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The Valdris Book is written because some sort of Manual 
of the Valdris Samband appeared to be required at this time. 
The undersigned became its author for the reason that there 
seemed to be no one else available for the undertaking; and 
he became solely responsible for its contents and its general 
character, for the further reason that he had no opportunity 
to secure collaboration in its production. 

Those Americans who are in any degree of Valdris strain 
or descent, doubtless outnumber their kinsmen in the old home 
valley two or three times over. A considerable number would 
of course have enjoyed to have the book offered to them in 
the language of the fathers; but to make the contents acces- 
sible to all of them, as well as to the general public, with 
whom Valdrises will wish to share whatever of special infor- 
mation the volume may contain, it has been written in the 
language which forms our national medium of expression. 

The first chapter, on Valdris^ is designed to serve the 
purpose of introducing the young American Valdris to the 
ancestral habitat of the fathers, and it is hoped that it may 
help to stimulate deserved interest in the fair valley that 
produced our sturdy pioneer forbears. 

The bygdelag movement, which has grown out of the 
kinship feeling between those that have come from a com- 
mon neighborhood, began among the Valdrises twenty-one 
years ago. They gave this sentiment concrete expression in 
their stevne-reunions and in the building up of their "Sam- 
band", which stood as a unique, fully evolved type for the 
"lags" that the other kinship groups formed, when, some 
years after, they began to emulate the example set by the 

This peculiar position of the Valdris Samband among its 


younger sister bygdelags, so interweaves its history with that 
of the whole movement, that it can not well be isolated for 
treatment. Hence the outline sketch embodied in the second 
chapter, which it is hoped will, moreover, be found useful 
for its own sake inasmuch as a fulfer history of the bygdelag 
movement is not yet available. 

The lists of members and of war service people, with the 
information which they contain, are commended to all con- 
cerned for careful scrutiny. They have been compiled with 
painstaking care, but doubtless they are marred by errors, 
which in the nature of the case have likely crept in. If cor- 
rections are sent to the author, he will endeavor to supply 
the proper rectifications for the records of the Samband, 
from which the compilations have been made. 

An overlooked omission in copying the manuscript is re- 
sponsible for the misleading reference to Harold's realm at 
the top of page 26. 

The author wishes to tender his thanks to all who have 
aided in securing the information concerning those who served 
in the war, to his colleagues of the Styre for their encourage- 
ment and active aid in bringing about the publication of the 
Valdris Book, and particularly to Mr. Iver Hain, to whose 
ever unfailing efforts, in- these for bookmakers troublous 
times, is in large measure due the successful issue of the 

Andrew A. Veblen. 

East San Diego, California 

June, 1920. 


Xonvay, 9. Valdris, the Name, 11. Situation and Sub- 
divisions, 13. Physical Characteristics, 15. Roads, 22. 
Dairying, 24. Tradition and History, 25. The Princess 
Gyda, 25. Historical Personages, 27. Schools, 29. Folk- 
lore, 31. Church Architecture. Stav-Churches, 35. 


Some Definitions, 44. Conditions that Led up to the 
Movement, 45. Chronology. 48. History of the Move- 
ment, the Valdrises, 51. Newspaper Agitation, 54. The 
Fargo Coterie, 56. Formation of Bygdelags, 61. Claims 
of Originating the Movement, 68. Co-operation, 17th of 
May Celebration, 70. Council of Bygdelags, 81. Consti- 
tution of the Council, 83. Bygdelag Publications, 84. The 
Bygdelags and the War. 87. List of the Lags and Of- 
ficers, 88. 


Chronicles of the Samband, 91. First Reunions of Val- 
drises, 97. Organization of Valdris Samband, 102. The 
Constitution, 105. Personl Records of Members, 107. 
Valdrisgjesteb0, 111. Valdris Helsing, 116. Local Sam- 
lags, 119. Expansion of the Stevne, 122. History Com- 
mittee, 124. Parish Tags, 126. Samband Magazine, 127. 
The 1914 Celebration, Valdrisgave, 132. The Samband and 
the War, 134. 

Introductory Explanation, 136. The Membership List, 139. 

Introductory Statement, 218. The Service List, 221. 

The Constitution of the Valdris Samband, 280. Lajord's 
Letter of Febr. 2, 1899, 282. The "Otter Tail" Letter, 
283. Lajord's Song at First Stevne, 285. Lajord's Song 
of 1900, 286. Letter from President G. Hoyme, 289. 
Valdrisn, O. K. Fuglei, 290. Valdris, T. K. Rogne, 292. 
Bufardagen, R. N. Qualley, 293. Eit Minde fraa Slidre, 
E. A. Hjelle, 295. Haelvtumsingen, Prof. John Dahle,* 
296. I Valdris, O. L. Kirkeberg, 297. Vang, O. I. Platen, 
298. Langbein Rese, O. I. Flaten. 298. Diktarsjuka, 
O. K. Fuglei, 299. Tenistgutn, Johs. Belsheim, 301. Han 
Ellend Sjel, 302. 

Folding to Inside of Back Cover. 





The Scandinavian Peninsula, lying between the Baltic and 
the Gulf of Finland on the east and the North Sea and Atlan- 
tic and Arctic Oceans on the west and north, is occupied by 
the two kingdoms Norway and Sweden. The area of the 
former is to that of the latter in the ratio of 11 to 14, and 
Norway embraces very nearly 125,600 square miles. The dis- 
tance in a straight line from the Naze, Lindesnes, at the ex- 
treme south to Vardoe at the farthest northeast, near Russia, 
is 1120 miles. If a line be drawn so as to touch the headlands 
of the coast, from the Swedish border in the south to the Rus- 
sian boundary on the Arctic, it will be 1710 miles long. But the 
total length of shore line, traced into all the bays and numer- 
ous deep inlets, measures about 10,500 miles. 

The northearn part of the country, for nearly two-thirds 
of its entire length, from the Russian border to the Trondhjem 
fjord, is a strip of varying breadth from the coast to the 
watershed, averaging perhaps 65 miles. Southern Norway, 
containing the greater part of the population and being other- 
wise the portion of chief general importance, may be described 
as a fairly regular oval, some 400 miles long from north to 
south and about 260 miles maximum width from the cost to 

A fairly well marked ridge forms a watershed along the 
boundary between Sweden and Northern Norway ; but though 
Southern Norway is very largely a mountainous region it can 
hardly be said to have any clearly marked chains of mountains. 


The interior is rather an elevated table-land but quite broken 
with gorges and valleys and rising into many peaks and a 
number of icefields of considerable elevation inland. The 
wildest and most elevated portion of the mountainous interior, 
occupying approximately the center of the oval, is often called 
Jotunheimen, meaning the Home of the Jotuns, or fabled 
giants of the ancient Norse mythology. 

The population of Norway, which is not far from two and 
a half millions, is distributed upon the limited areas of low- 
lying coast lands in the south, along the shores of the peculiar 
long inlets, and among the narrow and frequently canyon- 
like valleys of the watercourses throughout the interior. 

In the political subdivision of Norway the Amt is the chief 
administrative district and the highest officer is called Amt- 
mand. There are twenty amts. Below the amt is the Fogderi 
or district presided over by the foged. It is in a way the 
nearest equivalent of the American county, as a political divi- 
sion, and there are 50 or 60 fogderier. The Herred is a town- 
ship-like subdivision of the Fogderi, and there are some 500 
of these rural communes. The cities and towns have a some- 
what different system of subdivision and administration. 

Norway has a state church, and the ecclesiastical subdivi- 
sions are, in order, the Stift or diocese, the Provsti or deanery, 
the Prestegjeld or parish, and the Sogn or congregation. The 
bounds of a congregation are generally dependent on the ease 
or difficulty of communication as determined by natural bar- 
riers of the settlements, or bygds. each with its church in its 
midst. Two to four congregations are grouped in a parish 
with its pastor, who may have an assistant or Kapellan, as 
may be determined by the size and importance of his charge. 
The congregation within which the pastor resides is styled 
Hovedsogn, head congregation, and its church is Hovedkirke. 
The other congregations of the parish are called Annexes and 
their churches are annex churches. 

The same natural features that have served to set off the 
parishes as divisions of definite extent, have likewise operated 


to fix the boundaries of the administrative districts, so that 
the township or herred is almost always coextensive with the 
parish. In the cities and larger towns administrative and 
ecclesiastic organization is more a matter of artificially con- 
venient considerations. 

The system of organization for administration and for 
local government described above, is not in absolute harmony 
with the latest enacted organization and nomenclature in every 
detail. But it is substantially that which Americans of Nor- 
wegian extraction are or have been accustomed to use, and 
should at least be sufficiently correct for such a brief sum- 
mary as that here atempted. 


THE NAME. From the time of the earliest documentary 
records the name of the county Valdris, has naturally been 
subject to some variation of form and probably of pronuncia- 
tion, and usage is not even at this day strictly uniform in 
these regards. The official spelling now seems to be Valdres, 
though until toward the close of the nineteenth century it was 
Valders, which seems to have been the form used in official 
documents and records for a century or more previously. In 
this form the d was silent and the pronunciation was Vallers. 
Most likely this form, Valders, was due to the tendency of 
assimilating Norwegian names to the Danish speech, which 
was softer in pronunciation than the vernacular in Norway. 
By the Valdrises, and most others, the form Valdres is pro- 
nounced Yaldris, a like that in father but shorter in quantity, 
and is as this combination is pronounced in History. A re- 
sident or native of Valdres, or Valdris, is called a Valdris. 
In order to conform to the pronunciation many have in the 
past spelled the name of the district with i rather than e, and 
some do so still. To the author of this sketch it has seemed 
best to use in it the form Valdris, as giving in English a nearer 
approximation to the pronunciation than the official spelling. 

This matter of nomenclature has been the subject of no 






little controversy. In a recent issue of the newspaper "Valdres" 
it was stated that the question had by some one been submit- 
ted to three of the University professors at Kristiania, who 
had given it as their opinion that Valdres is the "most ancient 
old-Norse and the best" written form. The late O. A. Alf- 
stad, doubtless the best informed 'authority of his day on 
\ r aldris history and antiquities, is quoted as follows (Valdris 
Helsing March, 1909) : "Valdris, Valdres, Valders. Which 
of these names is most correct? I believe the first decidedly; 
for according to documents that 1 have at hand, from 1235, 
1368, 1412, 1535, 1574, 1595, 1604, 1649, etc., the name of 
the fylke is constantly written Valdris. One Michael von 
Schoening about 1688 wrote Valders. A judge from Tele- 
mark, about 1660, wrote Valdriss. The first who advocated 
the writing Valdres was High School Master Bergsgaard. 
"Ris" may mean "rise", a large being which lived in the 
mountains and valleys. "Res" is used of a tall, thin lout or 
of a horse too high for its stoutness." 

In documents (quoted by Islandsmoen: S. Aurd. & Etned.) 
from 1514, 1650, 1665, 1670, occur the forms, Waldnztes, 
Valdriss, Waldres, Walderiis, Walders, Wallders, Vallars, 

It may be pertinent to remark, that W in Norwegian has 
the same phonetic value as V, and is in the Norwegian al- 
phabet a redundant letter, serving only to preserve the written 
form of names and words borrowed from languages in which 
w is in fact a distinct letter. In written Norwegian documents 
the use of either letter seems to have been contingent on the 
taste and fancy of the penman. 

SITUATION AND DIVISIONS. The fogderi, bailiwic, or county 
of Valdris is identical in extent with the provsti or deanery 
of the same name. Its area is 2100 square miles, which is not 
quite 3 per cent, of southern Norway, or that part lying south 
of the Trondhjem fjord. Or it is nearly 1.7 per cent, of the 
whole surface of Norway. It is an oblong basin occupying 
the geographic center of southern Norway, and beginning in 


the southern confines of Jotunheimen it slopes southeastward 
some eighty miles in length and has a width of slightly more 
than thirty miles. Approximately it lies between 8 and 
10 east longitude, and 60 30' and 61 30' north latitude. 
It lies about as far north as Mt. St. Elias, or the center 
of Hudson's Bay, the north extremity of Labrador, or 
the south end of Greenland. Valdris is bounded on the 
north and east by Gudbrandsdal and Land, southeast by 
Aadal, southwest by Hallingdal, and on the west by Sogn. 
Secularly it is subdivided into six herreder (townships), or 
ecclesiastically, the provsti, is divided into six parishes, which 
agree in extent and in name with the township divisions. The 
parishes with their respective congregations are tabulated be- 
low. The data are taken from the census of 1900, but are not 
far in error for the present time, and are not misleading as 
to distribution of the people in the subdivisions or even as 
regards actual values. 



VANG 620 2083 3.37 

0ie 249 375 1.53 

Vang (h) 341 1172 3.41 

Hurum 30 536 17.86 

WEST SLIDRE 180 2679 14.88 

Lomen 66 801 12.14 

Slidre (h) 59 907 15.37 

R0n 55 971 17.66 

EAST SLIDRE 336 2228 6.63 

Hegge (h) 200 1139 5.70 

Volbu 59 241 4.08 

Rogne 86 848 9.86 

NORTH AURDAL 355 4476 12.61 

Skrantvaal 104 938 9.02 

Ulnes 52 782 15.04 

(h) Head Congregation. 


Svenes 72 962 13.36 

Aurdal (h) 127 1794 14.13 

ETNEDALEN 170 1739 10.23 

North Etnedal 45 382 8.48 

Bruflat (h) 125 1357 10.86 

SOUTH AURDAL 436 3811 8.74 

Bagn (h) 143 1690 11.82 

Reinli 31 619 19.97 

Begndalen 103 648 6.29 

Hedalen 159 854 5.31 

ALL VALDRIS 2097 17016 8.11 

NOTE. The population of the parishes by the 1920 census ap- 
pears to be: Vang 1778, W. Slidre 2551, E. Slidre 2413, N. Aurdal 
4562, Etnedalea 1885, S. Aurdal *102. Total 17,291. 


The dominant physical feature of Yaldris is the Begna 
River. (Pronounced Bi-na, i long.) It rises in the small lake 
Utrovand at an elevation of 3280 feet and empties into Spir- 
ilen Lake which lies 535 feet above sea-level. It therefore 
has a fall of 2745 feet in its course of scarcely 100 miles. In 
portions of its course it expands into long, narrow lakes, the 
largest of which are Vangsmj0sen 13 miles long, Slidre Fjord 
10 miles long, and Strande Fjord some ten miles long. The 
Aurdal waters, narrower than these, give it another six or 
eight miles of level bed, leaving less than sixty miles in which 
its total descent takes place. There are mighty falls, such 
as the Lo-Foss, Fasle-Foss, and the Great-Foss above Bagn 
at the line between North and South Aurdal. It drains eighty 
per cent, of Yaldris, and its many tributaries are fed by the 
plentiful rains and by masses of snow and ice in the upper 
part of its basin. It is therefore a stream of considerable 
volume and rapid and boisterous in its great descent. By the 
inhabitants it is generally called the great river (Sior-Aa), or 
simply The River. 

In parts of its course the Begna is bordered by fertile bot- 


toms with beautifully situated settlements, as on the shores 
of the lakes, but portions of the valley, and particularly in the 
lower part, are narrowed into a gorge or canyon with steep 
banks rising to heights of a thousand or even two thousand 
feet, and for the most part clad in magnificent timber of pine 
and fir. So precipitous is the rise of the banks in many 
places that the roadway has had to be blasted out of the steep 
granite wall, and the road may again lead out into cove-like 
expanses of bottom on which are nestled tiny "farms" or 
even small clusters of homesteads, to enter again long and 
cumbersome windings on the narrow, shelving slope that lies 

Vik. A Farm South of Slidrefjord 

under the cliffs and borders the rapids of the riotous river. 
And great feats of engineering skill and persistence of con- 
structive effort have been required to produce the fine roads 
that make travel in this giant fairyland a joy and pleasure. 
The upper part, including the Vangsmjo's, is above the line 
of real timber. There the peaks and fjell, partly gray and 
bare and partly flecked with thickets and other vegetation, 
either tower in threatening precipices or recede in solemn 
grandeur from the mirror of the lake or from the cataract or 
torrent of the restless stream. And in all the Begna valley there 
is the perpetual orchestra of leaping or pouring cascades with 


their gentle notes mingling with the deeper roar of the 
mightier cataracts and thundering falls. But the sights and 
sounds are not merely those of power and might; for even 
in winter the contrast of the soft whiteness of the snow with 
the bright and healthy green of the timber charms the eye, 
and the gleam of the ice on lake and stream affords a certain 
cheerful liveliness. But in the summer of these latitudes, with 
its sunshine of all day and most of the night, the verdure has 
a veritable carnival time with purest green everywhere, except 
where the gray of the rock looks out in restful ease, or ex- 
panses and tracery of all the brightest hues of myriads of 

Vangsmj0s. Looking up, lower end 

flowers and blossoms form masses of delicate color, that rival 
the effects of even tropical vegetation. 

The upper end of the Begna valley forms the most ac- 
cessible gateway to Jotunheimen and has always been one of 
the principal passes for travel and traffic, over the interior 
mountain region of Norway, between the east and west 
country. The main road through the length of Valdris fol- 
lows the bottom of the Begna, crossing the stream several 
times, avoiding the sheer rise of cliff, to take advantage of 
bottom or slope opposite that may afford room for the road- 



The principal, or topographically most important, tributary 
of the Begna enters it on its left near the middle of its course. 
This watercourse begins with the Raud01a and other streams 
coming out of Jotunheimen on the north uplands of Valdris, 
and flows southeasterly, parallel to the main river for 30 
miles, through the lakes 0iangen, Volbu, and smaller waters, 
and joins the Begna at Fagernes. Up through this basin runs 
a main highway which forms one of the easiest approaches to 
Jotunheimen. The parish of East Slidre occupies most of this 

In the main Begna valley is first and uppermost Vang 

Fall near Volbufjord 

parish. Next is West Slidre, then North Aurdal, and lowest 
South Aurdal with the congregations of Bagn and Begndalen 
along the river, while Reinli congregation occupies a tributary 
valley several hundred feet above and to the right of the 
Begna bottom, -and the congregation Hedalen in the extreme 
south of Valdris, but outside the Begna basin proper, lies in 
the upper part of the basin of the Urula, which empties into 
Spirilen near the mouth of the Begna. 

The whole of Etnedalen parish lies outside the drainage 
basin of the Begna. It embraces the upper portion of the Etne 
River basin. This stream, like the Begna, flows southeast- 


ward, but empties into the Rands-Fjord, the waters of which 
are joined by those of Spirilen in the Randselv, and by the 
Tyrifjorcl and Drammen River reach the Kristiania Fjord at 

Valdris has become easily accessible by the construction 
of the Valdris Railway, which coming around the north end 
of the Randsfjord, through Land, enters the valley at Aurdal 
and follows the course of the River to the terminal station 
Fage.rnes. But the visitor to Valdris who arrives by rail and 
then either proceeds up the main, or "west" Valley, or up the 
"East Valley", to make the round trip into Jotunheimen and 
return down the other valley, or who perhaps goes on over 
File f jell to the west country, gets but a partial and inadequate 
impression of this celebrated inland region; for he misses the 
whole lower half of it. By traversing its whole length be- 
tween Spirilen and the wilds where Sogn meets Gudbrands- 
dalen, with excursions into the many spots of beauty or gran- 
deur on either side, the traveler has the opportunity of seeing 
some of the best that is to be found of practically all elements 
of scenic attractions that Norway offers the sightseer any- 
where, and he will understand why the native of Valdris 
thinks his Valley the most beautiful region of all the old 

The traveler who wishes to see Valdris as a whole, but 
especially the American Valdris who has not seen the home 
of his ancestors, and should wish to gain a comprehensive 
impression of Valdris as a whole, should enter the valley from 
Spirilen, and proceed up along the Begndal, leisurely taking 
in the scenes of this lower fairyland portion. After passing 
the church at Tollefsrud he should cross the right hand rim 
of the valley and descend into quaint, old Hedalen, on the 
south, with its ancient church and many examples of old 
domestic architecture. Again entering the Begndal, which 
might well be named "the Grand Canyon of the Begna," he 
will enjoy a ride that for scenic beauty is unsurpassed in all 
Norway. When he reaches the Great-Foss he enters a part 




of the valley quite different in character, much wider and 
open. He must there climb the steep winding road of a few 
miles into Reinli. The best preserved of the ancient churches 
is well worth the little excursion, but the ruggedly placed little 
commlmity will not fail to interest him for its own sake. 

Having tarried about Bagn, the great fall and other points 
in this region that marks the passing of .the canyon below into 
a more open valley above, the traveler will do well to follow 
the sinuous road that climbs to Breidablik, and on to Tonsaa- 
sen upon the pass where the road and the railway, from the 
east, enter the Valdris valley. Now is the time for the trip 
he must make up the Etnedal, past Bruflat to the upper settle- 
ment of this parish. Returning, the visitor may proceed to 
Aurdal, the chief settlement -in wealth and population, which 
has been generally considered as the capital of Valdris, for 
the reason that it is not only geographically central to the 
county, but the chief administrative and church officials, pro- 
fessional men, and other important individuals have for the 
most part resided in this settlement. The next point of spe- 
cial interest is Fagernes, the terminus of the railway, at the 
junction of the East Slidre valley with the Begna. 

The traveler is here at the parting of the two main high- 
ways that lead up and into the mountain wilderness. Suppose 
that he decides to follow the main stream along the Strande- 
fjord and the Slidrefjord, he passes the bygds and their 
churches, which are all built on the left or north and north- 
east bottoms or slopes, while the settlements are distributed 
on either side of lake or river. When he leaves West Slidre 
and enters Vang parish, he passes through the last of the 
fine needle forests on his way, that must have impressed him 
as both a marked feature in the scenery and a source of wealth 
to the district. On the north slopes above this last pine forest, 
lies the lowermost congregation of Vang parish, Hurum, a 
couple *of miles off the main road, where stands Kvidhin of 
thousand year old tradition in Valdris. In Slidre the peaks 
and uplands were seen to rise above the timbered slopes, while 


in Hurum the forest fills the bottom of the valley. Alto- 
gether different is the appearance of the landscape after the 
traveler reaches the lower end, called "the Neck", of Mjjzfsen. 
He is now in fact in a region of naked peaks and crags of great 
boldness and height, with the settlements stowed into the gi- 
gantic coves between their bases, with the lake Mjjzfsen filling 
the bottom of an immense cleft in the roughly torn mountain 
mass. Along the right bank of the lake the road runs past 
"beautiful Vang" and 0ie bygd, ,past the last farm of Valdris, 
where the Begna comes down from its sources at the water- 
shed that separates Valdris from Sogn, and along which the 
road proceeds to begin its descent down to sea-level again at 
Lserdals0ren on a branch of the Sognefjord. 

But to complete his general circuit of Valdris the traveler 
will take the road that branches off to the north through the 
upland waste, and before he is aware of it he looks out upon 
Lake Tyin, which lies in the very summit of the desolate and 
seemingly limitless region of bleak and dark pinnacles and 
ridges, with glaciers and gleaming fields of snow, and rills 
and cascades and moss-covered reaches and slopes, which has 
aptly been named Jotunheimen. He may tarry in comfort 
here ; for on Tyin are inns prepared to minister to his reason- 
able wants, and he may ascend to lookouts on the near and 
distant heights to his heart's content. On Tyin he may go by 
launch or boat, may land, and again by launch proceed upon 
the lake Bygdin, and find similar hotel conveniences for as 
long a stay as he may wish to make. Then, down the high- 
way he passes through the upland part and the bygds of East 
Slidre parish, and reaches Fagernes. And if he is sated with 
what Valdris has offered him he may, in a few hours by the 
railway, find himself in the totally different environment of 
the capital. 

ROADS. In a region of such rugged character as Valdris 
the matter of roads is necessarily a formidable problem,* which 
for through travel and for intercommunication between the 
settlements of the county, has been solved by the construction 



of magnificent highways, upon which modern conveyances 
make travel a pure delight. Roads of secondary importance 
and less elaborate construction connect and penetrate outlying 
settlements, and to upland and mountain dairies, sometimes 
even a dozen miles out. Some are quite primitive, sometimes 
rude cartways, but oftener bridlepaths for horseback trans- 

Time was, as late as the recollection of our parents and 
grandparents, when the roads in the interior of Norway were 
in a most wretched state, and what passed for roads were 
little else than unimproved trails upon which the traffic took 

Coming from Home-St0l 

place on the winter's snow, as the hauling of products of the 
farms and dairies to town and bringing home the purchases 
of store goods ; and these trips to Kristiania, Drammen, etc. 
required a couple of weeks or longer. And of course the so- 
called roads earlier than this, except in the settlements, con- 
sisted of trail routes that took advantage of the least difficult 
passages through the wild and rugged country. But commu- 
nication across the mountains, between the east and west 
country, as in the travel of government officials in pursuit of 
their duties, and the carrying of messages or the mails, was a 
not infrequent necessity. The Valdris valley formed perhaps 


the readiest of the routes of this travel, and it is known that 
kings and princes, bishops, and other persons of note and 
authority passed up and down the course of the Begna and 
over Filefjell. 

DAIRYING. The sparseness of population, being but a little 
over eight to the square mile, is a fair index of the very limited 
portion of arable land in the district. The farms, or tillable 
parts, are small, and the amount of grain raised scarcely suf- 
fices for the needs of the population. Dairying and raising 
of stock forms an important industry. Hay is cut for the 
most part on land which is unsuited for plowing. And the 
immense areas of upland and mountain side, otherwise quite 
barren, furnish a scant growth of grass and moss that, how- 
ever, is good and fattening feed for the stock, which is driven 
into the mountains in the spring. It is there tended by the 
women and youths, who spend most of the summer in the 
dairy establishments called saeters or stpls. Of these there are_ 
first, the Home-sseters generally but a very few miles from the 
farm and where the early season of grazing is spent. Later 
the herd is transferred to the Iang-st01 or distant sseter, some- 
times a dozen miles out from the bygd. 

The conditions of living upon these mountain uplands used 
'to be primitive in the extreme, but through the bettering of 
the roads and of the methods and appliances in use, life upon 
the sseters has in late years been rendered pleasanter than in 
the long ago. Not a little of self-reliance and self-confidence, 
together with a spirit of romance and adventure, was spun 
into the fibre of the character fabric of our grandmothers and 
grandfathers who were privileged to share the gypsy-like and 
free though laborious life on the mountain wilds. 

The wife and mother as a rule conducted the saeter opera- 
tions, assisted by hired help or by such of her boys and girls 
as were not yet old enough to do efficient work on the farm, 
and the smaller children quite generally formed part of the 
saeter family. The husband and often some of the men help 
on the farm would make a trip to the saeter on Saturday night, 


bringing on packhorses such provisions as might be needed 
on the mountains, and would spend Sunday with the women 
and children, to return to the farm Sunday night or Monday 
morning, the pack-animals laden with the butter, cheese, and 
other milk products that had accumulated. It may readily 
be understood how the Sunday was anticipated and enjoyed 
both by the dairy keepers and the visitors. And the visiting 
was not confined to the heads of families. Many a young 
maid in such an establishment counted the days of the week 
until her favorite swain might come for the over-Sunday visit. 

Perhaps the most notable day of the year of farm life was 
the "Bufardag" or day of home-faring of the saeter contin- 
gent. The whole herd of old and young animals, the heavily 
laden packhorses, the grown folk and the youngsters, all to- 
gether formed a lively caravan moving in a mood of glad 
home-coming down upon the quiet bygd. It partook largely 
of the character of a festival for the whole reunited home 

A great contrast to the busy summer with its saeter experi- 
ence for the women and the young, was the winter with its 
long evenings especially. It was the time for visiting far and 
near, and it was the time of busily plying home industries of 
all kinds. But around the generous hearths went on merrily 
the telling of the old tales of tradition and romance and ad- 
venture and of family history. There was feasting at the 
midwinter holiday time. There were sports on the frozen 
lakes and the hillsides. There were, games and dances for 
the young and active. The winter was far from being a time 
of gloom and cheerlessness. 


The earliest historical tradition of Valdris is connected 
with the career of Harold Fairhaired. Early in his campaigns 
against his neighbor chieftains, while Norway was still a col- 
lection of numerous independent, petty realms, each with its 
chief, generally styled king, and while Harold still was merely 


a prominent local chieftain among the others, and was ruling 
over Ringerike, he heard of a famous beauty, Gyda, the young 
daughter of King Erik of Hordaland, whom her father had 
sent to a mighty bonde (farmer) of Valdris, there to be 
brought up and taught the accomplishments required in her 
station in life. To Gyda Harold sent his knights asking for 
her hand. But the haughty maiden gave them a curt refusal, 
saying she would not think of marrying a man who is king 
of simply a few shires. "It seems queer to me", she said, 
"that there is not the king who will secure to himself power 
over all Norway, to rule it." When the messengers departed 
she bade them tell Harold what she had said, and added that 
only upon condition that he for her sake would conquer all 
Norway to rule over it, would she consent to become his wife. 
When the knights reported her answer, and suggested that 
for her impertinence he send his men to take her by might, 
he answered that her words gave him ideas that he now won- 
dered he had never thought of before, and added : "I make 
the promise, and call to witness it the God who made me and 
rules in all things, that never shall my hair be cut or combed, 
until I have established my rule over all Norway, or failing 
in this I die." Some ten or twelve years after, in 872, Harold 
had conquered or slain or made subjects of all the petty local 
kings and made himself ruler over all of Norway. With 
great ceremony he had his hair cut and Combed ; and remem- 
bering ,the haughty princess, he sent his messengers to Valdris 
to remind her of her promise. She became his wife and bore 
him the sons Aalov, R0rek, Sigtryg, Frode, and Thorgils. 
How much of truth forms the basis of this tradition is not 
known, but the Valdrises cherish the idea that it was there the 
first word is said to have been spoken which led to the con- 
solidation of the petty, quarreling kingdoms into a single, 
united state. They have erected to her memory a granite 
obelisk in the shape of a "bauta" after the ancient practice of 
the Scandinavian North. It stands near Hurum church, at 



Kvien, the ancient Kvidhin (dh=th in the), which is said to 
have been Gyda's foster home. 

As Valdris was from the earliest times the main route of 
travel across southern Norway, many of the kings, possibly 
all of them, passed through the valley. Several of them tar- 
ried there for periods of sufficient length to settle disputes 
and render judgment in important cases. There are parchments 
bearing the seals and signatures of the royalties, recording 

Monument to Gyda. At Kvien 

these acts, preserved by antiquarians. It is known that prin- 
ces of Harold's line married and settled in Valdris and left 
there strains of their descent. But owing to the long lapse 
of time and the paucity of records little definite information 
is available. 

Owing to its interior position of partial isolation, Valdris 
came into less frequent contact with the prominent actors and 
important events of early Norwegian history than regions 
nearer the coast. But some men of prominence there are 




mentioned in the chronicles of the country. Reyna-Bj0rn, 
one of the pioneer settlers of Iceland was from Valdris (per- 
haps from R0yne). Gissur from Valdris was an officer with 
Haakon Jarl and was in 986 killed near his chief. He is said 
to have been more showily dressed than his chief and it is 
inferred that he was mistaken for the latter and was pierced 
by the arrow meant for the jarl. Erling of Kvidhin (Kvien) 
was a mighty and wealthy man and was uncle of King Inge 
who ruled 1136 57, and became the ancestor of noted per- 
sons in Norway's history. Sigvat of Leirhol, on the north 
shore of Vangsmj0sen, was knight and chancellor 1310 30. 
His son Thorberg is mentioned at 1346 as "sysselman" for the 
northern part of Valdris. In the factional civil wars of the 
Birchlegs and Baglers, the leaders and their followers visited 
Valdris in their wanderings and pursuits. References to many 
more events in the saga period and to personages who lived 
in Valdris or passed through in their wanderings and journeys, 
show that the passes and valleys of this region formed in fact, 
as nature meant them to be, the regularly traversed route 
across the interior of the country. 

The documentary period of Valdris chronicles, in the 
modern sense, may be said to have been initiated by the be- 
ginning of the 17th century. It seems to have been about this 
time that systematic keeping of parish and court records be- 
gan. Along about 1665 the registry of title and ownership 
of the farms was instituted, and the processes of law admini- 
stration were made matter of orderly record. 

Valdris promptly participated in the general improvement 
in all lines of activity and progress that succeeded the sepera- 
tion of Norway from Denmark in 1814, and has since been 
no laggard, behind other parts of the country, in all the various 
improvements in the moral, intellectual, and physical relations 
of the community. 

THE SCHOOLS of a century since were quite primitive. 
They were of a peripatetic character, each farmer in the dis- 
trict being obliged to house the school a certain number of 


days, and the sessions were held in the general living room of 
the farm house. The curriculum consisted of learning to read 
arid to memorize the catechism and other requirements for 
confirmation. Writing was not then taught regularly, nor 
such branches as arithmetic. But improvements came speedily 
as time passed, and to-day the schools of Valdris rank, along 
with those of the rest of Norway, with the best in the world. 
The Valdris of the old order and old regime, say up to one 
or two hundred years ago, was a well ordered community, 
whose people were skilled in the arts and processes of an ad- 
vanced culture, and were intellectually awake and vigorous and 
to the full made the best of their environment and slender re- 
sources. It may be worth while to relate one incident out of the 
many from that time that serve to illustrate these matters. The 
farm Lykkja or L0kken is the uppermost of the East Slidre 
valley, and lies but a few miles 'south of Bygdin. Three 
brothers were born there who became famed as the strongest 
and most able-bodied men of their time. One of them was 
Halvar, born 1712. He grew up in the wilds of his native 
mountains and naturally became proficient in the out-door 
arts and crafts of his environment. To L0kken came during 
Halvar's boyhood an educated man who for some breach of 
the law was a fugitive and sought hiding on the border of this 
out of the way bygd, and this lone farm became to him an 
asylum to some extent. To the L0kken boys, and especially to 
Halvar, this man's coming became a matter of great conse- 
quence; for he gave them instruction which made of them in 
the eyes of the community, and in very fact, liberally educated 
men. Halvar drew about him during his long life many of the 
more ambitious young men, at such times as they found leisure, 
and taught them writing and other matters beyond what the 
common school had given them. Halvar's teaching activity 
virtually constituted a high school, the first advanced school 
of Valdris. He died 1801, 89 years old. The effect of his 
activity was of course a definite raising of the intellectual 
standard of the community; but the incident also indicates a 


certain mental vigor and cultural spirit among the youth of the 
time that reached out for the benefits of his teaching. Among 
Halvar i Lykkjun's pupils was the writer's grandfather, who 
though but a lad of fourteen at the time Halvar died, had 
acquired from his guidance a fluent handwriting and a taste 
for reading which was a solace to him until his old age. Hal- 
var i Lykkjun with his unorganized schooling was no mean 
nor unworthy precursor of the splendid galaxy of modern 
educators in Valdris, in which we may mark such lights as 
Ola B0, Hallvard Bergh, Thorstein H0verstad, and many 

THE FOLKLORE of Norway was especially rich and charac- 
teristic, as all well informed people know. Valdris shared 
to the full in this popular culture of the country. Among the 
very first of Norwegians to appreciate its importance and 
take up the work for its preservation was the schoolteacher 
Andris Eivindson Vang, of Vang parish. He was born in 
1795, and at the age of twelve became a servant in the house 
of the pastor. By hard work and self-application he became 
able to qualify as a supply teacher at the age of twenty-one. 
After a succession of vicissitudes which proved his mettle, he 
was given the post of teacher in the Vang congregation. He 
had an uncommonly good ear for music and a good singing 
voice and was a successful klokker or leader of the congrega- 
tional singing. He became a famous kjo'meistar, master of 
ceremonies in parties and such functions as christenings, wed- 
dings, and funerals, and was regarded as an unrivaled speaker 
for such occasions. 

Andris Vang understood and appreciated the wealth of 
tradition and folklore that lived upon the lips of the populace, 
and he formed the purpose to do his best for the preservation 
of these treasures from loss. For this purpose he visited the 
old people who were well versed in the telling of the tales and 
wrote them down in the exact words of the relators in the 
dialect they spoke. He tells that he had filled 66 closely writ- 
ten sheets. The sheet or "ark" used at that time was double 


folio, large size, four large pages to the sheet; and Yang's 
writing was a closely written, condensed hand. In 1848 he 
published his account of marriage customs in Valdris, in the 
Danish "book language". But in 1850 he got out the first in- 
stalment of his folk-stories in a book of 78 pages, "Gamla 
Reglo o Rispo ifraa Valdris" Old Yarns and Rigmaroles 
from Valdris. This book is the pioneer work in the collect- 
ing of traditions, stories, and poetry that has been prosecuted 
throughout Norway. It was the first book printed in the ver- 
nacular or dialect speech of the populace of any part of Nor- 
way. And Vang's manuscript has the merit of being abso- 
lutely faithful to the form of speech used. A second volume 
of his collection was published in 1871 under the title, "Gamla 
Segner fraa Valdres". According to information that is ap- 
parently reliable these two volumes contain but a minor por- 
tion of Vang's 66 sheet manuscript. Since Vang's death in 
1877 the manuscript has passed through different hands, but 
where it now reposes no one seems able to tell. 

The work of collecting and publishing the vernacular 
stories of the Valdris people has been continued by. the other- 
wise well-known and prolific author and educator Hallvard 
Bergh, born 1850 and still living. Some stories he has, like 
Vang, reproduced in the vernacular idiom, portions he has 
rendered into Danish-Norwegian, and some into the alleged 
normal country speech called the "maal". 

Another collector and author who uses the dialect idiom, 
is ex-Stortingsmand O. K. 0degaard, whose first book in this 
line, "Gamalt fraa Valdres", pictures in attractive and natural 
manner the customs and conditions within his own -memory 
and that of narrators of his acquaintance. He has put out 
several books, the last being "Valdresfolk", all in the dialect. 
And he is a skillful user of his material, and has, as a late 
reviewer says, made the Valdris dialect a good deal of a 
"book-language". 0degaard is an active promoter of histori- 
cal study in the county and a leading force in the local histori- 
cal society. 


Glaus Islandsmoen of Bagn has, among other historical 
work, produced a volume, "Sore Aurdal og Etnedalen'', which 
embodies much research in the archives and forms a valuable 
chronicle of the two lower parishes. It is a storehouse of 
history and biography covering the documentary period of 
records, beginning at about 1600. 

Another work, resembling Islandsmoen's but more restrict- 
ed in design while covering the chosen ground more thoroughly 
.and in detail, is "Vang og Slire" by Tore Ey, who is a brother 
of O. K. 0degaard, but writes the name in the form he has 
found to be the ancient original of the latter-day 0degaard. 
Yang og Slire is a work of some 800 pages, and upward of a 
hundred are given to a general consideration of the history 
of the three upper parishes Vang and East and West Slidre, 
somewhat on the plan of Islandsmoen's book. In the remain- 
ing 700 pages he takes up the individual history of each farm, 
especially dealing with the occupants and the connections, in- 
termarriages, and migrations of their families, beginning with 
the earliest documents available, from the middle of the seven- 
teenth century and often much earlier. This Unique and 
wonderful treasure-trove of genealogy is the outgrowth of the 
author's search of the archives in pursuit of the ramifications 
of genealogy of his own family. He found, in this research, 
that his own lineage touched .most of the families or strains 
and lines in the parishes mentioned; and he fortunately de- 
cided to make a book covering his investigations of the entire 
records available to him. He has given to the families of Vang 
and Slidre lineage an index or epitome of the genealogic re- 
cords contained in the archives, that enables them to trace 
family trees for themselves or indicate the lines along which 
to make these out from the original documents. It will be 
found a work of the greatest value, in this department, to 
large numbers of Americans who will wish to trace their an- 
cestry back to the earliest forbears in old Valdris. It should 
be included in the libraries of the historical societies and in- 
stitutions .of learning of our country. 



As an authority on Valdris history and antiquities it is 
doubtful whether Ola K. Alvstad had any equal. He had a 
most wonderful memory and a remarkably astute and critical 
judgment, and he was acknowledged to be the best informed 
man in Valdris in his special lines of research. He produced 
no book but he wrote often and with minute care articles for 
papers and periodicals. A collection of his writings should 
prove most valuable to students of Valdris history. 

Johannes Belsheim 

It is eminently proper to mention here Johannes Belsheim, 
who died in 1909 eighty years old. He was one of the most 
learned men that Valdris has produced, and was especially 
famous and productive in the line of biblical sources. He was 
likewise one of the best informed men on Valdris history and 
traditions. He is easily the most famous of the genuine, com- 
mon-people sons of old Valdris. 

A general survey of the writings of Valdrises or of those 


relating to Valdris history, would be entirely beyond the 
scope of this sketch. The writer has cited only those examples 
that offered themselves as good illustrations. 


There are no towns in Valdris. At Aurdal and Fagernes 
are what might be called villages, and there are some clusters 
of farmsteads at different places that might in a way also 
pass for villages. But there are no large or pretentious struc- 
tures in any of these, and no specimens of architecture parti- 
cularly distinct from the buildings on the farms. It might be 
interesting enough to describe the old farm dwellings. But 
they are not marked by features specially distinguishing them 
from that class of structures in other interior districts. The 
limit of space moreover hinders any treatment of them here. 

But the churches of Valdris do merit at least a passing 
notice. When Harold in 872 completed the unification of 
Norway it was a pagan country in the sense that it was not 
Christian. It remained such for a century and a half longer, 
in spite of the futile attempt of Haakon the Good and the de- 
termined efforts of Olaf Trygvason to make the people accept 
the Christian faith. It is not until the reign of Olaf the Saint, 
that the old faith began definitely to lose its hold on the Nor- 
wegians. In 1023 Olaf came to Valdris and with fire and 
sword made the inhabitants accept the new belief. Priests 
and monks were sent to teach them Christianity. What the 
first houses of worship were like we can not tell, but the 
churches in use at the close of the eighteenth century in 
Valdris were structures of great age, for the most part erected 
before the reformation. Some were in such a state of decay, 
or were so much too small for the congregations that they had 
to give place to more commodious buildings. But some, prob- 
ably those of greatest age, are still standing and still are used 
as meeting houses. All but two were built of wood. 

The two churches of Slidre and Ulnes are stone buildings. 
Slidre church is the head, or pastor's residential church, of 




\Yest Slidre parish. It was built before 1200, and in Roman 
Catholic times was a bishop's church or cathedral, had a chime 
of 12 bells tuned so that hymn tunes could be played, and 
was distinguished for its superior appointments and furnish- 
ings. Ulnes church is smaller but is possibly nearly as old. 
It is novv an "annex church" in North Aurdal parish. 

The ancient \vooden churches belong to the class called 
"Stavkirker", a construction that is unique in ecclesiastic 
architecture and is peculiar to Norway. It consists of a frame 
of upright pillars made of tree trunks, bound by beams and 
girders which have been hewn rectangular in section. To com- 
plete the walls, upright hewn planks, or "staves", are fitted as 
panels into grooves in the upright timbers. The whole frame 
centers about a system of round, massive wooden columns, or 
"masts", which bear the main roof work and tower structure, 
and likewise afford attachment of subsidiary framework and 
roof sections. The exterior roof angles and other points were 
decorated with carved dragon's head and other fantastic de- 
signs. The doors were framed in beautifully carved scroll 
patterns in which the conventionalized dragon forms the main 
theme and motive of the composition. The framework of the 
interior is altogether open, with crossbeams and arches ex- 
posed to view and decoratively finished. 

Surrounding the paneled, walls of the main part of the 
building ran a narrow enclosed cloister, its cover forming the 
lowest section of the roof slopes. Generally this sectional 
construction gave the structure a roughly pyramidal outline, 
with gables and roof sections rising above one another and 
terminating in the light, houselike tower. To preserve the 
building against the action of the weather, the exposed surfaces 
were periodically served with an application of hot tar, which 
produced a darkbrown, rather soft and pleasing effect. These 
churches were windowless, and to mitigate the almost total 
darkness of the interior, small openings were cut in the clear- 
story walls, and these could be closed by blocks fitted for the 
purpose. ' The ceremonial of worship at the time these 




churches were erected did not call for reading or singing, 
from books, on the part of the congregation, and the candles 
and lights used in the ceremonial probably afforded suffi- 
cient illumination for the priest and his assistants, and one 
can imagine that the effect of solemnity may have been height- 
ened by such a use of lights within the otherwise dark or ob- 
scure interior. 

After the reformation, when the worshippers began to use 
hymnals and join in the singing, more light was required, and 
windows were cut in the upper parts of the walls where they 
were exposed to the outer air. It is not altogether clear why 
the cloister, which ran around the nave did not communicate 
with the main interior. In these small churches the number 
of worshippers admitted must have been limited to a small 
portion of the entire congregation, and those within the clois- 
ter, if any were there, were of course cut off from direct par- 
ticipation. May it be, that while the elect were admitted to 
the holiest of the nave, those of a lower degree of sanctifica- 
tion were segregated within the cloister in order that some 
grace might come to them under the consecrated roof that 
reached out even over the cloister? 

Be that as it may, after the reformation the cloister was 
removed from many of the stav-churches and windows placed 
in the paneled walls which thus had become exposed to the out- 
side light. Protestant worship was an affair of the entire 
congregation, and more room was needed than many of the 
churches afforded. They were therefore enlarged, sometimes 
by the addition of wings and extensions, but in some cases 
the choir or chancel was moved a space from the nave and a 
transept built in between, or the nave simply lengthened. But 
these various "improvements" played sad havoc with many 
a fine specijnen of the ancient ecclesiatic architecture. 

A very high authority on Norwegian church architecture 
is Professor Lorenz Dietrichson. He distinguishes two clas- 
ses of stav-churches, the four-columned or Valdris type and 
the many-columned or Sogn type. Others make three clas- 


ses, those of four, of six, and of more than six columns, but 
the four-columned are by all called the Valdris type of stav- 
church. And this is by many held to be the purest of the 


On Filefjell, in the very upper end of the valley stood the 
Thomas church in a small glen called Smedalen, many miles 
from any present settlement. It was so named because it had 
been dedicated to Thomas a Becket. It was a small stav- 
church. All that is definitely known of its history is that ser- 
vices were held there once a year, on July 2nd. But there 
gathered on these occasions people from Sogn and Hallingdal 
as well as from Valdris, and more for purposes of visiting and 
even for trade than for worship. To put an end to this misuse 
of the church and of the occasion of worship, the services 
were discontinued and the building was torn down in 1808. 
Its bells and other equipment were distributed among other 
churches in Valdris. It is said to have been a four-columned 
church. A stav-church which stood on the farm Grihamar 
was removed long ago. The old stav-church of 0ie, dating 
from before 1358 was taken down in 1735 and replaced by 
the present church of that congregation in 1747. The ancient 
church of Vang, on the shore of Mjp'sen was a four-column 
stav-church, known to have been erected before 1319. Be- 
cause this was not large enough, a more modern structure was 
built about 1839. The old church was then sold to Frederick 
William, later Kaiser William I, who had it torn down, ship- 
ped to Hamburg, thence to Silesia, where it was re-erected 
and is standing now. It was a four-column church of purest 
type and richly ornamented. 

It is thus seen that four of the ancient churches of Vang 
parish have disappeared. There are references in old writ- 
ings and in local tradition, to one or two more that have stood 
in the upper end of the parish, but nothing definite is record- 
ed of their appearance. The only stav-church of Vang that 
has been saved from the general destruction is that of Hurum, 
standing on the site of the old manor-seat and stronghold, 


Kvidhin, now occupied by the five farmsteads Kvien, into 
which the old estate has been subdivided. It is one of the 
best specimens of the four-colmn type, and is still in use as 
the meeting house of Hurum congregation. Its exterior has 
been altogether changed by the removal of the cloister, the 
insertion of windows, by boarding it up. and by its .being 
painted white. But the interior equipment is fairly well pre- 
served, even to the old, narrow pew benches, that are veritable 
means of torture. Hurum church seems to owe its preserva- 

Hedal Church, transept built in 

tion to the fortunate circumstance that it was a large house 
of its class, and the congregation could be served by it without 
enlarging it. 

Some four miles below Hurum stands the church of Lome 
in West Slidre, a four-column structure that is very true to 
the type, and contains some of the best scroll work carving 
to be found. As at Hurum, the cloister has been taken away 
and windows supplied, but it still retains the old dark-brown 
tar finish. It is the same age as Hurum, known to have been 
standing six hundred years ago. 



Whether the churches of R0n, Rogne, Volbu, Skrautvaal, 
Svenes, Aurdal, and Bagn were all strictly Valdris four-column 
type is not fully clear. They have long since been replaced 
by more commodious, modern buildings. Hegge church in 
East Slidre is an eight-column stav-church. Of all the stav- 
churches in Valdris, Reinli church, in South Aurdal parish, 
best exemplifies their original external appearance, in that the 
closed cloister still stands in place. In its framework it de- 
parts 'somewhat from the others and parts of its ornamenta- 
tion is of a different sort. It is known to be of an earlier date 
than 1327; and it is believed to stand on the site of an ancient 

Hedal Church, present appearance 

temple or hall dedicated to the worship of the old gods of 
pagan times. Hedal church, in the same parish, is a stav- 
church of the same period, and much of its ancient ornamenta- 
tion and structural work is' preserved, though it has been en- 
larged and remodeled by separating the nave and the chancel 
and building a transept between them. There is a tradition 
that Hedalen bygd was completely depopulated by the Black 


Death, about 1350, and the existence of the church had in 
later times been forgotten, until it was long after discovered 
by a hunter whose arrow, missing the bird it was aimed at, 
betrayed the presence of the church by the noise it made on 
hitting its roof. A very badly dilapidated portion of bear- 
skin is preserved in a glazed case in the vestry, and is said to 
be of the hide of a she-bear found in her lair in the chancel 
of the rediscovered holy structure. 

A most important part of the equipment or accessories of 
the old churches were the bells. They were not hung in the 
church itself nor in towers attached to it, but in a separate 
building, a belfry, in the vernacular called stupul, and built in 
a style that harmonized with the church itself. Every church 
has two bells, but some had formerly chimes of a greater num- 
ber. The bells one finds now are as a rule massive and of 
fine, mellow tone. They are objects of much affection and 
veneration on the part of the congregation, and their proper 
ringing is a fine art, which only a few have the ability to learn 
acceptably. The official ringer of a congregation is there- 
fore a man of considerable importance. 

The country people are much attached to their church 
bells. The echoes of their call to meeting are eagerly listened 
for on Sunday mornings ; and it is a solemn and welcome mo- 
ment when their voices roll out over the valley the "ringing 
in" of such festivals as Christmas and dedicate the time to 
holiday observance for man and beast. Certain occult virtues 
were anciently ascribed to the chime of the consecrated bells. 
In a land of such topography as that of Valdris it happened 
that people, and especially children, might get lost in the wilds 
and chasms of the mountains. Superstition would ascribe such 
disappearances to the wiles of the fabled "Hill-folk" (Hau- 
gafolk) that were believed to live in the hills and mountains. 
But when the church bells were rung so that their call pene- 
trated into the fastnesses of the kidnappers it compelled them 
to give up their human captives, who were thus led by the 
bells home to their anxious families. 




The bygdelag movement has been treated historically 
in a sketch prepared by the writer for Dr. J. S. Johnson's 
book, "Minnesota", published 1914, and included also in 
"Syttende Mai Festskrift" compiled by N. N. Ronning for 
the Committee on 17th of May celebration in 1914. In the 
latter publication is also a section "Oplysning om Bygdela- 
gene" which has a brief sketch of each lag. Otherwise 
there is, so far as known no history of the lags nor of the 
movement, except as it may be gathered from the "Year- 
books" and other special publications of the individual 
lags, and from the reports of meetings and of lag activities, 
in the files of the Norwegian language newspapers for the 
years since the inception of the movement. 

An American Bygdelag is a society composed of natives 
of some particular settlement or group of settlements in 
Norway and of their descendants in this country. The byg- 
delags have come into being from sentimental considera- 
tions, and their object is primarily social, to serve the end 
of fostering friendships and acquaintance of former neigh- 
bors, and of cultivating the traditions and keeping alive the 
memories of the ancestral home localities. A bygdelag 
might be styled a society "for auld lang syne" but it also has 
such more serious and practical aims as that of collecting, 
preserving, and publishing historical and biographical in- 
formation regarding immigrants to America who came 
from the district that the lag represents. 

The bygdelags are organizations of a national charac- 


ter inasmuch as the membership is scattered throughout 
the country wherever citizens of Norwegian nativity or de- 
scent reside. Annual meetings are held for social reunion 
and the transaction of business incident to the interests of 
the organization. Generally they publish either a periodi- 
cal or a "yearbook" of special concern to the members. 
Many have raised funds for charitable or memorial gifts to 
the ancestral community or district. The affairs of the so- 
cieties are administered or managed by executive boards 
composed of the officers and directors acting under man- 
date of constitutions and authority conferred and defined by 
society action in the general meetings. 

The compound word bygdelag, as thus defined, has aris- 
en in American usage, and is composed of the words, bygd 
meaning settlement, countryside, or built up neighborhood, 
and lag, meaning society, and literally means a society of 
individuals from the same bygd in Norway. Usage at first 
was divided on the matter of designating organizations of 
this nature. The chief rival was the word Fylkelag or 
Fylkeslag, derived in the same way and meaning a society 
of people from the same fylke, or district of larger extent 
than a bygd. 

There is in the Norwegian language a compound word 
of long established usage arid of identical form, bygdelag, 
in which the part lag means a group or assemblage, and the 
whole word signifies an assemblage of settlements or a 
group of homesteads. It is a word entirely distinct in de- 
rivation and meaning from the "bygdelag" of American 
coinage explained above. 


The population of Norway is and has ever been very 
largely rural. The local communities are as a rule small, 
and are scattered along the water courses of the interior 
and on the shores and at the heads of the fjords or inlets of 


the sea. Owing to the physical characteristics of Norway 
these communities have led an existence of segregation and 
isolation, varying in degree with the character and extent 
of the natural barriers that hemmed in the settlements and 
hindered or restrained intercourse with the outside world. 
This condition of isolation, which might affect either a 
small, single settlement or a group of settlements set off 
together in a district of limited extent, inevitably developed 
local characteristics of speech and customs, and community 
traits, that contrasted sharply with those of the inhabitants 
of other and even near-by settlements. At the same time 
this isolation strengthened local community of interests and 
built up solidarity and communal helpfulness. The inevitable 
intermarrying of the families within such a limited group, 
doubtless helped to develop distinct settlement types, which 
are characteristic of these Norwegian communities. Of course 
each community developed traditions, folk lore, standards of 
conduct, games, music, costumes peculiar to itself. 

When the people who had been reared under these con- 
ditions began to come to our then western frontier, first 
in Illinois and Wisconsin, and later in Iowa, Minnesota, and 
farther west, as the frontier was pushed on by the pioneers, 
they arrived generally in companies that had made the 
long and arduous journey together. Naturally they inclin- 
ed to settle down together, so that old time neighbors be- 
came neighbors here. In a few cases these neighborhood 
groups became nuclei about which fairly extensive settle- 
ments of fellow-dalesmen grew by the addition of later ar- 
rivals, such as the Numed^l, Vossing and Sogning settle- 
ments in southern Wisconsin, and similar developments 
elsewhere. But also, the pushing on of the frontier year 
after year, under the necessity of going on to find land in 
plenty, operated to mix the Norwegians of the different 
bygds, along the whole Northwest frontier, just as the same 
general process served to scatter and mix together all the 
nationalities that constituted the pioneer population. Still, 


in this scattering process, the feeling of community of 
origin did at times assert itself so as to people considerable 
areas with such as had come from the same district in Nor- 
way, not exclusively nor hardly preponderatingly, but so 
as to form a large proportion of the residents. 

The matter of first concern to the Norwegian settlers 
was to build homes and enter on all the activities connect- 
ed with getting on in the community of which they formed 
a part. They entered on this work energetically and became 
engrossed in it. Considerations of sentiment regarding 
relatives and the neighbors in the old home necessarily oc- 
cupied a secondary place in their minds while the strenu- 
ous process of getting on was at its height. But as they 
attained competence or prosperity and could begin to af- 
ford more time for thinking about the kin and friends from 
whom they had become separated, the desire to see them 
again began to assert itself. Naturally they satisfied this 
sentiment by making such visits as circumstances allowed, 
and one can readily imagine how the reunions of these long 
separated friends and kinsmen were enjoyed. But there 
were scores and hundreds of these friends separated by 
hundred of miles and in all parts of the country. No amount 
of visiting around could satisfy the desire to see them 

Then came the bygdelag movement or idea. A reunion 
of the people from a bygd or group of bygds in the old 
country, living at the most widely separated places, might 
be arranged in some convenient, readily accessible place, 
and these long separated friends, neighbors, and relatives, 
could in one such visit meet and see once again as many 
dear ones as they could have reached in a long series of 
visits needing thousands of miles of costly and fatiguing 
travel. And this was what happened. One man conceived 
the idea, others took it up with him and among themselves. 
They were men of the necessary initiative and public spir- 
it, who put their idea to the test of performance. They 


brought about such a reunion. The successful experiment 
was repeated, and it grew into a permanent institution, with 
the machinery of a regular organization, a "bygdelag." 

Following will be given first a chronology of the more 
important events in the history of the bygdelag movement, 
which will be followed in turn by an outline sketch of some 
of the important phases and developments of the move- 
ment in general, and touching upon the part played by in- 
dividual lags and by some of the leaders in the work. 


1899. February 2. Public discussion of Valdrisstevne 
begun by Article in Nordvesten. 

June 25. First Valdrisstevne, Minneapolis. Called on 
initiative of Thomas Lajord. 

July. Etnebu picnic at Story City, meetings not con- 

1900. Sept. 9. Second Valdrisstevne, Minneapolis. 

1901. July. "Bygdejsevning" begun in Amerika. 

Sept. 8. Committee elected to organize Valdris Sam- 
band, by third Valdrisstevne, at Como Park. 

1902. June 22. Picnic of Harengs of Mitchell Co., la. 
June. Suggestion of Peter Hove for a Hailing Stevne, 

no action taken. 

Aug. 31. Meeting of Valdris Samband. First Valdris- 

1903. Correspondence in newspapers proposing "stev- 
ner" of Hallings, Gudbrandsd^ls, and Tenders. 

Jan. 27. The Norwegian Society of America organized. 
December. Xo. 1, of Valdris Helsing issued. 

1906. Nov. 30. Article, "Det norske Selskab. Optan- 
delse" in Fram. 

Dec. 12. Article, "Haand paa Plogen," by Dr. Fjelde 
in Fram. 


1907. Jan. 16. Telelage organized at Fargo, as a mem- 
ber of The Norwegian Society. 

March 9. Hallinglaget organized at Walcott. 
July. Telelage secedes from the Norwegian Society. 
1908 June 17. Numedalslaget organized at Fargo. 
July. No. 1, Halling-Minne, issued. 
Sept. 6. Gudbrandsdalslaget organized, Minneapolis. 
Sept. 17. Trp'nderlaget organized, Fergus Falls. 
Oct. 22. Nordlandslaget organized at Minneapolis. 
Nov. 28. Sognalaget organized at Albert Lea. 

1909. March. No. 1, of Telesoga issued. 

June 17. Selbulaget organized at Atwater, Minn. 
June 24. Vosselaget organized at Albert Lea. 
June 30. Saetisdalslaget organized at Grand Forks. 
Sept. 8. Nordfjordlaget organized, Como Park. 
Nov. 17. First conference of bygdelag representatives 
met at Minneapolis, on invitation of Valdris Samband. 

1910. June 16. Landinglag organized at Minneapolis. 
June 16. Totninglag organized at Minneapolis. 

June 18. 0sterd01slag organized at Fergus Falls. 

June 25. So'ndmp'rslag organized at Moorhead, Minn. 

Aug. 24. Organizing committee for Mjjzteenlag elected, 

Sept. 7. Hadelandslag organized, Minnesota State 
Fair Ground. 

Sept. 7. Solunglag organized, Minneapolis. 

Sept 10. Stavanger & Sp'ndre Bergenhus Amters Lag 
organized at Story City. 

November. First Issue (No. 31) of Samband published. 

November 15. Second meeting of bygdelag represen- 
tatives, votes for celebration of May 17, in 1914. 

1911. June 9. Iowa Telelag organized at Lake Mills, 


June 17. Wisconsin Telelag organized at Blair, Wis. 

June 22. Tinnsjjzflag organized at Lake Madison, S. D. 

June 24. Sigdalslag organized at Fergus Falls. 

June 24. Sundalslag organized, Minneapolis. 

Aug. 15. Hardangerlag organized at Sioux Falls. 

Sept. 8. Stavangerlaget formed by division of Stav. 
S. Bergh. Amters Lag, Story City. 

Sept. 8. Sp'ndhordlandlaget formed by division of Stav. 
& S. Bergh. Amters Lag, Story City. 

Oct. 28. Twin City Stavangerlag organized, St. Paul. 

Nov. 8. Third meeting of bygdelag representatives, 
elects permanent officers, and adopts plan of celebration. 

1912. June 4. Vinger, Odalen & Eidskogen Samlag or- 
ganized, Minneapolis. 

June 16. Bandak Telelag organized at Colfax, Wis. 
June 18. S0ndfjordlag organized, Minneapolis. 
Oct. 24. Meeting of bygdelag representatives as Com- 
mittee on 17th of May Celebration. 

Dec. 30. West Coast branch of Numedalslaget organ- 
ized, Everett, Washington. 

1913. Mar. 5. Minneapolis Trjzfnderlag organized. 
June 14. Romsdalslag organized, Minneapolis. 
Aug. 13. Kristianialag organized, Minneapolis. , 
Sept. 3. Nordhordlandslag organized, Minneapolis. 
Oct. 8. Bygdelag representatives meet as 17th of May 

Committee, Minneapolis. 

Oct. 20. Hurdalslag organized, Ostrander, Minn. 

1914. Jan. 27. 17th of May Committee opens headquar- 
ters in Minneapolis. 

April 29. Meeting of bygdelag representatives as 17th 
of May Committee, Minneapolis. 

May 16. Bygdelags meet on Fair Ground. 


May 17. Exercises and Concert in Hippodrome, Fair 

May 18. Exercises of centennial celebration of 17th of 

June 19. Bygdelag representatives met in Minneapolis. 
Committee on permanent organization elected. 

Sept. 11. Meeting of Bygdelag men on call of Ristad 
and Trovaten, Minneapolis. 

Nov. 27. Committee of five elected by June 19 meeting 
met, Minneapolis. 

1915. June 4. Smaalenslag organized at Kenyon, Minn. 

1916. Jan. 25. Meeting of Bygdelag representatives. Min- 
neapolis, on Call of Committee of Five, elects committee of 
nine to draw up constitution for Council of Bygdelags 

April 18. Committee of Nine adopts draft of constitu- 
tion for Faellesraad of Bygdelags. 

June 7. Ringerikeslaget organized at Albert Lea. 

November 17. Council of Bygdelags met and organized, 

1917. Nov. 21. Second meeting of Council of Bydge- 
lags, Minneapolis. 

1918. Meeting of Council of Bygdelags suspended. 

1919. Dec. 9. Council of Bygdelags met, Minneapolis. 



The bygdelag movement began among the Valdrises. 
They have come from a district in the central interior of 
Norway that contains a population of 17,300 souls. In this 
country they live widely scattered, as do other citizens of 
Norwegian descent, especially through the whole North- 


west. They began their meetings and built up an organ- 
ization several years before the contingents from other 
parts of Norway took up the same kind of activity. As a 
separate chapter of this work is devoted to a history of 
the movement among the Valdrises, a very brief outline of 
their activity as pioneers in it will serve to introduce this 
general outline sketch. 

Mr. Thomas Lajord published a communication in the 
St. Paul paper Nordvesten in February, 1899, in which he 
proposed that his fellow Valdrises, residents of St. Paul 
and Minneapolis, should hold a reunion sometime in the 
spring. To this a writer made answer in the same paper, 
supporting the suggestion, but he advocated that the in- 
vitation should include Valdrises everywhere in the coun- 
try and the meeting be fixed for a time late enough to have 
it out of doors. The discussion thus started resulted in 
the holding of a picnic and reunion in Minneapolis in June, 
1899. Mr. Lajord presided over a program of singing and 
music, especially such as is characteristic of old Valdris, 
and there was a formal address in Valdris dialect, and 
verses in the same dialect and composed for the occasion, 
were sung or recited. But the special feature of the event 
was the informal visiting between the numerous, long sep- 
arated fellow-dalesmen, who in this intercourse did their 
best to use the dialect peculiar to their old home bygd. A 
similar meeting was held by the Valdrises the following 
year, 1900. 

An enlarged committee, with Dr. J. S. Johnson as chair- 
man, took up the preparations for a meeting in 1901, which 
convened in Como Park, Sept. 8. It was in character like 
the two previous reunions and included a picnic and a va- 
ried program. The formal address was given by the writer 
of this sketch. At this meeting a series of resolutions were 
passed, voting that a permanent society of Valdrises be 
formed, and electing a committee of seven to draw up a 
constitution and to be in charge until the meeting the fol- 


lowing year. The attendance at this meeting of 1901 was 
large, estimated in the newspaper reports at 2000 or more, 
and possibly half were from the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, 
Iowa, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and from numerous places in 
Minnesota outside the Twin Cities. It was emphatically a 
meeting of national character or representation. 

When the committee of seven organized A. A. Veblen, 
the writer of this sketch, was elected chairman and Dr. J. 
S. Johnson secretary. A constitution was drawn up and the 
name Valdris Samband (union) was adopted. This pro- 
vided for an executive board (Styre) consisting of a presi- 
dent, vice-president, secretary-treasurer and two addition- 
al directors. Among other provisions was that for the 
holding of annual meetings, for collecting biographical and 
historical information regarding members and other Val- 
drises, and for the preservation and publication of matters 
of interest to Valdrises. 

The new society grew and flourished and its annual 
meetings were well attended and attracted no little atten- 
tion among people of Norwegian extraction. Among the 
reunion features instituted by the Samband is to be men- 
tioned the banquets of the annual meetings. The first of 
these was prepared on the initiative of the secretary, Dr. 
J. S. Johnson, and took place in the evening after the gen- 
eral, out of doors meeting in the park in 1902. He gave it 
the name "Valdrisgjesteb0", meaning Valdris party. It 
proved very popular and the banquets have since been an 
essential feature of the reunions. Also, in 1903 the presi- 
dent and secretary began the publication of a diminutive 
quarterly, bearing the name "Valdris Helsing", as an organ 
of the Samband. 

The first reunion of Valdrises, in 1899, came to be spok- 
en of in the press reports and otherwise, as a "Valdris- 
stevne." Stevne is a word meaning a meet or gathering of 
a prearranged nature, and the word has since become a 
special designation of this class of meetings or reunions, 
as Sognastevne, Hallingstevne, etc. 



The Valdris Samband remained the sole organization 
of this class until other bygdefolk began to organize in 
1907. But this was owing to no lack of agitation or of sug- 
gestion to emulate the Valdrises. The writer has knowl- 
edge of but one early attempt on the part of others than 
the Valdrises to hold any such meet. In a private letter 
which he received from Mr. Peter Hadley of Badger, Iowa, 
and which is dated July 20, 1902, occur the passages : "My 
parents are from Etne prestegjeld, Bergens Stift", and "We 
had an Etnesbu picnic in Story City (Iowa) three years ago, 
and had a gooql time. But we did not start an organiza- 
tion. There is where we made a mistake." This places the 
resultless effort of the people from Etne parish in the sum- 
mer of 1899, the year of the first Valdrisstevne. It attract- 
ed no particular attention, and it seems to have been inspir- 
ed or suggested to the Etnebus by the discussion going on 
in the press during the spring of that year by Lajord and 
other Valdrises, which, as we have seen, led to the first re- 
union of Valdrises, in Minneapolis. 

In June, 1^02, Peter E. Hove suggests in Skandinaven, 
that the Railings meet in a reunion at a "suitable place in 
Minnesota", but modestly disclaims making a definite mo- 
tion (forslag). Other Railings did propose a meet during 
the State Fair in September. The last heard from them 
was an appeal in February, 1903 in Skandinaven, to "wake 
up" and to "gather in the same manner as the Valdrises 

Some people from Hardanger, residents of Mitchell and 
Worth counties, Iowa, met at Utopica Springs near St. 
Ansgar, June 22, 1902, and again at the same place in 1903, 
which is the last stevne of Harengs heard of until they 
joined the general movement half a dozen years later. 

During March and April, 1904, appeared three different 
appeals in Skandinaven, calling on some one to start some- 
thing among the Sognings, but nothing came of it then. 


Four clippings from Skandinaven, of 1903-4, contain en- 
couragement for the people of Gudbrandsdalen to do like 
the Valdrises and get a stevne. "Let some one point out a 
competent man, or a committee . . . and decide on a time 
and place" says one. 

But for the time being, at least, nothing came of the 
writing of Gudbrandsd01s, Sognings, or Railings. The lo- 
cal experiments of Etnebus and Harengs proved disap- 
pointing. But especially disappointing is the miscarriage 
of the efforts of those from the mighty province of Tr0n- 
delagen to make a start. The Tr0nders number approxi- 
mately one tenth of the entire population of Norway. Their 
section has an illustrious place in Norway's history, and 
no American settlers from Norway have brought with them 
prouder traditions than have the Trjzfnders. They have a 
bantering slogan, 'Dae bli it' no taa f0r Tr0nderan kjem". 
(There will be nothing doing till the Tr0nders arrive.) 
The writer has 33 clippings from Skandinaven, covering a 
year's time from March, 1903, in which Trjzfnders discuss 
the calling together of a Tr0nderstevne, all but one support- 
ing the idea. The above quoted slogan was repeated in 
several communications, and the statement was made in 
apparent seriousness, that they are the real, genuine Nor- 
wegians above all others "Aye, let us Tr0nders gather 
and meet, so that we may really for once get something 
genuine." "As heirs of the great past (mindernes arvtage- 
re) we should have it in us to unite about that which was 
great and noble in our heroic ancestors." Seriously or play- 
fully meant, the letters bristle with these and similar boasts 
and appeals to take the lead which unquestionably belong- 
ed to the Tr0nders. Some writer in playful malice (Kvar- 
talskrift, July, 1905) later said of all this that the Tr0nders 
"moved heaven and Skandinaven" (satte himmelen og 
Skandinaven i bevaegelse). That the committee named by 
some of these writers actually met, is likely doubtful. But 
a well known Tr0nder and editor of a leading newspaper, 
did about this time tell the writer, that a number of promin- 


ent Tenders had met at his office, and after canvassing the 
situation decided not to go ahead with the call for a meet, 
because it did look as if they should cut a poor figure in 
comparison with the Valdrises, and he added, "so you will 
occupy the field alone." 

From the year 1904 forward the papers contained no no- 
ticeable agitation for reunions of any Norwegian bygde- 
folk, and the Valdris Samband "occupying the field alone" 
prospered and its annual reunions attracted hundreds of 
visitors besides the Valdrises. It is quite possible, indeed 
probable that this agitation for "stevner" had been consid- 
erably stimulated by the articles that ran as a series under 
the title "Bygdejsevning" in Amerika, beginning in July or 
August, 1901 and continuing for something more than a 
year. The authors of these articles strove to show wherein 
their particular bygdefolk, as Sognings, Valdrises, etc., out- 
classed other bygdefolk. It is fair to assume that these 
Bygdejsevning articles served as a considerable part of the 
stimulus that at last set the bygdelag activity going as a 
general movement. The editor, Professor R. B. Anderson, 
later published the articles in a volume bearing the title of 
the series, Bygdejsevning. 


The Norwegian Society of America had been organized 
in January, 1903, but its growth had not been as rapid as 
had been hoped for it. In the year 1906 its fortunes were 
largely in the care of a number of enthusiastic men resid- 
ing at Fargo or centering about that place, with the lov- 
able Rev. Bendik Bondahl president of the Society. The 
leading spirit of this group, the late Dr. Herman Fjelde, of 
Abercrombie was secretary. The chief organ of this co- 
terie was the paper Fram, published and edited by Mr. 
Trovaten, who was quite active in propaganda for the So- 
ciety, and seems to have collaborated actively with the sec- 
retary. Their plans were first revealed in an article in 


Fram of Nov. 30, 1906, purporting to relate a vision which 
the editor had had. Its title is : 


The editor begins by commending the tale of his revela- 
tion to Secretary Fjelde, President Bondahl, and others 
high in the councils of the Society, and proceeds : 

"We array ourselves in clans (fylker) we Norwegians 
in America ; we organize Sygnafylke, Raumdjzflafylke, Val- 
drisfylke, etc. The Valdris has organized his array. The 
Telemarking now follows him ; all the others gather in turn. 

"Annually each fyloe meets in fylkes-thing (i. e. stevne). 
. . The Rogalanding has his good time by himself, the 
Hailing by himself, etc. just as the Valdris has shown the 

"Or we may aim at more comprehensive combinations 
and meetings of several fylker in Eidsivathing, Frostathing, 
M^rething, etc. 

"But the Fylking-arrays, fylkestevner, are merely mem- 
bers of the NORIGS-SAMLAG the Norwegian Society. . 
. . They are the fylke-things as related to the Althing. 

"Once a year the representatives of the fylker meet in 
the Althing, the Storthing of the Norwegian Society. . . 

"We make a gift of the revelation to the president and 
secretary of the Norwegian Society, and await from that 
quarter a new and improved edition at an early date." 

In the above quotation some of the detailed elaboration 
has been omitted, such as the rivalry and emulation which 
is to characterize the efforts of the different clans and 

Two weeks later, December 7, Fram contained a well 
displayed first-page article, which was signed : "Dr. H. 
Fjelde, Abercrombie, N. D." and begins thus: 


"The Idea is Good and Practical. Hand to the Plow." 

"The proposal of Fram regarding "Fylkestevner" etc., 
must be taken up. The idea is good ; it is also practicable. 

"But now it must not go to 'sleep. A Telelag, Rauma- 
lag, M^relag, etc., must be formed. Later the rivers will 
flow together into the great Landslag NORIG or the Nor- 
wegian Society." 

The author goes on to explain that a man must be se- 
cured as organizer for each fylke, whom he designates 
"fylkekonge". He lists 19 fylker and names suitable clan- 
kings for nearly all of them, picking the candidates from the 
general vicinity of Fargo, and it is worth noting that he 
has "For M0re og Romsdal. Herman Fjelde" in the list. 
And he ends the article : 

"Begin therefore to send letters to the men named, (as 
fylke-kings), and should there be one thing or another, in 
which I may be of assistance as secretary of the Norwegian 
Society, write! I shall do my best. Dr. H. Fjelde, Aber- 
erombie, N. D." 

This alluring and comprehensive scheme by which the 
Norwegian society was to be "resurrected" and built up by 
the creation of "lags" patterned after the Valdris Samband, 
was industriously exploited in Fram during the winter 
1906-7. But Loke had evidently insinuated himself into 
the council of the" gods upon whom the seer had called 
to give him clearness of vision ; for events were shortly to 
prove it anything but an auspicious revelation of the pow- 
ers supernal. 

The editor of Fram had foreshadowed the organization 
of a Telelag as early as a week before the publication of the 
vision of the resurrection of the Norwegian Society. He 
and other Teler on January 16 organized a society, with 
Mr. Bondahl as president, and the constitution, published 
in Fram contained the paragraph : "The society's name is 
Telelage. It is- subordinate to the Norwegian Society". 
(Det stend unde d. n. S.). This was the first-fruit of the 


new propaganda. The seer had led his Teler into the fold. 
But the high-priest had worse luck; for, on Jan. 25, Fram 
contains the item : "A M0relag was not organized at Far- 
go. I found too few M0rings." 

Preceded by a series of communications in Fram from 
Fjelde, Ole Lovdokken, and others, a meeting of Mailings 
at Walcott March 9, 1907, organized Hallinglaget i Ameri- 
ka. Its constitution had no reference to the Norwegian So- 
ciety; and in Fram of the 22nd of March, this circumstance 
was commented on by Mr. H. R. Holand, who says that in 
the three column report of the Hailing meeting there is not 
a word about the Norwegian Society, Norwegian problems, 
or patriotism, and that the nine paragraphs of the constitu- 
tion begin and end with Hallingdal. This article provoked 
rejoinders from both Lovdokken and Halvor Ulsaker. The 
latter reminds Mr. Holand that his censure is not welcome, 
so long as the "Hallings are attending to their own affairs 
and are not sticking their noses into others' business". 

It is difficult to appraise the real effect of the whirlwind 
agitation in Fram by Trovaten and Fjelde. It was local 
to the region in western Minnesota and eastern North Da- 
kota which naturally centered upon Fargo, and stirred but 
the merest ripples in the press elsewhere. The net tangible 
result for 1907 is the start of the Telelag and the Halling- 
lag. Beside Bondahl not one of the thirteen fylke-kings 
named in the Fjelde article of December 12, 1906, became 
president of a bygdelag, unless we should make allowances 
for Mr. H. H. Strom, who in the Fram scheme, was an af- 
terthought three months later, and Fjelde himself who be- 
came president when the So'ndm^rslag materialized four 
and a half years after. No subsidiary "fylkings" were gain- 
ed by the Norwegian Society ; for the Telelag at its first 
general meeting, June, 1"907, voted to rescind all those pro- 
visions of the constitution which concerned its connection 
with the Selskab. Preliminary organizations of Trjzfnders. 
Guclbrandsd01s, and M0rings, that had been set on foot by 


Fjelde, and had been proclaimed as acquisitions of the Sel- 
skab, soon flickered out altogether. 

The two authors of the propaganda make the claim that 
it was the start of the bygdelag movement, and each claims 
the credit of originating the idea. 

Thus, editorially, Fram of July 2, 1909, says: "When 
we nearly three years since, brought out the idea that peo- 
ple from the different districts in Norway should come to- 
gether and form fylkeslags, we had the firm conviction that 
the idea would take, but that the movement would spread 
so rapidly we dared not hope. In January, 1907, we as- 
sumed authority to nominate certain Fylkekings. Many of 
them assumed the duty laid on them, and the result is that 
there are to-day 10 fylkeslags fully organized and having 
a comparatively large number of particularly enthusiastic 
members. We believed, when we first set the movement 
going, that it would rouse the Norwegian people in Ameri- 
ca as no other thing." 

Similar assertions appear elsewhere in Fram. They all 
indicate that the editor claims credit for "setting the move- 
ment going", and the conclusion seems irresistible that he 
also wrote the article nominating the long list of fylke- 
kings which was signed "Dr. H. Fjelde, Abercrombie, N. 

Dr. Fjelde gives the Norwegian Society credit for hav- 
ing started the bygdelag movement, but as he was at the 
time its secretary while being the one man who actively 
advocated the thought of Fram's vision, this is but a modest 
acceptance of the credit for himself. In an article publish- 
ed in the Norwegian papers in 1911 he says: "Then there 
is the bygdelag movement. It is the Norwegian Society 
which has set this movement going. The purpose was to 
get the members arranged according to the fylker they 
came from. . . . The efforts of the Society in behalf of 
these fylkeslags led to the establishment of our most vigor- 
ous bygdelags, and the example has been effective since 


the Telelag, the Hallinglag, the Numedalslag, the Tr0nder- 
lag were founded." 

Passing the numerous articles from his prolific pen, we 
may note one in Fram of July 1, 1915. Here he recalls 
that when he was secretary of the Norwegian Society in 
1906, he saw that to gain support it was necessary to change 
the relations of members by grouping them according to 
fylker, branches of a Normanna-Lag, the Norwegian So- 
ciety, and "as the idea gained the favor of the editorial 
staff (redaktionen) of Fram, and Huseby was editor, we 
had good support" etc. He tells how the project failed, 
but thinks, nevertheless, that the agitation in behalf of the 
Society started the formation of all these lags after Val- 
dris Samband (and "Vossingen", which is a name he coins 
for a men's club of the fifties and early sixties within the 
congregation of the first Norwegian Lutheran church in 

The name "bygdelag", which has become the univer- 
sally accepted designation of these organizations, came in- 
to use about the beginning of 1907. We have seen how 
fylke, fylking, fylkestevne, were used in Fram. "Lag" oc- 
curs in Fram November 23, 1906, in "Telelaget kommer". 
Fylkeslag is used in Fram, December 14. Bygdelag is used 
by Fjelde December 21, and in a Fram editorial January 
11, 1907. Usage was divided between bygdelag and fylkes- 
lag from the beginning, but the former has become the cur- 
rent designation. 


The Chronology immediately preceding this sketch 
shows in outline the general development of the bygdelag 
movement by noting the dates of important events in their 
order, especially the time of organization of each lag. The 
further aim of the present sketch is to afford a cursory sur- 
vey of the movement as a whole, rather than a treatment of 
the individual organizations. We have dwelt on the epi- 


sode of the propaganda by and among the Fargo coterie as 
briefly as could be for the purpose of enabling the reader 
to form a judgment as to its real influence on the progress 
of the bygdelag movement. During its brief course much 
space was given to it in Fram, but it is believed that the 
few citations that have been made above are sufficiently 
representative to serve the reader's need. 

Both the lags organized in 1907 became vigorous and 
have prospered. Both followed the example of the Valdris 
Samband in starting special publications of their own in th> 
form of quarterlies. These they have maintained uninter- 
ruptedly and have thus put into permanent form much that 
is of historical value, President Bondahl did not live long 
to conduct the affairs of the Telelag. He was succeeded by 
A. A. Trovaten, who has held the office continuously un- 
til lately. Dr. Olaf Th. Sherping, the first president of the 
Hallinglag served until 1915 and by his wise, conservative 
administration contributed much to the high standing that 
his lag rapidly attained. 

The year 1908 saw five new lags added to the three so 
far formed. First of these is the Numedalslag. A most 
fortunate choice of president was made in the person of 
Hon. H. H. Strom, who held the office until his death June 
8, 1917. It is not too much to say that the very excellent 
record made by this lag is due in very large measure to his 
wise and vigilant administration of its affairs. He was to 
the whole bygdelag sisterhood an example of a model offi 
cer and a counselor of unfailing good judgment. In its 
secretary, Enestvedt, who has served in that office since 
soon after the lag was organized, the Numedalslag has been 
fortunate in similar manner. The late, lamented Greger- 
son, its sagaskriver was another man to whom both this 
lag and the whole movement owes a great debt for his 
fruitful labors. 

Gudbrandsdalslaget has likewise been signally fortunate 
in its retention in the presidency of the same man since its 
inception. The lag of course owes to him and his capable 


leadership its strength as an organization and especially the 
consistent wisdom of policy that has distinguished it among 
the lags. Mr. Thorkveen is in a peculiar sense a pioneer 
as well as a leader among bygdelag men ; for he was, so to 
speak, initiated at the very wellspring of the movement, 
having been present and participated as a visitor at the 
first Valdrisstevne, in 1899. 

An important event in bygdelag history is necessarily 
the meeting at Fergus Falls at which a large gathering of 
Tr^nders organized their lag. With its large contingent of 
possible members all over the Northwest, which includes a 
proportionately large number of capable men, this lag was 
bound to occupy a place of great prominence among all the 
lags. It is but natural that the numerically smaller lags 
may at times be inclined to impute to the Tr0nders an am- 
bition aimed at the hegemony of the lags, as expressed in 
the slogan that we have quoted in an earlier portion of this 
sketch. It is true that the Tr0nderlag has had a most able 
line of presidents, but it is also true that its leading spirit 
and foremost representative has been Professor D. G. Ris- 
tad, whose energy and ability have made a particularly 
strong impress upon the bygdelags as a whole. 

Nordlandslaget and Sognalaget, which complete the 
quintet thatt>egan their careers during this year, have both 
been vigorous members of the sisterhood, not less prosper- 
ous or successful than those that came before them, and in 
all respects fully typical and representative. 

The year 1909 added four lags to the eight so far noted. 
Within the confines of the division of Norway represented 
by the Tr0nderlag lies the parish of Selbu of some five or 
six thousand souls. With traditions and interests of a 
strongly localized character, these people felt the need of 
an organization of their own, which is in no sense .inimical 
to the larger lag to which also its members are eligible as 
all Tenders are. The Selbulag has been led by the same 
group of officers since the beginning, and that in a very effi- 
cient manner. 


Vosselaget represents a contingent that includes many 
of the foremost contributions of fine citizens that the Nor- 
wegians have made to America. The Vossings were among 
the earliest of Norwegians to emigrate, and their history 
as an element of the country of their adoption is one of 
which they are rightly proud. It was inevitable that their 
lag should play an important role in this movement. It has 
been led by a succession of prominent men in the persons 
of its officers. But the one man who has held a unique 
place among them is their historiographer, the venerable 
Knud Henderson, whose knowledge of the Vossings here 
and in the old home doubtless surpasses that of any one 

Mr. Henderson, it seems, would like to claim for his 
Vossings that they originated the bygdelag movement. In 
the first Norwegian Lutheran church in Chicago, of which 
the pioneer preacher Paul Anderson (Norland) from Val- 
dris was pastor, the leading element were Vossings. The 
men of the congregation for a number of years maintained 
an informal club for social intercourse and also held liter- 
ary sessions They were so predominently of Voss origin 
that the aggregation popularly was designated as the Voss 
party, or the social sessions to which their women folk 
were admitted and at which these had charge -of the refec- 
tions, were spoken of as Voss parties. Still, it is a far cry 
from a men's local club in which the Vossings were acci- 
dentally in the majority, in the late fifties and early sixties, 
to a modern bygdelag with its stevne-gatherings as the es- 
sential feature and foundation idea. Mr. Henderson ad- 
vances his claim in Skandinaven March 3, 1909, and his 
wistful attitude is further expressed in an interview in 
Fram June 17, 1915, and is more elaborately set forth in 
Samband, No. 91, Nov. 1915. 

At the head of the Saetisdalslag has been from the start 
Mr. Bjornaraa, and this organization has under his leader- 
ship been particularly devoted to the traditions, music, and 
customs of the home valley in Norway; the costumes, 


speech and airs of "home" have been special features of 
their reunions. 

Rev. R. J. Meland, as early as the time that the Valdris 
Samband was the only bygdelag, was considering the mat- 
ter of an organization of Nordfjordings, and it was on his 
initiative that a number of them first met and began their 
lag, of which this wise and conservative leader was for 
many years the president. He deserves especial mention 
for his efforts in the direction of co-operation and good 
entente between the bygdelags. 

With the addition of these four lags in 1909 the year 
closed with twelve bygdelags organized and in activity. The 
following year, 1910, witnessed great activity and advance 
of the movement, as no fewer than eight permanent and 
vigorous lags began their careers within the year. 

Of the Landinglag Mr. H. A. M. Steen has been presi- 
dent from the date of organization, and the activity of the 
lag has been of the same sturdy nature as that of this popu- 
lar leader. The Landings have moreover been very for- 
tunate in having as secretary for five years Mr. C. H. Beck. 

The Totenlag, started at the same time as the preceding, 
is another of the many lags that have retained in the office 
of president the same man continuously from the beginning 
of permanent organization. There has been no lack of en- 
ergy in the leadership of Mr; Johan C. Gran in this capacity. 

Totenlaget represents, like the Selbulag, a section of 
the region which a larger lag includes, namely the Mjjzfeen- 
lag. But the organization of the Totenlag antedated that 
of the Mjjztebygds. It is of course an entirely independent 
society, but in no sense inimical to the larger one nor a 
rival of it. 

The 0sterdalslag has pursued the same wise policy of 
retaining in the chief office its first president, Hon. N. T. 
Moen, and one recognizes in the business-like conduct of 
its affairs the influence of the guiding hand of the man of 

Dr. H. Fjelde was the first president of the S0ndm0rs- 


lag when he at length in 1910 realized his fond dream of a 
M^relag, which did not materialize at the time of the Fram 
agitation three years earlier. This lag has, however, been 
a worthy member of the sisterhood of societies and has 
loyally seconded the many efforts of cultural importance 
for which its leading man, the lamented Dr. Fjelde, is de- 
servedly famous. 

As we have noted in the case of so many of the bygde- 
lags, the continuance in the chief office of the same man, 
has characterized two other lags organized this year. Mr. 
T. A. Walby has untiringly conducted the affairs of the 
Hadelandslag, and with marked success. In the same man- 
ner the administration of Mr. Amund Ostmo as chief exe- 
cutive of the Solunglag since the second year of its exist- 
ence, has been in the opinion of the writer a very material 
element in the steady progress of the organization. Mr. C. 
M. Berg has served the lag efficiently as secretary all 
through this time. He has lately succeeded Mr. Ostmo 
on the retirement of the latter from the presidency. 

Somewhat peculiar was the inception of the move- 
ment leading to the formation of one of the largest bygde- 
lags, Mjjzfsenlaget. Mr. O. M. Onsum broached the idea of 
uniting those from the bygds that bordered on or lay in 
the valleys opening on Norway's largest inland water, 
the lake Mjjzfsen. This is one of the richest and most pro- 
gressive sections of the country. It was Mr. Onsum's con- 
ception to acquire a tract of land bordering some lake in 
the Northwest, and that a summer colony of Mjjzfsen peo- 
ple might there be enjoying a protracted reunion every 
year. Announcing his scheme, he called for intending 
members to register with him, stating that when 500 had 
registered, a meeting of organization should be called. A 
committee met on his call August 24, 1910, to effect a pre- 
liminary organization. There were then 166 wh? had reg- 
istered. Later, when a bygdelag was organized, Mr. On- 
sum, as he wished became secretary. Not quite the de- 
sired 500 subscribers to start a summer resort on an Amer- 


ican Mj0s, were secured, but Mr. Onsum lived to see the 
child of his inspiration grow into one of the very foremost 
bygdelags. He died in September, 1913. 

It was at Story City, Iowa, that some people from Etne 
parish had a picnic in 1899. At the same place after a 
lapse of ten years, a large gathering convened and organ- 
ized the Stavanger & S0ndre Bergenhus Amters Lag. The 
meeting of this lag the following year proved too large to 
be manageable and divided into two "Amt-Lags" which 
were organized simultaneously. Thus arose the Stavanger- 
lag and the S^ndhordlandslag, each representing large pop- 
ulations in the home country, and each bringing out very 
large reunions annually. There is one noticeable practice 
of each of these Amt-Lags; they organize subsidiary 
"bygdelags," perhaps more properly parish-lags, and part 
of the reunion is given to these subdivisions for what prob- 
ably prove gatherings of a more intimate or neighborly 
character than the monster gatherings of the parent Amt- 

During this year, 1911, a process of forming subsidiary 
lags of Telemarkings took place, in the formation of State 
societies such as a Wisconsin Telelag, an Iowa Telelag, and 
also the Bandak Telelag the next year, in Wisconsin. The 
chief man in the latter has been Mr. O. G. Kinney, who is 
likewise a leading member of the parent Telelag. Another lag 
of Telemarkings formed in 1911 is the Tinnsj01ag, which, 
however, is expressly independent of the larger, general 
lag. The Sigdalslag, dating from 1911, has been success- 
ful from the start, and has been presided over by Hon. G. T. 
Braatelien since the year following its inception. Hard- 
angerlaget, dating from the same year is still one more 
lag that has retained the same man, Mr. S. S. Tveit, in the 
presidency since soon after its beginning. 

Reference to the preceding Chronology will disclose 
that of the lags of later date, several are of local or subsi- 
diary character. Of the lags of national extent of organiza- 
tion, the Romsdalslag owes much of its prominence to the 


president and chief organizer Professor Jacob Tanner. The 
president of the Hurdalslag, Rev. Hagbarth Engh, has long 
been an enthusiastic supporter of the bygdelag movement, 
even before his own bygde-people formed a lag. The 
Ringerikeslag comes last in the list as youngest of the 
bygdelags, but it has been led by two men who have rapid- 
ly brought it into high standing, namely its energetic presi- 
dent Vegger Gulbrandson, and its historiographer O. S. 
Johnson, who has risen into the enviable place of the most 
productive sagaskriver in the whole movement. 

It is impossible in a short sketch to make cursory men- 
tion of each for what it merits, and the author feels that 
in references that he has, in passing, made to some of the 
lags and a few of their men, he may seem to have slight- 
ed others. He hopes that no one will misunderstand him; 
for he knows it to be a fact that some of the organizations 
that have gone their own even way and whose chiefs have 
appeared little in the general bygdelag public eye, have 
had some of the most enjoyable reunions of all and have 
prosecuted their aims with most signal success. 


We may recall that the Etnebus held a picnic in 1899 at 
Story City, as told by Mr. Hadley's letter quoted in the be- 
ginning of this sketch. Founded on this fact is a claim put 
forward by some one for the S0ndhordlandings, that they 
were the originators of bygdestevner, as Etne parish is part 
of S0ndhordland. A correspondent in Skandinaven August 
4, 1909 says: "If I remember rightly the S0ndhordlandings 
held a stevne some years before the first stevne of the Val- 
drises. Their first meeting was at Story City, Iowa." Of 
course, as the letter of Mr. Hadley shows, the Skandinaven 
correspondent does not "remember rightly", and anyhow it 
took eleven years for the S^ndhordlandings to put into exe- 
cution the movement which it is half-heartedly claimed 
they originated. 

The agitation of the Fargo coterie, the claims for and 


by Dr. Fjelde and the Norwegian Society, that the forma- 
tion of bygdelags grew out of it, and the claim of the editor, 
who dreamed, that he "set the movement going" have been 
spoken of in their place before. So has been mentioned the 
claim put forth by Mr. Henderson for the Vossings in con- 
nection with the existence of a men's informal club in the- 
church of Paul Anderson in Chicago sixty years ago. 

But a claimant not yet here mentioned is the Rev. E. Jen- 
sen. The first and second Valdris meetin-gs, of 1899 and 
1900, had been convened at the instance of Thomas Lajord 
and others. While preparations were going on and publi- 
city in the papers was in progress for the third Valdris- 
stevne, set for Sept. 8, 1901, there appeared in Amerika for 
Aug. 7, 1901, a long article by Rev. E. Jensen, appealing to 
Lajord to get the Valdrises together and organize them 
and take the lead in a renascence of Norwegianness in 
this country. He hoped that other Norwegian bygde- 
people would thereupon follow their example in the revival 
of interest in things Norwegian that he wished to see set 
going. This article of his does not recognize any earlier 
Valdris meeting, nor does he seem to take cognizance of 
the fact that a committee was making preparations and had 
issued a call for the stevne of 1901. 

In Minneapolis Tidende for May 12, 1910, Mr. Jensen, 
in appealing to his fellow 0sterd01s to meet and form a 
bygdelag, makes the claim that by this letter in Amerika 
in 1901, he succeeded in getting Thomas Lajord to convene 
the first Valdrisstevne, which he says has borne fruit in 
the general bygdelag movement. 

Again in 1912 Mr. Jensen advanced the claim that he 
had caused Lajord to call together the first Valdrisstevne. 
through the Amerika letter of 1901, and thus was entitled 
to be called the father of the idea of the bygdelag move- 
ment. Moved by an item in Minneapolis Tidende March 
3, 1912, he wrote an article under the title, "Who is the 
father of the bygdelag movement?" and desired the writer, 
then editor of Samband, to publish it in that monthly. In it 


he says that his article in Amerika will show and prove 
that in this matter he stood behind Lajord in causing the 
latter to call the first Valdrisstevne and says: "I never 
understood that he would otherwise have thought. of doing 
it". His claim is thus stated in his own words, in this 
article (intended for Samband) : "It is true that the one 
who had conceived the idea and had developed (ripened) 
it so that Thomas Lajord was thereby moved to take this 
step, was the undersigned" (E. Jensen). Owing to inac- 
curacies and inconsistencies in the article it was thought 
best rather to publish in full Jensen's 1901 letter in Ameri- 
ka, and it occurs, reprinted, in Samband No. 49, May, 1912, 
with extracts from the article offered by Jensen and com- 
ments upon it and that matter in general. 

Mr. Jensen's Amerika article of Aug. 7, 1901, on which 
he bases his claim to having been the first to suggest the 
bygdelag movement, was written more than two years af- 
ter the first Valdrisstevne had been held, and he either had 
no knowledge of these first two meetings or ignored them 
in the letter in Amerika, and in the later coming forward 
with his claim ignores or forgets them, and claims the 
stevne of Sept. 8, 1901 as the first stevne and as being the 
result of his letter in Amerika of Aug. 7, a month before 
the meeting. And having as he maintains put Lajord up 
to assembling the Valdrises, whose example was followed 
by the people from other bygde-districts, he claims to have 
been the originator of the bygdelag movement. 


During the years, 1908 and 1909, the writer met many 
bygdelag men, and the conversation with the more active 
and prominent of them would turn toward discussions of 
such practical questions as had arisen in their work for 
their individual lags. The idea of a conference of represen- 
tatives of the lags for interchange of experiences and for 
possible co-operation in those phases of activity that were 


similar or were common to all the lags, came to be broach- 
ed more and more in these chance meetings ; and he was 
told that, being the president of the oldest of the bygdelags, 
it was expected that he should take the initiative in the 
matter of sounding the leaders as to their sentiment regard- 
ing such a conference. Accordingly in the fall of 1909 he 
addressed inquiries to the presidents and secretaries of 
the twelve lags so far organized, to ascertain their wishes 
in the matter. All answered, and all declared themselves 
in favor of the move. After continued correspondence as 
to the best time for the meeting, he invited the lag presi- 
dents and secretaries and others who might like to partici- 
pate, to be the guests of Valdris Samband Styre at a gath- 
ering in Minneapolis on November 17, 1909. 

On that day representatives of seven lags assembled in 
the Rooms of the South Side Commercial Club, Minne- 
apolis. The officers of two lags had written that they were 
hindered by unavoidable causes. From the officers of an- 
other lag came later explanations of their unavoidable ab- 
sence. The president of one lag not being able to attend 
personally had asked a substitute to come, but the word 
reached the latter too late to enable him to come. From 
the officers of the remaining unrepresented lag no word 
came, though they had both cordially accepted the invita- 

The meeting organized by electing the writer chair- 
man and A. A. Trovaten, president of Telelaget, secretary. 
It was voted to endorse and encourage the idea of co-oper- 
ation of the bygdelags A committee was appointed to 
draft and report to the lags a uniform blank for the bio- 
graphical record of members of the bygdelags. Resolu- 
tions were adopted, recommending to the bygdelags that 
they do what they can to prepare a great 17th of May 
festival of the Norwegian people in America in 1914; that 
the presidents of the lags constitute the general committee 
of arrangements for the festival; and that the president of 


the Valdris Samband call the committee of arrangements 
to meet before the close of the year 1910. 

In accord with these resolutions the second meeting of 
bygdelag representatives met in the same place on Nov. 
15, 1910. Rev. L. P. Thorkveen, president of the Gud- 
brandsdalslag, was elected chairman. The committee on 
uniform biographic blanks for the lags reported a draft, 
which was identical with that in use by the Valdris Sam- 
band. This was adopted and recommended to the lags 
for their use. It has been so adopted by most of them, 
with very slight changes in a few cases. 

A resolution was adopted, requesting the representa- 
tives to lay the matter of a "common archive" for the lags 
before their respective organizations and to do what they 
could toward the realization of the idea. 

It was also voted to refer the question of a common pub- 
lication for the lags to the individual lag meetings, and to 
request the lags to elect a member from each to form a 
committee on the publication of a common organ. 

A preliminary plan for the conduct of the 1914 celebra- 
tion was worked out to be submitted to the lags for their 
action at their 1911 meetings. 

The bygdelag representatives convened again on "Nov. 
8, 1911. The plan of preparation and conduct of the festi- 
val in 1914 was revised and adopted. Permanent officers 
of the general Committee on 17th of May Celebration, 
1914, were elected to serve until the celebration should be 
over, and were given general powers as an Executive Com- 
mittee. Those so elected were A. A. Veblen, chairman ; L. 
P. Thorkveen, vice-chairman; A. A. Trovaten, secretary; 
and T. A. Walby, treasurer. 

At this meeting a committee was elected to investigate 
and report on a place of safe-keeping of the lag archives. 

A resolution was adopted, "advising the lags to unite on 
a common organ" and a committee was appointed to negoti- 
ate with the Samband Publishing Association with regard 
to "said paper as a common organ". 


Meetings of the General Committee, consisting of the 
presidents as well as other representatives of the lags con- 
vened both in 1912 and 1913, received reports from the 
Executive Committee, and adopted measures for the prosecu- 
ctition of the preparations for the festival, and discussed and 
passed on other matters of common interest. 

The immediate management of the preparations had 
been placed in the hands of the Executive Committee. Its 
members resided at widely separated points, and could not 
often be called together for counsel and action. As far as 
possible the chairman came to handle the various tasks 
devolving on this committee. He conducted a voluminous 
correspondence with his colleagues of the General Commit- 
tee and with many others. Beginning with the summer of 
1912, he made it a point to attend every lag meeting that 
he could reach, for the purpose of fvirthering co-operation 
and participation in the celebration. And he kept up this 
visiting at lag meetings also during the year 1913. Con- 
ferences between the chairman and secretary were held as 
frequently as they could meet, and the other two members 
of the executive committee were conferred with whenever 
they could be reached, and numeroug meetings and confer- 
ences were had with the citizens of St. Paul and Minneapo- 
lis, both singly or individually and with meetings of larger 
numbers convened on different occasions. 

The matter of financing the celebration proved of course 
a most difficult problem of the Committee. First of all 
the General Committee had made provision that the lags 
might be assessed to the aggregate limit of $2000.00 as a 
guaranty fund, to be repaid pro rata out of the proceeds of 
the celebration. No such assessments were made, but by the aid 
of citizens a similar guaranty of $1500, was secured from 
the Civic and Commerce Association of Minneapolis, and 
a sum of $1200 from the St. Paul Association. The Telelag 
at a meeting in January, 1914, promised a sum of $1500 
on similar conditions. And the Valdris Samband contribut- 
ed as a guaranty the sum of $728. Fourteen other lags pro- 


duced sums varying from $25 to $150, the total thus added 
to the Telelag and Valdris Samband contributions being 
$1195. The total Guarantee Fund, raised from these sources 
amounted to $6123.00. Contributions were made direct to 
the Committee from firms and individuals in the twin cities 
to the exent of $1475.00. With these resources the Com- 
mittee met the outlays involved in the extensive prepara- 
tions for the monster festival. A committee of Minneapo- 
lis men also collected contributions aggregating $2300.00 
more, which they held in readiness in case the funds in the 
hands of the Committee should not prove adequate to meet 
all bills and claims. 

At and soon after the beginning of 1914, the Executive 
Committee was expanded to twelve members by the selec- 
tion of some members by the committee itself and some 
on the nomination of representatives of local organizations 
in the twin cities. The accessions to the committee thus 
made were Messrs. John Bachke, A. C. Floan, Lars O. 
Haug, Consul E. H. Kobe, Dr. Knut Hoegh, Rev. J. W. 
Preus, Editor N. N. Ronning, and Miss Sophia Stearns.* 

On January 27, 1914 the committee opened headquar- 
ters in No. 216 and 218, McKnight Building, Minneapolis. 
The chairman and secretary from this time on were busily 
engaged in the work of directing the preparations, giving all 
their time to it, and were in this aided by stenographers and 
other help, besides more or less work on the part of other 
members of the committee. 

For the affair the use of the grounds and buildings o" 
the Minnesota State Fair Board had been secured, and a 
program of three days of celebration had been agreed up- 
on. Much effort was spent on collecting and arranging a 
loan exhibition of photographs and other pictures of per- 
sons and places as well as objects illustrative and remi- 
niscent of various phases of the activity of* Norwegians in 

' The 17th of May Celebration Committee, on opposite page: 
From left to right, Veblen, Thorkveen, Trovaten; Walby, Miss 
Stearns, Dr. Hoegh; Kobe, Floan, Preus; Haug, Bachke, Ronning. 



America. This was housed in the Women's building on the 
Fair Ground, and had been put under the special care of 
Miss Stearns of the committee. It proved a very -notable 
feature of the celebration. Very large and imposing par- 
ades prepared by each of the two cities entered the grounds 
in the afternoon of the opening day, Saturday, May 
16th. This day was set apart as "Bygdelag Day". 

The various lags met in the forenoon of the day, each 
in its own meeting place prepared for it. To take care of 
all these meetings simultaneously was an affair of magni- 
tude in itself. As far as separate rooms could be provided 
in the Fair buildings some of them were accommodated in 
that way. But at least half of the number were housed in 
such large structures as Machinery Hall and the Agricul- 
ture Building, by subdividing the large spaces by the erec- 
tion of temporary canvas partitions ; and a force of work- 
men had been busy for days in erecting seats for the large 
attendance in these rooms out of lumber procured for that 
use. The plan worked with fair satisfaction of the partici- 
pants. Such subsidiary lags as the two or three local or- 
ganizations and the state Telelags, held no separate ses- 
sions. Still there were thirty bygdestevner in session at 
the same time. One lag, not being satisfied with the space 
available on the fair ground met down town. One made 
no provision for a meeting. And the Sigdalslag enjoys 
the distinction of having voted not to participate in the cele- 
bration with the other lags. In the evening there was a dis- 
play of fireworks, and tableaux of the Eidsvold convention 
and of Dalegudbrand and the destruction of the idol. 

Sunday afternoon there was a program under the au- 
spices of a committee named by twin city organizations, 
in the Hippodrome, or Stock Pavilion, with an assemblage 
of full twelve, thousand people. The exercises included 
orations, music and singing. A special feature tmder direc- 
tion of Miss Maren Michelet was the representation of the 
Norwegian and the American flags by 550 school children, 
while they sang the national hymns of the two countries. 


In the evening there was a concert in the same place by 
1800 voices led by Professor F. M. Christiansen, and by 
soloists, band, orchestra, etc., constituting a varied and ex- 
tensive program. 

Monday the 18th the final exercises of the festival were 
held at the Grand Stand, in which participated the Minister 
from Norway, H. H. Bryn, several Norwegian consuls, and 
speakers representing different lines of activity of the Nor- 
wegion settlers in America. 

Space is not available for more detailed description of 
the various exercises and features of the celebration. It 
was the most notable affair ever conducted by citizens of 
Norwegian nativity and descent, and was a fitting tribute 
to the centenary of free, representative, and progressive 
government in the land of the ancestors of this important 
and progressive element of the American Republic. 

The weather was fine at the time, and the attendance 
was as large as could have been expected. The aggregate 
of paid admissions, at a charge of 25 cents each day, for 
three days, was very nearly 50,000. It was largest on Sun- 
day, the 17th, being 29,800 that day. In addition there was 
a considerable number of free admissions each day, for all 
employees of the committee and of the State Fair Board, 
besides the singers and the members of their families per- 
haps an aggregate of five to six thousand for the three days. 

The total expenses of the festival, paid by the commit- 
tee, were $16,110.17. The entire guarantee fund was re- 
paid in full to the contributors ; and of the donations receiv- 
ed from citizens $542, was returned to the donors, the re- 
ceipts nearly but not quite covering the expenses. The 
books and accounts of the committee were audited by the 
experts of the Commerce Associations and a detailed re- 
port of the financial transactions of the festival was made in 
identical copies to all the bygdelags. 

The entire affair was carried through without any acci- 
dents or mishaps and without giving any one just cause 
for complaint, unless it should be remarked that the old 


people's home association that undertook to furnish meals 
for the visitors failed to do so satisfactorily, and not a few 
experienced some hardship in the matter of obtaining meals 
on the grounds. 

The committee issued a souvenir volume, "Syttende Mai 
Festskrift", edited and compiled by Editor N. N. Ron- 
ning. It contains 160 pages, with many illustrations, in- 
cluding half-tone cuts of the officers of all the bygdelags at 
the time of the celebration, in connection with historical 
sketches of the individual lags. It gives much historical 
matter from the first century of the existence of the Eids- 
vold constitution, as well as from the earlier history of Nor- 
way, and much other matter pertinent to the event and the 

There were a couple of episodes connected with the con- 
duct of this celebration which might be left unmentioned 
except for the fact that they belong in such a chapter of 
bygdelag history as even this outline account. They are 
the unfortunate dissatisfaction of certain members of the 
Sons of Norway, and the fight made on the Committee's 
plans regarding an archives building. 

Toward the close of 1912 a high official of the 
order mentioned made an attack upon the Committee, in 
the official organ of the fraternity, for what he was pleased 
to characterize as a slight upon the order, in not inviting 
it to share with the lags in the management of the affair by 
offering it representation on the committee of arrange- 
ments. The opposition worked up among the resident or 
local organizations of Norwegians, proved formidable 
enough nearly to wreck the whole project. It is fair to 
say that this opposition to the Bygdelag management of 
the celebration was not general among the lodges or mem- 
bers of that order, but was confined to those in Minneapolis, 
and owing to local sympathy, speciously invoked, it was 
extended to other fraternal and social groups or organiza- 
tions in that city. In order to head off their plan, to hold 
a "local" celebration of their own, by the societies of Min- 


neapolis, an arrangement was effected by which a commit- 
tee of the latter nominated certain of their contingent to be 
members of the Executive Committee of the lags, as al- 
ready mentioned in speaking of the expansion of the com- 
mittee from four to twelve members. And the exercises of 
the Sunday afternoon were conducted by a subcommittee, 
which had been originally selected by the general commit- 
tee of Minneapolis societies. 

The trouble grew out of the resentment which some of 
the fraternity felt over the disapproval of secret societies 
on the part of the rural Norwegian church contingent, from 
whom is drawn the majority of the bygdelag membership. 

The matter of a place of safe-keeping for the archives of 
the bygdelags had formed a topic of deliberation and action 
on the part of the meetings of the representatives from the 
start in 1909. Finally a committee appointed by the 1912 
meeting, with Professor D. G. Ristad chairman, had thor- 
oughly considered the matter, had conferred with the prop- 
er authorities, and reported to the 1913 meeting a plan for 
co-operating with the Minnesota University, toward the 
end that a building might be erected on the campus of the 
university, in which the lags could have a chance to store, 
and have the state care for, their documents and collected 
material and there have them available for the use of any 
that wished to have access to them. The building, it was 
hoped, would serve as a center for gatherings and work of 
such a nature as might be in harmony with the aims of the 
bygdelags. The report had been published early in the 
spring, before the lag meetings of the summer began, and 
there had been every opportunity for discussion and criti- 
cism of the plan. At the bygdelag meeting, on October 
8th, 1913, the report was very fully discussed by the repre- 
sentatives, and was approved by a vote of the whole mem- 
bership, except one vote cast against it. The vote of ap- 
proval included the provision, that the net receipts of the 
17th of May festival be applied toward the erection of the. 
archives building. 


It was the reasonable hope of the Committee that, with 
the plan of putting any surplus that might accrue from the 
festival into a building in the twin cities, much and liberal 
aid might be given the management on the part of the 
citizens, generally, and that contributions toward the ex- 
penses of the Committee, which would thus virtually go 
toward the building project, might be both more numer- 
ous and more generous than if going simply toward the ef- 
forts of assuring the success of the celebration. And with 
such a definite plan for the care of their archives, a cordial 
interest on the part of the bygdelag membership was of 
course anticipated. 

On this presumption the Committee took up the none 
too easy task of seeking financial support for their under- 
taking. But la f e in January, 1914, the building plan en- 
countered opposition which may fairly be characterized as 
ugly. A professor in a "Norwegian" college led off with 
an article, the animus of which is indicated by its contain- 
ing this question "Why should the Norwegian bygdelags 
engage in the erection of a Scandinavian building at an 
American State University?" and his own answer: "No, 
gentlemen, we are not going there ! If such a building is to 
be built, "and I fully agree that this should be done, then 
we must be able to find a more suitable place, a site where 
both the surroundings and the atmosphere afford a quite 
other perspective than at the University up in Minneapo- 
lis." He ends by suggesting that Luther College at De- 
corah would be the fitting site for such a building. Sev- 
eral other articles appeared condemning the plan of the 
lags. And in April there came to the Committee a petition 
signed by the members of the faculties of the seven acade- 
mic and collegiate institutions of the United Lutheran 
Church, and appealing to the Committee in favor of erect- 
ing the proposed building at Luther College. The authors 
of the document also gave it publicity in all the leading 
Norwegian papers. 

The development at such a late day of this formidable 


opposition to the plan of the bygdelags, left no other course 
open to the committee than to abandon the use of the 
building project as any reason why local financial support 
should be especially liberal. And it was the opinion of the 
gentlemen who had aided the committee in securing for it 
contributions and guarantees, that the surplus in its hands 
at the close should be paid back, which was done, as has 
been related. 


The general committee of representatives of the bygde- 
lags was called to meet on June 19, 1914, to receive a report 
on the conduct and finances of the celebration. Owing to 
a delay in getting the call issued the meeting was not a 
large one. Desiring to see the lags continuing co-operative 
efforts the representatives in attendance elected a commit- 
tee of five to formulate a plan, possibly of a representative 
association to be incorporated, and to report to a meeting to 
be called in the autumn by this committee. Professor Ris- 
tad was named chairman and Mr. Thorkveen was elected 
secretary. The other members were Dr. C. L. Opsal, A. A. 
Trovaten and A. A. Veblen. 

Wholly without the knowledge of the other three mem- 
bers of the committee, the chairman and Mr. Trovaten is- 
sued a call to bygdelag representatives to meet in Minne- 
apolis Sept. 11, 1914. Members of ten bygdelags came to 
the meeting. It elected the writer chairman and Mr. Thor- 
kveen secretary. After considerable discussion on the ad- 
visability of organizing an association, a vote was passed, 
requesting the committee of five to do the work for which 
they had been appointed (June 19) and make report to the 
secretaries of the bygdelags for consideration at their next 
annual meetings. 

November 27, following, the committee of five met and 
formulated a report, proposing that the lags elect two rep- 
resentatives each including their presidents, to form a rep- 
resentative organization to be known as Bygdelagenes Fael- 


lesraad The Council of Bygdelags. Pursuant to this rec- 
ommendation, the representatives of seventeen lags meet- 
ing on Jan. 25, 1916, approved the plan for a council of the 
lags, and elected a committee of nine to work out a scheme 
of organization and submit a draft of a constitution in time 
for the next annual meetings of the lags, during 1916, and 
to set a time for the next meeting of representatives. 

The committee, consisting of Prof. Ristad, chairman, Mr. 
Thorkveen, secretary, J. C. Gran, C. D. Morck, Dr. Opsal, 
Editor N. N. Ronning, and Mr. Veblen, met on the 18th of 
April, 1916, two members, N. T. Moen and S. Berg, were 
absent. A constitution for the Council of Bygdelags was 
drawn up, and copies were at once transmitted to all bygde- 
lag secretaries ; and November 17, 1916, the seventh an- 
niversary of the first meeting of bygdelag representatives, 
was announced as the date of the meeting of the Council. 
On that date the delegates of fourteen of the bygdelags 
convened in Minneapolis, approved the proposed Constitu- 
tion with but slight alterations, and consummated the or- 
ganization of the Council with its Executive Board by the 
election of the following officers: President, A. A. Veblen; 
Vice-President, D. G. Ristad; Secretary, L. P. Thorkveen; 
Treasurer, C. L. Opsal ; and Archivist, C. D. Morck. 

Many of the objects that had been sent in to the ex- 
hibition of the 17th of May celebration had been donated 
to the lags in common ownership. 'This collection, togeth- 
er with other effects left in the hands of the committee, 
were now turned over to the Executive Board and given in 
the custody of the Archivist. An offer of the Minnesota 
Historical Society to afford the bygdelags depository for 
their historical and documentary effects in their new and 
fireproof building, was accepted, and the belongings of 
the Council that fall under the care of the archivist are 
there deposited. 

The annual meeting of 1917 discussed and acted upon 
several matters of organization, such as by-laws, and of 
policy and activity. But it was decided to suspend the 


annual meeting in 1918 on account of conditions incident to 
the war. In 1919, however, the Council met in Minneapo- 
lis on December 25th. The writer having removed his resi- 
dence to such a distance away that he could not readily 
take a personal share in the work of the Executive Board 
he was succeeded in the office of president by Professor 
Jacob Tanner; but the meeting elected him first vice-presi- 
dent presumably to give him an official standing in the 
Executive Board. 

The Council is of course an outgrowth of the spirit of 
fellowship and of an undoubted mutual trust that the lags 
feel. Its character of a strictly advisory body, having only 
such powers as may be delegated to it by the lags, is an 
expression of the experience gained during the years since 
the beginning of the conferences and co-operative effort be- 
tween the bygdelags. 


1. NAME This organization shall be known as: THE 

2. OBJECT The object of the Council of Bygdelags shall 
be to promote good-will and co-operation among the Bygde- 
lags, and to serve the Bygdelags in carrying out such measures 
as they may undertake in common. 

3. COMPOSITION The Council is composed of two repre- 
sentatives of each of the Bygdelags which join this organiza- 
tion. The president of such Bygdelag is ex officio a member 
of the Council. The other representative of the Lag is de- 
signated by special election. 

4. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Any member of an organized 
Bygdelag may participate in the meetings of the Council, as 
an Associate Member but without a vote. 

5. OFFICERS The Council shall elect a president, a vice- 
president, a secretary, a treasurer, and an archivist. These of- 
ficers shall constitute the Executive Board of the Council. 


They are to be elected by the annual meeting for a term of one 
year, and shall serve until their successors are elected. 

6. MEETINGS The annual meeting of the Council shall 
be held at such time and place as may be fixed by the Execu- 
tive Board. 

Special meetings may be converted whenever deemed ad- 
visable by the Executive Board, or may be called by the Pre- 
sident upon the demand of ten or more members of the 

7. POWERS The Council shall have merely advisory 
authority as regards the individual Bygdelags. It may submit 
recommendations to them and may propose measures for their 

8. BY-LAWS The Council shall have power to adopt 
needed By-laws and Regulations and to amend and construe 
them. Provided, that no such action shall be contrary to the 
provisions of this Constitution. 

9. QUORUM One-third of the members of the Council 
shall be necessary to constitute a quorum at any meeting. 

10. AMENDMENTS This Constitution may be amended by 
resolution adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members at- 
tending and approved by a majority of the Bygdelags repre- 
sented upon the Council. 


The starting of the Valdris Helsing in 1903 has been 
mentioned. The example of the Valdrises was emulated 
by the Mailings in the appearance in July, 1908, of the 
first number of the quarterly Halling-Minne. In size and 
contents it was a good deal of an imitation of its proto- 
type the Helsing. Ole Lovdokken was its editor, and he 
wrote a large part of the contents. It seemed to become 
as, much the organ of its editor as of the Hallinglag. 
After twelve numbers had been issued it was succeeded 
by Hallingen, the change in name being perhaps due to 


the change of editors, but the organ continued to be 
published as a quarterly, and has been considerably 
enlarged in later years. In these two series of its 
organ the Mailings have collected and preserved a great 
and valuable mass of information especially of Hailing 
pioneers of America. Telelage also began, in 1909, to issue 
Telesoga, edited by Torkel Oftelie, a quarterly about the 
size of the Helsing and the Minne. But it has been from 
the start almost the sole product of the editor, who 
diligently gathers his material and writes it up in his own 
Tele-dialect. The contents of the forty numbers hitherto 
issued is emphatically a "soga" of Telemarkings and as a 
contribution to pioneer history it is not only unique but of 
very great value. One can not resist the impulse to men- 
tion a peculiar distinction enjoyed by Telesoga: Except 
for the date and serial number on the cover, there is no 
mark of any sort to indicate either the date or order in 
the series of any one of the issues, so that if the covers are 
removed, as in binding the publication, all means of iden- 
tification or distinguishing the issues are lost. 

Other lags have as a rule not published periodicals, ex- 
cept that Nordlandslaget has since 1912 issued Nord- 
Norge, which at first came out only occasionally and not 
till later years became actually a periodical ; but it has been 
one of very considerable merit, being such from the cir- 
cumstance that its editor, Julius Baumann, is one of the 
literary lights of the Norwegian contingent of the coun- 
try. Excepted should be also Kristianialaget, which has 
maintained a publication, Vikvaeingen, and the Sol^rlag 
(which is the new designation of the Solunglag) is publish- 
ing Sol0ringen of recent inception under editorship of 
Marius Hagen. 

But many of the lags publish a yearbook, as a souvenir 
and record of the activity of the lags year by year. In these 
books is stored a quantity of historical and biographical in- 
formation, but they are rather, more peculiarly reminiscent 
of the old home-bygds of the membership than specific rec- 


ords of American pioneer or settlement activity and condi- 
tions. As a rule these books are fine exhibitions of artistic 
and delicate souvenir pamphlet making and are according- 
ly treasured as mementoes and keepsakes. 

The Valdris Helsing continued regular issues for seven 
years, and was in 1910 enlarged into a monthly by name 
Samband, with the purpose of offering the use of its space 
to all the lags as a common organ of the bygdelag move- 
ment. The plan met with cordial approval on the part of 
the annual meetings of the bygdelag representatives. They 
appointed a committee that worked out a scheme for financ- 
ing and taking over the publication by the lags associat- 
ing for the purpose. To this arrangement a number of the 
lags agreed but not many enough in the opinion of the com- 
mittee to put it into execution at once. At that time most 
of the lags took up the movement of raising memorial gifts 
for their home bygds, and this tended to divert attention 
from the publishing of an organ. Also, the energy of the 
manager and editor became absorbed by his increasing 
work as chairman of the celebration committee. The pro- 
ject of associating the lags in taking over the publication 
had to await the more propitious time which it was reason- 
able to suppose would follow the centenary activities. But 
the breaking out of the war, with its consequent difficult 
times for journalistic undertakings, led to the necessity 
of suspending the publication of the magazine without 
awaiting the time which, possibly, may yet come for trying 
again under other auspices. 

The experience of Samband is not encouraging as re- 
gards the attainment of a common bygdelag organ. For 
instance, a large number of the lags in 1915 by vote accept- 
ed an offer of space to be set apart for them in Samband, 
and named men to edit their allotments of space ; but noth- 
ing came of it for the reason that not a single one of these 
lag editors ever contributed any matter under the plan. 
Samband of course continued as the organ of the Valdrises 


and they furnished by far the greater part of its support. 
But by 1914 it had gained very material patronage among 
all bygde-people. The Numedjzfls came next the Valdrises 
in numbers of subscribers, owing naturally to the excellent 
matter furnished by their historian G. Gregerson and Presi- 
dent H. H. Strom. The Ringerikeslag on organizing adopt- 
ed Samband as the lag organ. The matter contributed by 
the historiographer O. S. Johnson, from that time until the 
publication ceased, was a real feature and was very consid- 
erable and important. 

All things considered, Samband rendered valuable serv- 
ice to the cause of collecting and preserving Norwegian 
pioneer history. The assertion is confidently made that its 
seven volumes store more authentic and valuable, first- 
hand material in that line than any other yet published 
work or periodical. 

THE BYGDELAGS AND THE WAR. During the years 1915 
and 1916 the bygdelags held their meetings as usual ; but the at- 
tendance was in many cases not so good as in former years. 
A number of the subsidiary lags and at least two of the fully 
independent organizations seem to have been inactive after 
1914, but how far this may have been due to the war as a 
contributary cause it is impossible to say. In 1917, after the 
United States became a participant in the struggle, the ex- 
ecutive boards of several lags called off the meetings for that 
year, because it seemed proper to suspend such activities while 
the country was at war. Other lags went on with their meet- 
ings, but many members refrained from attending; and it can 
hardly be said that the bygdelag work was characterized by 
any degree of enthusiasm. 

During 1918 twenty-three of the active lags either passed 
their annual meetings or announced postponements because of 
the war. Nine lags, including one of the subsidiary or sec- 


tional societies, held their meetings, but gave their programs 
a decidedly patriotic character. Several dedicated service 
flags representing their young men and women who had re- 
sponded to the call of their country. By a referendum vote 
taken of the lags by the executive board of the Council of 
Bygdelags, it was decided to omit the annual meeting of that 
body in 1918. 

In 1919 the lags quite generally held their regular reunions, 
though there were a few that still, out of patriotic motives, 
suspended their meetings. And the reunions held were tinged 
with a seriousness quite in keeping with the trying experiences 
of war conditions that had prevailed and had touched many a 
family with anxiety and bereavement; for it was found that 
sickness and casulties had taken no small toll of the younger 
generation of the membership. 

As a mark of respect for their loyal young people who 
entered the war service, many of the bygdelags have been 
making efforts to compile lists of these service people within 
their membership. This collecting of names and records of 
service and experiences is still going on, and the results are 
bound to become valuable parts of the archives of the lags 
prosecuting the movement. 


Gudbrandsdalslag Rev. L. P. Thorkveen, St. James, 
Minn., President. Samuel Jackson, St. James, Minn., Secre- 

Hadelandslag T. A. Walby, Hudson, Wis. Erling E. Ja- 
cobson, Hudson, Wis. 

Hallinglag K. Lokensgaard, Madison, Minn. T. L. 
Quarve, Fessenden, N. Dak. 

Hardangerlag S. S. Tveit, Albert Lea, Minn. T. T. Sexe, 
Canton, S. Dak. 


Hurdalslag Rev. H. Engh, Ostrander, Minn. H. P. Lar- 
sen, Viroqua, Wis. 

Kristianialag John H. Bovim, Lumber Exchange, Minne- 
apolis, President. 

Landinglag H. A. M. Steen, Northfield, Wis. C. M. 
Pederson, Starbuck, Minn. 

Mjjzteenlag Rev. O. A. Kvisgaard, Bay City, Wis. Otto 
Hjermstad, Red Wing, Minn. 

Nordfjordlag Elias Rachie, 938 Security Bldg., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Dr. Carl Kolset, Benson, Minn. 

Nordhordlandlag Rev. L. Fylling Hammer, Woodville, 
Wis. Rev. O. R. Sletten, Lake Mills, Iowa. 

Nordlandlag Prof. O. E. Rolvaag, Northfield, Minn. 
John Gregor, Ft. Ransom, N. Dak. 

Numedalslag R. G. Reierson, Belview, Minn. O. O. 
Enestvedt, Sacred Heart, Minn. 

Ringerikeslag Vegger Guldbrandson, Albert Lea, Minn. 
Erick Jonsrud, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Romsdalslag Prof. J. Tanner, Moorhead, Minn. P. O. 
Hall, Carpio, N. Dak. 

Selbulag A. O. Serum, Halstad, Minn. O. H. Uglem, 
Princeton, Minn. 

Sigdalslag G. T. Braatelien, Rothsay, Minn. K. C. Kops- 
eng, Harvey, N. Dak. 

Smaalenslag J. T. Berg, Kenyon, Minn. Andr. J. Snes- 
rud, Kasson, Minn. 

Soljzfrlag C. M. Berg, Mclntosh, Minn. Marius Hagen, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Stavangerlag Rev. C. J. Eastvold, Northfield, Minn. B. 
L. Bellesen, Jewell, Iowa. 

S0ndhordlandlag Rev. L. O. Thorson, Dows, Iowa. Oscar 
Ostrem, Jewell, Iowa. 

Sunddals-0ksendalslag E. G. Fladwed, Lake City, Minn. 
O. J. Gravem, Towner, N. Dak. 


Ssetesdalslag Bj. Bj0rnaraa, Wanke, Minn. John G. 
Johnson, Kloten, N. Dak. 

Sjztadfjordlag Judge Anderson, Bloomer, Wis. Math. 
Mulen, Treasurer, Bloomer, Wis. 

S0ndm0rlag Lars L. Lande, Galesburg, N. Dak. J. A. 
Lien, 1009 llth Ave., Fargo, N. Dak. 

Telelag H. Samuelson, Climax, Minn. O. Ormbreck, Ada, 

Bandak Telelag O. G. Kinney, Colfax, Wis., President. 

Tinnsj^lag Lars Stenson, Oldham, S. Dak. 

Totenlag Johan C. Gran, Spring Grove, Minn. Casper 
Smedsrud, Forman, N. Dak. 

Tr^nderlag Prof. P. M. Glasoe, Northfield, Minn. F. L. 
Tr0nsdal, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Valdris Samband A. A. Veblen, East San Diego, Calif. 
A. M. Sundheim, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Vinger, Odalen, and Eidskog Samlag J. E. Jacobson, 
Dazey, N. Dak. Edward Larsen, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Vosselag Rev. K. Bjorgo, San Francisco, Calif. Arthur 
Markve, N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

0sterdalslag N. T. Moen, Fergus Falls, Minn. T. O. 
Udby, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Twin City Stavangerlag Gust Irgens, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Mrs. R. Neelson, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Minneapolis Tr0nderlag Lars O. Haug, Minneapolis, 
Minn. Albert Josve, Minneapolis, Minn. 

West Coast Numedalslag G. H. Kravik, Everett, Wash. 
H. O. H. Becker, Stanwood, Wash. 

West Coast So'ndfjordlag Rev. O. J. Ordal, Tacoma, 
W r ash. M. H. F0rde, Seattle, Wash. 

Manfred Valdrislag T. O. Roble, Manfred, N. D., Pres. 

Twin City Valders Samlag Tver C. Nelson, Minneapolis. 
Thorwald Svennes, Minneapolis, Minn. 




1899. February 2. Letter "Fraa Miniap01s" in Nordve- 
sten, from Thomas Lajord, proposing a reunion of Valdrises 
resident in Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

February 23. A letter in answer to Lajord from an "Otter 
Tail Valdris" proposing that the reunion be general, so as to 
include Valdrises from all parts of the country. 

April, .May, and June, items in papers about activity of a 
committee for preparations of a "Valdrisstevne". 

June 25. First Valdrisstevne, or reunion of Valdrises, 
took place in Minnehaha Falls Park, Minneapolis." Address 
by Rev. Helge Hoverstad in Valdris dialect. Committee in 
charge of preparations, Thomas Lajord, J. T. Ellingboe, and 
Chr. Brandt. Mr. Lajord presided over the meeting. 

1900. Sept. 9. Second Valdrisstevne, held in Minnehaha 
Falls Park, Minneapolis. Committee, Thomas Lajord, chair- 
man; Chr. Brandt, and L. O. Wilson. Address by Dr. J. S. 

1901. Aug. 25, a, stevne of Valdrises of Renville County, 
Minn., was held a few miles south-east of Maynard. 

Sept. 8. Third general Valdrisstevne met in Como Park, 
between St. Paul and 1 Minneapolis. Committee: Dr. J. S. 
Johnson, presiding, L. O. Wilson, Lajord, O. Jorgens, Chr. 
Brandt. Address by Professor A. A. Veblen in Valdris 
dialect. Committee of seven elected to organize a society of 
Valdrises, draw up a constitution, and to have charge of a 
stevne next year. Thomas Lajord first member of the com- 
mittee elected, the other members were H. A. Boe, Harold 





Thorson, Dr. J. S. Johnson, A. A. Veblen, Hon. G. K. Nor- 
sving, and Hon. Haldor Boen. 

1902. May 16th. Committe of seven met in St. Paul. A. 
A. Veblen elected chairman and Dr. Johnson secretary. Name 
"Valdris Samband" adopted. Provisions of constitution 
agreed upon, and subcommittee, consisting of chairman and 
secretary, directed to prepare draft of the document and sub- 
mit to the members of the committee by mail for approval. 

Aug. 31. Fourth Valdrisstevne, in Como Park. Constitu- 
tion approved. Executive Board elected: A. A. Veblen, 
President; Thomas Lajord, Vice-President ; Dr. J. S. John- 
son, secretary ; Rev. O. L. Kirkeberg ; and Chr. J. Heen. Prof. 
John Dahle, Orator. The Valdris Button worn for the first 

Evening. The first Valdrisgjesteb^, prepared by Dr. John- 
son, at Mozart Hall, St. Paul. Prof. John Dahle toastmaster 

September. Booklet issued by the secretary, containing 
minutes of meeting, reports of committee, and Prof. Dahle's 

December. The biographical Blank, with 28 questions to 
be answered by members, issued. 

1903. Sept. 5, Saturday Evening. Valdris banquet at 
Dania Hall, Cedar Ave., Minneapolis. Rev. O. L. Kirkeberg, 
toastmaster. Stereopticon views from Valdris shown by the 
president after the banquet. 

Sept. 6, in Como Park. Fifth Stevne. O. L. Kirkeberg 
orator. Styre elected : Veblen, P., Kirkeberg V-P., Dr. John- 
son, Sec., C. J. Heen, Harold Thorson. 

Dec. 8. Valdris Samlag of St. Paul organized. 

Dec. 29. Grafton, N. D., Valdris Samlag organized. 

Dec. 30. First number of quarterly "Valdris Helsing" 
issued ; the president, editor, and the secretary, associate editor. 

1904. Sept. 3. Banquet at Mozart Hall, St. Paul. Prof. 
J. Dahle toastmaster. 

Sept. 4. Sixth Stevne, Como Park. President A. G. Tuve 


orator. Styre: Veblen P., Kirkeberg V-P., Dr. Johnson, 
Sec., C. J. Heen, H. Thorson, S. G. Bertilrud. 

1905. Sept. 9. Banquet at Normanna Hall, Third Street 
and Twelfth Ave. South, Minneapolis. Prof. Dahle toastmas- 

Sept. 10. Seventh Stevne, Como Park. Rev. O. J. Kvale 
orator. Styre: Veblen P, Kirkeberg V-P., Dr. Johnson Sec., 
Heen, Thorson, Bertilrud. 

1906. July 7. Thomas Lajord died at Washington, D. C. 
Sept. 8. Banquet, Normanna Hall. The president acted 

as toastmaster. 

Sept. 9. Eighth Stevne, Como Park. Prof. Thomas S. 
Thompson orator. Styre: Veblen P., Kirkeberg V-P., A. M. 
Sundheim Sec., Heen, Thorson, Bertilrud. 

1907. Sept. 7. Banquet, Normanna Hall. John Dahle 

Sept. 8. Como Park, R. N. Qualley orator. Committee 
to collect historical material relating to Valdrises appointed, 
Lieut. N. I. Gilbert chairman. Styre: Veblen P., H. Thorson 
V-P., Sundheim Sec., H. A. Bjorgo, O. I. Flaten, Sam Thomp- 

1908. Sept. 5. Banquet, Normanna Hall. John Dahle 

Sept. 6. Como Park. Tenth Stevne. Dr. J. S. Johnson 
presiding in the absence of the president. Rev. I. T. Aastad 
orator. Styre: Veblen P., Thorson V-P., Dr. J. S. Johnson 
Sec., I. T. Aastad, Chris. Olson (Guldhaug), Ole Jorgens. 

This year First Valdrisstevne at Alberta, Canada. 

1909. June 24. Second Valdrisstevne at Alberta, Can. 
Sept. 10. Conference meeting of some Valdrises at Hotel 

Sherman, St. Paul, agrees on plan to raise fund for salary of 
president as editor of the Helsing, H. Thorson to be manager 
of subscription. 

Sept. 11. Banquet at Ark Lodge Auditorium, 31st Street 
and Third Ave. South, Minneapolis, Dahle toastmaster. 

Sept. 12. Eleventh Stevne, Como Park, Albert L. Hougen, 


orator. Styre: Veblen P., Bendix Holdahl V-R, Dr. John- 
son Sec., M. A. Weblen, A. M. Sundheim, H. A. Boe. 

Nov. 17. First meeting of bygdelag representatives on in- 
vitation of Valdris Samband Styre, So. Side Commercial Club, 

1910. Sept. 10. Twelfth Stevne. Business meeting, after- 
noon, Ark Auditorium basement. Chr. Brandt Secretary pro 
tern. Voted, to change Valdris Helsing into monthly by name 
of SAMBAND. Styre: Veblen P., B. Holdahl V-P, A. M. 
Sundheim Sec., H. Thorson, O. A. Hain, M. A. Weblen. 

Evening. Banquet, Ark Auditorium. Veblen toastmaster. 
Lewis A. Anderson orator. 

Sept. 11. Como Park, picinic of 12th Valdrisstevne. 

November. First issue of SAMBAND as No. 31 (of the 

1911. Sept. 9. 4:30 p. m. business meeting, Ark Audito- 
rium. Styre: Veblen P., Holdahl V-P., Sundheim Sec., O. A. 
Hain, H. Thorson, Ole Rood. 

Evening. Banquet, Ark Auditorium. Dahle toastmaster. 
Rev. A. H. Belgum orator. 

Sept. 10. Picnic, Como Park. 

1912. Sept. 7. Fourteenth Stevne. Business session p. 
m. Styre: Veblen P., Holdahl V-P., Sundheim Sec., O. A. 
Hain, H. Thorson, O. Rood.- Vote passed to affiliate with 

Evening. Banquet, Ark Auditorium. Dahle toastmaster. 
J C. M. Hanson and Hon. H. T. Helgesen orators. 

Sept. 8. Large gathering and picinic in Como Park. 

1913. Sept. 6. Business session of fifteenth Valdris- 
stevne, afternoon in Ark Auditorium. Styre: Veblen P., Rev. 
A. H. Gjevre V-P., Sundheim Sec., O. A. Hain, Ole Rood, 
M. A. Weblen 

Evening. Banquet Ark Auditorium, Veblen toastmaster. 
Rev. Chris S. Thompson orator. 

Sept. 7. Como Park. Picnic and program. 

1914. May 16. Sixteenth Valdrisstevne, 10 a. m. West 


half of Dairy Building, Minn. State Fair Ground. Styre 
elected : Veblen P., Gjevre V-P., Sundheim Sec., O. A. Ham, 
Ole Rood, M. A. Weblen, O. A. Veblen, I. O. Hovey, H. S. 
Ingvalson. This meeting voted to begin the raising of funds 
for a memorial gift to Valdris (Valdrisgave), the president to 
appoint as a committee one man from each parish in Valdris, 
with himself as member at large and chairman of the com- 

Sept. 12. Extra Valdrisstevne. Business meeting 4 p. m. 
Ark Auditorium. Rules for Valdrisgave adopted. 

Evening. Banquet, Ark Auditorium. John Dahle toast- 
master. Rev. N. J. Lockrem orator. 

Sept. 13. Small picinic gathering in Minnehaha Falls 
Park, Minneapolis. Valdrisgave Committee completed as fol- 
lows : For Vang, C. J. Keen. For West Slidre, I. O. Hovey, 
secretary. For East Slidre, T. O. Roble. For Etnedalen, Jo- 
hannes Anderson (Stamperstuen). For North Aurdal, A. M. 
Sundheim, treasurer. For South Aurdal, L. C. Goplerud. 
Chairman and member at large, A. A. Veblen. 

Sept. 24. First local stevne of Valdrises of Pope County, 
Minn., at Glenwood. 

1915. June 7. Stevne of Pope County Valdrislag, at Glen- 

Sept. 9, Thursday. 17th annual stevne of Valdris Sam- 
band. Business meeting, 4 p. m., Ark Auditorium. Styre 
elected: Veblen P., Gjevre V-P., Sundheim Sec., O. A. Hain, 
M. A. Weblen, I. O. Hovey, H. S. Ingvalson, O. A. Veblen, 
Herman Karlsgodt. 

Evening. Banquet, Ark Auditorium. T. O. Roble toast- 
master. Rev. J. M. Sundheim orator. 

Sept. 10. Como Park, picnic and informal program. 

1916. June 22. Glenwood, Minn. 18th Stevne of Valdris 
Samband, with assistance of Pope County Valdrislag. Open- 
ing session p. m. 

Evening. Banquet in park pavilion. John Dahle toast- 


June 23. Business session. Styre elected : Veblen P., Ole 
Rood V-P., Sundheim Sec., O. A. Hain, 1. O. Hovey, H. S. 
Ingvalson, H. Karlsgodt, M. A. Weblen, O H. Opheim 

1917. Apr. 26. Bendix Holdahl died. 

Aug. 10. Meeting of Styre in Minneapolis, voted to omit 
the 1917 stevne on account of the war. 

October. Publication of SAM BAND suspended. Last 
issue No. 114, for October, 1917. 

1918. May, notices issued to suspend Valdrisstevne of 

1919. Sept. 6. A Valdrisstevne held in Citizens Club 
rooms, Minneapolis, by Minneapolis "Valdris Samlag" R. N. 

Qualley orator. 

Sept. 7. Meeting of Valdris Samband Styre, voted to call 
a general Valdrisstevne in Minneapolis in June, 1920. Voted 
to withdraw from Nordmands-Forbundet. Voted to deposit 
funds of the Valdrisgave in Kristiania Bank. 

1920. Feb. 18. Harald Thorson died, St. Paul. 

June 18 and 19. Annual meeting of Valdris Samband, 
Citizens Club, Franklin and Minnehaha Avenues, Minneapolis. 


The history of the movement for reunions of Valdrises, 
which resulted in the formation of the Valdris Samband, 
begins with a communication which was printed in the 
issue of February 2, 1899, of the Norwegian weekly news- 
paper Nordvesten, published at St. Paul. It was written in 
Valdris dialect and entitled, "Fraa Miniap01s" and signed, 
T. L. (Thomas Lajord). Mr. Lajord proposes that the edi- 
tor, Chr. Brandt, who is a Valdris, or some one else take 
the lead in getting about a meeting of Valdrises of Minne- 
apolis and St. Paul some evening, to have a good time with 
refreshments, music, singing, and speaking. He suggests 
as a topic : "How can we, as Valdris-Americans, help to 
awaken the solidarity thought of Gyda from Kvie?" An- 

other remark he makes is: "Probably none would take the 
trouble and expense that they would come from other 
places, though you wrote a little about it in the paper." 


Also, "If only a small meeting were brought about to be- 
gin with, perhaps then sometime in the future there might 
be one, or two large meetings at Minnehaha, or Como, 


or Harriet, and a small one were perhaps better than none 
at all." 

Lajord's communication was answered in a letter print- 
ed in Nordvesten for February 23, 1899, under the heading 
"Fra Otter Tail County" and signed "en Otter Tail Val- 
dris" This letter strongly endorses Lajord's suggestion for 
a Valdris meeting, but urges that the invitation be extended 
to all Valdrises in America, and that it be not held until 
so late that it may take place out of doors He suggests as 
a date the Sunday during the convention of the United 
Church or during the week of the meeting of the Norwe- 
gian Synod. The "Otter Tail Valdris" enumerates a num- 
ber of well known Valdrises who should be asked to attend 
and participate, and suggests matters for discussion. The 
identity of this correspondent has not so far been revealed. 
But he seems to be the father of the proposal of a national 
reunion rather than a local meeting. 

Considerable agitation took place following these com- 
munications, as shown by six or seven different clippings 
that the writer has from papers during April, May and 
June after. These show that a cdmmittee on arrangements 
consisting of J. T. Ellingboe, Thomas Lajord, and Chr. 
Brandt had after a while been formed and had fixed on 
Sunday, June 25th as the time of meeting, it was designat- 
ed as a Valdris-M0te or as a Valdrisstevne, and the latter 
soon became the usual designation for this sort of meet- 
ings. It means a prearranged meet or gathering, a reunion, 
of Valdrises. 

From newspaper reports of the.stevne it appears to 
have been a very successful affair. The informal visiting 
formed the chief feature, and there was a picnic, for which 
' the ladies provided coffee, and afterward a program of 
speaking and music. Thomas Lajord presided, and he re- 
cited some verses of his own which had already been print- 
ed in the twin city papers, beginning: "Me aera Valdrisa; 
etc." Rev. I. T. Aastad made some remarks, as did also 
Rev. L. P. Thorkveen, though not a Valdris but Gudbrands- 


d^l. A formal address was delivered by Rev. Helge H0ver- 
stad, in Valdris dialect. (It is printed in full in Valdris 
Helsing, August, 1904). One reporter estimates the num- 
ber in attendance at "ca. 800." The marked success of the 
meeting, which was the first of its kind ever held showed 
that the idea of a general reunion was received with sym- 
pathy and approval. Many of the participants had come 
from different parts of Minnesota and from other states. 

Though the matter was broached at the meeting, no 
steps were taken toward effecting a permanent organiza- 
tion. But it was a generally expressed wish that similar 
reunions should' be held in the future, and it was under- 
stood that the same committee would actively encourage 
efforts in that direction. The stevne and the idea of repeti- 
tions of the affair became frequent topics of conversation 
among Valdrises and others. Mr. Lajord in his zeal car- 
ried on a tireless propaganda ; so much so, indeed, that more 
reserved and modest Valdrises even thought he carried it 
too far, and even hinted that he "made a nuisance" of his 
talk in season and out of season about Valdris meetings. 

THE SECOND STEVNE.-- In Nordvesten ofi August 28, 
1900, appeared an announcement that the second meet- 
ing of Valdrises would take place in Minnehaha Park on 
Sunday afternoon, September 9. This was signed by L. O. 
Wilson, Thomas Lajord, and Chr. Brandt, as committee. 
Sunday morning proved unpropitious with considerable 
rain. But the afternoon cleared. The dampness caused by 
the morning's rain doubtless kept some away from the 
park in the afternoon, but the affair nevertheless proved 
successful. From a partial list of participants published 
in the newspaper reports, it appears that the number of 
people from out of town was quite as large as of those resi- * 
dent in the twin cities. There were Valdrises from all parts 
of Minnesota and from the adjacent states. 

Lajord presided, and a new poem of his, that he recited, 
"Her ha me samlast, f0r moro o glee! Tankin flyg heimat 
aat Valdris idag," was sung by the audience. As speakers 



are mentioned Ole Kirkevold from Norway, Ole Jorgens. 
K. K Rudie, Professor T. A. Hoverstad, and Dr. J. S. John- 
son who delivered the formal address. Dr. Johnson's par- 


ticipation in this stevne seems to have marked the begin- 
ning of his bygdelag activity and the injection of his ca- 
pacity for energetic management into the movement. The 
men who had so far busied themselves in promoting the 


reunions, seem from this time to have accepted as a matter 
of course his leadership and initiative. Lajord's enthusiasm 
remained unabated. He was a born propagandist, whose 
fervent and extravagant faith in the Norwegians as the 
best of all nationalities, and in the Valdrises as the most 
genuine of them, made him irresistible even though his zeal 
seemed immoderate. He had no patience with attention 
to details such as should seem essential in directing or or- 
ganizing a movement of such a novel character as this. He 
was a peerless specialist in his native Vang dialect, and he 
made effective use of his mastery of it, by writing his 
verses and articles in it and in a style that was characteris- 
tically Lajord's own. 

The committee which took charge of the preparations for the 
third Valdrisstevne was, as first announced, K. K. Rudie, 
Dr. Johnson, L. O. Wilson, Thos. Lajord, and O. Jorgens, 
Dr. Johnson was at some time designated chairman, and Chr. 
Brandt seems to have taken Mr. Rudie's place. During the 
winter the author of this sketch met Dr. Johnson and received 
from him an invitation to make the formal address. Press 
notices of the stevne began to appear in good season. 

While the advertising and preparations were going on 
at their best an unlocked for diversion was caused by a 
theological student, Torgeir KJ0S, who was that summer 
teaching parochial school in Renville County. On his ini- 
tiative a Valdrisstevne was held near Maynard on August 
25, which was described as a successful affair. It gave 
Lajord a lot of worry; for he took Kjj^s's action as spite 
work against himself. But the Renville County gathering 
was simply a local picnic outing, and it is doubtful wheth- 
er it really worked to the prejudice of the general stevne 
which came two weeks later. 

Sunday Sept. 8, was chosen as the date of the Stevne, 
so as to enable those attending to take advantage of the 
reduced railway fares to the State fair which took place 
during the preceding week. The day began inauspiciously 


with rain and a chilly wind. But by noon the sky cleared 
and the wind calmed, so that in good time a gathering esti- 
mated at from two to three thousand had assembled at the 
pavilion of the picnic ground in the southwest corner of 
Como Park. Badges, made of red, white and blue ribbons 
and inscribed "Valdris-Stevne 1901" were supplied free, 
through the generosity of Mr. Harold Thorson. A bounti- 
ful picnic dinner was provided by the resident Valdrises. 
The stevne was conducted by Dr. Johnson, chairman of 
the committee, and he presided during the program which 
followed the picnic. Mr. Lajord busied himself in passing 
around a register in which he obtained the names and ad- 
dresses of a number of those in attendance. These were 
published in Nordvesten with the report of the meeting. 
Kari Rudi played the Langeleik. John- Eltun sang Valdris 
songs. Several numbers were rendered by the men's sing- 
ing society "Fram" of St. Paul, led by Prof. John Dahle. 
Dr. Johnson opened the exercises with a brief address. The 
formal address, written in the H0risbygding variety of 
Valdris dialect, was given by the writer (A. A. Veblen). 
Speeches, which were also in dialect, were made by ex- 
Congressman Haldor Boen and Professor John Dahle. La- 
jord read a new poem, "E ae gla so at hjarsta mit h0ppa." 
At the conclusion of this program Dr. Johnson brought 
up the question of effecting a permanent organization, ex- 
pressing for himself agreement with others who favored 
such action, and ended by taking an aye and no vote, which 
proved unanimous for the proposition. Motions were made 
and adopted, providing for the election of a committee of 
seven to have power to call and conduct the next stevne, 
to draw up a constitution, and under it to have charge 
of the affairs of the society until it should convene the next 
year. The members of the committee were chosen by suc- 
cessive nominations and elections till the seven places 
were filled. Mr. Lajord was the first one named. The oth- 
ers were, Helge Boe, Northfield; Harold Thorson, Elbow 
Lake; Dr. J. S. Johnson, St. Paul; Prof. A. A. Veblen, 



Iowa City; Hon. G. K. Norsving, Goodhue Co.; Hon. Hal- 
dor Boen, Fergus Falls. 

Lengthy reports of the stevne were published in the 
papers, and included Mr. Lajord's poem and his partial reg- 

Of the Charter Committee 

ister of visitors and the text of the writer's address. The 
latter was also issued as a booklet for use as publicity mat- 
ter, and was in 1903 printed in Prof. R. B. Anderson's 


It was expected that Mr. Lajord as being the first one 
elected would take steps to have the committee assemble 
and organize, but this he declined to do. On the initiative 
of others it met in Dr Johnson's office in St. Paul on May 
16, 1902. All members were present except Mr. Helge 
Boe. Mr. Lajord was nominated for chairman but would 
not serve, whereupon A. A. Veblen was elected chairman 
and Dr. J. S. Johnson secretary. At the suggestion of the 
chairman the name "Valdris Samband" was unanimously 
agreed on as the name of the society. The provisions to 
be embodied in the constitution were agreed upon one by 
one, and after the time and place for the next stevne had 
been fixed and the chairman and secretary had been appoint- 
ed a subcommittee to finish the draft of a constitution, the 
committee adjourned. 

The subcommittee named completed their task the fol- 
lowing day. Copies of the draft were immediately sub- 
mitted to the other members by mail, and approved by 
them. It was written in Valdris dialect. Following is a 
translation of the document : 


1. The name of this society is Valdris Samband. 

2. It is the purpose of the Samband to promote friend- 
ship and pleasant intercourse among the Valdrises of 
America, and to increase knowledge of the Valdrises and of 
their worth and activity here and in the old "home. 

3. All who are of Valdris lineage, and their wives and 
husbands, are eligible to membership. 

4. The officers are a president, a vice-president, and 
a secretary. Each is to serve the Samband in the manner 
usual for such officers ; but the secretary is also to be treas- 

Beside these three, two more are to be elected, so as to 
form a board of five members, which is to have the custody 
and management of everything that belongs to or concerns 


the Samband, in accord with this constitution and other 
acts of the Samband. 

5. An annual meeting of the Samband shall be held 
when and where the Samband or the Executive Board may 
agree upon. 

At this meeting the first order of business shall be the 
appointment of a nominating committee. 

After the officers have made their reports, the nominat- 
ing committee shall report at least one name for each office 
of the Board. 

Thereupon the Samband is to elect officers either o f 
those nominated or any others. 

Thereafter the order of proceedure shall be such as 
the Board has ordered or the meeting may determine. 

6. The Board shall select Valdrises to make the prin- 
cipal addresses at the meetings ; and the speaking shall 
preferably be in Valdris language. 

7. Such as are eligible and desire to become members 
are to pay twenty-five cents into the treasury ; no admission 
dues are required of the wife or children of a member. The 
amount of annual dues shall from time to time be fixed 
by the Samband. 

8. In order that accurate and authentic information 
may be collected regarding the Valdrises and their activity 
and history, each one shall at the time of application for 
membership write down and turn in to the Board, so much 
information of' himself, his family, and his lineage, as he 
may be willing to give. 

All that which is thus collected, and all other documents 
books, and pictures, which come into the custody of the 
Samband, are to be preserved in some safe and fire-proof 
place ; and the Board shall be responsible for the safe-keep- 
ing of all such matters. 

The secretary shall as he may be directed, distribute 
speeches and any matter that may be printed. 

9. The Samband, in order to promote its objects, will 


favor the formation of Samlags by Valdrises, with the same 
purposes as the Samband, in every neighborhood where 
they are numerous enough to do so. 

The Samband will encourage the collection, safe-keep- 
ing, and publication of all such matters as concern the 
Valdrises, Valdris settlements, and the Valdris language, 
in this new and cherished home of so many Valdrises. 
(May 17, 1902). 

This constitution has not been amended or altered in 
any respect, except that the Executive Board has been in- 
creased in number to nine (in 1916) and the dues have been 
increased to 50 cents, and again decreased to 25 cents, the 
original amount. 

The chairman and secretary at once began a lively pub- 
licity campaign. They secured lists of Valdrises wherever 
they knew some one from whom to request lists of those 
in the neighborhood, and wrote a large number of letters 
and distributed much printed matter. In addition they 
wrote articles for the newspapers. The printed matter used 
consisted of the constitution in the form of a small leaflet, 
and four different issues of circulars. To get as large a 
compliance as might be with Article 8 of the constitution, 
the main circular closed with the following: 


On any suitable paper, answer in succession such of the 
following questions as you can or will. Number the an- 
swers to correspond. Or give the information in such man- 
ner as you may find convenient. Use English, Norwegian, 
or Valdris, as you prefer. 

Write all names of persons in full, giving first the form 
used here; then the full Norwegian form, with farsnavn 
and garsnavn or pladsnavn. Names of places should be 
correct and full. With the name of gar or plads indicate 
divisions, as njzfrro'-, S0rr0-, uppi gare, etc., and the bygd, an- 
nex, and prestegjaeld should be stated. 


1. Your name? 2. Address? 3. Original Norwegian 
form of the name, if any change has been made? 4. Date 
of birth? 5. Place of birth? 6. Time of emigration of 
self or family? 7. Name of ship in which you or your 

Of the Charter Committee 

family sailed? 8. Place and date of landing? 9. Places 
of residence and the time in each? 10. Occupation or pro- 
fession? 11. Public offices rilled, and dates? 12. Military 
service and rank? 13. Church connection? 14. Schools 
attended and degrees and honors received? 15. Titles of 


books, lectures, and other writings produced? 16. If mar- 
ried, name and age of wife or husband and date of mar- 
riage? 17. Names, ages, and birthplace of children? 18. 
Your father's name, date and place of birth, occupation, and 
other facts of his history? 19 Your father's brothers and 
sisters and facts about them? 20. Your father's father? 
21. Your father's mother? 22. Any further facts about 
your father's family? 23. Your mother's name, etc., as in 
questions 18 and 19? 24. Your mothers father? 25. Your 
mother's mother? 26. Any further facts about your moth- 
er's family? 27. Name, address, etc., of each of your broth- 
ers and sisters? Make all the answers to 18 to 27 as full as 
possible or as full as you desire, giving as much of your 
family history and connections as you may be inclined to 
write down for record. 28. Describe or relate any other 
facts or any events or movements in which you have par- 
ticipated, or of which you have direct or reliabe informa- 
tion, and which you may be willing to record. 

Finally, send the manuscript to any member of the com- 
mittee or preferably to the secretary or to the chairman, 


Iowa City, Iowa. 

These "suggestions" embodied the first effort in the di- 
rection of securing "information about Valdrises." In a 
few months the same 28 questions were printed on a sheet 
with blank spaces for the answers, constituting the "bio- 
graphic blank" of the Samband, which is still used, and 
which was adopted, without change of order or essential 
alteration in substance, as the Biographic Blank recom- 
mended to the bygdelags by the meeting of lag representa- 
tives in 1910, and afterward adopted by most of them. 

THE FOURTH STEVNE convened in Como Park on 
August 31st, 1902. Previous to the meeting 280 members 
had enrolled by mail. The chairman, as acting president, 
conducted the. proceedings and reports were rendered by 
him and by the secretary, on the work of the Committee 
on Organization. The constitution was approved by the 


meeting, and the first Executive Board (Styre) was elect- 
ed, as follows: A. A. Veblen, President, Thomas Lajord 
vice-president, J. S. Johnson secretary-treasurer, Rev. O. 
L. Kirkeberg, and Christopher Keen. 

On the conclusion of the business session the Annual 
address was delivered by Professor John Dahle. The men's 
singing society Fram sang several selections, and there 
was instrumental music by an orchestra. For the rest the 
time was spent in informal visiting as at the earlier meet- 

ings. Many of the resident participants picnicked on the 
grounds, but the committee had made arrangements with 
some one to have on sale coffee and simple lunches for 
such as might wish to buy refreshments, a practice which 
the Samband has kept up ever since. 

A Valdris Button was worn for the first time at this 
stevne. It was sold for a nominal sum, and was furnished 
gratis to members who paid their regular dues. It was 
seven-eighths of an inch in diameter, and bore a plain capi- 


tal V in white, its three extreme points touching the rim of 
the button. The space inside the V was red, and the face 
of the button outside the V was blue. No other badges 
have ever been supplied to participants of the meets of the 
Samband, than this small, simple button ; unless the parish 
tags introduced later might be regarded as badges. 


In the evening an informal banquet was served to about 
175 members in Mozart Hall, St. Paul. This was an in- 
novation for a Valdrisstevne and was due to an idea which 
Dr. Johnson had conceived and which was now carried out 
under his personal direction. He gave it the name "Val- 
drisgjesteb^," and the gjesteb0 has since been a regular 
and important feature of every stevne, and was copied by 
the other bygdelags when they came into being. The pe- 
culiar feature of a Valdrisgjesteb^ is the use of viands and 
dishes such as were served at feasts and parties in Val- 
dris, like Rjumegraut, Lefse, Flatbread, Lutefisk, Spekekj^t, 
etc. And the feast was presided over by a Kjjzfmaistar 
in the manner of the master of ceremonies of that designa- 
tion in the old home. At this first Valdrisgjestebjzf Prof. 
John Dahle filled the place of that functionary, and he prov- 
ed such a treasure in this capacity, that he has been called 
to act, as a matter of course at these functions of the Sam- 
band, whenever he has not been absolutely hindered from 
attending. By reason of his versatile originality Professor 
Dahle is without a peer as toastmaster on such occasions, 
and as such he is properly to be regarded as a characteristic 
institution of the Valdris Samband. 

At this first Valdrisgjesteb0 there was singing and in- 
strumental music. But what distinguished it musically was 
the playing upon the violin of the old time popular airs of 
the home valley, especially the dances peculiar to Valdris. 
To the dance tunes a couple or two of old, experienced 
dancers gave an exhibition of the old national "springdans," 
which was greatly appreciated by the company. This play- 



ing by violin of the old tunes and the exhibition of spring- 
dans by such as were especially experienced and skilled in 


this characteristic dance, became regular and essential fea- 
tures of the Valdrisgjestebjzfs of the Samband, quite as much 
looked for as the kjjzfmeistar conduct of the feast. 


Mr. Christopher J. Keen was one of the players this first 
time, and he has since been as generally in demand as 
"speleman" for the Valdris banquets as has Dahle as kj0- 
meistar. Different masters upon the instrument have from 
time to time entertained the Valdrises with the airs and 
tunes of the home bygds, but it is not unfair to say that no 
one has so charmed the audiences with his genuine old-fash- 
ioned home-playing as Heen, unless a co-ordinate standing 
must be assigned to the lamented, gifted Ole I. Platen, who 
for years shared with Heen the virtual position of official 
speleman at stevne after stevne until his death, in 1914. 

It was a matter of much disappointment that Mr. La- 
jord was not present at this stevne. He had in the spring 
gone abroad as conductor of a party of American citizens 
who went to revisit their native bygds in Norway. Thus 
Lajord spent the summer in his native Valdris, and it was 
expected that he would bring greetings from the old home 
to the Valdrisstevne. But owing to delays on his return 
journey, he was prevented from arriving soon enough to be 

The secretary issued and distributed to the members a 
36 page booklet, containing a full report of this stevne, in- 
cluding the complete minutes of the meeting, the reports 
made by the chairman and himself, and the full text of Pro- 
fessor Dahle's oration. 

The American "Commissioner" of det norske Samlag, 
the principal aim of which was to promote the cause of the 
Norwegian "landsmaal," seems to have taken it for granted 
that a society such as the Valdris Samband would naturally 
give active support to his particular propaganda, and sent 
a representative to distribute matter in its furtherance at 
the stevne. Though the man sent was received with such 
courtesy as circumstances permitted, the Commissioner be- 
lieved his representative had been slighted and wrote the 
president an angry letter. Needless to say, the matter was 
disposed of in the best of spirit and amity ; but the Samband 


lias experienced no further attempts at exploiting it or its 
meetings on the part of any particular cause or project. 

In their efforts to secure as many members as possible, 
the president and secretary wrote large numbers of personal 
letters, sent out numbers of circulars both in English and 

Of the Charter Committee 

in Norwegian, including the biographic blank mentioned 
above, and wrote articles for the press. The publicity work 
of the spring and summer for the 1903 stevne was carried on 
by the secretary alone, as the president took advantage of 
an opportunity to spend his vacation that summer abroad, 


and to make a visit of several weeks in Valdris. He visited 
practically every bygd of the district, and secured a large 
number of photographs of scenes such as farms, churches, 
waterfalls, and mountain prospects. The plan to show 
these views in lantern slides at the stevne that year was 
industriously advertised by the secretary in his circulars 
and notices regarding the stevne. 

THE FIFTH VALDRISSTEVNE began with a banquet or 
Valdrisgjesteb0 Saturday evening, September 5th in Dania 
Hall, Minneapolis, Minn. So many people came to this af- 
fair that it was impossible for all to get inside. Probably 
400 people partook of the collation, many of them at a sec- 
ond setting of the tables. And in addition every available 
place in the galleries and hall was occupied. And yet there 
were some who had to go away without having had even a 
chance to look into the hall. Rev. O. L. Kirkeberg offici- 
ated as toastmaster. The banquet was similar to the one 
of the year before, with a program of toasts and music fol- 
lowing the meal. This closed with the stereopticon views 
prepared from the photographs brought home by the presi- 
dent from his visit in Valdris and accompanied by a report 
of his visit to the different bygds of the valley. This novel 
undertaking proved a great success ; for many of the guests 
could identify the scenes that had been familiar to them in 
childhod and youth and some even recognized their birth- 
places as the views were thrown on the screen. The author 
afterward worked the report up into a lecture on Valdris, 
and showed the views in most of the so-called "Valdris set- 
tlements" of the Northwest and to numerous audiences be- 
sides who had no particular previous knowledge of Valdris. 

Besides the chagrin of a large number who were disap- 
pointed because the attendance was too great for the capa- 
city of the hall it seems fair to note an incident of this 
gjesteb0 that could not but affect the officers of the Sam- 
band unpleasantly. The association of Norwegian lan- 
guage papers held a largely attended meeting in Minneapolis 
immediately before the stevne. They sent to the banquet 


committee a representative asking whether they would not 
be given complimentaries to the banquet. He stated that 
it would require about forty tickets to accommodate the 
delegates and their ladies. There were then so many places 
spoken for that so many tickets could not be given, nor 
even any given, without crowding out many who had se- 
cured places. The complimentaries could not be provided, 
and the incident was naturally a distressing one to those 
who must refuse what the members of the meeting had 
had thought proper to expect. 

The open air stevne proper in Como Park the next day 
proved something of a disappointment because of unpropi- 
tious weather. It rained more or less all day and it was 
cool, damp, and disagreeable. But despite the rain, up- 
wards of three hundred were gathered in the large pavilion 
by two o'clock, when the meeting was called. The routine 
business was dispatched, and Rev. O. L. Kirkeberg deliver- 
ed a carefully prepared address, and an informal speech was 
made by Lieut. N. I. Gilbert. Mr. Lajord, who was chair- 
man of the committee on entertainment, had arranged with 
the ladies's society of the church of his affiliation to sell 
refreshments in the pavilion, as had been done at last year's 
stevne. But owing to the inclemency of the weather the 
women did not think there would be much, if anything, of 
a meeting. They did not even send word and of course 
there were no refreshments to be obtained, and there was 
consequent hardship for the people in attendance. Mr. La- 
jord felt so certain that no one would come out to the park, 
that even he did not go, but entertained a number of disap- 
pointed Valdrises at his home in the city instead. 


After the 1903 stevne the president and secretary con- 
sidered the advisability of issuing a periodical of some kind 
for the Samband, which might contain such matters as, in 
accord with articles 8 and 9 of the constitution, should be 
distributed to members, and any special matter that it 



would be desirable to publish from time to time, besides 
serving as an "organ" of the Samband. The plan, sub- 
mitted to the members of the Styre who promptly approved 
it, contemplated the publication of a small quarterly. The 
first issue, dated December, 1903, was mailed to the mem- 
bers on the 30th of that month. It consisted of 32 pages 
and cover 5Va by 4 inches, 31 lines of 3 inches length to the 


page, and was about as unpretentious a periodical as could 
well be designed. The subscription price was 25 cents a 
year; but it was to go to the members in consideration of 
the annual dues of that amount. 

This first issue contained the minutes of the stevne in 
September, the reports of the officers, the addresses deliv- 
red at the meeting, and a few pages of other matter. The 


little quarterly was received with delight by the members 
and with goodwill by many outside. And it proved a good 
medium of communication between the Board and members, 
and served to promote the aims of the society quite as 
well as had been hoped for it. With the beginning of its 
third year it was enlarged to 48 pages the issue, and the 
price increased to 50 cents, the membership dues being at 
the same time raised to an equal sum. Later the page was 
lengthnecl by inserting leads between lines and the make- 
up improved in appearance. It came out regularly every 
quarter under the editorship of the president and secre- 
tary, until it was in 1910 expanded into a monthly under 
the name Samband. The thirty numbers of the Helsing 
embrace 1280 pages of matter, which is mostly of perman- 
ent historical value and of course constitutes the main 
source of the history of the Valdrisstevne movement dur- 
ing its first eleven years. 

When at length other bygde-people took up the move- 
ment successfully and the Telemarkings and the Hallings, 
in emulation of the Valdrises, in 1907 organized societies, 
they emulated them also in beginning publications of similar 
character, design, and even size, the Halling-Minne start- 
ing in 1908 and Telesoga in 1909. 

The steady growth of a loyal membership of the Val- 
dris Samband and the maintenance and increase of interest 
in its activity is no doubt largely owing to the little quarter- 
ly Helsing, which word means "greeting". For, the stevne 
movement was confined to the Valdrises for a good many 
years; and in that time it neither received nor was sus- 
tained by any such impetus as either co-operation might 
have -nourished or rivalry might have inspired, had there 
been any similar activity among other bygde-groups. 

The meetings of the-Valdris Samband brought out gath- 
erings that outnumbered the formal membership many 
times over. Very many of these were Valdrises who never 
actually affiliated themselves with the society but never- 
theless both by word and deed joined in the movement, and 


who derived as much enjoyment from it as the members. 
But perhaps outnumbering all the Valdrises taking part, 
were others of Norwegian origin who came to the Valdris 
meetings, because these were the only gatherings held 
which were primarily reminiscent of the land of their nativ- 
ity or ancestry. All such were of course most cordially wel- 
comed and every effort was made to have them feel at home 
with the Valdrises. The Styre in its call of the meetings 
regularly included an invitation to "all friends of the Val- 
drises" to share in their reunions. 


The Ninth article of the constitution expresses the pur- 
pose of the Samband to encourage the organization of local 
societies, "Samlags," with aims similar to those of the Sam- 
band. Such an organization was effected in St. Paul, Minn., 
Dec. 8, 1903 and took the name, St. Paul Valdris Samlag. 
Its first meeting was an undoubted success. There were 
fourteen charter members, and the officers elected were 
Chr. Brandt, President; J. J. Lomen, Vice-president; Tor- 
geir Hoverstad, Secretary. But the society seems never 
to have been called together after its organization. 

Through the efforts of Professor John Dahle, during a 
visit at Grafton N. Dak., a Grafton Valdris Samlag was or- 
ganized at a local reunion of Valdrises on Dec. 29, 1903, 
with 30 charter members. G. N. Gulliksen (Rovang) was 
elected president. How many meetings the Grafton chapter 
held and how long it maintained its activity is not known 
to the writer. 

The Valdrises of Millet, Alberta, Canada, and vicinity have 
had several reunions, the first being that of 1908. Mr. T. K. 
Jevne seems to have been the leading spirit in that local move- 

The most vigorous of the local organizations has doubt- 
less been that at Manfred, N. Dak. where the Valdrises of 
that town and vicinity and the nearest towns like Fessen- 
den and Harvey, have been meeting regularly for a dozen 


years at Manfred. Mr. Thorstein Roble has been a leading 
worker and has served as president and chairman of the 
managing committees. 

The large Valdris community of Pope County, Minne- 
sota, organized a Pope County Valdrislag in September, 
1914. In such a large Valdris community, where they boast 


that there are more Valdrises "than in any other county," 
the meetings have been large and successful. 

There is probably no place more properly called a cen- 
ter for Valdrises than the large Twin Cities of Minnesota. 
It was there that the stevne-movement had its inception 
and all the general Valdris reunions but one, have met 



there. But the career, or rather lack of career, of the St. 
Paul Valdris Samlag, is typical of the outcome of efforts to 
keep any permanent organization going in either city or in 
both together, unless the lately organized Valders Samlag 
of Minneapolis and St. Paul should prove enduring. The 
Valdrises there have had successful picnics and meetings 
from time to time, but all attempts at organizing, or keep- 
ing an organization up when one has been attempted, have 
proved unavailing. This may be due to a total absence 


of anything like clan feeling among Valdrises, which the 
writer in his long and extensive intercourse with his bygde- 
kinsfolk has never found to exist as a matter of fact out- 
side of good-natured banter and the pleasantries attending 
the reunions. Then, too, old-country friends and neighbors 
residing in the cities are not so far separated but that they 
can meet often enough, and in the ordinary comings and 
goings they do meet often enough, to satisfy the prompt- 
ings of the old fellowship. And the General Valdrisstevner, 


it must be remembered, have served to bring these local 
bygde-people together not among themselves merely but 
in the larger annual reuniting of the whole bygde-contin- 
gent of the country in these meets. In these considerations 
may lie the true reason for indifferent success of the local 
Samlag (or Chapter) idea which the founders of the Val- 
dris Samband hoped would support and strengthen the 
general movement. 


The first stevne was a simple affair of an afternoon, so 
was the second and the third. But the fourth was expand- 
ed so as to include the evening, by the introduction of the 
gjestebjzf. And again the fifth marked a further develop- 
ment by taking the preceding Saturday evening for the 
banquet. This was but a necessary step ; for Sunday was 
not a day suited to the preparation of a banquet The ex- 
pansion into the two days facilitated further extensions. 
The Saturday afternoon came to be utilized for the real 
beginning of the informal meeting or visiting, in the ante- 
rooms and lobbies of the banqueting hall, and as might be 
expected, this Saturday visiting after some meetings came 
to begin in the forenoon. So, too, the Sunday part of the af- 
fairs, originally beginning along about the middle of the after ~ 
ternon, gradually came to include much of the forenoon ; 
for such visitors as arrived on Sunday trains for participa- 
tion in the meeting, would come directly from the trains 
to the park, and by nine or ten on fine days, there would al- 
ready be on the ground a goodly number of greeting, visit- 
ing strangers. And the different parts of the expanded 
affairs became more fully distinct and organized functions. 

After having found Dania Hall too small for the gjes- 
teb0 the next banquet was conducted by a St. Paul commit- 
tee in Mozart Hall, in 1904. But the following year Nor- 
manna Hall, 3rd St. and 12th Ave., Minneapolis, with its 
greater space, was used. And here were served the ban- 
quets each year until the hall was partly destroyed by fire 


in 1909. That year the committee on entertainment found 
accommodations in the large hall of the Ark Lodge, on 
First Ave. and Thirty-first St. There the Valdrisgjestebjzf 
was set year after year until 1915, the last of the reunions 
in Minneapolis. Originally the short business session was 
held immediately on calling the meeting to order in the af- 
ternoon in the park, and the speaking and other formal por- 
tion of the program would follow But after the Ark Audi- 


torium became the meeting place the business session was 
held there, in the basement, on the afternoon preceding ^he 
banquet. And the further change was made of having the 
oration given as part of the after-dinner program in the 
evening. And the park meeting on Sunday became more of 
a day of an informal outing with more time for the visiting 
and picnicking, though addresses were usually given at 
some time in the afternoon. 

After the banquets came to be given regularly in Minne- 


apolis the same committee on entertainment has had charge 
from year to year, and by continued working together and 
in consequence of the experience gained, this committee 
came to work like the smoothest moving clockwork. The 
banquets set in the fine auditorium of the Ark Lodge were 
perfect in the arrangement and conduct. It is no vain 
boast to assert that no functions of their kind ever ex- 
celled the Valdrisgjesteb^er managed by this committee. 
Mr. M. A. Weblen who served as chairman, with A. M. 
Sundheim, O. A. Hain, Ole Rood, were the original mem- 
bers and were joined later by others. But doubtless the 
major part of the credit for the signal success, is owing to 
the wives of these men ; for it was they that put all the re- 
finements into concrete form. 

THE SECRETARIES: Reference to the "Chronicles" will 
show that Dr. J. S. Johnson gave up the place of secre- 
tary to Mr. Sundheim in 1906, held it again afterward a 
year, but retired finally in 1910, since which time Mr. Sund- 
heim has served continuously. The credit due Dr. John- 
son for his untiring and efficient work during the forma- 
tive period of the Samband can hardly be overestimated 
or overstated. The repeated reelection of Mr. Sundheim 
to the office is the Samband's concrete testimonial to his 
business-like, faithful service. 

THE HISTORY COMMITTEE: At the business session 
of the ninth stevne, 1907, Lieut. N. I. Gilbert proposed 
that a committee be named to co-operate with the Styre hi 
the matter of gathering historical and biographic data of 
the Valdrises in America, and suggested that it be com- 
posed of one representative of each of the six parishes of 
Valdris. The plan was adopted by the meeting, and the 
committee as finally constituted included, 

Nils I. Gilbert, from East Slidre, chairman. 

C. J. Heen, from Vang. 

Ole T. Hamre, from West Slidre. 

Simon Lee, from Etnedalen. 



Sam Thompson, from North Aurdal. 
Andrew Anderson, from South AurdaJ. 

This committee sent out a large number of the bio- 

Chairman, History Committee 

graphic blanks of the Samband and wrote a large number 
of letters. Though a number of the blanks were filled out 
and returned, and form a considerable part of the biographic 


material in the archives, the experience of this committee, 
as well as of the president and others who have busied 
themselves in collecting data of our members, indicates that 
very little of any value can be secured except by personally 
questioning those from whom the information is sought. 
After a brave effort on the part of the chairman and mem- 
bers of his committee they ceased their activity, having ac- 
complished all that seemed possible without the command 
of funds which the Samband lacked and could not supply. 

PARISH TAGS. It was often difficult for old friends 
to find one another in the throng at a stevne. The changes 
wrought by decades of separation might entirely conceal 
the identity of the friend looked for, even if he was known 
to be present. And there were cases of former neighbors, 
and kinsmen, having been present at the same stevne, and 
finding out to their chagrin afterward that they had failed 
to meet because neither had recognized the other. In- 
stances of such difficulties having come to the notice of 
Mr. Ole Jorgens, he appealed to the committee to devise 
some way of overcoming the trouble. The plan worked 
out by the Styre consisted of providing cardboard tags, of 
a different color for each parish, to be worn by those attend- 
ing, with the wearer's name and address written on his tag. 
These parish tags were cut two and a half inches square. 
A hole was punched near one corner in such a way that 
the badge could be suspended from an ordinary pin through 
the hole, and the name was written along the horizontal 
diagonal. The tag for Vang parish might be white and 
have the name VANG printed in bold type in the upper 
part. That for West Slidre might be blue with the parish 
name upon it, etc. The device proved a genuine success, 
and has been in use ever since its introduction at the 1908 


The writer had been kept continuously in the office of 
president of the Samband since its organization by reelec- 
tion from year to year. The work connected with the office 


had a tendency to increase, and in particular, editing and 
looking after the publication of the Helsing, took a good 
deal of his time which he could ill spare from his personal 
affairs without neglecting them. He therefore had let his 
colleagues of the Styre know that he would decline a reelec- 
tion if offered, at the 1909 stevne. Members of the Styre 
and a few others, who took special interest in the affairs 
of the Samband, then met in St. Paul on the day before 
the date of the stevne and deliberated on some action. They 
decided to head a movement to raise money to pay the 
president a salary, for the ensuing year if he would continue 
to serve, as president and editor. And starting a subscrip- 
tion for this purpose, they secured during the stevne and 
later by mail, a sum to which the Samband added some 
funds in its treasury, to make up compensation to him for 
the time to be spent in continuing to serve for the year 
1909-10. Under the circumstances he could hardly do 
otherwise than accept this practical approval of his past 
work, although he was well aware that by so doing he 
virtually obligated himself to continue to serve as long as 
he might be able to fulfill future mandates of the society. 



To the 1910 stevne the .president submitted a report on 
the- society's publication, Valdris Helsing. This had then 
continued to appear regularly every quarter for seven years. 
And it did not seem likely that the list of subscribers, i. e. 
members, could be much further increased among the limit- 
ed number of people to whom it specially appealed ; but 
rather that in this restricted field there was small hope, 
that beyond barely paying the cost of publication, there 
would be left any balance to pay any one for time spent on 
getting it out. Mention was made of a suggestion that had 
been offered both by members and by outsiders, that an or- 
gan for the whole bygdelag movement might count on so 
much larger circulation as to insure its financial success. 
A short discussion terminated in a vote authorizing the ex- 


pansion of the quarterly, Helsing, into a monthly, at an in- 
creased subscription price, and offering the use of the pub- 
lication to the sister organizations, the bygdelags, as an or- 
gan for the whole movement. At the same time it was de- 
cided that the name should be changed to SAMBAND. 
In order to furnish the needed financial support of Sam- 

Secretary Samband Publ. Ass'n. 

band until the hoped for increased circulation might render 
it self-supporting, a number of members subscribed money, 
in varying amounts, toward a Salary Fund (for the com- 
pensation of the editor). To simplify the conduct of the 
publication these men formed the Samband Publishing As- 
sociation, with the president of the Valdris Samband as 
president and editor and O. A. Hain secretary and treas- 


urer. Harold Thorson and Bendix Holdahl contributed a 
good half of the fund. The remainder was made up by Ed- 
ward Nelson, O. A Veblen, Ole Rood, M. A. Weblen, T. A. 
Hoverstad, Dr. Nils Remmen, H. A. Bjorgo, O. S. Hedahl, 
Dr. J. S. Johnson, M. A. Lukken, and T. O. Roble. 

The first issue of Samband was that of November, 1910. 
Being a continuation of Valdris Helsing, of which thirty 
numbers had been published, this issue of Samband was 
given the number 31. Beginning with a thousand on its 
list in 1910, the magazine gained steadily until at the out- 
break of the World War, in 1914, it was mailed to 1450 ad- 
dresses. From this time forward it held its own, but slight- 
ly declined in number of subscribers after our country en- 
tered the war. Owing to the constantly increasing cost of 
publication and the increasing difficulty of retaining old 
subscribers and the greater difficulty of replacing with new 
ones those that ceased from various causes, the publish- 
ing of Samband became more and more a matter of sacrifice 
on the part of the manager and editor, until in November, 
1917, when seven volumes had been completed, he found 
himself compelled to suspend the publication. 

It is true that no little amount of money was spent in 
support of the Helsing and Samband, and a great deal of 
time and effort were sacrificed by the editor, and by the 
many contributors who wrote all that these periodicals 
contained without getting any compensation. And yet, to 
have published them must be considered an achievment of 
the Valdris Samband that it has been well worth while to 
carry through, and which will ever stand as a fine monu- 
ment to its activity. The seven years of the Helsing left 
1280 pages. The seven volumes of Samband contain '4538 
pages altogether. A very small portion of all this has been 
selected from other sources, but almost the entire total of 
5838 pages is original matter, produced especially for these 
publications. Nearly one half, 2700 pages, is American 
pioneer history that has been most carefully gathered, com- 
piled, and written. As for the other half, there is indeed 


very little of it which is not of lasting value and which will 
not be worth searching by students in time to come. If 
the Valdris Samband had nothing else than the files of 
these two publications to show for all its efforts, this would 
of itself fully justify the bygdelag activity of the Valdrises in 
the twenty one years since their first stevne. 


The Samband continued to enjoy successful activity 
through the years till the centenary of Norway's constitu- 
tion was celebrated under the auspices of the bygdelags in 
1914. The banquets were models of functions of that kind, 
and the open air meetings in Como Park continued to claim 
the interest with which they had always been regarded. 
Through its representative in the annual councils of the 
bygdelags the Samband played a helpful and honorable 
part. When the time of the celebration was approaching 
and the festival committee was seeking funds for its enter- 
prise, the Samband was one of the sixteen lags that con- 
tributed cash guarantees as part of the expense fund of the 
committee, and through some of its generous members 
furnished a sum of $728. which was several times the 
amount paid in by other lags, except the Telelag, which in 
a similar manner advanced a much larger sum. During 
the two or three months just before the festival, the Val- 
drises resident in the Twin Cities held several large meet- 
ings by means of which much aid and encouragement were 
afforded the general 17th of May committee And to the 
appeal of this committee for general participation in the 
loan exhibition of the celebration, the Samband member- 
ship, as the writer had the best possible means of knowing, 
made a more extensive display than any other single lag, 
and in the collection' of photographs of homes, farms, per- 
sons, etc., the Samband far outnumbered the other lags. 
This loyal support given the general committee on this 
occasion by his fellow lagsmen was of course very gratify- 
ing to its chairman. 


The Samband meeting on May 16, 1914, which took 
place simultaneously with the meetings of all the lags that 
time, was held in the west half of the Dairy Building on 
the State Fair ground. That year the most of the leading 
men of the Hallinglag were in Norway participating in the 
festivities there, and the president of the Hallings entrusted 

THE STYRE, 1914 
Ole Rood. M. A. Weblen. O. A. Main 
A. M. Sundheim. A. A. Veblen. A. H. Gjevre 

the Styre of the Samband with the matter of securing a 
meeting place for his lag. This the Valdrises did in most 
brotherly fashion, by obtaining for it the other half of the 
Dairy Building, an exact duplicate of their own quarters. 
And they provided flags for display on the Hailing side of 
the building just as for their own, and provided a legend 


or sign over their entrance which was an exact counter- 
part of that over their own door. This little incident is re- 
corded here because it is typical of the hospitable practice 
of the Samband in all its relations with its younger sisters 
of the bygdelag family. 


In addition to transacting the usual routine business 
of the annual stevne, this meeting of May 16, 1914, deliber- 
ated upon the question whether the Samband should, as a 
number of the lags had done or were doing, raise a fund to 
be presented to the old home bygds as a memorial gift 
from Valdrises in America. The decision of the meeting 
was to the effect that such a gift fund should be solicit- 
ed, and the president was directed to name one member 
from each of the six parishes, or Herreder, of Valdris, to 
constitute the committee in charge of the work, himself to 
be chairman of the committee as a seventh member. An 
extra or special stevne was held the following September, 
and at that meeting rules for the memorial gift, or "Val- 
drisgave" were adopted and the organization of the com- 
mittee was completed. 

Its membership and the regulations adopted are here 

From North Aurdal, A. M. Sundheim, Treasurer; from 
West Slidre, I. O. Hovey, Secretary ; from S. Aurdal, L. C. 
Goplerud; from Etnedalen, Johannes Anderson; from East 
Slidre, 'T. O. Roble; from Vang, C. J. Heen; Member at 
large and chairman, A. A. Veblen. 

The regulations provide: l.That the collection is to be 
so conducted that the contributions to each parish in Val- 
dris shall be kept separate, each donor deciding to which 
parish his contribution is to be credited. 

2. That each contributor state to what object he wishes 
his gift applied. 

3. That the amounts collected are to be transmitted to 
the different parishes (or herreder), to constitute a per- 


manent fund. The Herredstyre shall administer the funds 
and apply the income therefrom in their discretion, but 
shall duly consider the expressed wish of the donors. 

The war in Europe after a while began to affect the 
times here in such a way as to make the raising of the 
Valdrisgave fund more and more difficult, and after our 
county's entry into the struggle the soliciting of con- 
tributions ceased. With the sum of about five thousand 
dollars which had been collected, the committee bought 
Liberty bonds, which were held by the committee until the 
fall of 1919, when the fund was placed on deposit in a 
bank in Christiania, to await the mandate of the stevne in 
1920 as to the final action in the matter. Of course it is 
understood that during the war, conditions were such as to 
preclude final disposal of the gift according to the plans as 
first conceived. 

THE GLENWOOD STEVNE. Up to the year 1916 the 
Valdris reunions had all' been held in the Twin Cities. 
The other bygdelags have pursued a policy of holding their 
meetings in different places of the Northwest, accepting in- 
vitations from centers where their people could afford good 
local assistance in the preparations and help to entertain 
the large numbers attending. Having in 1916 received a 
very cordial invitation from the strong local Samlag, the 
Pope County Valdrislag, to hold the annual meeting at 
Glenwood, Minn, the Styre decided to depart from the long 
established practice of convening the stevne at the Twin 
Cities, and accepted the Glenwood invitation. Many bygde- 
lag meetings had been held at Glenwood and the facilities 
for taking care of such affairs were known to be good. But 
the meeting of the Samband there on June 22 and 23 seem- 
ed to tax the capacity of the place to the limit. In order to 
be sure of sufficiently abundant appointments for the Val- 
drisgjesteb0, the committee bought a supply of dishes and 
tableware to supplement what could be obtained at home, 
and the preparations were all on a scale hardly equalled 
previously. Of course the meeting was taken care of very 


well, but the event proved that the extra efforts made were 
fully needed. 

For the Gjesteb^ in the pavilion by the lake, Minnewaska, 
plates had been laid for considerably more than six hundred 
guests. All places were rilled, and some had to wait for a 
second setting. Professor Dahle officiated in his usual ca- 
pacity of toastmaster, and the affair was in all respects up 
to the traditional standard set by the long line of Valdris 
banquets. The two day stevne was very successful, which 
was of course in large measure owing to the participation 
of hundreds of Valdrises residing in the tributary district 
in the vicinity. But it is no disparagement of Glenwood 
hospitality to say that for affairs of such magnitude as a 
national Valdrisstevne usually proves to be, such a popu- 
lous center as Minneapolis is better equipped to act as host. 


At a meeting of the Executive Board in 1917 it was de- 
cided to omit the usual annual stevne for the year because 
of the country's participation in the World War. The use 
of the funds of the Valdrisgave in buying Liberty bonds 
has been mentioned, and the Valdrises, generally, were ab- 
sorbed in such patriotic endeavor as good citizens joined 
in furthering. So, as the critical times only deepened in 
seriousness, the Styre early in 1918 announced that the 
stevne for that year also would be omitted, and all Sam- 
band activity was held in abeyance, awaiting the return of 
peace. The president of the Samband had in 1917 removed 
his residence to a distant part of the country, and it is a 
source of regret to him that his participation with the Styre, 
in the management of Samband matters, has necessarily 
been limited to the cumbersome method of correspondence 
at a great distance away and has been less helpful than he 
wished it might be. 

For the year 1919 the Styre did not come to an agree- 
ment regarding convening a meeting of the Samband ; but 
the local Samlag of Valdrises of the twin cities, arranged 


a stevne in Minneapolis in September, which to some ex- 
tent assumed the nature of a general stevne and was at- 
tended by many of those who usually come to the regular 
Samband meetings. 

The president, with evidently full approval of the mem- 
bership of the Samband, has been making efforts toward 
compiling a list of the young people of Valdris lineage 
who entered the country's service in the war. The result of 
his work in this regard is embodied in the list of Valdris 
service people forming one of the chapters of this book. A 
large number of members and other Valdrises have very 
kindly assisted in this movement which aims to do some 
little honor to the men and women that answered the call 
of duty. 

While some of the lags have been carrying on their ac- 
tivities during the war, doing "business as usual," and hold- 
ing meetings annually, a majority of the lags have sus- 
pended their activity, at least omitting their meetings 
while the country was at war. The Executive Board of 
the Valdris Samband have from patriotic considerations 
decided that it was right to suspend the ordinary activity 
of the society until peace should be established. In this 
they have been loyally upheld by the membership in gen- 
eral. No utterance of disapproval of their course has been 

It is hoped that the Stevne called to meet in Minne- 
apolis on June 18th, 1920, will mark the resumption of an 
activity of no less usefulness and no smaller honor than has 
distinguished the kinship movement of the Valdrises since 
their first stevne twenty -one years ago. 



THE LIST OF MEMBERS is intended to include all who 
have identified themselves with the Valdris Samband. 
After the first year of the organization, that is since the 
publication of the Helsing began, the process of becom- 
ing a member included becoming a subscriber to the paper. 
The act of subscribing was what brought one into touch 
with the Samband, and at the same time it made him a 
member if he was eligible, which he was of course if of 
Valdris nativity or descent or married to a Valdris. It 
happened in rare instances that a super-conscientious Val- 
dris would not wish to assume the responsibilities of mem- 
bership, while he would like to receive the Helsing. In 
such cases the name would go on the list of "subscribers," 
which contained the names of such as were ineligible (or 
unwilling) to be members but wished to read and support 
the paper. But it grew to be the practice and rule that a 
Valdris who paid for the Helsing expected to be regarded 
a member and such a one was invariably so enrolled. When 
the expansion of the Helsing into Samband took place, the 
same rule and practice continued to prevail. The number 
of non-Valdris subscribers after that time became much 
larger, of course ; but the standing of those eligible to member- 
ship was not placed on a different basis by the change in the 
name and aims of the organ of the society. 

It is a provision of th& laws of the Samband that 
members should be asked to file a personal and family rec- 
ord, and for approximately one third of the members such 
records have been furnished upon the blank 'provided for 
that purpose. From the remaining two thirds no records 
have been obtained, except in so far as their eligibility has 


in some manner been ascertained. Among all those that 
subscribed were many of whom nothing was known as to 
their eligibility to membership ; such are of course not 
counted in the following list. If it includes any but such 
as of right belong there, because of their Valdris connection 
the errors are due to misinformation and are believed to be 
very few. 

The compiler of the list has reason to fear that not a 
few may be disappointed because their names do not appear 
upon it. He refers here to a number of persons who often, 
even regularly, came to the meetings, participated in the 
banquets and the other functions of the reunions, but never 
paid any dues nor even subscribed to the paper. It often 
came to his knowledge that these men were enthusiastic 
Valdrises, who spoke approvingly of "our" lag, "our" 
gjesteb^, and "our paper" (though not even being sub- 
scribers). It is not improbable that some, at least, con- 
sidered themselves virtually, if not in fact, as being mem- 
bers, and looked on such a formality as entering one's name 
"on a list" or subscribing to a paper, as a really unessen- 
tial detail. To them the great, outstanding fact was that 
they were Valdrises and approved of the Samband and 
spent of their time and money to come to the reunions. If 
it were not for the really serious element in this situation, 
this matter would not be mentioned here; but it is a fact 
that in the whole bygdelag movement, the same loose and 
informal relations of bygde-people to the lags has played a 
much larger part than the uninitiated will readily believe. 
Not Valdrises alone, but those from other districts have 
the same tendency to regard their connection with a lag a 
matter of fraternal sentiment and taken-for-granted loyalty, 
that needs not the seal of formality to attest it. 

An incident that goes to show how the financial support 
of such an organization as a bygdelag is looked on as a 
trivial detail, received a good deal of airing in the press a 
few years since. The secretary of one of the lags, believ- 
ing that while doing the work of his office at the sacrifice 


of much valuable time he should be reimbursed for at least 
some of the money outlays that he had met, took steps to 
collect fees and subscriptions long past due. For this a 
storm of censure rained down upon his devoted head. The 
attempt to "collect a few paltry dollars for his bygde-so- 
ciety" was characterized as a "blow in the face of every one 
in this whole country" from that bygde-district. It is seen 
that it was thought an offense against such as had failed 
to meet the obligations of membership as well as an affront 
to all those that were qualified to be members but were do- 
ing nothing further than just feeling interested. 

The biographic blank upon which members have been 
asked to record their family data, contains 28 questions to 
be answered. A number of these blanks, now in the ar- 
chives, have been fully and minutely filled out; others only 
partly so, and some very indifferently. Summaries made 
out from the information thus available accompany the 
names in the membership list. The data thus summarized 
are such as the time of immigration, name of husband or 
wife, and the names of parents and grandparents, and where 
they came from and the name of the farm or gaard. Where 
such a summary does not accompany a name the reason is 
that the information is not a matter of record in the Sam- 
band archives. Such other details included in the 28 ques- 
tions as the dates of birth and marriage, names of the chil- 
dren, brothers and sisters, church affiliation, and some oth- 
er facts that are told in the filled out blanks, which are in 
the archives, did not seem such matters of public concern as 
to require their publication in this connection. But the 
data included in the summaries are such as should help in iden- 
tifying or establishing the family connection of the mem- 
ber, which the compiler of the list regarded as the chief ob- 
ject to be furthered. 

Mainly through the activity of the History Committee 
of 1907, '08, and '09 some ninety "biographies" of others 
than members were collected. These have been summar- 
ized in the same manner, but an asterisk (*) has been plac- 


ed before each name to distinguish it from those of the 


THE CONTRACTIONS employed for the saving of space 
are such as to be easily understood. The dates imme- 
diately following the address givef the duration of mem- 
bership, as 04-09 means 1904 to 1909. Am 78, came to 
America 1878. Fa, Mo, Par, S o, D o, Md, Bro, mean fath- 
er, mother, parents, son of, daughter of, married, brother. 
An asterisk (*) after a name, means refer to that name. 
And. as explained, an asterisk (*) before a name means, not 
a member. (?) indicates doubt about the information in 
regard the person named. Such abbreviations as E. Slidre, 
for East Slidre, etc., will be understood without any spe- 
cial explanation. Addresses are those latest given or ascer- 

Anders Aaberg Canton S D 1908-12. 

*Anders A Aaberg (Revlingseie) Am 76. Md Ragnild 
Bjorgoeie. Fa Anders G Landmark. Mo Olea 0ste- 

Prof Arne O Aaberg Glenwood Minn 04-09. Fa Ole An- 
derson Aaberg* Mo Guri Knudsd Dokken. Ed Univ of 
Minn. Principal Glenwood Academy Died March 8, 

Engebret E Aaberg Lakeview Wash 02 Am 78. Md 
Anne T Roto. Fa Engebret s b Ole Olsen & Kari Rus- 
ten. Mo Astri d o Tidemand T & Anne Nilsebraaten. 
Ed Augsburg Sem & Willmar. 
H K Aaberg Stanton Nebr 04 

*Knud K Aaberg Starbuck Minn Am 86. Md Joren Thar- 
aldson. Fa Knud S Astribraaten s o Syver & Sigri Bren- 
den. Mo Ingri d o Amund & Anne Brattebraaten. 
*Knud S Aaberg Manitowoc Wis Am 48. Md. Marit 
Throndsd Dokken, R0n, dd Jan 6, '10. Fa Syver Jensen 
Halden s o Jens Aslaksen & Sonneva Knudsd. Mo Marit 
d o Arne Throndsen & Randi Thidemandsd Dokken. 


Olaf Aaberg St Hilaire Minn 12-17 

Ole Aaberg Webster S D 16-17 

Ole A Aaberg Roy Wash 06-13 Md Guri d o Knud Ander- 
sen and Randi Tidemandsd Dokken. S o Arne Store- 
braaten and Anne Aaberg. 

Mrs Ole Aaskjer Toronto S D 04-11 

Rev I T Aastad Thief River Falls Minn 07-15 

Knut K Aastad Granite Falls Minn 03 Am 68. Md Louisa 
Groven. Fa Knut K Rjzfe Vang. Mo Marit Gulbrandsd 
N0rre 0ie 

O A Abrahamson Bloomer Wis 13-15 

Arne J Akervold Minneapolis 02 Am 89 Md Anne Eriksd. 
Fa Jul s o Helge Monsen Akervold and Berit Syversd 
Nes. Mo Ingri d o Syver Knudsen Nes and Kari Nilsd 

Helge J Akervold Minneapolis 02 Am 80 Md Kari Nilsd 
Nordstrand. Bro A J Akervold. 

Arne Albertson Kensett la 04-15 Am 52. Md Sigri Nilsd 
Berget. Fa Anders Olsen Ingemoen s o Ole A & Anne 
G Stensrud. 

Mrs Fr Aim Seattle Wash 12-16. 

A Amundson Starbuck Minn 06-11. 

A Amundson Manvel N D 13 

Ole Amundson Noonan N D 14-15. 

*Sven Amundson (Fossen Braateneie) Clontarf Minn Am 
85. Md Ingeborg Haugen. Fa Amund s o Sven & Kari 
Pladsen Maanumseie. Mo Ingeborg d o J0rn & Anne 

Albert Anderson Roy Wash 06-16. 

Andrew Anderson Juneberry Minn 14 

Andrew Anderson (Skinningsrud) Black Earth Wis 08-17 
Am 57. Md Kari Bakke. Fa Anders s o Anders Olsen 
Aasli & Thora Mikkelsd Sukke. Mo Gjertrud d o Paul 
0stensen Landsendhaugen & Olaug Christensd Skin- 

A B Anderson Brandt S D 04 

Anders J Anderson Cottonwood Minn 05 


Arne O Anderson Glencoe Minn 13-16. 

A W Anderson Whitehall Wis 02 Am 54. Died '02. Md 
Julia Peterson (Guri Huset). Fa Gulbrand s o Anders 
& Gunhild Ruud, S Aurdal. Mo Ingeborg d o Bjorn 
Fladjzfdegaarden & Guri B0e. 

Carl Anderson Everett Wash 11-13 (?) 

Christ Anderson (Skinningsrud) Klevenville Wis 09 

C Anderson Canby Minn 12-14. 

Edgar Anderson frary N D 12 S o Erick Anderson 
(Rudi) & Larina Nilsd Katterud. 

Engvald Anderson St Paul Minn 02-09. 

Erick E Anderson Roy Wash 04-15. 

G A Anderson Montevideo Minn 09-11. 

Mrs Geo Anderson Everett Wash 10-16 Am 69. fr Skraut- 

Gilbert Anderson Juneberry Minn 04-16 Am 81. Md Siri 
Iverson, (Gulbrand). Fa Anders Ten^en s o Ole Grav- 
braaten, & Marit, Nes Aadalen Mo Ragnild d o Gul- 
brand & Guri Skytterud Dead. 

G J Anderson Algoma Wis 05 Am 67. Md Dordei Nilsd 
Braaten, dd. (Gulbrand Andersen J^rstad, Volbu). Fa 
Anders s o Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Onstad & Marit Olsd 
Nordre Skattebu. Mo Marit d o Jens Syverson J^rstad 
& Ingeborg Olsd. 

Gudmund Anderson (Gryte) Hills Minn 02 Civ War Vet. 

Gulbrand Anderson Brandt S D 10-11. 

H O Anderson Northwood la 11 

Henry S Anderson Park River N D CM Am 50. (Andreas 
Syverson Skavelhuset). Fa Syver Andersen Skavelhuset. 
Mo Marit d o Andreas Andersen & Anna Julsd Nordaker. 
Md 1, Marit K Lyseng 2 Julia Gilbertson. 

Iver Anderson Englund Minn 04-05. Fa Gulbrand Ander- 
son Ten0en s o Anders Olsen & Ragnild Gulbrandsd. 
Mo Siri d o Iver Olsen & Olaug Baardsd. (See Gilbert 

Johannes Anderson (Stamperstuen) Cottonwood Minn 04 

Johannes Anderson Fergus Falls Minn 09-10 Dead. 


K K Anderson Tacoma Wash 06 

Knud Anderson Grand Forks N D 13-14. 

Knut Anderson (Johmen) Kathryn N D 03 

Lewis A Anderson Madison Wis 08 Fa Chr Anderson 
(Skinningsrud). Ed U of Wis. Ins Actuary. 

*Ole Anderson Maynard Minn Am 35. Md Gudve Amundsd 
Byst01. Fa Anders s o Knut Halvorsen S Oio, Vang & 
Marit. Mo Martha d o Ole Christoffersen Berge & 
Dorthe Ostensd Klokkerhaugen, Vang. 

Ole Andreas Anderson Decorah la 04-10 Am 50. Md Mary 
Hanson. S o Lensm Johannes Anderson & Anne Brandt 
Lieut Civ War Died Jan 29 1910. 

Ole P Anderson Fessenden N D 11-15. 

Otto Anderson Manfred N D 10-16. 

Paul Anderson (Skinningsrud) Dows la 02-06. 

Peter M Anderson Washington D C 11 Fa Chr Ander- 
son (Skinningsrud). Mo Marit Lien. Lt Col Eng Corps, 
World War. 

Mrs R J Anderson, St Paul Minn 05-06. 

Mrs Sarah Anderson Juneberry Minn 16 (Siri Iverson, 
wid of Gilbert Anderson). 

Sever Anderson (Anmarkrud) Eleva Wis 03 

Sven Anderson Farmington Minn 04-10 (fr Hadeland). 

Thosten Anderson (Thorstad) Amherst Wis 03. Md Em- 
ma Kval. S o Anders Knutsen Torstad & Randi Tronsd 

Mrs P Aiming Elmore Minn 09-14. 

A E Arneson Mt Horeb Wis 02-16 Am 50. Md Mary An- 
derson. (Anders Arnesen Ruste S Aurdal). S o Arne El- 
lensen Bruflat & Siri Andersd Klifgaard. Civ war Vet. 
Bro Allen Arneson. 

Allen Arneson Mt Horeb Wis 08-16 Am 50. Md Ingeborg 
E A Slimso (Erland Arnesen Ruste). Fa Arne s o Er- 
land Arnesen Bruflat & Marit. Mo Siri d o Anders Klev- 
gaard & Anne. Civ war vet. 

Andrew Arneson Pinecreek Minn 04-11 Am 88. (Etnedal- 


Arne Arneson Sawyer Wis 03 Am 67. Md Anna Olsd 
Viste. Fa Arne Knudsen Rudlangseie, Ulnes. Mo Marit 
Olsd Sundem. 

*Knut Aslagson (Rugbraaten) Starbuck Minn Am 68. Md 
Betsey Torgerson. Fa Aslag s o Haldor & Dorte Ny- 
braaten. Mo Ingri d o Haldor & J0ren Klaigar. 

*John Aslagson (Rugbraaten) Starbuck Minn Am 68. Md 
Belle Anderson. Bro Knut A*. 

Rev Carl Otto Aubol, Monticello Minn 04 Md Randine 
Ranum. Fa Anders s o Ole Thoresen Aabol & Anne 
Olsd Kj^lid. Mo Kari d o Ole Stokkebryn & Ingerid. 

*Edevart Severin Aubol Valders Wis. Md Sigri Andersd 
Korstad. Fa Ole s o Ole Thoresen Aabol & Anne Olsd 
Kj01i. Mo Marit d o Knut Roble & Seborg Haakensd 

Atlantus Austen Malung Minn 12 

Austin T Austinson Dennison Minn 03-16. Md S0rine 
Lundberg. (0sten). Fa Thrond s o 0sten & Ambjor 
Ellingboe. Mo Marit d o Nils Vangensten Steile & Sigri 

Nils Austinson Cresco la 04-06. 

*Arne Avok Hancock Minn Am 52. Md Marit Andersd. 
Fa Arne s o Nils Arnesen Avok & Anne Haldorsd. Mo 
Kari d o Nils Knudsen Saalsaa & Mari Trondsd. 

Emil K Axness Montevideo Minn 09-11. 

J K Axness Carpio N D 08 

T K Axness Sisseton S D 05 

Halsten Backer Mayville N D 04-16 Am 85. Md Anna 
Wilson. (Bakkom). S o Halsten Syverson & Ragnild 

S Backey (Bruskrud) North Bend Ore 13-16 Dead. 

Ole Baker Monroe S D 14 

O K Baker Soldier la 11 

Mrs (Carrie) Ole Bakke Wallingford la 04-07. 

John P. Bakke Waterville la 12 ( ?) 

O E Bakke Portland N D 10-12. 


Syver H Bakke Crookston Minn 04 Am 87. Md Hannah 
Rasmussen Skarstad. Fa Halsten S Landsend, Hedalen, 
s o Syver Engebretsen & Gunild Helgesen, Aadalen. Mo 
Ragnild d o Anders Storruste & Olie E Elsrud. Bro H 

Anders K Bakken Maynard Minn 04-11 Dead. 

*Engrebet Anderson Bakken Langhei Minn Am 66. Md 
Astri Isaksd S0re Sp'rum. Fa Anders s o Engebret & 
Jorgen 0degaarden. Mo Maria Died '93. 

G O Bakken Gatzke Minn 02-16 Am 00. Fr Vang. 

Halvor K Bakken Kensington Minn 04 

Halvor O Bakken Klevenville Wis 13-16. 

Helge Gulbrandsen Bakken Am 50. Md Kari Knudsd 
Tasa. S o Gulbrand Helgesen Bakken, Vang & Gunild 
Andersd Heen. 

Mrs Johannes O Baken Abercrombie N D 17 

Rev K E Bakken Dennison Minn 05-13. S o Helge Gul- 
brandsen Bakken (Heen). 

K O Bakken Decorah la 06-11. 

Ole A Bakken Kensett la 04-07. 

Ole T Bakken Dawson Minn 11-12 (?) 

S O Bakken Fulton S D 02-04. 

Mrs Anne Bang Thief River Falls Minn 05-09 Anne Torine 
d o Ole Brenden fr Toten, & Maria Brenden, a sister of 
Lars Brenden. 

Arne K Bang Montevideo Minn 04 Am 75. Md Ingri 
Olsd Dolvensknatten. Fa Knud s o Arne Bagn & Marit. 
Mo Berit d o Ole Olsen Dolvensmarken & Marit. 

H O Bang Stanchfield Minn 10 

O Bang Mekinock N D 13 

Olaf Bang Storden Minn 02 Md Lina Emilia Lohre, dead 
(Olaf O Sagbraaten, N Aurdal). 

Ole Bang Oslo Minn 13-14. 

Arne O Banks Lankin N D 11-13 Am 89. Md Kari Paul- 
srud. Fa Ole Ellenshaugen s o Arne O Bang & T0ren 
Klosb^le. Mo Anne Marie d o Gunnar Nordager & Guri 
Haugsrud, Aadalen. 


Mrs Marit Barton Mt Horeb Wis 04-09. Bro Sam Thomp- 

Ole Bee St Paul Minn 07-09. 

A G Beito Effington S D 04 Am 89. Md Thilda H Hu- 
seth. (Anders). S o Gulbrand Mekelsen Beito & Jorand 
Knudsd Bjelb01e. 

Geo Beito Mclntosh Minn 12-17. S o Arne G- Beito. 

Rev Gulbrand G Beito Terrace Minn 14 


Gilbert O Beito Minneapolis 06-10 Dead. 

*Knute G Beito Superior Wis Am 83. Fa Gullik s o Ole 

& Marit Beito Mo Marit d o Arne & Guri Beitohaugen. 
Nils G Beito Effington S D 07 
Ole G Beito Effington S D 08 
Rev Anton H Belgum Glenwood Minn 11 Md Selma 

Johnshoy. S o Henry Thoreson Belgum & Betsey Void. 

Ed Luther Coll. 

Arne T Belgum Wilmot S D 15 Bro. Syver T Belgum*. 
Julius Belgum Petersburg Nebr 14-16. 
Syver T Belgum Farwell Minn 02 Am 83. Md Maria 

Helgesd Dahle. Fa Thore s o Syver ThoresVn Belgum 

& Dordei Olsd Bergene. Mo Randi d o Hendrik A Fla- 

dager & Inge Monsd Rudlang. 
Tore S Belgum Farwell Minn 03 Am 81. Md Olava Ros- 

by. S o Syver T Belgum* 
Tore T Belgum Farwell Minn 02 Am 67. Bro Syver T 

Dr Andrew G Belsheim Trout Lake Wash 06-11. Md. Bro 

G G B* Ed St Olaf & Minn U. 
G A Belsheim Pipestone Minn 11-15 Fr Vang. 
Gulbrand G Belsheim Leland la 06-13 Am 66. Md Guro 

d o Ole Christophersen Sethe Vang. S o Gullik Bels- 
heim Vang. 
G H Belsheim Forest City la 02-10 Am 66. Md Mary Gor- 

rell. S o Gulbrand G Belsheim. *Ed Uni Iowa Law died 

Ole G Belsheim Dickinson N D 04-16 Am 66. S o Gulbrand 

G Belsheim* Ed Luth Coll. 


Anna O Bendickson Scarville la 03-06. 

N O Bendickson Minneapolis 02-09. 

Ole Bendickson Lake Mills la 03-13 Am 57. Md Martha 

Nielsd. Fa Bendik s o Bendik Eriksen Rudieie & Marit. 

Mo Rangdi d o Ole Evensen Hjemdalen & Gjertru Ja- 

Anthony Benson Park River S D 11-14 Dead. Bro Ole 

*Arne Benson Starbuck Minn Am 76 (Arne Bjjzfrnson 

Nerlie). Md Maria N Lien. Fa Bjorn Nerlie s o Arne 

& Anne Hoff. Mo Guri o Syver & Guri. 
Ole Benson Juneberry Minn 07 Am 68. Md Inger Nordre 

Braaten. Fa Bjorn s o Ole Bjornsen Olmhuspladsen & 

Anne. Mo Gjertrud d o Ole S0rflaten & Turi Braka. 
Andrew K Berg Warroad Minn 05-08 Am 85. Bro G C 

Bj organ*. 

A O Berg Minneapolis 14 
Even A Berg Decorah la 04-06. 
Even E Bfcrg Strum Wis 08-10. 

H N Berg Madison Minn 04-15 Am 82. Fr V Slidre. 
I I Berg Willmar Minn 04-17 Dead. 
K B Berg Sioux Falls S D 05-07. 
Martinus Berg Grafton N D 03. 
Nic Berg Bloomer Wis 13-15 (?) 
Rev N I Berg Nome N D 04 Am 80. Md Jennie Wold- 

stad. Fa Iver Bergene, N Aurdal s o Engebret & Sign 

Fodnes. Mo d o Syver & Marit 0degaard. Ed Luth 


*Nils O N Berg Portland N D Am 71. S o Ole N Berg*. 
Ole Berg Decorah la 15 

Ole H Berg Portland Ore 03-15 Md Inga Rudland Dead. 
O N Berg Zumbrota Minn 02 Fr Dokken V Slidre. 
Ole N Berg Portland N D 09 Am 69. Md Marit Olsd 

Haugen, or Solbrekeie. Fa Nils s o Halvor & Marit 

0degaarden. Mo Ingeborg d o Knud & Marit Veahau- 



Ole O N Berg Portland N D 09 Md Inger Fauske. S o 
Ole N B* 

Ole O Berg Argyle Wis 09-11. 

Oscar Berg Grafton N D 03. 

Peder Svendsen Berg Mayville N D 10 Am 90. Fr Etne- 

Stephen Berg Grafton N D 03. 

Thomas Berg Maynard Minn 04-17. 

Eivind K Berge Haley N D 08-15 Am 03. Md Annie Marie. 
Fa Knud Berge s o Eivind Kristoffersen Leithe & Sigri 
Knudsd. Mo Marit d o Rinjus Knudsen Torstad & Mar- 
grete Olsd. 

Geo H Berge Fergus Falls 07-09. 

Ivar E Berge Bradish Neb 12-16 Dead. 

*Iver O Berge Valders Wis Am 49. Md Sigri Eriksd Roble. 
Civ War vet. Bro Ole O Berge Sr.* 

K K Berge Granite Falls Minn 04-16. 

K O Berge Minneapolis 13-16. 

Louis Berge Beach N D 11-16. 

N E Berge Hatton N D 12-14. 

Ole K Berge Valders Wis 08-10 Am 62. Md Kari Helgesd 
Nesja. Fa Knud Thoreson Berge. Mo Ingri d o Johan- 
nes Jogerson Hande. 

Ole O Berge, Sr Valders Wis 04-11 Am'SO. Md Berit An- 
dersd (Nigare) Weblen. Fa Ole s o Gullik (Norigare) 
Berge, Vang & Marit Iversd Leine. Mo Anne d o Iver 
Anderson Thune & Ambjor Olsd (?) Kvien. Civ war 
vet Dead. 

Ole O Berge Jr Valders Wis 04-14. Md Marianne Olsd 
Haugen. S o Ole O B Sr* Dead. 

T K Berge Erskine Minn 13 Am 01. Fr V Slidre. 

Ole O Bergene Adams Minn 10 

Arne K Berger Minneapolis 02 Am 91. Md Henriette 
d o Ole H Berg*. Fa Knud Berger, Skrautvaal, s o Lars 
K & Ingrid Berger. Mo Marit d o Arne Helgesen Gran- 
um & Marit Rogne, Slidre. 

Geo H Berger Dalton Minn 11 


Gust Berger Osakis Minn 11-13. 

Nils Berger Spirit Wash 16 

Ole H Berger Chetek Wis 05-10. 

Olaus K Berget Crookston Minn 03 

A Bergum Prior Lake Minn 08-12. 

Ole Bergum Whitehall Wis 05-12. 

O E Bergum Nerstraml Minn 04-09. Md Guri Maria En- 

gebretsd Egge. 

Th Berntson Puyallup Wash 13-17 Bro Ole Benson* 
Gulbrand B Bertilrud Ross Minn 03-16 Am 88. Md Kjersti 

Iversd S0rli. Fa Baard Olmhus S Aurdal, s o Jens & 

Anne. Mo Sp'nneva S0rli Hedalen d o Mikkel Gulbrand- 

sen & Olaug Amundsd. 

Gulbrand G Bertilrud Ross Minn 03-13 Am 88. So G BB*. 
Kjerstine Bertilrud Ross Minn Am 88 D o G BB* Dead. 
Mikkel G Bertilrud Greenbush Minn 03 Am 88 S o G BB* 
Syver G Bertilrud Roseau Minn 03 Am 85 S o GBB*. 
Haldor H Bjelbole Decorah la 04-07. 
Gulbrand C Bj^rgan Pequis Minn 04-10 Am 01. Fa Chris- 

toffer O Maasaa, Hedalen, s o Ole & Tora Bymoen, Begn- 

dalen. Mo Olia d o Ole & Guri Maasaa. 
Andrew H Bjorgo Kensett la 02-17. S o Haldor A Bjorgo*. 
Anton K Bjorgo McHenry N D 04-09. 
Haldor Anderson Bjorgo Kensett la 02-13 Am 76. Md In- 

grid A Thon. 2d Mrs Anna Thompson. S o Anders Hal- 

dorsen Bjorgo & Olia Olsd. Died 1913. 
*Nils N Bjorkrud Starbuck Minn Am 83. Md Kri T 

Bjorkrud. Fa Nils s o Mekkel & Magdelene Nedre 

Braaten, Lieneie, N Aurdal. Mo Beret d o Knudt & 

Kjersti Lome. 

C H Biorn St Paul 03-12. S o Rev L M Bj0rn. 
Nils Frederick Bjorn Minneapolis 03-10 Dead. 
George Bjorneby Kalispel Mont 03-12. 
B K Bjornson Ellsworth Wis 05 Am 68. Md Bertha M. 

Fa Knudt s o Bjorn Dovre & Hilleborg Gigstad. Mo 

Ragnild d o Anders Fossebraaten & Ragnild Maanum. 
Gullik Bjornson Hancock Minn 10 Am 70. N Aurdal. 


Halvor Bjornson (Glademshaugen) Petersburg Neb 06 
Am 71. 

Nils Bjornson Ellsworth Wis 09-10. 

Ole Bjornson Peever S D 09-13. 

Engebrigt E B0e Dennison Minn 05-12. 

Helge A Boe Northfield Minn 02 . 

*Ivar Boe Northwood la Am 82. Md 1st Margrethe Sol- 
heim. 2d Ingeleiv H Sethe. S o Gullik Thomassen 
Mosaker & Ingeborg Christoffersd. 

Iver Boe Minnetonka Beach Minn 02-03. 

J S Boe Langford S D 09 

Knudt E Boe Minneapolis 06-11. 

Nils A Boe Terrace Minn 11 

Rev N N Boe Baltic S D 07-13. 

T G Boe Fosston Minn 12-15 (?) 

0sten Boe Northfield Minn 09-13. 

Haldor E Boen Fergus Falls Minn 02-12 Dead. 

Mrs Joel Boley Madison Wis 10 

Rev Bendik Bondahl Glyndon Minn 06-08 Fr Telemark- 
en Dead. 

Andreas Bernhart Bonde Nestrand Minn 02-12. S o Tosten 

Mrs Ingeborg Haugen Bonde 02-07 Widow of Tosten Bonde. 

Ivar Bonde Henning Minn 16 

*Knut A Bonde Mapes N D Am 83. Md Anne E Veblen. Fa 
Anders s o Knudt Olsen Lykken, Slidre & Sigri An- 
dersd Skjefte. Mo Marit d o Trond Aslagsen Bonde & 
Marit Trondsd Myhre. 

Thomas E Bonde St Paul 02 Md Julia Marie Stone. S o 
Tosten E Bonde. 

Knut W Bondy Battle Lake Minn 02-08 Am 66. Md An- 
na Osmundson. S o Wilhelm Iverson Bonde, fr Kvien 
& Kari Knudsd Holien. Mem Minn Legislature Dead. 

E G Bonlie Manvel N D 13 

Peter G Bonlie Olga Minn 11-14. 

Andrew C Booth Minneapolis 03-11. 

Anna C Bordson Tilleysville Va 05-08 Am 69. Fa Ole s o 


Baard Baardsen & Sonev, N Aurdal. Mo Kari d o Ole 
Gladhaugh & Marit Johnsd Gladhaugh. 

Bennie Bordson Black Earth Wis 10-13. 

Mrs S G Bothen Aneta N D 13 Olava Fjeld. See K O 

*Anton M Braaten (Steinbr^ta) Am 93. Md Thora Hain. 
Fa Mikkel s o Knudt Olsen & Anne Skar. Mo Ingeborg 
d o Johannes Biribakken & Marit Iversen N0rr0plassen. 

Mrs Anton M Braaten Manvel N D (Thora O Hain Am 93) 
Fa Ole A Hain s o Anders Hain & Thora Sukke. Mo 
Anne d o Harald Bell & Marit Landsendhaugen. 

Christian K Braaten Northfield Minn 03-12. 

Gulbrand C Braaten Ross Minn 06-10 Am 82. Md Gunild 
Andersd Ruste. Fa Kristofer s o Gul & Kari Stenbraat- 
en. Mo Gunild Syversd Tuftehaugen. 

Halsten G Braaten Mayville N D 08-13 Am 74. Md Anne 
Moen, Hedalen. Fa Guttorm s o Halsten Rustebakke & 
Ingrid Garthus. Mo Ingrid d o Even & Berit Odden. 
Mem legislature. 

*Haaver K Braaten Sask Can Am 64. Md Marit Gul- 
brandsd Quale. S o Knut Haaverson Braaten. 

H L Braaten Mentor Minn 13-17. 

H O Braaten Nerstrand Minn 04 Am 56. Md Anne Tos- 
tensd Sondrol. Fa Ole s o Halstein, Reinli & Eli, Hal- 
lingdal. Mo Ambjor Olsd Haugen, Hallingdal. 

Iver Braaten Manvel N D 13-17. 

J M Braaten Manvel N D 13-17. 

*Knud A Braaten Starbuck Minn Am 92. Md Berit En- 
gebretsd Hofseie. Fa Anders s o Gulbrand T Land- 
mark & Beret Knudsd. Mo Olia d o Ole 0stegaard & 
Ingeborg S Aurd. 

Knud K Braaten Bryant S D 05-16. 

K O Braaten Portland N D 09 

L K Braaten Mentor Minn 13-16. 

Martin C Braaten Ross Minn 03-15 Am 83. Md Milla 
Skogstad. Fa Christoffer s o Gul Monsen Storebraaten 


& Kari Eidmoen. Mo Gunild d o Syver Olsen Haugen & 

Gunhild Khudsd Hovde. 
Ole H Braaten Nerstrand Minn 03-08 S o Halsten O B 


Knud A Broughton Cottonwood Minn 04-12. 
Ole A Broughton Cottonwood Minn 04 
Harald O Brager Roseau Minn 04-09 Am 87. Md Sigrid 

Andersd Solum. Fa Ole s o Harald Olsen Landsend & 

Martha. Mo Guri d o Syver & Kari Ildjernstad. 
Peder O Brager Pierpont S D 13-16. 
Peter H Brager Mt Horeb Wis 08-17 Am 51. Md Guro 

Skrinrud. Civ war vet. 
Christian Brandt Decorah la 02 S o John Brandt, V. 

Slidre. Editor. 

Gustav Brandt Park River N D 02 Am 85. Bro Chr B. 
Ivar A Brandt Decorah la CM Am 53. S o Anders Quiil 

Brandt. Civ war vet Lieut. 

John A Brandt Hayti S D 04 S o Rev Nils B. 
John F. Brandt Prince Rupert B C 02 Bro Chr B. Colonel 

in Canadian Service, World War. 
John Brandt St Paul 02 Bro Chr B. Dentist. 
Rev Nils Brandt Minneapolis 02 Am 51. Md Dlderikke 

Ottesen. S o Ole Jonson Brandt & Eli Anderson Ed 

Univ of Kristiania. 

Olaf E Brandt St Paul 11 S o Rev Nils B. Prof Theol. 
Rev Realf Ottesen Brandt Macfarland Wis Md Lettie M 

Galby. S o Rev Nils B. 
Mrs Sissel Brandvold Faribault Minn 03 Md Andrew T 

Brandvold. D o Knut Pederson fLendsmandshaugen) 

Haugen & Martha 0stensd B0e Vang. 
Mrs J S Bratager St Paul 03 D o (Lserer) Bugge, Vang. 

Bro Andrew Bugge. 
M A Bratrud Crookston Minn 02 Am 86. Md Miss Erick- 

son. S o Arne & Ragnild Bratrud. 
M O Bratrud Kensett la 04-16. 
Ole A Bratrud Crookston Minn 13-16. 
Dr Theodor Bratrud Warren Minn 05 


E Bratvold Olga Minn 11-16 Dead. 

Olaf Bratvold Clearbrook Minn 13-15. 

Tolleif Bratvold Erskine Minn 13 Am 86 Skrautvaal. 

Arne O Breiset Montevideo Minn 03 Am 56. Md Maria 

Arneson. S o Ole Arnesen Breiseth (Ola ve Kvedne) & 

Ingeborg Knudsd R^ndokken. 
Mrs Maria -A Breiseth 03 Am 67. Md Arne O Breiseth. 

D o Arne Knudtsen Saetermarken & Marit Olsd Sund- 


Inga Breiseth Minneapolis 03-10. Bro Arne O B*. 
Mrs Berthe Brekken Dennison Minn 04-10 Am 53. Md 

Even Brekken. Fa Iver S o Helge Leine & Berthe. Mo 

Jngeborg d o Osten Boe & Ambjor Ellingboe. 
Knud O Brekken Sacred Heart Minn 04-16 Am 78. Md 

Anne Rogn. Fa Ole s o Knut Thoresen Thorpe & Sigri 

Olsd Norsvin. Mo Berith d o Nils N & Anne C Grov. 
Halvor H Bren Toronto S D 04-07 Am 91 Fa Halvor 

Bren, Liagraenden, s o Halvor Knutsen & Berit Hal- 

vorsd Brenden. Mo Guri d o Ole A Kvalshaugen, Reinli 

& Astri Olsd Diserud. 
Anton K Brenden Bend Ore 06 Fa Knut Olsen Brenden 

s o Ole Haiene. Mo d o Thomas Perlestenbakken & Olia 


Ole Brenden Fergus Falls Minn 10-14. 
Peder Olsen Brenden Stirum N D 07 Fa Ole s o Per 

& Ingeborg Brenne, Hedalen. Mo Kari d o Ole A Hain 

& Anne, Hedalen. 

*Syver S Brenden Pigeon Falls Wis Am 83. Md Kari Hes- 
tekindeie. S o Syver S & Thora Larsd Brenden Dead. 

Ole O Brenna Jr Cottonwood Minn 09 Am 67. Md Inge- 
borg Olsen. Fa Ole s o Ole Pedersen & Gjertrud Gud- 
brandsd. Mo Gjertrud d o syver Moen & Gjertrud Nilsd. 

Mrs John Bringsaasen Independence Wis 05-07. 

Adolph Brommer Durand Wis 03-13. 

Chas Brommer Nelson Wis 17 

Mrs L J Brown Alexandria Minn 09-17. (Miss Lajord). 


Aslak E Bruflat Toronto S o 04 Am 81. Md Johane Ja- 
kobsen. Fa Erik s o Halvor Smaagar, Etnedalen & Inger 

Bruflat. Mo Pernille Pedersd Kalstaberget, Hedemarken 

Elling E Bruflat Toronto S D 06-17 Am 81. Md Berthe 
Maria d o Martin Tollefsen Landsendbakken & Gunild 
Iversd Lybek. Bro Aslak E Bruflat*. 

P E Bruflat Clear Lake S D 04-06. 

K L Brujord Culbertson Mont 13 Am 05. Lars Bru- 
jordet s o Knut Granheimsbraaten & Kari. Mo Ragnild 
d o Erik I Sundheim & Ingeborg Nilsd Hippe. 

Ole Brujord Churches Ferry N D 16 

Miss Amalie Bugge St Paul 03 Bro Andrew B. 

Andrew Bugge St Paul 03 S o Laerer Bugge, Vang. 

Miss Anna Bugge St Paul 03 Bro Andrew B. 

* Andrew W Bunde Michigan N D Am 85. Md Sigri Ron- 
jusd Torstad. Bro P. W. Bunde*. 

Peter W Bunde Michigan N D 09 Am 81. Md Berit 0s- 
tensd.Helle. Fa Vilhelm s o Anders Pedersen & Berit 
Olsd Bunde. Mo Marit d o Anders Eriksen Kjos & 

Karl Bye Pinewood Minn 13-14. 

Erik K Byfuglien Ross Minn 04-12 Am 83. Md Inger O 
Xordgaarden. Fa Knud s o Ole Knudsen Byfuglien & 
Marit Solbrekken. Mo Marit d o Erik Sjzirensen & Marit 
Langedalen Etnedalen. 

Carl J Carlson Rudd la 06 Tender. Md Kari d o Knud 

H Klemesrud*. 

Ole Chester (Kjjrfrstad) Osseo Wis 05-06. 
Ole Christensen Grafton N D 03-10. 
L Christenson Herrick S D 14-17. 
Miss Mary Christopher (Bjo'rhus) Decorah la 12-13. 
Gilbert C Christopherson Sioux Falls S D CM S o Knut 

Christoffersen Soine, Vang. 

Gilbert Danl Minneapolis 15-16. 
I J Dahl Albert Lea Minn 02 
Nels N Dahl Wannaska Minn 14-17. 


Odin Dahl Grafton '03. 

Rev O C Dahlager Escanaba Mich 10-16. 

Prof John.Dahle St Paul 02 Md Johanne Sjzfrlie, Elverum. 

5 o Johannes Dahle, E Slidre & Anne Nordtorp. 

Gullik H Dahle Manfred N D Am 93. Md Marit Olsd Saeh- 
lid. Fa Helge s o J0ger Helgesen Dahle & Aagot Hel- 
gesd J0tun. Mo Anne d o Torsten Andersen Lien & Guri 
Gulbrandsd Dale. 

O K Dahle Caledonia Minn 12 (Valdris & Hailing). 

T E Dahle Nekoma N D 04-10. 

Christopher A Dalager Bowden N D 11 Am 69. S o Ole A 

6 Ingeborg Evensd Dalager. 

Mrs Kjersti Dalager Maynard Minn 09-12 Widow of Ole 

O Dalager*. 
*Olaus O Dalager Sacred Heart Minn S o Ole & Kjersti 

Dalager. Md Mollie Johnson Dead. 
Ole Dalager Forbes N D 03 Am 88. Md Dina Belsheim. 

Fa Ole s o Anders & Martha Lund, Vang. Mo Ingeleiv 

do Kristofer & Ambjo'rg Nordland. 
Ole O Dalager Sacred Heart Minn 05-09. Md Kjersti d o 

C C Lerhol, Vang Dead. 
Erick Dale Minneapolis 06-13. 
Ole Pederson Delebek Manitowoc Wis 04-10. 
Juul Dieserud Washington D C 02 Am 92. Md Inga 

Gustava Wellen dead. Fa Anders s o Juul & Aaste 

Diserud. Mo Anne d o Erik Frydenlund & Kari Viko, 

Gol. Ed Univ of Kristiania. Author. 
O O Dokkebakken (Reinli) Petit Nord Can 03-14. 
Erick H Docken Dahlen N D 08 Am 81. Fr N Aurdal. 
Knute Docken Dahlen N D 13. 
*Olaus O Dokken Clontarf Minn Am 80. Md Hanna O 

Ranum. Fa Ole s o Ole Evenson Dokken & Marit. Mo 

Guri d o Bj0rn & Guri Song. 
Ole O Dokken Clontarf Minn 10-14 Am 81. .Md Guri 

Bj^rnsd Nerli. Fa Ole E Hofshaugen s o Even Hatten 

& Olaug. Mo Marit Olsd. 
T E Dokken Lindsay Nebr 04-11. 


Rev A O Dolven Morris Minn 05-11. 

Mrs Christine Qual Dooley Chicago 03 D o Anders 

Kvaal, Vang, & Barbo Andersd Weblen. 
Knut N D^vre Fessenden N D 03-05. 
Olaf Dovre Minneota Minn 09 
T O Dovre Minneota Minn 05-09 Dead 

Albert E Egge Pullman Wash 02 Md Sina Berge d o 
Gullik Iversen Berge, Vang. Fa Erik s o Gulbrand Melby 
& Gro Bjelbole. Mo Berit d o John & Ingrid Nordtorp. 
Ed Luth Coll & Johns Hophins. Ph D Professor Dead. 

Edward N Egge Plainview Tex 06-17. 

Finkel N Egge Decorah la 07-08 Dead. 

Nils N Egge Joice la 06 

Dr Thrond S Egge Moorhead Minn 02-08 Am 82. Md 
Petra Anderson. Fa Sven Egge fr Hallingdal s o Thrond 
H Grjzindalen & Birgitta. Mo Ragna d o Einar E & Gun- 
vor Jordheim. Ed Minn Univ Dead. 

Mrs O A Eggen Brandt S D 12-13. 

Mrs Kjersti Ehrie Minneapolis 02-11 Am 71. Md Anders J 
Ehrie, Lserd^l. Fa Kristofer s o B0ie & Ambj^r Kattevold 
Mo Valgerd d o John Trondsen Kattevold & Rangdi Bag- 

John Eid Canby Ore 13 

John Eidsmo Nielsville Minn 13-14 (?) 

Ben Eimon Superior Wis 02 S o Ole O Eimon*. 

Christian Eimon Superior Wis 02 S o Ole O Eimon*. 

Iver Eimon Pigeon Falls Wis 02 S o Ole O Eimon*. 

*Ole O Eimon Pigeon Falls Wis Am 62. Md Sigri Pedersd 
Thomle. Fa Ole G Kapperud, Land, moved to Etnedalen 
'26 S o Gulbrand fr S Aurdal. Mo Inger Marthe Kap- 

Peter Eimon Superior Wis 02 S o Ole O Eimon*. 

H O Ekerdalen Holt Minn 13-14 ( ?) 

T K Ellefsen Minneapolis 10 

Gulbrand B Ellestad Lanesboro Minn 10 Fa Iver Gul- 


brandsen Ellestad. Mo Guri BjoYnsd Garnaas, Nes, Hal- 

Rev Nils JpYgensen Ellestad Seattle Wash 05-11 Am 57. 

Md Isabelle Juline Johnson. Fa J0rgen s o Gulbrand & 

Guri Ellestad. Mo Brita Nilsd Vange, Vik, Sogn. Ed 

Luth Coll Dead. 

Nels J Ellestad Madison Wis 07-12. Bro Peter J E*. 
Ole Ellestad Browerville Minn 16 
Peter J Ellestad New Hampton la 09 Am 47. Md Martha 

Atlesd, Sogndal Fa Johannes Ellestad s o Nils & Anne. 

Mo Gro Pedersd. Civ war vet. 
*Anders Throndsen Ellingboe Maynard Minn Am 60. Md 

Berit E Lien. S o Thrond Iversen Ellingboe & Kjersti 


Helge C Ellingboe Mishicot Wis 08-14 Am 52. Fa Chris- 
topher s o Helge Helgesen Ellingboe & Randi Helgesd 

Norsving. Mo Berit d o Anders Knutsen Norland & 

Anne Tollevsd Dead. 
John M Ellingboe Northfield Minn 02 Fa 'John s o John 

& Margrite Ellingboe. Mo Ambj0r d o Ole Strand & 


J T Ellingboe Minneapolis 02-10. 
Knudt Ellingboe Milaca Minn 05-16. 
Ole Ellingboe Minneapolis 02-16. 
Ole Bernhard Ellingboe Northfield Minn 02-10. Md Esther 

Gemine Elthon. Bro John M Ellingboe*. 
Thrond I Ellingboe Dennison Minn 04-06. 
William Ellingboe Hills Minn 02-13 Am 66. Md Ambj^r 

Ovesd B0e. Fa s o Even Olsen Ellingboe. Mother's Fa 

Vilhelm Vilhelmsen Baggetun Dead. 
Andreas Ellingsen Ellington Sask Canada 04-10. Md Anna 

Maria Stuvengen. 
A A Elthun Fertile la 02 
Anders Elton Deering N D 06-16. 
*Erik N Eltun Maynard Minn Am 73. Md Ingeborg An- 

dersd Strande. Fa Nils s o Thomas & Sigri Eltun. Mo 

Sigri d o Erik & Ingeborg Eltun. 


John T Eltun Northfield Minn 02 Am 75 Dead. 
Torger T Elthun Dennison Minn 04-12. Md Marit E Vik- 

en, died 1018. 

E Engebretson West Salem Wis 06-13. 
Haavel Engebretson Albee S D 06-10. 
Halvor Engebretson Whalan Minn 04-07. 
Tosten Engebretson Calmar la 09 S o Engebret Tosten- 

sen & Gro Knudsd. Hedalen E Slidre. 
Tom (Trond) Engebretson Maynard Minn 04-12 Am 66. 

Md Ingeborg. Fa Engebret under Hermundstad, s o 

Trond & Ragnild Sjeie. Mo Berit d o Endre T0rstad & 

Marie Svien. 

Gilbert G Egen Finley N D 04 Am 82. 
Ivar E Engen Toronto S D 04-12 Am 82. Md Inger Syv- 

ersd Hovdet, Etnedalen. Fa Erik s o Iver & Kari Braies- 

engen. Mo Ragnild d o Knudt & Anne Fl^gum. 
Nils G Engen Atwater Minn 03 
Ole O Engen Caledonia Minn 13 Civ war vet. 
A O Engerud Decorah la '12. 
Syver Ensberg Toronto S D 04-10. 
Anton O Erickson Brooten Minn 05-14. 
Arne Erickson Minneapolis 10-12 Dead. 
Bernt A Erickson Modena Wis 03-13. Fa Arne s o Erik 

O lD01stuen & Berit Lundstein. Mo Ingeborg Brendin- 

gen d o Bj0rn Johnson Lurendal & Berte Maria Olsen. 
Christian N Erickson Superior Wis 02-14. Bro of Mrs V A 


E A Ericksoa Portland N D 14 
Eddy Erickson Minot N D 04-12. 
Erick Erickson Farvvell Minn 03-10. 
Erick Erickson Douglas N D 11 : 
Knut Erickson Modena Wis 03-10. 
Iver Erickson Mack Minn 06 
Marius Erickson Minot N D 04-16. 
Ole Erickson Brook Park Minn 12 
Halvor H Espeseth Winger Minn 05-16 Am 80. Md Karo- 

line Frakkestad. Fa Knut s o Gulbrand O Espeseth, Aur- 


dal & Kjerstine Slaatsseteren. Mo In'geborg Jjzfrgensd 


John Espeseth Olso Minn 09 Bro H H Esp'eseth*. 
Knut Espeseth Roseau Minn 11-17. 

Rev O K Espeseth Manitowoc Wis 08 Bro H H Espe- 
Andrew A Estrem Dennison Minn 10 Md Marit Larsd 

Soine. Fa Anfin s o Andris Austreim & Gunild. Mo 

Marit d o Knut T Tasa & Kari. 
A T Estrem Decorah la 07-13. 
G A Estrem Corning Calif 04-16. 
Knut A Estrem Nerstrand Minn 02-17. Md Berit Larsd 

Soine. Bro A A Estrem*. 
Ed Evans Ada Minn 16 
G G Evans Silverton Ore 14-16. 
Dr N C Evans Mt Horeb Wis 13-16. 
*Christopher Evenson Valders Wis Am 66. Md Ingri 

Helgesd Nesja. Fa Even s o Christopher Olsen Kvaal 

& Marit. Mo Sigri Knutsd Lykken. 
Fred Evenson Wetaskiwin Alta Canada 09-16. 
H E Evenson Wapheton N D 11 Fa Ole Evenson. Mo 

Marit d o Marit Andersd (Veblen) Jome. 
Ole Evenson Dennison Minn 07-17 Dead. 
Thron Evenson Stanley Wis 06 Am 84. Fr Bagn. Md 

Anne T0risd Jevne, Vang. (Trond paa Kampen). 
Mrs Minnie O Everson Backus Minn 04-05. Md Ole A 

Everson. Fa Ole s o Baard Jensen Bjerke & S0nneiv. 

Mo Kari d o Ole Gladhaug, Bagn & Marie. 

Mrs A Faarnes Mentor Minn 13 

Ole J Fserden Bratton Canada 02-17. Bro Tollef J Fser- 

Tollef J Faerden Mentor Minn 04-11 Am 68. Md Guri Hau- 
gen. Fa Jens Faerden s o Ole Jenson Beito & Marit Til- 
den. Mo Randi d o Knut Julsen Berg & Randi Strand. 

K A Fauske Brooten Minn 11 

Ole Fauske Corson S D 05-12. 


Paul O Fecher Roseau Minn '04. S o Ole Torgrimsen 
Fecher, Hedalen & Anne Andersd Gangemoen, Aadalen. 

Halvor N Fedt Bryant S D 03-10. 

John Ferden Peterson Minn 04 

A O Finhart Grand Meadow Minn '10 Dead. 

Ole Finhart Jr Grand Meadow Minn 07-16. 

Peder O Finneberg Decorah la 04-13. 

Knut A Finseth Nerstrand Minn 06 Fa A K Finseth. Mo 
Karen d o Knut Pedersen Lensmandshaugen & Martha 
0stensd B0e. 

Carl A Fjeld Joice la 03-15. 

K O Fjeld Aneta N D 04 Am 78. Md Marie S.Gotten- 
berg. Fa Ole Midtfjeld, Etnedalen s o Knud & Marit 
Rundberg Mo Ingri d o Ole O Mselum & Anne, Etne- 

Martin O Fjeld Osage la 03 Bro K O Fjeld*. 

Nils A Fjeld Joice la 03 

N S Fjeld Newman Grove Nebr 04 

O H Fjeld Grafton N D '03. 

Syver S Fjeld Newman Grove Nebr 05-12. 

Torgrim J Fjeld Black Earth Wis 06-13. 

Henry Fladager Spring Grove Minn 09 

Anders A Flaten Park River N D 03-10 Am 56. Md Guri O 
Ulberg. Fa Amund s o Peder Flaten & Guri. Mo Jo- 
hanna d o Anders P & Marit Huset, Hedalen. 

Dr A Flaten Edinburg N D 03-16. 

Christopher O Flaten Kenyon Minn 03-15. 

Ingvald Flaten Cresco la 04-06. 

Helge L Flaten Carpio N D 13 

Iver A Flaten Fork Minn 03 

Prof Nils Flaten Northfield Minn 02-17. S o Ole I Flaten 

Ole Flaten Jr Watertown S D 13-14. 

O E Flaten Moorhead Minn 16 

Ole Ingvalson Flaten Northfield Minn 02-14 Dead. 

*Mrs Berit Flattum Butler S D Am 83. Md Ole I Flattum. 
D o Bjzfie 0stensen 0degaard, Vang. 

Engebret L Fondes Newman Grove Nebr 02 Am 72. Md 


Guri Toresd Belgum. Fa Lars s o Ole Larsen Fodnes & 

Sigri Engebretsd. Mo Marit d o Engebret Monson Rud- 

lang, Ulnes & Eli Tollefsd Viste, R0n. 
G O Fodnes Reedstown Wis 13-17. 
O L Fodnes Walker Minn 10 Am 04. Fa Lars s o Lars 

Olsen Fodnes & Marit Engebretsd. Mo Siri d o Ole Ev- 

ensen & Marie Knutsd. 
Syver Fodnes Minneota Minn 06 
Thorn J Folken (Fulkji) Scarville la 08 
E H Forest Gary Minn 07-12. S o Halstein Fystro. 
John S Fosholdt Nora Springs la 03-10. S o Syver J Fos- 


SyverJ Fosholdt Rudd la 02 

Mrs H A Foss Minot N D '17. Bro Knut O Fjeld. 
Inga Foss Hopkins Minn 14-16. 
Anders Fossebraaten Clontarf Minn 03-13. 
Knut K Fossum Peterson Minn 03-13. 
Bennie Foster Grafton N D 04-12. 
Carl J Foster Grafton N D '04. 
Odin Foster Grafton N D '04. 
Mrs Betsey Fostrom Farmington Minn 10-16. D o Peter 


Harald S Fremgaard Minneapolis 06 
Knut O Frigstad Swanson Sask Canada 17 
Knut R Frigstad Moorhead Minn 04-08 Am 82. Md Gjer- 

trud Olson Dead. 
Erik A Frydenlund Rugby N D 02 Am 87. Fa Andreas 

s o Erik Frydenlund &'Kari Viko Hallingdal. Mo Jo- 

hanne Frederikke d o Otto Neumann Knoph, Bindalen & 

Heloise Margrete Schultz Sverdrup. 
Jul Fudske Taopi Minn 09-17. 

4t-Fugleberg Fox Minn 15 
Ole K Fuglei Petersburg Nebr 03 Am 76. Md Gulny 

Bye. S o Knud Monsen Fuglei & Anne Olsd Kvisl. Ed 

Luth Coll. 

Arne Fuglie Mazeppa Minn 13-16. 
K K Fuglie Ashby Minn 11-14. 


Mons A Fuglie Braham Minn 03 Am 70. Md Louise 

Ole Fystrom Geneseo N D 08 Am 76. Md Carolina Aas- 

nes, Sol0r. Fa Ole Fystro s o Ole Gulbrandsen H0dne & 

Inge Olsd Hegge. Mo Ingri d o Ole Gulbrandsen Berge, 

Slidre & Ingri Olsd. 

6le H Garden (Haga) Decorah la 04-15 Dead. 

Andrew Garlid River Falls Wis 10-14. 

*Knut K Garli Clontarf Minn Am 77. Md Ingeborg Skaar. 
Fa Knud s o Ole K Sletten 0vre Garlieie & Anne. Mo 
Ingeborg d o Erik Gulbrandsen Massestuen & Marit 

Nils Garlic Spring Valley Wis 05-10 Am 68. Md Barbo 
Thoresd. Fa Nils s o Ole Nilsen S Garlic, N Aurdal. Mo 
Gjertrud Bj^rnsd Kolsbrekken, Skrautvaal. 

Ole O Garlid Baldwin Wis 03 

E E Garvik First View Colo 10-11 Dead. 

Ole O Garvik Inwood la 04 

Mrs Anne Marie Gaukerud Roseau Minn 04-09 Am 85. Md 
Ole P Gaukerud. Fa Anders s o Gulbrand & Joren By- 
moen. Mo Karen Maria d o Knut & Anne Maria Tollefs- 

T O Gelen Aure Minn 13-14. 

Knut O Gigstad St Hilaire Minn 05 S o Ole K Gigstad.* 

Ole K Gigstad Valders Wis Am 49. Md Ragnild Olsd 
Stokkebru. Fa Knut s o Knut Knutsen Gigstad & Anne. 
Mo J0r0nd d o Ole & Marit Rogne. 

Ole O Gigstad Valders Wis 03 Md d o Thomas O Helle. 
S o Ole K Gigstad*. 

L G Gilbert Buffalo Minn 02-11 Dead. 

Nils -I Gilbert Eleva Wis 02 Am 57. Md Anne Olia Olson 
fr Larvik S o Ivar Gulbrandsen Vaarumsengen & In- 
gri fr Skammestein. Civil war vet. Lieut Dead. 

Walter Iver Gilbert Dumanjug Cebu P I 07-15. Fa Gul- 
brand I Gilbert s o Iver Gulbrandsen Vaarumsengen & 
Ingri. Mo Berthe Maria d o Bertel Erickson. 


A H Gilbertson Duxby Minn 12-16. 

Andrew Gilbertson Wells Minn 08 

E H Gilbertson (Flatbraaten) Finley N D 08-13. S o 

Henry Gilbertson Flatbraaten, S Aurdal & Oline Eriksd 

Void, Bagn. 

Henry Gilbertson Portland N D 08-17. 
Hans Gilbertson Wells Minn 06 
P D Gilbertson Glenwood Minn 16 
*Peder P Givre Manitowoc Wis Am 49. Md Anne Julsd 

Gulhaug. S o Peder Haagensen (Haakensmoen) 

Gjevre & Anna Nilsd Ro'gn. See Anne (Mrs C T) Spar- 


Adolph Gjevre Decorah la 04-07. 
Rev Anders H Gjevre Minneapolis 03 Am 71. Md Berit 

Helgesd Leine. Fa Haldor Olsen Hoyme. Mo Marit 

d o Guilder Anderson Gjevre & Berit Olsd. Ed Luth 

Coll. Author. 
Christoffer Gjevre Maynard Minn 03-06 Am 81. Md Theo 

O Jevne. Fa Anders s o Gunder Andersen Gjevre & Aaste 

Nilsd 0degaarden. Mo Magrete d o Christofer C Lerohl 

& Kjersti Thomasd Mosaker Dead. 
. *Ole G Gjevre Maynard Minn S o Gunnar G Gjevre & Gro 

H Weflen. 

Ole I Gjevre Nekoma N D 15 
Haldor B Gladem Petersburg Nebr 05 
K B Gladem Petersburg Nebr 07-13 Dead. 
Edward Goli Mt Horeb Wis 17 
J O Goplerud Silverton Ore 14-17. 
Harald C Goplerud Osage la 02-10. 
I, C Goplerud Portland N D 05 
Arne T Gordon Kensett la 04-07. S o Tideman 0degaar- 

Nels T Gordon Kensett la 04-15 Am 72. Md Gunild Julsd 

Bjorgo. Fa Timan 0degaarden N Aurdal s o Nils Ar- 

neson Aavok & Anne. Mo Aagot d o Tore Olsen B0e 

& Ingeborg. 
Nils Gordon Northfield Minn 02-10. 


Oliver Gordon Forest City la 04 
Gustav S Gorder Decorah la 06-10. 
Syver L Gothompson Albany Wis 04-17. S o Syver Gul- 

brandsen Gaarder fr Hallingdal & Barbara Helgesd, Val- 

Guttorm Goul Broadhead Wis 08-14. S o ul Guttormsen 


Waldemar Graff Nora Springs la 06-11. 
Anton Gran Eau Claire Wis 13-17. 
Johan C Gran Spring Grove Minn 02 Fr Toten. -Wife 

Olava fr Valdris. 
*Henry Grove Sacred Heart Minn. Wife Anna. S o Ole 

O & Carrie Grove. 

Martin Granum Montevideo Minn 06 
-Ole Granum St Paul 04-08. 
O J Gravem Towner N D 14-17. 
Albert Graves Cresco la 04-07 Fr Trondhjem. Md Anne 

T Sjel fr V Slidre. 
Ed Grefsrud Mt Horeb Wis 04-16. 
Louis G Gr0nseth West Superior Wis 02-15. 
A O Gr^nvold Murdock Minn 13-17. 
F T Gronvold Rugby N D 13-17. 
Anders A Grove Fertile la .03-16 Am 52. Md Guri Pedersd 

Dokken. Fa Anders Knutsen Espelien, Etnedalen. Mo 

Ingri d o Ole Espeseth & Guri T Bjorgo. 
A A Grove Minneapolis 04-11. 
Anders Andersen Grjzfv Northfield Minn 02-07. 
Christen G Grove Minnewaukon N D Am 05. Bro H G 


G G Grove Grand Forks N D 13 
Harald Grove Bismarck N D 04 Am 84. Md Olia Bren- 

den. Fa Guttorm s o Harald Gulbrandsen Grov & Marit 

Kristiansd Stugaarden. Mo Berit d o Christian Ildjern- 

stadhaugen & Guri. 
Julius O Grove Glenwood Minn 14 
Nils Grov Manfred N D 11-13. 
Ole Gro^e Kenyon Minn 04-13. 


Ole H Grove Sacred Heart Minn 14-15. Md Clara Viken. 

S o Ole Grove, 0ie, Vang & Kari Strand, 0ie. 
*Ole Olsen Grov Maynard Minn Am 69. Md Kari Strand. 

Fa Ole Knutsen Brekken. Mo Maglin Grov d o Nils N 

Grov & Anne Kvale. 
Ole O Grovslien Greenbush Minn 04-09 Am 69. Md Kjer- 

sti Knudsd L*en. Fa Ole Grovslien s o Ole Torgersen. 

Mo Kari d o Kristen Leira, N Aurdal & Kjersti. 
Martin Gudheim Minneapolis 06-10. 
Engebret Gulbrandson Starbuck Minn 11-17. Bro Knut 

Knut Gulbrandson Clontarf Minn 12 Am 72. Md Gerte 

Hedde. Fa Gulbrand s o Knut Olsen Slette & Anne. Mo 

Maria d o Engebret Andersen Bakken & Astri. 
Peder Olson Guldhaug Hollandale Wis 03 Am 69. Md 

Ingeborg D o Ole H Andrea, Leira. 
Andrew Gullikson Minneapolis 04 
Mrs Gullik Gullikson Decorah 07 
G R Gullikson (RpVang) Grafton N D 03-12. 
James Gullickson Nordness la 04-14. 
Matt Gullikson Cando N D 11-12. 
H O Gullixson Bode la 12-15. 
P A Gunders St Paul 04-09. 
ivar Gunderson (Nefstad) Pilot N D 12 
Knut Gunderson Mclntosh Minn 12 

Mrs Rosine (Anderson) Haatvedt Englund Minn 04-09. 
Md Arnt Haatvedt. Fa Gilbert Ten^en s o Andreas Ol- 
sen. Ragnild Gulbrandsd Skytterud. Mo Siri d o Iver 
Olsen & Olaug Baardsd. 

*Anders A Hagen Maynard Minn Am 85. Fa Anders s o 
Anders S Hagen & Guri. Mo d o Trond & Ragnild 

/hideis E Hagen Nerstrand Minn 02-09 Am 61. Md Anne 
Thostensd Kj>s. Fa Erik s o Erik Andersen Kj0s & 
Marit. Mo Marit d o J^rgen Evensd Lockrem & Anne- 


Andreas H Hagen Toronto S D 04-05. 

Anton O Hagen Roseau Minn 04-16. Md Anna Caroline 

Lee. S o Ole Hagen, Bagn. 
Erik Hagen Crary N D 13-15. 
Christian Hagen Modena Wis 15 
Herman Hagen Modena Wis 03-15. 
Iver N Hagen Sisseton S D 09 Am 84. Md Carrie Nilson. 

Fa Nils s o Nils Tostensen Hippe. Mo Eli Sundheims- 

marken d o Iver Sundheim & Ragnild Belgum. 
John I Hagen Emmons Minn 09-12. 
Joseph Hagen Wannaska Minn 05-12. S o Ole A Hagen, 


Julius Hagen Edgar Wis 15-17. 
K H Hagen Glenwood Minn 11-17 Am 52. Fa Haldor s o 

Halvor Hagen & Marit. Mo Gjertrud d o Ole Lien. 
Kristian Hagen Cyrus Minn 05-08. 
Laura Hagen Dows la 05-11. D o Ole Anderson Hagen, 


Mary C Hagen Modena Wis 03-07 Am 90. Fa Christian 
s o Johan Andersen B0hagen Ulnes & Marit Johanesd. 
Mo Rangdi d o Ole Olsen Hilme & Sigri Engebretsd Bus- 
sum. Mrs B E Lindberg.* 

Ole E Hagen Dennison Minn 05 Bro Anders E Hagen*. 

Ole O Hagen New Richland Minn 02-10. 

T K Hagen Stanwood Wash 13 

Olaf Hagene Black Earth Wis 08 

Rev Knut Hageseth Mt Horeb Wis 05-06 Am 69. Md 
Kjersti Rye Fa Knud Hageseth s o Knut Skrinsrud & 
Anne. Mo Guri d o Nils & Barbo Thomaseth, N Etne- 
dalen. Ed Red Wing Sem Dead. 

Iver A Hain Minneapolis 03 Bro Ole A Hain. 

Ole Hain Manvel N D 06-11. 

Ole A Hain Minneapolis 02 Am 75. Md Caroline Thrond- 
rud. Fa Anders s o Ole Andersen Hain & Barbo Mit- 
moen both Hedalen. Mo Kari d o Sjur Ildjarnstad & 
Kari Haagensd Kjendsrud. 


Mrs Ole A Hain. Caroline d o Gulbrand Olsen Throndrud 

& Eli Dolven. 

Ole Haldorson (Mattisgar) Kewaunee Wis 04-12. 
A A Hall Minneapolis 13 
Helge Hall Middle River Minn 14 
Mrs Julia Hall Granite Falls Minn 05-13 D o O O Brenna 


Knud J Hall Cottonwood Minn 07 
Thorstein Hallin Tioga N D 03-12 Am 51. Fa Torger 

Haalin S o Eivind Olsen HoVe, E Slidre. Mo Sigri d o 

Tostein Andersen Lien, E Slidre. 
Peder Halstein Black Earth Wis 06-11. 
Halsten Halstenson Lakota N D 11 
R Halstenrud Decorah la 15 
Elmer Halvorson Peterson Minn 07-08. 
Halvor Halvorsen (Jome) Decorah la 05-11. 
Halvor Halvorsen Forestville Wis 11 
Rev H Halvorson Westby Wis 16 
*Jeremias Halvorson Toronto S D Am 92. Wife Ingrid. 

Fa Halvor Aaskjer s o Jeremias & Anne. Mo Ingeborg 

d o Ole & Kari. 

John Halvorson Medina N D. 04 
Knut Halvorson Sturgis S D 06-13. 
Nels Halvorson Mora Minn 12-16. 
O C Halvorson Brandt S D 07-12. 
Osten Halvorson Carpio N D 13 
Mrs R J Halvorson Los Angeles Calif 09-15 Rangdi (Jevne) 


Svennung Halvorson River Falls Wis 14-15. 
Torah E Halvorson Ossian la 02-15. Fa Ole Halvorson, 

Kvale W Slidre. Mo Barbo d o Thrond & Torah Lorn- 

Gunder Hammer River Minn 13 
Albert Hamniersnes Decorah la 04-11 
E J Hamre Montevideo Minn 16-17. 
Helge B Hamre Northfield Minn 02-13. 
H H Hamre Granite Falls Minn 02-06. 


A M Hamre Granite Falls Minn 08-14. 
Anton Hamre Decorah la 07-08. 
Iver J Hamre Decorah la 06-08. 
Jacob L Hamre Hayes S D 04-16. 

Knudt J Hamre Elk Point S D 02-13 Am 72. S o John 
Knudtson Vestrehaug. W Slidre & Turi Evensd Hamre, 
W Slidre. 

Ole J Hamre Dennison Minn 02-14. 
Ole Hamrey St Paul 02-11. 
O L Hamre Hayes S D 04-11. 
Ole T Hamre Decorah la Am 58. Md Ingeborg Chris- 

tiansd, W SI Dead. 
T J Hamre Minot N D 02-07. * 
Gilbert H Hanson Finley N D 03-06. 
Mrs Hans J Hanson (Hannah Caroline) Veblen S D 03 

D o Thomas A Veblen*. 

*Mrs Ingeborg Hanson Butler S D Am 93. Md Carl J 
Hanson. D q B0ie 0stensen 0degaard & Anne Knudsd 

J C M Hanson Chicago 02 Am 73. Md Sarah Nelson. 
Jens Christian Meinich. Fa Gunnar s o Hans Brodahl 
& Anne Marie Viker. Mo Eleonore Adamine d o Peder 
Heiberg Rjzteberg & Mette Margrethe Bech. Ed Luth 
Coll & Cornell Univ. Librarian. Author. 
John Hanson Minneapolis 04-07. 
John Hanson Hendricks Minn 15 
Lars G Hanson (Modalen, Begndalen) Grand Meadow 

Minn 10 

Peter Hanson Elbow Lake Minn 16 
Ole E Hasle Park River N D 10 Md Siri Aamot. (Reinli). 
Andrew Hauge Granite Falls Minn 06-17. 
G A Hauge Glasgow Mont 02-10. 
T A Hauge Lewis N D 02-09. 

Albert L Hougen Manitowoc Wis 04-16. Md Emma Enge- 
set. S o Torger K Hougen, E SI & Anne Berge, Vang, 
Ed St Olaf. 
Anton Haugen Stillwater Minn 04-06. 


A O Haugen Montevideo Minn 04-09 Dead. 

C E Haugen Hudson Wis 11-16 (Mo Fr Valdris). 

Edwin Haugen New Hampton la 04-11. 

E E Haugen Dennison Minn 02-10. 

Gilbert G Haugen Northfield Minn 06-16. 

Gilbert N Haugen Northwood la 04-17 Hailing. Md Elise 

G T Haugen Pinecreek Minn 13-17. 

Dr G T Hougen Battle Lake Minn 03-15. 

Gulbrand T Haugen Minneapolis 05-09. 

Gustav Haugen Decorah la 04-14. 

J E Haugen St Paul 09 

J O Haugen Forest City 15 

Knut A Haugen Toronto S D 04-13. 

K K Haugen Dennison Minn 10-11. 

K N Haugen Dennison Minn 03-15. 

Louis Haugen Fertile Minn 15 

*Mrs Martha K Haugen Goodhue Co (P O Nerstrand 
Minn) Am 50 Md. Knut Pedersen Lensmandshaugen. D 
o 0sten B0e & Ingeborg. 

*Nils K Haugen Dennison Minn Am 56. Md Ingeborg 
Knudsd Bunde. Fa Knut s o Thore Knutson Haugen & 
Guri. Mo Marit d o Endre Lien, Vang & Gjertru. 

Ole G Hougen Nordness la 04-15 Am 55. Md Oline Viste. 
Fa Gjermund s o Ole Thomassen Torstad. Mo Marit d o 
Even Olsen Ulen. 

O K Haugen Portland N D 11 

Ole O Haugen Montevideo Minn 09 

Mrs Ole T Hougen Nerstrand Minn 02 Marit D o Thom- 
as A Veblen*. 

Ole T Haugen Lily S D 10-17. 

P J Haugen Portland N D 15 

Peder O Haugen Decorah 03 

Thomas T Haugen Dennison Minn 03-12. 

Mrs 0sten O Haugen Ross Minn Am 86. B Hedalen 1837. 
Taran d o Thor s o Arne Olsen Stensrud, S Aurdal & 
Jorand Gulbrandsd Ildjernstadhaugen, Hedalen. M Tar- 


an d o Gulbrand Haraldsen Str0mmen, Begndalen & Tar- 
an Haraldsd Nedre Hengsle, Aadalen Died 1904. 

0sten O Hougen Ross Minn 04-07 Am 85. Md Taran 
Thorsd Leikebakken, S Aurdal '37. Fa Ole Landsend- 
haugen s o 0sten Paulsen Bakkum, Hedalen & Gjertrud 
Bj0rnsd Hagen, Hedalen. Mo Sigrid d o J0rgen Olsen 
Bergsrud, Hedalen & Ragnild Syversd Grimsrud, Begn- 

*Thomas N Haugen (Arnehaugen) Dennison Minn Am 54. 
Md Gjertrud Christofersd Lykken. Fa Nils Knutsen 
Helle, Vang s o Knut Helle & Berit. Mo Marit d o Thom- 
as Olsen T^rstad & Gjertrud Pedersd Veblen. 

Thorvald Haugen Valders Wis 08-13. Md Julia Berge. 

5 o Knud Tollefsen Hougen, W Slidre & Anne Thoresd 

Torger K Haugen Manitowoc Wis 08-12 Am 53. Md Anne 

Olsd Berge, Vang. S o Knut Nilsen Haugen & Marit 

Knudsd Onstad. 
T T Haugen Jasper Minn 07-16. S o Thomas Hjellehau- 

Helge S Haugsrud Superior Wis 03 Am 82. Md Minnie 

Corson. S o Steingrim Haugsrud S Aurdal & Hanna 

Skaugstad Ringerike. 
Ivar Haugsrud Concord Minn 05-11. 
Ole Haugsrud Medford Minn 05-17. 
Olga Haugsrud Superior Wis 06-10. 
S Haugsrud Duluth Minn 06 
Mrs Steiner Haugsrud Duluth Minn 06. 
Nils E Hedal Ada Minn 04-05 Am 84. Md Marit Svensd 

Hedal D 98. Md 2d Ingri Andersd Beito. S o Erik 

Ole S Hedahl Manfred N D 04-17 Am 93 Md Ingri K 

J0rstad. S o Sven G Hedalen & Guri d o Ole Olsen 

Rogne & Guri Gudbrandsd Melby Died '17. 
Xels T Hedalen Fordville N D 05-16 Am 03. Fa Trend 

s o Nils T Hedalen & Guri. Mo Marit d o Per T Skolte 

6 Ingeborg K Skolte. 


Nels T Hedalen Sr Fordville N D 08 

Christopher J Keen Dennison Minn 02 Am 66. Md 

Marit Aadsd. S o John Einarsen Heen* & Eli Endresd 

John E Heen Dennison Minn 02-04 Am 66 Md Eli d o En- 

dre N Rogn & Marit Quien Vang. Fa Einar C Heen. 

Mo Anne d o John K Lerohl & Anne T Thorpe. J E H 

died 1904. 

Ole E Heen Maynard Minn 04-10. 
Ole G Heen Maynard Minn 08 
Ole N Heen Max Bass N D 07-13. 
Herman Hegeseth Dennison Minn 06-13. 
*Ole K Hegge Adams Minn Am 72. Md Berit O Hovey. 

Fa Knut s o Sven Olsen Hegge & Ragnild Christensd 

Rogne. Mo Ragnild d o Ole Johnson Kvale~& Astri 

Christensd Rogne. 
Mrs Maria Heidal Radcliffe la 09-16 Am 82. Md Rev S O 

Heidal. Fa Jacob Knudsen Ryggen. Mo Ingeborg d o 

Arne Higdem & Ragnild Solkjser. 
*Andrew Helgeson Michigan N D Am 64. Md Kari Alfsd 

Fretheim. Fa Helge s o Ole Sjzfrbo & Marit. Mo Marit 

d o Anders & Anne Dale. 
E H Helgesen Sherman S D 09 
John Helgeson Hills Minn 02 

Henry T Helgesen Milton N D 10-17. Md Bessie H Nel- 
son. Fa Thomas s o Helge Rogn & Marit. Mo Marit 

Andersd Haugo, Vang Member of Congress Died '17. 
Ole Helgeson Nord N D 04-11. 
*Ole Helgeson (S^rbo) Am 65. Md Berit V Bunde. Bro 

Andrew H*. 

John Helland Niagara N D 13-14. 
M E Helland Glenwood Minn 16 
Ole M Helland Mt Horeb Wis 08-11 Am 61. Md Ragnild 

Andreasd Kringle, Etnedalen. Fa Mikkel s o Syver K01- 

vesseteren, Bagn & Anne. Mo Guro d o Erik & Gjertrud 

N N Helle Harmony Minn 13-16. 


Knut K Helle Hills Minn 09 

Ole T Helle Reedsville Wis 04-10 Am 48. Md Oline Tide- 
mandsd Hilmen 2d Ida Christiansen. Fa Thomas s o 
Ole Thomassen Helle & Marit. Mo Kari d o Eivind 
H0yme & Sigrid Dea'd. 

Peder O Helle New Richland Minn 03-08 Dead. 

J O Hellie Albert Lea Minn 06-11. 

K Hellie Albert Lea Minn 06 
Christ N Hemsing Rollis Minn 04-07. 
Erik Hemsing Geneseo N D 10 
Henry N Hemsing Rollis Minn 04-06. 

Henry Hendrickson Chicago 05-11 Am 47. Md Walborg 
Eager. Md 2d Stella C Wing. Fa Ole s o Hendrik 
Hendriksen Hippe & Esther. Mo Guri d o Ole Oppei 
& Marit. Blind author & lecturer. 

1 N Hendrickson Park River N D 07-13. 
Johan Hendrickson Stillwater Minn 04-07. 
O N Hendrickson Genoa Wis 15 

Nils S Heskin Portland N D 10-12. 

S N Heskin Portland N D 10-13. 

Arne J Higdem Bagley Minn 07 Am 87. Md Ingeborg. 

Fa J0ger s o Arne Higdem & Ragnild, N Etnedal. Mo 

Guri d o Anders Solberg & Siri. 
Lewis Higdem Portland N D 05-09. 
Thomas O Higdem Portland N D 05-07. 
Olaf Hildahl Greenbush Minn 13-14. 
Mrs H K Hill Seattle Wash 12-15. 
Timan O Hill Iduna Wis 03-09 Am 48. Md Maria Syversd 

Hoff. S o Ole Olsen Bakken & Anne Tidemandsd Ber- 

gum. N Aurdal. 
Mrs Berthe Hills Argyle Wis 05 Am 86. Md Knut O 

Hills. D o Iver Hesjedalen Aaseneie & Olaug d o Baard 

Jensen H^lersaeterbygden, Bagn. 
Knut O Hills Canby Ore 05 Am 52. Md Berthe Iversd 

Dalen. S o Ole Bakkerne & Kari Kj^rstad, N Aurdal. 
E O Hilmen Modena Wis 06 
Iver I Hippe Starbuck Minn 03 Am 68. Md Anna Eriksd 


N Aurdal. Fa Iver s o Iver Iversen Hippe & Berit 
Granum. Mo Marit d o Engebret Nilsen Fodnes & Sigri 

Even A Hjelle Whalan Minn 02 Am 65. Md Berg-it 
Kaasa. Fa Anders Koljorde s o Even Okshovd & Randi 
d o Kristofer Kvien & Anne Thune. Mo Kari d o Aslak 
Norland & Ingeborg Gjermundsd Lomen. 

Mrs J L Hjorth Minneapolis 04-13. 

H P Hoff Norton N D 07-16. 

John Hoff Grand Meadow Minn 14-16 Dead. 

Johan B Hoff Grand Meadow Minn 10-12. 

N J Hoff St Paul 07-10. 

Ole L Hoff Farwell Minn 02-06 Am 66. Wife Susanna. 
S o Lars E H0ve & Inge Toresd Juven. 

S E Hoff Foley Minn 13 

T L Hoff Glenwoocl Minn 14- 

Edwin K Hogenson Grafton N D 03 S o Knut Hogenson 
Slidre & Mali Eivindsd (H0ime) (Kr^ss) Eikro. 

Jens T Hoime Bryant S D 03 S o Thomas H0ime. 

K S Hoime Edgerton Minn 11-13. 

'Barbro Holdahl. Beldenville Wis 11-14 D o Tolleiv Holdahl 

Bendix Holdahl Roseau Minn 03-17 Am 87. Md Amelia 
Anderson. Fa Tolleiv s o Nils & Anne Holdahl, Skraut- 
vaal. Mo Ingeborg d o Bendix Gladheim & Barbro Sol- 
brekken Died '17. 

N O Holdahl Ellsworth Wis 04- 

Olaf Holdahl Roseau Minn 04 Am 88. Md Anna M Knud- 
son d o Ulrik Knudson Gigstad. S o Tolleiv Holdahl. 

Ottar T Holdahl Maddock N D 12-17. 

S0ren Holdahl Beldenville Wis 04 

S0ren T Holdahl Roseau Minn 04 S o Tolleif Holdahl*. 

Tolleif Holdahl Beldenville Wis 02-10 Am 88. Md Inge- 
borg d o Bendix Gladheim & Barbro Solbrekken. S o 
Nils & Anne Holdahl, Skrautvaal Dead. 

Thorbj^rn B Holdahl Roseau Minn 04-16. S o Tolleif 

Erik S Holden Canton S D 08-12. 

Knut E Holden Sioux Falls S D 03-18 Dead. 


Ole Holden Hudson Wis 04-17. 

Ragnild Holen Moody Minn 06-09 Am 82. Fa Syver M 
Helen. Mo Sigrid d o Tore & Andrea Hagaseth. 

Syver M Holen Moody Minn 05-11. 

K H Holian Maynard Minn 04-14. 

Andrew K Holien Havre Mont 05-15 Am 77. Md Nettie 
Thomasd Wold. Fa Knut s o Johan Knudsen Holien. 
Mo was d o Anders & Barbro Ellestad. 

G E Holien St Paul 04-11. 

Hans O Holien Dennison Minn 04-09. 

Osten Holien Sherman S D 15 

Christoffer E Holien Kerkhoven Minn 05 Am 66. Md 
Berit Jakobsd Hamre. Fa Even H^verstadeie s o Chris- 
toffer Mosaker. Mo Anne Kvismo d o Tosten Pedersen 
& Ingri. 

Tosten Holien Kerkhoven Minn 13 Bro C E Holien. 

John Hoist Tacoma Wash 12-15. 

.Lr-e Hope Fessenden N D 17 

C E Hovda Grand Meadow Minn 10-13. 

*Christopher A Hovda Maynard Minn Am 83. Md Anne 
Christophersd Lerhol. Fa Anders s o Anders Hovda & 
Mali Lien, E Slidre. Mo Berthe d o Anders Knutsen 
0io & Martha Olsd Berge. 

John S Hove Bartlett N D 11 

Knut Hove Graf ton N D 03. 

Tosten T Hove St Paul 02 

Torger N Hove Barton N D 02-10 Am 88. Md Marit T 
Grythe. S o Nils T Hovi (fr Berg), E Slidre & Gjer- 
trud Andersd Framstad. 

Hoval Hovalson Hancock Minn 04 Am 91. Fa Haavel 
Syversen 0degaarden S Aurdal. Mo Guri d o Ole A 
Knatshaugen, Reinli & Astri Olsd Disrud. 

*Even Hover Locust la Am 68. Md Bertha Maria Chris- 
tian. Fa Haaver Hoyme s o Even Evenson Roble. Mo 
Bertha Larsd. 

Edward Hoverson Beach N D 03 Am 69. Md Ragnild 


. Anderson. Fa Hovel Syverson fr Lerskogen Mo Thora 
d o Anders Andersen Eidsbakken, Aadalen. 

Anders T Hoverstad Maynard Minn 03 Md Berthe Ler- 
ohl. Fa Thorstein s o Anders Andersen H0verstad fr 
Hamre & Berit Aastad. Mo Berthe Lerohl d o Kristo- 
fer K Lerohl & Kjersti Mosaker. 

Bertha Hoverstad Dennison Minn 05-13. Sister o Torger 
A. Ed Univ Minn & Cornell Univ. 

Can-pie Hoverstad Dennison Minn 09-10 Sister o Torger 
A H. Md K B Norsving. 

Rev Helge Hoverstad Sioux City la 02 Am 92. Fa Tor- 
ger s o Anders Andersen Hoverstad & Berit Hamre. 
Mo Gjertrud d o Helge Helgesen Leine Ed Norway 
& U Ch Theol Sem. 

Mrs Ingeborg Hoverstad Dennison Minn 08-10. Md An- 
ders A Hoverstad. D o Knut Estrem. 

Rev Torgeir Hoverstad Wayzata Minn 02 Bro Helge H*. 

Torger A Hoverstad Dennison Minn 02 Md Mary Cor- 
nelia Thompson. Fa Anders s o Anders Anderson H0v- 
erstad Mo Ingebor d o Knut Evenson Estrem & Kari 
Keen. Ed U Minn. Author & Lecturer. 

Tosten A Hoverstad Nerstrand Minn 07-10. 

Iver O Hovey Tioga N D 06 Am 98. Fa Ole s o Alf T 
R0vang. Mo Ragnild d o Ole K Rogne & Ingeborg 
Iversd. Ed Luth Coll. 

O A Hovey Butte Mont 10 Bro I O Hovey*. 

O S Hovey Fessenden N D 16 

Pete Hovey Grafton N D 04-11 Dead. 

Gilbert K Hovie Thief River Falls 15-16. 

Ole Hovie Lake Mills la 03 

K H Hoyme Hills Minn 12-16. 

Alf A H^yne Sioux Falls S D 03-15. 

Halvor E Huset Chetek Wis 14-15 Dead. 

O L Huset Hatton N D 12 

Henry S Ingvaldson Minneapolis 07 S o Syver Ingvald- 
son* Dead. 


Syver Iligvaldson Hills Minn 02-17. Md d o Halvar Hal- 

vorsen Lome. 

Trond Ingvaldson Decorah la 11-12. 
Chas Isaacs Milaca Minn 04 Am 55. Md Susan Jorgen,- 

son Graven. Fa Knut Aslagsen Haadem later Kampen. 

Mo Marit d o Knut & Sigrid Berg. 
Svend Isakson Grand Meadow Minn 13 
Tolleff Istad Decorah la 08 Am 69. Md Ingri Vik. Fa 

Anders 0degaarden W Slidre. 
Mrs David Iverson Fessenden N D 16 
Endre Iverson Dennison Minn 02-13. 
*Even Iverson (Milevandet) Petersburg N D Am 79. Fa 

Iver s o Even & Anne Hagen. Mo Guri d o Ole Lie & 

Gunild Turibraaten. 
Gilbert Iverson Osage la 09-12. 
Iver Iverson Harrisburg S D 02-12. 
*Iver Iverson (Th0n) Valders Wis Am 50. "Vesl' Ivar." 

Md Anne Thoresd D0vre. 
M Iverson Manvel N D 13 Fr S Aurdal. 
Ole Iverson Michigan N D 14-17. 
Ole Iverson Bryant S D 03 
Tobias Iverson Granite la 02-12 Am 63. Md Sigri Riste. 

S o Ivar Lykken & Kari.Steinde N Aurdal Dead. 

Arne L Jackson Wallace S D 04 Am 63. Md Martha 
Erager. Fa Isak Klevgaard s o Christen Knutsen Gr0n- 
bakke & Astri Olsd Klevgaard. Mo Siri d o Arne Olsen 
Hovde, Etnedalen & Anne Rustebakke. 

Ole A Jackson (Klevgaard) Mclntosh Minn 05 Bro 
Arne L J. 

Chris Jackson Albert Lea Minn 13-17. 

Knut C Jackson (Klevgaard) Red Lake Falls Minn 05-07. 
Bro A L J. 

A O Jacobs Northfield Minn 04-13. 

John O Jacobson Albert Lea Minn 06-16. 

Mrs Ole Jacobson Nekoma N D 04-07. 

Oscar Jacobson Barrett Minn 17 


Inger Dorthea Jagerson Decorah la 03-10. Fa Ole s o 
J0ger J0gersen Nyhagen, E Slidre & Ingri Tollefsd 
Gjsero. Mo Ambjjzfr d o Ole Trondsen Myhre & Dorthe 

, Iversd Thune. 

J O F Jagerson Decorah la 06-09. Bro of Inger D J. 

Carl L Jeglum Huntington la 04-07. 

John Jensvold Duluth Minn 08 

Louise Jensvold Cylinder la 13-15. 

Mrs N P Jesperson Wayzata Minn 02-11. 

Knud O Jevne Sacred Heart Minn 02-15 Am 73. Md 
Christine Berthe Maria. Fa Ole Jevne s o Anders Lar- 
sen & Gunnild Olsd. Mo Marit d o Ole Andersen Foll- 
inglo, Svenes & Dordei Olsd. 

Lars Jevne Mt Horeb Wis 04-09. Bro K O Jevne*. 

Thosten R Jevne Wetaskiwin Alta Can 07 Am 72. Md 
Mary Evensd Kj0s. Fa Reier s o Torger Torgersen 
Jevne & Gjertru Klokkergaard, Vang. Mo Ingeborg d o 
Tosten Tostensen Kj0s & Marit Ellingbp'. 

Anton J Johnson Spring Grove Minn 13 

Mrs B A Johnson Waseca Minn 10-16. 

Erik Johnson Downing Wis 13-15. 

Even Johnson Chicago 07 

Gilbert Johnson Grand Forks N D 07 

Gust Johnson Roseau Minn 15-17. 

Halsten Johnson Minneapolis 09-17. 

Tver O Johnson Traverse Minn 10-16. 

Dr John Sabert Johnson St Paul 02 Md Emily Nickels. 
Fa Martin Johnson s o Johan of Land & Marit of Val- 
dris lineage. Mo Barbra Gaarder d o Syver Anfinsen 
Piltingsrud & Sigri Syversd Aasli. Ed Beloit Coll & 
Mich Univ. 

John Johnson Cresco la 04-05 Am 61. Md Anne Pedersd 
Ekren, Hurum. Johannes. Fa Johannes s o Knudt Jo- 
hannessen Holien & Margrete Kvien. Mo Berit d o An- 
ders Sjzfrre Bunde & Berit. 

Knut Johnson Toronto S D 03-10 Am 51. Md Mari John- 
son. Md 2d Berit. Knud -Johnson Nesja W Slidre. 


Martin Johnson Orfordville Wis 04-10. 
Mrs Martin Johnson Dell Rapids S D 14-16. 
Ole JoTinson (Kaarstad) Chicago 03-09. Bro Even John- 
son Dead. 

Ole Johnson Fordville N D 08-16. 
Ole Johnson Albert Lea Minn 04-09. 

Ole Johnson (Hougen) Newman Grove Nebr 03 Am 73. 
Md Lavina Andersd. Fa Johannes s o Mekkel Johannes- 
sen Haugen & Aagot Olsd Mistrand. Mo Marit Gausa- 
ger, Svenes d o Sven Engebretsen Ulnes & Sigri Swendsd 
Nordre Lien, S Aurdal. 
Sven Johnson Stanton Nebr 09-13. 

Rev Thomas Johnsen (Lomen or Flisen) St Peter Minn 
04-06 Am 51. Md Maren E C Sahlgaard. S o John An- 
finson Oldre, Vang & J0rend Gjermundsd Lomen. Ed St 
Louis Dead. 

Tosten Johnson (Lomen or Flisen) Climax Minn 03-14 Am 
51. Md Thora Ingebretsd. Bro Thos Johnsen*. Mem 
legislature Dead. 

*Oscar Johnsrud Manitowoc Wis. Fa Knud s o Knud 
Johnsen Johnsrud & Marit Olsd Vindingstad. Mo Inge- 
borg d o Halvor Olsen Skatrud & Ingeborg Tollefsd 

Torger K Johnsrud Manitowoc Wis 02-07 Am 59. Md An- 
ne G Kj0k. Fa Knud s o Jon Torgersen Johnsrud. Mo 
Marit d o Ole Torgersen Vindingstad & Kari Gulbrandsd 

Mrs Ragnild (Kvien) Johnsrud Montevideo Minn 08 Md 
Thorsten Johnsrud. 

Ole E Jome Decorah la 05-06. 

A C J^randby Grafton N D 03-06. 

Matilda Jordet Modena Wis 03-06. 

Olaus Jordet Montevideo Minn 03-10. 

Ole Jordet Modena Wis 04-06. 

Ole Jorgens Minneapolis 02-12 Am 61. Gudrid Hovda. 
Fa J0rgen Hellingen s o Ole Halvorsen Fremgaarden, 


Reinli. Mo Secilia Hagene d o Eiliv Slottet & Ingrid 

*Edward Jorgensen De Pere Wis Am 81. (Ivar). Fa Knut 

Kristianspladsen, E Slidre s o Jjzfrgen Jjzfrnsen & Barbo 

Knudsen. Mo Kirsti J0rstad d o Ivar Gulbrandsen & 

Guri Olsd. 

Tollev Jorgenson Kewaunee Wis 04-11. 
Gerhard Jorgenson Decorah la 04-13. 
*Nils N Jorstad Crosby N D Am 74 S o Nils Nilsen Jfjzfr- 

stad & Barbro Nilsd Dead. 
Nils O J^rdstad Manfred N D 10-13. 
Ole H Jarstad Fordville N D 04 
Mrs Ole N Jordstad Beldenville Wis 08-17. 
Ole T Jarstad Kenyon Minn 03-13 Am 70. Md Ellen O 

Enger. Bro T T J* Dead. 
Thorleif T Jorstad Harvey N D 10 Am 93. Md Rangdi 

O Dokken. Fa Tollef Jsero s o Syver Tollefsen & Inga 

Olsd. Mo Marit d o Mikkel Christensen Rogne & Guri 

Torsteinsd Presthegge. 
Mrs U Julson Canton S D 15 
Rev Ole Juul Brandon Minn 02-03 Am 48. Fa Juul s o Ole 

Trondsen (0vre Hoy me) Gtildhaug. Mo Berit Evensd 

0vre Hoyme Dead. 
Olav Juvkam Minneapolis 06-08. 

Mrs John Kalberg Red Top Minn 16 

E P Kalstad Amherst Junction Wis 14-17. 

Andrew A Kampelien Pinecreek Minn 05-07 Am 90. Bro H 
A K*. 

Halvor A Kampelien Pinecreek Minn 05-10 Am 87. Fa 
Anders Kampelien s o Ole Benson & Helene. Mo Johanna. 

Knut O Kampelien Pinecreek Minn 04-11 Am 79. Md Kari 
Arnesd Espelien. Fa Ole, fr Langedrag N Aurdal s o 
Anders & Berit Langedrag, N Aurdal. Mo Helena 0y- 
gaarden, Etnedalen d o Anders Hestekind & Helge. 

Ole A Kampelien Pinecreek Minn 04-12 Bro H A K*. 

Otto E Kamrud Starbuck Minn 15 


Iver Kana Fertile Minn 03-12 Am 84. Md Lise Haugen. 
S o Ole Olsen & Berte Iversd, S Aurdal Dead. 

Oscar Kana Grafton N D 03-13. S o Ivar Kana. 

Herman Karlsgodt Minneapolis 07 

Olaf Karlsgodt Big Sandy Mont 06 

Ole Karlsgodt Big Sandy Mont 09 

*Helge Erikson Kasa Dennison Minn Am 54. Md Ingri 
Iversd Oldre. Fa Erik s o Helge Kasa & Berit. Mo 
Berit d o John Nystuen & Berit. Civ war vet. 

H H Kasa Dennison Minn 02-12. 

John E Kasa Dennison Minn 05-10. 

Mrs J N Kildahl St Paul 04 Fa Lars Soine. Mo Anne El- 

Mrs Annie King Tacoma Wash 04-11 Am 67. Md L B 
King. D o Harald Onsrud, Hedalen & Olaug Bergsrud, 
Hedalen Dead. 

Knut Kirkeberg Gunder la 13 

Rev Ole L Kirkeberg Dallas Wis 02 Am 74 & 89. Md 
Julia Malvina Christmas. Md 2d time. Fa Lars s o 
Knud Larsen Kirkeberg & Maria Andersd Kulterstad. 
Mo Anne d o Ole Syversen Olmhus & Kari Arnesd 
Aasen. Ed Bruun's and Asker Folkeh^iskoler. Author. 

Ludvig D Kirkevold Kristiania 02 S o Ole Kirkevold 

Ole Kirkevold Fredriksvsern 10 Dead. 

Ole Kirkevold Jr Calgary Canada 15 S o Ole K, Fredriks- 

Ole Kirkevold Hayfield Minn 05-17. 

Einar Kjensrud Sacred Heart Minn 13 

Erik T Kjensrud Portland N D 05 

Ole T Kensrud Portland N D 10-15 Am 67. Md Johanne 
N Hovda. S o Tidemand Kjensrud fr Bergsrud, Hedal- 

H O Kjome Thief River Falls Minn 13-17. 

A O Kjorlien Kempton N D 12-15. 

O K Hj^rlien Cresco la 03-15. 

K E Kjornes Minneota Minn 13-15. 


Gilbert H Kj^rstad Glenwood Minn 08-13. Md Ragnhild 
Landsrud. Fa Harald s o Ole Eriksen Dsehle & Marit 
Eriksd Revling. Mo Guri d o Thrond B^rselien & Kari 
Lie Dead. 

*Harald Kjjzfrstad Glenwood Minn Am 67. Md Anne 
Thoresd Dahl. Md 2d Guri Throndsd Lien. Fa Ole s o 
Erik Tidemandsen & Inge Haraldsd. Mo Marit d o Erik 
Ulriksen Revling. 

Ole H Kjjzfrstad Nobleton Wis 07-10. S o Harald Kj0r- 

Knut Ostenson Kj0s Milwaukee Soldiers Home 02-16 Am 
62. Fa 0sten Knudsen 0vre Kj0s. Mo Marit d o Tos- 
ten Roine. Civ war vet. 

Nils Kj0s Fessenden N D 11-13. 

Rev Torgeir Kj0s Camrose Alberta 07 Bro K O Kj0s*. 

E Klemesrud Crookston Minn 05-15 Am 93. Md Marit 
Midtre Lie. S o Erik H Klemesrud & Kari O. 

Harald K Klemesrud Nora Springs la 02 S o Knud H K*. 

Herman K Klemesrud Nora Springs la 03 S o Knud 
H K*. 

Herman S Klemesrud Nora Springs la 04 Am 82. Md 
Inger Maria K Rustad, Hedalen. Fa Syver s o Herman 
S B0n, Reinli & Kari K Kammen. Mo Gjertrud d o 
Anders Lien, Reinli & Anne Syversd, Reinli. 

Knud H Klemesrud Nora Springs la 03 Am 66. Md 
Liv Haraldsd Grove Fa Herman s o Syver Hermanson 
Klemesrud fr B0n, Reinli & Guri Olmhus Mo Kari d o 
Knud Knudsen Kammen. 

Martin K Klemesrud McVille N D 06 S o Knud H K*. 

Iver Kleven Klevenville Wis 03-15. 

Knut Kleven Mt Horeb Wis 08-12. 

Ole Kleven Minot N D 14-16. 

S B Klevgaard East Grand Forks Minn 09-12. 

Arne Knutson Mapleton Minn 04-10. 

Arne Knutson Pinecreek Minn 03 Am 81. Md Gjer- 
trud Anderson. Fa Knut Ruse so o Arne & Kari Rom. 
Mo Anna d o Arne & Kari Nysven, Etnedalen. 


E Knudson Minneapolis 09-13. 

*Gulbrand Knudtson Starbuck Minn Am 72. Md Maria 
Engebretsd Bakken. Fa Knud (Husmand to 0vre Garli) 
s o Ole Knudsen Sletten & Anne. Mo Ingeborg d o 
Erik Gulbrandsen Massestuen & Marit Bj^rnsd. 

Halvor Knutson Valders Wis 10-17 Dead. 

Henry Knudson Michigan N D 10 

*Henry Knudson Heron Lake Minn. S o Knud Christen- 
sen Klevgaard (Am name Knud Christy) & Anne Hen- 
driksd Fuglien, N Aurdal. 

Johan Knudson Minneota Minn 16-17. 

Knut Knutson Benson Minn 16 Am 72. Fa Knud s o 
Knud Pedersen Aaberg & Guro Enersd. Mo Marit d o 
Gulik Sundem & Ragne Hippe. Mem Legislature. 

Ole Knutson Forestville Wis 16 

Ole Knutson Fargo N D 13-16. 

Peder Knutson Valders Wis 14 

Sven Knutson (0degaard) Clear Lake la 12 

Thomas Knutson Minneapolis 09-15 Md Emma Navrud, 
Reinli. S o Knut Knutsen Guldhaug. 

Thord Knudson Homestead N D 09-13. S o Knud Eikro 
near Stende, Ulnesbygd. 

Tidemand Knutson Blue Mounds Wis 13-17. 

Andrew Kolden Petersburg Nebr 07-15. 

Elling Kolstad Cannon Falls Minn 04-15. 

Knut Kolstad Brill Wis 09-11. 

Knud A Kolstad St Hilaire Minn 04 Am 86. Fa Anders 
Kolstad-braaten s o Ole Anderson Melbyeiet & Ragnild 
Pedersd. Mo Helleborg d o Ole Bendiksen Hovi (or 
Grobakken) & Kjirsti Jurunsd. 

Peter A Kolstad St Hilaire Minn 04-15 Am 86. Kolstad- 
braaten Dead. 

Ole A Komprud Dennison Minn 03 Am 64. Md Emilie 
Louise. Fa Anders Olsen Komprud fr Land. Mo Kari 
d o Tosten Lockrom & Kari. 

O O Kongslien Rhinelander Wis 02-13. 

T O Kongslien Rhinelander Wis 02-16. 


H H Korstad Brookings S D 03-12. 

Timan G Kulterstad Minneapolis 04-13. 

Bertha Kvale Minneapolis 02-10. 

Gullik E Kvale Bawlf Alberta 04 

Ingeborg Kvale Northfield 02-12. 

Nils Olsen Kvale Minneapolis 02 

Nils Olson Kvale Tolley N D 08-16 Am 01. Fa Ole s o 

Jul Kvale & Gjertrud Bjelb^le. Mo Gro d o Nils G 

Sjzlgaarden & Sissel T Alvstad. 
Rev O J Kvale Benson Minn 03 Md Ida Tonetta Simley. 

5 o Juul Kvale & Gro Egge. Ed Luther Coll. 
Thorstein T Kvale Rudell Minn 02-16. 

R O Kvernen Portland N D 09 

E L Kvernstuen Dalton Minn 10 

Andrew Kvien Fosston Minn 04-15. Bro Austin Kvien* 

Anders K Kvien Pinecreek Minn 06 Am 87. Md Gurine 

Gjenstad, b. Kvismoen. Fa Knut s o Anders Veblen & 

Marit. Mo Sigri d o Ole A T^rstad & Sigrid. 
Austin Kvien Woodlake Calif 02 Am 86. Md Bertha 

Lajord. 0ystein. Fa Knut s o Anders )stensen Kvien 

6 Ragnhild Knutsd. Mo Marit d o Torstein Tidemand- 
sen R0ine & Sigrid. 

Ole K Kvien Montevideo Minn 03-10. Bro Austin Kvien*. 

Lage Lageson Maddock N D 10 Am 83. Md Mathilda 
M Arne. Fa Iver Brenden s o Lage Iversen Braaten 
& Anne Hendriksd Brenden. Mo Rangdi d o Anders 
Gulbrandsen & Siri Knudsd. 

Mrs Maren Lajord Minneapolis 06 Md Thomas Lajord. 
D o Thrond Kattevold. 

Thomas Lajord Minneapolis 03-06 Am 70. Md Maren 
Throndsd Kattevold. Fa Thorstein s o Thorstein La- 
jord & Guri Simensd S0ine. Mo Ingeborg d o Thomas 
Madsen Nertrost & Berith Thune. Ed Hamar Sem Died 

Nils Landmark Hancock Minn 13 


T O Landmark Michigan N D 10 Am 83. S o Ole Thom- 

assen Landmark & Ingri P Moen. 
A E Landsrud Albert Lea Minn 02-10. 
Austin Landsrud Grand Forks N D 05-13. 
M E Landsrud Emmons Minn 02-16. 
*Torger E Landsrud Decorah la Am 56. Md Ambj^r 

Rovang. S o Endre Landsrud. 
Halvor Larson Toronto S D 04-16. 
Hans Larson Brandon S D 13 
L L Larson Cashton Wis 10-17. 
O P Larson Whitehall Wis 10-12. 
W A Larson Hills Minn 02-09. 
Mrs A D Lawrence Chicago 10-14. Anne Iversd Lockrom 


Abraham Lee Morris Minn 16 
Andris B Lee Farwell Minn 02 

A K Lee Berwick N D 06-13 Dead. Bro Knut K Lee*. 
Mrs C K Lee Mclntosh Minn 05-08 Am 83. Md Charley 

Lee. Inger d o Erik T Wold Bergene, Hedalen & Nico- 

line Nilsd Neraasen. 
Erik Lee Barren Wis 12-14. 

Erik E Lee Elbow Lake Minn 06 Bro Knut K Lee*. 
Even C Lee Faribault Minn 08-15 Am 88. S o Christian 

Lie & Thora Evensd. 
Gullik A Lee Cresco la 02-13 Am 76. Md Marit Olsd Nor- 

sving. Fa Anders s o Tosten Nilsen Lien & Guri Gul- 

brandsd. Mo Ragnild d o Tosten Tostensen Haugen & 

Guri Dead. 
Halvor A Lee Minneapolis 03-14. Bro A L Lien Civ war 

vet Dead. 

Henry O Lee Minneapolis 03-16. 
Mrs Ida Lee Lake Mills la 04-10. 
Ivar A Lee Nielsville Minn 10 Am 80. Md Karen Syv- 

ersd. S o Anders O (S0ndre) Lie, Hedalen. 
Knudt Lee Wannaska Minn 05-16. Md Anna Mortenson. 

Fa Erik Lie, Liabygdeie, S Aurdal s o Knudt Lee & Kari 

Mo Siri B0en, N Aurdal. 


Knut K Lee Elbow Lake Minn 06-11 Am 73. Md Gro Olsd 
Vaae. Fa Knud Lien (b Bergei Liagrenden) s o Anders 
Mikkelsen Polen & Marit Knudsd Lien. Mo Marit Ranei 
d o Endre Olsen Tveit & Kari Mikkelsd Nedre Ranum. 

K O Lee Canby Ore 13-14. 

Martin N Lee Elbow Lake Minn 06-10. 

Mikkel A Lee Mt Horeb Wis 09 

Ole A Lee Mt Horeb Wis 08 Bro Mikkel A Lee. 

Ole Lee St Paul 07-11 Dead. 

Paul T Lee Klevenville Wis 10-15. 

Simon Lee Orland Calif 04-11 Etnedalen. 

Mrs Siri Lee St Paul 10 (Also written Sarah). 

T H Lee Minneapolis 16-17. 

Mrs Thonette O Lee Mayville N D 04-09 Thonette Eriksd 
Wold. Md Ole C Lee. Sister of N E Wold. 

Even Leithe Battle Lake Minn 04-08. Bro O K Leithe. 

O K Leithe Battle Lake Minn 04-14 Am 03. Fa Knut s o 
Knut Leithe & Berit Haalie. Mo d o Even Kvaal & Sigri 
Leithe, Hururn, Vang. 

*Hans A Leite Petersburg N D Am 83. Md Kari Solberg. 
Fa Arne s o Ole Arneson Leite, Bagn & Berit Gulbrandsd 
Mo Olea d o Hans M Listru & Ali Leite. 

*A C Lerohl Sacred Heart Minn Am 88. Md Betsey 
Grove. Fa Kristofer s o Kristofer K Lerohl & Kjirsti 
Thomasd Mosaker. Mo Randi d o Andris Johansen Her- 
mundstad & Anne 0ie. 

Chris Lerohl Nashwauk Minn 09-11. 

Rev John Kr Lerohl Starbuck Man Canada 03-07. Ed Red 
Wing. Bro A C Lerohl*. 

Alf A Lestrud Northwood la 04-06. 

Anna Lestrud Mayville N D 08-12. 

G Levison Forest City la 12 

*Engebret A Lia Decorah la Am 57 Md Gunhild Gul- 
brandsd. Fa Anders B0e, Vang s o John Pedersen Quale, 
Vang & Ingeborg Iversd Thune. Mo Berit Engebretsd 

Anders J Lien Duxby Minn 04-14 Am 83. Fr Hedalen. 


Anders L Lien River Falls Wis 07-17 Bro Ole L Lien*. 

Civ war vet. Author list of Wis Soldiers. 
Anton Lien Blanchardville Wis 05 
Carl M Lien Red Wing Minn 14-15 Dead. 
Erick O Lien Starbuck Minn 04-07. 
Gilbert M Lien Ross Minn 03-09 Gulbrand M Grovslien 

Am 98. Bro Gilbert Lien* Pinecreek. 
Gilbert Lien Pine Creek Minn 07-09 Guttorm M Grovslien 

Am 93. Fa Mikkel s o Knut Torgersen Grovslien Heda- 

len & Mari Iversd. Mo Marit d o Ole Haugejordet & 

Mari Olsd Haugen. 
Gilbert Lien Fordville N D 10-12. 
Gunder E Lien Maynard Minn 04-14. 
K L Lien River Falls Wis 02-17. Bro O L Lien. 
Knud S Lien Cottonwood Minn 04-07 Am 50. Md Valina 

Ruste Dead. 
*Knud Thompson Lien Medford N D Am 76 Md Gjertrud 

Knudsd Beito. Fa Tosten s o Knud Tostensen Lien & 

Mali. Mo Kari Rudi d o Christofer G Skammestein & 

Kari 0stensd Rudi. 
M O Lien Wall Lake Minn 04-14. 
Nils M Lien Hancock Minn 04 
Ole H Lien Canton S D 08 
Ole J Lien Ross Minn 03-12 Am 81. Md Maria Braaten. 

Fa John s o Bj0rn Olsen, Hedalen & Anne Andersd. Mo 

Dorthe d o Ole Snippen, Reinli. 
Ole J Lien Hills Minn 03-13. 
Ole L Lien Willmar Minn 07 Am 49. Md Inga Maria 

Lee d o Knud M Lee Fa Levord Andersen Lien. Mo 

Knud Kammen. Bro A L Lien. 
Osten Lien Fox Minn 13-14. 
T C Lien Hancock Minn 10 
Thosten J Lien Beaver Creek Minn 12 
Thorsten K Lien Tomey N D 04-06. 

Mrs B E Lindberg Somber N D 07-14 See Mary C Hagen. 
Ole A Lingsrud Benson Minn 08 


Mrs Anne T Lockrem Cordele Ga 04. Widow of Ole Lock- 

rem Dead. 

Austin C Lockrem Dennison Minn 02-16. 
Iver I Lockrem Northfield Minn 05-17 Am 49. Md Randi 

Halvorson. Fa Ivar s o Christofer Lockrem & Maline. 

Mo Gjertru d o Endre & Anne Rudi, Vang Died '19. 
Lars C Lockrem Cannon Falls Minn 04-16. 
Rev N J Lockrem Superior Wis 06 Am 02. 
Ole Lockrem Harvey N D 16-17. 
Thorsten O Lockrem New Orleans La 07-10. S o Ole H 

Lockrem & Anne Thorstensd Lockrem Dead. 
H Loe Wildrose N D 15-16. 
H E Loe Hanley Sask Can 14 
Syver Loe Minneapolis 02 Am 87. Md Berit Kvaale 

Vang. Loe, N Aurdal. 
Olaf Loiten Minneapolis 06-12. 
G G L0ken Vang Valdres Norway 02 Dead. 
*Martin Loken Petersburg N D Am 03. Fa Ole Sveen 

Bang s o Knut S^rflaten & Sigri. 
*Thorstein A L0ken Tigerton Wis Am 73. Md Christiana 

Larsen Rudi. Fa Anders L0ken s o Gulbrand Gulbrand- 

sen Onstadjordet. Mo Gro Hansd Okshovd. 
OleOL^fkke. Black Earth Wis 06-11. B Thorsrudl^fkken, 

Bagn Am 80. Md Kari K Bohle. S o Arne Halvorsen 

Thorsrudl0kken & Kari Olsd Kind, Bagn. 
Dr A P Lommen Lanesboro Minn 04-10. 
Endre O Lomen Alexandria Minn 10 
Erik H Lomen Zumbrota Minn 06 
Gulbrand J Lomen Nome Alaska 03 Md Julia Joys. 

S o Jjzfrgen Gulbrandsen Lomen & Elisabeth Brandt. 
J^rgen J Lomen St Paul 03-17. Bro G J Lomen*. Md 

Augusta Erickson. 
K G Lomen Bode la '12. 
Ole Lommen Alexandria M-.nn 09-12. 

Ole J Lommen Decorah la 04-08. Md Guri Ringstadbakke. 
Ole J Lomen Langley Minn 07-08. 
Ole O Lomen Fosston Minn 10 


O T Lommen Ossain la 04-12. 

Peder G Lomen Sioux Falls S D 03-07 Dead. 

Martin A Lukken Elbow Lake 03 Am 95. Fa Anders s o 

Amund Bagnsl^kken & Karine. Mo Astrid d o Ole O 

Trondrud & Karine. 
Mrs A E Lunda Chancellor S D 14 
O A Lukken Mt Horeb Wis 09 Bro M A L*. 
S O Lund Eau Claire Wis 13 
Harald A Lunda Minneapolis 05-13. 
Lars E Lunda Orfordville Wis 13 
Erik Lunde Blue Mounds Wis 15 
Ole A Lundene Nora Springs Iowa 03-06. Dead. 
*Torger Christopherson Lykken Dennison Minn Am 51. 

Md Gjertrud Vilhelmsd Bagetun. S o Christofer Gul- 

brandsen Norsving & Gjertrud Torgedsd Jevne, Vang. 
Christ Torgerson Lykken Dennison Minn 05 
Mads Olsen Lykken Valders Wis Am 50. Md Inger 

Knudsd Snortheim. Fa Ole s o Peder Thomassen T0r- 

stad & Anne. Mo Sigri d o Anders Garstad & Guri. 
Erik Lyseng Aure Minn 13 
Mrs Ingeborg Lyseng Osakis Minn 02-12. 
John Oliver Lysne Kansas City. Mo 10-12. S o Ole 

Thomassen Lysne, Laerdal & Berit Olsd Boe, Vang. 
Nils A Lyste Rochester Minn 08 

S J Maakestad Nora Springs la 07-17 

E E Maaland Aneta N D 16 

Ole A Maanum Kensington Minn 13 

Ole A Maanum Farwell Minn 04 ( ?) 

T A Maanum Kensington Minn 13 

John Madson Inkster N D 12-17 

Mads A Madson Cresco la 04-07 Am 69. Md Jorend Pe- 
dersd Ekren, Hurum. Fa Anders s o Mads Andersen 
Braaten & Ingeborg Andersd Kattevold, Vang. Mo In- 
geleiv d o Johannes S0rre B0e, Vang. 

Ole O Marken Valders Wis 04-09 Am 53. Md Ragnild 


Haraldson. Fa Ole s o Anders Olsen Marken & T^rend. 
Mo Jjzfrend d o Haldor Viste & Kari. 

Syver T Marken Starbuck Minn 04-10 

Mrs Ingerid Markhus St Paul 02 Am 50. Md Rev L J 
Markhus. D o Erik Gulbrandsen (Melby) Egge & Berit 
Johnsd Nortorp. Bro A E Egge* Dead. 

Mrs Anna Mattson Roseau Minn 04-07 Am 89. Md G H 
Mattson. Fa Tolleiv Holdahl s o Nils & Anna. Mo Inge- 
borg d o Bendix Gladheim & Barbo. Bro Bendix Hol- 

G E Mechaelson Mt Horeb Wis 08-10. Fr Hedalen 

Ole Mechelson Morris Minn 11-12 Dead 

C C Melby Manfred N D 09 

Christen K Melby Minneota Minn 05-11 Am 81. Wife Mary 
Fa Knud Melby s o Ole O Rudie & Ragnild Holdahl. 
Mo Guri d o Christen Rogne & Guro G Melby 

Erik Melby Spring Lake Mont 17 

Ole K Melby- Manfred N D 09 Am 81. Md Marit Nilsd 
Skattebo. Fa Knud s o Ole Mikkelsen Stor-Rudie, 
Rogne, & Ragnild Holdahl. Mo Guri d o Kristen Mik- 
kelsen Melby & Guro Gulbrandsd 

Anton Melgaard Kenyon Minn 03-16 

H C Melgaard Argyle Minn 12 

Thorvald Melgaard Colfax Wis 06 S o 0sten Melgaard, 

Oluf Melroe Coggswell N D 12-15 
Rynjus K Myers Ryder N D 05-16 
A A Mickelson Black Earth Wis 06 
M Mickelson Moorhead Minn 12-16 
Ole Midtmoen Petersburg N D 10-13 
Engel Mikkelson Decorah la 13-14 
Ole Mikkelson (Sukke) Beldenville Wis 09-17 
Ole Mikkelson Petersburg N D 10-11 
Gilbert Moe Osage la 06-11 

John A Moe Lake Mills la 05-10. S o Anders Torkelson 


*Nils O Moe Eleva Wis. Am 57. S o Ole Olsen Massing- 

moe & Berthe 
Ole H Moe Macrorie Can 11 Am 07. Fa fr Telemark. 

Mo Ingeborg d o Ole Neste & Gunild Iversd 
*Paul P Moe Mondovi Wis. Am 57. Md Martha Johnson. 

Fa Ole s o Paul & Olaug J^randhuset, Hedalen. Mo Siri 

d o Gulbrand & Tora Dokken, Hedalen. Civ war vet. 

Army name Paul Paulson 
Peter Moe Lethridge Alta Can 05-10 
Thorn Moe Madison Wis 10-14 
Albert Moen Belleville N D 04-10 
A J Moen Michigan N D 13 
Chris Moen Millet Alta Can 10 
E J Moen Mt Horeb Wis 12 
Gunder A Moen Badger Minn 04 Am 64. Md Beret 

Jonasd 0stby. Fa Amund Endresen Tvedtmoen, Vang. 

Mo Guri d o Johannes Kjjzflien & Berit. 
G E Moen Hudson Wis 09-17 
J O Moen Pierpont S D 13-15 
Knut O Moen Pierpont S D 10 
Knud O Moen Blanchardville Wis 12 
Mrs Marit Moen Starbuck Minn 04-13 
Ole O Moen Ross Minn 04-11 Am 81. Md Ingeborg K 

Lien, Hedalen 

Ole O Moen Mayville N D 16 
Paul J Moen Flora N D 08 Md Antonette Olava Kieland. 

Md 2d Siri O Blegeberg. Fa John s o Haagen Haagen- 

son Moen, V Slidre. Mo Anne Paalsd Aasen, Sigdal. 
Syver Moen St Paul 06 
Syver K Moen Luverne Minn 03-07 
S V Moen Osage la 02-07 
Mrs Anna E Mohn Northfield Minn 09 Md Prof Th N 

Mohn. Fa Ivar Ringstad s o Gulbrand Iversen Nortorp 

& Anna Iversd Ringstad. Mo Anne d o Ole Jonsen 

Brandt & Eli Andersd Korsegaarden 
John Mohn Northfield Minn 09 S o Prof Th N Mohn & 

Anna E Ringstad 


Ragnar Mohn Northfield Minn 09-12 S o Prof Mohn & 

Anna Ringstad 

Andrew Monsen Barneveld Wis 09 
Nils N Monsen Cannon Falls Minn 03-11 
Mrs Claus Morgan Mora Minn 07-08 
Andrew P M0rken Casperson Mont 03-16 Am 87. Fa Pe- 

der Kletten, N Aurdal, s o Peder & Kari. Mo Gulborg 

Higdem, Etnedalen, d o Helge & Ingebj0r 
Mrs Guldborg M0rken Roseau Minn 03-07 Am 87. Md 

Peter P Klettene. Fa Jp'ger Higdem s o Knut & Marit. 

Mo Ingrid d o Helge & Ingeborg 
J0ger P M^rken Roseau Minn 03-11 Am 87. Fa Peder P 

Klettene s o Peder Klettene & Gjertrud. Mo Gulborg 

M0rken d o J0ger & Ingrid Higdem 
Jul P M^rken Stratton Ont Can 03-16 Am 86. Fa Peder 

Klettene s o Peder P & Gjertrud Klettene, N Aurdal. 

Mo Gulborg J^gersd Higdem, N Etnedalen 
Martin P M^rken Roseau Minn 03-14 Am 87. S o Peder 

P Klettene & Guldborg J^gersd Higdem 
G H M^rstad Tomey N D 04-14 
Ole A Morstad Exeland Wis 07-13 
Rev Erik O Morstad Carter Wis 07-13 Am 76. Md Laura 

Olson. Fa Ole s o Erik Nilsen Morstad & Anne Beito. 

Mo Ingeborg d o Ole Iversen Robbie (Braaten) Ed Luth 


E A Mundson Tacoma Wash 06-10 
Andrew E Myhre Grand Meadow Minn 13 
E E Myhre Grand Meadow Minn 10 

Nils E Myhre Elbow Lake Minn 06 Md Marit Knudsd 

A O Myhre Estherville Iowa 02 

H B Myhre Harvey N D 10 

O S Myhre Luverne Minn 12-13 

P J Myhre Rolette N D 16 

Thrond N Myhre Minneota Minn 03-12 

O K Myren Minneapolis 02-11 


Mrs Ole Narveson Cut Bank Mont 08 

Mrs V A Neil Mound Minn 06-15 Sister of Christian N 


Albert Nelson Hendricks Minn 04-15 
Anders H Nelson Dalton Minn 06 
Edward Nelson Berwick N D 08 
Engebret Nilson Kenneth Minn 11-12 Fr Slidre 
Erick Nelson Bradish Nebr 04-12 
G A Nelson Franklin Minn '11 
Gilbert Nelson Soldiers Home Minneapolis 02 Gulbrand 

Nilsen Rudi 
Halstein Nelson (Rudi, Vang) Decorah la 02-17 Am 50. 

Md Ragnild Gudmundsd Garvik Dead 
H K Nelson Scarville la 12 
Iver Nelson Sherman S D 17 
Iver C Nelson Minneapolis 04-10 (Hermundstadhaugen), 


Tens Nelson (Tildeishaugen) Ft Pierre S D 05-10 
Juel Nelson Benson Minn CM 
*Mrs Kari Nelson Butler S D Am 79. Md Christ Nelson. 

D o Sven Svensen Kvam fr Hallingdal & Marit Knutsd 

Hagestrand, Vang 

Knudt Nelson Decorah la 03-13 Am 55. Fr W Slidre 
Knute Nelson Alma Wis 09-15 
K E Nelson Manfred N D 17 
Mary Nelson Minneapolis 11-15 
Martin Nelson Minneapolis 09-12 
Nels Nelson Wyndmere N D 07-15 
*Nils Nilson Starbuck Minn Am 83. Md Rose Jorgenson. 

Fa Nils Bjorkrud s o Nils Mekelsen Nedre Braaten & 

Beret. Mo Kari d o Tidemand & Kari Bjorkrud 

N G Nelson Forestville Wis 16 

N H Nelson Toronto S D 04-10 

N E Nelson Fergus Falls Minn 09-10 

N T Nelson Emmons la 09 

Ole O Nelson Huntley Mont 04 Md Ragnild Fecher. 


Fa Ole s o Nils Svingen, & Thore, Begndalen. Mo In- 


O P Nelson Big Timber Mont '12 
O W Nelson Minneapolis 15 
Oscar Nelson Sherman S D 16-17 
Oscar T Nelson Minneapolis 06-11 
Thea Nelson Brandon S D 13-14 
Syver Nilson Madison Minn 16 
*Tom Nilson Clontarf Minn (Tidemand) Am 81. Bro Nils 


A B Nerby McHenry N D 10 S o Brynjul Nerby, Hedalen 
Emil Nerhaugen Alexandria Minn 04-15 
J S Nerhaugen St Paul 04-10 
A N Ness Thief River Falls Minn 15-16 
Ed H Ness Thief River Falls Minn 13 
Fred Ness Fairfax Minn 13-15 
Gulbrand Nilson Ness Russell Wis 05-06 
Mrs Ingeborg Ness Seattle Wash 12-16 
O J Ness Decorah la 11 
T E Ness Mayville N D 14-16 
Tom Ness Sioux City la 12-16 
Ole O Nesja Thief River Falls Minn 07-16 
Knut K Neste Calmar la 08-11 Am 53. Md Gro T Haga- 

jordet, W Slidre. S o K K Neste Dead. 
T E Neste Mekinock N D 08 
Rev Th P Neste Astoria Ore 03-13 
Nils O Noben Grafton N D '03 
Ole A Nordager Soldier la 13-15 
Ola Nordaker Rowe S D 13 
Iver H Nordby Nora Springs la 03-09 
Kristofer Nordby Cedarbend Minn 06-09 Am 05. Fa Hans 

s o Anders H Nordbyhaugen & Ranai T Bergsrud. Mo 

Inger d o Harald S Gr0v & Marit Stugaarden 
Ben Nordgaard Gully Minn 13-15 
G O Nordness Peterson Minn 04-15 
Mrs G H Nordrum Rothsay Minn 05 Kari M S^rlie. Fa 


Mikkel s o Mikkel Iversen Sjzfrlie. Mo Ragnild d o Ole 
Fosholthagen & Kari. Bro Mikkel M Sorlie 

Amund Nordrum Minneapolis 06-11. 

Ingebret K Nordsven La Crosse Wis 02 

*Christofer K Norsving Nerstrand Minn Am 50. Md 
Rangdi Skattebo. Bro G K N* 

B0ye K Norsving Nerstrand Minn 03-09 Am 50. Md Sy- 
neva A Flom Dead. Bro G K N* 

Gudmund K Norsving Kenyon Minn 02 Am 50. Md Bri- 
tha Knutsd Holien, Vang. Fa Knut Norsving s o Gud- 
mund Knutsen Oldre & Rangdi Christofersd Keen. Mo 
Ingeborg d o B0ie Amundsd B0e. Mem legislature 

J E Norsving Dennison Minn 09 S o G K Norsving* 

Knut Boye Norsving Fullerton Calif 13 Md $arifd o An- 
ders Andersen H^verstad & Ingeborg Knutsd Austreim. 
S o B0ye K Norsving* 

H N Nubson Aneta N D 12-14 

Nils Nyhagen Skyberg Minn 10-12 Am 67. Md Kjersti O 
Bakko Fa Gulbrand Knutson Nyhagen fr Langedal. Mo 
Rangdi Tolefsd Skattebo. 

Norman Nyhagen Stoughton Wis 09-12 Fa Knud Guld- 
brandsen Nyhagen, Volbu. Mo Maren Olson fr Laurvik. 

Gilbert Nystuen Lake Mils la 06 

C O Nysven Pelican Rapids Minn 12 Am 87. S Aurdal. 

Anton Odden Grand Meadow Minn 10-13. 
Haldor Odden Grand Meadow Minn 10-16 
J^rgen Odden Portland N D 10 Am 85. S o Ole A Od- 
den, Begndalen 
Geo P Ode Decorah la 04-14 
O P Ode Calmar la 04 
Paul Ode Brandon S D 13 
P G Ode Decorah la 04-16 Dead 
Peder Thompson Ode Luverne Minn 03-09. 
A A Odegaard St Hilaire Minn 03-09 
A H Odegaard Roseau Minn 13 
Boye Z 0degaard Northfield 02-12 


Mrs Carrie 0degaard Ross Minn 04-10 

Christopher Odegaard Sedgwick S D 04-10 Am 82. Md 
Arnbj^r Chrd, Nordre B0. Fa Zakarias s o 0sten S 0de- 
gaard & Ingeborg Chrd Berge. Mo Inger d o Anders 
Thune & Berit. 

Edwin Odegaard Minneapolis 06-14 

Rev G G Odegaard Cranfills Gap Texas 04-12 Dead. Bro 
Arne G Odegaarden* 

Lars Odegaard Norman la 90-12 

N G Odegaard Macrorie Sask Can 16 

Ole Odegaard Fox Minn 13-14 

T E Odegaard Minneapolis 03-06 

Arne G Odegaarden Portland N D 10 Am 71. Md Thora 
Larsd Brenden, Reinli. Fa Gunder s o Ole 0degaarden 
fr Garthus & Anne. Mo Olaug d o Gulbrand Taegrud. 

Mrs Thora 0degaarden Portland N D 05-10 

Mrs Kari Odness Blue Mounds Wis 15-16 

Arnes Oihus Grafton N D '04 Dead. 

Anton Oihus Grafton N D '04. 

Eddie Oihus Grafton N D '04 

Knut G Oldre Luverne Minn 04 Am 70. Md Anne Oyloe. 
Md 2d Bertha Engebretsd Borskrind. Fa Guttorm Oldre 
s o Knut Nordland & Gjertrud. Mo Dorte d o Nils N 
Remmen & Marit 

K O Oldre Kenneth Minn 11 

Knut Oliverson Toronto S D 05-06 

Andreas Olson Decorah la 15 

Andreas Olson Englund Minn 04-07 Am 86. Md Ragnild 
Gulbrandsd Skytteland. S .o Ole Iversen Gravlibraaten, 
Aadalen, & Ingrid Andersd Delet, Begndalen 

Arne Olson Soldier la 11 So Ole & Ingeborg S^rbraa- 
ten, N Aurdal 

Chris Olson (Guldhaug) Edgerton Wis 02 

Clarence Olson Grafton N D '04 

Clarence H Olson Northfield Minn 02-12 

Gilbert Olsen Algoma Wis 05-15 Am 69. Md Ingri Hal- 
dorsd Mattis-Gaarden. Fa Ole Nilsen Klevbraaten, E 


Slidre. Mo Marit d o Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Onstadjor- 

det, Rogne 

G C Olsen Harmony Minn 17 
Haldor Olson Enderlin N D 15 
Halvor Olson Auburn N D 03-06 
Helen Olson Decorah la 02-05 
Mrs H O Olsen Terrace Minn 12-16 
Iver Olson Albee S D 06 
Iver Olson Nelson Wis 04-09 
John Olson Mabel Minn 02 
John Olson Deer Park Wis 09 
Jorgen Olson Independence Wis 09 Am 67. Md Bergit 

Halvorson. S o Ole Jorgensen Hilmen & Anne Ulriksd 


Knut G Olsen (Guldhaug) Stoughton Wis 04-17 
Lars Olson Farwell Minn 04-12 
Martin Olson Kewaunee Wis 04-12 
O A Olson Madison Wis 07-09 Aurdal 
O G Olson Cottonwood Minn 05-13 
Ole Olson Black Earth Wis 04-16 
Ole H Olson Sr. (Guldhaug) Reading Minn 05 
Oscar Olson Grafton N D '03 
Peter Olson Grafton N D 04-11 

Mrs Sigurd Olsen Cooperstown N D 02 Emily d o Tho- 
mas A Veblen* 

Torger Olson Dennison Minn (Thorn Olson) 06 
Thore Olson Zumbrota 06-12 S o Nils Fylken Dead 
Thomas Olson Stephen Minn '13 
Torgrim Olson Madison Wis 03-15 Am 61. Md Karen 

Hendriksd. Fa Ole s o Torgrim Olsen Fekjer, Hedalen, 

& R^nnaug. Mo Ingri Haraldsd Dead 
Nils Alfred Onstad Northfield 02-10. S o Gilbert Onstad, 

Volbu & Inge, Skrutvold. 
Ole E Onstad Manfred N D 07 Am 96. Fa Engebret s o 

Torger O Alvstad, & Anne d o Ole O Rudi & Ragnild 
E G Opdahl Decorah la 05-13 Am 48. Wife Nettie Chris- 


tian. Iver s o Knut Gulbrandsen Opdahl, 0ie, Vang, & 

Marit Iversd, Nedre Opdahl Dead 
Mrs S Opdal Sheldon N D 09 Bertha d o (...) "Ni'gare" 

Weflen, Hurum, Vang. 
Albert Opheim Cyrus Minn 02 Md Rosa Emilia Johnson. 

5 o Halvor Mikkelson Haadem & Kari Olsd Hilmen 
Mikkel H Opheim Beaver Creek Minn 09 Am 86. Md 

Ragne Gulliksd Sundem. Fa Halvor s o Mikkel Smaa- 
br^to, Haadem, & Ingebor. Mo Kari d o Ole Olsen, Nor- 
dre Hilmen & Aagot Olsd Bassum. 

Ole H Opheim Cyrus Minn 02 Am 80. Md Inga Hal- 
vorsd Rye. Born Storemarken or Opheimseie. S o Hal- 
vor Mikkelsen & Kari Olsd Hilmen. 

Ole H Opheim Salem S D 09-10 

Peder Ormestad Lake Mills Minn 02-05 

Thrond Ostenson Dennison Minn 04-06 

Even E Ostrem Minneapolis Minn 04 

E A Overlie Madelia Minn 13-14 

Tom S Overlie Ross Minn 04-16 Am 84. Born Syverud, 
Etnedalen. S o Syver Tidemansen Overlie, Etnedalen, 

6 Olia Olsd Mehus 

Anton Oveson Roseau Minn 04 S o Ove Ovesen, Slidre 
Gustav Oveson International Falls Minn 05-16 S o Ove 

Ove Oveson Roseau Minn 04-10 Am 61. Md Kari Johnsd, 

fr Hadeland. Born Flaten, Vang. Fa Ove B0e s o Ole 

& Gjertrud. Mo Ingeborg d o Peder Ovesen Flaten & 


Ove Oveson Jr Roseau Minn 04-06 S o Ove Oveson 
William Oveson Roseau Minn 04 Md Aqualine Lind- 

berg. S o Ove Oveson 
Dr Per Oyen Fessenden N D 13-15 
G G Oyloe Ossian la 02-17 Gubrand Oylo 
G M Oyloe Decorah la 04-12 
Ole G Oyloe Brookings S D 03 

Mrs Oline Peterson Crookston Minn 04-05 Md Carl B. Pe- 


terson. Am 89. Fa Mikkel s o Iver M Sorlie & Kari 
Tidemandsd Bergsrud. Mo Olia d o Harald H Onsrud, 
b Kjensrud & Olaug Tidemandsd Bergsrud Hedalen 

Mrs C F Peterson Bagley Minn 05-16 Gunhild Eriksd 
Wold. Am 80. Fa Erik Tidemandsen Wold. Mo Ne- 
coline Nilsd Neraasen. Bro N E Wold* 

Engebret Pederson Seattle Wash 05-10 Am 71. Engebret 
Pedersen Braaten. Bro Knut Pederson* 

Halsten Pederson Black Earth Wis 19-15 Dead 

Knud Pederson Underwood Minn 02-03 Am 67. Md Marit 
Gulbrandsd Moen, Onstadeie, Slidre. Fa Peder Braa- 
ten, Aaberg, s o Knud Pedersen Gr0ndalen & Guro 
Einarsd Vigen. Mo from S Aurdal Dead 

Nels Peterson Algoma Wis 17 

Peter Peterson Twin Lakes Minn 09-16 

*Peter Peterson Lebanon Ore. Fa Ole s o Peder Olsen 
Haaviskogen & Margit Ellingsd Bekkestad, Hailing. Mo 
Andrea d o Ole Bergsbakken & Anne Evensd Ranum 

Sam S Peterson Appleton Minn 13 

Hans Pladsen Gully Minn 13 

Ole Poststuen Manfred N D 13 

Ole A Quail (Kvisl) Sinai S D 10 

*Anders Christofersen Qual Valders Wis Am 49 or 50. 

Md Barbo Andersd Veflen (Ni'gare) d o Anders Knud- 

sen Veflen & Marit Tostensd. Anders Q s o Christofer 

Olsen Kval & Marit fr Lomen V Slidre. 
Anders A Quale Murdock Minn 10-16 
Christ C Qualey Decorah la 07-13 
C E Quale Kerkhoven Minn 09-10 
John Qualley Hills Minn 12-15. 
J Olsen Quale St Paul 12-14 
Knut Qualey Moscow Idaho 07-09 
George G Quale Beaver Creek Minn 03-13 J^ger G Kvale. 

Am 70. Md Guri A Riste. Fa Gulbrand J0gersen Kvale. 

Mo Berit K Fystro. 
Mrs Marit Quale Chicago 13-15. Widow of N N Qualey 


Nils N Quale Valders Wis 03-13. Am 67. Md Marit Toresd 
Svenneseie. S o Nils Eriksen Ellestadhaugen & Marit 
Nilsd Haaverud Dead 

N C Qualey Decorah la 06 

O C Quale Kerkhoven Minn 05-09 

Ole G Qualey Hills Minn 03 Bro Geo Quale* 

Paul O Qually Decorah la 04-10 Fa Jul s o Tosten Kvale 
& Ingeborg. Mo Julia Pedersd Egge 

Reidar N Qualley Madison Wis 04 Am 90. Md Ingri 
Guliksd Okshovd. Fa Nils Okshovd s o Nils Tollefsen 
Hedalen & Guri Johannesd H01abakko. Mo Berit d o 
Knud Tostensen Braaten & Marit Julsd Hjelle 

Mrs R N Qualley Madison Wis Am 89. Ingri G Okshovd. 
Fa Gulik s o John R^njussen Nortorp & Ingri Tollevsd 
Vik. Mo Gjertrud d o Nils O Bjelh^le & J^rend Knutsd 

Thomas N Quale Bear River, Minn 03-10 Tosten. Am 67. 
Md Sigri C Hagestad. Fa Nils Quale s o Erik Nilsen 
Ellestad & Berit Tostend. Mo Marit d o Nils Gulbrand- 
sen Haavrud & Torah Koljordet Dead 

T P Quale Adams Minn '15 

Bertel Quam Closter Nebr 09-16 

Ole T Quam Nerstrand Minn 05 Fa Tosten s o Ole 
Kvam Vang & Sissel. Mo Margrethe 

Andrew E Quien Audobon Minn 04-14 Dead 

Rev Carl J Quill, Renville Minn 05 S o Gudmund K 
Quill (Kvisl) & Ingri 

Gudmund K Quill Sauk Centre Minn 09 

Elias Rachie Minneapolis 13 Wife Valdris 

Erik R Ramstad Minot N D 09-14 

Knud K Ranum Stillwater Minn 02 Am 80. Md Anne 
Julsd Sunvold.. Fa Knud fr Guldhaug, N Aurdal, s o Pe- 
der Knudsen Anmarkrud & wife, Guldhaug. Mo Olia 
d o Ole Jeremiasen 0vre S0rum & Karen Kristend S0n- 
dre S0rum 

O Ranum Manfred N D 10 


*Ole H Ranum Hancock Minn Am 77. Md Betsey Tor- 
guson. Fa Haldor Ranum s o Ole Gladem & Marit. Mo 
Synev Ranum 

S J Rasmussen Minot N D 16 

Mrs Sarah Raugland Minneapolis 03 Md Carl M Raug- 
land. Fa Anders Kirkeberg. Mo Ingrid Juvkam 

Knud Rebne Minneapolis 06-10 

F M Reed Hartington Nebr 13-15 

Reier Reierson (Tildeishaugen) Holt Minn 11 

*Mathias Ber Reinertson Valders Wis Am 72. Fr Lyster. 
Md Marit d o Anders C Qual*. S o Reinard I M Rei- 
nertson & Anne S Jacobsd Veiren, Lyster 

Christopher N Remme Luverne Minn 09 Am 73. Md 
Anne O Holien. Fa Nils Remme s o Nils $Z)degaarden, 

Gunder N Remme Kenneth Minn 11-12 

Anders T Remmen Dennison Minn 03-12 

Anton A Remmen Dennison Minn 03-06 

G O Remmen Decorah la 07-12 

Martin E Remmen Hettinger N D 02-06 

Dr Nils Remmen Chicago 03 

O A Remmen Maynard Minn 02-06 

Ole N Renden Mayville N D 07 

Mrs Margrete Reque Minneapolis 13 Md Prof L S Reque. 
D o Rev Nils Brandt & Diderikke Ottesen 

Mrs Iver Ringdahl Kloten N D 14 

Ivan Ringstad St Paul 02 Md Gertrude Louise Lauer. 
Fa Johannes s o Iver Gulbrandsen Ringstad & Anna 
Olsd Brandt. Mo Elisabeth Anna d o Erick Anderson 
(Rudi) & Anna Halvorson Grove 

Mrs Elisabeth Anna Ringstad 02-12 Md 1st Johannes Ring- 
stad. Md 2d A A Veblen. Fa Erick Anderson s o En- 
dre Endresen Rudi & Anne Aslagsd Kjednes, Voss. Mo 
Anne d o Halvar Halvarsen Grjzfve & Elisabeth Endresd 

Gullik 0stensen Riste Brandon S D 03-15 Am 67. Md 


Ragnild K Svanheld. Fa 0sten s o Gulik Jevne & Jjrfrend 
Kjjzfe. Mo Berit d o Ole Kvien & Sigri 

Inga Riste Minneapolis 12-13 

Nils N Riste Decorah la 04 

Ole O Riste Brandon S D 03-13. Bro Gullik* 

Thomas Riste Shindler S D 03-11 

Tosten Riste Hills Minn (Tom) 13-16 

Dr C M Roan Minneapolis 09 

Albert Robley Valders Wis 12-13 

C A Robley Cato Wis 11-14 

Erik E Roble Decorah la 04-06 

Knud K Robley Valders Wis 04-11 Am 54. Md Marit 
Jensd B01stad. Fa Knut Evensen Roble. Mo Seborg 
d o Haagen Pedersen 

Mary Robbie Mayville N D 11-14 Marit. Fa Ole Robbie 
s o Ole Johnson. Mo Kari Olsd Haavi. Both Slidre 

O E Roble Caledonia Minn 13 

Thorleif Roble Millet Alta Canada 10-13 Bro T O Roble* 

Thorstein A Roble Fairview Mont 17 

Thorstein O Roble Manfred N D 09 Am 86. Md Guro 
Skogstad. Fa Ole Roble s o Johannes Olsen Skattebo 
& Ingeborg Nilsd. Mo Guri Rogne d o Mikkel Christen- 
sen Rogne & Guri Tostensd Presthegge. Mem legisla- 

Knut O Rodning Minneapolis 09 Am 09. R0dningen, 
Slidre. Fa Ole s o Thorstein O Skattebo & Ragnild O 
Haavi. Mo Ragnhild d o Even Rudi 

Ole O Roen Sauk Center Minn 13 

Ole Rogan Whitehall Wis 09-11 

Anders Julson Rognaas Hills Minn 03-16 

G O Rognaas Decorah la 02-12 

Helge Knudsen Rognaas Sioux Falls S D 06-09 

Ulrik Rognaas Wetaskiwin Can 07-10 

Bendik E Rogne Manfred N D 11 

*Christen Thorstenson Rogne Canby Minn Am 72. Md 
Christine Forest d o Halsten O Fystro & Anna Rudi. Fa 


Torsten Rogne s o Mikkel Christensen & Guri. Mo Kan 
d o Erik E Prestrud & Ragnhild 

Rev Erik T Rogne Sawyer Wis 03-10 Am 73. Md Ingeborg 
Kvenvold. Fa Thorstein s o Mikkel Christensen Rogne 
& Guri. Mo Kari d o Erik E Prestrud & Ragnhild. Ed 
Luth Coll 

H Rogne St Paul 15-16 

Ole Rogne Hudson Wis 04-06 

*Ole P Rogne De Pere Wis Am 75. Md Ragnild Christensd 
Snortum. Fa Peder S0ndre Melby. Mo Rangdi Melby 
d o J0ger & Ingrid 

Thorstein K Rogne Millet Alta Can 04 Am 81. Md Ma- 
rit Fystro. Fa Kristen Rognemarken s o Mikkel Christen- 
sen Rogne & Guri Presthegge. Mo Guro Melby d o Gul- 
brand Dahle. 

Andrew H Rogness Colman S D 03-16 

Engebret Knudsen Rogness Sioux Falls S D 03-16 

Helge Knudson Rogness Sioux Falls S D 03-07 

Helge U Rogness Sioux Falls S D 03 

O K Rogness Toronto S D 13 

Ole O Rollins Escanaba Mich 09-12 

Ed Rood Valley City N D 09 Bro Ole* 

Martin Rood Roseau Minn 14 

Nels O Rood New Glarus Wis 09-12 Bro Ole* 

Ole Rood Minneapolis 02 Am 78. Md Kari A Lien. Fa 
Ole Trondrud s o Aslak 0stegaarden, Reinli, & Marit 
Bonli, Skrutvold. Mo Dorte d o Nils & Guro Dale, 

Andrew Rotegaard New Richland Minn 03 

Mrs Carrie Rodegaard Ross Minn 03-11 Am 88. Md Ellef 
N Rodegaard. Kari. Fa Gulbrand B Bertilrud* Mo 
Kjersti d o Iver S0rli, Hedalen, & Kari Bergsrud 

Lars Rostvold Hendrum Minn 15 

John T Rotto Farwell Minn 04 Fr Nordm^re. Md Kari 

Andrew Rodvang Wetaskiwin Can 09-11 

Gulbrand T Rovang Hills Minn 03 Am 66. Md Anne 


Halvorsd. Fa Torstein Gulbrandsen Norsving. Mo 

Anne d o Helge Rogn & Marit Jermundsd. 
H T Rovang Erskine Minn 12 
Nils R^dvang Wetaskiwin Can 03-11 Am 02. Fa Nils Rjzkt- 

vang s o Andris A Hovda & Berthe. Mo Anne d o Nils 

Nilsen Kvishaugen & Kirsti Endresd. 
*Ole Alfson R^dvang Am 52. Md Marit Haave V SI. 
Ole T Rovang Corson Sd 03 Md Sina Tveitmoen Vang. 
Rinjus G Rovang Lake Mills la 06-16. 
A S Rud Portland N D 10 
Gilbert Rud Portland N D 08 
Even G Rudd Decorah la 04-08 Am 70. Md Belle Olson 

Hjortdal. Fa Gulbrand s o Anders Gulbrandsen Rudseie 

& Marit. Mo Rangdi Evensd Dahle, N Aurdal. 
Andrew K Rude Ada Minn 16 
Erick Rude Toronto S D 12-14 
Geo G Rude Brookings S D 11 
N G Rude Volga S D 16 
Ole G Rude Toronto S D 04-10. 
Eivind Rudi Fairview Mont 16 Fa Nils s o Eivind & 

Ragnild G Rogne. Mo Ragnild d o Thorstein G Melby 

& Ingri Larsd Rudi. 
Gulbrand Rudi Manitowoc Wis 08-11 Am 72. Md Marit 

Johnsrud. Fa Halstein Rudi b Kvisl. Mo Marit Gul- 

brandsd Bustebakke. 
Nils Rudi Dahlen N D 16 
Gulbrand N Rudie Granite Falls Minn 02-05 Am 64. Md 

Inga Andrea Knutsd Espeseth, Etnedalen. S o Nils Ol- 

sen Rudi (or Hagen) E SI & Kari Knutsd Jarstad, W SI 

Civ war vet. 

K K Rudie Minneapolis 04 Author. 
Rev K N Rudie Argyle Wis 04 Md Millie Augusta Hegge 

fr Biri. S o Nils Nilsen & Kari Knutsd Rudie, E Slidre 

Died '19. 

Mrs O Rudy Bemidji Minn 13-16. 
Mrs O P Ruh Farmington Minn 02-10 Mari Knudson 



Syver K Ruse Aneta N D 15 

Ole Rushaug Bryant S D 09-16. 

Martin A Rust Cyrus Minn 05-16. 

A O Rustad Ross Minn 04-09 Am 00. Andreas s o Ole 

Erikson Ruste b Berg, Hedalen & Gjertrud Nilsd J0rstad, 

E SI Dead. 

Mrs C J Rustad Cartwright N D 10 
*Gulbrand O Rustad Decorah la Am 52. Md Kjersti S0n- 

drol, Vang S o Ole Iversen Rustad, S Aurdal Died '03. 
Olaus Rustad Ogilvie Minn 03 Am 84. Fa Iver s o Ole 

Ruste Haugsrudeie & Guri. Mo Kjersti d o Ole As- 

pelien & Ingri Bakke, Hedalen. 

Christian O Ruste Blue Mounds Wis 08 Md Betsey An- 
derson. Fa Ole s o Arne Ruste & Siri Klevgaarden. Mo 

Anne d o Erik Slimsa, Hedalen & Ingeborg Lindelien, 


Mrs A A Rustebakke Niagara N D IA 
Anton Rustebakke Pilot N D 11 
G Rustebakke Niagara N D IA 
Halsten Rustebakke Callendar la 11 Md Live Skognes 

Aadelen. Fa Amund Rustebakke, S Aurdal Mo Siri 

Olmhus Dead. 

Ole Rustebakke Dahlen N D 11 
S A Rustebakke Thief River Falls Minn 11 
A E Rye Fertile la 09 
E E Rye Clermont la 14-16 Am 56. 
G A Rye Fertile la 02 Md Anna Maria Sanderson. S o 

Arne Toreson Rye & Marit Olson, N Aurdal. 
Helge Rear Florence S D 10-12 Am 67. Md Berit Knudsd 

Saalsaa. Fa Anders s o Haldor 0stensen Rye & Marit 

Andersd. Mo Aagot d o Knudt Helgesen Ryeie & 

O E Rye Minneota Minn 05 

N N Saalsaa Dodgeville Wis 06-10. 
Anton Sanders Baylor Mont 05-16. 
Carl Sanders Ray N D 05-14. 


K O Sandum Bricelyn Minn 04-10. 

*Gullik H Satter Eleva Wis Am 81. Fa Halvor Sundheim 
s o Halvor H Ssether. 

John Satter Canby Ore 06 Am 84. Johan- Kristofersen 
D^lvesaeteren. Md Gunda Andersd S0rflaten. Md 2d 
Olia Iversd Dalen. Fa Kristofer s o Kristofer Jensen & 
Ingri Mo Aagot Nybraaten d o Gul & Anne. 

K A Satter Barrett Minn 12-16. 

Harry Scar Deerwood Minn 14-15. 

Ole Scar Lake Mills la 05-11. 

Julian Schoger Osage la 02-07. Wife Guri Dokken. 

Tore O Score Closter Nebr 04 

A G Sebo Auburndale Wis 06-12. 

O K Sebo Silverton Ore 02-10. 

John Selmer Northport Ore 11-14. 

O J Seltun Rolette N D 03 Md Anne d o John E Heen. 

C K Semling Ada Minn 04 

Edwin Semling Nielsville Minn 04-07. Bro C K S. 

Ole Semeling Michigan N D 10-12. 

Halvor H Sether Eleva Wis 03 

Christian Satter Minneapolis Minn 04 

E O Severson Brook Park Minn 13 

Mrs K Severson Plato Minn 15 

Nels Severson Red Wing Minn 03-16. 

Sever E Severson Plato Assiniboia Can 04-06. Md Thea 
Simpson. S o Erik Severson, N Aurdal. 

H K Shefte Harvey N D 13 

S O Shurson New Richland Minn 02-12. 

Carrie Simley Black Earth Wis 15 

Hendrik H Simle Montevideo Minn 02-14 Dead. 

Iver Simley Black Earth Wis 06-12. 

*Mrs Berit Simmons Decorah la Am 49 Md Tollef Sim- 
mons. D o Knudt Andersen Belsheim & Annie Tostensd 

Mrs Ralph W Sims Minneapolis 16 Hilda Ingeleiv d o A 
A Veblen. 

Albert A Singsaas Hendricks Minn 08-10. 


Andrew Sivertson Minneapolis 03-10 Am 3. Fa Syver s o 

Anders G Smedsrud N Aurdal & Marit S Rud. Mo Berit 

d o Ole O J^rstad & Anne T. 
Mrs A O Skaar Havre Mont 14-16. 
*Erik K Skattebo Eau Claire Wis. Md Emma Christine 

d o Erik Roble. Fa K K Skattebo. Mo Ingebor Eriksd 

Roble, Sister of Erik Roble and of Mrs. Iver Berge. 
Gilbert Skinningsrud Carpio N D 12 Am 98. Gulbrand 

s o 0sten 0stensen Skinningsrud & Sigrid Gulbrandsd 

Lien, Hedalen. 
Anders O Skjefte Sacred Heart Minn 04-12 Am 86. Md 

Marit Vilhelmsd Bunde. Fa Ole s o Knut Olsen Lykken 

& Sigri Andersd. Mo Jorand d o Knut Johannesen 

Holien, Hurum & Margrete Tomasd Dead. 
Erik Skjel Millet Atla Can 10-13. 
John Skjelstad St Peter Minn 10 
Mrs Tonetta Skoglund Roseau Minn 04-06 Am 86. Md 

Stephen Skoglund. Fa Ole s o Anders Odden & Kari, 

Begndalen. Mo Gunild d o Ole & Jjzfrand. 
Anton Skogmo Manfred N D 05-10. 
Gilbert Skogstad Pinecreek Minn 04-06. S o Johannes 

Skogstad* Etnedalen. 
Johannes S Skogstad Pinecreek Minn 04-11 Am 83. Wife 

Inger. S o S0ren & Beret Nelson. 
P J Skogstad Eleva Wis 13 
E O Skotterud Dawson Minn 13-16. 
John P Skolte Pierre S D 04-06 Am 98. Md Nettie R Viste. 

Fa Peter Skolte s o Torstein & Astri Mjzfrstad. Mo Inge- 

borg d o Knut & Marit Hegge. 
Julia Skov Mankato Minn 03-06. 
L O Skov Barlow Ore 03-13. 

Tore K Skov Glendive Mont 03-04 Knutson fr Aurdal. 
O J Skreen Northeld Minn 07-16. 
Bendix Skrutvold Yvot Mont 09 S o Ole Skrutvold. 


Ole Skrutvold Skrautvaal Valdres Norway 13 
Ole T Skude Huron S D 06-11. 


Paul Skurdall Larimore N D 12-16. 

Mrs Ingeborg Skutle Minneapolis 04-15. 

E E Sletten Barrett Minn 11-15 Dead. 

Louis L Sletten Warroad Minn 05-16 Am 86 Lars. Fa 

Lars Sletten s o Knut & Astri Hagen, Stensetbygden. Mo 

Jorand d o Per & Astri Skogen, Stensetbygden. 
John P Smaby Peterson Minn 04-16 Totning, md Gunhild 

Nilsd Viste. 

Erik E Smedsrud Finley N D 05-10. 
K E Smedsrud Hatton N D 05 Am 06. S o Erik Eriksen 

& Anne K Smedsrud Flat^degaarden Etnedalen. 
Ole Snartum Cottonwood Minn 05-12 Dead. 
Ole K Snortheim Adams Minn 03 Am 67. Md Ingeborg 

A Olson. Md 2d Bertha Monsen Melby, Hedemarken. 

Fa Knut Mikkelsen Snortheim Mo Marit d o Knut & 


Alf Sofiebraaten Soldier la 13-15. 
Ole Sohus Kewaunee Wis 05-06. 
*Lars C Soine Dennison Minn Am 53. Md Anne Thomasd 

Ellestad. Fa Christopher Hensbakken s o Lars & Marit. 

Mo Anne Lajord d o Syvert & Anne. 
Thrond S0ine Maynard Minn 05-11 Wife Annie. Fa Syver 

Soine. Mo S^nneva Loe d o Thrond & Kirsti Ellingboe. 
A F Soland Plaza N D 13 
A N Solberg Mayville N D 06 
Christian Solberg Brooten Minn 10-16. 
Hans Solberg Chester Mont 12 
Martin Solsten Minneapolis 09-10. 
Knut J Sj^ndrol Emmons Minn 02 Am 61 Md Dina 

Nelson. Fa Johannes s o Ole & Dordei Sjzfndrol Mo 

Marit d o 0sten L^kken. 
N I S^ndrol Hills Minn 02 
Mrs Erik Sonnesyn Minneapolis Minn 04-12. 
Hans Sonsteg Roseau Minn 13 Gudbrandsd^l. Wife 


Ole Sorben Grand Meadow Minn 10-11. 
Knut Sorenson Toronto S D 04-08. Bro Peder S*. 


Peder Sorenson 03 Am 91. Fa S0ren s o Peder & Inge- 
borg, Etnedalen. Mo Marit d o Knud & Ole, Etnedalen. 

Mikkel M Sorlie Rothsay Minn 06 Am 75. Md Anne 
Karoline Olson. S o Mikkel Sorli & Ragnild Olsd, He- 
dalen. Sister Mrs G H Nordrum* Dead. 

Tidemand M Sorlie Crookston Minn 04-05 Am 90. Md 
Marit O Juvkam. Fa Mikkel s o Iver Sorlie & Kari Tide- 
mandsd Bergsrud Mo Olia d o Harald N Onsrud & 
Olaug Tidemandsd Bergsrud. 

Mrs Tidemand M Sorlie Norden Minn 05-10. Marit Juv- 
kam. Fa Ole Juvkam s o Peder Listerud & Kari Juvkam. 
Mo Ingeborg Melgaard d o Erit T Wold & Sigri Linde- 

Christopher T Sparstad Nerstrand Minn Am 60. Md Anne 
Pedersd Gjevre. Fa Tosten s o Ole Tostensen Sparstad 
& Ingeborg. Mo Marit d o Christopher Einarsen Heen 
& Marit. 

Mrs Anne Sparstad Nerstrand Minn Am 49. Md C T Spar- 
stad Fa Peder b Moen s o Hagen Pedersen Gjevre & 
Marit Andersd. Mo Rangdi d o Ole Endresen Norsving 
& Gjertrud. 

O C Sparstad Sacred Heart Minn 05 

G O Stamperstuen Cottonwood Minn 11-12. 

M O Standy Homestead N D 08 S o O K Standy. 

O K Standy Homestead N D 08-09 Dead. 

Ole T Stavenjord Minneapolis 07-09. 

E N Stedje Whalan Minn 04-08. 

Ole Stee Browerville Minn 14 

Henry Steen Minneapolis 03 

G N Steine Decorah la 15 

Mrs Maria Stenbakken Fox Minn 04-14 Am 86. Md Tor- 
grim Stenbakken. Fa Ole Ruste, Bagn s o Erik & Kari 
Berg, Hedalen. Mo Guri d o Amund & Aase 0ien, Nes, 

Helge T Stende Ellendale N D 06-13. 

John O Stende Hamar Norway 04-13 Am 87. Md Dina D 
Anderson. Md 2d Kirsti Tronsd Stende. Fa Ole 


Stende s o Anders Kvamseiet & Marit. Mo Ragnild d o 

Knut & Berit Svien. 
Knut O Stende Ellendale N D 04 Am 82. Bro John O 


Syver J Stende Northfield Minn 02-13. 
Knut O Stenne Luverne Minn 03-13. 
Gunder Stenerson Erskine Minn 14 
Knut Stenerson Pelican Rapids Minn 12 
Tidemand Stenseth Northfield Wis 05-14 Dead. 
Anders A Stensrud Canton S D 02-13 Am 50. S o Arne 

Olsen Stensrud S Aurdal & Berit Olsd Rovang. 
Albert Stensrud Lake Mills la 02-16. 
Rev E M Stensrud San Francisco Calif 15-17. 
*Oscar J Stensrud Minneota Minn. Md Anna Braaten. 

Fa Johannes Stensrud s o Ole Kaalverud & Ingebor. Mo 

Marit d o Tideman Espesethagen & Pernille. 
Ingvald Stevens Cooperstown N D 12 
Knut Stevens Minneapolis 06-13. 
Knut H Stolen Mt Horeb Wis 17 
O G Storholm Thief River Falls 13-15. 
E L Strand New Richland Minn 13 
E E Strand Ellendale N D 09-12. 
Mrs Geo Strand Portland N D 17 
H E Strand Roslyn S D 15 
Harold Strand Nelson Wis 17 
*Knut T Strand Valders Wis Knut "Slettidn" or Knut 

Bergei Am 68. Md Marit Larsd Bergei Skrautvaal. Fa 

Thor b Syrstrand N Aurdal s o Helge Thorsen & Marit. 

Mo Ingeborg Amundsd. 
*Ole H Strand Sacred Heart Minn Am 69. Wife Rangdi. 

Fa Ole s o Ole O Strand, 0ie Vang. Mo Ingeborg. 
H E Strand La Crosse Wis 03 
Nils Strand Claire City S D 17 
Ole Strande Gonwick Minn 06 Am 71. Md Ragnild An- 

dersd Skattebo. Fa Knut Strande s o Ole Skattebo & 

Anne Trondsd Gali. Mo Barbro d o Ole J^rstad & Se- 



Ole K Strande Fisher Minn 06-11 Am 72 (?) Younger bro 

of Ole Strande*. 
*Ole O Strande Sacred Heart Minn Am 69. Md Ingeborg 

Kasa. Fa Ole s o Ole O Strand & Kari G. Mo Ambjjzfr 

d o Helge Kasa & Berit Svien. 
*Ole Ovesen Strand Sacred Heart Minn Am 68. Fa Ove 

s o Ole O Strand & Kari. Mo Marit Strand. 
Ole Syverson Strand Brandon Minn 10-14. 
Oscar J Strand Minneota Minn 11-13. 
*Syver O Strand Maynard Minn Am 69. Md Guri G B0e. 

Fa Ole s o Ole Strand & Ingebor. Mo Kari d o Guttorm 

Strand & Elsa. 

T O Strand Sisseton S D 11-13. 
J L Studlien Alexandria Minn 09 Etnedalen. 
Ole O Sukke Sauk Center Minn 13 
Rev B L Sundal Farmington Minn 13-16. 
Halvor Sunde Hankinson Minn 13-15. 
Andrew G Sundem Hills Minn 05 
Gulik G Sundem Hills Minn 02-12. 
Ole Nilsen Sundhem Hills Minn 06-13. 
Anders M Sundheim Minneapolis 02 Md f^aren -Katte- 

'oltL Bro Rev T M Sundheim. <n-0 

. . . \yUC^9 

Mrs A M Sundheim Minneapolis Maren Kattevol4. Fa 

Gulbrand s o Gulbrand 0ilo & Marit. Mo Ingeborg d o 
Trond Kattevold & Maren Leine. 

Tver T Sundheim Northport Wash 03 

Rev J0rgen M Sundheim Fertile Minn 04 Am 3. Md Inga 
Martha Anderson. Fa Mons s o Anders Monsen Sund- 
heim & J0rend. Mo Marie d o Lars Knudsen Kirke- 
berg & Anne Olsd Olmhus. Ed St Olaf. 

Arne Svennes Minneota Minn 10-13. 

Knut Svenes Minneota Minn 08 

*Ole Svenson (Fossen) Clontarf Minn Am 83. Md Maria 
E Dokken. Fa Sven s o Amun Svenson Pladsen & In- 
geborg. Mo Ingeborg Fossen d o Ole Haugen & Berit. 

Anders A Svien Dennison Minn 04-13. 

A J Svien Northfield Minn 02-09. 


O J Svien Dennison Minn 08 

Sever J Svien Dennison Minn 04-06. 

Ole Swennes Bruce S D 04-15. 

Thorwald Swenness Minneapolis 05-13. Md Celia Orm- 

Gullik Swenson Athabasca Landing Can 13-14. 

Harald Swenson Minneapolis 03 Am 88 Md Oline Mar- 
tinson. Fa Ole s o Sven Navrud & Anna, Mo Anna d o 
Harald & Aase Veglingsrud. 

Tosten Swenson Pinecreek Minn 04-06. 

Amund Syverson Glenwood Minn 16 

Andrew Syvertsen Minneapolis 07-08. 

G N Syverson Carpenter la 08-11. 

Martin Syverson Montevideo Minn 03 pdegaardseie N 

Ole Syverson Clontarf Minn 16-17 . 

Ole Syverson Randall Kans 12-13. 

Peder Syverson Valders Wis 10-11. 

Peder Syverson Mailing- Minn 04-16. S o Erick Syverson, 
W SI & Ingeborg. 

P Syverson Kelliher Minn 09-14. 

*Thorvald S Syverson Pigeon Falls Wis Am 83. Md Car- 
rie Johnson. Fa Syver s o Syver Brenden & Thora 
Larsd. Mo Kari d o Knud Heskindeie & Olia Sjyggen, 

M L Syverud Canton S D 13-14. 

P N Syverud Osnabrook N D 12-17. 

C O Savre Kensett la 05-16. 

Prof B K Savre Decorah la 04 

George O Tasa Minneapolis 02-04. 

*John K Tasa Dennison Minn Am 51. Md Ingeborg Gul- 

brandsd Bakken S o Knut Thomassen Tasa & Kari 

Johnsd Stende. 

K E Tasa Nerstrand Minn 02-12 Dead. 
Ole O Tasa Minneapolis 02-11 Dead. 
Mrs A K Teisberg St Paul Minn 02 Gro. d o Thorstein 


Olsen Skammestin & Marthe Olsd Brandt, R0n. 

Eivind Tharaldsen Starbuck Minn 03-11. 

Olaf Theistolen St Paul 03-11. 

Dr Albert S Thompson Mt Horeb Wis 04-10. S o Sam 

Andrew Thompson Starch Prairie Wis 10-11. 

Andrew O Thompson Madison Wis 13 

Chr Thompson Dennison Minn 02 

Rev Chr S Thompson lola Wis 02 S o Sam Thompson*. 

*Edwin Thompson Quarry Wis. Md Anne Maria d o An- 
ders Olson Aabol. Bro O T Helle. 

G O Thompson Toronto S D 09-13. 

Gullik Thompson Thompson N D 02-16. 

Iver Thompson Cyrus Minn 06-16. 

Iver Thompson Hatton N D 10-15. 

John Thompson Duluth Minn 12-14. 

John Thompson Hendricks Minn 09-12. 

J K Thompson Homestead N D 09-11. 

Knud Thompson Fordville N D 04 

K H Thompson Quarry Wis 09 Bro O T Helle*. 

Levor O Thompson Riley Wis 13-17. 

Lillie E Thompson Farmington Minn 06-11. D o Peder 

Mikkel Thompson Bradish-Neb 06 

N A Thompson Duluth Minn 06 S o Peder Thompson. 

N F Thompson McPherson Ark 07-11. 

O A Thompson Erdahl Minn 10 

Ole T Thompson West Decorah la 11-12. 

Peder Thompson Farmington Minn 02-17 Am 52. Md 
Barbro Olsd Noben. Fa Thomas T^rstad s o Knut An- 
dersen & Gjertrud Pedersd. Born Ellestad. Civil war 
vet Dead. 

Sam Thompson Mt Horeb Wis 02 Svein Throndsen Bjjr- 
selien Am 61. Md Marthe Christensd Skogen N Aurd. 
Fa Thrond s* o Svein Olsen Saalsaa & Marit Throndsd 
Driven. Mo Kari d o Erik Gundersen Bj0rgo. 

T A Thompson Browerville Minn 10 


Tom J Thompson Eleva Wis 07 Tosten J Kamben Am 

68. Md Inger d o Ole T Myren, E Aurd. Fa Jens s o 

Tosten Jensen Kammen. Mo Ingri d o Erik Andersen 

Midt-Bjorgo & Astri Stokkebryn. 
Thomas S Thompson Mt Horeb Wis 04 Md Eleonore 

Benedicte Dahle. S o Sam Thompson & Martha Oline 

d o Christian Skogen & Marit Lie. 
Thore K Thompson Cottonwood Minn 04 
Tosten Thompson Hills Minn 09-14. 
A K Thon Kensett la 06-12. Bro C K Thon. 
Christian K Thon Kensett la 03-10 Am 85. Md Emma 

Kittelson. S o Knut A Thon, N Aurd & Siri K Sveen. 
Knut S Thon Cottonwood Minn 11 
Ole K Thon Minneota Minn 13-16. 
George Thor Grafton N D 03 Dead. 
Martin Thorberg Petersburg Nebr 14 
*Finkel Thorsen Dennison Minn Am 61. Md Randi Olsd 

Aastad. Fa Thore Gryte s o Tjzfris & Marit. Mo Rag- 

nild Finkelsd. 

Haldor Thoreson Adams Minn 06-08. 
Nils Thoreson Ellsworth Wis 06-14. 
Thore Thoreson Adams Minn 06-08. 
Thomas F Thoreson Dennison Minn 09-13. 
Harold Thorson St Paul 02 Md Karen Thorsteinsd La- 

jord. Fa Thore D0vre s o Ole Tvedt now (Fagnernes). 

Mo Sigri d o Knut Gigstad. Died Feb 18, 1920. 
Henry L Thorson Guthrie N D 03-12. S o Harold Thorson. 
Knut Thorson Valders Wis 09-17 Dead. 
Lillie E Thorson Benson Minn 09-12. Fa Ole Thoreson 

Nes, N Aurd s o Thore Olsen & Olia. Mo Betsey Dokke- 

bakken d o Ole Anderson & Kari. 

Thor Dovre Thorson Maddock N D 04 S o Harold Thor- 

Mrs Jane Thorsrud Callender la 16-17. 
Carl K Thorstad Doran Minn 07-17. 
H C Thronson White Earth N D 17 
Ole Throndson Manitowoc Wis 03-08 Am 64. Md Inge- 


borg Gudbrandsd Idstad, Volbo. S o Trond Christian- 
sen & Ingeborg Olsd Prestrud Dead. 

Reier Throndson Canby Minn 09-11. 

Gullik T Thune Leland la 03-12 Am 68 S o Gullik Thomas- 
sen Thune Vang. 

Knut K Thune Murdock Minn 05 Am 79. Md Anne 
Evensd HoVerstad or Hollen. Fa Knut Johannesen 

Ole Thvedt Fulton S D 10 

Rev C E Tiller Minneapolis 04 Md Lina G Nerhaugen. 

L J Tjernagel Story City 05-11. Md Sarah Johnson Sol- 
berg. Bro P G Tjernagel. 

P G Tjernagel Story City la 05 Md Ingeborg Johanne 
Olson. Fa Ole Andreas Tjernagel fr Finaas. Mo Mar- 
tha Karina d*o Nils Andersen Follinglo & Barbru Mik- 

Lars L Tobiason Ashby Minn 06-11 Am 55. Md Guri Olsd 
Haave, Lome. Fa Lars s o Tobias Gubel^ken s o Sko'mar 
fr Germany. Mo Jorand d o Ole Jensen Kvismoen & 
Ingeborg Knutsd. 

*Roland Tobiason Hatton N D (Qualseie Lome) Am 51. 
Md Marit Tollefsd Mos0degaard. Fa Tobias Gubbelykken 
Quisl s o Lars Haagensen Husager & Berthe Ellingsd. Mo 
Ingri d o Ivar Rolandsen Quil & Berit Nilsd. 

Tobias R Tobiason Hatton N D 02-16. Md 1st Jose- 
phine. Md 2d Olivia Bye. Fa Roland Tobiason*. Mo 
Marit Tollefsd 0degaard, W Slidre. 

Jens Tofteland Luverne Minn 13 

Adolph Tollefsen St Paul 03-07. 

Torger Torgerson Fox Minn 13-16. 
'Theodore Torgerson Pinecreek Minn 13-14. 

Erik Torgrimson Grand Meadow Minn 02 Am 69. Md 
Olivia Torkildsd Flaskerud. Fa Torgrim T^rispladsen, 
Begndalen s o Hans Andersen Raumbjerget, Aadalen & 
Else Grov, Hedalen. Mo Else Gravlipladsen d o Lars 
Veggesen Gravli, Aadalen & Berit Andersd Hougen, 
Aadalen Died 1920. 


G T Torgrimson Grand Meadow Minn 02 S o Erik Tor- 

Mrs J^rgine Torrison Manitowoc Wis 05 Md Thomas E 

Torrison. D o Capt T Tostenson* Haugen, Hegge & 

Ragnild Knutsd Quate (Bygsle). 
G Torstenson Leeds N D 14 
*Capt Tosten Tostenson Manitowoc Wis Am 51. Md 1st 

Ragnild Knutsd Quale. Md 2d Marit Olsd Aabol. Fa 

Tosten Haugen s o Knut Tostensen (?) Skammestein 

& Ingebor Melby. Mo J0r0nd d o Thomas Christensen 

Vaarum & Anne. 
Knut N Torstacl Minneapolis 08 Am 07. Fa Nils Tor- 

stad s o Anders Haldorsen Veblen & Ingeborg Nilsd 

Rogn. Mo Marit d o Knut Tjzfrstad. Served in World 


Ole Tostenson Kensett la 04-11. 
Gunder Traaen Spring Grove Minn 15 
B N Tro Emmons Minn 02 
K N Tro Emmons Minn 02 
N G Tro Emmons Minn 09 
Nils N Tro Emmons Minn 02-06 (Myreeiet). 
T K Tro Emmons Minn 08 
T Tronson (Bunde) Amherst Wis 09-10. 
Gilbert K Tufty Chicago 05 
Olaf Tufte St Paul 10-13. 
Ole E Tuve Peterson Minn 12 
Prof Anton G Tuve Canton S D 04-18. Md Ida Maria 

Larson. Fa Gulbrand Tuv s o Ole Gulbrandsen S0rum 

& Marit Fodnes. Mo Torbj0r d o Aamund J0rgensen & 

Ragnild Mikkelsd, Saetisdal. 

O G Tuve Toronto S D 04 Bro Anton G Tuve. 
Rev N G Tvedt Maskell Nebr 04 
Haaver A Tvenge Hills Minn 02-16. 
Tollef Tvenge Decorah la 13-17 Dead. 
Ole N Tweet Menominee Wis 03-06 Am 61. Md Emma 

Tollefson. Fa Nils O Tweet s o Ole Tvedt & Gunhild. 

Mo Ingeborg d o Knut Ranum & Olina, Skrautvaal. 


Bj0rn T Ulnes Valders Wis 09 

Ole H Ulness Eleva Wis 13-14. 

T O Ulness Walcott N D 02-10. 

Ulrik O Ulnes Eleva Wis 11 Am 68. Md Maria Julsd 

Gottenborg Fa Ole Jorgensen Hilmen Svenes. Mo Anna 

Ulriksd Ulnes. 

Knud Ulrikson Canton S D 03 Bro Ulrik Ulrikson*. 
Tom Ulrikson Canton S D 04-15. 
Ulrik Ulrikson Canton S D 03 Am 73. Md Ragnild Olsd 

Fodnes. Fa Ole Ulriksen (Haugerstuen, N Aurd). Mo 

T0re Knudsd Lien, N Aurdal. 
Ole O Ulve Lake Mills la 04 Am 68. Wife Ingeborg. S o 

Ole O Ulvenseie & Ingeborg. 
O A Ulven Adams Minn 09-11. 
Peter Utgard Ceylon Wis 15 

Agnes K A Veblen Minneapolis 08 D o A A Veblen. 

Andrew A Veblen East San Diego Calif 02 Md Kirsti 
T Hougen Md 2d Mrs Elisabeth A (Rudi) Ringstad. S 
o Thomas A Veblen & Kari Thorsteinsd Bunde. 

Carl A Veblen Hallock Minn. S o Rev Sigurd Olsen & 
Emily d o Thomas A Veblen & Kari Bunde. 

Elling Haldor Veblen Reed Point Mont 16 Md Mary 
E Hitchcock. S o A A Veblen. Served in World War. 

Gertrude Ingeborg Veblen Minneapolis 11 D o A A Veb- 

Haldor Andersen Veblen 04-05 Am 48. Bro Thos A Veb- 
len Dead. 

Harold Veblen Big Timber Mont 16 Md Marion Light- 
body. S o A A Veblen 

John Edward Veblen La Mesa Calif 02 Md Sirina Helle- 
rud. S o Thos A Veblen. 

Orson A Veblen Denton Mont 02 Md S^nneva Rauk. S o 
Thos A Veblen. 

Ole J Veblen Decorah Iowa 04-06. 

Oswald Veblen Princeton N J 06 Md Mary Elizabeth 


Dixon Richardson. S o A A Veblen. Served in World 

Thorstein B Veblen New York 02 Md Ellen Rolfe. S o 

Thos A Veblen. 
Thomas Anderson Veblen 02-06 Am 47. Md Kari d o 

Thorstein 0stensen Bunde & Berit Egge. Fa Anders H 

Veblen s o Haldor Haldorsen 0igar & Marit Thorkelsd 

Bagetun. Mo Jartru d o Thomas Olsen T^rstad & Jar- 

tru Pedersd Veblen Dead. 
Thomas J Veblen Denton Mont 02-16. Md Emma Berg. 

S o O A Veblen. 
Thorkel Alfred Veblen Big Timber Mont 15 Md Anna 

Malloy. S o A A Veblen Served in World War. 
*Arne O Veien Langhei Minn Am 83. Md Anne Pedersd 

Moen. Fa Ole s o Ole Veien & Ingeborg. Mo Anne d o 

Arne & Sesel R0o, Reinli. 
Nils Veien Kensington Minn 04-10. 
Peder A Veien Glenwood Minn 06 Am 83. Fa Arne s o 

Ole O & Anne Arnesd Veien. Mo Anne d o Peder N 

Moen & Barbo T Dokken. 
Martin O Venden Black Earth Wis 10 
K A Vick Decorah la 09 
Lars K Vik Decorah la 04-06. 
Ole E Vick McKee Ore 10 Am 84. S o Engebret J 

Viken & Inge Tidemandsd. 
Paul Vik Fargo N D 13 
Knut K Viken Sacred Heart Minn 03 Am 57. Md Betsey 

J d o Thos A Veblen. Fa Nils s o Knut Haugrud & Rag- 

nild. Mo Marit Olsd Tildeis-Viken. 
K N Viste Sawyer Wis 16 
Nils O Viste Adams Minn 02-08 Am 69. Md Ragnild Olsd 

Hippe. Fa Ole Nordviste s o Engebret Hande. Mo 

Marit Nilsd Nordviste Dead. 
Mrs Ragnild Viste Adams Minn Am 69 Md Nils O Viste. 

D o Ole Bj^rnsen Hippe & Berit Viste. 
Andrew O Void Maynard Minn 03 Kattevold, Vang. 
P Volden Spring Grove Minn 13-14. 


Dr O E Wald Chicago 03-09 Bro N E Wold. 

Mrs Henry G Walker Iowa City la 11 Signy Arndora d o 
A A Veblen. 

Mrs Sigrid Wallace Minneapolis 04-09 Dead. 

Nils Wangensten Nashwauk Minn 09-13. 

Martin A Weblen Minneapolis 02 S o Tosten Anderson 
(Nedre) Weblen, Vang & Kari Nilsd Viste. 

Johannes H J Week Spring Valley Minn 02 Am 55. Md 
Martha Syversd Braaten. Fa Halvor Johannessen Vig 
Haademseie, N Aurdaf. Mo J0rend d o Nils Engebret- 
sen Haugerstuen & Sigrid. Civ war vet Dead. 

'G N Weflen Granite Falls Minn 09 

*Ole E Weflen Thompson N D Md Anna W Bunde. 

Carl G Westboe Erdahl Minn 06-09. 

G K Westboe Elbow Lake Minn 06 Fa Knut Arnesen 
Vestbjzteie. Mo Kjersti d o Andreas Bergei, Liagrenden, 
N Aurd & Marit. 

Halvor H Westlie Beaver Creek Minn 05 Fr Lome, W SI. 

Dr A G Wethal Minneapolis 09-15. 

L O Wilson Minot N D 02-08 Fr 0degaard, Vang. 

O O Wilson St Paul Minn 06-16. Bro LOW. 

Ludvig Winger Decorah la 04-11. 

G A Wiste Lincoln N D 06-14. 

P T Wiste Adams N D 10 

Knut J Wold Roseau Minn 04 S o John Knutson & Rag- 
nild Olsd Bustebakke. 

Nils E Wold Roseau Minn 04 Am 74. Md Carrie O 
Paalelien. Fa Erik Wold s o Tidemand T Kjendsrud 
& Kirsti Erikscl Klemesrud. Mo Necoline d o Nils Hal- 
vorsen Neraasen, Biri & Thonette Olsd Ruud. 

O T Wold Erskine 09-13. 

Tidemand E Wold Winger Minn 05-12 Am 83. Md Clara 
Taraldsrud Md 2d Aase Lee. Bro N E Wold* Dead. 




Many of the bygdelags have taken action to do honor to 
their young men and women who proved their patriotism 
by entering their country's service during the war and 
loyally doing their full measure of duty. To this end some 
lags have been collecting information regarding those that 
served. The Valdris Samband was among the very first 
to take up this matter. The president in November, 1918, 
published in the papers a request to all that knew of Val- 
drises that had entered their country's service in the war 
to send him information, for the records of the Samband 
and for publication. And during the following month of De- 
cember he mailed to several hundred members copies of a 
circular explaining the purpose and containing blank spaces 
in which to enter the desired data. He has several times 
repeated the appeal in the press, mailed later editions of the 
first and other circulars, and has written a large number of 

He has in this done his "level best" to get as complete 
a list as could be; and it gives him great satisfaction to 
embody here the results of the generous response made by 
hundreds of our members and friends, who have co-oper- 
ated in the movement, often at the cost of much time and 
trouble to themselves. They no doubt regard their work 
as a proper duty, gladly performed, that we all owe our 
young^ people that went forth to make the sacrifice. And 
no thanks from the writer, however cordially given, can 


materially heighten the satisfaction they all feel over hav- 
ing joined in this tribute to our young defenders. 

The following list contains some nine hundred names 
and constitutes a great roll of honor. But it is a matter of 
much regret that it doubtless falls far short of including all 
those of Valdris lineage who entered their country's service. 
How many more it should contain there is of course no 
present means of knowing; but that the number lacking is 
considerable is indicated by the fact that from some settle- 
ments or localities, where Valdrises are known to be numer- 
ous, few names have been reported. Possibly this is due to 
indifference on the part of those who have read the appeals 
made in the press or have been personally solicited to help. 
But it is more likely due to a failure to see in this move- 
ment an opportunity for attesting one's appreciation of 
the spirit in which our boys and girls met the serious ques- 
tion of sacrifice. 

The first and main purpose of collecting this informa- 
tion was to get an authentic record of the service people 
of Valdris lineage, to be preserved in the archives of the 
Valdris Samband, and if possible to make this record com- 

In the second place, it was planned to publish the list 
of names, together with some of the more outstanding facts 
reported. And this plan is carried out in the list that fol- 
lows. The blanks, or questionnaires, that were issued pro- 
vided for the items: Name, address, age, birthplace, date 
of entering service, rank and organization, training camps, 
whether sent oversea and where, any special happenings 
date of discharge, the father's and mother's names and bygd 
and grandparents' bygd, and the old family gaards-name. 

In this list space has been given only to such of these 
data, so far as they have been furnished, as might seem to tell 
the most essential facts about each one. Sometimes not 
even the address was reported. Very few have reported 
the rank, except in the case of officers. The time of dis- 
charge from service is of course not found in the reports 


that came in before the person's service ended. The com- 
piler of this Roll of Honor would gladly have given a full 
outline history with each name; but he could not do it in 
-the cases of defective returns ; and considerations of eco- 
nomy in the use of space have enforced brevity in 
summarizing the others. 

Errors have doubtless crept into this record in spite of 
earnest carefulness. It happens in some cases of duplica- 
tions by different correspondents, that the names are not 
spelled alike, the addresses given are different, and other 
discrepancies occur. And errors doubtless occur, too, in 
reports turned in by others than the soldier himself or his 
nearest of kin. Whoever discovers errors in the list is re- 
quested to report corrections to the author or some official 
of the Valdris Samband, in order that the defects in" the 
society's record may be rectified. And of course it is 
equally much desired that all omissions be supplied so that 
the archives may preserve a full list of the Valdris service 
men and women. The compiler of the present roll of names 
hopes that, when full returns have come in, a revised ac- 
curate and complete list may be published by the Samband. 

This outline record, brief and even incomplete as it is, 
nevertheless is one of which every Valdris may be proud. 
Our young men have acquitted themselves in such a man- 
ner that we may justly feel ourselves favored to own kin- 
ship with them. And surely every Valdris feels personally 
touched by sorrow for those, of these kinsmen, that went 
forth and gave all that any man can give, and who can not 
return to their homes and grieving families. 

in the list are such as will be readily understood. The 
first date is that of entering service. Two dates joined by 
a hyphen indicate the beginning and end of service. Dates 
are contracted by writing day, month, and year without 
spaces, as 24jun'18 means June 24th, 1918. Fa, Mo, Par, 
S o, D o, Grfa, Grmo, Grpar etc., are abbreviations for 


father, mother, parents, son of, daughter of, grandfather, 
grandmother, grandparents, etc. Where the bygd of 
parents is given, it does not necessarily mean that they 
were born there, but that their people came from that part. 
When the old "gaards-names" are known they are added 
in cases where the American name does not seem to give a 
good clue to the identity of the person's family. The other 
abbreviations used are such as are in current use, or are 
taken from the reports turned in by the correspondents. 
Names are spelled as they have been reported. 

Casper I Aaberg Starbuck Minn 

Sigurd Christian Aaberg Roy Wash 6mar'17-feb'19 
Co F 65th Art. Forts Flagler, Gary. To France Sapr'18. 
Pont-a-Mousson, St. Mihiel, Verdun. Fa E E Aaberg. 

Syver Aaberg Starbuck Minn 

Benny Aastad Granite Falls Minn Fa Knut Aastad (Slet- 
ten) W Slidre. Mo Lovise Grover (Graven) Vang. 

Carl Alsaker Benson Minn To France. Mo Dorte Gul- 
brandson, N. Aurdal. Bro Gilbert Alsaker. 

Gilbert Alsaker Benson Minn Slightly wounded in France. 

John Amb Portland N D Served 9 months. Fa Carl Amb, 
Toten. Mo Karoline Renden, Etnedalen. 

Adolph Amundson Cable Wis 29jun'17-27 may'19 32 Div 
Camp McArthur. France. Fa Andrew K Amundson 
(Stenseth). Mo Inger Nelson Overgaard, Etnedalen. 

Alma Amundson Soldier la 28jul'18 Camp Merritt. France 
oct'18. Fa Ole Amundson (Rude), N. Aurdal. 

Carl Amundson Baron Wis 29juri7-28may'19 32 Div. Waco 
Tex. France. Fa Even K Stenset. Mo Ragnild, Etne- 

Norman Amundson Dallas Wis 28may'18-7may'19 35 Div. 
France. Fa Andrew K Amundson (Stenseth). Mo In- 
ger Nelson Overgaard, Etnedalen. 

Oscar Amundson Portland N D Fa Nels Amundson, Et- 

Alvridge R Anderson Decorah la 26jul'18- No. 4 U S Reg. 


Camp Gordon Ga. Germany. Fa Oliver J Anderson, 
Vang. Grpar Mr & Mrs A K Anderson (Bakka) (Grove) 

Arthur Anderson Auburndale Wis Camp Grant. Oversea. 
Fa Ole Anderson KJ0S. Mo Barbo Olsd Onstad. 

Arthur J Anderson Kathryn N D jun'18-jun'19 To France 
at once. Pharmacist w Med Detachment. (Johmen, 

Arthur M Anderson Greenbush Minn Fa Knut Anderson. 

Carl Alfred Anderson Montevideo Minn 15may'18-29sep 
'19 Great Lakes. Seaman 2d class U S Naval Reserve 
Force. Fa Syver Anderson (Skavelhuset). Mo Barbro 

Carl O Anderson Soldier la 25feb'18- At front 3 mo. Fa. 
Nels Anderson (Strand) N Aurdal. 

Clarence Anderson Sioux City la Nov'18- Par A G Ander- 
son & Berit Bakke. 

Clarence W Anderson Decorah la May'18- Co E 53d Inf 
U S Regs. Camp Columbus O. France. Fa Oliver J. 
Anderson (Bakka, Grove). 

Edward C Anderson Boscobel Wis 25may'18- In Army of 
Occupation. Fa A E Anderson, Hedalen. Mo Kari 
Knudson, N. Aurdal. (Primsletbraaten, Aspeholt). 

Edwin Anderson Ahnape Wis Fa Arnt Anderson, Trond- 
hjem. Mo Kari Orderdalen, Skrautvaal. 

Harry T Anderson Grand Meadow Minn 25may'18- Camps 
Lewis & Kearny. Died of wounds received in action 
4nov'18. Fa Arne Anderson fr Sogn. Mo Melia d o 
T S & Anna T Bohn, Valdris. 

Henry Anderson Duncombe la July'18- France. Par Hans 
& Serine Anderson. (Follinglo). 

Milo Anderson Soldier la Aug'18 Tr Camp Ames, la. Fa 
Nels Anderson. Grpar Strand, N. Aurdal. 

Oliver A Anderson Decorah la Sep'17- Corpl. Camp Dodge. 
France. Fa Oliver Anderson (Bakka, Grove) 

Orville Anderson Hampden N D Oversea. Fa T S Ander- 
son, Etnedalen. Mother's par Hedalen & Hadeland. 

Peter M Anderson Washington D C Lieut Col Engr Corps. 


In charge of embarkation service & inspection & con- 
struction of boats. Canada & U S. Par Christian An- 
derson (Skindingsrud), Hedalen, & Marit Lien, Reinli. 

Rudolph Anderson Auburndale Wis Oversea. Fa Ole An- 
derson Kjjzfs. Mo Barbo Olsd Onstad. Bro. Arthur. 

Sherman Edwin Anderson Montevideo Minn 15may'18-29 
sep'19 Seaman 2d cl U S N R F. Great Lakes. Fa Sy- 
ver S. Anderson (Skavelhuset) Mo Barbro Lovhaug, 

William Anderson Como Ave Minneapolis Minn 

Arthur C Arneson Decorah la 30jun'18- Musican 2d cl U S 

N. Great Lakes. Mo Inger Tobiason. Grpar fr Vang. 
Clarence Arneson Binford N D 
Fred W Arneson Chicago 111 ljun'18-22 feb'19-Co C 21st 

Inf 16th Div. Camps Taliefero & Kearny. Over COCK 

Mo Inger Tobiason. Grpar fr Vang. 
J B Arneson D D S Chicago 111 8jan'18-16dec'18 Dental 

Co No 1 Med Dept. Camp Greenleaf. Mo Inger To- 
biason. Grpar fr Vang. 

Johnny Aslakson Hancock Minn Fa Haldor Aslakson 
William A Austin Malung Minn Oversea. 
Alfred M Avok Hancock Minn 19sep'17-21feb'19 Co E 39th 

Inf. Camp Dodge. France. Shrapnel wound in arm. 

Fa A A Avok. Mo Annie Gilbertson. Grpar Gulbrand A 

Revling & Anna A Avok 
Aimer Ayen Mt Horeb Wis 
Gilford Ayen Mt Horeb Wis 
Theodore Ayen Mt Horeb Wis 
Axel Backer Fargo N D Fa Halsten Backer, Hedalen. Mo 

fr Hadeland. 

Bennie Backer Blue Mounds Wis 
Daniel Baker Blackfoot Idaho Jun'17- Med Dept 43d Inf. 

Par Ole G Baker & Ida, Telemark. Bakkene, Reinli. 
Clarence Bakke Crookston Minn Enl but did not serve. Fa 

S H Bakke (Bakkom, Hedalen) 
Harold E Bakke Crookston Minn 17 mo service. Srgt 


337th Field Art 88th Div. Camp Dodge. France 5 mo. 
Fa S H Bakke (Bakkom, Hedalen) 

Bennie Bakken Mt Horeb Wis 

Harry Bakken Mt Horeb Wis 

Raymond Bakken Mt Horeb Wis 

Adolph Bang Klevenville Wis To France. 

Halvor Bang Storden Minn 15jul'18-19dec'18 Mechanic Air- 
planes, Co K 1st Regt ASMS Dunwoody Inst & Over- 
land School. Par Olaf Bang, N Aurdal, & Lina Bang, 

Martin Adolph Bangs Klevenville Wis 9aug'18-31 jul'19. 
Co B 328th Inf. Camp McArthur. 8 weeks in France 

Edwin A Beito Mclntosh Minn 7aug'18-21jan'19 Navy Ra- 
dio Electrician. Great Lakes. Par Arne & Anna Beito, 
E Slidre. 

John R Belgum Wilmot S D Jun'18- Auto Driver Co B, D 
S T. Par ?^.rne & Ragnild Belgum. (Belgum, Fladager) 

Sanford Belgum Mt Horeb Wis Dead. 

Carl Bendickson Auburndale Wis In U S Army. Fa Knut 
Bendiksen, N Aurdal. Mo Astri Tollefd Tuff, W Slidre. 

Fred Bendickson Auburndale Wis U S Army. Bro Carl 

Otto Bendickson Auburndale Wis Army. Oversea. Bro 
Carl B. 

Thorwald Bendickson Auburndale Wis U S Army Bro 
Carl Bendickson. 

Bernard Bendikson Forestville Wis 4sep'18- Camp Grant. 
Par Knut Bendiksen, E Slidre & Emma Larson. 

Allen Benson Moorhead Minn 25feb'18- Camp Dodge. 3 
mo at front in France. Gassed. Par Anton Benson (Ler- 
skogen), S Aurdal, & Mary Rude, N Aurdal. 

Ole Benson Everett Wash France. Par Knut Benson 
(Bj0rnson), Bagn, & Gunild Kokkestad, Hedalen. 

Prof Wm C Benson Northfield Minn 2d Lieut. 16jul'18-12 
jan'19. Ft. Sheridan. Pers Adj St Olaf S A T C. Grpar 
Thrond Svensen B0rselien & Kari G Bjorgo. 

Arne O Berg Minneapolis 30sep'18-oct'18. Jefferson Bar- 


racks. Par Ole N Dalen, Bagn & Marit d o Arne & Anne 

Bergene, Bagn. 
George Berg Hatton N D 21sep'17 Camps Dodge, Greene, 

Pike. S o Anton Berg, Etnedalen. Mo fr Stavanger. 
Norval Berg Ridgeland Wis 
Oliver Berg Portland N D 24jul'18-7may'19 30th Bal Co 2d 

Provisional Aero Regt. Camp Dodge. France. Fa Nels 

O N Berg, Etnedalen. Mo fr Land. (Solbrekeie) 
Theodore Berg Hatton N D 22jul'18 Camp Dodge. S o 

Anton Berg, Etnedalen. Mo fr Stavanger. 
Albert A Berge Valders Wis Mar'18- Camp Custer. Batty 

D Field Art 29th Div. Oversea jun'18. Par Anton K 

Berge s o Ole O Berge, Vang, & Oline d o Ole K Gig- 

stad, Aurdal. 
Albert Ferdinand Berge Erskine Minn Feb'18- Camp 

Dodge. France may'18. Truck Driver Co C 110. Hauled 

munitions and troops. S o Ole T Berge, W. Slidre. 
Guildford Berge Valders Wis S o Otto Berge, Vang. 
Harry S Berge Valders Wis 27apr'18 H Q Co 340th Inf 

85th Div. A. E. F. Camp Custer. France 29jul'18. Par 

K O & Mary Berge. Grpar O K Berge, W Slidre, & Kari 

Nesja, W Slidre. 
Helmer E Berge Dennison Minn 24jun'18- Camp Grant. 

317th Inf 80th Div. Oversea 7sep'18. Mo Kari Vik, W. 

Ole H Berge Minneapolis Aug'17 Camps Dodge & Pike. 

France. Assigned to H Q. Sergt Field Art. Born Nor- 
way. S o Ole Gulliksen Berge, Vang, & Marit K Hauge, 

E Slidre. 
Oscar Kenneth Berge Valders Wis Dec'17- 28th Co 20th 

Engrs. Camp Grant. Oversea apr'18. Par Anton O 

Berge & Oline Gigstad. 
Selmer Berge Mclntosh Minn 
Walter Floyd Berge Valders Wis 18jul'18 Seaman U S N 

R F, Great Lakes. Par Anton O Berge & Oline Gigstad. 
Albert Bergene Portland N D. Oversea. Par Mr & Mrs 

C A Bergene, Etnedalen. 


Hilbert Bergene Clay Banks Wis 25jul'18- Par Halvor 

K Bergene & Guri N Ssehle, Skrautvaal. 
Oscar Bergene Dallas Wis 30oct'17-8aug'19 Co F 4th Amm 
Train 4th Div. Camps Grant, Pike, Greene. Vesle, St. 
Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne offensives. Army of Occupa- 
tion. Par Nils Bergene & Kari Knutsd Berg, both Etne- 

Oscar M Bergene Adams Minn 25may'18-17apr'19. Batty 
B 347th Field Art. Camp Lewis. Oversea, Germany. 
Par Ole A Bergene & Siri S0rflaten. 

Helge P Berger Minneapolis 5sep'17 Corpl Batty A 334th 
Field Art. Camp Pike. France aug'18. Par Peder & 
Sigrid Berger, Skrautvaal. Born Valdris. 

Henry Octavius Berger. Menomonie Wis 15dec'17-30sep 
'19 Fireman U S S Kronland. Great Lakes. Many trips in 
Transport Service. Par .Ole H Berger, Skrautvaal, & 
Mary Granum. 

Melvin Clarence Berger Menomonie Wis 5jun'17- Infan- 
try. Camps Douglas, McArthur. Oversea feb'18. Was 
long in trenches. Fate unknown apr'19. Par Ole H Ber- 
ger & Mary Granum. 

George Gordon Bergh Madison Wis 22jul'18 54 Pioneer 
Inf. Camp Wadsworth. France. Fa Halvor N Bergh. 
Grpar Dokken. 

Ingvald G Bergh Madison Minn 7sep'17- Lieut 136th Inf 
34th Div. Camp Cody. Fa Halvor N Bergh. Grpar 

Fred Biermann Decorah la 13may'17 1st Lieut. Co B 313th 
Inf 88th Div. Camp Ft Snelling. France. Fa E E Bier- 
mann. Mo Martha Christopher (Moen), Vang. 

Otis Ingvald Bjornson Ellsworth Wis 14aug'18- Mech 
Training School, Kansas City. Died of pneumonia. Fa 
B K Bjornson, N Aurdal. Mo fra Land. Gpar Gigstad, 

Alfred Boe Cyrus Minn 29apr'18-20jun'19. Camp Dayton. 
Oversea. Fa Ole O Boe, Vang. Mo fr Hallingdal. 


Albert O Boe Dennison Minn 23feb'18. Infantry. Camp 

Dodge. Lost leg in action. Fa Ole I Boe, Vang. 
Andrew Q Boe Dennison Minn 24jun'18 Camp Grant. 

Called, no service. Fa Ole O Boe, Vang. 
Aslak M Boe Northfield Minn Inf St Olaf S A T C, Camp 

Grant O T C. Par Helge A Boe & Marit Lajord, both 

Boie Boe Northfield Minn 24jul'18-6juri9 54th Inf .6th Div. 

Camp Wadsworth. 4 mo in France, 6 mo in Germany. 

Par Austen & Ingeleiv Boe. Born Vang. 
Harold Boe Soldier la sep'18- Seaman. San Francisco. Par 

Ole Boe (Bakken), N Aurdal, & Lette Boe, S Aurdal. 
Anton Boen Fergus Falls Minn 24jun'18 
Melvin Boen Fergus Falls Minn Navy. Crossed Atlantic 

18 times. 
Thomas A Bonhus Valley City N D 27may'18-27 apr'19 

362 Inf 91st Div. Camp Lewis. In action St Mihiel, Ar- 

gonne, Flanders. Fa K A Bonhus, Mo Margaret d o A 

T Remmen, Vang. 
Melvin Bordson Black Earth Wis 
Gisle B Borlaug Kenyon Minn lloct'18 Co 10 1st Regt S 

A T C U of Minn. Mo Emma Norsving Borlaug. Grfa 

Gudmund Norsving. 
Clarence Braaten Northfield Minn 10 mo in France. Fa C 

K Braaten. Mo Gertrude Thompson, Voss. 
Ingvald T Braaten Northfield Minn 6sep'17 1st Lieut Field 

Art. Camps Dodge, Jackson, Meade. Advanced School 

Detachment F A, A E F. Fa Christian K Braaten. Mo 

Gertrude Thompson, Voss. 
Marvin Braaten Petersburg N D. France. Both par S 

Ole J Braaten Montevideo Minn 25may'18. Air service. 

Camps Lewis, Vancouver. Par Nils Braaten, W Slidre, 

& Ingeborg Grefsrud, R0n. Born Valdris. 
Alvin Brager Black Earth Wis 
Otto Brager Mt Horeb Wis 
Severin H Brager Roseau Minn Apr'18. Corporal. Over- 


sea jun'18. Aviation service. Fa fr Hedalen. Mo fr 
William Brager Madison Wis Fa C O Brager, Etnedalen. 

Mo fra Begndalen. 
John F Brandt Prince Rupert Canada Colonel in Canadian 

Service. S o John Brandt, W Sildre. 
Dr Arthur F Bratrud Warren Minn Mo fr Begndalen. 
Dr. Theodor Bratrud W'arren Minn June' 17 Mo fr Begn- 

Adry Brattrud Mt Horeb Wis 
Sam Bratvold Gully Minn 
Olaf C Brekken Chippewa Co Minn Engineers Corps in 

France. Par Christopher Brekken & Sigri Lalim, Vang. 
Iver O Brekken Sacred Heart Minn 24jun'18- Camp Grant. 

France. At front 10 days. Par Knut O Brekken & Kjer- 

sti Lalim, Vang. 
Ole K Brekken Sacred Heart Minn May'18- At front in 

France 10 days. Par Knut O Brekken & Anna Rogn, 


Olaf Bren Brandt S D 
Ragnvald Brenden Osage la 
Thorvald Brenden Kerkhoven Minn Killed in action. Fa 

Thorgrim Brenden, Hedalen. 
Albert Brenna Cottonwood Minn Oct'18-dec'18 Camp 

Grant. Fa Ole O Brenna Jr, S Aurdal. 
Edwin Olai Brenna Cottonwood Minn Camp Wadsworth 

a few weeks. Fa Ole O Brenna Jr, S Aurdal. 
Hiram Broin Dennison Minn To France. 
Melvin J Broin Dennison Minn 
Omar Broin Dennison Minn Called, no service. 
Reuben Broin Dennison Minn 54th Pioneer Regt. France 

and Army of Occupation. 
Tom Leonard Bromner Nelson Wis 3apr'18 Corpl Coast 

Art. Ft Worden, Presidio, Camp Grant. Fa Carl Brom- 
ner. Grpar Isak Bromner & Sigri Gausaker. 
Adolph Broten Dallas Wis lmay'17-17may'19 32d Div. 

Camp McArthur. Fa August Broten, Etnedalen. 


Bennet Bruflat Blue Mounds Wis 

Benny Bruflat Huron S D In Railway service. 

Fritjof Bruflat Hendricks Minn 

Leroy A Bruflat Hendricks Minn 5mar'18-3oct'19 Copper- 
smith in Navy, U S S Duncan. Par P E Bruflat, Etne- 
dalen, & Christine B Sjursvik, Senjen. 

William Dons Bruflat Hendricks Minn 18jun'17-llmar'18 
Corpl Infantry. Ft Snelling, Camp Cody. Par P E Bru- 
flat, Etnedalen, & Christine B Sjursvik. 

Iver L Brujord Culbertson Mont 15dec'17- Ord Corps. 
France jun'18. Verdun- Sector. Par Lars K Brujord & 
Ragnild,' both Ulnes. 

Alfred M Bunde Michigan N D 21sep'17- Corpl Co L 348th 
Inf 87th Div. Camps Pike, Dix. France. Par Mr & 
Mrs P W Bunde, Vang. 

Minnie Bush Granite Falls Minn. Hospital Corps in France. 
Fa Thomas G Bush. Mo Ingeborg A Hamre, Vang. 

Edwin S Camrud Buxton N D 15sep'18-10dec'18 Signal 
Corps. Par Iver I & Ida Kamrud, N Aurdal. 

Martin M Camrud Buxton N D 8may'18-5jan'19 Q M C. 
Camps Dodge, Meigs, Jefferson Barracks. Port Ter- 
minals. Par Iver I & Ida Kamrud, N Aurdal. 

Richard B Camrud Buxton N D 31oct'17-19nov'17 Camp 
Lewis. Par Iver I & Ida Kamrud, N Aurdal. 

Ernal Carlson Moorhead la Seaman. Great Lakes. Par 
Olaf Carlson & Clara d o Ole K & Mary Lee, N. Aurdal. 

Oscar Carlson Moorhead la Oversea. Par Olaf Carlson & 
Clara d o Ole K & Mary Lee, N Aurdal. 

Karl Chilstad, Portland, N D. 

Emil I Christenson Montevideo Minn 24may'18-5apr'19 
347th Field Art. Camps Lewis & Merritt. Par John 
Christenson, Hadeland, & Marit Eriksd Lovhaug, Etne- 

Ernest Christiansen Clark S D 14nov'17-jul'19 Mechanic 
Signal Corps. One year in France. Fa T E Christian- 
son. Mo Dorte Siverson fr S Aurdal. 

Frank Christopher Decorah la Apr'18- 140th Inf 35th Div. 


Camp Dodge. France jul'18. Alsace, St. Mihiel sector, 
Argonne Forest Drive. Par Martin & Anna Christopher, 
Vang. (Moen). 

Gerald M Christopherson Sioux Falls S D 7 aug'18 Co A 
24th Mach Gun Battn. Camps Fremont, Mills, Lee. 
Oversea 9 nov'18. Fa G C Christopherson (Soine), 

Norman W Christopherson Sioux Falls S D May'18 Navy 
Signal Corps. Fa G C Christopherson (Soine), Vang. 

Oswald S Christopherson Sioux Falls 28may'18- Co D 362d 
Inf. Camp Lewis. Oversea 5jun'18. In Argonne Sector 
fighting. Fa G C Christopherson (Soine), Vang. 

Dolphin Clemon Soldier la Jul'18- Camp Gordon. Brest 
12sep'18. At front last 3 weeks. Slightly wounded. Fa 
Martin Clemon. Mo Adeline Follinglo, N. Aurdal. 

Victor Clemon Soldier la Jun'18- Camp Dodge. Brest sep 
'18. Fa Martin Clemon. Mo Adeline Follinglo, N Aur- 

Melvin Colby Mt Horeb Wis 

Selmer Colby Mt Horeb Wis 

Arthur Ingeman Dahl Silverton Ore. Lieut. France. Par 
Halvor O & Ingeborg Anderson, both N Aurdal. 

Conrad Dahl Silverton Ore Hospital Corps. France. Par 
Ole O & Ingri Christenson Dahl, N Aurdal. 

Henry Simon Dahl Silverton Ore Died feb'19. Par Halvor 
O & Ingeborg Anderson Dahl, N Aurdal. 

Selmer Dahl Albert Lea Minn 9aug'18-12mar'19. Musician 
H Q Co 161st Regt 41st Div. Camp Dodge. France 26 
sep'18. Par Iver J & Christine Dahl (Opdahl). 

Barney Dahle Nekoma N D. 

Nils Hjalmar Dahle St Paul Minn Spring'17-Autumn'19. 
Yeoman U S N. Trained Norfolk, Va. Cruising to 
Spain, Italy, etc. Fa Prof John Dahle s o Johannes Dahle 
& Anne Nordtorp. Mo Johanne Sjzfrli, Elverum. 

Norris D Dahle Caledonia Minn 12oct'18-16dec'18. SAT 
C, U of Minn. Aviation. Fa O K Dahle. 

Ralph B Dahle Mt Horeb Wis 


William Dahle Caledonia Minn Fa O K Dahle 

Banford Dahle Mt Horeb Wis 

David K Dalager Lake Park Minn 28apr'18-28jan'19 Co G 
358th Inf 90th Div. Camps Dodge, Travis. Wounded in 
St Mihiel Drive 12sep'18. S o Rev Kr Dalager. 

Paul A Dalager Lake Park Minn U S Army Band, Motor 
Transport Corps. Indianapolis. S o Rev Kr Dalager. 

Roy Dalager Chicago 1st Lieut. Served 8 mo. Fa Peter 
G Dalager, Vang. 

Christian Dale Decorah la Sergt. Fa Lars Dale. Mo Jen- 
ny Johnson d o Mrs Ingeborg Brandt Johnson. 

Selmer Dalen Grand Meadow Minn 

Anton Dambroten Granite Falls Minn 6sep'18- 7th Co Re- 
placement Troops. Camp Grant. Fa Ole Dambroten, 
Swede. Mo Anna Stende, Vang. 

Elmer Deden Slayton Minn Mo fr Loe, N Aurdal. 

Willie Deden Slayton Minn. France. Mo fr Loe, N Aur- 

Helge Dieserud Washington D C Lieut, Engineers. Rail- 
way Transportation Officer, France. S o Juul Dieserud. 

Clarence Disrude Soldier la Jun'18- Camp Dodge. France. 
Par Juel & Anna Disrud, N Aurdal. 

George Milton Disrude Brooklyn Wis 18sep'17-23mar'19. 
Corpl Auxiliary Remount Depot 321. Fa Sever Disrude, 
N Aurdal. 

Ellef J Dokken Osage la Jul'18-jan'19 S O Thidemand & 
Gunild Grovsdokken, Hedalen. 

Clarence Dokken Mt Horeb Wis Dead. 

Gilman Dokken Clontarf Minn 24may'18-22apr'19. Co L 
363d Inf Coast Div. Camp Lewis. In u-boat attack. 
Wounded in Argonne Forest. M P in Belgium. Fa 
Olaus Dokken, Reinli. 

Sam Albert Dokken Blanchardville Wis 3sep'18- Co 37 
161st Depot Brigade. Camp Grant. Died of pneumonia 
Soct'18. Fa Haldor Dokken (Kuldokken), S Aurdal. Mo 
Bertha Dammen. 

Albert J Dolven Little Falls Minn 4jun'17- Co D 58th Inf. 


Camp Cody. France jun'18. Killed in action 6 aug'18. 

Fa A M Dolven, Bagn. 
Noel B Dolven Harlem Mont Dec'17-jun'19 Co C 23d 

Egnrs. Camps Meade, Merritt. 18 mo oversea in France. 

Fa A M Dolven. 
Eric Egge Pullman Wash Oct'18-nov'18 Fa Albert E Egge, 

W Slidre. Mo Sina Berge, Vang. 
Peter Olaf Egge Kindred N D 24jun'18-28may'19 Camp 

Custer. Par Even & Kari Olsd Egge. 
Henry Gilbert Egge Kindred N D 24jun'18-5jun'19 Camp 

Dodge. France 8 mo. Par Even J & Kari Olsd Egge. 
Gunnar Olaus Eicle Maynard Minn Ssep'18- Camps Grant, 

Cody, Hancock, Ga. Mach Gun Battn. Fa Peter K Eide. 

Mo Anne K Heen, Vang. 
Ole Eide Maynard Minn. Fa P K Eide. Mo Anne K 

Heen, Vang. 
Henry O Eidsmoe Nielsville Minn 21oct'18-25nov'18. 

Camp Cody. Par Amund Eidsmoe, Begndalen, & Anne 

Hansebraaten, Bagn. 
Ingvald A Eidsmoe Nielsville Minn 26jul'18-13aug'18 Camp 

Wadsworth. Par Amund Eidsmoe & Anne Hansebraa- 
Otto Eidsmoe Nielsville Minn 25feb'18-14mar'19 Co G 

118th Inf 30th Div. Camps Dodge, Sevier. France. 

Wounded 12oct'18.i Par Amund Eidsmoe & Anne Han- 
Albert Johan Ekren Pennock Minn 24jun'18-28oct'19 Army 

Field. Clerk, Adj Gen's Dept. Camp Grant. Par Helge 

& Margaret Ekren, Vang. 
Gerhard A Ellestad Lanesboro Minn Ft Sheridan, SAT 

C, St Olaf. Fa G B Ellestad. 
Gilbert N Ellestad New Hampton la 24oct'17-sep'19 Camp 

Pike. Secretarial work. Fa Peter J Ellestad. 
Grover T Johnson (Ellestad) New Hampton la 24oct'17- 

dec'18. Co H 38th Regt 3d Div. France. Fa Peter J 



Irwin M Ellestad Lanesboro Minn 28jun'18-apr'19. Spruce 

Squadron, Oregon. Fa G B Ellestad. 
Nils T Ellestad Wetaskiwin Canada. France. Wounded. 

Par Thorleif Nilsen Ellestad & Anne Eriksd Egge. Born 

Lomen, Valdr. 
Reuben B Ellestad Lanesboro Minn S A T C, Minn U. Fa 

G B Ellestad. 
George Ellickson Decorah la Spring'17. 1st la Inf. In 

St Mihiel & Argonne battles. Twice wounded. Grmo 

Diana Anderson (Endresd Rudi, Vang). 
Alfred Ellingboe Kandioyhi Co Minn 26jul'18- Camp Wads- 
Elvin Ellis Decorah la Corpl 451st Inf 88th Div. Camp 

Dodge. France. Fa Ole Ellis. Mo Julia d o E T Hagen. 
Oliver Elthun Nerstrand Minn Veterinary Corps. 
Melvin Elvester Cyrus Minn 29apr'18-15apr'19 Co C 357th 

Inf. Camp Travis. Oversea 20jun'18. Fa fr Telemark. 

Mo fr N Aurdal. 
Gilbert Adolph Engen Finley N D lSjun'18- Co B 210th 

Engrs 10th Div. Camps Funston, Mills, Humphreys. 

Par Gilbert G & Nettie Engen, both Begndalen. 
John Arthur Engen Finley N D 5nov'18- Vocational Train- 
ing, S A T C, N D Agr Coll. Par Gilbert G & Nettie 

Martin Ensberg Toronto S D llmay'18- 110th Inf 28th 

Div. France & Germany. 
Selmer Ensberg Toronto S D 24jul'18- 
Bennie Erickson Barneveld Wis 
Ervin Erickson Mt Vernon Wis 
Herman Erickson Mondovi Wis May'18- France. Fa Ole 

Solbrekken, Etnedalen. Mo fr R0n. 
Jens Erickson Beresford S D 27jul'18-29 jul'19 14th Mach 

Gun Battn 5th Div. In Argonne Forest battle. Born 

Skrautvaal. Bros Syvert, Martin. 

Martin Erickson Green Co Wis 22jun'18-16jul'19. Veteri- 
nary. Camp Lee. Par Ole Erickson, Aadalen, Lina 

Str^mmen, Begndalen. (Lovskogen). 


Melvin Erickson Mt Horeb Wis 

Nels T R Erickson Valders Wis 5jul'18-25jul'19 Mechanic- 
ian Inf Mach Gun Co I. Ft Banning, Ga., Columbus, O., 

Camp Hancock. 
Syvert Erickson Canton S D 15juli'17- Corpl 116th Supply 

Train. France 1 yr. Bro Martin. 
Alex A Estrem Dennison Minn To France oct'18- Corpl 

144th Inf 36th Div. Camp Dix. Par Andr A Estren & 

Marit Soine. 

Joseph Estrem Dennison Minn Jul'18-aug'18. 
Alexander C Evans Decorah la Aug'18- Corpl S A T C, 

Fayette, la. Par O C Evans & Marie. Grpar Christopher 

& Anne Evans (Austreim). 
Rudolph O Evans Decorah la Sjun'18- Camp Allentown, 

Pa. Ambulance Corps, Base Hospital 68. France. Bro. 

C L Evanson Ulen Minn 23feb'18- Co H 129th Inf 33d Div. 

Camps Dodge, Logan. In action Somme, Meuse, Ar- 

gonne fronts. Par Theodore Evanson & Regina E Mor- 


Henry Evanson Mt Horeb Wis 
Bennet O Evenson Valders Wis 22oct'18-18dec'18 9th I 

M Battn Art. Camp Nichols. Par Anton Evenson & 

Mathilda Ulnes. 
Edward G Evenson Cyrus Minn 22jul'18-28jul'19. France 

9 mo. Par Sam Evenson & Ingri (Diserud). 
Einar A Evenson Stanley Wis llaug'17- Co A 119th Mach 

Gun Battn. France. Slightly wounded. Died 24sep'19 

from complications after influenza. S o Thron Evenson, 

S Aurdal. 
Elmer Evenson Valders Wis 28may'18- Camps Lee, Grant. 

Veterinary Corps. France. Par Christopher Evenson 

Kvale, Hurum, & Ingri Helgsd Nesja. 

Elroy Evenson Valders Wis 22sep'17- Camp Custer. Mo- 
tor Truck Reserve. France. Par Olof & Mary Evenson 

(Oxhovd, Snortum, Nesja). 
George Evenson Toronto S D Died in Germany. 


Isak Evenson Mondovi Wis 25may'18-3jul'19. Camp Grant. 

10 mo Vet. Hosp Work in France. Par Even Heste- 

skind & Mathea Rust, Etnedalen. 
Jacob Evenson Portland N D Regimental Band. France. 

Par E I Evenson, Toten, & Ragnild Jordet Begndalen. 
Johnny Evjen Pope Co Minn. France. Par Ben Evjen & 

Annie Espelien. 
Alvin J Farden Maxbass N D 18sep'17-10jun'19 Camp 

Dodge. 1st Sergt Amm Truck Driver. France. Fa 

Jens O Farden, W Slidre (Fere). Mo Anne Karine J 


Jul Fauske Adams Minn. Among first enlistments. France. 
Adolph Field Madison Wis 24jul'18- Camp Grant Army 

Police. France. Par Reier Fjeld & Carine Spaanum. 

Grfa Andris Fjeld, S Aurdal. 
Harvey Field Mt Horeb Wis 
Krestian Field Aneta N D U S Army. Fa Ole Field, Etne- 

dal. Mo Gudbrandsdjzfl. 
Raymond Field Madison Wis 4apr'17 Corpl, Aviation. 

Oversea. Injured. Par Reier Fjeld & Carine Spaanum. 
Nels E Finkelson North Branch Minn 27feb'18 Mach Gun 

Co. Camp Dodge. Killed in Argonne Forest battle 27 

sep'18. Fa Gilbert N Finkelson. Mo Carrie Gordon, N 

Aurdal. Grandparents, Presthage, E Slidre, & pdegaar- 

den, N Aurdal. 

Albert K Fjeld Aneta N D 18sep'18-16jan'19 Wagoner Sup- 
ply Co 338th Field Art. France. Fa K O Fjeld. Mo 

Gottenborg. Both Etnedalen. 
Maurice H Fladager, Spring Grove, Minn 9apr'18-mar'19 

Camp Jackson. Corpl, Ordnance. Fladager, N Aurdal. 
Arnold W Flaten Northfield Minn loct'18-10dec'18 SAT 

C, St Olaf Coll. Fa Nils Flaten, Vang. Mo Lyngdal. 
Gilbert W Flaten Moorhead Minn U S Navy Fa O E Fla- 
Prof Nils Flaten Northfield Minn lnov'18-3jul'19 Y M C A 

Secy Turin & Novara. Par Ole I Flaten & Maren Steile, 



Olav N Flaten Northfield Minn laug'18-lfeb'19 36 reg Inf. 

Camp Devens. Fa Nils Flaten, Vang. Mo Lyngdal. 
Oscar Julius Flom Des Lacs N D Oct'17-llapr'19 Co K 

354th Inf. St Mihiel Salient, Verdun Sector. Wounded 

2nov'18 Fa H O Flom. Grfa Ole Nilson Arnehaugen, 


George Florand Grand Meadow Minn. 
Maurice Florand Grand Meadow Minn. 
Martin O Fodnes Amenia N D 24jun'18-19jan'19 26th Co 

7th Battn 166th Depot Brigade. Later Guard Co C 38th 

Battn, Presidio. Born Fagernes. Par Ole K. Fodnes 

& Kari O Rogndokken. 
Theodore Fodnes Menomonie Wis 23jul'18 Camps Grant, 

Mills Mach Gun Co 344th Inf Black Hawk Div. France. 

Died of Influenza 3nov'18. Buried Suresnes, France. 

Par Ole O Fodnes, N Aurdal & Jjzfren Sselseng W Slidre. 
Gertrude Forester Tansem N D lljun'18 Army Reserve 

Nurse Base Hosp Camp Lewis. Born Valdris. Par 

Ivar Fystraa R0n & Marit Dokken 0ie. 
Arthur Forson Madison Minn 6 mo in France. Fa Albert 

E Forson. Mo Haugen. 
Clarence Fosholdt Courtenay N D 30apr'18 Sergt Camp 

Dodge. Fa O T Fosholdt Hedalen. 
George Fosshage Mt Horeb Wis. 
Sidney Fosshage Mt Horeb Wis. 

Paul Fossum Fergus Falls Minn Ordnance Corps Edge- 
wood Arsenal. Fa Prof Andrew Fossum. ( ?) 
Andrew Fremgaard Assiniboia Canada Oversea. 
Carl O Frydenlund Faribault Minn Ssep'18 Camp Grant. 
Lauritz Frylenlund Soldier la 25jul'17 Camp Grant. 

3 mo at front. Par Erik K & Johana Frydenlund, N 

Clarence Theodore Fystrom Larimore N D nov'17-1919 

France Spring '18 89th Div. Par Ole Fystrom, R0n, 

Caroline Soljzfr. 
Gustav Ingvald Fystrom Larimore N D '15jan'19 France 

spring-'18 89th Div. Par Ole & Caroline Fystrom. 


Julius Edwin Fystrom Larimore N D 6 weeks Camp Dodge. 
Par Ole & Caroline Fystrom. 

Anthon P Garlid Baldwin Wis 5oct'18-14dec'18 S A T C 
Univ Wis. Par Ole Garlid & Aagot Brevik. 

Edwin B Garlic Spring Valley Wis 6jul'18 Camp Hancock 
Corpl Mach Gun Co. Par Nels N Garlic, N Aurdal & 
Barbra Bergsbakken Etnedalen. 

George Garlid Ellsworth Wis lsep'18-15jan'19. Fa Knut 
Garlid. Mo jZ>sterdalen. 

Oscar G. Garlid Baldwin Wis 21aug'18-17dec'18 Co E 120th 
Engrs. Ft Benjamin. Fa Ole Garlid. 

Ulrik Garlie Herrick S D 29aug'18 Camp Funston 20th Co 
5th Battn 2d Regt 164th Depot Brigade. Died of pneu- 
monia 21oct'18. Par Anders Ulriksen Garlie & Inga 

Arthur Gesme Mt Horeb Wis. 

Gerhard Gesme Mt Horeb Wis. 

Bennet Samuel Gigstad Valders Wis 5 mo in service Camp 
Lewis. Mach Gun Co A 14th Div. Par Ole O Gigstad & 
Sarah Thompson (Helle). 

Clarence M Gilbertson Benson Minn Killed in action in 
France. Par Carl Gilbertson & Kristine Navrud. 

Elbert Gilbertson Benson Minn Bro Clarence. 

Morris Gilbertson Lone Rock Wis Oversea. Fa Gustav 
Gilbertson (Kokkestad), Hedalen. Mo Marit J0rud. 

Oliver Gilbertson Portland N D. Fa Henry Gilbertson 
Begndalen. Mo fr Bagn. 

Orrin Gilbertson Lone Rock Wis Oversea. Bro Morris G. 

Theodore Gilbertson Portland N D. Fa Henry Gilbert- 
son Begndalen. Mo fr Bagn. 

Casper Gilson Rosholt Wis Jan'18 Camp Grant. France 
may'18 Chateau Thierry 18jun'18. Reported missing in 
action. Grandson of Marit Nilson Quien. 

George C Gjevre Maynard Minn Jul'18-apr'19 Camp Wads- 
worth. France aug'18 Artillery, Engineers Corps. Par 
Kristofer Anderson Gjevre Vang, & Dorthea Olsd Jevne, 
N Aurdal. 


Mrs Charlotte Tostenson Glasscock Minneapolis Nurse. 

Fa Capt T Tostenson (Haugen) E Slidre. Mo Ragnild 

Knutsd Kvale (Bygsle). 
Gerhard Goplerud Osage la France. Fa C C Goplerud Jr, 

Hedalen. Mo fr Sol0Y. 
Lester W Gorder Minneapolis 27aug'17-28aug' 19 Ft Snell- 

ing. 1st Lieut Mach Gun Battn 77th Div. France. Par 

Gustav Gorder & Charlotte Weltzin. 
Norman Graff Brandon S D. 

Inger Granum Chetek Wis Sep'18 Red Cross Nurse. Par 

Knut & Lena Granum (N Aurdal, Reinli, Etnedalen). 
Ivan Raymond Granum Amery Wis lOapr'18 Srgt 43d Co 

20th Engrs Oversea 6may'18. Par Arne Granum & Marie 

Oscar Ahnpheldt Granum Amery Wis 10apr'18 Srgt 43d 

Co 20th Engrs. Oversea 6may'18. Par Arne Granum & 

Marie Meiningen. 
Ole A Grefsrud Montevideo Minn May'18-12aug'19 Camp 

Lewis. Wagoner 34th Engrs. France jul'18. Fa Anders 

s o Ole Reierson Grefsrud R0n. Mo Marit Hagene. 

Born R0n. 

Delmar Grinde Mt Horeb Wis. 
Frithjof Grinde Mt Horeb Wis. 
Reuben Grinde Mt Horeb Wis. 
Ole Grondahl Starbuck Minn. 

George Grove Fisher Minn. Fa Ole G Grove, Hedalen. 
Guy Grove Bismarck N D. Fa H G Grove, Hedalen. Mo 

fr Hedalen. 

Carl Gulbrandson Decorah la. 
B'ernt Gullikson Portland N D. Fa Gullik 'Gullikson, 

Slidre. Mo fr Reinli. 

Christopher Gunderhus Hatton N D Oversea. Par Hedal- 

Henry Gullickson Canby Ore 24jun'18 Infantry. Pre- 
sidio. Par John Gullickson (Okshovd) & Marit Eker- 

Gerhard Gullikson Samish N D 22jun'18 Camp Dodge Co 


B 313th Engrs 9th Army Corps. Oversea 18aug'18. 

Par Tollef Okshovd & Ragnild J^rstad. 
Arthur Gulson Black Earth Wis. 
Oben GttHderson Pilot N D 22juri8-oct'19 Camp Custer. 

France. Fa Iver E Gunderson (Nepstad). Mo Gud- 

Herbert Habberstad Lanesboro Minn 31may'18-31may'19 

Co M 133d Inf 33d Div. Oversea 14jun'18. Fa Ole Hab- 
berstad. Mo Valdris. 
Adolph Habich Madison Wis 23jun'18 Army Police. Camp 

Shelby. Par Wm Habich & Marit Ellestad. 
Harry Haden Toronto S D 28nov'17-25mar'19 Ft Caswell 

N C 6th Anti Aircraft Batty. St Die Toul sector. Fa 

J L Haden, Dane. Mother's par Valdris. 
Otto S Hagen Ada Minn 19jun'18-18jun'19 Camp Douglas, 

Ft. Sill. Saddler H Q Co llth Field Art. France 12jul'18 

Par Andreas G (Beito) & Ingeborg, Vang. 
Nils N Hagenes Fairview Mont Co G 22d Engrs. Active 

service in France. Discharged 19jul'19. Par Nils & Inge- 

bj^rg Haganes, Born N Aurdal. 
Agnes Gurine Hain Minneapolis Nov'18 Red Cross Nurse. 

Camp Fremont. Letterman Gen Hospital, March Field. 

Par O A Hain, Hedalen & Caroline Trondrud. 
Clarence Haldorson Hancock Minn 24feb'l8-6juF19 Camp 

Dodge. Sergt. Oversea to France. Par Haldor Erikson, 

N Aurdal & Ragnild Etnedalen. 
Edmund Hall Ahnape Wis Called but did not serve. (Or- 

derdalen, (Skrautvaal). 
Alfred Halvorson Brant S D. 

Carl Halvorson Auburndale Wis Oversea. Par Arne Hal- 
vorson (Breiseth), Aurdal & Kari Anderson, W Slidre. 
Clarence A Halvorson Hayton Wis 18jul'18 Camp Custer 

Wagoner Field Art 328th Supply Co 85th Div France 

aug'18. Fa Ole Halvorson Skrautvaal. Mo Lena Hoide- 

Christian Halvorson Clay Banks Wis Par Ole Halvorson 

Rangdi K Alvstad, both E Slidre. 


Earl R Halverson Jasper Minn 24may'17-13aug'19 Gunnery 
Sergt, Marine Corps. Oversea 24may'18 St Mihiel, 
Champagne, Meuse-Argonne sectors. Coblenz. Citation 
for Distinguished and exceptional gallentry. Par An- 
drew & Beata Halverson. Grmo Gudborg Brager. 

Gustav A Halvorson Decorah la 26may'18 Fort Dodge Co 
B 337 M G Battn. France. Par John Halvorson & Marit, 

Henry A Halvorson Auburndale Wis. Par Arne Halvor- 
son (Breiseth), Aurdal & Kari Anderson W Slidre. 

Herman Goodwin Halvorson Los Angeles Calif May'17-aug 
'19 Capt Q M Dept. Oversea jan'18. Par Erik Halvorson 
& Rangdi (Jevne) Bjzf. 

Henry Halvorson Estherville la Fa Tom Halvorson. 

John B Halvorson Emmons Minn 5may'17 Camp Lewis. 
Srgt Co A 364th Inf. In Meuse-Argonne action. Par 
Hans & Louise Halvorson. 

Lawrence Halvorson York Wis. Fa Halvor Halvorson, 
N Aurdal (Turtlite). 

Odin Halvorson Clay Banks Wis 25jul'18. Par Ole Halvor- 
son & Rangdi K Alvstad both E Slidre. 

Adolph J Harnre Granite Falls Minn Ensign Naval Re- 

Eivind L Hamre Decorah la Jun'17 42d Div. Oversea nov 
'17. Killed in action 26jul'18. Par Lars & Berit Hamre. 
Born Valdris. 

Elmer M Hamre Minneapolis 21sep'17-17apr'19 Corpl Co 
F 346th Inf. France. Mo Margaret H Hamre, Vang. 

Helge O Hamre Erskine Minn Camp Mills. Oversea aug 
'18. Fa Ole J Hamre, Vang. 

Lars Hamre Decorah la. Par Lars & Berit Hamre. Born 

Olaf L Hamre Decorah la Jul'17 Camp Dodge Mechanic. 
Oversea Jun'18. Par Lars & Berit Hamre. Born Val- 

Paul Hamre Erskine Minn. Fa Ole J. Hamre, Vang. 


Albert B Hanse Stevens Co Minn Artillery. Fa Lars L 

Carl Hanson Minneapolis Jul'18 58th Pioneer Inf. Camp 

Wadsworth. Fa Olaus Hanson. Mo Bertha Maria John- 
son (Hedalen, E Slidre). 
Casper Hanson Minneapolis May'18 58th Co Marines. Paris 

Island. Fa Olaus Hanson. Mo Bertha Maria Johnson 

(Hedalen, E Slidre). 
Christian Hanson Monterey Minn 22sep'17-12may'19 Co I 

166th Inf 42d Div. Camps Dodge, Cody. On 4 fronts in 

France. Fa Nils Hanson Dane. Mo Sophia I Dallen, 

Aasebygden Bagn. 
Karl B Hanson Chicago Enl'17 Training East Lansing. 

Mich. Veterinarian. Par J C M & Sarah Hanson (So'rheim). 
John T Hanson Veblen S D Jan'18-aug'19 Camp Grant. 

Capt Inf. France sep'18. Par Hans J Hanson & Hannah 

C Veblen d o Thomas A Veblen & Kari Bunde. 
Leonard C Hanson Veblen S D loct'18 1st Sergt S A T C 

Cornell Univ. Inf. Bro John T Hanson. 
Otto Hanson Minneapolis 304th Field Art Camp Upton 

France. Fa Olaus Hanson. Mo Bertha Maria Johnson 

(Hedalen, E Slidre). 
Harry Harden Toronto S D. 
Floyd Harmon Mt Horeb Wis. 
Ingvald Harris Soldier la Aug'18 Camp Logan. Par Amund 

Harris & Gunild d o Ole & Ingeborg Soffebraaten. 
Ole Harris Soldier la 25feb'18 Camp Dodge. France lOmay 

'18. At front 3 mo. Gassed. Bro Ingvald Harris. 
Solomon Harris Soldier la 25jul'18 Camp Gordon. France 

12sep'18. Bro Ingvald Harris. 
Arnold Hasle Park River N D 19oct'18. Marines. Paris 

Island. France. Par Ole Hasle, Reinli Siri Aamot 
Berdick Haugen Brookings S D Aviation service 2 years. 

Fa E E Haugen. 

Bennie E Haugen Dennison Minn Camp Grant. 
Edmend Haugen Brookings S D Engrs Corps 9 m.> in 

France. Fa E E Haugen. 

Elmer G Haugen Webster S D Corpl. Fa T E Haugen s o 
Knut Jorgensen Lomen. 

Gjermund Haugen Decorah la Oversea. Par Thomas s o 
Gjermud & Marit Haugen & Emma Haugen. 

Lauritz Haugen Northwoocl la 20 mo in Aviation service. 
Major. Fa Gilbert N Haugen. Mo Elise d o John Even- 
son Beitohaugen & Katrine d o Lensmand Johannes An- 

Ole E Hedal Mercer N D 14jun'18 Wagoner 151st Am Co 
38th Div 113th Sanitary Train. N D Agr Coll; Shelby, 
Miss. Camp Mills. Oversea. Died of influenza. Par Nils 
s o Erik & Marit Hedahl E Slidre & Marit d o Sven & 
Guri Hedalen. 

Oscar A Hedahl Manfred N D 28may'17. Yeoman 1st C U 

5 S Nebraska. Par O S Hedahl, Hegge & Ingrid Jarstad, 

Sven O Hedahl Manfred N D 24jun'18. Medical Corps. 

Camp Lewis. Par O S Hedahl & Ingri Jarstad. 
Sever Hedalen Dahlen N D. Par Nils T Hedalen E Slidre, 

6 Kari Svenson. 

John Anthony Heen Dennison Minn 24jun'18-jun'19 Camps 
Grant, Mills. Oversea 21sep'18. In France 5 mo. Par 
C J Heen, Vang & Marit. 

Gunder Heen Maynard Minn. Par Gulbrand Heen & In- 
geborg Hemsing both Vang. 

Nels Heen Maynard Minn. Bro Gunder Heen. 

Oscar Hegg Osage la Died in England on way to France. 
Fa Even Hegg, N Aurdal. 

Joseph Hegseth Dennison Minn 24jun'18 Camp Grant 
France sep'18. 

Ozia Helgeson Valders Wis 26sep'18 Co A 5th Anti Air- 
craft. Camp Wads worth. To France. In Submarine at- 
tack. Par Ole Helgeson, W. Slidre & Aagot Mp'rken 

Jerome Helsen Clay Banks Wis Marines. Par Aaron Hel- 

sen, Swede & Martha Tollefson, Ulnes. 
Alfred Hendrikson Hancock Minn 25mar'18 Co K 307th 


Inf. Camp Lewis. Killed in action 19oct'18. Par Jul 

Hendriksen & Inger Aslagson both Aurdal. 
Helmer A Hendrikson Hancock Minn 24feb'18-8jul'19 

Campe Dodge. To France. Par A & Anna Hendriksen, 

Aurdal. - 
Martin J Hendrikson Hancock Minn 27jun'18-14apr'19 Co 

G 148th Inf. Camp Grant. To France. Par Jul Hen- 
driksen & Inger Aslagson both Aurdal. 
Henry S Heskin Portland N D. Fa Sven N Heskin, Etne- 

Selmer Heskin Hatton N D llmay'18 In Ammunition 

Branch. Camps Fremont, Lee, Mills. Fa Syver Heskin 

(Brendehaugen), Etnedalen. 
Knut Hill Worthing S D 25jul'18 Co C 227th Mach Gun 

Battn. Camp Dodge. Died in France. Fa Zacharias T 

Hill. (Fodnes, N Aurdal). 
Oscar Hills Canby Ore 4jun'17 Corpl Reg Army. Co I 

76th Regt. Camp Lewis. Par Knut O Hills (Bakko), N 

Aurdal & Guro Bjorn^jpn, S Aurdal 
Julia E Hippe Cyrus Minn 12nov'17-16jun'19 Nurse U S N 

R F. Camp Bremerton, Wash. Par Iver I Hippe & An- 
ne Eriksd Onstad (Bratstigen). 
Edwin Hoff Soldier la Feb.'18 Camp Dodge. At front in 

France 3 mo. Fa Erick s o Erik & Inger Hoff, N Aurdal. 

Mo Andrine Hoff. 
Halbert Holian Maynard Minn Died in France. Par K H 

Holian & Ingeborg d o Thos K Tasa. 
Kenneth E Holian Maynard Minn. Par Knut H Holian & 

Marie d o Erik K Viken & Berit Kattevold. 
Rudolph Holian Maynard Minn Commissary Dept, Great 

Lakes. Par Knut H Holian & Ingeborg d o Thos K 


Thomas Holian Maynard Minn. Bro Halbert. 
Berner Holmen Mayville. N D 5sep'18-25feb'19. Fa B0re 

Holmen, Hedemarken. Mo Kari Viste. 
Bernard Hope Nerstrand Minn Marines may'18. Mo Val- 



Henry Hougen Valders Wis Smay'18 Co K 6th Inf Camp 

Wadsworth. France. Par Thorvald Hougen & Julia 

Berge. (Dovre, Hougen). 
Clarence Theodore Hoverson Valley City N D '17-sep'19 1st 

Lieut. Batty A 10th F A. Ft Snelling. Wounded Chateau 

Thierry. Dangerously wounded in Argonne Woods. Cited 

for Extraord Heroism. Recommend for DSC. Fa Ed 

Hoverson (Lerskogen). Mo fr N Aurdal. 
Henry Alvin Hoverson Ollie Mont '17-jan'19 Enl in Navy. 

Vol in Armed Guard. Gunner's Mate on several ships. 

Prom Commander gun crew on transport. Once wounded. 

Fa Ed Hoverson (Lerskogen). Mo N Aurdal. 
Thora Hoverson Beach N D Red Cross Nurse. Fa Ed 

Hoverson (Lerskogen) Mo N Aurdal. 
Andrew Thompson Hoverstad Minneapolis S A T C Minn 

Univ. Par Prof Torger A Hoverstad & Mary Thompson. 
Thorstein Hoverstad Maynard Minn Fa A T Hoverstad. 

Mo Lerohl, both Vang. 
Carl A Hovey Manfred N D 3oot'17-27apr'19 Co M 127th 

Inf. 32d Div. Camp Lewis. France 5jan'18.w 41st Div. 

Gassed in the Argonne. Par Nils O Hove, E Slidre & 

Marit Hoyme W Slidre. 
Thomas Edward Hovey Burtrum Minn Co F 344th Inf. 

France Jul'18 Died of pneumonia 31oct'18. Fa Peter T 

Hovey, E Slidre. Mo fr Laerdal. , 

Christian Hoyme Minneapolis Major. Active service 6 mo. 

Captain Motor Transport Corps. Chateau Thierry and 

other battles. Fa Rev Gjermund Hoyme. 
Gust Gulikson Hoyme Kintyre N D Twice severely wound- 
ed in France. 
Harold Hoyme Minneapolis Sergt. Recruting Officer Tank 

Service. Fa Rev Gjermund Hoyme. 
Olaf P Hoyme Edgerton Minn. Par fr W Slidre. 
Anton Huseth Black Earth Wis. 
Elmer A Huset Hatton N D Oct'18 1st Lieut Chaplain Ft 

Snelling. Fa Lewis L Huset, Hedalen. 
Henry Huseth Black Earth Wis. 


John Huset Hatton N D. 

Lewis Huset Hatton N D. 

Roy A Huseth Maplegrove Wis 2apr'17-28mar'19 To 
France. Par Erik E Huseth, Skrautvaal Olia K Sten- 
seth, Etnedalen. 

Rudolph Huseth Dallas Wis. 

Lewis Irgens Farwell Minn 4sep'18-7dec'18 Limited Serv- 
ice Camp Grant. Par Ole & Oline (Skogen) Irgens. 

Martin Irgens Farwell Minn Jan'18 In Canadian Army, to 
England 46th Battn Canadian Army. France aug'18. Ac- 
tive service till armistice. Par Ole & Oline (Skogen) Ir- 

Victor Irgens Farwell Minn Apr'17 Co I 135 Inf. Camp 
Cody. Officers Training School. 2d Lieut Co H 136th 
Inf. France and Army of Occupation. Par Ole & Oline 
(Skogen) Irgens. 

Delos Isaacs Sioux City la jun'17 Sergt. Amb Corps. Camp 
Cody. France. Par J C Isaacs (Kampen), N Aurdal, & 
Julia Nappen Telemark. 

Reuben E Isaacs Hartley la May'18-jan'19 Fa John 
Isaacs, Svenes (Kampen). 

Vernon V Isaacs Forest City Apr'18 Med Corps. Ft Des 
Moines. Died 6nov'18. Fa John Isaacs Svenes (Kam- 

Carl Iverson Osage la. lsep'18-dec'19. S A T C. Par Gil- 
bert Iverson, Hedalen & Ragnild Enger, Begndalen. 

Elmer O Iverson Altamorfnt S D ljul'18 2d Lieut Camps 
Funston, Joseph E Johdston. Par Ole s o John Dahl & 
Mary d o Iver Tostenson Hagen both Slidre. 

Oliver G Iverson Osage, la. 25may'18-9jan'19. Camp Dodge. 
Bro Carl Iverson. 

Peter F Iverson Osage la. 18sep'17-27aug'19. France. Aisne, 
Marne, Vesle, St. Mihiel & Meuse-Argonne fronts. Bro 
Carl Iverson. 

Philip Iverson Harrisburg S D. 

Arthur Jackson Red Lake Falls Minn 15sep'18 H Q Co 2d 


Inf. Camp Dodge. Par Knut C Jackson, N Aurdal & 

Maria Egge, W. Slidre, (Cliffgaard, Egge). 
James J Jackson Red Lake Falls Minn 23feb'18 Co B 33d 

Engrs. Camp Dodge. France. Par Knut C Jackson & 

Maria Egge. 
O S Jacobs Hudson Wis 19jun'17 Inf. Camp Llano Grande. 

Par A O Jacobs & Anna Braaten both Aurdal (B0rse- 


Herman Jacobson Mt Horeb Wis. 
Jacob Jacobson Ryder N D. 
Noris Jacobson Nekoma N D. 
Stanley Jacobson Mt Horeb Wis. 
Joseph Jarstad Goodhue Co Minn. 
Loyd Jeglum Estherville la. Fa C L Jeglum. Grfa A O 

Henry Jensvold Duluth Minn lsep'18-jan!9Corpl S A T C 

Minn U. Par John & Lena Jensvold. Grandpar Valdris & 

John D Jensvold Duluth Minn 27aug'17-12feb'19 1st Lt 

339th Field Art. Ft Snelling, Camp Dodge, Ft Sill. 

France. 22aug'18. Par John & Lena Jensvold. 
Roy Jensvold Fenton la. 
Walter Jensvold Fenton la. 
Jens Peter Jensen Bryant S D 28aug'18-25jan'19 Co C 30th 

Mach Gun Battn 10th Div. Camp Funston. Fa P Jensen 

Dane. Mo is Grandd of Oie Do'nhaug. 
Geo C Jevne Decorah la 26may'18- 352d Inf. 88th Div. 

Camp Dodge. France. Fa G Gullikson, Vang. 
Elmer Johnson Sioux City la Srgt Q M Corps. France. 

Par Albert Johnson, Swede & Ingrid (Gausaak), N Aur. 

Gilbert Johnson Grand Forks N D 7sep'17-14jan'19 5th 

Battn Central Div. Camp Dodge, Ft Robinson, R I Ar- 
senal, Camp Funston. Fa Jorgen J Johnsrud, Hedalen. 

Born Hedalen. 
Glenn M Johnson Soldier la Jul'17 Srgt. Camp Newport 

News. Par John C & Sarah Johnson, N Aurdal. 


Gustav Johnson Stanley Wis lapr',18 Spply Co 3d U S 

Inf. Fa Knut Johnson, W Slidre. 
Henry O Johnson Stanwood Wash Spring '18-dec'18 Spruce 

Camp Melbourne Wash. Par Knut Johnson Ulven, W 

Slidra & Ragnild d o Gulbrand Kvale, W Slidre. 
John C Johnson Stanley Wis Spring'17 Co C 120th Mach 

Gun Battn 32d Div. Oversea feb'18. In many battles. 

Fa Knut Johnson, W Slidre. 

Leonard M Johnson Marion Ind. Fa B M Johnson. 
Noble J Johnson Newman Grove Nebr 17may'18-12aug'19 

Srgt Co B 2d Engrs 2d Div. Camp Baker. France lOsep 

'18. In 7 battles. Par Ole Johnson Haugen, Svenes & 

Carrie fr Tromsoe. 
Oscar Johnson Dallas Wis. 
Oswald Johnson Osage la. 
Sam S Johnson Newman Grove Nebr 29aug'18-20jun'19 Co 

H 41st Inf 10th Div. Camp Funston. Par Ole Johnson 

Haugen & Carrie. 
Silas Johnson Mt Horeb Wis. 
Vogle C Johnson Soldier la Jun'18 1st Lieut Aviation 

Kelly Field Tex. Par John C & Sarah Johnson, N Aur- 

Edward Simon Johnsrud Montevideo Minn 19sep'17 14th 

Engrs. Camp Dodge. Died in England 12oct'18. Par 

Thorsten s o John K Johnsrud, E Slidre & Elise Chris- 

tensen, Trondhjem.- 
Elmer Johnsrud Montevideo Minn. Par Ole s o John K 

Johnsrud & Carrie Huseby. 
Hjalmar Johnsrud Montevideo Minn. Par Thorsten s o 

John K Johnsrud & Elise Christensen. 
Frank Jome Forestville Wis. Par Knut Jonie, Skrautvaal 

& Karen Riis Gjerpen. 

Hiram Jome Forestville Wis 5may'18 Dunwody, Har- 
vard, Transports. Radio Signal Corps. Oversea. Par 

Knut Jome & Karen Riis. 
Clarence J Jonsrud Mantiowac Wis. 
Sanford Jorgens Grand Meadow Minn 24feb'18 Co E 


132d Inf. 33d Div. Camp Logan. Oversea 17may'18. In 

Meuse-Argonne Off, Verdun Sector. Fa fr Aurdal. Mo 

fr Ringerike 
George Jorgenson Jr Door Co Wis. Par Joger s o Enge- 

bret & Marit (Platen) Skrautvaal & Bertha Paarruan. 
Osten Jorgenson Door Co Wis Short service. Par Joger 

Jorgenson tS; Bertha Paarman. 
George Julson Mondovi Wis 21sep'17-aug'19 Camps Grant, 

Stewart, Newport News. Transportation of Horses to 

France. Par Jul & Gjertrud Bjorgo, N Aurdal. 
Herman Karlsgodt Jr Minneapolis 17may'18 Corpl Co B 

61st Engrs Ft Benj Harrison. To France. Par Herman s 

o Ole & Marit Karlsgodt & Anne d-o Syver & Thora H01- 

ersasteren, Bagn. 
Albert J Kasa Dennison Minn 26jul'18-'19 54th Pioneer Inf. 

Camp Wadsworth. Oversea 26aug'18. Par Helge E Kasa 

& Ingri Oldre, Vang. 
JJelmer I Kasa Dennison Minn 26jul'18 54 Pioneer Inf. 

France and Germany. Par Iver H Kasa & Dina Hansd 

Oscar H Kasa Dennison Minn 15jun'18-21jan'19 Co A 73d 

Engrs. Minn U, Washington Barracks, Camp Dodge. Par 

Helge Kasa & Ingri Oldre. 
Lars Sigurd Kildahl St Paul Minn Oct'18-feb'19 Seaman. 

Great Lakes Officers Material School. Par Rev J N Kil- 
dahl & d o Lars Soine, Vang. 
Thorvald Kjensrud Portland N D. Fa Erik T Kjensrud, 

Hedalen. Mo fr Begndalen. 
H O Kjome Thief River Falls Minn Sep'17 R O T C Ft 

Torsten H Kjorlien Bawlf Alta Canada 7feb'18 50th 

Battn. England lmay'18. France aug'18. Battles Camry & 

Valenciennes. Par Halvor Knudsen & Ingeborg Kjorlien. 
Gilbert Kjos Sioux City la May'19 Machine Corps. Camp 

Fremont. Par Martin Kj0s & Annie O Holien, Vang. 
Herbert I Klemesrud Meroa la 19jun'18 Chaffeur 115th 

Supply Train. Camps Lewis, Kearny. France. Argonne, 


Metz drives. Par Harald K Klemesrud & Ingeborg 

Carl Kleven Aneta N D Camp Custer 6 mo. Par Ole An- 
derson Kleven, Aurdal & Ingeborg Smaland Etnedalen. 

Ole Kleven Spring Valley Wis Jul'18 Camp Custer. Died 
at camp. Fa Ole s o Ole & Anne Kleven, W Slidre. Mo 
Toneta fr Etnedalen. 

Axel Knudson Portland N D Fa K S Knudson. Reinli. 

Ingvald Knudson Benson Minn France. Mo Dorte Gul- 
brandson, N Aurdal. 

Louis M Knudson Valders Wis. 

Norman E Knudson New York City 22aug'17-apr'19 Medi- 
cal Corps. Oversea to France. Par C A Knudson & H 
Caroline Hanson Grpar Valdrises. 

Raymond O Knudson Milwaukee Wis 7may'17-may'19. 
107th Engrs 32d Div. Camps Douglass, McArthur. Over- 
sea to Frnace. Survivor of Tuscania. Par C A Knudson 
& H Caroline Hanson. 

Chris Knutson Brandt S D Corpl Engrs. 

Cornelius Knutson Auburndale Wis. 

Earl Knutson Soldier la Jul'17 Seaman, Great Lakes. 
Oversea. Par Knut & Ella Knutson, both N Aurdal. 

Gustav Knutson Sacred Heart Minn 28aug'18 Co D 1st 
Inf. Camp Lewis. Par Hans M Knutson (Skogstad) & 
Guri Svean. 

John E Knudson Hatton N D 29apr'18-may'19 Camp 
Travis. France 18jun'18. In 3 drives, once gassed. Par 
Engebret Knutson & Sigri, both W Slidre (Landsrud). 

Julius C Knutson Auburndale Wis Camp Grant. Police duty 
in Germany. Par Karl Knutson & Marit Rudie. 

Karenus Knutson Grancf Meadow Minn. 

Lewis Knutson Hatton N D Jul'18 Hospital Corps. Camp 
Custer. Oversea Aug'18. Par Iver & Elisebet Knutson, 
Aurdal (Gr^ndal). 

Olaf Knutson Hatton N D 23sep'17-- Infantry. Camp 
Dodge. Killed in Action in France 28sep'18. Par Iver & 
Elisebet Knutson. 


Sever H Knutson Brandt S D Died in camp. Par Halvor 
Knutson & Kari, N Aurdal (Blanke, Bakke). 

Theodore Knutson Auburndale Wis Camp Grant. Oversea. 
Par Johannes Knutson Kalstad Ingri Svensen. 

Elmer Kobbervig Mt Horeb Wis. 

Henry Kobbervig Mt Horeb Wis. 

Henry Kolstad Forestville Wis called, no service. Par 
Knut & Rangdi Kolstad. 

Joseph J Kalstad Goodhue Co Minn France. 

Nordan Kolstad Montevideo Minn 24feb'18-10jun'19 45th 
Co 20th Engrs 82d Div. Camp Dodge. Gassed in France. 
Par Nils s o Tosten Kolstad & Marit Klokkergaarden & 
Maria Torgerson both W Slidre. 

Ole Kolstad Forestville Wis 25jul'18 Camp Taylor. Par 
Knut & Ragndi Kolstad, E Slidre. 

Victor Kolstad Forestville Wis 25jul'18 Camp Taylor. 
Par Knut & Rangdi C Kolstad both E Slidre (Myren). 

Clarence Kompelien Blue Mounds Wis. 

Selmer Kompelien Blue Mounds Wis. 

Syver Kompelien Pinecreek Minn. Fa Knut Kompelien 

Edwin Korstad Trosky Minn 25apr'17 Co B 18th Inf 1st 
Div. Camp Daglas. Wonuded at Soisson 20jul'18. Killed 
near Exemont 7oct'18. Fa Lars s o Even Larsen Kros- 
haug & Rangdi Madsd Aastad. Mo d o Ole K Roble, E 
Slidre & Jorand d o Sven O Ode & Anne E Vik. 

Otis Korstad Valders Wis. 

Carl Kringle Webster Wis 14may'18 Air Service. Camp 
East Lansing, Mich. Oversea 7aug'18. Par Nils A Krin- 
gle & Olia Brenden. 

Robert G Kringle Maple Grove Wis Sep'17-15jun'19 129th 
Inf. 33d Div. Camp Logan. Oversea France. Par Gabriel 
A Kringle, Etnedalen & Barbro E Herset, Skrutvold. 

Clarence Kringle Portland N D Oversea Par Simon Knut- 
son Kringlie, Etnedalen & . . ., Heskin. 

Marcus Kringlie Portland N D. Par Mr & Mrs Simon 


Alfred Joseph Kvale Benson Minn Jun'18 Musician 17th 

Regt Band Great Lakes. On U S S Manchuria from Nov 

'18. Fa Rev O J Kvale s o Juul T Kvale & Gro Egge. Mo 

Ida Tonette d o Thrond Simley & Gertrude Lindelien. 
Gilbert O Kvale Decorah la 15apr'18-21may'19 Co C 307th 

Engrs. Jeff Barracks, Camp Merritt. France jun'18. Toul, 

Marbache, St Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne. Fa Ole s o Gu- 

brand & Guri Kvale, W Slidre. Mo Ragnild d o Sven & 

Guri Dale, E Slidre. 
Paul Johan Kvale Benson Minn Sep'17 Srgt Co D 333d 

Mach Gun Battn 16th Div. Camp Grant. Oversea aug'18. 

in France 1 year. Par Rev O J & Ida Kvale. 
Theodore Kvale Decorah la 18sep'17-25jan'19 Corpl 253d 

Aero Squadron. Par Ole G & Ragnild Kvale. 
Halbert Kvall Grand Meadow Minn 25may'18-31jul'19 

Camp Kearny. Oversea 22nug'18. Fa Sever Kvall, S Aur- 

Bennie Lajord Elbow Lake Minn Oversea. In action in 

Alf Idian Landmark Sisseton S D 21sep'17 Co B 114th 

Mach Gun Battn. Camp Funston. France. On fighting 

line 4 mo. Par Ingvald Landmark & Inga Hensrud, both 

N Aurdal. 
Gustav Thorbjorn Landmark Sisseton S D 24jun'18 Co L 

350th Inf. 88th Div. Camps Funston, Dodge. France. 

Par Ingvald & Inga Landmark. 
Even Landsrud Decorah la Spring'17 1st la Cavalry. 

Wounded in France oct'18. Died of pneumonia 17oct'18. 

Par K E & Carrie Landsrud. 
W O Landsrud Dagmar Mont 6dec'17-21dec'18 Chauffer 

187th Aair Squadron. England 6 mo. Par Torger E 

Landsrud & Ambjor R0vang, both Slidre. 
Albert M Lane Decorah la 20jun'18 Great Lakes. Died 

4oct'18. Par Andrew Lane & Mary d o Ole & Ida Bye. 
Roy Lane Dacorah la llmar'18 Coast Art. Camp Ft 

Moultrie. Oversea jul'18. Par Andrew & Marie (Bye) 



Henry Langen Maynard Minn Music Corps Great Lakes 
France. Par Anders Langen> Trondhjem & Marit d o 
Johs Torstad & Ambj^r Lerohl. 

Martin Langen Maynard Minn In Aviation camp in Eng- 
land. Par Anders & Marit Langen. 

Christ Larson Black Earth Wis. 

George P Larsen Becker Minn. 

George W Larson Forestville Wis Camp Dodge. Died in 
Camp oct'17. Par Martin Larson & Sophie d o G J An- 

Guy Larson Forestville Wis 25jul'18-28feb'19 Batty D 
325th Field Art 84 Div. Camp Taylor. West Point, Ky. 
France. Par H A Larson Ssebo^degaarden & Marit d o 
G J Anderson. 

Henry I Larson Toronto S D 27jun'18-10mar'19 Co F 20th 
Regt. Camp Funston. Par Halvor Larson Bruflat & In- 
ger Mathia Eriksd Bruflat. 

Albert Lee Mt Horeb Wis. 

Amos Lee Soldier la Aug'18 Marines. France nov'18. Par 
Mikkel s o Knut M & Kari Lee & Lena. 

Clarence A Lee Pencer Minn Sergt. Fa John Lee. 

Clifford Lee Morris Minn Officer in France. 

Elmer Lee Moorhead la Aug'18 Trained for Mechani- 
cian Ames la. Par Erick & Bertha Lee, N Aurdal. 

Hannah Alice Lee Lennox S D Army Nurse Corps. Camp 
Logan. Oversea. Par Ole A Lee, N Aurdal & Andrine. 

Lewis Lee Oldham S D. 

Oliver Lee Mt Horeb Wis. 

Orren Lee Soldier la Aug'18 Marines France nov'18. Par 
Mikkel s o Knut M & Kari Lee, N Aurdal & Lena. 

William Lee Soldier la Aug'18 Camp Logan. Par Mar- 
tin & Kari Lee, N Aurdal. 

Helmer Leffengren Rowe S D. 

Andrew O Lerol Hatton N D 24jun'18 Provost Guard. 
Camp Cody. Par O F Lerol & Bergit. 

Milton Lewis Blanchardville Wis 29may'18-21jun'19 Mach 
Gun Co 54th Inf. Camp Wadsworth. France, Fa Ed- 


ward Lewis Garthushaugen Grfa Lars Halstenson Kris- 

Carl Lien Salol Minn. 

Edd Melvin Lien Salol Minn. Fa Knut Lien. 

Elmer Lien Salol Minn. 

Elmer Herman Lien Decorah la 18sep'17-5apr'19 M G Co 
58th Inf. 4th Div. Camp Dodge. Wounded Chateau 
Thierry 6aug'18. Par Christopher G & Christine (Jevne) 
Lien. Vang. 

Gullik Lien Calmar la Called but no service. Par Chris- 
topher G Lien & Christine Jevne. 

Nels T Lien Salol Minn. Fa Knut Lien. 

Nils Lien Red Wing Minn Home Guards. Fa Carl N Lien. 

Olaus Mikkelson Lien Hancock Minn Mechanician Gun 
Co. France. Slightly wounded. Mo Anna O Heskin. 

Alfred Lindelien Grand Meadow Minn 18sep'17-17jun'19 
Band Corpl H Q Co 313 Engs. Camp Dodge. France 16 
aug'18. Center Sector, Alsace. Fa Ole s o Amund J Lin- 
delien, S Aurdal. 

Eugene Lindelien Grand Meadow Minn lloct'18 Ft 
Snelling S A T C. Fa Ole G Lindelien. 

Arthur Lockrem Northfield Minn. 

Fred Lockrem Northfield Minn 

Nels Lockrem Cannon Falls Minn 16jul'17 M G Co 144th 
Inf 36th Div. Camp Cody. Oversea. Fa Lars s p Chris- 
toffer Lockrem & Berit Hoverstad. Mo Gertrude d o 
Nils Dalbotten, Sogn. 

Frithjof Loe Minneapolis 14aug'18 Top Srgt Inf. Jeffer- 
son Barracks. France. Par Syver Loe, N Aurdal & Berit 
O Kvale, Vang. Grpar fr Rustebakke, S Aurdal. 

Raymond Hubert Loe Madison Wis Jul'18 Co B 214th 
Engrs. Camp Forrest. Died in -camp 15oct'18. Fa H E 
Loe, N Aurdal. 

Clarence Lokke Grand Meadow Minn Corpl. 

Gilbert Lokke Menomonie Mich 15may'17 2d Lieut Inf. 
'Ft Sheridan. France, Depot Division. Fa T H Lokke, 


Alfred J Lomen Nome Alaska Oct'18 Ft Davis, Camp Lew- 
is. Fa Gudbrand s o J0rgen & Elisabeth (Brandt) Lo- 
men, Slidre. Mo Julia E M Joys, Kristiania. 

Ernest Lomen Baudette Minn 18dec'17 Jefferson Bar- 
racks, O T C, Camp Gordon. Lieut Nov'18. Fa Jorgen s o 
Jjzfrgen & Elisabeth (Brandt) Lomen. Mo Augusta 

Ralph Lomen Nome Alaska Oct'18 Ft Davis, Camp Lewis. 
Par Gudbrand J & Julia Lomen. 

Dr A P Lommen Lanesboro Minn 5nov'18 Capt Med 
Corps. Camp Shelby Miss. 

Edward H Lovhaug Montevideo Minn 25may'18-7may'19 
Casual Detacht 388 163d D B. Camp Lewis. France. Fa 
Erik s o Erik Lovhaug & Ingeborg Olsd. Mo Ingeborg 

John O Lovhaug Montevideo Minn 9sepl7-17nov'19 Co B 
135th Inf. France ljul'18. Wounded St Mihiel 2sep'18. 
Par E E & Ingeborg Lovhaug. 

Alfred Lucken Portland N D. 

John Luder Mt Horeb Wis. 

Geo Lukken Mt Horeb Wis. 

Elmer Lunda Mt Horeb Wis. 

Erik Lunda Glencoe Minn llsep'18-'19 U S Marines. Mare 
Island. To Hawaii, P I, Borneo, etc. Par Anton & Marit 
Bratrud. Grpar Mikkel & Marit Braaten ; Erik & Anne 
Lunde. All Bagn. 

Joseph Lunda Mt Horeb Wis. 

Melvin Lunda Mt Horeb Wis. 

Sigurd A Lunda Glencoe Minn 24jun'18 306th Inf 77th 
Div. Camp Kearny. France. Meuse Argonne battles. 
Bro Erik Lnuda. 

James Lunde Mt Horeb Wis. 

Gabriel Lunde Warwick N D 24may'18-20jun'19 Oversea 
24aug'18. At four fronts. Last 9th Army Corps. Fa Nils 
s o Mikkel & Olia Olsenpladsen Bagn Mo Gunild d o 
Syver & Ingeborg Hellansh^len Bagn. 

Adolph Lybeck Grand Meadow Minn. 


James Lynch Great Falls Mont 4sep'17 France dec'17 

Killed in action 23jul'18. Par Dennis Lynch Canada & 

Ingeborg Viste. 
Chester Lysen Hancock Minn 19sep'18-may'19 Camp 

Dodge. Was in Argonne Wood, there surrounded 6 days. 

Par Peder O Lysen & Marit K Hovrud, Aurdal. 
Malvin Lysen Hancock Minn Served till Aug'19 Camp 

Wadsworth. France. Par Peder O Lysen & Marit K 

Harold Lysne Northfield Minn 12may'17-18apr'19 Marines. 

Camps Mare Island, Quantico. 78th Co 6th Regt 2d Div. 

Verdun Sector, Belleau Wood. Par Mr and Mrs J O 

Lysne. Mo fr Vang. 
Dr Henry Lysne Minneapolis Minn 1st Lieut Med Corps 

Ft Riley. Par Mr and Mrs J O Lysne. 
John Theodore Maakestad Osage la 22feb'18-26may'19. 

325th Inf 82d Div. Camp Gordon. Oversea. Par S J 

Maakestad & Antonetta Docken d o Tidemand & Gun- 

hild, Hedalen. 
Oscar Magistad Door Co Wis Training Madison Wis. Par 

Gulbrand O Magistad & Maria Hove E Slidre. 
Vernon Martin Mt Horeb Wis. 
Romaine Martinson Estherville la Grandnephew of A O 


Emil Matson Mt Horeb Wis. 
Carl H Meyrick Decorah la 29may'18- 2nd Lieut F A. Camp 

Taylor, Ft. Sheridan. Fa W C Meyrick. Mo Christine 

Halvorson (Groven) d o Guro Christopherson Bj^rhus. 
Harold A Meyrick Decorah la 29may'18 Ft Sheridan, SAT 

C la Univ. Par W C & Christine Halvorson Meyrick. 
Carl Johan Michelson Black Earth Wis Jul'17 Srgt 128th 

Inf. 32d Div. Camps Grant, Douglas, Waco. Oversea jan 

'18. Chateau Thierry, Soissons, Juvigny, Argonne. Over 

top 15 times. Wounded. Fa A A Michelson. Grpar 

Arne & Kari Vasfaret, S, Aurdal. 
Clarence Arthur Mickelson Black Earth Wis 30mar'l& 


Suppy Co 353d Inf 89th Div. Killed in action Snov'18. Fa 
Ever A Mickelson. 

Herman Mickelson Black Earth Wis 24jul'18 Co I lllth 
Inf 28th Div. Several times at front. Killed 23oct'18 in ac- 
tion. Par fr Gladhaug & Viken, S Aurdal. 

Alfred Mikkelson Forestville Wis. Par Henrik Mikkelson, 
Ulnes & Marit Eliason, Skrautvall. 

Elmer Mikkelson Ross Minn (Hedalen). 

Henry Mikkelson Forestville Wis 25jul'18 Camp Taylor. 
Par Henrik Mikkelson & Marit Eliason. 

Guy Enoch Moe Decorah la 13apr'17 Corpl Co E 168th 
Inf. Camp Dodge. Killed in action in France 31jul'18. 
Went over the top 16 times. Fa Ole G Moe, Slidre. Grpar 
Thor & Maria Hove. 

Tony Garfield Moe Decorah la 19sep'17 Camp Dodge 
Truck Driver in France. Bro Guy E Moe. 

Oscar J Moen Jasper Minn 27jun'18-lljun'19 Bugler Co L 
349 Inf 88th Div. Camps Funston, Dodge. France 9aug 
'18. To front 26oct'18. Fa Gulick Moen. Mo Mary d o 
Ole & Kjersti Quissel. 

Uldrik Moen Shawnee N D 29mar'18 Camps Dodge 
Mills. 139th Inf 35th Div. Fell in battle 27sep'18. Par An- 
drew U Moe, N Aurdal & Karoline fr Hedemarken. 

Hans Moen Klevenville Wis. 

Sigvart M Mohn Northfield Minn Jefferson Barracks. Over- 
sea. Par Prof Th N Mohn & Anna E Ringstad. 

Olaf Mork Hancock Minn Marines. Par Ole Mork & 
Anna Mikkelson Lien, N Aurdal. 

Albert Myhre Grand Meadow Minn 22oct'18 Engineers. 
Camp Forrest. Par Nels E Myhre, N Aurdal & Kari, S 

Alfred E Myhre Grand Meadow Minn 2may'18 Corpl 53d 
Inf 6th Div Reg. Camp Wadsworth. France. Par An- 
drew Myhre, N Aurdal & Julia Halvorson. 

Archer Arden Myhre Estherville la 21jul'18-6mar'19 Co F 
161st Inf 41st Div. Camp Pike. France. Fa Oliver s o 
Oliver I Myhre, Vang & Gunil Maria Solberg. 


Elton Raymond Myhre St Louis Mo Nov'17-may'19 Elec- 
trician. Wireless operator U S Navy. Trained Harvard 
Univ. France. Torpedoed aboard U S S Mt Vernon. Fa 
Olaus G Myhre. Mo Maud Gait, Skien. Grfa A O 

Nels Myhre Minneota Minn 25jun'18-20jan'19 Chem War- 
fare Service, Astoria, Long Island. Fa Thrond Nilsen 
Myhre, Vang. 

Sandy Myhre Luverne Minn 24jun'18 

Arthur L Myrland Madison Wis 19feb'16 Sen Lieut. U 
S Navy. Philippines, Asiatic Waters, China. Par A J 
Myrland & Lina Anderson, S Aurdal. 

Otto E Myrland Madison Wis Jun'16-mar'19 2d Lieut. 
Mexican Border, O T C Camp Dodge. Par A J Myr- 
land & Lina Anderson, S Aurdal. 

Ole Andrew Navrud Soldier la 14jul'18 Camp Moose- 
heart 111. Par Sven Navrud s o Ole & Anna Navrud & 
Sophia both Reinli. 

Ernest Raymond Nefstad Oral S D Co L 451st Inf. France. 

Died of influenza. Par E E Nefstad & Carrie, Telernar- 

Alfred Nelson Madison Minn Oct'18 Motor Truck Corps. 

Par Syver Nelson Aaberg & Astrid Engebretsd. 
Bennie Nelson Adams Minn Oversea. 
Chester Nelson Toronto S D. 

George Nelson Adams Minn Oversea. Lost foot in action. 
Gilbert Nelson Harlem Mont Oct'18-dec'19 Corpl Inf. Camp 

Angel Islands' To Siberia. Par Ole Nelson & Mary d o 

Halvor & Ingeborg Lee, Reinli. 
Joseph S Nelson Madison Minn Sapr'18 Batty A Fit-Id 

Art. Univ Cincinnati, Camp Jackson. France. Par Syver 

Nelson Aaberg & Astrid Engebretsd. 
Norman G Nelson Wittenberg Wis 17may'17-augl9 Great 

Lakes. 5 trips over ocean. Transport Service. Par Ole O 

Nelson (Strande) Volbu & d o Gulbrand O Kj^5k & Mar- 
it Knutsd Kvale. 


Norval Nelson Dallas Wis 7sep'17-16may'19 132 Inf Camp 

Grant France. 
Ole H Nelson Dallas Wis 23jul'17-18feb'19 Camp Grant. 

Par Hans Nelson, Etnedalen & Sigri Rud, Bagn. 
Oliver A Nelson Sioux Falls S D 15jul'17-jul'19 Co G 127 

Mach Gun Battn. Camp Cody. France. Par Albert & 

Bertha Nelson. (R0vang). 
Oscar Nelson Toronto S D. 
Raymond Nelson Mt Horeb Wis. 
Samuel R Nelson Madison Minn 23jul'18 H Q Co 3d 

Pioneer Inf. Camp Wadsworth. France. Par Syver 

Nelson Aaberg & Astrid Engebretsd. 
Selmer Nelson Midland S D. 
Charlie H Ness Sioux City la 28sep'17 Ambulance Corps. 

Camp Cody. France. Par Tom Ness, Numedal & Mari 

Ulness, N Aurdal. 
Theo Neste Darrington Wash lsep'17-13jun'19 Corpl Co 

F 1st Engrs. Overseas 25nov'17. With first Am units at 

front. Gassed. Par Ole s o Knut & Ingri Neste & Kari 

d o Ola G & Marit N R0n. 
Jul T Neste Mekinock N D dec'17 Camps Dodge, Pike. 

Par T E s o E K Neste & Anna K Vik, W Slidre & Sarah 

Theodore Neste Sioux City la sep'17 Par Peder Neste & 

Ragnhild (Steine) Kj0s. 
Tillman J Norby Nora Springs la 22feb'18-mar'19. Farrier. 

Vet Hosp, Animal Embark Depot 301. Camp Dodge, 

Camp Hill. Par Olaus Halstenson NoVby, Hedalen & 

Sigrid Fosholdt, Hedalen. 
Sven Nordaker Soldier la 4aug'17 Camp Dodge. Par Ole 

s o Andr & Berthe Nordaker & George & Jennie John- 
son, N Aurdal. 

Martin Norstebon Roseau Minn France. 
Clarence O Norsving Maynard Minn Hospital Corps. Par 

Ole Norsving & Kari Syversd Strand both Vang. 
Melvin Nygaard Mt Horeb Wis. 


Aaron Nyhagen Manitowoc Wis. ' Fa Knut Nyhagen, E 
Slidre. ' 

Bennie Nystuen Northefild Minn Oversea. 

James A C Oakes Portland Ore Co I 361st Inf 91st Div 
Srgt. In Argonne action. His Mo Elizabeth Oakes d o 
Guri (Mrs A K Anderson) Halvorsd Graven. 

Clarence G Odden Benson Minn 131st Engrs. France. Re- 
turned jul'19. Par K K Odden, Skrautvaal & Guri Gut- 
tormson, Etnedalen. 

Emil Odden Portland N t). Fa Jorgen O Odden, Begndalen. 
Mo fr N Aurdal. 

Henry Ode Brandon S D 28jun'18 Mach Gunner. Camp 
Dodge. France. Fa Austin Pedersen Ode. 

Henry G Ode Duxby Minn 235th Co Mil Police. Oversea. 
Ret 16jul'19. 

Austin C Odegaard Sedgvvick S D 5oct'17 Batty C 341st 
F A. Camp Funston. France jun'18. Fa Christopher Zak- 
ariason Odegaard, Vang. 

Herman Odegaard Jamestown Wis nov'17 Fa Nils s o 
Zacharias & Ingeleiv Odegaard. 

Oscar M Odegaard Canton ,S D 5oct'17 Inf. Camp Fun- 
ston. Oversea feb'18. Served on 5 battle fronts. Fa Ole 
T Odegard, Reinlie. 

Reuben T Odegaard Canton S D Smar'18 Med Corps. 
Camp Funston. Base Hosp No. 3, Paris. Fa O T Ode- 
gaard, Reinli. 

Albert Oien Goodhue County Minn. 

Clarence Okan Minneapolis 6th Antiaircraft Mach Gun 
Batt. Camp Wadsworth. Par Christ Okan & Gertrude- 
d o Thomas & Christine Haugen, W Slidre. 

Oswald Okan Minneapolis 26juri8 Camp Wadsworth. 
Bro Clarence Okan. 

Albert N Oldre Kenneth Minn. 

Elmer Oliverson Toronto S D. 

Arthur Olson Soldier la 25jul'18 Camp Gordon. Landed 
France 12sep'18. At front 3 weeks. Par Arne s o Ole 


& Ingeborg S0rbraaten & Dorthea d o Knut & Inge Bak- 

kene, N Aurdal. 
Bennie C Olson St Paul Minn 3may'18 Supply Co 1st F 

A. Ft Sill. Par Andrew s o Ole Anderson Klevgaard, 

Etnedalen & Christine, Etnedalen. 
Charles O Olson Deer Park Wis 29apr'18-4sep'19 Camp 

Grant, Eagle Pass, Border service, Par John Olson Tr0n, 

Nesja & Ingeborg Olsd Snorthem. 
Clarence Magnus Olson Tioga N D 5aug'18-28aug'19 Co E 

7th Inf 3d Div. Camp McArthur. France. Fa Oluf Ol- 
son. Mo Olava Lee, Aurdal. 
Halvor Olson Malta Mont sep'17 Camp Lewis. France. 

At front sep'18. Wounded 23oct'18. Par Ole Olsen & 

Ingeborg Olsd Ssehlid, Hegge. 
Ida S Olson Red Cross Nurse in Paris. Fa Christiania. 

Mo Valdris. 
Joseph O Olson Almont N D 24may'18-18may'19 Co A 128 

Inf. 32d Div. France 9mo. Wounded in Meuse-Argonne. 

Par Severt & Mina Olson. 
Martin Olson Black Earth Wis. 
Martin Olson Soldier la Jun'18 Camp Dodge. France 

sep'18. Par Chris Olson & Julia d o Sever & Ragnild 

Akervold, N Aurdal. 
Milo Olson Soldier la 25jul'18 Brest 12sep'18. At front 

3 weeks. Bro Martin Olson Soldier la. 
Obert C Olson St Paul 26sep'17. Camps Pike, Dix. France. 

Bro Bennie C. 
Ole O Olson Clontarf Minn 15jun'18-27jun'19 113th Engrs 

7th Div. U of Minn Training Dept. France. Fa Olaus 

Dokken, S Aurdal. Mo fr Ranum. 
Oliver Olson Hancock Minn 27jun'18-28feb'19 Batty A 

332d F A. Camp Robinson. France. Par Sam (Simon) H 

Olson & Dordei Landmark, Aurdal. 
Oscar Olson Sioux City la jul'18 Camp Pike. France. 

Par Tom Olson & Kjersti Ulnes. 
Otto E Olson Deer Park Wis 28apr'18-23sep'19 Camp 

Grant, Eagle Pass. Corpl Co K 3d reg U S Lnf. Border 


Duty. Par John Olson Tr0n, Nesja & Ingeborg Olsd 


Thomas Olson Blue Mounds Wis. 
Thomas Olson (Viken) Forsyth Mont France. Par Ole O 

Viken, E Slidre & Barbo Thomasd HpVisbakken, W Sli- 

Carl Opdahl Sheldon N D 3 mo S A T C 111 Univ. Fa 

Syver s o Syver Bergei. Mo Berthe d o Knud Andersen 

Sigvat Opdahl Sheldon N D 22sep'17 Camps Dodge, Pike, 

Died 9jan'18. Bro Carl Opdahl. 

Carl J Opheim Cyrus Minn 19sep'17 Typist Clerk. Over- 
sea. Died '19. Par Albert Opheim, N Aurdal & Rosa 

Clifford Malvin Opheim Cyrus Minn Apr'18 Navy. 

Armed Guard Crew 182 Rec Ship. Par Ole H Opheim, 

Ulnes & Ingri Halvsd Rye, Svenes. 
Herbert Opheim Cyrus Minn 25feb'18 Co C 132d Inf 33d 

Div. France. Par Albert Opheim & Rosa Johnson. 
Josef Helmer Opheim Cyrus Minn sep '18 Co A 4th Art. 

Camps Grant, McArthur. Bro Clifford M Opheim. 
Norman Oppen Manitowoc Wis jul'18 Mach Gun Div. 

Camp Hancock. Par Ole O Oppen, Ulness & Gatta d o 

Gulbrand Winningstad & Helebor Oxhovd, E Slidre. 
Gullick Ormstad Emmons Minn '18 Mil Pol. Oversea 

'18. Par Peter Gulliksen Ormstad & Ragnild 0degaard. 
Ole Ormstad Honeyford N D 21feb'18 Batty F 304th F A. 

Died of wounds 9sep'18 in France. Bro Gullick Ormstad. 
Peter Ormsttad Jr St Paul 5jun'17-12feb'19 Bugler 26th 

Mach Gun Battn. Trained Montgomery Ala. Bro Gullick 


Oscar Orihnd Duncombe la jan'17 Navy. S S Ken- 
tucky. Fa John Ostlund, Swede. Mo Gurine d o Nils 

Anderson (Follinglo). 

Alton Oveson Roseau Minn. Fa Wm Oveson, N Aurdal. 
Albert Oyloe Decorah la Wounded. 


George Oyloe Decorah la 29apr'18 358th Inf 90th Div 

France. Fa Ole G Oyloe, Vang. 
Marcellus Paulson Black Earth Wis. 
P C Pauls.on Seattle Wash. Fa Ole s o Paul Paulson 

Skinningrud, Hedalen. 
Spencer Paulson Aneta N D Oversea. Fa Peter C s o Paul 

Paulson Skinningrud. 
Ralph Pederson Ellsworth Wis. Fa fr Baerum. Mo fr 

Rudolph Pederson Malta Mont 88th Div F Hosp Service 

Camp Dodge. Oversea. Par John Anderson, Land & 

Guri Hoyme d o Johs Stee & Marit Hovi. 
Alfred Peterson Norwich N D. Bro Oscar Peterson. 
Bennie Peterson Norwich N D 28marl8-7may'19 Co M 

140th Inf. Oversea. Wounded. Bro. Oscar Peterson. 
Carl W Peterson Sioux City la. Par John & Guri Iversd 

Ingvald Peterson Norwich N D 19oct'17-16mar'18 Batty 

F 121st F A 32d Div. Camps McArthur, Waco. Bro 

Oscar Peterson. 
Oscar Peterson Norwich N D 7may'17-23feb'19 Corpl 

Batty B 15th C A C, A E F. Ft Adams. Oversea. 2 mo 

on fighting line. Fa Even s o Peder E & Ingeborg Bruflat. 

Mo Martha d o Erik H Bruflat & Pernille Stange. 
Henry Pettersen Chetek Wis 4sep'18 Infantry. Camp 

Grant. Par Ed & Ida Petterson, N Aurdal. 
Carl B Quail Bemis S D sep'18-6dec'18 S A T C Brookings 

S D. Fa O A Quail (Kvisl). Mo Matilda O Borsvold, 

George K Quail Sinai S D 22jul'18-lloct'18. Signal Corps. 

Died in France. Bro Carl B Quail. 
Olaf Alvin Quail Toronto S D Srgt Cavalry & Air Service. 

Camp Cody, Selfridge Field. Bro Carl B Quail. 
Austin Qualey Hingham Mont 25apr'18-3jan'19. Infantry. 

Camp Lewis. Par Ole Jensen Kvalseie, W Slidre & Guri 

Roble, E SI. 
Carl O Qualey Salol Minn 24feb'18-15feb'19 Inf. Camp 


Dodge. Oversea. Mo Inger d o Knud & Oline Sletten, 

Edwin C Qualey Adams N D Corporal. Killed in action. 

Son of Peder Qually. 

Newell Qualle Martel Wis. Grandson of Rev Hagestad. 
George R Qualley Madison Wis 26aug'18 1st Lieut. Den- 
tal Service Camp Greenleaf. Par R N Qualley, W Slidre 

& Ingrid Okshovd, E Slidre. 
Henry Quam Milton N D. Fa fr N Aurdal. Mo fr Heda- 


August Quickstad Toronto S D. 
Clarence Quickstad Watertown S D. 
Martin Quickstad Toronto S D. 
Gustav Quiel Decorah la 18oct'18 S A T C Luther Coll. 

Fa Ole Quiel (Lommen). Mo Kirsti Quiel. 
Olaf M Quiel Mitchell S D Corpl 338th Mach Gun Battn 

87th Div. Camps Dodge, Pike, Dix. France. Bro Gustav. 
Rev M B Quill Minneapolis Camp Pastor Assigned Camp 

McArthur. Par G K Quill s o K G & Rangdi Kvisl & 

Ingri, N Aurdal. 

Oscar T Quissell Jasper Minn 25jul'18-18jan'19 Inf. 88th 
Div. Camp Dodge. Fa Ole s o Ole O Kvisl & Christine 
Brandt. Mo Mary T Hoime d o Thomas Hoime & Marit 

Montague Reed Rasmussen Lake Forest 111 Srgt Camp Up- 
ton. Oversea. Par Karl M Rasmussen, Stavanger & 
Ragnild d o Ole T Swennes & Knut Salsaaboe. 

Albert Edwin Ranum Stillwater Minn 25jul'18-25may'19 
Co M 3d Pioneer Inf. Camps Wadsworth, Stuart. Over- % 
sea. Verdun Sector and other active fronts. Fa Knut K 

Bennie Ranum Pope Co Minn. Par Ole H Ranum & Bet- 
sey Nomeland. 

John Olaf Ranum Stillwater Service in Anim factory. Fa 
Knud K Ranum. 

Arnold I Raugland Minneapolis Lieut Engrs. Camp Dev- 


ens. France. Par Carl M Raugland, Laurvig & Sarah M 
d o Anders Kirkeberg &Ingrid Juvkarn. 

Carl M Rauk Nerstrand Minn 16oct'18-12dec'18 S A T C 
St Olaf. Par Knut Rauk, Hailing & Marie d o Mrs. Rob- 
ert Quamme (Kj0s), Vang. 

Helmer K Rauk Nerstrand Minn Aug'18 Died of pneu- 
monia at Camp McArthur . Bro Carl M Rauk. 

Clifford Reierson Luverne Minn. 

John R Reierson Holt Minn 23oct'18 Ft Oglethorpe Died 
in camp, p'neufnonia and complications. Fa Reier s o 
Reier Reierson & Marit Olson (Tildeishaugen). Mo 
Georgine Sundet, H0nefos. 

Rudolph S Reierson Holt Minn 17dec'17-16may'19 C A C 
Batt B. Presidio. France. Fa Ole s o Reier Reirson & 
Marit (Tildeishaugen). Mo Alette Polseth, Hakedalen. 

Reinert M Reinertsbn Valders Wis 24may'18 U S Naval 
Aviation. Great Lakes. France. Fa M B Reinertson, 
Lister. Mo Marit d o Anders Christofersen Kvaal & 
Barbo Andersd Veflen. 

Albert P Remme Kenneth Minn 4oct'18-7nov'10 12th 
Engrs. Camps Forrest, Dodge. Fa Petter O Remme s o 
Ole N & Ingeborg Finkelson. Mo fr Gudbrandsdalen. 

Gilbert G Remme Kenneth Minn 22jul'17-21apr'19 Corpl 
Co A 18th Inf 1st Div. In Frnce 1 year. Twice wounded. 
Par Guilder N Remme, Vang & Helen Hanson, Land. 

Gustav Adolf Remme Kenneth Minn 27may'18-14feb'19 Co 
K 322d Inf 81st Div. France 8aug'18. Wounded lOnov 
'18. Par Guilder N & Helen H Remme. 

John Bernard Remmen Montevideo. 

Nels N Renden Mayville N D Oversea. Fa Nels Renden, 

Hans G Revne Decorah la Co 47 20th Engrs. Arr France 

Harry Rinde Dennison Minn 54th Pioneer Inf. Oversea. 

Andrew A Riste Decorah la Radio service. S o A A Riste. 

Gerhard Riste Decorah la Naval Acad Annapolis. Fa Nels 


Albert R Risty Brandon S D 26aug'18 

Alfred T Risty Sioux Falls S D 23jul'18-lsep'19 Guard Co 

No 137. Camp Gordon. Oversea. Par W Slidre. 
Karl T Risty Brandon S D 23jul'18-24sep'19 3d M G Bn. 

Camps Dodge, Sherman, Mills. Meuse-Argonne off. Par 

0stein s o Qulik Riste & Ragnild & Dorthea Lee fr 


Dr C M Roan Medical Officer S A T C Univ Minn. 
Milo C Robb Blanchardville Wis 15juri7-13may'18 Co H 

127th Inf. Camp Dodge. Oversea. Par Frank Robb & 

Caroline Kristianmoen, S Aurdal. 
Andrew Roble Manfred N D 19aug'18 Par Torstein s o 

Ole J Roble & Guri M Rogne, E Slidre & Guro d o A 

Skogstad & Marit Opdahl, Vang. 
Melvin Roble Manfred N D 8oct'18-13dec'18 S A T C Fargo 

Coll. Bro Andrew Roble. 
Paul Brandt Roen Hollywood Los Angeles Calif Jul'17 1st 

Lieut Med Res Corps. France may'18. Mobile Field Hosp 

No 101. Fa Ole T Roen. 
Otto Sverdrup Roen Ontario Calif Enl and called but no 

service. Fa Ole T Roen. 
Anders Rodningen (Roine) Jasper Minn 29apr'18-16jun'19 

Co D 357th Inf 90th Div. Camps Dodge, Traverse. 

France 20jun'18. St Mihiel Off, Meuse-Argonne Off, 

Several other fronts. Par Anders & Marit Rodningen. 

Born Valdris. 
Albert Rodvang Decorah la 12dec'17-feb'19 H Q Co 65th 

Art. France 27feb'18. Par Thomas Rovang & Bertha. 
Conrad Rogne Sawyer Wis '17 1st Lieut U S N Med Corps. 

Surgeon Charleston Naval Sta, U S S Eagle. Fa Rev E T 


Torger O Rogne Binford N D Oversea. 
Amos Rood Valley City N D. Fa Ed Rood. 
Clifford Rood Minneapolis 26feb'18-21jul'19 Hosp Corps. 

France 17sep'18. Par Nels O & Carrie Rood (Trondrud, 

Julius R^rstad Pope Co Minn 24feb'18-jan'19 Infantry. 


Camp Dodge. Wounded in France. Par Andr R0rstad, 

S0ndm0r & Guri Olsd Galibakken, Aurdal. 
Rolf O J Rorvik Northfield Minn 10apr'18-10apr'19 Batty 

F 70th Art C A C. France sep'18. Par Johan R Rorvik, 

Aalesund & Berit Olsd B0, Vang. 
Thorwald I Rosby Farwell Minn 24may'18^ Co K 307th 

Inf 77th Div. Camps Lewis, Kearny. Severely wounded 

in Argonne 6oct'18. Par Ole H Rosby, Ringerike & 

Ragnild, N Aurdal. 
Theodore I Rotto Farwell Minn 27jul'17 Mechanician U 

S S Florida. Trained Norfolk. In attack by German 

torpedo 9feb'18. Par John T Rotto, Nordm^r & Kari 

Kamrud, N Aurdal. 
Theodor Gerhard Rovang Corson S D 28jun'18 Camp Fun- 

ston. Par Ole T Rovang & Sina Tveitmoen. 
Andrew K Rude Moorhead la 25jul'18 Camp Gordon. 3 

weeks at front in France. Par Ole s o Andreas & Anne 

Rude, N Aurdal & Marit d o Knut & Inge. Bakken, N 

Erick Rude Toronto S D 25may'18-20dec'18 Inf. Camp 

Lewis. Par Gulbrand O Rudi & Ragnild K Hegge. 
Grant R Rude Brookings S D aug'17-feb'19 U S N. Car- 
penters Mate S Oosterdyke. Served in convoys. Par 

Ole G Rude, E SI & Julia O Rebne. 
Theodor N Rude Brookings S D Aug'18-mar'19 1 Div Keg 

Army. Camps Fremont, Mills. Bro Grant R Rude. 
Andris E Rudi Forsyth Mont Killed in France. Fa Endre 

Rudihaugen. Mo Rangdi Nustebraaten Rogne, E Slidrc 

Am '08. 

Lars Rudi Fairview Mont Co H 151st Inf 40th Div. Camp 
Kearny. Died of wounds in France lloct'18. Par Nils 
s o Eivind & Ragnild Rogne & Ragnild d o Thorstein G 
Melby & Ingri Larsd Rudi, E Slidre. 

Nils E Rudi Forsyth Mont Died in France. Am'08. Bro 
Andris E Rudi. 

Olaf Rudi Montana. Fa Anton Rudi. Born Reinli. 


Peter E Rudi Forsyth Mont Fell in France. Brp Andris E 
Rudi. America '08. 

Martin O Ruse Maple Grove Wis lmay'18-28mar'19 Infan- 
try. In action Argonne Woods, Verdun. Grpar Etne- 

Anton Rustad Canby Minn Etnedalen. 

Iver O Rustad Canby Minn 13sep'18 Inf British E F 
France. Fa Ole s o Iver O (Ruste) Aspelien, Begndalen. 
Mo Sigri d o Anders O (Ruste) Putten & Kari Kvern- 

Olaus G Rustad Dennison Minn 24jun'18 Co K 343d Inf 
86th Div. Camp Grant. Oversea 14sep'18. Service at 
front. Par Gulbrand I (Ruste) Aspelien & Guri d o An- 
ders O & Mari Putten. 

Oscar O Rustad Canby Minn 24feb'18 M P in France. 
Bro Iver O Rustad. 

Sever Rustad Bonetraill S D 29mar'18-4mar'19 France 9 
mo. Alsace, St Mihiel, Argonne Forest. Gassed. Born 

Anton Ruste Blue Mounds Wis 14mar'18 Srgt Q M C 
Evacuation Hosp No. 22. Fought in Argonne Woods, 
Verdun Sector. Camps Oglethorpe, Greenleaf, Upton. 

Albert Rustebakke Callender la lnov'17-dec'18 Musician 
37th Regt Band Coast Art. Ft Hancock. Par Halsten'so 
Amund Rustebakke & Siri Olmhus & Liv Skognes, Aada- 

Gilbert Rusten Moorhead la 25jul'18 Camp Gordon. 
Brest 12sep'18. At front 3 weeks. Par John & Anne 

Adolph Rye Soldier la France. Par Ole & Mary Rye. Grpar 
Halvor & Ingeborg Rye, N Aurdal. 

Haldor Rye Soldier la Oversea. Bro Adolph. 

Olaf Rye Soldier la. Bro Adolph. 

Theodore Rye Soldier la. Bro Adolph. 

Orrion Leroy Saether Bloomington Wis 29jan'18-5dec'18 
Rec. 2d Lieut. Air Service Post Field. Fa Ole s o Thomas 


Reierson Skarasseter Anne Olsd Langedrag Mo Lena 

Loken, Hadeland. 

Halvor Saele Manfred N D spring '17 Camp Lewis. Over- 
sea summer '18 Reported Killed. Born Hegge. 
Henry E San Goodridge Min. Fa O A Sanviken, Bagn. 
Chris Satter Canby Ore 13dec'17 Bat F Coast Art. Camp 

Ft Stevens. France. Par John & Olia Satter, Bagn. 

Grpar Christopher & Aagot Christopherson Leitepladsen, 

Edward Satter Canby Ore 3oct'18 Recruit Co G S I. Ft 

McDonald. Bro Chris Satter. 
Leslie Schrubbe Decorah la Srgt. Grpar G O Rustad & 

Kjersti Sondrol. 
Ole Semling Jr McVille N D 24may'18 Co I 305th Inf. 

Camps Lewis, Kearny. Killed in action 13oct'18. Par 

Ole Reien & Bargo Semling. 
Clarence E Severson Decorah la 15apr'17 Corpl Co E 133d 

Inf. Camp Cody. France. Fa Gilbert Severson, Vang. 
Edwin Severson River Minn, N Aurdal. 
Ervin Severson Soldier la Sep'17 Aviation. Kelly Field. 

Par Simon & Julia Severson, S Aurdal. Grfa Erick Sev- 

ersor.. Grpar Arne & Sarah Benson. 

Guy Severson Soldier la Seaman. Great Lakes. Par Ju- 
lius & Bertha Severson, N. Aurdal. Grpar Jens & 

Gunild Klevgaard, N Aurdal. 

Roy Severson Soldier la Aug'18 Ames la. Bro Guy. 
Tom Severson Malung Minn. 
Walter Severson Soldier la Seaman Great Lakes. To Brest. 

Bro Guy Severson. 
John Severtson Forestville Wis 25jul'18 Camp Taylor. 

Par Thrond Syverson, Skrautvaal & Guri O Dahl, Sve- 

Albin Severud Barron Wis 29jul'17-27may'19 32d Div. 

Waco, Tex. France. Par Ole H Severud, Etnedalen & 

Lina N Bergene, Etnedalen. . 
Engebret K Shefte Volga S D 4jan'18-dec'18 Dental Co No 


1. 1st Lieut Dental R C. Camp Greenleaf. Par Knut 

Skjefte & Barbo Hoyme. 
Knute Shefte Kremlin Mont No'18 Fa Knut s o Ole & 

Jorand SkjefteJm>. Barbo d o Helge Lomen & Ingeborg 

Herbrand Simle Fillmore Co Minn 22sepl8 32 Co 161st 

D B. Camp Grant. Died oct'18 of influenza. Both par fr 


Norris T Simley Grand Forks N D Jul'18~feb'19 Med De- 
tachment 77th Inf. Camp Custer. Fa Thrond s o Ole 

Simle & Ingrid Meiningen. Mo Gertrude d o John Linde- 

"lien & Taran Putten, Ringerike. 
Ole Simley Northfield Minn S A T C Carleton. 
Thrond Benjamin Simley Sharon N D May'18-feb'19 Am- 

muinition Train Co D. Camps Logan, Fremont, Mills, 

Lee. Bro Norris T. 
Clarence Simon Tioga N D. Par N W Simon, Swede & 

wife fr Valdris. 

Dr O B Simon Tioga N D. Bro Clarence Simon. 
Blaine Simons Sioux Falls S D Sep'17 Lieut. Camp Pike. 

France. Par Nels Simons & Berit d o Gulik Riste. 
Simon Simons Rowina S D 28jun'18 Camp Dodge. Died 16 

oct'18 Long Island, pneumonia. Bro Blaine Simons. 
Albert Skaran Grand Meadow Minn 22oct'18 Engrs. 

Camp Forrest. Par Sever & Anna Skaran both Valdr. 
Melvin Artie Skaran Grand Meadow Minn 5sep'18 Corpl 

Inf. Camp McArthur. Par Sever & Anna Skaran. 
Otto Skaran Grand Meadow Minn 19sep'17 19th F A. 

Camp Cody. Oversea. Par Andrew & Lena Skaran, both 

Silas Skaran Grand Meadow Minn 23apr'18 Seaman Great 

Lakes. To Brest. Par Andrew & Lena Skaran. 
Carl H Skarloken Toronto S D 15may'18-19jan'19 Corpl 

Air Service. Tr Camp St Paul. Par Sam Skarlokken & 

Julia Rovang. 
Joseph E Skarloken Toronto S D 20jun'18-14sep'19 Inf 2d 


Div. Camp Dodge. France. In Argonne Drive & Army 

of Occn. 

Bennett Skatrud Valders Wis. 

Herbert A Skatrud Kennedy Minn 7dec'17-16may'19 Ar- 
tillery. Ft Scott. Verdun, Meuse-Argonne Off. Fa Ole 

Halvorson Skatrud. Mo Sissel Beito. 
Selmar Skatrud Valders Wis. Fa Ole Skatrud. 
Iver Skattebo Brunswick Wis. 
Oliver H Skattebo Valders Wis. 
Bert Skogstad Grand Meadow Minn. 
George Skogstad Grand Meadow Minn. 
Lewis C Skov Rapidan Minn 29apr'18 Camps Dodge, 

Travers. France. Service at front from aug'18. Wound- 
ed. Gassed. Co E 358th Inf. Par Carl s o Ole K Skov 

& Kari Larsd Ran urn. 
Martin O Skrovig Radcliffe la 13may'18-30 jun'19 Cropl Co 

D 7th Amm Train. Oversea 22sep'18. Fa Ole Iverson 

Tom O Skrovig Radcliffe la 25feb'18 H Q Co 328th Inf. 

Oversea apr'18. St. Mihiel, Argonne. Killed in action 

9oct'18. Fa Ole Iverson Skrovig. 
Bendix Skrutvold Yvot Mont 16jun'18-26jun'18 Co 10, 40th 

Battn 166th D B. Camp Lewis. 
Haldor Skrutvold Skogmo N D 22sep'17-13sep'19 Med 

Corps. Camp Greene. France & Germany. Fa Eivind s o 

Ole Skrutvold & Guri Reie. Mo Maria d o Bendik Glad- 

heim & Barbro Thon, Etnedalen. 
Ingvald Smaadalen Aneta N D Oversea. Par Ole Haavda, 

N Aurdal & Ingeborg Smaadalen, Etnedalen. 
Olaf Sm'aadalen Salol Minn. 
Chris Soine Maynard Minn. Par Ivar Soine & Serine d o 

Syver G Strand & Ingeborg Eltun. 
Sever I Soine Maynard Minn 25jul'18 Wagoner 4th Anti 

Aircraft Mach Gun Battn. Camp Wadsworth. France. 

Par Iver & Serine Soine. Grpar Strand & Ellingboe. 
Edwin O Solsaa Jasper Minn 26feb'18-lljul'19 55th Engrs. 

Camps Dodge, Custer. Oversea 30jun'18. Railroad Con- 


struction. Par Ole Knutson Saalsaa & Inger Lokke, 

Nels Solsten Minneapolis 14may'18 Q M Co Aviation. 

Hampton Roads. Par Ole Olson Solheim, Aurdal & 

Andrew O Sondrol Emomns Minn 25jul'18 Inf. Camp 

Pike. Died in France 9oct'18 pneumonia. Par Ole s o 

Johs & Marit Sondrol & Martha Anderson. 
Clarence K Sondrol Emons Minn 10may'17 Field Art. 

Camp Dauglas, France. Par K s o Johs & Marit Sondrol 

& Annelene Nelson. 
John K Sondrol Emmons Minn 12jun'17 Inf. Camp 

Greene. France. Severy wounded. Bro Clarence K. 
John O Sondrol Emmons Minn 25feb'18 Mach Gun service. 

Camp Dodge. Par Ole s o Johs & Marit Sondrol & Mar- 
tha Anderson Myhre. 
Peter K Sondrol Emmons Minn 30may'17 Instructor 

Aerial Gunnery, Mt Clemens, Mich. Bro Clarence K. 
Knut N Sorbo Emmons Minn 26jun'18-22apr'10 Co B 313th 

Engrs 88th Div. France 6 mo. Fa Nels O Sorbo, Vang. 
Adolph Melvin Sorlie Rothsay Minn 19oct'17 Corpl Avia- 
tion Corps 507th Areo Squadron. Kelly Field. Died in 

Camp. Par Mikkel s o Mikkel & Ragnild Sorlie, Hedalen 

& Anne, Hedalen. 
Edward Sorlie Sioux City la '17-'19 Camp Pike. Par Nils 

C Sorlie & Jorand Hilme. 
Sophus Sorum Willmar Minn 6 mo on ocean in Navy. Par 

N J Sorum, Sogn & Berit Haugen. 
Charles Spaannum Mt Horeb Wis. 
Ole Spangrud Banks N D 3jul'18-28jan'19 Co I 77th Inf 

14th Div. Camp Custer. Par Kristoffer & Bertine 

Spangrud, S Aurdal. 
Gilbert John Standy Geddes S D Hoct'18 S A T C la 

Univ. Fa Mikkel G Standy s o Gudmund O Steinde, Ul- 

Robert Steenerson Upham N D Jun'18-16apr'19 Co L 359th 

Inf 9th Div. France 19 jun'18. In two battles. Fa Knute 


Steenerson Telemark & Maria d o Syver Anderson & 
Marit Skaveldo, S Aurdal. 

Clarence Steensrud Black Earth Wis. 

Martin Stolen AwiU N D 

Nels G Steine Decorah la 6jun'17 Co B 67th Engrs Div 
14. Camp Cody. France. Fa Gilbert s o Nils & Anna 
Steine. Mo Anna d o Christen & Anna Qualley. 

Ole Steine Decorah la llmay'17 El Paso, Camp Mc- 
Arthur. Died 16jun'18. Bro Nels G Steine. 

Einar Stende Dalton Minn lOmay'18 M G Battn. Camp 
Dodge. France. Gassed. Fa Andrew s o Ole & Ragnild 
Stende, Oie. Mo Ida Osterli, Gausdal. 

Ivar Stende Ellendale N D Jul'18 Camp Custer. Bro Ein- 

Oscar L Stende Dalton Minn 10may'18 Q M Clerk Camp 
J L Johnston. France. Fa John s o Ole & Ragnild Stende, 
Oie. Mo Dina Anderson. 

Rev E M Stensrud San Francisco Calif Chaplain Camp Fre- 
mont. Stensrud, Vang. 

Carl Stigen Aneta N D 3sep'18 Died 4oct'18 influenza. Fa 
Ole Stigen, Modum. Mo Ragnild d o Knut & Maria Ren- 
den, Etnedalen. 

Martin Stigen Aneta N D 24may'18-7feb'19 89th Spruce 
Squadron. Bro Carl Stigen. 

Adolph Stolan Fosston Minn 26jul'18-8jul'19 Co L 54th 
Pioneer Inf. Camp Wadsvvorth. France. Par Arne & As- 
trid St01an, Etnedalen. 

Alvin T Stolen Mt Horeb Wis 30apr'18-12feb'19 Naval Avi- 
ation. Dunwoody. France. 

Ernest Stolen Mt Horeb Wis. 

Martin Hartvel Strand Newman Grove Nebr 26apr'18 
355th Inf 8th Div. Camp Funston. France may'18. Killed 
in action 4riov'18. Fa Henry s o Mons T & Ingeborg 
Strand, Skrautvaal. Mo Anna d o Haldor Halvorsen & 
Mary Halvorson. 

Syver S Strand Renville Co Minn Oversea. Par Syver G 
Strand & Ingeborg T Eltun, Vang. 


Clarence Stromsett Beloit Wis 3oct'17-16apr'19 Co 47th Inf 
47th Div. Camps Grant, Pike. France 9may'18. Chateau 
Thierry, Argonne. Gassed. Par John Stromsett & Louise 
Johnson Nerhaugen d o Martin & Barbro Nerhagen. 

Eugene V Studlien Moorhead Minn Killed in action. 

Gustav Sundheim Hills Minn Camp Wadsworth. Aurdal. 

Halvdan Sveen Atwater Minn. Fa Torpen, of Valdris fam- 

Benj Svien St Paul Minn H Q Co 315 Engrs Band A E F. 

Henry J Svien Granite Falls Minn 23jun'18 333d H F A. 
Camp Robinson. France. Par John M & Martha Svien. 
Grfa John Hendrik Svien, Vang. 

Knut K Svien Dennison Minn 20oct'18 Camp Cody. Par 
Knut J Svien & Sidsel Oldre. 

Martin A Svien Dennison Minn 24jun'18 Camp Grant. 
Soon Discharged. Par Andris & Marit Svien. 

Ingvald Swain Moorhead Iowa 25jul'18 Camp Gordon. 
Brest 12sep'18. At front 3 weeks. Died ljan'19. Fa Nels 
s o Peder & Bertha Swain, Bagn. Mo Lena d o Ole & 
Ingeborg S0rebraaten, N Aurdal. 

Ole Swain Moorhead la Nov'17 Seaman. Great Lakes. On 
U S S Minnesota when torpedoed. Bro Ingvald Swain. 

Peter Swain Moorhead la 25jul'18 Camp Gordon. Brest 
12sep'18. 3 weeks at front. Bro Ingvald Swain. 

Myron Ingram Swennes La Crosse Wis Great Lakes Naval 
Sta. Oversea. Fa Clellan s o Ole O Norgaarden (Swen- 

Adolph Swenson Soldier la 25feb'18 Camp Dodge Brest 
lOmay'18. At front 3 weeks. Par Arne & Gina Swenson. 
Grfa Swen Swenson, Etnedalen. 

Arthur Swenson Mt Horeb Wis. 

Melvin Swenson Mt Horeb Wis. 

Geo Swiggum Mt Horeb Wis. 

H Lawrence Swiggum Mt Horeb Wis. 

Emil T Syverson Dennison Minn 82d Div. France. At Front 
10 days. Fa fr Sogn. Mo fr Valdris. 

Selmer Syverson Black Earth Wis. 


Chris Tauberg Soldier la 26jul'18 Camp Gordon. Brest 
12sep'18. Wounded. Fa Haltan Tauberg, N Aurdal. Mo 
Annie Olsd Soffebraaten. 

Oscar Tauberg Soldier la 25jul'18 Camp Gordon. Brest 
12sep'18. Wounded. Bro Chris Tauberg. 

Alfred Teisberg St Paul Aug'17 Lieut. Ft Snelling, Dodge. 
Instructor. S o A K Teisberg, & Gro R0n. 

Albert Temanson Grand Meadow Minn 4sep'18-4mar'19 
Inf. Camp McArthur. (Omsrud). 

Eli Temanson Grand Meadow Minn. 

g.^.Teslow Sioux Falls S d Co G 21st Engrs. Par H 
Christopherson, Romerike & Inger Nilsd Sundt, N Aur- 

Albert S Thompson Nora Minn 24feb'18 Co L 139th Inf. 
Camp Dodge. France. Wounded at Verdun front. Par 
Samuel Thompson & Marit Lien, Aurdal (Heggemoen). 

Arnold J Thompson Hutchinson Minn 20jun'17-6feb'19 1st 
Lieut Veterinary Section 46th F A. Camp Kearny. Fa 
Ole s o Thomas & Maren Odden, Begndalen. Mo Thon- 
ette, Begndalen. 

Carl T Thompson Dennison Minn 24jun'18 Camp Grant. 
Par Toris Thompson & Gunild Estrem. 

Clarence Thompson Little Sank Minn Motor Truck Driver. 
11 mo in France. On active front 11 nights. Ft Knut 
Thompson, Bagn. 

Gilman Thompson Mt Horeb Wis. 

Karmeth Irvin Thompson Barnes Ore Co M 63d Inf. Camps 
Meade, Presidio, Astoria L I (Helle). 

Lillie E Thompson Farmington Minn Red Cross Army 
Nurse. Fa'Peder Thompson (Ellestad). Mo Barbro No- 

Melvin Thompson Riley Wis. 

Oden Thompson Faith S D. 

Olai Thompson Mt Horeb Wis. 

Oliver T Thompson Canby Minn 8apr'18-5apr'19 Mechanic 
2d C A. Ft Adams L I. Fa Ole s o Thomas K & Maren 
Odden, Begndalen. Mo Thonette. 


Oscar Thompson Madison S D Med Corps in France. Fa 
Ole Thompson (Landmark). 

Oscar C Thompson Valders Wis. Fa T I Thompson. 

Philip Thompson Madison S D. Fa Ole Thompson (Land- 

Thorwald Thompson Canby Minn 25feb'18-lapr'19 H Q Co 
118th Inf 30th Div. Camps Dodge. Sevier. Belgium, 
France. Ypres sector. Drive on Hindenburg Line. Gassed. 
Fa Ole s o Thomas & Maren Odden, Begndalen. Mo 
Thonette, Begndal. 

Ruel E Thompson Valders Wis 23sep'17 Corpl Motor 
Truck Work. Camp Custer. France. Fa Edwin s o Thom- 
as O Helle. Mo Anne Maria d o Anders O Aabol. 

Thomas Thompson Faith S D. 

Thorwald Thompson Finley N D Jun'18 Camp Dodge. 
Fa Ole Thompson, Begndalen. Mo, Hedalen. 

William A Thompson Quarry Wis 21dec'16 1st Lieut 
Aviation. France 15oct'17. Gassed. Died 19jul'18. Fa 
Knut Thompson (Helle). Mo Ingrid Gigstad. 

Wm P Thompson Ridgeland Wis Sep'17-8aug'19 Camp 
Grant. France. Mo Olia Bergene. 

Edgar Thon Minneapolis. 

Alfred S Thoreson Rosewood Minn 23sep'18-lljan'19 Engr- 
ing Corps. Camp Forrest. Fa Andrew s o Tore T0rison 
Grythe. Mo Siri O Jorgenson, Bagn. 

Kenneth Thoreson Soldier la sep'18 Seaman, Navy. San 
Francisco. Par Theodore & Hulda Thoreson, N Aurdal 

Clarence S Thorsrud Callender la 20sep'17 1st Sergt 
527th Engrs. Brest, France. Par Syver Thorsrud, Bagn & 
Joran Thon N Aurdal. Grandfathers Ole Hoff, Bagn & 
Knut Thon, N Aurdal. 

Oscar Throndson Longmont Colo Called, hindered by in- 
fluenza. Fa Tore Throndson. 

Telford B Thronson Longmont Colo 28feb'18 Radio Serv- 
ice. Newport. Harvard Radio School. Par Tideman 
Throndson (Saalsaa) & Betsey Lee d o Knut N Lee. 


Edward Thuftin Clayton Wis 27jul'18-24dec'18 73d Inf 88th 

Div. Par Tosten Knudson & Gunild Maria, S Aurdal. 
Harold Orlando Thune Cedar Rapids la 4sep'18-31jan'19 
Jefferson Barracks. France 2nov'18. Grpar Thomas 
Thune & Sarah Hagen. 

Tver Tilden Norway Mont 28may'18-lljun'19 Co A 315th 
Mach Gun Battn 80th Div. Camps, Lewis, Kearny. Over- 
sea aug'18. Meuse-Argonne battle. Fa Tollef s o Nils 
Tildem. Mo Marit d o Lars Kamrud, Aurdal. (Opslidre). 
Clarence J Tjernagel Stanhope la Aug'18 Y M C A over- 
sea sep'18. Fa L J Tjernagel. (Follinglo). 
Otto A Tjernagel Story City la Sep'18 Inf. Camp Dodge. 
Fa P G Tjernagel (Follinglo). 

Theodore M Tobiason Hatton N D Jun'18 Infantry. 
Camps Lewis, Kearny. Oversea aug'18. Severly wound- 
ed. Fa T R Tobiason s o Roland & Marit. Mo, Sol^r. 

Alfred Torgerson Soldier la 14jul'18 Died of pneumonia 
7nov'18. Par Andrew & Ele Torgerson (Navrud). 

Knut N Torstad Minneapolis 24jun'18 H Q Co 354th Inf. 
Camp Grant. In Meuse-Argonne drive oct'18. Army of 
Occn. Fa Nils s o Anders Haldorson Veblen & Inge- 
borg Rogn. Mo Marit Knutsd Torstad. 

Ole A Tronrud Great Falls Mont Died in Ohio 29oct'18. 

Arthur G Tuve Toronto S D 10jul'18 5th Battn Trench 
Art. Ft Hancock. France 19sep'18. Fa O G Tuve. 

Carl Walther Tvedt Maskell Nebr 25apr'18 Camp Funston. 
France. Twice over the top, wounded. Co F 355th Inf. 
Fa Rev N G Tvedt, Vang. 

Joseph Tvite Goodhue Co Minn. 

Arthur T Tweit Tower City N D Served 23 mo Co M 58th 
Inf 4th Div. In four battles. Fa Amund E Tveit, Vang. 

Egbert O Tweit Tower City N D 11 mo service 19th Spruce 
Squadron 2d Div. Fa Amund E Tveit, Vang. 

Arthur E Ulnes Davenport N D 9may'17 Corpl Co I 
164th Inf. Camp Greene. France 15dec'17. Par Elling E 
Ulnes, N Aurdal & Gustava Borerud, Sol0r. 


Edwin P Ulnes Davenport N D 22sep'17-29jan'19 Corpl 

347th Inf. Camp Pike. France. Bro Arthur E. 
Elmer Jay Ulnes Davenport N D lfeb'18-29mar'19 Avia- 
tion. Pensacola, Fla. Bro Arthur E. 

Norman Ulnes Valders Wis 26apr'18 Co C 340th Inf. 
Camp Custer. Aberdeen Proving Ground. Fa B T s o 
Thore Ulnes & Kirsti Hilmen. Mo Andrea Oppen, Tele- 

Otto Ulrikson Canton S D 20sep'17 314th Trench Mortar 
Batty 89th Div. Camp Funston. France jun'18. Gassed in 
St Mihiel Sector. Fa Ulrik Ulrikson, Haugerstuen, N 
Aurdal. Mo Ragnild d o Fanejunker O Strand, Svenes. 
Oliver O Ulve Lake Mills la May 18 U S Guard. Camp 
Dodge, McKinley Park. Fa O O Ulve s o Ole & Inge- 
borg Ulve. Mo Sigri Klanderud, Eidskogen. 
Selmer Martin Ulve Lake Mills la Jun'18 U S Guard. 

Camp Dodge, Presidio. Bro Oliver O. 
Elling H Veblen Reed Point Mont 25aug'17-18feb'19 2d 
Lieut Aviation. Austin, Waco, Dallas, Fairfield O France 
2aug'18. Pursuit Pilot. Fa Andrew A Veblen. Mo 
Kirsti Hougen. * 

Ingvald Veblen Cooperstown N D Sep'17 Med Corps. S 

A T C Minn. Par Rev Sigurd Olsen & Emily Veblen. 
Oswald Veblen Princeton N J 30aug' 17-31 may '19 Major 
Ordnance Corps. Sandy Hook, Aberdeen Proving 
Ground. To France, England, Italy 30oct'18. Par An- 
drew A Veblen & Kirsti Hougen. 

Thorkel A Veblen Big Timber Mont 26jul'18-22jun'19 Ma- 
rines. Mare Island, Honolulu. Par Andrew A Veblen & 
Kirsti Hougen. 

Henry Nicolai Veflen Barnesville Minn 25oct'18-4jan'19 
Co C 125th Engrs. Camp Forrest. Fa s o Gulbrand & 
Gunild Veflen. 

Joseph A Viken Sacred Heart Minn Co E 343 Inf. France* 
jun'18. Wounded 2nov'18. Died 2dec'18. Par Knut K 
Viken & Betsey Veblen. 
John Viker Foxpark Wyoming Juri8-20may'19 Camp 


Lewis. Co M 127th Inf 32d Div. Meuse-Argonne battle, 

Coblenz. Par Gullik & Berit Viker, W Slidre. 
Melvin Viste Clay Banks Wis Par Knut K Viste & Ragnild 

Bennie O Void Maynard Minn Mechanic in Aviation Camp. 

Par Andrew O Void & Alina Rangerud, Toten. (Katte- 

Stener E Void Kerkhoven Minn 28jul'18-25jan'19 Co D 

4th Anti Aircraft M G Battn. Camp Wadsworth. France. 

Fa Engebret S Void, Hailing.' Mo Mathea' d o Peder 

Landsen & Berit Garthus. 

Oscar G Waarum Manitowoc Wis Fa Knut Waarum. 
Abner Wahl Lanesboro Minn 8feb'18-30jan'19 311th Trench 

Mortar. Arr Oversea 4oct'18. Mo Valdris. 
Alvin Wahl Lanesboro Minn Mustered out 6dec'18 llth 

Observation Co. Camp Taylor. Bro Abner. 
Carl Walden Nekoma N D 
Olvin Walden Nekoma N D 
Peter Wangsnes Cyrus Minn 23juri8-30jul'19 Camp 

Wadsworth. France. Par John & Maria Wangsnes. 

Grfa Erik Skogen (Skaveldo). 
Russell Alvin Weblen Minneapolis Sept'18- S A T C, St 

Thomas. Orders to camp Pike for O T C. Fa Martin A 

Weblen. Mo Martha Thompson. 
Melvin Westboe Erdahl Minn 25may'19- Co M llltj: Inf. 

Camp Lewis. Died of wounds in France. Fa filbert 

s o Knut & Kjersti Vestrebo'eie, Aurdal. Mo Johanne, 


Arthur Wigen Manitowoc Wis 
Harry M Wilberg Kensington Minn 23jul'18- Park Batty 

4th Corps Art Park. Camp Wadsworth. France. Par 

Martin H. Wilberg, Kristiania, & Berit d o Thomas & 

Ingrid Dokken, N Aurdal. 
Edwin Wiste Adams N D 21sep'18- Infantry. Camp Dodge. 

France. Severly wounded in both legs. Par P T Wiste 

& Oline Rebne. 


Herlie Clarence Wiste Spring Grove Minn 23oct'18- Camps 
Forrest, Dodge. Fa Tollef H Wiste. 

Torger Wiste Adams N D. Par Peter T Wiste & Oline An- 
derson, both W Slidre. Born in Valdris. 

Edgar Olaf Wold Roseau Minn 29mar'18- Amb Co 131, 
108th Sanit Train 33d Div. France jun'18. Roll of 
Honor 33d Div for Gallantry. Par Nels E Wold & Kari 

Ernest G Wold Minneapolis 1st Lieut Aviation. Killed in 
action laug'18, France. Fa Theodore Wold. Mo Belle 
Groves d o Andrew Halvorson Groves & Guro Chris- 
topherson B0rhus. 

Nels T Wold Mclntosh Minn 12apr'18- Camp Dodge. 
France may'18. In many Bloody Actions on West Front. 
Killed in Argonne Drive 28sep'18. Received Congress 
Medal of* Honor for Signal Bravery in action. Fa Tide- 
mand E Wold. 







Dette selskap^ eite Valdris Samband. 


Sambandjzf esla se te fostr0 indbyrdis venskap o hugnarsle 
smakvaeme iblant Valdriso i Amerika, o te auk0 kjensl te 
Valdriso o deiris dug o drivna her o i gam!0 heime. 


Vaeljandis te vaera mae i sambande aer0 dei so % taa Val- 
dris aett o deiris aekt^maka. 


Embaesmennadn aer0 ein President, ein Vice-President, o 
ein Sekretaer; o kor taa dei bar te ten0 sambande paa den vis 
so sleke embaesmenna pla ; men sekretaern ae okso Kasserar. 

Atve desse tryaa vaeljast seks te, so at dae bli eit ni-manns 
Sty re, so ska pars0 o styr0 alt dae sambandjzf eig o alt so kjaem 
di ve, i samhjzfve mx desse grunnloven o an sambandsfere- 


Eit sambandsm0te ska haldast te kort aar, der o ner so 
samband0 en styre ae eins um. 

Paa desse m0te ska dae fyst naevnast ut minst tryaa vael- 


Ner daa embaesmennadn ha jort grei0 f0r embaesdrivnae 
si, so sko desse vaeljarmennadn naevn0 up te val i dae minst0 
eit navn f0r kor post i sambandsstyre. 

Derette ska samband^ vaelja embaesmenna o styre anti taa 
desse so ae v0rtne nsevnde en are. 

Sia ska m0te f^rast paa dae lag so styre ha einast us, en 
so so m0te heist vil. 


Te hald0 huvutaludn ve m0to ska styre taka Valdrisa; 
o taludn sko heist vaera paa Valdrismaal. 


Den so ae vaeljandis o vil in i samband0 har te skriv0 se 
in jaa sekretsere en engon an taa styrismenno, o laejji fem 
o tju0 cents (25c) i kassa; men taa kjaering o b0dn aat ein 
so alt ae v^rtin sambandsmann kraevst dae kji instigspaeinga. 

Aarspaeinga ae 25 cents aar0. 


Paa dae at dae kan sankast viss0 o truvaerdig0 kunnskap 
um Valdrisadn o deiris sysl o saga, so ska kor paa sama tin 
so'n s0kji se in i samband0,^skriv0 up o skaff0 styre so mykji 
uplysning um se sj01, sit fjzflk, o si aett, so'n kan vaera viljog0 
te laeta dei faa. 

Alt dae so bli soleise sanka, o alia ara skryfte, b0ka, o 
belaeto so koma i vareign aat sambande, sko f^rvarast paa 
engor trygg0 o eldfri0 stella ; o styre ae ansvarle {fir kost alia 
sleka sake parsast. 

Sekretaern ska, ette so dae bli'o paalagt, de!0 ut i sam- 
bande talo o anna so bli trykt o utjeve. 


Te di at samband^ kan viarr0 drivjzf fram dae so dae ha 
saett se te lage, so vil dae jedn0 sjaa at Valdrisadn, i kor graend 
der dae finnst mange nok taa dei te di, faa island sanilag mae 
sama grunntanko so dei aat sambande. 

Samband0 vil okso jedn0 sjaa te at dae bli upsanka, akta, 


o kunnjort alt slekt so kjaem0 Valdriso, Valdrisbygdo, o Val- 
drisspraake ve, her i desse ny0 o kjaerjzi heime aat so mange 

Den Soykjandp' Mai, Nikja Hundr0 o Tvo. 


Januar, sjele aar0 f0r me skriv0 Nihja Hundr0. 

Ner e trseffa te haayr0: "Me Valdrissa i Miniap01s o 
Sanctpaal bordjzf aig^ng ha ei Sam0nkomst'n Qvaeld. f0r ai 
liti Moro" Hjaem e ihug ko Wergeland saie: "Hvor er min 
fyrige, min kjsekke Elv, min Baina, Helten mellem Norges 
Str0mme etc" - "No kan inhji vaera langt te Valdris at, 
Hjarsta bli so bait i Live" etc. : "o so Blomma, so as Jen- 
tud'n" etc. : "Men e jek min vasg, tsenkt0 kun paa deg, 
so venast0 i Valdris," etc. osv. : "Men blindt var dit 0ie 
for Fr0kner og Fruer, de syntes mot Berith som Kraaker mot 
Duer" etc. Kost den storo' Kulten maatt0 ha' elska Valdris. 

Ain svaerst Snill0 Valdris sjzing: "Der er en Dal udi Nor- 
ges Land, som er den bedste paa Kloden" etc. 

Ner'n Paul du Chaillu svalla um Valdris, faa Augo has 
st0rr0 Glands o Liv, o Ald0r gaar den Dal hono or Minne. 

Men dae va so f0rtr0ngt, at mange jilde Jento o Guta tytt0 
dai hji hadd0 n0k 01bogoslag, oso f!0tt0 dai hit. Her ha dei 
al!0raio graina se ut otrule gjzit o fint. Endaa das baerrae'n 
femti aar ha me Valdrissad'n : 1, mange aekta goe Fjzfrret- 
ningsmasnna; 2, sjele glupe Professora; 3, Bispa o Presta; 
4, mang0slags Kunstarbeiara ; 5, Prukk0rat0ra ; 6, Embes- 
maenna; 7, D0kt0ra; 8, Musikant^ra; 9, Skul0maist0ra ; 10, 
Avismaenna; 11, aekta B0nda; 12, true Arbaisf01k etc. Kaa- 
ma me aig0ng isam0n vild0 me vist ha' mangt s0ji um; men 
kaem vil staa i Ferespais'n? Das bli saigast0 Knutin. Anti 
maa dae bli du Brandt eldaa Prof. Brandt, Robinsdale, eldaa 
Prof. N. Flaten, eldaa asn G. J. Lomen. F0r nokon maatt0 
faa m0te istand, sj0ne du. 

Rimjztievis vild0 hji nokon ta sli Bry o K0stna at dai kaa- 


me fraa ara Stello. um du so skraiv lite um dae i Bla'e. Men 
e trur dae skuld' bli'n morosam Qvaeld. Kvaemf01ke maat 
ta mae se lite mat i ai K0rg, o Karad'n noko Sjilinga te bittala 
f0r Laan0 paa Huse me brugt. Hatt nokon Fel0 o dugt 
noko maat'n ta' o mae, o hat nokon Lamg^laik, fek den 
hji dylja di. Dugt nokon te je'n Sang so va dae bra, oso fask 
me ta fram f0r Front'n taa dai Iikast0 te saia n0kk0r Or um 
ait slikt M0te. 

Bjjzfrnson saie: "Den Gut'n se havandjzi, Jenta ska vaera 
has", o e saie at den so va gote vinnjzi ai taa Jento or Valdris, 
ae havand0, o skuld bli mottakin i Mjzfte, so g0t so nokon Val- 
dris. Hat me hji anna pratjzf um, kunna m0 dryft0: "Kost 
kunna me so Valdris-amerikanp'ra jolp0 te blese Liv i Ain- 
haitstankin haennae Gyde aa Kvie?" Me veta sligt Arbai be- 
h0vist vael o me veta okso her ae goa Kraefto baerra dai kaama 
i Bruk. Me ha Ungdom so ha' gaat ijp'no Klassud'n paa'n 
Maate so ae gled01e o veta urn; men so v^rsto dai slaepte ut 
paa Viaim attistan f0r e trur me bord0 ha minst 6 taa dai i 
Universitete vaar0 o nokon her o der i Statsskulo vaaro, te 
onaevnjzile Gagn f0r vaarjzf Ungdom, slikt kunna me sval!0 um. 

VjzJrste dae baerrae ait lite M0te fystj2( g^nge, so kansji dae 
aig^ng i Vaar kunna bli ait, ell tvaau stor0 M0to ve Minne- 
haha, ell Como, ell Harriet, o ait lite ait v0re V01 baer0 ell 

Jer no soso du synist rettast o best o ae du ell nokon an', 
gote o vil faa istand ait sligt m0te, ska e bea f0r baad0 Jaito 
o Saauo hass. ^rb^digst, 

T. L. (Thomas Lajord). 

From NORDVESTEN, 2 Febr. 1899. 


Hr. Redakt0r! 

For en tid siden stod et stykke paa Valdris i dit vaerdi- 
fulde Blad angaaende et paataenkt M0de af de i St. Paul og 
Minneapolis boende valdriser. indf^dte, indflyttede og ind- 
gif tecle. Tanken likte jeg meget vel ; men jeg vil dog foreslaa 
en liden Forandring. Mp'det b0r ikke holdes f0r saa langt 


ud paa Vaaren, at det kan holdes i det Frie, og da enten ved 
Minnehaha Falls eller Como Park. M0det b0r ikke blive et 
for St. Paul og Minneapolis alene, men for hele Amerika, saa 
at en Valdris i Texas, Georgia, Florida, Washington osv. som 
kan og vil b0r kunne bivaane M0det ligesaagodt som en fra 
naevnte Byer. Tager jeg ikke meget Feil, er der gode Valdri- 
ser i Sangforeningerne i de to Byer, og forhaabentlig vilde 
da disse m0te frem og alle vaere Valdriser en Stund, bare for 
at glsede Forsamlingen med lidt af sin herlige Sang. (Jeg 
bar h0rt "Nordmaendenes" og "Norges Ekko" og Tak skal 
de have, de sang fint). 

Kunde og vilde da f. Ex. Mons Anderson og Harald 
Thorson ogsaa mjzkle og give sine Venner et Vink om hvorle- 
des unge maend bjzfr gaa ivei, saa de kunne vente god Frem- 
gang i Forretninger, saa var det bra. Jeg ved at det er far- 
ligt at vaere fremragende, flittig og dygtig; thi Misundelsen 
trives desvaerre ogsaa i vort herlige Land; men jeg vilde dog 
ikke sige til Ungdommen, som hin Kone sagde til sine BpYn, 
"laerer eder ikke til at gjjzfre nogenting," for se nu hvorledes 
eders Fader rives hid og did Nat og Dag." (Han var en yp- 
perlig Arbeider). Jeg vilde heller sige til de Unge: "Sdger 
trolig efter at Isere det, som er nyttigt og gavnligt, og lad 
Verden murre og knurre." Kunde nogle af de kjaere, dyg- 
tige og unge Professorer, tillagt de to naevnte, af vort Folk 
kunne komme, saa var det saare glsedeligt. Det baeres mig 
for at endog Hoyme, Aubol, Gjevre, B0e, Belsheim, Lockrem, 
Ellestad, Dr. Egge, Veblen, A., og Veblen T. og Veblen 0. 
og Prof. Dahle vilde fjzlle Lyst til at vaere med i en siig For- 
samling, bare det skeede, naar de paa nogen Maade kunde 
afse Tid. Jeg vil foreslaa S^ndagseftermiddag i den Uge den 
Forenede Kirke har sit Aarsmo'de, eller ogsaa Torsdag den 
Uge. Eller kanske den Uge den norske Synode har sit M0de 
i en af de to Byer; thi jeg tror det bliver der. 

Vaer nu saa snil nogen hver at udtale Eder om Sagen. 
Hvis Knut Trondsen orkede at vaere med, vilde vist Forsam- 
lingen like det; han har gjort meget for Hjemmet hertillands, 


saa jeg tror mange likte at takke ham. J. E. Belsheim i Nor- 
ge burde tage sig en Morotur og blive med. 

Hvorledes vilde det vaere at tage f. Ex. Gudmund Nor- 
sveen til Ordf0rer for Dagen og til at ordne M0det, Chr. 
Brandt, L. O. Wilson, A. Sundheim og O. Flaten -- de to 
foYste i St. Paul og de to sidste i Minneapolis. Jeg tror de 
vil vaere villige dertil for Sagens Skyld. 

Nogen maa ber^re denne Sag i "Skandinaven", "Decorah- 
Posten" og "Amerika". Selv om jeg ikke skulde vaere rigtig 
tilpas den Dag, vil jeg komme og for Sagens Fremgang teg- 
ner jeg mig en 

Otter Tail Valdris. 

From NORDVESTEN 23 Febr. 1899. 


At the first Valdrisstevne, June 25, 1899. 

Me aera Valdrisa; 

O d'x, sovit e kan f0rstaa, 

So h0gt so f01k kan naa, 

Uhdtagen Yankeea! - 

DifoY m# f!0tt0 hit. 

Her ae hji myhjy berg o stain. 

Men frutta fjaas o vain, 

Dae al!01)est0 haim. 

Me mjzttast her idag. 

Me minnast vael dai h^g0 fjell. 

Der st^l o fjor o sael 

Har nat so 1J0S0 dag. 

Den viltr0 Baina spring. 

Or fjor te fjor, o sopa in 

Hji faa'a aena fin f , 

Te Dramm0n ho taek inn. 

Ho jere h0p paa 

O Valdrisguta h^pp0 mae, 


(D'ge bain so 0rsk0 dae!) 

O jentudn stirjzf gljzigt, 

O taenhji ve se sj01 : 

D'as knaft um spraekar kara bor 

Paa hai!0 vaar0 jor, 

Mas trufast h0nd o or. v 

O her me jengo fram, 

vjzfnno sai0r slag i slag, 

1 alslax bask0tag, 

Alt frutta brask o bram. 

Guddag, o tak f0r sist! 

E haapa me sko faa traeffast jamt, - 

Dae v0r0 morosamt! 

Korst aar, um me faat kans. 

Vorst samvasr varst so korst; 
Men solais har dae se paa jor: 
"Guddag! Farvel, min bror!" 
So baer das s0 o nor. 
Men minne ae so so'dt. 
I ut^, inn0, arbai, kvil, 
Ij^no livets kjil, 
Dae l^fkka fram mangt smil. 

Thomas Lajord. 



Her ha me samlast, f0r Moro o Glee! 
Tankin flyg haimat aat Valdris idag. 
Der ha me springe, o s0nge, o bee, 
Der varst inprenta dae aelsk^le Lag 
^Erle so Jore, stanhaftig so Stain, 
Venle mot 011o, o Injin te Main. 

Fjelle as h0ge o Dalad'n jupe, 


Gr0na as Liad'n, Fjoradn blaa, 
Arbaidsf01k ala dai der, so as glupe, 
(Flid as n^dvendig, sosandt das ska gaa) 
V0re dai Uslinga, Tank^laaus, lat, 
Ald0r dai kunna 0rkverv0 se Mat. 

I slika Bygda maa 01mugin klor0. 
Haenji paa Kvisto, so Katta paa Vasg, 
JEst man ska faa noko G0t uppaa Bor0, 
Spehjikj0t, Lefstf, o stundo ait Mg. 
Dif^fr bli F01k0 so letvinte du ! 
Den hji ha set dai, kan aldcfr das tru. 

Haimbygd du h^gagta Valdris! me hels0 
Venle o ynsjy de Lykkjzf o Fre, 
Mefte der Plago, me ynsjy de Frels0. 
Rigdom or Vattne. Jor, Berg, o f raa Fe ! 
Lat us so sende korare ait Or, 
0fto, solaenji me leva paa Jor. 

F0r das as Moro, ja virk^le Kvik4, 
Ner Breve saia: "Me rusl^ so bra." 
Ungdom o gamle F01k lassa o smiM: 
"Ola as flink0, o Tak ska'n ha !" 
O das kan haend0 de synast das bra. 
Faa Helsing skreve ved Minnehaha. 

Stor^ Amerika, frugtbart o herle! 
F01k0 or Valdris dai elstyf de htfgt, 
Her varst me modtagne storarta, kjasrle, 
Sj^Tj^lpne voYstf* me faslandd sn^gt, 
Derpaa ska Skudsh0dn0 jeva ait Smell. 
Fag0r as Valdrisli, Aasa o Fjell. 

Thomas T.ajord. 





On receiving Mr. Veblen's address at the Valdrisstevne in 
Como Park, 1901. 

Eau Claire, Wis., den 12 Nov. 1901. 
Hr. Prof. A. A. Veblen ! 

E lyt faa L0v te takkrf De fyr den Tala, Du sentj* me. 
Daa ho kom, hadd0 E dae sjele ansamt, men E kundjrf kji 
hald0 me, E maatt0 te laesa. F0r dae fyst0, so skuld0 E daa 
berr0 smaka paa den litevetta, men E vart sitand E heilt 
te Duggurds. O daa E va kaamin te Endis, so kunna E jedn0 
bejynt paa at. Das vart so rart f0r me, mae E las. E vart 
Smaagut att0 o syntist, at E sat heim0 jaa Far o Mor meno 
i dei vaesl0 St0gun vaar o h0ird0 paa Far min o alle dei ar0 
sat o svalla utover Kveldseta. E h0ird0 attjzf mit ei0 Mors- 
maal so klobaerle o so greit, so baerr0 ein Valdris taa rett0 
Slage kan tala dae. 

Tesmeir E les, tismeir maatte E beundr0 De, so ha kunna 
jjzfymt so g0t paa Dit Morsmaal. E ha nok laenji vist, at Du 
ae ein Iaerd0 Man baad0 Spraakman o anna, men at Du 
skuld0 kunn0 Valdrismaal0 so g0t o kund0 vaera saa haag- 
gand0 sikker i Vending0n, dae hadd0 E sletinkji trut, f0r E 
saag det mae min0 eign0 Augo. E ae no inkji nokon Spraak- 
man E te saia taa, men so mykji veit E, at detta va eit Mei- 
sterstykji, o det ha E hdirt alle ha sagt, so h0ird0 denne Tala 
i Summar. Ja, Tak ska Du ha, so kom me ihug o send0 
denna go0 Tala te me. O no lyt E ogso faa 10V te saia De, 
at if jor Summar faek E over te me sendt ait gamalt Roskaap, 
so Far min ha gjort. Dette Skaap0 saag E, daa E va heim0 
i Valdris f0r fir0 Aar sia. Dae hadd0 sfae paa sama Plasse 
i dai St0gun, so E ae f0dt, Iik0 sia Aar0 f0r E va f0dt, likjrf 
tes no. E syntist E faek slek Hug te faa dae, o daa E so kom 
heimat te Amerika, so hek Hugen endaa ve detta gam!0 Skaa- 
p0. So skreiv E te Man, so no eig0 Garen, Hoyme, um han 
vild0 saelja me detta Skaap0. Jau det vild^'n -- han vild0 
la me faa dae te jevings tismeir, o daemas so sendt^ han dae te 
me mae ein Valdris han ae endaa Kj0pman so va heimatt^. 


O no har E dae i Kantore mi. E vild0 kji bli aav mae di, um 
ein bau me Halvfems0nskju0 Dalar i Sylv f0r dae. Nei, dae 
vild0 E kji ! No bruka E dette gamljzf Skaap0 te ha gamle 
Rariteta i o alt, so E synist ae jaevt, so E maa jfiymfi paa. O 
no laeg E Tala Di in i dette Skaap0. O dae maina E, at ain 
baer0 Plas kan E kji ha 'o paa. E taek 'o enno fram at o laes 
'o aaver at, men ner E inkji laes eld syne'o fram te nokon, so 
har 'o sin Plas der i Roskaape ette Far meno. Ja, no faar 
E vel slutt^. Du faar undskjyldjrf, at E ha sagt "Du" o "De" 
te De. Du vait Valdrisadn ha kji Grai0 paa "De" o "Dem". 
Um mjzf skuld0 te mae di, so v0rte dae baer0 noko burti Vaegjidn 
mae di, vait Du. O so vait Du E ae Slir0jaelding E maata, so 
E bryt0 vel lite paa De o Dit Maal. Dette faar Du ogso und- 
skjyld0 - - Du f0rstaar me alti paa ain Maate. 
Mae Helsing o H0gagtils Din 

G. Hoyme. 


Du Valdrisslegt, du ae eit grepa f01k ! 
Um du ae taata up paa glae0 mj^lk, 
El du ae alin up paa stormans vis, 
So staar du stadigt Iik0 h0gt i pris. 

I Valdris tok du mange tunge tak, 
Men mote' helt se g0t o ryggen rak. 
Ner ar0 kvilt0 se, so to du trast 
Den h0gst0 bjjzflkin mae eit hallingkast. 

Du klauv i bergaskorto so ei jeit, 
O faekk din styrkji o di sikkerheit; 
Let auga fara aaver fjor o land, 
O faekk di gl^gheit o ei klaar f0rstand. 

Du stird0 i dae blank0 vatn0 ne, 
Te himilspiln fylt0 de mae fre; 
O fjelluft x to du i so lange drag, 
At friheisandn helt mae jarta slag. 


Dei so % komne hit te Onkel Sam, 
Ha jort dae sjele g0t o kraat se fram. 
Xcr Yaldrisn ha v0re her eit bel, 
So ha han laert o ta sin ful!0 del. 

Ko mange ae da? kji so bit se fast 
I dae dei Iik0, men dei slepp0 trast, 
Xer t0nne jere lite vont ; dei ha 
Kji korkji to el t0te te o dra. 

Ein slek^ Yalclris fins d.T her o der, 
F0r sau0huvu ser du kor du faer, 
O stundo finn du nok ein skralin skr0tt, 
So har eit daarle 10k o klen0 b0tt. 

Men ta de tvihaendis i luggen paa, 
At dae kji mange V r aldrisa o sjaa, 
So kji kan springe*, gaa el krabbef dit, 
So ar0 glupe folk mae aer0 sit. 

Han prilla inkji spael el fisla, han, 
Um han ser nok so storsnuta ein man. 
Dae lig i f01ke, ska e seia de, 
At dei faa ilt, ner dei ska b0iji se. 

Ein Valdris bli kji trast so engelsspraengd, 
At han maa skuncld se faa lepin raengd. 
Han trur, dae aebne han ha faat te kjaft, 
JE g0t nok, um dae sit paa Valdrisskaft. 

Men ner han vil paa engels greicf se, 
So bli dae nok so reint o pynt01e. 
Du ser, han vil kji bland0 alt ihop 
O vaera haelte laerd o haelte kop. 

M0 vil kji skrytyf. f0r dae ae so leitt 
Ner are tru m0 klin0 paa f0r feitt. 
Dae finst nok fleira brae slaekte mae, 
Men Valdrisn -- ja, la dae gaa mae dae! 


O Valdriskvaemf01ke o jejjzf me! 
Kaem kan vael skriv0, so ban faar dae te 
Um al den hyj]0, goheit, kjaerlebeit, 
So ae i dei ? nei, e bli nok ibeit ! 

-Den fin0 strengen, so ska rjzfrast ve, 
TE e f0r tunghaent te o spela e, 
Men e veit dae so g0t so nokon an : 
Das finst kji sleke kvaemf^lk arjztetan. 

Ein ting e haapa bli so den va f0r, 
At Valdrisadn staa ihop so br0r, 
At Samband0 vil bind0 dei so g0t, 
At knutin haeld0 dei isamen st0t. 

O. K. Fuglei. 


E veit kji ei snus um ko Valdris va 
Dengong dse va kjsempo i lande. 
Dei skreiv kji mse pen um ko annaf01k sa 
Um heimen sin langt aaver vatn0. 
Men fanst dae kjsempo paa gamal vis, 
So va dei alne paa Valdris vis. 

Kanhaend0, at Gyda va fostra i Vang, 

At riddara fanst paa Leirholla. 

Kan haend0, at Olav, so kristna sit land, 

Tok Asarnes gam!0 drikbjzllla. 

O fanst dse kunga paa Hamre o Rein, 

So va dae nok kunga mae nasabein. 

Kanhaend0, at f jelle ae h0gr0 i s0, 
At sj0n ae jupar en Mjjzfee; 
Kanhaend0, at sole paa frammande 0y 
TE varmar en ho burti aase. 
Men inkji dae land^ paa jorn finst ratt 
Mae Iaenger0 dag o Ij0sar nat. 


Urn gul!0 vaelt ut or fremman jor, 
O aakern bjzfgna taa kveit0; 
Kanhaend0, at skogen je breiar0 bor, 
O hestadn ae gr0vr0 o feite. 
Um Iand0 va stort kor i vaern e drog, 
So vene dala e alder saag. 

M0 veta, d'ae riktylk i andre land, 

Mas hauga taa pacing so skage, 

O kaftin o doktpY ae annakor niann, 

Mae klaeo taa finast0 slage. 

Men ser du ette, du finn kji ein, 

So har so Valdrisn maerg i bein. 

Her ha m0 fjell, so i sjye r0kk, 

O aasa mae skoggr0ne si0. 

Her ha mfi fjora mae aelv o baekk, 

O aakra, v^lle o lie. 

Her dufta alt so ein blomsterkrans, 

Ein solsjinsdag ette Sant0 Hans. 

T. K. Rogne. 


E va kansji sjau el aatt0 aar gamal, ja, d'ae barne- 
minno so lijji friskast i huge. I dei sist0 dago hadd0 m0, 
baad^ f^lk o kr0t0r, stunda te bufardage; f0r bufardagen 
stundast paa mae stora fjzfrventninga, isaer taa b^dno so ha 
v0re paa stjzile hai!0 summarn o kji ha set haimen paa manga 
veko. K10ve va jord faerig kvaaldn fereaat. E hadd0 pakka 
in fjzfrsigtigt dai finastj^ stainkjyradn men0. Dae va fine, run- 
de staina, so fjellvatn0 hadd^ pussa o farga raue. Bufar- 
dagsm^rgon va m0 upp0 laenji fere dagen. Alle kappast um 
o koma fyst haimat: inkji f^rdi at dae kji vild0 jaera dae lik^- 
so g0tt o koma saindr0 paa dage, men kapparlyste kom f^r 
dagen der likjzfso ho jere iblant kjaeringo i byo her i Amerika, 
dai viljjzf alia vaera fyst te faa ut vasken sin. 


So snart dae tok te Iys0 taa dage kunna m0 sjaa bufaeridn 
draga aaver Svultatangin, ain sma!0 tange imyljo tvo fine 
kjaedn, lite haimaf0r N0sakampe. El m0 h0yrc!0 rautn taa 
kr^t^r so va onaaogne paa o kaama fort haimat, o h0yrd0 
bj0110rammeln o h0yrd0 budaiudn laakka. Dae va dai so kom 
or Kvit0hauge, or Str0, o or N0sn. Dai va ut0 tile; f0r dai 
hadd0 lang vaeg. 

Daa m0 hadd0 lagt up k!0ve ga ho mor kjyro salt, m0 
slaeft0 sauidn ut taa kveen, o so 10yst0 m0 kjyradn. "No faa 
d0 gaa i Guds navn" sa ho mor. Han far smaelt0 K01ven i 
k01v01aas0 o sa : "Jesu navn". Ho mor sa : "Ja, Gud vait 
um m0 alle se lage te kaama her te summare." Men ho mor, 
- Gud kvi!0 sjaele -- kom der ald0r mair; ho d0 inna aar0 
va umm0. - - Men kjydn f0rstod dae skuld0 bsera haimat, o 
dai vist0 vsegen, o avstse bar dae. 

E huksa kost sole rann so rau o fin i Kvislast01sh0gdn daa 
rn0 kom paa Synhaug, o Syndin laag so still o blank mse. noko 
skp'ddp'tova ette n0rdr0 enda. Men dae so haeng maest i 
minne mi ae dae syn0 so fyst mp'tto augo daa mjzf kom haim- 
paa Kvislafjellp. M0 saag Iik0 burti Jotunhaimen. Dae va 
blaat i blaat mae kvita snj^faenna, so skar i gull o glitter i 
solsjene. M0 saag 0vst0 garadn i H0risbygdn o Liagaradn 
imot nor, o langt utaaver Aurdals aasadn i s0. Men dae bar 
neaaver lie o moadn. M0 plukka o aat blaabaer, o kjydn 
sprang o bles i nasin o Iaitt0 ette s0p, o dai f0rsto o sjilja 
den astand0 s^ppen ifraa dai f0rjeftign^. ^Lnd^e kom m0 
utpaa stup^ paa Bratt^bakke aava Kaarsta; o dae va dae synjzf 
so jek i j0no me so e spratt i kor ain le. Der laag 0igar o 
Ellesta garadn 0Vst upp0 paa andr0 sia aat elven o f jore. Der 
sto sjaerdp k^dnaakern o sjein so gull, potetgrasjzf va gnzfnt, 
o harv0aakern va gr0n o gul avvekslend0. Paa R0vang o 
Stee o andre gara ni0 mot fjore sto k0dn0 i 10ne o rjaa, o 
rjaadn sto i fina rae. Kongsvaegen laag so ai kvit bor0 ij0no 
bygde. E h0yrd0 durn too Lof0sse, m0 saag Rist0bbrune o 
aane, saag grunnadn imyljo brun o jup0 fjore. M0 saag 
b0ttn ij0no dae grunn0, blaa0 vatn0. Ein litn vindgare taa 
synna m0tt0 straume taa aa'n o buljudn tumbla o krulla se i 


kamp um kaem so skuld raa, straumen el vindn; men strau- 
men blanda se mae vatne i fjore, o vindn kunna kji driven 
tebakers; men ner straumen va blanda mae fjore, daa krulla 
vindn'n up so dse saag ut so'n ha gange tebakers att. Kldv- 
hestn jikk nijjzfno Rist0g0tudn so smaastain rulla. So jikk 
daa aaver Rist^brune. Der maatt0 n\0 stans0 o sjaa ni0 vatn0. 
M0 sto paa brun o saag kj0udn staa mae huvue imot straume 
o lea paa spoln. 

Jaa'o T01iaiv paa Moe tok m0 taa k!0ve o kj0yrd0 paa 
kjaerrjzf spaaver um H0ve o Lome, dae va bakkut vaeg aendaa. 
Der rert0aakeradn va f0r tet ve vaege laut mp' sta o ta noko 
aertp'skplme. F01k ette vaege so sto o skar kom o saag paa 
kr0t0re o ba us vaelkomne taa stple; men stans0 kunna m0 
kji, f0r kr0t0re strp'ymdp' paa. Jaa'o Jon Norigare paa Kvaa- 
le stansa m0, mjplka kjydn, o der mjzfttp' nokon us haimate, 
o tok krp'tp're uppaa haimst01n. Men mfi raist0 haim aat 
Br^ta, o der m0tt0 ban gofa us paa d^rahellun o ba us vael- 
komne haimat, o so sa'n: "O nai, ko stor gutn min ha v0rte." 
E syntist stogo va st0rr0 o Ij0sar no. O dae va rart o sjaa 
kattn at, o sael va han, f0r han faekk no s0t mj01k fyst0 gaan- 
ge paa manga veko. Maea ho mor kokt^ bufargrauten jikk 
e ni^ stor^-hasggen, so sto neve tjzfrstogo, den va den st0- 
st0 i graendn o haejjibaere va go; ja e syntist'o smaka baer0 
el mjzfltudn hadd0 smakt paa st01e. So kom han Knut paa 
Haugo, min bestj^ kammerat. Han faekk smaka rjumm0- 
grautn, o sia jik m0 ut o oversaag alia baerkj^rra kring mar- 
kidn. E f0rtaeld0 hono um alting ifraa stjrfle, o han f0rtaeld0 
me um da so hadd0 haendt haim0 um summarn, o m0 kjaendji 
us so tefres o glae f0r m0 va isamen att! 

R. N. Qualley, 
(Reiar i Kvaals-Br^ta.) 


E sto uppaa Olberg 

Ein summarkvield klaar, 

O saag nerpaa slaette o bakka. 


O fjorn va spilblank, 

O markji va gr0n. 

E syntis nok ret dae va vakkert. 

Ve mi si0 sto var'en 

O peikt0 dit up; 

E tykt0 ban sa, du kji g!0ym0 

Ko vent her ae laga! 

So vakkert o sjaa, 

D'ae injinstan venar en heim0. 

Den ti va e ung0. 

No ae e heilt graa, 

Men alder e gljzfyme den stunde. 

Men du so ae heimo', 

Gaa dit o sjaa, 

Du g!0yme dae injinlunde. 

E. A. Hjelle. 


Gaa in i murke, stille Grjzfnskogen ein Summarkvaeld ; dae 
ae stilt o fredele der, o imyljo Trjp'no ligg eit Kjedn, likt eit 
stort, djuft Auga. Der staar okso BjoYkje has J0rgen Moe 
o luta se utover. Du ae paa ein Maate rsed det djupe, murk- 
blanke Augae, men dae lokka o draeg de, lell. Du maa gaa 
riemmar o stanse. Du bli likeso hypnotisera: Tankad'n snu 
se in te, o ner du sjele lye ette, so ae dae nok inkji stilt der 
heldan. F0r der ae dae Nykken spela paa H0rpa si, men dae 
'kji alle so h^yre dae. 

Men den Musikken, den syng um noko taa kort den; 
men mest um dae m0 sakne o stunde ette, mest um dae djupe 
o mystiske. Dae ae Livets Mol Akkorda so laate der. 

Der mo'tte e fyste Gaange hono T0rgjer, Haelvtumsingen, 
so gik Gar imyljo o let paa Fela. Han hadde m0tt ei Jente 
eigaang ho narra'n. Daa gik dae sundt ein Straeng i Brin- 
gun has, o'n T0rgjer vart haelvtullut. Fela has hadde otte 


Strsengji, men dei leto so rart. Dei likeso smaajamra se. 
O han lutte se ne imot Felun o smaamulla mae se sj01, ner 
han let han fortaelde henne, ko ilt han hadde dae. O Fela 
va ein go Ven; ho song ut al Sorji has. No lig han T0rgjer 
unde Grastorvun o kvile se. 

John Dahle. 


Aa saag du vort Valdris synnan ifraa 
Dae b!0me rat nor te snj^fjello. 
O saag du vort Valdris noran ifraa, 
Das leikte mae liv yvi v011o. 

E reiste i Valdris fraa s0 o te nor. 
E snudde, jik vaegen atende. 
E saag mange berg, mykje vattn o jor. 
Der fre va, e hugheil me kjende. 

Aa nei, kos dae bl^mde paa mark o paa tuft, 
O smaafugla saang som dei kappast, 
O lufte va fylt .taa sang o taa duft, 
Solstraala mae snjjzffello nappast. 

Aa nei, so dei b^dne saag rauleitte ut, 
Mae augo som sjerno so klaare, 
Der h^irdist kje sutter, der saag ein kje sut, 
Som dag, so jik fort heile aare. 

O b0dne veks up, eig snart sjjzflve sit bu, 
Kor taek sine lyfto o straeva, 
So ser dei framaaver i haap o i tru, 
Dae gror, der dei trufaste grava. 

"Gudag, gamle Aslak !" e sa te ein man, 
Han kvilde se ute paa tune. 
"Ein leve nok g0t her i Valdris, ein kan 
Fjrfrstaa dae paa or o paa lune." 


"Aa ja," svara gamlen, "me graev o me slit, 
O klundre nok naevin i steino, 
Men das. faar me g!0ime, naar aakren ae kvit, 
O baeri haeng faerig paa greino." 

O. L. Kirkeberg. 


E sto uppaa h^gd'n, ni dal'n e saag 

Ein dag i mitsummarsti'n ; 

So blank^ so spejil Vangsmj0se laag, 

O bygde so veen unde li'n. 

Men tubbo o steina o ulaendt0 jor, 

Dse syntist me va kji te finnast. 

So smaat va dae stygg0 men finheite stor. 

Slikt syn ae dae hugna te minnast. 

Dae syn0 dae ser e kor vaegen min gaar, 

so klaart so e saag dae fraa h^gdn. 

Dae synist bli finar fraa aar o te aar, 

Taa di e so laengtas te bygdn. 

Mest solklaart e ser dae i jupastjzf nat, 

Um alt uti myrkre se jjzfyme ; 

Men kjaem0 so svevn o taeko me fat, 

Um heimbygd o venne e dr0yme. 

O. I. Platen. 




Den st0st0 Valdris e kan saia taa, 
Han aittjzf Langbein Rese. 
Ko stor ban va kan du fjzfrstaa, 
Ner min sang du faar lese. 

Paa Bersfjeln0bb0n dai saago'n staa. 
T01v reina tok ban paa rygg0n. 
Undrast kost best ban kan Skudsh0dn naa. 
"E kan skreva aavefr," sa stygg^n. 


Men fjzftadn v0ro kji lange n0k, 
So mitt ni fjorn dae baer0, 
O vatn0 saiist dae uppaa'n r0k, 
So h0gt so langt uppaa Iaer0. 

Men daa skraik Langbein "e trur e dat ! 
Taa skam e mest kunna graat0. 
So mangain dipil so e ha vat; 
Men no fyst varst broke mi vaatjrf." 

Dae so her 32 f^rtaelt kan du Ht0 paa 
AL sannt kortainastjrf or0; 
F0r N0bbe o Skudshjzkln enno der staa; 
Imyljo lig Vangsmjcfee stor0. 

O. I. Platen. 


Ner summartie kjaem, so sl^ng dae mae 
At f01k faa diktarsjuka, o dae ae 
Ein fale farang, f0r'n vestna snart 
Den syndarn, so- faar'o sjele hart. 

Men summ0 ha den sjuka ganskjzf lett, 
O bryt'o ut, so sit dae kji so tett 
Mae rim^kveiso, anna den so li 
Kan kraa se att o skrangl^ ut si ti. 

O summjzf kunn^ dikt0 aar o dag 
O sjaa ut so dei pinast kji dae slag, 
Men injin veil kor dei ha hatt dae vaest 
F0r dei vart kvitte di, so spraengdjj maest. 

F0r vanin, veit du, x ein an natur, 
O laegst kji aav so let so mange trur, 
O 0fto maa dae <101jast, dze so kji 
Ein stakkar vil staa aapenskaarle i. 


Tedels kan sjuka f0r0byjjast so, 
At andre f01k kan faa se fre o ro, 
O huvuskaale bli kji meir paa kant 
hattn haelt se uppaa der iblant. 

Ner du no synist at dae faer o kraek 

krisla runnt, o leamakken taek 
Te slaa mae rovun, so daa finst kji raa 
At du kan korkji saeta de el staa 

El du bejyna te o g!0ym0 taa 
Ko ende snur up paa de, o te sjaa 

1 tom0 lufte ut, o dr0ym0 um 

At aandn din bar alt f0r lite rum; 

Ner hausn tae te mjukn0 her o der 
O haedna stritt0 ut, o augo faer 
Paa maafaa ette noko, so du trur 
Ska skaka jor o himmil tur i tur ; 

O ner du trur du h0yre gras0 gror, 
O Iauv0 spraett, o at vor hei!0 jor 
fiL fyllt mae aanda du kan sala paa 
O ri0 laenger aen ein man kan sjaa; 

O ner du trur at alting se f^rtaft 
F0rdi at diktarl^gin kji bar kraft 
Te driv0 alle skapils slek so de, 
O berr0 gaar o unka de o be, 

At dei maa velast um, so dei kan bli 
Paa sama jser so du, o al si ti 
Maa gaa mae sk^lte full mae diktarsus, 
F0r eldaa bli kji slaskte vaerd ein snus 

Daa f aar du pass0 de ; daa ae dae gaat 
So langt, so nokon man ha aenno staat, 
Daa faar du sjaa aat o faa jort aat de, 
O dae ska nok kji augjzfvatn te : 


Du tae em haelv0 pjzftt mae b0v0rjaeld, 
So gaar du bakum laavin seint ein kvaeld, 
So drik du b0v0rjaeldn aend0 ne 
O seie: "finst dae st0rr0 tosk aen e?" 

So gaar du in o laese d0re att 
O laka huvu dit ei hei!0 nat, 
So staar du up o spigla de, o sp0r, 
Um dae ha f^nnist sleke toska f0r. 

So tae du taa de brok^saelin daa 
O finn ei maur0tubb0 f0r o sjaa 
At rim^kveisudn bli tappa g0tt, 
O seie "styfetj* tosken e ha m^tt!" 

O muna dae kji, gaar du sta o finn 
Ein sjir0 Valdrisskcflt i bein o sjinn 
"O kjaer0 Valdris, vil du J01p0 me, 
F0r e ha nok faat diktarsjuka e?" 

So tae han de i kragaknappen, han, 
O smelle de paa tryne so ein man, 
O rim o dikt, o kansji anna mae, 
Dae gaar nok alt i g!0ym0boke, dae. 

O. K. Fnglei. 


O husbon min han ae no so sjikkel^ ein man, 

At'n kan n0k sletinkji vnera baer0. 

E vil no strasv^ jaa'o dae bestj^ e kan; 

E kan me kji sytilslausar naer0. 

E lika'n njzfk so sjele aavermaat^le vael; 

Han sjjzfne no so g0t paa arbei o paa trael. 

Jaa si ike menna x dae g^t o vaera. 


Han ae no mae i arbei kor ainast0 dag, 

daa ae ban heldan inkji Iat0. 

E sjyr no heldan inkji dae stjzfet^ omak, 
E pla no jednast okso vaera kvat0. 
Me kappast no so mas cli me arbei^ traatt; 
Saa kvilo' me daa at so mykji mair0. 


1 graaning^n o mednadn staar e up, je aaikjo mat, 
Dae ae no dae fyste e jere. 

So laga e me aat skoge, dae okso lyt gaa rat ; 
E vil naule nokon ska kaama fere, 
O blakk^n ae no dygtig^ te raekkji o gaa, 
O vp're'n berr0 d0vin so skuld^ e jaga paa. 
Ner dae ae Ij0st ae me kaamne up i aasn. 

O bjdrske ae no tsela, men staa!0 bit0 gcft, 

O dygtig0 ae e no te ho'ggp'. 

E klemme te aat buskun so staert o so st^tt ; 

E vait at e ska vaera sn0gg0. 

Dae ae rett inkji laenji fpY e ba faat las, 

Dae haeve se up f ramma so ain bane 

SHk ain stas bruk0 me ner me kjaair0 bait or skoge. 

Dae halla no undaa ifraa aase o te gars 

O blakkjzfn ban traava o tana ; 

Dae kan du no tru att0 ner'n ae ret te pars 

Daa ae dae inkji raa at ban stana. 

Set byman dae, so sikkert ban vp'rste f^rfaerd, 

Han kunna inkji tru attp dae ha gange vael. 

Men slikp' kar ae lansman te aka. 

Johannes Belsheim. 


Han Ellend Sjel ae den staerkast0 mann so ha levt i Val- 
dris paa mange mann^minno. Dae ha vist gange manga s0gne 
um'n, men dei ae no burtgl^ymda. mest alia. Han Ellend va 


no kji taa dei so pro'vp' styrkjin sin paa kern dei sjaa, o reis0 
up sjau prest^jseld f0r o daenji up alle gokara so dei sjcrtve 
sko gaa frikar al!0stane. 

Han Ellend skryttd kji stort taa maktn si, ban, ska e tru. 

Ei g0ng dae kom te'o ein gokar, so hadd0 gange frikar paa 
alder so mange martna o byreiso, tok ban Ellend'n mae ein0 
h0ndn o snudd0 up-o-ne paa'o, lielt'n stilly ei ri, o spord0 so 
um'n vildp hald0 fre. Daa vart skarv^hallingen mjuk. Han 
hadd0 kome i springh^pp ijjzftio d0re o sport ette'o Ellend 
Sjel, men ban jekk utatt so'n daengd^ bund o gat alder dae 

I 1809 va'n Ellend mae i krie mae Svaeri. Han va den 
staerkast0 mann so fanst i hei!0 haern, seiist dae. Han vart 
insaett te timbermann o sme, o laut atve byrsa o matskreppa 
okso baera baadp snikkar o smiar amb0. Mang ei g0ng haen- 
d0 dae okso at engon taa dei andr0 vart upjaev, o daa tok'n 
Ellend jednp' o bar baad0 byrsa o matskreppa deiris o rugga 
like ratt. Dae ska kji klen rygg te di, f0r e ha sj01 v0re syla- 
ter, so e veit at dae ae mykji skarv0pargas'n ska dra mae se 
kor'n gaar, o e trur no slett inkji b0re va Iattar0 daa en no. 

Ei g0ng kom dei te'n by inni Svaeri, so va f ul!0 mae Svenska. 
Dei va raedde dei n0rsk0, difdr hadd0 dei synst dae va tryg- 
gast o slaa portadn i laas. Injin va go te faa up nokor d0r, 
men ban Ellend ba dei ha se ifraa, greip mae baeo dei sena- 
baerr0 haendo si urn storslejja si, tok tesprang, o slo so te ei 
taa portdjzfro so nagla o laas rjztetjrf. Dae kann vj<l ha?nd0 at 
Svenskadn fekk juling daa dei nj<rsk0 kom in i by'n te dei. 

Han Ellend kom vael heim ifraa krie, o lev<U< sia frclc paa 
gare si. (Authorship unknown). 



Page Line 

9, 25, cost should be coast. 
26, 25, sombed should be combed. 
57, 12, fykle should be fylke. 

89, after line 26, insert : Sognalag E. R. Hoppcr- 
stad, Albert Lea, Minn. J. B. Dybevik, Orford- 
ville, Wis. 

90, after line 31, insert: Pope County Valdrislag, 
Iyer Hippe, Cyrus, Minn. O. H. Opheim, 
Cyrus, Minn. 

133, 7, County's should be country's. 
141, 9, Grary should be Crary. 
157, 13, Egen should be Engen. 
160, 21, Peder should be Knud. 

173, 18, L. G. should be G. L. 

174, 10, Omit Md K. B. etc. and insert Dead. 
193, 14, Kari should be Marit. 

209, 21 and 22, Karen Kattevold should be Maren 0ilo. 

209, 23, Kattevold should be 0ilo. 

223, 15, Omit Oversea. 

239, 4, Gnuderson should be Gunderson. 

245, 27, Altamount should ,be Altamont. 

255, 35, E. Aurdal should be S. Aurdal. 

261, 32, Otslund should be Ostlund. 

269, 4, Insert Mother before Barbo. 

272, Omit line 4: Martin Stegen, etc. 

274, 11, H. B. should be B. H. 

278, 26, Hilbert should be Gilbert. 

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