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Flying High 

A young Valley entrepreneur 

makes butterflies 

his business 

-4 ! 


Vol. 17, Number 1 

The Valley 

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32 Sports 

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'This is Ms Pehrson's last issue We wish her well in all 
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On the Cover. Monarch Buttcrflv. 
Photograph by John T. Consoli. 

Left. Bob and Judy, the college swans, and 
family. Photograph by John T. Consoli. 

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Lebanon Valley College Magazine 

Flying High 

Butterflies an big business for Lebanon 
Valley sophomore Nick Harvey. 


Fall/Winter J 999 

6 Voice Coach to the Stars 

Music Professor Phil Morgan is proud oj 
the young singers he has helped to succeed. 


1 Rewarding Achievement 

The college's merit-based scholarship 
program continues to generate 
interest — and students. 


1 4 All the Right Contacts 

Tlie Career Connection Program links successful graduates w itli students seeking jobs 

and careers. 


FallAVinter J 999 


The Valley 


"I want to own my own business," 
Nick Harvey says. It sounds like something 
a typical Lebanon Valley College sophomore 
business student would say. 

Harvey, however, is anything but typical 
because he already owns his own business. 

A niche business that breeds butterflies to 

be released at weddings and other special 
events. A business he started when he was 
just 16. A business that last year grossed 
more than $50,000. 

Story by Stephen Trapnell '90 
Photography by John T. Consoli 

Fai.iTWinitr WW 


operates Sunny Day Butterflies Inc. from 
May to October. At any given time, he 
raises 1,500 to 2,000 butterflies in spare 
rooms at his parents' home in Paxinos, 
PA, near Shamokin. 

"They didn't think it would get this 
big," Harvey said of his parents. "I kind 
of thought it could, but nobody believed 
me. I thought it was an incredible idea." 

It was Harvey's mother — an 
elementary school teacher in Shamokin 
— who introduced him to the concept 
of raising butterflies to sell for special 
events. She mentioned that Rick 
Mikula, who pioneered the unusual 
occupation, did a presentation at her 

"It hit me right away," Harvey 
recalled. "That day I went up and I 
e-mailed him." 

Harvey visited Mikula at his 
Hazleton farm to learn about the 
business, then set out to start his own. 
One of the first tasks was to get a stock 
of orange-and-black Monarch butterflies. 

"I went out in fields and I caught 
them," Harvey said, noting that his 
business is low on overhead expenses. 

The female butterflies lay their eggs 
on milkweed plants, and caterpillars 
hatch and feed on the milkweed for 
abour 20 days. Then they hang from a 
branch, each one forming a chrysalis. 
The buttetflies emerge after about 10 
days, and Harvey keeps them in cages. 

To send his living product to 

customers, Harvey puts each butterfly in 
a triangular envelope, folding its wings 
the way the insect does when it sleeps so 
it will remain dormant during the trip. 
He packages the envelopes together and 
ships them overnight to arrive the day 
before the event. 

At the wedding, each guest receives 
one of the triangular envelopes. As the 
bride and groom emerge after the 
ceremony, the guests open their 
envelopes, releasing the butterflies 
which fly away in a colorful swarm. 

"A lot of people think it's a lot more 
exciting than throwing rice or birdseed," 
Harvey said. 

He charges $96 for each dozen 
butterflies, plus a shipping charge of 
$25. Harvey said an average order is for 

The Valley 

about four or five dozen, and his largest 
was for 18 dozen. 

In addition to weddings, he said, 
people have ordered the service for 
birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, grand 
openings, and even a prisoner being 
released from jail. 

When he started the business, 
Harvey had only a few orders from 
people who lived near his home. He then 
posted an Internet web site 
( which has 
been his principal form of advertising. 

Now, he said, he supplies butterflies 
for an average of six or seven events each 
week during the season. His big 
shipping day is Thursday, so batches of 
butterflies arrive for weekend events. 

"I can't keep up," Harvey said. "I 
turn people away all the time. I have 
brides crying on the phone." 

He receives help in the business from 
his parents, Doug and Pat Harvey, and 
his girlfriend, LVC sophomore Nicole 

One of the early challenges with 
Sunny Day, Harvey said, was timing 
things so enough butterflies emerged 
from the chrysalis stage so he could ship 
them to events on time. If the 
temperature in his home dropped, he 
said, it slowed the insects' 30-day egg- 
to-butterfly life cycle. Some days, he 

In addition to 

weddings, he said, 
' people have 

ordered the service 

for birthdays, 


funerals, grand 

openings, and even 
a prisoner being 

released from jail. 

took the chrysalises to a car outside and 
cranked up the heat. 

Harvey sends butterflies anywhere in 
the United States east of the Rocky 
Mountains. He said raising Monarchs 
here and releasing them farther west 
could disrupt their migration patterns. 

The young entrepreneur said he 
spends about three to five hours each day 
feeding the butterflies and tending to 

the company. His father, who owns a 
home medical supply firm, helped teach 
him about business issues, such as 
billing and advertising. 

"I absolutely had no idea. I was 16," 
said Harvey, who graduated from 
Lourdes Regional Catholic High School. 
Before starting Sunny Day Butterflies, 
his work experience included selling golf 
clubs on the Internet and loading clay 
pigeons on catapult machines at 
Elysburg Gun Club. 

Harvey is already expanding his 
business by selling gifts such as 
butterfly-raising kits through his web 
site. In addition, he said he is one of only 
a few people nationwide licensed by the 
U.S. Department of Agriculture to build 
a butterfly house, an enclosed natural 
habitat. He said he has received calls 

inquiring about help with such projects 
from as far away as Charleston. S.C. 

The LVC sophomore said he isn't sure 
if his fledgling business will develop 
into a permanent career. 

"I'll probably always do this on the 
side." Harvey said, adding that he likes 
being in a business that adds joy to 
people's lives. 

On the Sunny Day Butterflies web 
site, Harvey recounts a Native American 
legend. According to the tale, it you tell 
your wish to a butterfly and release it, 
the insect will carry it to the Great 
Spirit, and it will be granted. 

Perhaps there is some truth to that 
legend. For Harvey, at least, his wish to 
operate his own business has been 

Fall/Winter 1999 





Professor Phil Morgan counts among his successful 

students young singers who have appeared everywhere from 

the stage of Hersheypark to the Metropolitan Opera. 

When The New York Times recently carried a rave review of baritone Jon Hayes' 
performance in the lead role in the Rossini opeta, "The Thieving Magpie," one of 
the first people he called was Lebanon Valley music professor Phil Morgan. 

"I was as thrilled as Jon was," Morgan says. "I coached him for four years while 
he was in high school, and I love to hear how he's doing. A few days after the 
phone call, I got an email from him saying that he will perform in Handel's Julius 
Caesar' with the Washington, D.C. Opera in February." 

Morgan's pride and excitement ate obvious when he adds, "Placido Domingo 
will be Jon's boss, and this young man is only 27 yeats old!" 

He's just as animated when he talks about what his former students ate doing 
on local stages, such as the Timbers Dinner Theatre in Mount Gretna and 
Hetsheypark's various musical shows. It's obvious he likes to keep up with the 
young singers he once put through lip trills and scales — both at Lebanon Valley 
College and in his roles as private voice instructor and vocal coach/musical 
consultant at Hersheypark. 

Morgan, who turned 60 in Octobet, knows how difficult it is today for those 
starting out to bteak into the big time. And he definitely cares for the well-being 
of his singers — that's how he ended up working at Hersheypark in 1987. 

By Barbara Miller 

Photography by John T. Consoli 

The Valley 

' < 




He and his wife, Susan, often took their 
daughter, Mireille and son, Anthony to 
Hersheypark to watch the summer shows. 
Being the voice doctor that he is, Morgan 
detected some of the singers laboring a bit in 
their performances. Park officials took him up on his offer to 
help, and he began coaching in rather spartan quarters near 
the Hershev Bears' shower room. 

Since then, he has spent part of his summer helping 
young performers through whatever vocal crisis they may 
encounter during their show-packed summer months, from 
colds to nodules. 

"We bring him in as an extra measure to help our 
performers out since they are singing five shows a day," says 
Cherie Lingle, Hersheypark assistant entertainment manager. 

One of the most damaging conditions he watches for is 
the development of vocal nodules, a singer's worst fear, 
Morgan says, which cause a raspy sound in the voice. 

Morgan refers singers with this problem to a doctor for 
professional help, and also gives them tips on how to prevent 
the condition from worsening. It can include steam and vocal 
exercises to no talking between shows. 

As much as Morgan cares about his singers, he knows that 
these young performers may not always encounter such 
helpful advice in their careers. 

"You have to learn to take care of yourself," Morgan said. 
"My job is to educate them so they are not used by people," 
he said, knowing that there are always others waiting in the 

Professor Phil Morgan 
and Ken Horst '00 go 
over a musical score. 

wings to take their 

"The most gifted 
singers are born that 
way," he said, but many 
can improve their 
technique with practice 
and insrruction in the 
correct way to sing. 
And his help, for 
many, has paid off. One 
younger Hersheypark 
performer who Morgan 
coached is Jay Liggett, 
who once rode around 
the park in a funky 
Volkswagen Beetle as 
part of a comedy 

Liggett is now 
featured in the familiar 
back-to-school Staples 
commercial, singing 
"It's the Most 
Wonderful Time of the 
Year," and is also a pool player on a "10-10-321" commercial. 

Morgan appreciates just how difficult it can be for young 
singers to hit the big time. "It's amazing. It takes a long 
time for these people to get somewhere," he said. "You have 
to be so tenacious to stay in the business, or you run out of 

Other singers who have been taught or coached by 
Morgan include: 

• Lothair Earon, a former Hersheypark performer, who 
appeared in "Starlight Express" in London and the PBS 
production of "Showboat." 

• Dedra Eastland, another park alumna, who is appearing 
in the "Showboat" road show. 

• Howard Scott, a 1975 LVC alum, who performs with 
the Washington, D.C. Opera. 

• Jean Kelly, who had a lead role in the movie "Mr. 
Holland's Opus," and has appeared in MCI commercials 
saying, "Eat your heart out, AT & T." 

• Stephanie Bates, a 1975 alum who is female singer in 
the central Pennsylvania group "Fall Guys and a Gal." 

• Kristie Knauer who had a lead role in the Mount 
Gretna Timbers Dinner Theatre, sang the national anthem 
on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" and has performed for 

• Ken Horsr, an LVC senior music education major, who 
had a lead role in the Timbers Dinner Theatre. 

Morgan admits he can't keep track of them all, but has 
heard from former students who have appeared in Broadway 

The Valley 

musicals such as "Cats," "The Scarlet Pimpernel" and 
"Cabaret," among others. 

Not surprisingly, Morgan came from a musical family. 
Each Sunday after the dishes were done, the family would 
sing together. "People would knock on the door and ask if 
they could come in and listen," he said. "There was no TV 
then, so this is how we had fun." 

His singing talent was apparent early. He first sang 
professionally on the stage at age six, and by junior high 
school he knew music was going to be his calling. 

An important musical motivational force — besides his 
parents — was a singer named Robert Weede, who Morgan 
heard sing at the Starlight Theater when he was a senior in 
high school. Weede also sang with the Metropolitan Opera 
and in musical theater. "I thought, 'If I can learn to sing like 
that. I want to do it the rest of my life," Morgan recalls. 

He majored in music education and performance at nearby 
Pittsburg State University, and landed his first professional 
paying job in 1959 at age 18 with the Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Opera, performing with several of the leading opera singers of 
the century. 

The following year Morgan, a baritone, 
sang 12 performances of "Lucia di Lammer- 
moor" with Beverlv Sills in the Central 
City Opera near Denver, Colo., one of the 
oldest opera houses in the country. The cast 
was a virtual "who's who" of performers 
from the New York City Opera and the 
Metropolitan Opera, he says, including 
John McCurdy, who is still singing at the 

"I learned so much from this 
experience. They put on a musical 
production the same as in the Met." he 
says. Morgan also sang a season with the 
Starlight Theater in Kansas City with 
seasoned performers like Gordon MacRae, 
John Raitt, Janis Paige and Jerry Lewis, 
and performed with the Kansas City Lyric 

After completing graduate school at 
Pittsburg State, Morgan was determined to 
fulfill one of his musical dreams — to 

study in Europe with some of the old masters, knowing that 
they wouldn't be around forever. 

The opportunity came in 1964 when he landed a job with 
the Overseas Dependents School to teach music to the 
children of members of the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe. He 
recalls landing at Orly Airport, knowing no French, and 
learning he was assigned to a Paris high school, which was the 
perfect location in which to look up a famed voice teacher he 
dreamed of studying with - Pierre Bernac. 

He studied a summer at the Mozarteum in Salzburu, 

"The most gifted 
singers are born that 

way," he said, but 

many can improve 

their technique with 

practice and 

instruction in the 
correct way to sing. 

Austria, and sang with the International Music Festival. 

After heading back to Paris in the fall, he succeeded in 
tracking down teacher Bernac, who agreed to take on Morgan 
as a student. 

Motgan also taught at Rheinmein Air Force Base in 
Frankfurt, Germany, which led him to the other teachet he 
wanted to study with — 70-veat-old Otto Braun, an expert in 
German art song, who was acquainted with people like 
Einstein and Albert Schweitzer. 

Morgan located Braun in 1967 living in a six-story 
apartment building that lacked an elevator. "He bounded 
down the stairs, and we started lessons that day," Morgan 

Braun would never accept any money for his lessons. 
Instead, Morgan paid him with something he would accept - 
a pound of coffee or a liter of brandy, which Morgan, who held 
the tank of major, could buy at the PX. 

As it turned out, Braun had a special mission of his own 
for Morgan to fulfill — performing Goethe text put to 
Schubert songs for an exclusive celebration of the anniversary 
of Goethe's birth in the famous German 
writer's Frankfurt home. 

Motgan decided to give up singing 
professionally in 1973 due to the 
demands it placed on his family life. 
"Enough was enough," he said. "I had 
been singing professionally since 1959." 
He's kept busy, however, performing 
in many local musical programs, churches 
and theater productions. 

Morgan practices what he preaches, 
and hasn't given up on his own personal 
quest for perfection. He still takes voice 
lessons from Dr. Thorn Houser, of New 
Holland, who has students who fly in 
from all over the world, according to 

While it has always been a difficult 
career field. Morgan believes the music 
business has become an even mote 
challenging way to make a living. "The 
business is becoming almost impossible 
to break into," he said. And this is even 
with what he believes is a smaller pool of talented people 
ttvmg to entct it, since many are discouraged from even 
giving it a try. "Young people are more realistic today, he 

He, however, was lucky enough to have had the best of 
both worlds — personal success along with helping others to 
achieve the same. 

Barbara Miller is a staff :< titer for :l\ Lebanon bureau of the 
Harrisburg Patriot. 

FallAYinter 1999 


The college's unique merit-based scholarship program 

has generated applause from parents and students, 

and changed the demographics of the campus. 

Bill Brown remembers the days when applying for scholarships was 
both a headache and a mystery to college students and their parents. 

"They didn't want to go through all the hassle and uncertainty and the 
delay before they knew what kind of package they would receive," said 
Brown, Lebanon Valley College's dean of admission and financial aid. 

Eight years ago, LVC decided to change all that. 

"Now the first question we ask is, 'how well have you done in 
school?'" Brown explained. "Based on their answer, we know exactly 
what kind of scholarship aid they qualify for." 

If a prospective student says she ranked in the top 10 percent of her 
high school class, Brown tells her she's entitled to a scholarship that 
will pay half her tuition for four years. "Wow, suddenly Lebanon 
Valley is affordable, and the price of a Lebanon Valley education is 
competititve with that of a state-supported school," Brown observed. 

The half-tuition award, called a Vickroy Scholarship, is one of three 
instituted by LVC beginning in the fall of 1992. Students ranked in the 
second 10 percent of their high school classes qualify for a Leadership 
Award, which pays for one-third of their tuition. Those who rank in at 
least the top 30 percent get an Achievement Award, which pays one- 
quarter tuition. 

"It's really a jewel in LVC's crown," says scholarship recipu 
a senior double major in biology and German. "I de 


..' ' J 

This year, Lebanon Valley will spend 
about $9 million on these and other 
scholarship programs for its students, 
Brown said. 

Since the achievement-based program 
began, more than 1,970 students have 
received one of the three scholarships. 
The awards have changed lives and 
shaped the Valley campus, boosting the 
number of applications and attracting 
more high-caliber students. 

"The really great part about the 
scholarship program is the simplicity of 
it," said Karin Right-Nolan, LVC's 
director of financial aid. "Our program 
is unique in rhat there are no restrictions 
placed on it. Other schools may require 
forms to fill out, or will consider SAT 
scores and other factors. Our scholarship 
program is very simple and 
straightforward, and people know 

immediately what they qualify for." 

Since the scholarships are for a 
percentage of tuition — which is 
$16,730 this year — the value of the 
award doesn't decline even as college 
costs rise. 

"Students know all along the way 
what they can anticipate receiving," she 
points out. "It's a reassuring process as 
far as being able to plan for the student's 

Dalinda Knauth, who graduated last 
May with degrees in both music and 
music education, had learned about LVC 
from her school band director, Thomas 
Keehn, a 1963 Valley grad. She ranked 
15 th in a class of more than 400 at her 
high school in Kingston, N.Y., and that 
easily qualified her for a Vickroy 

"Ir made a world of difference in 

Lebanon Valley will spend $9 million on 
scholarships for its students. 

what I was doing and where I was 
going," said Knauth, adding that 
because she comes from a large family 
she faced the task of paying for college 
on her own. Without the Vickroy award 
and additional scholarships, she said, she 
probably would have attended a 
community college close to her home. 

"As far as financial aid is concerned, I 
had an incredible package that allowed 
me to go to college," Knauth said. "It 
was actually better for me to go away to 
school than it was for me to stay in my 

Knauth pointed out that the 
achievement-based scholarships attract 
serious students. And to keep the awards 
for four years, they must meet academic 
standards rhroughour their college 

"In addition to rewarding high school 
achievement, it also helps promote the 
continued excellence," said Knauth, who 
plays violin and viola. 

She has landed a one-year assignment 
as district string teacher for the 
Conestoga Valley School District in 
Lancaster, Pa. "I got a job right out of 
school, which was just that much more 
satisfying," Knauth said. 

Her younger sister, Dorcinda, is now 
a sophomore music and history major at 
LVC and also received a Vickroy 

Biochemistry major Brian Patson, 
who is set to graduate this spring, had 
narrowed his list of potential colleges to 
two: Lebanon Valley and the University 
of Delaware. Both offered strong science 

"It was the financial aid package that 
really brought me here," said Patson, 
adding that it was difficult to know 
early in the application process how 
much aid he would have received at 
other schools. 

However, he was second in his high 
school class in Sullivan County, Pa., so it 
was clear he would receive a Vickroy 
Scholarship ar LVC. "It's almost like a 
guarantee, in a way," he said. 

Connor agreed that the 
straightforward way Lebanon Valley 
awards rhe scholarships was a plus. The 
Annville-area resident said he had 


The Valley 

applied to four colleges, and only one 
other school offered aid similar to the 
half-tuition scholarship he would receive 
at LVC. 

However, Connor said, rhe other 
college's offer was very conditional. "I 
didn't really feel comfortable about it. 
LVC's Vickroy Scholarship combined 
with the ability tor me to commute 
made it basically my number one 
choice," he said. 

This guarantee of achievement-based 
scholarships has attracted top- 
performing students from many high 
schools and has changed the makeup of 
Lebanon Valley's campus. In the fall of 
1991, the year before the scholarship 
program began, LVC admitted 96 
students who ranked in the top 30 
percent of their high school classes. 
Those students made up 5 1 .6 percent of 
the freshman class. This year, the fall 
class included about 308 students from 
the top 30 percent, or 75.1 percent of 
incoming freshmen. 

Patson said he has found his fellow 
students "are all up there in their 
intellectual ability, very competent." 

Brown said the scholarship program 
also has increased interest in attending 
LVC. For this academic year. Brown said, 
his office received almost 2,400 
applications, compared to about 1,100 
in 1991. The school could accommodate 
about 4-10 students in its freshman class. 

"Right now I have a waiting list of 
students who would dearly like to come, 
but I don't have a bed for them," Brown 
said in late summer. 

Despite rhe mirc-ased numbers, "it's 
still the same Lebanon Valley," said 
Brown, himself a 1979 graduate. "It's 
still a place where there's a warm, close- 
knit family atmosphere." He said rhe 
college plans to maintain its student- 
faculty ratio of 16-to-l. 

Although he had considered the giant 
University of Delaware, Patson said, 
"Now looking back on it, I'm really glad 
I came to the smaller school. I seem to 
have met more people, and not just in 
my class, but in all years." 

Connor said the scholarship program 
is flexible enough to accommodate 
students with unique academic tracks. 

RECIPIENTS, 1992-1999 




TOTAL: 1,979 

In the fall of 1997, when Connor studied 
for a year in Germany, his half-tuition 
award continued. 

"They allow you to carry that 
scholarship wirh you," Connor said. 1 le 
said rhe semester abroad also was a 
turning point in his academic career. He 
had enrolled at Lebanon Valley as a 
biology major, with plans to go on to 
medical school. After living in Germany, 
however, he decided to pursue the 
language as a second major, which 
meant he would spend two extra 
semesters at LVC, one to finish up a few 
courses and another to student teach. 

His Vickroy award was set to end 
after four years, bur Connor said there is 
a financial aid review committee that 
accepts applications to extend it into a 
ninth semester — a step he planned to 
take this year. 

When Connor completes his studies 
this spring, he will be certified to teach 
both biology and German. He is also 
considering pursuing a master of health 
science degree, which would allow him 
to become a physician's assistant. 

LVC's scholarship program also 
accommodared changes in his academic- 
performance, Connor acknowledged. He 
said his grades suffered as he considered 
changing majors and due ro outside 
commitments; while in school he 
worked as an emergency medical 
technician in an ambulance crew and 
served as a volunteer fire fighter. 

Noting that students need to 
maintain certain grade point averages to 
renew the scholarships, Connor said, 
"Through my college experience, at 
times I teetered on rhe line." 

When his GPA dropped below the 
level needed to preserve the Vickroy 
award, he received a letter telling him 
the scholarship was in jeopardy. "You'd 

go inro rhe next semester knowing that 
if you fell short again, your scholarship 
would be reduced," he said. 

In fact, Connor said, when he failed 
to maintain the necessary level again, his 
funding dropped, but he still received 
some benefits if he maintained the GPA 
necessary for a Leadership or 
Achievement award. When his grades 
improved to the Vickroy level, his 
scholarship wenr back to the full 

"The monitoring system that the 
school has in place for the scholarships is 
helpful and reassuring," he said. 

Right-Nolan noted that tutoring is 
available for students who need it. "It 
isn't one of those programs where you 
didn't make your scholarship 
requirement, so it's gone," she said. "It 
encourages students to do well." 

While the scholarship program was 
designed to reward students tor their 
academic performance in high school. 
Brown said ir has been fine-tuned to 
accommodate applicants from schools 
that don't release ranks. 

Students who don't have the required 
ranking but who have combined SAT 
scores of 1 100 or more can have a 
scholarship inrerview at LVC to be 
considered tor the program. In addition. 
Brown said, students who receive a 
Leadership or Achievement award can go 
through the interview process ro rry to 
lump to a higher scholarship level. 

Brown said that while the program 
represenrs a significanr financial 
commitment fot LVC. "There has been 
generous support from alums in 
supporring and helping underwrite some 
of these scholarships." 

Connor explained that the 
scholarship allowed him to tultill a 
pledge he had made to himself. After 
seeing the sacrifices his parents made to 
put his two older brothers through 
college, he wanted to do as much as 
possible to reduce the financial butden 
of his education. 

"It's amazing what Lebanon Valley 
College was able to do tor me." he said. 
"I give a standing ovation to the school 
tor maintaining the program. Irs money 
very well invesred." 

FallAYinter 1999 

I 3 



V 1"T 








Successful grads offer career 

advice, as well as jobs, to current 

students through the colleges 

Career Connections program 

By Stephen Trapnell '90 

Photography by John T. Consoli 

With his graduation trom Lebanon Valley College 
in sight at the end of 1997, Brian Kruzel had at 
least two criteria in mind as he searched tor a job: 
a New York City location and international 

Dave Evans, director of career services at LVC, 
put Kruzel in touch with George King, a 1968 
graduate who is chief financial officer tor 
Manhattan-based Energy Intelligence Group. 

King, in turn, referred Kruzel to the associate 
publisher at Energy Intelligence, which produces 
newsletters about the petroleum and energy 
industry. After an interview in November, Kruzel 
landed a job as marketing assistant at the firm in 
February 1998. 

Kruzel said he never met King in person before 
Energy Intelligence hired him, but that initial 
contact between LVC alumni made a difference. 

"I think this is a really good foot in the door," 
said Kruzel, who was an international business 
major. "I see the volume of resumes that come in 
the door every day, and most of them we just put 
aside. If you have a contact in the company, your 
resume goes to the right person." 

Kruzel has since been promoted to matketing 
coordinator, and he handles licensing of electronic 
publications for Energy Intelligence, which also 
has offices in Washington, D.C and ovetseas. 

Kruzel's experience is one example of LVCs 
Career Connections program, an effort to link 
students and alumni to aid in job searches. A 
central element of the program is a database of 
almost 1,000 alumni who have agreed to lend a 
hand to students and graduates. 

"When we fitst started this thing, it was a box 
of catds," Evans said with a chuckle. 

Today, however, Career Connections is a 
computerized list available to students in their 
dorm rooms and alumni through LVCs web site. 
Graduates and friends of the college are listed 
under more than 200 job categoties, from 
acarology (the study of mites and ticks, in case 
you wondered) to zoology. 

Othet careers represented include diving, 
engineering, funeral services, insurance, lobbying. 
museum/American studies, psychobiology, 
restaurant management, speech pathology, and 

People researching a profession can look at a 
list of alumni active in that field, with 
information on how to contact them and how 
they're willing to help. For example, alumni can 
discuss their own jobs, arrange for students to 
visit them in the wotkplace, set up intetnships. 
make suggestions about where to look tor work, 
and even offer jobs. 

The program benefits alumni searching tor 
employees as well as recent gtaduates. 

"I like to go to the Valley because I know the 
general character of the students there." said 
King. He said some people who hire employees 
just check to be sute they have the proper 
credentials. "I look always beyond that. When the 
petson comes into the wotkplace. things are going 
to change in two weeks anyway." 

For that reason. King said, LVCs liberal arts 
background is a plus. He can also contact the 
college tot tecommendations. "I know the 
professors," King said. "They'd better not give me 
a story." 

This summer. King's company hired Jarka 
Slesingerova '99. who majored in international 
business. A native of the Czech Republic, she 
contacted sevetal alumni listed in the 
international business category ot the database and 
also met with King in his office in February. 

"It was very informal," she said. "We talked 
about school, and he still temembets some 
professors." She asked tor feedback on her resume, 
and King gave her a tew pointets. During her 
final semester, they kept in touch through e-mail. 

Fall/Winter 1999 




y> X. 




hen in July, Energy 
Intelligence hired her as an 
internal auditor in its Washington 
office. Slesingerova also works on special 
projects for King and in human 

Another 1999 graduate. Amy 
Vituszynski, found the career office 
helpful as she searched for a job teaching 
music. As part of her senior seminar, she 
said, she filled out a card specifying the 
types of jobs she was looking for and the 
geographic area where she wanted to 
work. During the summer, she received 
mailings each week from the career 
office with job leads tailored to her 

Vituszynski says such personal service 
isn't offered by some other schools. She 
mentioned a friend who was looking for 
work after graduating from a state 
university and said, "She's floundering 

because she doesn't even know where to 

Vituszynski also e-mailed Darla 
Dixon '87, who works as a publicist at 
the Lincoln Center for the Petforming 
Arts in New York City. Dixon, who 
holds bachelor's and master's degrees in 
flute performance, responded by- 
describing the variety of careers related 
to fine arts, such as public relations, 
administration, and management. 
Vituszynski said Dixon introduced her 
to another way to use her degrees in 
music and music education besides 

"It's still intetacting with the people 
and giving young people wonderful 
opportunities," said Vituszynski, of 
Leesport, PA. "It was just another 
possibility. I had never really much 
thought about it." 

Dixon has discussed job 

Students can find alums working in afield 
they're interested in via the Career 
Connections database. 

opportunities with other students, and 
she stressed the importance of 

"So often when musicians graduate 
from college they possess a vast body of 
knowledge regarding their performance 
area of choice, but lack the practical 
non-musical skills necessary to compete 
in today's tight job market," Dixon said. 
"I enjoy helping to bridge the gap 
between performance expertise and 
practical application." 

Another graduate who has fielded 
questions about jobs is Maria Montesano 
Boyer '86, who was an English/business 
management major. As a student, Boyer 
herself turned to Pamela Shadel Fischer 
'8 1 , who helped her put together a 


The Valley 

portfolio of sample work to show 
prospective employers. 

Since then, Boyer, a Hershey resident, 
has tried to help others by offering 
advice on where to look for jobs and 
visiting campus to give students 
pointers on their portfolios. 

"1 don't do the work tor them. They 
have to do that themselves," Boyer said, 
adding that she provides "any guidance I 
can give them based on what I've been 
through myself looking for jobs." 

Boyer has worked for Penn State 
University's continuing education 
program in Hershey and as consulting 
editor for a trade magazine published by 
the Pennsylvania Medical Society. She is 
now a freelance writer and editor. 

"I love Lebanon Valley. It was just the 
right match. It was such a good and 
positive experience," Boyer said. "I just 
don't want to cut the connection. The 
little bit I do keeps the connection 

Tom Svirsko '70, director of 
elementary education for Annville- 

Below. Dave Evans, director of career 
services (left), discusses career options with 
one of the many students who visit his office 
each day. 

Cleona School District, regularly visits 
the education department senior seminar 
to field questions from aspiring teachers. 
He also conducts mock interviews with 
education majors, offering them a chance 
to refine the answers they'll give when 
they look for teaching jobs. 

"The opportunity to interview with 
people associated out in the field brings 
in a person who is unbiased, a person 
who is going to level the playing field," 
he said. "They're going to be honest and 
forthright with you." 

Svirsko said his visits to the college 
also provide him with information. "I 
make a file of everybody I interview, so 
that if the occasion would occur that I 
need somebody in November or May, I 
have a tickler file," he said. "And it 
could be a college student I interviewed 
as a sub or a mock interview." 

Seniors hunting for jobs aren't the 
only people to use LVC's Career 
Connections database. Dr. John Kearney, 
professor of English, encourages his 
freshman composition students to use it 
for two assignments: a profile on 
someone working in the job they would 
like to pursue, and a study of their 
major. He said about a third of his 
students use the career services office to 

Alumni can also use 

the database to link 

up with others in 

their fields. 

They can call for a 

password to access 

the database on the 

college website. 

assist with the research. 

"It just gets the student in contact 
with Dave's office and gets them 
thinking about the next stage, which 
most of us want to put oft until the very 
end," Kearney said. "Most students arc 
very diffident and scared to talk to these 
full-fledged professionals who are sort of 
like their parents," he added. "The 
alumni are very forthcoming and it helps 
to ease that transition." 

Evans said alumni can also use the 
database to link up with others in their 
fields. Graduates can call his office tor 
the password needed re access the 
database through the college web site. 

Any alumni who are willing to talk 
to fellow Valley grads about careers can 
be added to the database it they call the 
alumni office and fill out an information 

Evans said he would be happy it even 
more students tapped the database and 
contacted alumni to help them get 
established in their careers. He said. Mv 
dream is tor people to call me up and 
say. Dave. I'm overburdened. I'm being 
called by too many people here.' 

Stephen Trapnell '90 urites for the Lancaster 
New Era newspaper and Gamut!, an 
entertainment tnagazint on tht Internet. 


FallAYinter 1999 




German Art 


October 21-December 10, 1999 

Colorful quilts, complex and alluring 
fraktur, beguiling earthenware, 
portraiture, hinges, and domestic w; 
round out this comprehensive look at 
early Pennsylvania visual culture. 
The art works are on loan from the 
Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of 
Art at Ursinus College. 

The gallery is open Thurdays through 
Sundays, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., 
and by appointment. If your church, 
civic, or school group would like a 
guided tour of this exhibition, please 
call 717-867-6397. 

1. Quilt-Pomegranate 

c. 1860-1875 

Cotton fabric, thread and batting 

Permanent Collection, Philip and Muriel Be 

of Art at Ursinus College 

From the Pennsylvania Folklife Society 

18 The Valley 


2. Jacob Medinger 
Redware field jug 

Clay with brown glaze 

Permanent Collection, 

Philip and Muriel Berman 

Museum of Art at Ursinus 


Gift of Anna Knauer 









3. Jacob Maentel 
Portrait of a Woman 
c. 1820-1825 

watercolor and gouache on paper 

Permanent Collection, Philip and Muriel Berman 

Museum of Art at Ursinus College 

From the Pennsylvania Folklife Society 

4. Jacob Maentel 
Portrait of a Man 
c. 1820-1825 

watercolor and gouache on paper 

Permanent Collection, Philip and Muriel Berman 

Museum of Art at Ursinus College 

From the Pennsylvania Folklife Society 


l(S C=«b ."<• (tfc« aSti q-ln > >•» ->:»■ ■ • p&U • ~-U or. *ft£rii»l -,i.-r. r-« -^> 

. - - 

. .- - 

....■■ ■ . . - 

Mai* — ., r... .*'■ --. 1 



5. Durs Rudy 
Adam and Eve 

Watercolor and ink on paper 

Permanent Collection, Philip and 

Muriel Berman Museum of An at 

Ursinus College 

From the Pennsylvania Folklife 


Fall/Winter 1999 



• v- 


Jennifer M. Evans, director of 
student services, and her husband, 
Mark, welcomed their third child, 
Taylor Marie, on June 1, 1999- 

PRE- 30s 


Mary Creighton McNelly 19, 

January 3, 1999- She was 102 years, 
three months and 23 days old. 

Anna Stern Wright '22. March 
22, 1999 in Stuart, Fla. She would 
have celebrated her 99th birthday 
on August 8. 

J. Allen Richards '26, April 2, 
1999. He was 97 years old. 



Irma Keiffer Shearer '36 and 
Daniel L. Shearer '38, LVC 
Trustee Emeritus, celebrated their 
60th wedding anniversary on June 
7, 1999. 

Julia Johnson Edwards '39 was 
one of the residents of Epworth 
Village, a retirement community in 
Hialeah, Fla., to have her picture 
taken for a story that later appeared 
on a Peter Jennings' television 


Gem Gemmill Patrizio '34. 

Charlotte Stabley Eaton '36, 
December 22, 1998. 

Dr. Edwin H. Tallman '37, 
January 17, 1999- 



W. Frederick Huber '40 

celebrated his 81st birthday in May. 

Verna Kreider Schenker '43 
received a plaque for Outstanding 
Community Service by the National 
Conference of Christians and Jews. 

Queen of the May, 1936 
Minna Elliott Wolfskeil 

Dr. Bruce C. Souders '44 

received the 1998 John Wesley 
Distinguished Educational Award 
from the Division of Higher 
Education of the Virginia Annual 
Conference's Board of Higher 
Education and Campus Ministry. 

Elizabeth Reiff Marino '46 
attended the San Diego Chamber 
Music Workshop with the 
Woodwind String Quartet in early 
August. Later that same month, she 
toured Great Britain with the 
Cathedral Choir of First 
Congregational Church of Los 


'48 published his latest book, 
Thoughts While Holding A 
Thermometer: Short Stories of Forty-Two 
Years in Veterinary Practice. 


Evelyn Seylor Cassady' '40, 
March 21, 1999. 

Robert E. Heiland '42, June 14, 
1999 in Richlandtown, Pa. 

Russell B. Ebling '45, June 1, 
1999 in Palmyra, Pa. 

Teresa Dolan Goff '49, May 4, 



Ruth Sheaffer 
Daugherty '52 is co- 
chair of the Acts of 
Repentance for Racism 
for the General 
Commission on 
Christian Unity and 
Concerns for the 
United Methodist 
Church. She is 
preparing a study 
guide and a special 
service for the General 
Conference 2000. 

Rev. Donald L. 
Harbaugh '54 has 
returned to his 
congregation in Jersey 
Shore, Pa. after 
suffering two heart 
attacks and four bypass 
surgeries in January 


Walden Maynard Sparks, 92, 
assistant professor of religion and 
chaplain during the 1950s, died 
on Aug. 17 at his home in 
Sacramento, California. He 
received a bachelor's degree from 
Lebanon Valley in 1927 and held 
degrees from the University of 
Puget Sound and Westmar 
College. Sparks also served as 
recording secretary of Evangelical 
United Brethren General 
Conference and as a member of rhe 
denominational Commission of 
Church Union and the Allegheny 
Confetence of the United Brethren 
in Christ Chutch. After moving 
to California, he was elected to the 
episcopacy and assigned to the 
Western Area of the Evangelical 
United Brethren Church in 

Trustee Emeritus Charles W. 
Wolfe '44 died on September 22, 
1999- He cared deeply for the 
college and served on the Board of 
Trustees from 1986. In addition to 
his degtee from LVC, he received 
an M.Div. From the United 
Seminary and attended Yale 
University. He was vice president 
emeritus of Bucknell University 
and former vice president of Marts 
& Lundy, Inc.. He was also an 
ordained United Methodist 
Minister. As a board member, 
Wolfe drew upon his experiences 
with the church and his vast 
knowledge of public relations and 

When asked to complete his 
first trustee biographical form, 
under the "awatds section" he 
listed "Good friends, happiness, 
excitement, exhilaration, love, 
serenity and peace — the highest 
awatds possible." We'll all miss 

Lenwood B. Wert, D.O. '55 was 
re-elected to serve on the board of 
trustees of the Pennsylvania 
Osteopathic Medical Association 

Ruthanne Kelchner Cochran 
'56 received the 1999 Allan S. Meek 
Award for Excellence in Ministry. 
The award was presented by the 
Lancaster Theological Seminary 
Alumni/ae Council's Faithfulness in 
Ministry Committee. 

The Va 

Jack N. Keefer '56 retired from 
the Pennsylvania State Police. 

Emma Elizabeth Herr '57 was 

elected president of the Music Art 
Society of Lancaster, Pa. 

Helen Epting Mlirdock '58 is 

retired and resides at the Henry 
Health Care Center in Topton, Pa. 

Ruth Anna Miller '59 received .1 
medal and certificate recognizing 50 
years as a clarinetist trom the New 
Holland (Pa.) Band. 


Ronald M. Burd '50, June 28, 


Richard E. Burrell '50, June 27, 


Donald W. Dexter '51, February 

26. 1999 in Lebanon, Pa. 

Robert S. Geib '5 1 , May 8, 1 999 
in Matthews, N.C. He was the 
husband of Jacqueline George 
Geib '54. 

Margaret Halbert Osborne '51, 
February 10, 1999. 



Brenda Fl :nk Hughes Berry '60 

retired after teaching math lor 22 
years in the Cobb County School 
District in Roswell, Ga. 

Ray C. Lichtenwalter '62 will 
conduct the PMEA All-State Band 

to be held in Pittsburgh during 
April 2000. 

I. \hhi I Mi ( .1(11 1 (u n iin .1 .1 
the director of the Marple Newton 
High School Band and as an 
elementary music teacher in Newton 
Square, Pa. He also retired from the 
Marple Newton Community Band, 
which he was instrumental in 
torming in 1996. 

Carl B. Rife '62 retired from active 
ministry in the Baltimore- 
Washington Conference of the 
United Methodist Church. He has 
accepted a position as associate pastor 
ot Bethlehem LInited Methodist 
Church in Dallastown, Pa. 

Shirley Brown Michel '63 is a 
teacher at Little People Day School 
in Chalfont, Pa 

Carol Jimenez St. John '64 is a 
warehouse manager tor Whacky 
Music, Inc. in Sedona, Ariz. 

Frederic J. Marsik '65 was issued 
a patent lor a microorganism 
sampling device. 

Edward B. Ruth '65 is now the 
coordinator ot pre-service and in- 
service staff development at Milton 
Hershey School, Hershey, Pa. He is 
the supervising instructor, in 
conjunction with Penn State 
University, tor main campus Penn 
State secondary education student- 
teachers to Milton Hershey School 
as well as surrounding school 

Dr. Rodney Shearer '66 is the 

academic dean at the Evangelical 

School of Theology in Myerstown, 
Pa. He is married to Mary Ellen 
Olmsted Shearer '65 

Wendy Ptacek Harper '67 

performs part-time consulting work 
in New Holland, Pa. 

Mary Jane Hall-Rojahn 
ZIMMERMAN '67 was the recipient 
ot the Elizabeth Cady Stanton prize 

I. >i hi si l irad lati Rest an li in 
Women Studies at Villanova 
University. "Flowing with the 
River: Change in Opportunity for 
Educated Women in the Peoples 
Republic" was based on research 
conducted in China in July 1998. 

Capt. Michael D. Curley '68 is 

the commanding officer for the 
Naval Submarine Medical Research 
Laboratory in Grotton, Conn. 

Rev. Ralph L. Heagy '68 is the 

pastor ot the Northern Tier 
Lutheran Cooperative in Wellsboro, 

Rev. Terry A. Mills '69 is the 
pastor at Bethesda United 
Methodist Church in Holtwood, Pa. 

Dale C. Schimpf '69 retired after 
30 years ot teaching music in the 
North Schuylkill Area School 
District in Frackville, Pa. He is now 
teaching instrumental music in the 
local parochial school system. 


Conrad G. Brandt '62, March 9, 




Rev. Gregory C. Myers '70 is 

senior pastor at Church of Christ 
Uniting in Kingston, Pa. 

Rev. Lorelei Floyd Bach '71 
spent six weeks touring Russia and 
the Ukraine during the summer ot 

B. Martin Halserman '72, 
archivist for Cleveland, Ohio, was 
instrumental in convincing the city 
council to preserve 400 boxes found 
in an old warehouse which contain 
10,000 blueprints dating back to 
the early 1900s. As parr of the 
Cleveland City Council Blueprint 
Project, he is helping to catalog the 
architects, contractors, street 
addresses and other identifiers from 
each print. 

Donna Gladhill Winch '72 and 
the Chamber Ensemble trom 
Susquehanna Township (Pa.) Middle 
School, under her direction, traveled 
to Washington, DC. to participate 
with over 7,500 young people 
gathered around the Washington 
Monument tor a choral music 
festival. More than 150 school and 
community choirs trom 31 states 
and trom as tar away as Bermuda 
and Iceland participated in the 
tenth anniversary festival of America 

SSG. Stephen G. Crum '73 is a 

member ot the 25th Infantry 
Division where he accompanies and 
co-directs the Light Band and 
Chorus, a 12-voice Army chorus. 

Ralph J. Fetrow '73 was named 
financial consultant for First Union 
in the Harnsburg area ot the Central 
Pennsylvania market. He was also 
elected to the board of directors ot 
the West Shore Chamber ot 
Commerce, serving as vice president 
of administration. 

Jack Hubley '73 is the host oiCall 
oftht Outdoors for Kids on WGAL- 
TV Channel 8 in Lancaster. Pa. 

John S. Kinsella '73 is the eastern 
regional director of the animal and 
plant health inspection service for 
the L'.S. Department of Agriculture 
in Annapolis. Md. 

Carolyn R. Lang '73 received the 
Fern D. Schneider Leadership 
Scholarship. It was presented to her 
by the Alpha Beta State Organiza- 
tion ot the Delta Kappa Gamma 
Society International in April. 

1 965 Cheerleaders 
Fall/Winter 1999 



Jean Redding Cunningham '74 
teaches K-8 vocal music at two 
private Catholic schools, St. Anne's 
and Out Lady of Hungary, in the 
Lehigh Valley, Pa. 
Mitchell M. Galloway '74 is the 
pastor at Adamsville and Trinity 
(Dallastown) United Methodist 
Churches. He is also an access 
technology and rehabilitation 
specialist for the York County (Pa.) 
Blind Center. 

Christopher E. Hanna '74 is a 
Reiki teacher, energy healer and 
prosperity counselor at the Rising 
Sun Healing Center in Burlington, 

Rev. Dr. H. Edgar Moore '74 is 
the district superintendent or the 
Baltimore-Harford District, 
Baltimore-Washington Annual 
Conference of the United Methodist 

Dr. Edward E. Quick '74 went on 
a missionary trip to Kenya in July 
through his church, the Irving 
(Texas) Bible Church. 

Quinton A. Lerch '75 is a 

consultant to fait housing and civil 
rights agencies throughout the east, 
and to the U.S. Department of 
Justice, Civil Rights Division, 
Housing and Civil Enforcement 
Division. He attended the National 
Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) 
conference in Washington, DC 
held in June. 

Dr. Francis T. Lichtner Jr. '75 

is research manager for DuPont 
Agricultural Products in 
Wilmington, Del. 

Brenda McClelland Messera 
'75 is a teacher assistant for 
Oakhurst Paideia Academy in N.C 
She works with orthopedically 
handicapped fourth- and fifth- 

Cynthia L. Boehler '76 and 
Michael A. Walsh Jr. were married 
on June 19. 1999 at St. Mary's 
Church in Lebanon, Pa. 

Raymond C. Bradley Jr. '76 
was the winner of a 1998 Telly 
Award for director of videography 
and editor in the international 
competition of video 

Jayne Drake 

Frankenfield '76 
received her master of 
education in computers 
and education from 
Allentown (Pa.) 
College of St. Francis 
de Sales in May. 

William, the son of Susan 
Margolf Poling '76 and her 
husband, Gary, was one of two 
children featuted in a Dateline 
episode entitled "Autism and Music 
Therapy" on December 28, 1998. 

Robin Risser Mundey '76 is a 

training specialist for FCNB Bank 
in Frederick, Md. 

K.LM L. Rouke '76 is shareholder 
services coordinator for Dollar Tree 
Stores, Inc. in Chesapeake, Va. 

Amy, the daughter of Donald L. 
Borger '77, is a member of LVC's 
freshman class and is enrolled in its 
inaugural physical therapy program. 

Kenneth O. Huling '77 is a case 
manager tor the Dauphin County 
(Pa.) Department of Drugs and 

Rev. David L. Brinker '78 is the 

pastor of Everett (Pa.) United 
Methodist Church. 

Carol Gieser Cunningham '78 
is teaching pre-school in Berkeley 
Heights, N.J. She is back in the 
States after spending four years in 

Brenda Hawkins Geist '78 is the 

business service representative for 
the New Jersey Department of 
Labor. The newly formed Business 
Service Program is designed to 
promote the department's programs 
to the business community. 

Rjev. Timothy A. Kriebel '78 is 
the senior pastor of the Emilie 
United Methodist Church in 
Levittown, Pa. 

Jeanette Noll Gruber '78 
received the Manheim Central 
School District secondary level 199S 
Teacher of the Yeat Award. 

J. Wesley Bailey IV '79 is a 

principal and an art teacher in the 
Highline School District in Seattle, 

Steve S. Kreiser '79 is on 
Presidential Selected Reserve Call- 
up to Headquarters, U.S. European 
Command, Stuttgart, Germany. He 
is a U.S. Navy Reserve Commander 
serving in US EUCOM's logistics 
directorate (ECJ4) as the Sea 
Movements Chief in the ECJ4 Joint 
Movements Center. He is on active 
duty until December 1999- 

H. Collins Mikesell '79 received 
a master of liberal arts in extension 
studies in psychology from Harvard 
University in March. He is senior 
research associate for the section of 
student services of the Association 
of American Medical Colleges in 
Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Daniel J. Santoro '79 

received rhe 1999 President's Award 
for Excellence in Teaching for the 
University of Pittsburgh at 
Johnstown, Pa. 


Rev. Joy J. Hoffman '76, June 14, 

1999 in Audubon, N.J. 

Charles B. Dixon '77, January 1, 



Pamela I. McKechnte '80 is 
compensation manager for Guidant 
Corporation, a medical device 
Fortune 500 company. 

Marsha V. Poust '80 and Martin 
P. Werkheiser '83 were married on 
May 30, 1999 at Salem Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in Lebanon, Pa. 
They were first introduced to each 
other by Kim Hillman Hughes 
'82 and her husband, Scott E. 
Hughes '82. 


The Valley 

Barbara Cooper Bair '81 was 

invited to be guest conductor for the 
Maryland Private Schools Honor 

Trace y Ferguson '81 is the office 
manager for Glassmasters, Inc. 

Tim E. Flatley '8i and his wife, 
Kathy, welcomed their fourth child, 
Brett Timothy, on June 25, 1999. 
Karl O. Badman '82 and his wife, 
Michelle, welcomed their second 
daughter, Emily Catherine, on May 
7, 1999. 

Lewis R. Maurer '82 is account 
executive tor the Gale Group in 
Half Moon Bay, Calif. 

Michael J. Gallagher '83 is an 
assistant professor at Dickinson 
College in Catlisle, Pa. 

Frank S. Rhodes '83 became a 
partner with the firm of Conrad M. 
Siegel, Inc. in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Michael Sigman '83 and his wife, 
Jennifer, recently welcomed their 
third child, Amanda Joy. 

Tammy Kay Rowe '84 is a health 
science specialist at the VA Medical 
Center with the Yale Trauma 
Research Program. She is the 
coordinator of a research study 
involving Vietnam-era twins 
examining post-traumatic stress 
disorder (PTSD). 

Rev. John F. Overman '85 and his 
wife, Dr. Lynn A. Cornelius '85, 

welcomed daughter Sarah Catharine 
on June 28, 1999. 

Jeffrey E. Boland '86 is the 

director of ZA Consulting in 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Barbara Long Kuehn '86 and her 
husband, Kenneth Kuehn '86, 
live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Barbara is 
with the Foreign Service and Ken 
works ar the U.S. Embassy. 

Michael M. May '86 has had two 

published in the IAJRC 
ournal, both of which were 
bio-discographies of the 

Indiana Five, a 1920s jazz 

Rev. Blaik J. 

Weshoff '86 is the 
pastor at First 
United Methodist 
Church in 
Perkasie, Pa. 

LVC students 
pile into their 
homemade hot 
tub 1975 


Chance Led to an International Career 

By Heather Robino 

Life's a funny thing sometimes. No matter how carefully you plan for the future, sometimes 
the best opportunities arise from chance encounters, near misses and blind faith. 

Eve Lmdemuth Bodeux '87 can attest to this fact firsthand. A proud LVC graduate with 
a degree in French and political science, she might never have studied languages if Dr Jim 
Scott, a German professor hadn't helped her to register for her classes as a freshman. And 
if she had not taken the advice of a friend, she might never have enrolled in Dr John 
Norton's political science class — a class that made such an impression on her that she 
pursued political science as a second major Finally, if she had taken a job in government or 
academics after earning her master's degree in foreign affairs from the University ofVirgmia 
— as she always thought she would — she would never have studied a second time in France, an 
experience that profoundly changed her life. 

Bodeux's journey began in Anchorage, Alaska — she is one of the few people who can say they 
were actually born there. Many people who settle there, like her father the late Paul W. Lmdemuth '6 1 , 
are active or retired military personnel who were transplanted to Alaska from the "Lower 48." In 
Anchorage, Bodeux experienced a childhood vastly different from that of her LVC classmates — no 
professional sports teams, no "real-time" television, no annual trips to the beach — which made her feel 
a bit like she was from another country when she arrived in central Pennsylvania. 

But Bodeux says that any initial awkwardness she may have felt around her peers dissipated quickly, 
due in part to Lebanon Valley's close-knit atmosphere. 

"Because LVC is a nice-sized school and the classes are smaller it helped boost my self-esteem and 
made me feel more comfortable expressing my opinions in class. In fact, we were always encouraged to 
do that," she notes. "And the people I've stayed closest to as friends are those people I know from 

After finishing grad school in Virginia in 1 989, Bodeux felt a tug to return to France, where she had 
studied for a year as an undergraduate. There she pursued a second master's degree in European 
civilizations at the Universite de Nancy and became immersed in European culture. 

"Living in France changed my life," says Bodeux. "It made me more self-sufficient, because I was put 
into this foreign culture and I had to sink or swim. There is constant learning in another culture. I feel 
like I won a prize because I survived on my own." 

In reality, Bodeux won two prizes as a result of her journey to France. She met her husband, 
Reynald, at the Universite and married him in Bar-le-Duc in April, 1 998. But she also left with a much 
deeper appreciation for multicultural relations, something she has now made her profession. 

Currently, Bodeux is manager of Worldwide Translator Relations for Language Management 
International, a global language firm based in Englewood, Colorado. The company's mission is to 
internationalize products for Fortune 500 clients, so that they may reach global markets. Bodeux's job is 
to qualify the translators who convert software and written materials into numerous foreign languages 
from sites in Denver Brazil, Argentina, Singapore and Amsterdam. 

Bodeux's journey since leaving 
Lebanon Valley has taken her 
across the country, across the 
ocean, and — thanks to modern 
technology — around the world. 

Heather Robino is a Harrisburg-based 
freelance writer. 

James W. Reilly '87 is a seventh- 
grade social studies teacher at E.T. 
Richardson Middle School in 
Springfield, Pa. 

Ann M. Cessna '87 is an emotional 
support teacher for Central Dauphin 

High School in Harnsburg, Pa. 

She is also pursuing a master in 

special education degree at 

Millersville L'niversity. 

Duy N. Nguyen '87 is senior 
scientist at Promega Corporation 
in Madison. Wis. 

Helen T. Rockwood '87 is a 

registered nurse at Easley Baptist 
Medical Center in S.C. She 

graduated from Clemson University 

in August 1998. 

Erin Eshleman Blaine '88 is an 
employee development coordinator 
tor Highmark Pennsylvania Blue 
Shield in Camp Hill, Pa She and 
her husband, Jeff, welcomed son 
Jared Nathan on February 28, 1998. 

Kristin Weible Heister '88 and 

her husband, Ralph D. Heister 
'90, welcomed daughter Jessica Kav 
on March 26, 1999. 

Bonni Shartle Keane '88 and 

her husband, Michael, welcomed 
son Spencer Michael on April 9, 

Karen Albert Tabachint '88 
received a master in science 
education degree from LVC in May. 
She is a seventh-grade lite science 
teacher ar York Suburban Middle 
School and will also help instruct 
LVC's MSE program 

Trinda S. Garner '89 is a claims 
adjuster tor Nationwide Insurance 
in Reading, Pa. 

R. Jason Herr 'S9 and Beth 
Zahnger welcomed daughter Maya 
on April 3, 1999. 

Dr. C. Cameron Miller '89 is a 

research chemist tor NIST in 
Gaithersburg, Md. His wife, Laura 
Wagner Miller '90. is in retail 
sales at Frederick (Md.) Basket Co. 
They welcomed their second child, 
Emily Alyssa, on September 19, 
1 997. 


Rev. Christopher A. Frye '90 

and his wife, Heidi, welcomed 

daughter Isabelle Maria on March 

2.0 999. 

Dina Carter Ishler '90 and her 

husband, Patrick, welcomed 

daughter Faith Carter on December 

23, 1997. 

FallAYinter 1999 




Jack Ulrich , left, 
with Ralph Nader 

Committed to Social Change 

By Heather Robino 

If you wanted to summarize all that Jack Uhrich '65 has accomplished in his life, you 
could say he has been an agent of positive change. As a teacher social worker 
counselor and political activist, he's devoted his energies to challenging the 
conventional and making the world a better place. 

Uhrich's social conscience blossomed while he was at Lebanon Valley 
College. He soon fell under the spell of his history and political science 
professors, particularly Dr Jim Leamon, Dr Elizabeth Geffen, and the late 
DrAlex Fehr 

"Jim Leamon really cemented my interest in being a history major 
He made history come alive," says Uhrich. "Liz Geffen was also an 
inspiring teacher and Alex Fehr was a liberal's liberal. He encouraged you 
to think as broadly as possible, and it was through him that I learned there 
was something to the left of Time Magazine." 

Uhrich found the college to be a haven for free thinking during an era of 
tremendous social and political change, and despite his heavy work schedule 
was inspired to form the first Young Democrats Club on campus and to 
campaign avidly for Lyndon Johnson for president. 

"I went from being a Goldwater Republican to being a Kennedy/Johnson 
.Democrat," he remembers. 

After graduating from Lebanon Valley with a degree in history, Uhrich embarked on what he says 
was one of his most meaningful ventures. As a member of the National Student Association, he 
traveled to nearly 50 different colleges to help establish tutoring programs for underprivileged children. 
In 1 968, he visited his alma mater and teamed up with psychology professor Dr Jean Love to initiate a 
tutoring program for children in Lebanon County. 

Uhrich went on to earn graduate degrees in teaching from Antioch-Putney Graduate School of 
Education in Ohio and in social work from Hunter College in New York City. After graduating from 
Hunter, he taught high school social studies and founded a community education program in Brooklyn. 

"I think the achievements I am most proud of have to do with touching people through teaching," 
he says. "Besides being a parent, teaching isTHE job." 

Uhrich's drive for positive change has also manifested itself in the political arena. He has been active in 
the Democratic Party for 30 years, and has run for several political offices. But for the better part of his 
political career he has been on a quest to enact change within the two-party system. In the early 1 980s, 
that search drew Uhrich to Jesse Jackson, who he believed could lead a new movement. He signed on as 
co-chair of Jackson's 1 984 and 1 988 presidential campaigns in Congressional District 1 in Brooklyn, and 
later assumed a leadership role in the National Rainbow Coalition — a grassroots, multicultural 
organization committed to bring about change through social action groups and electoral politics. 

In 1990, Uhrich and his wife,ArleneTesler moved with their three children to Placitas, New Mexico, 
where he became a social worker with the Albuquerque Public School System. He also continues his 
private practice of psychotherapy and individual counseling, which he has pursued for the past 20 years. 

In 1 995, Uhrich was co-founder of the Green Party in Sandoval County, a party whose platform 
addresses issues that he feels both major parties have abandoned, such as individual rights and the 
plight of small business owners and farmers. After a failed bid for Congress on the Green Party ticket 
in 1 996, he ran for County Commissioner as that party's candidate in 1 998. He lost the election, but 
managed to garner 1 7 percent of the vote, an impressive feat for a third-party candidate. 

Heather Robino is a Hanisburg-based freelance writer. 

John G. Loeffler '90 and his wife, 

Natalie Cali Loeffler '93, 

welcomed son John III on June 26, 


Kathrina Scheidegger Muscat 

'90 and her husband, Stephen, 

welcomed daughter Stephanie 

Margrit on July 17, 1998. 

Mechelle Thomas McNaughton 
'90 is a pharmacy technician for 
Merck Medco Rx Services in New 
Bloomfield, Pa. 

Michelle A. Sullivan '90 is a 

CPA in the corporate audit 

department ol Smith Kline 
Beecham Pharmaceutical Co. in 
Philadelphia, Pa. She conducts audit 
and consulting work in areas that 
include North, South and Central 
America and Southeast Asia. 

Angela Krause Bennett '91 is 

the band and choir director at the 
Bishop Guilfoyle High School in 
Altoona, Pa. 

Dr. Amy E. Earhart '91 received 
a Ph.D. in English from Texas A&M 
University in August. She has 
accepted a post-doctoral position 
within the English department 
at Texas A&M for 1999- 

W. R. Hayes '91 is 

general manager of 
Sunlink, Inc. in Sunbury, 

Jennifer Leitao 
Howard '91 and her 

husband, Andy, welcomed 
son Anderson Fuller III on 
July 20, 1998. 

Maryann Lucykanish Puia 

'91 and her husband, Ralph, 
welcomed their first child, Jacob 
Ryan, on March 21, 1999. 

David P. Stover '91 and his wife, 
Tracey Smith Stover '91, 
welcomed daughter Ashley Ann on 
March 19, 1999. 

John C. Warglns '91 and his wife, 
Stacey Straub Wargins '92, 
welcomed daughter Madeline in 
November 1998. 

Heather Huff-Zehren '91 and 

her husband, Fran, welcomed rheir 
second son, Evan John, on August 
12, 1998. 

Carrie L. Spangel '91 and James 
M. Hutton were married on August 
15, 1998. They live in Arlington, 

Andrew S. Wangman '91 is an 
inside salesman with Cadillac 
Plastics in Middletown, Pa. 

Joseph Alia, D.O. '92 is a 
physician with the East Valley 
Center for Family Medicine in 
Chandler, Ariz. 

Timothy A. Biltcliff '92 is an 

associate attorney with Amato & 
Margie, PC. in Bethlehem, Pa. 

Rev. Byron E. Brought '92 and 
his wife, Kristen Webster 
Brought '93, welcomed son Josiah 
Webster on December 27, 1998. 
Byron is a pastor at Oakdale Emory 
United Methodist Church in Olney, 
Md. and Kristen is a private music 

John B. Conrad '92 is a technical 
consultant with Chem Service, Inc. 
in West Chester, Pa. 

Antoinette R. Davis '92 is the 

directot of computer services for the 
West Texas A&M Plains Panhandle 


The Valley 

Dr. Sheryl L. Drake '92 is a 

chiropractor with Colonie 
Chiropractic in Albany, N.Y. 

Susan Leonard McClain '92 

received certification in McKenzie 
diagnosis and spinal therapy in 
1997. Her husband, Thomas 
McClain '92, is a senior claims 
analyst for ECS and working 
towards a CPCU designation. 

Alison Rutter Miller '92 and 

her husband, David, welcomed 
daughter McKenzie Elyse on March 
1. 1999. 

Alyson J. Neiswender '92 is a 
first-grade teacher in DeKalb 
County Public Schools in Atlanta, 
Ga. She is also a part-time 
instructor with the Sylvan Learning 
Center in Atlanta. 

Susan Sarisky '92 received a 
master of educational 
administration degree with a 
concentration in higher education 
from Temple University in May. 

Suzann Rajkovac Fodor '93 and 
her husband, Pete, welcomed rheir 
second child, Jeffrey Aaron, on 
April 21, 1999. 

Christopher R. Graver '93 was 
promoted to first shift operations 
supervisor at Nornson Knudsen 
Corporation in Mechanicsburg, Pa 

Dr. Khristian Snyder '93 is a 

third-year podiatnc surgical resident 
at Benedictine Hospital in 
Kingston. N.Y. 

Ryan H. Tweedie '93 is CEO of 

HRSott, Inc. in Mornstown, NJ. 

Robert M. Adams '94 was 

promoted to operations manager at 
Hershey's Chocolate World Visitor's 
Center, Hershey, Pa. 

Jonathan J. Black '94 recently 
graduated trom California State 
University, Hayward with a master 
ol arts degree in multimedia. 

Chad M. Ott '94 is an actuana 
consultant with KPMG in Radnor 

Rebecca M. Pipino '94 own 
and operates three Ben & 
Jerry's franchises in the 
Gansevoort, N.Y. area. 
She is pursuing a master 
in elementarv education 
degree at the College of 
St. Rose in Albanv. 

Peter A. Stavenick 

'94 was promoted to 
managing editor ot 
Wireless Systems and 
Design and 
Microwaves and RF 

LVL had a Special Place in Her Heart 

The quote beneath Olivette Haas Husted's name in her 
senior yearbook is simple but revealing, "What sweet delight a 
quiet life affords." 

Throughout her "quiet'' lite. Husted maintained a fondness 
tor LVC and, after her death in April ot 1998, left a bequest of 
nearly $400,000 to her alma mater. The funds will be distributed 
in accordance with her will in support ot scholarships and 
academic programs. 

Husted earned a bachelor's degree in the social sciences from 
LVC in 1928 and continued her education by earning a master's 
degree at the New York School of Social Work at Columbia 
University. She dedicated her life to serving others and spent 
more than 26 veats as an executive with the American Red Cross 
in Stratford. Connecticut. 

Olivette Haas Husted as pictured in the 1928 QuittapahiUa 

Office, Lebanon Valley College, 101 North Callege Avenue, Annville. Pa 17003, - l~-8(C-6324. 

Karen G. Berkheimer '95 is 

marketing director tor Corporate 
Benefit Solutions and Retirement 
Solutions, LLC in San Diego. Calif 

Donna M. Centofanti '95 is the 

convention service manager tor the 
Holiday Inn. Grantville, Pa. 

Karen Dick Drummond '95 

graduated trom Palmer College ot 
Chiropractic in February and is a 
chiropractor with Packer 
Chiropractic Office in North 
Easton, Mass. Her husband. 
Jeffrey P. Drummond '95 is 
human resources administrative 
assistant tor Cahners Business 
Information in Newton, Mass. 

Tracey L. Fornwalt '95 is the 

processing business unit manager 
tor the Kellog Company in 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Heather L. Harbaugh '95 is an 

associate attorney with Metzger, 
Wickersham, Knaus & Erb in 
Harnsburg. Pa. 

Rachael D. Merritt '95 and 

Brian Rogers were married on 
January 50, 1999. She is coordinator 
ot public programs tor the Mark 
Twain House in Harttord, Conn. 

Shannon Weller Morgan '95 is 
a first-grade teacher in the 
Keansburg (N.J.) School District. 

Angie L. Shuler '95 is proposal 
coordinator tor Rettew Associates, 
an engineering firm in Lancaster. 

Nadine D. West '95 is a computer 
graphic engineer with the Penn 
National Race Track in Grantville. 

Rebecca Bair '96 is a fourth-grade 

teacher in the Elizabethtown (Pa.) 
Area School District. 

Alexandra Hummer Black '96 is 

the branch administrator tor Prism 
Consulring Services in King of 
Prussia, Pa. Her husband. John M. 
Black '97, is in branch auromation 
at Jefferson Bank's operations 
headquarrers in Downingtown. Pa. 

Allison Brandt '96 is an 
executive assistant tor Harbaugh 
Hotels in Palm Springs. Calif. 

Spfn( erJ. Dech '96 received a 
master ot exercise science degree 
trom Ohio Stare University in 
December 1998. He is a research 
assistant tor the Ohio State 
University College ot Pharmacy. 

Lynn E. Dettore '96 works for an 
investment firm in Boston. Mass 

Emily B. Hall '96 received a 
master ot divinity degree trom 
Methodist Theological School 
in Ohio. In June, she was 
commissioned as a 

probarionarv member ot the 
Elders Orders ar the New 
York Annual 
Conference. She is the 
pastor of Christ 
Church English 
United Methodist 
Church on Staten 

Class of '95 


Janell E. Heffner '96 and 
Raymond E. Schaak '98 were 
married on June 19, 1999 in 

Palmyra, Pa. Janell is a graduate 
fellow in the Life Science 
Consortium at Penn State 
Llniversity in State College. 

Jennifer L. Hotzman '96 has 

been promoted to director of the 
annual fund for the Shippensburg 
(Pa.) University Foundation. 

Daniel E. Lehman '96 and Ann 
E. Weicksel '97 were married on 
July 12, 1997. 

A. Andriy Montero '96 is 
customer relations manager for UGI 
Utilities, Inc. in Bethlehem, Pa. 

Randy Ringquist Moyer '96 
received a juris doctor degree from 
The Dickinson School of Law of the 
Pennsylvania State University in 


Patricia Leigh Shade '96 and 

Brendan Stehr were married on May 
8, 1999. 

Craig Scott Sharnetzka '96 

received a juris doctor degree trom 
The Dickinson School of Law of the 
Pennsylvania State University in 

Brian T. Stover '96 is senior 

consultant at Information 
Advantage in Chicago, 111. 

Clowning Around 

By Lois Fegan 

During Homecoming Weekend in late May 1 999, the Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer'39 was a popular 
figure rolling around the campus in his motorized wheelchair performing his duties as a committee 

Little did anyone expect that five days later he would be "onstage" as a clown in a special 
performance of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus in Hersheypark Arena. 

It began when his daughter Pasha, entered her dad's name in a raffle at the Suburban Cable office in 
Hershey. She hoped the coupon would win them tickets to the Big Top. When the phone call came 
announcing the minister had won the tickets and with them the chance to star as a clown in a special 
pre-evening performance called "Clown Around Sweepstakes" did he hesitate? 

Not for a minute. 

"Talk about the traditional kid at the circus," the chaplain said with a chuckle as he described the 
experience. "After all, the art of clowning is a form of ministry. I took it as another way of witnessing for 
the Lord." 

The fact that the Methodist pastor is 83 years old, a stroke victim and confined to a custom- 
equipped scooter made the stunt even more appealing. 

"The circus people took me backstage, sat me down at a mirror alongside the professionals who 
were busy making up. Before I 'realized it I had apple-red cheeks, a big red ball for a nose and a curly 
bright blue wig. 

"A bunch of real clowns came in to welcome me," he continued. "They were very friendly and 
certainly an example of everything I'd ever read about the hospitality of circus 
folks. Among those who helped make me feel right at home were the 
ringmaster animal trainers, trapeze artists and a lot of other performers and 
backstage helpers. 

"They made sure my big identity button was securely attached and I 
kept busy blessing them all." 

Onstage — otherwise the tanbark — suddenly the clergyman realized he 
was actually driving his scooter through the curtain and parents and 
kids were pouring in from the 
special audience at the pre- 
evening performance. 

"It seemed like dozens of 
outstretched little hands 
reaching toward me. Some 
had big autograph books for \ 
me to sign. I told them to trust in 
the Lord and to be good boys 
and girls." 

-«- ,*vl? 

Lois Fegan is a Hershey 

based freelance writer 
and editor 


The Valley 

Joanna Lynn Toft '96 received a 
juris doctor degree from The Dick- 
inson School of Law of the Penn- 
sylvania State University in May. 

Deric A. Wertz '96 is a senior 
district executive with the Five 
Rivers Council of the Boy Scouts of 
America in Horseheads, N.Y. 

Scott Curry '97 is a claims 
manager with Nationwide Insurance 
in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Sarah E. Eckenrode '97 is a 

biomedical sciences graduate 
student at the University of Flotida. 

Ana Prewitt-Rodriguez Farr 

'97 is a case manager for Centre 
County (Pa.) Mental Health/Mental 

Duane R. Garman '97 is a lab 

technician for Minute Maid in 

Phillip A. Getty '97 and Emily 
K. Jones '98 were married on May 
22, 1999 at First St. John's Luthetan 
Church in York, Pa. 

Christina Hinderliter Hoke '97 

and her husband, Andy, welcomed 
son Simon Asher on April 29, 1999. 

Timothy M. Horan '97 is a 

financial analyst for Penn National 
Insurance in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Tara E. Horner '97 is a foster care 
case manager for Families United 
Netwotk in Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Matthew B. Hutchens '97 is kiln 
manager for Lapp Insulator 
Company in Leroy, N.Y. 

Brian D. Massar '97 is a business 
analyst for Armstrong World 
Industties in Lancaster, Pa. 

Aimee Mulch '97 is an associate 
microbiologist with Monsanto in 
Augusta, Fla. 

Richard A. Pasework '97 is vice 
president of advertising for Shoppers 
Food Warehouse Corp. in Lanham, 

Christopher K. Plummer 

97 works in the marketing 
artment at Caesar's Resort 
n Lake Tahoe, Calif. 

M. Teichman '97 is 
an intensive case manager 
or Schuylkill County 
(Pa.) Mental Health. 

Suzanne P. 
Wallace '97 is a 

career advisor with 
Central Penn 
College in 
Summerdale, Pa. 

Staci L. Kowalczyk '97 and 
Nathan A. Wisniewski '97 were 
married on July 17, 1999 at St. Paul 
the Apostle Church in Annville, Pa. 
Staci is a fifth-grade teacher in the 
Annville-Cleona School District and 
Nathan is a chemist in the 
pharmaceutical department at 
Lancaster Laboratories. 

Anthony Bernarduci '98 is a 
systems engineer tor Lockheed 
Martin Launching Systems in 
Baltimore, Md. 

Wendy Bieber '98 and Dot g 
Kellog '98 were married on March 
2 T , 1999 in LVC's Miller Chapel. 
Wendy is an elementary music 
teachet tor the Harnsburg (Pa.) 
School District and Doug is a 
gtaphic designer with D & H 

Kathryn E. Clark '98 is the 

study abroad advisor at LVC. 

Christopher Dean '98 is 
a reporter for the Pottsville 
Republican in Pottsville, 

Michael J. Dlck '98 is 

a district executive with 
the Hiawatha Council ot 
the Boy Scouts of 
Ametica in Syracuse, N.Y. 

Stephen J. Haas '98 is an 

agent with Prudential in 
Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Elizabeth Masessa '98 is 
marketing director for A Professional 
Edge in Florham Park, N.J. 

Melissa-Ann Pero '98 is a 

seventh-grade teacher at Inter- 
mediate East in Toms River, N.J. 

Emily Snyder-Heath '98 and her 

husband, Bradley, welcomed son 
Taylor Nathaniel on February 3, 

James S. Unger '98 is a fourth- 
grade teacher in Burner, N.C. 

Jeffrey S. Wible '98 is a 
consultant tor Deloitte Consulting 
in Chadds Fotd, Pa. 

Kathleen A. Ziga '98 is residence 
director, head Softball coach and 
assistant women's basketball coach 
at Juniata College in Huntington, 

Katey K. Castellano '99 is a 
graduate assistant in English at 
Bucknell University in Lewisburg, 

Lynn R. Hibshman '99 is an 

accountant bookkeeper tor Supply 
Performance Testers, Inc. in New 
Holland. Pa. 

Jody L. Jacobetz '99 is a graduare 
assistant in the mastet ot social work 


America Changed Her Life 

By Nancy Fitzgerald 

Tatjana Cuic '96 arrived in Pennsylvania from Yugoslavia in 1 99 1 , an uncertain high school student 
encouraged by her mother to experience a year of life in America. 

"I remember coming to Middletown when I was 1 7," she recalls. "ready and open for whatever I 
would find." What she found wasn't exactly what she expected — a whole new world, a totally different 
teaching approach, and, eventually, a college that would form the nucleus of her new community. 

"I would have gone straight to college back home," Cuic recalls, "but I got involved in a research 
project with Dr Alan Wolfe at LVC. He'd put a project together with teachers, college and high school 
students, and two little kids from elementary school. He called me in to be part of rt, and it turned out 
to be a really good expenence.That's what turned me on to LVC — at the time I had a gut feeling that 
this is what I should do, and today I know it was the best choice I could have made." 

It was while she was in Annville that the troubles were beginning in Slovenia and Croatia. 
And although Cuic's region — Cojvovma, near Hungary — has remained peaceful, it 
began to attract a steady stream of Croatian refugees. In the summer of 1 995, Cuic 
went back to visit her family, but spent a month working with the local church 
instead, trying to place refugees in new homes and rounding up any donations she 
could find. "That was the summer that the conflict became real to me." 

And when she came back to Annville that fall, the experience stayed fresh in 
her mind. On her own, undaunted by the enormity of the task, she jumped in 
head first to do what she could to help. But she wasn't on her own for long. "The 
Lebanon Valley community helped me collect money for the hospital in my 
hometown," she says. "We sold pizzas, we did all kinds of fundraismg — 
everybody pitched m.'Together they rounded up more than $2000, and then 
went on to send the hospital an even more remarkable gift — a fetal heart 
monitor donated by Hershey Medical Center. "I'd spoken with an obstetrician in my 
hometown," she recalls, "who told me that without this machine they'd lost babies — 
the one they had was broken and couldn't be repaired. Hershey, rt turned out, had one 
that they didn't need anymore, and we put it to great use in my hometown." 
For Cuic, the experience was a lesson in the power of communities to reach out and change the 
world. "There are so many possibilities." she insists. "Lives can be saved and history can be changed if 
only people channel their energy and will and humanity toward helping another human being. When I 
told people in my town that this money, these gifts were coming from real people — real Americans — 
they were very touched. It totally changed their viewpoints on Americans." 

Cuic graduated from Lebanon Valley with a degree in biochemistry then received another bachelor's 
degree, this one in music, a year later. On campus, she was active in the International Student Organiz- 
ation, serving as president during her senior year"! really enjoyed that" she recalls."We did all kinds of 
activities for the community and for one another — helping the new kids get adjusted to a new country." 
Under her leadership, the annual international dinner was launched, opening up the entire Annville 
community to the cuisines and the cultures of students from scores of countries around the globe. 
Cuic. now a chemist in the Bayer Corporation's research and development division in Elkhart. 
Indiana, is still deeply connected to her communities in Annville and Cojvovma. "The media can portray 
leaders like Saddam Hussein or Slobodan Milosovic as bad guys and oversimplify the issues." she says. 
"But they have nothing to do with the other 1 million people who are just trying to live their lives. 
What does politics matter to a family who loses a child because they can't get antibiotics?That's what 
people have to remember " 

'Nancy Fitzgerald is a Cleona-based freelance writer who writes (or national education and consumer publications 

program at West Chestet (Pa.) 

Thanh Mai '99 is studying tot .1 
master's in social work at Bryn 
Mawr College on a graduate 

Vicki L. MUSSER '99 works in 
marketing development at Merion 
Publications in King ot Prussia. Pa. 

2ND Lt. Steven M. Schappell '99 

is stationed with the ACO 2-1 1 
Infantry at Fort Benning, Ga. 

Jarka Slesingerova "99 is an 
internal auditot for Energy 
Intelligence Group, Inc. in New- 
York City. 

FallAYinter 1999 


Enrollment Climbs 

Lebanon Valley College's 
enrollment numbers continued to 
climb as the 1999-2000 academic 
year opened with some 1342 full- 
rime srudenrs. The new school 
year officially began on Saturday, 
Aug. 28 with an opening 
convocation in Miller Chapel. 
Some 410 freshmen and 34 
transfers have joined the student 


, ' ", » ■ 

"The college is continuing its 
upward trend with another record 
overall enrollment," stated 
William Brown, dean or 
admission and financial aid. 
"LVC's strategic plan is to enroll 
1600 full-time students by 2005, 
and we're moving appropnarely 
along those lines." 

According to Brown, 159 of 
the new freshmen were in the top 
10 percent of their high school 
class and received a Vickroy 
Scholarship. Anorherll7 
students were in the next decile of 
their high school class and 
received Leadership Scholarships, 
while 52 students were in the 
third decile and earned 
Achievement Scholarships. In 
addition, 10 individuals were 
awarded Academic Recognition, 
which provides half-ruition 
scholarships to transfer students 
from area community colleges 
who were members of the honor 

society, Phi Theta Kappa. 

The enrering freshmen come 
from 1 1 states (Colorado, 
Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, 
Maryland, New Hampshire, New 
Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, 
Virginia and Wisconsin) and four 
foreign counrries (Kenya, Canada, 
Switzerland, and Kazakhist). 

The college also welcomed 
some 687 part-time students, 
with some 207 in the Master of 
Business Administration program 
and 24 in the Master of Science 
Education program. In addition. 
some 29 students have enrolled in 
the inaugural class of the college's 
five-year, master's degree program 
in physical therapy. 

New Marquette Hall 

Fifty-six students moved into the 
new Marquette Hall as scheduled 
when school opened on August 
28. The 16,500-square-foot 
residence hall is named in honor 
of Dr. George A. (Rmso) 
Marquette '48, who retired as the 
college's dean of students in 1990. 
The three-sroried contemporary 
structure features 14 suites, each 
consisring of rwo single rooms, 
one double room, a study, and a 

bathroom. The firsr and second 
floor also contain a kitchen area 
and a lounge/lobby. A conference 
room is on the main level, and the 
parrial basement houses laundry 
faciliries and srorage areas. 

Welcome Gifts 

Lebanon Valley recently received 
the following ma]or gifrs: 

• The Kresge Foundation has 
awarded the college a $650,000 
grant to supporr construcrion of 
the Heilman Center and to build 
the endowment. The granr is 
awarded on a challenge basis 
under the condition that LVC 
raise S 1 ,947,836 in new gifts and 
granrs by June 1, 2000. 

• The Josiah W. And Bessie H. 
Kline Foundation has awarded a 
$250,000 granr to support the 
construction of and equipment tor 
a classroom/laboratory suite in the 
Heilman Center. 

• Olivette Haas Husted '28, who 
passed away in June, 1999, left a 
bequest of nearly S400.000. The 
funds will be distributed in 
accordance with rhe provisions of 
her will. 

• The college has received a 
$100,000 gift from Dr. H. 


1 ^£W£ rJi: 


The Valley 

The new Marquette Hall was dedicated during Homecoming in 
October. L to n: Greg Stanson '63, v. p. and dean of enrollment 
services; Dr Robert Hamilton, v. p. for administration;TrusteeTom 
Reinhart '58; Dr George Marquette; Rufina Marquette; Lori 
Sweigart '00, student body president; President David Pollick and 
Chaplain Darrell Woomer 

{ • ',^-g ft 




Andy Panko '99, LVC's all-time 
leading scorer (2,5 1 5 points), 
signed a professional contract 
with the Los Angeles Lakers of 
the National Basketball 
Association in September 

Anthony Neidig '43, prominent 
chemistry alum and former chair 
of rhe LVC chemisrry deparrment, 
to establish the Neidig Chemistry 
Research Fund. The Fund will 
provide financial support for the 
research efforts of chemistry 
faculty and students. 

An Armful of Awards 

The College Relations Office 
received rhe following awards 
from the Central Pennsylvania 
Chapter of Women in 
Communications (WIC): 

• First Place: summer music 
poster, chemistry poster, 
admission viewbook, and annual 
fund case statement (produced by 
Kelly Alsedek, director of 
publicanons) and two awards for 
The Valley magazine (Judy 
Pehrson, execurive direcror of 
college relations) 

• Second Place: Sharp Meral 
Ob|ects brochure (Kelly Alsedek) 
and rhe Courier (Mary Beth 
Hower, direcror of media 

• Third Place: master of science 
brochure (Kelly Alsedek) 

Governor's Institute 
on Campus 

In August, Lebanon Valley 
provided the venue for the 
Governor's Institute tor Educator 
Partnerships on Reading. Some 
100 teachers and intermediate 
unit directors attended. President 
David Pollick welcomed the 
group at their keynote session, 
and Dean Stephen MacDonald and 
Advancement Vice President 
Deborah Read attended a 
luncheon which included school 
superintendents from around the 
region, Pennsylvania Education 
Department officials, and deans 
and presidenrs from area colleges. 
Dr. Cheryl George, assistant 
professor of education, served on 
the conference's steering 

Taking a Stand 
Against Sweatshops 

Lebanon Valley College is among 
100 colleges and universities 
across the nation to join the Fair 
Labor Association (FLA), an 
organization of apparel companies, 
human rights organizations and 
consumer advocates fighting 
sweatshop labor in the garment 

The FLA. a non-profit 
organization, will oversee 

monitoring of company 
compliance with a workplace code 
of conduct created by the Apparel 
Industry Partnership (AIP). The 
AIP was formed in 1996 as a 
result of a challenge by President 
Clinton to the garment industry 
to offer consumers a method of 
discerning the conditions under 
which their garments are made. 
LVC was the 17th school to 
join the FLA's fight. Other 
Pennsylvania institutions on the 
list are Gettysburg College, 
Millersville University, Neumann 
College, Penn State University, 
the University of Pennsylvania, 
the University of Pittsburgh. 
Temple University, and Villanova 

Gender Geometries 

Gender Geometries 

Lebanon Valley College 


The college's Fall Perspectives 
Series focuses on gender issues and 
the ways in which gender shapes 
people's lives and determines their 

The semester-long "Gender 
Geometries" series was kicked off 
with a thought-provoking lecture, 
"Sex on the Brain," by Pulitzer 
prize-winning journalisr Deborah 
Blum. "Gender Geometries" will 
also include a film series featuring 
the classics "Some Like It Hot" 
and "Adam's Rib"; a video series 
which will examine the media's 
image of masculinity, 
gender and politics, 
advertising's use of 
women, and gender 
equity; lectures on a 
wide array of topics from 
Martha Stewart's new 
domesticity to the 
plight of women in 
Afghanistan; a panel 
discussion on equal 
opportunities for 
women; and an art 
exhibition of memory 
boxes which explores 
manhood, womanhood 
and other themes of 
sexual identity. 

Fruits of the Campus: 

A Report from the Valley Arboretum 

Harvest season is on our minds in the LVC Arboretum. Our trees 
and shrubs are filled with frurts and nuts. 

At Sheridan Avenue and Rt 934, in what used to be the back 
yards ofWest Hall and Knights house, LVC still has a large pear 
tree that produces tasty fruit. Next to it is, surprisingly enough, a 
pecan. Pecans are generally thought of as more southern trees, 
but their native range gets into Ohio. The tastiness of the nuts is 
not documented except for the shells left behind by efficient 
squirrels. The tree is now too tall for harvesting by ground-based 
humans. Were they good when you were on campus? 

A couple of frurts whose main value is looking nice are the 
"oranges". Growing in the protected southwest corner of 
Carnegie is the Hardy Orange (Poncircus trifoliata) .These fuzzy 
yellow golf-ball size fruits are actually close to being oranges or 
lemons, which they resemble. The plants will hybridize and graft 
the true citrus species to allow more northerly orange growing. 
We know the history of this particular hardy orange tree on the 
LVC campus. It was donated in 1 934 by the family of Hilda 
Buckley from Allentown and was planted personally by Earl 
Hoover and George Denckson. 

The other oranges aren't oranges except in name. They are in 
the Mulberry family. These are the Osage-oranges that grow 
along the railroad right-of-way. When you come for field hockey 
or football games, look for grapefruit-sized rough green balls 
under the trees. Only a few animals eat the fruit, but their spicy 
scent makes them a nice accent in the fall fruit basket display. 
They can be cored and used as candle holders to accompany an 
autumn centerpiece. Native Americans used the strong, flexible 
wood for hunting bows. 

Along White Oak Street, the oaks and hickory have produced 
their acorns and nuts, and the horse chestnuts near Carnegie and 
Blair have showered the ground with spiny balls that spirt to 
reveal the glossy, chestnut-colored nuts. Class-enhancing ginkgo 
seeds have begun their perfumy splats onto the lawn, to be 
competed for in winter by squirrels and students in the Plant 
Diversity class. Red holly berries and orange pyracantha frurts 
deck the shrubs and will persist to lend their color to our 
landscape through the winter 

Dr. Susan Vcrhock, professor ofbiolog,: 

FallAYinter 1999 



Changes in 

Coming Home 

Deborah Read, vice president for 
advancement, has accepted a 
position as vice president for 
university relations and 
development at Northern 
Kentucky University. Read will 
be at LVC until the end of the 

Tom Hanrahan has become 
director of college relations, 
replacing Judy Pehrson, who 
accepted a position as director of 
external relations for the Council 
for International Exchange of 
Scholars (CIES) in Washington, 
D.C. CIES oversees the Fulbnght 
Program and other international 
exchange programs. 

Hanrahan, formerly sports 
information director at LVC, has 
been at the college for two years. 
He previously served as director of 
public and media relations for the 
Harrisburg Heat professional 
soccer team. He earned a 
bachelor's degree in political 
science and a master's in sports 
management from East 
Stroudsburg University, and is 
working toward a D.Ed, in higher 
education administration from the 
Pennsylvania State University. 

Dr. Barbara Denison '79 is 

returning to the college as 
associate dean for graduate and 
continuing education. 

Denison brings a wealth of 
experience to the position. She 
worked at LVC for 1 1 years from 
1986-1997. From 1992-97, she 
was director of the college's 
Lancaster Center for continuing 
education. For the past two years, 
she has served as director of 
continuing education and distance 
education at Penn State 
Hatrisburg-Capital Campus. 

Denison holds a mastet's 
degree in sociology from the 
University of York (United 
Kingdom) and a Ph.D. in 
sociology from Northwestern 

New Faces 

Dr. Scott Walck has been named 
assistant professor of physics. He 
recently completed two years of 
postdoctoral research at the Naval 
Research Laboratory in 
Washington, D.C. and two years 
at the Institute of Optics at the 
University of Rochester. He holds 
a bachelor's degree in electrical 
engineeting from Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute in New 
York, and a master's degree and 
doctorate in physics from Lehigh 


Kathleen Kolbet has been named 

assistant professor of chemistty. 

Her speciality is in liquid state 

theory of macromolecular systems. 

She holds bachelor's degrees in 

math and chemistry from 

Gonzaga University and will earn 

a doctorate in chemistty from the 

University of Illinois in October 

Rosa Tezanos-Pinto has joined 

the department of foreign 

languages as a Spanish 

insttuctot. She recently 

served as the ditector of 

the John Adams 

Publishing Company in 

Miami, as a lecturer in 

Spanish at the 

University of Miami, 

and as a symposia and 

grant writing 

coordinator for the 

Michel de Certaeu 

Center for Critical 

Studies in Coral Gables, 

Florida. She holds a 

bachelor's degree in 

Latin American 

studies/sociology, a 

master's degree in 

Spanish from the 

University of Miami, 

and is a Ph.D. candidate 

for May 2000. 

Dr. Henry Lee Wilson has joined 

the college as director of the 

writing center and assistant 


Dreyfus Research Fellow in Chemistry 

Dr. Walter Pattern, the college's first Dreyfus Fellow, has joined the chemistry 
department for a two-year appointment. 

Patton comes to the college from the National Institute of Health in Maryland, 
. where he was a staff fellow since 1 993. His areas of scientific expertise focus 
on basic cell physiology, specifically dealing with ADP-ribosylation (ARFS) and 
the possible links between those proteins and the disease of cholera. 
During his years at LVC, he'll teach a biochemistry lecture and lab, and an 
organic chemistry lab. He'll continue his own research on proteins, with 
assistance from students. 

Patton holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Susquehanna University 
and a doctorate in chemistry from Lehigh University. 
The Dreyfus Fellow is underwritten by a $65,000 grant from the Camille and 
Henry Drefyus Foundation. The fellowship is intended for young PhDs who 
are interested in.teaching careers in undergraduate institutions. 

professor of English. He has 
served as a professor at Bradley 
University, a graduate teaching 
associate at the University of 
Tennessee, and as an instructor at 
Western Carolina University. He 
holds a bachelor's degree, master's 
degree and doctorate in English 
from the University of Tennessee. 
Dr. Christopher Brazfield has 
been named assistant ptofessot of 
mathematics. Since 1993, he has 
served as a graduate 
teaching fellow in the 
department at the 
University of Oregon. 
He holds a bachelor's 
degree in mathematics 
from Reed College, and 
a master's degree and 
doctorate in 
mathematics from the 
University of Oregon. 
Dr. Louis Laguna will 
serve as assistant 
professor of psychology 
until a replacement is 
hired for Dr. Steven 
Specht, who tesigned 
from the college after 10 
years of service to accept 
a faculty position at 
Utica College of 
Syracuse University. 
Laguna previously served as an 
adjunct at LVC. He holds a 
bachelor's degree in criminal 
justice from Penn State 
University, master's degrees in 
psychology from Millersville 
University and in clinical 
psychology from the University of 
Nebtaska, and a doctotate in 
clinical psychology from the 
University of Nebraska. 
Dr. Kenneth Klinkner has been 
named to a one-year appointment 
as visiting assistant professor of 
political science. An expert in 
East Asian politics and political 
theory, Klinkner has taught at the 
University of Northern Iowa, the 
University of Illinois, the 
University of Maryland and at 
Riyadh College of Technology. 


The Valley 



He holds bachelor's 

degrees in hisrory trom 

rhe University of Iowa 

and in 

Chinese Japanese trom 

San Francisco State 

Universiry, master's 

degrees in English 

from San Francisco 

State and in political 

science from the 

University of Illinois, 

and a doctorate in 

political science trom 

the University of 

Illinois. In addition, 

he completed a stint in 

the U.S. Army in the 

early 19~0s as a Korean linguist. 

Kilkner is replacing Dr. Eugene 

Brown, protessor ot political 

science, who is spending tall 

semester in Hanoi. Vietnam, 

training mid-career Vietnamese 

diplomats in a program jointly 

administered by George 

Washingron University and 

Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign 


Tami Barton has joined the 

college as assistant professor of 

business administration. She was 

formerly employed by Modern 

Woman as tax manager and 

financial reporter. She holds a 

bachelor's degree in accounting 

from Shepherd College and a 

master's degree in business 

administration trom St. Joseph's 


Joel Kline has joined the business 

department as a lecturer, after 

teaching as an adjunct at LVC for 

several semesters. Kline also 

holds an elected office in the 

County of Lebanon and is a 

principal in Concept 

Communications. Inc.. a 

marketing and communications 

company in Lebanon. He holds 

two bachelor's degrees from 

Lebanon Valley and is pursuing a 

master's degree from Temple 


Kristy Floyd has joined the 

college as webmaster. She holds a 



bachelor's degree in 
design trom Drexel 
University and has 
considerable web 
experience, including 
three years with CDNow, 
a major on-line music 
marketing company. 
Alexandra Ritter has 
been named gallery 
intern assistant to the 
director ot the Suzanne 
H. Arnold Art Gallery. 
Ritter is a graduate ot 
Penn State University at 
College Park with a 
bachelor's degree in art 
history. She will be 

assisting in a wide array of gallery 

activities, ranging from lighring 

and installation ot art works to 

research and prootreading. 

Mattia Guinivan, a former 

researcher tor Elizaberhtown 

College, has joined the 

Advancement Office as director of 

prospect research. She holds a 

bachelor's degree from Millersville 

University and a diploma in 

accounting from Elizaberhtown. 

She replaces Ingeborg Snoke. who 

retired trom the college after 

serving as campaign research 

assistant in advancement since 


Mark Wolfe has |omed 

computer services as 

user support assistant. 

He is a graduate ot the 

Thompson Institute. 

where he was enrolled 

in the computer 

spec l.ilist program. 

Lavinia Garcia '97 has 

joined the college as an 

admission counselor 

She was formerly an 

admission counselor ar 

the L'niversiry of 

Scranton. Garcia holds 

a bachelor's degree in 

psychology trom 

Lebanon Valley and will 

receive a master's degree 

in human resources 

from the University of 


Scranton in December. 
Deborah Lutz has been named 
gifts processing assistant secretary 
for Advancement. For nearly 20 
years, she was employed by 
Cleaver-Brooks in Lebanon with 
duties ranging trom data 
processing and payroll to human 
relations administrator. Prior to 
joining the college she served as a 
learning support aide and 
substitute secrerary for the 
Cornwall-Lebanon School 

A Winning Project 

Dr. Carl Wigal, chair and 
associate protessor of chemistry, 
conducted award-winning 
research with Milton Hershey 
High School student Fcven Teklu. 
The project, "St. John's Wort. 
Enhancing Hypercin," won Teklu 
first place honors at the 1999 
Pennsylvania Junior Academy of 
Science State Finals held at the 
Pennsylvania State Universiry 
over the summer. The research 
included a chemical analysis 
showing the impact of light on 
plant production ot the 
antidepressant hypercin. 

Teklu is now taking classes at 
Lebanon Valley during her senior 
year in high school. 


The second edition ot 
Dr. Eugene Brown's 
foreign policy textbook, 
United Statt I Foreign 
Policj : Politii I Be) ond tht 
Water's Edge, was 
published in August bj 
St. Martin s Press The 
volume was co-authored 
with Donald M. Snow 
Dr. Gary Grieve- 
Carlson. chair and 
professor of English, 
reviewed Robert 
Kusch's ,Mv Toughest 

and Willian. i 
w . iO-1948 

■ ■ i 

1999 Spring 




Kim Saunders, director of 
multicultural affairs and chair of 
the spring 1999 Race Realities 

colloquium, received notification 
that the semester-long colloquium 
has been selected for a 1 999 Peace 
Award. The award and a small 
monetary gift will be presented on 
behalf of the region's Presbyterian 
churches during a ceremony on 
Nov. 23. 


• Ben Oreskovich, who joined 

the college in 1 99 4 as assistant 
controller, has been promoted to 
associate controller. 

• RoseAnn Steckbeck, who has 
served as the coordinator of 
Conference Services tor tour years, 
has been named director of the 

• Mark Pulisic. who has been 
parr-time as head soccer coach 
since 1993. has been hired to a 
full-time position as soccer 
coordinator and head women's 

■ .oath 

• Andrea Bromberg. who had 
acted as executive director of 
continuing education and 
graduate srudies tor 10 months, 
will return to her full-time 
position as executive assistant to 
President David Pollick. 


Dr. Salvatore Cullari. protessor 

of psychology, has been selected 

for the Editorial Board of 

Perspective. A 

which is published by Coursew ise. 


Fall/Winter 1999 



By Tom Hanrahan 
Director of College Relations 

Mens Basketball (24-4) 

After playing in the 1999 MAC 
Championship game and appearing 
in the NCAA Division III National 
Tournament for the fifth time in 
seven seasons, expectations are 
high for this year's squad. With the 
loss of two four-year starters (Andy 
Panko & Dan Strobeck), seniors 
Dan Pfeil, Keith Phoebus, Jason 
Vogtman and Jason Potlen will be 
expected to take up the reins. All 
four were named team co-captains. 

Panko recently signed a 
professional contract with the 
National Basketball Association's 
Los Angeles Lakers and should be 
in training camp as you read this. 
Pfeil, a MAC First Team All-Star 
and a Third Team All-American last 
year, should receive significant 
scoring help from junior Steve 

Head coach Brad McAlester is 
on track to break Dr. George 
"Rinso" Marquette's LVC record of 
100 total career basketball wins. 
McAlester has 96 wins entering the 

Women's Basketball 


In 1998-99, head coach Peg 
Kauffman guided her troops to the 
program's first-ever appearance in 
the MAC postseason. There, they 
faced eventual NCAA "Sweet 

Sixteen" participant Scranton. This 
year the veteran squad will know 
what to expect. The team lost just 
one senior, Melissa Brecht, and 
return four of five starters. Three- 
sport stars Serenity Roos, Lora 
Zimmerman, Tara Ruhl and 
Lindsey Yeiser all return as do 
junior guard Miriam Anthony and 
senior forward Meghan Ritzman 

Stacy Reinhart is back to form 
after missing most of last season 
with an injury. Several other 
underclassmen continued to 
improve over the summer and will 
fight for time. Sophomores Rose 
Grasa, Sorymal Rivera and Jen 
Smolenski could be among the 
lead group to see increased playing 

Wrestling (2-12) 

Second-year head coach Dan Daley 
lost two important seniors but 
returns one of the strongest lineups 
in recent history. NCAA Champion- 
ship finalist Ted Kemmerling (2 na - 
in the nation in 1999) and team 
captain Angelo Vicari graduated 
but four significant starters return. 
Seniors Nathan "Biff" Wade, 
William Stretkowicz and Pete 
i •■Bianco are back, as is sophomore 
sensation Jason Suda. 

Wade did well in the LVC 
Petrofes Invitational last fall and is 
listed at 165 pounds on the 
preseason roster. Wade won 10 
matches last season. Stretkowicz 
transferred back to LVC in January 

and reeled off 10 straight wins on 
the way to an 11-2 overall record. 
LoBianco, a four-year starter and 
three-sport athlete, won five 
matches with one pin at 141 
pounds. Suda was second on the 
team with 14 wins. He later joined 
the track team and proceeded to win 
a bronze medal, in the pole vault, in 
his first MAC Championship. 
Sophomore Brian Eidenshink 
three wins, returns as well. 

Including freshman football 
players Jack Himmelberger, Tom 
Kuhn, Sean McStravick, Anthony 
Pasquarella and Barry Rhodes, 
there are 15 wrestlers on the roster. 
Brandon Bishard, brother of 
baseball player Jessen Bishard, is 
also listed. 

Track & Field - 
Men & Women 

Both teams return a strong nucleus 
that features several school record 
holders. On the women's side, head 
coach Kent Reed has many 
returnees from last winter's squad 
that finished second at the MAC 
Indoor Championships held at LVC. 

Included in that group are gold 
medal winners Ann Musser, Jana 
Romlein, Eileen Golias, Tara 
Ruhl and Danielle Stoveken. 
Musser, a five-time All-American 
(indoor and outdoor), was also 
named the Most Outstanding 
Athlete of the MAC Championships 
for the second consecutive year. 

On the men's side, MAC 
medalists Braden Snyder, Jeremy 
Snyder (no relation) and Tim 
Stringfellow return. Braden Snyder 
earned a pair of silver medals while 
Jeremy Snyder and Stringfellow 
garnered a silver and a bronze 
medal each. The men's team 
finished fourth overall. 

Swimming - Men & 
Women (1-9-1; 2-10) 

On the men's side, third-year head 
coach Mary Gardner returns all but 
one this season. Freestyle specialist 
Damon Davis graduated in the 
spring. It is still a young team with 

only two upperclassmen on the 
roster David Keiser and Brad Bar- 

ger will pick up where Davis left off. 

On the women's side, the 
potential is great with 24 of 25 
swimmers back from a team that 
had its best season in years. The 
team had three individuals qualify 
for the MAC Championships in 
eight separate events - all three are 
back. Shannon Feather qualified 
for and competed in three events, as 
did Kris Haines Megan 1 ox. ill 
represented LVC in two individual 

Ice Hockey (16-8-1) 

LVC had a very successful first 
season of intercollegiate ice hockey 
posting a 16-8-1 overall record and 
an 8-8-1 record in the ECAC 
Northeast League. Head coach Al 
MacCormack returns 20 letter- 
winners including the Flying 
Dutchmen's top seven scorers and 
top two goalkeepers. MacCormack, 
and assistant Derek Lalonde, 
expect 1 1 freshman to vie for roster 
spots as well. 

Forwards J. P. Callahan, Greg 
Kutchma and Jamie Taylor, all 
40-point scorers in 1998-99, return 
for another campaign. Kutchma 
(24g) led the Dutchmen in goals 
scored while Callahan and Taylor 
were tied for the team lead with 23 
assists each. 

Vincent Stendardo, Dan Fox 
and Shaun McGinty, all returning 
forwards, scored 24, 23 and 22 
points respectively last season. 
Kutchma, McGinty and 
defenseman Scott Rostholder were 
all tied for third on the team with 
16 assists. 

Kevin Block and Lincoln 
Matlock both return to man the 
goaf The duo appeared in 23 of the 
Valley's 25 games last season. Block 
led the team in games played (13), 
minutes played (691), shots faced 
(317), saves (285) and wins (9). 
Matlock led the squad in shutouts 
(1.5), goals against average (2.10) 
and save percentage (.903). 


The Valley 



EACH YEAR, LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE has produced an Annual Report summarizing tht year'i 

academic and financial highlights including the names of all donors to tht collegt during that time. 
This year, we've instituted a change. An abbreviated list of donors is presented in this issue oj tht 
Valley, and a President's Report will be published at a later datt which will include other donor 
categories as well as highlights of the past academic year. In the meantime, it is with heartfelt thanks 
that we list the names of the alumni, parents and friends who demonstrate their dedication to Lebanon 
Valley College by making contributions in support of college initiatives. 


Honor Roll 

of Donors 

Annual Fund 

Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Brechr 

Mr. Allen "Skip" Hicks 


Class 0/1920 
Annual Fund $38,97 I 45 
t*Mr. Guy R. Yarrison 

Class 0/1921 
Annual Fund $ 1 8,01 3.29 
t*Mr. Harvey W Gehr 

Class 0/1923 
Annual Fund $250.00 
* Mrs. Delia H. (Heir) Thomas 

Class 0/1925 
Annual Fund $100.00 
o Mrs. Ruth H. (Hoy) Sadler 

Class 0/1926 
Endowment $461,800.00 

t*Mr. William A. Grill 

Class 0/1927 
Annual Fund $2,760.00 
Physical $250.00 
<• Mrs. Madeline M. (Mark) Colman 
Miss Emma I. Madciff 

* Mr. Walter L. Ness 

a Bishop W. Maynard Sparks 

a Mr. John F. Walter 

a Mrs. Myra S. (Sheaffer) White 

Class 0/1928 
Annual Fund $800.00 
Endowment $34,000.00 

* Dr C Ray Bell 

t*Mrs. Olivette H. (Haas) Husted 
a Dr. Monroe H. Martin 

* Dr. Millard J Miller 

Class 0/1929 
Annual Fund $34.45 
Endowment $1,000.00 
t Miss Ruth E. Reigel 

* Mrs. Miriam M. (Muth) 


Class of 1930 

Annual Fund $1,275.00 

* Dr. G. Edgar Hertzler 

Mrs Ruth C. (Cooper) Sanrord 
Mrs. Helen H. (Hain) Shearer 

* Mrs. Grace K (Keener) Zerbe 

Class 0/1931 
Annual Fund $25.00 
Endowment $3,000.00 

Mrs. Effie L. (LeVan)Kostenbauder 

* Russell E. Morgan, M D 

Class 0/1932 
Annual Fund $ 1 ,750.00 
o Mrs. Henrietta A. (Wagner) 

a Mrs. Ruth A D. (Armacost) 

* Mrs. Edith R (Fields) Reynolds 

o Mrs. Gladys H (Hershey) Shroyer 

Class 0/1933 

Annual Fund $4,381.25 

Mr. Edgar C. Bnnser 

* Lt Col. James T. Frantz. Jr. 

+ Mrs. Luella H. (Heilman) Myers 

* Samuel D. Ulnch. M.D. 

Class 0/1934 

Annual Fund $5,120.00 

Endowment $4,050.00 

* Mrs. Minna E. (Woffskeil) Barnes 
Mrs. Eva L. (Shissler) Becktel 
Mrs. Esther L. (Smelser) Duke 

o Dr. K. Morgan Edwards 

* Dr. June E. (Eby) Herr 

o Mrs. Haidee B. (Blubaugh) 

* Mrs. Margaret L. (Longenecker) 

o Mr. Wilbur H. Mathias 
a Mrs. Charlotte W (Weinck) 

a Mr. H. Aigire McFaul 

* Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer 

o Mrs. Catherine H. (Heckman) 

* Mrs. Martha K. (Kreider) 

o Dr. Richard D. Schreiber 

* Mr. Robert D Womer 

Class 0/1935 
Annual Fund $1,525.00 
Endowment $250.00 
o Mrs Ethel K. (Keller) Enckson 

* Col. William E Etchberger 
Dr. C Willard Fetter 

* Dr. Bruce M. Metzger 
Dr. J. Henry Ricker 

* Mr. Gerald B. Russell 

Class 0/1936 

Annual Fund $15,908.74 

Physical $875.00 

* Dr. George S. Bachman 

* Ms. Louise E. Bishop 

Mrs. Winona S. (Shroff) Botello 

* Mr. Robert U. Cassel 

a Mrs. Iva Claire (Weinck) Edwards 
Mrs. Louise S (Shearer) Gingher 

O Mrs. Jane S. (Shellenberger) 
Mrs Louise G. (Gillan) Harris 
Miss Anna M Herr 

* Mrs. Kathleen P. (Pool) Land 

* Mrs Marian L. (Leisey) Light 
o Dr. Calvin H. Reber 

Mrs. Mary H. (Haddox) Rockwell 
a Mrs Irma K. (Keirter) Shearer 

Class 0/193-/ 

Annual Fund $7,999.42 

Endowment $25-00 

Physical $18,441.08 
o Mr Edward R Bachman 
o Mr. William H Earnest 
o Mrs. Cordelia S. (Sheaffer) Felder 
ft Dr. Charles I. Hoffman 
o Mrs. Rose S. (Tschopp) Needy 

Mrs. Pauline Y. (Yeager) Richie 

* Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 

o Mrs. Grace N. (Naugle) Sinclair 

Mrs. Romaine S. (Stiles) Smeltzer 
o Mr. Henry C. Sterner 
o Mrs. Claire A. (Adams) Stoudt 

* Mrs. Edna B. (Binkley) Walmer 

* Dr. Paul K Waltz 

Class 0/1938 

Annual Fund $9,265.00 

Endowment $275.00 

* Miss Helen I Butterwick 

o Lt. Col. (Ret.) Adolph J Capka 
o Ms. Gail M. (Spangler) Fidler 

Mr Dean W Gasteiger 
a Mr G Wilbur Gibbie 

* Mrs. Isobel C. (Cox) Klinefelter 

* Mr. John P. Marbarger 

* Mrs. Lena R. (Risser) Mitchell 

* Mrs. Hazel H (Heminway) Muth 
o Miss Helen A. Netherwood 

o Mrs. Greta H. (Heiland) Payne 

* Dr. Charles B. Shaffer 

* Mrs. Louise S. (Stoner) Shaffer 
a Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 

* Mr. Calvin D Spicier 

Mrs. Nora F. (Franklin) Strohman 
a Mrs. Elizabeth B. (Bender) Ulnch 
a Maj. Paul T Ulnch 
t*Dr. John D. Walmer 
a Mrs. Dorothy K. (Kreamer) Wendel 

Class 0/1939 

60 th Reunion Committee 

Dorothy Null Frey, Co-Chair 

Raymond T. Frey, Co-Chair 

Lloyd E. Beamesderter 

Karhryn Yingst Etchberger 

Ruth Keene-Hostetter 

Harhn S. Kinney 

John H Mover 

Robert W. Smith 

Evalyn M. Strickler 

Robert P. Tschop 
Ernest C. Weirick 

Annual Fund $4,940.00 

Endowment $9,850.00 
Physical $4,550.00 

o Mrs. Janet W. (Whitesell) Afford 
Mrs. Grace G. (Geyer) Aston 

* Dr. Howard N. Baier 

o Mrs. Evelyn F. (Fndinger) Baker 

* Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderter 

o Mrs. Anna Louise (Light) Blatt 
Mrs. Edith M. (Metzger) Booser 

o Mr. Stanley Bulota 

Mrs. Irene R. (Ranck) Christman 
Mrs. Arlene H. (Hoffman) Crone 

o Mrs. Gertrude E. (Ellenberger) 

o Mrs. Julia J. (Johnson) Edwards 
Mr. John W. Engle 

* Mrs. Kathryn Y (Yingst) Etchberger 

* Mrs. Dorothy N. (Null) Frey 

* Mr. Raymond T. Frey 

a Rev. Dr Thomas W Guimvan 
o Mr. Leander H. Hamm, CPA 
Mrs. Virginia N. (Niessner) Hess 
Mrs. Geraldine B. (Boyer) Johnson 

* Mrs Ruth C. Keene-Hostetter 

* Mr Harlin S. Kinney 

* Mrs. Cora G. (Graby) Limmroth 
Mrs Lillian Z. (Zubroff) Melman 

* Mrs. Amy M. (Meinhardt) Melson 

* Dr. John H. Moyer, III 
Mr. Donald G. Smith 

o Mr. Raymond R. Smith 
o Mr. Robert W. Smith 
■* Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 
o Mr. Ernest C Weinck 

Class 0/1940 

Annual Fund $3,925.00 

Endowment $100.00 

Mrs. Jeanne S. (Schock) Agnellini 

* Mrs. Mary A. (Albert) Attick 
Mr. Richard H. Baldwin 

o Mr. Charles M. Belmer 
o Mrs Lucille G. (Gollam) Byerlv 
t Mrs. Evelyn S. (Seylar) Cassady 
o Mr. J Stanley Deck 
o Mrs. Lillian L. (Leisey) Deck 
Mr. Robert E. Dinsmore 

* Dr. Carl Y Ehrharr 

Mrs. Mary T. (Touchstone) Hale 
o Mrs. Esther W. (Wise) Hovis 
o Dr W. Frederick Huber 

* Mr. David F. Lenker 
o Mr. Jesse S. Lenker 
a Miss Lela W. Lopes 

o Mr Gustav T Maun" 
o Dr. John H. Ness 
o Dr John G. Oliver 
o Mr. Freeman D. Rice 

Mrs. Adele B. (Black) Russell 

Mr. John A. Schaefter 
o Mr. Daniel S. Seivcrling 
o Mrs. VernaS. (Schlosser) 

o Mrs. Ellen R. (Reath) Wert 

Class 0/1941 

Annual Fund $3,420.00 
o Mrs Irene S. (Seiders) Bigler 

Mrs. Eloise H. (Hollinger) Blanck 

Mr. Theodore J Gamillo 

Mr. John H. Dressier 
o Rev. M. Lucile Esbenshade 

Mr. Harry L. Fehl 
o Mr Raymond C. Hess 
o Mrs. Frances E. (Prutzman) 

o Mrs. Mildred R. (Rittle) Keiser 
o Lt. Col. Haven W Kessel 
o Mrs. Evelyn W (Ware) Lynch 
■> Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller 

o qujttapahilla club 



* SOCIETY OF 1866 


Mr. Harold L. Moody 
o Mrs. Jeannecce K. (Kalbach) 

* Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 
Rev, Richard R. Rodes 
Mrs. Edna R (Rutherford) 

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Frank L.Shenk 
Mrs. Ellen R. (Ruppersberger) 

Mrs. Ethel F (Fisher) Steiner 
Mrs. Rebecca P. (Parks) Umstead 
o Dr. Martha Jane K. (Koontz) 

o Rev. Clinton D. Zimmerman 

Class of 1942 

Annual Fund $6,030 no 

Endowment S9.025.00 

Mrs. Fredericka L. (Laucks) Albert 

* Ms. Kathryn E. Brehm 

* Mr. Joseph E. Carr 

* Mrs. Elizabeth S. (Sattazahn) 

o Mr. Harry I Drendall 
a Cmdr. Robert F Dresel 

* Mrs. Margaret C. (Cox) Glen 
o Dr David W. Gockley 

* Mr Herben R Greider 

o Mrs. Pauline S. (Smee)Jacoby 
o Mrs. Viola S. (Snell) Maury 
Mr. Edward C. McFerren 
Mrs. Dorian L. (Loser) Miller 

* Mrs. LoisJ. (Seavers) Miller 
Dr. Richard F Seiverhng 

* Dr Ralph S. Shay 

Mrs. Rosanna B. (Brandt) Slayton 
t*Mr. John E Swope 

* Mrs. Martha E. (Foster) Tyson 
o Mr George C Ziegler 

Class of / 94 s 
Annual Fund $5,150.00 
Endowment $126,047.45 
o Dr John A. Bamberger 
o Mrs. Adelaide S. (Sanders) 

* Mrs. Jean D. (Daugherty) Carr 
Rev. Lloyd H. Crall 

Mrs. Anna Mae (Boeshore) Duke 

* Mrs. Martha C <Crone) Eppley 
o Mrs. Elizabeth K (Kerr) Ewen 
o Mr. Frederick S. Frantz, Jr. 

o Mrs. Louise K, (Keller) Frantz 
Mrs. Jessie R. (Robertson) 

* Dr. Stephen J. Metro 

* Dr. Harry K. Miller, Jr. 
Mr. Albert H. Morrison 

* Mrs. Jane K. (Klucker) Mowrey 
o Mrs. Vera S. (Shoop) Musser 

* Dr H. Anthony Neidig 
o Dr. Robert K. Ness 

* Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

* Dr. Helen R. (Ross) Russell 
o Mrs. Verna K. (Kreider) 

o Mrs. Jane G. (Gruber) Seiverling 
Mrs. Genevieve S. (Stansfield) 

Dr. H. Dennis Sherk 
o Mr Hans W. Uberseder 

Dr. Dons S. (Smith) Watson 
o Miss Eleanor L. Witmeyer 
o Mrs Evelyn J. (Stine) Ziegler 

Class of 1944 
55 th Reunion Committee 
Betcy V Bartels, Co-Chair 
Bruce C. Souders, Co-Chair 
Betty Minmch Christ 
Dorothy Landis Gray 

Dorothy Moyer Keller 

Annual Fund $4,135.00 

Physical Si 16,66 
a Ms. Betty V, Bartels 

Rev. Samuel H. Beamesderfer 

Mr. Norman M. Bouder, Jr. 
o Mrs. Berry M. (Minmch) Christ 
o Dr. DeLene Y (Yocum) Congello 
o Rev, Robert P, Crist 

Mrs. Hazel F. (Fornoff) Detambel 

Mrs. Grace S. (Spangler) Drager 
a Mrs. Jomane S. (Shannon) Dresel 

Mrs. Esther W. (Wagner) Ebright 

* Dr Dorothy L, (Landis) Gray 
Mrs. Elizabeth L (Light) 


* Dr. Gerald D. Kaufrman 

Mrs. Dorothy E. (Moyer) Keller 
Dr. Paul Lipsitz 
o Mrs. Ruth H. (Haverstock) Ness 

* Rev. Bruce C. Souders 
Mr. Edward E. Stansfield 

o Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Hess) 
Mrs. Jean G. (Garland) Woloshyn 

Class of 1945 

Annual Fund S5.967.50 
Physical $220 82 
o Rev Dale R. Beictel 

* Mr Alfred L. Blessing 

Mrs. Marian LI (Ulmer) Cams 
Mrs. Norma K. (Kiscadden) Daihl 
a Mr Robert J. Donough 
o Mrs. Mary Jane (Brown) Fitz 
Dr. James E Flinchbaugh 

* Mrs Janice S. (Stahl) Geilmg 
Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Moyer) Horn 

o Mrs. Verna C. (Cassatt) Loftus 
Mrs. Janer C. (Coover) Miller 

* Mrs. Patricia B. (Bartels) Souders 
Mrs. Anne A. (Adams) Zart 
Mrs. Sarah K. (Koury) 


Class of 1946 
Annual Fund $7,01 5. 00 
o Mr. James S. Bachman 

* Mrs. Jean G. (Gingrich) 

o Mrs Phyllis E. (Snyder) Boyer 

* Mrs. Edna M (Hollinger) Budy 
o Mr John E. Carbaugh 

* Gene U. Cohen, M.D. 

Mrs. Viola S. (Shettel) Ctites 

Mrs. Betcy (Schaffer) Grosky 

o Mrs Jean T. (Thrush) Hawkins 

o Mrs. Nancy S. (Sattazahn) Hoft" 

* Mr-, Fli 'II Ift 1 Ji. v 

o Dr Gordon B. Kemp 
Mrs. Martha L. (Light) Klein 
Mrs. MaryJane(Wieland)Lutz 
Mrs Elizabeth R (Reiff) Marino 

* Mrs. Grace C. (Cully) Marquette 
a Mrs. Edith K (Kreiser) Probus 

Mrs Mary S. (Strock) Rook 
o Mrs. Sarah E. (Scauffer) Sandy 

Mr Richard D. Seidel 
o Mr. George B, Wagner 

* Mrs. Frances W. (Workman) 

o Mrs. Marion H. (Himmelberger) 

Class oj TQ4J 

Annual Fund $12,075.00 

* Mr. Richard I. Bacastow 

* Miss Florence E. Bamhart 

* Ms. Jean E. Bedger 

o Mrs. Barbara K. (Kolb) Beitcel 

* Dr. Carl L, Derr 

Dr. Marvin H. Detambel 

o Dr. George E. Edwards 

* Mr. Lloyd V. Fegan 
Mr. Vernon M. Fickes 

o Dr. Paul G. Fisher 

o Mrs. Sara S. (Schorr.) Fisher 

* Dr. Russell L Gingrich, Jr 
a Miss Nora M Goodman 

Dr. Miles D Harriger 
Dr William J Lloyd 
Rev. Earl R. Marks 

* Mr. Wayne L Mowrey 

Mrs. Nancy J. (Johns) Nevins 

* Mr. Vincent A. Promo 

Mrs. Betty G. (Gingrich) Rauch 
Capt. Marlm D. Seiders 
o Mrs. Pearl M. (Miller) Siege! 
Mrs. Marion L. (Schade) Stauffer 
Mrs Jean M. (Myers) Swanson 
Mrs. Margaret T (Todd)Trumbo 
Dr. Warren D. Trumbo 

* Dr H Joshua Weiser 

o Mrs. W.Jeanne (Kitchen) 
Mr RichardS. Zerbe 

Class oj 1948 

Annual Fund $68,097 7-4 

Endow mi \t $1 1,500 00 

* Mrs. Barbara K (Kilheffer) Baker 
Mrs. Dons C. (Clements) Biery 

o Capt Charles D. Bolan 

o Mrs. M. Kathleen (Garis) Bolger 

Ms E Kathryn (Rhoads) Boyer 

Mr James S. Brulatour 
o Mrs. Doris H. (Hyman) Brunner 

* Dr. John A Detweiler 

* Dr Robert F. Early, Sr. 

o Mrs Nellie W. (Walter) Eaton 

Mr. Peter Gamber 

Mrs. Mary E (Frank) Habig 
a Dr Samuel A Hartman, II 
t*Mrs. Mary E. (Eckert) Hoffman 

Mrs. Joyce M. (Meadows) 


o Mr John H Light 

Mrs. Dorothy L. ( St rass burger) 

* Dr. George R Marquette 
Mrs. Elaine H. (Heilman) 


Mr Karl E. Miller 

Ms. Rena B. (Biely) Miller 

Mr. Robert H Miller 
a Mr. BernardJ. Penturelli 

Mr. William A. Rothrock 

Mr Paul O Shettel 
o Mr. Alton M. Smith 

* Mr. Earl J. Spangler 

* Mrs. Elaine F (Frock) Stepanek 
Dr C Richard Stine 

o Mrs Ruth W. (Whitman) Yingst 

Class oj 1949 
50 th Reunion Committee 
t Vera Boyer Early, Co-Chair 
Glenn L, Hall, Co-Chair 
Robert E. Baker 
Charles K. Greenawalt 
Alvin S Hildebrand 
Mary Ellen Budesheirn Kinch 
Betty Jones Moller 
Richard W Moller 
Charles W Tome 
Ruth Harnish Zentmeyer 

Annual Fund $24,3 3 1.50 
Endowment $2,000 do 
Physii u $366.66 

* Mrs. Rose Marie (Root) 


* Mr. Robert E. Baker 
Mr. Ralph T. Barnes, Jr. 
Mr James L. Barto 

o Mr. J Richard Bolger 

Mrs. Hattie C. (Cook) 
o Mr. William J. Brunner 
Mr. Raymond J. Clodoveo 
Mr. Harlan A Daubert 

* Mrs. Olive M. 

(Reemsnyder) Derr 
Dr. Albert P Dijohnson 
t*Mrs Vera J (Boyer) Early 
o Mr Richard Y. Eby 

* Mr, Herbert A Eckenroth 
Mrs. Beatrice M 1 Meiser) 


* Dr William D Ferguson 
o Dr. Dennis L, Funck 

Mr Marshall L. Gemberhng 

* Mrs. Nancy M, (Meyer) 


* Mr. Charles K. Greenawalt 

* Mr Glenn L. Hall 

o Mrs Dorothy S. (Smith) Heisey 

* Rev Alvin S. Hildebrand 

* Mr. Donald R. Hoffer 
Mr Earl F. Kauffman 

o Rev. William J Keeler 
a Mrs. Mary Ellen (Budesheirn) 
Kin<. h 

* Mrs Mary G. (Glover) Kleinfelt 
Mr. Howard B Kreider 

o Mr Wesley R. Kreiser 

* Mr Howard F, Lebegern 
Mr. John F Loser 

* Dr Donald V Malick 

* Mr Robert H Marquette 
Dr John E Marshall 

a Mr Robert P McCoy 
o Mr. Roger M McKinley 

Mrs, Anne G. (Gilbert) Means 

Mr. Sidney S. Miller 
a Mrs. Betty J (Jones) Moller 
a Mr. Richard W Moller 

Mr Dean S. Moore 
a Mr, George F. Patterson 
a Mrs. Martha M. (Miller) 

Mrs. Jane R. (Reed) Pope 
o Dr. Stuart K, Remley 
o Mrs Virginia W (Werner) 

* Mrs. Joanna N. (Norns) Roe 

o Rev. Dr Laverne E. Rohrbaugh 
o Mrs. Ella S (Shultz) Roman 
o Mrs. Mary (O'Donnell) Sechnst 

Mrs, Thelma Z. (Zimmerman) 

Mrs. LuzettaJ. (Warfel) Stair 
o Dr. Russell I. Steiner 

Mrs Nancy S. (Souder) Stine 

Mr. Charles W. Tome 

* Mrs, Joanna L (Lawhead) Wagnt 
o Dr. Dene T Walrers 

o Mrs, Dorothy Z. (Zinkt Werst 

* Mrs R Patricia (Sutton) \\ iedt k 

* Mr. Edward Williams 

Mrs Erma G. (Gainor) Yeakel 

* Bishop Joseph H. Yeakel 

* Mrs LoisJ (Shank) Yeakel 
o Mr William J. Yingst 

Mrs. Ruth H. (Harnish) 
o Mr Thomas M. Zimmerman 

( lass oj rtj^o 

Asm u l-i \n $20,475 00 

Endowment $400 00 

* Mrs. Margaret F. (Fake) Anders 

* Dr. Lo\ C Awkerman 
o Mr Arthur I Bacastow 

Mr. Milton W. Baker 
o Dr, George W Bartels 

Mrs. Betty C. (Camp) Barto 

Mr Carl R. Baum 
o Mr. John R. Beddall 

* Dr Lewis W. Bowman 



*• » ' - LOIAMW VAOEY COUia 




* Dr. Nancy H Bright 
o Mr. Paul E Broome 

Mr Allen H Brown 
o Mr. Frederic W Brown 
Mrs. Janet E (Eppley) Bucher 
Rev Norman B. Bucher 

* Mrs Kathryn M (Noll) Chernich 

* Mrs. Jeanne H. (Bozarth) Cleaver 

* Mr James K Davis 
Mr Henry C Deens 
Mr. Hugh L. Eberly 

Mr. Robert N Engleharr 
Mr David S. Erter 
Mr. William G. Fisher 
Mr. Fred B Fore 
o Dr Wallace W Furman 
Mrs. Doris S. (Strickler) Herr 
Mr Frank \\ Hockley 
Mrs M Louise (Jagnowj Hockley 

* Dr Charlotte R. (Rohrbaugh) 


* Dr. Wilham G Jones 

Mrs Vivun W (Werner) Keefet 
o Mrs Doris L. (Eckert) Ketner 
o Mr Raymond A Kline 

Mr. Anthony J Kurchever 
o Mrs. Barbara K. (Kleinfelter) 

o Mr Ray A Layser 

Mrs GeraldineM. (Miller' Lesher 
Mr Kenneth L. Lewis 
o Mrs Man* C. (Edelman) Light 

Mr. Richard H. Light 
o Mrs Ellen J (Jepsen) Lukens 

Mr Harold G. Madeira 
a Dr. Alonzo L. Mantz 
Mr. Bernard R Mazzom 
Mr William R Mernman 
o Mr. Simon J Meyer 
«■ Mrs. Geraldine R (Rothermel) 
Mr John R. Nilan 
Mr. James \\". Parsons. Sr 
t Col. Donald A Potter 
Mr Joseph D Rojahn 
o Mr George Roman 

Mr. Lyle R Schwalm 
o Mr RobertS 

Rev Monroe J Shearer 
o Mr John C. Smith. Jr. 
o Mr. Jack Snavely 

Mr Richard H. Spangler 
Mrs Jean K .(Kostenbauder)Srolte 
Mrs Sidney G (Garverich) Tome 
o Miss Nan E. Urich 
o Dr. David H Wallace 
o Mrs. Dorothy K (Klint W 
Mr William Wert2 
o Mrs Manan A. (Achenbach) Wise 
oMr J Ellis Wood 
Mr. Harold E. Yingst 
Rev Paul M. Youse 
oMr Raymond S. Zimmerman 
Rev. Robert E. Zuver 

Report of Gifts 

Class 0/1951 
Annual Fund $ 1 8,409. 1 3 
Endowment $2,450.00 
Mr. Robert L. Allen 

* Rev. David H. Andrews 

o Mrs Helen M. (MacFarland) 
Mr. Floyd M. Baturin 

* Mr. John D. Boag 

* Mrs. Margaret B (Bower) Boag 
o Mr. Herbert L Booz 

o Maj. James R. Bothwell 
■> Dr. William J. Boyd 

Lt. Col. Donald E. Coldren 
o Mrs. Betty E. (Edelman) Creamer 
o Dr Paul W. Diener 

Capt. (Ret.) Paul L. Downey, USAF 

* Mr. Harold G. Engle, Jr. 
Mr. Guy J. Euston 

o Mr. Robert K. Feascer 

Mr. Richard D Fields 
o Lt Cmdr (Ret.) Robert R. 
Fischer, USN 

Mrs. Mary Ruth (Brandt) Fowler 

Ms. Jean E. Frantz 

Mr Louis L Fried 

Rev Roland E. Garvin 

* Mr. Jack D. Gramm 

Mrs. Phyllis M. (Malz) Grover 
Mrs Elizabeth Z (Zimmerman) 

Mrs. Carolyn G. (Gassert) Harris 

* Dr John C. Hoak 

Mr. Lemoyne W Hoffman 

Mr. Theodore E. Wagner 
o Mrs. Nancy L. (Lutz) Weber 
Mr. William O. Wert 

* Mr. Glenn H Woods 
Rev. Donald D. Zeiders 
Mr. Charles L. Zimmerman 

o Mrs. Ruth A. (Brown) 

Class 0/1952 

Annual Fund $11 730.00 

Endowment $50.00 
o Ms. Lois L. Adams 
o Mrs. Elaine B. (Barron) Auerbach 

Mr Alden G Biely 

* Dr. Samuel H Black 

* Mrs Virginia W. (Wagner) 

■> Dr Robert M. Daughertv 

* Dr. Ruth S (She-affer) Daughertv 

* Mr Jay N Dutweiler 

* Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 

Mrs. E Maxine (Garvin) Fritz 
o Mrs. Elma B. (Breidenstine) 
Fry singer 
Rev. Golden A. Gaither 

* Mr. Donald S. Gingrich 
Mr. Lawrence A. Guenther 
Mr. RobertJ. Heath 

* Mrs. Dorothy W. (Witmer) Hoak 

* Mr Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 
o Mrs. Nancy A. (Myers) Inners 

■> Mrs. Joanne R. (Ricedorf) Jacoby 

Dr George M Knobl 
o Dr Eugene F Kobvlarz 

Mr. Ira L. Hostetter 
o Rev W. Richard Kohler 

Dr Flam S Kurtz 
o Mrs. Sara A (Etzweiler) Linkous 

* Rev. Robert P. Longenecker 
o Mr. Norman G Lukens 

* Mrs RutinaB (Balmer) Marquette 
Dr Robert K Miller 

Mr. William F. Miller 
Mr. Horace F. Mover 
Mr Richard B. Mover 
Mr Robert Mrgich 
o Mrs Dorothy M. (Morgan) Nye 

* Mr Charles E Roland 

* Mr Richard J Schiemer 

Mrs. Patricia W. (Werner) Schmid 
a Mrs. Anne E. (Shroyer) Shemeta 

Mrs. Joyce M. (McAllister) Simons 
o Mrs. Jeanne E (Edwards) Tesnar 
«■ Mr. Lee R. Thierwechter 
■> Rev. Martin W. Trostle 

Mrs. Adele B. (Begg) Lauder 

* Mr. Donald C. Layser 
■> Ms D Jane Lutz 

Miss Jane L Martin 
a Dr. Donald J McSurdy 

Dr Mardia Melroy 

Mr. Donald N. Miller 
■> Mr. Joseph T Oxley 
o Dr. James S. Pacy 

Mr. Josef G Parker 

Mr. Melvm Schiff 

Dr. Nancy D. (Deimler) Seiders 
a Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

Mr. Sherdell A. Snyder 
o Dr. Richard H. Stewart 

* Dr. Sterling F Strause 
Mr Thomas J. Sullivan 
Mr. John I Sweigard 

o Mr. Edward F Tesnar 
o Miss Evelyn Toser 
Mrs. Julia T, (Thaccher) Witmer 

o Mrs. Diane R. (Randolph) 

Class 0/195$ 

Annual Fund $23,786.03 
Endowment $300.00 
Physical $4,600.00 

* Mrs. Phyllis B. (Barnhart) 

Mr. Robert Y. Clay 

* Dr. George D Curtman 
o Mr. Carl W. Daugherty 

o Mrs. Martha R. (Rapp) Daugherry 
o Mr. Frank R. DeAngelis 

Mrs. Jean S. (Stahie) Donohue 

Mr. Lloyd O. Evans 

Mr. M Ross Evans 

Rev. Clarence R. Funk 

Mr. Richard M. Furda 

* Mr. Ralph R. Giordano 

* Dr. Martin L. Gluntz 

Mrs. Jane M. (McMurtne) Hart 
o Mrs Alicia W. (Whiteman) 

* Mrs. Joan B. (Bair) Herman 
-> Mr Melvin E. Hostettet 

Mr. Thomas H. Israel 

Mr Winslow Johnson 

Mrs. Pauline R. (Rittle) Kauffman 
o Mrs. Evelyn M. (Gehman) 

o Mr. Don E. McNamara 
o Rev. Albert E. Moser 

* Dr. David D. Neiswender 

o Mr Harold A. Rothenberger 
o Mrs. Joan S. (Spangler) Sachs 
o Mr. Philip H. Seltzer, Jr. 

* Mrs. Arlene S. (Snyder) Shaffer 
Mr. William R. Shoppell, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Lou K (Kurtz) 

o Mr. RobertJ. Tarantolo 

Mr William S. Vought Jr. 
o Mr. William J. Walborn 

* Hon John Walter 

o Rev Russell E. Walters 
o Mr. Edward H. Walton 

* Mrs. Joan G. (Gilbert) Wengert 
o Mrs. Alma M. (Mariani) Wood 
o Mr. William H. Wood 

* Mrs Nancy C. (Cramer) 


Class 0/1954 

45 th Reunion Committee 
Betty Criswell Hungerford, 

Gail Edgar Ritnevi. Co-Chair 
Frances Shroyer Bova 
Charles A. Reed 
Frank A. Ritnevi 
Louis A. Sorrentino 
M Rosie Hollinger Sorrentino 
Barbara Ranck Taylor 

Annual Fund $14,549-17 
Endowment $350.00 

Physical $5,058.33 

o Dr. F Paul Alepa 

* Mrs. Joanne B. (Bachman) Belson 
a Mrs. Frances S. (Shroyer) Bova 

o Dr. Robert H. Boyd 

* Mr. Donald L. Burkholder 
Mr. George J. Cardone 
Mr Stanley E. Cohen 

•:■ Dr Wiley E. Daniels 
Mr. William E. Davies 

* Mr. Donald DeBenedert 
Mr. Kenneth C. Donmoyer 
Mrs. Patricia S. (Satterthwaite) 

o Mr John T. Ervin 

* Dr. Jay A. Felry 

a Dr Herbert Fields 

* Mr Donald S. Fleming 

* Mrs. Janice W. (Walker) Fleming 
Mr. Boyd C Flickinger 

Mr. Walter H Fry. Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara H. (Hess) Gaither 

* Mr. William D. Gorgone 

* Mr MarrinJ. Grochowski 
o Mr. Harry W. Hall 

o Rev Donald L Harbaugh 

* Mrs. Dons C. (Cortright) Heck 
o Mr. Robert A. Houston, Jr. 

* Mrs Betty C. (Criswell) 

o Mrs. Alice D. (Daniel) Kelly 
o Mr. William H. Kelly 
o Mrs. Geraldme R. (Nichols) 


* Ms Barbara A- Kreiser 
Mr Robert L. Krieg 

o Mrs Frances T (Thomas) Lucy 

* Mr. William A. Lutz 
a Mr Robert Mackndes 

Mrs. Elizabeth G. (Gaskill) Miller 
o Dr Richard C Musselman 

* Mrs. Lucie (Portier) O'Bnen 

* Mrs. Leah T. (Thorpe) Page 
Mrs. Joan R (Ringle) Policastro 

* Mr. Frank A Ritnevi 

* Dr. Gail E. (Edgar) Ritnevi 
Mrs. Joann B. (Butt) Roberts 
Mr Richard L. Rotunda 

Mr. John Sant'Ambrogio 

Ms. Janet B. Schaeffer 
o Mrs. Carol J. (Johnstone) Smith 
o Mr Lee C Smith 

Mrs. Nancy R. (Risdon) Smith 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeket 

Mrs Joyce S- (Shetcei) Snyder 

Miss Agnes M Souders 

* Mrs Julia LJ. (Ulnch) Spangler 
Mr. Richard G. Styring 

o Mrs. Barbara R. (Ranck) Taylor 
o Mrs. EhzabethJ. (Lower) 

o Lt. Col. Clair D. Wagner 
o Mrs Betty Jane (Swisher) 

o Mrs. Sylvia W. (Wolfskill) Woodin 

Class 0/1955 

Annual Fund $10,815.00 

Endowment $43,334.39 

Physical $250.00 

Mr. Robert H. Ayers 

Mrs. Hazel K. (Kmdt) Beish 
o Mrs. Nancy D. (Daugherty)Cortnet 
o Mr. Arthur). Dukes 
o Mr Roger L Dundore 

* Dr. Ross W. Fasick 

a Mr. D.John Grace, Jr. 

Mrs. Joyce D. (Dissinger) Herr 
o Dr. Henrv B Hollinger 

* Mr. Robert R Jenkins 
Mr. John E Kauffman 

o Mrs. Carol A. (Achenbach) 
Mrs. Hilda Y. (Yost) Landis 
Mrs Beverly R. (Ross) Lupfer 
a Mrs. Rita C. (Castiglia) 
Mrs. Joyce H. (Hill) Madden 
o Mr. J. Stanley Mull, Jr. 
o Mrs. Joan W. (Wingert) Mull 

* Mr Clair W Noll 

Mrs. Mary Jane (Kern) Parsons 
o Mr. George Radanovic 
o Mrs. Ann R. (Rydberg) Reinhard 
o Mrs. Alice B (Bomberger) 

Mr. Frederick L. Shaak 

* Mr George D. Shaak 

Mrs. P Sally Ann (Whitmoyer) 
a Mrs. Adora R. (Rabiger) Sholley 

t deceased 

o quittapahilla clue 

* charter club 

*■ SOCIETY OF 1866 


Mrs. Ardith G. (Gaumer) Steckel 
Rev. Clarence D. Ulrich 
o Mrs. Florence R. (Risser) 

* Dr. Mary Louise (Young) Wagner 

* Ms. Lynette E. Waller 

Miss Dorothy M(Pfautz) Wenger 
o Mr. Thomas G. Wolfgang 

* Dr. Ralph E. Yingsr 

Class 0/1956 
Annual Fund S9.34o.0O 
Endowment S2.950.00 
Physical $1,000.00 
Dr. Gene R Adams 

* Dr John B. Allwein 

Mrs. Doris B. (Brandt) Ayers 
o Dr. Edward J Billingham 
o Mr Harold E Bird 
o Dr David N. Bosacco 
o Mrs. Dorothy G. (Grabau) Boyd 
o Mr Henry T. Chadwick 
Mrs. Louise (Loeper) Corrrell- 

o Mr Anthony B. Creamer 
o Mr Ronald R Dav 
a Dr Jacquelyn F. (Fecrerhoff) 


* Mr. David J Farling, CPA 
Mr Theodore G Fish 

Mrs Nancy K (Kirby) Fisher 
Mrs. Margaret M (Martin) 
o Mr Herbert M Forrest 

* Mt Eugene R Geesey 

o Mr David H. Gittleman 
o Mrs Sylvia R. (Rosenberry) 

Mrs Mildred T. (Traurman)Hartz 

Mr. Thomas L. Hess 

* Mr. Sidney L Holing 

Mrs Joan N. (Napoliello) Horn 

* Mr Lawrence E Jones 
o Mr. Pius H. Kaltreider 

o Mrs. Joan E (Eckenroad) Kirk- 
Rev Richard D Leonard 
Mrs. Gloria K. (Ritrer) McCauley 

o Mr Howard J Pachasa 
Mrs Cynthia J (Patron) Poet 

o Mr Thomas V Quinn 

o Mr. Curtis C Troutman 

o Mr Donald H Umberger 

o Mrs. Shirley H (Heizmann) 
Mr Eugene W. Zimmerman 

Class of 79-57 

Anni ai Fi mi $16,893 s 1 

Endowment Shun 00 

Physk ai. $2,356 66 
o Mt Theodore L Blumenrhal 
o Rev. Dorothy M Book 

Mr. Roy E. Boush 

Dr Joseph A Brechbill 
o Mr Donald S Burkharr 

Miss Joan C. Conway 

* Ms. Hazel A Davis 

Mr Ronald K Dissinger 
Mr. Ralph W, Fortna 

* Murray B. Grosky, M.D. 

o Mrs. Carol K. (Kelly) Hamilton 
Miss Emma E Herr 

* Mrs. Georgianne F (Funk) Jones 

* Mr William H Kink 
» Mr R Lee Kunkel 

o Mrs. June L. (Lykens) Lantz 
o Rev. W Franklin Lantz 
» Mr. Jerry E. Lego 

Mrs. Nancy L. (Kettle) Lenker 
a Mr Willard L Light 

* Mr James M McArdle 

o Rev. Gerald A. McCormick 
o Mr Frank R. McCulloch 

Mrs. Dorothy L. (Lentz) 

a Mrs. Geraldine S. (Sheaffer) 

a Mr. Ronald J Mosemann 
o Mr. Robert J Nelson 

* Mrs. Jeanne C. (Winter) Noll 
•> Ma] Gen Ross S Plasterer 

o Mr. Donald L Reinhard 

* Mrs. Polly R (Risser) Reinhart 
o Mrs Jane II (Hoffman) Roush 

Brig. Gen (Ret ) Robert M 

Sheaffer. USA 
Dr Thomas E Silliman 
Mr Robert E. Snyder 
o Mrs. Hannelore W (Wanner) 

o Mr Calvin J Wacker 

* Mrs Patticia L (Lutz) Walter 
o Mr Larry L Ziegler 

Class of 1958 

Anni ai Fi so $26,715 00 

Endowment $5,122.00 

Physk ai $73,233.18 

Mr. Edward A Anderson 
o Dr Jerald G Bachman 

Mrs. Marlene B (Brill) Bell 
o Mrs. Barbara S. (Schwaghart) Bird 

Mrs Janet M (Tinglcy) Boehm 

* Mrs Sessaly P (Prugh) Boyd 
o Mrs. Fern L. (Liskey) Bucher 
o Mrs. Virginia S. (Smedley) 

o Dr Thomas B Carmany 

* Mrs Joan H (Heindel) 

* Mr Robert L Dinerman 
a Mr Henry G Douglass 

* Mr Gary D Eisenberger 

* Mr Darwin G Glick 

* Mrs Elizabeth R (Spcicher) 

Mrs. Nancy G. (Grace) Good 

* Mrs RobieL (Lauman) Hall 
Mrs. Evelyn K. (Krammes) 


* Mr Ronald B Hartranft 

* Mr Warren R Heidclbaugh 
" Rev Jack R Hoffman 
■> Mrs lean H (Henninger) 

o Mr Donald R Hole 
» Dr Michael P Hottenstein 
o Ms Barbara G. Johnson 
o Mr Aubrey H Kershner 

Mr Fred S Kreider. Jr 

Dr Thomas H. Kreiser 
o Mr. William P Krick, Jr 

Rev. C. Roberr Landis 

Mrs. Kathryn H (Hoerner) Lanz 

Mrs Darlcne S. (Srciner) Lebo 

Rev. John R Lebo 

Mr. John F Lenker 
o Rev. Charles W Lightner 
o Mrs. Harriet M (Mickey) 

* Mr James A Mitchell. Jr 
Dr Jacksun G Perry 
Mr. Richard E Powell 

o Mrs Ruth O. (Obert) Ranalli 

* Dr Thomas C Reinhart 
Mrs D Lorraine (Eshlcman) 

Mrs Donna M (Williamson) 

Mrs Sandra W. (Weir) Shipman 
o Mrs. Mary E. (Swope) Shroyer 

* Mr. Gary H. Sipe 

Mr Richard H Smith 
o Mr Joseph K. Snare 

Mr. John H. Sproul 
o Mr. Joe L. Snuffer 
o Mr. Sandy R. Srover 

o Mr. Harold P. Swanger 

o Mrs Carol M. (Mark) Wagner 

a Miss Beverly A. Walp 

* Mr Ronald B Weinel 

* Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

* Dr James F Wolfe 

o Mrs Mary Ellen (Risser) Ziegler 

Class ../ 1:959 

40™ Reunion COMMITTEI 

Bruce R Rismiller. Co-< hair 

Janet Blank Rismiller. ( ' hair 

Bernerd A Buzgon 

Edna Jenkins Carmean 

D Clark Carmean 

William F. DeLiberry 

Joanne Grubb Gain 

Estelle Bcrger Hartranft 

Linda Heefner Heindel 

Ned D. Heindel 

James G. Novinger 

Annual Fi mi $66,823 00 
Endowment SI .(11111111) 
Physical S91." 14 00 

o Mr D Neil Aharrah 

o Mrs. Mary B. (Beaver) Aharrah 

* Mrs Shirley J (Jacobs) An licit 
Rev Wayde V Atwell 

Mr Richard E Bird 
o Mr. Russell J Boeshore 

* Bernerd A Buzgon, Esq 

* Dr Edna J (Jenkins) Carmean 
Mr Theodore M Cerron 

o Mrs Marie S (Sponsler) Clark 
o Mrs Rurh H (Howell) Cook 

Mr LeRoy E Copenhaver 
o Mrs Shirley B (Bair) Crumlich 
•I Mr William F DeLiberry 

Rev Harvey W. Ebnghr.Jr. 

Mr Edward R Fancovic 

* Dr Arthur L Ford.Jr 

a Mrs. Joanne G (Grubb) Gain 
o Mr Robert H Gingrich 
Mr James F Greenwood 

* Mrs FstelleB (Berger) Hartranft 

* Dr Linda H (Heefner) Heindel 

* Dr Ned D Heindel 
Dr. John B Hoffman 
Mr Sheldon K Hoover 

Mrs Janet Z (Zuse) Hosterter 
o Mrs. Barbara D (Deirer) I louston 
•> Rev William A Hower 

Mrs Linda S (Shirey) Huber 
o Hon. Wayne G. Hummer 


Mr Alfred J Koziarz 

Mr Irving Krant 
A Dr H Dale Kreider 

Mr. Sterling R Krumbine 

Mr Thomas F Kunkle 
o Dr John P Lambert 

Mr. Nello M Lavorini 
o Mr Gene R Layser 
o Mrs Marilyn K (Kreider) Layser 

Mr. James O Lebo 

Mr II Kennerh Lee 
a Mrs Susan C) (Oaks) Leonard 
o Mrs Ann R (Rohland) Lloyd 

Mr David M Long 
o Mrs. Phyllis L il.ik kens) Lowe 

Mrs Mary K 1 Koth) Lurron 

* Mrs Sarah ( (( ,«,ki M.irk.1 
o Dr Robert S. Martin 

o Res Alexander P McCullough 
Mr. David R. Meder 

* Mr Larry M Mentzer 
Mr Mark L. Miller 

o Mr. MylesL Miller 

Miss Ruth A Miller 
o Mrs CarolynS (Schairer) Mover 

Mr Dale A Miner 
o Dr Karl I Mover 
■» Mr. Waltet H Muller 

* Mr. James G Novinger 
Dr Kenneth R Orwig 
Mr Clair 1. Paul 

Mr Donald I Pott, r 

Mr Samuel G Poet 

o Mr Joseph D Ragno 

* Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller 

* Mrs. Janet L (Blank) Rismiller 
Mr Joseph C Sailc 

Mr Mark J. Schaeffer 

Mr Erwin F Schuster 

Mr Edmundl Slezosk) 

Mr Roben V Supowit 
o Ms Louise ( I Swain 

Mr David A Tobias 
o Mrs Catherine H (Heliick) Van 

Mrs Marion B iBrook-si Vespe 
•.*■ Mr Raymond F Weiss 

Mr Charles E Wernert 
Miss Dons E White 

Mrs JohannaH (Hansen)Wilson 

Mrs Ethel F (Fake) Wolf 

Miss Jane E Wolfe 

Mr Rii. hard E Zimmerman 

Class oj 70(11 

Anni ai I-i \u S8.195 52 

Endowment Ssun 00 

Mr. Edward J Alexander 
Mrs Brenda H (Funk) Bern 
Mrs Patrii 1.1 H (Hagerry I Bolus 
Mr. Philip D Bn.iisni 
o Mr. James S Bustard 
o Mrs Joyct 1- .Fuller) Bustard 

Mr Samuel F Butz 
Mrs Kirkir.i B (Burns' 

o Dr James W Carpenrer 

Mrs Phyllis D (DePugh) Caskie 
o Mr Riih.,r,l M Daugherr; 
♦ Mr. Ronald M Daughert) 
o Ke\ Joseph B Dietz 
o Mr Ronald L Dietz 
a Dr Russel H Etter 
Philip II Feather, Esq 
Mr Ray K Fields 
Mrs Patricia J (Jones) Galvin 
•> Mrs Marsh. t ( (Chain I r,rosk\ 
Mr. Roberr G. Harl.ickcr 
Rev. Donald I. Harper 
» Mrs Dolores H iHerner 
Mi David F Heberlig 
* l>i < I. irk S Hoffman, It 

Mr Richard K. Hollinger 
Mi Ronald P Hosis 
o Mr James I Kantner 
Mr Glenwood H Knll 

* Mrs. Rosalind E. (Horn) Kunkel 
Mrs. Marianne K. (Kanoff) Lonev 

* Mr John W, Metka 
Mr Roberr C. Musser 
Mrs MarjorieC. (Cook) 1 Iro 
Mrs Nanq I. (Lewis) Parton 

o Mr. John H Phillips 

o Mrs Mar ret 1 G rber) Philp 

o Mr ( liarles R. Piersol 

Mrs Margaret W ■ 
° ^Irs N ell) Ragno 

Res William B Ramey. |r 
Mrs. Jacqueline S. (Simes) K 
Mr John F Schlegel 
o Res. David W.Schmuck 
Mrs S.1II1 I 1 - 

Mrs Mars R (R 
« Mr John J. Stouffer 
Mr Kenneth J - 
Mrs shir!, v A (Anglei 
o Mrs Nanq K (Kulp) Thorner 
* Mrs ( ..:. ( ( hambers) 

o Mr L Nelson Umble 

Mr Fre It 
o Mr James ( ) Wargny 

Mr David I. Weiser 
o Mrs Marrha R (Rud 

o Mrs Patruia P (P t rr 
o Mr Joel H Zinn 


Anni ai. I 
Physicai - 
Dr Charles L Arnett 
Mrs Martha ( 'Chrisr-. 

ss Mrs M \ I! , I Is.': 


Mi Shirlej L (Landis) Dietz 

Mrs M Ruth (Messersn 

Mrs V Virginia (Wot 
o Miss \ancy I Ford 

Mr Richard \ Garwood 
o Mr Larry Q Hall 
o Mr Robert D Harrnett 
o Mrs Fay W (Weik) Horst 

Mrs AdeleM (Moss) Hunt 

Mr Barry L Keinard 
o Dr Roberr W. Kilmoyer 

( Kit 1 Rosalyn K ■ 


o < apt Alfred J Kreiser 
Mrs Joan M (Mumper) Linnane 
Mrs Judith L (Leirh)Lohmann 
Ms Man A Mag 
Mrs Pauline M (Fit. M 

* Mrs Selina It (Hill ' 

o Mrs Amy H (Hartman) 

M 1 Iwei 
o Dr It... 

* Mrs Lois B .Broil. '. 
Mrs Marjorie P. (Petei M 
Mr Nolan F Miller 

o Mr Donald 1 Murr.i\ 
ibeth 1 Evai 
n B. Raver 

* lames T Reilly, Esq. 

* Dr Samuel J SI 

Mrs Sheila T (Tayi 

Mi K.11I K Smith 
o Mr Walter L Smith 

M s.S w w Snavel; 

o Mrs Dianne M 1 \r: : 
o Mrs Barbr.i S. (S 

* M ' B. :.i Steiner 
o Mr < harks J. Tobias. II 

oDr. Dean V. W r., 

oLr ( ol. D. Thomas Winter 

oRev Keith B. Wise 

Mr Sti phen 1. Wisler 

Riport 01 Gifts 

Class of 1962 
Annual Fund $12,444.99 
Physical $18,880.53 
o Mrs. Aglaia S. (Stephams) Ahmed 
Mrs Jane L. (Levine) Alexander 
Mr. Karl W Bordner 
Mrs. Emily J. (Bowman) Brown 
Mrs. Patricia D. (Davis) Bullock 
Ms. MaryLouise (Lamke) Burke 

* Mr. David L. Czirr 

* Mr. Woodrow S Dellinger 
Mrs. Georgiana K (Kunzler) 

Mrs. Isobel M (Miller) Dottle 
Mrs. Judith K (Kline) Feather 
•> Mr. Kenneth R. Feather 
o Dr Hiram E. Fitzgerald 
Mr. Dean A. Flinchbaugh 
Mrs. Barbara W. (Wogisch) 

Dr. Harry P. Frederick 
Mrs. Marilyn E. (McCleary)Funk 
Mrs. Bonnie W. (Williams) 
o Mr. GeorgeJ. Hiltner, III 

Mr. William H. Hooke 
a Mr. Doyle W. Iveyjr. 
Ms. Marilyn R. (Rinker) 

Mrs. Cecelia A (Reed) Keehn 
Mrs. Gayle S. (Schlegel) Keinard 
Mrs Kay L. (Sterner) Kelbley 
o Mrs. Letitia C. (Cnspen)Kilmoyer 
o Dr. Richard E. Khnedinst 
o Mrs. Suzanne G. (Grace) 

•> Mrs. Mary B. (Bollman) Kreider 
o Mr. Ray C. Lichrenwalter 
a Dr. Barry W Light 
Mrs. Margaret L. (Seaber)Markert 
Mrs. Jane M. (McCann) Miller 
o Ms Delores A. Mounsey 

Dr Car! B Rife 

o Mr. Charles R. Seidel 

* Mr. John K. Seymour 

Mr. Daniel F Shearer 

<■ Mrs. Sandra S. (Sterler) Stouffer 

Mr. Robert H. Stull 

* Mrs. Brenda B. (Brown) Troisi 
o Mr. Russell R. Urey 

o Mr. Henry F. Van de Water 
Mrs. Martha E. (Evans) Wargo 
Mrs. NormaJ. (Morns) Wright 

* Mrs. Carol A. (Smith) Yost 

* Mr Harry B. Yost 

Class 0/1963 
Annual Fund Si 2,780.83 
Endowment $5. 00 
Physical $170.01 

* Mr H William Acker 

* Robert J Andreozzi, M.D 

* Ms. Barbara H. Bailes 

o Dr. Mary H. (Haines) Berthold 
o Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 

* Mr James L. Boyle 
Mr. Robert J. Brill 
Mr. James E. Brommer 

Mrs. Judith N. (Newton) Brown 

Mr. Philip H. Castor 
o Dr. R. Frederick Crider 
o Mr. Stanley M. Daniels 
o Mr. James W. Davis 

* Mr. Adam Diebus 

Mrs. Linda B. (Breeze) Dorand- 
o Mr. Gerald H Edris 

Mrs. Judith S. (Smith)Ermigiotn 
o Rev Richard G. Felty 
o Mrs Dolores K (Koncar) 

o Mr. William W. Focht 

Mrs. Dianne E. (Ehrhart) Gray 

Dr Roberr A. Gray 
o Rev Merrill A. Hassmger 
o Mrs. Lynne F. (McWilliams) 

Ms Barbara E Horst 

Mrs. Rebecca A. (Unger)Howard 

Mr. G. Thomas Keehn 
o Mrs. Margaret A. (Weinert) 

o Dr. Ralph R. Kreiser 

Mr Ralph L. Lehman, III 
a Mr. Ellis W. McCracken 

Mrs. Barbara B. (Bongart) 

Mrs. Shirley B. (Brown) Michel 
a Mrs. Leann R. (Grebe) Miller 

Mrs. Susan S. (Smith) Miller 

Mr. Byron N. Mock 

Mrs. Shelvy J. (Stuck) Moorhead 
o Mr. Lawrence R. Moss 

Mr Dennis C. Phillippy 
o Rev Dr David W. Pierce 

* Mr George M Reider, Jr 

■> Ms. Judith N. (Nichols) Renzulli 

Mrs. Judith S. (Snowberger) Rife 

Mr. Richard H Rotz 

Miss Dawn E. Sandy 
o Mrs. Nedra R. (Rine) Schmuck 

Mr. Dennis R. Schnader 
o Mrs. Sarah L. (Lane) Seidel 
o Rev. William A. Sherman 
o Mr. Robert R. Shope 

Ms. Kathryn S. Skewis 
o Ms. Janet T. (Taylor) Spengler 

* Mr. Gregory G Stanson 

o Mrs. Olive B. (Binner) Stoops 

Dr. Vance R. Stouffer 

Dr. Dennis W. Sweigart 
o Dr. Ford S. Thompson 
o Mrs. Nancy D (Dutro)Thompson 
o Mrs. Elizabeth (Williams) Van 
de Water 

Mr. Harry M. Voshell 

* Mr. John R Weaber 
Rev. George M. Weaver 

o Mrs. Nancy N. (Napier) Wilbourn 
Mrs. Betsy M. (McElwee) Zehner 

Class of 1 964 

35 th Reunion Committee 

James H. Zimmerman, Chair 

Annual Fund $17,362.50 
Physical $950.00 

* Dr. Elizabeth C. (Miller) Bains 

o Mrs. Patricia J. (Jones) Balsbaugh 

* Mt. Richard L. Bashore 
Mr. Kenneth C. Beck 
Rev. Ronald J. Beistlme 
Mr Henry A. Bessel 
Mrs. Lavmia B. (Beckner) 


Ms. Janet E. Bisbing 

Mr. Russell P. Bonsall 
o Mrs. Elizabeth V. (Vastine) 

o Mr. Donald J. Burns 
o Mr. James L. Cromer 

Mr Robert F Daigneault 

Mr John W. Davis 

Mrs. Judith G. (Garvin) Dissinger 
o Ms. Roberta A. Dudas 

Mr. James L. Dunn 

Mr. M. Jay Earley 

* Mrs. Sandra B. (Beltz) Edmunds 
o Mr Frank W. Eiler 

Mrs. Judith A. (Aungst)Freeman 

Dr. Larry L Funck 

Ms Linda M Gatchel 
o Mt Dennis T Geib 
o Mrs Julie J. (Johnston) Geib 

Dr. Guy H. Gerhart 

Ms. Salhe A. Gerhart-Light 

Mr. Gordon J. Gingrich 
o Dr David D Grove 

* Mr WalterS. Hamshet 

o Bishop Susan W (Wolfe) 

o Mr Marvin L. Hendnx 
o Mrs Judith B. (Baker) Higgins 
o Dr William R. Higgins 

Mr. Stephen C. Hildreth 
o Mr. Richard B. Hiler 

Mr David P. Hively 

Mr Marhn Houck 

Mrs. Hannah P. (Pisle)Kaufmann 

* Dr J Michael Kildee 

Mrs Elizabeth R (Robinson) 

* Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 

* Mr. Wesley J. MacMillan 
Mr. Charles H. Martin 
Mr. Larry H Miller 

Mrs. Jane L. (Hicks) Morns 

o Ms. Lovella L. Naylor 
Mrs. Dolores M. (Mallery) 

o Mr. John F Onofrey 

Mrs. Rita B. (Blauvelt) Patterson 
Mrs. Patricia M. (McDyer) Pece 
Mrs. Patricia Z. (Ziegler) Petrak 
Mrs. Carol D. (Deichert) Rick 

o Mrs. Loretta A. (Schlegel) Rittle 

* Mr Carl F Sayers 

o Mrs Judith T (Tanno) 
Dr Douglas V. Shaw 

* Mrs. Judith R. (Ruhl) Shearer 
o Mrs. Sandra D. (Diener) Shope 

Ms. Barbara J. Shupp 

* Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Mrs. Joanne M. (Mainiero) 

Dr. Henry K. Smith, II 

* Mr. E Lee Spancake 

* Mrs. Lynn L. (Lewis) Spancake 
Mr. John A. Spoonhour, Jr. 
Mrs. Sydnae R. (Rouse) Steinhart 
Mrs. Nancy W. (Wagner) Stull 
Mr. Walter A. Srump 

o Mr. George G Thomas 

o Mr. Thomas W. Weik 

Mr. Kenneth S. Whisler, Jr. 
Mrs. Nancy B. (Bintliff) Whisler 
■> Mr Jon A. Yost 

* Mr. James H. Zimmerman 

Class of 1965 

Annual Fund $ 1 9,98 1 .66 
Endowment $320.00 
Physical $4,400.00 

* Mr. H. William Alsted 
Ms. Virginia D. Bergey 
Mrs. Sylvia L. (Laubach) Brill 
Mrs. Jeanne B. (Bogert) Brody 
Mrs. Bonnie C. (Weinck)Carl 

o Mr. Richard A. Carlson 
o Mrs. Dorothy J. (Cole) Carpenter 
Mrs. Beckie W. (Walker) Castor 
o Mr. G. Stuart Close 

* Mr. Thomas B. Cnsman 

o Mrs. Sallie S. (Slocum) Davis 
o Mrs Judith B (Bowman) Downs 

Mrs. Carolyn S. (Leitner)Enterhne 

Mr. Paul D. Enterhne 
o Mrs. Joy A. (Klmgler) Felty 

Mrs. Nancy E. (Dice) Fennell 
o Ms. Kay F. Fontenoy 
o Mrs. PatriciaS. (Shreffler) 

o Mrs. Runette W. (White) 

o Mt William C Gingtich 

Mr. William A. Grove 

Ms. Dorcas R. Haines 
o Mr Dale B. Hains 
o Dr. Suzanne H. (Hollingsworth) 

■> Dr. William H. Hillmann 
o Mr. GeorgeJ Hollich.Jr. 
a Mrs. Carole D. (Duncan) Horn 
a Mr Richard T Irwin 

* Dr Howard D Jones 
Mr. Donald R. Kaufmann 
Mr. Philip C. Kohlhaas 
Mrs. Gail B. (Barger) Krebs 

<• Mr. Andrew W Kreider 
o Mrs. Diana L. (Nelson) Laul 

Mr. David W. Leigh 

Mr Jay W. Lingerman 

* Mr. Dick London 
Mr. William E. Luce 

o Mr Robert J. Ludwig 

* Mr Barry L. Lutz 

* Frederic J. Marsik, PhD 
Mr, Dennis J. Martin 

a Mrs. Audrey M. (Frye) Metro 

a Mr. Carl E. Miller 

o Dr. Glenn A. Moser 

o Dr Edward L. Nickoloff 

o Dr. Robert H. Rittle 

* Mr. Stephen H Roberts 

Mrs. Dorothy H. (Hudson)Robson 
o Mr. Joseph D. Rutter 
o Mrs. Mary Ellen (VanHorn) Rutter 

Ms Judith S. (Shellhammer) 

Mr. Clair E. Shatto 

Mrs. Mary E (Olmsted) Shearer 

Mrs. Norma W. (Woolston) 

Mrs. Audrey W. (Wahler) Smith 
o Mrs. Leslie G. (Gardner) Smith 

Mrs. Lois S. (Shroyer) Smith 

Mr. Peter A. Stanilla, Jr. 
o Mr. Glenn R. Stech 
o Mr. Carroll G Srroh 

Mr. Albert J. Taylor 

* Dr. David G Thompson 
Mr. John A. Uhrich 

Mr. Theodore O. Weaver 

Mr. Jamie G. Wescott 
a Mr. Bruce R. Wieder 
o Mr. A. Barry Yocom 

* Mrs. Karen E. (Lutz)Zimmerman 

o quittapahilla club 


i valley club 

* SOCIETY OF 1866 


Class 0/1966 

Annual Fund $11,881.50 

Physical $2,185.00 

Mr. Michael T. Alleman 
4 Dr Ronald S. Beckley 

Mr. James K, Brandt 
o Dr Linda J (Plequette) Burns 
o Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

Mrs Jennifer C. (Codington) 
o Mr. Joseph J. Chuchla 
o Mrs Marcia H. (Hannah) Cromer 

Ms. Mary J Larlev 

Mr. Paul A. Egbert 
o Mr. Sylvester F Eppley 

Mrs. Dorothy E (Evans) Geesaman 

Mr. J Robert Gilbert 

Mrs. Sally B (Breidenthal) Gilbert 

Dr John W Gregory' 

Rev. Sarah A Heinczelman 

Dr. Richard P. Henzel 

* Mrs. Sharon S. (Stetler) Herr 
o Mr. Richard C Hottman 

o Mrs Carol F (Frey) Hollich 
t*,Mr Robert E Horn 

Ms. Claudia M. (Nagle) Hostetter 
o Mr. Barn- E Howard 

Mr Robert L. Huffman 

Mrs JoAnn P ( Plymire) Kreeger 

Mr J Duncan Knebei 
a Mr. John M. Lafferty 

* Mrs Karen C. (Coopen Lamb 
Mr. Mervin K Lentz 

« Dr Eileen D Lynch 

* Mrs Elspeth L (Lowne) MacMillan 
Mr. Richard C. McCoy 

Mrs Gail V. (Vissers) McFadden 
o Mrs Jean S. (Shaw) McHale 

Mr. George M Millard 

Mr. Daniel B. Moran 

Mrs Karen C (Caldwell) Moran 
o Mrs Sara K (Kauftman) Moss 
a Mr. Albert E. Padley 

* Dr Richard C. Reed 
o Mr. W Vernon Rice 
o Mr Larry R Ruddle 

Dr. Rodney H. Shearer 
Mr P Bruce Sholley 
o Dr Ruth A Smith-Matsuo 
Mrs. Carolyn M. (Miller) Soderman 

* Mr. Donald R Stanton 
Mr Jay S. Stanton 

Mrs. Susan S. (Schlesmger) 

Mr Thomas C Stohler 
o Mrs. Donna S (Smith) Scroh 

Mrs. Carol W (Warfield) Tallman 

Mrs. Carol W (Woolley) Testa 
o Mrs Elaine K (Kreller) Tomlmson 

Mrs. Helen T. (Tschudy) Vasquez 

* Mr. John C Vaszily 

Mrs Kathleen G. (Gunnet) 

Ms Helen M Warnke 
o Rev. Charles F Weigel 
o Rev. James W. Weis 

Mrs. Ruth H (Hiveiy) Wert 
a Mrs Jean E. (Hoffman) Witter 

Dr. Stephen N Wolf 
o Mr Frank F Yeager 

Mrs. Anne S. (Sargent) Young 

Class 0/1961 
Asm ai Fund $32,360.00 
Endowment $2,300.00 
Physical $1,400.00 

* Mrs. Barbara I (Macaw) Atkinson 

* Mr D. Larry Bachtell 

Mrs. Barbara B. (Beltz) Banket 

* Mrs. Bonnie M (Mover) Beckley 

* Mr. Kenneth S Berry- 
Mr William A. Cadmus 

o Dr John E. Dougherty, III 

* Mr Tilman R Frye 
Mr. George N. Fulk 

* Mr John M. Galat 
Mr. Frank J. Geier 

o Dr. Harold F. Giles 
Ms. Susan | Green 
Ms Mary-Ann Halladay 
Mrs Wendy P. (Ptacek) Harper 
Mrs Donna B (Bridge) Heberlig 
Mrs Caroline T (Trupp) Heizmann 
Mr. Clifford L Heizmann 
o Dr David P Ingalls 
a Mrs. Linda P. (Pierce) Irwin 

Mrs. Ellen K. (Kreiser)Jarrett 
o Mrs Ann M (Leidich) Kauftman 
o Mr. Jack Kauftman 

Rev. Donald B. Kitchell 
o Mrs Donna D (Diehl) Kuntz 
o Mrs. Patrice T (Todd) Langdon 
+ Mrs Rayanne B (Behney) Lehman 
Mrs Mary P (Smith) Luntz 

* Mr. Robert J Martalus 
Mr Daniel L Maurer 

Mrs. Donna S (Simmers) Mertz 

Mrs. Jane E. (Doll) Mover 

Rev Paul C. Murphy 
■» Mrs. Lois Q (Quickel) Neidermyer 

Mr. Ronald D Newmaster 

Mr. Larry J Painter 

Mrs. Ellen J. (Jackson) Patterson 

Mrs. Bonnie M (Mills) Rausch 

Mrs. Luise W (Wubbena) Reading 
a Dr. Roberta G. (Gable) Reed 
o Dr Helaine H (Hopkins) Scarlett 
Golan n 

* Mrs. JoAnn D (Dill) Schubert 
Mrs Ellen L (Latherow) Shatto 

o Dr Damon L Silvers 

o Mr Walter L Smith 
Mr Ward O. Smith, III 
Mrs Margaret B (Barto) Snyder 

* Mr Francis M. Steam 
Mr Michael R Sterner 

Mrs Sandra J. (Rennmger) Strogus 

* Mrs Elaine B (Brenner) Thompson 
Ms Gale M. Thompson 

Ms. Patricia A. (Thornton) 
o Mrs Marilyn A. (Gulley) Wagner 

* Deacon Richard W Wentzel 
Dr John A. Wiest 

* Mr Samuel A. Willman 

o Mrs Carol C. (Clay) Yocom 

Mrs. Ellen K (Kauftman) Zeigler 
o Mrs Man, Jane (Hall) Zimmerman 

Class 0/1968 
Annual Fund $16,720.00 
Endowment $12,650.00 
Physical $1,900.00 

Mrs. Paula C. (Snyder) Aboyoun 
Mrs Carol E (Eshelman) Allen 
Mrs Kathleen H (Hannon) 

Mr Dennis T Bashore 
o Mrs. Thelma H (Hostetter) Blouch 
Dr Darryl W. Bnxius 
Mrs Jean S (Slade) Bruce 
Mrs Rebecca C (Cooke) Burgee 
Mr Harry M Capper 

* Mrs Mary J. (Lippert) Coleman 

* Mrs Janet (Else) D'Alessandro 

* Mr CharlesJ Dehart 

* Mrs. Carol E (Edgecomb) Ditzler 

* Mr. Warren D Ditzler 
o Mr. David A Fetters 

Dr LeRoy G. Frey 

Mrs. Wanda W. (Wlasova)Gerstner 
o Ms. M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 

Mrs Sonja H (Hawbakcr) Grewal 
o Mr Alan P Hague 
o Mrs, Diane B. (Bott) Haight 
o Dr Donald A. Haight 

Mrs Rosemary M (McCIeaf) 

Rev. Ralph L Heagy 
o Dr John H Heffner 
Mr. Terry W. Hicks 
Mrs Carolyn D (Dreibelbis) 


* Mr Gregory P Hoover 
Mr. Carl E Horning 

o Ms Mary A Hostetter 

o Mrs Valerie Y (Yeager) Hutchinson 

Mrs. Rebecca W. (Wagner) Hyman 

Dr. Stephen M. Jacobs 

Mr Eugene Katzman 

Mr Robert A Kaufmann 

* Mr. George J King 

o Mr Robert A Laughead 
o Mr James G Magazino 

* Mrs Susan S (Shanaman) McCaleb 
Mr Jeffrey S. McCullough 

o Mrs. Carol S (Swalm) Moffat t 
Mrs. Susan S. (Swartz) Musser 
Mrs Marjorie M (Miller) Nelson 

iiiiu 11111 

* Dr James R Newcomer 

o Mrs Barbara C. (Cressman) Padlev 
o Mr. David J Padley 

* Dr. Lynn G (Garrett) Phillips 
Mrs Janice K (Koehler) 

Rn luf'.Unn 
a Mr Ronald L Richcreek 

* Mrs Janet L (Gessner) Roberts 
o Mr Stuart G, Schoenly 

Ms Carol P (Paist) Schwalm 

Mrs Anna R Schwartz 
o Mr. Walter S Shakespeare 
o Rev M Thomas Shatto 
o Mrs Patricia H (Hummel) Shatto 

Mr. James M Shearer 
o Mr Richard Simington 

* Mrs. Cheryl A. (Seacat) Stearn 

* Mr. J Kenneth Thomas 

* Mrs Mary (D'Anna) Thomas 
o Dr Phillip E Thompson 

Ms. Barbara A (Ankrum) Wagner 
o Mr Richard E Williams 

* Mrs. Elaine J (Joy) Willman 
Mr Harry C. Zart 

Class 0/1969 

50 th Reunion Committee 

Dennis J Tuili, Chair 

Annual Fund $10,819-99 

Endowment S^- ,s 00 
Physu ai 5::^ 00 
« Mr Ruben D Atkinson 

* Mrs Pixie H (Hunsicker) Bachtell 
Mr Alan J Balma 

Mrs. Mitzi S. (Sans) Balma 

o Ms Marion L. (Mylly) Bartholomew 
Mrs Ann R (Richard) Brennan 
Mr. Peter E Brennan 
Mrs Linda B (Bell) Brown 
Mr. William E.Campbell 

o Ms Diane F. Cerutti 

o Dr. Thomas M Clemens 
Rev. Albert L. Clipp 
Mr. Jeffrey L Conway 
Mr James F Davis 
Mr Bruce R Decker 
Mrs Leslie B (Bain Decker 

* Mrs Elaine D. (Dorcsis) Dehart 
Mrs. Jean M (McClelland 1 

o Mrs Jeanne A. (Anspach) Eamshaw 
o Mrs Maryann E (Eastman) 

o Mr William B. Eisenhart 
o Mr Linn D Eisenhower 
o Mrs Lucille P. (Dunne) Forrest 

Mrs. Mary L (LaBella) Fox 

Mr. Robert S Fox 

Rev Dennis L Frantz 

Mr Tern L Gehman 
«■ Mr Karl E Guyler 
o Mrs Diane G. (Giovanis) 

o Ms. Carol A (Dunn) Hansen 

Mr James W Haslam 

Ms Jean L Heilman 
*■ Dr Paula K Hess 

Mr. Franklin S. Hoch 

Mr James R Hoffman 

Mrs Polly C. (Carnathan) Javmes 

Dr Robert G. Jennings 

Mr Michael R Jones 

Mrs Jeanne \ (Nixon) Kautmann 

Mr. Richard W. Kaufmann 

Mr Beniamin F Klugh 

Ms Barbara T (Turkington) 

L aquer 

* Mr Dennis M Lehman 

* Mrs Quinetta D (Garbnck) 

o Mr Ronald L Long 

Mr. John D Maclary 
o Mr Carl L Marshall 
o Mrs. Joanne C (Cestone) 

Mrs Sandra H (Hughes) 

Ms. Cynthia S Melman 

Dr William H Miller 

Mr. Dennis E Patrick 

Ms Patricia A Pingel 

Mrs. Anne P. (Prescott) Quigley 
o Dr Jack R Reid 

Mrs. SherneP (Ptacek^ Rice 
a Ms Linda S Rothermel 
o Mr Dale C Schimpl 

Mrs. Karen L. (Bowman' Schwalm 
o Mrs Shirlev D (Deaven) Shaffer 
o Mr William D. Sharrow 
o Mr franklin R. Shearer 
o Mrs Lucille A (Koch) Shearer 

Mr William E. Shetu-nbergcr 

Mrs. Shirlev A 1 Warner) Sherman 
o Mrs Dons B. (Bryden) Skinkus 

Rev Dennis R. Snovel 
o Mrs Mary A (Horn) Stewart 
o Ms. NmaE Tafel 
o Dr. Lam R T.u lor 
o Ms Helen E. Templin 
o Ms Carolyn E. Thompson 

Ms. Rae L Thompson 
o Mr. Frank M Timlin 

Mr. Joseph A. Torre 

Dr. Dennis I Tulli 
o Mr Robert L I rjg( 1 

* Mrs Diane A. (Aldinger' Y,ls.:iK 
Mrs Linda S. (Sentman' Weeks 

o Mrs Nancy H (Hendnckson) 

Ms. Cinda A. (Albright) Wiest 
Mr. Douglas R Winemiller 
Dr. Jan H Wubbena 

* Dr. Ronald G. Yarger 
o Mr Joseph T. Yost 

Mr. William S. Zimmerman 
Dr Ronald J. Zygmunt 

Class 0/1970 

'■■■ ■ 1- ND SK>. _: >".1-J 

Physical 5. I 
Mr Malcolm B Ahrens 

* Dr. Bruce A Alben 

o Mr. William H. Allen 
Mr. John W Barkuw 

* Mr. James R Biery 
o Mr. Peter Bobotas 

Ms Barbara L 'James) Boltz 

Mrs Eileen H 'Houck) Bowen 

Mrs Lutrell H 'Dorn Bowers 
o Mr Larry A. Bowman 

Mrs Ruth P iPeterson) Brandt 

Mr. Elmer A Bnce 
o Ms Kathleen A. Bryniarski 
o Mr. William C. Bucher 

MCPO Donald C. Cant-r 1 5 N 
o Mrs Deborah S (Sherman.i 

Mrs Barbara M 'Mill' - ( .■.-■' 

Mr William R Coupe 

Mr Morns S. Cupp 
a Mr. Anthony M DeMarco 
o Dr. David A Diehl 

Mrs Rolanda H. (Hofmann) 

Mr Robert E Frey 

Mr John J Gallo 

Ms. Elizabeth S. (Stachowi Garner 

Mr. George S Glen 

Mrs. Margie L. (Hardenstinci 

Mr Roben C Greiner 
a Mr Jensen H. Groff.Jr. 
o Mr. Lloyd R. HeU.Jr 

Mr Thomas G Hostetter 

Mrs Rae Louise (Shettel 1 Hull 

Mrs. Judith A (Kerns) Hunter 
o Mrs. Marsha C (Church) King 

Mr Frank A Kuhn.Jr 

Mrs. Nancy S. (Swenson 1 Lengle 

Mrs. Dorothy B (Bassett 1 Lewis 

* Mr, Erich G Linker, Jr 
Mrs Kathleen K (Keck) 


Dr. James W Meade 
o Dr J. Michael Meyers 

Mrs. Connie L. (Jones) Miller 

Mr, George L Morse 
o Mrs Marv H (Horn 1 Nelson 

Mr. John S. Nornhold 
o Mrs. Catherine M. (Merkeh Phelps 
o Dr Glenn A Phelps 
o Rev. L Fitzgerald Reist. II 

Mrs Susan S 1 Stark) Rhodes 
o Lawrence F Riedman, Esq 

Mr James M Rife 

Mrs. Dorothy M. (Merrill) 
o IV Henry D. Schreiber 
o Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer 
o Ms. SusanJ. Shedenhelm 

Mr Richard M Snell 

* Mi Vanley A. Steiner 
Mrs. Gloria F. (Foltz) Stever 
Ms. Kathleen L Lnangst 

o Mrs. Winifred W 1 Weaver) Walters 

* Dr. Michael P Waltz 
o Mr Bruce T W 

Mrs Julia H. iHummr 
Mr Thomas E. Whittle 
Mrs. Gloria J. (Roush) Winemiller 
Ms. Jo A. Yeaglev 
■> Rt \ Dr G. Edwin Zeiders 

Report of Gifts 

Class of 1971 
Annual Fund $11,915.00 
Endowment $100.00 
Mrs. Catherine U. (Uhnch) 

Rev. Lorelei M (Floyd) Bach 
Mrs. Suzanne S. (Shenk) Banish 
o Mr Donald R. Bechcel 
Mrs. Diane R. (Rennmger) 

Mr. David H Binkley. II 
Mr. Donald P. Btoser.Jr. 
Mr. Robert B. Brandr 
Mrs. Barbara A. (Asplund) 

Mrs Nancy J . (Werner) Carter 
o Mr Thomas W. Cestare 
Mrs Cvnchia R (Reifsnyder) 


Mrs Kathy K (Knauer) Cupp 

Mr. Donald F Engle 
o Mrs. Mona Enquist-Johnston 

Mr. Larry A. Fenner 
o Mrs. Deborah S. (Stnckler) Freer 

Mr. Barry E Fry 

Maj, (Ret ) Kevin E Garner. USA 

Mr Dennis M. Graybill 

Mrs. Catherine B. (Bither) Greco 
Mr Harvey G Gregory 
o Mrs Jessica L. (Leonard) Gregory 
o Mrs. Barbara W. (Wert) Hague 
* Mr Kenneth M. Hale, Jr. 
a Mr. Wilbur A. Hamsher, jr. 

Mrs. Sharon L- (Lawrence) Jacobs 

Mrs. Dianne C. (Coctrell) Jones 
Mr. Robert E. Jones 
Mrs. Pamela B. (Boyer) Kaufman 
o Mrs. Mary Y. (Yarasavage) Keller 

* Mr. Steven R. Krick 

Ms. Karen E. (Hegench) Litterer 
Rev. John H. Lynch 

* Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 
Mr. Robert A. Mains 

Mrs. Linda S. (Ammlung) McAlpin 
o Ms. AnitaJ. Meiser 
o Mr. David E. Miller 

Mrs. Cheryl H. (Hartman) 

Mrs. Anne H. (Hickerson) 

Mr. Michael L. O'Hara 
Mrs Donna J. (Fluke) Osborne 
Dr. Nancie H. (Hummel) Park 
Mr. George J. Pence 
Mrs. Connie B. (Brocious) Powers 
Mrs. Margaret M. (McGarvey) 

Mr. Scott G Ryland 
Mr. Albert E. Schmick. Ill 
Ms. Deborah L. (Meima) Scott 
Mrs. Marilyn L. (Whitmire) 

Mr. John F. Shovlin 
Ms. Allison C. Smith 
Dr. Jane C Snyder 
Mr. Norman A. Sutphin 
o Mr. Edward F. Thomas 
Mr. Richard B. Thompson 

* Mr. John D. Ulrich.Sr. 
Mr. Brian D. Wayne 

Mrs. Nancy M. (McLean) Yaun 
Mrs. Julie R. (Ro|ahn) Zart 
o Mr. Robert R. Zolad 

Class 0/1972 
Annual Fund S 1 1 .944. 1 2 
Endowment $650.52 
Physical $2,652.04 

* Dr. Gregory V. Arnold 
o Mr. Scott L Aungst 

Mr. David Boltz, TV 

Mr. Richard L. Bowen 

Ms. Sue E Bowman 

Mrs. Linda W. (Weaver) Breidigam 

Mrs. Jo Ann O (Otto) Brewer 
o Mrs Susan M (Manbeck) Corbect 

Mrs. Becky D. (Huber) 
o Mrs. I Michelle (Marquis) Diehl 
o Dr Ross W Ellison 

Rev. Claire L. Fiedler 

* Mr. Richard W Fowler 

* Dr. Judith F (Fonken) Grem 

o Mrs. Joyce H. (Huber) Gundrum 
o Mr Robert G. Hamilton 

Mr. Peter A Harubin 
■> Mrs. Gail M. (Fasnacht) Henschke 

* Dr Rex A. Herbert 

o Mrs. Susan A. (Swalm) Hobbs 
Mrs. Carol R. (Rutt) Jennings 
Mr. Edward B Johnson 
Mrs. Phvllis E. (Brown) Johnson 
Ms. Beth E.Jones 

o Dr. John W. Jones 
Lt. Col. (Ret.) William M.Jones. 

o Mrs Lois J. (Johns) Keiter 
Ms. Marilyn G. (Graves) Kimple 
Mrs. Becky M. (Leas) Krepps 
Mr. C. Andrew Krepps, Jr. 
Mrs. Jane R. (Rumfield) Leposa 

o Dr. Carolyn K. (Drescher) Lincoln 

a Mrs. Nancy M. (McCulIough) 

* Mr. Richard A. Look 
o Mr. Stuart J. Magdule 

o Mrs. Charlene T. (Tice) McCabe 
Mrs. Barbara A (Rice) Miller 

o Dr. Dennis J. Nagy 

Mrs. Cheryl K. (Kirk) Noll 
Mrs. Nan L. (Dupler) Papp 
Mrs. Anita B. (Bowman) Pence 

o Mr. William C. Quairoli 

o Mr. Ronald R. Renshaw 

o Mr Daniel L. Robey 

o Mr. Ronald L. Scheairer 

* Mr. John A. Schoch, Jr. 

Mrs. Frances S. (Stachow) Seeger 
o Mrs. Karen A. (Crossan) Selzer 
o Ms. Janet E. Smith 
a Mr. Frank R Sourbeer 
o Dr. David F. Sreffy 

* Dr. David L. Stein 
Mr. Kenneth H Stoltz 
Mr. Thomas K. Thompson 

o Mrs. Natalie C. (Cvijic) Treece 
o Dr. Elizabeth R. (Robinson) Linger 
o Mrs. Donna D. (Ditzler) Weik 
o Ms. Diane R. Wilkins 
Mr. Charles G. Zerbe 

Class 0/1973 

Annual Fund $7,793.00 

Physical $58.32 

Ms. Kathleen A. Bangert 

Mrs. Susan W. (White) Beresford 

Mr. Thomas E. Beresford 

Mrs. Barbara L. (Baughman) Biser 

Mr John C. Bittner, III 

Mr Richard S Brunner 

Mrs. Beverly J (James) Burkhart 
o Mr Anthony Calabrese 
o Mrs. Kathy N. (Neidig) Calabrese 

Mr. Patrick B Campbell 

Mr. Alan H. Curtis 
a Mrs. Diane T. (Trullinger) Dormer 
o Mr. Ralph J Fetrow 
o Mrs. Sara A. (Harding) Fetrow 
o Mr. Donald B. Frantz 

Ms. Janice A. GaNun 
o Mr. Joseph A. Gargiulo 

Mr. Nicholas M. Gaspanno 

* Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq. 
Mrs. Nancy J- (Albert Glen 

o Mrs. Nancy H. (Hostetter) Gourley 

Ms Roberta L Greening 
o Maj. Bonnie G (Phillips) 

o Mrs. Sandra J (Snyder) Gunn 
■> Mrs. Nancy J (Hunt) Heckman 
■> Dr. Roger A. Heckman 

Mr. Rodney F Heisey 

Dr. Terr)' M Heisey 

Mr. Henry G. Henckier 

Mrs Rebecca H. (Harrelf) Hill 
o Rev Julie M. (Mader) Hostetter 

Dr. Wayne D. Johnson 

Mrs. Nancy C. (Crowther) Jones 

Mrs. Cecelia R. (Repiscak)Jordan 

Dr. Ruth A. (Wilson) Kauffman 

Mrs. Cheryl W. (Wubbena) 

Mrs. Susan M. (Puglisi) Kennedy 

Mr. John S. Kmsella 

Dr. Debra A. Kirch hof-Glazier 

Dr. Judith M (Miller) Klinefelter 

Mr. Steven B. Korpon 
o Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Lee) Lambert 

Mrs. Carolyn R. (Robinson) Lang 

Mr Mark A. Lenz 

Mr. Kristofer L. Linde 

Mrs Linda D. (Diehl) Mains 
o Mr. John F Mardula 

Dr. Andrew P. Mariani 

Mr. Ralph W. McCabe 
o Ms. Jean A. Miller 

Mrs. Joann P. (Paff) Miller 

Mrs. Evelyn (Nottingham) O'Hara 

* Mrs. Janine M. (Womer) Patncelli 

* Dr. John E. Patncelli 

o Mrs. Linda S. (Scharf) Petrecca 
Mr. Robert W. Ratti 

o Mrs. Ruth N. (Nickerson) 

Dr. Diane M. Scholler 
o Dr Bonnie L- Seidel-Rogol 

Mr. Scott T. Sener 

Mr Rodney K. Shane 
o Mr. Byron L. Shoemaker 

Mrs. Carol L. (Crawford) Shultis 
-> Mr Thomas E. Stewart 

Mrs. Donna G. (Gish) Teter 

Mrs. Linda L. (Witmer) Thompson 

Mr. Fred W. Tomarchio 

Mr. Gary L. Wagner 
o Mr. Dennis F. Ward 

Mr. Dennis C. Wertz 

Mr. Dana V. West 
o Mrs. Nadine P. (Peiffer) 

We thing ton 
o Mrs. Mary E. (Weigel) Whalen 

Mrs. Gail D. (Diana) Wylam 

* Mr Joseph W. Zeartoss 

Class 0/1974 

25 th Reunion Commjttee 

Frank A. Rutherford, Chair 

Annual Fund $11,215.56 
Endowment $1,300.00 
Physical $2.-t2-i .72 
Rev. Michael I. Alleman 

* Kristen R Angstadt, Ph D 

o Mrs. Lois A. (Moore) Autenneth 
o Mr. Stephen M. Autenneth 

Mrs. Elena A. (Palomba) Bartlett 

Mrs. Candace W. (Withers) Beane 

Mr Allen L. Bevan. Ill 
o Rev. Dr Kenneth R Bickel 

Mrs. Yvonne S. (Stefanick) 
Boh lander 
a Mai BarbaraJ. Brandr 

* Mr William C. Buckfelder 
Mrs. Linda P. (Pflug) Bukowski 
Mrs. Cynthia G. (Grubb) Condran 
Ms. Patricia H. (Hamilton) Coogan 

o Mrs. Christine W. (Walborn) 

Mrs. Jean R. (Redding) 

Mrs Debra S. (Sample) Curtis 

Dr. J. Scott Deiter 

Mrs. June L. (Lohmann) Durham 

Mrs. Jane K. (Keebler) Egermann 

Mr. John Ellis 

Mr. David L. Eshelman 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Evans 

Mrs. Laura S. (Sazama) Festo 
o Mrs. Wendy K. (Kline) Fiala 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Floyd 

Rev. Mitchell M. Galloway 

Mr. Steven E. Grove 

Ms. Carol B. (Burke) Hand 

* Mrs. Colleen C- (Clemens) Harris 
a Mrs. Rebecca S- (Burtner) Hein 

Mrs. Lois P. (Peterson) Henckier 

Mrs. Carol W (Walborn) Hughes 

Mrs. Mary D. ("De Loache) Jennings 

Ms. Athanasia Johnson 

Mrs Man' D. (Didden) Kartzman 

Sgt. James L. Katzaman, Sr. 

Mr James P. Kiernan, Jr. 

o Mr. Howard E. Knudson 
Mr. Guy L. Lesser 

o Mrs. Joy H. (Hannigan) Littell 
Mrs Joan K. (Keeler) Lockard 
Mrs. Mary R (Russo) Lombardo 

* Mr. Karl V. Matter 

o Mrs. Lisa S. (Stoner) Maurer 
Mrs. N. Jill (Greenstein) McDaniel 
Mrs. Susan J. (Jacoby) McElvar 

o Mrs Helen C (Cummings) 

o Mr. William W. Moyer 

o Mr. John A. Nikoloff 

Mrs. Gwendolyn J. (Hughes) Pelsis 




*' SOCIETY OF 1866 


o Dr. Robert G Pemblecon 
o Mr. William H. Phifer 

Mr John M. Pumphrey 

Mrs. Karen B. (Behler) Pumphrey 

Dr Edward E Quick 

Mrs Elizabeth M. (Markowitz) 
o Mr Scott E. Ruehr 

* Mr. Frank A. Rutherford 
Mrs. Pamela J. (Brown) 

Mr. Gary S. Shultis 

* Dr Gar)' K Smith 

o Mrs. Kachleen S. (Simmons) Smith 
Ms. Susan E Snyder 

* Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Reber)Steinbach 
Ms. Catherine M Vezza 

Mrs. Cynthia A (Nissley) Ward 
Mrs. Jane R (Reaske) Ward 
Mr. Peter A. West 
o Dr Daniel H. Yocom 

* Mrs WendieG (Gingrich) 

Mrs Nancy A (Lawton) Zerbe 
o Dr. Derrick S, Zingg 

Class "J 1975 

Anni ai f-i nd $9,3 54.44 

Endowment $1,005 00 

Physb al $1,039-56 

Mr. Kendrick L. Albert 
o Mrs Susan G (Grundy) Altobelli 

Mr David C Amsden 

Ms. Cheryl O. (Otto) Arndt 
o Rev, D Michael Bennethum 
o Ms Leslie A Berger 
o Rev. Nancy N. (Nelson) Bickel 

Mrs. Roberta E, (Eppley) Biesecker 
o Mr. Robert A Boyer 

Mrs Marcia S. (Smith) Brenner 

* Mrs. Deborah G. (Gernerd) 

o Mr Edward R Burkhart 
Mrs. Stephanie B (Bates) Carson 
Ms Paula A Clarke 

o Mrs. Anita M. (Morbach) Cosslett 
Mr. K. Douglas Dahms 

* Mr Wesley T. Dellinger 

* Mr Thomas C. Dilworth 

Mrs Eileen B (Briggs) DiRaddo 

Mrs. Janet S. (Scattergood) 

Mrs. Dixie L. Drybread-Erdman 

Mrs. Joanne S (Sweigart) Eckert 
o Mr. John G. Fenimore 
o Dr Nancy E. Fritz 

Mrs Jane H. (Haverstick) Fuhrman 

Mr. John H Gable 
o Mrs. Deborah L. (Kost) Gargiulo 

Mrs. Laura L (Wysolovski) Goss 
o Mr Richards Harner 
o Dr Alfred J. Hockley 

Mr P Chase Howse 

Mr William R [ngraham 

* Mr Robert E.Johns, Jr. 

Dr. Peggy A. (CM ver) Johnson 

Mrs. LuAnn M 1 Matylewii z) 

Mrs Janet M (Portnoff) Katz 
o Miss Lorraine E. Killhetler 

Mrs. Wendie W (Wood)Kiskaddon 
o Dr Marilyn B (Bauer) Knaub 
o Mr Timothy A Knaub 

Dr. Charles R Knipe 
o Mrs. Jean H. (Holbrook) Knudson 

Mrs. Faye H. (Hindman) Lehman 
o Mr Quintin A Letch 
o Mr. J. Gary McDivitt 

Mrs. Cynthia P (Pike) McGary 

Mr. Jeffrey O. McGary 

Mrs. Brenda M. (McClelland) 

o Mr. Raymond H Mitchell 

* Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller 

a Mr. DaleE.Oehler 
o Mrs Sandra A lAnderson) 

* Mrs. RobertaS. (Sheriff) 

o Mrs. Sue L. (Boohar) Phifer 

Ms. Cathy S Rex 
a Mi Michael D Rhoads 

Mrs. Jean S (Schultz) Ross 

Mr. Allen/ Roth 
■:■ I )r Stephen R. Sanko 

* Mrs Barbara G Schroedgr-Buck 
o Mr Howard P. Scott 

o Mr Thomas H Sheaffer 

Mr Jeffrey D Shearer 
o Ms. Elizabeth L. Shivell 

Mr, William D. Shumway 
■:■ Ms Martha M Smith 

Rev Richard D. Smith 
o Dr Michael D. Steltz 
o Mr Thomas M. Strohman 
o Mrs. Judith H. (Heyser) Taylor 

Mrs Laura Tilipko 

Mrs Pat r i'. 1.1 (Pin asant 1 Van Si yo 
o Dr. Paul E Visneski 

Mrs Nancj M (Heston) Wagner 

Mrs PatneiaD (Dubble) Walsh 
o Dr Cynthia L (Albright) Ward 
o Mrs HnlU s (Shirk) Whittle 

Class of 1 97 6 

Annual Fi ndSI - 040.00 

Endowment S250 00 

Physical $50.00 

Mrs Pamela M. (Moeller) Anders 

Mrs Carol F (Foust) Barbanch 
o Mr Richard L Barnet 
o Mrs. Diane S 1Si.ha1.Ur) 

Mrs Ellen B (Ross) Binkley 
o Mrs. Kathie D (Diehl) 

o Mr. Steven ( Bixler 
o Mrs Suzanne M (Schucker) Boyer 
o Mr Raymond C Bradlej 

Mrs. Beth E. (Early) Brandt 

Mr. Ham- M Bratton, HJ 

Mr Braxton O. Bnttain 
o Dr Michael E Bro^s n 

Ms Theresa V Broun 
o Mrs Rebecca B. (Byrd) Burkhart 

Mrs. Barbara C (Courtney) Carroll 
o Mr. Carl E Cosslett 
o Dr Theresa F. DaKay 
o Dr. John B. Dickenson 

Mr Richard M Duffy 

Mr. Joseph E Eisenmeier 
o Mr Jonathan B ! llsworth 

Mrs. Susanne E (Beers) Essex 
Mi I \ik i 1 1 verhari 
<• Mr Neil I Fasnai ht 

Mrs fayne D (Drake) Frankeniield 

* Mr. Louis J. Fuller. Jr. 
Mr Jeffrey L Hackman 

o Mrs Carole R (Daugherty) Haigh 
o Mrs. Karen H (Hollowell) Harner 

* Mrs Wend) S (Sost) Hawes 
Mr. Gregory J. Holler 

Mi WalterJ Hope 
o Mr, Bruce M Jeffery 
o Mrs. Gail P. (Peters) Jones 

Mr Petet C Innes 

Mrs Donna (> (Gay) Kaplan 

Mrs, Ruth H (Herold) Kelemen 
a Mr Raymond C. Kelsev 
o Rev. Curtis G Kemmerer 
o Mrs, Terri A. (Folkenroth) Konzen 

Ms. Susan I Kramer 
o Ms. Nanette L. LaCorte 

Mrs Priscilla 1. (Lamparter) Landis 

Mr. David S. Lang 

Mrs. JoAnne R (Reisch) Lazorcik 

Mr. William C Lippmcott 

Mr Ross D Lobell 

Dr. Charlotte A Mackenson-Dean 
o Mr-. Donna L (Housel) Metzger 

* Mr ( !arroll L Missimcr 
Mr Edward II Muldoon 

* Mr, James | Navarro 

* Mrs Jan M (Johnson) Navarro 
Mr. ( ieorge I. \< ill 

c Mr Stephi n G. O 
Mrs. Susan M (Margolf) Poling 

* Mrs. Jean B (Boag) Reese 
■:- Mi 1 imoth) I Reese 

o Mrs Marlent W (Windham) Riela 

* Ms. Elyse E. Rogers 
Ms W inda I" Roz. II. 
Mr. Nelson I Rudiak 

Mrs Carolyn R (Reed) Sachs 

Dr Stephen \\ Sa< hs 

Mr Fred A 

Mr [ames C. Schoch 

Mrs Christiane 1 1 (Hit ke) ) 

Mr. Michael D. Sherman 
Mrs Doreen L (Breder) Sigman 
Mrs Merrily R (Robinson) Slade 
o Mrs Elizabeth A (Brumbaugh) 

Mrs Sybil H (Haddon) Snee 
Mrs Susan S. (Shemeta) 

Mr David R Stachow 

* Mr Nil holas Stn eter 
■:■ Ms [oanne L Toby 

Mr. Thomas M Uhrich 

Mr Robert E Weavi 1 

Mrs AnneM. (Shuey) Wells 
o Dr Daniel J \\ turtle 

Mr C harles H Woolbaugh 
Mr ( rlenn A /' 

Class "/ 1 977 
Anni u Fi nd S8.605 00 
Endow ment S2 50 00 
o Mrs. Mary A (Fuller) Bea; I- j 

* Mrs Linda W (Weaver) Blair 
Dr Donald L Borger 

o Mrs Sherry T (1 iter) Brown 
o Mr David E. Calkins 

Ms Karm M Congello 

Mrs Joanne L. (Hartline) ( onrad 

Mrs Susan H (Hollowell) Cooper 

Mrs ( hristina M (Duntt) 

Mrs Laura S. (Smith) Deklewa 

Dr Paul B Eaken 

Mr Jeff A Fackler 
o Larry ) Feinman, DO 
o Mr Glen O Graj 

Mrs Kathleen K (Keeier) 

Mrs. Julia (Carleton) Harlacher 
o Lt Col John J Harvey. USMC 
o Mr Thomas L. Hassmger 

* Mr. Wayne A 1 lawes 
o Mr. EbeW Helm. II 

Mr W David Hess 
Mrs Nina L (Greif) lies 

Mr. Erie D Imhof 
a Mrs Kailn D. (Davidson) Ireland 

Mr. Timothy A. Jenks 
o Mrs. Patricia R. (Mann) Juhl 
a Mrs. Kay F (Futtj ) Kelse) 

Rev Barry S Kendall 

Mrs < arey D (Diemer) Kendall 
o Mrs C.irolyn W (Walker) Kerhn 
o Mr Robert R Kirkhoff 
o Mrs Suzanne H 1 1 lackman) 

Mr James L Kissinger 
o Mrs Lyn A (Applegate) Lewis 

Mrs. Theresa J (O Kelly) Lewis 
o Mr Fred E. Longenecker 
o Mrs LuAnn i 1 Flu kinger) 
Longeni 1 ker 

Mrs. Diane E 1 W hiton) Lupia 

Mrs Joy* e N. ' Nihi n ■ Mi ( li ■■. Mr! 

Mr Rodnej S Miller o Mr 

o Mr Raymond M. Modugno * Mrs 
Mi Brian W Moody Mr- 
Mrs Karen F (Fitch) Parker Mrs 
Mis lean G (Graham) Parks Mrs 

o Mrs ( .,ul S (Seitzingi 1 1 Pi 1 ■ Mr , 
Dr. Gene W Rei: 

□ Mrs Sht ila M Ro< he -< ooper 

Mr David W Schledei Mr. 

o Mr Ri : A Mr 

M Ri il erta 1. Snow Mr. 

. Jeanette N (Noll) Gruber 
Mark A. Hebda 

M Louise (Hackman) Hess 

Julie J. (Jensen) Hope 

( iraham) House 

Michele M. (Man 

Carla A. (Lehman 

Timothy A. Knebel 
Alan L Kull 

Kenneth S I 


Dedicated 1980 

In honor of 

O. Pass Bollinger '28 

(1903 - 1983) 

" soclate Professor of Biology. Emeritus. 

pus bcautificatii 

Professor Bollinger's landscaping projects 

began in 1929, and continued well past 

his 23 years of teaching [1950 - 1973) 

Rededlcated No 

mj !'-j- 

o Ms. Trina K (Krick) Steele 
Mrs J Hope ( Hall) Stinson 
-:• Mrs Roberta L. (Burkholder) Srock 

* Mr. Darnel S Sweigan 
o Mrs Eileen M '■■' I 

o Ms Jean E. (Hobson) Traver 

Mrs I k borah S (Srarr) Tuxhorn 

Mr |ames P. Veglia 
a Mr i dward X'm.irski 
o Mr John J V\ 

Ms Nancy K (Koch) Weaver 
Mi Dennis J. Weidman 

Mr Fred A Weikel 

Rev JefTrej A W 

Mrs Deborah ( (Carl) Williams 

Mrs Elizabeth A. (Keys) Williams 
Mr Rii hard D Wong 

Mrs. Linda M (Scalpello) 

Mrs DollieL (Mrakovich) Young 
Mrs < ynthia B. (Blake) Zearfbss 

Mrs (nan F (Feeman) Zeiter 

1 . 1978 

Anni ai I 


Physk ai $633 52 

Mi Brian S Allebai h 

Mr. James M Barbanch 
o Mrs [esse < 1 it rarbi 
a Mr Jeffrey A Bomberger 

Mrs Susan L. (Koch) Bossard 
o Rev. Connie R, Burkholder 
a Dr Susan I ! 1 

Mr Richard M ( 

Ms Anne G. ( 
o Mrs ( .m. I ( i G ■ ' 

* Mrs Amy H (Hoopes) Dellinger 
Mr. Frank C Destro 

* Mrs Betsy Jo (Zimmerman) 

Mr David R Doupe 

M.(D Palma) Dyer 
Mr ( liar' 

Mrs Peggj ( (Childn s I 
Mr Da\ isf E Fisher 
M Ann (Buffingti in 1 Fisher 

Mi G 
■ M 1 Brenda I (Hawkii l 
Mrs ( indy A. Gingrich- Baker 
o Mr. Jeffrey 1 I i 

Mr Stephen 1 1. Go mm 
o Mr Joseph E. Graft 

Mr. Curtis R I ■ :■ ■ 
Mr K I. . 
Mr Johi ( M 
Mrs Kathj A. (Kauffman) 

Mrs Anne T (Zican i. 

* Mr. Chi 

Mrs Kay I (Whitmire I > 

K. s S R ■ 

Mr. Mark C. Peterson 

Mr Gn , r i 

Mrs Kathleen x 

Mrs Ruth A (Sranlej ' Rui h 

Mr Let W 

Mr Robert J Scully. Jr 

Mr, Evan T Shourds 

* Dr John S. Snoke 
Mr Stephen P s 

Mrs Kimberly W (Wolfe) Taweel 

Mrs Linda J (I. 

- - ■ ( hrich 

Ms Patricia L VanOstenbridge 
Mrs. Lorna H (Hcltebrid 
Mr I I Steven Vollers 
Rev Esther R. (Ritth . 


20 th Reunion Committee 

William J. Brown. Chair 

Paul B. Baker 
Barn- D. Buckingham 
Elizabeth Gleichman fi 

Anni -u Fi kd$1 1.355 "1 


R v. M ■ , A. Baal 

Mr. Robert P. Baker 

Mr David C. Ballaban 
a Mrs. Barbara J. (Beno) Bohn 
o Mr David J Bomgardner 

Rev Truman T Brooks 
a Mr William J. Brown, lr 

Mrs Marianne W. (Wille> 1 
a Mi Ji ..! D 1 
a Mrs, Nancy M. (Shortridge) Coffin 

Mr. 1 G.I 

Mrs Mar) II (Hutchison) College 
a Mrs Minh-Phuong T 

a Dr. Tuan A Dang 

Mi Michael J Daveler 

Ms Patrit 1.. A. Dt buski 

Ri p^ri OF Gifts 

Mrs. Lisa H (Hocker) Dew 
o Dr Margaret A. Diecz 

Mrs. Abby S. (Spece) Donnelly 

Miss Nancy Down 

Mrs. Marian D. (Drusr) Doyle 

Mr. Erie R Dundore 
o Dr. Todd E. Elgin 

Mrs. Pamela G. (Frantz) Emery 

Mrs. Cynthia D. (Daneluzzi) Ecter 
o Ms. Cindy K. Fabian 

Mr. Lester E. Fawber 

Miss Pamela A. Goodwin 
o Mrs. Cynthia S (Shaw) Graff 

Mr. Douglas S. Graham 

* Mrs. Beth H. (Hill) Graves 
Mrs. Mary K. (Knight) Greening 
Dr. Jonathan Grote 

o Mrs. Nina M. (Lunde) Hansen 
Dr. Jefferson L. Hatch 
Mrs. Maureen M. (Mullikin) 

Mrs. Ann (Stephens) Helwig 
Mrs. Julia A. (Woods) Heneks 

* Mrs. Glenda A. (Gordon) Hilt 
<■ Mr. Gregory A. Hilt 

Mr. Timothy D. Hogan 

Rev Richard A. Hurst. Sr. 

Mrs. Deborah M. (MargolO Jenks 
o Rev. Steven G.Jones 

Mrs. Olive E. (Davis) Kendig 

Mrs. Pnscilla C. (Boylan) King 

Mrs. Janet M. (SchweizerhoOKmpe 

Mr. Stephen M. Kollinok 

Mr Keith O. Kurtz 
a Ms. Sharon K. (Green) Lawton 

Mrs. Debra J. (Light) Leibig 

Mrs. Jane W. (Withers) Lim 
o Mr. Alfred E. Maree, Jr. 

Mrs. Patricia L. (Nase) McGeehan 
o Mr. William T. McNerney 

fwrjf, ,&;?#■% \±*>-j'. '■':■. ■ •, "•'■: . - j .-. 

^ f Wm\<4 -.-■■'. : ■■ i ■<, 


Ms. Helen I Meissner 
o Mr. Brian R. Miller 
o Mr. JeffreyS. Miller 
o Mr. Bradley N. Morrill 

Mrs. Sandra S. (Murray) Morrisecte 

* Mr. Robert J Mrazik 

Mrs. Beverly A. (Holzer) Munz 

Mr. Christopher J. Neville 

Mrs. Beth E. O'Malley 
o Mr. John S. Palmer 

Mrs. Diane L. (Litwak) Pikos 

Mr. Robert B. Poff 
o Mrs. Diane C. (Carroll) Pugh 

Mrs. Susan L. (Karl) Quintanar 

Mrs. Melinda M. (Manwiller)Rentz 
o/Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 

Mrs. Carole J (Menges) Scheeren- 
o Mrs. Susan R. (Roland) Schmitt 
a Mrs. Lesley O. (Olewiler) Schoch 
a Mr. Michael A Setley 

Mr Robert L Showalter 

Mr. Howard L Snyder 

Mrs. Kathleen W. (Wolfe) Snyder 
o Mr. Harry G. Spector 

* Mrs. Joan H. Squires 

a Mrs. Jane S. (Snyder) Stachow 

a Mr. Robert P. Stachow 

o Dr. Cheryl A. Stoddart 

o Mrs. Shene A. (Warlow) Strohman 
Mr John M Sukzbaugh 

o Mr. David W. Swartz 

a Dr. Elaine A Thallner 

o Mrs. Jeamnne A. (Alvino) Wagner 

o Mrs. Doreen D. (Dourte) Weaber 
Mr Ivan M. Wittel, III 
Mrs. Virginia L (Larter) Zellers 

Class 0/1980 
Annual Fund $7,880.00 
Endowment $120.00 
Physical $1,088 32 
o Mr. David G Anderson 

* Mrs. Jennifer E. (Crouter) Arthur 
Mr. Gary L Barnes 

Mr. Ronald E. Beatty 

Rev. Mary E. (Blouch) Beckman 
o Mrs. Jennie A. (Giachero) Begeia 

Mr. John D Boag.Jr. 
a Mr. Jeffrey L. Bohn 

Mrs. Irene K. (Kolar) Bomberger 

Mr. Roque J Calvo 

Mrs. Lori A. (Morgan) Celluzzi 
o Mr. John S. Champlin 

Mrs. Marion D. (Klein) Chubb 

Miss Dolores H. Cipar 

Mrs. Jan H. (Hoermann) Darr 

Mrs. Leslie C. (Cornelius) Daveler 

Mrs. Debbie P. (Patschorke) 
Do 1 bow 

Mr. Richard E. Due 

Ms. Jean L Eberly 

Mr. Gary E Emery 

Mrs. Linda G. (Gingrich) Flynn 

Ms. Amy E. Fowler 

* Mrs. Nancy K. (Kettering) Frye 
i Mr. Walter F. Fullam 

o Dr. Gary S. Furman 

Mr. Michael J. Gamier 
o Mrs. Soma M. (Probst) Gigliotti 
o Mrs. Holly H. (Hibler) Hall 
o Mr. Matthew M. Hall 

Mr. Andrew M. Heisey 

Mr. Bruce D. Henning 
o Mrs. Beth A. (Green) Hertz 
o Mr. Thomas V. Hoffman 

Dt. Gregory L Ihoff 

Dr Jo Ann Jeffers 
o Ms. Sandra E. Jensen 

Ms. Cindy M. Johnson 

* Mrs. Alison (O'Connor) Jordan 

* Mr. Jack D Jordan 

Mrs Catherine W. (Weible) Kaylor 
Mr. John W. Kneg 

Mrs. Kristie A. (Olson) Kroll 
Mrs. Lori S. (Krenik) Labert 
Mr. David C. Lazorcik 
Mrs. Rebecca L. (Supplee)Lundgren 
Ms. Kathleen E. Maniscalco 
o Ms. Pamela I McKechnie 
o Mrs. Alison G. (Gittleman) 
Dt. Charles R. Metshon 
Mrs. Sarah S. (Strickland) Mershon 
Mrs. Dorothy B (Boyle) Meyer 
Mr David P. Morrisecte 
a Mr, Richard T Motley 

* Mrs. Susan S. (Slaybaugh) Mrazik 
Mr. Richard K. Nath 

Ms. Mai T. (Tran) Nguyen 
Mr. Alan J. Nichols 
Mr. Jimmie L. Pogue 
Mrs. LindaJ. (Zerr) Powell 
Mrs. Anne E. (Opfer) Quirtn 
Mr. William T. Reinecke 
Mr. Andrew L. Risser 

* Mr. Charles L. Scheidler 
Mrs. Jeanette B. (Browning) 

Dr. Barry S. Selinsky 
Mrs. Laura N. (Nelson) Selinsky 
Mr. Gregory L. Shupp 
o Mrs. Brenda B. (Bennett) Silk 
Mr Timothy P. Smith 
Mrs. Shelby A (Taughinbaugh) 
o Mrs. Janet H. (Hull) Tenser 

* Mrs. Cynthia K. (Kihn) Todoroff 

* Dr. David S. Todoroff 

Dr. Steven L. Van Wagoner 
Mrs Marsha V (Pousc) Werkheiser 
o Dr. Gary K. Whiting 

Class 0/1981 

Annual Fund $7, 155.00 

Endowment $270.00 

Physical $420.00 

Dr Stephen R. Angeli 

Mrs. Barbara C. (Cooper) Bair 

Mrs. Linda A. (Tyrrell) Bolasky 
■o- Mrs Bngitte H (Hansen) Boltz 

Mr. Bruce D Bomberger 

Mrs. Lisa A. (Togno) Burrowes 

Mr. William F. Casey 
o Mr Brian R Claevs 
o Mrs. Julie K. (Kauffman) Claevs 
o Mrs. AndreaJ (Davino) Danch 
o Ms Lisa A. Daveler 

Mr. Kenneth E Dears tyne, Jr. 
o Dr Carla P. (Powell) Desilets 
o Dr Brent R. Dohner 

Mr. Mark A. Douches 
o Ms. MarcyJ. Douglass 
o Mrs Pamela S. (Shadel) Fischer 
o Mr. Timothy E Flatley 
o Mrs. Suzanne M. (Fisher) Fries 
o Ms Susan E. Frieswyk 
o Mr Richard E. Fritsch 

* Mrs. Deborah R. (Reimer) Fullam 
Mr. Joseph R. Gebhard 

o Mr James G Glasgow, Jr. 
o Mrs Michele L. (Long) Graffis 

Mr. Allen E. Gunkle 

Miss Candice L. Harmes 

Mrs. Kay K. (King) Hatch 
o Mrs. Margaret H (Huml) 

Mr John L. Hutley 
o Mrs. Kathleen K. (Kelly) Kalachas 
o Mr. Nicholas T. Kalathas 
o Mrs. Susan B. (Banner) Kercher 
o Mrs. Sharon P. (Love) Luyben 

Ms. Janme R. Maletsky 
o Dr Rodger C. Martin 
o Mrs Susan G (Gunn) McGuire 

Mr Brian E. McSweeney 

* Ms Jane L. Meyer 
Mr. Gary M. Mikos 

Mrs. Tammy J. (Smith) Miller 
o Mrs. Christine L. (Lowther) 

o Mr. Craig C. Olinger 
■c- Ms. Lynn J. Pennell 
o Mr. Paul J. Pitcher 

Dr. Kathy M. Robinson 

Miss Mabel R. Sadler 

Mrs. Stephanie S. (Sachs) Salisbury 
o Ms. Judith A. Saltzer 

Mrs. Gloria B. (Bradley) Santoni 

Mr Charles R. Sapp 

Mr. Michael G. Scolamiero 

Dr. Chris E. Shoop 
o Mr John P Short 
o Ms. DarleneJ. Sicler 

* Rev. Cynthia A. Snavely 
Mr. David M. Stauffet 

Mrs. Jill A. (Shaffer) Swanson 
o Mrs. Ann C. (Cunningham) 

* Mr. Mark W Sypher 

Mrs. Karen F. (Fleagle) Wallace 
Ms. Barbara H. (Helker) Weidman 
Mrs. Carol W. (Withers) Zellner 
Mr. Gary R Zellner 
Mrs. Linda G. (Gerlach) Zinkand 

Class 0/1982 

Annual Fund $11,537.22 

Physical $124.97 

Ms. Denise L. Achey 
o Mrs Janice L. (TJeckermann) 

Mrs. Valerie L. (Lanik) Angeli 
o Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Murray) Ayers 
o Mrs. Linda T (Texter) Behler 

Mrs. Marguerite W. (Woodland) 

* Mr. Daryl L. Boltz 

Ms. Roseann M. (McGrath) Brooks 

Mr. Douglas A. Bufton 
o Mr. Eric D Chamberlin 

Mrs Mary C. (Tierney) Cordaro 

Ms Colleen A. Crammer 

Ms Kriscina G. (Groff) Dan2 

Dr. Hugh C. De Long 

Mrs. Janet J. (Jacobs) Dearstyne 

Mrs. Tracy 7 L. Devenyi 
o Mr. Anthony G. Ellis 
o Mr. Charles J. Fischer. Jr. 

Mrs. Mary M. (Minnig) Frew 

Mr. Michael J. Gadd 

Ms. Karen M. Gard 

* Mrs. Karen M. (McHenry) Gluntz 
Ms. Constance Glynos-Kokos 

<■ Dr Michael F. Gross 
o Mr. Glenn A. Hafer 
o Mr. Kenneth R. Hendershot 

* Ms. Judith A. Herlich 
Mrs. Kim V. (Vogel) Hill 

o Mr. Glenn A. Hoffman 

Mr. W. Philip Holzman 

Mrs. Delane (Garlinger) Keene 

Mrs. Karen J. (Neiswender) 

Mrs. Margaret E. (Endslow) 

Mrs. Lori R. (Jarmoska) Kunket 

Dr. William M. Loffredo 
o Mr. Robert J. McGrorty 

Mrs. Kimberly H. (Haunton) 
o Mrs. Claire M. (Mischler) Miller 
o Mr. John E.Miller 

a Dr Evelyn H. Pickering 
o Mrs Doris M. (Flesher) Pletcher 

Ms. Patricia I. Pletcher 
o Mrs. Carol N. (Nixon) Potts 
o Rev. Lawrence H. Potts 

Mrs. Mary E. (Knight) Raab 
o Mr. David E. Ramage 
o Ms. Elaine M. Rydberg 





¥ SOCIETY OF 1866 


o Mr Thomas F. Shott 

Mr Timothy J Smith 

Mr. Joel R Spotts 
a Mr. Steven W. St. John 

Mr. Glenn A. Steinmuller 

Mrs. Heidi H. (Harcsock) 
o Mrs. Susan M. (Seibert) Stevens 
o Dr BarbaraJ. Struck 

Mrs. Linda D. (Dorter) Swavely 

Mr. Barry- W. Tobias 

Mrs Wendy L. (Knaub) Tobias 
o Mr William E Toner 
a Mr. Steven M. Troy 

Mrs Linda E. (Ehle) Wheeler 
* Mrs Debbie K. (Morgan) 

Mrs Karen L. (Smith) Williams 

Class of /9S3 
Annual Fund $10,074 91 
Endowment $225.00 
Physical $660.09 

Mrs Pamela! (Hamilton) Bazella 

Mr. James C Bezanson 

Mr. Brian W. Billies 

Mr Tad A Brown 

Mr Thomas S. Brumbaugh 
o Mr. William N. Campbell, jr. 

Mrs. Mary K. (King) Connor 

Mr. Paul T. Curry- 
Mr. Claude W. Deitzler 
o Mrs. Susanne H (Harlev) 

Mr Douglas N. Earp 
o Dr Debra S Egolt 
o Mr. James R. Empfield 
a Ms. Linda I Evans 

Mr Garry* M Freysinger 

Mrs Sheila A (Deaven) Getz 

* Mrs. Carolyn L. (Kiblinger) 

o Ms. Gail E Holdcrait 

Mrs. Victoria K. (King) Holzman 
o Mr. Scott T Inners 

Mrs. Karen A. (Breitenstein) 

Rev Melanie Jones 

Mr Stephen J Kipp 

Mrs Marilyn A (Wolfe) Knott 

Mr Eric J. Koper 

Rev David A Kramer 
o Mr. Joseph F Krolczyk 

* Mr. Thomas M. Lantz 

* Mr. Robert E. Lemke 

o Mrs. Marilyn F (Lisowski) Lennox 
Mr. Nick E. Magrowski 
Mrs. Lois M (Mark) Mease 

o Mr Gregory B. Monteith 

* Mr Thomas G. Myers 

Mrs. Susan J. (Yeiter) Novalskv 
Mrs Bonnie D. (Davenport) 

Mr. Christopher L Palmer 
Mrs. Loree A. (Duym) Pogue 
Mrs. Sharon Reeves-Hazard 
o Mr Frank S Rhodes 
o Mrs Kay K. (Koser) Rhodes 
Mr. Keith T Roden 
Mr Raymond R Rose 
Mr. Paul E. Salisbury 
o Mr Bradley A Shatinsky 
a Rev Joanne E. (Groman) Stewart 
o Ms Rachel (Kline) Swartz 
Dr Keith W Sweger 
Mrs Lori B (Brown) Sweger 

* Mr. Brian ( Trust 
Mr Kevin J. Varano 
Mr Victor D Viggiano 

Mrs. Debra M. (Decker) Ward 
Mr. Gregory A WVaK-r 
Mrs. Kimberly C (Colvin) Webster 
o Mr. Thomas L Zimmerman 

Class 0/1984 

Annual Fund $7,040.00 

Endowment 5100.00 

Physical $200.00 

Mrs. Brenda K. (Focht) Amoroso 

Mrs Sue B. (Butler) Angelo 

Mrs Diane L (McVaugh) Beckstead 
o Dr. David N. Blauch 

Mr Thomas J. Boyle 

Mr James C. Budd 
o Mr Brian L. Cain 

* Mr. Spencer G. Coover 

a Mrs Marissa N (Neville) Dietrich 
a Rev Viking E Dietrich 
o Mrs. Patricia K (Kowalski) 

Ms Martha J. Feaser 

Mrs Carol J. (Jordan) Fleming 

Mrs Pamela K. (Kramer) 

Mr David M. Frye 

Mrs C. Andrea (Hue) Gadd 

Mrs Jeannette H (Halterman) 

Mrs Margaret L Gibson 
a Ms Cheryl D. Green 

Mr. Terrance C. Guay 

Mr Terry D Gusler 

Ms Kathleen A. Hamprord 

Mrs. Dawn S. (Adams) Harkennder 

Mr. Donald F Harris 

Mr Jon M Heisey 
o Mr Robert D HouseaJ 
o Ms. Miriam D. Hudecheck 

* Mrs. Deborah J (Degenhart) Hurst 
Mr. Robert C Johnston 

Mrs. Diane S. (Shissler) Kamp 
Mrs Debra L (Greene) Kinney 
Mrs. Laura A. (Augustyn) Kipp 
o Mr Stephen W Kirkpatnck 
Mr. Earl D Lambert 

* Mr Anthony R Lamberto, Jr 
Mrs Carla M (Giachero) Leffler 
Mrs. Catherine L. (Conner) Luebbert 
Mrs Leslie E (Engesser) 


Mrs. Michele G (Glascow) Malone 

Mrs Deborah C. (Chopko) 

Mr Wayne Martin 
o Mrs Sheila McElwee-Witmer 

Mr Wayne C. Meyer 

Mrs Diane K. (Kiley) Miller 
o Dr Deborah D. (Detwiler) Nelson 
o Mr. Stephen M. Nelson 

Mrs Ann M. (Marcinkowski) 

Mrs Rhonda B (Bcckman) Ochs 

Mrs Susan M (Thompson) Palmer 
o Mr. Bruce E. Peterson 

Ms. Dorothy G (Garhng) Plank 

Mr. Clifford E Plummer 

Mrs. Lisa M (Meyer) Price 
o Dr Dc-anna M (Metka) Quay 

Ms Karen A Reider 

Ms. Mary L. Robertson 
o Ms Karhryn S. Rolston 

Mrs. Sharon A. (Carpenter) Rosi- 

Mr Dennis P Smith 

Mr Barry- L Sweger 

Mr David G Twamley 

Mr Richard D L'nderwood 

Dr Anne M Vassal lo-Showers 
o Mrs Michele G (Gaweli Verratu 

Mrs Jill T (Trostlc) Wennch 

Mr Jeffrey W. Wieboldt 

Mr. Richard C. Willis 

Mr. Stephen L. Wysocki 

Ms Lori M Yanc 1 

Class 0/1985 

Annual Fund $5,505.00 

Endowment $25.00 

Mr (ames R. Angerole 

Mrs Marilyn G (Albenan) 
o Mrs. Amy E. (Ziegler) Arndt 
o Mrs Susan L Baily 

Mrs. Darlene S (Snavely) Basehore 

Dr Joseph P Bonacquisti 

Mr John S Brad\' 
o Mr Gregory P Buck 

Mrs Wendy K <Kahn) Budd 

Mrs. Carol A. (Benedick) Cope 
o Dr Lynn A Cornelius 

Dr Barbara E (Etswetler) Corson 

Mr Todd S Dellinger 

* Mr John P. Donnachie 

Mrs Audrev E (Huev) Fnck 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Gacono 

Mr Stephen E. Gamier 

Mrs Cindy J (Mathieson) Geib 

Mr Foster J Gibbie 

Mrs Angela J (Green) Gockley 

Mr Brian D Gockley 

Mr Paul M Gouza 

Mr Charles E Harbach 

Ms. Ceha A Herald 

Mrs Pamela W. (Watkins) Hobbs 

Mrs Ann J (Jennings) Jones 

Mrs. Christine D (Dengler) Krulan 

Mr Joseph A Lamberto 

Mr. Stephen P Lerurge 

Mrs. Tamara M (Mayo) Lundstrom 

Mrs Mary S (Seitz) Mamet 

Mr John B Martin, Jr 
o Mr. G CarlMuller 

Mr James C O'Neill 
o Mrs Barbara) (Donnell) 

o Rev. John F Overman, III 
o Mrs Marvann M (McFadden* 


Ms. April J Pellegrini 

Mrs Nancy A (Arciosky) 
o Mrs Diane D (Detwiler) Ramage 

Mr. Douglas P Rauch 

Mr Gary N Rhine 
o Mr Stephen T Rosier 

* Mr. Joseph R Rotunda 

* Mrs. Tern R. (Roach) Rotunda 
o Mr. Joseph Ruocco 

Ms Jn Ann R (Rinehart) Scheu 

Ms. Allison Schiller 

Mrs. Sara M. (Wardell) Smith 

Mrs. Aline R. (Rogers) Struphar 
o Mr Timothy J Swartz 

Mr John A Taormina 

Mrs Elizabeth K (Keers) Thomas 

Capt. Jack C 
o Mr Nil hulas F Wrratti 

Mr Steven M Weddle 
o Mr Leonard E. Whittord.Jr. 
o Mrs Jeanne E. (Page* 

* Mrs. Barbara N (Nace) Witmer 

* Dr. Mark R. Witmer 

Class 0/1986 

Annual F' ND 5 

Endowment $705.00 
a Ms. Ruth E. Andersen 
o Mrs. Jenniler A. 'Deardortt t 

Mrs. Maria M. (Montesanm Boyer 

Mr Thomas X Cowhev 

* Ms Carol J. Davison 
Mr. John J Deemer 
Mr JamesJ. Deer, III 

oMrs Carol J Dewald 

Mrs. Betty A. (McLaughlin) Enck 

Mr Christopher B Enck 

Mrs. LeAnn M. (Perry) Eshleman 
o Mr. David J Ferruzza 

Ms Carol L. Flexer 

Ms. Elaine P Gryboski 

Ms. Helen K Guyer 
o Ms. Jane A Hepler 

Mr. Richard P Hoffman 

Ms. Sharon M.Jackson 

Mrs Dianna L (Carr) Joseph 

Mrs. BarbaraJ (DeMoreland) 

Mrs Tammy A (Cappuccino) 
o Mrs. Barbara L (Long) Kuehn 
o Mr Kenneth C. Kuehn 

* Mrs Maria T (Tursil Lamberto 
a Mrs Theresa A (Rachuba) 


Mrs. Dicksie M (Boehler) Lewis 

Dr Kathleen D (DcGraw < MaLLetKl 

Mrs Julie E (Ilhck) Macr. 

Mrs Anne Elizabeth (Wise) Marsh 

o Mrs. Valerie H (Hoover) 
Mr. Kevin B Meyer 
Mr Steven R Muzyka 
Mr. D Scott Pontz 

o Mrs Harriet D. (Shearer) 
Ms. Mary Ellen L Robel 
Mrs Jean Z (Zimmerman) Scott 
Mrs. Cora A (Bretz) Shenk 

* Mrs. Janet L. (Leiss) Simpson 
Ms. Holly M Smith 

Mr. Jeffrey P Snyder 
Mr. William L Stevenson 
Mrs. Susan S. (Steffy) Stockwell 

* Ms Janell B Trexler 

Mr William J Van Etten 
o Mrs Denise M (Mastovich) 

o Mr Scott A Wien 

Mrs Jane C tConlev> Woif 
Mr Timothy S. Wolf 
Mrs. Deborah D. (Dressier) 
\\ ysocki 

Class 0/1987 

ANN) AL Fl ND $4,160.00 

Endowment $-4(Hi do 

Physh ai $116 67 
o Mrs. Eve R. (Lindemuthi Bodeux 

Rev Betsy E (Martin) Bruaw 

Mr William H. Bruaw 

Mr, Robert C. Carson 

Mrs Bonnie J. (ShermerK rawford 

Ms Nicole A Emnch 

Mr William G. Fertenbaugh 
o Mrs Susan E. (Walter) Gabel 

Mrs Susan T (dinger) Ciarnier 

Ms. Donna M Girod 

Mrs Laurie A. (Kamann) Gouza 

* Mrs Stephanie M (Butter) 

Mrs. Elena C (Sicigano) Hamm 
o Mrs. Delayne P. Harlowe 
Mrs. Lisa B. (Gentile) Helock 

o Mr Gregory J. Hessinger 

o Mrs. Melissa M. (Moyerj Hipps 

* Ms. Kathy E. Kleponis 

Mrs Laurie D. (Cawood) Lerurge 
Mr. Keith W. Littlewood 

» Ms Karen L Mackrides 

o .Mrs MelameS. (Russell) 
M M -. 
Mrs. Elizabeth F. (Justin) Martin 
Mr William J. Matthews 
Mrs Laurie G (Sava) Mueller 
Mr. Steven F Nevin 
Dr. Laura E Pence 
Dr Joseph C Pennington 
Mrs Terri A (Grant) Pennington 
Mrs. Sharon J. (DeBoeri Porter 
Mr James W. Reilly 

•> Mr William P. Rhodes 

o Ms Barbara L. Sbraccia-Rusen 
Rev Erie J. Shaier 
Mrs Jeanne A. (Hagstrom) 

Mr. John A. Shutter 
Mrs. Debra L (Segal) Stern 
Mr. Daniel E. Strawhecker 

o Ms. Margaret M. (Spnngen 
Mrs Karen A K^rapandzai 

o Mr Thomas E Weabcr 

Class 0/1988 

Anni al Fund $2,840.00 

Physical $:> mi 
o Mr Thomas A. Bowman, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel H. Brandt 

Mr. Theodore D Brosius 
o Mrs Diane J. (Fuss) Brown 
o Mrs Theresa A 'Martin) Campbell 

Ms. Rebecca A Chamberlain 

Ms Martha I Coffman 

Mrs Tracy L 'TrurtjCox 
o Mr Edward A Doe 

Mrs Sharon L. (Dubble) 

Dr. Christian S Hamann 

Mr. Douglas S, Hamm 

Mrs. Joann Y (Mulay) Hauer 

Mrs Tracy L. (Montgomery) 

Mrs Joanne M (Hoffman) Hunter 

Mrs RocheUe L. (Zimmerman) 

Mr. Brian P Luckenbill 

Mr Malcolm A. McCrea 
o Mrs Lynette B. (Benedick) 

Mrs Patricia J (Moll) Mills 

Mrs Kimberly A. (Burd) Minke 

Mrs Margaret L tClark) Osenbach 
o Mrs Sulynn M. Richard 
o Mrs Kim A. (Daubert) Rismiller 
o Mrs Pamela L. (Wyman) Ruocco 
o Mr. Michael G. Rusen 
o Mrs Kathleen M R\an 

Mrs. Lisa (Russoniello) Sabanno 

Ms Dawna L (Didden) Salldin 
o Ms Susan K Schaner 
o Mrs Jeane L. (Weidner) Serrian 
o Mrs Kathenne Z. (Zechman) 

Mr. Edward R Slagte 

Mrs. Michele M. tDurkin> Sorensen 
o Mr Peter J. St eg man 

Mrs Debra A (Zurat) Steranko 

Mrs. Donna C Summers-Chase 

Dr Susan J. Toland 

Ms Karen L Umberget 

Mr. Richard W Umla 

Mr. Paul J. Walsh 

Mr. Jeirrey S Waring 

Ms, Christina E Weber 
o Mr William I Wrighl 

Report of Gifts 


Class of 1989 
10 th Reunion Committee 
Rebecca C. Gaspar, Co-Chair 
Christine Richmond Hower, 

Martha E. Bordic 
Joseph E. Buehler 
Chad E Savior 

Annual Fund $1,815 00 
o Ms M. Dianne Baumgardner 

Ms Martha E. Bordic 
o Mr. David K. Bush 

Mrs. Berh Ann (Roos) Carson 

Mrs. Beth A (Trocit) Coder 
o Ms. Deana M. Crumbling 
<■ Mrs. Regina E. (Santus) Ferruzza 

Mr. Stephen J Futchko 
o Ms. Tnnda S. Garner 

Mr. Patrick M Haley 

Dr. R. Jason Herr 
o Mrs. Lon A. (Scorrz) Heverly 
o Mr. Andrew R. Hower 
o Mrs. Christine M. (Richmond) 

Mrs. Doreen A. (Simmons) Kepple 

Ms. Laura K Laudermilch 

Mrs Jo Ellen (Waybnght) Licz 
o Mr. Lac D. Longson 
o Mr. Gregory R. Lovell 

Ms Leslie R. Mario 

Mrs. Wendy L. (Noll) Martin 

Ms Kimberly A. Morgan 

Mrs. Mary K (Keller) Mutschler 
o Dr. David P. Myers 
o Mr. Michael R. Ney 

Mr Andrew H. Potter 

Mr. Michael J. Pullman 
o Mr. Thomas W Reich 
Ms Elizabeth C. Rodgers 

Mr. Chad E. Saylor 
o Ms. Letitia M. Saylor 
o Mr Aanm A Schisler 

Miss Tracy S. Shank 

Ms. Mary D. Townslev 

Mrs. Mar|one A. (Haak) Ulnch 

Mrs. Janelle D. (Klunk) Walter 

Mr. Donald E. Wyand 

Class of 7990 

Annual Fund $4,025.00 
o Mr. Scoct A. Barlup 
o Mr. Richard L. Beard 
o Ms. Robyn M. Cashmore 

Dr. Sandra K. (Aumiller) Charles 

Ms. Tina L. Clymer 
<• Mr. N. Thomas Craver 

Dr. Angela M. (Davis) Darrup 

Mr Edward A. Dcma 
o Dr. James F Dillman, III 
o Mrs. Melissa C. (Lmkous) Dillman 

Dr A Keith DUs 
o Mrs. Cheryl L. (Lambert) Endy 
■o- Mr J Stephen Ferruzza 
o Mr. Matthew S. Guenther 
•> Dr. Teresa M. (Kruger) Heckert 

* Mrs. Helen F (Felty) Heidelbaugh 
o Mrs Diane L. (Capece) Hertzog 

o Mr. Rory C. Hertzog 

Mr. Todd A. Hess 
■> Ms. AmyJ. Himmelberger 

Mrs. Lon L. (DeWald) Humbert 

Mrs. Cynthia J. (Woods) Kensinger 

Mrs Kathleen M. (Ryan) Leedy 

Mrs. Dorothy J. (Zoretich) Lilly 
o Mrs. ChnstineJ. (Rissinger)Malloy 
o Dr. John C. Malloy 
o Mrs. Pamela B. (Schaadt) Mathews 
o Mr. Michael A. McGranaghan 
o Mrs. Donna L. (Teator) Mikus 
o Mr. Robert L. Mikus 
o Mr. Timm A Mover 
o Mr. Steven A. Murray 

Mr. Jeffrey D. Osborne 
o Ms. Christine M. Patanow 
o Mr Charles D. Pidich 

Mrs. Dawn L. (Shantz) Pontz 

Mr. Michael W Reif 
c Mrs Sus.m M ' Partiilaj 

Mr. Jay W. Rinehart 
o Mr. Dale E. Snover 
o Ms. Susan M. Spad|inske 
o Mrs. Annette B. (Boyles) Stotk 
•:- Ms. Michelle A. Sullivan 

Ms Beverly A. (Tacca) Swiadas 
o Mr. Stephen W. Trapnell 

Mr. Todd F. Truntz 

Ms. Shirley A. VanZant 
o Mrs. Lisa D (Bic-hl) Weidemoyer 

Mrs. Angela K. (Schreiber) White 
Mr Kenneth R Wilson 

Mr. Scott A. Wolfe 

Class of 1991 

Annual Fund $4,764 86 

Physical $304.93 
o Mrs. Mary E. (Ziegenfuss) Bannger 

Mr. Rodney A. Baughman 
a Mrs, Joanne N. (Norton) Berlin 

Mrs Michelle L. (Simpson) Connor 
■:■ Ms Ann M Deitnch 

Mrs. Shirley G. Dietz-Haddad 

Mrs Kelley A. (Gingrich) 

Mr. Scott M. Frahck 
o Mrs. Kelly M. (Snyder) Hein 

* Andrew C Hildebrand, Esq 
a Mr William H. Hoffman 

o Mr. David A. Kim 

o Ms. Brendalyn D. Krysiak 

Mr. T. Donald Lappin 
o Mrs. Debra L. (Reagle) 

o Mr. Michael L. Lichtenwalner 

* Mr. Karl D Liedtka 

Mrs. Colleen E. (Martin) Morgan 

Mr. Randy L. Morgan 
Ms. Theresa A. Murphy 
o Mrs. Maryann L. (Lucykanish) Puia 

* Mrs. Diana L. (Leedy) Reilly 
o Mr. Joseph F Rilatt 

o Mr. James J. Ruddy, III 
Dr. David Sandler 
Ms. Knstine E. (Zimmerman)Shirk 
Mrs. Dina L. (Lintzenberger) Slechra 
Mr. Michael J Slechta 
Mrs. Bonnie J. (MacCulloch) 

o Ms. Lynn A. Smith 

o Mr. Joseph T Souders 

* Mr David P. Stover 

■ft Mrs. Tracey (Smith) Stover 

o Mrs. Kristen L. (Curran) Strayer 

o Mr Anthony Verratti 

o Mr. John D. Wade 

o Mr John C Wargins 

Mr Brian D. Wassell 
o Mr. Kent A. Weidemoyer 

Mrs. Jamie D. (Mever) Yiengst 

Mr. Jay M. Yoder 

Mr. Steven D. Young 
a Mr. Michael T Zettlemuyer 

Class of 1992 

Annual Fund $5,222.16 

Endowment S50.00 

Physical SI 5 00 

Dr. Joseph Alia 

Mr. Scott A. Askins 
o Mrs. Lisa A. (Braccini) Barletta 
o Mrs. Bonnie L. (Miller) Barsh 

Mr. Ralph W Bieber, II 

* Mr. Timothy A. Bilccliff 

* Mr. Donald K. Binner, Jr. 
Ms Janet M Binner 
Rev Byron E Brought 
Mr. R Douglas Brown 
Dr Cecile A. Bruhn 

Mrs Laune-Ann J (LaBarre) 
o Mrs. Janice L. (Hartz) demons 
o Mr John B Conrad 
o Ms. DianeJ. Dobberke 
o Dr. Christopher S. Esh 

Mr Evan G. Evans, Jr. 
o Ms Sally A. Fegan 
■> Ms. NormaJ. Gibble 
o Mr David A. Hall 
o Ms. Jill D. Hamilton 

Ms. Jamie L. Heintzelman 
■> Mrs. PeggyJ. (Heller) Hengeveld 
o Mr. Tadashi Hiroshige 

Mrs. Kristin A. (Davis) Hoffer 
o Mr. David E. Holden 
a Mr. David P. Jenkins, Jr. 

Dr. John G. Jewell 

Mr. Charles W. Johnston 
o Mrs Angela M. (Selsam) Kim 

Mr. Robert W. Kinney, III 

* Ms. Michele A. Klinsky 
Ms Dawn L. Koch 

Ms. Cindy L. Koser 
Mr. Gregory R. Leedy 

* Mrs. Jennifer S. (Peters) Liedtka 
o Mrs. Susan M. (Leonard) McClain 
o Mr. ThomasJ. McClain 

o Mrs. Stephanie L Melvin 
o Mrs. Diana L. (Cook) Musser 
o Mrs. Kimberly J. (Shaffer) Myers 

Ms. Lon A. Nyce 

Mrs Tracey A. (Brass) Oberdort 

Mrs. Joanne C. (Grajewski)Osborne 

Ms. Charel Porubiansky 

Mr. John A. Reist 

Mr. William J. Rossnock 
o Mrs. PamelaJ (Merther) Ruddy 

* Miss Susan Sansky 

* Mr. Keith K. Schleicher 

o Mrs. Sarah M. (Thompson) Smith 

Ms. Kimberly S. Sollenberger 

Mrs. Renee N. (Welsch) Stachow 
o Mr. David H. Stimpson 
a Mr. David M. Sullivan 
o Dr. Kevin J. Sutovich 

Mr. Chestet W.Tobias, Jr. 
o Mr. Timothy) Tobin 

Mrs. Kathryn P. (Ford) Trinidad 
o Mrs Stacey A. (Straub) Wargins 

Mts. Diane E. (West) Wenger 

* Ms. Joanna L. Wierman 
Mr. Ty E. Wilhide 

Mrs. Danielle C. (Fetters) Yoder 
o Mr. Scott G. Young 

Dr Kristie A. Zangan 
e Mr. Douglas M. Zook 

Class of 1993 

Annual Fund $2,402.16 
o Mrs. Lisa M. (Henry) Beard 

Mrs Ann Ellen M. Bosack 
o Ms. Nicole M. Bradford 

Ms. Julie J. Bnnkley 

Mrs. Kristen M. (Webster) Brought 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Burt 

Mr. Charles K. Cornett 
<- Mrs. Susan E. (Hibbs) DeFalcis 

* Mr. Lance Dieter 

o Ms. Salinda K. Eshbach 

Mrs Amy G- (Barman) Fallon 
o Ms. Sandra L. Fauser 
o Mrs. Jamie L. (Snyder) Fox 

Mr Robert P. Frantz 
o Mr Michael L. Gensler 

Mr. Christopher R. Graver 
o Ms Deborah L. Gray 

Mrs Rebecca E. Hornberger 

Mr. Michael W. Houtz 

Ms Kimberly E. Klein 

Ms. Holly A. Kreiser 

Mrs. Lisa M (Barlet) Lasky 

Mr. Christopher S. Long 

Ms Jennifer Y Lowe 
o Mr Dennis A. Martin 

Mrs. Stephanie J. (Hassler) Martin 

Mr. Michael D. Mohn 
o Ms. Beth I. Moyer 
o Ms. April A. Myers 
o Ms Malissa M. Noll 

Mr 1 Kelh I (McCiintv) Quail< 

Ms. Mauna L. Raschiatore 

Ms. Cristal L Renzo 
o Mr Eric R. Rismiller 
•:■ Mrs. Jean L. Rockey 

Mr. R. Thomas Stone 
o Mr. Scott P. Stone 
o Mr. Jonathan D. Wescort 
o Mrs. Rebecca L. (Gahres) Withente 

Class of 1994 

5 th Reunion Committee 

Catherine Cnssman Sullivan, 

(onathan M Grella, Co-Chair 
Shawn Houser Bennett 
Kathleen Wolfe Burt 
Shay Lentz Holford 
Christine Berry Gartner 
David V. Gartner 

Annual Fund $2,190.00 

Endowment $50.00 

Physical Si 5. 00 
o Mr Robert M. Adams 
o Mrs. April E. (Lehman) Bishop 
o Ms. Jean K. (Koehler) Bright 
o Mrs. Kathleen L. (Wolfe) Burt 

Mrs. Andrea L. (Eppley) Campbell 

Ms. Susan R. Cohen 

Mrs. Jennifer S. (Reeder) Decker 

Ms Christine M. (Harner) Denr 
o Ms. Michele L. Dixon 
o Rev. Daniel O. Donmoyer 
o Mrs. Bethany A. (Yohe) Eaton 






* SOCIETY OF 1866 


Ms. Melissa A. Fleegal 

Mrs Cathi L. (Bashore) Gable 

Mr. Joseph E. Girt 

Mr William L. Groves, Jr. 
o Mr. John A Harper 
o Mr. Phillip W. Heffelfinger 
o Mrs Shay A (Lentz) Holford 

Mr Kevin E Kemler 

Mr Michael J. Kitchen 
o Mrs. Bonita C. (Lamberson) 


* Mr Michael S. Morrison 
Mrs Kim M (Koch) Putocnv 

o Mr. Steven J. Progin 

o Ms Kelly S Russell 

o Mrs. DeniraJ i Foreman ) Sehreier 

o Ms Heidi L Schweers 

Ms Christine). Seibert 

Mr. Kenneth S. Seller 

Ms. Tina M. Seitz 
o Mrs Donna L (Curanzy) Seltzer 

Mr. Chester A. Smith 

Ms Lynn M Sosnoskie 
o Mr Michael T Starry 

Mrs Sandra K. Stauffer 

Mr Peter A Stavenick 
a Mrs Catherine E (Crissman) 

o Mr Timothj K v ■. 
o Mrs. Kelly A. (Burkei Waliit k 
o Ms. Christine Walther 

Ms. Ronda L. Weller 

Mr. SethJ Wenger 
o Mr Gerald M Wimmer 
o Ms Christine B. Wright 

Mr Michael H Yordj 

Class •■] r995 

A\m m Fi nd $3,285 00 

Mrs. Lynn I- (Fitzgerald) Applebj 
o Mr. Timothy A Bean 
o Mrs.KarenG (Kessler) Berkheimer 
o Ms Donna M Centotann 
o Mr Brian C Davis 
o Mrs. Rachel le L. (Kindig) Davis 
o Ms Shelley A Derfler 

Mrs. Tara A (Bennecoff) Diehl 
o Mr l< ffery P Drummund 
o Dr Karen L (Dick) Drummond 

Mr- Keith R. Earle 

Mr. Michael J. Eshleman, Jr 

Mr Mark L. Flamisch 
o Ms. Julia A. Foose 

Mr. Douglas C Gautsch 
o Mr Michael G Gibbons 
« Ms Joda L. Glossner 

Mrs. Linda I (Wink) Graham 

Mrs. Linda L. (Clagett) Grudi 

Mrs Heather L. (Donnachie) Hain 

Mrs Manlvn F (Kress) Hartman 

Mr Kent E. Heberlig 

Ms. Deborah S. Heidlauf 

Mrs Julie B. (McClure) Henderson 
o Mr Michael A Hoke 

Mr. George J Hollich, III 

Mr. Cory P. Johns 
o Mr. Jeffrey G Koegel 

Ms. Jennifer A Krvsak 

Mr Tro) M. Lenker 
o Ms. Cynthia L Lerch 

Mrs. Lisa K. (Hollowbushi 

Mr. Scott A Maier 
o Mrs. Karen L (Kloppi McConnell 
o Mrs Ingrid J. (Gosenid) McGee 

Mr. Duane A. Meyer 

Mr. Scott A. Mongo 
o Mr. Daniel R Neyer 
o Mr Michael T Peachey 
o Mr Douglas H Pike 

* Mrs. Kimberly A (Shaubach) 

Ms. Kelly L. Reese 
Mr. Michael D. Rhoades 

o Mrs Rachel D. (Merrict) Rogers 

Mr. Robert C. Rush 
o Ms. Susanne E. Ryan 

Mr. Mark T. Schappell 
o Mr. Harold L. Spangler, J: 

Mr Thomas J. Sposito 
o Mrs Nancy J (Schilling) Strohl 
o Mr Timorhj 1 Terrell 
o Mrs Dana M. (Centofanti) 

o Mr Robert J. Trombetta 

Mrs Debra L, (Keller) Weaver 
■> Ms Claudia E. Wehbe 

Ms Lori A Weise 

Ms Kimberly S, > Katcavage) \\ ercz 
o Mrs Deborah A. (Bullock) ■■>■ 

Ms Rebei i a L W i. sr 

Mr. Timothy R YIngling 

Ms Kathryn E Yost 

i . . 

Anni v Fi nd S5.460.00 
Endow mi m 5^.~ L >~ 96 
o Ms Julia 1 Alandar 
Mr Darnel s Anspac h 

* Mrs Shelby C Applegate 

o Mrs Rebeci a S. > Loeb) Bait 
o Ms Sandra L, Bamhnck 

Ms Gail M Bare 
o Mr. Jack C Beidler 
o Ms Bern A. Berkheimer 

M- AV. ■ < i (■ 
o Mr John D Brewer 

Ms. Joy Cheslock 

Mrs. E.Judy (Frederiksen i Coble 

Mr Stephen S ( to) If 
o Mrs Heather K (Ruifner) Daub 

Ms Jennifer S. (Davis) Davis 

Miss Lynne E Dettore 
o Ms Randi S Deutsch 

Mrs. Reba D. (Dieffenbach) Donle) 

* Ms Suzanne E. Enterline 

Ms. Elizabeth C. (Clerico) Eshbach 
o Mr Cameron L Ferdinand 

Ms Michelle L. Fischer 
o Mr Brian P Fox 

Mr David C French 
o Ms Laura B Graybeal 

Mr Troy H Gregory. 

* Mr Michael [. Greineder 

Mrs Melanie M. (Palokas) Haugh 

* Mr Stephen A. Heck 

o Mr Brandon P. Heilman 

o Mrs Dawn E. (Wilbur) Heilman 

Ms Dawn E Helms 
o Ms Sara L Helmurh 
o Mrs Tammi L (Toner) Hocker 

M l M. (McCue) 1 [ostein i 

o Ms. Jennifer L Hotzman 
o Ms Melissa A Howard 

Mr [ rit R Huyett 

Ms Barbara L Jankowski 

Mr Darin C Kehler 

Mrs Judy A (Mase) Kennedy 

Mr Andrew M Kepple 

Mr I Nelson Kling 
o Mr. Donald J. Klunk 

* Mrs Pamela V Lambert 

Mrs Paula K (Hepler) Laubenstine 

* Ms Patticia A. Laudermilch 
•> Mr Daniel F Lehman 

Mr. James E. Leslie. Jr. 
o Mrs. Amy B. (Blough) Livingston 

Mrs Sharon L (Murray) Lockwood 

Mr. Chad M. Lurz 
o Mr. Emedio V. Marchozzi 

Mr. Con' T. Mattern 

Mr. James R. McNeal 
o Mrs. Mary Ann (Mastromacteo) 

* Ms. Rebecca E Miller 
Mr. Matthew P. Minnich 
Mr. Lawreni e \\ Mooi 

o Mr Stephen M Mozi 

Mr. Thomas S. Palanica 

Mr Edgar F. Parido 
o Mr Anthony D Pavone 
o Ms. Diane I Porter 

Ms Dominica Pulaski 
o Mr James A R 

Mr. Benjamin K. Ruby 
o Mr Charles^ Schatzman, III 

Mr Jason J. Schibinger 
o Ms. Elizabeth R Schlundt 

Ms Jill < Schreiber 

Ms Ann, \ S 
o Ms She n L Shii k 
o Ms Amy B Shollenberger 

Ms Tonya M Showt rs 

Ms Jodie L. Smith 

Mr Mark A. Smith 
o Mr. Trent S. Snider 

Ms Susan A Spahr 

Mrs Patricia L. (Shade) Stehr 
o Mrs Bonnie C. Tenney 
o Mr. Brian M Warner 

Mrs Rachael A (Shattuck) Watts 

Mrs Krista A Wiesser 

Ms Danielle E Zimmerman 
o Mr fason [ Zitter 

Class oj 1 097 

Awi .-.i 1 

Physical $15.00 
o Mrs Angela L (Lewis) Barbush 

Ms Natalie Baruka 
o Ms Melissa B Blouch 
o Ms. Tiersha T Bomberger 
o Mr C Scoti Border 

Mr Edward J. Bngnole. Ill 
o Ms Mary T. Bullock 

Ms Jennifer L. Byers 

Mrs Heather (Moran) Campbell 
o Mr Philip s Campbell 

Mrs. Letizia L(Castrechini)Conway 

Ms Mar. L (Smallwood) Dale 

Ms Tenneil L Daniels 

M I Drrina L. Doerge 

M Sarah F Eckenrode 
o Mrs Allison O. (Oldenburg) 

Mrs Doroth) S (Eyster) Flory 
o Mrs Holly C French 

Ms La\ mi.i M G 

Mrs Karen A. (Rud) Gei 1 

Mr. Gregory J. Glembocki 

Mr. Benjamin S. G 

Mrs Elizabeth M (Nisslej 1 

Mr Todd I ( n.ish( rt 

Mr. Christopher I I laaJ 

Ms Ji ssica C Haas 

Ms ( arolyn A. Hallman 

Ms < hristy M. Hamrick 

Ms Ilycia S. Hanney 

Mr, Bradle\ s I [arris 

Ms. Victoi \\ W bl Harsh 

Ms Kristi I (Ames) Hawkins 

Mr David H Hayes 
o Mr. Scott E. Henck 
M l ■■■ e I lodacz 

Ms Michelle L i lorov. itz 

Mr. Josh F I toward 

Mrs. Danielle L. (Homberg) Ho) 

Mrs Wendj W (Westcott) Huber 

Mrs Kerry |. (Clelan) Hurst 
* Mr Matthew S Ji mi • 

Mrs Robyn P (Welker) Ke. kler 

Ms. Tammi J Kiick 
Mr Dani( I \ Kiseler 

Mr Edward D Kladkj 
o Ms Danielle S Kraft 
o Mrs Jean ( (Formal 
o Ms Nicole L. Lancieri 

Ms Hollj M Landis 
o Ms Shelly M Levan 

Ms. Meredith L Lutz 

Ms. Martha R Mams 

Ms Michelle D Mallo) 

Mr. Dunn. ! 

Mr. Brian D. Massar 

Mr Michael S. McGreevy 

Mr Ryan I. McKinley 
o Ms Lisa A. (Lehman) McMinn 

Mr. Kenneth R Mengel 

Ms. Sarah F Metallo 
o Ms. Debra A 

Ms. Jennifer J. Mihalo\ 

Mr jetrre\ W Miller 

Ms Melissa S. Morgan 

Ms [ennifer \ 

Ms Lori A Noli 
o Ms Sail) A. Padilione 
iron L. Possessky 

Mr. Jeffrey C Raber 

Mr Jason M Reese- 
Ms Demse L Remoehl 
Mr Robert H Reiss. Ill 


Mr Jeffrey L. Seidel 
o Ms Nan ;. R 

Mr Todd M. Slatei 
o Mr. Ricky G Smith 

Mr. Cory J. Snook 

Mr. Michael T. Stamm 
o Ms Jill R Trenn 

Mr Bred W. Trout man 

Mrs Holly M. (Stevens X 

'■' 1 : istinaj Watts 

Ms Michelle M Weaber 

Mr David K Wentzel 
*■ Ms. H chei N W 
o Mr Nathan A Wisniewski 
o Mrs St. 1- 1 I. Kowal 

Mrs. Grei 1 Snydei Wright 

Ms Carol 5 . 
o Mr. Christopher D. Ziegenfuss 

Mrs im.i I) (Good) Zimmerman 

Ms. Jill E Zwiesdak 

> ... 

Anni al Fund S3, 151 00 

o Mr Daniel L Auman 

M Gii M V . ..: . 
o M M ' |yi s (Rohrer) Barnett 
o Ms. Diane E. Biever 
o Ms, Mary I Brokans 

'X 1 ( untrell 

M M (Mehalik 1 Christopher 

Ms Kathryn E. Clark 

Ms Laura L Davidson 

Mr Stephen W. Dietinger 
o Mr. E I 

Mr. Matthew A Flamisch 

Mr Timothy A Frantz 
o Ms AnitaG. Fuhrman 

Ms Patricia F ( 1 
I Gill 

Mrs Darla L 1 R; 
Mr Edw in A. 1 leise) 

M ' 

Ms Melissa L 1 
o Ms Donna M Heverhng 

Ms Tina M H 
o Mr Etii 1 1 limelnght 

M 1 Kissinger* HIavatA 
M \ iohenwartcr 

Mrs Davoda P (Yarletl I 

Mrs Kathleen Johnston 
Ms Shelby L Kampka 

Mr James P Kelly 

Ms Dilys L. K 
■:• M Amanda A. Killian 
c Ms Sc< ; hanit G Krata 

Ms Heather M. Kra isi 

Ms Michelle L. Kryscofolski 

Ms Constance L. Landis 

M M . .ss.i M Leedom 

Ms Judith J Luckenbill 
1; . Kauffma 


M Mason-Sanders 

Ms. Joanne E. Macusko 
Mr. Justin L McCall 
R M Coj 

Mrs Kimber!'. 

Ms. Jaime L Moore 

: -' 

M I r R \ 

Ms Jo 


Ms. Melissa L 1 

Mr Sti '■' :• I ! 

Mr Jerry W Pfarr 

■iter I. Porbansky 

Ms Mi 

L (Witmer) Putt 
o Mrs [acqueline L. (Aukamp)Rieker 

Ms. Kimberly R. Rodgers 

Ms, Thea R Roomer 

Ms Tracey A. Ross 

M Michi LI 
o Ms Debra K Sanders 

Ms. Tanya I. 5angrej 

Mr Raymond 1 v 

Ms. Am) i 
-:■ Ms Erin N Schmid 

Ms. Lilliai M Crofi Schreier 
M Schweitzer 
o Mr. Larry S Shifflet 

Ms Kierstin A. Shumate 

Ms Lisa M (Fli ■■ v 

Mr David R Smith. II 
o Mr. Pedro F Solanet 
Mr Br:.. \ S 

Ms Den ' Steinigei 
o Mrs. Anni M S key) Si 
'-. Summers 

Ms Jeanette T Tobin 

Mr Rjchard D. Townsend 
o Mr. j. ■ 

Ms ReK v \ 

o Mrs Kimberh A M 1 

Mrs. Jul:' - l . 
* Mr Jeremy D \\ Ls< 

Mr Mark D \\ et 

Ms Amy M W 

Ms Kathleen '■ 

Ms Kelly J. Zimmerman 


.. . 

Gift Drive, see list on pa 
Ms. Katherine A Bernhardt 
Mr DanielJ Bricklej 
Mr Michael L Faux 
\ I 
o Mr Keitii A Giaquinto 
o Mr Enrico Malvone 
Ms. Jennifer L. Martin 
v flien A. Raab 
n M Rabuck 
Ms Karlm B Schroeder 

R : c^ r G 1 1 I ^ 

1 1 

Class of 1999 

Senior Gift 


Congratulations to the Class of 1 999! 

Under the capable leadership of Carrie 

Champ, the class raised $23,580 for 

the Annual Fund. The Class of 1 999 

gift will be acknowledged on soon to be 

constructed fountain, benches and 

landscaping in the Academic Quad. 

The following members of the class 

made pledges! gifts: 

Associate Degree Recipients 

Mrs Teresa A. Sweigart 
Ms. Lugene H Walton 

Bachelor Degree Recipients 

Mr. Christopher E Albright 
Ms. Joanne L. Akrath 
Ms. Heather A Bair 
Ms. Jennifer A Bala 
Mr Michael E. Bastian 
Mr. Allen H. Beckley 
Mr. Nicholas A Bt-idle 
Mr. David A. Bender 
Ms. Shannan L. Bennett 
Ms. Samantha N. Bolognese 
Ms. Elaine F. Boltz '96 
• Ms. Jessica L. Bostdorf 
Ms. Knsten L Botz 
Mr Anthony R. Bozzanca 

Mr. Timothy M. Bradley 
Ms. Liza A Brandt 
Ms. Melissa K. Brecht 
Mrs Deborah A Brokenshire 
Ms Kathleen E. Calaman 
Mr Jamie L. Cascanno 

• Ms. Carrie A. Champ 

Ms. Malaika L. Cheney-Coker 

Mr Brett L. Chottiner 

Ms. Ashley A. Collins 

Mr John L Connor 

Ms Aimee B Convery 

Ms. Beth A Curley 

Mr Damon A Davis 

Mr. MatthewJ. Denbleyker 

Ms. Kelly A. Dessert 

Mr. Michael C. Diehl 

Mr. Joshua A. Diflono 

Ms. Dana M Docherry 

Mr. David T Doll, Jr. 

Ms. Adrienne M Donato 

• Ms Heather S Draper 
Ms. Sophia Dnpps 
Ms. MelanieJ. Eberly 
Ms. Victoria L. Eddinger 
Ms. Amy N Edns 

Mr TrevorJ. Enck 

• Ms. Cynthia A. Ensminger 
Mr Jason M Falcone 

Ms. Lois J Felry 
Ms. MelissaJ. Felty 
Mr David L. Ferrari 
Ms Alicia L Fioravanti 
Mr. Jared P Fleegal 
Ms. Jill A Fleming 
Ms. Kathleen A. Flory 
Mr. Matthew R, Franks 
Mr Jeffrey T Frey 
Ms. Angel L. Galloway 

Ms. Jessica E. Gascho 
Ms. Ellen E. Gehr 
Mr. Scott D Gehres 
Ms. Michelle L. Gentzler 
Mr MatthewJ. Giannelh 
Ms. Jennifer L. Gochenaur 
Ms. Gail E. Graeff 
Ms. Laura B. Graybeal '96 
Mr. Michael J Green 
Ms. Jodi L. Greenfield 
Mr MatthewJ Grzywacz 
Mr. MatthewJ. Hans 

1 Ms. Alicia M. Harvath 
Ms. Heather L. Hatt 
Ms. Melissa K. Hauber 
Ms Despina M Hazarones 
Ms. Kimberly A. Hendricks 
Ms Linda A. Hess 
Mr Lynn R Hibshman 
Ms. Wendy J Hoffman 
Mrs Heidi Kreider Hollinger 
Mr. Tonachan E Hollinger 

► Ms. Amy J Hornberger 
Mr. Richard J. Ippolito, Jr. 
Ms. Jody L. Jacobetz 

» Ms Rebecca L. Jeffers 
Mr. Adam S. Johnston 
Ms. Amie M Jumper 
Ms. Adna L. Keefer 
Mrs. Kelly J Keenan 
Ms. Michele R. Keilholtz 
Ms. Jennifer L. Kissinger 
Mr Daniel R. Knapp 
Ms. DalindaC. Knauch 
Mr Anthony E Kuhns 
Ms. Kelly L. Kurutz 
Ms. Ken M. Lacy 
Mr Bradford J. Ladlee 
Mr Jerome A. Lang 
Mrs. Melanie Good Lang 
Ms. Amanda E. Lee 

' Ms. Cheryl A. Lee 
Ms. Julie A Leeper 
Mr Dwight A. Lichtenwalner 
Ms. Come J. Littleton 
Mr. PatrickJ. Loughney 
Ms Catenna Madaffan 
Mr. John L. Madden, Jr. 
Ms. Tabitha S. Mains 
Ms Dana A Martin 

1 Ms Dawn L McCabe 
Mr. Nathan A. McManus 
Ms. Christina A. Mellick 

» Mr. Christopher T. Melusky 

' Ms. Jennifer D. Methner 
Ms Talitha R Meyer 
Ms. Susan B. Meyers 
Ms. EnkaJ. Miller 
Ms. Megan J Miller 
Ms. April J. Mitchell 

1 Ms. Melissa L. Mowrer 
Ms. Lon M. Moyer 
Ms Melissa D Moyer 
Ms. Vicki L Musser 
Mr. G Scott Myers 
Mr. Michael R. Newman 
Mr. Leonard N. Oriel 
Ms Melanie S. Orth 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Orzechowski 
Mr. Thomas S. Palanica '96 
Mr Andrew J Panko 
Mr. Ross A Patrick 
Mr. Jonathan A. Pentecost 
Ms. Cynthia A. Perroth 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Peterson 
Ms. Misty L. Piersol 
Mr. Daniel P. Post 
Mr Ian M Pychinka 
Ms. Erin M Rabuck 
Ms. Kathleen E. Raffield 

' Ms. Kristin L. Rager 
Ms. Kelly M. Reed 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Rhone- 
Ms. Karen A. Rice 

Mr. Keith D. Richardson 
Ms. Leah G Roach 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Ross 
Ms MeghanJ. Rouse 
Mr Jason R Royer 
Ms. Jaime S. Rurh 
Ms. Rayna E. Schell 
Mr. David S. Schmaldienst 
Mr. Timothy J. Shadle 
Mr. David W. Shapiro 
Mr. M. Joshua Shellenberger 
Mr. James T. Shissler 
Mr. Shane M. Sipes 
Ms. Jaroslava Slesingerova 
Mrs.JoannM Smith 
Ms. Julie K. Smith 
Ms. Mary R. Sowers 
Mr. Craig R. Stahl 
Mrs. Sandra K. Stauffer '94 
Mr. Gregory A. Steckbeck 
Mr. Andrew D. Stoner 
Mr Raymond S. Stonesiter 
Mr Randy L. Stnte 
Mr. Daniel R. Strobeck 
Ms. Krista N. Summers 
Ms. Connie L. Sumner 
Mr Cory W Thornton 
Ms Kelly J. Tnest 
Mr. Wayne P. Tulli 
Ms. Marcia S. Tumpey 
Ms. Wendy D. Umbarger 
Mr. Craig A Underwood 
Ms Melissa M Vanbenthuysen 
Mr. Glenn P. Vaughan 
Mr Eric L. Vera 
Ms. Amy J. Vituszynski 
Ms. Amanda R. Warfel 
Ms. AliciaJ. Way 
Ms Michele L. Weber 
Mrs. Anne C. Webster-Flatley 
Mr Douglas L. Weigle 
2nd LX Mark W. Wells 
Ms. Lisa M Wenrich 
Mr. Robert E. Wentzel, Jr. 
1 Ms. Megan E. Wertz 
Mr. Eric B. White 
Mr. Nathan R. Wmgert 
Mr. Jeremy P. Wolf 
Ms. Tammy M. Wolfe 
Mr. Kirk A. Yagel 
Ms. Lisa A. Yingst 
Mr. W. Ross Young 
Ms MichelleJ. Zeanng 
Mrs. Amy E. Zeiders 
Mr. James L. Zerfing 
Mr. Jeremy C. Zettlemoyer 

Master of Business 
Degree Recipients 

Mr. Kevin M. Adler 
Mr. Francis Haefner 
Ms. Patricia A. Winters 

• Senior Gift Drive Committee 








Parents of 

Mr. Wayne R. Acker 
Mrs Sherriil Baumgartnec 

O Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adamick 

o Mr and Mrs Joseph Adamo 
Ms Sylvia M Adams-Kozlowski 
Mr Robert E. Adkins 
Mr. and Mrs Mitchell Albright 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A Ananea 
Mr and Mrs Michael W Ande 
Mr. and Mrs Terrence M 

Anderson 71 
Mr and Mrs Brian D Andes 
Mr and Mrs Eugene Angle, Jr 
Mr and Mrs Raymond Anspach 
Mr and Mrs. John T Anthony 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth L Arnold 
Mr and Mrs Kenneth Atkinson 
Mr and Mrs. George Baab, Jr 
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce O Bailey 
Mr and Mrs Daniel Bailey. Jr 
Mr and Mrs Paul E Baker 
Mr and Mrs Dana A Baptista 

« Mr and Mrs Richard M Barger 
Mr and Mrs Timothy P Barton 
Mr. and Mrs Michael E. Bastian 
Mr and Mrs Edward C. Bechtel 

o Mr and Mrs Joseph A Becker 
Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Becker 

o Ms Pamela M Beezup 
Mr. and Mrs Ralph Bencivengo 

O Mr and Mrs Charles D Bender 

o Rev. and Mrs D. Michael 
Bennethum 75, '76 
Mr and Mrs. John A Bentley 
Mr and Mrs. Dale R Berkebile 
Mr and Mrs Edward W Bersano 
Mr and Mrs Timothy A Berwager 
Mr and Mrs Brian K Bishard 

Mr. and Mrs Ernest E Bolton 
Ms. Nancy C. Borremans 
Mr and Mrs. Darell J Bowman 
Mr Jerry B Brenner 

o Mr and Mrs. James R Brimmer 
Mr and Mrs James W Brodt 
Mr and Mrs. Robert R Bross 
Mr. and Mrs David Brown, Jr 
Mrs. DebraJ Brown 
Mr and Mrs Donald R Brown 
Mrs Jane M Brown 
Mr Sidney W. Brown 
Mr and Mrs George Bruner, Jr 
Mr and Mrs. Lester J Bunda 

O Mr and Mrs. Joseph A Candio 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas P Cannon 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cantrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W Capnotti 

O Dr and Mrs James W. Carpenrer 
60. '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B Cavanaugh 
Ms Concetta M Chandler 
Mr Stanley M Chandler 
Dr and Mrs Robert D. Chaplin 
Mr and Mrs. James J. Clark 
Mr and Mrs. Scott C. Clark 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M Clinton 

Mr and Mrs Daniel J Coakley 
Mr and Mrs. Raymond D. Cole 
Mr and Mrs John J. Conley 
Mr and Mrs. J Michael Connelly 
Mr and Mrs. Barry A. Cooney 
Mr and Mrs Moses J Cona 
Mr and Mrs. Douglas S Cramer 
Mr. and Mrs. David C Cresswell 
Mr and Mrs. Robert G Crnkovich 
Mr and Mrs Dennis K Crotty 
Mr and Mrs George Cunningham 
Mr and Mrs Paul Cvach 
Ms Virginia G Davenport 

O Mr Jeff A Davidson 
Mr and Mrs Daniel Davis 
Mr and Mrs. Gary Davis 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth W Davis 
Mrs Linda J Decker 

o Mr and Mrs Peter J Dehart 
Mr and Mrs. J. N. Deibler 
Mr Vincent C Dehberato, Jr 
Ms. Carol E Delp 
Mr. and Mrs Thomas E Dempsey 
Mr and Mrs Ralph Denhnger 
Mr and Mrs. James D Dennis 
Mr and Mrs. William L Derr 
Mr and Mrs. Frederick Desio 
Mr and Mrs Dante Devuono 
Mr and Mrs Jerry W Dewitc 
Mr and Mrs David A Dibiase 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L Dobson 
Mr and Mrs John T Domaracki 
Mr and Mrs Keith T Donecker 
Mr and Mrs John D Dotson 
Mr and Mrs Michael J Dreger 
Mr and Mrs William Drumheller 

o Mr and Mrs Thomas M Durry 
Mr and Mrs John A Duke 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E Dukes 
Mr and Mrs Joseph Dundore, Sr. 
Ms Karen L Dunkle 
Mr and Mrs Richard Durham 
Mr Robert D Eastlack 
Ms Vickie C Eastlack 
Ms Cheryl M Ebnght 
Mr. and Mrs Jacob R Echternach 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R Eiker 
Mr and Mrs Harry K Ellwood 
Mr and Mrs Robert L Engle 
Mr and Mrs Dennis English 
Ms PaulaJ. Etschman 
Mr and Mrs Jay L. Evans 

O Mr and Mrs Roland J Evans 

o Mr and Mrs Barry C Eynon 
Ms Dolly D Faith 
Mr Thomas N Scheldt 
Mr and Mrs Paul A. Farula 
Mr and Mrs Bradley R Faust 
Mr and Mrs Guy E Feather 
Ms. Louise D. Fedock 
Mr and Mrs Donald A Feeg 
Mr and Mrs John P Feeney 

O Mr. and Mrs Bruce D Fehnel 
Ms Kathleen B Feldman-Rode 
Mr and Mrs Richard D Fessler 
Mr and Mrs John Fetterman 

♦ Mr. and Mrs James H Fisher 

o Mr. and Mrs Patrick Flay 

Mr and Mrs Ronald Fleischman 
Mr and Mrs William S. Fox 
Mr and Mrs Robert V. Frampron 
Mr and Mrs Ronald L Fratini 
Mr. and Mrs Robert E Frey '70 
Mr and Mrs James Fngm, III 

O Mr and Mrs Kent L. Fritz 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Galbhugh 
Mr and Mrs Robert J Garrett 
Mr and Mrs Joseph A Gervase 
Mr and Mrs Harold C. Getz 
Mr. and Mrs Allen Giaquinto. Jr. 
Ms. Barbara J Gibson 
Mr. David E Gibson 
Mr. and Mrs Thomas Gloudemans 

o Mr and Mrs William Gock, Sr. 

o Mr and Mrs David J Golias 
Mr. and Mrs James A. Gottlieb 
Ms. Olive Graaf 
Mr and Mrs Danny R Grant 

o Mr and Mrs Peter L Grasa 
Mr and Mrs Fred Greenawalt 
Mr and Mrs James A Greenwell 

* Mr And Mrs John K. Griffith 
Mr and Mrs Oleg Gngoryan 

O Mr and Mrs Michael W Gross 
Mr and Mrs James Gunsallus 
Mr and Mrs Nowal Halout 
Mr and Mrs Charles Hansel!. Jr 
Mr. and Mrs Gerald R Harnish 
Mr Richard J Harrison. Sr 
Mr and Mrs Kenneth R Hart 
Mr and Mrs. Douglas J Harter 
Mr and Mrs Douglas R Harvey 
Mr. and Mrs David S. Hassenplug 
Mr. and Mrs Dwight D Hawk 
Ms. Carrie E Hednck 
Mr and Mrs Lynn A Heiser 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Heizmann 

'67, '67 
Mr and Mrs WalterJ. Helhowski 
Mr and Mrs Thomas Hendricks 
Mr and Mrs Douglas R. Henning 
Mr and Mrs Parker V Hennion 
Mr. and Mrs Vang Her 
Mr and Mrs D Thomas Hershey 
Mr and Mrs Robert Hilperts 
Mr and Mrs John K Hocker 

o Mr. and Mrs Rick Hodgdon 
Mr and Mrs Francis L Hogate 
Mr and Mrs Ernest A Hoke 
Ms. Deborah J Holets 
Mr. and Mrs Richard Hollinger 
Mr and Mrs Gerald K Holman 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L Hoofnagle 
Mr and Mrs David I Horning 
Ms. Dorene K Horst 

O Mr and Mrs Robert B Horst 

o Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Horton 
Mr. and Mrs Gary G. Howard 
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Howarrh 

O Mr and Mrs James Hunrer, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Hurst 

o Mr and Mrs Marvin Huuhins 
Mr. and Mrs Raymond 

o Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ippolito 

O Mr and Mrs Roger W. Irey, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs Alvin L. Irmcn 
Mr. and Mrs Paul N Johnson 
Mr and Mrs. Michael Josaphs 
Mr and Mrs. Gerald A Kabat 
Mr. and Mrs Stephen 

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Kartzman 
Mr and Mrs Jay H Kauffman 

O Mr and Mrs John S, Keesey 
Mr and Mrs John L Keiser 
Mr and Mrs Joseph Kelly, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs Larry E Kemble 
Mr and Mrs Earl E Kennedy '73 

O Mr. and Mrs Larry J Kennel 
Ms Donna M Kenny 
Mr and Mrs Allen C Kerchner 
Mr and Mrs. Jaid A Kerdzaliev 
Mr and Mrs John E Kipp 

O Mr and Mrs William Kjrkpatrick 
Mr and Mrs. Donald Klingensmith 
Mr and Mrs Barry L. Klunk 

o Mr. and Mrs Thomas C Kneavel 

o Mr and Mrs Gerald L. Kneier 
Mr and Mrs Thomas Knepp 

O Mr and Mrs Ronald F Knerr 
Ms Virginia E Kohbab 
Mr and Mrs Michael S Kolva 
Mr and Mrs. Jerzy Kornas 

o Mr William M Korp 
Mr and Mrs James Kostuk 
Mr and Mrs Komba M Kpakiwa 
Mr and Mrs Kurt Krammes 

O Mr and Mrs. Gregory Kratzer, Sr 
Mr and Mrs Peter K Kresge 
Ms Linda Kroeper 

o Mr Nicholas Kroeper 

O Mr and Mrs. Joseph S Kujovsky 

o Mr. and Mrs Wesley Kuratomi 
Mr and Mrs Daniel A Lancaster 
Mr and Mrs Samuel D Landis 
Mr Rand Lapp 
Mr. and Mrs John C Lauchle 

O Mr Terry Laudermikh 
Mr and Mrs. Brian E. Leighow 
Mr and Mrs Alvin B Light 

o Mr and Mrs Larry L Light 
Mr and Mrs. Richard Lingentelte 

o Mr and Mrs. Robert P. Lipp 
Mr and Mrs. Ronald A Logan 
Mr. and Mrs John R Lohman 
Mr Roy H Lomas 
Ms Susan L. Lomas 
Mr and Mrs Thomas H Ludwig 
Mr. Edgaxdo Lugo 
Mr and Mrs George J Lyons 

o Mr and Mrs Garen B Mac Donald 
Ms Mary A MacNutt 
Mr and Mrs Robert G, Maine 
Mr and Mrs George L Mall 
Ms Debra A Mann 
Mr. and Mrs Paul P. Marshall 
Mr Barry L Martin 
Mr and Mrs Byron D Martin 
Mr. and Mrs Henry A Martin. Jr 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth R Mase 
Mr. and Mrs Michael R Maskery 
Mr and Mrs David Mason 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth E. Mac tern 
Mr and Mrs Joseph G. Maultair 
Mr and Mrs. Randy C. Maultair 
Mr and Mrs Michael W McCalpin 
Mr and Mrs Paul W McCamey 

o Mrs Bonnie L. McCarthy 

Mr and Mrs James L McClellan 
Mrs Robin S. McCullough 

O Mr and Mrs James A McDermott 
Mr. and Mrs Melvin McGinnis 

o Mr and Mrs. Daniel P McGinn' 
Mr and Mrs. Charles R McGough 
Mrs. Cindy L. McGruder 
Mr and Mrs. Alfred G Mcllvame 

o Mr and Mrs Stephen McKeown 
Ms. Diane R McKmney 
Mr. Patrick) Mc Kinney. Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McLaughlin 

Mr and Mrs Dennis P. McMaster 
Mr. and Mrs Dennis McMaster 
O Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mealy 
Dr. and Mrs Mark L. Mecham 
O Mr. and Mrs Francis Mehlmann 
o Dr and Mrs J Mark Meredith 
Mr and Mrs Dean A Meyer 
Mr. Gerald E Mill 
Mr. and Mrs James M. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Russel W. Miller 
O Mr. and Mrs Richard A Moder 
o Mr. and Mrs Alfred T Moft'att '68 
Mr. and Mrs Michael Moletress 
Mr and Mrs Tom B Mohn 

* Mr. and Mrs Robert E Moore 
Mr and Mrs Gerald A Moran 
Mr. and Mrs James R. Morehead 
Ms Margaret M Morns 

Mr Glenn A Moser 
Mr and Mrs David W. Mover 
Mr. and Mrs Dennis E Mover 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph J Mucenno 
Mr and Mrs Richard S Musser 
Mr and Mrs Ralph E Myers 
Mr. and Mrs John W Nagurny 

O Mr and Mrs Edward H Neary 
Ms Holly J Neeley 
Mr and Mrs Fred E Neelv 
Mr. and Mrs Bruce K Neely 
Ms. Patty M Neidig 
Mr and Mrs Michael J Nemec 
Mr. and Mrs Hans-Peter N'euteld 
Mr and Mrs Clayton Newcomer 
Mr and Mrs Michael L. Newcomer 
Mr and Mrs Sheldon 1 Newman 
Mr. and Mrs Robert Newswanger 

o Dr and Mrs John H Nipple 
Mr and Mrs Robert C Nish 
Ms Brenda L. Noll 
Mr and Mrs Ronald D Orth 
Mr and Mrs Joseph Orzechowski 
Mrs. PnscillaJ Ott 
Mr and Mrs Thomas Oursler 
Mr and Mrs Harry D. Owens 
Mr. and Mrs David Pannebecker 

* Dr. and Mrs John E. Patricelli '""5. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J Patson 
Mr. and Mrs. Roget A Paucek 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas H Paull 
Mr. and Mrs John C Paxson 
o Mr. and Mrs Paul W. Pednck 
Mr and Mrs. Donald E. Pefflev 

Report of Gifts 

/ i 

Mr and Mrs Michael J Pelepko Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D Ream 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Perry Ms. Sheila J. Reaves 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Peters Mr and Mrs. MarlinJ. Reed 

Mr and Mrs. Emery M Petrof Mr. and Mrs Lawrence A. Regina 

Ms. Mildred H. Ptc-il Ms. Deirdre C. Reilly 

o Mr. and Mrs. Steve C Phoebus Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Reilly 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Piazza o Mr and Mrs Mark K. Reimert 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J- Polasky Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reinhart 
* Dr.G. David and Mrs. Janice Pollick Mr and Mrs. David S. Reisinger 

o Mr. and Mrs. John J Polub|ak Ms. Gayle A. Rhoads 

Ms. Sylvia J Popejoy Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rhoads 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Porrini Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Ridler 

Ms. Tom E. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Richard P Rife 

o Mr and Mrs. Peter P. Post Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rill 

o Mr and Mrs. Eugene Potten Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rimby 

Mr and Mrs Thomas R. Powl Mr and Mrs. Steven N Rineman 

Mr. and Mrs. Millard F. Price Mr. and Mrs. Barron K. Ritter 

Mr. and Mrs Leslie W Probst Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Ritter 

Mr. and Mrs Daniel A. Profeto Ms. Irma N Rivera 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pumphrey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robbins 

'74, '74 Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Robinson 

Mrs. Wendy D. Quinley Mr. and Mrs. Lee D Rodgers 

Mr. and Mrs R. Brian Radcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Romenesko 

Mrs. Maryann Rakow Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Roos 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Rakowski Mr and Mrs. Anthony M. Rosso 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Frank Rayne Mr and Mrs. Robert C Roth 

Ms. DianneL. Ruhl 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rute 

■:• Mr. John D. Ryan 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rys 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sandel, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Sands 
Mr. and Mrs. John Santana 

o Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Sargo 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sarro 
Mr. and Mrs. Bret D. Satzler 

o Ms. Joy A. Saylor 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schlossbach 
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Schneider 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Schreffler 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Schular 

o Mr. and Mrs. John Seidenstncket 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. SekuJa 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Seyfert 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sgro 
Mr and Mrs. John C. Shaffer 
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Shapiro 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Sharnetzka'68 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Shattuck 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J Shaub 
Ms. Patricia M. Shaughncssy 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Shenk 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Shepherd 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shoemaker 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Shoemaker 
Mr. and Mrs Thomas L. 

Mrs. Lisa B. Shollenberger 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shotwell 
Mr. and Mrs. Brad S. Shover 

C Mr. Marlin E. Shughart 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. 

Shumway '75 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Simolike 
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Simpson 
Mr James M Slawecki 
Ms. Marcia Ehrhart 

o Mr and Mrs. William W. Smeltzer 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R Smith 
Mr and Mrs David Smolenski 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Smyser 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M Snoke 
Mr. and Mrs Roger D. Snyder 
Mrs. Judith Soondar 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Soulhard 
Mr. and Mrs. Alden P. Southwick 
Mr. and Mrs. FrankJ. Stachnik 

© Mr. Frank M. Stack, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stamm 

Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Staub 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Stendardo 

Mrs. Paula A. Stewart 

Mr and Mrs. Gary W. Stinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stitzer 

Mrs. Madeline Stokes 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Stoveken 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Stover 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Strickland 

Mr. Ray E. Stump 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Sturniolo 

G Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Swank 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Sweigart 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tallia, Sr. 

o Mr. and Mrs. Attalee S. Taylor '75 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Terch 

* Mr. and Mrs. James H. Thomas 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Thomas 
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Thornton 

■:• Mr. and Mrs. Merrill C. Thrush 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G, Tice 
Mr. Edward J. Timmons, Sr. 
Mr. Alphonso A. Trecroce 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Trezza 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Trone 

O Mr. and Mrs. James M. Troutman 
Ms. Bonita L. Tshudy 
Ms. OlyviaJ. Ulnch 
Ms. Karen L. LImberger 'SS 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Unruh 
Mr and Mrs Norman H Vaughan 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Vitti 

© Mt. and Mrs. James A. Vogtman 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Vollberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Wagner 
Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Walker 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wallace 
Mrs. Maria Waller 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Walmsley 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walters 
Mr. and Mrs. George Wardrop, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Warner 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Weaver 
Mr and Mrs. Mark A. Wehr 

© Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Weicksel 
Mr. and Mrs. Lester D. Weir 

© Mr and Mrs Joseph F. Welsh 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Wesloskie 

© Mr. and Mrs. Olin L. Wethington 

Rev and Mrs. Donald C. Wetzel 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. White 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Whittaker 
Mrs. Wanda A. Wiley 

© Mr. and Mrs. Harry T Williams 
Mr and Mrs. Richard C. Williams 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Williams 
Mrs. Susan A. Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A Wmdish 
Mr and Mrs. James M Winjum 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wittrien 

© Mr and Mrs. Donald P. Wood 

■:■ [ )i .; ■■ Mr I ( t. rali I \\ oodward 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wood worth 
Mr. and Mrs. N. Scott Worrall 
Mr and Mrs. Kevin R. Yeiser 
Mr. and Mrs Timothy G. Yezik 

* Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Yingling 
Mr and Mrs David Yourkawitch 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Zang 
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Zarnowski 
Mr and Mrs Ralph Zeiders 
Mr. and Mrs. Stan L. Zellers 
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Zernhelt 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ziegenruss 
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Ziegler 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Zimmerman 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dennis 


Mr. and Mrs. 

Richard A. Adams 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Adams, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Albright 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Amlung 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Andersen 
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Anderson 

* Rev. and Mrs. David H. Andrews 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Andrews 
Mr and Mrs. Frank E. Angeli 
Mr. and Mrs. John Aponick 

* Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 
o Mrs. Elaine B. Auerbach '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E Ayers 

* Mrs. Mary F.J. Bailes 

Mr and Mrs. Terry L. Bair 
Mr and Mrs Ben Baird 
Mrs. Mildred Baker 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Baker '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P Bala 
Mrs. Jane L Balmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baruka 
o Mrs. Dorothy S. Bean 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beck 

* Dr. C. Ray Bell '28 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas A. Bender 
o Mrs Frances E Beno 








Mr. and Mrs. John P Berhng 

* Mr. and Mrs Kenneth S. Bern- '67 
Mrs. Doris C. Bierv 48 

o Dr and Mrs. Tom A. Bither 
Mr. and Mrs. L. Fred Blanck '41 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A Blanford 
Mr and Mrs. Edward Bleyzgis 
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 

o Mr. and Mrs. John E. Blouch '68 

* Mr. and Mrs. John D Boag '51, '51 
Mr. and Mrs Kim M Bollinger 
Mrs. Renee Bolrz 

Mr. and Mrs Dwight W. Bomberger 
O Ms Sandra L Bonser 
O Mr. and Mrs. David S Borders 
o Dr David N. Bosacco '56 

Mr. and Mrs Terry Bostdort 
« Mr and Mrs. Thomas A Bowman 

Mr and Mrs. James W Bowman 

Mrs Christine G Boyd 
oMrs Phyllis E. Boyer '46 
o Mr. and Mrs Anthony V Bozzanca 

* Mr and Mrs Harold W. Brecht 
Mr Jacob P. Bregler 

Mr and Mrs. Allen H Brown '50 
Mr, and Mrs Frederick N. Brown 

O Rev and Mrs. William J Brown 
Mr and Mrs. Robert E Brumbaugh 

o Mr and Mrs Paul L Buck 
Mr and Mrs Harold W. Bullock 
Mrs. Patricia D. Bullock '62 
Mr. Edward G- Burke 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L Burkhart 
Mr and Mrs. Donald K Bush 

* Mr and Mrs John \Y Bvers 
Mrs Grace J. Caldwell 

Mrs. Jennifer C. Campbell '66 
Mr. and Mrs Daniel L Carl 
Mr and Mrs. Luis M Carmona 

* Mr and Mrs William C. Carson 
Mr and Mrs Robert Carter 
Mrs Beatrice F Cassel 

Mr. G. Thomas Centotanti 
Mrs Rosemary C Centotanti 
Mr. and Mrs. Aloyusius Chesney 
Mr and Mrs. Nack-Hee Choe 
Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Chottmer 
Mrs. Carol A Christensen 

o Mr and Mrs. George Chronister 
Mr and Mrs. Ronald M Claeys 
Mr and Mrs. Peter N. Clark 
Mr and Mrs Clarence Clemens 
Mr. and Mrs. Neil F. College 

o Dr DeLene Y. Congello '44 
Mr. and Mrs David W Connor 
Mr Lt-Roy E, Copenhaver '59 

o Dr Richard D Cornelius 
Mrs. Louise Cottrell-Cawley '56 
Mr. Norman Cawlev 
Mr and Mrs Gary A Cnssman 
Ms. Judith C. Curran 
Mr and Mrs. George Z Cvi)ic 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph J Dartoli 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Daub, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs Harlan A Daubert'-t9 

* Dr and Dr Robert M Daughertv 

"52. '52 
Mrs. Amy L. Davis 
Mr and Mrs. Donald A Davis 

* Jim and Nancy Davison 

« Mr and Mrs Lloyd Deaven 
Mrs Manon M Dea\en 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Deboer 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold O Deitrich 

* Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger, Jr 

* Mrs. Ella Mae Dellinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R Dcnblevker 
Mr. and Mrs William Didden 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dieffenbach 
Mrs Suzanne Diehl 
Mrs. Olga F. DiFlono 
Mrs. Judith G. Dissmger '64 
o Mr Thomas W. Docherrv 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Doe 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Donato 
« Mr. and Mrs John P. Donnachie'85 
Ms. Sally K Draper 
Mr. Steven W Draper 
Ms. Geraldine M Drayer 

* Mr Michael and Dr Phyhs Dryden 
Mr. and Mrs William R. Durham 

■> Mr and Mrs. Russel Duryea 
Mr and Mrs Hugh L. Eberly '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H 

Mr. and Mrs Lee E. Emerson 

O Mr and Mrs Robert C. Emery 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Enck 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Engesser 
Mr. and Mrs Paul D. Enterlme '65. 

Mr. and Mrs. Galen R. Erb 
Mr N D Enckson 
Mr and Mrs Carl J Erie 

* Col. and Mrs. William F. 

Etchberger '35, '39 

o Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. James ( Ewin 

o Rev and Mrs Richard G Felty 63, 
Mr. and Mrs Lawrence P Ferrari 
Mr. and Mrs Augusrus M. Filbert 
Mr. and Mrs John E Fioravanti 
Mr and Mrs. Robert L Ftscus 
Mr and Mrs Barn. L Fisher 

o Dr and Mrs Paul G Fisher '47, '47 

O Ms. Deborah S Flack 

o Mr. and Mrs William F. Flamisch 
Mr and Mrs Terry A. Fleegal 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Fleek 
Mr and Mrs Bruce G Fleming 

o Mr and Mrs Robert H. Fowler 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Franks 
Mr. Man m Franks 
Mr Albert L Frantz 
Mr and Mrs. John D. French 
Mr. and Mrs Millard Freysinger 

* Mr and Mrs. Tilman R Frve '67, 

Mrs Marie O Fulk 
Mr. and Mrs Gary S. Furman 
Mrs Kathy D. Galloway 

O Mr and Mrs. Joseph M G-arber 
Mr and Mrs Jose M. Garcia 
Mr. and Mrs Floyd R. Garland 
Mr K R.Garling 
Mr. and Mrs Richard L Gehr 
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Geib. Sr 

O Mr. and Mrs. Vernon George 

o Ms Sylvia M Giannelh 
Mr. and Mrs. Gan Gift 
Mr. and Mrs Richard S Gilpin 
Mr and Mrs. Jack E Gingrich 

o Mr and Mrs Thaddeus Glembocki 

o Dr and Mrs David W. Gockley '42 
Mr and Mrs Parke H Good 

O Mr and Mrs Randolph Goodwin 

a Mr and Mrs Rodney J. Graeff 
Mr. and Mrs Alfred Graybeal 
Mr and Mrs Dennis N. Greenfield 

*■ Dr and Mrs Michael A. Grella 

O Mr and Mrs Paul M Grzywacz 
Mr and Mrs Fred Guenther 
Mrs. Cheryl J Guernsi 
Mr and Mrs Richard Gut 
Mr and Mrs. Gary R I laas 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hackett 
Mr and Mrs Charles R Hagstrom 
Mr Richard W Hall 

+ Dr and Mrs Robert E Hamilton 
Mr. and Mrs Roger A. Hamm 
Mr and Mrs Casimir F Hans 
Mr. and Mrs Merle C. Harding 
Mr and Mrs William Harris. Ill 
Mr and Mrs David W Harvath 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Heberlig '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth HefTner 

o Mrs. A. H Heisey 
O Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M Heisey 
o Mr and Mrs. Edwin Helms 
o Mr. and Mrs. Larry Helmuth 

Mrs. Dolores A Hendricks 
o Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L Hendnx 
•64, 63 

Mr. and Mrs Ronald L Henrv 

* Mr and Mrs Philip C Herr, II 
Mr and Mrs. Leon S. Hershey 
Mr. and Mrs Stephen Hibbs 

* Mrs Man Jane Hicks 

Rev and Mrs. Bruce Hinderhter 
Ms. Betry Hirneisen 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hixon 
Mr. Edward J. Hodacz 
o Mr. James I Hoepfer 

* Dr and Mrs Charles I. Hoffman'3 
t Mrs Diane M. Hoffman 

Mr and Mrs. Frederic E Hoffman 
Mr. John W Hoffman 
Mrs. Susan E. Hoffman 
o Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeJ Hollich 
'65, 66 

* Mr and Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 
O Mr and Mrs. Kemn Hoover 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C Hotzman 
t Mr. Darwin E Houtz 
Mr and Mrs Gerald E Houtz 
Mrs Margaret E Houtz 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Howard 
Mrs Rebecca I" Howard '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Huber 

Mr. and Mrs 
O Mr and Mrs 
o Mr and Mrs 

Mr. and Mrs 

Thomas F. Hudish 
Robert B. Huey 

I H Hummer 
William A Humme 

Mr. Hong W. Kim 

Mrs BrendaJ. Kinsey 
o Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Koch 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Koegel 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Kohlhaas'65 
o Mr. and Mrs Stephen N. Kopp 
o Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kratz '97 

Mr and Mrs. Donald R Krause 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A 

Mr. and Mrs James E Kreider 

Mr. Richard W. Kroth 

Ms. Doris P. Krysiak 

Mr. and Mrs Ray Krystofolski 

Mr and Mrs Clyde E. Kuhns 

Mrs Patricia E Lacy 

* Mr and Mrs Steven L Lambert '96 
Dr and Mrs David I. Lasky 

Mr and Mrs John M Laudermilch 
Mr. John A Laudermilch 

* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E Lauver,Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs John Lavin 

Mr, and Mrs Anthony A Lazzaro 
Mr and Mrs. Mark Leahy 
Mr James O Lebo '59 
Mr and Mrs Donald J Lee 

* Kenneth and Linda Leedy 

Mr. and Mrs William W Lee per 
Mr and Mrs William Leeser 

* Mr and Mrs Dennis M Lehman 

'69, '67 
Mr. and Mrs Clifford D. Leitao 
Mr and Mrs Robert W Lemke 
Mrs Ruth M. Lenker 
Mr. and Mrs Adam M Lesher 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lewis '50 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Lewis, Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs Carl R Hunt 
Mr, and Mrs William C Huner 
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie L. Hutton 
Mr. and Mrs Richard D Huyert 
Mr and Mrs. Dennis F. Iezzi 
o Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Inners '52 
O Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacobetz 

Mr and Mrs Stephen A, Johnston 
o Mrs Thelma M. Jordan 
Mr. Richard A.Joyce 
Mr and Mrs Bernard Kabana 
Mr and Mrs Marvin E, Kahn 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis I Kasper 
Mr and Mrs Charles Kai 
Mrs. Pauline R Kaurtman s 3 
Mr and Mrs Gregg L. Keefer 
Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Keilholtz 
Mr. and Mrs Arlan G. Keller 
Mr. and Mrs Robert J. Keller 
Mr and Mrs Lee Kellogg 

o Mr. and Mrs Russel! K Light 
Mr and Mrs James T Litrleton 
Dr. William J Ui j 
Mr and Mrs. Tern - L. Loeb 
Mr. and Mrs Russell F Lohr 
Mr David M.Long '59 
Mrs E Thea T Lucas 
Mr. and Mrs Chester Luckenbill 
Mr, and Mrs Rodney Luckenbill 
Mr. and Mrs David T Lukasewicz 
Ms. Alice Luthy 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L Lutz 
Mr. and Mrs. Leo S. Lutz 

a Mr. and Mrs Robert Mackrides 
54. '55 
Mr and Mrs Sal V. Madaffan 
Mr and Mrs Robert A. Mains 

'71, '73 
Ms. Joan L. Marchozzi 
Mr. and Mrs John Marcinkowski 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S M 
Mr. and Mrs. Georgi Martii 
Mr. and Mrs Larry N Martin 
Ms Man.' L Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond K Martin 
O Dr. Robert S. Martin '59 
Ml I Mrs Angel Martinez 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L McCabe 
Ms Roberta M. McClintock 
Mr William McGreevy 
Mrs Lena McKechme 
Mr M T McKechme 
Mr and Mrs Daniel B McKinlej 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J MeManus 
Ms. Patricia M. Melusky 
Mr and Mrs John F Mentzer 
Mr. and Mrs Richard L Merrirt 
Mr and Mrs. RuharJ Methner 
Mr and Mrs Clair G Metzler 
Mr and Mrs Jacob C Meyer 
Mr and Mrs Larry M Meyer 
Mr Harp. O Meyers 
a Mr and Mrs. Cari E M 
Mr and Mrs Robert I M 
Mr and Mrs. Robert M. Miller 

* Mrs Virginia C. Miller 

Mr and Mrs Leonard L M ag 
o Mr and Mrs. William 1 Moore 
a Mr. and Mrs Lawrence H M 

* Mr and Mrs Philip G Morgan 
Mr and Mrs Frederick J M 

O Mr and Mrs Clifton Mowrer, Jr. 
Mr. Robert F Mowrer 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis G Mi , r 

o Mr and Mrs James L Moyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Austin D. Murphy 

o Mr and Ms Donald E. Murray '61 
Mr and Mrs Robert M Murraj 
Ms Marcia M Musser 
Mr and Mrs. Benjamin Neideigh 
Mr and Mrs Wilben R. Newton 
Mr. and Mrs. Sranlcv K \ . 
Mr and Mrs Thomas v> \ ■ ■ 
Mr, and Mrs Lloyd P Nyce 
Mr and Mrs Clair Oberholtzer 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Olson 
Mr and Mrs Rodney C. Orth 
Mr Michael E Paige 

» Dr and Mrs Andrew] Panko 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N Pauli 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas E Peachey 
Mrs Patricia A. Pednck 
Mr. Lawrence F. Pellegrini 

a Mr and Mrs. Bernard! 
Penturelh '48, 1" 

Report of Gifts 


Mrs. Jean C Perkins 
O Rev. and Mrs. James M. Pern' 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J Pece 
o Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Peters 
o Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 
O Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peterson 
O Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pickering 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Plank 
A Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Plummer 

Mrs. Nancy S. Poleto 
o Mr. and Mrs. William J. Poole 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Pope 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Porbansky 
Mr and Mrs. William E Pounds 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Prock 
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Pychinka 
Mrs Jill M Rabuck 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Ragno 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Redding 

* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redner 
o Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R Reese. Sr. 

Mr. Robert J. Reilly 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Reinoehl 

Ms. Deborah A Reish 
o Sen. and Mrs. James Rhoades, Sr. 

Mr. James W. Riegel, Sr. 

Mrs. Ann Rilatt 
O Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Roach 
O Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Rocco 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rodgers 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Rojahn '50 

Mrs. Fern J. Roland 

* Mrs. Beatrice L. Roth 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roomer 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene C. Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ross 
Mr. Richard L. Rotunda '54 
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rouse 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Rover 
Mr. and Mrs. Truman H. Rumheld 
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Russell 
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Ruth 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V, Ryan 
O Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Ryan '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Sacco 
Mr and Mrs. Wayne Sallurday, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sansky 
Mr. and Mrs Richard L Schaeter 
Mr. and Mrs Gary Schaeffer 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Schiller 
o Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Schimpf '69 
Mrs. Jeanette E Schmid 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schrack, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D Schwalm '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Roberr H Schweers 
Mr. and Mrs. Aivah J Scott 

* Dr. and Mrs. James W. Scott 

Dr. John T and Rev. Anne Seddon 
Mr. and Mrs Franklin L. Seidel 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Sevinsky 
Mr. Randy Shadle 

o Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Shaffer 
70, '69 
Mr. Gary Shank 
Mr. and Mrs. Clair E. Shatto'65,'67 

O Rev. and Mrs. M. Thomas Shatto 
'68, '68 

a Dr and Mrs Daniel L. Shearer 
"58, '36 
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Shearer 
■66, '65 

a Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta 
'52, '51 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Shissler 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Simmons 

« Mrs. Janet L. Simpson '86 

o Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sipes 

O Mr. and Mrs. Charles R Slabach 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sladek 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Slater 
Mr. and Mrs. James L Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Smith 
Mr and Mrs Jay L Snavely 
Mr. Chester E. Snedeker '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Roberr I. Snovel 

* Rev. and Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 

'44, '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger K Sowers 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Spadjinske 

* Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 
Mrs. Virginia A. Spitler 

Mr. and Mrs Raymond Stahl 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Stanilla '65 
O Mrs. Hannelore W. Starsinic '57 
o Mr. Joe L. Stauffer '58 

Ms. Julie Stauffer 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Steckbeck 

Ms Carol M. Stock 

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stoner 

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Stouter 

Mr. J.B. Strickland 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Stnckler 
O Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Strobeck 
o Mr and Mrs. Carroll G. Stroh '65, 


Mr. Charles Strohl, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Srurgess 
O Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Summers 

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Summers 

Mr and Mrs. Lavern L. Sweigart 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Swope 
O Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Taylor 
o Mr. and Mrs Edwin D Tennev '96 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tesche, Sr. 
■> Mrs. Delia H. Thomas '23 

Mr. and Mrs Joseph Thomas 
o Mr and Mrs. John R. Thompson 
A Mr. and Mrs Warren K. Thompson 
o Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Trapnell, Jr. 

Mr. Charles Trenn, Jr. 

* Rev. and Mrs Martin W. Trostle 


Mr and Mrs. William H. Trust 
o Mr and Mrs. Francis H. Tumpey 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ulrich, III 
o Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Umla 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Underwood 
o Robert L. and Beth R. Unger '69, 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vagyoczky 
o Mr and Mrs. Douglas H. Vera 

Mr. and Mrs John J. Vito 
O Mr and Mrs Larry- Vituszynski 
o Mr. George B. Wagner '46 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth L Wagner 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman A.Wangman 
Mr. and Mrs. Weston B. Wardell 

* Mr. Leonard and Dr. Albertine 

Mr. William H. Way 
o Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Weber 
o Mr and Mrs William C. Webster 
Mr and Mrs Mark D. Wells 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wenger 
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn R. Wenger '92 
Mr James C. Werkheiser 
Mr. and Mrs. Jostah H. Werner 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Were '66 
Mr and Mrs. Jamie G Wescott 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. White 
Ms. Sharon K. Whitlock 
Mrs. Ethlyn M. Wien 

* Mr and Mrs. Richard F Wierman 
Ms. Barbara A. Williard 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wisler '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wisniewski 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Witchey 
o Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wolfgang 

O Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wolfgang 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wolgemuth 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. 

* Mr. Robert D. Womer '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Worcester 
Dr Suzanne H. Worrilow 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs Leon A. Wysolovski 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Yagel 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Yarger 
Mrs Anna R Yerger 
O Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Yingst 

O Mr. and Mrs 

Mr. and Mrs 
o Mrs. Helen E 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Mrs. Ruth H 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. 
O Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. 

A. Barry Yocom '65, 

Bruce N. Young 


Harry C. Zart, Sr. 
Barry L. Zeiber 

Zentmeyer '49 
Dale L. Zerting 
Francis Zetdemoyer 
Larry L. Ziegler '57, 

Anthony S. Ziga 



t+Mr. Joseph Abusamra 
Mrs. Joanne G. Adams 
Ms. Hope M Adkins 

* Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Adler 

* Albert A. Alley, M.D 
Ms. Caroline C. Alley 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Allison, Jr. 

Mrs. Leslie Alloway 


Mr. Andrew N. Anthony 

Mr. James Anthony 

Mr. Mark Anthony 

Ms. RebeccaJ. Anthony 

Ms. Maty Archambeau 

Mr Jay Armold 

Ms. Karen Arnold 

* Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

* Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Arnold 

Ms. Zora Arnold 

Mr. Phil Ashbrook 

Mr. Donald Ashenrelter 

Ms. Sue Ashentelter 

Mr. Ben Asron 

Mrs. Deborah L. Atkins 

* Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 
Mrs. Barbara A. Augustine 
Mr. Steve Austin 

Mr. Daniel L. Backenstose, Jr. 
O Rev. and Mrs. James H. Bailey 

Mrs. Priscilla Bair 
a Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Banducci 
o Mr. Conrad B. Bare 

Mr. Dennis Bartholomew 
O Mrs. Phyllis C. Basehore 

* Mrs. Anne B Bashore 
Ms. Patricia A. Basile 

* Mr. Archie Battistelli 
Mr Joseph P. Barton 
Mr. Bernie Beck 
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bello 
The Bello Family 

Ms. Amanda Bender 
Ms. Eleanor Bender 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Bentzel 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bernat 
Mr. William Berner 
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Berwager 
t+Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Best 

* Mr. and Mrs. John E Bex 

Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Billings 
Ms. Ang Bingarnan 

* Ms. KatherineJ Bishop 

A Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Mr. and Mrs David F. Bitting 

Mrs. Verna Blair 

Mrs. Dorothy S. Bleisrem 

Ms. Harriet Blouch 

Mr Harvey Bomberger 

Mr. Adam Bonagura 
o Ms. Marie G. Bongiovanni 

Ms. Cynthia L. Bonnet 

Mr Alberr Bosley 

Ms. Leslie Bowen 

Ms. Lois E. Bower 








Mr Barry Bowers 

Mr James L Bowers 
o Mr Patrick W. Boyd 

Mr. W. Ross Boyd, Jr. 

Ms. Caron Boyer 

Ms- Ann M. Brecht 

Mr Score Brecht 
o Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bredbenner 

Mr Robert E. Brenner 

Mr Patrick P Brewer 

Mrs. Jean K Bnnser 
o Mr Douglas Brodenck 

* Mr and Mrs Henry Bromberg 
Mr. Charles M Broome 

Mr and Mrs. K Fred Bross 

The Brown Family 

Mr. and Mrs Dan Brown 

Ms Dana Brown 

Mr. and Mrs Dave Brown 

Ms. Jasmin Brown 

Ms Jennie M. Brown 

Mr Shawn W. Brown 

* Mr and Mrs Paul Brubaker. Jr 
o Ms Alice M. Brumbaugh 

Ms Dons Brvant 

Ms. Rebeca Bryant 
o Ms Mary L. Buchan 

Mr. John \V Buchmoyer 

Mr William A. Buck 

Mrs Jean A Buckley 
O Mrs Kathryn S. Bunanic 

Ms Mary Butera 

Mr Charles Butler 
O Dr and Mrs Donald Byrne, Jr 

Mr and Mrs Daniel Cahill and 
o Ms Jane R Cahn 

Mr Jack Cameron 

Ms Louise Cameron 

Ms. Carrie Campbell 

Mr Darry Campbell 

Mr Mark Camuso 

Ms Helen Cannon 
t*Mrs Hanna Sachs Cantor 

Mr. and Mrs Raymond H Carr 

Mrs Karen L Hay Carroll 

Ms. Josephine Cash 

Mr and Mrs Pat Caster 

Mr and Mrs Bob Challenger 

* Mr. and Mrs Richard F Charles 

* Mr and Mrs Jerome C Chepulis 
The Chess Family 

Mr Mark Chess 

Mr Albert Chizauskie 

Mr Stanley J. Chizz 

Am and Mrs. George Chnsnanson 

Mr. Norman Clauson 

Mr and Mrs W T Clawson 

Mrs. Jacqueline Clouser 

Ms Kelly Clouser 

* Mr Aaron V Cohen 
Mr Gerald A. Collins 
Mrs Elinor A Connell 
Mr Jim Conroy 

o Ms Natalie Coomer 
o Capt Charles T. Cooper 

* Mr. and Mrs Donald M Cooper 
Mr Thomas F. Cooper 

Dr and Mrs F, Donald Coopey 
t*Sara L. Corbin 

Mr. Jim Corsa 

Mr and Mrs. David Cowin 

Mrs Virginia Crawley 

Mr Tom Crowder 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L Crumling 
A Dr and Mrs. Salvatore Cullari 

Ms Dorothy M D'Orazio 

Mr, Joseph E. Dagostino 

The Dauleno Family 

* Dr and Mrs. Robert S. Davidon 
o Mrs. A. Holly Davis 

Ms Ashley Davis 

Mr William Davis 

Mr and Mrs Donald W Day 

Mr. Elwood Da\' 
O Dr. Michael A Day 
O Ms Judy L Pehrson 

Mr. Jack De Leonardis 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph C. Delfoe 

Mr. Steven C Delp 

Mr William Delp 
o Mrs Karen L Dennis 

Mrs Nellie A. Dennis 

Mr and Mrs Carmen DeSanti 

Ms. Marion H. Deveney 
o Rev Timothv M Dewald 

* Mrs Alice S. Diehl 

O Dr Johannes Dietrich 
o Mrs Ruth B Dietz 

Ms. Gladys M Dmkel 

Mr and Mrs JertreyJ Dinsmore 

Ms Patricia D Donaldson 

The Dorth Family 

Mr. Robert Douty 

Mr, Steve Douty 

Ms. Catherine D Dracy 

Mr and Mrs Ronald J. Drnevith 
O Dr and Mrs Stephen Druckman 

* Mr Michael Dryden 
Mr, Jim Dudash 

* Mr Richard T Early- 
Ms. Feme Eberly 

Mr and Mrs Philip K. Eberly 

Ms Becky Eckman 

Mr. Michael D. Economy 

o Ms Susan G Edns 

* Dr Scott H Eggert 

O Mrs Polly C Ehrgood 

* Mrs Geraldine M. Ehrharc 
Mrs. Sara S Ehrhart 

Mr. Donald Ellioh 
Ms AnnE. Elliot 
Mr and Mrs Cliff Ellis 
Mrs Eleanor Embly 
Mr, Stanley E. Engle 
Mrs Betty English 
Ms. Linda Erdman 
Ms. Helen M Ernst 
Ms Auburn Evans 
O Mr. and Mrs David Evans 
Ms Dolores F Evans 
Ms. Bernice Eynon 
Ms. Mary A Fake 
Ms. Traci Fatula 
Mr. Larry Faust 
Ms Patricia J Fay 
Father Dina Fehr 
Mr Ray Fetrow 
Mr. Christopher Fetterman 
Mr Kurt J. Fetterman 
Mr Kevin Feuerbach 

t*Mr David R. Fink 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finkelstein 
Mr John Fioravanti 
The Fischer Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Fischer 

* Dr and Mrs Eugene C. Fish 
Mr and Mrs. Michael S Fisher 
Ms Barbara Fishman 

Mr. John Flanagan 
Mrs. Jennie H. Flay 
Mr Tom Fleischer 
O Mrs CharmaineJ. Florey 
Mr. Horace J Flynn 
Mrs Mary M. Flynn 
Mr Eugene C Fogle 
Rev Ira C Forma 
Ms Janet Fortna 
Mr. Richard Fortna 
Mr Richard Fortna 
Mr. and Mrs Ron Fouche 
Mr. Brian T Fowler 

* Mr and Mrs Daniel S Fox 
Ms Gloria Frantz 

Mr. Curtis R Fritz 

* Dr. John H Fritz 
Mrs. Sharon A Fritz 
Mrs. Evelyn M. Fry 
Mr Melvin L Fry 

o Dr. Michael D. Fry 
o Mr Roger Gaeckler 

Ms. Grace M Gaitney 

Mr Pud Gamber 

Mr Edwin M Garver 

Ms. Elizabeth Gauh 

* Dr Elizabeth M Geffen 

Mr and Mrs Matthew L. George 
Mr Buzz Gerhan 
Ms Barbara Gilpin 
Ms Lisa M Ginder 
Mr. Thomas Gingrich 
t*Mr M. H Giant 

* Mrs Mary Elizabeth Glen 
Ms Betty O Gochenaur 
Mr William A Gock.Jr 

a Atty and Mrs. Arthur L Goldberg 
Mr Michel Good 
Mr Rodney Good 

* Mr. Ronald K. Good 
O Dr Stacy A Goodman 

Mrs Shern L. Gorman 
The Gowan Family 
Mrs Kim Graves 
Ms. Dorothy Rene Gray 
Mr Daniel Greenawalt 
O Mr Andrew S Greene 
Ms Rena C Grimmer 
Ms Ann Gruber 
Mrs June P Guare 
Ms. Lucy T Guernsi 
Ms Laura Haak 
Mr. William E Haak 
Mr. and Mrs Walter Habtr 
Mr and Mrs Jay Hackett 
Mr. Scott Haines 
Dr and Mrs Klement M 

Mr and Mrs lames Hammond 

* Mr. and Mrs. A. L. "Jim" Hantord 
Mr and Mrs Fred Hanlev 

O Mr and Mrs Richard Harris 

O Dr. and Mrs Timothy S Harrison 

Mr. Chip Han 

Ms. Sue Hart 
o Ms Anne Mane T Hartman 
o Ms Pat Hartranrt 

Mr. Bob Haupr 

Mr. and Mrs Russel G. Hay 
o Ms. ludith Hayes 

Mr. Rick Hayes 

* Dr. and Mrs Robert H Hearson 

* Mr. Allan Hege 

Ms. Florence E. Heiland 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Heinly 

Dr Paul A. Heise 

Mr. and Mrs. Euguene D Heisey 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Heller 

Mrs. Connie Hendricks 

Mrs. Marion L. Hendricks 

Mrs. Barb Hcnning 

Mr John Henning 

Mr Paul W Henning 

Atty and Mrs C. V. Henry. Ill 

Mrs Conny S. Henry 

Mr and Mrs Douglass Henry 

Mr Russell Henry 

Mr Ron Hepner 

Dr. Jeanne C. Hey 

Ms Regina C. Heyser 

Mr Chuck Hibshman 

Mr Eric Hibshman 

Mr and Mrs. John L. Hoerl 

Ms Mary B. Hoffman 

Mrs Cynthia M Hoke 

Mrs Rosemary Hoke 

* Steven J. and Wendie DiMatten 

Mrs Dorothy S. Horn 
Mrs Frances Horst 
o Dr and Mrs Mel Horwith 

* Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 
o Mr Jeff Hotchkiss 

Mr. Joseph Howarth, Sr 

Mr. Carl Hughes 
oMs Ellen Hughes 
O Mr and Mrs. Brian P Hull 

Ms. Carrie Hutchinson 

* Mr and Mrs Sigmund Hyman 
O Dr Diane M Iglesias 

The Glenn Imler Family 
The Joseph Imler Family 
o Mr and Mrs Robert E Ingraham 
Ms Jen Irmen 
Mrs Sue Jackson 
Mr Woody Janviek 
Thejarocki Family 
Mr. and Mrs Jeff Jetrerson 
Ms. Zorann Johnson 
Mrs Luann Jones 
Mr and Mrs Marshall B.Jones 
Mrs Jiun H Joyce 
Mr and Mrs CharlcsJ Kachel 
Ms. Grace Kaczmarczyk 
Mr Stephen Kaczmarczyk 
Mrs Margaret A. Kaurtman 

* Dr and Mrs John P Kearne\ 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W Keating 
Mrs Heather S Keck 

o Mr and Mrs Robert J Keeler 
Mr Charlie Kehler 
Ms Lon A Keller 
Mr Tom Kemp 
Mrs Man 1 E Ketrenng 
Ms Marie Ke\cr 
Mr. James T Kmg.Jr 
Ms Beth K.pp 
Ms Brook Kipp 
Mrs Helen Jean Klatchko 
Mr and Mrs John Khmowitch 
Mrs Evelyn Kline 
Mr Tom Kline 
Ms, Kim Kloniecke 
Ms Cindy L Knighton 
Ms. Sandra L. Koch 
Mr. and Mrs Koehler 
Mr Jesse D K.« hl< t 
Ms Sally Koehler 
Ms. Susan Koehler 
Ms. Donna Kopp 
Mr Tony Kowaiick 

* Col and Mrs J Ted Kr.imt ts 

* Mr Steven R Kreamer 

o Mrs ( harlene R. Kreider 
O Mrs. Man,- E Kreider 

Mrs Edith B. Krohn 

Ms Jacqueline L. Kruper 

Mr. Bart Krupmck 

Ms. Kelly Kuhns 

Ms Kimmie Kuhns 
Ms. Susan Kulakowski 
Mr and Mrs. Glenn E. Kulp 
Mr. K. K. Kvser 
Mr. Howard Lake 
Ms Kern Landis 
o Mr and Mrs Thomas A Lanese 

* Mrs Dorothy Thompson Lape 
Ms ( >lga Lebby 

a Mr. and Mrs. William Lehr 

Mr. and Mrs Ed Leiben pergei 

Ms Amy Leininger 

Ms Melissa M. Ltnhart 

Mr. Robert Lt-nharr 

Ms. Trudie Lenhan 
O Dr. and Mrs. William F Lenker 

Mr. and Mrs Brian Leppo 

Mr and Mrs Donald Leppo 

Mr. Brian S Lesher 

* Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Usher 
Mrs Nancy M Lesher 

O Mrs. Jean W. Levy 

Mr. George Lewis 

Ms Margaret Lewis 

Ms. Deborah G. Linde 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Lipp 

Mrs. Sham' Lohman 

Mrs Kathleen W. Loscher 

Mr. and Mrs Jim Lott 

Ms Roseanne Lovehck 
a Mr and Mrs George Lovell. Jr. 

Mr T mey Lucas 

Mr George B Lukens 

* Mr. Stephen MacDonald and 

Ms Man* Warner 

Ms Vivian C MacDonald 
o Dr Richard D Mag i 

Mr Charlie Majestic 

Mrs Mane Maiestic 

Ms Catherine Malesi 

Rev. and tMrs Alfreds Malonej 

Ms. Man Mangle 
a Mr George R Mark 

Dr Leon E Markowicz 

Ms Georgette Marshall 

Mr John E Marshall 

Mrs Lori Marshall 

Mr Fred Martin 

* Mr and Mrs Frank Martucci 
Mr. Gregg Mattern 

Ms. Colleen Maugans 
Drs. Jack and Julia Mazow 
O Dr. Leo G Mazow 
Ms Lisa M 

Mr and Mrs Bradley M \ 
Mr Matthew McCalpin 
Mr Maxwell McCalpin 
Mr. Travis McCarney 
Mr Thomas D Mc< am. 
Mr and Mrs Ed McCullough 

* Dr and Mr William J. McGill 
Ms Debra McKenzie 

* Mr. and Mrs Roy J McMindes 

* Bishop Charlie F McNutt, Jr 

* Mr and Mrs L Ralph Mecham 
Mr and Mrs Joseph ( Mestcs 
Mr Jererm Messinger 

O Mrs Helen M Messnur 
Mr CharheJ. Middleton 
The Milice Family 

o Mrs EloiseJ. Miller 
Ms. Erin Miller 

* Mrs. Frances (Peggv) Miller 
o Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Ms. Havley Miller 
Mrs Helen L. Miller 
Mr James E. Miller 
Mr Mark M Miller 
Mr Michael Miller 
Mr and Mrs Woodrow K Miller 
Mr Robert L Minntella 
o Dr and Mrs Owen A Moe.Jr 
Ms Lon A. Mohn 

Retort of Gifts 


* Ms. Man' Louise Moyer 
Mr Randy K Stahlman 

o Dr Shelly K. Moorman-Srahlman 

Ms. Evelyn Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Morns 

Mr. Deemer Morrow 
o Mr. and Mrs. George J. Morrow 
O Mr and Mrs. Ronald Morrow 

Ms. Clara Moyer 

Mr. Lamar Mundane 
O Mr and Mrs. Albert B. Murry 
© Mrs. Lillian Music 

Mr, Dmitri M. Muszasry 

* Mr and Mrs Kurt Myers 
Mrs. Burke Neely 

Mr. Clark Neely 

Mr. Howard Neely 

Mr David K. Nelson 

Ms Mary K. Nemec 

Mr. Leo Newbert 
t*Mr. Harry Newcomer 

Mr. David W. Newell 
a Mr. Daniel L. Newman 

* Rev. Joseph E. Nichols 

* The Robert A. Nichols, Jr. Family 
Mrs. Irene E. Noll 

Mr. WilmerG. Nolt 

* Dr. and Mrs. John D. Norton 
Mr. Robert A. Nowak 

Ms. Caroline Nunan 
Ms. Eilleen O'Donnel! 
•:• Mr Robert D. O'Hara 
Mr. Gene O'Hearn 
Mr. James O'Keefe 
Mr. Mike O'Keefe 
Mrs. Evelyn M Ober 
Mr. Roger O. Omadke 

* Mr Ben D Oreskovich 
Mr Drew Orr 

Mrs. Knstine A. Orwan 
Mr Greg Ositko 
o Mr. James Oswalt 
Ms. Mary C. Oswalt 
Mr. Mike Ott 
Mr. Paul D. Palmer 

Ms. Brooke M. Pannebecker 

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley P. Parker 

Mr. and Mrs- George Parsells 

Mr Jim Parsons 

Dr Madhukar R. Patel 
o Mr. and Mrs. George Parton. Jr. 

Mr. Michael Patron 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Robert Paustian 

Mr Bruce A. Pawling 

Ms. Debbie Pawling 

Ms- Connie J. Pawling- Young 

Mr. Bruce Paxton 
O Mr. Gerald L. Peffley 

Ms. Debbie Peters 
a Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips. Ill 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pilch 

Ms. Mary Beth Plasterer 
O Ms. Jackie Polanco 

* Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Pollack 
t*Mrs. Ellen Jane Lorenz Porrer 

James A. Porubiansky, O.D. 
Ms Dawn Marie Potten 
Mrs. Nancy Pousr 
o Mr. and Mrs. Harry Price 
Mr. Daniel A. Profeto 
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pugh 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Purcell 
Mr. Michael Purcell 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Purcell 
Ms. Madison Purnel! 
Ms. Patricia A Putnam 
Mr. Joseph}. Pychinka 

* Mr. Richard J. Quarterman 

O Mr. and Mrs Harold H Quickel 

Mr. Steven R. Quinley 
o Mrs. Harriet M. Ranck 

Mr Robert Rayburn 

* Robert E. and Deborah A. W. Read 
Mrs. Nancy Ream 

* Mrs. Rhea P. Reese 

Ms. Christine M. Reeves 

Mr. Tony Regina 

Dr Randal C. Reinecker 

Ms. Amanda Reinhart 

Mr and Mrs. GeorgeJ Reitbauer 

Mr I.- un M R< ppLTi 
O Ms. Mane Resanovich 
a Ms. Rose D. Resanovich 

Mr and Mrs. Alan Resnick 

Mr. Bill Rhoads 

Mrs. Linda K Rice 

Mr. Leroy Richardson 

Mrs. Lynne Richardson 

Mr. Richard Richardson 

Mr. Robert A. Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Richter 

Ms. Mildred D. Riegle 

Ms Mane E. Riegle-Kinch 

* Mr and Mrs. Melvin S. Rife 
O Ms. Kann L. Right-Nolan 

* Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Riley 
Mr. Robert Rill 

Mr Anthony Riteman 

Ms. Alexis S. Ritter 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Ritter 

Mr Eugene G. Ritter 

Mrs. Gina Rirzman 

Mrs. Sandra Roberts 

* Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Robertson 
Mr and Mrs. Frank Robinson 

Mr. James F. Robinson 
Mr John D. Robinson 
Mr. Michael A. Rodriguez 
Ms. Bessie Rohrbach 
Ms. Deborah A. Rohrbach 
Ms. Denise M. Rohrbach 
Mr. George Rohrbach 
Mr. Mark Rohrbach 
Mr Ronald Rohrbach 
Ms. Diane Romanowsky 
Mr. Dave Romesburg 
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rooney 
Mr. Jason Roos 
Mrs. Rita M Roos 

Mrs. Lorraine Roscoe 
Ms. Victoria Rose 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ross, Jr. 
Mr. Nick Rotondo, Jr. 
Mrs Helen I Rowe 
Ms. Knsti Royer 
o Mr. and Mrs. Carroll N. Rutledge 
Mr Charles Rutledge 
Mr. Earl Rutledge 
Ms. Ann E. Saistrom 
Mr. James D. Salada 
Mr and Mrs. John Salahub 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Saltz 
Ms. Karen Sampson 

* Mr. George F. Sandel 
O Mr Gary Leinberger 
o Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 

Mr. and Mrs Brer D. Satzler 
Mr. William H.Sawyer 
toMrs Malm Phalen Saylor 
Mr Andy Schade 
Mrs. Betty A. Schaerer 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schaeffer 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schappell 
Mr. Frank Schneck 
Mr. Jason Schneider 

* Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Schort 
Mrs. Patricia A Schultz 

Ms. Linda Scott 
O Mr and Mrs Ron Scott 
O Ms. Lillian I. Seager 

Ms. Lauren Seidenstncker 
O Dr. and Mrs. Todd Seirz 

Mr Bud Shaffer 

Mr. David A. Shaffer 

Mrs. Thelma Shank 

* Mr Benjamin B Shankrorr 

* Mr. Ronald J. Shapiro 
Mr. Joseph Shay 

Mr. Dick Sheehan 

* Acty. and Mrs Timothy Sheffey 
Mr. and Mrs. John Shemas 

Ms Mary L. Sherk 
Mr Robert G. Shickley 
Ms. Dons Shirk 
Mr Robert Shirk 
O Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Shounder 
Mrs. Ins C. Shover 
Mrs. Jo Ann M. Shover 
Mrs. Louise Shutter 

* Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 
Mr and Mrs. Charles Sigler, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Simmons, Sr. 
Mr. H. E. Simonton 

Mr and Mrs. Harry E. Simonton, Sr. 

* Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sinclair 
Ms. Vangie Sine 

Mr. Chad Slabach 
O Mr. and Mrs. William O Slayman 
Mr. and Mrs Rich Slifer 
Mr. James M. Slominski 
Ms. Janet Slominski 
The Smirh Family- 
Ms. Berry A. Smith 
Mr. Brian W. Smith 
Ms. Bnana W. Smith 
Mr. Carlton J. Smith 
Mr. Fred Smith 
Rev Msgr. Thomas H Smith 
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Frank Smoker.Jr. 
The Smolensk] Family 
Ms Karen Smolenski 
Ms. Virginia Smolenski 

* Mrs Ingeborg M. Snoke 
Mrs. Leanne Snyder 

o Mr. Sreven E. Snyder 
Mr. Harry Sonon 
Mr. Jay L. Sorrentino 
Ms. Elizabeth Soulliard 
Ms. Edna Sowers 
Mr, Eric Sowers 
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sowers 
The Tim Sowers Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Spangler 

Ms. Edna Spath 
Mrs. Margarer Spath 

* Mr. and Mrs. William Sponaugle 
Ms. Tnsha Spnngborn 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Stahley 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Srahley 
Mr. Terry Stanzione 

* Dr. and Mrs. William D. Starr 
Mrs. Sara B. Stauffer 

Mrs. Jill E. StefTen 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Jack Stein 

Mrs. Norma H. Stewart 

Mr John Stoner 
G Dr Joelle L. Stopkie 

Mr. Joseph A. Srrobeck 

Mr. Ken Strohm 

Mr. Jim Stromberg 

Mr Sam Strong 

Mr. George T Stroup, Jr. 

Mrs. Claire M. Sruikis 

Mrs. Betry Stutzman 

Dr and Mrs. Ramon Suarez 

Ms. Lisa Myers Sweeney 

Mrs Judirh Swietkoski 

Mr. Dame! A. Swope 
O Mr. Richard H. Swope 

* Dr. and Mrs. John A. Synodmos 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Tafelski 
Mr. Jerome A. Tanberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Tate 
Mrs. Sandra N. Taylor 
Ms. June G. Teich 
Mr Jeff Templeton 
Ms. Caroline Temphn 
Mrs. Mary E. Tiazkun 
Ms. Kate L. Tice 
Ms. Kathleen M Tierney 
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Titus 
o Mr. Kendall S. Tomlinson 

* Dr Mark A. Townsend 
The Trebilcock Family 
Ms. Dorothy Trebilcock 
Dr Donald H Treese 
Mr. Gerry Tressler 

Dr. Lori C. Trostle 
O Mr. and Mrs. Ted Troutman 

Ms Barb Trump 

Mr David Truskowsky 

Ms. Jane Tshudy 

Ms. Patsy Tshudy 

Mrs. Camille S. Tylden 
O Ms. Bertha A. Urbanowicz 

Mr. and Mrs William Van Kleunen 

Mr. Anthony J. Verna 

Mr Tony Verna 
A Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Vesell 

Mr. Bob Viggiano 
o Mrs Barbara S. Vlaisavljevic 
O Mr Harry C Wagner 

Mr and Mrs. Steve Walmer 

Mr. Bob Walper 

Mrs Jeannette S. Walter 

Ms. MarySue Walter 

Mr Jack Walters 

Mr. Robin Ward 

Ms. Lauren Wardrop 

Dr. William H. Warner 
<■ Ms Esrher Watson 
■> Mr. and Mrs. Ross W. Watts 
A Mr. Robert M. Weissman 

* Mr. and Mrs Harlan R. Wengert 

* Mr and Mrs. John E Wengert 

* Mrs. Gloria A. Wenrling 
Ms. Mary White 

* Mr and Mrs. John L. Wicmer 
Mr C. W. Whitmoyer 

Mrs. Dorothy F Williams 

* Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Will.ams, Jr. 

* Dr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Williams 
o Mr. Thomas K. Williams 

Mr Eugene Willier 
Ms. Jill Witmer 
t*Mr. and Mrs. John L. Witmer 
Mrs. Elizaberh B. Wix 







o Dr. and Mrs. Allan F. Wolfe 
Mr Ellis R Wolfe 

* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wolfe 
Ms. Susan Wolfe 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S Wolfson 
o Mrs. Dons Wonderling 

Ms. Connne Woodcock 
a Rev and Mrs. D Darrell Woomer 

Mr Mart Wynn 

Ms Megan Yannaccone 

Mr. John D Yeager 

Mr. Leon K. Yeiser 

C Y'etter 

Mr. Ron Yorks 

Mr Harry Young 

Mr Michael Young 

Ms Rosemary Yuhas 

Mr. Sam Zarro 

Mr, and Mrs Homer L. Zeigler 

* Ms. Margaret I. Zeigler 
Mr Kerry R Zellers 
Mr Jerry Zepp 

O Mr and Mrs John Zercher 
Mr Andy Zimmerman 
Mr C Robert Zimmerman 
Mr Carl Zimmerman 
Ms. Diane K Zimmerman 
Ms [aclyn M Zimmerman 
Ms Susan E Zimmerman 
Ms. Tammy Zimmerman 

o Ms. Gale Zorian 
Mr Richard Zulkowski 



andrew Carnegie. 


Booster Club 

Joe and Judy Adamick 

Joseph and Anne Adamo 

Mrs. Joanne G. Adams 

Mr. Robert M. Adams '94 

Ms. Hope M Adkins 

Mr Robert E. Adkins 

Mrs Leslie Alloway 

Michael and Sharon Ande 

Mrs. Veronica M. Andes 


Mr. Andrew N. Anthony 

Mr. James Anthony 

Mr and Mrs. John T Anthony 

Mr Mark Anthony 

Ms. Rebecca J. Anthony 

Ms Mary Archambeau 

Mr. Jay Armold 

Ms. Cheryl O Arndt 75 

Dr. Gregory V. Arnold 72 

Ms. Karen Arnold 

Zora Arnold 

Mr Phil Ashbrook 

Mr. Donald Ashenlcltir 

Ms. Sue Ashentelter 

Mr Ben Aston 

Mrs Deborah L. Atkins 

Mr and Mrs Robert D. Atkinson 

o*>, '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Atkinson 

Mrs Barbara A. Augustine 

Mr. Steve Austin 

Mr. Edward R. Bachman '*>7 

Ms. Amy E Balmer 

Mr. Scott A. Barlup '90 

Mrs. Minna E Barnes '54 

Mr. Ralph T Barnes, Jr "49 

Mr. Dennis Bartholomew 

William J Basile.Jr. Construction 

Ms. Patricia A. Basile 

Joe Barton 

Mr. and Mrs Edward C Bechcel 

Bernie Beck 

Mr and Mrs Joseph A Becker 

Mr JackC Beidler'96 

The Bello Family 

Mr and Mrs Ken Bello 

Mr Charles M. Belmer '40 

Elbe and Ralph Bencivengo 

Ms Amanda Bender 

Mr. and Mrs Charles D. Bender 

Eleanor Bender 

Ms Christine E. Bennethum 

Rev. and Mrs. D Michael 

Bennethum 75, 76 
Ms. Leslie A. Berger 75 
Ms. Becky L Berkebile 
Mr and Mrs Dale R Berkebile 
Mr William Berrier 
Ivan and Marjone Berwager 
Tim, Sheri, Travis and Jonathan 

Mr James (.. Bezanson '85 
Dr Edward J. Bilhngham '56 
Ms Ang Bingaman 
Mr and Mrs David F Bitting 
Ms Harriet Blouch 
Mr and Mrs Ernest E Bolton 
Adam Bonagura 
Mr. C. Scott Border '97 
Albert Boslcv 
Mrs. Frances S. Bova '54 
Lois E Bower 
Mr Barry Bowers 
Mr lames L Bowers 
Mr W Ross Boyd, Jr 
Caron Boyer 
Mr and Mrs Robert A. Boyer 75, 

Mr Harry M Brarton, III 76 

Ms Ann M Brecht 

Mr and Mrs Harold \V Brt-i hi 

Ms. Melissa K Brecht '99 

Mr Si oct Brecht 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bredbenner 

Ms. Kachryn E Brehm '-42 

Robert Brenner 

Mr. John D Brewer '96 

Mr Patrick P. Brewer 

Mr < harles M Broome 

The Brown Family 

Mr and Mrs Dan Brown 

Ms Dana Brown 

Mr. and Mrs Dave Brown 

Mr and Mrs David Brown, Jr 

Debbie Brown 

Mr and Mrs Donald Brown 

Ms Jaclyn E Brown 

Ms )asmin Brown 

Jennie Brown 

Shawn W Brown 

Sidney W Brown 

Mr. William J Brown. Jr 79 

Mr and Mrs George Bruner, Jr 

Ms Doris Bryant 

Mr William C. Bui her 70 

Mr John W Buchmoyer 

Mr. William A. Buck 

Ms Mary Butera 

Attv and Mrs Bernerd A. Buzgon 

Mr. Brian L. Cain '84 
Mr. and Mrs. Roque J. Calvo 'S0.79 

Jack Cameron 

Louise Cameron 

Carrie Campbell 

Mr. Darry Campbell 

Mr Phihp S. Campbell '97 

Mr. Mark Camuso 

Ms i kKn Cannon 

Mr and Mrs Thomas P Cannon 

Mrs Marian U. Cams '45 

Mrs Karen L Hay Carroll 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C Carson '87, 

Josephine Cash 
Mr and Mrs. Pat Caster 
Catocnn Mountain Trains &; 

Ms Knsn A Cavanaugh 
Bob and Barb Challenger 
Mr. Eric D. Chamhcrhn "82 
Dr and Mrs Robert D. Chaplin 
The Chess Family 
Mr Mark Chess 
Mr Alben C hizauskie 
Mr. Stanley J Chizz 
Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo '41 
City Cycle Supply 
Mr Norman Clauson 
Kelley Clouser 
Mike and Jackie Clouser 
Mike and Kathy Connelly 
Mr Jim Conroy 
Mr Thomas F Cooper 
Mr. Jim Corsa 

Mr and Mrs. Gary A Cnssman 
Mr Tom Crowder 
Mr. and Mrs Richard L Crumling 
Dr and Mrs. Salvatore Cullan 
Mrs. Janet D'Alessandro '68 
Mr Joseph E Dagosnno 
Mr. K Douglas Dahms 75 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Dattoh 
The Dauleno Family 
Mr Jared M Daubert 
Ashley Davis 

Kirstyn Davis and Eric Farabaugh 
William Davis 

Mr and Mrs Donald W Day 
Mr Elwood Day 
Mr Jack De Leonardis 
Mrs Linda J Decker 
Mr James J Deer, III '86 
Joe and Eleanor Deltoe 
Mr and Mrs William F DeLiberry 

'59, '61 

Wesley T and Amy H Delbnger 

-5, 78 
Mr Anthony M. DeMarco 70 
JD, Sue Ellen, Corey and Bandit 

Mrs Karen L Dennis 
Mrs Nellie A Dennis 
Dr. and Mrs Carl L Derr '47, '49 
Mr and Mrs. Carmen DeSanti 
Brian Dettrey 
Ms Joan M Dettrey 
Mrs. Lisa H Dew 79 
Gladys M Dmkel 
Mr. and Mrs Jeffrey J Dinsmore 
Mr, and Mrs John T Domaracki 
Mr. John M Dormer, IV 
The Dorth Familv 
Mr, Robert Doutv 
Mr. Steve Doury 
Ms. Heather S Draper '99 
Ms. Sally K Draper 
Mr. Michael and Dr Phyhs Drydeii 
Mr Jim Dudash 
Mr. and Mrs Thomas M Dulfv 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Duke 
Dutch Colony Best Western 
Vera and Robert F Early, Sr., M D 
Mr. Herbert A. Eckenroth '49 
Ms Becky Eckman 
Mr. Michael D Economy 

Mrs Parncia S Edge '54 

Dr Carl Y Ehrhan 10 

Mrs. Geraldine M Ehrhart 

Mr Donald Elhoh 

Ms Ann E. Elliot 

Mr and Mrs Jim Embly 

Encore Boutique 

Mr Stanley E. Engle 

Mrs Betty English 

Mr and Mrs Dennis English 

Ms Linda Erdman 

Helen M. Ernst 

Ms. Auburn Evans 

Ms Dolores F. Evans 

Mr and Mrs. Roland J. Evans 

Mr Dale H. Everhart 76 

Pat and Barry Eynon 

Bernice Eynon 

Ms Dolly D. Faith 

Ms Man. A Fake 

Fan \u! ■■< r \ 

Paul and Linda Fatula 

Traci Facula 

Ms. Sandra L Fauser '93 

Mr Larry Faust 

Lon and Bruce Fehnel 

Father Dina Fehr 

Fennelly Associates 

Mr Ray Fetrow 

Christopher Fetterman 

Mr. and Mrs John Fetterman 

Kurt J Fetterman 

Mr Kevin Feuerbach 

Dr Herbert Fields '54 

Mr Richard D Fields '51 

John and Hope Fioravanti 

John Fioravanti 

The Fischer Family 

James and jane Fisher 

Ms Monica A Fitzgerald '99 

Ms Deborah S. Flack 

Mr John Flanagan 

Mrs Jennie H Flay 

Mr and Mrs Patrick Flay 

Mr Tom Fleischer 

Gram Florey 

Mr Horace J Flynn 

Mrs Mary M. Flynn 

Mr 1 ugene C. Fogle 

Mr FredB Fore 50 

Janet Forrna 

Rii hard Fortna 

Mr. Richard Forrna 

Mr, Brian T Fowler 

Mr Walter S Frankowski 73 

Elizabeth A Franks 

Martin Franks 

Gloria Frantz 

Frederick Supermarket of Cars 

Mr and Mrs Raymond T Frey '39, 

Mr Curtis R Fritz 
Mr and Mrs. Kent L. Fritz 
Mrs. Sharon A. Fritz 
Mr, Melvm L. Fry 

Ms Grace M Gjttnt-y 
Mrs Kathy D. Galloway- 
Mr Peter Gamber '48 
Mr Pud Gamber 

Mr and Mrs Eugene R Gcc-sev '56 
Ms Melissa M. George 
Mr. Buzz Gerhart 
Gerts Stop Or Go 
Sylvia Giannelh 
Giant Food Stores, Inc 
Ms Barbara ]. Gibson 
Mr David E Gibson 
Barbara Gilpin 
Mr Roberr H Gingrich '59 
Mr Thomas Gingrich 
Mr. Ralph R Giordano '55 
Greg Glembocki 
Dr Martin L and Mrs Karen 

McHenry Gluntz '5 - 82 
Betty O- Gochenaur 
Mr. and Mrs William Gock, Sr. 
Mr. William A. Gock.Jr 
Mr Stephen H. Gomm "S 
Miss Nora M Goodman "4" 
Mr Michel Good 
Mr Rodney Good 
Mrs Shern L Gorman 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M Gouza '85, *~ 
Tin Gowan Family 
Gratx press 

Mr and Mrs Peter L. Grasa 
Ms Rosemane R Grasa 
Mrs Kim Graves 
Mr Daniel Greenawalt 
Mr and Mrs Fred Greenawalt 
Mr Troy H Grt - 
Mr and Mrs Michael W Gross 
Ann Gruber 

Rev Dr Thomas \Y Guinivan '39 
Ms Laura Haak 
Mr Scoti Haines 
Mr DaleB Hams '65 
Mr and Mrs Fred Hanley 
Patti and Cas Hans 
Rev Donald L. Harbaugh 5 1 
Charles Harrison 
Richard Harrison, Sr 
Mr Chip Hart 

Mr, and Mrs Kenneth R Hart 
Ms Sue Han 

Dave-. Lvnne and David Harvath 
Mr BobHaupt 
Mr Rick Hayes 
Mr. and Mrs Russcl G. Hay 
Ms. MeghannJ. Healy 
Bryan and Carolyn Hearsey 
Mr. Stephen A. Heck 96 
Allan Hege 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren R 

Heidelbaugh "58, '90 
Ms Stacy L Helhowski 
Barn- and Anne Heller 
Mr. EbeW Helm. 11*77 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth R. 

Hendershot 82, 'SI 

Retort of Gifts 


Mrs. Connif Hendricks 

Ms. Kimberly A Hendricks '99 

Mrs. Marion L Hendricks 

Mrs. Barb Henning 

Doug, Julie and Pete Henning 

John R. Henning Erie Insurance 

Paul W Henning 
Mrs Conny S Henry 
Mr. Russell Henry 
Mr. Ron Hepner 
Mr R Jason Herr '89 
Regina C Heyser 
Mr Chuck Hibshman 
Mr. Eric Hibshman 
Ms. Tina M. High '98 
Dr. and Mrs John C. Hoak'51, '52 
Dr Alfred J. Hockley 75 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hoerl 
Mrs. Cynrhia M Hoke 
Mrs Rosemary Hoke 
Scott and Beverly Hootnagle 
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Horn '45 
Mrs. Frances Horst 
Mr and Mrs. Robert B. Horst 
Mr Melvin E Hostetter '53 
Mr. Barry E. Howard '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Howarth 
Mr Joseph Howarth, Sr. 
Mr. Carl Hughes 
Ms. Carrie Hutchinson 
Mr. and Mrs Dennis E lezzi 
The Glenn Imler Family 
The Joseph Imler Family 
Interpack Systems, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L. Irmen 
Ms. Jen Irmen 
Mrs. Sue Jackson 
Ms. Nina M Jamsch 
Mr Woody Janviek 
Thejarocki Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jefferson 
Johnson's Hotel 
Mr Daniel L.Johnson 

The Johnson Family 

Ms. Zorann Johnson 

Bob Johns '75 

Mr Robert C. Johnston '84 

Mrs. Luann Junes 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Kachel 

Ms. Grace Kaczmarczyk 

Mr. and Mrs Stephen Kaczmarczyk 

Mr. Stephen Kaczmarczyk 

Jeff Kakaley 

Mr. James J. Kantner '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis). Kasper 

Mr. Earl F. Kauffman '49 

Mrs Margaret A Kauiiman 

Mr. and Mrs Daniel W Keating 

Mrs. Heather S. Keck 

Mrs. Evelyn M Kegense '55 

Mr. Charlie Kehler 

Mr. and Mrs. Darin C. Kehler '96 

Ms. Lori A Keller 

Tom Kemp 

Mr. and Mrs. LarryJ. Kennel 

Ms. Mane Keyer 

Mr. James T. King, Jr. 

Ms. Berh Kipp 

Ms. Brook Kipp 

Mr. and Mrs John E. Kipp 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kirkhoff 

Mr. and Mrs. John Klimowitch 
Mrs. Evelyn Kline 
Mr Tom Kline 
Ms. Kim Kloniecke 
Mr. and Mrs Ronald E Knerr 
Cindy "Lou" Knighton 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Knipe 75, 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E Knudson 

74, 75 
Ms Sandra L. Koch 
Mr. and Mrs. Koehler 
Mr. Jesse D. Koehler 
Ms. Sally Koehler 
Ms. Susan Koehler 
Mike and Lorna Kolva 

Ms. Donna Kopp 

Mr. Tony Kowalick 

Greg and Dawn Kratzer 

Dr. Ralph R. Kreiser '63 

Mr. William P. Krick, Jr. '58 

Mr. J. Duncan Knebel '66 

Mr. Robert L Kneg '54 

Mr. Bart Krupnick 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Kuehn 

'86, '86 
Mr. Frank A Kuhn.Jr 70 
Kelly Kuhns 
Kimmie Kuhns 
Ms. Susan Kulakowski 
Mr. and Mrs Glenn E Kulp 
Mr. K. K. Kyser 
Mr Howard Lake 
Dr. John P Lambert 5 L > 
Lamtech, Inc. 
Nicole Lancien 
Ms. Jessica R. Landis 
Ms. Kern Landis 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Landis 
Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank 
Olga Lebby 

Mr. Howard F. Lebegern '49 
Ed, Mary and Cavet Leibensperger 
Ms. Amy Leininger 
Ms. Melissa M. Lenhart 
Bob Lenhart 
Trudie Lenhart 
Brian and Diana Leppo 
Mary and Don Leppo 
Mr Brian S Lesher 
Mrs. Nancy M. Lesher 
Mr. George Lewis 
Margaret Lewis 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Light 
Mrs Marian L. Light '36 
Ms. Deborah G. Linde 
Paul and Marion Lipp 
Bob and Elaine Lipp 
Mr. and Mrs. James T Littleton 
Mrs. Sharon L. Lockwood '96 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lohman 
Mrs. Sharry Lohman 
Mr. Shaun C Lohman 
Mr Dick London '65 
Mr. Christopher S. Long '93 
Miss Lela W. Lopes '40 
Mrs. Kathleen W. Loscher 
Jim, Barb, Sarah, Greg and Dylan 

Roseanne Lovelick 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman G Lukens 

'51, '50 
Mr. Chad M. Lutz '96 
Ted Lyter 71 

Mr. and Mrs. Garen B. MacDonald 
Vivian MacDonald 
Ms Mary A. MacNutt 
Mr. Charlie Maiestic 
Mrs. Mane Maiestic 
Ms. Catherine Malesic 
Dr. Donald V. Malick '49 
Mary Mangle 
Manheim Auto Auction 
Mr. Alfred E. Maree, Jr. 79 
Mrs. Elizabeth R Marino '46 
Paul and Cindy Marshall 
Georgette Marshall 
John E. Marshall 
Mrs. Lori Marshall 
Ms. Paula M. Marshall 
Mr. Robert J. Martalus '67 
Mr Charles H. Martin '64 
Mr. Fred Martin 
Ms. Jennifer L. Martin '99 
Kenneth and Irene Mase 
Cory Mat tern 
Gregg Martern 
Ken and Laurie Mattern 
Mr and Mrs Kenneth H. Matz '69 

Ms. Colleen Maugans 

Ms. Lisa Mazzocchi 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley McAlester 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. McArdle 

'57, '61 
Mr Matthew McCalpin 
Maxwell McCalpin 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W McCalpin 
Paul and Vicky McCarney 
Travis McCarney 
Mr. Thomas D. McCarty 
Mr. Frank R. McCulloch '57 
Mary Frye and Ed McCullough 
Mrs. Robin S. McCullough 
James and Bette McDermott 
Mr. Robert J. McGrorty '82 
Cindy McGruder 
Ms. Debra McKenzie 
Tom and Maurene Mealy 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mehlmann 
Ms. Cynthia S. Melman '69 
Mr. Larry M. Mentzer '59 
Mr Gustav H Merkle, IV 
Mr. William R. Mernman '50 
Mr. Jeremy Messmger 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Metka '60 
Mr. CharlieJ. Middleton 
The Mihce Family 
Ms Erin Miller 
Ms. Hayley Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Miller 
Mr. Mark M. Miller 
Mr. Michael Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow K. Miller 
Mr. Robert L. Minntella 
Ms. Lori A. Mohn 
Mr. Michael D. Mohn '93 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom B Molin 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moore 
Todd Morehead 
Evelyn Morgan 
Mr. Bradley N. Morrill 79 
Mr Albert H. Morrison '43 
Mr. Deemer Morrow 
Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeJ. Morrow 
Mr and Mrs. Ronald Morrow 
Mr. George L. Morse 70 
Rev Albert E. Moser '53 
Ms Melissa L Mowrer 99 
Ms. Clara Moyer 
Mr. Lamar Mundane 
Mrs. Lillian Music 
Mr Dmitri M Muszasty 
Ms Molly J Myers 
Mr. Richard K. Nath '80 
National Telephone Exchange, Inc. 
Mrs. Rose Tschopp Needy '37 
Mr. Clark Neely 
Mrs Burke Neely 
Mr and Mrs. Fred E. Neely 
Mr. Howard Neely 
Ms. Patty M Neidig 
Mr. David K. Nelson 
Ms. Mary K. Nemec 
Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Nemec 
Mr. Leo Newberr 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Nickoloff 

Ms. Eilleen O'Donnell 
Mr. Gene O'Hearn 
James O'Keefe 
Mr. MikeO'Keefe 
Mrs Evelyn M. Ober 
Mr and Mrs. George A. Olson 
Roger O. Omadke 
Mr. Drew Orr 
Mrs Knstine A Orwan 
Mr. Greg Ositko 
James M Oswalt 
Mary C. Oswalt 
Mr. Mike Ott 
Mrs. PriscillaJ. Ott 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Oursler 
Mr. Joseph T Oxley '52 






* SOCIETY OF 1866 


Mr Larry J. Painter '67 

Mr. Paul D. Palmer 

Dr. and Mrs Andrew J Panko 

Ms. Brooke M Pannebecker 

Mr. and Mrs. David Pannebecker 

Papa John's Pizza 

Mr. Josef G. Parker '52 

Mr Jim Parsons 

Dr. MadhukarR. Patel 

Ms. Greta L Paucek 

Bruce Pawling 

Debbie Pawling 

Ms ConnieJ Pawling- Young 

Mr Bruce Paxton 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Pednck 

Mike and Nancy Pelepko 

Dr. Laura E. Pence '87 

Mrs Robertas Pennington '75 

Dr. Jackson G Pern, '58 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Perry 

Ms Debbie Peters 

Mr. and Mrs Robert A Peters 

Ms Elizabeth A Peterson '99 

Petro Mart 

Emery and Cindy Petrot 

Ms. Mildred H. Pfeil 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve C Phoebus 

Mr. and Mrs James M. Pilch 

Pizza Hut 

Ms. Mary Beth Plasterer 

Maj Gen. Ross S. Plasterer '57 

Jackie Polanco 

John and Fran Polubjak 

Ms. Shern L Popejoy 

James A Porubiansky. O D. 

Ms Dawn Mane Potten 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Potten 

Harry F and Jean K Price 

Mr and Mrs Greg Pugh 

Mr. and Mrs Joseph Purcell 

Mr Michael Purcell 

Mr and Mrs Joseph M Purcell 

Ms. Madison Purnell 

Ms. Patricia A Putnam 

Robin and David Pychinka 

Mr. Ian M. Pychinka '99 

Joseph J Pychinka 

Mrs Wendy D Quinley 

R & J Trophies 

Mr Timothy R Rabuck 

Mr. George Radanovic '55 

Mr Miguel Ramirez 

Robert Rayburn 

Mrs. Nancy Ream 

Mr and Mrs. Richard E Redner 

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin | Reed 

Mr and Mrs. Glenn R Reese, Sr 

Larry and Gail Regina 

Mr Tony Regina 

Mr. Michael W, Reif'90 

Reimer Bros , Inc. 

Dr Randal C Reinecker 

Ms Amanda Rt-inhart 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reinhan 

Dr Thomas C and Polly R 

Remhart '58, "57 
The Resource Island 
Mr. Michael D. Rhoades '95 
Mr. Bill Rhoads 
Mrs. Linda K. Rice 
Mr Leroy Richardson 
Mrs. Lynne Richardson 
Mr Richard Richardson 
Robert Richardson 
Mrs. Mariene W. Riela "76 
Mr. and Mrs Joseph F Rilacc 9 1 , 

Mr and Mrs. John F Rill 
Mr. Robert Rill 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R Rismiller 

'59, '59 
Mr Anthony Riteman 
Ms. Tina L. Rittenhouse 97 
Ms. Alexis S. Ritter 

Mr and Mrs Barron K Ritter 
Mr. and Mrs Dennis J Ritter 
Mr and Mrs. Dale T Ritter 
Mrs Gina Ritzman 
Mrs. Sandra Roberts 
Mr. and Mrs Frank Robinson 
Mr John D Robinson 
Mr Michael A Rodriguez 
Ms Bessie Rohrbach 
Ms. Deborah A. Rohrbach 
Ms Dt-nise M Rohrbach 
Mr. George Rohrbach 
Mr. Mark Rohrbach 
Mr Ronald Rohrbach 
Mr. and Mrs Joseph D Rojahn '50 
Mr. and Mrs. George Roman 50,-49 
Dave Romesburg 
Mr. and Mrs Peter Roomet 
The Roonev Family- 
Mr. Jason Roos 
Mrs Rita M. Roos 
Mr and Mrs Robert P Roos 
Ms. Serenity M Roos 
Mrs Lorraine Roscoe 
Mr Harold A Rothenberger '55 
Nick Rotondo.Jr. 
Mr and Mrs William L Rouse 
Mrs Helen I Rowe 
Ms Knsti Ruver 
Mr and Mrs. Larry R Royer 
Ms DianneL Ruhl 
Russell Athletics 
Dr F Allen Rutherford. Jr. '37 
Mr. Frank A Ruthertord '74 
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll N Rutledge 
Mr Charles Rutledge 
Mr Earl Rutledge 
Mr James D Salada 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Saltz 
Karen Sampson 
Tom and Susan Sandel 
Mr and Mrs Robert T Sands 
Ms Tanya L. Sangrey '98 
Sue, Richard and Emily Sargo 
Sue Sansky 
Tom and Til Sansky 
Mr and Mrs Bret D Satzler 
Mrs Alice B Savastio '55 
William H Sawyer 
Ms. GlonaJ.Scarle'^9 
Mr. Andy Schade 
Mrs. Betty A. Schaefer 
Jack and April Schaetter 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schappell 
Mr. Charles W. Schatzman, III 96 
Mrs. Susan R Schmitt '79 
Mr. Frank Schneck 
James and Janet Schneider 
Jason Schneider 
Mr James C Schoch '76 
Ms Jill C. Schreiber '96 
Ms. Karlin B. Schroeder '99 
Ms Alyson B Schular 
The Schular Family 
Mrs Patricia A. Schultz 
Ms. Linda Scott 
Ms. Lillian I Seager 
Ms. Elizabeth M Seidenstncker 
John and Mary Jane Seidenstncker 
Ms Lauren Seidenstncker 
Dr and Mrs. Todd Seitz 
Mr. Scott T Sener '7 3 
Mr. Robert S. Shaak '50 
Bud Shaffer 
David Shatter 
Mr. and Mrs Eugene K. Shatter 

'70, '69 
John, Barbara and Rachael Shatter 
Dr Ralph S. Shay 42 
Mr. Thomas H. Sheafter "75 
Mr. Dick Sheehan 
Mr and Mrs John Shemas 
Joseph J. and Anne E. Shemeta 

'52, '51 

Mr. Robert G Shickley 

Ms. Dons Shirk 

Ms Amber A Shotwell 

Ann Shover 

Mrs Iris C Shover 

JoAnn Shover 

Mr. John F Shovlin 71 

Mr. and Mrs Charles Sigler.Jr. 

Mr and Mrs Robert Simmons, Sr. 

Mr, H. E Simonton 

Simpson's Body Shop 

Mr. and Mrs Tim Simpson 

Ms Vangie Sine 

Mr and Mrs Joseph Sipes 

Mr. Chad Siabach 

Rich and Polly Sitter 

Mr James M Slominski 

Mr. Janet Slominski 

The Smith Family 

Mr. Alton M Smith '48 

Ms. Bettv A Smith 

Mr Brian W Smith 

Ms Bnana W Smith 

Mr, Carlton J Smith 

Fred Smith 

Mr and Mrs James L Smith 

Mr and Mrs Richard H Smith 

'58, '65 
Matthew Smith 
The Smolensk] Family 
Mr and Mrs David Smolenski 
Ms. Karen Smolenski 

Ms. Virginia Smolenski 


Mr. Richard M. Snell 70 

Rev Dennis R Snovcl '69 

Mr Jeremy P Snyder 

Mrs Leanne Snyder 

Mr. Robert E Snyder '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Snyder 

Mr Sherdell A. Snyder '52 

Mr Harry Sonon 

Mr Jay L Sorrentino 

Ms. Elizabeth Soulliard 

Mr and Mrs Kenneth Soulliard 

Ms Ashlea J. Sowers 

Edna Sowers 

Mr Eric Sowers 

Roger and Bonnie Sowers 

Ted. Juvce, Julie, Angie and Curtis 

Tim. Christy and Morgan Sowers 
Ms. Edna Spath 
Peg Spath 

Mr. Joel R Spotts 82 
Ms. Tnsha Spnngborn 
Mr.JohnH. Sproul'58 
Mr and Mrs Donald L. Stanley 
Mr. and Mrs Franklin L Stahley 
Mr. Terry Stanzione 
Mr Joe L Stautter '58 
Mrs. Marion I. Stautter i~ 
Mr. Glenn R.Stech'65 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph R Steckbeck 
Mrs Jill E. Steffen 

Mr Henry C Steiner '37 

Mr. R. Thomas Stone 93 

Dave and Patty Stoner 

John Stoner 

Mr. and Mrs John [ Stautter 'M'. i j 

Chris and Denise Stoveken 

Fred and Deb Stri< kland 

Strobeck's Auto Sales 

Mr. and Mrs Joseph R Strobeck 

Mr. Joseph A. Strobeck 

Mr Ken Srrohm 

Mr Jim Stromberg 

Mr. Sam Strong 

Mr. George T Stroup, Jr 

Mrs Claire M. Stuikis 

Mr. and Mrs. David M Sullivan 

92, '94 
Mrs Donna Summers-Chase '8H 
Ed and Cindy Swank 
Lori Beth Sweigart 
Mrs Judith Swietkoski 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Tatelski 
The Tallia Family 
Mr. Jerome A. Tanberg 
Mr. John A. Taormina '85 
Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo '53 
Neil, Melanie, Lexieand Derek Tate 
Mr Albert J Taylor '65 
Mr and Mrs. Attalee S. Taylor "5 
Mrs. Sandra N Taylor 
Jeff Tern pi eron 
Ms. Caroline Templin 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Terch 
Mr Timothy J Terrell '95 
Dr and Mrs. Ford S Thompson 

'63. '63 
Mrs Mary E Tiazkun 
Ms Kate L Tice 
Ms Jeanette T Tnbm '98 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Tome -t l ), 

Dr Mark A Townsend 
The Trebilcock Family 
Ms. Dorothy Trebilcock 
Mr. Gerry Tressler 
Mr and Mrs Nicholas Trezza 
Mrs Kathryn P. Trinidad 1 '2 
Michael and Deborah Troutman 
Ted and Lorraine Troutman 
Barb Trump 
David Truskowslcy 
Ms Bonita L. Tshudy 
Jane L Tshudy 
Patsy Tshudy 
Dr Dennis J Tulli '69 
Mr. David G Twamley '8-t 
Ms Jud) S Uhrich ~s 
Umberger's of Fontana 
Mr Russell R Urej 62 
Mr andMrs JohnC. Vaszil) 66, 69 
Mr Anthony J Verna 
Mr Tony Verna 
Mr Bob Viggiano 
Mr John B. Vitti 
Mr and Mrs. James A Vogtman 
Mr William S Vought. Jr '53 
John and Edna Walmer 
Mr. Bob Walper 
Mr. Paul J Walsh 88 
Hon. and Mrs John Waltei 55, > 7 
Ms. MarySue Walter 
Mr. Jack Walters 
Mr. Edward H. Walton => > 
Mr. Robin Ward 

Mr and Mrs Georgt Wardrop, Jr. 
Ms. Lauren Wardrop 
Mr. Brian D. W'assell '91 
Mr. Gregory A Weaber "S3 
Ms. MicheleL Weber 99 
Mr. Dennis J Weidman 
Francis and Carole White 
Mary W lure 

Mrs. Dorothy F Williams 
Harrv and Linda Williams 

Thomas K Williams 

Mr. Eugene Willier 

Mr. Jeremy D. Wilson '98 

Mr. Mark D. Wisler '98 

Jill Witmer 

Mrs. Elizabeth B Wix 

'■' an Wolfe 

M Mrs Donald P. Wood 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen Wood worth 

Mr Mart Wynn 

M Megan Yai 

Mr. John D Yeager 

Kevin and Cheryl Yeiser 

Leon Yeiser 

C. Yetter 

Mr. and Mrs Allen R I 

Yoe Service Center 

Mr. Ron Yorks 

Mr. Harr. Young 

Mr. Michael Young 

Mr. Raphael H Zappala 

Mr. Sam Zarro 

Mr and Mrs Barry L Zeiber 

Mr. Kerry R Zellers 

Mr and Mrs Stan I. Zellers 

Mr Jerry Zepp 

John and Sandy Zercher 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Ziegenfuss 

Mr. and Mrs George P. Ziegler 

Mr and Mrs. Larry L. Ziegler 

Mr and Mrs Anthony S. Ziga 

Ms. Kathleen A / 

Mr Andy Zimmerman 

Dennis and Sylvia Zimmerman 

Mr. C. Robert Zimmerman 

Mr Carl Zimmerman 

Mr Charles L. Zimmerman '5 ] 

Ms Diane K. Zimmerman 

Mr. Eugene W. Zimmerman '56 

Ms . Jaclyn M. Zimmerman 

Susan Zimmerman 

Ms. Tammy Zimmerman 

Mr. Jason J. Zitter '96 

Richard Zulkowski 

Ms. Jill E Zwiesdak '9~ 

Dr Ronald J Zvgmunt '69 

Gifts In Kind 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F Charles 
The Fenw ick Tavern 
Frederick Supermarket o( C ars 
Gannett Fleming. Inc. 
Mr William C Gingrich '65 
Mr Dick London '65 
Mi G rgt R Mark 
Mr. and Mrs Kurt Myers 
Dr Michael A. Day- 
Ms. Judy L. Pehrson 
Bruce and Janet Rismillei 
Dr Helen R Russell '43 
Dr and Mrs Samuel D I Inch '55 







. -i>< IETYOF 1866) 


Retort of Gifts 



Annual Giving by Class 





Percentage of 













































































































































































of Gifts 



No. OF 

Percentage of 




















































































































































There is a duplicated donor count for people 
with spouses in different class years. 

Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the donor lists. If you hax 
corrections, please contact Carolyn Lauver, director of development, at 11 7-867-6227, 

■ ne ivresg 


It's a challenge... 

With your help LVC can meet it! 

Lebanon Valley College has received 
a $650,000 challenge grant from the 
Kresge Foundation to complete the 
Heilman Physical Therapy Center 


and Endowment Campaign. Our goal is $6.5 million ... we still have $690,324 to 

be raised by May 30, 2000 to meet the Kresge Challenge. • Meeting this challenge builds 
state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratory space for physical therapy students who will 
serve central Pennsylvania and regions beyond, creates an expanded fitness facility for 
campus and community and enhances our endowment to ensure a financially secure 
future for the College. • Won't you join this challenge and help put us over the top? 
Every gift counts, but remember, we must receive your gift or pledge by May 30, 2000 
to count toward the Kresge goal. Please 

complete the attached form and send it with 
your gift or pledge in the return envelope 
provided with this magazine. 


_Class year_ 

I we would like to help meet the Kresge Challenge with 
a gift/pledge in the amount of S . 

Please alloeate my gift/pledge to: 

U Heilman Center 3 Scholarship endowment 

^) Endowment □ Where the need is greatest 

My company will match this gift. 

Company name 

Enclosed S 

Please bill me for S 

Charge my Visa'Mastercard for $ 

# Exp. date_ 


Checks are to he made payable to Lebanon Valley College. 

The students of Lebanon Valley College thank you for your help. 

In the Top 10 Once Again! >s 




Lebanon Valley once again ranked among 
the top 10 regional liberal arts colleges in 
the north in U.S. News & World Report's 

3D I 






12th annual "America's Best Colleges" issue *^ 

and guidebook. ^Sty/7 





Lebanon Valley moved up to number six on the list from number eight last year. 

• The college is also ranked number four on the list of "best values" colleges — a ranking that 
relates the cost of attending a college or university to its quality. 

• U.S. News bases its rankings on academic reputation, graduation and retention rates, faculty 
resources, student selectivity, financial resources and alumni giving. 

Lebanon Valley College 

of Pennsylvania 

Annville, PA 17003 

Change Service Requested 



U.S. Postage PAID 

Harrisburg, PA 

Permit No. 133