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169 Genesee Street. 

(s :dta to? 



Your patronage most earnestly solicited. 






Bakeiy and Confectionery, 


Tobacco and all kinds of Cigars, 

45, ^7 # ^9 Bleeeher St., VTICA, JV. Y. 


I Miss Flora y ones, 




[ BTIC!A,N.T. 

I Sold \>j &I1 Dni^Rists. 

Tor the Toilet. 



Teeth, Qold and Tin Foil on tuuid. or rumlshed to order at Manutacturers' Prices. 
Office, 230 Oeoesee St., - - VTICA, N. Y. 

once Hoari trvm S A. H. (o 6 P. H. 


Wholesale and Retail 

No. 155 Oenesee Street, 
tJTICA, H- Y, 






Manufactured by 




Notice. — Beware of all infringements, buy none but 
the genuine. We have no connection with any other 
house in the city bearing a similar name. 






UeDeral aoi hmm Directory 


Utica, Frankfort and Jlion. 



Compiled and Published by Chas. N. Gaffney, 


June I, 1883. 



The arif t of 
9he Dennison Maauf . Oo. , 

DX/? 5^ ? April asi i8e5. 


The DIRECTORY for 1883 contains not only the usual 
publication, but in addition, a General and Business Directory 
of Frankfort and Ilion. In adding these two promising vill- 
ages, the publisher hopes to subserve their business interests 
as well as that of Utica, and make the continuation of the 
enterprise a demand. 

The Canvassers met this year with the usual obstacles in 
the work of gathering the names, and found their labors con- 
siderably increased by the unprecedented number of removals 
from one part of the city to another, and the large accession 
to our population ; but experience, skill and liberal outlay 
have resulted in the best compilation the city has ever been 
favored with. In the fullness of its list of names, and the 
fiimplicity of its classification, this volume will commend itself 
as in advance of its predecessors. 

We return thanks to the public generally who have kindly 
aided our canvassers in collecting the names and other inform- 
ation for the work, and more especially do we thank those 
who have so generously favored us with their advertisements, 
because without this patronage no full and complete Directory 
can be made except at a great pecuniary loss to the publisher. 

c. N. a 


General Index. 


AbbTeviatioiis 149 

Adyertisiiig Index 18 

Aldermen HI 

Aflsessors 11^ 

Banks 188 

Boardof Health 113 

Board of Town Anditors 112 

Business Directory, Utica 477 

Charity Commissioners 118 

Chiuritable associations and socie- 125 

ties 125 

Churches 122 

Collectors and Constables 112 

Commissioners of Deeds 142 

County Clerks of the State 146 

Court8,City 118 

Courts, N.Y. State 1(H^114 

Courts. Oneida County 115 

Courts, United States 114 

Diaipram Opera House 19 

flxdse CommiBssoners 118 

Faxton Hospital and Home for 

aged men 125 

Eire Alarm Signals 118 

Fire Department 118 

Fiankfort Directory 556 

Grand Army of the Bepublic. . . 182 

Hamgari 182 

Lion Directory 576 

Incorporated Associations 189 

Independent Order of Odd Fellows 181 

Justices of the Peace 118 

EnighU of Honor 188 

Knights of Pythias 182 

Local U. S. Officers 115 

Location of Squares, Parks and 

Blocks 107 


Masonic Bodies .... 180 

Medical Societies 129 

Military organizations 119 

Miscellaneous Organizations. . . . 186 

Musical Organizations ... 185 

MutnalAid,&c 188-184 

New York State GoTemment. . . 108 

New York State Lunatic Asylum 128 

Newspapers 142-148 

Notanes Public 141 

Nurses 497 

Oneida County Officers 109 

Orphan Asylums 127-128 

Police Department 114-118 

Police ana Fire Commissioners. 118 

Postal rates, inland and foreign. 116 

Post Office, Utica 116 

Post Offices in Oneida County. . 144 

Railroads 140 

Benster of names, Utica 149 

Religious Associations 124 

School Commissioners 118-120 

Schools, Public and Private. . . . 120 

Sheriffs in the State of New York 147 

St Elizabeth's Home and Hospital 127 

St; Luke's Home and Hospital . . 127 

Street Directory 102 

Supervisors with P.O. Address 110 

Temperance Societies 184 

Trades Unions 185 

United States Officers 108 

Utica City Government Ill 

Utica Dispensary 127 

Ward Boundaries 101 

Ward Physicians 118 

Index to Advertisers. 


Aland Georee 57 

AlexanderJlW 45 

AUenC 47 

Auert Christ 54 

BakerCF 51 

Balch JohnA. 58 

Bamum George 27 

Barrett D.S. 47 

Bates A . H. on back colored leaf. . . . 

Bates F. W opp. 162 

Beare H. C. back colored page 

Becker Brothers 58 

Berger Joseph 48 

Berlin L 48 

Birt Thomas 570 

Boyce George 58 

BradishT.H 85 




Breithaapt Julias 88 

Briggs R. J 555 

Brown D. D 87 

Buckley & Ck>., front cover and mar- 
ginal lines. 

Butterfield T. H opp 186 

Cahill HeniT M 58 

Camej Huffn Mrs 58 

Carton W. J. & Go. front colored leaf 
Carton & Co. out and inside front 

Cassidy F. A. bottom lines 

Chatfield T. W. Sons opp 196 

Childs J. M. & Co. front cover and 28 

ChurchJ.W 84 

dark Qeo. A. & Co. back inside cover 

ClarkH.G 58 

Cogley Thomas 51 

Comstock Brothers 84 

Corliss E. B 46 

Cozzens Brothers 45 

Cranwell James 56 

Crofton Patrick 45 

CtoninT.N 19 

CartissA.E 85 

Curtis P. S 86 

Curtiss& Childs opp 218 

Bagwell John 88 

Davies D. J. H 88 

Davies D.J 59 

DavisC.H 84 

Dean L 29 

Dennison Manf g Co 25 

Dent William & Son 85 

Dillons 59 

DuBois Qeorge & Co. cover line 

Duffy C. G. front cover 

Ehle Herman 27 

Ellis D. E opp 284 

Emdin John & Son 81 

Estes Isaac 56 

Everts W. A 55 and 28 

Faass F. Jjouis 27 

Farmer, Little & Co opp 212 

Fish Francis D 55 

Fisher WilUam 47 

Folev John 52 

Froeligh Charles Jr 54 

Geiger Oswald 50 

Geiersbach C. & Son 80 

GormlyJ. J 56 

Graff & Warner 60 

Gray I. J. back cover 

Greene ft Britt opp 264 

Griffiths, GriflBn ft Hoxie 85 

Gurlev & Harris, back cover. ...... 

Halliday Edward 48 

HalsUb John 87 

Hart H. Gilbert ft Co 80 

Heinrich Ferdinand 55 

HenryWUliamE 24 

Hermant A. T 40 


Hess Joseph 58 

Hickey ft Evans 87 

Hofmeister George 57 

Homung Burkard 89 

Horsey G. F./ front cover 

Howarth John 88 

Howe ft Hungerford 55 

Hoyt ft Butler, front cover 

»Hubley Brothers 58 

Huck Georee .... 54 

Hughes ft J ones 81 

Hutchins A. Frank. 59 

Joerissen Joseph 40 

Johnson E. D 58 

Johnson Frank , . . . . 22 

Johnson ft Parker 87 

Jones Flora A., front colored leaf. . 

Jones John I., back cover 

Jones ft Lighten 80 

Jones J. Thomas, back cover 

Keintz Frank 27 

Eienzle John 48 

Kilian Joseph 56 

Klein Charies A 57 

Knowlson John B opp 816 

Knox R. J opp 816 

Koehl James 87 

KoenekeL. W 21 

Leahy James F 39 

Lee A. H., back colored leaf 

LeRoy, Shattuck ft Head 82 

List of Directories 20 

Markoe F. H 44 

Marrow J. A. ft Co .. 88 

Martin ft Co., inside back cover. . . . 

Maynard L. M 57 

McCann W. H 46 

McDonald W. H 46 

McQarvey W. H. ft Co. bottom lines 

McWenie Edward 40 

Milcate E. C 28 

Millar Charles ft Son, back cover. . . 

Millar H. F. ft Son 47 

Moser John 51 

Murphy Thomas 56 

Myers L. ft Co 52 

Opera House Diagram 19 

O'Reilly Charies A. Dr 

Overton Eli Mrs 22 

Palmer C. ft Sun opp 874 

Parker Job Sons 41 

Peterson A 42 

PfeifferJohn 46 

Poole E. B 88 

Porter Patrick 4^ 

PryorS 55 

Pnest A. N. ft Son, front coloredleaf 
Purvis, Metcalf ft Co., bottom lines 

Putnam A opp 888 

Read J. H 21 

Redmond John 57 

Retter A. Dr 84 



« PAGB. 

RichJ. A 48 

Boach John 50 

Roberts Isaac 48 

Roberts ftShaaghnessy 50 

Roots. D 42 

Raden Loais 89 

Sanders John J 61 

Sanford Delia S 86 

SallidinP 42 

Scheiderlcb J 27 

SchugJohnH 21 

Schwab D. J 62 

ScofleldC. H 80 

Scott & O'Connell 48 

Seiselmever Enoch 61 

Seitzer Cfharles F 62 

Sheehan J. H & Co., front col'd leaf 

Sherman S. W.. back cover and opp 420 

Simpson Joseph 48 

Singer Manufact'g Co., back cover. . 

SmUh A.B 21 

Smith Alfred 81 

Smith P. E 22 

Spring B 62 

Stevens ft Lockart, back color'd leaf 

Stuber Jacob 88 

Sunderland M. A 89 

SvmondsL T 80 

ThayerO.C 40 

Ulrich GustaveC 47 

IJtica Daily Observer opp 267 

Utica Daily iVew 18 

Utica Ice Co 

Utica Morning Herald opp 898 

Utica Saturday Globe 49 

Utica Sunday Tribune, back colored 

Utica & Black River RR 26 

Van Valkenburgh D 60 

Voltz & Beck, back inside cover. . . . 

Wait W. H 458 

Walling William B 88 

Warmath Max 49 

Wames William, back cover 

Wells L. B. Dr 88 

Werren Samuel 65 

Westcott &0o 41 

Weetcott & Reusswig, bottom lines. 

Wilkins Fred 49 

Wilkinson 0. J. Mrs 48 

Winant R. & Co 42 

Windheim George 28 

Wood David E., inside back cover . . 
Wright W. P 

Wrieht, Dana& Co 
Tackle John , 



Young Gleorge, front colored leaf. . . 
Zublin R., back cover 



Dillenbeck & Lehr 564 

EffrigLoius 554 

Griffith Henry 66a 

Kenyon G. A 664 

Limpert John 654 

ListJoseph&Co 66a 

McGowan A. C 668 

Muckey Warner 554 

Rich Charles M 658 

Russell A. N. & Son 56& 

Sheldon Irving W 652 

Tisdale E. M 65a 

Uhrlau William 56» 

WoodH.M 56I& 




Borgersrud Alex 571 

Bremer William 675> 

Coleman F. & Co 578 

Coppemoll Geo. L 57(V 

Dennis A. F 671 

Eldridge Cyrus 674 

Furrer E. J. Mrs 570* 

Hakes & Son 571 

HarrisJ.K.P 575^ 

Horton F. L ♦ 572 

Ilion Citizen opp 60O 

Keith H.C 57a 

McLear Magne Miss 67a 

Merrv L. L. & Son 575 

Nigabower Charles 57^ 

O'Brien N.G 571 

Osgood Philo 57!^ 

Roche & Giblin 67^ 

Rudd 0. B 572 

Russell A.N.& Son 570 

Schesch George A 57a 

Thomas John F 57S 

Weaver George W 600 

Irftica Ba t fg Press 

Largest GliGiilatioii in tlie City. 

The best and cheapest DAILY in 


Its LOCAL NEWS is spicy, interesting and 

Its TELEGRAPHIC REPORTS are the latest 
and fullest from all parts of the world, and delivered 
over our own wires. 

Its MARKET REPORTS are always accurate 
and are corrected daily, for every class of purchasers. 

best in this section of the State. 

kit! Mvertise in it ! 


50 ct8. per MONTH or $6.00 per YEAR. 

Delivered by carriers to all parts of the City, or 
sent by mail free of postage to any part of the world. 

Address all communications to 

trfttca I^aifti Press So^ 


Geo. E. Dunham, O. A. Meyer, 

President. Manager. 


*Book and Job Printer,^ 

n J«bB Stoeet. 


t the Vtioa Directory Office, for the 


Albany. N. Y., Directory. 
Auburn, N. Y.. Directory. 
deTeland, Ohio, Direotoqr. 
Detroit, Mich. Directory. 
Hoboken, N. J., Directory. 
Jersey City Directory. 
New York City Directory. 
Patterson. N. J., Directory. 
Philadelphia Blue Book. 
Portland, Maine, Directory. 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Directory. 
Rochester, N. Y., Directory. 
Borne, N. Y., Directory. 
■St. Louis, Mo., Directory. 
Syracuse, N. Y., Directory. 
Troy, N. Y., Directory. 
Washington, D. C, Directory. 
Watertown, N. Y., Directory. 

State Bnainess IKrectoriet 



New Hampshire. 
New York, 
Yermont and 
Rhode Island. 

A Bminess 

Of the principal towns on the Philadel- 
phia and Reading RR. 


Directories for the Following 
Counties : 





Population of Oneida Connty. 

Annsyille 2,554 

Augusta 2,171 

Ara 1,089 

Boonville 8,996 

Bridgewater 1,218 

•Camden 8,892 

Deerfield 2,082 

Florence 2,073 

Floyd 1,115 

Forestport 1,858 

Kirkland 4,984 

Lee 2,560 

Marcy 1,413 

MarshaU 2,276 

New Hartford 4.894 

Paris 8,573 

Remsen 1,195 

Romecity 12,045 

Sangerfleld 8,172 

Steuben 1,222 

Trenton 8,097 

Utica city 88.918 

Vernon 8,055 

Verona 5,287 

Vienna 2,884 

Western 2,262 

Westmoreland 2,774 1 


Oneida Ind. Resery 
In Asylums, etc 


Total 115,826 

Herkimer Connty. 





German Flats 



Little Falls , 

Manheim , 











In Asylums, etc 




Total 42,667 


Wholanla and Rstail Dmmlar In 




Office and Yard foot of DiTlsion St., Utlca, N. Y. 

NoTthof N. T. OenimRR.-nBcfc.Oiip. D. I» ft W. B. R. Depot. 



m iRoms ! mils, 


No. 107 Sou th St., Utica, N. Y. 
rUHERFIElD HQUSElVERr, 19 Devereux St., Utica, N. T. 


to let at 

and Single: 

SMITH, Proprieto r. 


Wigs, Toupees, Switches, Curls, 
Obnahentai Haih Work, 


94 Crenesee Street, 

Utica, S. T. 




Butterick Patterns, Mme. Oriswold's Corsets, 

No. 11 Fayette Sueet, - - UTICA, N. T. 

(UP BTiUM.) 



No. 65 Charlotte St., Utica, N. Y. 

Monnmeota, Orave Stoasa, &c., In Muble, Freeito&e ftiid Gnnlte, 
Marblelxed Slate Mantels, and Deftler In all kindi of Oratei and Sammer 
Piecee. Waab Stand Tops, &e 

The only Uanufacturer of Marble Mantels In Utlca. 

^rtescS) Hoi siafles, Ue Fiitires, 


wire SoreeUB, Weather Strips, 



OLD §TAin>. 

E. C. MILOATE, 4 Fayette St., UTICA, N. T. 


F. T. JOHNSON, Proprietor, 

No. 4B CatliaHna 8t, irtloa, H. T. 



Horses Bought and Sold 

on Commission. 






And Oak and Hemlock Harness Leather, 

Horse Blankets, Liinen Sheets, Fly Nets, Dusters, Lap and 
Fur Robes, Hames, Collars, Gig and Biding Sad-* 
dies, Bridles,Brushes, Curry Combs, &c. 

14 John Street, - - Utica, N. Y. 

A.|peiit A>]r Kendall's Spa-vin Oure. 




Sole Agents for 

Rome Iron Mill, Fairbank's Standard Scales, 

Wellington Mills Emorjr, Page's Patent Lace Leather, 

Atlantic Nail Works' Nails. Ausable Horse Nail Co., 

American File Co.* 

And Other First-class Agencies. 

A stock of Hftrdware. Iron, &c., of from $75,000 to $100,000 oonstantlj 
on hand and offered to the trade at lowest markbt ratbs. 

No. 92 Geneaee Street, - UTICA^ N. T. 

'itw.m m m. 



Junotiofl Fayette, Variok and Whitesboro Streets, and 83 Broad. 

Scranton, Delaware & Hadson, and Lehigh Larnp^ 

Orate, Egg, Stove, Chestnut and Pea. Soft Coal for Steam, 

Cumberland for Blacksmithing, and Cannel for 

Orates. Coal Thoroughly Screened. 


Down town office. No. 131^ Genesee Street ; Branch Offices, Nos. aia Genesee, 37 
Kemble, 36 South, 34 Albany, and cor, Eagle and Howard Avenue. ConrucUd by TtUphant. 




Iron Yard @ Rag Depot 


The Highest Current Market 
Price Paid in Cash 



OLD ROPE, &c., &c. 







Nos. 222 and 224 Court Street, 

pxicA, j^. y 

orrespondence respectfully solicited. 

i*— — '- 





— AND— 



Stratton's Gammed Labels and Gammed Paper of all colon; Lef(al and 
Notarial Seals; Folding and Fancj Tickets; MentzeVs Patent Saspension 
Bings; The Star Copying Pads; Dennison's Game Coonters; Wed- . 
ding Cake Boxes; Visiting and Playing Card Cases, Etc.. Etc. 

Denxiison^s Targets for Rifle Practice. 

Phillips' Hook and Clasp Tags; Kimball's Self Fastening Tickets; Postal 
Envelopes; McGill's Paper Fasteners at manofactarers* disooants; 

Dickinson's Bubber Bands, Etc. 


Tim PapcFS. 

Proprietom *' Globe," and Oenton- 
nlal Prtse ** Excel tlor," and Import- 
em of BngUsb OraM Bleaobed and Col- 
ored TiMne Papers, fironk tbe Cele- 
brated 3ff Mill. 

Proprietors of *< Silver White," best article for polishing Silver, and Miller's 
''Jewelers Cleaning Casket," and ''Silver White Casket." 




apothecabiss' powder papebfl and counter papers, den- 

non's shaving papers. 

Dennison's Absorbent Cotton, for Dental and Surgical 


All of our Goods are for eale toy Dealers eTery 

nrliere, and t>y 

DEraiSO]![ MFfr. CO. 


21 Milk St., Boston; 198 Broadway, New York; 630 

Chestnut St., Philadelphia; 155 Dearbome St., 

Chicacro ; 143 Walnut St., Cincinnati ; 412 

Third Street, St. Louis. 



The Fav orite Route for Fashionable Pleasure Travel 

^^ca I BlackRiver aa«^^^ 

nticai Watertown A Ogdensborg "Short Line.'' 
The Only Route Running Sleeping and Drawing Room Cars. 


20 MUoB Shorteet 
U floors Qtdokeat 

ROUTE To Clajton and Alexandria Bay. 


And other points in Northern New lork, River St. Lawrence end Canada. 

ly to Clayion without change. Leaves Albany 0:30 a. m., Utica 12:30 p. m., ax^ 
nves Watertown 4:00 P. m., Clayton 4:00 P. M., Alexancfria Bay 5»x> p. m., Ogdensbui:g 

2 Express Trains DailyCExcept Sunday,) for the Thousand Islands. 

2 Express Trains Dally for Ogdensburg A Canada. 

3 Express Trains Dally for Watertown. 

This Route makee all rail oonneetion with Royal Mail Line Steamers 

8t. Lawrence Mai It with WaGnfier's Palace Sleeping Car attached from New York. 
Leaves Utica 5:00 a. m., ai rives Watertown 8:50 a. m., Clayton 9:30 a. m., Alexandria 
Bay (via Steamer J. F. Maynaid) 10:30 a. m., Ogdensburg 10:45 ^' m. 

Thousand JSland. Fast LlnOf.With Wagner's New Drawing Room Car from 

rives ^ 
10:45 P* M< 

Landing Paaaengers at Hotels by daylight and in ample time to get sapper 
at the regular hoars and be ready for the evening's entertainment. 


Watertown ExpreSSi Leaves Utica 6:00 p. M., arrives Watertown 9:55 p. m. 



Utloa and Clayton, Watertown or Ogdensburg. 

By takinff this only direct, only all rail and only throagh car route to the 
Thousand Islands, you avoid a tedioas and unnecessary ride of 18 miles 
by Steamer, over an uninteresting portion of the river. 

''Give the Short Lines Trial." You will find It In every way 
"A delightful Change from the old Route." 

Excursion Tickets, at Oreatly Reduced Rates, 

Can be obtained of Gain L. Fay, Agent, x Baggs Hotel, Utica, and at principal offices of the 



Gm. Passtngtr Agents Utica^ N* Y. Gen, Suft. 







No« V Oltnton Street. 


Nc. 6 Hart Street, 

Wagon and Carriage Shop. 

Children's Caniagea Bepaired. 


Promptly and Reasonably Bone. 




And Dealer in 


68, 69 & 70 Canal Street, - UTICA, N. Y. 




u\% ani abrs^ 

No. 54 Seneca Street, - UTICA, N. Y. 





(P. O. Address, 40 Seymour Ave.) 

iDstractioDB given on Piano Forte, Parlor Organ. Guitar, Plate, Cornet* 
&c. InBtractions aldo given in tliorough Baro. Music arranged for anj 
ombi nation of Inptruments. 



— OF — 

J. M. CHILJ)B & CO^ 

12, 14, 16, 18 FAYETTE STREET. 

The most extensive and varied assortment of 



Carriages ® Wagons, 

to be found in any store in this country. 

Good Goods, 

Prices Low, 

-Fair Dealings. 

Send fox* Ca>t;a.Io|pii.e. 





^If on fQU(iQS>f iR^aitin^s^ 



Settees, Lawn Chairs, 

and a general awortmeDt of Iron Oooda and Buildsn' Iron Matarialn, con- 
silting of Colnmna, Window Caps, Silla, Oirdera, Braoltets, Iron Stable 
FixtnrM, Gomel and Sqnaie Peed Boxea, Hay Racka, Stall Partitions, &e. 

Iron Viuea and Settees for Cemeteries. 

Warerooms, 200 Whitesboro Street. 



Manufacturers of Every Description of 

Iron Castings to Order, 


Cornelia Street and Erie Canal, 



Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Ware, 



Coal and Wood Stoves, Pumps, &c., &c. 

No 97 Columbia Street, Utlca, N.. Y. 

Prompt Attention Paid to All Orders, 


Practical Honse Painters, 



7 Leati Street, Utica, N". Y. 

All Work Prompiiy Attended to And Warmnted. 








Jobliinf^ Done ■^.tli Dispatcli* 

TJtica, iV. J".,« 
Cor. of Jay and First Streets. 

(L«M of thB CLAESOBM BOVSB, DMrOeld.) 

lyfThe oDdenlgoed hu Repklrod uid Befarnlahed th« iImtb Hodm 
uid vroald BoUctt the PatroDBg« of the Public. 

ALrUBD SMITH, Proprietor. 

Good Stables and Sheds Attached. 


58 Franklin Square. UTICA. N. K. 

(Over Glenn'* Drj Goodi Stan.) 

Spectaclea Guaranteed to fit the sight perfectly, or cf 
be exchanged any number ol times. 


Artificial Human Eyes carefully and skillfully inserted 

.V. B.—Ptnoiu irnablt to oall can be atUnded to at Ihtir reiidetcei. 





Cast Iron Soil Pipe and 


Custom Founders in 
Qrey Iron and Brass. 

Furnace and Office, 
105 Broad Street, 


O. W. Hkis. 


PAtante« and Manufacturer of 


Which liiTentioii holds the Highest Premium on this Continent. Also the 


Both inventions are proved to contain invaluable sources of economy In saving 
Strength, lime, and the Clothes. Both inventions are in daily use at 

DaTiea' Steam I^aittidrji I€o. 6 Bleecker Street, 

the only Laundry in Utlca where clothes are washed without wearing and tearing them. 
All laundry work is executed Fxbst-Clabs. Confident of that simple fact that " In- 
telligenoe will eventually recognize and reward true merit." 

D* J. H. DATISS, Proprietor. 


East Side Pine St., Next Erie Canal. 


Scranton Lehigh, Cumberland & Morris Bun 





CarriEge® & Sleiglis, 

Cor. of John and Catharine Streets, 

Repairing In the varioua Departmenta done promptly and 


jr. Si:*XT]BESfK., 

Manofaotimr and WholesAle and Retail Bealnr in 


Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, 



Comer South and West Streets, Utica, N. Y. 




Druggists & Grocers. 


^Ir^- UTICA^N/Y^ 

J. W. CHURCTl7~ 


Oftice.No. i8 Bleecker St. Coal Pockets, 142 Water St. 


jn>. 29 BOTBM. St. 


(kmages for Fnnerali or Weddiogs 

at teaaonable rates. 



182 fienesee St., tJTiC^y JV. V. 

Graduate Pennsylvania College of Nitrous Oxide Gas and 

Dentistry, Philadelphia. Ether administered. 

OMee Bourn^ 8 A. Ja. to 6 J*. JV. 



Wholesale Dealers In 


No. 10 Liberty Street, - Utica, N. Y. 

T. Jax Obiffitss. Ohas. A. Qiarra. John C. Hozic. 


-^ X> XI Zff V X 8 V» <^ 

Booms cor. Seneca and Columbia Sts., 


Eutrance, Columbia Street. 

Temperance Lunch and Dining Rooms, 

39 and 40 Arcade, Utica, N. 7. 


The Most Popular Eooms in Ftica. 

MR. A KBS. A. E« CURTISS, Proprietors. 

WnAAAM Dent. Matthew F. Dent. 



William Dent & Son, Proprietors. 



81 WasMnglon St., UTICA, N. Y. 

Machinerj Bepsiringf and Jobbing of all kinds promptlj attended to. 





214 Whltesboro Street, - UTICA, N. Y. 

Cornices, Centre Pieces, Brackets, 


FUnted on Old uil Itw (MUnfft. 

Sni 10 Counlry AnhiltcU and Build- 



Contncton and BoUdon, 




Only ms.OO U> I^kn. 

With it a lady can cut from an; 
fuhioD plate, making a perfect St 
withoat an^ alteration. Call anO 

68 South Strbet, 

Agent for Oneida Co. 


FMoiuaplis ail Ferrotypes 

Taken in tlie Beet Btjle and Finiah. 

neu. .75; CMds. per down. l.W. 

Feixotyi>«*-large, 8 1 10. for tramo, 
■LOO: CablDsta. cabinet ilie, .BO; Boolona, 



Ciisioi Fomilers ail laclii&isls. 



Furnace & Office cor. Park Ave. and Main St. 

\ 1- 




59 to 71 Jay Street, 


oup mow. vttuiB, fiMs, nuggtn. *c. 



Spanish Cedar Cigar Bozes 


No. 4 Burnet Street, Utica, N. Y. 

New Brands and Labels, Tacks, Ribbons, &c., oonstantlj on hand. 

*Mc OXiD 1TTICA. 3i6^ 




Cammenoements, Concerts, Festivals, 

Weddings, Receptions, Balls, 

Serenades, Picnios, &c., 

aft short notice with any number of musiciaos required. 

= "^SS^ of Military Sana. J^S. KOEHL, ButineM Agent. 

JAMES KOEHL, Restdenoe, SO Flnt St* 

Leader of Orchestra. Band Office, Carton Blook. 

Orders can be left at Buckingham's Music Store or Schiller's Jewelry Store. 

I ^,B.^-^^— - — ■■■■■■■ ■ I ■ » ^— ^.^^^i^l^^^^ 





Manufacture Knight's Patent Hydraulic Cement 


3, 4, 5, 6. 0, 12, 16, 18 and 24 Inch Bore. 

Office 198 GENESEE STREET, UTiCA, N. Y. 

BTWorkB on Broad 8t , aod Erie Oanal, East of the 

LB. WELLS, H. D., 

Offloe and Residence 

225 Genesee St., 


8 to 9 A. M., 4 to 6 and? to 9 P. IL 


HAT a:n'd 

Bonnet Bleacher, 

23 and 25 Broad Streeti 



Manufacturer of every Description of 




West side of Broadway on the Erie Canal, 



Tin, GopperiSheet Iron Ware, 

Deerjield Road, UTICA, M Y. 
^"Prompt Attention Paid to all Orders. 




43 & 45 JAT ST., UTICA, N. T. 



No. 27 Columbia & 160 G«neH0 StrcflU. 

^-The only Gallery io the city where Picturea are Uken without going up 
stairs. All woric guaranteed strictly first class. 

1876. 1883. 

Steam h^aandr^, 

59 JOHN ST., UTICA, N. Y. 

Finest Work done In (he dty, Goodfl called for and delivered free. 

Bnrkord Eomnng, 


And Cabinet Maker, 

69 SOUTH ST., 

The Utlca Extract 

Eitabllabad In tSSI. 


No. I I Hobart St-. 




Union Oil Works. 

O. e, THATBR, 

Manafacturer of and Dealer in 

Lubricating, Carbon and Headlight Oils, 

IToot Oil, Tar, Spirits ofJVaptha, Suminff Muid, Ae, 
OfRoe and Works : 85 & 87 MAIN STREET, 

Opp. N. X. O. Freight Honaa, VTICA, If. T. 


Ma.niitB,ctuTer of and Dealer in 







-'^N-'"s-y v.''"> 





Havana &, Domestic €igaxs, 



133 South Streetf 




Uo. 19 Arcade Building. 

E. N. Westcott, Member N. Y. Stock Exchange. 

Connected with New York Stock Exchange by private wires 
direct We are enabled to execute orders for all classes of listed 
and unlisted securities at regular New York rates of commission. 
Stocks carried on margins at the terms of best New York houses. 
Orders executed in Boston market. 

Special attention given to orders for local stocks and bonds at 
public or private sale. 




— F- 1 ]X £2 S T— 



WUch they sell at yery Low Prices for cash. 

Forty-nine years in the trade in this city. 



Built by WHITELY, FASSLEB ft KELLT, Springfield, 0. 

A full nipplf at thrae inachiDM and iviMlra tor nunc m^ be found M our nra 
houae. Ko. 4 BURNIT ST., UncA, N. T. 8. D. ROOT, OaDsml Afrat. 



19 Whltetboro SInet, 




Sootoh tod Aneriou) Qrauite Marble. 



Bear 266 flUoro St., 




And Wholesale Dealers Id 

Flonr, Bntter, Glieese, Eggs, Teas, Coffees, Spices, Ac. 

62 Seneca Street, - UTICA, N. Y. 




For fall iDforonation apply to 
JOSBPH SIIIIPSOK, Assistant Snpt., 


j-a.:mh2s a., i^ioh. 

Dealer in 

Brass and German 8llTer Band InstmmentSy Flutes^ GUrionets 

and Yiolinsy 

lai ttCaCBtC 9TIICKT. («» tiairt.) (JITIOA, II . Y. 

'Brass Instruments, Violins, Giiitan; and Accordeons Repaired. 

Mrs. O. J. Wilkinson, 

Custom Laundry, 


No maebines ased, all hand work, no breaking of tarn down collars. 
Qoods called for and delivered free. 


Manafacturer of all kinds of 


Carriages and 


^^Particalar attention given to Repairing. 











VTICA., N. T. 


J. P. BILLUPS & Co, New York, 





D. S. Steain Carpet M\^ Works, 


Office^ and Works, - - 116 ER/E STREET. 


M . B. DBLOHOS. IS to tO Cathsrina 8tn«t : SALTSMAN * SONS. BM Omimm Street : 
Block ; HlTOaOOCK KZPRXS8, Whlteetown : CORNSTT EZPBB88, Mew York MUto. 

Or ig Uatl wUl reeeitt pnmpt r*ip(mte. Wt eaO fi)r and nlum Oarpiti tht 

lamt day. CaniBg* fn$. 


INGRAIN, - 4 Cente per yard. I VELVET, - 6 Cents per yard. 
BRUSSELS, . 5 •• " " I WILTON, . 7 " " " 

MOQUETTE and AXMINSTER. 9 Cents per yard. 

This new patent Carpet and Rag Qeaning Machine adopted by ns is 
acknowledged to be the most perfect eyer inyented. for it does not ponnd 
yonr carpets to pieces with ropes, sticks or straps, or dampen them with 
steam. But it frees the fabric of all dast and moths, and brightens the 
colors, giving an appearance of brilliancy and newness that cannot be ob- 
tained by any other process. No injury Is done to th.e most badly worn 
carpet. A single trial will convince all of the superiority of this method 
over all others. 


* ■ 



Ulrica* N. Y. 




Monuments I Headstones^ 


UTK3A, N. Y. 











St., UTICA, N. T. 

JobblDK' prompt]; attended to and 
dons on reanonable term*, Slatl- 


Manufacturer at and Dealer in 



■ UTIOA. M. T. 

Ulg-heat t»tb pricM paid for itgt, 





W. E. XcDOKAIJ), Proprietor. 

33 UNION Between 

Street. ,lSma ml BUlUu. 


forntflhed loi 
and ringlo rigs ti 

' Firat-daw board 
harBea;good double 
let at reawmabla 




Office and Besldence 81 Hlerh Street, UTICA, N. Y. 


Contracts Taken for Building and Repairing, 


Contneta taken and EtUmatat made. Speoial attention given to inside work. 


For Tin, Iron, Wood op Briok. Lead Pipes, Furnaoa Pipes, &o. 



Bleecker, cor. Charlotte Street, Utica, N. Y. 


Wat€ltniaker and Jawelar, 


Music Boxes and Masical Instruments, Barometers, 

^ Thermometers, Clocks and Charms of £very 

Description Repaired. 

AH work promptly attended to and done on the premises or at your resi- 
dence. Work also done for the trade. 


Custom Boots and Shoes. 


Constantly on hand. An assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Fine 

Ready-Made Shoes. 




josef^ft IBergen 

su fii^d^ of f(i[f sif(i>rG^ ki)d jo88i>r0 

Promptly Attended to. 

34 West Street, UTICA, N. Y. 


vMst in Fresco,v 

Baggt Hotel and 
48 Catharine St., UTICA, N. Y. 

Special attention g:iTen to all kinda 
of Fint-ClaM Decorations in Fresco. 

Alto to thM bt$t dam of Houm PaMikng 
and Wail Tinting, 

BigDB % Specialty. Orders by mall will re- 
oel?e prompt attention., 


FasUonalle lercliant Tailor, 




Cf E9try V^KiiipUon, 

Gentiemen^f, Toaths* and Boys* Wear, 
oonitaotly on hand. 



Watchmaker and Jeweler, 


I>r, Cook's Ballding, 


TfateHet, Hioett A Jewelry ^Repaired on Short Notice. 

to7— sours arsjsBT—for 



For Ladles' Driving ; also 


Fine Road HORSES 

At SMtonadU Term$ and at a 



Utica Saturday Globe. 

Issued Every Saturday. 

Subseripiion Friee : 


$1.00 FOR SIX MONTHS.— $2.00 FOR A YEAR. 

Officb-40 charlotte ST. 

WM. T. BAKER, Publisher. 
THOS. F. BAKER, Editor. 

Max Warmutfiit 


34 Colutnbia Street. 


All ImdB of Books and Hewipapen, in English, German and Fienoh. 

Bapen Delivered to Sudeeribere at tMr ReticUnoe, 

MAX WARMUTH, 34- Columbia Street, UTICA, N. Y. 


Contractor of Buildings, 


No. 18 PHILIP ST. - UT/CA, HI. Y. 

FIRST QUALITY. All the different Styles in Stock and lo order. 

Second-hand CASES in Trade. 


^€^s Itoom. <f^ Columbia Si., UHea, J\r. T. 


Carpenter and Builder 



fgpkW kinds of Work will be promptly execaled. 

> 6 Oak Street. 


Fine Plated Door Plates. Knobs, Bell Pulls, Kumbers, So., 

Carria^ Work Done in Oold,Silver,0reoide,PTince'8 Hedal & Brass. 

All work entrusted lo me will be done in the bebt manner, at the shorteot 
DOtioe, and «t the loweet prices. An assortment of Carriage Plated Goods 
kept on hand for sale. Give me a call. 

No. 17 Derereux St., 2d Door from BatOft' Carriage Shop. 



Fruit, Pisti, Oysters 

Creneral &roceries. 

Connected by telephone. 



E®Esi mm% 

— AND— 


W. p. WRIOHT, 

21 STAT^ STR^^T, UTICA, N, Y, 

f he Best Cabinets, ^ m » $2.50 per doz. 
f he Best Cards, - « • « « 1.50 ** 



46, 59 k 61 Cornelia St., Utica, K. T, 
f^ki\t^ ki\d Cut ^]o\rQtfi kt kll ¥iine0. 


(Successor to T. CRONIN.) 

€affp€nt@f & BiiUdef , 

32 Catharine Streets XJticat N. Y, 

All kinds of Jobbing pronnptly attended to. 


Blacksmith, Wheelwright & Horseshoer, 


Tmckfl, Carts, fto., Ironed in the most substantial manner. 

71 SOUTH ST., UTICA f N. Y. 

Orders solicited and all work guaranteed to give eatisf action. 



Tin, Sheet-Iron & Copper Works. 


8toT6s and Fnmaoes Oleaned and fiepaired on short notioe. 

No. i8 Seymour Ave., - UTICA, N. Y. 

(Roofing a Specialty.) 



bo ^ 

s M s If 3 
ja II i 

" L. MEYERS & CO., 



Wagons, Buggies, Sleighs, &c. 

Cor. Sohuyler & Hope 8ts., Ulloa, N. Y. 


86 State Street, - Utica, N. T. 


Boat BiiiMer and ffiepairer, 

Also Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Office and Yard No. 95 Broad St., Utica, N. Y. 



tt« ^. 0tar& <^ 0o* 

No. 3 Pine Street, 



Plants, Cut Flowers, Floral 
Designa a Specialty. 

Order* promptly flHedm 





'&Mt»WW -^ MM© 




SHOES, &o., 

17 JItEJinO Wf^ STREET, 

Near U. & B. R.BB,. UTICA, N. Y. 




sjMwnusT ^Ew\airs ojr u^jrn. 









Liver Complaiiit, Tellow Jaundice, Pain in the Stomaeli, BiliouBness, Dys- 
pepsia, Consumption. Head-aclie and General Debility. It purifies the 
Blood, removes Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas and all Diseases of the 
Skin. It will improve the Appetite and Build up the System. Also good 
for Golds, Neuralgia, Worms in Children, Kidney Complaint, and is, in 
fact, one of the best Family Bitters ever offered to the Public. 

For Sale at Howarth ST BaiiardPs, 198 Genesee; 
John H. Sheehnn ST C&*S.s 155 Genesee; and Druggists 
generally. For further particulars and testimonials, address 


JProt»riefor Jt Jffanufaeturer, 





Pocket Slensil Aiampv, Self-Inking Stampty Printing 
Wheels, Steel Stamps, Seal Presses, Key* Hotel and 

Baggage Cheeks, Linen Markers. 


131 Crenenee St. 

Uiica. jr. !•. 



This bouse bas been tborongbly refitted, and I am prepared to accommo- 
date the pablic in a first-class manner. 

Gk>od Stabling Accomodations. 



W. A. EVERTS, *"■' "' 

_ : Felt Cement! Gravel Roofing 

COSi, Md W00f),[ Au-,„ 

TABDiTODOCKB, ' W.rr.n'.Or..llmorov.a 

Oor.F.y.,«.F„.Wh,...bor„i A8™*I-T KOOFINO. 


SeeAdTerUsemetitoii)a«eM. Office, UTICA, N. Y. 


Carpenter & Builder, 

pTontpUj Done, 

No. ISO Whiteiboro Straet, 


W^oleSiile (Ji'oeei'^, 

— AND— 

Commiuioii KerchAnti, 

34 FBfBtte atrevt, Opsrm HooM. 

UTICA, N. y. 
Butter, Cheese and Eggs a speci<. 


Muiufkctaret and Dealer ii 



9 4 10 Wllite^kofo $Keet, - - l/flCS, }l. Y. 


lason, Builder and Contractor, 


ly Jobbing done with dlspUcIi. 


Tin,Copperand Sheet Iron Ware, 

House FnmiBhing Goods, Coal 

and Wood Stoves, Pnmps, &c. 


No.«0 8onthHtre«t, CTICA 

N. ¥. 






< ^ 





b^ °° 



0. <=) 








Cor WhitMlMtro and Liberty StrMta, 

RfllMiriDgof ftll kind*. UTICA, N. T. 


108 Stonbea Street, Besideiiee 46 Hobart Strmt, 
QTtCA, n. T. 




Re-outs all kinds of 



* ^."N^^^ ^rf* ^ *ta ^ V^.^.^.^.^ ^ ^,- ^-^ 



Mason, Builder & Contractor 


Promptly Attended to. 

Office at Residence, 45 Eagle Street. 

Connected by Telephone. 

S: 3Cm 3BI Z XHT , 

Furniture Warerooms, 


Dealer in FURNITURE of all kinds. 

Repalrlnir N«fttly and Promptly Executed. 

GEORGE A. HOFMEiSTER, | Dtlca QoM au SllTCr PlaUBg Wflrts. 

L. M. MAYNARD, Proprietor. 

Oflce, ITo. 8 Thomas Block, 
Bleecker St., - TJTICA, F.T. 

Sotel and Bailroad Work, 

Family and Plated Ware, 

Beplated and Repaired. 

« .^*^ ^^'•"^ *"<* Jewelry Reflnirfied and 
Gilded to order. 

Dealer in aU kinds of HoUow Ware, 
Kniyes, Forks and Spoons. 

lone Shoei&i 


Deerfield Comers. 

All work done in a satisfactory man 







Qf* Qoodfl Delivered Promptly. 


Fashionable Millinery, 


No. 4 WbitesboroSt., '^"^S^ Utica, N. Y. 






J. F. Bbckbr. C. E. Becker. 

MNMW M. &A:^^^^^ 

And Mannfactarer of 

Tin, Copper, Brass and Sheet Iron ¥are. 

All work warranted to give perfoot satisfiMstion. 

69 Bleecker Street, - - UTICA, N.Y. 




Shop 14 Montgomery St^ OTHce and Residence 
97 Slizaieth St., UTICA, H. Y. 

Contracts taken for Bailding and repairing. Jobbing promptly attended 


Bottling Establishment, 

53 Fayette St., cor Broadway, 

Bottler, Manafactarer and dealer in all kinds of CARBONATE BEVER- 


Dining and Lnnch Rooms, 

39 and 40 Arcade, Utica. 


Mr. & Mrs. A. E. CURTISS, Proprietors. 




^n^D Ik tttt n l4 IWH T^^ Cornets used by Mr. 
MBmL£k.i9^ MMAJ^BW^ Hutchins, are the D»tin. 

MoBic famished for all occasions at short notice and with any number 
of pieces required. Brass Bands taught on the latest and most approved 
methods by 


II Fayette Street, Utica, N. Y. 



Commission MercliaQts 

And Wholesale Dealers in 

f^oi'ei^q ki\d Donqe^tid f^i'uit^, 


52 Franklin Square, 


From our Mr. Warner's Grove and Packing House, 

Near Palatka, Pla. 

Fred. Graff. S. Campbell Warner 

^^m^^of^r ^ m m \t i ^ ■ ■■ ■» ■.^ ■w ■■■■ ■■■■■ ■ — n n ■■ i . j i ^■^Pw^^w—g^^ j ■ i > ■ ■ ^ ■ j^ * ^i. j,n u^ ^^^i— — ■ 

Divisions of Wards in Utica. 


iBt Ward. The part between the Erie canal and the Mohawk 
river and east of Genesee street to citj line. 

2d Ward. The part between the Erie canal and the Mohawk 
river, west of Genesee street to city Una 

8rd Ward. The part sonth of Erie canal and west of Genesee 
street and north of a line commencing at the intersection 
of Genesee and Cornelia, and rnnning through the centre 
of Cornelia street to Mandeville street, thence through 
the centre of Mandeville street to Bank street to the 
Chenango canal, and east of Chanango canal to Genesee 

4th Ward. The part south of the Erie canal to South street, 
and east of Genesee street to John street, and running 
through the centre of John street to Rutger street, thence 
through the centre of Kntger street to Seymour avenue, 
thence through the centre of S^mour avenue to Sonth 
street, and north of Sonth street to the Erie canal. 

5th Ward. The part south of the Erie canal to Elizabeth 
street and east of John street, to a point three hundred 
feet east of the east line of Third street 


6th Ward. The part south of the Erie canal and north ot 
a line running through the middle of Columbia and 
Whitesboro streets, and west of the Chenango canal to the 
city line. 

7th Ward. The part east of Genesee street to West street and 
south of South street to the city line. 

8th Ward. The part east of a point three hundred feet east of 
the east line of Third street to the city line and south of 
the Erie canal to the city line. 

9th Ward. The part south of Columbia and Whitesboro streets 
to the city line, and west of the Chenango canal to the city 

10th Ward The part west of Bailouts creek and east of a 
line running through the middle of John street to Rutger 
street, thence through the centre of Rutger street to Sey- 
naour avenue, thence through the centre of Seymour avenue 
to Sonth street and south of Elizabeth street to South street. 

llth Ward. The part west of Genesee street to the Chenango 
canal and south of the Third Ward to the city line. 

12th Ward. The part east of West street to a point three 
hundred feet east of the east line of Third street, and south 
of Sonth street to the city line. 















Bland ina Place 


Barnes avenue 


















Central lane 




Commences at 

80 Elizabeth 

Hamilton avenue 
424 Genesee 
80 State 
221 Genesee 
84 Blandina 
161 Genesee 
12 Canal 
ave 42 Eutger 
51 Genesee 
Erie canal 
8 Liberty 
56 Bleecker 
204 Whitesboro 
93 Genesee 
230 Whitesboro 
86 Liberty 

Erie canal 
16 South 

Chenango avenue Court 




Clark Place 


Cleveland avenue 



Clinton Place 872 Genesee 

<3olumbia 186 Genesee 

419 Whitesboro 

144 Park avenue 
Erie canal 822 

Tennlnates at 

City line. 
Culver avenna 

Perkins avenua 
South of Bleecker. 

Driving Park. 
Steuben Park. 

Citv line east. 

Chenango canal 
City line. 
City line. 

Central Bailroad. 
South of Bleecker. 
City line. 
City line. 
Erie canal. 
Steuben Park. 
City line. 
Asylum farm. 
Chenango avenue. 

Central Railroad. 







Cottage Plaoe 





Culver ^venue 


Davis avenne 












Faass avenue 




















Hamilton avenue 



Haak avenue 


CommeDoes at 

66 Broadway 

Erie canal 
98 State 
304 Genesee 
256 Genesee 
348 Whitesboro 



287 Genesee 

207 Genesee 
14 Whitesboro 

88 Kutger 
816 Geneseee 

Erie canal 

191 Genesee 

Park avenue 


* Whitesboro 
145 Fayette 
160 Genesee 
881 Genesee 

Mohawk river 

Erie canal 

Chenango avenue 
2 Broad 


236 Whitesboro 

Mohawk river 







94 Varick 

416 Whitesboro 

Chenango avenue 
Genesee I 

Tennlnatea at 

280 Genesee. 

Chenango avenua 


City Una 
220 Court- 
Culver avenua 

Erie canal. 


Park avenua 



Mohawk river. 


City lina 


City lina 


Culver avenua 



City line. 






Central Railroad 





Erie canaL 


Erie canal 

Culver avenua 


Mohawk river. 


City lina 



City lina 

Asylum farm. 

Nail creek. 





CommeDoeB at 

Terminatae at 


108 State 




Chenango avenue. 


183 Court 

Hamilton avenue. 


Hamilton avenue 



168 Park avenue 



112 Steuben 






258 Genesee 

Steuben Park. 


81 Whitesboro 

Genesee. ^ 

Howard avenae 

16 Butger 

City line. 





Central Railroad 



147 Columbia 


Hutchinson avenae Broad 

Driving Park. 











49 John 

Kossuth avenua 






Central Railroad. 


876 Genesee 

Chenango avenue. 


Bagg's Square 



City line 





Park avenue 



124 Elizabeth 



2 Hopper 




Chenango avenue. 



City line. 

Kossuth avenue 


Beckwith's farm. 


125 Park avenue 

Culver avenue. 



Culver avenue. 









Chenango canal 


122 Genesee 



Hamilton avenue 




D., L & W. RR. 




Ludlow avenue 


Lawrence. • 

Madison Lane 

4 Pearl 

28 Fayette. 


2 John 


84 Cornelia 



Hamilton avenue 














Commenoes at 

Terminates ftt 


67 Charlotte 

Culver avenua 


Mohawk river 


McQaade avenue South 










South of Bleecker. 


4 Butger 
183 South 

City line. 




Mohawk river 



Albany • 

Culver avenue. 


154 Bleecker 

' Elizabeth. 





Howard avenue 




Chenango avenue. 



City line. 


84 South 



684 Genesee' 

Chenango avenue. 



South ot Bleecker. 





342 Genesee ' 

Chenango avenue. 


Hamilton avenue 



Park avenue 











372 Genesee 

Chenango avenna 

Park avenue 

Mohawk river 

Oneida Square. 





212 Genesee 


Perkins avenue 




68 Fayette • 
241 Whitesboro 

Erie canal 




138 State 

Chenango avenue. 
Central Kailroad. 




420 Genesee 



41 Charlotte 



W hitesboro 

W ater. 

Proctor avenue 

Culver avenue 

Driving Park. 



Chenango canal. 

Borne ' 

Foot State 






4 Catharine 

Erie canal. 





Erie canal 

Central Bailroad. 


Steuben Park 

Kossuth avenua 


Erie canal 



Mohawk river 

Chenango canal. 







Commences At 

417 Genesee 

Mohawk river 


Seymour avenue 34 Rutger 
Sherman 424 Genesee 

Smith Culver avenue 

South Hamilton Court 







Sterling Row 



St Joseph 

St. Vincent 

Taylor avenue 


Thomas' east lane 

Thomas' west lane 















Webster avenue 

Welsh road 




Wiley ' 



Youngs avenue 

273 Genesee 
j Chenango canal 
( 78 Broadway 


Steuben • 

Chenango canal 

Erie canal 330 

69 Water 


Steuben Park 




Mohawk river 



Hamilton avenue 
334 Genesee 

14 Blandina 






Culver avenue 


Mohawk river 238 




« 2 Rutger 

24 Genesee 
225 Whitesboro 

205 Court 


Terminates at 




City line. 

Perkins avenue. 

Driving Park. 


Culver avenue. 



Perkins avenue. 




Chenango canal. 



City line. 

City line. 




City line. 

Chenango canal. 

Erie canal. 



Erie canal. 




Driving Park. 





City line. 
City line. 

South of Bleecker. 
City line. 
Chenango avenue. 
City line. 


Location of Squares and Parks. 

Eaggs Square, janction of Genesee, John, Main and Whites- 

Chancellor Sqnare, between Academy, Bleecker, Elizabeth and 

Clinton Place, between Genesee and Kembla 
Colnmbia Square, junction of Columbia, Saratoga and Whites- 

Franklip Sqnare, junction of Genesee and Hotel streets. 
Johnson Square, junction of West and Square streets. 
Oneida Square, junction of Genesee, Oneida, State and Park 

LaFayette Sqnare, junction of Fayette, Whitesboro and Wiley. 
Park Place, head of Steuben Park. 
Hutger Place, head of John street 
Steuben Park, head of Charlotte. 
Utica Driving Park, east of Ludlow avenue between Bleecker 

and Lawrence. 

< •»! 

Location of Blocks. 

Arcade, 145 Genesee street. 
Ballon Block, John, corner Main. 
Bradish Block, 181 Genesee. 
Butterfield House, Genesee corner Devereux. 
City Opera House, Genesee comer Pearl street. 
Comstock Block, 5 Plant street. 
Dexerenx Block, 140 Genesee street 
Exchange Building, 133 Genesee street 
Gardner Block, 190 Genesee street. 
Government Building, Broad corner John. 
Haberer Block, 25 Fayette street. 
Hackett Block, 196 Genesee street. 
Herald Building, 60 Genesee street 
Hutchinson Block, 14 Beecker street 
Marble Block, 56 Genesee street 
Mather Block, Genesee corner Bleecker. 
Mechanics' Hall, Hotel corner Liberty. 
Munson Block, Broadway near Erie canal. 
Observer Building, 113 Uenesee street 
Opera House Block, 24 Fayette street 
Parker Block, 189 Genesee street 
Keynolds Building, John corner Catharine. 
Sheehan Block, Columbia corner State. 
Thomas Block, 10 Bleecker street 
Tibbits Block, 79 and 81 Genesee street 
Weaver Block, Genesee corner Broad. 


• •• 


President — Chester A. Arthur, of New York. 

Acting Vice President and Pres. pro tern of Senate — George 

F. Edmunds, of Vermont. 
Secretary of State — Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, of New Jersey. 
Secretary of the Treasury — Charles J. Poller, of New York. 
Secretary of War — Robert T. Lincoln, of Illinois. 
Secretary of the Navy — Wm. E. Chandler, of New Hampshire. 
Postmaster General — Walter Q. Gresham, of Indiana. 
Attorney General — Benjamin H. Brewster, of Pennsylvania. 
Secretary of the Interior — Henry M. Teller, Colorado. 



Governor — Grover Cleveland. 
Lieutenant-Governor — David B. Hill. 
Adjutant General — Maj. Gen'l John G. Farnsworth. 
Inspector General — Brig. Gen'l PhiJ. H. Briggs. 
Engineer in Chief — Brig. General Geo. S. Field. 
Judge Advocate General — Brig. General Horatio C. King. 
Surgeon General — Brig. General Joseph D. Bryant. 
Quartermaster General — Brig. General Edwin D. Jenny. 
Paymaster General-^Brig. General G. B. Rich. 
Commissary General of Subsistence — Bri^. Austin Lathrop. 
General Inspector of Rifle Practice — Brig. General Chas. F. 


Secretary of State — Joseph B. Carr. 

Comptroller — Ira Davenport 

State Treasurer — Robert A. Maxwell. 

Attorney General — Leslie W. Russell. 

State Engineer and Surveyor — Silas Seymour. 


James Shanahan. 


Auditor — John A. Place. 

Canal Board — The Lieut. Governor, Secretary of State, Comp- 
troller, Treasurer, Attorney General, State Engineer and Sur- 
veyor, and Superintendent of Public Works. 

Canal Appraisers — Wm. L Bostwick, Wm. J. Morgan, Chas. 
M. Dennison. 



Soperintendent of Public Instruction — Win. B. Kuggle& 
Deputy — James E. Morrison. 


Superintendent of Bank Department — A. Barton Hepburn. 
Deputy Superintendent — Jaa S. Thurston. 


Superintendent — John A. McCall, Jr., Albany. 
Deputy Superintendent — M. A. Shannon, Buffalo. 


Isaac V. Baker. 


J. D. Ellis, Jefferson Co. ; J. L. Williams, Dutchess Co. ; Sta- 
ley Wood, Cattaraugus Co. 


Dr. Edward M. Moore, President, Rochester ; Erastns Brooks, 
West New Brighton ; Charles F. Chandler, Columbia Col- 
lege; Dr. Wm. M. Smith, Health Officer of N. Y. Quaran- 
tine; Leslie W. Russell, Attorney General; Dr. Elisha 
Harris, Secretary, Central Office of Board, Albany ; Dr. J. 
Savage, Delavan, Albany ; Dr. Jas. G. Hunt, Utica ; Jas. 
T. Gardner, Sup't of the State Survey. 


Chief Judge — Wm. C. Ruger. 

Associate Judges — Georgre F. Danforth, Theodore Miller, 

Charles A. Rapallo, Francis M. Finch, Charles Andrews, 

Robert Earl. 


County Judge — William B. Sutton, Utica. 

Special County Judge— Daniel E. Wager, Rome. 

Surrogate — Stephen Van Dresar, Rome. 

Specid Surrogate — Emmett J. Ball, Utica. 

Sheriff— Thomas D. Penfield, Utica. 

Deputy Sheriff — I. Stoddard Penfield, Utica. 

Deputy Sheriffs — John Baxtier, Utica ; Daniel Gray, Whites- 
town ; Camden, John N. Stoddard ; Deansville, Wm. Ham- 
ilton; Northwestern, H.G.Bullock; Clayville, Richard 
Hardy ; Deerfield, P. D. Condon ; Prospect, Chaa E. Slo- 
eum ; Boonville, Chas. Kilkenny, Thomas Sykes ; Clinton, 
Benjamin Sutton; State Bridge, M. H. Hyland; South 
Trenton, Irving R. Bullock ; Lee, Henry Conrad. 

Special Criminal Purpose — Thomas Tobin, N. Y. Mills. 

Jailers — John D. Cronin, Utica ; Daniel Petrie, Rome. 


County Clerk — Arthur H. Ballou, Utica. 
Deputy County Clerk — M. Jesse Brayton, Utica. 
District Attorney — W, A. Matteson, Utica. 
\ Assistant District Attorney — Wm. E. Lewis, Utica. 

Justices of Sessions — G. H. Parkhurst, North Bridgewater ; 

James Rae, North Bay. 
County Treasurer — John Kohler, Utica. 
Superintendent of Poor — Theodore S. Comstock, Rome. 
Loan Commissioners — S. W. Patton, Whitestown ; Chas. B. 

Hitchcock, Lee Center. 
County Sealer — William Pollard, Utica. 
Coroners — Henry C. Sutton, Rome ; E. W. Raynor, Trenton ; 

Henry G. Du Bois, Camden ; Albert Spencer, Utica 
School Commissioners — Wm. D. Biddlecome, Deerfield, 1st 

District; Julius M. Button, Deansville, 2nd District; 

Martin W. Smith, Rome, 3d District; Jerome F. Hills, 

Hawkinsville, 4th District 
Representative in Congress — J. Thomas Springs, Utica. 
Senators, in Congress — Warner Miller, Herkimer; Elbridge 

G. Laphara, Canandaigua. 
State Senator — Robert H. Roberts, Boonvilla 
Members of Assembly — 1st District, William Townsend, Utica; 

2d District, Clarence E. Williams, Verona; 3d District, 

Thomas B. Allanson, Taberg. 


Annsville — Israel J. White, Rep., Taberg. 

Augusta — John Beach, Rep., Knoxboro. 

Ava — John M. Edgerton, Kep., Ava. 

Boonville — Chas. H. Bush, Rep., Boon ville. 

Bridgewater — Chas. W. Palmer, Rep., Bridgewater. 

Camden — Benjamin D. Stone, Dem., Camden. 

Deerfield — Van Rensselaer Weaver, Rep., Deerfield. 

Florence — Daniel O'Mara, Dem., Florence. 

Floyd — J. Henry Powell, Dem., Holland Patent. 

Forestport— Alisha B. Baker, Rep., Forestnort 

Kirkland — Lathrop N. Brockway, Dem., Clinton. 

Lee — Chas. R Eraser, Jr., Dem., Lee Center. 

Marcy — Mortimer M. Mahew, Dem., Marcy. 

Marshall — Julius A. Day, Rep., Deansville. 

New Hartford— John \V^. McLean, Dem., New Hartford. 

Paris — Seth W. Smith, Dem., Paris. 

Remsen — John S. Kent, Rep., Remsen. 

Rome — 1 — James Ha^gerty, Dem., Rome. 

2 — William Ba\^nL's, Dem., Rome. 

3 — Oscar D. Williams, Dem., Rome. 

4 — Geo. Hammann, Dem., Rome. 

5 — Glenn W. Petrie, Rep., Rome. 


Sangerfield — George W. Cleveland, Dem., Waterville. 
Steuben — T. James Owens, Rep., Stenben. 
Trenton — Lester G. Wanful, Eep., Holland Patent. 
Utica — 1 — Alex. B. Vrooman, Dem., Utica. 
2 — Frederick A. Goffe, Dem., Utica. 
3 — John F. Gaffney, Dem., Utica. 
4 — John Batchelor, Rep., Utica. 
5 — Patrick Devlin, Dem., Utica. 
6 — Henry Martin, Dem., Utica. 
7 — Hebry A. Doolittle, Dem., Utica, 
8 — George Morath, Dem., Utica. 
9 — Henry Eeim, Dem., Utica. 
10 — Patrick J. McCaffrey, Dem., Utica. 
11— T. Jay Griffiths, Dem., Utica. 
12 — Peter Dutton, Dem., Utica. 
Vernon — Francis A. Cady, Jr., Rep., Vernon Centre. 
Verona — Gottlieb Merry, Dem., Verona. 
Vienna — Charles Hardin, Dem., McConnellsville. 
Western — John O. Jones, Dem., Westernville. 
Westmoreland — Ezra A. Knapp, Rep., Dix. 
Whitestown — Joseph Ackroyd, Dem., N. Y. Mills. 
R. R Maxfield, Clerk, Taberg, 

Democrats, 28. 

Republicans, .... 15. 

For the Year commencing March^ 1883. 




Two Years — 2d Ward, Frederick Haak ; 4th Ward, Moses 
Barney ; 6th Ward, Joseph Tessey ; 8th Ward, Gottlieb 
Zitzner ; 10th Ward, James Hayes ; 12th Ward, Michael 

Cue Year — 1st Ward, H. Ray Barnes; 3rd Ward, John D. 
Jones ; 5th Ward, Patrick Quinlan ; 7th Ward, George 
Helfert; 9th Ward, Horatio S. Van Valkenburg; 11th 
Ward, William Reichert. 


The Committee on Claims and Audit, and Chairman of Com- 
mittees on Finance, Public Improvements, Public Buildings 
and Grounds, Lighting Streets, and Legal Proceedings, con- 
stitute a Committee to which all claims and accounts are 

Claims and Audit — Aid. Barnes and Tessey. 


Finance — Aid. Haak and Jones. 
Public Inaprovements — Aid. Zitzner and Barney. 
Side and Crosswalks — Aid. Jones and Zitzner. 
Sewers and Wells— Aid. Doll and Quinlan. 
Streets, Bridges and Railroads -7 Aid. Tessey and Haak. 
Legal Proceedings and Assessments — Aid. Barnes and Beichert. 
Lighting Streets — Aid. Van Val ken burg and Doll. 
Public Buildings and Grounds — Aid. Quinlan and Barnes. 
Paving and Licenses — Aid. Barney and Van Valkenburg. 
Public Health — Aid. Hayes and Helfert. 
Grievances — Aid. Helfert and Hayes.* 

OflScial Papers — Utica Daily Obset^ver, Dtica Daily Presa^ and 
Oneida Demokrat, 


Clerk — Patrick J. McQuade. 

Treasurer — William F. Hoerlein. 

Corporation Counsel — Samuel J. Barrows. 

Surveyor — John R Baxter. 

Assistant Surveyor — Lawrence Bailev. 

Messenger and Janitor — Michael Kelly. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures — John Schimel. 

City Sexton — -Lawreifbe Cole. 

Keeper of City Clock — John Stievater. 

Assessors — Ist Ward, Michael Shields ; 2d Ward, John Hess ; 
8d Ward, William P. Case; 4th Ward, Richard Adams; 
6th Ward, John Winslow ; 6th Ward, Frank Keinz ; 7th 
Ward, William Jameison; 8th Ward, John H. Tanner; 
9th Ward, John B. Bach ; 10th Ward, Robert G. Roee- 
mond ; 11th Ward, Charles R Clarke ; 12th Ward, Joseph 
H. Kent 

Collectors— Ist Ward, John D. Waters ; 2d Ward, William 
Klumbach ; 8d Ward, R F. A. Nitzschke ; 4th Ward, John 
A. Dining ; 5th Ward, Bernard Martin ; 6th Ward, Geo. 
L Roberts ; 7th Ward, James Cox, Jr. ; 8th Ward, Samuel 
Cannoway ; 9th Ward, Godfrey Dehm ; 10th Ward, Robert 
R Finn ; 11th Ward, John A. Christ ; 12th Ward, Thomas 

Constables— 1st Ward, Peter Doyle; 2d Ward, Levi H. 
Adams; 3d Ward, Evan Jones; 4th Ward, Alexander 
Hutchinson ; 5th Ward, Andrew Myers ; 6th Ward, Gua- 
tavus Friedle ; 7th Ward, Michael Doll ; 8th Ward, John 
F. Kelly ; 9th Ward, Wm. Bieseigel ; 10th Ward, D. J. 
Evans; 11th Ward, James D. Jones; 12th Ward, J. G. 


Edwin T. Batsford, John A. Goodale, James Merriman, John 



Chas. A. Doolittle, Mayor and President ex-officio ; Patrick J. 

McQuade, Secretary and Registrar of v ital Statistics ; 

James 6. Hunt, M. D., Health Officer; Wm. H. Booth, M* 

D., John Carroll, Thomas Wheeler, Michael Hand, John 

H. Jones, "W. N. Weaver. 
Sanitary Police — John B. Sexton, John Murphy. 


One Yeah— John L. Earll, W. N. Weaver. 

Two Years — George Young, J. A. Marrow. 

Three Yeabs — Charles W. Hackett, Frederick J. Pratt 

Snp't of Schools — Andrew McMillan. 


One Year — Joseph Faass, William Harrer. 
Two Years — John Quinn, T. Solomon Griffiths. 
Three Years— ^Patrick McNierney, Edward Cnrran. 
Clerk — Lawrence Conrad. 


Elon G. Brown, Thomas McNierney, George Shotthafer. 
Wm. H. Kelley, Clerk. 


Lu W. Sogers, George L, Curran, George Fulmer, Ichabod 

C. Mcintosh. 
Chief of Police — Robert McElwaine. 
Ass't Chief of Police — Charles M. Dagwell. 
Chief Engineer — Wesley Dimbleby. 
Clerk— Thomas F. Clarke. 


City Judge — Patrick F. Bulger. 
Special City Judge — Henry T. Coupe. 
Clerk of the Court — P. J. McQuade. 
Deputy Clerk — Charles A. Talcott. 


Morven M. Jones, Haberer Block, Fayette street. 
James F. Hurley, Exchange Building. 
Eugene B. Hastings, Thomas Block. 
Wm. H. Pratt, 52 Bleecker street 


Ist. Thomas J. Bergen. 8th. North of Elizabeth St ) 

2d. J. L. Boseboom. Geo. A. Krug. \ 

Srd. Chaa. B. Tefft 9th. E. D. Fuller. 

4th. I. D. Hopkins. 10th. Joseph Haberer. 

5tL C. P. Russell. 11th. Wm. M. Gibson. 

6th. & part of 2nd, Matthias ) 12th. A. L. Holden. 

Cook. ) Station House, E. J. Stephens. 

7th. Herbert G. Jones. Hospital, Alonzo Churchill, j 

8th. South of Elizabeth street, ) • 

S. H. Morris. ( 



Chief of Police — Robert McElwaine. 

Assiftant Chief — Charles M. Dag well. 

Policemen — John R Bucher, Edward Qainn, John Shaugh- 
neeey, Charles F. Cleveland, Charles Travis, John P. Mason, 
Jerry J. Lyons, T. F. Heslan, Charles Reed, Philip R.Sang, 
Henry Evans, John Latham, Stephen Failey, Geo. W. Kea- 
ting, George Dressel, Albert Clark, C. L. Clark, J. M. 



Chief Justice — Morrison R Waite, Ohio. 

Associates — Samuel Blatchford, New York; William B. 
Woods, Alabama; Horace Gray, Massachusetts; Stanley 
Matthews, Ohio ; Joseph P. Bradley, Newark, New Jersey ; 
John M. Harlan, Louisville, Kentucky ; Samuel F. Miller, 
Keokuk, Iowa ; Stephen J. Field, California ; J. H. Mc- 
Keany, Washington, Clerk. 

The Court holds one General Term annually, at Washington, 
commencing on the second Monday in October. 



NEW YORK, IN 1883-84 

U. S. Circuit Court : 3d Tuesday in January, at Albany ; 8d 
Tuesday in March, at Utica : dd Tuesday in June, at Can- 
andaigna ; 8d Tuesday in November, at Syracuse. Hon. 
William J. Wallace, Syracuse, Judga William S. Doolittle, 
Utica, N. Y., Clerk ; W. J. Brand, Deputy Clerk ; Hon. 
Martin I. Townsend, Troy, N. Y., U. S. District Attorney; 
Clinton D. McDougall, Rochester, U. S. Marshal ; Thomas 
Higgison, Utica, N. Y., Deputy U. S. Marshal. 

U. S. District Court: 3d Tuesday in January, at Albany; 8d 
Tuesday in March, at Utica ; 2d Tuesday in May, at Koch- 
ester ; 8d Tuesday in September, at Buffalo; 8d Tuesday in 
November, at Auburn ; and a Special Term by appointment 
at Oswego, Plattsburg or Watertown. Hon. Alfred C. 
Coxe, Utica, Judge ; Hon. Martin I. Townsend, Troy, N. 
Y., U. S. District Attorney ; Clinton D. McDougall, Koch- 
ester, Marshal ; Winfield Robbins, Bufialo, Clerk ; Joseph 
Hirschbach, Deputy Clerk. 



For 1883— First Tuesday in March, at Utica, Churchill ; First 
Tuesday in May, at Rome, Merwin ; Fourth Tuesday in 
October, at Utica, Yann ; and special terms for motions the 
third Saturday of each month except July and August, at 
Utica, Merwin, Churchill. 




For 1883 — Second Monday in January, Utica, Merwin ; third 
Monday in March, Kome, Churchill ; second Monday in 
May, tjtica, Yann ; third Monday in September, Rome, 


At my Chambers in the city of Utica, on the 21st day of 

November, 1882. 
Ordered — That County Courts and Courts of Sessions beheld 

in and for the County of Oneida, in the year 3 883, and 

until further appointments are made, as follows, viz. 
Gonnty Courts and Courts of Sessions, at which a trial or petit 

jury and no other will be required to attend. 
Third Monday of February, at the Court House in Rome. 
Third Monday of April, at the Court House in Utica. 
Third Monday of June, at the Court House in Rome. 
Second Monday ot December, at the Court House in Utica. 


Third Tuesday of January, at the Court House in Utica. 

Second Tuesday of April, at the Court House in Rome. 

Second Tuesday of July, at the Court House in Utica. 

Third Tuesday of October, at the Court House in Roma 

In addition to the above. Terms of the County Court will be 
held for motion and naturalization : 

Fourth Wednesday of October, at the Court House in Utica. 

Fourth Friday of October, at the Court House in Roma 

WM. B. SUTTON, Oneida Co. Judae. 

Surrogate's Court : On the first Tuesday of every month, at 
Rome ; Stephen Van Dresar, Surrogate, Rome; 1st and 3d 
Wednesdaj's of each month at Utica. Office Bagg's Hotel. 

Wm. H. Bright, U. S. Commissioner, office U. S. Government 
Building. Charles M. Dennison, U. S. Commissoner, and 
Chief Supervisor of Election, office Tibbits Block. Thomas 
Higgison, Deputy U. S. Marshal, office U. S. Government 
Building; United States Internal Revenue Collector, 21st 
District, N. Y., office U. S. Government Building, office 
hours 9 to 12 A. m., and 2 to 4 p. k.; James Armstrong 
Collector ; Deputy Collector, Alexander L. Hadcock ; 
Jabez H. Jones, book-keeper ; Thomas M. Jones, Clerk ; 
Horace E. Day, U. S. Storekeeper and Ganger ; Deputy 
Collector, 1st Division, Oneida, Madison and Herkimer 
Counties, Alexander L. Hadcock, Utica; 2d Division, 
Oswego Co., S. B. Burchard, Oswego; 8d Division, Jeffer- 
son and Lewis Counties, H. A. Brockway, Watertown ; 4th 
Division, St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, George B 
Shepard, Ogdensburg. United States Register in Bank* 
ruptcy, WilUam H. Comstock, Tibbits Block. 



GoverDment Bailding, Broad Street. Judson T. Stevens, 
Postmaster; William M. Philieo, Assistant Postmaster; 
Money Order Clerk, G. W. Walker; General Delivery 
Clerks, A. B. Downer, Jerome B. German ; Registry Letter 
Clerk, W. M. Burnop. Mailing and Distributing Depart- 
ment^ : Lewis B. Jones, Chief Clerk ; Edward Henrich, John 
W. Johnston, Clerks ; David Ross, Night Clerk ; Edwin J. 
Meyers, Assistant Night Clerk. Free Delivery Department : 
James Barnum, Superintendent ; George McLean, George 
Scranton, G. S. Soley, Henry H. Quick, Mathew A. Garret, 
Henry Barnum, Edward K. McElwaine, J. T. Williams, 
Byron 8. Potts, Charles C- Swertfager, Chas. E. Batchelor, 
D. A. Hutchinson, F. W. Harrer, Letter Carriers* Mail 
Messenger, William Lent. 



Hereafter no matter can be forwarded in the mails after it 
reaches its original address without a new prepayment of 
postage, except letters which have one full rate paid thereon, 
namely, three cents, and newspapers or other periodicals 
which are to be forwarded to subscribers from one post office 
to another, which are in the same county where the paper to 
be forwarded is published, and in whole or in part printed. 

Where matter of the second, third or fourth classes has been in- 
advertently forwarded without the payment of the additional 
postage required, it is to be rated up with only the amount 
due, there being no double postage charged in such cases. 

Mail matter, before delivery, when forwarded to new post 
office address, should be charged the rate to. which it was 
originally subject. Postal cards forwarded before delivery 
require one cent prepayment, whether written or printed. 

FiBST Class Matter. — Sealed letters to any part of the United 
States or Canada, three cents for each half onnce^ or fraction 
thereof, prepaid ; local or drop letters at offices where free 
delivery by carriers is established, two cents for each half 
ounce or fraction thereof, prepaid ; where free delivery by 
carriers is not established, one cent for each half ounce or 
fraction thereof, prepaid ; postal cards furnished only by the 
Government, one cent each. 

Second Class Mattbb. — Newspapers and other periodical 
publications issued at stated intervals, as frequently as four 
times a year, and sent from the office nearest the place of 
publication, must be prepaid at the rate of two cents per 


Thibd Class Matter. — Books (printed and blank^, transient 
newspapers and periodicals, circulars, and otner matter 
wholly in print, proof sheets, and corrected proof sheets and 
manuscript copy accompanying the same, hand bills, posters, 
chromo-lithographs, engravings, envelopes with printing 
thereon, heliotypes, lithographs, photographic and stereos- 
copic views with the title written thereon, printed blanks 
and printed cards ; and postage shall be prepaid thereon at 
the rate of one cent* for each two ounces or fractional part 
thereof. Upon matter of the third class the sender may 
write his name or address, with the word "from" preceding 
the same, and may make simple marks intended to designate 
a word or passage of the text to which it is desired to call 
attention. There may be placed upon the cover or blank 
leaves of matter of the third class matter, a simple mano* 
script dedication or inscription that does not partake of the 
nature of a personal correspondence. All packages of third- 
class matter must be so wrapped, with open sides or ends, 
that their contents may be readily examined by postmasters. 

FouBTH Class Matter — Embraces blank cards, cardboard and 
other flexible material, flexible patterns, letter envelopes 
and letter-paper without printing thereon, merchandise, 
models, ornamental paper, sample cards, samples of ores, 
metals, minerals, seeds, cuttings, bnlbs, roots, scions, original 
paintings in oil or water colors, and any other matter not 
included in the flrst, second, or third classes, and which is 
not in its form or nature liable to destroy, deface, or other- 
wise damage the contents of the mail bag, or harm the 
person of any one engaged in the postal service. First, 
third and fourth claas matter may be registered by the pay 
ment of ten cents for each letter or parcel, in addition to 
the postage. 

Money Oedbbs. — Money may be sent to any part of the 
United States, Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain and Ire- 
land, Germany, Italy and Newfoundland. Domestic rates 
on orders not exceeding $15, ten cents ; over $15, not ex- 
ceeding $80, fifteen cents ; over $30, not exceeding $40, 
twenty cents ; over $40, not exceeding $50, twenty-five 
cents. German, British, Swiss and Italian rates on orders 
not exceeding $10, twenty-five cents; over $10, and not ex- 
ceeding $20, fifty cents ; over $20, and not exceeding $30, 
seventy-five cents ; over $30, and not exceeding $40, one 
dollar; over $40, and not exceeding $50, one dollar and 
twenty five cents. Canadian rates on orders not exceeding 
$10, twenty cents; over $10, and not exceeding $20, forty 
cents ; over $20, and not exceeding $30, sixty cents ; over 
$30, and not exceeding $40, eighty cents ; over $40, and not 
exceeding $50, one dollar. 



On and after October Ist, 1883, ordinary letter posta^ will be 
2 ceDts ; Foreign postage will be same rates as formerly. 


China, via Saa Francisco, American steamers, 5 cents ; China, 
British mail direct, via Southampton, 11 cents; via Brin- 
disi, 15 cents; Cuba, direct, 5 cents; East Indies, via South- 
ampton, 5 cents ; East Indies, via San Francisco, 5 cents ; 
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, direct, 6 cents; 
France, one-half ounce, 5 cents ; Oermany, direct mail, 6 
cents ; Germany, for closed mail, 5 cents ; Canada and 
British Provinces, if prepaid, per half ounce, 8 cents. 


^Police and Fire Commissioners — Ichabod C. Mcintosh, 1884 ; 
George L. Curran, 1885 ; L. W. Rogers, 1886 ; George Ful- 
mer, 1887 ; L W. Rogers, Chairman of Board ; Thomas F. 
Clarke, Clerk. 

Chief Engineer, Wesley Dimbleby. 

Utica Truck, No. 1, house 25 Cooper. 

Utica Steamer, No. 1, corner Eagle and P^rk ava 

Utica Steamer, No. 2, house 77 John street 

Chemical Engine, No. 1, and Hose 3, 63 Washington street. 

Utica Steamer, No. 4, cor. Fayette and Wiley. 

Utica Steamer, No. 5, Albany cor. Lansing. 

Hose Depot— (Cooper street, near Cornelia) in charge of the 
Chief Engineer. 

Fire apparatus in each ward — 3d ward, 1 steam fire engine, 1 
hose carriage, 1 hook and ladder truck, 1 chemical engine ; 
6th ward, 1 steam fire engine, 1 hose carriage ; 6th ward, 1 
steam fire engine, 1 hose carriage ; 7th ward, 1 steam fire 
engine, 1 hose carriage ; 8th ward, 1 steam fire engine, 1 
hose carriage. 



8 Bagg's Hotel 

4 No. 2 Engine House, John. 

6 Bleecker— Third. 

6 Blandina — First 

7 T. Owens', near Broad Street Bridga 

8 No. 6 Engine House— Albany. 
1-2 City Hospital. 

1-3 South— Dudley. 

1^ Eagle— Miller. 

1-5 Avery — 424 Genesea 

1-6 No. 1 Engine House, Park Ave. — Eagla 

1-7 South— West. 


1-8 Park Ava— Clark Placa 
2-1 Rnt^r — John. 
2-8 Eagle— Taylor Ave. 
2-4. Stenben — Arthur. 
2-5 Albany — ^Nichola 
2-6 Oneida— Faxton. 


8-1 Genesee — Oswego. 

3-2 Plant— Francia 

8-4 State— Williama 

8-5 72 Court, near Fay. 

3-6 Schuyler — Wager. 

4-1 Court — Crosa 

4-2 Erie — tfason. 

4-8 Columbia — Saratoga. 

4-5 Schuyler — Canal 

5-1 No. 4 Engine House, Fayette— Wiley. 

5-2 1 8 Canal, near Breese. 

6-8 Whitesboro— Charlea 

6-4 Fayette— Stata 

6-1 Hose Depot, 25 Cooper. 

6-2 City Hall. 

6-8 Chemical Engine House, 63 Washington. 

6-4 Genesee — Liberty. 

7-1 Columbia — Varick. 

7-2 Dakin — Genesea 


1-2-5 Cotton Mills, State — Cooper. 
1-2-6 Globe Woolen Mills, Court. 
1-2-7 Lunatic Asylum, Court 
1-3-1 Eaton's Match Factory, Gulf— South. 
1-4-1 Keynold's Factory, Catharine. 
1-4-2 LeRoy, Shattuck & Head, 105 Broad. 
1-4-8 Wild & Devereux's Mill, Broad. 
1-4-5 Mohawk Valley Mills, Broad. 
2-3-1 Rear of Herald Block, Burchard. 
4-1-2 Fire Alarm Company, 106 Liberty. 


Sixth Brigade, N. G., S. N. Y. — Sylvester Dering, Brigadier 
General Commanding. 


Company 24th — Captain, John Gossin ; drill night, Tuesday 

Company 28th — Captain, Joseph Bemmer; drill night, Mon- 
day eveninga 


Utica Citizens' Corps (organized 1887) — Captain, Daniel T. 
Everts; First Lioutenant,'P. J. McQuade; Second Lieuten- 
ant, E. L. Munson ; Third Lieutenant, W. H. Oilmore. 
President, J. C. P. Eincaid ; Vice President, Eut^ene Stearns; 
Financial Secretary, Myron W. Van Auken ; Kecording 
Secretary, W. L. Goodier; Treasurer, Thos. B. Daviesw 
Meeting night, Tuesday. 



John L. Earll and W. N. Weaver, terms expire March, 1884; 
Joseph A. Marrow and George Young, terms expire March, 
1885 ; Chas. W. Hackett and Frederick J. Pratt, terms ex- 
pire March, 1886 Officers of the Board: John L Earll, 
Chairman; Frank R. Winant, Clerk; Andrew McMillan, 

A. M., Superintendent. Committees — On Buildings and 
Grounds, Marrow and Hackett ; Salaries and Supplies, Hack- 
ett and Marrow; Teachers, Young and Pratt; Text Books 
and Course of Study, Weaver and Earll ; Library and School 
Apparatus, Earll and Weaver ; Finance, Pratt and Young. 
There is at present four grades of public schools : 1. Pri- 
mary schools ; 2, Intermediate schools ; 8, the Advanced 
school ; 4, the Free Academy. / 

The school houses are located as follows : 

1. The Free Academy," Academy street, George C. Sawyer, 

2. The Advanced School, Elizabeth, corner of Charlotte, O. C. 
Harrington, Principal. 

8. Intermediate and Primary, Whitesboro corner Potter, Net- 
tie N. Colburn, Principal. 
4 Intermediate aud Primary, Aikin, west Cornelia, Mrs. O. 

B. Johnson, Principal. 

6. Intermediate and Primary, Union, Miss Mary M. Jones, 

6. Intermediate and Primary, Blandina, east First, Miss Maggie 

C. Hughes, Principal. 

7. Intermediate and x^rimary, Hamilton, south of Columbia, 
Miss Sarah M. Dann, Principal. 

8. Intermediate and Primary, Catharine, east of Park ava. 
Miss E. D. McKennan, Principal. 

9. Intermediate and Primary, Albany, near tollgate, Mrs. 
Lola G. Williamson, Principal. 

10. Intermediate and Primary, Lansing, east of Gulf, Miss 
Annie O'Reilly, Principal. 

11. Intermediate and Primary, Court, Miss Sarah A. Saun- 
ders, Principal. 

12. Intermediate and Primary, South, corner Seymour ave., 
Miss Annie E. Longley, Principal. 


13. Ibtermediate and Primary, Francis, Miss Flora A. Cook, 

14. Primary, Faxton Hall, Court, Miss Hose M. Sexton, Prin- 

15. Intermediate and Primary, Miller, corner Leah, Miss Nel- 
lie E. Rutherford, Principal. 

16. Intermediate and Primary, Whitesboro, corner Washing- 
ton, Mies Mary C. Barnnm, Principal. • 

17. Ungraded, Mary street, near Jefferson, Miss Elizabeth R 
Murphy, Principal. 

18. Intermediate and Primary, James street, Mies Sarah E. 
Herrick, Principal. 

Evening School — Faxton Hall, session during the Fall and 
Winter. R E. Thomas, Principal. 

Evening School — Blandina street. Miss Ella Finn, Principal. 

Maria L. Dashley, Teacher of Drawing, and Solon U. Cook- 
inham. Teacher of Music in all the Schools. 

There are three terms in each school year. The first com- 
mences the first Monday in September and continues sixteen 
weeks ; the second, the first Monday in January, and con- 
tinues fifteen weeks ; the third, the first Monday in May, 
and continues nine weeks. 

Utica City Library, Library Building, Elizabeth street, between 
Genesee and Charlotte streets ; Eugene L. Oatley, Librarian ; 
open daily from 9 to 12 a. m., and 2 to 5 p. m.; Evening 6:30 
to 8. Free to all residents in Utica. 


Academy of the Assumption, for boys, under the charge of 

Brothers of the Christian Schools, corner of John and Eliza- 

beth. Brother Hugh Thomas, Director. 
Utica Business College, Parker Building, McCreary & Shielda 
German English School of the German Lutheran Zion's 

Church, Columbia street. Principal, H. Lange; R. Kessler, 

St. Mary's Roman Catholic, South street, corner Taylor ave. 

Two separate schools with lady teachera 
German School, (Private) Hamilton street. Principal, L. Hey- 

Kindergarten — Mrs. Janet Kellogg, 38 Oneida. 
Misses Field, 2 Hobart street. 
Miss Motts, 43 Court 
Miss Backus, 181 Park Avenue. 
Miss Cecily Baker, 11 Court. 
Private Schools for young children with Primary Department ; 

41 Blandina street. Miss L. Potter, Principal. 
8t, John's Select and Free Schools, for girls, under the direct 

tion of the Sisters of Charity. Burnet street, near Bleecker. 


St Joseph's School (German), for boys, No. 168 Fayette street. 
Francis Banmer, Teacher. 

St Joseph's School (German), for girls. No. 163 Fayette street. 
Tangnt by the Sisters of St Clam 

TJtica Female Academy, Washington, junction of Genesee. 
Mrs. J. 0. G. Piatt, Principal ; President, Edward S. Bray- 
ton ; • Secretary, Stephen Sicard. 



Trinity, Broad, corner First, Rev. Charles H. Gardner, Rector. 

Clerk of Vestry, Frank D. Westcott 
Grace Church, Utiea, Genesee corner of Elizabeth, Rev. Edwin 

M. Van Densen, D. D., Rector; Charles A. Talcott, Clerk 

of the Vestry; Franklin T. Ray, Treasurer. 
Calvary, South, corner Howard avenue. Rev. Alfred B. Good- 
rich, D. D., Rector; Egbert Bagg, Jr., Clerk of Vestry ; T. 

W. Seward, Treasurer. 
St George's, 96 State, Rev. W. B. Coleman, Jr., Rector ; Fred 

J. Davis, Clerk of Vestry ; Treasurer, James Hemmens. 
St Luke's Memorial Church, Hamilton, corner Columbia, 

Rev. Bernard Schulte, Rector ; J. F. Seymour, Jonathan 

Aucock, Trustees. 


First Presbyterian, Washington, corner Columbia, Rev. Robt. 
L. Bachman, Pastor ; H. C. Beare, Clerk of Sessions ; James 
Rockwell, President of Trustees; Edward Hurlburt, Clerk; 
Hudson Bidwell, Treasurer. 

Westminster, 116 Washington, Rev. Thomas J. Brown, D. D., 
Pastor ; H. H. Curtiss, Clerk of Session ; E. L. Swartwout, 
Assistant Clerk of Session ; Theodore Pomeroy, President 
of Trustees; V. B. Stewart, Secretary ^nd Treasurer. 

Bethany, Lansing, corner Albany, Rev. Charles F. Goss, 
Pastor; Thomas M. Howard, Clerk of Session ; George W. 
Head, President of Trustees; Jos. HoUingworth, Jr., Sec- 
retary ; F. G. Wood, Treasurer. 

The Memorial Presbyterian Church, Court, corner Garden, 
Rev. Dana W. Bigelow, Pastor ; William M. Davies, Sec- 
retary ; George L. Curran, Treasurer. 

Elizabeth Street Presbyterian (colored), 23 Elizabeth street^ 
Rev. Pastor. • 


Rev. L. L. Palmer, Presiding Elder, Utica District 
First Methodist Episcopal, Court, corner Broadway, Rev. Sam- 
uel Call, Pastor; H, G. Clark, Secretary; Charles H. Rob- 
inson, Treasurer. 


M. E. Chape], West Utica, corner of Court and Stark streets ; 

in charge of First Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Sooth Street Methodist Episcopal, 29 South, Kev. A Bramley, 

Pastor ; H. K. Heftron, Secretary and Treasurer. 
First Free Methodist Church, 30 Chatham street, Rev. O. M. 

Owen, Pastor; G. W. Gurley, M. B. Fenton, S. Beckwith, 



Bleecker Street, Bleecker, corner Charlotte, Rev. D. G. Corey, 
D.D,, Pastor; Chairman Board of Trustees, W. B. Wal- 
ling ; Secretary and Treasurer, John E. Roberts ; Clerk, 
T. E. Richardson. 

Tabernacle, Hopper, corner King, Rev. Dr. J. W. Custis, 
Pastor ; Clerk, Ira D. Hopkina 

Ebenezer, 59 Columbia ; Elder, Silas H. Dnrand ; Trustee, 
J. W. Alexander. 


Genesee, corner Cornelia, Rev. Isaac S. Hartley, D. D., Pastor ; 
E. S. Brayton, President Board of Trustees ; Secretary, 
Addison C. Miller ; Treasurer, Seth *W. Crittenden. 


St Francis de Sales', Steuben street; Pastor, Rev. Luke 

St John's, Bleecker, corner John, Rev. J. S. M. Lynch, Pas- 
tor; First Assistant, Rev. W. A. Ryan ; Second Assistant, 
Rev. J. J Toomey. 

8t Patrick's, Columbia, corner Huntington, Rev. Patrick Car- 
ahar, Pastor. 

St Joseph's (German), Columbia, near Yarick, Rev. Leonard 
Reich, O. M. C. 

St. Mary's, (German), South, corner Taylor avenue. Rev, 
Henry Fehlings, Pastor. 

St Peter's, Deerfield Corners, Rev. Father Lindenfeld, Pastor. 


House of Jacob, 11 Seneca, Rev. A. H. Sinai, Rabbi ; Presi- 
dent, Solomon Mitchell ; Vice President, J. Jacobson ; 
Secretary, J. M. Mendelson ; Treasurer, D. Rothstein. 


Cbnrch of the Reconciliation,* Seneca, near junction of Gene- 
see, Rev. O. A. Rounde, Paetor ; George W. Oatley, Clerk* 


Bethesda Welsh Congregational, 108 Washington, Rev. W. B. 

Joseph, Pastor ; Secretary, William W, Georga 
Moriah Welsh Calvinistic Methodist, Park avenue, corner 

Dakin, Rev. William Roberts, D. D., Pastor ; Secretary, 

John O. Jones. 


Welsh Methodist Episcopal, 6 Washington, Rev. William R. 

GriflBiths, Pastor ; Secretary, Stephen Brees. 
First Baptist, 20 Broadway, Rev. W. M. Evans, Pastor ; John 

Williams, Secretary. 


Zion, Fay, corner of Cooper, Rev. J. Ph. Lichtenberg, Pastor ; 
Paul Balduf, President; John Miller, Secretary; Frank 
Herbrandt, Treasurer. 

Trinity, (German), Hamilton street, Rev. J. 0. Oelschlarger, 
Pastor; George Edinger, President; L. Fehrman, Secre- 
tary ; G. Goehring, Treasurer. 

St. Paul, corner of Brinckerho£E avenue, Rev. H. Doru, Pas- 
tor; President of Trustees, Herman Winchenbach; Secre- 
tary, August Wolf; Treasurer, Andrew Carle. 


Church of the Redeemer, corner Court and Stark, Rev. T. B. 
Roth, Pastor; John R. Bucher, Secretary; Henry Martin, 
Treasurer. . 


Cooper, corner Cornelia, Rev. P. F. Rommel, Pastor ; Sec- 

retary, Henrj Weber. 
Evangelical Association Church, Garden, south of Court, Rev. 

Frederick Lolimeyer, Pastor; John Sittig, Secretary; 

Mathias Wangler, Treasurer. 


Convent ot Franciscan Fathers — Varick, corner Columbia ; 
Pastor of St Joseph's Church, Rev. Leonard Reich, Supe- 
rior; V. Rev. B. Doyle, Rev. Bonad Zoller, and Ven. 
Brother Remiguis Motz, Assistant of St Joseph's. 

Convent of St. Clara (Franciscan Sisters) — 171 Fayette street, 
Mother Helena, Superior. 

Oneida County Bible Society — President, ; Secretary, 

Rev. H. N. Dryer, Utica ; Treasurer, Theo. S. Sayra 

St John's Sodality — Prefect, J, P. Day ; Assistant Prefect, 
Joseph Ball ; Corresponding Secretary, W. B. Powers ; 
Financial Secretary, Thomas McGovern; Treasurer, M. J. 

Passion Sodality of St Patrick's Church — Prefect, P. DeLes- 
ter ; Assistant Prefect, William McCann ; Treasurer, D. F. 
Mahar ; Secretary, T. Carney. 

Young Men's Christian Association — President, C. W. Dar- 
ling; Recording Secretary, Donald Mclntyre; Treasurer, 
George Du Bois. 

Welsh Bible Society of Utica and vicinity— Annual meeting, 
Dec. 25; President, Rev. Wm. D. Williams, Deerfiela; 
Secretary, David J. Davis ; Treasurer, T. Solomon GriflStha. 



Woman's Christian Association of Utica — Industrial Home, 
No. 21 Court street; organized June. 1870. Object: " To 
improve the physical, intellectual, moral and religious con- 
dition. of women, and to make suitable provision for those 
who are sick, destitute, and friendless." Mrs. M W. Bus- 
sey, President; Mrs. S. W. Crittenden, Recording Secre- 
tary; Mrs. C. C. Shaver, Assistant Secretary; Mrs. J. E. 
Roberts, Treasurer. Directors: Thomas Foster, President; 
Theodore Pomeroy, Secretary. 

Society of Young Men of the German Lutheran Zion's Church 
— President, Jacob Ague ; Vice-President, George Berg ; 
Secretary, F. Fogel ; Treasurer, C. Frank. 

Benevolent Society of Bleecker Street Baptist Church — Pres- 
ident, T. E. Richardson ; Vice-President, Isaac Ryals ; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, W. E. Jones. 


Catholic Mutual Benefit Association — Organized by Rev. 
Leonard Reich, and Dr. L J. Petz, Sept. 12, 1881. Presi- 
dent, Leonard Miller. 

Faxton Hospital and Home for Aged Men — Perkins avenue. 
Its main object is to furnish a home for men of advanced 
age, whose need of shelter and care is due to misfortune and 
not to intemperance or vice. President, Mrs. E. P. Bailey ; 
Vice President, Mra E. H. Roberts ; Recording Secretary, 
Mrs. C. C. Shaver; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. H. 
Roberts ; Treasurer, Mrs. Geo. Dimon. 

Exempt Firemen's Association — President, Wm. Colling; 
Vice President, Geo. Snyder ; Secretary, Thomas Gorringe ; 
Treasurer, Theo. S. Sayre. 

Firemen's Benevolent Association — President, Jas. K 
Baker ; Treasurer, Thomas S. Geary. The objects of the 
Association are for the relief of disabled firemen, and the in- 
digent widows and orphans ot deceased firemen. 

German Mutual Assistance Society — Organized July 8, 1839, 
Fred Reinhardt, President; J. Kinsinger, Vice President; 
August Bockman, Secretary; George Fulmer, Treasurer. 
Meets the second Tuesday in each month. 

St. Aloysius German Young Men's Benevolent Society — John 
Bieler, President; Henry Wehle, Secretary ; Charles Nel- 
' bach. Treasurer. 

Home for the Homeless in the City of Utica — Faxton street, 
near'Oneida street. The "Home," the object of which is 
the protection, assistance and support of respectable, aged, 
indigent or infirm women, was incorporated in November, 


1866. PreeideDt, Mrsw Daniel Crouse ; Corresponding Sec* 
retary, Mrs. J. H. Williams ; Treasurer, Mrs. P. V. Rogers. 
Application Co^imittee, Mrs. Dr. Wells, 225 Genesee St, 
Chairman, Mrs. Jas. IL Mallory, 136 John St., Mrs. J. 
Camp, 42 Whitesboro St., and Mrs. F. W. H, Sheffield. 
Matron, Mrs. Mary £. Sbarpe. 

House of the Good Shepard — Incorporated Feb. 8, 1872, 
fileecker streef, between £ast and Jenerson. Object : The 
care, maintenance and instruction of friendless, neglected or 
destitute children, irrespective of age, sect, creed or condi- 
tion. President, D. N. Crouse ; v ice President, T. R 
Proctor ; Secretary E. Z. Wright ; Treasurer, Dr. L. A. 
Tourtellot ; Attorney, A. B. Johnson. Board of Managers: 
Mrs. Horatio Seymour, President; Mrs. S. G. Wolcott, 
Secretary ; Mrs. M. L. Brandegee, Treasurer. 

The Utica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 
— President Wra. Blaikie ; Vice President, Isaac S. Hartley ; 
Secretary, Dana W. Bigelow; Treasurer, S. W. Crittenden ; 
Counsel, Watson T. Dunmore; Ladies Committee: Mrs. 
W. J. Bacon ; Mrs. J. G. Brown ; Mrs. M. W. Bussey ; 
Mra S. W. Crittenden ; Mrs. S. Collins ; Mrs. A. McMillan ; 
Mra J. E. Roberts ; Mrs. Joseph Seiboth. 

Tabitha Society of the German Lutheran Zion Church — Ob- 
ject : To help the poor and sick. President, Mrs. George 
r ulmer ; Treasurer, Mrs. Wooiner ; Secretary, Mrs. Jacob 

St. Elizabeth Society — Object : To assist the poor of St. 
Joseph's Church. President, Mra R. Roberts; Secretary, 
Mrs. A..Perrin. 

St Vincent's Male Orphan Asylum, occupied by the managers 
of the Protectorate and Reformatory — For destitute children 
from Oneida and adjacent counties, the inmates of which 
are under the charge of the Christian Brothere. Brother 
Elias, Manager. 

St. Patrick's R C. T. A. & B. Society— President, John R- 
Magee ; Vice President, Edward Fenton ; Corresponding 
Secretary, J. F. Harvey; Treasurer, John McCormick. 
Meetings held at St. Patrick's Temperance Hall, Sundays 
at 4 p. M., cor. Columbia and State St 

St Anthony's Benevolent Society — President, Joseph B. Nel- 
bach ; Financial Secretary, Joseph Raddick; Kecording 
Secretary, C. Nelbach ; Treasurer Anton Touissant. Meets 
the second Sunday in each month at St Joseph's school 

St Boniface Benevolent Societv — President, Martin Knnkle ; 
Vice President, Chas. Amerhein ; Secretary, Ignaz Helton ; 


Treasarer, Joseph Miller. Meetings in St Marj's Church 
the last Sunday in each month. 

St. Francis Benevolent Society — President, John Walter; 
Vice President, Ferd Weiss; Secretary, John Frank; Cor- 
responding Secretary, M. Krebser ; Treasurer, Jacob Hor- 
nung. Meetings in St. Joseph's school house the first 
Sunday in each month. 

St George's Benevolent Society — President, James R Hall ; 
Vice President, E. W. Stradling ; Treasurer, Henry Thomas ; 
Corresponding Secretary, Daniel Batchelor; Recording Sec- 
retary, Thomas Birt Meetings in the Exchange Building 
the first Thursday in each month. 

Roman Catholic Benevolent Society — Louis Meyer, President ; 
John Alsheimer, Vice President; John Nelbach, Financial 
Secretary; Herman Zimmerman, Recording Secretary; 
Johu Snyder, Treasurer. 

St Joseph's Benevolent Society — President, M. Albright ; 
Secretary, Fred Haak ; Treasurer, J. Reichenbacb. Meets 
in Cornelius Hall the first Wednesday in each month. 

Knights of St. George — President, Chaa K Frey ; Vice Presi- 
dent, John Seigman ; Secretary Simon Servatius ; Treasurer, 
John Wagner ; Commander, H. Servatius ; 2nd Commander^ 
John Ritzel ; 3rd Commander, F. Younghanz. 

St. John's Catholic Orphan Asylum, for girls, No. 80 John 
street, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. 
Directress, Sister Mary Gertrude. 

St Elizabeth's Hospital and Home, No. 172 Columbia street 
Opened December 12th 1866 ; incorporated February 7th, 
1870. Under the care of the Sisters of St Francia Sister 
Mary Matilda, Superior. Its object is to give medical' and 
surgical aid to the sick and destitute of both sexes, without 
regard to age, color or creed. Edwin Hutchinson, Surgeon 
in charge; Dr. J. R West, Physician; Dr. Herbert G» 
Jones, House Surgeon. 

St Elizabeth's Hospital Dispensary, 172 Columbia — Open 
daily from 2 to 4 p. m. for the treatment of the sick poor. 

St Luke's Home and Hospital, Columbia, opposite Hamilton 
street Organized 1869. President, John F. Seymour; 
Treasurer, Geo. R Thomas; Secretary, Abbott Foster; 
Acting Chaplain, Rev. Bernard Schulte. Board of Lady 
Almoners : President, Mrs. G. R Thomas ; Secretary, Mrs. 
Sarah Pier ; Treasurer, Mra F. R Peckham. , 

Utica Dispensary, No. 28 Elizabeth street Open daily for 
the treatment ot the sick poor — free — ^from 12 m. to 1 p. m» 


President of the Association, Edward Curran ; Vice Presi- 
dent, Hugh Sloan ; Secretary, Ira D. Hopkins; Treasurer, 
John M. Grouse ; Attending Physician, Dr. W. M. Gibson ; 
Surgeon, J. H. Glass ; Consulting Surgeon, S. G. Wolcott 

Utica Orphan Asylum — for boys and girls, Genesee, corner 
Pleasant. Ist Directress, Mrs. Cornelia Graham ; Record- 
ing Secretary, Mrs. Mary B. Gray ; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Mrs. S. W. Wood ; Treasurer, Mrs. Emma Mann. 

St. David's Hall— President, J. t). Griffith ; Vice President, 
David J. Davis; Secretary, J. Owen Jones; Treasurer, J. 
C. Roberts. 

Welsh Benevolent Society — President, John Owen Jones; 
Vice President Edward H. Jones ; Recording Secretary, 
JohnQ. Hughes; Corresponding Secretary, W.P. Edwards; 
Treasurer, T. Solomon Griffiths. 

Goronwy Lodge, No. 38, Gwir Iforiad — John D. Jones, 
President ; Evan R. Jones, Secretary ; W. D. Jones, Treas- 


Board of Managers — President, Samuel Campbell ; Secretary, 
Theo. Pomeroy ; James McQuade, Publius V. Rogers, J. K. 
Swan, Lewis Lawrence, Samuel S. Lowery, George Barnard, 
Dwight D. Winston. 

Superintendent and Physician, John P. Gray, M. D., LL D. ; 
Assistant Physicians: First, Edward N. Brush, M. D. ; Sec- 
ond, G. Alden Blumer, M. D.; Third, Eli E. Josselyn, M. D.; 
Fourth, C. W. Pilgrim, M. D. Spedal Pathologist, Theo- 
dore Deecke. Treasurer, Thomas W. Seward ; Chaplain, 
Rev. William T. Gibson, D. D. ; Steward, H. N. Dryer. 


Homoeopathic Medical Society — President, Dr. F. F. Laird ; 
Dr. George Allen, Vice President ; Secretarv and Treasurer, 
Dr. C. E. Chase; Censors, Dr. M. O. Te'rry, Dr. N. C. 
Scudder, Dr. W. Warren, Dr. W. T. Laird. Members: Drs. 
L. B. Wells, W. H. Watson, M. O. Terry, C. E. Chase, C. J. 
Hill, F. F. Laird, Dr. Sue A. White, Utica; Dr. S. W. Rav- 
raond, Clinton ; Dre. A. GiflFord, S. O. Scudder, A. R. South- 
wick, Rome ; Dra D. W. Stebbius, L L. Brainard, Little 
Falls ; Dr. Leverett Bishop, Sauqnoit ; Dra Geo. Allen, R 
S. True, Waterville; Dr. G. A. Qifford, Clayville; Dr. H. 
J. Spencer, West Winfield ; Dr. W. Warren, Boonville ; 
Dr. W. E. Deuel, Chittenango ; Dr. A. Beach, Ilion ; Dr. 
Wm. Landt, Mohawk ; Dr. R L. Spencer, Trenton ; Dr. A. 
Guiwitz, Salisbury Corners. 


Medical Society of Oneida County — Organized in 1806. 
Meetings, second Tuesday in July, October, January and 
April. President, Jacob Hunt, Utica ; Vice President, A. R. 
Simmons, New Hartford ; John S. O'Hara, Secretary ; Dr. J. 
K. Ghamberlayne, Treasurer; Wm. M. Oibson, Librarian. 
Delegates to State Medical Society, Geo. Seymour, John S» 
O'Hara, Utica; A. 0. Palmer, Rome. Members in the city 
of Utica and vicinity : Moses M. Bagg, T. L. Bergen, Wil- 
bur H. Booth, Wales Buel, J. K. Ghamberlayne, Alonza 
Churchill, Mathias Cook, Isaac H. Douglass, £. D. Fuller, 
Henry A. Fitch, H. Dwight Gardner, W. M. Gibson, John 
P. Gray, J. V. Haberer, H. Hastings, A. L Holden, Ira D. 
Hopkins, Jacob Hunt, Edwin Hutchinson, F. R Hutchin- 
son, James G. Hunt, W. M. James, William Ralph, S. H. 
Morris, W. B. Palmer, C. P. Ru8sell,William Russell, Geoi^ 
A. King, Hugh Sloan, Franz Steinhanscn, Charles B. Tent, 
Louis A. Tourtellot, Joseph E. West, Samuel G. Wolcott, 
W. E. Ford, George Seymour, F. A. Vedder, John S. 
O'Hara, Wallace Clarke, Charlotte L. Merrick, Martha M. 
Dunn, Herbert G. Jones, J. H. Glass, £. J. Stephens, of 
Utica; E. H Bullock, H.'K Porter, New York Mills; Wal- 
ter R Griswold, A. R. Simmons, New Hartford ; William 
M. James, Smith Baker,. Charles E. Smith, Whitestown ; 
Thomas Hayes, Deerfield ; H. G. Dubois, Robert Frazer, 
Camden ; Jefferson C. Frazer, T. H. Cox, Lee ; Eliza M. 
EUinwood, Rome; J. A. Armstrong, A. A. Barrows, F. M. 
Barrows, Clinton ; G. S. Menzer,Verona ; C. Mnnger, Knox- 
boro ; W. H. Nelson, Taberg ; Amos P. Dodge, Oneida Cas- 
tle; M. Preston, Sanererfield; E W. Williams, Remsen; W. 
A. Babcock, Oriskany ; D. H Barnum, Cassville ; David 
•Bersee, Stanwix ; Walter Booth, La Fayette Rinkle, J. B. 
Nold, James W. Douglass, Boonville; G. W. Cleveland, W. 
P. Cleveland, H. W. Jones, F. T. Gorton, Waterville; D. 
H. Crane, N. Wolcott, Holland Patent; J. B. Drummond, 
Westmoreland ; E. Evans, T. M. Flandrau, H. Foord, C. E. 
Frazer, C. K Frazer, Jr., W. Knhn, E. J. Lawton, Juliette 
E. Merchant, H. C. Palmer, C. C. Reed, M. C. West, J. S. 
Whaley, Rome ; Isaac Freeman, F. A. Geary, Vernon ; Lu- 
ther Guiteau, E. W. Raynor, Trenton ; B. F. Haskins, Pros- 
pect; R H. Hews, North Western ; D. Hughes, Washington 
Mills; Chas. G. Ward, Bridgcwater. 

Utica Medical Library Association — President, George Sey- 
mour ; Vice President, R E. Josselyn ; Treasurer, James G. 
Hunt; Secretary, J. H. Glass; Librarian, J. L. Roseboom. 
Meets first Monday evening of each month at Utica Dis- 

Fifth District Dental Society — President, L C. Curtis, Fulton ; 
Vice President, G. V. N. Relyea, Oswego ; Secretary, G. L. 


Oiirtis, Syracuse ; Treasurer, J. 0. House, Lowville ; Corre- 
sponding Secretary, A. B. Cowles^ Eoma 



John S. Bartlett, Buffalo, Grand Master State of New York ; 
James D. Pollard, Seneca Falls, AL E. Hij^b Priest, State 
of New York ; Benj. Flagler, Suspension Bridge, R K 
Grand Commander, State of New York; Claude Wil^on, 
D. D. G. M. 

Board of Masonic Trustees : President, Elon G. Brown, Utica ; 
Treasurer, Rees G. Williams ; Secretary, Warren C. Rowley. 

W. B. Lord, 95' Deputy Grand Representative for State of 
New York, in Egyptian Bite of Memphis, and Sov. G. M. 
Gen. of the Oriental Rite of Mizraim. 

Utica Lodge, No. 47, F. and A. M., chartered Nov. 20, 1816: 
meets in Masonic Hall, 125 Genesee street, on second ana 
last Mondays in each month. Elon G. Brown, W. M. ; L 
J. Carpenter, Secretary; Trustees, T. R Thomas, Greo. D. 
Dimon, G. Balph. 

Oriental Lodge, No. 224, F. and A. M., chartered June 7, 
1851 ; meets same hall as above, second and fourth Tues- 
days in each month. E. L Akehurst, W. M. ; L Pryor 
Tapping, Secretary; Trustees, J. J. Illingworth, T. J. 
Griffiths, Jacob Schuhl. 

Faxton Lodge, No. 697, F. and A. M., chartered June 9, 1870; 
meets same hall as above, first and third Mondays in each 
month. Roderick Campbell, W. M. ; C. H. Oarr, Secre- 
tary ; Trustees, H. D. r ixley, R G. Williams, J. H. Cun- 

Oneida Chapter, No. 67, R A. M., chartered Feb. 17, 1817 ; 
meets same hall as above, first and third Tuesdays in each 
month. B. H. Frisbie, H. P. ; M. M. Jones, Secretary ; 
Trustees, M. A. Lewis, D. N. Crouse, W. 0. Rowley. 

Utica Council, No. 28, R. and S. M. ; meets same hall as 
above, last Friday in each month. M. A. Lewis, T. I. M. ; 
E, G. Brown, Recorder. 

Utica Commandery, K. T., No. 3, chartered Feb. 8, 1828; 
meets same hall as above, first and third Fridays each month. 
Warren C. Rowley, E. 0. ; N oble F. Martin, Gen. ; Watson 
T. Dunm.ore, S. W. ; Thomas H. Floyd, J. W. ; Daniel T. 
Everts, Capt. Gen. ; Le Roy F. Shepard, Prelate; Charles 
E. Barnard, Treas. ; J. H. Cunnine;ham, Recorder; E. G 
Brown, C. C. Shaver, L H. Shattuck, Trusteea 


Yahnun-dah-sis Lodge of Perfection (Scottish Rite), meets 
eame hall as above, first Thnrsdav in each month. Fred. 
A. Goffe, T. P. G. M. ; Rees G. Williams, G. S. 

Yah-nnn-dah-sis Chapter of Rose Croix, meets same hall as 
above, subject to call. Rees G. Williams, M. W. ; Byron 
S. Frisbie, G. S. 

Yah-nnn-dah-sis Council of P. and J., A. A. and 8. R, meets 
same hall as above, subject to call Theo. W. Bolles, M. K 
S. P. M. ; Bjron S. Frisbie, G. S. 

Utica Consistory, A. A. S. R. ; Rufns P. Birdseye, 32* 111. 
Comd. ; Theo. H. Sohultz, 32*», Grand Sect'y. Meets at Ma- 
sonic Hall, second Wednesday of each month. 

Ezra S. Barnum Rose Croix Chapter, No. 61, A. and P. R ; 
Frazier W. Hurlburt, 33°, M. W. ; James E. Hall, 32% 111. 
Kt 8. W. ; Orville A. Bumham, 31% 111. Kt. J. W. ; Edward 
L Akehnrst, 81% Kt. O. ; Jacob Schuhl, 11% Res. Kt. C. ; I 
Pryor Tapping, Res. Kt. A. ; Michael Brayton, Rea Kt 
Treaa ; Levi C. Hubbard, 11% Kt. C. of G. ; Chas. Schmidt, 
Kt G. of T. ; Julian Batchelor, 11% Kt Sent ; Henry Lan- 
caster, 11% Prelate ; Geo. J. Buchanan, 11% Kt O. ; at meets 
Masonic Hall, subject to call. 

Zigara Temple, A. A. O. W. M. 8. ; Frazier W. Hurlburt, 
88% 111. G. P. ; Taliesen Evans, 82% 111. C. R ; Edward A. 

Talman, 111. A. R , 111. H. P. and P. ; Thos. W. 

Bolles, 82% III. O. G. ; Chaa E. Barnard, 32% Treas. ; T. Jay 
Griffiths, 111. Rea ; Jacob J. Davis, 82% III. lat C. M.; Henry 
R Jones, 82% 111. 2d C. M., or 8. B. ; H. Gilbert Hart, 82% 
III. G. M. ; John Griffiths, 82% 111. C. G. ; David J. Evans, 
14% 111. O. G. ; meets at Masonic Hall, subject to call. 



Grand Lodge — Meets at Troj, Anorust 14th, 1888 ; Charles 
Schlarb, New York, Grand Master; J. R Tresidder, New 
York, Deputy Grand Master ; C. V. Clark, Box 838, New 
York, Grand Secretary ; James Goodwin, New York, Grand 
Treasurer ; J. W. Stebbins ; Grand Representative ; G. F, 
Davison, Utica, D. D. G. M. 

Utica Degree Lodge, No. 18, L O. O. F.— D. M., W. W. 
Wickham ; D. D. M., E. H. Divine ; Secretary, E Rock 
well ; Treasurer, David Hull ; Warden, John 8. Capron 
P. G., Thomas Higgison. 

Oneida Lodge, No. 70, chartered May 21, 1842, meets every 
Thursday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall. 


Skenandoah Lodge, No. 95, chartered October 13, 1843, meets 
every Tuesday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

Schuyler Lodge, No. 147, chartered May 27, 1845, meets every 
Monday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

Central City Lodge, No. 68, chartered May 6, 1846, meets 
every Wednesday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

Allamania Lodge, No. 86, (German), meets e^ery "Wednesday 
evening at their rooms in the Exchange Buildings. 

Tri-Mount Encampment, No. 24, chartered August 25, 1845, 
meets the second and fourth Friday evenings in each month 
in Odd Fellows' Hall. 

Steuben Encampment, No. 57, chartered April, 1871, meets 
in German Odd Fellows' Hall, Exchange I^uildings, second 
and fourth Thursdays in each month. 

Daughters of Kebekah. Gerraania Lodge, No. 1 8, meets at 
Odd Fellows* Hall, first and third Tuesdays in each month. 

Daughters of Hebekah. Good Samaritan Lodge, No. 6, meets 
at Odd Fellows' Hall, first and third Friday evenings of 
each month. 


Excelsior Lodge, No. 118, (incor.) meets every Thursday 
evening at Pythian Hall, 179 Genesee street. W. R Dale, 
''V. C.;" Wm. Douglass, « P. ;" H. B. Fuller, " C. 0.;" 
W. H. H. Holland, « K. R. S. ;" Robt. Ferguson, "M. E. ; 
Trustees, A. L. Wilcox, Wm. Douglass, John R Hoefler. 

Section No. 196, Endowment Bank, E. of P., meets at same 
place on first Thursday of each month. President, Hugh 
Shaw; R D. Zublin, Secretary and Treasurer. 


German Order of Harugari — J. Scholobohn, Yonkers, Grand 
Marshal, State of New York. 

Utica Lodge, No. 242, D O. H. William Dernier, O. B. ; 
Henry Heller, Treasurer ; Joseph Wehl, Secretary ; meets 
every Tuesday evening at Harugari Hall, No. 88 Columbia 


State Encampment, John A. Reynolds, Rochester, Depart- 
ment Commander. 

Post John F. McQuade, No. 14, Wm. J. Brown, Commander ; 
Albert G. Spencer, Adjutant; Louis Ruden, Quartermaster ; 
meets in Exchange Building, first and third' Wednesdays 
each month. 


Poet Bacon, No. 58, Charles W. Akehnrst, Commander; Wm. 
H. Clogher, Qnarcermaster ; Charles C. Swertfager, Ad- 
jatant ; meets Thursday evenings at G. A. R Hall, Bradisb 

Post W. H. Reynolds, No. 36, O. P. Clark, Commander ; J. 
W. dark, Qnartermafiter ; Charles R Brown, Adjutant; 
meets first and third Tuesdays in each month at O. A. R 
Hall, Bradish Block. 


Grand Lodge, Empire Order of Mutual Aid, State of New 
York — Grand President, W. A. Sutherland, Mt. Morris ; 
Grand Vice President, H. K Dineley, Utica ; Grand Past 
President, Hon. Seymour Dexter, Elmira ; Brand Secretair, 
Wm. E. Jenny^ Lockport; Grand Treasurer, John 6. 
Schlund, Buffalo. 

Union Lodge, No. 48, C. F. Clark, P. M. W. ; John Barton, 
M. W. ; Geo. Nicholson, R ; J. S; Aitkin, O. ; J. Holling- 
worth, Jr., Recorder; J. M. Brockway, R ; J. M. GriflSth, 
Treasurer; meets at Pythian Hall, second and fourth Wed- 
nesdays in each month. 

Utica Council O. of U. R Instituted December 8, 1881. 0. 
C, J. H. Shafer ; V. C, Sarah M. James; R, W. P. Wright; 
R S., Joseph Wehle ; Treasurer, J. M. Matti. Meets at 
Harngari Hall second and fourth Thursdays in each month. 


Supreme Lodge — Supreme Dictator, R H. Cochran, Wheel- 
infij, West Va; Sup. Reporter, B. F. Nelson, Louisville, 
Ky. ; Sup. Treasurer, Robt. J. Breckenridge, Louisville, Ky. 

Grand Lodge, State of New York, meets in New York City, 
second Tuesday of September, 1884. G. D., John Mulligan, 
New York; G. V. D., Chas. B. Bovier, Elmira; G. A. D., 
R E. Van Giesen, Brooklyn ; P. G. D., Adam Wamock, 
New York ; G. Reporter, C. M. Hardenburg, Coming ; G. 
Treasurer, C. M. Haywood, Owego; G. Chap., C. M. Jones, 
Van Etenville; G. Guide, Thoa Fitzpatrick, New York; 
G. Guard, Jaa B. Cady, Rochester; G. Sent., Chas. Sawyer, 
Syracuse; State Med. Examiner, L. D. Witherell, Union,. 
Broome County. 

Security Lodge, No. 1438 — Chester DuBois, P. D. ; Daniel 
Taylor, D.< Wm. H. Rowlands, V. D. ; E. L. Burton, A. 
D. ; H. G. Estes, R ; A. O. Tapping, F. R ; R. J. Knox, 
Treasurer ; Rev. C. F. Goss, Chaplain ; E. P. Thomas, 
Guide ; Robt. W. Edwards, Sent. ; Edward Greenhill,. 
Guard ; Wallace Clarke, M. D., Med. Examiner. 


Utica Lodge 1979, meets at Pythian Hall, second and fourth 
Fridays of each month. Wm. F. Kyan, P. D. ; John Mc- 
Call, D. ; P. E. Kelly, V. D.'; W. II. Hand, A. D. ; John 
Nelson, Chap. ; J. V. Haberer, Rep. ; H. T. Higgs, F. R ; 
Jacob Yakey, Guide ; J. A. Marrow, Treas. ; Frank 
Lessinger, Sent. ; J. J. Sweeney, Guard ; J. V. Haberer, 
M. D., Med. Examiner. 

Myrtle Lodge, No. 1736 — Jas. B. Basselly, D.; Duane Pereival, 
Y. D.; Fred Pope, A. D. ; W. P. Wright, R. ; W. W. 
Borst, F. R ; Chas. Milbury, Treasurer. 

Mohawk Valley Lodge, No. 2.— W. F. Ryan, G. D. D. ; T. R 
Richardson, P. D,; J. T. Evans, D.; T. Nallv, V. D. ; Geo. 
Morath, Jr., A. D.; T. H. Peters, C. ; M. C.^Balch, T. ; M. 

F. Daly, F. R ; T. Peters, C. ; meets at Pythian Hall, first 
and third Wednesdays each month. 

Safety Lodge, No. 163, E. O. M. A.,— meets 2d and 4th Wed- 
nesdays, at Harngari Hall ; President, John B. Gough ; 
Vice-President, Herbert A. Hastings ; Rec. Sec, James J. 
Gormley ; Fin. Sea, William Haslehnrst; Treasurer, Frazier 
W. Hurlburt. 

-Oermania Lodge, No. 21, Empire Order Mutual Aid — Presi- 
dent, George Strobel ; Vice President, William Helmke; 
Secretary, J. C. Snyder ; Fin. Sea, Wm. Ulrich ; Chaplain, 
Wm. Guckemus ; Treasurer, Lambert Will. 

Utica Lodge, No. 20, E. O. M. A.— W. C. Burnham, President; 
Jno. M. Brown, V. P. ; H. E. Dingley, Treasurer ; K H. 
Divine, Secretary. 

Imperial Council, No. 70, Royal Arcanum, Utica, N. Y. — Re- 
gent, Chas, F. Hurlburt; Vice Regent, Wm. F. Hoerlein ; 
Treasurer, Wm. R Heath ; Secretary, Frank D. Westcott ; 
Collector, W. F. Hoerlein. 

Fort Schuyler Council, No. 404, Royal Arcanum — Regent, 
Julian Batchelor; Vice Regent, Jacob Schnhl; Orator, 
David Williams ; Secretary, N. B. Hyde ; Treasurer, J. 
Gomph ; Collector, J. E. Jones ; Chaplain, C. Emmett Root; 
Waraen, Geo. W. George; Sentry, J. W. Cleveland ; Med- 
ical Examiners, M. O. Terry, M. D., and F. E. Hutchinson, 
M. D. 



^rand Lodge, W. Martin Jones, Rochester, G. W. C. T.; D. 
W. Hooker, Syracuse, G. W. Sea ; I. C. Andi-ews, Ithaca, 

G. W. T., Treasurer. 

•County Lodge, Rev. C. H. Beebe, Clayville, C. C. T. ; A. E 
Curtis, P. P. C. T. ; Miss Jennie Allport, C. V. T. ; Wm. 
B. Light, Utica, C, Secretary ; Thomas Gorringe, Utica, C, 
Treasurer; John Piper, Utica, C, Chaplain. 


Utica Lodge, No. 625, 1. O. of G. T., orgranized August 1, 187T; 
meets Monday eveniiigs at Harngan Hall, 38 Columbia 
street. J. h. Jones, Lodge Deputy. 

Oak Lodge, No. 812,1. O. of G. T., organized February 6. 
1869 ; meets Friday evenings at St David's Hall, Arcada 
Lodge Deputy, Josiah Perry. 

Independent Order Beehabites — High Tent, H. C. R, 0. L. 
Hecox, Ilion, N. Y. ; H. D. R, J. L. Belote, Norfolk, Va ; 
H. C. S.,Wm. Job, Troy, N. Y. ; H. T., J. Ellis, Alex- 
andria, Va. ; P. H. 0. R, T. B. Marohe, Washington, D. 0. 

Utica Star Tent, No. 26, L O. R, organized March 24, 1883 ; 
meets Tuesday evenings in Exchange Buildings ; C. R, F. 
D. Jones; D. R, J. G. Foster; P. 0. R, W. B. Light. 


Trades Assembly of Utica. Organized January 10, 1882. 
Meets every Monday evening in Trades Assembly Hall, 
Arcada Officers : President Joseph Joyce ; Vice Presi- 
dent, Wm. La Bart ; Recording Secretary, Joseph Eaton ; 
Corresponding Secretary, M. Powers ; Financial Secretary, 
Jacob Irion ; Treasurer, W. T. Vayo ; Sergeant-at-Arms, 
John Cooley. 

Shoe Cutters* Protective Union. President, Tbos. Blagney ; 
Secretary Joseph Eaton ; Treasurer, Jacob Stunner. 

Boss Carpenters' Association. President, J. W. Fitton ; Vice 
President, Tho& Cogley ; Secretary, Walter Embly. 

Ci^r Makers' Union, meets third Wednesday in each month. 
President, Henry P. Hoefler; Corresponding Secretary, 
Fred L. Hersey ; Treasurer, George Fancy. 

Iron Moulders' Union, meets third Tuesday in each month, in 
Pythian Hall. President, Jacob Wolf; Secretary, David 
Seguin ; Treasurer, Patrick McGinnis. 

Journeymen Carpenter's Association — President, S. E. Hard- 
castle ; Secretary, Wm. L Booth ; Treasurer, John Carey. 

Utica Typographical Union, No. 62 ; meets in Trades' Aft- 
sembly Hall, Arcade; President, Edward A. Bates; Corres- 
ponding Secretary, £. J. Elwood; Financial Secretary, 
Theo. Say ; Treasurer, W. W. Wickham. 


Welsh Choral Society — David J. Davics, President ; J. Q. 
Hughes, Secretary ; W. D. Jones, Treasurer ; W. Apmadoc, 
Conductor. Meets Thursday evenings, at St. David^s Hall, 

Utica Mendelssohn Club — President, Dr. J. E. West ; Vice 
President, Dr. Edwin Hutchinson ; second Vice President, 


K H. Divine ; Secretary, John G. Gibson ; Treasurer, M. 
' T. Brown ; Librarian, Dr. 0. L. Robinson. 

C!oDcordia Maennerchor, meets at Wiesner Hall,every Wednes- 
day. President, E. Mechler ; Secretary, Frank Barowski ; 
Treasurer, L. Fleiechnoan. 

Utica Maennerchor, meets at Carton Hall, every Friday even- 
ing. President, E. Gebhardt ; Vice President, R G- Hoer- 
lein ; Treasurer, Jacob Erhardt; Secretary, Geo. Zimmer; 
Musical Director, N. Zarth. 

Utica Philharmonic Society — Meeting room 4 Bang's Square, 
Hon. W. J. Bacon, President ; I. J. Gray, Vice President ; 
J. B. Howe, Secretary; Business Manager and Leader of 
Orchestra, Louis Lombard. 

Utica Brass Band — Organized in 1822. Rooms Carton Block. 
OflSce, Charles H. Schiller's Jewelry Store, and Bucking- 
ham's Music Store. Horace Perkins, Leader of Brass Band ; 
J. Koehl, Leader of Orchestra and Business Manager. See 
Advertising Department. 


Utica Board of Fire Underwriters — Regular meeting Monday 
afternoons. Room 3 Gardner Block. President, V. B. 
Stewart ; Secretary, Treasurer and Surveyor, W. P. Car- 

Utica Mercantile and Manufacturing Association — President, 
Addison C. Miller ; First Vice President, John D. Kernan ; 
Second Vice President, Philo S. Curtis ; Third Vice Presi- 
dent, Edmund A. Graham ; Secretary, Thomas S. Mcln- 
crow ; Treasurer, Edward Curran ; Finance Committee, A. 
T. Brower, Robert S. Williams, Publius V. Rogera 

Central New York Farmers' Club — President, Hon. Samuel 
Campbell, New York Mills; Vice President, Morgan But- 
ler, NTew Hartford ; Secretary, B. D. Gilbert ; Treasurer, 
Daniel Batchelor, Utica. 

Central New York Sportmen's Club — Organized April 15, 
1859. C. W. Hutchinson, President ; E. P. Bailey, J. G. 
French, S. Y. Lane, Vice Presidents ; J. D. Kernan, Prose- 
cuting Attorney ; S. Dering, Treasurer ; Frank I. Meyers, 

Central New York Cheese Manufacturers' Association — Presi- 
dent, G. Merry, Verona; Vice Presidents, R. McAd&m, 
Rome, L. L. Wight, Whitesboro ; Secretary and Treasurer, 
B. D. Gilbert, Utica. 

Dairymen's Protective Association — President, Franklin Bland- 
ing, Hubbardsville; Secretary, L N. Sheldon, Cuba; Treas- 
urer, B. D. Gilbert, Utica. 


Oneida County Agricultural Society — President, Geo.Hatnmii, 
Rome ; Vice Presidents, H. M. Rouse, Marshall, L S. Wil- 
cox, Rome ; Secretary, J. B. Cnshman, Jr., Vernon ; Treas- 
urer, W. D. Reese, Rome. 

The Oneida Historical Society — President, Horatio Seymour ; 
Vice Presidents, 0. W. Hutchinson, D. E. Wacer, Alex- 
ander Seward; Recording Secretary, Dr. M. M. Bagg; 
Librarian and Corresponding Secretary, M. M. Jones; 
Treasurer, R S. Williams. 

Fort Schuyler Club — President, Horatio Seymour; Vice 
President, John C. Devereux ; Secretary, Wm. Townsend; 
Treasurer, Chas. S. Symondp. 

Utica Board of Trade— President, Dr. L L. Wight, Whites- 
town; Secretary, B. D. Gilbert, Utica; Treasurer, A. L. 
Blue, Marcy. 

Utica Association for the Protection of Fish and Game — I. J. 
Gray, President; J. D. Collins, Vice President; F. J. 
Davis, Secretary ; A. H. Ballou, Treasurer. 

Utica Club— Rooms 23 Devereux street. President, T. R 
Proctor ; Vice President, T. Jay Griffiths ; Secretary, Major 
D. T. Everts ; Treasurer, B. A. Clark. 

Utica Curling Club — President, John Peattie; Vice President, 
J. B. French ; Secretary and Treasurer, Geo. B. Allen. 

Rose, Shamrock and Thistle Society — President, James Mc- 
Quade ; Vice Presidents, J. G. Marklove, Daniel Batchelor, 
S. S. Lowery, J. G. Grindley ; Secretary, John Ross. 

Utica Art Association — President, Geo. W, Adams; Vice 
President, R. S. Williams ; Secretary, C. A. Doolittle ; Cor- 
responding Secretary, B. D. Gilbert ; Treasurer, J. M. 

Germania Industrial Society — Meetings every month at Sutor- 
rius Music Rooms, Gardner Block. President, Otto K C. 
Guelich ; Treasurer, Julius Brieithaupt ; Corresdonding 
Secretary, Dr. Elages ; Financial Secretary, J. C. Schneider. 

Post B., Commercial Travelers' Association — President, 
Henry D. Pixley ; Vice President, Edgar H. Wheeler ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, James H. England. 

Centennial Council, Sovereigns ot Industry — President, TheoJ 
Beswick ; John McCormack, Vice President ; George Rich- 
ards, Financial Secretary ; Albert Heinty, Recording Sec- 
rectary ; Adolphus Groos, Treasurer. 

The Half-Century Club — President, Egbert Bagg ; Vice Presi- 
dents, J. G. Brown, C H. Say re, James McQuade; Secre- 
tary and Treasurer, Eugene Stearns. Executive Committee : 
Benjamin Allen, B. F. Davies, I. WhifEen, JSf. A. White, J, 
F. Seymour. 



First National Barik of TJtica — No. 91 Genesee street. P. V, 
Rogers, President ; Edward Curran, Vice President ; John 
A. Goodale, Cashier ; Edward Norris, Teller ; Leslie W. 
Brown, Assistant Teller; B. F. Roberts, Book-keeper ; H. 
R. Williams, Discount Clerk ; P. W. Harder, Correspond- 
ing Clerk ; Charles B. Clarke, Clerk ; David A Williams, 
Poi-ttr. Cupital, $600,000; discount days, Tuesdays and 

Second National Bank, Dauositary and Financial Agent of the 
United States — No. 76 Genesee street. Organized January 
1, 1864. E S. Brayton, President; W. B. Jackson, Vice 
President ; George R Thoina?, Cashier ; Act. Teller, Willard 
Conkey ; Act. Book-keeper, Frank R. Winant. Capital, 
$300,000; discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays. * 

Oneida. National Bank — No. 157 Genesee street. A. J. Wil- 
liams, President; E. Chamberlain, Vice President; R. S. 
Williams, Cashier; George L Bradford, Teller; H. P. Mai- 
lory, Discount Clerk; William Wright, Boukk-eeper; H. 
R Thompson, Assistant Teller; H. K. Van Size, Clerk. 
Capital, $400,000 ; discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Utica City National Bank — Corner Genesee and Catharine 
streets. Isaac Maynard, President ; Russel Wheeler, Vice 
President; C. 8. Symonds, Cashier; M. C. Brown, Teller ; 
Theo. B. Davis, Book-keeper ; James T. McLoughlin, Dis- 
count Clerk ; Cliff. F. Marklove, Corresponding Clerk. 
Capital, $200,000 ; discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Oneida County Bank — No. 78 Genesee street. Francis Ker- 
nan, President ; C. S. Butler, Vice President; J. M. Butler, 
Cashier; F. A. Bosworth, Teller; C. D. Mattison and E. 
H. White, Book-keepers; John F. Adams, Assistant Book- 
keeper. Capital, $125,000. Discount days, Tuesdays and 

T. O. Grannis & Co.'s Bank — No. 165 Genesee street. T. O. 
Grannis and George Curtis, Bankers; C. K. Grannis, Cash- 
ier; James A. Chambers, Book-keeper. 

Mather, A. D. & Co., Bankers — No. 163 Genesee, corner 
Bleeckur. Joshua Mather, Cashier. Henry J. Benson, 

Chas. Green & Son, Bankers — Nu. 35 Genesee street. 

Savings Bank of Utica — No. 164 Genesee street; organized 
1839. William J. Bacon, President; Truman K. Butler, 
1st Vice President ; E. C. Chamberlain, 2d Vice President ; 
A. C.Miller, Treasurer; Rufus P. Birdseye, Assistant Treas- 
urer; II, E. Brewster, Teller; A. D. Chase and M. J. 
Kernan, Book-keepers. 



American District Telegraph and Telephone Exchange. R 8. 
Williams, President; F. G. Wood, Secretary and Treas- 
urer; O. A. Nichokon, General Manager; T, P. Nightin- 
gale, Superintendent; office, Liberty street. 

Central New York Agricultural, Horticultnral and MechanicaV 
Association. C. W. ELutchineon, President; Chas. M. Den- 
nison, Miles C. Corastock, Thomas' R. Proctor, Amos O. 
Osborn, Waterville ; Harris Lewis, Frankfort; E. J. Burrill^ 
Little Falls, Vice Presidents ; M. C. Comstock, Treasurer ; 
Joshua W. Church, Secretary. Office, 16 Bleecker. 

Cymreigddion Society — President, David J. Davis ; Vice Pros- 
dents, W. Cynwal Jones, Evan Roberts ; Recording Secre- 
tary, John D. Griffiths; (corresponding Secretary, W. P* 
Edwards; Treasurer, W. B. Parry. 

Commercial Travelers' Mutual Accident Afsociation of Amer- 
ica — H. D. Pixley, President ; E. H. Wheeler, Secretary and 
Treasurer. Home office, 230 Genesee street, Utica. 

Utica Park Association — J. Thos. Spriggs, President; Thoe^ 
R Proctor, T. V. Leroy, Vice Presidents; Mortimer G» 
Thomson, Treasurer; Geo. B. Chaee, Secretary. Office^ 
Bagg's Hotel. 

Globe Woolen Company — Court street, corner Stark. Robert 
Middleton, President and Agent ; Edwin T. Batsford, Sec- 
retary; W. W. Coffin, New York, Treasurer. 

Gulf Brewery — Jay street, corner Third ; incorporated 1852» 
People's Brewery Company of Utica — Second street, corner 

Sovereigns' Co-operative Association of Utica — President^ 
Jonatnan Aucock; Secretary and Treasurer, Geo. Haigh;. 
Store Manager, Mathias Messner. 

St. Agnes* Cemetery Association — John C. Devereux, Presi- 
dent; William Kernan, Secretary ; W. J. Carton, Treasurer^ 

St. Joseph's Cemetery — Ohamplin's road. George Windheim,, 
President ; Lawrence Coonradt, Secretary ; Sigismund Stief- 
vater. Treasurer. 

Utica Steam Cotton Mills — E. A. Graham, President ; T. K^ 
Butler, Vice President; E. Chamberlain, Secretary and 
Treasurer ; G. H. Wiley, Superintendent. 

Utica Willowvale Bleaching Company — Works at Willowale^ 
N. Y. Office at U. S. Cotton Mills. 

Utica Cemetery Associatiqn — Office, Room No. 4 Gardner 
Block. William J. Bacon, President; Lewis Lawrence^ 
Vice President; William P. Carpenter, Secretary and 
Treasurer; R Campbell, Superintendent. 


The 0. T. Segar Manufacturing Co.— F. W. H. Sheffield, 
President ; C. T. Segar, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Utica Brewing Company — Incorporated 1882. Corner Sooth 
and St. Vincent streets. Capital stock $16,000. President, 
Charles Winslow; Manager, Michael Hand. 

Utica Ice Company — Limited. Capital stock $20,000. Office 
90 Fayette street. President, C. B. TefFt : Secretary, G. L. 
Waters; Treasurer, C. Sautter, Jr. ; Superintendent, W. W. 

Globe Button Company of Utica, Whitesboro street — Presi- 
dent, Miles Mulligan ; Secretary, P. H. Carney ; Treasurer, 
James Merriman. 

Mohawk Valley Cotton Mills— T. K. Butler, President ; R S. 
Williams, Vice President ; E. Chamberlain, Secretary and 
Treasurer; G. H. Wiley, Superintendent. 

Skenandoa Cotton Company— Capital $200,000. A. J. Wil- 
liams, President ; J. B. Wells, Vice President ; R. S. Williams^ 
Treasurer; Isaac R Scott, Superintendent. 

Utica Gas Light Company— Capital $80,000. Wm. J. Bacon, 
President; H. H. Fish, Vice President and Treasurer; W. 
P. Fish, Secretary, Engineer and Superintendent. 

Utica Palace Furnace Company, Columbia street. Capital, 
$16,000. A. L Goodenow, Russel Wheeler, F. E, Wheeler, 
Francis Kernan, Jr., W. J. Owens. 

Utica Furniture Company — Whitesboro and Wiley street?. 
President, Peter Vidvard ; Treasurer, F. W. Klagee, Jr. ; 
Secretary, E. K. Patten. 

Utica Mechanics' Association — President, S. S. Lowery ; Sec- 
retary, P. W. Tefft. Election of officers. May 21. 

Utica Bar and Library Association — Williajn Kernan, Presi- 
dent : W. B. Sutton, Vice President ; Secretary, P. C. J. 
DeAngelis ; Treasurer and Librarian, Eugene Stearns. 

Utica Water Works Company — Thomas Hopper, President ; 
Isaac Maynard, Vice President ; Benjamin F. Ray, Secre- 
tary ; Publius V. Rogers, Treasurer ; Charles W. Pratt, 


New York Central Railroad — Z C. Priest, Superintendent ; 
F. H. Philips, Assistant Superintendent ; George. F. Angell, 
Road Master; C. F. Brown, Ticket Agent; William N. 
Weaver, Freight Agent. 

Rome and Clinton Division of the Delaware, Lackwanna and 
Western Railroad — Same officers as the D. L & W. RR 

Utica and Black River Railroad Company — Office No. 24 
Whitesboro street John Thorn, President ; J. F. Maynard, 



Vice Preeident and Saperintendent ; H. W. Hammond, 
AsBietant Superintendent; Isaac Maynard, Treasurer ; Wil- 
liam E. Hopkins, Secretary ; Theodore Butterfield, General 

v^ Ticket Agent ; B. H. Bail, General Freight Agent 

Utica Chenango and Susquehanna Valley Eailroad Company 
— Samuel Sloan, President ; Lewis Lawrence, Vice Preeident ; 
F. H. Gibbons, Treasurer ; F. F. Chambers, Secretary. 

Utica, Clinton and Binghamton Railroad Company — 19 Main. 
Isaac Maynard, President; G. B. Phelps, Vice President; 
R S. Williams, Secretary ; F. J. Callanen, Assistant Treas- 
urer ; Roger Rock, Superintendent. 

Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad,Utica Division — 
W. E. Halstead, Scranton, Pa., General Superintendent; 
A. C. Salisbury, Assistant Superintendent. Office 18 Gen- 
esee street, Utica. 

Utica and Mohawk Railroad Companj' — Charles W. Hutchin- 
son, President ; N. S. Hayes, Vice Pre8id,ent ; George M. 
Weaver, Secretary; J. W. Church, Treasurer; James 
Dwyer, Superintendent. 


Adams, Geo. W., Darling, R W., 

Avery, Theodore, Davis, Henry A., 

Bagg, Egbert, Jr., DeGiorgi, Chas. L, 

Bagg, G. W., Dennison, Geo., E. 
Beardsloy, Saml. A., Dingley, H. E., 

Barnard, C. E., Doolittle, Henry A. 

Beebe, L V, Doolittle, Wm. S., 

Benedict, J., Dryer, H. N., 

Berry, J.W., Earll, J. L, 

Bevines,'Daniel E, Edwards, W. P., 

Bissell, Frank, Evans, C. H, 

Bray ton, M. Jesse, French, James G., 

Brewster, H. E., 
Bucher, John R, 
Burnop, Wm. M., 
Butler, J. M., 
Carpenter, W. P., 
Carr, Chaa H., 
Clark, B. A., 
Clarke, Thos. F., 
Clarke, O. P., 
Cobum, Alex., 
Collins, John D., 
Conrad, Lawrence, 
Coupe, James, 
Cusnman, J. B., 
Darling, C. W., 

Frank, G. D., 
Eraser, John D., 
Prick, Charles, 
Gaffney, J. F., 
Giblin, F. T., 
Goodale, John A., 
Goodier, L E., 
Golden, O. T., 
Gran n is, C. K., 
Grannis, T. O., 
Griffith, J. D., 
Haak, Frederick D., 
Harter, Wm. E., 
Harvey, W. K, 
Hastings, E. B., 


Hayes, James N., 
Hodges, E. P., 
Hornung, J. Felix, 
Howarth, Wm. Jr., 
Howes, A. M., 
,, Howes, A. P., 
Hurlburt, F. W., 
Hurlburt, Edward, 
Irish, Charles G., 
Jones, John G., 
Jones, John Owen, 
Jones, J. M., 
Jones, W. D., 
Kernan, Wol J., 
Kinney, Wm. J., 
Klage8,F.W. Jr., 
Klages, Dr. F. W., 
Lewis, Wm. E., 
Long, Chas. A., 
Mann, Jas. F., 
Mather, Charles W., 
McGucken, Daniel, 
McQuade, P. J., 
Morehouse, G. C., 
Morehouse, R H., 
Myers, E. J., 
N orris, Edward, 



Nusbaum, E., Stewart, V. B., Tiirnbull, J. B., 

Pegg, Norman R, StockiDpr, Fred T., Tyler, G. A., 

Reilly, J. P., Stone, J. D. R, Walker, C. A., 

Roberts, George L., Symonds, Chaa S., Wells, Edward H., 

Boot, Lynotf B., Symonds, L T., Westcott, F. D., 

Talcott, C. A., 

Ryals, John, 
Schrieber, J. 0., 
Sherman, J. S., 
Seward, T. W., 
Smith, Philip F., 
Stearns, Eugene, 

TeflEt, Parker W., 
Thomas, G. R, 
Thomson, L. M., 
Thomson, M, G., 
Thompson, F. A., 

Williams, Rees G., 
Williams, Robt. S., 
Willis, G. W., 
Wolcott, D. G., 
Wright, William. 


Adams, C. W., Faass, Joseph, Klages, Herman A., 

Baxter, J. E., Gossing, Albert C., O'Brien, Edward A., 

Divine, Bradford G, Hoerlein, Wra. F., O'Donnell, John. 

Eernau, Wm. J., 



Utioa Daily Observer^ published every afternoon (Sundays 
excepted), at 113 Genesee street, by Grove & Bailey. In- 
corporated ; Dewitt C. Grove, President and Treasurer ; E. 
Prentiss Bailey, Vice President and Secretary. Delivered 
by carrier, 16 cents a week ; 67 cents a month ; $2.00 a 
quarter, or $8 a year. Subscribers out of the city, $2 a 
quarter, or $8 a year, payable always in advance. 

Uticd Morning Herald and Oazette^ daily (Sundays excepted), 
by- Ellis H. Roberts & Co. Office, No. 60 Genesee street. 
One week in city, 16 cents; one month, 67 cents; two 
months, $1.84; three months, $2; six months, $4; one 
year, $8. 

UUca Daily Preaa^ published every morning (Sundays ex- 
cepted), at 7 Broad street, by Utica Daily Press Co. Geo- 
E Dunham, President ; Otto Meyer, Bus] Manager ; 12 cents 
per week ; 50 cents per month ; $6 per year. 


The Utica Saturday Globe, No. 40 Charlotte street, W. T. 
Baker, publisher; Thos. F. Baker, editor. Subscription rates 
$2 a year. 

The JJtioa Sunday Tribune^ corner Broad and John streets. 
Patrick E. Kelly, publisher. Spicy, lively and interesting. 
Subscription rates — one year, $2 ; six months, $1 ; three 
months, 50 cents. 


The Uiica Weekly Observer is a newspaper of eight pages 
published every Thursday morniDg, office No. 113 Genesee 
street, by Grove & Bailey, at $1.50 a year, strictly in ad- 
van ce. 

Vtica Weekly Herald, office No. 60 Genesee street. A family 
newspaper of eight large pages. The subscription price is 
$1.50 a year in advance, postage free. K H. Roberts & Co. 

Everybody's Paper ^ published by John Tillingbast, Utica^ 
N. T. 

The Living Issue, published every Thursday at Mechanics^ 
Hall Building, Utica, N. Y., by Geo. D. Scrambling. 

Y Drych (The Mirror), weekly $2.50 per year. T. J. Grif- 
fiths, publisher and proprietor; John W. Jones and J. 0. 
Eoberts, editors. Publication office. Exchange Building. 


The TJtica Inquirer^ published every other week, at 88 
Arcade, Utica, N. Y., by Kev. B. F. McNeil, editor and 


The Utica Deutsche Zeitung and Oneida Demokrat^ tri-weekly; 
Utica German paper. No. 8 Fay street. Published Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays, by John 0. Schreiber. 


The Earnest Worker^ published monthly. Devoted to the in- 
terests of Trinity CuDrch parish. Rev. Cha& H. Gardner, 
editor ; Thos. H. Floyd, printer. 

The Church Eclectic, a Magazine of Church Opinion, Relig- 
ious Literature and Ecclesiastical Miscellany. Published 
monthlyat corner of Broad and John streets. Terms, $3.00 

?er year. William T. Gibson, D. D., editor and proprietor; 
'hos. H. Floyd, printer. 

7" C^aiB (Cal van istic) Magazine, published monthly. Wm» 
Roberts, D. D., editor ; T. J. Griffiths, printer. 

Y Wa/vor (Baptist) Magazine, published monthly Rev. Owen 
Griffiths, editor ; T. J. Griffiths, printer. 

MoniMy Musical Review, R D. Buckingham, 173 Genesee. 

Olive Branch, published monthly, corner Broad and John. 

Commercial Fhone^ published monthly by the United Statea 
and Foreign A. & 0. Company. S. E. Lawrence, Secretary, 
63 Arcade, Utica, N. Y. 

The Christian Worker^ published monthly by the Woman's 
Christian Association of Utica, N. Y., and devoted to the 
interests of the charities of the city. Edited by Mrs. 8. W. 
Crittenden. Terms: one dollar a year, payable in advance. 
T. J. Griffiths, printer. 



The American Journal of Insanity is published quarterly at 
the State Lunatic Asylum, Utica, N. Y. The first number 
of each volume is issued in July ; subscription, $5.00 per 
annum, in advance. Edited by the medical officers of the 
New York State Lunatic Asylum. 

The Qioarterly Visitor (Methodist) published quarterly by L 
D. White ; T. J. Griffiths, printer. 


Post Offiob. Towh. 

Alder Creek, ----- Boonville 

Augusta, • - - - - Augusta 

Ava, ------ Ava 

Babcock Hill, ----- Bridgewater 

Bartlett, • - - - - Westmoreland 

Big Brook, ----- Western 

Blossvale, . - . . Annsville 

Boonville, . - . - . Boonville 

Bridgewater, - - - - Bridgewater 

Camden, - - - - - Camden 

<5amroden, . . . - . Trenton 

Cassville, - - - - - Paris 

Ohadwick's Mills, - - - - New Hartford 

Clark's Mills, - . - - Kirkland 

Clayville, ------ Paris 

Clinton, ----- Kirkland 

Coonrad, ------ Rome 

Deansville, . . - - . Marshall 

Deerlield, - . . - . Deerfield 

Delta, ------ Lee 

Dix, . - . . . Westmoreland 

Dunbarton, ----- Verona 

Dunbrook, - - - . . Vienna 

Durhamville, ------ Verona 

East Florence, - - - - Florence 

East Steuben, - . - . Steuben 

Fish Creek, . - . . . Vienna 

Florence, • - - - Florence 

Floyd, - - - . - Floyd 

Forest port, ----- Forestport 

Frankiin Iron Works, - - - - Kirkland 

Olenmore, ----- Annsville 

Hawkinsville, ----- Boonville 

Hecla Works, - - - - Westmoreland 

Higginsville, . - . - . Verona 

Holland Patent, . . - - Trenton 



Post Ofhob. 


Kirkland, .... 




Lairdflville, . . - - 


Lee, - - - - 


Lee Centre, . - - . 


Lowell* . - - - 




Marcy, .... 


Maynard, - • 


New Hartford, 

- New Hartford 

New London, - - . - 


New York Mills, 


North Bay, ... - 


North Bridgewater, 


North Gage, . . - . 


North Western, 

- Western 

Oneida Castle, - - - - 


Oriskany, .- 


Oriskany Falls, 


Paris, - • - . • 


Point Bock, .... 


Prospect, - 

- Trenton 

Bemsen, .... 


. Bidge Mills, 


Bome, - - - . - 




Sauquoit, . . . . 
Soutn Trenton, 


- Trenton 

Stanwix, .... 


State Bridge, 


Steuben, .... 


Stittville, .... 

- Trenton 

Stockwell, .... 


Stokes, .... 


Taberg, .... 


Trenton, .... 

- Trenton 

Trenton Falls, - - - 


Utica, . . - . . 

Utica City 

Vernon, . . . . 


Vernon Centre, - 

- Vernon 

Verona, - ' • 


Vienna, .... 


Walesville, - - - . 


Washington Mills, - 

New Hartford 

Waterville, .... 


West Branch, 


West Camden, 




Post Ofticb. 

Western ville, 
West Vienna, 
White Lake Corners, 





































New York, 










OooDty derks. 

John Larkin, 
Wm. R Smith, 
Charles F. Tupper, 
Charles W. Terry, 
Benj. M. Wilcox, 
Timothy D.Baldwin, 
Alex.,C. Eustace, 
Andrew Shephardson, 
John P. Brenan, 
Wm. S. Hallenbeck, 
R Walworth Bourne 
George T. Warner, 
Wm. A. Fanning, 
Joseph E. Ewell, 
John S. Roberts, 
Geo. W. Dustin, 
William S. McKie, 
Carlos A. Hull, 
John Avery, 
William H. Fry, 
Palmer M. Wood, 
Fred. Waddington, 
Rodney Thursby, 
Edward H. Bush, 
Mark J. Bunnell, 
James S. Stewart, 
H. D. McNaughton, 
Alonzo E. Hall, 
Patrick Keenau, 
John A. Merritt, 
Arthur H. Ballon, 
Gustavus Sniper, 
Bolivar Ellis, 
Robert B. Hock, 
George A. Newell, 
John Gardner, 
George Van Horn, 
Edward C. Weeks, 

Poet Offices. 



Bingham ton. 

Little Valley. 

























New York City. 













St Lawrence, 
, Steuben, 

Ck>un^ Clerks. 

John H. Sutphin, 
James Keenan, 
C. A. Hart, 
Cyrus M. Ornm, 
Wm. R Remington, 
James W. Horton, 
Thomas Yelverton, 
Seymour Boughton, 
A. C. Woodard, 
Peter D. Post, 
Wm. W. Wilson, 
Holmes W. Swezey, 
Lewis N. Stanton, 
John J. Van Kleeck, 
P. J. Partenheimer, 
Jacob D. Wurtz, 
Daniel V. Brown, 
Charles W. Taylor, 
John McGonigal, 
Jas. F. D. Crane. 
Ed. M. Jennings, 
Edward Kendall, 





New City. 


Ballston Spa. 











Lake George. 


Lyons. . 

White Plains. 


Penn Yan. 

























Wm. H. Keeler, 
Ittai J. Elliott, 
S. Foster Black, 
John Little, Jr., 
John Choate, 
Charles A. Merrill, 
George E. Stanley, 
Ira W. June, 
'Nathan H. Mooney, 
Jacob H. Proper, 
Harlow G. Borthw'k, 
Wm. H. Douglass, 
James E. Dutcher, 
Harry H. Koch, 
Rollin L Jenkins, 
Jaa A. Stock well, 
Robt. Humphrey, Jr., 
Irving D. Southworth, 
Francis G. Walters, 
Patrick Mitchell, 
Valentine Brown, 

Pout Office. 




Little Valley. 

Auburn. ^ 















Hope Centre. 






Fayette, r 


akers 49 Oneids 


and civil engineer 173 

« Genesee, r 31 Court 
K Y. 0. r 95 Elizabeth 

lardson, Adams & Mann, 66- 

15 Francis 
ibany cor Jefferson 
^ Co.) r 51 Oneida 
Ladies' Home 











New York, 














St. Lawrence, 



















G. Harrison Smith, 
Lewis R Stegman, 
George S. Fisher, 
Thos. O'Meara, 
Putnam 0. Brownell, 
Francis A. SchoefEel, 
Isaac A. Rosa, 
Alex. V. Davidson, 
Thos. Stainthorpe, 
Thos. D. Penfield, 
Minor G. Bennett, 
Hiram Peck, 
Harrison Mills, 
Erastus M.Spaulding, 
Edwin L. Huntington, 
John Kelly, 
James J. Dakin, 
Garrett Tannan, 
Eben C. Reynolds, 
Bern. Brown, 
John A. Haring, 
Lorenzo Smith, 
N. M. Houghton, 
Jacob De Forest, 
Ezra Twitchell, 
James W. Lyon, 
Chas. H. Swarthout, 
Esek Page, 
Selah W. Brewster, 
Jacob Dietz, 
Burr J. Davis, 
J. K. Follett, 
Joseph H. Riseley, 
Trnman H. Thomas, 
David Johnston, 
Vernon R Howell, 
Stephen D. Horton, 
Albert P. Gage, 
Cha& M. Speelman, 

Po8t Office. 








New York City. 













New City. 


Ballston Spa. 











Lake George. 



White Plains. 


Penn Yan 



Explanation of Abbrsyiations. — ave., avena^; bet., between; oor., 
eorner ; mfr., manufactnrer; opp., opposite; r., residence or resides; sqr., 

ABBEY WILLIAM D. groeer 40 Columbia, r 68 Broad- 
Abbott Anna Mrs. r 61 Catharine 
Abbott Henry G. r 22 Seneca 
Abbott John T. r 65 Howard ave 
ABERCROMBIE JOHN, Theatrical noanager 33 Fayette, r 

89 Blandina 
Abersfelder Casper, tailor, r 197 Blandina 
Abel Herman, laborer, r Oak cor Maple 
Abel Mary, domestic 876 Genesee 
Abel William B. painter, r 37 Oswego 
Abler Lawrence, laborer, r 105 Schuyler 
Adien Jacob, watchman, r 62 Schuyler 
Achen Theodore, laborer, r 12 Hope 
Ackerman John, shoemaker, r 93 Washington 
Ackerman R W. printer, r 62 Seneca. 
Ackles James, r 22 Hobart 

Adams Bros. & Co. (J. W. & N.) rope makers 49 Oneida 
Adams C. A. agent, r 15 Francis 
Adams Chambers H. rope maker, r 4 Grove 
ADAMS CAMPBELL W. surveyor and civil engineer 173 

Genesee, r 64 Oneida 
Adams Charles, laborer, r 187 Bleecker 
ADAMS CHARLES D. lawyer 69 Genesee, r 31 Court 
Adams Charles D. train dispatcher N. Y. C. r 95 Elizabeth 
Adams F. J. brakesman, r 95 Elizabeth 
Adams Frank, r 14 Post 
Adams George, r 95 Elizabeth 
ADAMS GEORGE W. (Richardson, Adams & Mann, 6ft 

Genesee) r Clarendon 
Adams Henry O. 6 Liberty, r 15 Francis 
Adams John, machinist, r Albany cor Jefferson 
Adams John (Adams Bros. & Co.) r 51 Oneida 
Adams John, clerk, r 29 Miller 
Adams J. P. r 61 Taylor avenue 
Adams Leticia Miss, Old Ladies' Home 



v^ Adams Levi H. constable, r 19 Hotel 
^ Adams Maria Mre. r 92 Broad 
•vQ Adams Mary Mra r 5 Hart 

^ Adams Nettie Mrs. dressmaker, r 80 Brinekerhoff aveuiie 
jg Adams Newton (Adams Bros. & Co.), r 62 Kemble 
p Adams O. C. r 13 Hart 
^ Adams Kobert L draughstman, r 62 Oneida 
^ Adams Richard, collector 18 Bleecker, r 29 Miller 
^ Adams Seth C. student, r 31 Court 
p Adams Stephen, r 19 Hotel 
<i Adams Stephen G. laborer, r 47 Fayette 
^ Adams William (A^dams Bros. & Co.), r 62 Oneida 
^ Adamson Joseph, silversmith, r 15 Lansing 
^ Adrean John, teamster, r 137 Webster ave 
^ As:ne David, tailor, r 87 Chenango ave 
^ Ague Edwin, spinner, r 20 Wiley 
*g Ague Frank, tailor, r 160 Schuyler 
5o Ague George, r 104 Whitesboro 
^ Agne Hattie, photog;rapher, r 104 Whitesboro 
^ Agne Henry, salesman, r 3 Eirklaud 
Q Agne Jacob, tailor, r 173 Water 
2 Agne Jacob Jr. architect, r 173 Water 
5 Agne J. P. trunk- maker, r 3 Clinton 
*! Agne Maria Mra r 104 Whitesboro 
g Agne Mary, dressmaker, r 104 Whitesboro 
^ Agne Michael, shoemaker, r 87 Chenango ave 
> Agne Paul, cutter, r 158 Schuyler 
^ Agne Paul M. clerk 82 Genesee, r 126 Schuyler 
^ Aigner Frank J. tailor, r 4 Bryan 
^ Aigner Louis, tailor, r 4 Bryan 
'3 Aitken John S. Crier Court of Record, r 38 Francis 
'2 AKEHTTRST E. L printer and stationer 166 and 168 Gene- 
"2 ®^®» ^ Hotel Znblin 

^ Akehnrst Charles W. dyer 92 Washington, r 249 Whitesboro 
^ Akehnrst Mary R widow, r 249 Whitesboro 
c8 Akert George Mrs. r Green cor Schuyler 
g ALAND GEORGE, file cutter 14 Culver, r 64 Catharine. 
;g See page 57 

]^ Albecker Lena, domestic 17 Henry 
.4|^ Albecker Norbert, baker, r 71 Elm 
O Albrecht John, stove mounter, r 2 Montgomery 
Jg Albreiht J. Michael, engineer, r 46 Seymour ave 
d Albreiht N. J. r 46 Seymour ave 

^ ALBRIGHT H. C. (McKinney ife Albright), r 33 Whitesboro 
*g Albright John M. Jr. carpenter, r 107 Seymotir ave 
Q> Alden Spencer B. machinist, r 38 Brinckerhofi ave 
^ Alderwick Edgar B. paper lianger, r 45 Cottage 
Aldey Henry, laborer, 143 Kossouth ave 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 


SiaLa.'v^TXjS oti :M"tt iT iTnt 



Aide; Theodore, r 143 Kossoath ave 

AldiDger David, farmer, r East near Mary Q 

Aldinger James, farmer, r Welshbnsh road 

AldiDger Michael, farmer, r Welshbnsh road 

Aldin^er Moses B. farmer, r Welshbnsh road 

Aldricn Henry E. farmer, r Pleasant cor East 5 

ALEXANDER JOHN W. florist 18 Mandeville, r sama § 

See page 45. ^ 

Alexander Joseph, fireman, r 90 Main &> 

Algenr Panline, r 202 Colnmbia §• 

Alkenbrecher Otto R printer Observer office, r 48 Varick to 

Allen Catherine Mrs. r 14 Stenben ® 

ALLEN BENJAMIN, (B. Allen & Sons), r 77 Lansing ^ 

ALLEN B. & SONS, (Beni, Wm. F. and Geo. B. Allen) ® 

pavers and stone dealers, JPark ave cor Catharine § 

Allen B. r 16 Hamilton B 

ALLEN CHAS. watchmaker and repairer of musical instrn- Qi 

ments 71 Bleecker, r US Lansing. See page 47. ^ 

Allen Charles F. agent, r 78 Taylor ave ,g 

Allen Dennis, cigarmaker, r 118 Elizabeth ■b 

ALLEN EDWARD S. (E. S. Allen & Bro.) Catharine cor <f 

^ John, r same ^ 

ALLEN E. S. & BJRO., (Edward S. & J. Albert Allen), whole- b- 

sale wines and liquors, cor Catharine and John 

Allen Eugene, hostler, Grand Central Hotel 3^ 

ALLEN GEORGE B. (B. Allen & Sons) r 77 Lansing §* 

Allen George, r 17 Hicks ^ 

Allen George E. telegrapher, r 132 State O 

Allen George F. salesman Backley & Co. r 101 Elizabeth g 

Allen J. E. Mrs. boarding honee, 43 State B 

ALLEN J. ALBERT, (E. S. Allen & Bro.), r 101 Elizabeth. B 

Allen Jared S. clerk 129 Genesee, r 28 Seneca g 

Allen J. Augustus, cartman, r 110 Elizabeth S. 

Allen John; cigarmaker, r 118 Elizabeth ^ 
Allen Henry M. teamster, r 115 Seymour ave 

Allen Maggie, weaver, r 60 Spring* W 

Allen S. A. Mrs. dressmaker 179 Genesee, r 33 Whitesboro i. 

Allen Sarah A. widow, r 101 Elizabeth S* 

Allen Sarah R teacher, r 132 State "i^ 

Allen S. H. r 41 Scott ^ 

Allen Thomas, farmer, r 197 Mohawk 9 

ALLEN WILLIAM F. (B. Allen & Sons,) r 60 Lansing » 

Allen William I. stndent, r 43 State » 

Allen William J. salesman 68 Genesee, r 110 Washington p. 

Allendorf L. N. mechanic, r 97 Fayette g 

Allyn J. B. Mrs. r40 Blandina a 

Alsneimer Andrew, bartender, r 147 Water g 

Alsheimer Andrew, laborer, r 149 Water - 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee, s 


it the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Alshcimer John G. r 147 Water 

ALSHEIMER JOHN G. Jr. grocer 138 Schuyler, r same 

AlBheinier John K. cabinet-maker, r 149 Water 

^ Alsheimer John, carpenter, r 109 Water 

73 Alnrd Omer, bakery, 121 Mohawk, r same 

g Altendorf Robert, tailor, r 19 Charles 

1^ Ambrose A. L. teamster, r 104 Washington 

P Ambrose Mary Mrs. r 107 Fayette 

ff Ambrose Samuel, r 100 Albany 

,^ Ambrose William, moulder, r 100 Albany 

cQ Amerhein Ambrose, finisher, r2 Leah 

q Amerhein, Arbardt, laborer, r 10 Leah 

^ Amerhein Charles, porter 92 Genesee, r 6 Leah 

g Amerhein Charles, Jr. shoemaker, r6 Leah 

>j Amerhein Frank, laborer, r 50 Hobart 

J^ Amerhein Joseph, laborer, r27 Louisa 

g Amerhein Lizzie, tailorcss, r 27 Louisa 


g AMERICAN EXPRESS, William M. Storrs, agent ; freight 

iQ department 1 Genesee, branch office 142 Genesee 


SAmes Charles, gate keeper, r Deeriield road 
Anaker Fred, r 63 Warren 
^ Anderman John, laborer, r 157 Fayette 
^ Anderson Charles W. piano mover, r 18 Post 
v^ AnderFon E. S. drug clerk, r 125 John 
^ Anderson Hattie, r 28 Fayette 
p Anderson John, machinist, r 78 Albany 
© Anderson John D. carpenter, r 37 Park ave 
•9 Anderson John Jr. r 16 Hamilton 
"^ Anderson Mary, r Home tor the Homeless 
■3 Anderson Thomas, boiler maker, r 58 Taylor ave 
§ Anderson William, laborer, r 33 Charlotte 
CJ) Anderson William, laborer, r 18 Devereux 
k^ Anderson Wm. H. laborer, r 3 Seneca 
P Anderson William S. r 76 Broadway 
^ Andes Adam Mrs. r 14 Philip 
2 Andes Anthony, barber, r 18 Parker 
S Andes Frank, carpenter, r 6 William 
a Andes John, foreman, r 6 William 
^ Andes John, mason, r 148 Neilson 
^ Andes John, carpenter, r 14 Philip 
S Andes Leonard, narness maker, r 14 Saratoga 
'3 Andres Arnold, spinner, r 140 Schuyler 
a Andres A. Mrs. r 140 Schuyler 
PQ Andres Carl, spinner, r 140 Schuyler 

Andres William, weaver, r51 Garden 

Andrews Charles B. r 34 Rntger 

Fred J. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 




call on us for goods they don^t find at home. 

Andrews Oeorge N. organ mtr. r 84 Rntger 

Andrews George F. r 45 Lansing" 

Andrews Granville P. r 4 Hotel 

Andrews Mary, domestic 874 Genesee 

Andrews Mary Mrs. 88 Cottage 

Andrews Mary N. Mrs. r 34 Rutger 

Andrews William, paper hanger, r 95 Seymour ave 

Angelhow Henry, porter,, r 5 Davis ave 

Angelhow Henry, laborer, r 28 Barnes 

Anna Anthony, (Anna Brothers), r 122 Park ave 

ANNA BROTHERS (Anthony and Joseph), meat market, 

22 Bleecker 
Anna Joseph, (Anna Brothers), r 122 Park avo 
Annania Gerivanno, laborer, r tow path near Olark^s Biidge 
Annon Thomas, gardener, 2 Rutger Place 
Anstey Charles A. plumber, r Pleasant near Steuben 
Anstey George, r 139 Flm 
Anstey George J. foreman, r 11 Hotel 
Anstey William, r 135 Elm 
Anthony David, carpenter, r 17 Seneca 
Anthony James V. clerk, r 9 Cooper 
Anthony V. P. clerk, r 9 Cooper 
Antisdeil Egbert M. foreman C. C. Kellogg, r 12 Cooper 
Antisdell ELarriet, r 28 Oneida 
Appel Caroline Mr& r 157 Elizabeth 
Appel Charles, packer, r 157 Elizabeth 
Appel John, spinner, r 157 Elizabeth 
Appel Margaret Mrs. r 162 Elizabeth 
Appier Joseph, clerk 18 Liberty, r 5 Bank 
Appier Lawrence, teamster, r 71 Garden 
Appier Michael, clerk 48 Hotel, r 61 Chenango ave' 
Appleton John G. plasterer, r 119 Miller 
Appleton William, mason, r 127 Miller 
Ap Madoc Wm. teacher of vocal music, r 6 Lansing 
Archer Mary Mrs. r 158 Bleecker 
Arheilger Peter, watchman, r 5 Faass ave 
Armbrnst D. Cady, bookkeeper 58 Genesee, r 11 Seueca 
Armin Kittie, r 7 Union 
Armin Mary, teacher, r 7 Union 
Armin Snsie, r 7 Union - 
Armory N. Y. S. Militia, Bleecker cor Culver 
Armory Utica Citizens' Corps, 28 and 80 Hotel 
Armstrong Alfred, painter, r 13 Washington 
Armstrong Alton, painter, r 26 Hope 
ARMSTRONG JAMES HON. Collector Internal Revenue 

Government Bailding, r in New Hartford 
Armstrong Lewis, U. C. & B. R RR r 101 Whitesboro 
Armstrong Milton, brakeman, r 10 Hope 

^^^— — II ■ II ^1 » iM ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ^ ■■■ I « ■ ■ ■ I I II I ■ I II m^m^m^^tm^^m^ ■ i m^— — ■■ ■ m ■ ■ ■ ™ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Furnishing Undertaker, Jjf.! Genesee Street. 












Since it axmexed Utica and Ilion. 

Armstrong Tbomae, shoemaker 52 Seneca, r 21 Kemble 
Armstrong Tiff, painter, r 13 Flojd 
A mdorfer George, saloon 246 Whitesboro, r same 
ARNDT CARL H. F. (Ehresman & Arndt), r 18 Stark 
ARNDT EMIL, (Arndt & Co.), r 87 Taylor ave 
Arndt & CO. dry goods, 88 Sooth cor Miller 
Arnold Addie, teacher, r 118 State 

•^ Arnold Emma, factory operative, r 18 Mandeville 

^ Arnold Henry W. boots and shoes 15 Fayette, r 51 Cooper 

^ Arnold Joshua B. foreman U. S. C. Mills, r 118 State 

O Arnold Loisa, factory operative, r 18 Mandeville 

!^ Arnold Warren, r 51 Cooper 

^ Arnott Emma L. Mrs. r 145 John 

•CI Arnott Hannah, r 76 West 

'*? Arnst Albert, farmer, r 214 Whitesboro 

§ Arntz Henry, clerk, r 92 Columbia 

^ Arthur Elizabeth P. -widow, seamstress, r 60 Blandina 

.g Arthur Hattie P. Kindergarten teacher, r 60 Blandina 

•H Arthur John, removed to Syracuse 

•g Arthur Lillie C. r 60 Blandina 

OS Arthurs Mary, domestic 64 Fayette 

^ Ash Harriet, dressmaker, r 83 Elm 

^ Ash Luther, St. Elizabeth Hospital 

'•^ Ashley Jacob, laborer, r 268 Mohawk 

;§ Ashmore George, carpenter, r 44 Oneida 

^ Ashmore John, carpenter, r 44 Oneida 

S Ashmore T. r 44 Oneida 

q Ashmore Wallace, clerk 85 Genesee, r 44 Oneida 

O ASHTON ARTHUR, designer and engraver on wood 34 and 

^ 36 Devereux Block, r 427 Genesee 

•J1 Ashton Elizabeth Mrs. r 427 Genesee 

^ ASHTON PHILO S. engraver on wood 34 and 36 Devereux 

g Block, r 427 Genesee 

^ ASYLUM N. Y. STATE LUNATIC, junction of Court and 

h Whitesboro 

•5 ASYLUM UTICA ORPHAN, Genesee cor Pleasant 

® Atkins Eli, r 15 Post 

^ A tkinson John Mrs. r 54 Main 
Atkinson Mar^ Mrs. r 54 Main 
Atwell E. M. journalist Observer office, r Clarendon 
Atwood William M. engineer, r 177 Columbia 
Aucock Jonathan, florist 464 Whitesboro, r same 
Aucock Robert, photographer, r 464 Whitesboro 
AUERT CHRIS. Union Hotel, Deerfield Corners. See page 

Austermiiller William, r 62 Johnson 
Austie Agnes Mrs. Home for the Homeless, Faxton 
Austin Francis, farmer, rear driving park 

Westcott Sf Reusswig^ Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handsomest DrjrOoods & Carpets on earth 

.Aastin Lucias R. faruier, West Frankfort 
AuBtin Kosell, fanner, rear driving park 

Aatenreath Julia, forewoman, r 93 Columbia (^ 

AVERY AUSTIN K. real estate broker 39 Varick, r same '^^ 

Avery Cornelia, r 188 John tW, 

Avery Fanny, weaver, r 120 Columbia S 

AVERY JOSEPH S. lawyer 40 Genesee, r in Clinton ^ 

Avery Watson Mrs. r 9 Lansing ^ 

AVERY THEODORE, lawyer 40 Genesee, r 10 South ^ 

Aylsworth Morris M. foreman, r 125 Howard ave f^ 

BABCOCK CHARLES E. Observer Office, r 11 Walker ^ 

Babeock Cornelia Mrs. r 107 Park ave of" 

Babcock Eliza Mrs. r 23 West " 

Babeock Ethan A. teamster, rll9 Broad k^ 

BABCOCK FRANK S. lawyer 75 Genesee, r 17 Scott (b 

Babcock J. C. cutter at Owen, Pixley & Co. r 107 Park ave ^ 

Babcock Leroy Mrs. r 136 South ^ 

Babcock W. A. clerk 189 Genesee, r .62 Whitesboro co 

Bach Adam, r Court cor Schuyler rv 

Bach August, carpenter, r 59 Hicks co 

Bach (Jatliarine Mrs. r 32 Green ^ 

Bach Christ, laborer, r 32 Green ^ 

Bach Elizabeth, r 155 Court § 

Bach Freddie, laborer, r 82 Green ^ 

Bach George, laborer, r 32 Green ^k 

Bach George, fireman, r 51 Fay '' 

Bach J. Baptist, painter, r Hicks cor Linden 1:^ 
BACH JOHN S. bntcher, meat market Whitesboro and '^ 

Columbia, r same . 

Bach Martin, r 20 Eagle ^ 
BACH PETER, meat market cor Court and Schuyler, r 2 S' 

Hicks ^8^ 

(Bach see Bock) b- 

Bachelder Ann, r 10 Seymour ave I 

Bachle Albert, shoe cutter, r 176 Columbia^ | 

Bachle John F. shoe cutter, r 176 Columbia E 

Bachle Reinhard, shoemaker, r 176 Columbia n 

Bachle Samuel, blacksmith, r3l6 Mohawk ^ 

Bachman John, shoemaker, r 16 McVean ^■ 
BACHMAN ROBERT L. REV. pastor First Presbyterian f 

Church, r 14 Brinkeihoff ave «- 

Backer Elon C. hostler, r 200 Neilson b: 

Backus A. G. salesman, r 41 Elizabeth x 

Backus James P. Mrs. r 8 Elm 5 

Bacon Alfred, cutter, r 54 Elizabeth § 
Bacon Alfred, r 310 Genesee / 
Bacon Daniel Mr. and Mrs. shirt mfrs.. 88 Genesee, r same 

^0. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


and spring from Summer back 

0) Bacon Richard, waiter, r 14 Post 

g BACON WILLIAM J. HON. lawyer, r 247 Geuesee 

^ Badersbaeh H. hat preeser and laundry 60 Seneca, r same 

s:t Badgely Caroline, weaver, r 145 Fayette 
^ Bagg Charles M. r 28 Steuben 
^ Bagg Egbert, civil engineer, r 424 Genesee 
Qj BAGG EGBERT, Jr., fire insurance agent 187 Genesee, r 
^ 424 same 

0) BaggG. Kay, law student, r 16 Broad 
ig BAGG GROVE W. lawyer 82 Arcade, r 28 Steuben 
Q Bagg J. Knox, clerk Buckley & Co. r 8 West 
^ Bagg Jennie G. r 28 Steuben 
.^ Bagg N. Jane Mrs. r 28 Steuben 
::5 BAGG MOSES M. physician 6 Pearl, r 6 West 
^ Bagg Matthew M. clerk, r 5 West 

ZlJ BAGGS HOTEL, (T. K. Proctor, proprietor), Bagga square 
^ Baggs Hotel Farm, south of driving park 
^ Bagger L F. r 70 Cooper 
^ Brtiley A. E. r 85 Columbia 
-S Bailey A. D. boatman, r 9 Erie 

•3 Bailey Charles H. foreman Wheeler, Son & Co., r86 Columbia 
^ Bailey E. L clerk, r 77 Varick 

^ BAILEY E PRENTISS, (Grove & Bailey 113 Genesee), r 
OQ 688 Genesee 

55 Bailey Henry, moulder, r 60 Mohawk 
j^ Bailey Jane Mrs. r 45 Garden 
H Bailey Joel C. Mrs. r 73 Co-nelia 

. Bailey John, foreman U. & B. R RR r 39 Lansing 
g Bailey John H. moulder, r^2 Eagle 

*^ Bailey John R. St. Luke's Hospital 
*§ Bailey Joseph, moulder, r 234 Blec 

^ _ . Bleecker 

^ Bailey Joseph, tailor, r 98 Fayette 
^ BAILEY LAWRENCE, Street Commissioner, r 77 Varick 
tCj Bailey Mary Mrs. widow, r 78 Mohawk 
'^ Bailey Moses M. removed to Auburn 
2 Bailey Nellie F. 81 and 83 Genesee, r 77 Varick 
9 Bailey William, dental student, r 98 Fayette 
-J (Bailey see Bayley) 
g fiailis Thomas R. painter, r 45 Garden 
S (Bailis see Bayliss) 
^ Baird John, baker, r 101 Third 
q Bairowski Frank, shoemaker, r 241 Columbia 
O Baker Anna C. Mrs. r 87 Cornelia 
c3 Baker Catherine Mrs. r 70 Second 
^ Baker Cecily, teacher, r 11 Court 
jT Baker Charles, r 37 Oswego 
5 Baker Chria r 68 Erie 
P Baker Conrad, r 19 Faass ave 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

BAKER CHARLES F. florist 57 and 59 Cornelia, r 46 Cor- 
nelia. See pa^e 51 

Baker Chris. K. r 66 Chenango ave ^ 

Baker Edward A. clerk, r 32 Taylor ave j^ 

Baker Eliza (Baker & Rice) r 16 Howard ave g^ 

Baker Francis P. Sai/urday Globe office, r 70 Second E 

Baker Frank J. r 46 Cornelia S 

Baker Helen F. boarding house, r 45 Broadway J^ 

Baker Harriett Miss, r 11 Court *^ 

Baker Frederick M. cutter, r 100 Stark gl 
Baker George F. porter, r 19 Post 

Baker Hudson, laborer, r 13 Parker C| 

BAKER JAMES K restaurant 16 Bleecker, r 14 same S: 

Baker Jedediah C. grocer 43 Elizabeth, r same § 

Baker John, laborer, r 27 Hope "• 

Baker John, r Deerfield corners § 

Baker Joseph M. printer, r 70 Second fa 

Baker Lawrence, engineer, r 40 Kirkland ^ 

Baker Rufus C. lawyer ISl Genesee, r 82 Whitesboro ^ 

Baker Theodore, r Elizabeth cor Burnett ^ 

Baker Thomas, r 8 Post §^ 

BAKER THOMAS F. editor Utica Satwrday Globe 40 Char- o 

lotte, r 75 Second §• 

BAKER WILLIAM T. publisher Utica Saturday Ghhe 40 j^ 

Charlotte, r 136 Blandina ei» 

BAKER & RICE (Eliza Baker and L M. Rice,) fancy goods, £ 

79 South K 

(Baker see Barker and Becker) S^ 

Balovor Nicholas Sr. shoecutter, r Bleecker cor First 5 

Bach A. J. wagon-maker, r 129 Rutger § 

BALCH J. A. & Co. (J. A. i& Margaret A. Balch) groceries "• 

and provisions, 36 South § 

BALCH JOHN A. fruit fish and cigars, 4 Columbia, r 33 q, 

Steuben. See page 58 q 

Balch Joseph, r 64 Steuben g 

Balch Marcus D. clerk, r Bleecker cor Kossuth ave i§ 

Balch W. D. printer, r 129 Rutger cb 

Balch Willet F. clerk, r 96 Taylor ave cf 

Balduf Panl, r 20 Edward g^ 

Baldwin Edward, r 25 Lansing ^ 

Baldwin Harriet, r 38 Elm ^ 

Baldwin Jane A. r 38 Elai c) 

Baldwin Jane M r 25 Lansing ^ 

Baldwin John C. salesman at Glenn & Co. r Butterfield House g 

Baldwin J. K. eating house, r same cS 

Baldwin Louisa, widow, r 38 Elm P^ 
Balis Charles R painter, r 7 Harper 
Balk George Sr. cigarmaker, r 171 Whitesboro 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 


May 15th, Fires were needed, Overooats oomfortable. 

Balke George Jr. cigarmaker, r 167 Whitesboro 

Ball Daniel Mrs. r 62 Lansing 
g BALL EMMETT J. lawyer, special surrogate 128 Genesee, r 
QQ 62 Lansing 

^ Ball George, clerk 60 Genesee, r 25 Saratoga 
q" Ball John, spinner, r 1 Davis ave 
^ Ball John, spinner, r 13 Eossoth ave 
!;:| Bill Joseph, printer 167 Genesee, r 96 Elizabeth 
^ Ball Joseph Mr». r 96 Elizabeth 
^ Ball Lettie, teacher, r 62 Lansing 
t^ Ball Orlo, r 64 Brinckerhoff ave 
1^ Ball Willard D. law student, r 62 Lansing 
q^ Ballantjne Jennie, operative, r 45 Lansing 
^ Ballard A. 0. Mrs. housekeeper 22 York 
Q> Ballard Ada, shoe-fitter, r 137 Schayler 
>ct Ballard Chas. 8. clerk 198 Genesee, r 361 same 
§ BALLARD GEORGE S. (Howarth & Ballard) r361 Genesee 
g Ballard Henry, boiler maker, r 137 Schayler 
^ Ballard John, r 137 Schayler 
>§ Ballard, T. E. Mrs. r 861 Genesee 
ja Ballard William, wool sorter, r 137 Schayler 
ct Ballon Amy, widow, r 56 Kemble 
^ Ballon Andrew J. carpenter, r 66 Kemble 
"^ Ballon Anna, r 62 Kemble 
t^ Ballon Anna K r 56 Kemble 

•a BALLOD ARTHUR H. county clerk, 222 Genesee, r 121 
2 John 

" BALLOU BLOCK, Main cor. John 
g Ballon Charles Mr& dressmaker, r 85 Union 
;q BhIIou Charles H. bookkeeper 12 Main, r 35 Union 
b BALLOU DANIEL REV. r 16 Kemble 
q Ballou Harriet Mrs. r Whitesboro road 
'•^ Ballou H. C. bookkeeper, r 42 Broad 
*§ Ballou James P. steward, r 32 Lansing 
^ Ballon Lottie, chambermaid Bagg's Hotel 
O Ballon Margie Miss, r 32 Lansing 

g BALLOU THEODORE P. lumber manufacturer, 27 Genesee 
^ r 42 Broad ' 

•^^ BALLOU THEODORE, saloon 14 Bleecker, r same 
Cq" Ballsiser Adam, farmer, r East cor Bleecker 
SP Ballsiser Rudolph Mrs. widow, r Broad near Gilbert 

•^ Bamert Casper, laborer, r Webster ave near South 
^ Baniber R. Mrs. r 11 Blandina 
^ Bame William shoemaker, r 49 Steuben 
o Bamford George, laborer, r 10 Griffith Place 
S^ Banagan Peter, restaurant 12 Genesee, r same 

Bancroft George J. drug clerk 183 Genesee, r 6 Gold 

Bancroft James, r 126 v arick 

JPitrvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 



Bancroft Kate Mra St. Lake's Home 

Banfoy George M. laborer, r 100 Fayette 52 

Baoge J. A. Mrs. r 121 Elm b 

Bangs Mary L. r 121 Elm ^ 

Banister Charles, r 32 Pearl ^ 

Banks James, r 41 Stark « ^ 

Banks James 6. carpenter, r 67'Miller Q> 

Banks Wm. J. laborer, r 67 Miller § 

Banker C. H. Mrs. Farmers' Hotel, Deerfield. p. 

Banker Fred, teamster, r 112 Elizabeth ^ 

Bankert Albert, tailor, r 25 Parker g 

Bankert John, cooper, r 25 Parker q» 

BanDigan Alice, r 48 Elm C> 

Bannigan James, mason, r 40 Elm g 

Bannigan John, laborer, r 4 Burnett (^^ 

Bannigan Michael, mason and saloon 143 Broad, r same ^ 

Bannigan Patrick, mason, r 68 Steaben ^ 

Bannigan Thomas, r 15 Gold ^ 

(Bannigan see Banagan.) cb 

Bantham John, r 117 Nichols ^ 

Bantham Mrs. r 41 Dadley q» 

Barber A. D. r 309 Genesee g, 

BAKBER A. BUTTON, r 309 Genesee a 

Barber Amy, r 98 Washington ?^ 
Barber Clark, chair caner and clock repairer 52 Seneca, r same i^ 

Barber Diantha, r 124 Columbia' ^ 

Barber Frank E. com. traveler, r 22 Dudley o 

Barber Lon. dressmaker, r 35 Spring ^ 

Barber Nettie M. r 21 Court P 

Barber Walter, airent, r 85 Spring ^ 

Barber William H. painter, r 107 Nichols R* 

Barber W. H. Jr. decorater, r 107 Nichols O 

Barbey Charles H. painter, r 47 Tracy 5^ 

Barbey Richard, painter, r 8 Tracy ^ 

Barden Annie, weaver, r 18 Huntington 03 

Barden Ezra, blacksmith, r 83 Miller ^ 

Barden James Mrs. grocer 126 West, r same ^ 

Bardo Enos, grocer 79 Mohawk, r same q, 

Barker Robert, r Stark 03 

Barker Thomas, with Geo. Young ^ 

Barisdale Alexander, attendant N7 Y. State Asylum Q 

Barling Edwin, vet surg. office 69 Columbia, r same g 

Barlow Mark, spinner, r Centre near East (D 

Barnard Charles Jr. clerk 85 Genesee, r 5 Rutger ^ 
BARNARD CHARLES E. (H. Barnard's Sons, 85 Genesee), <^ 

T 5 Rutger Co 
BARNARD HENRY, (H. Barnard's Sons, 85 Genesee), r 8 ^ 


Blank Book Manufactiorers, 137 Genesee. 


Ihy Ck>odfl» Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, Upholstering Ooods^ 

IQ Baraard Geo. baggageman, r 56 Catharine 
§ Barnard Horace Mrs. r 14 Cottage 
pj Barnard John, coachman, r 150 Park ave 
^ BARNARD'S SONS H. (Chas. E and Henry), paper hang- 
^ ings and millinery goods, 85 Genesee 

.q Barnes Abram A. boarding house 36 Jay, r same 
bi Barnes A. L machinist, r Francis cor. Eirkland 
fl Barnes Block, 71-75 John 
'"* Barnes E M. Mrs. r 49 Miller 
15 Barnes F. G. attendant N. Y. State Asylum 
^ Barnes Horace F. salesman, r Francis cor Eirkland 
Q Barnes John, r 42 Mohawk 
^ Barnes John R moulder, r 36 Hubell 
^^ Barnes 0. A. Mrs. r 121 State 
kf Barnes M. A- Mrs. r 30 Oneida 
^ BARNES K RAY, Alderman Ist Ward, r 19 Broad 
2^ Barnes Nellie, r 78 Oornelia 
^ Barnes S. 0. Mrs. r Francis cor Kirkland 

2 Barnes Wm. G. bookkeeper, r Francis cor Eirkland 
52 Barnes Wm. H. r 64 Cooper 

b Barnett Albert, 66 Liberty 

^ Barney James £. clerk 1 2 Elizabeth, r same' 
■^ BARNEY MOSES, Alderman Fourth Ward, livery stable 12 
9 Elizabeth, r same 

i^ Barney William F. bookkeeper 12 Elizabeth, r same 
^ Barnum A. S. laundry 170 Genesee, r same 
g Barnum Charles O. bookkeeper, r 40 Seymour ave 
«Q Barnum Fred E. (Simon & ^Barnum), r 40 Seymour ave 
§ BARNUM GEORGE, music teacher Parker Block, r 40 
Q) Seymour ave, See adv't. page 27 

^ Barnum George N. upholsterer, r 61 Eemble 
oo Barnum Henry, letter carrier, r 61 Main 
^ Barnum Horatio, printer, r 12 Mary 
•a BARNUM H. R. laundry 18 Devereux Block, r same 

3 BARNUM JAMES, sup't of letter carriers, r 116 Howard ave 
^ Barnum Janef, dressmaker, r 47 Blandina 

00 Barnum Martha, r 93 Neilson 

^ Barnum Mary, r 40 Broad 
O Barnum William, r 12 Mary 
^ Barr Bella, cap maker, r 34 Whitesboro 
^ Barr Jennie, clerk, r 16 Aiken 
^ Barr Lizzie, cap maker, r 84 Whitesboro 
^ Barrett Annie, r 258 Genesee 

*S Barrett X^aniel r 1 ^f orris 

fcj BARRETT DANIEL S. artist Charlotte cor Bleecker, r 58 
O West. See page 47 

1^ Barrett John, coachman, r 91 Neilson 
ttl Barrett John, r 6 Mary • 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J*H. Douglass^ 


Shawliy Fans and Far-Lined Oloyes^ BUnkett and Kosqnito Vet, ^ 

Barrett Mary, widow, r 9 Hart' Jf 

Barrett Patrick, r 68 Stenben ^ 

Barringer Sylvester, 17 Arcade, r same B' 

Barrowman Elizabeth, widow, r 129 Steuben ^ 

Barrownian John, shoemaker, r 129 Steuben g 

Barrowman Johu, painter, r 158 Neilson ,q 

Barrowman Maggie, machine operator, r 129 Steuben & 
BARROWS SAMUEL J. lawyer 88 Geneeee, r 12 Hopper § 

Barry Bridget, tailore 88, r 68 Leah jw 

Barry John, steward depot dining rooms, r 24 Meadow ^ 

Barry John, blacksmith. r49 Fayette ^ jP 

Barry John, laborer, r 148 Bleecker 5 

Barry John J. coppersmith, r 63, Leah S 

Barry J. Warren, laster, r 55 Broadway 9, 

Barry Lizzie, factory operative, r 63 Leah >? 

Barry Marian, tailoress, r 63 Leah >^ 

Barry Patrick, r 148 Bleecker g 

Barry Peter, St. Luke's Hospital T* 

Barry Thomas, gardener, r 63 Leah fr 

Barry William, painter, r 139 Miller - ^ 

Barry William, tinsmith, r 143 Bleecker ^ 

Bart Christopher, coat maker, r Deerfield road Cj 

Bartli Eusepius, carpenter, r 40 Hobart 5* 

Bartholomew Albert, shoemaker, r 87 Elm l^ 
Bartholomess Frederick, factory operative, r 166 Water 
Bartlett Cady Mrs. domestic 16 Court 
BARTLETT CHARLES L. (Westc^tt & Co.) r 15 Plant 

Bartley Maria, widow, r 148 Blandina ^ 

Barton Charles J. organist, r 66 Second ^ 

Barton Elizabeth Mrs. widow, r 149 Elizabeth ^ 

Barton James, coachman 58 Fayette, r same g^ 

Barton John, moulder, r Blandina near Kossuth ave q, 
Bartow Pierrepont, draughtsman Gardner Block, r 136 State oj 

Bafiford James, laborer, r 4 Leeds ^ 

Basford Michael, r Kossuth ave near Eagle g* 

Bass Anna Mrs. r 130 Mohawk On 

Bassett John, meatmarket Deerfield Corners ^ 

Baasett Mary E. Mis. r 270 Bleecker » 

Basler John, cabinet maker, r 315 Whitesboro S, 

Basler Jacob, r 316 Whitesboro ^* 
Basly Andrew, printer. Press oflSce, r 158 Miller 

Batchelor Adelia, r 59 Lansing ^ 

Batchelor Charles, clerk 183 Genesee, r 10 Seymour ave ^ 

Batchelor Daniel, r 18 Hopper ?• 

Batchelor Fannie, r 76 West J 

Batchelor Fred, bookkeeper 14 Liberty, r 24 Cooper • 

Batchelor Henry L. r 46 Taylor ave ' 

Batchelor Jane Mrs. r 59 Lansing 5 

Furnishing Undertaker, Jj.! Genesee Street, s 



BATGHELOB JOHN, seedsman and florist 14 Liberty, r 110 

X ftrk ftVG 
BATCHELOR JULIAN, tin and coppersmith 8 Pearl, r 80 

Batchelor Peter W. r 10 Seymour ave 
Batehelor Sarah, r 10 Seymour ave 

BATES ALFRED R liverv and sale stable 17 Blandina, r 15 
^ Blandina, see advt. back colored leaf 
S Bates Edward A. printer Observer office, r 4 Hart 
a BATES FREDERICK W. carriage and sleigh manufacturer 
^ 13 Devereux, r 24 same, see page opp. 

• Bates Hattie, RR eating house„r same 
c3 Bates, Henry Mrs. r 4 Hart 
^ Bates Henry, teamster, r 312 Whitesboro 
i:| Bates Henry, Smith's Hotel, cor Jay and First 
^ Bates Mary, r 107 Park ave 
^ Bates J. W. Mrs. r 24 Devereux 
;!« Bates & Johnson, steam heating apparatus, 73 John 
3 Bates Louisa M. Mrs. dressmaker, r 64 Seymour ave 
^ Bates Thomas E. carriage painter, r 73 South 
d Bates Vina D. domestic 14 Court 
.§ Bates Mathilda, teacher Ladies' Seminary 
CJ Bath Nicholas Mrs. r 27 Hope 
«Q Batley Charles R. organ infr. r 167 Park ave 
g Batley John J. clerk, r 167 Park ave 
** Batley Robert, painter, r 167 Park ave 
•^ Batsford E. T. sec. Globe Woolen Co. r Garden cor Jewett 
^ BATSFORD M. L. saloon 25 Fayette, r 73 Washington 
^ Bauer Adam, r Warren cor Fay 
^ Bauer Albert, cabinet maker, r 64 Columbia 
^ Bauer Charles, foreman Reynold's shoe shop, r 86 Hicks 
^- BAUER CHARLES JR (Sang & Bauer) r 26 Henry 
g Bauer Emma, tailoress, r 124 fayette 
«S Bauer Francis Mrs. r 312 Whitesboro 

Bauer Frederick M. medical student, r 312 Whitesboro 
Bauer Frederick Mrs. r 124 Fayette 
|S| Bauer Jacob, saloon and store 318 Whitesboro, r same 

Bauer John C. shoemaker, r 86 Mary 
cf Bauer Lizzie, r 86 Hicks 
•S} Bauer Paulina, tailoress, r 124 Fayette 
^ Bauer William, shoe cutter, r 86 Hijsks 
Baudy Thomas, carpenter, r 40 Parker 
Baumer George, teacher, r 62 Varick 
Baumbach Anna Mrs. r 17 Wager 
Baumbach Anna, operative, r 17 Wager 
Baumbach Fred, clerk, r 17 Wager 
Bausch Anna Mra shirt maker, r 40 Columbia 
Bauwens Joseph, laborer, r 257 Mohawk 

Westcott ^ Reusswigf Fine Custoin Tailors, 


Carriage ^ Sleigh Manufacturer, 


QiMI c«re will tw taken In Ib« •«]«cl<t 
OonttuiUT OD band, Banmch* Blelghr, 
--*»™rl»tjof Oneand "-" '^" ""■ 

DfMatsrlitt uid Conitnictloii. 
IF, Daitar Springy BDggjr. Elliptic Soring Top Bogsj, 
Jomrtw- Al»o»larga*»rlctrol Ono tod Two SMt 
lEFAlRINQ dOBS at ihorl noUc& 

Dtica Sunday Tribune. 

The only Sunday Paper in Oneida County. 

Containa All the News— Telegraphic and Local 
—Up to 4 A. M. Sundaya. 

SabwriptlOB Prfee SOe. for Three MonthB* delivered b^ ('anien to 
■irpMta of the C^\j ; *ent b; mail, fr«« of poMage, to uij cttj or town In 
the United SUtM. 

The Tribnne is one of the best adTertiaing medioini In Central Ifew 
Turk, u it is Ikrgel; drcalated In UtlcA knd enrroundiDg: towns erery Bmn 
daj morning. 

Subscribe for it! Advertise in it ! ! 

p. E. KELLY, Proprietor, 

(OpposLtfl QoTenment Btiildiiig.) Oor. Broad h Jolm Su., Utioa, H. T. 


CABPBT8, will oooasionally drop np this way, 

e-' — 

^ Bawden T. S. bookkeeper, r 12 Steuben Park 

m Baxendale G. M. dresser, r 75 Spring 

§ Baxendale Hannah, r 75 Spring 

g Baxendale Saronel, machinist, r 75 Spring 

^ BAXTER FRANCIS EL artist and civil engineer 48 Arcade, 

p) r 75 Mary 

« Baxter Joseph W. r 113 John 

S Baxter John, Deputy Sheriff, r 71 Mary 

rt BAXTER JOHN R City surveyor City Hall, r 180 Blandina 

•S Baxter Owen, butter dealer, r S6 Main 

P Baxter Rebecca P. widow, r 77 Charlotte 

5 BAXTER THOMAS W. (Carton & Co.) r 86 Main 

g Bay Augustus, r 5 Griffiths place 

3 Bayens Mathias, shoemaker, r lt)2 Catharine 

^ Bayens Catharine, widow, r 162 Catharine 

i Bayer Amelia, domestic 95 Park ave 

'^ BAYLISS & CO. Utica Nickel Plajting Works 15 Charlotte 

* BAYLTSS A. (Bayliss & Co.) r 84 Elizabeth 

o ^ayliss see Bailis) 

S Baynes Jane, domestic 881 Genesee 

g Beach Ellen Mrs. r 98 Elizabeth 

o Beach Frederick, r 137 Bleecker 

^ Beach Frederick, r 68 Broad 

f^ Beach Lester, mechanic, r 847 Whitesboro 

o Beach wood G. Christian, carpenter, r 137 Mohawk 

H Beachwood G. Seymour, clerk, r 187 Mohawk 

^ Beal William, r 47 Miller 

S Bealer Peter, laborer, r 63 Seymour ave 

M Bean Fred, printer Herald^ r 37 Broad 

^ Bean John, Gardner, r 55 Fayette 

g BEARDSLEY ARTHUR M. (A. M. and S. A. Beardsley,) r 

» BEARDSLEY A. M. & S. A. lawyers 122 Genesee 

H BEARDSLEY SAMUEL A. (A, M. & S. A. Beardsley,) r 

g 249 Genesee 

Beardsley Henrv, r 32 Catharine 

Beasley Wm. fish store 81 Bleecker, r 27 Park ave 

Beasman Wm. oil cloth printer, r 170 Miller 
g BEARE HENRY C. awning mfr. Devereux block, r 118 
<«H State. See adv. back colored page 

^ (Beare see Behr.) 
*& feearer Andrew, dyer, r 89 Stark 

1^ BEATTY GEORGE, supt. Union Oil Works, r 88 Main 
^ Beatty Helen Mrs. r 51 Cornelia 
'S Beaudoin Clemmens, shoemaker, r 33 Columbia 
© Bebb John W. freight agt. D. H. C. Co. r 107 Park ave 


Bechtel Ernst F. shoemaker, r 187 Blandina 
Beck Henrv, laborer, r 6 Lock 

W. H. McGarvey Sf Co. Cigars and Fancy 


—just as they used to go out fishing for a day's recreation,— 

Beck Flora, 6 St. Joseph 

BECK 'JOSEPH, (Voltz & Beck,) 70 Varick, r 48 same 

Beck Joseph, butcher, r Deerfield road 

BECKER CHARLES E. (Becker Bros.) r 151 Mohawk ? 

BECKER BROS. (J. F. and C. E.) meat market 115 South. S* 

See page 58 ^ 

Becker Christian, butcher 151 Moliawk, r same g* 

Becker Dan P. butcher, r 151 Mohawk eg 
Becker John A. cashier 58 Franklin Square, r 151 Mohawk g 

BECKER JOHN F. (Becker Bros.), r 153 Mohawk ^ 

Becker Frederick, wholesale butcher, r 29 Gold g 

Becker Herman, meat market 33 Oold, r 29 Oold j; 

Becker James A. r 112 Whitesboro g; 

Becker Louis, r Chestnut near Chenango ave S^ 

(Becker see Barker — Baker) p.. 

Beokingham Arthur, carpenter, r 143 Miller ». 

Beckingham Henry, carpenter, r 96 Miller ^ 

Beckingham Joseph, N. Y. C. freight house, r 44 First ^ 

Beckingham J. Mrs. r 72 Howard ave 6 

Beekwith Alphens 0. clothing agent, r 68 Howard ave *^ 
Beckwith C. Hyde, r 12 Mandeville 
Beekwith Clark, trimmer, r 143 Kossnth ave 
Beckwith Charges L. currier, r Mohawk near Pleasant 
BECKWITH HENRY, hardware 133 Genesee, r 19 Howard 

ave ^ 

Beckwith Elizabeth Mrs. r 69 Broadway ^ 

Beckwith S. H. (W. H. Prentice & Co.) r 69 Broadway g 

Beekwith Makendra, carpenter, 192 Howard ave p* 

Beckwith Maria, r Pleasant near Kossuth ave ^ 

Beckwith Selden, r 108 Miller g- 

Beckwith Stephen, farmer, Pleasant near Mohawk ^ 

Beckwith Theodore G., D. J. Cushman, r*36 Howard ave S" 

Beckwith William H. r 151 Steuben S 

Beckworth Julia A. widow, r 68 Howard ave ^ 

Becraf t John, tailor, r 43 Howard ave 5* 

Becraft John, porter, r 43 Howard ave S 

Becraft Nathaniel, carpenter, r 92 Neilson H 

Becraft Peter, carpenter, r Herkimer near Garden bs 
Bedbury John Mrs. r 104 Miller 
Bedbury Joseph W. machinist, r 104 Miller 
Bedford Henry, loom repairer, r 163 Court 

Bedell J. W. foreman, r Hotel Znblin •^ 

Bedoin Alphonse, carpenter, r 51 Catharine ^ 

Beebe Isaac R laster, r 1 Union g 

Beebe John, agent, r 107 Park ave 'oj 

BEEBE LEONARD V. insurance and real estate agent ' 

Bradish Block 181 Oenesee, r 418 Bleecker 
Beebe Fannie R. r 60 Charlotte 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



Beecher William, tailor, r 26 Canal 

Beekman M icholaa, presser, r 94 Spring 

Beers David J. printer, r 48 Elizabeth 

Beers Frank D. r 48 Elizabeth 

Beers James H. spinner, r 48 Elizabeth 

Beers M. J. Mrs. r 21 Court 

Beggs Thomas, plumber, r 19 Cornelia 

Begers Joseph, machinist, r 141 Jay 
0* Beh Edward F. barber shop 135 Fayette, r 24 Orchard 
■^ Beh Joseph, laster, r 66 Brinkerhoflr ave 
^ Behr Frank, mason, r 2 Hicks 
.2 Behr Michael, r 109 Oneida 
P Behr Michael Jr. butcher, r 104 Oneida 
S Behr John, clerk, r 109 Oneida 
M Behr John H. baker, r 101 Third. (Behr see Beare.) 
g> Behrendt Otto, furrier 104 Genesee, r 92 Columbia 
^ Behringer L tailor, r 204 Whitesboro 
fj Beierle John, r 88 Canal 
^g Beil John, dyer, r 3 Breeze 
S> Beil Teresa, r 12 Oak 
g Bein Clemenp, tailor, r 81 Dudley 

Beisiegel Adam, shoe cutter, r 37 Morris # 

1 Beisiegel Barbara, factory operative, r 114 Schuyler 
.g Beisiegel Daniel, shoe cutter, r 131 Schuyler 

o Beisiegel Jacob, shoe cutter, rill Schuyler 
« Beiseigel John, tailor, r 111 Schuyler 
5 Beisiegel Mary, r 114 Schuyler 
'^ Beisiegel William, shoe cutter, rill Schuyler 
^ Beisiegel William, carpenter, r 114 Schuyler 
-g Bell Anna Miss, r 79 Oneida 
'P Bell John Jr. r 79 Oneida 
**2 Bell John, gardner, r 79 Oneida 
" Bell M. J. r Deeriield 

8 BELL MICHAEL, prop. Bell's Hotel, Deerfield 
p Bell Wm. Bell's Hotel, Deerfield 
^ Bellew Anna, 268 Genesee 
5 Bellinger D. J. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 
g Bellinger George H. moulder, r 33 Saratoga 
^ Bellinger George H. carpenter 64 Mary 
^^ Bellinger Jacob A. carpenter, r 177 Third 

Bellinger James M. moulder, r 36 Schuyler 
- Bellinger 3. P. livery, r 49 Seymour ave 

Bellinger William P. farmer, r Third near James 

Bellinger R J. Mre. 42 Schuyler 

Bellingham Charles, r 32 Louisa 

Bellor Bosanna, domestic 35 Broad 

Bellosa Jacob, marble cutter, r 112 Seymour ave 

Bellou Bridget, r 84 South 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 



Bellow John, teamster, r 128 Third 

Belmenr, Margaret, r 123 Whitesboro 

Belmenr J. A. clerk at H. Glenn & Co.'s P 

Bells, William, attendant City Hospital, r same •^^ 

BELTZ GEORGE (Geor^ Beltz & Son), r 45 Miller S. 

BELTZ GEORGE & SON (Georee and Henry G.), merchant S 

tailors, 196 Genesee, Hackett^lock ^ 
BELTZ HENRY G. (George Beltz & Son, also Charles Rahn 

& Co., r t6 Howard ave 

Beltz John, laborer, r 96 Hicks ^ 

Beltz John G. tailor, r 49 Steaben g 

Bendall James, gardener, r 106 Kossuth ave 4 

Bender Anstin W. steward Baggs Hotel, r 163 Elizabeth Z 

Bender Barbara, spinner, r 17 Kossuth ave i 

Bender, C. H., N. Y. C. round house, r 169 Elizabeth p* 

Bender C. M. Mrs. r 97 Fayette S 

Bender Ellen, widow, r 64 Court ^ 

Bender Henry, laborer, r East near South "< 

Bender Henry S. Deerfield g* 

Bender John, r Deerfield ^ 

Bender John V. r Deerfield g* 

Bender Lenora L. Mrs. r 41 Elizabeth ST 

Bender Paul, laborer, r East near South o 
BENDER VALENTINE, landlord Bender Hotel in Deer- | 

field I 

i Bender see Binder) g: 

tenedict C. L. Mrs. r 51 Lansing ^ 

BENEDICT JOSEPH, lawyer 36 Arcade, r 35 Court w 

Beney John P. laborer, r 94 Taylor ave g 

Benbam M. L. bookkeeper 50 Hotel, r 36 Oneida M 
BENHAM THOMAS L wholesale dealer in tobacco and gj 

cigars 50 Hotel, 36 Oneida H 

Benjamin George, foreman furniture factory, r 73 Spring ^ 

Benkiser Leonard, farmer, r 113 Whitesboro o 

Benoist Henry A. r 257 Genesee P 

Benner Henry, baggageman, r 86 Water J5 

Bennett Alice, r 16 Stark g 

Bennett Esther A. Mrs. r 72 Fayette g« 

BENNETT A. R lawyer 2 Thomas Block, r 105 Oneida g 

Bennett Giles D. conductor D. L & W. RR r 109 Water q 

Bennett J. W. dyer, r 55 Stark g 

Bennett Lydia Mrs. tailoress, r 65 Steuben S 

Bennett Miles, brakeman, r 39 Chenacgo av^e ^ 

Bennett William, r 16 Stark W 

Bennett William, laborer, r Dudley cor Square 3 

Bennett W. T. dyer, r 114 Fayette ^ 
Bensberg Eliza, r 16 Hart 
Bensberg George R r 30 Plant 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


if the late comers to its neighborhood will 


Bensber^ Ladwig, r 50 Plant 
Bensberg William F. foreman Press^ r 19 Francis 
Benson Henry J. teller Mather's Bank, r 81 Plant 
Bentley James, loom repairer, r 55 Warren 
Benton Carlos S. cartman, r 15 Johnson Square 
Benton James Hon. r 690 Genesee 
Benton Sarah, Home for the Homeless 
Benz Philip, machinist, r 28 Saratoga 
^ Berg Frank, r 819 Whitesboro 
•S Berg Frank Jr. tinsmith, r 319 Whitesboro 

8 Berg George, laborer, r 13 Meadow 

a Berg George 0. harness maker, r 13 Schuyler 

fBerg John, laborer, r 10 Oak Lane 
Berg John, laborer, r 13 Schuyler 

2 Berg John Jr. r 11 Philip 

® Berg Joseph Mrs. r 72 Johnson 

S Berg Joseph, engraver, r 72 Johnson 

p Berg Michael, laborer, r 10 Oak lane 

g Bei^ Nicholas, laborer, r 13 Schuyler 

*g BEKGEN THOMAS J, physician 108 John, cor Mary and 

^ Park ave, r Butterfield House 

"S Berger David Jr. carpenter, r 94 Albany 

Berger Catharine, domestic 209 Columbia 

BERGER JOSEPH, wood carver and cabinet maker 84 West, 
•" r 217 Blandina. See page 48 

9 Berger David, laborer, r 281 South 
^ Bergner Fred. cutter,-r 242 Court 

3 Berges J'ames, gardener, r 20 Hart 
Bergner Charles, moulder, r 89 Chenango ave 
Bergner Fred, foreman, r 416 Bleecker 
Bergner Frank, factory operative, r 89 Chenango ave 

b Bergner Otto, tailor, r 89 Chenango ave 
^ Berkhoff Andrew, r 163 Schuyler cor Knox 
^ Berlin Frederick, factory operative, r 97 Stark 
g Berlin John, butcher, r 47 Catharine 
*j| Berlin Lizzie, r 97 Stark 

S BERLIN L. fresco painter 9 Baggs Hotel, r 48 Catharine. 
See page 48 

Berman Eniile J. blacksmith, r 10 Francis 

Bernabie John, factory operative, r 12 S. Hamilton 

Berndt August, carpenter, r 36 Parker 

Berstein A. J. pedler, r 120 Liberty 

Berstein Moses, pedler, r Sterling row 

Berry Edward H. r 189 Third 

BERRY FRANK K. grocer 118 South, r same 

Berry Matthew, stone cutter, r 71 Water 

Berry L Worrell, shoemaker, r 65 Broadway 

Berry John H. eating house, r 24 Meadow 

Fred .4. Cassidy, su,ccessor to J. H. Douglass, 



call on US for goods they don't find at home. 

Berry J. W. r 115 Court 
Beaich Joseph, laborer, r 14 Knox 
Best Charles, barkeeper, r 76 Broad 
Best H. G, com. traveler, r Central Hotel 
Best James Mrs. r 3 Cottage 

BEST JAMES C. boarding house and saloon 76 Broad, r same ^ 

Best John, r 9 Cottage ? 

Bestwick Albert, r 13 Francis g* 

Beswick Theodore, machinist, r 87 Spring ^ 

Bethany Church, cor Albany and Lansing g; 

Bettis A. Mrs. r 117 Schuyler • 

Bettis Henry W. r 43 Columbia • 

Betts William H. plasterer, r East ? 

Betts W. A. Herald office, r East | 

Sevan John, weaver, r 83 Garden a. 

Bevan Thomas, blacksmith, r V2 Whitesboro % 

Bevans John F. clerk 48 Hotel, r Deerfield road §- 

Bevin W. D. salesman, r 16 Steuben g. 

Bevine Cora S. r 128 Lansing g- 
BEVINES DANIEL R lawyer Exchange Building 131 Gen- S^ 

esee, r 124 Lansing o 

Bewsee Joseph, f 181 Howard ave S 

Bice A, J. r 14 Court jf 
Bice Edward H. gas and steam fitter, r 39 Miller 

Bice F. H. student, r 14 Court g 

Bice H. H. r 39 Second § 

Bice H. H. boots and shoes 36 Columbia, r 24 Henry ^ 
Bice Hiram, book keeper H. & W. K. Gilmore, r 39 Second M 

Bidwell George, book-keeper 114 Genesee, r 15 Court ^ 

Bid well Hudson, book-keeper 9 and 11 John, r 15 Court ^ 

Biddlecomb Delcina Mrs. r 90 West § 

Biederman Ferdinand, shoemaker, r 170 Bleecker -^ 
BIEDERMAN JOHN, saddles, harness, trunks 2 Whites- S 

boro, r 70 Broad » g 

Biederman Minnie, dressmaker, r 170 Bleecker ^ 

Bielby Isaac P. lawyer 222 Genesee, r 3 Bland ina co 
BIERBAUER CHARLES, brewer 11 Edward, r same ' J 

Bierbaaer George, r 11 Edward S 

Bierle John, r 88 Canal | 

Bigelow C. R salesman 79 Genesee, r 57 Seymour ave m 
BIGELOW DANA W. REV. pastor W. U. Presbyterian J 

church, r 148 Columbia ' i- 

Bigelow James C. shoemaker, r Garden near Oswego 
Biggs Caroline, r 152 South 
Biggs Catharine, widow, r 14 Louisa 
Biggs Edward L clerk, r 14 Louisa 
Biggs Edward L. upholsterer, r 152 South 
Biggs Frederick, r 427 Genesee 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Street. 


linoe it annexed Vtica and Ilion« 

Biffwood James, carder, r 29 Aiken 

Bilyea Foster H. salesman 29 John, r 15 Steuben 

Billington Lacy A. r Steuben Park, cor Steuben 

Bills Franklin, attendant N. Y. State Asylum 

Bills Levi, mfr. of gloves 8 Bleecker, r 49 Blandina 

Bills William H. attendant N. Y. State Asylum 

Billsborrow J. F. salesman, r 18 Cooper 

Binder Christian, saloon 115 Bleecker, r same 

Binder Theresa, r 164 Columbia 

(Binder see Bender.) 

Bingle Henry, laborer, r 61 Neilson 

Birdsall Austin T. salesman, r 10 Francis 

j^ Birdsall Sara M. teacher Ladies' Seminary 

g Birdseye Joseph, r 61 Lansing 

I BIRDSEYE KUFUS P. assistant treasurer Savings Bank of 

M Utica, r 24 Lansing 

■g Birt Mary A. widow, r 93 Howard ave 

^ BIRT THOMAS, architect, office Parker Block, r 136 How- 

p ard ave. See page 570 

'g Birt William, mason, r 98 Howard ave 

^ (Birt see Burt.) 

3 Birtwistle Margaret, laundress Orphan Asylum 

£ BISHTON FREDERICK, meat market 28 State, r 66 same 

.a Bissell Frank, r 16 Aiken 

^ Bissell Hiram, carpenter, r 78 Catharine 

"S Bissikummer John W. pharmaceutist, r 350 Whitesboro 

• Blach Abraham, pedler, r 105 Water 

§ Blackstone Mills C. at county clerk's office, r Washington 

^ Mills 

'S Blaecksdorff Alexander, jeweler 70 Genesee, r 18 Broadway 

t» Blaikie Margaret, clerk 202 Genesee, r same 

& BLAIKIE WILLIAM, (Blaikie & Fitch) pharmacists 202 

^ Genesee, r same 

• BLAIKIE & FITCH (William Blaikie and Henry A. Fitch) 
H pharmacists 202 Genesee 

Blaikie William Jr. clerk 202 Genesee, r same 
Blair Michael, laborer, r 119 Canal 
Blake Celia Mra r 100 Varick 
Blake James C. saloon 59 Bleecker, r same 
Blake Robert J. shoemaker, r 24 Keilson 
Blakeman Andrew, tailor, r 10 Albany 
Blakemkn Charles, tailor, r 10 Albany 
Blakeman Emma J. tailoress, r 10 Albany 
Blakeman Edward, woolsorter, r Oak cor Martin 
Blakeman George, moulder, r 122 Hicks 
Blakeman Mary Ann, tailoress, r 10 Albany 
Blakeman Moses J. moulder, r Oak cor Martin 
Blakeman William, stove mounter, r Whitesboro 

Westcott ^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handflomegt Dry (}ood8 and Carpets on earth 


Blanch Elizabeth Mrs. laundry 16 Morris 

Blanch John, building mover and carpenter, r 18 Faass ave 

•Blanch William, clerk, r 16 Morris 

Blanchard D. D. clerk, r 42 Washington 

Basier Milton, bookkeeper, r 178 Seymour ave S- 

Blase Henrv I), moulder, r 90 Hicks S 

Blass John, r 113 Schuyler o 

Blatt Charles, r 46 Saratoga ^ 

filatt John C. blacksmith 12 Albany, r 156 Elizabeth M 

Blauvelt Erastus, r 6 Pearl ^ 

Blay , operative, r 80 Cooper ^ 

Blayney Thomas, shoemaker, r 158 Oneida §. 

Blazer Ezra, carpenter, r 130 Seymour ave ^ 

BLEEKM AN N. O. fruit dealer and grocer 38 Fayette ^^ 

Blell Franz, laborer, r 5 Haak ave ^ 

Blodgett Chas. tinsmith, r 89 Columbia S 

Biodgett William, finisher, r 66 Steuben ^ 

Blount Gilbert, teamster, r 178 Seymour ave c» 

Bloomingdale Charles A. plaster dealer, r 75 Main g^ 

Blum Michael, carpenter, r 103 Canal g 
Blnmer 6. Alder, 2nd assistant physician Lunatic Asylum S 

Blnmhardt Wm. baker 184 Blandina, r same ^ 
Boan Catherine, dressmaker, r 108 Elizabeth 

Boan Mary, tailoress, r 108 Elizabeth o 

BOARD OF CHARITIES, office city hall | 

BOARD OF TRADE, rooms A and BBaggs Hotel ^ 

Boboy Thomas, watchman, r 71 Park ave J2: 

Bock Charles, cigarmaker, r 92 Schuyler i» 

Bock Frank, weaver, 92 Schuyler t* 

(Bock see Bach.) . ^ 

Bockman Albert, shoemaker, r 38 Saratoga ^ 

Bookman Edward A. clerk, r 38 Saratoga B. 

Bockman August, Sr. agent, 38 Saratoga Q" 

Bockus Albert, clerk, r 38 Elizabeth ^ 

Bockus D. W. printer, r 38 Elizabeth §* 

Bodmer Christian Mre. r 12 Parker p 

Bodmer Chas. shoemaker, r 12 Parker ►g^ 

Boehlert Matthew, receiving clerk, r 78 Jay g. 

Boes Hellena, domestic 43 Lansing ^ 

Boes John F. r 98 Washington c* 
BOES JOHN M. mfg. jeweller Parker block, r 76 Seymour ^ 

ave g 

(Boes see Bowes.) ^ 

Boii Charles, butcher, r 134 Kossuth ave ^ 
Boff Clarence, ieweller, r 69 Spring 
Bofi John H. clerk, r 61 Lansing 
BofE Thomas, r 61 Lansing 
Boff Thomas Jr. r 242 South 

M). 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


and Spring from Summer "back 

BOGERT T. L. office 5 Parker Block, r 44 Steuben 

Bohaua Sidney, tinsmith, r 267 Bleecker 

Bohm £rne8t, gardener, r 201 Third 

Bobn Andrew, laborer, r 339 Wliitesboro 

Bohn Charles, boiler maker, r 40 Schuyldr 
^ Bohner Albert, ase't undertaker, r 48 iBrinckerhofi ave 
S Bohner Samuel Jr. clerk 112 Genesee, r 48 Brinckerhoff ave 
i Bohner Samuel, shoemaker, r 48 Brinckerhofi ave 
£ Bolder Henry, laborer, r South near £ast 
*g Bolger J. r Deerfield 

p« Boice Isabella, widow, r 24 Canal ^ 

Ji BoUes Charles Ei Chemical Engine, r 18 Mandeville 
J§ BOLLES THEODORE W. special a(?ent for Knights Templar 
^ and Masonic Mutual Aid Association, r 16 Seneca 

^ Bolton John, farmer, r Genesee street road 
' Boname Alfred, machinist, r 243 South 
^ Boname Peter, cabinet maker, r 209 Mohawk 
^ Boom George, teamster, r 35 Henry 
^ Boom James, carpenter, r 29 Henry 
M Boom Theodore, carpenter, r 50 Chenango ave 
-§ Boom Lorenzo, r 103 Chenansjo ave 
^ Boon John Jr. com. a^ent 10 Liberty, r Mansion House 
^ BOOTH ANNA MRS. saloon 118 Columbia, r 20 State 
g Booth G. W. bookkeeper 125 Genesee, r 56 Spring 
•H Booth J. T. cartman, r 54 Spring 
^ Booth Stephen D. carpenter, r 29 Washington 

BOOTH WILBUR H. physician and surgeon 172 Genesee, 
r 5 Comstock Place, Plant 

Booth Samuel, master mechanic, r 70 Whitesboro 

Booth Willoughby L. carpenter, r 132 South 
o Booth William L. salesman, r 52 Dudley 
^ Bopple Martin Mrs. hotel Deerfield Corners 
S Bork Julius, r 98 Leah 
o Borgmann John, shoecutter, r 161 Miller 
S Borst William W. clerk 104 Genesee, r 40 Plant 
^ Boselly James, painter, r Newell near Perkins ave 
« Boss Anthony, r 107 Seymour ave 

Boss John, teamster, r 55 Catharine 

Boss Joseph, expressman, r 107 Seymour ave 

Boss Peter N. farmer, r 58 Stark 
3 Boston Samuel, r 125 Yarick 
^ Bosworth Frank A teller Oneida Co. Bank, r 231 Genesee 

BoBworth Fred, laborer, r.l3 Erie 

Bottger Edward, machinist, r 4 Spring 

Bott Edward, carpenter, r South cor Seymour ave 

Bott Mary Ann, r South cor Seymour ave 

Bouck Ida J. r 16 Cooi)er 

Bouck David, moulder, r 61 West 

FT. jff] McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquors, 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Bouck Polly Mrs. r 16 Cooper 
(Bourke see Barke) 

Boutilier Enos, foreman 17 Meadow, r 2 Hotel 
Bovee Edward, r 69 Charlotte 
Bovee Qeorge W. r Deerfield road 
Bovee William, night watchman, r 68 Columbia 
Bowen Annie Mrs. r 47 Fayette 

Bowen Anna, domestic 34 Broad g 

Bowen Benjamin, r 9 Hobart S 

Bowen Blanche, r 62 Broadway M 

Bowen Daniel W. cheese buyer 4 Baggs scjuare, r 20 Breese w 
Bowen Elihue B. carriage maker, r 156 Miller ^ 

Bowen George, moulder, r 147 Catharine ^ 

Bowen John, moulder, r 101 Mary 
Bowen William, teamster, r 24 Mandeville 
Bowen Henry S. city expressman, r 93 Lansing 3 

Bowen Henry, machinist, r 47 Cottage g 

Bowen Jane, r 140 John 

Bowen Thomas C. r 51 Catharine g^ 

Bower Mary, operative, r 263 Mohawk .^ 

Bower Fred, r 263 Mohawk q 

Bowers A. J. cabinet maker, r 112 Schuyler p 

Bowers Stephen, brakeman, r 107 Water 8 

Bowes Henry L. commercial traveler, r 28 Gardner & 

Bowes John R. wool buyer, r 28 Garden g. 

(Bowes see Boes) ^ 

Bowker John, shoemaker, r 153 Howard ave ^ 

Bowman D. r 130 Mohawk g" 

Bowman E. Mrs. Deerfield road ^ 

Bowman Felix, r 58 Taylor ave p 

Bowman Frank Mr?, r 167 Mohawk g. 

Bowman Frank, shoemaker, r 28 Schuyler o 

Bowman George, moulder, r 19 South Hamilton S 

Bowman Henry, knitter, Genesee road g, 

' BOWMAN JOHN F. grocer 61 South cor West, r 52 West - 
Bowman George, engineer, r Deerfield road ^ 

Bowman John, shoemaker, r 21 Schuyler £ 

Bowman Joseph, machinist, r 244 Bleecker 
Bowman John, laborer, r 20 Hickory 
Bowne Walter W. bookkeeper, r 43 Washington 
Boyce Edgar, florist, r Jeflferson cor South 
Boyce Frederick W. florist, r 35 Oneida 
BOYCE GEORGE, florist 48 Kemble, r same. See advt. 

page 53 
Boyce Joseph, r 85 Oneida 
Boyce Nellie M. teacher, r 35 Oneida 
Boyce Robert, fish and fruit 211 Genesee, r 4 Neilson 
Boyd Daniel, boilermaker, r 2 Hoyt 

Genesee corner Fayette Street. 


May 16th, Pires were needed, Overcoats comfortable. _^ 

Boyd George, bartender, r 57 Catharine 

Boyd Lewis A. Mrs. r 84 Steuben 

Boyd Solomon, roofing, r 16 Tracy 

Boyle Edward, clerk 198 Genesee, r 134 Blandina 

Boyle Frank, mason, r 184 Blandina 

Boyle James, farmer, r 194 Howard ave 

Boyle John, laborer, r 194 Howard ave 
2 BOYLE JOHN W. lawyer 170 Genesee, r in Whitesboro 
55 Bo vie Lizzie, weaver, r 210 Broad 
^ Boyle Michael, farmer, r 15 Sonth Hamilton 
00 Boyle Mary A. r 194 Howard ave 
5g Boyle Eobert, r Clinton House 
^ Boyle William, shoemaker, r 134 Blandina 

Boyle William, mason, r 134 Blandina 
§ Boyne Catharine, dressmaker, r 108 Elizabeth 
S Bovne Mary, dressmaker^ r 108 Elizabeth 
'S BOYNTONiW. R iobber in hats, caps and furs Hotel cor 
•g Liberty, r 27 Blandina 

2 Boynton S. P. carpenter, r 60 Seymour ave 
^ Brace Benjamin, farmer, r Pleasant near Jefferson 
'^ Brace Matildy, housekeeper 31 Rntger * 

^ Bradbury Thomas, teamster, r 9 Albany 
!5 Bradford George L. teller Oneida National Bank, r 63 Lansing 

Bradin John (McMorrow & Co.) r Fayette cor Pine 
;^ BRADISH BLOCK 177 to 185 Genesee 
g BRADISH T. H. dentist Columbia cor Seneca, r 43 Eagle. 
. See advt. page 35 

,^ Bradley Abram, machinist, r 60 Spring 
g Bradley Christian, tailor Lunatic Asylum, r 29 Green 
g Bradley F. G. r 89 Spring 
'^ Bradley George, r 89 Spring 

g Bradley John William, clerk 58 Franklin sq. r 77 Miller 
g Bradley M. J. tailor 47 Genesee, r 47 Mohawk 
•^ Franklin Square 

g Bradt Fred, printer, r 101 West 
^ ^ Brady Annie, tailoress, r 102 Varick 
S Brady Dennis, weaver, r 86 Schuyler 
^ Brady Edward, laborer, r 158 Bleecker 
£ Brady Frederick A. r 12 Brinckerhoflf ave 

Brady J. Benjamin, 56 Franklin Square, r 12 Brinckerhoff ave 

Brady James, carder, r 79 Spring 

Brady James Mra r 59 Fayette 

BRADY JAMES E. (W. H. McGarvey & Co. 160 Genesee 
cor Fayette,) r 59 Fayette 

Brady John, r 7 Cherry. 

Brady John,'r 71 Columbia 

Brady John C. r 59 Fayette 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co.j Book-Binders and 



Dan Bice was here, but no Bummer. 

Brady Katie, r 296 Oeneeee 

Brad J Lizzie, weaver, r 210 Broad 

Brady Mary, widow, r 207 Third 

Brady Patrick, Bhoemaker, r 207 Third 

BRADY P. S. dry goods and millinery 56 Franklin Square, 

r 12 Brinckerhoff ave 

Brady Thomas, carpenter, r 207 Third ff 

Brainard Floyd L proprietary goods, r 41 Steuben ^ 

Brainard M. G. Mrs. r 68 Seymour ave S* 

BRAMLEY ALEXANDER REV. pastor of South St. M. ^ 

E Church, r 33 South ? 

Brakcfield Frank E. spinner, r 21 William g. 

Brakefield George A. spinner, r 47 Spring g 

Brakefield Harriet Mrs. r 78 Broadway g. 

Brand F. E. clerk 188 Genesee, r 69 Fayette o 

Brand Frederick, butcher, 65 Chenango ave S 

Brand James H. foreman ^9 John, r 69 Fayette ^ 

Brand John, butcher, r 94 Canal " 

Brand Lena Mr^. tailoress, r 239 Bleecker ' % 

Brand Mary Mrs. r 33 High 3 

Brand William J. clerk Government bldg. r 31 High S 

Brandegee Edward D. clerk, r 6 Kent £ 

BRANDEGEE JOHN E. lawyer 71 Genesee, r 6 Kent f^ 

Brandegee Martina L Mrs. r Kent W 

Brandeu A. cabinet maker, r 64 Cooper § 

Brandes Fred C. Jr. tailor, r 36 Dudley W 

Brandes Frederick C. shoemaker, r 36 Dudley Xi 

Brandes William, pressman, 36 Dudley ^ 

Brandes Wra. A cutter, r 86 Dudley fr 

Brandon Adam, laborer, r 58 Johnson ^ 

Brandt John, tailor, r 21 Canal ^- 

Brandt Mary Mrs. widow, r 119 Bleecker o^ 

Brandt Mary, r Bleecker ^ 

Bratz Mrs. widow, r York S 

Braunig Edward J. boot crimper, r 7 High ^ 

Brannig Jacob, boot crimper, r 7 High co 

Bray Anna Mrs. r Jefferson O 

Bray Mary, domestic 312 Genesee g 

Braytmeyer Alice, dressmaker, r 12 Stark S 

Brayton Arthur A. clerk, r 110 Washington ^ 
BRAYTON EDWARD S. (Brayton & Seward 32 Genesee), ?^ 

r 252 same 
BRAYTON MICHAEL, hotel North Bay, r same 
BRAYTON M. JESSE, lawyer, Deputy County Clerk, r 110 

BRAYTON & SEWARD (Edward S; Brayton and Alexan- 
der Seward), lawyers 32 Genesee 
Brazie Charles H. shoemaker, r 28 Whitesboro 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 187 Genesee 


Dry Good% Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, Upholstering Oood% 


Brazie George Mrs. widow, r 37 Kemble 

Brazie Henry H. 148 Elizabeth 

Brazie Hiram, laborer, r 169 Elizabeth 

Brazil C.- Mns. r 84 Taylor ave 

Brazil Peter, carpenter 8 Madison lane, r 100 Elizabeth 

Breads Lydia Id^s. r 30 Eagle 

Breekel Andrew, mason, r 61 Garden 

Breen AUie, r 31 Cornelia 
g Breen Anna Mr& r 31 Cornelia 
^ Breen Emma, r 31 Cornelia 
^ Breen Kate, r 31 Cornelia 
'j Breen Mary, domestic 6S8 Genesee 

*^ Breese Thomas, boots and shoes Gtirden cor Spring, r same 
§ Breese, bricklayer, r 3 Griffiths Place 

Breim William, wool sorter, r 84 Saratoga 

Breish William, engineer, r 16 Washington 
r Breitenriter Charles, laborer, r Hicks cor Walnut 
^. Breitenberg Frank, r 42 Elm 
M Breitenstein Alonzo, bntcher, r 12 Cornelia 
d Breitenstein Daniel, r 12 Cornelia 
'^ Breitenstein Ftederick, batcher, r 12 Cornelia 
^ Breitenstein Frederick Jr. fireman, r 128 Fayette 
if Breitenstein Henry, carpenter, r 24 Chestnut 
S Breitenstein James, r 120 Columbia 
* Breitenstein Jacob, engineer, r 16 William 
§ Breitenstein Jacob, 120 Liberty 
S Breitenstein John, 16 William 
^ Breitenstein Michael, clerk 12 Liberty, r same 
«o BREITHAUPT JULIUS E. tinsmith, r Deerfield road near 

^ Mohawk Bridge 

g Breithanpt Max, r Deerfield road 

^ Breithanpt Fred, varnish maker, r Deerfield 

«o Breithing Fred, shoemaker, r 10 Floyd 

^ Bremer Adolph, upholsterer, r 33 Erie 

^ BREMER CHARLES H. fish and fruit market 6 and 8 Col- 

^ umbia, r 14 Seneca 

fc Bremer Christian, laborer, r 6 Orchard 

S Bremer Elizabeth, operative, r 6 Orchard 

g Bremer Elizabeth, r 328 Whitesboro 

p Bremer Frank, shoecutter, r 71 Taylor ave 

^ Bremer Joseph, shoemaker, 828 Whitesboro 

Bremiller Anthony, laborer, r 107 Schuyler 

Bremiller Barbara, operative, r 107 Schuyler 

Bremiller Charles, mason, r 107 Schuyler 

Bremiller Frank, saloon 128 Fayette, r same 

Bremiller Magadena, r 107 Schuyler 

Bremiller Michael, foreman, r 109 Schuyler 

Brendle Antoine, r 186 Columbia 

Fred A. Cassidy, swceessor to J. H. Douglciss, 


Shawls, Fans and Fur-Lined OloveSy Blankets and Moiqnito Het, 

Brennan Ada, domestic 80 Blandina 
Brennan Daniel, laborer, r Nichols near Lansing 
Brennan John, plumber, r 69 Court 

Brennan Mary Mrs. r 41 Francis ^ 

Brennan Patrick W. shoemaker, r 10 Montgomery L 

Brennan P. J. Mrs. r 132 Blandina S^ 

Brennan Thomas, laborer, r 15 Hnbbell ^ 

Brenner Charles, carpenter, r 17 Parker ? 

Brenner Christian, weaver, r 83 Spring * »o 

Brenner John, salesman, r 23 Fayette 2 

Brenner John, laix>rer, r 323 Whitesboro » 

Breslaner B. gloves and millinery 182 Genesee, r 109 Col- p« 

umbia hci 
Brestley Jacob, laborer, r 31 Green 
Breuscb Charles, factory operative, r 132 Schuyler 

Breusch John Mrs. r 132 Schuyler K 

BreuBch John Jr. boiler maker, r 20 Green m 

Breusch Mary, factory operative, r 132 Schuyler ff 

Breusch Mrsw r 17 Jason * * g^ 

Brewer Angustus G. r 88 Broad g. 

Brewer Erastus A. farmer, r 95 Howard ave c> 

Brewster Hiram E. teller Savings Bank of Utica, r Waverly §* 

House 372 Genesee 
Brewster Stephen P. engineer, r 77 Libertv 

BRIDENBEICKER E. D. Central Hotel 19 and 21 Fayette, r g 

same g. 

Bridenbecker Isaac W. carpenter, r 23 Union ^ p 
BRIDENBECKER J. W. Central Hotel 19 and 21 Fayette, | 

r same S* 

Bridenbecker Jessie Miss, r Central Hotel m 

Bridgman Hannah, r 23 Erie 3. 

Bridgman Henry, carder, r 23 Erie ^ 

Bridge Anthony, operative, r 8 Jason §( 
Brieddy Joseph, laborer, r 242 Blandina 
Brieddy Patrick, coachman, r 94 Elizabeth 

Briggs Andrew J. agent, 110 Catharine ^ 

Briggs Arvilla, r 40 Blandina ^ 

Briggs Charles E. Am. express, r 127 Third g. 

Briggs R S. clerk Buckley Co.'s. r 15 Seneca 4 

Briggs John, laborer,, 209 Mohawk «g 
BRIGGS R J. agent laundry queen washer 60 Whitesboro, r » 

same. See page 555. g 

Brigham Charles, barkeeper Baggg Hotel § 
BRIGHT WILLIAM H. lawyer 68 Genesee, r 2 Hobart | 

Brinzler August, cigarmaker, r 6 Cedar ^ 
Brinzler Joseph, r 6 Cedar 
Brinzler Joseph, Jr. r 6 Cedar 
Brister W. D. musician, r 50 Schuyler 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee St. 



Bristol Eliza A. Mrs. r 9 HiG:h 

Bristol Frank, r 41 Fay 

BRISTOL HENRY M. (Bristol & Smith) r Arcrde 

BRISTOL & SMITH, (H. M. Bristol and W. T. Smith), 

hoofCfitoTO 4 .Ai*Gao6 

BRITT EDWARD P. (Greene & Britt) r 178 Genesee 

• Britt William B. r 178 Genesee 
Britton Margaret, operative, r 75 Cornelia 
Brizins Frank, cigarmaker, r 288 Whitesboro 
Brixius Henry, saloon, r 238 Whitesboro 

Broadbent Alfred, spinner, r 228 Conrt 

Broadbent Brothers, (Edwin and Charles) mfg. jewelers 32 
g< Genesee 

^ Broadbent Charles, (Broadbent Bros.) r 228 Court 
^ Broadbent Edwin, (Broadbent Bros.) r 228 Conrt 
^ Brock Mary, r Ratger cor West 
d Brockett Edward, carpenter, r 70 Arcade 
^ Brockett John R barber 8 Liberty, r 70 Arcade 
j Btockett William, horse clipper, r 14 Saratoga 
*S Brockman Edward, cabinetmaker, r 248 Whitesboro 
^ Brockway B. K clerk Richards Block, r 86 Charlotte 
S Brockway Henry, carpenter, r 60 BrinckerhoflE ave 
^ Brockway James, U. S. C. mills, r 103 Conrt 
^ Brockway John, teamster, r 229 Albany 
" Brockway Sarah Mra r 122 Taylor ave 
•({ Brohl M. tailor, r 70 Stenben 
Jg Bromley Alfred J. clerk, r 17 Washington 
3 Bromley George S. bookkeeper 17 Washiqgton 

^ Bromley Joseph, fireman, r 17 Washington 
^ Bromley Mary Mrs. r 17 Washington 

Broner Sasan, r 6 Stenben park 

Bronner Mary, chaimbermaid Baggs Hotel 

Bronk John H. shoemaker 109 Washington, r 16 Plant 
g Bronnock Michael, condactor, r 64 Catharine 
'J Brooks Charles F. r Commercial Hotel 
^ Brooks Elizabeth S. r 63 Fayette 

Brooks Francis J. clerk, r 46 Mohawk 

Brooks Franklin F. carpenter, r 205 Mohawk 

Brooks Mattie Miss, r 63 Fayette 

Brophy James, laborer, r 13 Meadow 

Brophy M. F. tailor, r 138 Elizabeth 

Brothers Abraham B. carpenter, r 148 Webster ave 

Brothers James H. condactor N. Y. C. RR r 9 Blandina 

Brothers Joseph, engineer, r 28 Tracy 

Brothers Harvey, bookkeeper, r 9 Blandina 

Brothers Theodore, carpenter, r 130 Lansing 

Brothers Wallace, carpenter, r 31 Taylor ave 

Brothers William, r 34 Jay 

Wescott ^ Reusswig, Fine Gwstom Tailors, 




Broiheis William H. porter, r 34 Jay 
Blower Abram G. physician, r 306 Genesee 
Brower Annie S. Brower hoaae, r 87 Liberty 
Brongh Ellen Mrs. r 263 Whitesboro 
Broagb Ida, r 263 Whitesboro 
Brongh James, tailor, r 4 Stevens 
Brough Joseph, plamber, r 263 Whitesboro 
Brown A. L carpenter, r 67 State 
Brown Albert R clerk, r 308 Bleecker 
Brown Alice V. V. Waverly 372 Genesee 
Brown Alice, tailoress, r cor James and Neilson ^ 

Brown Archibald T. moulder, r 62 Mohawk £ 

Brown Benjamin F. laborer, r 84 Kossuth ave 2 

Brown Bert A. printer, r 60 Main ^ 

Brown Brayton, r 36 Fayette 
Brown Chester A. clerk, r 83 Charlotte S" 

Brown Charles, waiter Baggs Hotel ^ 

Brown Charles E. moulder, r 20 Chenango ave ^ 

Brown Charles F. carriage trimmer, r 60 Elizabeth S 

Brown Catharine Mrs. tailoress, r 42 Cooper ^ 

Brown Charles E. machinist, r 33 Albany 9 

Brown Charles E. clerk, r 21 Brinckerhoff ave % 

Brown Charles F. ticket agent N. Y. C. depot, r 161 Elizabeth » 
Brown Charles R. shoeraaKer, r Blandina cor Kossuth ave g. 
Brown Charles H. shoemaker, r 107 Lansing o 

Brown Chester, r 83 Charlotte & 

BROWN D. D. Utica old iron and metal depot 63-73 Jay, % 
r 3 Kent. See advt. page 37 • 

Brown D. H. carpenter, r 78 Cooper S- 

Brown Elmer E. baker, r 91 Court g 

Brown E. G. Miss, r Waverly 372 Genesee ci 

Brown Edward, brakesman, r 9 Washington ^ 

Brown Edward H. clerk 114 Genesee, r 68 Blandina H 

Brown Elon G. r 54 Lansing ^ 

Brown Eugene, moulder, r 45 Washington ^ 

BROWN E. M. journalist Press oflSce, r Commercial Hotel § 
Brown Francis, carpenter, r 308 Bleecker jji 

Brown Frank G. carpenter, r 308 Bleecker 
Brown George, shoemaker, r Dudley House 
Brown George, wood carver, r Hotel Zublin 
Brown George, car inspector, r 34 Hart 
Brown H. C. Mrs. r 143 Steuben 
Brown H. C. Mrs. r 68 Blandina 
Brown Henry, cutter, r 34 Hart 
Brown Ira L Mrs. r V/l Third 
Brown Ira C. bookkeeper, r 55 Blandina 
Brown Jacob Sr. r 34 Hart 
Brown Jacob Jr. baker, r 34 Hart 

Jio. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


CABPET8, will ocoasioiLally drop up this way, 

Brown J. F. Mrs. r 35 Cornelia 
§ Brown James, office 13 Spring, r same 
§ Brown, James H. clerk N. Y. C. RR. eating house 
S Brown James P. cheese dealer 4 Baggs square, r 38 Broad 
>4 Brown James, tailor, r 177 Park ave 
g Brown James, tireman, r 9 Washington 
,_ Brown James W. moulder, r 62 Mohawk 
«S Brown Jane Miss, r 60 Main 
g Brown Jennie, r 68 Blandina 
g Brown Jerome, gilder, r 38 Elizabeth 
^ Brown John, wool sorter, r 38 Elizabeth 
-5 Brown John, carder, r James cor Neiison 
S Brown John, r 84 Hart 
g Brown J. E. telegrapher, r 95 Columbia 
§ BROWN JOHN G. (Warnick & Brown), r 255 Genesee 
M Brown J. H. Mrs. widow, r 161 Elizabeth 
ce BROWN J. K. (Risley, Brown, Quin & Perry) r Holland 

^ Brown John L postal clerk, r 62 Mohawk 
g Brown John M. bookkeeper 20 Catharine, r 8 William 
® Brown Joseph, shoemaker, r 84 Kossuth ave 
pg Brown Leslie W. asst. teller Ist nat. bank, r 255 Genesee 
^ Brown Martin J. wagon maker, r 308 Whitesboro 
g Brown Mary Mrs. widow, r 102 State 
M Brown M. E. D. artist 94 Genesee, r same 
H Brown Melville C. teller Utica City National Bank, r 103 South 
'2 Brown Michael, carpenter, r 134 Mohawk 
« Brown M. E. r Waverly 372 Genesee 
M Brown Mott T. bookkeeper 79 Genesee, r 34 Lansing 
2 Brown Quenting, clerk, r 35 Cornelia 
2 Brown Rasmus, engineer, r 1 Faass ave 
o Brown Phoebe Mrs. r 103 South 
^ Brown Robert A. Mra tailoress, r 19 Cornelia 
g BROWN S. G. Rev. r Waverly 372 Genesee 
p Brown Silas, shoemaker, r 11 Hubhell 

Brown Stella, domestic Hatfield farm Broad near city line 

Brown Susan M. r 41 South 
^ Brown Thomas H. bracket sawyer, r 78 Cooper 
g BROWN THOMAS J. Rev, D. D. pastor Westminster 
•g Church, r 36 Rutgcr 

^ Brown Thomas W. carpenter, r Bleecker cor Bacon 
g< Brown Van Antwerp F. Miss., r 8 William 
S, Brown William E. bookkeeper 48 Hotel, r 102 State 
2 BROWN WILLIAM J. pump maker 81 Catharine, r 126 
^ Lansing 

8, Brown William J. county clerk's office, r 19 Kirkland 
M BroWn William, boilermaker, r 91 Court 

• Brown W. printer Herald office 

^ : . 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 



— jqgt as they med to go out flahing for a day's recreation,— 

Brownell Alansiug W. r 19 Steuben 
Brownell A. W. Mrs. milliner, r 19 Steaben 
Brownell C. H. clerk, r 72 Fayette 

Brownell George G. with C. Is. Y. T. & T. Co. Arcuide ? 

Brownschweiger John, laborer, r 12 Leeds S 

Brncker Christian, laborer, r 164 Miller * 

Bnicker Frederick, laborer, r 19 Cornelia 5 
Brncker George, plumber, r 12 Cornelia 
Brncker Nellie, domestic 65 Fayette 
Bruker Edward, tailor, r 6 Schuyler 
Bniker Ernest, tailor, r 6 Schuyler 

Bruker Ernest Jr. tailor, r 6 Schuyler g 

Brundige O. S. pedler, r 209 Genesee g; 

Brnndige 8. A. r 279 Whitesboro R 

Brnnett Francis, shoemaker, r 64 Schuyler & 

Brunett Joseph, saloon 61 Yarick, r same 3. 

Brnnett Joseph Jr. shoe cutter, r 61 Varick «? 

Brunett Louis, shoemaker, r 49 Saratoga ^ 

Bronner Bridget, domestic 21 Henry S 

Brnnner Charles, r 130 Columbia *§ 

Brunner Charles, r 30 Leah ^- 

Brunner Christina, r 180 Columbia S^ 

Brnnner Francis, porter, r Pleasant P*' 

Brnnner Helen, r 34 Whitesboro ^ 

Brunner Jacob, farmer, r Pleasant y 

Brunner Joseph, laborer, r 130 Columbia ^ 

Brunner L. blacksmith, r 164 Fayette g 

Brnnner Leo, blacksmith, r 26 Whitesboro ^ 

Brnnner Louis, operative, r 34 Whitesboro ^ 

Brunner Michael, laborer, r 22 Hope g* 

Brush Edward N. 1st. asst. physician lunatic Asylum ^ 

Brnsskay Julius, pedler, r Hicks cor Hickory ® 

Bruton George W. printer, r 39 Cooper | 

Bryan Henrietta, r 77 Cornelia g^ 

Bryan Honora, r 77 Cornelia g 

Brj'an John, barkeeper Bagge Hotel, r 90 John ^ 

Buchanan Anna, dressmaker, r 65 Columbia & 

Buchanan Andrew, painter, r 65 Columbia g 

Buchanan David Mrs. r 65 Columbia o 

Buchanan Diana A. dressmaker, r 23 Union S 
Buchanan George J. mill supplies 23 Catharine, r 34 Spring M. 
Buchanan Horabe, fireman, r 65 Colnmbia ^ ^ *< 

Buchanan Mary, tailoress, r 93 Columbia ^' 

Buchanan Kuth, r 66 Columbia § 

Buchanan Walter, r 81 Court \^ 
Buchane Madame, dressmaker 181 Genesee, r same 
Bnchane Minnie Miss, 181 Genesee 
Bucher Charles E. clerk, r 59 Tracy 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



^ Bucher Einile A. carpenter, r 67 Third 
Q Bncher John R policeman, r 59 Tmcy 

•Q BUC5HER JOHN R JR luillinerj and fancy goods 66 and 
O 6S Varick, r 110 Varick 

^ Bucher Joseph, carpenter, r Jefferson and Albany 
p (Bucher see butcher) 
j3 Bnchs John, tinsmith, r 87 Dudley 
^ Buckberger Michael, 15 Whitesboro, r Deerfield 
fl Buckingham A. P. waiter Baggs Hotel 
p Buckingliam D. P. 24 Broad, r 57 Howard ave 
4^ BUCKINGHAM E D. music store and art gallery 173 and 
^ 175 Genesee, r 104 John 

g Buckingham M. S. Mr^. r 32 South 
^ Buckley Catharine Mrs. r 69 Miller 
f; Buckley Daniel, watchman, r 79 Catharine 
2^ Buckley Daniel Jr. policeman, r 79 Catharine 
'3 Buckley Daniel, grocery 218 Bleecker, r same 
^ Buckley Elizabeth, r 59 Miller 
i Buckley Frank, clerk, r 79 Catharine 
*H Buckley George, boilermaker, r 195 Miller 
g Buckley Jennie, domestic 34 Whitesboro 
QQ Buckley Katie, r 55 Fayette 
5 Buckley Michael, laborer, r 160 Catharine 
»H Buckley, Jeremiah J. com. traveler, r 182 Blandina 
o BUCKLEY JOHN HON. (Buckley & Co. 81 and 83 Gen- 
^ esee), r 74 Elizabeth. See outside front cover, top and 

> side lines 

^ Buckley John E. salesman 85 Genesee, r 59 Miller 
•^ BUCKLEY & CO. dry goods and carpets 81 and 83 Gen- 
^ esee. See outside front cover, top and side lines 
'2 Budd Francis F. clothing manufacturer 38 Genesee, r Parker 
•g Block 

'r; Budiger Anna M. r 82 Canal 

Bndlong George, engineer, r 110 Whitesboro 
1^ Budlong Mary A. r 12 Steuben Park 
cQ Budlong Mary C. J. widow, nurse, r 38 Francis 
ctt Budlong Orlo A. engineer, r 110 Whitesboro 

Bndlong Orlo S. carpenter, r 110 Whitesboro 

]^ Bndlong Samuel H. butcher, r 31 Henry 
^ Bndlong Schuyler S. drover, r 31 Henry 
o BUDLONG T. FRANK, (H. Gilbert Hart & Co. iron found- 
^ ers Cornelia street) r 110 Whitesboro 

q BUDLONG W. A. dentist 33 Arcade, r 9 Miller 
*§ Budlong W. L. r 31 Henry 
'g Bneche Charles, barber shop 148 Court, r same 
Q> Bnehler John pedler, r 34 South Hamilton 
^ Bnehler John Jr. grocer r 34 South Hamilton 
Bnel Phebe, r Home for the Homeless 

Purvis, Metcalf Sr Co., Book-Binders and 


Buerger Charles, dealer in tin and copper ware 53 and 65 ci. 

Court, r Downer ave O 

Buell Harriett E. widow, r 311 Genesee ^ 

Bagental Charles, tel. operator, r 126 Park ave § 

Bugental Agnes, widow, r 126 Park ave hi 

Bagental Frank, printer, r 48 Miller Jj^ 

Bahler George, watchmaker, r 165 Bleecker O 

Bahler George, Jr. baker 47 Third ^ 

Bahler Jacob, shoemaker, r 166 Bleecker ^ 
BULGER P. F. lawyer, judge city court 5 Pearl, r 55 Rutger §• 

(Bnlger see Bonlger.) b 

Bulkley C. J. bookkeeper 193 Genesee, r 103 Oneida * 
BULL AUGUSTUS F. bookkeeper W. F. Boynton's, r 84 ^ 

Whitesboro ® 

Ballard Charles L telegrapher, r 88 Blandina § 

Bollard Geo. W. clerk 28 Genesee, r 3 Mary G 

Ballard Nettie K domestic 48 Rntger q| 

Bullock Emma, dressmaker, r 24 Blandina Oq 

Bollock Eliza Mrs. r 24 Blandina £ 

Bollock Jennie G. teacher, r 24 Blandina iq 

Bolt J. E. Mr& r 3 South ^ 
Bonn George H. sign painter 60 Franklin Sq. r 44 Cottage ^i. 

Bonn Robert, r 44 Cottage b* 

Bonnell E. R cartman, r 28 Chatham ^ 

Bunney Agnes Mrs. r 193 Park ave ^. 

Barbidge Edward, clerk, r 24 High §* 

Burch Sarah R Mrs. r 44 Blandina ^ 

Burdick Celine Miss, r 17 Steuben ^ 

Burdick Charles L. Mrs. r 17 Steuben g 

Burdick Francis M. Hon., moved to Clinton B 

Berger Christian, fireman, r 51 Saratoga B 

Burg Morris, button hole maker, r 145 Fayette g 

Burgess Alexander, carpenter, r 77 Taylor ave S. 

Burgess James, coaciiman, r 20 Hart ^ 
Burke A. Mrs. r 54 Columbia 

Burke Balinda, weaver, r54 Columbia W 

Bnrke Bridget, widow, r 124 Catharine S 

Burke Catharine E. 33 Second g' 

Burke Dennis, laborer, r 15 State ^ 

Bnrke Dennis, r 1 82 Bleecker ^ 

Bnrke Edward, mason, r 160 Lansing 9 

Burke Edward J. clerk 14 Bleecker od 

Barke James A. clerk, r 33 Second ^ 

Burke James, r 54 Columbia g. 

Burke J. r 46 Elm <x> 

Burke James, shoemaker, r 139 Jay ^ 

Bnrke John, blacksmith, r 212 Blandina g 

Burke John, r 124 Catharine 3 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 1S7 Genesee. 9 


the late comerB to its neighborhood will 

Jatin J. frame maker, r 56 Cooper 

Julin J. pedler, r 91 Steuben 

Julia Mr& widow, r 67 Leah 

Mrs. John, r 33 Second 

Maria, r 6 Kent 

Mrs. Mary, rll Garden 

Mary Am, widow, r 4 WasJiington 

Martin, r 67 Leah 

(E MICHAEL J. picture frame and looking ^laes 
ifr. 12 Bleecker, r 163 same 

Michael, r 134 Mohawk 

Patrick, r 124 Catharine 

Patrick, laborer, r 212 Blandina 

Patrick S. horGeshoer 16 Main, r 15 Mohawk 

P. Mre, widow, r 15 Mohawk 

Patrick, r 84 Mohawk 

Patrick, teamster, r 108 Hicks 

Kichard, laborer, r 124 Catharine 

Thomas, r 54 Colnmbia 

Tl^umae J. laborer, r 71 Second 

Walter, machinist, r 6 Madison Lane 
3 see Bourke.) 

ardt Andrew, laborer, r 101 Canal 
ardt Chas. mechanic, r Deerfield road 
ardt Frank, stonecntter, r 26 Sonth Hamilton 
hardt Frank, rll7 Liberty 
hardt Michael, laborer, r 22 South Hamilton 
icli Bernhardt, operative, r 37 Saratoga 
igame A, C. engineer, r 64 Liberty 
igaiue Eliza Mrs. r 53 Warren 
ngham Patrick, laborer, r 143 Blandina 
am Orville A. ealeeman 72 Geneeee, t 85 Hart 
am Wilford C. salesman 171 Qeneeee, r 78 Howard ave 
am William L. agent, r 46 Howard ave 
p Augustus, shipping clerk 50 Hotel, r 6 Neileon 
p George M. clerk, r 44 Rutger 
p Wm. L. Mrs. r 44 Rntger 
p William M. registry clerk P. O. r 44 Rutger 
Ann, widow, r 13 Brinckerhoff ave 

Annie T. r 13 Brinckerhoff ave 

Andrew, lioetler, r 68 Broadway 

Ellen, r 129 Bleccker 

George, shoemaker, r 75 Lansing 
Gracie, tailoress, r 58 Broadway 

H. L. fresco painter, rl2 Cooper 

Henry, laborer, r 141 Miller 

James, weaver, r 29 Huntington 
Jamea, laborer, r 129 BKecker 

■ .'J- Cassidy, siiccf^ssor to J. H. Douglass, 


cadi on us for goods they don^t find at home. 

Barns James, laborer, r 58 Broadway ^ 

Bums John, r 58 Broadway b" 

Barns John, mason, r 280 Mohawk ^ 

Barns John, laborer, r 34 Kemble (b 

Barns John, operative, r 32 Leah g; 

Barns Kittie, r 125 Schayler CD 

Barns Kittie, r 129 Schuyler ^ ^ 

Barns Lawrence, carder, r 129 Schnyler § 

Barns Leonard, r 12 Cooper «i» 

Burns Lizzie, r 129 Schayler g 

Burns Mary Ann, r 129 Schuyler q» 

Barns Mary A. weaver, r 125 Schuyler § 

Burns Mary, r 60 Rutger g- 

Burns Mary Mrs. r 128 Court Q. 

Burns Michael, moulder, r 19 Cornelia Oq 

Burns Michael, tailor, r 29 Cooper S' 

Bums Robert, boilermaker, r 89 Fayette 2* 

Burns Thomas, gardener, r 280 Mohawk l^. 

Bums Thomas, laborer, r 68 Washington 5 

Burns Thomas, plumber, r 125 Schuyler g; 

Burns Thomas, teamster, r 90 Jay (D 

Burns Thomas W. laborer, r 28 Whitesboro Oj 

Burns Willard, porter, r 12 Cooper g^ 

Bunifs Willard, plumber, r 12 Cooper «i» 

(Barns see Byrnes.) ^ 

Burridge Caroline, r 32 Oneida . 
BURRILL N. A. superintendent U. & B. R RR. telegraph W 

24 Whitesboro, r 33 Mary o 

Burrows Mary Mrs. r 141 Miller Jj 

Burrows Wesley, engineer, r 7 First P 

Burt Henry, clerk 92 Genesee, r 29 Hopper ^ 

Burt Maggie, dressii^aker, r 21 Blandina ^ 

(Burt see Birt) CJ 

Burton Dexter Mrs. r 4 Henry P 
Burton Horace L sexton P^irst Presbyterian Church, r 47 Od 

Broadway ^* 

BDRTON HORACE, grocer 108 State, r same g 

Barton John T. agent, r 31 Wager Qi 

Barton Morris, Butteriield House billiard room, r 41 Yarick 09 

Burton S. Mrs. r 3 Johnson Square ^ 

Burton Sybil Mrs. r 26 Rutger Q? 

Burton Thomas, r 10 Plant § 

Burton William, cook N. Y. S. asylum g 

Busacker John, foreman, 237 South cb 

Bnsell Harry, shoemaker, r 13 Broadway ^ 

Bush Andrew, machinist, r 157 Seymour ave ^2 

Bosh Francis Mrs. r 21 York i 

Bush Frank, cabinet maker, r 13 Mary (b 
— ei. 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Street. 


ice it sjaaexed Utica and lUon, 

. r 21 York 

L S15 Genesee, r 90 Main 

jward, bookkeeper, r New Hartford 

J. coftchman, r 18 Fazton 

aee Mre. narse, r 14 Johnson eqr 

teamBter, r Northern Hotel 
^. Mrs, r 76 Broadway 
rles M. overseer Globe Mills, r 30 Conrt 
1, r 89 Liberty 
lUm Mrs. r 18 Faxtoo 
. G. operative, r 40 Court 
. L r 40 Court 
ilrs. r 89 Third 
li R r 76 Broadway 
rine, r 31 Third 
rine, r 37 Broadway 
rine E, r 13 Mohawk 

HARLES A. (Hoyt & Bntler inaurance 93 Gen- 
i Clark place. See adr outside front cover 
>e M. 137 Genesee, r 270 same 
»eth, r 76 Broadway 
) D. r 76 Broadway 
I, dyer, r 14 South Hamilton 
I, r 72 Mohawk 

M. cashier Oneida County Bank 73 Genesee, r 

MILTON (Roberts, Butler & Co.) r 350 Genesee 
laborer, r 81 Park ave 
Miss, dreesmaker, r 13 Mohawk 
X r 89 Third 
iome for the Homeless 
:k C. shoemaker, r 13:2 Lansing 
Mrs. nurse, r 270 Genesee 
[tUMAN E. (Butler & Hamilton), r 47 Broad 
HAMILTON (Trnraan K. Butler and Chariee 
n) drugs and groceries, 114 Genesee 
tin, carpenter 89 Third, r same 

Fred, tailor, r 11 Bryan 

William, cabinet maimer, r 11 Bryan 
ELD HOUSE, T. R Proctor proprietor, Genesee 

ELD LIVERY (Theodore F. Bntterfield), 12 

3ee adv't following page 

[. M. Mrs, r 703 Genesee road 

i)hn Mrs. i 21 Whitesboro 

ohn, r Bntterfield House 

3hn C. clerk, r 21 Whitesboro 

^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 

[US7. HALF CENTURY. , 1188S. 


irebfuu imi mi 

IE:*tHbllah«d 1817.) 

No. 12 Main Street, Utica, N. Y. 

This favorite esUblishmsnt is the oldest aad most complel*' in everT- 
thing that DiakeB up a Llrerj Stable that can be found in tli<' world, and 
is always ready to farninh the pablic with 

Horses &: Carriages 

Of fint-clam styleand with faithful drivers, for Parties, Weddings, &c., &c 

Funerals ullended urith Carriages, anp an Elegant Jlearse ifdeaired. 
We oaly aak our share of patronage, and haviDg been iu the business 
THIRTY FIVE TEARS we think we know the wante of the public. 

Remember, 12 MAIN STREET. 



, and spring from Summer hack 

S" BUTTERFIELD THKODORE, genera) passenger agent U. 

g & B. K BR. r 703 Genesee road 

g BUTTERFIELD THEODORE F. livery 12 Main, r 68i 

a Genesee. 

^ Buttcrmau Morris, laborer, r 24 Third 

*§ Biitterwortli Richard D. Bhoeinaker, r 16 William 

(^ Batterworth Edwin S. furrier, r 41 Seymour ave 

^ Butting Emil, uphoisterer, r 24 Varick 

0) Butts Amanda, r 55 Fajette 

x\ Butts Gcur;ie, r 1 Union 

Butts Matilda, teacher seminary, r same 
+» "olin W. plumber, r 104 Varick 

■3 n Charles S, trimmer, r 112 Fayette 

^ n Seymour P. r 60 Seymonr ave 

^ arriet E. Mrs. r 2 Stenben Park 

Z^ Jridget Mrs.'r 13 First 

^ largaret, tailorese, r 31 Lansing 

^ ttichael, machinist, r 8S Miller 

a* ioBQ M. r 31 Laueing 

■S Edwaid, r 11 Cliatham 

.g Uichael, paper hanger, r Arcade 

» MoBeE, laborer, r 11 Chatham 

Moses Jr. paper hanger, r 11 Chatham 
CO Thomas, plumber, r U Chatham 

% Thomas, mason, r 26 Leah 

_ see Burna) 

S \. C. Mrs. I 65 Fayette 

g /"^ADY PETER V. cigarraaker, r 10 Francis 
2 \^ Caffery James, poIiBher, r 83 Albany 

tQ Cafflno Charies, cook Baggs Hotel 

^ Cahill Edward, blacksmith, r 102 Mary 

(D Cahill Elizabeth, tailoros?, r 185 Miller 

5 CAHILL HENRY M. tin rooter 69 Bleecker, r 67 John. See 

q, pane 58 

« Cahill James F. plumber, r 74 Miller 

g Cahill J(.hn F. clerk, r 102 Mary 

S CAHILL JOHN J. plumber and gas filter 56 John, r 42 same 
_ Cahill John J. mason, r 171 Miller 

^ Cahill John J. r 160 Jay 

^ Cahill John, r 25 Oneida 

^ Cahill Mary, tailoreas, r 143 Rutger 

g Cahill Mary, r 56 Elizabeth 

« Cahill Mary, widow, 185 Miller* 
^ Cahill Mary, tailorese, r 160 Jay 

^ Cahiil Maggie, r 27 Gold 

a Cahill Thomas F. clerk, r 160 Jay 
jg Cahill Thomas, r 86 Elizabeth 

W. H. McGarvey S^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 


Cahill Thomas D. stove inoanter, r 143 Rutger 

Cahill -Timothy, moulder, r 185 Miller 

Cahill William, laborer, r 143 Rutger 

Cahill William H. plumber, r 143 Rutger 

Caiu Ambrose J. shoe cutter, r 29 Tajlor avenue 

CaiD Charles, stone cutter, r 263 Bleecker 

Cain John, boss spinner, r Bacon 

Cain John Mrs. r 29 Taylor ave 

Cain Miss, operator, r 29 Taylor ave 

Cain Phillip, fireman, r 64 (jooper 

Cain Julia, r 55 Cornelia 

Calder F. M. law student 77 Genesee 

Caldwell Irving, machinist, r 14 Cooper 

Calen James, com. agent 12 Liberty 

Caley Herman L. moulder, r 170 Court 

Calhoun Charlotte, dressmaker, r 11 Fayette 

Califf Alice, dressmaker, r 88 Jay 

CaliS Osborn, laborer, r Deerfield 

Calkins Egbert, cartman, r 119 Miller 

Calkins Omer,. painter, r 61 Lansing 

CALL SAMUEL REV. pastor M. E. Church, r 16 Spring 

Callahan Agnes Mrs. r 25 Pearl 

CALLAHAN BROS. (John Jr. and Walter Callahan), stone- 
yard Water cor Washington 

Callahan Ellen R r Home for aged men 

Callahan Catharine Mrs. tailoress, r 25 Gold 

Callahan Edmund J. mason, saloon 10 Pearl, r 1 Saratoga 

CALLAHAN EDWARD, stoneyard Washington cor Water, 
r 74 Lansing 

Callahan Jerry, contractor, r 31 Lansing 

Callahan John, laborer, r 72 Cornelia 

Callahan John, laborer, r 22 Third 

Callahan John, stonecutter, r 21 Philip 

Callahan John Jr. (Callahan Bros.), r 83 Cooper 

Callahan Mary A. dressmaker, r 25 Pearl 

Callahan Matthew, cartman, r 188 Third 

Callahan Sarah R r 25 Pearl 

Callahan Thomas F. clerk 25 John, r 25 Pearl 

Callahan Timothy, r 207 Park ave 

Callahan Walter, (Callahan Bros.), r 8 Washington 

Callahan Edward, laborer, r Commercial Hotel 

CALLANEN FRANK J. ass^t treasurer U. C. RR. 19 Main, 
r 16 West 

Callaway James, metal sash maker, r 193 Park avenue 

Callesse Lora Mra r 89 Parker 

CAMBRIAN HOTEL, Liberty cor Broadway 

Cameron, Owen & Co. (Mrs. M. J. Cameron, Mrs. G. P. Owenp, 
Mrs. R K Woodall), fancy goods 122 Genesee 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 












, Fires were needed, O ve rooata oomfortabie . 

Irew, laborer, r 261 Bleecker 

es, laborer, r 261 Bleecker 

1, masoD, r 81 Elm 

gie, tailorees, r 261 Blt'ecker 

r, Mrs. (Cameron, Owen & Co.) r 4 Perkins ave 

ie, domestic 348 Oenesce 

i, tailoreSB, r 261 Bleecker ' 

liam A. tinemith, r 4 Perkins ave 

0, eijijarmaker, r cor State and Fayette 
Irs. r 357 Genesee 

9. ealearaan, r 67 Sejmourave 

barine, operative, r 26 Jay 

rles, laborer, r 26 Jay 

iry, iRDndryman Bag^ Hotel 

aloon 25 Park ave, rl51 Catharine 

les R clerk, r 110 Waahington 

nie. operative, r 228 Blandina 

n, laborer, r 71 Broad 

n H. clerk, r 71 Broad 

M. r 1 Johngun Park 

a, dressmaker, r 35 Sonth 

W. clerk, r 71 Broad 

y K r 228 Blandina 

y. chambermaid Bagga Hotel 

"RODERICK, floristaud soperinteodent Forest 

itery, r same 

i^. r 19 Elizabeth 


I^t, r 59 Park ave 

, laborer, r 63 Erie 

lea H. salesman, r 38 Cooper 

1, widow, r 38 Cooper 

n, machinist, r 60 Cooper 

, r 38 Cooper 

, engineer, r S8 Cooper 

. watchmaker at Schiller's, rill New Harttord 

ird, carpenter, r 114 Seymour ave 

ina, widow, nurse, r 114 Blandina 

lel, r 22 Henry 

i, ropemaker, r 71 Kemble 

ncy J. tailoress, r HfiLansinf; 

ah J. tailoress, r 146 Lansing 

nuel, machinist, r 146 Lansing 

a, r 89 Mary 

Mrs, widow, r 89 Jay 
I, foreman Trihune ofiice, r 21 First 
erick J. civil ensineer, r 21 First 

Mie6,r ISDndley 

^etcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 


Dan Bice was here, bnt no Snininer, 

CAPRON J. S. (J. B. WellB, Son & Co. dry goods 77 and 79 

Oenesee) r 495 Whitesboro road ^ 

Capron John, cigarmaker, r 113 Bleecker ^ 

Gapron Joshaa, carpenter, r 88 Eagle L^ 

Capron John W. cigarmaker, r 45 Elizabeth ^ 

Garaher Andrew, laborer, r 9 Gold ^ 

Caraher Mary Ann, r 145 Colnmbia Q> 

CARAHER PATRICK REV. pastor St. Patrick's Church, r § 

145 Colombia Q» 

Caraher Thomas, St. Elizabeth's Hc^spital ♦ ^ 

Card Libby, domestic Baggs Hotel § 
Carberry John E. foreman M. H. Griffith & Co. r 66 Broad Q, 

Carey , carpenter, r 27 Neilson C> 

Carey Charles W. machinist, r 138 Seymour ave ^ 

Carey Eugene A. clerk 64 Seneca, r 133 Seymour ave *C5 

Carey George L carpenter, r 164 Seymour ave 5^ 

Carey Henry R cigarmaker, r 133 Seymour ave ^ 

Carey Joim H. carpenter and builder, r 183 Seymour ave ^ 

Carey John W. painter, r 69 Taylor ave c^ 

Carey Margaret Mra r 158 South ^ 

Carry Mary Mrs. r 120 Elizabeth ^ 

(Carey see Cari7) S. 

Carl Thomas, factory operative, r 41 Warren ^ 

Carl Mary, domestic 121 John ^ 

(Carl see Karl) j^^ 

Carle Andrew, cutter, r 35 Dudley g 

Oarle Ann Mra widow, r 64 Stark o 

Carle Frederick A. tailor, r 40 Dudley E 

Carle John, tailor, r 24 Seymour ave S 

Carlin Annie, r 190 Blandina T 

Carlin John, shoemaker, r 190 Blandina ^ 

Carmody Nora, r 4 Green O 

Garmody Mary, r 4 Green -^ 

Carmody Michael, r 4 Green S'^ 

Gamall Ann Mrs. r 14 Hotel CX> 

CARNEY BROS. (Patrick H. and John Carney) stoves and ^*^ 

tinware 265 Whitesboro § 

Carney Catharine, r 89 Third Q* 

Carney Ellen Mrs. r 89 Cooper Oo 

Carney Frank P. tinsmith, r 20 Mandeville ^ 

CARNEY HUGH, r 4 Whitesboro gi 
CARNEY HUGH MRS. milliner 4 Whitesboro, r same, g 

See page 58 9 

Carney Jane, widow, r 85 Park ave o 

Carney John, clerk 38 Genesee ® 

Carney John, (Carney Bros.) r 3 York ^ 
Carney John P. painter, r 85 Park ave 
Carney Julia, r 89 Cooper 

r- _M ■!_ II ■»■ !■■ ■ Ml I !■ ■■ ■ I _a ■ I !■_ jM^ ■ 111 ■ __^^_^.^^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^,^^^^^^^,^am^-^m^^^m^^m^^ 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


Dry Ooods, Carpets^ Cloakfl, Millinery, TJpholstering OoodSy 

«Q Carney Margaret, r 89 Cooper 

3 Carney Patrick H. (Carney Bros.), r 20 Mandeville 

Q Carney P. B. clerk 88 Genesee, r — Mohawk 

Carney Thomas, tinsmith, r 89 Cooper 
"^ Carney Thomas J. stone cotter, r 35 Park ave 
.q Carpenter Ann, r 21 Leah 

fei Carpenter Cornwall, grocer 86 Whitesboro, r same 
g Carpenter D. P. r Mary cor Milgate 
'^ Carpenter Henry, masic teacher Hackett Block, r same 
55 Carpenter J. W. County Clerk's office, r New Hartford 
^ Carpenter Lyman J. mf r adjustable tables, r 102 Washington 
«3 Carpenter Ruby Miss, r 28 Whitesboro 
Q Carpenter Walter, r Mary cor Milgate 

^ Carpenter William, weaver, r 26 mrden 
kT Carpenter W. F. r Butterfield House 

•; CARPENTER W. P. treasurer Forest Hill cemetery associa- 
ig; tion, room 3 Gardner Block, r 62 Broad 

^ CARR C. H. insurance agent 178 Genesee, r 84 Miller 
2 Carr Francis S. confectioner 35 Columbia, r 49 Broadway 
2 Carr Ann Mrs. r 98 Chenango ave 
b Carr Ellen, r 92 Third 

^ Carr Fred J. trimmer, r 46 Howard ave 
^ Carr George R. clerk, r 24 Pearl 
P Carr Henry H. grainer, r 56 Oneida 
^ Carr James E. pressman 167 Genesee, r Deerfield 
^ Carr John, dresser, r 4 Stark 
§ Carr John, painter, 85 Spring 
g Carr John, laborer, r 147 Miller 

§ CARR JOSEPH, insurance agent, 178 Genesee, r 16 Cooper 
^ Carr M. S. Clerk, r 98 Chenango ave 
^ Carr Mary Mra r 169 Blandina 

09 Carr Noah F. barber shop and restaurant, Genesee cor Liberty 
* Carr Patrick J. r Deerfield 
^ Carrick Ellen, r 149 Bleecker 
§ Carrigan James, r 64 First 
^ Carroil's Clothing store, 40 Genesee 
00 Carroll — coachman, r 80 Jay 

r Carroll Catharine, widow, r 87 Elizabeth 
P Carroll Charles B. engineer Central RR r 100 Broad 
^ Carroll Elizabeth, widow, r 64 Third 
^ Carroll James, stripper, r cor Blandina and Nichols 
k^ Carroll J. B. 40 Genesee, r 29 Second 
^ Carroll John Mrs. r 100 Broad 
i^ Carroll John, r 67 Steuben 
J^ Carroll John, grocer 217 Bleecker, r same 
O Carroll Mary, r 87 Elizabeth 
w Carroll Mary, r 67 Steuben 
^ Carroll Martin, painter, r 136 Jay 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


Shawls, Fans and Fnr-Lined Glovet, Blankets and Mosqnito Net, ^ 



Carroll Michael, wagon maker, r 142 Jay ^ 

Carroll Michael J. wagon maker, r 142 Jay ^ 

Carroll M. J. Mrs. r 162 South & 

Carrol Michael Mrs. widow, r 18 Nichols ^ 

Carroll M. J. engineer Central RB. r 84 Main ti» 

Carroll Patrick J. 40 Genesee, r 87 Elizabeth ,§ 

Carroll Paul, laborer, r Blandina cor Nichols C 

Carroll Timothy F. monlder, r 142 Jay § 

Carroll William, r 26 Leah (^ 

Carroll William, laborer, r 72 Mohawk . 

Carroll William H. clerk, r 84 Main p? 
Carry John W. r Bleecker cor Second 


Carry William Mrs. r Bleecker cor Second ta 

(Carry see Carey.) S, 

Carter D. A. wholesale confectioner, r Pleasant near Genesee ^ 

CARTER GEORGE C. lawyer 60 Genesee, r 17 Mary hg 

Carter Frank, 125 Genesee, r 47 Catharine / C 

Carter Mary, r 49 Broad T 

Carter Rnfns, cabinetmaker, r 234 Whitesboro g^ 

Carter William, rll Columbia (^ 

Cartil John, operator, 88 Main ^ 

Carton Edward A. bookkeeper 82 Fayette, r 257 Genesee Q 

CARTON HALL, 178 and 176 Genesee g' 

Carton James, laborer, r 84 Morris {^ 
Carton James Jr. tobacconist, r 182 Kossnth ave 
Carton Mary, r 49 Broad 
Carton Matthew, r 257 Genesee 

CARTON THOMAS, (Carton & Co.), r Bntterfield House ft* 

CARTON WM. J. (W. J Carton & Co.), r 267 Genesee b 

CARTON W. J. & CO. (W. J. Carton and John B. Jones,) g^ 

manfa of Carton furnace, 82 Fayette. See adv't front g- 

colored leaf q. 

CARTON & CO. (Thomas Carton, Thomas W. Baxter and Co 

W. J. Cosgrove), household furnishing goods, furnaces, ^ 

stove and tinware 169 Genesee. See outside and inside g- 

front cover. Cft 

CART WRIGHT ELI, grocer cor Tracy and Francis, r same ^ 

Carvenough Jennie, r 47 First C 

Carvenough Maria Mrs. r 47 First S, 

CARVER GEORGJE, r 114 Broad g- 
Case Abram I. clerk at Glenn & Co. r 42 Whitesboro 

Case A. V. salesman, r 41 Spring * > 

Case Charles, music teacher, r 99 Columbia ^ 

Case C. porter Dudley House, r same S* 

Case Charles, tailor, r 51 Catharine S 

Case Edward C. postal car clerk, r 8 Pearl • 

Case Emma D. Mr6. r 102 Columbia | 

Case Emily, r 99 Columbia 8 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Street. I: 



Case Frank, com. traveler 9 and 11 John 
Case George, carpenter, r 28 Plant 
Case Nancy Mrs. r 99 Columbia 
Case William P. r 102 Oolnmbia 
Case W. P. Mrs. r 99 Columbia 
Casey David, grocer 116 Third, r same 
Casey Matthew, laborer, r 89 Park ave 
^ Casey Matthew Jr. tobacconist, r 39 Park ave 
S Casey Michael, plumber, r 39 Park ave 
o Casey Thomas, laborer, r 134 Mohawk 
5 Cash Edward B. r 89 Charlotte 
^ Cash John, r 89 Charlotte 

§ CASH THOMAS, merchant tailor 48 Genesee, r 32 Waeh- 
O ington 

i:j Cashman John G carpenter, r 42 Third 
^ Casle George, r 35 Henry 

*g Casler Lindsley M. clerk 79 Genesee, r 47 Seymour ave 
j» Caster John, fresco painter, r 81 Dudley 
^ Cassard Wm. H. carpenter and mason, r 120 Liberty 

CASSIDY FRED A. furnishing undertaker 41 Genesee, r 
q Butterfield Honsa See advt bottom lines 

.§ Cassidy Hugh, tailor, r 77 Jay 
K| Cassidy James, cutter, r 129 Blandina 
«Q Cassidy James, laborer, r 25 Elm 
Q Cassidy James, mason, r 56 BrinckerhofE ave 
^ Cassidy John, r 42 Cooper 
■^ Cassidy Rachel, r 42 Cooper 
p Cassily Catharine, r 59 State 
S Cassily Daniel, machinist, r 59 State 
^ Cassily Ellen, weaver, r 59 State 
1^ Cassily Sarah, weaver, r 59 State 
^ Caswell Priscilla, widow, r 75 Charlotte 
t^ Cassort Charles, brakeman, r 48 Erie 
«S Cassort David, brakeman, r 165 Water 
•g Cassort William, r 16 Canal 
S Cattillaz Mary C. Mrs. r 188 Columbia 
|N Cattillaz F. Xavier, r 27 Warren 
"^^ Caultield Kittie, tailoress, r 31 Third 
oT Caullield Martin, moulder^ r 93 Jay 
•£} Canlfield Patrick, brick layer, r Washington Hotel 
^ Caulfield Thomas M. moulder, r 93 Jay 
Gaunter Frank, operative, r 190 Whitesboro 
Cemmer John, r 12 Chatham 
CENTRAL HOTEL, J. W. Bridenbecker & Son propg. 19 

and 21 Fayette 
Cessford George, pattern maker, r 9 Cooper 
Cessford John G. machinist, r 9 Cooper 
Chadier Frederick, baker, r 80 Miller 

WesftcoU ^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



Ghadwick Emma, tailoress, r 212 Third 
GhamberB Agnes, domestic 272 Genesee 
Chambers James A. bank clerk, r 32 Eagle 
Chambers Jane Mrs. r 86 Charlotte 

Chambers Salina Mr& r 32 Eacrle >. 

CHAMBERLAIN EPHRAIM, secretary and treasurer Utica ^ 
Steam and Mohawk Valley Cotton Mills, also Utica Wil 

lowvale Bleaching Co. r 332 Genesee ]^ 

Chamberlain R W. r 32 Pearl * (^ 

Chamberlain F. G. salesman U. S. C. Mills, r 332 Genesee ^ 

Chamberlayne Eleanor K. r 1 Steuben Park ei. 

CH AMBERLAYNE J. K physician, office and r 1 Steuben ^ 

Park to 

CHAMPLIN B. B. pattern maker 200 Whitesboro, r same C 

Champlin Mira, r 200 Whitesboro ^ 

Champlin Sarah Mrs. r Whitesboro road near bridge b 

CHAMPLIN HORACE A. (Chas. G. Leo & Co.) r 12 Spring ^ 
Chandler Chas. S. tailor, r 9 Neilson 

Chandler Joseph F. printer Observer office, r 9 Neilson ^ 

Channer Carrie, r^4 West O 

Channer George H. telegraph operator, r 175 Park ave ^ 

Channer John L shoemaker, r 94 West . 

Chantry Thomas B. blacksmith, r Deerfield road . § 

Chapio Ada, r 128 Blandina a 

Chapin A. J. derk 114 Genesee, r 128 Blandina q 

Chapin AUie, r 128 Blandina g 

Chapin Fred. B. salesman 57 Genesee, r 66 Whitesboro i3 

Chapin Fannie Mrs. F. attendant Utica Orphan Asylum ^ 

Chapman Fred R. carpenter, r 30 Plant QQ 

Chapman Thomas, engineer G W. Mills, r 69 Spring {b 

Chapman Wm. H. West Shore RR. r 25 Washington '^ 

Charles John, engineer, r 92 Jay tU 

Charles J. Spencer, r 21 Lansing C] 

Charles Libbie, dressmaker, r 52 Broadway ^ 

Charles M. Mrs. r 52 Broadway ^ n 

Charles Owen, builder 78 Charlotte, r 21 Lansing hei 

Charles Patrick, N. Y. 0. RR r 114 Catharine ^ 

Charles Richard, laborer, r 41 Cooper ^ 

Charles Walter Sr, r 62 Catharine *'* 

Charter George, saloon Deerfield road near river bridge Q 

Charlton John B blacksmith, r 84 Mary O 

Chase Alma A. Mrs. r 6 Chatham ^ 
Chase Andrew D. Savings Bank of Utica, r 288 Genesee 
CHASE CHARLES E. physician 134* Park ave, r 59 Broad 
Chase E. B. clerk, r 81 Charlotte 
Chase E. M. Miss, copyist, r 81 Charlotte 
Chase G. W. brakeman, r 81 Broadway 
Chase George B. cigars and news stand Baggs Hotel, r 16 Pearl 

J^O' 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



CARPETS, will occasionally drop np this way, 

Chase Henry, paper lianirer, r 45 Elizabeth 
QQ Chase John E.- sawver, 8 Charlotte 
§ Chase William, tailor, r 59 Catharine 

g CHATFIELD. ARTHUR E. Chatfield Furnace 2S Catharine, 
^ r 6 Faxton 

f^ Chatfield Henry, travelling salesman, r 46 Spring 
^« CHATFIELD GEORGE W. Chatfield Furnace 28 Catharine, 
^ r 6 Faxton 

rt Chatfield T. W. Mrs. widow, r 6 Faxton 
.S CHATFIELD T. W. SONS, (A. E. and G. W. Chatfield) 
t^ Chatfield's furnace 28 Catharine. See page opp. 

5 Cheeney George, reedniaker, r 11 Hopper 
g Chelliew Arthur B. clerk, r 97 Elieabeth 
§ Chelliew Elizabeth, widow, r 97 Elizabeth 
I Chelliew Mary, r 97 Elizabeth 

g CHENEY BROS. (Samuel and Jonathan), boots and shoes 
*• 108 Genesee 

* CHENEY JONATHAN (Cheney Broa 108 Genesee), r New 
§ Hartford 

g Cheney Ruth, r 193 Park ave 
§ CHENEY SAMUEL (Cheney Bros. 108* Genesee), r 15 


% CHENEY W. H. bookkeeper 108 Genesee, r 15 Spring 

^ Cheesbro H. A. r 3 Bank 

g Child Elias, genealogist, r 90 Charlotte 

a CHILDS CHARLES H. (J. M. Childs & Co. 12 to 18 Fay- 

>^ eite), r Butterfield House 

1 CHILDS J. M. & Co. (J. Morris and Charles H.) Buckeye 
'M Mower and Reaper and agricultural implements 12 to 18 
^ Fayette. See adv't page 28. 

< CHILDS J. MORRIS (J. M. Childs & Co. 12 to 18 Fayette), 

S r 3 High 

M CHILDS L. C. (Curtiss & Childs, book and job printers 167 

H Genesee), r 131 John 

g CHILDS ORLANDO J. (Childs & Jones, 84 Genesee), r 140 

^ John 

CHILDS & JONES (Oriando J. Childs and Frank L Jones) 
• dairy apparatus, hardware, &c. 84 Genesee, vat shop 30 
£j Meadow 

Z Childs William T. r 131 John. • 

^ Chiswell John, farm hand, r 131 Webster ave 
"p^ Chisholm Ella Miss, r 15 Lansing 
8 Chittenden Richard, attendant N, Y. S. Asylum 
^ Chonpp Charles, laborer, r 188 Schuyler 
:g Chreli Joseph, operative, r 23 Warren 
• Christ John A. shoemaker, r 47 Plant 

o Christensen Christian, hospital dresser and nurse, r 53 Co- 
"f lumbia 

W. H. McGarvey Sr Co. Cigars and Fancy 


Is the Kin; of all Heaters. 




This Heater hat no equal. 

It burns atiy kind of fuel ; is gas, smoke and dust tight : 
very easily managed. We refer to their widely extended and 
high reputation as evidenee of their superior meril& 

9X.A.V* Attn S8ZXVAX88 

For heating all kinds of Biiikiings {ucni.shed free, 

IfBDiifBCtured Bud for iBle by 

No. 28 Catharine Street, - UTICA, N. Y. 



Christie Horace Mrs. r 129 Bleecker 
OhriBtie Johu H^ Mrs. r 129 Bleecker 
GhriBtian Arthur, r 8 Kemble 
Chrifitian FranciB, r Jefferson near Bleecker 
Christian J. M. Mrs. r 29 Cottage 
Christian Sarah, r Jefferson near Bleecker 
Christian W. H. civil engineer, r 8 Kemble 
Christman C. J. cartman, rcor Albany and Jefferson 
^ Christman Chauncey, r 60 Broadway 
•^ Christman L. upholster and decorator, r 71 Howard ave 
^ Christman O. A. salesman, r 66 Whitesboro 
3 Christman Reuben, paver, r Jefferson near Mortimer 
S Christman William W. r 80 Stark 
g Christopher E. P. salesman, r 205 Seymour ave 
^ Chubbuck Frances F. widow, r 46 Dudley 
If Chubbuck H. C. Mrs. r 83 Seneca 

^ Chubbuck H. Eugene (A. S. Chubbuck's son), telegraph in- 
* strument mfr. 35 Seneca, r 83 same 

,g Chubbuck J. M. bookkeeper, r 46 Dudley 
S) Chubbuck S. K. engineer, r 77 Washington 
8 CHURCH JOSHUA W. general a.'ent Delaware and Hud- 
^ son Canal Coal Co. 18 Bleecker and 142 Water, r 147 

S Park ave. See adv. page 84. 

g Church Thomas V. (with J. W. Church), r 14 Bank 
o CHURCHILL ALONZO, physician and surgeon 191 Gene- 
^ see, Parker Block, r 14 Hopper 

Ss Churchill G. Clarence, lawyer 30 Genesee 
•? Churchill Helen, music teacher, r 105 Third 
.-g Churchill N. A. Mrs. nurse, r 105 Third 
•g Chute James, laborer, r 82 Seymour ave 
*P Cierzinski Albert, cabinet maker, r 327 Whitesboro 
•g City Dispensary, 20 Elizabeth 
« City Clerk's Office, City Hall, Genesee cor Pearl 
.g City Hospital, South cor Mohawk 
^ City Library, Elizabeth near Genesee 
«g City Opera House, cor Genesee and Pearl 
- City Treasurer s Office, City Hall 
g City Surveyor's Office, City Hall 
tg Claesgens reter Mrs. r 85 Jay 
JS Clancey Dora, tailoress, r 163 Rutger 
Clancey James, clerk, r 163 Rutger 
Clancey Michael, tailor, r 168 Rutger 
Clancey Nellie, tailoress, r 1^53 Rutger 
Clare John, fireman N. Y. C. RR r 80 Mary 
Clarendon, Genesee cor Bland ina 
Clark A. £. policeman, r 34 Whitesboro 
Clark Albert, tanner, r 13 Charles 
Clark Alfred, coachman, r 10 Grant 

FuniSj Metcalf Sf Co.^ Book-Binders and 



Clark Anna K Mre. r 22 West 

Clark Annie, r 27 Chatham 

Clark A. H. sewing machines 41 Columbia, r same p 

Clark A. S. r 416 Whitesboro & 

CLARE BENJAMIN A real estate and insurance agent S» 

Gardner Block, r 3 West § 

Clark Catharine F. r 73 Blandina ^ 

Clark Catharine £. St Luke's Hospital g 

Clark Charles, policeman, r 21 State ^ N* 

Clark Charles B. clerk, r 145 Park ave ' C- 

Clark Charles R carpenter, r 39 Tracy g 

Clark Charles P. agent, r 43- Brinkerhoit ave ^ 

Clark Charlotte, r 94 Charlotte 2 

Clark Cornelia Mrs. r 258 Genesee 1 

Clark Delia, dressmaker, r 102 Whitesboro p« 

Clark Eliza A. r 73 Blandina 3 

Clark Erastus, r 20 Seneca SS 

Clark Frank ie, operator, r 94 Charlotte ^ 

Clark Frank C. clerk 25 Bleecker, r 162 Elizabeth S' 

Clark F. H. Mrs. r 710 Genesee 2 

Clark R H. r 3 West g- 
CLARK GEORGE A. & CO. (Geo. A. Clark, J. H. England ST 

and H. J. Horrocks), variety store 50 Genesee See in- S 

side back cover c 

CLARK GEORGE AUSTIN (G. A. Clark & Co.), r 2 Steu- | 

ben Park g: 

Clark George B. machinist, r 29 Aiken ^ 

Clark George R variety store 42^ Bleecker, r same m 
CLARK H. GILBERT, (H. G. Clark & Co. coal dealers 3 3 

Pine), r 29 Kemble g 

Clark Hannah A. Mrs. r 2 Steuben Park g 

Clark Harriet, widow, r 30 Warren ^ 

Clark Henry, carpenter, r 112 Brinckerhoffave ^ 

Clark Henry J. r 10 Grant q 

Clark Henry J. Mra r 153 South P 

Clark Henry, coachman, r 12 Cornelia gq 

Clark Horace J. shoemaker, r 41 Columbia ^ 
CLARK H. G. & CO. (H. Gilbert Clark and Harrison Gil- g, 

more), coal dealers 3 Pine. See adv^t page 53 od 

Clark James B. r 104 Bnmd q 

Clark Jane, widow, r 34 Whitesboro g 

Clark James Jr. gardener, r 31 Plant 8 

Clark James J. restaurant cor Taylor ave and Eagle, r same ^ 

Clark James O. salesman 79 Genesee, r 72 Broadway ^ 

Clark James Sr. r 10 Plant 3 

Clark J. Frankie, telegrapher, r 94 Charlotte •'* 
Clark John, mason Lunatic Asylum, r 4 York 
Clark John, gardener, r 79 West 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Clark John, fireman, r lf» Harper 

Clark John W. tinsmith, r 38 Oneida 

Chrk John J. architect, r 166 Third 

Clark Joseph J. painter, r 1 Union 

Clark Kittle, r 48 Brinckerhofi ave 

Clark Maggie, weaver, r 6 Davis ave 

Clark Marmadnke, overseer water works, r 27 Chatham 

Clark Martin H. cooper, r 43 Brinckerhofi ave 
^ Clark Mary A. clerk, r 22 West 
•3 Clark Mary, r Home for the Homeless 
S Clark M. A. Mrs. r 138 J(Jm 
g Clark Michael F. carpenter 144 Blandina 
8* CLARK 0. P. lawyer government building, r 88 Tracy 
•2 Clark Robert, pump mfr. r 1 Canal 
2 Clark S. F. Mrs. r 46 Taylor ave 
® Clark Thomas, r Faxtitn Home 
8 Clark T. F. clerk 25 Johi», r 120 Albany 
5 Clark Thomas, laborer, r 150 Elm 
g Clark W. E. laborer, r 94 Catharine 
Clark W. A. insurance agent, r 3 West 

^ CLARK W. H. pork packer and butcher 35 to 39 DeverenXy 
.g packing house 148 Catharine, r 74 Cliarlotte 

g Clark William R clerk, r 88 Oneida 

^ Clark Wm. S. bookkeeper 52 Franklin Square, r 29 Kemble 
^ Clarke Anna G. teacher, r 25 Hopper 
3 Clarke Charles P. cashier M. H. Griffith & Co. r 25 Hoi>per 
Z Clarke H. M. knitter, r 21 JeflEerson 
B Clarke H. J. clerk 158 Genesee, r 228 same 
m Clarke Peter, r llj Huntington 
1 Clarke Wallace, physician office and r 136 Park ave 
O Clarke Thomas F. bookkeeper M. H. Griffith & Co. r 58 
b Miller 

fi Clarke Wm. Mrs. r 25 Hopper 
J (Clark see Clarke) 

Clapp De Witt, cabinet maker, r 93 Fayette 
5 Clary Ellen, r 148 Blandina 
g Clary Ellen, domestic 262 Genesee 

Clausing Ctiarles, cabinet maker, r 77 Brinckerhofi ave 

Clausen Andrew, laborer, r 44 Parker 

Clausen James C. Rev. r Clarenden 

Clayton Michael, laborer, r 174 Miller 

Cleary Patrick, laborer, r 84 Taylor ave 

Clegg Joseph, operator, r Centre cor East 

Cleghorn Charles, laborer, r 11 Meadow 

Cleghorn Mary Mr^. r 181 Columbia 

Cleveland Anson 6. machinist, r 24 Eagl^ 
Cleveland Charles F. policeman, r 83 Lansing 
Clevelflnd Daniel, carpenter, r 103 Broad 

Fred J^ Cnssifly, successor to J. H. Douglass. 



call on us finr goods they don't find at home. 

Cleveland James W. engineer, r 101 Broad 
Cleveland Joseph, clerk, r 83 Lansing 
Cleveland T. J. hatter Blaudina cor Union, r same 
Cleyman Angust, mechanic, r 51 Catharine 
Cliiton Marv A. widow, r 30 Warren 

Clinton Anna M. tailorcsi^', r 177 Blandina ^ 

Clinton Catharine, r 177 Blandina ^ 

Clinton Christopher, foreman, r 290 South g* 

CLINTON HOUSE, 51 and 53 Bleecker g 

Cloher A. D. drug clerk 155 Genesee, r 5 Blandina ^ 

Cloher Oscar, plumber 12Y Genesee • 

Cloher William H. painter, r271 Bleecker g^ 

Clover Albert S. Mrs. r 17 Johnson square « 

Clover May, r 21 Court | 
Clowminzer Edward U. barber 123 Genesee, r 141 Blandina 3. 

Clowminzer George, laborer, r 1(»4 Schuyler ^ 

Clowminzer Henry, cot»per, r S30 Wliitcsboro 5- 

Clowminzer John, shoemaker, r 10 Harper g. 

Cloyes J. N. manuf. of fine shoes Meadow, r 19 Lansing g- 

Coakley Daniel, saloon 145 Bleecker, r 234^ same ^ 

Coakley James, clerk, r 6 Mary • 

Coakley John J. r 65^ Mohawk ^ 

Coakley Maggie, seamstress, r 68 Mohawk S* 
Coakley Margaret, widow, r 68 Mohawk 

Coakley Mary, seamstress, r 68 Mohawk S 
COAKLEY PATRICK J. grocer, Mohawk cor Blandina, | 

r same p 

Coakley Patrick, laborer, r Mohawk cor Blandina W 

COAKLEY TIMOTHY, grocery 32 Hobart, r same "^ 

Cobb Elizabeth, dressmaker, r 30 Eagle ^ 

Cobb Harriet, dressmaker, r 30 Eagle o 

Cobb J. S. Mrs. r 27 Miller "L 
COBDRN ALEXANDER, lawyer 228 Genesee, r 7 Mary ^ 

Cochrane Anna I. r 113 Steuben S 

Cochrane Cornelius, millwright, r 3 Broadhead ^ 

Codner William, r 92 Charlotte. w 

Cody K C. Miss, shirt maker, r 66 Whitesboro ? 

Coe David R r 17 Mary S 

Coflfin A. F. 14 Columbia, r 18 Devereux | 

CoflSn Mary Mrs. millinery 14 Columbia, r same m 
COGLEY THOMAS, carpenter and builder, 32 Catharine, r g 

209 Bleecker. See page 5 1 ^ 
Cohen David, r 50 Elm 
Cohen Lewis, cigarmaker, r 84 West 
Cohen Simon, clerk 11 Burnet, r same 
Colburn Anna M. widow, r 9 Kirkland 
Colburn John, r 6 Lansing 
Colburn Nettie A. teacher, r 9 Kirkland 

Furnishing Undertaker , j^l Genesee Street. 


linoe it annexed Vtioa and Dion. 

Colby M. M. (Colby & Schrier) r 108 Main street in Whit«- 

• Colby Mary Mrs. r 339 Whitesboro 

(Coldbrook see Colebrook.) 

COLBY & SCHRIER (Jl M. Colby and Walter Schrier) 
roachinists 55 Jay 

Cole Abraham Jr. moulder, r 210 Blandina 

Cole Abraham, moulder, r 94 Lansing 

Cole B. F. shoemaker, r 187 Blandina 

Cole Charles W. clerk 170 Genesee, r 5 Seymour ave 

Cole Charles, carpenter, r 22 Dudley 

Cole CoUingwood, bookkeeper 170 Oenesee, r 5 Seymour ave 
^ Cole Ephraim, moulder, r 122 Lansing 
^ Cole John, saloon 116 Varick, r same 
*§ Cole Joseph H. restaurant 94 Fayette, r same 
M Cole Lawrence, city sexton, r 5 St. Joseph 
j§ Cole James P. r 10 First 

"g Cole L. L. variety store 214 Columbia, r 277 Whitesboro 
p Cole Michael, cigarmaker, r 5 St. Joseph 
g COLE PARK, dry goods 170 Genesee, r 5 Seymour ave 

Cole M. R cartman, r 76 Liberty 

Cole Samuel J. moulder, r 22 Dudley 

Cole Sarah, vestmaker, r 102 Columbia 
.a Cole Sarah M. clerk Buckley & Co. r 94 Lansing 
^ Cole Sophia, widow, r 66 Catharine 
'g Cole T. O. clerk 54 Genesee, r 28 Henry 
• Cole William E. carpenter 69 Charlotte 
o Cole William G. watchmaker 34 West, r 130 South 
^ Colebrook Robert, yard master, r 47 Fayette 
*€ Coleman Asaph, saloon Charlotte cor Blandina, r same 
"g Coleman James, laborer, r 11 Meadow 

f Coleman J. A. saloon 85 Charlotte, r cor Blandina and Charlotte 
Coleman J. sexton St. John's Church, r 60 Bleecker 
^ Coleman Patrick, stonecutter, r 104 Kossuth ave 
H Coleman Moses, pedler, r rear 55 Broadway 

COLEMAN W. B. REV. pastor St. George's Church, r 16 

Colgan Joseph, inspector, r Bell's Hotel, Deerfield 
. Colgan Patrick, mason, r 30 Elm 
Colfin Mortimer, salesman 79 Genesee, r 17 Chatham 
Colling Charles, painter, r 136 Court 
Colling Henry, painter, r 129 Whitesboro 
Colling Mra A. H. r 18 Hotel 
Colling Thomas R clerk U. & B. R RR r 18 Hotel 
Colling William C. accountant, r 12 Steuben Park 
Collins A. E. Mrs. r 22 West 
Collins Bridget, tailoress, r 25 Hubbell 
Collins Daniel, laborer, r 35 Park ave 

Westcott ^ Reussivig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handsomett Dry Goods and Carpets on earth 

Colling David, laborer, r 119 Elizabeth 
Collins George, spinner, r 48 Fay 
Collins James, laborer, r 200 Stenben 
Collins John, boilermaker, r 6 Saratoga 

Collins John, spinner, r 48 Fay 5^ 

Collins James, laborer, r 96 Jay g 

Collins John, weaver, r 162 Elizabeth o 

Collins J. D. lawyer 68 Franklin square, r 117 Park ave B 

COLLINS JOHN, grocery 69 Water, r same ^ 

Collins Kate, domestic 336 Genesee ^ 

Collins Lanra, r 11 Burnet ^ 

Collins Margaret Mra r 200 Stenben g 

Collins Mary, r 56 Third ]^ 

Collins Sarah, r 53 Kemble "^ 

Collins Mary M. teacher, r 63 Kemble ^ 

Collins Mary L dressmaker, r 21 Court g 

Collins Michael, laborer, r Northern Hotel ^ 

Collins Michael, laborer, r 64 Johnson c» 
COLLINS SELDEN, watches and jewelry 80 Genesee, r 6 Q 

Stenben g 

Collins Thomas, laborer, r 65 Third g 

Collins Thomas, laborer, r 64 Johnson ^ 

Collins Wro. H. foreman 0-11 John, r 20 Seoeca J*" 

CoUis Louis, tailor, r 2 Broadway o 

Collie William^ tailor, r 2 Broadway g 

Collmer John M. baggageman, r 2 Stevens ^ 

Colwell Ann, r 311 Genesee pi 

Colwell Catharine, domestic 364 Genesee p 

Colwell Mary, r 311 Genesee p* 

Colwell William, farmer, r Broad near city line § 

Combes D. F. r 45 Elizabeth ^ 

(Combes see Coombs) £. 

Commerford Michael, laborer, r 103 Elizabeth 5* 

Common Councif Chambers City Hall ^"^ 
COMSTOCK BLOCK, Plant bet State and Hart 
COM8TOCK BROTHERS (Miles 0. Comstock, E. D. Com- p 

stock, Philip F. Smith), wholesale druggists and grocers ►g 

117 Genesee. See page 34 ?J 
COMSTOCK BROS. & CO. (M. C. Comstock, E. D.* Com- ^ 

stock and J. T. Stevens) varnish and japan matinfs. 117 

Comstock C. Arthur, salesman 117 Genesee, r 15 South 
COMSTOCK EDWIN D. (Comstock Broa and Couistock | 

Bros. & Co. 117 Genesee) r 310 same *^ 
Comstock Edwin R. r 310 Genesee 
Comstock George E. com. traveler, r 6 West 
COMSTOCK MILES C. (Comstock Bros, and Comstock Bros. 

& Co. 117 Genesee) r 334 Genesee 

JVb. 88 Genesee Street^ TJticn. 



and Spring from Snnuner back 

CoiDBtock Mary H. r 334 Genesee 

Comstock Roderick J. r 16 Green 

COMSTOCK WILLIAM H. lawyer and register in bank- 
ruptcy 79 Genesee, r 4 Rutger Place 

Conant Alby, ironer, r 69 Mary 
^ Conay James, r GO Second 

g Goneanuon Edward R. S3 Bleecker, r 66 Charlotte 
a Condon Ellen, St. Elizabeth Hospital 
^ Condon Kittie, r 20 Whitesboro 
*g Condon Mary, r 12 Montgomery 
P4 Condon P. D. deputy sheriff, r Doerfield road 
Ji CONE DANIEL J. mover and raiser ot brick and wooden 
^ buildings, r 14 West 

'^'Cone Eli, foreman Observer office, r 90 Miller 
^ Cone Edward L. painter, r 90 Miller 
^ Cone George, agent 92 Charlotte 
2 Cone George, r 101 West 

^ Cone William Mrs. cutter boys* clothing, r 101 West 
^ Cone William, painter, r 101 West 
u Conet Joseph, laborer, r 159 Elizabeth 
^ Conkey Willard, teller Second National Bank, r 14 Dudley 
g Conklin E. H. Mrp. r 37 Howard ave 
^ Conklin R M. Mrs. r 37 Howard ave 
S CONKLIN G ROSCOE HON. r 3 Rutger Place 
^ Conley Annie, r 120 Mary 
^ Conley Charles, moulder, r 120 Mary 

Conley James, laborer, r 44 John 
g Conley Jennie, weaver, r 166 Broad 

Conley Jennie R. r S Herkimer 

Conley John, toolmaker, r 3 Whitesboro 
2 Conley Maggie, 1 Rutger Place 
^ Conley Mary, operator, r 120 Mary 
S Conley Thomas, mason, r 120 Mary 
§ Conley Thomas H. tailor, r 29 Cooper 
S Coulon Mary, weaver, r 43 State 
^ Gonlon Margaret Mr& r 14 Mohawk 
« Conlon Michael J. clerk, r 14 Mohawk 
^ Connelly John, laborer, r 100 Hicks 

Connelly John, shoemaker, r 48 Fayette 

Connelly Joseph, flagman, r 5 Erie 
^ Connelly Maggie, r 75 Second 
^ Connoly Michael, mason, r 10 Gold 

Connor Arthur A. gateman at depot, r 11 Union 

Connor Edward F. bricklayer, r 67 South 

Connor Mary, r 20 High 

€k>nnor Martin, shoemaker 67 South, r same 

Connors James, fireman, r 37 Stark 

Oonnors Kittie, domestic 7 Lansing 

W. H. McGarvey ^^ Co., Cigars und Fancy 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Connors Lawrence, r 64 Third 

Connore Lawrence, nioalder, r 13 Louisa 

Connors Michael, laborer, r 13 Louisa 

Connors Patrick, laborer, r 86 Leah 

Connors Sarah, tailoret^s, r 13 Louisa 

Connors Thomas, machinist, r 190 Steuben 

Conorty James, saloon 69 Dudley, r 189 Third 

Conorty Jauie^, Jr. mason, r 189 Third g 

Conover Charles, porter Grand Central Hotel § 

Conrad Anna, tailoress, r224BIandina H 

Conrad George, machinist, r 224 Blandina W 

Conrad George N. machinist, r 53 Cottage *^ 

Conrad Herbert, fresco painter, r 60 Broadway ^ 

Conrad Iston, machinist, r 185 Mohawk § 

CONRAD LAWRENCE, clerk Board Charity City Hall, r - 

11 Clinton g 

Conrad John, cooper, r 224 Blandina §' 

Conrad Matthew, couper, r 224 Blandina * 

Conrad Nicholas, r 51 Cottage g- 

Conrad Rose, tailoress, r 224 Blandina m 

CON ROY JOHN F. merchant tailor 10 Bleecker, r 48 Lansiiig ^ 
Converse Smith, r 6 Hotel 
Conway Anna Miss, milliner, r 41 Main 
Conway Eliza, r 96 John 
Conway Harry J. saloon 52 Bleecker, r 32 First g. 

Conway James, cartman, r 60 Second » 

Conway John, hotel Columbia cor Wiley ^ 

Conway John, teamster, r 92 Jay g" 

Conway M. A. operative, r Columbia cor Wiley J{ 

Conway Michael H. chief porter at Baggs Hotel, r 32 First » 
Cook Alonzo A. r 5 William g, 

Cook Ann Mrs. widow, r 13 Nichols o 

Cook Arthur, operative, r 228 Genesee S 

Cock Bessie, r 288 Genesee ^ 

Cook Charles, carpenter, r 28 Taylor ave " 

Cook Charles, pattern maker, r 13 Henry ^ 

Cook Charles D. com. traveler 56 Genesee, x 61 Leah ^ 

Cook Edwin R printer Herald office, r 42 Seymour ave 
Cook Emmet L. painter 12 Fayette, r 33 Steuben 
Cook Eugene H. clerk, r 92 Spring 
Cook Frank W. (Cook & Co.^ r 87 Fayette 
Cook Gustave, pedler, r 50 Mohawk 
Cook G. W. laborer, r 276 Whitesboro 
Cook G. W. commercial traveler, r 136^ State 
Cook Hannah P. Mrs. r 2 Chatham 
Cook Henry H agent, r 92 Spring 
Cook James P. r 13 Henry , 

Cook John R plumber, r 38 Hart 

\firoceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 


May 15th, Plrei wmb needed, OvCTCoati comfartoble. 

ok Loniee Mm, r 14 Howard ave 

ok L Herbert, yh;eician and 8Qrfi;eon 84 Soutb, r same 

ok Mageie, weaver, r 60 Spring 

'(•k Matthias, physician 92 Colambia, r earoe 

)0K THEODORE D. REV. r 287 Genesee 

)0K THEODORE.P. joornalist, r 287 Genesee 

ok Wallace B. r 62 Leah 

)OK & CO. (Frank W. Cook and T. S. Tiithill) wine?, aUs 

and liqnore, 19 and 21 Cohimbia and Si Washington 
oke F. J. bookkeeper 32 Catharine, r New Hartford 
okerow Engene, r 109 Elizabeth 
)OKINHAM HENRY J. (Cookinham & Sherman) r in 

New Haitford 
)OKINHAM & SHERMAN (H J. Cookinham and James 

S. Sherman), lawyers, 75 Genesee 
okinham S, U. music teacher, rl9 Sonth 
oley John, printer Observer (iffice, r 96 Fayette 
olman Charies, r 18 Main 
:)ombs see Combe.) 
on Fred, cutter, r 9 Union 
oney Rosa, domestic 46 Cornelia 
oney Matthew, r 148 West 
onriid Alfred, r 51 Cottage 
onrad W. D. r 51 Cottage 
oper Benjamin, wagon washer, r 47 Catharine 
oper Bessie, r 11 Kemble 
oper Frank, expressman, r 36 Seymour ave 
oper Frank, paper hanger, r 71 Charlotte 
)OPER G. EDWARD architect 173 Genesee, (J. L Earll 

& Co.), r 72 Lansing 
>OPER HENRY H. (H. H. Cooper & Co.), r 6 Miller 
)OPER H. H. & CO. (Henry H. Cooper and Henry R Jiid- 

6on), mfrs. and wholesale dealers in clothing, 35 and 37 ■ 

oper Ivory, salesman, r 94 Mohawk 
oper W. J. com, traveler, r 137 John 
peman Arthur S. teamster, r 43 Howard ave 
pson Samuel, carder, r 26 HnnUngton 
>RAM ALFRED H. job printer 14i Elizabeth, r 16 same 
>RAM GEORGE M. job printer 14^ Elizabeth, r 16 same 
)RAM HENRY D. boots and shoes 14i Elizabeth, r 16 

rbally J. F. clerk, r 172 Thirxi 
rbally Patrick, carpenter, r 172 Third 
rbally Thomas W. shoemaker, r 172 Third 
rbally William J. clerk, r 172 Third 
rbett F. R. fnrnaceman, r 68 Albany 
rbett Herbert D. machinist, r 200 Bleeeker 

^ruis, Metcalf §■ Co., Book-Binders and 


Ban Bioe wai here, but no Summer. 



Corbett John, carpenter, r Welsbbufih road 

Corbett Lafayette W. moulder, r 200 Bleecker 

Corbett Maria, domestic 49 Rnt^er 

Corbett Williaro, farmer, r East near Bleecker 

Corby Davy E shoemaker, r 277 Whiteeboro 

Corcoran ComelinB, laborer, r 78 Second 

Corcoran John, mason, r 78 Second 9 

Corcoran M. R (Corcoran & Hobhes) r 78 Second ^ 

Corcoran & Hobbes (M. F. Corcoran and T. F. Hobbes) ^ 

grocers 58 Taylor ave 
Corcoran Michael, clerk, r 78 Second 
Corcoran Thomas, moulder, r 19 Cornelia 

Corcoran Thomas, laborer, r 38 Main g 

Corey Arvid V. salesman, r — State g^ 

Corry Bradley, clerk, r 17 Cornelia ^ 

COREY D. G. REV. pastor Bleecker Street Baptist Church, B 

r 15 Mary % 

Corkwell Francis, r Pleasant near Elm * 

Corkwell Sarah Mrs. r Pleasant near Elm ^ 

Corliss A. H. Rev. r Waverly S72 Genesee 3 

CORLISS E. E. manufacturer of human hair goods 8 Bleecker, S 

r 40 Mary. See pa^e 46 S^ 

Corliss Mary, r Waverly House 372 Genesee R 

Corliss Susie, r Waverly House 372 Genesee W 

Cornelius George, barber shop 44 Varick, r same ^ 

Cornelius George W. barber 44 Varick, r 43 Varick W 

Cornelius Hall, saloon 40 and 46 Varick ^ 

Cornish George M. sewing machine agt., r 11 Fayette ^ 

Corn well Charles, r 36 Jay (^ 

Cornwell William, r 36 Jay ci 

Corrigan James, r 54 First ^- 

Corrigan James, r 68 Steuben 
Corrigan Michael, laborer, r 54 Hobart 
Corrigan Thomas, carpenter, r 74 Broadway g 

Cort William, 12 Fayette, r Genesee road ^ 

Ci>rtin George, teamster, r 70 Howard ave S 

Cosgrove John, mason, r 17 Leah O 

Cofi^ove John, machinist, r 17 Leah 

COSGROVE WILLIAM J. (Carton & Co.) r 40 Whitesboro | 
Cossleman Margaret Mrs. r 146 Blandina • r^ 

Coetello Daniel, coachman, r 16 Leah r^ 

Costello James, printer, r 117 Blandina 
Costello Julia Mr& r 117 Blandina 
Coetello MaiT E. r 40 Spring 
Costello M. J. plumber, r 40^ Hobart 
Coetello PatricK, laborer, r 40J Hobart 
Coetello Richard K coachman, r 49 Broad [Washington 

Costello Sarah A. ladles' furnishing goods 192 Genesee, r 112 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee 


Dry Ooodfl^ Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, XTpholstering Oood% 

OoBtigan John, laborer, r 2 Hojt 

Ootter Helen Mr& r 49 Fay 

Cotter Jamee, spinner, r 49 Faj 

Cotter John, spinner, r 49 Faj 

Cotter Mary, r 49 Fay 

Couch Richard, cartman, r 115 Water 

Couchman Godfrey, gardener, r 4 Leah 

Coughlin Alex, laborer, r 23 Philip 

Coughlin Edward, laborer, r 16 Mohawk 
^ Conghlin Henry Mrs. r 119 Lansing 
jS Coughlin John, laborer, r 37 Philip 
^ Coughlin Julia, widow, r 204 Bleecker 
•3 Coughlin Mary Mrs. r 204 Bleecker 
S Coughlin Mary, operative, r 23 Philip 
*S Coughlin Mary, domestic 294 Genesee 
^ Coughlin Minnie K r 204 Bleecker 
r Coughlin Michael Mrs. r 33 Philip 
. Coughlin Patrick, laborer, r 120 Whitesboro 
^ Coughlin Patrick, laborer, r 152 Lansing 
^ Coughlin Thomas, moulder, r 16 Mohawk 
"^ Coughlin William, machinist, r 204 Bleecker 
*^ Coughnant Bridget Mrs. r 48 Erie 
if COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, 222 Genesee 
^ Coupe Annie J. r 55 Brinckerlioff ave 
^ Coupe Henry S. r 55 Brinckerhofi ave 
I COUPE HENRY F. & JAMES, lawyers 166 Genesee 
§ COUPE HENRY F. lawyer 166 Genesee, special city judge, 
S r 69 Steuben 

«o Coupe Henry, r East near city line 
^ COUPE JAMES, lawyer 166 Genesee, r 69 Steiiben 
g Coupe Mary Miss, r 69 Steuben 
^ Courtney Catharine, r 50 Rutger 
^ Courtney Mary A. r 53 Rutger 

o'' COURT HOUSE, 79 John [Taylor avo 

^ Courtois Louis, confectioner 61 Bleecker, r Mortimer near 
** Coventry George, 56 Genesee, r 20 Clinton Place 
g Cowan Etta, milliner, r 27 Leah 
S Cowan Peter, r 27 Leah 
g Cowan William P. r 27 Leah 

P Cowan William at American Express ofBce, r 27 L<*ah 
^ Cowles George O. (James Rockwell & Co.) r 85 Cornelia 

Cowley Charlotte, r 34 Garden 

COWLEY WILLIAM, butcher 120 Varick, r 30 Gnrden 

Cox James, carpenter, r 138 State 

Cox James Jr. r 2 Leah 

Cox John, bookkeeper, r 114 Fayette 

COXE ALFRED C. HON. Judge United States District 
Court, office 77 Genesee, r 60 Elizabeth 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass^ 


Shawls, Fans and Enr-Lined Gloves, B lankets and Hosqnito Het, 

Coyle Ellen, lanndrj 126 Mary^ r same 

Coyle Henry, laborer, r 126 Mary 

(Joyne Bridget, widow, r 21 Third 

COYNE JOHN, school commissioner, wholesale liqnors 10 p 

Fayette, r 98 Steuben |, 

Coyne John J. frameraaker, r 21 Third S^ 

Coyne Michael, laborer, r 21 Third B' 
C0ZZEN8 BROTHERS, (H. G and C. C.) U. S. steam car- f 

pet cleaning works 116 Erie. See page 45. M 

COZZENS 0. C. (Cozzens Bros.) r 57 Fayette S 

COZZENS H. C. (Cozzens Bros.) r 57 Fayette Z 

Craft E. T. shoecutter, r 73 John |^ 

Crager William, laborer, r 145 Whitesboro ^ 

Cramer James, laboier, r 192 Kossuth ave SS 

Cramer James, moulder, r 127 Bleecker • | 

Cramer Joseph, foreman, 98 Soutli IT 

Cramer Michael, butcher. 74 Steuben, r 29 Louisa m 

Cramer Patrick, pedler, r 127 Bleecker ^ 
Cramer Theodore D. laundry cor Bleecker and Charlotte, r g^ 

same g^ 

Crandall Samuel, salesman Buckley & Co. r 55 Stark ^ 

(Crandall see Cranwell) g* 

Crandley Michael, carpenter, r 168 Blandina g* 

Crane Charles E. pliysician ^7 Genesee, r 136 John g 

Crane Myron, r 43 West Z 
CRANWELL JAMES, mason and builder 74 Broadway, r g. 

same See page 56 ^ 
CRANWELL GEO. W. mason and builder 69 Broad, r §: 

same g^ 

Cranwell John, mason, r 11 Steuben » 

Cranwell Michael, mason, r 11 Steuben 3, 

Crask John Mr& r 118 Third 8 

Crawford Bridget Mra widow, r 217 Bleecker K 

Crawford John, pattern maker, r 11 Henry g^ 
Crawford William L. clerk Green & Sons' Bank, r 35 Cottage ¥' 
Creagan Nora, widow, r 26 Neilson 

Creagan James, mason, r 19 Neilson ^ 

Creagan John, bricklayer, r 20 Neilson g^ 

Creagan Mary, tailoress, r 20 Neilson 4 

Creagan Michael, mason, r 20 Neilson ^ 

Creagan Morgan, bricklayer, r 20 Neilson » 

Creegan James, machinist, r 376 Whitesboro g 

Crego Myron T. clairvoyant 89 Washington, r same | 

Creighton Chester, r 92 Neilson g. 

Creightou Geo. H. r 63 Columbia 5* 
Creighton John, tailor, r 100 Jay 
CRIM F. D. physician and surgeon 171 Genesee, r 116 Park 


Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee iSt. 



Grimmins K F. Mrs. r 17 Neilson 

Crippeu Perry E. bookkeeper 21 Liberty, r 83 Columbia 

Orippen Sarah, widow, r 88 Colambia 


Crittenden Walter H. r 10 Rntger 

Crocker Albert D. r 241 Bleecker 

Crocker Hugh Mre. r 241 Bleecker 

CROCKER JOHN G. lawyer Hatchinsorj building, r Baggs 

CROFTON PATRICK, marble cutter 33 Fayette, r 117 
Blandina See page 45 
^ CROGHAN JAMES (Croghan Broa) r 19 Eagle 
& CROGHAN. M. H (Croghan Broa) r 19 Eagle 
J CROGHAN BROTHERS (Michael H. and James) grocers 
^ 19 Eagle 

J CROMIE ROBERT, stone yard, Broadbead cor Fay, r same 
(4 Cronin David W. removed to Denver, Col 
^ Croiliu Dennis, porter Grand Central Hotel 
J CRONIN D. F. bookkeeper W. A. Everts, r 32 Seymour ave 
'3 Cronin Elford, machinist, r 93 Court 
^ Cronin Ellen, factory operative, r 93 Court 
S Cronin Fred J. booKkeeper, r 32 Seymour ave 
w Cronin Jeremiah, laborer, r 169 Blandina 
*2 Cronin Jerry, laborer, r 11 Kossuth ave 
* Cronin John A. tailor, r 88 Spring 
•^ Cronin Margaret A. Mra r 32 Seymour ave 
^ Cronin Mary, tailoress, r 93 Court 
^ Cronin Michael, laborer, r 59 Park ave 
Cronin Norah, tailoress, r 169 Blandina 
J CRONIN T. N. job printer 59 John, r 32 Seymour ave 
Cronin William, r 93 Court 
Cronk E. Mra r 108 Blandina 
Cronk Frank J. clerk 96 Genesee, r 108 Blandina 
«f Cronk Joseph, foreman, r 47 Catharine 
•^ Crook Ann Mra r 17 Cornelia 
^ Crosby Charles, printer, r 61 Albany 

Crosby John D. telegraph operator, r 88 Charlotte 

Crosby M. Miss, r 24 Kemble 

Cross James, cartman, r Jefferson near Albany 

Cross Theodore L 76 Genesee, r 12 Steuben park 

Crossley Isaac, dyer, r 137 Spring 

Crossley John, operative, r 28 Chenango ave > 

Crossley William, weaver, r 48 Johnson 

Grossman C. M. r 102 Broad ^ 

Grossman Emeline S. widow, r 102 Broad 

Grossman Sarah E. r 5 Clinton Place 

Cronnee John A. laborer, r 238 South 

Cronch Edwin, saloon 93 Liberty, r same 

Wescott ^ Reusswig^ Fine Custom Tailors, 



Grouch Jamee, saloon 44 Liberty, r same 

GROUSE BLOCK, Broad cor John 

GROUSE C. B. (J. M. & C. B. Grouse), r 13 Hopper 

Grouse Daniel Mrs. r 261 Genesee 

GROUSE DANIEL N. r 315 Genesee 

GROUSE J. M. & G. B. wholesale grocers 20-22 Broad 

Grouse John, carpenter, r 32 Brinckerhofi ave 

GROUSE JOHN M. (J. M. & G. B. Croase) r 21 Hopper 

Grouse Joseph P. machinist, r 22 Barnes 

Grouse Kittie, tailoress, r 22 Barnes 

Grouse Louis, machinist, r 22 Barnes ^ 

Grouse Margaref Mrs. r 55 Neilsun ^ 

Grouse Marv Mrs. seamstress, r 22 Barnes g 

Grouse Peter, machinist, r 83 Taylor ave % 

Grouse Sarah, r 55 Neilson ^ 

Grouse Wm. B. r 13 Hopper ^ 

Growe Martin A. gardeuer, r 6 Stevens * ^ 

GROWE PETER, florist, ofliee 288 Genesee, r 781 same '^ 

Growell C. R Mrs. r 36 Cooper & 

Growell Cora M. r 88 Cooper *^ 

Crowley Cornelius, laborer, r 188 Mary ? 

Crowley Michael, boilermaker, r 25 Green g« 

Crumb Arthur, card grinder, r cor Centre and Bacon p 

Crumb Everett F. 12 Fayette, r Gardner Block g. 

Crumb Maria L. vestmaker 207 Genesee, r same o 

Crumley John, laborer, r 66 Jay S 

Crumly Mrs. Margaret, r 67i Park ave jj. 

Crump Joab J. coppersmith, r 44 Brinckerhofi ave * 

Crump John F. r 44 Brinckerhofi ave ^ 

Crump Josephus F. shoecutter, r 91 Eagle S 

Ciuiup Mary A. Mra r 44 Brinckerhofi ave Q 

GrumpMary E. r 44 Brinckerhofi ave P 

Gudd William C. tailor, r 89 Howard ave W 

Cuddy Fannie, r 9 Rutger [j 

Culbane Patrick, r 105 Court 

Cnlhane Bridget, factory operative, r 105 Court 

Culbane Thomas, factory operative, r 105 Court c» 

Oolhane Thomas Jr. hostler, r 105 Court 

GuUen James, moulder, r 118 Steuben 

Callen Johanna, widow, r 118 Steuben 

CuUen John, spinner, r 82 Mohawk 

Collen John, r 80 Bleecker 

Cnlleu John E. carpenter, r 5 Orchard 

Callen John, laborer, r 186 Bleecker 

Collen Lizzie, dressmaker, r 151 Elizabeth 

Callen Maggie, tailoress, r 118 Steuben 

Callen Wifliam, shoemaker, r 60 Third 

Calligan Patrick, laborer, r 71 Water 



M), 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



p ^ CABPETS, will occasionally drop up this way, 

^ CULVER A. E. forwarder and manufactiH^er of malmaize 

g meal and feed 3n Seneca, r J40 Broad 

o Culver James, r 140 Broad 

g Culver William, r 2« Elizalieth 

Ph Cuming J. G. commercial traveler, r Butterfield Honse 

P4 Cnmmings Delia, tailor^^s, r 111 Howard ave 

Cummings George E. driver, r 40 Leeds 
^ Cummings Henry, blacksmith, r 25 Whiteeboro 
g Cummings Henry, machinist, r 76 Cornelia 
'^ Cummings John, machinist, r 25 Whitesboro 
^ Cummings John Jr. foreman Cooper & Co. r 12 Gardner 
5 Blk 

S® Cummings J. Mrs. r 48 Mary 
^ Cummings Mary, r 25 Whitesboro 
<D Cummings Mic£ael, carpenter, r 25 Whitesboro 
.§ Cummings Richard, weaver, r 183 Schuyler 
'^ Cummisky Margaret, widow, r 77 Water 
^ Cunningham George IL carpenter, r 50 Cottage 
^ Cunningham James, laborer, r 18 Mohawk 
§ CUNNINGHAM J. H. journalist 5era^/ office, r 43 Steu- 
^ ben 

pS Cunningham Samuel, r 60 Broadway 
^ Cunningham Susan, domestic Mansion House 
^ Cunningham Sabine, widow, r 18 Mohawk 
S Cunningham Thomas, marble polit-^her, r 18 Mohawk 
tj Cupenger Thomas, mason, r 182 Oneida 
*§ Curn Maggie Mrs. r 77 Court 

a CURRAN'S SONS, EDWARD (Edward and Geoi^e L. 
M Curran) hides and leather 33 Genesee 

g CURRAN EDWARD (E. Currants Sons, hides and leather 
M 33 Genesee) r 284 same 

S CURRAN GEORGE L. (E. Gurran's Sons) r 274 Genesee 
^ Curran Frank, laborer, r 26 West 

g CURRY C. E. agent Household Sewing Machine 17 Arcade, 
S r 733 Genesee 

GURRY J. A. dealer in bottled lager and wholesale liquors 
Broad cor John, r same * 

Curry Maria, St. Luke's Hospital 

Curtail Michael, laborer, r 2 Lock 
«g Curtis Anna Miss, r 134 State 
^ Curtis Edwin, r 33 Tracy 
"g* Curtis John A. pattern maker, r 9 Bank 
J, CURTIS PIIILO S. machine shop and foundry 214 Whites- 
o boro, r 419 Geiiesee. See advt. page 36 

^ Curtiss Ella, dressmaker, r Thomas Block 
&CURTISS A. EUGENE, temperance lunch and dining 


rooms 39 and 40 Arcade, r saino See advt page 35 

Curtiss A. M. physician, r 69 Columbia 

W. If. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 

W'Bw York Type Foxmdlry 


PRINTERS' Warehouse. 



Nos. 63 & 65 Beekman Street^ cor. of Gold, 



This, the oldest Foandry in New York, is always prepared to fill orders 
(or our well-known Type, with exactness and dispatch. Our 

BeeK, pwg, J0B i 8^NWEp;«i£ 

are made of the best Metals, and the Finish of our Type, beyond question, 
cannot be excelled, combining great accuracy, and perfect justiticaiion and 

Persons desiring to order from us will 
please send for specimens. 

By We famish every kind of Prin*^ing Type. If name or title is not 
known, send Printed Specimen of a Single Letter. 

We have a very complete variety of the LATEST MODERN OLD 



We are also pleased to rec«ivti orders for 

Of any maker, Paper Cutters, Cases, Qalleys, etc. 
Afpentfl for Francis ft Loutrel's and other Compositions, 


—just as they used to g^o ont fishing for a day's recreation,— 

Cartise A. V. Mre. r 89 and 40 Arcade 

Curtiss F. A. Mre. dressmaker, r 69 Colnmbia 

CURTISS GEO. (T. O. Graniiis & Co.) r 17 Court 

CURTISS HEN RY R (Curtiss & Childs) 167 Genesee, r 26 ^ 

High I 

Curtiss Mary S. r 25 High * 

CURTISS & CHILDS (a H. Curtiss and L. C. Childs), book f 

and job printers 167 Genesee. See page opposite ig 

CUSHMAN DANIEL J. wholesale clothing house and sew- ^ 

ing machines 29 and 81 John, r 98 State ^ 

Cusick Mary, saleslady, r 88 Elizabeth g 

Gusick Susan Mrs. r 88 Elizabeth S 

CUSHMAN JOSEPH B. 3d story 32 Genesee, r Butterfield £ 

House ^ 

Cushing Henry, traveling agent, r 10 West S. 

CUSTIS J. W. REV. pastor Tabernacle Baptist Church, r 8 g: 

Cottage "< 

Cutler Carrie, r 45 Columbia g 

Cutler George, boot cutter, r 81 Seneca * 

Cutler George L carpenter, r 45 Columbia *S 

CUTTER AMELIA R MRS. manager Ladies' Bazaar 189 |- 

Genesee, r 60 Whitesboro |- 

CUTTER JAMES H. clerk for Herald and Observer, r 60 ?• 

Whitesboro ^ 

Cutter James L r 60 Whitesboro ? 

GUTTER & METZ (James H. Cutter and Chaa H. Metz) g 

bicycle agents 187 Genesee, Parker Block ^ 

Cuyler John, painter, r 78 John o* 

DABELSTEIN CARL, Dainter, r 64 Catharine g 

Dacey Nora, dressmsKer, r 6 Mary ^ 

Dacey W. F. blacksmith, r 6 Mary ^ 

Dachs Agnes, saleslady, r 243 Bleecker | 

Dagin Edward, laborer, r Garden near Oswego ^ 
DAG WELL CHARLES M. asst. chief police, r 37 Bristol g 

Dagwell Charles A. moulder, r 94 Varick ^ 

Dagwell Edwin, machinist, r 6 Hicks ^ 

Dagwell Frank E. com. agent, r Hotel Zublin g 

Datrwell Herbert, moulder, r Hotel Zublin o 
DAGWELL JOHN, iron castings Broadway and Erie canal, ^ 

r 94 Varick. See page 38 W 

Dagwell Samuel L bookkeeper 33 Canal, r 94 Varick ^ 

Dagwell Wm. H. Dagwell's foundry, r 86 Varick ^ 

Dailer Richard, fresco painter, r 81 Dudley § 

Dailey John, Supt M. V. Mills, r Milgate ^ 
Dailey Thomas, operator, r East near Bleecker 
DAILY OBSERVER, (Grove & Bailey), 113 Genesee 

Groceries, Genesee comer Fayette Street 




. (Dailev see Daily.) 

.^ Dain Ira, carpenter, r Square near Howard ave 

,Q Dale Ashbary, waiter Baggs Hotel, r 33 Charlotte 

o Dalton Cbas. r 33 Taylor ave 

'^ Dalton Benjamin Mrs. r 33 Taylor ave 

o Dalton Frank, carpenter, r 14 Elizabeth 

i3 Dalton Nellie, laundress Baggs Hotel 

w Dalton Eobert, brakeman, r Northern Hotel 

g Dalton Thomas, r 118 Catharine 

Daly D. C. agent, r 31 Noyes 
^ Daly John, mason, r 22 Henry 
t^ Daly Michael, cutter 60 Genesee, r 77 Jay 
g Daly Michael F. carder, r 17 Mohawk 
P Daly Nora, domestic 2 Comstock Block 
?J^ Daly Patrick, moulder, r 22 Henry 
q Daly Patrick, sewing machine agt, r 13 Broadway 
'g Daly Thomas, sewing machine agent, r 13 Broadway \ 

ti Dalv William F. r 77 Jay 
^ (Daly see Dailey) 
^ Dallzell Hugh, r 60 Broadway 
g Damon H. E. Mrs. r 58 Mary 
§ Damon Will T. bookkeeper, r 68 Mary 
§ Damrath Augustus, shoemaker, r 13 South Hamilton 
S DANA GEORGE S. (Wright, Dana & Co.) r 296 Genesee 
c Dana James W. removed to Delhi 

2 Dana Sophia Mrs. r Clarendon 

> Danforth Hiram D. r 35 Seymour ave / 

c8 Daniels Byron T. blacksmith, r 264 Whitesboro 

•^ Daniels Edward, button hole maker, r 87 Water 

^ Daniels Emma, nurse, r 16 Oneida 

'2 Daniels Nathan, r 152 Bleecker 

•g Daniels Stephen C. car driver, r 6 Saratoga 

*^ Dann Ella, r 94 Blandina 

r\ Dann Sarah M. teacher, r 32 Hart 

^ Dann Susan A. r 32 Hart 

03 Danquer Augustus, clerk 102 Genesee, r 9 Elm 
cQ Danquer August, carpenter and builder, r 9 Elm 
•SJ Danquer Jules, bookkeeper, r 9 Elm 

^ Danquer Ptful, baker, r 183 Blandina 
^ DansKey Samuel, button hole operator, r 106 Columbia 
O Daprix Charles, teamster, r 7 Saratoga 
^ Daprix Henry, saloon and grocery 11 Schuyler, r same 
ct Daprix John, tailor, r 95 Canal 
♦S Darby Arthur, carder, r 74 Spring 
•g Darby Jane, widow, r 74 Mohawk 
q) Darby Marcella, r 11 Huntington 
^ Darby Patrick, shoemaker, r 11 Huntington 
Darby Patrick, tobacconist, r 74 Mohawk 

Pitrvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 



Darby Terreuce, engineer, r 6 Moliawk «i^ 

Darcej £. M. salesman, r 8 Cooper P 

Darling Charles, laborer, r 87 Erie ^ 

Darling Charles, fanner Welshbash road neareitj line e 

DARLING CHAELES C. REV. r Clarendon •« 

Darling C. W. r Clarendon Jj, 

Darling Cook Mrs. R. r Welshbnsh road near city line § 

Darling Henry, carpenter, r Welshbush road near city line ^ 

Darling Nathaniel, farmer, r Welshbnsh road near city line 99 

Darling W. B. (Witherbee & Co.), r 26 South ^ 

Darling R W. lawyer 69 Genesee, r Clarendon g 
Darling Wm. R clerk, r 24 Seneca 

Darrigrand Celeste, school teacher, r 13 Hotel ^ 

Darrigrand Frederick, jeweler 132 Genesee, r 13 Hotel ^ 

Darwin R copyist, r 29 West O 

Daner Angust, carpenter, r 36 Hicks g^ 

Davenport Adam, laborer, r 4S Columbia Q« 

Davenport A. H. Mrs. r 84 Columbia ^ 

Davenj)ort C. E. stenographer 6 and 7 Herald building, r 112 i§ 

State "g^ 

Davenport Charles A. at Warnick & Brown, r 112 State ^ 

Davenport Harry Mrs. r 32 Broad ci^ 

Davenport, Irvin, loom fixer, r 26 Chenango ave g* 

Davenport Eugene I. blacksmith, r Hickory cor Martin ^ 

Davey Elizabeth, weaver, r 26 Wager g 

Davey Thomas, wool sorter, r 26 Wager § 

Davey Thomas Jr. weaver, r 26 Wager ^ 

Davice Alexander R gardener, r 1 Jewett O 

DA VIES BENJAMIN F. watches and jewelry 28 Genesee, g 

r 3 Mary g 

Da vies Charles, tailor, r 66 Liberty B 

Davies Charlotte M. nurse, r 180 Columbia g 

Davies David, brakeman, r 144 Whitesboro ►-. 

Davies Elizabeth, widow, r 144 Whitesboro ^ 

DAVIES D. J. H. "HOWELL WASHER" Room I Thomas • 

Block, r same. See advt page 33 W 
DAVIES DAVID L (Patterson & Davies boot and shoe § 

dealers 185 Genesee,) r 134 Park ave S^ 

DAVIES DAVID J. builder and contractor 14 Montgomery, "^ 

r 97 Elizabeth "^ 
DAVIES DAVID L & CO. boots and shoes 180 Genesee 

Davies D. R agent, r 122 Howard ave oo 

Davies George E. r 61 Rntger g 

Davies George W. Y Dryh office, r 144 Whitesboro g, 

Davies James, r 21 Washins^ton co 

Davies John, butcher 131 Bleecker, r 13 Lansing p 

Davies John, doctor, r 71 Taylor ave [Hotel g 

DAVIES JOHN S. (Davies & Williams) 78 Genesee, r 9 | 

Blank Booh Manufacturer s, 137 Genesee. ?? 




it the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Davies John A. Jr. clerk 63 Franklin Square, r 5 Eemble 
DA VIES JOHN A. furniture 51, 52 and 58 Franklin Square 
and 39 Seneca, r 5 Eemble 

qj' Davies Joshua, r 24 Philip 

"^ Davies Joshua R carriage trimmer, r 50 Elizabeth 

8 DAVIES PETER, lawyer Exchange Building, r 21 Wash- 

2 ington 

o Davies, R. B. baggageman, r 33 Washington 

§^ Davies Rees, tailor, r 139 John ^ 

^ DAVIES SAMUEL, nurseryman 84 and 86 State, r 21 Oswego 

^ Davies Thomas M. Mrs. r 8 Mary 

jH Davies Will, painter, r 4 Warren 

O Davies William M. bookkeeper 127 Genesee, r 44 Spring 

CQ Davies Willard M. student, r 44 Spring 

•M Davies W. salesman, r HI Rutger 

g DAVIES & WILLIAMS (John S. Davies and Richard D. 
Williams) merchant tailors, 78 Genesee 

•H Davis — spinner, r 268 Bleecker 

P| Davis Augustus H. salesman, r 23 Steuben 

^ Davis Barton L. commercial traveler, r 92 Fayette 

q) Davis Carrie, r 8 *Cooper 

itj Davis Catherine, r 139 John 

a DAVIS' SONS CHARLES P. (J. P., W. A., F. J. and 

o C. C. Davis), stained glass works 4 and 6 Noyes 

^ DAVIS CHARLES C. (Charles P. Davis' Sons), r 4 Noyes 

^ Davis Charles R agent, r 160 Whitesboro 

?:j DAVIS CHARLES S. livery and boarding stables 29 Hotel, 

^ r 138 Miller. See adv't page 34 

0) Davis Chester, carpenter, r 68 Broad 

•Sj Davis Clara« seamstress Orphan Asylum 

■^ Davis Cynthia Mrs. nurse, r 49 Cornelia 

•§ Davis David J* moulder, r 139 John 

§ Davis David, blacksmith, r 99 Whitesboro 

rh Davis Ebenezer, carpenter, r 1 Warren 

,. Davis Ella, r 37 Broad 

l^ Davis Eugene, cartman 12 Fayette, r 71 West 

P Davis E. W. Miss, teacher Ladies' Seminary, r same 

® Davis Ernest, wood carver, r 62 Spring 

S Davis Frances Mrs. dressmaker, r 64 Water 

q Davis Frank, proof reader, r 36 Jay 

•J DAVIS FRED. J. (Charles P. Davis' Sons), ^4 Noyes 

QQ Davis George, farmer, Albany near city line 

S Davis George, meat market 195 Bleecker, r 245 South 

'g Davis George A. (Davis & Weaver), r Clinton House 

Davis Henry A. bookkeeper 30 Genesee, r 11 Rutger 

R) Davis Henry A. (Johnson & Davis), 16 Genesee, r 72 Broad- 
Davis H. M. grocer cor. Bleecker and Nichols, r same 

Fred d. Cassidy^ successor to J.H. Douglass ^ 


Davis Hugh, carpenter, r 100 Whitesboro <^ 

Davis James K. belt maker 119 Genesee, r 68 Broad b* 

Davis James L. Mrs. r 72 Broadway ^ 

Davis James R. r 1 Warren <ft 

Davis Jane Mr& boarding, r 13 Lansing g; 

Davis John, laborer, r cor Water and Seneca <b 

Davis John, farmer, r 1 Warren O* 

Davis John T. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum S 

DAVIS JOSEPH R (Cliarles P. Davis' Sons), r 4 Noyes ^ 

Davis Josie, dressmaker, r 26 Jay g 

Davis J. W. law student, r 171 Park avo Qq 

Davis Laura A. Mrs. boarding house 72 Broadway § 

Davis Louisa, r 21 Court g* 

Davis Lydia A. r 4 Spring Q. 

Davis M. Miss, r 3 Mary <& 

Davis Mary J. r 4 Spring S* 

Davis Mary, dressmaker, r 63 State 2, 

Davis Maggie, domestfc Bagga Hotel ^^ 

Davis Mary, widow, r 74 Liberty o 

Davis Nelson J. r 16 Seneca g; 

Davis Orville 0. r 71 Columbia cb 

Davis Peter, r 83 Whitesboro Oj 

Davis Rees Mrs. r 63 West g* 

Davis Bichard, laborer, r 66 Stark ci^ 

Davis Kuth, cook, r 40 Whitesboro ? 

Davis Samuel C. watchmaker and jeweler 51 South, r same . 

Davis Sarah, r 63 State W 
Davis Theo. B. bookkeeper U. 0. Nat. Bank, r 45 Whitesboro o 

Davis T. G. clerk 174 Genesee, r 30 Washington Jj] 

Davis Thomas, carriage maker, r 45 Whitesboro Q 

DAVIS W. A. (Charles P. Davis' Sons), r 36 Noyes ^ 

Davis Wm. J. r 6 Lansing 9? 

Davis William R shipper, r 49 Miller Q 

Davis Walter W. r 26 Miller 9 
DAVIS ife WEAVER (G. A. Davis and W. N. Weaver, Jr.), Oo 

cartmen N. Y. C. Freight House |^ 
DAVISON GEORGE J. manager Western Union Tel. Com. g 

r 1 Elm Q. 

Day Emerson, painter, r 43 Howard ave QD 

Day EL L. clerk Buckley & Co. r 66 Lansing ^ 

Day Horace E. U. S. storekeeper and ganger, r 26 Kemble Q 

DAY J. FRANK, (J. C. Hieber & Co.), r 23 Hopper g 

DAY J. J. groceries John cor Elizabeth, r 51 Elizabeth g 

Day John P. clerk 10 Liberty, r 117 Lansing S 

Day John, r 44 First <^ 

Day Kittie, r 44 First to 

Day Mary Mra r 44 First S' 

Day Mary, r 9 Hicks cd 

. e<«^ 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^7 Genesee Street. 


Since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

Day Patrick, ahoemaker, r 117 Lao sing 
DAY PATRICK, grocer cor John and Elizabeth, r 51 Eliza- 
Deahna Frederick, cartman, r 15 Neileon 
Deam Henry, botcher, r 67 Qooth 
Dean E. S. stenographer 12 Fayette, r 32 Spring 
DEAN LINUS, ornamental iron works 200 Whiteeboro, r 
•^ 194 sama See advt. page 29. 

^ Dean Thomas, machinist, r 23 Wiley 
^ Dean Thomas, machinist, r 147 Whitesboro 
•g Dearden Oreenwood, overseer, r 10 Nichols 
Sa Dearflinger Ohaa shoemaker, r 98 Whitesboro 
^ DE ANGELIS PASCAL C. J. lawyer 77 Genesee, r Waverly 
.d 372 Genesee 

'•f De Angel is S. E lawyer 77 Genesee, r 136 State 
§ Debbold Charles C. clerk, r 51 Cornelia 
^ Debbold George, porter Oneida National Bank, r 51 Cornelia 
^ Debbold P. F. confectionery 22 Columbia, r same 
S Decker John P. baggage man Central KR, r Deerfield 
■g Decker Dominick, engineer Central RR. r 95 Whitesboro 
3 Deecke Theodore, special pathologist Lnnatic Asylum, r York 
^ cor Green 

^ Deeche Charles, book binder, r 54 Warren 
•H DeForest E. cashier, Buckley & Co. r 78 Elizabeth 
:g DeForest Harry, clerk Buckley & Co. r 78 Elizabeth 

S DeForest James E. printer /Ve«* office, r 78 Eh'zabeth 
^ DeFreitas G. A. Mrs. r 716 Genesee 
q DeGiorgi Charles L. lawyer, r 86 Park ave 
O DeGiorgi Charles J. shoemaker, r 84 Park ave 
^^ DeGiorgi Joseph W. shoemaker, r 85 Jay 
*M Delilinger Jacob, laborer, r 15 Lock 
^ Dehlinger Jacob, Jr. truckman, r 15 Lock 
(0 DEHS ADAM (Dehs Bros.) r 74 West 
^ DEHS BROTHERS (Adam and Michael), saloon and restau- 
Ri rant 10 Gcncsco 

•Sl DEHS MICHAEL (Dehs Bros.), r 74 West 
^ Dehm Aloise, widow, r 94 Court 
g Dehm God fried, grocer, r 94 Court 
Dehrr Caf^per, r 232 Blandina 
.' DeLaPlant Solomon Lares:i, trimmer, r 53 Whitesboro 
Delaware & Hudson Canal Coal Co. office 142 Water and 18 

Bleecker, J. W. Church agent 
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Express 16 Genesee, Geo. 

K Woodward general agent 
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR. general office and 

passenger depot foot of Division 
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western freight office, 50 Water 
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western CoafCo. 28 Fayette, 8 Erie 

WestcoU ^ Beusswig^ Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handsomest DryOoodaSc Carpets on earth 

Delehantj Jaiueg, Balesman, r 65 Third 
DeLestre Elizabeth Mrs. r 140 Blandina 

DeLestre FraDcis, r 164 Jay ^ 

DeLeetre Frances, widow, r 7 St Joseph '^ 

DeLestre Patrick, carpenter, r 87 Chanotte b:) 

DeLestre Peter F. salesman 117 Oenesee, r 7 St. Joseph g 
DbLESTRE THEODORE, (McMorrow & Co.), r 46 Steuben Vr 

Delitte Peter, r 79 Third Jt,' 

Dellinger George, laborer, r 28 Schnyler Vj 

rDellinger see Dillinger) ff 

Dell George, carpenter, r 86 Blandina ^^ 

Dell Kate, seamstress, r 124 Albany p 

DeLong Ahram, carpenter, r 25 South x^ 

DeLong Adelbert E. clerk, r 25 South " 

DeLong R J esse, r 25 South ^^ 

DeLong Fred T. r 768 Genesee jb 

DeLong James C. r Clarendon g^ 

DeLong James C. Mra r 51 Broad ^ 

DeLong John L clerk, r 25 South Co 

DeLong John P. porter, r Water cor Hotel rs 
DbLONG martin B. furniture 12 to 20 Catharine, r 763 o 

Genesee road ^ 

DeLong Nelson, laborer, r Washington Hotel Co 

DeLorne Estelle Mrs. r 95 State % 

DeLug Anna Mra r 44 Fay (^ 

Delufi; Magdalene, r 44 Fay r*- 
De Marce Gilbert, last maker, r 181 Bleecker 

De Marce Isabella, r 181 Bleecker § 

Demanger Martin, r Shaw near Perkins ave 2 

Dembuisky William, pedler, r 115 Liberty ^ 

Dernier William, carpenter, r Clinton Place cor Kemble ^ 

Deming Albert J. r 354 Whitesboro o 

Deming A. J. Mrs. r 357 Whitesboro J^ 

Deming Charles, freight conductor, r 59 Taylor ave s 

Deming Nellie A. Mi^s, r 84 Fayette I 

Deming Sylvia Mrs. r 37 Miller | 
DEMOTT WILLIAM H. paper box manuf r 35 and 37 Lib- £ 

erty, r 30 Whitesboro ^ 
Dempsey Abbie, r 21 Court 

Dempsey James S. clerk, r 37 Fayette f 
Dempsey John, salesman 102 Genesee, r 29 Spring 
Dempsey Kate, weaver, r 60 Spring 
Dempsey Thomas E. agent 40 Bleecker, r Clinton 
Dempster James^ r 113 Blandina 
Demnth G. H. carpenter, r 283 Bleecker 
Denison Albert R Mra r 9 Square 
Denison Charlotte, r 23 West 
Denison Jennie, r 76 Broadway 

J^o. 88 Genesee Street, Utira. 




and spring from Summer back 


o Denison William R boots and shoes Thomas block, Bleecker^ 

Q r 100 Howard ave 

^ (Denison see Dennison) 

a Denike Arlington, barber, r 20 Elizabeth 
^ Dennig Anna Mrs. r 79 Court 
'S Dennig Charles, machinist, r 79 Court 

ft Dennis George, teamster, r 308 Whitesboro 

^ DENNISON CHARLES M. lawyer, U. S. Commissioner 81 

QN Genesee, r in Whitestown 

:g DENNISON & DENNISON, lawyers, 81 Genesee 

-^ Dennison Fred, printer, r 21 Blandina 

"S DENNISON GEO. E. lawyer 81 Genesee, r in Whitestown 

-S Dennison Rodoma, widow, r 204 Whitesboro 

5j (Dennison see Denison) 

^ Deno laborer, r 27 Dudley 

«^ Deno John, blacksmith, r 27 Bristol 
^ Dent Alfred, printer, r 79 Washington 

^ Dent Maria, milliner, r 79 Washington 

»5 DENT MATTHEW F. (Wm. Dent & Son\ r 79 Washington 
^ DENT WILLIAM (Wm. Dent & Son), r 79 Washington 
.g DENT WM. & SON (Wm. and M. F. Dent), novelty works 
^ 81 Washington and 14 and 16 Madison lane. See page 35 

^ Dentz George, stove mounter, r 216 Third 
00 De Roe A. M. vestmaker, r 175 Park ave 
$0 Dering Bernard, r 62 Jay 
fH Dering Miss Kate, r 237 Genesee 

N DERING SYLVESTER, Brig. Genl. Comdg 6th Brigade K 
G. lumber dealer and mfr,Oul ver cor Fnlton, r 237 Genesee 
g Dermot Michael, r 73 Nichols 

^ DESBROUGH GEORGE, physician 158 Genesee, r same 
•§ DeSHON WILLIAM H. journalist 60 Genesee, r 69 Catharine 
^ Desmond Bartholomew, r 42 West 
^ Desmond Cornelius, carpenter, r 205 Bleecker 
•CI Desmond Daniel, painter, r 39 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Desmond Henry, carpenter, r 54 Dudley 
o Desmond Josie, seamstress, r 205 Bleecker 
^ Desmond John C. machinist, r 205 Bleecker 
gj Desmond John -F. 42 West 
g Desmond Margaret, r 42 West 
^ Desmond Margaret, r 205 Bleecker 

Desmond Maggie, seamstress, r 205 Bleecker 
^ Desmond Mary, seamstress, r 205 Bleecker 
g Desmond Patrick F. carpenter, r 205 Bleecker 
q) Desmond William, machinist, r 205 Bleecker 
^ Desmond William H. shoemaker, r 109 Howard ave 
• Devendorf H. E. removed to Amsterdam, N. Y. 
3 DEVENDORF LUCIEN B. dealer in white bronze monu- 
1^ ments 12 Arcade, r 25 Miller 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Dev^endorf Lucy, eeamstrees, r 30 Blandina 
Devereux Anna, r 5 Kent 
Devereux Hattie, r 5 Kent 

Devereanx Bridget, r 4 Albany W 
DEVEREUX BLOCK southwest cor Genesee and canal bridge o 

Devereux James, laborer, r 22 Hicks g 

Devereux John, laborer, r 29 Wager p 

Devereux John, operative, r 9 Orchard ^ 
DEVEREUX JOHN C. commissioner State board charities ft* 

5th district, office 14 Devereux block, r 5 Kent Q 

Devereux Lena, r 5 Kent ? 

Devereux Mary, operative, r 9 Orchard ^ 

Devereux Michael, bakery 166 Bleecker, r same Q; 

Devereux Michael, spinner, r 37 Philip g 
DEVEREUX NICHOLAS E. (Wild & Devereux), r 5 Kent -^ 

Devereux Peter, laborer, r 9 Orchard g 

Devereux Rosa, r 5 Kent J2 

Deveraux Thomas B. Mra r 24 Dudley ^ 

Devine Charles, cartman, r 22 Wager s 

Devine Daniel, laborer, 20 Wafi^er ^ 

Devine R spinner, r 165 Columbia Q 

Devine Elizabeth, r 6 Saratoga § 

(Devine see Divine) gi 

Devins James, bone yard, r Albany near cit}' line -^^ 

Devlin John G. r 119 Catharine ci. 

Devlin Maggie, r 119 Catharine ^ 
DEVLIN PATRICK, Supervisor 5th Ward, r 119 Catharine fa 

Devlin Patrick, moulder, r 119 Catharine Q; 

DevoU Geo. photographer, r 68 Columbia ^ 

DevoU Lillie, r 08 Columbia g 

Dewalt Mary, domestic 3 Henry ^ 

Dewhurst Albert, bookkeeper 108 Genesee, r 36 Elm g 

Dewitt Eliza, r 85 Charlotte §, 

Dewitt Laurana H. Mrs. r 42 Mary ^ 

Dexter Gustavus, r 66 Cooper g 

Dicks Henry, cabinet maker, r 11 Philip ^ 

Dicks Martin^ carpenter, r 121 Miller <b 

Dickinson A. Frank, printer Olobe^ r 11 Canal S' 

Dickinson Albert M. printer Globe^ r 11 Canal ei^ 

Dickinson Carrie, seamstress, r 158 Lansing ^ 

Dickinson Grace Mrs. r 6 Rntger ^ 

Dickinson Henry B. com. traveler, r 62 Broad ^^ 

Dickinson Isaac, marble polisher, r 124 Lansing ^ 

Dickinson Jennie, r 14 Post ^ 

Dickinson Morrison G. pump maker, r 11 Canal § 
Dickinson Willet J. salesman 81 Genesee, r 78 Seymour ave P^ 
Dickinson William H. marble polisher, r 271 Bleecker 
Dieckow Chas. Mrs. employment ofHce 208 Genesee, r same 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette iStreet. 


May 15th, Fires were needed, OverooatB oomfortable, 

Dieffenbacber Charles F. carpeDter, r 40 Noyes 
, Diefienbacher T. C. telegrapher, r 40 Noyes 
g Diefenbaeh John Mrs. r 850 Whitesboro 
S Diefenbaeh William, barber Parker Block, r 350 Whitesboro 
'^ Dietrich John, r 158 Elizabeth 
O" Dietrich Joseph, cigar maker 158 Elizabeth, r same 
^ Dietz Adam, r 2 I^ah 
^ Dietz Joseph, weaver, r 28 Orchard 
b Dietz Simon, weaver, r 28 Orchard 
^ Dietz Yalim, teacher Ladies' Seminary, r same 
•^ Dingle Samnel, boiler maker, r 18 Stark 
>3 Dij^hman Frank, barber, r 46 John 
q^ Dikeman James, laborer, 295 Mohawk 
JJ Dilker Barbara, operative, r 114 Liberty 
0) Dilker John, laborer, r 114 Liberty 
•CI Dillinger Frank, laborer, r 278 Whitesboro 
§ (Dillins^er see Dellinger also Dehlinger) 
g DILLON DANIEL 0. grocer 23 Albany, r same 
2 DILLON'S (E J. Dillon and Richard Dillon, Jr.) bowlin^r 
■Q alley and bottling establishment Fayette cor Broadway 

J» DILLON EDWARD J. (Dillon Bros.) r 78 Columbia 
Ig Dillon Edward T. printer, r 55 Broadway 
S Dillon Fred, cutter, r 23 Albany 
*^ Dillon James, moulder, r 23 Albany 
t? Dillon John, carpenter, r 23 Albany 
•a Dillon Patrick Mrs. r 23 Albany 
5 Dillon Richard, r 43 Chenango ave 
^ DILLON RICHARD Jr (Dillon Bros.) r 52 Broadway 
§ Dillon Timothy, attendant at Asylum, r 364 Whitesboro 
^ Dillon W. T. tailor 78 Genesee, r same 
b Dimbleby David, r 130 Columbia 
g Dimbleby James, 58 Franklin Square, r 130 Columbia 
2 Dimbleby John, locomotive engineer, r 1 Potter 
5 DIMBLEBY WESLEY, chief engineer, r 28 Hobart 
^ DIMON GEORGE D. (Diraon & Disbrow), r 857 Genesee 
o DIMON & DISBROW (George D. Dimon and C. I. Dis- 
§ brow), shoe mfrs. 30 and 32 Liberty 

4d Dingley Harvey E. bookkeeper 48 Hotel, r 3 Elm 
'*1^ Dinmg John A. r 23 Devereux 
gj Disbrow Albert M. shoemaker, r 20 Eemble 
? DISBROW CHARLES I. (Dimond & Disbrow), r 52 West 
Q- Disbrow Edwin F. r 88 Elm 
6> Disbrow William H. r 20 Kemble 
^ Dischler Andrew, shoemaker, r 266 Whitesboro 
^ Dischler David A. r 256 Whitesboro 

^ Dissenhold Christian, carpenter, r Chenango ave cor Kirk- 
Dittman Charles J. barber Dudley House, r 21 State 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book- Binders and 


Dan Bice was here^ but no Smnmer, 

Dittman Mary K Mra r 21 State ^^ 

DIVINE BRADFORD C. cashier D. S. C. Mills, r 3 HeDry $ 

Divine Cleseon R r 48i Colombia g; 

Divine Deloss, roller coverer 76 State, r same u^ 

Divine Edward H. shirt nifr. 132 Genesee, r 21 Henry ? 

*Divine Fred D. fishing Uekle over 132 Genesee, r 76 State ^ 

Divine Jane Mrs. r 48 Columbia Q> 

(Divine see Devine^ § 

Doane Harriet J. Mr& 40 Oneida g» 

Dobbie Harley S. com. traveler, r 14 Seymour ave r^ 

Dobbie John, bntcher, r 19 Steuben § 

Dobbins Edward C. shoemaker, r 5 Union f^ 

Dobbins John, shoemaker, r 68 Leah C> 

Dobbins James, Herald oflSce, r 68 Leah ^ 

Dobbins Mary R domestic 55 Fayette •O 

Dobbins Sidney, carpenter, r 161 Neilson 5 

Dobell Jennie M. milliner 179 Genesee ^ 

Dobson Altred B. r 15 Oneida ^ 

Dobson A. H. ret)orter Daily Press^ r 15 Oneida (^ 

Dobson Charles L. dancing master, r 11 Oneida ^ 

Dockstader Benjamin H. shoemaker, r 55 Neilson xn 

Dockstader O. C. shoemaker, r 24 Kemble ^ 

Dockstader James, mill operative, r 125 Varick ^ 

Dodd Robert, Connty Clerk's ofiice, r 76 Liberty Jl 

Dodd Thomas, clerk, r 76 Broadway , ^ 

Dodd Thomas, carpenter, r 48 Brinckerhoff ave jm 

Dodge R U. Mrs. widow, r Jefferson near Bleecker o 

Dodge E. H. r 53 Kemble E 

Dodge Frank R r 58 Kemble S 

Dodge James, cutter, r 59 Main ^ 

Dodge John F. tea agent, r Deerfield '^ 

Dodge Li H. confectioner, r 84 Columbia g^ 

Dodge R C. Mrs. r 53 Kemble ^^ 

Dodge Rose Miss, r 18 Steuben ^ 

Dodge Rufus, r 58 Kemble Qd 

Dodge Sabrina Mrs. r 8 Elm ^ 

Dodge Stephen G. Home for Aged Men § 

Dodge W. S. barber, r Jefferson near Bleecker Q» 

Doheney Maggie, weaver, r 71 Spring QO 

Doherty Barnard Mrs. r 128 Bleecker ^ 

Doherty Edward, clerk 128 Bleecker g^ 

Doherty John, clerk, r 128 Bleecker § 

Doherty Kittle, milliner, r 128 Bleecker g 

Doherty Theresa, saleslady, r 128 Bleecker S 

(Doherty see Dority) ^ 

Dolan Ann, widow, r 106 Elizabeth ^ 
Dolan Ann, widow, r 116 South 
Dolan Bridget, domestic Baggs Hotel' 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


Dry Oood% Carpet^ Cloaks, Killmery, XTpholstering Ooodi, 

CQ Dolan John, carpenter, r 252 Whitesboro 
^ Dolan John, saloon keeper, r 10 Saratoga 
^ Dolan John M. printer Press office, r 116 South 

Dolan Julia Mre. r 11 Elm 
^ Dolan Philip, laborer, r 10 Saratoga 
.q Dolan Rosy, dressmaker, r 116 South 
»i Dolin Thomas F. pressman, r 358 Whitesboro 
g Dolin James, watchman, r 342 Whitesboro 
*^ Dolin Rose, housekeeper 63 State 
1^ Dolin Thomas, laborer, r 368 Whitesboro 
;5 (Dolan see Dulan) 

g DOLL MICHAEL, alderman 12th ward, carpenter, r 93 
^ Briuckerhoff ave 

Doll Peter, grocery 62 Elm, r same 
jj^ Doll William, tailor, 46 Elm 

Domke August, shoemaker, r 16 Meadow 
^ Dommasch George, switchman, r 148 Water 

« Donahue Edward, laborer, 136 Whitesboro 
^ Donahoe Edward F. organist, r 48 Eagle 
;q Donahoe James, clerk, r 50 Butger 
to Donahoe John, plumber, r 96 Third 

•^ Donahoe John Mrs. r 48 Eagle 
^ Donahoe John, r 69 Dudley 
1^ Donahoe John, laborer, r 81 Garden 
^ Donahoe Margaret Mrs. r 96 Third 
^ Donahoe Mary, operative, r 96 Third 
§ Donahoe Nellie, operative, r 96 Third 
^ Donahoe Thomas, r 172 Columbia 
^ Donahoe Thomas, moulder, r 96 Third 
^ Donahoe William, shoemaker, r 96 Third 
^ Donahue Mary Ann, r 8 Bank 
O) Donahue Ma^e, r 8 Bank 
^ (Dotiahoe see Donohue) 
^ Donaldson Alexander, belt maker, r 142 Elm 
§ Donaldson M. B. Mrs. r 17 Howard ave 
>^ Donaldson J. H. carpenter, r 16 Brinkerhoff ave 
CO Donalty Charles J. salesman, r 81 Brinkerhoff ave 

r Donalty Michael, mason and builder, r 133 Blandina 
^ Donaltv William, mason, r 81 Brinkerhoff 
^ Donnelly Alice, r 192 Columbia 
^ Donnelly Bernard, r 176 Third 
K^ Donnelly Frank B. clerk, r 84 Mary 
j^ Donnelly Patrick, laborer, r 176 Third 
^ Donnelly Patrick, laborer, r 3 Seneca 
]^ Donnelly Peter, laborer, r Buffalo 
CD Donnelly William, shoemaker, r 175 Third 
O Donnelly William, r 18 Morris 
'^l Donohoe Thomas J. printer Observer^ r 144 Mary 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass^ 


Shawl^ Fans and Fnr-Lined Gloves, Blankets and Mosqnito Vet, Co 

Donohoe John, bricklayer, r 144 Mary 5p 

Donohne James, clerk, r 50 Butter br 

Donohne William, plnmber, r 67 South B' 

Donohae William £. barber 160 Geneeee, r 8 Bank ^ 

g)onahoe see Donohne) ^ 

onovan Daniel, laborer, r 136 Mary iq 

Donovan Ellen, domestic 312 Genesee * C 

Donovan Hannah, r 153 Lansing / § 

Donovan John, mason, r 171 Bntger a» 

Donovan Kate, widow, Gnlf near Soath . 

Donovan Kate, Mrs. r 153 Lansing 3^ 

Donovan Timothy, laborer, r 136 Mary 5 

Donovan Michael, tailor, r 44 Third S 

DONSBACH LEONARD (Jenny & Donsbaoh) r 34 Fay S, 

Dooley John, laborer, r 118 Brinckerhoff ave ^i? 

Dooley Mary, domestic 70 Howard ave •«. 

Doolittle A. S. Mrs. r 48 Oneida p 

Genesee, r 881 same ff 

Doolittle Charles H. Mrs. r 243 Genesee cd 

Doolittle F. H. r 116 Park ave ft» 
DOOLITTLE HENRY A. lawyer 21 Arcade, r 48 Oneida O 

Doohttle Isaac Mrs. r 48 Oneida * ^' 

Doolittle William C. bookkeeper Baggs Hotel q 
DOOLITTLE WILLIAM S. clerk U. S. Circuit Court, law- te* 

yer 75 Genesee, r 243 same ^ 
Dooner Mary, domestic 5 Henry 

Doorhamer Mary Mrs. widow, r 85 Third , RT 

Dorchester C. G. r 46 Rutger t> 

Dorety Madge E. dressmaker, r 164 Jay ^ 

(Dority see Doherty) g- 

Dority Albert, clerk, r 140 Elizabeth q^ 

Dority Amos, liveryman, r 45 Washington Oi 

Dority Charles, laborer, r 170 Albany ^ 

Dority Eliza, laundress, r 7 Second g* 

Dority Frederick, laborer, r 231 Albany cq 

Dority Edward, r 140 Elizabeth fe 

Dority Eddie, r 128 Bleecker tf 

Dority Francis, surveyor, r 140 Elizabeth S^ 

Dority Irving, teamster, r 64 Washington £• 
Dority Nicholas L. r 87 Mohawk 

Dom George, carpenter, r 1 95 South ► 

Doreey Edward, clerk, r 8 Cooper ^ 

Dorsey Geoi^e, waiter Baggs Hotel, r 23 Elizabeth §* 

Dorsey Moses, waiter Baggs Hotel ^ 
Dorsey Redmond, moulder, r 7 Garden 
Dorsey Joseph, saloon 91 Washington, r same 

Doreon William, laborer, r 34 Barnes 

. ____ g 

Furnishing Undertaker ^ Jf.1 Genesee Street, g: 



DOUGLASS BENJAMIN L. undertaker at Whitten's, r 88 

Douglass F. Mies, r cor Steuben and West 
Doaglaas H. F. pedler, r4 Meadow 
Douglass Isaac H. physician 246 Genesee, r same 
Douglass John H. Mrs. r 60 Broad 
DonglasQ Ljdia Mrs. r 88 Elizabeth 
•, Douque Anthonj, r 99 Variek 
S Douque Anthony Mrs. millinery 99 Yarick, r same 
O Doux Anna, bookkeeper, r 10 6nrnet 
^ Doux Jules, fancy dyer 56 Bleecker, r 6 Burnet 
. Doux Jules Jr. dyer 55 Bleecker, r same 
cQ Dove Samuel, laborer, r 81 West 
vD Dowd James (J. L. & J. Dowd), r 88 Second 
q Dowd John £. dispatcher, r 95 Columbia 
^ Dowd John L. (J. L & J. Dowd), r 91 Water 
^ Dowd J. L. & J . tobacconists 82 Liberty 
;fa Dowd Mary A. r 91 Water 
3 Dowd Martin, shoemaker, r 26 St Vincent 
n Dowd William, cigarmaker, r 21 Louisa 
t;j Dowd Wilh'am J. pattern fitter, r 91 Water 
.^ Dowling Carrie B. housekeeper ladies' seminary, r same 
1^ Dowling Michael, laborer,, r 152 Kossuth ave 
•Q Down Kichard F. butcher, r 119 Bleecker 
PI Down Thomas, baker, r rear 17 Cooper 
^ Downs Jennie, domestic 35 Mary 
*^ Downs Hannah, r 28 Oneida 
^ Downer Alexander B. clerk P. O. r 44 Main 
2 Downer Charles, r 150 Park ave 

o DOWNER EDWARD F. lumber dealer 32, 88 and 34 Canal, 
1^ r 500 Whitesboro 

•s Downer Eliza A. widow, r 16 High 
kj Downer Will T. 150 Park ave 

§ DOWNER & WHITE (E F. Downer and Joseph White) 
"2 planing mill 84 Canal 

g Downey John, laborer, r 9 Canal 
j^ Downing Thomas, gardener 298 Genesee 
^ Downing W. L teacher Utica Academy, r Waverly 872 
qT Genesee 

•SJ Downard Andrew, machinist, r 894 Whitesboro 
^ Dows Fidelia, widow, r 28 Seneca 

Dowsland Miss, r 21 State 

Dowzer Charles, engineer Baggs Hotel, r 117 Nichols 

Doyle Ann, r 272 Bleecker 

Doyle Belle, r 272 Bleecker 

Doyle Christopher J. woulsorter, r 32 Philip 

Doyle Ella, tailoress, r 73 Mary 

Doyle Edward, moulder, r 120 Catharine 

WestcoU Sf Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



Doyle Hannah, r 6 Water ' 

Doyle Helen Mrs. r 59 Warren 

Doyle James S. shoemaker 51 Ooart, r Huntington and Spring 

Doyle James (Doyle & Son) 38 Bleecker, r same 

Doyle James, dry goods 51 Franklin Sqnare, r 66 Charlotte 

Doyle James Jr. (D«>yle & Son), r 38 Bleeeker t^ 

Doyle John, clerk, r 137 Bleeeker »^ 

Doyle John Jr. r 14 Kemble O 

Doyle John, factory operative, r 69 Warren fi 

Doyle John, saloon 39 Water, r same ty 

DOYLE JOHN, mason and dealer in ready made mortar 151 *^ 

Steuben, r same g" 

Doyle John, teamster, r 108 Park ave l^ 

Doyle John D. mason, r Deerfield road ^ 

Doyle Joseph, r 272 Bleeeker ^ 

Doyle Julia, widow, r 328 Whitesboro k^ 

Doyle Maggie, domestic 13 Cottage * ^ 

Doyle Margaret, widow, r 73 Mary ^ 

Doyle Mary, teacher, r 127 Blandina Q 

Doyle Mary, tailoress, r 73 Mary § 

Doyle Martin, clerk, r 137 Bleeeker g, 

Doyle Mary Mrs. r 39 Water ^ 

Doyle Mary, domestic 21 Butger g 

Doyle M. E. Mrs. r 89 Washington g^ 
Doyle Peter, constable, r 66 Catharine 

Doyle William D. clairvoyant healer 89 Washington, r same ^ 
Doyle & Son (James and James S. Doyle), undertakers 38 § 

Bleeeker CD 

Doyle Whl miller, r Deerfield Jf 

Drash Frank A. trimmer, r 26 Canal j^^ 

Dreschil Frank, tailor, r Whitesboro ci. 

Drescher Balthaser, r 27 Bristol (jjj 

Dressel George, policeman, r 320 Whitesboro q| 

Dressel John, barber 103 Varick, r 8 McVean Q 

Drefisel Michael, r 36 Saratoga ^ 

Dressel Peter Mrs. saloon 322 Whitesboro, r same Fj 

Dressel Peter, r 12 1 Water ^ 
Dreseli Anna, factory operative, r 3 South Hamilton 

Dreseli Barbara, factory operative, r 3 South Hamilton ^ 

Dreseli Jacob, cabinet maker, r 3 South Hamilton q 

Dreseli John, laborer, r 104 Schuyler O 

Dreseli Joseph, shoemaker, r 61 Brinckerhoff ave *» 

Dreseli Mana, nurse, r 104 Schuyler Y^ 
Drew Mary E. r 2 Plant 
Drew M. M. milliner, r 2 Plant 
Drew Thomas, r 2 Plant 
Drexler John, shoemaker, r 15 Faass ave 
Drexler Nicholas, shoemaker 31 Fayette, r 88 Varick 

.A'o. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


CARPETS, will occaaionally drop up this way, 

DriscoU Fannie, r Clinton Honse 
cQ DriscoU Mary, seamstrese, r 12 Morris 
§ DriBcoll Michael, engineer, r 87 Water 
§ DriscoU Nellie, domestic, 141 John 
^ DriscoU Thomas, farmer, r 12 Morris 
p^ Drought H. G. jeweler 3 Fayptte, r 93 Spring 
« Drought H. T. finisher, r 93 Spring 
^ Droxler John, laborer, r 145 Elm 
fl« Droz John J. plumber, r 164 Blandina 
•J Droz Julian Mrs. r 164 Blandina 
t* Drugan Annie, r 72 Warren 
S Drugan Mary Ann, factory operative, r 72 Warren 
g Drugan Maggie, factory operative, r72 Warren 
I Drugan Patrick, factory operative, r 72 Warren 
^ Drugan Sarah, r 72 Warren 

J DRYER HORATIO N. steward Lunatic Asylum, r 205 
"** Court 

* Dublin John A. r 94 Mary 
o DuBois Chester, clerk, r 75 Blandina 

8 Dubois EUGENE, (George DuBuis & Co.) r 60 Charlotte 
g Dubois GEORGE (George DuBois & Co. 181 Genesee), r 
o 90 Chariotte 

^ Dubois GEORGE & CO. (George DuBois and Eugene Da- 
p^ Bois), earthen, china and glassware Bradish Block, 181 
2 Genesee. See adv't back cover 

H DuChette R B. cutter 64 Genesee, r Central Hotel 
^ Duckett George R Mrs. r 18 William 
S Duckett Henry, r 18 William 

e DUDLEY HOUSE, 13, 15 and 17 Whitesboro 
Dudley John, carpet weaver, r 26 Stark 
^ Dudley Patrick J. plumber, r Aiken 
o Dudley Thomas H. clerk, r Oneida near Pleasant 
M Duffenberger Morris, laborer, r 5 Jason 
H Duffy Andrew, laborer, r 160 Elizabeth 
§ Duffy Bridget Mrs. tailoress, r 212 Blandina 
Q DUFFY CHARLES G. plumber, steam and gasfitter 213 
S Genesee, r 12 High. See outside front cover 

< Duffy Francis, engineer, r 1 1 Charles 
g Duffy Frank, plumber, r 125 Elm 
«M Duffy James, billiards Butterfield House, r same 
^ Duffy James F. clerk Central freight office, r 14 Seneca 
•a Duffy Kittie, r 183 Bleecker 
i Duffy Mary F. r 136 Lansing 
^ Duffy Mary L. r 125 Elm 
'$ Du£(y Minnie, r 212 Blandina 
o Duffy Owen Mrs. r 183 Bleecker 
o Duffy Owen, machinist, r 183 Bleecker 

^ Duffy Owen, r 6 Seneca 

^ . 

W. H. McGarvey Sf Co. Cigars and Fancy 


—jnrt as they used to go ont flahing for a day's recreation, — 

Dnfij Patrick, mason, r 136 Lansing 

Duffy Patrick, laborer, r 114 Blandina 

Duffy Peter, laborer, r 157 Broad 

Duffy Philip, laborer, r 199 Third ^ 

Duflo George, shoemaker, r 49 Water 1* 

Duflo Jerry, shoemaker, r 58 Third • 

Duflo John, r 128 Lansing S- 

Duflo Mmnie, operative, r 28 Barnes m 

Dugan Annie C. seamstress, r 2 Warren 3 

Dugan Daniel, laborer, r 99 Dudley 8- 

Dugan Daniel, Jr. teamster, r 99 Dudley ' S 

Dugan John, r 196 Mohawk ^ 

Dugan Michael, laborer, r 66 Leah g 

Dugan Michael, r 99 Dudley ^ 

Dug AN M. E. grocer Seymour ave cor Leah, r 66 same % 

Dugan Nicholas, laborer, r 16 Neilson 3. 

Dugan Wra. laborer, r 161 Blandina 

Duggleby Etta, r 4 Lansing 

Duggleby John, laborer* r 144 Steuben 

Duggleby Mary Mrs. tailoress, r 25 Green 

DuHadway W. T. salesman, r 132 John 

Dulan Hannah, r 30 Albany 

Dulan Jeremiah, r 80 Albany 

DULAN MICHAEL J. grocer 84 Albany, r same 

(Dulan see Dolan.) ^ 

Dumke Julius, r 177 Stark * 

Dumke Mollie, r 68 Saratoga g 

Dumont Ohas. F. r 165 Elizabeth ^ 

Damont George F. painter, East near Bleecker ^ 

Dumont Louis, painter, r East near Bleecker ^ 

DUN K. G. & CO; (A. D. Fero manager), the Mercantile ^ 

Agency, Arcade building S 

Dunbar John S. com. traveler, r 62 Leah S 

Dnnford Edward, r 40 Stark , • 

Dunford George, shipper, r 16 Chatham g" 

Dunford Geo. Jr. r 16 Chatham B 

Dunham Alfred C. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum % 
DUNHAM GEO. E. editor Utica Daily Press, r Hotel Zublin b» 

Dnnlop James W. bookkeeper 1-8 John, r 68 Rutger § 

Dunlop Mary I. widow, r 63 Butger W 
DUNMORE WATSON T. (Searle, Dunmore and Willis, law- g 

yers 189 Genesee), r 35 Tracy ►< 

Dnnster Josie Mrs. seamstress, r Third cor Bleecker ^ 

Dunn Ann, r 2 Hoyt g 

Dunn Ann, widow, r 2 Hoyt -^ 
Dunn Annie, operative, r 195 Third 
Dunn Aunie M. r 168 Bleecker 
Dunn Edward, laborer, r 2 Hoyt 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 




Bann Edward F. cigarmaker, r 168 Blee^ker 
Danu Frank K baggagemaD, r 49 Main 
Dann George, laborer, r 30 Jay 
Dann James, laborer, r 137 Steuben 
Dunn James, dyer, r 48 State 
Dann James, laborer, r 14 Habbell 
Dnnn James, laborer, r 202 Third 
Dann John, laborer, r 187 Steuben 
^ Dunn Joseph, laborer, r rear of 65 Broadway 
p Dunn Lucie, r 80 Spring 

Dunn Mary G. tailoress, r 11 Hubbell 
_ Dunn Mary E. Mrs. r 294 South 
P Dunn Michael, hostler, r BelFs Hotel, Deerfield 
g Dunn Patrick, laborer, r Maple and city line 
«t4 Dunn Paul, laborer, r 168 Bleecker 
fe» Dunn Sarah, weaver, r 17 Kossuth ave 
> DUNN WILLIAM (Dunn & Lent), r 25 Main 
2, Dunn William, laborer, r 196 Court 
,g Dunn William B. tinsmith, r 196 Court 
S) Dunn William, factory operative, r 48 State 
^ DUNN & LENT (William Dunn and William Lent), city 
baggage express 1 Baggs Hotel 

^ DuNoyer Frank M. printer, r 203 Park ave 
« DuNoyer Richard H. furrier, r 208 Park ave 
o Dunphy Canice H. builder r 176 Steuben 
4) Dunphy John F. clerk, r 176 Steuben 
08 Duplang Christina, tailoress, r 179 Court 
•^ Duplang Josephine, r 179 Court 
:^ Duplang Stephen, tailor, r 179 Court 
*g Duppert Carrie, waitress, r 58 Elizabeth 
'P Dupree Victor, florist, r 37 Leeds 
*§ Durgin Martha, tailoress, r 128 Whitesboro 
^ Durgin Nathan, teamster, r 128 Whitesboro 
,2 Duma Ida, r 4 Bristol 
p Durkin Bridget, domestic 86 Rutger 
*g Durkin Katie Miss, r 103 Jay 
« Durkin Mary, domestic 36 Butger 
S Dnrman Libbie R domestic 15 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Durr John, boot fitter, r 67 Columbia 
^ Durr Joseph, boot fitter, r 57 Columbia 
Durr John, Jr. r 57 Columbia 
Durrant Marv Mra r 26 Hobart 
Dustin Samuel B. gardener, r 142 Miller 
Duttou Eliza S. r New Hartford road 

Dutton Peter, superintendent St. Agnes Cemetery, r 5 Neilsoo 
Dux John, shoemaker, r 241 Columbia 
Dux Yalentine, tailor 184 Court, r same 
Dwyer Edward, tobacco stripper, r 84 Jay 

Purvis, Metcalf Sr Co., Booli-Binders and 





Dwyer Henry, bookkeeper, r 119 Park ave 
Dwyer James, r 298 Bleecker 

Dwyer James, Sr. r 118 Elizabeth o 

Dwyer James, r 124 Whitesboro & 

Dwyer John J. plumber, r Commercial Hotel S» 

Dwyer John, 24 Fayette, r 218 Blandina g 

Dwyer Michael Mrs. r 71 Second ,. 

Dwyer Michael, J. r 71 Second g 

Dwyer Michael, ejrocer 169 Bleecker, r same ^ 

Dwyer Patrick, laborer, r — Jay C* 

Dwyer Thomas, laborer, r 30 Leah g 

Dwyer William F. operator, r 71 Second 4 

Dwyer William H. bookkeeper, r 119 Park ave Z 

Dyas William, currier j r 49 Steuben g^ 

Dye Kat*^ Mrs. r 76 Broad p* 

Dyer Lucius L. monuments 46 Broadway, r same S 

Dyer Olney, r 2 Miller Jg^ 

Dyers William, belt maker, r 49 Steuben ^ 

Dygert Daniel, teamster, r 26 Hotel g' 

Dygert Franklin, brakeman, r 123 Whitesboro ^ 

Dygert George W. clerk N. Y. 0. freight house, r 9 First ^ 
Dygert James H. restaurant 23 Main, r 9 First 
Dygert Minnie, r 9 First 

Dygert Peter E. r 49 Main | 

Dyme John, gardener, r 95 Mohawk g 

EAGAN JAMES, laborer, r 28 Morris ^ 

Eagan Kate, r 4 Blandina ^ 

Eagleston Mary A. Home for the Homeless ^ g 

Earl Robert, cigarmaker, r 274 Whitesboro m 
EARLL JOHN" L (J. L Earll & Co.) school commissioner, K 

clerk supt. office N. Y. C. RR r 154 Park ave k] 
EARLL JOHN L. & CO. (John L Earll and G. Edward ^ 

Cooper), Household Art Rooms 173 Genesee « 

(Earll see Earl— Ehrl) P 

Easterly J. G. r 20 Huntington g 

Eastlake Charles, hatter, r 53 Eagle g 

Eastman George E. wagon maker, r 25 Francis ai 

Eastman Levi I), baggageman, r Oneida above Pleasant g 

Eastman Miranda H. Mrs. r 50 Spring o 

Eastman Nettie, r 50 Spring p 

Eastman P. S. Mrs. r 16 Cooper § 

Eaton Annie r 6 Seymour ave • 
Eaton Frederick 0. law student, r 6 Seymour ave 
Eaton Jacob T. carpenter, r 119 Park ave 
Eaton Joseph, shoemaker, r 182 South 
Eaton James, fireman, r 20 Third 
Eaton James, r 6 Seymour ave 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 





if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Eaton J. Emory, r 6 Dudley 

EatOQ Jobn B. r 18 BriuckirhoflE ave 

EatoD Mary Ann, r 21 Dudley 

Eaton Sarah A. music teacher, r 21 Dudley 

Eberle Anthony, fireman, r 12 Charles 

Eberle Franls, trackmaster, r 12 Charles 

Eberle Frank, r 156 Court 

Ebuer Joseph, engineer, r 31 William 
^ Eck Stephen, tailor, r 7 Bryan 

Eckart Frank, brakeman, r 122 Whitesboro 

Eckart Mary, r 43 Rutger 
a Eckerd Friederica Mrs. r 20 Hickory 
^ Eckhart Amelia, r 249 Genesee 
^ Eckhardt Frederick, carpet weaver, r 229 Columbia 
^ Eckes Max, painter, r 12 Saratoga 
2 Eddy A J. clerk, r 76 Broadway 
.3 Edgar Anna, operative, r 116 Catharine 
@ Edgar Edward, shoemaker, r 116 Catharine 
.3 Edgar John, shoemaker, r 116 Catharine 
g Edgar Patrick, laborer, r 116 Catharine 

Edge Beuj. spinner, r Buffalo near Broad 

Edinger George, shoemaker, r 66 Court 
§ Edmunds James O. baker and confectioner 68 South, r same 
Z Edmonds J. A. printer Herald^ r 120 Catharine 
;f Edmonds John H. Mrs. r 4 Kent 

5 EDMUNDS HENRY, (Edmunds & Holdredge), r 7 Seymour 
4> ave 

I EDMUNDS & HOLDREDGE, (H, Edmonds and B. Hol- 
« dredge), grocers John cor Bleecker 

J Edmunds James, tailor, r 50 Main 

S Edmunds James, Jr. office assistant Y. M. G. A. r 56^ Char- 
fc* lotte 

^ Edmunds Jennie, r 49 Miller 
^ Edmunds John Mrs. r 62 Blandina 
,g Edwards Ann W. Mra r 66 Liberty 
8 Edwards Charles E bookkeeper, r 105 Park ave 
S Edwards C. J. agent, r 53 John 
g Edwards Edward Rev. r 82 Cherry 
« Edwards Ella W. Mrs. r 105 Park ave 

Edwards Evan E. tailor, r 76 Howard ave 

Edward George, laborer, r 12 St. Joseph 

Edwards Ira, grocer, r New Hartford 

Edwards Jennie, r 62 Charlotte 

Edwards John, paymaster C. liR r 62 Miller 

Edwards John, painter, r 31 Bristol 

Edwards John r. carpenter, r 151 Howard ave 

Edwards John R cartman, r 21 Breese 

Edwards Joseph, r 96 South 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. II. Douglass, 


call on ns for goods they don't find at home. 

Edwards Margaret J. dressmaker, r 151 Howard avc. 
Edwards Mary, domestic 289 Genesee 
Edwards Mary A. dress and cloak maker, r 53 Stark 
Edwards Owen, laborer, r 8 Davis ave 
Edwards Owen J. rl6 Chestnut 

Edwards Robert Mrs. r 80 State ^ 

Edwards Robert, r 47 Stenben ? 

Edwards R M. laborer, r 18 Chestnut g* 

Edwards Robert W. shoemaker, r 9 Spring g 

Edwards Robert W. mill operative, r 78 State ^ 

Edwards Thomas, r 10 Montgomery ® 

Edwards Thomas, wool sorter, r 175 Court ? 

Edwards Thomas K mason, r 31 Broadway ^ 

Edwards William H. wool grader, r 58 Stark 8 

Edwards William L. stone cutter, r 16 Broadway % 
Edwards William P. bookkeeper T. Solomon Griffiths & Co. p< 

r 8,Neil8on g. 

Edwards William R moulder, r 21 Parker g. 

Egan Jennie, teacher Utica Orphan Asylum^ r same g* 

Egan John, shoemaker, r 33 Cornelia r^ 

Egan Mary, r 33 Cornelia S* 

{Egan see ' Eagan) S? 

E^rland Anna, r 3 Mill f 
Egerland Herman, clerk, r 3 Mill 

Egerland John Godfrey, carpenter, r 3 Mill g 

Egert George D. roadmaster, r 22 Whitesboro « 

E^rt Henry W. bookkeeper, r 28 Spring ^ 

Egert Jesse, oil dealer, r 95 Charlotte M 

Egert Philip M. bookkeeper, r 22 Spring *^ 

Egert Philip, bookkeeper, r 28 Spring * 

E^rt Julias G. flour and feed 21 Liberty, r 7 Lansing § 

Egert Lucius, r 51 Charlotte ^ 

Eggleston Emma, saleslady, r 21 Blandina i-* 
Eggleston Florence, cashier Martin & Miller, r 21 Blandina g 

EgTi Rudolph, butcher, r Gulf near South ^ 
£HLE HEKMAN, wagon manuf 6 Hart, r same. See advr. co 

page 27 ? 

Ehle Herman C. printer Observer office, r 36 Kemble g 

Ehlioger Chas. weaver, r 36 Saratoga | 

Ehlinger Joseph, cigarmaker, r 5 Breese od 

Ehlinger Louis, r 183 Schuyler §" 
Ehlinger Margaret Mrs. tailoress, r 5 Breese 
Ehresman Adam, painter, r 214 
EHRESMAN HENRY JR flagstone yard Whitesboro cor 

Liberty, r 4 Canal 
Ehresman Jacob, r 159 Water 
Ehresman Jacob, r 1 Oneida 
EHRESMAN JOHN A. JR(Ehresman k Arndt), r 130 South 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Street. 



imoe it annexed XTtica and Ilion. 

Ehresman Philip, carpenter, r 88 Spring 

EHRESMAN & AJRNDT (John A. Ehresraan and Carl tt 
R Arndt), dry goods cor Colambia and Varick 

(Ehresman see Ehrsam) 

Ehring Casper Mrs. r 63 Erie 

Ehringer Joseph, cigarmaker, r Northern Hotel 

Ehrle Henry, trank maker, r 20 Clinton 

(Ehrle see Earl, Earle, Earll) 

Ehrsam Frederick, cutter 68 Genesee, r 28 Hantington 

Ehrsam George, cutter r, 67 Brinckerhoff ave 

EHRSAM JOHK, hats, caps and furnishing goods 138 Gene- 
see, r 28 Huntington 
44 Ehrsam John, cabinet maker, r 28 Huntington 
(^ Ehrsam Mary B. r 28 Huntington 
»g (Ehrsam see Ehresman.) 
H Eich Joseph, laborer, r Deerfleld 
J Eichler Edward, cook Baggs Hotel, r 22 Third 
"g Eichner John, laborer, r 278 Whitesboro 
o Eichmeyer Joseph, , machinist, r 147 Fayette 
g Eichmeyer Wolfgang, carpenter, r 174 Fayette 
^ Eichmeyer William, jeweler, r 174 Fayette 
S Eichorn Albert, butcher, r 61 Garden 
£ Eichorn Charles Mrs. r 24 Warren 
.« Eicke Augustus G. barber 20 Genesee, r 120 Miller 

(Eicke see Eycke) 

Filers August, saw filer, r 160 Fayette 
• Filers Bernard, saw filer, r 160 Fayette 
§ Filers John, saw filer 160 Fayette, r same 
^ Eilhauer Frederick Mra r 44 Plant 
o Eilhauer John A. Mrs. r 308 Bleecker 
"g Eisenhuth John, clerk 12 Liberty, r — Schuyler 
^ Eisenman Joseph, shoemaker, r 74 Stark 
^ Eisenman John, operative, r 28 Edward 
^ Eisenman Joseph, shoemaker, r 28 Edward 
H Eisenmenger Geo. clerk, r 327 Whitesboro 

Eisenmenger Henry, barber, r 327 Whitesboro 

Eitenpence Anthony, r 42 Cooper 

Eisenuth Joseph, shoemaker, r 78 Canal 

Eldred S. F. r 10 Dudley 

Elliot Samantha, r Home for Homeless 

Elliot William, harnessmaker, r 71 Columbia 

ELLIS DAVID E. book and job printer, 88 Arcade, r 14 
Hart. See page opp. name 

Ellis Ellen Mrs. r 55 Whitesboro 

Ellis Evan, blacksmith Liberty cor Washington, r 63 Steuben 

Ellis George, coachman, r 63 Steuben 

Ellis George W. machinist, r 55 Whitesboro 

Ellis John H. clerk, r 55 Whitesboro 

Wesboott Sf^ Bewsswig, Fine Custom TailorSf 





(Next door to Temperance Lanch Rooms.) 


-aWSuperior Facilities for Executingiit^- 


In all the Latest Approved Styles and Methods. 

A. Mnf tn • "^^^ ^*^^^ ^^^*** token promised; lowest cash price for 
UUl lYiULlU I loork, and acUie faction to everybody. 

Jktnong Specialties rwe enumerate : 




LABELS, &c„ Ac, 

ftA'sr 0A888 A«» poxam, 





Drafts, Cards, Wedding & Party Invitations. 

-^8 ¥rikl Ofdei* fJe^pedtfuUy ^olidited. 

Estimates given on all kinds of Job Printing in the English, Welsh and 

German LangtMge». 


and spring from Summer back 

Ellis Jonn, butter and cheese buyer, r 12 Lansing 

Ellis John, wagon maker, r 81 State 

Ellis Joseph, fireman, r 173 Columbia 

Ellis Joseph, carpenter, r 31 Mary 

Ellis Marv Mrs. r 93 Varick 
J* Ellis Stephen, clerk 19 Arcade, r 55 Whitesboro 

Ellis Thomas, clerk, r 81 State 

Ellis Thomas, laborer, r 80 Liberty 
S Ellis T. M. cigar box manufr. 89 Liberty, r in Whitestown 
*g Ellison George, student, r 118 Broad 
^ Ellison George Mrs. r 118 Broad 
•2 Ellison Henrjj D. r 8 Scott 
^ Elting Hezekiah, 125 Genesee, r 8 Francis 
^ Elwood E. J. printer Cnrtiss & Childs, r 19 Hotel 
^ Embly Elizabeth, r 10 Mandeville 
^ Embly Fred, clerk, r 22 Faxton 
2 Embley George A. clerk, r 22 Faxton 
jH Embley Mark, clerk 49 Bleecker, r 6 Henry 
^ Embley Walter, builder, r 22 Faxton 
K, EMDIN JOHN (J. Emdin & Son) r 99 West 

1 EMDIN J. & SON (J. & L. Emdin), opticians 58 Franklin 
j? Square. See ad vt. page 31 

^ EMDIN LIONEL (J. Emdin & Son\ r 99 West 
S Emdin Lotltiip, painter, r 189 Howard ave 
S Emmerson Wm. spinner, r Buffalo near Broad 
^ Emma Frank, clerk 12 Liberty, r 27 Park ave 

Endres Herman, cloth sponger, r 80 Fayette 
g Enfield Frank, r cor Third and Bleecker 
Enfeld Jacob, broom maker, r 185 Lansing 
ENGLAND CHAS. S. (J. H. Sheehan & Co.), r 56 Cornelia 
« ENGLAND JAMES H. (Geo. A. Clark & Co.) r 756 Genesee 
5 England M. A. Mrs. r 13 Clark Place 
S England William, r 40 Columbia 
§ England Wm. W. r 206 Park ave 

2 Engler, Fred, laborer, r 314 Whitesboro 

g ENGLERT CHRISTIAN, Columbia Hall 16 Devereux, r 

«B same 

^ Englert Christian Jr. bartender, r 16 Devereux 

English Michael, shoemaker, r 129 Howard ave 

English Wm. shoemaker, r 129 Howard ave 
9 Ennis Albert, root beer manuf. r 45 Second 
S Ennis Bridget, r 97 Third 

Ennis Christopher, r 97 Third 

Ennis Christopher Mrs. r 97 Third 

Ennis Julia, r 88 Court 

Ennis Mary, r 97 Third 

Ennis Stephen, varnisher, r 97 Third 

Ennis Thomas, painter, r 5 Morris 

W. H. McGarvey Sr Co., Cigars and Fancy 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Ennis Wm. painter, r 97 Third 
Ennis Wm. K. r 45 Second 
Enqneet Mrs. A. r 16 Stenben 
Enqnest Charles, r 16 Steaben 
Enri{2;ht Annie, domeatie Waverly 372 Genesee 
Enright Johanna, waitress Grand Central 
Enright John, steam fitter, r 37 Cottage 

Enright Mrs. widow, r 209 Third g 

Enright Maggie, r 55 Whitesboro § 

Enright Richard, r 98 Columbia M 

Enright Sarah, r 37 Cottage M 

(Enright see Anright.) ^ 

Erb Andrew, laborer, r 27 Erie R* 

Erb Jacob, laborer, r 27 Erie § 

Erberecht Herman, shoemaker, r 24 Yariek « 

Ergerland John, carpenter, r Gnlf near Sonth ^ 

Erhardt Annie, r 274 Genesee g 

Erhardt David, tailor, r 46 Plant ^ 

Erhardt Jacob, r 86 Chenango ave ^ 

Erhardt Henry, cntter, r 40 Stark ^ 

Erhardt Jacob, laborer, r 28 Bristol q 

ERHARDT JACOB, mfr. of cigars 92 Columbia, r 92 Che- q 

nango ave S 

Erlenwem Johannah Mr& r 3 Clinton w 

Ermatinger Jacob, r 110 Fayette g. 

Ernst Arwin, machinist, r 186 Fayette » 

Erwin Delia, r 359 Genesee ^ ^ 

Erwin Maggie, r 308 Genesee g' 

Esela Alexander, laborer, r 257 Whitesboro ' S 

Esela Fridas Mrs. r 257 Whitesboro « 

Esela Martin, brewer, r 366 Whitesboro g« 

ESMAY EDWIN F. (TeflEt & Esmay), r 15 Clinton Place « 
Essel Desil, operative, r 8 Hope S 

Essel Emile, shoemaker, r 8 Hope *^ 

Essel Joseph, laborer, r 8 Hope * 

Estes Daniel, r 89 Ratger ^ 

Estes Fanny G. r 16 Fay g- 

ESTES GEO. W. (Isaac Estes & Son), r 17 Hantington 
Estes Hattie, seamstress, r 89 Spring 
Estes Henry G. printer J3eraZa office, r 62 Blandina 
ESTES ISAAC, (Isaac Estes & Son), r 89 Spring 
ESTES ISAAC & SON, (Isaac and Geo. W. Estes), wagon 

manufactnrers Liberty cor Whitesboro. See adv't page 56 
Estes Libbie, dressmaker, r 89 Spring 
Estes Nathaniel, blacksmith, r 16 Fay 
Estes Wm. H. bookkeeper 20 Broad, r 39 Rntger 
Ethridge William, dry goods and millinery 66 South, r same 
Enin Ann Mra r 68 Second 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 


May 16th, Fires were needed, Ovarcaato comfortable. 

Enin Fanny A. teacher, r 68 Second 

Euin Mary A. r 68 Second 

Euin John, tailor, r 77 Catharine 

Ellin William T. coin, traveler, r 68 Second 

Evans Anna, r 20 Cooper 

Evans Annie, r 859 Genesee 

Evans Charles A. clerk, r 98 Coart 
g Evans Charles G. bobbin maker, r 105 West 
2 Evans Charles H. law student, r 28 Seneca 
^ Evans Charles, cutter, r 105 West 
«o Evans David, carpenter, r 85 Third 

rg EVANS DAVID, (Hickey & Evans), r Mary near Kossuth 
5< ave 

^ Evans David J. janitor Masonic Hall, r 84 Lansing 
^ Evans David J. r 20 Chatham 
J Evans David W. wagon maker, r 36 Plant 
« Evans Elias, machinist, r 109 West 
•g Evans Elizabeth Mrs. laundress, r 25 Devereux 
S Evans Elmer, brakeman, r 5 Charles 
^ Evans Evan, watchman, r 29 West 
'^ Evans Evan, Faxton Home 
^ Evans Evan, r 75 Miller 
[| Evans R Mrs. r 34 Noyes 
^ Evans E. W. Mrs. r 5 Union 
'^ Evans George, carpenter, r 184 Howard ave 
g Evans Grace, widow, r 340 Genesee 
J. Evans Griffith, train despatcher Central BR r 10 Stark 
.2 Evans Henry G. policeman, r 84 Cooper 
g Evans H. H. r 84 Cooper 

^ Evans Hezekiah, flour and feed 17 Liberty, r 49 Plant 
'^ Evans Hugh, potter, r 172 Whitesboro 
^ Evans Humphrey Sr. watchman, r 6 Roberts' Lane 
I Evans Humphrey Jr. car inspector, r 5 Charles 
" Evans James, laborer, r 82 State 
"^ Evans James M. cartm'an, r 14 Plant 
g Evans Jennie A. milliner, r 25 Mary 
^ ^ Evans John, farmer, r 191 Third 
S Evans John D. cigars 889 Genesee, r 4 Kemble 
^ Evans John F. brakeman, r 3 Roberts' Lane 
^ Evans John O. brakeman, r 59 Whitesboro 

Evans John T. machinist, r 276 Bleecker 

EVANS JOHN W. Cambrian Hotel 80 Liberty, r 29 Broad- 

Evans J. H. clerk, r 19 Charles 

Evans J. Morris, conductor, r 14 Broadway 

Evans Joseph, spinner, r 106 Court 

Evans Eittie Miss, r 14 Pearl 

EVANS LEWIS R (Hughes & Evans), r 3 2 Lansing 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co.^ Book-Binders and 


Ban Bice was here, but no Snmmer. 

Evans Maggie, r 20 Cooper 
£van& Margaret Mrs. r 20 Cooper 
EvaDS Martha, r 11 Tracy 
Evans Mary Miss, r 14 Pearl 
Evans Mary, saleslady 85 Genesee, r 25 Mary 
Evans Mary Mrs. r 89 Liberty 

Evans Mary Mr& r 64 Charlotte ^ 

EVAJiS M. J. dentist 196 Genesee, r 71 Ruiger ^ 

Evans Nellie, r 16 Howard ave & 

Evans Nellie, r 20 Cooper ^ 

Evans Owen D. carpenter, r 22 Broadway ? 
EVANS OWEN, confectioner and dining rooms 94 Genesee, g* 

r 29 Whitesboro p 

Evans Richard, law stadent, r 5 Charles g. 

Evans Richard W. r 13 Union ci 

Evans Samuel, laborer, r 48 Washington J 

Evans Sarah C. Bnckley & Co. r 25 Mary j^ 

Evans Sarah J. dressmaker, r 59 Whitesboro • 
EVANS TALIESIN, Secretary N. Y. Mutual Accident As- I 

sociation, office 166 Genesee, r 28 Blandina 3 

Evans Thomas, shoe cutter, r 88 Spring S 

Evans Thomas T. jeweler 82 Columbia, r same ^ 

Evans Thomas, laborer, r 272 Mohawk & 

Evans William F. cutter, r 106 Miller • W 

Evans William Rev. r 20 Broadway ^ 

Everest Carrie Mrs. r 13 Nichols M 

EVEREST DAVID, meat market 75 John, r 268 South » 

Evei^t David W. clerk 75 John, r 268 South ^ 

Everest £. M. groceries, &c. 345 Bleecker, r same ^ 

Everest Margaret, widow, r 18 Nichols ^ 

Everest William, painter, r 13 Nichols ir 
EVERETT & LEWIS (Charles J. Everett and William E. '"«, 

Lewis), lawyers 81 Genesee ' "^ 
EVERETT CHARLES J. (Everett & Lewis) r 60 Rutger g 
EVERETT M. J. flour, teed and produce merchant 11 Lib- ^ 

erty, r 50 Rutger co 

Eversou Anna Mrs. r 6 Neilson g^ 

Everson £. I. glass staiuer, r 11 Plant g 

Everson Ella M. r 24 Scott | 

Everson R. L. artist, r 11 Plant ^ 

Everson W. L. painter, r 16 Cooper ^ 
EVERTS D. T. Maj. sales agt for Lehigh Valley Coal Co. 

131^ Genesee, r 334 same / 

Everts Frank, r 72 Schuyler 
Everts Richard J. engineer, r 12 Cornelia 
EVERTS WILLIAM A. coal and wood cor Fayette, Varick . 

and Whitesboro. Olfices 181^ Genesee ; ^4 Albany ; 36 

South and Howard ave cor. Eagla See page 23 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 187 Genesee 


Dry Qooda, Carpetg, Cloaks^ Millinery, Upholgtering Qooda» 

EVERTS WILLIAM A. r 288 Genesee 

Ewig Henry, ^croceries and saloon, r 23 Canal 

Ewing John, tailor, r 75 Oatharine 

Ewing Lydia, 94 Genesee, r 60 Charlotte 

Ewing Stella, r 60 Charlotte 

Excell Charles H. moulder, r 160 Elizabeth 

Excell John, conductor D. & H. C. r 41 Scott 

Exchange Baildings, 181, 133 and 135 Oenesee 

Excise Commissioners^ office, City Hall 
-g Eycke Edward, shoemaker, r 84 Canal 
-p (Eycke see Eicke) 

Eymoth F. A. book agent 62 Schuyler, r same 
-9 Eynon David S. dentist, r 112 Washington 
§ Eynon John, agricultural implements 112 Washington, r 
^ same 

£ Eynon John H. 109 Columbia, r 92 State 

r EVNON OWEN, house furnishing goods 109 Columbia, r 92 
^. State 

^ Eynon William G. clerk 93 Genesee, r 112 Washington 


g TpAASS ANNA, r 26 Erie 

^Jj FA ASS CH A RLES, saloon and grocery 24 and 26 Erie, 

2 r same 

^ FAASS F. LOUIS, groceries and provisions 68, 69 and 70 

Canal, r 68 Canal. See page 27 
i Faass Jacob, bartender, 130 Fayette, r same 
I FAASS JACOB, restaurant cor Columbia and Fay, r same 

S FAASS JOSEPH, r 38 Schuyler 

«9 Faass Louis, saloon 130 Fayette, r same 

^ FAASS PHILIP V. supt. people's brewery, r 39 Genesee 

3 Faassler Gotlob, laborer, r 17 Faass ave 
^ Faassler Joseph, laborer, r 17 Faass ave 
^ Faber Charles E. clerk, r 62 Lansing 
<i Faber Geoi^e Frank, r 111 Elizabeth 

^ FABER HffiNRY C. harness, trunks, &c. 27 Genesee, r 62 

'^ Lansing 

^ Fagan John, engineer D. L & W. RR r 45 Court 

Fahey Bridget, widow, r 202 Steuben 

Faily Peter, r 68 Steuben 
g Failey Stephen A. policeman, r 213 Third 
" (Failey see Faley) 

Fairbanks Emma J. Mr& tailoress, r 4^ Burnett 

Fairbanks Fannie, r 210 Broad 

Fairbanks F. L r 210 Broad 

Fairbanks W. W. com. traveler, r 169 South 
• Fairbrother Jesse, butcher, r 136 Taylor ave 

Fairbrother John, laborer, r 3 Haak ave 

Fairchild Edwin D. painter, r 53 Third 

JFred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


ShawlB, Fans and Fur-Lined OloveSy Blankets and Mosquito Het, 

Fairchild Bebecca L matron Faxton Home 
Faith John, laborer, r 22 Parker 
Faith Louis, laborer, r 5 Louisa 

Faith Philip, mason, r 65 Elm y 

(Faith see Fath) ^ 

Faiey Charles, mason, r 2D9 Third ^ E 

Faley Stephen, grocer 207 Third, r same ^ 

(Faley see Failey) ^ 

Falk Charles, bntcher, r 151 Fayette C5or Varick ►§ 

Falk Joseph, butcher, r 151 Fayette cor Varick 2 

Falk Joseph Mrs. r Fayette cor Varick » 

Falk Joseph, laborer, r 34 Green &- 

Fhlk Joseph H. spinner, r 34 Green *^ 

Falkner Felix, office 67 Columbia, r same § 
FALKNER JOSEPH G. auction rooms 67 Columbia, r same I 
FALKNER WILLIAM H. hats, caps and furs 106 Genesee, F 

r 13 Dudley 5» 

Falkner W. H. Mrs. r 1 Union ' ? 

(Falkner see Faulkner) ^ 

Fallon Michael, cartman, r 21 Union 2» 

Fallon Sarah, r 9 Union c^ 

Falser John, laborer, r 102 Varick S' 

Fancy Frank, r 17 Third g- 

Fancy George, cigarmaker, r 244 Howard ave 3 

Fancy George Sr. boat builder, r 244 Howard ave g 

Fancher Amos C. laborer, r 41 Water p» 

Fandre Carl, coachman, r 258 Mohawk ^ 

Farber G. shoemaker, r 54 Taylor ave 5t 

Farlan, Louisa, r Home for Homeless p* 

Farley George Mrs. r 161 Neilson w 

Farley James, laborer, 161 Elizabeth g- 

Farley Jane, nurse, r 134 Blandina * 

Farley John, laborer, r 4 Pine J 
Farley J. T. awning manuf. 50 Franklin Sq. r Central Hotel fe 

Farley Mary, r 266 Genesee P 

Farley M. A. Mr& dressmaker, r 25 Devereux ^ 

Farley Michael, porter, r 45 Oneida £ 

Farley Philip, spinner, r 121 Bleecker fL 

FARLEY P. J. clothing 38 Genesee, r 104 Blandina g 

Farmer Wra. engineer, r 12 Johnson Square •j 

Famon Ann Mr& r 77 Charlotte 2 

Famswith Lucy, r 122 West B 

Farrar Wm. A. machinist, r 66 Howard ave p 

Farrell Alice, r 2 Montgomery & 

Farrell Bridget, domestic 24 Seneca .^ 
Farrell Dennis, r 72 Broadway 
Farrell Geo. R r 87 Cooper 
Farrell Hannah, r 3 Montgomery 

Furnishing Undertaker, j^l Genesee St. 



Farrell John, shoemaker, r 139 Jay 
Farrell J. W. shoemaker, r 2 Montgomery 
Farrell Michael, cjarder, r 87 Cooper 
Farrell Patrick, bartender, r 2 Montgomery 
Farrell Simon, clerk, r'7 Meadow 
Farrell Wm. fifeman, r 50 Fay • 

Farrington Mary, operative, r 125 Varick 
Farron Nelson, shoemaker, r 47 Neilson 
Farwell Wm. H. salesman. 111 Genesee, r in Wbiteetown 
Fath Edward, r 42 Hobart 
.Fath Frnest, clerk, r 4 Leah 
Fath John, laborer, r 22 Parker 
gi (Fath see Faith) 

M Fasoldt John, porter Buckley & Co. r 7 Griffiths place 
^ Faulkenbach John, r 81 Dudley 
§ Faulkner George, shoecutter, r 13 Broadway 
A Faulkner Edington, gardener, r 1 Union 
^ Faulkner Horace K. r 5 Blandina 
!s (Faulkner see Falkner.) 
*3 Faxton Hall, Court cor Varick 
^ Faxton Hospital and Home, Perkins ave 
.S FAY GAIN L general western ticket office 1 Baggs hotel, 
« r 31 Broad 

1 FAY H. IRVING general western ticket office 1 Baggs hotel, 
3 r 31 Broad 

•^ Fay L G. journalist UercM office, r 1 Henry 
^ Fearly Lucas, stone cutter, r 176 Columbia 
a FEHLINGS HENRY Rev. pastor St. Mary's church, r 141 
*: South 

^ Fehrman Clara, dressmaker, r 213 Columbia 
a FEHRMAN N GU8TAVE boots and shoes 215 Columbia, 
3 r 213 same 

£ Fehrman Ludwig, shoemaker, r 285 Columbia 
of Fehrman Robert, shoemaker, r 216 Columbia 
-J Feltman Feizenz, operative, r 36 South Hamilton 
^ Felton Peter, freight deliverer N. Y. C. RR. r 214 South 
Fenner Andrew, butcher, r 146 Bleecker 
Fenner Charles, plater, r 146 Bleecker 
Fenner William, clerk, r 146 Bleecker 
Fenton Jennie, weaver, r 64 Cooper 
Fenton Lizzie, weaver, r 64 Cooper 
FENTON MILO B. grocer 183 Court, r same 
Fenton Patrick, laborer, r 52 Francis 
Fenton W. H. r 47 Catharine 
Fenwick Thomas, machinist, r 86 West 
Ferguson Albert, clerk 
Ferguson C. A. r 64 Broad 
Ferguson E. A. Mrs. r 64 Broad 

WescQtt ^ Beusswigf Fine CiistoTn Tailors, 



Fergnson Frank, crayon artist, r 21 Dudley 

Fergnson Henry W. carpenter, r 40 Elizabeth 

Fergnson Jas. B. shoemaker, r 13 Broadway 

Ferguson John, r 102 John 

Ferguson John, cigarmaker, r 40 Jay * ^ 

Ferguson John, laborer, r 40 Jay 

Ferguson Robert, r 63 Cornelia 

Ferguson Thomas W. coachman, r 40 Jay 

Fern Caroline Mrs. widow, r 63 Warren 

FERO A. D. mauRger R. 6. Dun & Co. mercantile agency 

Arcade, r 12 Henry . 

Fernan Thomas, factory operative, r 31 Wager & 

Femald John, teamster, r 228 Albany g 

Feron Nelson, shoemaker, r 47 Neilson ^ 

Ferrell C. M. conductor, removed to Syracuse «* 

Ferrie George S. salesman M. H. Griffith & Co. r 40 Hart o 
Ferrie James T. piano tuner, 23 Hotel w 

Ferrie William W. laborer, r 60 Spring * ^ 

(Ferrie see Ferry.) ^ 

Ferris George F. gun maker, r 10 Blandina ^ 

Ferris George H. gun maker 33 Bleecker, r 254 same ^ 

Ferris J. D. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum % 

Ferris John D. mason, r 9 Hicks 

Ferris Patrick, mason, r 9 Hicks g^ 

Ferris Mary Jane, r 9 Hicks ^ 

Ferry Jane, domestic 242 Bleecker B 

Ferry Ora M. r 38 Chatham *g 

(Ferry see Ferria) » 

Fesseley Anna, r 176 Water & 

Fesseley Sarah, r 176 Water g 

Fetter Henry, finisher, r 6 Cross p 

Fetterly A. G. Mra 32 Blandina 
Fettig Jos. r 352 Whitesboro 
FIELD E C. (Field 4 Pennock), r 19 Kemble ^ 

FIELD & PENNOCK, (E. C. Field and George O. Pennock), ^ 

drugs and groceries 330 Genesee and 139 State g 

Field M. J. Mrs. r 136 State '^ 

Fifield Chas. E. knitter, r 68 Mohawk 
Filkins A. A. coatmaker, r 153 Rutger 
Filkins B. Monroe, bookkeeper, r 103 Bleecker 
Filkins Joseph, r 153 Rutger 
Filkins Mary A. r 153 Rutger 
Filkins Orrin, shade hanger, r 55 Lansing 
Finch Gertrude, dressmaker, r 6 Blandina 
Fincke Chas. foreman oil cloth works, r 25 Parker 
FINCKE FREDERICK G. lawyer, (Miller & Fincke, 80 

Genesee), r 6 Comstock Place, Plant 
Fincke Mary Mrs. r 6 Comstock Place, Plant 

JVb, S8 Genesee Street ^ Utica. 


P CARPETS, will occasionally d rop np this way, 


< Fink Georjre, farmer, r East near South 

g FIN RLE FEANK M. boots and sboee Devereux Block 136 

o Genesee, r 25 Rut^er 

S FINKLE JAMES, button hole mfr. Broad cor John, r 25 

Ph Rutger 

g Finn Frank, shoemaker, r 66 Broadway 

^ FINN FRANCIS, meat and vegetable market 70 South, r 

<S same 

g Finn Kittle, r 84 Third 

•^ Finn John T. r 39 Third 

^ Finn Margaret, widow, r 84 Third 

^ Finn Patrick, shoemaker 56 Broadway, r same 

Finn Patrick Mrs. boarding house 55 Broadway 

Finn Patrick, clerk, r 84 Third 
4> Finn Robert, tinsmith, r 84 Third • 
.§ Finn Samuel, brewer, r 60 Catharine 
'^ Finnegan Ellen, operative, r 208 Bleecker 
Finnegan Hugh, laborer, r 101 Third 
^ Finnegan Kate, domestic 818 Oenesee 
g Finnegan Mary, widow, r 208 Bleecker 
^ Finnegan Mary, operative, r 208 Bleecker 
M Finn^an Rosa, operative, r 208 Bleecker 
^ Fire Association Insurance Co. (Hoyt & Butler), 93 Genesee 
ti Firsching George, foreman, r 69 Warren 
S Firsching Mary Ann, r 69 "Warren 
t^ Firsching William, r 69 Warren 
'g Fischer Balbiua, widow, r 17 South Hamilton 
9 Fischer Sigismund, cutter 102 Genesee, r 24 Hotel 
M ( Fischer see Fisher) 

^ FISH FRANCIS D. agt Warren's roofing 95 Howard ave, 
M r same 

o FISH HENRY H. treasurer Gas Light Co. r 87 South 
* Fish James A. Mra r 18 South 
H Fish Lewis C. shoemaker, r 78 John 
g Fish Mary E r 7 Spring 
g Fish Minnie, r 18 South 

Fish N. Mrs. r 7 Spring 

FISH WILLIAM A. r 87 South 
S FISH W. P. superintendent and secretary Gas Light Co. r 87 
•g South 

9 Fisher Alice, r 4 Gold 

1* FISHER BARTHOLOMEW, barber 160 Genesee, r 884 
g, Whitesboro 

« Fisher Benzon Mary, r over 34 South 
€ Fisher C. shoemaker, r 33 Dudley 
^ Fisher Charles, laborer, r 245 Mohawk 
S Fisher Frank, striper, r 5 Erie 
^ Fisher Frank J. cashier 117 Genesee, r 132 Fayette 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 


: 1 

—jnit as they used to go out flahing for a day's recreation,— 

Fisher Fred, mason, r Oak 
Fisher Frederick, mason, r 77 Erie 
Fisher George, laborer, r 12 Green 

Fisher Henry Jr. laborer, r 2 Schuyler ^ 

Fisher Henry Sr. laborer, r 2 Haak ave g 

Fisher Jacob J. carpenter, r 132 Fayette * 

Fisher James, keeper city water works, r Pleasant g* 

Fisher Joseph, laborer, r 61 Erie eg 

Usher Mary Mrs. r 51 Erie g 

Fisher Michael, builder, r 132 Fayette •*- 

Fisher Martin Mrs. r 4 Gold g 

Fisher Michael, r 17 South Hamilton § ' 

Fisher Boena Mary, widow, r 3 Elm g 

FISHEii WILLIAM, builder and contractor rear 13 Union, f^ 

r 31 High. See page 47 S. 

(Fisher see Fischer) J2. 

• Fisk Elizabeth, r Home for Homeless •? 

Fiek Nathan, telegrapher 18 and 19 Arcade, r 72 Broadway < 

FITCH B. L. r 10 Mary S 

Fitch Camilla W. r 34 Columbia *g 
FITCH HENRY A., M. D. (Blaikie & Fitch), r 34 Columbia |- 

FITCH JAMES H. buttonhole worker 49 John, r 10 Mary | 

Fitchard James R mason, r Welshbush road near Albany p*^ 
Fitchard Maria Mrs. r Welshbush road near Albany . 

Fitchard William H. dealer in hops, r 164 Albany ^' 

Fitcber Eliza Mrs. r 340 Genesee ^ 
FITTON JAMES W. carpenter 32 Elizabeth, r 40 Kemble g, 

Fitzgerald James, laborer, r 23 First p» 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, r 17 Canal 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, r 108 Elm 5* 

Fitzgerald Julia, tailores?, r 111 Howard ave ^ 

Fitzgerald Katie, r 49 Blandina S" 

Fitzgerald Katie, dressmaker, r 108 Park ave S 

Fitzgerald Kittie, domestic 3'!9 Genesee «^ 

Fitzgerald Mary, domestic 58 Fayette S* 

Fitzgerald Mary, domestic 79 Fayette ^ 

Fitzgerald Michael J. clerk, r58 Catharine !^ 

Fitzgerald Thomas, fireman, r 107 Water g 

Fitzgibbons Jennie Mrs. r 68 Schuyler § 

Fitzhugh William, r 224 Genesee W 

Fitzpatrick Michael, janitor, r 149 Jay btf 

Fitzsimons Kittie, domestic 66 Elizabeth *^ 

Fitzsimons Mary, dressmaker, r 20 Devereux ^ 

Fitzsimons Matthew, stone cutter, r 62 Jay g 

Fitzsimmons Mrs. widow, r 121 Bleecker 'o5 
Flagg John, laborer, r rear 77 Spring 
Flaharty Annie, weaver, r 151 Jay 
Flanagan John, r 122 John 

Groceries, Genesee comer Fayette Street. 




FLANAGAN JOHN J. journalist Observer office, r 61 Broad 

Flanagan Julia, r 122 John 
^ Flanagan Susan Mrs. r 20 Devereux 

Flanigan Bobert C. plater 8 Thomas Block 

Flannigan John shoemaker, r 167 Schuyler 

Fiannigan Mary, r 76 Mary 

FLEISCHMANN ALEXANDER D. Pii. teacher of music 
and German at Ladies^ Seminary, r 80 Elizabeth 
0* Fleishman George, shoemaker, rl71 Mohawk 
'^ Fleishman Henry, tailor, r 143 Mohawk 
^ Fleishman John, shoe cutter, r 6 Philip 
•S Fleishman Joseph, cutter, r 6 Philip 
P Fleishman Leonard, shoemaker 31 Main, r 6 Philip 
a Flemmmg Catharine, r James near Kemble 
Ǥ Flemming Mary, widow, r James near Kemble 
g» Flemming Margaret, r James near Kemble 
^ Flemming Patrick, (Geer & Flemming) r 125 Kemble 
^ Fletcher Edward, laborer, r Lansing near Kossuth ave 
.9 Fletcher John, r 86 Kemble 
S) Fletcher Joseph, laborer, 32 Kemble 
g Fletcher Maggie, weaver, r 43 State 
rt Fletcher Mary Mrs. r 179 Third 
I Fletcher Thomas P. shoemaker, r 179 Third 
« Flint John B. polisher, r 32 Fay 
o Flood James, laborer, r 23 Third 
« Flood Timothy, laborer, r 37 Parkave 
qs Florey John, insurance agent, r 33 Green 
•^ Flower Martha C boarding house, r 210 Broad 
.-g Floyd David 6. Jr. bookkeeper, r 120 Broad 
•I FLOYD THOMAS H. book and job printer Broad cor John, 
•p r Q^ Mary 

'3 Floyd Mary, laundress Grand Central 
^ Fleugel Leopold, blacksmith, r 5 Philip 
.§ Flume Frank V. mechanic, r 13 Tracy 
^ Flynn Bridget, r 160 Park ave 
«g Flynn Henry, tinsmith, r 126 Bleecker 
5 Fogus Frank, laborer, r 178 Bleecker 
g Foley Annie A. weaver, 171 Elizabeth 
'^ Foley Charles, commercial traveler, r 154 Kossuth ave 
^ Foley Eliza A. weaver, r 171 Elizabeth 

Foley James, laborer, r 162 Bleecker 

Foley John, laborer, r Blandina near Jefferson 

Foley John, laborer, r 200 Steuben 

Foley John, laborer, r 30 Morris 

FOLEY JOHN JR. livery 57 John, r 30 Morris. Seepage52 

Foley Jennie, dressmaker, r 18 Brinckerhoff ave 

Foley Kate £. weaver, r 171 Elizabeth 

Foley Haggle A. dressmaker, r 171 Elizabeth 

Purvis, Metcalf Sp Co., Booh-Binders and 



Foley Mary, widow, r 162 B^eecker 

Foley Mary A. tailore&8, r 171 Elizabeth 

Foley Michael, laborer, r 55 Third o 

Foley Patrick, cloth spnnger, r 162 Bleecker & 

Foley Patrick, r 162 Bleecker S» 

Foley Richard, laborer, r 88 Chenaogo ave g 

I Foley Thomas, laborer, r 1 86 Bleecker ^ 

i Foley William, plumber, removed to Home g 

Foley William, laborer, r 162 Bleecker pr 

' Foley William, laborer, r 114 Mohawk g* 

Folsey James, coachman, r 6 Bank g 

Folsey Michael, clerk, r 81 State ^ 

Folsey Thomas, gardener, r 6 Bank ^ 

Folts Andrew, farmer, r Broad near Four Mile Grocery § 

Folts Carrie, r 22 Tracy S 

Folts Frances, dressmaker, r 22 Tracy p 

Folts Lillie, seamstress, r 22 Tracy Sg 

Force Francis E. weaver, r 254 Bleecker ^ 

Ford George, brakeman, r 122 Whitesboro & 

Foran John, laborer, r 79 Park ave 2 

Ford Lucy, domestic Grand Central g* 

Foran Michael, laborer, r 89 Broad S' 

Ford Margaret, r 3 Lansing . S 

Ford Michael, laborer, r 26 Philip I 

Ford Minnie, r 128 Third g 
FORD WILLIS K physician, office 266 Genesee, r same 
Forsouk Carl, laborer, r 10 Orchard 

Forest Margaret, r Home for Homeless ^ 

Fort Mary A. Mrs. r 81 Columbia 

\ FORT WILLIAM F. journalist Sunday Tribune, r 81 Co- ^ 

I Inmbia 

I Fosler Martin, shoemaker, r 145 Water 

i FOSTER ABBOT, (Thos. Foster & Sons) r 90 Cornelia ^^ 

Foster Alfred, com. trav. r 11 Aiken q 

Foster Alfred Mrs. saleslady Buckley & Co. r 11 Aiken P 

Foster Benjamin K grocer 37 Eemble, r same od 

Foster Charles B. Mr& r 15 Brinckerhoff ave p 

FOSTER DAVID S. (T. Foster & Sons,) r 88 Cornelia | 

Foster Fred, clerk, r 11 Aiken g 

Foster Geo. D. Mrs. r 8 West ^ 

Foster Geo. J. (F. W. Hurlburt & Co.) r 24 Scott g 

Foster Gertrude, widow, r 166 Howard ave 8 

Foster Harriet H. r 9 Hopper • 

Foster Kate L r House of Good Shepherd ^ 

Foster Laura K matron House of Good Shepherd 8 

Foster Louisa H. Mrs. r 24 Scott ^ 
Foster Luther I. bookkeeper, r 110 Washington 
Foster Orin, r Centre cor Bacon 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



if the late coiners to its neighborhood will 

FOSTER O. S. (O. S. Foster & Bro.) r 88 Blandina 

FOSTER O. S. & BRO. (O. S. Foster and W. S. Foster), 
lufrs, spring beds 97 and 99 Blandina 

Foster Richard Mrs. r 182 Elizabeth 

FOSTER THOMAS (Thomas Foster & Sons), r 280 Genesee 

FOSTER THOMAS & SONS (Thomas, Abbot and David 
S. Foster) hardware, 135 Genesee 

FOSTER W. S, (O. S. Foster & Bro.) r 57 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Fowkcs Benjamin F. printer, r 108 Seymonr ave 

Fowkes Jennie C. milliner, r 108 Seymonr ave 

Fones Frank, paver, r 178 Bleceker 
b Foulkes David H. machinist, r 15 Aiken 
ff FOULKES HENRY, grocer Whitesboro cor Seneca, r same 
•S Foulkes John, blacksmith, r 40 Spring 
2 Fourte Henry, r 95 Charlotte 

2 Fowler Daniel, r 46 Erie 

o Fowler Geo. F. Mrs. r 48 Erie 

5 FOWLER J. G. wood and coal Court cor Chenango ave, r 

.g 41 Court 

p^ Fowl6r Thomas, carpenter, r Mary near Milgate 

^ Fowler W. H. painter, r 28 Seneca 

•p Fowler Wm. W. contractor, r 26 Henry 

§ Fox Anthony, laborer, r 42 Leeds 

g Fox Charles, salesman 191 Genesee, r 404 Whitesboro 

•^ Fox Charlotte Mrs. saloon 51 John, r same 

9 FOX ESAIAS T. merchant tailor Genesee cor. Catharine, r 

J 122 Park ave 

3 Fox Joseph B. fruit dealer, r 14 Hotel 
Fox Julius, r 22 Cornelia 
Fox Mary A. domestic 62 Broad 
Foxenberg Frank S. r 110 Schuyler 

b Foy George, coachman, r 16 Walnut 
^ Foy William, coachman, r 40 Tracy 
5 Fraats Charles, clerk, r 40 Tracy 
g Fraats E. R Mrs. r 40 Tracy 

2Fraley Catharine Mrs. r 165 Blandina 
Fraley Frederick, iceman, r 165 Blandina 
Fralick Josiah, harnessmaker, r 67 Howard a^e 
Fralick Will. Jay, clerk, r 67 Howard ave 
Francis David, train dispatcher U. & B. R RR r 179 Whites- 
Francis Fred, clerk 10 Liberty, r 86 Court 
Francis George, gardener, r 85 Court 
Francis Herbert, paperhanger, r over^34 South 
Francis Hugh, cutter, r 85 Court 
Francis Hugh Jr. r 85 Court 
Francis James D. R. r 69 Cornelia 
Francis Jane, r 16 State 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


call on JXB for goods they don't find at home. 

Francis John, r 2 Walnnt 
FraDcis John, carpenter, r 85 Court 
Francis John H.* laborer, r 13 Leah 
Francis John H. Mrs. r 69 Cornelia 
Francis John J. Mrs. r 59 Broad 

Francis Louis, hostler, r 34 South ^ 

Francis Malcom, clerk, r 69 Cornelia ? 

Francis Mary, tailoress, r 86 Court g' 

Francis Rhoda Mra r over 34 South ^ 

Francis William H. currier, r 36 Hart ^ 

Frank Benno, shipping clerk, r 76 Howard ave • 

Frank Charles, shoe cutter, r 121 Schuyler '8* 

Frank Charles R ealesman, r 103 Fayette ^ 

Frank Elizabeth Mrs. r 31 Morris 8 

Frank F. laborer, r 18 Louisa Jt 

Frank Frederick, plumber, r 121 Schuyler fL 

Frank George, shoe cutter, r 118 Schuyler * St 

Frank George D. clerk County Clerk's office, r 33 Plant §* 

Frank George M. baker 49 Bleeckcr, r 93 Columbia g- 

Frank G. Shepard, baker 4U Bleecker, r 93 Columbia g^ 

Frank Harvey B. steward Hotel Zublin S* 
Frank Jacob, carpenter, r 4 Jason 
Frank Jacob, pedler, r 68 Erie 
Frank Jacob, porter 113 Genesee, r 27 Louisa 

Frank John, mason, r 67 Steuben . g 

Frank John, laborer, r 31 Morris o 

Frank Joseph, boiler maker, r 45 Parker P 

Frank Joseph, mechanic, r 76 Howard ave W 

Frank Louis, shipping clerk 183 Genesee, r 10 Chatham ^ 

Frank Maggie, domestic 118 South ^ 

Frank Martin, r 29 Elizabeth § 

Frank Matthias, laborer, r 28 Jason -^ 

Frank Matthias, laborer, r 31 Morris i- 

Frank Michael, laborer, r 31 Morris g 

Frank Michael, shoemaker, r 132 Mohawk ^ 

Frank Philip, r 18 Louisa co 

Frank Valentine, clerk, r 18 Louisa §^ 

Frank Vitus, tailor, r 32 Barnes g 

Frank William, laborer, r 31 Louisa | 

Frank William, moulder, r 118 Schuyler oa 

Frank William, packer, r 32 Barnes g 

Frank William Jr. cartman, r 53 Fay S^ 
Frank Wineberg, r 21 Oneida 
Franke Joseph, dyer 108 Columbia, r same 
Franklin John, 165 Genesee, r 26 Dudley 
Franklin M. E. widow, r 26 Dudley 
Franquer Henry A. r 4 Chenango ave 
Frascli Charlotte, widow, r 113 Liberty 




Furnishing Undej^taker, Jf^l Genesee Street. 


since it annexed TJtica and Ilion. 

Fraser Ann Mrs. r 25 Kemble 

Fraser Bella, 179 Genesee, r in New York Mills 

Fraser James B. machinist, r 82 Lansinsr 

Fraser John B. painter, r 103 Mary 

FRASER ROBERT, dry goods and millinery 179 Genesee, r 
40 Washington 

Fraser William, salpsman 179 Genesee, r Central Hotel 

Fraser Stewart, gardener, r 15 Eagle 

Frear J. H. r 16 Scott 

Frear James H. Jr. clerk Am. Express, r 146 Eagle- ^ 

FREDERIC HAROLD, journalist, r 30 Whitesboro 

Frederick James, clerk, r 76 South 
^ Fredericks A. C. publisher 12 Pearl, r same 
g Fredericks M. J. r 48 Kemble 
pg Freedman Casper, tailor, r 110 John 
H Freedmap A. saloon 103 Waer, r same 
j| Freel James, barber 210 Genesee, r 98 Fayette 
? Freeman M. r 68 Steuben 
o Freeman Mary Ann, r 53 Elm 
§ Freeman Peter, porter, r 12 Post 

Freeman Samuel, barber, r 12 Post 

Freishour Joseph, laborer, r 282 Whitesboro 

Frcistedt Amelia, r 22 Warren 
.19 Freistedt Ferdinand, painter, r 22 Warren 
44 FRENCH B. F. (French, Kincaid & Co.) r 2Com8tock Place. 
^ Plant 

• French Charles, salesman, r 12 Steuben Park ; 

§ French James G. lawyer, r 76 West I 

^ FRENCH KINCAID & CO. (B. F. French, J. C. P. and 
'3 George A. Kincaid), wholesale cutlery and shtlt hard- 

1ft ware 14 Genesee 

fFrey Charles, photographer, r 195 Court i 

Frey John C. shoemaker, r 333 Whitesboro 
2 Frey Josef, laborer, r 112 Liberty 
H Frey Joseph, marble cutter, r 325 Whitesboro * i 

Frey Lena, r 3 Cedar | 

Frey M. Mrs. tailoress, r 195 Court 

Prey Mary, operative, r 3 Cedar 

Frey Verona, r 9 Bristol 

(Frey see Frye) 

Freymiller Christian, barber, r 113 Whitesboro 

Freymuller Annie, domestic 848 Genesee 

Freytage Alice, operative, r 82 Mary I 

Freytag Philip R machinist, r 70 Mohawk 

Friary Dennis, laborer, r Dudley near Square 

Friary Christopher, laborer, r 100 Hicks 

Friary Thomas, painter, r 57 Dudley 

Frick Charles, notary public, r 32 Brinckerhoff ave 

Westcott ^ Reussivig, Fine Custom Tailors, 


The handsomeft Dry Ck>od8 and Carpets on earth 

Frick John B. moulder, r 70 Stark 
Frick Joseph F. boiler maker, r 70 Stark 
Frick Joseph D. monlder, r 34J Parker 
Fridley John, trncker, r 170 Water 

Friedman Herz, pedler, Seneca near Whitesboro «* 
FRIEDE LOUIS, saloon 2 and 4 Deverenx, r same ^ § 

Friedel Augnstns, liorseshoer, r 14 Jason o 

Friedel Lawrence, laborer, r 244 Whitesboro ^ 

Friedrich Charles, laborer, r 115 Water W 

Friedrich John, carpet weaver, r 57 Garden ^ 
Friery Thomas, painter,- r 57 Dudley ' ^ 

Frisbie Byron S. civil engineer, r 16 Dndley § 

Frize Lncy M. Mis. r 84 Jay l^i 
FROELIGFI CHARLES, variety works 131 Genesee, r 38 ^^ 

Leah ^ 
FROELIGH CHAS. JR rubber stamp manf. 131 (ienesee, g 

r 38 Leah. See page 54 ^ 

Froeligh Francis, r 24 Hart co 

Froeligh Henry, r 24 Hart g> 

Froeligh Maggie, dressmaker, r 24 Hart g 

Froeligh John H. printer, r 59 Chenango ave S 

Froeligh Mary, dressmaker, r 24 Hart ^ 

Froeligh Peter, laborer, r 24 Hart f 

Fromholz Frederick, tailor, r 142 South g 

Fry Jane Mrs. r 81 Oneida g 

(Fry see Frey) ^ 

Fness J. Jacob, clerk 15 Genesee, r 33 Neilson g: 

Fngel Henry, factor v operative, r 23 Green i» 

Fahrman Michael 1^. clerk, r 32 Plant . p 

Fnllam Catharine, widow, r 25 Philip ^ 

Fallam John, laborer, r 25 Philip ^ 

Fnllam Matthew, attendant N. Y. S. Asylnm B. 

Fnllam Martin, r 25 Philip J"- 

Fuller Asa, city express, r Jefferson near Broad ^ 

Fuller Chas. H. r 53 Whitesboro g* 

Fuller K M. Mrs. dressmaker, r 03 Fayette . » 

Fuller Eliza, r 28 Miller ^ 
FULLER E. D. physician and snreceon 78 Varick, r saine g 
Fuller George L. clerk 104 Genesee r 106 Brinckerhoff ave, ^ 
Fuller Frank, r 91 Court 

Fuller H. B. loom fixer, r 79 Spring ^ 

Fuller D. E printer. Herald, r 228 Genesee * 
Fuller Samuel F. millwright and builder 12 Hobart, r same p 

Fulmer George grocer 148 Fayette, r 163 WhiteslK)ro ^ 
Fnlmer George Jr. r 164 Fayette 
Fulmer Jacob, pedler, r 18 Bristol 
Fulmer John C. clerk, r 163 Whitesboro 
Fulmer Julius, groceries 71 Garden, r same 

JVo. 88 Genesee Street^ Uliiut. 



and spring from Snnuner back 


Funke Anton, varnish works Deerfield road, r same 

Funke Oscar, clerk, r Deerfield 

Furniss Lizzie Mrs. 81 and 83 Genesee 

Fuss George, laborer, r 10 Faass ave 

Fuxenberger Charles, weaver, r 37 Saratoga 
^ Fuxenberger Frank, loom lixer, r 110 Schuyler 
g Fuxenberger Jacob, weaver, r 13 Orchard 
I Fuxenberger Thomas, cabinet maker, r 368 Whitesboro 

Fuxenberger John, cigarmaker, r 3(58 Whitesboro 

Fyfe Alexander M. designer, rill State 
Z^ Fyvie William, sail maker, 124 Catharine 

• /^ ABAL A. H. Mrs. dressmaker, r Milgate near Bleecker 

^ VJT Gable Mary, r 16 Charles 

I Gable Nellie L. r 16 Charles 

•S Gaetner Rudolph, tailor, r 26 Meadow 

53 GAFFIN DAVID H. clothing wholesale and retail 34 and 

^ 36 Genesee, r 423 same 

^ GAFFNEY CHARLES N. publisher UticaCity Directorj- 

l^ Office 8 and 9 Parker Block 191 Genesee, r 53 West 

S GAFFNEY DENNIS B. superintendent Grouse's Broom 

jj Factory 32 and 34 Broadway, r 74 Fayette 

^ Gaffney Edward, laborer, r 77 Water 

g Gaffney James, clerk R P. Randall, r 105 Elizabetli 

S GAFFNEY JOHN F. lawyer 8 and 9 Parker Block 191 

rt Genesee, r 74 Fayette 

Gaflney Joseph M. 32 Broadway, r 74 Fayette 
Gaffney ilichael, r 74 Fayette 
^ Gaffney Nellie Miss, teacher, r 15 Breese 
3 (^affney Patrick, clothing packet dock, r 45 Third 
^ Gagan Patrick, laborer, r 27 Saratoga 
:2 Gagan Patrick J. operative, r 27 Saratoga 
g Gagan Thomas, laborer, r 27 Saratoga 
g Gagan Win. laborer, r 27 Saratc»ga 
<D Gage Alden S. r 6 South 
g Gage Mary Mrs. dressmaker, r 58 Whitesboro 
^ Gage William, carpenter, r Bell's Ilotel Deerfield 
g Galide John H. dry goods 44 South, r same 
S Gahde J. H. Jr. clerk, r 44 South 
«2 Gahan Daniel, laborer, r 13S Mohawk 
a GAIIAN RICHARD H. REV. r 146 Columbia 
(g Gaille Henry, moulder, r 174 Jay 

Gainard John, wagonmaker, r 43 State 

Gainsway Joseph, teamster, r 31 William 

Gale Silas, r 16 Blandina 

Galinskey Alexander, pedler, r 117 Water 

Galinskey Bernard, pedler, r 74 Whitesboro 

Galinskey Bernard, pedler, r 24 Elizabeth 

IV. H. McGarvey Sf Co., Cigars and Fancy 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Galinekey Joseph, pedler, r 141 Whitesboro 
Galinskey Philip, clothing 49 Charlotte, r same 
Gallagher Charles, laborer, r 23 Henry 
Gallagher John, laborer, r 23 Henry 
Gallagher Michael, teamster, r 181 Kossuth ave 
Gallagher Patrick, mason, r 57 Third 
Gallagher Peter, painter, r 148 INeilson 

Galligan Charles, bookkeeper 1 John, r 64 Taylor ave W 

Galligan Esther, nurse, r 31 Court § 

Galligan Mary, domestic 288 Genesee M 

Galligan Mary, domestic 285 Genesee bd 

Galligan Owen, r 17 St. Vincent *^ 

Gallup J. D. conductor, r 22 Whitesboro fr 

Gamble Libbie, r 40 Mary g 

Garamel Charles, upholsterer, r 19 Liberty - 

GAMMEL GEORGE W. Hotel 19 Liberty, r same g 

GAMMEL ROBERT, manufacturer of trusses, r 19 [Liberty 5* 
Gangloff George, laborer, r 166 Schuyler 

Gannon Ellen, r 5 Rutger g- 

Gannon James, engineer, r 7 Washington ^ 

Gannon Kate, r 5 Rutger ^ 

Gantner Elizabeth, r 183 Whitesboro q 

Gardner A. r 8 Eagle § 

Gardner Abner B. photographer 128 Genesee, r 35 Whitesboro fr 
GARDNER BLOCK, 188 to 194 Genesee R 

Gardner Anna, clerk 11 Broad, r 21 Court » 

Gardner Catharine, r Home for Homeless ^ 

Gardner Charles A. bookkeeper, r 50 Broad g* 

Gardner Christian, cartman, r 19 Aiken » 

GARDNER C. H. Rev. rector Trinity Church, r Trinity rec- ^ 
tory, First cor Broad g, 

Gardner Mrs. r 60 Columbia q 

Gardner E. B. salesman Buckley vfe Co. r 47 Chatham fi 

Gardner Francis, cutter, r 43 Varick » 

Gardner George, driver, r 19 Aiken " 

Gardner John, cartman, r 22 Leah ® 

Gardner Leonard, shoemaker, r Deerlield road £ 

Gardner Lizzie, r 19 Aiken o 

Gardner Lizzie M. r 8 Eagle g 

Gardner Mary, operative, r Deerlield 
Gardner Peter, clerk 1 and 3 John, r 7 Meadow 
Garlock E. L. painter, r 5 Albany 
Garlock Catharine, r 5 Albany 
Garnet Elizabeth, weaver, r 210 Broad 
Garnsey Silas, laborer, r Bleecker cor Third 
Garratt Fred. H. carriage maker, r 184 Seymour ave 
Garratt James H. machinist, r 89 Dudley 
Garratt Matthew A. letter carrier, r 182 Seymour ave 

Groceries, Genesee comer Fayette Street. 


May 15th, Fires were needed, OYercoats comfortable, 

Oarrett Arthur, Balesman, r 113 Howard ave 

Garrett Catharine Mrs. widow, r 156 Miller 

Garrett Csssar, tailor, r 18 West 

Garrett George H. mason, r 62 Seymour ave 

GARRETT JAMES, grocer 53 Cornelia, r 18 Spring 

Garrett Jane, dressmaker, r 18 Spring 

Garrett Joseph, teamster, r 166 Miller 
g Garrett J. P. insurance agent Devereux Block, r same 
2 Garrett Thomas, tailor, r 113 Howard ave cor Square 
^ Garrett Wm. P. r 18 West 

00 Garrett Wm. shoemaker 57 South, r 82 Taylor ave 
:g Garrett William, mason, r 156 Miller 

^ Garrigan James, r 31 Seymour ave 

Garrigan Bernard, coachman, r 84 South 
2 Garrigan James Jr. coachman, r 31 Seymour ave 

• Garrigan Wm. J. r 115 South 

© Garripy Edward Mrs. r 468 Whitesboro road 
•g Garripy S. Miss, dressmaker, r 25 Seneca 

g GARTLAN F. Lovell Manufacturing Co. 54 Bleecker 

^ Garthside Charles R painter, r 23 Oneida 
•^ Garthside Henry J. carpenter, r 13 Oneida 
^ Garthside Richard Mrs. .r 23 Oneida 
S Gartner Rosella T. widow, r 53 Ehn 
^ Gartner Rudolph, tailor, r 26 Meadow 
'^ Gartland James C. farmer, r 10 Burnet 

g Gartland Jennie, r 5 Elm 

^ Gartland Mary Mrs. r 10 Burnet 

.«> Gartland Michael, mason, r 5 Elm 

p Gartland Thomas F. r 10 Burnet 

g Garvey John T. asst undertaker 50 Bleecker, r 17 Howard 

L ave 

1 Garvey Nellie, r 132 Blandina 

I Garvin Edward, cooper, r 122 Columbia 

* Garvin Edwin, carpenter, r 13 York 

•'^ Gaston Mary, widow, r 138 Howard ave 

g Gates Adolphus, shoemaker, r 25 Devereux 

^^ Gates Benjamin, laborer, r 116 Albany 

§ Gates John P. printer Observer office, r 51 Elm 

^ Gates Nathan S. B. r27 Spring 

£ Gates Nellie A. Miss, r 27 Spring 

Gates Nellie S. Mrs. r 12 Francis 

Gates- Sarah A. r St. Luke's Hospital 

Gau Frederick, carpenter, r 63 Johnson 

Gau John, tailor, r 70 Brinckerhoff ave 

Gavin James, shoemaker, r 152 Seymour ave 

Gavin Mary, domestic 50 Cornelia 

Gawne John Mrs. r 113 Howard ave 

Gaylord Eliza P. r 11 Miller 

Purvis, Metoalf ^ Co.^ Book-Binders and 


Dan Bioe was here, bnt no Summer. 

Gaylord George, r 11 Miller 
Gaylord Harriett, rll Miller 
Gaylord Martha, mnaic teacher, r 11 Miller 
Gaynor Emily, r 91 Cooper 
Gaynor John, wa^onmaKer, r 48 State 
Gaynor Keirow K. blacksmith, r 91 Cooper 

Gaynor Matthew, r 43 State 9 

Gazzam Edward, clerk 72 Genesee, r 164 Park ave ^ 

Gazin John F. r 79 Muhawk S* 

Gazley Ralph L r Faxton Home ^ 
GAZLEY & TOWN (Wm. Gazley and John Town) proprie- f 

tors Dudley House 13 to 17 Whitesboro & 

GAZLEY WM. (Gazley & Town), r Dudley House J 

Geary Thomas S. bookkeeper 119 Genesee, r 25 West g. 

Geary Thomas Mrs. r 25 West c^ 

Gebhard Jacob, shoemaker, r 102 Court M 

(Gebhard see Gebhard t) !^» 

Gebler Herman, blacksmith, r 209 Columbia • 

Geer Adam, painter, r 115 Eagle % 

Geer Andew, (Geer & Fleming), r 88 Taylor ave 3 

Geer Eugene, r 10 Cross 8 

GEERER BROS. (Chas. F. and John F.) groceries and pro- ^ 

visions 113 Columbia S. 

GEERER CHARLES F. (Geerer Bros.), r 83 Court b$ 

Geerer John F. saloon 61 Court, r same § 

GEERER JOHN F. (Geerer Bros.) r 6 Hamilton W 

Geerer Mary, widow, r 63 Court ^ 

Gehring John, moulder, r 125 Seymour ave *^ 
GEIERSBACH CHRISTIAN (C. Geiersbach & Son), r 157 fr 

Water o 

Geirsbach Edward W. tinsmith, r 40 Cooper ^- 

Geiersbach John, Herald otHce, r 40 Cooper o^ 
GEIERSBACH JOHN (C. Geiersbach & Son), r 40 Cooper *^ 
GEIERSBACH C. & SON (Christian and John Geiersbach), S 

tinsmiths 97 Columbia. See page 30 ^ 

Geiersbach William, tinsmith, r in Deertield c» 

Geiger Alfred, mason, r 56 Francis ^ 

Geiger Edward, carpenter, r 302 Bleecker g 
GEIGER OSWALD, carpenter shop 2 Schuyler, r 6 Hank | 

ava See page 50 ^ 
GEIGER PAUL, Schwaebische Bier Halle 118 Oolumi.ia, -'^ 

r 137 Whitesboro 
Geinitz Charles, weaver, r 5 South Hamilton 
Geiser Samuel tdrs, r 187 Bleecker 
Geist John, tailor, r 33 Neilson 
Geist John M. tailor, r 33 Neilson 
Gentner Elizabeth, r 163 Colnmbia 
Gentner Mary, r 163 Colnmbia 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 1S7 Genesee 


Dry Goods, Carpeta, Cloaka, MUlinery, TTphoIgtering Ooodi, 

Gence Mary Mrs. r 75 Erie 

George Edward, hostler, r 126 Soath 

George Eugene, clerk, r 35 Chatham 

George George W. tinsmith, r 18 Charles ' 

George & Griffith, (W. W. George & D. D. Griffith) stoneyard 
44 Washington 

George John, cigarmaker, r 7 Erie 

George Joseph C plumber, r 32 Erie 

GEORGE JOSEPH, coal yard 32 Erie, r same 
-Q George M. blacksmith, r 32 Saratoga 
'P George Seymour A. saloon, r 18 Third 
^ George Thomas, r 35 Chatham 
•9 George Thomas, shoemaker 19 Pearl, r 17 Aiken 
§ George William W. (George & Griffith), r 52 Spring 
•a Georgens C. barber shop 55 John, r same 
p Georgens Geo. tailor, r 24 Varick 
r GERBHARDT EDWARD, saloon 27 Fayette, r same 
. Gerling Frank, laborer, r 80 Canal 
^ Gerling Nicholaus, cigarmaker, r 59 Garden 
of Gerling Peter, laborer, r 19 Schuyler 

^^ Hoyt & Butler, 93 Genesee 

"S German Jerome B. general clerk P. O. r New Hartford 
2 GERMAN TIIEOPHILUS L (H. Gilmore & Co.) r 15 
*o Seneca 

I GERMOND & H4YES (John Germond & W. H. Hayes) 
S palnce news stand. Arcade 

J GERMOND JOHN (Germond & Hayes), r 97 Brinckerhoff 
CO ave 

^ Germond Peter, farmer, r road No. 8 New Hartford 
g Gerstner Charles, laborer, r 80 Hicks 

Gerstner Fred, well-digger, r 349 Whitesboro 
o" Gesinger Ernst, teamster, r 3 Gates 
^ Getman Blanche, r 166 Lansing 
^ Getman Caleb F. carpenter, r 12 Cooper 
>1 Getman Fay C. r 166 Lausing 
S Getman Filmore, laborer, r 196 Third 
g Getman John, carpenter, r 9 Hamilton 
p GETMAN JOHN R. groceries and provisions 166 Lansing, 
^ r same 

Getman Lonis G. butcher, r 245 South 

Getman T. W. carpenter, r Clinton House 

Getry Clara, r 69 Mary 

Getry Peter, laborer, r 40 Leeds 

Getz Joseph, laborer, r 16 Gold 

Ghu John, tailor, r 70 BrinckerhoflE ave 

Gibbons Charles, driver C. RR r 75 Court 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 



Bhawlfl, Fans and Pur-Lined Oloves, Blankets and Hosqnito H et, 

Gillett Laura, r71 Miller 

Gillett Lillie, operative, rMary near Kosenth ave 

Gillett Marilla, r Home for Homeless 

Gillett Mary, r Mary near Kossuth ave 8P 

Gillette Horace, carpenter, r J eft'erson near Bleecker & 

Gilligan Matthew, laborer, r 5 Washington 

Gillgallin Ellen M. dressmaker, r 89 Mary 

Gilman Betsey Mrs. r 17 Court g 

Gilmore Caroline, r 16 Huntington •§ 

Gilmore Clara, r 16 Huntington S 

Gilmore Eveline, r 16 Huntington » 

GILMORE HARRISON (H. & W. K. Gilmore 28 Fayette), & 

r 16 Court Jd 

GILMORE HARRISON, wood yard 92 Broad, r 16 Court g 
GILMORE HIRAM & CO. (Hiram Gilmore and Theophilus 8 

German) coal and wood, Fayette cor State ^ 

GILMORE HIRAM (H. Gilmore & Co.), r 425 Genesee S 

GILMORE H. & W. K. (Harrison and William K. Gilmore), ? 

agents D. L & W. Coal Co. 28 Fayette B' 
GILMORE JAMES H. (W. H. Gilmore & Co.), r 16 Court t 

Gilmore Mary, domestic 52 Spring o 
GILMORE WM. H. (W. H. Gilmore & Co.), r 1S2 Park ave 3 
GILMORE W. H. & CO. (W. H. ife James H.) cor Schuyler " 

and Erie 
GILMORE WM. K (H. & W. K Gilmore 28 Fayette), r 16 | 

Huntington p« 

Gilson Edward, blacksmith, r 12 Hicks g^ 

Gilson John, clerk Mansion House, r 82 Plant g: 

Gilson John C. clerk, r 82 Plant & 

Gimber Mrs. housekeeper Baggs Hotel 9 

Girmsey John A. tinsmith, r 78 Mary S' 

Girodon Augusta, mason, r 116 Lansing ^ 

Girvan George, machinist, r 188 Court ^ 

Girvan John, moulder, r 26 Saratoga & 

Girvan Richard M. moulder, r 5 Gates ^ 

Girvan Wm. moulder, r 56 Schuyler ^ 

Girvan Wm. H. paper hanger, r 187 Columbia ^ 

Gissible Geo. West Shore House, 136 Columbia, r same & 

Givens R. V. painter, r 118 Howard ave % 

GLASS J. H. physician 170 Genesee, r 98 Park ave « 

Glasser Frederick, r 69 Garden S 

Glath Joseph, tailor, r 121 Lansing S 
GLATT CHARLES P. harness, trunks, &c. 7 Baggs Hotel, I 

r 16i Chatham ^ 

Glatt Joseph, shoemaker, r 51 Elm ^ 
Glatt Theodore M. with J. H. Sheehan & Co. r 22 Chatham 
Glatt Romy Mrs. r 51 Elm 
Glavey James Mrs. r 5 Morris 

Furnishing Undertaker, j^l Genesee St. 



Gibbona John, laborer, r 75 Court 

Gibbons Mary, weaver, r 210 Broad 

Gibbons Mary A. weaver, r 75 Court 

Gibbons Michael, laborer, r 75 Court 

Gibbons Michael F. laborer, r 75 Conrt 

Gibbons Patrick, City RR r 58 Cooper 

Gibbons Patrick, laborer, r 233 Columbia 

Gibbons Thomas, laborer, r 94 Spring 

Gibbons William, laborer, r 75 Court 

Gibbs Annie M. r 40 Tracy 

Gibbs, Charles H. shoemaker, r 207 Neilson 

Gibbs James, laborer, r Morris Lane 
g4 Gibbs John P. shoemaker, r 40 Tracy 
^ Gibbs Myron A. bookbinder 131 Genesee, r 35 Plant 
f^ Gibbs Wallace, laborer, r rear of 68 Whitesboro 
5 GIBLIN FRANCIS T. law student 189 Genesee, r 88 State 
d Gibson G. W. Mrs. r 127 Third 
^ GIBSON JOHN G. lawyer 68 Genesee, r 9 Plant 
5 GIBSON WILLIAM T. REV. editor and proprietor Chur..h 
'3 Eclectic, chaplain Lunatic Asylum, r 9 Plant 

^ GIBSON WILLIAH H. hats, caps and furs, 98 Genesee, 
S 32 Lansing 

« GIBSON W. M. physician and surgeon 16 Parker Block, r 9 

* Gifft>rd Charles, barber 6 Liberty, r 21 State 
*|J Gifford Julia H. tailoress, r 120 Columbia 
^ Gifford Maria Mrs. r 21 State 

3 Gifford W. E. bookkeeper 85 Genesee, r in New Hartford 
. GILBERT BEN J. D. journalist J7^aW office, r Clarendon 
t Gilbert Eli Mra r 98 Taylor ave 

Gilbert F. H. Mrs. r 98 Taylor ave 

Gilbert Frederick, r 40 Whitesboro 

Gilbert George, laborer, r 6 Montgomery 
d Gilbert EL W. r 32 Lansing 

*^ Gilbert J. M. belt maker 119 and 121 Genesee, r23 Lansing 
^ Gilbert Lizzie, laundress Grand Central 

Gilbert L L. derk, r 82 Lansing 

Gilbert Sarah, widow, r 40 Whitesboro 

Gilbert W. H. machine agent and repairer 70 Eagle, r same 

Gil boy R L. saloon 48 John, r same 

Gilboy Jaa r 178 Bleecker 

(Giles see Guiles) 

Gill Catharine, operative, r 20 Morris 

Gill Mary, operative, r 20 Morris 

Gill William H. laborer, r 20 Morris 

Gillespie Erastus W. com. agent 92 Genesee, r 32 Lansing 

Gillett Albert, laborer, r Pleasant near the city line 
Gillett Elijah E. carpenter, r Mary near Kossuth ave 

Wesoott Sf Reusswig, Fine Cvustoirv Tailors, 



Olavey Mary, dressmaker, r 5 Morris 
Glavey Nellie, dressmaker, r 5 Morris . 
Glazier Margaret, r 28 Cooper 
Glazier Mary, r 28 Cooper 
Gleaiser Gea printer nerald^ r 228 Genesee 
Gleason John, laborer, r 82 Whitesboro ^ 

Gleason Calvin, teamster^ r 151 Water 
Gleason Maggie, operative, r 18 Cooper 
Gleason Wm. shoemaker, r 41 Cornelia 
GLENN HUGH (Hugh Glenn & Co.), r 377 Genesee 
GLENN HUGH & CO. (Hngh Glenn, A. S. Hunter and 
Thomas Hunter), dry good's, carpets and millinery, 54, 55, £ 
58 and 59 Franklin Square e 

(Glenn see Glynn) (S 

Gliffe Charles R cutter 15 Whitesboro, r Deerfield •♦ 

Glismann Anna, widow, r 15S Miller o 

Glismann J. C. bookkeeper, r 158 Miller W 

Glismann J. H. clerk, r 158 Miller ^ 

Gloy Theodore, bookkeeper, r 1 10 Fayette ^ 

Gluckstein J. pedler, r 99 Water ^ 

Glynn Martin, saloon, r 152 Blandina 
Glynn Harvey, teamster, r 248 Howard ave 
Glynn Mary, r 42 John 
Godbeheit R. laborer, r 25 Erie g 

Goddard Mrs. E. T. widow, r Clarendon ^ 

Goddard L H. Mrs. r Ladies' Seminary Q 

Godfrey Albert, carpenter, r 3 Bank *S 

Godfrey Charles, laborer, r Jefferson cor Hollingworth • 

Godfrey Engene, laborer, r 294 South & 

Godfrey Joseph, teamster, r 13 Faass ave W 

Godfrey Morris, carpenter, r S«>uth cur Webster ave p 

Godfrey William C. jobber, r 118 Albany 
Goergens Geo. tailor, r 24 Varick 
Goering Gustave, jeweler 140 Genesee, r 53 Saratoga *^ 

Goetz William, carpenter, r 20 Canal ^ 

Goft Flora, tailoress, r 161 Miller g 

GOFFE F. A. wool dealer 27 Hotel, supervisor 2d Ward, r 18 '^ 

Oohl Charles, laborer, r Maple 
Goldback Migbael, r 50 Saratoga 
Goldback Wener, weaver, r 60 Saratoga 
Goldbas Annie Miss, r 124 Steuben 
Goldbas Jacob, pedler, r 107 Water 
Goldbas Jacob L. saloon 124 Steuben, r same 
Goldbas JUL J. r 124 Steuben 
Goldbeck J. Godfrey, r Buffalo 
Goldberg Max, button hole maker, r 105 Fayette 
Goldberg Hyman, r 55 Charlotte 

JVb. 88 Genesee Street^ Utica. 


CABPET8, will occasionally drop up this way, 

8 — 

^ Golden Amos, farmer, r Pleasant cor Third 

g Golden Charles, r S2 Rut^er 

§ Golden Edgar, shoeraaCer, r 100 Seymour ave 

§ Golden Martha, weaver, r 34 Garden 

(H GOLDEN ORLANDO T. (Sherwood & Golden 125 Gene- 

g see,) r 327 Genesee 

^ Goldman ChHrles, ji^roeeries 81 Whitesboro, r same 

<S Goldman Levi, groceries and sal(K)n 50 Elm, r same 

g Goldsmith Henry B. r East cor Blandina 

S GoUar Annie, operative, r 65 Conrt 

^ GoUar Christina, operative, r 65 Court 

-** Gollar Kate, operative, r 65 Court 

S Gollar Louisa, operative, r 65 Court 

i Gollar Mena, widow, r 65 Court 

g Goller Annie Miss, domestic 42 Broad 

.J Gomph Charles P. jeweler, r 124 State 

cs Gomph E. J. H. clerk 46 Genesee, r 124 State 

PI GOMPH JEREMIAH, jeweler 140 Genesee, r 124 State 

1 GOMPH JEREMIAH & CO. hats, caps and furs 46 Genesee 
§ GOMPH JOHN, insurance agent, r 16 Henry 

^ Gonter Napold, r 181 South 

^ Good Myra, domestic Utica Orphan Asylum 

^Goodale. Carrie, r 21 Court 

» GOODALE JOHN A. cashier First Nat. Bank, r 161 Park 

HH ave 

d Goodale W. H. r 44 Miller 

'2 Goodale J. M. student, r 161 Park ave 

3 GOODENOW ALBERT L. (Utica Palace Furnace Ca), r 

g 6 Dudley 

2 Goodenow Charles W. cartman, r Howard ave cor Arthur 
M Goodenow Emeline, r 111 Howard ave 

o GOODENOW HARVEY S. 36 Charlotte, r 14 Columbia 

^ Goodenow Lncinda R Mrs. rill Howard ave 

g Goodier Annie, r 1^2 Fayette 

o Goodier George, r 102 Fayett^ 

S Goodier George W. salesman, r 104 Fayette 

Goodier Jonathan, lumber dealer 136 Fayette, r 104 same 
GOODIER LEWIS E (Goodier & Wolcott), r 2 Plant 

B GOODIER WADSWORTH L agt. A. T. S. & Co. Utica 

«g Steam Woolen Mills, r 104 Fayette 

j5 GOODIER & WOLCOTT (L R Goodier and^D. C. Wol- 

*§• cott), lawyers 189 Genesee, Parker Block 

g, Goodman J. Harvey, clerk, r 43 Neilson 

«> Goodman Harvey Mrs. r 43 Neilson 

5 GOODRICH A. B. REV. rector Calvary Church, r 31 

S, Howard ave 

^ Goodrich Anna, r 42 Conrt 

• Goodrich Edmund C. machinist, r 22 Cooper 

^ — 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 


-jurt as they used to yo out flahing for a da3r'i recreation,— 

Goodrich SuBan, r 42 Court 

Goodrich W. R. clerk 92 Genesee, r Yorkville 

GOODWIN ALEXANDER T. HON. (Goodwin & Swan) ^ 

lawyer, 75 Genesee, r 88 Whitesboro • 

Goodwin Edwin, monlder, r Mary cor Blandina 3 

Goodwin Evan R watchman, r 11 Mohawk «^ 

Goodwin John, painter, r 11 Mohawk S* 

Goodwin Bichard, r Bacon 09 

Good^vin Thomas, engineer, rl74 Blandina 3 

Goodwin Wm. H. marble cutter, r 24 Noyes •* 
GOODWIN & SWAN (A. T. Goodwin & J. R Swan) | 

lawyers, 75 Genesee S 

Goetz John, r 16 Gold g 

Goetz Joseph, r 16 Gold & 

Goppert Andrew, r 1 Breeze p* 

Goppert Christian, tailor, r 2 William g. 

Goppert Conrad, tailor, r 4 Schuyler '^^ 

Goppert George, moulder, r 176 Columbia ^ 

Goppert John, tailor, r 4 Schuyler • 

Goppert John B. cigar maker, r 4 Schuyler *S 

Goppert Martin, tailor, r 4 Schuyler ^* 
Goppert Michael, tailor, r 4 Schuyler 
Gordon Bella J. r 169 Park ave 

Gordon Isabella Mra r 169 Park ave ^ 

Gordon Marv R r 169 Park ave ? 

Gordon T. d. 29 Genesee, r 1 Broadway ^ 

Gore Katie, tailoress, r 58 Broadway ts 

Gorman Johanna Mrs. r 100 Mary ^ 

Gorman Mary, r 100 Mary oq 

Gorman Sarah, r 34 Broad g* 

Gorman Thomas EL intelligence office 87 Catharine ^ 

Gorman Wm. laborer, 100 Mary ^ 
60RMLY JAMES J. horse shoer 14 State, r 21 Bristol. See * 

page 56 ^ 

Gorraly John, r 79 Cooper g 

Gormly Wm. blacksmitn 12 Madison Lane, r 79 Cooper ^ 

Gorsline Maggie, r 86 Charlotte «♦ 
Qorringe Thomas, tailor and crier D. S. court, r 107 West S 
Gorton Martin, laborer, r 28 Chenango ave 
Goshaw Augustus, grocer 164 Seymour ave, r same 
60SS C. F. REV. pastor Bethany Church, r 292 Blandina . 

Gossin Geo. Mrs. r 104 Columbia ^ 

Gossin Geo. T. carpenter, r 165 Columbia ^ 

Gossin James K. operative, r 274 Whitesboro o 

Gossin John W. saloon 104 Columbia, r same oi 
Gossin Eate, operative, r 76 Fayette 
Gossin Robert, attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 
Gossin Thomas J. carpenter, r 97 Brinckerhoff ave 

Groceries, Genesee comer Fayette Street. 



Oossin Wm. carpenter, r 74 Taylor ave 
^ Goesing Alfred, cigarmaker, r 78 Hicke 
«Q Goeeman Frederick, laborer, r 9 Green 
O GOTTLIEB A. T. R veterinary surgeon 53 Oolambia, r eame 
'J;! Gottry Charles F. clerk, r 85^ Gooper 
g GOTTRY JACOB S. Fayette BLonse Livery 7 Fay, r 147 
^3 Fayetta See inside back cover. 

b GOUGE FRED H. architect 9 <fc 10 Gardner Blk, r 81 Cottage 
g Gough Jennie, r 39 Tracy 
O GoQgh John B. carpenter, r 39 Tracy 
45 Gongh Owen T. tailor, 139 John 
^ Gow Sarah F. Mrs. r 100 West 
g Go wan Edwin, shoemaker, r 18 Broadway 
^ Grabnam Ferdinand, harness maker, r 78 Taylor ave 
2^ Grace Edward, shoemaker, r 21 West 

g^ Grace James, farmer, r 156 B)eecker 
p Grace Thomas, farmer, r 155 Bleecker 
QO Grady Dominick, pedler, r 62 Steuben 
i Grady Mary, tailoress, r 140 Jay 
"^ Graff Christian F. clerk, r 21 Eirkland 
g GRAFF FRED. (Graff & Warnert r 8 Seymour ave 
S Graff John, boilermaker, r 21 Kirkland 
« Graff Mary E. 38 Steuben 
* Graff Peter, laborer, r Arthur near Third 
O Graft' Phosbe Mrs. r .8 Seymour ave 
^ Graff V. laborer, r 41 Dudley 

t GRAFF & WARNER (Fred Graff & S. Camobell Warner) 
CO commision merchants and dealers in fruits, &c. 52 Frank- 

"^ lin Square 

^ Graham Benajah C. r 16 Hart 

*2 Graham Edmund A. lawyer Devereux Block, r 241 (Jeneeee 
•g Graham Frank C. carpenter, r 45 Cottage 

Graham H. P. carpenter, r 18 Hart 
Graham Hattie, dressmaker, r 14 William 

q Graham James M. laborer, r 110 Liberty 

€8 Graham John, fireman Lunatic Asylum, r 28 Wager 

cQ Graham John, 29 Genesee, r in Schuyler 
•S} Graham John H. r 10 William 
•^ Graham John M. carpenter, r 417 Whitesboro 
^ Graham Joseph T. plumber, r 238 Court 

O Graham Joseph, engineer Lunatic Asylum, r 238 Court 
^ Graham Sarah £. r 45 Cottage 

4^1 Graham Sarah J. vestmaker, r 110 Liberty 

^ Graham Virginia, r 60 Mary 

•g Graham William, moulder, r 14 William 

0) Graham William A. teamster, r 110 Liberty 
ftj Grams August, r Taylor ave cor Square • 

GRANNIS CHAS K. (T. O. Grannis & Co.) r 804 Genesee 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Booh-Binders and 



Orannis F. maeon, r 388 Wbiteeboro ^ 

GranniB Timothy O. Mr& r 304 Oenesee O 

GRANNIS T. 0. & CO. bankers 165 Oeneeee ^ 

Grant George A. agent, r 14 Howard ave S 

Grant Jeremiah, engineer, r 204 Whitesboro Hi 

Grant John, saleaman 181 Geneeee, r 12 Steuben Park ^ 

Grant John H. lawyer 170 Geneeee, r 14 Howard ave O 

Grant W. J. salesman, r 40 Hart ' ^ 

Graves Charles, cutter 4 and 6 Catharine, r 90 Mary ^^ 

Graves Charles, boxmaker, r 12 Jason ^ 

Graves George, engineer, r 56 Mohawk b 

Graves Melville J. r 75 Catharine ^ 

Gray Abraham, r 201 Elm ^ 

Gray Amy Mrs. r 85 Oswego ® 

Gray Ange, r 15 Post § 
Gray Benita Mrs. dressmaker 100 John, r 246 Howard ave C 

Grav Francis, r 11 Green q, 
GRAY ISRAEL J. lawyer and agent Matnal Life Ins. Co. ^ 
cor Catharine and Genesee, r Grand Central Hotel. See £ 

side line back cover ^ 

Gray James, watchman, r 1 Kent ^ 

Gray James, bricklayer, r 113 Canal ^ 

GRAY JAMES S. Waverly 872 Genesee b- 

GRAY JOHN P. superintendent Lunatic Asylum ^ 

Gray Lydia A. r 191 Court g^ 

Gray Margaret, r 201 Elm §* 

Gray Mary Ann, r 160 Columbia ^ 

Gray Mattie, r 150 Columbia ^ 

Gray Sidnej R butcher, r 191 Court P 

Gray H. William, farmer Driving Park B 

Gray William C. Boston meat market 246 Howard ave 6 

Gray William E. com. traveler, r 40 Brinckerhoff ave g 

Gray W. L. machinist, r 120 Columbia E. 

Gray Wm, painter, r 85 Oswego fl* 
(Gray see Grey) 

Grayston Alfred, cigarmaker, r 8 Square W 

Grayston Edward R barber 117 South, r 74 Howard ave §. 

GRAYSTON HARRY W. dentist 108 South, r same f 

Orayston Henry, cigarmaker, r 74 Howard ave *1 

Greason Frank, operative, r Centre near East ^ 

Greason Horace, operative, r Centre near East P 

Grebnan Gustavo, r 84 Hobart oo 

Greeker George T. J. costumer 218 Genesee, r same ^ 

Greeker William, carpenter, r 120 West g, 
GREEN CHARLES C. hop merchant 27 Catharine, r 86 g 

Howard ave ^ 

Green C. C. Miss, r 105 Bleecker g 

GREEN CHAS. (Chaa. Green & Son), r in Hnbbar dsville | 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee- S 












if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

GREEN CHAS. & SON, (Cha& and W. J. Green) bankfere 

and hop dealers 35 Genesee 
Green Charles, Arcade tea store, r 51 Catharine 
GREEN CORNELIA M. Mrs. r Clarendon 219 Genesee 
Green Ella, operative, r 198 Court 
Green Emily A. r 19 Elizabeth 
Green Fordyce H. advertising agent, r 99 Park ave 
Green Frank E. conductor, r 47 Columbia • 
Green George, r 51 Catharine 
Green Geo. L. commercial traveler, r 6 West 
Green George S. Mrs. r 55 Broad 
Green George W, r 87 Whitesboro 
Green George W. carpenter, r 3 Pine 
Green J. A. Mrs. r 105 Bleecker 
Green J. M. cleik, r 51 Catharine 
Green Lewis H. photographer, r 22 Kemble 
Green Nellie Mies, r 27 Mary 
Green Michael, laborer, r 14 South Hamilton 
Green Phoebe A. widow, r 3 Pine 
Green Thomas, mason, r 29 William 
Green Thomas, shoemaker, r 149 Rntger 
GREEN W. JEROME (Chaa Green & Son), r 1 Rutger place 
Green William R com. traveler, r 27 Mary 
(Green see Greene.) 

Greenia Wro. engineer D., L & W. RR r 143 Water 
Greender Joseph, custom tailor, r 17 Charles 
GREENE & BRITT, (BL M. Greene and Edward P. Britt), 

Dtica Engraving and Printing Co. 36 Catharine 
GREENE H. M. (Greene & Britt), r New Hartford road 
Greenhill George, clerk, r 63 Charlotte 
Greenhill George O. salesman, r 14 Faxton 
Greenhill J. Edgar, carpenter, r 63 Charlotte 
Greenman Anna Mrs. r 24 Seneca 
Greenman Hiram Mrs. widow, r 24 Seneca 
Greenman James Mrs. r 24 Seneca 
GREENMAN JAMES C. r 24 Seneca ^ 

Greenman Silas C. Mrs. widow, r 24 Seneca 
Greenwood Charles, loom repairer, r 41 Chenango ave 
Greer David, shoemaker, r 54 Blandina 
Greer David H. painter, r 158 Kossnth ave 
Greer William B. carpenter, r Miller cor Square 
Greer Thomas, laundry 64 Columbia, r same 
Greger Franz, blacksmith, r 165 Water 
Greig Dan, r 122 Mary 
Greig Nellie, knitter, r 122 Mary 
Greineder Jacob, r 109 Schuyler 
Greineder Jacob Jr. cigarmaker, r 18 Wager 
Gremer Peter, shoemaker, r Hicks cor pickery 

Fred J. Cassidij, successor to J. H. Douglass, 



Grestel Andrew, shoemaker, r 9 Wiley <& 

OreBtel Addb Mrs. r 9 Wiley ^ 

Orestel John, cigarmaker, r 337 Wbitesboro ^ 

Greetel 6. M. cigarmaker, r 3^7 Wbitesboro (b 

Gressler Josepb, macbinist, r 328 Wbitesboro g; 

Gresen Cleinentena Mrs. Artbar near Tbird §^ 

Greeer Lawrence, laborer, r 24 Louisa ^ 

Greser Magdalena Miss, r 24 Louisa § 

Greser PbiTip, gardener, r 16 Loaisa c^ 

Grev E. M. Mrs. r 12 Bank g 

Gridley Caroline, r 160 Park ave On 
GRIDLEY CHARLES A. agent Mutual Benefit Life In- § 

snrance Co. N. J. room 2 Parker Block, r 16 Soutb g^ 

Gridley Emma, r Hickory cor York q. 

Gridley Jobn, farmer, r Hickory cor York Qq 

Gridley Jobn Jr. r Hickory cor York §" 

Gridley Sarab Mrs. r 25 Aiken P 

Griener Cbrist, r 37 Hicks ^ 

Gries Emil, butcber, r 30 Barnes E* 

Griesenger Mary, confectionery 241 Columbia, r same g; 

Griesenger William, roller covering 241 Columbia, r same S^ 

Grifiin Ada, dressmaker 11 Fayette, r 110 Wasbington ^ 

Griffin Ann, widow, r 104 Elizabeth g* 

Griffin Albert M. moulder, r 270 Bleecker c^. 
GRIFFIN BROTHERS (Patrick and Jobn M.) wholesale ? 

and retail tobacconists 67 Bleecker 
GRIFFIN 0HA8. A. (Griffiths, Griffin & Hoxie) 10 Liberty, W 

r 72 State § 

Griffin Jennie, dressmaker 11 Fayette, r 110 Wasbington tk 

GRIFFIN JOHN M. (Griffin Bros.) r 85 Second & 

Griffin Maggie^ tailoress, r Broad ^ 

Griffin Mary Mrs. r Deerfield road 9? 

Griffin Michael, laborer, r 102 Hicks ^ 
GRIFFIN PATRICK HON. (Griffin Bros.) r 269 Bleecker S> 

Griffin Wm. A. moulder, r 265 Bleecker 03 

Griffith Anna L. Mra r 46 Cooper ^ 

Griffith Elinor R. E. r 14 Plant g 

Griffith K C. Miss, teacher Ladies' Seminary q, 

Griffith Geo. W. manager G. I. Tea Co. r 76 Broadway Co 

Griffith Herbert, with L D. Newland, r 72 Fayette ^ 

Griffith Isaac J. r 18 Miller Q 

Griffith Jane Mrs. r 18 Miller g 
GRIFFITH JOHN D. lawyer 81 Arcade, r 59 Seymour ave S 
GRIFFITH LESTER (Wicks, Hughes & Griffith), r 226 § 

Genesee ^ 

Griffith Matthew H. Mrs. r 8 Ratger Co 

GRIFFITH M H. & CO. wholesale clothing Main cor First S^ 

Griffith Maggie E. r 8 Rntger § 

— ti* 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^J Genesee Street. 



since it annexed Utica andllion. 

Griffith O. (Owen & Co.) r 76 Broadway 

Oriffith Samuel, Herald office, r 46 Cooper 

Griffith Mary, r 10 Howard ave 

Griffith S. Amelia, r 8 Rutger • 

Griffith William H. shoemaker, r 14 Tracy 

GRIFFITH WILLIAM M. journalist, r 76 Broadway 

Griffith Daniel, carpenter, r 77 Taylor ave 
.{< Griffith David D. (Georjire & Griffith) r 58 Charlotte 
P Griffith Richard D. attendant N. Y. B. Asylum 
^ Griffiths David, brakeman, r 118 Water 
•§ GRIFFITHS D. GEO. grocer Bleecker cor Chariotte, r 22 
!^ Lansing 

i Griffiths Ellis, carpenter, r 79 Miller 
f» Griffiths Francis G. r 72 Mary 

'^ GRIFFITHS, GRIFFIN & HOXIE, (T. Jay Griffiths, Chas. 
§ A. Griffin and John C. Hoxie,) coffee and spice mfre. 10 

^ Liberty. See page 85 

§ Griffiths Jane, r 17 Dudley 
*H Griffiths John M. policeman, r 16 Hicks 
•g Griffiths John B. builder, r 62 Whitesboro 
03 Griffiths Joseph, factory operative, r 98 Court 
g| Griffiths Kittle A. r 37 Cooper 
^ Griffiths Owen Rev. r 5 Blandina Place 
"^ Griffiths Richard, saloon 48 Washington, r same 
S Griffiths Sarah Mra r 87 Cooper 
h Griffiths Thomas, stonecutter, r 12 Broad wny 
S GRIFFITHS THOMAS J. book and job printer and pub- 
q lisher of Y Drych (The Mirror) Exchange buildings, r 

o 123 John 

^ GRIFFITHS T. JAY, (Griffiths, Griffin & Hoxie) 10 Lib^ 

*?! ®^^y> ^ 13 Cottage 

^ GRIFFITHS T. SOLOMON & CO. (T. Solomon Griffiths 

JQ and Hugh E. Thomas,) merchant tailors 64 Genesee 

g^ GRIFFITHS T. SOLOMON, commissioner of charities (T. 

^ Solomon Griffiths k Co.) r 6 Miller 

•^ Griffiths Wm. mason, r 10 Lansing 

^ Griffiths Wm. R Rev. pastor Welsh M. E Church, r 80 

^ Broadway 

Grimer Sarah, domestic 294 Genesee 

Grimes Bridget, r 7 Erie 

Grindlay James G. r 82 Cornelia 

Grindler Frank, weaver, r 20 Walnut 

Grindler Sarah, r 20 Hicks 

Groat Jacob, teamster, r 14 Floyd 

Groesbeeck Fanny S. r 846 Genesee 

Groesbeeck Sylvia A. r 346 Genesee 

Grogan T. M. agent, r 82 Miller 

Groh Augustus, farmer, r 178 Blandina 

Westcott ^ Reusswigf Fine Custom Tailors, 


^sfMCMSF €IMC&£>siri&Jir /^ TMX CMWT, 


The Most Beadable and Most Acoeptable Daily Newspaper 

«^/eA^ ITS SECTIOA:^y<> 

Its Editorials are Able and Spirited ! 

Its Discnssious Timely and Lirely 2 

ltd Loeal News Spicy^ Prompt and Full S 

Its Telegrraphic Reports Complete and Well Presented^ and 

Its Agriealtnral Information and Market Reports Jii«f 
What are Wanted. 

Every Day contains the Cuoicest akd Best op EvERYiifiNG that can 

properly be offered a place in a 

There Is no Dry Matter in the OBSERVER. 

The most agreeable and inviting contents tliroiighoiit its pageH, render it the 
most tiioroughl3'-rcad newspaper printed in this part of the State. Hence 

THE MMMmR^imm^Js^w^ 

Come under notice more generally than in any other journal: a 

thus the Observer is obviously the 


Through which the people of Central New York can be addressed. 



}\Q ratidk Weekly ;g^t)^efvef 



P0£I^4S 4HP 4 S41f 4 714S 


It Coi\tkii|^ Sji^l\t Bi^okd f^k^e^ pei' Week, 


Every popular feature of the Daily js retained in the Weekly, and the con- 
tents of a single number make a weekly feast of news and literature, 
such as no other journal in this vicinit}' offers. 

Can address the best class of Farmers and Villagei-s in Centnil New York, 
by presenting their favors through the columns of the Weekly. 


One Year ^8.00 

Three Months, 2.00 

One Month, - 67 

One W^eek - /O 


^< , m Advance, ^/, 60 

" ♦»"- in Advance 76 

eofntnnnieations to 

GBOVE & BAILEY, Proprietors, 

tJTIOA., IV. T'. 




Job Printing 

Ob^efvei' Smldii\^^, 113 0ei\e^ee SWeet. 



Mammoth Posters 


Executed iu the Best Style, nnd with a ProniptnesH 
Corresponding: with our Improved Facilities* 

And in this Department the Reputation of the j 

Observer Ollice is Unrivaled. 

GROVE & BAILEY, Proprietors, 


The handaomest Dry OoodaSc Carpets on earth 

Groman Alexander, grocer 155 Schayler, r same 
Groman Amelia, domestic 106 Fayette 

GROOS WILLIAM, carpenter and saloon, 111 Canal, r same qs 

Gross Adolphus, foreman U. S. C. machine shop, r 24 Fay ^ 

Gross F. Aaolphns, machinist, r 24 Fay tS 

Gross Charles, laborer, r 6 Warren g 

Gross Engene, brakeman, r 114 Liberty ^ 

Gross Michael, laborer, r 6 Hoyt ^ 

Grosser Frank, butcher, r 145 Water ^ 

Grossmeyer Edward G. shoemaker, r 68 Brinckerhoff ave (^ 

Grossmeyer Gustavas, shoemaker, r 97 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Grosvenor A. Mrs. teacher, r 150 Colombia C> 

Grosvenor Juliat r 321 Genesee ^ 

GROVE DEWITT C. (Grove & Bailey), r Central Hotel ^^ 

GROVE & BAILEY, (incorporated— Dewitt C. Grove, Pros, ff 

and Treas., E. Prentiss Bailey, Vice Pree. and Seo.) Utica (^ 

Daily and Weekly Observer^ book and job printers 118 ^ 

Genesee. See advt. opposite page ?J 

Grovenstein Edward, laborer, r 74 Catharine oS 

Grover Robert M. printer 167 Genesee, r 66 Schnyler rv 

Groves Leslie R law student 189 Genesee o 

Gmbnall Gustavo, fnrrier 104 Genesee, r 34 Hobart ^ 

Grumbler Rudolph, laborer, r Pleasant cor Howard ave Q» 

Grnnow Charles E surveying instrument maker Mechanics S 

Hall building, r 102 Whitesboro ^ 

Grunow Lester C. r 102 Whitesboro «i^ 

Qmpler John, trucker, r 186 Whitesboro "" 

Gmpp Georgfe B. butcher, r New Hartford road § 

Grnpp J. Paul, meat naarket 1 Hart, r New Hartford road g 
Grupp Milton P. butcher, r 20 Kemble 

GSCHWIND BRO. & SON, (Herman, John and Frederick ^ 

Gschwind), boots and shoes 8 Arcade and 83 Second (J* 

Gscbwind Charles, carpenter, r.27 Second Ji> 

Gschwind Fred J. drugs and groceries 181 Bleecker, r same » 

Gtechwind Frederick, Sr. (Gschwind, Bro. & Son), r 182 I 

Bleecker J 

Oschwind Herman (Gschwind, Bro. & Son), r 20 Gold E 

G«chwind Hugo, tailor, r 131 Bleecker n 

Gschwind John (Gschwind, Bro. & Son), r 27 Second J 

Gschwind Louisia, dressmaker, r 27 Second •• 

Onbitz George, foreman, r 81 Saratoga I* 

Onbitz John, shoemaker, r 15 Parker 3 

Gnbitz John G. carver, r 15 Parker §* 

Gnckeen Bridget, r 128 Park ave ? 

Guckeraus £dward, r 62 Stark g 

Ouckemus Louis, moulding maker, r 53 Stark ^ 
Gnckemus William, turner, r 62 Stark 
Gackemus William G. turner, r 62 Stark 

JVb. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


and spring troxn Summer back 

o Gncker Emma, r 71 Varick 

S Gncker Eittie, saleswoman, r 71 Yarick 

Q Gueker Magdelene Mrs. r 71 Yarick 

S Gadel Nicholas, baker Deeriield road, r sanie 

?2 Guelich Charles E. clerk, r 735 Genesee 

O Guelich Charles L r 12 Chestnat 

p. GUELICH OSCAR, Prop. Empire Brewery East corBlandi- 

1^ na, r East near Blandina 

0) GUELICH OTTO K C. mfr. Perry's hay tedder and whole- 

^ sale butcher 14 Liberty and 5 Second, r 735 Genesee 

Q Gailes Bussel, foreman Martin's livery, r 39 Broadway 

'g (Guiles see Giles) 

•q GUILLAUME C. T. physician and surgeon 63 South, r 54 

E5 West 

«g^ Guillaume Louis, r 54 West 

-s GULF BREWERY, (James F. Rowe, manager), Jay cor 

5 Third 

P Gultz Charles, r 87 Liberty 

h Gunning Kittie, dressmaker 8 Pearl, r same 

HA Gunther William, gardener, r 245 Mohawk 

•^ Gurley Frankie Miss, r 12 Eagle 

^ GURLEY GEO. W. (Gurley & Harris), r 12 Eagle 

cf. Gurley G. M. Jr. photographer, r 12 Eagle 

CO GURLEY & HARRIS (G. W. Gurley aud D. Harris), pho- 

^ tographers 132 Genesee. See adv't outside back cover 

j^ Gurley Lewis S. photographer's dry plates 132 Genesee, r 18 

N Eagle 

. Gurtz Henry, weaver, r 177 Whitesboro 

g Guth Frank, r 32 Chenango ave 

2 Gurnsey Hannah, cook House Good Shepherd 
*§ Guth Henry, r 32 Chenango ave 

^ Guth John, carpenter, r 5 Clinton 

Q Guth Margaret Miss, r 10 Cherry 

•C) Guth Martin, carpenter, r 10 Cherry 

"^ Guth William, r 32 Chenango ave 

o Guyan C. B. St Luke's Hospital 

§ Gwilt Edmund, teamster, r Mummery near East 

5 TTAAK FREDERICK, alderman 2d ward, 2d ward hotel 
^ JUL lis Whitesboro, r same 

^ Haak Frederick, tinsmith, r 185 Columbia 

q Haak F. D. clerk county clerk's office, r 39 Blandina 

§ Haak Jacob, weaver, r 22 Schnyler 

3 Haar Herman, upholsterer, r 65 Garden 

6 Haberer Daniel, 23 Fayette, r 73 West 

^ HABERER JOSEPH Y. physician 66 Miller, r same 
S Haberer J. V . Mrs. organist and music teacher, r 66 Miller 
^ Haberstock Joseph, blacksmith, r 32 Fay 

W. K McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Haekbarth Gastave, gardener, r 34 Hicks 
HACKETT BLOCK 196, 198 and 200 Genesee 

HAOKETT CHARLES, Star coal office, r 79 Steuben . 

HACKETT CHARLES W., U. & B. R RR. fr. office, r 93 g* 

Howard ave ^ o 

HACKETT CORDEN, confecti.»ner 200 Genesee, r 420 same fe 

Hackett James, r 259 Bleecker Q 

HACKETT JOHN, manager Great A. & P. Tea Co. 87 Gen- ^ 

esee, r 3 Neilson ^ 

Hackett John D. salesman 76 Genesee, r 83 Jay Q 

Hackett Joseph, monlder, r 19 Cornelia P 

Hackett Lansing H. lawyer, r 420 Genesee qj 

Hackett Kate, r 1 Rntger Q- 

Hackett Wm. C. 200 Genesee, r 62 Charlotte g' 
Hackett Wm. H. Mrs. 62 Fayette 

Hackett Wm. R B. r 323 Genesee § 

Hadcock Alexander L deputy collector internal revenue, r |^ 

99 Charlotte * ^ 

Hade William, laborer, r 4 Saratoga *j| 

Haden Thomas J. machine shop 6 Union, r same ^ 

Haddon George, clerk, r Deerfaeld Road 5i 

Haddon William, foreman, r 40 Elizabeth O 

HAENL GEORGE, dry goods 117 Varick, r 119 same & 

HaflEord E W. bookkeeper 23 Broad, r 83 Charlotte J 

Hagan Hugh, contractor, r 26 Hart ci. 

Hagan James, mason, r 80 Jay g^ 

Hagan JacoJ), porter, r Deerfield road ^ 

Hagan Jacob, clerk, r Deerfield road S; 

Hagan Patrick, teamster, r 71 Court g 

Haganour Henry , r 1 Cedar 9 

HAGANOUR HENRY, JR. saloon 10 Fayette, r 1 Cedar - 

Hageman Christian, laborer, r 1 Schuyler ^ 

H^eman John, laborer, r 6 Warren j^ 

HAGEN JOSHUA, Howe sewing machine office 12 Arcade, ^ 

r 102 Elizabeth (b 

Hagel Catharine, widow, r 61 Warren .g 

Hagel Fred, tinsmith, r51 Warren J^ 

Hager Xavier, r 3 Clinton « 

Hagnar Henry, porter depot dining rooms g^ 

Hagues Thomas, farmer, r Welshbush road Baggs Hotel farm ^^ 

Hahn August, boots and shoes 43 Columbia, r 13 Hicks j^ 

Hahn Conrad, mason, r 13 Hicks q 

Hahn Christina, r 13 Hicks {S* 

Hahn Dora, r 13 Hicks g 

Hahn John F. builder Meadow, r Cooper cor Fay <^ 

Hahn Michael, clerk, r 13 Hicks ^ 
Hahn Mra J. M. r 272 Wiiitesboro 
Hahn Mollie, r 13 Hicks 

Groceries, Genesee comer Fayette Street. 


May ISthy Firea were needed, OverooatB oomfortable. _ 

Hahn Wm. inspector, r 189 Kossuth ave 

Haigh Arthur, boss weaver, r 113 Court 
c^ Haigh Adele, dressmaker, r 90 Spring 
§§ HAIGH QEOEGE, loom repairer, r 90 Spring 
^ Haigh Sarah Mrs. r 90 Spring: ^ 

0)" Haigh Sarah Miss, 189 Genesee, r 9 Spring 
^ Haigh Johanna Mrs. r 66 Warren 
!;:{ Haigh John, florist 90 Spring, r same 
i Haigh John, operative, r 20 Knox 
^ Haigh Miss M. H. r 90 Spring 
•^ Haim Nicholas, tinsmith, r 92 Steuben 
>j Halen William, mason, r 32 Bristol 
^ Halbert Emilj, Home for the Homeless 
QQ Hald Herman, r 84 Elm 
q> Haley Cornelius, laborer, r 204 Bleecker 
•q Haley John C. fireman, r 263 Bleecker 
§ Haley Luke, laborer, r Broad near city line 
» Haley James, blacksmith 27 Park ave, r 71 Jay 
^ Haley John, cigarmaker, r 71 Jay 
•O Haley Mary, domestic 28 Whitesboro 
J4 Haley Michael, laborer, r 88 Schuyler 
fl Haley Patrick, laborer, r 14 Canal 
S Haley Thomas, tailor, r 89 Jay 
*^ Haley William, cigarmaker, r 263 Bleecker 
>5 (Haley see Healey.) 
•a Hall Amelia, widow, r 88 Liberty 

g HALL BENJAMIN, hides, skins, pelts and tallow 75 
^ Bleecker and 66 to 70 John, r 66 Mary 

§ Hall Edward H. carpenter, r 179 Lansing 
;j3 Hall Frank, fireman, r 2 Broadway 
1^ Hall James, bookkeeper, r 48 Rntger 
(^ Hall James R foreman I. A. Williams, r 69 West 
[2] Hall Julius A. r 229 Genesee 
S Hall Mary Mrs. r 7 Post 
^ Hall Maggie, tailoress, r 64 Water 
O Hall Mary Mra r cor Columbia and Wiley 
g Hall Mary L. Mra r 62 Fayette 
i^ Hall Phoebe. Home for the Homeless 
•""* Hall Sarah, r 69 West 
of Hall W. H. printer, r 48 Rutger 
? Hallahan George, r 92 Court 
^ Hallahan Ellen, widow, r 92 Court 
Of) Hallahan Mary, domestic 50 Cornelia 
^ Hallenbeck Henrietta, Home for the Homeless 
O Hallenbeck Charles, servant, r 33 Charlotte 
^ Hallenbeck Samuel Mrs. r 33 Charlotte 
Halliday Benjamin, r 107 South 

HALLIDAY EDWARD, proprietor South street livery 
stable 107 South, r Northern Hotel. See page 48 

Fiirvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 


Dan Rioe was here, but no Summer, 

HALL8TAB JOHN, ciffar box maDofactarer 4 
Chatham. See adv^ page 87 

Halliday William, grocer 48 Leah, r same ^ 

Halliday William T. (W, T. Halliday & Co.) r 61 Charlotte SJ 
HALLIDAY W. T. & CO. (W. T. Halliday and J. K. Miller) g 

Arcade Variety Store u^ 

HALLSTAB GEORGE S. cigar box raannfacturer 4 Burnet, § 

r 28 Chatham. See adv't page 87 ^ 

Bomet, r 28 q> 

age 3/ § 

Hallstab John J. cigar packer, r 12V South g^ 

Hallwig Lewis, r 149 Lansing ^ 

Hallyard, building mover, r 10 Albany § 

Bamberger Anthony, carpenter, r 5 Linden Q» 

Bamberger Sebastian, grocer, r 48 Erie C) 

Bameline Joseph, ciirarmaker, r 77 Garden » P 

Bameline Frank, clerk,, r 77 Genesee 'O 

Hamer John Mrs! r 11 Seymonr ave St 

Hamer Miriam, r II Seymonr ave ^ 

Bamill Hugh Mrs. r 88 Cooper ^ 

Bamill Mary J. clerk, r'83 Cooper Cb 

Bamill Patrick J. salesman 117 Genesee, r 68 Whitesboro § 

BAMILTON CHARLES (Batler & Hamilton 114 Genesee), o^ 

r 4 Comstock Block, Plant 2. 

Bamilton C. M. Miss, r 64 Elizabeth ^ 

Hamilton Elizabeth,^widow, r 119 Bleecker 8d^ 

Bamilton H. H. salesman 114 Genesee, r 28 Lansing K| 

Hamilton Isaac T. Mrs. r 81 Hart ^ 

Hamilton Nellie, r 81 Hart p 

Bamilton Sarah, r 4 Comstock block. Plant c! 

Bamlin Catharine R Mrs. r 285 Genesee A 

HAMLIN JACOB J. boots and shoes 154 Colombia, r 152 ^ 

same ^ 

Hamlin James, salesman, r 152 Colombia C^ 
Hamlin Martin, shoemaker, r 244 Conrt 

Hamlin William, clerk, r 152 Colombia S^ 

Hamlin William, porter, r 12 Washington (%> 

Hammer Frank, shoemaker, r Deerfield ^^ 

Hammer George, carriagesmith, r Deerfield g 

Hammer Joseph, shoemaker, r Deerfield • Q» 

Hammersmith John, brakeman, r 2 Bryan 03 

Hammersmith William H. laborer, r 13 Oak ^ 

Hammes Katie E. milliner, r 217 Colombia Q^ 

HAMMES PHILIP, carriage shop and blacksmith cor Co- g 

lombia and Saratoga, r same o 

Hammond Albert J. salesman, r 28 Neilson ^ 

HAMMOND ERWIN A. lite insurance agent 9 Broad, r 86 <^ 

same ^ 
Hammond H. C. printer Herald^ r 48 Broad 
Hammond H. W. assist Sopt. B. R RR. office 24 Whitesboro 
Hanagan James, hostler, r 36 Albany 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


Dry Gk>odBy Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, TJpholstering Goods, 

<0 Hananer Loaie 8. clerk, r 18 Ohenango ave 

§ Hanauer William, clerk, r 18 Chenan^ ave 

p; Hand Albert T. shipper, r 7 Hart 

^ HAND MICHAEL, (Dtica Brewing Co.) r 24 Hobart 

^ Hand Thaddeus, teamster, r 7 Hart 

£ Hand William H. shoemaker, r 94 Seymour ave 

fe, Hand William, r 161 Miller 

Q Handley Kate widow, r 58 Jay 

"^ Handley Patrick, teamster, r 158 Rutger 

J5 Handly W. Mrs. r 78 South 

^ Hanford Thomas, Scotch cap factory Genesee road 

c3 Hanly Ellen, r 44 Fay 

Q Hanly Jae. shoecutter, r 20 Whitesboro 

^ Hanly Mary, r 44 Fay 
Kj" Hanley Catharine, clerk, r 68 Jay 

Hanlon Bart, engineer, r 98 Elizabeth 
i^ Hanlon Charles, clerk 48 Franklin Square ^ 

^ Hanlon Peter, laborer, r 95 Water 
^ Hanlon William, porter, r 12 Washington 
;j3 Hanner William, spinner, r 66 Stark 
fo H ANN AS AUGUSTUS C. auction and commission basiness 

^ 64 Seneca, r 78 Cornelia 

^ HANNAS LA FAYETTE, engraver 64 Seneca, r 15 West 
^ Hannahs A. Mra r 27 Cottage 

;f* Hanners Geo. M. physician, r Faxton Home for Aged Men 
^ Hanns E r 148 Columbia 
^ Hausan Henry, r 81 Bristol 
^ Hansel Gnstave, attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 
§ Hansman Charles, barber 184 Columbia, r 71 Spring 
O Hansman Christian, grocer and dry goods, r 18 Hope 
^ Hansman Frederick, shoemaker, r 21 Schuyler 
Of) Hansman George, barber 184 Columbia, 
^ Hansman John, barber 184 Columbia, r 71 Spring 
^ Hansom John Mrs. saloon 40 John, r same 
3 HANUSCH WILLIAM, lock and tool maker 68 John, r 161 
Y^ South 

CD Hardaker Martin, operative, r 151 Schuyler 

:» Hardin Aud Mrs. r towpath below Clarx's bridge 
O Hardin Cornelins, r 14 Post 
^ Harding Edward H. r 60 Mary 
^ Harding Frederick J. r 60 Mary 
^ Harding Ida J. operative, r 109 Columbia 
1^ Harding Geo. K shoemaker, r 109 Columbia 
^ Harding Mina, widow, r 109 Columbia 
}^ Harding Joseph A. spinner, r 58 Garden 
O Harding Samuel I. factory operative, r 58 Garden 
b Harding Bobert J. laborer, r 58 Garden 
(^ Hardiman Samuel, grocer West Frankfort 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


ghftwls, Fans and Fur-Lined Oloves, Blankets and Moiqnito Vet, ^ 


Hardisty George, gardener, r 36 Hart Jf 

Hardy George W. carpenter, r 40 Tracy h* 

Hare Edward C. bookkeeper, r 24 Devereux B" 

Harknees Sarah, r 18 Deverenx Oj 

Hargraves M. N. Mrs. r 124 Varick g 

Harlow J. T. Mrs. r 7 Leah iq 

Harlow Job J. foreman Reynold's, r Northern Hotel g 

Harmon Christopher, r 178 Schuyler 0^ 

Harmon Kate H. artist in hair work, r 8 Mary (^ 

Harmon Mary, r 8 Mary ^^ 

Harmon Mary Mra r 8 Mary ff 

Harms Henry A. gardener, r 117 Howard ave 3 

Harrer Amelia, r 120 Bleecker S 
HARRER CHARLES A. boot and shoe dealer 288 Whites- S. 

boro, r same >? 

flarrer Charles A. boots and shoes 136 South, r same *q 

Harrer Charles A. Jr. shoemaker, r 135 South g 

Harrer Frank (J. & F. Harrer), r 73 Columbia 7 

Harrer Frederick W. mail carrier, r 5 Clinton g- 

Harrer Jacob (J. & F. Harrer), r 73 Columbia (D 

Harrer J. & F. meat market 73 Columbia ^ 
Harrer Matthias, harness maker 42 Bleecker, r 2t Brincker- O 

hoff ave 5* 

Harrer Matthias, janitor citv library, r 168 Water C 
HARRER WILLIAM, boots and shoes 77 Bleecker, r South 

cor Third 

Harrer William J. medical student, r South cor Third 

Harrigan Dennis, r Culver ave ^ 

Harrigan Mrs. widow, r 36 Park ave bl 

Harrington A. B. r 84 Broadway §. 

Harrington Charles H. shoemaker, r 99 Neilson ^ 

Harrington Charles H. painter, r 23 Aiken Q. 

Harrington Carlos, r 80 Erie Os^ 

Harrington D. H. r 80 Erie ^ 

Harrington E. Jennie Mrs. r 41 West g' 

Harrington George, hostler, r Mansion House ^ 

Harrington James, r 15 State ^ 

Harrington Mary A. nurse, r 65 South 6 

Harrington O. C. principal advanced school, r Clarendon ki 

Harris Alfred A. freight agt. D. L & W. RR r 77 Mary g' 

HARRIS DAVID (Guriey & Harris), r 11 Tracy 

Harris Edward, shoemaker, r 8 Spring ^ 

Harris Edwin, r 81 Taylor ave ^ 

Harris Emma Mrs. r 62 Broadway s* 

Harris JlUa K Mrs. r 7 Clark Place 3 

Harris George, tinsmith, r 18 Miller * 

Harris George H. r 17 Albany 1 

Harris H. L. bookkeeper N. Y. C. freight office, r 77 Mary | 
— — — ^ 

Furnishing Undertaker, Jj^l Genesee Street. S 



Harris Jacob, carpenter, r 214 Broad 
Harris Jeremiah, freight despatcher Central RR r 77 Mary 
Harris John D. catter, r 1 Union 
Harris liOrenzo, machinist, r 62 Court 
Harris Robert, laborer, r 134 Lansing 
Harris W. C. clerk McKinney & Albright, r 80 Main 
Harrison Benjamin, pedler, r 97 Water 
•^ Harrison David Mrs. r 180 Wbitesboro 
8 Harrison D. C. cotter, r 7 Broadway 
O Harrison Edward, tailor, r 7 Broadway 
^ Harrison Henry, artist 60 Genesee, r 19 South 

Harrison Joseph, grinder, r 13 Kossuth ave 
§ Harrison William, spinner, r Bnfialo 
O Hart Frances, operative, r 211 Genesee 
i:| Hart Frederick JB. bookkeeper 215 Genesee, r 67 Howard ave 
^ Hart Henry J. steward Butterfield House, r 60 Main 
*g Hart Hiram C. boarding house 228 Genesee 
5 HART H. GILBERT (H. G. Hart & Co.) agent N. Y. Bow- 
"S ©ry Fire Ins. Co. 139 Broadway, New York, r 16 Hopper 

a HART H. GILBERT & 00. (H. GQbert Hart and T. F. 
p^ Budlong), proprietors of old Utica Foundry Oornelia Bt 

.^ and Erie Canal. See advt. page SO 

{^ Hart L. H. salesman Buckley & Co. Genesee cor Catharine 
<^ Hart Louisa P. r 259 Oenesee 
t:t Hart Norton H. clerk, r 228 Genesee 
^ Hart Win. upholsterer, r 27 Whitesboro 
*^ Harter Edward M. r 14 Aiken 
^ Harter James W. r 5 Hamiltun 
^ Harter Terie, r 66 West 
d Harter P. W. clerk, r 66 West 
1^ Harter Rosa, weaver, r 60 Spring 
^ Harter Sophia, widow, r 112 Whitesboro 
«; HARTER WM. E. lawyer room 1 Exchange Building, r 24 
«8 Francis 

•g HARTER W. G. agent Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Co. 12 Arcade, 
P r 66 West 

^ Hartlieb Henry, hides and skins 228 Whitesboro, r 6 Parker 
^ Hartley Ada, widow, r 89 Hart 

cf HARTLEY ISAAC S. REV. pastor Christ Church, r 157 
•§ Park ave 

g Hartman Albert, cartman, r 48 Main 
Hartman Christian, cash pedler, r 9 Lock 
Hartman George, painter, r 121 Whitesboro 
Hartman Henry, laborer, r 10 Philip 
Hartwell Abbie Miss, r 5 South 
Hartwell Fred S. operative, r 76 Court 
Hartwell Fortune C. r 76 Court 
Hartwell Susan, operative, r76 Court 

• Westcott 8f Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



Hartigari Hall 88 Colnmbia 
Harvey Catharine Mrs. r 28 Warren 
Harvey Frank, clerk« r 83 Main 
Harvey Hnrlbart L engineer, r 88 Main 

Harvey John, cigarmaker, r 71 Conrt . 

Harvey John, clerk, r 41 Stark P 

Harvey Michael, hoetler, r 76 Washington ^ 

Harvey Joseph, coachman, r 260 Bleecker S 

Harvey Owen, laborer, r 6 Bristol ^ 

Harvey Patrick, laborer, r 71 Court fr 
Harvey W. K. law student 81 Genesee 

(Harvey see Hervey). ' O 

Harwood Harvey J. r 145 Fayette ^ 

Harwood William, weaver, r 32 Bacon C 

Harwood William, r 61 Hobart ^ 

Haskell Charles F. agent, r 42 Howard ave H 
HASKELL NOEMAN F. general agent New York Life ^ 

Insurance Co. 193 Genesee, r 20 Spring ^ 

Haslett Joseph, shoemaker, r 78 Park ave Q 

Hasenbauer Martin, carpenter, r 17 Hope § 

Hassam Harriet A. music teacher, r 96 Elm Pi 
Hassler Christina Mrs. r 80 Parker 

Hastings Charles, r 46 Elizabeth § 
HASTINGS EUGENE B. lawyer and Justice of the Peace §, 

2 Thomas Block Bleecker, r 68 Eemble ^ 

Hastiogs Henry S. internal revenue office, r 18 Blandina 8) 

Hastings Herbert, physician, r 365 Genesee ■§ 

Hastings Herbert A. r 365 Oenesee a 
Hatfield Abram, m^lk dairy Steele's hill, head of Howard ave S' 

Hatfield David, milk dairy Peter Davis' farm (b 

HATFIELD GEORGE, milk dairy York near city line ^ 

Hatfield liichard E. milk dairy York near city line tXJ 

HATFIELD WM. milk dealer Hatfield farm, Broad q 

Hathaway James, machinist, Nichols near Bleecker P 

Hathaway O. Mrs. nurse, r 149 Howard ave n 

Hathom Sachel, r Deerfield road ^ 

Hauck Casper, shoemaker, r 57 Whitesboro ^ 
Hauck John, r 57 Whitesboro 

Haun Bernard f moulder, r 101 Court ^ 

Haon Bernard Jr. r 101 Court q 

Haunfeldner Joseph, carpenter, r 2 Wasmer O 

Houschildt Herman, laborer, r 195 Blandina Ir 

Hanser John, shoemaker, r 28 Bristol * 
Haoser Henry, butcher, r 128 Fayette 
Havens James H. pa|)erhan^er, r 78 Miller 
Hawks Edward, clerk, r 57 Fayette 
Hawks James D. supt West Snore RR r 82 Howard ave 
Hawkins J. L Mr& r 47 Catharine 

Jio. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


CABPET8, will occasionally drop up this way, * 

Hawley Barton Mrs. r 18 Mary 
g HAWLEY BURTON J. (Perry Broa & Hawley,) r 76 


§ Hawley George, tailor, r 152 Bleecker 

^ Hawley George L. bookkeeper, r 18 Rutger 

p4 Hawley Mary, cook Hotel Zublin 

^ Hawley William H. Mra r 13 Ruterer 

,§ Hay Gilbert N. wagoninaker, r 1 Hotel 

g (Hayden see Haden) 

*^ Hayes Amelia Mrs. r 272 Bleecker 

^ Hayes Anna, r 147 Bleecker 

S Hayes Carrie M. tailore88, r 272 Bleecker 

g Hayes Charles P. clerk County Clerk's oflSce, r 72 Broadway 

1 Hayes Elanora, r 87 Jay 

^ Hayes Emma, r 147 Bleecker 

J Hayes Frederick, shoemaker, r 142 Sonth 

^ Hayes George, r 45 Neilson 

^ Hayes James, life insurance agent, r 60 Cooper 

® HAYES JAMES, alderman 10th ward and grocer, 74 Second, 

8 r same 

§ Hayes John M. ticket clerk D. L & W. RR. r 74 Second 

J Hayes Katie, r 71 Elm 

► Hayes Libbie, tailoress, r 137 Schuyler 

pi Hayes Mary, weaver, r 81 Cooper 

a^ Hayes Melville, teamster, r 14 Nichols 
Hayes Moses, cartman, r 84 Jay 
•g HAYES & MARTIN (N. S. Hayes and G. B. Martin), grain 

9 dealers Charlotte street and Erie canal 

e Hayes Nora Miss, depot dining rooms 
HAYES N. S. (Hayes & Martin), r in New Hartford 
^ Hayes Patrick, laborer, r 248 Bleecker 
o Hayes Thomas J. r 92 Charlotte , 

* Hayes William F. ticket agent U. B. RR. r 61 John 
h" Hays J. N. bookkeeper, r 81 Howard ave 
§ Hays Thomas, physician, r in Deerficld 

HAYS W. H. (Germbnd & Hayes), Arcade 

Hay ward C. R printer, r 49 Leah 

Hayward H S. broker, r 40 Steuben 

Haslehnrst William E confectioner 200 Genesee, r 21 Wiley 
•g Hazlett Hood, farmer, r Welshbush road 
« Hazlett John, blacksmith, r Welshbush road 
'^ Hazlett Joseph, shoemaker, r 73 Park ave 
^ Hazlett Mary, domestic 132 Park ave 
« Hazlett Sarah, domestic 102 Whitesboro 
^ Hazlett Samuel, laborer, r 170 Lansing 
^ Hazlett Samuel Jr. laborer, r 170 Lansing 
^ Hazzard Emma, widow, r East near Albany 

« Hazzard Robert, gardener, r 195 Third 

^ — ■ 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 


—just as they used to go out fldiing for a day's recreation,— 

HEAD GEORGE W. (Head & Winston), r 4 Rutger 
HEAD & WINSTON (G. W. Head and D. D. Winston), 

wholesale grocers 48 Hotel 
Healy Henry 0. 58 Franklin Square, r 96 Mary J 

Healy Jerry, r 84 Schuyler ^ 


Healy James, shoe cutter, r 42 Miller • 

Healy John R watchman, r 96 Mary ^ 

Healy Richard, carpenter, r 50 Francis « 
Healy William, blacksmith 22 Jay, r Bleecker near Kossuth » 

ave S- 

glealy see Haley) S 

eap James W. laborer, r 28 Barnes S 

HEATH BROS. (W. R. & F. H. Heath), clothing 68 Genesee g 

HEATH FREDERICK H. (Heath Bros.), r 130 State t 

Heath Hawley E. r 145 Park ave I. 

Heath William, r 175 Fayette a 
HEATH WILLIAM R (Heath Bros.) r Comstock Block ^ 

Heaverside Jay, shoemaker, r 23 Oswego 4 

Hebert Callex, shoemaker, r 117 BrinckerhoS ave S 

Hechler Philip, cabinet maker, r 47 Dudley *g 

Hechler Susie Mrs. r 22 Schuyler <S. 

Hecox Finette Mrs. nurse, r 100 State g. 

Hecox Francis, laborer, r 2 Milgate p* 
Hecox George K. engineer, r 48 Main 

Hecox Perry, japaner, r 7 Morris ^ 

Hecox Perry, r 167 Kutger • 

Hecox Wm. H. clerk, r 29 Cottage i 

(Hecox see Hickox) ^ 

Hedler Charles, r 186 Court ST 

Hedler Ernst, painter, r 258 Whitesboro B* 

Hedler Louis, trnnkmaker, r 258 Whitesboro p» 

Hedderich Jacob, laborer, r 81 Dndley g" 

Heddericb John, cabinet maker, 79 Dudley j 

Hedderich John, tailor, r 79 Dndley • 

Hedderich William, tailor, r 84 Brinckerhoff ave & 

Hefiron Catharine, widow, r 6 Chestnut B 

Heffron Edward, r 6 Chestnut «• 

Hefferon Delia M. teacher, r 38 Steuben ^ 

HefTeron Ella, teacher, r 88 Steuben c^ 
HEFFERON H. KENYON, (Rowley, Ney & Co.) r 88 g 

Steuben g; 

Hefferon Mary K Mrs. r 38 Steuben ^ 

Heidegger Louis, teacher, r 74 Columbia ^ 

Heidel John T. clerk, r 204 Genesee c> 
Heidle Ignatius, confectioner and baker 204 Genesee, r same R* 

Heidelberger Charles, stonecutter, r 14 Philip ^ 
Heidelberger John, oilcloth maker, r 14 Philip 
Heidt Philip, teamster, r 131 Whitesboro 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 




Heiler John, grocer 218 Whitesboro, r same 

Heim Cbarles, stonecatter, r Webster ave near Sooth 

Heim Frederick, saloon Fayette cor Varick, r same 

Heinx Wm. carpenter, r Albany and Bouth 

Hein Ernest W. tailor, r 159 Schuyler 

Heindrich Herman, shoemaker, r 19 Third 

Heidenrich Charles, tailor, r 108 Varick 

Heidenrich Chas. machinist, r 11 Parker 
P Heidenrich Edward, shoemaker, r 11 Parker 
•^ Heidenrich Fred Mrs. r 18 Orchard 
"2 Heidenrich John, laborer, r 80 Jay 
.S Heinemann Joseph, r 816 Mohawk 
^ Heinikel Nicholas, music teacher, r South near Mohawk 
g Heinzman Charles, carpenter, r 220 Third 
Ǥ Heinzman Frank, tailor, r 220 Third 
►* HEINRICH ALBERT, clerk « Whitesboro, r 236*Steuben 

1 HEINRICH CHARLES, clerk 8 Whitesboro, r 97 Neileon 

* Heinrich Charles F. tailor, r 108 Varick 

g Heinrich Edward, clerk P. O. r 124 Mohawk 

"8, HEINRICH FERDINAND, furniture 8 and 10 Whitesboro, 

g r 286 Steuben. See page 55 

^ Heinrich Frank, clerk, r 236 Steuben 

8 Heinrich G. J. tinsmith, r 25 Leah 

i Heinrich G. J. musician, r 236 Steuben 

o Heintz Albert, spinner, r 8 Stevens 

2 Heintz Anthony, weaver, r 150 Columbia 
£S Heintz Alphonso, spinner, r 24 Warren 
'^ Heintz Daniel, weaver, r 150 Columbia 

.^ Heintz John, loom repairer, r 150 Columbia 
•9 Heintz Julius, spinner, r 70 Garden 
'P Heintz Mary, widow, r 70 Garden 
•g Heisler Max, laborer, r 328 Whitesboro 
« Heitz Christian, laborer, r 81 Green 
,S Heitz Michael, machinist, r 353 Whitesboro 
2 Heldt George, laborer, r 65 Garden 
«g Heldt Herman, gardener, r 4 Leah 

• Heldt Mary, operative, r 65 Garden 

g Helfert Benhard, carpenter, r 35i Cooper 

rS Helfert Benhard M. brakeman, r 36^ Cooper 

J HELFERT GEORGE C. (John A. Helfert & Sons) Alder- 
man 7th Ward, r 75 Steuben 
Helfert George 8. brakeman, r 85^ Cooper 
Helfert John (John A. Helfert & Sons^ r 75 Steuben 
Helfert John A. (John A. Helfert & Sons) r 75 Steuben 
HELFERT JOHN A. & SONS (John A. George C, and 

John) bakers 73 Steuben 
Helfert Philip, tailor, r 66 Steuben' 
Hellenson Philip, pedler, r 57 Water 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Booh- Binders and 


SHAWLS 02 MninrEBT. 

Heller Angast, laborer, r 162 Miller 
Heller CaBpar, r 21 Hicks 

Heller Caspar, laborer, r 1 64 Miller o 

Heller Chas. R bookkeeper, r 42 Washington S- 

Heller George, stone mason, r 12 Hickory S, 

Heller Henry, laborer 103 Erie, r 30 Green g 

Heller Matthias Mrs. grocer 162 and 164 Miller, r same ^ 

Heller Valentine, laborer, r 2 Wasmer g 

Helmke William, groceries 64 and 56 Colombia, r same Pf 

Helten Anthony, hamessmaker, r 42 Morris C« 

Helten Elizabeth, tailoress, r 42 Morris g 

Helten Ignatius, carpenter, r 42 Morris ^ 

Helten John, clerk, r 42 Morris ^ 

Helten Joseph, carpenter, r 49 Saratoga 1 

Helten William C. trimmer, r 79 Elm ^ 

Helwig Jacob, paper hanger, r 149 Lansing S 

Helwig John, moulder, r 149 Lansing !§ 

fielwig Lonis, mason, r 149 Lansing «7 

Hemings Maria Mrs. r 16 Walnut 9 

Hemmens Charles H. salesman 120 Genesee, r 4 William Z 
HEMMENS JAMES, (Sherwood & Hemmens) r 4 William f 

Hemmens Thomas R r 16 Bank ST 

(Hemmens see Hiemens) g 

Hemstreet Jerome, soapmaker, r 232 Whitesboro S 

Hendershott Frank, cigarmaker, r57 Fayette g 

Hendle James, laborer, r 30 Chenango ave g: 

Hendrick Thomas, teamster, r 136 Whitesboro ^ 

Henes Charles, r 23 Garden ^ 

Henes Jacob, r 23 Garden a 
Hemple Herman, cloth sponger 26 Catharine, r 71 same 
Henneberger Adam, machinist, r 188 Blandina 

Hennessy Andrew, cigarmaker, r 100 Mary ^ 

Hennessy James, clerk, r 2 Albany^ ^ 

Hennessy James, butcher, r 21 Albany ^ 

Hennessy James, clerk, r 11 Eossnth ave P 

Hennessy John, laborer, r 11 Kossuth ave a» 

Hennessy Eliza, r 96 Blandina p 

Hennessy Mary, r 96 Blandina g. 

Hennessy William, r 96 Blandina co 

Hennis Emily, domestic 68 Lansing p 

Henninge Christian W. ass't bookkeeper, r 114 South g 

Henninge Jacob F. r 114 South 8 

Henninge William, r 114 South i 

Henry Bernard, gardener, r 187 Bleecker 9 

Henry Catharine, domestic 262 Genesee g 

Henry Charles, pedler, r 9 Post ^ 
Henry Charies E. r 67 State 

Henry Cornelia Mrs. housekeeper, r 15 Seymour ave 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Henrj Edward, postal clerk, r 124 Mohawk 

Henry Jaioes Mr& r 29 Blandina 

Henry Mary, domestic 262 Genesee 

HENRY CYRUS D. Equitable life Ine. 238 Genesee, r 70 

Henry Richard, bookkeeper, r 29 Blandina 
Henry Thaddeus, barber 226 Whitesboro, r same 
Henry William Jr. cartman, r 101 Water 
^ HENRY WILLIAM E. stoves, wholesale tinware and paper 

4 stock 222 and 224 Court, r 220 same. See page 24 

8 Henry William, cartman, r 2 Piatt 

5 Hensel August, carpenter, r 105 Erie 

fHensel Frank Jr. clerk, r Jason cor Erie 
HENSEL PETER, groceries and saloon Jaeon cor Erie,r 
2 same 

2 Hensel Peter Jr. clerk, r Jason cor Erie 
S Henshaw Jane Mrs. r 11 South 
p Henshaw A. Miss, r 11 South 
.g Herbage George, painter, r 45 Cottage 
14 Herbage James, mason, r 45 Cottage 
p^ Herbert Edward D. shnttlemaker, r Thomas Block 
^ Herbert Charies F. 8 Bleecker, r 49 Blandina 

Herbert Hannah, weaver, r 210 Broad 
2 Herbert Isabell L r 6 Henry 
^ Herbert Jeanette Mrs. r 6 Henry 

9 Herbert James W. clerk, r 6 Henry 
^ Herbert Philip, r 73 Albany 

S Herbert Rachel M. r 73 Albany 

•^ HERBUVEAUX PROSPER, saloon 66 John, r same 

Herbig George, mason, r 204 Third 

Herbrand Frank, baker Lunatic Asylum, r 10 Canal 
b Herbrand W. tallyman N. Y. C. RK. r 155 Elizabeth 
" Herman Adam Mrs. r 185i Whitesboro 
^ Herman Agusta, r 27 First 
g Herman Carl, music teacher, r 62 Brinckerhoff ave 
'j Herman Christ, laborer, r 185 Whitesboro 
• Herman Fred, clerk, r 27 First 

Herman Joseph, shoemaker, r 46 Fajr 

Herman Joseph Jr. clerk 114 Genesee, r 46 Fay 

Herman Mrs. widow, r 27 First 

Herman Mary, r 46 Fay 

HERMANN JACOB, grocer 127 South cor Dudley, r same 

HERMAN T A. T. wagon maker Deerfield road, r sama See 
adv, page 40. 

Hermant C. wagon maker Deerfield road, r same 

Hermant E. gai^ener, r Deerfield road 

Hermant Edward, blacksmith, r Deerfield road 

Herri Edward, r 24 Varick 

^ — 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


call on nsfor goods they don't find at home. 

Herrick Sarah K teacher, r 52 Kemble 
Herring Minerva, domestic 272 Genesee 
Hersey Fred, cigarmaker, r 65 Tracy 
Hersey John, cigarmaker, r 91 Steuben 
Hersey Wm. cigarmaker, r 89 Cooper 

Heraey Wm. cabinet maker, r 55 Tracy ^ 

Herthum Frank, r 8 Harper ? 

Eerthnm Frank, grocer 64 Varick, r Harper g* 

Herthnm Oeo. cooper, r 8 Harper ^ 

Hertle Emilie T. r 18 Howard ave ^ 

Hertwig Chrietian, mason, r 2 Wasmer • 

Hervey H. F. laster, r 24 West 5 

Heslan Mary, teacher, r 130 Steuben ^ 

Healan Louisa, teacher, r 130 Steuben | 

Heslan Thomas, mason, r 130 Steuben 3. 

Heslan Thomas F. policeman, r 59 Neilson % 
Hesler Lonise, widow, r 4 Piatt 
Hess C. Mrs. r 86 Spring . 
Hess Davjd, r 24 Hotel 

Hess Jacob, r Webster ave near South ^ 

Hess John U. farmer. Proctor ave S* 

Hees John, saloon 21 Hope S 

Hess John, saloon 69 Albany, r 150 Kossuth ave g^ 
Hees Joseph; paper hanger, r 150 Kossuth ave 
HESS JOSEPH, (cigar manufacturer and saloon), Schuyler g 

cor Erie, r sama See page 53. o 

Hesse Adolphus, moulder, r 12 Cherry " 
Hessel August, shoemaker, r 59 Garden 

Hession Jane, r 179 Third *^ 

Heth G. 0. laborer, r 87 Park ave * 

Hewitt L T. engineer D. L & W. RR r 1 Cooper § 

Hewitt Almira Mrs. r 93 Spring '^ 

Hewitt Charles, brakeman, r 122 Whitesboro ^ 

Hewitt Freeman A. r 73 Columbia g 

Hewitt Hanna M. r 73 Columbia ^ 

Hewitt John V. telegraph operator, r 93 Spring co 

Heyser Henry, cartman, r 42 Warren J 

Heyser Lizzie, domestic 342 Genesee g 

Hibbard Anna W. widow, r 29 Seneca § 

Hibbard Charles J. clerk, r 29 Seneca oo 

Hibbard Charlotte Mrs. r 10 Elm ^ 

Hibbard John H. bookkeeper, r 29 Seneca S- 
Hibbs Julia A. saleswoman, r 31 Cornelia 
Hichman John, telegraph operator, r 73 Broad 
Hichman Michael, yard master N. Y. C. RR r 78 Broad 
Hichman Kitty, r 73 Broad 
Hickey Eliza, factory operative, r ISO Columbia 
Hickey Eliza, operative, r Mary near Milgate 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee Street. 


gjnce it annexed TTtica an4 Hion. 

Hickey John, tailor, r 76 Catharine 
Hickey Matthew, clerk, r 21 West 
HICKEY THOMAS C. (Hickey & Evans), r 22 Elm 
Hickey Stephen, r 81 Spring 

HICKEY k EVANS (Thomas C. Hickey.and David Evans), 
stucco works, contractors and bnilders 22 Elm. See 
page 36 
Hickox Mary, r 47 Cornelia 
Hickox W. P. com. trav. r 47 Cornelia 
Hickox Walter S. r 47 Cornelia 
(Hickox see Hecox) 

HIEBER JOHN C. & CO. (John C. Hieber, D. E. Williams, 
^ J. Frank Day and Isaac O. Roberts), dr^ goods and no- 

^ tions 1 and 8 John 

I HIEBER JOHN C. (J. C. Hieber & Co.) r 43 Cottage 
M Hiechn Frederick, shoemaker, r 23 Hotel 
k Hicks Rozellar, r 14 Post 
^ Hiemanz John, mason, r 3 Byran 
o Hiemanz Nicholas, ma&pn, 10 Bryan 
§ Hififhland Mrs. Mary, r 37 Hart 

Highland O. H. plumber, r Central Hotel 
Higby Fannie Mrs. r 104 Varick 
Higorn William, r 114 Mohawk 
.« Higgins Joseph S. com. agent, r 89 Elizabeth 

HIGGISON THOMAS, 0. S. deputy marshal Govt Build- 
ing, r 47 Oneida 
• Higgison C. clerk, r 47 Oneida 
§ Higgs Charles U. r 84 West 
^ Higgs Fred. W. paper hanger, r 85 Miller 
'S Higgs Henry T. mason, r 118 Steuben 
1o Higt^ J^'sse, carpenter, r 14 Neilson 
g» Higgs Mary A. r 85 Miller 
3 Higgs Samuel R. mason, r 109 Howard ave 
jg Higgs Thomas, carpenter, sexton Calvary Chnrch, r 14 Neil* 
H son 

Higgs Uriah, masoil and builder, r 86 Miller 

Higgs William, machinist, r 62 Neilson 

Higgs William, r 18 Aiken 

Hild Gustav, r 17 Chestnut 

Hild Henry, laborer, r 17 Chestnut 

Hildebrand Anthony, laborer, r 97 Erie 

Hildebrand Hermann, painter, r 27 Steuben 

Hildebrand Henry, r 8 Parker 

Hildebrand Louis, clerk, r 83 South 

Hildreth Albert A. bookkeeper, r 149 Howard ave 

Hill Alexander, painter, r 122 Miller 

Hill Alvin, saloon 69 Dudley, r same 

Hill Bradley W. vet. surgeon, r 90 Whitesboro 

Westcott Sf Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 


The handsomert Dry Qooda and Carpets on earth 

HILL C. JUDSON, homoeopathic physician, office and resi- 
dence 88 Charlotte 
Hill Charles W. printer, Observer office, r 148 South 
Hill Clara, r 21 Court 

Hill R Ira, harnesi^ maker, 77 Elm S^ 

HiD Eliza, r fiager near Newell g 

Hill Emma, domestic, 48 Fayette a 

Hill Emma M. Mrs. r 94 Broad g 

Hill Frank, clerk, r 100 Steuben M 

Hill Frank H. mechanic, r 73 John ^ 

Hill George L. dresser, r 3 Cottage ^ 

Hill Hannah, Ijailoress, r 90 Liberty § 

Hill Henry, boxmaker, r 148 South '^ 

Hill Jamee, farmer, r 88 Albany ^ 

Hill John, plasterer, r 25 Leah ^ 

Hill John H. brakeman,' r 30 Chenango ave S 

Hill John S. bookkeeper 52 Genesee, r 125 Park ave ^ 

Hill Joseph, grinder, r Buffalo near Broad co 
BILL LuKE, saloon 29 Fayette, grocer 100 Steubtn, r same J 

Hill Maria P. dressmaker, r 94 Charlotte g 

Hill Mary Mrs. r 95 Columbia S 

Hill Orrin, cutter, r Genesee road ® 

Hill Peter C. hackman, r 100 Steuben T 

Hill Richard, spinner, r Buffalo near Broad o 

Hill Richard C. bookkeeper, r 3 Francis § 

Hill William, shoemaker, r 95 Columbia ^ 

Hill Wm. H. r 42 Taylor ave S 

Hill William R. student, r 88 Charlotte ^ 

Hill William H. r 100 Steuben u 

Hiller Thomas, finisher, r Mansion House % 

Billiard Amanda, teacher, r 18 Spring ^ 

Billiard Jane H. teacher, r 18 Spring C 

Hills Horace B. salesman Buckley & Co. r 13 Seneca g- 

Hills N. R r 96 Fayette - * 

Hills Wm. carpenter, r Milgate near Bleecker S* 

Hills Wm. G. carpenter, r Milgate near Bleecker p 

Hinch Joseph, farmer, Genesee road ^ 

Hindle Thomas, loom fixer, r 210 Broad . g 

Hinds Joseph N. hops 40 Bleecker, r Richfield Sprinjrs * 

Hinds Theodore F. r 82 Elizabeth ^ p 

Hines James, r 46 Taylor ave ^ 

Hines Lawrence, cigarmaker, r 45 Taylor ave * 

Hines Patrick, laundryman, r 45 Taylor ave i 

Hines Patrick, painter, r 20 Barnes ^ 
Hines Thomas Mrs. r 45 Taylor ave 
Hines Thomas, tailor, r 19 Leah 
fiinman L S; r 31 Seneca 
Hintermeyer Charles, upholsterer, r 12 Neilson 

JVo. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


— I ■ ■ _ _ -■ ■ - 1 ■ ^ ^ 

and spring from Summer back 

HintOQ Martin, carpenter, r 262 Bleecker 

Hinton William, painter, r 85 Dudley 

Hirt Edward Mrs. r 28 Bristol 

Hirt Frederick, clerk, r 178 Court 

Hirt Fred W. clerk, r 48 Spring 
^ Hirt Henry H. butcher, r 44 Plant 
^ HIRT HERMAN, meat market 21 Cooper, r 44 Plant 

HIRT JOHN W. bottler 28 Hotel, r 48 Spring 
_ Hirt Mary, r 6 Oak 
^ HITCHCOCK C. M. dentist 21 Blandina, r same 
p^ Hitchcock Charles, machinist, r 10 Fay 
Ji Hitchcock Horace, r 66 Whitesboro 
^ Hitchcock Jas. shoemaker, r 10 Fay ^ 

*■ Hitchcock John S. shoemaker, r 10 Fay 
-§ Hitchcock Le Roy, r 97 Charlotte 
•^ Hitchcock Luana, r 77 Elm 
^ Hitzelberger Charles, laborer, r 30 Cherry 
^ Hitzelberger John, shoemaker, r 100 Court 
^ Hitzelberger Frederick, Jr. clerk, r 157 Fayette 
^ Hitzelberger Frederick, carpenter, r 177 Fayette 
-8 Hitzelberger L. Mrs. widow, r 30 Cherry 
g Hitzelberger Paul clerk, r 80 Cherry 
'^ Hitzelberger Wm. p(»tt€r, r 177 Fayette 
S HO AG NEWCOMB H. (Roberts & Hoag), r 41 Miller 
S Hoag William N. bookkeeper, r 41 Miller 
^ Hobbs Henry R. meat market 74 Second, r 122 Blandina 

Hobbs James A. clerk, r 122 Blandina 

Hobbs T. F. (Corcoran & Hobbs) r 122 Blandina 

Hobbs William, laborer, r 122 Blandina 

Hobin Edward, laborer, r 12^ Green 

Hobson Joseph L. overseer Globe Mills, r 14 Stark 
^ Hockridge Lodema Mrs. r 85 Miller 
S Hodge Willard, clerk, r 8 Cooper 

Hodgers Elizabeth, widi>w, r 64 Schuvler 

g HODGES EZRA P. broker 120 Genesee, r 129 John 

1 HODGES GEORGE C. Professor Natural Sciences Utica 
m Academy, r 129 John 

§^ Hodgson H. D. printer, r 98 Washington 
^ Hoeiler Henry, cabinet maker, r 2 St. Joseph 
^ Hoerle Frederick, r 110 Canal 
S Hoefler Henry, cigarmaker, r 27 Plant 
Ph Hoefler John E. moulder, r 33 Henry 

Hoefler Nicholas, cabinet maker, r 27 Plant 

Hoefflinger Sebastian, r 123 Schayler 

Hoerlein John G. merchant tailor 9 Fayette, r 38 Varick 

HOERLEIN R G. merchant tailor 5 Fayette, r same 

Hoerlein S. F. r 106 Varick 

HOERLEIN WILLIAM F. City Treasurer, office City Hall 

W\ H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 



to its plaee.— Old Prophecy. 

Hoeschele Frederick, brewer, r 218 Bleecker 
BOFF GEO. W. jeweler 144 Genesee, r 47 Lansinflr 
Hoffman Angastas, farmer Welshbash road 
Hoffman Emma C. teacher r 78 Blandina 
Hoffman Frank W. manager American D. T. Go, r 78 Blandina 
Hoffman Henry, cigarmaker, r 93 Taylor ave 
Hoffman Jacob, shoemaker, r 2 Warren 

HOFFMAN JOHN, saloon 14 Genesee, r 78 Blandina g 

Hoffman John^ laborer, r 10 Jason o 

Hoffman John, painter, r 43 State H 

Hoffman Joseph, carpenter, r 35 Saratoga bd 

Hoffman Joseph Y. snoemaker, r 75 Taylor ave ^ 

Hoffman Lizzie, r Welshbush road ^ 

Hoffman Matthias, carpenter, r 208 Blandina g 

Hoffman Mrs. r Pleasant cor Jefferson ^ 

Hoffman Walter, r 12 York g 

Hoffman Wra. r 12 York J" 

Hoffman William, carpenter, r 49 Erie 

Hoffmaster Frank, cigarmaker, r 155 Water ^ 

Hoffmaster Henry, boiler maker, r 118 Yarick ^ 

Hoffmaster Michael, cigarmaker, r 165 Water ^ 

Hoffmaster Rachel, widow, r 1 55 Water q 

Hoffineister Conrad, r 20 Hicks S 

HOFFMEISTER GEORGE, blacksmith Deerfield Cornerb, fr 

r same. See page 57 S. 

Hoffmeister Gea A. blacksmith, r Deerfield Corners p^ 

Hogan Morris, shoemaker, r 29 Cooper ^ 

Hogan Richard, laborer, r 38 Jay g' 

Hogan Thomas, laborer, r 103 Third f 

Hogle Wm. F. saloon, groceries, &c. 09 Miller, r same » 

Hohman Francis, cabinet maker, r 80 Court g. 

Holbrook Gilbert F. shoemaker, r 171 Blandina o 

Holbrook George K raoalder, r 110 Mohawk 

HOLBROOK H. J. (H J. Holbrook & Co.> r 15 Riitger 

HOLBROOK H. J. & CO. mfrs. of ladies' shoes 9 and 11 • 

John ^ 

HOLDER A. L. physician and sargeon 116 Soath, r same ^ 

Holden Clinton A. boatman, r Morris Lane 

Holden Harry, marble cutter, r 100 Miller 

Holden John H carriage maker, r IS Chatham 

Holden William R. com. traveler, r 90 Seymour ave 

HOLDREDGE BURTON, (Edmunds & Holdredge), r 80 

Holdredge Jerome, farmer, r Graeffenbnrg road 
Holdredge Seymour, agt Champion mower 4 Burnett 
Holgate W. A. clerk, r 82 Steuben 
Holgate Jerome B. author, r Mansion House 
Holland Delia, r 49 Second 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 


May 15th, Fires were needed, Overcoats comfortable. 

Holland Gertrude Mrs. r 276 Whiteeboro 

Holland Jeremiah, paper' hanger, r 142 Mary 

Holland John, paper hanger, r 142 Mary 

Holland Mrs. dressmaker, r 103 Court 

Holland Sophie, widow, r 103 Court 

Holland Timothy, carpenter r 178 Blandina 

Holland Timothy, foundrjman,'r 142 Mary 
g Holland William H H. wool sorter, r 100 Fayette 
g Hollaran George M. r 57 Park ave 
^ Hollaran James W. r 57 Park ave 
09 Hollaran John H. r 57 Park ave 
!g Hollaran Martin, boilermaker, r 41 Main 
5* Hollenbeck Charles, waiter 208 Genesee • 

^ Hollingworth George T. r 156 Albany 
3 Hollingworth John H. veterinary surgeon, r Jefferson near 
8 Albany 

« Hollingworth Joseph, machinist, r 130 Lansing 
•g Hollingworth Joseph Jr. lumberman, r 128 Lansing 
S Hollingworth Thomas, r 50 Broad 
^ Hollingworth Walter G. r Jefferson near Albany 
'^ HoUister Alfred T. Mrs. r 12 Steuben Park 
g HOLLISTER NATHAN, books, stationery and news 181 
j| Genesee, r 24 Court 

^ Holmes Cecilia, waitress Ladies' Seminary 
'^ Holmes Edward C. carriage maker, r 175 Columbia 
g Holmes Frederick L painter, r 17 Hamilton 
^ Holmes John, laborer, r 27 Huntington 
.2 Holmes John W. N. Y. C. freight house, r 27 Huntington 

Holmes Maggie Mra r 175 Columbia 
^ Holmes Maria, r 175 Columbia 

^ Holmes Helen, r 70 Cooper 

^ Holmes Henry H. moulder, r 24 Albany 

1 Holmes John Mrs. widow, r 70 Cooper 

^ Holmes Mary E. dressmaker, r 24 Albany 

"\ Holmes Walter, waiter 272 Genesee 

g Holmes William Mrs. r 175 Columbia 

* ^ Hoist Leopold, tailor, r 167 Miller 

n Holstein John, laborer, r 80 Third 

> Holt Elizabeth Mrs. dressmaker, r 27 West 

|q Holt Samuel, blacksmith, r 31 Hart 

Holt Sarah, dressmaker, r 27 West 

Homer Henry, r Faxton Hospital 

HONE JAMES F. auctioneer 141 Genesee, r 7 Elm 

Hooper Emily, domestic 65 Fayette 

Hooper Fannie, St Luke's Hospital 

Hoover Andrew, r Kossuth ave cor Lansing 

Hoover Catharine Mrs. widow, r 146 Lansing 

Hoover John Mrs. r 69 Erie 

Purvis, Metoalf ^ Co.^ Booh-Binders and 

r . 


Dan Kiee was here, but no Summer. 

Hoover Martin, teamster, r 69 Albany 
Hopkins Albert, r 4 Mandeville 
Hopkins Bridget, r 115 State 
HOPKINS CHARLES H. r 63 Lansing 
Hopkins Cjrenins, r 86 Fayette 
Hopkins Fred, dentist, r Steuben 

Hopkins Oeorge R bookkeeper 88 Fayette, r ^3 Lansing ^ 

HOPKINS IRA D. physician and electrician, office 26 Kan- ^ 
dina, r same ^ 

Hopkins James, clerk, r 28 West ^ 

HOPKINS JOHN (M. Hopkins & Co.), r 16 High 
Hopkins Lafayette W. r New Hartford 

HOPKINS MICHAEL (M. Hopkins & Co.), r 66 Charlotte Z 
HOPKINS M. & CO. (Michael and John Hopkins), dry | 

f;ood8 and millinery 174 and 176 Genesee o 

^ ins Noble, r 347 Genesee ^ 

Hopkins Ezra, bookkeeper, r 122 Broad % 

H(>pkin8 S. W. medical student, r New Hartford 
Hopkins William, machinist, r 64 Cooper S 

HOPKINS WILLIAM E. Secy. U. & B. R RR, r 122 3 
Broad S^ 

Hopkins William F. clerk, r 85 Seymour ave ^ 

HOPKINS WILLIAM R collecting agency, r 14 Hotel & 
Hopsicker Anthony, butcher 42 Stark W 

HOPPER THOMAS, president and treasurer Water Works § 

Co. 3 Devereux, r 146 Park ave 
HOPSON HENRY ^insurance and real estate agent Manning 

Block, Franklin Square, r 120 State ^ 

Horisek Mary Mrp. r 41 Taylor ave ^ 

Horn Hartley Y. D. insurance and real estate agt. 4 Manning ^ 
block, r 48 Mary ^** 

Horn John, carpet weaver, r 197 South o» 

Horn John, gardener, r Deerfield road ^ 

Hornet Geo. paperhunger, moved to Hion 5 

Homey John, laborer, r 12 Jason 

HORNTJNG BURKARD, carpenter and cabinet maker «► 
Miller cor South next to Lane's greenhouse, r 86 Eai^le. ^ 
See page 39 g 

Homung Charles F. painter, r 33 Cottage | 

Homung Christian, barber 50 South, r 9 Chatham ^ 

Homung Christian Mrs. r 162 Water • 

fiornnng Julia, saloon 120 Columbia, r same 
Homung Jacob, shoemaker 112 Genesee, r 9 Chatham 
Hornung John, tailor, r 2 St. Joseph 
Homung John B. cabinet maker, r 33 Cottage 
Hornung John F. barber, r 32 Leah 
Homung J. Felix, clerk 22 and 24 Genesee, r 88 Main 
Hornung Joseph, r 5 Albany 

Blank Book Manufacturers ^ JS7 Genesee 


Dry Qooda» Carpeta, Cloakg, Killmery, TTpholgtering Ooodi^ 

Horrocks Bessie, weaver, r 28 Fay 

Horrocks Joseph, loom repairer, r 87 Fay 

Horrocks Joshua, loom repairer, r 28 Fay 

HORROCKS H JAMES, (Geo. A. Clark & Co.) r 3 King 

Horrocks Leah, factory operative, r 106 Court 

Horrocks Maria, r 28 Fay 

HorroU John, shoemaker, r 47 Catharine 

Horsbnrg Alexander H painter, r 100 Seymour ave 

Horsbnrg Alexander, r 140 B'.eecker 

Horsburg John, blacksmith, r 91 Court 

Horsburg Mary, domestic 56 Spring 
*^ Horsburg Robert, engineer, r 64 Spring 
•3 HORSEY G. F. operative dentist 2 and 4 Gardner Block, r 
C 143 Park ave. See front cover lines 

*3 Horsley Wra. milk pedler, r 185 Albany 
p Horth Brayton C. shoe cutter, r 100 Washington 
r HORTON GEORGE C. (Rowley & Horton), r 19 Clinton 
. place 

^ Horton T. G. Mrs. r 19 Steuben 
^ Horton Thomas R. r 2 Oswego 
g Hotaling Emma, r 37 Broadway 

^ Hotaling Steuben, special examiner U. S. pension room, r 75 
"S Dudley 

£ Hnughtcm Joseph T. laster, r 115 Miller 
^ Hourigau John H. caterer 39 and 40 Arcade, r 61 Albany 
S House of the Good Shepherd, Bleecker cor East 
S House George H. with £. D. Buckingham, r 12 Steuben Park 
S House Jno. G. butcher, r 65 Johnson 
09 House Joseph, r 65 Johnson 
^ House Wm. r 146 Bleecker 
^ Housten Alma, domestic 19 Liberty 

• Howard Sarah A. r 11 Scott 
cT Howard Harriet E. r 20 Spring 

^ Howard Michael, grinder, r 143 Jay 

* Howard Milton, jeweler, r 168 Whitesboro 
h Howard S. W. r 11 Scott 

Howard Thomas M. Utica facing mills and foundry suppIioB 
29 Liberty, r 9 Lansing 

Howarth Emma, widow, r 86 Miller 

Howarth Fred £. clerk 198 Genesee, r 91 Howard ave 

HOWARTH JOHN, sewer pipe works 155 Broad, r 91 How- 
ard ave. See page 88 

Howarth John H. saloon 34 South, r 108 Steuben 

HOWARTH JOHN W. (Howarth & Ballard), r 59 Howard 

Howarth Walter S. bookkeeper 131 Genesee, r 148 Miller 

Howarth William Mrs. r 38 West 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Dougldss, 


Shawliy Fans and Fnr-Lmed Oloyes^ Blankets and Hosqnito Vet, 

HOWAETH WM. JR drnggiBt 52 South, r 80 Howard ave 
HOWARTH & BALLARD, (John W. Howarth and George 

S. Ballard), draggists 198 Genesee 
Howe A, C. r 54 Howard ave 
Howe Dennis F. cutter, r 84 Ma^ry 
Howe Irving H. bookkeeper 26 and 27 John, r 17 Mary 
Howe James H. insurance agent, r 45 Mary 
HOWE JOHN B. Journalist Observer office, r 85 Mary g" 

HOWE NEWTON (Howe & Hnngerford) r 54 Howard ave ►g 
HOWE & HDNGERFORD (Newton Howe and 0. E. 8 

Hnngerford) wholesale groceries 84 Fayette. See page 55 g 
(Howe see Howes) p* 

Howell C. F. com. traveler, r Genesee road JJ 

Howell L. D. Mrs. r 108 Whitesboro | 

. Howell Thomas B. foreman 85 Genesee, r 151 Park ave |. 

Howell Thomas W. clerk 106 Genesee, r 8 West ^ 

Howells Jonathan, r 70 Jay 5* 

HOWES ALFRED P. special agent Niagara Ina Co. New 5. 

York 187 Genesee, r 9 Brinckerhoff ave F 

HOWES A. M. (Zenas M. Howes & Oo.) r 38 Broad S. 

Howes James H. tinsmith, r 33 Broad Q 

Howes James P. r 9 Brinckerhoff ave 
Howes John F. bookkeeper 182 Genesee, r 93 Elm 
HOWES ZENAS M. (Z. M. Howes & Co.)r 33 Broad 
HOWES Z M. 4; CO. (Z. M. and A. M. Howes), real estate g 

and insurance agents room 4 Thomas Block, 8 Bleecker p* 
(Howes see Howe) §* 

Howland Betsey, Home for the Homeless ft 

Howlin James, laborer, r 66 Seymour ave p* 

HowHn Patrick, engineer, r 88 Seymour ave ? 

Hozie C. D. F. law student Devereux block, r in Whitesboro S* 
HOXIE C. JOHN ^Griffiths, Griffin & Hoxie), r 38 Broad * 
Hoxie Katie, r 95 Bleecker 
Hoy John, laborer, r 15 Wager 
Hoy Julia, weaver, r 15 Wager 
Hoy Katie, weaver, r 15 Wager ^ 

Hoyer Peter, r 147 Catharine ^ 

Hoyt Eli, carpenter, r 6 Hope E- 

Hoyt Geo. tinsmith, r 6 Hope ^ 

Hoyt John, r 6 Hope 'S 

HOYT JOHN C. (Hoyt & Butler) insurance 93 Genesee, r s 

Bntterfield House S 

HOYT & BUTLER (John C. Hoyt and Charies A. Butler), | 

general insurance agents 93 Genesea See adv't outside £ 

front cover 
Hoyt 8. O. Mrs. r 6 South 
Hubbard A. D. salesman, r 37 Broad 
Hubbard Hannah, r 3 William 

Furnishing Undertaker, j^l Genesee St. 



Hubbard J. M. Mrs. r 98 Washington 
Hubbard L C, M. D. ofSce and r 98 Waehington 
Hubbard W. 6. saloon 126 Columbia, r aanie 
Hubbell T. Byron, clerk, r 61 Fayette 
Hubbell Caesie, r 43 Oneida 

HUBLEY BROS, wholesale rag and metal dealers 17 Mea- 
dow. See page 58 
HUBLEY E. L (Hubley Broa) r 2 Hotel 
HDCK GEORGE, family bitters manufacturer, r 26 Garden. 
See page 54 
- Hudson B. E. piano tuner, r Jefferson near cor Bleecker 
Hudson Jane W. widow, r 30 Garden 
pi Hueston E. Mary, r 208 Steuben 
^ Hueston Frank J. printer, r 208 Steuben 
^ Hueston James F. teamster, r 208 Steuben 
^ Hughes Ann Mrs. nurse, r 45 Eagle 
Hughes Apn, r 23 Aiken 
^ Hughes Anna, dressmaker, r 45 Eagle 
5 Hughes Annie, weaver, r 71 Spring 
*3 Hughes David, spinner, r 24 ^Philip 

Hughes David J. atteiliiant N. Y. S. Asylum 
S Hughes Dennis, grocer Bleecker cor Second, r same 
w Hughes Ellen Mra r 11 Washington 
•§ Hughes Ellen, r 80 Broadway 
• Hughes Evan, laborer, r 96 Liberty 
'^ Hughes Frank, srrocer 142 Mohawk, r same 
2 Hughes Fred. W. com. traveler, r Butterfield House 
I HUGHES GEORGE H. (Wicks, Hughes & Griffith), r 16 
^ Steuben Park 

'C Hughes George W. laborer, r 61 State 
Hughes Griffith, carpenter, r 75 Miller 
Hughes Henry, tailor, r 14 Steuben Park 
Hughes Hugh R. fireman, r 11 Washington 
^ Hughes Hugh, machinist, r 55 Whitesboro 
•J Hughes Humphrey Jr. boxmaker, r 83 Jay 
^ Hughes James, clerk N. Y. C. office, r ISf Bleecker 
Hughes James, laborer, r 194 Elm 
Hughes Jennie, domestic 10 Columbia 
Hughes Jennie, dressmaker, r 45 Eagle 
Hughes John, r 23 Hotel 
Hughes J. B. salesman Glenn & Co 
Hughes John, laborer, r 202 Steuben 
Hughes J. E. dressmaker, r 59 Steuben 
Hughes John F. clerk, r 137 Bleecker 
HUGHES JOHN F. (Hughes & Jones), r 60 Neilson 
Hughes John R expressman, r 59 Steuben 
Hughes John, teamster, r 219 Mohawk 
Hughes John R tailor, r 2 Roberts Lane 


Wescott ^ Reusswig^ Fine Cwstom Tailors, 



HagheB John Q. foreman Herald office, r 9 Stenben 

Hnghes Lewis £. machiDist, r 89 Garden 

Hoghee Lewis T. cigarniaker, r 41 Yarick 

Hughes Lewis, catter 102 Genesee, r 2 Blandina place 

Hughes Lilly, operative, r 57 Charlotte 

Hnghes Lnke, r Sonth cor Mohawk 

Hughes Maggie C. teacher, r 72 Marj 

Hughes Maggie J. r 49 Lansing 

Hughes Mary, tailoress, r Second cor Bleecker 

Hughes Michael, fireman, r 10 Seneca 

Hughes Owen, r 61 State . 

Hughes Patrick, foreman, r 238 Mohawk • ^ 

Hughes Robert, laborer, r 29 Devereux o 

Hughes Bobert, blacksmith, r 8 Broadway <§. 

Hughes Robert, mason, r 90 Whitesboro •* 

Hughes R. K carpenter, r 189 John S 

Hughes Robert P. Monumental Works Liberty cor Whites- W 

boro, r 92 Whitesboro *< 

Hughes R. T. salesman 64 Genesee, r 76 Miller O 

Hughes Rowland, r Mansion House ^ 

Hughes Thomas, shoemaker, r 190 Schuyler 
Hughes Thomas, spinner, r 28 Stark 
Hughes Willard Qplumber, r 93 Blandina 
HUGHES WM. (ELughes & Evans), r 30 Oneida B 

Hughes Wm. shoecntter, r 7 Clark place ^ 

Hughes Wm. machinist, r 12 Broadway 2 

Hughes W m. B. clerk 79 Genesee, r 38 Brinckerhoff ave $ 

Hughes Wm. E. shoemaker, r 129 South ^ 

Hughes Wm. J. mason, r 13 Lansing & 

Hughes Winnie B. r 40 Spring g 

Hughes Winnifred Mrs. r 8 Spring: § 

HOGHES & EVANS (William Hughes and Lewis R Evans) p 

marble works 46 Washington M 

HUGHES & JONES (John F. Hughes and David T. Jones) ^ 

masons and builders 29 Charlotta See page 31 ^ 

Hnggler Ulrich, laborer, r 26 South Hamilton g 

Huiflgen Antoine, upholsterer, r 14 Francis ^ 

Holbert Henry L Mr& druggist 80 South, r same ' / 

{Hulbert see Hurlburt) 
Halby Frank, moulder, r 126 Bleecker 
Hull David, r 66 Blandina 
Hull Frank, bartender, r 2 Union 
Hall Marquis W. grocer Marj cor Park ave 
Hnll S. B. r 8 Elizabeth 
Hull William Mrs. r 235 Columbia 
Hall William, r 2 Union 
Hull Wm. A. r 25 Devereux 
Hulser Arthur J. clerk, r 86 Jay 

M). as Genesee Street , Utica. 


CABPETS, will ocoagjonally drop np thiaCway, 

Halser Bertha, tailoress, r 59 Seymoar ave 
g Hulser Eliza, widow, r 59 Seymour ave 
o Huker D. Etta, tailoress, r 59 Seymour ave 
§ Huleer James V. boatman, r 86 Jay 
^ Hummel Merton, r 9 Montgomery 
p4 Humann Charles, laborer, r 13 Fay 
^ Humann Charlotte, r 13 Fay 
,§ Humann Henry, barber 60 Seneca, r 13 Fay 
c8 Humann Jacob, laborer, r 13 Fay 
'^ Humann Maggie, r 13 Fay 
^ Human John, cabinet maker, r 14 Breese 
^ Human John, shoemaker, r 113 Liberty 
2 Human J. W. music teacher, r 14 Breese 
g Humphreville Fannie, r 115 Seymour ave 
o Humphrey Bess, r 27 Henry 
M Humphrey Elizabeth, r 2 Perkins ave 
^ Humphrey Helen, r 1 Perkins ave 

Humphrey H. r 19 Union 

® Humphrey Wm. confectioner and baker 10 Columbia, r same 

1 Humphreys Humphrey Rev. Mrs. r 97 Whitesboro 
® Humphreys Griffith, carpenter, r 100 Miller 

^ Humphries Thomas G. stone cutter, r 52 Cooper 
^ Humphries Thomas A. stone cutter, r 43 Blandina 
^ Humphries Bichard A. stone cutter, r 43 Blandina 

a^ Hundriser Henry, shoemaker, r 42 Schuyler 
HUNGERFORD CHARLES E. (Howe & Hungerford) r 87 
-g Howard ave 

9 Hungerford Diodete, shoemaker, r 37 Elm 
M Hungerford Edward M. machinist, r 18 Hart 
^ Hungerford Martin L. Mrs. r 87 Howard ave 
^ Hunt August, factory operative, r 148 Jay 
S Hunt C. D. r 12 Hbbart 
^ Hunt Delos H. gardener, r 3 Herkimer 
H Hunt Edwin Mrs. r 6 Spring 
§ Hunt Harriett B. Mrs. r 34 Broad 
a HUNT JACOB, physician, r 66 Whitesboro 
S HUNT JAMES G. health officer, physician and surgeon 5 
5 Gardner Block, r 4 Lansing 

^ Hunt John W. spinner, r 143 Jay 
«M Hunt Levi, cartman, r 107 Oneida 

Z HUNT LOTON S. lawyer and notary public 6 and 7 Her- 
*& aid building, r New Hartford road near French's road 
I HUNT WARD HON. r 808 Genesee 
0, HUNT WARD JR lawyer 69 Genesee, r 17 Hopper 
^ Hunt William, cigarniaker, r24 Milgate 
g^ HUNTER A S. (Hugh Glenn & Co.) r 333 Genesee 
^ Hunter James, card«r, r 151 Court 

« HUNTER THOMAS,(Hugh Glenn & Co.) r Butterfield House 


W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 


-just as they used to go ont fishing for a day's recreation,— 

Huntington Henry, clerk First National Bank 
Hard A. 0. watchmaker, r 41 Elizabeth 
Hnrd A. L blacksmith S5 Park ave, r 41 Elizabeth 

Hnrd Charles J. com. traveler, r Genesee road S* 

HURD DeWITT 0. (TaHman & Hnrd), r 1 Miller -S* 

HURD HENRY H. (H. H. Hard & Co.) r 227 Genesee * 
HURD H. H. & CO. (H. H. Hard and Stephen Sicard) g* 

floor, grain and wool 29, 31 and 33 Liberty m 

Hurell John, r 47 Catharine g 

Hnrlburt Alwilda Mrs. r 29 Court * 

Hnrlbart Barton D. lawyer 29 Court, r same S 

Hurlbnrt Charles F. drn^ clerk 115 Genesee, r 9 Hobart g 
HURLBURT EDWARD, lawyer 128 Genesee, r Rutger cor g 

West a 
HURLBURT FRAZIER W. fire insurance 238 Genesee, r I. 

28 Court <>. 

HURLBURT F. W. & CO. (F. W. Hurlbnrt and George J. ^ 

Foster), real estate and loan agents 238 Genesee 4 

Hnrlburt Henry, r 136 State ^ B 

Hnrlburt John 0. printer, r 226 Genesee •^ 

Hnrlburt M. A. widow, r Rutger cor West ^• 
Hnrlburt Nathan C. Mrs. r 8 Hotel 
(Hnrlburt see Hulbert) 
Hurley Cornelius A. shoemaker, r 80 Charlotte 
HURLEY JAMES F. lawyer and justice of the peace Ex- ^ 

change Buildings, r 11 Couper ^ 

Hurley Julia, r 82 Mohawk g 

Hurley Mary Mrs. r 80 Charlotte o* 

Hurley Mary Ann, teacher, r 80 Charlotte * 

Hurley Robert J. shoemaker, r 77 Seym9ur ave e* 

Hurley William T. salesman, r 33 Whitesboro ^ 

Husbands George, driver, r 14 Post o 

Husbands Samnel E. r 18 Post ^ 

Husbands Thomas, barber, r 18 Post e<^ 

Huss Bernard, r Deerfield road §* 

Huss Joseph, laborer, r Deerfield road S 

Huss Joseph H. spice mills, r Deerfield road S^ 

Huss Peter, collector, r Deerfield Corners W 
HUTCHINS A. FRANK, musician, r 11 Fayette 
Hutchinson Alexander, constable 4th ward, r 47 Elizabeth 
Hutchinson Alexander Jr. letter carrier, r 47 Elizabeth 

Hutchin?ion Ann Mrs. r 2 Seneca * *^ 

HUTCHINSON BLOCK, 14, 16 and 18 Bleecker ^ ^ 

Hutchinson Catharine, widow, r 53 Elm cor Hobart S 
HUTCHINSON CHARLES W. 14 Bleecker, r 808 Genesee '^ 
HUTCHINSON EDWIN, surgeon 224 Genesee, r same 
HUTCHINSON FREDERICK E. surgeon and physician 
27 Oneida, r same 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 


K^ Hutchinson Holmes Mrs. r 308 Genesee 

^ Hntchinsou James, farmer, r Deerfield road 

.Q HUTTEN CHARLES, proprietor Lafayette brewery 93 

O Third, r same 

j^ Hntter Herman, butcher, r 1 William 

p Hutter Joseph Mrs. widow, r 10 Lock 

j8 Huttinger Jacob, cabinet maker, r Erie cor Faass ave 

" Huxford Hiram P. r 11 High 

^ Hyde Cortland E. salesman, r 21 Bristol 

p Hyde F. C clerk, r 1^ BrinckerhoflE ave 

*H Hyde Hamilton, clerk 135 Genesee, r 1^ Brinckerhoff ave 

K Hyde John, machinist, r 100 Yarick 

^ Hyde Mary R teacher Seminary, r same 

^ Hi DE N. R fruit and cigar sto^ 161 Genesee cor Bleecker, 

Z. r 55 West 

^ Hyde Thomas, moulder, r 108 Varick 

'3 Hyde Thomas, dyer, r 71 Spring 

^ Hyer Frank, laborer, r 12 Seneca 

§ Hyer Daniel, laborer, r 12 Seneca 

^ Hyland Lizzie E. domestic 71 Lansing 

§ Hyland E. M. physician 166 Genesee, r same 

§ Hyland O. H. r Central Hotel 

$ Hymes Jacob, saloon 13 Neilson, r same 

§ TAKL FRANCIS, shoemaker, r 176 Court 
^ i lUingworth H. R. engineer M. V. Mills, r 416 Bleecker 
> Illingworth John J. ass't engj'r U. S. C. M. r 57 Broadway 
^ ILLINGWORTH JOSEPH J. chief engineer U. S. C. Mille^ 
"^ r 64 Broadway 

■g CO. Hovt & Butler, agents 

"2 ImhoflE Joseph, tobacconist, r 85 Erie 
*r| Infelt Joseph, r Lansing cor Kossuth ave 
^ INGALLS' FREDERIC C. lawyer 69 Genesee, r 26 Seneca 
§ INGALLS G. W. & CO. boot and shoe store 5 Arcade 
^ Ingils James, engineer, r 18 Wiley 
g Inman A. D. r 24 Albany 
>j Inman Charles, painter, r 13 Broadway 
]^ Inman Jonathan, laborer, Jefferson cor Hollitigworth ave 
«^ Inman Mary A. widow, r 40 Blandina 
O Inman Mary E. dressmaker, r 40 Blandina 
43 Inman Myron, cheesemaker, r 40 Blandina 
s:| Inman George, teanister, r 19 Mary 
Ǥ Inman Lucina, r JeiOEerson cor Hollingworth ave 
'^ Inman G. N. dressmaker, r 19 Mary 
© Ireland John C. clerk, r 117 Schuyler 
*^ Irion Catharine, domestic 102 Court 
Irion Christ, shoemaker, r 85 Morris 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 



IrioD Jacob, cigarmaker, r 122 Lansing ^ 

Irion John, r Kossuth ave near James O 

Irion Mary K dressmaker, r 120 Lansing ^ 

Irion Matthew, machinist, r 102 Coart S 

Irion Michael, r 120 Lansing 4 

IRISH CHARLES G. lawyer 69 Genesee, r 75 South ^ 

Irish Samuel, engineer, r 48 John S* 

Irons Elliot, clerk, r 86 Elizabeth ^ 

Irons L foreman, r 100 Brinckerhoff ave p0 
Isaacs Edwin R. clerk 191 Genesee, r 95 Elizabeth « ^ 

Isaacs Isadora, advertising agt. r Hotel Zublin b 

Isaacs Winifred, r 35 Elm , ^ 

Isenecker Addie, domestic 117 John ^ 

Ish Andrew, laborer, r 285 South ® 

Isham Hattie, r 49 Cornelia § 

Isham Isaac, tobacconist, r 49 Cornelia C 

Isham John, r 49 Cornelia q| 

Isham John W. cigarmaker, r 81 Kemble ^ 

Ishman William, r 49 Cornelia ,g 

Isman Frank, weaver, r 95 Spring ^ 

Issard George, carpenter, r 22 West '<b 

JACKSON CHARLES H. plumber, r 23 Louisa §• 
Jackson Fannv, r 16 Post 

Jackson Fred, bookkeeper 70 Genesee, r 52 Spring ^ 

Jackson Fred F. carpenter, r 6 Leah §* 

Jackson Henry, laborer, r 80 Liberty ^ 

Jackson Henry, laborer, r 19 Harper o 

Jackson Sam, head waiter Baggs Hotel P 

Jackson Thomas, waiter Baggs Hotel B 

Jackson Thomas D. stonecutter, r 118 Whitesboro B 

Jackson Thomas F. Mra widow, r 28 Louisa g 

Jackson William, r 23 Gold 5. 

Jackson W. B. r 864 Genesee ^ 
Jackson W. S. meat market 197 Park ave, r same 

Jackson Wilbur, r 17 Post W 

Jacobs Charles, carpenter, r 46 Saratoga g, 

Jacobs Emory H carriage builder, r 184 Third S^ 

Jacobs Fred, r 184 Third "" 
Jacobs Geo. B. hookhmder* Herald office, r 5 Grove 
Jacobs James, engineer Central RR r 76 Main 

Jacobs Kittie, weaver, r 14 Hicks oo 

Jacobs L. r 40 Miller » 

Jacobs Margaret, widow, r 14 Hicks p, 

Jacobs Michael E. painter and glazier, r 14 Hicks g 

Jacobs Nellie, r 14 Hicks p 

Jacobs R K engineer N. T. C. RR r 76 Main g 

Jacobs Silas F. tinsmith, r 44 Saratoga ^ 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 





if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Jacobs Simon, laborer, r 3 St Joseph 

JacobsoD Barney, pedler, r 81^ Elizabeth 

Jacobson Harry, r 50 Elm 
^ Jacobson Jacob, pedler, r 31 Elizabeth 
•g Jacobson Wolfe, pedler, r 117 Water 
o Jacquemin John £. carpenter, r 203 Bleecker 

2 Jakeman Ann Mrs. r 82 Varick 

S James Arthur M. carpenter, r 56 Lansing 
^ James Anna, r 6 Dudley 

3 JsAnes A. W. clerk, r 65 Lansing 
^ James Benjamin, r 27 Pearl 

g James Cornelia E. Mrs. r 64 Broad 

O James David, mechanic, r9 West 

03 James Dora, r 16 State 

•^ James Edward, engineer, r 151 Jay 

^ James Elizabeth, r 33 Spring 

^ James Elizabeth L r 126 John 

'3 James John, moulder, r 60 Second 

CI JAMES JOHN E. groceries and yeast 27 Pearl, r same 

^ James John W. cutter, r 21 Plant 

^ James Joseph, builder 90 Fayette, r 126 John 

B James Lemuel, r 7 Seymour ave 

^ James Mary, nurse, r 13 Union 

o James Nellie 0. teacher, r 61 Columbia 

® James Richard B. r 91 Whiteeboro 

(^ James Samuel, tailor, r 27 Pearl 

^ James Sarah M. Mra r 36 Spring 

^ James William, carpenter, r 137 Blandina 

q> James Wm. Henry, car builder U. & B. R RR. r 9 West 

.^ James William M. physician 166 Genesee, r in Whitesboro 

'^ Jamieson John, painter, r 4 Harper 

•§ Jamieson Mary Mrs. r 102 Schuyler 

§ Jamieson William, bookkeeper, r 16 Eagle 

5jj Jamieson Wm. W. r 15 Eagle 

K. Jansky Bernard, dealer in cigars 182 Fayette, r same 

£^ JARkETT EDWARD W. hats, caps and furs 82 Genesee, 

Q r 156 Park ave 

2 JARVIS B. G. organist Grace Church, r 213 Genesee 

S Jeffers James, birch beer mfr. r 161 Mary 

^ Jeffers Eatie, seamstress, r 151 Mary 

*^ Jelondou August, mason, r 116 Lansing 

ca JEN KS H. W. manager Arcade boot and shoe store, r 102 

2 West 

•g Jenks John, clerk, r 102 West 

S (Jenks see Jinckes) 

PC) Jenkins Daniel T. farm hand Lunatic Asylum, r 17 Hicks 
Jenkins Elizabeth Mr& r 8 Spring 
Jenkins George, machinist, r 138 Whitesboro 

Fred A- Cassidy, successor to «/. H. Douglass, 



call on ua for goodslthey don^t find at home. 

Jeokine Thomas Mrs. r 9 Hotel ^ 

Jenny Alois I. granite catter, r 11 Orchard b* 
JENNY FRANCIS X. (Jenny & Donsbach), r 203 Columbia 5 
JENNY & DONSBACH, (F. X. Jenny and L Donsbach), S 

marble works 200 and 202 Colambia g; 

Jenny Jacob, granite catter, r 257 Whitesboro (5 

Jennmgs Isabella, widow, r 44 Parker ^ 

Jennings John, laborer, r 23 Wiley g 

Jennings Mary, operative, i* 206 douit «♦► 

Jennings Stephen, r 169 Blandina * g 

Jennings Michael, bnilding mover, r 206 Court (to 

Jennings W. shuttlemaker, r 44 Parker § 

Jennison Frederick G. tinsmith, r 22 Chatham ^ 

Jennison J. Albert, brass turner, r 66 Cooper Pa 

Jepson Thomas R r 61 West Qs 

Jepson M. R Home for the Homeless S* 

Jess J. Miss, dressmaker, r 42 Dudley 9, 

Jessop ^nn Mrs. r 129 Bleecker 2. 

Jewett Benjamin F. former, r 9 Faxton B* 

Jewett Lillie, r Oeneeee cor Faxton g; 

Jewett Phoebe, r Genesee cor Faxton (^ 

Jilison Tavina, Home for the Homeless xn 

Jobelius Joseph, carpenter, Barnes ave g* 

Jocelyn Robert, carpenter, r 62 BrinckerhoS ave ei. 

Joerissen Carrie, r 133 South ? 
J0ERIS8EN JOSEPH, cigar manufacturer 133 South, r 

same. See advt page 40 ^ 

Joeriesen Julia, dressmaker, r 133 South o 

Joerissen Louisa, artist, r 133 South ^ 

Johann Annie, r 24 Edward ^ 

Johann Charles, conOctioner, r 24 Edward ^ 

Johann Frank, laborer, r 32 Chenango ave RT 

Johann Mary Mrs. r 24 Edward Q 

John Flora Mrs. r 49 South P 

Johns George, marble cutter, r 31 Oswego CD 

Johns Henry, carpenter, r 26 Eemble ^ 

Johns John, carpenter, r 26 Eemble § 

Johnson Ada, r 126 State (^ 

Johnson Alexander Mrs. r 235 Genesee 09 

Johnson Alfred, plumber, r 148 Rutger ^ 

Johnson Anna, widow, r 7 Montgomei7 Q) 

JOHNSON ARTHUR B. lawyer 81 Genesee, r 253 same g 

Johnson Bert clerk, r 6 West g 

Johnson Boney, waiter Baggs Hotel % 

Johnson Catharine, domestic 16 Charles ^ 

Johnson Caroline B. teacher, r 73 State ^ 

Johnson Charles, waiter, r 7 Mon^mery hi 

Johnson Charles, machinist, r 18 Wager S 
. — ci^ 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Street. 



' Since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

JOHNSON CHARLES H. wine and sample room 116 Gene- 
see, r Central Hotel 
Johnson C. M. clerk, r 42 Washington 
Johnson Cyras, r 8 Oneida 
Johnson D. B. Mr& r 36 Elm 
Johnson D. W. removed to Rochester 
Johnson Dora, r 18 Bank 
•^ Johnson Edward, carpenter, r 122 Garden 
^ JOHNSON E. D. saw mill Deerfield corners. See page 58 
^ Johnson Edward W. cigarmaker, r 7 Wiley 
*§ Johnson Eliza, Home for the Homeless 
S^ Johnson Emma, Mrs. r 84 Colnmbia 

i JOHNSON FRANK, livery and boarding stable 45 Catharine, 
^ r 47 Catharine. See advt. page 22 

• Johnson Fred R barber Butterfield Hoase, r 18 Bank 
§ Johnson George, laborer, r 302 Sonth 
.^i Johnson George F. waiter, r 11 Post 
^ Johnson George E. barber, r 30^ Chenango ave 
•H Johnson Henry, r 59 Hicks 

•g JOHNSON HERMAN I. (Joliuson & Murray), r 66 Broad 
g Johnson James A. moulder, r 85 Albany 
|v Johnson James R barber, r 18 Bank 
QQ Johnson B. John, r 7 Montgomery 
''^ Johnson John, liveryman 47 Catharine, r same 
:S Johnson John B. laborer, r 148 Rntger 
J^ Johnson John H. clerk, r 51 Catharine 
Q) Johnson Joseph, waiter Baggs Hotel 
q Johnson Kittie, dressmaker, r 7 Montgomery 
^ Johnson Levi, r 16 Oneida 
^ Johnson Margaret, r 64 Stark 
'2 Johnson Mary J. Mrs. operative, r 12 Garden 
^ Johnson Mrs. r 21 State 
9 Johnson M. L laborer, r 52 Mohawk 
e^ Johnson Nellie Mrs. r 53 Main 
J^ JOHNSON N. A. (Johnson & Parker), r 67 Rutger 
•^ Johnson R M. com. traveler, r 64 West 
S Johnson Robert, r 42 Washington 
S Johnson Roxy Mrs. r 28 Elizabeth 
Johnson Soren, laborer, 16 Charles 
Johnson Thomas, barber 131 Genesee, r 126 State 
Johnson Thomas 24 Fayette, r Central Hotel 
Johnson Theodore S. (Johnson & Davis 116 Genesee,) r Arcade 
Johnson William, r 36 Elm 
Johnson William, watchman, r 148 Rutger 
Johnson William B. engineer, r 24 Meadow 
Johnson Wm. G. foundry man, r 6 West 
Johnson Wm. G. at D. Crouse & Sons, r 70 Catharine 
Johnson W. H. commercial traveler, r 72 Miller 

Westcott Sf Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handsomest DryOoods & Carpets on earth 

Jobnson Wm. H. barber, r 30^ Chenango ave 
JOHNSON & MURRAY (H. I. Johnson and D. C. Mur- 
ray) wholesale grocers and com. merchants 24 and 26 p) 

Fayette '^ 
JOHN SON & PARKER (N. A. Johnson and James H. Parker) la 

cnstom foundry, Main eor Park ava See page 87 g 
JOHNSON & DAVIS (Theodore Johnson and Henry A. ^ 

Davis) billiard parlors 116 Genesee ^ 

Johnston Annie M. dressmaker, r Grand Central ^ 

Johnston Ann Mrs. widow, r 22 Hope (^ 

Johnston C. Mrs. r 18 Post ^ 

Johnston James W. farmer, r Bleccker cor East ^ 

Johnston John W. postal clerk, r cor Bieecker and East *^ 
Johnston W. E. clerk Mnnson Bros, r 226 Genesee 

Johnstone William H. painter N. Y. C. RR. r 66 Lansing § 

Jones Adam, laborer, r 132 Mohawk SD 

Jones Abram, shoemaker, r 7 Hicks b 

Jones Albert G. com. trav. r 82 Dudley ?• 

Jones Albert L r 21 Oswego ^ 

Jones Alfred, bookkeeper, r 95 Lansing ^ 

Jones Alfred H. clerk, r 95 Lansing ^ 

Jones Alida Mrs. dressmaker, r 59 Broadway b 

Jones Annie K tailoress, r 92 Catharine 0^ 

Jones Anthony A. r 84 Fayette § 

Jones Asa M. marble engraver, r 78 Broadway ^ 

Jones A. W. cabinet maker, r 248 Whitesboro ei. 
JONES BROTHERS (F. E. and R O. Jones), meat market '^ 

38 South g 

Jones Catharine, widow, Asylum lodge o 
Jones Catharine, widow, r 104 South 

Jones Charles, carpenter, r Columbia cor State ^ 

Jones C. D. laborer, r 78 Stark {5- 

Jones Charles E. salesman, r 120 Eagle Ji> 

Jones Charles L clerk, r 106 Court s 

Jones Charles T. agent 195 Genesee, r 149 Park avenue | 

Jones Cornelia, seamstress, r 189 Lansing J 

Jones C Lansing, lawyer 120 Genesee, r 2 Henry S 

Jones Daniel J. printer, r 31 Mary n 

Jones Daniel W. 10 Liberty, r 90 Washington ? 

Jones David, stone cntter, r 14 Johnson square ^ 

Jones David, artist 54 Arcade, r 77 Dudley "J 

Jones David, editor Olive Branchy r 49 Rutger S 

Jones David, stone cutter, r 71 Charlotte S 

Jones David C. yard master U. B. R RR. r 88 Liberty | 

Jones David G. dentist, r 44 BrinckerhoS ave g 

Jones David J. carpenter, r 44 Brinckerhofi ave i 
Jones David J. stone cutter, r 79 Liberty 
Jones David O. farmer, r Pleasant near East 

uYo. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


and spring from, Summer back 

0) Jonee David R carpenter, r 145 Stenben 
^ JONES DAVID T. (Hughes & JonesV r 71 Dudley 
Q JoDes David W. cartinan, r 150 Whitesboro 
a Jones Ebenezer, r 79 Cornelia 
^ Jones Ebenezer W. laborer, 117 Howard ave 
^ Jones Edward, carpenter, r 139 John 
Q, Jones Edward, spring maker, r 3 Warren 
^ Jones Edward, dresser, r Warren 
Q) Jones Edward, laborer, r 65 Miller 
;g Jones Edward B. carpenter, r Kossuth avo near Mary 
^ Jones Edward E. carpenter, r 55 Miller 
-^ Jones Edward R bank porter, r 58 Blandina 
•S Jones Edward Q. mason, r 41 Whitesboro 
[^ Jones Edward H. salesman 102 Genesee, r 64 Blandina 
«g3 Jones Edward S. r 65 Miller 
f^ Jones Edward W. printer, r 135 Steuben 
^ Jones E C). Mrs. r 14 Hart 
^ Jones E W. Rev. r 79 Broadway 
^ Jones Edwin, salesman 6 Whitesboro, r 59 Broadway 
^ Jones Edwin K clerk, r 12 Miller. 
•^ Jones Eliza H. widow, r 55 Broad 

^ Jones Elizabeth A. domestic 46 Lansing ^ 

^ Jones Elizabeth Mrs. r 46 Neilson 
00 Jones Ella J. teacher, r 21 Oswego 
^ Jones Ellen, widow, r 3 Roberts lane 
q Jones Ellen, widow r 43 Miller 
H Jones Ellen Mr& r 14 Mandeville 
. Jones Emma D. r 21 Oswego 
g Jones Enoch, bricklayer, r 14 Huntington 
'>*<i Jones Eugene R clerk, r 31 Washington 
*§ Jones Evan, brakeman, r 34 Whitesboro 
^ Jones Evan, mason, r 58 Whitesboro 
^ Jones Evan, constable 3rd ward, r 110 Washington 
•C) Jones Evan 6. blacksmith, r Deerfield road 
"t! Jones Evan R marble works 54 and 56 Liberty, r 40 Wash- 
o meton 

g Jones Eunice Miss, r 38 Kemble 
^ Jones Fletcher D. salesman O'Hara Bros, r 8 Cooper 
% JONES FLORA A. sole proprietor and manafactnrer of 
S blush of roses 63 Fayette, r same See front colored leat 

Jones Frank, foreman, 34 Whitesboro 
§ JONES FRANCIS E. (Jones Bros.), r 26 Chatham 
O Jones Frank, clerk, r 56 Spring 
S JONES FRANK L. (Childs & Jones), r 140 John 
S^ Jones Frank, student, r 89 Howard ave 
^ Jones T. O. r 116 Blandina 
::! Jones O. Elmer, music teacher, r 12 Mandeville 
|P Jones Oeorge, gardener, r 1 Union 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 



to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Jones George W. bookkeeper, r 36 Cooper ^ 

JONES GEORGE W. (J. O. Jones & Sons), r 123 Blandina 

Jones George W. clerk, r 90 Washington . 

Jones George W. bartender, r 106 Court g* 

Jones George W. bookkeeper, r 31 Cooper o 

Jones Grace, r 1^ Briuckerhofltave E 
JONES GRIFFITH K (T. R. Thomas & Co.) r 37 Whites- P 

boro ^ 

Jones Griffith, shoemaker 15 Fayette, r 42 Taylor ave ^ 

Jones Griffith, butcher, r 37 Washington Q 

Jones Griffith R. laborer, r 8 Blandina ? 

Jones Griffith W. lanndryman, r 89 Liberty q 

Jones Griffin, r cor Garden and Mulberry S; 

Jones H. G. cartman, r 150 Whitesboro S 

Jones Hannah, r 46 Neilson "- 

Jones Helen, attendant orphan asylum § 

Jones Henry, laborer, r 68 Erie fcj 

Jones Henry D. butcher, r 129 Lansing ^ 

Jones H. E. butcher N. Y. S. Asylum ^ 

Jones Henry G. carpenter, r 28 Elizabeth ^ 

Jones Henry R carpenter, r 117 Howard ave §^ 

Jones Henry R r 94 Whitesboro O 
JONES HENRY W. (J. O. Jones k Sons), r 123 Blandina & 
JONES HERBERT G. physician and surgeon 224 Genesee, ^ 

r 8i Eagle ei^ 
Jones Herbert, attendant N. Y. S. L Asylum, r 94 Whitesb6ro ^ 

Jones Hugh R. farmer asylum, r 413 Whitesboro ^ 

Jones Humphrey R. mason, r 122 Howard ave - &! 

Jones Ishmael, r 57 Oneida B 

Jones Jabez H. clerk internal revenue office, r 24 Miller 9 

Jones James D. mason, r 34 Oswego "* 

Jones James, moulder, r Kirkland S 

Jones James, mason, r 40 Hobart ^ 

Jones Jane, Home for the Homeless q 

Jones Jane, r 88 Oneida g 

Jones Jane, widow, r 106 Court >§ 

Jones Jennie, r 30 Blandina ^ 

Jones Jennie, r 288 Genesee « 

' Jones J. Frank, broommaker, r 252 Bleecker g^ 

Jones J. H. brakeman, r 14 Broadway o^ 

Jones J. J. printer, r 81 Broadway {^ 

Jones John, mason, r 170 Whitesboro o 

Jones John, engineer, r 46 Main |^ 

Jones John, carpenter, r 109 Eemble g 

Jones John, salesman 113 Genesee, r 83 Blandina (^ 

Jones John, engineer, r 252 Bleecker 9^ 
Jones John A. carpenter, r 72 Whitesboro 
Jones John A. stonecutter, r 43 Blandina 

Groceries, Genesee comer Fayette Street. 


May 16th, Fires were needed, OverooatB oomfortable. 

JONES JOHN B. (W. J. Carton & Co.) r 20 Henry 

Jones John D. painter, r 41 Soiith 
^ Jones John D. engraver, r 44 BrinckerhoS ave 
0§ JONES JOHN D. alderman 3d ward, r 29 Spring 
^ Jones John £. clerk, r 21 Kirkland 
O" Jones John E. brakeman, r 91 Liberty 
^ Jones John E. r 88 Eagle 
t;:] Jones John E. machinist, r 36 Spring 
^ Jones John E. cotter, r 58 Blandiua 
^ Jones John F. printer, r 100 West 
1^ Jones John G. mason, r 39 Seymour ave 
2 JONES JOHN G. (R O. and J. G. Jones), r 40 Cottage 
^ JONES JOHN H. (John O. Jones & Sons), r 116 Blandina 
^ Jones John H. yard master D. L & W. RB. r 14 Broadway 
Q) Jones J. Hawley, lawyer 179 Genesee, r 8 Union ^ 
fCt Jones John I. merchant tailor 6 Pearl, r 58 Blandina 
§ Jones John L clerk 208 Genesee, r 13 Steuben^ 
g Jones John Jay, carpenter, r 18 Henry 
^ Jones John L machinist, r 3 Blandina 
tJ Jones John M. express messenger D. L. & W. RR 
J* Jones John M. book pablisher, r 81 Broadway 
ct Jones John N. cntter, r 58 Blandma 
^S Jones John O. bookkeeper J. N. Cloyes, r 12 Howard ave 
•« JONES JOHN O. (J. O. Jones & Sons) 123 Blandina 
t; JONES JOHN O. & SONS (J. O., John H Jones Millard F. 
tl and George W. Jones) grocers 226 Genesee, 105 Waeh- 

5 ington and branch store 86 Charlotte 

^ Jones J. P. r 48 Elm 
§ Jones John R clerk, r 13 Steuben 
'43 Jones John R operative, r 6 Edward 
t^ Jones John S. mason, r Leah cor Dudley 
q Jones John T. salesman 79 Genesee, r 12 Steuben 
j^ Jones John R. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 
^ Jones John TJ. salesman, r 71 Cornelia 
^ Jones John W. bookkeeper, r 42 Spring 
O Jones John W. journalist Y Drych office, r 10 Cooper 
§ Jones John W. clerk, r 1^ Briuckerhoff ave 
i^ Jones John X. cutter, r 93 Whitesboro 
"^ Jones Joseph C. laborer, r 80 Charlotte 
g JONES J. LEWIS, pattern maker, shop 101 Blandina, r 45 
? Steuben 

q" Jones J. Wilson, supervisor Lunatic Asylum, r 392 Whitesboro 
CO Jones J. Wesley, clerk, r 23 Washington 
^ Jones Jonathan Mrs. r 140 John 
^ Jones Joseph Mrs. nurse, r 14 Mandeville 
^ Jones Joshua G. Mr& r 40 Cottage 

JONES J. THOMAS man^r Singer manuPng Co. 195 
Genesee, r 149 Park ava See advt. back cover. 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


• Dan Bioe was here, but no Summer. 

JoDee Kittle £. teacher, r 8 Cottage ^ 

JoDee Kitty, domestic 285 Genesee e? 

Jones Kitty, dressmaker, r 20 Oooper ^ 

Jones L. B. clerk, r 106 Court k^j 

Jones Leonard R clerk, r 58 Blandina ^ k^ 

Jones LeBoy H. medical stadent, r 23 Washington ^ 

Jones Lester M. r 18 Blandina Q 

Jones Lewis Mrs. r 3 Cottage § 

Jones Lewis A. clerk P. O. r 55 Cornelia g* 

Jones Lewis B. clerk, r 106 Court ?J 

Jones Lida, r 181 South § 

Jones Lizzie A. domestic 246 Genesee Q* 

Jones L. £. entry clerk, r 58 Blandina Q 

Jones Lewis W. laborer, r 78 Stark ^ , 

Jones Llewellyn, stone cutter, r 79 Liberty 'tt 

Jones Lisette F. bookkeeper 195 Genesee, r 149 Park ave ^ 

Jones Louisa, tailoress, r 106 West ^ 

Jones Luella Mrs. laundress Orphan Asylum ^ 
JONES LUTHER S. manufacturer of children's shoes 24 g 

West, r. same (D 

Jones Maggie, seamstress, r 189 Lansing Qo 

Jones Margaret, widow, r 1^ Brinckerhoff ave S. 

Jones Margaret E. widow, r 72 Whitesboro ^ 

Jones Maria 8. Mrs. r 78 Broadway J5- 

Jones Martha, widow, r 30 Stark k« 

Jones Mary, r 266 Genesee i^ 

Jones Mary, widow, r 24 Huntington P 

• Jones Mary, r 18 Miller E 

Jones Mary Mrs. r 6 Aiken fi 

Jones Mary Ann Mrs. r 181 South -^ 

Jones Mary A. Mrs. r 66 Blandina *^ 

Jones Mary C. r 104 South g> 

Jones Mary Etta, seamstress, r 129 Lansing '^ 

Jones Mary K boarding house 71 Charlotte J'^ 

Jones M F. r 38 Elm 0^ 

Jones Mary H. widow, r 20 Charles ^^ 

Jones Mary J. r 49 Whitesboro § 

Jones Mary J. r 80 Cooper Qi 

Jones Meredith, operative, r 23 Tracy QD 
JONES MILLARD F. (John O. Jones & Sons), r 106 Park ^ 

ave ^ 

Jones Milton, r 20 Hobart § 

Jones Milton, 65 South, r 51 Eagle 9 

Jones Milton T. salesman, r 104 South o 

Jones Morris J. barber 4 Baggs Square, r 115 Blandina ® I 

JONES MORVEN M. justice of the peace Haberer Block ^ I 

28 Fayette, t 99 same 
Jones Nellie, seamstress, r 129 Lansing 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book- Binders and ' 




OQ Jonee Nellie, domestic 59 Oatharine 

§ Jones Nettie, r 6 Aiken 

Q Jones Owen, tailor, r 12 Miller 

Jones Owen, apprentice, r 87 Washington 
M Jones Owen T. mason, r 28 Cooper 
q Jones O. T. Mrs. r 113 John 
fei Jones Palmer H. postal clerk, r 4 Hicks 
g Jones Peter, r 21 State 
'^ Jones Peter M. Mrs. r 182 Elm 
J5 Jones Rees D. fancy goods 194 Genesee, r 2 Spring 
^ Jones Richard, conductor N. Y. 0. RR r 22 Third 
g Jones Richard, r 139 John 
1^ Jones Richard, painter, r 20 Hobart 

^ Jones Richard D. tailor, r 189 John 
'^ Jones Richard E. r 17 Steuben 

^ Jones Richard E. loom repairer, r 2 South Hamilton 
J^ Jones Richard E. printer, r 19 Oswego 
^ Jones Robert G. farmer Genesee road 
§ Jones Richard G. mason 2 Henry, r same 
52 Jones Richard H. carpenter, r 8 Faass ave 
fc) Jt»nes R. H. stonecutter, r 37 Washington 
^ Jones R. H. shipping clerk, r 66 Whitesboro 
q> Jones Richard T. marble yard, r 110 Washington 
£ Jones R T. Mrs. boarding house 110 Washington 
^ JONES R OWEN (Jones Bros.) r 19 High 
^ Jones Richard W. engineer, r 48 Cornelia 
2 Jones Robert, butcher, r 13 Lansing 

§ JONES ROBERT R grocer cor Cooper and Cornelia, r 31 
1:1 Washington 

^ Jones Robert M. com. traveler, r 181 South 
^ JONES ROBERT O. (R O. and J. G. Jones) r 88 John 
g JONES R O. & J. G. lawyers 90 Genesee 
^ Jones Robert R. r 29 Albany 
g Jones R W. tailor, r 63 Steuben 
ce Jones Rob. W. engineer, r 135 Blandina 
>i Jones Robt W. r 160 Miller 
^ Jones Roscoe C. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 

r Jones Rowland A. r 29 Albany 
^ Jones Salvinus, carpenter, r 41 Lansing 

Jones Samuel D. teamster, r 68 Chenango ave 
<y Jones Samuel E tailor, r 27 Pearl 
^ Jdnes Samuel H. carder, r 3 Warren 
K| Jones Samuel H. student, r 20 Charles 
^q Jones Samuel N. shoemaker, r 68 Charlotte 
W Jones Sarah Mrs. r St. Luke's Hospital 
g Jones Sarah, clerk, r 38 Kemble 
5 Jones Sarah, widow, r 94 Whitesboro 
^ Jones Sophia, dressmaker, r 29 Albany 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. DougldSSf 


Shawls, Fans and Fur-Lined OloYes, Blankets and Mosqnito Het Cp 



Jones Thelwin, shoe catter, r 93 Miller gj* 

Jones Theodore R. spring bed maker 54 Bleecker, r 106 West ^ 
Jones T. G. carpenter, r 21 Oswego ^* 

Jones Thomas Mrs. r 56 Spring ^ 

Jones Thomas, carpenter, r 119 Elm So 

Jones Thomas B. tailor, r 95 Liberty ,q 

Jones T. C. printer, r 50 Mary g 

Jones Thomas R cigar mfr. r 237 Columbia ^ 

Jones Thomas E. clerk, r Deeriield cw 

Jones Thomas L. broom maker, r 252 Bleecker . 

Jones Thomas M. clerk int. revenue office, r 23 Blandina S' 

Jones Thomas O. baker, r 63 South 9 

JONES THOS. O. (Jones & Lighten, painters,) 7 Leah, r same o^ 
Jones Thomas S. blacksmith, r 18 Hart S» 

Jones Thomas S. blacksmith, r 9 Griffiths Place ^ 

Jones Thomas W. carpenter, r 39 Howard ave t^ 

Jones Timothy M. carpenter, r 52 Leah g 

Jones Wesley, salesman, r 23 Washington |jV 

Jones William, mason, r 41 Whitesboro fa- 

Jones William, shoemaker, r 15 Louisa cd 

Jones William A. Rev. r 68 Mary »• 

Jones W. C. general salesman, r 17 Seneca ^ Ci 

Jones Wm. C. tailor, r 12 Miller 5* 

Jones William D. foreman Observer job office, r 79 West « 

JONES WILLIAM D. (H. L White & Thomas), r 22 South 
JONES WILLIAM E. Tivoli Hotel 23 Hotel, r same 
Jones W. E. slater, r 6 Griffiths Place 
Jones William E. com. agent, r 21 Oswego 
Jones William E. carpenter, r 345 Whitesboro 
Jones William G. salesman 112 Genesee, r 84 Louisa 
Jones William G. laborer, r 185 Steuben 
Jones William H. agent 182 Whitesboro, r 83 Miller 
Jones William H. broom maker, r 85 Kossuth ave 
Jones William H. Herald office, r 39 Steuben 
Jones William H. butcher, r 43 Taylor ave 
Jones William J. operative, r 80 Cooper 
Jones William M. trunk maker, r 74 Liberty 
Jones William P. agent, r 5 Fay 
Jones William R. printer Press office, r 16} Chatham . 
Jones William R Mrs. r 78 Court 
Jones W. R Mra r 18 Steuben 
Jones W. Sherman^ attendant N. T. S. Asylum 
Jones William S. Herald office, r 25 Chatham 
Jones William W. gardener, r 128 Miller 
Jones William W. stonecutter, r 154 Miller 
Jones William W. shoemaker, r 93 Whitesboro 
JONES & LIGHTON (Thomas O. Jones and George H. 

Lighton), house painters 7 Leah. See advt page 80 

: l# 

Furnishing Undertaker ^ J^l Genesee Street, g: 




JonestODe Walter, carpenter, r 14 Lock 

Jordan Alexander, at 15 Charlotte 

Jordan James, clerk 179 Genesee 

Jordan John, porter City Nat Bank, r 98 Jay 

Jordan John, carpenter, r 88 Catharine 

Jordan John H. shoemaker, r 27 Third 

Jordon Mathias, stone cntter, r 118 Whitesboro 
^ Jordan Patrick, laborer, r 14 Walnnt 
9 Jordan Patrick, mason, r 32 Taylor ave 
§ Jordan Rose A. r 71 Third 
^ Jorgensen Peter, tailor, r Deerfield 

Joseph Watkin Mra r 38 Seymour ave ^ 

^ Joslyn Hamilton H. r 22 Neilson 
O Joslyn John, optician, r 51 Catharine 
]^ (Joslyn see Jocelyn) 

o Josselyn Eli R 3d assistant physician Lnnatic Asylum 
^ Joy Phoebe, widow, r 301 Bleecker 
5 Joyce J. Henry, clerk 180 Genesee, r 26 Plant 
*g JOYCE JOSEPH, journalist Daily Pressy r 8 Chatham 
a Joyce Maggie Miss, r 68 Broad 
)^ Joyce Michael, moulder, r 151 Blandina 
o JOYCE ROBERT, grocer 151 Blandina cor Third, r same 
a Joyce Thomas M. tinsmith, r 151 Blandina 
.Q JOYCE THOMAS R meat market 137 State, r 25 Plant 
q Joyce Winefred Mr& r 151 Blandina 
^ Juergen^en John, laborer, r 12 Cornelia 
•^ Judge Thomas, shoemaker, r 17 Mohawk 
^ JUDSON HENRY R (H H. Cooper & Co.) r 8 Comstock 
^ Place, Plant 

|§ TT^AACSTEEN FRED, tailor, r Deerfield road 

^ tx Kahler William, machinist, r 111 Albany 
1^ Eailbach Y. painter, r 5 Saratoga 
Ǥ Kailey James, laborer, r 141 West 
•^ Kain Mary, r 294 Genesee 
§ Kain Mary C. r 8 Henry 

/« Kaiser Jacob, cigarmaker and saloon Schuyler cor Wager 
7" Kalhammer G. widow, r 67 Third 
CQ*^ Kalin Casper A. engineer, r 13 Albany 
.^ Kalin Joseph, moulder, r Blandina near Kossuth ave 
^ Kalliker John, shoemaker, r 82 Canal 

Kal ten bach Frederick, shoemaker, r 55 Saratoga 

KAMP GEORGE, uattern and model works 8 Cornelia, r 72 
Fayetta See adv^t business directory 

Kammerath Ernest, laborer, r 7 Schuyler 

Kammerer John, tailor, r 6 Oak 

Kammerlohr Anna E. r 5 Cherry 

Kammerlohr Ella, r 5 Cherry 

Westoott Sf Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 




Eammerlohr Frank, carpenter, r 5 Cherry 

Eammerlohr John, cigarmaker, r 153 Court 

Eammerlohr Joseph, spinner, r 23 Elm 

Eammerlohr Joseph, engineer, r 326 Whitesboro 

Eammerlohr Lonis, P.barber, r 326 Whitesboro 

Eanangh John, laborer, r 99 Alary 

Eane Coleman, cooper, r 68 Taylor ave 

Eane David, laborer, r 12 Montgomery 

Eaoe Felix, baker, r Jefferson cor Broad 

Eane Hamilton F. constable, r Deerfield road 

Eane John, shoemaker, r 40 Francis 

Eaue Maggie, dressmaker, r 50 Spring 

Eane M. Mra widow, r Deerfield road 

Earl Chris, laborer, r 9 Schayler 

Earl John, saloon and meat market 234 Blandina, r same 

(Earl see Carl and Carle) 

Earnstadt Louis, painter, r 101 Garden 

Eantrovitz L. rabbi, r 56 Water 

Earn Isadore, r 3 Hicks 

Earn Isadore Sr. r 162 Water 

Eassing Frank, r 35 Kemble 

Eassing Henry, builder 46 Elizabeth, r 59 Kemble 

Easson C. H. postmaster, grocery, Deerfield corners 

East Benjamin, farmer, r 79 Taylor ave 

East Louis T. machinist, r 79 Taylor ave 

EATTLEE JACOB, tinsmith 20 Francis, r 9 same 

Eanfer Frederick, factory operative, r 71 Warren 

Eaoghman — , r 40 Ehn 

Eavanagh James, stove mounter, r 141 Rutger 

Eavanagh John, plumber, r 141 Rutger 

Eavanagh John, wines and cigars 87 Charlotte, r same 

Eavanagh Lawrence, clerk, r 87 Charlotte 

Eavanagh Michael, marble cutter, r 141 Rutger 

Eavanagh Patrick, clerk, r 141 Rutger 

Eavanagh Thomas, teamster, r 42 Spring 

EAVANAGH WM. H. plumber, steam and gas fitter 208 

Genesee, r 19 Henry 
{Eavanagh see Cavanaugh) 
Kay Mary, r 88 Hart 
Eayes Patrick,- laborer, r 5 Walker 
Eeal^ Michael J. plumber, r 126 West 
Eeaney Ellen Mrs. r 145 Rutger 
Kearney Thomas, r Milgate near Broad 
Keating Bridget Mrs. r 48 Cooper 
Keating O. W. policeman, r 56 Catharine 
Keating John, r 48 Cooper 
Keating J. B. r 56 Catharine 
Keating Patrick, mason, r 107 Kemble 

JVb. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 















P CABPET8, will oocarionally drop np this way, 

to ; 

< Keating Thomas, r 48 Cooper 

g Keck Albert, laborer, r rear of 65 Broadway 

O Keck George, laborer, r 5 Montgomery 

§ Keek Harrison, laborer, r rear of 65 Broadway 

^ Keefe Wm. tallyman, r 14 Morris 

p4 Keegan Anna, r 134 John 

« Keegan Ella, r 184 John 

^ Keegan James, laborer, r 29 William 

«8 KEEGAN JAMES, proprietor Northen Hotel 41 John 

•^ Keegan Kate, operative, r 290 Whitesboro 

^ Keegan M. A. Mrs. dressmaker, r 134 John 

5 Keegan Peter, bookkeeper, r 76 Fayette 

g KeeHley Frederick J. shoemaker, r 105 Third 

§ Keehle Lewis, shoemaker, '- 131 Elm 

^ Keeler Charles, engineer, r East near Bleecker 

S Keeling James H. carpenter, r G8 Lansing 

"^ Keeuan James, auctioneer, r 93 Fayette 
Keenan John Mrs. saloon 141 Broad, r same 

o Keenan Mary C. seamstress, r 141 Broad 

S Keene Angdet, laborer, r 145 Bleecker 

§ Keene Edmund, carpenter, r 177 Lansing 
^ Keene Edward, clerk, r 177 Lansing 

^ Keene Henry, carpenter, r 177 Lansing 
tQ Keene Wm. laborer, r 145 Bleecker 
2 Kehoe Wm. laborer,'r 145 Jay 
p Keich Wm. engineer, r 13 Parker 
>^ Keidel Geo. wagonmaker, r 26 Bristol 

S Keighley James, polisher, r 30 Neilson 
h4 Keif August Jr. tailor, r 158 Elizabeth 
P Keil Augustus Mrs. r 54 Seymour ave 
23 Keiley Bartholomew, r 68 Steuben 
o Keiley Patrick J. carpenter, r 131 Miller 
S Keiley Michael J. plumber, r 125 West 
H Keiley Timothy, r 95 Steuben 
§ Keim Fred, engineer, r 72 Schuyler 

Keim Henry, bricklayer, r 18 South Hamilton 
Keinz Andrew, factory operative, r 21 South Hamilton 
KEINZ FRANK, carpenter and builder 7 Clinton, r sama 
g See advt. page 27 

«g Keinz Joseph, operative, r 52 Saratoga 
^ Keiser Anna, r 159 Fayette 
'pi Keiser Henry, cabinet maker, r 6 Lock * 
S Keiser John, r 120 Columbia 
^ Keiser John, r 76 Varick 
€ Keiser John, cigarmaker, r 18 Huntington 
S Keiser Joseph, laborer, r 6 McYean 
o Keiser Louis, saloon 1 Hotel, r same 
9 Keiser Mamie, r 159 Fayette 

W. ff. MeGarvey Sp Co. Cigars and Fancy 



—just as they used to go out flshing for a day's recreatioiiy— 

Keieer Paul Mrs. r 159 Fayette 
Keiser Valentine, silver plater, r 41 Parker 
(Keieer see Keyser) 

Eeisling Conrad, plumber, r 46 Leah ? 

Keller George W. painter, r 34 Stark §* 

Keller Henry, painter, r 8 Hicks ® 

Keller H. S. photographer 79 Oenesee, r 28 Seneca g* 

Keller Margaret, widow, r 161 Mohawk m 

Keller Mary, domestic 43 State S 

Kelley Catharine M^rs. widow, r 15 Albany 8- 

Kelley Charles, farmer, r Broad near city line o 

Kelley Christian, milkman, r cor Arthur and Third § 
KELLEY E. E. Mra millinery 11 Fayette, r 16 Seymour ave g 

Kelley James, r 123 Bleecker g 
Kelley John, laborer, r 161 Rutger 

Kelley John J. ice pedler, r 101 Lansing 3. 

Kelley Julia, r 81 Bleecker ^ 

Kelley Julia, domestic 9 Brinckerhofi ave 4 

Kelley John P. grocer 305 Bleecker, r same S 

Kelley Mary, r 18 Park ave *^ 

Kelley Mary, dressmaker, r 30 Spring «2* 

Kelley Mary Mrs. r 81 Bleecker §. 

Kelley Matie, r 91 Court p* 
Kelley Michael L r Taylor ave near Eagle 
KELLEY MICHAEL J. merchant tailor, 4 Baggs Square, ^ 

r 109 Mohawk • 

Kelley Minnie, dressmaker, r 81 Bleecker 2; 

Kelley Nicholas Mrs. r 81 Bleecker ^ 

Kelley Patrick, teamster, r 139 Blandina » 

Kelley Patrick T. barber 87 Bleecker, r 110 Blandina *B- 

Kelley P. J. cutter, r 109 Mohawk S- 

Kelley Patrick, cutter, r 7 Morris g" 

Kelley Peter, laborer, r 150 Catharine g 

Kelley Thomas F. clerk, r 305 Bleecker • 

KELLEY WM. H. 11 Fayette, r 16 Seymour ave ^ 

(Kelley see Kelly) B 

Kellogg Miss, dressmaker, r 27 Court g. 

Kellogg Amelia, r 1 Spring ^ 
KELLOGG CHARLES C. lumber dealer Seneca near Erie g 

canal, r 286 Genesee m 

Kellogg Frederick H. r 44 Steuben g 

Kellogg Henry Mrs. r 44 Steuben »4 

Kellogg Henry M. clerk, r 44 Steuben ^ 
Kellogg Janet P. Mrs. Kindergarten school 40 Oneida, r same o 

Kellogg K. C. clerk 179 Genesee, r 95 Charlotte ^ 

Kellogg Leslie W. agent, r 26 Dudley ^ 
Kellogg Lizzie T. r 158 Park ave 
Kellogg Parnell, Home for the Homeless 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 





Kellogg William U. shipping clerk, r 44 Steuben 

Kelly Ann, r 53 Park avo 

Kelly Ann, r cor Water and Hotel 

Kelly Ann, widow, r 111 Third 

Kelly Bridget, rill Third 

Kelly Catharine Mra. r 28 Saratoga 

Kelly Daniel, foreman, r 28 Broad 

KELLY DENNIS T. (J. Tavender & Co.) r 28 Henry 
^ Kelly E. Mise, r 824 Qeneeee 
'% Kelly James Mrs. r 62 Jay 

^ KELLY JEREMIAH M. (J. M. Kelly & Co.) r 86 Brinck- 
•S erhoff ave 

P KELLY J. M. & CO. stoves and tinware 86 Charlotte 
S Kelly Johny laborer, r 8 Hoyt 
«tj Kelly John, laborer, r 68 Park ave 
g» Kelly John T. carpenter, r 85 Taylor ave 
^ Kelly J. L 4 Arcade, r 16 Clark Place 
i, Kelly Mary, cook Baggs Hotel 
.a Kelly Martin, laborer, r 116 Jay 
S) Kelly Matthew P. carpenter, r 35 Taylor ave 
^ Kelly Michael, blacksmith, r 12 First 
*3 Kelly Michael C. janitor City Hall, r same 

1 Kelly Michael F: clerk 106 Genesee, r 58 Park ave 
g Kelly Miles P. agent, r 51 Park ave 

o Kelly Neal T. reed maker, r 12 Cottage 

« Kelly Patrick, mason, r 106 Seymour ave 

Is Kelly Patrick, laborer, r 265 Bleecker 

•? KELLY PATRICK E. publisher Utica Simday Tribune 
:g cor Broad and John, r 28 Plant 

•g Kelly Stephen, r 164 Steuben 
> Kelly Thomas (Kelly House) r Doerfield road 
*2 Kelly Thomas, tailor, r Northern Hotel 

2 Kelly Thomas B. Sunday Tribune office Broad street, r 30 
,2 Spring 

p Kelly William, laborer, r 22 Gold 

«g Kelly William F. shoemaker, r 71 Third 

5 Kelly William M. veterinary surgeon, r 167 Whitesboro 

g (Kelly see Kelley.) 

^ Kelsey A. P. carpenter, r 188 Court 

^ Kelsey Mrs. r 68 Spring 

Kemmy Thomas E. cigarmaker, r 67 South 
Kemp Charles, with Kemp Bros. 28 Bleecker 
Kemp F. N. (Kemp Bros.) r 86 Taylor ave 
Kemp Joseph C. (Kemp Bros.) r 86 Taylor ave 
KEMP BROS. (J. C, & F. N. Kemp), Domestic sewing ma- 
chines 28 Bleecker 
Kempfl Bartel, laborer, r 68 Erie 
Kendall L. O. bookkeeper, r Clinton House 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book- Binders and 







KENDRICK FRANK M. tobacconist and manfr. of cigars 

4 Bleecker, r 176 Stenben 

Kenealy Michael, baker, r 29 Steuben o 

Eenealy Robert J. carpenter, r 135 Howard ave ^ 

Kennedy Anna, domestic 187 John S» 

Kennedy John, sexton St. Patrick's Chnrch, r 4 Philip S 

Kennedy John, laborer, r 28 Canal n 

Kennedy Martin, r 140 Jay g 

Kennedy Owen, teamster, r Jefferson near South ^ 

Kennedy Susan D. teacher ladies' seminary, r same ^ 

Kennedy Thomas, laborer, r 188 Steuben g 

Kennedy Thomas S. laborer, r 172 Jay ^ 

(Kennedy see Canady) 2 

Kennerly Chas. weaver, r 210 Broad ^ ^ 

Kenney Annie, finisher, r 151 Jay * p- 

Kenney Edward, machinist, r 95 Columbia S 

Kenney Maggie, weaver, r 151 Jay •g^ 

Kenney Michael, machinist, r 6 Albany *^ 

Keony Gilbert A. beltmaker, r 68 Charlotte ^ 

Kennison Sarah, Home for the Homeless ^ 

Kent Charles E. mason, r 85 Dudley ^ 
Kent Edward, card stripper, r 97 Eagle 
Kent Eli, r 169 Seymour ave 
KENT JOSEPH H. meat market 71 Seymour ava r same | 

Kent Lizzie Mrs. dressmaker, r 63 Fayette g 

Keuyon Albert G. telegraph operator, r 43 Broad & 

Kenyon Edward, r 86 Cooper ^ 

Kenyon Ervin B. salesman 24 Broad, r in Whitesboro td 

Kenyon Richard, r 19 Cornelia g 

Keon Maggie, dressmaker, r 71 State M 

Keon John M. clerk 48 Hotel, r 76 Fayette g 

Keough David, spinner, r 29 Chenango ave »^ 

Keough George, engineer, r 29 Chenango ave ^ 

Keough Patrick, teamster, r 29 Chenango ave o 

Keough Thomas, engineer, r 29 Chenango ave P 

Keough William, laborer, r 71 Johnson g 

Keppel James, clerk 85 Genesee, r 5 Kirkland g 

Keppel Richard J. r 5 Kirkland |L 
Keppel Robert J. clerk J. B. Wells, Son & Co. r 5 Kirkland g 

Kerber Charles Sr. painter, r 831 Whitesboro q 

Kerber Charles Jr. cigar maker, r 381 Whitesboro p 

Kerber John, cabinet maker, r 831 Whitesbdro § 

Kern Andrew, factory operative, r Stark cor Chestnut • 

Kern John, wood turner 15 Charlotte, r 14 Bristol ^ 

Kern Peter, clerk, r 14 Bristol S 
Keman A. Miss, r 55 Elizabeth 

KERN AN FRANCIS HON. President Oneida County Bank, 
r 62 Elizabeth 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

KERN AN FRANCIS JR (R Wheeler, Son & Co.) r 50 Cor- 

KERN AN JOHN D. commissioner of railroads, r 58 Eliza- 

Kernan Joseph R with R Wheeler, Son & Co. r 62 Eliza- 

Keman Michael J. bookkeeper Savings Bank of Utica, r 55 
. KERNAN NICHOLAS E. (W. and N. E. Kernan), r 162 
•3 Park ave 

8 Kernan Rose, r 55 Elizabeth 
S Kernan T. P. removed to Frederick, Maryland 
ff Kernan W. J. lawver, r 62 Elizabeth 

•5 KERNAN WILLIAM (W. and N. E. Kernan), r 57 Elizabeth 
2 lawyers Devereux Block % 

.2 Kernell Ernst, laborer, r 14 Oak 
p Kerner Anthony, cartman, r 23 Warren 
.g Kerner Pius, mason, r 2 Canal 
d Kerr I. W. salesman, r 95 Fayette 
fg Kerrer Geo. r 53 Erie 
•| Kertell Philip, brakeman, r 17 Hope 
5 Kervin Peter, moulder, r 259 Bleecker 
I Kerwin Maggie, domestic 11 Rutger 
^ Kesler George, machinist, r 261 Whitesboro 
^ Kesler Herman, blacksmith, r 16 Faass ave 
J Kesler Reinhold, teacher, r 48 Varick 
M Kesler William, clerk, r 251 Whitesboro 
- Ketchum Andrew J. salesman 173 Genesee, r Clarendon 

Ketchum C. O. salesman 78 Genesee, r 70 Mary 

Ketter Carrie, tailoress, r Dudley near James 
b Ketter John, laborer, r Dudley near James 
^ Keyser Frank Sr. painter, r 60 Dudley 
J Keyrns W. Mra r 83 Hart 
g KIBBE H. W. artist penman, r 7 Hobart 
g Kibbe H. W. Mrs. dress and cloakmaker, r 7 Hobart 

Kieffer Joseph, clerk, r 115 South 

Kienle Louis, r 23 Bristol 

Kienzle Charles J. clerk, r 75 Varick 

KIENZLE JOHN, merchant tailor 72 Varick, r same. See 

f)age 48 
ing Conrad, plumber, r 20 Gold 
Kiesling Hannah, tailoress, r 46 Leah 
Kiesling John N. tailor, r 9 Breese 
Kiesling Katie, tailoress, r 46 Leah 
Kilborn Libbic, dressmaker, r 94 Blandina 
Kileen James, gardener, r 69 Brinckerhoff ave 
Kileen Mary Mrs. r 69 Brinckerhoff ave 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


call on ns for goodB they don't find at home. 

KILIAN H. C. at Directory office 8 Parker Block, r 14 

Eilian John J. laborer, r 17 Philip 

KILIAN JOSEPH, stove dealer and tinsmith 60 and 62 

Sonth, r 38 Lonisa. See page 56 

Kilian Joseph, r 33 Lonisa ^ 

Kilian Philip, sawyer, r 33 Louisa ? 

Kilian Richard, cigarmaker, r 17 Philip' g* 

Kilkenny Thomas, shoemaker, r 38 Second ^ 

Killcullen John, clerk Clinton House, r same ^ 

Killdnff Maggie, cook Baggs Hotel ^ 

KILLGOBE CHARLES, pharmacist 205 Genesee, r 341 same | 

Killgrew Patrick, laborer, r 164 Bleecker ^ 

Killner Henry, r 21 Leah S 

Kilts Lou Miss, dressmaker 14 Devereuz, r same 3. 

Kilts Tryphena B. Miss, dressmaker 14 Deverenx, r same & 

Kilts William, clerk 38 Fayette ^ 

Kipball Charles B. time keeper, r 58 Miller g. 

Kimball James, agent, r 69 Miller . g* 

Kimball Minnie, r 64 Neilson ««> 

Kimball Sarah, dressmaker, r 64 Neilson S* 

Kimball William H. r 75 Main » 

Kimmig Mathias, laborer, r 101 Canal ^ 
Kincaid Charles B. clerk 14 Genesee, r 201 Park ave 

Kincaid George, r 5 Lansing S 
KINOAID GEO. A. (French, Kincaid & Co.) r 38 Broad S 
KINCAID JAMES C. P. (French, Kincaid & Co.) r 67 Broad H 

King Adam, shoemaker, r 157 Columbia H 

King Ann Mrs. r 114 Catharine *^ 

King Charles, r 23 Henry * * 

King Eliza, cook Hotel Zublin § 

King Fennimore C. shoemaker, r 14 Post '^ 

King George W. cutter, r 22 Whitesboro ^ 

King H. M. clerk, r 42 Dudley g 

King John A. porter Ladies' Seminary ^ 

King Martha, cook Ladies' Seminary co 

King M. A. Mrs. r 16 Howard ave ? 

King Richard, salesman, r 23 Henry S 

King Robert E. shipping clerk, r Charlotte § 

King So^ia, Home for the Homeless qb 

King S. K wholesale butcher, r 42 Dudley 3 

KINGSLEY CHARLES C. clothing 110 Genesee, r 1 & 

Brinckerhoff ave 
Kingsley Charles, tailor, r 75 Varick 
KINGSLEY DANIEL, groceries 306 South, r same 
Kingsley Daniel Jr. tinsmith, r 213 Genesee 
Kingsley J. B. Mrs. r 91 Fayette 
Kingsley T. L Mrs. r 91 Fayette 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee Street. 



since it annexed Utica and Hion. 

Kingsley William, clerk, r 19 Neilson 

Kingsley Eugene, r 63 Fayette 

EingBley Wm. clerk, r 63 Fayette 

KINGSTON EDWARD S. (Reynolds Pat. Last Co. 47 k 
49 Jay) r 70 Seymour ave 

Kiniry Patrick, laborer, r 55 Dudley 

Kiniry W. teamster, 25^ Canal j 

Kinnane K J. laster, r 54 Catharine 

Einne Adam, sewing machine a^nt, r 86 Taylor ave 

Kinney Andrew B. r 66 Mohawk 

Kinney Elizabeth, widow, r 66 Mohawk 

Kinney John Mrs. widow, r 154 Elizabeth 
^ Kinney Margaret Mrs. r 66 Mohawk 
^ Kinney Michael, mason, r 94 Stenben 
•g Kinney Patrick, laborer, r 6 Hoyt 
H Kinney Patrick, laborer, r 13 M!ohawk 
i KINNEY THOMAS E. lawyer 179 Genesee, r 32 Rutger 
^ Kinney Timothy N. cigar and tobacco 112 Steuben, r same 
® Kinney William J. lawyer, r 66 Mohawk 
g Kinnine Lewis, saloon 128 Fayette, r same 

(Kinney see ^enoy) 

Kinsella Andrew, r 148 Mary 

Kinsella Patrick, r 90 Leah 
.9 Kinsella Thomas, laborer, r 148 Mary 

Kinsella Thomas, laborer, r 128 Webster ave 

Kinyon N. L Mrs. r 61 Columbia 

KINZINGER HENRY, butcher 89 Whitesboro, r 87 Whites- 
S boro 

^ Kinzingar Jacob, r 23 Meadow 
*3 Kirby John, laborer, r broad near city line 
-g Kirck Alice, r 152 South 

{ip Kirk James, cutter cor John and Main, r 61 Oneida 
J Kirkby Libbie, r 21 Court 

• Kirkland Alfred (Kirkland Brothers) r 161 Whitesboro 
H Kirkland Bros. (Alfred and Elmer^, cigar manfs. 82 Columbia 

Kirkland Edward, laborer, r 59 Mary 

Kirkland Elmer (Kirkland Brothers), r 161 Whitesboro 

Kirkland Mary Mrs. r 18 Tracy 

Kirkland Thomas, r 75 Cooper 

Kirkland William, painter, r James 

Kirkwood Alexander, teamster, r 58 Mohawk 

Kirkwook John, carpenter, r 24 Barnes 

Kirkwood William Henry, laborer, r 168 Schuyler 

Kirtland Charles E. jeweler 70 Genesee, r 86 West 

Kirtland Geo. D. bookkeeper, r 19 Charles 

Kissam Isabella C. r 165 Park ave 

Kittle Lonisa, r 22 Mary 

Kittle Jennie, r 22 Mary 

Westcott ^ Beussivig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



The handsomeBt Dry Goods and Carpets on earth 

Kitts Ella Mi86, r 47 Main 
Kitts Jane Miss, r 47 Main 
Kitts Martin, laborer, r 17 Leah 
Kitts Mary Mrs. widow, r 47 Main 

Kitzing Charles, tailor, r 11 South Hamilton & 

Kitzing Bobert, tailor, r Taylor cor Eagle g 

Kin Bill, laborer, r St. Joseph o 

Kivlen George J. grocer 306 Whitesboro, r 304 same W 

Kivlen James, r 122 Golnmbia M 

Kivlen Jnmcs, clerk at gas office 23 Whitesboro, r same ^ 

Klabbe Christian, r Hicks cor Chestnut ^ 
KLAGES FREDERICK W. insurance and steamboat agent § 

and physician, 129 Columbia, r same '^ 
Klages Frederick W. Jr. bookkeeper 47 John, r 56 Lansing ^ 

Klages H. A. insurance agent, r 129 Columbia ^ 

Kluber John, r 23 Parker g 

Klaus John, r 53 Stark ^ 

Kleeman Richard, carpenter, r 118 Mohawk cS 

KLEIN CHAS. A. 67 Bleecker, r in Deerfield O 

Klein C. H. clerk 193 Genesee, r 21 York S 

Klein Frank, painter, r 139 Kossuth ave S 

See page 57 r^ 

Klein George H. tailor, r 32 Huntington o 

Klein Lorenz, r Deerfield § 

Klein Lorenz, stove mounter, r 6 Bryan ^ 

Klein Martin, teamster, r 50 Yarick ^. 

Klein Martin J. barber, r 50 Varick i» 

Klein Peter, painter, r 119 Mohawk p 

Klein Philip, laborer, r 162 Kossuth ave | 

(Klein see Kline) ^ 

Kleinan R Wicbart, r 8 Cedar B. 

Kleindienst Alvin, r 51 Garden g* 

Kleindienst 0. L r 90 Schuyler ^ 

KlesB Charles R. r 98 Liberty §» 

Kless William, carpenter, r 98 Liberty ^ 

Kless William Jr. narness maker, r 98 Liberty »g^ 

Eleespies Alweina, r 80 Fayette g 

Kleespies Magdelena Mrs. r 9 Wiley * 
KLEESPIES JOSEPH, summer garden 80 Fayette, r same p 

Klick William, shoemaker, r 209 Columbia ^ 

Klinck E J. dentist 207 Genesee, r 7 Steuben ^ 

Kline Fred W. engineer, r 72 Schuyler g 

Klinefelt Joseph, r 128 Court "^ 
Kling Christopher, foreman 1 & 3 John, r 42 Blandina 
Kling Dow, lineman, r Clinton House 
Klingel John, cigarmaker, r 93 Leah 
Klingel Leonard, tailor, r 93 Leah 

•A^o. 88 Genesee Street, Ulica. 



and spring from Summer back 

Klingel L. Mrs. widow, r 98 Leah 

Klingel Wm. cigarmaker, r 93 Leah 

KLOCK BROTHERS (E. D. and H. H. Klock), miUinery 
and fancy goods 80 Genesee 

Klock Byron, bookkeeper 84 Genesee, 
. KLOCK EDWIN D. (Klock Bros.) SO Genesee, r 14 Spring 
' KLOCK HERBERT H. (Klock Bros. 80 Geneeee), r 52 

_ Klock Lucy, r 15 Seymour ave 
«g Klotz John, laborer, r 108 Erie 
p^ Klabe Herman H. shippingclerk, r 188 Blandina 
A Kleupfel Philip, saloon 93 Eagle, r same 
^ Klurabach Andrew Mrs. r 19 Schuyler 
'^^ Klumbach Englehart, laborer, r 5 Schuyler 
-§ Klumbach Wro. cigarmaker and saloon 14 Schuyler, r same 
•^ Klump Lewis C. teacher, r 282 South 
^ Klump Eliza Mrs. r 282 South 
^ Knabe Caroline, r 116 Schuyler 
^ Knabe Charles W. L scroll sawyer, r 116 Schuyler 
M Knabe Charles Jr. shoemaker, r 116 Schuyler 
^ Knapp A. W. cutter, r 54 Park ave 
g Knapp Cady, boarding house 60 Broadway 
•^ Knapp Eliza, r 60 Broadway 
S Knapp F. A. Mr& r 1 Spring 
2 Knapp Joseph, laborer, r 84 Park ave 
^ Knapp Josephine V. r 60 Broadway 

Knapp Nellie M. Mrs. r 44 Fayette 

Knapp William, teamster, r 219 Blandina 

Knauss Charles, laborer, r 23 Schuyler 

Knanss Fred, tobacconist, r 23 Schuyler 

Knauss Jacob, tobacconist, r 28 Schuyler 
€ Knauss John, tobacconist, r 23 Schuyler 
S Knefley George, harnessniaker 71 Bleecker, r 142 Elm 
o Kneller Benjamin, barber Mechanics Hall, r 41 Saratoga 
g Kneller Wendelin, shoemaker 85 Bleecker, r 19 Third 
S Knickerbocker Cornelius J. r 90 Howard ave 

• KNICKERBOCKER H. E. journalist Herald, r 1 Henry 
§ Kniffen O. H. com. traveler 48 Hotel 

J Knight Anna Miss, r 19 Gold 

* Knight Thomas, laborer, r 19 Gold 
S Knittle Bernard, r 18 Meadow 

£ Knittle Frank F. silversmith, r 13 Meadow * 
Knobloch Joseph, carpenter, r 52 Stark 
Knobloch John, r 65 Stark 
Knorr George, brewer, r 93 Third 
Knott Joseph, laborer, r 297 Mohawk 
KNOWLSON JOHN B. Arcade drug store 153 Genesee, r 
49 Catharine. See page opp. name 

W. n. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquor s^ 


6 Arcade Building, 153 G-enesee Street, 


Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, &c. 


PhTslciuiB' PreacrlptioDB Carefully (Jompoaoded. 

Shingles, Lath, Hemlock, 




May 16th, Fires were needed, Overcoati eomfartable. 

Enowlsoa T. 0. B. Mrs. r 49 Oatharine 
Enowlson Richard C. dru^ clerk, r 49 Catharine 
Enox Ada, r 43 Court 

ENOX R. J. lumber dealer Pine street, r 85 State See 
adv't preceding page 
. Enox William B. dentist, r 85 State 

00 Enuth Casper, mason, r 62 Garden 

S Enuth George, plumber, r 39 Saratoga 

^ Enuth Rosa, weaver, r 62 Garden 

^ En nth Tressie, weaver, r 62 Garden 

^ Enutt John, machinist, r 9 Bryan 

^ Enutty Peter, carpenter, r 89 Brinckerhofi ave 

g Eobarla Tobias, carpenter, r 63 Garden 

3 Eoehl Charles, musician, r 8 First 

J^ Eoehl Eugene, tailor, r 90 Chenango ave 

® Eoehl Jacob, musician, r 92 Chenango ave 

1 EOEHL JAMES, musician, Carton Block, r 20 First. See 
g advt page 37 

p Eoehlein Andrew, cutter, r Deerfield 

^ Eoehlein George F. blacksmith, r Deerfield road 

"j^ Eoehler Frederick E. barber 76 Washington, r 17 Philip 

;a Eoehler F. A. barber, r 17 Philip 

*3 Eoehler Henry, carp'et weaver, r 85 Whitesboro 

f^ (Eoehler see Kohler) 

S Eoelbel Frederick, spinner, r 13 Philip 

^ Eoelbel Otto, nickel plater, r 13 Philip 

•^ Eoenig Charles, porter, r in Deerfield 

^ Eoerner Rudolph, r 92 Columbia 

.3 Eohler Christian, lumber salesman, r 86 Taylor ave 

•g Eohler Fred W. clerk, r 91 Varick 

^ Eohler Frederick, saloon 124 Fayette, r same 

I EOHLER JOHN, dry goods Varick cor Cooper, r 91 Varick 

^ (Eohler see Eoehler) 

'1 Eohn Abraham, pedler, r Sterling Row 

S» Eolmus Jacob, cabinet maker, r 7 Philip 

^ Eommer George, clerk 112 Genesee, r 53 Brinckerhoff ave 

^ Eommer William, laborer, r 8 Herkimer 

^ EONEEE L W. wigs and hair work 94 Geneeee, r same 

to See advt. page 21 

Eoon Nicholas, engineer, r 84 Whitesboro 

Eopp Charles, cigarmaker, r 10 Parker 

Eopp Christian, r 31 Green 

Eopp Jacob, mason, r 31 Green 

Eopp John, laborer, r 31 Green 

Eornmyer Libbie, r 4 Lansing 

Eoeelofsky Charles, pedler, r i 20 Liberty 

Eraughton Catharine, widow, r Milgate near Broad 

Erantz Amelia, r 35 Court 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co.^ Book-Binders and 



- ■ I ■ ■ ■ I ' I ■ 

Dan Bioe was here, but no Summer. 


Eratzenbargb George H. clerk, r 166 Elizabeth 
Xratzenbargh Jacob, laborer, r 13 Oak 
Kratzenborgh John H. 11 Oak 
Kreber Gabriel, reedmaker, r 17 Bristol 
Krebfler Matthew, laborer, r Malberry cor Chenango ave 
Ereibel Catharine Mrs. r 7 Floyd 
Kreibel George, laborer, r 7 Floyd 
Erevitz Loaie, operative, r 84 Canal 
Erick Mary, domestic 6*6 West 
Erohn Abram, road agent, r 115 Liberty 
Erohn Sarah Mrs. r 116 Liberty 
Erohn Solomon, pedler, r 1U3 Water 
Erohnsmith Mary, domestic 28 Devereux 
Eronenberger John, laborer, r 7 Lock 
Ernth Henry, laborer, r 31 Hope 

ERDBECK JOHN, horse shoer 10 Cornelia, r 35 Parker 
Kineser Amelia, r 119 Varick 

ERuG GEORGE A. physician and surgeon, r cor Albany _ 

and Bleecker Z 

Erng Kate B. domestic 13 Seymoar ave ^ 

Einger Carl, shoemaker, r 22 Seymour ave ^ 

Eaba Henry, r 47 Warren §. 

Eubald Emil, carpenter, r 102 Canal ^ 

Euckle Fred, r 239 South ^ 

Eackmiller George, printer, r 30 Dadley § 

Euckmiller John, tailor, r 30 Dudley o 

Euckmiller Joseph, painter, r 30 Dudley P 

Kucknoiller Wm. r 80 Dudley W 

Euehling Wm. bookbinder, r 13 Fay ^ 

Kueller Max, operative, r 69 Warren ^ 

Euemeron 0. Mra r 47 Brinckerhoff ave ? 

Euhnle Frank, salesman, r 13 Gold i»* 

Knhn Charles, bricklayer, r 178 Kossuth ave fSi 

Euhn John, weaver, r 110 Schuyler g 

Kuhn Peter, loom repairer, r 135 Schuyler g^ 

Euhn Theresa, tailoress, r 162 Lansing a» 

Knhm Joseph, moulder, r 27 Barnes ** 

Kulow William, carpet weaver, r 174 Water ? 

Knnkel Geo. Martin, carpenter, r 137 Miller S 

Ennkel John, tailor, 131 Genesee, r 139 Miller f 

Knnkel Joseph, tailor, r 137 Miller a^ 

Kunkel Martin E. tailor, r 137 Miller ^ 

Kunkeley E. G. Mrs. r 69 Rutger 

Knolt Joseph, grocer 6 Garden, r 117 Yarick 

LABERT WILLIAM, shoemaker, r 32 Louisa 
Labodee Emily, r 132 Blandina 
Lacher Cecelia, r 15 Fay 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee 


Dry Goods, Carpets^ Cloaks, Millinery, Upholstering Goodi, 

Lacher Lewis, moulder, r 15 Fa; 
'Lacher Victor, clerk, r 15 Fay 
Lackenby John, painter, r 40 Third 
Lackey James, laborer, r 228 Bleecker 
Lackey John, brakeman, r 228 Bleecker 
Lackey Mary £. r 228 Bleecker 
Lacey Lawrence, laborer, r 153 Webster ave 
Lacey Mary, domestic 65 Broad 
Lacier Ann, r 69 Lansing 
-e LaOross Joseph, clerk, r T^^orthern Hotel 
^ Ladd Lavina D. r 5 York 
^ Ladd Olney, r 5 York 
*^ Laenger Albert, cigarmaker, r 73 Erie 
§ Laenger Lonis, cigarmaker, r 78 Erie 
g Laenger Peter Jr. cigarmaker, r 73 Erie 
P Laenger Peter Sr. cabinet maker, r 73 Erie 
jj Laepolt Henry, laborer, r 84 Parker 
^.Lafferty William, r 17 Spring 
^ Lafferty William, engineer, r 265 Bleecker 
jf Laimbeer N. M. Mrs. r 95 Charlotte 

g LAIRD F. F. physician and surgeon 16 Gardner block, r 90 
^ Sonth 

1| Laird Sarah A. Mrs. r 90 Sonth 
B Laird Morris S. gone to California 
^ Lake Sarah M. widow, r 7 Gates 
S Lalor John H grocer Broad cor Kossuth ave, r 160 Jay 
d Lally Margaret, r 57 Elizabeth 
5 Lally Michael, laborer, r 128 Jay 
g Lamb Joseph H. Rev. r 42 Faxton 
^ Lambert Catharine Mrs. r 26 Bristol 
g Lambert Christian, tailor, r 7 Wiley 
«H Lambert Ellen, weaver, r 210 Broad 
^^ Lambert Elizabeth, r 26 Bristol 
d Lambert John, gardener, r 23 Francis 
^ Lambert Patrick, laborer, r 26 Bristol 

Lambertns Fred, brewer, r 157 Schuyler 
^ Lammar Sophia, r 105 IJleecker 
rt Lamphere Edward, weaver, r 210 Broad 
8 Lamphere Lorenzo D. laborer, r 18 William 
g Lamphere Reuben, teamster, r Water near Division 

Lancaster George, mason, r 83 State 

Lancaster Harry, mason^ r 247 Whitesboro 

Lancaster Henry, carpenter, r 96 Washington 

Lancaster Lucy, domestic Trinity Rectory 

Landers James J. stove mounter, r 193 Blandina 

Landers John, wagon maker, r 2 Morris 

Landers Wm. wagonmaker, r 2 Morris 

Landers William H. tinsmith, r 2 Morris 

Fred A. Cassldy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


tQiawlfl, Fans and Enr-Lined Oloves^ Blankets and Mosqnito Het, 

Landry Charlee, clerk, r 346 Whitesboro 

Landry Charles H. shoemaker, r 346 Whitesboro 

Landry Eli, shoemaker, r 156 Colombia 

Landry Valere, shoemaker, r 47 Neilson 8? 

Lane Alfred D. tinsmith, r 18^ Hnntington ^ 

Lane C. H. florist Miller cor Soath, r 85 South 9! 

Lane Geo. A. foreman, r 32 Tracy ^ 

Lane Henry, r 12 Uantineton | 

Lane Henry, sexton Trinity Chnrch, r 25 First »g 

Lane Jennie Mra r 122 Hicks 2 

Lane Bebecca, domestic 808 Genesee g 

Lane Robert T. printer, r 13 Huntington p» 

Lane Bollin, r 178 Bleecker 

Lane Samuel Y. r 85 South 

Lane Sarah Miss, r 98 Spring 

Lane Walter W. musician, r 56 Steuben 

Lane Walter J. printer 167 Genesee, r 61 Leah 

Lane William, teamster, r 281 Columbia 

Lang John, stonecutter, r 7 Philip 

Lang George, fireman, r 86 Broad 

Lange Chaa H. shoemaker, r 54 Dudley 

Lange Herman, school teacher, r 86 Fay 

Lange John G. shoemaker, r 67 Dudley 

Lanfi^don Arietta, r 88 Cornelia 

Langdon Belle, r 209 Genesee 

Langdon Phebe, r 83 Cornelia 

Langtry Charles, mason, r Jefferson near Albany 

Langtry Thomas, mason, r Jefferson near Albany 

Langworthy Carrie, music teacher, r 16 Grant 

Langworthy John M. Rev. r 16 Grant 

Langworthy Minnie, teacher, r 16 Grant 

Langworthy Wm. J. taxidermist, r 16 Grant 

Lanigan Patrick, r 156 Catharine 

Lannon Alice, r 20 Whitesboro 

Lanz Anthony, shoemaker, r 161 Mohawk 

Lanz Charles ll foreman at Rockwell's, r 31 Elm 

Lanz John, shoemaker, r 116 £afi:le 

Lanz John, mason, r 167 Mohawk 

Lanz Joseph, laborer, 1 115 Lansing 

Lanz Joseph, meat market 114 Eagle, r same 

Lanz Matthew A. laborer, r 115 Lansing 

Lanz R.Mr& r 115 Lansing 

LaPangh Daniel F. cultivator points, r 120 Blandina 

LaPaugh Louis, r 107 Third 

Larabee Melinda, r 67 Court 

Larkin Owen, r 50 Cooper 

Larkin James, watchman, r 13 St Vincent 

Larkin Michael, salesman 3 Pine, r 50 Cooper 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee St. 




Larkin Patrick, machinist, r 60 Cooper 
Latham Elizabeth, r 67 Court 
Latham John, policeman, r 86 Charlotte 
Latham Susan, nurse, r 90 West ' 
Lathrop Henry, r 82 Neilson 
Lathrop Mary, r 121 John 
Latimer Nellie E. r 12 Steuben 
Latimer Robert Mrs. r 12 Steuben 
Latimer William E. (Lord & Latimer), r 58^ Whitesboro 
Latimer William F. brakeman, r 6 Washington 
Latimer Wm. H. laborer, r 18 First 
^ Latimer Wm. !Q. blacksmith 61 Jay, r 141 Bleecker 
g« Latimore Christopher, r 68 Seymour ave 
^ Latimore Edward, carpenter, r 83 Park ave 
g LATIMORE FRANK H. manager Household Art Rooms, 
§ r 70 Broadway 

fl Latimore John, tolesman, r 70 Broadway 
^ Latimore T. C. Mrs. r 68 Seymour ave 
S Latour Jennie, r 7 Hamilton 
'^ Latour W. H. r 43 Washington 
^ Latour William, carriage trimmer, r 7 Hamilton 
-2 Latus Henry, teamster, r 41 Morris 
^ Latus Mary, dressmaker, r 41 Morris * 
*S Laun Henry, laborer, r 27 Erie 
^ Law Hannah Mrs. seamstress, r 5 BrinckerhofiE ave 
^ Law John, photographer, r 173 Schuyler 
^ Law Mary E. r 6 Brinckerhofiave 
iS Lawlor Catherine Mrs. r 196 Court 

^ Lawlor Thomas, loom fixer, r 195 Court 
^ Lawrence A. K Mrs. r 73 Cooper 
^ Lawrence Emma, r 61 Broadway 
Lawrence Eliza Mr& r 23 Elizabeth 

LAWRENCE GEORGE, Lawrence House 96 Washington 
jf LAWRENCE LEWIS (L Lawrence*; Son), r 5 Rotger 
•I LAWRENCE LEWIS H.(L. Lawrence & Son,)rlRut^r 
^ LAWRENCE L. & SON (Lewis and Lewis H. Lawrence), 
191 Genesee 
Lawrence Lucy, r 18 Eagle 
Lawrence Mary Miss, r 87 Mary 

LAWRENCE S. R (secretary and general manager of the 
U. S. and Foreign Advertising and Collection Ca, 63 
Arcade, r same 
Lawrence Samuel, pedler, r 24 Elizabeth 
Lawrence Simon, pedler, r 97 Water 
Lawrence William B. warehouseman, r 87 Mary 
Lawson Edward, shipping clerk 20 Broad, r 76 Elm 
Lawson James, operative, r 22 Hart' 
Lawson Phoebe J. Mrs. r 22 Hart 

Wescott Sf Reusswigy Fine Custom TailoTS, 



Lawson Thomas, laborer, r 10 Wiley 

Lawson William, tinsmith, r 22 Hart 

Lazarns Isaac, pedler, r 42 Miller 

Lea Emma, confectionery Charlotte cor Deverenx, r same 

Leach Albert, stove mounter, r 116 Seymoar ave 

LEACH ALMON, jeweler and optician 7 Arcade, Bleeckor, 

r 20 Miller 
Leach F. Lillian, teacher, r 20 Miller 
Leach Eliza, r 9 Hopper 
Leach Ida Mrs. r 84 Colambia 
LEAHY JAMES F. steam laundry 59 John, r 34 First. See 

adv't pafire 89 ^ 

Leak James, potter, r 16 Parker o 

Leary Dennis, laborer, r 150 Mary £ 

Leary Johanna, r 18 Eagle ^ 

Leary John, laborer, r 13 Hubbell S 

Leary John F. moulder, r 150 Mary ^ W 

Leary John K. laborer, r 150 Mary *< 

Leary Hannah, domestic 289 Genesee U 

Leary J&Iary Mrs. r 133 Mary ^ 

Leaiy Michael, conductor, r 54 Hohawk 
Leary Timothv F. laborer, r 8 Gates 
Leavens A. l£ Mrs. r 57 Broad 
Leavens L. Josie Miss, r 57 Broad 5 

Leavy Maggie, r 60 Fayette ^ 

Lebiolette John, sugar maker, r 93 Lansing & 

Leddie Patrick, laborer, r 209 Sevmour ave *i 

Ledwell James, foreman, r 58 Schuyler ^ 

Lee Adrian, wholesale butcher, r 138 Lansing & 

Lee Alzada, r 40 Steuben % W 

Lee Anna, chambermaid Ladies* Seminary ^ 

Lee Arthur H. dentist 196 Genesee, r 7 Clark Place 
Lee Erastns, farmer, r 19 Warren 
Lee Charles H. shipping clerk, r 99 Lansing ^ 

Lee Henrietta, chambermaid Ladies' Seminary ^ 

Lee James, laborer, r 147 Lansing g 

Lee James, meat market 120 Pane ave, r 48 Blandina j^ 

Lee John, laborer, r 147 Lansing 
LEE JOHN W. Press office, r 40 Washington 
Lee Joseph, laborer, r 147 Lansing 
Lee Mary Mrs., r 74 Cornelia 
Lee Wm. D. photographer, r 47 Eagle 
Lee W. M. com. traveller 14 Genesee 
{Lee see Lea) 

Le Febvre B. F. bookkeeper, r 32 Plant 
Leefeldt Geo. engraver 3 Hart, r same 
Leefeldt Henry C. salesman, r 25 William 
Leefeldt Jacoo F. builder Chenango ave. r 8 Hart 

JVb. 88 Genesee Street , Utica. 


CABPET8, will occaaionally drop up this way, 

Lefort James, mason, r 48 Cottage 
g Lehmann Mary, r 19 Parker 
o LEHMANN MAX, dealer in wines, liquors and cigare 89 

Catharine, r same 
^ Lehner John, teamster, r 19 Albany 
p4 Lenhardt Jacob, baker, r 95 and 97 Varick 
^ Lehrscholl Francis, dyer, r 103 Schuyler 
eg Leibel John, box maker, r 174 Fayette 
g Leibhaber Anna Mrs. r 21 South Hamilton 
'^ Leitenmayer Catharine Mra r 73 Cooper 
^ Leland L. r Deerfleld 
S Lender John, mason, r 105 Steuben 
S Lendorf Julins, carpenter, r 4 Hickory 
I Lenahan Chas. J. salesman Glenn's, r 32^ Hart * 

a> Lennahan Lizzie, r 84 South 
.g Lennahan Mary, r 84 South 
'^ Lennebacker Thornas Mrs. r 7 Clark Place 

Lennebacker Thomas Jr. r 12 Steuben Park 
^ Lennon Annie, laundress, r 229 Steuben 

1 Lennon James, mason, r 96 Seymour ave 
® Lennon John, clerk, r 96 Seymour ave 

pS Lennon Patrick, grocer 96 Seymour ave, r same 
^ Lenggenhager F. apothecary 58 South, r same 
pq Lent Charles, fireman, r 5 Wiley 

a^ Lent Edward M. clerk, r 93 Cooper 
Lent Levi, hotel Fayette cor Fay, r same 
1 LENT WILLIAM (Dunn & Lent\ r 44 Main 
S Lentz Frank, carpenter, r 68 Broaa 
M LEO CHARLES n, (Charles G. Leo & Co.) r 38 Court 
^ LEO CHARLES G. & CO. (Charles G. Leo and H. A. 
^ Champlin) dry goods and carpets 187 Genesee 

o Leo Louis F. salesman 58 Franklin Square, r 272 Whitesboro 
^ Leonard Albert D. mason, r 191 Third 
H Leonard Bridget, widow, r 52 Mohawk 
§ Leonard Charles, moulder, r 14 Chenango ave 

Leonard Frank B. r 4 Piatt 

Leonard Fred. N. Mrs. r 14 Chenango ave 
^ Leonard George P. clerk, r 98 Columbia 
^ Leonard James, r 54 Tracy 

*g Leonard James, armorer State armory, r 175 Blandina 
^ Leonard James Jr. machinist, r 54 Tracy 
*§« Leonard Jerry, laborer, r 62 Columbia 
g^ Leonard James F. cigarmaker, r 54 Tracy 
o Leonard Maggie, r 54 Tracy 
€ Leonard Nicholas, laborer, r 142 Elm 
g, Leonard Patrick, laborer, r 251 Bleecker 
^ Leonard Richard, engineer, r rear 62 Columbia 

o Leonard Richard, laborer, r52 Mohawk 

^ . 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 


— jnrt as they used to go out fiBhing for a day's recreation,— 

Lepolt George, bartender, r 14 Genesee 
Larch John, laborer, r 9 Lock 

LeROY, SHATTUCK & HEAD (T. V. LeRoy, L BL Shat- 
tuck and G. W. Head), malleable iron works 105 Broad. S^ 
See advt. pa^e 32 S 

LeRoy H. iron founder, r 47 Second * 

LeRoy Simon P. machinist, r 47 Second S* 

LeROY T. V. (LeRoy, Shattuck & Head) r 118 Park ave o^ 
Leesin^r Frank, shoemaker, r 14 Philip ^ 

Lester Emma Mrs. dressmaker, r 63 Fayette 
Lester W. D. r 136 State 


Lester Wm. tailor, r 24 Cornelia g 

Lenthauser John, carpenter, r 90. Canal 5; 

Leothauser Joseph, mason, r 90 Canal S^ 

Lenthanser Joseph Jr. clerk, r 90 Canal & 

Levi David, pedler, r 11 Post 2. 

Levi Nathan, pedler, r 120 Liberty ^ 

Lewis AlbertQB, r 73 Blandina i 

Lewis Ann, domestic 28 Seneca ^ 

Lewis Benjamin F. foreman Morning Herald^ r 78 Dadloy ^ 

Lewis Benjamin M. printer, r 73 Dndley ^• 
Lewis Charles, engineer D. L. & W. RR r 1 Seneca 
Lewis Cora, r 21 Conrt 

Lewis David, spring bed maker, r 61 BrinckerhoflF ave ^ 

Lewis David R r 143 Jolm J 

Lewis David, r 107 John ^ 

Lewis David M. gardener, r 17 Union g 

Lewis^Dorothv Mra r 72 Jay o* 

Lewis'Edward, lawyer 36 Arcade, r 18 Chatham ^ 

Lewis Estella T. r 28 Whitesboro g 

Lewis K Mrs. dress and cloakmaker, r 61 Columbia ^ 

Lewis Evans, carpenter, r 13 Stenben S" 

Lewis George D. printer, r 40 Elizabeth S 

Lewis G. H. salesman 110 Genesee, r 52 Seymour ave e^ 

Lewis George W. carpenter, r 13 Stenben g* 

Lewis Henry Mrs. r 44 Miller ^ 

Lewis JeflE J. r 69 Lansing 8- 

Lewis Jennie, r 33 Spring g 

Lewis Jennie, dressmaker, r 7 Hotel o 

Lewis John F. carriage trimmer, r 91 Elizabeth ^ 

Lewis John, laborer, r 33 Spring W 

Lewis John E shipping clerK, r 169 Seymour ave ^ 

Lewis John R laborer, r 76 Broadway ^ 

Lewis John F. carpenter, r 26 Meadow g 

Lewis John R. clerk, r 75 Broadway \^ 
Lewis LaFayette, r 10 Henry 
Lewis Lewis, carpenter, r 7 Hotel 
Lewis Libbie, cook Baggs Hotel 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



. Lewis Lizzie J. clerk, r 44 Miller 

^ Lewis Martin A. Am. £x. 142 Genesee, r 44 Lansing 

fQ Lewis Martin G. carpenter, r 118 Blandina 

p Lewis Mary, r 21 Elm 

Lewis Mary Ann, r 66 Schuyler 

p Lewis Keese, wagon maker, r Deerfield road 

jS Lewis Sarah, widow, r 158 Miller 

>^ Lewis Thomas, stonecutter, r 33 Spring 

fl Lewis Thomas D. r 90 State 

p Lewis William, r 44 Miller 

•ft Lewis William D. Mrs. r 21 Hotel 

t^ Lewis W. E. printer Herald 

2 Lewis W. H. Herald oflSce, r 44 Miller 

g LEWIS WM. E (Everett & Lewis), assistant district attor- 

f: ney 81 Genesee, r Clarendon 

^ Lewis Wm. S. r 6 Lansing 

'3 (Lewis see Louis) 

^ Leyden James, superintendent, r 54 Saratoga 

^ Leyden Martin, laoorer, r 50 Schuyler 

*H Leyne Adelaide C. milliner 202 Court, r same 

g Leyne John R upholsterer, r 202 Court 

§ LICHT^NBERG JOHN P. pastor Lutheran Zion Church, 

g r 142 Columbia 

H Lienhardt John, cook Dudley House, r 126 Whitesburo 

O Liebhaber A. r 31 Gold 

^ Liebing Ernst, cabinet maker, r 17 Faass ave 

pk. Light Olin, painter, r 85 Elm 
^ Light William B. printer, r 15 State 
"^ Lightbown John, dresser, r 164 Court 
^ Lighthall John, laborer, r 85 Jay 
'g Lighthall William, hostler, r 177 Columbia 
'2 Lighten Fred. C. r 24 Tracy 

•g LIGHTON GEORGE H. (Jones & Lighten), r 24 Tracy 
^ Lighton William, r 24 Tracy 
q Lillie John M. clerk Dudley House, r 26 Edward 
cQ Lilly James, laborer, r towpath near Clark's bridge 
g Lilly John, laborer, r 24 Third 
;2 Lilly John H. r towpath near Clark's bridge 
, 1^ Lilly Marviss, Faxton Home 
H^ Lilly Peter, r towpath near Clark's bridge 
O Li men L book binder, r 57 Fayette 
.^ Licck Elizabeth Mrs. r 157 Whitesburo 
{:{ Linck Alexander A. American expressman, r 157 Whitesbaro 
4§ Linck George, carpenter, r 106 Stark 
;g Linckie Chas. K clerk h2 Frankh'n Sqr. r 82 Columbia 
■Q) Linckie John, r 7 Gold 
^ Lincoln Elizabeth, nurse, r 72 Cooper 

Lincoln George S. trunkmaker, r Commercial Hotel 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 


-^ «. O 

Lincoln Jarvia C. r 5 York c^ 

Lincoln Moses, pedler, r 79 Whitesboro O 

Lincoln Nellie Mrs. dressmaker, r 5 York ^ 

Lincoln Oliver, operative, r 25 Erie 2 

Lindenfeld Andrew H. Rev. pastor St Peter's church Deer- ^ 
field 5^ 

Lindsay Elizabeth, attendant Orphan Asjlum O 

Lindsay Fred, waiter Baggs Hotel hm 

LINDSLEY SMITH M., P. O. address Utica, N. Y 2 

Lindsley William, r 76 Washington ^ 
Lindsman Casper, baggagemaster, r Deerfield b 

Linebeck F. laoorer, r 7 Gates ® 

Linebeck Martin, spinner, r Centre cor Bacon ^ 

Lines E. A. Miss, r 94 Varick ® 

Linehan John, saloon 46 Mohawk, reame o 

Link Tioaise, weaker, r 5 Davis ave C 

Link Peter, laborer, r 83 Whitesboro Q, 

Linkie William, shoemaker, rill Stenben Qo 
Linstrom Frank, laborer, r Hatfield farm Broad near city line i§ 

Lions L. tailor 21 Catharine, r 18 Charlotte *tf 

Lippin Reuben R Mr& nnrse and laundry, r 55 Charlotte ^ 

Lipstein Joseph, pedler, r 10 Hoyt ^ 

Lister Elijah, carpenter, r 100 Howard ave b* 
Little Thomas, farmer, r Deerfield road 

Littlejohn M. M. Mrs. matron St. Luke's Hospital ^ 

Litzkendorf Charles, carpenter, r 156 Elizabeth 5 

Litzkendorf Charles F. G. r 156 Elizabeth ^ 

Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Co. 187 Genesee o 

Lloyd Catharine, widow, r 43 Blandina O 

Lloyd Charles, clerk, r 9 Uhion B 

Lloyd Charles, janitor Herald building, r 7 Post 6 

Lloyd Edward, loom fixer, r 153 Schuyler g 

Lloyd John, r Broad near city line 5. 

Lloyd Owen, carpenter, r 139 John S" 
Lloyd R. J. butcher, r 43 Blandina 

Lloyd Thomas, salesman, r 73 Cornelia W 

Lochner Albert, cutter 68 Genesee, r William cor Hart o. 

Lochner Annie D. Mrs. r William cor Hart ? 

Lochner G. F. Jr. r William cor Hart ^ 

Lochore Nellie, domestic 70 Broadway ^ 

Lock George, fireman, r 20 Whitesboro P 

LOCKART ROBERT (Stevens & Lockart), r 35 Broad go 

Lockart William J. com. traveler, r 62 South » 

Locke F. C. r 3 Gardner Block g, 

Lockwood Albert L. clerk, 'r 18 Plant g 

Lockwood Roxanna P. Mrs. r 18 Plant ^ 

Loesch Leonard, shoemaker, r 75 Garden g 

Loewenberg A. tailor, r Breese | 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee, g 


if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Loft Jacobs teamster, r 101 Varick 

LoftaB Kittie, r 8 Hobart 

Loftns Peter J. brakeman, r 36 Jay 
qT LoftuB Patrick H. r 64 Jay 
"3 Loftns Thomas, carpenter, r 64 Jay 
g Logan David, monlder, r 17 Francis 
^ Logan Fanny, r 183 Seymour ave 
9 Logan John Mr& r 164 Lansing 
Sf Logan Thomas J. cigarmaker, r 164 Lansing 
,^ Lohmeyer Frederick Bev. pastor Evangelic association, r 24 
CO Garden 

q Lohrer Lncy Mrs. r 55 Erie 
^ Lojevoski Arnold, bartender, r 29 Catharine 

2 Lombard James, teacher ^80 Oenesee, r same 
*^ Lombard Louis, musician, r Clarendon 

1^ Lombard Rosabella, r 82 Blandina 

g (Lombard see Lumbard) 
Lombert Frank, shoemaker, r 17 Erie 
§ London and Lancashire Fire Ins. Co. (Hoyt & Butler), 9S 
iQ Genesee 

.g LONG CHARLES A. notary public, proprietor Grand Oen- 
J; tral Hotel 

3 LONG DAVID F. bookkeeper Grand Central Hotel, r same 
^ Long Edson. clerk, r 81 Second 

^ Long Eliza, widow, r 6 McVean 

1^ Long Elizabeth, r 81 Second 

^ Long James A. bartender Grand Central Hotel 

^ Long James J. r Johnson Park 

g Long Jennie, r 6 McVean 

;H Long Michael, laborer, r Kossuth ave near Eagle 

^ Long 8. Agnes, saleslady Buckley & Co. r 98 Mary 

•8 Long Sarah, widow, r 93 Mary 

§ Long Theresa, weaver, r 126 Court 

Cb Long William A. machinist, r 98 Mary 

^ Long W. W. Jr. clerk Grand Central Hotiel 

-t LONG W. W. manager Grand Central Hotel, r same 

^ Longley Annie E. school teacher, r 95 Lansing * 

^ Longley K F. Mrs. r 95 Lansing 

'** Longley William, cartman, r 110 Catharine 

.Q Longley Wm. printer, r 95 Lansing 

(Q Loomis DeloB, pedler, r 174 Seymour ave 

9 Loomis Geo. P. carpenter, r 189 Miller 

g Lord Avery N. soda water manufacturer 66 Broad, r same 

*B Lord Flora, r 11 Broadway 

3 Lord Geo. E. (Lord & Latimer), r 115 Court 

f^ Lord H. Elenore, bookkeeper 9 Liberty, r 11 Broadway 

Lord R. A. Mrs. r 11 Broadway 

Lord William A. wood yard 200 Bleecker, r same 

Fred A* Cassidy, successor to J. B* DouglasSf 


call on U8 for goodslthejr don't tind\at home. 


LORD WARNER B. (Lord & Co.) Dep. Grand Rep. of the <^ 
Egyptian Mflisonic Rite of Memphis, 95*, U. S. Sov. G. ^ 
MT General of the Oriental Rite of Mizraim, proprietor ^ 
of Lord's genuine patent rocking chair 31 Genesee, r 27 <b 
Whitesboro g; 

Lord k Latimer, (Geo. R Lord and Wm. E. Latimer), infre. of ^ 
patent rockers and parlor fnrnitare 38 Canal and 9 o* 
Liberty g 

Lorenz Andrew, laborer, r 19 Hicks ci^ 

Lorenz Andrew Jr. r 19 Hicks 9J 

Losee Henry J. clerk, r 76 Broadway On 

Loueks Arthnr, painter, r 106 Steaben § 

Loucks Robert N. ins. agent, r 106 Steaben 









in Daniel, cigar infr. 38 Miller, r same Pi 

in Daniel Jr. telephone exchange, r 38 Miller . Cn 

in David, cigar maker, r 38 Miller S' 

in Edmund, r 109 State 2. 

in Edward, agent, r Hotel Zublin ^, 

In E. M. music teacher, r 109 State 5 

in James, blacksmith, r 356 Whitesboro g; 

in Julia, widow, r Deerfield road Cb 

LOUIS JOHN, cutler 22 Liberty, r 30 Cottage Cq 

Louis Joseph Mrs. r 39 Elm g^ 

(Louis see Lewis) ci^ 

Lonnsbarry Orrilla, r Genesee road • 

Love John Mrs. St. Luke's Hospital . 

Lovelind Napoleon, cigarmaker, r 248 Whitesboro g* 

Lovell Mfg. Co. limited, 54 Bleecker room 6 o 

Lovell Joseph, hostler Mansion House ^ 

Lovett Charles F. clerk, r 20 Louisa ^ 

Lovett John, carpenter, r 20 Louisa ^ 

Lovett Peter, carpenter, r 20 Louisa 9f 

Low M. R Mrs. r 12 West q 

Lowden Jennie, clerk 132 Genesee, r 71 Columbia P 

Lowden John T, clerk Buckley & Co. 81 and 83 Genesee 03 

Lowell E.M. music teacher and news agent, r 56 Broadway ^^ 

Lowery Ann Mrs. r 4 Pine § 
Lowery Brothers (James L. and Joseph S. Lowery,) cotton Q, 

commission merchants 20 Main 03 

Lowery Florence, weaver, r 60 Spring ^ 

Lowery Frank S. clerk U. & B. R RR office, r 37 Tracy Q 
LOWERY GEORGE M. (S. S. Lowery & Son) r 338* Gen- g 

esee g 

Lowery James L. (Lowery Broa 20 Main) r 326 Genesee § 
Lowery John A. wool dealer 48 Franklin Sqr. r 319 Genesee ® 

Lowery John Mrs. r 3 Ludlow ave Co 

Lowery John, saloon 74 Yarick, r same ^ 

Lowery Joseph S. (Lowery Bros.) r 421 Genesee % 

Furnishing Undertaker, Jf^l Genesee Street. 


since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

Lowery Kate, weaver, r 210 Broad 

Lowery Mary, domestic 834 Genesee 

LOWERY SAMUEL S. (S. S. Lowery & Son) r 1 Plant 

LOWERY S. S. & SON, (S. S. and Geo. M. Lowery,) knit 

goods cor Fulton and Franklin 
LOWERY THOMAS. A. (Lowery & Sexton) r 56 Catharine 
Lowery William, tobacconist, r 56 Catharine 
•J^ Lowery William Mrs. r 117 State 
"^ ? LOWERY- 1. G. MRS. millinery and fancy j^oods 128 Gene- 
^ see, r Mansion House 

"S LOWERY & SEXTON (Thoa A. Lowery and John P. Sex- 
!^ ton) wines and liquors 68 Seneca 

Q, Lubey Daniel, factory operative, r 58 Stark 
;g Lubey Matthew, factory operative, r 125 Varick 
I Lubey Patrick, factory operatjve, r 125 Yarick 
§ Lubey Patrick, laborer, r 233 Columbia 
^ Lubey Thomas, factory operative, r 125 Varick 
^ Lubowski Fred, barber, r 28 Jay 
"H Lubowski Herman, barber 46 John, r 28 Jay 
q LUCAS A. G. prop. N. Y. Central RR eating house, r same 
. oj Luce A. Charles, dealer in poultry, r 190 Steuben 
g LUCE ASA G. (Luce & Plumb) r 41 Rutger 
ij LUCE & PLUMB (A. G. Luce and H. A. Plumb), druggists 
*•*< 156 Genesee 

;§ Luce De Witt C. cabinet maker, r 7 First 
J^ Luce Edgar P. r 41 Rutger 
© Luce Zodoc Y. carpenter, r 23 Hotel 
q Luce Cornelius, r 121 Bleecker 
^ Luck Christ, tailor, r 144 Court 
^ Lucy Patrick, teamster, r 62 Jay 
'2 Luddington Nelson, laborer, r towpath below Broad 
^ Ludiogton Augustus, grocer and hriishmaker 12 Pearl, r same 
g Ludlow James E. clerk, r 12 Steuben Park 
(^ Ludwig John, r 12 Hickory 

{^ Luke Edward E. bookkeeper 166 Genesee, r 12 Deverenx 
•^ Luethle Jacob, r 19 Harper 
S Luke Marcus, boarding house, r 102 Whitesboro 
Eh Luke L M. Mrs. dressmaker, r 102 Whitesboro 
Luker Henry, clerk, r 14 Charles 
Luker John M. clerk, r 14 Charles 
Luker Owen F. clerk, r 80 Howard ave 
Luker Peter, tailor, r 14 Charles 
Lumbard Hannah Mrs. r 82 Mary 
Lumbard Horace, livery 52 Catharine, r 54 same 
Lumbard Horace Jr. r 54 Catharine 
Lumbard Ruth, r 82 Mary 
Lumbard Sarah, dressmaker, r 82 Mary 
Lumbard Thomas, baker, r 40 Scott [Lumbard see Lombard.] 

Westoott ^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 


The handsomest DryOoods & Carpets on earth 

Lundy Patrick, brakeman, r 9 Washington 
Lather Frederick, tailor, r 13S Whitesboro 

Lnttinger Chae. J. organ builder, r 105 Kossuth ave 9> 

Lutz Andrew, polisher, r 48 Fay ** 

Lutz Frank, porter, r 10 Parker ttt 

Lutz Frank, blacksmith, r 10 Parker § 

Lntz Michael, laborer, r 35 Hope ^ 

Lutz Peter, r 25 Canal 5* 

LUX ARTHUR J. (H. Lux ife Sons) r 60 Lansing ^ 

Lnx Cha& carder, r 126 Schuyler J^ 

LUX DANIEL, nieat market 159 Bleecker, r 84 Park avc q 

Lux Eva, widow, r 126 Schuyler p 

Lux Frederick, blacksmith, r 65 Cooper oj" 

Lux Frederick J. weaver, r 126 Schuyler "1 

Lux George hostler, r 64 Schuyler S 

LUX HENRY, (H. Lux & Sons) r 177 Columbia 9> 
LUX HENRY & SONS, (Henry, Henry G. and Arthur J.) » 

meat market 37 Genesee 0^ 

Lux Henry A. butcher, r 126 Schuyler Co 

LUX H. G. (H. Lux & Sons) r 211 Court q 

Lux Jacob, weaver, r 128 Schuyler CD 

Lyman Leonard W. organ builder, r 7 Dudley § 

Lyman Samuel P. Mrs. r 8 Hopper Qo 

LYNCH ANTHONY V. men's furnisher 106 Genesee, r 229 g 

Genesee ^ 

Lynch Catharine, r 101 Third r^ 

Lynch Catharine, widow, r 38 Morris ^ 

Lynch Delia B. weaver, r 121 Broad ja 

Lynch Hugh, cigarmaker, r 101 Third g 
LYNCH JAMES S. broker 120 Genesee, r 6 Comstock Block, I, 

Plant 5 

Lynch James, laborer, r 96 Third o 

Lynch John J. laborer, r 64 Washington ^ 

Lynch John J. gatetender, r Deerfield road s 

LYNCH J. S. M. REV. pastor St. John's Church, r 60 I 

LYNCH JOHNSON L lawyer Tibbits Block 81 Genesee, r | 

5 Comstock Block, Plant « 

Lynch John W. confectonery 80 Bleecker, r 33 Morris ? 

Lynch Maggie, r Deerfield • 

Lynch Maggie, domestic 86 Washington » 

Lynch Maggie, tailoress, r 29 Cornelia f 

Lynch Margaret, domestic 250 Genesee S 

Lynch Margaret, widow, r 78 Catharine f 

Lynch Mathew, laborer, r 155 Mary 5 

Lynch Mary, tailoress, r 38 Morris I 
Lynch Michael, stonecutter, r Washington Hotel 
Lynch Michael, stonecutter, r Mansion House 

M). 88 Genesee Street^ Utica. 



and spring from Summer back 

2 Lynch Morris, laborer, r 173 Jay 

H Lynch Patrick, tailor, r 83 Morris 

9 Lynch Patrick, r Genesee road 

^ Lynch Peter, factory operative, r 56 Francis 

^ Lynch Sarah, laandress Baggs Hotel 

O Lynch Thomas, r 118 Elizabeth 

gi Lynch Thomas, servant, r 41 Washington 

•5 Lynch William, laborer, r 11 Gold 

Q> Lynn David, attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 

iS Lynn James, gardener Orphan Asylum 

o Lynn John, attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 

q Lynn John, laborer, r 15 State 

•^ Lynn Mary J. r Utica Orphan Asylum 

^ Lynde M. Mrs. r 90 Eagle 

'S Lyon Philemon Mrs. r 119 John 

a Lyons James, r 34 Whitesboro 

^ Lyons James L. cigarmaker, r 17 Canal 

•^ Lyons Jerry J. policeman, r 52 Whitesboro 

§ Lyons John, wagonmaker 18 Madison Lane, r 16 Mandeville 

"^ Lyons Levi, tailor, r Elizabeth cor Charlotte 

^ Lytle Mariah, domestic 127 Blaudina 

c*) "A yT ABEN J. A. Utica Ice Co. r Hotel Zublin 
go JA-L Machen Charles, tailor, r 104 Schuyler 
$^ Mack Bridget, r 9 Leah 
q Mack Burton, teamster, r 186 Mary 
**^ Mack Catherine, r 83 Chenango ave 
• Mack John, laborer, r 11 Hicks 

§ Mack John, hostler Bntteriield's livery, r 239 Bleecker 
j^ Mack Mary Mr& r 26 Jay 
» Mack Michael, laborer, r 11 Hicks 
t£J Mack William, hostler, r Clinton House 
(D MAC OWEN MICHAEL A. physician 14 BlandiuH, r 
^2 Nichols cor Bleecker 

<P MACY HOMER C. manager Travelers' Insurance Co. 69 
o Genesee, r 84 Howard ave 

§ Madams William, r 32 Wager 
m Madden Bridget Mra tailoress, r 90 Catharine 
§ Madden John, mason, r 166 Miller 
^ Madden Patrick, laborer, r 29 Philip 
^ Madden Timothy, mason, r 176 Miller 
q Madison Henry John, tailor, r 23 Oswego 

S^ Madison William, tailor 38 Columbia, r 28 Oswego 
Madison William Jr. painter, r 2 Herkimer 
^ Madoc Thomas G. com. traveler 125 Genesee, r 24 Chatham 
^ MAENERCHOR HALL 173 Genesee 
S MaflSt Norman, painter, r Third cor Mortimer 
I? Mafiit Phebe Mrs. nurse, r Third cor Mortimer 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquors, 



to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Magan E. G^ stonecutter, r Philip 

(Magee see MeOee) 

Ma^ee John, horse collar maker, r 13 Tracj 

Magee John R Bhoemaker, r 13 Tracy 

Magee Mary E. r 18 Tracy 

Mager Angast, ci^rmaker, r 11 Leeds 

Magill Alida, r 21 Aiken 

Magill James, weaver, r 87 Spring 

Magill John, laborer, r 8 Seneca 

Magill John Qt, salesman, r 21 Aiken 

Magill John Mrs. r 21 Aiken 

Magill Lonisa, r 21 Aiken 

Magill Michael, moulder, r 240 Bleecker 

Magill Sarah, r 21 Aiken 

Maginn Edward, grocer cor John and Jaj', r 45 Elizabetii 

Magnas Henry, cigarmaker, r 91 Neilson 

Maguire Charles, weaver, r cor Nichols and Bleecker 

Manan William S. assistant mailing clerk, r 8 Burnet 

Mahanna Frank, laborer, r 51 Catharine 

Mahar Dennis F. coachman Lunatic Asylum, r 2 York 

Mahar James A. coachman N. Y. S. Asvlum 

Mahar Julia, r 2 York 

Mahar W. A gardener, r 416 Whitesboro 

Mahare Bridget, factory operative, r 106 Court 

Mahare Kate, factory operative, r 106 Court 

Maher Alice, tailoress, r 199 Bleecker 

MAHER EDWARD (Edward Maher & Co.), r 80 Blandina 

MAHER EDWARD & CO. (Edward and John L Maher), 

clothing 44 Genesee 
Maher James P. clerk 44 Genesee, r 9 Seneca 
Maher John, operative, r 12 Hicks 
MAHER JOHN L (Edward Maher & Co.), r 9 Seneca 
Maher Lawrence P. salesman, r 9 biieneca 
Maher Mary, domestic 29 Broad 
Maher Morris, laborer, r 199 Bleecker 
Maher Mary Mrs. r 199 Bleecker 
Maher Thomas, moulder, r 122 Jay 
Maher Thomas J. clerk 44 Genesee, r 9 Seneca 
Maher William, salesman, r 9 Seneca 
Mahon Mary, domestic 29 Broad 
Mahon Owen P. com. traveler, r 21 West 
Maihan Charles, laborer, r 104 Schuyler 
Maine August, druggist Whitesboro cor Columbia, r same 
Maine Edward, carpenter, r 16 McVean 
Maine Frank, policeman, r 248 Whitesboro 
Maine Joseph, weaver, r 177 Whitesboro 
Mains Joseph, boiler maker, r 27 Green 
Maitland James, r 15 Eagle 

Genesee corner Fayette ^Street. 















May 16th, Fires were needed, Overcoats oomfortable. 

Mallery B. F. dentist 186 GeDesee, r Thomas Block 

Mallery Benj. S. r Thomas Block 
^ Mallet Mary, cook Baf^ Hotel 
qq Mallinson George, r 2 Oswego 
^ Mallinson Mendel, pedler, r 133 Whit-esboro 
0)" Mallinson Henry, en^neer, r Catharine cor First 
^ Mallinson Moses, pealef, r 185 Whitesboro 
r;:* Mallory H. P. discount clerk Oneida Nat. Bank, r 135 John 
^ Mallory J. H. Mra r 135 John 
^ Mallory Marsha, Home for the Homeless 
1^ Mallory Sally, Home for the Homeless 
Ig Malloy Annie, operative, r 28 Cooper 
qj Malloy Mary, weaver, r 23 Cooper 
^ Malloy Mary Mrs. widow, r 12 Nichols 
Q> Malloy Thomas, laborer, r 23 Cooper 
•CI Malloy Thoa F. spinner, r 12 Nichols 
§ Malloy Wm. spinner, r 12 Nichols 
g Malone Ellen, r 96 Elizabeth 
^ Malone Hannah, r 96 Elizabeth 
•a Maloney Ann, r 71 Spring 
J* Maloney Eliza R r 75 Water 
"ct Maloney James, cartman, r 75 Water 
S Maloney Mary, domestic 66 Broad 
"^ Malonej Michael, r 8 Morris 
t^ Maloy Bernard, gardener, r 8 Lansing 
'O Maloy James P. salesman, r 8 Lansing 
5 Maloy John C. shipping clerk, r 113 Blandina 
^ Maloy Mary, r 8 Lansing 
2 (Maloy see Molloy) 

^ Mammel John, varnisher, r 20 Huntington 
b Manahan Ellen Mrs. r 33 Hart 
q Manahan Francis E. r 86 Washington 
12] Manahan Francis X. with Childs & Jones, r 86 Washington 
^ MANAHAN JAMES F. (Marrow & Manahan), r 72 Steoben 
^ Manahan Michael F. cigarmaker, r 52 Steoben 
o Manahan Sarah A. r 12 Taylor ave 
§ Manahan Thomas, drags 56 Bleecker, r 12 Taylor ave 
^ (Manahan see Monahan) 
*^^ Mandel Charlotte, r 328 Whitesboro 

gQ Mandeville George W. printer Press office, r Whitesboro cor 
? Schuyler 

q" Mandeville John F. teamster, r 337 Whitesboro 
CO Mandeville Thomas, coachman, r 142 Seymour ave 
^ Mandeville Thomas C. teamster, r 837 Whitesboro 
O Mandeville Thomas E. teamster, r 387 Whitesboro 
^ Maney John, carpenter, r 90 Catharine 

Mangold Louis, laborer, r 25 Enox 

Manheim Charles, podler, r 139 Whitesboro 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book" Binders ^^^ 


Dan Bice was here, but no Snminer, 

M^nley Frank, r 13 Henry 

Manlej John W. talljmaD, r 26 Francis ^ 

Manley Patrick, laborer, r 25 Mary fc; 

Manley Patrick, carpenter, r 102 Whiteeboro ^J 

Manley Peter, porter, r 104 John q^ 

Mann Charles A. lawyer, r 65 Broad ^ 

Mann H. J. pattern maker, r 76 Fayette Q 

MANN JAMES F. (Richardson, AdaniR & Maun), r 65 Broad § 

Mann Julia Mra r 65 Broad ;^ 











ng Abram, pedler, r 11 Leah ^ 

ng Bessie Miss, r 11 Kemble ^ 

ng Charles J. bookkeeper, r 50 Seymour ave q, 

ng Charles M. r 60 Seymour ave q 

ng K. T. Mrs. r 11 Kemble g 

ng Catharine Mrs. r 137 Jay »5 

ng Georgie, r 11 Kemble JJ. 

ng G. E. 58 Franklin Square, r 50 Seymour ave Oa 

ng Loui8*B. machinist, r 71 Charlotte ^ 

ng Patrick, r 81 Cooper S 

Manion Patrick, laborer, r 135 Mary ^ 

Mansbach Simon, millinery 7 Fayette, r 65 Columbia o^ 

Mansfield Henry F. ass't sup't M. V. Mills, r 43 Broad o 

Mansfield W. C. attendant N. T. S. Asylum ft. 

Mantcsschied Henry, r 34 South Hamilton ^ 

Manwaring W. H. entry clerk, r 88 Charlotte rj" 
MARCHKI HENRY N. apothecary 17 Blandina, r 28 Dev- g^ 

ereux o 
MARCHISI JOHN B. manufacturer Marchisi's Catholicon fe 

17 and 21 Blandina, r 28 Devereux ^ 

Marino Emilio, laborer, r tow path near Clark's Bridge ^ 

Marion Mark, fireman, r 14 Garden «^ 

Markell Elmer E. works at Daring's mill Q 

Markbam Frank, laborer, r Deerfield ^ 

Marklove C. F Utica City National Bank, r 66 ElizMbeth ^ 
MARKLOVE JOHN G. organ manufacturer 60 John, r 6(5 oo 

Elizabeth ^^ 
MARKOE FRANCIS H. cotton broker Arcade, r 37 Lan- g 

sing. See advt. page 44 q^ 

Marks Maggie, r 69 Court qq 

Marks Michael, moulder, r 69 Court ^ 

Marks Joseph, engineer D. L & W. r 9 Charles Q> 

Marley Ann, r 81 Elm g 

Marley Marv, dressmaker, r 81 Elm (i> 

Marquardt Edward, cigarmaker, r 1 Maple § 

Marqnisee A Mrs. r 79 Cornelia cd 

Marqnisee Louis E. bookkeeper, r 6 Seymour ave Cq 

Marron Francis, paver, r 84 Morris ^ 
Marron James, mortar bed, r 32 Morris 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 


I>ry Ooodfl^ Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, TTpholstering Goods, 

fO Marron Eittie, tailoress, r 66 Tracy 

§ Marron Mary, widow, r City near Linden 

Q Marron Patrick, paver, r 56 Tracy 

Marron Patrick, coachman, r 34 Union 
^ Marron Peter, gardener, r 34 Union 
•Sj Marron Terence, stonecntier, r 49 Tracy 
1^ Marron Thomas, glazier, r 56 Tracy 
q Marrow Andrew Mrs. r 92 Steuben 

'"• MARROW JOSEPH A. (Marrow & Manaban and J. A 
j^ Marrow & Co.) r Steaben cor Eagle 

^ Marrow James F. saloon 10 Green, r same 
g MARROW JOS. A. & CO. (J. A. Marrow and Michael 
Q McCormick), old Pine street coal and wood yard. See 

advt page 33 
jj^" MARROW & MAN AH AN, (Joseph A. Marrow and James 

F. Manahan), groceries 72 Steaben cor Eagle 
JgJ Marrow Patnck, r 18 Knox 

^ Marsden Edwin, factory operative, r 36 Garden 
^ Marsden Jas. T. stndent, r 36 Garden • 

:jj Marsden John, factory operative, r 86 Garden 
i^ Marsden Jeanette, r 36 Garden 

•^ Marsden John, operative, r 20 Stark 
"© Marsh Charles C. Mrs. r 8 Union 
9 Marsh Delia, domestic 47 Fayette 
g Marsh Fred, r 31 Philip 
^ Marsh Mary M. widow, r 48 Jay 
§ Marsh William, warehoaeeman Hayes & Martin, r 176 Howard 

^ Marsh William C. r 6 Mandeville 

5 Marshall Carrie, clerk, r 49 Second 
^ Marshall Charles W. r 19 Third 
CO Marshall C. E. r 19 Third 
^ Marshall Mary Mrs. r 11 Mary 
^ Marshall Sarah Mrs. r 63 Columbia 

§ Marshall Thomas L salesman, r 95 Fayette 

>^ Martin Adam, salesman Buckley & Co. r 24 Chenango ave 

<X> Martin Annie Miss, r 29 Tracy 

r Martin Asa F. bookkeeper, r Whitesboro 
9 Martin Bernard, cigars and tobacco 53 John, r 67 Park ave 
^ Martin Bridget, r 285 Genesee 
•^ Martin Catharine Mrs. r 10 Breese 
K. Martin Edward, teamster, r Bleecker near Jefierson 
^ MARTIN EDWARD, plumber, gas and steam fitter 123 
«j Genesee, r 141 John 

}^ Martin Frederick, W. S. RR r 158 Water 
P Martin George, salesman Martin & Miller's, r 9 Bank 
w Martin George B. r Fay cor Fayette 
•^ Martin Geo. I), teamster, r 40 cl ames 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass^ 


Shawls, Fans and Fur-Lined Oloves^ Blankets and Mosqnito Vet, ^ 

MARTIN HALL, 123 Genesee & 
MARTIN HENRY, hats, caps and furs 104 Genesee, r 9 ^ 

Henry B* 

MARTIN HENRY, groceries 83 Erie, r same C^ 

Martin Henry A. r 79 El-ie g 

Martin Henry, laborer, r 174 Water iq 

Martin Jacob H. Itarness maker, r 10 Breese C 

Martin James, factory operative, r 19 Chestnut S 

Martin James, laborer, r 115 Rutger jw 

Martin Joseph, r Eossnth cor South . 

Martin John Mrs. r 89 Jay cP 

Martin Lewis, laborer, r 128 Mary 5 

Martin Lora Miss, r 42 Whitesboro S 

Martin Maggie, domestic 16 Dudley 2» 

Martin Mary, r 3 Kirkland .? 

MARTIN Martin F. (Martin & Co.) r in Whitestown »i| 

Martin Michael, stone mason, r 269 South C 

MARTIN NOBLE F. (Martin & Miller) r 16 Mary J 

MARTIN PLINY F. r 48 Fayette g^ 

Martin Thos. dresser, r 8 Chestnut <^ 
MARTIN WALTER I. restaurant 130 Genesee, r 42 Whites- ^ 

boro Q 
MARTIN & CO. (M. F. & W. Martin) livery cor Fayette §' 

and Washington, between Mansion House and First ^ 

Presbyterian church. See advt. back colored page 
MARTIN WILLIAM (Martin & Co.) r 86 Washington 
Martin William, laborer, r 9 Nichols 
MARTIN & MILLER, (N. F. Martin and H. F. Miller) mer- fr 

chant tailors and clothing 67 and 69 Genesee cor Broad b^ 

Martis Katie, domestic 1 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Martus Francis, domestic 56 Rutger g^ 

Martus Sarah, domestic 66 Rutger q^ 

Martus Simon, laborer, r Jefierson and Blandina ^ 

Marvel Edgar E. teamster, r 59 Chenango ave ^ 

Marvel Harvey, pedler, r 19 Wager g- 

Marvin D. J. printer Press office, r 270 Bleecker Ca 

Marwilsky Elias, r 74 Whitesboro fe 

Marwilsky Sarah, dressmaker* r 74 Whitesboro C 

Marx Augusta, r 40 Stark ^ 

Marx Charlotte, widow, r 46 Stark §^ 
Marx Charles, (R. Marx & Bros.) r 46 Stark 

Marx Emil, (R. Marx & Bros.) r 46 Stark ' ► 

Marx Francis, tailor, r 46 Morris ^ 

Marx Herman, weaver, r 46 Stark g* 

Marx Paul, (R Marx & Bros.) r 46 Stark J 

Marx Robert, (R Marx & Bros.) r 46 Stark ^ 
MARX ROBERT & BROS. (Robert, Charles, Paul and | 

Emil Marx, butchers and sausage mfr& 114 Columbia 8 

Furnishing Undertaker, Jj.1 Genesee Street, s 



Mason Benjamin Mrs. r 4 Howard ave 
Mason D. H. carpenter, r 57 Colambia 
Mason Gasper S. machinist, r 47 Albany 
Mason George Mr& r 16 Elizabeth 
Mason James, laborer, 6 Madison lane 
Mason James, carpenter, r 41 Plant 
Mason John P. policeman, r 18 Seneca 
^ Mason Orissa B. r 68 Columbia 
S Mason Serina, domestic 308 Genesee 
o Mason 8. H. r 16 Kemble 
^ Matchel James M. clerk, r 144 Park ave 
^ MATHER A. D. & CO. (Joshua and Charles W. Mather), 
05 bankers 163 Genesee cor Bleecker 

O MATHER BUILDING, 163 Genesee cor Bleecker 
q MATHER CHARLES W. (Joshua and Charles W. Mather), 
^ 163 Genesee, r 374 Genesee 

^ Afather Devillo J. clerk, r 62 Miller 
;♦* Mather Dwight, r cor Second and Mary 
9 Mathers George S. carpenter, r 113 Miller 
a MATHER JOSHUA (A. D. Mather & Co.) r 374 Genesee 
q Mather J. H. clerk, r cor Mary and Second 
.9 Mather Maria Mrs. r 113 Miller 
H Mathera Albert, farmer, r 3 Faass ave 
•^ Mathers George, laborer, r 42 Arthur 
g MATHEWS EDWARD D. (Spriggs, Mathews & Spriggs), 
^'^ r Butterfield House 

"N Mathews Fred, fireman Baggs Hotel 
^ Mathews George B. carpenter, r 302 South 
^ Mathews George L r 302 South 
^ Mathews Jacob, engineer, r 111 Dudley 
^ Mathews !N. C. printer Herald office, r 58 Mary 
^ Mathews William, laborer, r Bleecker cor Culver ave 
^ Mathews William, florist, York cor Green 
<S Mathewson E. H. laborer, r 58 Columbia 
•g Mathy Casper, laborer, r 56 Erie 
cj Matt J. Baptist, carpenter, r 14 Caroline 
g Matt Sevrin, cabinet maker, r 290 Whitesboro 
r* Matt Theodore, farm hand, r Downer ave i 

qT Matteson Charles D. bookkeeper Oneida Co. Bank, r 11 Lan- 

{^ Matteson Daniel, grocer cor Howard ave and Eagle, r same 
Matteson Horace C. r 25 Kemble 

MATTESON ORS AMUS B. lawyer, office Gardner block, r 
2d4 \^en6fi66 

MATTESON WM. A. district attorney 79 Genesee, r 27 

Matthies Albert, r 24 Yarick 
Matti John M. florist, r cor Ash and City 

Westoott S; Rewsswigj Fine Custom TailorSy 



Matti M. T. r Ash cor City 
Mattice J. C. r 47 Eagle 

lattice & Sod, rags and metal 6 ChenaDgo ave 
Mattice Nelsou (lattice & Son), r 6 Gbenango ave 

Mattice Nelson Jr. r 6 Chenango ave . 

Mattice Scott (Mattice & Son) r 6 Chenango ave ^ 

Maarer Jacob, laborer, r 281 Mohawk *^ 

Maus Adam, presser, r 292 Whitesboro ^ 

Mans Daniel, carder, r 47 Saratoga 0^ 

MauB Henry, factory operative, r 47 Saratoga »* 

Mans Henry, cigarmaker, r 47 Saratoga ^ 

Mans Jacob, carpenter, r 11 Parker S' 

Mauthe Elias, teamster, r 178 Kossuth ave kj 

Maathe Jacob, clerk, r 178 Kossnth ave 1q 

Maxam Wm. J. moulder, r 147 Catharine ^ 

Maxwell James, plumber, r 49 Tracy ^ 

Maxwell Thomas D. plasterer, r 14 Mnlberry ^ 

Maxwell Win. teamster, r 49 Tracy ^ 

Maxwell Wm. Jr. mason, r 53 Tracy Q 

May Joseph, laborer, r 9 Schuyler § 

May Thomas, factory operative, r 16 McVean g« 
Mayers Jacob, cook Baggs Hotel, r 6 Hotel 

Mayer Annie Mrs. r 13 Broadway & 

Mayer Henry, broker 11 Liberty, r 19 Rutger p, 

Mayer S. R. jeweler, r IS Broadway ^ 

Maynard Addison, mail agent, r 41 Washington (b 
MAYNARD ISAAC, treasurer U. & B. R RR president ig 

Utica City National Bank, r 283 Genesee cd 
MAYNARD' J. FREDERICK, gen'l snpt. U. & B. R RR r S? 

19 Hopper. (^3 
MAYNARD L. M. gold and silver plating 8 Tliom'as block. ^ 

See page 57 bd 

Maynard Thomas Mrs. r 82 Devereux d 

Mayne Albert, laborer, r 84 Broad O 

MAYOR'S OFFICE, City Hall g 

Maythe Charles, r 93 BrinckerhoS ave l! 

McAbery James, loom repairer, r 104 Court 2 
McAdam & Ratbbun (Q. McAdam and A. Rath bun) notions 

23 Broad W* 
McAdam Qnenten (McAdam & Rathbun), r 39 Seymour ave q 

McAvoy Catharine, widow, r 12 Leah O 

McAvoy James, shoemaker, r 3 South Hamilton !r 

McAvoy James, shoemaker, r 137 Bleecker • 
McAvoy Jerry, saloon I Francis, r 38 William 
McAvoy Kate, domestic 55 Broad 
McAvoy Margaret Mra r 5 Court 
McAvoy Michael, r 14 Leah 
McAvoy Thomas W. r 33 William. [McAvoy see McEvoy] 

JVb. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


P CARPETS, will oocarionally drop np thia way, 

< McBride Charles, bartender depot dining rooms, r same 

g McBride Bernard, stone cutter, r Mary cor Kossath ave 

o McBride John, City RR r 100 Columbia 

S McCabe Elizabeth, r 22 Hobart 

p^ McCabe Hannah, widow, r 48 Elm 

P^ McCabe James, laborer, r 197 Steuben 

^ McCaffrv Mary, weaver, r 43 State , 

^ McCaffrey Patrick, r 68 Steuben 

fli McCaffrey P. J. bricklayer, r 6 Taylor ave 

•I MoCALL FRANCIS B. (Taylor & McCall), r 114 John 

^ McCall James, teamster, r 51 Plant 

S McCall John, carpenter, r 181 Blandina 

g McCann Alice, r 148 Elizabeth 

i McCann Bamev, weaver, r 125 Varick 

4> McCann Francis, laborer, r 23 Francis 

J McCann Geore;e, confectioner, r 148 Elizabeth 

"T McCann Hugh, salesman, r 173 Bleecker 

McCann James, cigarmaker, r 88 Mary 
o McCann John, laborer, r 19 Cornelia 
S McCann John, pattern fitter, r 88 Mary 
o McCann John F. tinsmith, r 88 Mary 
^ McCann Joseph, r 88 Mary 
> McCann Joseph J. salesman, r 90 Albany ' 

^ McCann Mary, cook Baggs Hotel 
2 McCann Patrick, factory operative, r 125 Varick 
Q McCann Patrick, laborer, r 168 Lansing 
•^ McCann William H. printer Observer office, r 110 Varick 
S McCANN WILLIAM H. mason and builder 168 Lansinji:, r 

gsame. See page 46 > 
McCann Wm. H. pressman, r 88 Mary 

^ McCard D. agent, r 78 Varick 

8 McCard Fred, clerk, r 73 Varick 

W McCard Fred, salesman, r 73 Varick 

H McCard S. E Mrs. saloon 78 Varick, r same 

g McCardle Mary W. Mrs. r 182 Bleecker 

McCardle Terry A. tobacconist, r 182 Bleecker 
McCarthy Andrew, harneeis maker, r 70 Arcade 
McCarthy Anna, r 10 Burnet 

^ McCarthy Anna, widow, r 30 Huntington 

«g McCarthy Chas. r 88 Park ave 

^ McCarthy Bridge];, r Milgate near Bleecker 

p« McCarthy Cornelius, moulder, r 13 Saratoga 

g^ McCarthy Hannah, weaver, r 9 Albany 

^ McCarthy Daniel Mrs. widow, r 137 Mary 

5 McCarthy Hannah, widow, r 125 West 

s McCarthy Julia Mrs. r 13 Saratoga 

o McCarthy Julia, weaver, r 87 Fayette 

^ McCarthy Katie, 21 Rutger 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 



— jnst as they used to go oat fishing for a day^s recreation,— 

McCarthy Mary Mrs. r 88 Park ave 
McCarthy Maggie, domestic 68 Broad 
McCarthy Michael, mason, r 24 Morris 
McCarthy Nellie, dressmaker, r 125 West 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, r 14 Barnes 

McCarthy Sarah, weaver, r 52 Fay » 

McCarthy Thomas, carpenter, r 88 Park ave S* 

McCarthy William P. cigarmaker, r 125 West ^^ 

McCartney Mary R Mrs. r 8 Chatham g 

McCarty Dennis, r 134 Court 8- 

McCauley O. J. telegrapher, r 44 Rntger g 

McClelland Hannah, 341 Genesee g 

McClelland John, soap mfr. r 159 Broad ir 

McClelland Sarah I. dressmaker, r 2 Gold g^ 

McClelland Wesley, soap mfr. r 159 Broad g^ 

McClelland William J. tinsmith, r 2 Gold o 

McClenthen Wm. H. clerk, r 8 Neilson u$ 

McClowdy John, operative, r 23 Wiley g 
McCLURE SAMUEL, prop. Washington Hotel 49 Liberty S 
MoCLURE WARREN O. dealer and invc^stor in mortgage ^ 

secarities, room 7 Parker Block, r 146 Park ave «2. 

McClasky John, shoemaker, r 120 Brinekerhoff ave % 

McCondell John, blacksmith, r 95 Liberty ^ 
McConnell J. A. Mrs. r 229 Genesee 
McCONNELL R A. book and job printer 3 and 5 Thomas ^ 

Block Bleecker, r 45 Arcade ^ 

McConnell Robt. foreman, r Hotel Zublin S. 

McConnon James, laborer, r 6 Gold ^ 

McCormack Bridget, tailorese, r 117 Catharine 8* 

MeCormack James F. laborer, r 47 Chenango ave <{L 

McCormack Lawrence F. machinist, r42 Francis S* 

McCormack Mary, tailoress, r 117 Catharine g- 

McCormack Matthew, laborer, r 117 Catharine ^ 

McCormack Nellie Mrs. r 3 Cross • 

McCormack Robert, laborer, r 173 Whitesboro ^ 

McCormack W. clerk, r 60 Broadway § 

McCormick Honora, operative, r 47 Chenango ave p 

McCormick John R. operative, r 47 Chenango ave ^ 

McCormick Kittie, dressmaker, r 59 Broadway c^ 
McCormick Mary E. saleslady Buckley & Co. r 62 Catharine ^ 
McCormick Mary Ann, factory operative, r Third near Emily £♦ 
McOORMICK MICHAEL, (J. A. Marrow & Co.) r 100 Var- " 

ick ^ 

McCormick Patrick, carpenter, r 18 Morris ^ 

McCormick Robert, steamfitter, r Hotel Zublin P 

McCormick Rose Mrs. r 17 South Hamilton 5* 
McCormick William r 60 Broadway 
McCoy Catharine Mrs. r 112 Howard ave 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Htreet. 




McCoy Charles, carpenter, r 98 Taylor ave 
McCoy D. C. Mra r 69 Albany 
McCoy Edwin, r 36 Taylor ave 
McCoy Francis, r 160 Catharine 
McCoy James F. carpenter, r 121 Mary 
McCoy Walter V. tinsmith, r 36 Taylor ave 
McCoy William B. lineman, r 21 Neilson 

McCoy V. L. carpenter, r 36 Taylor ave 
ff McOrae Walter, laborer, r 163 Miller 
'S McCraith Ann Mrs. r 77 Second 
^ McCraith John, wash room Baggs Hotel 
•§ McCraith Nellie, dressmaker, r 77 Second 
t3 McCraith Thomas K clerk 98 Genesee, r 77 Second 

1 McCraith Thomas M. r 95 Seymour ave 

<ti McCrea William, com. traveler, r 163 Miller 

Jf MoCREAKY & SHIELDS {R. B. McCreary and Tliuma« 

^ Shields), Utica Business College Parker Building 

JjMoCREARY HARRISON B. (McCreary & Shields,) r6 

.9 Brinckerhoft ave 

S> MoCREARY ROBERT, dining room 7 Liberty, r 22 Firet 

^ McCrey John, laborer r 42 Broad 

McCrone Lizzie Mrs. r 84 Yarick 

^ McCudden James, mason, r 32 Hobart 

g McCudden John, machinist, r 71 Spring 

g McCudden Patrick, mason, r 7 Second 

Z McCUDDEN THOMAS, grocer 88 Steuben, r same 

§ McCne Graeie, dressmaker, r 58 Broadway 

"^ McCue Lizzie, r 8 Hobart 

."3 fMcCue see McHugh) 

•g McCumber James, r Faxton Home 

•p McCullough Ellen, r 95 Kemble 

"% McCullough Winifr d, tailoress, r 96 Eemble 

2 McCuUiff Mary, operative, r 119 Broad 
.S McCune Mary, depot dining rooms 

^ McDarby Arthur o. carder, r 74 Spring 

^ McDarby Mamie, r 74 Spring 

j5 McDarby Nellie, r 74 Spring 

S McDermott Bernard, r 35 Park ave 

^ McDermott Bernard, r 36 Eagle 

J McDermott Bernard Mrs. r 7 High 

McDermott Eliza, intelligence office 93 Washington, r same 

McDermott John, clerk, r 13 Lansing 

McDermott John, laborer, r 156 Lansing 

McDermott Joseph, boxmaker, r 147 Elizabeth 

McDermott Kittie, tailoress, r 7 High 

McDermott Luke, r Deerfield 

McDermott M. A. spinner, r 1 Davis ave 

McDermott Mary, widow, r 150 Bleecker 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 



McDermott Maggie, domeetic OlareDdon 
McDermott Marcella Mrs. r 196 Third 

McDermott Patrick, r 147 Elizabeth o 

McDermott Patrick, laborer, r 1 Davis ave ^ 

McDermott Rosanna, operative, r 93 Washington S, 

McDermott Rose, widow, r 37 Park ave S 

McDermott William, teamster, r 24 Huntington « 

McDonald Alexander, teamster, r 166 Miller g 

McDonald Emma F. r 211 Park ave ^ 

McDonald H. W. Mra r 58 Whitesboro |- 

McDonald James, laborer, r 116 Catharine g 
McDonald John, gate tender, r Whitesboro near Washington 4 

McDonald John, laborer, r 91 Third 2 

McDonald John, teamster, r 7 Griffiths Place , S 

McDonald Maggie, r 192 Blandina p* 

McDonald , r 28 Whitesboro 3 

McDonald Margaret, r 192 Blandina •§ 

McDonald Mary Mrs. r 8 First ^ 
McDonald MATTHEW, saloon 54 Bleecker, r 201* same ? 

McDonald Michael, gardener, r 46 Plant ^ 

McDonald Nellie, r 192 Blandina g- 

McDonald Thomas, clerk, r 8 Mary ST 
McDonald WILLIAM H. palace boarding stables 33 S 

Union. See page 46 g 

McDonald Wm. liveryman, r 163 Catharine 

McDonnell Evitt W. manager U. P. Tea Co. r 82 Miller g. 

McDonnell Sarah, r 162 Park ave ^ 
DcDonough Esther, factory operative, r 29 South Hamilton ^ 

McDonoagh John, r 29 Soath Hamilton g 
McDonoagh Mary, factory operative, r 29 South Hamilton t^ 

McDonongh Matilda, widow, r 7 South Hamilton C 

McDonough Michael, laborer, r James ^ 

McDonongh Michael, carder, r State cor Spring 1^ 

McDoagall Annie, knitting operative, r 73 Lansing o 

McDougall Ella, r 73 Lansing P 

McDougall Emma, r 73 Lansing oo 

McDougall S. Joseph, r 73 Lansing g 

McDougall Margaret, widow, r 73 Lansing p« 

McDowell Sallie A. Mrs. r 5 Harper g 

McDnffu Geo. F. salesman, r 76 State o 

McEIwaine Edward K letter carrier, r 35 Broadway g 

McElwaine John, r 18 Dudley S 

MoELWAINE ROBERT, Chief of Police, r 18 Dudley « 
McElwaine Wm. C. printer Press office, r 53 Whitesboro 

McElroy Robert Mrs. tailoress, r 104^ Neilson § 

McElroy Kate Mrs. nurse, r 86 Jay . "* 
McEvoy Dennis, r 117 Steuben 
SfcEvoy John, mason, r 117 Steuben 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



if the late comers to its neighborliood will 


McEvoy Timoth}' J. clerk Am. Ex. r 117 Steuben 
McEvoy Peter, salesman 48 Hotel, r 34 First 
(McEvoy see McAvoy) 

McEwan H. Peter, teamster, r 3 Grilfiths Place * 
McE^^en Mary, domestic 58 Broad 
McFall David, expressman, r 14 Mary 
McFall Frederick, laborer, r 121 Water 
McFeeley B. F. printer, r Grand Central Hotel 
^ McGarr Timothy E. stenographer, r 12 Steuben Park 
McGarvey Daniel, confectionery 181 Bleecker, r 50 Miller 
McGarvoy Dennis J. commercial traveler, r 128 South 
jj McGarvey George, tailor, r 60 Miller 

t McGarvey J. D. with M. McGarvey, r 50 Miller 
McGABVEY MARTIN, cigar store and sample room 

2 Bleecker cor Charlotte, r 86 Howard ave 
^ McGarvey Michael, laborer, r 22 Fay 

8 McGarvey Peter, teamster, r 52 Spring 

g McGARVEY WILLIAM H. (W. H. McGarvey ife Co.), r 43 

g Mary 

■fl McGARVEY WM. H. & CO. (W. H. McGarvey and James 

^ R Brady), Italian warehouse, wholesale liquor dealers 160 

$ Genesee and 2 Fayette. See advt bottom lines 

§ McGean W. W. laborer, r 59 Water 

^ McGee Catharine, r 35 First 

•^ McGee George, mason, r 142 Steuben 

3 McGee Hugh, mason, r 88 Chenango ave 
J McGee James, operative, r 27 Bristol 

,B McGee Maggie, weaver, r 5 Hart 

McGee Terrence, shoemaker, r 25 Aiken 

McGee Thomas, mason, r 5 Hart 

McGee Thomas Jr. engineer, r 5 Hart 
b McGee Wm. J. shoemaker, r 25 Aiken 
w (McGee see Magee) 
J (McGill see Magill) 
j^ McGillis Duncan, melter, r 11 Saratoga 
J McGilvary Kenneth, Forest Hill Cemetery, r same 

McGinnis Mary Mrs. r 27 Union 

McGinnis Mary E. teacher, r 27 Union 

McGinnis Nicholas, moulder, r 28 Wager 

McGinnis Thomas, laborer, r 43 Hicks 

McGinnis Thomas, laborer, r 147 Howard ave 

McGinnis Thomas F. marble cutter, r 27 Union 

McGinnis Thomas Jr. moulder, r 43 Hicks 

McGinnis Patrick, moulder, r 186 Court 

McGintey Maggie, domestic 95 State 

McGlynn Margaret, widow, r 173 Jay 

McGlynn William, machinist, r 173 Jay 

McGough Edward, clerk N. Y. C. freight house, r 43 Third 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


call on JIB for goods they don't find at home. 

McGOUGH PATRICK & SONS, coal dealers cor Park ave 

and Seoond 
McGOUGH PATRICK (P. McGou^h & Sons), r 1223Eliza- 

McGOUGH PATRICK JR (P. McGough & Sons), r 122 

Elizabeth ^ 
McGovem M. J. bookkeeper Hayes & Martin, r 137 Lansing J 

McGovern M, r 137 Lansing g* 

McGovern Michael, shoemaker, r 19 St. Vincent ;J 

McGovern Patrick, mason, r 188 Blandina gi 

McGovern Peter, blaoksmith; r in Deerfield ® 

McGovern Thomas F. student, r 137 Lansing g 

McGrath John P. r 49 Cooper ^ 

McGrath Lizzie, teacher, r 49 Cooper E 

McGraw M. V. B. lawyer 85 Arcade, r 10 Hobart a 

McGraw Nellie, r 86 Jay % 

McGraw Thomas, tinsmith, r 176 Columbia g. 

McGregor James, stove mounter, r 158 Mary £ 

McGregor Robert, moulder, r 15S Mary g. 

McGucken Daniel, salesman 60 Genesee, r 75 Charlotte ^ 

McGuire Bridget, domestic 49 Broad If 

McGuire Chas. overseer, r cor Bleecker and Nichols S? 

McGuire Edward, r 34 Taylor ave §• 
McGuire Ellen, widow, r 149 Bleecker 

McGuire Ellen, vest maker, r 9 Steuben g 

McGuire John, carpenter, r 116 Lansing o 

McGuire John, grocer 14 Eagle, r same P 

McGuire John, shoemaker, r 28 Saratoga M 

McGuire Kittie, r 9 Steuben ^ 

McGuire Michael, coachman, r 61 Oneida ^ 

McGuire P. H. moulder, r 76 Mary § 
McGuire Susan, widow, r 158 Jay 

(McGuire see Maguire) •-» 

McGukin John, engineer, r 29 Mary g 

McsGukin Frank, barber 178 Genesee, r 29 Mary ^ 

McGurty Arthur J. moulder, r 100 John co 

McGnrty Charles R. carpenter, r 100 John J 

McGurty George F. r 100 John g 

McGurty Theodore, clerk, r 100 John $ 
MoHUGH B. E. Miss, milliner 165 Genesee, r 49 Elizabeth ^ 

Mcflugh Francis, r 49 Elizabeth g 

McHugh Francis Jr. r 49 Elizabeth % 
McHugh John, laborer, r 102 Yarick 
McHugh Nora, r 16 Hopper 
(McHugh see McCue) 

Mclncrow C. T. Miss, dressmaker, r 25 Union 
Mclncrow Kittie, teacher, r 48 Broad 
'Mclncrow Mary, teacher, r 48 Broad 

Furnishing Undertaker, J/.! Genesee Street. 


and Bpring from Snininer. back 

McLoughlin Thomas, r 76 Spring 
McLoughlin Thomae, hostler, r 68 Washington 
McLoughlin Wm. C. bookkeeper, r 190 Wnitesboro 
(McLoughlin see McLaughlin) 
McMaher Thomas, weaver, r 210 Broad 
^ McMahon Esther B. Mrs. widow, r 77 Cornelia 

g McMahon Lizzie, domestic Trinity Kectory 

1 McMahon Mary B. r 77 Cornelia 

^ MeMahon Patrick, laborer, r 200 Neilsou 

<g McMann Francis, mason, r 9 Louisa 

p^ McMann Francis J. mason, r 9 Louisa 

Ji McMann Martin, carder, r 7 Oak lane 

jl McMann Mary, operative, r 7 Oak lane 

^ McMann Patrick, laborer, r 7 Oak lane 

^ McMann Peter, laborer, r 42 Elm 

"^ McMann Thomas, r 44 Hobart 

^ McMann Thomas, clerk, r 9 Louisa 

^ McManus James, blacksmith, r Deerfield road 

^ McManus John, laborer, r 26 Jay 

^ McManus Mary, widow, nurse, r 12 Neilson 

^ McManus Michael, stonecutter, r Deerfield 

g McManus Michael, gardener, r 32 First 

^ McManus Patrick, laborer, r Third cor Emily 

So McManus Patrick, r 35 Neilson 

5 McManus Patrick, laundry man Baggs Hotel 
^ McManus Patrick, r 24 Leah 

McManus Thomas, laborer, r Deerfield road 

d McManus Walter, teamster, r 7 Broad 

;d McMarlin Elizabeth, widow, r 45 Catharine 

I MoMARTIN H. J. (F. M. V. M. A.) r 46 Fayette 

o McMaster M. A. Mrs. general agent 69 Genesee, r 90 Gbar- 
^ lotte 

8 McMillan an drew, supt. puWlc schools, office Librnry 
o building, r 4 Hobart 

g McMillan Arthur, r 4 Hobart 

S McMillan Charles C. salesman 4 Catharine, r 1 Broadway 
g MoMILLAN JOHN B. druggist 113 Genesee, r 4 Hobart 
§ McMillan William, weaver, r 73 Cooper 

McMorrow Mary, r 46 Steuben 

McMorrow Mary Mrs. r 46 Steuben 

9 McMorrow Nellie, r 46 Steuben 

6 MoMORROW & CO. dry goods 57 Franklin Square 
MoMORROW PETER, (McMorrow A Co.) r 127 Blandina 
(McMorrow see Morrow) 

McMullen Carrie, factory operative, r 113 Court 
McMnllen Christina Mrs. r 113 Court 
McMullen John, tailor, r 20 Third 
McMnllen William, factory operative, r 84 Cooper 

H^ II. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquors j 




to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

McNall James, r 16 Pearl 

McNall Mary S. r 16 Pearl 

McNall William Q. pressman 60 Genesee, r 16 Pearl 

McNally Charles A. shoemaker, r 56 Dudley 

McNalJy Louisa, widow, r 65 Howard ave 

McNally Michael, laborer, r 108 Hicks 

McNally Michael, laborer, r 3 Seneca 

McNally Minnie, clerk, r 65 Howard ave g 

McNally Richard, shoemaker, r 86 Seymonr ave § 

McNamara Cornelias, moulder, r 19 Cornelia M 

McNamee Bridget, widow, r 230 Bleecker M 

McNamee Elizabeth, r 230 Bleecker *^ 

McNamee L W. clerk, r 8 West * 

McNearney Owen, shipping clerk, r 136 Columbia § 

McNEIL B. F. editor and publisher Dtica Enquirer 131 Gen- ^ 

esee, r 57 Charlotte 3 

McNeimey Annie, weaver, r 18 Huntington S" 

McNeirney Nora, weaver, r 18 Huntington 

McNIERNEY THOMAS, boarding and sales stables, 14 Mad- g- 

ison lane, r Central Hotel ^ 

McNeirney Mary, widow, r 79 Howard ave ^ 

McNeirney Martin, clerk, r 79 Howard ave q> 

McNeirney Michael, r 79 Howard ave S 

McNeirney Patrick, coachman 308 Genesee fr 

McNEIRNEY PATRICK (Utica Brewing Co.), grocer 42 R 

South, r same p^ 

McNett L. Mrs. tailoress, r 4 Pine ^ 

McNett Melissa Mr?, tailoress, r 66 Columbia g* 

McNevin John, clerk, r 106 Neilson J5 

McNevin Michael, r 106 Neilson m 

McNulty Edward D. bookkeeper, r 115 Third g, 

MeNnlty Edward, stone cutter, r 43 Whitesboro 

McNulty Daniel, r 8 Morris 

McNulty John, laborer, r 115 Third 

McNulty Joseph, moulder, r 248 Whitesboro 

McNute David, r 51 Catharine 

McNute M. M. Mr& boardine: house 51 Catharine 

McPherson Henry, shoecutter, r 146 Mary 

MePherson John, boots and shoes 82 Mohawk, r 146 Mary 

McPhillips Mary, baker Baggs Hotel 

McPeak Kittie, vestmaker, r 312 Whitesboro 

McPeak Mary Mrs. r 312 Whitesboro 

McQuade Augustus C. clerk, r 40 Miller 

McQUADE BROS, wines and liquors 19 John and 21 Broad 

McQuade Edward A. salesman Buckley & Co. r 98 Third 

McQuade Hugh, laborer, r 32 Second 

McQUADE JAMES Hon. r 68 Elizabeth 

McQuade Mary Mra r 98 Third 

Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



May 16th, Fires were needed, Orercoats comfortable. 

McQaade John W. Mra r 55 Blandina 
McQUADE PATRICK J. city clerk city hall, r Buterfield 
H ofiflft 

MoQUADE THOMAS R (McQaade Bros.), r 342 Genesee 
McQuade Wm. J. clerk M. H. Griffith & Co. r 65 Blandina 
McQuade William R, U. & B. R RR r 98 Third 
McQuivey Edwin, r New Hartford road 

2 McSorley Wm. W. r 107 Third 

^ McSweeny Hannah, weaver, r 43 State 

^ McTavey Edward, laborer, r 118 Elizabeth 

^ McTavey Sarah Mra r 118 Elizabeth 

^ MoTIERNAN WILLIAM, grocer 134 and 136 Bleecker, r 

3 Mc Vey Ellen Miae, r 78 Mary 

^ McVey Jamee, mason, r 113 Bleecker 

* McVey Katie, r St. Elizabeth's Hospital 

"g McWenie Bridget, tailoress, r 20 Hicks 

I MoWENIE EDWARD, ci«ar manufacturer 30 Fayette Opera 

House Block, r 77 Broadway. See advt page 40 
^ McWenie Edward, painter, r 20 Hicks 

|g McWenie John F. clerk, r 77 Broadway 

;g Meacham Lemuel D. custom tailor, r 98 John 

^ Meacham Martha, teacher, r 98 John 

f^ Meagan Hannah, r 11 Chenango ave 

S Meagan James, r 11 Chenango ave 

of Meagan James, r 108 Varick 

•^ Meagan John, cigarmaker, r 11 Chenango ave 

^ Meagan Margaret, widow, r 11 Chenango ave 

.g MECHANICS HALL, Hotel cor Liberty 

'd Meaney Mathew, wagonmaker, r 163 Blandina 

^ Meaney Wm. spinner, r — Bacon 

1 Mechler Edward, tailor, r 49 Varick 

^ Meehan James, weaver, r 29 Huntington 

t Meehan James, r 108 Varick 

00 Meehan Lizzie, r 147 Park ave 

^ Meehan Mrs. widow, r 226 Bleecker 

^ Meehan Mary, r 226 Bleecker 

g Meehan William, laborer, r 155 Elizabeth 

M Megert Mary, r 18 Cooper 

MeiKilouski Sarah, r 107 Water 

Meierhoff Christopher, r 9 Canal 

Melady Rose Mra r 156 South 

Melcer Bernstein, r 23 Third 

Melcer C. H. pedlor, r 23 Third 

MELDRAM W. W. upholsterer H. Glenn & Co. r 61 West 

Meldrum D. carpenter, r 276 Whitesboro 

Mellon James, laborer, r 37 Third 

Mellor James, r 13^ Huntington 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co.j Book-Binders and 


Dan Bioe was here, but no Summer. 

MeUor Orville R printer Observer office, r 19 Aiken 

Mellor Sidney 8. foreman U. S. 0. Mills, r 10 Bank 

Melmert Henry, r 99 Erie 

MENDELSON D. MRS. r 33 Elizabeth 

MENDELSON JACOB M. dealer in clothing 88 Elizabeth, 

r same 
Mendelson Joseph, r 88 Elizabeth » 

Meng Jacques, clothier 48 Bleecker, r cor Soath and Jeiferdon g 
Meugel Anion, carver, r 16 Caroline _ 

Mengel Lawrence, carver, r 16 Caroline ^ 

Menger Louis, weaver, r 278 Whitesboro 
Mercer William K model and tool maker, r 62 Broadway 
Mercer Mr& H. r 24 Hnbbell 
Merchants Fire Insurance Co., Hoyt & Butler 98 G-enesee g 

Meredith James, brakeman, r Kelly's near Park ave p* 

Meredith J. R cartman 12 Fayette, r 62 Jay ^ 

Meredith Richard Mrs. r 18 Devereux >S 

MERRICK CHARLOTTE L. physician 82 Devereux, r same g- 
Merkel Joseph, baker, r 12 Cornelia ^ 

Merley James, painter 36 Leal), r same 2 

Merley Peter, painter, r 84 Columbia 
Mema William, carpenter, r 47 Taylor ave § 


Merne James, r 68 Steuben ^ 

Merrell Agnes M. teacher, r 62 Kemble «^ 

Merrell B. 8. Mrs. r 62 Kemble § 

Merrell Caroline M. Mrs. r 61 Kemble g 

Merrell Jennie £. r 62 Kamble Q 

Merrill Clarissa, r 72 Eagle n 

Merrill Joseph B. salesman Buckley & Co. r 81 Bioadway ^ 

Merrill William, r 24 Nojes ^ 

MERRILL WM. R journalist Press office, r 79 Broadway ^ 

Merriman James, groceries and dry goods Whitesboro cor >* 

Schuyler, r 210 Columbia » 

Merritt Frank E. Jr. printer, r 101 Oneida p 

Merritt F. E. r 101 Oneida g. 

Merritt John, finisher, r 101 Court o» 

Merritt J. Etta, music teacher, r 101 Oneida ^ 

Merritt M. C. florist, r 101 Oneida ? 

Merry Delia K r Bleecker cor East S 

Meiry H. G. Mr& r 124 Blandina § 

MERRY SAMUEL F. shirt mfr. 28 Arcade, r 211 Park ave ^ 
Mertz Babara, r 319 Qenesee 
MERWIJ^ M. H. HON. judge of the supreme court, ottice 

Court House, r 56 Rntger 
Merwin M. K. r 66 Rutger 
Messe Amelia, tailoress, r 125 Lansing 
Messe Celeste, clerk, r 45 and 47 John 
Messe John, laborer, r 126 Lansing 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 187 Genesee 



Dry Ooodfl, Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, Upholstering Goodi, 

Meesenger Irvin, cigarmaker, r 205 Miller 

Messenger Sarah, r 205 Miller 

Messner Matthias, clerk, r 9 Breeso 

METCALF F. A. (Parvis, Metcalf& Co.) r 16 Steuben Park 

Metcalf Nelson, r 2 Chatham 

Metz Charles W. bailder 234: Court, r same 

METZ CHARLES H. 2 Parker Block, r 284 Court ^ 

Metzenen John, r 36 Fayette 

Metzger Catharine, tailoress, r 40 Warren 

Metzger Daniel, r 40 Warren 

Metzger Frederick, shoemaker, r 40 Warren 

Metzger John, shoemaker, r 99 Erie 
•^ Metzger Margaret, r 40 Warren 
§ Metzler Fidele, tailor, r 43 Dudley 
*3 Metzler Katie, tailoress, r 43 DudW 
^ Metzler Bichard, shoemaker, r 26 Hicks 
^ Meyer August, laborer, r 12 St, Joseph 
. Meyer George, r 33 Elm 
^ Meyer Henry H. laborer, r 1 86 Bleecker 
jf Mever John, laborer, r 168 Bleecker 
g MEYER OTTO A. Utica Press office, r 6 Dudley 

Meyer William C. bookkeeper 12 Liberty, r 6 Dudley 
^ (Meyer see Meyers and Myers) 
5 MEYERS EDWIN J. night clerk P. O. r 13 Mary 
^ Meyers Francis X. r 898 Whitesboro 
I Meyers F. X. Jr. r 398 Whitesboro 
S MEYERS FRANK I. 167 Genesee, r 70 Charlotte 
^ MEYERS IGNATIUS, variety store 167 Genesee, r 70 
to Charlotte 

^ Meyers Isadore, variety store 105 Miller, r same 
g Meyers Joseph, farmer, r Mulberry near Francis 
^ Meyers J. A. finisher, r 146 Whitesboro 
*^ Meyers Louis, shoemaker, r 14 Lock 
cT (Meyers see Mayer, Meyer and Myers) 
^ Meyn Dora Mrs. groceries cor Miller and Arthur, r same 
^ Michaels Phebe, r 50 West 
^ Michaels Sophia Mr& r 60 West 

Michaels Stephen, laborer, r 46 Warren 

Michel Charles L clerk D. L. & W. RR office, r 19 William 

Michel E. H. clerk, r 263 Whitesboro 

Michel F. W. Mra r 253 Whitesboro 

Michel Louis, barber, r 263 Whitesboro 

Mickam Otelia Mra domestic 71 Broad 

Middel John, music teacher, r 86 Chenango ave 

Middel Mary, weaver, r 210 Broad 

Middleton Isaac, cloth inspector G. W. Mills, r 36 Court 

MIDDLETON ROBERT, president and agent G. W. Oo. r 
263 Genesee 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. DouilasSf 


Shawls, Fans and Pur-Lined Gloves, Blankets and Mosquito Vet, 

Middleton Walter D. lawyer, r 263 Oenesee 

Midlam Jane A. Mrs. removed to Marquette, Mich 

Miblbauer George, tailor, r 15 Saratoga 

Milbank Kachel, widow, r 44 West 

Milbery Ada K. teacher, r 17i Tracy 

Milbery Charles, moulder, r 17^ Tracy 

Milbery Fannie M. dreesmaker, r 17i Tracy 

Milbery Fanuie Mrs. r 17i Tracy 

Miles Benjamin W. traveling agent, r 46 Miller 

Miles L. D. foreman at Eeynolds, r 110 South 

Miles Martha, r 4 Bristol 

Miles William D. commercial traveler, r 18 Miller 

Milgate Ann, widow, i^ 94 Seymour ave 

Milgate E. clerk, r 94 Seymour ave 

MILGATE EDWARD C. window shades, paper hangings, 
&C. 4 Fayette, r 114 sama See advt. page 22 

Milgate Frank, clerk, r 10 Green 

Milgate Henry E. r 286 Steuben 

Milgate M. H. poultry dealer, r 236 Steuben 

Milgate William, clerk, r 94 Seymour ave 

MILLAR CHARLES (Charles Millar & Son 127 Genesee), r 
868 same 

MILLAR CHARLES & SON, (Charles and Henry W. 
Millar), tinsmiths, gasfitters and plumbers 127 Genesee. 
See advt. outside back cover 

MILLAR HENRY F. & SON (Henry F. and Henry J. Mil- 
lar), Lake Superior Iron Ore roofing paint and carpent- 
ers and builders 27 Main. See paci^e 47 

MILLAR HENRY F. (H. F. Millar & Son) r 27 Main 

MILLAR HENRY J. (Henry F. Millar & Son) r 27 Main 

MILLAR HENRY W. (Charles Millar & Son 127 Genesee) 
r 345 same 

Millard R J. Mrs. r Garden cor Mulberry 

Millard Elizabeth J. Mrs. widow, r 79 Fayette 

Millard D. T. Mrs. r 112 Garden 

MILLER ADDISON C. (Miller & Fincke) r 6 Steuben Park > 

Miller Albert, r 7 Leeds ^ 

Miller A. F. glazier, r 73 John £ 

MILLER ALONZO F. bookbinder cor John and Broad, r 117 $ 
Third "S 

Miller Alex. H. tailor, r 64 Leah S 

Miller Anna, domestic 28 Broad | 

Miller Anton, carpenter, r 14 Faass ave g 

Miller Caroline, weaver, r 42 Fay g 

Miller Catharine, widow, r 59 Elm • 

Miller Charles, shoemaker, r 48 Second 

Miller Charles, cutter, r 29 Erie 

Miller Cha& r 103 Steuben 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee St. 




MILLER CHA.RLE8 V. (Thompson & Miller) r 105 Park 


Miller Christian F. grocer Hicks cor Green 

Miller Eliza, r 12 Bank 

Miller Emma, weaver, r 210 Broad 

Miller Emma D. domestic 48 Cottage 

Miller E J. piano tuner, r 64 Leah 

MILLER & FINCKE, (A. C. Miller and F. G. Fincke), law- 
yers 80 Genesee 

Miller Ferdinand, butcher, r 7 Bank 

Miller Frank, laborer, r 150 Catharine 
^ Miller Frank, carpenter and builder, r S8 Elm 
§ Miller Frank J. operative, r 55 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Miller Frank L carpenter and builder 102 Nelson, r same 
H Miller Geo. cigarmaker, r 37 Varick 
o Miller George W. r 126 Columbia 

Miller G. K. printer, r 30 Dudley 

1 MILLER HENRY F. (Martin & Miller,) r 7 Henry 
J Miller H. E Mrs. r 33 Broadway 

*| Miller Henry, upholsterer, r 248 Whitesboro 

f^ Miller Helen, domestic 28 Whitesboro 

;S Miller Henry T. bookkeeper, r 10 High 

^ Miller Horace B. r 72 Fayette 

g Miller Jacob, carpenter and builder, r 89 Elm 

Miller James Hon. pressman Herald office, r 72 Fayette 
'^ Miller Jennie Miss, r 57 West 
J Miller John, barber, r rear 60 Columbia 
& Miller John, stonecutter, r 159 Mohawk 
. Miller John, gardener, r 241 South 
% Miller John, grocer 18 and 19 Canal, r same 
*" Miller John, laborer, r 101 Garden 

Miller John, locksmith, r 85 Cooper 
- Miller John, carpenter, r 149 Mohawk 
cf Miller John G. shoecutter, r 18 Bristol 
B Miller John K. (W. T. Holliday & Ca) r 49 Second 
^ Miller John P. carpenter, r 1 Stevens 

Miller John, carpenter, r 94 Schuyler 

Miller John W. farmer, r Pleasant near Mohawk 

Miller Joseph, carpenter, r 48 Saratoga 

Miller Joseph, furnaceman, r 64 Leah oor Neilson 

Miller Joseph, shoemaker, r 117 Eagle 

Miller Kittie, weaver, r 1 Stevens 

Miller Leonard, foreman H. J. Holbrook & Co. r 178 Water 

Miller Leonard, butcher, r 171 Water 

Miller Leonard Jr. shoecutter, r 178 Water 

Miller Leopold, stonecutter, r 33 Green 

Miller Levi B. r 57 West 

Miller Lewis, r 70 J ohnson 

Wescott ^ Rewsswig, Fine Cmtom Tailors, 


_ ■ 


Miller Maggie, weaver, r 1 Stevens 
Miller Mary, operative, r 96 Colambia 
Miller Marj, domestic 14 Dudlev 
Miller Mattis, carpenter, r Deeriield road 
Miller Michael, wagonmaker, r 50 St Vincent 
Miller Morris S. Mr& r 70 Elizabeth 
Miller Robert, blacksmith, r 187 Jay 
Miller Bobert, laborer, r 2 Union 
Miller Robert, laborer, r 12 Huntington 
Miller Ratger B. Mr& r 44 Whitesboro 

Miller Sarah, dressmaker, r 12 Bank . 

Miller Soloma, widow, r 40 Oneida S 

Miller Valentine, r 146 Eossuth ave g 

Miller William, laborer, r Cooper cor Huntington ^ 

Miller William Jr. shoemaker, r 7 Gold •^^ 

Miller William, cabinet maker, r 108 Steuben o 

Miller William, r 7 Gold W 

Miller William E. pressman, r 30 Dudley *< 

Miller William H. factory operative, rl Stevens t^ 

(Miller see Millar.) ^ 

Millham Jane Mrs. r 20 York ^ 

Millham Geo. C. photographer, r 20 York 1, 

Miilington John, laborer, r 165 Columbia 

Millmore Barney, bartender, r 73 Washington g^ 

Mills Joseph L stove mounter, r Brinckerhoff ave 2 above ^ 
Mortimer C 

Mills Mary, domestic 45 Rutger S 

Mills Maria, r 271 Bleecker "" 

Miner Melville A. laborer, r 78 State S- 

Mitchell Alexander, civil engineer, r 95 Miller g 

Mitchell Anna, housekeeper Hotel Zublin S 

Mitchell Charles, salesman Buckley & Co. r 122 Mohawk Q 

Mitchell C. G. r 60 Rutger M 

Mitchell David, carpenter, r — Ash ^ 

Mitchell James W. laster, r 45 Elizabeth " ^ 

Mitchell John E. cigarmaker, r Northern Hotel g 

Mitchell Mary E. r 10 High '^ 

Mitchell Patrick, laborer, r Jefferson near Albany 
Mitchell Patrick, tailor, r 75 Mohawk 
MITCHELL SOLOMON, grocer 89 Water, r same 
Mitsler Charles, blacksmith, r 47 Albany 
Mitsler Jacob, farmer, r 46 Albany 
Mix Mary, weaver, r 210 Broad 
Miyn Edwinnie, tailoress, r 184 Blandina 
Moak Betsy, widow, r 276 Bleecker 
Moak Huson, bookkeeper 173 Genesee, r 178^ Park ave 
MOAK JUDSON, grocery 30 Albany, r 28 same 
Moehringer Andrew, r 22 Canal 

JVb. S8 Genesee Street, Utica. 


- - -■ - -~ 

CABPETS, will ocoagjonally drop up this way, 

g SQth ave 

Mohen Anu Mrs. r 148 Weet 

S Mohen Patrick W. cigarinaker, r 143 West 
^ Mohen Rose Ann, taiiorees, r 143 West 
g Mohr John, laborer, r Lock 
^ Mohr John P. shoemaker, r 46 Morris 
«S Moitz Re^imus Brother, r 154 Columbia 
g Molloy Thomas, carpenter, r 55 Steuben 
g Monahan Matthias, laborer, r 77 Park ave 
*^ Monckton F. E. bookkeeper, r 185 South 
^ Monfries Mathew, plumber, r 180 Columbia 
S Monks James P. bookkeeper, r 15 Hicks 

1 Monks Richard, r 15 Hicks 

g Monroe Benjamin F. S. upholsterer, r 85 Catharine 

.J Monroe Catharine Mrs. r 64 Miller 

^ Monroe Emma Miss, dressmaker, r 85 Catharine 

d Monroe Isaac W. r 128 Park ave 

^ Monroe John, r 1 1 1 Elizabeth 

g Monroe Joseph D. shipping clerk, r 5 Spring 

® Monroe Mary Miss, r 85 Catharine 

pg Monroe W. B. upholster, r 44 Elizabeth 

^ Montgomery John, r Second cor Mary 

pi Moon John R grocer 48 Cohimbia, r 420 Whitesboro 

a® Moon John, r 420 Whitesboro 
Mooney Christopher, bookkeeper Buckley & Co. r 36 Steubeo 
'S Mooney Christopher H. liquor store 34 Steuben, r 86 same 

3 Mooney Frank G. grocer 61 Park ave, r same 
M Mooney Frank P. telegrapher, r 92 Lansing 
2 Mooney George, r 48 First 
^ Mooney Henry, car sealer, r 61 Park ave 
g Mooney John F. com. ti-aveler, r 13 Elm 
^ Mooney John, laborer, r 61 Park ave 
g Mooney J. H. Mrs. widow, r 13 Ehn 
p Mooney Peter, grocer 23 Leah, r same 
Mooney S. cigarmaker, r 13 Elm 
Mooney T N. bookkeeper 23 Whitesboro, r 92 Lansing 

. Mooney Wm. J. printer, r 13 Elm 
S Moore Ann, r 75 Third 

«g Moore Bartholomew, train dispatcher, r 48 Mohawk 
o Moore Charles, laborer, r 158 South 
g« Moore Christopher, laborer, r Kemble above James 
g, Moore C. B. com. traveler, r Grand Central Hotel 
« Moore C. W. carpenter, r 46 Cottage 
^ Moore Dwight W. sign writer, r 18 Cooper 
%, Moore Electa, r 68 C<K)p€r 
S Moore Electa Mrs. r 68 Cooper 
« Moore Fenton, mason, r 36 Morris 

W. If. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 


— JTut a> they med to go out flahing for a day's recreation,— 

Moore Fred, derk 8 Liberty, r 6 Broadway 
Moore H. G. (Moore & Schuderer), r 68 Cooper 
Moore Horatio S. bookkeeper, r 68 Cooper 
MOORE J. DeV. physician, resfdence and office 135 Park ave g^ 

Moore John, painter, r 28 Eagle S 

Moore John F. printer 167 Genesee, r 75 Park ave ^ 

Moore John, mason, r 68 Third 5 

Moore John, laborer, r 11 Hnbbell cq 

Moore John, painter, r 28 Elm g 

Moore John, spinner, r 87 Court "^ 

Moore John S. brakeman, r 16 McYean g 

Moore Joehna, operative, r 30 Saratofira 8 

Moore Joeepl), coachman, r 191 South ^ 

MOOKE LEGRAND (Moore & Sheldon), r 28 Lansing | 

Moore L G. r 211 Genesee p* 

Moore Margaret, dressmaker, r 11 Hotel 3. 

Moore Margaret, domestic 90 Cornelia *< 

Moore Mary T. r 75 Park ave 4 

Moore Mary Ann, boarding house 125 Varick ^ • 

Moore Martha, r 211 Genesee * *3 

Moore Matthew, blacksmith, r 75 Park ave ^• 
Moore Michael, r 87 Park ave 

Moore Patrick, moulder, r Brinckerhoff ave cor Arthur 

Moore Shubel, carpenter, r First cor Catharine ^ 
MOORE & SHELDON, (Legrand Moore and Artemas H. J 

Sheldon), harness and trunks 46 Genesee ^ 
MOORE & SCHUDERER, (H. G. Moore and F. M. Schud- B 

erer), dry goods 40 and 42 Varick o- 

Moore Winnifred, r 160 Park ave ^ 

Moore T. K r 59 Catharine g* 

Moore William, Deerfield road ^ 

(Moore see More.) ^ 

Moorehead Maria, knitter, r 17 Kossuth ave S 

Moorehead Mary Mrs. r 166 Broad ^ 

Moorehead James Jr. engineer, r 9 Kossuth ave ST 

Moorehead Robert, r Jefferson near Bleecker ^ 

Moorehead Robert, laborer, r 168 Broad R 

Moorehead Thomas Jr. bartender, r 67 Bleecker g 

Moorehead Thomas, laborer, cor Mary and Kossuth ave o 

Moorehead William, mill operative, r 9 Kossuth ave ^ 

Mootz MaiT) 325 Genesee M 

MORAN EDWARD, grocer 102 Jay, r same ^ 

Moran John, laborer, r 15 Barnes ^ 

Moran Kate, domestic 10 Dudley g 

Moran Michael, r 15 Barnes 'o^ 
Moran Patrick, laborer, r 15 Barnes 
Moran William, grocer 87 Water, r same 
Morath Fenton, cigarmaker, r 166 Jay 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



w Morath Fidel, tobacconist, r 166 Jay 

5 MORATH GEORGE, wagonmaker 68 Albany, r 166 Jay 

•Q Morath George Jr. carpenter, r 166 Jay 

^ Morath George J. carpenter, r 19 Hope 

^ Morath Joeepn, clerk, r 259 Whitesboro 

o Morath Roman, carpenter, r 259 Whitesboro 

jS More Albert W. lumber measnrer, r 81 Cooper 

^ More James M teamster, r 4 Cedar 

g More Myron, clerk, r 81 Cooper 

p More Thomas W. mason, r 81 Cooper 

•H ^More see Moora) 

^ Moreau Frank I. operative, r 13 Broadway 

^ Morehouse Alva, ear driver, r 122^ Blandina 

J MOREHOUSE G. C. (Sutton & Morehouse), r 


Waverly 372 
Morehouse Richard H. lawyer 181 Genesee, r Dudley Hooae 
'3 Morey Anson J. musician, r 31 Elm 
^ Morgan Anna E. dressmaker, r 14 Cooper 
§ Morgan Charles E. clerk, r 60 Miller 
*H Morgan Daniel, r 98 South 
^ Morgan David R Mra r 145 John 
4Q Morgan George, 20 Catharine, r Deerfield 
1^ Morgan James, carpenter, r 54 Francis 
*I Morgan James A. r 7 South 
*§ Morgan James C. sash maker, r 54 Francis 
2 MORGAN J. E (Lord & Co.) r 27 Whitesboro 
> Morgan J. E. Mra r 27 Whitesboro 
^ Morgan John A. r 7 South 
*? Morgan John D. printer, r 20 Chatham 
<& Morgan Marvin D. carpenter, r 5^ Francis 

^ Morgai 
...Q Morgan Willard H. bookkeeper, r 71 Charlotte 
a Morganson Paul, coachman 269 Genesee 
g Moroney John, clerk, r 77 Blandina 
>3 Moroney Pierce J. clerk, r 15 Lansing 
: }^ Morrin Catherine Mrs. widow, r 88 Third 
«K, Morris Bridget, weaver, r 28 Bristol 
^ Morris Chanes G. cigarmaker, r 80 Miller 
.^ MORRIS D. ELLIS, journalist Herald office, r 262 Genesee 
1:1 Morris David J. carpenter, r 48 Miller 
««§ Morris Daniel T. bricklayer, r48 Miller 
'2J Morris Edward, spinner, r 23 Bristol 
o Morris Edward D. carpenter, r 48 Miller 
•*! Morris Edward L. r 17 Aiken 

Morris Elizabeth Mrs. r 2 Miller ^ 

Purvis, Metoalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 


: — O 

Morrie Enoch, harnessmaker, r Liberty cor Broadway ^ 

Morrie George, r BeU'e Hotel, Deei^eid o 

Morris Oeorge W. Commercial Hotel 8 Elizabeth *^ 

Morris H. 6. bookkeeper, r 30 Cooper S 

Morris Helen C. r 80 Miller hi 

Morris Jane Mrs. r 49 Warren Jj^ 

Morris J. W. florist, r Albany cor East o 

Morris John J. stone cutter, r 81 Spring ^ 

Morris John, laborer, r 28 Bristol p 

Morris John R Mrs. r 38 Brinckerhoff ave g* 

Morris James, cntter, r 94 Court to 

Morris Joseph, cutter, r 79 Liberty ^ 

Morris Lydia, r 14 Hotel ^ 

Morris Mary, operative, r 23 Bristol ^ 

Morris Mary R. Mrs. r 14 Hotel O 

Morris Michael, laborer, r 23 Bristol C 

Morris Morris W. carpenter, r East cor Albany q, 

' Morris Peter, engineer, r 59 Taylor ave Qa 

Morris Phoebe, domestic 91 Fayette £ 

MORRIS PRICE, (Morris & Mover), r 79 Liberty § 

Morris Samnel H. physician 10 Bleecker, r 64 Elizabeth ^ 

Morris T. a cutter, r 27 Cottage ' ^ 

Morria Thomas K engineer, r 60 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Morris Watson D. printer Obierver, r 14 Francis ^ 

Morris William R r 36 Plant 5^ 

Morris William R r 17 Tracy §* 

Morris William J. r 3 Bank ^ 

Morris William J. conductor, r 125 Whitesboro ci 
MORRIS & MOYER (Price Morris and J. O. Moyer), gro- g 

ceries 63 Bleecker B 

Morrison Fred, laborer, r 91 Liberty B 

Morrison Geo. r 100 Washinjrton g 

Morrison M. J. Mrs. r 100 Washington S. 

Morrison Satie, r 100 Washington ^ ^S" 
Morrissey H. Mr& r 81 Huntington 

Morrissey Wm. laborer, r 80 Catharine w 

Morrow James, clerk Whitesboro cor Schuyler g. 

Morrow Katie Mrs. r 41 Philip 5^ 

Morrow Mary, weaver, r 41 Philip *^ 

Morrow Patrick Mra laborer, r 89 Philip ^ 

(Morrow see McMorrow) P 

MORSE J. B. REV. artist, r 1 Clark Place g 

Morse Sidney, r 130 Genesee » 

Mortimer George, wool sorter, r 125 Varick *& 

Mortimer John, wool sorter, r 91 Court g 

Mortin Wm. butcher 35 Main, r same q 

Mortis Wm. well di^er, r 94 Taylor ave g 

Mortley James A. r Deerfield road S 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee- s 



if the late comers to ita neighborhood will 

Moebrngger BarnabaB, painter, r 24 Varick 

MoBer George, etoDecutter, r 7i Chenango ave 

Moeer Jacob, inachinist, r 92 Miller 
^ MOSEK JOHN, tinsmith and roofer 18 Seymoar ave, r 
"3 same. See page 51 

g Moeher 11. M. com. agent 92 Genesee 
m Moshier Anna, r 92 Miller 

9 MOSHIER BROS. (Charles and W. D.) manntk and wholesale 
SS^ dealers in spices, teas, &c. 40 and 42 Fayette 

«J MOSHIER CHARLES (Moshier Bros.) r 103 Bleecker 
CO Moshier Edward S. clerk, r 58 Third 
j^ Moshier Fred, weaver, r 28 Orchard 
^ Moshier George A. clerk, r 97 Conrt 
§ Moshier J. D. mechanic, r 97 Court 
,g MOSHIER W. D. (Moshier Broa r 108 Bleecker 
t^ Moss Emma, r 16 Post 
1^ Moss Peter, shoemaker, r 186 Fayette 
'^ Moss Wm. F. shoemaker 837 Genesee, r 28 Hart 
§ Mott Anna M. teacher, r 43 Court 
iQ Mott A. W telegrapher, r 66 Fayette 
•5 Mott C. A. clerk D. & H. C. Co. r 42 Howard ave 
^ Mott C. G. photographer, r 101 Oneida 
3 Mott Jane M. teacher, r 48 Court 
^ Mott J. F. piano tuner 12 Arcade 
5 Mott Wm. brewer, r 93 Third 

» Motta Ginvanns, laborer, r towpath near Clark's bridge 
^ Mould Anson, carpenter, r 50 Johnson 
^ Mould Arthur D. shipping clerk, r 45 Cornelia 
g Mould James, r45 Cornelia 
;q Mould Julia G. mfr. of hair work, r 45 Cornelia 
M Mourey George, tailor, r 108 Seymour ave 
•3 Mowers Nellie, saleslady, r 18 Whitesboro 
O Moyer Amil, butcher, r 98 Chenango ave 
O MOYER J. C. (Morris & Moyer) r 57 Fayette 
^ Muddeman Edward, painter, a 108 Steuben 
^ Mugel Caroline, domestic cor Jefierson and South 
^ Muihem Geo. attendant Asylum, r 86 Chenango ave 
^ Mulholland Charles, r 31 Rutger 
*♦* Mulholland John, laborer, r 16 Eagle 

.g MULHOLLAND JOHN, dry goods and gents' fumishiDg 
^ goods 184 Genesee, r 81 Kutger 

9 Mullaney James, laborer, r 5 Griffiths Place 
g Mullaney John, carpenter, r 19 Barnes 
'3 Mullaney Michael, carpenter r 19 Barnes 
S Mullaney Wm. carpenter, r 19 Barnes 
f*J Mullen David H. laborer, r 71 Water 

Mullen Edward, barber 46 Bleecker, r Bleecker cor Third 

Mullen Frank J. clerk, r 91 Mohawk 

Fred A- Cassidy, successor to J.E. Douglass, 


Mullen James F. clothiDg Arcade, r 16 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Mullen Joseph, clothing Arcade, r Little Falls b* 

Mullen William J. clerk, r 91 Mohawk ^ 

(Mullen see Mnllin) CD 

Mulligan George, r South Hamilton g; 

Mulligan George, mason, r 89 Mohawk CD 

Mulligan James, laborer, r 81 Water O* 
MULLIGAN JAMES, soloon and livery stable 172 Court, r g 

150 same «^ 

Mulligan James, pedler, r 67 Miller g 

Mulligan Michael, machinist, r 81 Water qq 

Mulligan Michael, laborer, r 9 South Hamilton ^ 

Mulligan Miles, r 56 Cornelia ^ 

Mulligan Thomas T. stonecntter, r 55 Cornelia q, 

Mulligan William, conductor, r 30 Spring Q) 

Mullin D. Mr& r 149 Blandina S' 

Mnllin Henry, laborer r 71 Water 2. 

Mullin Mary, r 149 Blandina ^ 

Mullin Michael F. bookkeeper, r 149 Blandina b 

Mullin Patrick, stove moulder, r 149 Blandina g; 

(Mullin see Mullen) ^ 

Mulrooney Timothy, teamster, r 79 State O5 

Mulveney James, carder, r 5 Griffiths Place g^ 

Mnmford Franklin, r 2 Chatham cf 
MQMFORD LYMAN , dry goods, groceries, crockery, etc. 16 ? 

South, r 2 Chatham . 
ilunckton George, assistant undertaker 50 Bleecker, r same ^^ 

Mundy L Charles, photographer 11 Broad, r 91 Blandina o 

Mundinger Charles, shoemaker, r 52 Plant ^ 

Mnndinger Henry, saloon 180 Columbia, r 4 S. Hamilton p 

Jilnndinger Lizzie, factory operative, r 4 S. Hamilton ^ 

Mundinger William, shoemaker, r 4 S. Hamilton RT 

Mungrove Katie, r 39 Philip Q 

Munn John, r 30 Miller P 

Mnnn Mary Mrs. r 80 Miller QD 

MUNSON ALFRED H. (Munson Bros.) r 229 Genesee ^^ 

Munson Annie, domestic 45 Blandina g 
MUNSON BROS. (Edmund L, Alfred H. and Counsel O. 

Munson), buhr mill stones, mill machinery and masons' 09 

materials Broadway cor Erie Canal ^ 

MUNSON COUNSEL, (Munson Bros.) r 83 Lansing Q 

Munson Charles Mrs. widow, r 18 Oak g 

MUNSON EDMUND L (Munson Broa) r 23 Blandina g 

Munson H. J. laborer, r 1 Hotel CD 

Munson Samuel A. Mrs. r 55 Fayette ^ 

Murch August, butcher, r 57 Warren ^ 

Murch Frederick, tailor, r 82 Canal ^ 

Murch William, laborer, r 337 Whitesboro CD 

: Si. 

Furnishing Undertaker^ ^7 Genesee Street. 



■ — — ^— » ■ II 

since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

^■^^^^^^M^^^^^^M— ^—^ M 111^. »■■■■!■ — 1 - ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I I ■ I I I ■■ ■^ — » ■■■«■■■ ■ - ^ 

Mardent James Mrs. widow, r Deerfield Oornere 

Murdent Libbie, operative, r 211 Genesee 

Murphy Ann, r 26 Cornelia 

Mnrphj Bern, clerk, r 51 Catharine 

Murphy Bridget, domestic 81 Bntror 

Murphy Catharine, domestic 846 Genesee 

Murphy Charles, derk, r 86 Kossuth ave 
•N Murphy Cha& agent, r 50 Spring 
^ Murphy Daniel, laborer, r 1y7 Jay 
^ Murphy David G. tinsmith, r 48 John 
*§ Murphy Edw^, moulder, r 83 Court 
1^ Murphy James, tailor, r 6 8t Vincent 
j) Murphy James J. mason, r 162 South 
;g Murphy Jeremiah, saloon 104 Catharine, r same 
• Murphy Jeremiah, r 55 Park ave 
§ Murphy Jerry, teamster, r 65 Park ave 
^ Murphy John, shoemaker, r 31 Hotel 
g Murphy John, mason, r 120 Steuben 

|h Murphy John P. saloon, r 281 Bleecker, r Blandina near Kos- 
"S suth ave 

S Murphy Libbie, tailoress, 87 Louisa 
^ Murphy Lizzie, teacher, r 86 Kossuth ave 
^ Murphy Maggie, domestic 18 Broadway 
*H Murphy Margaret Mrs. r 6 Mary 
;2 Murphy Margaret, widow, r 80 Garden 
^ Murphy Margaret, widow, r 6 Morris 
S Murphy Mary, dressmaker, r 44 £lm 
1^ Murphy Mary, domestic 92 Elizabeth 
o Murphy Mary, dressmaker, r Bleecker cor Kossuth ave 
^ Murphy Mary, domestic, r 65 Broad 
*Q Murphy Mary, r 26 Aiken 
^ Murphy Mary Mrs. r 198 Court 
QQ Murphy Mary Mra r 186 Jay 
^ Murphy Mary Mrs. tailoress, r 87 Louisa 
^ Murphy Michael Jr. printer, r 85 Kossuth ave 
■^ Murphy Michael Mr& r 20 Leah 
^ Murphy Michael, blacksmith, r 10 South Hamilton 
^ Murphy Michael, laborer, r Kossuth ave cor Bleecker 

Murphy Michael, factory operative, r 10 South Hamilton 

Murphy Patrick, carpenter, r 18 Morris 

Murphy Peter, laborer, r 148 Elm 

Murphy Peter, moulder, r Kossuth ave cor Bleecker 

Murphy Terressa, domestic 128 John 

MUkPHT THOMAS, carpenter and builder, r 46 Hobart 
See advt page 56 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, r 59 Park ave 

Murray Anna, dressmaker, r 44 Fayette 

MURRAY D. C. (Johnson k Murray), r 268 Genesee 

■ - "m |- !!■■ IIHIII I I - II -a !■ 

Westcott ^ Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 


The bandaomest DryOoods & Carpeta on earth 

Marraj Hof^b, r 60 Tracy 
Murray Kittie, domeBtic 151 Jay 

Murray John H. with Millar & Sod, r 82 Court (ii 

Murray Mary, tailorees, r 104 Lansing ^ 

Murray Mary, widow, r 104 LaneiDg ttt 

Murray Mary, widow, •- 106 Biandina g 

Murray Bobert £. com. traveler, r 104 Lansing , ^ 

Murray Thomas Mr& r 183 Mary '^^ ^ 

Murray Thomas, laborer,. r 107 Fayette N 

Murtangh James, r 42 Seymour ave (^ 

Murtha JCittie Mra r 29 Sarato^ q 

Murtha Thomas, laborer, r 116^1izab6th p 

Muschard P. eigarmaker, r 826 Whitesboro c^ 

Muspratt A. D. Mra r 20 Steuben "V 

Muspratt Sarah, r 20 Steuben S 

Mutnig Adam, shoemaker, r 16 Wager 9» 

Muthig Jacob, painter, r 82 Wager " ^ 

Muthig John A. mason, r 92 Hicks ^ 

Myers Andrew, barber, r 170 Bleecker Co 

Myers Anthony, engineer Central BB. r 72 Second q 

Myers George H. blacksmith, r 77 Court CD 
MTERS & CO. custom millers, Deerfield road. See advt g 

page 52 €» 

Myers Mary, r 72 Second S 

Myers Michael, laborer, r 50 Kossuth ave 0^ 

Myers John Jr. Mrs. r 187 Jay r^ 

MYERS JOHN (Utica Star Brewery), r 98 Broad " 

(Myers^ see Meyer and Meyers) 1^ 

MyhaD Minnie, r 18 Chatham g 

NAGEL EBNST, laborer, r 62 Johnson ^ 

Nagel Herman, r 2 Potter o 

Nagel Henry, stove mounter, r 18 Griffiths Place i^ 

Nagel John, laborer, r towpath below Clark's bridge 9 

Nagel Mar^, 10 Steuben Park I 

Nagle Patrick, laborer, r 128 Jay | 
Nagele Ferdinand, stone cutter, r 148 Mohawk 
Nagele Veronica Mrs. r 368 Whitesboro 

Nagele Waibert, cartman, r 119 Butger I 
Nally Edward J. painter, r Mary cor Milgate 

Nally Theresa, widow, r 14 Hubbell i 
Nally Peter M. house painter and grainer, r Mary cor Milgate « 

Nally Timothy, paper hanger, r 34 Hubbell » 

Nally William, paper hanger, r 14 Hubbell f 

Nallv William, painter, r Mary cor Milgate B 

Napier J. agent, r 27 Cooper "S 
Napier William, r 27 Cooper 
Nash Emma, operative, r 25 Chenango ave 

M?. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



and spring from Summer back 

3 Nash William R. blacksmith, r 25 Chenango ave 
Q Nash William, shoemaker, r 17 Cornelia 
Q Nathan Harris, pedler, r 117 Water ' 

a Nealon John, saloon, r 58 Dadley 
^ Neary Frank "E. R. r 28 Plant 
*§ Needefer Haldrich jeweler, r 150 Whitesboro 
Qj Needham Ellen, r 58 Seymour ave 
^' Needham Frank, hostler, r 32 Catharine 
^ Needham W. M. salesman, r 58 Seymour ave 
•Q Neejer Annie, r 61 Elm 

^ NEEJER CHARLES G. horse shoer 43 Francis 
i^ Neejer Henry, saloon 150 Whitesboro 
*3 Neeier Henry G. Oneida square house 1 Oneida, r same 
5j Neejer Martin, r 89 Plant 
^ (Neejer see Neiger) 
•N^ Neer Henry, r 130 Schuyler 
^ Neer William H. teamster, r 130 Schuyler 
^ Neff William, r 29 Steuben 

^ Neice William W. 52 Franklin square, r 96 Columbia 
"td Neiger Susie Mra r 22 Chenango ave 
•9 Neiger Casper, laborer, r 26 Chenango ave 
^ Neiger John,, teamster, r 22 Chenango ave 
^ (Neiger see Neeger) 
00 Neilson C. laborer, r 57 Third 
50 Neild Henry, laborer, r 81 State 
|H Nelbach Christian, shoecutter, r 189 Columbia 
N Nelbach Charles B. salesman, r 186 Fayette 
. Nelbach John B. confectioner 156 Fayette, r same 
g NELBACH JOHN, furniture 184 Fayette, r 186 same 
-g Nelbach John N. undertaker, r 186 Fayette 
*§ Nelbach Joseph, cabinet maker, r 33 Saratoga 
^ NELBACH JOSEPH R (P. J. Nelbach & Son), r 106 Fay 
0) ette 

•CI Nelbach Lambert, shoecutter, r 14 Warren 
'^ Nelbach Lena, r 14 Warren 
o Nelbach Maggie, r 14 Warren 
§ Nelbach Matthias, furniture, r 14 Warren 
r NELBACH PETER J. (P. J. Nelbach & Son), r 106 Fay- 

g NEL^BACH P. J. & SON (P. J. and J. B. Nelbach), forni 

^ ture and undertaking, 116, 118 and 120 Fayette 

§ Nellis Bart, bricklayer, r 49 Liberty 

O Nellis R D. Mra r 75 State 

3 Nelson Clara, r 179 Blandina 

^ Nelson Edward, waiter Ladies' Seminary 

1^ Nelson Edwin, r21 Steuben 

a Nelson John, moulder, r 179 Blandina 

^ Nenninger John, saloon 123 Liberty, r same 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquors, 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Nenninger Martin, laborer, r 178 Fayette 
Nenthordt John, shoemaker, r 94 Brinckerhoff ave 

Nesbitt Hugh, dry goods 89 Genesee, r 53 Lansing . 

Nesins Gertrade Mr& r 86 Canal ^ 

Nesias Jacob, sash and blind maker, r 46 Taylor ave o 
Nesius John, carpenter, r Mortimer bet. Third and Taylor ave £ 

Nesley Emil, cabinet maker, r 29 Hnntington ^ 

Nestor John, mason, r 124 West ^ 

Netscher Theodore, grinder, r 244 Blandina ^ 

Neville Julia, widow, r 9 Second O 

Neville Mary, tailoress, r 9 Second P 

Neville William, yard master, r 51 Whitesboro 0} 

Newell Ambrose, driver, r 21 Erie & 
NEWELL CHARLES N. (N. C. Newell & Son), r 5 Henry g* 
NEWELL NORMAN C. (N. C. Newell & Son), r 239 Gen- - 

esee S 
NEWELL N. C. & SON (Norman G. and Charles N. New- fc 

ell), painters' materials 111 Genesee ^ 

Newell Sam. painter, r 13 Nichols *t 

Newell William, cartman, r 36 Jay ^ 

Newhonse George, tailor, r 13 Kossuth ave Ci 

Newkirk Frank, laborer, r 292 Whitesboro § 

Newland Emma, r 2 William & 

Newland Fanny R teacher, r 2 William jjj 

Newland J. H. Mr& r 82 Blandina c^ 

NEWLAND LIND8 D. saloim 18 Broad, r 76 game » 

Newland T. J. coppei-smith, r 2 William ^ 

Newlove William, painter, r 94 Eagle St 

Newman Charles, with Comstock Bros. & Co. r 6 John ^ 

Newman Clarence, civil engineer, r S3 Charlotte 9 

Newton Ella May, r 10 Elm - 

Newton Hiram O. shoemaker, r 11 Eagle § 

Newton W. J., N. Y. S. L Asylum, r same j^ 

Newton William P. pump maker 87 Eagle, r same ^ 

New Anthony, laborer, r Deertield road g 

New John, laborer, r Deerfield road •§. 

New Jerry, laborer, r Deerfield g^ 

New York Clothing Co. 2 and 4 Arcade Sf 

NEW YORK DENTAL CO. 226 Genesee jj- 

Ney Frank K r 91 Blandina ^ 

NEY HENRY, (R^^wley, Ney & Co.^ r 13 High S. 

Ney Henry M. bookkeeper, r 11 Hijrli ^ 

Ney James T. bookkeeper U. S. C. Mills, r 13 High Jg* 

(Ney see Nye.) g 

Neyenhouse Gerardns, machinist, r 112 Howard ave ^ 

Neyenhouse John, r 81 Third ? 
Neyenhouse John, printer, r 112 Howard ave 
(Neyenhouse see Ninehonse.) 

Genesee corner Fayette ii>treet. 




May 16th, Fires were needed, OverooatB comfortable. 

Nickel Chriatian, grocer Eirkland cor Chenango ave, r same 
. Nickel Daniel, musician, r 202 Blandina 
g Nickel Daniel, laborer, r 171 Water 
eg Nickel Daniel, cigarmaker, r 171 Water 
^ Nichols Emily, widow, r 187 Bleecker 
^ Nichols Oeorge H. clerk 86 Oenesee, r 20 Seymonr are 

Nichols Hiram D. clerk, r 50 Leah 
n:| Nichols Morey, painter, r 32 Parker 
^ Nichols Wm. r 87 Mohawk 
^ Nichols W. H. laborer, r 65 Johnson 
•^ Nichols William H. printer /VeM office, r 66 Broadway 
3 NICHOLSON CHAS. A. manager central N. Y. T. A T. Ct>. 
Q) 26 Arcade, r 118 State 

j^ Nicholson Oeorge, coachman, r 121 Bntger 
9 Nicholson Michael, laborer^ r 12 Mohawk 
•ci Niebel Valentine, laborer, r 102 Hicks 
§ Nieder Charles J. laborer, r 187 Rntger 
fl Nielson Jens, laborer, r 28 Meadow 
Q Nieringer Elizabeth, widow,, r 17 EoesutU ave 
"d Niermeyer G. F. stove mounter, r 15 Neilson 
^ Niermyer Chas. engineer, r 17 Kossuth ave 
^ Niermyer Fred, spinner, r 17 Kossuth ave 
S Niermyer H. L tailor, r 17 Kossuth ave 
"^ Nightimnde Frank J. salesman Buckley & Oa r 86 Jay 
^ NIGHTINGALE THOMAS P. superintendent American 
"d District Telegraph Co. 6 Liberty, r Deerfield road 

§ Nightingale William J. Mr& r 41 Second 
•^ Nightingale Wm. W. operator, r 41 Second 
§ Niles Jay, pattern maker, r 46 Mohawk 
^3 Ninehouse John, baggageman, r Deerfield 
b (Ninehouse see Neyenhouse.) 
i;) Nirschel Joseph, cooper, r Deerfield 

j^ Nitzschke R F. A., N. Y. fancy store 88 Columbia, r same 
o Nolan Augustus, confectioner, r 81 Tracy 
^ Nolan James F. clerk Bncklev & Co. r 8 Mary 
O Nolan James, laborer, r 19 Albany 
§ Nolan James, teamster, r 10 Albany 
4a Nolan James, laborer, r 26 Elizabeth 
'^ Nolan John, fireman, r 81 Bleecker 
^ Nolan John, salesman 177 Genesee, r 8 Fayette 
? Nolan John, r St. Luke's Hospital 
^^ Nolan Thomas, laborer, r 26 Elizabeth 

Nolan Patrick T. salesman, r 8 Mary 
^ Norris Charles B. 4 Catharine, r 22 "Garden 
p Norris Edward, teller First National Bank, r 826 Genesee 
*5 Norris William, carriage painter, r 93 West 

Nort Irving, laborer, r near city line 

NORTH 8. N. D. (E H. Boberte & Co.) r 11 Cottage Place 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book- Binders and 



Dan Bioe was here, but no Summer. 

NOBTH WALTER C. photofrrapher 56 Genesee, r same 

ANGE CO. Hoyt & Batler, 93 Geneeee g 

Northrop Frank J. r 694 Oene«ee k^ 

Northrop F. W. r 694 Oeneeee ^ 

Northrop Margaret J. Mrs. r 694 Genesee ^ 

Northrop Otis m. r 694 Genesee Q 

Northmp Albert, r 16 Cooper § 

Northmp Alson B confectioner 4 Liberty, r 47 Miller gb 

Northrop Emerson, sash maker, r 16 Cooper ~| 
NORTHRUP D. W. (D. W. Northrop & Co.) r Butterfield g 

Honse $^ 
NORTHRUP D. W. & CO. mfrs. of Scotch caps 60 and 52 q 

Liberty g 

Northrop Linos A. confectionery 6 Genesee, r same € 

Northrop Mary £. r 21 Oneida ^ 
Northrop Milton M. coofectionery 27 Charlotte, r 57 Fayette ^ 

Northrop Sarah E. r 12 Francis ^ 

NORTON E. R grooeries Oneida Sqoare, r 9 Oneida % S 

Norton Edgar S. farmer, r 2 Milgate ^ 

Norton Edward W. cigarmaker, r 90 Steoben o» 
NORTON EDWARD, meat market 73 Bleecker, r 160 g. 

Steoben ^ 

Norton Frank, botcher, r 160 Steoben J^ 

Norton Harvey, pattern maker, r 15 Scott l^ 

Norton James, r 90 Steoben ^ 

Norton John, botcher, r 160 Steoben p 

Norton John, salo6n 99 Liberty, r same C 

Norton John Mr& r 90 Steoben A 

Norton Margaret, widow, r 59 Park ave ^ 

Norton Mary, domestic 17 Scott ^^ 

Norton Mary, seamstress, r 90 Steoben Qi 

Norton Patrick, teamster, r 4 Pine 5^ 

Norton Patrick, coachman, r 24 Seneca jii 

Norton Thomas, batcher, 1 160 Steoben 03 

Norton Wm. botcher, r 160 Steoben ^ 

Norton W. pattern maker, r 64 Cooper ^ 

Norton Wm. R farmer, r 280 Albany 1^ 

Novelty Works, 81 Washington Co 

NOTES AUSTIN, restaurant 6 John, r same to 

Noechter Y. laborer, r 46 Parker Q 

Nogent Dennis F. plumber and gas fitter, r 100 Blandina g 

Nogent Michael, tinsmith, r 15 Huntington O 

Nogent Patrick F. foreman 17 Whitesboro, r 129} Blandina $ 

Nogent Thomas, cotter, r 61 Joho O 

Nogent T. J. Mrs. r 49 Elizabeth Cn 

Nomberger Mary M. domestic 5 Dudley ^ 
N UNN JOSEPH, dealer io pomps 21 Liberty, r Deerfield 

3lank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 




Dry Oooda, Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, TTpholstering Ooods, 

«B Kusbaam H. H. saloon 29 Elizabeth, r 19 same 

^ Nusbanm Harry, r 29 Elizabeth 

Q Nnsbaum K lawyer 69 Oenesee, r Waverly 872 Genesee 

Nasbaum Michael, r 184 Whitesboro 
^ Nutt^E. John, wool sorter, r Ohestnnt near Garden 
4q Nutt Thomas, shoemaker, r 25 Oswego 
Ri Nuttall John K clerk 127 Genesee, r 24 Chatham 
fl Nutter Fannie M. widow, r 2 Hart 
''^ Nye V. J. clerk Martin & Miller, r 8 Cotta^ 


^ i^ASTLER CHARLES, dresser, r 4 Hicks 

OS \y Oastler James, dresser, r 60 Stark 

5 Oatley A. S. (J. M. and A. S. Oatley), r 96 Charlotte 

^^ OATLEY EUGENE L. city librarian, r 48 Rutger 

^ Oatley F. M. salesman Buckley & Co. r 229 Q'enesee 

Oatley G. W. cashier 20 Broad, r 89 Seymour ave 

fe; Oatley Lyman Mrs. r 48 Rutger 

^ Oatley Jared M. (J. M. and A. S. Oatley), r Yorkrille 
§ Oatley P. R. Mrs. r 82 Washington 
:g Oatley J. M. & A. S. clothing 72 Genesee 
to Oberlies Adam, laborer, r 94 Hicks 

^ Oberlies John, shoemaker, r 182 Court 
"S Oberlies Lawrence, grocer Hicks cor Hickory 
g O'Brien Alexander, agent, r 205 Miller 
^ O'Brien Catharine, operative, r 20 Hope 
^ O'Brien Edward, laborer, r 284 South 
2 O^Brien Edward, moulder, r 840 Whitesboro 
«Q O'Brien Edmond A. bookkeeper McQuade Bros, r 28 Spring 
q O'Brien Eliza, widow, r 188 Steuben 
^ O'Brien Ellen, dressmaker 11 Fayette, r same 
^ O'Brien George, printer, r 17 Cooper 
O) O'Brien Henry, machinist, r 10 Jefferson 
* O'Brien Humphrey, r 89 Liberty 
"g O'Brien James, r 229 Steubeo 
§ O'Brien Jane Mrs. r 10 Jefferson 
^ O'Brien John, moulder, 10 Jefferson 
<J0 O'Brien John, laborer, r 176 Jay 

r O'Brien John, night watchman, r 87 Steuben 
P O'Brien Margaret, widow, r 158 Bleecker 
^ O'Brien Margaret, r 229 Steuben 
^ O'Brien Mary £. finisher, r 119 Broad 
K^ O'Brien Mary, operative, r 20 Hope 
^ O'Brien Michael, carpenter, r 160 Miller 
J^ O'Brien Michael, r 104 Broad 
)^ O'Brien Nicholas, cigarmaker, r 183 Steuben 
O O'Brien Patrick, r 160 Miller 
^ O'Brien Timothy, shoemaker, r 16 Louisa 
<P O'Brien Wm. bartender, r 20 Hope 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Dou^lasSf 


Shawlfy Fans and Fur-Lined Oloves, Blaakett and Moeqnito Vet, ^ 

O'Brien Wm. saloon 172 Bleecker, r 171 same 5" 

O'Brien Wm. Mrs. r 20 Hope Jf 


OBSERVER, Daily and weekly, 118 Genesee . (» 
O'CONNELL JOHN, (Scott & O'Connell) r 48 Mohawk § 

O'Connell Katie, domestic 33 Lansing; iq 

O'Connell M. O. Mrs. r 48 Mohawk g 

O'Connell Patrick, laborer, r 48 Mohawk (to 

O'Connor Edward, cartman, r 96 Main (^ 

O'Connor Edward, laborer, r 119 Blandina i^ 

O'Connor Elizabeth Mrs. r 109 Third S' 

O'Connor Eliza, domestic 67 Lansijifir 3 

O'Connor James K. law student, r 96 Main S 
O'CONNOR JEREMIAH, books and stationery 67 John; r S» 

154 Elizabeth J^ 

O'Connor Jerry, r 109 Third ^ 

O'Connor John, moulder, r 109 Third g 

O'Connor John, salesman, r 6 Chatham 2|^ 

O'Connor Lawrence, laborer, r 64 Third g- 

O'Connor Patrick, weaver, r 71 Spring CD 

O'Connor Patrick, boots and shoes 137 Bleecker, r same ^ 

O'Connor Richard, laborer, r 185 Jay Q 

O'Connor Thomas, r 135 Jay 5* 

O'Connor Thomas, r 119 Blandina e 
O'Connor Timothy, N. Y. C. F. H. r 100 Mohawk 
Odames Thurston, shoemaker, r48 Howard ave 
Odell E. B. bookkeeper, r 110 Washington 

O'Donnell Oharles H. salesman, r 329 Genesee ^ 

O'Donnell Frank M. r 329 Genesee b 

O'Donnell James, shoe cutter, r 21 Seymour ave ^ 

O'Donnell John, clerk Baggs Hotel, r same g^ 

O'Donnell John Mrs. r 329 Genesee Q» 

O'Donnell Eittie, r 57 Steuben Ox 

O'Donnell Michael, r 49 First ^ 

O'Donnell M. Mrs. dressmaker, r 49 First oj* 

O'Donnell Rosanna Mr& r 57 Steuben ^ 

O'Donnell Wm. clerk, r 49 First fe* 

O'Donohue John, plumber, r 96 Third g 

O'Donohue Margaret Mrs. r 96 Third S. 

O'Donohue Thoa moulder, r 96 Third & 
Oebler Vincent, tailor, r 128 Mohawk 
OEHL8CHLAGER C. J. Rev. pastor of Trinity German fe 

Lutheran Church, r 5 Garden 

Oeinck Bernhardt, mason, r 4 Barnes ave 7 

Oeinck John, tinsmith, r 11 Hope x 

Oestreicher Thomas, laborer, r 183 Schuyler ^ 

Ofield John, laborer, r 52 West | 

O'Grady James, grocer 174 Lansing, r same g 

• |b 

Furnishing Undertaker, j^l Genesee Street. ^ 




O'Hanlon, laborer, r 69 Third 
O'Hanlon Thomas, boiler maker, r 26 Bristol 
O'Hara Caroline, r 68 Elm 
O'Hara Frank D. bookkeeper, r 124 John 
O'Hara James, laborer, r Milgate near Soath 
O'Hara Jennie, chambermaid Baggs Hotel 
O'HAltA J. F. & BRO. (John F. and Thomas A. O'Hara), 
dry ffoods 177 Genesee 
9 O'Hara John, r 124 John 

§ O'HARA JOHN F. (J. F. O'Hara k Bro.), r 68 Elm 
^ O'HARA JOHN 8. physician and surgeon 124 John, r same 
7^ O'Hara Justus, bookkeeper 80 Oenesee, r 124 John 
3 O'HARA PATRICK (Qninn & O'Hara), r 78 Lansing 
O O'HARA THOMAS A. (J. F. O'Hara k Bro.), r 79 Second 
q O'Haran John, laborer, r 66 Brinckerhoff ave 
O O'Hearn James, laborer, r 88 Albany 
•d O'flern Thos. laborer, r 248 Bleocker 
S O'Keefe John, r 20 Hnntington 
'3 O'Eeefe William, tallyman, r 14 Morris 
a Ohl August, butcher, r Kossuth ave 2 above Eagle 
•S proprietors), 96 to 120 Catharine 

Q OLD DTICA FOUNDRY, (H. Gilbert Hart A Ca propri- 
iM etors), Cornelia and Erie Canal 

§ OLD UTICA MILITARY BAND and orchestra, organijeed 
^ 1822, Carton Hall. See page 87 

•*J O'Leary Patrick, agt. r 19 Cooper 
^ Olin Giles, carpenter, r 79 State 
^ Olmstead Catharine G. r 20 Cornelia 
o Olmstead Mary, r 18 Miller 
f^ Olmstead W. H« engineer, r 66 Whitesboro 
^ Olsan Autoine, laborer, r 22 Meadow 
^ OMahoney Katie, r 201 Bleecker 
^ OMahoney Michael, shoemaker 201 Bleecker, r same 
0*Mahoney Richard, tallyman, r 201 Bleecker 
O'Malley Kate, dressmaker r 67 Court 
lg O'Malley Margaret, 158 Park ave 

O'Malley Martin, shoemaker, r 67 South 
qf OMara Annie, domestic 63 Howard ave 
^ O'Mara Etta, dressmaker, r 136 Elisabeth 
^ O'Mara John, saloon 30 Catharine, r 136 Elizabeth 
OMara Patrick, laborer, r 135 Elizabeth 
O'Mara Michael, laborer, r 135 Elizabeth 
Omans Joel, boiler maker shop 11 Francis, r 16 Henry 
ONEIDA BREWERY, Court cor State 
ONEIDA DEMOKRAT, 8 Fay cor Columbia 
Ongly W. Mra r 16 Howard ave 
O'Neil Anna, r 62 Third 

Westcott ^ Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



O'Neil Celia, tailoresg, r 62 Third 
O'Neil DaDiel, stove mounter, r 87 Park ave 
O'Neil Emma, dreeemaker, r IS Cooper 
O'Neil HoDora, widow, r 87 Park ave 

O'Neil James, slater, r 31 Second i^ 

O'Neil John, laborer, r S Hnbbell £ 

O^Neil John, laborer, r 87 Park ave •^ 

O'Neil John J. laborer, r 62 Third 2 

O'NEIL JOHN J. saloon 2 Baggs Square, r 40 Main 0^ 

O'Neil Libbie, domestic 16 Court ^ 

O'Neil Mary, cook 7 Liberty, r 58 Second ^ 

O'^^il Mary, widow, r 12 Garden o 

O'lfflfl Michael, carpenter, r 92 Mohawk (g 

O^liefl Michael, butcher, r 50 Mohawk C 

O'NEIL THOMAS B., P. O. address Albany V| 

Oof Lena, domestic 57 Broad ^ 
OPERA HODSE BLOCK, cor Fayette and Washington ^ 

Orcutt Alonzo^ r 78 Mohawk ^ 

O'Reilly Annie, r 69 Rutger Q) 

O'REILLY CHARLES C. physician 2 Bleecker, r Butter- § 

field House. See business directory & 

O'Reilly Elizabeth, r 161 Elizabeth ^ 

O'Reilly Esther, dressmaker, r 45 Court g 

O'Reilly John C. tailor, r 87 Fay Q. 

O'Reilly John, laborer, r 214 Broad rs 

O'REILLY JOHN, cutter, r 45 Court g 
O'REILLY LUKE G. REV. pastor St. Francis de Sales' -g 

Church, r 20 High 2. 

O'Reilly Peter, laborer, r 7 Gold & 
O'REILLY P. J. furnishing undertaker 50 Bleecker, r 17 jd 

Howard ave *^ 

O'Reilly Thomas, trimmer, r 61 John bO 

O'REILLY THOMAS A. (Turner & O'Reilly,) r 41 Taylor q 

ave ^^ 

O'REILLY WILLIAM, wines and liquors 59 John, r same & 

(O'Reilly see Riley and ReilM g 

Orendorf John B. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum ^ 
Ormsbee George E. with Sherwood & Golden, r 82 Blandina ^^ 

O'Rourke John, blacksmith, r 178 Bleecker ^ 

O'Rourke Joseph, paper hanger, r 71 Spring Q 

O'Rourke Kate, domestic 68 Broad O 

O'Rourke Lucy Mrs. r 71 Spring ^ 
O'Rourke Mary, widow, r 4 Pine 
O'Rourke Michael, blacksmith, r 12 First 
O'Rourke Michael, r 188 Bleecker 
O'Rourke Michael, horse sheer, r 188 Bleecker 
ORTMAN C. J. Wines and liquors 74 Columbia, r same 
Orvis Charles S. com. traveler, r 108 Bleecker 

M>. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



p CASPET8, will occasionally drop up this way, 

{q ■ 

^ Osborne James J. farnaceman, r 107 Nichols 

S OsborDe John, carpenter, r 22 West 

o OSBORNE JOHN 0. furnaceman, r 73 Albany 

Osborne John S. nigbtwatchman, r 2 Webster ave 
p^ Osborn Charles, operative, r 20 Hart 

rt O'Shea E L shoemaker, r 19 Cooper 

^ Osgood H. L photographer, r 157 Butger 

«S ^)sgood John, operative, r Mary near Bacon 

g OSTER ANDREW, butcher 161 Fayette, r 152 same 

V Oster Charles L. barkeeper. Hotel Znblin, r 10 Cooper 

^ Oster Frank, with P. Vidvard & Son, r 3 Brinckerhoff a?e 

5 Oster George, barber, r 238 Whitesboro 

1 Oster John, r 196 Blandina 

I Oster J. J. Mrs. grocery Albany cor Nichols, r same 

« Oster M. Mr& r 166 Coart 
M Oster Magdelene, r 90 Erie 

^ Oster Minnie, clerk, r 97 Columbia 

^ Oster Sophia Mrs. r 97 Columbia 

® Osterhouse Harris, r 285 Genesee 

I Osterujan John, cigarmaker, r Mansion House 

o Osterman Joseph, basketmaker, r 26 Hope 
^ Osterman Joseph Jr. operative, r 16 Hope 

^ Osterman Nicholas, cigarmaker, r 33 Hope 
^ Osterman Peter, cigarmaker, r 98 Cooper 
Osterman Rosa, r 93 Cooper 
Ostrander Hannah C. dressmaker, r 27 Seneca 
•g O'Toole Edward, r 96 Court 

a OToole Ellen Mrs. r 78 Court 

M O'Toole Garrett, laborer, r towpath First street bridge 
F OTOOLE JAMES (Utica Star Brewing Co.), r 49 Cooper 
^ OToole James, r 12 Mohawk ' 
8 OToole John, r 110 Elizabeth 
* OToole Nellie, domestic 18 Mary ' 

h" OToole P. T. shoecutter, r 54 Seymour ave 
p Otten welder, Emma B. weaver, r 15 State 
Ottenwelder Anna, weaver, r 15 State 
Ottman Chauucy, r 60 Broadway 
Ottman G. A. salesman 171 Genesee, r 56 Lansing 
Otto Adolphus, weaver, r 12 Green 
•g Otto Adolphus Jr. weaver, r 59 Warren 
^ Otto Fred, butcher, r 187 Blandina 
'Oi Overend Nathan, r 53 Columbia 

I, OVEROCKER THOMAS H. meat market Oneida Square 
o r 2 Oswego 

^ Overton Charles B. clerk, r 11 Fayette 
^ OVERTON ELI MRS. patterns 11 Fayette, up stairs, r same, 
o See page 22 

« OVERTON ELI, r 11 Fayette 

^ W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 


-just at they uied to go out flihiiig for a day's recreatioii,— 

OweD E. Rev. r 64 Schuyler 

OWEN GRIFFITH, (Owen & Co.} r 72 Elizhbeth 

Owen GriflBth P. (Cameron, Owen k Co.) r 4 Perkins ave 

O wen J. P. Mrs. r 10 Howard ave 5? 

OWEN JOHN, (Owen, Pixley & Co.) r in Boonville, winter §* 

residence 21 Seneca ^ 

OWEN OLIN M. REV. pastor Chatham St Free Methodist ^ 

> Chnrch, r 4 Chatham m 

OWEN PHILIP, (Owen, Pixley & Co.) r 118 John 3 

OWEN, PIXLEY & CO. (J. and P. Owen and H. D. Pixley) ^ 

mannfacturers and jobbers of clothin^i^ 1 and 3 John S 

OWEN WILLIAM E (W. M. Owen & Co.) r 116 State g 
OWEN WILLIAM H. grocery and meat market 212 Gene- g 

see, r 72 Elizabeth g. 
OWEN WILLIAM M. ( W. M Owen A CoJ r 70 Howard ave % 

OWEN W. M. k CO. (Willliam M. and W. E. Owen) flour, 3. 

grain and feed 27 Liberty <9 

OWEN & CO. grocers 25 Bleecker 4 

OWENS A. L Utica dairy 36 IVyette, r same C 

Owens Annie A. milliner, r 31 Washington *S 

Owens Annie £ dressmaker, r 88 Lansing ^* 

Owens Benjamin, shoemaker, r 72 Jay S^ 

Owens Catharine Mra widow, r 10 Washington p» 
Owens Charles S. 78 Sonth, r 71 Miller 

Owens David, shoemaker, r 9 Eagle ^ 

Owens David D. r 16 Lonisa * 

Owens David J. butcher, r 26 Jason % 
Owens Edward Mrs. r cor Noyes and Garden 

Owens Eleanor Mrs. r 42 Main ^ 

Owens Elizabeth, 91 Whitesboro % 

Owens Elizabeth Mrs. r 23 Aiken S* 

Owens Elizabeth Mra widow, r 43 Taylor ave S' 

Owens Ellen Mrs. r 119 Elm S 

Owens Emma, r 82 Steuben • 

Owens Ervin H. r 43 Taylor ave ^ 

Owens R R clerk, r cor Garden and Noyes B 

Owens Evan W. engineer Central RR r 79 Broad g. 

Owens George C. mason, r 164 Lansing ^ 

Owens Henry, mason, r 139 John g 

Owens Henry K com. traveler Reynolds Bros, r 26 Mary m 

Owens Hugh, dyer, 87 Court gj 

Owens Irving, 12 Catharine »4 

Owens James R r 21 Pearl ^ 

Owens Jane, widow, r 12 Howard ave o 

Owens Jane, widow, r 17 Steuben ^ 

Owens J. E. Mrs. r 28 Spring ^ 
Owens J ohn, laborer, r 8 Oak 
Owens John, carpenter, r 189 John 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 





Owens John D. painter, r 1 Potter 

Owens John k Co. flonr dealers 63 South, r same 

Owens John H. r 31 Noyes 

Owens John P. painter, r cor Noyes and Garden 

Owens Joshua O. collector Herald and Observer^ r SO Hart 

Owens Merritt, r 154 Lansing 

Owens Merritt Jr. r 154 Lansing 

Owens M. L Mrs. r 83 Charlotte 
0* Owens Nellie, domestic r 40 Whitesboro 
•^ Owens Owen E. grocery 74 South 
"2 Owens O. R stone cutter, r 108 Whitesboro 
.S OWENS RICHARD U. tobacco and cigars 8 Liberty, r 6 
"& Broadway 

•g Owens Robert, r 21 Pearl 
^ Owens Robert, tailor, rSl Washington 
>% Owens Robert R clerk Central freight office, r 77 Broad 
^ Owens Thomas, blacksmith, r Deerfield road 

• Owens Thomas, blacksmith, r Deerfield 

^ OWENS THOMAS, boots and shoes 76 Genesee, r 127 John 

a OWENS THOMAS, grocer 81 Broad, r 79 same 

g Owens Thomas J. moulder, r 79 Broad 
"2 OWENS THOMAS M. bakery 73 South, r 187 Park ave 

8 Owens Thomas W. foreman, r 59 Miller 


o OWENS WILLIAM, r 40 Rutger 

4j Owens Wm. E. bookkeeper, r 40 Rutger 

% OWENS WILLIAM J. (Utica Palace Furnace Co.) r 96 Taj- 
•^ lor ave 

.-§* Owens William J. slater, r 69 Whitesboro 
-9 Oyer Richard, operative, r 40 Taylor ave 
"2 "pACEY CHARLES, beltmaker, r 130 Seymour ave 

• JL Pacey John, glazier 41 Seneca, r 180 Seymour ave 
.S Pack Margaret Mrs. r 154 Fayette 

p Paddock C. C. r 32 Eagle 

"g Paddon James B. r 22 Clinton Place 

• Paddon William J. painter 44 Fayette, r 17 Eemble 

S Page Alonzo, clerk 46 Genesee, r Grand Central Hotel 
^ Pabnke Frederick, potter, r 5 Lock 
^^ Paine Adeline, r 42 Francis 

Paine Charles, fireman, r 61 Catharine 

Paine Edward B. clerk, r 142 Blandina 

Paine H. R salesman 167 Genesee, r 81 Second 

Paine Sarah, saloon 119 Liberty, r same 

Paine Wm. saloon 48i Columbia, r 119 Liberty 

(Paine see Payne) 

PALMER & SON (Chauncey and Cyrus F. Palmer), Phoenix 
Iron Works Blandina cor First, advt opp page 

Purvis, Metcalf Sp Co., Book-Binders and 



VSIVA, a, K 




will flid U oar Work! ths tuvMt WHHtmanl In CtnDal Nsw York, ud at Iba kowrat dh- 
tlUa flnra good work (-- — -— — ' -- "- - — — -- —>■ ' • 

eooploU H^of 

It work! ft mort 

n ba 4libn]ed tor. We have coDnactvd with o 

of >1J kind* wltb dltpaicli uid inrfMilou. 

^teiat atUraion paid to PaUem Making and Btpairt. 



if the late eomeri to its neighborhood will 

Palmer Albert^ laborer, r 4 St Joseph 
Palmer Aafi^uBtus G. pattern maker, r 16 Howard ave 
PALMER AUGUSTUS H. (Utica fire alarm tele^^nph com- 
pany), r 817 Genesee 
Palmer A. J. salesman 4 Fayette, r 166 Grenesee 
Palmer 0. Mrs. r 82 Cottage 

PALMER CHADNCEY (Palmer & Son) lumber mannfnL 
and bnilders Biandina cor First, r 54 Mary 
^ PALMER CYRUS F. (Palmer & Son), r 46 Kntger 
'I Palmer K L. Miss, clerk 126 Genesee, r 56 Leah 

1 Palmer Frances, vestmaker, r 16 Chenango ave 
S Palmer Frances E. Mrs. r 58 Broad 

t Palmer George H. candy maker, r 16 Chenango ave 
Palmer Henry, barber, r 86 Charlotte 

2 Paliiffer Harriet E. Mrs. r 84 Cornelia 

2 PALMER J. R MRS. stenographer, r 116 Park ave 
.S Palmer Jerusha, Home for the Homeless 

tD Palmer John, cigarmaker, r 16 Gold 

^ Palmer John, saloon 27 State, r same 

g Palmer John, laborer, r 211 West 

Z PALMER JOHN R. (Utica Fire Alarm Co.), r 116 Park ave 

•§ Palmer Jordan, r 4 St. Joseph 

5 Palmer L. T. polisher, r 108 Catharine 

^ Palmer Sarah Mr& housekeeper Baggs Hotel and Rich. Springs- 

^ PALMER WALTER B. physician 80 Sooth, r same 

9 Palmer William, paver, r 16 Chenango ave 

J Papier George, shoemaker, r 6 Breese 

M Pappin John, laborer, r 21 State 

Pappin Maggie, seamstress, r 21 State 

Pappin Sarah, seamstress, r 21 State 

PARKER BLOCK, Genesee cor Elizabeth 
t? Parker Anna Miss, r 66 Fayette 
^ Parker Edward B. brakeman, r 73 Park ave 
^ Parker Ella, domestic 71 Rntger 
^ Parker F. A. salesman 126 Genesee, r 82 Lansing 

3 Parker E W. r 16 Cornelia 
^ Parker George, mason, r 100 Brihckerhoff ave 

Parker Hannah C. Mrs. r 16 Seymour ave 

Parker J. S. wool dealer 27 Hotel, r Genesee road 

PARKER JAMES H. (Johnson & Parker) r 7 Broadway 

Parker James, r 158 Park ave 

Parker Job Mrs. r 168 Park ave 

PARKER JOB'S SONS, grocers 191 Genesee. See>ige4l 

Parker John, bookkeeper, r 96 South 

Parker Joseph, gardener, r 89 Miller • 

Parker L W. overseer U. S. C. Mills, r 10 Court 

Parker Mary Mra r Trinity Rectory 

Parker Mary r 64 Cooper 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. IT. Douglass, 


call on m for goodi they don't And at home. 

PAREEB M. M. (Job Parker's Sons), r 9 Ratger 
Parker Morie M. r 168 Park ave 
Parker Thomas N. r 48 Eagle 
Parker, Thomas S. bookkeeper, r 9 Ratger 
PARKER TIMOTHY, (J. Parker's Sons) r 158 Park are 

Parker Sarah, r 57 £1 m ^ 

Parker Samuel, laborer, r 64 Cooper ^ 

Parker William, mason, r 35 Park ave g* 

Parker William G. 56 Genesee, r 48 Eagle j 

Parker W. K 27 Hotel, r Genesee road ^ 

Parker W. C. salesman, r 76 Broadway ^ 

Parkhurst Clayton J. 71 Genesee, r 7 Spring S* 

Parkson Caroline, npbolstress, r Charlotte cor Devereax ^ 

Parrott Arthur B. clerk 12 Liberty, r 18 Cooper | 

Parrott Frank A. student, r 18 Cooper 3. 

Parrott Martin B. jeweler, r 18 Cooper * S 

Parrott Sarah Mrs. boarding house 18 Cooper g. 

Parry David Sr. blacksmith, r 32 Oneida s 

Parry David Jr. r 82 Oneida Z 

Parry Fred E. clerk 54 Genesee, r 110 Washington ^ 

Parry Ira W. clerk, r 57 Lansing 5 

Parry Eittie r 57 Lansing S 

Parry Mary, r 88 Whitesboro ^ g- 

Parry S. Mra r 57 Lansing 

PARRY WILLIAM B. (Roberts, Parry & Co.) r 20 West g 

{Parry see Perry) § 

Parslow Stephen, machinist, r 20 Bank Q 

Parsons George, clerk 6 Liberty, r 106 Whitesboro Ed 

Pardons Henry G. tailor, r 211 Bleecker *^ 

Parsons Amelia, operative, r 89 Fayette ^ 

Parsons Matilda, operative, r 89 Fayette g 
PARSONS THOMAS, news depot 6 Liberty, r 106 Whites- ' 

boro 2 

Partridge Delight S. teacher, r 68 West g 

Patridge Lucy, dressmaker, r 58 West ^ 

Pate Lena, domestic 248 Genesee S 

Paterson Geo. shoemaker, r 8 Leah ^ 

Patno Alexander, r 77 Cooper g 

Patten E. E. bookkeeper, r 95 Park ave | 

Patten H. S. law student Devereuz Block w 

(Patten see Patton) g 
PATTERSON EDWARD, wagon maker 29 and 31 State, r ^ 

52 Cooper 
Patterson Elisabeth C. Mrs. r 86 Steuben 
Patterson Ella, tailoress, r 122^ Blandina 
Patterson Emma, teacher, r 45 Cooper 
Patterson EInora, r 95 Spring 
Patterson John, hatter, r 29 Bristol 

* — ,1 I - ■■■■ I 

Furnishing Undertaker, j^l Genesee Street. 



since it annexed TJtica and Ilion. 

Patterson John H. carpenter, r 13 Plant 

Patterson* Jennie, r 29 Bristol i 

Patterson Joseph, mason, r 66 Whiteeboro 

Patterson Maggie, operative, r 95 Spring 

Patterson Mary Ann, widow, r 29 Bristol 

Patterson Rebecca, saleswoman, r 45 Spring 

PATTERSON THOMAS E. (Patterson & Davies), r 8» 
Howard ave * 

PATTERSON & DAVIES (T. E. Patterson and D. L Da- 
vies), boots and shoes 185 Oenesee 

Patterson Wm. painter, r 52 Cooper 

(Patterson see Paterson) 
^ Pattinson James, currier, r 9 Dudley 
6| Patton Joseph, moulder, r 83 Steuben 
-g Patton J. Douglass, moulder, r 270 Mohawk 
M Patton Wm. W. moulder, r 57 Stark 
j| (Patton see Patten) 
■^ Paul Fred, plumber, r 28 Dudley 
p Paul Geo. laborer, r 48 Stark 
g Paul John, r 92 Mary 
a Paul John W. r 92 Mary 
3 Paul Katie, domestic 51 Broad 
a Paul Margaret, widow, r ^8 Stark ^ 
.a Paul Mary A. domestic 30 Court 
^ Paul Norman J. machinist, r 40 Lansing 
"§ Paul Robert, tailor and renovater, r 20 Varick 
® Paul William, clerk, r 48 Stark 
o Pauly Theodore, tailor, r 11 Edward 
^ Payne G. Bailey, salesman Martin & Miller's, r Clarendon 
"3 Payne Henry A. moulder, r 153 Mary 
tS Payne Henry W. laborer, r 153 Mary 
g> Payne Willoughby, salesman Buckley & Co. r 14 High 
,3 (Payne see Paine) 
2 Payton Martin, tailor, r 124 Bleeckcr 
H Peach Edward, gilder, r 22 West 

Pearl F. plumber, r 28 Dudley 

Pearl Henry, r 11 Parker 

Pearl R J. r 14 Steuben Park 

Pearson George Mra r 93 Charlotte 

Pearson George W. clerk, r 24 Henry 

Pease A. J. lErs, dressmaker, r 8 Spring 

Pease Addison, baggageman, r 8 Spring 

Pease Chas. L. shoemaker, r 12 Seymour ave 

Pease K D. student, r 287 Genesee 

PEATE WM. grocer 69 Seymour ave, r same 

PEATTIE JOHN (Roberts, Butler & Co.), r 41 Brincker- 
hoff ave 

Peck Chaa lineman telephone Co. r 97 Steuben 

Westcott ^ Reussivig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handsomest Dry Goods and Carpets on earth 

Peck Edward, brakeman, r 18 Charles 

Peck Fannie S. teacher Ladies' Seminary, r same 

Peck Lncinda M. narse, r 97 Steuben 

Peckham Amos, farmer, r Broad near city line 

PECKHAM EDWIN, Peckham's foundry office, r 58 Broad ^ 

Peckham Frank, salesman 22 Catharine, r 57 Broad g 

Peckham Fred R r 1 Comstock place, Plant q 

PECKHAM J. S. & M. (Merritt and S. T. Peckham), mirs. ^ 

stoves and hollow ware 22 and 24 Catharine t4 
PECKHAM MERRITT, (J. S. & M. Peckham), r 56 Broad *^ 

Peckham Merritt Jr. clerk U. & B. R. ER r 74 Broad * 
PECKHAM S. TOWNSEND, (J. S. & M. Peckham), 24 § 

Catharine, r 159 Park ave oi 

Peckman Augustus Mrs. r 34 Hobart ^ 

Peckman Charles, moulder, r 62 Jay ^ 

Peckman Henry, stove moulder, r 12 Leah S 

Peckman William, tinsmith, r 67 Elm ^ 

Peckins Lizzie Miss, r 86 Tracy co 

Peckins Susanna Mrs. r 86 Tracy g^ 

Pederson Soren, potter, r Spring cor Garden g 

Pederson Christ, coachman, r 26 Mandevilie S 

(Pederson see Peterson) ^ 

Peebles Hubert J. clerk 98 Genesee, r 7 Henry f 

Peek Andrew J. wagon maker, r Deerfield road g 

Peek Douglass, pedler, r Bleecker cor John g 

Peek Elizabeth, r 4 Hart ^4. 

Peek Henderson, painter, r Deerfield ^. 

Peel Katie, domestic 72 Lansing s^ 

Peel Robert, r 28 Orchard p 

Peet Albert W. clerk 181^ Genesee, r 77 Howard ave % 

Pegg Henry A. r 6 Kemble ^ 
PEGG NORMAN R notary public, bookkeeper C. 0. Kel- S. 

logg, r 8 South S- 

Pehle Bernhardt, r 36 Fay * 

Pehle Carrie, r 86 Fay §* 

Pehle Louisa, r 36 Fay p 

Pelkey Charles, operative, r 29 Third ^ 

Pell Albert E. r 29 Elizabeth & 

Pell Celia, Hotel Zublin, r 14 Post Z 

Pell Charles, r 17 Post § 

Pell Frank T. waiter, r 47 Charlotte S^ 

Pell James T. laborer, r 14 Post ^ 

Pell James, laborer, r 14 Post | 

Pell Joseph, musician, r 16 Post ^ 
Pell Lewis, musician, r 16 Post 
Pell Nancy, r 16 Post 
Pell Samuel, laborer, r J5 Post 
Pell Walter, laborer, r 16 Post 

JVo. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


ftnd spring from SnmiiieT back 

Pelletieri Achilli, laborer, r towpath near Main 

Pelletieri Elia, laborer, r towpatn near Clark's bridge 

Pelleteiri Frank, fruit stand, r towpath near Main 

Pelleteiri Salvatore, r towpath near Main 

Pelleteiri Michael, laborer, r towpath near Main 
^ Pellos Catherine, widow, r 16 Leeds 

Pelton Seth C. salesman Buckley & Co. r 64 Second 

Pelton William B. r Hickory cor City 

Pencer Emily, r 184 Blandina 
<g Penfield Samuel, r 54 Bieecker 

p, PENFIELD THOMAS D. Sheriff Oneida County, office io 
S County Clerk's Building, r Camden, N. Y. 

^ PENFIELD I. STODDARD, Under Sheriff, r Grand Oen- 
'^ tral Hotel 

-§ Penner John, r 175 Park ave 

^ PENNOCK GEORGE O. (Field & Pennock), r 55 Kemble 
§ Pennock Wm. r 51 Catharine 
^ Pennor Henry, spinner, r 13 Kossuth ave 
^ Penny Mary Jane Mrs. r 35 Louisa 
M Penre Lorenzo, laborer, r 30 Chenango ave 
-g renree Alfred, brakeman, r 122 "Whitesboro 
^ Pente Charles, brickmaker, r 10 Bristol 

Pente Joseph, weaver, r 10 Bristol 
So Pente Frederick Mm r 10 Bristol 
S Pente Mary, tailorcss, r 10 Bristol 
^ PEOPLE'S BREWING CO. cor Catharine and Second 

Percival Bryant, 27 John, r 87 Fayette 
g Percival Charles, cutter, r 51 Catharine 

Percival Duane, watchman, r 12 Columbia 

Perkins Addie A. dressmaker, r 58 Spring 
jg Perkins Betsey, dressmaker, r 58 Spring 
^ Perkins D. Walter, bookkeeper 117 Genesee, r 98 Mary 
S Perkins David Mra. r 98 Mary 
e Perkins Geo. B. carpenter, r 58 Spring 
8 Perkins Geo. R Mrs. P. O. address Utica, r New Hartford 
S Perkins Horace W. musician, r 10 Steuben 
« PERKINS MARK, foreman C. C. Kellogg, r 62 Maiy 
o Perkins Thomas P. real estate agent, r 88 John 
8 Perkins Renso, laborer, r 84 Broad 
* Perl Ernst, r near French's Grove 
8 Perl Fred, steam fitter, r 28 Dudley 
P4 Perlin Albert, watchman, r 113 Whitesboro 

PERRY BROTHERS & HAWLEY (Owen D. and Robert 
H. Perry and Burton J. Hawley) clothing 100 and 102 
Perry David, laborer, r 184 Court 
Perry Ellen, r 19 Plant 
Perry Fanny Mr& r 28 Kemble 

Wi H. McGarvey ^ Co- Wholesale Liquors, 



to its place.— Old Propheoy. 

Perry Griffith H. preesman Herald office, r 2^ Hotel 

Perry Henry D. printer Pre%% office, r 47 Blandina 

Perry H. Mrs. r 47 Blandina 

Perry Ida, r 28 Eemble 

Perry Ira Warren, r 67 Lansing 

Perry John D. r 28 High 

PERRY JOSIAH (Risley, Brown, Quin & Perry), r 39 

Washington g 

Perry Julia A. Mrs. widow, r 10 Walker § 

PERRY OWEN D. (Perry Bros. & Hawley), r 28 High M 

PERRY ROBERT H. (Perry Bros. & Hawley), r 19 Plant w 
Perry Thomas, factory operative, r a Hicl^s *^ 

(Perry see Parry) fr 

Pesold Fred, weaver, r 28 Bristol § 

Peters Carl F. 0: shoemaker, r 72 Brinckerhoff ave - 

Peters Emannel, tailor, r Wl Erie 3 

Peters Etta, nurse, r Orphan Asylum g' 

Peters Frederick, shoemaker, r 74 Court 

Peters Frederick Jr. shoecutter, r 74 Court ^ 

Peters Henry, cabinet maker, r 30 Wager ^ 

Peters Joseph A. cigarmaker, r 4 Gold q 

Peters Thomas H cigarmaker, r 85 Seymour ave q 

PETERSON A. cooper 266 Whitesboro, r same. See page 42 | 
Peterson Hans, butcner, r Culver ave near Bleecker w 

Peterson Herman C. plumber, r 165 Miller J*. 

Peterson N. stonecutter, r 22 Meadow » 

Peterson James, ropemaker, r 165 Miller ^ 

Peterson Paul, carpenter, r 9 Meadow g* 

(Peterson see Pederson) • 

Petheram Julia Miss, r 340 Genesee p 

PETTIBONE A. Lovell Manufr. Co. 54 Bleecker g. 

PETZ L J. druggist and physician 181 Columbia, r same 

Peuss John F. tailor, r 45 Brinckerhoff ave 

P&b Albin, tailor, r 67 Fayette 

Pfeifer Adam, laborer, r 38 Parker ^ 

Pfeifer Charles, salesman 79 Genesee, r 33 Parker ^ 

Pfeifer Henry, potter, r 7 Clinton gs 

Pfeifer Henry, laborer, r 10 Leah 

Pfeiffer Fred W. cigarmaker, r 98 Blandina 

PFEIFFER JOHN, cigar manufacturer' 11 Devereux, r 67 * 
Brinckerhoff ave 

Pfeiffer John, shoemaker, r 81 Mohawk 

Pfeiffer Philip, cigarmaker, r 81 Mohawk 

Pfeiffer Philip, weaver, r 31 Green 

Pfeifle Fred, clerk, r 8 Seymour ave 

Pf bals Christian, carpenter, r 46 St Vincent 

Pfitzinger Philip, laborer, r 12 Genesee 

Pflanz Adam, cutler shop 64 John« r 99 Tieflh 

Genesee corner Fayette Street. 


May 15th^ PireB were needed, Qyerooati comfortable. 

Pflanz Charles H. carder, r 103 Mary 

Pflanz Frederick, farmer, r 117 Elm 

Pflanz George, painter, r 149 Elm 

Pflanz George, fresco painter, r 117 Elm 

Pflanz George, artist, r 99 Leah 
. Pflanz Henry, tinsmith, r 117 Elm 
S Pflanz Henry, attendant N. Y. 8. Asylam 
S Pflanz Peter, r Genesee road 
^ Pflanz William, plumber, r 117 Elm 
^ Pflieger Panline, 261 Genesee 
^ Pfand J. carpenter, r 89 Dudley 
^ Phelan Margaret, r 101 Kemble 
g Phelan Mary, r 5 Kent 
2 Phelps J. W. r Clay near Broad 
j Philleo Herbert B. farmer, Pleasant near Third 

• Philleo Irving, painter, r 198 Seymour ave. 
*§ Philleo Julia, widow, r Pleasant near Third 
§ Philleo MaryT. r 84 Second 

PHILLEO WILLIAM M. Deputy Postmaster, r 84 Second 
J Phillips Ada L r 72 Fayette 

1q Phillips Amasa, cooper, r 68 Jay 

'^ Phillips Charles H. shirt mfr. r 11 Louisa 

♦3 Phillips Emma, 21 Court 

^ Phillips Hugh C. yardman Baggs Hotel 

S Phillips John, carpenter, r 100 Miller 

^ Phillips John, tinsmith, r 91 Miller 

•^ Phillips Lizzie F. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 

t3 Phillips M. W. bookkeeper, r 31 Seymour ave 

.g Phillips Ransom W. grocer, r 73 Eagle cor Miller 

-c Phillips Sam C. r 317 Whitesboro ^ 

% Phillips T. S. Mrs. r 27 South 

1 Phillips William H. Mrs. r 43 Blandina 

* Phillips William, r 91 Miller 
'I Phillpot Emma J. r 23 Wager 
S Phillpot Estella N. r 23 Wager 

^ Phillpot James, dresser, r 23 Wager 
60 Philo John, letter carrier, r 8 Mandeville 
g Phinney Lou Miss, r 25 Tracy 
pQ Phinney Marcus, r 25 Tracy 

Phinney Kittie E r 25 Tracv 

Phoenix Fire Lisurance Co. &oyt & Butler, 98 Genesee 

Phof Alvin, cutter, r 57 Fayette 

PHCENIX IRON WORKS, 97 to 103 Blandina 

PIATT J. C. G. MRS. principal Young Ladies' Seminary, r 

Pickelmyer Paul, laborer, r 64 Court 

Pickert John S. r 87 Spring 

PIER DELOS D. hop dealer 80 Hotel, r 13 Kemble 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co.^ Book-Binders and 


Dan Siee was here, but no Snmnier. 

PIER GARRETT R hop dealer 80 Hotel, r 148 Park ave 
PIER G. W. & G. R. hop dealers 30 Hotel 
Pierce Clarence D. clerk 203 Geneeee, r 24 Miller 
PIERCE DAVID, groceries 203 Genesee, r 24 Miller 
Pierce David J. clerk 34 Genesee, r 84 Cooper 
Pierce Eliza H. r 135 John 

Pierce I. L 24 Whitesboro, r 228 Genesee o^ 

Pierce Robert D. com. traveler, r 24 Miller g 

Pierce William B. r 45 Elizabeth ^ 

Pierce William F. r 45 Elizabeth q 

Pike Fred W. com. agent, r 82 Blandina -. 

PILCHER FORD, grocer 95 Blandina, r 98 same | 

Pilgrim C. W. fourth physician N. Y. B. Asylum ^ 

Pine Mary E weaver, r 210 Broad g 

Pillmore Cha& bookkeeper 53 Franklin 8q. r 40 Columbia p» 
Pinkstone Charles, r 39 Philip 
Pinkstone Grace Miss, r 39 Philip 
Pinkstone Grace Mrs. r 39 Philip 
Pinkstone James, r 39 Philip ^ 

Pinkston John, saloon 31 Philip^ r same Q 

Pinkston William, r 44 Warren * 

Piper Carrie, dressmaker, r 51 Warren 1* 

Piper Eliza Mrs. r Home for the Homeless ^ 

Piper John, machinist, r 98 Court "^ 

PIPER JOHN, variety store 57 Charlotte, r same § 

Piper John E r 30 Hobart g 

Pitcher Herbert, law student, r 104 South ^ 

Pittem Eliza Mrs. r 214 Court » 

Pittenger Stephen M. carpenter shop Hubbell cor Bleecker 
Pittman Eugene, 96 Genesee, r 85 Lansing ^ 

Pittman John L farmer, r Pleasant near East ? 

Pittman Lemuel Mrs. r 42 Lansing >" 

Pittman Mervin, printer, r 42 Lansing JJ 

Pittman Theodore C. postal car clerk, r 91 West p 

Pittman William M. r 148 Bleecker g, 

Pittock William D. (Washington Hotel), r Deerfield q» 

Pitts Erastus, carriage painter rear of 4 Neilson, r same ^ 

Pitts Jnlia Mra dressmaker, r 53 Steuben S^ 

PIXLEY HENRY D. (Owen, Pixley & Co) r 418 Genesee 5 
Plaisted Alfred, r 61 John g 

Plant Samuel, cartman, r 83 Brinckerhofi ave o^ 

Plantz G. N. moulder, r 141 Jay 
Platler Rayner, carpenter, r 110 Nichols 
Piatt Frank C. dyer, r 5 Oak 

PLUMB H. ADELBERT, (Luce & Plumb) r 10 Miller 
Plumb Francis, nurse, r 185 Blandina 
PLDMB H C. saloon 80 Broad, r same 
Plunkett J. T. 23 Washington 

mm ^^— ^^^^^^ — ■ .1 ■ 11 I ■ — ^^.^ »■■■■■ ■■ I ■■■ ^^^^». »■■ ■■ ■■■■ I ■ -■ 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 187 Genesee 







Dry Ooodg, Carpet^ Cloaka, Millinery, Ppholitering Ooodi» 

Plankett Michael, printer Herald^ r 13 Broadway 

Poihal George, tailor, r 4 Piatt 

Ptdhal Bosa, operative, r 4 Piatt 

Pointon Richard, liveryman, r 116 Elizabeth 

Pollard Anna M. widow, r 128 Miller 

Pollard Mary Mrs. r Home for the Homeless 

Pollard Wm. confectioner, r 17 Eirkland 

PoUeri G. B. Prof, of music, r 76 Fayette 

POMEROY ALYIN N. storage, forwarding and commiasion 

merchant 28 to 81 Jay, r 51 Lansing 
Pomeroy Oornelia Mra r 71 Fayette 
Pomeroy Carrie, r 71 Fayette 
Pomeroy D. C. Mrs, r 20 Mary 
POMEROY DEXTER E (Pomeroy & Townsend), 

Pomeroy Frank, finisher, r 10 Louisa 
Pomeroy Frank E r Deerfield 
POMEROY GEORGE D. (Theo. Pomeroy & Son), 


Pomeroy Theodocia H. Mr^. r 51 Lansing 
POMEROY THEODORE, (T. Pomeroy & Son), r 289 Gen 

r 16 

r 94 






POMEROY THEODORE & SON, (T. & G. D. Pomeroy), 

oil cloth mfr& Columbia, Cornelia and Cooper 
POMEROY & TOWNSEND, (D. E. Pomeroy and Wm. 

Townsend), lawyers 68 Genesee 
Pund H. C. Mrs. r 89 Court 
Ponky Louis, saloon, r 232 Whitesboro 
POOLE R B. bleachery 23 Broad, r 14 Elizabeth. See 

advt page 38 
Poole Robert B. box manuf. 37 Liberty, r 86 Steuben 
Pooler John J. com. traveler, r Central Hotel 
Pope Augustus, barber 6 Liberty, r 97 Liberty 
Pope F. C. shoemaker, r 144 Whitesboro ^ 
Pope Elizabeth, widow, r 9 Oak lane 
Pope Wm. tobacconist, r 9 Oak lane 
PORTER DWIGHT D. (Root & Porter), r 66 Miller 
Porter Edward, porter Grand Central Hotel 
Porter John, laborer, r 124 Jay 
Porter John T. painter, r 157 Blandina 
Porter John W. r 28 Miller 
Porter Mary Mrs. r 119 John 
PORTER PATRICK, tinsmith 219 Bleecker, r same See 

page 46 
Porter William, section boss U. & B. R RR. r 2 Hoyt 
Portman Adam, r 68 Warren 
Poseman Herman, weaver, r 187 Columbia 
Poseman Paul, weaver, r 187 Columbia 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


BhawU, Pans and Fnr-Iined CHovei, Htonketi and Mosquito Jet, 

POST OFFICE, Jndfton T. Stevens P. M. Government 

BaildinfT, Broad street 
Post Mary Mra tailoress, r 65 Miller 
Potter Alward J. r 89 Cornelia ? 

Potter Charles, hostler Mansion Honse 
Potter C. M. Mrs. vest maker, r »9 Cooper 
Potter E C. at American D. T. Co. r 74 Sooth ^ 

Potter George C. nurse, r 234 Whitesboro g 

POTTER GEORGE, machinist 74 South, r 44 Dudley *§ 

Potter George F. paper hanger, r 124 Park ave » 

Potter George R r 65 West g 

Potter George W. machinist, r 29 Cooper ^ 

Potter flattie, operative, r 38 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Potter Ira C. bookkeeper 117 Genesee, r 124 Park ave 
Potter Elizabeth S. r Wavcrly 372 Genesee 
Potter Lncretia, r 41 Blandina 
Potter Lucy Mra r 48 Mary 
Potter Mary H. r Waverly 872 Genesee 
Potter Thomas G. machinist, r 61 Dudley 
Potter William B. -carpenter, r 61 Broadway 
Potts Byron S. letter carrier, r 71 Cooper 
Powell Cornelia Mrs. r 86^ Eagle 
Powell Helen, r 131 Bleecker 
Powell Katie, r 181 Bleecker 
Powell Liberty, r 58 Fayette 
Powell Mary F. r 58 Fayette 

Powell Michael, laborer, r 68 Whitesboro , 

Powell Michael, laborer, r 68 Washington 
Powell Thomas, laborer, r 84 Oswego 
Powell William, laborer, r 97 Jay 
Power Martin, shoemaker 71 Bleecker, r 104 Elizabeth 
Powers Ellen, r 97 Spring 
Powers John, r 97 Spring 
Powers Margaret, r 97 Spring 
Powers Morris, laborer, r 131 Whitesboro 
Powers Nicholas, saloon 98 Columbia, r 179 same > 

Powers Perry, laborer, r 89 Albany ^ 

Powers Richard, laborer, r 181 Whitesboro ?• 

POWERS D. SYLVESTER, saloon 116 Court, r same | 

Powers Thomas, plumber, r 89 Albany • 

Powers Wm. carriage painter, r 217 Bleecker 
Pratt Augustus M. salesman 77 Genesee, r 52 Howard ave 
PRATT CHARLES W. sup't Water Works Co. r 15 High g 
Pratt E. Mrs. r Clarendon g! 

Pratt Frank, car examiner, r 51 Catharine ^ 

PRATT FREDERICK J. (D.L.&W. Coal Co.) school com- 

missioner, r 31 Court 
Pratt George W. bookkeeper 24 Fayette, r 52 Howard ave 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee St. 




Pratt Jeroan Mrs. r Deerfield road 

Pratt John, bookkeeper, r 209 Neilson 

Pratt John G. bookkeeper 3 Devereuz, r 42 Washington 

Pratt Mervin, tin and coppersmith, r 209 Neilson 

Pratt Milton J. clerk, r 109 Park ave 

PRATT WILLIAM PL justice ot the peace 52 Bleecker, r 

109 Park ave 
Pratt Sylvester, r 5 South 
Pratt R Mrs. r 6 South 
Prendergrast Julia Mrs. r 57 Main 
Prentice Minnie L. r 75 Washington 
^ PRENTICE WILLIAM A. dentist and dental goinls 226 
g« Genesee, r 75 Washington 

^ Prentice William H. (W. H. Prentice & Co.), r 75 Washington 
u PRENTICE WILLIAM R & CO. manufacturers of tele- 
o graph instruments 10 Madison Lane 

m Prescott P. artist, r 211 Genesee 
S Preston Emma, r 1S8 Columbia 
*3 Preston Hannah Mrs. r 188 Columbia 
^ Preston Henry, r 72 Schuyler 
«S Preston Mary, r 188 Columbia 
^ Preston Patrick, laborer, r 165 Jay 
*§ Preston William A. paper hanger, r 118 Taylor ave 

Price Josephine Mrs. r Utica Orphan Asylum 
*5 Price Celia, factory operative, r 100 Court 
^ Price Edward, clerk 14 Fayette, r 71 West 
|g Price H. D. r 17 Rutger 

.. Price J. S. mechanic, r 12 Devereux 
^ Price Joseph, r 12 Devereux 

Price Jane, factory operative, r 100 Court 
Price Lizzie, 21 Court 

Price M. E. Mra boarding house 12 Devereux 
jf Price Mrs. widow, r 241 South 
•J Price Willam H. r 17 Rutger 
^ Price Wm. mason, r 122 Albany 

Prichard John D. carpenter, r 84 Broadway 

Pride E. P. r 19 Elm 

Pride W. M. packer, r 32 Barnes 

Pridemore Joseph O. florist, r 24 Mandeville 

Prielmayer Charles, carpenter, r 1 Canal 

PRIEST ALBERT N. (A. N. Priest & Son) r 16 Cottage 


PRIEST A. N. & SON (A. N. and J. A. Priest), dentists 

and dental goods 230 Genesee. See front colored page 

PRIEST JAMES A. (A. N. Priest & Sun) r 61 Howawl avo 

PRIEST ZEN AS C. div. supt. N. Y. C. RR oflice at depot, 

r in Little Falls 

Wescott Sf Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



Priaie Harriet, widow, r 107 Howard ave 

Prime Henry, clerk, r 107 Howard ave 

Prime John H. r 107 Howard ave 

Prime Wm. clerk U. & B. R. RR office, r 98 West 

Prime Wm. r 16 Post 

Pringnitz Annie, Beamstress, r 104 Broad 

Pringnitz Charlee F. cigarmaker, r 104 Broad 

Pringnitz Pa aline, seamstrese, r 104 Broad 

Princler Angast, cigarmaker, r 6 Cedar 

Princler Joseph, laborer, r 6 Cedar 

Princler Joseph Jr. r 6 Cedar ^ 

Pringle Margaret, r 112 Washington ^ 

Pritchard Benj. tailor, r 132 Whitesboro J 

Pritchard Caroline, r 15 Tracy ^ 

Pritchard C. M. carpenter, r Garden cor Chestnut "^ 

Pritchard Evan O, teamster, r 57 Albany S' 

Pritchard Geo. E r 9 Steuben W 

Pritchard Henry, r 96 Seymour ave ^ 

Pritchard John O. Mr& dressmaker, r 113 water ^ 

Pritchard Margaret, cook, r 9 Steuben "^ 

Pritchard Matthew, laborer, r 138 Elizabeth § 

Pritchard Richard, keeper City Hospital, r same % 

Pritchard Wm. r 36 Jay ^ 

Pritchard Wm. farmer, r 10 York B 

(Pritchard see Prichard) ^ 

Pritchett Edward C. Rev. r 15 Tracy 

PROCTOR THOMAS R. prop. Baggs Hotel, Butterfield 

house and Spring Honse, Richiield Springs 
Proehl Geo. B. 56 Seneca, r 69 Cooper 
Pronto Frank, clerk, r 120 Columbia 
Prucker Anton, weaver, r 214 Whitesboro 
Prucker Anton, weaver, r 216 Court 
Prucker Belois, foreman, r 24 Mnlberry 
Prucker John, ckrarmaker, r 51 Garden ^ 

PRYOR SAMUEL, wood engraver 52 Arcade, r 65 Dudley. * 

See page 55 g 

Pryor William H. plumber, r 92 West ;» 

Pryther Peter, booKkeeper, r 71 Charlotte 
Prytherch Hugh W. r 49i Whitesboro 
Prytherch Thomas, expressman, r 1 Newell 
Prytherch Peter, clerk, r 71 Charlotte 
Prytherch Robert W. clerk, r 49^ Whitesboro 
Prytherch William, r Newell near Perkins ave 
Puffer Hattie Miss, r 28 Hart 
Puffer Jane, widow, r 28 Hart 
Pugh Enoch, factory operative, r 24 Stark 
Pugh Evan, coachman, r 139 John 
Pugh Ezra, salesman M. H. Griffith & Co. 

JVb. S8 Genesee Street, Utica. 



CABPETS, will occaaionally drop up this way, 

Pugh George, r 34 Stark 
I Pagh JohD, carpenter, r 23 Hope 
i Pugh John, carpenter, r 42 Third 
I Pagh Joseph, pattern maker, r 6 York 
, Pngh Mary J. r 165 Park ave 
I Pugh Mary, weaver, r 24 Stark 
[ PUGH ROBERT, saloon 78 Liberty, r eame 
[ Pngh Richard Mrs. widow, r 10 Cooper 
I Pngh Sarah, weaver, r 24 Stark 
I F ngh Stephen, carpenter, r 188 Conrt 
' Pngh Stephen J. milk dealer, r Broad near city line 

Pullman Frank G. r 27 Neilson 

Pullman Jennie Mrs. r 27 Neilson 

Purcell Edward, plumber, r 236 Bleecker 

Pnroell Henry Y. moulder, r 97 Lansing 

Purcell John, moulder, r 53 Miller 

Purcell John F. moulder, r 207 Bleecker 

Purcell Patrick, tallyman N. Y. 0. fr. house, r 207 Bleecker 

Purdy G. W. jeweler, r 38 Devereux 

Pnrdy M. C. commercial traveler 15 Genesee 

PURVIS ALFRED J. (Purvis, Metcalf & Go. bookbinders) 
137 Genesee, r 116 John 

Purvis John, tailor, r 84 Court 

Purvis Margaret Mrs. r 84 Court 

PURVIS METCALF & CO. (A. J. Purvis and F. A. Met- 
calf), stationery, blank books, &a 137 Genesee, See 
advt. bottom lines 

Purvis Thomas, tinsmith, r 84 Court 

Pnschmann Christian, r 76 Canal 

Puschroann Gotlieb, laborer, r 57 Water 

PUTNAM ALFRED, agent the Hartford Life and Annuity 
Ins. Co. Genesee cor Catharine, r 64 Fayette. See advt 
opposite page 

Putnam M. E. Miss, r 876 Genesee 
Pye James, mason, r 151 Water 

QUEALY JOHN, barber, r Eagle cor Taylor ave 
Quick Henry H. letter carrier, r 43 Seymour ave 

Quick John Mrs. r 70 South 
Quin Frank K. r 4 Miller 
Qniu George E. Mrs. r 4 Miller 
Quin Hamilton, student, r 4 Miller 
Quin John M. r 4 Miller 

QUIN WILLIAM P. (Risley, Brown, Quin & Perry), r 4 

S^uin see Quinn) 
nine George, attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 
Quinlan James, butcher, r 219 Blandina 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 


O-eTtertl ^genxt^ 


Harlforl life I Uj Imra&ee Co. 




Deposited in Safety Fund 

Cash on hand « . . 

Each assessment realizes about .... 


. 42,000.00 



Over TJtiQSL Gity National Bank. 

COMPANY was established in 1879, by the most ex- 
^^ perienced insurance men of Hartford, Conn., who had 
been all their lives engaged in the old style of Life Insurance. 
They conceived the plan of insuring for the lowest possible 
premium and assessments that would guarantee perfect respon- 
sibility. The success of their plan was demonstrated by the 
cost of one policy held in Uticji, taken on January 28, 1880, 
on a person then 47 years of age. He has paid every assess- 
ment to May 1st, 1883, on policies of $5,000, amounting in all 
to $183.00, or $56.28 each year, or $IL26 on $1,000. .At a 
less age the cost would have been less. 

That there is no cheaper insurance, the above statement will 
show ; that there is no more perfect system of seen ring the 
amount insured, is shown by the names .of its policy holders, 
among whom are officers of old style life insurance companies, 

Leading Merchants, Bankers, « Laf yers 

I ' 

throughout the whole United States, 
ing country 

In Utica and surround- 

I ' 

To the amount of over $500,000' 

have been taken since December 1, 1882, showing that life 
insurance, when cheap and secure, is always a good invest- 
ment. ' j 

If you are not insured and can afford to spare a small part f 
of your income, take a policy for the benefit of your family. 


From $1,000 to $15,000, 

at so small a figure yearly that you will not miss the amount it 
costs. Be sure and insure w^hile your health is perfect Don't 
wait until you are impaired. 

For further particulars and policies, call on 


General Agent. 
Over Utica City National Bank. 



-just as they used to go out fishing for a day's recreation,— 

Qoinlan John, laborer, r 91 Bleecker 
Quinlan John Jr. moalder, r 3 Hotel 
Qninlan Matthew, painter, r 21 Union 

Quinlan Michael, painter, r 45 Taylor ave » 
Quinlan Patrick, r 43 Third [43 Third S 
QUINLAN PATRICK F. alderman 5th ward, plumber, r * 

Qninn Daniel, agent, r 28 Leah $ 

Qainn Ellen, operative, r 124 Mary cq 

Qainn Edward, policeman, r 56 Third ^ 

Quiun Frank, D. L i W. RR r 96i Whitesboro ^ 

Quinn James, agent, r 15 Harper g 

Qainn James, barber 109 Bleecker, r Northern Hotel S 

Quinn Jeremiah, r 82 Cooper ^ 
QUINN JOHN, charity commissioner, (Utica Star Brewery) W 

r 139 Elizabeth p- 

Quinn John, student, r 80 Cooper 3. 

Qninn John, iireman, r truck house Cooper *< 

Qainn Joseph, laborer, r 124 Mary ^ 

Quinn Mary, domestic Baggs Hotel • 

Qninn Mary, clerk, r 60 Catharine *h 

Qninn Mary Mrs. r 140 Jay ^* 

Qainn Matthew Mrs. s^roceries 173 Bleecker, r same g^ 

Qninn Michael, r 93 Fayette P* 

Quinn Michael, carpenter, r 2 Nichols ^ 

Quinn M. Mrs. r 89 Third f 

Quinn Nellie, r 173 Bleecker ^ 

Quinn Nellie, clerk, r 60 Catharine pE 

Quinu Robert, moulder, r 124 Mary o* 

Qninn Rosa, tailoress, r 82 Mohawk ^ 

Qninn Rosa, tailoress, r 34 Whitesboro »* 

QDINN THOMAS (Utica Star Brewery), r 95 Jay ^ 

Qninn Thomas, fresco painter, r 166 Broad ^ 

Qninn Thomas F. dresser, r Blandina cor Nichols S 
QUINN T. A. (Quinn & O'Hara), r 125 Third 

QUINN & O'HARA (T. A. Quinn and Patrick O'Hara), ice |* 

dealers 126 Third ^ 

QUINN WILLIAM, merchant tailor 16 Arcade, r 41 Steuben S- 

Qninn William, carpenter, r 150 Lansing g 

Quinn William, clerk, r 32 Varick o 

Quinn William, carpenter, r 2 Nichols ^ 

Quinn William J. hackman Bagg's sq. r 163 Catharine b^ 

(Qninn see Quin) ^ 

Quirk Bridget, widow, r 95 Dudley ^ 

Quirk John, machinist, r 158 Catharine § 

Quirk Martin, laborer, r 158 Catharine ^ 

RABENSTEIN G. M. cutter 68 Genesee, r 137 Fayette 
RABENSTEIN JOHN, hotel 137 Fayette 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



K^ Rabenstein Michael Mrs. hotel 137 Fayette 
;a Race W. Horace, coin, traveler, r 88 Oolnmbia 
•Q Racette John, shoemaker, r 99 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Racette Medina, shoemaker, r 118 Taylor ave 
^ Badell Joseph 6. clerk, r 24 Eagle 
o Radell Joseph, r 24 Eagle 
;3 Radell P. Mrs. r 24 Eagle 
•^ Radell Theresa Mrs. r 24 Eagle 
^ (Radell see Raedel) 
g Radley Gidorge, r 84 Elm 
'ft Rae Clara L artist, r 8 Steuben 
K Rae Harriet G. teacher, r 8 Steuben 
g Rae M. W. Mrs. r 8 Steuben 
^ (Rae see Ray) 

^ Raedel George, tailor, r 98 Kossuth ave 
q Raedel Michael, 315 Whitesboro, r same 
*c Raedell Adam, teamster, r 41 Leeds 
^ Raedell George, teamster, r 41 Leeds 
§ (Raedell see Radel) 
'*^ Raehm Joseph, carpenter, r 10 William 
§ Raehm Michael, tailor, r 12 Bryan 
42 Raehm Mary Mrs. r 12 Bryan 
§ Raehm Nicholas, r 92 Canal 
*< Bahn August, clerk, r 12 Court 

;§ RAHN CHARLES (Charles Rahn k Co.^ r 182 Bleecker 
^ Rahn Edward, roofmaker, r 120 Taylor ave 
> Rahn Frank V. laborer, r 57 Neilson 
^ Rahn Henry, carriage painter, r 150 South 
^ Rahn Michael, baker, r 71 Spring 

;& RAHN CHARLES & CO. (Charles Rahn and Henry Belte 
3 ?®"^*^ furnishing goods 188 Genesee) 

'2 Rahn Martha Mrs. r 86 Chen ago ave 
'p (Rahn see Rhan) , 

.«^ Raleigh John J. music teacher, r 88 State 
§ RALPH GEORGE JR (George Ralph Jr. & Co.) r 26 Court 
<^ RALPH GEORGE JR. & CO. (George Jr., George F. and 
^ Henry J. Ralph), brewers and malsters Court cor State 

/^ RALPH GEORGE F. (George Ralph Jr. k Co.) r 74 State 
lb RALPH HENRY J. (George Ralph Jr. & Ca) r 26 Court 
H^ Ralph N. A. Mrs. r 44 Blandina 
^ Ralph Thomas P. r 82 Columbia 
-5 Ralph William Mrs. r 12 West 
^ Ralph William L. physician 172 Genesee, r 26 Court 
*>§ Ramsdell Delia, r 28 Chatham 
:£3 Randall Elizabeth, r 149 Elizabeth 
^ Randall James, r 3 Cooper 
•^ Randall Kate, r 5 Seymour ave 
Randall Ruth Mrs. r 18 Lansing 

Purvis, Met calf Sf Co., Booh- Binders and 



RANDALL RUFUS P. paints, oils, eta, 71 Genesee, r 20 S^ 

Lansing. p 

Randolph WilIianQ,jpainter, r 54 Kemble J* 

Randt Charles, r 8 Hicks q 

Ranken Thomas J. clerk H. Olenn & Co. r 13 Broadway *v 

Ransooi William, teamster, r 300 Bleecker ^ 

Raser Alonzo B. foreman N. Y. C. RR. r 5 First O 
RATHBUN ALFRED (McAdam & Rathbnn), r 63i Rntger g. 

Rathbam Edward Mr& r 8 Howard ave ^ 

Rathbnn James, coachman, r 65 Third O* 

Rathbnn Jeanette B. Miss, r 48 Ratger Is 

Rathbun Josiah Mr& r 9 Hopper ^ 

Rathbnn William, coachman, r 85 Jay ^ 

Rathbnm H. W. com. traveler, r Waverly 372 Genesee ^ 

Raock Charles R. r 168 Fayette 8 

Ranck Frank R grocery 22 Canal, r same B 

Rauck Jacob, operative, r 56 Saratoga Qi 

Rawson C. J. r 88 Howard ave <i( 

RawsoD Jnlia P. Mrs. r 1 Brinckerho£E ave £ 

Rawson Mary R tailoress, r 93 Neileon tl 

Rawson Thomas, gardener, r 88 Howard ave ^ 

RAY BENJAMIN F. drn&:s and mfr. of American Segestor ^k 

22 and 24 Genesee, r 208 same ^ 

Ray Franklin T. clerk 22 and 24 Genesee, r 298 same ^ 

Ray George D. clerk Herald office, r 19 West ? 

Ray Melvin B. artist 77 Genesee, r Clarendon q 

Ray Theodore, printer, r 45 Elizabeth ^ 

(Ray see Rae) o 

Rajhill Anna, dressmaker, r 87 Brinckerhofi ave 2 

Rayhill Anthony R spring maker, r 37 Brinckerhoff ave g 

Rayhill Ellen, widow, r 37 Brinckerhoff ave B 
RAYHILL JAMES W. lawyer 35 Arcade, r 37' Brincker- 

«.,hmVh^», aprin. ».k.r, , 37 Brfncterhofl .™ <f 
Raymer Dora E. r 7 Hobart 

Raymer Henry, farmer, r East near Eagle w 

Raymer Joseph, cigarmaker, r St. Joseph i« 

Raymer Micnael, pressman, r 7 Lock §^ 

Raymer Peter, laborer, r 63 Johnson ^ 

Read Ada P. Miss, r 120 Broad ^ 

READ JAMES H. lumber yard foot of Division, r 120 > 

Broad. See page 21 ^ 

Read J. Henry, accountant, r 55 Mary g 

Read T. D. snperin ten dent Glenn & Co. r 39 Broad p. 

(Read see Reed and Reid) g 

Reagan James R r 11 Elm o 

Reagan Johanna, widow, rl64 Bleecker p 

Reagan Johanna, widow, r 9 Albany 2 


Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. ^ 



it the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Reagan John F. salesman 68 Genesee, r 183 Park ave 

Reagan Nellie, operative, r 17 Louisa 

Reagan Patrick, gardener, r 17 Louisa 
oT Reagan W. J. r 17 Louisa 

"S Ream Mary, r 42 Elizabeth I 

g Ream Michael Mrs. r 42 Elizabeth ! 

it^ Reaney J. H. bookkeeper Buckley & Co. r 8 Burnet i 

P Reaney Margaret Mr& r 8 Burnet | 

Sf Reardon Timothy, laborer, r 12 Hubbell i 

,2? Reath Andrew W. cutter, r 8 Leah 
0) Rebel Anna, tailoress, r 21 Green 
Rj Rebel Joseph, laborer, r 21 Green 
.^ Rebel Lana, factory operative, r 21 Green 

2 Rebel Mbry, tailoress, r 21 Green 
;q Rechlir John, cabinet maker, r 69 Hicks 
•^ Record Andrew, r 136 Mohawk 
j^ Record Horatio, r Bleecker cor Culver ave 
**** (Record see Rickard) 

§ Rectmeyrs Elizabeth, Home for the Homeless 
^ REDFIELD GEORGE S. general manager Baggs Hotel, But- 
.^ terlield House and Baggs Hotel Farm, r 128 John 

^ Redmond Cornelia, r 141 Steuben 

3 Redmond John, r 38 Barnes 

2 REDMOND JOHN, mason, r 45 Eagla See adv't page 57 
pQ Redmond Lizzie, tailoress, r 88 Barnes 
•^ Redmond Moses, shoemaker, r 247 Bleecker 
"^ Redmond Mary, tailoress, r 38 Barnes 
^ Redmond Michael, gardener, r 141 Steuben 
g Redmond Patrick, blacksmith 86 Catharine, r 112 Third 
;^ Redmond Thomas, mason, r 6 Holland ave 
m REDMOND THOMAS F. dealer in groceries, ales and cigars 
•3 36 Plant, r 38 same 
O Redner Chas. W. r 65 Garden 
Cb Redner Edward G. shoemaker, r 167 Columbia 
b^ Redner Isaac, r 6th lock, Chenango canal 
^ Redner John W. r 5th lock, Chenango canal 
^ Redner J. H. porter 127 Genesee, r 66 Brinckerhoff ave 
,q Redner Louisa, tailoress, r 65 Garden 
"♦* Red way Sarah C. Mra r 47 Miller 
•3 Reed A. cutter, r 8 Leah 
QQ Reed Ann, Home for the Homeless 

g Reed Ciiarles, clerk D. L & W. RR r 3 Brinckerhoff ave 
g Reed Chas. policeman, r 7 Miller 
oj Reed David, carpenter, r 3 Brinckerhoff ave 

3 Reed David H. clerk D. & H. C. Co. r 3 Brinckerhoff ave 
*^ Reed Edward, brakeman, r 146 Whitesboro 

Reed Edward, plane maker, r 46 Elizabeth 
Reed Emily, r 80 South 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. R. Douglass^ 



call on U8 for goods they don' t find at home. 

Reed James Jr. operative, r 4 Faaae ave (D 

Reed James A. r 7 Miller b* 

Reed John S. r 7 Miller 5 

Reed John, fonndrjman, r 30 Hope (b 

Reed Joseph, N. Y. C. F. H. r 30 Hope g; 

Reed Julia, operative, r 106 Court % ' §* 

Reed Eittie, operative, r 106 Ctonrt ^ 

Reed Mary, hairworker, r 80 Sonth 9 

Reed Robert, carpenter, r 169 Howard ave ti. 

Reed Michael, brakeman, r 146 Whitesboro g 

Reed Sarah, r 21 Elizabeth g 

Reed Thomas H., RR. conductor, r 142 Whitesboro 2 

(Reed see Read and Reid) g» 

Reely Augustus, operative, r 268 Whitesboro q, 

Rees William EL printer, r 61 Seymour ave qq 

Reese Ann, groceries 164 Court, r same §* 

Reese Elsworth, clerk, r 164 Court P 

Reese E. Mrs. r 168 Court f?* 

Reese Richard, laborer, r 252 Whitesboro b 

Reese William R engineer, r 28 Washington g^ 

Reese William H. operative, r 93 Schuyler §* 

Regensbnrger Rokus, tailor, r 13 Lock ^ 

Re^in Wm. H. brakeman, r 98 Whitesboro g^ 

REH JOHN, cigar manufacturer 15 Canal, r same ci. 

Rehm Edward, carpenter, r 15 Canal ? 
Rehn Martha, widow, r 85 Chenango ave 
REICH LEONARD REV. O. M. C. pastor St. Joseph's to 

Chnrch, r 164 Columbia § 

Reichenbach Cecelia, tailoress, r 120 Columbia t^ 

Reichenbach Joseph, mason, r 10 Hope <b 

Reichert Frederica, widow, r 26 Plant' ^ 

Reichert John F. upholster, r 16 Chestnut ft> 

Reichert John, butcher, r 16 Chestnut q 

Reichert Julius, shoemaker, r 26 Plant p 
REICHERT WILLIAM, alderman 11th ward, contectioner, oo 

r 2*> Plant »^ 

Reid Mary A. r 14 Hotel g 

Reid Mary P. r 112 Washington q, 

Reid Robert H. harnessmaker, r 28 Lansing QO 

Reid Thomas D. 58 Franklin square, r 39 Broad ^ 

<(Reid see Read and Reed.) Q 

Reilly Catharine Mrs. r 49 Warren g 

Reilly Charles E. cutter, r 53 Whitesboro (D 

Reilly John, mason, r 139 Blandina ^ 

Reilly James P. lawyer 76 Genesee, r in New Hartford ® 

Reilly Mary, widow, r 56 Mohawk ^ 

Reilly Mathew, shoemaker, r 84 Seymour ave hi 

Reilley Edward, hostler, r 84 Seymour ave S 

Furnishing Undertaker ^ Jjf.] Genesee Street. 



since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

Seilley Edward, stonecutter, r 84 Seymour ave 
Reilley Patrick, carpenter, r 85 Cooper 
(Reilly see Riley and O'Reilly.) 
Reiman Charles, laborer, r cor Uicks and Hickory 
Rein William, fij^cer, r Deerfield Comers 
Reinhardt Amelia, r 6 Fay 

Reinhardt Frederick, tobacconist 189 Columbia, r 6 Fay 
•^ Reinhardt Joseph, fresco painter, r 81 Dudley 
^ Reinhardt Martin, laborer, r 110 Hicks 
^ Reinhardt Sophia C. r 6 Fay 
*§ Reinhold Herman, machinist, r 216 Court 
1^ Reininfifer Joseph, tailor, r 27 South Hamilton 
^ Reinland Charles, carpenter, r 6 South Hamilton 
•ct Reinland Charlotte, dressmaker, r 6 South Hamilton 
"? Reinland Edward, shoemaker, r 6 South Hamilton 
§ Reinland Josephine, r 6 South Hamilton 
^ Reiss Christopher, baker, r 74 Schuyler 
^ Reith Frederick, baker, r 260 Whitesboro 
*§ Reith Joseph Jr. r 267 Whitesboro 
•3 Reith John, baker, r 260 Whitesboro 
S REITHER JOHN, (Christian Weiss & Co.) r 108 Fayette 
1^ Remington J. S. grocer 295 Bleecker, r same 
^ Remmer Antoinette, widow, r 60 Court 
••H Remmer Joseph, agent, r 66 Court 
;2 Remmer Louis, shoemaker, r 60 Court 
^ Remmer Rosaline, r 60 Court 
§ Remmer V. H. clerk, r 60 Court 

PI Rennie Robert K printer Curtiss & Childs, r 76 Fayette 
O Resberfi: Charles, baker, r 124 Mohawk 
^ RESTLE ANDREW, saloon 107 Mohawk, r same 
*^i Restle Charles, bartender 107 Mohawk, r same 
^ RETTER A. MR. dentist 182 Genesee, r 128 Albany. See 
g pafire84 

^ (Retter see Ritter) 
S Rettig Joseph, carpenter, r 7 Hope 
•^ Retzer Angle, tailor, r 16 Morris 

^ REDSSWIG ERN9T H. (Westcott & Reusswig), r 92 How- 
§ ard ave 

Reusswig Frederick, clerk, r 92 Howard ave 

Reusswig George, clerk, r 92 Howard ave 

Reusswig Mary, operative, r 39 Fay 

Reusswig William, cooper, r 89 Fay 

Rewey Philander, r 12 Walker 

REXFORD HERBERT L. journalist OUerver, r 40 Howard 

REYNOLDS BLOCK, cor John and Catharine 
REYNOLDS BROS, manufacturers of fine shoes cor Johu 
and Catharine 

Westcott ^ Reusswig^ Fine Custom Tailors, 




The handsomest DryOoods & Carpets on earth 

Bejnolds Elihu, laborer, r 25 Canal 

Beynolde £. fireman Bai^gs Hotel 

Reynolds D. K caahier Baggd Hotel 

REYNOLDS GEORGE A. (Reynolds Bros.) r 376 Genesee 

Reynolds James, laborer, r 34 Leah 

Reynolds Jane E. Mrs. r 69 State 

Reynolds Jennie A. dressmaker 69 State, r same 

Reynolds Mary E. r 69 State 


Reynolds Roger, millwright, r 20 Stark 

Reynolds R S. r 347 Genesee 

Reynolds Solomon, r 279 Whitesboro 

Reynolds Thomas, laborer, r 128 Park ave 

Rhiner Alice, laandry Baggs Hotel 

Rhodes James S. Mrs. r 131 Seymoar ave 

Rhodes Otho, r 23 Gold 

RHODES O. C. (James Rockwell & Co.) r 229 Genesee 

Rhodes Samael, hop dealer, r 35 Mary 

RIBOLIN CHARLES, meat market Deerfield, r same 

Ribolin Frederick B. blacksmith, r 37 Stark 

Rice Carrie, teacher Ladies' Seminary, r same 

RICE CHARLES, livery 13 John, r48 Whitesboro 

Rice Edward, r Faxton Home for Aged Men 

Rice George, mason, r 23 Elm 

RICE JERRY B. broker 6 Parker Block, r 5 Court 

RICE JOHN M. broker, 6 Parker Block, r 260 Genesee 

EtICE L M. (Baker & Rice) r 11 Miller 

Rice William B. organ pipe maker, r 115 Soath 

RICH JAMES A. instrument repairer 131 Genesee, r Man- 
sion House. See page 43 

Ricli Harriet, widow, r 176 Howard ave 

Richards A. A. printer Herald office, r 110 Washington 

Richards Charles F. carpenter, r 67 West 

Richards Charles G. clerk, r 8 South Hamilton 

Richards Charles, printer, r 8 Pearl 

Richards Charlotte M. cloakmaker, r 67 West 

Richards David, carpenter, j 47 Broadway 

Richards David E grocer 42 Liberty, r 109 Court 

Richards David Mrs. r 46 Eagle 

Richards Delia, r 8 South Hamilton 

Richards Edward, r 8 Chatham 

Richards Eugenia, r 8 South Hamilton 

RICHARDS EDMUND, carpenter and builder S^ John, r 
78 Whitesboro 

Richards Elizabeth, r 20 Hoyt 

Richard Evan L clerk, r 78 Whitesboro 

Richards George, miller, r 44 Warren 

Richards Henry, r 8 Chatham 

•Vo. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 














and spring from Summer back 

0) Bichards Jennie E. r 8 Chatham 
^ Richards J. K salesman M. H. Griilith & Co 
S Richards John W. clerk, r 7 Cooper 

a RICHARDS JOSEPH J. Unner Deerfield road, r 80 Broad 
^ Richards J. W. Mrs? r 15 Union 
^ Richards Martha, r 8 Chatham 
p, Richards Mary, r 20 Hoyt 
^ Richards Maurice, machinist, r 86 Charlotte 
q> Richards Owen, bookkeeper, r 22 Eagle 
^ Richards Owen D. carpenter, r 83 Taylor ave 
Q Richards Richard E. salesman 52 Franklin square, r 15 Union 
••^ Richards Richard T. pressman Herald office, r 7 Cooper 
•9 Richards Sarah, r 20 Hoyt 
1:5 Richards Thomas, factory operative, r 46 Warren 
tgj Richards Walter W. attendant N. T. S. Asylum 
f^' Richards William, r 65 Steuben 
^ Richards William, factory operative, r 68 Stark 
^ Richards William R bookkeeper, r 7 Cooper 
*j Richardson David, r 170 Jay 
i^ Richardson Ellen, r 95 Bleecker 

.g RICHARDSON EATON J. (Richardson, Adams & Mann 
^ 66 Genesee), r 107 Whitesboro 

^ Richardson Everet S. r 107 Whitesboro 
00 Richardson Edwin, saloon 111 Columbia, r same 
^ Richardson Fannie, dressmaker, r 24 Eagle 
q Richardson Geo. F. supt. Utica Furniture Co. r 129 Fay 
*^ Richardson Henry, carder, r 93 Fayette 
. Richardson Jane Mrs. nurse, r 58 Elizabeth 
g Richardson J. B. com. traveler, r Butterfield House 
•g Richardson Joseph, loom repairer, r 18 Cooper 
*§ Richardson Mattie, r 6 Taylor ave 
^ Richardson R H. Mrs. r 6 Taylor ave 
0) Richardson R M horse trainer, r 376 Genesee 
•c] Richardson Reuben, laborer, r 81 Albany 

Richardson T. K carpenter, r 24 Hubbell 
o Richardson William, engineer, r 170 Jay 
g RICHARDSON ADAMS & MANN, (E J. Richardson, G. 
^ W. Adams and James F. Mann), lawyers 66 Genesee 

g Richter Henry, gardener, r 101 Steuben 
^ Richter Henry Jr. tailor, r 101 Steuben 

Richter Theodore, shoe cutter, r 166 Miller 
§ Richthammer Adam, laborer, r 18 Parker 
O Rick Frederick, cutter 68 Genesee, r 8 Edward 
cS Rick Henry, carpenter, r 8 Oak 
^ Rick John, salesman 108 Genesee, r 30 Pearl 
• Rickard John, American Express, r 89 Lansing 
Rickard Michael, engineer N. Y. C. RR r 2 Taylor ave 
|P R . rd see Record) 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquors, 



to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Bicketts Ellis, mason, r 52 Blandina 
fiickter Charles, cigarmaker, r 29^ Dadlej 

Rickter Fr^ derick, file cutter, r lOJ Steuben . 

Rider Eli, r 59 BrinckerhoflF ave W 

Rider M. H. clerk 84 Fayette, r 87 Howard ave o 

Rieben Catharine, widow, r 63 Seymour ave ^ 

Rieben Catharine, operative, r 63 Warren ^ 

Rieben Christian, laborer, r 30 Taj'lor ave ^ 

Rieben Christian, farmer, r 208 Mohawk «v 

Rieben Samuel, carpenter, r 93 Taylor avo Q 

Rieber Jacob, brewer, r 63 Warren ? 

Riker A. A. cigarmaker, r 158 Lansing qi 

Riker John A. cigarmaker, r 4 Albany EJ; 

Riker Richard, cigarmaker, r 27 Gold g 
Rikei[ S. T. agent Oneida brewery, r 31 Oneida 

Riley Catharine, r 136 Court § 

Riley Georgre, stone cutter, r 65 Broadway fc; 

Riley George H. express messenger, r 13S John ^ 

Riley James, barkeeper Bntterfield House S 

Riley Kittie, weaver, r 4 Albany ^ 

Riley Margaret, r 35 Park ave O 

Riley Mary, widow, r 35 Park ave . § 
RILEY MATTHEW, stoves and tinware 111 Fayette, r 7 §• 

BrinckerhoS ave. See Hdvt. business directory j^ 

Riley Patrick, carpenter 8 Madison Lane, r 35 Cooper «i» 

Riley tlichard P. auctioneer, r 49^ Whitesboro g 
Rjley Terrence, cigarmaker, r 19 Dudley 
Riley Thomas, laborer, r 168 Miller 

Rilt'y Thomas, stone cutter, r 10 Morris B 

Riley William J. engineer, r 11 Washington g 
Riley Wm. J. operative, r Hotel Ziiblin 

(Riley see Reilly) g 

Ringwald Nicholas, r 14 Floyd j^ 

RIORDAN ARTHUR, grocer 76 South, r same ^^ 

Riorden J. Mrs. r 164 Catharine (b 

Rippel Frank, laborer, r 17 Cherry i§ 

Rippey John, machinist, r 2 Pottei- <^ 

Ripley Martin H. com. traveler 129 Genesee, r 62 West qq 

Ripley Mary R r 30 Whitesboro jf 
RISLEY EDWIN H. (Risley, Brown, Quin & Perry), r 67 

RISLEY, BROWN, QUIN & PERRY (E. H. Risley, J. K. o 

Brown, W. P. Quin, Josiah Perry), lawyers Herald Build- ^ 

. ing . to 

Risley Charles, machinist, r 17 Huntington $ 

Risley George W. Mrs. r 17 Huntington ? 

Risley Mary, Home for the Homeless 

Ritchie H. M. cabinet maker 67 Cornelia, r sam** 

^~"— _-_■--■ . wm-t — ttm -^-^ 

Genesee corner Fayette iStreet. 




May 15th, Fires were needed, Overcoats comfortable. 

Ritter Catharine, widow, r 10 Hope 

Bitter Mary Mrs. r 161 EoBsuth ave 
^ Ritter Minnie, domestic 161 Kossnth ave 
Q§ Ritter P. S. saloon 62 Yarick, r same 
^ (Ritter see Retter) 
q" Ritzel Cbas. baker, r 9 Bristol 
^ Ritzel John, saloon 1 Garden, r same 
t;:] Roach Albert, carpenter, r 27 Hobart 

^ ROACH JOHN, horse shoer 7 Madison lane, r 5 Cooper. 
^ see page 50 

1*^ Roach John, moulder, r 126 Blandina 
Iq Boach John, moulder, r 5 Mohawk 
q^ Boach John, machinist, r 258 Bleecker 
^ Boach Joseph, laborer, r 74 Hicks 
Q) Boach Maggie, r 210 Broad 
iC| Boach Patrick Mrs. r 164 Elizabeth 
§ Boach Wm. printer Olobe^ r 258 Bleecker 
g (Boach see Boche) 

^ Bobbins James, waiter Butterfieid House, r 33 Charlotte 
*ti (Bobbins see Bobins) 

** BOBEBTS ALEXANDEB B. (Henry Boberts* Sons), r 90 
a State 

!S Boberts Anna, r 49 Lansing 

"^ Boberts Benjamin F. bookkeeper Ist nat bank, r 14 Lansing 
t? BOBEBTS, BUTLEB & CO. (James Boberts, J. M. Butler, 
■d Bussell H. Wicks, John Peattie), clothing 54 Oenesee 

g and 17 Whitesboro 

^ Boberts Chaa machinist, r 8 Bank 
2 Boberts David B. clerk, r 14 Broadway 
;g Boberts David B. printer, r 97 Steuben 
t^ Boberts David D. mason, r Mary near Koeeuth ave 
q Boberts David E. printer, r 110 Neilson 
'■** Boberts David L butcher 131 Bleecker, r 68 Mary 
*§ Boberts David, engineer, r 86 Steuben 
^ Boberts Edward, laborer, r 111 Steuben 
O BOBEBTS E C^roceries Bleecker cor Nichols, r same 
g BOBEBTS EDW ABD D. (Boberts & Shaughnessy), r 47 
io Leah 

■'^ Boberts Edward E. laborer, r 28 Cooper 
cq" Boberts Ellis E. com. traveler 50 Hotel, t 31 Whitesboro 
? BOBEBTS ELLIS H. HON. (Ellis H. Boberts & Co. 60 Gen- 
i< esee) r 262 Genesee 

^ BOBEBTS ELLIS H. k CO. (Ellis H. and George L Rob- 
^ erts and S. N. D. North), editors and proprietors Utica 

O Morning Ilerald 60 Genesee. See colored pages oppo- 

^ site 

lioberts Evan, foreman, r Deerfield 

Boberts Evan K r Faxton Home 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book- Binders and 


ir«oi?, 1883. 


The Utica Morning HERAiiD has been for thirty years the favorite Journal 
of the intelligent citizens of the twelve rich counties of Northern and Central New 
York, who constitute a constituency of 

One Million People. 

Its circulation exceeds the combined circulation of all the other daily papers 
published in these twelve counties, and is constantly increasin£r« making it 


The Utica Morning Herald is pronounced by Its contemporaries **'the model 
provincial newspaper of the United States; " and'in seeklngr to deserve this repute 
tion it employs a large corps of editors and correspondents; maintalna every 
department liberally, and spares no expense to secure all the information needed 
by every class of citizens among its patrons. 

The Utica Herald, besides its advertisements, furnishes its readers with 

Twenty Columns of I^eading Matter Every Day, 


An Unrivaled Local Department for Citt News. 

All the News of Northern and Central New York. 

The Fullest Telegraphic News up to 8.90 every morning from all parts of 
THE United States and the World. 

Market Reports that are complete and accurate for evert class of pur- 

The Dairy and Hop Market Reports of the UTICA HfiRALD are accepted 
as standard. 

Special Correspondence from the State and National Capitals, and from 
foreign countries. 

Literary and Agricultural Departments of standard excellence. 

Editorial discussion of timely topics— independent, vigorous, fkarlbsslt 
committed to reform and economy in administration. 

Specimen Copies of DAILY or WEEKLY 
HERALD sent FREE on application. 

PRICE RBDUCliD to 16 Cents a l¥eek, 67 ^ents a Monili, $2.06 

a Quarter, $8.00 a Tear, In Advance. 



60 (knesee Street, Utica, H. 7. 


The Best Family Jonrnal Pablished in New Tork State. 



is complete in eVery feature of a 

By elaborate condensation and classification it presents the news of the 
week in th.e briefest space and mc^t intelligible manner, accompanied with 
conscientious comment and generous selections from the best literature of. 
the day. 

TK« Utica Weekly Herald is the recognized authority -of the 

Great Dairy Interest 


It contains every Tuesday the fullest attiiinable report of the 

Little Falls and Utica Cheese Markets 




The Utica Herald is the official organ of the New York Dairymen's 
Association and Board of Trade, the International Dairy Fair Association and 
the North American Hop Growers' Association. 

.—The Utica Weekly Herald is published at the low price of 

SI. BO a Year, in Advance. Postage Free. 

60 Genosee Street, Utioa, N. 7. 


































I— I 










■^ a: 







H •"" JS 













d Pi 

*2 CD 

<^ ^ 


® o 




^ it 















Dan Bioe was here, bnt no Smnmer, 

KobertB R W. Balesman 171 Genesee, r 110 WaebingtoD ^ 

BobertB K W. stone dealer, r 43 Howard ave «^ 

Koberts Frank, blackeniitb, r 2 Kemble ^ 

KobertB Frank Mrs. dressmaker, r 2 Eemble K| 

Roberts Frank S. clerk, r 17 Lansing ^ 

Roberts Frances, widow, r 14 Kemble ^ 

Roberts Francis, r 14 Eemble Q 

Roberts George A. bntcher 38 Sontb, r 25 Neilson § 

Roberts George L. clerk, r 30 Erie ;^ 
ROBERTS GEORGE L (Ellis H. Roberts k Co.) r 140 ? 

Park ave g 

Roberts George W. carriage {naker, r 126 South Q» 

Roberts George W. r 398 Whitesboro Ci 

Roberts George W. brakeman, r 16 Broadway P 

Roberts Grace Mr& r 28 Cooper tf 

Roberts Griffith G. salesman, r 17 Lansing ^ 

Roberts Hannah Mrs. r 87 Lansing ^ 

Roberts Hannah Miss, r 13 Seymour ave < 

ROBERTS HENRY, (Roberts, Parry k Co.) r 49 Lansing 5 

Roberts Henr\, clerk, r 58 Catharine ^ 

ROBERTS H. CCTRTIS, (Roberts, Parry & Co.) r 165 Park oo 

ave g, 

ROBERTS' SONS, HENRY, (Henry L. and Alexander B. «• 

Roberts) pork dealers and meat market 7 and 9 Columbia ^ 

ROBERTS HENRY L. (Henry Roberts' Sons), r Mansion k. 

House Q 

Roberts H. D. Mrs. r 6 Plant o 

Roberts Hugh H. painter, r cor South and Steuben C! 

Roberts Hugh P. engineer Baggs Hotel, r 6 Washington Q 

Roberts Hugh W. stonecutter, r 38 Seymour ave ^ 

Roberts Ida, domestic 7 Cornelia *^ 

ROBERTS ISAAC, carriage and wagon manuf. 43 and 45 D 

Jay, r 21 Mary. See page 48 -^ 

Roberts Isaac N. r 21 Mary ?> 

Roberts Isaac N. pressman 167 Genesee, r 182 Elm Oy 

Roberts Isaac O. (J. C. Hieber & Co.) r Dudley House ^*■ 

Roberts James, r 13 Seymour ave § 

Roberts James E. laborer, r 6 Gilbert Q» 

ROBERTS JAMES (Roberts, Butler & Co.) r 293 Genesee Cb 

Roberts James B. cigars and confectionery 95 Miller, r same ^ 

Roberts James B. laborer, r 18 Seymour ave Q^ 

Roberts James W. carpenter, r 91 Mary § 

Roberts John Mrs. r 17 Dudley 9 

Roberts John, painter, r 85 Steuben cb 

Roberts John, coachman, r 17 Catharine ^ 

Roberts J. Fred, salesman 58 Genesee, r 49 Lansing ^ 
Roberts John, butcher 26 Liberty, r 77 same 
Roberts J. 0. Mrs. r 144 Park ave 

Blank Booh Manufactiurers, 137 Genesee. 


Dry Ooodfy Oarpeti, Cloaks, Killinery, Upholstering Ooodi, 

\ ROBERTS JOHN A. (Roberts & Hoag), r 13 Miller 
^ Roberts John C. journalist T Drych^r 68 Howard ave 
^ Roberts John R clerk, r 89 BrinckerhoS ave 

Roberts John K com. traveler, r 16 Miller 
^ Roberts John R r 165 Park ave 
•^ Roberts J. £. livery stable 115 South, r same 
1^ Roberts John, stonecutter, r 12 Broadway 
g Roberts John J. teamster 31 Liberty, r 66 Hobart 
'^ Roberts John L. printer, r 66 Whitesboro 
15 Roberts John P. laborer, r 6 Washington 
;^ Roberts Kittie, domestic 34 Lansing 
<8 Roberts Libbie, r 71 Charlotte 
Q Roberts Maggie, domestic 32 Washington 
^ Roberts M. S. Mrs. r 159 Court 
^ Roberts Mary L. dressmaker, r 87 Lansing 

Roberts Mary Mrs. r 183 Whitesboro 
J^ Roberts Mattie, r 19 Dudley 

^ Roberts Oscar, laborer, r 128 Seymour ave 
^ ROBERTS, PARRY & CO. (Henry Roberts, W. B. Parry 
:;;3 and H. Curtis Roberts), hardware and stoves 58 Oenesee 

b Roberts Philip, conductor U. (fe B. R RR r 101 Whitesboro 

^ Roberts Richard, painter, r 68 Hobart 
^ Roberts-Richard R. (Williams & Roberts), r 77 Miller 
jP Roberts Richard R. atttendaiit N. Y. S. Asylum 
^ Roberts Richard E. journalist, r 58 Howard ave 
^ Roberts Robert, carpenter, r 25 Neilson 
$ Koberts Robert R clerk, r 72 Broadway 
g ROBERTS ROBERT R grocer 20 Genesee, r 27 Lansing 
^ Roberts Samuel, r 128 Seymour ave 
^ Roberts Spencer Mrs. r 12 Wiley 
^ Roberts S. C. carpenter, r 61 BrinckerhoflE ave 
CO Roberts Thomas D. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum 
^ Roberts Thomas E. carriage maker, r 87 Lansing 
'g Roberts Thomas J. printer, r 25 Neilson 
§ Roberts Thomas, carpenter, r 109 Seymour ave 
>^ ROBERTS WATKIN R bookbinder Herald office, r 71 
CO Steuben cor Eagle 

r Roberts William, clerk, r 17-Lansing 
9 Roberts William J. harness maker, r Mary oor Kossuth ave 
^ Roberts William, r 14 Remble 
^ Roberts Wm. stone mason, r 18 Lansing 
^ Roberts William H. salesman 58 Genesee, r 49 Lansing 
^ Roberts Wm. J. harnessmaker, r cor Mary and Kossuth ave 
iq Roberts William M. postal clerk, r 189 Whitesboro 
t^ Roberts William W. carpenter, r Garden cor Mulberry 
O Roberts William H. tinsmith, r 271 Bleecker 
t> ROBERTS k HO AG (J. A. Roberts and N. H. Hoag), dry 
**l goods 171 Genesee 

Fred A. Cassidy^ successor to J. H. Douglcbss^ 


ghawli^ Fans and Fur-Lined OloYes, Blanket! and M osqnitoiVety ^ 

ROBERTS & SHAUGHNESSY (Edward Roberts and & 
Dauiel Shanghneesy), grocers, fish, fruit and ojeters, 29 ^ 

Bleecker. See page 50 5* 

Roberts William Rev. r 46 Blandina 0> 

Robertson Schuyler, r 60 Rutger g 

(Robins see Robbins) iq 

Robinson. Alexander, r 64 Whitesboro g 

Robinson Anna, r 66 Blandina q» 

Robinson Anna Mrs. r 72 Broadway (^ 

Robinson Boyd, clerk, r 56 West ^^ 

Robinson Carrie, r 64 Cooper , S^ 

Robinson Cassias, bell boy Grand Central , g 

Robinson Charles H. bookkeeper 92 Genesee, r 43 West S 

Robinson Edward, gardener, r 5 Clinton place S^ 

Robinson John, laborer, r 13 Chatham %?^ 

Robinson John, gardener, r 14 Clark place >^ 

Robinson Lewis, pedler, r 27 Aiken g 

Robinson Margaret Mrs. r 13 Chatham ^ 

Robinson Mary, r 13 Chatham H- 

Robinson R L r 4 Louisa * <b 
ROB80N BENJAMIN R. office 5 Parker Block 191 Gene- ^ 

see, r 130 John Q 

Roby J. carpenter, r 28 Whitesboro 5" 

Roche Edward, cooper, r 35 Morris 1^ 
Roche James, r 84 Columbia 
Roche John H. moulder, r 126 Blandina 
Roche Maggie Mrs. r 84 Columbia 

Roche Henry, clerk, r 40 Tracy fr 

(Roche see Roach) bl 

Rock Geo. W. Am. Express, r 67 Jay ^ 

Rock John, laborer, r 94 Jay g* 

ROCK ROGER, Siipt. City RR. r 90 Park ave a 

Rockwell Adelbert M. painter, r 158 Neilson 0^ 

Rockwell Edward J. r 124 Taylor ave ^ 

ROCKWELL JAMES (James Rockwell & Co.), r 272 g- 

Genesee ^ 
ROCKWELL JAMES & CO. (Jas. Rockwell, Geo. O. Cowles ^ 
and O. C. Rhodes) wholesale clothing 4 and 6 Catharine C 

Rockwell Jesse F. salesman, r 218 Third S. 

Rockwell Henry W. Mrs. r 153 Park ave & 
Rockwell Sarah, r 12 Lansing 

Rockwell William C. N. organist, r 153 Park ave fe 

Rodgers Charles, trimmer, r 71 Miller ^ 

Rodgers Jo^ph, dresser, r 15 Cooper s^ 

Rodgers Junius, bridge builder, r 71 Miller j» 

Rodgers Patrick J. dyer, r 5 King » 

(Rodgers see Rogers) S 

Boeder Fred, laborer, r Blandina near Kossuth ave 8 

! !_ 

— — — ___ _p 

Furnishing Undertaker ^ ^1 Genesee Street, sc 




Boeder John, saloon keeper, r 110 Hicks 
Boeder John A. laborer, r Blandina near Eossath ave 
Boehl Henry, laborer, r 8 Lock 
Boemer Adam, butcher, r 81 Dudley 
Boemer Frederick, farmer, r Welshbnah road 
Boemer Henry, butcher, r 81 Dudley 
Boemer Henry, gardener, r East near city line 
•, Boemer John, mason, r 17 Canal 

S Boesch A. carpet weaver, r 9 Jason 

O Boesch Andrew, carriacce maker, r 24 Saratoga 

5 BOFFEE H. J. E. room 28 Arcade, r 58 Charlotte 

jr EOGEBS ALFBED, prop. Mansion House Fayette comer 

c3 ' Washington 

O Bogers Burton, clerk Mansion House, r same 

q Bogers B. A. clerk, r Mansion House 

O Bogers E. J. clerk i'8 Ghenesee, r Mansion House 

*d BOGEBS F. W. wholesale grocer SI Bleecker, r Gliaton 

;S House 

5 Bogers Henry, r 15 Cooper 

fSt Bogers Hiram Mrs. r 71 Slate 

c^ BOGEBS J. FBANE, lawyer 31 Arcade, r 62 Second 

•S Bogers Joseph, r 15 Cooper 

j^ Bogers Joseph, carpenter, r 16 South Hamilton 

<Q Bogers Joseph, loom fixer, r 15 Bank 

C| Bogers Lewis, mast, mechanic M. Y. Mills, r 260 Bleeckei 

^ BOGEBS L W. dentist 238 Genesee, r same 

«^ Bogers Madame, millinery over 159 Genesee, r same 

p Bi>ger8 Marian, r 71 State 

^ BOGEBS PUBLICS V. president First National Bank 91 

O Genesee, r 291 same 

i^ BOGEBS WILLIAM, (Supt Utica Ice Co.) r 95 Fayette 

^ (Bogers see Bodgers) 

iti Bohm Anthony, tailor, r 57 Seymour ave 

g Bohm Michael C. butcher 31 Blandina, r 81 Miller 

*^ Bohmeier Jacob, laborer, r 234 South 

gBOLFE CHABLES A. Otica Fire Alarm T. Co. r ISO Park 

^ Boiler John, tailor, r 8 Piatt 

«f Boiler John, tailor, r 28 Jason 

•§ Boiling Charles B. cartman, r 118 Howard ave 

g Boiling Charles H. tailor, r 118 Howard ave 
Boiling Mary *Mra seamstress, r 35 Taylor ave 
Boiling Samuel, upholsterer, r 35 Taylor ave 
Bomberger Max, stone cutter, r 7 Philip 
Bomer Wm. foreman Johnson livery 47 Catharine 
Bommel P. F. Bev. pastor German Moravian Church, r 44 

Booney Patrick, moulder, r 91 Jay 

WestcoU ^ Reussivig, Fine Custom Tailors, 




EOONEY P. J. saloon 109 Fayette, r 106 same 
Root John 6. saloon Wbitesboro cor Sehnyler 
ROOT S. D. (general a^rent Whitely, Fasaler k Eellej, agri- 
cultural implement^ 4 Burnet. See page 42 
ROOT LYNOTT B. (Root & Porter), r m New Hartford j. 
ROOT & PORTER, (L R Root and D. D. Porter) lawyers C 

118 and 120 Genesee ^ 

Root Peter, laborer, r 151 Rntger § 

Roper Jane, widow, r 61 Catharine 0^ 

Roper John, with F. A. Oassidy, r 61 Oatharine ^ 

Roper M. J. Miss, dressmaker, r 90 Broad ^ 

Rosscnp Maggie, r 89 Court o 

ROS£ ALBERT, grocery 37 Main, r same bd 

Rose Amos, blacksmith, r room 15 Thomas Block C 

Rose Clarence H. com. traveler, r 23 High ^ 

Rose George H. printer, r 5 Leah ^ 

Rose Myron, coachman, r 74 Charlotte ^ 

Rose 8. E Mrs. r 23 High ^ 
ROSEBOOM J. LIVINGSTON, physician 191 Genesee, r §^ 

230 Genesee O 

Rosemond Robert G. carpenter, r 110 Blandina ^ 

Rosamond Robert J. r 110 Blandina ^ 

Rosen burg Charles, shoemaker, r 51 Charlotte g 

Rosenburg Max, r 11 Leah Q« 

Rosengarten Max, pedler, r 83 Whitesboro q 

Rosenthal Hyman, r 12 Hoyt g 

Rosevelt Grace Miss, r 47 Main i^ 

Ross Christopher, carpenter, r 89 Mohawk ^ 

Ross David, clerk post office, r 47 Columbia ^ 

Ross Hiram, machinist, r 17 Johnson Square Cb 

Ross John B. Mrs. r 72 Broad *^ 

Ross John com. traveler, r 54 Broadway tS 

Ross Maria Mrs. r 6 Blandina C| 
Ross Robert M. machinist 29 Columbia, r 17 Johnson Square 2 

Ross William, r 38 Spring H 

Ross William Mr& r 230 Court ^ 

Ross William S. clerk, r 38 Spring i^ 

Rossell P. printer Herald office, r 17 Third -. 

{Rossell see Rozelle) ^ 

Rossiter James F. laborer r 15 State O 

Rossiter Moses Sr. tailor, r 9 Saratoga P 

Rossiter Moses F. printer Press office, r 9 Saratoga (^ 
Rossiter Nicholas, janitor advanced school, r 2 Mary 
Rottler John, dyer, r 14 Wager » 
Rottler John Jr. apprentice, r 14 Wager 
Rottler Katie, spinner, r 14 Wager 
Rottler Katie, spinner, r 69 Erie 
Roth Chas. F. barber, r 183 Miller 

J^o. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



CABPET8, will occasionally drop up this way, 

g — 

< Roth FaDijy Mrs. r 15 GliDton 

g Roth Ferdinand, shoemaker, r 120 Miller 

Roth Frank, laborer, r 4 Leah 

§ Roth Fred, black8n[iith, r 307 Mohawk 

^ Roth Geo. laborer, r 7 Lonisa 

P4 Roth Benry D. florist, r 9 York 

^ Roth John, machinist, r 80 Seymour ave 

^ Roth Katie, operative, r 7 Lonisa 

g Roth Lewis, laborer, r 50 Hobart 

-^ Roth Maggie, weaver, r 137 Schnyler 

^ Roth Mary, widow, r rear of 50 Hobart 

5 Roth Otto, r 23 Gold 

§ Roth Philip, r 113 Steuben 

1 Roth Rosa, tailoress, r 50 Hobart , 
9 Roth Sarah, tailoress, r 29^ Dudlev 

I ROTH THEOPHILDS B. REV. pastor Evangelical Lu- 

'*^ theran Church of ihe Redeemer ^English), r 38 Varick 

^ Roth Wm. laborer, r 31 Louisa 

o Rothstoin David E. r cor Charlotte and Elizabeth 

S Rothstein Sarah, clothing cor Charlotte and Elizabeth, r same 

§ Rounds Anna Mr& r 1 Union 
^ ROUNDS O. A. REV. pastor church of the ReconciliatioD, r 

» 8 Mary 

^ Rounds tiusan. Home for the Homeless 
S Rousseau A. bakery 121 Mohawk, r same 
p Rowe Geo. shoemaker, r 14 Blandina 
^ Rowe 6. B. agent, r 2 Hart 

S ROWE JAMES F. saloon 33 Bleecker, r 16 Burnet 

M ROWE JAMES W. (James W. Rowe & Co.), r 12 Seymour 

^ ave 

rg ROWE JAMES W. & CO. (James W. Rowe and H. 8. Stod- 

o dard), wall paper stock 6 Bleecker 

W ROWE JOHN C. fashionable boot and shoe maker 55 Co- 

H lumbia, r same 

§ Rowe John C. Jr. with Pomeroy & Son, r 18 Aiken 

^ Rowe Marv Mrs. r 33 Cottage 

S Rowe Michael, laborer, r 157 Broad 

< Rowe S. H. Mrs. millinery 126 Genesee, r 15 Lansing 

^ Rowell Edward, machinist, r 13 Aiken 

<M Rowell Julia E. teacher, r 13 Aiken 

^ Rowen Winnie, r Clinton House 

•pk Rowland Wm. spinner, r 301 Bleecker 

S Rowlands Ellis, 169 Court 

^ Rowlands Evan, watchman Buckley & Co. r 86 Seymour ave 

^ Rowlands Frank J. r 73 Bristol 

$ Rowlands Fred, weaver, r 1 69 Court 

o Rowlands George, clerk 114 Genesee, r 68 Blandina 

^ Rowlands Geo. P. cloth examiner, r 169 Court 

W. H. McGarvey Sr Co. Cigars and Fancy 

— jmt ai they med to go ont flahing for a day's recreation,— 

Kowlands John, vegetable gardener, r 191 Court 

RowlaucU Mary, r 6 Spring 

Bowlande William H. printer, r 68 Blandina 

Rowlands William R r 87 Rutger ^ 

Rowlands William J. r 86 Whitesboro S 

ROWLEY ALONZO, (Rowley, Ney & Co.) r 27 Devereux t 

ROWLEY & HORTON, (W. C. Rowley and G. C. Horton), g* 

1>aper and stationery 66 Oenesee <S 

ey Henry J. agent, r 27 Seneca 3 

ROWLEY WARREN C. (Rowley & Horton), r 48 Oneida ^ 

ROWLEY, NEY & CO. (A. Rowley, H. Key and H. K. | 

HeffronV flour, feed, groceries, provisions and cigars, S 

wholesale 18 and 15 Liberty ^ 

Roye Jane, domestic 15 Spring S- 

Royce John, 116 Genesee, r 60 Second o* 

Royce William H. fertilizer agent, r 46 Mary §. 

Royle Emma, teacher IJtica Orphan Asylum ^ 

Rozell Frank, moulder, r 27 Third f 

Rozelle Fred 6. salesman Olenn k Co. r 116 Park ave ^ 

(Rozelle see Rossell) ^ 

Ruben John, laborer, r 119 Water ^* 

Ruben William, shoemaker, r 1 Breese g^ 

Rubin Jacob, saloon 12 Barnes ave r same P* 
Ruckert Charles, upholsterer, r 107 Steuben 
RUDEN LOUIS, carriage and wagon painter 43 and 45 Jay, ^ 

r 50 Dudley. See page 89 ^ 

Ruder Ferdinand, carpenter, r 18 Brinckerhoff ave g: 

Ruder Frederick, tailor, r 23 Elm p* 

^uder Joseph, painter, r 171 Mohawk ^ 

Ruder Joseph, painter, r 13 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Rudolph Charles, saloon 136 Whitesboro, r same ^ 

Rudolph George J. marble cutter, r 162 Water S 

Rudolph Oscar, weaver, r 82 Schuyler S 

Ruffrage Michael, butcher, r 8 Francis ^ 

Ruggles W. A. bookkeeper, r Central Hotel g* 

Ruhstaffer Matthias, r 18 Parker B 

Rumble Clinton, butcher, r 18 Lansing S. 

Runyon H. W. clerk, r 118 South ttf 

Rupp George W. com. traveler, r 71 Charlotte ^ 
Rush John, laborer, r 30 First 
Rush Michael, r 34 Eemble 
Rubs Fred, r 222 Whitesboro 

Russell Ann Home tor the Homeless ^ 

Russell Chas P. r 237 Genesee o 

RUSSELL CHARLES P. physician and surgeon 198 Gene- ^ 

see, r 282 Genesee ^ 

Russell Emma, dressmaker, r 18 Plant t 
Russell Edmund D. r 124 Bleecker 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 





Russell Geo. porter Waverly 372 Oenesee 

Russell Jennie, weaver, r 210 Broad 

Rassell Jessie Miss, clerk, r 37 Broad 

Rassell Mary Mrs. housekeeper Waverly 372 Genesee 

Russell Seth, farmer Lunatic Asyluip, r 390 Whitesboro 

RUSSELL WILLIAM, physician and surgeon 198 Oeoesee, 

r 282 same 
Rus^ll Will, r 390 Whitesboro 
Russell R Wallace, salesman 8 John, r 282 Genesee 

Rutherford Alfred W. bookbinder, r 67 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Rutherford Jamee, r 96 West 

1 Rutherford William Mrs. r 96 West 
|3 Rutherford W. G. r 96 West 

g RYALS ISAAC G. pressman Observer office, r 6 William 
4b RYALS JOHN, notary public and bookkeeper 113 Oeueeee, 
^ r 6 William 

^ Ruvania Esther, fruit store, r 65 Bleecker 
^ Ryan Aggie Mrs. tailoress, r 18 Chenango ave 
^ Ryan Anna, r 20 Hope 

& Ryan , 87 Park ave 

^ Ryan Cel^ia, r 58 Catharine 
f4 I^an Charles H. clerk, r 5 Hotel 
I Ryan Dennis, tallyman, r 13 First 
S Ryan Edward C. bookkeeper, r 212 Columbia 
g Ryan Edward M. factory operative, r 212 Columbia 
• Ryan James, yard master, r 43 Whitesboro 
08 Ryan James E. contectionery 2 Columbia, r 5 Hotel 
'^ Ryan James E. clerk, r 364 Whitesboro 
^ Ryan John, laborer, r 136 Mary 
•§ Ryan John, laborer, r 18 Bristol 
> Ryan John, paper hanger, r 29 Leah 
1 Ryan Kate, laundry GO Broad 
^ Ryan Lizzie, domestic 334 Genesee 
.1 Ryan Martin, gardener, r 136 Elizabeth 
p Ryan Mary, operative, r 96 West 
"8 Ryan Mary Mra r 73 John 
;S Ryan Mary Mrs. r 163 Steuben 
S Ryan Michael, agent, r 47 Cooper 
'^ Ryan Michael, conductor, r 90 Elizabeth 

Ryan Michael, coachman, r 29 Leah 

Ryan Nora, dressmaker, r 67 Court 

Ryan Patrick, r 92 Elizabeth 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, r 131 Mary 

Ryan Sarah, r 10 Chestnut 

Ryan Simon H. 2 Columbia, r 5 Hotel 

Ryan Thomas, carpenter, r 40 Noyes 

Ryan Thomas, carpenter, r 58 Catharine 

Ryan Thomas Mrs. r 364 Whitesboro 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 



Ryan Thomae Jr. plamber, r 40 Schuyler 
ByaD Win. laborer, r 139 Rntger 

RYAN WILLIAM A. REV. assistant Pastor St. John's o 

Church, r 60 Bleecker & 

Ryan William F. farnitnre finisher, r 69 Leah S» 

Rycraft Alfred T. foreman 3 John, r 6 King | 

Ryerson Andrew, City RR stable, r 100 Columbia « 

SABINE A. MRS. widow, r 196 Howard ave ^ 

Sabine John, organ builder, r 1 1 Square , ^ 

Sabine Lizzie, telegraph operator, r 11 Square g 

Sabine P. r 196 Howard ave 4 

Sabine Rola, cutter, r 196 Howard ave ^ 

Sachs John, wagon maker, r 23 Oreen § • 

Sacher Ferdinand, butcher, r 36 South Hamilton « p« 

Sachle Simon, blacksmith, n3J6 Mohawk S 

Sackett Catharine, Home for the Homeless »S 

Safford Henry B. agent G. F. & Co. r 81 Blandina "7 

Safey John, boiler maker, r 20 Whitesboro & 

Sage Alice M. r 86 Park ave ^ 

Sage John M. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum gf 

Sage Lizzie M. r 86 Park ave ST 

Sage Samuel, laborer, r 86 Park ave S 

Sahl Edward, laborer, r 100 Canal | 

Sahl Edward Jr. r 100 Canal i 
SALISBURY ALBERT C. assistant supt D. L. & W. RR |: 

r 13 Seymour ave ^ 

Salisbury David P. r 29 Philip ^ 

Salisbury Louisa Mrs. r 37 Parker ^ 

Salladin Henry, stone cutter, r 146 Oneida ^ 
SALLADIN PETER, marble and granite dealer 19 Whites- ^ 

boro, r 146 Oneida. See page 42 »^ 

Salman Albert, r 91 Canal (^ 
SALTSMAN JAMES, (Saltsman & Son 328 Genesee), r 75 o 

State ^ 
, SALTSMAN & SON (James and W. Q.) bakery and con- g 

fectionery 328 Oenesee » 

SALTSMAN W. G. (Saltsman & Son), r 75 Stete & 

Salzman Katie, dressmaker, r 268 Whitesboro g 

Salzman Maria, dressmaker, r 263 Whitesboro o 

Sampson Josephine T. r 5 Rutger g 

Sampson Nancy Mrs. r 15 Chatham S 

SAMUELS NATHAN, grocer 91 Whitesboro, r same * 

Sanders A. Mrs. r 19 Spring ^ 

Sanders Elizabeth, widow, r 41 Third S 
SANDERS JOH^f J. merchant tailor 71 South, r 12 Gold. ^ 

See page 51 
Sanders Lena, tailoress, r 12 Gold 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



■ I ■ •- — - — ^ 

if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Sanders William, r 12 Gold 

SANFORD D. S. MISS, photograpiier 63^ South, r same. 

See page 86 
Sanford Edwin, com. traveler, r 95 Columbia 
Sandford Mary Jane, r Pleasant near Third 
Sandford Robert, farmer, r Pleasant near Third 
Sandhovel Jerry, night watchman American Ex. r 78 John 
Saudowski Simon, laborer, r 49 Parker 

f Sandy lowsky Solomon, saloon 140 Whitesboro, r same 
SAK6 & BADER (Frank Sang and Charles Bauer), coal and 
wood yard 242 Whitesboro 

SANG FRANK (Sang & Bauer), r 22 Breeee 

Sang Jacob, iruit store 49 Court, r same 

Sang Philip R. policeman, r 93 Schuyler 
2 Sanger Clement, mason, r City cor Walnut 
2 Sanson L r 5 Clinton place 
.S Santiff John, carpenter, r 242 Blandina 
^ Saonsen N. E. laborer, r 27 Elizabeth 
^ Sapario Louis, second hand clothing 24 Elizabeth, r same 
g Sapario Martin, r 24 Elizabeth 
■g Sator John, laborer, r 14 Hope 

Sauer Abraham, painter, r 81 Dudley 

Sauer Adam, butcher, r 64 Garden 

2 Sauer Casper, mason, r 79 Elm 
Z Sauer Charles, tailor, r 79 Elm 

Sauer Ervin, tresco painter, r 81 Dudley 
^ Sauer George, butcher, r 64 Garden 
B Sauer Joseph, butcher, r 64 Garden 

Saul Frederick, tinsmith, r 5 High 

Saul Jacob H. cartman, r 5 High 

Saunders Alfred W. bookkeeper, r 240 Court 
b Saunders Sarah, teacher, r 240 Court 

^ Saunders George H. bookkeeper Lunatic Asylum, r 240 Court 
J SAUTTER CHRISTIAN, boots and shoes 112 Genesee, r 7 
fl William 

a SAUTTER CHRISTIAN Jb. clerk 112 Genesee, r 7 William 

Sautter Mary, r St Luke's Hospital 

Sautter Samuel, clerk 112 Genesee, r 7 William 

Sautter William, clerk, r 7 William 

Savage Anna, r 5 Harper 

Savage David, cartman, r 177 Howard ave 

Savage George H. overseer reservoir, r Pleasant near East 

SAVAGE H. J. F. meat market 209 Genesee,^r 45 Blandina 

Savage Laura W. r 269 Genesee 

Savage Libbie, r 177 Howard ave 

Savage Maggie, r 177 Howard ave 

Savage Mary, r 177 Howard ave 

SA^GE THOMAS, farmer, r Pleasant near East 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


call on m far goods they don^t And at home. 

Savage William, moulder, r 26 Ciomelia 

Savage W. J. B. Mrs. r 9 Griffiths place 

Saverio Joseph, laborer, r 69 Water 

SAWENS GILBERT S. (W. Sawens & Co.), r 21 Oneida 

Sawens Mary, r 125 John 

SAWENS MEDICAL CO. 1^3 Genesee ^ 

Sawens S. Mr& widow, r 125 John ^ 

SAWENS WILLIS, physician, (W. Sawens & Co. 188 Gen- g* 

esee), r 8 Steaben Park j 

SAWENS WILLIS G. prop. Lewis House, Yorkville g; 

SAWENS W. & CO. (Willis and Gilbert Sawens), druggists * 

wholesale and retail 183 Genesee S* 

Sawyer G. C. Principal Academy, r Clarendon ^ 

Sawyer J. M. brickmaker, r 146 Broad 8 

Sayles Daniel, paver, r 18 Warren §. 

Sayles Simon, carpenter, r 29 Nichols p« 

SAYRE BELTING CO. 119 and 121 Genesee 
SAYRE CHARLES H. (James Sayre's Sons 119 Genesee), 

r 142 Park ave g- 

Sayre Geo. S. clerk, r 142 Park ave ^ 

Sayre James, clerk, r 142 Park ave 5 

Sayre James Mrs. r 65 Fayette S 

Sayre Robert, brakeman, r 43 State & 

SAYRE THEODORE 8. r 65 Fayette 
8AYRFS SONS JAMES (Charles H. Sayre), hardware 119 g 

121 Genesee o 

Scallion Michael, gardener, r 129 Blandina 
Scanlon Etta, r 124 Taylor ave 
Scanlon John, laborer, r 66 Jay *^ 

Scatcherd Joseph, clerk, r 107 South ^ 

Scatchard Thomap, plumber, r South cor Seymour ave § 

Schaal John G. carpenter 89 Mohawk, r same 
(Schall see Schill, Schell and Scholl) S 

Schachtel Frank, tailor, r 130 Schuyler g 

Schachtel Margaret Mrs. r 130 Schuyler ^ 

SCHACHTEL WILUAM, journalist Herald, r 22 York S 
Scbadt Conrad, cutter, r 92 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Schaefer Catharine, domestic 298 Genesee 5 

Schaefer John, r 35 Leah | 

Schaefer John, laborer, r Ash cor Martin m 

Schaefer Jacob, gardener, r Ash cor Martin ^ 

Schaefer Peter, laborer, r 28 Hope S- 

Schaeter Philip, r 36 Leah 
{Schaefer see Shafer) 
ochafer Augustus, salesman, r 168 Water 
Schafer A. wood turner, r 47 BrinckerhofE ave 
Schafer Adam (C. Schafer & Co.), r 47 Brinckerhoff ave 
Schafer C. C. Mrs. r 366 Whitesboro 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Street. 


flinoe it annexed ITtioa and Ilion. 

Schafer Charlee, laborer, r 14 Schuyler 

Schafer Charles, clerk, r 168 Water 

Schafer 0. (C. Schafer & Co.), r 63 Taylor ave 

Schafer C. & Co. (C, A. & H. Schafer) clockmakers 68 Taylor 

Schafer Elizabeth, widow, r 168 Water 

Schafer George, blackemith 166 South, r same 

Schafer Henry, grocer 14 Edwards, r same 

Schafer Henry, r Hobart near Stenben 

Schafer Henry, (C. Schafer & Co.), r 47 Brinckerhoff ave 

Schafer Earl, tailor 49 Y arick 

Schafer Lena, 800 Oenesee 
^ Schaeford Geo. carpenter, r 304 Bleecker 
^ Schaffner Nicholas, laborer, r 91 Canal 
I SCHAEZLE JOSEPH, painter, r 91 Canal 
iti Schalk Anton, bntcher. r 114 Engle 
k Schait Thomas, plnmber, r Seymour ave cor South 
^ Scharfe Charles F. silversmith, r 48 Dudley 
p Scharfe Ernst, tailor, r 62 Taylor ave 
^ Scharfe Frederick, grocer 122 South, r same 

Sch^rnagel Wolfgang, r 34 Warren 

Schaub Charles, carpenter, r 16H Schuyler 

Schaub Henry J. wagon maker, r 161 Schuyler 
.9^ Schaub Henry, shoe cutter, r 151 Schuyler 

Schaub Jacob, cabinet maker, r 28 Parker 

Sch'aub John, laborer, r 11 Bristol 

Schaubinger Mrs. r 328 Whitesboro 
S Scheel Henry, upholsterer, r Plant cor Francis 
^ Scheehl Adam, laborer, r 176 Water 
o Scheehl Jacob, clerk N. T. C. frt, office, r 167 Bleecker 
^ Scheer Anton Mrs. r 31 South Hamilton . 
g» Schessler Frank, weaver, r 125 Varick 
A Schehl Chris, cabinet maker, r 4 Jason 
S Scheideman John, cigarmakcr, r 70 Johnson 
H SCHEIDERICH JOSEPH, custom shoemaker 54 Seneca, r 
84 Cooper. See advt page 27 

Scheid Frank, tailor, r 178 Fayette 

Schell Conrad, cigarmaker, r 108 Dudley 

Schell Edward, marble cutter, r 103 Dudley 

Schell John, marble polisher, r 108 Dudley 

Schell Rosanna Mrs. r 13 Parker 

Schell Peter, carpenter, r 26 Albany 

Schell Valentine, barber 89 Columbia, r same 

(Schell see Schaal, Schil and Scholl) 

Scheller Charles, cabinet maker, r 65 Dudley 

Scherberger Fred, laster, r66 Broadway 

Scherberger Loois. Bhoemaker, r 66 Broad wi^ 

Schenck Albert, shoemaker, r 108 Schuyler 

Westcott ^ Beussivig, Fine Custom Tailors, 


The handflomertPry Ctoods and Carpets on earth 

ScheDck Catharine E. widow, r 108 Schnyler 
Schenck Lonis, laborer, r 53 Warren 
Scbenck Sarah, dressmaker, r lOS Schayler 
Scherer John, pedler, r 14 Clinton 

Schethard Joseph, bookkeeper, r 68 Broad <^ 

Schen Herman, bookkeeper, r 66 Whitesboro S 

Scheach H. M. with Westcott & Co. Arcade o 

Sehiedt Jalias, watchmaker, r 38 Hart ^ 

Bchifier Jacob 8. U. cabinet maker, r 9 Harper H 

(Schill see Schael, Schell and Scholl) *^ 
SCHILLER CHARLES H. watchmaker and jeweler 173 175 * 

Genesee, r 5 Dudley § 

Schiderman John, laborer, r 70 Johnson ^ 

Schiramel Eva Mrs. r 10 Orchard ^b 

Schimmel Frank, Htfgar near Newell *^ 

Schimmel John, saloon 146 Fayette, r same 5 

Schimmel Joseph, gardener, r New Hartford Road ^ 

Schimfkey Joseph, laborer, r 13 Breese go 

Schindler Charles H. carpenter, r 30 Bristol ^ 

Schindler Fred, r 72 Spring g 

Schindler John, trankmaker, r 72 Spring 8 

Schindler Lizzie, r 72 Spring ^ 

Schindler Mary, dressmaker, r 72 Spring f^ 

Schindler Peter, carpenter, r 72 Spring g 

Schliker Anna, tailoress, r 224 Third g 

Scbliker Anthony Mrs. r 224 Third ^ 

Schliker Charles, tailor, r 224 Third g: 

Schliker John, machinist, r 224 Third i» 

Schliker John, painter and confectioner, r 90 Yarick 
Schliker Joseph, factory operative, r Garden cor Chenango ave % 

Schliker Libbie, tailoress, r 224 Third g 

Schraatzbauer George, laborer, r 57 Warren B- 

Schmid Annie Mrs. r 327 Whitesboro B 

Schmid John J. carpenter, r 181 Howard ave ^ 

Schmidt Alexander, shoemaker, r 157 Columbia o* 

Schmidt Charles F. candy maker, r 136 Whitesboro p 

Schmidt Charles, machinist, r 285 South ^ 

Schmidt Daniel, shoemaker, r 4 Stevens g 
Schmidt Ernst Mrs. r 8 Cedar 

Schmidt Frederick J. hotel restaurant 39 Genesee, r same ^ 

Schmidt George F. cutter, r 86^ Eagle g^ 

Schmidt Gustavus, wagon maker, r 6 Lock ^ 

Schmidt L. Fred, clerk, r 39 Genesee | 

Schmidt Henry, laborer, r 27 Canal *^ 
Schmidt Jacob, polisher 15 Charlotte 
Schmidt Lizzie, operative, r 154 Whitesboro 
Schmidt Peter, laborer, r 98 Leah 
Schmidt Wm. D. r 89 Genesee 

J/o. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



and spring from Summer back 

Schmidtbauer Michael, laborer, r 8 Bryan 

Schmitt Ooswin, shoemaker, r 19 Edwards 

(Schmitt see Smith) 

Schmitz Peter J. tailor, r — Downer ave 

Schmool Qteo. tailor, r 24 Elizabeth 
r Schnebacher M. A. r 16 Edward 

Schneider Elizabeth, seamstress, r 189 South 

Schneider Jacob, mason, r 192 Blandiua 
iS Schneider John, r 165 Columbia 
*g Schneider John F. wood turner, r 28 Francis 
p« Schneider Louis, cabinet maker, r 69 Hicks 
•5 Schneider Mary, r 192 Blandina 
2 Schneider Peter, r 189 South 

Schneider Regina, seamstress, r 189 South 
^ (Schneider see Snyder) 

^ SCHOELLER IGNAZ, painter 26 Varick, r 176 Fayette ; 
^ Schoenleber B. M. shoemaker, r 168 Jay 
g Schofield Joseph, painter 119 Schuyler 
^ Scholefield H. M. Mrs. r 6 Steuben 
H Scholl John, r 145 Mary 
-g Scholl Joseph, carpenter, r 26 Albany 
g School Peter J. carpenter 26 Albany, r same 
^ (Scholl see Schill, Shell and Schaal.) 
00 Schook Charles, cigarmaker, r 68 Johnson 
<-t Schook Christian, cigarmaker, r 61 Johnson 
jg Schook Henry, laborer, r 68 Johnson 

Schook John, operative, r 68 Johnson 

Schook William, cigarmaker, r 62 Johnson 

Schooler John Jr. agent, r 73 Spring 

Schooley Edward K saw filer 16 Culver, r Bleecker cor East 
o Schotthafer Henry J. barber 4 Baggs square, r 81 Garden 
♦■ (Schotthafer see Shotthafer.) 

S Schraeder Charles W. shoemaker, r 102 Howard ave 
o Schraeder George C. operative, r 29 Neilson 
S Schrader Amelia, teacher, r 96 Court 
$ Schrader Frank, r 11 Hope 

Schrader Frederick, moulder, r 95 Court 

Schrader Henry E. r 29 Neilson 

Schrader Henry W. moulder, r 12 Floyd 

Schrader John B. shoemaker, r 167 Bleecker 
g Schrader John Joseph, meat market 167 Bleecker, r 120 same 
fc Schrader Peter, r 14 William 

(Schrader see Schroeder.) 

SCHRAM CHARLES V. saloon 17 John, r 57 Main 

Schram Daniel E. r 8 Hotel 

Schram Daniel K clerk, r 57 Main 

Schram Julia, r 57 Main 

Schramm Frederick, laborer, r 60 Catharine 

IVi H. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquors, 


to iti place.— Old Prophecy. 

Sell reck B. laborer, r 10 Lock 
Schreck Frank, carpenter, r 257 Whiteftboro 
Schreck Frank, laborer, r 389 Wbitesboro 
Schreck Gertie, operative, r 19 Oak 
Schreck John, marble polisher, r 19 Oak 
Schreck Joseph, operative, r 10 Lock 
Schreck Bos^ operative, r 19 Oak 

Schreck Mary, operative, r 19 Oak g 

Schreck Peter, carder, r 19 Oak o 

Schreck Michael, fi^ranite cutter, r 257 Wbitesboro H 

Schreiber Joseph, r 4 Parker M 

SCHREIBER JOHN 0. proprietor Utica Deutsche Zeitnng *< 
and Oneida Demokrat 8 Fay, r same ^ 

Schrier Nickelaus, laborer, r 66 Erie g 

SCHRIER WALTER (Colby & Schrier) r 28 South - 

Schrempf Annie M. tailoress, rSl South Hamilton * ^ 

Schrempf Mary, tailoreps, r 31 South Hamilton 5' 

SCHREMPF JACOB, grocery Columbia cor Saratoga, r ^ 
same g* 

Schrempf Joseph, r 248 Wbitesboro ^ 

Schrempf Martin, tailor 107 Canal, r same ^ 

Schreppell Jacob, harnessmaker, r 78 Schuyler q 

Schroeder G. G. piano tuner, r 166 Seymour ave 8 

Schroeder Philip Mrs. r 7 Schuyler S* 

Schroeder William, tinsmith, r 14 Clinton g. 

(Schroeder see Schraeder) » 

Scbroeppel Emelia, operative, r 45 Saratoga ^ 

Schroeppel John, machinist, r 45 Saratoga g* 

Scbroeppel Mary, operative, r 45 Saratoga ^ 

Schubert John, potter, r 30 Varick ^ 

8CHUCHARDT BROS-'fC. M. and E. F.) grocers 72 Court g, 
SCHUCHARDT FREDERICK, carpenter 72 Court, r same « 
SOHUCHARDT CHARLES M. (Schuchardt Bros.) r 72 1 
Court » 

SCHUCHARDT ERNST F. (Schuchardt Bros.), r 72 Court - 
Schuchardt Mary, tailoress, r 72 Court ^ 

Schuchardt Theodore, shoecutter, r 72 Court ^ 

Scbaderer. Frank M. (Moore & Scbuderer) r 53 Varick 
Schnderer Michael Mrs. saloon 161 Columbia, r same 
Scbuderer Sebastian, machinist, r 852 Wbitesboro 
Schug George, N. Y. C. f reiarht house, r 87 Catharine 
Scha^ Henry, laborer, r 66 Warren 
80HUG JOHN H. grocer 107 South cor Seymour ave, r 108 

same. See page 21 
Schng Nicholas, W cartman, r 50 Catharine 
Schnier Romaine, cutter, r 43 Broad 

8CHULTE BERNARD REV. rector St Luke's Memorial 
Church, r 192 ColnmWa 

Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



. May 15th, Hres were needad, OYercoats oqmfortabla. 

Schnltz Angast, shoemaker, r 6 Faass ave 

Schultz Christian, laborer, r 60 Parker 

Schultz Ernest, weaver, r 61 Garden 

Schnltz Frank, cabinet maker, r 35 Dudley 

Schultz John, laborer, r 184 Jay 
. Schnltz John, cigarmaker, r 7 Faass ave 
S Schultz Lawrence, laborer, r 79 Water 
S Schnltz Michael, laborer, r Third near Arthur 
^ Schultz Tiney, tailoress, r Third near Arthur 
^ Schultz William A weaver, r 17 Enox 
^ Schultze Louis, millstone worker, r 16 Jason 
^ Schulze Oliarles J. bookkeeper 12 Liberty, r 60 Broad 
^ Schulze Louis, meat market 76 Elizabeth, r 77 Howard ave 
2 SCHULZE THEODORE H. bookkeeper 60 Genesee, r 60 
j Broad 

® Schumaker Jacob Mrs. r 19 Huntinfz^ton 
*€ Schumaker John, laborer, r 72 Court 
g Schumaker Levina Mrs. r 32 Stark 
p Schurtze Charles, carpenter, r 24 Knox 
^ Schuster Fannie, domestic 76 Fayette 
jg Schutz Stephen, shoemaker, r 825 Whitesboro 
;3 Schuyler Ellen, weaver, r 210 Broad 
^ Schuyler Jacob W. r Fay cor Broadhead 
f^ Schuyler N. M. Mra r 70 Lansing 

S SCHUYLER WILLIAM H. livery 82 Catharine, r 18 Cornelia 
jf Schwab Albert J. clerk N. Y. C. freight office, r 167 Bleecker 
J Schwab Charles H. r 90 Broad 
^ Schwab Cora, r 167 Bleecker 
.9 Schwab David, boatbuilder 95 Broad, r 92 same 
•g Schwab Frank T. printer, r 90 Broad 
I SCHWAB DAVID J. boatbuilder 95 Broad, r 92 same, 
g See page 62 

^ Schwab Emma L. r 167 Bleecker 
*1 Schwab John D. at Dering's mill, r 78 John 
S Schwab Joseph, laborer, r 186 Fayette 
^ Schwab Mary, r 74 Jay \ 

^ Schwabe Charles, shoemaker, r 144 South 
g Schwartz Adam, pedler, r 16 Parker 
M Schwartz Charles, oil-cloth painter, r 122 Taylor ave 

Schwartz John, night watchman, r Third cor Arthur 

Schwartz John A. r 16 Parker 

Schwartz Martin, tailor, r 7 Jason 

Schweikert Charles, cigarmaker, r 102 Albany 

Schweikert Christian, r 136 Mohawk 

Schweikert Jacob, butcher, r 102 Albany 

Schweikert Louis, blacksmith, r 102 Aibany 

Scobell H. B. manager Wilcox k Oibbs Sewing Mach. Oa 84 
Arcade, r 30 Deverenx 

Purvis, Metcalf Sp Co.^ Book-Binders and 


Dan Eiee was here, but no Slimmer. 

8C0FIELD CHARLES EL photographer 25 Columbia and 

160 Genesee, r 82 Colambia See adv't page 89 
Scofield C. F. photographer, r New Hartford 
Scofield Orrin, r 88 Leah 

Scott Isaac R snpt. Skenandoa Cotton Co. r 57 Second 
Scott John, laborer, r 54 Cooper 
Scott John, r Proctor ave cor Lndlow ave 
Scott Mark, laborer, r 171 Blandina 
Scott Maria, widow, r 15 Washington 
SCOTT PETER M. (Scott A; O'Connell) r 22 Plant 
Scott Sarah, r 214 Whitesboro 

Scott Thomas K foreman 48 Oeneeee, r 57 Taylor ave 
SCOTT & O'CONNELL (P. M. Scott and John O Connell) 

plambers, 21 Catharine. See page 48 g 

Scotten William, batton maker, r 48 Whitesboro ^ 

Scon ten M. O. Mrs. r 62 Broadway ^ 

Scrambling G. D. printer, r 86 Elizabeth Ȥ 

Scranton Albert L telephone inspector, r 88 Chatham §- 

Scranton F. C. carpenter, r 88 Chatham ^ 

Scranton George I), letter carrier, r 83 Court S 

Scranton William C. 110 Genesee, r Clarendon • 

SCRANTON WILLIAM H. clothing 60 Genesee, r 88 Court S* 
Scrnmm Fred, laborer, r 60 Catharine ^ 

Scrnton Geo. H. student 68 Genesee, r 171 Park ave "^ 

Scraton O. J. salesman, r 18 Rntger § 

Scnilj Kate, domestic 25 Rntger g 

Seabnry George Rev. r 6 South Q 

Seaman Alfred J. shoemaker, r 75 Cornelia S 

Seaman C. K salesman, r 9 Ooooer 

Seaman M. W. butcher, r 129 Rutger !^ 

(Seaman see Seeman) P 

SEARLE CHARLES H. (Searle, Danmore ife Willis) 1>^9 J-" 

CrcncBce. r 18 ]!x.6mbl6 ^^ 

SEARLE, DUNMORE & WILLIS, (C. H. Searle, W. T. g 

Dnnmore and G. W. Willis Jr.) lawyers 189 Genesee g* 
SEARLES ELIJAH, hides and leather 189 Genesee, r 867 a> 

Searles Louise, 867 Genesee g 

Sears Alfred, painter and grainer, r 97 Miller | 

Sears Columbus, engineer, r 22 Morris 1 

Seavey Albert G. butcher, r 872 Whitesboro » 

Seavey George M. salesman, r 6 Spring 
Seavey George W. clerk, r 6 Spring 
Seavey Square P. r Culver cor Proctor 
Seavey Wm. H. mason r Culver cor Proctor 
Sebarde Herman, brewer, r 209 Columbia 
Sebastian John, laborer, r 27 Green 
Sebastian Martin, glazier, r 91 Court 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 1S7 Genesee, 



Pry Qood% Carpet^ CUmkM, MDiimry, TTpholgtcriBg Qood% 

See William, shoe cotter, r 20 Whiteeboro 

Seeber John, carpenter, r 190 Schuyler 

Seely H. J. saleBman, r 8 Cooper 

Seely John, paper hanger, r 29 Lansing 

Seeley Samnel, porter at M. H. Griffith & Ca r 27 Main 

Seeman Jacob Sr. mason, r 94 Canal 

Seemaii Jacob Jr. bntcher, r 94 Canal ^ 

Seeman John N. moulder, r 92 Canal 

Seeman Valentine, clerk, r 94 Canal 

f Seem an see Seaman^ 

SEEGEB K G. (L Myers & Co. millers) r Deerfield road 

Segar C. T. (C. T. S^^ Manufacturing Co.) r 108 West 
^ Segar C. T. Manufacturing Co. spring beds 121 and 123 West 
g SEGAB J. WESLEY, variety store 261 South, r 263 same 
'i Segar S. Mrs. variety store 263 South, r same 
^ Seifert Edward, tailor, r 7 Wiley 

r Seifert Henry, tailor, r 6 Miller 
^ Seifert Henry H. moulder, r 87 Columbia 
M Seifert Jacob, teamster, r 18 Faass ave 
^ Seifert John, teamster, r 43 Howard ave 
g Seifert Jose|)b, tailor, r 113 Whitesboro 
^ Seifiried Louis, milkman, r Whitesboro road 
^ Seigler John, barber 43 Bleecker, r 29 Dudley 

^ (Seigler see Siegler) 
^ Seigg Soloman, r 4 

igg Soloman, r 4 Warren 

J Seller Andrew, r 17 Faass ave 

S Seiler Gotleib, carver, r 54 Columbia 

^ Seiler John, operative, r 91 Stark 

«9 Seiler Paoline, domestic 20 Cottage place 

^ Seilnig Louis, paper hanger, r 8 McVeau 

g Seime Frederick, shoemaker, r 76 Canal 

^ Seime Henry Jr. shoemaker, r 37 Varick 

^ Seime Henry, shoemaker 85 Whitesboro, r 18 Edward 

<^ Seime Louis, shoemaker, r 6 Green 

^ SEISELMEIER ENOCH, blacksmith rear 36 Bleecker, r 70 

^ Warren. See page 61 

g Seieelmeier Martin, blacksmith, r 70 Warren 
Seiselmeier William, machinist, r 70 Warren 
Seiselmeier Martin, carriagesmith, r 70 Warren 
Seiselmeyer Joseph, carpenter, r 91 Garden 
Seitz Conradt, watchman, r 36 South Hamilton 
SEITZEB CHARLES F. florist 84 and 86 Sute, r 4 Bank. 

See page 52 
Selsmer Martha W. Mrs. r 108 Broad 
Semple J. AL apothecary N. Y. S. Asylum 
Semple William C. bookkeeper 111 Genesee, r 22 Eemble 
Senger Frederick, laborer, r 11 South Hamilton 
Senger Herma n, laborer, r 11 South Hamilton 

I'red A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


Shawli» Fans and Fur-Lined Qlovea, Blankets and Mosquito Het, 

SeDneff V. r 79 Third 

SeDDeth James, laborer, r 46 Mohawk 

Senif Francilia, factory operative, r 17 Spring 

Senif Frank, brakeman, r 70 Schnyler P 

Senif George, carpenter, r 91 Qarden m" 

Senif John, laborer, r 70 Schoyler 3! 

Servatins Annie, seamstress, r 19 Philip ^ 

Servatins Charles H. tinsmith, r 286 Whitesboro 8 

Servatins Frank, saloon 236 Whitesboro ^ 

Servatins Frank, clerk, r 67 Varick 

Servatins Fred, receiving clerk, r Parker block 

Servatins Henry, grainer, r 31 South Hamilton 

Servatins John, painter, r 294 Whitesbofo 

Servatins John J. painter, r 294 Whitesboro 

Servatins Lawrence, r 284 Whitesboro 

Servatins Simon, paper hanger 67 Yarick, r same 

Servatins Simon Jr. r 67 Varick 

Servatins William, salesman, r 19 Philip 

Service James, twister, r Mary cor Milgate 

Service Wm. operative, r Mary cor Mi^ate 

Servey Ida Miss, r 6 Blandina 

Servey M. Mrs. ornamental hair works 5 Blandina, r same 

Sessions William, laborer, r 18 Hope 

Senbert Libbie, millinery and fancy goods 60 Colnmbia, r same 

Senbert Michael, blacksmith, r 6 Stark 

Benfert Karl, tailor, r 96 Liberty 

SEWARD ALEXANDER (Brayton k Seward), r 95 

Seward James H. r 96 Bleecker 

Seward Nellie P. r 10 Spring 

SEWARD THOMAS W. treasurer Lunatic Asylum, office 
Gardner Block, r 109 John ^ 

Sexton John, teamster, r 118 Catharine 

SEXTON JOHN P. (Lowery & Sexton), r 56 Mary 

Sexton Joseph A. trimmer, r 56 Mary 

Sexton Michael Mrs. widow, r 56 Mary >■ 

SEXTON MICHAEL J. grocer Mary cor Second, r 97 Mary ^ 

Sexton Thomas M. com. traveler, r 56 Mary & 

Seyforth Augustns, shoemaker, r 37 Dudley S 

Seyforth Alvin, barber, r 37 Dndlev » 

Seyforth Emma, dressmaker, r 87 Dudley S 

Seymour Alfred K. agent for P. & F. Corbin, r 84 Fayette S 

SEYMOUR GEORGfE, physician and surgeon, room 6 Gard- g 
ner Block, r 17 Cottage gt 

SEYMOUR HORATIO HON. r Deerfield •• 

Seymour Horatio Jr. removed to Marquette, Mich. 

SEYMOUR JOHN F. (Seymour & Weaver), r 36 Whites- 

Furnishing Undertaker, j^l Genesee St. 


SEYMOUR & WEAVER fJohn F. Seymour and George 
M. Weaver! lawyers -69 Genesee cor Broad 

Shadrach Daniel, r 126 Bleecker 

Shafer C. C. Mrs. r 366 Whitesboro 

Shafer Charles, r 14 Schayler 

Shafer Elizabeth, r 168 Water 

Shafer George, clerk Liberty, r 866 Whitesboro 

Shafer J. H. groceries Bank cor Hart, r 13 Bank 

Shafer Jacob, laborer, r 113 Liberty 

(Shafer see Sbnefer and Schafer) 

Shaffler Joseph J. carpenter, r 90 Albany 
.^ Shaffler Jacob, r 90 Albany 
g« Shafler Frederick, laborer, r 66 Johnson 
^ Shaftoe Jas. T. watchmaker, r 11 Nichols 
h Shaftoe W. A spinner, r 11 Nichols 
o Shaftoe Wm. overseer, r 11 Nichols 
Shakoffsky Hiram, bnttonhole maker, r 184 Whitesboro 
^ Shakoffeky Abraham, pedler, r 184 Whitesboro 
^ Shandorf Libbie, r 181 Columbia 
"g Shanks William, teamster, r 12 Chenango ave 
^ Shanley Catharine, r 12 Edward 
3 Shanley Fanny, tailorese, r 12 Edward. 
^ Shanley John, shoemake", r 232 Bleecker 
^ Shanley Hackett, saloon Fayette cor Whilesboro, r same 
^ Shanley Maggie, r 12 Edward 
^ Shanley Mary, tailoress, r 12 Edward 
^ Shanley Mary Mrs. r 12 Edward 
^ Shanley Patrick, teamster, r 24 Chenango ave 
^ Shanly Ann Mrs. widow, r 247 Bleecker 
,g Shannon Carrie, chambermaid Baggs Hotel 

Shapland George, wood and coal yard 69 Elm, r 161 same 

Shapley Charles W. Mrs. r 173 Park ave 

SHARP CHARLES, mfr. of birch beer and ginger ale 70 
of Liberty, r same 
•^ Sharp William, engineer, r 86 Water 
^ Sharpe Benjamin, tanner, r 222 Whitesboro 

Sharpe Charles F. fruits 207 Genesee, r 28 Pearl 

Sharpe Mary Mrs. r 99 Columbia 

Sharpe Mary E. Mrs. matron Home for the Homeless 

Sharpe Thomas, r 323 Genesee 

Shattuck John, shoemaker, r 73 John 

SHATTUCK L H. (LeRoy, Shattuck & Head), r 20 Hopper 

Shattuck R. J. teamster, r 126 South 

SHAUGHNESSY BROS. (J. F. and P. J. Shaughnessy) tin, 
hardware and stoves 143 Genesee, Arcade 

Shaughnessy Daniel, (Roberts and Shaughnessy), r 67 Blandina 

SUA UGHNESSY JOHN F. (Shaughnessy Brosw) r 58 Lan- 
BJng __^ 

Ifescott ^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



8haaghne88y John J. policeman, r 34 Hobart 
SHAUGHNESSY PATRICK J. (Shanghneflsy Bros.) r 67 

SHAVER CHARLES C. silverware infr. 129 Genesee, r 46 

Shaver Eliza Ann Mrs* r 58 Eagle 
Shaver L. A. Mrs. r 84 WhitesWo 
Shaver Mary, domestic 274 Genesee 
Shaw Armenins, boiler maker, r 116 Schnyler 
Shaw Emily Mr& domestic orphan asylnm 
Shaw A. C. town clerk Deerfield, r same ^ 

Shaw Fred H. bookkeeper, r 185 Park ave S 

Shaw George D. salesman 52 Franklin Square, r 186 Park ave g 
Shaw Henry, carpenter, r in Deerfield <g. 

Shaw John George, lanndryman, r 405 Whitesboro «** 

Shaw John R lanndryman, r 11 Harper o 

Shaw John L salesman, r 1 Blandina place gp 

Shaw Levi, foreman, r 400 Whitesboro *< 

Shaw Levi H. boiler maker, r 74 Cooper tf 

SHAW L. J. MRS. & SON, millinery and employment agency ^ 

11 Colombia, r same 
Shaw Marshall, boiler maker, r 88 Stark 
Shaw Nellie, r 89 Cooper 
Shaw Oi-pha E r 100 Washington B 

Shaw Peter, laborer, r 35 First ^ 

Shaw Thomas O. r 405 Whitesboro 
Shaw Thomas, clerk, r 92 Fayette 
Shaw T. A. S. Mra dressmaker 96 Colombia, r same ^ 

Shaw Tracy B. conductor, r 95 Columbia 8- 

Shaw W. S. r 11 Coluuibia g 

Shay Edward, brakeman, r 19 Cornelia o 

Shay James, spinner, r Bacon street ^ 

Shay Martin, laborer, r — Milgate H 

Shea George, plumber, r 65 Neilson ^ 

Shea James, coachman, r 65 Neilson ^ 

Shea James Jr. r 66 Neilson g 

Shea John, gardener, r 23 Chatham ^ 

Shea John, carpenter, r Elizabeth cor Burnet 
Shead Charlotte, domestic 47 Spring 
Shearman Joseph A. ofSce 27 Genesee, r 29 Broad 
Sbeehan John, mason, r 167 Bleecker 

SHEEHAN JOHN H. (John H Sheehan & Co.) r 21 Rutger 
SHEEHAN JOHN H. & CO. (John H. Sheehan, Charles S. 

England and Philip Sweeney), wholesale and retail drugs 

and liquors 165 Genesee. See advt front colored leaf 
Sheehan James, tobacconist, r 52 Hobart 
Sheehan Mary, restaurant 44^ Bleecker, r same 
Sheehan Mary, domestic 24 Court 

JVb. SS Genesee Street, Utica. 



P CABPBTS, will occasionally drop np this way, 

^ Sheehan Michael, laborer, r 52 Hobart 

P) Sheehan Patrick Mrs. r 214 BiaDdina • 

§ Sheehan Peter, shoemaker, r 26 Cherry 

o Sheehan Peter, r 52 Hobart 

>* (Sheehan see Schienen) 

g Sheffield & Barber (F. W. Sheffield and A. D. Barber), wagon 

M mfrs. 106-8 Liberty 

*S Sheffield F. W. H. (Sheffield & Barber), r 42 Cottage 

S Sheffield James R student, r 42 Cottage 

g Sheffler Adam, gardener, r 34 Jay 

o SHELDON AKTEMAS H. (Moore & Sheldon 45 QeneseeX 

'^ r 331 same 

B Sheldon Eliza, Home for the Homeless 

o Shenan John, laborer, r 48 Elm 

S Shepard Emma, 335 Genesee 

•9 Shepard Leroy F. r 12 Plant 

d Shepard L. A. widow, r 336 Genesee 

g Shepard Mary, r 336 Genesee 

g Shepard S. G. r 28 Gardner Block 

m Shephard 0. F. at Herald office, r 40 Washington 

P Shephard Peter, laborer, r 27 Philip 

•g Shephard Walter, loom fixer, r 9 Garden 

\, Shephardson C. W. fireman, r 39 Varick 

§ Sheridan Alice, weaver, r 210 Broad 

Q Sheridan Ann, attendant N. Y. S. Asylam 

P' Sheridan Edward, laborer, r 36 Third 

*§ Sheridan James A. bookkeeper, r 76 Lansing 

^ Sheridan John, mason, r Deerfield Corners 

e Sheridan Michael, laborer, r 66 Columbia 
^ Sheridan Patrick, carpenter, r 14 St Vincent 
M Sheridan Simon, carpenter 36 Bleecker, r 76 Lansing 
g Sheriffs Office, 222 Genesee 
^ Sherley Jennie, dressmaker, r 14 Aiken 
g Sherman Charles T. r 299 Bleecker 
o Sherman Jacob, laborer, r 1 Oak 

g SHERMAN JAMES S. (Cookinham & Sherman), r 17 Soott 
S Sherman John, waiter Baggs Hotel 
3 Sherman Mary Mrs. r 66 W hitesboro 
S Sherman Mary, r 66 Broadway 

*g Sherman Richard W. civil engineer 76 Genesee, r 36 Broad 
^ SHERMAN SANFORt) F. mens' furnishing goods and mfr. 
g< of^shirts 42 Genesee, r 117 John cor Blandina ^ 

p« SHERMAN S. W. lumber dealer and mfr. of lock comer 
jg boxes 116 to 126 Erie, r New Hartford road. See back 

^ oatside cover and page opposite name 

p, Sherman Wm. H. mason, r 299 Bleecker 
^ Sherry Owen, mason, r 116 Neilson 

o Sherry Peter, clerk 66 Bleecker, r 116 Neilson 
^ — - — — 

W. H. McGarvey Sf Co., Cigars and Fancy 

Lock Comer Bozes, 

Made by the Best and Latest 

improved Machinery, 

— ALSO— 

of any size and desoription desired. 

Dressed and Rough Lumber, 




Custom Work 



116 to 126 Erie Street, 






K Sherwood Benj. F. r 15 Gottaffo 

a SHERWOOD EDWIN R (Sherwood & HemmenB), r 712 
•Q Genesee road 

^ Sherwood Frances Mrs. operative, r 61 Eemble 
^ SHERWOOD JOSEPH B. (Sherwood k Golden) r 26 Elan- 
o dina 

g SHERWOOD & GOLDEN (Joseph B. Sherwood and Or- 
^ lando T. Golden) china and glassware 125 Genesee 

Q SHERWOOD & HEMMENS (James Hemmens and Edwin 
g F. Sherwood), tobacconists 120 Genesee, factory cor Jay 

*l and Franklin 

^ Shetler James, carpenter, r 203 Miller 
g Shibley John, r 146 West 
^ Shieble John, shoemaker, r 105 Schnyler 
^ Shields Alice, widow, r"4 Pine 

g Shields Daniel, clerk N. Y. C. freight house, r 61 Main 
'a Shields Fanny, r 127 Schuyler 
^ Shields Jennie, r 127 Schuyler 
^ Shields Mary, r 127 Schuyler 
^ Shields Michael, assessor 1st ward, r 61 Main 
§ Shields Owen, clerk, r 4 Pine 
^ Shields Peter, laborer, r 106 Steuben 
S Shields Sarah, r 4 Pine 

^ SHIELDS THOMAS (McOreary & Shields), r 39 Cottage 
S Shilling Frederick, porter, r 6 Onestnut 
^ Shilling Grace, domestic 22 Court 
J>> Shilling Matilda, r 13 Kossuth ave 
2 Shimer Mary, widow, r Daerfield road 
T" Shimpfky Joseph, laborer, r 21 Breese 
-& Shippey George W. bricklayer, r 218 Court 
■g SHIRLEY W. E. (Buckley & Co.) r 43 Lansing 
X) Shoebacker Kate, domestic 43 State 
*^ Shoemaker Thomas, teamster, r 47 Catharine 
^ Shlosberg Samuel, r 141 Whitesboro 
q (Shmit see Schmid) 

^ Shorer Joseph, carpenter, r 73 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Shorer Joseph, laborer, r 18 Meadow 
.:g Shorer Louis, r 73 Brinckerhoff ave 
»|^ Shorer Wm. shoemaker, r 73 Brinckerhoff ave 
•«H Shorten Robert, laborer, r 81 Mary 
^ Shorter Mary, domestic 250 Genesee 
^ Shoupe Henry, barber, r 327 Whitesboro 
g Shottliafer Geo. barber 156 Genesee, r 65 Lansing 
Ǥ Shotthafer Geo. H. clerk 26 Broad, r 65 Lansing 
'2J Shotthafer Henry J. barber 4 Baggs Sqr. r 81 Garden 
^ Shotthafer John, barber 156 Genesee, r 15 Breese 
'^ Shultus Edward, beltmaker, r 70 Whitesboro 
Shultus Horace V. r 70 Whitesboro 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 



Shuter Joseph, gilder, r 24 Eagle e«^ 

Sibeon Thomas^ machinist, r Bleecker cor Bacon P 

Sibson Wm. agent, r Bleecker cor Bacon ' ^ 

Sibson John, r 45 Whitesboro e 
SICARD STEPHEN, (H. H. Hard & Co.) r 160 Park ave 5 

SICKENBERGER ANTHONY, lime mfr. 11 Gates, r same Si 

Sickenberger F. W. r 11 Gates • § 

Sickenberger Jacob, r 11 Gates ^ 

Sieber Anton, shoemaker, r 74 Canal ^ 

Sieboth Alfred, clerk, r 58 Rntger O* 

SIEBOTH JOSEPH, organist and music teacher 169 Gene- g 

see, r 53 Rntger 

Siebelist Henry, laborer, r 30 Wairer 3 

(Siegler see Sm^ler) J 

Siegman Frederick, laborer, r 169 Whitesboro o 

Siegman Jacob J. county clerk's offic^, r 199 Court g, 

Siegman J. cutter, r 169 Whitesboro ^ 

Siegman John, r 177 Fayette g 

Si^ist Jacob, r 48 South £ 

SIEGRIST JOHN N. (wholesale butcheV), Park House, "g, 

Bleecker, r same ^ 

Siegrist Rachel, domestic 136 Columbia c>». 

Siegrist Joseph H. bricklayer, r 20 Whitesboro §* 

Sielke Frank, tailor, r 103 Water ^ 

SIEMERS J. H. 62 Seneca, r 121 Howard ave |. 

Sifert George H. teamster, r 91 Dudley o 

Siefert Henry, teamster, r 91 Dudley ^ 
Silliman Charles T. foreman Dimon & Disbrow, r 9 Charles o 

Silliman James K engineer, r 7 Charles & 

Silliman Ward C. fireman, r 7 Charles g 

Silliman William C. shoemaker, r 7 Charles 5 

Silverman Harris, grocer Charlotte cor Post, r same 5 

Silverman Lewis M. grocer 87 Whitesboro, r same & 

Silverman Theodore, pedler, r 99 Water ^ 
Simmerer Eugene, shoemaker, r 40 Morris 
SIMON & BARNUM, (Ludwig Simon and Fred. R Bamum) w 

bookbinders 166 Genesee g 

Simon Casper, shoemaker, r 11 Albany & 

Simon Charles Mrs. r 102 Howard ave ^ 

Simon Hyman, cigarmaker, r 129 Whitesboro o 

Simon Israel, cigarmaker, r 129 Whitesboro ^ 

Simon Jacob J. manufacturer 129 Whitesboro, r same S 

SIMON LUDWIG, (Simon & Barnum) r 69 Cornelia g 

Simon Philip, cigarmaker, r 129 Whitesboro p« 

Simon Esther L Mrs. r 129 Whitesboro gg 

Simons E. Mrs. r 810 Whitesboro o 

Simmonds Albert, carpenter, r 171 Dudley p 

Simmonds George, pattern fittter, r 169 Seymour ave | 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee* S 


if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

SimmoDds George D. tiDsmith, r 3 JohDson Sqaare 
Simmoiids Isaac, plamber, r 310 Whitesboro 
Simmonds James, pattern fitter, r Sqaare near Dadley 

o Simmonds John, carpenter, r 171 Dadley 

cS Simmonds Daniel Mra r Johnson Square 

g (Simmonds see Symonds) 

l^ SIMMONS A. 1 architect 188 Genesee, Gardner Block, r 81 

S . Cornelia 


c9 S 

9 ^ 

^ s 

o 5 

Simmons C. E. printer, r 101 Fayette 
Simmons H. £. Miss, teacher of masic, r 101 Fayette 
mmous Henry Mrs. pianos, organs &c. r 101 Fayette 
mmons Lewis, insurance agent, r 152 Park ave 
mmons Nellie, dressmaker, r 86 Charlotte 
mmons Sarah, cook, r 58 Elizabeth 
mmons William J. bookkeeper, r Third cor James 

b SIMPSON AMBROSE, saw manufacturer 25 Catharine, r 11 

rt Walker 

•^ Simpson Hattie T. Mrs. r 186 State 

g SIMPSON JOSEPH, ass't superintendent Lite Ins. Co. 4& 

iQ Arcade, r 41 Second See page 43 

.^ Simpson l^bert, r 24 Neilson 

fc Sinay H. Rev. r 123 Libertj^ 


^ adv't back cover 

^ Singleton John, weaver, r 6 Edward 
1^ Sink Irving D. teamster, r 22 Elizabeth 
'g Sink James H. clerk U. & B. R. RR. r 95 Colombia 
^ Sink M. C. telegrapher, r 12 Scott 
S Sink Robert, shipping clerk 48 Hotel, r 22 Elizabeth 

Sink Sarah L Mrs. r 96 Columbia 
m Sink S. L Mrs. r 96 John 
*§ Sinoff John, r 114 Elizabeth 
§ SinoflE Valentine, r 79 Third 

Cb Sisson Edward, fruits and groceries 120 Columbia, r sama 
i SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS, 171 Fayette 
^ Sitterly John, r Deerfield road 
^ Sittig Amelia, dressmaker, r 72 Brinckerhoff ave 
'•^ Sittig Ann, r 34 Green 

.g SITTIG C. ERNST, grocer 72 Brinckerhoff ave, r same 
^ Sittig John, laborer, r 47 Dudley . 
§ Sittig John M. baker, r 47 Dudley 
g Skelton Frances M. r 26 High 

S'*^ Skelton John A. laborer, r Nichols near Bleecker 
Skelton Maggie, r 26 High 
•*! Skelton Martin, carpenter, r 876 Whitesboro 
Skelton Patrick, r 26 High 

Skelton Thomas, laborer, r 26 High 


Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. J?. Douglass, 


call on us for goods they don^t tmdat home. 

SKENANDOA COTTON CO. Broad foot of Milgate 5* 

Skillin Andrew, teamster, r 85 Elm b* 

Skinner Dewitt, hoetler, r 9 Meadow ^ 

Skinner Edward, Hotel Zoblin (D 

Slade James A. painter, r 88 Leeds g; 

Slade Samuel, laoorer, r 59 Albany §* 

Sladofsky Isaac, psalmist, r 11 Seneca ^ 

Slagenhanf Balthas, laborer, r East near Sooth § 

Slater John, laborer, r 187 Whitesboro ««^ 

Slater Joseph, r 20 Fay g 

Slattery James, laborer, 188 West qq 

Slawson Frank, carpenter, r 74 Cooper ^ 

Sleeper Christian, laborer, r 167 Water ' g* 

Sloan Hagh Mrs. r 412 Whitesboro f^ 

Sloat J. L. boarding house 20 Whitesboro Qa 

Slico Frank, tailor, r 108 Water S* 

Slocam Josephine, dressmaker, r 8 Pine 2, 

Sloroaker James, laborer, r 66 Miller ^ 

Slyker Toney, laborer, r Onlf near South E' 

Small Bartholomew, salesman, r 18^ Mandeville g; 

Small L. J. bookkeeper 54 Genesee, r 85 Bristol §" 

(Small see Schmall.) ^ 

Smallenberger Henry, r 148 Steuben g^ 

Smalz Frederick Mrs. r 65 Diidldy ^ 
SMITH A. B. Butterfield House livery stables 19 Devereox, ? 

r in Whitesboro. See advt. page 21 

Smith Albert, laborer, r 827 Whitesboro W 

Smith Alexander, shoemaker, r 91 Washington o 
SMITH ALFRED, proprietor Smith's hotel cor Jay and First ^ 

See page 81 o 

Smith Alfred E. machinist, r 1 Mary ^ 

Smith Alfred M. agent, r 61 Fayette ^ 

Smith A. R clerk, r 4 Green q 

Smith Amelia, r 12 Bristol P 

Smith Amelia Mra 66 Blandina 03 
Smith Alexander, shoemaker, r Washington cor Columbia *^ 

Smith Anthony, brakeman, r 58 Schuyler g 

Smith Benjamin, machinist, r Whitesboro cor Cherry Q. 

Smith Betsy Mrs. r 57 Elm 09 

Smith Bernard, r 85 Elizabeth ^ 

Smith B. J. finisher, r 48 Leah Q 

Smith Catharine, widow, r 82 Canal § 

Smith Caroline Mrs. r 69 Albany g 

Smith Chas. brakeman, r 58 Schuyler § 

Smith Charies, r 12 Bristol ^ 

Smith Charles E. painter, r 6 Louisa ^ 

Smith Daniel H. painter, r 67 Kemble H 

Smith D. W. Mrs. laborer, r 2 Eemble % 

Furnishing Undertaker , J^J Genesee Street. 


since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

Smith Edward, Bhoecatter, r 12 Brifitol 

SMITH E. LEROY, (Tallman, Smith & Co.), r 2 Lansing 

Smith Emily Mrs. r 80 Charlotte 

Smith Emma, dressmaker, r 12 Bristol 

Smith Emma, seamstress, r 139 Lansing 

Smith E. T. r 116 Park ave 

Smith Fayette W. hostler, r 7 Leah 
.!4 SMITH FRANCIS E. marble works 65 and 67 Charlotte, r 
^ 1 Mary. See advt pa^e 22 

^ Smith Frank H. a^nt, r Whitesboro cor Downer ave 
"S Smith Ferdinand, laborer, r 14 Gold 
!^ Smith Fred, shoemaker, r Eagle cor Kossuth ave 
^ Smith Fred. C. attendant Lanatic Asylam 
^ Smith Fred. G. r 463 Whitesboro 
1. Smith Fred «Lprinter Herald^ r 87 Broad 
§ SMITH F. W. sreneral agent Wheeler & Wilson sewing ma- 
^ chine, office 6 Bleecker, r 20 Aiken 

g Smith Geo. brakeman, r 137 Whitesboro 
*H Smith George, moolder, r 237 Columbia 
"^ Smith George, salesman, r 66 Blandina 
3 Smith Geo. H. Mrs. millinery 85 Genesee, r 61 Fayette 
1^ Smith George H. agent McQuade Bros, r 61 Fayette 
^ Smith George C. coachman, r 1 Faass ave 
•H Smith G. K r 92 Catharine 
^2 Smith George S. r 44 Oneida 
h Smith Geo. S. upholsterer, r 8S Leah cor Dudley 
% Smith G. W. bookkeeper, r 66 Blandina 
q Smith George W. druggist, r 88 Court 
O Smith Harvey Mrs. r 57 Elm 
K Smith Henry, laborer, r 27 Canal 
•^ Smith Henry, saloon 161 Bleecker, r 118 Elizabeth 
^- Smith I. C. Mrs. r Whitesboro cor Downer ave 
QQ Smith Jacob, r 46 Bleecker 
^ Smith Jacob, spinner, r 24 Bristol 
*^ Smith James, laborer, r 110 Third 
•^ Smith James, 24 Fayette, r 9 Montgomery 
^ Smith James F. clerk, r 60 Taylor ave 
^ Smith James, laborer, r 82 Jay 

Bmith James, r 146 Blandina 

Smith James E. carpenter, r 56 Cornelia 

Smith James K. with P. Yidvard <fe Son, r 60 Taylor ave 

Smith Jane L. operative, r 118 Elizabeth 

Smith Jane W. Mr& r 32 Dudley 

Smith Jay C. (Smith, Sanford k Co.^ r in Whitestown 

Smith Jesse, conductor, r 96 Whitesooro 

Smith John, laborer, r 76 Jay 

Smith John, saloun 67 Garden, r same 

Smith John, carpenter, r 51 Catharine 

Westoott ^ Reusswigf Fine Custom Tailors, 


The handsomest Dry Ooodsic Carpets on earth 

Smith JobD, laborer, r 139 Lansing 
Smith John, wagonmaker, r 8 Cedar 

Smith John G. saleBman, r 144 Park ave 9> 

Smith J. B. MrB. r 7 Blandina ^ 

Smith Joseph, agent for R M. Diller & Co. r 51 John tO 

Smith Joseph, brakeman, r 137 Whitesboro § 

Smith Joseph C. tailor, r 82 Mohawk ^ 
SMITH JOSEPH H supt. the Bradstreet company 58 ^ 

Franklin ^juare, r 20 Plant Vj 

Smith Joseph Kl agent, r 9 Aiken (^ 

Smith Joseph P. bookkeeper, r 60 Tajlor ave ^ 

Smith Joseph, boilermaker, r 5 Wiley O 

Smith Josephine, r 139 Lansing ^ 

Smith Kate, cook Baggs Hotel "1 
Smith Kate B. Home for the Homeless . S 
Smith Laughlin T. harness maker 36 BIcecker, r 68 Second 93 

Smith Lewis, r 12 Bristol g^ 

Smith LoQisa, r 12 Bristol ^ 

Smith Margaret F. seamstress, r 139 Lansing Co 

Smith Margaret, r 20 Bristol rs 

Smith Margaret, widow, r 35 Elizabeth ^ 

Smith Martha A. Mrs. r 463 Whitesboro g 

Smith Mary, r 20 Bristol Xn 

Smith Mary, dressmaker, r 35 Cornelia % 

Smith Mary, widow, r 44 Fay ^ 

Smith Mary Mrs. dressmaker, r 144 Kossath ave r^ 

Smith Michael, machinist, r 246 Conrt "L 

Smith Michael, monlder, r 58 Third ts 

Smith Michael Mrs. widow, r 16 Hnntington ^ 
Smith Nora, domestic 374 Genesee 

Smith Norm&n F. engineer, r 181 Columbia ^ 

Smith Parley R bnilding mover, r 57 Elm o 

Smith Patrick, r 110 Third » 

Smith Patrick, r 8 Morris g 

Smith Patrick, laborer, r 146 Blandina t 
Smith Patrick, r 66 Charlotte 
Smith Patrick J. bookkeeper, r 111 Bleecker 

Smith Peter M. harness maker, r 4 Green n 

Smith Peter, laborer, r 162 Conrt ? 

Smith Peter, coachman, r 36 Lonisa ^ 

Smith P. R r 67 Elm | 

SMITH PHILLIP F. (Comstock Broa) r 10 Lansing • 

Smith Parlena Mra r 72 Blandina S 

Smith Richard, teamster, r 44 Fay f 

Smith Rosa, dressmaker, r 35 Cornelia 9 
Smith Roswell B. bookkeeper, r Whitestown road 
Smith R W. agent, r cor Sonth and Seymoar ave 
Smith Samuel C. 6 Bleecker, r 8 Mandeville 

J^o. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 




and spring from Summer back 

o Smith, Sanford & Co. comraission merchants 66 Oeneeee 
^ Smith Sarah, r 85 Albany 
^ Smith Stephen, shoemaker, r 19 Philip 
» Smith Thomas, r 20 Bristol 
^ Smith Thomas, r 86 Eagle 
^ Smith Thomas, cupola tender, r 287 Bleecker 
Q, SMITH THOMAS J. saloon 118 Bleecker, r same 
^ Smith Thomas Mr& r Depot Dining Rooms 
0) Smith Waldeman Mrs. r 140 BleecKer 
S Smith William, laborer, r 26 Hotel 
Q Smith William, r 20 Bristol 

*t^ Smith William B. bookstore 13 Fayette, r 54 Whitesboro 
•3 Smith William G. paper hanger, r 6 Loniea 
:^ Smith William H. saloon Deerfield road 
«{Q Smith William J. laborer, r 9 Montgomery 
ff^ Smith William J. pedler, r Jefferson near Albany 
•"^ SMITH WILLIAM T. (Bristol & Smith), r 18 Miller 
^ Smith W. r 7 King 

g (Smith, see Schmidt, Schmidtz and Shmit) 
'fd Sneed Edward, plumber, r 185 Park ave 
.^ SncU John, r 199 Blandina 
^ Snell Joseph, tobacconist, r 81 Mohawk 
^ Snell Wm. ci£:arrnaker, r 81 Mohawk 
00 Snow Mary A. Home for the Homeless 
§0 Snyder Andrew, laborer, r 54 Cooper 
q Snyder B. B. hotel Varick cor Whitesboro, r same 
H Snyder Charles L. clerk 171 Genesee, r 69 Cooper 
. Snyder Daniel, laborer, r 20 Philip 
g Snyder Daniel 6. shoemaker, r 86 Chenango ave 
•g Snyder Daniel, saloon 106 Columbia, r same 
*§ Snyder Engene, r 35 Chatham 
^ Snyder Fannie Mrs. widow, r 35 Washington 
^ SNYDER FERDINAND, furniture mfr. 110 Erie, retail 
•g store 24 Bleecker, r 252 Court 

Snyder Geo. A boxmaker, r 320 Whitesboro 
o Snyder George, wagon maker, r 8 Cedar 
§ Snyder Geo. E. laborer, r 4 Pine 
gj Snyder George H. Jr. clerk, r 42 Stark 
2 Snyder George HL r 69 Cooper 
^ Snyder John G. engineer, r 20 Devereux 

Snyder John H. blacksmith, r 86 Chatham 
q Snyder John N. tailor, r 121 Lansing 
§ Snyder Joseph, shoemaker at Reynolds Bros. 
(Q Snyder Marsden, clerk, r 98 Washington 
S Snyder Martin G. r 98 Washington 
. Snyder Matilda, r 69 Cooper 
a Snyder Malcolm D. harnessmaker, r 47 Fayette 
|P Snyder Philip, laborer, r 46 Taylor ave 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liqiiors, 


to its place.— Old Prophecy. 

Snyder Boee, weaver, r 11 Spring 

Snyder Rndoldh D. Balesman 111 Genesee, r 35 Washington 

Snyder R M. v . auctioneer, r 61 Dudley . 

Snyder Simon, r 28 Francis ? 

Snyder W. tailor, r 106 Erie O 

Snyder William, teamster, r 14 Faass ave g| 

(Snyder see Schneider) p 

Sobestron Otto, shoemaker, r 59 Neilson ^ 

Soder Barbara, widow, r 91 Chenango ave ^ 

Soder Gnstave, tailor, r 91 Chenango ave Q 

Soder John, tailor, r 76 Stark P 

Soder Ludwig, r 65 Warren qj 

Sohamber Geo. upholsterer, r 248 Whiteeboro Q; 

Solan Julia, dressmaker, r 107 Third g 
Solan Martin, laborer, r 75 Jay 

Soles Gered R carpenter, r 14 Rurnet § 

Soley George, letter carrier, r 94 Schuyler J2 

Soley George Mra r 94 Schuyler * ^ 

Soley John, grocer 159 Court, r 100 Schuyler ^ 

Soley John, wool sorter, r 94 Schuyler ^ 

SoUner Frederick, clerk, r 7 Albany Q 

SoUner Margaret, r 7 Albany § 

Sollway Florence, seamstress, r 24 Hubbell & 

Sollway Nellie, seamstress, r 24 Hubbell ^ 

Somers James, coachman, r 38 Water <i^ 

Somers John, attendant asylum, r Green near York 8^ 

Soinersville Carrie, weaver, r 210 Rroad fc 
Son Ren]. A. clothing 13 Genesee, Raggs Hotel, r 32 Rroad Q; 

Sonneman Annie, tailoress, r 84 Dudley ^ 

Sonneman August, barber, r 34 Dndley 9 

Sonneman Charles H. cutter, r 84 Dudley "• 

Sonneman Emma, dressmaker, r 84 Dudley ^ 

Sonneman Henry, shoemaker, r 34 Dudley 1^ 

Sonnenkalb Anna, widow, r 34 Saratoga q 

Soper Geo. M. clerk, r 33 Whitesboro g 

Soper Geo. R. miller, r 220 RIeecker ■§ 

Soper John, r 84 Columbia JJ 

Sorge Edward, carpenter, r 65 Erie Qq 

Sorkaufre John, r 15 State g- 

Sorrensen Petersen L, laborer, r 4 Meadow -^^ 

Spafard Charles K accountant, r 136 State o 

Spaffard T. W. drug clerk, r 90 Eagle {g- 

Spaner William, factory operative, r 51 Garden g 

Spangenburg Andrew, Observer office, r 46 South § 

Spangenburg Charles, cigarmaker, r 70 Seymour ave ^ 
Spangenburg Ed^ar E. clerk, r 57 Catharine 
Spangenburg William, barber 75 South, r 68 S**vmour ave 

Genesee corner Fayette Street. 




May 16th, Fires were needed, Overooata oomfortable. 

Spaugenburg William, confectioner 46 South, r same 
^ Spath Jacob, batcher, r 70 Canal 
GQ Spath Lotiis, clerk 70 Canal 
00 Spanlding Charles K Mrs. r 16 Jefferson 

., Spanlding George, teamster, r 51 Catharine 
P Spanlding Margaret Y. Mrs. nurse, r 94 Bland ina 

Spear Thomas, machinist, r 60 Spring 
? Spellman Fanny Mra restaurant 2 Burnet, r same 
Q, SPENCER. ALBERT, coroner, office with D. C. Whitten 96 
^ Genesee, r 497 Whitesboro 

.-< SPENCER ALBERT G. at directory office Parker block, r 
^ 497 Whitesboro 

Spencer Byron O. commercial traveler, r 61 West 
g Spencer Edward J. clerk Baggs Hotel 
'^ Spencer Etta Miss, r 23 Union 

Spencer Jacob C. salesman 79 Genesee, r 53 Oneida 
"S SPENCER THOMAS W. civil engineer office Arcade, r 43 
S Rutger 

^ Spertue Joseph, laborer, r 827 Whitesboro 
o Spice Charles, laborer, r Green near York 
■tl Spieler Mary E. domestic 67 Broad 
J» Spielman Joseph, laborer, r 49 Warren 
]^ Spindler Robert E. restaurant 120 South, r same 
^ Spindler John, cigars, wines, liquors 66 Seneca, r same 
"^ Spitz Jacob, teamster, r 22 Starlc 
.t^ Spitzli Maggie, factory operative, r 12 Stark 
iQ Spitzli Matilda, factory operative, r 12 Stark 
a Splain Eliza, r 76 Mary 
^ Splain Jeremiah, djer, r Deerfield road 
of Splain John, mason, r 43 State 
•^ Splain Mary, dressmaker, r 76 Mary 
^ Spohn Joseph, laborer, r 21 Orchard 

Sprague Catharine Mrs. nurse, r 144 South 
•9 Sprague Fred, printer, r 121 Whitesboro 
iQ Sprague John S. Mrs. r 28 Seneca 
g Spratt Chas. Mrs. Faxton Home for Aged Men 
^ Sprattler Joseph, r 834 Whitesboro 
2 Sprau George, carpenter, r 6 Jason 

S SPRIGGS FRED. B.(Spr]ggs, Mathews & Spriggs), r 5 Cottage 
J* SPRIGGS J. THOMAS HON. member ot Congress, 
1, (Spriggs, Mathews & Spriggs), r 6 Cottage 
g SPRIGGS, MATHEWS & SPRIGGS, (J. Thomas Spriggs, 
E. D. Mathews and F. B Spriggs), attorneys and coun- 
sellors 228 Genesee 

Spring Anselm, laborer, r 96 Canal 
^ Sprinji: D. R bookkeeper 156 Genesee, r 41^ Lansing 
^ SFRmG EDWARD, wagonmaker 10 and 12 Schuyler, r 4 
^ Hope. See page 62 

Purvis, Metcdlf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 


Dan Bioe waa here, bnt no Siiinmer, 

Spring Frank, laborer, r 96 Canal ^ 

Spring Michael, laborer, r 118 Canal ^ 

Spring Michael, carpenter, r 806 Mohawk g 

Spring W. B. r 41^ Lansing ^ 

Springsteen Joseph, r 18 Post »« 

Spruce Williamson, r 18 Broadway ^ 

Spurr Henry, boiler maker, r 189 Whitesboro Q> 

Squires Augustus F. r 1 Walker § 

Squires E. L Mrs. r 88 Eemble g* 

Squires Sarah, widow, r 182 Seymour ave ^ 

Squires C. H. carpenter, r 26 Noyes g 

Squires John, teamster, r 182 Seymour ave 1^ 

Stack Annie, domestic 162 South Q 

Stack Edward George, printer Herald^ r 18 Broadway ^ 

Stack George, asst train dispatcher, r 18 Broadway 'tf 

Stacks John W. laborer, r iJeerfield road ^ 

Stacy W. J. B. clerk, r 65 Lansing * 

Stadler John, teamster, r rear 16 Canal ^ 

Stadler Martin, laborer, r 5 Parker g 

Staffan August, shoemaker, r Chenango ave cor Kirkland o 

Stafford A. B. r 12 Hotel q» 

Stafford Jennie, laundress 83 Broad Si 

Stafford Thomas, tailor, r 148 Miller ^ 

Stafford Thomas Jr. painter, r 191 Miller Jj^ 

Stageman Fannie, dressmaker, r 26 Hobart k^ 

Stahl John, cabinet maker, r 26 Green j^ 

Stahlhofer Anna, factory operative, r 10 Faass ave p 

Stahlhofer Elizabeth, r 10 Faass ave Cl 

Stahlhofer Jacob, laborer, r 10 Faass ave S 

Stahley Albert, barber 87 Bleecker, r 87 Dudley 7 

Stahley Andrew M. shoemaker, r 87 Dudley ^ 

STAHLEY JOSEPH J. grocer 259 Bleecker, r same Q 
Stahley Mary, widow, r 87 Dudley 

Staley George, teamster, r 176 Kossuth ave ^ 

Staley John, laborer, r East near Albany * 03 

Stanclift Lydia, r Home for the Homeless ^^ 

Standin J. L clerk 203 Genesee, r 15 Steuben § 

Standin William, clerk, r 15 Steuben 1^ 

Standin W illiam H. Mr& r 16 Steuben QD 

Stanford H. T. Mrs. r 212 Columbia ^ 

Stanford Eittie, r 169 Columbia Q 

Stanford William Mrs. r 169 Columbia g 

Stanley William, mason, r 8 Cross g 

Stannard John, carpenter, r 4 Roberts lane S 

Stanton Agnes, weaver, r 210 Broad ^ 

Stanton John J. machinist, r 109 Whitesboro ^ 
Stanton Michael, laborer, r 160 Bleecker 
Stanton Thomas, pedler, r 143 Lansing 

Blanh Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



Dry Ooodfl) Carpets, Cloaks, KUlinery, Upholstering Goods, 

fQ Stanton William 0. finisher, r 86 First 

§ Stanton William, r 109 Wbitesboro 

Q Stanton Wm. Jr. clerk, r 109 Wbitesboro 

Stappenbeck Henry, r 176 Schuyler 
^ Stark Anna, widow, r 4 McVean 
4^ Stark Frederick, teamster, r 30 Elizabeth 
^ Starkt]Jacob, laborer, r Bacon 
q Stark John, laborer, r 31 Dndley 
*^ Stark Lena Miss, r 4 McYean 
j^ Stark Theresa Mra r 38 Stark 
^ Staring F. D. clerk, r 1 Broadway 
cQ Staroske Jalins, shoemaker, r 14 Gold • 

Q Starr Simeon, reedmaker, r 46 Johnson 

^ Starrs John, painter, r 6 Howard ave ' 
^ Stassfort Eatnarine, r 29 Parker 

Start W. Henry, bookkeeper, r 107 Park ave 
i^ Staaber John, painter, r 80 Bristol 

^ Stearns George, engineer, r 49 Fayette 
g STEARNS EUGENE, lawyer Ooart Honse, r 42 Mary 
;q Steates Andrew, r in Deerfield 
1^ Steates Gf^rge, upholsterer, r in Deerfield 

•. Stebbins Nellie L r 21 William 
© STEBER H. A. dentist Columbia cor Fay, r same 
j^ Steber A. machinist, Columbia cor Fay 
^ Steber Bernard T. machinist, r 9 Tracy 
^ Stock Elizabeth Mrs. widow, 102 Albany 
2 STEFFEN AUGUST, (Steffen Broa) r Kirklank cor Che- 
^ nango ave 

§ STEFFEN BROS. (A. and C. Steffen) boot and shoe dealers 
-2 115 Columbia 

v5 STEFFEN CHARLES, (Steffen Broa) r City cor Maple 
^ Steele Alice Mrs. dressmaker, r 9 State 
^ Steele E Mrs. widow, r 24 South 
^ Steele t^rederick, moulder, r 262 Bleecker 
§ Steele G. R. blacksmith, r Deerfield road 
>4 Steele George, clerk, r 167 Elizabeth 
^ Steele Josepn, moulder, r 167 Elizabeth 

r Steele William, moulder, r 26 Albany 
^ Stegman August, blacksmith, r 44 Taylor ave 
^ Steidle George, shoemaker, r 47 Saratoga 
<1^ Stein Alexander, shoemaker, r 76 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ Stein Valentine, laborer, r 70 Schuyler 
^ Steinbrecher George, machinist, r 97 Liberty 
K^ Steinbrecher John G. machinist, r 97 Liberty 
iq Steincamp Fred, barber, r 45 Dudley 
^ Steincamp H cabinet maker, r 45 Dudley 
^ Steiner Rudolph, laborer, r 4 Parker 
*^ Steinhausen Franz, physician, r 78 Columbia 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


ShawlB, Fans and Fur-Lined Gloves, Blankets and Mosquito Het, ^ 


Steinhauer Henry C. r 68 Broad 5* 

Steinhorst Charles, tinsmith 222 Whitesboro, r same N^ 

Steinhorst Emil, tinsmith, r 222 Whitesboro B* 

Stemmer Michael 8r. dyer, r 42 Erie 0> 

Stemmer Michael Jr. broom maker, r 42 Erie § 

Steph George, teamster, r*17 Warren iQ 

Stephens Edward B. agent, r 26 Pearl O 

STEPHENS EDWARD J. physician and surgeon 188 Gen- g 

esee, r 26 Pearl f^ 

Stephens F. M. baggagemaster D. L & W. RR^r 21 Meadow i^ 

Stephens George M. printer, r 62J Mary tf 

(Stephens see Stevens) g 

Stephenson Ann, widow, r 38 Broadway 0^ 

Stephenson Fred, doormaker, r 16 Cooper S» 

Stephenson Fred, r 16 Cooper c* 

Stephenson Geo. H. musician, r 3 Cottage place >:^ 

Sterling Joseph, engineer Central RR r 268 Bleecker g 

Sterling Minnie, domestic 167 Elizabeth |jj^ 

Stem Robert, tallyman, r Thomas Block fa- 

Stetter Annie, r 141 South (D 

Stetter Charles, stone cutter, r 175 Mohawk ^ 

Stetter Eliza, tailoress, r 185 Mohawk O 

Stetter Rosa, widow, r 185 Mohawk 5* 

Stevanski John, laborer, r 79 Water C 
Stevener John cigarmaker, r 32 Hope 
Stevener Nicholas, cigarmaker, r 1 Schuyler 
Stevens Amelia, tailoress, r 228 Blandina 

Stevens Catharine, r 228 Blandina <? 

Stevens D. E. Mrs. fancy goods 74 South, r same b 

Stevens Elizabeth Mrs. r 95 State ^ 

Stevens George, music teacher 6 Pearl, r same ^ 

Stevens Gea r. student, r Hotel Zublin q«. 

Stevens George W. news and tobacco Columbia cor Seneca 0) 

and 186 Genesee, r 10 Broadway ^ 

Stevens John T. r 21 High g- 

Stevens Joseph, laborer, r 158 Bleecker ^ 

STEVENS JUDSON T. (Corastock Bros. & Co.) postmaster fe* 

Government Building, r 58 Blandina C 

Stevens Mr& r-14 Neilson S» 

Stevens Pamelia, tailoress, r 228 Blandina • ^* 

Stevens William, gardener, r 228 Blandina 

STEVENS WILLIAM C. (Stevens & Lockart), r 18 High fe 

STEVENS & LOCKART (William C. Stevens and Robert ^ 

Lockart") tobacconists and manfrs. of cigars 8S Charlotta ^ 

See bacK colored page £ 

STEWART BLOCK, 166 and 168 Genesee J 

Stewart Charles F. drug clerk 24 Genesee, r 76 Fayette 1 

Stewart C. H. Mrs. boarding house 76 Fayette 8 

— ^— ^-^— — ^-^— — — — — ^— ^-^-^— — — ^— — ^-^— ^— ^^— — — — — — ^ 

Furnishing Undertaker, J/.! Genesee Street. ^ 



Stewart Theodore, teamster, r 48 Cottage 

STEWART VICTOR R ineurance agent 166 Genesee, r 

139 Park ave 
Stewart William C. steam and ^as fitter, r 10 Mary 
Stiefvater F. batcher, r 150 Columbia 
Stief vater Fred, laborer, r 64 Cooper 
Stiefvater John, laborer, r 149 Water 
^ Stiefvater John, jeweler 181 Columbia, r 19 Wiley 
S Stiefvater Joseph, confectioner 162 Columbia, r 76 Yarick 
O^ Stiefvater Nicholas, laborer, r 29 Hope 
S Stiefvater Primus Sr. r 29 Erie 

^ STIEFVATER PRIMUS, butcher 157 Columbia, r 159 same 
3 STIEFVATER SIGISMUND, meat market 174 Columbia, 
O r same 

q Stiefvater Stevens, r 8 Gates 
^ Stiefvater Valentine, teamster, r 7 Warren 
•g Stiefvater W. J. printer, r 19 Wiley 
i>» Stiegler Daniel, shoemaker, r 172 Water 
3 Still Mary, domestic 94 Varick 
w Still Joseph, bookkeeper 82 Erie, r same 
]:) Stillwell Jerry J. blacksmith, r 129 Lansing 
.§ Stillwell Welton 8. r 55 Miller 
C| Stineyer Jacob, tailor, r 194 Blandina 
«Q St. Leger Sarah, r 71 Park ave 
2 St. Louis Gregory, stonecutter, r 84 Whitesboro 
^ Stockbridge 11 Miss, r Waverly 372 Genesee 
*^ Stocker John, laborer, r 4 Oak 
^ Stokes Mary, factory operative, r 16 South Hamilton 
^ Stokes Patrick, r 16 South Hamilton 
^ Stocking Charles R tailor, r cor Mary and Second 
1^ Stocking Elizabeth, r 258 Genesee 
^ Stocking Fred. T. r in Whitesboro 
^ Stocking J. M. Mrs. r 15 Hopper 
Ǥ Stoddara Auro Mra r Fay cor Warreh 
"^ STODDARD A. S. druggist and grocer 158 Genesee, r 11 
M Seymour ave 

£ Stoddard C. L salesman, r Eagle opp. Chatham 
^^ STODDARD DAVID C. lawyer Mather Block, r 50 Steu- 
qT ben 

-£^ Stoddard D. C. Jr. bookkeeper, r 50 Steuben 
^ Stoddard E. J. Mrs. r 4 Blandina 
Stoddard Frank I. clerk, r 4 Blandina 
STODDARD HERBERT S. (James W, Rowe & Co.) r 28 

Stoddard James L shoemaker, r 62 Seymour ave 
Stoddard Sarah M. domestic 28 Broad 
Stolp Henrv O. r 56 Seymour ave 
Stolpman Frank, laborer, r 7 Breese 

Westcott ^ Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



Stoet2nier Charles, weaver, r 27 Bristol 
Stoetzner Theodore, weaver, r 27 Bristol 
Stoetzner Theodore, weaver, r 8 Walker 
Stone Elizabeth, Home for the Homeless 

Stone James S. shoemaker, r 212 Third h. 

STONE JOHN R lawyer 88 Genesee, r 11 Plant g 

Stone Martin L. com. agt. r 102 Genesee ^ 

Stone Wra. photographer, r 8 Chestnut c 

Stopper Wm. carpenter, r 88 Mohawk ^ 

Stopper Wm. Jr. frame maker, r 88 Mohawk J^ 

Stoek Joseph, hamessmaker, r 118 Yarick ^ 

S torch Henry, wagon maker, r 150 South ^ 

Storch Henry C. painter, r 150 South tg 

Stork Philip, cigarmaker, r 95 Chenango ave C 

Storrs C. B. Mra r 40 Oneida ^ 

Storrs Henry C. r 703 Genesee tl 
STORRS WILLIAM M. agent American Express Co. 1 t2 

Genesee, r 708 same ' 

Stowe Wm. brass finisher, r 58 Steuben § 

Strabert Frances Mrs. r 15 Clinton O 

ST. PATRICK^S HALL, cor. Columbia and Stote §• 

Stozner Alfred, laborer, r 154 Fayette ^ 

Stradling E W. plumber, r 17 William g 

Stratton Edward, operative, r 69 Kemble ^ 

Stratton F. R printer Press office, r 11 Cooper q 

Stratton Robert T. photographer, r 168 Webster ave g 

Stratton Taylor, moulder, r Bell's hotel, Deerfield ^ 

Stratton Wm. moulder, r 69 Kemble 5^ 

Strauss Frank, laborer, r 68 Garden ^ 

Strauss Frank Jr. cigarmaker, r 29 Erie tb 

Strauss George, laborer, r 14 Bristol ** 

Strauss Martin, cigarmaker, r 68 Garden td 

Strauss Regina, shoe operative, r 14 Bristol ^ 

Strauss Rosalia, shoe operative, r 14 Bristol Q 

Streiffler Emil, tailor, r 153 Water [q 

Streiffler Mary Mra tailoress, r 158 Water |^ 

Stressel Henry, 22 Catharine, r 65 Hicks »^ 

Strihart Cam, tailor, r 21 Breese ^ 

Striker Stephen S. draughtsman, r 78 Broadway ^ 
Strobel Frank, watchman G. W. Mills, r Schuyler cor Wager Q 

Strobel Lawrence, operative, r Schuyler cor Wager P 

Stroebel Frederick, clerk, r 66 Varick f^ 
Stroebel George H. salesman, r 66 Yarick 
STROEBEL GEORGE M. boots and shoes 172 Genesee, r 66 

Stroebel Henry, clerk, r 66 Varick 
Stroeder Charles, carpenter, r cor Hicks and Linden 
Stroeder Frederick, carpenter, r 124 Schuyler 

M). 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



CABPBT8, will oooarionally drop up this way, 

Strom Jacob, boarding hoase 16 McYeaa 
g Strom Lena, r 16 McVean 
o Strom Mary Miss, r 16 McVean 
§ Strop John, r St. Luke's Hospital 
^ Strope Wm. H. carpenter, r 17 Morris 
P4 Staber Albert, tinsmith, r 60 Dudley 
^ Stnber Benjamin, laborer, r 160 Schnyler 
Ǥ Staber B. Frank, tinsmith, r 50 Albany 
g Stnber Charles, tinsmith, r 227 Blandina 
•J Stuber Frank, r 227 Blandina 

^ STUBEB JACOB, stoves and tinware 59 South, r same. See 
S advt. on page 83 

g Stuber John, tinsmith, r 227 Blandina 
i Stnber John, cigarmaker, r 165 Whitesboro 
Stuber Nicholas, cigarmaker, r 24 Albany 
H Stuber Stephen, tinsmith, r 147 Kossuth ave 
'^ (Stuber see Stauber) 
. Stuki John, laborer, r 130 Taylor ave 
o Strutzer Alfred, operative, r 154 Fayette 
S STUMPFEL TH£0. G. F. hair dressing and bathing rooma 
§ Baggs Hotel, r 46 Whitesboro 

jg Sturges^dward, gone to Europe 
^ (Styles see Stiles) 

ff Suskoski Adolph, watchman, r Fayette cor Whitesboro 
S Sullivan Annie, domestic 254 Genesee 
p Sullivan Ann, r 37 Park ave 
io Sullivan Daniel, cartman, r Nichols near Bleecker 
3 Sullivan Daniel, pipeman chemical, r 234^ Bleecker 

e Sullivan Daniel Mra widow, r 120 Whitesboro 
Sullivan Daniel M. teamster Lord & Co. r 143 Bleecker 
^ Sullivan Dennis, laborer, r 61 Blandina 
S Sullivan Dennis, cigarmaker, r 100 Mary 
M Sullivan Edmund, carpenter, r 58 Cottage 
H Sullivan Ellen, widow, r 114 Jay 
§ Sullivan Fred, carpenter, r 244 blandina 
g Sullivan Hannah, domestic 60 Broad 
B Sullivan John, blacksmith, r 244 Blandina 
< Sullivan Eatie, seamstress, r 234^ Bleecker 
^ Sullivan Mary, r 67 Elizabeth 
(M Sullivan Mary A. music teacher, r 36 Francis 
^ Sullivan Mary A. widow, r 175 Blandina 

Sullivan Maggie, dressmaker, r 55 Howard ave 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, r 140 Court 

Sullivan Michael H. wool grader, r 2 Nichols 
^ Sullivan Owen K laborer, r 270 Bleecker 
o Sullivan Paul, carpenter, r S3 Cottage 
f Sullivan Timothy, r 206 Bleecker 
^ Sullivan Timothy, stoker No. 3 steamer, r 234^ Bleecker 

^ W. H. McGarvey » Co. agars and Fancy 


—just as they used to go ont fiihiiig for a day's recreation,— 

Sallivan William, car reporter, r 53 Cottage 

Sollivan William J. tailor, r 8 Mary 

S'anderland Catharine, widow, r 116 Jay 

SUNDERLAND MARCUS A. dealer in extracts of all kinds ^ 

11 Hobart. See advt. page 39 §* 

Supple William J. saloon Broad cor John, r 79 Blandina ^ 

Satcliffe Henry, r 47 Cooper & 

Sutorius Arthur, clerk, r 67 Cooper j^ 

Satorius Charles, musician 12 Gardner Block, r 67 Cooper 3 

Sutorius Karl C. Jr. r 67 Cooper ^ & 

Sutton Edward, r 115 Liberty ' g 

Sutton Lawrence, printer Press, r 51 Catharine B 
SUTTON WILLIAM B. county judge, (Sutton & Morehouse fe 

lawyers 66 Genesee), r 7 Rutger ^ 

Sutton Wm. J. salesman, r 76 Fayette g, 
SUTTON & MOREHOUSE (William B. Sutton and Geo. C. g^ 

Morehouse), lawyers 56 Genesee ^ 

Swan James, laborer, r 69 Water • g 

SWAN JOSEPH R. (Goodwin & Swan), r 6 Cottage S 

Swancott Lewis, saloon 210 Genesee, r same ^ 

Swanton W. C. printer, r 48 Rutger «2. 

Swain Etta, laundress, r 75 Charlotte S. 

Swain John, shoemaker, r 179 Whitesboro %. 
Swain John, laborer, r 75 Charlotte 

Swain Maggie, operative, r 76 Charlotte ^ 

Swart Henry, fireman, r 73 Broadway ^ 

SWARTWOUT EDWIN L dentist 134* Park ave, r 87 Sr 

State Z^ 

Swartwout Julia, weaver, r 12 Wager • 

Swartwout Mary, widow, r 12 Wager *S* 

Swartwout Rugene, r 26 Lansing S» 

Swartz Michael, cigarmaker, r 173 Schuyler o 

Sweeny Annie, 325 Genesee S 

Sweeney Edward, contractor, r 186 Howard ave ^ 

Sweeney Edward A. r 186 Howard ave g*^ 

Sweeney Edward W. shoemaker, r 130 Howard ave B 

Sweeney John G. contractor, r 186 Howard ave JJ. 

Sweeney John, teamster, r 34 Jay ttf 

Sweeney John, tailor, r 140 Elizabeth ^ 
Sweeney Joseph A. with P. J. Farley, r 1 8 Brinckerhoff ave 
Sweeney Maria, widow, r 149 Bleecker 
SWEENEY PHILIP (J. H Sheehan & Co.), r 2 Taylor ave *< 

Sweeney Stephen, tinsmith, r 33 Taylor ^ve ^ 

Sweeney Thomas, tailor, r 120 Jay g 
Sweeney Timothy H. foreman Saturday Olobe, r 26 Chenango ^ 

Sweet Andrew, gardener, r 136 Schuyler 
Sweet G. E. clerk 64 Genesee, r 4 Mary 

Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 





Sweet George N. com. traveler 54 GeDeaee, r 4 Mary 

Sweet H. M. Mrs. r 7 Steuben 

Sweetman Ann, widow, r 118 Catharine 

Sweetmau Patrick, ci^armaker, r 118 Catharine 

Swertfager Andrew, laborer, r 161 Water 

Swertfager Charles C. letter carrier, r 10 Mandeville 

Swertfager C. H. cigarmaker, r 17 Charles 

Swertfager Frank, printer, r 11 Hopper 
&* Swertfager Frederick, laborer, r 164 Water 
"^ Swertfrtger Frederick Jr. r 164 Water 
"2 Swertfager J. H. Alonzo, printer Observer^ r 11 Hopper 
.S Swine John, laborer, r 79 Charlotte 
^ Switzer Arnold, engineer, r 82 Brinckerhoff ave 
d Switzer John, laborer, r 184 Schuyler 
,§ Switzer Mary Mrs. r 38 Chenango ave 
g^SYMONDS CHARLES S. cashier Utica City Nat. Bwik 
^ Genesee cor Catharine, r 141 Park ave 

Jl SYMONDS LOUIE T. insurance agent room 7 Parker block, 
^ r 152 Park ave. See advt. page 80 
Sb (Sjmonds see Simmonds) 


rt rp ABER EMILY, r 45 Spring 

1 J_ Taber William E. machinist, r 47 Spring 
g Tabor William H. saloon 9 Whitesboro, r same 
§ Taffner Andrew J. painter, r 97 West 

tt TafFner Carrie, r 13 Warren 

«8 TaflEner Catharine, widow, r 13 Warren 

•? TaflEner Fred, carpenter, r 22 Hart 

S TaflEner Maggie, r 13 Warren 

•g TaflEuer Mary, r 13 Warren 

'P TaflTuer Philip, gilder, r 25 Henry 

•§ TaflEner Simon, r 28 Francis 

2 Talbott A. Mra r 61 Charlotte 

.S Talbott Eliza, dressmaker, r 104 Washington 

p Talbott John, cook Grand Central Hotel 

«g TALCOTT CHARLES A. lawyer 69 Genesee, r 119 State 

5 Talcott E. B. Mrs. r 119 State 

S Talcott Jane M. Mrs. matron Utica Orphan Asylum 

% Talcott M. r 6 Neilson 

£ Tallmadge Sophia Mrs. r 15 Tracy 

TALLMAN, SMITH & CO. (R A. Tallman,E. Leroy Smith 
and Dewitt C. Hurd), boot manafactarers 36 and 38 
Tallman Aikens A. clerk, r 55 Main 
TALLMAN EDWARD A. (Tallman & Hurd and Tallman, 

Smith & Co) r 348 Genesee 
TALLMAN ife HURD, (Edward A. Tallman and DeWitt C. 
Hurd), boot^ and shoes 26 Broad 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Booh- Binders and 



Tallman Fred. L grocer cor Jay and Third, r Bame 
T ALLMAN IRA, grocer 18 Genesee, r 3 Hotel 
Tallman Jededia, r 11 Marj Q 

Tallman J. M. pattern rtiaker, r 11 Mary ^^^ 

Tallman Mary Mrs. r 11 Mary &» 

Tallman William A. laborer, r 4 Meadow g 

Tamlyn Henry, Faxton Home » 

Tanner Carl^ painter, r 34 Saratoga g 

Tanner Fannie K. Mrs. r 87 Mary ^ 

Tanner Herman, carpenter, r Dcerfield road ^ 

Tanner Hiram 6. farmer, r 82 Main g 

Tanner John, laborer, r 235 Bleecker 4 

TANNER JOHN H. butcher 172 Lansing, r Blandina near % 

Albany § 

TAPPING A. O. & CO. (A. O. and L Pryor Tapping) gents' & 

famishing goods, 12 Columbia S 

TAPPING A. O. (A. O. Tapping & Co.) r 8 Walker S 

TAPPING I. PRYOR, (A. O. Tapping & Co.) r 4 Plant "< 
TappJey George, machinist, r 89 Liberty g* 

Tappley John, U. & B. R. RR r 89 Liberty ^ 

Tappley Harry, U. & B. R RR. shops, r 89 Liberty g" 

Tarbell Charles H. with J. M. Ohilds & Co. r 61 Charlotte ^ 
TARBELL NETTIE M. MRS. manufacturer of hair work § 

130 and 132 Genesee, r 61 Charlotte | 

T A VENDER J. & CO. (Joshua and W. J. Tavender and D. T. | 

Kelly), soap and candle manf. 229 Whitesboro &• 

TAVENDER JOSHUA, (J. Tavender & Co.) r 5 Kellogg ^ 

ave u 

Tavender Walter J. (J. Tavender & Co.) r 190 Columbia g 

Taylor Charles, operative, r 32 Kemble 
TAYLOR CHARLES S. draughtsman and surveyor 181 _ 

Genesee, r 394 Bleecker !^ 

Taylor Clarence R salesman 56 Genesee, r 7 Spring ^ 

Taylor Daniel, engineer U. S. C. Mills, r 27 Henry g 

Taylor Edward, brewer, r 12 Mohawk P 

Taylor F. L. salesman Buckley & Co. r 120 Bleecker go 

Taylor George, laborer, r 17 Neilson p 

Taylor James, laborer, r 74 Johnson p^ 

Taylor J. N. veterinary surgeon 10 Elizabeth, r 59 Charlotte g 
Taylor Jacob, r 41 Third q 

Taylor John P. r 36 Barnes |^ 

Taylor John, r Albany near Culver ave S 

TAYLOR JOSEPH C. laundry 44 Elizabeth, i 98 Blandina S 
TAYLOR LORENZO M. real estate agent 181 Genesee, r ^ 

394 Bleecker ^ 

Taylor Lydia Mrs. r 226 Genesee 
Taylor Maggie, domestic 88 Charlotte 
Taylor Mary, widow, r 187 Howard ave 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



if the late comers to its neighborhood will 

Taylor Robert P. silverplater, r 120 Bleecker 

Taylor T. C. Mrs. r 71 Columbia 


TAYLOR WILLIAM (Taylor & McCall), r 104 South 

TAYLOR & MoCALL (Wm. Taylor and Francis B. McCall), 
clothing manufacturers over 25 and 27 John 

Taylor Wm. A. salesman 70 Genesee, r 7 Cottage 

TAYLOR WM. B. civil engineer and real estate agent 181 
Genesee, r 90 South 

TAYLOR WILLIAM S. jewelery and silverware 70 Genesee,, 
r 7 Cottage 
a Teachout Webb, clerk, r Mansion House 
&TEED SAMUEL F. physician and surgeon 30 Deverenx, r 
* same 

f^ Teefey James, laborer, r 250 Whitesboro 
2 Teetey John, r 15 Cherry 
S Teefey Michael, r 15 Cherry 
^ Teefey Patrick (P. and M. Teefey), r 11 Cherry 
.g Teefey P. & M. (Michael and Patrick Teefey) tinners and cop- 
g persmiths 58 Saratoga 

fri Teele Wm. A. bookkeeper, r 57 Kemble 
^ TEFFT CHARLES B. physician 161 Genesee, r 8 Henry 

TEFFT & ESMAY (W. Eugene TeflFt and E. F. Esmay),- 
clothing 90 Genesee 
^ TEFFT PARKER W. lawyer 122 Genesee, r 1 Henry 
9 Tefft Sophia Mrs. widow, r 26 Henry 
Z TEFFT W. EUGENE (Teflt & Esmay), r 55 Blaudina 
j| Tegtmyer Charles, r 88 Dudley 

Tegtmyer Fred, tailor, r 38 Dudley 

Teller John, r 7 Cherry 

Teller John R engineer U. & B. R. RR r 105 Whitesboro 
b Teller J. W. clerk U. & B. R. RR r 98^ Whitesboro 
« Teller Wm. H. engineer B. R RR. r 103 Whitesboro 
jQ 40 Arcade, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Curtiss proprietors 

*j Temple James, r 53 Whitesboro 
S Templeton James, stone cutter, r 84 Whitesboro 
J Templeton Thaddeus, teamster, r 116 Seymour ave 
« Tenny Jane Mrs. r 174 Seymour ave 

Terrill Ellen, weaver, r 13 Kossuth ave 

Terry Inez M. r 15 High 

Terry John, r 29 Washington 

TERRY M. O. surgeon 196 Genesee, r Clarendon 

Terry Susan, waitress Ladies' Seminary 

Terry W. W. Mrs. r 188 Whitesboro 

Tessey Aaron, teamster, r 30 Erie 

TESSEY JOSEPH, alderman 6th ward, saloon 248 Whites- 
boro, r same 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


-II ■ ■ ■ ■ 

call on ns for goods they don't And at home. 

Thatcher Thomas, master mechanic, r 50^ Wiiitesboro 
THAYER O. C. Union Oil Works 85 and 87 Main, r Butter- 
field House. See pa(2:e 40 
The United States and Foreign Collection Co. 63 Arcade 
Theime August, cabinet maker, r 18 Schuyler Wt 

THEIROLF GEORGE, blacksmith shop 8 Cornelia, r 8 ^ 

Canal f 

Theirolf George Jr. cartman, r 8 Canal g* 

Theirolf John, cigarmaker, r 72 Court g 

Theirolf Elizabeth, r 19 Spring ^ 

Thiol John, cooper, r 42 Fay • 

Thorn Elizabeth Mra r 77 Dudley ? 

Thorn George Jr. r 32 West ^ 

Thom John, painter, r 32 West i 

Thorn Martha Mrs. r 32 West | 

Thomas Alfred, washer, r 8 Hickory % 

Thomas Anna, dressmaker, r 85 Court 9. 

Thomas Anna E. Mrs. r 38 Lansing S^ 

Thomas Aubry, clerk Bagg's Hotei| r 70 Spring g. 

Thomas Arthur, sash maker, r 41 Kemble ei> 

Thomas A. T. pedler, r 164 Seymour ave g- 

Thomas Benjamin J. com. traveler, r 52 Cornelia 9 

Thomas Block, 8 to 14 Bleecker g^ 
Thomas Casper, laborer, r 73 Warren 

Thomas Chas. D. law student 56 Genesee g 

THOMAS HUGH BRO. Christian Bros. School, John cor § 

Elizabeth g 

Thomas David, weaver, r 2 Wasmer bd 

Thomas David H. carpenter, r 9 Dnion ^ 

Thomas David R r 38 Lansing ^ 

Thomas Delos, clerk U. & B. R RR. r 105 John § 
Thomas D. G. Mrs. r 36 Oneida 

Thomas Edward M. r 9 Union 2 

Thomas Ellis, (at C. C. Shaver's), r 38 Lansing g 

Thomas Emil, grocer 122 and 124 Schuyler, r same ^ 

Thomas Evan, carpenter, r 11 Charles co 

Thomas E. P. paper hanger, r 41 Lansing ^ 

Thomas F. W. salesman 110 Genesee, r 5 Blandina g 

Thomas Fred, r 6 Blandina | 

Thomas Frederick U. r 6 Hickory on 

Thomas F. S. apprentice, r 30 Broad S' 

Thomas Frederick S. clerk, r 41 Eemble ^ 
Thomas George H painter, r 21 State 

THOMAS GEORGE R cashier Second National Bank, r 18 

THOMAS G. K (H. L White & Thomite), r 714 New Hart- 

ford road 
Thomas George Mrs. r 10 Dudley 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Street. 


unce it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

Thomas Henry, real estate agent, 1 Thomas Block, r 30 Broad 

Thomas Henry, carpenter, r 64 Cornelia 

Thomas Herbert W. carpenter, r 41 Kemble 

Thomas Holland, r 54 Cornelia 

THOMAS HUGH E. (T. Solomon Griffiths & Co.), r 38 Lao- 

Thomas Hngh J. carpenter and builder, r 118 Taylor ave 

Thomas Isaac Jr. trimmer, r 10 Fay 

Thomas Isaac Mrs. r 93 Varick 

THOMAS JAMES A. lawyer 2 Bl-eeker, r 30 Broad 

Thomas James, salesman, r 64 Cornelia 

Thomas Jane Mrs. r 11 Burnet 
^ Thomas Jane, domestic 27 Miller 
I Thomas Jennie, r 80 Varick 
•g Thomas Jerry J. Uerald office, r 52 Cornelia 
M Thomas John, shoemaker 5 Baggs Hotel, r 18 Neilson 
k Thomas John, clerk, r 114 Canal 
^ Thomas John, wool sorter, r 95 Spring 
o Thomas John, painter, r 25 Saratoga 
% Thomas John G. blacksmith, r 47 Whitesboro 

Thomas John F. clerk, r 48 Howard ave 

Thomas John R porter 50 Genesee, r 92 Whitesboro 

Thomas J. T. r 105 John 
.S Thomas Lizzie, r 80 Yarick 

Thomas L F. barber 1 6 Bleecker, r 47 Charlotte 

Thomas Marian, r 9 Union 
• Thomas Martha, r 73 Warren 
o Thomas Mary, r 73 Warren 
^ Thomas Mary, r 80 Varifck 
'S Thomas Mary Mrs. r 70 Spring 
'I Thomas Nellie, r 72 Fayette 
g> Thomas Owen, clerk, r 97 Whitesboro 
•3 Thomas Owen J. mason, r 58 Whitesboro 
a Thomas Philip, builder, r 41 Kemble 
H Thomas R. E. law clerk, r 41 Spring 

Thomas Rees, carpenter, r 79 Miller 

Thomas Richard, spinner, r 10 Edward 

Thomas Rowland Mra r 8 Cooper 

Thomas Samuel J. tailor, r 139 John 

Thomas Sarah, dressmaker, r 50 Elizabeth 

Thomas S. D. machinist, r 292 Whitesboro 

Thomas Theodore, telegrapher, r 106 John 

THOMAS T. R & CO. (T. R Thomas and G. M. JonesX 
fwit, fish and oysters 12 Liberty 

Thomas Thomas, watchmaker, r 171 South 

Thomas Thomas E. tailor, r 125 Whitesboro 

Thomas Thomas J. carpenter, r 70 Mary 

THOMAS T. R (T. R Thomas & Co.), r 120 John 

Westcott ^ Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handgomert Dry Qoods and Carp ets on earth 

Thomas William, spinner, r Nichols near Bleecker 
Thomas William, Faxton Home 
Thomas William, carpenter, r 18 Hamilton 
Thomas William, plasterer, r 79 Miller 

Thomas William S. blacksmith, r 47 Whitesboro S- 

Thomas William S. salesman Main cor First, r Whitestown g 
Thomeny William, r 125 West § 

Thompson Arthur W. fireman, r 81 Mary H 

Thompson Charles, com. traveler, r 89 Fayette n 

THOMPSON DELOS H. (Thompson & Miller) r 5 Mary "^ 
Thompson D. S. salesman, r fiO^ Wnitesboro * 

Thompson R 8. carpenter, r Mansion House § 

Thompson Ezra, r 134 John jj5 

Thompson Edwin S. W. clerk 114 Genesee, r 6 Fayette ^ 

Thompson Frank A. clerk 93 Genesee, r 107 Whitesboro ^ 

Thompson Julia, r 64 Cooper S 

Thompson Louis, weaver, r 42 Saratoga ^ 

Thompson Lizzie, r 3 Cross S 

Thompson Mary Mrs. r 3 Cross . q 

Thompson R Henry, bookkeeper, r 6 Mary 3 

Thompson M. Miss, r 61 West | 

Thompson Sarah, Home for the Homeless 
Thompson Thomas H. r 262 Genesee 
THOMPSON & MILLER, (Delos H. Thompson and Charles © 

V. Miller,) marble and granite dealers 87 to 41 Charlotte § 
THOMSON JAMES A 168 Genesee, r 11 Seymour ave * 
Thomson Jessie R Mra r 265 Genesee 0: 

Thomson Jesse L 198 Genesee, r 85 Rutger ^ 

Thomson La Mott, broker 53 Franklin sqr. r Butterfield 

House S 

THOMSON MILTON H. (M. H. & M. G. Thomson), r 321 J 

Gf'onesee ^ 

THOMSON MORTIMER G. (M. H. & M. G. Thomson), r f 

265 Genesee ^ 

THOMSON M. H. & M. G. (Milton H. and Mortimer G. S* 

Thomson), general insurance agents 198 Genesee p 

Thong Julius, tailor, r 113 Whitesboro »^ 

THORN CHARLES H. men's furnishing goods and shirt ^ 

mfr. 118 Genesee, r 15 Kemble ^ 

Thorn Edwin, r 269 Genesee § 

Thome James E. B. r 1 Eemble ^ 

THORN JOHN, (president U. k B. R. RR office 24 Whites- * 

boro) r 269 Genesee § 

Thorn William, cartman, r 1 Thorn "P 

Thomes Ada, r 4 York 
Thornton Hersey, agent, r 37 Broad 
Thornton Lizzie Mrs. r 85 Park ave 
Thornton Lucinda, r 8 Elm 

•A^a 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 




and flfpiing from Summer back 

Thorp George, shoemaker, r 12 Gomel ia 
Thrasher Nelson, spinner, r 43 State 
Thrasher Sarah Mrs. weaver, r 48 State 
Thurston James, salesman, r 16 Oneida 
Thurston John M. salesman, r 16 Oneida 
^ Tibbitts Harvey A. cartman, r 82 West 

1 Tierney Hubert, shoemaker, r 149 Catharine 
^ Tierney John, shoemaker, r 149 Catharine 
S Tierney Thomas, shoemaker, r 110 Mohawk 

^ TifEany William, operative, r 2 South Hamilton 
p« Tilden Mary A. r 161 Jav 

^ TILLINGHAST JOHN, publisher Mven/hody's Paper 157 
S Bleecker, r same 

^ Tillinghast John M. r 93 Jay 
-g Tillotson W. O. carpenter, r 8 Cross 
'° Tillson M. Mrs. cloak maker, r 20 Eagle 

Tillson O. J, clerk 7 Liberty, r 20 Eagle 

Timan John K. removed to New York 
^ Timerman David Mrs. r 12 Court 
u Timerman David, boiler maker, r 85 Lansing 
-g Timerman Henry H r 12 Court 
^ Timm Henry, shoemaker, r 109 Steuben 
1^ Timmons Annie, laundress, r 40 Second 
oD Timmons Bridget, domestic 58 Broad 
^ Timmons Catharine Mrs. r 40 Second 
^ Timmons Thomas, laborer, r 40 Second 

Timmons William, upholsterer, r 48 Columbia 
^ Timon Martin, grocer 213 Bleecker, r same 

Tisserant Joseph, tailor, r 40 Saratoga 

Titalin Christina, 826 Genesee 

2 Titterington Bella, factory operative, r 165 Court 
^ Titterington Ella M. dressmaker, r 165 Court 

S Titterington Jennie, r 165 Court 
o Titterington John, mason, r 165 Court 
£ Tobin Margaret Mrs. r 59 Park ave 
% Tobin Minnie, r 19 Bristol 
g Tobin Sarah, r 19 Bristol 

§ Tobin Thomas, Am. Express, r 19 Bristol 
« Todd Delos W. moulder, r 121 Broad 
" Todd Mary, r 96 Neilson 
^ Todd Minnie, dressmaker, r 40 Miller 
^ Todd Oliver P. pattern maker, r 121 Broad 

Tomey Maggie, weaver, r 5 Davis ave 

Tompkins J. B. room 53 Arcade, r in Clayville 

Tompkins Mary P. r 165 Park ave 

Tompkins N. H. salesman 84 Genesee 

Toole John, hostler, r 1 12 Elizabeth 

Toomer Edward, carder, r 43 State 

FT. -ST. MoGarvey Sf Co^ Wholesale Liquors, 


to its place.— Old Prophecy* 

Toomer Emma, weaver, r 33 Aiken 

Toomer Thomas, machinist, r 38 Aiken . 

TOOMEY JOHN J. REV. asst. pastor St John's Church, r 

60 Bleecker 
Toms Henry, gardener, 34 Oswego 
TORMET DANIEL, wines, liquors and cigars .86 Bleecker, 

r 61 John 
Tormey John, stone cutter, r 43 Whitcsboro S 

Torpy Ann Mrs. r 7 Cross o 

Torpy Daniel, carpenter, r 122 Schayler ^ 

Torpy John, monlder, r 7 Cross bd 

Torpy Joseph, attendant Lunatic Asylum, r 7 Cross ^ 

Torpy Kittie, dressmaker 81 Genesee, r 7 Cross ^ 

Torpy Maggie, r 7 Cross § 

Torpy Mary, dressmaker, r 7 Cross '^ 

Torpy Michael, gardener Lunatic Asylum, r 7 Cross ^ 

Toti Adam, confectionery 48 Bleecker, r 73 John s 

Touhig David Mrs. r 26 Third ^ 

Touhig Edward, plumber, r 26 Third g- 

Touhig Maggie, machine operative, r 26 Third ^ 

Touhig Nora, tailoress, r 26 Third w} 

TOUISSANT ANTOINE, meat market 103 Variek, r same q 
Toussaint Emma, r 17 Post o 

Toussaint Lillie, r 17 Post fr 

TOURTELLOT L A. physician 49 Broad, rjsame & 

Town Erastus, night clerk Dudley House, r same S, 

TOWN JOHN, (Gazlay & Town) Dudley House, r same ^ 
Town George W. carpenter, r 102 Brinckerhoff ave g 

Town Kittie Mrs. r rear 60 Columbia ? 

Town William, laborer, r 152 Lansing «» 

Town William G. bookbinder, r 52 Columbia p. 

Tovvnsend Eral, r 81 Miller 
Townsend George A. com. traveler, r 45 West 
TOWNSEND HOMER, (Townsend & Son) r 45 West . | 
TOWNSEND HOMER C. (Townsend & Son) r 59 West J; 
TOWNSEND HOMER & SON, (Homer and Homer C. ^ 

Townsend), painting and glazing 29 Charlotte ^ 

Townsend John A. r 46 West & 

Townsend Stephen, printer, r 34 Whitesboro S 

Townsend Walter C. clerk 88 John, r 45 West 1 

TOWNSEND WILLIAM HON. (Pomeroy & Townsend, 

lawyers 68 Genesee) r Clarendon 
Tracy John J. plumber, r 58 Jay 
Travis Charles, policeman, r 7 Kirkland 
Travis Daniel, mason and builder, r 7 Kirkland 
Treen Alonzo S. carpenter, r 128 Kossuth ave 
Treen George, gardener, r 171 Jay 
Treen John, gardener, r 168 Ko-^puth ave 

Genesee corner Fayette Street 


May 15th, Fires were needed, Overeoats oomfortable. 

Treen Stephen, gardener, r 128 Eossutb ave 
Treen W. A. gardener, r 8 Leeds 
Trembley Henry G. printer Observer, r 44 Seymoar a?e 
Trembley John V. engineer, r 64 Cooper 
Trembley Matilda, r 11 Spring 
. Trembley Wm. H. painter, r 34 Noyee 
So Trester reter, laborer, r 2 Lock 

2 Trester Peter Jr. laborer, r 2 Lock 

^ Trevvette Edward, commercial traveler, r 22 Court 

^ Trickett James H. operative, r 38 Centre 

^ Trickett Samuel, overseer, r 38 Centre 

^ Triebel Nicholas, laborer, r 5 Green 

^ Trimbey Charles, carpenter, r 164 Kossuth ave 

3 Trimbey Wm. com. traveler, r 176 Park ave 

$ Trimbey Henry J. gardener, r 161 Kossuth ave 

® Trimbey Wm.'W. r 175 Park ave 

*§ Tripp Charles, r 142 Elizabeth 

g Tripp Isaac, lawyer 35 Arcade, r 34 Blandina 

Tripp Isaac J. law student, r 34 Blandina 
^ Troesh Anthony, laborer, r 26 Canal 

fl Trossett Alfred E. r 13 St. Vincent 

;a Trossett Alexander, tailor, r 82 Third 

^ Trossett Eugene, tinsmith 19 Saratoga 

i^ Trossett Francis, stove and tinware 185 Bleecker, r 82 Third 

S Trossett Frank, tinsmith 185 Bleecker 

^ Trossett George, tinsmith, r 92 Third 
.S Trossett Jasper, tinsmith, r 67 Court 
P Trout Anna, tailoress, r 104 Mohawk 
.g Trout John, butcher, r 104 Mohawk 
t^j Trout Joseph, butcher, r 104 Mohawk 

^ Trout Mary, toiloress, r 104 Mohawk 

1 Troy John, clerk, r 259 Bleecker 
^ Troy John Mra r 259 Bleecker 

"1 Troy Martin Mrs. domestic 235 Bleecker 
SS Truax James, cabinet maker, r 93 Fayette 
L- Truax Robert, laborer, r 93 Fayette 
00 Trumball Sabrina, r 67 Court 
^ Truman Geo. W. r 76 Blandina 
ll Trustan Edward T. clerk, r 9 Leah 

Trustan Martin, billiard parlor 123 Genesee, r 9 Leah 

Tucker B. clock repairer, r S2 Walnut 

Tucker Catharine Mrs. r 52 Leah 

Tucker E. H. shoemaker, r 3 Montgomery 

Tucker Frank, r 54 Hobart 

Tucker George, laborer, r 189 Blandina 

Tucker Hiram H. train dispatcher, r 19 William 

TUCKER H O, R (M. H. Griffith & Co.), r 812 Genesee 

Tully Mary Mrs. St. Luke's Hospital 

Purvis, Metcalf Sp Qo.^ Book-Binders and 


Dan Biee was here, but no Summer. 

TUFTS CHARLES R (hoop skirt mfr. and ladies' furnish- 
ing goods 178 Genesee), r 182 same 
TUNBRIDGE SPENCER J. painter and glazier 16 Colom- 
bia, r in Whitesboro 
Tnnbridge Thomas H. painter, r 159 Whitesboro 
Tnnbridge William, painter, r 3 Bank 

TUNNEY PHILIP J. (Wratten & Tunney) r 8 Stevens » 

Turk Fred, laborer, r 40 Erie g 

Turk John, laborer, r 87 Erie ^ 

Turk John, boatman, r 42 Parker ^ 

Turk Mary, widow, r 40 Parker p 

Turk W m. H. clerk, r 21 Blandina i 

Turley Arthur, laborer, r 247 Bleecker ^ 

Turmaine Harriet Mrs. widow, r 190 Steuben g 

Turmer Edward, r 48 State ^ 

TURNBULL J. B. & J. M. (James B. and John M. Turn « 
bull) general insurance agents cor Genesee and Bleecker »3 

Tumbuli James B. (J. B. & J. M. Tnrnbull), r 19 Oneida g- 

TurnbuU John M. (J. B. & J. M. Torn bull), r 28 Oneida ^ 

Turner Jedediah F. spice mfr. 9 Charlotte, r 108 Fayette S 

Turner F. E. engineer, r 19 Saratoga ^ 

Turner J. F. removed to New York §• 

Turner Josephine, widow, r 18 Burnet p 

Turner Richard, r 101 Mohawk "* 

TURNER & O'RIELLY, (T. A. Turner & Thomas O'Rielly) § 

carriage and sleigh makers 62 John 
TURNER THOMAS A. (Turner and O'Rielly) r 36 Taylor 


Turner William, painter, r 7 Walker ^ 

Turner Wm. Jr. painter, r 7 Huntington ^ 

Tumor Josie Miss, dressmaker, r 47 Cottage P^ 

Turner Wm. G. r 7 Avery -*■' 

Tuthill Thomas S. (Cook & Co.) r 72 Blandina » 

Tuttle Emily, domestic 95 Charlotte m 

Tuttle Flora B. music teacher, r 49 Seymour ave g* 

Tuttle Geo. O. laborer, r 92 Broad a» 

TUTTLE NOYES, r 143 Park ave !* 

TUTTON GEORGE M. circulator Eerald and Observer 60 ? 

Genesee, r Waverly 372 Genesee » 

Tutton Oliver, cigarmaker, r 15 Orchard S 

TUTTON WILLIAM H. circulator Herald and Observer 60 eg 

Genesee, r Waverly 372 Genesee 
Tyler A. B. box cutter, r Whitesboro 
Tyler George A. bookkeeper 72 Colutnbia, r 62 Cornelia 
Tyler Louisa, nurse 94 Steuben 
Tyler Martha J. dressmaker, r 82 West 
Tymerson Wm. carpenter, r 18 Devereux 
Tynan William, laborer, r 17 Gold 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, ISl Genesee 


Dry Gtoodfl, Carpets, Cloaks, Millinery, Vpholsteriiig Goods, 

Tyrrell Nancy Mrs. tailoress, r 27 Elizabeth 
Tyrrell Thomas, shoemaker, r 30 Jay 

TTELTESHI JACOB, laborer, r Centre 
LJ Uerz John, laborer, r 168 Schuyler 

Uhleiu C. A. Mrs. r 100 Sonth 

Uhlein John C. r 100 Sooth 

Uhlen Robert, laborer, r Deerfield 

Ulmer George A. ni^ht clerk Bagc^ Hotel 

nirich Caroline, widow, r 69 Brinckerhoff ave 

Ulrich Fred, cigarmaker, r 66 Dudley 

Ulrich Fred, tailor, r 91 Brinckerhoff ave 
^ ULRICH GUSTAVE, shoemaker 15 Devereux, r 56 Dudley. 
§ See page 47 

*a Ulrich John, carpenter, r 87 Taylor ave 
A Ulrich Joseph, engineer, r 84 Elm 

? Ulrich Leonard, shoemaker, r 57 Dudley 
~ Ulrich Maria, r 158 Elizabeth 
•^ Ulrich Mary Mra r 34 Elm 
{f Ulrich William, shoemaker, r 167 Miller 
g Ulrich William, tailor, r 222 Third 

Underdown Helen, domestic 1 Rutger Place 

J*^ Underwood A. L lumber merchant Gardner Block, r 87 
Seymour ave 

^ Underwood Elizabeth, r Jefferson near Albany 

1 Underwood Frederick, r 231 Albany 

S Underwood George, s^ardener, r 36 Oswego 

^ Underwood James H. laborer, r 281 Albany 

«o Underwood Wm. hides and tallow, r 231 Albany 

^ Underwood Wm. S. farmer, r Kossuth ave cor Mary 
g Unger Fritz, r 47 Catharine 

^ Unsel John, steam fitter, r 62 Dudley 

^ Unser Augustus, engineer, r 142 Whitesboro 

^ Unser John H. conductor, r 86 Fayette 

^ Upton Ella, weaver, r Bleecker cor Nichols 

^ Ure Andrew, overseer IJ. S. C. Mills, r 82 Hart 

IJ Urfer Chris. teamster,tr 24 Warren 

G Urlob Casper, moulder, r 50 Eltn* 

g Urschel John, piano tuner, r 72 Second 

V> Usher John, gardener, r 40 Leah 

^ DTICA BREWING CO. South cor Vincent 

Utica Cemetery Association. ofiSce 4 Gardner Block 
Utica, Clinton & B. RR office 19 Main 

Childs), 167 Genesee. See adv't opp. page 218 
Utica Clothes Dryer Manufacturing Company 106 Erie 

Tred A. Cassidy, successor to J. JET. Douglass, 


SLawlB, Fang and Fnr-Lined Oloyes, Blankets and Hofqnito Het, 



rine. See adv. opp. page 264 
Utica Fire Alarm Telegraph Co. 106 and 108 Liberty f 

Utica Fornitnre Co. (limited), Whitesboro cor Wiley s* 

UTICA GAS LIGHT CO. 28 Whitesboro 
UTICA ICE CO. (limited), office 90 Fayette 
UTICA LACE STORE, 159 Genesee 8 


Utica Palace Furnace Co. 77 Fayette 8 


UTICA STAR BREWERY, (J. Myers, Jaa O'Toole, T. ^ 

Qninn and J. Quinn), cor Mohawk and Jay ^ 

UTICA STEAM COTTON MILLS, State bet. Court and | 

Columbia S* 

UTICA STEAM GAUGE CO. (E. A. Wood, W. E. Wood ' 

and C. W. Mead), 86 and 88 Fayette S 


Utica & Mohawk Street RR office 14 Bleecker F 

UTICA WATER WORKS CO. office 3 Devereux ?* 

Utley H. C. shipping clerk, r Clinton House S^ 

Utter Frederick C. carpenter 41 Seneca, r 378 Whitesboro S 

YAIL ANNA MRS. r 43 Taylor ave 
Vailey Joseph, shoemaker, r 83 Chenango ave 
Vallely Margaret, r Dudley cor Square 
Valentine Ann S. r 16 Chestnut 
Yan Allen J. K shoemaker, r 120 Brinckerhoff ave 
Van Allen Jane Mrs. r 16 Neilson 
Yanalstyne Norman, moulder^ r 72 Broad 
Van Amam J. H. cigarmaker, r 47 Fay 

Van Auken Miner Rev. r 24 Eagle m 

VAN AUKEN MYRON W. (Van Auken & Doolittle), r 11 ^ 

VAN AUKEN k DOOLITTLE, (M. W. Van Auken and 

H. A. Doolittle), lawyers 21 Arcade >• 

Van Baasten Garrett, laborer, r 21 Jason ^ 

Van Buskirk Sarah Mrs. widow, r 69 Albany K* 

Vance Hannah Mrs. r 204 Whitesboro S 

Vanderpool Charles, driver chemical engine, r 62 Washington *» 
Vanderpool Jessie, r 66 Washington S 

Vanderpool Wm. J. stove mounter, r 75 Liberty 8 

VAN DEUSEN EDWIN M. REV. rector Grace Church, r g 

164 Park ave |: 

Van Deusen Frank A. musician, r 34 Whitesboro 
Van Deusen John, conductor, r 68 Columbia 
VAN EMBERGH THOMAS, r 137 Park ave 
Van Hatten Emma, r 11 Bristol 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee St. 




Yan Hatten Florence E. r 11 BriBtol 
Van HattoD John, laborer, r 27 Brietol 
Yao Hatten Mary, r 1 1 Bristol 
Yan Horn Loniea, r 54 Mary 
Yankleeck Daniel H. potter, r 168 Whiteeboro 
Yannort Alonzo 0. laborer, r 108 Water 
Yannort Joseph, coachman, r 4 Hart 
Yan Schoten Walter, carpenter, r 32 Loaisa 
Yan Size Ebenezer H. real estate agent, r 31 Pearl 
Yan Size H. E. clerk Oneida National Bank, r 31 Pearl 
Yan Yalkenber^ A. a^ent, r 22 Edward 
^ YAN YALKENBURQH H. 8. alderman 9th ward, r 84 
p^ H-icks 

I YAN YALKENBURGH DANIEL, silver plater 17 Dever- 
H enz, r 84 Hicks. See page 50 

S Yan Yorst A, H. enj^ineer N. Y. C. RR r 54 Main 
g Yan Yorst James B. r Genesee road 
^ Yatter Augustus, bookkeeper 9-11 John, r 8 West 
!§ Yath Christopher, laborer, r 156 Lansing 
'I Yath Ernest, r 84 Elm 
P^ Yanghan Anna, weaver, r 167 Court 
S Yaughan Bridget, r 26 Huntington 
^ Yaughan Catharine C. weaver, r 167 Court 
% Yaughan Catharine S. Mra r 167 Court 
^ Yaughan Chas. J. r 167 Court 
^ Yaughan Heurj, r 120 Columbia 
^ Yanghan James, laborer, r 10 Mohawk 
j§ Yaughan James, r 26 William 
^ Yaughan James Mr& r 26 Huntington 
^ Yaughan John, spinner, r 167 Court 
'^ Yaughan John F. shoemaker, r 120 Columbia 
Yaughan Lncj M. dressmaker, r 21 Tracj 
Yaughan Mary A. teacher, r 21 Tracy 
d Yanghan Mary, widow, r 21 Tracy 
•^ Yaughan Mattie, r 21 Tracy 
^ Yanghan Thomas, spinner, r 167 Court 
Yaughn Catharine, r Home for the Homeless 
Yaughn John E. spinner, r 167 Court 
Yaughn Stephen, r 167 Court 
Yeber Henry, baker, r 55 Seymour ave 
Yebber Charles R printer Oh&erver^ r 33 Eemble 
Yebber R D. tailor, r 24 Plant 
Yedder Ada M. r 50 Main 
YEDDER D. JAMES, dentist Whitesboro cor Faass ave, r 

Yedder George A. clerk, r 50 Main 
Yedder Mary L. Mrs. r 50 Main 
Yeeder E N. r 8 Pearl 

Wesoott Sf Reusswig, Fine Cwstom Tailors, 



VEEDER FRED A. physician, r 29 Oneida 

Veeder L A. Mrs. r 90 Oliarlotte 

Vencell Charles A. bookkeeper Glenn's, r 72 Broadway 

Venn Thomas G. carpenter, r 67 Park ave 

Venn William, r 95 Jay 

Vibbard Charles, laborer, r Morris lane 

Vibbard Julias H. harnessmaker, r 20 Cornelia 

VIDVARD J. P. & CO. (John P. and Peter Vidvard), 

wholesale dry goods 25 and 27 John 
VIDVARD JOHN P. ^ J. P. Vidvard & Co.) r 91 Fayette 
VIDVARD JULES J. (P. Vidvard & Son), r 74 Blandina ^^ 
VIDVARD P. & SON, (Peter and Jules J. Vidvard), whole- B 

sale wines and liquors 45 and 47 John o 

VIDVARD PETER (P. Vidvard & Son), r 95 Park ave . § 
Viginard Antoine, cutter, r 66 Broad ^ 

Viffnus John, laborer, r 42 Fay ? 

VINACA A. proprietor Clinton House, 53 Bleecker W 

Vinaca Homer W. clerk Clinton House, r same ^ 

Vincell Charles, clerk, r 72 Broadway t^ 

Violand Ernst, tailor, r 80 Fayette ^ 

Vivyan James, teamster, r 100 John O 

Vivyan William, r 19 Union x, 

Vogel Emma, r 166 Rutger ^ 

Vogel Mary Mrs. r 166 Rut^er I 

Vogler Henry, mechanic, r Deerfield road ^ 

Vogler John, engineer, r 4 Griffiths place h 

Vogler John, shoemaker, r 142 Court *S 

Vogler John Jr, conductor, r 142 Court 8? 

Vogt Jacob, boss carpenter, r 29 William R 

Vogt Joseph, basketinaker, r 18 Bryan W 

Vogt Matthias, carpenter, r 31 Morris o 

Volk Aufijusta, operative, r 100 South H 

Volk Philip, laborer, r 100 South g 

Volkert Christian, r 55 Erie *^ 

VoU Albert, cabinet maker, r 39 Saratoga fr 

VoU Fred, bartender, r 209 Columbia g 

VOLL FERDINAND, hotel 209 Columbia g 

Volz Damian, r 71 Erie 
VOLTZ & BECK, (P. Voltz and J. Beck), boots and shoes 

70 Varick. See inside back cover 
VOLTZ PAUL, (Voltz & Beck), r 48 Varick 
Von ah Mary, weaver, r 5 Davis ave 
Vosburg Louis, machinist, r 130 Kossuth ave 
Vrooman Alexander B. supervisor 1st ward, ticket agent N. 

Y. C. RR r 14 First 
Vrooman Isaac, engineer N. Y. C. RR r 16 First 

JVb. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



CABPET8, will oooasionally drop up this way, 


■TTTADE JAMES, gardener, r 80 Eagle 
VV Wade Michael, mason, r 27 South 

§ Wade Patrick, machinist, r 27 Soath 
§ Wade Tracy, carpenter, r 163 Kossuth ave 
►< Wagg David, tailor, r 29 West 
g Wagg John, laborer, r 29 West 
^ Wagner Amelia, domestic 32 Broad 
«S Wagner Emma M. r 52 Kossuth ave 
g Wagner Fred, laborer, r 203 Columbia 
g Wagner Fred. E. barber, r 1 Nojes 

Wagner George, saddler 178 Fayette, r sietme 
^ Wagner George, weaver, r 26 Green 
§ Wagner George H. printer, r 16 Hart 
g WA&NER HENRY, florist Genesee cor Noyee, r 1 Noyee 

• WAGNER HENRY, variety store 156 Court, r 22 Cornelia 
J Wagner John, laborer, r 52 Kossuth ave 

rt Wagner John W. teamster, r 5 Albany 

d Wagner John, cool traveler, r 68 Garden 

^ Wagner Joseph, carpenter, r 53 Erie 

§ Wagner Joseph, laborer, r 52 Kossuth ave 

® Wagner Margrecta, r 121 Water 

^ Wagner J. E. agent, r 53 John 

^ Wagner William F grocer. Plant cor Francis 

Pi Wait Calvin A. com. agent, r 51 Catharine 

S Wait James L. carpenter and upholsterer, r 91 Columbia 

n Wait John, r 183 John 

'^ WAIT W. H. manager Ithaca Organ and Piano Co. » 

S Bleecker, r Genesee road. See advt. opp 

M Walb Lucy A. Mrs. r 96 Fayette 

^ Walcott C. D. Mrs. r Clarendon 

23 Wald Peter J. laborer, r 205 Third 

o Waldman Hugh, machinist, r 252 Whitesboro 

* Waldo W. E cutter, r 12 Hart 
H Waldron Anna, r 32 Hicks i 
g Waldron Anna M. dressmaker; r 300 Whitesboro 

Waldron John F. blacksmith, r 51 Fayette 

Waldron Kittie, r 32 Hicks 
, Waldron Michael, moulder, r 300 Whitesboro 
S Waldron P. Mrs. r 51 Fayette 

•M Waldron Stephen, foreman N. Y. C. RR shop, r 267 Bleecker 
Z Waldron Thomas, labor, r 32 Hicks 
•p* Walesch Michael, blacksmith, r Deerfield Corners 
i Walker Albert E gilder 43 Genesee, r 69 Taylor ave 
© WALKER ALFRED, pictures, picture frames and mirrors 
5 43 Genessee, r 140 State 
g, Walker Alice A. r 8 Plant 
^ Walker Amos G. painter, r 8 Plant 
o Walker C. A. clerk 24 Catharine, r 6 Blandina 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancjf 



V WALKER BROS. (Jacob and Charles Walker) groceries 146 
g Sonth 

.Q WALKER CHARLES, (Walker Bros.) r 146 Sonth 
^ Walker Edward, mason, r 1 14 Steuben 
^ Walker George, r 20 Cottage place 
o Walker George W. money order clerk P. O. r 140 State 
|3 Walker H^nry Mrs. r 8 Jason 
^ Walker Holmes, r 6 Blandina 
^ WALKER JAMES, grocer 92 John, r 78 Blandina 
p Walker James, grocer 114 Steuben, r same 
*l WALKER JACOB (Walker Bros.), r 146 Sonth 
^^ Walker Jacob Sr. laborer, r 146 South 
^ Walker John, engineer, r 1 Kossuth ave 
^ Walker Maria E. r 40 Miller 
^ Walker Parnia, r Home for the Homeless 
^ Walker Thomas, painter, r 17 Kirkland 
'""^ Walker William, painter, r 8 Plant 
Walker William, barber, r 146 South 


§ Walker William C. r 66 Broad 

*•*< Walker William H. boatman, r 78 Broadway 

§ Wallace John, operative, r Nichols near Bleecker 

CD Wallace Patrick, laborer, r 60 Blandina 

X Wallace William, moulder, r 90 Main ' 

^ WALLING ALONZO B. carriage maker, r 71 Lansing 

g WALLING W. B. carriage maker John cor Catharine, r 71 
^ Lansing. See page 33 

> Wall Mary, seamstress, r House of Good Shepard 

^ Wallis Geo. T. printer, r 83 Charlotte 

T* Walsh Annie, widow, r 62 Dudley 
^ Walsh Bridget, domestic 44 Main 

q Walsh David, tailor, r 141 Blandina 

"g Walsh George, painter, r 18 Barnes 

'P Walsh George J. painter, r 18 Barnes 

•^ Walsh Hannah, operative, r 126 Jay 

§ Walsh John r 38 Hobart 

<8 Walsh John, r 162 Whitesboro 

^ Walsh Mark, saloon 14 Blandina, r same 

>i Walsh Mathew, r 141 Blandina 

1^ Waleh Maurice, shoemaker, r 76 Lansing 

H^ Walsh Michael, r Deerfield road 

O Walsh Nellie, r 151 Ja\ 

^ Waleh Robert, shoemaker, r 134 Miller 

f:| Walsh Thomas, shoemaker, r 134 Miller 

.|S Walsh Thomas Jr. clerk, r 134 Miller 

E3 Walsh Thomas, r 142 Seymour ave 

© Walsh Thomas Mrs. r 126 Jay 

*^ Walsh Thomas, cooper 166 Whitesboro, r 168 same 
(Walsh see Welch and Welsh) 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 


Walter Frank J. tailor, r 12 Faass ave c<«. 

Walter John, tailor, r 50 Whiteeboro P 

Walter John 6. shoemaker, r 27 Second 7* 

Walter John Jr. cigarmaker, r 18 Clinton 

Walter John 6. shoemaker, r 27 Second 

Walter John, shoemaker, r 40 Francis *S 

Walter John Sr. blacksmith Court cor Fay, r 18 Clinton Jj^ 

Walter Joseph, blacksmith, r 18 Clinton O 

Walter William, coachman, r 135 Elm ^ 

Walters Oeorge, gardener, r 195 Howard ave p 

Walters George, engineer 1 John, r 98 Whitesboro §* 

Walters William E. pi amber, r 40 Francis to 

WALTERS W. J. (Walters & Willis), r 229 Genesee ^ 
WALTERS & WILLIS, (W. J. Walters and T. G. Willis), ^ 
shirt manufacturers 196 to 200 Genesee " ^ 

Walton Rose Mrs. seamstress, r 157 Third § 

Walton Rose A. milliner, r 157 Third C 

Walz Charles, bookkeeper, r 153 Conrt Q. 

Walz Christian, teamster, r 13 Floyd Co 

Walz Frederick, laborer, r 9 Floyd fi 

Walz Jacob, butcher, r 8 Dudley •b 

Walz John A. weaver, r 47 Fay ^fr 

Walz John Mrs. r 153 Court ^ 

Walz Mary, weaver, r 57 Columbia tJ 

Walz Michael, laborer, r 13 Floyd ^ 

Walzer Reinhold, stonecutter, r 7 Philip g^ 

Walzer Richard, stonecutter, r 7 Philip 5 

Wameling Herman, laborer, r 127 Seymour ave ^ 

Wameling Joseph, shoemaker, r 105 budley o 

Wample Charles H. painter, r 5 Hotel P 

Wanoell (Charles, shoemaker, r 7 Eagle B 

Wandell Josie, operative, r 37 Broad ^ 
W angler Mathias, brewer, r 108 Schuyler 
Wankel Frank, barber, r 5 Parker 

Wankel George, laborer, r 5 Parker fl" 
Wankel George Jr. barber, r 139 Blandina 

Waukel Louis, shoemaker, r 5 Parker w 

Ward Anna, cook Baggs Hotel §, 

Ward Ann Mra r 45 Fay • 5^ 
Ward Bernard, carpenter, r 6 St. Vincent 
Ward Edward, carman, r 45 Fay 

Ward Elizabeth, r 61 Columbia P 

Ward Elizabeth, widow, r 94 John 00 

Ward Geo. W. r 16 Jefferson g 

Ward John, cutter 60 Genesee, r 65 Kemble g. 

Ward John F. r 94: John g 

Ward Mary, r 30 Hobart ^ 

Ward Thomas, laborer, r 88 Park ave g 

Ward Thomas, r 94 John S 

^— — ^— — ^-^— ^ 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 







if the late coiners to its neighborhood will 

Ward Thomas, gardener, r Francis near Nojes 

Wardwell F. W. Mrs. r 272 Genesee 

Warmhoot Morris, painter, r 5 Saratoga 
oT WARMUTH MAX, books and stationery 34 Columbia, r 
"^ same. See page 49 

g Warn George, r 51 Catharine 

1^ Warner Alfred Z. printer Observer^ r 121 Whitesboro 
P Warner Georgje A. r 34 Seymour ave 
ff Warner J. E. Mrs. r 18 Clark Place 

,aj WARNER S. CAMPBELL (Grafi & Warner), r 310 Genesee 
cs (Warner see Werner) 

q WARNICK LESLIE A. (Warnick & Brown), r 300 Genesee 
O WARNICK & BROWN (Leslie A. Warnick and John G. 
2 Brown), tobacconists 86 Genesee 

;g Wames Clara A. r 98 Whitesboro 
b Wames Eliza, r 98 Whitesboro 
q WARNES ED. S. dentist 30 Arcade, r 98 Whitesboro 
■^ Warnes Fred A. dental student, r 98 Whitesboro 
§ Warnes Henry W. awning mfr. r 171 Elizabeth 
iQ Wames H. W. Mrs. weaver, r 171 Elizabeth 
.2 Warnes Ida M. r 422 Whitesboro 

WARNES WILLIAM, music and the fine arts 17 Fayette, r 
25 Oswego. See outside back cover 
^ Warr Edward Mrs. widow, r 138 Howard ave 
,Q Warr John M. trunkmaker, r 138 Howard ave 
1^ Warren Abbie J. r 44 Miller 
•g Warren A. N. grocer 60 Genesee, r 2 Kirkland 
^ Warren Candaoe, widow, r 108 Miller 
§ Warren C. H. teamster, r 132 Blandina 
^ Warreil Charles W. Mrs. r 142 South 
^ Warren Ella F. dressmaker, r 132 Blandina 
^ Warren George, teamster, r Deerfield 
O Warren Hiram H. factory operative, r Deerfield 
C5 Warren John, cheesemaker, r 101 Garden 
b^ Warren J. F. com. traveler, r 10 Eagle 
i Warren Melvin L clerk 114 Genesee, r 49 Warren 
"2 WARREN RICHARDSON E grocer 66 Genesee, r 64 
,q Second 

** Warren Stephen, foreman at Globe Mills, r 95 Fayette 
•9 (Warren see Werren) 

QQ Warrington George W. teamster, r 127 Steuben 
g Warrington William, gardener, r 127 Steuben 
g Washburn Charles E. clerk, r 50 Rutger 

§ Wasmer Mary, widow, saloon 12 Breese, r same 
Watches Allen, paper hanger, r 44 John 
^ Watchers Millie, r 28 Dudley 
Waterman Clark, r 96 State 
WATERMAN DANIEL, lawyer 69 Genesee, r 714 same 

Fred A> Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 



Waterman Tamira, r Home for the Homeless <ft 

Waters Abner C. carpenter, r 20 Blandina , b* 

Waters Arthur, photographer, r 20 Blandina ^ 

Waters Angasta C. raasic teacher, r 77 West CD 

Waters Charles H. teamster, r 124 Colambia g; 

Waters George L. clerk, r 20 Blandina §* 

Waters George M. clerk 25 John, r 95 Fayette ^ 

Waters George L r 95 Fayette § 

Waters John D. musician, r 62 Catharine ci^ 

Waters John F. whitewasher, r 22 Pearl P 

Waters Leonard, teamster, r 41 Cooper qq 

Waters Van Kensselaer, r 77 West 2 

Watkins Clark, r 65 Whitesboro g^ 

Watkins Ellen, domestic 40 Whitesboro q, 

Watkins Evan, coachman, r 29 Lonisa (ft 

Watkins Horace, engineer, r 107 Water 8' 

Watkins John, bnilder, r 22 Lansing P 

Watkins Julius Volney, engraver, r 84 Varick ^ 

Watkins Joseph, carpenter, r 87 Hart 5* 

Watkins Nellie E. domestic 26 Court a 

Watkins W. 8. bookkeeper, r 71 Rutger §* 

Watkins William S. r 51 Catharine ^ 

Watkins W. S. bookkeeper, r 71 Rutger g- 

Watson Benjamin, carpenter, r 130 Seymotir ave d. 

Watson David A. shoe agent, r 36 Tracy ? 
Watson D. C. Mrs. r 118 Whitesboro 

Watson Ellen Mrs. r 117 State W 

Watson Gerty Miss, r 118 Whitesboro § 

Watson Mary, r 117 State ^ 

Watson 8. A. dressmaker, r 28 Chatham flt 

Watson William, clerk, r 202 Genesee ^ 
WATSON WILLIAM H. physician and surgeon 270 Gene- 9f 

see, r same q 

Watson William Livingston, student, r 270 Genesee P 

WAVERLY 872 Genesee 0) 

Way Henry, teamster, r 66 Albany *^ 

Weaver Barthel, mason, r 3 Lonisa § 

Weaver B. Joseph, shoemaker, r 86 Spring Q. 

Weaver Chaa (George F. Weaver & Sons), r Deerfield Cto 

Weaver Chas. E. moulder, r 1 1 Johnson Sqr ^ 

Weaver Geo. F. (Weaver & Sons), r Deerfield Q> 

Weaver Frederick G. (Weaver & Sons), r in Deerfield § 
Weaver Geo. F. & Sons (Geo. F. Weaver, Chas. Weaver and g 

F. G. Weaver), brickyard Deerfield § 
WEAVER GEORGE M. (Seymour & Weaver), r in Deer- ^ 

field ^ 

Weaver Margaret, widow, r Deerfield road hi 

Weaver Philip T. com. traveler, r 4 Mandeville Cb 


Furnishing Undertaker^ ^] Genesee Street. 



since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 

Weaver B. U. carpeDter, r 11 Johneon sqaare 

Weaver Van R superviBor, r in Deerfield 

WEAVER WILLIAM N. freight agent N. Y. C. RR. r 5 

Weaver William N. Jr. (Davis k Weaver); r 112 Park ave 

Webb David, r 847 Whitesboro 

Webb Hannah Mrs. r 11 Union 
•^ Webb Harriet, teacher, r 16 Kemble 
^ Webb John, painter, r 180 Howard ave 
^ Webb Nicholas 8. physician 238 Genesee, r 39 Kemble 
Q Webb Theodore, painter 80 Steuben, rl80 Howard ave 
i^ Webber Henry, confectioner, r 55 Seymour ave 
^ Webber John Mrs. r 21 Albany 
»cj Weber Albert, clerk, r 55 Seymour ave 
^ Weber Barthel, mason, r 3 Louisa 
§ Weber Casper, laborer, r 45 Kirkland 
^ Weber Catnarine, tailoress, r 26 Louisa 
^ Weber Francis, shoemaker, r 82 Lansing 
*H Weber Frank H. printer, r 82 Lansing 
"3 Weber George, dealer in birds 37 Columbia, r 97 same 
q) Weber Henry, shoemaker, r 82 Lansing 
1^ Weber Joseph, r 8 Louisa 
^ Weber Theo. baker, r 9 Francis 
•H Weber Wm. r 8 Louisa 
:2 Weber Leonard, mason, r 26 Louisa 
^ Weber Louis, blacksmith, r 26 Louisa 
§ Webster Harriet, r Home for the Homeless 
p^ Weed J. Madison, r 34 Liberty 
O Weeks C. H. mason, r 61 Whitesboro 

^ Weeks Frank T. salesman 191 Genesee, r 18 Johnson square 
•ji Weeks G. M. trav. agent, r 7 Oneida 
^ Weeks R S. clerk, r 2 Bank 
QQ Wehl Joseph, shoemaker, r 83 Chenango ave 
^ Wehrle Reimand, r 161 Schuyler 
J^ Wehunger Caroline, r 1 Canal 
'^ Weider Casper, laborer, r 81 Chenango ave 
^ Weider Joseph, shipping clerk, r 50 Srinckerhoff ave 
§ Weidner Fred, laborer, r 252 Whitesboro 

Weidner John, laborer, r 252 Whitesboro 

Weidner Theresa, r 52 Stark 

Weigand John, fireman, r 34 Hubbell 

Weigand John, r 213 Park ave 

Weigand John A. foreman, r Deerfield road 

Weigelt John, factory operative, r 10 McVean 

Weigelt Kittie, r 10 McVean 

Weigelt Mary, r 10 McVean 

Weikart John, wagon maker, r 27 Parker 

Weikart John F. salesman, r 27 Parker 

Westcott ^ Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 


The handsomeat Dry Goods Sc Carpets on earth 

Weimer Adam, Bhoemaker, r 38 Garden 
Weimer John, laborer, r 252 Whitesboro 

Weimer Joseph, ci^armaker, r 10 McYean Cb 

Weir Catharine, r Home for the Homelees ^ 

Weir Ohaancey B. bntcher 6 Webeter ave to 

Weir K G. attendant N. Y. S. Asylum g 

Weinger Gotlib, laborer, r 281 South ^ 

Weingetz Frank, sadler 46 Fajette, r 16 William ^ 

Weis Hago, tailor, r 60 Johnson ^ 

Weiskotten W. Otto, bookkeeper 3 John, r 100 State (^ 

Weisner Mauris Jr. clerk, r 113 Whitesboro q 

Weis Charles H. carpenter, r Eagle near Howard ave p 
WEISS CHRISTIAN & CO. (Christian Weiss and John jif 
Beither), cabinet makers and furniture dealers 126 Fay- "V 

ette M 
WEISS CHRISTIAN (Christian Weiss & Co.), r 13 State Sd 

Weiss George, laborer, r 172 Rutger g^ 

Weiss George, laborer, r 100 KossQth ave q^ 

Weiss Ferdinand, baggageman N. Y. C. RR r 74 West Co 

Weiss F. X. mason, r 15 Bristol q 

Weiss John, r 172 Rutger g 

Weiss John, coachman, r 19 Bristol § 

Weiss Josephine Mrs. r 8 Jason g 

Weiss William J. carpenter, r 172 Rutger © 

Weiss William Jr. carpenter, r 172 Rutger fj^ 

Weiss Xavier, carpenter, r 178 Rutger ?^ 

Weisse Adam, laborer, r 162 Miller "1 

Weisse Bernard Jr. talisman, r 23 Henry 13 

Weisse Bernard Mrs. r 23 Spring § 

Weisse H, Seymour, clerk Ilerald office, r 32 Spring -^ 

Weisse Matilda, teacher French Academy, r 32 Spriug ^ 

Weisse S. at HercM office o" 

Welbon John, clerk J. M. Childs & Co. r 3 Dudley » 

Welbon Peter, r 8 Dudley g 

Welch Annie, r 84 Whitesboro ^ 

Welch Alice, r 21 Court | 

Welch Charles, carpenter, r 171 Water S 

Welch David, r 68 Steuben 5 

Welch Johanna, tailoress, r 234 Bleecker ^ 

Welch John, operative, r 182 Blandina * 

Welch John, laborer, r 38 Hobart 5* 

Welch Maggie C. Buckley & Co. r 141 Blandina • 

Welch Laveinia, r 15 Eemble p 

Welch Afaria 374 Genesee f 

Welch Maria, r 74 Varick B 

Welch Mathew, hotel 2 and 4 Pearl, r same -S 
Welch Michael, laborer, r Jefferson near Mary 
Welch Michael, laborer, r 142 Elizabeth 

J^o. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 


and spring from Summer back 

o Welch Nellie, dressmaker, r 182 Blandina 

Q Welch Nicholas, iceman, r 108 Mohawk 

Q Welch Patrick, fireman, r 16 Canal 

S Welch Patrick, moulder, r 182 Blandina 
^ Welch Samuel, mason, r 51 Park ave 
*5 Welch Stephen, shoemaker, r 182 Bleecker 

Q, WELCH SAMUEL (Welch Bros.] r 212 Bleecker 
^ Welch Thomas, laborer, r 51 Secona 

Q> Welch Thomas, operative, r Bacon 

S Welch Thomas W. baggageman D. L & W. r 61 Third 

^ WELCH BROS. (Samuel and William Jr.) cigar mfrs. 210 

+» Bleecker 

g WELCH WILLIAM JR. (Welch Bros.), r 212 Bleecker 

5j Welch William, laborer, r 212 Bleecker 

^ Welch William, laborer, r 208 Mohawk 

IJ (Welch see Walsh, Welsh and Welsch) 

•"^ Wellington Fred, asst engineer Baggs Hotel 

^ Weller Milo K agent, r 84 Columbia 

Ji Wells Austin, carpenter, r rear 69 Water 

-S WELLS EDWARD H. lawyer, Herald Building 60 Genesee, 

.^ r 225 same 

^* WELLS EDWARD L (J. B. Wells, Son & Co.) r 838 Gene- 

S WELLS JOHN B. (J. B. Wells Son & Co.) r 388 Genesee 
§0 WELLS LUCIEN B. homoeopathic physician 225 Genesee, r 
g same. See page 88. 

H WELLS J. B. SON & CO. (J. B. & E. L Wells and J. & 

Capron) dry goods 77 and 79 Genesee 
g Wells Lydia, r 26 Court 
3 Wells Mary B, Mra r 111 John 
•§ Wells M. 0. r Home for Homeless 
^ Wells Thomas J. Mrs. r 123 Howard ave 
qj Welsch Geo. saloon 74 Varick, r same 
•CI Welsch James, laborer, r 6 Saratoga 
"^ Welsch Patrick, shipping clerk, r 204 Whitesboro 
o Welsenbaeh Joseph, butcher, r Spring cor Fay 
§ Welsenbaeh Louis, r 19 Bristol 
qj Welsenbaeh Maggie, r 65 Spring 
S Welsh David, tailor, r 141 Blandina 
S (Welsh see Welch Walsh and Welsch) 

Wenchmeyer John, farmer, r Broad near city line 
§ Welton H. C. with Sherwood & Hemmens 
g Wendt Frederick, custom tailor, r 96 Liberty 
c3 Wendt Henry, tailor, 112 Liberty 
^ Wenner Casper Mrs. r 16 Jason " 
j? Wenzel Catharine Mrs. r 85 Varick 
a Wenzel Christian, cigarmaker, r 85 Varick 
|P Wenzel George, cigarmaker, r 85 Varick 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liqwors, 


to ita place.— Old Prophecy. 

Wenzel John, machinist, r 6 Stevens 
Wenzel John, r 42 Saratoga 

Wenzel Lonis, cabinetmaker, r 36 Hart . 

Werckman Geo. Mra r 87 Parker g* 

Werckman J. G. Mrs. r Clay near Broad o 

Werge Anthony, saloon 164 Columbia gj 

Wergert Emma L r 08 Howard ave P 

Werdge Peter, cigarmaker, r 71 Erie ^ 

Wert Henry G. laborer, r SOJ Chenango ave ^ 

Wertz John, r 97 Chenango ave Q 

Wertman Andrew (with H. H. Hard & Co.) r 25 Louisa P 

Weriman Frank, laborer, r 321 Whitesboro qj 

Werner Peter, laborer, r 28 Green EJ 

Werner William, shoemaker, r 28 Green S 
Werren Frederick, r 9 McVean 

Werren Jacob, dairy 9 McVean § 

Werren Jacob Mrs. r 87 Dudley fcj 

WERREN SAMUEL, carpenter 150 Whitesboro, r same, ^j 

See page 55 ^ 

Wessinger Jacob, shoemaker, r Deerfield ^ 

West Christopher, station keeper, r towpath near Clay Q 

West George, coachman 190 Park ave § 

WEST JOSEPH E. physician and surgeon 171 Genesee, r g. 

379 same ^ 

WESTCOTT& CO. (Chas. L Bartlett,E. N. Wetscott and F. S 

J. Abbott) stock brokers Arcade. See page 41 (b 

WESTCOTT ALBERTUS J. (Westcott & Reusswig 88 Gen- K 

esee) r 17 Henry Et 

Westcott David, r 135 State B 

WESTCOTT E. N. (Westcott & Co.) r Syracuse g 

WESTCOTT FREDERICK, (George Westcott & Co.) r 5 - 

Seneca § 

Westcott Frank D. with Miller & Fincke, r 93 Charlotte §, 

WESTCOTT GEORGE (George Westcott & Co.) r 35 q 

Whitesboro 8) 

WESTCOTT GEORGE & CO. (George, Wm. B. and F. A. .g 

Westcott), hats, caps and furs 52 (renesee ^ 

WESTCOTT WILLIAM R (George Westcott & Co.) r 45 Sf 

Ratger g* 

WESTCOTT k REUSSWIG (A. J. Westcott and E. H. ^ 

Reasswig) merchant tailors 88 Genesee. See adv't hot- 


torn lines c^ 

Westfall Edwin H. printer Observer^ r 58 Columbia g 

Wesley Robert, com. traveler, r 18 Deverenx cb 

Weston J. E. r 134 Seymour ave ^ 
Weston John J. carpenter, r 134 Seymour ave 
Weston T. P. carpenter, r 105 Seymour ave 

Genesee corner Fayette ^Street. 


May 15th, Fires were needed, Overooats oomfortable. 

Wetmore Cornelia, r 250 Genesee 
^ Wetmore E. A. Mrs. r 250 GeDesee 
00 Wetmore H. 0. Mrs. r 47 Broad 
^ Wetzel Elizabeth Mrs. r 412 Whitesboro 

•. Wetzel S. W. bookkeeper, r 412 Whitesboro 
Q Whalan Gabriel, painter, r 23 St Vincent 
_ Whalan James, groceries and provisions 67 Water, r same 
^ Whalan John, laborer, r 66 Third 
Qi Whalan John, r 2 Hoyt 
^ Whalan Martin, r 118 Catharine 
1^ Whalan Thomas, painter and finisher, r 23 St. Vincent 
i3 Whalen Gertrnde Mrs. r 180 Columbia 
q> Wheaton Earl L r 72 State 

,^ Wheaton Levi, cheese bayer 66 Genesee, r 72 State 
® Wheeler Bartlett, r 25 Kirkland 

iCt Wheeler Cora Miss, teacher of elocution 9 Hacket Block, r 
§ 90 Charlotte 

g Wheeler David S. mechanic, r 34 Elizabeth 
^ WHEELER EDGAR H. secretary and treaa Com. Trav. 
■§ Mutual Accident Ass'n, r 145 !rark ave 

4^ WHEELER FRANK E. (R Wheeler, Son cfe Co.) r 4 South 
P^ Wheeler George, bartender, r 45 Fay 
•d Wheeler James, gardener, r 25 Kirkland 
€ Wheeler M. R Mrs. dressmaker, 34 Elizabeth 
;fa Wheeler Oscar A. fruit and cigars 134 Genesee, r 230 Court 
"^^ Wheeler Owen, plumber, 25 Kirkland 

"§ WHEELER RUSSEL, SON & CO. (R and F. E. Wheeler, 
CO and Francis Kernan, Jr.) iron and stove manfrs. 70 to 84 

^ Columbia and 73 to 17 Fayette 

.3 WHEELER RUSSEL, (R. Wheeler, Son & Co.) r 273 Gene- 
;G see 

^ Wheeler Thomas, detective, r 46 Fay 
g Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. 6 Bleecker 

Wheeler William, r cor Howard ave and Eagle 
*§ Wheeler Winnie Mra operative, r Wiley cor Columbia 
^ Wheelhouse C. Mr& r 22 Edward 
o Wheelhouse Henry, fiflisher, r 245 Whitesboro 
§ Wheelhouse Sidney S. 238 Genesee, r 245 Whitesboro 
^ Wheelen Thos. F. shoe cutter, r 20 Dudley 
••^^ Whiffen B. Allen, clerk, r 146 Elizabeth 
of Whiffen Charles B. butcher, r 71 Mohawk 
JO Whiffen George I. bookkeeper, r 146 Elizabeth 
^^ WHIFFEN ISAAC, meat market John cor Jay,r 146 Eliza- 
§ beth 

. Whiffen James, tailor 25 Catharine, r 108 Miller 
^ Whiffen L Tyler, r 71 Mohawk 
S^ Whipple Sarah L. Mr& nurse, r 12 Eagle 

White Albert T. sashmaker, r 122 Broad 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 



Dan Bioe was here, bnt no Stunmer, 

White Andrew, operative, r 50 Cottage ^ 

White Charles D. bookkeeper, r 8 Miller c$ 

White Charles G. moulder, r 252 Whiteeboro fc 
WHITE CHARLES N. (N. A White & Son) r 188 Whites- g 

boro ►« 

White CliDton A. carpenter, r 20 Gold ^ 

White D. P. Mrs. r 8 Miller Q> 

White Edwin F. printer, r 63 Columbia § 

White Edwin H. bookkeeper O. C. Bank,r 27 Mary g. 

White Eugene, machinist, r 262. Whitesboro ^ 

White George, r 114 Park ave § 

White George H. trimmer, r Deerfield road Q* 

White George L. carpenter, r 2 Leah Q 

WHITE HENRY L (H. L. White & Thomas), r 22 High g 

WHITE H. L. & THOMAS, (H. L White & G. K Thomas), "S 

manufacturers of clothing 24, 26 and 28 Bleecker ^ 

White Henry H. builder, r 46 Leah ^ 

White Henry C. waiter Baggs Hotel, r 127 West ^ 

White Isaac, tailor over 66 Genesee, r 91 Charlotte cb 

White John, farmer, r 39 Erie Cb 

White John F. barber, r 89 Erie c» 

WHITE JOSEPH, (Downer & White), r 1 William S, 

White Kate Mrs. tailoress, r 48 Hobart ^ 

WHITE L. D. REV. r 61 Stenben g^ 

White Michael, laborer, r 79 Water ^ 

White Milton, r 12 Francis H 

White M. D. Miss, ladies' furnishing goods 196 Genesee, r 46 P 

Leah Cl 

WHITE N. A. (N. A. White & Son), r 173 Fayette S 

WHITE N. A. & SON, (N. A. White & Charles N. White), T 

stoneware, fire brick and sewer pipe 182 Whitesboro ^ 

White O. A lawyer Exchange Building, r 78 Spring D 

WHITE SUE A. physician 24 Arcade, r 173 Fayette \. 

White Sylvester, teamster, r 39 Erie 5^ 

White Thomas, laborer, r 122 Mary QD 

White William, laborer, r 5 Roberts lane ^* 

White W. A. r Bell's Hotel, Deerfield g 

White William N. r 285 Genesee Q. 

White William N. Mra r 186 Whitesboro • Cb 

White William V. r 142 Seymour ave ^ 

Whitham Amelia, milliner, r 100 Columbia ^ 

Whitham Jennie, milliner, r 100 Columbia Is 

Whitham Sarah E. Mra r 100 Columbia g 

Whiting Alson T. r 27 Blandina S 

WHITELY, FASSLER & KELLY, agricultural implements, ^ 

(S. D. Root general agent 4 Burnet). See page 42 ^ 
Whitney Benjamin F. laborer, r 19 Meadow 
Whitney Charles, spring bed maker, r 19 Meadow 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



Dry Ooodi^ Carpets^ Cloaka, Millinery, XIpholitering Oood% 

«Q Whitney Oora, operative, r 19 Meadow 

3 Whitney D. F. r Deerfield road 

t^ Whitney John, brakeman, r 64 Cooper 

Whitney Joseph, carder, r 89 Washington 
^ Whitney Mary, operative, r 23 Lansing 
q Whitte Bernhardt, tinsmith, r 16 McVean 
Ki Whittington John, grocer 160 Court, r same 
g Whittington John Jr. printer, r 160 Coart 
*^ Whittington Bichard, printer Obaerver^ r 160 Oonrt 
jj Whittemore A. D. clerk, r 10 Howard ave 
^ Whittemdre Mattie F. Mrs. r 63 Main 
CB Whittemore Melissa, r 268 Genesee 

l5 WRITTEN D. C. & CO. furnishing nndertakers 96 Oenesee 
^ WHITTEN D. C. (D. C. Whitten 4 Co.) r 67 Cornelia 
^ WHITTEN J. B. (D. C. Whitten & Co.) r in Whiteeboro 

Whitten Stephen, jpedler, r Oak cor Martin 
)^' Whitton Michael B. r 167 Bleecker 

^ Whitty Lawrence, laborer, r 4 OrifSths place 
^ Whitworth John, saloon 10 Pearl, r 96 Elizabeth 
;q Wholahan Mary Mrs. r 52 Fay 
^ Whorden Wm. patternmaker, r 19 Parker 

., Wickens Elizabeth, widow, r 7 Soath Hamilton 
^ Wickens George D. r 12 Louisa 
9 Wickens J. Franklin, clerk, r 8 Hamilton 
^ WICKENS JOHN T. grocer, dry goods, crockery and hard- 
^ ware Yarick cor Huntington, r 8 Hamilton 

§ Wickham Charles, machinist, r 71 State 
g Wickham Elizabeth Mrs. r 11 Hopper 
§ Wickham James, tobacconist, r Deerfield road 
^ Wickham Mary Mra r 100 Mary 
^ Wickham Michael, cigar mfr. 141 Bleecker, r 100 Mary 
<0 Wickham Orrin, patternmaker, r 48 Cooper 
^ Wickham William, patternmaker, r 64 South 
^ Wickham Webster W. printer Observ&r^ r 84 Miller 
§ Wickham W. W. Mrs. artificial hair worker, r 84 Miller 
^ Wicks C. W. clerk 64 Genesee, r 66 Whitesboro 
CO Wicks Fred, r 69 Mary 

r Wicks H. Charles, moulder, r 59 Charlotte 
P Wicks John T. carpenter, r 79 Charlotte 
^ WICKS JOSEPH (Wicks, Hughes & Griffith), r 14 Steuben 
^ Park 

^ WICKS, HUGHES & GRIFFITH (J. Wicks, G. H. Hughes 
1^ and L Griffith), plumbers, tin and sheet iron workers 

o 224 Genesee 

h] WICKS BUSSEL H. (lloberts, Butler & Ca) r 3 Miller 
P Widtman Lena, saleslady 60 Columbia, r same 
w Widtman Wm. Mra r Deerfield road 
^ Wiedtman William, organ builder, r Deerfield road 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglcuss, 


8hawl% Fans and Fur-Lined Oloves, Blankets and Mosqnito Het» ^ 

Wiegand John A., RR foreman, r Deerfield road g* 

Wiegand Julias, gate tender N. Y. C. RR. r 90 Jay Jr 

Wieland Christian, shoemaker, r 24 Parker g* 

Wienke Frederick, shoemaker, r 111 Water 0> 

WIENKE FRED H. bookkeeper Herald, r 9 Walker § 

Wiesner Fred, tailor, r 154 Wnitesboro iq 

Wiesner Moritz, bookkeeper, r 154 Whitesboro ^ g 

Weisner Moritz P. tailor 154 Whitesboro, r same * xn 

Wiggins R C. Mrs. saleslady 79 Genesee, r 60 Elizabeth |^ 

(Wiggins see Wickens) i,^ 

Wight Edward B. (Williams k Wight), r 16 Cottage ? 

Wightman E. M. Mrs. r 28 Devereux 3 

Wilbert Michael, mason, r 26 Dudley S 

Wilbert Peter, saloon 29 Dudley, r same 2» 

Wilcox Arthur L. carpenter, r 35 Neilson c* 

Wilcox Charles, monlaer, r 57 Columbia »q 

Wilcox John, laborer, r 70 Chenango ave P 

Wilcox Lewis C. r 30 Taylor ave !j[^ 

WILCOX WALLACE B. engraver and stationer 30 Gene- g^ 

see, r 40 Brinckerhoff ave (0 

Wilcoxson Albert, laborer, r 50 Mary ^ 

WILD JOHN B. (Wild & Devereux), r 162 Broad g 
Wild Joseph, engineer Oneita Knitting Mill, r 301 Bleecker bj* 
WILD & DEVEREUX (J. B. Wild and N. R Devereux), p 

Oneita Knitting Mills, Broad opp Kossuth ave 
Wilder William at M. H. Griffith & Co. r 27 Main 
Wildhack Dietriech, stove mounter, r 148 Water 

Wilderneckel Lorenz, laborer, r Erie cor Jason K^ 

Wilds J. Grove, cutter 44 Genesee, r 34 Court b 
WILEY GEORGE H. supt U. S. C. Mills, r 386 Genesee g^ 

Wilhelm Amelia, r 90 Erie g^ 

Wilhelm Francis, shoemaker, r 9 Lock Q.. 

Wilhelm Lewis, laborer, r 20 Parker • Oj 

Wilke Christian, blacksmith, r 80 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Wilke Fred, saloon 86 Columbia, r same g* 

Wilke Herman, weaver, r 108 Varick ^ 

Wilke William, shoemaker, r 80 Brinckerhoff ave ^ 

Wilkie Charles H. brakeman, r 15 Charles C 

Wilkie Edward M. brakeman, r 15 Charles & 

Wilkie Frederick, engineer, r 16 Charles 5* 
Wilkie George, baker, r 31 Dudley 

Wilkie Henry, blacksmith, r 31 Dudley ^ 

Wilkie Henry, laborer, r 33 Dudley ^ 

Wilkie Mary Mrs. r 15 Charles |* 

Wilkins Albert, shoemaker, r 64 Catharine 3 
Wilkins Albert, shoemaker, r 102 John 

WILKINS F. D. N. mason and builder 18 Philip, r sama 

See page 49 


Furnishing Undertaker ^ Jf.1 Genesee Street. S 



Wilkins Frederick J. blacksmith, r 6 Hotel 
Wilkins George, carriage maker, r 14 Faass ave 
WilkiDS Chas. A. shoemaker, r 64 Catharine 
Wilkins Frank H. r Deerfield road 
Wilkins Henry, cigar maker, r 84 Oanal 
Wilkins M. & Son, wagon makers, r in Deerfield 
WILKINS THEODORE, boots and shoes 64 South, r 35 
•, * Brinckerhoff ave 

S Wilkins William C. shoemaker, r 35 BrinckerhoiS ave 

O Wilkins William, cigar maker, r 18 Philip 

^ Wilkinson Edwin, laborer, r Kossath ave cor Albany 

. Wilkinson Frank, operative, r 125 Varick 

Q) Wilkinson John, blacksmith, r Albany cor Lansing 

O WILKINSON O. J. MRS. laundry 15 John, r 25 Broad. See 

q page 43 

O Will John, laborer, r 80 Erie 

^ Will Lambert, shipping derk, r 34 Cottage 

5 Willard Levi S. r 210 Broad 

"3 Willard Mary, music teacher, r 101 Fayette 

9 Willard M. S. salesman 79 Genesee, r 96 Neilson 

q Willcox & Gibbs sewing machines, 34 Arcade 

.§ Willcox William G. 60 Genesee, r 248 same 

iq Willcox William G. r 248 Genesee 

•Q WILLIAM FRANK, grocer 152 and 154 Bleecker, r same 

« Williams Alfred H.-(Wiiliams k Wight), r 2 Scott 

** Williams A. J. manufacturer, r 1 Butger 

•N Williams Ann, nurse, r 60 Elizabeth 

^ Williams Ann Mrs. r 4 Blandina Place 

S Williams Ann, r 5 BrinckerhofE ave 

^ Williams Beriah G. shipping clerk, r 15 Seymour ave 

f^ Williams Carrie K r 84 Second 

^ Williams Charles, pedler, r 81 Whitesboro 

^ Williams Charles H. olerk, r 138 Park ave 
Williams Charles, laborer, r 61 Elm 
Williams Charles, loom fixer, r 151 Jay 

g Williams Charles, farmer, r Whitesboro road 
^ WILLIAMS CHARLES (Lord & Co.), r 33 Mary 
Williams C. G. clerk, r 5 BrinckerhoflE ave 

(Q" Williams C. H r 4 Blandina Place 

•£} Williams Charles L (L A. Williams & Ca), r 18 Steuben Park 

^ Williams David, tailor, r 139 John 
Williams Edward, r 4 Blandina Place 
Williams Eugene, printer Qldbe^ r 15 Seymour ave 
Williams David, carpenter, r 73 State 
Williams David, clerk, r 16 Seymour ave 
Williams David, carpenter, r Deerfield road 
Williams David A. porter First Nat. Bank, r 15 Union 
Williams David, clerk 203 Genesee, r 5 Brinckerhofi ave 

Westcoti 4r Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



Williams David E. (J. C. Hieber & Co.), r 8 York 
Williams David H. cartman J. G. Hieber & Ck>. r 19 Union 
Williams David 8. laborer, r 79 State 
Williams Ebenezer, coachman, r 24 Elm 

Williams Edward, carder, r 85 Elm . 

Williams Edward D. moulder, r 31 Brinckerboff ave fc 

Williams Edward A. laborer, r 95 Blandina **^ 

Williams Edward E. r 8 Stark § 

Williams Elizabeth Mrs. r 8 Mandeville (h^ 

Williams Elizabeth Mra r 81 Spring b; 

Williams Elizabeth Mrs. r 18 Washington ^ 

Williams E. J. shoemaker, r 191 Howard ave o 

Williams Ellis R r 94 Blandina Kj 

Williams E. W. Mrs. r 138 Park ave C 

Williams Evan, overseer M. V. Mills, r 105 Third ^ 

Williams George, operative, r 95 Schuyler ^ 

Williams George BL geologist, r 10 Hopper ^ 

Williams Geo. W. clerk, r 5 Brinckerhon ave ^ 

Williams Griffith, carpenter, r 189 John Qi 

Williams Granville, r Clarendon § 

Williams Griffith E. cartman, r 61 Miller g. 

Williams Griffith G. Mrs. r 359 Genesee ^ 

Williams Griffith W. Mrs. r 5 Brinckerhoff ave g 
Williams Hannah, factory operative, r 95 South Hamilton fi. 

Williams Hannah, operative, r 119 Broad q 

Williams Hannah J. r 5 Brinckerhoff ave g 

Williams Harriet C. vest maker, r 134 State ^ 

Williams Harry, U. B. RRR. r 28 Whitesboro J^ 
Williams Harry R clerk First Nat. Bank, r 64 Howard ave Cq 

Williams Heber, r 18 Washington (b 

Williams Herbert, engineer, r 16 Broadway ** 

Williams Hiram, laborer, r 49 Warren lO 

Williams Horatio O. bookkeeper, r 64 BrinckerhofE ave C| 

Williams Hngh, carpenter, r 39 Washington Q 

Williams Hugh R clerk, r 42 Washington n 

Williams Hugh H. farmer, r Broad near city line ^ 

Williams Hugh H. laborer, r cor Garden and Mulberry m 
Williams Irvin A. (I. A. Williams & Co.) r 807 Genesee 
Williams I. A. & Co. (I. A. and C. I. Williams) locomotive ^ 

headlight mfrs. 1 Blandina Q 

Williams Jacob, Faxton Hospital O 

Williams James A. piano mover, r 11 Post >1 
WILLIAMS JAMES H. (J. H. and N. A. Williams) r 268 ^ 

WILLIAMS J. H. & IR. A. mfrs. supplies 215 Genesee 
Williams James Watson Mrs. r 318 Genesee 
Williams Jane Mrs. r 2 Spring 
Williams Jane Mrs. r 34 Stark 

J^o. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



Q CARP ETS, will occasionally drop up this way, 

i Willi... J«,.l, K r 26 0<,u« '. 

g Williams Jeremiah, factory operative, r 173 Goart 

§ Williams Jesse £.r 58 Steaben 

§ Williams Joanna Mr& r 4 Seneca 

^ Williams John, operative, r 83 Garden 

P4 Williams John, tailor, r 8 Louisa 

^ Williams John, r Faxton Hospital 

^ Williams John, plasterer, r 189 John 

g Williams John B. law student, r 89 Washington 

-^ Williams John C. student, r 10 Hopper 

^ Williams John 0. teamster, r 139 Elm 

S Williams John E. clerk, r 139 Elm 

g Williams John H. proof reader Herald office 

I Williams John L. fresco painter, r 86 Jay 

9 Williams John M. pattern maker, r 46 Spring 

I Williams John T. letter carrier, r 6 Mandeville 

'^ WILLIAMS JOHN W. farmer, r Broad near city line 

WILLIAMS J. W. groceries and provisions 24 Liberty, r same 
o Williams Kate Mrs. r 38 Kemble 
S Williams Kate, domestic 38 Broad 

Williams Kate, r 4 Kent 

Williams Libbie A. dressmaker, r 20 West 


^ WILLIAMS L. B. photographer Tibbits Block 77 and 79 

|q Genesee, r 65 Bntger 

S Williams Louis G. salesman, r 188 Park ave 

H Williams L F. r 70 Cooper 

'^ Williams Mary Mrs. r 6 Spring 

S Williams Mary R operative, r 119 Broad 

M Williams Margaret Miss, r 35 West 

^ Williams Martha Mrs. r 96 Schuyler 

^ Williams Maggie, r 6 Lansing 

§ Williams Michael, marble polisher, r 37 Washington 

M Williams Nathaniel Mrs. r 22 Biandina 

H Williams Oliver, waiter Baggs Hotel 

§ Williams Oliver, r 71 Catharine 

Williams O. H. bookkeeper 214 Whitesboro, r 71 Catharine 

Williams Owen, mason, r 70 Spring 

Williams Owen, butcher, r 37 Washington 

g Williams Owen, r 87 Washington 

.g WILLIAMS REES G. agt. Wftshington Life Ins. Ca 6» 

Genesee cor Broad, r 58 Rutger 

"p* Williams Rees R. laborer at Old Ladies* Home, r 6 Grove 

i Williams Richard, butcher, r 76 Liberty 

^ WILLIAMS RICHARD D. (Davis & Williams), r 55 How- 

^ ard ave 

o Williams Richard R (Williams & Roberts), r 86 MUler 

§• Williams Richard O. painteiy r 168 Court 

^ Williams Robert, farmer, r Whitesboro road 

^ — _ 

W. H. McGarvey Sf Co. Cigars and ^Fancy 



— jurt as they naed to go out flahing for a day's recreation,— 

Williame Bobert A. bookkeeper, r 42 Scott 

Williams Robert 0. laster, r 36 West 

WiUiams Eobert D. mason, r 59 Elm 

Williams Robert E. mason and plasterer, r 85 West s» 

Williams Robert JL clerk, r 5 Brinckerboff ave S 

Williams Robert J. carpenter shop 121 Park ave, r 5 Miller c^. 

WILLIAMS ROBERT S. cashier Oneida Nat. Bank, sec. ST 

and treas. U. G. & B. RR. r 10 Hopper en 

Williams Roland, r 85 West g 

Williams Sarah M. r 55 Blandina *^ 

Williams Thomas, laborer, r 16 Broadway • § 

Williams Thomas, r 14 Mandeville 8 

Williams Thomas D. 21 Saratoga ^ 

Williams Thomas H. coachman, r 14 Mandeville & 

Williams Thomas O. salesman, r SO Washinj^ton ^ 

Williams T. E. attendant N. Y. S. L. Asylum g^. 

Williams William, carpenter, r 48 Seymour ave *< 

Williams William, mason, r 62 Seymour ave < 

Williams Wm. F. drug clerk, r 46 Spring S 

Williams William O. r 76 Liberty "g 

Williams Wm. R. carriage painter, r 216 Third ^• 

Williams William T. grocer 22 Geneeee, r 4 Spring g^ 

Williams William W. r 71 Rutger P* 
Williams Wm. W. r 6 Philip 

Williams Wilson 0. r 48 Seymour ave ^ 

Williams Wilson H. r 48 Seymour ave ^ 

Williams W. E. tailor, r 18 Steuben £ 

Williams W. G. billiards Deerfield road, r same o- 
Williams & Roberts (R H. Williams and R R Roberts), car- * 

penters and builders over 67 and 69 Bleecker ^ 
Wilbams & Wight, (Alfred H. Williams and Edward B. ^ 

Wight), clothing manfr's 12 John ® 
WILLIAMSON 0. H. wholesale and retail druggist 62 Gen- | 

esee, r in New Hartford ^ 

Williamson Fannie, r House of the Good Shepherd S* 

Williamson Frank, finisher, r 248 Whitesboro ^ 

Williamson G. W. engineer N. Y. 0. RR. r 90 Main fi 

Williamson George, engineer, r 188 Schuyler g 

Williamson J. J. r Jefferson near Albany § 

Williamson J. J. Mra teacher, r Jefferson near Albany ^ 
Williamson John F. prescription clerk 62 Genesee, r 89 W 

Steuben *^ 

Williamson Sinah Mra r 124 Taylor ave ^ 

Willis George, clerk, r 30 Lansing S 
WILLIS GEORGE W. JR (Searle, Dunmore & WUlis), r 52 '^ 

Howard ave 
Willis John E. r 8 Faass ave 
WILLIS THOMAS G. (Walters & Willis), r 30 Lansing 

■ ■ ■ I M.._l ■ ■ I I I ■!■ I • • -^ 

Groceries, Genesee comer Fayette Street. 



WILLODGHBY JOHN E. journalist Observer, r 110 Wash- 

Wilie Lizzie MisB, r 34 Whitesboro 

Wilmot J. R agent, r 220 Bleeeker 

Wilsev Corncliofl, laborer, r Blandina near Jefferson 

Wilsey David, r Jefferson near Albany 

WILSEY WILLIAM, brick manfr. r 146 Broad 

Wilsey William, farmer, r cor Mummery and Albany 
B* Wilske G. M. cigarmaker, r 37 Dudley 
% Wilske Henry, r 33 Dudley 
"2 Wilson Alexander Mrs. r 9 Elm 

.S WILSON B. paper warehouse 31 and 33 Columbia, r 53 
(3 Broadway 

I Wilson Charles S. r 237 Genesee 
<§ Wilson Elizabeth Mrs. r 63 Broadway 
g» Wilson Emma, r 53 Broadway 
% Wilson Fred, r 31 Aiken 
2, Wilson Fred. I. painter, r 80 Columbia 
^ Wilson Frederick, pattern weaver, r 81 Aiken 
S) Wilson George H. foreman, r 56 Leah 
8 Wilson George, boat builder, r 80 Schuyler 
^ Wilson James, r 31 Aiken 

1 Wilson John, boat builder, r 80 Schuyler 

g Wilson Matthew, cloth inspector, r 81 Aiken 

e Wilson John F. hostler, r Mansion House 

«> Wilson John F. Jr. clerk, r Mansion House 

Is Wilson Michael, mason, r 60 Hobart 

•^ Wilson Richard J. carpenter, r 96 Spring 

s Wilson Robert, laborer, r 60 Hobart 

•9 WILSON ROBERT A. painter 80 Columbia, r same 

"P Wilson Thomas, musician, r 80 Schuyler 

"S Wilson William, tailor, r 7 Spring 

2 Winant Frank R. clerk Second Nat Bank, r 81 Cornelia 
.1 Winant Mary J. Mrs. music teacher, r 60 Broadway 

^ WINANT ROBERT, (R Winant & Co.) r 83 Howard ave 

«g WINANT R & CO. wholesale dealers in provisions, 62 

« Seneca. See page 42 

g Winchel F. V. bookkeeper 9-11 John, r 8 West 

:§ Winchell Henry H. r 53 Broad 

^ Winchell Habilla, r 53 Broad 

Winchenbach Amelia, dressmaker, r 162 South 
Winchenbach Herman, carpenter, r 16*^^ South 
Winchester Alex, engineer, r 82 Brinckerhoff ave 
Winchester David Mtsl r 82 Brinckerhoff ave 
Winchester James W. painter and nurse, r 28 Elm 
Winchester William, boilermaker, r 66 Fayette 
WINDHEIM ANTHONY J. clerk 14 John, r 171 Colum- 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 




WiDdheim Charles L clerk 14 John, r 171 Columbia 
WINDHEIM GEORGE, saddlery, hardware and silver plater 

14 John, r 171 Colnmbia. See page 23 
WINEBURGH J. A. (Jos. Winebnrgh & Son), r86 Blandina 
WINEBUBGH JOSEPH (Wineborgh & Son), r 85 Blandina ^ 
WINEBURGH JOSEPH & SON (Joseph and J. A.) jewelry g 

and silverware 32 Genesee « 

Winebnrgh Louis, com. traveler, r 110 John g 

Winebnrgh Moses, com. traveler, r 87 Blandina ^ 

Winebargh Hiram, clerk, r 85 Blandina ^ 

Winegar Lewis, foreman, r 97 Liberty S 

Winley Jacob, operative, r Kossnth ave near Bleecker 4 

Winn Ann Mrs. r 30 Louisa % 

Winn Betsy, weaver, r 143 Jay 1 

Winn James, gaslitter, r SO Lonisa ^ 

Winnick Jacob, pedler, r 105 Water ^ 

Winniger Louis, laborer, r 119 Liberty •g^ 

Winneur Isaac M. pedler, r 36 Hnbbell ^ 

Winneur Richard, r Webster ave near South & 

Winslow Bridget T. operative, r 75 Third ^ 

Winslow Charles, shoemaker, r 75 Third g* 
WINSLOW CHARLES (Utica Brewing Co.) r 4 Taylor ave ^ 

Winslow Charles, shipping clerk, r 103 Bleecker g 

Winslow Frank, teamster, r 4 Taylor ave 5 

Winslow John, laborer, r 75 Third g 

Winslow John, tinsmith, r 76 Third & 

Winslow Mary A. operative, r 75 Third • ^ 

Winston D. S. Mrs. widow, r 56 Seymour ave ^ 
WINSTON D WIGHT D. (Head & Winston), r 7 Hopper g 

Winter Wm. tailor, r 113 Whitesboro M 

Winters Christian, shoemaker, r 126 Howard ave g 

Winters James, laborer, r 3 Seneca H 

Winters Mary A. domestic 120 State f^ 

Winters Mary E. domestic 338 Genesee q 

Winters Michael, laborer, r 3 Seneca P 

Winters Minnie, r 126 Howard ave • 

Winters William A. printer, r 129 Howard ave g 

Wirthman Andrew, r 25 Lonisa p« 

Wirthman Jacob, baker, r 12 Louisa g 

Wirtz John, cutter, r 97 Chenango ave q 

Wiseman Peter, machinist, r 151 Kossuth ave ^ 

Wishman John, mason, r 74 West § 

Wisse Clara Mrs. r 11 Burnet • 

WITHERBEE W. A. (Witherbee & Co.) r 9 Kemble ^ 
WITHERBEE & CO. (W. A. Witherbee and W. B. Darling) | 

merchant tailors 74 Genesee 
Witte Christian, carpenter, r 121 Gold 
Witzenberger Peter, saloon 112 Columbia, r 110 same 

Blank Booh Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



if the late comers to its neighborliood will 

Woerner Henry, shoe cutter, r 38 Neilaon 

Wohlfert Martin, mason, r 184 Neilson 

Wohlfert Peter, gravel roofer, r 50 Neilson 

Wqjnchowski Lawrence, laborer, r 56 Johnson 

WOLCOTT DAVID 0. (Goodier & Wolcott lawyers 1S» 

Genesee), r in Yorkville 
Wolcott Harriet A. teacher, r 125 John 
WOLCOTT SAMUEL G surgeon, r 99 Chancellor Square 
^ Wolenman A. Mrs. r 211 Court 

1 Wolever Henry, fireman, r 102 Broad 
S Wolf August, tailor, r 60 Seymour ave 

Wolf Henry, carpenter, r 18 Union 
Wolf John, mason, r 2 Cooper 
Wolf Susanna Mr& r 26 Elm 

2 Wolf William, saloon 100 Whitesboro, r same 
? Wolfe Jacob, moulder, r 16 Chestnut 

•J Wolfe Michael, moulder, r 48 Saratoga 

p Wolf en Sarah Mrs. r 36 Broadway 

5 Wollner Andrew, picture framer, r 6 Warren 

g Wollner Conrad, clerk, r 167 Whitesboro 

•g Wollner George, painter, r 91 Spring 

•S Wollner Michael, gardener, r 91 Spring 

5 Woolweaver J. E. clerk, r 195 South 

J Wood A. M., N. Y. C. RR freight office, r 42 Rutger 

^ Wood Charles, r 42 Rutger 

9 Wood Chas. R painter, r 16 Clinton Place 

^ Wood C. Louis, bookkeeper 20 Main, r 28 Seneca 

A Wood Clark, trimmer 4 and 6 Catharine, r 10 Spring 

WOOD DAVID E. painter jand grainer 236 Genesee, r 16 
Clinton Placa See adv*t inside back cover 

WOOD EDWIN A. (Utica Steam Gauge Co. 86 and 88 
b Fayette,) r 60 same 

^2 Wood E. M. janitor Savings Bank of Utica, r 46 Cooper 
^ WOOD FRANCIS 6. secretary Herkimer Telegraph and 
fl Telephone Co. Arcade, r 12 Rutger 

8 WOOD FRANK T. grocer 56 South, r 25 Hopper 
S Wood Fred J. r 33 West 

WOOD F. T. & CO. grocers 66 and 58 South 

Wood George R. engineer, r 4 Seneca 

Wood Henry J. r 4 Cottage 

WOOD JAMES, 56 South, r 33 West 

Wood James, r 13 Eagle 

Wood T. C. painter, r 16 Clinton place i 

Wood T. G. shoemaker 87 Washington, r same 

WOOD WILLIAM E. (Utica Steam Gauge Co. 86 and 88 , 

Fayette) r 79 same I 

Woodall R K. Mrs. (Cameron, Owen & Co.) r 4 Perkins ave I 

Woodard Amanda, r 14 Mary 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 


call on us for goods they don't find at home. 

Woodard Caroline, r 14 Mary 

Woodard Edward M., D. L. & W. Ex. office, r 64 Charlotte 
WOODARD GEORGE E, D. L. & W. Ex. agent 16 Gene- 
see, r 14 Mary 
Woodard A. Mra r 57 Oolambia 

Woodcock Lydia, r 85 Cooper ^ 

Woodhead Benj. loom fixer, r 95 Schuyler * 

Woodland Georj^e, printer, T. H. Floyd's, r 171 Park ave g* 

WOODRUFF A. LEWIS, wool dealer 27 Hotel, r 10 same S 
Woods Mary S. r 64 Cooper ^ 

Woodworth Benj. F. Mrs. r 15 Chatham • 

Woodworth Benj. F. Jr. American express, r 29 Cornelia ^ 
Wormworth Wm. laborer, r 14 Post ^ 

Worrell Henry, clerk, r 28 Dudley 8 

Worrell Mary, r 28 Dudley a 

Wratten Richard, carpenter, 49 West % 

Wratten Wm. prescription clerk, r 187 Park ave 
WRATTEN WILLIAM H. (Wratten & Tunney) r 187 Park 

avenue g* 

WRATTEN & TUNNEY (Wm. H. Wratten and Philip J. S^ 

Tunney) srroceries 206 Genesee S* 

Wratten W. H. Jr. clerk, r 187 Park ave 9 

Wright Albert J. clerk, r 87 Fayette ^ 

Wright Baxter, carpenter, r 158 South 

Wright Caroline A. r 23 Mary g 

WRIGHT, DANA & CO. hardware and iron 92 Genesee, q 

See advt page 23 Q 

Wright Edward, moulder, r 37 Kirkland M 

Wright Edwin L moulder, r 107 Elizabeth *^ 

WRIGHT ERASTUS Z. (Wright, Dana & Co.) r 3 Clark ^ 

place § 

Wright John, r Kossuth ave cor South 

Wright Julia A. Mrs. r 12 Montgomery ^- 

Wright Louisa, seamstress, r 14 Mandeville g 

Wright Mary, r 23 Mary ^ 

Wright Melissa, r 12 Montgomery co 

Wright WnL bookkeeper Oneida Nat Bank, r 10 Steuben ^ 

park g 

Wright Wm. C. student, r 10 Steuben park | 

Wright Wm. G. com. traveler, r 159 South m 

Wright Wm. H. r 159 South | 

WRIGHT WM. P. photographer 21 State, r 19 Tracy. See % 

page 50 
Wrigley Wno. spinner, r 3 Saratoga 
Woutsinger Jacobina, r 125 South 
Woutsinger Ma^, r 125 South 
Wylie James, carpenter, r 90 Court 
Wylie W. J., D. L & W. Ex. r 14 Broadway 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee Streets 



dnce it annexed ITtioa and Ilion. 

Wylie Libbie, weaver, r 60 Spring 
Wyman M. Mrs. r 78 Howard ave 
Wtirtz Pins, dealer in hides, r Deerfield road 

XARDELL JOSEPH, machinist, r 97 Mary 
Xardell Joseph Mrs. r 97 Mary 

YAOKLE JOHN, watchmaker 94 Columbia, r 304 
Bleecker cor Jefferson. See page 48 

Yaehrling Charles L sign painter, r 88 Noyes 

Yaerhling Frederick, pedler, r 49 Erie 

Yaerhling Bosa Mrs. widow, r 9 York 
^ Yager Casper, marble polisher, r 13 Canal 
^ Yager Joseph, laborer, r 18 Canal 
pg Yagle Jacob, laborer, r 86 Eossnth ave 
M Yakey Henry, carpenter, r Deerfield road 
j| Yakey Henry, laborer, r Deerfield 
^ Yakey Jacob, car inspector, r 2 Breese 
o Yale Q. W. cigarmaker, r 82 Miller 
g Yale James A. cigarmaker, r 85 Garden 

Yale James, cigarmaker, r 85 Garden 

Yale John, blacksmith, r 296 Whitesbo'-o 

Yale Milton, carpenter, r 33 Kemble 
.S Yale Sidney, moulder, r 252 Court 
A (Yale see Yule) 
^ Yates Alida Mrs. r 124 Varick 

• YATES C. H. (C. H. Yates & Co.) r Steuben Park cor West 
o YATES C. H. & CO. commission merchants in grain and 
^ provisions 71 Genesee 
o Yates James D. r Steuben Park cor West 
^ Yates Joseph, r 12 Chenango ave 
gi Yates Theodore L janitor Opera House, r 139 West 
M Yates R V. Mrs. r Steuben Park cor West 
S Y Drych {TAe Mirror) Welsh weekly newspaper, T. J. Grif- 
H fiths, publisher, J. C. Roberts and John W. Jones, editors, 

office 6 Exchange Building 

Yeaker Edward, teamster, r 141 Lansing 

Yeandle James, gardener, r 15 Leeds 

Yearka Frank, barber Dudley House, r 71 Columbia 

Yeunt Andrew, polisher, r 22 Francis 

Yhanker Charles, shoemaker, r 6 Oak 

Yochum Michael, laborer, r 161 Fayette 

Yohn George, tinsmith, r 323 Whitesboro 

Yost August, mason, r 177 Court 

Yost Henry, printer, r 15 Hope 

Yost Henry Jr. tailor, r 15 Hope 

Youlen Abner S. painter, r 29 Steuben 

Youlen Cha& K carpenter, r 32 South 

Westcott Sf Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handflomegt Dry Qoods and Carpets on earth 

Yonlen Oeorge H. moulder, r 285 Bleecker 
Toalen P. E. aj?ent, r 68 Colambia 
Yonlen Bnf us W. bakery South cor Steuben, r 29 Steuben 
Young Benjamin, sign writer 29 Charlotte, r 93 Elizabeth 

Young Carrie, weaver, r 72 Schuyler * S- 

Yonng C. Mies, milliner 9 Devereux, r same S 

Young Charles, cigarmaker, r 7 Parker a 
Young Charles P. photographer 58 Franklin Square, r 47 ^ 

Eagle H 

Young Edmund Mrs. r 63 Broad ^ 

Young F. W. r 9 Faxton ^ 

Young George, foreman, r 4 Breese § 
YOUNG GEORGE, Young's mammoth bakery 43, 45, 47 j» 

and 49 Bleecker, r 27 Ratger. See colored pag^ ^ 

Yonng George J. clerk, r 27 Eutger ^ 

Yonng John, moulder, r 15 Morris g 

Young E Mrs. r 74 Schuyler ^ 

Young Jane Mrs. r 98 Elizabeth S 

Young John Mr& r 18 Chenango ave o 

Young John, laborer, r 24 South Hamilton 

Young John, carder, r 158 Court 8 

Young John, painter, r 140 West • 

Young John Mrs. widow, r 20 Steuben j*^ 

Yonng John H. moulder, r 15 Morris o 

Young Josephine Mr& r 63 Broad | 

Young Lena, r 71 Spring ^ 

Young Marion, moulder, r 121 Catharine ^ 

Young Mary, weaver, r 143 Jay ]» 

second floor ^ 

Young Nicholas, carpenter RR. shop, r 4 Breese ^ 

Young Nicholas Sr. laborer, r 7 Parker S. 

YOUNG NICHOLAS saloon 286 Whitesboro, r same B 

Young Paul, carder, r 60 Spring *5 

Yonng Peter, carpenter, r 24 South Hamilton §* 

Young Quetin M. machinist, r 110 Yarick p 

Young Rudolph A. r 131 South • ^ 

Young Sarah, weaver, r 72 Schuyler g* 

Young William A. operative, r 272 Bleecker • 

Young W. H. painter, r 57 Miller § 

Youngs George, brakeman, r 20 Whitesboro g^ 

Yonnghans Alonzo, clerk, r Wiley cor Hamilton * 

Younghans Philip, laborer, r 47 Warren § 

Yonngkunz Frank, clerk 81 Genesee, r 12 Jason ^ 
Yonngkunz Carl, machinist, r 158 Fayette 
Yonngkunz Henry, musician and carpenter, r 153 Fayette 
Yonngkunz Martin, tailor, r 12 Jason 
Yonnglove Lydia D. r 60 Charlotte 

JVo. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



— I - ■!■ ■ ■ ■ I I ■ ^m ^ — 

and spring from Snmmer back 

Younglove John Mrs. r 60 Charlotte 
Yonnt George, teamster, r 185 Elizabeth 
Ynle George G. r 85 Stenben 
Yule Gilbert, laborer, r 86 Steuben 
Yule Horatio F. 12 Fayette, r 85 Steuben 

ZARTH NICHOLAS, teacher of German, r 92 Columbia 
Zeeh John, laborer, r 8 Bryan 

Zeiter Philip, farmer, r 885 Bleecker cor Milgate 
^ Zeiselmeier Clara, widow, r 24 Saratoga 
^ Zeiselmeier Marx, engineer, r 19 Green 
^ Zeter Meliuda, r Home for the Homeless 
« Zieecner Joseph, laborer, r 1 Jacob 
^ Ziegler Anna Mrs. r 4 Jason 
S Ziegler Lousi, shoemaker, r 40 Noyes 
•9 Zieeler Theodore, r 40 Noyes 
^ Zie^e Gotfridt, shoemaker, r 126 Howard ave 
•^ Zilk Annie Mrs. r 63 Erie 
9 Ziller Casper, laborer, r 149 Third 
^ Zimmer Annie, tailoress, r 46 Albany 
5 Zimmer George, tailor, r 118 Eagle 
j3 Zimmer J. B. r 97 Whitesboro 
^ Zimmer John, shoemaker, r 12 Chatham 
g Zimmer Mary, seamstress, r 46 Albany 
2 Zimmer Mary Mrs. r 46 Albany 
^ Zimmerman Charles A. r 168 Court 
^ Zimmerman Daniel, laborer, r Hicks cor Walnut 
(j Zimmerman Herman, carpenter, r 327 Whitesboro 
^ Zimmerman Mary, r 94 Chenango ave 

Zimmerman Mary Mrs. r rear 81 Mohawk 
^ ZIMMERMAN MATTHIAS, saloon 18 Lock, r same 
^ Zimmerman Pauline, r 90 Cornelia 

2 Zimmerman Bichard, r 18 Lock 
g Zinert Anna, r 99 Court 

g Zinert Barbara, r 99 Court 

g Zinert Louisa, r 99 Court 

J[ Zipp John Mrs. grocery, r 238 South 

g Zipp Judson, shoemaker, r 141 Kossuth ave 

3 Zipp Philip, cabinetmaker, r 242 Court 
oQ Zipp Philip G. shoemaker, r 87 Garden 

g Zipp Philip J. hamessmaker, r 141 Kossuth ave 

lg Zipp Stella, operative, r 87 Garden [Mohawk 

ZITZNER GOTTLIEB, butcher, alderman 8th ward, r 285 

Zoeckler John, r 15 Elm 

Zoeckler Peter, shoemaker, r 15 Elm 


Zosllner Charles, machinist, r 269 Mohawk 

ZUBLIN RALPH D. proprietor Hotel Zublin 6 and 8 Fayette, 
r same. See advt. outside back cover 

Zwahlen Christ, r 91 Taylor ave 

Utica Business Directory. 


Colling W. C. 12 Stenben park 
Read J. Henry, 55 Mary 
Lynch James S. 120 Genesee 

Agricultural Implements. 

CHILDS J. M. & CO. 12 to 18 
Fayette. See outside front 
cover and page 28 
Eynon John, 112 Washington 
Goelich O. E C. 14 Liberty 
ROOT 8. D. (general agent Whit- 
ley, Fassler & Kelley) 4 Bur- 
net See page 42 

BIRT THOMAS, Parker Block. 

See adv't page 570 
Cooper G. Edward, 173 Genesee 
Gouge F. H. 9 Gardner Block 
Simmons A. I. Gardner Block 

Artists and Artists' Materials. 

lotte cor Bleecker. See page 47 
Bartow P. Gardner Block 
Brown M. E. D. 94 Genesee 
Baxter F. K 48 Arcade 
Harrison Henry, 60 Genesee 
Household Art Rooms, 173 Gen- 
Jones David, 54 Arcade 
Morse J. B. 1 Clark place 
Piescott P. 211 Genesee 
Randall Rufns P. 71 Genesee 
Ray M. B. 77 Genesee 
WARNES WM. 17 Fayette, fine 
arta See outside back cover 


Falkner's, 67 Columbia 

Hannas Augustus C. 64 Seneca 

Hone James F. 141 Genesee 

Awning Makers. 
BE ARE HENRY C. Devereux 

block. See back colored leaf 
Farley J. T. 50 Franklin sqr 


Albecker N. 54 South 
Alurd & Rousseau, 121 Mohawk 
Blumhardt Wm. 184 Blandina 
Devereux Michael, 166 Bleecker 
Evans Owen, 94 Genesee 
Heidel Ignatius, 204 Genesee 
Helfert J. A. & Sons, 73 Steuben 
Humphreys Wm. 10 Columbia 
Owens John & Co. 63 South 
Owens T. M. 78 South 
Saltsman & Son, 328 Genesee 
Spangenberg Wm. 46 South 
Stiefvater Joseph, 162 Columbia 
YOUNG GEORGE, 45, 47 and 

49 Bleecker. See front colored 

Youlen Ruf us, South cor Steuben 


chestra) 11 Fayette. See adv't 





page 59 

J. Koehl, leader. Rooms Car- 
ton Block, office E. D. Bucking- 
ham's music store. See page 37 

Banks and Bankers. Seep. 138 

Brockett John R 8 Liberty 
Beh E. F. 185 Fayette 
Bueche Charles, 14S Court 
Carr N. F. Liberty cor Genesee 
Cornelius George, 44 Varick 
Clowm Inzer E. H. 128 Genesee 
Diefenbach Wm. Parker block 
Dittman Chas. Dudley House 
Dressel John, 103 Varick 
Eicke Augustus G. 20 Genesee 
Fisher Bartholomew, 160 Gene- 
Freel James, 210 Genesee 
Georgens C. 55 John 
Gifford Charles, 6 Liberty 



W. H. McGarvey A Co. Wholesale Liquors, 
Genesee corner Payette Street. 



Hay 16th, Pires were needed, Orerooats comfortable. 














Grayston E. F. 117 South 
HansmaD Charles, 184 Colambia 
Henry Thaddens, 226 Whitesboxo 
HamaD Henry, 60 Seneca 
Johnson F. R Batterfield House 
Johnson Thomas, 181 Genesee 
Jones Morris J. 4 Baggs sar 
Kelley Patrick T. 87 Bleecker 
Eneller Benj. 20 Liberty 
Koehler Fred. 76 Washington 
Labowski Herman, 46 John 
McGakin F. 178 Genesee 
Myers Andrew, 170 Bleecker 
Qaeally John, 32 Albany 
Schell Yalentine, 89 Columbia 
Seigler John, 43 Bleecker 
Skotthafer Geo. 166 Genesee 
Stumpfel T. G. F. Baggs Hotel 
Spangenberg William, 75 South 


Clowminzer £. H. 123 Genesee 
Johnson F. R Butterfield House 
Eneller Benj. 20 Liberty 
Stumpfel T. G. F. Baggs Hotel 

Belting Manufacturer. 

Sayre mfr. Co. 121 Genesee 


Gutter k Metz, 187 Genesee, room 
2 Parker block 

BiUiard Halls. 

Baggs Hotel 

Batterfield House 

Johnson & Davis, 116 Genesee 

Tessey Joseph, 248 Whitesboro 

Trustan Martin, 123 Genesee 

Williams W. G. Deerfield road 


Blatt John C. 12 Albany 
Burke Patrick S. 16 Main 
Ellis E. Liberty cor Washington 
Fluegal L. G. 8 Philip 
Gormly Wro. 12 Madison Lane 
Healey James, 27 Park ave 
Hammes Philip, cor Columbia and 

Healey Wm. 22 Jay 

See page 67 
Hurd A. L. 86 Park ave 
Krubeck J. 10 Cornelia 
Latimer W. H. 61 Jay 
Neejer C. G. 48 Francis 
0'lu)urke M. Jr. 26 Madison Lane 
Parry David, 32 Oneida 
Redmond P. 86 Catharine 

86 Bleecker. See adv't page 
ROACH JOHN, 7 Madiaon 

Lane. See page 50 

Jay. See page 43 
Shafer George, 156 South 
Thomas Wm. 47 Whitesboro 
Thomas John G. 47 Whitesboro 
Walter John, Court and Fay 

Boarding Houses. 

Allen J. R Mrs. 43 State 
Baker Helen F. 45 Broadway 
Barnes Abram A. 36 Jay 
Bender C. M Mrs. 97 Fayette 
Bennett Esther A. 72 Fayette 
Booth J. F. Mrs. 54 Spring 
Brown Robert Mr& 19 Cornelia 
Cook Frank W. 87 Fayotte 
Davis Jane Mrs. 18 Lnnsing 
Davis L. A Mra 72 Broadway 
Eastman P. S. Mrs. 16 Cooper 
Finn Patrick Mra 65 Broadway 
Gray James S. (Waverly) 372 

Green Cornelia M. Clarendon 219 

Hart H. C. 228 Genesee 
Hunt K Mrs. 6 Spring 
Jones Mary E 71 Charlotte 
Jones R T. Mrs. 110 Washington 
Jones S. N. 58 Charlotte 
Knapp Cady, 70 Broadway 
McNute M. M. Mrs. 51 Catharine 
Parrot Sarah Mrs. 16 Cooper 
Price M. E. Mrs. 12 Devereux 
Pierce W. 45 Elizabeth 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co.^ Book-Binders and 




Dan Bioe was here, but no Summer. 

Sloat J. L. 20 Whitesboro 
Strom Jacob, 16 McYean 
Stewart 0. Mr& 76 Fayette 
Spafard C. 136 State 
Voll Fred. 209 Colnmbia 

Boat Builder. 

See page 52 


Miller Alonzo F. Broad cor John 

Oenesee. See adv't bottom 

ROBERTS E H. & 00. 60 

Geneeee. See page opp 393 
Simon & Baroum, 166 Qenesee 

Books and Stationery. 

Akehnrst K L. 166 Genesee 
Bristol & Smith, Arcade 
Hollister Nathan, 131 Genesee 
O'Connor J. 67 John 
Rowley & Horton, 56 Oenesee 
Smith W. B. 13 Fayette 
WARMUTH MAX, 44 Colnm- 
bi& See adv't page 49 

Boots and Shoes. 

Man^facturera and Jobbers. 

Cloyes J. Newton, Meadow 
Dimon & Disbrow, 28 Liberty 
Holbrook J. tt & Co. 9 & 11 John 
Reynolds Brothers, John cor 

Tallman, Smith & Co. 36 Broad- 
Tallman & Hard, 26 Broad 
Wm. Owens Shoe Co. 54 John 

Boots and Shoes. 

Beiail and.Outiom. 

Arnold's, 15 Fayette 

Bice H. H. 36 Colambia 

Bronk John H. 109 Washington 

Breeze T. Spring cor Garden 
Cheney Broa 108 Genesee 
Coram Henry D. 14^ Elizabeth 
Channer John L 94 West 
Davis D. L & Co. 180 Genesee 
Denison W. R. Thomas Block 
Drexler N. 31 Fayette 
Dnflo Geo. 25 Water 
Fehrman Giistave, 213 Colnmbia 
Finkle F. M. Devereux Block 
Finn Patrick, 55 Broadway 
Fleischman Leonard, 31 Main 
Gschwind Bros. & Son, 8 Arcade 
Hamlin J. J. 154 Columbia 
flarrer Wm. 77 Bleecker 
Harrer Chaa 288 Whitesboro 
Harrer Chas. A. 135 Sonth 
Ingalls G. W. 4; Co. 5 Arcade 
KnellerWendelin, 85 Bleecker 
Lang John G. 67 Dudley 
Mcrhersou John, 82 Mohawk 
Moss W. F. 337 Genesee 
O'Connor Patrick, 137 Bleecker 
O'Mahoney Michael, 201 Bleecker 
Owens Thomas, 78 Genesee 
Patterson & Davies, 185 Genesee 
Power Martin, 71 Bleecker 
Rowe John C. 55 Columbia 
Sautter Christian, 112 Genesee 
SCHEIDERICH Joseph, 54 Sen- 
eca. See adv't page 27 
Schwabe Charles, 144 Sonth 
Steffen Bros. 115 Columbia 
Stroebel George M. 172 Genesee 

ereux. See page 47 
VALTZ & BECK, 70 Varick. 

See adv't inside back cover 
Wilkins Theo. 64 South 


Curry J. A. Broad cor John 
DILLONS, 68 Fayette. See page 

Hirt John W. 28 Hotel 
Lord A. N. 66 Broad 
O'Neil J. J. 4 Baggs Square 
Sharp Chas. 70 Liberty 












Blank^Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee 



Dry Ooods, Carpets, Cloaks, Milliiwry, 








Box Makers. 

Cigar Boxei. 

Ellis T. M. 89 Liberty 
Seepage 87 

Packing Soxe», 

Dering S. Pulton cor Culver 

Eello^ C. C. 46 Seneca 

Poole R B. 37 Liberty 

SHERMAN S. W. lock corner 
boxes, 116 to 126 Eria See 
outside back cover and page 

Baper Boaoes. 

DeMott W. H. 47 Liberty 
Brass Founders. 

DENT WM. & SON, 14 Madison 

lane and 81 Washington. See 

adv't page 36 

105 Broad. See page 82 
Utica Steam Gauge Co. 86 and 88 


Brewers and Malsters. 

Bierl>auer Charles, 11 Edward 
Etnpire Brewery, East cor Blan- 

Gulf Brewery, Jay cor Third 
Hutten Charles, 93 Third 
People's Brewing Co. cor Catha- 
rine and Second 
Ralph George Jr. & Go. Court 

cor State 
Utica Brewing Co. South cor St. 

Utica Star Brewery, Mohawk cor 



Avery A. K 39 Varick 
Bogert T. L Parker Block 
Everts D. T. coal and cotton 18 1^ 

Genesee up stairs 
Hone James F. 141 Genesee 
Hodges Ezra P. 120 Genesee 
Lynch J. S. 120 Genesee 
Mayer, 11 Liberty 


Arcade. See adv't page 44 
McClure W. O. Parker block 
Rice J. B. 6 Parker block 
Rice J. M. 6 Parker block 
Robson Bcnj. R Parker block 
Thomson L M 58 Franklin sqr. 
WESTCOTT k CO. 19 and 20 

Arcada See page 41 
Yates Chas. H & Co. 71 Genesee 
rooms 8 and 4 

Broom Manufacturers. 

Crouso J. M. and C. R 32 and 34 

Brush Makers. 

Lnddington Augustus, 12 Pearl 
Newell N. C. & Son, 1 1 1 Geuesee 

Building MoTors. 

Blanch John, 13 Faass ave 

n. J. COJTJB, 

RaiserandMoTer of Brick and 
Wooden Buildings, 

14 WEST. 

Business CoUesre. 

McCreary & Shields. Parker blk 

Cabinet Makers. 


See page 48 

South. See adv't page 39 

Canned Gk>ods. 

GRAFF & WARNER, 62 Frank- 
lin sqr. See page 60 

HOXIE, 10 Liberty. Seepai^ 

MoGARVEY W. H. & CO. 160 
Genesee cor Fayette. See adr't 
bottom lines 

Fred A. Cassldy, successor to J. H. DbwgUiss, 



Shawls Fans and Far-Lined 01ov6% Blankets and Mosqnito Vet, 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Brazil Peter, 8 Madison lane 
Bucher J. Jefferson cor Albany 
Carey John H. 188 Seymour ave 
Charles Owen, 78 Charlotte 
rine. See adv't page 61 
Danqaer Augnst, 9 £lm 
DA VIES DAVID J. 14 Mont- 
gomery. See adv't page 59 
Dicks Martin, 121 Miller 
Embley Walter, 22 Faxton 
Fisher Michael, 182 Fayette 

Union. See adv't page 47 
Fitton James W. 32 Elizabeth 
Fuller Samuel F. 12 Hobart 
Gear & Fleming, 88 Taylor ave 
ler. See adv't page 60 
Hahn John F. 16 Meadow 

South. See page 89 
James Joseph, 90 Fayette 
Eassing H 46 Elizabeth 
KEINZ FRANK, 7 Clinton. 

See adv't page 27 
Leefeldt Jacob F. 8 Hart 
Metz C. 234 Court 

Main. See page 47 
Miller Frank L. 102 Neilson 
Miller Jacob, 89 Elm 
bart. See page 56 
PALMER C. & SON, Blandina 

cor First. See page opp 374 
Pfund John, 89 Dudley 
Richards Edmund, 86 John 
Schaal John G. 89 Mohawk 
SchoU Peter J. 26 Albany 
Schuchhardt Frederick, 72 Court 
Sheridan Simon, 86 Bleecker 
Thomas Hngh J. 118 Tavlor ave 
Thomas Philip, 41 Eemble 
Vogt Jacob, 29 William 
Whitesboro. See page 65 

Williams & Roberts, 67 Bleecker 
Williams R J. 121 Park ave 
Wait J. L 91 Columbia 
Winchenbach, 162 South 
Younghanz Henry, 158 Fayette 

Carpet Cleaners. 

U. S. Steam Carpet Cleaning 
Co. 116 Erie. See page 46 

CSarpets, Oil Cloths, Ac 

BUCKLEY & CO. 81 Genesee. 

See adv't outside front cover 
Hugh Glenn & Co. 68 and 69 

Franklin sqr 
Leo Charles G. & Co. 187 Genesee 
Wells J. B. Son & Co. 77 and 79 


Carpet Weavers. 

Horn John, 197 South 
Kulow William, 174 Water 

Carriage, Wagon and Sleigh 

BATES F. W. 13 Devereux. See 

page opp 162 
ESTES ISAAC, Liberty corner 

Whitesboro. See page 56 
Hammes Philip, Columbia cor 

Morath George, 68 Albany 
Patterson Edward, 29 State 
ROBERTS ISAAC, 48 and 45 

Jay. See page 48 
Sheffield & Barber, 106-8 Liberty 

ler. See page 52 
Turner & O^Reilly, 62 John 

cor Catharine. See page 33 




Cheese Vats and Dairy Sup- g 

plies. S* 

Childs & Jones, 84 Genesee ^ 


127 and 129 Genesea See 

adv't outside back cover 

Furnishing Undertaker, J^l Genesee St. 







Cigars and Tobacco. 

BALCH JOHN A! 4 Colurabia 

See page 68 
Benham Thomas L 50 Hotel 
Chase G. B. Baggs Hotel 
Dietrich Joseph, 158 Elizabeth 
Dowd J. L & J. 32 Libertjr 
Erhardt Jacob, 92 Columbia 
Evans John D. 339 Oenesee 
Griffin Brothers, 57 Bleecker 
HESS JOSEPH, Schuyler cor 

Eria See page 53 
Hjde N. B. 161 Genesee 
Jansky Bernard, 132 Fayette 

South. See page 40 
Kendrick F. M. 4 Bleecker 
Kinney Timothy, 112 Steuben 
Eirkland Broa 82 Columbia 
Klumbach Wm. 14 Schuyler 
Loughlin Daniel, 33 Miller 
Martin B. 53 John 
MoGARVEY W. H. & Co. Gen- 

esee cor Fayetta See adv't 

bottom lines 

ette. See adv't page 40 
Owens Richard U. 8 Liberty 
PFEIFFER JOHN, mfr. 11 Dev- 

ereux. See page 46 
Reh'John, 15 Canal 
Reinhardt F. 139 Columbia 
Roberts J. B. 95 Miller 
Sherwood & Hemmens, 120 Gen- 

Simon J. J. 129 Wbitesboro 
Stevens G. W. Columbia corner 

Seneca and 186 Genesee 

Charlotte. See back col. page 
Wamick & Brown, 86 Genesee 
Welch Broa 210 Bleecker 
Wheeler O. A. 134 Genesee 
YOUNG GEORGE, 45, 47 and 

49 Bleecker. See adv't front 

colored page 
Civil Ungineers and Surveyors. 
Adams C. W. 173 Genesee 

Bagg Egbert, 424 Genesee 
Baxter F. K. 48 Arcade 
Baxter J. R City Hall 
Cantwell Roderick J. 21 First 
Christian W. H. 8 Kemble 
Edwards Ira, New Hartford 
Sherman R W. 75 Genesee 
Spencer Thoa W. Arcade 
Taylor Charles S. 181 Genesee 
Taylor Lorenzo M. Bradish block 
Taylor William B. 181 Greneeee 

Clock Mann&cturers. 

Shafer & Co. 63 Taylor ave 

Clothiers and Merchant Tai- 

Beltz George & Son, 188 Genesee 
CarroUs, 40 Genesee 
Cash Thomas, 48 Genesee 
Conroy John F. 10 Bleecker 
Da vies & Williams, 78 Grenesee 
Farley P. J. 38 Genesee 
Fox E. T. 93 Genesee 
Gaffin D. H. 84 and 36 Genesee 
Gafiney Patrick, packet dock 
Galiusky Philip, 49 Charlotte 
Griffiths T. Solomon & Co. 64 

Heath Broa 68 Genesee 
Hoeriein John G. 9 Fayette 
Hoerlein R G. 5 Fayette 
Kelley M. J. 4 Baggs Square 
JONES JOHN I. « Pearl. See 

outside back cover 
KIENZLE JOHN, 72 Varick. 

See page 48 
Kingsley Chaa C. 110 Gtenesee 
Madison William, 38 Columbia 
Maher Edward & Co. 38 Gtenesee 
Martin & Miller, 69 Genesee 
Mendels&ohn J. M. 83 Elizabeth 
Meng Jaques, 48 Bleecker 
New York Clothing Ca 2 &.rcade 
Oatley J. M. & A. S. 72 Genesee 
Owen, Pixley & Co. 1 and 8 John 
Perry Broa & Hawley, 100 and 

102 Genesee 
Quinn William, 16 Arcade 

Wescott ^ Beusswig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 




Kothstein S. Charlotte cor Eliz- 
SANDERS JOHN J. 71 South. 

See page 51 
Sapario Loaia, 24 Elizabeth 
Scranton William H. 60 Genesee 
Sod B. a. Baggs Hotel 
TeSt & Esmay, 90 Oeneaee 
Witherbee & Co. 74 Genesee 
88 Geneaea See bottom lines 

Clotbing Mannfltctarers. 

Cooper H. H. & Co. 35 John 
Cashman D. J. 31 John 
Griffith M. H. & Co. Main cor 

Owen, Pixley & Co. 1 and 3 John 
Roberts, Bntler & Co. 54 Genesee 
Rockwell James & Co. 4 and 6 

Taylor & McCall, 25 John 
B. L White & Thomas, 24, 26, 28 

Williams & Wight, 12 John 

Coal Dealers. 

CHURCH J. W. 18 Bleecker 

and 142 Water. See page 84 
CLARK H. G. ife CO. 3 Pine. 

See page 63 
Delaware, Lackawanna & West- 
em Coal Co. 28 Fayette 
Everts D. T. 131} Genesee 
EVERTS WM. A. cor Fayette, 

Varick and Whitesboro. See 

adv't page 23 
Fowler J. G. Court cor Chenango 

George Joseph, 32 Erie 
Gilmore Hiram & Co. Fayette 

cor State 
Gilmore H. & W. K, D. L. & W. 

Coal Co. cor Schuyler and Erie 
McKinney & Albright, office 

Baggs Hotel 
MARROW J. A. & CO. (Old 

Pine St) See adv't page 33 

McGough Patrick k Sons, cor 

Park ave and Second 
Sang & Bauer, 242 Whitesboro 
Shapland George, Elm cor Gold 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 

HOXIE, 10 Liberty. See 
page 35 

Moshier Bros. 40 and 42 Fayette 

Turner J. F. 9 Charlotte 

Collection Agencies. 

Bradstreet's, 58 Franklin sqr 
Dun R G. & Co. Arcade 
U. S. & Foreign, 63 Arcade 

Commission Merchants. 


Franklin Squara See page 60 
Head & Winston, 48 Hotel 

Fayetta See page 55 
Johnson & Murray, 24 and 26 

Lowery Broa 20 Main 
Smith, Sanford & Co. 56 Genesee 
WINANT R & CO 62 Seneca. 

See page 42 
Yates C. H. & Co. 71 Genesee 


Carr Francis S. 35 Columbia 
Curtois Lewis, 61 Bleecker 
Debbold P. F. 22 Columbia 
Edmonds James O. 68 South 
Evans Owen, 94 Genesee 
Germond & Hayes , Arcade 
Griesenger Mary, 241 Columbia 
Hackett Cordon, 200 Genesee 
Heidel Ignatius, 204 Genesee 
Huniphreys Wm. 10 Columbia 
Lea Emma Mrs. cor Charlotte and 

Lynch John W. 80 Bleecker 
McGarvey Daniel, 181 Bleecker 
Nelbach J. B. 156 Fayette 
Northrnp A. B. 2 Liberty 
Northrnp Linus A. 6 Genesee 


M>. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 




CARPETS, will oocasionally drop up tluB way, 


Nortbrup M. M. 27 Charlotte 
Roberts J. B. 95 Miller 
Ryan James E. 2 Colnmbia 
Spangenbei^ Wid. 46 Sonth 
Stiefvater T. 126 Columbia 
Toti Adam, 43 Bleeeker 
YOUNG GEO. 45, 47 and 49 

Bleeeker. See adv't front eol- 

ored page 


arine. See page 51 


DA VIES D. J. 14 Montgomery. 
See page 59 

FISHER WM. 18 Union. See 

H^ShES k JONES, 29 Char- 
lotte. See page 81 

REDMOND JOHN, 45 Eagle. 
See page 57 


PETERSON A. 266 Whitesboro. 

See page 42 
Walsh T. 166 Whitesboro 

Crockery, China & Glassware. 

Dubois george & co. isi 

Genesee. See back cover 
Sherwood & Golden, 125 Genesee 


BRADISH T. H. Columbia cor 

Seneca. See page 85 
Budlong Willis A. 88 Arcade 
EVANS M. J. 196 Genesee 
Grayston Harry W. 108 South 
Hitchcock C. M. 21 Blandina 
HORSEY G. F. room 2 Gardner 

Block. See adv't front cover 
Klinck R Jay, 207 Genesee 
LEE A. H. 196 Genesee and 80 

Arcada See back colored leaf 
Mallery B. F. 186 Genesee 
Prentice W. A 226 Genesee 

PRIEST A. N. & SON, 230 
Genesee. See adv't front col- 
ored page 
RETTER A. 182 Geueeea See 

page 84 
R(^rs L. W. 258 Genesee 
Steber H. A. Columbia cor Fay 
Swartwout E. L 184^ Park ave 
Vedder D. J. r Whitesboro cor 

Faass ave 
Warnes R S. 80 Arcade 

Dining: Booms— See Beatau- 


Carr N. F. 8 Libertv 

40 Arcade. See page 85 
Evans Owen, 94 Genesee 
Lucas A. G. Central depot 
McCreary Robert, 7 Liberty 
ZDBLIN R. D.6and 8 Fayetta 

See adv't back cover 

Old Fort Schuyler, 96 Catharine 
Drain, Tile and Culvert Pipes* 

HOWARTH JOHN, 155 Broad. 

See page 88 
White N. A. & Son, 182 Whites- 



Adams Nettie Mrs. 80 Brincker- 

hoff ave 
Allen S. A. Mr& 171 Genesee 
Ballon Chas. Mrs. 85 Union 
Barnes C. A. Mra 121 State 
Bates L. M. Mrs. 54 Seymour ave 
Bnchane Madam, 181 Genesee 
Cutter Amelia, 189 Genesee 
Davis Josie, 26 Jay 
Dolan Rosy, 116 South 
Edwards M. J. 151 Howard ave 
Evans Maggie, 20 Cooper 
Evans Sarah J. 59 Whitesboro 
Garripy S. 25 Seneca 
Gray B. R Mrs. 246 Howard ave 
Griffin Ada, 11 Fayette 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co., Cigars and Fancy 



—just as they used to go out 

for a day's recreation,— 

CTriflBn Jennie, 11 Fayette 
Hagbes J. E. 59 Stenben 
Jones Alida Mrs. 59 Broadway 
Kent Lizzie Mm 63 Fayette 
Kibbe H. W. Mr?. 7 Hobart 
Kilts Misses, 14 Deverenx 
McClelland Sarah L. 2 Gold 
McCne Gracie, 68 Broadway 
O'Brien Ellen, 11 i^ayette 
O'Reilly Esther, 47 Oonrt 
Ostrander Hannah 0. 27 Seneca 
Ray hill Annie, 87 Brinckerhoff 

Reynolds Jennie A. 69 State 
Riley Mary, 20 Deverenx 
Roberts Mary L. 87 Lansing 
Robinson M. Mrs. 13 Catharine 

scale), 63 Sonth. See page 86' 
Shaw T. A. S. Mrs. 95 Columbia 
Steele Alice Mrs. 9 State 
Wheeler M. R Mrs. 84 Elizabeth 


Blaikie & Fitch, 202 Genesee 
Butler & Hamilton, 114 Genesee 

esea See ad v't page 84 
Field & Pennock, 330 Genesee 
Gschwind Fred J. 181 Bleecker 
Howarth & Ballard, 198 Genesee 
Howarth Wm. Jr. 52 South 
HUCK GEORGE, (manf. family 

bitters), 26 Garden. See page 54 
Hulbert Henry Mrs. 80 South 
Killgore C. Butterfield House 
KNOWLSON J. B. 8 Arcade. 

Seepage opp. 316 
Lenggenhager F. 53 South 
Luce & Plumb, 156 Genesee 
Manahan Thomas, 56 Bleecker 
Maine August, Whitesboro cor 

Marchisi Henry N. 17 Blandina 
McMillan John B. 113 Genesee 
Petz L J. Dr. 181 Columbia 
Ray Benj. F. 22 Genesee 
Sawens W. & Co. 183 Genesee 


See adv't front colored leaf 
Stoddard A. S. 1 58 Genesee 
Williamson C. H. 62 Genesee 

Dry Goods— Retail. 

Arndt Erail, 83 South 
Baker & Rice, 79 South 
Brady P. S. 54 Franklin sq 
BUCKLEY & CO. 81 and 83 

Genesee. See ad^'t outside 

front cover 
Cole Park, 170 Genesee 
Doyle James, 51 Franklin sqr 
Ehresman & Arndt, Columbia cor 

Etbridge William, 66 South 
Eraser Robert, 179 Genesee 
Gahde John H. 44 South 
Glenn Hugh & Co. 58 and 59 

Franklin sqr 
Haenl George, 1 17 Varick 
HoDkins M. & Co. 174 and 176 

Kohler John, Varick cor Cooper 
Leo Chas. G. & Co. 187 Genesee 
McMorrow &r Co. 57 Franklin sqr 
Moore & Schuderer, 40 and 42 

Mulholland John, 184 Genesee 
Nesbitt Hugh, 89 Genesee 
O'Hara J. F. & Bro. 177 Genesee 
Roberts & Hoag, 171 Genesee 
Wells J. B. & Go. 79 Genesee 
Wickens J. T. Huntington cor 


Dry Goods^WhoIesale. 

Hieber J. C. & Co. 1 and 3 John 
Smith, Sanford & Co. 56 Genesee 
Vidvard J. P. & Co. 26 John 

Dyers and Renovators. 

Frank Joseph, 108 Columbia 
Doux Jules, 55 Bleecker 
McLean Jane, 94 Washington 
Paul Robert, 20 Varick 
















Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette i:>ireet. 

















Akehurst E. L. (card), 17 Fayette 
Ashton Bros. 34 Deverenx Bl'ck 
HannaB LaFayette, 64 Seneca 
PRYOR SAMDEL, 52 Arcada 

See adv't page 55 
Wilcox W. K (card), 30 Genesee 


American Exprese, 1 and 142 

Delaware, Lackawanna & Weet- 

ern« 16 Geneaee 


Bowen Henry S. r 93 Lansing 
Dunn k Lent, Central Depot 
Fuller Asa, Jefferson near Bleeck- 

Harrington Carlos, 12 Bleecker 

Extract Manuf^r. 

bart. See adv't page 89 

File Cutter. 

ALAND GEORGE, 14 Culver. 
See page 67 

Fire Alarm Telegraph. 

Utica, 106 and 108 Liberty 

Fishing Materials. 


50 Genesee. See inside back 

Divine Fred D. 76 State 
EMDIN J. & SON, 58 Franklin 

sqr. See page 31 
Meyers I. 167 Genesee 

Florists and Seedsmen. 

Mandeville. See paf2:e 45 

Aucock J. 464 Whitesboro 

and 59 Cornelia. See page 51 

Batchelor John, 14 Liberty 

BOYCE GEORGE, 48 Kemble. 
See page 53 

Campbell Roderick J. Forest Hill 

Crowe Peter, 731 and 238 Gen- 

See page 55 

Duprez Victor, 37 Leeds 

Lane C. H. r 84 Sonth 

Matthews Wm. York cor Green 

Merritt M. C. 101 Oneida 

Morris J. W. Albany cor East 

Rowlands John, 101 Coart 

SEITZER CHA8. F. 84 State 
See page 52 

Treen George, 171 Jay 

Wagner Henry, Genesee corner 

Flour and Grain Dealers. 

Culver A. E. 36 Seneca 
Egert Julius G. 21 Liberty 
Evans H. 17 Liberty 
Everett M. J. 11 Liberty 
Hayes & Martin, Charlotte and 

Erie canal 
Hnrd H. H. & Co. 29 Liberty 
Owens W. M. & Co. 27 Liberty 
Owens John & Co. 63 Sonth 
WINANT R & CO. 62 Seneca. 

See page 42 


Culver A. R 36 Seueca 
Pomeroy A. N. 23 and 31 Jay 

Fruity Fish and Oysters. 

BALCH JOHN A. 4 Columbia. 

See page 58 
Boyce Kobert, 211 Genesee 
Bremer C. H. 6 and 8 Columbia 

Franklin sqr. See page 60 
Hyde N. B. 161 Genesee 

NESSY, 29 Bleecker. See 

page 50 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co., Book-Binders and 



S]ET A -Vw^XjS OI^ IL/TTT iT ■TTTEI^'y , 

Sliarpe Oharlee, 207 Genesee 
Thomas T. R. & Co. 12 Liberty 


CARTON W. J. & CO. 32 and 

34 Fayette. See front col. 

CARTON & CO. 169 Genesee. 

See ont and inside h-ont cover 

28 Catharine. See page opp 


127 Genesee. See ad vt ontside 

back cover 
Tlie Dtica Palace Furnace Co. 75 


Furniture Dealers. 

Davies John A. 63 Franklin sqr 
DeLong M. 6. 12 to 20 Catharine 

Wbitesboro. See page 55 

rooms 67 Bleecker. See page 

Lord & Co. 31 Genesee 
Lord & Latimer, 9 Liberty 
Nelbach John, 182 Fayette 
Nelbach P. J. & Son, 116 and 118 

Snyder Ferdinand, 110 Erie and 

24 Bleecker 
Utica Furniture Co. Whitesboro 

cor Wiley 
Weiss Christian & Co. 126 Fay- 

Glove ManufiBkcturers. 

Bills Levi, 8 Bleecker 
Breslauer B. 182 Genesee 
CLARK G. A. &C0. 50 Gene- 
see. See advt inside back cover 

Gents* Fumishing Goods. 

Lynch A. V. 106 Genesee 
Mulholland John, 184 Genesee 
RAHN CHAS. & CO. 188 Gen- 

Sherman Sanford F. 42 Genesee 
Tapping A. O. & Co. 12 Colum- 
Thorn Charles H. 118 Genesee 

Grainers— /Sm Painter9, 


Abbey William D. 40 Columbia 
Alsheimer John Jr. 138 Schuyler 
Baker J. C. 43 Elizabeth 
Balch J. A. & Co. 36 South 
Bards Enos, 79 Mohawk 
Bardo Enos, 79 Mohawk 
Berry F. K. 118 South 
Bleekman N. O. 38 Fayette 
Bowman J. F. 61 South 
Buckley Daniel, 218 Bleecker 
Buehler John Jr. 34 S. Haniilton 
Butler & Hamilton, 114 Genei^ee 
Burton Horace, 108 State 
Carpenter Cornwall, 86 Warren 
Carroll John, 217 Bleecker 
Cartwrifi^ht Eli, Tracy cor Francis 
Coakley Patrick J. Mohawk cor 

Coakley Timothy, 32 Hobart 
Collins John, 69 Water 
COMSTOCK BROS, (wholesale) 

117 Genesee. See page 34 
Corcoran & Hobbee, 68 Taylor 

Croghan Bros. 19 Eagle 
Cronse J. M. & C. B. (wholesale) 

20 and 22 Broad 
Daprix Henry, 11 Schuyler 
Davis H. M. Bleecker cor Nichols 
Day Patrick, John cor Elizabeth 
Dillon Daniel C. 23 Albany 
Doll Peter, 62 Elm 
Donahue John, 69 Dudley 
Dugan M.E.Leah cor Seymour ave 
Dulan Michael J. 34 Albany 
Dwyer Michael, 169 Bleecker 
Edmunds & Holdredge, John cor 

Edwards Ira, New Hartford 
Everest E. M. 345 Bleecker 
Ewig Henry, 23 Canal 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 

























if the late comers to its neighborhood wx7i 











FAASS F. LOUIS, 68, 69 and 

70 OanaL See page 27 
Faa88 Charles, 24 and 26 Erie 
Faley Stephen, Eagle cor Third 
Fenton Milo, 188 Coari 
Field & Pennock, 830 Genesee 
FoBter B. £. 87 Kemble 
Foulks Henry, Whitesboro cor 

Fnlmer George, 148 Fayette 
Fulmer Julias, 71 Garden 
Garrett James, 53 Cornelia 
Geerer Bros. 113 Columbia 
Getman J. 166 Lansing 
Goldman Charles, 81 Whitesboro 
Goldman Levi, 60 Elm 
Goshaw Augustus, 164 Seymour 


GRAFF & WARNER,62 Frank- 

lin sqr. See page 60 
Griffiths D. G. Bleecker cor Char- 

HOXIE, (wholesale) 10 Liberty 

See page 35 
Groman Alexander, 155 Schuyler 
Gschwind Fred J. 131 Bleecker 
Halliday William, 48 Leah 
Hansman Christian, 13 Hope 
Hayes James, 74 Second 
Head & Winston (wholesale), 48 

Heiler J. 218 Whitesboro 
Heller Matthias Mrs. 162 Miller 
Helmke William, 54 Columbia 
Hensel Peter, Jason cor Erie 
Hertham F. 64Varick 
Herman Jacob, 125 South 
Hogle William F. 69 Miller 

(wholesale), 34 Fayette. See 

page 55 
Hughes Frank, 192 Mohawk 
Hughes Dennis, Bleecker cor 2d 
Hull M. W. Mary, cor Park ave 
James John E. 27 Pearl 
Johnson <& Murray, (wholesale), 

24 and 26 Fayette 

Jones John 0. & Sons, 226 Gene- 
see and 86 Charlotte 
Jones R. B. Cooper cor Cornelia 
Joyce Robert, 151 Blandina 
Kelley P. J. 805 Bleecker 
Eingsley Daniel, 306 South 
Kivlen G. J. 306 Whitesboro 
Euolt Joseph, 6 Garden 
Lalor John H. Broad cor Koesntb 

Lennon Patrick, 96 Seymour ave 
Luddington Augustus, 12 Pearl 
Luther Fred, 138 Whitesboro 
Maginn Edward, John cor Jav 
Marrow & Manahan, 72 SteuLen 
Martin Henry, 83 Erie 
Mntteson Daniel, cor Howard ave 

and Eagle 
McCudden Thos. 88 Steuben 
160 Genesee cor Fayette. See 
advt. bottom lines 
McGnire John, 14 Eagle 
McNierney Patrick, 42 South 
McTicrnan William,134 Bleecker 
Mcrriman James, Whitesboro cor 

Meyn Dora, Miller cor Arthur 
Miller C. F. Hicks cor Green 
Miller John, 18 Canal 
Mitchell Soloman, 55 & 89 Water 
Moak Judson, 30 Albany 
Moon John Jr. 84 Columbia 
Mooney Frank G. 61 Park ave 
Mooney Peter, 28 Leah 
Moran Edward, 102 Jay 
Moran William, 87 Water 
Morris & Moyer, 63 Bleecker 
Moshier Bros, (wholesale), 40" 

Mamford Lyman, 16 South 
Myne Dora Mrs. Miller cor Ar- 
Norton R R Oneida sqr 
Oberlies L. Hicks cor Hickory 
O'Neil M. 92 Mohawk 
Oster J. J. Albany cor Nichols 
O'GracJy Jamep, 174 Lansing 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J- H- Douglass, 



call on ua for goods they don^t hnd at home. 

Owen k Co. Arcade building 
Owen W. H. 212 Genesee 
Owens Thomas, 81 Broad 

Genesee. See advt. page 41 
Peate Wm. 69 Seymour ave 
Philips R. W. 78 Eagle 
Pierce David, 203 Genesee 
Pilcher Ford, 95 Blandina 
Quinn M. Mrs. 173 Bleecker 
Rauck Frank R 22 Canal 
Redmond Thos. F. 36 Plant 
Richards D. E. 42 Liberty 
Ri(.rdan A. 76 South 
Roberts R E. 20 Genesee 
Roarers F. W. (wholesale), 31 

Rose Albert, 37 Main 
Remington J. S. 295 Bleecke 
Reese Ann, IM Court 
Roberts E. C. Bleecker cor Nich- 

29 Bleecker. See page 50 
Rowley, Ney & Co. (wholesale), 

13 and 15 Liberty 
Samuels Nathan, 91 Whitesboro 
Schafer Henry, 14 Edward 
Scharfe Frederick, 122 South 
Schrempf Jacob, Columbia cor 

Schuchhardt Bros. 72 Court 
SOHUG JOHN H 107 South 
cor Seymour ave. See page 21 
Sexton M. J. Second cor Mary 
Shafer J. H. Bank cor Hart 
ShakofEskey A. 134 Whitesboro 
Silverman Harris, 76 Whitesboro 
Silverman Lewis M. 76 Whites- 
Sisson Edward, 130 Columbia 
Sittig C. E. 72 Brinckerhoff ave 
Sovereign's co-operative store, 

176 Columbia 
Soley John, 159 Court 
Stahley J. J. 229 Bleecker 
Tallman Ira, 18 Genesee 
Thorn Geo. Mrs. 80 West 

Thomas Emil, 122 Schuyler 
Timon Martin, 213 Bleecker 
Walker Bros. 146 South 
Walker James, 114 Steuben 
Warren R E. 66 Genesee 
Whalen Jas. 67 Water 
Whittington J. 160 Court 
Wickens John T. Varick corner g 

Williams J. W. 24 Liberty 
Williams Wm. T. 20 Genesee 
William Frank, 152 Bleecker 
WINANT R & CO. 62 Sentca. 

See page42 
Wood F. T. k Co. 56 South 
Wratten & Tunney, 206 Genesee 
Zipp J. Mrs. 238 South 

Gun Maker. 

Ferris Geo. H. 33 Bleecker 







Hair Jewelry and Ornamental o 
Hair Work. q^ 

CORLISS E. E. 8 Bleecker. See g' 

page 46 
Harmon Kate H. 8 Mary 
KONEKE L. W. 94 Genesee. 

See advt page 21 
Mould Julia G. 45 Cornelia 
Servey M. Mrs. 5 Blandina 
Tarbell Nettie M. 132 Genesee 
Wickhain W. W. Mrs. 84 Miller 




Beckwith Henry, 133 Genesee 
Carney Bros. 265 Whitesboro 
CARTON & CO. 169 Genesee. 

See advt outside and inside § 

front cover Qi 

Childs & Jones, 84 Genesee 09 

Foster T. & Sons, 135 Genesee ^ 

French, Kincaid & Co. 14 Gene- Qi 


see g 

Graham John, 29 Genesee g 

HENRY W. R 222 and 224 S 

Court See i>age 24 ® 


HEAD (wagon) 105 Broad. J 

See page 32 o 

Furnishing Undertaker , ^7 Genesee Street. 



since it annexed Utica and Ilion. 













127 and 129 Genesea See 

outside back cover 
Roberts, Parry & Co. 58 Genesee 
Sayre JanGies' Sons, 119 Genesee 
Sbaaghnessy Bros. 148 Genesee 


(saddlery). See advt page 28 
Wicks, Hnghes & Griffith, 224 


Genesee. See advt page 28 

Harness and Trunks. 

Biederman John, 2 Whitesboro 
Faber H. C. 27 Genesee 
Glatt Chas. P. 7 Baggs Hotel 
Harrer Matthias, 42 Bleecker 
Knefley George, 71 Bleecker 
Moore k Sheldon, 45 Genesee 
Smith L T. 86 Bleecker 
Weingetz Frank, 45 Fayette 

Hatt» Capi and Fun. 

Boynton W. F. Mechanics Hall 

Ehrsam John, 188 Genesee 
Falkner Wm. H. 106 Genesee 
Gibson Wm. H. 98 Genesee 
Gomph Jeremiah, 46 Genesee 
Jarret E. W. 82 Genesee 
Martin Henry, 104 Genesee 
Northrup D. W. 50 Liberty 
Wescott Geo. & Co. 52 Genesee 

Hat and Bonnet Bleachery. 

Badersbach H. 60 Seneca 
POOLE E. B. 23 and 26 Broad. 
See page 88 

Hides and Leather. 

Curran's Sons Edward, 83 Gene- 
Hall Benjamin, 76 Bleecker 
Hartleib Henry, 228 Whitesboro 
Searles Elijah, 189 Genesee 

Hop Dealers. 


27 Catharine^ 
Residence 86 Howard Avenue. 

Green Charles & Son, 35 Genesee 
Hinds J. N. 40 Bleecker 
Pier G. W. & G. R 80 Hotel 

Hoop Skirt Manniacturers* 

Utica Skirt Co. 178 Genesee 

Horse Shoers— ^Ss/ Blaektmith^, 


See page 56 
Neejer Cha& G. 43 Francis 
ROACH JOHN, 7 Madison lane 

See page 50 

Deerfield Corners. See page 57 


Baggs Hotel (T. R. Proctor), 

Baggs Square 
Bender's Hotel, r 1 Deerfield road 
Boppel Martin Mrs. Deerfield 
Butterfield House (T. K. Proctor), 

Genesee cor Devereux 
Cambrian Hotel (John W. Evans,) 

Liberty cor Broadway 
Central Hotel (J. W. Briden- 

becker), 19 and 20 Fayette 
Crystal, 48 Fayette 
Clarendon, 219 Genesee 
Clinton House (A. Yinaca, prop.)^ 

51 Bleecker 
Commercial House, 8 Elizabeth, 

(Geo. W. Morris). 
Conway John, Columbia cor 

Cottage Hotel, 12 Varick 
Dudley House (Gazley & Town)^ 

18 to 17 Whitesboro 
Farmers' Hotel (Mr& H. C. Ban- 
ker), Deerfield 

Westcott ^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 



The handsomest Dry Goods and Carpets on earth 

Fayette Street House (Levi Lent), 

Fayette cor Fay 
Giasible Qeo. 136 Columbia 
Grand Central Hotel {W. W. 

Lone:), Whitesboro cor Division 
Kelly House (T. Kelly), Deerfield 
Lawrence House (6. Lawrence), 

95 Washington 

ansion House (Alfred Rogers), 
MWasbin^ton cor Fayette 
Mornincr Walk Hotel, 31 Oneida 
Northern Hotel (P. Keegan), 41 

Oneida Square House (H. G. 

Keqer), 1 Oneida 
Park House (J. Siegrist), Bleecker 

cor Culver ave 
Pittock W. D. Deerfield 
Rabenstein J. 187 Fayette 
Second Ward Hotel (F. Haak), 

113 Whitesboro 
SMITH'SHOTEL( Alfred Smith) 

First cor Jay. See advt. page 

Snyder B. B. Varick cor Whites 

Tivoli Hotel (Jones W. E), 23 

Union Hotel (C. Auert), Deerfield 

Corner& See page 54 
Welch Matthew, 2 and 4 Pearl 
Washington Hotel (S. McClure), 

49 Liberty 
West Utica RR Hotel, 209 Co- 
ZUBLIN R D. 6 and 8 Fayette. 

See advt. back cover 

Ice Dealers. 

Qninn & O'Hara, 126 Third 
UTICA ICE CO. 90 Fayette 

Insarance Agents. 

Beebe Leonard Y. 181 Oenesee 
^Agg Egbert Jr. 187 Genesee 
Carr C. H. 178 Oeneeee 
Clark Benjamin A. room 1 Gard- 
ner Block 

Evans Taliesin, 166 Genesee 
Garrett J. P. Devereuz Block 
Grannis C. E. 165 Genesee 
GRAY ISRAEL J. (mutual life) 

cor Catharine and Genesee. 

See outside back cover 
Gridley Chaa A. (mutual benefit, 

life), room 2 Parker Block 
Harter W. G. 12 Aacade 
Haskel N. F. (N. Y. Life), 193 

Henry Cyrus D. 196 Genesee 
HOYT & BUTLER, 93 Genesee. 

See outside front cover 
Howe J. H. 45 Mary 
Howes Alfred P. 187 Genesee 
Howes Z. M. & Co. 4 Thomas 

Hurlburt Frazier W. 238 Genesee 
Klages F. W. 129 Columbia 
Macy H. C. 69 Genesee 

life and annuity), Genesee cor 

Catharine. See advt. op p. page 

itan life), 46 Arcade. See page 

Stewart Y. B. 166 Genesee 
SYMONDS L T. 7 Parker 

Block. See page 30 
Thomson M. H. cfe M. G. 198 

TurnbuU J. B. & J. M. Genesee 

cor Bleecker 
Williams Rees G. 69 Genesee 

Intelligence Offices. 

Dieckow Chas. Mrs. 230 Genesee 
Gorman Thomas H. 87 Catharine 
McDerraottE M. 98 Washington 
Shaw L. J. Mra 11 Columbia 

Iron Works. 

DEAN LINUS, 200 Whitesboro. 
See advt. page 29 

















Mb. 88 Genesee Street, Utica. 



and spring from Summer back 

Madieon Laoe and 81 Wash- 
ington. See page 35 
PALMER ifc SON, Blandina cor 
First See advt. opp. page 874 


Iron Founders. 

i5 CURTIS THILO S. 214 Whites- 
(D boro. See advt. page 36 

:g DAGWELL JOHN, Broadway 

and Erie canal. See page 8 
DEAN LINUS, 200 Whitesboro. 

See advt page 29 

Utica Foundry Cornelia Stand 

Erie canal. See page 30 

Park ave and Main. See page 

^, 105 Broad. See advt page 32 
^ PALMER & SON, Blandina cor 
cvj First See advt. opp. page 874 
00 Peckham J. S. & M. 22 and 24 
Ss Catharine 

q Wheeler Russel, Son & Co. 70 
*^ to 84 Columbia, and 73 to 77 

§ WRIGHT, DANA & CO. 92 
^ Genesee. See page 23 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 





ALLEN C. 71 Bleecker. See 
^ page 47 
^ Boes John M. (mfg.) Parker 
o Block 

§ Broad bent Broa 32 Genesee 
m Cole W. G. 84 West 
^ Collins Selden, 80 Genesee 
^ Darrigrand Fred, 182 Genesee 
^ Davies B. F. Genesee cor Whites- 
ct boro 

2 Davis S. C. 51 South 
S Drought H. G. 3 Favette 
<^ Evan Thomas T. 82 Columbia 
1^ Gomph Jeremiah, 140 Genesee 
a HoflE Geo. W. 144 Genesee 
^ Leach Almon, 7 Bleecker 

Shaver C. C. 129 Genesee 
Schiller Charles EL 175 Genesee 
Stiefvater John, 181 Columbia 
Taylor W. S. 70 Genesee 
Wineburgh Joe. & Son, 33 Gen- 
TACKLE JOHN, 94 Columbia. 
See page 48 

Junk Dealers. 

BROWN D. D. 63 Jay. See 

adv't page 87 
Buerger Charles, 58 Court 
Mattice & Son, 6 Chenango ave 
HENRY W. E. 222 and 224 

Court See page 24 
HUBLEY BROS. 17 Meadow. 

See page 53 

Bleecker. See page 46 

Knitting Factories. 

Lowery S. S. & Son, Franklin cor 

Wild & Devereux, Broad opp Kos- 
suth ave 

Ladies' Fnmishinff and Fancy 


Arndt Emil, 83 South 
Baker & Rice, 79 South 
CORLISS E. E. 8 Bleecker. See 

page 46 
Costello Sarah, 192 Genesee 
Ethridge William 66 South 
Jones R. D. 194 Genesee 
Kelly E. R Mrs. 13 Fayette 
Klock Bros. 80 Genesee 
Lowry I. G. Mrs. 128 Genesee 
Mansbach Simon, 7 Fayette 
Nitzschke R F. A. 88 Columbia 
Tufts Charles R 178 Genesee 
Utica Lace Store, 159 Genesee 
White M. D. Miss, 196 Genesee 

Ladies Toilet. 

JONES FLORA A. prop. Blush 
of Rosee, 63 Fayette. See 
front col. leaf 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Wholesale Liquors, 



to its place.— Old Prophecy* 


Badersbach H. 60 Seneca 
Barnnm A. S. 170 Genesee 
Barn am H. R Deverenx Block 
BRIGGS R J. Laundry Qneen 

Washers, 60 Whitesboro. See 

page 555 
Cojle Ellen, 126 Mary 
Cramer T. D. cor Bleecker and 

DA VIES D. J. H. (Howell Wash- 

er) 1 Thomas Block. See adv't 

page 88 
Greer's, 64 Colambia 
LEAHY J. F. 69 John. See 

adv't page 39 

LAONDRY, 44 Elizabeth. 

John. See page 43 


Adams Charles D. 69 Genesee 
Avery J. S. 40 Genesee 
Avery Theodore, 40 Genesee 
Babcock Frank 8. 75 Genesee 
Bacon William J. 247 Genesee 
Bagg Grove W. 32 Arcade 
Baker Bufns C. 181 Genesee 
Ball Emmet J. 1 28 Genesee 
^arrows Samnel J. 88 Genesee 
Beardsley A. M. & S. A. 122 

Benedict Joseph, 35 Arcade 
Bennett A. R. Thomas Block 
Bevines Dan'l E. Exchange Build- 
Boyle John W. 170 Genesee 
Bray ton Edward S. 32 Genesee 
Brandegee John E. 69 Genes e 
Brayton & Seward, 32 Genesee 
Bright Wm. 11. 68 Genesee 
Bulger P. F. 5 Pearl 
Brown J. K. 60 Genesee 
Carter Geo. C. 60 Genesee 
Churchill G. Clarence, 30 Genesee 
Coburn Alexander, 228 Genesee 
Collins John D. 58 Franklin eqr. 

Comstock W. H. 79 Genesee 
Coxe Alfred C. Govt Building 
Cookiuham k Sherman, 75 Gen- 
Cookinham Henry J. 75 Genesee 
Coupe Henry F. 166 Genesee 
Coupe Jamea, 166 Genesee 
Crocker John G. 14 Bleecker 
Darling R W. 69 Genesee 
Davies Peter, Exchange buildings 
DeAngelis P. C. J. 77 Genesee 
DeGeorgi C. L 86 Park ave 
Dennison Chas. M. 81 Genesee 
Dennison George E. 81 Genesee 
Dennison & Denni6on,81 Genesee 
Doolittle Chas. A. 73 Genesee 
Doolittle H. A- 21 Arcade 
Doolittle W. S. 75 Genesee 
Dun more W. T. 189 Genesee 
Everett Chas. J. 81 Genesee 
Everett & Lewis, 81 Genesee 
French J as. G. 59 Franklin sqr 
Fincke Fred G. 80 Genesee 
Gibson John G. 68 Genesee 
Gaffney John F. 8 Parker Block 

191 Genesee 
Goodwin A. T. 75 Genesee 
Goodwin & Swan 75 Genesee 
Goodier Lewis K 191 Genesee 
Goodier & Wolcott, 191 Genesee, 

Parker Block 
Graham E. A. Parker Block 
Grant J. H. 170 Genesee 
Griffith J. D. 31 Arcade 
Harter W. E. Exchange Build. 
Hastings Eugene B. 6 Bleecker 
Hunt Loton S. Herald Building 
Hunt Ward Jr. 69 Genesee 
Hurlburt Burton 1 29 Court 
Hurlburt Edward, 128 Genesee 
Hurley James F. Exchange Build- 
IngaTls Frederic C. 69 Genesee 
Irish Chas. G. 69 Genesee 
Johnson Arthur R 81 Genesee 
Jones C. Lansing, 120 Genesee 
Jones John G. 90 Genesee 
Jones Robert O. 90 Genesee 








Genesee corner Fayette Street. 



May 15th, Fires were needed, Overcoats comfortable. 










JonoB R O. & J. 6. 90 Genesee 
Jones J. Hawley, 179 Genesee 
Jones Morven M. 23 Fayette 
Keman Francis, Deverenx Block 
Kernan John D. Devereox Block 
Eernan N. E. Devereox Block 
Keman W. & N. E. Devereox 

Einney Thos. E 179 Genesee 
Einney W. J. 88 Mohawk 
Lewis Edward, 86 Arcade 
Lewis Wra. E. 81 Genesee 
Lindsley Smith M. 189 Genesee, 

Parker Block 
Lynch J. L 81 Genesee 
Mann Jas. F. 66 Genesee 
Matteson O. B. 7 Gardner Block 
Matteson Wm. A. 79 Genesee 
Mathews E. D. 228 Genesee 
McGraw M. V. B. 86 Arcade 
Mclncrow R W. Deverenx Block 
Mcintosh A. J. & 1. 0. 59 Frank- 
lin sqr 
Merwin M. H. Hon. Coart House 
Middleton Walter D. 268 Genesee 
Miller Addison C. 80 Genesee 
Miller & Fincke, 30 Genesee 
Morehonse G. C. 56 Genesee 
Morehouse R H. 181 Genesee 
Nnsbaum E. 69 Genesee 
Perry Josiah, 60 Genesee 
Pomeroy D. E. 68 Genesee 
Pomeroy & Townsend, 68 Gene- 
Porter Dwight D. 120 Genesee 
Quin William P. 60 Genesee 
Rayhill James W. 85 Arcade 
Reilly J. P. 75 Genesee 
Richardson E. J. 66 Genesee 
Richardson, Adams & Mann, 66 

Risley Edwin H. 60 Genesee 
Risley Brown, Quin & Perry, 

Herald Building 
Rogers J. Frank, 31 Arcade 
Root L. B. 120 Genesee 
Root & Porter, 120 Genesee 
Searle Chas. H. 189 Genesee 

Searle, Dunmore k Willis, 189 

Seward Alexander, 82 Gbnesee 
Seymour Horatio, 69 Genesee 
Seymour John F. 69 Genesee 
Seymour & Weaver 69 Genesee 
Spriggs F. B. 228 Genesee 
Spriggs J. Thos. 228 Genesee 
Spriggs, Mathews & Sprigs, 238 

Stearnes Eugene, 60 Genesee 
Stearns & Wells, Herald Build- 
Stoddard David G. 2 Bleecker 
Sutton W. B. Hon. 56 Genesee 
Sutton & Morehouse, 66 Genesee 
Stone J. D. F. 88 Genesee 
Swan J. R 75 Genesee 
Talcott Chas. A. 69 Genesee 
Tripp Isaac, 35 Arcade 
Tefft Parker W. 122 Genesee 
Van Auken M. W. 21 Arcade 
Yan Auken & Doolittle, Arcade 
Waterman Daniel, 69 Genesee 
Weaver Geo. M. 69 Genesee 
Wells E. H. 60 Genesee 
White O. A. 131 Genesee 
Willis G. W. Jr. 189 Genesee 
Wolcott D. C. 191 Genesee 

Liime Mana&cturer. 

Sickenberger Anthony, 11 Gates 

liiquors — See Wines and Liqnors, 
Livery and Boarding Stables. 

BATES A. H. 17 Blandina. See 

back colored leaf 
Barney Moses, 12 Elizabeth 
Bellinger J. P. 49 Seymour ave 

F. 12 Main. See opp page 186 
DAVIS CHAS. & 29 Hotel. 

See pa^re 34 
FOLEY JOHN JR. 67 John. 

See page 52 
Gottry Jacob & 7 Fay 

South. See page 48 

Purvis, Metcalf Sf Co., Book-Binders and 



Dan Bioe was here, bnt no Sninmer. 


rine. See page 22 
Lambard Horace, 52 Catharine 
MARTIN & CO. cor Fayette and 

Washington between Mansion 

House and Presbyterian church. 

8ee advt back colored pa^e 
MoDONALD W. H. Palace 

Stables, 38 Union. See page 46 
McNierney Thomas, 14 Madison 

Mulligan James, Court cor 

Roberts J. E. 115 South 
Rice Charles, 18 John 
Schuyler William H.32 Catharine 
SMITH A. B. 19 Devereux. See 

page 21 

Iiock and Tool Makers. 

Madison lane, 81 Washington. 
See page 35 

Froeligh Charles, 131 Oenesee 

Hannsch William, 58 John 

Louis John, 22 Liberty 

Pflanz Adam, 64 John 

liOck Comer Boxes. 

SHERMAN S. W. 116 to 126 
Erie. See outside back cover 
and page opp 420 

liocomotiye Head Lights . 

Williams I. A. & Co. 1 Blandina 

Einmber Yards and Dealers. 

Ballou T. P. 27 Genesee 
Dering Sylvester, Culver cor 

Downer Edward F. 32 Canal 
Goodier Jonathan, 136 Fayette 
Kellogg C. C. 42 Seneca 
KNOX R J. Pine. See page 

opp 316 
READ J. H. foot of Division 

street See page 21 

SHERMAN S. W. 116 to 126 
Erie. See outside back cover Jj 
and page opp 420 J:;; 


Colby & Schrier, 55 Jay 
CURTIS PHILO S. 214 Whites- 

boro. See page 36 
Oster Andrew, 151 Fayette 
Overocker T. H. Oneida sqr 
Owen W. H. 212 Genesee 
Haden T. J. 6 Union 

ave cor Main. See page 37 
Potter G. W. 74 South 
Munson Bros. Broadway and Erie 

PALMER C. & SON, Blandina 
cor First. See page opp 374 
Ross R M. 29 Columbia 
Utica Steam Gauge Co. 86 and 88 


Machinery Pattern Maker. 

utica Pattern & Model Ms, 

Patterns of all kiuds in Wood or 

8 Cornelia Street. 

ManufiEkCturers* Supplies. 

Buchanan Geo. J. 23 Catharine 
DENT WM. & SON, 81 Wash- 
ington. See page 85 
Howard Thomas M. 29 Liberty 
WiUiams J. H. & N. A. 215 Gen- 

Genesee. See adv't page 23 

Marble and Granite Dealers. 

Callahan Edw. Water cor Wash- 

etta See page 45 

Dyer L. L. 45 Broadway 












Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee. 



Dry Ooods, Carpets, Cloaks, ICllinery, TTphoLrterlng Ooodi^ 

g Devendorf L B. (monuaaente) 12 

48 Arcade 

Q Hughes & Evans, 46 Washington 

^ Hughes Robert P. Liberty cor 

9b Whitesboro 

Jh Jenny & Donsbach, 200 Columbia 

•^ Jones Evan R 52 and 54 Liberty 

« SALLADIN P. 19 Whitesboro. 

. See page 42 

tS SMITH FRANCIS E. 65 and 67 

J$ Charlotte. See page 22 

^ Thompson & Miller, 37 Charlotte 

masons and Builders. 

Benton James, 690 Genesee 
Callahan Jerry, 81 Lansing 
Cranwell Geo. W. 69 Broad 
way. See page 56 
Donalty William, 81 Brincker- 

hoff ave 
Doyle John, 151 Steuben 
HICKEY & EVANS, 17 Elm. 

See page 36 
Higgs XTriab, 85 Miller 
HUGHES & JONES, 29 Char 

lotto. See page 31 
McCANN WM. H. 169 Lansing. 

See page 49 

See page 67 
Travis Daniel, 7 Kirkland 

Meat Markets* 

WILKINS FRED, 18 Philip. 

See page 49 
Anna Bros. 22 Bleecker 
Bach John S. Columbia and 

Bach Peter, Court cor Schuyler 
BECKER BROS. 115 South. 

See page 58 
Becker Herman, 33 Gold 
Behr Michael Jr. 104 Oneida 
Bishton Frederick, 23 State 
Clark W. H. 85 Devereux 
Cowley William, 120 Varick 
Cramer Michael, 74 Steuben 







Davis Geo. 195 Bleecker 
Everest David, 75 John 
Finn Francis, 70 South 
Gray Wm. C. 246 Howard ave 
Grnpp J. Paul, 1 Hart 
Gnelich Otto E C. 14 Liberty 
Harrer J. & F. 73 Columbia 
Hobbs H. R. 74 Second 
Jackson W. S. 197 Park ave 
Jones Bro& 38 South 
Joyce Thomas £. 137 State 
Earl John, 284 Blandina 
Eensinger Henry, 89 Whitesboro 
Kent J. H. 71 Seymour ave 
Lanz Joseph, 114 Eagle 
Lee James, 120 Park ave 
Lux Daniel, 169 Bleecker 
Lux Henry & Sons, 37 Genesee 
Marx Bros. 114 Columbia 
Norton Edward, 73 Bleecker 
Ribolin Charles, Deerfield 
Roberts' H. Sons, 7 Columbia 
Roberts David L. 131 Bleecker 
Roberts O. A. 88 South 
Roberts John, 26 Liberty 
Rohm Michael C. 31 Blandioa 
Savage H. J. F. 209 Genesee 
Schrader John J. 167 Bleecker 
Schultz Louis, 76 Elizabeth 
Spath Jacob, 70 Canal 
Stiefvater Primus, 167 Colnmbia 
Stief vater Sigismnnd, 174 Colnm- 
Toussaint Antoine, 108 Yarick 
Whifien Isaac, John cor Jay 

Mercantile Agencies. 

Bradstreet's, 58 Franklin square 
Dun R G. & Co. Arcade 

Merchant Tailors.— iSse Clothiers. 


Culver A. K 36 Seneca 
EEayes & Martin, 1 to 9 Charlotte 
L MEYERS & CO. Deerfield 
road. See adv. page 52 

Fred A. Cassidy, successor to J. H. Douglass, 



Shawl8» Fans and Fnr-Lined Oloves, Blankett and Hogqnito Vet» 

Milliners and Millinery €k>ods. 

Barnard's H. Sons, 85 Genesee 
Brady P. S. 66 Franklin square 
Breslaner B. 182 Genesee 
Brownell Mra A. W. 19 Steuben 
Bueher J. R. Jr. 64 Varick 
BUCKLEY & CO. 81 and 88 
Genesea See advt outside 
front cover 
Cameron Owen & Co. 122 Gene- 

Whitesboro. See page 58 
Coffin Mary Mrs. 14 Columbia 
Cutter A. R. Mrs. manager, 189 

Douqne A. Mrs. 106 Varick 
Etbridge William, 66 South 
Glenn Hugh & Co. 58 and 59 

Franklin square 
Haenel George, Varick cor Gar- 
Kelley E. E. Mrs. 11 Fayette 
Klock Bros. 80 Genesee 
Lowry I. G. Mrs. 128 Genesee 
Mansbach Simon, 7 Fayette 
McHugh Miss B. E. 165 Genesee 
Rogers Madame, 159 Genesee 
Rowe S. H. Mr& 126 Genesee 
Senbert Libbie, 60 Columbia 
Shaw L J. Mrs. 11 Columbia 
White M. D. Miss, 196 Genesee 
Young C. Miss, 9 Devereux 

Milk Dairies. 

Owens A. L. 36 Fayette 

Mu steal Instrument Repairer 

Ferrie James T. 178 Genesee 
Mott J. F. 12 Arcade 
RICH JAMES A. 131 Genesee, 
up-stairs. See page 48 

Musie It Blasleal Instraments. 

Buckingham E. D. 173 Genesee 
RICH JAMES A. 131 Genesee, 

up-stairs. See page 43 
Simmonds Mrs. H. 101 Fayette 

WAITE W. H. 2 Bleecker. See 
adv. page opp 

ette. See outside back cover 

Weber George, 37 Columbia 

Moile Teaeliers— iSee Teachers, 

NewM Depots. 

Akehurst R L 166 Genesee 
Bristol & Smith, 4 Arcade 
Edmonds J. O. 68 South 
Eymuth F. A. 62 Schuyler 
Germond & Hayes, Arcade 
Hollister N. 131 Genesee 
Lowell E. M. 56 Broadway 
O'Connor Jeremiah, 67 John 
Parsons T. 6 Liberty 
Richardson Edwin, 111 Columbia 
Stevens G. W. cor Columbia and 

Wheeler O. A. 134 Genesee 

^ Notions— iS^ Yankee Notuma. 

Nickel Platers. 

Bayliss & Co. 15 Charlotte 

Naneryman and Dealer in 

M anl Ornanental Trees, 

Office, 84 Stote. Naraery, 140 Garden. 
Stock packed and delivered in the beet 


Budlong Mary C. J. 38 Francis 
Bushnell James Mra 14 Johnson 

Butler S. A. Mrs. 270 Genesee 
Canfield Sabriqa, 114 Blandina 
Christensen Christian, 53 Colum- 
Churchill N. A. Mrs. 105 Third 
Davies Charlotte M. 100 Varick 
Davis Cynthia Mrs. 49 Cornelia 

















Furnishing Undertaker, j^l Genesee Street, g: 




Dresli Maria, 104 Scbnyler 
Farley Jane, 134 Blandina 
Hathaway O. Mrsw 149 Howard 

Harrington M. A. Mra. 66 South 
Havens James H. 78 Miller 
Hecox Finnette Mrs. 100 State 
^ Hill Martha, 21 Hobart 
9 Hughes Ann Mrs. 46 Eagle 
§ James Mary, 13 Union 
^ Jones Joseph Mrs. 14 Mandeville 
^ Lamphere Irene, 18 William 
§ Latham Sosan, 90 West 
O Lincoln Elizabeth, 72 Cooper 
q Lippen Reuben Mrs. 66 Cnarlotte 
O Maffit Phoebe Mrs. Third cor 
*t{ Mortimer 

McElroy Kate Mrs. 86 Jay 
McManas Mary, 12 Neilson 
Feck Lucinda, 97 Steuben 
q Potter Geo. C. 234 Whitesboro 
.O Spaulding Margaret, 94 Blandina 
{^ Sprague Catharine, 144 Soath 
«^ Qainn Mary Mra 140 Jay 
§ Whipple Sarah L 12 Eagle 
<0 Williams Ann, 60 Elizabeth 
•^ Winchester James, 28 Elm 

^ ^^ 

•q THAYER O. C. 86 Main and 

jS opp. N. Y. C. freight honse. 

^ See page 40 

Oil Cloth Manufacturers. 

Pomeroy Theo. k Son, Columbia 
cor Cornelia 



S Opticians and Optical Instru- 
^ ments. 

§ Franklin sqr. See page 81 
^ Leach Almon, 7 BleecKer 

Organ Manu&cturers* 

Andrews Geo. N. 19 Seymour 

Marklove John G. 60 John 

Painters—House and Sign. 

Barbey Bichard, 47 Tracy 


er cor Charlotte. See page 47 

BERLIN L. (fresco) 48 Catharine 

See page 48 
Bann George, 50 Franklin sqr 

See page 80 
Linn k Kulies (fresco) 71 Gene- 
Paddon W. J. 44 Fayette 
RUDEN LOUIS, (carriage) 43 

k 45 Jay. See pajre 39 
Schoeller Ignaz, 26 Varick 
Townsend H. k Son, 29 Charlotte 
Tanbridge S. J. 16 Colambia 
Webb Theodore, 80 Steuben 
Wilson R. A. 80 Colambia 
WOOD DAVID E 236 Gene- 
see. See back inside cover 
Toung Benjamin, 29 Oharlotte 

Painters' BlaterlaLi. 

Genesee. See adv't page 84 

MILLAR H. F. k SON, Lake 
Superior Iron Ore paint, 37 
Main. See page 47 

Newell N. C. k Son, 111 Gene- 

Randall Rnf as P. 71 Genesee 

Ray Benjamin F. 24 Genesee 

Paper Hangers. 

Barnard's Sons, H. 86 Genesee 
Bnrke M. J. 12 Bleecker 
Earll John L. k Go. 173 Genesee 
MILGATE E. G. 4 Fayette. See 

page 22 
Newell N. C. & Son, 111 Gene- 

etta See outside back cover 
Rowe J. W. k Co. 10 Bleecker 
Segar S. Mra 263 Soath 
Servatius Simon, 67 Yarick 


I ette. See page 22 

WestcoU ^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors, 









And Models made to Orden 


Gardner Abner B. 128 Genesee 

Genesea See outside back 

Mnndy L. Charles, 11 Broad 
North Walter C. 66 Genesee 

Sonth. See page 86 

Colombia, 160 Genesee. See 

page 39 
Williams L. B. 77 and 79 Gene- 


WRIGHT WM. P. 21 State. See 

page 50 
Young C. P. 58 Franklin sqr 



Bagg M. M. 6 Pearl 
Bergen Thomas J. 103 John 
Booth W. H. (surgeon) 172 Gen- 


Chamberlayne J. K 1 Steuben 

Churchill Alonzo, 189 Genesee 
Clarke Wallace, 136 Park ave 
Cook L Herbert, 84 South 
Cook Matthias, 92 Columbia 
Crane C. R 207 Genesee 
Crim F. D. 171 Genesee 
CnrtissA. M. 69 Columbia 
Douglas Isaac H. 246 Genesee 
Fitch Henry A. 202 Genesee 
Ford Willis K 223 Genesee 
Fuller E. D. 76 Varick. 
Gibson W. M. 16 Parker block 
Glass J. H (surgeon) 170 Gene- 

Guillaume C. T. 63 South 
Haberer Joseph V. 66 Miller 
Hastings Herbert, 365 Genesee 
Hays Thomas, Deerlield 
Holden Arthur L. 116 South 
Hopkins Ira D. 25 Blandina 
Hubbard L C. 98 Washington 
Hunt Jacob, 56 Whitesboro 
Hunt James G. 3 Gardner Block 
Hutchinson Edwin, (surgeon) 224 

Hutchinson Frederick E. (sur- 

geon^ 27 Oneida 
Hyland E. M. 166 Genesee 
James William M. 166 Genesee 
Jones Herbert G. 224 Genesee 
Klages F. W. 129 Columbia 
Krng Geo. A. Albany corner 

Marchisi John B. 17 Blandina 
Merrick Charlotte L 32 Dever- 

Morris Samuel H. Thomas Block 
MacOwen M. A. 14 Blandina 
O'Hara J. S. 124 John 


Oflloe, % Bleeeker Street, Roons 1. 

Office Hours, toll A. M.; 8 to 8 and 7 to8P.M. 

Besldenee, Butterfleld House. 

Palmer Walter B. 30 South 
Petz L. J. 181 Columbia 
Ralph W. L 172 Genesee 
Roseboom J. Livingston, 189 

Russell Chas. P. 196 Genesee 
Russell Wm. 196 Genesee 
Seymour Geo. 6 Gardner Block 
Steinhausen Franz, 78 Columbia 
Stephens Edward J. 183 Genesee 
Test Chas. B. 161 Genesee 
Teed Samuel F. 80 Doverux 
Tourtellot L A. 49 Broad 
Veeder Fred, 29 Oneida 
Webb N. S. 288 Genesee 






M), 88 Genesee Street, Ubica. 



CABPET8, will oooasionally drop up this way, 





Weet Joseph E. 171 Genesee 
Wolcott Samuel G. 99 Chancellor 

Eclectic and Electric 

Desbrough Geo. 158 Genesee 


Chase Chas. R 184^ Park ave 
Hill Jndson C. 88 Charlotte 
Laird F. F. 16 Gardner Block 
Moore DeVello J. 135 Park ave 
Terry M. O. (surgeon) 196 Gene- 
Watson W. H. 270 Genesee 
WELLS LUCIEN B. 235 Gene- 

see. See page 38 
White Sue A. 24 Arcade 

Downer & White, 34 Canal 

JOHNSON E. D. Deerfield Cor- 
ners. See page 53 

Kellogg C. C. & Go. Seneca near 
Erie canal 

PALMER 4; SON, Blandina cor 
First. See adv't opp page 374 


Cahill John J. 56 John 
CARTON & CO. 169 Genesee. 

See outside and inside front 

DUFFY CHAS. G. 218 Gene- 
see. See front cover 
Eavanaugh Win. H. 208 Genesee 
KILIAN JOSEPH, 60 and 62 

South. See page 56 
Martin Edward, 123 Genesee 

Genesee. See adv't back cover 

Catharine. See page 43 
Wicks, Hughes & GrilBth, 224 


Pianos, Organs, &c. 

Buckingham E. D. 178 Genesee 
Simmons Henry Mrs. 101 Fayette 
WAIT W. H. 2 Bleecker. See 

page 453 
WAKNES WM. 17 Fayette. See 

outside back cover 

Piano Tuners. 

Ferrie James T. 23 Hotel 
Hudson Benjamin E. Jefferson 

near BleecKcr 
Marklove John G. 60 John 
Mott J. F. 12 Arcade 
Schroeder Geo. 166 Seymour ave 

Pictures and Frames. | boo 

T> v- v..rr.V n 17^ Genesee BAKER W. T. publisher 40 
Buckingham K D. 178 Genesee ^jj^^^j^^^^ g^ ^^^,^ p^^^ 49 

Produce Dealers —^Sse Oroeers. 


Central New York Pottery, 188 

Printers and Publishers. 

Akehurst Edward L. 166 Gene- 

Burke M. J. 12 Bleecker 
McKown, 6 Whitesboro 
MILGATE E. C. 4 Fayette. See 

page 22 
Rowe J. W. & Co. 6 Bleecker 
Servatius Simon, 67 Varick 
Walker Alfred, 43 Genesee 
WARNES WM. 17 Fayette. See 

outside back cover 

Planing and Sawing Mills. 

Dering Sylvester, Fulton cor Cul-^ 


Coram Bro& 14^ Elizabeth 

CRONIN T. N. 59 John. See 
page 19 

esee. See page opp 213 

ELLIS D. E. 38 Arcade. See 
page opp 234 

Floyd Thos. H. Broad cor J ohn 

GREENE & BRITT, 36 Catha- 
rine. See page opp 264 

Griffiths Thomas J. Exchange 

W. H. McGarvey ^ Co. Cigars and Fancy 



—just as they used to go out flghing for a day's reereation,— 

GROVE & BAILEY, 113 Gene- 
see. See page opp 267 
KELLY P. K Broad cor John. 

See back colored leaf 
McConnell R A. 5 Thomas block 
McMaster M. A. Mrs. (publisher) 

229 Genesee 
McNeil B. F. 181 Genesee 

Genesee. See p^e opp 898 
Tillinghast John, 157 Bleecker 
Broad. See page 18 

Public Halls. 

AUemania, 181 Genesee 
Carton, 173 and 175 Genesee 
City Opera House, Genesee cor 

Cornelius, 40 to 46 Varick 
Faxton, Court cor Varick 
Haberer, 27 Fayette 
Harugari, 81 and 33 Columbia 
Martin, 128 Genesee 
Masot^ic, 125 Genesee 
Maennerchor, 173 Genesee 
Mechanics, Hotel cor Liberty 
Odd Fellows, 131 Genesee 
Opera House, 20 Fayette 
Pjthian, 179 Genesee 
St. Patrick Temperance, cor Col- 
umbia and State 
Wood's, South cor West 

Pump ManufiEhcturers and 


Brown W. J. 81 Catharine 
Dickinson M. G. 11 Canal 
Newton William P. 87 Eagle 
Nunn Joseph, 21 Liberty 

Real Estate Agents. 

Avery A. K 89 Varick 
Clark B. A. 1 Gardner block 
Carpenter W. P. Gardner block 
Griffiths I. J. 31 Arcade 
Hopson Henry, 68 Franklin sqr 

Howes Z M. <fe Co. 4 Thomas 

Hurlburt R W. & Co. 238 Gene- 
Johnson A. B. Tibbits block 
Klages F. W. & Co. 129 Colum- 
McKennan Solomon, Arcade 
Richardson, Adams & Mann, 66 

Taylor Lorenzo M. 181 Genesee 
Taylor Win. B. 18 J Genesee 
Thomas Henry, 7 Thomas block 
Thompson L M. 58 Franklin 

Van Size Ebenezer H. 31 Pearl 

Restaurants—^^ Saloons. < 

Banagan Peter, 12 Genesee 
Carr N. F. 13 Liberty 
CURTISS A. E. (temperance) 39 ' 

and 40 Arcade. See page 69 ' 
Evans Owen, 94 Genesee 
Dygert J. H. 28 Main 
N. 1 . C. RR dining rooms 
McCreary Robert, 7 Liberty 
ZUBLIN R D. 6-8 Fayette. See 

outside back cover 


Batchelor Julien (tin) 6 Pearl 
Boyd Solomon (felt) 16 Tracy 
CAHILL HENRY M. (tin) 69 

Bleecker. See page 68 
Carney Bros, (tin) 266 Whites- 


Catharine. See page opp 196 
FISH FRANCIS D. (gravel) 95 

Howard ave. See page 55 
GEIRSBACH C. & SON, (tin) 

97 Columbia. See page 30 
KILIAN JOSEPH, 60 and 62 

South. See page 56 

129 Genesee. See outside back 

MOSER JOHN, 18 Seymour 

ave. See page 51 






Groceries, Genesee corner Fayette Street. 














Riley Matthew (tin) 111 Fayette Crooch James, 44 Liberty 
Shanghnessy BroB. 143 Genesee Daprix Henry, 11 Schnyler 
STUBER JACOB ( tin ) 59 Dehs Brothers, 10 Genesee 

South. 8ee page 33 Dillon, 53 Fayetta See page 59 

Wicks, Haghes & Griffith (tin) Dolan John, 10 Saratoga 

224 Genesee Doll Peter, 52 Elm 

Wohlfert Peter (gravel) 50 Neil- Dorsey J. 91 Washington 

son Doyle John, 39 Water 

Rope M»nufect«rer. ^'^\ ^J^ 322 Whitesboro 

. , „ , . ^ ^^ ^ . , Englert Christian, 16 Devereox 
Adams, Brother & Co. 49 Oneida gwig Henry, 23 Canal 

Rubber Stamps. Faass Chas. 24 and 26 Erie 

FROELIGH CHAS. JR. 131 S**^ i^^.^' Pi'i"?^'*.'^^ ^^^ 

Genesea See pas^e 60 

Saddlery Hardware* 

Biederman John, 2 Whitesboro 
Faber Henry C. 27 Genesee 

Faass Louis, 130 Fayette 
FOLEG JOHN JR. 57 John. 

See page 52 
Foster R. Mrs 162 Elizabeth 
_ Fox Charlotte Mrs. 51 John 

WINDHEm^GEO.^Tr^ohn. Freedman A. 103 Water 

See page 23 ^^^^ V^^'^? ?n tT""" 

^^ Gammel G. W. 19 Liberty 

Saloons— iS^ Eeatauranis, Grocers Gazin John F. 79 Mohawk 

and Hotels. Geerer J. F. 61 Court 

Allen E. S. & Bro. Catharine cor Geiger P. 118 Columbia 

John George S. A. 1» Third 

Arndorfer Geo. 246 Whitesboro Gebhardt Edward, 27 Fayette 




Baker James K. 16 Bleecker 
Ballon Theo. 14 Bleecker 
Bannigan M. 143 Broad 
Batsford M. L. 25 Fayette 
Bierbauer Chas. 11 Edward 
Binder Christian, 115 Bleecker 
Booth Ann Mrs. 118 Columbia 
Bremiller Frank, 128 Fayette 
Brixius H. 238 Whitesboro 
Brunett Joseph, 61 Varick 
Campbell J. 25 Park ave 
Charter George, Deerfield road 
Coakley Timothy, 32 Hobart 
Cohen Simon, 11 Burnett 
Cole John, 116 Varick 
Coleman A. 85 Charlotte 
Conorty James, 69 Dudley 
Conway H. J. 52 Bleecker 
Cook & Co. 21 Columbia 
Cornelius Geo. 46 Varick 
Curry J. A. cor Broad and John 
Crouch Edwin, 93 Liberty 

Gilboy B. F. 48 John 

Golbas Jacob, 124 Steuben 

Goldman Levi, 50 Elm 

Gossiu John W. 104 Columbia 

Griffiths Richard, 48 Washington 

Gross Wm. Ill Canal 

Haak Frederick, 113 Whitesboro 

Haganous Henry Jr. 10 Fayette 

Hansom John Mrs. 40 John 

Hanusoh William, 161 South 

Hill Alvin, 69 Dudley 

Hill Luke, 29 Fayette 

Heim Fred, Fayette cor Varick 

Hirt J. 28 Hotel 

Herbuveaux Prosper, 66 John 

Hess John, 69 Albany 

Hess John, 21 Hope 

HESS JOSEPH, Schuyler cor 

Erie. See page 53 
Hoffman John, 14 Genesee 
Hogle Wm. F. 69 Miller 
Howarth J. H. 34 South 

Purvis, Metcalf ^ Co.^ Book-Binders and 




Hubbard W. G. 126 Columbia 
Hymes Jacob, 13 Neileou 
Johnson C. H. llG.Oenesee 
Kaiser Jacob, Schuyler cor Wa- 
Earl John, 234 Biandina 
Kavanangb John, 87 Charlotte 
Eeiser Louis, 1 Hotel 
Eennan John Mrs. 148 Broad 
Eingsley D. 306 Sjuth 
Eleespies Joseph, 80 Fayette 
Eluepfel Philip, 93 Eagle 
Elumbach Wm. H. 14 Schuyler 
Eohler Frederick, 124 Favette 
Lalor J. H. Broad cor Kossuth 

Lawrence Geo. 95 Washington 
Lent Levi, Fay and Fayette 
Lehmann Max, 29 Catharine 
Linehan J. 46 Mohawk 
Lowery & Sexton, 68 Seneca 
Marrow James F. 10 Green 
Martin Walter L 130 Genesee 
McCard S. E 73 Varick 
McDonald Mathew, 54 Bleecker 
McGarvey Martin, Bleecker cor 

Miller John, 149 Mohawk 
Mulligan James, Court cor Sara- 
Murphy J. 281 Bleecker 
Mealson John, 58 Dudley 
Nenninger John, 123 Liberty 
Norton John, 99 Liberty 
Neejer H. 150 Whitesboro 
Newland L D. 13 Broad 
Nusbaum H. H. 29 Elizabeth 
O'Brien Wm. 172 Bleecker 
O'Neil John J. 2 Baggs square 
O'Reilly John, 47 Court 
O'Reilly Wm. 59 John 
Ortman C. J. 74 Columbia 
Paine Wm. 48^ Columbia 
Parrie Sarah, 119 Liberty 
Palmer John, 27 State 
Parsons Thomas, 6 Liberty 
Plumb H. C. 80 Broad 
Powers D. 8. 116 Court 

Powers Nicholas, 98 Columbia 
Pugh Robert, 73 Liberty 
Punke Lewis, 232 Whitesboro 
Raidell M. 316 Wliitesboro 
Restle Andrew, 107 Mohawk 
Richardson Edwin, 111 Columbia 
Ritter P. S. 62 Varick 
Rooney P. J. 109 Fayette 
Rowe J. F. 33 Bleecker 
Rubin Jacob, 12 Barnes ave 
Rudolph Charles, 136 Whitesboro 
Sandylowsky S. 140 Whitesboro 
Santiff J. 242 Biandina 
Schmidt F. J. 39 Genesee 
Schimmel John, 146 Fayette 
Schuderer Michael Mrs. 161 Co- 
Siegrist Jacob, 48 South 
Siegrest J. N. Bleecker near Cul- 
ver ave 
Silverman Lewis, 76 Whitesboro 
Shanley Hackett, Fayette cor 

Smith John, 67 Garden - 
Smith Thos. J. 118 Bleecker 
Snyder Daniel, 106 Columbia 
Spindler John H. 58 Seneca 
Spindler R. E. 128 South 
Swancott Lewis, 210 Genesee 
Supple W. J. Broad cor John 
Tabor Wm. H. 9 Whitesboro 
Tessey Joseph, 248 Whitesboro 
Tormey Daniel 36 Bleecker 
Voll Ferd. Columbia 
Welch Matthew, 4 Pearl 
Welsch Geo. 74 Varick 
Werdge A. 164 Columbia 
Walsh Bro& 14 Biandina 
Wasmer Mary, 12 Breese 
Whitworth John F. 10 Pearl 
Wilbert Peter, 29 Dudley 
Wilkie Fred. 86 Columbia 
Winzenberger P. 112 Columbia 
Wolf Wm. 100 Whitesboro 
Zimmerman Matthias, 18 Lock 

DUFFY CHAS. G- 213 Gene- 
sea See front cover 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 137 Genesee 



if the late comers to its neighborliood will 

Saw ManufEMsturers. 

Schooley K B. 13 Culver 
Simpson A. 25 Catharine 

Saw Mills. 

JOHNSON E. D. Deerfield. See 
page 58 . 

Sewing Machine Agents. 

Clark A. fi. 4L Columbia 
Coshnian Daniel J. (Remington 

and Singer) 31 John 
Carry C. K (Household) 17 Ar- 
Hagen Joshua, (Howe) 12 Arcade 
Kemp Bros. 24 Blcecker 
Wilcox & Gibbs, 34 Arcade 
Smith F. W. (Wheeler & Wilson) 

6 Bleecker 
CO. 195 Genesee (J. Thomas 
Jones). See back cover. 

Shirt ManuileMsturers. 

Bacon Daniel, 88 Genesee 
Divine £. H. 132 Genesee 
Merry Samuel F. Arcade 
Phillips Charles K 1 1 Loui&a 
Sherman San ford F. 42 Genesee 
Thorn Chas. H. 118 Genesee 
Walters & Willis, 196 Genesee 

Show Cases. 

WARMUTH MAX, 44 Colum- 
bia. See page 49 

Silver Platers. 

Froeligh Cha& 131 Genesee 
MAYNARD L M. gold 

silver, 8 Thomas Block. 

page 57 
Shaver C. C. 129 Genesee 

DANIEL, 17 Devereux. 

page 50 

John. See advt page 23 



Silver Plated Goods. 

Collins Selden, 30 Genesee 
Gomph J. 140 Genesee 
Hoff G. W. 144 Genesee 
Leach Almon, 7 Arcade 
Shaver C. C. mfr. 129 Genesee 
Sherwood & Golden, 126 Genesee 
Taylor W. S. 70 Genesee 

Soap and Candlos. 

McClelland Wm. 159 Broad 
Tavender J. & Co. 229 Whites 

Spring Bed MannfiEM^turers. 

Foster O. S. & Bro. 97 Blandina 
Jones T. R. 54 Bleecker 
Segar C. T. Mfr. Co. 121 West 

Stained Gl^s Manu&ctarers. 

Davis' Charles P. Sons, 4 and 6 

Everson E.J. 11 Plant 

Stationery and Paper. 

Akehurst E. L 166 Genesee 

Bristol & Smith, Arcade 

esea See page opp 213 

ING CO. See advt page 25 

HoUister N. 131 Genesea 

O'Connor J. 67 John 

137 Genesea See bottom 

Rowley & Horton, 56 Genesee 

Wilson B. 33 Columbia 

Steam and Gas Fitting. 

DUFFY CHA& G. 213 Gene- 
see. See front cover 

Scott & O'Connell, 21 Catharine. 
See page 43 

Steam Gauge Manufacturers. 

14 Utica Steam Gauge Company, 86 
and 88 Fayette 

Fred A. Cassidy, sacoessor to J. H. Douglass, 


call on m for goods they don't find at home. 

Steam Heating Apparatus. GIERSBACH & SON, 97 Ool- 
Bateg & Johnson, 78 John nm bia ^c pa« 30 

DUFFY OH AS. Or. 213 Gene- S'^'^^V ;^ 'S^7 . oo. 
see. See front cover ^ENRY W. K 222 and 224 

MILLAE OHARLES & SON, ^^ ^f ""^v ^f g?^ 24 
127 and 129 Genesee. See 5*f?«?; ^^ ^O^'anc" ^ 

ftdvt ontflide back cover ^®"y ♦^- *^- * ^°- ^^ Charlotte ? 

Util SteTm Gan*^ Co 86 Fay- ™IAN JOSEPH, 60 and 62 | 

-xi._ ** "' Sooth. See pajjje 56 5 


Steamship Agents. 127 and 129 Genesee. See • 

„ n r tj tr A I a*^'*' outside back cover ST 

Fay G. L Baggs I^tel MOSER JOHN, 18 Seymour ave. * 

GrannisCK 165 Genesee See page 51 

Klages F. W. & Co. 120 Colum- Peckham J. S. & M. 22 and 24 

Storrs Wm. M. 1 Genesee pj^, j^hn, 57 Charlotte . 

Stone Yards. PORTER PATRICK, 219^ 

Bleecker. See page 46 q. 

Allen B. & Sons, Park ave cor ^ 

Callahan Edward, Washington MATHEW RILEY, • 

cor Water Stoves and Tinware, | 

Callahan Bros. Water cor Wash- Praetleal Tin Boofer aai ^ 

ington Geaeral Jobbing Done. S 

Cromie Robert, Broadhead cor ^ _ ^ . «»^ .. «^ ^ 
Pgy Cor. Fayette and State 8ts. 

^'Zr^r uZty '^'' ^^'*''" liiley Matthew, HI Fayette 
G^rge & Griffith! 44 Washing- l^^'^l^lll^t^'^GeZ^ % 

JoSS E. R U Liberty ^st^^ paSsS "' ! 

Stoves and Tinware. The Otica Palace Furnace Co. 77 ^ 

Fayette B 

Batchelor Julian, 6 Pearl Troseett Francis, 185 Bleecker S 

Beckwith Henry, 133 Genesee Teefev P. & M. 58 Saratoga " 

BREITHAUPT JULIUS E. Wheeler, Russel Son & Co 70 to ? 

Deerfield near Mohawk bridge. g^ Columbia S 

See page 38 Wicks, Hnghes & Griffith, 224 I 

Carney Bros. 2^'5 Whitesboro Genesee w 

CARTON & CO. 169 Genesea | 

See outside and inside front Stenographers. » 

covers Dean K L. 12 Fayette 

CHATFIELD'S T. W. SONS, Palmer J. R Mrs. 116 Park ave 

28 Catharina See page opp. 

198 Stucco Works. 

Childa & Jones, 84 Genesee HICEEY & EVANS, 22 Elm. 

Eynon Owen, 109 Columbia See advt. page 86 

Furnishing Undertaker, ^1 Genesee St. 


since it aimexed ITtiea and Ilion. 

Teas and Coffee. Lombard Lonis (music) Gardner 

^■S! sl'ffir' ''"'*° ■"* mSj. E«. M,», (»«»,) 101 

OMraral" «£IPhS**'4 PerMrH.™«. W. C^lo) 10 

HOXIE, 10 Liberty. See ^^^^f^^^ g. (^,,.,) gg Bute 
mSIf Bros. 40 to 44 Fayette ^ieboth Joseph (mnsic) 169 GeW 
Duion Pacific Tea Co. 18 Arcade g.^^^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^^^ p^^^^^ 

Steele E. Mrs. 20 Soath 
Tanners. Stevens Geo. (music) 6 Pearl 

^ Richards J. J. Deerfield Sotorius Ohas. (music) Gardner 

*p block 

^ .« ^ ^ -^ J •. Tuttle Flora, 49 Seymour ave 

g Teachers of Music, Ac. WatevB Augusta C. (music) 77 

I Arthur Hattie P. (Kindergarten) West 

^ 60 Blandina Weisse Matilda (French) 82 

§ Ap Madoc William (music and Spring 

t vocal), 6 Lansing Willard Mary (music) 101 Fay- 

^ BARNUM GEORGE (music) ette 

Parker Block. See page 27 Winant Mary J. Mra (mnsic) 60 

Barton Chaa J. (music), 66 Sec- Broadway 

«a ^ ^^^ ^ rr / • N TT 1 Telegraph Instruments. 

^ Carpenter Henry (music), Hack- 

t: ett Block Ghubbnck U. Eugene, 86 Seneca 
• Case Chas. (music), 99 Columbia Prentice Wm. H. & Co. 10 Madi- 
g Churchill Helen (music), 106 son lane, office 19 Main 
^ Third Utica Fire Alarm Tel Oa 108 
-8 Cookinham S. U. (singing), 19 Liberty 
Dobson Charles L. (dancing), 11 Telegraph Offices. 
Oneida American District Telegraph Co. 
^ Fleischmann Alex, (music and 5 Liberty 
^ German), Seminaiy and 80 American Rapid Co. 131^ Gene- 
Elizabeth see 
Gaylord Martha (music) 11 Miller Western Union 181 Genesee and 
Haberer J. V. Mrs. (music) 66 1 Baggs Hotel 


Hassam Harriet A. 96 Elm Ticket Agents. 

HUTCHINS FRANK A. 11 Fay Gain L. 1 Baggs Hotel 

Fayette. See page 59 Fay Irving, 1 Baggs Hotel 
Jar vis B. G. (music) 218 Genesee 
Jones G. Elmer (music) 12 Man- Tinsmiths. 

deville ^^ SU>ve$ and Timeare, 

Koehl James (music) 20 First BREITHAUPT JULIUS R 
Lane Walter W. (music) 66 Steu- Deerfield road near Mohawk 
ben bridga See page 38 

ffescott ^ Reusswig, Fine Custom Tailors^ 


The handiomeit Dry Goods and Carpets on earth 

OAHILL HENRY M. 69 Bleeck- Kelly Wm. M. 157 Whitesboro 

er. See page 68 McMartin H. J. (F. M. V. M. A.) 

MOSER JOim, 18 Seymour av. 46 Fayette 

See_page 51 Taylor J. N. 10 Elizabeth 

PORTER PATRICK, 219 Tale John, 296 Whitesboro {• 

Bleeeker. See page 46 II 

Tobacconists. ^»«^^ ManuliU5turers. g 

STEVENS & LOCKART, 88 SeeCamageB. 

Charlotta See back colored 

BATES F. W. IS Devereux. See ^ 
page opp. 162 fr 

Tobacconists. EHLE HERMAN, 6 Hart. See g 

Se€ CigarB and Tohcicoo. page 27 If 

undertakers. E8TES ISAAC & SON, Whites- '^ 

>n A ooTT^TT T.T>T-T^ A ^ ^ .n, boFO ancl Libertv. See page 56 "^ 

CASSIDY FRED A.41 Genesee. HERMANT AT. Deerfield. B 

See bottom lines ge^ p^g^ 4Q p.^ 

Doyle & Son, 38 Bleeeker LkROY, SHATTUCK & S 

Nelbach John 182 Fayette HEAD, 105 Broad. See page fi> 

Nelbach P. J. k Son, 115 and 118 82 ^^ |^ 

.^m^^i?^'^ r r/^ T^i 1 Lyons John, 18 Madison Lane I 

O'Reilly P. J. 60 Bleeeker Morath Geo. 68 Albany * 

Weiss Christian 126 Fayette Patterson Edward, 29-81 State ^ 

Whitten D. C. ife Co. 96 Genesee Sheffield & Barber, 108 Liberty o 

Upholsterers. SPRING EDWARD, 10 and 12 | 

See rwniture Dealer; Schuylcr. See page 62 ^ 

WALLING WM. B. John cor g 

Variety Stores. Catharine. See page 83 | 

CLARK G. A. & CO. 60 Gene- Walters John, Fay cor Court 

sea See advt. inside back ^ 

cover Watchmakers— /See Jemlera. ^ 

Meyers Ignatius, 167 Genesee (S^ 

Meyers Isadore, 105 Miller Wines & Liquors— Wholesale. J"- 

Piper John, 57 Charlotte * 

Sggar J. W. 261 South Allen E. S. ifc Bro. John cor ^ 

Wagner Henry, 156 Court Catharine p 

Weber Geo. 37 Columbia Coyne John, Fayette cor Seneca *^ 

^ . 1. -, T Ti^ ^ MoGARVEY W. H. & CO. Gen- | 

Varnish and Japan Manu&c ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ g^ ^^^ 8 

turers. ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ g 

Central N. Y. Varnish Works, McQuade Bros. 19 John and 21 B^ 

office 117 Genesee Broad * 

Veterinary Surgeons. Vivard P. & Son, 45 and 47 John ^ 

Barling Edwin, 69 Columbia _^ ^ ^ 

Gottleib A. T. E 53 Columbia ^^^^ Carvers. 

Hollingworth J. H. Jefferson BERGER JOSEPH, 84 West. 

near Albany See page 48 

JVb. S8 Genesee Street, Utica. 



and gpring from Bnmmer back to its place.— Old Prophecy. 




Wood Yards and Dealers. 

Fowler J. G. cor Ohenango ave 

and Court 
Oeor^ Joseph, 32 Erie 
Qilmore Hiram, Fayette cor State 
Gilmore H. & W. K. 28 Fayette 
Lord W. A. 200 Bleecker 
MARROW JOS. A. & 00. Pine 

street. See advt. page 33 
SOHWAB D. J. 95 Broad. See 

page 62 

Sbapland George, Elm cor Gold 

Wool Dealers. 

Goffe F. A. 27 Hotel 
Hard H. H & Co. 29 Liberty 
Lowery J. A. 48 Franklin square 
Woodrn5 A. L 27 Hotel 

Yankee Notions— Wholesale. 

Hieber J. C. & Co. 1 John 
McAdam & Rath ban, 24 Broad 
Vidvard J. P. & Ca 25 John 


Utica Ice Compaiiy, liniitei 

Office No, 90 Fayette Street^ 







Families supplied with Pare Table Ice at Reasonable Rates. 

J We guarantee to furnish our customers PURE ICE 


through the season or year for drinking and 

cooling purposes. 

W. H. McQarvey * Co. Wholesale Liquors, 
Genesee oorner Fayette Street. 







General and Business Directory 

Utica, Frankfort and Ilion. 

Compiled and Published by Chas. N. Gaffney, 


June I, 1883. 

-^ UTICA, N. Y. : 


OOPYBIOBT 1888, BY O. N. QjkWntKY. 



Frankfort, N. T. 

Good atkbUox Attaahed to the FremliM. 

H. M. WOOD, Proprietor. 

Irving W. Sheldon, 



(HMriy opptMlto Wnoiri HatoU 

Good Double and Single Kigs 
at Reasonable Rates. Also 
Undertaker and Proprietor of 
Stage Line. 

Fp@.mkf@rt lottery 
WM. UHRLAU, Prop'r. 

MannliBturer of FLOWEK POTS. 




67 Main St., Frankfort, N. T. 




-^Frankfort Dry Dock,lfc_ 



Desirable Building Lots for Sale on Reasonable Terms. 

A. C. MoGOWAN, Eait Frankfort, N. Y. 


Msnafaotorer of thB 



OonMlMtiaa, Jwmdlea. Kldner Dls o — m , Low of AppetlU, Haadsche and Female Inwn- 
lailtl«& Alw maiiDbctDTeT of 

An BxceDtnt Remadj for BhminMlBm. Mtunlgla, Agas In the Paca, Lama Back, Croop, 
Baiu, OhUblaliu, Ac For Ibnhsr partlcDlan aod refiraiM, addnu 

HENRY GRIFFITH, East Frankfort, N. Y. 

W******* Jewelry * Cleeks 

of aU Grades. repaired. 

Alao Dealer In 

Jewelrr * SUver No.32 LHohf ieW St. 

Ware, Clocks and 

Optical Goods. Frankfort, N.Y. 


Deelan in 

rumitnre, Cabiiiet Ware, Feathers, &c., 


Frankfort, n. v. 




" ^eod o! j^ " and " 9>ff-" 1|rand6 Qnr UpeclaltlM. 

No. 28 LItehfleld St., FRANKFORT, N. Y. 

Dealer in Clothing, Eats and Caps, 


Boots and Shoes. Also Sewing Machines. 

No. 33 Litchtieia St., - ■ Frankfort, N. T. 

■•ee. A. KBNYON^ 


Manufacturer of RIFLE TELESCOPES and LENSES for the Same. 




77 Main Street,MltiffifJI^Frankfort,N.Y. 




J|ollet j^rtioleA {r Soofeetlonergt 
Painti, Oil and Olau. 



Frankfort Lumber Yard. 

Dealers in Lumber, Lath Sc Sliingles^ 

Hemlock and Spruoe Building Timbei, Spnioe, Pine andHfaple^Flooring, 

Am, Aii, Chtrry m 

Cffloes & Yard : Canal St., FRANKFORT, & 41 Main St., ILION. 

The Grieat Labor Saving 


R. J. BRIGGS, Agent, 

eO WMteB^oto St., UTIOA, N. 7. 



Explanation op Abbreviations.— Ave., avenue; bet, between; oor.^ 
corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite; r., residence or resides; sqr^ 
square: n., north; e., east; w., west; s., south. 

ABBOTT CHESTER W. wagon shop, Canal oor Litch- 
field, r 80 Litchfield 
Adams Abbie M. Miss r 38. Main 
Aegan Daniel, laborer, r 26 Canal 
Aldrich Z. farmer, r East Frankfort 
Anderson Emory, painter, r 7 George 
Archer Rassell, cartman, r 43 Main 
Ashby John, conductor, a 12 Orchard 
Ashbv Sarah Mrs. r 4 Litchfield 
Atwell Leander J. mechanic, r 16 Main 
Ausman Abigail, widow, r 30 Orchard 

BAGLEY WILLIAM H. agent, r 131 Main 
Baker Angelin Miss r 125 Main 

Baker Charles R bool(b and stationery 73 Main r 57 same 

Baker David, farmer, r 65 Main 

Baker George A. match maker, r 59 Litchfield 

Balde Lydia Mrs. r 61 Main 

Ball Phila, widow, r 103 Main 

Barber Horace M. carpenter, r 17 Orchard 

Bargy Hiram Mrs. r Mill Lane 

Bargy Yan Rensselaer, shoemaker, Litchfield street, r 4'MaDD 

Bargy Warner, milkman, r East Frankfort 

BARRIS J. W. Principal Frankfort Public School, r 26 

Barris J. W. Mrs. teacher, r 26 Orchard 

Bates David G. harnessmaker, Litchfield cor Main, r 11 Frank- 

Benison Charles, laborer, r 150 Main 

Benison John, laborer, r 160 Main 

Bennett George N. carpenter, r 87 Litchfield 

Birch Stephen, miller, r 92 Litchfield 

BIRCH WILLIAM, miller, 130 Litchfield, r 92 sam 

Bohan Julia Mrs. widow, r 13 George 

Brachet James C. laborer, r Cemetery street 

BRADY P. T. carriagemaker, 24 Orchard, r same 


Bridenbecker Addison, carpenter, r 60 Main 
Bridenbecker Jeremiah, carpenter, r 14 Main 
Brizolara A. A. clerk, r Lock 44 East Frankfort 
BRIZOLARA JOHN O. grocer, Lock 44, East Frankfort, r 

Brocke Alice, teacher, r 97 Main 
Brown Milo, Foreman, r East Frankfort 
Bncklej James, laborer, r 9 John 
Badlong Nelson, carpenter, r 133 Main 
BUDLONG W. WALLACE, physician and surgeon, 56 Main, 

r same 
Barkhart C. J. machinist, r East Franktort 
Buiton David, farmer, r Main street 
Barton Nathan, farmer, r Main street 
Bnasney J. E. clothing, 93 Main 
Butler Sarah, r 21 Orchard. 

CALLAHAN KENNEDY, laborer, r Frankfort 
Campbell Hiram, laborer, r 23 Orchard 
Campbell* Hiram, miller, r 28 Canal 
Campbell James G. r 1 Frankfort 
Campbell William, farmer, r Schuyler road 
Caple C. S. machinist, r 124 Litchfield 
Camer Hannibal F. foreman, r 75 Litchfield 
Carner Philip, watchmaker, r 53 Litchfield 
Carroll James, laborer, r Sheldon ave 
Cary Patrick, laborer, r 45 Canal 
Caspares Emma, domestic, r Central Hotel 
Caspares Henry, toolmaker, r 8 Litchfield 
Caster Coonradt, maspn, r 22 Canal 
Clapsattle John, laborer, r 105 Main 
Clark A. Frank, cigar box manufacturer, Litchfield street, r 

89 Main 
Clark Andrew F. boot and shoemaker 89 Main, r same 
Clark George H. mason, r Main street 
Clark O. A. laborer, 96 Main 
Clemens Webster, teamster, r 19 Canal 
Cleveland Charles B. laborer, r lOS Main 
Cleveland Mrs. a B. r 108 Main 
Collins Annie widow, r 38 Litchfield 
Collins William J. blacksmith, r 43 Canal 
Collis John, laborer, r Frankfort 
CoUis J. H. r 61 Main 
Cook Albert L. teamster, r 159 Main 
Cook Catharine H. r 159 Main 
Cramer Mariara, laborer, r Sheldon ave 
Creek John, fiagman, r Schayler road 
Crosby Abner B. shipper, r Main cor Litchfield 



CROSBY 0. B. billiard room, 41 Litchfield, r 5 same 

CroBby Theo. S. r 16 Orchard 

CROSBY W, W. grocer, Main cor Litchfield, r 46 Main 

DALEY JACOB, wheelwright, r 44 Main 
Daley John, operator, r 44 Main 
Davis Jadson D. farmer, r 1 Main 
Davis Thomas, mason, r 2 Litchfield 

Davison Andrew, r 127 Main 

Davison Wesley, farmer, Schoyler turnpike road 

Devine Charles, Jr., laborer r 155 Main 

Devine Charles, Sr., farmer r 155 Main 

Deuel William EL foreman r 56 Litchfield 

Deyle Cyrus, operator, r 25 Orchard 

DILLENBECK D. E. fDillenbeck & Lehr), r 34 Litchfield 

DILLENBECK & LEHR, (D. E Dillenbeck & G. N. Lehr), 

druggists, 34 Litchfield. See pa^e 554 
Dowd John Jr. Cottage Hotel, Litchfield cor Canal 
Dowd John Sr. laborer, r49 Litchfield 
DDDLESTON J. J. Jr. lawyer, 83 Main r 142 same 
Duel Warner, laborer, r Orchard cor Church 
Durst Eli, cooper, 13 Litchfield, r same 
Durst Luther, cheese buyer, r 144 Main 
Dygert Jacob, farmer, r 42 Main 
Dygart Sarah Mrs. r 17 Canal 
Dyke Ruf us, farmer, r rear 40 Main 

EARL ETHELINIE, Mra r 75 Litchfield 
EFFRIG LOUIS, cigars and tobacco, 28 ^Litchfield 
r 146 Main. See page 554 
Ellsworth Myron, r 137 Main 

FARRELL JAMES, laborer, r 7 Church 
Farrell Mary, widow, r 7 Church 
Farrell Mathew F. clerk, r Orchard cor Church 
Farrell Michael, laborer, r 147 Main 
Farrell Owen, boots and shoes, 62 Litchfield, r same 
Farrell, T. P. grocer, Litchfield near Erie canal, r same 
Fay William, laborer, 149 Main 
Finnerty James, mason, r 156 Main 
Flagg D. W. butcher, r 2 Orchard 
Folts, Aaron, grocer, Frankfort lock, r same 
Folts Conrad, laborer, r 8 George 
Folts Delevan, farmer, r East Frankfort 
Folts Frank, r 1 Litchfield 
Folts Hannibal, farmer, r Litchfield street 
Folts Herman, farmer, r East Frankfort 


Folts James, farmer, r East Frankfort 

Folts John H. laborer, r 5 George 

Folts Mary A. widow, r 1 Litchfield 

Folts Kobert, laborer, r 67 Litchfield 

Folts Warner, farmer, r East Frankfort 

Folts William, teamster, r 1 Litchfield 

Friesz Ladwig, watch maker, r 51 Canal 

Fallem Frank, r 139 Main 

Fallem Thomas, baggagcmaster, r 120 Litchfield 

Fallem William, engineer, r 94 Litchfield 

Failer Augustas Mrs. r 59 Litchfield 

GATES FREDERICK, Manager Diamond Match Com- 
pany Litchfield street, r 86 Canal 
Gates Wm. Mrs. r 62 Litchfield 
Gerrard R shoemaker, r 14 Orchard 
Gilligan K W. machinest, r 131 Main 
Glass Abraham, r 118 Litchfield 
Golden R. A. batcher, r 8 Orchard 
Goller George, cooper 99 Litchfield, r 101 same 
Graham Joseph, matchmaker, r 18 George 
Graham Patrick, laborer, r 3 John 
Graham William, operative, r 8 John 
Grant William, engineer, r 78 Litchfield 
Grants Andrew J. mason, r 50 Main 
Grants Andrew J. mason, r 54 Main 
Graves Charles, (W. Graves & Co.), r 81 Main 
Graves Henrietta Mrs. r 81 Main 
Graves L. H. (W. Graves & Co.), r 81 Main 
Graves Theodotia Mrs. r 81 Main 
Graves Whitney, (W. Graves & Co.), r 132 Main 
Graves W. & Co., (Whitney, Charles and L. H. Graves, grocers 

&C., 83 Main 
GRIFFITH HENRY, manufacturer of extracts and medicines 

East Frankfort, r same. See page 553 

HARRIS GEORGE I, saperintendent, r 8 Main 
Harter Charles W. (Seaman & Harter), r 55 Main 
Harter Channcey C. farmer, r 13 Qrchard 
Haskell Dennis, laborer, r 86 Litchfield 
Harter Charles N. laborer, r Schayler street 
Hays Isaac A. blacksmith, tow path, canal, r 7 Frankfort 
Herrick Thomas, laborer, r East Frankfort 
Hoard James H. hardware, 91 Main, r 69 same 
Hoard J. L. grist mill, Mill street, r Main street 
Hoard William, clerk, r Main street 
Honahan Thomas, wheelwright, r 15 Orchard 
Hotaling Charles, engineer, r 82 Litchfield 


HotaliDg James, matchmaker, r 20 Canal 

Houghton John M. r 97 Main 

Honghton Olive Mrs. boarding honse, 97 Main 

Hubbert S. E. Mrs. r East Frankfort 

Hnlser J. M. lumber dealer, 37 Main r same 

Hunt Bridget, widow, r 9 John 

Hunt James G. clerk 117 Main, r 150 sama 

Hunt Mary, r 67 Litchfield 

Hnyck O. H. meat market, 15 Litchfield, r 8 Orchard 

Hayek William, r 140 Main 

Hyde Ellen, widow, r 144 Main 

INGHAM HAMILTON H. Justice of the Peace, 88 Main 
r 122 same 
Ingham Horace, farmer, r Schuyler turnpike road 

JACKSON DWIGHT, farmer, r East Frankfort 
Johnson 0. boat builder, r East Frankfort 
Johnson Lewis L student, r 122 Main 
Johnson Moses H. boatman, r 19 Frankfort 
Johnson Samuel, laborer, r 45 Main 
Johnson William H. engineer, r 19 Frankfort 
JOSLIN AARON V. dry goods and groceries, 82 Main r 

48 satne. 
Joslin C. E. millinery, 87 Main, r same 
Joslin Harriet, r 17 Oanal 

KEARNEY DANIEL A. tinsmith, r 38 Church 
Keegan Elizabeth, widow, r 47 Litchfield 
Eeeler Jane Miss, teacher 
Keller George, operative, r 10 Orchard 
£eller William, cigar-maker, r 19 Canal 
Eenyon Denaldo F. tinsmith, r 62 Main 
KENYON GEORGE A. Insurance Agent and Optician, 18 

Litchfield, r 58 Main. See page 654 
Kerr Robert, yarn manuafacturer, 66 Main, r 64 same 
Kerwin John, foreman, r 54 Litchfield 
£ohrer John, machinist, r 8 Frankfort 
Krank Jo^ph, cigar-maker, r 14 George 

LAIS FREDERICK, blacksmith, r Frankfort 
Lanphere Delia Miss r 106 Litchfield 
Lanphere Fred, r 106 Litchfield 
Lanphere Fremont, match-maker, r 106 Litchfield 
Lanphere Susan, widow, r 106 Litchfield 
Leach William, laborer, r 8 George 
Leach Thomas, machinist, r East Frankfort 
LEHR G. N. physician, (Dillenbeck & Lehr), 34 Litchfield, 


Leitz John E. e;rocer 98 Litchfield, r same 

LemaDn Samuel, wheelwright, r 146 Main 

Lewis Harris, agricnlturist, r Schajler Turnpike road 

LIMPERT JOHN, clothing and boots and shoes 32 Litch- 
field, r 6 Frankfort. See page 553 

Lints Alonzo M. clerk Main cor Litchfield, r Mill street 

Lints H. S. boots and shoes 75 Main, r same 

Lints James, hostler, Frankfort Lock 

List Joseph, (J. List & Co.), r 77 Main 

LIST JOSEPH & CO., (J/ List and George Rhein) furniture 
&c. 77 Main. See page 553 

Lloyd David, machinist, r 57 Litchfield 

Locher Alexander, r 4 Litchfield 

Lofkis Hall 117 and 119 Main 

Loftis James, laborer, r 154 Main ^ 

LOFTIS JOHN, grocer 117 and 119 Main, r 115 same 

Loftis Thomas, laborer, r 106 Main 

Louis David N. r 49 Canal 

Louis Ezra, laborer, r 69 Litchfield 

Lynch John, matchmaker, r 69 Litchfield 

Lynch Patrick Mrs. r 20 Main 

MANNING JOHN, laborer, r 6 John 
Manning William, watchman, r 6 John 
Marsh Ely T. lawyer, r 26 Main 
Marsh Henry, mechanic, r 26 Main 
McChesney, Reuben, mechanic, r 152 Main 
McDermott James, laborer, r 30 Canal 
MoGOWAN A. C. Frankfort Dry -Dock and general store 

East Frankfort, r same. See page 553 
McGowan A. W. student, r East Frankfort 
McGraw John, mechanic, r 53 Canal 
Miller Joseph, matchmaker, r 31 tow path 
Metzger Fitz-John, laborer, rl2 Main 
Morgan J. H. Justice of Peace, r 11 Orchard 
MCJCKEY WARNER, saloon Main cor Mill, r Mill Lane. 

See page 554 
Murphy William, laborer, r 38 Litchfield 
Murtangh John, machinist,, r Schuyler street 
Murtaugh William, machinist, r Sheldon ave 
Myers Amos, pastor Baptist Church Main street 
Myers Jerry, wagon manufacturer, 120 Main r 114 same 
Myers Lizzie, widow, r 148 Main 

NICHOLS MARY A. nurse, r 69 Litchfield 
Nolan Ellen, widow, r 79 Litchfield 
Nolton A. 8. r Main 



. • 

O'H ANLON JAMES, shipping clerk, r Frankfort 
OBtrom R. P. farmer, r East Frankfort 
Owen Hagh, farmer. Cemetery street • 
Owens Margaret, widow, 20 Mann 
Owens William, laborer, r Main 

PALMER E. mechanic, r 124 Main 
Palmer Epaphroditus, farmer, r 124 Main 
Park Frank, mechanic, r East Frankfort 
Parkharst Frank B. notary pablic, r 62 Main 
Parkharst William H. H. physician, 62 Main, r same 
Perkins Frank, laborer, r 1^ George 
Perkins James N. carpenter, r 10 George 
Perkins Milo, matchmaker, r 9 George 
Petrie Abram, laborer, r 9 Orchard 
PFAHLS CHRIS, livery stable, 98 Main, r 108 same 
Phillips Sarah, widow, r 130 Main 
Piper George V. painter, r 13 Frankfort 
Piper Isaac, farmer, r East Frankfort 
Piper Susie Miss, r 18 Frankfort 
PIPER WILLIAM L postmaster, r 134 Main 
POOLER CHARLES A. dentist, 98 Main, r 11 Frankfort 
Proqty Fred. C. engineer, r7 Church 
Purdy. John, clerk and notary public, r East Frankfort 
Putman Jacob S. clerk, r 95 Main 

RATHBUN N. A. teamster, r 47 Main 
Raynor R. M. farmer, r 52 Main 

Benk John, cooper, r 18 Orchard 

Rhein George, (J. List & Co.) r 77 Main 

RICH CHARLES M watchmaker and jeweler, 82 Litchfield 
See page 653 

Richardson^lizabeth Miss, r Main 

Richardson Jacob, r Main 

Richardson John, contractor, r 109 Main 

Roberts D. M., tel. operator N. Y. C. RR depot 

Rodgers Harvey, r East Frankfort 

Rodgers Lucius, carpenter, r 21 Orchard 

RODGERS MILLARD F. cashier Diamond Match Ca r Litch- 

Rose C. D. bookeeper Diamond Match Co. r at Ilion 

Rose Charles W. clerk Crosby's Billard Room, r Canal street 

Rose Richard, sawyer, r 101 Litchfield 

Rulison, W. J. Mra teacher, r 21 Orchard 

RUSSELL A. N. & SON, lumber dealers, Canal street. See 
page 555. 


SAX NICHOLAS, laborer, r 122 Litchfield 
Scanlon Patrick, laborer, r 119 Litchfield 
SCHUYLER A. W. barber and laundry, 7 and 9 Litchfield^ 

Seaman Andrew, clerk, r 46 Main 
Seaman George I. (Seaman & Harter), r 110 Main 
Seaman & Harter, (G. L Seaman and C. W. [Harter) meat 

market 78 Main 
Segar James L. bookkeeper, r 126 Litchfield 
Sneaf John, farmer, r 121 Main 
Shanley Hanorah, widow, r 94 Litchfield 
SHELDON IRVING W. undertaker and livery stable 84 

Litchfield, r same. See page 552 
Sheldon J. F. Mrs. r 90 Litchfield 
Sherman Harry, teamster, r 43 Main 
Sherwood B. A. Rev. r East Frankfort 
Skeel H. Rev. r 118 Main 
Skifi^Perrin A. physician 104 Main, r same 
Smalz Fredericka, r Frankfort Lock 
SMITH E. LAGRANGE, lawyer Main cor Litchfield, r 95 

SMITH JAMES, cheese manufacturer 18 George, r 82 

Smith J. S. insurance agent 24 Main, r same 
Smith Patrick, farmer, Schuyler road 
Smith Jarvis W. carpenter, r 157 Main 
Spell man John, laborer, r 8 John 
Spencer James, laborer, r Main street 
Stansel Newton, blacksmith, r East Frankfort 
Staring Andrew J. laborer, r 40 Litchfield 
Staring Catharine widow, r 141 Main 
Staring Charles E. builder, r 112 Litchfield 
Staring Dewitt C. r 112 Litchfield 
Starling Adam H. r 141 Main 
Steele Edward, druggist, r 24 Litchfield 
Steele Fanny A. Mrs. druggist 22 Litchfield, r 24 same 
Steele George, laborer, r 39 Main 
Steele Gertrude, widow, r East Frankfort 
Steele Herbert, laborer, r 39 Main 
Steele John Mrs. r East Frankfort 
Steele William, laborer, r 39 Main 
Sterling Frank, teamster, r Litchfield 
Sterling John, laborer, r 2 Litchfield 
Sterling Nicholas, farmer, r Main street 
Stone W. H. Mrs. r 85 Litchfield 
Storms L. teamster, r 73 Main 
Sullivan John Mrs. widow, r Canal 
Summer Julia C. E. Miss r 128 Main 



TAYLOR JOHN A, machinist, r 20 Orchard 
Tisdale Augastas, carriage maker, r 127 Main. 
TISDALE K M. wagon and carriage mannfactarer 67 Main, 

r same. See page 552 
Tisdale N. A. carriage ironer, r 127 Main 
TobinMary, widow, r 111 Litchfield 
Tobiii Thomas, laborer, r 111 Litchfield 
Tobin William, watchman, r 108 Litchfield 
Tucker Martin, laborer, r 77 Litchfield 
Tyne Frank, mechanic, r 152 Main 
Tyne Fred, laborer, r 107 Main 
Tyne George, laborer, r 107 Main 
Tyne Harry, laborer, r 107 Main 

UHRLAU WILLIAM, Flower pot man'f Sheldon ave, r 
Railroad cor Sheldon ave. See page 652 

YAN ALLEN EDMUND, laborer, r 6 Main 
Van Duesen Norman, teamster, r 139 Main 
Yan Deusen Simeon, lock tender, r Cemetery street 
Yan Deusen Wm. H. coal dealer, r 136 Main 
Yinoent John, farmer, r East Fankfort 
Yinton Milo, pedler, r Sheldon ave 
Yosburg William M. teamster, r 89 Litchfield 

■\\rALDBY HENRY, mechanic, r East Frankfort 
W Waldby John, boat builder, r East Frankfort 
Waldby W. H. boat builder, r East Frankfort 
Wateroury Margaret A. teacher, r 38 Main 
Waterbury Wm. H. ass't post master, r 38 Main 
Waterbury Wm. S. butcher, 38 Main, r same 
Watkins James, farmer Schuyler road 
WATSON FRANK A. postal clerk, r 88 Litchfield 
WATSON KITTIE MISS, millinery and fancy goods, 30 

Litchfield, r 88 same 
Watson Oliver, carpenter, r 88 Litchfield 
Welch James, laborer, r 42 Orchard 
Welch James Jr., r 42 Orchard 
Wellington Louis, laborer, r 3 Frankfort 
Wells Uriah, laborer, r 8 George 
Wells Wm. J. laborer. Cemetery street 
West Albert, r Sheldon ave 
Whalen Patrick Mra 117 Litchfield 
Whitney Catharine Mrs. r 89 Litchfield 
Wickens Charles, painter, r 99 Main 
Wickens William, carriage maker 101 Main, r 99 same 
Wickham James, teamster, r 46 Orchard 
Wickham Thomas, laborer, r 46 Orchard 


Widrick Charles, carpenter, r 1 Main 

Widrick David, hostler, r 25 Orchard 

Widrick Eagene, laborer, r 42 Litchfield 

Willman Wm. J. machinist, r 30 Orchard 

Williams Frank, blacksmith, 52 Litchfield r 59 same 

Williams Frank, blacksmith, r Litchfield, cor Oeorge 

Wishot Charles, laborer, r 29 Canal 

WOOD HENRY M. proprietor Central Hotel Main, cor 

Litchfield, r sama See page 662 
Woodbridge Charles, r 47 Canal 
Woodbridge Charles R. operative, r 21 Canal 
Woodrick David, hostler Central Hotel, r same 
WoodrufE, Icy, r 19 Orchard 
Wright H. N. Mrs. r Main 
Wykoff" Orrin L. miller, r 69 Main 
Youlen Warren, gnnmaker, r 65 Litchfield 
Young Libbie, widow, r 12 Main 

ZOLLEB JAMES J. mechanic, r 112 Main 
ZoUer Solomon, r 111 Main 


Frankfort, N. Y. 


H. M. WOOD, Proprietor. 

Frankfort Business Directory. 

Barber Shops. 

Schuyler A- W. 7 Litchfield 

Billiard Parlor. 

Crosby C. B. r 41 Litchfield 
Mill. See pa^ 653 


Abbott 0. W. Canal cor Litchfield 
Collins Wm. 85 Litchfield 
Hays Isaac A. Tow Path 
TISDALE E. M. 67 Main. See 

page 561 
Williams Frank, 52 Litchfield 

Boat Builder. 

MoGOWAN A. C. East Frank- 
fort. See page 652 

Books, &C. 

Baker C. R 73 Main 

Boots and Shoes. 

LIMPERT JOHN, 82 Litch- 
field. See page 663 
Lints H. S. 76 Main 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Bargy Van Rensselaer, Litch- 
field street 
C.'a-k A. F. 89 Main 
Farrell Owen, 62 Litchfield 


Staring C. E. Franklin street 

Carriage Manufacturers — 6ee 

Brady P. T. 24 Orchard 
TISDALE E. M. 67 Main. See 

page 561 
Wickens Wm. 101 Main 

Cheese Manufacturer. 

Smith James, 18 George 

Cigars and Tohaceo. 

EFFRIQ LOUIS, 38 Litchfield. 
See page 653 

Cigar Box ManufJBMStarer. 

Clark A. F. Litchfield near Canal 


Bussney J. E. 93 Main 
LIMPERT JOHN, 32 Litch- 
field. See page 653 

Coal Dealer. 

Van Deusen Wm. H. 

Durst Eli, 13 Litchfield 
GoUer Geo. 99 Litchfield 


POOLER C. A, 98 Main 

0. A. POOLER, 



OraduaU IhdUma Dtntai OoBstfi. 
AU Work Warranted. Office honri, 8 ▲.>. to 6p.m^ 


Litchfield. See page 558 

GRIFFITH HENRY, (extracts- 
and medicines), East Frank- 
fort. See pafi^e 552 

Steele Fanny A. Mrs. 22 Litch- 
Extract Manufacturer. 

Frankfort. See page 562 

Furniture Store. 

LIST JOSEPH & CO. 77 Main- 
See page 562 



General Stores. 

Graves W- & Co. 83 Main 
Joslin A. V. Main cor Litchfield 
McGOWAN A. C. East Frank- 
fort See page 553 

Grist Mills. 

Birch Wm. 128 & 130 Litchfield 

Hoard J. L. Mill street 


Brizolara John C. Lock 44 East 

Crosby W. W. Main cor Litch- 
Farrell T. P. Litchfield near Canal 
Folts Aaron, Frankfort Lock 
Graves W:& Co. 83 Main 
Joslin A. V. Main cor Litchfield 
Leitz John E. 93 Litchfield 
Loftis John, 117 & 119 Main 
MoGOWAN A. C. East Frank- 
fort. See pa^ 553 


Hoard J. H. 91 Main 

Harness Maker. 

Bates D. G. Litchfield cor Main 


Dowd John, Jr. Canal cor Litch- 

WOOD H. M. Main cor Litch- 
field. See pages 552, 566 

Insurance Agents. 

Ingham H. H. Main cor Litch- 

KENYON GEO. A. 18 Litch- 
field. See page 554 

Smith J. S. 24 Main 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

KENYON GEO. A. 18 Litch- 
field. See page 554 

RICH CHARLteS M. 32 Litch- 
field. See page 553 

Justices of the Peace. 

Ingham H. H. main cor Litch- 
Morgan J. H. 11 Orchard 


Schnyler A. W. 9 Litchfield 


Dndleston J. J., Jr. Main cor 

Marsh Ely F. 20 Main 
Smith E. La Grange, Main cor 


Livery Stableg. 

Ptahls Chria J. 98 Main 
field, near Main. See page 552 

Lumber Dealers. 

gulser J. M. 37 Main 
DSSELL A. N. & SON. See 
page 555 

Match Factory. 
Frederick Gates, Manager. Of- 
fice Litchfield street 

Meat Markets. 

Hnyck O. H. 15 Litchfield 
Seaman & Harter, 78 Main 
Waterbury Wm. S. 38 Main 


Joslin C. E Miss, 87 Main 
Watson Kittie Miss, 20 Litchfield! 


Nichols Mary A. 69 Litchfield 

KENYON GEO. A. 18 Litch- 
field. See page 554. 


Budlong Wm. Wallace, 56 Main 
LEHR G. N. 34 Litchfield 
Parkhurst Wm. H. H. 62 Main 
Skiff Perrin A. 104 Main 

Post Office. 

Piper Wm. I. postmaster, 80 Main 


pots) Sheldon ave. See page 552 




€ro8by C. W. 41 Litc.lifield 
See pHge 554 


jSeld near Main. See paeje 562 

Wagon Manu£ftcturers. 

Al)bott C. W. Canal cor Litchfield 
Brady P. T. 24 Orchard 
Myere^ Jerenn'aii 116 Main 
TlSDALE E. M. 67 Main, See 
page 552 

Yam Manufacturer. 

Kerr Robert, 66 Main 






50 Cents for Three Months. 

$1.00 for Six Months. 

$2.00 for One Year. 


WILLIAM T. BAKER, Publislwr. 



In both these and fine Cut Work we successfully compete with New York city, 



The Citizen Job Office pos- 
sesses facilities not excelled, 
either in quantity or variety, 
by any office in this state or 
country, outside of our large 

Occupying, as it does, two 
complete floors nearly a hun- 
dred feet deep ; supplied as it 
is with extensive and complete 
fonts of all varieties of mod- 
ern type and borders, and hav- 
ing an abundance of job and 
cylinder presses,-thrce of each 
and the only four-roller book 
press in the county ;-and pos- 
sessing these facilities away 
from exorbitant CITY RENTS, 
it is possible to produce the 


"CITIZEN," llion. N. Y. 






t. A.a-aM^a'^B 


















u a; 
bin > 

oT E 
^ - 

»_ <U 
0) c 

t: ^ 

J3 E 













«J — 



V) — 

(rt — 

'S ^ 










c *- 

- 4) 

a. ti 


£ S 



: Q. 

I i 

o — 

5 E 

C -^ 

.2 -S 

<u c 

o ^ 

E « 

t -^ 

9 CO 

k. i/> 

*^ - — 













tr _ 

O rt 



















































^ z 


« u 

CO <1> 




(A Q_ 






































UJ liJ 

o in 





2= Q 

O O 

Oh 0; 
•« U) 

o -5: 




o «r> o 

</^ CO ^ 







on z 
a J O 

< z 2 

> ^ UJ 

UJ ^ a 
z >< I 

O to H 

— IB 

u be 

o « 

"5 V 

t c 

=5 S 

o o 

a T5 

C O) 

S t" 



pC3 O 

















9 t 



D i 

a I 

u ^ 






z * 

(0 .:: 












U] "^ 


















•^ Is 















■ ; > :■ : { 








kun\ and Bnsioess Directory 

— OF — 

Utica, Frankfort and Ilion. 

Compiled and Published by Chas. N. Gaffney, 


June I, 1883. 



UTICA, N. Y. : 

COPYIUOBT 1888, BT C. N. Gaffnkt. 

f e 




A. S. BVSSUiIi * MH, 

UeftlerB in all kinds ot BUILDING HATERTAI8. inclndine Bill Stuff for 

Frame or Brick Buildings; FINISHING LUMBER, including Pine. Asb, 

Cherry anil Walnut; Do»r^, Windowfi. Blinds, Mouldbes, BiwikeU, fence 

Posts. Pickets, &e. ; Shealhing Paper and Vitrified Sewet Pipes, 

Office: 41 Maiu St., ILION. 

Branch Office & Yard : Canal St., FKANKFOBT. 


12 & 14 UNION ST. 

Uuniiyot Wkl?ci >IeklB pefved kt Jiny 1(0111?. 

To Older R>r partlee. altbcr private or public. In Ibe b«H njk* 

Htailqaarurijtir entry EdiUt, Staplt or Faneg. 

Ttw Room* an Centrally Loeateil, ind are Btifctlj 

Tsmpennce Rduidf. 

N ewTork Fancy Groods Store. 




JVo. 18 VA'MOJS' ST., MMjMOJV, JS\ V. 

Charles nigabower, 



UDholstery Goods. 
-^^attreAAea and 9eEtthcri> 

ManufactarerorOmBbtr. Parlor aod 

Kitchen Furnltnre.FancjCablneti. Ll- 

tnaty Book Cwe», Olllcs FdioIidr, 

Ptctnre PnmtDg, RepalrtDg. 





Justice of the (Peace, 

Creneral Insurance & Real Estate Agent, 

■LION, N. Y. 

B In Bank Baildlns, Main Street. 

East Main St.,tlim,H.'/. 

Pluu, CDC Fk>i*en, FJonI t>eel|iDi 

Qrdera y^™P^!1 S'"<'^- 


Dealer in Fine Groceries, Grocto;ware, Glassware, 

Choice Beef, Pork, Uams, Poultry, Fresh Piah & Vegetnbles. 
11 Matn St., ILION, N. V. 



Philo Osgood, Pi\oprieto(\. 

lUON, N. Y. 


nook& ^ <2^imn. 

8 East Main St., ILION, N. T. 



(JKHMAX....IJ.0Y1). .. ANCHOR 
— LlnsB of Trans-Atlantic Steamships. — 

O. B.^RUDD, 



DUioili, File lenlirr, siliir ail FUH Wire 

RepalrlDB PromptlT Done. 

8 Za*t Hun Street, - - UIOIT, H. Y. 

F» li, JioHowt 


Glaring, Graining, 


OSGOOD BLOCK, Otsego cor. Miin, 

AU Wo-k ]»->m!>l!y nllfniled I; and Wan-nnt^. 





-^Steam and (3as Fitt©i-.9^ 





ManufactEren il FINE FAUILT CiRfil&GES, 

Top and Open Birggl«s, 
Single & Doubis SLEICHS, Ac, &o. 

IlilOX. - iV. V. 

MISS M^^fflS Mc£>M^m 

MAIK. COT. Union, HION, N. Y., 

-Minuricturee and DelJr Id— 

Human *!• Hair -f Gpoods^ 


H. e. KEITH, 



13 Opera Houie Block, First Strest, lUON, M. Y. 

574 HjION PIREOTORy— 1883. 


Jobbing & Repairing promptly done. 

> ^t^aSt^ Addret e all Orders to 


M^Mh-"^_ Reside^ice, - - German Flats. 


[PARKER block] 

T\ESIKES to say that he is desirous to supply PLANS, 
INGS of every description, both for City and Country ; and 
superintend their erection, when required. His Ofl&ce will be 
found open every day (working day) from 9 A. M. till 4:30 P. M. 

%M portion of the public patronage is tnost 
respectfully soliciied. •Mny au^ount of Refers 
ences as to the Quality of his W\prk can be 


Respectfully, Ac, 



h* 1b* M^Qrru ^ Son^ 


ILIOTSr, Tsr. Y. 




X53fBfe,^^.mr*«Tf]Bb "'■''* ^•»* Appointed STUDIO 
WSIS^^KKB mffom in Town. 

^^^^^^Vi^ TF^Hi ^ Prices Rtasfliable. Satittectloi Qaaraiteed. 





WiV/ Rent or Share with Firat-dcus Troupes. 


Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Graining, 

Gilding Sc Glazing done in a first- class manner, 


Shop on Otsego St., opp* Planing Mill^ 

RMldence— 68 WEST STREET. ILIONj N. !• 


Explanation of Abbreviations. — Ave., avenue; bet., between; eor., 
corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite; r., residence or resides; sqr., 
sqiiarc: n., north; e., east; w., west; s., south. 

ACKLER FRANK, laborer, r Railroad cor River . 
ACKLER J. H. grocer 10 Otsego, r 21 Railroad 
Ackler Martin, painter, r 57 East Main 
Ackler N. H. farmer, r 77 Otsego 
Ackler Warren, laborer, r 31 West 
Aicheler Frederick, machinist, r 42 Third ave 
AUston James, laborer, r 21 Second ave 
Alexander Reuben, laborer, r Ilion 
Alexander William, r 26 Elm 
Anable A. S. contractor, r East North 
Anable C. W. painter, r 4 James 
Anderson Samuel, laborer, r Second street 
Angel I. A. news agent, r 3 West Clark 
Angel M. D. Chief of Police, r 14 Second 
Anzie Charles, clerk,* r Railroad street 
Armstrong Frederick, book-keeper, r 3 W. North 
Arnold Ai;thnr, gunsmith, r 8 English 
Arnold Walter, gunstocker, r 16 Elm 
Atherton Geo. polisher, r 7 E. River 
Atherton J(»seph, polisher, r 8 E. North 
Atherton William, mechanic, r 10 E. North 
Austin Charles, r 34 Otsego 
AUSTIN C. H. Rev. r 4 John 
Austin Wm. R. 34 Otsego 

BABCOCK RAY, machinist, r 73 Webt 
Bach Miniiii', Mrd. widow, r 53 West 
Baker Albert contractor, r 26 E. Main 
Baker C. E. painter, r.21 First 
Baker Frank, contractor, r 28 E. Main 
Baker J. C, contractor, r 4 First 
Baker Walter, polisher, r 18 Armory Hill 
Baldee G. W., machinist, r bO Otsego 
Baldee John, laborer, r 11 West 
Ball Chas., gunsmith, r 2 W. Canal 
Ball W. R., clerk, r 3 W. Canal 


Ballard J. E., tool maker, r 25 Second 

Bargy Charles, laborer, r 57 Main 

Barbydt John, mechanic, r 28 Elm 

Barlow G. H., inspector type writer dept, r 51 John 

Barret I H. ¥., wagon maker, r 31 West 

Barringer Ohas., laborer, r 8 East Canal 

BARSE FREDEICK, (Miller & Barse) r 28 Morgan 

Bassett W. L, rake maker, r 88 John 

Bates Chaa, laborer, r Montgomery 

Bates John, engineer, r 17 River 

Bates William, engineer, r 6 K North 

Beach Arthur, physician, 20 Otsego, r same 

Beardsley S. L. Miss, r E. Main near Armory 

Beaver John, inspector of gnns, r 23 Railroad 

Beckwith J., painter, r 39 Railroad » 

Bedworth Frank, mechanic, r Fifth ave 

Bedworth Frederick, gunsmith, r Charles 

Bedworth John, mechanic, r Charles 

Bedworth Wm., mechanic, r Charles 

Behan T. J., commercial traveler, r 9 W. North 

Belcher Albert, lawyer and agent for Ohio Mntaal Aid Com- 

5 any, 12 E. Canal, r same 
amee, mechanic, r 5 W. North 
Bell Robert, machinist, r 21 W. North 
Bellinger Lawrence, r 42 E. Main 
Bellinger Milton, machinist, r 11 Second 
Beirne John, mechanic, r 37 W. Clark 
Beins Paul, r 14 W. Canal 
Bennett A. H., mechanic, r 7 Railroad 
Bennett Emmett M., mechanic, r 7 Railroad 
Bennett Fred H., lawyer 4 E. Main, r 7 Railroad 
Bennett F. R., mechanic, r 7 Railroad 
Bennett Hen'ry Rev., r John cor Fourth 
Bennett R. R, salesman, r 7 Railroad 
Bennett Willis, mechanic, r Second 
Benson George, watchmaker, r 38 W. Main 
Benton Warren, r Armory Hill 
Best Henry, poster, r Otsego 
Best Jeremiah, laborer, r Otsego 
Berry William, carpenter and joiner, r 29 Elm 
Beverly David, mechanic, r 51 E. Main 
Blackwell Abraham, carp^snter, r E. North 
Blanchard A. B., machinist, r 28 W. Clark 
Bliss E. L., machinist, r 50 West 
Blood B. F., boilermaker, r 34 E. North 
Boardman Spencer, laborer, r Barringer 
Boeger Emil, shoemaker, r Railroad 

BOKGERSRUD ALEX., grocer 11 W. Main, r^l9 River 
See page 671 


Bornefeld C. filer, r 13 Montgomery 

Bornefeld, Edward, moulder, r 13 Montgomery 

Booth Sim., r West cor Main 

Bradley H. W., foreman, r 14 E. Main 

Brand Charles Edgar, mechanic, r Fourth ave 

Brand Henry, mechanic, r Fourth ave 

Brand Harrison, r Fourth ave 

Brand N., r 32 Morgan 

Brawn Benjamin, teamster, r W. Ilion 

Bremer August, saw filer, r 6 Third 

Bremer Chaa, shoemaker, r 53 West 

BREMER WM., photograpli gallery 2 W. Canal, r 68 Weat. 

See page 576 
Brennan John, laborer, r 23 E. North 
Brenan Malacha, night watchman, r 15 W. Canal 
Brennan Frank, eartman, r 5 Railroad street 
Bridenbecker Zach, laborer, r West Ilion 
Briggs Wm., mechanic, r 23 Second 
Briggs Wm. P., mechanic, r 23 Second 
Brill Addison, r W. Main 
Bronner M. D., contractor, r 5 W. Clark 
Brooks A. E., contract(jr, r 26 Otsego 
Brooks W. E., inspector, r 33 J W. Main 
Brown Alonzo, r Prospect street 
Brown Fmory W., carpenter, r 46 W. Main 
Brown Joseph G., teamster, r Armory Boarding House 
Brown Geo. L, gunsmith, r 8 Fourth 
Brown L. D., polisher, r 4 W. Clark 
Brown O. C, laborer, r Ilion 
Brown Stephen, r rear of 47 W. Main 
Bruce William, r 44 W. Clark 
Bruder George, filer, r 1 Armory Hill 
Bruder Max, mechanic, r Fourth ave 
Buck M. J. Mrs., millinery, 28 Otsego, r 69 West 
Bucker Gotlieb, clothes cleaner, Railroad street, r same 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, r E. Clark 
Bucklin W. B., canvasser, r Cottage street 
Budlong Wm. 1. S., mechanic, r 25 First 
Buell Geo. N., engineer, r English street near Otsego 

Bullard , r 34 Otsego 

Burch Carl, bookkeeper, r 14 Third street 
Burch C. B., clerk 6 E. Main, r 14 Third street 
Burch William, r 14 Third 
Burch S. C, book-keeper, 13 Otseffo, r 14 Third 
Burdett Frank K, machinist, r 7 W. Canal 
Burdick Hiram M., pattern-maker, r E. North 
Burdick James M., inventor, r 7 W. North 
Burke M. L., contractor, r 25 West 


Borke Wm., contractor, r 25 West 
Burnett N. S., contractor, r 13 Railroad 
Bams Alice Mrs., widow, r 30 W. North ^ 
Bnms Alice Miss, dress maker, r 4 Morgan 
Bnrns Mathew, laborer, r 10 West 
Bush L. J., com. traveler, r 8 W. North 
Butler Michael, r 88 W. North 

CAMPBELL H. C, fork maker, r 22 W. North 
Capron Charles, machinist, r Cemetery street 
Caple M. E., r 10 High 
Oaple Frank E., r 10 High 
Carlton A. J., r 84 Morgan 
Carp Christopher, tool maker, r 5 E. Main 
Carpenter C. W., contractor, r 26 Morgan 
Carpenter D. Mrs., r 1 2 Railroad 
Carpenter H. R, machinist, r 26 Morgan 
Carpenter M. Mrs. r 4 W. Canal 
Carney Michael, laborer, r 12 River 
Carney Owen, laborer, r 10 River 
Carney Patrick, laborer, r 10 River 
Carney Patrick, Jr., helper, r 10 River 
Carney Peter, laborer, r 28 River 
Carney Philip, helper, r 10 River 
Carr A. J., teamster, r 18 E. Canal 
Carver Eliza Mrs., r 6 W. Clarke 
Casey George, laborer, r 27 River 
Casler Jacob, teamster, r 37 Railroad 
Casler Perry, teamster, r 8 W. Clark 
Casler R. P., mechanic, r 14 Railroad 
Casparas A. H., clerk, r 10 K Canal 
Castle Horace A., carpenter, r 18 Morgan 
Castle lone Miss, clerk 8 W. Main 
Castle lone Mrs., millinery 8 W. Main, r 18 Morgan 
Caswell Edwin, merchant, r 39 John 
Caswell E. E. gunmaker, r 53 John 
Caswell Howard, agent, r 26 John 
Cave John, r W. Clarke cor Fredrick 
Champlin H. B. painter, r Railroad cor Clark 
Chandler Henry, mechanic, r 55 Third ave 
Chapman E. G. machinist, r 28 Railroad 
Chapman Joseph, steel roller, r 13 Third 
Chapman Joseph A. express agent, r 18 Third 
Chappell Arthur, mechanic, r Fourth aye 
CHAPPEL J. A dry goods. Crockery and paper banging 

6 East Main, r 34 Second 
Chattway James, undertaker 24 Otsego, r same 
Chismore Henry, contractor, r Rand near Third ave. 


Ghismore Jacob, r 20 Second 

Christman T. H. r 68 Otsego 

Christie 0. F. machinist, r 12 W. Clark 

(Christman see Cristman.) 

Claekner C. L painter, r 60 E. Main 

Clackner L. F. machinist, r 60 £. Main 

Clair John, laborer, r Armory Boarding House 

Clancey Martin, laborer, r 12 River 

Clapsaddle Andrew, laborer, r 16 West 

Clapsaddle Fred, laborer, r 25 R Clark 

Clapsaddle Peter N. mechanic, r 7 Third ave 

Clarke Allie, mechanic, r Fonrth ave 

Clarke John, moulder, r 41 John 

Clarke Owen, mechanic, r Fonrth ave 

Clarke Russell D. tinsmith, r Fourth ave 

Clarke J. D. Mrs. music teacher 4 East Main, r North Ilion 

Clarke L. F. r 55 West 

Clarke Enis P. mechanic, r 32 Third ave 

Clayton Henry, gunsmith, r 12J W. North 

Clayton John, machinist, r 42 Otsego 

Clayton Joshna, machinist, r 69 West 

Clayton Oswell, moulder, r 34 Otsego 

Cleary Daniel, laborer, r 3 K Canal 

Clegg Oeorge, paper hanger, south end of First ave 

Cleveland 8. H. carpenter, r Third ave 

Clinton Mra r4 E. Canal 

Clives George, r 3 Third 

Clives George, painter, r 37 Second ave 

Clive Henry, machinist, r 7 Second ave 

Clive Stephen, machinist, r 7 Second ave* 

Cole C. N. mechanic, r Second ave 

Coleman Edwin, painter, r 13 Elm 

COLEMAN FREDRICK, (F. Coleman & CoO r Jamea 

COLEMAN F & CO. (F. Coleman & N. R Osgood,) car- 
riage manufacturers Morgan cor Main. See page 578 

Coleman William, carriage ironer, r Elm 

Collins E. D. mechanic, r Clark 

Comstock F. F. physician, r 32 Morgan 

Condon Christopner, laborer, r 40 River 

Cone W. T. mechanic, r 5 John 

Conkling George, lawyer, r 20 R North 

CONKLING JAMES, lawyer 4 R Main, r 13 W. Clark 

Conkling James, r East Canal 

Con ley James, laborer, r 36 W. North 

Cook, R. F. inventor, r 1 E. Clark 

Cooper Z. R clerk, 10 Otsego, r 9 John 

COPPERNOLL GEORGE L eating house 12 and 14 Union, 
r same. See page 570 


Cornell Thomas, laborer, r Second 

Cox Wm. S. tool maker, r 13 W. Canal 

Crawford Robert, painter, r 21 W. Clark 

Cramer William i. painter, 69 West 

Crandall C. R r 43 West 

Crandall Erastus, carpenter, r 48 West 

Craney John, mechanic, r 11 Montgomery 

Creysler Flora Miss, short-hand writer, r 47 West 

Crim Edward, soap manufactnrer 46 River, r same 

CRISTMAN WM. Je. liveryman 6 Morgan, r same 

Crosby Lake, laborer, r 23 W. North 

Crosby Patrick, mechanic, r 10 W. Canal 

Crumb F. Mrs. r Railroad 

Crumb Walter, r Railroad 

Cryan Patrick, polisher, r 29 E. North 

Culver Dewitt, mason, r rear of 22 West 

Culver George, laborer, r 1 Canal 

Cummings John, gnumaker, r 34 Otsego 

Curry William H. hook-keeper, r E. North cor Cottage 

CUTTER GEORGE W. postmaster, r 6 First 

DALY JOHN, tjarpenter, r 16 W. Canal 
Daly Patrick, mechanic, r 10 Third ave 
Dally C. M. clerk, r 78 Otsego 
Danforth Charles A. civil engineer, r 11 W. Clark 
Daniels Ira, mechanic, r Osgood House 
Darby C. H. book keeper, r Second ave 
Davis Elizabeth, r W. Clark 
Davis Frederick, works at armorj'^, r 22 West 
Davis George T. mechanic, r Charles 
Davis James, blacksmith, r Main 
Davis John, nickel plater, r Fifth ave 
Davison W. M. clerk, r 8 East Clark 
Day Charles, musician, r 69 Otsego 
Day George V. contractor, r 32 John 
Day John 0. machinist, r 88 Third ave 
Day Julius C. cabinet maker, r 71 Otsego 
Day William, laborer, r 69 Otsego 
Dean Morris, machinist, First 
Delaney John, r 9 W. Canal 
Delano Clark, carriage maker, r 11 W. Canal 
Delano D. C. carriage trimmer, r 11 W. Canal 
Delano Edson Mra r 20 Morgan 
Del try S. H. tinsmith; r 61 E. Main 
DENNIS A. F. contractor and builder Morgan cor West, r 

25 West See page 571 
Devendorf Charles M. book-keeper, r West 
Devendorf, E. W. machinist, r 9 Second 


Devoe, D. D. Mrs. r 25 E. Main 

Deyle, William H. mechanic, r Cemetery street 

DicksoD, E. teamster, r 47 John 

Dickinson Elsworth, clerk, r John 

Dickerman A. 0. Mrs. r 14 Armory Hill 

Dielendorf Charles, book-keeper, r 24 West 

Diss Loais, machinist, r 26 Third ave 

Dod^e Walter, mechanic, r Second 

Dodson Mr»». widow, r CharK s 

Dodson William, mechanic, r 12 Elm 

Donoboe Michael, mason, r 8 W. North 

Doolittle George, mechanic, r 12 E. Clark 

Dorflin^er Enoch, laborer, r 6 E. Clark 

Doty, A. E. wagon maker, r 14 W. Clark 

DOUGLAS A. J. physician and surgeon 5 Second, r West 

cor Sc cond 
Dowd Patrick, laborer, r 41 E. North 
Downs Joseph V. (Ogden & Downs,) r 6 John 
Doyle Bridget A. domestic, r 43 West 
Doyle James, moulder, r Railroad cor Clark 
Doyle Patrick D. mechanic, r Central Hotel 
Draper E. M. druggist Railroad cor Canal, r Osgood House 
Drennan Michael, laborer, r 17 E. Clark 
Drennan Thomas, machinist, r 17 E. Clark 
Duckrow Frank, book-keeper, r 82 Main 
Duckrow Mary Miss, fancy goods 8 Main, r 80 Morgan 
Duckworth John, tool maker, r 55 Main 
Dngan John, laborer, r 36 W. North 
Dunn James, blacksmith, r 11 R Clark 
Durrenbeck, J. F. carriage painter, r 52 £. Main 
Dusham, Joseph P. clerk, r 12 W. North 
Dutcher A. J. bot)k-keeper, r 3 English 
Dygert Charles, mechanic, r armory boarding .house E. Main 
Dygert Daniel, book-keeper, r Fourth ave, West Hill 
Dygert D. H. machinist, r Third cor John 
Dyett G. H. draughtsman, r First ave cor Second 
Dygert James M. malster, r 12 Morgan 
Dygert Jane Mrs. r 35 West 

EARL WILLIAM W. mechanic, r 7 R Clark 
Eaton C. H. cutter, r 16 Morgan 
Eaton N. merchant tailor, 10 Union, r 16 Morgan 
Eckert Frank, clerk, r Railroad street 
Edick George H. laborer, r Montgomery near Third 
Edkins William, gunsmith, r 48 Tliird ave 
ELDRIDGE CYRUS, carpenter and builder German Flats, 

P. O. address, Ilion, N. Y. See page 574 
Elliott W. H. inventor, r Osgood House 


Empsall Bethel, tool maker, r W. Clark cor Frederick 

Empey John P. laborer, r E. Canal 

Engham Fannie Mre. widow, r 19 River 

England John, gunsmith, r 66 West 

EnoB William, machinist, r4 W. Clark 

Ensign Gilbert, teamster, r 15 West 

Enslow H. F. laborer, r I lion 

Evans C. F. mechanic, r E. North 

FAGAN NICHOLAS, teamster, r 21 [River 
Fagan Thomas, blacksmith, r 15 West 
Fairchild F. M., mechanic, r Third cor John 
Fake Edward, mechanic, r Cottage 
Fake E. A. teamster, r E. Clark 
Fallon Patrick, laborer, r 88 W. North 
Farmer H. J. farmer,, r 59 E. Main 
Farmer William, machinist, r 20 Second ave 
Farnell William, blacksmith, r 80 W. Clark 
Fay Chas. B., gnnsmith, r 2 W. Canal 
Fellows Newton Mrs., widow, r 80 E. Main 
Fesel John, laborer, r W. Clark 
Fesel Philip, mechanic, r 42 West 
Finn Ann Mrs. widow, r 38^ W. North 
Finn John, r 8 W. Canal 
Finn Thomas, laborer, r 81 River 
Finnegan Lawrence, laborer, r 12 Second ave 
Fitzgerald John, r 10 W. Canal 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, r Montgomery 
Fldhaven Patrick, gun stocker, r 38 Morgan 
Flint Edward, polisher, r Morfi:an cor First 
Flanders Moses, contractor, r 19 E. Clark 
Foley Daniel, blacksmith, r 85 E. Main ' 

Foley M. cabinet maker, r 21 John 
Foley Patrick, laborer, r East 
Foley Thomas, laborer, r 40 W. North 
FoUick Wm. R, carpenter, r 77 Otsego 
Folts E. D., billiard parlor, 24 First 
Folts George, laborer, r Main 
Folts Isaac, foundry man, r 14 River 
Folts John, teamster, r 35 Railroad 
Foothorape Frederick, japaner, r 5 Grant 
Foothorape Wm. ornamenter, r 3 Grant 
Ford Frank, r 54 Main 
Foster C. H. machinist, r 22 First ave 
Fowler L. J. pedler, r 7 John 
Fox William, mechanic, r Third ave 
Francis E. R. painter, r Main cor West 
Francis Mr. r 18 Morgan 


Fried John, mason, r Charles 

FURRER £. J. MRS. dry and fancy goods 18 Union, r same. 
See page 570 

GAFFNEY JOHN, laborer, r 18 E. North 
. Garner Nelson, baggage master, r Morgan cor Third 
Ganeard T. H. contractor, r Osgood Honse 
Gates Phineas, r 62 W. Main 
Gearmann John, grocer 38 Third ave, r same 
Georey Delia, teamster, r 4 John 
Getman Charles, clerk, r 30 Morgan 
Getman Ellen Mrs. clerk, r 8 W. Main 
Getman H. W. carpenter, r 72 Otsego 
Getman Lyman, r 80 Market 
Getman Mathew, teamster, r 4 W. North 
Getman Sanford, r 80 Morgan 
Getman Wm., laborer, r Ilion 
Gey wits D. A. mechanic, r James 
Gibbins Ferguson, laborer, r 16 H North 
Giblin I. George, book-keeper, r 30 West 
GIBLIN JOHN A- (Roche & Giblin) r 30 West 
Giblin Michael, blacksmith, r 80 West 
Giblin Michael Jr. tiler, r 10 Second 
Gibson Andrew, moulder, r 3 W. Clark 
Gibson David, contractor, r 19 Railroad 
Giddings Chaa H. gunsmith, r 31 W. Clark 
Giliet C. D. farmer, r Barringer 
Gillet S. C. Mrs. r 4 Morgan 
Gilligan John, r 12 W. North 
Gilligan J. F. clerk, r Railroad 
Glatthart William, tool maker, r Central Hotel 
Gleason Dennis, mechanic, r 31^ W. Clark 
Gleasou Dennis, laborer, r 78 W'est 
Gleason John, machinist, r 76 West 
Gleason Maurice, filer, r 18 W. Canal 
Gloechler Jacob, barber, r 35 North 
Gofi Chas. B. mechanic, r Charles 
Golden D. M. r Main 
Gorrey John, mechanic, r 4 John 
Ooo r. W. machinist, r 83 Otsego 
Gray Albert, clerk, r 16 Elm 
Gray Alfred, clerk, r 6 Elm 
Gray Cbas. M. clerk, r 16 Elm 
Gray George, machinist, r 88 Main 
Gray Henry, r 16 Elm 
Gray William, carpenter, r £. Canal 
Green B. R cartman, r 8 English 
Green John, laborer, r Ilion 



Green Martin, laborer, r 37 W. Clark 

Green W. C. carpenter and bnilder, r 15 Jdhn 

Green Zalmon Mrs. r 7 W. Canal 

Green K C. ^^nstocker, r 59 £. Clark 

Greenman Jonn, moalder, r Barringer 

GreenoQght Geo. machinist, r 32 £. North 

GrofE Harry, teamster, r 89 W. North 

Groom Alfoneo, mason, r 32 W. Clark 

Gridley J no. B. sexton of Cemetery, r 1 Grove 

Gridley John E operative, r 1 Grove 

Grimes Frank, r W. Clark 

Grimes W. J. stoves and tinware 27 First, r 72 West 

Grimshaw Wm. BL. clerk, r 5 West 

Ganston Stephen, painter, r 8 Third 

HAKES & SON, (Harvey and Seward) florists 39 to 48 E. 

Main. See page 571 
HAKES SEWARD, (Hakes & Son,) r E North 
HAKES HARVEY, (Hakes & Sob,) r E North 
Hagen Frank, r 10 W. Canal 
Hall Charles, clerk 3 W. Main, r E North 
Hall Harvey, clerk 3 W. Main, r E. North 
Hall John, mason, r 46 E North 
Hallinell Samuel, tool maker, r 1 West 
Hamilton James, typewriter, r 10 Second 
Hamen George, coachman at S. Remington's 
Hamm James £). carpenter, r 13 Rand 
Hammond Boyd A. iron worker, r Railroad street near Canal 
Hammond Edwin, r 2 Otsego cor Morgan 
Hammond Frank, boards 33 E. Main 
Hammond Morgan, blacksmith, r E. Canal 
Hannahs John Jay, r Osgood House 
Hard William, boss malster, r 10 W. Canal 
Harrington John, flier, r 9 E. Clark 
Harrington Mrs. Eliza, r 50 West 
HARRIS J. K. P. painter Otsego opposite Cemetery street, 

r 62 West. See page 575 
Harter Charles, insurance agent, r Armory cor Cemetery 
Harter E. M. mechanic, r English near Otsego 
Harter Mrs. Mary, r 2 West 
Hartford M. D. machinist, r 52 West 
Hartford Williarti, machinist, r 17 W. Clark 
Hartson John, tinsmith, r 61 E. Main 
Hassler Jacob, laborer, r 31 West 
Hastings G. W. type maker, r 73 Otsego 
Hathaway Alfred, laborer, r 6 Second ave 
Hathaway Nelson, mechanic, south end First ave 
Hanger William, clerk 3 W. Main, r E North 
Hanger, William, carpenter, r 42 E North 



Haughton R A. operative, r 85 W. Main 

HayeB CorDelins Jr. mason, r 81 E. North 

Hayes Gornelins, mason, r 31 E. North 

Hayes Ellen, r Montgomenr near Third ave 

Heaps John Henry, r 9 West 

Hecox Charles, engraver, r 4 River 

Heiland Lonis, eartman, r Cemetery street 

Held Jacob, machinist, r 20 West 

Hehner Lawrence, r 16 Railroad 

Helsch August, operative, r 4 Remington ave 

Hepburn ll L. gunsmith, r 27 W. Clark 

Herbert Henry, r 7 West 

Herrick Albert, laborer 

Hess Henry J. harness maker, r Union near First 

Hierholcer Leopold, street commissioner, r 19 W. Canal 

Higgins Mike, laborer, r 31 W. North 

Higgius Patrick Mrs. widow, r 27 E. North 

Hills Charles, wood workman, r 18 First ave 

Hilliard Charles N. gunsmith, r Fourth ave 

Hills George C. clerk shoe store, r 18 First 

Hinman E. R r 11 W. Canal 

Hitchcock Mrs. H. L r Morgan cor Third 

Hitchcock, Mrs. Nellie, widow, r 67 West 

Hoefler Jacob, mechanic, r 30 Third avenue 

Hoefler John, superintendent, r 16 E. Main 

Hoefler John L tool maker, r 16 E. Main 

Hoefler Philip, mechanic, r 4 E. Clark 

Hoefler William H. book- keeper, r 16 E. Main 

Hoefler Charles G. clerk, r 1 6 E Main 

Hofman Leopold, machinist, r 53 Third ave 

Hohner Jacob, mechanic, r 56 West 

Hohner John, mechanic, r 56 West 

Holland Thomas, butcher 23 First, r cor West and Third 

Hollar George, laborer, r 67 West 

Holler John, mechanic, r Cemetery street 

Homan Jacob, mechanic, r 64 West 

Horlburt Charles E pistol inspector, r 4 West 

Horner J. R mechanic, r 6 E North 

Horrocks William, boss carpenter, r Main cor West 

HORTON FRANK L. painter Osgood block Otsego cor 

Main, r Barringer street. See page 572 
Horton Jennie, dressmaker, r Barringer 
Hbrton William, miller, r Barringer 
Hosp Abraham, r 20 W. Canal 
Hotaling Reuben, clerk, r W. Canal 
HOTALING WILLIAM, grocer Main opposite Otsego, r 6 

E. Canal 
Houghton C. J. gunsmith, r 3 English 


Hoase Herbert, r Main cor Weet 

Hoase Seward, painter, r Main cor West 

Howard R W. wagon maker, r 6 James 

Howlett Sallj Mrs. r 50 E. Main 

Howard Thomas, laborer, r E. Clark 

Howell B. J. C. inventor, r Osgood Hoase 

Hojt O. £. gunsmith, r 23 John 

Hubbard Oharles H. farnitnre, r 6 Morgan 

Hubbard Frank W. mechanic, r 28 Second 

Hubbard Joseph H. mechanic, r 28 Second 

Hubbard Merrick, farmer, r 88 E. North 

Hubbard S. M., mechanic, r 38 E. North 

Hughes John W. r 15 High 

Humphrey Robert, carriage painter, r 2 River 

Humiston Willard, mechanic, Second ave 

Hunt J. D. Mrs. proprietor Central Hotel Railroad st, r same 

Hunter Wm. mechanic, r Fifth ave 

Huntley R r 42 John 

Hurd A. 0. watch maker 2 First, r West 

Hutchins C. H. clerk, r 6 Cemetery 

HUTOHINS GEO. C. lawyer 4 E. Main, r 6 Cemetery 

Hutchins J. H. book-keeper r 6 Cemetery 

Hutchinson Thomas, tailor, rl2 E. Canal 

Hyland Rev. J. F. pastor of Church of Annunciation, r 87 E. 

Hyland Sigwood, mechanic, r 37 K Main 
Hyland Theodore, mechanic, r Main 

1LLE JOSEPH, machinist, r 46 Third ave 
niig Alexander, farmer, r Main 
Ilion National Bank, 4 E. Main 
Ilion and Mohawk Gas Co., E. Canal 
IngersoU John, r Otsego cor John 
Ingham C. S. r 18 Second 
Irlam John, contractor, r Prospect, Second ave 
Istas Joseph, machinist, r 49 Third ave 

JACKSON RANDOLPH, coachman, r 27 Elm 
Jackson Wm. H. barber Central Hotel, r same 
Janes Walter, mechanic, Charles 
Jennie Chas. mechanic, r 10 Elm 
Jennie W. K. type writer, r 18 John 
Jennings Henry 1). raehanic, r 19 Morgan 
JEPSON C. S. stationer 8 W. Main, r 42 Otsego 
Jess Al, machinist, r 58 Third ave 
Jess Samuel, moulder, r 24 E. Main 
Jochmus Herman, machinist, r 27 John 
Joerissen Fred, filer, r 50 John 


Joerissen Lewis, machinist, r 8 Foarth 

Johnson Carlton, carpenter 

Johnson C. H. contractor, r 17 Railroad 

Johnson Edmund, r 9 Cemetery 

Johnson Frank, laborer, r 1 £. Canal 

Johnson Euficene, moulder, r Railroad cor Clark 

Johnson Geo. L. carpenter, r Second ave 

Johnson J. A. contractor, r 9 Cemetery 

Johnson J. D. tool maker, r 11 High 

Johnson J. L. mechanic, r W. Clark 

Johnson Walter, mechanic, r W. Clark 

Johnson Wm. B, r 27 Third ave 

Jones A. H. machinist, r 7 Cemetery 

Jones Lewis B. book-keeper, r 45 W. Main 

Jones Mrs. J. H. boarding house. Railroad cor Clark 

Jones Richard, carpenter, r 9 River 

Jones R W. book-keeper, r Osgood House 

Joslin C. H. mechanic, r 3 R River 

Joslin J. W. Mrs. r 26 First 

Joslin R J. laborer, r 3 E. Main near Armory 

Joy Henry L. clerk, r Second 

KANE MITCHELL, grocer, r 18 E. North 
Kavajiaueh Patrick, laborer, r North 
Kavanaugh Martin, teamster, r North 
Keach Oeo. moulder, r 11 E. Canal 
KEITH H. C. boot and shoe dealer 18 First, r 10 W. ClarL 

See page 673 
Keller John, blacksmith 84 West, r same 
Kellow Mrs. Charlotte, widow, r 62 E. Main 
Kendell Mr& teacher, r 25 Otsego 
Kent Chas. teamster, r E. Main near Armory 
Kemble C. E. r 1 E. River 
Kemble Chas. R foreman, r 1 E. River 
Kerr Neil, type writer, r 36 John 
Kinney J. W. brewer, r 87 Otsego 
KINNEY S. H. proprietor National Hotel, r same 
Kinnie J. W. foreman brewery, r 87 Otsego 
Kinnie Manuel, mover, r 17 Second 
King Mrs. widow, r Second 
King W. S. laborer, r 22 Second ave 
Kitzmiller Mrs. Wm. widow, r 8 Second 
Kline E. r 6 Elm 

Kling Charles, carpenter, r Fourth ave 
Kliug John W. carpenter, r Fourth ave 
King Wm. book-keeper, r Fourth ave 
Krug Henry, tool maker, r 39 E. Main 
Knnze August, machinist, r 46 E. North 


LAHEY JOHN, polisher, r Railroad cor Clark 
Landt Sheridan, mechanic, r 30 E. Main 
Lane Cha& ^nnmaker, r 6 West 
Lane Ohas. student, r 6 West 
Lankton E. painter, r English near Otsego 
Larkin Thomas, r 29 W. Worth 
Lathrop F. F. accountant, r 88 Otsego 
Lawson E. F. mechanic, r Barringer road 
Lawton Marv, widow, r North 
Leach Geo. L overseer, r 36 Morgan 
Leahy D. mechanic, r Osgood Uonse 
Leddy Peter, machinist, r 7 Elm 
Lee James A. laborer, r 50 E. Main 
Lee James P. inventor, r 1 Second ave 
Leech James S. foreman Agl. Works, r 24 W. North 
Lemi^rt Mrs, Rose, r 74 West 
Leoner George, machinist, r 61 Third ave 
Leonard J. B. filer, r 37 W. Main 
LeBoy Delavan J. grocer 2 Block, r 15 Railroad 
LESTER ELIOT T. jnstice of the peace and book-keeper, r 

53 K Main 
LESTER G. E. grocer 9 W. Main, r 53 E Main 
Lester Thomas, mechanic, r 53 E. Main 
Lever Alfred, blacksmith, r 44 E. North 
Lever James, polisher, r 19 W. North 
Lever John, agricultural works, r R Canal. 
Lever Robert, r 11 Montgomery 
Lever Sanford, polielier, r E. Canal 
Lewis Albert F. r E, Canal 

Lewis Charles E. meat market 11 W. Main, r 40 John 
Lewis David, cashier Ilion National Bank, r 34 West 
Lewis Marshall, book-keeper, r 18 W. North 
Lewis William J. r 48 West 
Lewis William P. photographer Main cor Railroad, r 48 

Lole Frank, mason, r W. Ilion 
Long Luke, gardener, r 10 Canal 
Loomis J. J. carriage maker, r Shulls Hill 
Luce C. B. toolmaker, r 15 W. Clark 
Luke Charles E. machinist, r 4 E. North 
Lutz Bartholomew, shoemaker, r 34 W. Clark 
Lyman E. C. machinist, r 12 John 
Lynch, C. D. grocer, 4 W. Main, r Railroad cor River 
Lyons Michael, carpenter, r 33 Railroad 


ABEN H. B. physician and surgeon 22 Morgan, r same 
Maben William S. Hamilton College student, r 22 



Hacking A. M. Mrs. r 32 West Clark 

Maloy Martin, r 10 W. Canal 

Mancrgang Anton, mechanic, r 70 West 

Marbaver Peter, shoemaker Main cor Railroad, r 14 Second 

Markline John, filer, r 11 Eand 
Martin H. W. jeweler 2 First, r 81 Otsego 
Marsh John, mechanic, r 20 East North 
Marsland John, r 3 West 
Mathews Charles, watchmaker, r 17 West 
Mathews Hugh, laborer, r 17 West 
Mathews Hugh P. clerk, r 17 West 
Mathews J. mechanic, r Railroad cor Clark 
Mathews J. Mrs. widow, r 5 Morgan 
Mauser F. C mechanic, r 60 West 
Maxey Andrew, r Main cor West 
McCann James, tailor, r 34 W. North 
McCann Martin, tailor, r 25 £. North 
McCoy Edmond, patternmaker, r 25 K North 
McFagan Patrick, laborer, r 47 W. North 
McFarlan David, r 48 Main 
McGary William, filer, r 3 River 
McGraw George, wagon maker, r 25 W. Clark 
McGraw Patrick, mason, r North 
McGuiness James, laborer, r 5 river 
McKean Thomas, mechanic, r 19 W. Clark 
McKeon James, oiler, r 10 W. Canal 
McLean Daniel H. shipper and receiver, r 3 Armory Hill 
MoLEAR MAGGIE Miss, hair goods Main cor Union, r 

same. See page 573 
McLoughlin Thomas, r 36 W. Clark 
Meehan Patrick, laborer, r Montgomery near Third ave 
Mentz, C. R. shipper, r E. Clark 
Mentz John P. snipper, r 52 West 
MERRY SEWARD (L. L. Merrv & Son,) r 17 John 
MERRY L L & SON, grocers, "r E. Main cor Otsego. See 

page 575 
MERRY L L (L L. Merry & Son,) r 44 John 
Millar William, locksmith, r 65 West 
Miller Alex, machinist, r 5 Elm 
Miller Anson, mechanic, r 40 E. North 
Miller Catharine Mra r 14 W. Canal 
Miller Charles, filer, r 7 Elm 
Miller John C. machinist, r 60 Otsego 
MILLER WILLARD, (Miller & Barse,) r Canal 
Miller Joseph, laborer, r Second 
Miller Robert, mechanic, r Second 
MILLER & BARSE, (Willard Miller and Frederick Barse,) 

restaurant, Main 


Melstead Thomas, laborer, r I lion 

Misfieldt William, mechanic, r Second 

Mitchel Thomas £L carpenter, r 19 Biver 

Moolick Bridget, widow, r31 W. North 

Monroe J. AUen, machinist, r 67 West 

Montgomery Asa, machinist, r 8 High 

Morelli Anthony, confectionery 8 Union, r same 

Morgan A. A. feed mills W. Main, r 82 West 

Morgan A. D. lawyer, r 82 West 

Morgan David, collector, r 10 Morgan 

Morgan D. L. r Ilion 

Moran John, laborer, r 25 Biver 

Morgan Thomas, machinist, r 40 West 

More Edward, r 13 Third ave 

Morse M M. machinist, r Montgomery 

Moyer John, teamster, r 3 E. Canal 

Mansell H. J. clerk, r Canal 

Murphy Frank, tinsmith, r 22 W. North 

Mnrray John, machinist, r 9 W. Canal 

Myers Fanny, teacher, r 25 Otsego 

NAGLE JOHN, carpenter, r 8 Third ave 
Nagle Thomas, laborer, r 54 R Main 
Nase John, mechanic, r Second 
Neal Thomas, r Otsego 
Neale Henry, butcher,^ r Ilion 
Neale John, book-keeper, r 8 John 
Neary Peter, moulder, r West cor Otsego 
Nebhut George, laborer, r Charles 
Nelson George, r 23 Otsesro 
Nelson James, laborer, r Third ave 
Nelson Boger, gunsmith, r 58 West 
Nellis A. D. r 12 Armory Hill 
Nesbitt Nathan G. r 22 W. Clark 
Neiskin N. r 1 W. Canal 
NEWTH N. J. hardware 10 Otsego, r 75 West 
Newth G. W. insurance agent, r 65 John 
Newhouse G. L carpenter, r 9 John 
Newhonse J. W. carpenter, r 2 E. Clark 
Nichols B. r North 

Nichols Daniel, carpenter,^ r 76 Otsego 
Nichols, J. S. machinist, r 25 K Clark 
Niles L W. patternmaker r 54 John 
Niles Samuel, laborer, r 45 West 

Neirskin r Bailroad cor Clark 

Neirskin Eugene, moulder, r Bailroad cor Clark 
Nigabower August, cabinet maker, r First ave 



NIGABOWEB CHARLES, furnitare dealer 18 W. Main, r 7 

K Clark. See page 570 
Norton W. O. r 69 West 

O'BRIEN M. O. real estate and insurance agent and justice 
of the peace, K Main, bank building, r Osgood House. 

See page 571 
O'Hara John, r 68 West 
O'Hara Peter, laborer, r 29 River 
O'Neil John, laborer, r 9 High 
O'Reilly Philip, carriage maker, r 48 E Main 
Odell William, r 7 W. Canal 

Ogden, J. P. druggist, (Ogden & Downs,) r 2 W. North 
Ogden & Downs, (Joseph P. Ogden and Joseph V. Downs,) 

druggists, 16 Otsego 
Oliver George, tool maker, r 42 E. Main 
Olney J. C. mechanic, r Second 
Onyans Isaac T. engineer, r 16 Armory Hill 
Onyans William, contractor, r 16 Armory Hill 
Ovan Frederick, carpenter, r 14 First ave 
Orendoflf F. laborer, r 10 Morgan 
Ormond Michael, gunsmith, r 21 R North 
Osboume Robert, machinist, r 86 Otsego 
OSGOOD D. D. barber Osgood House, r Second cor Fourth 
Osgood D. H. barber, r Second cor Fourth 
Osgood J. L. r 10 W. Clark 
OSGOOD N. R. (F. Coleman & Co.) 
Osgood P. D. clerk (Osgood House,) r same 
OSGOOD PHILO, proprietor Osgood House Main cor Otsego, 

r sf^me. See page 572 
Cutwater John, painter and glazier, r E. Canal 
Cutwater James, painter, r 36 Third ave 
Owens Hugh, laborer, r 14 E. North 
Owens John, r 28 W. North 

PADDOCK C. M, gunsmith, r E. Canal 
Paddock David, machinist, r Morgan cor Otsego 
Paddock C. machinist, r 45 West 
Paddock Stephen, laborer, r 1 E. Canal 
Palmer Arnold, merchant, r 36 Third ave 
Palmer James, machinist, r Prospect 
Palmer Maria, widow, r 2 Prospect 
Panshall A. G. tailor, r W. Uion 

Paolo Frateske, confectionery Otsego opp Armory, r same . 
Parker J. G. machinist, r 2 Grove 
Parkerson G. W. watchmaker, r 33 John 
Parks George, machinist, r Fifth ave 
Parks Thomas, r Otsego cor English 
Parsons John, mechanic, r Second 


Partiss Fred W. gnnmaker, r English near Otsego 
Paschke Fred, filer, r 33 W. Olark 
Patterson A. mechanic, r £. Main 
Patterson Joseph, laborer, t Second 
Patterson Louisa, widow, r Second 
Peck Jackson, wood turner, r 9 Bailroad 
Pelton J. B. hardware 12 Otsego, r 32 Main 
Pelton J. R book-keeper, r 35 John 
Penny R boarding house, 84 Otsego 
Penny John, r 27 Otsego 
Perkins Anna Miss, teacher, r 32 Otsego 
Perkins R. mechanic, r 7 W. Clark 
Petingill Charles A. mechanic, r 12 Bailroad 
Petrie H. r M^in 

Petrie Harvey, carpenter, r 47 W. Main 
Petrie Irvin, machinist, r 25 £. Main 
Petrie J. A. harness and trunks 16 Otsego, r at Mohawk 
, Petrie Judson, polisher, r 38 W. Main 
Petrie 0. E. machinist, r 47 West 
Pettingill Albert, r 77 Otsego . 
Phillips Horace, laborer, r, E. North 
PHILLIPS S. S. (Robinson & Phillips,) r 20 Morgan 
Pickert Dewitt, blacksmith, r 9 E. Canal 
Pickert Frederick, operative, r 6 Remington ave 
Pierson John, r Main cor West 
Pierce John T. gun maker, r 6 River 
Plastridge Eugene M. clerk 2 E. Main,tr at Mohawk 
Ploss L. J. Mrs. r 55 Third ave 
Plumb H. B. book-keeper, r 4 Grove 
Plumb Mra widow. Second 

Poland Addison, principal Union School, r 14. West 
Post N. r 31 ,First 

Powell Frank, mechanic, r Osgood House 
Powers Edward, janitor, r 16 Second ave 
Powers J. F. clerk National Hotel, First, r same 
Powers Thomas, polisher, r 2 Third ave 
Priest William, laborer, r W. Ilion 
Prijot Alfred, engraver, r 12 West 
Pugh William C. laborer, r E. Clark 
Puner J. A. contractor, r 23 E. Clark 
Putnam Laura, widow, r 27 Third ave 

QUAIFE CHABLES E. machinist, r 31 E. Main 
Qnaife Frank N. book-keeper, r 13 West 

Quaife Henry, moulder, r 31 E. Main 
Quaife Walter, moulder^ r 31 E. Main 
Qualter Edward, r Main cor West 
Quinilty Mary, widow, r Montgomery 



RAND ALLANSON, r 24 First ave 
Banken A. K machinist, r 4 Fourth 
Rapp Richard, coachman, r 16 £. Main 
Rapp John, painter, r 10 High 
Rasbach Benj. F. farmer, r 18 £. Canal 
Rasbach George O. lawyer 4 £. Main Bank Bailding, r 39 £. 

Rasbach James L physician 2 Morgan, r same 
Rasbach John A. farmer, r 13 £. Canal 
RASBACH J. A. Jr. meat market Otsego cor Second, r 30 

Rasbach J. W. forger, r 82 Otsego 
Razier John S., widow, r Cemetery 

Reader J. J. Rev. pastor Baptist church, Otsego above Fonrth 
Redway A. P. Mrs. r 23 Morgan 
Red way Charles B. clerk, r 23 Morgan 
Redway Estate, dry goods Osgood Block, W. Main 
Redway E. P. clerk, r 23 Morgan 

Reese F. propietor stage line Morgan cor Third, r 41 West 
Reese W. H. Rev. r 15 Second 
Remington Agricultural Co. Works, R Clark 
Remington Carver, r 14 John 
REMINGTON E. & SONS, (Philo and Eliphalet,) maaafac- 

tarers ot rifles, sewing machines, type writers and agrical- 

tnral implements. Office and works Otsego street 
Remington Eliplialet, (E. Remington & Sons,) r 26 John 
Remington Philo (E. Remington & Sons), r Armory place 
Rhoda William H. tinsmith, r 37 W. North 
Riboilon William, mechanic, r Fifth ave 
Rice G. P. carpenter, r 80 Otsego » 

Richards Robert, gunsmith, r 36 W. North 
Richardson George D. book-keeper Ilion National Bank, r 22 

Richardson Julias C. mechanic, r 22 Otsego 
RICHARDSON THOMAS, lawyer 4 E. Main, r 64 W. Main 
Richardson William, mechanic, r 57 John 
Rickard Thomas, mechanic, r 10 Second ave 
Rider J. inventor, r Osgood House 
Riley Thomas, mason, r 44 E. Main 
Riley Thomas J. mechanic, r 8 Third ave 
Ringwood Patrick, mechanic, r Central Hotel 
Ringwood Thomas, contractor, r 4 Armory street 
Risedore Clarence, mechanic, r 18 E. North 
Rivers A. A. toolmaker, r 46 Third ave 
Rix George, machinist, r 40 Third ave 
Rix John, machinist, r English near Otsego 
Roberts Thomas G. toolmaker, r 2 Remington ave 
Robinson Charles, carpenter, r Ilion 


ROBINSON a W. (Robinson & Phillips) r 87 John 
ROBINSON & PHILLIPS, (G. W. Robinson and 8. S. 

Phillips), boots and shoes, 17 First 
Robson J.I). laborer, r Second street 
Robson J. D. carpenter, r Seond street 
ROCHE EDMUND, fRoche & Giblin), r89 West 
Roche John Mrs. r 84 East Main 
Roche M. N. gunsmith, r 83 E. North 
ROCHE & GIBLIN, (Edmnnd Roche and John A. Giblin), 

coal dealers & steamship agents 8 W. Main. See page 572 
Rogers Wm. H. blacksmith, r 29 John 
Root W. A. carpenter, r 8 W. Clark 
Roscup George, laborer, r 7 High 
Rose C. D. book-keeper, r ST Rand 
Rose Ernest, mechanic, r 41 Fourth ave 
Rosien Fred, mechanic, r 49 John 
Rossinsky Alexander, cigarmaker, r W. Canal 
Ross A. M. superintendent, r 21 £. Clark 
Ross D. A. fruitgrower, r 88 West 

ROSS D. G. dry goods and paper hangings 7 First, r 68 West 
Rourke George, firemen, r 48 £. North 
Rourke Michael, r 42 W. North 
Rowland Edward, moulder, r 1 Grant 
Rowland Joseph, r 1 Grant 
Rowland Joseph, watchman, r W. Ilion 
Rowland William, watchman, r 88 E. Main 
Rowland William H. machinist, r 27 W. North 
Rovle Benjamin, r 16 First ave 

RIJDD O. B. jeweler 8 Main, r 33 John. See page 572 
Rnddef John, laborer, r 11 E. North 
Ruddef Mary Mrs. r 11 K North 
Ruddy Henry, r East street 
Rulison M. A. Mrs. teacher, r 32 West 
Rulison Nellie Miss, r 32 West 
RUSSELL A. N. (A. N. Russell & Son), r 32 Otsego 
RUSSELL A. N. & SON (A. N. Russell and S. T. Russell), 

•lumber dealers and planing mill, yards Frankfort and 

Ilion, office 41 W. Main. See page 570 
Russell Charles A. book-keeper, r 13 Third street 
Russell Frank, r 30 Second 

Russell George, (with A. N. Russell & Son.), r 84 Otsego 
Russell James A. toolmnker, r 30 Second 
Russell JamesH. r 10 E. Clark 

RUSSELL S. T. (A. N. Russell & Son), r 45 W. Main 
Ryan Patrick, polisher, r Elm street 

SANFORD JAMES A. stenographer, r 3 W. Clark 
Sanford James A. stenographer, r Second street 



Sargent L. F. mechanic, r 22 John 

Sayles H. R carriage maker, r James street 

Saxon John, watchman, r 25 W. Clark 

Seamans A. 0. clerk, r 36 West 

Seegar G. W. mechanic, r 38 Otsego 

Segnr Samuel, contractor, r 15 Armory Hill 

Seioert Michael, r 11 Armory Hill 

Seller Charles, mason, r 66 West 

Seiple Charles W. cutter 13 Otsego, r 19 John 

Servey Kate Miss, r 11 £. Clark 

8CHE8CH GEORGE A. plnmber steam and gas fitter 18 

Otsego, rE. Canal. See page 573 
Schesch H. A. foreman, r E. Canal 
Schesch Theodore, polisher, r 19 Third av^ 
Schmidt Charles, watchmaker, r 8 Main 
Schmidt John A. student, r 11 Armory Hill 
Schmidt John V. contractor, r 11 Armory Hill 
Schmidt Fred, toolmaker, r 47 John 
Schuyler George F. laundry Otsego near Morgan, r same 
Scott Daniel, polisher, r 18 W. Canal 
Scott George W. r 15 High 

Scriber George, clerk Otsego cor First, r 36 £. Main 
Shall Josiah, surveyor, r Main street 
Shay James Mrs. r 17 W. Canal 
Sheeler David, r 28 Otsego 
Sheeler John W. gunsmith, r rear 22 West 
Shields John, r 20 Morgan 
Shield John, inspector, r 28 Morgan 
Shepard Alfred C. grocer, r 11 W. North 
Shepard F. C. superintendent, r 15 W. North 
Sheppard Thomas B. Rev. r 31 John 
Sherman Alvah, clerk, r Second street 
Shumway Mrs. widow, r 57 Main 
Shoemaker Adam, machinist, r 15 River 
Sible William, blacksmith, r 25 K Main 
Simpson Henry, shoemaker 6 Union, r same 
Sinott Charles, laborer, r E. Canal 
Skeen J. D. Rev. r 1 W. North 
Skinner S. W. mechanic, r 7 Armory Hill 
Slattery Dennis, laborer, r 2 Cemetery 
Slattery James, laborer, r 2 Cemetery 
Sloan L. A. carpenter, r 8 Montgomery 
Slocum A. R machinist, r 6 Enjpish 
Slocum Duane, operative, r 4 Remington ave 
Smith A. r 5 Fourth ave 

Smith C. C. dentist Otsego cor First, r 2 W. Clark 
Smith J. C. machinist, r Second street 
SMITH C. W. clothing 13 Otsego, r 36 E. Main 



Smith George, mechanic, r 5 E. River 

Smith John, pedler. r Second 

Smith Rosa, r 88 W. Clark 

Smith Vincent C. laborer, r 24 First 

Smith William, r Main cor West 

Snell Eli, operative, r 28 West 

Snow Frank A. carriage trimmer, r 21 W. North 

Snow Frank, r North Ilion 

Snyder Andrew, mechanic, r 3 Third ave 

Snyder W H. operative, r 2 John 

Soefler Joseph, machinist; r 25 W. North 

Sommer Joseph, mechanic, r 6^ E. North 

Spedding Frank S. 17 W. Main, r 13 W. Canal 

SPEDDING SAYER, brewer canal street, office 17 W. Main, 
r 8 W. Canal 

Spencer Isaac, polisher, r 36 Third 

Spencer Frank, polisher, r 4 Remington ave 

Sperry Mrs. widow, r Charles 

Spollin Thomas, woodworker, r 26 K North 

Spore John, r 14 W. North 

Squire W. C. r Armory Hill 

Stafiord Benjamin, machinist, r 32 W. North 

Staples K S. patent right dealer, r Central Hotel 

Staring Jerry, carpenter, r 10 Rand 

Starks E. J. gardener, r First, ave 

Starkweather Hattie Miss, dressmaker, r 19 West 

Steber Frank J. C. machinist, r 14 Morgan 

Steber, J. N. machinist, r 14 Morgan 

Steele Catharine, widow, r 26 West 

Steele Charles, blacksmith, r 8 River 

Steele Daniel, r 57 West 

Steele D. H. agent, r 4 Second 

Steele Frank, driller, r 26 West 

Steele Frederick, laborer, r 50 W. Main 

Steele Hamilton, mechanic, Fourth ave 

Steele N. Mrs. r 38 West 

Steele William, driller, r 26 West 

STERLING A. H. batcher W. Main cor Railroad, r at Frank- 
fort, N. Y. 

Sterling George, farmer, r 47 E. North 

Sterling Joseph W. butcher, r SO Otsego 

STERLING M. H. meat market W. Main cor Railroad, r 9 
W. Clark 

Stevens Lewis, gun maker, r 27 E. Main ^ 

Stevens Annie M. widow, r 11 W. North 

Steven& George F. r 20 John 

Stevens Harry L. mechanic, r 11 W. North 

Stiles, Samuel, printer, r 2 River 


Still man 8. E. Mra r 26 W. Clark 
StilBon Walter S. teamster, r W. Main 
8tittB William, mechanic, r 35 W. Clark 

Stockwell 20 Morgan 

Stoddard E G. engineer, r 12 Second 

Stoddard George W. carpenter, r 6 West 

Sullivan Edward, filer, r 26 W. North 

Sullivan Frank, laborer, r 37 E. Clark 

Sullivan Henry, painter, r Armory boarding house 

Sullivan James, shoemaker, r W. Main near Otsego 

Sullivan^Jeremiah, laborer, r 57 E. Clark 

Sullivan J. D. japaner, r 3 Grant 

Sullivan- Mathew, laborer, r 57 E. Clark 

Sullivan Thomas, mechanic, r 8 E. Clark 

Sumner A. H. timekeeper, r 36 John 

Sunderlin, N. B. r 7 Cemetery 

Swartz Charles, butcher, r 16 E. North 

Sweet Mary Mra r 28 W. Clark 

TEFT D. A. mechanic, r 9 W. North 
Tallman J. W. r 16 W. North 
Tallman M. D. moulder, r 16 W. North 
Tanner C. H. r 46 West 
Taylor Arthur, contractor, r 20 First ave 
Taylor Joseph, operative, r 24 West 
Tefft Fremont, r 48 Otsego 
TeflEt, H. J. Mrs. r 48 Otsego 
TenEyck John, miller, r Clark 
TenEyck S. R mechanic, r Second ave 
Thayer, George C. baker Union near First, r same 
Thenerkauf Albert, machinist, r 42 John 
Thistlethwaite James, r 18 River 
Ticknor Sanford, mechanic, r Armory Boarding House, £. 

Thomas C. A. Mrs. r 26 E. Main 
THOMAS OPERA HOUSE, (J. F. Thomas, proprietor,) 

First. See page 575 
THOMAS J. F. proprietor and manager Ilion Opera House, 

r 21 Morgan 
Thomas Levi, mechanic, r 26 E. Main 
Thomas Robert, watchman, r Railroad cor River 
Thompson, G. M. carpenter, r 8 E. Canal 
Thomson C. D. barber First cor Union, r same 
Thomson Henry H. pedler, r 36 River 
Thornley John, r W. Ilion 
Tourbert Francis, blacksmith, r 63 W. Main 
Trow James, book-keeper, r East 
Trowbridge G. A. stationer and man ager W. U. Tel^raph 

office 11 First, r 44 West 


Trnax James, mechaDic, r 6 John 
True Loren, laborer, r 22 Second ave 
Trne Wallace E. laborer, r Barringer 
Trneman Marj Mra r 4 W. North 
Traeman Mary widow, r 4 First ave 
Tabbs, William, mechanic, r Central Hotel 
Tucker George, brass founder, r 65 Union 
Tufts O. B. mechanic, r 70 Otsego 
Tuthill James H. turner, r E. Clark 
Turner W. A. mechanic, r 62 West 
Twiss F. L contractor, r 24^ John 

Twiss J. H. mechanic, r Osgood House 

Underwood Samuel, r 10 Frederick 
Underwood William E. Mrs. r 88 Morgan 
Unitt Thomas, r 20 W. North 
Uphara George, clerk, r 24 West 
Upham George A. clerk 16 Otsego, r West 
Urqhart Duncan^ tinsmith 12 Otsego, r Mohawk 

YAN ALSTYNE FRANK, carpenter, r 79 Otsego 
Van Alstyne James, carpenter, r Second 

VAN ALSTYNE LUCIUS, carpenter and joiner 8 Frederick 
r same 

Van Alstyne Thomas W. polisher, r 2 E. Clark 

Vanatten John, carpenter, r 9 Railroad 

Vandenbnrgh Augustus, mechanic, r Fifth ave 

Van Gumster Henry, filer, r 9 E. Clark 

Van Gumster James, mechanic, r Second 

Van Gumster John, contractor, r 16 W. Clark 

Van Namee Seth, carpenter, r 9 E. North 

Van Slyke Nelson, r W. Ilion 

Van Slyke William, mechanic, r Charles 

Van Tassell Ezra J. mechanic, r 12 Frederick 

VAN ZELLER JOSEPH V. upholsterer and decorator Os- 
good Block, r 12 W. Canal 

Vickerman James, grist and saw mill, r Otsego cor John 

Vickerman William, r 7 W. Canal 

Vincent James D. carpenter, r Barringer 

Vincent William, polisher, r 46 Main 

WACHTMAN CHRISTIAN, mechanic, r 12 E North 
Waggan Albert, mechanic, r Fourth ave 
Wakefield Chas. H. machinist, r 10 W. North 
Wakelee E. E machinist, r Barringer 
Waldo Dwight, teamster, r 56 Main 


-Walker 1). V. M.D. office 18 West, r same 

Walker Lewis N. gunsmith, r Fourth ave 

Walrath Anthony, laborer, r 46 E. North 

Walrath L. B. inspector, r 11 Oemetry 

Walrath Merton, r 8 Third 

Walrod James, carpenter, r 8 W. North 

Walstrom Nelson, batcher North, r 7 River 

Warner Robert, physician Otsego cor First, r 81 Second 

Watts Esan, tinsmith, r 28 W. Clark 

Weaver C. W. machinist, r Frederick 

Weaver George W. editor and proprietor Ilian Citizen 6 R 

Main, Bank Building, r 44 West 
Weber Christopher, r Otsego above West 
Weber D. A. milkman, r Otsego above West 
Weiler N. Mrs. widow, r 8 Elm 
WEISBECKER CASPER, groceries and provisions 49 Main, 

r same 
Weldon Mathew, carpenter, r 5 Third ave 
Weiler John, machinist, r 50 Otsego 
West G. Mra r 84 Third ave 
West Geo. M. tinsmith, r rear 47 W. Main 
West Sarah R r E. North 
West William, r Prospect 
Wandeldt Wm. clerk, r Canal 
Ward A. r Ilion 
Ward Edward, farmer, r Ilion 
Ward 8. N. blacksmith, r 25 Third ave 
Ward Wm. r 6 James 
Warner Frank, mechanic, r Fourth ave 
Warner Henry, farmer, r James 
Warner Levi, laborer, r James 
Warner Robert, physician, r Second 
Warner Robert, mechanic, r Ar. Boarding House R Main 
Warren J. E. clerk, r Montgomery 
Watson Albert, trackman, r Railroad cor E. Clark 
Watson James, cartman, r 40 W. Clark 
Watson John, cartman, r 42 WJ Clark 
White Ohas. O. inspector, r 2 Grove 
White George, grinder, r Montgomery 
Whitea John B. mechanic, r 5 W. Canal 
Whitfield George, mechanic, r Railroad cor Clark 
Whitfield J. A. contractor, r 16 John 
Whitfield Geo. r W. North 
Whitney H. P. tool maker, r 21 Second 
WHITNEY H. G. liveryman Otsego, r 3 Morgan 
Whitney James G. machinist, r 74 Otsego 
Whitmore Edward, plumber, r 29 W. Clark 
Whitmpre Henry, mechapic, r 35 W. Clark 


Wicks Abram, agent EemiDgton sewing machines 8 West, r 

Wight Ellison, machinist, r 15 Band 
Wilcox Edwin, mechanic, r 29 Otsego 
WILCOX GEOEGE F. (G. F. & H. K Wilcox), r 24 W. 

WILCOX G. F. & H. E. clothing and gents' furnishing goods. 

Main cor Railroad 
WILCOX H. E. (G. F. & H. E. Wilcox), r 3 E. Clark 
Wilfert George, mechanic, r Fourth ave 
Williamson Alfred, ganmaker, r 64 Third ave 
Williamson Cha& laborer, r Iliou 
Williamson Kobert, gunmaker, r 14 Elm 
Williams Chas. coachman, r 4 Bemington a^e 
Williams John, engineer, r 5 Montgomery 
Willis William, laborer, r 44 W. North 
Willoughby Alonzo, cabinet maker, r Central Hotel 
Willoiighby C. A. Mrs. r Otsego 
Wills F. W. r Main cor West 
Wilson Jas. H. clerk, r National Hotel 
Winegar R contractor, r 20 W. Clark 
Winters Geo. machinist, r 28 Elm 
Wishart H. M. r 11 River 
Wolfs Jean, gunmaker* r 61 Third ave 
Wood Mary A. r 24 West 
Woodard Esther, widow, r 36 W. Main 
Woodard LaFayette, driller, r Charles 
Woodward George, clerk, r 6 E. Canal 
Woodward George A. clerk, r E Canal 
Woodward James H. grocer 4 Union, r E. Cianal 
Woodward John, mechanic, r 26 E Main 
Wormouth Edward, laborer, r Ilion 
Wright Amos, mechanic, r 54 John 
Wright Charles, mechanic, r 64 John 
Wright Reuben, lawyer 4 E Main, r 71 West 
Wright William, blacksmith, r 18 W. Clark 
Wright William, dry goods Osgood Block, r 23 Morgan 

YEOMAN THOMAS S. butcher, r Morgan cor First 
Young George A. barber, r Frederick near W. Clark 
Younfi: George R carpenter, r 9 Elm 
Young L laborer, r Ilion , 

Young Orville, clerk, r 9 Elm 

17IMMERMAN SEWARD book-keeper, r28 John 



Agricultural Implements. 

Remington E. & Son, office Ot- 
sego street 


Thayer George 0. Union near 



Uion National Bank, 4 Main 


Osgood D. D. Osgood Block, 

Otsego cor Main 
Thomson C. D. First cor Union 

Billiard Boom. 

Folts E. D. 26 First 


Foley Daniel, E. Main 
Keller John, 34 W. Main 

Boots and Shoes. 

Jepson C. S. 8 W. Main 
KEITH H 0. 13 First. See 

page 573 
Robinson & Phillips, 17 First 
Simpson Henry, 6 Union 


Spedding Bayer, 3 W. Canal, 
office 17 W. Main 

Carpenters and Builders. 

DENNIS A. F. Morgan cor 
Third. See page 671 

Flats, Postoffice address Ilion. 
See page 574 

Green W. C. Otsego cor Ceme- 

Newhouse G. L. Otsego cor 

Van Alstyue Lucius, 8 Frederick 

Carriage and Wagon Manu- 

COLEMAN F. & CO., Main cor 

Morgan. See page 573 
O'Reilly Philip, 46 E Main 

Cigars 'and Tobacco. 

Osgood D. D. Osgood Block, 

Otsego street 
Rossinsky Alexander, 8 Railroad 


Eaton N. 10 Union 
Smith C. W. 13 Otsego, cor First 
Wilcox G. F. & H. fi. Main cor 

Coal Dealers. 

Morgan A. A. W. Main near 

ROCHE & GIBLIN, & E Main. 

See page 572 


Morelli Anthony, 8 Union 
Paolo Fratiski, Otsego near First 


DENNIS A. F. Morgan cor 
Third. See page 571 

Crockery, China and Glass- 

Main. See page 671 


Smith C. C. Otsego cor First 


Draper E. M. Railroad cor Canal 
Ogden & Downs, 16 Otsego 

Dry Ck>ods. 

Chappell J. A. 6 E. Main 



FURRER E. J. MRS. 18 Union. 
See page 670 

Redw^ Estate, Osgood Block, 
W. Main 

Ross D. G. 7 First 

Wright William, for Redway es- 

EatinsT House, 

COPPERNOLL G. L, 12 and 
14 Unioa See page 570 

Fancy Goods. 

Dnckrow Mary Miss, 8 E. Main 
Furrer E. J. Mrs. 18 Union 


HAKES & SON, 89 to 48 E. 

Main. See page 671 
Ross D. A. (fruit grower,) 88 West 

FlouTs Grain and Feed. 

Morgan A. A. W. Main near 

Fnmitare Dealers. 

Habbard Charles H., 6 Morgan 
W. Main. See page 670 


HARRIS J. K P. Otsego, opp 
plaining mill. See page 675 

Block, Otsego, near Main. See 
page 672 

Grist and Saw Mill. 

Yickerman James, Otsego corner 


Ackler J. H. 1 Otsego 

See page 571 

Hotaling William, Main opp Os- 
good HoQse 

LeRoy D. J. 2 Hunt Block, Rail- 

Lester C. E. 9 W. Main 

Lynch G. D. 4 W. Main 

MERRY L. i. & SON, 2 E Main 

cor Otsego. See page 675 
Weisbecker Caspar, 49 E. Main 
Woodward James H. 4 Union 


OPERA HOUSE, First, J. F. 
THOMAS, proprietor. See 
page 675 ^ 


Newth N. J. 10 Otsego 
Pelton J. B. 12 Otsego 

Hair Jewelry and Ornamental 
Hair Work. 

cor Union. See page 573 

Harness and Trunks. 

Petrie J. A. 18 Otsego 


Central Hotel, J. D. Hunt, pro* 
prietor, Railroad 

National Hotel, First, between 
Union and Morgan 

GOOD, proprietor, Main cor 
Otsego. See page 572 

Insurance Agents. 

Belcher Albert 12 E. Canal 
Harter Charles, 6 E. Main, Bank 

O'BRIEN M. G. 6 E. Main, 

Bank building. See page 671 


Elliot William H. 4 E. Main 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Martin M. A. 4 First 
RUDD O. B. 8 E. Main. See 
page 672 

Justices of the Peace. 

Lester E. T. 53 E Main 
O'BRIEN M. G. 6 E. Main, 
Bank Building. See page 671 





Schuyler George F. Otsego near 


Belcher Albert, 12 East Canal 
Bennett Fred H. 4 E. Main 
Conkling James, 4 E. Main, Bank 

Hiitchins Geo. 0. 4 E. Main, Bank 

Morgan A. D. 32 West 
Kasbach Geo. O. 4 E. Main 
Bichardson Thomas, 4 R Main, 

Bank Building 
Wright Reuben, 4 E. Main 

Livery Stables. 

Christman William Jr. 6 Morgan 
Whitney H. G. rear Osgood 
House, Otsego street 

Lumber Tarda and Dealers. 

RUSSELL A. N. & SON, 41 
W. Main, also Frankfort. See 
pae;e 670 

Masons and Builders. 

DENNIS A. F. Main cor Morgan. 
See page 671 

Meat Markets. 


Main. See page — 
Holland Thomas, 28 First 
Lewis Charles R Main street 
Rasbach J. A. 28 Otsego 
Sterling M. H. Main cor Rail- 


Castle lone Mrs. 8 W. Main 
Back M. J. Mrs. 28 Otsego 

Music Teachers. 

Clarke J. D. Mrs. 4 R Main 


llion Citizen^ GEORGE W. 
WEAVER, proprietor, 6 E. 
Main. See page opp 


Baker C. R 21 First 

HARRIS J. K P. Otsego, op- 
posite planing mill. See page 

Block, Otsego cor Main. See 
page 572 

Paper Hangars. 

Chappell J. A. 6 Main 

HARRIS J. K P. Otsego op- 
posite planing mill. See page 

Block, Otsego cor Main. See 
page 575 

Ross D. G. 7 First 



Canal. See page 575 
Lewis W. P. Main cor Railroad 


Beach Arthur^ 20 Otsego 
Douglass A. J. 5 Second 
Draper E. M. Railroad cor Canal 
Maben H.lfB. 22 Morgan 
Rasbach James I. 2