herzfeld Fannie Mrs, r, 1022 S 26th Main 2573 

Herzog Ed F, res, 1007 Crescent av Main 3472-W 

Herzog Sylvan A, res, 1415 llth av, s. Main 2021-W 
Herzog-Thompson Co,jwlrs,1907 3d av..Main 4798 
Heslington T A Mrs, res, 1115 S Pine.. Main 2102-J 

Hess Lynn Mrs, res, 935 S 19th Main 8925-W 

Hess Rush M, res, 1522 S 19th Main 6879-J 

Hester J T, res, 4206 5th av, s Main 3628 

Hetherton W S, res, 929 N 13th Main 8468 

Hettrick E F, ofc, 2112 Morris av Main 5326 

Hettrick E F, res, 2848 Hghlnd av Main 2837 

Hettrick E F Eng CO, Empire bl Main 1781 

Hewitt E G, ofc, Title Guar bl Main 800 

Hewitt F A, res, Shades Mt \W End 26-M 

Hewitt G W, res, 514 S 77th Wdlawn 536 

Hewitt P P, res, 10 Vine W End 305-W 

Hewitt R G, res, 905 S 13th Main 723 

Hewlett S W, res, 1130 West Main 7331-W 

Heyman Max, res-, 1023^ X 24th Main 6721-W 

Hiam O C, res, 720 Eliza av W End 408-W 

Hibbler T P, res, 1324 N 17th Main 3120-J 

Hickerson Lula Mrs, r, 21"',: I, 22nd... Main 8155 

Hickey Jos P, res, 524 1st av.. Main 5530-W 

Hickman Cycle Co, 1922 1th av, n Main 5255 

Hickman H C Mrs, r, 1353 S 14th av..Main 4380-W 
Hickman J W Rev, r, 809 Cotton av. ,W End 83 

Hickman Ped A, r, 111 Hawkins W 2nd 359 

Hickman R S, res, 519 Powell W End 348- J 

Hickman R S, res, 263.1 17th Ensley 1229 

Hickman, Williams & Co. 7 nc, 

B-M bl Main 1420 

B-M bl Main 1421 

Hickman's Coal Yard, 2. '") Ave C.... Ensley 44 
Hicks Carrie Miss, r, 807 Cedar. .. .Wdlawn 366 

Hicks Edgar W, ofc. Ai. Tr bl Main 6189 

Hicks E W, res, Albemarle Apts Main 5014- J 

Hicks Geo B, r, 6628 Hillman av Wdlawn 1224 

Main 223 EtCCtflCid. 412N ' J9thSt 



Ambu anc* Sirvs* RI.IUUZ 

Hicks M R, res, 403 Prnctn av W End 367 

Hicks Robt L, res, 334 38th Ensley 1463-J 

Hiden Henry, rl est.ins.lns, 207 21st, n.Main 379 

Hiden-H, res, 1400 N 32d Main 4399-W 

Hiden R G, r, 2217 Highland av Main 126 

Higdon A L, res, Woodward Bessmr 897-J 

Higdon E H, res, Lewisburg Main 3835-W 

Higdon E L Co.strg btrs.2201 1st av,s..Main 3963 
Higdon E L Col,r,7000 Higdn av,s.. Wdlawn 1200 
H-igdon E Lee Jr, r, 6909 Higdon rd. Wdlawn 970-J 

Higdon P W, res, 6901 Higdon rd Wdlawn 970-W 

Higginbotham E P, res, Pinson Pike. Wdlawn 677-M 

Higgins B Miss, res, 2214 Av I Ensley 993-W 

Higgins B A, res, 7805 Georgia rd... Wdlawn 963-J 
Higgins Robt F, res, 1301 Steinerav..W End 463-J 
Higgins Thos J, r, 2828 Fairfax av... Bessmr 824-J 

High J R, res r 500 Gladys Bessmr 289- J 

High J W, res, 2023 Av F Ensley 1094 

Highland Bakery, 2014 Ave F Main 492 

Highland Grocery Co, 1800 Pike av. . . . Ensley 1045 
Highland Milling Co, 2209 Morris av...Main 6713 

Highland Pharmacy, 1032 S 20th Main 1080 

Highland Pharmacy (p s), 1032 S 20th.. Main 9112 

Highlands Meth Ch.pstr's stdy,5 Pts Main 6647 

Hildenbrand W P, res, Edgewood Main 7090 

Hill Brunetta C, res, 1030 12th av, n..Main 6196-W 
Hill-Brunner Foundry Supply Co, 

1614 9th av, n Main 3931 

Hill Carrie Miss, r, 1034 S 20th Main 5230-W 

Hill Edwin, res, 1831 Rush av, n Main 7156-J 

Hill E J Mrs, res, 1711 14th av, s Main 7419-W 

Hill F B Mrs, res, 1603 5th av Bessmr 580-J 

Hill Grocery Co, 2010 2d av Main 4476 

Main store & whse, 400 S 20th.... Main 1466 

Store No 5, 1001 Tusc av W End 77 

Store No 9, 1830 4th av, n Main 8931 

Warehouse, 1921 Ave D Main 1587 

Hill Henry, res, 201 Av F Main 5849-W 

Hill H R, res, 519 N 25th Main 7863-J 

Hill H S, res, 819% S 12th Main 4926-J 

Hill Hugh W, r, 8440 Hillman av... Wdlawn 1233 

Hill J, res, 1030 N 24th Main 3341 

Hill J B, res, 1015 Glen Iris av Main 2895 

Hill J B, res, 1624 Phelan Main 1109-W 

Hill J C, res. 6005 2nd av, s Wdlawn 169-W 

Hill J C Rev, res, 318 3rd Ensley 397-J 

Hill Jno E, City Mkt Main 296 

Hill John E, res, 1212 12th av, n Main 2376 

Hill J L, res, 1305 S 17th Main 8975-W 

Hill J M, sxtn, res, Oak'd Cemetery. .Ensley 789-W 

Hill L B, res, 926 llth av, n Main 6645-J 

Hill L F, res. 4623 Ave E Main 4159-J 

Hill L T, ofc, 2109 3rd av Main 6042 

Hill Milton, res, 2005 Exter Alley. ... Bessmr 429-W 

Hill Mbse, res, Sunny Side W End 252-W 

Hill N P, res, 1015 Glenn Iris Main 5082 

Hill Oliver, res, Bayview Apts Main 2798 

Hill Pump Works, ofc, B-M bl Main 3843 

Hill Rosebud Miss, r, 308 N Hawkins. W End 306-J 

Hill R E, res, 1825 14th av Main 5965-J 

Hill Sign Co, 1912% 3d av Main 295 

Hill T M, res, 3219 Ave C Ensley 1458-J 

Hill Walter Mrs, res, 1712 6th av, n Main 3808-J 

Hill Walter, res, Green Sprgs Main 5671-J 

Hill W A, res, 7432 Undrwd av Wdlawn 1080 

Hill W A, res. 4401 6th av, s Main 4545 

Hill W C, res, 7326 Hillman av Wdlawn 972 

Hill W J, res, 1404 N 25th .Main 1098 

Hill W T, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 52 

Hill W T, res, Mt Terrace Main 6768-W 


Foundry Supplies, 2931 7th av, n Main 3287 

Hilleke A F, res, Shady Side Ensley 310 

Hiller Edward, r, 2231 Highland av Main 3041 

Hillhouse Harry, r, 2430 Ensley av Ensley 647 

Hillhouse Harry C, r, 2823 35th av, n...Maln 7135-J 
Hillhouse Harry C, r, 2716 35th av, n...Main 7034 


All Kinds Roofing 1905 Ave. B- Telephone 195 



•Indicates P. B. E-xchani 



nrriAY^~^ C£Main769 

L1UCLUI Foneral Director Main 4862 


Hillhouse James D, r, 1723 18th av, s Main 1899-J 
Hillhouse Robt Mrs, res, 718 Peyton. .. Main 1744-W 

Hillhouse W B, res, Hanover Circ Main 2602-J 

Hilliard J A, res, 8308 Unrwd av... Wdlawn *226 

Hilllard W R, ofc, Cham Com Main 

Hilliard W R, whl shs, Ch of Com Main 

Hilliard W R, r, 8207 Undrwd av...Wdlawn 1024 

Hillman Hospital, 602 S" 20th Main 350 

Nurses home, 620 S 20th « Main 2360 

Hillman Hospital (p a), Ave F Main 9230 * 

Hillman James H, res, 2829 Mtn av Main 6725-J 

Hillman M P G, r, 903 Cliff rd Main 7148-J 

Hilty Casper P, r, 2915 Cypress av Main 4572-W 

Hilty Chas R, res, 1316 Warsaw Main 5298-W 

Himrod Harold, res, 3641 Ave D Ensley 443-W 

Hinch C E, res, 720 2d av, n Main 1985 

Hinds R F, res, 224 N 49th Wdlawn 504-W 

Hinds R T, res, 2126 Ave H Main 1254 

Hine Jno H, res, Newport Apts Main 942 

Hines Arnold, res, 717 S 24th Main 6659-J 

Hines G B, plmbr, 2126 4th av, n Main 135 

Hines G B, res, 1006 S Central Main 648-W 

Hines Hamilton, res, 1012 S 13th Main 8540 

Hines M A, rl est, 116 N 21st Main 1913 

Hines M A, res, 1409 N 24th Main 4623 

Hines Plumbing Co, 2126 4th av, n Main 135 

Hines Tom M, res, 2216 12th av. n Main 3003 

Hinkle Bros Co, 2420 1st av Main 1179 

Hinton Addie Mrs, r, 2401 5th av, n Main 3844-W 

Hinton James, res, 917 2nd av W End 630-W 

Hinton R R, groc, 3508 N 24th Main 3455 

Hinton R R, res, 2220 35th av, n Main 6003 

Hinton W B, res, 900 Av F Main 7773-W 

Hirsch A, res, 1711 13th av, s Main 4729 

Hirsch Millinery Co, 213 N 19th, 

1st & 2nd floor Main 5241 

Office Main 5242 

Shoe dept, 213 N 19th Main 7902 

Kirsh M Mrs, res, 3160 highland av..Maln 7317-J 
Hitchcock M S Mrs,r,1601 11th av,s...Main 2126 

Hite W J, res, 221 S 57th Wdlawn 839 

Flitt Mabel Miss,r,7201 Undwd av.. Wdlawn 842-J 

Hitt N E Mrs, res, 701 S 28th Main 6464 

litt Sam W. res, 1523 12th av, s Main 2118-W 

Hixon E D Dr, res, 903 Alabama av Main 5159 

Hixson A L, res, 3331 12th av, n Main 5448- J 

Hixson J E Rev, res, 514 Delta av Ensley 1338 

Hoadley Carl S, r, 622 S 34th Main 6311-J 

Hoage Stephen L, res, 2115 Av I Ensley 826-J 

Hobart Geo F, res, 1120 S 11th av Main 2728-W 

Hobart T H, res, 1028 N 24th Main" 7637 

Hobart T L, res, 1301 16th av, s Main 4867-J 

Hobbs A E, res, 820 N 43d Wdlawn 

Hobbs J R Rev, study, 6th av, n Main 3215 

Hobbs J R Rev, res, 1100 N 30th Main 3100 

Hobson E E, res, 1024 N 17th Main 

Hobson Irene Mrs, res, Sunnyside W End 

Hobson J D, res, 822 S 18th Main 1706-W 

Hobson W L, res, 505 Ray Ensley 128-W 

Hockings C H, res, 1226 11th av, n Main 957-J " 

Hodge J M, res, 1027 N 28th Main 8414-W 

Hodge M E Mrs, res, 721 S 28th Main 1110 

Hodges C O, res, 1302 Hntsvlle av Main 2877 

Hodges H C, res, 1201 Ave K Main 2794-J 

Hodges J Chapline,r,1215 Glen View rd..Maln 4184 

Hodges J F, furn, 2417 2nd av Main 3283 

Hodges M L Mrs, res, 5805 2nd av, n. Wdlawn 809-J 

Hodges R L, res, 3117 13th av, n Main 6809-W 

Hodges T J, res, 1326 N 30th Main 4160 

Hodges U S, res, 4 28 S" 54th Wdlawn 901-J 

Hodges W A, res, 149 N 57th Wdlawn 572-W 

Hoehn A R, res, 7222 2d av, n Wdlawn 1417-J 

Hoehn A U, res, 62S W Forrest Main 3176-W 

Hoehn C H Mrs, res, 638 S 39th Main 8213 

Hoehn F M, res, 3908 7th av Ensley 81-J 

Hoehn R C, res. 704 S 39th Main 1774-J 

Hoene Fred A Mrs, res, 812 21st Ensley 995- W 

Hoene F C, res, 501 S 68th Wdlawn 1015 




A-nuhnca Service fl.lUUZ 

COAL Sii? 


Indicates P. B. Exchange 



Hoene Geo A, r, 1012 McMiian av..W End 257-J 

Hoeye R Mrs, res, 3075 Highland av Main 1636 

Hofer Joseph, res, 2621 21st av, n Main 7257-J 

Hofer M, res, Helena Sta Ensley 853-W 

Hofer Ruby Z Mrs,r,2015 Ave I Ensley 842-J 

Hoffmann J B Jr, r, 1909 5th av, n Main 481 

Hogan Bros, groc, 1924 11th av, s Main 398 

Hogan B E, res, Mary Lee rd Main 7126-W 

Hogan Dan A, res,. 1216 Whitaker Main 2278 

Hogan E P Dr, surg, Empire bl Main 749 

Hogan E P, M D, Hlman Hosp, Ave F. .Main 6477 
Hogan E P Dr, res, 2212 Ridge Pk av..Maln 1573 

Hogan G A Dr, phys, Emp bl Main 749 

Hogan Geo A Dr, r, 1713 14th av, s...Maln 3941 
Hogan J F Dr, r, 2212 Rdge Pk av...Maln 1573 

Hogan L, res, 4640 1st av Wdlawn 1329 

Hogan Marshall D, res, 1001 S 13th.. Main 3508-W 

Hogan Marion E, r, 1500 Water Main 2644-W 

Hogan R E Dr, res, 3908 Parkway Ensley 1482- W 

Hogan & White, motor trks, 931 N 24th. Main 3090 

Hogg J F, res, 3218 Ave I Ensley 511-W 

Hoglin W S, res, 8015 6th av, n Wdlawn 835-J 

Hogue Chas F, life ins, B-M bl Main 2603 

Hogue Chas F, res, 4316 Cliff rd Main 2204-W 

Hogue W W Mrs, res, 920 S 20th Main 8662 

Hoke M V, res, 812 N 17th Main 2528 

Hoke W M, res, Aberdeen rd Main 8449 

Holberg F J, res, 1210 Beech Main 9407-W 

Holcomb A H Rev, res, East Thomas.. Main 4763-J 
Holcomb Bros, genl rndse, E Thomas. .. Main 1242-W 

Holcomb J A, res, E Thomas Main 2206-W 

Holcomb J H, res. 1121 N 25th Main 1305 

Holcomb W O, res, E Thomas Main 1242-J 

Holcombe B M, r, Wadl, RFDNo 4 Main 3870-W 

Holcombe C C.Victr dlrs.1909 3d av,n..Maln 7434 

Holcombe W J, res, 1430 N 25th Main 8142-J 

Holden W W, res, 2411 Ave H Ensley 204 

Holder Emmett, res, 1117 S 15th Main 6419-W 

Holder F E, res, 723 Prnctn av W End 222 

Holder M T steno.Wdwrd bL.Maln 2863 

Holland G F, res, 2412 14th av, n Main 8133-J 

Holley F M, res, 7001 1st av, n Wdlawn 550 

Holley M J Mrs, res, 531 N 23d Main 6716 

Holley p A, res, 3204 14th av, s Main 9548-W 

Holliday D B, res, 8305 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 904 

Holliday E M, res, 221 N 68th Wdlawn 1157-J 

Holliday W H Dr, ofc, 1903% Ave E.. Ensley 954 

Holliday W H Dr, r, 2121 Ave F Ensley 342 

Hollifield D B Mrs, res, 4115 Av C Main 7256-W 

Hollingsworth G B,r,2100 Clrndn av..Bessmr 791-J 
Hollingsworth J H, r, 1715 34th av, n..Maln 7999 
Hollingsworth W W, r, 1701 3d av..Bessmr 1062 
Hollinshed R P, res, 6025 2nd av, si. .Wdlawn 1256-J 
Hollis Dry Cleaning Co,2413 12th av,n..Maln 6181 

Hollock Stanley J, res, 1800 Ave G Ensley 1142-w 

Holloway A F Mrs, r, 807 Montg Main 4711-W 

Holloway J C, res, 228 N 52nd Wdlawn 763-J 

Holloway Minnie Mrs, r, 56 Maple. .. .Ensley 1054-W 
Hollums Z F, res, 7909 Caldwell av.. Wdlawn 533-W 

Hollywood Creamery, 308 N 17th Main 747 

Holman R M, res, 1714 14th av, s Main 8145 

Holmes A F, res, 728 38th Ensley 749-W 

Holmes A L, res. 1408 N 32d Main 4919 

Holmes A S, res, 4009 Palmer av Ensley 1102-J 

Holmes Chester H, r, 322 N 49th Wdlawn 558-J 

Holmes Dan, res, 2901 Ave H Ensley 1100 

Holmes E A, res, 1328 N 33rd Main 2731 

Holmes J H, res, 1719 14th av, s Main 1876-W 

Holmes J J, res, 6600 Hillman av Wdlawn 1183 

Holmes L, res, 2415 34th av, n Main 964 

Holmes M B, res, Vestal Hgts Main 6789 

Holmes M C, res/ 1529 llth av, s Main 9539 

Holmes M E, res, 411 23rd Ensley 1038-W 

Holmes Percy, res, 4205* 12th av Ensley 925-W 

Holmes W M Mrs, r, 4512% Gary av.. Ensley 942-W 

Holmes W O, res, 1416 35th av Main 7221-J 

Holmes W V, res, 221 N Poplar W End 245 

Holomon Evye Miss, res, 1310 Cullom..Maln 8523-W 




The /&#££*" Company ^jfl 2 




Holroyd C D, res, 700 S 24th Main 7768 

Holstein E P, res, 2211 14th av, s Main 8787 

Holston H H, res, 5711 1st av Wdlawn 1480 

Holston Robert, res, 1810 Ave H Main 8831 

Holt Allen M, res, 604 Tusc av W End 954-W 

Holt Kate Mrs, res, 1629 llth av, s Main 6129-J 

Holt L, res, 2528 21st av, n Main 7865-J 

Holt LeRoy, res, 1884 14th av, s Main 2714-J 

Holt W I, res, 1710 15th av, s Main 8730-J 

Holt W M, ofc, Marylee rd Main 8269 

Holtam E G, res, 1626 14th av, n Main 2715 

Holtam J M, res, 304 S Vine W End 492-W 

Holtam R B, res, 122 N 72nd Wdlawn 1071-J 

Holtam & Co, tin shop, 202 S 22nd Main 4522 

Holtorf Margaret Miss, 

Res, 504 St Chas av W End 377-W 

Holtz H R, res, 615 Prnctn av W End 688-J 

Holtzclaw L H, res, 2118 Ave I Ensley 993-J 


1824 4th av, n, 

Meat Department Main 543 

Meat Department Main 544 

Delicatessen Dept MaJn 543 

Homan Chocolates Co,mfg,900 1st av.n.Main 4826 

Home Bakery, 419 19th Bessmr 243 

Home Bakery Co, 412 17th Ensley 36 

Home Cafe, 1910 4th av Bessmr 241 

Home Meat Market, 201 19th Ensley 1474 

Homestead Savings & Loan Co, 

4602 Gary av Ensley 100 

Honeycutt Eugene, res, 213 S 19th.. Bessmr 898 

Honeycutt H I, res, 15 Walnut W End 108-J 

Honeycutt Roy, res, 701 S 21st Main 5404-J 

Hood A Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 2077 

Hood C C, res, 1622 14th av, n Main 6994-J 

Hood G F, res, 625 Roe Main 3136-W 

Hood Ida Mrs, res, 1609% 12th av, s.Main 8031 

Hood James, res, 1210 N 30th Main 3972-W 

Hood J C, res, 704 Cherry av Ensley 1360 

Hood Jno R, res, 805 Tusc av .W End 652-J 

Hood J S, res, 1612 8th av, n Main 3834-J 

Hood L D, res, 1808 Clarendon av. . . . Bessmr 513 

Hood Mant, res, 208 S Vine W End 784 

Hood Margaret Miss, r, 622 S 47th Main 5725-J 

Hood-McPherson Furn Co,1802 Av E. Ensley 1074 

Hood M V, res, 814 17th Ensley 1173-W 

Hood R A. res, 612 44th Ensley 1314-J 

Hood Wm, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8274 

Hood Wm, res, Hanover Circle Main 2564 

Hood W C, res, 1426 S 16th Main 3324 

Hood-Whittle Fur Co. 1910 3d av... Bessmr 374 
Hood Whittle Furn Co, 1818 Ave D... Ensley 944 


Office, 2207 2nd av, n Main 8041 

Office, 2013 4th av, n Main 3946 

2013 4th av, n Main 1322 

Hook Elizabeth Miss,r,2112 5th av,n...Main 1318-J 

Hooks Geo R, res, 1509 Cotton av W End 236 

Hooper Cafe, 312 N 20th Main 209 

Hooper Clarance A Dr, dntst, 1st N B..Maln 778 

Hooper C C, res, 1227 N 25th Main 2620-W 

Hooper C S Mrs, res, 920 S 18th Main 1920 

Hooper J Carl, res, 3504 12th av, n Main 5746 

Hooper J DeB, res, 1710 15th av, s Main 8730-J 

Hooper R Mrs, res, 514 Balsam av. . . . Ensley 523 

Hoover W H, res, 216 N Elyton W End 707-J 

Hoover & McC^rry Furn Co,2214 2nd.. Main 4086 

Hope A J Dr, res, 1426 4th av Bessmr 1026 

Hopkins J B Mrs, res, 2204 5th av, n..Maln 2804-J 
Hopkins Margaret Miss, 

Res, 5030 Grand av Wdlawn 337-J 

Hopper B U, res, 602 N 24th Main 7407 

Hopper Lizzie Mrs,r,1002 Tusc av...W End 515 

Hopper M D, res. 218 N 53rd Wdlawn 9082 

Hopping E C Mrs, res, 411 N 24th Main 3844-J 

Hopping J G Dr, r, Westleigh Sta Ensley 1098-J 

Sheetrock Tel. Main 8500 

Wall Board Made of Gypsum Rock.— WTTTJCHEN 


Ambulsnrt Service R. ■ 00 1 

Hopping & Franklin Drs, dents, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 1444 

Hopps T B, 5514 1st av Wdlawn 284 

Hopps T B, res, 100 S 56th Wdlawn 951 

Hopson G W Jr, res, 5605 2d av, s Wdlawn 314-W 


Wholesale Grocers, 1521 Ave A.... Main 5301 
Hopson Hudmon, res, 1405 N 30th. .... Main 2464-J 
Hopwood A F, res, 412 Tusc av....W End 576 
Horn Auto Supply Co, Inc, whol, 

1928 Av B Main 2379 

Horn Chas W, res, Edgewood Main 3209-W 

Horn R B, res, 3933 Main Bessmr 895-W 

Horn S W Dr, r, 2304 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 821 

Hornady J R, res, 3420 12th av, n Main 3851 

Hornady J W, res, R F D No 5 Wdlawn 8512 

Hornbuckle W M, res, 7604 Sloss av. Wdlawn 473-W 

Home James,- res, 341 39th Ensley 329-J 

Home J M, res, 228 N 49th Wdlawn 1225-W 

Home O C Jr, res, 308^ N 24th Main 990 

Hornsby O G, res, Sunnyside W End 373-W 

Horres F I Mrs, res, 521 S 27th Main 8720-W 

Horsley G W, res. Vanderbilt Sta Main 6821-J 

Horst C F Jr, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 535 

Horst C F Jr, res, Iroquois Main 3685 

Horst Odalie F Mrs, r, 1411 S 15th.. Main 4043-W 

Horst O L, res, 1507 N 31st Main 8116-W 

Horton Biddle & Flinn Cycle Co, 

1906 4th av, n Main 5162 

Horton Ed, res, 2608 Av G Ensley 1069-W 

Horton H D, res, 2821 35th av, n Main 4259-W 

Horton I G, res, 907 S 14th Main 3152-J 

Horton R B, res, 203 Cedar Wdlawn 773 

Hosey S A, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 473-W 

Hosey T J, res, 310 45th Ensley 1418-W 

Hosey W B, res, 1626 Brkly av Bessmr 1088- J 

Hoskins A W Mrs, res, 720 N 21st Main 3383-W 

Hoskins J H, res, 2222 7th av Main 1716 

Hoskins N H Mrs,r,1330 Katherine..W End 141-W 

Hpstex* L, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 221 

Hotel Davis, 320% N 18th Main 3889 

Hotel De Stoto, 5th av Main 6157 

Hotel Dunbar (p s), 323 N 17th Main 9173 

Hotel Edwards, p s, 305 N 17th Main 9195 

Hotel Empire, ofc, 4th av Main 4143 

Hotel Empire (p s), 4th av Main 9210 

*HOTEL FLORENCE, 2nd av Main 3785 

*HOTEL GRANADA, 2230 4th av, n..Main 8373 

Pay station, 2230 4th av Main 9242 

*HOTEL HILLMAN, 312 19th -...Main 3740 

Private ofc, 312 N 19th Main 908 

Baggage room, 312 19th Main 1274 

Hotel Jefferson, 2d av & 24th Main 1162 

Hotel Jefferson (p s), 2d av & 24th Main 9110 

Hotel Supply Co, 309 N 18th Main 5506 

Hotel Tutwller The, 5th av Main 8200 

Hotel Venice, 601 N 26th Main 6037 

Hough W H Mrs, r, 1621 N 26th av Main 7903 

Houghton F M. auto rep, 208 S 22nd Main 7193 

Houghton F M, res, 1026 Elm Main 2123-W 

Houlditch B H. res, 811 4th PC Ensley 1397-J 

House Alice M Mrs,r,5000 Grand av.. Wdlawn 361-W 

House B F, res, 319 Delta av Ensley 331-J 

House Ben F, res, 524 20th Bessmr 709-J 

House D A Mrs, res, 342 40th Ensley 792-W 

House E W, typwr rep, 221% N 20th.. Main 1335 

House Geo T, res. 2909 22n<l av Ensley 1456-W 

House W T, res, 1112 10th av. n Main 6015 

Houseal W B, ofc. 221 N 21st Main 6747 

Houser Isaac T, res, 1217 N 30th Main 5753 

Housman J G, res, 1605 15th av, s Main 3847-J 

Housman W L, res, 2118 16th av, s..Main 8785 
Houston Ben Z, res, 2115 Dtmth av.. Bessmr 536-J 
Houston Geo G, res, 1802 5th av.... Bessmr 561 

Houston Geo R, res, Martin Sta Ensley 1206-J 

Houston Geo W, res, Brighton Bessmr 841-J 

Houston J B, groc, 19<M 19th Bessmr 857 

Houston J C Mts, res, 1506 2d av. . . .Bessmr 712-J 

Main 223 EtCCtfiOtl ** 2 * 19th St 


• • 









• pal 



COal MOnte " «a1n" 3 iII 

•Indicates P. B. Exchange 

■Indicates P. B. Exchange 

v a 1 1 o 

Main 134 

Houston J R & Son.coal yd.Jnsboro. . Bessmr 625 
Houston Mercantile Co, 830 Hall av.. Bessmr 327 
Houston R L Dr, dent, Jeff Co Bk bl . . . Main 670 
Houston R L Dr, res, 1507 S 15th av..Maln 4419-W 
Houston Sam L, r, 1930 14th av. n....Maln 2404 
Houston WD, res, 3303 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 713-W 

Houston's Shoe Shop, 112 19th Bessmr 721 

Hover W A res, 1106 Va av, s Main 2072-J 

Howard A A, res, 1025 S 33rd Main 5333-W 

Howard College, pres ofc, East Lk..Wdlawn 1126 

Howard Cleaning Co, 4 21 N 19th Main 220 

Howard College Conservatory of Music, 

E Lake... Wdlawn 1229 

Dormitory, East Lake Wdlawn 911 

Fay Sta Wdlawn 9132 

Howard Jim, res, 2517 4th av, n Main 1963-W 

Howard J E Dr, res, 8001 1st av... Wdlawn 1056-W 
Howard J V* Mrs, res, 2712 Pine av....Maln 2683-W 
Howard Jas W, res, 1718 Pike av....Ensley 1169-W 
Howard K A, r, 6414 Interlaken av.. Wdlawn 308-W 

Howard Martha, res, 9 Price Ensley 66-W 

Howard Nettie Mrs, res. 746 N 21st Main 5959-J 


Empire bl Majn 3gg4 

Howard R E res, 2 Vine W End 102-W 

Howard S M Mrs. res, 1303 Ina Main 4182 

Howard Thomas, r, 6232 Waldrop av. Wdlawn 784-J 

Howard T D, res, 1408 Cullom Main 8425-W 

Howard Whitner, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 7439 

Howard W C Dr. ofc, 1901 1st av.. ..Bessmr 411 

2« Wai ^^ Dr ' res ' 2317 10th av.. Bessmr 451-J 
Howard W E, atty. 1st N B bl Main 3794 

5™ * XT S. *roc, 206 Jffrsn av... Bessmr 886 

2^ e n n J? rS ' r> 8421 Undrw d av. Wdlawn 559-J 

Howell B H, res. 312 X 23rd Main 6732 

Howell Cotton Co. Wdward bl Main 610 

Howell F J Mrs, res. 509 5th av Main 2790 

Howe Henry H. res. 8712 3rd av. n. Wdlawn 1318-J 

Howe H R. res, 736 Ethel av Main 3944-J 

Howell I Huntington, res. 

515 Princeton av vv End 369 

Howell X W .res, Palmer Terrace. . . . Ensley 410-W 
Howe w m T. res, 1501 12th av. n....Main 2266-J 
Howells Bessie Mrs.r.1708 12th av,s...Maln 1960-W 

S« We ^ ^^ IrS ' r ' 62U 3rd av - n - Wdlawn 90-W 

Howlett R P, res, 126 80th Wdlawn 1036-J 

Howton B J, res, 419 Fulton av..... W End 119 J 

Howze AC res, 1025 Sycamore Main 2121 

Howze A C & H R.attys.lst N B bl...Maln 1295 
Sowze Henry R, res, 1218 Waucoma av. Main 106 

Hoyt Asa L, coal. 931 N 19th Main 312 

Hoyt Asa L, coal&lbr, 931 N 19th Main 429 

Hoyt A L Mrs. res. 1417 Whit taker. ... Main 3535- W 
Hoyt. Edwards Inv Co.Inc.104 N 18th... Main 592 

Hozier I S, ofc, SBT&TCo Main 9055 

Hozier I S, res, 1512 S 13th Main 9095 

Hrabe A Dr, dntst. 5400^ 1st av, n. .Wdlawn 73 

Hub Printing Co. ofc. City Hall Ensley 1078 

2?KK ar< ! r L J? iss ' res ' 1403 s 21st.... Main 2030-J 
SnhhnrH wv 1 ^ eS ' Tarrant Cit y- • • -Wdlawn 419-J 
Hubbard W N Mrs, res, 34 Oxmoor..W End 260-W 

5 U K CI \Vi reSl HarlI ^t Main 3084-J 

SnW Si, ' ?/' 8U l8t aV Main 4 ©94-W 

Hubert Thos H. res, 6823 Sloss av.. Wdlawn 1063-J 

Huckabee B E Dr, ofc. 2001 Ave A.... Main 1323 

Huckabee BE Dr, res. 920 8th av, n..Main 3907 

Huckabee ^ Iff. chiropodist. Farley bl.Main 3624 

Huddleston P Z, r, 615 Cotton av....W End 161-J 

Hudgins B C Mrs, res, 7316 Sloss a v. Wdlawn 1312-J 

Hudgins T L Mrs, r, 3200 Glenn av...Maln 6469 

HudnallEJ, res, 814 Roe M aln 2884 

Hudson B B. prod, 2108 Morris av Main 6753 

Hudson B H res, 1002 llth av, n Main 7373-J 

Hudson C W, res. 2304 17th Ensley 882 J 

Hudson F H res, 310 7th av, n '..Main 872 8 ' 

Hudson H J, res, 330 N 53rd. . ^ . .Wdlawn 102-W 


Ama* Set vice Pn.lUU2 


i | Gachrist-Tarrant DRUG c0 


Hudson M ^erby, res, 1414 N 32nd.... Main 5658-W 
Hudson Nora Mrs, res, 921 N 13th.... Main 6009-J 
Hudson R D, res, 512 St Chas av...W End 439-J 
Hudson Tom, rl est, 1329 8th av, n....Main 6053 

Hudson W B. res, 115 X 68th Wdlawn 675- W 

Hudson W E Mrs, res, Av F w End 575-J 

Huey AB res, R FD 1 Bessmr 8811 

Huey B M. res, 4114 Beech Ensley 1088-W 

Huey D F, res, R F D 1 Bessmr 8813 

Huey D J, res, Hueytown Bessmr 8813 

Huey E L, res, 305 7th Bessmr 222 

Huey E L Furn Co, 1919 3d av Bessmr 158 

2^ y ™ nk ' r «' H25 6th av Bes *™ 825-J 

Huey F B res, Hueytown Bessmr 8803 

Huey FM, res, RFD 1 Bessmr 8812 

Huey-Holmes Produce Co, whol 

217 20th * Bessmr 77R 

Huey-Hosey Grain & Groc Co, Bessmr 775 

B ham Connection Main 2916 

Huey J F Dr, ofc, 1903^ Ave E. . .'.Ensley 118 

Huey J F Dr, res, 1806 Av G Ensley 164 

Huey J V res. Hueytown Bessmr 8102 

Huey Nelson, res, R -F D 1 Bessmr 8912 

Huey O R, res, Hueytown Bessmr 8103 

Huey R, res, 1511 6th av Bessmr 216-J 

Huey S H, res, Hueytown Bessmr 8112 

Huey Sam T Judge, res, 528 18th Bessmr 1059 

Huey T E. res, 7839 Underwood av.. Wdlawn 1127-W 

Huey Thos T, atty, Realty bl Bessmr 268 

Huey Thos T, res, 1901 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 732 

Huey T W, res, 1609 2d av Bessmr 363-W 

Huey & McConnell, undtkrs, 504 19th. Bessmr 242 

Huey & Welch, attys, Realty bl Bessmr 268 

Huff Dozier Miss, r, 1414 Hntsvlle av..Main 5206-J 

Huffman D E, res, 125 S 51st Wdlawn 571-W 

Huffman H A. groc, 3801 Hntsv av.. Bessmr 463 

Huffman Roy T, ofc, Steiner bl 

Huffman Roy T, r, 2312 Orange av. 
Huffmon S C, res, 1530 Catherine... 
Huffstutler H H, res, 1220 Tusc av. 
Huffstutler J T, res, 1400 Alois av. 
Huggins J A, res. 2712 35th av. n... 

Huggins W L, res, 1021 X 25th 

. .Main 4209 
. .Main 6185 
W End 685 
W End 157 
W End 477 
. .Main 8418 
Main 8266- W 

Hughes C A, res. 1218 X 24th Main 5476-J 

Hughes C B, res, 4929 2nd av, n Wdlawn 94 

Hughes Carrie E Mrs, res, 804 S 16th.. Main 2093 

Hughes E S, res, 1606 S 12th Main 4084 

Hughes G G, res, 307 Prnctn W End 158-J 

Hughes G L, res. 2514 30th av, n Main 1916 

Hughes Geo W, res, 1022 Elm Main 9312-W 

Hughes Hilda, res, 2119 Ave F Ensley 678 

Hughes J A, res, 2520 25th av, n Main 7294-W 

Hughes J C, res, Sweetwater Park Main 4512-J 

Hughes J L, res, 811 12th av. s Main 1694-J 

Hughes Joe S, res. 2112 Oak av Ensley 623-J 

Hughes J T, res, 3818 Clairmont av..Maln 4448-J 

Hughes Paul S, ins, B-M bl Main 5531 

Hughes S A, res, 1910 10th av, s Main 7472-W 

Hughes W J, res. 206 N 8th Main 4126 

Hull Asa P, res, 909 Roe Main 5526-W 

Hull E F. res, 1812 6th av Bessmr 1028 

Hull Jos F, res, 30 Pine W End 478 

Hullar W H Mrs, res, 2222 Ave I Main 5668-W 

Hullett Frank L, res, 4921 7th av, n. .Wdlawn 492-J 

Hulme L L, ofc, Empire bl Main 5189 

Hulsey J B Mrs. res, 5928 2nd av. s. .Wdlawn 1061 
Hume M C Miss, res, 101 Lucy av. . ^ . . Main 1984 

Hummel C J Mrs, res, 412 X 22d Main 6681 

Humphfrey Willie, res, 430 4th av.. Bessmr 1053-W 

Humphrey C, res, 912 S 25th Main 4888-J 

Humphrey G W, res, 4920 2d av, s.. Wdlawn 541-W 

Humphreys F A, res, 205 Cedar Wdlawn 616-J 

Humphreys J R. r, 1928 Hayes av Ensley 273-J 

Humphreys Thos G. res. 1221 Va av Main 5625-W 

Flumphries R H. res. 2608 30th av. n..Maln 7183-W 
Hundley Oscar R, atty, Jff Co Bk bL.Maln 1711 

LIULLUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

Main 469 






Hundley Oscar R, r, 2811 Niazuma av..Main 2374 
Hundley & Abercrombie.attys.J C Bk bl.Main 1711 
Hunnicutt Bertha G Mrs, drsmkr, 

Watts bl Main 7428 

Hunnicutt J A, res, Whitfield Flats Main 4040 

Hunt C M, res, 1631 Mamie av Main 7298 

Hunt I Q, res, 2529 18th Ensley 1420-J 

Hunt Luke P, atty, 1st Xat Bk bl Main 7726 

Hunt Luke P, res, 822 S 2»th Main 127 

Hunt Oscar V, photos, 219V 2 X 20th Main 2889 

Hunt Russell, res, 3816 Lake View av..Main 2627- J 

Hunt Wra, res, 8002 Berney av Wdlawn 1050-J 

Hunter Clyde, res, 1049 S 31st Main 4452-J 

Hunter Ida, res, 717 S 23rd Main 2073-J 

Hunter Jas D Rev, res, 340f> 12th av, n.Main 9313- J 

Hunter Loulie Mrs, r, 116 X 60th Wdlawn 36-W 

Hunter S B, res, 1207 Beech Main 4655 

Hunter W I, res, 1022 S 21st Main 3514-W 

Hurd Clarence S,r,1728 Arlington av.. Bessmr 760-W 

Hurd Henry A, res, 1630 5th a v Bessmr 

Hurd Homer A, r, 2230 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 

Hurd J H Mrs, r, 724 W 12th av Ensley 

Hurd Wm G, res, 2702 Exeter av Bessmr 

Hurlbert E S, res, 1729 Jeffrsn av Ensley 

Hurley Jack, res, 214 X 77th Wdlawn 1385 

Hurley J B Jr, res, 1531 X 31st Main 8634 

Hurst Electric Co. ofc, 1931 3d av.. Bessmr 287 
Hurst Guy, res, 2300 Terrell Park. .. Ensley 98-J 

Hurt Jno, res, 1113 2nd av W End 498-J 

Hurt W M, res, 1616 Ave J Main 450 

Hury Amusement Co, 306 X 18th Main 5132 

Hury H J, res, 1330 Cullom Main 2628 

Hury J T Mrs, res, 1118 X 26th Main 8074 

Hussey W J, res, 1508 X 26th Main 7932 

Hutchings M W, res, 2300 Ave F Ensley 645-W 

Hutchings M W, res, 405 Ray Ensley 982-W 

Hutchings T L, res, 1023 Glen Iris av.Main 7099-J 
Hutchins A T, res, 1109 Glen Iris av..Maln 3659-J 

Hutchins T D. res, 1030 Sycamore Main 4970-W 

Hutchinson J E, res, 1410 College Main 6696 

Hutchinson W S. res, 1620 Phelan Main 1109-J 

Hutchison E H Rev, res, 408 15tb ... Bessmr 246-W 
Hutchison J W, res, 5003 2nd av... Wdlawn 1150 

Hyatt Auto Co. 2020 2nd av, e Ensley 241 

Hyde D E, res, 5106 Flrntne av Wdlawn 63-W 

Hyde Geo. res, 718 Tusc av W End 788 

Hyde J W, res, 730 Center Bessmr 742-J 

Hyde Minnie Miss, res, 2612 7th av, n..Main 6880 

Hyde Park Grocery, Richards av W End 24 

Hyde & Co. groc. 6508 1st av Wdlawn 610 

Hydinger E E. res, 1600 Jasper Main 6641- J 

Hygienic Ice & Cold Storage Co, ofc, 

Elyton Main 3700 

Hy-lo Dry Cleaning Co, 410 X 22nd... Main 2390 
Hynds Jos A, res, 5024 3rd av, n Wdlawn 275-J 


1813 2nd av, n Main 8049 


Ideal Laundry, ofc&wks, 111 X 24th.... Main 1712 
Ideal Millinery Cloak & Suit Store, 

1900 1st av, n Main 589 

Idle Hour, Pay Sta, 191S 4th av, n Main 9216 

Igou Sam T. res. 1618 llth av. s Main 5771-W 

Illinois Auto Ins Ex, ofc, B-M bl Main 2700 

Illinois Central R R Co, 

Chf clrk to loc agt, 1530 1st av....Main 3010 

City tkt ofc. 2010 1st av Main 7572 

Local frt agt. 1530 1st av Main 1575 

E F Stovall, gen agt, Wdward bl Main 134T) 

L W Collier, com agt, 2010 1st av...Main 976 

Agt & cashier, 1530 1st av Main 1575 

Chf elk & rate elk, 1530 1st av....Main 3010 

Rate clerk, 2010 1st av Main 1340 

Gen foreman, Thomas Yard Main 4829 

Foreman, ofc, Thomas Yard Main 752-J 

Anderson Robt, d p a, 2010 1st av. . . Main 979 

Main 223 


l»nbr»-*»c« Svivlce flfl. I 002 

Illinois Central R R Co.— Contd. 

R-house foreman, 1530 1st av Main 8895 

Claim & trace clrk, 1531 1st av Main 8885 

Illinois Steel Co Main 3720 

Imler F J, res, Woodland Hghts Bessmr 878-J 

Imperial Candy Co, 2209 3rd av, n Main 8197 

Imperial Laundry Co, 2316 4th av, n...Maln 7080 
Imperial Motor Car Co, sis & serv dept, 

410 S 21st .. Main 100 

Repr dept, 2229 Av A Main 487 

incropera Joe, res, 1723 20th Ensley 828 


2005 Morris av, 

Manager's Office Main 1940 

Sales Department Main 2836 

Shipping Department Main 559 

Ind Pneumatic Tool Co, Jff Co Bk bL.Maln 7495 

Independent Presbyterian Church, ofc, 

Am Tr bl Main 8666 

Indian Refining Co, Inc, whl oils, 

3201 Ave E Main 1147 

Indiana Truck Co of Ala, ofc, 

1818 4th av. n -. Main 4202 

Industrial Life & Hlth Ins Co, 

Wdward bl Main 6655 

Lyric bl Main 2465 

Indus Life & Health Ins.ofo.Rlty bl.. Bessmr 386 

Inferior Court of Bessmr, Rlty bl.... Bessmr 315 

Information Bureau, Term Sta Main 1126 


802 Av D, 

Genl Ofc Main 6362 

Sales & Shpg Dept ' Main 6362 

Purchg & Auditing Dept Main 2439 

Ingalls R I, res, 2801 Hglnd av Main 6495 

Ingersoll-Rand Co, ofc, Am Tr Main 4947 

Inglenook Construction Co, Rlty bl....Main 1749 
Inglis Beattie A, res, 1012 Crscnt av...Maln 2526 

Ingram Bert A, r, 1311 llth av, s Main 4311 

Ingram E P, res, 504 3rd Ensley 1235-J 

Ingram Jessie Miss, r, 1911 Ave G Ensley 610-J 

Ingram Jno B Jr, res, 1221 17th av, s..Main 2858-J 

Ingram J B Mrs. res. 1600 S 15th Main 4042«J 

Ingram Lillie Mrs, r, 2412 5th av, n...Maln 3930 

Ingram Lillie Mrs, r, 607 X 23rd Main 1423-J 

Ingram Lillie Mrs. res, 2004 5th av. n..Main 8796 


Empire bl Main 1197 

Ingram R M Jr, res, 2202 17th av, s Main 7923-J 

Ingram T M, res. 4612 5th av, n Wdlawn 598-W 

Inman Bros, meats, 113 19th Ensley 1073 

Inman Richard R, r, 2216 Ensley av.. Ensley 1358-J 

Inman S, res. 2013 Ave H Ensley 1141 

Inman S M, res. 2214 Ensley av Ensley 1358-W 

Inman W B, res, 4105 Holley Ensley 1407-J 


Brokers, 3 X 20th Main 9316 

Inscho E P, res, 207 X Hawkins W End 1 

Insurance Agcy Co, ofc, Cham of Com.. Main 9536 
Integrity Mutual Casualty Co, ins, 

Empire bl Main 2678 

Inter American Co.brkrs.Jff Co Bk bl. . .Main 4956 
Inter Church World Movement.J C B bl.Main 7951 

Jas O Grogan. Secy Main 255 

Inter Se Club, ofc, Richmond Apts Main 9362 

International Correspondence School, 

Woodward bl Main 4200 


OF AM, 931 24th, n Main 3750 

International Harvester Co, col dept, 

10th av Main 3502 

International Motor Trucks. 931 X 24th. Main 3090 
Intern'l Time Recrdg Co ofXY.Am Tr bl. Main 77 


102 S 18th Main 5169 

Electrical 4 "" wtA5 'fHahn-FnrMiian 


COMPANY, Inc. * '*• * ^O y 



• Indicates P. B. Exchange 


IirpiAy^^^^ Main 769 
UULLUI Funeral Director Main 4862 


Clark bl Main 1000 

D B Lightner, Secy & Treas.Clk bl..Mam 6178 
Investment Rl Est Co of Ala, A T bL.Maln 764 

Inzer B W, res, 7409 2nd av, n Wdlawn 234 

Inzer T J, res, 353 52nd Wdlawn 921-W 

Iran Co, carpet clng, 430 S 19th Main 8740 

Irby Luvenia, res, 1425 5th av, n Main 7909-J 

Ireland C B, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1163 

Ireland C E, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1163 

Ireland C E, res, 3911 Clairmont av Main 7148-W 

Ireland H G, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1163 

Ireland H G, res, 1404 Beech Main 3864 

Iron City Candy Co, ofc, 2420 4th av, n.Maln 6690 
Iron City Grain Co, ofc, 2331 29th av, n.Maln 7119 
Iron City Lumber Co, whl, Jff Co Bk bl.Main 1115 

Iron City Pattern Wits, 112 S 22d Main 3395 

Iron City Supply Co, ofc, 2117 3rd av, n.Main 4929 

Ofc, 2117 3rd av, n Main 6510 

Irondale Foundry & Mch Co, Irndle. Wdlawn 1398 

Irvin Inez Miss, r, 1757 Lee av W End 221-W 

Irvin W H, res, 1607 1 1th fix, s Main 9458-W 

Irvine L M, res, 514 Cotton av W End 43-J 

Irving G H, res, 1416 S 16th Main 2634-J 

Irwin Edw B, res, 1521 S 16th Main 4955 

Irwin J D, res, 3809 Av F Main 2359-W 

Irwin & Winsper, groc, 4412 7th av...Ensley 1388 

Isaacs G A, res, 104 N 54th.. Wdlawn 942-J 

Isenberg Ben, res, 1025 13th av, n Main 1884 

Isenberg H E, res, 19,22 13th av, n..Maln 5812-J 

Ison R D Co, brkrs, 218% N 21st Main 7297 

Israel Tailoring Co, 1st N B bl Main 7817 

Isthmian Coal & Trading Co.Wdwrd bl.Main 872 
Italian Co-Operative Produce Co, 

2026 Morris av Main 8283 

Italo-American Cooperative Co, 

2102 Morris av Main 7645 

Ives S A, res, 7801 Underwood av.. Wdlawn 300-J 

Ivey J B, atty, Title Guar bl Main 1877 

Ivey J B, res. 3374 Highland av Main 298 

Ivey K A, res, 1911 16th av, s Main 2357 

Ivie L A, res, 22 Pine w End 426 

Ivy E M, res, 1911 16th av, s Main 2357 

Ivy- Fletcher Lumber Co, ofc, B-M bl...Maln 96 


Main Office, 825 N 25th Main 40 

Yard No 1, 825 N 25th Main 2561 

Yard No 2. 1731 Ave E Main 7517 

Ivy Paul A, res, Roebuck Sprgs Wdlawn 1274 

Ivy W M, res, 803 Tuscaloosa av W End 264 

.Jacks Drug Co, 2133 5th av, n Main 1401 

2133 5th av, n Main 8307 

Pay station, 2133 5th av, n Main 9175 

Jacks J W, res, Rosedale Main 3934-W 

Jacks Ora Miss, res, 2101 Humbolt av. . . Main 7006- J 

Jackson A A, res, 301 Church Main 6948 

Jackson A C Dr, ofc, 708 Tusc av W End 980 

Jackson A F, res, 1230 S 20th Main 1961 

Jackson A L, res, 714 S 32d Main 6150 

Jackson Chas, res, 1614 6th av, n Main 6643- W 

Jackson Ed, res, 1331 44th Wdlawn 216-J 

Jackson E A. res, 108 Lewis Wdlawn 1348 

Jackson F M, ofc, 113 N 21st Main 78 

Jackson F M, ofc, 831 N 24th Main 7383 

Jackson F M, res, 2802 Ave H Main 246 

Jackson G B, res. 126 Kate av Main 6858-W 

Jackson Geo F, res, Edgewood Main 2584-J 

Jackson Geo S, res, 907 2nd av W End 932 

Jackson G W, res, 409 N 42d Main 7772 

Jackson G Wallace, res, 1201 Va av Main 4570-J 

Jackson John, res, 815 S 14th Main 4515-J 

Jackson J C, res, 6615 Hillman av... Wdlawn 842-W 

Jackson J C Mrs, r, 1625 30th Ensley 347-J . 

Jackson J F Mrs, res, 322 3rd Ensley 968-J 







Armal.inctf Service *n| t I uOZ 

Jackson Jas J, atty, Jff Co Bk bl Main 

Jackson J Kirkman, r, 1308 Waucoma. . Main 

Jackson Jas L, res, 414 S 17th Main 

Jackson J L Dr, res, 717 N 65th Wdlawn 

Jackson J S, res, 412 Princeton av..W End 
Jackson J S Rev, res, 700 8th av, n....Main 

Jackson L A Mrs, res, 402 Charles W End 

Jackson M, res, 901 Sarah av....W End 

Jackson M A, res, 334 Ig 40th Main 

Jackson M F Dr, r, 1020 St Chas Main 

Jackson M J Mrs,r,7921 Berney av.. Wdlawn 

Jackson O, res, 1104 Hall av Bffssmr 

Jackson O C, res, 10O1 McMillan av..W End 

Jackson Sallie, res, 727 N 67th Wdlawn 

Jackson S J Rev, r, 926 12th av, n....Main 

Jackson T D, res, 1510 12th av, s Main 

Jackson W C, res, 1115 1st av W End 

Jackson-Witte-Frye Co.contrs.J C B bl.Main 7558 

Jacob Arthur, res, 240 Owen av Bessmr 591 

Jacobs Arthur, undtkr, 1931 3d av.... Bessmr 590 
Jacobs Ben M, res, 2240 Arlngtn av....Main 3229 


Furniture, 2012 3rd av, n.- Main 855 

Jacobs Charles, res, 1800 Richards av.W End 699-J 


1904 2nd av, n, 

Prescription Department Main 60 

Pay Station Main 9168 

Jacobs Eugene, res, 1928 Ave P Main 1527-J 

Jacobs June Miss, res, 621 S 66th. . .Wdlawn 802-J 

Jacobs Morris, res. 1310 Ina Main 5584 

Jacobs Solon, res, Redmont Main 997 

Jacobs Wm Alfred, atty, 1st N B bl...Maln 6350 

Jacobson A, res, 1303 Cullom Main 6137- J 

Jacobson Arthur, res, 1030 Elm Main 5353 

Jacobson Louis, res, 1600 15th av, s Main 4521-J 

Jacoway Jno, res, 4712 2nd av, n Wdlawn 483 

Jaffe A H Mrs. res, 1118 S 16th Main 1451 

Jaffe Ben, res, 1107 S 15th Main 8755 


211 N 28th Main 6700 

211 N 28th Main 496 

Jaffe J, res, 2326 Highland av Main 4659-W 


1001 N 13th Main 2090 

Jaffe Jewelry Co, 1900 2d av Main 1356 

Jaffe M, jeweler, 306 N 20th Main 5634 

Jaffe P, res, 1410 Nolan av Main 8986 

Jager Chas If, res, 1506 Av I Bessmr 1061- J 

Jagger Coal Co, Am Tr bl Main 4640 

James F M Dr, dntst, 1st N B bl Main 1376 

James F M Dr, res, 225 S 80th Wdlawn 1174-J 

James I K, res, 329 39th Ensley 725-W 

James J A, res, 1130 17th, n Main 6366-W 

James J C, res, 308 College W End 683 

James N E, res, 3234 Nrwd Blvd. ... Main 6555 

James Philip, res, 606 S 15th Main 4272 

James R H, res, 818 N 21st Main 3381 

James R L Mrs, res, 4202 2d av, s Main 4910-W 

James T F, res, 1718 Tusc av W End 470-J 

James T J Rev, res, 2700 10th av.. Bessmr 860-J 

James Thos O, res, 228 Old 50th Wdlawn 1277 

James W T, res, 2540 17th Ensley 667 

James & McDaniel Drs.ofc.lst N B bL.Maln 1376 

Jamison C M, res, 1406 S 15th Main 2004-J 

Jamoka Co, mfgs & btlrs, 508 N 26th.. Main 2469 

Jane'tte A V Jr, res, 310 1st av Main 4967 

Janette G A, res, 910 St Chas Main 2710 

Janney R B, res, 1215 Montgomery Main 3167-W 

Janney Winnifred W Mrs.r,1913 10th, s.. Main 5036 

Janssen H. res, 1230 N 24th Main 1577 

Jarrell E W, res, 315 S 59th Wdlawn 195 

Jarrell J R, res, Crestline lights Main 5442-J 

Jarrett G C, res, 2700 Av H Ensley 503-W 

Jarvis R F, res, 1435 Louise Main 6991-W 

Jasperson H, res, 105 Walnut W End 531 





• Indicates P. B. Exchange 09 

rAiRFicp.AiA. \nejffl0/M0*' v.ompan 

TCL. ENSLEY 4oO ^ ^^^ 


Jaynes C B, res, San Jose Apts Main 5681 

Jaysane M, res, 919 Central Main 5165- W 

Jebeles Christo, res, 7-04 Eliza av W End 318-J 

Jeff Co Bank Building, 2nd av Main 3340 

Jeff Co Bottling Works.2601 Av F. ..Ensley 92 

Jeff Herbert, res, 5604 1st av Wdlawn 209-W 

I Jeff Roy, res, 218 Louise Main 7659-W 

Jeff Samuel, res, 5223 3d av, n Wdlawn 545-J 

Jeffers J B, res, 3129 11th av, n Main 1973-W 


1701 Av A Main 733 

1701 Av A Main 408 

Jefferson Co Bl & Ln Assn, 113 N 21st. .Main 78 

Jefferson Clothing Co, 2107 3rd av Main 4882 

Jefferson Co Cotton Oil Mills, E B'ham-.Maln 538 
Jefferson County High School, Boyles. Wdlawn 1205 
Jeffsn Co Soda Fntn (p s), Jff C B bL.Maln 9106 

Jefferson Co Treas, Court House Main 2329 

Jefferson Drug Co, p s, 703 3rd av, n..Main 9105 

Jefferson Fertilizer Co, 5th av Main 5732 

Jefferson Fertilizer Co (pit), 1st av.. Bessmr 293 
Jefferson H H K, res, 1022 Sycamore. . Main 4758-W 

Jefferson Lumber Co, Jeff 9© B bl Main 282 

Jeffsn Plbrs & Mill S Co,1613-~2d av.n..Maln 352 

Jefferson Rebecca, r, 1417 7th av, n Main 6842-W 

Jefferson Standard Ins Co.ofc.J C B bL.Maln 8715 

Jefferson 'Theatre, 1710 2d av Main 581 

Jeffrey Mfg Co, machy, B-M bl Main 4945 

Jeffries F M, ofc, B-M bl Main 3281 

Jeffries W H, res, 1922 16th av, s Main 2867 

Jelks Leathe, res, 705 S 14th Main 2027-J 

Jelks Wm D, ofc, 2112 1st av Main 4065 

Jemison Elbert S, res, 1024 S 28th Main 7575 

Jemison John S, res, 808 Glen Iris av..Maln 1210 


211 N 20th Main 5280 

Rent Department Main 5280 

Sales Department Main 5280 

Hill Ferguson, Vice-President Main 5280 

Robert Jemison Jr, President Main 5280 

A B Tanner, Secretary Main 5280 

A B Tanner, Secretary res Main 4005 

Fairfield Branch, 4711 Gary av Ensley 198 

J M P Otts, Mgr Fairfield Brch, 

4711 Gary av Ensley 198 

J M P Otts, Mgr Res, 908 S 20th... Main 1834-J 

Bl Eng Ofc, Mountain Terrc Main 2881 

Jemison Robert, res, Glen Iris Pk Main 403 

Jemison Robt Jr, r, 4301 Altamont rd..Maln 4044 
Jemison Robert Sr, ofc, 211 N 20th.. Main 5280 

211 N 20th Main 5280 

Jenkins Brooks O, r, 2219 Birch av.. Ensley 869-W 


Office, 1916 5th av, n Main 1375 

Office, 1916 5th av, n Main 222 

Jenkins Charlie, prsg clb, 2711 7th av, n.Main 2677 

Jenkins C F, res, 1219 N 32nd Main 8014-W 

Jenkins E, genl mdse. Gate City Wdlawn 1358 

Jenkins E Mrs, res, 7117 Ga av Wdlawn 1442-J 

Jenkins Edward, res, 1030 N 25th Main 6590-W 

Jenkins Ernest B, res, 1025 S 15th av..Maln 3952-W 

Jenkins E C Mrs, res, 1035 N 14th Main 2576 

Jenkins Henry L, res, 1328 N 29th Main 9450 

Jenkins Jno F Dr, ofc, 3000% N 27th.. Main 3689 
Jenkins John F Dr, res, 1210 32nd av..Maln 3476 

Jenkins J W, res, 2939 Ensley av Ensley 904-W 

Jenkins Lizzie Mrs, res, 1108 4th av Main 7783-W 

Jenkins L A Dr, ofc, 3000% N 27th Main 3689 

Jenkins L A Dr, res, 3536 27th Main 7223 

Jenkins Lumber Co, ofc, 920 N 19th Main 7486 

Jenkins L L, res, 1715 3rd av Bessmr 1047 

Jenkins Mary Mrs, res, 2418 5th av, n..Maln 5102 
Jenkins Robert, r, 1503 Carolina av.. Bessmr 501-W 
Jenkins R M, res, 3501 Cliff rd Main 3143 



Amhulancs 8«iv.. e rn.lOOZ 



MAIN 8500 12 South 20th Street MAIN 8500 


Jenkins Undertaking Co, 411 17th. ... Ensley 1471 

Jenkins Will, res, 208% N 26th Main 7363-W 

Jenkins W A, res, 1430 N 24th Main 4718-J 

Jenkins W A, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 485 

Jenkins W L, res, 2017 5th *v, n Main 1796 

Jenkins Z F, res, 711 Decatur av.... Wdlawn 748-M 
Jenkins & Rosamond Drs, phys, 

3000^ N 27th Main 3689 

Jennings J A Mrs, r, 7332 1st av Wdlawn 142-W 

Jennings M' J Mrs, res, 1409 S 15th.... Main 5160-J 
Jennings W K, res, 2311 llth av, n..Main 6027-W 

Jennings W L, 4930 10th av, n Wdlawn 374-W 

Jenny N B Mrs, r, 1144 12th av, n Main 6637 

Jenny's Lunch Room Miss, Ttle Guar bl.Main 821 

Jernigan A C Mrs, r, 132 N 60th Wdlawn 1254-J 

Jernigan F A, res, 1818 6th av, n Main 5028 


1732 1st av Main 7461 

Jett W H Dr, dntst, 2029% 2d av Main 1111 

Jett W H Dr, res, 1114 N 28th Main 7369-W 

Jewel Tea Co, ofc, 1716 4th av, n Main 5691 

Jewell Tin Shop, 305 S 20th Main 8278 

Jobe-Rose Jewelry Co, 1918 2nd av, n..Maln 993 
Johanknecht Herbert, r, 2816 12th av, n.Main 4410 

Johns J G, res, 1127 N 30th Main 2979-J 

Johns-Manville H W Co, asbestos prod, 

Am Tr bl Main 4750 

Johns Undertaking Co, 

Office, 2011 4th av, n Main 1002 

Residence of mgr, 1108 Tusc av...W End 11 
Johns Wallace C, res, 1108 Tusc av..W End 11 

Johnsey M C, res, 3230 N 18th Main 6972-W 

Johnson Alfred, res, 1039 Alois av....W End 517 
Johnson A C, res, 5401 Union av.... Wdlawn 283-J 
Johnson A M Mrs, r, 7748 Hlman av. Wdlawn 352-W 

Johnson A S, res, 510% N 16th Main 4670 

Johnson A W B, res, 1064 S 32nd Main 6234 

Johnson B C Mrs, res, 2306 Hgland av..Maln 5111 

Johnson B H, res, 1811 8th av Bessmr 741-W 

Johnson B Hardy, res, W Highlands. .Bessmr 551- J 

Johnson B J, res, 1511 20th Ensley 326- W 

Johnson-Barry Steel Co, ofc, 2716 N 26.. Main 7657 

Johnson Crawford, ofc, Realty bl Main 8492 

Johnson Crawford, r, 2935 Pawnee av..Main 2697 

Johnson C C Mrs, r, 3800 N 32nd Main 4552-W 

Johnson C J Mrs, r, 2416 Hwthrne av. Ensley 1204-W 

Johnson C L, res, 800 12th av, s Main 6230-W 

Johnson Chas O, groc, 712 19th Ensley 150 

Johnson Chas O, mts, 712 19th Ensley 1057 

Johnson Chas O, res, 2001 28th Ensley 1042-J 

Johnson C R, res, 1000 Wdland av Main 8460 

Johnson David C, res, 25 20 6th av. n. . . .Main 6131- J 

Johnson Ella Mrs, res. 605 N 23rd Main 5994-W 

Johnson Emma, res, 2513 3d av, n Main 8865-J 

Johnson E J, res, 504 Randolph .... W End 643 
Johnson Edw P, ins&r e, 324 19th.. Bessmr 14 
Johnson Edward P,r,2109 Drtmth av. Bessmr 536-W 

Johnson E P, res, 1806 19th Ensley 286-J 

Johnson Eva R Mrs. r, 6425 1st av.. Wdlawn 765-J 
Johnson E S Mrs, r, 1304 Prnctn av..W End 620-W 
Johnson Flanders, r, 1304 Hntsv av...Maln 6888 

Johnson Frederic, ofc, B-M bl Main 7381 

Johnson N F E, res, Rldgely Apts Main 8250 

Johnson F M Mrs, r, 1715 2nd av.... Bessmr 945-W 
Johnson Ivor, res, 4101 Chestnut. ... Ensley 1077-W 
Johnson Jack, res, 2177 Highland av. ... Main 2547 

Johnson J C Dr, ofc, Ala P S Bk Main 8015 

Johnson J C Dr, res, 609 Charles Main 6220-J. 

Johnson Jewelry Co, Empire bl Main 5741 

Johnson Joseph E, res, 1317 N 32nd.... Main 4361 
Johnson J G, res, 1417 Sarah av....W End 375-J 

Johnson J H, res, 2223 Ave I Ensley 1156- W 

Johnson J M Jr, res, 202 N Pearl.... W End 204- J 

Johnson J W Rev, res, 1015 S 12th Main 2692 

Johnson Lillie Miss, res, 2026% Ave B. . .Main 6161 
Johnson Lloyd, res, 3411 12th av, n....Maln 3784-J 
Johnson, Locke & Levy,ins,212 N 21st.. Main 6600 
Johnson L V Cleaning Co, 417 S 18th.. Main 2113 

Main 223 ElCCtflCSil 412N% 19thSt - 




•Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Mn«f A ***** 3355 
Monte- Main 285 

«r m 1 1 ^ Main 134 

V a 1 1 O Ensley 1477 

' Johnson Mack M, res, 2307 Ave G.... Ensley 910 
Johnson Morris R, res, 1621 Jeff av. . Ensley 1162 

Johnson r G, res, 1130 19th Bessmr 629-W 

Johnson R M, res, 2220 36th av, n Main 2132 

Johnson R S, res, 715 9th av, n Main 6102-W 

Johnson Rupert T Mrs, res, 813 N 25th. .Main 9336 
Johnson Searcy H, r, 7925 Cldwl av..Wdlawn 1161-J 

Johnson S L, res, 1431 V^ Louise Main 8673-W 

Johnson S O, res, 1324 N 25th Main 7519 

Johnson T D, res, 6304 1st av, n Wdlawn 141-W 

Johnson Warren, res, 1219 Montgomery .Main 3167 -J 
Johnson William, res, 2905 Calera av.. Ensley 454-J 

Johnson W B Mrs, res, 400 N 21st Main 3292 

Johnson W B Dr, res, 520 Tusc av W End 529 

Johnson Wm P, res, 1212 N 30th M In 8439 

Johnson Walter X, res, 1518 S 13th Main 1463-J 

Johnson W T, res, E Thomas Main 2206-W 

Johnson & Herndon, auto pntng, 

2019 Av C Main 2199 

Johnston A S Mrs, res, 433 Delta av.. Ensley 1130-J 

Johnston D A, res. 400 Sarah av Main 5125-W 

Johnston Dry Goods Co, ofc, 2224 1st av.Maln 6941 

Sales dept, 2224 1st av Main 8322 . 

Johnston D L, res, 627 S 16th Main 3974-J 

Johnston E D, res, 2245 Sycamore. ... Main 8770-W 
Johnston E G Rev, res, 4900 9th av.n. Wdlawn 722 

Johnston E L, res, 1127 S 13th Main 8060-J 

Johnston E M Mrs, res, 816 N 19th Main 4577 

Johnston Forney, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 931 

Johnston Forney, res, Shades Mt Main 4149-W 

Johnston Forney, r, 1741 12th av, s...Main 5881-J 
Johnston Geo, res, 1457 Milner Cres. . . . Main 6218-W 
Johnston Hardee Dr, phys, Wdwrd bh.Main 894 
Johnston Hardee Dr,r,1231 Whitaker. .Main 3578 

Johnston H P, res, 1424 N 32d Main 4992-W 

Johnston Jos F Mrs,r,l741 12th av.s Main 5881-J 

Johnston J G, ofc, 1830 Alabama av. Bessmr 700 
Johnston J G, res, 1900 Berkley av.. Bessmr 418-J 
Johnston J Gregory, res, 831 S 29th... Main 5047 

Johnston J P, res, 4500 Ave E Main 5675-J 

Johnston Lorean Miss,r,1621 Jffsn av.W End 484-J 
Johnston M E Miss, r, 621 N 22nd... Main 2764-J 
Johnston Robt D Jr.pat atty.Am Tr...Maln 1819 
Johnston R D Jr, res, 2227 Sycamore. . .Main 7948 

Johnston R F, res, 1015 S 17th Main 1160 

Johnston S A Mrs,r,2313 Arlngtn av. .Bessmr 558-W 

Johnston S C, res, 1105 X 31st Main 8630 

Johnston S C &Co, brkrs, 2205 Mrs av.Maln 620 

Johnston S G, res, 110 S 54th Wdlawn 753 

Johnston S J, res, 5930 3d av, s Wdlawn 790 

Johnston Tho'mas G,r,2119 Drtmth av. Bessmr 791-W 
Johnston & Cocke, attys, Jeff Co Bk bl.Maln 931 

Joiner W G, res, 2019 13th av, s Main 8649 

Joiner W H, res, 716 18th Ensley 884-W 

Joiner W W Mrs, res, 2808 Ave C Ensley 46 

Jolly J M, res, 322 N 50th Wdlawn 307-J 

Jones Agency, ofc, 2024 1st av. Main 4203 

Jones Alleta Miss, res, 639 39th Main 1831 

Jones A Dr, res, 1525 19th Ensley 1001-W 

Jones A A Mrs, res, 1631 12th av, ■...Main 8945 

Jones A E, res, 3020 Av F Main 2589 

Jones Annie Lewis Mrs, r, 1017 Elm.. Main 722J-J 

Jones Amos W, res, 2402 Av I Ensley 1448-J 

Jones B A, tailor, 108 N 18th Main 1515 

Jones B Clay, res, 1828 Berkley av Bessmr 745 

Jones B L, res, 1313 Cotton av W End 488-J 

Jones B S. res, 2505 17th av Ens'ey 918-W 

Jones Cad, res, 1117 S 33rd Main 6754-J 

Jones Calvin, sales agt, 2008 4th av, n..Main 1279 
Jones Calvin, res, 2541 Highland av....Maln 8738 

Jones C A, res, 1216 Huntsville av Main 4129-J 

Jones C A Jr, res, 2S00 Juniper av Main 5906 

Jones Chas A & Co, ofc, 2205 Morris Main 2153 

Jones C C Dr, r, 7S39 Underwood av. Wdlawn 1127-W 
Jones C Clarke, res, 7832 Caldwl av. .Wdlawn 1010 
Jones C E Mrs, res, 3030 Drtmth av. .Bessmr 510 

Jones C H, res, 1723 11th av, s Main 6299 

Jones C T, res, 1126 X 24th Main 4016 


Ambulance Service ffl.1002 



^Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Jones David, garage, 701 S 18th Main 1629 

Jones Dessa Mrs, r, 2021 5th av, n Main 2537 

Jones Dora, res, 1125 X 46th ' Main 7433-W 

Jones Earl, res, 4212 4th av, s Main 3134 

Jones E A, res, 3700 Ave E Main 8183 

Jones Emmet A Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 935 

Jones E H, i *, 6631 Sloss av Wdlawn 1246 

Jones E J, res, 18 Walnut W End 57 

Jones E J Grain Co, 1630 1st av, n Main 3080 

Jones Eunice L, r, 1500 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 961-W 
Jones Fletcher, restaurant, 1908 3d av. Bessmr 831 

Jones F H, res, 1614 X 29th Main 4141 

Jones Frank M, res, 1015 S 12th av Main 3221-W 

Jones F M, res, 113 S 61st Wdlawn 537 

Jones F X Mrs, res, 329 X 50th Wdlawn 386-W 

Jones Frank T, res, 1229 11th av, s Main 5894-J 

Jones F W, res, 8015 Underwd av.. Wdlawn 1162-W 

Jones Georgie Mrs, r, 505 7th av, n Main 8056-J 

Jones Gordon E, r, 2007 St Louis av. Bessmr 1121 

Jones Geo P, res, 1125 X 20th Main 4107-W 

Jones Guy S, res, 1501 St Chas Main 8287-J 

Jones Geo Wallace, res, 5343 1st av. .Wdlawn 205 

Jones Geo W, res, 608 20th Bessmr 957 

Jones Harry, res, Woodward Bessmr 126-W 

Jones Harry, res, 1112 17th, s Main 1077 

Jones Horace, res, 714 X 19th Main 1809-W 

Jones H C, res, 1830 Lee av W End 350 

Jones H E, res, 2712 12th av, n Main 2518-W 

Jones Hugh H, res, 6209 2nd av, n... Wdlawn 1351 

Jones Hubbard M, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 143-J 

Jones H R Mrs, res, 528 Peachtrec.W End 344-J 
Jones Henry S, res, Roebuck Spgs.. Wdlawn 1163-J 
Jones Ivor W, res, 926 Woodland av..Maln 8347 

Jones John, res, 712 X 53rd Wdlawn 843 

Jones J Arthur, res, 1505 St Chas Main 8425-J 

Jones J E, res, 3027 llth av, n Main 2151-W 

Jones J E & Co, whl sugar, 1621 1st av.Main 5126 

Jones J H, res, 2301 18th Ensley 833-W 

Jones John H, res, Rosedale Main 5557-W 

Jones Joseph H Mrs, 

res, 1422 Berkley av Bessmr 999 

Jones J L, res, 1915 Av I Ensley 207-W 

Jones J Monroe, res, 1310 Glenn av..Maln 8476 
Jones J M Jr, r, 7621 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 1242-W 

Jones Jesse W, r, 2020 Humboldt av Main 2254-W 

Jones J W, res, 818 S 21st Main 1611 

Jones K H, res, 724 13th av, w Ensley 654-J 

Jones L Miss, res, 5634 1st av Wdlawn 417-J 

Jones Leo, res, Va Mines Bessmr 8205 

Jones L L, res, 436 Tappan W End 348-W 

Jones L W, auto trnsfr, Va Mines Bessmr 8205 

Jones L W, res, 1428 Drtsmth av Bessmr 839-J 

Jones Laurens W, res, 3S25 Cliff rd..Maln 7128 
Jones Melissa A Mrs, res, 1318 Hayes. W End 501- W 

Jones M H, res, 1319 X 29th Main 7889 

Jones Mons X, res, 1617 llth av, s...Main 8935 
Jones Mary T Miss, r, 1210 Tusc av..W End 468 
Jones Xannie Mrs, r, 800 Eliza av...W End 324-W 

Jones O L, res, 301 3rd av Ensley 1131-J 

Jones Pauline Mrs, r, 601 X 21st Main 5330-W 

Jones P H, res, 2340 21st Ensley 409-W 

Jones P J, res, 709 S 25th Main 6073- W 

Jones Robt, res, 1908 llth av Bessmr 749-W 

Jones Ruth Miss, res, 600 Ter Blvd. Wdlawn 353-J 

Jones Robt A Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 4312 

Jones Robert A Dr, r, 1922 14th av, s..Maln 319 

Jones R I, res, 2160 Bess Blvd Ensley 114-W 

Jones Raymond M, ofc, 2610 2nd av, n..Main 1399 

Jones Raymond M, res, 1030 S 28th Main 9434 

Jones R Y Dr. ofc, 1st X B bl Main 5188 

Jones R Y Dr, r, 2231 Arlington av Main 4834-J 

Jones Sam, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8926 

Jones S A, res, 3914 6th av, s Main 5653 

Jones S A, res, 1418 5th av, n Main 2882-J 

Jones S E, res, 7433 Sloss av Wdlawn 920-J 

Jones S F. res, 503 Berry W End 39 

Jones Susie Gray Miss,r,7226 1st a v. Wdlawn 876 
Jones S' I', res. 4322 2nd av, s.. Main 4910-J 

I If f I AV 4n, M8P !B Main 769 
LIULLUI Funeral Director Main 4862 


Gilchrist-Tarrant 55 B 

Main 469 

Jones S.S, res, 8340 Underwood av. Wdlawn 960-W 

Jones T A Dr, res, 7612 1st av Wdlawn 1101 

Jones Taxi Co, 1819 3rd av Bessmr 357 

Jones T J, res, 1727 Exeter av Bessmr 1167-W 

Jones T M, men tlr, 220 X 21st. ..... Main 2327 

Jones T M, res, 7321 Walker av Wdlawn 824 

Jones T O Rev, res, 6316 1st av Wdlawn 107-W 

Jones T W, res, 122 Montgomery Main 8573-W 

Jones Valley Grocery Co, whol, 

1921 4th av :.... Bessmr 93 

Jones Valley Ice Cream Co, 

2514 2nd av, n Main 3036 

Jones V R, res, 2216 Arlington av Main 1409-J 

Jones Will, res, 1231 1st av Bessmr 1049-J 

Jones W A, r, 1012 Huntsville av... Wdlawn 560-R 

Jones W B, res, 2605 32d av Main 7728-J 

Jones W C, res, Hueytown Bessmr 689-W 

Jones Walter C Dr, res, 1624 S 14th av. .Main 8265-J 

Jones W J, res, 1906 6th av Bessmr 674 

Jones & Hernandez Mch Co,316 S 12th. Main 6620 
Jones & Lewis Ford Hospital, 

1800 2nd av Bessmr 175 

Jones & Suydam, coal dlrs, 27 X Sprg. . . Main 2441 
Joos Edward Jr, res, 1725 llth av, ■...Main 6802-J 


2328 3rd av, n Main 3862 

Jordan A E Miss, r, 400 X 79th Wdlawn 1085-J 

Jordan A I Mrs, res, 412 X 2r>th Main 6045 

Jordan Bart, res, 1128 Sylvan av Main 6695-W 

Jordan Carrie Mrs, res, 2720 Ave G Main 8789-J 

Jordan C A, res, 3117^ 13th av, n Main 57 63- J 

Jordan E L Mrs, res, 517 X 20th Main 3825-W 

Jordan Fannie, res, 6409 Wash av.. Wdlawn 820-J 
Jordan F E Mrs, r, 2834 Highland av..Maln 3645 

Jordan Jno F, res, 300 42nd ..Ensley 752-W 

Jordan J J, res 916 19th Bessmr 471 

Jordan Mortimer Mrs, 

Res, 1449 Milner Crescent Main 2155 

Jordan R B, res, S15 16th Ensley 246-J 

Jordan S J, res, 410 Cotton av W End 104-W 

Jordan Thelma Miss, r, 1021 X 17th.. Main 3353 

Jordan T D, res, 210 1st av Main 8547 

Jordan Undertaking Co, 2725 X 27th... Main 8441 

Jordan W F, res, 1210 Cotton av W End 642-W 

Jordan W M*Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 8264 

Jordan W M Dr, res, 1106 Crescent av.Main 3282 

Joseph A, groceries, 815 S 15th Main 6500 

Joseph Geo, groc, 2530 Ave G Main 936 

Joseph M V, res, 2617 Highland av Main 1474 

Joseph Solomon, res, 630 S 14th Main 5892-J 

Joubert & Goslin Mch & Fdy Co, 8th av. . Main 838 

800 X 35th Main 643 

800 X 35th Main 929 

Journey J W, res, 6011 1st av Wdlawn 633-J 

Joy Tedd, res, Terrace Crt Main 9419 

Joyce Frank Mrs, 2122 4th av, n Main 6594 

Joyce Gail Mrs, res, 2400 12th av, n Main 2273-W 

Joyce & Claburn Motor Co,l709 3d av.n.Main 3513 

Judd J H, res, 672S Center av Wdlawn 1114-J 

Judge Thos J, atty, 1st X B bl Main 232 

Judge Thos J, res, 1309 S 17th av Main 2830-W 

Judge, Roe & Charlton, attys.lst X B bl.Main 232 
Judson Wm H H, r, 2129 Clarndn av. . Bessmr 523 

Judy Arthur, res, 1514 X 30th Main 8028 

Jungemann H J, res, 6730 1st av.. Wdlawn 1155 

Jungles J E Mrs, res, 1004 S 19th Main 4496 

Justice M E Mrs, res, 1210 Ash Main 3803 

Juvenile Court, city hall Bessmr 226 

Juvenile Court of Jeff Co, 500 Av F. . Main 4566 
Juvenile Store, 403 X 2.0th Main 6697 


Kackelhoefer F A, res, Jonestown. .. .Bessmr 254-W 
Kackelhofer A B, res, 1719 5th av... Bessmr 535-J 

Kahn S, res, 1018 St Chas Main 7490 

Kahn's Bakery, 1032 S 15th Main 2639 

Kaiser J W Mrs, r es, 1815 30th Ensley 1419-W 

Main 223 


Amttulait;* Seivlce fl, I 002 

Electrical «•****] 


Kakohris Geo, groc, 1920 Morris av..Main 7161 
Kakoliris Geo, res, 1733 Tusc av....W End 598-J 

Kahfe G E, mt mrkt, 730 S 18th Main 6390 

Kallman S, res, 1715 Av I Ensley 506-J 

Kaminsky H W, res, 2d av&50th. . .Wdlawn 322-W 

Kapahn R J Mrs, res, 1904 6th av Main 6805 

Kaplan A J, meats, 1806 4th av, n Main 7537 

Karasek D L, res, 1511 X 5th av....Main 1425-W 
Karnes Ethel Miss, res, 308 X 50th.. Wdlawn 1044 
Karp Ben, res, 1318 Av I Main 7857-J 


410 X 19th Main 5207 

S Karp, Mgr, res, 1318 Av I Main 6010-J 

Karpeles Max, res, 1048 Cldwl Terc. . Main 3217-J 

Ivarpeles Morris, r, 2206 S 17th av Main 8489 

Karr Jerome, meats, 715 19th Bessmr 171 

Karr John J, res, 1524 19th Bessmr 975 

Ivan- J W, res, 1231 X 23rd Main 4719-J 

Karr Stewart, res, 910 19th. .^ Bessmr 1068 

Karrah S W, res, 809 19th Bessmr 639-J 

Kartus J, res, 1213 St Chas Main 3221-J 

Kartus Korner, rdy-to-wr, 2100 2nd av.n.Main 5382 

Kartus Sol, res, 1S00 6th av Bessmr 794-J 

Kasch W H, res, 433 E 54th Wdlawn 1273-J 

Kassouf Julia, res, 1700 Av H Main 5804-J 

Kassouf Mike, res, 1701 Jasper Main 4356- W 

Kates Transfer & Warehouse Co, 

1910 Morris av Main 1161 

Katopodis Pete, conf, 319 5th Ensley 1127 

Katz Eleanor Miss, r, 730 X 18th Main 3158-J 

Katz M D, res, 400 Fulton av W End 378- J 

Kaufman Abe.dry gds,etc,213 X 19th.. Main 224 

Kaufman J B, res, 1516 Phelan Main 2348- W 

Kaufman Minnie Miss, r, 2304 Av D.. Ensley 649-J 

Kaufman S. res, 2S00 Jeff av Main 7185 

Kaufman's Womens Ready-to-Wear 

213 X 19th '....Main 224 

Kaul Jno L, res, 2234 Hiland av Main 2300 


Empire bl, 

Jno L Kaul, President Main 6040 

J H Eddy, Manager Main 6040 

Sales Department Main 1023 

Acqount Department Main 1023 

Kay L H, res. 1215 X 24th Main 5256-W 

Kay R, res, 2515 12th av, n Main 7394 

Kayser Leo, res, 1302 Waucoma Main 8793 

Kazian Robt V Prof.chiropodist.Emp bl.Main 8396 

Kean Jas R, res, lb 18 5th av Bessmr 608-J 

Keel J B, res, Hilltop Sta Main 3944-W 

Keeley M E Mrs, res, Warsaw Main 3836 

Keenan Clarence, res, 1637 Pike av. . Ensley 1044-J 

Keene L A, res, 8112 CJndrwd av Wdlawn 1353 

Keener B M, res, 331 X 49th Wdlawn 1326 

Keener J P, res, 2909 i»th av Ensley 240-W 

Keenon Edgar, res, 2018 Park av Ensley 1134 

Kegley H C, res. 711 8tfa av, w Main 8722 

Kehm A O Casting Co, ofc, 

_ , 2 ; 514 27th »▼• " Main 7249 

Keife R J, res, 109 S 84th Wdlawn 1270-J 

Keily A C, studio, Prod Exch bl Main 5090 

Keily A C. res, SI 7 1st av w End 85-W 

Keily C B. res, 1905 Pearson av W End 432 

Keiser E L. res, Dian Apts Main 4409 

Keiser F B, res. 2170 Highland av Main 2952 

Keiser-Geismer Eng Co.ofc.Am Tr bl...Main 1278 

Keith Furn Co, 206 19th Ensley 289 

Keith H D, res, 1737 Terrell Blvd Ensley 1219-J 

Keith I A, res, 1608 X 33rd av Main 407-J 

Keith James, res, Hanover Crt Main 6258- W 

Keith J A. res, 1634 S 12th Main 5354-W 

Keith J E, res, 1319 Cullom Main 3659-W 

Keith J S, res, 2617 18th Ensley 449-W 

Keith Lois Mrs, res, 1825 Allen Main 721-J 

Keith O R, res, 130G S 17th av Main 5556-W 

Keith S P, loans, 205% 19th Bessmr 399 

Ke ith S P, res, 117 S 19th Bessmr 553-J 


All Kinds Roofing 1905 Ave. B -Telephone 195 







Funeral Director Main 4862 

Keith Walter A, res, 2524 7th av, n...Main 5473-W 

Keller H The Tailor, 204 I9th Ensley 333 

Keller H, res, 2210 Ave F Ensley 586 

Keller Maud Mrs, res, 8023 1st av..Wdlawn 902 

Kelley A H Mrs, res, 810 S 22nd Main 3611 

Kelley Co.eng blu ptg.lst Nat Bk bh.Main 16 

Kelley J H Rev, res, 521 S" 19th Main 8241 

Kelley Mary E Mrs, res, 704 W 20th Main 2399 

Kelley T P Mrs, res, 1022 N 17th Main 4146 

Kelley W E, res, 2717 Highland av Main 412 

Kelley W L, res, Richmond Apt Main 6484-J 

Kellogg E M, res, 16 Vine W End 176 

Kellum J S Mrs, res, 2424 34th av, n..Main 3248-J 

Kelly E' M', res, 4731 1st av Wdlawn 202-J 

Kelly Floyd, res, 708 S 39th Main 8663- J 

Kelly F G,greenhouse,2221 Ensley av.. Ensley 74 
Kelly F G, res, 2732 Ensley av Ensley 218-J 


Florist, 1912 Ave E Ensley 1072 

Kelly F R, res, 2301 Av H Ensley 520 

Kelly J D R Mrs, r, 1912 8th av, n Main 7299-W 

Kelly M B Mrs, res, 6119 1st av Wdlaw ; 1057-J 

Kelly Marian T Mrs, r, 1016 St Chas..Maln 6896 

Kelly Richard B, res, 1436 Louise Main 7446 

Kelly R T Mrs, res, 1425 16th av, s Main 5399-W 

Kelly W F, contr, 406 S 20th Main 3471 

Kelly W J, res, 1707 Jeff av Ensley 1336-W 

Kelso David, res, 4120 10th av Ensley 101-J 

Kelso Henry, res, 1320 Ina Main 5726 

Kelso H F, res, 118 S" 60th Wdlawn 1214-J 

Kemp Addie Miss, r, 2322 Brown av. . Ensley 899-W 

Kemp Geo C Mrs,r,1814 10th av,s Main 1635-J 

Kemp Wm T, res, 800 Carrie av W End 320-W 

Kemp W T, res, 907 Tusc av W End 160-W 

Kemper J H, res, 731 S 28th Main 8723-W 

Kendrick D L Mrs, res, 825 3rd av, n..Main 8802-W 


Ofc, 221 N 21st Main 6747 

Kendrick J B Mrs, drsmkr, Watts bl.-Main 3942 

Kendrick J E, res, 728 Av F W End 530-W 

Kendrick Mamie Miss, res, 519 N 21st. . . Main 5276-W 

Kendrick M J, res, 1400 N 26th Main 2676 

Kendrick Walter, r, 1916 Clrndn av..Bessmr 610-J 
Kennamer J R, res, 7224 SIoss av... Wdlawn 795 
Kennedy A Mrs, r, 2111 Pearson av..W End 482-J 

Kennedy Bros, undtr, 118 18th Bessmr 105 

Kennedy C # L, res, 6100 1st av Wdlawn 673 

Kennedy C M, r, 2816 12th av, n Main 1946 

Kennedy Hughes B.r.llOl Glenn Iris av.Maln 336 
Kennedy-Hankins Produce Co, 

2116 Morris av Main 5616 

2116 Morris av Main 8150 

Kennedy J S, res, 1609 15th av, s Main 3402-W 

Kennedy J W, res, Terrace Crt Main 7411 

Kennedy Lizzie, res, 800 Cave av Main 4713-W 

Kennedy R J, res, 3807 Edward Bessmr 939-J 

Kennedy R K, res, 116 N 60th Wdlawn 39-W 

Kennedy T B, res, Duncan Sta. ...W End 353-J 

Kennedy W C, res, 213 N Ely ton W End 490 

Kennell C O, res, 2629% Av F Main 8487 

Kenney R N, res, 4924 5th av, n.... Wdlawn 262-W 
Kennon A P Mrs, res, 900 S 20th Main 2491 


Sales Department, 2024 2nd av, n...Maln 153 

Office, 2024 2nd av, n Main 6431 

Kennybrook D A, res, 1316 N 16th Main 3765.J 

Kent J F, res, 2510 Ensley av Ensley 238 

Kent J G, res, 2008 26th Ensley 1095-J 

Kent Jno T Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 13 

Kent L M, res, 301 Osceola Sta Ensley 501-W 

Kent Willis T Mrs, res, 2000 28th. .. Ensley 282-W 

Kentucky Livery Co, ofc, 1530 3d av..Main 466 

Kentucky Livery Co. ofc, 216 N 16th.. Main 677 

Kerber H F, res, 1001 12th av, s Main 2082-J 

Kerby Ruth C Mrs, r, 1418 Cotton av.W End 287-W 

Kerlin W F, res. 1004 3rd av W End 183-W 


AmbtftMCt S»rvi:e ".I Out 

• Indicates P. B. Exchange 

All Grades AAAI MAIN 

Lowest Cash Prices W W #4 Li 228 

Kernachan H J, chemist, 121% N 21st.. Main 5864 

Kernan W C, res, 1409 Alois av iW End 501-J 

Kerner C C, res, 1100 S 28th Main 5866 

Kerner Samuel M, res, 1912 13th av, n.Maln 7710-W 
Kerner-Williams Shoe Co, 203 N 19th. . Main . 361 

Kerns Oscar L, res, 1008 S 15th av Main 6470-J 

Kerr Belle F Mrs, res, 1142 N 12th Main 2833 

Kerr H J, res, 2718 33d av Main 7190-W 

Kerr S F, res, 8100 5th av, n Wdlawn 423-J 

Kersey Ethel, res,. 722 N 14th Main 1136 

Kershaw C G, res, 2915 Juniper av Main 5085 

Kershaw C G Cont'g Co, Wdwrd bl...Maln 2482 

Kessler Adolph, res, 1500 14th av, s Main 5084 ■ 

Kessler Wm H, archt, Emp bl Main 768 

Kessler W H, res, 1437 S 18th Main 6506-W 

Ketchum L R, res, 909 2d av W End 412-J 

Ketchum M C Mrs, res, 1211 Beech Main 1099-J 

Kettig W H, res, 2747 Niazuma Main 984 

Kevorkian Z H, res, 523 40th Ensley 1399-J 

Key H Mrs, res, 1111 S 13th Main 2252-J 

Key J W, res, 2326 Av G Main 5643 

Key S T, res, Pratt City Ensley 888 

Key S T, res, 104 S 59th Wdlawn 220-W 

Key S T Furn Co, ofc, Pratt City Ensley 679 

Kibbe Jas L, res, Rosewald Apts Main 4872 

Kicker C N. res, 3221 N 27th Main 1932-J 

Kidd A L, ofc, Ala State Ld bl Main 7529 

Kidd A L, res, 2615 Arlington av Main 9325-J 

Kidd C M, res, 1812 S 10th av Main 2581 

Kidd Dallas, res, 6222 3rd av, s Wdlawn 242-W 

Kidd Jas M, res, 1429 N 31st Main 8116-J 

Kidd P C, ofc, B-M bl Main 6445 

Kidd P C, res, 3145 Norwood Blvd. . Main 8804- W 

Kidd T J, re's, 1512 N 32d Main 6523-J 

Kidwell Edward B, r, 1315 Av H Ensley 1425-J 

Kietfer N C, res, 1512 S 16th Main 3256 

Kifer J M, res, 506 Sarah av Main 6584 

Kigh I B, res, 829 Johns Main 3804-J 

Kiker C C Mrs, res, 2208 31st av, n Main 4722 

Kilby E M r res, 3232 Highland dr Main 1592 


35th av, 

General Office Main 7122 

Engineering Dept Main 7122 

E M Kilby, Vice-President Main 3977 

H W Bostick, Sec'y, 35th av Main 2783 

Kilcrease Irving L, res, 307 N 50th.. Wdlawn 465-W * 

Kilgore Furn Co, 1801 Av E Ensley 137 

Kilgore Katherine Mrs, res, 1114 S 16th. Main 6509-W 

Killgore E B, res, 1108 Louise Main 6649-J 

Killingsworth S Mrs,r,1605 Tusc av..W End 72 
Killough J N Dr, ofc, 5500% 1st av.. Wdlawn 1234 
Killough J N Dr, r, 6608 2d av, s.. Wdlawn 34 
Kilpatrick Hugh Mrs,r,1704 8th av.. Bessmr 1152-W 

Kimball Tire Sales Co, 1806 Av E Ensley 736 

Kimberl J A, res, 510 Randolph W End 344-W 

Kimbrel M Mrs. res, 827 Tusc av W End 656-J 

Kimbro R D. res, 14 21 Tusc av W End 975-J 

Kimbrough John Jr Dr, r, Wdwrd. . Bessmr 508-J 
Kimbrough S O Rev, res, 708 Talulah. . . Main 5956- W 
Kimbrough & Templin, gro, 

1300 Catherine av W End 146 

Kimmel H S Mrs, res, 820 N 19th Main 6593 

Kincaid B Mrs, res, 1017 N 19th Main 1659-J 

Kincaid E H, res, 224 S 57th Wdlawn 823-W 

Kincaid John L Dr, ofc. Realty bl Bessmr 326 

Kincaid John L Dr.r.2321 Clrndn av. Bessmr 1096 

Kincaid V C Rev, res, 2614 Av F Main 1664 

Kindt S E Mrs, res, 516 N 21st Main 6572-J 

King Billie Miss, res, 3304 Pawnee av.Main 7682-J 

King B W, res, 19 N Pearl W End 714-J 

King C Mrs, res, 1500 2nd av W End 624 

King C C, res, 728 S 27th Main 1725-J 

King C D, res, 508 39th Ensley 1332-W 

King C W, res, 823 N 50th Wdlawn 791-J - 

King H H, res, 3815 12th, n Main 4245-W 

King H J Jr, res, 18 Pearl W End 638 

King H T, res, 1105 S 15th Main 8551 


Lnero-Cola ""'" 


^•Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Office &\Mjrks -T ^ <#frr 
tairfield^aia. Ihejg^|£l& Company" 

TCL. ENSLEY 4(X> W*^ "V^* 


King Helen T Mrs, res, 2202 17th av, s.Maln 7678-J 

King Julia Miss, res, Cheek rd Main 7225 

King Jere C, res, 1201 N 32nd Main 400 

King Joy Inn, 1910 3rd av, n Main 276 

King J M Dr, dent, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1495 

King J M Dr, res, 4904 2nd av, n Wdlawn 269-W 

King J W, res, 901 N 50th Wdlawn 104-J 

King Jno W, res, 1705 16th av, s Main 6114-J 

King Jno W, res, 208 11th Ct, w Main 7408-W 

King James W, res, 330 S 60th Wdlawn 161-J 

King Katie Mrs, res, 2214 Av I Ensley 993-W 

King K C Mrs, res, 408 S 57th Wdlawn 201-W 

King Lizzie Miss, res, 137 N 59th Wdlawn 586-J 

King Louis Mrs, res, 501 16th Ensley 1021-W 

King Louise M Mrs, res, 815 S 20th Main 5361 

King L N. res, 1809 31st Ensley 465-J 

King Mack, res, 500 S 21st Bessmr 675-W 

King M E Mrs, res, 1116 N 23rd Main 7925-W 

King O A, res, 4909 1st av, s Wdlawn 1332 

King Robt Mts, res, 313 44th. 7 Ensley 854- J 

King R L Mrs, res, 2023 Clrndn av.. Bessmr 996-W 
King Robt McGehee, res, Hanover Ct...Main 1153 

King R N, res, 109 1st Ensley 607-W 

King S C, res, 4209 Parkway Ensley 599-J 

King S F, ofc.^B-M bl Main 8018 

King S F, res, 1228 Glenview rd Main 6731 

King T B, res, 2123 10th av Bessmr 570-W 

King W E Dr, dntst, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 2941 

King W M Jr, res, 1401 S 17th av Main 5606-J 

King W T, res, 4600 Grand av Main 6907-W 

King & Perkins Drs.dnts.lst N B bl-.Main 1495 

Kinkead Kyle J Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 7140 

Kinkead Kyle J Dr, res, 323 S 60th.. Wdlawn 1462 

Kinnett J F Dr, res, Brighton Bessmr 436-W 

Kinney E M, res, 162 Davies Wdlawn 155-W 

Kinney G C Mrs, r, 5912 3rd av, s. . .Wdlawn 612-W 

Kinney J G Mrs, res, 2901 Av F Ensley 994-W 

Kinney W A Mrs, res, 2020 5th av Main 2817 

Kinney W I, res, 1311 N 32d Main 3360 

Kirby E J, res, 1009 N 30th Main 9382 

Kirby M W, res, 4313 5th av, s Main 4206 

Kirby & Bell, groc. 4812 10th av, n.. Wdlawn 924 

Kirk C E Mrs, res, 3201 Av C Ensley 1089-W 

Kirkland-Morris Co, Am Tr bl Main 1896 

Kirkland M E Mrs, res, 714 N 18th Main 7797 

Kirkland W H, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1896 

Kirkland W H, res, Dian Apts Main 5060-J 

Kirkley N L Mrs, res, 1029 N 16th Main 256-W 

Kirkpatrick C B Mrs, r, 513 18th Bessmr 1056 

Kirkpatrick Drilling Co.ofc.Am Tr bl...Maln 4449 

Kirkpatrick J D Main 4449 

Kirkpatrick E P, res. 207 Lucy av Main 5612-W 

Kirkpatrick J D, res, 1231 Iroquois Main 4135 

Kirkpatrick Lumber & Timber. Co, 

Am Tr bl Main 962 


General Office, Amer Tr bl 1 Main 962 

Warehouse No 1, S 24th Main 1225 

Kirkpatrick W A, res, 1630 4th av.. Bessmr 985-J 

Kirkpatrick W G, res, 1610 Beech Main 1922-W 

Kirsch M D Dr, phys, Woodwd bl Main 3561 

Kirsch M D Dr, res, 1211 Mllner Main 4047 

Kirtland J W, res. 1614 Tusc av W End 73 

Kirtley J A, res, Roebuck Sprgs Wdlawn 1213-J 

Kirtley P J Mrs, res, 928 Alabama Main 1714-J 


1100 N 13th Main 383 

Kissell V T, res, 1330 12th av, n Main 3548-W 

Kitchens G L, liv&tran,2024 1st av. Bessmr 57 

Kitchens G L, res, 1612 6th av Bessmr 1032-W 

Kitchens N S, res, 1307 St Chas Main 6530- W 

Kitrick M E Rev, res, 1710 5th av.. Bessmr 921 ' 

Kiwanis Club, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8303 

Klein Albert, res, 1018 S 16th Main 4414-W 

Klein H E Mrs, res, 1328 15th ar, a.... Main 4210-W 
Klein Robt, res, 1020 Glenn Iris av....Maln 4570-W 

Portland Cement wh0 ,' B e ?«.w. 



Armw'in-* S«rv,-e M. I 002 

Kleybecker L F, res, 1415 N 32d Main 6397-J 

Kleyensteuber H M S,r,Crstlne Hgts..Maln 3364-J 
Kline Mary E Mrs,r,5139 1st av.n. . .Wdlawn 1121-W 

Klinkowstein Louis, res, 1210 Av H Main 8427-W 

Klippelt S B, res, 3101 11th av, n Main ion 


Suits & Overcoats, 207^ N 19th... Main 7098 
Klotz Simon, rl est&ins, 2008 1st av..Maln 1057 

Klotz Simon, res, 1484 Milner Cresc Main 2619 

Klotzman J, res, 2121 16th av, s Main 4492 

Klyce A S, res, 1046 Sycamore Main 6494 

Knapp D P, res, 3401 Norwood Blvd. . Main'2078 
Knapp Ella Miss, res, 1700 15th av, n..Maln 1087 

Knapp J F, res, 2120 Zinn av Ensley 852-J 

Knecht S J Mrs, res, 819 S 29th Main 3074 

Knight E B, res, Brighton Bessmr 169-W 

Knight Eugene H, archt, Emp bl Main 768 

Knight E H, res, 1107 11th av, s Main 5522-J 

Knight E J, res, 1528 15th av, n Main 3589 

Knight Hdware & Elec Co, 2023 4th av.n.Maln 1201 
Knight Iron Co.junk dlr,2030 3rd av.. Bessmr 6 
Knight Iron & Metal Co, 2701 1st av..Maln 171 

Knight J B, groc, 513 S 27th Bessmr 41 

Knight J B Sr, res, 200 N 53rd. .. .Wdlawn 1124 

Knight J T, res, 403 "Earle av •. Main 8882-J 

Knight Mattie D Mrs, res, 1609 S 12.. Main 4755-J 

Knight R W, ' res, 927 S 28th Main 3836 

Knight T A, res, 1618 4th av Bessmr 1039 

Knight W W, res, 5419 Union av, n.. Wdlawn 474-W 

Knighton Geo, res, 911 S 11th Main 5127-W 

Knighton Rose Mrs,r,832»& Wdlnd av.s.Main 2328 
Knights of Columbus, 2121% 3rd av,n...Main 7050 

Knopf W C, res, 3523 Cliff rd Main 1980 

Knowles S F, res, Hanover Crt Main 3359-J 

Knowlton J W Dr, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 3565 

Knowlton J W Dr, r, 1348 Hntsv av...Maln 152 
Knox Geo R Jr, ofc, 1814 2d av, n....Maln 9010 
Knox Geo R Jr, res, Ridgely Apts.... Main 9098 

Knox H A, res, 1523 20th Ensley 1172 

Knox J C, res, Lewisburg Main 7154-J 

Knox J F, studio. 315% N 20th Main 860 

Knox J F, res, 1326 N 17th Main 7778 

Knox B B, res, 409 Princeton av....W End 23-W 

Knox Thos W, res, 600 S 40th Main 7335-W 

Koefoed A, res, 1018 S 18th Main 903 

Koenig A J, florist, 318 N 21st Main 3995 

Koenig A J. res, 5009 3d av, n Wdlawn 355-W 

Koenig Theo C. res, 1524 S 16th Main 4609-W 

Kohnstamm H & Co. 1720 1st av Main 1298 

Kolb P V. ofc, 2012 Av E Main 8502 

Kolb P Val, res, 1321 Waucoma Main 2953- J 

Kolbe L E. res, 5608 4th av, s Wdlawn 317-J 

Kolodner M, res, 1132 S 14th Main 6741-W 

Kontos Alex, res, 1301 N 32d Main 2218 

Kontos Alex Fruit Co, 1823 1st av Main 2375 

Koogle Annie B Mrs, ofc, Jff Co Bk bl..Main 8991 
Koogle Annie B Mrs, res, Ridgely Apts. .Main 5512 

Koonce T J, res, 2331 Birch Ensley 1032-J 

Koops C W, res, 813 Tusc av W End 20 

Koppers Co, 

Ofc, Boyles ...Wdlawn 1281 

Ofc, Boyles Wdlawn 455 

Korman Geo, ofc, 1715 6th av, n Main 9063 

Kornegay H L, r, 230^ Hawthorne av. Ensley 689-W 

Koss S M, res. 1211 Cotton av W End 933-W 

Kothelmer Chas, res, 829 N 41st Main 6186 

Kott Louis C, res, 1216 S 15th Main 6156-J 

Kottelman H, groc, 1314 Av D Main 7420-J 

Koury N^res. 910 Woodland av Main 3593-W 

Krantz J, res, 2501% Ave C Main 6454-J 

Krauss C H, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1273 

Krauss C R, res, 1328 N 30th Main 3654-W 

Kreh W E, res, 7921 Tulane av Wdlawn 212-W 

Kress S H & Co, ofc, 1914 2nd av. . . .Bessmr 336 

Kress S H & Co, ofc, 1910 2d av, n Main 3169 

Kreulhaus Frank, res, 717 X 2 4th Main 6524- J 

Kribs H J, res, Hill Top Station Ensley 210 

Krom S Arthur, res, ltll 11th av, s...Maln 3181 

Main 223 EtCCtfiCdl 4%2 N ' 19th St 


• • 







• ** 

• FN 



;■; MONTEVALLO :< En«l e y 

Kroman M, res, 2904 Cypress av Main 

Kronenberg- I A, r, 2120 16th av, s Main 

Kuhn II, res, 1804 Av I Main 

Kuhne Henry, res, 1103 Cotton av..W End 

Kuhne W, res, 4327 Cliff rd Main 

Kuhns G B, res, 330 N 51st Wdlawn 

Kumfoot Shoemakers, 321 N 17th Main 

Kummer A P, res, 2122 Av I Main 

Kyle Jas A, res. 2018 Av G Ensley 

Kyser Jno J, ofc, 2406 2nd av, n Main 

Kyser John J, r, Belle Mead Farm..W End 

Kyser J M, res, 914 St Chas Main 

Kyser Manufacturing Co, Inc, 

3700 5th av, n Main 

Kyzer Arthur C Mrs, res. 1821 6th av.Bessmr 

Kyzer E A Mrs, res, 616 Bell Bessmr 

Kyzer Herbert, res, 1300 2nd av Bessmr 


L & L Groc Co, 1808 4th av, n Main 

L & N Fruit Store, 1 S 20th Main 

Laatsch If H, res, 7512 Ilillman av.. Wdlawn 

Labon Burrus, res, 2928 5th av, n Main 

LaBontie J B, res, 1753 13th av, s Main 

Labor Advocate, ofc, 411% N 20th Main 

Labous F, bakery, 1925 N 4th av Main 

Labous F, res. 900 Glen Iris av Main 

Lacey E P Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 

Lacey E P Dr, res, 1802 8th av Bessmr 

Lacey Homar A, res, 2435 Birch av Ensley 

Lacey Howard D, r, 1821 Pearson av.W End 

Lacey J E, hdw, 319 1st av Ensley 

Lacey L M, res. 410 5th, P C Ensley 

Lacey Robt L Dr, dent. 209% N 20th.. Main 

Lacey T E, p s, Browns Bessmr 

Lacey Walter Mrs, r, 4120 4th av, s Main 

Lacey W E Dr, res, 503 7th av, n Main 

Lacey W M, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 

Lackey Emma Miss, r, 404 Sarah av..Main 

Lackey E C, res, 3810 Av F Main 

Lackey Ethel E Miss, r, Whitfield Aprs. Main 

Lackmond O E, res, 821 N 49th Wdlawn 

LaCroix Chas Mrs, res, 1209 N 29th... Main 

Lacy A J Mrs. res, 2420 5th av, n Main 

Lacy Ben W, res, 1137 S 12th Main 

Lainhart Grace L Miss. res. Edgowood . .Main 

Laird A H Mrs, res, 411 18th Bessmr 

Laird P M, res. 1301 S 13th Main 

Laird W O, res, 2010 St Louis av Bessmr 

Laird & Snnford Groc Co, 325 19th. .. Bessmr 
Lakeview School, princ of. Lakeview. . . Main 

Lamar C C, res, 5712 1st av. n Wdlawn 

Lamar T C Mrs, ros, 2100 nth av, ■..'..Main 

Lamb A J, res, 1100 S 16th Main 

Lamb O K Row res. 104 Lowis Wdlawn 

Lamboison J L Mrs, r, 1701 Av G.. Ensley 

Lambert G W, res, Warrior av Ensley 

Lambert III. mgr, Empire bl Main 

Lambert J P, res, 1501 S 15th Main 

Lambert Jno W, res. 1600 S 2<>th Main 

Lamberth Jos W. res, 408 Old 50th.. Wdlawn 

Lambeth E V. res, 3918 Av D Main 

Lambly A K Mrs, res, 1717 5th av, n Main 

Lambu? Ned, res. Mason City W End 

Lamkin Griffin, res, 1025 S 26th Main 

Lamkin & Watts, attys, Title bl Main 

Lammert Wm R, res, 2500 isth Crt... Ensley 
Lampkin W W Mrs, r, 418 S S2d. . .Wdlawn 

Lamprinides Nick, res, 1903 Av C Main 

Lancaster B H. res, 2415 15th av, n Main 

Lancaster J B, res, 2800 12th av, n Main 

Lancaster M R, res, 1700 Hayes av Ensley 

Lancaster S L, res, 5228 Grand av.. Wdlawn 
Lancaster S L Mrs, r, 1110 N 54th. . .Wdlawn 
Landers Richard, res, 122 X 60th .... Wdlawn 

Landgrebe K. res, 1816 Pike av Ensley 

Landman J H, res. 1307% St Chas Main 

Landrum C J, res, 1824 Rush av... ...Main 



. 134 


































AmbuUncs Svtvlce W. . I UOZ 

60 vindicates P. B. Exchange 

1 - ii — — — - , 


Landrum J M, res, 8329 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 1027 
Landsberger H, res, 2210 17th av, s....Main 208 

Lane C M, res, 1324 N 24th Main 5130-W 

Lane Groc Co, 1202 N 24th Main 2325 

Lane J W, res, 3907 10th av, n. Main 2557-J 

Lane Marshall H Jr, ofc, 121 S 20th Main 6099 

Lane W D, groc, 1501 5th av, n Main 6905 

Lane W W, res, 412% N 21st Main 1118 

Lanford Jas Ivy, res, 17 03 14th av, s.Main 5009- W 

Lange F J, res, 2006 Ave H Ensley 610-W 

Lange R L, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 190 

Lange R L, res, 935 S 20th Main 3001-W 

Lange & Simpson, attys, 1st Nat Bk bl.Main 190 
Langerd B Miss, res, 1224 Steiner av.W End 463-W 

Langford C W, res, 502 7th Bessmr 213-J 

Langford H W, res, 2916 Av E Ensley 1218-J 

Langley A B. res, 1019 S 15th Main 8301 

Langner T F. res, 364 N 54th Wdlawn 254-J 

Langner T F, res, 128 N 62nd Wdlawn 1130-W 

Langston J M, res, Crestline Main 6382- W 

Langston J W Mrs, res, 716 S 25th Main 6073-J 

Langston M G, res, 1116 N 28th Main 7145 

Lanham J W, res, 1S22 Copeland av..Maln 4604-J 

Lanier Monro B, ofc, Jff Co Bk bl Main 626 

Lanier Monro B, res, 1128 Glenview rd.Main 5833-W 

Lanier Paul, res, 402 Tusc av W End 715 

Lanier Sterling S, res, 2934 Pawnee av. .Main 4061 
Lankford John C, gro.frts, 1428 11 av,s..Main 6579 

Lankford T P, res, 600 Owen av Bessmr 1029-W 

Lanning W O, res, 1327 Ina Main 3585-W 

Lantznester J P. r, 1923 Pearson av.W End 482-W 

Lanyon T J Mrs, res, 201 4th Ensley 390 

Lanz Jacob, res, 1606 Beech Main 3439 

Lanza Bros, whol fruit, 2023 Morris av;Maln 6890 

Lanza G, res, 2201 N 26th Main 7258-J 

La Ppage John J Mrs,r,2436 Birch av. Ensley 965-J 
Lappage Nannie E Mrs,r,912 Eliza av..Maln 3681 

Larimore Chas M, res. Gate City Wdlawn 1188-W 

Larkin Jno Jr. res. Roebuck Spgs.. Wdlawn 391-W 

Larkin J T, res, Lewisburg rd Main 7612-W 

Larmore Z L, res, 1029 N 24th Main 2840 

LaRue J A, res, 1210 Princeton av..W End 46 

La Salle J B Mrs, res, 619 & 22nd Main 3758-W 

Lass. Chas A, res, 1815 Av I Main 4985 

Lasseter Wm J, res, N 80th Wdlawn 856-R 

Lassiter-Davis Candy Co, whol, 

2405 2nd av, n Main 4456 

Lassiter J B, res, 4318 Cliff rd Main 1723 

LaSusa Philip, groc & mts, 2301 Av B..Main 1165 

LaSusa Phillip, res, 3700 4th av, n Main 9435-W 

Latady A, atty. Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1405 

Latady A, res, 3015 Highland av Main 6035 

Latham Eva Miss, res, 3500 Av F....Maln 6031 

Lathem G M Dr, dent-, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 6032 

Lathem G M Dr, res, 1326 S 19th Main 3747 

Lathem J D, res, 2231 Ridge Park av..Maln 9493 

Lathem W T, res, 1605 Phelan Main 3172 

Lathrop Frank H, res, 1923 14th av, s..Maln 3662 
Lathrop Lumber Co, whol, Jff Co Bk..Maln 664 

Lathrop W R. ofc. 308 N 21st Main 462 

Lathrop W R, res, 1027 S 26th Main 7079 

Latimer Chas E. res, 1100 S 11th av..Main 6420-J 
Latimer Hugh F, res, 1428 16th av, s..Maln 642-W 
Latimer J R Mrs, res. 1805 10th av, s..Maln 783 

Latimer R E, res, 115 Front Ensley 669 

Latta C C, res, 401 Cotton av W End 62-J 

Lattuille J H. res. 112 Green W End 614-W 

Lauderdale W M, res, 11th av, n..Maln 2548-W 
Laughinghouse H C,r,901 Hengtn av.W End 326-J 

Laul P M, tlr, 113% N 20th Main 5986 

Laul P M, res, 7227 Sloss av Wdlawn 600 

Laumer Jno J. res, 1230 N 29th Main 6401-W 

Laumer Lumber Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 1132 

Laundry Coupon Sales Co, 2018 1st av..Maln 37 

Launey R O, res, 1724 15th av, s Main 6790 

Laurell N L, res, 1501 N 20th Main 6969 

Lavender Maria Mrs, 

Res, 2020 Dartmouth av Bessmr 874-W 

wm ^ mwm m am 4W0 AMBULANCE **•« 7CQ 

I IfT I AV service Ma, n 769 
LlUE LUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

•Indicates P. B. Exchange 



Gilchrist-Tarrant 55 * 

Main 469 

Lavender W A Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 524 

Lavender W A Dr, res, 1028 N 28th.. Main 1427-J 

?%£%!%% B ' reS> 2517 8th av - n...Maln 7535-J 
. Lavigne J P, res, 4340 Av B Main 4323-J 

Lawhon H E, res. 1320 S 17th ...Mai" 6103-J 

T^^° n 1 J r A MrB ' reS> 1815 Cttnwd av..Maln 3664-J 
JilS ™ A ' reS> 1323 Car oHna av. .Bessmr 998-W 

Lawey Ed, res, 1812 15th av, n Main 7156-W 

Lawey H C Mrs, res, 402 S 67th. .. .Wdlawn 4?£w 

Lawley O M Mrs, res, 410 N 23rd Main 9574 

Lawley Valerie F Miss, res, 

8427 Hlmn av Wdlawn 1176 J 

VS SS. W A Co «° Per ' r ' 6605 Sloss av.. Wdlawn 889- W 

Lawrence A S, res, 507 1st av Main 2938-W 

Lawrence Brooks, Cham Com Main 4207 

Lawrence C M, res, 5111 1st av, n.. Wdlawn 25-W 

Lawrence C O, res, 412 St Chas. w E n d 25-J 

Lawrence C W, res, 2611 19th av.... Ensley 779-W 
Lawrence Frank P, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 5021 
Lawrence Frank P, r, 713 Cotton av. .W End 617 

Lawrence G W. res, 1923 Av Q Main 4636 

Lawrence I G, res, 2608 loth av. n....Main 5579 
Lawrence J Fred, res, 1205 N 29th.... Main 3830-W 
Lawrence J M, adjuster, Am Tr bl....Main 2280 

Lawrence J M, res, 1024 S 18th Main 7885 

Lawrence R W, r, 3207 Carolina av.. Bessmr 835-W 
Lawrence Vallie Mrs, res. 908 19th..Ens,ey 2 5 2 J 

Lawrenson A, res, 805 N 48th Wdlawn 270-W 

Lawson Frank W, res, 407 Earle av....Mafn 5191 
Lawson G M Mrs, res, 104 Cotton av. . . . Main 1402-W 
Lawson J R, coal yd, 904 N 45th. ... Wdlawn 641 

T^rr" SST 1 - reS ' 901 S 15th ~- Mai " 8402-J 

Lawson Reid, jewelry, 1st Nat Bk bL.Main 2293 

Lawson Reid. res, 923 S 17th Main 459 

Lawson Will Mrs, r, 2430 Acacia av.. Ensley 1414-J 

Lawton G Mrs, res, 815 S 12th Main 6640 

Lay J A, res, 1309 13th av, n Main 7290 

Laycock Ben, res, 1754 Woodld av Main 3591-J 

Laycock William, res. 4.317 9th av...En''ey 660-J 
Lazenby J S Mrs. res, 8 N Elyton. . . . W End 570-W 

Lea P H, res 1201 12th av, s Main 5046 

Lea Sumpter Jr, res, 222 N 73d. .. .Wdlawn 1160-J 

Lea Thos R, res, 227 S 82nd Wdlawn 882-J 

Leach Chas, res, 815 11th av. s Main 6649-W 

Leach HA Mrs, res, 707 N 25th Main 5807 

Leader Benj, res, 1495 Milner Cresc.Maln 5758-J 

T^t r ?;„ reS ' J 2 U Wdlan d av Main 8906- W 

Leader, Ullman & Ewing, attys 

Steiner bl , Main 4412 

Leake J P res, 3805 Av F Main 2591 

Leake W E, coal opr, 1st N B bl....Maln 8271 

Leake "U E, res, 1014 S 28th Main 813 

Leapard C W Mrs, res,, 622 20th. ... Bessmr 1140 

Leary Wm M. res, Forest Pk Main 3490 

Leath AS, res, 2113 llth av. s Main 4508-W 

Leathern E F & Co, pub accnt, B-M bl. .Main 5867 

Lechien P H, res, 830 N 21st Main 2187-W 

LeCren Martha C Mrs, res, 66 Maple. . Ensley 1459 

Lecroy L H, res, 507 Delta av Ensley 381-W 

Ledbetter Chas L, res, 1313 S 12th.... Ma In 4379- W 
Ledbetter Chas S, res, 2316 20th av. n..Main 5877 
Ledbetter S L Dr, specialist, 1st N B..Main 709 

Ledbetter S L Dr, res, 1630 Ave J Main 2171 

Ledbetter Sam'l L Jr Dr, ofc, Emp bL.Main 5712 
Ledbetter S L Jr Dr. res. 922 S 17th.. Main 4350 
Ledbetter W G Mrs. res. Albmrle Apts.Maln 2793- W 

?J! 8 L 0fc, „ Ledser bl Main 7000 

Nights & Sundays, call Night Nos. 

City circulation dept Main 7001 

Bus ofc, circul & adv dept Main 7002 

Contest dept & news room Main 7003 

Br ofc. 1881 14 2nd av Bessmr 200 


Whol Groc. 2202 Morris av Main 5174 

V ee ^^ E ;/ e3, R F D 8 Bessmr 8321 

Lee C E Mrs, res, 4 44 Powell.. W End 293- W 

Main 223 . ElCCtfiOtl 412Nl9 *"S* 



Ain!)j,.irKd S*rvic9 fij. I 002 

Lee Damon, groc, Rosedale Main 9292 

t 5 ' T V, r, reS ' 3 806 15th av ' n M a'" 9^90-J 

Lee F J Dr, ofc, 2200 Ave F Main 2614 

Lee Gus, res, 1314 N 25th Main 8133-W 

Lee Harry C, res, 201 N 53d. ..... . .Wdlawn 136-J 

Lee J C, res, 8016 Wlkr av Wdlawn 1132-W 

Lee J H, res, 5311 Grand av Wdlawn 452-W 

Lee J J, res, 1752 Jeff av W End 35 

Lee J S. res, 1605 8th av Main 1727 

Lee M J, res Woodward Bessmr 586-J 

Lee Minims W, res, 1632 12th av, s....Main 6129-W 

t £ S' Ji eS ' In & Ieno °k Wdlawn 353- W 

Lee R V Mrs, r, 2101 Drtmth av.... Bessmr 707-J 
Lee Sallie Miss, res, 7208 Sloss av.. Wdlawn 693 

Lee Samuel W, res, 330 N 49th Wdlawn 561 

Lee Sidney W, res, 2731 Barron av..Main 1152 

Lee T K, res, 1005 Wdland av Main 8811 

Lee W B res, 221 N 50th Wdlawn 938 

Lee W H, genl mdse. 1457 Tate av..W End 203 

V Ge * y S S' reS> 913 S 19th Main 873 

Leedy W B Jr, res, 1008 S 19th Main 3362 


112 N 21st Main 4 77 g ' 

Leemlng G W, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8299 

Leeper C S, res, 2135 16th av, s Main 2611-J 


Dry Clng & Dyeing, 2330 Av F....Main 399 

Lees Delicatessen, 1927 4th av Main 532 

Lees R C res, 4819 6th a v, s Wdlawn 1199-J 

LeFebure Ledger Co, Jeff Co Bk bl. . . . Main 616 

Lefebure Ledger Co, Jff Co Bk bl Main 6919 

Legg A C, meat mkt, 108 N 22nd Main 8296 

Leggett J W, jeweler, 321 19th Bessmr 149 

Leggett J W, res, 416 18th Bessmr 1124-J 

LeGrand B G. snuff, Cham of Com Main 2695 

Lehman C J. res, 1601 Berkley av Bessmr 1156-J 

Lehman C M (pay sta), 39th Main 9144 

Lehman Chas T, machinery, 

Ofc, 2300 Ave A Main 1123 

Whse, 2300 Ave A Main 1124 

Lehman Chas T, res. 1230 Ash Main 1824 

Lehman Furn Co. 1906 2d av Bessmr 223 

Lehman J F, res, 920 N 24th Main 6459- W 

Lehman J H, pub acct, Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 8187 
Lehman J H & Co. C P A. Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 8187 

Lehman J J, res, 1328 N 24th Main 8475-J 

Lehmann J H, res. 1055 S 31st Main 8942-J 

Leigh Mary M Mrs, res, 2112 Zinn av. . Ensley 381-J 

Leighton E I, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 616 

Leghton E R^ res. 221 N 4Sth Wdlawn 430-W 

Leighton W R, res, 3217 13th av. n....Main 4191 

Leland Joseph Dr, ofc, 1st N B bl Main 3748 

Leland Jos Dr, res. 1059 S 33rd Main 8691 

Leland R M. res, 1011 S Central Main 1488 

LeMay Chester, res, 1917 Ave H.... Ensley 452-W 
Lemley W L, res, 1420 Arlington av.Bessmr 1037 

Lemon G L & Co, accts, Am Tr bl Main 1024 

Lemont F B, res, 813 21st Ensley 756-J 

Lemont J C, res, 2512 Av E Ensley 296-J 

Lenardo Chas D, res, 813 19th Bessmr 574-J 

Lenk M res, 2310 Orange av Main 8862 

Lennox Thos Rev, res, 1634 Pike av.. Ensley 341-W 

Lentz J L, res, 1812 14th av, n Main 3833-W 

Leo Rocco, res, Commerce av Ensley 328- W 

Leonard Bonnie, groc. 304 Osceola Ensley I486 

Leonard C E, ofc. Woodward bl Main 7240 

Leonard D Q Mrs, r. 1108 Cotton av. . W End 655 
Leonard Emma Miss, r, 1107 S 13th.. Main 7812-J 

Leonard G D, res, 7233 1st av Wdlawn 1312-W 

Leonard .7 H, res, Woodward Bessmr 884-J 

Leonard Li.ldie Mrs. res. 213 N 54th. Wdlawn 721-W 

Leonard N M.res, 3735 Ave F Main 8836 

Leonard-Riley Mortgage Co.Wdwd bL.Main 7240 
Leontis Mike, res, 1001 N 24th Main 8913 

r 6 ^!*'^ Pl res ' l,lf N 17th Main 5674 

Leslie Ella Miss, res, 2109 6th av, n...Maln 3097-J 
Leslie Frank J, res, 2013 Av D Ensley 1304-J 



Hahn.F.rema Bc :S:Tell95 

Auto Fenders Made to Order 1905 Avenue B 



^Indicates P. B. Exchang 















service main «o» 
Funeral Director Main 4862 

Leslie G W Dr, dntst, 600^ 19th Ensley 177 

Leslie G W Dr, res, 2435 Ensley av Ensley 765-J 

Leslie Howard, res, 1829.30th Ensley 1052-W 

Leslie Harvey M, res, 2412 Av F Ensley- 1290-W 

Leslie J D. res. 2513 12th av. n Main 5546 

Leslie Jas H, res, 1422 S 16th Main 1156-J 

Leslie J S, res, 1031 S 18th Main 3664-W 

Lesser Monroe G, res, 1401 llth av, s. . Main 4893 
Lessman Bros, groc, 4900 N 4th av..Wdlawn 115 

Lester B S Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1482 

Lester B S Dr, res, 1050 S 32nd Main 621 

Lester Geo H, res, 1111 Louise Main 4474 

Lester G W, res, 831 44th, n Wdlawn 119-W 

Lester H A, res, 518 N 21st Main 8214-J 

Lester & Fain, rl est, 2109 3rd av, n Main 6042 

Letaw David, res, 1104 S 28th Main 7811 

Letaw David (pay sta), 319 19th Main 9100 

Letaw Maurice, res, 1322 St Chas Main 6841 

Letaw- Wardlaw Cigar Co, 405^ N 20th. Main 1216 


City Hall bl Main 5610 

Lett M C, res, 2624 18th av, n Main 2273-J 

Devegood G M Jr, res, 167 N 51st.. Wdlawn 875-J 

Leven Jacob, res, 1328 Nolan av Main 9342-W 

Levert-George Rlty Co, rl est, B-M bl.-Main 1296 
Levert J Alfred, r, 2834 Hghld av. .. Main 3645 

Levie W M, res, RFD No 5 Wdlawn 8112 

Levin A, res, 1600 Av D Main 6803 

Levlne-Abelson Candy & Groc Co, 

2306 1st av Main 7953 

Levine J M, res, 3514 Cliff rd Main 3021-W 

Levine Meyer, res, 1406 S 17th Main 5609-J 

Levine S, res, 1524" S 19th Main 6208-W 

Levinge N B, res, 1204 18th av, s Main 253-J 

Levvy J P, res, 8157 Underwd av Wdlawn 1089-J 

Levy A, res, 1408 Louise Main 8636 

Levy Alex, res, 1129 12th av, n Main 9483 

Levy A S Dr, dent, B-M bl Main 611 

Levy Ben N, res, 1017 S 26th Main 5351 

Levy Harry Dr, ofc, Woodward bl Main 5840 

Levy Harry Dr, res, 1329 St Chas Main 4025 

Levy Herbert, ofc, 212 N 21st Main 49 

Levy Herbert, res, 1103 S 30th Main 920 

Levy L, res, 1216 S 15th Main 6160- W 

Levy Louis L, res, 1608 15th av, ■••..Main 5158 

Levy If, res, 2017 Juniper av Main 3879-W 

Levy Newton N, res. 2018 10th av, s...Maln 9084 

Levy Sig, res, 2804 Jeff av Main 7243 

Lewis Alice Mrs, res, 511 N 2.5th Main 7787 

Lewis A L, res, 1226 Cotton av W End 37 

Lewis C C, furn, 1712 3rd av Main 1763 

Lewis C C, res, 200 N Vine W End 209 

Lewis C E, res, 1209 S 15th Main 5819-J 

Lewis Dom, sea food, 2027% 3rd av, n..Maln 300 

Lewis D C, res, 723 Napoleon av W End 409-J 

Lewis D C, res, 1500 12th av, s Main 6419-J 

Lewis Dec Co, 6105 1st av Wdlawn 83 

Lewis E D, furn, 1823 2d av Bessmr 248 

Lewis E D, res, 1912 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 232 

Lewis E P, res, 1225 S 12th Main 2517-W 

Lewis F P Dr. res, 832 41st Main 8818-W 

Lewis G J, res, 209 44th Ensley 958-J 

Lewis G R, res, Orlean Apts Bessmr 1066 

Lewis H B Mrs, res, 4700 5th av Ensley 116-W 

Lewis H J Dr, res. 2400 19th av, n Main 7504 

Lewis H M Mrs, res, 2021 6th av, n...Maln 8214-W 

Lewis H P, res, 1022 N 12th Main 8304-J 

Lewis Ivey F, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1462 

Lewis Ivey F, r, 2210 Ridge Park av..Maln 1794-J 

Lewis Jannie, res, 4532 Ave A Main 7724 

Lewis Jno, res, 1819 11th av, s Main 4663-W 

Lewis J A, res, 3705 N 27th Main 6746 

Lewis Jas A Mrs, res, 5106 1st av... Wdlawn 301-W 

Lewis Jno B, res, 723 Tusca av W End 659-J 

Lewis J C, res, 2030 Drtmth av.... Bessmr 1142 

Lewis J E, res, 1884 16th av. s Main 5888-W 

Lewis J H Jr, res. 723 Tusca av....W End 659-J 
Lewis Jno J, upholstering, 2231 Av F..Maln 6947 





Lewis Jno O, res, 1418 N 36th Main 8689-J 

Lewis John T, r, 608 Princeton av..W End 710 

Lewis J W, res, 1609 10th av, s Main 1700-W 

Lewis Oscar W, r, 1627 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 1070 
Lewis-Read Drug Co. store, Rlty bl.. Bessmr 444 
Lewis-Read Drug Co.pres dep.Rlty bl. Bessmr 445 
Lewis Robt S Mrs, r, 1404 17th av, s..Maln 1871 
Lewis T K Dr, ofc, 1128% Tusc av..W End 346 

Lewis T K Dr, res, 802 Cotton av W End 5 

Lewis W B, res, 1429 Louise Main 5695 

Lewis W D Jr, res, 1508 S 16th Main 3975-W 

Lewis W E, res, 732 Parkway Dr Ensley 1245 

Lewis Wm E, res, 539 42nd Ensley 1210-J 

Lewis W G, groc, 6128 S 2d av Wdlawn 295 

Lewis W G, res, 6213 1st av Wdlawn 219-W 

Lewis Wm H, res, 1630 3d av Bessmr 123-W 

Lewis W M, res, Glenn Sprgs Bessmr 856 

Lewis W T Groc Co, 1312 N 24th Main 8176 

Libby, McNeill & Libby, B-M bl Main 7556 

Liberty Cleaning & Dyeing.2127 5th av.n.Maln 5520 

Liberty Overall Co, 2019 1st av, n Main 3043 

Liberty Storage Battery Co, 2106 Av B.Maln 6498 
Liberty The, dry clnrs, 2127 5th av, n..Maln 5520 

Liberty Tire Co, ofc, 612 S 21st Main 603 

Library Bureau, Jeff Co Bk bl.., Main 8405 

Licht Harry, res, Harli Crt Main 8629 

Licht Harry & Co, wh rdy-to-wr, 

2025 1st av Main 1728 

Lichtenstein H S, res, 3428 Willow av.Maln 4899 

Lichtman Chas, res, 2801 Martin av Main 4138 

Lichtman M & Co, clng & presg, 

5005 1st av Wdlawn 463 

Lichty C P, vapor htg, 2109 3rd av, n...Main 6042 

Lide Laura Miss, res, 417 Lucy av Main 3694-W 

Lide Land Co, Inc. ofc, Jeff Co Bk bh.Maln 109 
Lide Martin J, cons eng, Wdwrd bl-.Maln 736 
Lide Martin J, res, 1920 16th av, s....Maln 4559-J 
Lide R J Mrs, res, 1914 13th av. ...Main 4486-W 
Life Ins Co of Va.ofc.Jff Co Bk bl...Maln 4445 
Life & Casualty Ins Co of Tenn, ofc, 

Empire bl Main 5189 

L L Hulme, Empire bl Main 5189 

Lifsictz S, groc, 1601 7th av, n Main 4373 

Lige Loy, undertaker, 2210 N 3d av Main 769 

Liggett Louis K Co, drugs.1928 2d av.n.Maln 386 

Light J F, res, 3373 Highland av Main 6388 

Light N Mrs, res, 1529 15th av, s....Maln 7355-W 
Lightner D B, res, 2026 14th av, 8.... Main 8805 

Ligon F E Mrs, res, 2400 Av I Ensley 677-J 

Ligon Gro Co, 104 S 77th Wdlawn 1002 

Ligon Ottis Miss, r, 2517 7th av, n...Maln 7838 
Ligon Robt L Mrs, r, Vanderbilt rd. Wdlawn 857-J 

Likis Bros, pay sta, 100 N 19th Main 9149 

Likis K D (pay sta), 223 N 19th Main 9209 

Likis K D, res, 2309 8th av, n Main 6901-W 

Likos Mike, confec, 1901 8th av, n...Maln 4541 
Likoudis John, groc, 2531 8th av, n..Maln 9290 

Liles P W, res, 912 S 14th Main 9096 

Limmer H S, res, 3612 Av E Main 1999 

Linch Ida Mrs, res, 2814 Av E Ensley 1345-j 

Lincoln Reserve'Life Ins Co, Jff Co Bk. .Main 922 

Lind Carl, res, 6705 Georgia av Wdlawn 1442- W 

Lind C E, res, 2719 Ave E Ensley 877-J 

Linde Air Products Co, 10th av Main 5182 

Lindley Mae Mrs, res, Whitfield Apts.. Main 7941 
Lindsay Emma Mrs, r, 1118 N Walker. .Main 2463 

Lindsay H L, res, 2412 N 14th Main 8821-W 

Lindsay J E, res, 2430 18th Court Ensley 516 

Lindsay Wm L, tlr, 422 N 17th Main 6281 

Lindsay Wm M, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl....Main 7100 
Lindsay Wm M, res, 422 Sarah av..Maln 6019 
Lindsey Long Coal & Lbr Co.701 5th.. Ensley 48 

Lindsey L H, res, 3122 S Park Ensley 472-W 

Lindsey W B Mrs, res, 2140 16th av, s. .Main 6666 

Lindy Sol, res, 1016 S 28th Main 5134 ' 

Lineberger J L res, 2007 Humbolt av.Maln 2793-J 

Liner M Z, res, 237 N 49th Wdlawn 582-W 

Ling L E, res, 1431 6th av Bessmr 660-W 

ndlcates P. B. Exchange 



AiubuLnct Service fr! . I OQZ 




Office &\M>rks Ti ^ 4t*r *«*&** 

tairfieldaia. Ihe ^J&tffcglfrLompany^jijJ 

TCL ENSLEY 4oO W**^ ^*P^ 



Office, B-M bl Main 7580 

Linnehan P H, jeweler, 107 N 20th Main 94 

Linnehan P H, res, 1810 N 30th Main 6538 

Linstedt E W, res, 1127 N 31st Main 8563-J 

Lint W H, res, 2317 Av I Ensley 1041 

Linthicum RE, r, 1230 Niazuma av...Maln 6398 

Linwood Drug Co, 1901 Ave E Ensley 23 

Linx Marc, clothing, ,1911 1st av, n...Main 4833 

Linx Marc, res, 1727 S 21st Main 5918-J 

Lipscomb Andy, res, 1706 Berkley av. Bessmr 982-J 

Lipscomb Cycle Co, 110 19th Bessmr 340 

Lipscomb Drug Co, p s, Lipscomb. . Bessmr 9150 

Lipscomb E O, res, 816 50th.. Wdlawn 789 

Lipscomb H p Mrs,r,1530 Drtmth av. Bessmr 719-J 

Lipscomb J A, atty, Realty bl Bessmr 238 

Lipscomb J A, res, 1723 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 1045 

Lipscomb J M, res, 1421 17th av, s Main 8052-J 

Lipscomb L Y, r, 1800 Arlington av.. Bessmr 760-J 

Lipsitz A, res, 2225 Arlington av Main 5720- J 

Liquid Carbonic Co, ofc, Morris av Main 5645 

Little Black Warrior Coal Co, ofc, 

Am Tr bl Main 5774 

Little C T, res, 1716 19th Bessmr 666-J 

Little Effie Miss, res, 919 S 18th Main 6783 

Little E A, furn, 2013 2nd av Bessmr 345 

Little E A, res, 1717 3rd av Bessmr 847 

Little E F, res, 801 Georgia av Main 6685 

Little Gem Cafe, 221 N 19th Main 6179 

Little John, res, 3901 6th av, s Main 8608-J 

Little J A, res, 1710 4th av Bessmr 828-W 

Little Jas E, res, 512 Highpoint Wdlawn 123-W 

Little J L, res, 405 3d Ensley 587-J 

Little Jack M, res, Newport Apts Main 6298 

Little J O. res, 2914 Juniper av Main 2087-J 

Little J W, res, 1007 S 12th Main 95 

Little M Mrs, res, 2620 30th av Main 6307-J 

Little W B^. res, 606 Cotton av W End 115-J 

Littleton C M, res, 1405 N 19th Bessmr 609-W 

Litton D S, res,' 1008 N 26th Main 4293 

Lively E A, res, 206 N Elyton W End 187-W 

Lively Mattie Mrs, res, 6208 2nd av. Wdlawn 422-J 

Lively M S, res, 2605 19th av Ensley 1373-J 

Lively M S Mrs, r, 1812 7th av, n Main 4503-J 

Livewire-Battery Service Co. 2116 Av C.Main 1130 

Livingston C B, res, 1009 5th av Bessmr 976 

Livingston James A Dr, ofc, Empire bl. . Main 493 
Livingston Jas A Dr, 

Res, 1029 Glen Iris av Main 3052-J 

Lloyd Clarence, res, 1812 Ave I Main 1445 

Lloyd C H, res, 2305 Hawthorne av.. Ensley 200-J 

Lloyd J F, res, 317 Porter av Main 7598-J 

Lloyd W C, Postal Tel Co, B-M bl Main 1031 

Lloyd W C, res, 2031 Quinlan av Main 6678 

Lobue Alfonzo, res, 2601 7th av, n Main 6131-W 

Locascio Sam, res, 818 S 13th Mairf 7957-J 

Lochridge W E, res, 116 Green.. ~W End 754-J 

Locke Chas O, ofc, 212 N 21st Main 49 

Locke Chas O, res, 2300 Highland av..Main 307 
Locke Hugh A, res, 1430 16th av, s....Main 5440 

Locke L R. res, Terrace Crt Main 2369 

Lockett J B, res, 1004 Mildred Ensley 1287 

Lockett W H, res, 1100 Hall av Bessmr 850-W 

Lockhart H A, res, Central Park. ... Ensley 368-W 
Lockhart Ida Mrs, res, 1620 7th av, n..Maln 9351-J 

Lockhart Laymon, res, 714 S isth Main 8044-W 

Lockwood L L, atty, 333% 19th. ... Bessmr 453 

Loeb Leo, res, 1018 S 32nd Main 2095 

Loeb Leopold, res, Warsaw Main 2194 

Loews Bijou Theatre (p s), 3rd av....Maln 9120 

Loftin E N, res, 121 Oak W End 172-J 

Loftln J C, res, 516 Tusca av W End 109-J 

Logan Jos A, res, 1704 Jeff av Ensley 738-W 

Logan J R, res, 3702 Ave D Main 7429-J 

Logan & White.attys.lst Nat Bk bl Main 8978 

Lokey Chas W Dr, dentist, Emp bl Main 5962 

Lokey Chas W Dr, res, 4342 Cliff rd..Maln 6820-J 

Sheetrock MajniSflo Wittichen 

Wall Board Made of Rock— Not Wood. 


Ambulanct S«ivk6 fl. I OQZ 



Lokey Geo Mrs, res, 700 IW 20th Main 7054-W 

Lokey Sam A, res, 1516 N 30th Main 4531-W 

Lollar Frank L, res, 1108 4th Crt, w. ; W End 457 

Lollar's Kodak Parlor, Lyric bl Main 8624 

Lombardo Phillip, res, 415 S 25th Main 5491-J 

London Alex T Mrs, r, 204 Hgld a v.. Main 1083 

London Dot, res, 2201 Ave F Ensley 875-J 

London John, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 930 

London John, res, 1031 S 21st Main 582 

London Woolen Mills, tlr, 402 N 26th.. Main 1217 
London-Yancey & Brower, • 

attys, 1st Nat Bk Main 930 

Long A G, jeweler, 606 19th Ensley 1380 

Long A R, res, 2520 15th av, 8.. .....Main 9344-J 

Long D J Dr, res, 643 44th Ensley 1230-J 

Long Distance Spark Plug Co, 

Ofc, 2616 2nd av, n Main 1399 

Long E S, res, 2621 34th av, n.. # ...Maln 1702-J 
Long Edgar T Jr, res, Fitzgerald Apts.. Main 4663- J 

Long F B Mrs, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 452-W 

Long-Huffstutler Furn Co, 2831 N 27th. Main 7785 
Long John H Mrs, res, 828 Woodld av, s.Main 2903 

Long J W, res, 301 Earle av Main 6193-W 


2014 2d av Bessmr 

Auto dept Bessmr 

2014 2d av, Bessmr Main 

N Long L J, groc, 407 27th Bessmr 

Long Osie, res, 608 N 15th Main 6842- J 

Long Sidney, res, 1209 Beech Main 2948-W 

Long T B, res, 1603 S 13th Main 3809- W 

Long V, res, 2112 Av F Ensley 786 

Long V W Lbr Co, ofc, Amer Trust Main 3817 

Long W J, res, 1812 Carolina av Bessmr 646 

Longhurst G R, res, 2019 6th av, n Main 8121-W 

Longview Lime Works, Am Trust Main 3686 

Lonto's Cafe, 120 N ;20th Main 3527 

Loo Charles, res, 2002 2nd av Bessmr 1134 

Loomis Suffern & Fernald, 1st N B bl.-Main 930 

Looney D S, res, 436 Berry w End 352-W 

Looney Matt, res, 1435 S 18th Main 3149-J 

Looney & Arnold,groc,1902 Hntsvle av..Maln 8289 
Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co, ofc, 1501 1st av.Maln 4284 

Lopez W H, res, 4725^ 1st av Wdlawn 202- W 

Lopez W S, res, 1311 2nd av W End 949-W 

Loranz C P, res, 1111 1st av W End 305-J 

Lorino E, groc (p s), 2023 Ens av... Ensley 9175 

Lother E J, res, 1816 6th av, n Main 2213 

Lother Julia Mrs, res, 1117 N 19th Main 5677 

Lotspeich Lillian Miss, r, 1603 Phelan.Main 5927-W 

Lott H S, res, 2109 Sth av, n Main 9547 

Lott R L, res, 1329 N 17th Main 3731 

Loughran Elizabeth Miss, res, 

Pilchard Sta Wdlawn 

Louisville & Nashville R R Co, 

City tkt ofc, 2010 1st av Main 7572 

Claim agt, 1909*4 Morris av Main 

Claim Agt. Frgt Sta Main 

Information bureau, Pass Sta Main 



Ticket agt, Pass Sta Main 8100 

Freight agt, 20th Main 7443 

Chf clrk, Frt Sta Main 7737 

Cashier, Frt Sta Main 745 

Trace elk, Frt Sta Main 905 

Depot master, Frt Sta Main 7416 

Delivery elk, Frt Sta Main 3310 

Freight agt, Boyles Main 6081 

Freight agt, N B'ham Main 4435 

Frt & pass agt Bessmr 43 

Frt agt, Ensley Ensley 11 

Frt agt, Thomas Ensley 349 

Frt agt, Wdlawn Wdlawn 59 

Div frt apt. 1901 Morris av Main 7442 

Div frt apt. 1901 Morris av Main 825 

Dist pass agt, L & N Depot Main 5813 

Inspector Police, L & N Sta Main 1303 

Supt, 1909 Morris av Main 7409 

Asst supt m w, 1909 Morris av Main 3540 

Asst supt trans. 1909 Morris av Main 7444 

• • 

Main 223 

Electrical *»*»** 










nonie* Main 285 

va 11 Main 134 
V a 1 1 O £nsleyl477 


Louisville & Nashville R R Co. — Contd. 

Trainmaster- terminals, Boyles Main 242 

Chief dispatcher, 1909 Morris av Main 7453 

Gen yd ofc, Boyles Main 7077 

Yd ofc, 18th Main 7440 

Master mech, Boyles Main 661 

Round house, Boyles Main 1605 

Bessmr shop, 21st Bessmr 141 

Yd ofc, 8th av Bessmr 55 

Bay station Main 9137 

Louricella Frank, res, 630 8th av, n Main 7933-W 

Lourie H S, res, 2421 N 13th Main 8907 

Love Bros Furn Co, 

4310 7th av, Wylam Ensley 370-J 

Love Ed, res. 313 S 15th Main 3446-W 

Love E, res, 4604 1st av Wdlawn 511 

Love F E Mrs, res, 304 N 51st Wdlawn 155-J 

Love I T, res, 4?13 8th av Ensley 1355-J 

Love J J, res, 2422 29th av, n Main 1256-W 

T J ove J L, res, 820 Telulah W End 521-W 

±uO\e Jas R, res, 3308 Ave E Ensley 611-J 

Love John W, res, 4107 8th av Ensley 86-J 

Love M C, res, 1102 S 13th Main 7837 

Love W J Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1708 

Love W J Dr, res, 1318 N 26th Main 4821-W 

Lovejoy G M, res, Glen Iris Park Main 2402-J 

Lovejoy II A. res, 1112 S 19th Main 1752 

Lovelace A B, res, 1515 10th av, s Main 1923 

Lovelady R F Dr, res, 220 S 61st Wdlawn 46S 

Lovelass Bob, res, No 8 Mines Ensley 

Loveless I C, res, 121 Cedar Wdlawn 

Loveless J W, res, R F D 5 Wdlawn 8503 

Loveless W T, res, 414 Owen av.... Bessmr 161-J 

Lovell N C, res, 8021 6th av, n Wdlawn 835-W 

Lovell W S, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 5551 

Lovell W S, res, 2207 Ridge Park av...Main 823 
Loveman A B Mrs. res, Fairview av...Main 2810 

212 19th Main 4700 

Loveman Jos H, res, Fairview Cir Main 1193 

Loveman Morris, atty, 1st Nat Bk Main 675 

Loveman Morris, res, 1503 Beech Main 7854-W 

Loveman & Burt Cotton Co, Am Tr bl.Main 3691 

Night & Sunday calls Main 5832 

Lovett Arthur A, res, 1913 Av I Ensley 842-W 

Lovett E C, res, 3119^ 13th av, n Main 5763-W 

Lovett Mary E Miss,r,2019 Arlngtn. . Bessmr 716-J 

Lovette C M, res, 924% S 15th Main 3463-J 

Lovingood E, res, 2145 Yew av Ensley 398-J 

Lovoy Joe, res, Collegeville; Main 8754-J 

Lovoy Natale, res, 2805 N 16th Main 8821-J 

Lovoy Tony, res, 1510 19th Ensley 1415 

Lovoy Tire Vulcanizing Shop,104 S 20th. Main 8385 

Lowe Bessie Mrs, res, 1229 N 20th Main 8565-J 

Lowe Jesse W, res, 1603 4th av, n Main 9457-J 

Lowe L O, res, 1718 5th av Bessmr 977-W 

Lowenthal H, res, 1523% 11th av, s Main 8432-J 

Lower Joseph M, r, 832 Hillside Dr Ensley 1470-J 

Lowery G \V, res, 2729 12th av Bessmr 782-W 

Lowery J E, res, 1512 7th av Bessmr 

Lowery Sam, res, 56 Hghld av Ensley 

Lowman C J, res, 407 Princeton av..W End 
Lowrey Furniture & Fixture Co, 

200S 3rd av, n.. v Main 3115 

Lowrey J G Rev, res, 2501 33d av Main 7254-J 

Lowry J T Judge, r, 1733 Jeffrsn av.. Ensley 976 

Lowry S R Mrs, res, 1620 10th av, s Main 7552-W 

Loy Lige, undertaker, 2210 N 3d av..Main 769 
Loy Lige, undertaker, 2210 N 3d av..Main 4862 

Loy Lige. res, 1323 11th av, s Main 20 

Loyd W U, res, 104 S Almond W End 561 

Lucas A S, res, 920 S 17th Main 7906-W 

Lucas J E, res, 926 S 13th Main 4838 

Luckie J B Mrs, res, 920 S 13th Main 7614-W 

Luckie W F Mrs, res, 5503 4th av, s. Wdlawn 684-W 

Ludwig C J, res, 6308 1st av Wdlawn 118-W 

Luff man Mary A Mrs, r, 223 N 49th. Wdlawn 935-J 

Lull Cabot Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 5300 

Lull Cabot Dr. res. 2535 Aberdeen rd..Maln 8430-J 



AmSulanc* Servbe R.IuUc 

-^-Indicates P. B. Exchan 

#jj\CUDDEN s 


Lum Geo E, res, 1923 16th av, s Main 756 

Lumbermen's Traffic Assn, Wdward bl.Main 8950 

Lumpkin S C, res, 8022 Ave H Ensley 938-W 

Lundgren Chas G, C3, 2430 5th av, n..Main 6395-W 

Lundstrom Chas Gr, res, 413 Burk W End 719-J 

Lupton Frank A Dr, ofc, Wdwrd bl Main 1930 

Lupton F .'_ Dr res, 2105 15th av, s..Main 1914 
Luquire B W, auto uphlstg, 512 S 20th. Main 1517 

Luquire W H, res, 831 Alois av W End 107-W 

Luquire W H, res, 1214 N 26th Main 5295 

Lusco D, res, Montgomery av Main 4981 

Luther Florist, 511 20th Ensley 932 

Luther M A Mrs, res, 2608 18th Crt. . Ensley 1063-W 

Lutheran Pastor's Res, 3914 Av D Main 5529-W 

Luttrell E M, res, 307 Alma av Ensley 244 

Lutz J M, res, Newport Apts Main 8242- J 

Lutz T V, res, 505 Emma av Main 3409-J 

Lyde Reynolds, res, 1303 N 29th Main 4844-J 

Lyle C C, res, 629 Parkrow Wdlawn 518-W 

Lyle H C, res, 37 Depot Wdlawn 756-J 

Lyle H L, res, 607 Cotton av W End 586-W 

Lyle J A, res, 1407 Cullom Main 6808-W 

Lyle J Russelle, res, 1731 llth av, s..Main 6755 

Lyle T M, res, 2801 22nd av Ensley 354 

Lyles G W Mrs, res, 421 Emma av Main 9581-J 

Lyman H D, res, 1130 N 23d Main 4923 

Lynagh Jas T, res, 710 1st av W End 38-J 

Lynch F M, jeweler, 205 N 20th Main 2022 

Lynch F M, res, 3719 Cliff rd Main 3819-J 

Lynch Hugh, res, 2002 Trilby av Ensley 439-W 

Lynch J C Mrs, res, 2811 12th av, n Main 2403-J 

Lynch J E, res, 629 Summit av Wdlawn 727-J 

Lynch Walter, res, Rising Sta W End 154- W 

Lynch W J, res, 916 S 20th Main 9082 

Lynn C O, res, R F D 2 Wdlawn 8504 

Lvnn W H, res, 1014 John Main 1301-J 

Lynn W R, res, 114 S 60th Wdlawn 341-W 

Lyon C A, res, 507 Ash Ensley 1203 

Lyon Harry, res, 1834 14th av, n....Maln 2714-J 

Lyon M A Mrs, res, 406 N 47th Wdlawn 310 

Lyons Annie Mrs, res, 2209 Birch av. Ensley 1467 

Lyons C L, res, 1305 Allen Main 5859-J 

Lyons D L, res, 100 Raimond Mines. . Bessmr 715-W 

Lyons Geo J, res, 7921 1st av, s Wdlawn 16 

Lyons T J, res, 1100 Glen Iris av Main 6014-J 

Lyric Billiard Parlor, pay sta, Lyric bl.Main 9131 

Lyric Confectionery, 1804 3rd av, n Main 901 

Lyric Theatre, 1800 3rd av Main 718 

Lytle Burt Mrs, r, 1608 Clarendon av. Bessmr 605-J 
Lytle Guy F, res, 106 N 52nd Wdlawn 172-W 


M & A Cash Store, groc, 2003 Av E.. Ensley 139 

Maass Gustav. res, 1320 10th av, s Main 8661 

Mabee C D Mrs, res, 730 N 17th Main 982 

Maben J C Jr, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 6461 

Maben J C Jr, res, 2506 Linden Main 877 

Mabry Belle Mrs, res, 2716 Pine av...Main 67D8-W 
Mabry Bros, clothing, 1719 4th av, n..Main 8873 

Mabry Co, selling agts, Cham Com Main 4202 

Mabry Geo O, rl est, Farley bl Main 2672 

Mabry Geo O, res, 1321 16th av s Main 7694-W 

Mabry W R, ofc, Cham of Com Main 4202 

Mabrv W R, res, 1225 Va av Main 6393 

Mabry & Clark, rl est, Farley bl Main 2572 

Mabson's Hotel, 2200 3rd av. n Main 8216 

Pay station, 3rd av Main 9247 

Macatee Geo, res, 1017 S 28th Main 9319- W 

Maccabees The, Empire bl Main 1383 

Macher Barbara Mrs. r. 1217 Magnolia. Main 1767 

Machinists' Union, 1920^ 4th av, n Main 3385 

Mack Truck Sales Co, 206 S 21st Main 5164 

Mackay Edward G, res, 510 Parkway. Ensley 1331-J 

Macke Frederick G,r,2104 Rose av,s Main 2234-W 

Macke Marble & Granite Wks, ofc & wks, 

2125 3d av Main 5463 

Macke Real Estate & Ins Co, 

2119M; 1st av Main 21 * 

. .~._ ■ ^«* AUTO AMBULANCE fM' n 7*0 

i \cv i nv service 

LIU Li LU I Funeral Director Main 4862 

ndicates P. B. Exchange 


Gilchrist-Tarrant B£ £ 

Main 469 

MacKenzie Jas, res, Margaret Apts.... Main 1829 
Mackenzie Louis, r, 2430 Ensley av.. Ensley 293-J 

Mackey A B, res, 721 Tusc av W End 474 

Mackey I L, undtkr, 2523 29th av, n. ..Main 7220 
Mackey Jewell Miss,r,5824 3rd av,n. Wdlawn 971 

Mackey L K, res, Levert Apts Main 9326 

Mackey OS, res, 1025 S 19th Main 5433 

Mackey T G & Sons, cloth,18lo Av E.. Ensley 945 


704 S 18th, 

Order Department Main 252 

Order Department Main 145 

Order Department Main 79 

Office Main 625 

Mackln Jas Mrs, res, 1614 13th av, s Main 2046 

Mackin T Mrs, res, 918 S 18th Main 7417 

Maclin R B Dr, res, 2809 29th av Main 3736-W 

Macomber & Whyte Rope Co, 

Ofc, 1720 Av B Main 1803 

MacQueen G E, res, 3010 16th av, n Main 631-J 

MacSporran Jno A C Bk bl.Main 6047 
MacSporran Jno A Rev,r,2810 Rhds Cir. Main 4341-W 
Madden M Mrs, res, 222 S Hawkins.. W End 212-J 

Maddox A D, res, Grand Hotel Bessmr 1130-J 

Maddox D, res, 6701 Walker av Wdlawn 744-R 

Maddox G W, res, 290S Av F Ensley 594-W 

Maddox J A, res, 430 1st av Wdlawn 342-W 

Mader G L, res, 2323 Av E Ensley 509-W 

Madison Pharmacy Co, Inc, 700 S" 20th.. Main 7103 
Madison Pharmacy Co, p s, 700 S 20th. Main 9255 

Madison W T, res, 2612 Ensley av Ensley 158-J 

Madonia Pete, res, 2231 Av H Main 3940 

Madry J G, res, 1115 N 31st Main 6873 

Maggio Jos, res, 619 S 21st Main 4280- W 

Magic City Broom "Wks, fy,2522 av,n..M?ln 438 
Magic City Cornice & Rfg Co. 1712 1 av.Main 7405 

Magic City Cotton Oil Co, E B'ham Main 614 

Magill R N, res, 1414 St Chas Main 2326-J 


930 S 23rd Main 8054 

Magnolia Point Groc Co, 928 S 23d.... Main 1224 

Magnus M M, res, Newport Apts Main 423-J 

Magro Chas, res, 4800 2nd av, s.... Wdlawn 397 
Magruder Thos V Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 2826 
Magruder T V Dr, res, 1437 Milner. . . . Main 2035-J 

Mahaley J M, res, 500 Av E Main 5131 

Mahan John W, res, 208 1st av Main 5530-J 

Mahan P W Mrs, res, 2000 Av D.... Ensley 1087 

Main David, res, 1820 Av I Main 1506-W 

Majestic Theatre, 1808 3rd av, n Main 8329 

Major E E, res, 600 College Main 5545 

Major J G, res, Graham Apts Main 7229-W 

Major M H, res, 1215 N 20th Main 5975- J 

Major R S, res, 930 Georgia Main 6788-J 

Makin W H, res, 3504 Norwood Blvd.. Main 4922 
Makin W II & Co, grain, 2417 Mors av.Main 8103 

Makris Geo M, res, 129 S 77th Wdlawn 1210 

Makris Geo M, res, 100 Spring Main 1934 

Malcolm C P, res, 2325 10th Crt Ensley 1222 

Malcolm J B, res, 5400 llth av, n... Wdlawn 426-W 

Malik J, res, 2400 1st av Main 5836 

Malkove M, res, 1500 llth av, n Main 2548- J 

Mallam Sara Miss, res, Ridgely Apts.. Main 1328 

Mallock Ed E, res, 1S69 Pike av Ensley 598-W 

Mallock Fred Mrs, res, 3001 19th av.. Ensley 205-J 
Mallock James Mrs, res, 1806 29th. ... Ensley 227-W 

Mallory W S, groc, 5317 1st av Wdlawn 460 

Malone Henry C, res, 514 Joseph Main 5756- W 

Malone II C Sr. res, 926 Mortimer Main 3804-W 

Malone Joseph A Rev, r, Pratt City.. Ensley 490 
Malone J D Mrs, res, 1413 4th av.... Bessmr 1127 

Malone J M Mrs, res, 930 Adams Main 763- J 

Malone O W, res, 7622 2nd av, n Wdlawn 638 

Malone Rl Est & Investment Co. B-M bl.Main 9488 
Malone Sarah E Mrs, res, 1402 N 26th.. Main 4821-J 

Malone W N, rl est, B-M bl Main 9488 

Malone W N, res, 935 S 20th Main 1259 

Main 223 

Electrical ****** 



Ambulanct Service fl. I 002 

Malone W S Dr, dent, 1st Nat Bk bl...Maln 6036 

Malone W S Dr, res, 7412 2nd av, n. .Wdlawn 1489 

Maloney D W, res, 717 N 18th Main 1809-J 

Malony H N, res, 1618 llth av, ■...Main 5862 

Malony's Barber Shop, 2009 2d av, n...Main 2414 

Malpeli J J, groc, 2701 34th av Main 7325 

Manasco D E, ofc, B-M bl Main 2313 

Manasco D E, res, 7911 Unvrsty av. Wdlawn 212-J 

Mancin Helen Miss, res, 1020 S 15th.. Main 6343-W 

Mancin J A Jr, res, 400 St Chas W End 225 

Mancin Louis, res, 1911 Av I Ensley 859-J 

Mandy E C, res, 2012 Av H Ensley 192 

Manfre Frank, res, 530 20th Bessmr 734-W 

Manfredo C Mrs, res, 1918 Park av Main 797-J 

Mangrum W E. res, 17.31 15th av, n..Main 9390-W 

Mangum T L, res, 727 Princeton av..W End 925-J 

Mangum Z H, res, 153 Davis Wdlawn 613 

Manhattan Life Ins Co, ofc, Am Tr bL.Main 8884 


2017 4lh av, n Main 3233 

Mankin H P, res, 1123 N 13th Main 2544-J 

Manly B, res, 3405 Highland av Main 4822-J 

Manly C F, res, 1111 N 31st Main 4599 

Manly R F & Co, rl est, 1927 1st av..Main 700 

Manly W H, res, 1120 N 25th Main 5528 

Manly W R, res, 418 St Chas av W End 798-J 

Mann Bros, tire accessrs, 223 S 21st Main 1422 

Mann Elizabeth Miss,r,1803 Mrshl av.n.Main 4697 

Mann E D, res, 2529 N 32nd Main 8490-J 

Mann Felton, res, 1100 N 29th Main 2119-J 

Mann J H, res, 2208 35th av, n Main 6078 

Mann J M. res, 214 N 4Sth Wdlawn 411 

Mann S H Dr, phys, A very t bl Ensley 49 

Mann S H Dr, res, 1535 Terrell Blvd.. Ensley 827 

Manning F J, res, 816 Tusc av W End 44-J 

Manson Dennis, res, 715 N 19th Main 4953 

Mantines George, r, 5143 1st av, n.. Wdlawn 444-J 

Mantoux L J, res, 1017 Elm, s Main 941\5 

Mfrs Selling Agcy, B-M bl Main 8018 

Manzella Joe, res, 414 S 20th Bessmr 505-W 

Manzella Philip, gro, 911 18th Bessmr 776 

Marable G D, res, 1100 Tusc av W End 65-W 

Mai bury D II, res, 2320 Arlington av..Maln 4434 
Marbury Lumber Co.ofc.Jff Co Bk bL.Main 1472 

Marbut W R. res. \<ic> Bth av Bessmr 1094 

Marchal G J, res, 100S S lfith Main 7358-J 

Marchman C O, res, 122 Halstead. . .Wdlawn 1165-J 

Marcrum H L, res, 2516 Av C Ensley 428-J 

Marcrum Katherine Miss, res, 

2510 19th av, n Main 7567 

Maicrum M A Jr. res, 2417 31st av....Main 3695 
Marcus Roman, clng & prsg, 

1326 Glen Iris av Main 8171 

Mareno G C, groc. 212* 1st av Bessmr 889 

Margaret Coal & Sales Co, ofc, B-M bL.Main 7227 
Maril George, res, Roebuck Springs. Wdlawn 1213-W 
Marinello Parlor, 192H& 3rd av, n Main 6945 

1921»4 3rd av, n Main 6946 

Marino (\ ladies* tlr, Lyric bl Main 5087 

Marino C, res, 1423 10th av, s Main 4527-J 

Marino L. res, 3315 32nd av, n Main 8979-J 

Marino Mercantile & Coal <'o. 

3027 29th av, n Main 8851 

Markcll C F Mrs. res, Songomere. . . W End 291-J 

Marks Chas P, res, Milner Hts Main 1379 

Marks Jno S Mrs, res, l c 30 llth av, s..Main 3211 

Marks L, res. 1212 Ave H Main 4299-J 

Marks M E Mrs, res, 1012 4th av Bessmr 763 

Markstein Bros, millinery, 2105 1st av..Maln 1268 
Markstein D II Mrs, res, 1117 S 20th..Maln 629 

Markstein D Y, res, Crescent Crt Main 2479-W 

Marler J E, res, 916 S 18th Main 2240 

Marlowe M, res, 1109 N llth Main 5879 

Marques R L. res, 1506 N 31st Main 196 

Marree & Azbik, groc, 2235 Ave F....Main 8886 

Marriner W M, contr, 21S'/ 2 N 21st Main 4085 

Marriner W M, res, 1132 S Louise Main 7718-W 

Marsh G H Mrs, res, 1511 12th av, s...Main 4139 


ttck- Williamson Furnaces, 1905 Ave. B—Tel 19$ 



♦indicates P. B. Exchan 














service twain io» 
Funeral Director Main 4862 

Marsh Halbert G, ofc, 312 N 24th" Main 

Marsh J M, masseur, Am Tr bl Main 

Marshall E B Mrs, res, 2017 15th av, n.Maln 
Marshall Henry, res, 1408 N Center.. Main 
Marshall-Jordan & Keith, 

whol prod, 2021 Morris av Main 

Marshall K G, res, 2505 12th av, n Main 

Marshall Lloyd T, res, 2218 7th av, n...Main 
Marshall Munro, res, 2013 Ensley av.. Ensley 
Marshall It M, res. 2163 Highland av..Main 
Marshall Virgil E Mrs, r, 1317 S 16th.. Main 
Marsteller O A, res, 2505 Ensley av.. Ensley 
Martha Washington Candy Co, pay sta, 

307 N 20th Main 

Martin Biscuit Co, 2423 1st av Main 

Martin C E, res. 13M N 36th Main 

Martin C J Mrs, res, 2315 Av F Ensley 

Martin C J, res, 419 St Chas av W End 

Martin Calvin J, res, 1119 N 34th Main 

Martin C L, res, 3821 9th av Ensley 

Martin Dan S, res, 1415 Whittaker Main 

Martin Ed B, res, 1630 S 12th Main 

E L, res, 2714 10th av, s Main 

Furniture Co, 1920-22 3d av..Bessmr 

Mrs. res, Jonesboro Bessmr 

502 Owen av Bessmr 


G W, res, 

G W, res, Mt Pinson Wdlawn 

Hugh, res, 1900 14th av, s Main 

II C, res, 1525 11th av, s Main 

Henry J, res, 4003 Av C Main 

H L Dr, res, 4415 5th av, s Main 

H P, res, 1704 14th av, n Main 

Isom, res, soo N 49th Wdlawn 

Martin Investment Co, 

Main ofc. 1922 3rd av Bessmr 

Farm, R F D No 2 Bessmr 

Martin I D, res, 900 Hibernia av, P C. Ensley 

Jim, res, 222 S 20th Main 

J A, res, 3140 Norwood Blvd.. Main 

Jas A, res, 4308 Cliff rd Main 

J D, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 

John E, res, 505 N 17th Main 

Jno M, res, 2029 13th av, s Main 

Martin Judson It Rev. r. 1032 Hayes avEnsley 

Martin Jas T, res, RFDNol Bessmr 

J W, res, 1900 Ave E Main 

Lugene, res, 1403 Ave G Main 

Mason, r, 3<H<> Norwood Blvd. Main 

Mason, res, 2915 N 27th Main 

II D, res, Pinson Wdlawn 

Oscar, res, 1429 Carolina av. . Bessmr 

Martin Paul, res, 3639 Av 1) Ensley 

Martin P D, res. 6700 Undrwood av. .Wdlawn 

Martin P M, res, 4800 1st av Wdlawn 

Martin Robt H. res, Irondale Wdlawn 

Martin Robt K, drugs, 408 19th Ensley 

Robt K, res, 2113 Ave I Ensley 

T N, res, 1816 N, 8th av Main 

T R, ofc, BM bl Main 

T R, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Thos W, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Thos W, res, Richmond Apts... Main 
Wade A Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl. . Main 
Wade A Dr, res, Ridgely Apts..Maln 

W D, groc, Parker Spgs Bessmr 

W D, res, Wilkes Sta Bessmr 

W E, res, 1518 13th av, n Main 

Walter F, res. 3414 Willow av..Main 

W G, res, 1629 10th av, s Main 

W L, res, RFDNo2 Bessmr 

W M, res, Terrace Ct Main 

Martin W S, res, 201 Av F W End 

Martin & Gladney, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Martins Pharmacy, 5003 1st av. ...Wdlawn 

Pay sta Wdlawn 

Marty F, res, 2301 17th Ensley 

Marvel City Garage, 1814 3rd av Bessmr 

Marvin Maud Mrs, res, 1716 S 12th av..Maln 




47 13- J 








204- J 












Ambulance Service ffj.lUUZ 





Icates P. B. Exchange 


Marx B M Brokerage Co, Am Tr bl Main 6480 

Marx Carrie Mrs, res, 2818% Jnpr av.Maln 7964 

Marx L J Mrs, res, 1717 10th av, s Main 3162-W 

Marx V Hugo, res, 2615 Highland av..Maln 8346 

Marx & Co, bankers, B-M bl Main 751 

Maryland Coal & Coke Co, ofc, B-M bl.Maln 7675 

Masberg Arnold, res, 1404 N 30th Main 8086 

Masberg Arnold Drug Co, 

Store No 1, 400 N 20th Main 6011 

Store No 1, 400 N 20th Main 7389 

Store No 2, 330 N 18th Main 4997 

Store No 2, pay sta, 330 N 18th... Main 9248 
Mashburn Homer F, res, 4114 Av E..Main 8883 
Mason A E Mrs, r, 7916 Cdwell av.. Wdlawn 1040-W 

Mason C E, res, 3026 Mtn av Main 4925-W 

Mason C Van, res, 1301 11th av, s Main 4952 

Mason D Mrs, res, 316% N 18th Main 2776 

Mason E M Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8993 

Mason E M Dr, res, 3802 Cliff rd Main 4185 

Mason J L, res, 205 S 60th Wdlawn 642-J 

Mason J M Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8993 

Mason J M Dr, res, 1£15 Ave P Main 419 

Mason J W E, res.^N B'ham, Starr R..Main 7167-J 

Mason Lillian, res, 623 Weaver Main 8220-W 

Mason L L, res, 1401 N llth Main 4059-W 

Mason U G Dr, ofc, 310 N 18th Main 2 

Mason U G Dr, res, 1525 7th av Main 477 

Mason W, res, Highland av Main 2101 

Mason & Crockett.slsmen.Wdward bl-.Maln 570 


Plumbing & Heating, 2019 4th av..Maln 3065 
Mason & Mason Drs, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl.Maln 8993 
Masonic Mutual Life Ins Co.ofc.Am T bl.Maln 4169 

Masonic Temple, ofc, 6th av Main 4039 

Masonic Temple, fratrnl, 2300% Av E. Ensley 363 

Masonic* Temple, 108% 19th Bessmr 726 

Masonic Temple, Scottish Rite, 

Sec, Masonic Temple bl Main 4726 

Massachusetts Mut Life Ins Co, B-M bl.Maln 5531 

Massengale G A, res, 4212 Holly Ensley 1165-W 

Massey Albert Rev, res, 3914 Av D Main 5529-W 

Massey A J Jr, res, 123 N 60th Wdlawn 103-W 

Massey Bus College, 2024% 3d av Main 512 

President's priv ofc, 2024% 3d av Main 512 

Massey Chas E, res, 1309 Allen Main 6336 

Massey D L Dr, dentist, 1st Nat Bk Main 305 

Massey F E, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 407- M 

Massey H W, res, 1809 Dartmth av.. Bessmr 409-W 

Massey J L, res, 1507 10th av, s Main 3072-J 

Massey L W, rts, 517 S 20th Bessmr 429-J 

Massey Richard W, res, 1401 Beach Main 8566 

Massey S C, r, 1628 Hallbrook av.. Bessmr 584-W 

Massey W A Dr, dent, 1st N B bl Main 167 

Masters C L. res, 24 is Av F Ensley 94-J 

Masters R B, res, 1414 2nd av W End 436-W 

Masterson S E Mrs, res, 719 N 23rd.. Main 2270-J 

Matchett W C, res, 3230 Cliff rd Main 6876 

Matherson P T Rev, res, 101 2d av.. Ensley 265-W 
Matherson P T Rev, res, 917 22nd ... Bessmr 570-J 

Mathews Jno, res, 1105 N 28th Main 3608-W 

Mathews L L, res, 1204 2nd av W End 143-J 

Mathias W G, res, 2900 Pawnee av Main 6602 

Mathison Chas, res, 1217 N 31st Main 360 

Matlock J D, res, f461 Pike av Ensley 517 

Matlock J E, res, 605 N 21st Main 5816 

Mattel Frank, res, 908 S 19th Main 4246 

Mattheus H E, r, 2438 Hawthorn av.. Ensley 341-J 

Matthews C R, res, 1128 S 14th Main 8938 

Matthews C W, res, 5700 2nd av, n. Wdlawn 1286 

Matthews Ernest, atty, Farley bl Main 1434 

Matthews E E, res, 4805 2d av Wdlawn 388 

Matthews E H, res, 1419 30th Ensley 178-W 


2014 1st av Main 1966 

Matthews H W, res, 1728 16th av, s Main 7931 

Matthews J A. res, 2904 Cypress a v.... Main 2649-W 
Matthews J R, res, 2116 Ave G Main 6038 







fAIRFIELD.ALA. !hp S&rMt£A& K ^ 



Matthews L White, res, 2723 Jnpr av.Maln 7767 

Matthews P B, res, 1016 S 14th Main 4294-W 

Matthews P M, res, 2104 Ave C Bessmr 63-J 

Matthews R W, res, 206 Green W End 303-J 

Matthews S H, res, 920 16th, s Main 3201-W 

Matthews Wm E, res, Powderly W End 156- W 

Matthews & Lively, furn, 412 N 20th.. Main 786 
Matthews & Matthews, attys, 

212% 19th Bessmr 107 

Mattison Fannie Mrs, r, 1713 Mrshl av..Maln 8704-J 

Mattison R E, res, 911 S Central Main 4407-J 

Mattson Earl N, res, 1312 N 16th Main 4375-J 

Matzat August F, res, 2707 Park av.. Ensley 809-J 

Mauk W E, res, 1309 1st av W End 631 

Mauldin P H, res, 4906 2nd av, s Wdlawn 1356-W 

Mauldin V Mrs, res, 4923 Girard av. Wdlawn 95-W 

Maulshagen H, res, Newport Apts Main 4942-W 

Maura J E, res, 920 S 30th Main 2448-W 

Maxwell J C Mrs, res, 5917 1st av.. Wdlawn 371-J 
Maxwell R A Mrs, r, 1814 Berkley av. .Bessmr 1146 

Maxwell S H, res, 2009 Ave I Ensley 1004-J 

Maxwell V S Mrs, res, 2308 4th av Main 2512-W 

Maxwell Wm C, res, 1839 30th Ensley 940-J 

Maxwell & Crouch Mule Co, 

1508 2nd av, n Main 1027 

Vanderbilt yds, Vanderbilt Sta Main 8422 

May A J, res, 315 E 54th Wdlawn 149-W 

May Eugene E Dr, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1418 

May Eugene E Dr, res, 1120 N 30th... Main 1640 

May F H Dr, ofc, 404% N 18th Main 2650 

May F H Dr, res, 1130 N 31st Main 5275 

May Irma A Mrs, res, 3108 13th av, n..Main 3880-J 

May J P Jr, res, 1211 10th av, s Main 9308 

May J S, res, 1513 12th av, n Main 9320-W 

May J W, res, 2519 Ave E Ensley 723-W 

May Loan & Realty Co,2006% 4th av.n.Main 7739* 

May M E Mrs, res, 600 N lsth Main 6798-J 

May W E, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8683 

Mayer Bros, wall paper, 417 N 19th.... Main 504 

Mayer John H, engr, Am Tr bl Main 6939 

Mayer M H, Yes, 1131 Montgomery. ... Main 5951 

Mayer Sam, res, 1327 N 25th Main 8144-W 

Mayes E B Mrs,r,1612 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 1061-W 
Mayes W C Mrs, res, 404 Fulton av..W End 378-W 

Mayfleld C T, res, 1113 N 29th Main 3374-W 

Mayfleld G H Clng & Pressg, 

1816 1st av, n Main 3145 

Mayfleld Steve, res, 1709 Av G Main 4624 

Mayfleld W T, res, 2831 N 12th av Main 2061 

Maynor Jno W, res, 3210 Cliff rd Main 4402 

Maynord E R, plmbr, 2318 Ensley av. Ensley 1468 
Mayo J T, res, 6913 Georgia rd.... Wdlawn 578 

Mays C W. res, 1310 N 24th Main 4692-J 

Itfays C W Harness Shop, 1724 2nd av..Maln 3303 

Mays J J, res, 706 18th Ensley 230-J 

Mays M C Mrs, res, 1331 14th av, s Main 3392-J 

Mazzara B, res, 1131 Glen Iris av....Maln 6137-W 

Meacham Edwin, res. 2131 6th av, n Main 7623-J 

Meacham W C, res, Powderly W End 475-J 

Mead H J, res, 1128 Louise Main 2428 

Meade H S, rl est, ins, 608 19th Ensley 9 

Meade If S, res, 2014 13th av, s Main 4479-J 

Meade Wm E, res, 1510 12th av, n Main 5723-J 

Meadors B D, res, 604 Prnctn av....W End 505 

Meadow A E Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 8182 

Meadow A E Dr, res, 1111 S 20th Main 8131 

Meadow Bert M, res, 102S S 26th Main 6308- J 

Meadow J E, res, 1721 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 736-J 
Meadow J Hattie, r, 827 Wash'n av..W End 705 
Meado\<Tjohn T, res, Madison Sta. .. .Bessmr 595-W 

Meadows F S, res, 112 Walnut W End 206-W 

Meadows J A Dr, ofc, Empire hi Main 1933 

Meadows J A Dr, res, 4340 Cliff id Main 1854 

Meadows J T, groc, 3023 N 27th Main 7222 

Meahl L, res, 310 Edwards Main 6193-J 

Meahl L Tailoring Co. 1821 Ave E... Ensley 153 

Mealey E Mrs, res, 1109 S 13th Main 2983 

Means F M, res. 1631 15th av, n Main 3107-W 


Ambjlanca Servlsp 

M.I 002 

Means J T Mrs, res, 2309 Oklnd av.. Ensley 

Means L N, res, 1500 g 13th Main 

Mearns H S, res, 626 44th Ensley 

Mecca Drug Co (pay sta), 1630 3d av.n.Main 
Mecusker Grey E,r,2308 Clrndn av... Bessmr 
Medart Fred" Mfg Co, 1920 3rd av, n...Main 

M'eehl P H, res, 2214 Larch av Ensley 

Meeks A A Dr, res, Dolomite Bessmr 

Meeks C O Mrs, res, 2116 4th av, n....Maln 

Meeks J !F, res, 2230 12th av, n Main 

Meeks W A, res, 5704 1st av Wdlawn 

Meglemry C E, res, 2625 Madison av..Main 
Mehaffey E J Mrs,r,7836 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 
Mehalas & Patterson, cgrs, 2720 16th av.n.Main 

Meharg N P, res, 3000 Drtmth av 


. .Main 
. . Main 

Mehr Chas N, res, 1304 16th av, s 

Meighan J M, res, 1351 Huntsville 

Meigs C I, res, 14 26 Berkeley av.. 

Meigs L C, res, Parker Springs.. 

Meigs & Goodwin, groc, 1110 24th.. Bessmr 

Melcher Charles, res, 101 S S4th. .. .Wdlawn 

Mellon Max P, res, 2605 Ensley av.. Ensley 

Melton E C, res, 206 Chas W End 

Melton Ida, res, 914 N 51st Wdlawn 

Melton Lide O, res, 1101 N 3*2nd Main 

Melton L W, res, 8230 5th av, s Wdlawn 

Melton Suss e Miss, res, 7220 1st av. Wdlawn 
Melton T O, whl produce, 2024 Mors av.Main 

'Melton T O, res, Harli Court Main 

Memoli Philip, res, 1600 12th av, n....Maln 
Mendeisohn Jacob J Rabbi, r, 700 N lOthMain 
Mendelsohn Max, r, 1508 15th av, s..Maln 


2231 2nd av, n Main 

Merchants Credit Assn.ofc.lst N Bk bl-.Maln 

Coll dept, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Mercy Home The, 2130 llth av Main 

Meredith Fred W, res, 717 N 23rd Main 

Meriwether B B, res, 1025 N 30th Main 

Meriwether L M, res, 1122 N 31st Main 

Meriwether W B, res, 722 N 18th Main 

Merkel Chas, res, 1666 Rugby Main 

Merkl F L, res, 76 Maple Ensley 

Merrell G L, res, 2112 Bessemer Blvd.. Ensley 

Merrell H N. res, 517 S 26th Main 

Merrell James N, res, 1176 13th, n....Main 

Merrell Lee, res, 1303 S 12th Main 

Merrett W C, res, 528 17th Bessmr 

Merrifleld R E, res, 5405 Union av.. Wdlawn 

Merrill C A Dr.dntst.lst Nat Bk bl Main 

Merrill Chas A Dr, res, 6001 1st av. Wdlawn 

Merrill J B, res, 104 S 56th Wdlawn 

Merrill W O, plmbr, 2117 3rd av, n....Maln 
Merritt W H, res, 2220 Highland av..Main 

Merritt W M, res, 1224 Cotton av W End 

Merrltte A A, res, 1007 2d av W End 


1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Meseroll W H Mrs, res, 1511 10th av. n. Main 

Messenger Service Spl, 420 N 21st Main 

Messer-.Iohnson Realty Co Inc. 

Ofc, 216 N 21st Main 

M P Messer, Pres, 216 N 21st Main 

Wm F Johnson, V-Pres, 216 N 21st. .Main 

L L Plummer, Mgr Dvn. 216 N 21st. Main 

Messer Mary G Mrs, res, 402S 5th av, s.Main 

Messer M T, res, 2145 Highland av....Maln 

Metcalf H A, res, 1202 2d av W End 

Methvin Clarence, res, 1009 S 17th.. Main 

Methvln J V, res, 3541 N 27th Main 

Methvin J V & Co, coal, 2701 26th Main 

Metropolitan Cafe, 10 N 20th Main 

Metropolitan Cafe, 414 19th Ensley 


Private office Main 

Pay station Main 

Metropolitan Life Ins Co, Empire bl....Maln 


• • 












Building Material-Main 8500 M ° in223 Electrical «>«■'•**■ 









• mm 

• mm 




^Indicates P. B. 


Mnnfo Main 3355 

IVIonte- Main 285 

VaIIa Main 13 * 

V a 11 O Ensley 1477 

Metropolitan Life Ins Co, Realty bl.. Bessmr 
Metroptn L Ins Co.Ens ofc,600Vfc 19th. Ensley 
Metropolitan Tailor Shop, Metro Hotel. Main 
Metropolitan Taxi Co, 2004 Morris av Main 

Metts W O, res, Wylam Ensley 

Metz & Griffith, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl...Main 

Metzler Joseph, groc, 1704 Ave G Main 

Mewbourne E M, res, 124 S Gsth . . . . Wdlawn 
Melbourne H J, r, C19 Cotton av..W End 
Mewhinney N L, res, 3457 Highland 
Mewhinney F S, archt, Wdward bl. . 
Mewhinney P s. ie.s, 102 2 S "1st 

Meyer Dive S, res, 2221 Ave N 

Meyer F A & Co, gro«, Pearson av. 
Meyer H Mrs, res, 1715 5th av, n.. 
Meyer Hotel Intert-sts, Jeff Co Bk bl 
Meyer Jerome Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl 
Meyer Jerome Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl 
Meyer Jerome Dr, res, 2822 Pine 
Meyer L C, res, 2720 Florida 



. . Main 
• • Main 
W End 
. . Main 
. . Main 
. . Main 
. .Main 
. .Main 

Meyer Leon 
Meyer Max, 
Meyer Robt 
Meyer Robt 

av. . . . Ensley 


E, res, Hanover Crt 

groc, 1131 5th av. n 

E, res, 4 227 Altamont r«l 
R, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl. . 
& Goldman, rl est, 1901 1st av 
Meyers A L Mrs, res, 31 $14 S 20th 
Meyers Harry, res. 7727 4th av, n. . . .Wdlawn 

Meyerstein B. res. 1100 X 24th Main 

Mchaea C E. res, 217 Grace Wdlawn 

MicnaelBon BL, res. 604 19th Bessmr 

Michigan Mut L Ins Co. ofc. Am Tr.. Main 
Michler M C Mrs, res. 121 N 56th... 
Michlin Ervin Dr. ofc. 1st Xat Bk bl 


> 412 N 19th 




283 - 



412 X 19th 

104 N 21st 

Night Calls *!!!!".".' Main 

Middlebrooks J M, res, 2017 Stout Main 

Middlemiss Geo H, res. Shades Mt.. Main 
Mi.ldleton H A Mrs. res. 810 1st av..W End 

Mlddleton R E, res, 416 X 22d Main 

Middleton S A. res. 1501% 3d av, n....Main 
Middleton W J. res, 524 Highpoint. .Wdlawn 

Midwest Engine To. ofc. B-M bl -Main 

Miglionico Leonard, r. 4630 1st av... Wdlawn 

Mig ion co M J, rts, 4100 1st av Main . 

Miglionico Vincent, confc. 1722 Av E. . Ensley 9172 





Milam C S. ofc. 1310 1st av Main 

Milam H W. res, 1609 12th av, s Main 

Miles A A, res. 933 Ella 

Miles C Harry, res. 1224 Louise a v. s 
Miles Myrtle Miss. res. 1015 S 17th 
Miles School for Dancing, ofc, 

2215 3d av, n 

Miles S M, res. 724 W 20th. ...'.". ' Main 
Milk Sta. Xrighborhood House. 

504 S 19th 

Mill & Mino Engineers.Inc 

W End 














Miller H 

Miller H 












Geo A. res, 2621 19th av Ensley 

James & Co.. confer. Brghtn. Bessmr 9170 

J O. res, 92 > S 26th Main 8366 

A L, res, 5103 3d av Wdlawn 

C. res, isos Marshall av Main 

Tarl. res, 1000 Jasper Main 

Elizabeth A Mrs. r. 715 X 17th.. Main 

E A. res. 1020 B 2sth Main 

E K, res, Oxmoor w End 

F W, res. MM Pike av Ensley 

Geo A, res. 14 20 S Cullom Main 

C, res. ion 12th av, n....Main 

A, res, lor, 3d av Ensley 

C. ofc. Am Tr hi Main 

H C, res, 1110 Fountain av Main 

I B, res, Irondale Wdlawn 

IT S & Co. aerts. Jeff Co Bk bL.Maln 

Ivan W. res. 704 S 28th Main 

Joe. res. 917 19th Bessmr 




260- M 







Ambiilanca Service M. I 002 


• • 




Miller Josie Mrs, res, 213 N 16th Main 

Miller J A Dr, res. 4409 9th av Ensley 

Miller J A, res, Myrtle av w End 

Miller John A, res, 2G10 Madison av..Maln 

Miller J J, res, 1802 Pearson W End 

Miller J T Rev, res, 1114 S 13th Main 

Miller Lloyd X, res, 329 38th Ensley 

Miller Merc Co (pay sta), Hillman Bessmr 

• N D Mrs, res, 10 Oak W End 

Nathan L, atty, .Am Trust Main 

N L, res, 2842 Jefferson av Main 

Oleon A, res, 323 39th Ensley 

P J. res, 1211 .S 21st Main 

P X Jr, res, 2913 11th av, n Main 


O fc - "J * 20th Main 

Miller R F, res, 3010 Av F Main 

Miller S T, res, 1014 N 45th Wdlawn 

Miller Theresa Mrs, r, Ridgely Apts...Main 

Ji ! er ^V T F ' res - 1612 Huntsville av...Maln 

Miller W H, res. 808 N 50th Wdlawn 

Miller W H, res, Myrtlewood, 

Germania Park w ^nd 

Miller W L, res, Ridgely Apts. . .'. . ... . . Main 

Miller W R, res, 205 N Ely ton W End 

Miller W S Jr, res. 1214 X 23rd Main 

*l-l! er l Va , lter W Mrs> r ' 2309 4tn av, n.Main 

Miller & Martin, archts, Title bl Main 

Millers Indemnity Underwriters 

Am Tr bl '. Main 

Millers Indemnity Underwriters Ins 

Jeff Co Bk bl ' 

Millet Roscoe M. res, 1102 12th av, 
Milllans Fred, res, 2514 36th av, rl 

Millican C W. res, 900 S 11th Main 

Millican S A, res, 709 S 20th Main 

igan A J, groc, 1527 12th av, n Main 

C A Mrs, res. so 1st av Ensley 

C F, res. 513 Balsam av Ensley 

E H, res, 600 St Chas av W End 

H T, res, 5th av, P C Ensley 

Mary P Mrs. res. 213 X 53rd. . .Wdlawn 
W B, res. 2504 22nd av, n Main 

W J P i. r **» 1S1 ° lltn av . s Main 

Millsap K T. res, 2823 12th av, n Main 

Millsap Xiles. res, 1505 Cotton av W End 

Millsap T H Sr. res, 1214 X 25th Main 

Millstead II A. res. 2306 23rd Ensley 

Milner C E. res. 2146 16th av, s Main 

Milner Drug Co, 1900 Huntsville av Main 

Milner Drug Co rp s), 1900 Hntsvl av.Main 

Milner II A, res. 1214 Tusc av W End 

Milner II K, ofc. Joff Co Bk bl Main 

Milner IT K, res. 14 19 Milner Crescent Main 

Milner L B Mrs. res, 1211 Tusc av...W End 

Milner Land Co, ofc. Jeff Co Bk bL.Maln 

Milner L W, res, 1516 S 16th Main 

Milton Alberteen Miss,r,si3 1st av..W End 

Milton II H, res, 1615 Arlngtn av. 

Milton Josh C, res. 1931 Hayes av. . 

Minis Albert, res, 228 2nd 

Mims A O Mrs. fM, 6.T14 Waldrop av 


















. Bessmr 

. Ensley 

. Ensley 


. . . Main 

Mims B p. grain dealer. Wdward bl 

Mims B P, res, 2311 12th av, n Main 


Mims Addition w End 

Mims J A. res, 2001 Arlington av... Bessmr 

Mims Walter, res, 2200 Jefferson W End 

Mims W J, res. Beverly PI W End 

Mims Wm J. ros. 219 S Hawkins W End 

Minchener Jos Mrs, res, 921 S 30th... Main 
Minderhout Leila Mrs, res, 

1700 nth av, s Main 

Mine Inspector, ofc. Cham of Com Main 

Mingea R M, tlrg&elg, lis 19th Bessmr 

Mingea R M. res, 2104 Drtmth av Bessmr 






















service Wain 769 


Funeral Director Main 4862 

'•indicates P. B. Exchange 



GUchrist-Tarrant B5 * 

Main 469 

Mlnhinnette E R Jr, res, Ridgely Apts.. Main 7393 

Minisman J, res, 1703 15th av, s Main 6312-W 

Mink R W, res, 721 25th Ensley 727 

Minor C P, groc, 1707 Ave E Ensley 909 

Minor Edgar, res, 423 Delta av Ensley 1157-J 

Minor J W, res, 1724 Ave G Ensley 425 

Minor & Whaley Clo Co, 1705 Av E. . Ensley 1385 

Minter J E, res, 2125 Ave I Main 3994 

Minter J M, res, 230 X 73rd Wdlawn 1112-W 

Minto J H, res, 1221 N 28th Main 1759-J 


2007 4th av, n Main 

Mlree A R, res, 1117 12th av, s Main 

Mississippi-Warrior Waterways.B-M bl.Main 

Misskelly J E, res, 1825 Lyon av W End 

Missouri Pacific Ry Co, Frt & Pass Depts, 

Woodward bl Main 

Missouri State Life Ins Co, Jff Co Bk..Maln 

G W, res, Route 3 Bessmr 


Mitcham J T, r, 7926 University av.. Wdlawn 

Mitchell A B, res, 5801 3d av, s Wdlawn 

Mitchell A J Mrs, res, 430 X 51st Wdlawn 

Mitchell A M Mrs, res, 1211 Pike av.. Ensley 

Mitchell B H, res, 2129 6th av, n Main 

Mitchell C G, res, 636 Euclid av Wdlawn 

Mitchell C M, res, 1826 Exeter av. . . . Bessmr 
Mitchell David Mrs, res, 

1721 Arlington av Bessmr 

Mitchell E H, res, 430 Earl av Main 

Mitchell Edgar L, res, 2008 Dtmth av. Bessmr 


Frank, res, 2424 Accacia av.. Ensley 

F J. res. 4447 Av C Main 

G W Rev, res, 415 Joseph Main 

H E Dr, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

H E Dr, res, 2306 21st av...Main 
John C, r, 506 Princeton av..W End 

J J, res, 910 N 49th Wdlawn 

J W, res, 6721 1st av Wdlawn 

J W, res, 2129 Oak av Ensley 

L P, res. 5729 2nd av, s Wdlawn 

L W Rev. res, 1735 ISth Ensley 

Maude Miss, res, 917 1st av.W End 
Motor Co, 217 X 24th Main 

Paul, res, 3812 Lakeview av..Maln 

R E, res, 1643 S 12th Main 

S A, res, 100 X Pearl W End 

T C, res, 1843 30th Ensley 

W C, res, 1514 Tusc av W End 

W E, res, 1501 S 16th 'av Main 

Mitchell W F, res. 12 Oak W End 

Mitchell W H, coal & groc, 

Wahouma Station Wdlawn 

Mitchell W S, res, 709 11th Crt. w Main 

Mitchell & Smith, attys, 1st X B bl-.Main 
Mitchell & Thomas groc, 2326 8th av. Bessmr 
MitcTTum W O, res, 716 Hall av.... Bessmr 

Mix Jno V, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Mix Jno V, res, 1600 S 20th Main 

Mixon A H, res, 1410 2nd av, n W End 

Mlxon Mary Miss, r, 6020 2nd av, s.. Wdlawn 

Mize P B, res, 5130 Grand av Wdlawn 

Mobbs W J, res, Vineville Sta Ensley 

Mobley R V Mrs, res, 1211 N 25th Main 

Model Bakery, 313 N 18th Main 

Model Hair Drsng Par.ofc.1905% 2 av.Main 

Modern Pharmacy, 2200 Ave F Main 

Moebos C A. res, 2136 Bess Blvd. ... Ensley 
Moffett C A, res, 1500 16th av, s....Main 

Moffett H P, res, 3801 Av F Main 

Moffett R W Mrs, res, 1615 12th av, n.Main 
Moffett T S Mrs, res, 80S Prnctn av..W End 
Mohan A Mrs, res, 1803 10th av, s....Maln 

Mohns E A, res, 4514 Av E Main 

Mohns F H. res, 401 E 54th, s Wdlawn 

Mohns J E Mrs, res. 3025 11th av, n...Main 

Molaison J C, res, 1018 Sycamore Main 

Mole Jack E, res, 215 Poplar W End 

Molpeli Louise, res, 2701 N 34th Main 














286- W 

















Main 223 EICCtfiC\%l *** N ' *** St 



Ambulanc* Service fl. I UUZ 

Mols Gerhard, res, 1303 Cullom Main 

Mols Gerhard Tlrg Co, 218*6 X 20th Main 

Molton Chas H, res, 817 S 19th Main 

•MOLTON HOTEL, 2000 5th av, n Main 

Pay sta, 5th av Main 

Mgrs ofc, 501 X 20th Main 

Molton Hotel Restrnt, 2000 5th av, n..M,ain 

Molton Realty Co, 2028 3d av Main 

Molton R M, res, 1637 11th av, s Main 

Molton T H, r, 017 Idlewild Cir Main 

Molton W F, res, 8044 Underwd av.. Wdlawn 

Moman R B, res, 2724 29th av, n Main 

Monaghan B A, res, 1519 S 14th.... Main 
Moncrief Jno H Mrs, res, 1145 N 12th. Main 

Moncrief W T, res, RFDXo2 Wdlawn 

Moncrief W T, res, 704 S 25th Main 

Monella P, res, 829 S 18th Main 

Monella Paul, res, 631 X 30th Main 

Monette R J Dr, dent, B-M bl Main 

Monette R J Dr, res, 1514 Milner Cres.Main 
Monette R L, res, 5607 2nd av, s.... Wdlawn 
Monfee A J, res, 66 Vine Ensley 

Monjot Furniture Co, 100 4th Ensley 

Monjot Will Mrs. res, 331 3rd P C... Ensley 
Monk W E Rev. res, 1711 5th av.. Bessmr 
Monro-Warrior Coal & Coke Co, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Monroe Calculating Mch Co.ofc.Am^T bl.Main 
Monroe E J Mrs, res, 2603 12th av, n.Main 
Monroe Jas D Mrs, res, 515 X 21st.... Main 

Monroe Jim D, res, 1407 S 18th Main 

Monroe John D, res, 1316 Cotton av..W End 

Monroe J R, res. 142S S ISth Main 

Monroe Zelia Miss, r, 126 X 61st. .. .Wdlawn 

Monseur S, res, 1800 Ave C Main 

Montague H C, res, 2031 Av G Main 

Montano P, res, 8341 Hillman av.... Wdlawn 

Monte Peter, res, 1729 Car av Bessmr 

Montevallo Coal Yards, 120 S 16th.... Main 
Montevallo Mining Co, Amer Tr bl....Main 
Montgomery A C, res, 114 Tusc av...W End 
Montgomery Brokerage Co.ofc.Am T bl.Main 
Montgomery C E, res, 312 X 54th. . . .Wdlawn 
Montgomery C L, res, 2407 4th av, n..Main 
Montgomery Coal Washing & Mfg Co, 

3d av Main 

Montgomery Emma Mrs,r,3930 2d av.s.Main 
Montgomery E P, r, 1510 S 10th av...Main 
Montgomery E W Mrs, r, 3506 X 24th.. Main 
Montgomery F S, res, 1118 X 32d....Main 
Montgomery H C, Cham 'of Com.... Main 

Montgomery H C. res, 118 X 61st Wdlawn 

Montgomery H H, res, 936 S 20th.... Main 
Montgomery II M. res, 1219 X T 32nd.... Main 
Montgomery J A. res, 3450 High av..Main 
Montgomery Jas A,r,409 St Chas av.W End 
Montgomery J B. res. 1917 Bi kly av. Bessmr 
Montgomery J E, res, 1500 loth av, s..Main 

Montgomery J IT, res, 430 Church Main 

Montgomery Jos H Mrs, res, 1034 S 20th. Main 
Montgomery J R. atfy, Jff Co Bk bl...Main 

Montgomery J R, res, 1324 X 33rd Main 

Montgomery J R, res, 1215 X 16th Main 

Montgomery L C, res, 205 X 46th Wdlawn 

Montgomery O H Dr, Jeff Co Bk bL.Maln 
Montgomery O II Dr, r, 4327 5th av, s.Maln 
Montgomery Reba Miss, r, 2513 Av F. .Main 
Montgomery Rl Est & Ins Co. 210 X 2 1st Main 
Montgomery W G, res, 2805 19th av.. Ensley 
Montgomery Wm* G, res, S27 S 30th....Main 
Montgomery W J Dr, ofc, 1st X B bL.Maln 
Montgomery W J Dr, res, Delmar Apts. Main 

Montgomery W S, res. 116 Eubank Main 

Moody A C. res, 1804 Richards av W End 

Moody A R. res, 1023 St Charles Main 

Moody D R, bicycles, etc, 215 S 20th... Main 

Moody D H. n s. 151 1 Av F Main 

Moody, Lee Co.rl est&ins,18l7 2d av. Bessmr 
Moody-Lytle Merc Co, 2421 2nd av M ain 

Hahn-ForemaiicoSlTeL 195 

Auto Fenderi Made to Order 1905 Avenne B 








































SERVICE mam •<>" 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Moody W D, res, 2400 18th av, n Main 

Moog J, res, 1716 Ave G Ensley 

Moon B P, res, 2301 Carolina av Bessmr 

Moon E K Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 

Moon E K Dr, res, 115 S 84th Wdlawn 

Moon J H, res, 1>23 5th av, n Main 

Moon J W ©r, ofc, 1st Nat Bk Main 

Moon J Weldon Dr, res, 300 Emma av. .Main 
Moon Richard S, res, 223 Owen av.. Bessmr 

Mooney B H, res, 911 Ala Main 

Mooney Chas, res, 713 S 10th Main 

Mooney Otto, res, 1512 13th av, s....Maln 

Mooney R, res, 1129 Montgomery. ..... Main 

Moor H B Mrs, r, 8002 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 

Moor J P, res, 520 N 49th Wdlawn 

Moor T D, res, 7532 Sloss av Wdlawn 

Moore Allie Miss, res, 2116 35th av, n.Main 
Moore A H, Burrowes Screenes, 

1724 1st av Main 

Moore A H, res, 2905 Cedar Ensley 

Moore A V Mrs, res, 2312 6th av, n....Main 

Moore B F, res, 1001 S 19th Main 

Moore C B, res, 2310 7th av, n Main 

Moore C E, res, 1430 6th av Bessmr 

Moore C G, res, 1229 N 14th Main 

Moore C H, res, 331 N 50th Wdlawn 

Moore Chalmers H Dr,r,1432 Mlnr Cres.Main 
Moore Chalmers H Dr.ofc.J C Bk bl...Maln 

Moore D S Dr, ofc, 1127 S 12th Main 

Moore D S Dr, res, 2830 Jnpr av Main 

Moore E, res, 2114 loth av, s Main 

Moore E L, res, 1139 S 12th Main 

Moore Ed S, res, 2601 Madison av....Maln 


Ofc, b-m bl .'Main 

Moore E W, res, 3730 Ave F Main 

Moore Frank, res, 1738 Woodland av, s.Maln 

Moor« F C, res, 1228 Iroquois Main 

Moore Fred E, res, 1524 12th av, s Main 

Moore Fred G, res, 1707 27th Ensley 

Moore Glover, res, Emma av Main 

Moore Geo E, res, 5201 2nd av Wdlawn 

Moore Geo H, res, 819 S 19th Main 

Moore Geo R, res, 22 Cedar W End 

Moore Hubert, res, 1115 S 20th Main 


General Office, Av A Main 

Bessemer-Birmingham Connection. Bessmr 
* Night and Sunday calls, 

Auto Accessory Dept Main 

14th Street Warehouse Main 

Shipping Department Main 

Sales Manager Main 

Building Material Dept Main 

Moore H L, res, 908 S 16th Main 

Moore H M, res, 2925 Ensley av Ensley 

Moore Julia, res, 5424 2d av, s.... Wdlawn 
Moore John, res, 3305 Drtmth av. . . . BessmV 
Moore J Alfred, r, 7616 Hillman^av. .Wdlawn 
Moore Jno A Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl. ..Main 
Moore Jno A Dr, res, 1432 Milner Cres. .Main 

Moore J C, res, 1803 Rush av Main 

Moore J D, res, 5 Fairview Circle. ... Main 

Moore J E, res, 400 Ash av Bessmr 

Moore J F, res, 332 Berry W End 

Moore J G, res, 928 S 17th Main 

Moore Joe G Dr, ofc, Umpire bl Main 

Moore Joe G Dr, res, Ridgely Apts. . . . Main 
Moore J H Mrs, res, 2008 6th av, n....Main 

Moore Jos M, res, 808 S 20th Main 

Moore J S Dr, res, 220 S 80th Wdlawn 

Moore J W. res, Brighton Bessmr 

Moore Jno W, res, 1504 Phelan Main 

Moore James W,r,1040 Caldwell Tree.. Main 
Moore Katie Mrs, res. 1818ft N 27th... Main 

Moore Lula J Mrs, r, 2915 Av G Main 

Moore Mary Mrs, res, 709 1st av....W End 
Moore Mabel D, res, 1205 High Main 

668- W 
87 4- J 
















8380 . 

































M.I 002 

70 ^Indicates P. B. Exchange 




Moore Morton K, ofc, B-M bl Main 8039 

Moore M L, res, Albemarle Apts Main 9467-W 

Moore M L Mrs, res, 7832 Udrwd av. Wdlawn 892 

Moore M W Mrs, res, 1136 S 12th Main 8331 

Moore O C, res, 1408 6th av Bessmr 606-W 

Moore O J, groc, 1500 Alois av W End 9108 

Moore O L, res, 302 N 50th Wdlawn 582-J 

Moore P F, res, 1610 Fairfax av Bessmr 1073-J 

Moore P P, res, 1904 Arlington av.. Bessmr 1079-W 

Moore Robt, res, 118 S 63d Wdlawn 219-J 

Moore R B, res, 104 34th Ensley 840-W 

Mobre R II, res, 1316 Iroquois Main 1009 

Moore Sydenham, r, 1479 Milner Cres.. Main 175 

Moore S P Mrs, res, 1230 N 30th Main 6245- J 

Moore T A, res, 1422 N 17th Main 3775-W 

Moore T L Mrs, res, 412 N 16th Main 1425-J 

Moore Walter, res, Roebuck Sprgs. .Wdlawn 764 

Moore W Davis, res, 3540 N 27th Main 7230-J 

Moore W D, res, 517 N 25th Main 8261 

Moore's Milk Depot, p s, 600 S 15th.. Main 9118 

Moorer J C, res, 1502 2d av W End 485 

Moorer J H, res, 1123 9th av, n Main 6102-J 

Moorer L S, res. 1501 6th av. Bessmr 683 

Moorer & Evans Furniture Co, 

1827 2nd av Bessmr 110 

Moragne F T, res, 325 38th Erfsley 507-J 

Moran H S, res, 1715 15th av, n Main 4568 

Moran J A, res, 1219 N 16th Main 3066 

Moran "~ST C Mrs, res, 2312 Ave E Ensley 604 

Morefleld & Zuber, dntsts, 1st Nat Bk..Maln 735 
Moreland C J Mrs, r, 1709 Algtn av.. Bessmr 888-W 

Moreland H II, res, 3812 N 28th Main 6807 

Moreland M E Dr,ofc,2703% N 30th av.Maln 7101 
Moreland M E Dr,r,2528 34th av.n. ... . Main 7134 
Morgan A B, res, Ave C & 3Sth. ...*.. Main 3325 

Morgan A F, res, 4528 7th av Ensley 306-J 

Morgan B C, whol brkr, Empire bl Main 2312 

Morgan B C, res, 1201 Glenview rd Main 5185 

Morgan Brokerage Co, 108% N 21st Main 928 

Morgan Eugene C, res, 1033 S 32nd Main 7094 

Morgan J C, res, 519 S 26th Main 4176-W 

Morgan J F & Co.gen contrs.Wdwd bL.Maln 143 

Morgan J I, res, 1456 Tate av W End 249-W 

Morgan J M, res, 5913 3d av, s Wdlawn 13 

Morgan J T, res, 2239 Sycamore Main 3128 

Morgan M O, res, 108 Crews Ensley 154-J 

Morgan P C, res, 3717 Av F Main 3258- W 

Morgan T W, res, 2812 Frvw Cir Main 2066 

Morgan Walter, res, 3615 Hntsvl av.. Bessmr 179-W 

Morgan W A, res, 1728 Av I Main 3453 

Morgan W Barnes, res, 1Q27 S 19th Main 3562-J 

Morgan W Barnes, r.Crstlne Hghts Main 5221-M 

Morgan W C, res, 416 Prnctn av W End 327-W 

Morgan Z T Mrs, res, 1436 N 19th Main 3925 

Morgan's Pharmacy, 301 S 24th Main 7905, 

Morrill M L, res, Matthews Apts. ... Bessmr 958* 
Morris Arabella Mrs, r, 1115 N 30th... Main 5329 

Morris Av Market, 5 N 20th Main 6786 

Morris Bessie -M4ss, r, 1520 13th av, s..Maln 6426 

Morris B E Mrs, res, 900 S 19th Main 7988 

Morris Chas E, res, 3414 12th av, n Main 9313-W 

Morris E, res, 1221 N 36th Main 4317-J 

Morris Elizabeth Miss,r,7401 1st av,s. Wdlawn 962 
Morris Emory A Dr, r, 1631 15th av, s..Maln 2640-W 

Morris E L, res, 1207 S 15th Main 1440 

Morris Eli T, re;;. ISM Poplar Ensley 565-W 

Morris F G, res, Sayreton Mines Main 7287-W 

Morris Harry It Dr, r,"4519 Valley rd. Ensley 1442-J 

• MORRIS HOTEL, 1901 1st av Main 3752 

Pay station, 1901 1st av Main 9126 

Proprietor's ofc, 1901 1st av Main 2172 

Clerk's ofc, 1901 1st av Main 234 

Steward's ofc, 1901 1st av Main 234 

Morris Hotel (pay sta), 1st av Main 9196 

Morris I, res, 616 Parkway Dr Ensley 967-J 

Morris J B, res, 1323 14th av. s Main 9354-W 

Morris J D, res. 322 Chas W End 926 

Morris J E Rev, r, 1712 Jasper Main 6143 

Morris J H, res, 3385 High av Main 2256-W 

fljj n j TELEPHONE 

Lhero-Lola 6296 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Office &\M>rks Ti ^^ 4hr <*** 

rAiRFiELD.AiA. me /& $&/$& Company " 

TCL.ENSLEY400 iSP***^ "V^F* 


Morris J J, res, 308 S 59th Wdlawn U92-W 

Morris J S, res, 1505% 10th av, s '.Main 9446 

Morris J T Rev, res, 212 N 54th Wdlawn 812-J 

Morris J W, res, Germania Pk W End 89-J 

Morris Lewis C Dr, Empire- bl Main 1236 

Morris Lewis C Dr, r, Glen Iris Pk Main 1944 

•-Morris L J, res, 1515 13th av, s Main 5814-J 

Morris Maggie H Mrs,r,1120 Cullom..Main 1651-J 

Morris Plan of B'ham, 107 N 21st Main 3129 

107 N 21st Main 5396 

Morris Robt A, res, 8501 Underwd. .Wdlawn 1102 

Morris Taxicab Co, 1911 1st av Main 1890 

Morris W E Rev,study,5332 1st av.. Wdlawn 689-J 

Morris & Co, packers, 2305 1st av Main 5406 

Morrison Earl, mtrcycls, 1703 3rd av, n.Main 308 

Morrison G A, res, 1821 Jeff av Ensley 547-W 

Morrison John, r, 2630 Ensley av Ensley 1473-J 

Morrison K M, res, 805 Montg Main 8954-J 

Morrison Norman, r, 2106 17th av, s..Main 3956-J 

Morrison S V, res, 1410 Ave I Main 7954-J 

Morrison T A, res, 1705 13th av, s....Main 8125-W 
Morrison's J M Market.1812 4th av,n..Main 1033 

1812 4th av, n Main 940 

Morriss A H, res, 627 S 47th Main 6559 

Morrow A R, res, 320 Hunter Ensley 141-W 

Morrow D E, res, 417 Prnctn av W End 677 

Morrow Geo M, r, Glen Iris Pk Main 7499 

Morrow Geo M Jr, r, 3807 Cliff rd...^Main 3819-W 

Morrow Hugh, atty, Empire bl Main 4780 

Morrow Hugh, res, 2800 Monroe Main 4360 

Morrow H L, res, 214 Lucy av Main 5612-J 

Morrow John C, atty, 1 N B bl Main 5838 

Morrow J D, res, 806 24th Bessmr 979-J 

Morrow J H, res, 5305 3rd av, n Wdlawn 530-J 

Morrow J W, res, 3129 Norwood Blvd.. Main 8875-J 

Morrow L B, res, 1005 S 20th Main 501-J 

Morrow Maud D Mrs, res, 918 S 20th... Main 6105 

Morrow S L, mfgs agts, B-M bl Main 7580 

Morrow S L, res, 2623 19th av Ensley 937-J 

Morrow W A, res, 2804 Ens av Ensley 209-W 

Morschheimer Henry, Chancy Ct, Ct Hs.Main 619 

Morse Morris, res, 2218 6th av, n Main 2764-W 

Morse M & Co, tlrs, 513 N 20th Main 8093 

Mortley D F Mrs, res, 2312 11th av, n..Main 3012-J 

Morton A G, res, 134 N 59th Wdlawn 434 

Morton A S, res, 1526 11th av, s Main 8472-J 

Morton Cora Miss, res, 1921 6th av.. Bessmr 575 

Morton Hardware Co, 217 N 19th Bessmr 65 

Morton Hattie Miss, r, 2144 Hghld av..Main 2228 

Morton Jas, loans, 317% N 20th Main 8537 

Morton J B, res. 1730 Drtmth av... Bessmr 511-J 

Morton L A, groc, 1037 N 21st Main 7763 

Morton L A, res, 1923 13th av, n Main 8459-W 

Morton P D, res, 1117 S 21st Main 2195-W 

Morton T S, res, 620 Cotton av W End 632 

Morton Ubert T, res. 6028 1st av.. Wdlawn 553-J 

Morton W A, res, 937 Alabama av Main 5932-J 

Morton Will h, res, 2631 Av D Main 6720-W 

Morton & Gibson, Cham of Com Main 8584 

Mortzekos N, soft drks, 2130 1st av Main 2288 

Moseley C C, res, 2006 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 996-J 

Moseley Groc Co, 1401 S 15th Main 5961 

507 Tusca av w End 75 

Moseley H A, r, 1022% S 18th Main 3878-W 


Office, 310 N 21st Main 791 

Moseley J D, res, 1505 7th av, n Main 2778-J 

Moseley J M' Mrs, r, 1031 N 24th Main 5161 

Moseley L A Mrs, res. 1924 Ave I Main 8697 

Moseley R F, res, 1S11 30th Ensley 687-W 

Moseley R J, res, 600 Cotton av W End 48-W 

Moses Ev'erett, res, Ridgely Apts Main 4831 

Moses Everett Co, ofc. 915 N 28th... Main 3488 

Moses S A, res, 2033 Hgld av Main 1776 

Moses T L, res, Shades Alt...,, W End 735-W 

Moses W P, res, 4217 2nd av, s Main 5773-W 

Mosley C 8. res, 2021 tStfe Ensley 559-W 

Sheetrock Tel. Main 8500 

Wall Board Made of Gypsum Rock.— WITTICHEN 



Amoulancs Sstvlce H| a { 002 

Mosley J B, res, 142 N 59th Wdlawn 

Mosley J H, res, 314 3rd av, n Main 

Mosley J H F, res, 1601 N Allen Main 

Mosley L A, res, 1924 Av I Main 

Mosley & Alexander Gro Co,2801 Av C. Ensley 

Moss A T, res, 742s 3rd av Wdlawn 

Moss C L, ofc. Am Tr bl Main 

Moss C L, res, 1471 Milner Crescent. . Main 

Moss E L, res, 5301 3d av, n Wdlawn 

Moss W A Mrs, r, 590G 2d av, n Wdlawn 

Mosteller W J, r, 2212 Oakland av Ensley 

Moten P S Dr, ofc, 1714y 2 4th av, n...Main 

Moten P S" Dr, ofc, 300 N 2Gth Main 

Moten P S, res, 818 S 17th Main 

Mothershed Boyd, res, 19 Canal W End 

Motley J C, res, 1000 St Charles Main 

Motley & Dryer, civil engr, Wdwrd bL.Maln 

Motlow Lem, res, 1201 Av B Main 

Motor Sales Corp, 323 S 20th Main 

Motter Paul, res, 120S 3d av W End 

M'oughon G W, res, 3304 12th av, n Main 

Moughon W S, res, 34 22 Nrwd Blvd Main 

Mount W B, res, 2030 Humbolt av Main 

M'ouuter E, res, 527 40th Ensley 

Mowry G E, res, 1425 S 18th Main 

Moxley T R, res, 2901% Ave E Ensley 

Moye J H, res, 1304 N 33rd Main 

Moyse Leonard, res, 3370 Hghlnd av..Main 6043 

Mozley G O, res, 1324 Ina Main 5698 

Mudd Joseph P,r,2200 Rdg Pk av Main 7037 

Mudd & Colley Amusement Co, 

1923 3rd av Main 8434 

Mueller G R, ofc, B-M bl Main 8018 

Mueller G R, res, 901 S lsth Main 4220-J 

Mueller H, res, 1215 Ave F Main 6271-J 

Mullan T B, res, 7925 4th av, n Wdlawn 1085-W 

Mullane If J, res, 919 Ga, s Main 7755 

Mullen Bettie Mrs, res, 5*05 1st av.. Wdlawn 1280 
Mullen Eva A Mrs, r, 524 Randolph avW End 390- W 

Mullen J Thad, res, 1319 St Chas Main 8527-J 

Muller Emma C Miss, r, 516 S 23rd Main 6311-W 

Mulligan H V Mrs, res, 2319 10th av, s. .Main 8658-W 

Mullin Harry E, res, 2213 6th av, n Main 8058-W 

Mullin J M, res, N043 Burney av Wdlawn 956-W 

Mullins Clarence H.atty.lst N B bl...Main 4106 
Mullins Clarence H, r, 1914 10th av, s..Main 8925-J 

Mullins Lou Mrs, res, 3806 Ave D Main 4318-J 

Mullins O B, res, 2320 16th Ensley 1266-W 

Mullins R A, res, 1220 Avalon Main 3450 

Mullins W Palmer, res, 145 I >avies. .Wdlawn . 331 

Mully Optical Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 2069 

Mully P A Dr, res, Fairmont Apts Main 6766 

Mulvaney J A, res, 2028 8th av, n...Main 2427-W 

Mulvey P J, res. 7 1 7 S 2oth Main 8381-J 

Mumah S L .Mrs. res, 2011 Trilby av. . Ensley 316-W 
Munds Jas T. ivs. 2934 Pawnee av....Main 4061 
Munger Eugene, res, 2800 Cypress av..Main 2031 
Munger Lonnie P, r, Margaret Apts.. Main 6313 

Munger R S\ ofc, Title bl Main 741 

Munger R S, res, Montevallo rd Main 1061 

Municipal Courts, 

Abernathy H B Judge, Crt Hse Main 2108 

Lea Thos Judge, Crt Hse Main 7339 

MacQueen Jno Judge, Crt Hse Main 2989 

Munn J J, res, 714 3rd Ensley 1252-W 

Munn L H Jr, res. S31 N 41st Main 7625-W 

Munn W B. res, (06 39th Ensley 1423-W 

Munro J B, whl prod, 2010 Morris av..Maln 4852 
Munsey Drug Co.p s,4301 10th av.n.. Wdlawn 9102 

Munsoii L S, its, 1M7 Alois av Ensley 1359-J 

Muntive Chas, r, 4816 Hntsvle av... Bessmr 1133-J 
Ifurchison J I>, res, 307 Owen av. ... Bessmr 1089 

Murdoch W L, res, 1500 S 20th Main 2816 

Murdoch W L Brkrg Co.Ch of Com... Main 1453 
Murphree Fred P, r, 5300 11th av. n. Wdlawn 919-J 
Murphree Guy Mrs, r, 1821 8th av, n..Maln 1766-J 

Murphree L E, res, 900 N 50th Wdlawn 374-J 

Murphree T A, res, 2822 Pine av Main 4603 

Mur phree & RIchardson.attys.Frly bL.Maln 1300 

Main 223 ElCCttlCid 412N ' mh ^t 


• • 



• Indicates P. B. Exchang 









Main • 3355 
Main • • S85 
Main . • 134 
Entley . 1477 

Murphy Allen, res, 1017 23rd Bessmr 

Murphy A M Mrs, res, 1530 Av H....Maln 

Murphy Bessie E, res, 1706 Ave G Main 

Murphy B J, res, 700 Weaver Main 

Murphy Elsie Miss, res, 1409 Tusc av.W End 
Murphy G E Dr, ofc, Woodward bl....Main 
M"urphy G E' Dr, r, 1240 Maplewood av.Main 
Murphy Henry, wagon bldr, 1911 Av A. .Main 

Murphy J C, res, Wallace Apts Ensley 

Murphy Jas H, res, 1420 Allen, n Main 

Murphy Kelly, brkr, Am Tr bl Main 

Murphy Kelly, res, Edgewood Main 

M"urphy M E, res, 2512 Ave F Ensley 

Murphy Matt H, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Murphy Matt H, res, 1318 Glenn av....Main 
Murphy, Murray & Hanna, attys, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Murphy Q R, auto rprg, 111 S 21st.... Main 

Murphy Q R, res, Edgwd Main 

Murphy Robt E, res, 1605 S 21st Main 

Murphy S D, res, 1603 S 20th Main 

Murphy Undertaking Co,2011 2nd av. Bessmr 

Murphy Wm E, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Murphy W H Dr, res, 126 N 57th. . . Wdlawn 

Murray Auto Shop, 320 19th Bessmr 

Murray Bros, gro&mts, 2320 2nd av,n...Main 
Murray Carl, res, 212 N Hawkins. .. .W End 

Murray C R, res, 1401 St Chas Main 

Murray D R, drugs, 4101 1st av Main 

Murray J R, res, 1006 1st av W End 

Murray J Reese, atty, 1st N B bl....Main 
Murray J Reese, res, 2747 Niazuma av.Main 

Murray R C, res, 1308 N 25th Main 

Murray R H, res, 1716 Central av....W End 
Murray Robt W, drugs, 301 S 41st.... Main 

Murray Robt W, res, 4116 Av D Main 

Murray S B, res, 3400 Altamont rd Main 

Murray Tire Co, 2030 Av B Main 

Murray Tire & Vulcanizing Co, auto rpr, 

2007 Av E Ensley 

Murray W Mrs, res, 2101 6th av, n Main 

Murrell V S, res, 205 S 21st.... Bessmr 

Muscoda Club House. Headers Bessmr 

Muscolino D, res, 1031 8th av, n Main 

Muse H F, res, 404 Prnctn av W End 

Musgrove Campaign Hdqrtrs, 

Ofc, Molton Hotel Main 

Music Mary Miss, r, 2213 N 32nd Main 

Mussey Howard E, res, 1720 27th .... Ensley 
Mustin Wm, res, 5311 Walnut av... Wdlawn 
Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co, Wdwrd bL.Maln 
Mutual Life Ins Co of N Y, B-M bl Main 

Mgrs ofc, B-M bl Main 

Mutual Loan Society, Inc, B-M bl....Main 


301 S 20th Main 

My Coca Bottling Co, ofc, 310 46th Ensley 

My Coca Co, ofc, 1521 1st av Main 

Myatt Adam M.mdse brkr.Wdwrd bL.Maln 
Myatt Adam M, r, 2017^ Humbolt av..Main 

Myatt M A, coal, B-M bl " Main 

Myatt M A, res, 2012 13th av, s Main 

Myatt Mark A Jr, ofc, Farley bl Main 

Myer Candy Co, 2317 2nd av, n Main 

Myer Chas M, res, 3502 Cliff rd Main 

Myer Lena Mrs, res, 1620 S 12th Main 

Myer Sam, jeweler, 1927 2nd av Main 

Myer Sam, res, 1315 Cullom Main 

Myers Annie V Miss, r, 105 N 66th.. Wdlawn 
Myers Callie Mrs, res, 2104 8th av, n.Maln 

Myers F E, mts&groc, 530 S 32nd Main 

Myers F E, res, 713 S 33rd Main 

Myers Harry W, res, 1201 N 36th Main 

Myers J E Major, res, Albemarle Apts. .Main 

Myers R H, res, 2001 Ave H Ensley 

Myers Walter Jr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Myers W L, res, 1606 Ave J Ensley 

Myrick T A, res, Hilltop av Main 






203- W 



















537 1-W 

656- J 


Aimuhnca SBrvise H. I DO Z 



McAdams E P, U S S S agt, Govt bl-.Maln 1037 
McAdory I W.r.McCalla, Ala.RFD 1.. Bessmr 8313 

McAdory J E Mrs, res, RFD 3 Bessmr 460-J 

McAdory R M, res, 1427 N 16th Main 3150 

McAdory Wallace C, ofc, Empire bl Main 2819 

McAdory Walter K, r, 1026 S 18th... Main 5025-J 
McAdory W P Dr, ofc, 2430 11th av, n.Main 432 

McAdory W P Dr, r, Ridgely Apts Main 3261 

McAfee M F, res, 216 S Hawkins W End 137- W 

McAfee W C, res, Martin sta Ensley 595-J 

McAllister J E, res, 4340 Ave B Main 4493 

McAllister M L, res, 2411 Av H Main 8352-W 

McArdle C Mrs, res, 56 Church, P C Ensley 278 
McArdle Fannie Mrs, r, 2326 5th av, n..Main 2508-W 

McArdle L W, res, 1122 N 20th Main 6565 

McArthur F D, atty, 1st N B bl Main 318 

McArthur F D, res, 1008 S 28th Main 7839 

McArver Frances Miss,r,1003 Ctn av..W End 909-J 

McBee E H, res, 601 St Chas av W End 573-J 

McBee Frank, res, 3205 Ave E Ensley 594-J 

McBee W A, bilrd rm, 1809 Ave E.. Ensley 505 

McBrayer F J, res, 1701 7th av, n Main 4374 

McBride C L, res, 1003 Tusc av....W End 765-J 

McBride W E, res, 1741 Jeff av Ensley 1408-J 

McBroom H T, ofc, Cham of Com Main 967 

McBroom H T, res, 1216 S 17th Main 2923-W 

McCabe J L, res, 5301 1st av Wdlawn 47 

McCabe R J, res, 1417 4th av Bessmr 1071-J 

McCafferty H J, res, 1226 N 15th Main 4340 

McCain B H, res, 508 S 26th Main 2201-J 

McCain Dry Cleaning Co, 111 N 21st.. Main 4737 

McCain T C, res, 4912 5th av, n Wdlawn 389-J 

McCain W C Mrs, res, 1819 Jasper. .. .Main 6641-W 

McCaleb E A, res, 307 23rd Ensley 1249-J 

McCaleb J L Mrs, res, 2309 Ave F. . Ensley 631 

McCall A G, res, 418 Fulton av W End 254-J 

McCall Brokerage Co. 1st Alley Main 6177 

McCall D W Mrs, res, 1312 St Chas Main 7173-J 

McUall Emmett E, res, 931 S 19th Main 4942-J 

McCall J H, res, 529 Peachtree av..W End 390-J 
McCall J Herbert, res, 3405 12th av, n.Main 8727-J 

McCall L B, res, Woodward Bessmr 586-W 

McCalley Langston, r, 1506 Ave N. ...Main 5373-J 

McCallum L B, res, 701 2nd av Wdlawn 677-R 

McCallum R H, res, 1517 12th av, n Main 3984-W 

McCampbell A J, r, 2124 Clrndn av.. Bessmr 240 

McCann Ben Mrs, res, Terrace Crt Main 8279 

McCants J I, res, San Jose Apts Main 9491 

McCarroll E F, res, 1512 7th av, n Main 1106- J 

McCarter T A, res. 521 Tusc av W End 578 

McCarthy Fergus W, r, 619 N 17th.... Main 4073 
McCarthy Henry M, res, 1323 S 20th.... Main 7661 
McCarthy J M Mrs. res, 1117 S 15th ..Main 6419-W 

McCartney J A, res, 112 Wood Wdlawn 178 

McCarty Coal Co, 1301 6th av, n Main 200 

McCarty E W, res, 330 S 54th Wdlawn 46 

McCarty Hattie Mrs, res. 1108 N 31st.. Main 5991 

McCarty John Mrs, r, 1118 N 25th Main 2960-J 

McCarty J M Mrs, res, 225 N 49th.. Wdlawn 510 

McCarty J W, res, 1720 Jeff av Ensley 987-J 

McCarty-Ormond Brokerage Co, ofc, 

2229 Morris av Main 1912 

McCarty R G, res, 2711 Hanover Cir Main 4715 

McCarty Thad B, res, 1921 13th av, s..Main 425 

McCarty Thos R, r, Margaret Apts Main 2974 

McCarty W C, brkr, Watts bl Main 1324 

McCarty W C, res, 1138 S" 13th Main 4530-J 

McCarty W J Rev, res, 1021 N 15th Main 6168-W 

McCary J F, res, Mineral Well Wdlawn 1103 

McCary J H, res, 1217 S 20th Main 3168-J 

McCary Rl Est & Ins, ofc, 116 N 21st.. Main 6861 

McCary W Hugh, atty, Am Tr bl Main 413 

MoCaskey W S, res, 11.34 N 20th Main 542 

McCaughrin S J Mrs.r.Ridgely Apts. . Main 5810 
McCaul Chas Co, contrs, 1830 5th av, n.Main 7553 
McCay J R, res, Lewisburg rd Main 7362- W 

vindicates P. B. Exchange 




Main 769 



Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gilchrist-Tarrant H G „ » 


Main 469 

McClain Glover, res, 616 N 17th Main 

McClain Jno F, res, 4021 Bess Blvd. .. Ensley 

McClain Lee, res, 1403 N 30th Main 

McClaran J L, res, 1334 Ave I Bessmr 

McClaren J B, res, 1506 S 15th Main 

McClary J B, res, 1908 Nelson av Main 


3 S 20th Main 

McCleery Geo, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

McClellan G B Mrs, res, 1531 10th av, s.Main 

McClellan T M, res, 3022 Mtn av Main 

McClendon C S, res, 5135 1st av, n.. Wdlawn 
McClendon Kate Mrs, r, 1009 Eula....Main 
McClendon Lou Mrs, res, 1330 N 14th.. Main 
McCllntock J Mrs, res, 1520 11th av, s.Main 
McCloud Ella, res, 5347 5th av, n. ...Wdlawn 

McCluney G T, res, 602 S 38th Main 

McClung J O, res, Crestline Hghts...Main 

McClure D H, res, 2214 Ave H Ensley 

McClure F E, res, 1118 Louise Main 

McClure G B, res, 1321 15th av, s Main 

McClure J F Mrs, res, 420 N 19th.... Main 

McClure Motor Co, ofc, 2020 Av B Main 

McClure R J, atty, 1st Nt Bk, bl Main 

McClure R J. res, 1205 Ash Main 

McClure W E, ofc, 2020 Av B Main 

McClure W F, res, 1405 N 25th Main 

McClurg Sarah C Mrs, r, 3323 Av B.. Ensley 

McClusky J B, res, Milner Hghts Main 

McCollister J H, res, 7409 Berney av. Wdlawn 
McCollister J R, r, 7330 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 
McCollough W M Mrs, r, 2310 Av H. . Ensley 

McCollum J M, res, 504 19th Bessmr 

McCollum L D, res, Orlean Apts. ... Bessmr 

McCollum Tom, 2011 4th av Main 

McCollum T J, res, 1712 2d av Bessmr 

MoComack G W Plmbg Co, 1618 2nd av.Main 
McComack Thelma Miss, 

Res, 8515 5th av, n -...Wdlawn 

McCombs W C, res, 2023 Av G Main 

McComsey J R, res, 1138 12th av, n....Maln 
MoConnell A N, res, 1014 Caldwell Terr. Main 

McConnell-Anglin-White Real Estate & I 

2026 3d av, 

Rental Department Main 

Insurance Department Main 

Sales Department Main 

McConnell Bertie Mrs, r, 1529 N 17th.. Main 

McConnell F C Mrs, res, 518 N 23rd Main 

McConnell F G, res, 526 Princeton av. . W End 
McConnell L F Mrs, r, 2504 6th av, n..Maln 
McConnell Roscoe, r, 3930 Clrmt av...Maln 
McConnell Stella Miss, r, 1110 N 30th.. Main 

McCool B F, res, 3832 Ave E Main 

McCool J D, res, 4216 4th av, s Main 

McCool M A. res, 1212 Tusc av W End 

McCool W U, res, 3816 4th av, s Main 

McCord E F Mrs, r, 1411 N Henry Main 

McCord H J, res, 1736 Lyon av W End 

McCorkle J W, res, 400 Roland av.... Bessmr 
McCormack G B, coal, Am Tr hi.... Main 
McCormack G B, res. Mountain- av. ... Main 

McCormack G B Jr, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

McCormack G B Jr, r, 3206 Cliff rd...Main 
McCormack H E, r, 2130 12th av, n...Maln 
McCormack H J, res, 2615 Madison av..Maln 

McCormack L A, res, 1304 N 26th Main 

McCormack M, res, 1909 Ave I Ensley 

McCormack & Sons Candy Brkg Co, 

B-M bl Main 

McCormick Lumber Co, B-M bl Main 

McCoullough D C, r, 1800 E 19th. .. Ensley 

McCowan R P, res, 1314 N 31st Main 

McCown W F. res, 1425 N 16th Main 

McCown W F, res, 212 N 24th Main 

McCoy Agnes Miss, r, 1431 Sarah av..W End 
McCoy A V, res, 614 Princeton av..W End 




















ns Co, 
















Am(>u1anca Service H. I 002 

McCoy B C, res, 1120 Louise Main 7736-W 

McCoy Chas E, res, 129 Edmond Wdlawn 1450-J 

McCoy E C Mrs, res, 1530 S 16th av..Maln 1654-J 

McCoy Luther, res, 2514 12th av, n Main 314-J 

McCoy Mary L, res, 3901 28th av, n...Main 8977 

McCoy T W, res, West Wdlawn 757-M 

McCoy W C, ofc, Cham of Com *...Main 4504 

McCoy W C, res, Ridgely Apts Main 6039 

McCracken Allie Miss, r, 1705 Oxford avMain 7348-W 

McCraney J W, res, 1208 N 25th Main 4974 

McCraney M J Mrs, r, 1525 10th av, s.Main 6893-J 
McCray Refrigerator Co,2014 4th av,n...Maln 6064 

McCray Will, res, 1219 11th Main 4032 

McCreless J F, res, 1307 Hall av Bessmr 1058 

McCrimmon Undertaking & Embalming Co, 

1222 Woodward Bessmr 939-W 

McCrorie Dave Mrs, res, 4117 7th av.. Ensley 734-W 
McCrorie Henry, r*s, 226 Hickson av.. Ensley 1026 
McCrossin E J, phys cultr, Wdwrd bL.Maln 4196 

McCrossin E J, res, 2717 Ave G Main 1778-J 

McCrossin W P, 212^ N 2lst Main 695 

McCrossin W P, res, 1824 12th av, s..Main 3180 

McCrossin W P Jr Dr. ofc, B-M bl Main 5686 

McCrossin W P Jr Dr,r,1824 12th av,s..Main 3180 

McCrum C M, res, Ridgely Apts Main 2166 

McCrum & Gillem, mfg agts. Empire bl.Main 7280 
McCrummen F Dr, r, Margaret Apts... Main 9548-J 

McCulla J H, res, 3701 Ave F Main 4370-J 

McCullough E Mrs, res, 1927 Av H Main 2232 

McCullough G C, res, 1705 S 12th Main 8244-J 

McCullough Roy, atty. Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8729 

McCullough Roy, res, 1404 St Chas Main 2326-W 

McCullough R P, res, 7804 Hlmn av. Wdlawn 627-W 
McCullough & Thomas,attys,J C B bL.Maln 3729 

McCulIum Tom, res, 2011 4th av Main 6424 

McCune J H, res, 1217 25th, n Main 1869 

McCurdy & Scriven, auto rprs, 

724 N 14th Main 421 

McCurley S A Mrs, res, 1011 N 24th... Main 6059 

McCurry A J. res, 2520 34th av, n Main 7165-J 

McCurry R H, res, 33rd Ensley 1123-W 

McCutchen L A, res, 5910 1st av Wdlawn 862 

McDanal C B, res, Irondale Wdlawn 1120-J 

McDaniel D, res, 1650 Dennison av..W End 81 
McDaniel Ethel Miss, res, 607 S 12th... Main 2364 

McDaniel Joe C Dr.ofc.lst N B bl Main 1376 

McDaniel Mollie Mrs, r, 517 N 19th... Main 4998 
McDaniel M M Mrs, r, 826 Hall av.. Bessmr 739-W 
McDaniel Raymond R Dr, dent, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 3140 

McDaniel W A Dr. dent, Empire bl Main 951 

McDaniel W F, res, 4011 Av B Main 7618-W 

McDaniels J M Mrs, r, 115 N Elyton..W End 59-J 

McDavid E R, res. Graymont Hgts Main 1560-W 

McDavid R P. res. Roehuck Springs Wdlawn 1163-J 

McDavid R P Jr, r, Roebuck Spgs Wdlawn 723-W 

McDermott Harold, r, 216 Sarah av Main 4633-J 

McDonald Chas E Jr,r,7402 Him av. Wdlawn 1078-J 

McDonald C W Dr. ofc. Realty bl Bessmr 326 

McDonald C W Dr. 

Res. 2012 Arlington av Bessmr 620-W 

McDonald F W Dr, r, 4315 10th av Ensley 376-W 

McDonald G I, res, 114 S 61st Wdlawn 26-W 

McDonald Hugh Mrs, r, 1227 S 20th... Main 3845-W 

McDonald John, res, 415 S 59th Wdlawn 458 

McDonald John, res, 2115 Ave F Ensley 242-J 

McDonald J F Dr. orthodontist, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 167 

McDonald J H, res, 634 44th Ensley 1230- W 

McDonald J W, res, 1621 N 31st Main 4797 

McDonald Kenneth M. res, 2704 AvG..Main 4054-J 
McDonald T J Mrs, r, 1630 Arlngtn. . Bessmr 1084 
McDonald W H. pay sta, 407 10th.. ..Bessmr 9179 

McDonald W J, res, 1420 N" 31st Main 5733 

McDonald W M Rev, res. 4121 8th av. Ensley 437-W 

McDonnell I F, res, 1016 S 26th Main 5451 

McDonough D F. res. 1220 Iroquois Main 3037-W 

McDonough J H, res, 7032 1st av.... Wdlawn 1125 

Main 223 ElCCttiCHil 4 " **' * 9th St 


Hahn-ForemanSiTeL 195 

Auto Fenders Made to Order 1905 Avenue B 

















Funeral Director Main 4862 

McDbnough Ore & Mining Co.Gte C.Wdlawn 726 
McDonough Ore & Mining Co, ofc, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5980 

McDonough P W, res, 71 Vine Ensley 338-W 

McDorman Geo Z, r, 1314 Warsaw av..Main 4748-J 
McDougal Minnie Mrs, r, 3721 Ave E...Main 4979 
McDougall A J, res, 2804 Rhodes Cir..Main 1146-W 

McDougle John, res, McCalla Bessmr 8304 

McDowell Geo G, r, 1621 Arlngtn av. Bessmr 888-J 

McDowell Maude, res, 815 N 51st Wdlawn 742-J 

McDowell M H, r, 2801 Ensley av.. Ensley 280 

McDowell R B, r, 1910 Ave II Main 6104-J 

McDowell Walter, r,ir» 11 Arlngtn av. .. Bessmr 696-W 
McDowell Ward, r, 3021 Ensley av... Ensley 983 

McDowell W O, res, Waddell Main 6707- W 

McDuff F H, res, 2608 33d av, n Main 5366 

McDuffie E M, res, 1900 S 17th Main 8083-W 

McDuffie Geo M, res, 1771 Wdlnd av..Main 6792 

McDuffy J M, res, 520 S 66th Wdlawn 1109-W 

McEachern Furniture Co, 2920 N 27th.. Main 7141 

McEachern J A, res, 2221 Av J Ensley 826-W 

McEachern Roy B, r, 2310 Ensley av. . Ensley 1136 
McEachern W D, r, 2004 32nd av, n....Main 7187 

McEachin C, ofc, 1715 6th av, n Main 9060 

McEachin C, res, 1705% 10th av, s....Main 9083 

McEachin R B, res, 1007 S 21st Main 1191 

McElhenney Lillie Mrs, r. 2215 Ave J.. Ensley 360-W 

McElroy Chas I Dr, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1608 

McElroy Chas I Dr, res, 931 S 13th... Main 7097 

McElroy F A, res, 1526 S 19th Main 5212- W 

McElroy J S, res, 108 60th, n... Wdlawn 232-W 

McElveen J C, res, 1021 N 46th Main 7625-J 

McEnirey J Howard, r, 1616 Brkly av. Bessmr 744-W 
McEnirey Jno T, r, 2001 Clrndn av..B«ssmr 443-W 
McEniry Wm HUffh*atty.228% X 19th. Bessmr 188 
McEniry Wm Hugh, r, 1923 Arlngtn. . Bessmr 236-W 
McEniry & McEniry,lwys,221% 19th.. Bessmr 188 

McEntire C B, res, 909 Eliza av W End 721-W 

McEntire L V Mrs, res, 616 Eliza av. .W End 325-J 

McEntire's Cash Market, 401 19th Bessmr 408 

McEntire's L V Cash Market, 321 N ISth . Main 628 

McEver James F, res. 3620 Ave. E Main 9598 

McEvers C F Mrs, r, 201 43d Ensley 892-J 

McEvoy Kate Mrs, rrll72 N 13th Main 2006-J 

McEwen W B, res, 204 N 60th Wdlawn 116-J 

McFadden W E, res, 112 S 41st Main 7591 

McFarland H M, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 8271 

McFarland H If, res, 2026 14th av, s...Main 4*480 
McFarland R A, r, 3032 Ensley av. ...Ensley 464-J 

McFarland T A, atty. Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4780 

McFarlin Jas, res, 2531 Ave F Main 3175-W 

McFarlin Will, res, 1238 ISth av, s..Main 2830-J 
McGahey R G Dr,ofc,1128% Tusc av..W End 346 

McGahey R G Dr, res, 200 Tusc av W End 92 

McGahey T G, res, 112 S Hawkins... W End 32-J 
McGaughey T D, atty, Inferior Ct bl.. Ensley 1437 
McGaughey T D, res, 2005 Tike av.. Ensley 1139 
McGavock R J, dentist.ofc.Wdwrd bl...Main 6140 
McGavock R J Dr. res, Fairmont Apts.Main 2872- J 
McGavock W R Mrs,r,1021 St Chas,s..Main 4090-W 
McGee Brokerage Co, 2231 Morris av...Ma!n 3205 
McGee B E Dr, res. Downey Sta. ... Bessmr 427-J 

McGee C A, res, 4018 Av E Main 8849 

McGee F A Dr, dentist, Empire bl Main 2249 

McGee F A Dr, res, 3119 Nrwd Blvd.. Main 5444-J 

McGee R E, res, 1601 Tusc av W End 635-W 

McGeever Bros, Ins, Farley bl Main 2774 

McGeever Hugh, r, 3018 12th av, n....Maln 5868-J 
McGeever P J Mrs, res, HOO^T 28th.... Main 2571-J 

McGehee H M. ofc, 308 19th Ensley 433 

McGehee M L Mrs, r, 103 2nd av.... Ensley 613-J 

McGehee S J Mrs, r, 2210 5th av, n Main 7653 

McGhee Eliza O, res, 621 8th av, n Main 4083-J 

McGill J D, res, 704 W 20th Main 2399 

McGill J F, res, 2124 Zinn av Ensley 160-J 

McGillivray Arch, res, 2333 Orange av.Maln 8708 

McGinn M J, res, 1206 1st av W End 391-W 

MoGinnis F L, res, 400 Tusc av W End 471 


Ambulanc* Service n . I U U L 

/ ) - 

* Indicates P. B. Exchange 

A11 Grades (T^/VAI main 

Lowest Cash Prices W W ML 228 

McGinnis H C, res, 400 Tusc av W End 471 

McGinty B F, res, 1015 S 13th Main 3525-J 

McGlathery A V, r, 1700 Huntsville av.Main 2446-J 

McGlathery Coal Co, 5415 2nd av Wdlawn 181 

McGlathery E S, res, 239 N 52nd Wdlawn 487-W 

McGlathery F S Dr, ofc, Lyric bl Main 205 

McGlathery F S Dr, res, 1207 S 15th... Main 1440 
McGlathery J C, r, 5325 Austin av. .Wdlawn 251-W 
McGlathery W T, res, 4104 Sycamore. Ensley 1404-W 
McGlone D P Mrs, res, 1615 N 17th.. Main 6865-W 

McGlothlin C E, res, 301 42nd Ensley 942-J 

McGlothlin J W, res, 917 N 45th. . .Wdlawn 1154-J 

McGonegle Chas, res, 1200 2nd av W- End 263-J 

McGough T A, res, 2313 6th av, n Main 6881-W 

McGough's Bakery, 2113 2nd av, n Main 7947 

McGowan B B, res, 1624 Mamie av...Main 7465-J 
McGowan Frank, res, 2510 Park av... Ensley 1035 

McGowan p H, res, 500 S 19th Main 5613-J 

McGowen W H, res, 1726 14th av, s Main 8741 

McGowen W W Mrs, r, 5217 Austin. .Wdlawn 499-W 

McGrady R E, res, 3524 Ave H Main 8960-J 

McGrady T N, res, Hillside Sta Main 3044-W 

McGraw Will, res, 1771 Lee av W End 943 

McGriff Lee, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8419 

McGuire C F. res, 3928 Av B Main 7658- J 

McGuire Chas P, res, 3220 12th av, n..Maln 5708-W 
McGuire Minnie Mrs, res, 613 19th.. Bessmr 391-J 

Mclnerney J T, res, 2714 N 33rd av Main 7190-J 

BfcIntOBh Lucius M, r, 2310 Ave F Ensley 509-J 

Mcintosh II II, pub acct, Jff Co Bk bL.Maln 8187 
Mcintosh R H, res, 1809 6th av, n...Main 5259 
Mclnturff F W, res, 1S20 17th av, n...Maln 7884-W 

Mclntyre A, res, 1426 Phelan Main 3802 

Mclntyre J B, res, 1905 Nelson av...»JV1ain 4853 

McKail William, res, 329 40th Ensley 1102-W 

McKay Jack, res, 1102 Ave F Main 3615-J 

McKeand Christine Miss,r,320 Earle av.Main 8084 

McKee C L Dr, dent, 206% N 20th Main 6266 

McKee J W, res, 2300 Orange av Main 3254 

McKee Katie, res, % 824 S 18th Main 6663-W 

McKee & Lacey Drs,dents,206% N 20th. Main 6266 

McKenna Wm M. res, 1120 N 24th Main 4240-WI 

McKenzie C II Dr, dent, 1903% Av E. .Ensley 80 
McKenzie Gibson R, r, 1116 12th av, n..Mafn 6221-J 
McKenzie J W, res, McCalla, Ala. . .Bessmr 8314 

McKenzie M C, res, 1139 N 12th Main 5514-W 

McKenzie Willie E Gray, res, 

2410 10th av Bessmr 117-J 

McKewen Harry Mrs, 

Res. 5620 4th av, s Wdlawn 357-W 

McKibbon J B, res, 4251 Ave E Main 4277-W 

McKinley D E, res. 204 S 80th Wdlawn 925-W 

McKinley D E & Bro, coal & livery, 

College Station Wdlawn 1104 

McKinley E W, res, 1101 12th av, s..Main 2682 
McKinley G R, res, 7514 Sloss av... Wdlawn 267 

McKinney A D, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 534-J 

McKinney Ed, res, 2900 8th av, n Main 8921-W 

McKinney E D, res, 3020 12th av, n Main 9459-W 

McKinney Walter, res, 610 4th Ensley 321-W 

McKinney W R, res, 1030 34th Main 9580 

McKinnon H A Pr, phys, Empire bl Main 2249 

McKinnon H A Dr, r, 1412 Tusc av. .W End 108-W 
McKinstry Jos W, res. 1103 N 32nd.... Main 4212 

McLane W S, res, 1524 N 20th Main 3099 

McLaney J P, res, 1515 12th av, n Main 1320 

McLaren W W, res, 520 Ray Ensley 1058-J 

McLarn C S, res, 4021 1st av Wdlawn 555 

Mclaughlin coal co. 

East Thomas Yard Ensley 130 

Ensley Yard, 1908 Ave A Ensley 1062 

McLaughlin Georgia Mae Miss, res, 

810 N 18th Main 2574 

McLaughlin James, r, East Thomas. .. Main 2674-W 
McLaughlin J F, res, 2301 12th av, n..Maln 8372 

McLaughlin Thos, r, E Thomas Main 4763- W 

McLaughlin W L Mrs, r, 1909 Car... Bessmr 626-J 
McLaurine H, res, 1500 Phelan Main 5055 


Lhero-Cola <£m 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 






\e^0tJ^t { 



McLaurine H B, res, 0226 1st av Wdlawn 

McLean C C Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 

McLean C C Dr, res, 1025 S 28th Main 

McLean R E, res, 725 S 30th Main 

McLellan C E,»-res, 262S Pike av Ensley 

McLemore Elizabeth Mrs,r,330 N 8th.. Main 

McLemore G B Mrs, r, 420 Ann Ensley 

McLemore W E, res, 1710 Pike av.... Ensley 

McLendon D E, res, 118 S 75th Wdlawn 

McLendon Grocery Co, 132 S 55th. . . .Wdlawn 
McLendon W A Mrs, res, 2n7 Odar. Wdlawn 
McLeod Alex, r, 530 Princeton av....W End 
McLeod Jno D, r, 730 S 27th Main 


1625 1st av Main 

McLester Jas S Dr, ofc. 930 S 20th Main 

McLester Jas S Dr.r.Mt Terrace Main 

McLester R G, res, 1029 Elm Main 


Wholesale Grocers, 2023 Morris av..Main 

McLin Earle G Mrs, r, 1512 S 15th Main 

McLure W R. res, 2508 18th Crt. ... Ensley 
McLure W R & Co.dry gds,400 19th. . . ExMiey 
McMahen C mcht,2104 Mors av.Main 
McMahen C M, whse, 2113 Mors av..Main 
McMahen C M, res, 2201 12th av, n....Main 
McMahen L A, res, Vanderbilt rd... Wdlawn 

McMahon R G, res, 2100 Ave G Ensley 

McMath & Co, mdse. 2902 N 27th Main 

McMeans R L, res, 2719 10th av, s....Main 
McMurray J R, r, 2306 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 

McNair J L, res, 1330 11th av, s Main 

McNair W J Mrs. res, 2217 5th av. n. . . Main 
McNamara D M, res, 2804 Ave E... Ensley 
McNamara F J, res, 405 Tusc av....W End 

McNary H A, res, 1920 10th av, s Main 

McNatt O A Mrs, res, 1016 N 26th Main 

McNeal Jennie, res, 837 S 14th Main 

McNeal T E, res, 6624 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 

McNeel Jno D, ofc, Govt bl Main 

McXeel Jno D, r, 1490 Milner Cresc...Main 
McNeely P B, res, 1312 Glen Iris av. . . .Main 
McNeil E W Dr, dentist. Realty bl.. Bessmr 
McNeil E W Dr, res, 160S Brkly av.. Bessmr 

McNeill C K, res, 2102 Av G Main 

McNeill Jno Rev, res, 1721 12th av, s..Main 
McNeiJl Julia V Mrs, r, 1212 N 29th... Main 

McNeill M R, scrap iron, 9th av Main 

McNeill M R, res, 1231 N 30th Main 

McNeill Walter, res, 412 Summit av....Main 
McNIce W K, res, 1014 Woodland av..Main 

McNulty C P, res, 2720 34th av, n Main 

McNutt II C, res, 2520 13th av. n :.Main 

McNutt Julia B Mrs, res. S25 B 29th.. Main 

McPhaul Jno C, res, 227 S 77th Wdlawn 

2714 Ensley av.. Ensley 
Dr, ofc, 310 N l^thMain 
Dr, res, 507 7th, n.Main 
5507 5th av, s. . Wdlawn 

1709 Jasper Main 

200 N 74th Wdlawn 

res. 2909 11th av. n.Main 
To. ofc, 103 N 21st. Main 

McPherson B F, res, 
McPherson Chas A J 
McPherson Chas A J 
McPherson II D. res, 
McPherson Jas, res, 
McPherson J T, res, 
McPherson If Mrs, 
McPherson Rubber 







W H, res, Inglenook. .. .Wdlawn 

Carrie B, res, 718 Smith Main 

J P Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 

J P Dr. res. 1601 N 31st Main 

J W. res, 1018 S 17th Main 

McQuiddy R C Dr. ofc, Empire bl Main 

McQuiddy R C Dr. res, 1105 S 15th... Main 
McQuillen R J Rev, res, 2112 Ave H.. Ensley 

McRae D A, res, 715 N 18th Main 

J B, res, 118 N 51st WdLawn 

J L. res, 1529 S 19th Main 

M D, res, 5917 3rd av, n Main 

S A. mens furn, 506 19th. ... Ensley 
Spruce A, res. 2206 Av II.... Ensley 






327 -J 























1766- W 



Sheetrock Wain MM Wiltichen 

Wall Board Made of Rock— Not Wood. 


Ambulanc* Service flfi. I UUZ 

McRee T W, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

McRee V L, res, 1918 Av I Ensley 

McRee W S, res, 1804 Ave I Ensley 

McReynolds I E. res, 457 Powell.... W End 
McReynolds J E, r, 501 Powell av...W End 

McRimmon A J, res, 58 Maple Ensley 

M< Roberts L Mrs, res, 626 N 19th Main 

McShan D J, res, 390*9 McMillan. ... Main 

McSpadden H, res, 3818 6th av, s Main 

McTier Daniel, Ave D Main 

McTyelre H N Dr, dent, Old Bk bl.. Ensley 
.McTyeire H N Dr, r 1160 Fountain av.Main 

McTyelre R P Dr, dent, Realty bl Bessmr 

McTyeire R P Dr, r, 1804 Arlngtn av. Bessmr 
McTyeire W W Dr,r.2509% Ens av.. Ensley 
McTyeire & Townsend Drs, dentists, 

1901% Ave E Ensley 


2018 1st av Main 

McVay G B, res, 3328 17th av, n Main 


Seeds, 2123 2nd av, n Main 






2018 1st av 
McWane Arthur T, res, 1431 Louise. 
McWane J R, res, 1320 St Chas .., 

McVVhirter J C, res, 220 2nd 

McWhirter J L. res, 830 Tusc av..., 
McWhorter A M Dr, res, 2322 Ave P. 

McWhorter E L, res, 2905 N 16th 

MoWhorter J W, res, 2531 22nd av, n. 

McWhorter S" L. res, 921 Ga av 

McWilliams H W, groc, Crews Sta. . . 
McWilliams Julia Mrs, r, 1926 28th. 
McWilliams J I, res, 2400 Irene av. 
McWilliams J W, res, 1230 S 16th. 
McWilliams W A, res, 1212 N 23rd.. 
McWilliams W E Mrs,r,17oo 4th av 
McWillie T A, res, 2418 Ave G 


. . Main 

. .Main 

W End 

W End 

. Ensley 

. . .Main 

. . Main 

. . Main 

. Ensley 

. Ensley 

. Ensley 

. . .Main 

. . .Main 


. Ensley 

Nabb C H, res, 2608 Highland av Main 

Nabers Florence Bee Miss, r, 2210 Av I. Main 
Nabers Frank E Dr, ofc. Jeff Co Bk bl. . Main 
Nabers Frank E Dr, r, 2519 Linden. .. Main 
Nabers Samuel F Dr, oculist, J Co B bl.MaHn 
Nabers S F Dr, r, 2023 13th av, s Main 

5 L, res, Powderly W End 

W F Mrs, res, 1020 S 21st Main 

Zach L, r, 2906 Hgld av Main 

6 Nabers Drs. ofc, J Co Bk bl. . Main 

J B. res, 322 S 30th Bessmr 

J B. RFD 2 Bessmr 

J D, res, 4U5 Av B Main 

Mark, res, S03 S 30th Main 

M P, res, 3618 Huntsv av. .. Bessmr 

T A, res, 6608 Sloss av Wdlawn 

W F, res, 4424 Ave B Main 

X, res, 24 16 sth av, n Main 

Norman, res, 810 N 15th Main 

Naff Holden S\ res, 1136 Louise Main 

Naff Mortimer II Dr, ofc, Stevens bl.. Ensley 

Naff Mortimer H Dr. res, 316 4Sth Ensley 

Naff W H Mrs, res. 1405 Huntsv av...Maln 
Naftel J E Dr. dent, 1831% 2nd av... Bessmr 
Nagel Mamie Mrs, r, 2003 Oak av.... Ensley 

Xagel W r F, res, 2643 Pike av Ensley 

Nageley Jno W, res, 1712 Jeff av... Ensley 

Nail (Maude, r. 2324 21st av, n Main 

Nail E H, res, 1317 Glen Iris av Main 

Nail J W, res, 1012 S 15th Main 

Nail W T, res, 1521 S 15th Main 

Nalley J M. res, 536 Powell av W End 

Nance B D, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

Napier Lillie If Miss.r,1912 11th av.s..Maln 
Narkntes H J. res, 813 N 50th Wdlawn 




406- W 




2624- J 













1103- J 



Main 223 ElCCtfiCill 4l2 N ' * 9th St 




• Indicates P. B. Exchan 









Main • 3355 
Main . . S85 
Main • • 134 
Ensley . 1477 

Narkates Peter, r, 5001 6th av, s...Wdlawn 

Xaro A R, res, 1401 8th av, n Main 

Naro Toney. confectr, 2328 8th av...Bessmr 

Nash A T, res, 2720 32nd av, n Main 

Nash Euphemia M Mrs, r, 1024 N 25th.. Main 
Nash Foundry Supply Co, Avondale. . .Main 

Nash J M, res, 4303 5th av, s Main 

Nash Sam F Dr, r, 1612 Berkley av..Bessmr 
Nassauer Geo, res. 2818 Juniper av...Main 

Nasser E, conf, 2201 Av F Main 

Nathurst H L Mrs, res, 2223 Av F... .Ensley 

Nation C S, res, 1726 Huntsv av Main 

Nation S II, res, 5120 Grand av Wdlawn 

Nat'l Baking & Lunch Co.lS04 1st av..Main 

National Biscuit Co, 120 S 18th Main 

National Cash Register Co, ofc, 

2105 3rd av, n Main 

Natl Cast Iron Pipe Co, ofc, 

Tarrant City Wdlawn 

Comsry, Tarrant City Main 

National City Co.securities.J C Bk bL.Main 
National Coal & Coke Co, gen ofc, 

2200 Ave E Main 


Office, 105 S 22nd Main 

Plant, 105 S 22nd Main 

Nat'l Grate Bar Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 

National Hide & Wool Co,2423 Mors av.Main 
Natl Life Ins Co of U S A, Farlev bL.Main 

Nat Life Ins Co of Vt, Empire bl Main 

Nat Life & Acci Ins Co, indust'l dept, 

B -M bl Main 

Natl Life & Acct Ins Co, Realty bl. . .Bessmr 
National Millinery Co, whol, 2017 1st av Main 
Nat'l Pyrites & Copper Co.ofc.Am Tr bl.Main 
National Shirt Shops Inc. 205 N 19th. Main 
Nat'l Shoe Fixry, ofc, 1924^ 4th av...Maln 
National Supply Co, ofc, 2200 Ave C.Main 
National Woolen Mills, tlr, 114 20th.. Bessmr 
Naves Casinda, r, 815 Carolina av.. Bessmr 
Navy Recruiting Station. Title Guar bL.Main 

Naylor O W. res, 407 Cotton av Main 

Elec Co, 308 1 9th Bessmr 

Geo A, res, 306 45th Ensley 

G G, res, 1528 Berkeley av Bessmr 

H D, res, 2421 5th av Main 

Henry E Jr. ofc, 226 S 22nd Main 

J A, res, 1709 3d av Bessmr 

R A. res, 604 S 34th Main 

Neal W E Mrs, res, 6713 1st av Wdlawn 

Neal W T, res, 2822 Ave G Ensley 

Nealeans G J Mrs, r, 1119 N 23rd Main 

Nealeans Wm. res, 1010 Lombardy..W End 

Near East Relief, ofc. Cham of Com Main 

Needham Mae Mrs, r, 200 Grace Wdlawn 

Neel Wm T, res, 1511 Cotton av W End 

Neeley J W. res, 7314 London av.. Wdlawn 
Neelley J E B. res. 5811 3rd av. n.. Wdlawn 

Neely Richard, res, 2620 7th av. n Main 

Neighborhood House, benev assn, 

504 S 19th Main 

Neighbors S W. res, 433» 2nd av Main 

Neill Coal Co. Coalburg Main 

Neil Jno C. res, Coalburg Main 


67 19- J 








res, 1125 Cullom Main 

Neill J M Mts. 

Neill Robt. res. 2712 34th av. n Main 

Neilson H C, res, 3815 Ave C Main 

Nelems H C, res, 303 3rd Ensley 

Nelson A W, res. 2816 Mountain av Main 

Nelson C, res. 7504 2d av, n Wdlawn 

Nelson C B, res, 400 N 53rd Wdlawn 

Nelson Drug Co, Inc, 2231 5th av, n Main 

Pay sta. 2231 5th av, n Main 

Nelson E Brasher, res. 1 4 • » o x 33rd... Main 

Nelson Frank, res, 2927 Iroquois Main 

Nelson Frank Jr, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Nelson F H, res, 1617 Marshall av Main 

Nelson J C Mrs. res, 908 S 20th Main 














260- J. 
















Am ulano Servhg M, I UUZ 



Nelson J H, 
Nelson Joe J, 
Nelson J M, 

res, 1920 15th av, n Main 

res, 503 Lucy av Main 

res, Hillside Sta Main 


Gonl Ofc, 2204 Av A '. Main 

Sales Dept, 2204 Av A Main 

Nelson R E, res, 6807 1st av Wdlawn 

Nelson R G Dr, infirmy, 1431 11th av.s.Main 
Nelson R G Dr, res, Fairmont Apts. . . .Main 

Nelson W M, res, 2614 Highland av Main 

Nelson WW, res, 2509 15th av, n Main 

Nesbit Valentine J, atty, Am Tr bl....Maln 

^esbit V J, res, 3219 Glenn av Main 

Nesbit & Sadler, attys. Am Tr bl Main 

.\esbitt C H, chf mine insp, Ch Com.. Main 

Nesbitt C H, res, 436 S 54th Wdlawn 

Nesbitt Fred, res. 1614 S 12th Main 

ivesbitt T M, res, 908 S 29th Main 

Nesbitt W D, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Nesbitt W D, res, 1400 Beech Main 

Nesmith C C. atty, Jeff To Bk bl Main 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Nesmith C C. atty. 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Nesmith C C, res, RFD 2 Wdlawn 

Nesmith & Hunt.attys.lst N Bk bl...Maln 
Nettleman E A. groc, 

4405 Huntsville av Bessmr 

Nettles Robert E Dr, dent, 1st N B bl. .Main 
Neugent G W, groc, 1427 14th av, s;..Main 

Neugent G W, res, 92S N 45th Wdlawn 

Neville J F Dr, res, 1626 S 13th Main 

Neville T S. audtr, Emp bl. Main 

Neville T S, res, 1725 15th av, s Main 

Nevins W H, ofc, Cham Com Main 

Nevins W H, res, 1116 Hickory Main 

New Castle Coal Co, 

Treas ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Mine ofc, New Castle Main 

Res, Carr McCormack, Nw Cstlc.Main 

New Colonial Hotel, 209 N 21st Main 

New England Mutual Life Ins Co, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 

New Home Sewing Mch Agcy.2209 2d.. Main 
New Peoples Mattress Co. 2321 Av A... Main 

New Post Office Cafe, 405 N loth.. Main 

New York Life Ins Co, 1st N B bl Main 

New York Model Hat Shop.220 N 20th, s. Main 
Newbold Apts (pay sta), 712 N 21st... Main 
Newbold T A, res, 314 42nd Ensley 


1531 1st av, n Main 

Newell Jno O, res, 1508 Tusc av W End 

Newell J W Mrs, r, 1704*4 5th av, n..Main 

Newell W S, res, 1226 Va av Main 

Newfleld M Rabbi, stdy. 2100 Hild av.Main 
Newfield M Rabbi, r, 2150 16th av, s...Main 

Newman A Mrs, res. 1911 Park av Main 

Newman Albert, res, 420 N 51st. . .Wdlawn 

Newman C E Mrs, res, 1321 S 20th Main 

Newman Chas L, res, Irondale, Ala.. Wdlawn 
Newman E S. groc, 8248 Undwd av. Wdlawn 

Newman H H Mrs, res. 1201 N 25th Main 

Newman L, res, 806 N 25th Main 

Newman L L, res, 3400 Altamont rd....Main 

Newman Max, res, 720 N 25th Main 

Newman M L Mrs, res, 2331 16th Crt.. Ensley 

Newman P J. res. 2200 7th av, n Main 

Newman R E. res, 1220 S 12th, s Main 

Newman R W. res, 921 Poplar Main 

Newman W M Mrs. res, 1713 7th av Main 


H6 S 77th Wdlawn 

Woodlawn Branch, 5510 1st av.. Wdlawn 

Newmon J H, res, 1220 N 25th Main 

Newmon J H 

Newsom E H 

Newsom R L, 

& Co,mkt.l801 2d av,n..Main 
Mrs, res, 54th PI, s... Wdlawn 
res, 6014 1st av Wdlawn 












1154- J 






















Main 769 



Funeral Director Main 4862 

(Tdchrist-Tarrant B5 £ 


Main 469 

Newsome H K, r, 1734 Cleveland av..W End 

Newton A J, res, 1008% S 20th Main 

C O, res, 511 St Chas W End 

H D, Cham of Com Main 

H D, res, 1106 N 31st Main 

J M, res, 1220 3rd av W End 

J V, res, 1400 Huntsville av...Main 
M M Rev, r, 930 N 47th. . .Wdlawn 

T M, res, 1645 S 12th Main 

E M, res, 3125 nth av, n Ma 



Nice Chas M Dr, phys, Wdward bl Main 

Nice Chas M Dr, res, 1232 Iroquois Main 

Nicholas T J, res, 511 4 2nd Ensley 

Nicholas Winifred Miss.r.Newport Apts. Main 

Nicholls A G, res, 1230 3rd av W End 

Nicholls W E. res, 1909 33rd av, n Main 

Nichols D O, res, 1225 N 30th Main 

Nichols J R, res, 1710 14th av, s Main 

Nichols J W, groc, 32nd av. n Main 

Nichols O C, res, 607 4th Ensley 

Nichols Walter, res, Thomas Ensley 

Nichols Wm A Mrs, res, 1900 Ave G.. Ensley 

Nichols W H, ofc, Empire bl Main 

Nichols W H, res, 1109 S 16th Main 

Nicholson J S, res, 823 Wdland av, s..Main 

Nicholson S C, res, 632 S 40th Main 

Nick's Place, p s, 5701 1st av Wdlawn 

Nickel J J, res, 415 Carline av Ensley 

Nickelsen R L, res, 341 40th Ensley 

NilesBement Pond Co, 2015 1st av...Main 

Nipper W L, res, 2305 20th Ensley 

Niven L A, res, 3153 Norwood Blvd... Main 

Nix Joe M, res, 6709 Sloss av Wdlawn 

Nix J T, res, 2321 23rd Ensley 

Nix Maud Miss, r, 3017 Dartmth av.. Bessmr 

Nixon C W, res, 809 19th Bessmr 

Nixon Mary Miss, res, 2311 4th av, n..Maln 

Noble J E, res, 54 27 11 th av Wdlawn 

Noble R C, res, 1305 N 31st Main 

Nolan Coal Co, yard. 2200 Ala av Bessmr 

Nolan J P, res, 2315 7th av. n Main 

Nolan M M Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Nolan M M Dr, les, 2S17 Mountain av..Main 

Nolan R S Dr, res, 430 S 7th Bessmr 

Nolan W F, res, 1622 4th av Bessmr 

NolSrld Lloyd Dr, ofc. Fairfield Hosp.. Ensley 
Noland Lloyd Dr, res, Ridgely Apts... Main 

Nolen J A, res, 822 3rd av, n Main 

Noojin J E, res. 2000 Av H Ensley 

Nordan W A, res, 4601 5th av Ensley 

Norman E O, res, 1529 Arlington av.Bessmr 

Norman E' R, res, 1511 S 17th Main 

Norman J A, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Norman Joe A, res, Hanover Crt Main 

Norman J D, res, 2300 Fairview av.. Ensley 
Norment Edward Lloyd, r, 8417 WIllw.Main 
Norment E M Mrs, res, 1416 13th av, s.Main 
Norment J Murray, rl e, 2026 1st av.n.Main 
Norment J Murray, r, 1501 10th av, s..Main 
Norment, Poo & Chichester, rl est. 

Steiner bl .' Main 

Norrell C W Mrs, res. 1501 N 25th Main 

Norrell R R, res, 2423 21st av. n Main 

Norrell W H Mrs, res, 1701 Tusc av..W End 

Norris C V, res, 407 Tusc av W End 

Norris F M Mrs,r.7777 Walker av.. Wdlawn 

Norris F T. res, Star Route Main 

Norris Geo C. res, 1705 Jeff av Ensfcjy 

Norris Jas A, prod. 1S24 4th av, n Main 

Norris R C, res, 1224 N 33d Main 

North Ala Conference S S Board, 

Title Guar bl Main 

North B'ham Drug Co. 2701 35th av. n..Main 
No B'ham Fire Station, City Hll.NB'h. .Main 
North B'ham Lumber & Sup Co, 

2612 28th av, n Main 

N B'ham Tr & Contr Co,27ll 30 av,n..Main 




908- W 




677 -W 



























Main 223 

Electrical 4tZN - 19thst - 



Ambulanca Service |, I 002 

North B'ham Trust 
2903 27th, n 

No Highland Clng & 
1 7 1 G 1 3th av, n. . 

& Sav Bk, 

Main 7250 



1501 Allen Main 

Pay Station, 1501 Allen .Main 

Xoith M L Mrs. res, 1*4 7 30th Ensley 

North Side Community House, 

1800 8th av, n • Main 

North Side Infirmary, 1508 7th av, n...Main 

North S N Mrs, drsmkr. Lyric bl Main 

. Main 


North S N Mrs, res, 1626 12th av, s. . 
North Side Pharmacy, 1600 6th av, n. 
No Side Shoe Hospital, 310 N 18th... 
Northern Equipment Co, ofc, J C Bk bl 
Northington M P, res, 2227 Ave N. . 
Xorthington Walter A. 

Res. 1314 Huntsville av 

Xorthiidge Brush Co, Farley bl Main 

Northside Pharmacy, 1600 6th av Main 

Northside Tire Co, ofc, 006 N 20th Main 

Norton Coal & Mining Co.Jff Co Bk bl.-Main 

Norton E M, res, 2820 30th av, n Main 

Norton Fred, res, 720 S 34th Main 

Norton F F, whol prod, 2028 Mors av...Maln 
Norton F F, res, 1330 S 20th Main 


Wholesale Produce, 2028 Morris av. . Main 
Norton Francis R Mrs, r, 010 S 18th... Main 

Norton J I, res, 1420 3rd av Bessmr 

Norton J W Rev,r,506 St Chas av..W End 

Norton L C Mrs, res. 417 Delta av Ensley 

Norton W* A Dr, dent, 1st N B bl Main 


Prescription Department, 330 N 20th. Main 

Pay Station, 328 N 20th Main 

Sundry Department, 330 N 20th... Main 

Xorvell N A, res, 628 Euclid, av Wdlawn 

Norwood Art Cleaning Co, 

3117 12th av. n Main 


1013 N 24th Main 

Norwood Daisy Miss, res. L»uis Apts.. Main 


2630 12th av, n Main 


1601 N 25th Main 

Nurses Home. 1601 N 25th Main 

Norwood II M, auto ins, B-M bl Main 

Norwood J M, ins, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Norwood J M, res, 410 I'rinceton av..W End 


2001 12th av, n Main 

Norwood Ruth Miss, r, 419 Louise av...Main 

Norwood S, res, 1021 1st av W End 

Norwood Trans Co, 2431 3d av, n Main 

Norwood V T, res, 2301 Pearson av..W End 
Nowlin A L, res, 1936 Pearson.... W End 
Nowlin Jennie M Mrs, r. 621 N 23rd... Main 
Nunnally Belle Mrs.r,404 Marmlon. .. Ensley 
Nunnally C C, res, 1617 11th av, n Main 


20th St Store Main 

20th St Store, p&y sta Main 

19th St Store Main 

19th St Store Main 

Nunnally I.illie J Mrs. r. 5520 3rd av.n. Wdlawn 
Nunnell«y R A, res, 104 Halstead . .Wdlawn 
Nurses Registry Grdate.3427 Willow av.Main 

Nutt G W. res, 1414 S 17th Main 

Nuttall A J, res, 5309 1st av, n Wdlawn 

Nuttall C B, res, 4401 Av B Main 































»4// Kinds Roofing 1905 Ave. B— Telephone 195 

• » 




• Indicates P. B. Exchan 












service wain io» 
Funeral Director Main 4862 

O K Dry Clng Co, 113 S 55th Wdlawn 21 


1705 4th av, n Main 2084 

O K Grocery, 0401 2nd av, s Wdlawn 421 

O K Pressing Club, 328 1st av Ensley 914 

O K Shoe Shop, 2308 2d av Main 8378 

O P Barber Shop, 222 N 18th Main 6911 

Oak Hill Dry Clng Co, 1906 Hntsv av Main 710 

Oakland Development Co, Am Tr bl...Main 8343 
Oakley M B Mrs, r, 2900 Ave C... Ensley 460-W 

Oatts J A, res, 123 N 58th Wdlawn 354-J 

O'Barr Alma Miss, res, 714 Peyton. ... Main 5560-J 
O'Barr R N Mrs, r, 6402 3d av, n.. Wdlawn 370-W 

O'Barr S J Mrs, res, 2108 8th av, n Main 2691-J 

Obear F C, res, 1032 S 26th Main 8352-J 

Obear Legare, res, 3827 Cliff rd Main 7436 - 

Obenchain I R, res, 1517 Sarah W End 154-J 

Obenchain Tire Shop, 413 N 19th Main 661 

Oberdorfer A Leo, atty, Title Guar bL.Main 461 
Oberdorfer A Leo, res, 1416 Flora av..Maln 7896 
Oberhelman Win, res, Ridgely Apts...Main 1681 
O'Brien Anna Mrs, r, 1704 11th av, s...Maln 5468 

O'Brien B H, res, 1322 N 30th Main 3654- J 

O'Brien D J. res, 2337 10th av, s Main 4321-W 

O'Brien E J, res, 1021 Central Main 6659-W 

O'Brien James Mrs, r, 2309 6th av....Maln 6664-J 

O'Brien P H, res, 908 Central Main 2815 

O'Brien T E, res, 630 N 19th Main 8574 

O'Brien W J, groc, p s, 730 S 17th... Main 9148 

O'Brien W J, res, 730 S 17th Main 3345 

O'Bryant F S Mrs, res, 3705 5th av, s. .Main 5718-W 
O'Bryant Maude Miss,r,2212 5th av,n...Maln 6027-J 

O' Byrne Fallon, r, Ridgely Apts Main 3987 

O'Byrne T T, res, 2531 Bessmr Blvd.. Ensley 218-W 
O'Connell Annie Mrs, r, 1313 N 25th.. Main 4108-W 

O'Connell Edw Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 2407 

O'Connell Edward Dr, 

Res. 1011 Crescent av Main 5682 

O'Connell H A, res, 311 23d Ensley 483-J 

Odell C L, atty, 213% 19th Bessmr 190 

O'Dell G T, res, 3720 Ave F Main 3626-J 

Odell H B, Packard distributor, i 

1010 Sycamore Main 2184 

O'Dell J A, res, 636 S 39th Main 8333-W 

O'Dell J C, res, 702 Roe Main 1718-J 

Odell L C, res, Comer Sta Ensley 442-W 

Oden D A, res, 1607 13th, s Main 5702 

Oden-Elliot Lbr Co, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 417 

Oden Frank M. res, 1217 X 33rd Main 2635-J 

Oden J W, res, 2729 Barron av >. .Main 6417 

Oden Kersey, res, 5320 Walnut av Wdlawn 788-J 

Oden S A, res, 7516 Hillman av Wdlawn 1023-W 

Odom A J, rl est, 1822 Ave E Ensley 247 

Odom A J, res, 1720 21st, s Main 2824 

Odom G X, druggist, 5222 Gary av... Ensley 443-J 

Odom J B, res, 1615 Av II Ensley 1305 

Odom J J Mrs, res, 520 N 25th Main 3380 

O'Donnell W J Mrs.r,542s 5th av.s.. Wdlawn 1049-J 
Odum, Bowers & White, clthrs, 1908 2d av, 

1st floor Main 76 

Office Main 31 

Odum W W, res, 1208 30th, n Main 5878 

Oeser Max F, 4225 2nd av. s Main 5773-J 

Office Outfitter Co,Inc,2019 3d av,n...Main 3451 

Office Towel Sup Co, 419 'Am Tr Main 2056 

O'Gara J D, res, 1712 6th av Bessmr 95 

Ogdeu Sarah Mrs, r, 5S30 3d av, n... Wdlawn 515-J 

Oglesby R, res, 2417 5th av, n Main 8524 

Oglesby S, res, 7835 Hillman av.... Wdlawn 734 

Oglesby S S Rev, res, Oak Grove Main 8749- W 

Oglesby W S, groc, 5410 1st av Wdlawn 237 

Ogletree A W, res, 822 Princeton av..W End 142-J 

Ogletree J W Dr, dent, 1st N B bl Main 1497 

O'Hara J R Jr, res, 1311 17th av, s Main 8052-W 

O'Hear Pat Mrs, res, 6408 1st av... Wdlawn 739 
Ohme Conrad H, r, 1729 14th av, s...Maln 8515 

AH Grades f±f\ A I MAIN 
Lowest Cash Prices W \J ML 228 

O'Kelly John Rev, res, 609 S 14th.... Main 2962 
Old Dutch Ribbon & Carbon Co, 

2022 1st av Main 488 

Olden J C Rev, res, 619 N 15th Main 8542 

OTdham J S, res 1424 N 16th Main 7662 

Oldham W E, res, 116 N 52d Wdlawn 261-J 

Oldham W H, supt's res, Alice Fee... Main 6679 

Olim H, res, 502 N 16th ^Main 8059-J 

Olim Louis, res, 1514 14th av, s Main 9367-W 

Oliver B Mrs, res, 407% N 18th Main 8215 

# Oiiver Earle Miss, res, 808 19th. ... Bessmr 1153 

Oliver Geo C, res, 206 S Vine W End 568 

Oliver H E, res, 6305 1st av Wdlawn 290-W 

Oliver H W, res, 515 Cotton av....W End- 126-J 

Oliver H W Jr, res, 1121 Cullom Main 2538-W 

Oliver Joe, res, 1914 Ave F Main 3570 

Oliver J D Mrs, res, 1520 12th av, s Main 6847 

Oliver J M, res, 2116 Oak av Ensley 1148-J 

Oliver Jno P, res, 1140 12th av, n....Main 8071-J 

2025 3d av Main 1682 


Office, 2025 3rd av, n Main 1682 

Oliver S W, res, 2904 Fairview Cir. ...Main 3404 
Oliver Typewriter Agcy, Steiner bl Main 777 


Office & Works, 3 S 20th Main 1026 - 

Oliver S W. res, 2904 Fairview CircleMaln 3404 

Walstrum A H, res, 1130 S 12th Main 2152 

Oliver W G, res, 3333 Cliff rd Main 7977 

Oliver W J, res, 217 41st Ensley 1457-W 

Oliver W O, res, 208 S Pearl W End 594-W 

Olmsted S B Mrs, r, Fairmont Apts... Main 6247 
Olney Alfred C, r, 2816 Fairview Cir.. Main 6676 

O'Neal C C, res. 2211 Av H Ensley 756-W 

O'Neal Emmet, ref In bkrptcy, Govt bL.Maln 4211 

O'Neal Emmett, res, 1115 S 30th Main 7199 

O'Neal J H, res, 5922 3rd av, n Wdlawn 1359-J 

O'Neal Kirkman, ofc, Govt bl Main 4211 

O'Neal Reavis, res, 410 N 21st. .. ... .. Main 4784 

O'Neal S E Mrs, res, 5333 Austin av. Wdlawn 373-J 

O'Neil C A, res, 1231 N 24th Main 7788 

O'Neil C A & Co, gen mdse, 2608 2d av.Maln 5247 

O'Neill H C Mrs, res, 1807 8th av, n Main 9455-W 

O'Neill Jno W, res, 1231 Maiden Lane.. Main 3367 

O'Neill Jno W & Co, 2020 2d av Main 88 

O'Neill Winifred J Mrs,r,2230 Sycamore. Main 188 

Oney T L, res, 1324 17th av, s Main 6421-W 

Openshaw E E, res, 2426 Ave F Main 4331 

Ople E J, res, 1620 S 12th Main 9089 

Orange Whistle Co, syrup. 213 N 24th.. Main 5815 

Orcutt M D, ofc. Woodward bl Main 4050 

Orcutt M D, res, 1330 11th av, s Main 7512-W 

O'Rear J M, res, 1319 N 24th Main 6304-W 

Oregon Hotel, 2016 5th av, n Main 4759 

Orfanos Thiro, res, 1331 3rd av, n Main 3420-J 

Oriental Beauty Parlor, 206% N 20th.. Main 9558 
Oriental Coffee & Tea Co, 223 N 18th.. Main 7186 
Ormand Julius, ofc, 2227 Morris av....Maln 1912 
Ormond Banks, res, 7925 1st av.... Wdlawn 1036-W 
Ormond T F, res, 707 Trinceton av. . . . W End 973-J 
Ormsby Isabelle Mrs, res, 1028 S 21st... Main 6533-W 

O'Rouke J J, res, 1327 N 26th Main 7036 

Orphans' Home, Athenium College. .Wdlawn 1113 
Orr C P Mrs, res, 2704 Highland av...Maln 1580 

Orr C V, res, 3438 Norwood Blvd Main 6608-W 

Orr Harry S, res, 1531 13th av, s Main 3692 

Orr J C, sis stbl.s. 1508 2d av, n Main 1027 

Orr J C, res, 1620 13th av, n Main 2763 

Orr J M, res, 3821 Ave E Main 1645 

Orr O H, res, 2102 Stout Main 7178-J 

Orr Rigdon E, res, 1200 N 31st Main 4487-J 

Orr V B, res, 2211 7th av, n Main 7544-W 

Orr W R Mrs, res. Terrace Court Main 2621-J 

Orth P S, res, 2419 Ave G Ensley 907-W 

Orton A E Dr, res, 72 Highland av.... Ensley 1008 

Orum John P, res, 1701 4th av Bessmr 655- W 

Osborn Alex, res, 7207 Sloss av Wdlawn 1119-W 

Indicates P. B. Exchange. 

0rricE*\M>nKS Ti ^* 4h-C <£** 

rAiRFiEip.AiA. Ine^apM^ Company 


Osborn F F Mrs, res, 1121 Sylvan av..Maln 3082 
Osborn Jos J, blksr.ith, 2611 2d av, n..Maln 6285 

Osborn Jos J, res, 4232 4th av, s Main 1437 

Osborn O J, res, 2132 Larch av Ensley 815-J 

Osborn R C, res, 816 Georgia Main 1995 

Osborn R E, res, 906 Tusc av W End 372-J 

Osborne Lela Mrs, r, 2230 5th av, n...Maln 2961-W 

Osborne W H, res, 1016 1st av W End 294-W 

Osbun I J, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 248 

Osbun I J, res, 1100 Glenview rd Main 1739 

Osceola French Dry Cleaning- & Pressing Club, 

300 Osceola Sta Ensley 695 

Osgood R D, res, 1420 13th av, s Main 9310 

Oslin W G„ res, 1004 S 32d Main 1212-J 

Osment Bros, groc, 702 S 20th Main 5437 

Osment Gro Co, meats, 104 Poplar.. W End 170 

Osment H P, re3, 12 N Hawkins W End 372-W 

O'Steen A D, res, 708 Balsam av Ensley 187 

•OSTER BROS FURN CO, 2020 3d av.Maln 5286 

Oster Philip, res, Reemar Apts Main 3730 

Otey Realty Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 9405 

Otey W W, res, 1923 15th av, n Main 1927-J 


Office, 1918 Morris av Main 760 

Night & Sunday Calls Main 8935 

O'Toole II J, res, 214 Poplar W End 506-J 

Otte C A Mrs, res, Wdward, Ala. ... Bessmr 865-J 

Otts J M P, res, 908 S 20th Main 1834-J 

Otwell J A, res, 2318 17th Ensley 556-W 

Otwell R L, res, 4521 12th av Ensley 1202-J 

Our Home Hotel, 1718% 4th av Main 6874 

Outlaw A B, res, 2005 28th Ensley 254-J 

Ovens William, res, 215 N 49th Wdlawn 156-J 

Overall N T, res, 1833 Lyon av W End 166-W 

T)verbey J L, res, 717 Central av W End 124-W 

Overbey W H, res, 1101 8th av, n....Maln 1282 

2108 6th av, n Main 7352 

Overstreet C W, r, 61 Hglnd av, P C. . Ensley 761-W 

Overton A G, res, 1809 Pike av Ensley 913 

Overton A G, res, 3031 llthav, n Main 3194-J 

Overton F Joe, res, 2601 N 34th Main 9348-J 

Overton W G Jr, ins, Am Tr bl Main 5172 

Owen A B, res, 2728 32nd av, n. Main 6719-W 

Owen C P, res, 1422 N.17th Main 3107-J 

Owen D W, res, Fossil Bessmr 785-W 

Owen E L, groc, 2200 33rd av, n Main 3096 

Owen John L, res, Jonestown Bessmr 254-J 

Owen M A Mrs, res, 5005 2nd av.... Wdlawn 356-W 
Owen Roy D, res, 1922 Clrndn av... Bessmr 840-W 

Owen S G, res, 746 W 20th Main,9356-W 

Owen T F, res, Jonestown Bessmr 673- W 

Owens Catherine Miss, r, 1123 N 23rd.. Main 6965-J 

Owens C R, res, 1624 26th av, n Main 7917-J 

Owens C W, res, 1613 15th av, s Mcfin 1964 

Owens E E, res, Newport Apts Main 5856 

Owens E M Mrs, res, 1616 5th av.... Bessmr 544-W 

Owens Jno A, res, 3817 Ave E Main 9472 

Owens Mary, res, 615 24th Bessmr 757-J 

Owens R J, res, 328 N 51st Wdlawn 63-J 

Owens W A Mrs, res, 710 S 30th Main 8614-W 

Owltz Philip, res, 1607 Phelan Main 4755-W 

Owssiey Clara Miss, r, 2213 5th av, n..Maln 6706 

Oxford A C, res, 1820 Jasper Main 3566-J 

Oxford A R, res, 1600 Arlington av.. Bessmr 962-J 

Oxford G T, res, 1116 Cullom Main 6491- W 

Oxford J N, res, 2318 Ave F Ensley 113-J 

Oxford Pharmacy, 1300 Tusc av W End 56 

Oxfords Pharmacy (p s), 1300 Tusc.W End 9105 

Oxley M E Miss, res, 1227 N 26th Main 5704-J 

Oxley Robinson, r, 4501 8th av Ensley 291-W 

Oxweld Acetylene Co, 915 N 28th Main 3488 

Ozanne A J, rl est, 1120 Tusc av....W End 98 

Ozanne A J, res, 1308 Tusc av W End 355 

Ozburn J E, res, 5022 2nd av. n.... Wdlawn 456-W 
Ozley W F, res, 1829 Berkley av.... Bessmr 952-j 




Ambulance Se»vlct rn.'QUZ 




Portland Cement 

wrrncHEN main ssoo 

and Retail 



Ambulance Service %, I 00 Z 


Pace L S, res, 223 2 Terrace Park Ensley 

Paceley Rachel Miss, r, 3800 Ave F. ...Main 
Pacific Mutual Life Ins Co.ofc.A T bL.Main 
Packard Motor Cars & Trucks,2129 Av A. Main 
Packing House Market, 

Store No 3, 1727 3rd av Main 

Paden W C, gro, 410 S 16th "..Bessmr 

Page Annie Miss, res, 1001 18th Ensley 

Page J H, res, 346 Owen av Bessmr 

Page Joe L, res, 515 1st av Main 

Page Lula E Mrs, res, 3929 3d av, s...Main 

Page N L, res, 407 S 57th Wdlawn 

Tage T S, res, 2&13 12th av, n Main 

Page W A, res, 1212 Cotton av W End 

Pagoulatos Bros, cafe, 228 S 20th.... Main 
Tainter C A Miss, res, 1101 12th av, n..Main 
Painters Union No 57,ofc,Lyon-Terry bl.Maln 

Paisley Newton, res, 1216 N 33d Main 

Palace Drug Co, 1725 20th Ensley 

Palace Garage, 1700 2nd av Main 

Palace Market, ofc, 1026 S 20th Main 

Palace Market, ofc, 1026 S 20th Main 

Palmer C J, mtg Ins, Fed Res Bk bL.Main 

Palmer C J, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

Palmer H J, res, 2531 12th av Bessmr 

Palmer J T, res, 1116 S 13th... , Main 

Palmer Mary Mrs, res, 6210 1st av.. Wdlawn 

Palmer W T, res, 2615 Ave G Enslef 

Palmeter J B Mrs, r, 1915 5th av, n..Main 

Pan Transfer Co, ofc, 1812 4th av, n Main 

Pandolfo N C, ofc, 2502 2nd av, n Main 

Pandolfo Nello C, res, 2907 Av G Main 

Panellis E, sft drks, 4040 Ave E Main 

Pankey-Davis Brok'g Co, Inc, 

2225 Morris a\\, Main 

Pankey Tom, res, 1321 12th av, s....Main 
Pantaze Chas D, res, 1316 Cullom. ... Main 
Papageorge L, res, 1215 Maplwd av...Main 
Papageorge P A, res, 1230 N 25th.... Main 

Papazoni C F, res. 1329 N :*2nd Main 

Tape W S, res, 912 S 15th Main 

Papot Carrie Miss, r, 1706 16th av, s...Main 

Pappas Gus, res, 1804 Ave B Main 

Pardi Angelo, groc, 2319 5th av Main 

Parham R I, res, 5312 Austin av.... Wdlawn 
Parisian Bakery Co, 1024 S 20th Main 


1824 3rd av, 

1st Floor Main 

2nd Floor '. .....Main 

Parisian Co, 1926 2nd av Bessmr 

Park B M, res, 900 8 14th Main 

Park James, res, 2318 Av D Ensley 

Park J Carl, res, 1424 16th av, s Main 

Park Pharmacy, 2330 6th av, n Main 

Pay sta, 2330 6th av Main 

Park S M Mrs, res, 1418 N 17th Main 

Parke Jewell Mrs, res, Louis Apts.... Main 

Parke Thomas D Dr, 1st N B bl Main 

Parke Thomas D Dr, r, 1814 Ave K Main 

Parker A H, res, 620 Mortimer Main 

Tarker A W, res, 1322 24th Bessmr 

Parker D F, res, 2413 5th av Main 

Farker D W, res, 2162 3nth PI Ensley 

Parker Fred B, res, 914 2nd av W End 

Parker F G, res, 2224 4th a v. n Main 

Parker F V, res, 1419 Ave I Main 

Parker H, res, 2307 Av F Main 

Parker H C, res, 2114 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 

Parker H E, res. 1726 16th av. s Main 

Parker H T, brbr shp, B-M bl Main 

Parken J F Rev, res, 1005 N 13th... Main 
Parker John L, res, 2219 Highland av..Maln 
Parker J M G, res, 1321 Waucoma av. .Main 
Parker J T, res, 5516 4th av, s Wdlawn 

Main 223 EfactrfCirf 4 ' 2N ' 





267 -W 













6791 -J 












• • 

19th St. 




-^Indicates P. B. 













Main 285 

Monte- {£{- 
v a 1 1 o ?Xi«t 

Parker L M, res, 1700 16th av, s Main 6502-W 

Parker Louis T, res, 711 N 15th Main 4327-J 

Parker Marvin, res, 2414 20th av Ensley 791-J 

Parker N B, rl est, Realty, bl Bessmr 100 

Parker N B, res, 1527 5th av Bessmr 1171-W 

Parker Rosa A Mrs, r, 1218 11th av, s..Main 2999-J 
Parker Robt II Rev, res, Wilkes Sta. Bessmr 1126-J 

Parker R P, cafe*, 1G1G 2nd av, n Main 6688 

Parker S C Mrs, res, 1130 12th av. n....Main 5420-W 

Parker S R Dr, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 786-J 

Parker S S, tile, 210 N 17th Main 2371 

Parker S S, res, 1506 12th av, s Main 3017-J 

Parker Tom, res, 2005 Alois av Ensley 457-J 

Parker T F Jr, res, 1128 N 29th Main 6687-J 

Parker W H, res, 5508 10th av, n...Wdlawn 236-W 

Parker W M, res, 1627 4th av Bessmr 989 

Parker W R, res. GOG Bryant Bessmr 303-J 

Parker W T, auctioneer, 1820 4th av, n. .Main 6882 

Parker W T, res, 1330 N 25th Main 8386 

Parker W W, res, 2304 20th av Ensley 1343-W 

Parker & Foster, groc, 1820 4th av, n..Maln 6265 


Wdward bl, 

Office & Flowers Main 918 

Prescription Department Main 1107 

Drugs, Pay Station Main 9122 

Flower Dept, Wdward bl Main 3538 

Helena Sta Ensley 1487 

Parks A B. res, 202 N Hawkins W End 280-J 

Parmer II K, res, 1510 4th av Bessmr 1093-J 

Parnell *«, C, res, 1709 13th av, s Main 2386-J 

Parr Q M, res, 5230 Grand av Wdlawn 527-W 

Parrish Alma Miss, drsmkr, Lyric bl-.Main 4408 

Parrish C H, res, 20 Oak W End 644-J 

Parrish C M, res, 617 E Railroad av. .Wdlawn 692- W 

Parrish E S, res, 1514 X 32nd. . * Main 5035-J 

Parrish Hollis B, res, 318 Porter av...Maln 6127-J 

Parrish H T, res, 1215 8 15th Main 9505-W 

Parrish O L, res, 919 2nd av, n W End 498-W 

Parrish W D, res, 2212 Cth av, n Main 7595 

Parrish & Holmes, attys,2006^ 4th,n..Main 7469 

Parrott J S, res, 1521 6th av Bessmr 577 

Parsons Adie Mrs, r, 5407 Wade av. Wdlawn 1052-W 

Parsons C C, res, 201 1st, P C Ensley 989 

Parsons FE Mrs, res, 4017 Palmer av. Ensley 777-J 
Parsons J D, res, 8050 Berney av... Wdlawn 792TW 

Parsons J H. res, 2016 Exeter av Bessmr 132-J 

Parsons Lucian, res, Hueytown Bessmr 8104 

Parsons X H, res, 1420 4th av Bessmr 838-J 

Parsons R A, res, 700 Fairfax av... Bessmr 503 

Parsons T J, res, 400 3rd av Bessmr 956-W 

Parsons T L, res, Reeders Bessmr 465 

Partlow Percy W, res. 2-505 Vi 6th av. n..Main 7396 

Partridge F M, res, 4243 Ave E Main 2103-J 

Partridge R P, r, 1622 Clarendon av.. Bessmr 1067-W 

Parvin Eugene, res, 515 4 2nd Ensley 1518-W 

Pasley. Elizabeth Mrs, r, 1420 N 30th.. Main 3104-J 

Pass Jason, res, Sayreton, Ala Main 7175-W 

Pass Sam. res, 8032 Sloss av Wdlawn 9081 

Passafiume Sam, r, 5400 10th av, n.. Wdlawn 1154-W 

Passmore C H, res, 4302 Av E Main 5675-W 

Passmore C L, res, 1508 Cotton av..W End 189-W 

Passmore Harry, res, 4015 Av C Main 9369-W 

Passmore W S. res. 5801 3rd av, n... Wdlawn 260-W 


Plumbing & Heating, 2015 4th av, n.Maln 6476 

Pate R, res, 317 N 49th Wdlawn 323-W 

Patent Vulcanite Roofing Co,1624 1st av.Main 1355 
Patrick & Hargrove, attys, 

4602^ Gary av Ensley 470-W 

Patterson Alex, res, 939^. Georgia av...Main 7631-W 

Patterson C E, res, 1021 N 24th Main 1443 

Patterson Homer, res, Coalbg rd Main 7984-W 

Patterson J Mrs, r. 2117 11th av, s..Maln 4508- J 

Patterson J B, res, 156 Davies Wdlawn 468-J 

Patterson J C, res, 2168 Highland av..Maln 5796 
Patterson J V. res, 1500 19th Bessmr 1038-J 


^Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Patterson W r G, res, 1118 S 33rd Main 6754-W 


Store No 1, Pay Station Main 9135 

Store No 2, 3rd av, Pay Station Main 9232 

Store No 3, 3rd av, Pay Station Main 9265 

Store No 6, 2030 1st av Main 9129 

Store No 9, 209 1 9th Ensley 9107 

Whol Dept, 2010 3rd av, n Main 1015 

Whol Dept, 2010 3rd av, n Main 7496 

Pay Sta, 4th av Main 9193 

Pattie W H, res," 720 N 16th Main 4546 

Pattillo W A, res, 1312 Ina Main 1333 

Patton A R, res, 300 1st av Main 1782 

Patton Clothing Co, ofc, 205 19th Bessmr 360 

Patton Frank, res, 2736 Pike av Ensley 1302-W 

Patton Geo W Dr,r,1710 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 214-J 
Patton H H, res, 8160 Undrwd av... Wdlawn 264 

Patton J D, res, 312 Fairfax av Bessmr 988-J 

Patton J G, res, 900 N 43rd Wdlawn 404-J 

Patton J H, 1609 2nd av Main 4213 

Patton J W, res, 1730 10th av, s Main 4470 

Patton J Wm,atty,1909% Morris av...Maln 5811 

Patton L, res, Gilmore av W End 275-W 

Patton L R, res. 1230 N 32nd Main 5020-W 


209 N 19th Main 141 

209 X 19th Main 186 

Pay Station, 209 X 19th Main 9145 

Paul G A, res, 1710 Tusc av W End 233 

Paul P J, res, 1S06 11th av, s Main 5179 

Paxton W H, res, 1125 X Lawn Main 4887 

Paylor Herbert L, res, 1128 Louise. ... Main 2782 

Payne A C, res, 1016 S 16th Main 3342-J * 

Payne C B, res, 1502 X 29th Main 5030-J 

Payne F D, res, 2717 12th ar Bessmr 1077-J 

Payne G W, res, 62 Maple Ensley 498-J 

Payne H P, res, Helen Bess Mines. ... Main 2137-W 

Payne J R, ofc, B-M bl Main 5934 

Payne O L, res, 120 1st av Main 1775-J 

Payne T A, res, 921 Ella Main 2652-W 

Payne T H, res, 1227 N 29th Main 6975-W 

Payne W F. res, 813 12th av, s Main 6703 

Payne W H Mrs res, 4110 Ave C Main 7274 

Payne W W Mrs, r, 5337 1st av Wdlawn 718 

Peace L A Mrs, res, 1024 Glen Iris av..Main 8485-W 
Peace Mamie A Miss, 

Res, Roebuck Springs Wdlawn 606- W 

Peace S M, res, 7816 Hillman av Wdlawn 281 

Peace T C, res, 1026 Elm Main 8864 

Peacher G W Miss, r, 2728 30th av, n..Maln 5568 
Peacock E S, res, 1821 Exeter av... Bessmr 1167-J 

Peacock T A, res, 1815 11th av, s Main 1074 

Peacock W H, res, 8534 N 28th Main 7323-W 

Peanut Products Corp, 1603 5th av....Main 8384 

Pearce G D, res, 5812 2nd av Wdlawn 139-W 

Pearce H E Dr. ofc, 535 3rd av Wdlawn 1379 

Pearce H E Dr, res, Boyles Wdlawn 665-W 

Pearce J D, res, 1716 13th av, 8 Main 8401-J 

Pearson Jim.Trksh baths, 1822% 2d av..Maln 2737 
Pearson Jim, res. 8011 Walker av. . . .Wdlawn 1378 
Pearson Jerry A, res, 3206 Nrwd Blvd. Main 7375-J 
Pearson J H Rev, res, 626 3d av, n....Main 2545 

Pearson Jno S. res, 919% S 19th Main 2922 

Pearson M F Mrs, res, 1635 13th av, s..Main 3642-J 

Pearson P K, res, 804 Alois av W End 339-J 

Pearson Ralph, res, 814 1st av W End 130 

Pearson R H Mrs, res, 2705 Juniper av. .Main 1086 


3006 27th, n Main 7281 

Pearson T J, res, 1524 2nd av Bessmr 517- J 

Peaslee-Gaulbert Co, mfg, 18 S 20th... Main 5292 

Peck John E, res, 2505 Ave H Main 8692-J 

I Peck S Garner, 203 Ave F W End 452-J 

Peddinghaus E B, photographer, 

1918% 3rd av, n Main 5676 


Ambulanct Service * . I 00 Z 




SERVICE iwaln «05J 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

GUchrist-Tarraiit 55 1 

Main 469 

Peddinghaus E B Mrs,r,1224 Iroquois. . Main 

Pedigo J S, res, 1414 10th av, s Main 

Peebles D S, res, 4212 Cherry Ensley 

Peebles R E Dr, phys, Emp bl Main 

Peebles R E Dr, res, 1111 N 29th Main 

Peebles Wm Mrs, res, 4212 Poplar Ensley 

Peed Wm A, res, 1204 12th av, n Main 

Peeples E B, res, 2117 Av H Ensley 

Peeples Fancy, res, 500 N 14th Main 

Peerless Bakery, 2230 Magnolia av....Maln 

Peerless Bicycle Co, 2226 2nd av, n Main 

Peerless Laundry Corp, Jeff Co Bk bl, 

General office Main 

Acme Laundry, plant Main 

Empire Laundry, plant Main 

Empire Laundry, office, 1823 2nd av.Main 

Excelsior Laundry, plant Main 

White Swan Laundry, plant Main 

White Swan Laundry, plant Bessmr 


Meats- & Groceries, 1809 4th av....Main 

Peevy I W, res, 1119 9th av, n Main 

Pegram B R, res, 1309 12th, s Main 

Pegram-Patton Drug Co, 2d av Bessmr 

Pegram-Patton Drug Co.p s,201 19th. Bessmr 

Pegram W E, res, 1800 4th av Bessmr 

Pegram & Meade, real est, 608 19th.. Ensley 
Pegues David K Rev, r, 2801 21st av, n.Main 

Pegues E W, res, 1228 N 31st Main 

Peirce R G, res, 610 Goldwire W End 

Peke J J, res, 2900 Av G Ensley 

Pender A G Mrs, res, Rosewald Apts..Main 

Pender Fred, res, 2120 Ave F Ensley 

Pender J H, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 

Pendle R S, res, 711 X 22nd Main 

Pendle W J, res, 620 Green Main 

Penhallegon Will J, res, 2764 Han Cir..Maln 

Penick & Ford Ltd, 1016 Av E Main 

Penn C F, res, 404 Ann Ensley 

Penn Mattie D Mrs,r,1402 13th av,n..Main 
Penn Mutual Life Ins Co.JffCo Bk bl-.Main 

Penney Grocery, Brighton Bessmr 

Penney J E, rl est, Cham of Com.... Main 

Penney J E, res, 20 Glen Iris Pk Main 

Pennicke T E, res, 811 S 20th Main 

Pennington Albert, r, 2310 Arlngtn av. Bessmr 

Pennington A J, res, 21 S 19th Bessmr 

Pennington E B, res, 1124 N 30th.... Main 

Pennington L H, res, 2426 Ens av Ensley 

Penny C C, res, 12 Canal. W End 

Penny Fruit Co, 8 N 20th Main 

Penny Groc & Meat Mkt, 806 Sth av, n.Main 
Penruddocke E L Mrs,r,23l7 Arlgtn av.Main 
Peoples Drug Store, 1725 3rd av, n....Main 

Pay sta, 1725 3rd av, n Main 

Peoples Pressing Club, ofc, U27 19th. Ensley 

Peoples P R, res, 316 N 51st Wdlawn 

Peoples Tailors, ofc, 1921 1st av Main 

Peoples Taxicab Co, 229 N 18th Main 

Peoples Undertkg Co, 2711 29th av,n..Main 
Pepperman B A, res, Ridgely Apts....Main 

B-M bl Main 

Percy LeRoy P, res, 2217 Arlngtn av..Maln 

Percy Robt W, res, 1025 N 24th Main 

Perdue Graham, atty, 1st X B bI....Maln 
Perdue Graham, res, 1107 Sycamore. .. Main 
Perdue J Howard, ofc. 1st Xat Bk bl...Main 
Perdue J Howard, ues, 2410 13th av, n..Main 
Perfection Laundry, 100 S 24th Main 


831 N 24th Main 

Perlgoni Fred, res, 1628 12th av, s....Maln 

Perkins A, res, 1604 4th av, n Main 

Perkins A E Mrs. res, 831 1st av Main 

Perkins B F Mrs,r,1901 Berkley av.. Bessmr 
Perkins Bicycle Shop, 1903 1st av.... Bessmr 





































Main 223 EleCtrfC&l ""*" 


19th St. 



Ambiitanca Service fift. I 002 \' m ' 

Perkins Chas R, res, 34th Bessmr 835-J 

Perkins F E Dr, dent, 1st X B bl Main 1495 

Perkins F E Dr, res, 2120 7th av, n Main 3113 

Perkins I F, res, Ridgely Apts Main 3499 

Perkins J H,rl est&ins,1910 Ave E.... Ensley 28 

Perkins J H, res, 2118 Ave F Ensley 528 

Perkins J H, res, 1134 Glenview rd....Main 9474 

Perkins J S, res, 1220 Va av Main 1004-W 

Perkins L Arthur, r, 1500 Berkley. . Bessmr 252-J 

Perkins L O, res, 1230 X 24th Main 500 

Perkins M F Mrs, res, 2309 7th av, n..Main 5994-J 

Perkins Rpy E, atty, Title Guar bl Main 6254 

Perkins Roy E, res, 106 1st Ensley 295 

Perkins T R, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 652- J 

Perkins W D, res, 1518 S 19th Main 7780-J 

Perkins & Dupuy, dentists, B-M bl....Maln 638 
Perkins & Ware, ofc, 2004 2nd av.... Bessmr 373 

Perkinson F X, res, 408 8th av, n Main 6127-W 

Permutt H Mrs, res, 916 S Georgia Main 2119-W 

Perrine H C, res, 2507 12th av, n Main 8549-W 

Perry A L res, 130 Compton Ensley 939-J 

Perry Auto Lock Co. 417 S 21st Main 1715 

Perry Bros, tuning, 1502 3rd av, n Main 5051 

Perry Ben G, solctr, Realty bl Bessmr 91 

Perry Ben G, res, 2000 Drtmth av... Bessmr 656 

Perry C H, res, 2500 19th av, n Main 7273-W 

Perry C J, ofc, B-M bl Main 5641 

Perry C J, res, 2244 Sycamore Main 3883 

Perry C J, res, Shades Mt W End 742- J 

Perry D F, groc, 1219 Arkadelphia id.. Main 8506-W 
Perry Dollie H Miss, r, 1226 X 24th... Main 8223-J 
Perry E D, res, 5906 Stone av. ... -Wdlawn 953 
Perry Jno C, res, 2217 Clrndn av.... Bessmr 507 
Perry M C Mrs, r, 1612 Berkley av... Bessmr 301-W 

Perry Xellie Mrs, res, 830 Joseph Main 1547-J 

Perry O D, res, 920 S 14th Main 6199-J 

Perry R F, Govt bl Main 1037 

Perry Robt F, res, 1029 S 18th Main 3526 


18 S 20th, 

Manager's Office Main 5292 

Bookkeeper Main 5292 

Rubber Goods Department Main 5292 

Perry T B, ofc, 18 S 20th Main 5292 

Perry T B, res, 2137 16th av, s Main 3437 

Perry Thos J, res, 2507 22d av, n Main 6926-J 

Perry W E, res, 2515 22d av, n Main 7163-J 

Perryman J H, res, 1827 8th av Bessmr 369-J 

Perryman W E, res, 3d av Wdlawn 176-J 

Perryman W J, res, 900 S 15th Main 8260- J 

Persinger J C Rev. res, 1913 Ave G.. Ensley 859-W 
Person Geo W, res, 2222 17th av, s...Main 2405 

Person Wm M. res, 708 Parkway Ensley 1067-W 

Persons Paul, res, 223 X 47th Wdlawn 415-J 

Persons W H, ofc, 9 S 20th Main 3667 

Persons W H, res, 3819 6th av, s Main 2359-J 

Peter G F. res, Margaret Apts Main 4976 

Petereck R F, bkpng sup, J Co Bk bl-.Maln 616 
Petereck R F, ledgers. Jeff Co Bk bl. . .Main 6919 

Peters Fludia, res, 228 Broad Main 8656- J 

Peters U J W Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 5300 

Peters U J W Dr, r, 1215 Waucoma. . . Main 1184 

Peters & Lull Drs. ofc, Empire bl Main 5300 

Peterson Wallace M, r, 6303 1st av.. Wdlawn 1143-J 
Petes Barbecue Stand, p s, 295 S 20th.. Main 9198 

Petras A T. res, 2402 Av F Main 7219-J 

Pettus Erie, atty, 1st X B bl Main 3443 

Pettus Erie, res. 2219 S 20th Main 4278-J 

Petty W C. res. 112 X Pearl W End 421-J 

Pettyjohn L G, rl est, 1702 Sth av Main 1101 

Pettyjohn L G, res, Powderly W End 70-J 

Pettypool T C, res, 1131 X 24th Main 8732 

Pevear J S, res, Roebuck Sprgs Wdlawn 974 

Peytavin Louis, res, 509 26th Ensley 268-J 

Peyton J M Mrs. res, 1622 X 17th Main GS65-J 

Pfaff Herman, res, 1433 S 18th Main 3076- W 

Pflester Chas, res, 327 8th av, n Main 1372 

Pflester C J, res, 1216 S 12th..... Main 4612-W. 

Hahn-Foreman Si Tel. 195' 

Auto Fencers Made to Order 1905 Avenue B 



• Indicates P. • B. Exchange 









SERVICE Wain /by 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Pharo G N, res, 4100 2d av Main 8695 

Pharr G M Jr, res, 539 44th Ensley 1423-J 

Pharr Jno \V, res, 217 44th Ensley 686-J 

°helps J H, res, 1612 5th av Bessmr 967 

Phelps S J, res, 1408 5th av Bessmr 671-J 

Phelts W I, res, 1009 Glen Iris av Main 6530-J 

Pheylen Jno H, res, 1005 S 21st Main 2123-J 

Philadelphia Battery Service, 2018 Av BMain 7095 

Philips J R Jr, res, 1117 N 13th Main 4583 

Philips U O Mrs, res, 2312 Ave II Ensley. 156-J 

Philips W B, res, 508 St Chas av W End 670-W 

?hillipps B F, res, 3300 Ave D Ensley 1076 

Phillipps D O, res, West Lake Bessmr 852-W 

Phillips A, res, 1018 Walker Main 2483 

Phillips Aaron, res, 1407 Josephine. . W End 66-W 
Phillips Arthur, res. Hanover Court... Main 8S45-J 

Phillips A J, res, 2201 S 14th av Main 7656 

Phillips B C, res, 7528 Hillman av...Wdlawn 769 
Phillips C T, res, 2612 18th av, n.. ..Main 4988 

Phillips E T, res, 5127 1st av Wdlawn 749-W 

Phillips F N, res, 2724 Hanover Cir Main 6139 

Phillips Groc Co, 1529 Phelan Main 1129 

Phillips II A, res, 720 Prnctn av W End 947 

Phillips H T, res, Levert Apts Main 8967 

Phillips II W Mrs, r, 413 Cotton av..W End 563-W 

Phillips I, res, 2019 Quinland av Main 2654 

Phillips J C, res, 1106 S 39th Main 6891-W 

rhillips Jas F, res, 'M5 N 47th Wdlawn 714 

?hillips J H Dr, ofc, iUpt,20S0 Pk av..Maln 1064 
Phillips J II Mrs, res, 2720 12th av, n..Main 2518-J 
Phillips J J, res, 1812 Arlington av.. Bessmr 963-J 

Phillips J J, res, 4005 Av C Main 9329 

Phillips J P, res, 1220 N 29th Main 5673 

Phillips J T, res, 2445 Birch av Ensley 1015-W 

Phillips-Lester Mfg Co,Inc,109 N 23d... Main 659 

Phillips Mary Miss, res, 636 S 34th Main 5921-J 

Phillips If Paul, Ibr, B-M bl Main 6146 

Phillips M Paul, res, 2027 13th av, s...Main 3447 

Phillips It p, res, 609 43rd Ensley 1399- W 

Phillips Sam, res, Fairmont Apts. ... Main 8369 

Phillips W C, res, 2213^14th av, s Main 3431 

Phillips W I, res, 1620 Jeff av Ensley 1154-J 

Philpot W P. groc. 1440 loth Ensley 1496 

Phoenix Club, 15th av Main 3637 

Thoenix Mut Life Ins Co, ofc, 

Am Trust bl Main 7568 

Pi Kappa Alpha Frat.r.Howard Clge. Wdlawn 1058 

Piano Shop, rprs, 1522 3rd av, n Main 9521 

Piatt D A Dr, vet surg, 1717 2d av...Main 2879 

Piatt D A Dr, res. 1709 14th av, s Main 2080 

Picard D C, res, 1007 S 21st Main 4758-J 

Picard Laboratories, ofc, 191 1^, 1st av.Main 3908 

Pickard T, res, 722 Tusc av W End 656-W 

Pickens J W, res, 1519 Arlington av. .Bessmr 1046-J 
Pickens Salinah Miss.r,5313 1st av. Wdlawn 384-J 

Pickett E W Dr, res, 1922 5th av Bessmr 1041-J 

Pickett M D. res. 1215 X 22nd Main 4015 

Piem S, res, 1407 Ina Main 6086- W 

Pierce Ava Mrs, res, 24 Clayton av.. Bessmr 355-W i 

Pierce A B. res. 317Vfe X 20th Main 2247 

Pierce G X, res. 7124 2nd av, n Wdlawn 1461 

Pierce H A, res, 900 S 18th Main 5729 

^ierce N L, prohibition agt. Govt bl. . . .Main 1173 

Pierce N L. res, 1415 15th av. s Main 9516 

Pierce T O. res, 7306 3rd av, n Wdlawn 1122 

Pierce Wm A. res. 1405 Center Main 8295 

Piez William, B-M bl Main 7815 

^iez Wm, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8370 

Piggly Wiggly, 1909 2nd av Bessmr 338 

Pike C B. res. 120 S Hawkins W End 368-J 

Pike Machine Works, 1905 Ave A Main 2406 

Pilato Jim. res. 609 N 16th Main 7654-W 

Pilgreen A S, res, 2236 23rd Ensley 557-J 

Pill H S Mrs, res, 1217 X 29th Main 4657-W 

Pinch Bert, res, 1726 Tusc av W End 360-J 

PInekard Reyburn. res. Woodward ... Bessmr 781 

Pinckard T J, res, 2225 Sycamore Main 8770- J 

Pine & Cypress Mfg Co, lbr, Emp bl.-Maln 7936 

■ONTAi COAL 228 

Pinner T E, res, 1816 8th av Bessmr 251-J 

Pinson Pearle Mrs, res, 214 S 83rd.. Wdlawn 191 

Pioneer Lbr & Mfg Co, 13th Ensley 18 

Pipkins C M, res, 328 S 54th Wdlawn 513-J 

Pippen Bros, whol prod, 1801 Av D.. Ensley 858 

1801 Ave D Ensley 724 

Pippen Clyde A, res, 1722 Pike av Ensley 358 

Pippen Tom S, res, 1805 Pike av Ensley 85 

Piquik Club, 5400% 1st av Wdlawn 3 

Pisgah Home, res, Germania Park...W End 211-J 

Pitrizzella V, res, 1327 45th Main 3558-W 

Pittman F Mrs, res, 241 Zinn av Ensley 549-W 

Pittman F M, res, 1622 S 13th Main 6354-J 

Pittman L W Mrs, emp agt, Realty bL.Main 8492 

Pittman Motor Co, 214 S 21st Main 7189 

Pittman R T, res, 1018 S 28th Main 2602-W 

Pittman Wm R, res, 1305 Tusc av..W End 185 

Pitts C C, res, 921 N 17th Main 2795-J 

Pitts E B, res, 5 is Parkway Ensley 1283-J 

Pitts Mike, res, 2416 Ave I Ensley 1433-J 

Pitts T A, res, 203 N 61st Wdlawn 725-J 

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co, 2d av Main 776 


Office, Clark bl Main 2500 

Pizitz L (pay sta), 119 N 19th Main 9272 

Pizitz L, res, 3425 Highland av\ Main 4827 

Pizitz Louis Dry Goods Co, 118 19th, 

°n*ice Main 7041 

Carpet & underwear dept. Main 7042 

Ready-to-wear & millinery Main 7043 

First floor , Main 5982 

Shipping dept Main 5993 

Plaisance Geo M, res, 1018 S 30th Main 1703 

Plank M A Mrs, res, 2911 Cypress av..Maln 8231-J 

Plank W B, res, 1145 S 14th Main 1801 

Plant C W Mrs, res, 318 N 50th Wdlawn 162-J 

Platowsky F Miss, res, 1416 N 31st Main 4615-W 

Platowsky Karl, 406 N 20th Main 8815 

Platto B L Rev, res, 1300 Ave H Ensley 1438 

Plaza Cafe, 1905 2d av, n Main 7303 

Please U Cleaning Wks, 1809 Av E. . Ensley 1329 

Pledger A S r res, 1007 Tusc av W End 251-J 

Pledger Co, dry gds, 412 19th Ensley 1451 

Pledger John Mrs, res, 2320 16th Ensley 1266-W 

Pledger W L Mrs, res, 1111 N 15th Main 101 

Plemons P L, res, 2306 Ave E Ensley 317 

Ploeger H Jr, res, 1506 Water Main 4002-J 

Ploeger O W, res, 2416 14th av, n Main 5619-J 

Plosser Chas R, res, Huffman Wdlawn 1073-J 

Plosser F J, res, 2916 11th av, n Main 9333-J 

Plosser-Knecht Flour & Grain Co, 

1415 Ave A Main 1843 

Plosser Louis K, res, 1212 Beach Main 2651 


114 N 17th Main 8138 

Plumlee Pryor. res, 1610 S 12th Main 3919-W 

Plumlee Pryor H Cg Str (p s),1901 3 av.Main 9206 

Plummer L L, res, 206 S Grady W End 51-J 

Poe C A, res, 714 S 40th Main 2937 

Poe W T. res. 929 S 17th Main 3349-J 

Pogue J V. res, 8000 8th av, n Wdlawn 1116- J 

Pogue R H, res, 226 Sarah av Main 2139-W 

Pointer M L, res, 1137 N 13th Main 8012- J 

Polak H A, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 2280 

Pollock Geo D, res, 1634 11th av, s Main 4296-W 

Pollock Harry, res, 631 X 12th Main 4594- J 

Pomeroy F R, res, 1204 N 12th Main 5168 

Ponceler D J, ofc, Farley bl Main 915 

Poncelor D J, res, Mplwd & Ave P Main 35 

Ponder J A, res, 2500 31st av, n., Main 3497 

Pool Gerit, res, 2172 Highland av Main 4099 

Pool H C, res, 1710 Arlington av... Bessmr 214-J 
Pool Joseph B, mdse brkr, 1809 1st av..Maln 6952 

Pool Joseph B, res, 2529 15th av, s Main 2320 

Pool Will, res, 2515 6th alley, n Main 8921-J 

Pool W L, res, 4830 1st av Wdlawn 350-W 

Poole Grocery Co, 210 2d av, P C Ensley 579 


Armutanc* S«rvic9 n . I Z 




■^Indicates P. B. Exchange 



aia S The^y^4£^Comparty4JJ|5 

TCL ENSLEY 40O **^ ^^L 


Poole John, res, 54 Thomas av Ensley 902 

Poole J D, res, 407 Fulton av W End 266-W 

Poole Leander, res, 1417 17th av, s Main 5606-W 

Poore R W, res, 117 S G3rd Wdlawn 565-W 

Poore S D, res, 1812 Rush av Main 6825-W 

Pope Annie Mrs, res, 5462 2nd av, s. . Wdlawn 806-J 

Pope E V, res, 1330 N 24th ..Main 2221-W 

Pope Gus A Jr, rl est, 219 N 21st Main 1290 

Pope Gus A Jr, res, 1026 Crescent. ... Main 1947 

Pope J Blount Mrs, res, 1028 S ISth Main 3162-J 

Pope Jesse D, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8222 

Pope Jesse D, res, 1703 S 12th Main 3212-W 

Pope L, res, 2501 Ave F Ensley 683 

Pope & Allen, attys, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8222 

Popwell E Mrs, res, 2400 5th av Main 7829 

Port of B'ham Co, ofc. Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 7979 
Porteans W S, res, 2421 18th Crt Ensley 199-J 


1922 1st av. 

Main Floor Main 3377 

Office Main 2670 

Porter Daniel W Dr,r,5009 9th av Wdlawn 38 

Porter Ellie Miss, res, 118 N 59th.. Wdlawn 139-J 

Porter Estelle Miss, r, Wdward Bessmr 275-W 

Porter G M Mrs, res, 1220 N 30th Main 5145 

Porter H J, res, 1324 Niazuma Main 1574 

Porter J D, res, 1315 N 30th Main 4098 

Porter J W, res, 1302 N 32nd Main 8528 

Porter Lula Mrs, res, 5000 1st av. . . .Wdlawn 273- J 

Porter L M, res, 1479 Milner Cres Main 175 

Porter Rachael, res, 1301 22nd av.... Ensley 558-J 

Porter R A, res, Shades Mtn Main 4549-W 

Porter R R Mrs, r, 1427 16th av. s Main 4042-W 

Porter Stella M Mrs, res, Dian Apts.... Main 6058 

Porter S P, res, 1816 Copeland av Main 5352- J 

Porter W C, res, 4902 6th av, s Wdlawn 563-J 

Porter Wm C, res, 2316 5th av, n....Maln 7597 
Porter W N, res, 7735 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 792-J 

Porterfleld T M, res, 920% S 17th Main 7906-J 

Posner H J, res, 8700 5th av, n Wdlawn 1092-W 

P O Fruit Store (p s), 213 N 18th Main 9178 

Postal Tel-Cable Co, 

To send a telegram, call POSTAL 

For all other purposes, call 

General office, 2004 1st av Main 7400 

Ensley office, 509 19th Ensley 650 

Potera Chas, res, 627 S 21st Main 3170 

Poterio Jno, res, 331 S 23rd Main 8830-W 

Potter Henry, res, 5532 S 4th av Wdlawn 85-J 

Potter J B, res, 215 N 68th Wdlawn 437 

Potter J B & Co, auto rprs, 502 S 2<»th. .Main 3745 

Potts A L, res, 2217 6th av, n Main 1518-W 

Potts Sam Mrs, res, 2515 Ave E Ensley 1243 

Poa F E, res, 1110 Louise av Main 8929-W 

Poulos Pete, res, 6833 1st av Wdlawn 532 

Pound W C, res, 1618 N 17th Main 7012-W 

Pounds Jno L, shoes, Ch Com bl Main 3464 

Pounds Jno L, res, 1409 Cullom Main 7956-J 

Pounds Richard, res, 509 N 19th Main 1976 

Pounds T S, res, 2814 Cypress av Main 3600-W 

Pow A S, res, 211 Sarah av Main 5220-J 

Pow J R Dr, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 786-J 

Powell A D, res, 111 1st Ensley 38-W 

Powell A H, res, 2505 4th av, n Main 6065-J 

Powell B R, res, 1015 S 16th Main 5025-W 

Powell C A, res, 305 Alma av Ensley 1252-J 

Powell C B Mrs, res, 1031 12th av, a.. Main 1094 

Powell D S, res, 2323 Ave II Ensley 1247 

Powell F C Mrs, r, 1342 S 19th Main 2802 

Powell F L, res, 1207 11th av, n Main 8814-W 

Powell Groc Co, 6309 2nd av, s Wdlawn 517 

Powell H M, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 393 

*Powell J D, res, 1800 Dartmouth av.. Bessmr 529-W 

Powell J F, res, 1634 Arlngtn av Bessmr 527-W 

Powell Jas L. res, 1609 N 31st Main 4230-J 

Powell M L Mrs, res, 610 Cotton av..W End 552-J 
Powell R W, res, 1405 N 32d Main 6399-J 


Amaulanca Sarvlce m. I 002 


MAIN 8500 

Powell School, 6th av & 24th Main 3086 

Powell T L, res, 2408 l»th av Ensley 1339-J 

Powell Virgil, res, 6330 2d av, s Wdlawn 182-W 

Powell Wm, res, 1223 N 46th Wdlawn 591-W 

Powell W D Dr, res, 222 X 4Sth Wdlawn 575-J 

Powell W I Rev, res, 5020 3rd av, n. .Wdlawn 468- W 

Powers E G, res, 1003 Glen Iris av Main 1889-J 

Powers J H, res, 824 Ga av Main 9366 

Powers P J, res, 1031 N 2Sth Main 3313 

Poyner W S Rev, res, 1126 11th av, s..Maln 2775 
Poyntz Evelyn B Mrs,r,1523% 12th av.s.Main 8711 

Prahl J C, res, 4223 2nd av, s Main 8657-J 

Prantl H, pay sta, Rosedale Main 9207 

Pratt A A Mrs, r, 7811 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 86 

Pratt City Hdw Co, 118 3d, P C Ensley 309 

Pratt City Motor & Transfer Co, 

220 1st av Ensley 1341 

*PRATT CONS COAL CO, Am Tr Main 4640 

Pratt Land & Improvement Co.Am T bl.Main 4640 

Wylam ofc Ensley 15 

Pratt Merrill E, res. 3428 Cliff rd Main 7732 

Pratt & McCollum Vulcanizing Co, 

1626 3rd av, n Main 7074 

Pratt & Whitney Co, 2015 1st av Main 3953 

Praytor A L, res, 1408 N 13th av Main 3554-W 

Praytor D M, res, Woodward, Ala... Bessmr 199-W 
Pravtor-Howton & Wood Contracting Co, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 5838 

Praytor J L, res, 1405 N 31st Main 7201 

Preddy Fred, res, Ivanhoe Sta Ensley 495-J 

Preferred Accident Ins Co.ofc.J C B bL.Main 1903 


2304^ 1st av Main 5663 

Presbyterian Mission, 824 18th Ensley 1014 

Prescott Printing Co, 2704 29th av, n..Main 1998 

Prescott W E Dr, r, 428 78th Wdlawn 1145 

Presley Blanche Miss,r,7430 2nd av.n. Wdlawn 1090 
Prest-O-Lite Btry Serv Sta. 2116 Av C. .Main 1130 
Preston Geo A, res, 2425 Ensley av.. Ensley 1063-J 
Preston Motors Corp, ofc, 1st N B bL.Main 6563 

2700 N 24th , Main 7214 

Preston S W res 1005 S 21st Main 5662 

Preves J M, res, 1527 12th av, s....Maln 2118-J 

Prewitt Perkins J, res, 905 S 12th Main 7526 

Price Bern, archt, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 203 

Price Bern, res. 925 S 28th Main 9398 

Price Bessie Miss, res, 8724 Ave C.Maln 7693 

Price C S, res. 2404 X 18th av Main 8754-W 

Price Ed, res, 1421 4th av, n Main 7423- J 

Price E M, res, 1608 30th av, n Main 6367 

Price Howe, res, 1808 4th av Bessmr 624-J 

Price Isaac, res, 4524 Ave E Main 5987 

Price Louis E Mrs, r, 1620 S 12th Main 3919-J 

Price L E Hardware Co, 2001 X 27th.. Main 4662 

Price M L, res, 2531 26th av, n Main 7643 

Price N H, res, 408 Tusc av W End 499 

Price O C Mrs, res, 1817 Av D Main 9369-J 

Price Q G, res, 4132 Ave D Main 4554-J 

Price S A, res, 1716 19th Bessmr 604-W 

Price S J, res, 1331 X 32nd Main 4656-J 

Price S W, res, 1816% 1st av Main 6122-J 

Price W F Rev, res, 3115 13th av, n..Main 8867 

Price W J. res. S02 Tusca W End 675 

Prickett Dry Clng Co, 1930 Ave F Main 5489 

Prickett Ed. res, 4004 35th av, n Main 7315 

Prickett U IT. res. 1125 Cotton av W End 957-J 

Prickett W Clifton, res, Ridgely Apts.. Main 6261 

Priestlev Fred L, res, Wylam Ensley 1091-J 

Prince E M Dr, surg, 1127 S 12th Main 365 

Prince E M Dr, ofc, 1127 S ,12th Main 5116 

Prince E M Dr, res, Hghlnd Park Main 4004 

Prince Frank L Mrs, r. 201 1 Park av..Maln 3227-W 

Princo, J D. res, 1761 13th av, s Main 8401-W 

Prince J II Mrs, res, 400 N 17th Main 6843 

Prince Xannie, res, 519 X 11th Main 9475-J 

Prince Wm Y, res, 805 Georgia Main 5683-W 

Princess Theatre, 1910 2d av Bessmr 253 

Pritchard Wm S, atty, 1st N B bl Main 1289 


• • 

We o wTp a u e s our Wiltiehen Main223 Electrical «**»<**■ 

12 so. 20th st.| MIDDLEBR00KS ELECTRIC CO. 















•Indicates P. 8. Exchanged 

■Indicates P. B. Exchange 

Main • 3355 
Main . . 285 
Main • • 134 
Eniloy . 1477 

Pritchard W S, res, 130G St Chas Main 2599-J 

Pntchett T W, res, 2007 25th av.... Ensley 833-J 
Pntchett W H. res, 5520 5th av, s..Wdlawn 1264 

Privett J B, res, 1412 S 17th av Main 6306-J 

Probate Office, Court House Main 1974 

Proctor C L, res, 1426 19th Ensley 1040-J 

Proctor N W, res, 200 N 60th Wdlawn 175 

Proctor Wm II, res, Shades Mt W End 430-J 

Producer's Emp Agcy,ofc,2101i£ 2d av..Main 1194 
Producers Exchg Mkt, 2101 2d av, n...Main 4290 
•PROGRESSIVE FARMER.1702 4 av.n.Main 519 

Propst W Ferd, res, 2511 Ave E Ensley 1475 

Propst W H, res, 4403 Ave C Main 6195 

Prosch Gus J, res, 228 N 85th Wdlawn 352-J 

Prosch L A, res, 828 S 15th Main 3200 

Prosch & Prosch.attys.lst N B bl Main 3876 

Protective Credit Assn.ofc, 2024 1st av.Main 2400 

Protective Life Ins Co, 2112 1st av Main 4065 

Prouty P A Mrs, res, 2114 6th av, n Main 8833-J 

Provident Life & Ace Ins Co, 1st N B bl.Main 5011 
Provident Life & Trust Co.ofc.B-M bL.Maln 2603 

Prowell Corrie Lee, res, 306 S 15th Main 5375-W 

Prowell R J, res, 1721 14th av, s Main 1680-J 

Prowell Robt Stove Co, 1920 3rd av, n.Main 115 
Prowell Robt Stove Co, 1920 3rd av, n..Maln 3000 

Prowell V Q, res, 1241 Iroquois Main 5844- W 

Prowell Water Co, 1715 2nd av, n Main 6624 

1715 2nd av, n Main 1777 

Prude Jno W, rl est, 106 N 22nd Main 5793 

Prude Jno W, res, 4226 5th av, s Main 2103-W 

Prudential Ins Co, ofc, Jff Co Bk bl Main 204 

Pruitt E L M Dr, dent, 109^ X 20th... Main 6661 
Pruitt E L M Dr, r, 5714 2nd av, n. .Wdlawn 1068-J 

Pruitt E P Dr, res, 1504 N 33rd Main 8859-W 

Pruitt P D, res, 1517 14th av Bessmr 205-J 

Pruitt J A, res, 157 Davies Wdlawn 65-W 

Pruitt M E Mrs, res, 1517 14th av Bessmr 205-J 

Pryor-Farmer & Cannon, fn, 1814 Av E. Ensley 63 

Pryor Lula, res, 602 S 32nd Main 247 

Pryor Mary, res, 508 N 14th Main 9475-W 

Psi Delta Frat. Howard College Wdlawn 793 

Public Library (see City of B'ham) 

Puckett B W, res, 1422 Allen Main 6892 

Puckett Jas C, res, 4905 2nd av Wdlawn 1227-W 

Puckett R H, prsng, 2123 5th av, n Main 4793 

Puckett T S, res, 5929 1st av Wdlawn 362-J 

Puckett Walter, res. 3527 Cliff rd Main 7577 

Pugh .Jno C, res, 1 1 10 Elm Main 8027-J 

Pugh Sam, res, West Lake Bessmr 852-J 

Pulliam S J Prof, res, 210 S 80th Wdlawn 98 

Pulliam W D, res, 1009 N 4 4th Wdlawn 271-W 

Pulllas C M, res. 70S Lamb av W End 389-J 

Pullin J H, res, 413 S 18th Main 1948-W 

Pullman Co, agts ofc, Term Sta Main 3064 

Pultz G B, res, Ridgely Apts Main 6871 

Purcell L Mrs, res, 2216 5th av, n Main 5403 

Purdy Essie Miss, res. 314 Miller Ensley 945-J 

Purdy H T Mrs, res, 1128 11th av, s...Main 6833-J 

Purdy J B, res, 1100 St Chas Main 5765-J 

Purdy J N, res, 216 Old 50th Wdlawn 865-W 

Purdy M B. res, 1806 Berkley av Bessmr 571 

Pure Food Grocery Co, 105 S 19th Bessmr 676 

Purifoy W L, res. 146 N 57th Wdlawn 64-W 


2011 Ave E Ensley 643 

Purser Ben F, res. Dolomite Bessmr 8704 

Purvis J M, res, 3528 N 27th Main 7169-W 

Puryear W C, res, 385 N 54th Wdlawn 120 

Putman J G, res, 1150 S 12th Main 3567 

Putman J G Jr. res, Edgewood Main 3764-W 

Putnam Howard E, r, 1117 N 14th Main 4423-J 

Putnam J E, shoe shp. 3419 N 27th.. Main 7636 
Putney Stephen Shoe Co, Ch of Com.. Main 1076 
Pyle Cora Miss, res, 2409 31st av, n Main 1789 

Quality Cleaning Co, 1930 11th av, s..Maln 1264 



Ambulinci Sstvlce ffl. I UUZ 

Quast Mattie Miss, r, 6825 1st av.. Wdlawn 706-W 
Queen Feature Service.ofc.Potter bl...Maln 8151 
Queen & Crescent Route (A G S R R) 

City tkt ofc, 2010 1st av Main 7572 

City ticket ofc, Wdward bl Main 2462 

Office chf despatches Powell Main 2468 

Supt ofc, Powell Main 703 

Yard ofc, Powell & 39th Main 3296 

Round house, Powell Main 869 

Road master, Powell av Main 7285 

F T M (chf clk&sol elk), Wdward bl.Main 1432 
F T M ofc (rate dept), Wdwrd bL.Maln 725 

Frt depot, Avondale Main 1205 

Mas mech, 27th Main 1713 

Spl agt, 18th Main 8118 

Quigley E P, exmr Id titles, Am Tr. ..Main 1181 

Quigley E P, res, 3526 Cliff rd Main 7760-J 

Quin H L, drugs, 3131 12th av, n Main 569 

Quin H L, res, 3312 12th av, n Main 2679-J 

Quinby C M, res. 1303 S 17th..., Main 8263-W 

Quinn Bert, tax serv, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8187 

Quinn Eugene M, r, 1813 6th av, n Main 9356-J 

Quinn R A Mrs, res, 1329 7th av.... Bessmr 438-W 

R Aganzia Consulare D'ltalia, 

1909 1st av, n Main 1198 

Racine Tire Co, 2205 1st av Main 7038 

Raco D, res, 1100 Ave D Main 3856-J 

Rader W C, ins, Am Tr Main 663 

Rader W C, res, Ridgely Apts Main 4712 

Radford Flora, res, 2014 N 6th av Main 5959-W 

Raftus Gus, prsng, 24 S 20th Main 817S 

Ragan H, res, 1006 N 26th Main 7692 

Ragland F W, res, 1115 8th av, n Main 4660-W 

Ragland's Pharmacy (pay sta), 

1401 7th av, n Main 9161 

Ragsdale M Clay Dr, Realty bl Bessmr 417 

Ragsdale M C Dr, r, 1927 Arlngtn. .. Bessmr 949 
Ragsdale M C Sr Dr,r,1931 Arlgn av. Bessmr 236-J 
Ragsdale R B Mrs, r, 1905 Exeter av. Bessmr 725-W 

Ragsdale V H Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 417 

Ragsdale V H Dr, res, Orlean Apts.. Bessmr 579 

Raia Toney, res, 234 S 62nd Wdlawn 776 

Raible J R & Co, cooprg, Am Tr bI...Maln 2739 

Raiford A G. (p s), Riley Sta W End 9100-J 

Raiford Bros fp s), Riley Sta W End 9100-W 

Raiford W H (p s), Hillman Sta. . . Beaamr 9193-W 
Railroad Tkt Ofc, U S R R Adms, 

2010 1st av Main 7572 

Railway Fuel Co,cl&irn,lst N B bl Main 8271 

Railway Mail Service, chf elk, Ch Com. .Main 989 

Ry Supply Co of Ala, 25O0 2d av Main 3329 

Rainbow Cafe, 2012 4th av, n Main 435 

Rainbow Waist Shop, 1921 3rd av, n..Maln 9503 

Raine Sam, res, 1731 Drtmth av Bessmr 1080 

Rakestraw J E,~r, 6216 3rd av, n Wdlawn 485 

Raley H Mrs, res, 1921 5th av, n Main 7059-J 

Ramage Jno, res, 3109 Av C Ensley 369 

Rambow C T, res, 1001 S 11th Main 5426 

Ramey R R. res, 4700 loth av, n.... Wdlawn 299-W 

Ramp J V, res, 1626 Rugby .* Main 5266 

Ramsay Erskine, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 4640 

Ramsay Erskine, res, 2154 Highland- .. Main 668 

Ramsay L W, res, 4909 1st av, n Wdlawn 416 

Ramsay W K, r, Albemarle Apts Main 5027-W 

Ramseur II M, res, 5712 2nd av, n.. Wdlawn 1441 

Ramsey James, res. 2621 Ave D Main 2954-W 

Ramsey J D, res, Hill Top Sta Ensley 687-J 

Ramsey Sid, res, 1529 Carolina av Bessmr 961-J 

Randall C T, dry gds, 131 S 20th Main 1125 

Randall C T, res, 2016 Quinlin av Main 6501-W 

Randall I F, res, 2117 Ave H Main 4152- W 

Randall M P, res, Ridgely Apts Main 7545 

Randall Rush, res, 2100 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 876-J 

Randle G D. res. 2612 20th av Ensley 706 

Randle O E, res, 2022 Arlington av. . .Bessmr 746-W 


AVT0 S ^y B ,^ A1 ' CE Main 7G9 
Funeral Director Main 4862 



Gilchrist-Tarrant H» £ 

Main 469 

Randle Tom, res, 1530 Fairfax av Bessmr 870 

Randman B, bakery, 1828 4th av, n...Maln 8912 

Randman B\ res, 1221 11th av, s Main 4571-W 

Randolph Bakery, 614 Tusc av. W End 415 

Randolph Harry, res, 614 Tusc av...W End 415 
Randolph Oscar deW Rev,r,1117 S 19th. Main 3255 

Randolph Richard, rl est, 219 N 2 1st Main 5140 

Randolph Richard, res, 1100 S 26th Main 2243 

Randolph Sophia, r, 2226 Exeter av. Bessmr 1173 

Randolph Theodore F,r,1315 Wau Main 6090 

Randolph V M, res, 7420 3d av, n.. Wdlawn 1088-W 
Ranger Motor Sales Co, Inc. ofc, 

"J. S 21st Main 1266 

Office, 200 S 22nd Main 5205 

Rankin R M*, res, 1604 12th av, n Main 4351-J 

Ransom Groc Co, 8000 Underwd av. Wdlawn 868 
Ransom M H, res, Capitol Park Inn.. Main 5307 

Ransom S R, res, Lucy av Main 9581-W 

Ransom Taxicab Co, 1719 2nd av Main 808 

Ransom W K, ofc, 1719 2nd av Main 808 

Ransom W K, res, Terrace Crt Main 2930- J 

Ransom W W Dr, res, 1506 N 31st Main 196 

Ranson L A Jr, res, 1918 Ave F Ensley 863-J 

Ranson M H Mrs, r, 1900 11th av, s...Main 3165 
Ranson M H Mrs, r, 1831 llth av, s...Maln 5417 

Ranson W F, res, 1445 32nd Ensley 127-J 

Ranson & Son, groc, 523 17th Ensley 361 

Rarden J Co The. groc, Jonesboro. .. Bessmr 440 

Rarden R E, gents furn, 215 19th Bessmr 474 

Rarden R E, res, 1713 Clrndn av Bessmr 409-J 

Rasberry Irene Mrs, r, 5224 1st av... Wdlawn 1291 

Rasco J L, res, 2619 Ave J... Ensley 183-W 

Rascoe W P, res, 1330 Ave E Ensley 837-J 

Rash W H, res, Mason City W End 451-W 

Ratliff C B, res, 1823 llth av, s Main 3811-J 

Ratliff C O, res, 2108 Av H Main 8816-J 

Ratliff D M, res, 501 S 27th Bessmr 585 

Ratliff E D, res, 904 S 16th Main 6988-J 

Ratliff J P, res, West Lake Bessmr 1053-J 

Ratliff P C, res, 2600 Madison av Main 2447 

Ratliff P C & Son, ins, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1653 

Ratliff W T, res, 912 St Chas Main 5288 

Rauckman F C, res, 20s Lucy av Main 6527-W 

Rawlinson H A, res, 54 Church Ensley 1413 

Rawson A E, res, 1429 N 24th Main 7120 

Rawson Bros Furn Co, 2313 2nd av, n..Main 1041 

Rawson W R, res, 1120 Sylvan av Main 2667 

Ray A B, res, 937 S 17th Main 8839-W 

Ray Ben F, atty, Title Guar bl Main 461 

Ray Ben F, res, 920 S 31st Main 4001-J 

Ray Bros Furn Co, Brighton Bessmr 142-J 

Ray Chas M, res, 1808 4th av Bessmr 624-W 

Ray C S, res, 117 N 73rd Wdlawn 142-J 

Ray D R Mrs, res, Rutledge Spgs. .. Bessmr 393- W 

Ray Emmett Mrs,r,1510 Brkly av Bessmr 839-W 

Ray E C Dr, ofc, 1822% Ave E Ensley 793 

Ray E C Dr, res, 2723 Ensley av Ensley 1352 

Ray E J, res, R FD 1 Bessmr 8911 

Ray Horace G, res, R F D 1 Bessmr 8902 

Ray J A, r, RFD No 1, Sunnysidc.W End 749-J 

Ray J H Mrs, res, Ter Ct .'...Main 4916 

Ray Jno J, res. 2421 Birch av Ensley 620-J 

Ray Jessie Quinn Mrs, r, 815 1st av.W End 136-J 

Ray Neal. res. 2312 21st Ensley 1214-J 

Ray-Puncture Proof Interliner Co, 

Ofc, 219 S 12th Main 4177 

Ray R A, res, 2930 14th av Ensley 1228 

Ray R B, res, 5524 5th av, s Wdlawn 855 

Ray R V, res, 515 Lucy av Main 7933-J 

Ray T D, res. 1914 Drtmth av... Bessmr 623-J 

Ray T M, res, 6514 Hillman av Wdlawn 829 

Ray Tire & Rubber Co.ofc.Am Tr bl...Main 701 

Ray W G, res, 1822 Ina Main 6200 

Ray W J Rev, res, 622 N 24th Main 7426 

Ray & Hope, garage, 211 20th Bessmr 224 

Rayfield J T Mrs, res, 3011 Ave E... Ensley 588-J 

Rayfleld W A, res, 105 Ave A Main 3110-W 

Rea Frank, res, Downey Sta Bessmr 427-W 

Main 223 

Electrical 412N - 19thst 



AmUjIanca Service fff, I UUZ 

Read E L, res, 2317 Clarendon av Bessmr 559 

Read E L Furr Co, 1819 2d av Bessmr 203 

Read E N, res, 316 Sarah av Main 2139-J 

Read Ida A Mrs, res, 2819 18th Crt... Ensley 1064-W 

Reager F R, res, 3408 12th av, n Main 3784-W 

Reagor L A, res, 2611 Av E Ensley 1351-W 

Realty Bldg (pay eta), 3d av&19th. .Bessmr 9197 

Realty Trust Co, ofc, 303 N 20th Main 687 

Reavis J D, res, 225 Old 50th Wdlawn 311-J 

Reckling Wm, harness, 1811 2d av Main 506 

Reckling Wm, res, 2316 8th av, n Main 5261 

Record J D, res. 2020 llth av, s Main 2861 

Red Eagle Coal Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1522 

Red Mtn Paper Co, ofc, 1620 1st av Main 4264 

Red Mtn Sanatorium, res, Wtr Wks rd.Maln 6912-J 

Red Star Coal Co, Am Tr Main 1214 

Redd Ernest, res, 1125 S 33rd Main 1538-J 

Redd Wm Mrs, res, 3029 Mtn av Main 5298-J 

Redd Wm P, res, 1916 16th av, s Main 3160-W 

Redding J R, res, 2116 5th av, n Main 1318-W 

Redpath Lyceum Bureau, ofc, Jff C B..Main 8376 

Redus J E, res, 1331 N 24th Main 2684 

Redus R C, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 6155 

Redus R C, res, 3847 Summit av....Maln 667 


Real Estate, 1st N B bl Main 6353 

Reece S B Mrs, res, 2111 14th av, s Main 1852-J 

Reece Thos Jno,r,309 4 4th,Frfld Ensley 854-W 

Reed Bros Stone & Mon Wks, 

3000 8th av, n Main 874 

Reed F A. res, 215 N Hawkins W End 101-VV 

Reed Jerry A, res, 1410 Ave G Main 5043 

Reed J S, res, 1401 13th av, n Main 3363-J 

Reed L W, res, 818 Princeton av W End 960-J 

Reed N N, res, 416 17th Ensley 796-J 

Reed Sara Mrs, res, 1625 Mamie av....Main 7465-W 

Reed T E, res, 309 N 49th Wdlawn 529-J 

Reed W A, res, 1116 Fountain av Main 5452-J 

Reed W H, res, 2512 Park av Ensley 959-W 

Reed W P, res, 4118 3rd av, s Main 1312-W 

Reed W T, res, Ivanhoe Sta Ensley 413-W 

Reeder J I, res, 1800 3d av Bessmr 698 

Reeder S E, res, 819 Woodland av Main 5319-W 

Reem Chas G, res, 1214 S 15th Main 6778 

Rees Bros, auto rep, 427 S 20th Main 3372 

Reese Albert L, res, 1313 N 13th av Main 5420-J 

Reese Carlos, res, Maplehurst Sta....W End 329-J 

Reese D Mrs, res, 1324 Tusc av W End 228-J 

Reese Dental Sup Co, 1st N B bl Main 1149 

Reese F W. res, S00 Goldwire W End 575-W 

Reese Geo W Dr, dent, 1st N B bl....Maln 1042 

Reese Geo W Dr, res, 3529 Cliff rd Main 8123-J 

Reese J E, res, 1715 Jefferson av.... Ensley 1336-J 

Reese Louie, res, 3403 Hghlnd av Main 4839-J 

Reese Louie & Co, rl est, Title Guar bl. . Main 99 
Reese Sarah E Mrs, res, 701 9th av, n..Main 8221-W 

Reese W C, res, 1429 N 25th Main 2748-J 

Reese's Art Clng & Dyer. 414 N 20th.. Main 5617 
Reeve Andrew J, res, 3017 Prince. ... Ensley 908-W 

Reeve Geo W, res, 3009 Prince Ensley 544-J 

Reeve J W, res, 1217 43rd Ensley 925-J 

Reeves A M. res, 1705 Cleveland av..W End 598-W 

Reeves C H, res, 4042 Hattie av Ensley 621-J 

Reeves L T Rev, study. 1403 13th av.n.Main 7213 
Reeves L T Rev, res, 1327 13th av, n. ... Main 3548- J 

Reeves P U Dr, ofc, Walker bl Main 7263 

Reeves P U Dr, res, 2312 31st av, n..Main 2617 
Reeves Walter B, res, 1014 S 17th... Main 8800 
Reeves W P Rev, res, '4022 4th av, s. . . . Main 9499 

Reeves & Watts Drs.ofc. Walker bl Main 7263 

Regan H W, res, 1300 North W End 442-W 

Regan Jas L, res, 2013 Ave H Ensley 102-J 

Reid Albert & Bro, tlrs, 505 19th Bessmr 339 

Roid A L. res, 1825 7th av, n Main 6568-J 

Reid A M Dr, physician, Emp bl Main 5384 

Reid A M Dr. res. Glen Iris Cir Main 3352 

Reid-Bell Realty Co. ofc* ifoxtoy bl Main 3997 

Reid Chas Mrs, res. 250J Av»43 Main 9578 


4// Kinds Roofing 1905 Ave. R— Telephone 195 

• » 




•Indicates P. B. Exchan 




Mm ^S^ m Main 769 
Funeral Director Main 4862 

Reid Chas R, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Reid Chas R, res, 1119 N 25th Main 

Reid E J, res, C201 1st av Wdlawn 

Reid-Ford Land Co, ofc, Steiner bl Main 

Fred W, groc, 4305 7th av Ensley 

'Fred W, res, 42i>0 10th av Ensley 

J B Jr, ofc, Steiner bl Main 

LE Dr. dent, 20fi% N 20th Main 

L E, res, Roebuck Sprgs Wdlawn 

Percy Dr, dent, 1st N B bl Main 

Percy Or, res, 1008 13th av, B Main 

R J, res, 1208 10th av, s Main 

R J, res, 230 S 19th Bessmr 

Samuel Mrs,r,1505 Arlngtn av... Bessmr 



Reid S H, res, 516 14th Bessmr 

Reid & Lowe, R R contrs, B-M bl Main 

Reids Pharmacy, ofc, 2730 Ave G Main 

Reilly J C, res, 106 S Almond W End 

Reimel E J, res, 1322 Cotton av. ...W End 


700 S 18th 

Reinhart Oscar, res, 2127 12th av, n. 
Reliable Furniture Qo, 207 S 20th. 
Reliable Jobbing House, 2012 1st av. 
Reliable Shoe Hospital, 110 S 18th. 


408 g 21st Main 

Reliance Hotel, 

26th & 5th av, n Main 

(Pay sta), 418 N 26th Main 

Restaurant ft>ay sta), 418 N 26th... Main 

Reliance Life Ins Co, 1st N B bl Main 

Reliance Taxicab Co, ofc, 2527 5th av, n.Main 
Remington Typewriter Co, 2115 1st av..Main 
Remnant Store.dry gds,2008 2nd av,n..Maln 
Rene Ella M Mrs, r, Whitfield Apts...Main 

Renfro J B, res, 4200 Popular Ensley 

Renneker Fred W, res, 1129 N 28th Main 

Renner J p, res, 1733 Carolina av Bessmr 

Republic Iron & Steel Company, 

Manager, Woodward bl Main 

Credit manager, Wdward bl Main 

Engineer, Wdwanr bl Main 

Paymaster, Wdward bl Main 

Sales manager, Wdward bl Main 

Auditor. Wdward bl Main 

Audit dept, Wdward bl Main 

Gen supt ore mines, Wdward bl Main 

Ch clrk audt dept, Wdward bl Main 

Ch clrks ofc, Thomas Ensley 

Supply house, Thomas Ensley 

Purchasing agent, Wdward bl Main 

Land agent, Wdward bl Main 

Claim agent, Wdward bl Main 

Manager commissaries, Wdward bL.Maln 

Traffic manager, Wdward bl Main 

Genl supt ofc, Thomas Main 

Genl supt res, Thomas Main 

Order dept, Wdward bl Main 

Iron yards, Thomas Main 

Scale house, Thomas Ensley 

Quarry, Thomas Ensley 

Doctor's ofc, Thomas Ensley 

Commissary, Thomas Ensley 

Gen supt's ofc, Sayreton Main 

Gen supt's res, Sayreton Main 

Commissary, Sayreton Main 

Check ofc, Sayreton. Main 

Supt's ofct, Republic Main 

Supt's res, Republic Main 

Commissary, Republic Main 

Supt's ofc, Spaulding W End 

Office, Raimund Bessmr 

Supt's res, Raimund Bessmr 

Timekeeper's ofc, Raimund Bessmr 

Commissary, Raimund Bessmr 

Resser J R Mrs, res, 1616 4th av, n Main 
























18- J 




Am* S«rvl:« M.IUUZ 

All Grades AAA 
Lowest Cash Prices ^^\^#A Lb 

Retail Credit Co, B-M bl Main 

Retail Merchants Trading Stamp Co, 

1808 3d av, n Main 

Reuter II Rev, res, 1404 Huntsv av.. 
Reviere & Miller Drs,dnt,4 305^ 7 av 
Rex Co, clnrs&dyers, 1930 11th av.s. 

Reynolds B A, res, 230 Lucy av 

Reynolds B F, res, IS 18 Pike av... 

Reynolds F D, res, 4529 Valley rd 

Reynolds F K Dr, res, 317 1st av Main 

Reynolds F P, res, 339 37th Ensley 

Reynolds Geo D, res, Rchmd Apts Main 

Reynolds Haberdashery Co, 210 N 20th. Main 

. . Main 
. . Main 
. . Main 


Indicates P. B. Exchange 


1616 Allen Main 

Crestline Hghts. . . . Main 

1412 Hayes W End 

111 2nd av Ensley 

Reynolds Joe, res, 
Reynolds J D, res, 
Reynolds J J, res, 
Reynolds J M, res, 

Reynolds J R, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Reynolds J R, res, 1425 S 18th Main 

Reynolds L E, res, Terrace Ct Main 

Reynolds M C, farm, W Highlands. Bessmr 
Reynolds M J Mrs, res, 1906 N 14th av.Main 

Reynolds W S, res, 207 S 60th Wdlawn 

Reznik J, res, 330 S 16th Main 


2021 2nd av, 

Sales Department Main 

Collection Department Main 

Warehouse Main 

Rhodes J T, coal&lbr, 6424 1st av.. Wdlawn 

Rhodes J T, res, 216 59th, n Wdlawn 

Rhodes Margaret S Mrs, r, Ridgely Apts. Main 
Rhodes Sam H Mrs, res, 3210 Ave I.. Ensley 

Rhodes Transfer Co, 1813 Ave C Main 

Rhudy W H, res, 433.0 9th av Wdlawn 

Rialto Theatre, ofc, 1916 2d av, n Main 

Ribble F A, res, 2901 Cypress av Main 

Ribe A J, traf mgr, Wdward bl Main 

Ribe A J, traf mgr, Wdwrd bl Main 

Ribe A J, res, 1411 N 24th Main 

Rice Chas E, atty, Empire bl Main 

Rice Chas E, res, Edgwd Main 

Rice Clarence E, res. 1321 N 30th Main 

Rice D C, groc, 5501 1st av Wdlawn 

Rice Emma, res, 2110 3rd av Bessmr 

Rice Edw T, atty, Am Tr bl Main 

Rice Edward T, res, 1517 S 14th Main 

Rice Jas R, res, 3024 Mountain av Main 

Rice O M, ofc, 2411 3rd av, n Main 

Rice O M, re's, 1611 13th av, s Main 

Rice Pauline Mrs, r, 2240 14th av, ■...Main 
Rice Stix Dry Gds Co.ofc.Ch of Com.. Main 
Rice W F, res, Terrace Court Main 


24 09 3rd av, n, 

Sales Dept Main 

Mgrs Ofce Main 

Rich A, res, 2240 14th av, s Main 

Rich C H, res, 1118 Huntsville av Bessmr 

Rich D & H Shoes, 1912 1st av Main 

Rich Herman, res, 1222 S 12th Main 

Rich Leo, res, 1260 Whitaker Main 

Rich S, res, 2511 Caldwell av Main 

Richard D S, res. 310s i;,th av. n Main 

Richards C W, res, 1809 Ave E Ensley 

Richards Elizabeth Mrs, res, 

tlSStt 5th av, n Main 

Richards Elizabeth Mrs,r,511 N 21st... Main 

Richards G A.^res. 1216 N 13th Main 

Richards J W; res, Irondale Wdlawn 

Richards J W Mrs, r, 2405 Ave G Ensley 

Richards L P M'rs. res, 1327 Cullom Main 

Richards Myrtle Miss, 

Res, 606 Balsam av Ensley 

Richards R C, res, 115 Halstead Wdlawn 

Richardson Clive, r, 3001 Pawnee av..Maln 
Richardson J S. res. 312 Princeton av. .W End 



























565- W 

• a 




Office &\M)«ks 






Richey E 
Richey T 

R F, res, 1401 N 32nd Main 

R G, res, 1708 15th av, n..Main 
Wm Jr, r, 1737 Jeff av... Ensley 
W E, garage, 1615 3d av,n..Main 

W E, r, 15 Pearle W End 

S N, res, Lipscomb. ... Bessmr 

A, res, 1720 16th av, s Main 

B Mrs, res, 3828 Ave F Main 

Richmond Market, mts, 1152 S 12th... Main 

Richmond Pharmacy, 12th Main 

Richmond Pharmacy (pay sta), 12th.... Main 

Richter J W, res, 514 Tijsc av W End 

Richter Lydia A Miss, r, 1801 14th av, s.Main 
Richter Louis G, res, 1004 St Chas... Main 
Richter Louis G Co, 

Tailors, Empire bl .<.... Main 

Shop, 1912^ Morris av Main 

Richter Paul, res, 1801 Pearson av....W End 

Ricketts W F, res, 220 S 57th Wdlawn 

Rickman B C Mrs, res, 1427 N 30th Main 

Ricks B D, res, 515 N 22nd Main 

Ricks B L, res, 30S N 23rd Main 

Ricks Rl Est & Ins Co, ofc, 511 19th.. Ensley 
Ricks S E Mrs, res, 110 S 15th. ... Bessmr 
Riddle Laura H Miss, res, 231 Lucy av..Main 

Riddle S S, res, 716 S 28th Main 

Riddle Watkins, res, R F D 2 Wdlawn 

Ridge Nora J Mrs, res, 2316 1st av....Main 


Ridgely Apartments Main 

Ridgely Apts (pay sta), Ridgely Apts.. Main 

Ridgely Grocery, ofc, 605 N 21st' Main 

Ridgely Pharmacy Co, Ridgely Apts.... Main 
Ridgeway B G, res, 115 Pine W End 


Ofc, 1509 Av E Main 

Ridlehoover B B, res, 913 Tusc av....W End 

Ridley J V, res, 728 N 67th Wdlawn 

Ridout F J, res, 1330 14th av, s Main 


Funrl Drctrs, 2117 5th av, n Main 

Rietta Ester Mrs, res, 430 Sth av Main 

Rietta Frank, res, 2331 Ave I Main 

Rietta Frank Co, frts & veg, 2loi 2 av.Main 

Riggan G B, res, 7915 1st av Wdlawn 

Riggan L J, res, 503 Balsam av, p C. Ensley 
Riggins Blanton, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl...Main 

Riggins B L, res, S30 Goldwire W End 

Riggins H C, res, 2913 19th av Ensley 

Riggins W A, res, 1728 Jeff av W End 

Riggs E P Dr, phys, Wdward bl Main 

Riggs E P Dr, res, 1035 Sycamore Main 

Riggs Mary Young Mrs, r, 181! Pine av.Main 
Rigotti Joe, groc, 711 Balsom av.... Ensley 
Riley Bros, gen mdse, 321 19th. ... Bessmr 

Riley B F Dr, res, 1331 S 21st Main 

Riley C, res, 1503 Av G Main 

Riley C S, res, 1922 7th av Bessmr 

Riley G D, res. 624 17th Bessmr 

Riley James F, ofc, Wdwrd bl Main 

Riley J F, res, 3210 Glenn av Main 

Riley J M, res, 1227 N 16th Majn 

Riley W L, res. Gordon Heights. ... Bessmr 
Ringelberg M, res, 1516 10th av, s....Main 
Ringland D R, res, 1211 Fulton av..W End 

Riordan D A, res, 1712 Ave H Ensley 

Ripko P H, res, 612 18th Bessmr 

Rippy D A, res, 5327 Grand av.... Wdlawn 

Riser A O Mrs, res, 815 S 19th Main 

309 1st av Main 

1st av Main 

S Wood Wdlawn 

D E, res, 4110 Oak Ensley 

Gilbert, res, 124 Halstead. . Wdlawn 

Riser Ethel Miss, res, 
Ritchey S, res, 4103 
Ritchie Alex, res, 110 

Ritchie G H. res, 507 N 40th Ensley 































Ambulance Service (fj. I 002 

Ritchie Robert, res, 153 N 57th Wdlawn 

( Ritchie R E, ofc, 1923^ Powell av Main 

I Ritchie R E, res, 1508 S 14th Main 

Rite Store No 1, groc, 712 N 14th Main 

Rite Store No 3, groc, 1102 N 13th Main 

Rittenberry C C Dr, res, Rosedale Main 

Ritter C D, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Ritter C D, res, Crestline Hgths Main 

Ritter & Wynn, attys, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Rives Ben J, res, 725 Decatur av Wdlawn 

Rives J B, res, 4 02 St Chas av W End 

Rives Jno R T, res, 28 Commerce... . Wdlawn 

Riviere H A Dr, res, 4301 8th av Ensley 

Roach J T, atty, Title Guar bl Main 

Roane A D, res, 1305 S 12th Main 

Roane W W, groc, 2400 35th av, n Main 

Robb Anna Bennett Mrs,r,l.sl5 11th av.s.Maln 

Robb F C, res, 1402 Nolan av Main 

Robb J C, res, 1410 N 20th Main 

Robbins J E Dr, ofc, 1903V 2 Ave E.. Ensley 

Robbins J E Dr, res, 2000 Av I Ensley 

Robbins Kathryn Miss,r,109 N Hwkns.W End 

Robbins W E, res, 12 Oak W End 

Roberson B G, res, 812 24th Ensley 

Roberson C C, res, 106" Walnut W End 

Roberson E M, res, 2009 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 
Roberson E M, res, 4522 Huntsv av.. Bessmr 

Roberson II G, res, S25 Wdland av Main 

Roberson J Frank Dr, dentist, 

2000 2nd av Bessmr 

Roberson J Frank Dr, r, 114 S 22nd.. Bessmr 

Roberson Jos II, res, 220 N 4Sth Wdlawn 

Roberson M J, res, 1503% 10th av, s Main 

Roberson W B, res, 1130 Thomas Main 

Roberts A, res, 4432 1st av Main 

Roberts A B, res, 1817 Alois av Ensley 

Roberts A G, res, Rising Sta W End 

Roberts A W steno.Am Tr bl.Main 

Roberts Chas, res, 1409 S 18th Main 

Roberts C F, res, 2031 21st av, n Main 

Roberts David Jr, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

Roberts David Jr, r, 3820 Crescent rd..Main 

Roberts E W, res, 1121 Cotton av W End 

Roberts Furn Co.Inc, ofc, 1721 Av E.. Ensley 

Roberts G, res, 3119 Highland av Main 

Roberts Geo Jr, res, 306 4th Ensley 

Roberts Harry E, res, 6603 1st av.. Wdlawn 

Roberts J A, res, 1531 4th av Bessmr 

Roberts J A & Co, groc, 1915 3rd av.. Bessmr 

Roberts Jas B, res, 1200 N 29th Main 

Roberts J F, r, 932 Hemington av..W End 

Roberts J L, res, 1S12 4th av Bessmr 

Roberts J W, res, 7805 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 

Roberts J W, res, 501 5th Ensley 

Roberts Lucy T Mrs, r, 2315 11th av, n.Main 
Roberts Motorcycle Co,. 1526 3rd av. . . . Main 
Roberts Nannie P Mrs, r, 109 S 64th. Wdlawn 
Roberts Osce, res, 1024 Elm Main 


Office, 1911% 1st av Main 

Roberts Printing Co, 1810 3d av, n Main 

Roberts R H, res, 1505 S 14th Main 

Roberts R Winston, res, 1114 S 17th... Main 

Roberts Wm, res, 4016 Ave C Main 

Roberts Wyatt S Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 


1812 3d av 

Night & Sunday calls 




Robertson A G Dr, ofc, 400 17th.... E 

Robertson A G Dr, res, 614 N 16th 

Robertson Authur J, res, 805 N 41st.... 
Robertson Blanche Mrs, r, 2109 6th av.n. 

Robertson Brick Co, ofc, Av B 

Robertson B O Dr. ofc. Empire bl 

Main 8461 
...Night Nos. 
Main 8462 
Main 8463 
Main 8464 
nsley 1440 
Main 6396- J 
Main 2690 
Main 3097- W 
Main 2250 
Main 8951 

Bishopric stucco * Plaster Board 

wiTTicHEN-12 so. 20th st.-MAiN 8500I MIDDLEBR00KS ELECTRIC CO. 

Main 223 El^CttiCid 412N - *•** 

• • 

indicates P. B. Exchange 




^Indicates P. B. Exchange 









Coal MO>nt «- Mai." "8 

Robertson B O Dr, res, 81G 12th av, s.Maln 9478 

Robertson C D Jr, res, 1104 S 13th Main 3013-W 

Robertson Dick Mrs,r,2005 11th av,n. . Main 8272 
Robertson F F, res, 930 Hall av. . . . Bessmr 924 
Robertson Geo E, res, 110 Walnut... W End 793-J 

Robertson-Gresham"& Co, ins, 

2026 1st av Main 269 

Robertson G AV, res, 2102 10th av, s.. ..Main 2333 
Robertson Hardware Co, 2020 1st av. . Main 7110 

Robertson H F, res, 2319 14th av, n Main 3250-J 

Robertson H H Co, bldg sup, B-M bl.-Main 8974 

Robertson H M, res, 1619 10th av, s Main 4187-J 

Robertson John R, res, 227 N 53rd. . Wdlawn 217 
Robertson J T, res, 2712 Hanover Cir...Main 4524 
Robertson J W, res, Raimond Mines. . Bessmr 106-W 

Robertson J W, res, 100 1st av Ensley 1401-J 

Robertson L M, mfrs agt, 2317 1st av..Main 814 

Robertson L M, res, 3420 Clin! rd Main 6017 

Robertson. Teyton, res, 2908 12th av, n..Main 4851 
Robertson Roschelle, res, 526 Delta. ... Main 4957-J 

Robertson R B, res, 1214 N 32nd Main 934 

Robertson Sales Co,Inc,ofc,2317 1st av..Main 814 

Robertson W D. res, 1400 13th av, s Main 5841 

Robertson W H, res, 1127 11th av, n..Main 7468 

Robertson W L, res, 1229 N 30th Main 9411 

Robertson W V M, res, 1006 S 19th... Main 1830 

Robins A J, res, 1210 1st av W End 519 

Robins W W, groc, 1653 Pearson av..W End 88 
Robinson Augusta Mrs, r, 605 S 18th.. Main 4528-J 
Robinson A L, res, 1908 8th av, n....Main 8874 

Robinson Annie M Dr, 1st N B bl Main 327 

Robinson Annie M Dr, r, Ridgely Apts..Main 356 

Robinson A R, res, 2023 Ave G Main 3071 

Robinson C H Mrs, r, 2031 Quinlan av.Main 2176 
Robinson D I, res, 1706 10th av, ■....Main 5083 
Robinson D L, res, 2821 12th av, n..Main 6274 
Robinson Ed D, res, 3141 Nrwd Blvd.. Main 2950-W 
Robinson E M Dr, infm, 1431 11th, s..Main 1906 
Robinson E M Dr (p s), 1431 Ave K..Main 9174 
Robinson E M Dr, res, Glen Iris Pk....Main 994 

Robinson G S, res, 107 Walnut W End 336-W 

Robinson H B, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8569 

Robinson H J, res, 713 S 30th Main 3117-W 

Robinson H L, res, 220 S 19th Main 9436 

Robinson J B Dr, res, 5461 2nd av, s. Wdlawn 8 

Robinson J B, res, 530 N 23d Main 2961-J 

Robinson J B, res, 1308 11th av, s Main 6938 

Robinson J. B & Co, coal, Am Tr "..Main 1345 

Robinson Jos E, res, 119 60th Wdlawn 631 

Robinson J E, atty, Am Tr bl Main 1458 

Robinson J E, res, 1631 15th av, n Main 3107^W 

Robinson Jack H, res, 1S06 Pike av.. Ensley 1118 

Robinson J T, res. 1104 St Chas Main 7321-W 

Robinson Laura W Mrs,r,200 S 80th. Wdlawn 1174-W 
Robinson Mining Co, Inc. Kewanee. . . . Main 2874 

Robinson Sallie, res, 1301 N Joseph Main 6142-J 

Robinson T O, res, 1230 2nd av W End 657-W 

Robinson W G, res, 1900 14th av, s Main 1093 

Robinson & Co.mdse brkrs.2119 Mor av.Main 1178 
Robinson & Mulkey, groc, 1100 Ave G.Maln 5498 
Robison Martin W Rev, r, RFD 2.. Wdlawn 8505 

Roche Kathleen Miss, r, 1211 Ave G Main 4299-"W 

Rochell R R, ofc, 2601 Ave F Ensley 92 

Rochester B T, res, 1003 Eula Main 6848 

Rochester Drug Co, 1800 Ave E Ensley 64 

Pay sta, 1800 Ave E Ensley 9115 

Rochester Frun Co, 2420 4th av, n Main 138 

Rochester W B, res, 312 Church Main 3949-J 

Rockett H E Miss, res, 1431 St Chas Main 6735-W 

Rockett J C, groc, 1423 Fairfax av. . . .Bessmr 613 
Rockett W M, res, Vanderbilt rd... Wdlawn 508-W 

Rockett W R, res, 1427 St Chas Main 6914-J 

Rockhill E G, drugs, 030 S 23rd Main 7521 

Roddy J H, res, 1928 Alois av Ensley 176-W 

Roddy S E Mrs, res, 72 Maple Ensley 851-J 

Roden B F Groc Co, 1605 1st av....Maln 250 

Rodea Carrie, res, 611 S 21st Main 9343 

Roden Coal Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 1040 



Roden Wm, res, 3006 Hibernia av.... Ensley 
Rodenbeck F, r, 608. McMillian av..W End 
Rodenberry C C, res, 102 N 52nd. .. .Wdlawn 
Rodenburg C E, res, 1623 4th av.... Bessmr 

Rodgers N A Mrs, res, 617 23d, n Main 5699- 

Rodgers R D, res, 1714 1st av Bessmr 945- 

Roe B E, res, 2717 Ave F Main 3918- 

Roe Thos J, atty, 1st Nt Bk bl Main 232 

Roe Thos J, atty, Farley bl Main 3890 

Roe Thos J. res, 1242 ISth av, s .Main 8680 

Roebuck G W, res, 2309 N 32nd av...Maln 8420 
Roebuck Sprgs Golf-Auto Club, 

Roebuck Springs Wdlawn 1481 

Roebuck Springs Land Co, ofc, 

Am Tr bl Main 174 

Roe'dersheimer C E, r, 1325 Ave I Main 3859- 

Roegner F M, r, 625 McMillan av W End 199 

Roegner R, res, 117 N 72nd Wdlawn 

Rogers A H, res, 1003 McMillan av...W End 

Rogers C B, res, 2129 36th av, n Main 

Rogers C H, res, 3723 5th av, s Main 

Rogers C J, res, 2707 19th av Ensley 1478 

Rogers Coal Yard, Pratt City Ensley 1405 

Rogers Geo H, res, 1901 14th av, s Main 1385 

Rogers Gaston W Dr, ofc, Woodward bl.Main 5576 
Rogers Gaston W Dr, res, 1040 S 31st.. Main 2116-J 

Rogers Jno, res, 717 S 22d Main 5592 

Rogers J B Mrs, res, 1509 15th av, s Main 6921-J 

Rogers J E, res, 2001 Drtmth av Bessmr 54T 

Rogers J J, res, 1030 S 31st Main 2049-J 

Rogers J T, res, 509 16th Ensley 47 

Rogers Mack Dr, res, 2118 Ave H Main 315 

Rogers Mae Miss, res, 2000 8th av Main 7525-J 

Rogers Nettye Miss, res, 1217 1st av..W End 698-J 
Rogers R B Cash Groc Store, 

7620 1st av Wdlawn 1164 

Rogers W A, res, 1207 N 32nd Main 7650-J 

Rogers W Henry, r, 3202 Norwd Blvd.. Main 4917 
Rogers & Collier Drs. 

Ofc, Woodward bl Main 5576 

Roland Charles, r, 1111 Glen Iris av...Main 8686 
Roll Harry L Mrs, r, 5930 3rd av, n.. Wdlawn 581 

Roll I J, res, 1910 Berkley av Bessmr 593-W 

Roll J H, wall paper, 2022 1st av Main 1283 

Rollings W R, res, 742 21st, n Main 3383-J 

Rollins M D Mrs, res, 2600 37th av, n..Maln 2949-W 

Romano B, res, 2100 N 22d Main 4121- J 

Romano Groc & Fruit Co. 1920 4th av Bessmr 3 
Romano Mike, res, 2001 Carolina av.. Bessmr 227-J 

Romano Sam, res. 1805 6th av Bessmr 403-W 

Romeo A M, res, 2517 Ave C... Main 6182-W 

Romeo H J, res, 231 S 24th Main 5697-W 

Romeo M Q, res, 3100 Ave F Main 3895-W 

Roobin A, res, 1721 7th av, n Main 6798-W 

Roof Barbara E Miss, res, 904 St Chas.. Main 6851-J 

Rook J W, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 996 

Rook J W, res, 933 S 17th Main 3349-W 

Rooks W A, res, 1419 N 30th Main 1604-W 

Root C H, res, Myrtle av W End 358-J 

Roper Jno H, res, 7526 Sloss av Wdlawn 1034-J 

Roper O T, res, 32nd Bessmr 942- J 

Roper-Strauss-Ferst Tile Co, N B'ham..Maln 7146 
Rosamond E C Dr, ofc, 3000*6 N 27th.. Main 3689 
Rosamond E C Dr, res, 2420 34th av, n.Maln 1334 

Rosamond E P, res, 1114 N 30th Main 3042 

Rosamond W L Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 697 
Rosamond W L Dr, res, 1327 N 32nd.. Main 2841 

Rosato V, res, 301 8th av, n Main 7630-W 

Rosco W P, res, 1330 E Ensley 837-J 

Rose Carlos, res, 100 N 85th...; Main 7859-J 

Rose C A, res, 509 19th Bessmr 361 

Rose E W, res, 4823 2d av, n Wdlawn 635 

Rose Jake, res, 116 S 77th Wdlawn 1403 

Rose Julia A Mrs, r, 2428 18th Crt Ensley 276-W 

Rose J N, res, 1817 N Jasper Main 8924 

Roseman M H, res, 1620 S 12th Main 4894-W 

Rosenbaum Herman, res, 2917 Jnpr av Main 3351 

vvstw* « *t«v AUTO AMBULANCE WM m - 7cQ 

[ IfT I AV service Mam 769 
LlUCLUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gachrist-Tarrant HE 2 

Main 469 

Rosenberger J D, r, 1013 Cress av Main 375 

Rosenfeld A, res, 2219 Ave F Ensley 732 

Rosenfeld A G, res, 1223 22nd, n Main 6662-W 

Rosenfeld Ida Mrs, groc, 2123 Ave E.. Ensley 386 

Rosenfeld J, res, 1128 Cullom Main 6491-J 

Rosenstihl Jno B, r, 1023 Cresc av..Main 2741 

Roser W F, res, 309 N Poplar W End 535-J 

Roshell Ed, res, 427 N 33rd Main 1614-W 

Rosner A, res, 2920 Fairview Circle Main 4572-J 

Ross A A, res, 3001 Exeter av Bessmr 871 

Ross C W, res, 924 Georgia av Main 7616 

Ross E B Mrs, res, 618 N 23rd Main 6996 

Ross F W, res, 6023 1st av, n Wdlawn 93-W 

Ross George, res, 1301 5th av, n Main 6444-W 

Ross George, res, 1519 6th av Bessmr 220 

Ross Jno, res, 3019 Exeter av Bessmr 875 

Ross J P, res. 917 Ga Main 3993 

Ross J Russell, ves, 1116 S 14th Main 6374-J 

Ross Mary E Miss, r, 2015 N 14th av..Maln 6249-J 


1601 21st Ensley 32 

Ross W T, res, 1318 Tusc av W End 243 

Rosser R M, res, RFD No 2 Bessmr 8511 

Rotary Club, Tutwiler Hotel Main 4078 

Rotenstreich J, res, 1508 Phelan Main 7265-W 

Roth L, res, 2024 14th av, n Main 3214-W 

Rothe W M, res, 2516 16th Ensley 1420-W 

Rothpletz F J, res, 1403 S 14th Main 2957-J 

Rothpletz Paul F, bookbinder. Potter bl-.Main 6549 

Rothpletz P F, res, 1530 S 19th Main 8438 

Rothschild M Clo & Prsg Co,230G 2d av.Main 8910 

Roueche W Lee, r, 200 X 77th Wdlawn 1305-J 

Rounds E W, res, 807 S 13th Main 7056- J 

Roundtree W S Dr, res, 3301 Ave E.. Ensley 720 
Rcantree J A, res, 1800 11th av, s....Maln 3917 
Rountree Publishing Co, B-M bl Main 2347 

Rountree & McDonald Drs, 

Wylam Hospt Ensley 89-J 

Rouss & Maenza Groc Co, 517 17th.. Ensley 76 

Routledge S J, res, 2415 Ave F Ensley 135-W 

Rowe E J, ofc, B-M bl Main 62 

Rowe E J, res, 1314 X 32nd Main 6365-W 

Rowe Jake C, res, 1213 Montgomery. .. Main 4371- W 

Rowe J H, res, 1110 Tusc av W End 577 

Rowe J O, res, 2515 33rd av, n Main 1231 

Rowe W B. res, 1113 N 25th Main 1992-W 

Rowland M Mrs, res, 606 N 17th Main 7314 

Rowland T J Mrs, res, 5037 1st av.. Wdlawn 431 
Rowley Daisy W Miss, r, 1118 S 20th.. Main 5795 

Rowley Earnest F, res, 1209 N 36th Main 4502-W 

Rowley Thos J, res, 1312 N 33rd Main 2699- W 

Rox H B, traf mgr, Cham of Com... Main 4362 

Rox H B, res, 1310 X 25th Main 3375-W 

Roy H E. res, 1910 X 2.7111 Main 7342-J 

Roy J A, res, RFD Xo 2 Bessmr 8502 

Roy J E, res, RFD 2 Bessmr 8521 

Roy Martha Mrs, res, RFD 2 Bessmr 8521 

Roy O R, RFD Xo 2 Bessmr 8503 

Roy R X, res. 1904 11th av, n Main 5933-J 

Roy W L, res, RFD Xo 2 Bessmr 8512 

Roy W T, res, 2330 Apple av Ensley 1133-W 

Royal Essie Miss, r, 1316 3d av, n...W End 669 
Royal Insurance Co, Ltd, ofc, Am T bl.Main 8281 

Royal Shoe Shop, 22 S 20th Main 5564 

Royal Typewriter Co.Inc.ofc.J C B bl-.Main 2828 

Royston J J, res, 1506 3rd av. I) Main 8073 

Rubel I M, res, 1011 S 15 til Main 6041 

Rubel J R, res, 1028 S Elm Main 2054 

Rubenstein I R, jwlr, 1926 3rd av. n...Maln 6262 

Rubenstein I R, res, 1426 S 15th Main 4548-W 

Rucker E W Gen, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1988 

Rucker E W Gen, res. 1751 Ave L Main 1079 

Rucker E W Jr Dr, Wdwrd bl Main 1528 

Rucker E W Jr Dr, r, 2753 Hnvr Cir..Maln 2653 
Rucker J D, res, 1504 2nd av, n...W End 360-W 

Rucker W C, res, Fairfield Ensley '05 

Rucks B F, res, 1212 X 17th Main 8520-W 

Main 223 ElCCtflC&l 412N - 19thSt 




Rucks D F Dr, dent, 2703% X 30th Main 7101 

Ruddeli R H, res, 1914 Berkley av Bessmr 759 

Rudolph Sol, res, 108 Walnut W End 905 

Rudulph C M Dr, ofc, B-M bl Main 2286 

Rudulph C M Dr, res, 3400 Altamont rd. .Main 4347 

Rudulph Z T, atty, Farley bl Main 879 

Rudulph Z T, res, 2614 Madison av..Main 2555 

Ruff Henry, res, 1001 S 30th Main 6012-J 

Ruff J S, res, 330 X 50th Wdlawn 935-W 

Ruff M B Mrs, res, 2026 10th a v, s Main 5389-W 

Rugg L E, res, Roebuck Sprgs Wdlawn 1208-W 

Rule Fred E, res, 141 X 57th Wdlawn 973-j 

Rumore Paul, groc, 729 19th Bessmr 247 

Rumore Paul, pay sta, 727 19th Bessmr 9120 

Rumore Paul, res, 731 19th Bessmr 247 

Rumore Toney, res, 2113 Carolina av. Bessmr 416-J 

Rumph C M, res, 320 Summit av Main 6854 W 

Rumsey B F, res, Oak Crest Sta Ensley 476-W 

Runyan J T, res, 5924 1st av Wdlawn 586-W 

Rupnow J B Mrs, res, 1213 Mgnla a v. . . Ma in 2612- J 
Rush Forrest E, res, 300 S 54th. .. .Wdlawn 682 

Rush Geo W Mrs, res, 304 49th Wdlawn 558-W 

Rush Henry C, res, 1027 Ave H Main 8124 

Rush J J, res, 1119 X 15th Main 904-W 

Rush R C Dr, res, 752 Parkway Ensley 275-J 

Rush-Ton Coal Co, 2200 Ave E Main 3700 

Rush W G, res, Dolomite Bessmr 8711 

Rush W L Mrs, res, 1700 2nd av Bessmr 845-W 

Rushton J Frank, res, 3314 Cliff rd Main 799 

Rushton W J, res, 2900 Highland av....Maln 1187 

Russel F E, res, 1204 Joseph Main 7970-W 

Russell A M, res, 2608 32d av, n Main 1005 

Russell Bros, photog, 1913 Ave E Ensley 300 

Russell B L, res, 215 Center Bessmr 783-J 

Russell E L, res, 1441 X 20th Main 2549-J 

Russell H C Jr, res, 2744 Pike av Ensley 1302-J 

Russell J B, res, 1026 S 28th Main 2593 

Russell J E, res, 2400 Arlngtn av Main 3326 

Russell J M Mrs, res, 1030 13th av, n..Main 1842-W 

Russell J P, res, 3822 3rd av, n Main 2034 

Russell J S, res. 1416 Allen Main 6106-W 

Russell J W & Son, genl mdse 

McCalla, Ala Bessmr 8303 

Russell Lila Miss.r.800 4th av Wdlawn 677-W 

Russell Madeline Miss.r,617 S 21st Main 9332 

Russell Mary B Mrs,r,1320 Huntsv av..Main 6924-W 

Russell M L, res, 804 37th Ensley 1059-J 

Russell M R, res, McCalla, Ala Bessmr 8311 

Russell O L, res, 414 St Chas av W End 25-W 

Russell Ralph Law, r, 1339 Huntsv av..Main 5842-W 

Russell R W, res, 1911 Ave F Ensley 140-W 

Russell S A Mrs. res. 215 S HawkiriM.W End 96-W 

Russell S S. res, Powderly Pike W End 556-W 

Russell T W. res, McCalla, Ala Bessmr 8305 

Russell W C, res, 810 55th Wdlawn 628-W 

Russell W S, res, Minnleville Ensley 554-J 

Russo Ben, res, 292s 7th av. n Main 4431 

Russo Joe, res, 1131 X 10th Main 1591-W 

Russo Leo, res, Eula Sta Ensley 234-W 

Russum J D, res, 219 S Elyton W End 928 

Rust Engineering Co, Wdwrd bl Main 396 

Rust E J Lee, res, 1144 S 12th Main 8128 

Rust J T, res, 201 Anna av, n Main 6470-W 

Rust W C, res, 1402 10th av, s Main 4589-W 

Ruter R S, res, 145 X 51st Wdlawn 28-W 

Rutherford E G Dr, ofc, Farley bl Main 8181 

Rutherford E G Dr, r, 2112 4th av, n..Main 4879 
Rutherford S L Mrs,r,550O 10 av.n.. Wdlawn 742-W 
Rutherford T B, r, 516 Fairmont av. .Wdlawn 563-W 

Rutledge F L, res, 3628 Ave E Main 5761 

Rutiedge Geo E. r. 1731 Clrndn av.. Bessmr 522 
Rutledge Springs Merctl Co, 

Rutledge Springs Bessmr 393-J 

Rutstein Frank, ofc, 213 X 20th Main 1624 

Ryall H Scudder Mrs, r. 201 X 77th.. Wdlawn 1129 

Ryan C G. res, 1519 13th av, s Main 9367-J 

Ryan D W Employment Bureau, 

1813 1st av Main 7157-J 

Hahn-Foreman c HrLTeI. 195 

Peck- Williamson Pipeless Furnaces 190S Ave. B 



•Indicates P. B. Exchan 






n 769 
Funeral Director Main 4862 

Ryan Harness Co, 107 N 24th Main 

Ryan J A, res, 6719 1st av Wdlawn 

Ryan J F Mrs, res, 2503 12th av, n Main 

Ryan W J, res, 3927 N 32nd Main 

Ryding II c, res, 2829 Av J Main 

Rye-Ola Co of Ala, ofc, 326 S 19th Main 

Rylant Ruby Miss, r, 7212 3rd av, n. .Wdlawn 


S & S Co of Amer, pkrs,2880 Morris av.Main 

Sabatini E, cafe, 101^ S 20th Main 

Sabiston L R, res, 301 N 49th Wdlawn 

Sachs Joe,- furn, Johns Bessmr 

Sachs Joe, res, 1459 Milner Cres Main 

Sadler B H, r, 4405 DeBardlbn av...Ensley 

Sadler Groc Co, 7022 1st av Wdlawn 

Sadler W II Jr, atty, Farley bl Main 

Sadler W H Jr, atty, Am Tr bl Main 

Sadler W H Jr, res, Margaret Apts Main 

Safe Cabinet Co, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Sahlmann H C, res, 900 S 11th Main 

iSaia Sam, res, 229 S 24th Main 

St Clair Hotel, 2502 5th av, n Main 

St Clair Parker, r, 2129 12th av. n Main 

St Elmo Dry Clng Co, 1705 4th av, n...Main 

Mt St Vincent Main 

St Vincent's Hospital (pay sta), 

Mt St Vincent Main 

Saks Herman, r, 21G7 Hghlnd av Main 

Saks Joe K, res, Hanover ('it Main 

Saks Louis, res, 2201 Hghlnd av Main 


200 N 19th Main 

Saladino Frank, res, 501 24th Bessmr 

Saleno Sam, res, 1001 3rd av, n Main 

Salerno Sam, res, 5501 9th av, n Wdlawn 

Salie Jacob E, res, 1129 Cullom Main 

Sail Mountain Roofing & Asbestos Co, 

Cham of Com Main 

Warehouse, 2131 Ave F Main 

Salmon II S, r, 1503 Minnesota av.. Bessmr 

Salter H J, res, 510 Cotton av W End 

Salter L H, res, 614 Cotton 
Salter L II, res. 523 Cotton 
Salvaga John, res, 2100 3rd 
Salvation Army, 

Office. Lyric bl Main 

-Industrial Home, wagon calls, 

15ls 5th av, n Main 

Rescue Home, 3301 Ave E Main 

Divn hdqrtrs, Lyric bl Main 

Capt's res, 1316 Av I Main 

Salvo T A, res, 2506 Av 1* Ensley 

Sample J D, res, 3154 Norwd Blvd Main 

Sample Millny Shop. Jeff Co Rk bl Main 

Sampson Alta A, res, 3104 Ave G Main 

Samuel W D, res, 1327 15th av, s Main 

Sanborn W T Mrs, res. Ridgely Apts... Main 


Machine Shop, 1010 N 19th Main 

Sanchez Chas, res, 323 X 23rd Main 

Sandefur J L Dr, dent, 117% N 19th.. Main 

Sandefur J L Dr, r. Crews Sta Ensley 

Sandefur W A Mrs, r. 2434 Ens av.. Ensley 
Sander A Packing Co The, ofc, 3 X 20th. Main 
Sanders Annie C Mrs.r,14 22 Ctn av..W End 

Sanders C G, res, 1221 X 36th Main 

Sanders Chas W, atty, 1917% Ave E. . Ensley 

Chas W, r. 2919 Ave F Ensley 

E O, res, 104 S 59th Wdlawn 

E X, res, 51S 40th Ensley 

Joe, res, 310 X 53rd Wdlawn 

av W End 

av WEnd 

av Bessmr 


J A. press club, 221% X 19th 
J R, groc. 2510 29th av, n 

L R, res. 311 Emma av 

# Oester, r, 2400 Teague av.. 
Sanders Sam, res, 1715 Copeland av.. 



. Main 


. . Main 





561 -W 







8252- J 























Ambulanc* S«ivlcc M. I 002 
















Sanders V XV, res, 4700 1st av Wdlawn 

Sanders W J, groc, 3031 X 27th Main 

Sanderson Jno S, res, 104 X Pearl W End 

Sanderson Marzette W,r,l429 29th. .. Ensley 
Sanderson Wm J Mrs,r,2310 21st av...Main 

Sandifer J B, r, 5501 2d av, s Wdlawn 

Sandlin J J Rev, res, 432 Owen av Bessmr 

Sands & Co, gen mdse, Acipco Main 

Sands & Co, groc, 200 Spring Main 

Sanford Annie Miss, r, 328 Owen av. Bessmr 

Sanford A C, res, 1029 28th, n Main 

Sanford J XV, pay sta, 30th Ensley 


Stenographer, B-M bl , Main 

Sanitary Dry Cleaning Co, 428 S 20th.. Main 

Sanitary Fish Market, 8 19th Bessmr 

Sanitary Market, 2105 2nd av, n.. Main 

Sanks C T, undtkr, 135 X 62nd Wdlawn/1045 

Sanson Harold R, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 4896 

Sanson Harold R, r, 1231 Xiazuma Main 

Santilli S, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Santoro Joe. res, 1101 3d av Main 

Sapp Jno W, res, 1511 4th av Bessmr 

Sapp Matt, res, 1711 3rd av Bessmr 

Sarris Jim, res, 406 X 26th Main 

Sarver Jno, res, 1323 X 14th Main 

Sarvis J A, res, 1119 X 20th Main 

Satterfield M L Mrs, r, 722 Peyton Main 

Satterwhite E G, res, 1301 X 29th Main 

Satterwhite J F, res, 3123 Ave J Ensley 

Sauer C Jr, res. 315 X 75th Wdlawn 

Saulsbury T A, atty, Wdward bl Main 

Saulsbury T A, res, 1224 Maplewood Main 

407 Gladys Bessmr 

1025 9th av, n Main 

l>3 7 Lyon av WEnd 

2413 36th av Main 

r, 311 Halstead. Wdlawn 
Saunders, Margaret Mrs, r, 1320 S 17th. Main 
Saunders Xannie K, r, 1230 College. .. Main 

Saunders R B, r^.913 Carrie av W End 

Saunders Wm P Dr.ofc.Penny Sav bl...Main 

Saunders Wm P Dr, res, 715 3rd av Main 

3autel Marcel, res, 332 3rd Ensley 





















Savage A, res, 2337 20th Ensley 

Savage Hardware Co, 112 S 20th Main 

Savage H S, res, 1704 16th av, s Main 

Savage J L, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

Savage Paul A, land titles, 2111 3rd av.Main 

Savage Sam, res, 4401 1st av Main 

Savage W F. res, 525 X 50th Wdlawn 

Sawyer C E, res, 833 X 41st Wdlawn 






262 -W 


1266- J 





Sawyer Fred L. res, 1400 St Chas Main 

Sawyer J L, res, 900 Joseph Main 

Sawyer W A, res, 6801 BlOM av Wdlawn 

Saxon J G. res, 4008 Ave B Main 

Saxon L V Mrs, res, 4304 Holly Ensley 1175-J 

Saxon W D, res, 201 S 80th Wdlawn 1135-J 

Saver J E, res, 1741 28th Ensley 170-J 

Sayer W X, res, 2809 16th av Ensley 347-W 

Saylor Delia Miss, res. 507^ X 17th... Main 6163 

Scalco R, res, 1102 8th av, n Main 2666-W 

S< alici Bros, shoe shop, 418 X 20th Main 9330 

Scalici Motto, res, 2224 Ave L Ensley 1001 

Scantlin H D, res, 1331 X 30th Main 

Scarboro L G. res, 407 Cotton av W End 

Scarborough A L. r. 2404 Brown Blvd. Ensley 

Scarlett G S. res, 1706 llth av, s Main 

Scaturro E, pay sta. 131 19th Bessmr 

E, res, 1801 Berkley av Bessmr 

A C, groc, 1501 Tate av W End 

J W, res, 925 Georgia Main 


Schaefer Mfg Co, ofc, 2012 X 26th Main 

Schaefer & James, brkr. 2201 Mors av..Maln 
Schaffer Jessie Miss, res, 1145 X llth.. Main 
Schalici Joe, r, 1200 X 45th Wdlawn 

Seharber Henry A, res, 1522 Peter. 

W End 







S< harfenstein, Edwin P, 

Res, 115 N Poplair WEnd 681 




t % 

dlcates P. a. Exchange 


JPFICE 6c WORKS "H .» -#V ^ ^*X* 

rAiRFTELD^AiA. Ihe jfglfcfce£l& Lompany^jfr 




Schauer M A, res. 1316 Tate av W End 

TScheinert B R, res, T621 29th av, n Main 

Scheinert E G, res, 423 Reese Wdlawn 

Scheisszer Joe, res, 323 X 52nd Wdlawn 

Scheuerman E G, res, 509 S 55th.. 
Schield John (pay sta), Powderly.. 
SehilicJ Bros, confetrs, 107 19th.. 
Schillaci Ben, res, 602 Spring. . . 
Schilleci Rose, groc&meat, 323 5th 
Schilleci Tony, res, ' Pratt 
Schillici Bros, pay sta, 107 


.W End 

. Bessmr 

. . Ensley 

. . Ensley 

City Ensley 

19th Bessmr 

Schillici P, res, 605 17th Bessmr 

Schillinger F L, res, 2766 Hanvr Cir...Main 
Schillinger Mary Mrs, 1216 Whitaker. . Main 

Schimmel H A, blksmth, 111 S 18th Main 

Schimmel H A, res, 7603 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 
Schimmel XV J Dr, res, 410 Sarah av..Main 
Schleihauf C L, res, 617 Cotton av..W End 

Schleihauf L E, res, 1720 15th av, s Main 

Schmitt B A, res, 1609 Mamie av Main 

Schmitt H L, res, 1417 S 16th Main 

Schneider Robt A, res, 1506 X 36th Main 

Schoedinger A C, res, 2508 8th av, n..Main 

Schoel H, engnr, Title Guar bl Main 

Schoel H, res, 829 S 21st Main 

Schoen E Mrs, res, 1103 S 15th Main 

Schoettgen Augustus A, res, 

1828 Lyon av W End 

Schoettgen Geo A, r, 1305 S 17th' av..Maln 
Schoettlin Jacob, res, 1800 Lyon av..W End 

Scholder E, res, 1312 St Chas Main 

Scholl John, res, Pike av Ensley 

Scholl Joseph Mrs, res, 326 38th Ensley 

Scholl J Arthur, res, 1700 Pike av Ensley 

Scholze S E, res, 2419 X 22d av Main 

Scholze W E, res, 927 Alabama av Main 

Scholze & Hamill, plbg, 3111 X 27th... Main 
Schoolar Josephine Miss, res, 

2114 10th av, s Main 

Schoolar, McGahey & Lewis, phvs, 

11 18 ft Tusc av W End 

Schoolar M C Dr,ofc,1128^ Tusc av..W End 
Schoolar M C Dr, r, 1207 Tusc av...W End 
Schoolar S T Mrs, r, Margaret Apts... Main 

Schoppert W C, res. 1601 Phelan Main 

Schreck G W, res, 6500 Sloss av Wdlawn 

Schroder B A, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Schroder B A, res, 1447 S 28th Main 

Schroeder R H, res, 108 Poplar W End 

Schuessler J, res, 232*5 Ave G Main 

Schulhoefer L, res, 2223 Arlngtn av..Main 

Schulman .Too. fish. 1804 4th av. n Main 

Schulte Optical Co, B-M bl Main 

Schultz O H, res. 1424 X 25th Main 

Schultz T R, res, 3411 Hghlnd av Main 

Schumpert A L Mrs, r. 830 Sarah av.W End 
Schwab Jonas, res, 3065 Highland av..Main 
Schwabacher Ben W. r, 1813 Extr av. Bessmr 
Schwabacher Jewelry Co, 209 19th.. Bessmr 
Schwabacher IT, res, 1816 6th av.... Bessmr 
Schwantes Walter Mrs, r, 308 1st av..Main 

Schwartz Geo A. res, Reeders Bessmr 

Schwartz Geo H, groc, 1330 19th Bessmr 

Schwartz T\. res, 1601 8th av, n Main 

Schwartz Lena, res, 1708 5th av, n....Maln 

Schwartz M H, res, 1127 X 16th Main 

Schwartz's Pharmacy, 1700 5th av, n..Main 

Pay sta, 1700 5th av. n Main 

Schwarz H L Mrs, r, 1700 10th av, s...Maln 

Sehwarz Isaac Mrs, r, 1504 Beech Main 

Schwarz Louis, res. 2017 14th av. ■....Main 
Schweikert Fred, res, 111 N Hawkins. W End 
Schwelnebraten Louis G.r.111 5 ! Ave F. .Main 
Schwend Chas, guns&keys, 409 19th, n.. Main 

Schwine W E, res. 4006 Ave C Main 

Scogin R G, res, Sandusky rd Ensley 

Scokel Mary Mrs, res. 2218 Ave J.... Ensley 

Scotch Toney, res, 530 26th, s Main 

Scotch V, res. 604 S 27th Main 







488- J 

6508- J 























The only Wall Hoard 
that won't warp or burn 

Wlttlchen, M. 8500 


Ambulanc* Service ff , | 002 

Scott A B Mrs, res, 1501 8th av, n Main 2536-W 

Scott Cyrus, res, 1721 Clarndn av... Bessmr 643 

Scott C W, res, 119 Sarah av Main 3271 

Scott Edglee Miss, r, 514 Owen av.. Bessmr 1045 
Scott E Laurence Dr, r, 3470 Altmnt rd.Main 3535-J 
Scott E Lawrence Dr, Wdward bl....TM*ain 1930 

Scott E M Dr, ofc, 1st Xat Bk bl Main 4383 

Scott E M Dr, res, 3820 Ave F Main 3572 

Scott Frances Miss, res, 4305 4th av.. Ensley 1112-W 

Scott 'F X, res, Albemarle Apts Main 5027-J 

Scott Henry, res, 1502 Ave F Main 2419-W 

Scott H L, res, 609 Princeton av w End 962 

Scott Ida M, res, 1708 8th av, n Main 1805-J 

Scott / J A, res, 2316 Ensley av Ensley 519-W 

Scott J C, res, 1130 X 2Sth Main 1970-J 

Scott Jos M, res, 1812 Clarndn av Bessmr 952-W 

Scott J X, res, Ruffner Mines Wdlawn 200-W 

Scott J R, res, 1125 34th, n Main 6435-W 

Scott Jno S, res. 1503' St Chas Main 1552-W 

Scott Laurence E Dr, r, 3470 Altmnt rd.Main 3535-J 

Seott M A, res, 521 19th Bessmr 893-J 

Scott, MeQuiddy & Collins Drs, ofc, 

Empire bl Main 353 

Scott X B Mrs, res, 107 Grady W End 999 

Scott X XV, res, 2333 21st Ensley 474 

Scott Pinkney, atty, 31SV& 19th Bessmr 23 

Scott Pinckney, r, 2014 Berkeley av.. Bessmr 525-J 

Scott W C, res, 1029 S 15th av Main 1552-J 

Scott W P Dr, ofe, Empire, bl Main 353 

Scott W F Dr, res, 3560 Altamont rd..Main 2412-J 

Scott XV J, res, 1920 Hayes Ensley 1394-W 

Scott W S, res, Roebuck Terrace Wdlawn 704-W 

Scott Wm S, res, S06 Tusc av W End 292-W 

Scott & Honeycutt, d gds,1911 2 av.. Bessmr 555" 



1212 10th av, s Main 2208 

1212 loth av, s Main 2209 

Scouten E L, res, 1115 S 26th Main 6191 

Scouten Motor Co, 1922 Av B Main 1915 

1922 Av B Main 9328 

Screven R H, pub acct, B-M bl Main 8928 

Screven R H, res, 1109 St Chas Main 5081 

Screws Emma Mrs, r, 1119 X 15th Main 904-W 

Screws L M, res, 801 S 23rd Main 5624 

Screws Lloyd M, res, 1814 Ave I Main 8300 

Screws & Shelby, groe, 1420 Av F Main 270 

Scrivner R H, atty, 1st X B bl Main 1377 

Scruggs C H. res, 429 Cotton av W End 931 

Scruggs J D, vice-pres, 118 21st Main 606 

Scruggs Jas D, res. 1200 X 30th Main 3863-J 

Scruggs Jno D, res, 1402 X 33rd Main 9408-J 

Scruggs J H, contr. Am Tr bl Main 4569 

Scruggs J H, res, 2803 Hghlnd av Main 7549 

Scruggs L O, res, 1406 X 24th Main 4074 

Scull E Mrs, res, 1115 16th Main 5222 

Seurlock C S Mrs, res. 1346 Ina Main 364-W 

Seaboard Air Line Ry Co, 

City tkt ofc, 2010 1st av Main 7572 

Cashier, Ave A Main 1120 

Com agt. Woodward bl Main 150 

Res, engr & tel ofc, Ave A Main 1169 

Freight agt, Ave A Main 1120 

Fuel representative, 30 S 20th.... Main 9426 

General foremans ofc, 32nd Main 5022 

R W Daniel, asst g f a, Wdwrd hi.. Main 150 

Chief clerk to apt, Ave A Main 1169 

Yard master's ofc. Ave A Main 3046 

Yard ofc, 32nd Main 9588 

Seaborn R L, res, 3112 Ave D Ensley 835-J 

Seal Chas. res, 2308 Ave F Ensley 967-W 

Seal Ida Mrs, res. 2012 Ave D Ensley 935-J 

Scale D A. res, 1815 1st av Wdlawn 1356-J 

Seales Hugh, florist. 317 X 19th Main 686 

Green house. Schillinger Sta W End 411-J 

Res, Schillinger Sta W End 411-W 

Seales Piano & Organ Co, 1814 3a" av.n.Main 206 

Sealial Frank & Co, pay sta. 303 loth. Bessmr 9184 

Seals. M P Mrs, r, 1056 32d, s Main 33 66 

Main 223 El6CttlC&l *'* **' 19th St 


• * 











v alio 

Main 3355 
Main 285 
Main 134 
Ensley 1477 

•Seals R H, res, 2485 Bay av Main 

Seals Robt L, res, 1117 S 30th Main 

Searcy R F Mrs, r, 5315 loth av, n.Wdlawn 

Searles D R, res, 211) N 47th Wdlawn 

Seay A T, 'res, 3201 N 24th Main 

Seay J E Dr, surg, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Seay S C Dr, ofc, 101V 2 3rd Ensley 

Seay S C Dr, res, 303 3d, P C Ensley 

Security Mutual Life Ins Co, A Tr bL.Main 
Security Savings & Ln Co,2109 2d av..Main 
>Seelbinder M A Mrs, res, 812 S 22nd... Main 

Segal M, res, 2112 Ave H Main 

Seibels II G, res, 3825 Crescent rd Main 

Seier Alfred Mrs, res, Red Mtn. . . -<■ . Main 

Selgel Albert L, res, 617 17th Bessmr 

Seigal Chas, res, 1025 E 14th Main 

Seiler F M, res, 2609 19th Ensley 

iSelf B L. res, 730S Underwood av... Wdlawn 

Self Carrie Mrs, res, 7128 1st av Wdlawn 

Self E G, res, 1105 -N 30th Main 

Self Hoyt D, res, 409 E 54th Wdlawn 

Self Lemuel B, res. 1008 S St Chas... Main 

M A Mrs, res, Woodwd, Ala Bessmr 

M C, res, RFD No 5 Wdlawn 

Ina Main 

Ave E Main 








Building Material, Farley bl Main 

Sell Win, res, 2900 Cypress av Main 

Sellars R E, res, RFD No 5 Wdlawn 

Sellers Ernest C, res, 3309 N 27th Main 

Sellers Edwin M Mrs, r, 1122 11th av.s.Main 
Sellers H G Dr, res. 1111 Tusc av..W End 

Sellers Ira J Dr, phys, Empire bl Main 

Sellers I J Dr, res, 1500 Beach Main 

Sellers John H.r.RFD 6,Bx 124 Wdlawn 

Sellers Wm D Dr, ofc. Empire bl Main 

Sellers Wm D Dr. res, 1122 11th av, s..Main 

Sells T R. res, 1625 11th av, s Main 

•Selman C B, res, 300 N 5<>th Wdlawn 

iSelman L S, res, 1105 Sycamore Main 

Selman Minnie Mrs, r, 5830 1st av.. Wdlawn 

Selman Realty Co, ofc, 223 N 21st Main 

Semet Solvay Co, mfgrs, Sandusky. .. Ensley 

Semet Solvay Co, mfgrs ■ Ensley 

Semet-Solvay Co, 

Genl ofc, Ensley Ensley 

Chemical Co, Ensley Ensley 

Shipping clrk Ensley 

Time ofc Ensley 

Semet-Solvay Co, stk rm, Ensley Ensley 

Seminary Loulie Compton, ofc, 

1722 5th av Main 

Senn Chas A Mrs, res, 1114 S 18th Main 

Senn J G, res, 7216 1st av Wdlawn 

Senn Y L, res. 226 S 77th Wdlawn 

Senteney T II Mrs, res, 1407 11th av, s.Main 

Serio P J, res, 1415 St Chas Main 

Sertell Peter, res, 4 20 N 23rd Main 

Sessions J M, res, 1721 Jffrsn av Ensley 

Sessions M L. res. 1119 S 16th Main 

Sessions R E. res, 1514 N 19th Main 

Sessions Walter L Mrs, r, 1000 Crsnt...Main 
Settle Jos H, res. Fairmont Apts....Maln 

Settles C J, res, 1523 N 17th Main 

Seventh Day Adventists Conf.Lyric bl.Maln 
Severin C J. res, 2442 Birch av Ensley 































Am Tr bl Main 8545 

Sevier L. res, Margaret Apts Main 2857 

Sevier L Jr. ofc, Am Tr bl Main 8545 

Sevier L Jr, res, 1719 13th av, s Main 372 

Sewell Cushion Wheel Co, ofc. 226 S 22d. Main 558 

Sewelovitz S, res, 1131 N 16th Main 3423 

Sexton C R, res, 1325 S 19th Main 9554-W 

Sexton W H Mrs, res, 2428 4th av, n..Main 8526 

Srymour W B. res. 700 l«th Bessmr 690-W 

Shriekelford C W Dr, res. 623 44th.. Ensley 1233-J 


Ambulanc* Stivlce fl.lUUZ 

■^Indicates P. B. Exchan 


Shackelford C W Dr, 

Res, 4514 1 /& Gary av Ensley 1370 

Shackelford W C Mrs, res, Terrace Crt. .Main 4693 

Shaddock J P, res, 1829 Pike av Ensley 354 

Shady Side Groc Co, 2340 18th Ensley 133 

Shaffer C E Mrs, res, 2018 Ave F Ensley 804-J 

Shaffer J S, res, 2215 12th av, n Main 5138 

Shamblin R E. res, 226 N 48th Wdlawn 475-W 

Shaner T G, res, 1718 11th av, s Main 4420-W 

Shaneyfelt J R Mrs, r, 2806 19th av.. Ensley 544-W 
Shannon Cycle Co,rprs,2220 2nd av,n..Maln 729 

Shannon J J, res, 3400 Cliff rd Main 4438 

Shannon J S, res, 1500 N 30th Main 8752-W 

Shannon M V Mrs. r, 717 S 21st Main 4475 

Shannon Norman W, r, 1315 St Chas.. Main 2064 


Brokers, Empire bl Main 322 

Sharbutt E R, res, 1427 Alois av W End 407-W 

Sharbutt J W, res, 306 S Vine W End 948-W 

Sharbutt Kate Mrs, r, 220 S Elyton...W End 696 

Sharits G A, r, 612 St Chas av W End 289-J 

Sharits G H Jr, res, 203 Crews Ensley 1454-W 

Sharp F N, res, 8034 1st av Wdlawn 845 

Sharp & Co, Inc.whl htrs,2201 1st av..Maln 4764 

Sharpe F S, res, 609 N 14th Main 4982 

Sharpe G G, res, 1504 S 20th Main 4770-J 

Sharpe H M Trof, 

Res, 400.J Huntsville av Bessmr 895-J 

Sharpies Chas B, res, 1407 16th av, s..Main 4133-W 

Sharpies J W, res, 1409 16th av, s Main 4133-J 

Shaup H T, res, 1206 Magnolia av Main 2673-J 

Shaw E C, res, 830 Mortimer Main 7617 

Shaw Geo E, atty, 213% 19th Bessmr 283 

Shaw H E, res, 2615 Pine av Main 197 

Shaw Jno, res, 630 S 16th Main 3604-J 

Shaw J B F, res, Mason City W End 452-W 

Shaw K M Mrs, res. 4620 4th av, n.Wdlawn 1289 
Shaw T L. res, 416 7th Bessmr 1027-J 


2117 5th av, n Main 9 

2117 5th av, n Main 6 

Sheats S E, res. 305 E 54th PI, s Wdlawn 230-J 

Sheehan A Mrs, res, 807 Center Ensley 1145 

Sheehan J T, res, 1215 Cotton av W End 618-W 

Shehee W S, res, 2623 Ensley av Ensley 1473-W 

Shelburne S V Sales Co, coal, B-M bL.Main 5181 

Shelburne S V, res, 3300 12th av Main 7981 

Shelby Biscuit Co, 2318 1st av. Main 4799 

Shelby Iron Co. ofc. Am Tr bl Main 6246 

Shelby O H, res, 3318 Ave I Ensley 253-J 

Shelby O W, res, 4930 1st av Wdlawn 347-J 

Shelby Sales Book Co. ofc. Empire bl .Main 6931 

Shelby W A, res, 1204 Louise Main 1689-J 

Shelby & Co, groc, 5001 1st av Wdlawn 41 

Sheldon J II Mrs, res, 2213 Ave F Ensley 964-W 

Shelley F L. res. 71 1 Peyton Main 4426 

Shelnutt B Mrs. res. 2608 8th av, n Main 7540 

Shelnutt W E, res, 307 N 62d Wdlawn 609 

Shelton Alex W, groc, 915 18th. ... Bessmr 454 

Shelton C L Mr?, res. 2504 Av G Ensley 1494 

Shelton E M, res, 510 Cotton av...W End 673-J 

Shelton Jane Mrs, res, 810 N 21st Main 7278 

Shelton J E, res, 8512 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 1268 

Shelton L B, ofc, 1st N B bl Main 921 

Shelton L B, res. 1724 10th av, s Main 6227-J 

Shepard Alice Mrs, r, 2016 Humbolt av. .Main 5947 

Shepard F C Jr, res. 14 09 N 32nd Main 9408- W 

Shepard F W, res, 1630 N 19th Main 6928-W 

Shepard Ina Miss, ofc. B-M bl Main 595 

Shepard R A, res. 1302 Tusc av W End 395-W 

Shepheard II H, res. Powderly W End 496 

Shepherd C L, res. Richmond Apts.... Main 4683 
Shepherd Hattie Mrs, res, 915 S 16th.. Main 8877 

Shepherd W S. res. 120S x 33nl Main 3869-W 

Sheppard F G, res. 1210 Huntsv av. . . .-Main 1657-J 
Sheppard Fred J. res, 1324 11th av, ■..Main 583-J 
Sheppard TIattie Miss.r.4915 7th av, n.Wdlawn 1368 

• *4M • Atf AUTO AMBULANCE %m* 7fiq 

i \cv i nv service m b 

LIU Li LU I Funeral Director Main 4862 



Indicates P. B. Exchange 



Gilchrist-Tarrant BS £ 

Main 469 

Sherer Benjamin, res, 2919 Juniper av..Main 

Sherer F E, res, 2207 Ave G Main 

Sherer R H Mis, res, 1702 Berkley av. Bessmr 
Sherer & Kessler, ladies rdy-to-wr, 

209 N 19th - Main 

Sheridan Thos E, res, 1402 Ave I Bessmr 


Sheriff's ofc, Court House Main 

Sheriffs ofc (priv), Crt Hse Main 

Warden's ofc, County Jail Main 

Office, Realty bl, 19th Bessmr 

Priv ofc, Rlty bl, 19th Bessmr 

Sherlin B F Mrs, res, 2501 5th av, n Main 

Sherman A L Miss, r, 250S N 4th av...Main 

Sherman G S Mrs, res, 2020 Av H Ensley 

Sherman Harris G, res, 1238 Iroquois. . Main 

Sherman Lula Mrs, res, 520 N 16th Main 

Sherman & Ellis Service.ins.Am Tr bL.Main 

Sherrod F C, rl est, 219 N 21st Main 

Sherrod Fred C, res, 1734 Woodland av.Main 

Sherrod J C, res, 2112 Ave G 

Sherrod & Hale, rl est, 2121% 1st av... 
Sherwin-Williams Co, ofc, 2009 3rd av,n, 
Shevlnsky Felix, ofc, 206 N 18th 


Shibley Gabriel, groc, 1230 Av H Main 

Shields W B, res, 1712 14th av, s Main 

Shields & Owens, carpntr, 410 N 16th.. Main 

Shiflett L R. res, 144 N 58th Wdlawn 

Shifletts Pharmacy, 

Ofc, 138 S 55th Wdlawn 

Prescription Dept Wdlawn 

Shiland A, res, 1030 E 14th, n Main 

Shill W A Mrs, res, 817 N 26th Main 

Shine W E, res, 1228 N 33rd Main 

Shipman Orline A Mrs, r, 1068 S 32d..Main 

Shipp J M, res, 1600 5th av Bessmr 

Shireman Fred B, res, 3461 Hglnd av Main 

Shirk L R, res, 1304 N 25th Main 

Shirley Thos J, res. 3132 X 27th Main 

Shirley Vera Miss, res, 2401 30th av, n..Main 

Shive S S, res. 1300 N 26th Main 

Shively R, res. 1426 N 30th Main 

Shivers Stanford, res, 520 Wright Marn 

Shivers William Jr Mrs, 

Res. 4319 loth av Ensley 

Shoaf J L. res, Crestline Hghts Main 

Shofner W E, res, 1131 N 30th Main 

Shook A M Jr, res. 1227 Iroquois Main 

Shook C P. res, 1031 N 30th Main 

Shook John, res, 512 17th Bessmr 

Shook J A. res, 1126 N 30th Main 

Shook J W, res, 1301 Niazuma Main 

Shook P G, res, 111] Crescent av Main 

Shook P G, res, Shades Mt Main 

Shook & Fletcher, iron, coal, B-M bl...Main 

B-M bl Main 

Shores Anna Miss. res. 1765 13th av, s. .Main 

Short C, res, 418 Kenilworth Ensley 

Shortino Joe, res, 2125 Carolina av. Bessmr 

Shortridgq C E, res, 1430 19th Ensley 

Shortridge E, r, 3112 15th av, n Main 

Shortrldge Eugene, undtkr. 318 1 7th. Ensley 
Shortridge W W, res. 3384 Hghlnd av..Maln 
Shory Lein George, res. 2500 Av F. ...Main 

Shropshire Courtney W Dr.lst N B Main 

Shropshire Courtney W Dr.r.Mln Crs...Maln 
Shropshire H E Jr, r. 1404 Niazuma av.Main 
Shropshire H E&Son,cm mcts.Am T bl. .Main 
Shropshire K B, res, Albmrle Apts.... Main 


Order Department, 1030 S 20th....Main 

Office, 1030 S 20th Main 

Shuff J W, res, 24 25 18th Crt Ensley 

Shuford F B Mrs, r, 826 Sarah av...W End 
Shugerman Fruit & Produce Co, 

1811 4th av, n Main 3396 

Shugerman II P Dr. ofc, Empire bl Main 7890 

Shugerman Moseley. r, 1516 15th av. s.Main 1750-W 
































Main 223 

Electrical 4 ' 2 ^mhst 



Ambulanct Snvlce Rl. I OOt 

M Rev, r, 
Ella Miss, l 
W D, res, 
Will L Jr, 
W L Jr & 
D Dr, ofc, 
D Dr, res, 

2630 34th av, n Main 

, 67 Hglnd av... Ensley 

Thomas Ensley 

r, Ridgely Apts.. Main 
Co.invs.Jff C Bk..Main 

Empire bl Main 

1515 Milner Crst..Main 

Shultz J 
Sibley B 
Sibley B 

Sibley G T, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Sibley G T, res, 2S09 Mtn av Main 

Sibley H S, res, 1019 S 26th Main 

Sibley Jno W, sales mgr, Wdward bL.Main 

Sibley Jno W, res, 2150 Hghlnd av Main 

Sicard A, res, 1440 Louise , Main 

Sidebotham H Mrs, r, 708 N 17th "Main 

Sides Lawrence, res, 802 45th Ensley 

Siegal M W, res, 1117 11th av, n Main 

Siegel H, meats&veg, 1817 4th av Main 

Siegel Henry Mrs, res, 2111 S 16th Main 

Siegel L, groc, 2531 7th av, n Main 

Siegel S, res, 72S S 12th Main 

Sigma-Nu-Fraternity, Hwrd Col Wdlawn 

Sigsbee W S, res, 2001 31st av Main 

Silberman Louis, atty, B-M bl Main 

Silberman Louis, res, 1415 S 14th Main 

Silliman C A Mrs, res, 1612 12th av, s. .Main 
Silliman C E Mrs, res, 1619 Mamie av..Maln 

Silliman J, res, S401 3rd av, n Wdlawn 

Sills W A, res, Irondale Wdlawn 

Silver Ralph R, res, 2909 15th av, n..Main 
Silverfield Ben, res, 1418 Av I Main 


Silverfield J Mrs, res, 1211 Ave H... 
Silverfield M, res, 1022 Glen Iris av... 
Silverfield & Levin, w Ids w,211l 1st av. 
Silverstein Bros.whl dry gds,2109 1st av 
Silverstein D Mrs, res, 1623 14th av, s. 

Simcox G R. res, 324 S 60th Wdlawn 

Simmons B D, res, 2009 Ave F Main 

Simmons Co, warehouse, 2nd av, n Main 

Simmons C J, res, 1524 14th av, s Main 

D C, res, 114 62d. n. . Wdlawn 

Jno, res, 702 Rialto Main 


J C. res, 401 Powell 

J C Jr, res, 4 00 Tappan... 
J S, r, Ensly Hgts Cmtry 
J T, res, 119 S 61st 

W End 
• W End 
. . Ensley 
.. .Main 

Mattie, res, 311 N 24th 

P N. groc, 115 20th Bessmr 

R D, res. 5215 Austin av.. Wdlawn 

R F Mrs, res, 1203 S 15th Main 

T W, res, 132S X 17th Main 

W A, res, 1615 N 16th 

av. . Main 
. . Bessmr 
. .W End 
s. . . Main 

Simmons W A, res, 2030 CIrndn av 
Simmons W L. res. Cleveland Sta.. 
Simmons W T Mrs, r. 1500 15 til av. 
Simms A H Mrs, res, 5921 1st av.. 
Simms-Pensler Auto Supply Co, 

Ofc. 122 S 21st Main 

Simms Thos IT, res. 1120 S 15th Main 

Simon Florence Miss, res, 

1802'* 4th av, n Main 

Simon Frank B. res, 2236 14th av. ■...Main 

Simonetti D, res. 629 8th av, n Main 

Simonitti L, r, 629 X 3rd av Main 

Simons A T, res, San Jose Apts Main 

Simpson C K, res. 305 S S5th Wdlawn 

Simpson Coal & Grain Co,2l01 3d av. Bessmr 
Simpson Detroit Motor Co,1818 3d av. Bessmr 

Simpson D T. res. 3431 Hghlnd av Main 

Simpson Emory.r.lSOl Drtmth av... Bessmr 
Simpson-Freeman-PeRamus Realtv Co, 

2200 3rd av, n Main 

Simpson F R. res, 1908 14th av, s Main 

Simpson F S Dr, res, 421% 17th Ensley 

Simpson F S Dr, res, 1420 19th Ensley 

Simpson Geo C, atty, Jeff r Bk bl Main 

Simpson J A, res, 2522 Ensley av Ensley 

Simpson .Tas A, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Simpson .Tas A. atty. 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Simpson Jas A, res, 1439 S 28th Main 

HAffirFOREMAN R at, H ?:?« l 

All Kinds RooHng 1905 Ave. B— Telephone 195 







































• • I 







AUTO AMBULANCE || • 7 /;q 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Simpson J B, res, 1638 S 12th Main 5308-J 

Simpson John B, res, 1522 S 19th T.Maln 6879-J 

Simpson J D Rev, r, 5357 3rd av, n. .Wdlawn 777 
Simpson J P, res, 6416 2d av, s.*. . .Wdlawn 348-W 

Simpson M E Church, 7th av&25th Main 3424-J 

Simpson M M Mrs, res, 2309 Orange av. . Main 1309 
Simpson Robt N, study, 429 N 21st... Main 2472 
Simpson R N Rev, res, 161 8 11th av, s..Main 3650 

Simpson Sam, ofc, Wdwrd bl Main 2522 

Simpson Sam, res, 1130 N 24th Main 8826 

Simpson S J, res, 922 Cotton av W End 494-W 

Sims A L, res, 1311 Alien Mainl786-W 

Sims C II, res, RFD No 1 Wdlawn 1445 

iSims C 8, res, 3200 Pawnee av Main 4858-J 

Sims Dennis, res, 1731 Woodland av....Main 1384 

Sims Ellen Miss, res, 1019 N l2th Main S544-W 

Sims E B Jr, res, 14 Cedar W End 923-J 

Sims F P, res, 2607 N 12th av Main 5784 

Sims II R, res, 305 N 50th Wdlawn 1221-W 

Sims Joe, res, 1709 Oxford av Main 5352-W 

Sims J E, res, 5918 1st av, s Wdlawn 939 

Sims J E Mrs, res, 112 X Lewis Wdlawn 414- J 

Sims J II Dr, ofc, 2006*4 4th av, n Main 6728 

Sims J H Dr, res, 1230 S 12th Main 3328-W 

Sims Madam, drsmkr. Lyric bl Main 5322 

Sims Paul W, res, 1201 S 15th Main 6269 

Sims R K, res, 920 N 41st Wdlawn 313-J 

Sims S B, tlr, 611 N 14th Main 7627 

Sims W II & II U, attys, Steiner bl Main 1292 

Sims W II & II U, res, 1829 Ave L Main 264 

Sims W L, res. 1120 Cullom Main 7644-J 

Sinclair T F, live stock, 507 17th. . . . Ensley 712 

Sinclair T F, res, 1922 Av H Ensley 1431 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, 

Main store, 1922 3rd av Main 453 

511 19th Ensley 65 

1825 2nd av Bessmr 204 

•Singleton G II, res, 3724 Bess Blvd. .. Ensley 751-W 
Singleton T C Rev. res, L808 Av G. . Ensley 1386 

Sington Max Mrs, r, 1130 S 14th Main 3189 

Sinnott S L, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1753 

Sirles G W, res, 909 2nd av, n Main 2832 

Sirnit Jno A, res, 1735 15th av. n Main 1389-W 

Sirote Isaac, res, 1130 5th av, n Main 5096 

Sisson David H Mrs, res, 5007 1st av. Wdlawn 1271 

Sisson E G, res, 1010 N 30th. % Main 1802 

Sisson J N. res, 1420 N 17th Main 4170-J 

Sisters of Mercy, res, 1700 6th av... Bessmr 163-J 
Sisters of Mercy, res, 1401 Ave F....Main 7330-J 
Sisters of Mercy, res. 2104 Ave H... Ensley 1480 
Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, res, 

Cotton av W End 379 

Sixteenth St Baptist Church, 

1530 6th av, n Main 9397 

Sixth Ave Grocery. 600 N 23rd Main 5277 

Sixth Ave Gro & Meat Co. 601 19th.. Bessmr 539 

Sizemore J R, res, 2513 2 1st Ensley 1430- J 

Skaggs P II Mrs,r,2129 Humboldt av..Main 4154-W 

Skeggs II A, U S Marshal, Gov bl Main 1096 

Skelton F T.whl jwlr sp,1929M» Id av.n.Main 6810 

Skelton F T. res. 900 Central Main 5127-J 

Skelton I N, res, 6215 1st av Wdlawn 362-W 

Skewes William, r, Lipscomb Bessmr 237-J 

Skewes W W, r, 1403 Minnesota av.. Bessmr 1073-W 

Skews Joe, res. Lipscomb Bessmr 143-W 

Skews Joe Sr Mrs.r.Wdlnd Hgts. .. Bessmr 995-J 

Skidmore W M. res, 8520 Ave G Maki 8036 

Skinner Martha Mis r. Brighton. . Bessmr 183-J 

Skinner T J, res, 711 Parkway Ensley 1216-W 

Slack Drug Co, 3000 27th ~. ... Main 7210 

Pay station Main 9132 

Slack Joseph, res, 1324 1st av W End 611 

Slack J R, res, 3521 N 27th Main 8990 

Slack W K, res, 1217 Tusc av W End 725- J 

Slaton S W, res. 1429 S 1 *th Main 6208-J 

(SJattery W H, res, 1534 B 19th Main 6188 

Slaughter A, res, 2208 14th av, s Main 3073-J 

Slaughter W C, r, 4107 Poplar Ensley 1407-W 

Slaughter Win J, ofc, 1st Xat Bk bl....Main 190 


Ambulanc* S«»vlce fl.lOUZ 

-^Indicates P. B. Exchange 




Slaughter Wm J, r, 1321% Sylvan av..Maln 8393-W 
Slaughter W M,r,8144 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 671-W 

Slaughter W P, res, 2317 17th Ensley 969 

Sloan Bros, groc&mts, 113 Spg Main 1557 

Sloan B S, res, 2110 Ave G Ensley 959-J 

Sloan S C, res, 3005 Ave* F Ensley 606-W 

Sloan T M, res, 4343 Ave B.. Main 7895 

Sloan W T, res, Pratt City Ensley 184-W 

Sloat F F, res, 2508 34th av, n Main 8089-J 

Slockett J M, res, 1705 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 1063-J 

Sloggett W H, r, 1507 Ave M Bessmr 948 

Sloss Lillie L Mrs, res, 1931 11th av, s..Maln 3164 

Res, 1935 11th av, s Main 3280 

Res, 1912 12th av, s Main 8340 

Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron Co, 

J W McQueen, pres, Am Tr bl Main 64 

L Sevier, v-pres, Am Tr bl Main 618 

By- Products Engineer, Am Tr hi.... Main 779 
By-product plant, 3500 35th av, n..Maln 4097 

Genl ofes, Am Tr bl Main 602 

Auditor's ofc, Am Tr bl Majn 6012 

Safety dept, Am Tr bl Main 2230 

Secretary & treas, Am Tr bl Main 927 

Purch agt, Am Tr bl Main 476 

Purch dept, Am Tr bl Main 734 

Traffic dept, Am Tr bl Main 5378 

Order dept, Am Tr bl Main 8963 

Company garage, 1904 Av F Main 3478 

Scale house, N Birmingham Main 1866 

General supt mines, Am Tr bl Main 288 

Cashier's ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1621 

Furnace manager, Am Tr bl Main 1621 

Land agent, Am Tr bl Main £22 

Engineering dept, Am Tr bl Main 622 

Commissary, 1st av -.Main 1049 

City furnace, 1st av Main 1052 

N Birmingham furnace, X B'ham.-.Main 112 

Sloss mines store Bessmr 331 

Sloss mines Bessmr 74 

Irondale, Ala., Wdlawn 29 

Commissary, N B'ham ..Main 4731 

Scale house, City Fee Main 8348 

Quarry Main 8813 

Slye A D, res, 2300 Av J Ensley 1209-W 

Slye & Mosley Bldg Co, bldg contrs, 

411 19th Ensley 251 

Smallman-Brice Co, gen con, A T bl...Main 2387 
Smallman-Brice Const Co,1811 3rd av. Bessmr 228 
Smallman-Brice Const Co, 1817 4th av Bessmr 768 

Smallwood D F, res, 1S09 Rush av Main 3133-W 

Smiley J B, res, 20th av Main 4751-J 

Smith Alma Miss, res, 2313 Ave E.... Ensley 1443 

Smith Andy, res. 2410 Av E Ensley 163-W 

Smith Archie Mrs, res, Woodward. ... Bessmr 126-J 

Smith A A, res, 1520 5th av Bessmr 727 

Smith A B Mrs, res, 613 K 19th Main 8305 

Smith A C, res, 1112 Cotton av W End 906-W 

Smith A Dewey, res, 1329 N Ina Main 3203 

Smith A D. Hamilton & Glover Ins Agcy, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 949 

Smith A D, r, 8024 Hillman av Wdlawn 1056-J 

Smith Arthur E, res. 522 44th Ensley 231 

Smith A F, res, 210 N 64th Wdlawn 686 

Smith A G, res, 920 S' 19th Main 983 

Smith A G & S P, attys. 1st Nat Bk bl. .Main 711 

Smith A H, res, 1616 Marshall av Main 8922 

Smith A H Mrs, res. 1109 3rd av Main 270-J 

Smith A II Mrs, res, 2504 Av F Main 3175-J 

Smith Albert Lee, life ins, Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 8715 
Smith Algernon L, res, 2229 Sycamore. . Main 6528 

Smith A S, res, 816 Woodland av Main 8623-W 

Smith A W, res, 1814 30th Ensley 488-W 

Smith Arthur W, res, 420 Jasper rd..Maln 3978 
Smith Augustus W, res, 1016 S 17th.. Main 3878-J 

Smith B F, atty, 1st N B bl Main 5838 

Smith B H, res, 1104 Va av Main 5970-W 

Smith Ben H. res, 2107 28th Ensley 1315-W 

Smith Benj Herbert, r, 1316 Hntsvl. . . Main 4614-W 
Srrrith-Brown Jewelry Co, ofc, 

1903 Ave E...... Ensley 855 


Chero'Cola £& 

'Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Office &\M>rks 


TCL. ENSLEY 400 WP** W " ^K m ^ 


Smith B R, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 317 

Smith B R, res, Ridgely Apts Main 2623 

iSmtth B R, res, 2418 29th av, n Main 7226-J 

Smith Carlton Mrs, res, 1820 10th av, s.Maln 4457-W 

Smith Chas, res, 1800 Av I Ensley 806-W 

Smith Clayton, r, Richmond Apts Main 6190-J 

Smith Clare B, res, 2628 19th, n Main 5534 


2300 Ave E Main 134 

Smith Jas R, 314 2nd av, n Main 285 

Yard No '1 Main 3355 

Fairview Yard No 3 Ensley 1477 

Smith C H, groc, 801 Alois av W End 95 

Smith C H, pay sta, Lipscomb. ..'... Bessmr 9194-J 

Smith C J, ofc, B-M bl Main 991 

Smith C J, res, 919 S 19th Main 2011 

Smith Clara J Mrs, res, 1025 Crscnfav. Main 4175-W 

Smith C M, res, 714 Tusc av W End 626 

Smith C T, res, K C Crossing Ensley 1446 

Smith Colored Taxi Co, 222 N 18th Main 439 

Smith D J, res, 2112 8th av, n Main 4678 

Smith D N, res, 301 S 82nd Wdlawn 1023-J 

Smith D R, res, 309 22nd Ensley 927-J 

Smith D T, res, 4246 5th av, s Main 1461 

Smith D Walter, res, 6405 1st av.... Wdlawn 1190-W 

Smith Effie Mrs, res, 2309 17th Ensley 151-J 

Smith Ella Miss, res, 320 1st av Main 6375-J 

Smith Enoch A, res, 1431 Valley Main 6358 

Smith E D, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 711 

Smith E D, res, 421 Ann Ensley 314-W 

Smith E E, res, 1412 N 30th Main 6763-W 

Smith E H, res, 501 S 55th Wdlawn 49-W 

Smith E H Mrs,r,1624 12th av,s Main 3269-W 

Smith Ector H, r, 1700 15th av, s Main 2358-W 

Smith Edward H, res, 310 College W End 764 

Smith Everitt H,r,7612 2nd av.n.. Wdlawn 1261 

Smith Emmett L,r,4312 5th av.s Main 4885 

Smith E M, res, 1105 Fountain av Main 8560 

Smith Eugene M, r, 1612 10th av, a... Main 2586-J 

Smith E P Mrs. res, 714 Prnctn av W End 74-J 

Smith E Q, res, 1101 N 25th Main 9442 

Smith E R Mrs, res, 1120 N 31st Main 4163-J 

Smith E Sydney, res, 1101 N 25th Main 9442 

Smith E V, res, Roebuck Spgs. .. .Wdlawn 435-J 

Smith Frank, res, 817 S 12th Main S90S-J 

Smith F E Jr, res, 4550 Ave E......Main 8850 

Smith F Hopkinson.acct.lst N B bl Main 930 

Smith F Hopkinson,r,1109 S 33rd Main 4452-W 

Smith-Fraser Motor Co, ofc, 110 S 22nd. Main 7491 

Smith Frank W, atty, 1st N B bl Main 2020 

Smith Frank W, res. Chestnut Hill Main 4673-J 

Smith Georgia Mrs, res. 1502 10th, n..Main 6219-W 
Smith Grain & Groc Co, 2221 Mors av..Maln 8529 

Smith G E, res. 1521 S 14th Main 8237-W 

Smith Gilbert F, r, 1035 Alois av W End 214-W 

Smith G S Rev, res, Fairfax av. ... Bessmr 385-W 

Smith G W, res, 1112 23rd Bessmr 556-W 

Smith Henry, groc, 614 Lucy av Main 2133 

Smith Hode Mrs, r, 2309 Clrndn av.. Bessmr 472-J 
Smith Hugh Mrs, res, 1126 Ontario. . Bessmr 934-J 
Smlth-Hochstadter & Co, ofc, Ch Com. Main 2595 

Smith H C, res, 57 Vine Ensley 775-W 

Smith H D, rl est, Farley bl Main 5750 

Smith Herbert E, res, Woodwd, Ala.. Bessmr 884-W 
Smith Henley J, ofc, Cham of Com... Main 2595 

Smith Henley J, res, 1108 S 26th Main 1590 

Smith H J, res, 4830 Ave C Wdlawn 149-J 

Smith Hampton S, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1522 

Smith Hampton S, res, 901 S 30th Main 2059 

Smith Irene C Mrs, r, 1132 Cullom Main 6284 

Smith Jay, whol Imbr, B-M bl. . . .*■ Main 953 

Smith Jay, res, 1332 Clifton., Main 6548-W 

Smith Joe, res, 2406 Ave F Ensley 832 

Smith John, res, Sherman lights. ... Ensley 269- J 

Smith Julius, res, 1821 20th av Ensley 388-J 

Smith J A, res. 2016 29th Ensley 254-W 

Smith J A. res. R F D 1 Wdlawn 856-M 



or Burn. 

12 South 
20th St. 

Main 8500 


Ambulancs S«»vlce n.lOOZ 

Smith 'Jas A, res, 4112 6th av Ensley 

Smith Jas Arthur, res, 4254 5th av, s..Main 

Smith J C, res, 611 N 22nd Main 

Smith J C Dr, res, 7422 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 

Smith J D Mrs, res, 4 College W End 

Smith J D E, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 

Smith J E Mrs, res, 1914 5th av, n Main 

Smith J Gaines Mrs. res, 501 Earl av. ..Main 
Smith Jas G, res, 2620 Madison av Main 

648- W 





212 N 21st, 

Rental & Fire Ins Department Main 49 

Life & Casualty Department Main 6600 

Smith J H D, res, 1622 7th av Bessmr 369-W 

Smith J J, res, 1813 Alois av Ensley 1079-W 

Smith Jas K, ins, Am Tr bl Main 7522 

Smith James K, res, 503 1st av Main 2938-J 

J K, res, 1612 4th av, n Main 9553 

J Martin, res, 2128 Ave I Main 2042-W 

Smith J Molton, ofc, B-M bl Main 8507 

Smith J Molton, coal & iron, Am Tr bl.Main 8575 
Smith J Molton, res, 1015 Sycamore. . Main 8724 

Smith John O, res, 520 S 49th Wdlawn 361-J 

Smith Julian P. res, 310 Summit av Main 7102-J 

Smith J Q, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1753 

Smith Jas R, res, 3117 Hamilton Ensley 1319-J 

Smith J S Mrs, res, Mims W End 118 

Smith Jas T, res, 615 S 29th Main 4760 

Smith J W, res, Gate City Wdlawn 198-W 

Smith J W, res, 1616 Mamie av Main 4934 

Smith Kate Mrs, res, 1004 S 13th Main 5234 

Smith Kirby, res, 830 S 21st Main 8069 

Smith Kenneth F, res, 1015 S 17th Main 7764 

Smith Katie L Mrs, r, 2740 Ridge aV. Ensley 339-W 

Smith Leo Mrs, res, 3830 Stewart Bessmr 583-J 

Smith Loraine Miss,r,1331 Ave G.... Ensley 795-J 
Smith L C & Bros Typewriter Co.B-Mbl. Main 2290 

Smith L G, res, 1732 Terrell Blvd Ensley 807-W 

Smith L H. drugs, 3131 12th av, n Main 569 

Smith L H, res, 615 Boyles Pike Wdlawn 407-W 

Smith L I, res, 929 Georgia Main 5362 

Smith Linden P, res, 1008 34th av, n..Main 5997 
Smith Lloyd St John, res, Terr Crt..Main 5139 

Smith MA Mrs, res, 1710 10th av, s Main 3122-W 

Smith Maude Corbett Mrs, r, 201 43rd. Ensley 892-J 

Smith Motor Co. ofc. 119 S 21st Main 4388 

Smith M D Jr, res, 215 N 48th Wdlawn 751 

Smith Mary E Mrs, r. 203 X Hawkins. W End 650 

Smith M F, res, 3017 Ensley av Ensley 1456-J 

Smith Maclin F, res. 1215 Beech Main 9530-W 

Smith M G Mrs, res, 2420 30th av, n..Main 7368-W 
Smith M L Mrs, res, Oak Crest Sta.. Ensley 1083-J 
Smith-Mo: eland Taper Co.172S 1st av..Main 1304 
Smith M R Hubbert, r, 305 Lucy av...Maln 3192-W 

Smith N A Mrs, res, 517 N 21st Main 2355-W 

Smith Nellie B Miss, res, 108 Grady.. W End 454 

Smith N B, rl est. 1714V& 4th av, n Main 8510 

Smith N B, res, 228 8th av Main 8198-W 

Smith Neil C, res, 1105 Sylvan av Main 2981 

Smith Newton C, res, 5314 1st av.... Wdlawn 462-J 

Smith N W, res. 915^ S 12th Main 6726 

Smith O B, res. 615 Balsam av Ensley 148-W 

Smith P H, res, 316 S 80th Wdlawn 1167-W 

Smith Perle L Mrs, res, 1016 Eula Main 2878 

Smith P M, ofc, IS S 20th Main 5292 

Smith P M, res, 1114 S 17th Main 3625-W 

Smith Premier Typwtr Co. 2115 1st av.Main 26 

Smith p W, res, Pratt City Ensley 1054-J 

Smith Rex, res. Lipscomb Bessmr 452-J 

Smith R A, res, 323 E 54th Wdlawn 1016 

Smith R A C, plmbr, SI 4 19th Ensley 382 

Smith Ross C, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1522 

Smith lloss C, res. Roebuck Sprgs. . Wdlawn 1140-J 

Smith R E, res, 910 N 43d Wdlawn 336-W 

Smith Robt E, ofc. 1st Xat Bk bl Mam 1294 

Smith Robt E. res, 2128 34th av, n Main 8564 

Smith R F, res, Terrace Crt Main 7057 

Smith R L, res, 4916 1st av Wdlawn 92 

Main 223 

Electrical *«*'***• 



• • 








Main . 3355 
Main . . %95 
Main . . 134 
:•: MONTEVALLO * Enoiley . 1473 


Smith R M, res, 2425 Teak av Ensley 

Smith Richard M Dr, r, 2175 llth av, s.Main 

Smith R N, res, 6701 Hillman av Wdlawn 

Smith Rosa Renfroe Dr, ofc, 

191 7V 2 3rd av Bessmr 

Smith R S, res, 304 rrincetbn av W End 

Smith R T Dr, dentist, Realty bl Bessmr 

Smith R T, res, 1224 Cedar Bessmr 

Smith Robt T Dr, r, 1630 Clarndn av. Bessmr 

Smith Sadie, res, 1516 7th av, n Main 

Smith S A, res, 717 N 14th Main 

Smith Safford A Mrs, r, 1600 S 13th.. Main 
Smith S Houston, r, 1839 Lyon av..W End 
Smith S II Mrs, r, 5220 Austin av.. Wdlawn 

Smith S L, res, 1127 N 28th Main 

Smith 3yd M, res, 1514 Milner Cres...Maln 

Smith S P, atty, 1st Nat Bk Main 

Smith S P, res, Newport Apts Main 

Smith Theo, res, Rosedale Main 

Smith T Cal, res, 1921 13th av, s Main 

Smith-Taylor Groc Co, 2728 Ave G Main 

Smith T J, res, 1623 llth Court Main 

Smith Tate J, res, 1822 Jasper Main 

Smith T L, cot sd prrlts, Parley bl Main 

Smith T L, res, 1410 Cullom Main 

Smith Tom O Col, res, Summit av. ...Main 
Smith T S, res, Broad Main 


















amuhrKd Swrvise ™. I U U Z 


2028 1st av Main 2157 

Smith V, res, 1117 N 51st Wdlawn 538-W 

Smith V L, res, 208 N 54th Wdlawn 1496 

Smith V M, res, 1113 N 2sth Main 2403-W 

Smith Will, res, 1025 13th av, n Main 6056-J 

Smith Wood Mrs, res, 1324 Ave G Ensley 886-W 

Smith W B, res, 1018 S 21st Main 6533- J 

Smith Wallace B Dr, ofc, Jff Co Bk bl . .Main 697 
Smith W C Mrs, r, 2322 Hwthrne av.. Ensley 711-W 

Smith W D, res, 320 Lucy av Main 4395 

Smith W F Mrs, r, 2305 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 557 

Smith W H. atty, Am Tr bl Main 413 

Smith W H, res, 301 N Elyton W End 183-J 

Smith W H, res, 362 N 54th Wdlawn 389-W 

Smith Wm H Rev, res, 831 S 29th Main 5047 

Smith Wm Hall Dr, dent, 1st Nat Bk bl.Main 3549 
Smith Wm Hall Dr, res, 3S15 6th av, s. .Main 2272-W 

Smith W K, res, 1309 St Chas Main 3052-W 

Smith W L Mrs, res, 1108 2nd av W End 707-W 

Smith W L, res, 1527 S 19th Main 1054-W 

Smith W L, res, 1201 Tusc av W End 642-J 

Smith W M, res, 2330 2oth Ensley 403-J 

Smith W M Dr. res, 1018 Hall av.. Bessmr 448-W 

Smith W M & Co, 47th Wdlawn 928 

Smith W Sep, res, 1611% 12th av, s Main 4778 

Smith W W, res, 4600 1st av Wdlawn 208-W 

Smith W W. res, 721 S 20th Main 9485 

Smith Z J Mrs. res, 939 S 20th Main 6727 

Smith Zac P, res, 1016 Eula Main 2878 


15 N 20th Main 

Smith & Morrow, attys, 1st N B bl...Main 

Smith & McCary, attys, Am Tr bl Main 

Smith & Perdue, attys. 1st Nat Bk 1)1.. Main 
Smitherman D L, r, 2226 Bess Blvd .. Ensley 
Smitherman J A, res, 604 N' 12th .... Main 
Smithson .T N, res, Jonesboro av.... Bessmr 

Smithson T-eo C, res, 2617 Av H Ensley 

Smithson & Smithson, attys. 

213 V 2 19th Bessmr 

Smollen M J, res, 1731 14th av, s....Maln 

Smoot J W. res, 1215 Ave II Main 

Smoot R E Mrs. res, 700 S 25th Main 

Smyer E J, atty, Title Guar bl Main 

Smyer E J, res, 2001 13th av, s Main 

Smyer R B, p m, ofc, 1800 2d av Main 

Smyer R B, res. 2219 Arlngtn av Main 

Smyer S B. atty, Title Guar bl Main 

vindicates P. B. Exchange^ 

0) Service ®_ 

Smyer W A, res, Pelham av W End 159- W 

Smyer & Smyer, attys, Title Guar bl-.Maln 8317 

Smylie J J Rev, res, 210 N 47th Wdlawn 1347 

Snapp Robt, res, 2409 19th av Ensley 371-W 

Snead Richard Miss, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 8825 
Snead Richard Miss, res, 1504 10th av, s.Main 5053 

Snead W W, res, 1026 llth av, s Main 6998 

Snell H H, res, 1316 St Charles Main 1525-J 

Snell H M, res, 1907 15th av, n Main 5618-W 

Snelling J B, res, 2629 Ave E Main 4176-J 

Snellings Jno H, res, 409 25th Ensley 763-J 

Snider C C, res, 909 S 21st Main 4613 


Wholesale, 2229 1st av Main 333 

Snider J A, res, 1705 3d av B«ssmr 795 

Snider John B, res, 215 S 20th Bessmr 1136-J 

Snider R G, res, 1008 Joseph Main 3610 

Snoddy W T, res, 5508 2nd av, s Wdlawn 1336 

Snook C J, res, 2300 12th av, n Main 2624-W 

Snow Coal Co, ofc, 2402 Ave C Ensley 84 

Snow E J, ofc, Cham Com Main 3053 

Snow J D, res, 2909 Ave P Ensley 614-W 

Snow J G, res, 2800 Ave E Ensley 688- W 

Snow Nelson M, res, 2S01 Cypress av..Maln 2156-J 
Snow-Smith Drug Co, Park av Main 1910 

Pay sta, Park av Main 9153 

Snow Thos A Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 7140 

Snow Thos A Dr, res, 1601 N 25th Main 2552 

Snow W H, res, Wilkes Sta Bessmr 8404 

Snow W T, res, 2931 19th Ensley 205-W 

Snow W T & Co.gen mdse.1907 Ave E. Ensley 39 
Snow W W, res, 2808 Ave E Ensley 483-W 


1400 S 15th Main 9510 

Snowden A J, res, 4005 Ave B Main 8070-J 

Snowden J A, res, 4900 1st av Wdlawn 239-W 

Snyder A D, res, 812 Woodland av....Main 8623-J 
Snyder A D Cabinet Shop, 1922 Av E.Maln 8781 

Snyder J Ross 1 Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 1837 

Snyder J Ross Dr, r, 2215 Ridge Pk av. .Main 2719 
Snyder Roger W, atty. Title Guar bl. . . .Main 1905 

Snyder Roger W, r, 1011 Tusc av W End 940 

Sokol Bros, clth, 1721 3rd av, n Main 4580 

Sokol Bros Clothing Co.tlr,1920 3d av. Bessmr 150 

Sokol H, res, 1409 N 25th Main 2748-W 

Sokol Nathan, res, 1628 S 13th Main 5364 

Solomon E P Dr, ofc, Woodward bl Main 104 

Solomon E P Dr, res, Fairview av. ...Main 1010 
Somerville H M Jr, res, 2333 10th av, s.Main 802-W 

Sommer M, res, 2100 17th av, s Main 2168 

Sommer M, res, 1312 Warsaw Main 8452 

Sommer Tailoring Co, 1914 1st av Main 656 


Insurance Adjuster, Empire bl Main 326 

Sorrell W C, res, 2804 34th av, n Main 2079 

Sorrell W M, atty, Emp bl Main 5166 

Sorrell W M. res, 929 S 12th Main 3249-W 

Sorrell W T, res, 220 Elyton W End 601-W 

South A M. res, 2324 3rd av, n Main 5809 

Sou Highland Drug Co, p s, 1400 S 15th. Main 9177 
Sou Highland Presbyterian Church, 

pastor's study, 21st Main 8286 


1127 S 12th Main 5116 

Nurses Home. 1110 S 12th Main 8072 

Pay Station, 1127 S 12th Main 9245 

South Side Auto Top Shop. 2025 Av C.Main 5638 
South Side Baptist Ch, 19th&Ctnwd. . . Main 2086 
South Side Cleaning Co, 514 S 20th... Main 8650 

South Side Coal Yd, 413 S 13th Main 228 

South Side Stock Yard. 2409 Av A Main 4562 

Southard W E, res, 6212 2nd av. n. Wdlawn 118-J 

Southard Y K, res, 3925 Ave A Main 2968 

Southeastern Brokerage Co, ofc, 

Am. Tr bl Main 121 

Am Tr bl Main 9376 

I If F I flY Mn ^^ wa Main 769 

LlUCLUI Funeral Director M«in 4862 

[•Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Gilchrist-Tarrant S» B 

Main 469 


Office, 2209 1st av Main 2462 

Southerland H L, res, 3828 Ave C Main 2094 


1st Nat Bk bl Main 393 

Sou Adjustment Bureau, Am Trust Main 2280 

•SOUTHERN AD CO, 2606 Ave C Main 2314 

Sou Baking Co, ofc, 315 N 24th Main 4774 


1814 2nd av f 

For subscribers not listed, call INFORMATION 

For reporting troubles, call COMPLAINT 


1814 2d av Main 9000 

Bess mgr's ofc, 1822 2d av Bessmr 9000 

Ensley branch ofc, 509 19th Ensley 9000 

Sou Bitulithic Co, Am Tr bl Main 4421 

Sou Box & Lumber Co, 906 N 45th. Wdlawn 1498 

Sou Bridge Co, ofc, 39th Main 892 

Sou Building Co, contrs, Trotter bl... Bessmr 52 


Office, Empire bl Main 8696 

Sou Cement Co, 24th Main 7136 

Sales ofc, Am Tr bl Main 4896 

Sou Clay Mfg Co, fcty, Lewisberg Main 6631 

Southern Club, 

Main floor Main 446 

Cafe Main 502 

Pay station Main 9121 

Basement Main 6736 

Southern Coal Co.ofc.lst Nat Bk bI...Main 317 


Office, 413 S 13th Main 228 

Sou Coffee & Spice Co, 1625 Ave A... Main 2083 

Sou Coupon Co, 1813 Ave D Main 4231 

Sou Dental Mfg Co, ofc, Farley bl Main 8226 

Sou Enterprises Inc. ofc, Woolworth bl.Main 4880 

Southern Finance Co, Farley bl Main 5148 

Sou Freight Insp Bureau.ofc.Ch of Com. Main 1117 

Sou Hotel, 317 N 20th Main 2322 

Sou Hotel (pay sta), 316^ N 20th Main 9298 

Sou Jobbing House, 2119 1st av Main 3552 

Southern Laboratory Supply Co, 

Ofc, 1608 2nd av Main 1928 

Sou Life & Health Ins Co, 

Local ofc, Ala St Ld bl Main 7529 

Policy dept, 308 N 21st Main 937 

Gen ofc. tOfl N 21st Main 462 

Sou Manganese Corp, ofc, B-M bl Main 7807 

Southern Medical Journal, Emp bl Main 6462 

Sou Motor Sales Co, ofc, 2300 1st av. .Main 1898 

Sou Motor Truck Co. 206 S 21st Main 5164 

Sou Pacific Lines, ofc. Woolworth bl. ./lain 4199 

Sou Pickle & Vinegar Co, 27th Main 573 

Sou Pine & Hardwood Co. ofc, J Co Bk bl. Main 1962 
Southern Pipe & Foundry Co, 24th... Main 6976 
Southern Railway System, 

Genl supt, Amer Trust bl Main 329 

Dist engr, Am Tr bl Main 9461 

Supt Sou Ry. 9 S 20th Main 714 

Supt A G S R R, isth & Powell Main 703 

Master Mechanic Sou Ry. 3.1th & A.. Main 1044 
Master mechanic A G S R R, Powell. Main 1713 
Engr maintenance of way, A T bl.Main 3982 

Roadmaster Sou Ry. 9 S 20th Main 8639 

Roadmaster A G S R R, lS&Powell. Main 7285 

Chief disp Sou Ry. 9 S 20th Main 615 

Chief dlsp A G S R R, mh&Powell. Main 2468 

Telegraph ofc, Am Tr bl Main 3651 

City tkt ofc, 2010 1st av Main 7572 

Res Inspector, B-M bl Main 6116 

Coach yards, 27th Main 7181 

Frt traf mgr, lines west, Wdwrd bl.Main 1432 
Genl frt ofc, Ins w (rte elk). W bl. .Main 725 
Asst gen pass agt, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2345 


tn'u'dihD Jwrvice ",1002 

Southern Railway System— Contd. 

Claim agt per Injuries, isth Main 2583 

Asst ch claim agt, 9 S 20th Main 536 

Local frt agt, 9 S 20th Main 2913 

Sou Ry bill clerk, 9 S 20th Main 948 

A G S R R bill clerk, 9 S 20th Main 1192 

Cashier A G S R R, 9 S 20th Main 241 

Cashier Southern Ry, 9 S 2oth Main 58 

Over warehouse, 1 8th & Powell Main 2924 

C B Williams, r, 5307 Austin av.. Wdlawn 66 

Special agents, isth & Powell Main 8118 

Supt terminals, Finley Yds Main 880 

Roundhouse, Finley Yds Main 1035 

Roundhouse, Powell & 27th Main 869 

Foreman car dept, 25th Main 550 

Foreman car repairs. 36th Main 4738 

Roadway storehouse, 18th Main 5325 

Division storekeeper, Ave B Main 5713 

Div storekeeper, AGS, 27th Main 8764 

Chief caller, Finley Yds Main 1218 

Yard callers, Finley Yard Main 2408 

Yard office, Finley Yard Main 678 

Yard office, 27th street Main 1491 

Yard office, 39th street Main 3296 

Genl frt ofc, lines east, Wdward bl.Main 617 

Freight depot, East Birmingham Main 291 

Freight & ticket agt, N B'ham Main 7207 

Freight depot, Avondale Main 1205 

Freight depot, Ensley Ensley 22 

Freight depot, Thomas Ensley 308 

Freight & ticket ofc, Wdlawn. . .Wdlawn 27 

Freight ofc, Woodward Bessmr 576 

Passenger depot, Ala av Bessmr 164 

Freight depot, 20th Bessmr 46 

Yard ofc, Carolina Bessmr 90 

Yard ofc, Valley Creek Jnctn Bessmr 121 

Yard ofc, 37th & Ry av Main 3496 

Cinder pit. 3600 Av C Main 8905 

Sou Roads Co, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 4421 


28t h av Main 2175 

Southern States Cooperage Co, A T bL.Maln 2739 


1923i,£ Powell av Main 8040 


1923 Powell av Main 875 

Sou States Life Ins Co. Am Tr bl Main 8426 

Southern States Machinery Co.Wdwd bl.Main 2680 


1431 3rd av, n Main 265 

Southern Stock Yards, 2722 1st av, n..Main 9589 
Sou Store Fixture Co, Inc. 316 N 21st.. Main 5128 
Sou Theatrical Exchange. 

Ofc, 2004 x list Main 6872 

Sou Tire & Accessories Co, auto sup, 

526 X 20th Main 2777 

Southern Wheel Company, 700 Av F, 

C C Esdale, v-pres Main 7850 

J F Fox Main 7850 

W C Appleby, supt Main 694 

Accounting dept Main 3266 

Spain Frank E. atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 389 

Spain .lor F, res. 1409 2nd av W End 514-W 

Spain W B. res, 1604 7th av Bessmr 422-J 

Spake R D. ofc, 6457 2nd av, s Wdlawn 516 

Spalding C E Mrs, r, 2111 Ave A Main 2161 

Spangler Chas W, plmbr. 312 N 21st.. Main 7015 
Spangler Chas W. r, s-2f> Wdlnd av, s..Main 2694 

Spangler G 3, res, 2031 Zinn av Ensley 447-W 

Spanler Joe. res. 1431 S Isth Main 8351 

Sparkman R L, res. 31S S 60th Wdlawn 113 


215 N 21st Main 6684 

Sparks, Claxton & Stapp, Inc. prod. 

1920 Ave D Ensley 657 

Main 223 

Electrical «•*«** Hahn-Foreman " H " 4 Tel 1<K 

nrwe ci rr>i<ntst ** l l u * l * * au company. u c . * CL 1 JO 

1905 Avenue B 

MIDDLEBR00KS ELECTRIC CO. A Bto f. J e « mTu orde™ hc 



•^-Indicates P. B. Exchan 





Funeral Director Main 4862 

Sparks D 

Sparks D 









H Dr, ofc, 1917^ Av E Ensley 

H Dr, res, 2113 Av H Ensley 

Frances Miss, res, 1900 AvI....Main 

Fred J Rev, r, 212 N 40th Main 

Helen Miss, r, 5217 1st av..Wdlawn 

H W, res, 2012 Ave G Ensley 

M groc, 2300 Ave E Ensley 

M groc, 2300 Ave E Ensley 

M, r, 1736 Jffrsn av Ensley 

B, res, 5104 1st av Wdlawn 

H, res, 415 St Chas av W End 



Sparks Tailoring Co, 119 N 20th Main 

Sparrow Advertising Agcy, Am Tr....Main 

Sparrow John, res, 1119 N 16th Main 

Speaker Harry Mrs,r,1600 12th av,s..Maln 

Spear J H, trans, 1625 1st av Main 

Spear Mattie Miss, r, 507 N 22nd Main 

(Spearman J M, res, 5 IS 41st Ensley 

Spears T G Mrs, res, 1426 Cotton av. .W End 

Spectator The, Lyric bl Main 

Speed D M, res, 1711 33d av, n Main 

Speight E L Mrs, res, 2304 11th av, n..Main 

Spellacy J F, res, 1531 14th av, 8.... Main 

Spence E N, res, 503 39th Ensley 

Spence E N, res, 1000 N 30th Main 

Spence S G, res, 2310 Brown's Blvd. ... Ensley 

Spence Will G, res, 2004 28th Ensley 

Spencer A M, r, 2031 Clrndn av....Bessmr 

Spencer Chas Mrs, res, Edgewood Main 

Spencer Clifford, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Spencer C B Mrs, 'res, Terrace Crt....Main 
Spencer C H Mrs, res, 522 S 27th. . . . Bessmr 
Spencer-Ellis Bus College,Lyon Terry bl.Main 

Spencer L O Mrs, res, 1715 Av G Ensley 

Spencer Multigraphing Co, 

Ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Spencer O M Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 

Spencer O M Dr, res, Ridgely Apts....Main 

Spencer T H, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Spencer T Harper, res, 1S00 10th av, s..Main 
Spencer Wm M Jr, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl.Main 

Spencer Wm M Jr, res. 1330 Whtkr Main 

Sperry & Hutchinson Co, trdg stamps, 

2121 3rd av Main 

Spiegle A, res, 3637 Ave D Ensley 

Spielber^er Ben, res, 1214 Maplwd av..Maln 
Spielberger Ethel Miss.r.Rchmnd Apts.Maln 
Spiers Hattie L Mrs, res, Louis Apts. . . .Main 
Spiess Anna E Mrs, res, 5408 Un av. Wdlawn 

Spina Nick, res, 2208 Ensley av Ensley 

Spina Nick, res, 1901 20th Ensley 

Splnks Gregory N, res. 1846 Pike av.. Ensley 

Spinks J M, res, 2205 Pike av Ensley 

Spinks J W, res, Albemarle Apts Main 

Spiro Hardware Co.rtl dept,1920 3d,n..Maln 


1903 Ave B Main 

Spiro Simon, res, 902 Glen Iris av....Maln 


205 S 20th Main 

Spiva E D H, res, ISIS Jasper Main 

Spivey Jim, res, 331 8th av, n Main 

Spivey-Moore Jewelry Co, 200 19th.. Bessmr 
Spivy-Johnson Portrait Co, 1616 3rd av. .Main 

Sponsler J M, res, 22 16 Orange av Main 

Sprague J Miles, res, 1619 Jeff av... Ensley 

Spriggs J D. res. 2014 Ave H Main 

Springfield T J Dr.r.lSlo Ave G Ensley 

Spurgeon S P. rl est. 217 N 21st Main 

Spurgeon & Dozier, mdse brkrs, 

Woodward bl Main 

Spurrier Harry, res, S Park Sta Ensley 

Square Deal Bakery, p s, No 3 19th.. Bessmr 
Square Deal Bakery No 2,p s,101 19th. Bessmr 

Stacey W J. res, Wylam Ensley 

Stacy Lillie Mrs. res. 1*15 Allen Main 

Stafford E O. res. 2015 Ave G Main 






























Amaj'anc* S«rvlc» H.IOuZ 

All Grades A/\AI MAIN 
Lowest Cash Prices W VJ *A Lb 228 

Stafford G T, ofc, 2616 2nd av, n Main 

Stafford G T, res, 1410 11th av, s Main 

Stag Billiard Parlors, 216 19th Bessmr 

Stagg J F Mrs, res, 2333 17th Ensley 

Stagg W D, res, 2300 Elder av Ensley 

Staggers Furn Co, 2411 2d av Main 

J L, res, 924 2nd av, n W End 

R W, res, 320 Chas W End 

Ed, res, 1913 Av C Ensley 

R H, res, 312 3 23rd Main 

R H, res, 320y 2 S 20th Main 

R I, res, 1115 N 32nd Main 

Mrs, res, 
J C, res, 
Jesse F, 
J R Mrs, 

3407 Highland av. . . .Main 
4829 1st av Wdlawn 

res, 2725 Hghld av..Maln 
res, 1512 N 19th Main 

W S, ofc. Y M C 
Walter S, res, 2714 





Staley C 


Office, Court House Main 

Stallworth C L, res, 1422 19th Ensley 

Stallworth J B Dr, res, 1401 11th av, s..Maln 

Stallworth L A, res, 1017 S 14th Main 

Stallworth & Johnson, undertakers, 

1817 Ave G Ensley 

Stamps H, res, 705 1st av W End 

Stamps Lum. res, 313 S 14th Main 

Stanbery E Mrs, r, 6245 2nd av, s.. Wdlawn 
Standard Accident Ins Co, ofc, B-M bl.Main 
Standard Bottle Co, junk dlrs, 205 N 14. Main 
Standard Brick Co, yard, Bessemer. . Bessmr 


2412 2nd av, n Main 

Standard Cleaning Co, 414 N 19th Main 


314 N 21st Main 

Standard Disinfectant Co, 1627 1st av..Maln 

Standard Elec Time Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Standard Fish Co, 

Office, 2015 Morris av Main 

Shpg dept, 2015 Morris av Main 

City store, 2110 Morris av Main 

City store, 2110 Morris av Main 

Standard Furnishing Co, clthg, 

206 N 18th Main 

Standard Home Co.ofc, Title Guar bl...Maln 
Standard Jewelry Co, 2012 1st av, n..Main 
Standard Letter & Mailing Co, Am Tr bl. Main 
Standard Lumber Co, Title Guar bl 
Standard Motor Co, ofc, 209 S 21st 

Main ofc, F & 7th Main 

Service sta, Av B & 21st Main 

Service sta, 6th av & 20th, n Main 

Service sta, 1st av & 23rd, n Main 

Bessemer sub-sta Bessmr 

Service sta, 1st av & 19th Bessmr 

Pratt City sub-sta Ensley 

Service sta, Av E & 22nd Ensley 

Standard Paint & Lead Wks, ofc, B-M blMain 
Standard Portland Cement Co, B-M bl.Main 
Standard Scale & Supply Co, 2411 3d av.Maln 

Standifer Wm A, res, 1507 Ave I Bessmr 

Standiford W W, res, 720 N 24th Main 

Stanfiel J H, res, Hanover Crt Main 

Stanfiel J W. res, 1404 N 32nd Main 

Stanfield C L. res. 1013 McMillan av.W End 
Stanfield G F, r, 7824 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 

Stanford T H, res, 3740 Edwards Bessmr 

Stanley C M, res, 1769 13th av, s Main 

Stanley J J, groc, 1929 4th av, n Main 

Stanley J J, res. 3222 N 12th av Main 

Stanley L B, res, 903^ S 14th Main 

Stanley M C, Mrs, res. 715 N 21st Main 

Stanley Nat Mrs, res, 2*25 N 47th. . . .Wdlawn 

Stanley W M, res, Bayview Apt Main 

Stnnsbury H W, res, 3520 Cliff rd Main 






61 60- J 



ndlcates P. B. Exchange 




















Office ftVwKS 

JFFlCE&WfoRKS T. . «J»» >- ^.<&+ 

rAjRHELOAiA. Ihe j^&K^jglfc Lcwpany^jir 





Reese Mrs, res, 1041 N 19th.. Main 
L F Rev, r, 1823 Arlngtn av. Bessmr 

C W, res, 1924V6 11th av, S Main 

David, res, 132S S 20th Main 


Optician, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Stanton J H, res, 4827 2nd av, n Wdlawn 

Stanton Lucile Miss, r, 1604 Pike av. Ensley 
Staples Annie L Miss, r, 925 2d av. .W End 

Staples J D Dr, ofc, Lvric bl Main 

Staples J D Dr, res, 322 Cotton av Main 

Staples Marvin, res, 1429 4th av, W...W End 

Stapleton C L, res, 714 N 22d Main 

Stapleton J C, res, 106 N Hawkins.. W End 

Stapleton J T Mrs, res, 833 N 21st Main 

Btapleton T M, res, 2417 6th av, n Main 

Stapp Charlie N, res, 2504 17th Ensley 

Stapp J Frank, res, 2332 Brown Blvd.. Ensley 
Stapp J Frank Loan Ofc, 718 19th. .. Ensley 

Star Candy Kitchen, p s, 222 19th Bessmr 

Star Jobbing House, 2127 1st av Main 

Star Shoe Shop, 12 N Elyton w End 

Star Taxi Co, 1826 3rd av, n Main 

Starbuck C T, res, 2425 35th av, n Main 

Starbuck E G, res, 2811 llth av, n...Maln 

Starbuck W R, res, 4337 Ave B Main 

Starkey J L Mrs, r, Trotwood Pk.. Wdlawn 

Starling T H, res, '416 N 51st Wdlawn 

Starnes B R, res, 1619 S 12th Main 

Starnes Co, ofc, Empire bl Main 

Starnes H N, res, 1019 S 17th Main 

Starnes M E, res, 1225 llth av, ■ Main 

Starr A H, res, Crestline Hghts Main 

Starr E C Mrs, res. 1203 N 29th Main 

Starr Piano Co, 1820 3rd av Main 

A G Forbes, mgr Main 

Cashier's ofc Main 

Credit dept Main 

Private booth Main 

City sales dept Main 

Repair shop Main 

State Flour Co, whl, 1st Alley Main 

State Life Ins Co. ofc, 1st Natl Bk Main 

State Mutual of Ala, Empire bl Main 

State Training School for Girls, 

Matzuyama Wdlawn 

Stathakes S, res, 4431 10th av, n Main 

Stauverman Edward,r,2131 16th av,s...Main 

Stead W D, res, 411 Fulton av W End 

Steadham Elizabeth Miss, res, 

6030 2nd av, s Wdlawn 

Steadman W A, ofc, 1814 2d av, n...Main 

Steadman W A, res, Shades Mt W End 

Steatorkes Geo, res, 34th Ensley 

Steck M Mrs, res, 2711 S 10th av Main 

Steed Joe, res, 2901 Av E Ensley 

Steel Cities Chem 5 Mine.. Ensley 

Steel City Chem Co, Am Tr bl Main 

Steel City Lbr Co, 

Sect'y & sales ofc, B-M bl Main 

Pres & autrs ofc, B-M bl Main 

Steel City Pawn Shop, 300 19th Ensley 

Steele By-Products Co, Inc. 2012 Av E. .Main 

Steele E Mrs, res, 6130 1st av Wdlawn 

Steele E T, res, 1412 Cullom Main 

Steele Fannie A Mrs, res. 2120 7th av, n.Main 

Steele Geo C, res, 137 N 60th Wdlawn 

Steele J A, auto rprs, 212 S 21st Main 

Steele Jas Arthur, res, 1131 N 27th.. Main 

Steele J S. res, 1429 Charles Main 

Steele L C, ofc, 2012 Av E Main 

Steele L W Mrs, r, 4236 5th av, s Main 

Steele N L. atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Steele N L, res, 1528 S 19th Main 


1916 1st av Main 

Steele W C, res, 1820 7th av Bessmr 

Steen Chas G, res, 106 S Hawkins.. W End 













2 6-J 












MAIN 8500 12 South 20th Street MAIN 850o 


A.nbulancs S«ivlce Pf.luOZ 

Steen T M, res, 112 N Hawkins W End 229 

Steenhuis J L, res, 1421 S 14th Main 69S1-J 

Steger J A & Bros, groc, 115 S s>3rd. Wdlawn 1170 

Stein A A, res, 804 Tusc av W End 972 

Stein E, dry clng, 507 N 17th Main 5091 

Stein Fannie Mrs, res, 1914 Ave H Main 6303-W 

Stein Jno F, res, 1414 N 25th Main 1882-J 

Stein M, res, 1014 N 14th Main 5479-J 

Stein Otto, res, 821 19th Bessmr 307 

Stein Sam, tailor. 310 19th Bessmr 354 

Stein Sam, res, 614 19th Bessmr 1040 

Stein W W, ofc, Wdward bl Main 876 

Steinback L S Rev, r, 731 8th av, n Mam 7630-J 

Steinbauer J C, groc, 400 S 50th.. Wdlawn 454 

Steiner Bros, bankers, 2101 1st av Main 1067 

Steiner Leo K. res, 2173 Hghlnd av Main 794 

Steinmehl F J, res. 1113 N 2<>th Main 6657-J 

Stephan J M. res, 230 N 48th Wdlawn 475-J 

Stephens G E W, groc, 410 N 24th Main 5088 

Stephens G E W, res, 2312 5th av, n...Maln 2508-J 

Stephens H, res, 1516 16th av, n Main 4089 

Stephens H P, res, 3128 N 35th Main 3906-J 

Stephens James, res, 2334 16th Crt Ensley 1177-W 

Stephens J D, res, 312 Reese Wdlawn 247 

Stephens J H Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 50 

Ofc, 5400 1st av Wdlawn 703 

Stephens J H Dr, r, 5601 5th av, s. . .Wdlawn 779 
Stephens Lee, res, 1612 N 30th av...Main 9424 
Stephens Lucile Miss, r, 115 S 49th.. Wdlawn 235-J 

Stephens L F. groc, 413 S 30th Bessmr 855 

Stephens L F, res, Virginia Mines. . Bessmr 8203 

Stephens Robt Jr, res, 621 44th Ensley 1332-J 

Stephens R H, res, 4219 Poplar Ensley 565-J 

Stephens S F, res, 400 S 12th Main 3574-J 

Stephens W A, r, Gordon Heights. . Bessmr 237-W 
Stephens Will A Mrs, r, 4707 5th av... Ensley 1091-W 

Stephens Wm C. res, 7315 1st av Wdlawn 1143-W 

Stephenson A C, ofc, 221^ N 19th Main 1475 

Stephenson A C, res, 732 W 20th Main 4694 

Stephenson G R, res, 4729 5th av, s Main 5058-J 

Stephenson L L. r, 2716 Hanover Cir..Maln 1066 
Stephenson Minnie A Mrs, res, 

2004 Richard av W End 262-J 

Stephenson O L, res, 1907 16th av, s...Maln 2461 

Stephenson Studio. 410 N 20th Main 4937 

Sterling Clothing Co. 2103 1st av Main 8467 

Stern Albert A. atty, Farley bl Main 6392 

Stern Louis T, res, 1001 Glen Iris av..Maln 5*18 

Stern Max, res, 1400 S 21st Main 6543 

Sterrett Wm C, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1012 

Sterrett W C, res, Columbiana rd Main 8749-J 

Stevens Bros, res, Virginia Mines. . Bessmr 8203 

Stevens Chas A. res, 616 S 28th Main 8654-W 

Stevens E G, res, 1730% 4th av. n Main 8879 

Stevens Frank, ofc, 2225 1st av Main 4391 

Stevens Frank, res, 1510 14th av, s Main 5373- W 

Stevens F D, res, 1216 S 16th Main 5819-W 

Stevens F E, res, 2612 N 16th Main 5445 

Stevens H L, res, 2520 32nd av, n....Maln 5010 

Stevens J M Mrs, res, 52 Maple Ensley 865-J 

Stevens Willie Mrs, res. 2004 8th av, n.Main 9384 
Stevenson G sta.Vanderbilt sta.. Main 9271 
Stevenson G H, r, 1925 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 225 
Stevenson Geo H & Co, rl est, 

1822 3rd av Bessmr 168 

Stevenson H M Rev,r.207 S Elyton.. W End 787 
Stevenson J P Rev, r. 7520 2nd av. n Wdlawn 818-W 
Stevenson J R, r, 2105 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 876-W 

Steverson J M. lbr, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 7138 

Steverson R C. res. 1 126 West Main 7331-J 


1106 1st av Main 878 

Chas R Hilty, res. 1316 Warsaw. ... Main 5298-W 
Steward Roy R. res, 3821 Crescent rd..Maln 3094-W 

Steward Stephen, res. 31 1 X 26th Main 7363-J 

Stewart C W. res. 3032 20th av Ensley 1460-W 

Stewart David, res, 1719 4th av Bessmr 563-J 

Stewart F, res, 908 N 39th Main 1765- J 

Main 223 ElCCtfiCdl 412 N ' 19th Si ' 



• • 



•Indicates P. B. Exchan 



Main . 3355 
Main . . 285 
Main • . 134 
Eniley . I477 










Stewart Frances Mrs. r, 719 S 21st Main 7894 

Stewart Frank, res, 1515 16th av, n...Main 7012-J 

Stewart G Frank, res, 1505 N 20th Main 2825-J 

■ Stewart H T, res, 2.307 I6fh Ensley 404-J 

Stewart Jas D, res, 1321 13th av, n....Main 7940 

'Stewart J L, res, 125 X 73rd Wdlawn 986 

.Stewart J L, res, 3801 4th av Main 8325-W 

iStewart Jno T, res, 1502 5th av Ensley 637-W 

Stewart J V, res, 218 S 57th Wdlawn 53 

IStewart J W Jr, res, 1219 Av H Main 9406-J 

Stewart Jas W, res, 203 N 60th Wdlawn 103-J 

Stewart Leo, res, 2523 5th av, n Main 3338 

Stewart L H, res, 1025 16th, n Main 256-J 

iStewart O D, res, 1231 X 23rd Main 4719-J 

Stewart O D & Co, rl est, Jff Co Bk bl. . Main 5896 

Stewart R D, res, 1431 Alois av W End 654-W 

Stewart R F, res, 3801 Ave F Main 8191 

Stewart Samuel, res, 117 Front Ensley 1151 

Stewart S R, cotton brkr, Wdward bl. . .Main 567 
Stewart S R & Co, brkrs, Wdward bL.Main 9388 

Stewart Troy, res, 3311 Ave C Ensley 1458-W 

Stewart T F, res, 5023 1st av Wdlawn 571-J 

Stewart W, res, 1024 Walker Main 2559-J 

Stewart W N Mrs, res, 4303 Main Bessmr 358-W 

Stewart W P, res, 713 X 21st Main 3227-J 

Stewart W T, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl....Main 202 
Stewart W T, res, 5105 Georgia rd.. Wdlawn 875-W 

Stickney J C, res, Xewport Apts Main 1285 

Stier Carl D. res, 1113 X 24th Main 2192-W 

Stiggins S J, atty. Farley bl Main 4437 

Stiles H M, res, 3920 Summitt av Main 5833-J 

Stiles J P, res, 1302 Whitaker Main 2038 

Stales M P Dr. ofc, Empire bl Main 5712 

Stiles M P Dr. res, 1302 Whittaker. . . Main 2038 
llman John H, rl est, 116^ N 21st.. Main 1958 

Stillman J H, res, 904 S 13th Main 6902-J 

Stillson W W, res, Fairmont Apts Main 2872-W 

Stillwell J W, res, 2409 10th av, s Main 802-J 

Stinson Harriet, r, 6825 Kmbly av.. Wdlawn 399-J 

Stinson S L, res, i860 14th av, n Main 9359-W 

Stipp G M, res, 1356 30th Ensley 440-J 

Stith J F, res, 1113 25th, n Main 1992-W 

Stivender J C Rev, 

Res. 7918 Underwood av Wdlawn 187 

Stobert R C, res, Levert Apts Main 6239 

Stobert Tom, res, 2120 10th av, s Main 3105 

Stockard G W, res. 1422 Phelan Main 5475-W 

Stockdcll j F, adjstr, A T bl Main 8281 

Stockdell J F, res, 817 8 30th Main 2256-J 


e* 1 ! 10 J£ av - n Main 6465 

Stockham Wm H, res, 1231 X 32nd... Main 8628 
Stockmar H A, res, 1034 11th av, s...Main 7513 
Stockton F E Mrs, r, 1903 16th av, s..Main 3935-W 
Stockton F E Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk b1...Main 6987 
•Stofle Beulah Miss. res. J201 5th av, n.Main 6836 
Stogsdili J .\ Mrs. res. 6412 2nd av, n. Wdlawn 93.J 

Stokely J T. atty, 1st Xat Bk Main 1377 

Stokely J T, res, Glen Iris Pk Main 3467 

Stokely, Scrivner & Dominick, attys 

m I* » a i Bk Ma,n "77 

Stokes B B, res, 1641 Pike av Ensley 410-J 

Stokes Carl W, res, 805 Cotton av W End 730- W 

Stokes R L Mrs, res, 1512 X 16th.... Main 4560-J 

•Stollenwerck L F, res. San Jose Apt... Main 5823-J 

Stone B M, fiscal agt, 2003 Av C Main 8678 

Stone F O Baking Co, 506 N 26th Main 6794 

Stone J P, res, 4S11 1st av Wdlawn 621 

Stone Jno S, atty, .Toff To Bk bl Main 4780 

Stone John S, res, Robk Sprgs Wdlawn 391-J 

Stone J W, res, 5323 4th av, n Wdlawn 223-J 

Stone L, res, 808 X 18th Main 3555 

Stone Salvage Co, ofc, 1429 Sth av, n..Main 8788 

Stone W A, res, 405 X 53rd Wdlawn 1225-J 

Storey R M. res. 200S Av I Ensley 1306-J 

Storey T L Mrs, r, 1822^ Ave D Ensley 769 

Storrs-Schaefer Co. clthg, C of C. ... Main 4080 

Story C L, 2900 Ave D Ensley 1469 



Ainij'avj* S» .<? |. I 002 

Story X L Mrs, res, 4205 3rd av, s Main 8756-J 

Stout E S, res, 200 Earle av Main 8163-W 

Stout W E, res, 1130 X 30th Main 6554-J 

Stoval J H, res, 2216 Drtmth av Bessmr 822-J 

Stovall E F, res, 1419 Whitaker Main 1228 

Stovall John B, res, 1420 1st av W End 336-J 

Stovall O C, res, 4906 1st av Wdlawn 347-W 

Stradford Albert, res. 1522 X 17th Main 406 

Strand Theatre Co, 1913 2nd av, n Main 8694 

Strange H M, res, 216 S 57th Wdlawn 881 

Strange Jno D, atty, Farley bl Main 640 

Strange J D, res, 2024 13th av, s Main 3168-W 

Strange J M, res, 1530 12th av, s Main 5949 

Strange Luther J, res, 1003 Wdland av..Main 1714-W 

Straus Jacob, res, 1600 6th av Bessmr 1025-J 

Strauss Harry M, res, 1026 S 31st Main 2855-W 

Strauss J B & Co, 2007 3d av, n Main 911 

Strauss Louis ins, 1st X B bl...Maln 6782 
Strauss W O, res, 2142 16th av, s....Maln 7301-J 
Strawbridge F H Dr, ofc, Ala Pen S B.Main 3943 
Strawbridge F H Dr. r, 616 S 27th.... Main 2246 
Strawn J A Mrs, r, 1811 Cullom, s....Maln 5371-J 

Street S M M>rs, res, 515 X 19th Main 4252-W 

Streit Chas W, res, 1013 Eula Main 5264 

Streit Fred W, res, 1407 St Chas Main 5742-W 

Streit J W, res, 1917 16th av, s Main 8914-J 

Streit O W, res, 605 Princeton av W End 366-W 

Streit Wm Jr, r, 1512 12th av, s Main 7233 

Strickland A F, res, 3310 Ave I Ensley 233-J 

Strickland Clo Co. 1722 3rd av Main 7397 

Strickland F H. res, 920 1st av W End 59-w 

Strickland F M, r. 7321 Walker av. Wdlawn 1167-J 


2201 2d av, n MaIn 2088 

Strickland H M, res, 1607 Ave H Main 7349-W 

Strickland J C, res, 1923 Park av Ensley 129 

Strickland J G. r, 8428 Hillman av.. Wdlawn 1066-J 

Strickland J J Dr, phys, Farley bl Main 2220 

Strickland J J Dr, res. 1715 S 12th Main 253-W 

'Strickland Margaret Miss, 

Res, Lipscomb Bessmr 673-J 

Strickland X M, r, Vanderbilt rd Wdlawn 508-J 

Strickland P B, res. 1108 X 26th Main 9370-J 

Strickland Robt, res, 1323 X 25th Main 7523-J 

Strickland Sue Miss.r.6021 2d av.s. . Wdlawn 69 
Strickland S B Mrs,r,73l7 Sloss av.. Wdlawn 522 
Strickland W C. res, 3117 llth av, n..Main 1812-J 
Strickland W H, r, 1845 Pearson av..W End 506-W 
Stricklin W M, r, 4th av, Pwdly....W End 556-J 
Stringfellow D E, res, 706 S 28th. ... Main 4716 
Strmgfellow E J Mrs, res. 2100 Ella av. Ensley 1301 
Btrock Turner D Mrs, 

Res, 1502 10th av, s Main 2516 

Strong Geo F, r, 335 Floral Prk Wdlawn 1263-W 

Strong G F, res, 2419 Brown Blvd. .. Ensley 429-J 
Strong G F, res, 2415 Brown's Blvd. .. Ensley 429-W 

Strong H M, res, 412 X 15th Main 910 

Strong Jas E, res, 1321 X 25th Main 8984 

Strong Jno J Mrs. res. 4f.3> 1st av Wdlawn 1372 

Strong M A Mrs, res. 5316 3rd av. n. Wdlawn 535-J 
Strong Xellie Miss, r, 2425 X 31st av...Main 3697 

Strong S S, res, 1221 X 26th Main 8992 

Strother F E, res, 1204 Iluntsv av....Main 1393-J 

Stroud J O. res. 1331 29th Ensley 552-W 

Stroud X J. res, 901 Washington av..W End 409-W 
Stroud & Taylor Auto Painting Co, 

*♦ , lL 1 Jif tb Ma,n 8812 

Strubel J F, res. 1336 Pearson av W End 536 

Stuart Bros, meat mkt. 2624 29th av. n.Main 5981 

Stuart Geo R. res, 1012 S 26th Main 8707-W 

Stuart Geo R Rev, res, 518 X 19th Main 8356 

Stuart W M, res, 2015 22nd av Ensley 1214-W 

Stubbins S G Dr, Woodward bl Main 1514 

Stubbins S G Dr, res, 3801 Summitt av.Maln 3144 

Stubbs Geo H Dr, r, 1800 12th av. s..Maln 1531 

Stubbs Katie A Mrs.r.1914 Arlngtn av. Bessmr 525-W 

Stubbs T W. res. 406 Charles w End 145-J 

I Iff 1 AV ^s^f^Md. 769 
LiUELUl Funeral Director Main 4862 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 


Glchrbt-Tarrant jffi£ 

Stubbs W S, res, 130 S 81st Wdlawn 1053-J 

Stull D L, res, 1444 X 31st Main 4908 

Sturdivant A D, r,' 1922 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 582-W 
Sturdivant L G Rev, res, 1S20 30th. .. Ensley 322-W 

Sturgess Fred M, res, Fairfield Ensley 947-W 

Sturkie M A Mrs, r, 344 Floral Pk.. Wdlawn 763-W 

Sub-Way Billiard Parlors.p s,B-M bl Main 9152 

Suburban Hotel, 1803^ 4th av, n Main 4353 

Sudderth J C, res, 5601 Sth av, s Wdlawn 607-J 

Sudderth R P, res, 5212 2d av, s... Wdlawn 451-W 

Sudduth A Miss, res, 1025 X 28th Main 3767 

Sudduth E W, res, 126 X 60th Wdlawn 294-W 

Sudduth I W, res, 1514 Allen Main 9557-J 

Sudduth Robt L, res, 7505 1st av Wdlawn 554-J 

Sudduth S B, res, 1307 Tusc av W End 653 

Sugg D F, res, 2224 28th Ensley 699 

Sulfiron Medicine Co, 2222 Sth av, n..Main 2317 

Sullivan Agnes Mrs, r, 221 S 19th Main 2791 

Sullivan A J Mrs, res, 1121 X 23rd Main 6762 

Sullivan H H, res, 1205 X 15th Main 2266-W 

Sullivan H R Mrs, r, 3202 Xrwd Blvd.. Main 4917 
Sullivan Jim, plbr&tnr,1813 3d av.... Bessmr 98 

Sullivan J S, res, 2631% 12th av, n Main 1970-W 

Sullivan Louise Mrs, r, 1725 Wdld av..Maln 2384-W 

Sullivan Machinery Co, B-M bl Main 912 

Sullivan M J Mrs, r, E Brghtn Bessmr 378- W 

Sullivan O B, res, 805 Gena av W End 712-J 

^ Sullivan Rannie, res, 213 S 18th Main 2125-J 

Sullivan V G, res, 2216 Clarndn av.. Bessmr 849 
Sullivan W A, res, 1609 Clarndn av.. Bessmr 262-J 

Sullivan W J, res, 4210 Ave B Main 6406- W 

Sulzby James F, res, 3030 Ave F Main 3895- J 

Sumerlin E C, res, 2027 Hayes av Ensley 1050-W 

Sumerville P H, res, 6508 3d av Wdlawn 634-W 

Summerfield Wm D, r, Velmer Sta. . Wdlawn 236-J 

Summers J S\ res, 905 S 18th Main 6773 

Summers Jas T, res, 1754 Almeda av. W End 508-J 

Summers Porter, res, 1300 Pike av Ensley 552-J 

Summers R L, res, 1111 2nd av W End 237-W 

Sumner A T, res, 825 1st av W End 706-W 

Sumner Robt L, res, 4000 Ave C Main 8070-W 

Sumrall A A, res, 1321 Av F Ensley 108-W 

Sunny South Grain Co, X 41st Main 8229 

Superior Mfg Co, ofc, 16th av Bessmr 371 

Suppler W C, res. 3401 Ave E Ensley 794 

Suratt W E, res, 1426 6th av Besftmr 669 

Surginer M D Mrs.r.1703 X Jasper Main 3030-W 

Suther W D, res, 313 1st av Ensley 696 

Sutherland J C, res, 1430 X 29th Main 2870-W 

Sutherlin W F, res, 811 S 12th Main 7754 

Sutley Wm R, res, 719 Tusc av.....'W End 552-W 
Suttle Ida E Mrs, r, 1401 10th av, s..Maln 1818-W 

Sutton C B, undrtkr, 1 X 21st Bessmr 423 

Sutton C B, res, 9th av & 26th Bessmr 402-J 

Sutton C J, res, 1004 McMillan av W End 704-J 

•Sutton J D. res, 8431 Hillman av... Wdlawn 1259-J 

Sutton J F, res, 230 X 47th Wdlawn 215-J 

Sutton S D Mrs, res, 2610 Ave H Main 1135-W 

Suydam L S, res, 4118 5th av, s Main 5863 

Suydam L S CI & Trans Co, Spring Main 4051 

Suydam W F, res, 3901 Ave E Main 8333-J 

Suydam W H, res. 34 21 Willow av Main 6293-J 

Swafford Pearl Mrs, r, 415 X 15th Main 8137 

Swain C H. res. 1125 X 25th Main 7014-J 

Swallow I F Rev, r, 2109 Clndn av.. Bessmr 634 

Swango Chas E, res. 819 s 30th Main 5186 

Swann Fletcher E, res, 1616 Pike av. Ensley 1356 

Swann Theodore, ofc, B-M bl Main 7807 

Swann Theodore, res. 3211 Cliff rd Main 7615 

Swanzey T J. res, 24 20% 4th av, n Main 7218-J 

Swatzell D X Mrs. r, 1106 Ave F Main 7709-J 

Sweatman M C Mrs.r.1810 Brkly av.. Bessmr 944-W 

Sweatt Lloyd A, res. Ridgely Apts Main 2781 

Sweatt L P, res, 1031 X 25th Main 3121-J 

Swedlaw H Dr, ofc, Cham Com Main 750 

Swedlaw H Dr. ros, 1503 Mlnr Cnicnt..Main 1851 

Sweet E O. res, lin6y 2 Virginia av Main 2904 

Sweet H W, res. 1830 Arlington av.. Bessmr 542-J 
Swift E Mrs, res, 1400 X 30th Main 4291 

Main 223 


Amojlanca Service n. I 002 

Swift & Co, packers, 2109 Morris av..Main 6614 
Swindall A C, res, 7525 Walker av.. Wdlawn 1169-W 
Swindell S R, res, 7417 Walker av... Wdlawn 1072-W 

Swindle Geo C, res, 912 X 50th Wdlawn 238-W 

Swope Henry, res, 4800 1st av Wdlawn 711 

Swope's Motor Co, 1906 Av F Main 4991 

Swygert Mary Miss, r, 2904 Ensley av. Ensley 1036-J 
Sykes G W Mrs, res, 417 Floral Pk.. Wdlawn 396-W 

Sykes W J, res, 4725 1st av Wdlawn 1035-J 

Sykes William M, r, 1525 S 19th Main 8957-J 

Sylvester E W Mrs, res, 923 S 18th Main 5644 

Syx W J, rl est&ins, 4317 7th av Ensley 580 

Syx W J, res, 301 43d Ensley 777-W 

T P A, secy ofc, Cham of Com Main 4202 

Tabor Bonnie Miss, r, 110 X Poplar.. W End 21 
Tachoir Robt A, res, 3217 Park av.. Ensley 1019-W 

Tait P K, ofc, Empire bl Main 48 

Tait P K Dr, res, 1326 X 26th Main 2136 

Taliaferro D B, res, 1408 X 33d Main 1220-J 

Talking Machine Co,whl,1618 3d av,n..Main 4639 

Talley Ben, res. 295 S 63rd Wdlawn 242-J 

Talley D F Dr, infirmary, 1808 7th av.n.Maln 427 

Talley D F Dr, res, 1220 X 12th av Main 2755 

Tally Zac C, ins, Empire bl Main 2180 

Tannenbaum H, res, 1003 Cres av Main 6302-J 

Tanner A B, res, 3804 Lakeview rd Main 4005 


Cash Market, 1921 4th av, n Main 7030 

Tanner E J Mrs, res, 1501 13th av, s..Main 4330-J 

Tanner G E, res, 1440 X 31stT Main 3894 

Tanner J A, res, 616 X 22nd Main 2520-J 

Tanner S P. res, 1101 X 28th Main 5524 

Tant J M, res, 723 X 41st Main 2413 

Tardy C M, res, 1119 Hickory Main 2633-W 

Tarpley R B, res. 1210 N 24th Main 6742-W 

Tarrant Felix T, rl est, Jeff Co Bk bl-.Maln 1536 

Tarrant Felix I Dr, res, 1309 S 19th Main 2366-J 

Tarrant Geo B, res, 1316 X 31st Main 2282-J 

Tarrant Jno JLr, res, 1405 Sth av, n...Main 1719-J 
Tarrant J R Dr, res, 3408 llth av, n..Maln 7215 

Tarry J B. res. 1425 fith av, n Main 2882-W 

Tate A W, res, Gordon Heights Bessmr 192-J 

Tate Beatrice Miss,r,1430 Tate av..W End 458-W 

Tate J F, res, 1315 X 32nd Main 5719-W 

Tate J F, res, 1129 X 2fith Main 7729 

Tatp J R. res. 800 Handsome av Main 5204-W 

Tate Mamie L Miss, ros. 1008 Johns. . . .Main 1547-W 

Tate' W L, res. 7500 Underwood Wdlawn 1418-J 

Tax Service Bureau, ofc. Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 8187 

Taylor A M. res, 2205 17th av, s Main 3620 

Taylor B W, res, 7220 3d av, n Wdlawn 1112-J 

Taylor Drug Ho. 213 19th Bessmr 37 

Taylor Drug Co, 430 X 26th Main 2936 

Pay sta, 430 X 26th Main 9171 

Taylor Emma L Mrs. r, 4110 9th av, n.Main 1765-W 

Taylor E R. res, Delmar Apts Main 9334 

Taylor F E Mrs. res. 1025 S 2Sth Main 5115 

Taylor F X. res, 3210 Xrwd Blvd Main 6608-J 

Taylor Grimes Mrs. r. 2007 Hghlnd av..Maln 5136 
Taylor G M. res, Sandusky rd, P C... Ensley 578 

Taylor H D, res, 708 g 27th Main 5911-W 

Taylor H.M. res, 400 S 54th Wdlawn 660-J 

Taylor H W. drugs, 601 19th. n Main 7711 

Taylor H W ("pay sta). 601 X 19th Main 9164 

Taylor Henry W, res, 1025 S 30th Main 6317 

Taylor I E, res, 1S20 Clrndn av Bessmr 820 

Taylor J A, res, 1600 10th av, s Main 2511-J 

Taylor J E. res, 1310 17th av, s Main 3891 

Taylor John H, res. 1220 S 20th Main 4283 

Taylor J O, whlsle gro. 2011 Mors av. ..Main 3088 

Taylor J O Groc Co, 2011 Mors av Main 8407 

Taylor J W Mrs, r, 8327 Berney Wdlawn 1457-J 

Taylor J W, res, 624 3rd av. n Main 3026-W 

Taylor Katherine E Miss. r. Terr Ct...Maln 1994 

Taylor Lola Dr, dentist, Farley bl Main 4677 

Taylor Lola Dr. res, 507 X 22d Main 1518-J 


Electrical 4i2N - i9thst HAHN-FOREMAN ^t^t "in? 18 ! 

MIDDLEBR00KS ELECTRIC CO J Ptck-miimmnn tatm* muSS^TJLiu 



^Indicates P„ B. Exchang 











Funeral Director Main 4862 

Taylor L. D, res, 1034 N 21st Main 6183- J 

Taylor Milton B, res, 1215 N 23rd Main 7507 

Taylor Motor Co, ofc, 2103 Ave B Main 8478 

Taylor M M, res, 2804 30th av, n Main 1085 

Taylor Nettie A Mrs, r, 1G04 10th av, s.Main 4062 
Taylor N M Mrs, res, 1817 5th av, n...Main 4103 

Taylor O C, res, 614 N 17th Main 7654-J 

Taylor O E, res, 7020 London av Wdlawn 1456-W 

Taylor Paul L, res, 105 Grace Wdlawn 927-W 

Taylor Ruby Miss,r,lG20 6th av.n Main 8703 

Taylor R D, res, 6312 3d av, n Wdlawn 747 

Taylor R L, res, Pratt City Ensley 788-J 

Taylor R P Rev, r, Vanderbilt rd.. Wdlawn 730-W 

Taylor Shelby G, res, 1017% Elm Main 4970-J 

Taylor Thos A, res, 606 8rd Ensley 1235-W 

Taylor Transfer Co, 211 3rd Ensley 355 

Taylor T W, res, 1912 6th av, n Main 810 

Taylor W D Jr, res, Orlean Apts. . . . Bessmr 1092 

Taylor W D, res, Orlean Apts Bessmr 748 

Taylor W D & Co.whl drugs,414 19th. Bessmr 34 
Taylor- Wheeler Groc Co, 2213 Mors av..Main 572 

Taylor W R Mrs, res, 805 S 30th Main 8357-J 

Taylor W Y, res, 1101 11th av, s Main 3888 

Taylor & Rush, groc, 46th Ensley 1366 

Taylor & Taylor, whl groc, 2200 Mors. Main 6037 

Tayman C R, res, 1320 15th av, s Main 2308-W 

Tea Java Coffee Co, ofc, 2331 21st av..Main 155 
Teague E B, res, 3151 Norwood Blvd .Main 8470-W 
Teague R, gen mdse, 4307 7th av, Wyl. Ensley 256-J 

Teague S F, res, 1400 N 25th Main 3512-J 

Teague S F & Son, mere, 2415 2d av.n.Main 4555 

Teal J W, res, 1730 Cleveland av W End 793-W 

Tebshrany Abraham, p s, 2026 Av B..Main 9162 

Tebshrany Albert, res. 901 S 12th Main 7614-J 

Tedder Chas Dr, res, 2310 Ave E Ensley 24 

Tedder & Sparks Drs, ofc. 1903% Av E. Ensley 152 

Tedeski P J, res, 801 S 18th Main 4647 

Tedeski P J, res, Rosedale Main 4610-W 

Temerson C S, ofc,, 2117 1st av, n....Main 9583 

Temerson C S, res, 917 S 14th Main 4157-J 

Temerson H, res, 5301 2nd av, n... Wdlawn 1236 

Temerson Louis, ofc, 2117 1st av Main 9583 

Temerson Louis, res, 917 S 14th Main 4157-J 

Temerson M Mrs, res, 1421 10th av, s..Maln 4527-W 

Temple T D, res, 522 Parkway Ensley 103 

Temple W P, res, 910 Tusc av W End 910 

Templeton V Mrs, res, 2226 7th av Main 7983 

Templeton W A Mrs, r, 520 N 18th. 

Tenant G M, res, 2313 Elder av Ensley 

Tenebaum Morris S, r, 1609 S 14th av..Maln 
Tennant Ethel Miss, r. Oak Crest. ... Ensley 

Main 4201- J 


Gen Offices, B-M bl Main 3720 

(Ensley Wks, Stl Pint & Furn, Ensley. Ensley 1180 
Fairfield Works, 

Gen Ofcs, Fairfield. Ensley Ensley 741 

General Manager Mines, B-M bl Main 6944 

Merchandise Department. B-M bl Main 4813 

Traffic Department, B-M bl Main 180 


Night Nos. 

Alice Furnace. Birmingham Main 3726 

Auditing Department, B-M bl Main 3727 

Central Labor Bureau, B-M bl Main 3721 

G G Crawford, Pres, B-M bl Main 3725 

Iron Sales Dept, B-M bl Main 3726 

Ishkooda Ore Mines, Powderly Main 3724 

Ketona Quarry, Ketona Main 3727 

Linn Iron Works, Birmingham Main 3727 

Treasury Department, B-M bl Main 3726 

Wenonah Ore Mines, Red Mountain. ... Main 3724 

Chief Clerk Bessemer Bessmr 60 

Iron Td Scale Use, Fur 1 & 2, Bsmr. Bessmr 314 

Supt's Ofc, Bess fee, Bess Bessmr 22 

Supply House, Bess fee, Bessmr Bessmr 384 

Time Office, Boss fee, Bessmr Bessmr 308 


Amijlanca S»rvbe n.\ 002 







70 Ring 2 

50 Ring 1 

50 Ring 2 

70 Ring 1 


Oxmoor Furnace Ofc, Oxmoor W End 


Chief Clerk, Bessemer Bessmr 

Chief Time Keeper, Bessmr Bessmr 

Gate House, Bessemer Bessmr 

Shipping Clerk, Bessemer Bessmr 

Supply House, Bessemer. Bessmr 

Supt's Offic, Bessemer Bessmr 

Supt's Clerk, Bessmer Bessmr 


Accounting Dept, Fairfield Ensley 

Chief Time Keeper, Fairfield Ensley 

Coal Unloading Station, Fairfield Ensley 

Machine Shop, Fairfield Ensley 

Supply House, Fairfield Ensley 

Chief Chemist, Fairfield Ensley 


Bayview Commissary, Bayview Ensley 9168 

Bessemer Commissary No 1, Bessmer. Bessmr 29 
E'dgewater Commissary, Edgwater. .. Ensley 9105 

Ensley Commissary Office, Ensley Ensley 694 

Ensley Commissary Groc Dept, Ensly. Ensley 
Ensley Commissar} Meat Mkt, Ensly. Ensley 

Oxmoor Commissary, Oxmoor W End 

Pratt Commissary, Pratt City Ensley 

Pratt Commissary No 8 Ensley 

Muscoda Commissary, Muscoda Bessmr 

Robertstown Commis No 2, Bessemer. Bessmr 
Wenonah Commissary, Wenonah .... Bessmr 
Wylam Commissary No 4, Wylam Ensley 


Bessemer Dispensary, Bessmr Bessmr 

By-Product Plant Dispensry, Fairfield. Ensley 

Ensley Hospital, Ave F, E'nsley Ensley 1234 

Ensley Emergency Hospital, Ensley. . Ensley 998 

Pratt Dispensary, Pratt City Ensley 

Muscoda Hospital. Muscoda Bessmr 

"Wenonah Hospital, Wenonah, Mine Bessmr 

Wylam Dispensary, Wylam Ensley 

Hospital Construction Div, Fairfield. . Ensley 1281 


Bayview Mine, Bayview Ensley 

Docena Mine, Docena Ensley 

Edgewater Mine, Edgewater Ensley 

Pratt Mines Ensley 

Muscoda Mine Club House, Muscoda. .Bessmr 

Muscoda Mine Office, Muscoda Bessmr 

Wenonah Club House, Wenonah. ... Bessmr 

Wenonah Mine Office, Wenonah Bessmr 

Wylam Mines, Wylam Ensley 


Superintendent's Office, Fairfield Ensley 216 

Chief Cierk, Fairfield Ensley 820 

Storekeeper, Fairfield Ensley 1410 

Employment Office, Fairfield Ensley 1411 

Architect's Office, Fairfield Ensley 1482 

Supply House & Shop, Bessemer. . . . Bessmr 323 

Superintendent's Office, E'nsley Ensley 1244 

Train Master's Office, Fairfield Ensley 59 

Yard Office, 19th st, Ensley Ensley 165 

Yard Office, 34th st, Ensley Ensley 


Chief Engineer's Office, Fairfield Ensley 

Chief Timekeeper's Office, Pratt City. Ensley 

Dispatcher's Office, Ensley Ensley 

Roadmoster's Office, Fairfield Ensley 

Round House, Rotoertstwn Fur, Bsmr. Bessmr 
Shop & Storehouse, Pratt City Ensley 

Tenn Land Co, ofc, Fairfield Ensley 

Tennessee Mill & Feed Co, 

Ofc, 2413 1st av Main 

Terliki T H Mrs, res, 1122 Ave H Main 

Terminal Candy Kitchen, 2006 Mors av.. Main 

Terminal Clng Co, 416 N 25th Main 4814 

Terminal Fruit Store, 414 N 26th Main 4796 

Terminal Hotel, 2528 5th av, n Main 796 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 


























miRFIELD. AlA, - 



Th e /&$££$■ Com pany ijM 2 

all kinds. 

Terminal Hotel (pay sta), 2528 5th av..Main 9143 
Term Mach & Eng Co, 2317 5th av, n..Main 8218 

Terminal Pool Room, 404 N 26th Main 5516 

Terminal Sta Inf Bureau 

(See B'ham Trm Co) Main 1126 

Terminal Sta Taxicab Co, Terml Sta Main 23 

Terrace Court, supt's ofc, 1200 20th, s..Main 3444 

Terrell Alice, res, 620 N 16th Main 6396-W 

Terrell C Clifton Mrs, r, 2316 Orng av..Main 6147 

Terrell C D Mrs, res, 704 S 20th Main 5909-J 

Terrell L K, res, 304 Tusc av W End 96-J 

Terrell O B, res, 1500 Ave I Bessmr 1067-J 

Terrell R A, ofc, Title bl Main 3246 

Terrell R A, res, 625 Smith Main 1731 

Terreson's Kodak Shop, 302 N 20th Main 1047 

Terry Bros, gen mdse, 103 N 19th. .. Bessmr 332 

Terry Chas C, res, 1023 S* 26th Main 8742-W 

Terry Chas C & Co, ins,212iy 2 1st av.Main 1297 

Terry E F Jr, r, 2209 15th av, n Main 8496 

Terry Ellis G, res, 1704 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 274'W 

Terry G C, res, 830 N 19th Bessmr 125 

Terry J Fred, res, 2208 Clarndn av.. Bessmr 653-W 
Terry-Millen & Co, ins, 2111% 1st av..Main 1297 

Terry S A, res, 1605 Berkley av Bessmr 605-W 

Terry V P, res, 1049 Caldwell Terc Main 3252-J 

Terry W C, res, 1518 Berkley av Bessmr 637-J 

Terry W K, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 202 

Terry W M, cabinet mkr. 1313 Ave E...Main 3746 

Terry W S, res, 3809 5th av, s Main 4137-W 

Tetlow J H, res, 2013% Ave E Ensley 337 

Texas Company, 

Supt's ofc, Am Tr bl Main 1021 

Local agfs ofc, 3300 Ave E Main 4728 

Orders, 3300 Ave E Main 7267 

Auto fling sta No 1, Five Points Main 6338 

Auto fling sta No 2, Capitol Park... Main 6210 

Bessemer sales sta, 801 N 20th. .. Bessmr 761 

Texas & Pacific Ry, ofc, Woodward bL.Main 5705 

Thach R H, res, Terrace Crt Main 1886 

Thach & Underwood, attys, 1st N B...Main 795 

Thacker R M J Mrs, r. 4 21 Powell W End 977 

Thalls L V Mrs, res, 1820 Ave C Main 5492 

Thames Crawford, res. 2601 35th av, n.Main 7570-J 

Thames J R, res, 1069 S 33d Main 1270 

Thames J R & Co, Ibr, Empire bl Main 433 

Tharpe W H, res, 1105 Tusc av W End 720-J 

Thaxton C A, res, 144 N 57th Wdlawn 340 

Thaxton G H, res, 826 Ethel av W End 516 

Thaxton K B Mrs, res, 1716 Jasper Main 3583- W 

Thaxton O C Mrs,r,55 Hghlnd av... Ensley 1288 
Thaxton O C Dr.r.Cale Drug Store. .. Ensley 1003 


Empire bl Main 2632 

Thelen Fred V, res, 1626 S 13th Main 8248-W 

Theo's Confectionery, 425 N 19th Main 5667 

Thetford A J, res, 4731 5th av. s Main 5269 

Thetford H P, res, 7933 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 859-W 

Thiemonge F L, res, 1516 N 23rd Main 8497-J 

Thiess B S, res. 514 N 18th Main 3841 

Thiess, Douglas & Ribble, bill posters, 

2608 Ave C Main 4376 

Thomas Athanasius,r,1620 16th av,n...Main 6994-W 

Thomas A C, res, 2612 34th av, n Main 9417 

Thomas Alf E Dr, ofc, 215% N 18th... Main 3245 
Thomas Alf E Dr, r, 1024 11th av,n...Main 3643-J 

Thomas A P, res, 916 2nd av W End 323 

Thomas A R, res, 2421 Exeter av Bessmr 1099-J 

Thomas Bros, bottlg wks, 701 26th Bessmr 116 

Thomas B D, res, 4809 2nd av, n Wdlawn 566 

Thomas Cora, res, 928 Mortimer Main 2394 

Thomas Chas E, res, 2155 Hghlnd av..Main 4877 

Thomas Drug Co, Fairview Sta Ensley 472-J 

Thomas Drug Co, p s, 2430 Alois av.. Ensley 9119 

Thomas Elizabeth, r, 1208 N 12th Main 7926-W 

Thomas E G, res. 1605 Huntsville av...Main 5048-J 

Thomas Ed L, res, 1300 N 30th Main 1652-J 

Thomas Edwin M.atty.Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 8729 


AmbuUrc* S*tv>ct fl. I 00 Z 

Sheetrock Tel. Main 8500 „ m ,„ 


Thomas E M, res, 7405 4th av, n... Wdlawn 1215-J 
Thomas Grate Bar Co, 10th av. .. .Wdlawn 271-J 

Thomas G J, res, 1711 4th av Bessmr 466-J 

Thomas Homer, res, 1626 Huntsville av. Main 7489-W 

Thomas H H, res, 2117 Oak av Ensley 864-W 

Thomas H J, res, 2904 N 12th av Main 7937 

Thomas Homer L, res, 1503 10th av, s..Main 6829 

Thomas Jack, res, 1825 29th Ensley 908-J 

Thomas Jeff, res, 2500 Fairfax av Bessmr 701-W 

Thomas Joe, res, 1913 6th av Bessmr 376-J 

Thomas J B, res, Dolomite Bessmr 8704 

Thomas J B, res, 2025 11th av, s Main 7761 

Thomas Jno B, res, 1S3S Rush av, n...Main 5618-J 

Thomas J E. res, 1026 N 3 4th Main 9506- W 

Thomas J H Mrs, res, 622 2nd av, n....Maln 9395 

Thomas J L, res, 166 Davies Wdlawn 28-J 

Thomas J R, res, Hamilton Sta Ensley 422-J 

Thomas J R Mrs, res, 837 Roe Main 7018 

Thomas Lelia Miss, res, 905 Cotton... W End 119-W 

Thomas L F Mrs, res, 8821 4th av, s Main 5337 

Thomas M Miss, r, 2109 Ave G Main 5875-W 

Thomas Mary, r, 4715 Ave B Wdlawn 758-J 

Thomas McK, res, 1011 S 16th Main 2024 

Thomas M C Dr, res, 828 Hillside Dr.. Ensley 350-W 

Thomas P B, res, 1119 St Chas Main 7089 

Thomas R Mrs, res, 1930 Jasper Main 7814-J 

Thomas S A, res, 307 Emma av Main 6852-J 

Thomas Samuel M, res, Ridgelv Apts.. Main 1878 

Thomas T A, res, 1117 St Chas Main 1448-J 

Thomas T P, res, 7908 Caldwell av.. Wdlawn 1077-J 

Thomas Wm, res, 1112 Tusc av W End 534 

Thomas W A, res, 115 Kate av Main 3305 

Thomas W L, res, Hueytown Bessmr 689-J 

Thomas Wm P, r, 209 N Hawkins W End 270-W 

Thomas W W, res, 701 S 68th Wdlawn 257-W 

Thomason C T, res, 1725 Ave G Ensley 1082 

Thomason-Parker & Co.brkrs, Wdwrd bl.Main 8790 

Thomason R A, res. 1411 Ina Main 5304 

Thomason T M, res, 3315 N 24th Main 7973- J 

Thomasson W R, r, 1718 Hallbrook av. Bessmr 654- W 

Thompkins D B C, res, 510 S 32nd Main 597 

Thompson Andrew, r, 1200 13th av, n..Maln 7974 
Thompson Annie Lou Miss, res, 

3600 N 24th Main 5577 

Thompson A P, res, 2015 Oak av Ensley 960-W 

Thompson B A, ofc, 2109 2d av Main 828 

Thompson B A, res, 2320 12th av Main 2426 

Thompson B F, r, 1710 Berkley av.. Bessmr 982-W 

Thompson C E Dr, res, 1515 20th Ensley 167 

Thompson C J, res, 1649 S 12th Main 3142-J 

Thompson C P Mrs, res, 4905 1st av. .Wdlawn 1235-J 
Thompson Drug Co. pay sta, 

1819 Av D Ensley 9108 

Thompson D L, res. 2330 5th av, n Main 3195 

Thompson E B, res, 2622 Ave H Ensley 503-J 

Thompson E L, res, 1309 4th av W End 700 

Thompson E W. res, 92S Ga Main 6636-J 

Thompson H M, res, 1523 12th av, ■...Main 5890 

Thompson H S, res, RFD No 1 Bessmr 8904 

Thompson Tdella, tos. 203 sth Ensley 1031-J 

Thompson J A, res, Lewisburg rd Main 6511- J 

Thompson J B, res, 7925 Berney av. Wdlawn 1077-W 

Thompson J H, res, RFD No 1 Bessmr 8905 

Thompson J H D, res. 2304 Clrndrr av. Bessmr 545-J 
Thompson J J Dr, dents.1729^ 3d av.n. .Main 2663 

Thompson Jos O, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 8343 

Thompson Jos O, r. 1108 11th av. s...Maln 8853 
Thompson J R & Co, cafe, 109 N 20th.. Main 5368 
Thompson L, B, res. 1229 Virginia av..Maln 9097 
Thompson Mary A Miss, r, 1010 Eula. . .Main 4218-W 
Thompson II G Mrs.r,1501 11th av,s...Main 2749 
Thompson Mary L Miss,r,2111 7th av.n.Main 1667 

Thompson-Rox, traf mgrs. Ch Com Main 4362 

Thompson R C, res. Terrace Crt Main 5108 

Thompson R C, res, 2817 34th av, n...Maln 8413 
Thompson R Dupont,r,6009 2d av.s.. Wdlawn 169-J 
Thompson R S, hdw, 107 S" 55th .... Wdlawn 105 
Thompson S E.rl est,loans,217 N 21st.. Main 24 
Thompson S E, r, 2848 Hghlnd av....Main 2837 

Main 223 EiCCtfiC^l ** * *** 


• • 



• Indicates P. B. Exchang 


M^«*t A Mmin 3355 

MOnte- Main 285 

„ a 1 1 ^ Main 134 

V a 1 1 O Ensley 1477 

Thompson Von L, atty, Jff Co Bk bl. . . .Main 
Thompson W A Mrs.r, Cheek rd No 7.. Main 
Thompson W B Mrs,r,3330 12th av,n..Main 
Thompson W D, res, 2022 22nd av....Ensley 
Thompson W F Mrs, r, 130G Tusc av..W End 
Thompson & Thompson, attys, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Thomson A F, res-, 1913 Cth av, n Main 

Thomson D G, res, 1224 N 31st Main 

Thomson James A, res, 210S Ave G....Main 

Thomson J V, ofc, 1715 Cth av, n Main 

Thomson J V, res, 2317 10th av, s Main 

Thorn J S, res, 4729 7th av, s Main 

Thornburgh W C. res, 1000 Adams Main 

Thornbury J A, res, 4216 Holly Ensley 

Thornhill R A, res, 101G Central Main 

Thornton B R Mrs, groc, 330 N Vine. . W End 

Thornton E J, r, 908 Tusc av W End 

Thornton Groc Co, 1720 20th Ensley 

Thornton G L Rev, res. 2i312 Av I Main 

Thornton H S, res, 5406 1st av. . . . Wdlawn 

Thornton J L, res, 209 N 54th Wdlawn 

Thornton J L & Co,groc,109 S 55th . .Wdlawn 
Thornton Jas S, r, 8030 Caldwell av. Wdlawn 


Groceries, 731 N 24th Main 

Thornton J T, res, 1102 N 28th Main 

Thornton M Rev, res, 1111 7th av, n..Maln 
Thornton M' K Rev, study, 1803 5th..Bessmr 
Thornton O V, res, 2107 Ave F Ensley 


Grocer, 1800 4th av Main 

Thornton T F, res, 1421 X 32nd Main 

Thornton Wm H, res, 502 39th Ensley 

Thornton Wm J, res, 1309 X 33rd Main 

Thorp Alfred L, res, 2708 N 34th av Main 

Thrash Jno M, res, 706% S 28th Main 

Thrasher M D, res, 2350 23rd Ensley 

Thredgill Wm, res, 1504 Ave H Main 

Throop J S, res, Fairmont Apts Main 

Thum G F, res, 413 Tusc av W End 

Thurlow O G, res, 1624 S 13th Main 

Thuston E C, res, 3809 5th av, s Main 

Thweatt D T, res, '315 Emma uv Main 

Thymes Jas P, res, 6512 3rd av, s. . Wdlawn 
Tibbs Sallie W Mrs. r, 40sU, S 20th.. Main 
Tice Rose Mrs, res. 2123 6th av, n....Main 

Tichenor Byrd Miss, r, 734 X 21st Main 

Ticket Ofce, U S Ry Administration, 

2010 1st av Main 

Tidmore J H, res, 324 3rd Ensley 

Tidwell J G. res, 1108 N 45th Wdlawn 

Tidwell W M, res. 1 208 X 24th Main 

Tierce T K Rev. res, Marietta Apts... Main 

Tiller C M, res, 1 409 32nd Ensley 

Tillers Garage, 2205 1st av Main 

Tillery T L, res, 1010 3rd av W End 

Tillery W W, res, 510 Cotton av....Main 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Tillman D E. res, 1007 S 28th Main 

Tillman E M, res, 1-501 11th av. n Main 

Tillman John P, atty. Empire bl Main 

Tillman John P, r, 2023 Hghlnd av Main 

Tillman M P, res, 1530 Ave I Main 

Tillman Ray, res, 1726 Arlington av..Bessmr 
Timmons Rosie Mrs, res, 201S Ave I.. Ensley 

Timmons R W, res, 3724 X 27th Main 

Tindal J R, res, 428 Cotton av W End 

Tinder James H, r, 1526 Allen Main 

Tinder Jas H & Son.mfg opt, 1927 1st av.Maln 

Tingle W B, res, 1220 2nd av W End 

Tinglcy S, res, 2313 Orange av Main 

Tinker H W, res, 1610 Ave M Main 

Tinman William, res, 901 41st Ensley 

Tlnney J C, res, 2013 Alois av Ensley 

Tinney T H, res, Pratt City Ensley 



947 3- J 




































Tinsley D Goode, res, 2605 12th av, n..Maln 6977 

Tipple J D, res, 2511 15th av, n Main 5095 

Title Guar Loan & Tr Co, Title Guar bl.Maln 90 

Toal I A, res, 1922 Ave C Main 8903 

Tobia Annie Mrs, res, 601 S 16th Main 3969 

Tobia Martha Mrs, res, 1315 Phelan Main 3858-J 

Tobien R D, res, 1129 S 13th Main 5927-J 

Tobin E C, res, 923 S 14th Main 7679 

Todd Anna Belle Miss, r, 309 Elder av. Ensley 1392-J 

Todd Bertram Mrs,r,2102 12th av.n Main 8335-J 

Todd H L, res, 2320 13th av, n Main 4692-W 

Todd-Moncrief Shoe Co, 220 N 19th. . Bessmp 19 

Todd X V Mrs, res, 1524 Alois av W End 633-W 

Todd Protectograph Co, Am Tr bl....Maln 5743 

Todd Susan Miss, r, 1856 S 16th av Main 1054-J 

Todd W X, res, 2S09 Cypress av Main 5080 

Toledo Scale Co, 104 X 24th Main 7582 

Toliver C W, res. 1321 15th av, s Main 3365-J 

Tolle Emma Miss, res, 226 2d Ensley 607-J 

Tollett J S, res, 426 Ann Ensley 1204-J 

Tomanek J Y, res, 8514 5th av, n.. Wdlawn 286 

Tomb C 'B Rev, res, 2208 Av I Ensley 1364 

Tomlin E Mrs, res, 711 X 49th Wdlawn 697 

Tomlin Jno C, res, 4513 5th av, s Main 293 

Tomlin W B, res, 1427 15th av, s Main 642-J 

Tomlinson Bertha Miss,r,7425 1st av. Wdlawn 781 
Tomme La M Miss, res, 1521 5th av, n..Maln 8973-J 

Toney Wm, res, 1622 Ave H Main 5306- J 

Toole Baking Co, 1805 4th av, n Main 355 

Toombs E O, ofc, 1st Xat Bk bl Main 382 

Toombs E O, res, 927 S 18th Main 3829 

Toomer Horace, res, 714 S 16th Main 4257-W 

Toops R R, res, 21 X Pearl W End 301 

Torbert C F (pay sta), lobby 1st X B..Maln 9222 

Torbert C F, res, 1107 Sycamore Main 6048-W 

Torbert J B, res, 2223 Terrace Pk.. Ensley 214-J 
Torgerson A M Mrs, r, 2912 12th av, n..Maln 5968 
Torrance Gaston Dr, ofc, Wdward bL.Maln 5922 
Torrance Gaston Dr, res, 1157 S 33rd. . . . Main 864 

Toscano Paul, res. 1123 Sylvan av Main 4973-W 

Totten Robt L, civil eng, Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main 8280 

Totten R L, res, 1414 X 30th Main 2928 

Toulmin Priestly, coal&iron, Am Tr bL.Maln 5917 
Toulmin Priestly, res, 2241 Sycamore. . Main 1570 
Touro Harris C, res, 831 Wdlnd av, s..Main 1032-W 
Tow Gus Mrs, .res, 253i3 18th Ensley 950-W 


409 X 18th Main 505 

Works, 1029 X" 13th Main 5899 

Towles Clg & Dyeing Co, 409 X 18th Main 1594 

Towles Dry Clg Co,Inc.ofc,1325 8 av,n..Main 1954 
Town of Inglenook, pub sch. Depot. . Wdlawn 719-W 

Town of Inglenook, Boyles Pike Wdlawn 849-W 

Townes Isaac, res, 3214 17th av Main 7105 

Townes McKellar, res, 1412 S 17th Main 3199 

Townley A J, res, 125 Grace Wdlawn 688 

Townsend A B Dr, res, 2401 Ave E... Ensley 275-W 

Townsend E T, res, 516 X 25th Main 8699 

Townsend S A, res, 1115 Tusc av....W End 278 

Townsend W H, res, 928 S 26th Main 7308-W 

Tozier M L, Tes, 1S02 Sth av, n., Main 4488 


3d av & 20th Main 687 

Trafford G R, res, 1724 16th av, s Main 1540 

Tragesser Electric Co.elec sup,511 20th. Ensley 932 

Tragesser F C, res, 509 4th av Bessmr 202-J 

Tragesser Geo J, res, 2201 Ave I. . . . Ensley 434 

Trainer C M, res, 1429 X 20th Main 2549-W 

Trammel! W V, ofc, 1st Xat Bk bl Main 210 

Trammell W V, res, 1203 S 18th av Main 3212-J 

Trammell W V. res. 3450 Highland av..Main 9577 

Travelers Ins Co, Empire bl Main 326 * 

Travis M O, res, 1520 S 16th Main 2660-J 

Travis S T Mrs, res. 304 9th Bessmr 739-J 

Travis Thos, res. 2206 Ave I Main 3762 

Traxler A, res, 2321 8th av, n Main 2270-W 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 



Ambulancs Ssivlce fl.lUUZ 



service wiain fo? 
Funeral Director Main 4862 

GBchrisl-Tarrant 55 «£ 

Main 469 

• If! 


104 N 20th Main 2786 

Traywick G T, res, 1316 1st av W End 723-W 

Trechsel W K, res, 22 Canal W End 174 

Trees W E, res, 1120 N 23d Main 4232 

Trenary W F, ofc, B-M bl Main 91 

Trent Sue Mrs, res, 1815 5th av, n Main 1543 

Trero Nick, res, 632 S 12th Main 8080 

Trianon Theatre, ofc, 1916 2nd av, n Main 8434 

Trice Pauline Mrs, r, 6714 Interlkn. .Wdlawn 308-J 

Trice W L, res, 116 ,S 61st Wdlawn 1371 

Tri-Color Importing Co, ofc, 1521 1st av.Main 5412 

Trigg A W Mrs, res, 922 S 31st Main 7997 

Trigg Elizabeth Miss, t, 106 3rd av..W End 371 

Trigg J B, res, 1011 McMillan av W End 605 

Trilck R H, res, 1124 Glen view rd Main 7376 

Trilck Roderick H, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3263 

Trimble D D, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8361 

Trimble John, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 8361 

Trimble N W, res, 21st av & Ave O Main 3160-J 

Tripi Sam, res, 2900 Ave F Main 9427-J 

Triple Cleaning & Pressing Co, 

2220 5th av, n Main 5570 

Triplett E P, res, 4036 5th av, s..,...Main 6359-J 
Tripure Beverage Co, ofc, 305 S 18th.. Main 8934 
Tritt W B Mrs, res, 1726 Marshall av..Maln 3509-J 
Triumph Co-Operative Store, groc, 

4321 2nd av, n Main 9327 

Trivers Clothes, 1909 2nd av Main 1576 

Troncalli S, res, 1309 N 25th Main 4108- J 

Troncalli T, groc, 1517 4th av, n Main 2169 

Trotman E A, res, 1825 30th Ensley 1152-W 

Trotman H M, res, 2015 28th Ensley 1377-W 

Trotman J M, ofc, 1809 Av E Ensley 1329 

Trotman J W, res, 2211 Av F Ensley 1432 

Trotter Jas Mrs, r, 1811 Arlngtn av.. Bessmr 944- J 
Trotter J E Mrs, r, 1826 10th av, s..Main 3623-J 
Trotter J Kittrell, r, 1811 Arlngtn av. Bessmr 944-J 

Trout J C, res, 1326 Av I Main 8956-W 

Trucks D, mts&groc, 1721 Ave E Ensley 88 

Trucks D, groc&mts, 1721 Ave E.... Ensley 336 

Trucks D, res, 2301 Ave F Ensley 121 

Trucks D J, res, 4S30 Grand av.... Wdlawn 263 

Trucks J F Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 8583 

Trucks J F Dr, res, 432 S 54th Wdlawn 685 

True Fit Tailoring Co, 414 N 19th Main 6028 

Trueman Frank, ofc, 100 N 24th Main 2524 

Trueman Frank, res, ISM 13th av. n...Main 6930 
Truitt E W Mrs, r, 1420 Hickmon. . Bessmr 751-J 

Truscon Steel Co, B-M bl Main 1139 

Truscon Steel Co, 3200 Ave D Main 8113-W 

Truslow R F, res 1201 10th av, s Main 3646 

Truss J D, r, 7827 Undrwd av Wdlawn 1060-J 

Truss J W, res, 616 Cotton av W End 450-W 

Truss M E Mrs. res, 526 S 80th Wdlawn 1132-J 

Trussell E H, res, 1316 5th av Bessmr 671-W 


2024 1st av Main 5016 


., Office, 2024 1st av Main 5414 

Tschudy F, res, 3409 Ave E Ensley 774 

Tslmpides N A, gro, 1900 Sth av, n Main 5830 

Tubb E A, res, 3023 Drtmth av Bessmr 569 

Tuberculosis Dispensary, 2019 Ave F..Main 3319 
Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Red Mntn. . . . Main 4690-J 

Tuck J M Mrs, res, 2317 Ave G Main 7350-W 

Tuck Jno M Jr, res, 2731 Av F Main 4054-W 

Tuck J T, res, 2700 Ave G Main 4385 

Tucker Ada M Mrs, r, 408 Miller av...Main 1360-W 

Tucker E W T>r, res, 2322 Av E Ensley 849 

Tucker Jerome, rl est, 207 N 21st Main 379 

Tucker Jerome, res, 2116 Hose a v.... Main 6166 
Tucker John D, r, 1105 Glenn Iris av..Main 4894-J 

Tucker Robt J. res, 1400 Cullom Main 1519-J 

Tucker Wm .Tared, res, 909 Ala Main 4087-J 

Tuggle Carl, res, 601 S 23rd Main 6096 

Tuggle C A, res, 903 13th av, n Main 6071-W 


AmUjhnca Service ||, | 002 

Main 223 

Electrical «»*»•** 


Tuggle Institute, 1227 7th, n Main 6071-J 

Tuggle W I*, res, 2112 Park av Ensley 1237-W 

Tujague Importing Co, Inc. ofc, 

2130 Morris av Main 1013 

Tull I W, res, Dian Apts Main 1142-J 

Tully Heating Co, Empire bl Main 9556 

Tully S J Mrs, res, 1025 N 12th Main 7205 

Tunkle E, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 6722 

Turk E L, res, 207 S 21st Bessmr 707-W 

Turlington L, F Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 1236 

Turlington Lee F Dr, r, 2011 Quinlin av. Main 553 

Turner C L Mrs, r, 2309 Ave D Main 4461-W 

Turner E Mrs, r, 405 Princtn av W End 164-W 

Turner Edward, res, 13 16 Av G Ensley 1349-J 

Turner Elec & Supply Co, 2104 1st av..Main 1348 

Turner F W, res, 1725 14th av, n Main 7065- J 

Turner H A, civil eng, 1st N B bl Main 1412 , 

Turner H A, res, 1415 S 17th Main 2358-J 

Turner I O, res, 634 S 34th Main 1133-W 

Turner J C, res, 725 Ethel av W End 310-J 

Turner Jno D, res, Margaret Apts Main 6085 

Turner Jno D Co, mfg agt, Jff Co Bk..Maln 2000 
Turner John S, res, 3424 Hghlnd av...Maln 2292 
Turner Jno S & Co, mfg agts.Steiner bl.Maln 239 
Turner Jeffie V Mrs, r, 114 N Pearl. . W End 412-W 

Turner M L, res, Dolomite Bessmr 8705 

Turner M' S, res, 5535 3rd av, s.... Wdlawn 954-J 

Turner N F Dr, res, 4436 2d av, n Main 5580 

Turner R F, res, Va Mines Bessmr 8204 

Turner Studfo Co, 404 N 20th Main 1509 

Turner Thos S, ofc, 2022 5th av, n Mam 8478 

Turner W F, res, 1922 Berkley av Bessmr 1064 

Turner W L, res, 1020 Tusc av W End 251-W 

Turner & Berry Drug Co, Carline av. . Ensley 664 

Turney H L, res, 921 2nd av W End 237-J 

Tuinham L, B, res, 1418 N 25th Main 3592 

Turnipseed J A, res, 8 College W End 954-J 

Turnipseed J W, r, 119 Halstead. .Wdlawn 345-W 

Turnipseed W E, res, 1S20 Jeff av Ensley 532-J 

Turpin W P, res, 3917 Summit av Main 7873-W 

Turrentine T J, res, 1406 llth av. s...Main 1825 

Tutt W A Rev, res, 516 Kate av, n Main 6751 

Tutwiler B S, res, 1217 S 13th Main 3670-J 

Tutwiler Coal Co, coal yd, 1418 Ave A. Main 830 


431 N 20th Main 858 

Pay Station viain 9201 

Tutwiler E M, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 6653 

Tutwiler E M Jr, lnd com, N 21st Main 405 

Tutwiler E M Jr, res, 2220 Sycamore. . Main 1342-J 
Tutwiler E M Mrs, r, Ridgely Apts... Main 495 


425 N 20th Main 447 

Tutwiler G A, res, S05 S 20th Main 5920-J 

Tutwiler Herbert, r, 2224 Sycamore. .. Main 4342-J 


5th av Main 8200 

Tutwiler Taxicab Co, Tutwiler Htl Main 144 

Tutwiler & Brooks, iron&coal, B-M bL.Maln 3260 
Tweedley Allen D Dr,r,2705 N 29th av.Maln 9307-W 
Twentieth Century Bakery.2117 2d av.n.Maln 6322 
Twentieth St Cmg & Pretg Co, 

1928 Av E Main 8389 

Twentieth St Market, ofc. 321 X 20th.. Main 8110 


2600 21st av, n Main 

Twenty-first Street Hotel, HOVfc N 21st. Main 

Twining F H. res, Iris' Apts Main 

Twist E A, res, 5141 1st av Wdlawn 

Tyler A J B Mrs, res. 3401 12th av, n. . .Main 
Tyler B F, res, Glen Iris Pk Main 


Wholesale, 1615 1st av Main 

Tyler Jno L, res, 1341 N 31st Main 

Tyler Lon, res, 2422 Exeter av Bessmr 

Wahn-Foreman c SCTeL 195l 

Peck- Williamson Pipelesi Furnaces 1905 Ave. B 



• » 



• Indicates P. B. Excha 



4UT0 AMBULANCE *m. m^ 

^service. *W* 769 
fmeral Director Main 4862 



Tyler N O Mrs, res, 1345 N 31st ... Main 6799 

Tyler P H, jewelry, 1811 Av E Ensley 1395 

Tyler P H, res, 4400 Cherry Ensley 458-W 

Tyler Thos Z, distrbtr, Am Tr bl Main 701 

Tyler W F, res, 3833 Crescent rd Main 4415-J 

Tyler W G, res, 1212 X 31st Main 6651-W 

Tymes James P, res. 0528 3rd av, s..Wdlawn 266 

Tyndul J F, res, 916 S 14th Main 6371 

Tynes W D, res, 1705 Ave L Main 816 

Tynes W F, res, 1771 13th av, s Main 2747-W 

Typewriter Exchange, 221% N 20th Main 1335 

Tyson C A, ofc, Am Tr bl ' Main 2971 

Tyson C B, res, 1322 S 19th Main 9532- J 

Tyson J W, res. 1730 Allen Main 2605-J 

Tyson L A Mrs, res, 1923 Ave F Ensley 373-J 


U & J Carburetor Sales Co. Am Tr bl Main 3694 

Udvm M J Mrs, res, 1216 Ave H Main 2226 

Uhl Henry, painting contr, 1722 1st av.Main 784 

Jhl Henry, res. Rising Station W End 

Uhrig A H, res, 1319 1st av W End 


1923 1st av Main 

Uhrig T R. res, 6540 4th av, n Wdlawn 

Ulen Lola Miss, r, 1131 N 36th Main 4317-W 

Jllman M M, res, 1201 Louise Main 4260- J 

Ulmer II A, res, 2414 7th av, n Main 3649-J 

Umbenhauer M 6, res, i<;i7 s 12th Main 8669-W 

Umphrey O J, res, S601 Berney av.. Wdlawn 5«7-J 
Underwood Campaign Headquarters, 

Morris Hotel Main 4023 

Morris Hotel Main 6522 

Underwood C P, res, 7S30 Wlkr av.. Wdlawn 1242-J 

Underwood Ed, res, 19 Brown Wdlawn 494-J 

Underwood F V, r, Ridgely Apts Main 3524 

Underwood G W,r.712S Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 1147 
Underwood Oscar W Jr,r,3398 Hid av..Main 975 
Underwood S Sellers Dr, ofc, 

Inglenook Wdlawn 733-J 

Underwood S Sellers Dr, ofc, Empire bl.Main 524 
Underwood S Sellers Dr,r,1122 11th av.s.Main 9479 
Underwood Typewriter Co,1825 1st av..Main 8105 
Underwood- Walker Co, sand&gravel, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 7351 

Underwood W T, res, 2230 Rdg Pk av.Main 254 
Underwood TV T Jr, r. 605 St Chas av.W End 38S-W 
Ungerman C H, r, 2207 Hghlnd av...Main 1471 
Union Carbide Sales Co. 1916 Mors av..Maln 1161 
Union Cemetary Co.Greenwd Cmty. . Wdlawn 280-J 
Union Central Life Ins Co, Wdwrd bL.Main 707 
Union Central Relief Assn, Ala P S" Bk. .Main 7943 

Union Cotton Oil Co, 5th av Main 7632 

Union Pharmacy (pay sta). F&l8th. . . Main 9133 
Union Railroad Ticket Ofc.H F Latimer.agt. 

2010 1st av Main 7572 

Union Sign Co, 1813 2nd av, n Main 8049 

Union Stock Yards, 24th Mam 1030 

Unit Stove & Furnace Co, 

3501 35th av. n Main 8799 

United Auto Supply Co, 421 S 20th Main 1895 

United Cigar Store, p s, 1930 2nd av Main 9297 

I'nited Embroidery Co, 1811 3rd av Main 1092 

United G & E Eng Cor.ofc.2100 1 av..Maln 3705 

United Jewelry Co, 206 X JOth Main 9540 

United Mine Workers of Am. Frlv bL.Main 249 
United Railway Supply Co.ofc.J C Bk bl.Main 1273 
United Shoe & Repairing Co, 

1810 4th av, n Main 5032 

U S Army Recruiting Sta, Clark bl Main 6516 


2100 St Louis av Bessmr 1160 

Commissary, ISO! X 19th Bessmr 68 

Commissary. 1900 19th Bessmr 73 

Sou sales ofc, Am Tr bl Main 2967 

Traffic dept, Am Tr bl Main 4192 

B'ham works, 30th av Main 3738 


A-n'u'anc* S«rvhf» % I OUZ 





U S Commissioner, ofc, 1st X B bl Main 232 

U S Commissioner, ofc, 1st Xat Bk bL.Main 347 
U S Fidelity & Guarantee Co,ofc,B-M bl.Mai.i 7322 

U S Fuel Co, Inc. ofc, Am Tr bl Main 5853 

United States Government, 
Railroad Administration, 

Atty, Govt bl Main 932 

Bureau of animal industry.J C B bl.Main 5480 

Bureau of mines, 318 Poplar W End 151 

Collector of internal rev, Govt bl...Mam 321 

Customs ofc, Govt bl Main 321 

R R mail service, Trans Clk.L&X Sta. Main 6447 
R R mail service.Trans Clk.Term Sta. Main 6846 
Fuel Administration, 

Bureau of conservation Main 740 

District representative Main 1040 

Marshal, Govt bl Main 1096 

Post Office, 1800 2nd av Main 7866 

Secret Service, ofc, Govt bl Main 1037 

U S custom, Govt bl Main 2525 

Weather Bureau, ofc, 12th av, n Main 1396 

R P Fairley, P M, 016 19th Ensley 1550 

Federal Prohibition Agt, Govt bl Main 1173 

U S Pint Bham Coke & By-rrod Co, 

Boyles Wdlawn 816 

U S Pint Bham Coke & By-Prod Co, 

Boyles Wdlawn 382 

U S Graphite Co, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 7851 
U S" Hotel, 307% N 20th Main 1226 


Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2554 

U S R R Administration, tkt ofc, 

2010 1st av Main 7572 

United States Rubber Co, mech gds div, 

1S21 1st av Main 537 

U S Savings Bank, 212 19th Bessmr 71 

U S Shoe Infirmary, 226 S 20th Main 3826 

United States Tire Co, 423 S 20th Main 460S 

University Free Dispensary, 1923 Av F. . Main 381 
Unzicker Walter Mrs, r, 1114 S 17th... Main 3652 
Upchurch C A, res, 1213 Cotton av..W End 618-J 

Upshaw J R, pnt&gls, 1813 2d av Main 8049 

Upshaw J R, res, 110 S Pearl W End 522 

Urban H M, res, Terrace Court Main 4132 

Urdong I, res, 1217 10th av, s Main 7943-W 

Urmey J H, res, 7428 1st av Wdlawn 1047-J 

Urquhart H B, res, 1105 S 13th Main 5321 

Urquhart L H, res, 5616 5th av, s Wdlawn 201-J 

Utopia Dry Clng Co, 1034 S 15th Main 5829 

Vafes A L Dr, refl, 7000 1st av Wdlawn 1276 

Vail J B, res, 13i2 S 16th Main 6331- W 

Vail J R, res, 1230 N 12th Main 3602-J 

Vail L B, res, 1329 7th av Bessmr 682-J 

Vail R B, res, 8 X Hawkins W End 537 

Vail W C, ofc, Title Guar bl Main 1329 

Vail W C, res, 1318 St Chas Main 1362-W 

Vail W G, res, 1705 2nd av Bessmr 758- W 

Vakakes James M, res, 615 17th Ensley 668-J 

Valekis B J, res, 1027 3d ar Main 4052-W 

Vallely Mae Miss, r, 2001 Trilby av. Ensley 345 

Vance Contracting Co. 1st X B bl Main 391 

Vance F S, res, 2512 6th av, n Main 6580 

Vance G C Mrs, r, 723 E 20th Main 5370-J 

Vance H H, res, 1727 11th av, s Main 4404 

Vance Jno, res, 200 X 61st Wdlawn 821-J 

Vance J F, res, 2124 4th av, n Main 2036 

Vance Jno If, res, 3433 Highland av...Main 2706-J 

Vance Safe Co. ofc. 1626 3rd av. n Main 7074 

Van Cleave Eddie Mrs, r, 1723 Arl av. Bessmr 862-J 
Vandegrift Amelia Mrs. r, 609 N 2 1st. Main 8341-J 

Vandegrift A B, res, 631 X 21st Main 217g 

Vandegrift A B & Son, mdse, 

2421 2d av Main 324 

Vandevoort H Dr, res, Sloss Mines. .. Bessmr 1034 

Van Dyke W L, res, 2925 22d av Ensley 330-W 

Vanhooser W A, res, 1117 X 34th Main 2445 




ndicates P. B. Exchange 




Office &\M>rks 





Van Keuren E B, mech eng, J C Bk bL.Main 6776 
Van Keuren G C, res, 2819 12th av, n.Main 8228 

Vann F E, res, 139 N 59th Wdlawn 1257-J 

Vann Ida Mrs, res, 1612 Av I Main 5466 

Vann J A, res, 1020 Glenview rd Main 839 

Vann J H, res, 205 N 53rd Wdlawn 448-J 

Vann L L Prof, r, 1814 Drtmth av... Bessmr 511-W 

Vann Necia Miss, res, 614 N 22nd Main 6954-W 

Vann S D, res, 5156 Grand av Wdlawn 40C 

Vann S F, res, 1C26 N 17th Mam 3900 

Vann Watie Miss, res, 520 N 21st Main 8521-J 

Vann Wm M, res, Warrior Blvd Ensley 584-W 

Vansandt J K, res, 2412 Ave I Ens'ey 189-W 

Varagana Calogero, res, 39th Main 7658-W 

Vardaman L A Mrs, res, 401 23d Ensley 1089-J 

Varin C L, res, 8841 Undrwd av Wdlawn 559-W 

Varlos Theo, res, 3400 10th av, n Main 4443-W 

Varnell Elmer B, res, 617 S 29th.'. Main 4918- W 

Vaughan A M, res, 724 Tusc av W End 925-W 

Vaughan E B, res, 1101 Sycamore Main 8162 

Vaughan Gertrude L Mrs,r,2180 Hgld av.Main 5173-W 
Vaughan Joe V, res, 1224 12th av, n..Main 5386 

Vaughan S G, res. 2105 11th av, s Main 6670-J 

Vaughan Samuel W, r, 1330 Ala av...W End 723-J 
Vaughan Wm Sr Mrs, r, 715 S* 28th... Main 1199 

Vaughan & Silberman, attys, B-M bl Main 5867 

Vaughan's A W Market, 2027 N 26th.. Main 6734 

Vaughn E W, res, 316 Earle av Main 9504-J 

Vaughn Julia A Mrs, r, 1513 N 18th Main 4244-J 

Vaughn Lee. res, 1281 N 17th Main 712-W 

Vaughn R H, res, 2400 Ave F Ensley 268-W 

Vaughn R W, res, 2716 Ave J Ensley 1168 

Vaughn Thos H, rl est. 1st N Bk bl Main 7085 

Vaughn T H, res, 1717 Ave N Main 1876-J 

Vaughn T P, res, 420 1st av, n Main 1880 

Vaughn W F, res, 1810 14th av, n Main 8733-J 

Vaught J E Mrs, res, 1508 N 36th Main 6508-W 

Vaycide Chemical Co.ofc.2123 2d av,n..Main 7073 

Veitch E A, res, 1618 8th av Bessmr 486-W 

Veitch J H, res, 331 Earle av Main 6733-W 

Veitch Plumbing Co, Osceola Sta. ... Ensley 1484 

Veitch W J, res, 1417 3rd av W End 540 

Vella Alfonso, res, 315 S 25th Main 2425 

Vella C, res. 2130 26th av, n Main 3135-W 

Velmot Chemical Co, ofc, 811 N 18th.. Main 9528 
Veltman I M Miss, res, 1216 N 29th.. Main 5775-J 
Venable Stella Mrs,res,2216 6th av,n..Maln 2532 

Venables* Cafe, 310 N 20th Main 181 

Vennum E F, groc, 4800 Main Bessmr 102-W 

Venus Chemical Co, 1909 1st av, n....Maln 1198 
Verciglio Marco, groc, Snyslde Sta..W End 935-W 
Verdier I E Miss, ofc, 1st N B bl Main 675 


2229 Ave F Main 1687 

Vernon F H. res, 1500 N 25th Main 2480 

Vest J S, res, 729 N 21st Main 5210 

Vest 2 Vests Sign Co, 2008^ 3d av Main 6660 

Vesta Battery iService, 230 6 22nd Main 558 

Vezdoon C, res. 2701 Av G Main 2915 

Vlavi Co, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 1213 

Vibber Wm H Mrs, res. Shady Side.. Ensley 489-J 

Vice W C, res, 5615 2nd av, s Wdlawn 293 

Vick E T, res, 1607 Allen Main 6816 

Vickers M E, res, 509 18th Bessmr 376-W 

Vickery A J Mrs, res, 2012 Ave H Main 4123-J 

Vickery L M, res, 2015 Ave H Main 4088 

Victor Elec Corporation, B-M bl Main 7381 

Vieh Edward, res. Crestline Heights. .. Main 5221-W 

Vildibill C A, res, 4303 6th, s Main 4225-W 

Vlllines J S\ res. 206 N Hawkins W End 759-J 

Vincent B L, res, 1400 Sth av, n Main 7310 

Vincent J A, res, 161S Marshall av Main 4604-W 

Vincent J E B. res. 1608 Almeter av. . W End 606-J 

Vincent Mollie Mrs, r, 620 Sth av, n Main 4847-W 

Vincent M E Mrs. res, 3100 15th av, n..Maln 2844-W 

Vincenzo Raia, res, 3400 31st, n Main 7174-W 

Vines Amos, res. Vinesville Sta. ... Ensley 495-W 


A nbulanca S«»vice ftj. I 002 

Vines A M, rl est, 3704 Huntsv av.. Bessmr 

Vines A M, res, 4042 Huntsv av Bessmr 

Vines Belle Miss, r, 1739 Jffrsn av W End 

Vines D E, res, 420 Earl av Main 

Vines J H, res, 1409 6th av Bessmr 

Vines L R, res, 1719 Ave G Ensley 

Vines M, whol groc, 1914 3d av Bessmr 

Vines M Mrs, res, 1914 7th av Bessmr 

Vines W B, res, Hueytown Bessmr 

Vining Geo Mrs, res, 2127 8th av, n Main 

Vinson L O Mrs, res, 1416 Catherine. .W End 

Vinton W L, res, 113 S Hawkins W End 

Vireiglio Giovanni, r, 1200 N 46th.. Wdlawn 

Virgin H S, res, 2423 3Gth av, n Main 

Virginia-Carolina Chem Co, Am Tr bL.Main 

Vltellaro Lingi, res, 603 N 26th Main 

Viva Beverage Oo, 1704 Ave D Main 

Vogt Geo Mrs, r, 309 Hale, Inglnk. .Wdlawn 

Vogtle A W, res, 1647 S 12th Main 

Vogue Beauty Shop, Empire bl Main 

Voigt W C, res, 808 S 12th av Main 

Volunteers of America, 2321 4th av..Main 

Vorce Rufus F, res, 2416 Ave I Main 

Vowell Claude Mrs, res, 3009 Av E. . . .Ensley 

Vowell T P Dr, dent, 1st N B bl Main 

Vowell T P Dr, res, 1011 B 16th Main 

Vulcan Range Co, 1924 2nd av Bessmr 

Vulcan Rivet Corp, ofc. Boyles Wdlawn 



Waddell D H, res, 1617 7th av, n Main 

Wade A C, res, 1532 S 19th Main 

C C, res, 36 Martin Ensley 

D, res, 1131 N 20th Main 

Geo A, res, 8212 4th av.... Wdlawn 

G L, res, 1109 S 15th Main 

H L, res, 915 S 17th Main 

Wade L R, res, East Lake Wdlawn 

Wade R A, res, Raimond Mines. ... Bessmr 

Wade S L Mrs, r, 2725 Hanover Crt Main 

Wade W D, res, Trussville Wdlawn 

Wagensler Geo M, res, 1616 11th av, s. .Main 
Wages Mildred Miss, r, 130 N 51st.. Wdlawn 

Waggoner A W, res, 24 IS Av J Ensley 

Wagner E Barter Mrs.r,160S 14th av.s.Main 

Wagner P T, res, 1148 S 12th Main 

Wagoner M, res, 1512 19th Bessmr 

Wagoner M H, res, 705 S 20th Main 

Wahli A, res. 318 Princeton av W End 

Wahn V Mrs, res, 1831 8th av, n Main 

Wahouma Drug Co (pay sta), 

6510 1st av, n Wdlawn 

Wailes E L. res, 1110 N 15th Main 

Wainright C F, res, 520 S 25th Main 

Wainright D T, res 1124 N 20th Main 

Waits Annie Mrs, res, 1524 Av H Ensley 

Waits M L, res, 1400 Nolan Main 

Walburn Ellen S Mrs, res, 206 S 20th.. Bessmr 

Wald E, res, 1601 S 21st Main 

Waldorf Bakery, 629 N 16th Main 

Waldron S H, res, 5019 2d av Wdlawn 

Waldrop A B, res, Hueytown Bessmr 

Waldrop B B, res, R F D 1 Bessmr 

Waldrop H H, res, Hueytown Bessmr 

Waldrop J R, res, 1700 Clarndn av.. Bessmr 

Waldrop L C, res, ISIS 4th av Bessmr 

Waldrop Purser, r, 1420 Sth av Bessmr 

Waldrop R W Dr, ofc, Realty bl.... Bessmr 

Waldrop R W Dr, r, 1811 5th av Bessmr 

Waldrop T B, res, 719 S 27th Main 

Waldrop Wm Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 

Waldrop Wm Dr, ofc, Realty bl Bessmr 

Waldrop Wm Dr. r. 2007) Arlngtn av. Bessmr 

Waldrop Wm J, r, 423 S S2d Wdlawn 

Waldrop & Donald Drs.ofc.Rlty bl.. Bessmr 

Waldrup C L. res, 037 sth av, w Main 

Wales Vis Adding & Lstg Mch Co, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 














Building Material-Main 8500 Main 223 Electrical -»* »** 

WITTICHEN— 12 So. 20th St.— wittichen! MIDDLEBR00KS ELECTRIC CO. 

• • 



^Indicates P. B. Exchang 

Indicates P. B. Exchange 





# > 





• 1*4 



Monte. Wain 3355 

1 ****««• Main 285 

V A r% Main 134 

a * ■ ° Emleyl477 

Wales W C Mrs, res, 710 20th, w Main 

Walk Over Shoe Co, 214 N 20th Main 

Walker A, res. 2315 Av K Ensley 

Walker Alfred A Dr, ofc, Emp bl Main 

Walker Alfred A Dr, res, 3837 Crscnt rd.Main 

Walker A K, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Walker A B, rea, 2930 Fairview Cir Main 

Walker A R, res, 2122 Ave H Main 

Walker B L, res, 1102 Walker Bessmr 

Valker C C, res, 1830 Pike av Ensley 

r, res, 1407 X 30th Main 

drug store, 600 19th Ensley 

drugs, 600 19th Ensley 

(pay sta), 600 19th Ensley 

res, 1811 Terrell Blvd. .. Ensley 

Drug Co, 2931 N 27th Main 

sta Main 


















312 N 21st Main 8587 

Walker Elizabeth Miss,r,1102 Wlkr. . Bessmr 269-W 
Walker Elizabeth A,r,3()8 Miller.P C. Ensley 593 
Walker Georgia Mrs,r,2608 7th av.n. . Main 7142 

Walker Hannah, r,5:351 5th av.n Wdlawn 1156-W 

Walker Jas, res, 906 S 79th t... Wdlawn 1076-W 

Wallker John B, r, 2709 Bess Blvd.. Ensley 208-J 

Walker J H, res, 2101 Ave G Ensley 1012 

Walker John J, rl est&ins,509 19th.. Ensley 249 

Walker John J, res, 1449 Pike rd Ensley 514-J 

Walker J O, res, 35th av Main 7231-W 

Walker J P, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 7351 

Walker J P, res, 923 B 4 2nd Main 2986-J 

Walker J R. groc, 8700 2nd av, n.. Wdlawn 1383 
Walker Jas R E & Ins Co, 7629 1st.. Wdlawn 732 

Walker J Z, res, 18S1 5th av, n Main 7127-W 

Walker Lucille Miss, r, 318 N 54th. Wdlawn 917 

Walker L C, res, 4915 10th av, n Wdlawn 791-W 

Walker L P, res, 917 Wdland av, s Main 9090 

Walker L W, res, 1300 N 33rd Main 6525- W 

Walker Margaret Miss,r,712 Tusc av..W End 404 

Walker Mathew, res, 53 Church Ensley 334-W 

Walker Maude Mrs, res, 816 N 17th Main 8698 


Electric Contractors, 311 N 19th Main 422 

Valker p L, res, 3900 Ave E Main 5585 

R A, res, 3711 N 27th Main 8146 

Sanders, res, 228 S 56th. .. .Wdlawn 369-J 
T C, clng & presg, 

Woodward Bessmr 867- J 

Thos R, res, Powell av Ensley 395-W 

W E, res, Gleen Sprgs. ... Bessmr 836-J 

W H, res, 2221 7th av Main 4533-W 

Wm M, atty, 1st N B bl Main 795 

res, 2730 Highland av..Main 2722 

res, 3701 N 27th Main 7169-J 

L, res, 1435 15th av, s Main 8170-W 

A. res, 2700 34th av, n Main 4898 

A B, res, 1213 N 23rd Main 6327-W 

Bettie, res, 1714 Ave B Main 9518- J 

Doney Mrs,r,5128 R R av.. Wdlawn 450-W 
Ella C Mrs, r. 1123 X 29th... Main 6763-J 

F P, res, 90S Glen Iris av Main 3815-W 

J H Mrs,r,100.-> 12th av.s Main 7527 

J J, r, 134 Sandusky rd.... Ensley 814 

J L, loans, 226 X 22nd Main 1665 

J M, res, 1314 St Chas Main 5331-W 

Sam, res, 4209 loth av Ensley 376-J 

S H Dr,ofc.5 Boyles Pike. . .Wdlawn 603-W 
8 H Dr,r,600 Park Row... Wdlawn 603-J 

T F, res, 1506 X 23rd Main 4002-W 

T Murray, r, 430 Prnctn av..W End 554-J 

Wallace W B, ires, 1201 X 2f>th Main 4263-W 

Wallace & Allen Furn Co, 2205 2nd av,n. Main 4815 

Waller Geo D Dr, r, 1710 4th av Bessmr 217 

Waller I K Rev. res, 104 3rd Ensley 1372 

Waller J M, res, 52-- S 25th Main 8776 

Waller T Bryan, res, 1626 5th av Bessmr 936-W 

Wallis A S Mrs, res, 1516 3rd av.... Bessmr 1023 
Wallis .T M. res, 108 College W End 557-J 


Walker Wm M, 
Walker W W. 
Wall A 
Wall J 








ArnhuUncs Ssivlce ft . I U Z 

Wallis J W Mrs, r, 2500 7th av, n Main 

Wallis Zelia Miss, r, 1116 X 32nd Main 

Walls A A Mrs, res, Jonesboro Bessmr 

Walls E H, res, 324 Cotton av Main 

Wallwork Annie Mrs, res, 200 Grady.. W End 

Wallwork H, res, 1123 X 34th Main 

Wallwork H Fdry Co, 4000 10th av. . . Main 
Walmsley G A Mrs, res, 1605 12th av, s.Main 

Walpole Fred W, res, 1111 St Chas Main 

Walpole X C, ofc, 2015 1st av Main 

Walsh Groesbeck F Dr, r, 720 Prkwy. Ensley 

Walsh J G, res, 20^1 Park av Ensley 

Walsh W T, res, 1219% Ave H '..Main 

Walshe E D, res, 1120 X 15th Main 

Walston R I Rev,r,7759 Hillman. . .Wdlawn 

Walstrum A Harry, 1130 S 12th Main 

Walter Geo C, res, 1524 16th av, s Main 

Waltermire W G, res, 339 Old 50th.. Wdlawn 

Walters Geo E, res, 1136 12th av, n Main 

Walters Jno D, res, 5232 5th av, s.. Wdlawn 

Walters J E, res, 1418 X 31st Main 

Walters Jas J, res, 540 X 47th Wdlawn 

Walters W F, res, 1827 Rush av Main 

Walthall E W, res, 901 Fountain av. ..Main 
Walthall Hugh P, r, Edgewood, Ala.. Main 


220 X 22nd Main 

Walton R C, res, Lancaster Sta W End 

Walton W P, res, 1912 Ave D Main 

Walton W P Mrs, res, 2112 7th av, n. . .Main 

Wambsganss J, res, 2009 N 24th Main 

Wanninger A, res, 130 S 50th Wdlawn 

War Camp Community Serv, 

321% X 20th Main 

Warble J C Mrs, res, 1918 Ave E Main 

Ward A C Mrs, r, 1631 4th av Bessmr 

Ward C P, res, 6401 1st av Wdlawn 

Ward C P, res, 1705 Jasper Main 

Ward Drug Co (pay sta), 418 1st av...Maln 

Ward E A, res, 607 McAdory av Bessmr 

Ward B Frank, res, 2304 Bush av Ensley 

Ward G H, res, 344 Ash av Bessmr 

Ward George R Mrs, res, 1231 S 20th. ..Main 
Ward Herbert J, atty, Title Guar bl...Maln 

Ward H S Dr, Empire bl Main 

Ward H S Dr, res, 1108 X 31st Main 

Ward J H, atty, Title bid Main 

Ward J H, res, 501 Tusca av W End 

Ward J V, res, 418 1st av Main 

Ward John W Mrs, res, 2208 6th av, n. .Main 

Ward K S, res, 1617 13th av, s Main 

Ward Marie Miss, r, 1014 Cotton av..W End 

Ward M L, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Ward M L, res, 1131 X" 31st Main 

Ward R E, res, 1828 19th Bessmr 

Ward Sarah, res, 318 Home Main 


Stocks & Bonds, B-M bl Main 595 

W r ard Wm A Jr, r, 3000 Ave D Ensley 473-J 

Ward W C Mrs. r, 1717 12th av, s...Maln 2747-J 

Ward W P, ofc, 1st X B bl Main 2351 

Ward W R Dr, res, 1418 S 15th Main 2148 

Ward W R Dr, ofc, 1st Xat Bk bl Main 289 

Ward Wm T, Cham of Com Main 7086 

Ward Wm T, res, 1611 S 12th Main 6886-W 

Ward W Y, res, 1640 S 12th Main 5377 

Ward & McGowen Groc Co, Inc, whol, 

2215 Av A Main 7415 

Ward & Riley, groc, 8-1.5 19th Bessmr 717 

Ward & Steele, attys, Jeff Co Bk bl...Maln 331 
Ward & Woods, Drs.ofc.lst Xat Bk bh.Maln 289 

Warden J Z, res, 1219 iSteiner av W End 778 

Wardlaw W C, res, 1401 Cullom Main 7956-W 

Wardy William, res, 1500 3rd av, n....Maln 4832 

Ware C F, res, 1423 S 18th Main 5212-J 

Ware Donia Miss,r,7624 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 663 

¥ f/lffi « ait AUTO AMBULANCE *!• 7co 

I li F 1 0Y SERVICE 

L1UCLUI Fnneral Director Main 4862 

















Gilchrist-Tarrant 55 

Main 469 

Ware Estelle Mrs, res, Roebuck PI.. Wdlawn 1073-W 

Ware Eugene, res, 1024y 2 S 18th Main 5376 

Ware H T, res, 5409 Union av Wdlawn 283-W 

Ware J C, res, 6009 1st av Wdlawn 553-W 

Ware John E, res, 1021 S 21st Main 5509-J 

Ware Jos T Rev, r, 1176 11th av, B. ..Main 2775 
Ware M J, groc, 7634 Underwd av.. Wdlawn 1479 

Ware X E, res, 821 S 19th Main 2377-W 

Ware W J, res, 1126 S 19th Main 5505 

Warner E Mrs, res, 1330 15th av, s Main 4210-J 

Warner H E, res, 530 X 18th Main 4201-W 

Warner Richard, res, 1321 1st av W End 750 

Warner R S, res, 2733 Hghlnd av Main 2569 

Warner S Mrs, res, 1906 Huntsv av Main 6855-W 

Warnick Edw A, res, 322 39th Ensley 1465-J 

Warnick J W, res, 3303 Holly Ensley 448-J 

Warnick W B, res, 1909 Alois av Ensley 174-W 

Warnock B M, res, 821 Wdland av. ...Main 5334 


3500 Ave A, 

Warehouse & Comp Office Main 1036 

Warrant Warehouse Co.brkrs.J C Bkbl.Main 5900 

Warren Ada Miss, res, 601 4th Ensley 662 

Warren Bros, bicycles, 2012 2nd av Main 4 

Warren C E Mrs, res, 2513 Jeff av.. Ensley 526-W 

Warren D A Mrs, res, 630 2d av, n Main 7536 

Warren Ed, res, 3301 Cliff rd Main 1951 

Warren G C, res, 309 19th Ensley 323 

Warren K P, res, 14 X Hawkins W End 131 

Warren M M, res, 228 X 48th Wdlawn 490 

Warren P J, res, 101S Trilby av Ensley 1023-W 

Warren T G, res, 2905 Pike av Ensley 339-J 

Warren WC, res, 1422 S 15th Main 6276-J 

Warren W T, archt, Empire bl Main 768 

Warren & Haskins, clng & presg, 

404 Carline av, P C Ensley 1310 

Warren & Knight, archts, Emp bl Main 768 

Warren & Son, mts, 1500 19th Ensley 1476 

Warrick S H, res, Richmond Apt Main 4178 

Warrior Black Creek Coal Co.Am Tr bl.Main 6840 

Warrior-Pratt Coal Co, Am Tr bl Main 4896 

Washburn S P, res, 6435 1st av Wdlawn 765-W 

Washburn T L, res, 118 Edmond Wdlawn 1105-W 

Washer L T, res, 1230 X 33rd Main 6626 

Washington Fannie, r,2211 Ave H Main 5435-J 

Washington Geo, r, 700 5(h av, n....Main 2330 

Washington G W, r, 724 Weaver Main 6933-J 

Washington H, res, 62i3 9th av, n Main 8848-W 

Washington J C, res, 1125 X 47th Wdlawn 519-W 

Washington Market, 2029 2nd av, n..Main 9560 

Washington M F. res, 1215 X 11th Main 6056-W 

Washington W M, res, 4308 5th av, n. . .Main 8525-J 
Washington W M, r, 1026 X 14th av..Main 4059-J 

Wasson O K, res, 2113% Hth av, n Main 5700 

Waters Horace F, res, 3soo Ave E Main 4621-W 

Waters J H, res, 4900 2nd av, n Wdlawn 323-J 

Watford Jno A, rl est & ins, 

2913 27th Main 7217 

Watford Jno A, res, 3613 X 26th Main 2949-J 

Watkins Al F Mrs, r, 152S 14th av, s..Main 9430-J 

Watkins B O, res, 1109 Hickory Main 2996-J 

Watkirrs C D. res, 19H2 6th av, n Main 9529 

Watkins D O, res. 203 1st av Main 4197 

Watkins Geo C, res, 500 8th, s Main 8591-J 

Watkins Geo L, ofc, Lyric bl Main 4941 

Watkins G R. res, 1830 Ave I Main 2442-J 

Watkins Harry, ofc, B-M bl Main 5934 

Watkins Harry, res, 320 S 60th Wdlawn 161-W 

Watkins Hunter, res, 1305 X 33rd Main 972 

Watkins J C, res, West Ensley Ensley 704-W 

Watkins Leon H Dr.surg.Empire bl....Main 3315 
Watkins Leon H Dr.r.Hanover Crt....Main 8246 
Watkins Miles A Dr, ofc. J C Bk bh.Main 676 
Watkins Miles A Dr,r,2714 Hanvr Cir.. Main 8164 

Watkins Paul F, ofc, Farley bl Main 7879 

Watkins Tire Co, 1924 4th av, n Main 7104 

Watlington H E, res. 300 S 80th Wdlawn 464-J 

Watson A J. res. 2305 Terrace Park..Enslev 418-J 

Main 223 EleCtHCUl 4 ' 2N ' 


19 th St. 



AmbuUnts Stuvlce PH. I UUZ 

Watson Emma, res, 339 X 52d Wdlawn 

Watson E A, res, 3319 Xorwood Blvd.. Main 
Watson Herman M, r, 1812 Cttnwd av..Maln 

Watson Ira A, res, 1015 S 26th Main 

Watson Jack, res, 1117 Ave F Main 

Watson J G, res, 1730 6th av Bessmr 

Watson J S, tailor, 2009 2nd av Bessmr 

Watson L C, res, Louis Apts Main 

Watson O C, groc, 3S00 4th av, n Main 

Watson O M, res, 1718 14th av, n Main 

Watson R J, res, 6730 Hillman av Wdlawn 

Watson Thomas Mrs,r,2420 Bess Bv. Ensley 
W F Mrs,r,6421 3rd av.s. . .Wdlawn 

W L, res, 1205 X 32nd Main 

Harry, res, 1419 X 32d Main 

J H, res, 2620 Av J Ensley 

R L Mrs, res, 1012 S 21st Main 

Tonge Lbr Co.ofc.Am Trust.. Main 

Watterston Chas Dr, ofc, Emp bl Main 

Watterston Chas Dr, r, 1507 Cot av..WEnd 

Watts A C Dr, ofc, Walker bl Main 

A C Dr, res, 1201 X 32nd Main 

Ellen D Mrs, res, 900 S 20th Main 

Eph T, res, 4506 Ave E Main 

F E & Co, groc, 1100 X 36th Main 

J Ed, res, 1006 S 16th Main 

Watts R B, atty, VTitle Guar bl Main 

Watts R B, res, 1216 X 22nd Main 

Watts W A, rl est, 8KB 3Sth Ensley 

Watts W A, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Watts W A, res, Hanover Court Main 

Watts W D, res, 7129 Walker av Wdlawn 

Watwood J F, res, San Jose Apts Main 

Waugh Katie, res, 4222 1st av Main 

Weakley Hattie Miss, r, 1500 S 13th.. Main 

Weakley Jno B, Am Tr bl Main 

Weakley Jno B, res, Shades Mt Main 

Weakley S D, atty, Am Tr bl Main 

Weakley S D, res, 2200 Ridge Pk av Main 

Weakley & Rice, attys, Am Tr bl Main 

Weather Bureau, ofc, 12th av, n Main 

Weatherly Deedmeyer & Birch, attys, 

Jeff Co Bk bl Main 

Weatherly James, res, Remar Apts.... Main 
Weatherly J J, res, 3103 11th av, n....Main 

Weathers Arthur, res, 4132 Av E Main 

Weathers S M Mrs,r,2300 4th av,n Main 

Weaver Bros Auto Repair Shop, 

721 E 20th Main 








W< a vet- 
Webb A 


Chas, r, 2506 22nd av, n Main 

D R Mrs, r. 1007 McMillan.. W End 
Emma Miss.r.Vanderbilt rd. Wdlawn 
G H, res, 2225 Ridge Pk av...Main 

J L, res, 3427 Willow av Main 

James W. res. 911 S 12th Main 

R E. res, 1517 S 13th Main 

T V. res, lit S Banks Main 

W J, res, 317 7th av Wdlawn 

W J, n>.s, 
Z A, res. 1 
IT, res, 1300 

Book Co, 

E J, res, 

E X, res. 

F B Rev, 

H II, res, 

II Y, res, 

42^ Emma Main 

SS0 32nd av, n Main 

Hall av Bessmr 

20 2 2 2d av, n Main 

813 23rd Ensley 

2001 llth av. n Main 

res, 2111 Humbolt av..Main 

3837 Bess Blvd Ensley 

1020 S 21st Main 

J B, res, 1408 X 25th Main 

Joel F, atty, 1st X B bl Main 

Joel F, res, Fitzgerald Apts. ... Main 
Jno M, res, 1713 11th av, ■....Main 

J P, res, 306 S 54th Wdlawn 

Luvinia, res, 516 6th av, n Main 

Webb Mary, cafe, 1910 4th av. ... .-f .. Bessmr 

Webb Mfg Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 

Webb Olden G. res. 309 X Elyton W End 

Webb T G, res, 309 41st Ensley 

Webb W II, res. 445 Burke W End 














5097 -J 














All Kinds Roofing 1905 Ave. R— Telephone 195 



^Indicates P. B. Exchang 



IlfF F0Y "^"^ 769 

L1UCLUI Funeral Director Main 4862 

Webb & McClure, attys, 1st N B bl...Main 730 
Webber Iron Wks, boilers, 3000 7th av.Main 1768 

Webber P S, res, 1312 N 30th. .' Main 6197 

Weber Wm, res, 508 N 10th Main 6556-J 

Weborg B A, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3474 

Webster Mfg Co, min mch, B-M bl Main 8018 

Webster W D, res, 920V6 S 17th Main 7906-J 

Webster W S, res, 3226 Cliff rd Main 157 

Weed Floyd, res, 1006 Crescent av Main 1693 

Weed Walter A Dr, ofc, Wdwrd bl Main 410 

Weed Walter A Dr, res, 1440 Louise Main 3587 

Weekley W T, res, 1 1 16 Glen Iris av Main 4766 

Weeks W L Sr, res, 6518 1st av Wdlawn 936 

Weems J M, res, 1301 8 12th Main 2085-W 

Weems W C, res, 1526 12th av, s Main 6509-J 

Weese J W, res, 4336 2d av, s Main 1709-J 

Wegelin R, res, 1108 N 32d Main 1973-J 

Wegent Frank, res, 4129 2nd av, n Main 3426-W 

Weidmann Frieda Miss.r,1744 Wdlnd av.Main 5721-J 

Weidner M G, res, 1737 29th Ensley 917 

Weigel May L Miss, 

Res, 1307 Fountain av Main 2259-W 

Weil A B, res. 1141 S 33rd Main 7317-W 

Weil Ben S, res, 1620 S 12th Main 7723-W 

Weil Herman, res, 1210% Ave H Main 6609-J 

Weil L B, res, 1101 Hickory Main 4288 

Weil M & Bro, clothing, 1906 2d av, n..Main 1267 

Weinstein A, res, 1731 S 21st Main 5918-W 

Weinstein A Mrs, r, 1021 N 16th Main 4993 

Weinstein C H, res, 1723 6th av Bessmr 927-W 

Weinstein J, res, 1819 4th av Bessmr 295-J 

Weinstein J, res, 170S 8 12th Main 8020-J 

Weinstein Oscar, res, 25 29 Ave G Main 8284 

Weinstein Samuel, res, 1133 11th av,s..Main 6485 

Weinstein T, res, 1501 Ave D Main 1872-W 

Weir H H, res. 126 1st av Main 6049-J 

Weir J F, res, 1410 3d av W End 182-W 

Weiss Bros & Co.shoe jbrs,2125 1st av..Main 7305 

Weiss F C. res, 1003% Glen Iris av Main 8527-W 

Weiss Henry J, res. isos S 17th Main 8192 

Weiss J, res, 1216 S 15th Main 7406-J 

Weiss J F, res, 1406 S ISth Main 4033- J 

Weiss R E, res, 700 S 27th Main 3277 

Welborn M D Dr, r, 410 Carline av. .. Ensley 1158-W 

AAelch A L, res. 2503 Av C Main 7359-J 

Welch Bros Undtg Co, 2711 29th av, n..Main 5078 

Welch F T, res, 1415 16th av, n Main 2643-W 

Welch J A, res. 1106 4th av W End 996 

Welch J L, res. 1210 S 13th Main 4518-J 

Welch Peter J, res, 926 N 21st Main 8932 

Welch Stewart H Dr.ofc.Emp bl Main 2012 

Welch Stewart H Dr,r,183o uth av,s..Main 3211 

Welded Products Co, 915 N 28th Main 3488 

Weldon .Tas E. res. 14 27 N 25th Main 3011 

Weldon J G. res, 103:? X 24th Main 2671 


214 S 20th Main 7738 

Wellborn W W. res. 110 S 50th. .. .Wdlawn 1235-W 

Weller Arnold J, res. 1320 5th av Bessmr 636 

Weller T A, rl est, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 4630 

Weller T W, steel rails, Jeff Co Bk bL.Main 4336 

\v eller T W, res, 5 Reemar Apts Main 3242 

Weller W H Jr. coal, Am Tr bl Main 5853 

Weller & Co. iron&steel, Jeff Co Bk...Main 4336 

Wellington J A, res. 2513 17th Ensley 93-W 

Wellman Julius, res. 1705 loth av, s Main 2497 

Wells A E, res, 2413 Ave E Ensley 203-J 

Wells A P. res. tl 17 12th av. n Main 5886 

Wells Co, clothing, 1025 2nd av, n Main 5427 

Wells Furn Co, 400 18th Ensley 502 

Wells Frank S. res, 1736 Terrell Blvd. Ensley 1408-W 

Wells Morcantile Agcy. 1st N B bl Main 3419 

Wells N J Mrs, res, 2911 Ave E Ensley 877-W 

Wells Oscar, res, Mountain Terr Main 6243 

Wells P B Rev, res, 2124 10th av, s Main 7560 

Wells Quality Shop, 315 N 20th Main 7466 

Wells W G. res, 1729 13th av, n....Main 8415 
Wells W H. res. 4730 1st aT ,... Wdlawn 1065-J 


Ambulanc* Service I.IUuZ 





Wells W H, res, 2319 Highland av Main 1733 

Welsh A V, res, 2031 Highland av Main 2291 

Welsh T W, res, 8612 4th av, n Wdlawn 1092-J 

Welsh Vinegar Co, 1700 1st av Main 9564 


Archt, Office, Am Tr bl Main 3238 

Chas H McOauley, Associate Main 3238 

Welton Wm Leslie, r, 2177 Hghlnd av..Maln 2398-W' 

Wengel H C, res, 1520 10th av, s Main 4516 

Wenger William Mrs, res, 1415 Av I.. Main 6622 
Wentworth W G, res, 216 48th, n. . Wdlawn 415-W 

Wentzel G R Mrs, r, 1820 7th av, n Main 9331 

Wertheimer B Mrs, r, 2164 Hghlnd av..Main 4717 

Wertheimer Bag Co, 2408 3rd av, n Main 2994 

Wertheimer M J, res, 810 S 19th Main 5613-W 

Wertheimer M L, res, 1115 S 20th Main 5411 

Wesley House, res, 1404 Ave H Ensley 1037 

Wesley House, r, Avondale Mills Main 1655 

West Bessmr Land&Imp Co.McCla rd. Bessmr 211 

West Brice, res, 1407 2nd av Bessmr 1141-J 

West C R, res, 104 West Wdlawn 560-M 

West Edward H, r, 2228 Arlington av.Main 4255 
west End Coal Co, Hawkins & R R..W End 10 


1130 Tusc av, 

Prescription Dept W End 13 

Drug & Prescription Dept W End 17 

Pay Station w End 9102 

West End Garage, 214 Poplar W End 28 

W End Lbr Co, Inc. Pearl W End 12 

West End Pressing Club, 100 Poplar.. W End 343 
West End Shoe Shop, 214 S Poplar.. W End 28 

West J B, res, 1113 S 38th Main 1724-J 

West Jno H, ins, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 2792 

West John L, res, 1829 14th av, n Main 8915 

West Louis E, r, 8400 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 1306-W 
West Lake Park, pay sta, Pavilion. . Bessmr 9192 

West Rl Est & Ins Co, ofc, B-M bl Main 3837 

West S P, res, 5014 1st av, n Wdlawn 1262 

West W A, res, 502 Earle av Main 3633-J 

Westbrook J C Dr.dent.lst N B bl Main 75 

Westbrook J C Dr, res, 1530 N 20th Main 2261-J 

Westbrook L O, res, 709 N 19th Main 8721-J 

Westbrook W M, res, Inglenook Wdlawn 694-J 

Westbrooks J E Mrs, r, 1427 S 18th Main 8474-J 

Westermann W A, r, 2009 Hmbldt av..Main 2254-J 

Western Electric Co, 101 S 21st Main 684 

Western Grain Co, ofc, 1716 10th av, n.Maln 271 
Western Newspaper Union,213 N 17th. Main 1060 
1919 1st av, 

To send telegram, call Western Union 

For all other purposes, call 

General ofc, 1919 1st av Main 7700 

Wire chief, 19T9 1st av Main 1116 

Managers ofc, 1919 1st av Main 8976 

Credit & Coll Dept, 1919 1st av Main 8976 

Branch ofc, 2104 Morris av Main 2899 

Branch ofc, 308 S 20th Main 7296 

Branch ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 1250 

Bessemer ofc, 1822 2nd av Bessmr 40 

Plant dept, 1910 Morris av Main 973 

Telegrapn. 1919 Av E Ensley 2 

Tutwiler Hotel Brnch, Tutwiler Htl.Main 4534 
Westfield Groc Co, 5310 Commerce av. Ensley 630-W 
Westinghouse Electric Co,mfg,B-M bL.Main 1534 

Westley Jno S. res, 1623 N 31st Main 8454-J 

Westmoreland W W, r. 1234 Glnvw rd..Maln 4003 

Wetmore R S. res, 1718 10th av, a Main 4730-W 

Whaley Elizabeth Miss, 

Res, 1004 Cotton av W End 903-J 

Whaley Fred, res. 1004 Cotton av. ...W End 903-J 

Whaley Lewis Dr, Empire bl Main 514 

Whaley Lewis Dr, r. 1116 N 28th Main 117 

Whaley Monroe, r, 6007 3d av, s... Wdlawn 297 

Whaley T A, res, 2117 Birch av Ensley 114-J 

Whaley W A. res, 514 J? 2i5th Main 9568 

Whaley Wm IT, r, 5226 Austin av.. Wdlawn 495-W 


dlcate8 P. B. Exchange. 






Office &>M>rks 



cVfoRKS "T> 

uxala.^ I he 




Whaley W Junius, res, 916 2nd av W End 332-J 

Wharton R H, res, 2608 38th av, n Main 3399-J 

Whatley Geo C, res, Terrace Crt Main 4585 

Whatley J W, res, 2248 Arlington av..Main 2991 


1909% 1st av Main 1119 

Wheeler Charles W, res, 1721 29th Ensley 722-J 

Wheeler G W, res, 1915 Ave H Main 2864 

Wheeler H, res, 4409 2nd av Main 959-J 

Wheeler L M, res, 2215 7th av, n Main 7430-J 

Wheeler M A, res, 104 Almond W End 152-J 

Wheeler Robt J, atty, 1st N B bl...Maln 5693 
Wheeler Robt J, r, 8332 5th av, n.. Wdlawn 157-J 
Wheeler R N, furn, 323 19th Ensley 923 

401 5th Ensley 357 

Wheeler R N, res, 1221 Maplewood Main 3251 

Wheeler-Smith Furn Co, 2018 3d av n..Maln 4863 

Wheeler Tire Co, ofc, 1730 1st av Main 3274 

Wheeler Willard J, res, 1414 N 32nd Main 7063-W 

Wheeler W M, res, 800 17th Ensley 1223-W 

Wheeler & Crow, attys, 1st Nat Bk bl. .Main 5693 

Wheeler's Joe Cafe, 11 N 20th Main 2894 

Wheelock B S, res, 1407 S ISth Main 8061-W 

Wheelock Chas F, civil eng, Am Tr bL.Main 4750 
Wheelock Chas F, res, 10 Chas W End 961 


Roofing & Heating, 107 S 21st Main 179 

Wheelock H B, archt, Steiner bl Main 1016 

Wheelock H B, res, 1500 S 19th Main 6292 

Whelan Chas Dr, 1st N B Main 4490 

Whelan Chas Dr, res, 607 N 21st Main 316 

Whelan Charles Mrs, r, 607 N 21st Main 316 

Whelan J J Mrs, res, 1314 2nd av W End 105-W 

Whelan Leander, res, 826 S 15th Main 3503-J 

Whelchel J L, res, 1018 Tusc av W End 125-W 

■ Whetstone E C, res, 9 Commerce. .Wdlawn 735-J 

Whetstone J B, res, 1325 11th av, s Main 6374-W 

Whilldin D O, archt, Title bl Main 2820 

Whilldin D O, res, 1822 12th av, s Main 3095 

Whisonant M I, res, 901 N 47th Wdlawn 514-W 


2502 2nd av, n Main 2641 

Whistle Co, 213 N 24th Main 5815 

Whitaker J R, res, 1815 8th av, n Main 6460 

Whitaker Taper Co, 12 S 20th Main 2181 

Whitaker Spier, atty, 1st N B bl Main 705 

Whitaker, Smith & Sinnott, attys, 

1st Nat Bk bl Main 1753 

Whitaker V E, res, 404 Jasper rd Main 1874-W 

Whitaker W J, atty, 1st N B bl Main 1753 

Whitaker W J, res, 922 1st av W End 423- W 

White Awning Co, 1015 N 24th Main 7306 

White Barbara Mrs, res. 274 S 63rd. .Wdlawn 923-J 

White Ben F Jr, agt, Am Tr bl Main 2971 

White B F Jr. res. 1436 S 18th Main 5770-J 

White-Blakeslee Mfg Co, g eng, 54th. Wdlawn 10 

White Co, motorcars. 2021 Ave D Main 8390 

White C B. res, 1426 N 32nd Main 6344-W 

White Chas F, res, 5S14 3rd av, n... Wdlawn 754-J 

White D Mrs, res, 1516 11th av, s Main 4418 

White Dora Mrs, res, 1S05 19th Bessmr 666-W 

White Frank J Mrs, res, 163S 11th av, s.Main 2630-J 

White Frank S, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 281 

White Frank S, res, 1101 N 24th Main 1639 

White Frank S Jr.atty.Jff Co Bk bl...Main 281 
White Frank S & Sons.attys.Jff C B bl.Main 281 

White Geo L, res. 2116 10th av, s Main 4152-J 

White G S Mrs, r, 2020 Ave H Main 3756-J 

White G W. res. 1210 N 45th Wdlawn 302-W 

White H F, res, 1431 5th av Bessmr 966-J 

White H L Mrs, res. 801 S 30th Main 2049-W 

White I J, res, 518 16th Bessmr 599-J 

White J A Dr, ofc, 1st N B Main 5628 

White J C. res, 1111 3rd av W End 333-W 

White J Frank, res, 217 N 23rd Main 8868 

White J H, loans, 181?% 4th a v Main 1800 

Sheetrock wainiioo Wittichen 

Wall Board Made of Rock— Not Wood. 


A nautmca Service ffi.1002 

White J H, res, 1910 Lee av W End 424 

White Jas; J, res, 1600 13th av, s Main 3388-W 

White Jno L, pool rm, 224 N ISth Main 5931 

White J M, res, Irondale Wdlawn 1144-J 

White John R, res, 528 Ray Ensley 644-J 

White John Sidney, res, 1018 S 15th Main 6217 

White J W Dr, res, 1011 19th Bessmr 538-W 

White Lee, res, 2608 20th av Ensley 868 

White Lula Miss, res, 414 1st av Main 1775-W 

White M D, res, 2424 Irene av Ensley 1178-J 

White M L, res, 1400 Nolan Main 812-J 

White M L Mrs, res, 1908 Ave D Main 8398 

White Murray C, res, 1111 N 24th Main 6439 

White Novelty House, 1913 3rd av.. Bessmr 392 
White Octavia Home Aged Wm, 55th. Wdlawn 1152-J 
White R A Dr, r, 4318 DeBardln av. Ensley 1109-J 
White Rose Cleaning Co,803 3d av,n...Main 6138 

White R J, res, 919 S 11th Main 6420-W 

White R M, res, 1808 15th av, n Main 1828-W 

White Star Cafe, 2300 2nd av Main 4978 

White Star Clothing Co, 1714 3rd av, n..Main 1489 
White Star Wall Paper Co, ofc, 

1917i/£ 3rd av ...Bessmr 622 


'315 S 20th Main 390 

•M S 20th Main 1114 

1816 2nd av Bessmr 622 

White T Anglin, r, 1736 16th av, s Main 4954-W 

White T C, res, Rosewald Apts Main 9380 

White Walter, r, 1002 Cotton av W End 160-J 

White W B, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5429 

White W B, res, 105 Cedar W End 608-J 

White W Bew, atty, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 4780 

White W Bew, res, 950 S 31st Main 8556-W 

White W J, res, 1327 llth av, n Main 4366-W 

White W J, res, 208 S 19th Main 4305 

White Wm L, rl est. Jeff Co Bk bl...Maln 5296 

White W L, res, Albemarle Apts Main 4115 

White W R, res, 1150 llth av, s Main 6089 

White W T, atty, Jff Co Bk bl Main 281 

White W T. res, 408 St Chas av W End 581 

White W W Mrs. res, 1022 Tusc av. .W End 125-J 
White W W View Co. 108% N 20th.. Main 3872 
White's Barber Shop (p s),1817 2 av.n.Maln 9154 

Whited W T, res, 114 S 59th Wdlawn 184 

Whited W T Tire & Supply Co, 

414 N 21st Main 3631 

Whitehead H Rev, res. 1 1 1 S 60th Wdlawn 633-W 

Whitehead S L, res, 126 Almond W End 184-J 

Whitehurst E H, res, 1116 Louise Main 4489 

Whiteman W I, ofc, B-M bl Main 803 

Whiteman W I, res, 1924 S 16th Main 4770-W 

Whiten A C, r, 1718 29th av, n Main 4035-J 

Whiteside Dora Mrs, r, 2511 8th av,n..Main 6524-W 
Whiteside Hamlin B Dr.r.1510 13th av.s.Main 7991 

Whiteside P L. r. 1217 2nd av, n W End 247 

Whitesides H B, res. 7402 1st av Wdlawn 1026-W 

Whitfield F S, res. 4020 Oak Ensley 1344-W 

Whitfield J G, res, Summitt av Main 2105 

Whitfield Sallie W Mrs.r,1026 N 14th... Main 1855 

Whitfield T P. res, 2013 12th av, n Main 6158-J 

Whitley Frank E. res, 1626 29th av, n..Main 4685 

Whitman F L Dr, ofc, 1st N B bl Main 3565 

Whitman F L, res, 1705 S 21st Main 8621-W 


231 S 20th Main 1341 

231 S 20th Main 2551 

Whitman Mary, res, 2101 Fairfax av.. Bessmr 675-J 
Whitman P Y. taxicabs, Htl Hillman. . Main 70 
Whitman P Y, res, Dian Apts Main 1410 


Hotel Hillman Main 6* 

Hotel Hillman Main 5871 

Whitson C E Mrs,r,5100 Flrntne av.. Wdlawn 1263-J 

Whitson J L. res, 1525 Bradley Main 2008-W 

Whitson L F, res, 1140 S 15th Main 7365-J 

Main 223 ElCCttiCUl 412Nl9th St 


• • 















• Indicates P. B. Exchai 

Main . 3355 
Main . . 285 

Main . . 134 
Ensloy . 1477 

•Indicates P. B. Exchange. 


Whitson Mollie Miss, r, 5240 1st av..Wdlawn 959-W 

Whltson 8 C, res, 1143 N 11th Main 7211 

Whittaker T L, res, 8816 12th av, n..Main 3106-J 

Whitten W S • res. 2220 N 12th av Main 4854-J 

Whittingham Kathryn Miss,r,200 Grdy.W End 282-J 

Whittle C C, res, 423 Fulton av W End 798-W 

Whittle H E, res, 3900 Av F Main 7719 

Whittle J J, res, 248 8th av Main 1625-W 

Whittle L L, res, 200 26th PI Ensley 1311-W 

Whitworth W M, res, 4312 Av B Main 8635-W 

Whorton W W Dr, r, 108 2d av.P C. . Ensley 639-W 
Whorton W W, r, 6226 2nd av, n...Wdlawn 695 

Wicker J A, gen mdse, Fairfield Ensley 1029 

Wicker J A, res, 4309 Parkway Ensley 561-J 

Wideman James H, r, 1414 Cotton av.W End 134-W 
Wieferich Joseph Sr, res, 822 § 13th.. Main 4926-W 
Wieferich Joseph Jr, r, 1111 llth av, s..Main 6692-J 

Wier J P Co, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 7424 

Wiggins Bobbie, res, 731 S 23rd Main 8436 

Wigington M, res, 505 1st av Main 5201-J 

Wilbanks Dora Mrs, res, 1812 Ave I.. Ensley 188-J 

Wilburn C F, res, Dolomite Bessmr 8702 

W T ilby R B, res, Harli Court Main 2918 

Wilcox Electric Co, 313 N 19th Main 1159 

Wilcox J S, res, 2316 Hiland av Main 4465 

Wilcox W F, mgr, Am Tr bl Main 2669 

Wilcox W F, res, 1801 Terrell Blvd.. Ensley 533 

Wilder J I, res, 1040 S 31st Main 2116-J 

Wilder O S Mrs, r, 7625 Hillman av..Wdlawn 1161-W 

Wilder Samuel, atty, 1st N B bl Main 3814 

Wilder W H Dr, ofc, Wdwrd bl Main 104 

Wilder W H Dr, r, 1224 Glnvw rd Main 1155 

Wildsmith E T, r, 71G Ethel av W End 408-J 

Wildsmith M A Mrs, r. Crews Sta.. Ensley 176-J 

Wiles J H, res, Princess Sprgs Bessmr 1120- J 

Wiley C C Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 6224 

Wiley C C Dr, res, Ridgely Apts Main 3510 

Wiley C N. ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 3440 

Wiley H H, res, 1328^ N 24th Main 5130-J 

Wilhite L E Mrs. r, 1214 3rd av W End 662 

Wilkerson B F, ofc. Potter bl Main 1407 

Wilkerson B F, r, 2720 Hanover Cir Main 4165 

Wilkerson E D & Co, tires, 517 S 20th.. Main 7139 

Wilkerson H F, res. 1512 S 19th Main 8061-J 

Wilkerson Julia K, res, 703 Weaver Main 1859-W 

Wilkerson W W Mrs.r.l!)2:, 14th av,s..Main 4469 

Wilkes C E, res, Wilkes Sta Bessmr 8403 

Wilkes H J, res, 4214 Main Bessmr 954-W 

Wilkes J II. groe. Wilkes Sta Bessmr 1126-W 

Wilkes J H. res, Wilkes Sta Bessmr 8403 

Wilkes Z S. res. «18 Powell av w End 293-j 

Wilkey I G, res. 0304 2nd av, s Wdlawn 642-W 

Wilking J Arch, res, 3705 Ave F Main 8410 

Wilkins IT F 1 »r, radiologist, 

70S Tusr av W End 980 

Wilkina II F Dr, res, 517 Tusc av W End 724 

Wilkins W W. res. 1014 3rd av W End 79 

Wilkinson D K Mrs. r. 20 is 4th av Main 8833-W 

Wilkinson D L Dr.ofc.lst N B bl Main 1419 

Wilkinson D L Dr, r. 3 13!> Nrwd Blvd.. Main 8147 

Wilkinson E. res, Hlewild Main 1743 

Wilkinson Elizabeth Miss, res, 

6217 2nd av. n Wdlawn 979 

Wilkinson E D, res, Huffman Wdlawn 8002 

Wilkinson F A. res, 212 S 57th Wdlawn 912-J 

Wilkinson G B. res. Woodward Bessmr 1143-W 

Wilkinson Horace C, r, 5925 3rd av. s. Wdlawn 484 
Wilkinson R E Jr. r. 2511 13th av, n..Main 4865-J 

Uilkinson T H. r. 5517 3rd av, s Wdlawn 413 

Wilkinson W A. r. 2424 Hwthrne Ensley 99-W 

Wilkinson W T, r, 1809 fotton av W End 699-W 

Wilks A E Dr. ofc, 1128^ Tusc av...W End 994 

Wilks A E Dr, res, Powderly W End 591-J 

Wizard P H, res, 1323 Tate av W End 488-W 


„ f 1 " *▼ C Main 2315 

Willcox J DeW, Ins. B-M bl Main 7528 

Willen Chas F. res. 1325 N 30th Main 7794 


Williams A A Mrs,r,7216 2d av.n. .. Wdlawn 
Williams A C Rev, r, 1526 6th av, n...Main 

Williams A C, res, 200 Crews Ensley 

Williams A J Rev, res, 300 Chas Main 

Williams A L, p s, 8157 1st av Wdlawn 

Williams A O, res-, 1308 Av I Main 

Williams Bessie Miss, r, 2026 10th av, s.Maln 

Williams B G, res, 1017 Eula Main 

Uilhams B M, res, 2306 Av G Ensley 

Williams B S, res, 1104 Tusc av W End 

Williams Cecil, res, 2303 Bess Blvd.. Ensley 

Williams Clark, atty, 1st N B bl Main 

Williams Clark, res, 2405 Abdn rd Main 

Williams Cody, res, 2902 8th av, n Main 

Williams C A, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

Williams Chas B Dr, 

Res, 7918 Underwood av Wdlawn 

Williams C E, res, 1829 Rush av Main 

Williams Claude L, r, 2323 17th Ensley 

Williams C M Dr, ofc, Wdward bl Main 

Williams C M Dr, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

Williams C S, res, Raimond Mines. .. Bessmr 

Williams D L, res, 341 Owen av Bessmr 

Williams Dan M, res, 508 Hunter Ensley 

Williams David U, res, 206 College.. W End 

Williams Ed, res, 70S S 23rd Main 

Williams Emmett. res, 1131 12th av, n..Main 
Williams Eugene C, res, 1520 3rd av.. Bessmr 

Williams E M, res, 1006 S" 14th Main 

Williams Fred, res, 2019 Ave G Ensley 

Williams Fannie Bowers Mrs.r.Ridgely. Main 

Williams Fred E, res, 7424 1st av Wdlawn 

Williams F G, res, 1714 7th av Bessmr 

Williams Geo, res, 2313 Oakland av... Ensley 
Williams Georgia Mrs, r, 400 Rgy av..Main 
Williams Geo A, store fixtrs, Farley bl.Main 

Williams Geo A, res, 600 Tusc av W End 

Williams G Mortimer Mrs, 

Res. 2016 Quinlan av Main 

Williams G W, res, Brighton Bessmr 

Williams Haskins, res, 1312 S 20th Main 

Williams Hattie, res, 2420 9th av Bessmr 

Williams H D, res, 2008 28th Ensley 

Williams H E, res, 5343 3rd av, n.. Wdlawn 

Williams H H Mrs, r. 1501^ Allen Main 

Williams II N, res, 5623 1st av Wdlawn 

Williams Ivory, res, 2709 29th av, n Main 

Williams I L, res, 1127 W 10th Main 

Williams Joe, res, 18*7 4th av Bessmr 

Williams J, res, 1717 Ave E Main 

Williams J D. res, 226 S 57th Wdlawn 

Williams J F. res, Huffman Wdlawn 

Williams J H. res, 272s 33rd av, n Main 

Williams J L, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

Williams J L. res. 1908 Ave I Main 

Williams J M. res, 803 Ella W End 

Williams Joseph M, r, 1028 N 30th... Main 
Williams Jno R. mchry Jeff Co Bk bl-.Main 
Williams .las R, res, 291'3 Cypress av. . .Main 

Williams J S. res. 1224 N 30th Main 

Williams J T, res. 1600 Allen Main 

Williams J W, res, 1129 Lawn Main 

Williams Len. res, 88 Highland av Ensley 

Williams Leslie, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

Williams L M Mrs, res, 110 College.. W End 

Williams Ma^lalene, res. 516 S 19th Main 

Williams Mary E Mrs, r, 615 N 25th.. Main 
Williams Music House, 1818 3d av, n..Main 
Williams Nannie H Mrs, res, 

1030 llth av, s MaUi 

Williams Xat W, res, 1426 North... W End 
Williams Parke, res, 205 N Hawkins.. W End 

Williams Preston, res, 832 N 24th Main 

Williams. Plumbing Co, 408 N 19th Main 

Williams P L, groc, 931 48th Wdlawn 

Williams Rinaldo, res. 1451 N 31st Main 

Williams R G, res, 517 N 22nd Main 









4329- W 










A'.ibuLnos S«rvt<5« H.I 002 


SERVICE OTtul ■«" 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Gilchrist-Tarrant BE » 

Main 469 

. . .Main 7731 
Bessmr 657 
Bessmr 377 
Bessmr 573 

Williams R G Motorcycle Co, 

1/10 3rd av, n *. Main 4819 

Williams R J, res, S12 1st av W End 393 

Williams R J, res, 811 llth av, s Main 1883-W 

Williams R W, res, Ridgely Apts Main 8328 

Williams S A Mrs, res. Harli Court Main 6332 


Office, 1911 3rd av Main 5581 

Ready-to- Wear Dent Main 2331 

Millinery Dept Main 3507 

Williams Sarah Lou Miss,r,612 S 44th.. Main 3865-W 

Williams T, res, 1430 S 15th Main 6276- W 

Williams T G, res. 905 Tusc av W End 956-J 

Williair.s T H. bikr, 1703 1st av Main 9592 

Williams T H Dr, ofc, Empire bl Main 8739 

Williams T H Dr, res, 1505 N 25th Main 6648 

Williams T O, res, 5244 1st av Wdlawn 318-J 

Williams T P, res, 133 3rd Ensley 766 

Williams T R, res, 7135 Sloss av Wdlawn 1436 

Williams V B, res, 233 N 49th Wdlawn 567-J 

Williams W A, res, 7801 Walker avWdlawn 1041-J 

Williams W C, res. 2509 20th av, n Main 6442-J 

Williams W F, res, 1216 Tusc av W End 962-W 

Williams W H, res, 1430 N 36th Main 8965-J 

Williams W J, res, Shades Mtn W End 735-R 

Williams W J Dr, dent, 1S24 1st av Main 7380 

Williams W J Dr, res, 1409 N 33rd. 
Williams W Macon, r, 1000y 2 Gth av 
Williams Walter N, res, 1526 5th av. 
Williams W T, res, Sloss Mines... 

Williams W T, res, 935 Ala av Main 5955-J 

Williams W W, res, 1021% N 24th Main 4606-J 

Williams Wiley W, res, 2817 Jeff av Main 3879-J 

Williams & Voris Lumber Co, 46th.. Wdlawn 780 
Williamson A K, ofc, 1824 2d av.... Bessmr 135 
Williamson A K,*r, 1729 Arlngtn av. Bessmr 233-W 
Williamson C M. r, 2732 Hanover Circle. Main 5707-J 

Williamson E B, res, 708 1st av W End 40-W 

Williamson Geo, res, 1811 Rush av Main 2456-W 

Williamson G E, res, 2520 20th av, n..Main 2638 

Williamson G T, res, 1211 S 15th Main 8190 

Williamson Geo W Dr, r, 616 44th Ensley 1233-W 

Williamson-Jones Groc Co, 326 Crwfrd. Ensley 1491 

Williamson J P, res, 2313 Ave D Ensley 758 

Williamson Kate Mrs,r,192S Brkly av. Bessmr 419-W 

Williamson Tom, res, 801 S 20th Main 9519 

Williamson W H, res, 823 Tusc av W End 730-J 

Williamson W M, res, 4212 Prkwy Ensley 824-W 

Williamson Y L, res, 1163 Arkadelphia. Main 3049-J 
Williamson's Garage, 251S 2nd av, n...Main 5845 
Williard Storage Battery Co, 2122 Av C.Main 2315 

Willingham J O, res, 4223 Main Bessmr 934-W 

Willingham Melvin, res, 279 S 66th. Wdlawn 525-J 

Willis A J, ror, 1726 Jffrsn av Ensley 1232-J 

Willis J Ellen Miss, r, 1622 Phelan Main 5556-J 

Willis J II, atty, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 705 

Willis J H, res, 1321 Waucoma av Main 2953-J 

Willis Stella Miss, res, 22 Spring Main 4581-J 

Willis S E. res, Crestline lights Main 5442-W 

Willison J H Mrs, res, 5403 1st av.. Wdlawn 626 

Willoughby Graham, r, 609 N 25th Mail 5311 

Willoughby Hattie Miss, r, 205 S 61. Wdlawn 418-W 

Wills John, res, 1200 Virginia av Main 6066 

Wills Picas, res, 219 S 24th Main 2106-J 

Willson Mattie A Mrs, r, 1102-Louise. . Main 9572 

Wilmot W E, reg. 127 N 60th Wdlawn 50-J 

Wilson Al, tlr, 108 N 21st Main 3387 

Wilson Al, res, 2109 Humboldt av Main 2339 

Wilson Anna Mrs, res, 815 S 20th Main 8408 

Wilson A N, res, 3023 llth av, n Main 7818-J 

Wilson B Mrs. res, 2307 Park av Ensley 1533-W 

Wilson B Mrs. res, 302% S 20th Main 7986 

Wilson Cunningham Dr, ofc, J C Bk bl. .Main 2826 
Wilson Cunningham Dr. r, 1107 S 20th. Main 1195 

Wilson Chas C, res, 715 5th av, n Main 5395 

Wilson Chas E, res, 4328 Ave B Main 1709-W 

Wilson C G. res, 500 S 7th Main 4273-W 

Wilson D C. res. 010 N 4 4th Wdlawn 147-J 

Main 223 ElCCtfiCdU 4I2N ' 29thSt ' 



A.nbubnci Service |fl. I 002 












































Packers, 2 N 23rd, 

Bookkeeper Main 

Branch House Sales Main 

District Mgrs Res, 1011 S 28th Main 

Wilson & Magruder Drs, ofc, J C Bk bl.Main 
Wilson & Shirley, plmbrs, 208 N 22d..Main 

Wilson's Studio, 31 7*4 N 20th Main 

Wiltshire Alfred,- r, 7404 Hillman av. Wdlawn 

Wimberly T F, res, Forest Park Main 


2011 1st av • Main 

Winburn T P, res, 1108 23d Bessmr 

Winchester J M. res, 4116 Sycamore. Ensley 
Windham B L, res, 617 9th av, n....Main 
Windham Jno J, res, 1723 S 10th av...Main 

Windham T C, res, 726 8th av, n Main 

Winegar Gertrude Miss, 

Res, 1,133 llth av, n Main 

Winfield C J, res, 2319 Hawthorn av. Ensley 

Winfield E C, res, 1404 Ave I Bessmr 

Winfield F M Mrs, i*es, 815 N 20th Main 

Winfield H E, res, 1114 3rd av, n W End 

Winfield P J, res, 60S Emma av Main 

Winfree B A, res, 1405 N 16th av Main 

N 30th Main 

D E, res, Woodward Bessmr 

E E, lawyer, Realty bl Bessmr 

F.G, res, 4631 2nd av, n Wdlawn 

F M, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 

F M, res, Ridgely Apts Main 

F S, res, 1314 Sylvan av Main 

G G, res, 830 Hibernian av.... Ensley 

H Dr, dent, 205^ 19th Bessmr 

H F Jr, res, 2101 llth av, s..Main 

James, res, 4022 5th av, s Main 

J A, contr, 621 N 17th Main 

J E, res, 1712 5th av Bessmr 

Joe L, res, 326 39th Ensley 

Lee, res. 211 N Elyton W End 

Louise Mrs, res, 701 S 20th Main 

Lula Mrs, res, 719 S 18th Main 

LeGrand C, r, 122S N 30th Main 

Luther E Dr, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl.Main 
Luther E Dr, res, 1107 S 15th. Main 

L T, res, 2207 Ave F Ensley 

Mattie, res, 1741 N 9th av Main 

M E Rev, res, 2116 Davis Ensley 

M F, res, 525 S 26th Main 

M U, res,, 1509 N 31st Main 

May M Mrs, res, 1215 S 19th.. Main 

M W Mrs, res, 1109 N 23rd Main 

O D, res, Dian Apts Main 

O E Dr, res, 113 1st Ensley 

Rosa, res, 914 13th av, n Main 

R C, res, 1219 Huntsv av Main 

R G, res, 2304 Clarndn av Bessmr 

S B, res, 200 Pearl W End 

T A, res, 318 39th Ensley 

Willard, res, Glenn av Main 

W C, res, 1205 Glen Iris av..Main 

W Corbett, res, 1019 S 13th Main 

W E, res, 715 S 25th '. Main 

W H, res, 931 W 14th Main 

W K, res, 2111 Av H Main 

W T, res, 2316 llth av, n Main 

W W, res, 815 Tusc av W End 

W Wallace, res, 1331 Cullom..Maln 










4 186- J 


640- W 


5979 - 




Wins? Maurice, res, 1401 

Wlngate E II, res, 226 Lucy av. 

Wingfield Thomas J, atty, Am Tr. ....'. Main 

Wingfield T J, res, 1318 S 20th Main 

Wingo W. res, 1310 St Chas Main 

Winn L M Dr. ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 

Winn L M Dr, res, 2031 Quinlan av..Main 

Winn S D Cigar Co. 1701 1st av Main 

Winning J E, res, 1849 Pike av Ensley 

Winslow C! R Mrs, res, 2208 5th av, n..Maln 
Winslow F B, res, 410 Lucy av Main 















Hahn-Foreman c SCJeL 195 

Peck- Williamson Pipeless Furnaces 190S Ave. B 

• » 



• indicates P. B. Exchange, 








Main 769 

Funeral Director Main 4862 

Winston C G, res. 601 Cotton av....W End 538 
W nston George Mrs, res, 814 N 48th.Wdlawn 5 

Winston Ike, res, 511 Powell W End 472 

Winston J N, res, 1908 16th av, s....Maln 1613 

W nston W J, res, 1613 Ave I Main 6518-J 

Winston W O Mrs, res, 1921 Ave H....Maln 8855 

Winter P L, res, 1641 N 31st Main 5768 

Wnter Geo, res, 809 Woodland av....Maln 5319-J 

Winter J B, ofc, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5429 

Winter J F Tlrg & Frng Co, 408 N 26th. Main 5722 

Wnter J F, res, 1216 N 25th Main 5256-J 

Winters E P, res, Woodward Bessmr 885-J 

W inters J S Dr. r, 1781 5th av Bessmr 12 

Winters W S Mrs, r, 1730 Brkly av.. Bessmr 316-J 
Winters & Waller Drs,ofc,210% 19th. Bessmr 76 

Winton-Morris Drug Co, 601 S 15th Main 1075 

Wire Chf Postal T C Co, ofc, B-M bL.Main 4400 

Wise Chas L, res, 2108 7th av, n Main 5338-J 

Wise H F Mrs, r, 1221 Sylvan av. s..Maln 3249-J 

Wise Marvin, res, 2220 Hglnd av Main 850 

Wise T V, res, 6025 1st av Wdlawn 553-J 

Wise Wm, res, Morris Hotel Main 4601 

Wise & Hardman, rl est, 2120 1st av..Maln 8316 

Wishart E L Mrs, r, 114 S" 61st Wdlawn 26- W 

Wishart M E Mrs, r, 8136 Sloss av.. Wdlawn 846 
Wissinger Arthur R, r, 3421 N 12th av. .Main 4204-J 

Witherspoon J F, res, 1317 N 24th Main 5419-J 

Witherspoon Robt, res, 1314 3rd av..W End 922 

Withington M E, res, 1512 Ave L Main 6194-J 

Withir.gton Pharmacy, Ch of Com Main 1007 

Withington Pharmacy (p s), C Com Main 9172 

Witt A H, mining engr, Am Trust Main 7129 

Witt A H, res, 4233 Cliff rd Main 2204-J 

Witt's Barber Shop, 218 N 21st Main 7687 

Witte C S, res, 130 N 71st Wdlawn 344-W 

Witte Henry W, res, 1320 N 25th Main 6278 

Witte Q P, res, 4912 2d av Wdlawn 162-W 

Wittichen Carl F, res, 1220 Ash Main 2852 


General Ofc, 12 S 20th Main 8500 

South Side Coal Yd, Av C Main 900 

Wittichen Carl F, Pres, res Main 2852 

Superintendent's Residence Main 7357-W 

Bldg Material Dept. 12 S 20th Main 5569 

Witty Chester, r, 1703 Oxford av Main 6260- J 

Woco Garage, 1830 Ala av Bessmr 700 

Wofford G T, res, 1420 N 32d Main 4454 

Wofford Oil Co, 9th av Main 2130 

Filling sta, 2031 Ave C Main 8294 

Wolf C L, res, 1607 14th av, s Main 230-J 

Wolfe Bessie Miss, r, 1606 13th av, s..Maln 4971 

Wolfe H L, res, 1400 Tusc av W End 321-J 

Wolowitz Michael J, r, 1410 S 16th Main 4382 

Woltersdorf J W Mrs, r, 1408 St Chas.. Main 5765-W 

W C T U, hdqtrs, 113% N 21st Main 8253 

Wood A E, Woodward, Ala Bessmr 885-W 

Wood Chas F, consltg eng, J C Bk bL.Main 7979 

Wood C H Mrs, res, 2101 Av G Ensley 1101-W 

Wood D C, res, 1900 Drtmth av Bessmr 623-J 

Wood D W, res, 1223 N 29th Main 4095 

Wood E J Mrs, res, 6021 2nd av, s.. Wdlawn 752-J 

Wood Edmund N Dr.dent.Jeff Co Bk Main 670 

Wood Edmund N Dr.r.Rbck Sprgs. . Wdlawn 844-W 

Wood E N, res, 5312 3rd av Wdlawn 577-J . 

Wood E N & Son, brkrs, 2313 Mors av. .Main 8687 
Wood Earl W, res, 100 Walnut W End 311-J 


Wholesale, 2030 Morris av Main 8114 

Wood F M, res, 5509 2d av, s Wdlawn 476 

Wood F W, res, 1321 N 24th Main 8240 

Wood H D, res, 1611 5th av Bessmr 891 

Wood Henry W, cigars, 701 19th Ensley 1241 

Wood Jas A, res, 1916 16th av, s Main 8957-W 

Wood Jas B, res, 8200 Undrwd av.. Wdlawn 410 

Wood Janie D Miss, r, 427% S 20th Main 1675 

Wood Jas E, res, 70 Maple, P C Ensley 1090 

Wood Jos L. res. 2515 Extr av Bessmr 318 

rocAnoNTAs \/\/HL 228 


Armabncd S«rvbe ||. I OOZ 

Wood J M Mrs, r, 1715 Berkley av... Bessmr 418-W 

Wood J S, res, 1915 Ga av Main 7631-J 

Wood Jno W, res, Roebuck Springs. Wdlawn 844-J 

Wood James W, r, 706 1st av W End 38-W 

Wood John W,r,2008 Hibernian av... Ensley 581 
Wood Jno W & Co,feed,2313 Mors av..Maln 8687 
Wood Kathleen Miss,r,6516 Wlkr.s. .Wdlawn 363-J 
Wood Kate S Mrs, res, 146 Davles. .Wdlawn 906-J 

Wood Lela Miss, res, Lipscomb Bessmr 1085- W 

Wood LeRoy, res, 1902 5th av, n Main 5171 

Wood L M Mrs, res, 705 S 18th Main 4753 

Wood Max, res, Sayreton Main 5238-W 

Wood N B & Co.shoe shop,2830 N 27th. .Main 3278 

Wood O W, res, 5612 2nd av, s Wdlawn 78-J 

Wood Sterling A, res, 2101 21st av Main 3964 

Wood S M, res, 1712 Almeda av W End 117-W 

Wood T F, res, 1204 N 29th Main 2870-J 

Wood V W Mrs, res, 712 S 21st Main 2907-J 


Grocers, 2400 2nd av Main 6091 

Wood Wade, res, 1023 Sycamore Main 3178 

Wood W D, res, 2809 Hghlnd av Main 3470-J 


Office, 8th av Main 4590 

Wood W Harvey, r, 5725 2d av, s.. Wdlawn 166-J 

Wood W N Mrs, r, 2417 Ave J Ensley 1174 

Wood W O Mrs, res, 1000 Eula Main 5509-W 

Wood W R, res, 1818 20th Ensley 1108 

Wood W T & Son, uphlstrs, 515 S 26th. Main 7928 
Wood & Crabbe Grain Co, 1331 Ave A.. Main 7477 


Office, let Nat Bk bl Main 1289 

Sterling A Wood, atty Main 1289 

Woodall H W, res, 2906 12th av, n Main 3024 

Woodall Percy H Dr.osteop.lst N B bL.Main 662 

Woodall Percy H Dr, res, 1011 Eula Main 8354-W 

Woodall W B Dr, res, 1211 N 23rd Main 6084 

Woodall Wm Marvin, atty, 1st N B bL.Main 3339 
Woodall & Bell-Ramsey Co, 1st N B bl.Main 3339 
Woodard J W, res, 1107 S 10th av Main 5289 


5601 1st av Wdlawn 40 

Woodlawn, Ala, marshal, City Hall.. Wdlawn 14 


5700 2nd av Wdlawn 526 

Woodlawn Fire Dept, 5427 1st av... Wdlawn 1 
Woodiawn Fraternal Lodge No 525, 

5400 1st av Wdlawn 500 

Woodlawn Lbr mtl,115 S 52d.. Wdlawn 188 
Woodlawn Realty & Development Co, 

5505 2nd av, s Wdlawn 51 ' 

Woodlawn Realty & Development Co, 

Am Tr bl Main 465 

Woodlawn Savings Bk,5402 1st av.. Wdlawn 4 
Woodlawn Shoe Hospital, 100 S 55th Wdlawn 9 
Woodlawn Transfer Co,6457 2d a v,s. .Wdlawn 516 
Woodlawn Transfer & Traffic Co, 

6400 1st av Wdlawn 822 

Woodlawn Wall Paper Co,5416 1st av. Wdlawn 580 

Woodley S Z, res, 1910 22nd av Ensley 1104-J 

Woodman Elizabeth Miss, r, 202 1st. Ensley 229 
Woodmen of the World No 4, Farley bl.Main 2487 

Juvenile dept, Farley bl Main 2350 

Woodrow C E, res, 404 St Charles... W End 69-W 
Woodrow C M, r, 714 Lombardy av..W End 51-W 
Woodrow G D, res, 2300 Clrndn av.. Bessmr 212 

Woodrow R H, res, 1135 Louise av Main 1269 

Woodruff C J, res, 1017 S 16th Main 4935 

Woodruff Geo, res. 700% S 28th Main 6870 

Woodruff Lillie, res, Tennessee Main 3959-W 

Woodruff T L, res, 1011 S 13th Main 8937 

Woodruff W L, r, 1311 Huntsv av Main 414 

Woods B B Mrs, res, 147 N 58th Wdlawn 359-W 

Woods C Mrs, r, 1618 4th av, n Main 7626 

Woods Carrie, res, 514 20th Bessmr 788-W 

Indicates P. B. Exchange. 




Office &NXbRKs 

JFFICE 6c WORKS T| ^n 4f+ f ^Z*+ 

rAiRFiELp^AiA. | he J$Q0tA* Company ^jj* 


Woods Coal Co, yard, Brighton Bessmr 311 

Woods F J Mrs, res, 227 N 49th Wdlawn 156-W 

Woods L C Dr, ofc, 1st Nat Bk bl Main 289 

Woods L C Dr, res, 5114 1st av.... Wdlawn 524 

Woods M H, res, 1G17 Pike av Ensley 535- J 

Woods Mark P, res, 506 Woods Wdlawn 713 

Woodson L G Dr, oculist, Wdwrd bI...Main 2411 

Woodson L G Dr, res, 1326 S 19th Main 9532-W 

Woodson R C Dr, oculist, Wdwrd bl...Main 8336 
Woodson R C Dr, r, 2732 Hghlnd av...Main 8320 

Woodward A H, res, 1030 S 41st Main 3614 

Woodward Battery Co, 230 S 22nd Main 558 

Woodward Barber Shop, Wdwrd bl Main 4948 

Woodward Billiard Hall, 12 N 20th Main 1772 

Woodward C O, res, 704^ S 28th Main 5194 

Woodward D H, res, 1000 Glen Iris av.Main 9087 
Woodward Hat Cleaning Co, 14 N 20th. Main 6342 

Woodward H G, res, 1306 S 19th Main 3456- J 


Genl office, Woodward Bessmr 950 

Chairman, A H Woodward, Wdward.Main 1211 
Pres, Frank H Crockard, Wd ward.. Main 1211 

Genl mgr, H M Urban, Wdward Main 1211 

Secy, Herbert E Smith, Wdward.. Main 1211 
Secy, Herbert E Smith, Wdwrd. . Bessmr 368 

Treas, D E Wilson, Wdward Bessmr 156 

Treas, D E Wilson, Wdward Main 7515 

Audr, Frank E Curtis, Wdward. . Bessmr 156 
Prchng agt, J H Leonard, Wdwrd. Bessmr 296 
Prchng agt, J H Leonard, Wdwrd.. Main 7016 

Ch engnr, E J Best, Wdward Bessmr 950 

Acctg dept, Woodward Bessmr 88 

Acctg dept, Woodward Main 7515 

Supt of furnaces, Woodward Bessmr 950 

Supt of transportation, Wdwrd. .. Bessmr 576 

Supt of power, Woodward Bessmr 

Supt of shops, Woodward Bessmr 

Ch clrk, Woodward Bessmr 

Supt of labor, Woodward Bessmr 

Employment ofc. Woodward Bessmr 

Supply house, Woodward Bessmr 

Hospital, Woodward Bessmr 

Traffic dept, Woodward Bessmr 

Paymaster, Woodward Bessmr 

Club house, Woodward Bessmr 1145-W 

Ch clrk, By-Product Plant Bessmr 337-W 

Benzol dept, By-Product Plant Bessmr 337-j 

Ch clrk, Vanderbilt Main 7009 

Scale house, Vanderbilt Main 7133 

Hospital, Red Ore Mine Bessmr 833-J 

Ch clrk, Songo vv End 

Ch clrk, Pyne Bessmr 

Dolomite commissary Bessmr 

Mulga commissary Bessmr 

Red Ore commissary Bessmr 

Songo commissary w E nt j 

Pyne commissary , bessmr 

W oodward commissary Bessmr 122 

Woodward J H, r, 2313 Hghlnd av....Maln 1186 
Woodward Stenog Bureau, Wdwd bl...Maln 162 
Woolverton W H, atty, Jff Co Bk bl...Main 2276 

Woolverton W H, res. 1316 N 33rd Main 9302- W 

Woolverton & Daugette, attys, J C B bl.Main 2276 
Wool worth F W & Co, 5 & 10 ct store 

1920 2nd av, n Main 7374 

Woolworth F W & Co, 300 N 19th.... Main 3290 

417 19th Ensley 375 

Wooten C A Mrs, res, 1S19 Ave G Ensley 904-J 

Wooten J O, res, 1810 Cottnwd av Main 2306-W 

Wooten SI, res, Gordon Heights. ... Bessmr 427-J 

Wooten W L. res. 1606 Beoch Main 2611 W 

Wootten W L, atty, 1st N Bk bl Main 347 

Word L E res, 7507 Sloss av Wdlawn 608-W 

Word Minnie Miss.r,2200 Drtmth av.. Bessmr 9085 

Work W R res, 1422 N 24th Main 6669 

Worley M W. res. 1004 S 28th Main C285 

Worrall F W res, 1109 Sylvan av. . . . Main 3333-J 
Worrell C H Mrs, r. 1101 Tusc av. . . . W End 493- J 


Ainul nc 8 ft«iv:„fc (j. | 002 










837 -W 


Portland Cement ™ ho :A iai 


Worrell C W, r, 1018 Cotton av W End 455-W 

Worrell W W, res, 5801 1st av Wdlawn 220-J 

Worsham Jas G .Mrs, r, 2319 Ave F....Main 5252-J 
Worthington Agnes Mrs. r, 1301 N 31st. Main 6823-W 
Worthington J L, r, 3401 Hghlnd av. .-Main 3414 
Worthington Mittie, r, 374 N 54th.. Wdlawn 44-J 

Worthingfon M P, res, 3108 Ave F Main 6076-W 

Worthington Pump & Mchry Corp, 

m A "». Tr bl Main 2393 

Worthington Thos.contr.lst N B bl Main 5299 

Worthington Thos, r, 2109 16th av, s..Main 3428 

Worthy Bert, res, 1330 Hall av Bessmr 998-J 

Worthy D O, res, 3930 Bank Bessmr 1091-J 

Wortsmann J M, res, Dian Apts Main 9368 

Wray Moody Mrs, res, 1109 12th av, n..Main 4949 

Wren Wm, res, 213 4 3rd Ensley 470-J 

Wright Alma Mrs, res, 722 N 17th.... Main 3936 

Wright Alma Mrs, r, 1018 N 24th Main 4593 

Wright A E, res, 308 4th PC t£nsley 466-W 

Wright B B. res. 1600 Bradley Main 1084 

Wright C FMrs, res, 1117 12th av, n....Main 7820-J 

Wright Coke S, ins, Am Tr bl Main 4169 

Wright D N, res, 1612 3rd av Bessmr 866 

Wright Ed E, res, 4931 1st av, s Wdlawn 541-J 

Wright E O, res. 6301 1st av Wdlawn 290-J 

Wright G A Mrs, res, 1720 8th av, n...Main 8919-W 

Wright Jas E, res, 1510 6th av Bessmr 151-W 

SaHSL 1 . Jno M ' r ' 33GG Hghlnd av....Maln 3188-J 


Plumbers, 1710 1st av Main 14 

w ng tj / J£. res « 925 2nd av » " Main 9535-J 

Wright J W, res, 718 Burke w End 591- W 

5*!*?! h P ' reS ' 51 ° N 14th Main 6638 

Wright Mercantile Co,groc,319 19th.. Bessmr 20 

"right M E Mrs, res, 820 S 30th Main 1925 

Wright N E Mrs, r, 7210 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 531 
fright Paul, res, 2S33 Jefferson av..Maln 2104-J 

Wright Paul & Co, engnr, B-M bl Main 4871 

Wright Paul S. res, 1101 Cotton av..W End 384-J 
Wright Russell A.r.5000 Flrntine av. Wdlawn 1272 
Wright Susan E Miss.r,2S0S 12th av.n..Maln 442 

w SR Z lb res ' 113 ° N 25th Main 3111-J 

£&??« If' ros ' 392 ° Hattie av.... Ensley 463-J 
W right Walter Mrs.r.6416 Wdlwn av. Wdlawn 1467 
Wright W E Dr. res, 519 44th Ensiey 599-W 

5?1fii Y £* reS> 270S Ave F Ens| ey 9051 

W right & King Auto Rpr Co,2127 Av A. Main 7972 
W right & Williams, groc, 1918 8th av. Bessmr 187 

Wroth Irene Miss, res, 1034 Elm Main 1398 

Wrye William F. res, 1400 Cullom. . . . Main 5033-J 
Wullenbucher C J, uphlstr, 811 S 22d..Main 479 

W unch J B, res, 1424 Cotton av W End 564 

Hyatt- Johnson, vulcahizing.308 S 20th.. Main 6209 

Z Y S> i T ^ Te *' 1901 Ave E Main 7149 

£RU<SrS' res> 1119 Lawn Main 5952-J 

Wyatt W P, res, 130 N 59th Wdlawn 549-W 

Wyche L P. res. 1205 N 26th Main 7753 L T, res. 1204 N 13th av Main 5224-W 

Wylam Dispensary TCI Co, Wlm. Al .. Ensley 294 
Wylam Furniture Co.4301 7 av.Wyl. . Ensley 648-J • 

Wylam Ice Cream Co, 4418 7th av Ensley 582-W 

Wylam Motor Co. rprs. 4424 7th av.. Ensley 1238 
Wylam Pharmacy (pay sta), 7th av... Ensley 9110 

Wyman B L Dr. ofc, 1st N B bl Main 1418 

Wyman B L Dr, r, 2116 Hghlnd av...Main 431 

Wynn A S. res, 1330 N 30th Main 2784-J 

Wynn-Knox Candy Co, 2304 1st av Main 1953 

W'ynn P S, res, 914 Tusc av W End 163-J 

Wynn W J, atty. 1st Nat Bk bl Main 313 

Wynn W J. res. 1621 14th av, s Main 2207-W 

Wynne Gideon Mrs.r.4515 Val rd Ensley 972-W 

W ynne H A. res. M 1 g r.fith Wdlawn 330-W 

Wynne S P, res, 2914 Ensley av Ensley 1154-W 

• • 

Yager John, res, Louis Apts Main 8961-J 

Yancey Eugenia M Miss.r.923 S 13th.. Main 6199-W 
Yancey G W. atty, 1st N B bl Main 930 

Main 223 

Electrical *»*'*** 





• Indicates P. B. Exchangl 














V/vOl v a 1 1 o Ml 

Ensley 1477 

Yancey G W, res, 15 Glen Iris Pk Main 3981-W 

Yancey J L. HI Est & Ins Co, 118 N 21. .Main 606 

Yandle C B .Mrs, r, 209 S Gist Wdlawn 1240 

Yarborough C C, r, 1318 Cotton av...W End 314 
Yarborough Richard, r, 1228 3rd av..W End 649-J 

Yarbrough B F, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 8538 

Yarbrough D W C, res, 903 S 21st Main 5525 

Yarbrough J L, res, 102G N 45th Wdlawn 106-W 

Yarbrough Louis, res, 1129 45th Main 3558-J 

Yarbrough R H, res, Lewisburg Main 1735-J 

Yarbrough W E, res, 1111 N 45th. . .Wdlawn 109-J 

Yarbrough W M, res, Lewisburg .Main 7362-J 

Yates J A, rfg, Am Tr bl Main 935 

Yates J A, res, 11C7 11th av, s Main 3999 

Yates r B Machine Co, ofc, Emp bl...Main 4605 
Yawman & Erbe Mfg Co, spl agcy, 

2029 2d av Main 1140 

Yeargin Champ, res, 810 Tusc av W End 376 

Yeates Jesse F, res, 1054 S 32d Main 4573-W 

Yeatman Geo M, r, 3256 Highland Driv.Main 4430-J 
Yeatman John T,r,1015 Crescent av...Main 3033-J 

Yeatman W P, res, 1044 S 31st Main 5320 

Y'eilding Bros Co, 

Groc, 2129 2nd av, n Main 1 

Dry gds, 2129 2nd av, n Main 7320 

Ofc, 2129 2nd av, n Main 7162 

Whol groc & feed, 2125 Mors av Main 346 

Yellding C M, res, 1728 Jasper Main 2363-J 

Yeilding E C & II L, dents, 1st N B bl.Main 1608 

Yeilding F B, res, 1500 N 31st Main 2190 

Yeilding J M', res, 3522 N 27th Main 6070 

Yeilding J T, res, 1214 N 17th Main 5450-J 

Yeiter C A res, 1302 17th av, I Main 3518-W 

Yerkes 8 L, ofc, Am Tr bl Main 535 

Yerkes 8 L, res, 2617 Madison av Main 4092 

Yester L If Mrs, res, 2314 10th av, s..Maln 6595-W 
Yielding W J, res, 2330 Hghlnd av Main 2222 


J B McClary, Pres&Genl Mgr.B-M bl.Main 4990 
W B Johnson, Secy&Treas, B-M bl-.Main 4990 

Sales Dept, B-M bl Main 62 

Yolton R E, res, 1422 N 29th Main 540 

Young Avery, res, 2214 6th av, n Main 5253 

Young Angeline S Mrs,r,2923 20th av.n.Enaley 514-W 

Young E N. res, 410 S 5 4th Wdlawn 619-J 

Young E "W, res, Vineville Sta Ensley 521-W 

Young F J Mrs, res, 322 1st av Wdlawn 735-M 

Young FM, res, 2815 11th av, n Main 8414-J 

Young H P, res, 1124 S 12th Main 3922 

Young I F, res, 1321 Clifton Main 5310 

Young J L, res, 2407 11th av, n Main 6590-J 

Young J Marvin, res, 1027 15th av, n...Main 2363-W 
Young J T, res, 5008 5th av, s Wdlawn 758-W 


2109 Ave A Main 3262 

Y M C A, 

Ofc, 520 N 20th Main 5646 

• Pay sta, 526 N 20th -yt Main 9167 

Pay sta, 526 N 20th Main 9170 

State hdqrtrs, Jeff Co Bk bl Main 5655 

Ofc, Carnegie Library Bessmr 677 


AmbuLnct S«»vlcc hi. I UUZ 



Y M C A Reconstruction Service (col), 

Penny Sav Bk bl Main 2092 

State ofc, 526 N 20th Main 8291 

Y M II A, ofc,* 1701 6th av, n Main 6521 

Young T C, res, 1309 Cullom Main 2845-J 

Young T H Dr, res, 7932 Undrwd av. Wdlawn 1017 

Young T M, res, 1529 34th av, n Main 7231-J 

Young W A, res, 1301 17th av, s Main 708-W 

Young Woman's Club, 210 N 21st Main 3988 * 

Y W C A Hotel, res, 720 W 20th Main 2797 

Young W D, res, 304 1st av Ensley 568 

Young W H, res, 1606 S 13th Main 1433-J 

Young & Smith Groc Co,5630 1st av,n. Wdlawn 955 

1731 1st av Main 5061 


Groc, 2301 2nd av Main 1367 

Youngblood Wm, res, 2610 16th av. .. Ensley 754 

Zabel A L, res, 219 N 50th Wdlawn 339-W 

Zahn D W, res, 1414 S 13th av Main 3576-J 

Zail Ophelia, res, 1000 10th av, s Main 3542-J 

Zanthos & Thiakos, confect, 

2001 Ave E Ensley 1439 

Zavelo Bertha Mrs, res, 1626 S 12th Main 5308-W 

Zavelo Sarah Mrs, r, 925 N 13th Main 4930-J 

Zbinden Arthur D, r, 5712 2d av, n. Wdlawn 1441 

Zealy C E Mrs, res, 129 Halstead Wdlawn 432-J 

Zeidman S, res, 1231 Av F Main 1513 

Zeidman S, res; 900 N 17th Main 8725-J 

Zeigler E L, res, 2028 Ave G Main 3839-W 

Zeigler Irby, rl est, 411 19th, Ensley 251 

Zeigler Irby, res, 2200 ^ve F Ensley 95 

Zeigler J P, res, 2018 Ave D Ensley 1227-J 

Zeigler Jno R, res, 2034 Ave G Main 1975 

Zeigler Lola Miss, res, 1021 S 19th Main 6097-J 

Zeigler Mattie, res, 1425 Ave C Main 8844-J 

Zeigler P L, res, 400 Ann Ensley 1043-W 

Zeigler R 1+ groc, 2330 8th av Bessmr 329 

Zeigler R L, res, 1817 5th av Bessmr 842-W 

Zell JI Linden, res, 1330 N 32d Main 4399-J 

Zellers C II, res, 1509^ 10th av, s Main 1748-W 

Zfllner G E, res, 309 College W End 504-J 

Zelnicker Supply Co.ofc.Wdward bl. .. Main 4681 
Ziede Moses N, res, 2233 4th av, n....Main 9545 
Zielberg Josie Miss. r. 722 Prnctn av. . W End 162 

Ziff P, res, 2308 11th av, n Main 8161-W 

Zimmerman A Mrs, res, 1201 N 30th... Main 2735-W 

Zimmerman D M, res, 1 5 2 4 S 19th Main 4227-W 

Zimmerman Mercer de T, res, 

1211 Sylvan av Main 7255 

Zingeser Bros, bakers, 1919 4th av Main 4269 

Zinkan F B Miss, r, 620 N 19th Main 6691 

Zinszer M L Mrs, r. 1715 10th av, s...Main 3584 

Zivitz M. res, 2^00 A v D Ensley 1300 

Zuber C E Dr, res, Terc Crt Apts Main 5916 

Zuber C E, dentist, 1st Nat Bk Main 735 

Zubcr J B, res, 301 3rd, P C Ensley 865-W 

Zweibel Chas, A, res, 1602 S 13tb Main 85,80 

Zyne Charles, res, 631 S 15th Main 6334 

Zyne Joseph, groc&mts, 530 16th, n Main 6479 



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Funeral Director Main 4862 

Call by Number and Help Us Improve Your Service 


Drive It Yourself 

You used to rent a horse and buggy and drive it 
yourself. Now you can rent a nice, clean, new Ford auto- 
mobile at our new, modern, down town garage and drive 
it yourself. 

For pleasure or business — for any use to which an 
automobile can be put — use our service. 

Take a ride — go a mile or 100 miles, stay a few 
minutes or a few weeks — drive it yourself. 

Salesmen — cover your territory on wheels. Your 
time is money. Use our new Fords. Cheaper and far 
better than the old time rented horse and buggy. 

If you can use an automobile — you can use our service 
Open day and night — We never close. 


You can qualify in' live minutes to rent Ford cars 
from us. After you once get your name on our files it 
only takes half a minute to walk into our handy down 
town garage and drive out in a Ford. 

Our cars are all 1920 model Fords; both touring 
and roadsters. Cars with self starters. 

We rent one-ton Ford trucks on the drive-it-yourself 

Phone Main 177 for Information and Rates. 


Big, New, Modern Garage 1701 Second Ave. 

On the Corner Aeross from the Jefferson Theatre 

Oar Customers Are Furnished Good Insurance Protection 

■ -*»'"■ •■ • - « '- • ■«« ■ ■•»• "^»mn» 

■ .. ^■|WWW|WW|»pMtwwiP"*r^wWT«<WWW l ! 


Real Old Fashioned Red Ash 

Base Burner and Furnace Fuel 






Am. E aid ZZ»i St. 80. Broad St., Elyton 9 Ave. and 2 1st St. It.