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Lebanon Valley College Magazine 

of the 



The State of the College 

The state of Lebanon Valley College is excellent! 
By all of the important measures— quality of faculty 
and students, creative activity among members of 
the College community, financial solidity, community 
service, enhanced church relations, meaningful plan- 
ning for the future, and steady movement toward our 
chosen objectives— LVC enjoys a time of growing 
strength, great vitality, and a clear awareness of both 
new accomplishments and increased opportunities. In 
short, both the current well-being of the College and 
its prospects are outstanding; the institution is at a 
stage of genuine momentum. 

Positive 1984-85 Financial Performance 

Financially, the institution is in a very strong posi- 
tion as a result of this year's positive fiscal perfor- 
mance. The remaining debt on the new $6 million 
Garber Science Center will be retired in February, 
two years ahead of schedule. In addition, for the first 
time in the College's history, the LVC Endowment 
Fund exceeds $6.3 million (market value). 

Figure 1 indicates the general sources of 1984-85 
income ($9,577,347] and major categories of 1984- 
85 expenditures ($9,431,340]. Above-budget perfor- 
mances from endowment and investment activities, 
conferences and the annual giving campaign yielded 
an overall income for the year which was at 1 1 1 Vi 
percent of budget, and expenditures were at 108 
percent of budget, leaving a positive variance of 
VA percent. 

Aside from a significant net income in operations 
for 1984-85, the overall increase in fund balances for 
the year is well beyond a million and a half dollars. 

Annual Giving Campaign Sets New Records 

The extraordinary efforts expended by trustee 
Tom Reinhart. his Board Development Cabinet, with 
the LVC development staff and more than one 
hundred trustee, alumni, faculty, staff and student 
volunteers, resulted in the receipt of unrestricted 
gifts totalling $614,000. restricted gifts of $312,000, 
and 1984-85 contributions for the Garber Science 
Center of $87 1 ,000. The chart in Figure 2 details the 
source of these funds and compares them to 1983- 
84 fund-raising efforts. 

Significantly, all of the annual giving funds, unless 
otherwise restricted, are dedicated to scholarships 
and financial aid to deserving LVC students. 

Six-Year Plan 

In acknowledging our response to the 1984 Com- 
missioners' Accreditation Report, Dr. Rose Channing. 
chairman of the Middle States Association, said, "The 
Commission commends the College for the efforts 
the report reflects and notes particularly the atten- 
tion being paid to overall institutional planning." 

Indeed, strategic and tactical planning have been 
high-priority items on this year's agenda. The Stra- 
tegic Planning Committee, commissioned in January, 
1984, completed its final draft in lanuary, 1985 after 
months of careful and thoughtful consideration. The 
Board of Trustees approved the document at their 
meeting in February. 

Meanwhile, the Ad Hoc Committee on Intercolle- 
giate Athletics diligently pursued the charge 1 had 
given them on November 16, 1984 to examine all di- 
mensions of our Lebanon Valley College intercolle- 
giate athletic program. 

The Strategic Planning Committee met weekly for 
several months; the Intercollegiate Athletics Commit- 
tee met twenty-six times before submitting its excel- 
lent report June 7, 1985. Both documents are the be- 
ginning, not the end, of the planning process and 
promise to give a coherent and cohesive sense of di- 
rection for future program and facility development 
at the College. 

Curriculum Development— New Programs 

After careful consideration by the Faculty Curricu- 
lum Committee, plans were proposed to expand stu- 
dent career options by adding several new educa- 
tional offerings commencing with the 1985-86 
academic year. Both the LVC faculty and the Board 
of Trustees approved the following: general studies 
degrees, offered on both the baccalaureate and asso- 
ciate degree level; associate degree programs for 
those interested in the hospitality industry (food ser- 
vice, hotel and travel administration); and a baccalau- 
reate program in administration for health care 

After many months of exploratory talks with sev- 
eral quality institutions concerning an MBA (Master 
of Business Administration) degree to be offered at 
Lebanon Valley College, agreement was reached in 
lanuary with the Philadelphia College of Textiles and 
Science to offer graduate work at LVC beginning in 
the summer of 1985. A major reason for the selec- 
tion of PCTS for this partnership was that their strong 
MBA program was clearly designed for working 
adults. The response from both corporations and in- 
dividuals has been most gratifying. The first course 
has been completed, and two additional courses are 
scheduled for the fall term. 

To support the curriculum in all areas of study, 
we intensified efforts to update and expand our com- 
puter capabilities through additional hardware and 
software. Library facilities also have been reorga- 
nized and improved. 

The highly-respected LVC academic program that 
has produced seven Fulbright-level scholars in the 
last nine years continued this year to yield a large 
number of highly-prized graduate-level scholarships 
and fellowships at such prestigious schools as Massa- 

chusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University 
and the University of Georgia. 

Academic Personnel Changes 

The heart of any educational institution is its fac- 
ulty. When retirements of long-time, valued members 
come, it is always a sad moment for students and 
staff colleagues alike. This year three distinguished 
members of the LVC faculty retired— lean Love (psy- 
chology). Tony Neidig (chemistry), and lake Rhodes 
(physics). We will miss them terribly. Fortunately, 
each of them will still be involved in various college 
activities, so we view their retirement as only partial. 

Another valued member of the staff, Richard 
Reed, dean of the faculty, will also be leaving LVC 
this fall. He goes to a new position as dean of arts 
and sciences at Western New England College in 
Springfield. Massachusetts. Dr. John Norton of the 
LVC political science department has agreed to serve 
as acting dean for the next academic year while the 
search for a new dean of faculty takes place. 

The Leadership College 

In last year's President's Report, I emphasized 
what I called the "leadership imperative." This four- 
tiered program— for high school students, for LVC's 
undergraduates, for middle managers, and for top- 
level executives— is off to a sound and exciting start. 
The past academic year saw the implementation of 
the high school program, the initiation of the college- 
level program (which will be refined and expanded in 
1985-86) and the offering of several well-received 
middle manager leadership development seminars. 
The leadership program for top executives will begin 
later this fall. 

Student Activities in 1984-85 

Throughout the 1984-85 academic year a wide 
variety of extracurricular activities offered our stu- 
dents opportunities for intellectual, cultural and spiri- 
tual growth. These events included fall campus visits 
by Lt. Gov. William Scranton and American University 
President Richard Berendsen; a sharing by all mem- 
bers of the College community in the traditional 
Thanksgiving festival and Christmas concert: second 
semester speakers Carl Eller and lerald terHorst; the 
Alumni Chorale presentation of Bach's B-minor Mass; 
several campus presentations by noted sacred music 
composer and authority Ellen lane Lorenz Porter; 
and baccalaureate and commencement speakers 
David Gockley and lames Gallagher. 

In addition, opportunities to hear the finest in 
musical performance were offered through the fac- 
ulty recital series. The Master Series, consisting of a 
wide variety of exciting presentations, supplemented 
outstanding student recitals and theatrical offerings. 

Characteristic of positive, innovative student lead- 

ership in 1984-85 was the transformation of one of 
the Allan W. Mund College Center rooms into a 
weekend, non-alcoholic pub. Representatives from 
twelve student organizations worked closely with 
members of the student council and student activities 
staff to create this popular, weekend retreat named 
"The Underground." 

Church Relations and Campus 
Religious Activities 

Student religious activities at Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege increased significantly in 1984-85. Coordinated 
by the chaplain and under the sponsorship of the 
new Council of Religious Organizations (comprised of 
various religious fellowships), both campus and off- 
campus activities flourished. Typical were the deputa- 
tions and concerts by Delta Tau Chi and the musical 
group HIS, church service performances by the 
Chapel Singers, PROIECT's foster grandparent pro- 
gram and visits to the Veterans Hospital, and the Fri- 
day evening Campus Christian Fellowship sponsored 
by the council itself. 

Church relations were also strengthened during 
the past year. Meetings among United Methodist 
leaders and college officials opened up fruitful dis- 
cussions on ways in which the College and the 
Church can be mutually supportive. Presentations at 
church conferences allowed us to express our grati- 
tude for and our suggestions about church 

Church relationships at LVC extend beyond the 
United Methodist Church, and every effort was made 
in 1984-85 to work with our colleagues from other 
denominations. For example, our friend Bishop Wil- 
liam Keeler asked me if I would respond to the Cath- 
olic bishops' recent letter on the American economy 
before the Pennsylvania Interfaith Council, a body of 
bishops from all churches in the state. I have contin- 
ued to work with Bishop Keeler's office on this and 
other matters. In addition, a grant this year from the 
lewish Chautauqua Society will provide funds to offer 
a course on ludaism at LVC. 

Special Programs Expands Offerings 

The new Special Programs Division has responsi- 
bility for a number of programs which supplement 
the traditional undergraduate curriculum at LVC. 
These responsibilities include the Program for Adult 
Learners (evening school and weekend college); the 
cooperative MBA program; the University Center pro- 
gram in Harrisburg; summer school; the program for 
high school youth scholars; summer camps, clinics 
and conferences; and the Leadership Development 
Institute (middle manager program). As the "out- 
reach" arm of the College, the Special Programs Divi- 
sion is making every effort to expand its educational 
service to South Central Pennsylvania. Significant ad- 

vances were made in 1984-85, and ambitious plans 
for this division have been made for 1985-86 and 


The emphasis of the admissions office this year 
has been upon increasing the quality of applicants 
for the 1985-86 school year. To support this effort, 
eighteen new Presidential Leadership Scholarships 
were offered to young people whose scholarship was 
matched by their commitment to leadership. As a re- 
sult of this innovation, a most impressive number of 
top scholar-leaders competed for these top awards. 
Of the 22 5 applicants, 87 have enrolled in addition 
to the eighteen winners. A record number of out- 
standing scholars also competed for sixteen Trustee 
Scholarships awarded on the basis of academic 

Although the strategic plan called for SAT scores 
to average 100 points above the national average by 
1991. we have already achieved that goal! The class 
of 1989, as presently constituted, has an average 
combined SAT score 103 points above the national 

While the quality of our entering freshmen for the 
fall of 1985 is up, the number of our matriculants is 
down somewhat, consistent with the experience this 
year of other private, competing institutions in the 

Alumni Services and College Relations 

Both alumni services and college relations have 
strengthened their programs this year by expanding 
communications with our alumni and by increasing 
LVC's visibility in the press and the electronic media. 

Throughout 1984-85, alumni services emphasized 
the following management objectives: re-informing 
alumni about present-day Lebanon Valley College; in- 
creasing the opportunity for student interaction with 
our graduates; revitalizing area alumni chapters to 
help strengthen student recruitment; recommending 
alumni members for the proposed Academic Visiting 
Committees; providing a current alumni directory; 
and serving as an on-campus liaison for the ongoing 
work of our strong alumni assocation. As a result, 
alumni volunteerism in many areas of college life is 
again on the rise, and alumni giving is at an all-time 

College relations have been greatly enhanced 
through the personal contact of staff members with 
media leaders and through an expanded flow of pub- 
lic service announcements, press releases, press con- 
ferences and feature articles. So successful were the 
informational efforts of our public relations staff that 
86% of all notices emanating from their office was 
carried in one or more newspapers or on radio and 

To supplement these informational programs, a 
large number of personal appearances by College 
faculty and staff increased the awareness of local, re- 
gional and national audiences as to what LVC, "the 
leadership college," has been doing to address the 
nation's changing educational needs. 

The Moving Finger Writes 

Along with all of the good news about our new 
momentum at Lebanon Valley College comes sad 
news as well. During the past year two eras have 
ended. First, the era of the much-beloved Dr. Sam 
"Soggy" Grimm— LVC student, professor, administra- 
tor—who graced the campus with his indomitable 
will, brilliant mind and compassionate spirit for more 
than seventy years. Second, the era of Dr. Bertha 
Brossman Blair, benefactor, friend, advisor, a legend 
in her own time. We will so miss these two great 
forces in our institutional life. 

We were deeply saddened as well by the death 
of a dedicated former trustee, Mrs. Sally Stauffer, 
and the untimely passing of our dear friend and col- 
league. Dr. Leonard Geissel, Jr., assistant professor of 
music, and of a second year student, Mary Ellen 

Aside from these moments of deep sadness and 
the sense of loss we all continue to feel, it has been 
a good year, a year filled with the excitement of cre- 
ative response to a changing educational environ- 
ment and the challenge of continuing to serve our 
mission faithfully and well. 

For the Peterson family, it has been a year made 
joyous through the friendship and support of all 
members of our College family. We pledge our con- 
tinued, best efforts to make LVC "a very special 
place" in which to live and learn, to lead and to 

Arthur L. Peterson 
July 1, 1985 

Sources and Distribution of Income 



Gifts and Private Grants 


Endowment and CF Investment Income 


Auxiliary Enterprises 


Government Grants 


Student Tuition and Fees 




Auxiliary Enterprises 


Debt Service 


General Administration and 
Instructional Expense 


Student Aid 


Operations of Plant 


Operating Reserve 


(including Library) 


Student Services 


Public Services 


Figure 1 














$ 16,314 

$ 33,047 









































1 1 1 







$ 97,441 




Government Funds 






Total (Unrestricted and Restricted) Giving 
1983-84 1984-85 

$680,235 $1,198,196 


Figure 2 


Annual Giving Fund 




















$318,457 248.150 



.2 .3 .4 .5 .6 .7 

.9 1.0 

.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 ($ Million) 

Development Office Report 

Annual Giving Update 

The 1984-85 Annual Fund Drive was the most 
successful in LVC history! Thanks to our chairman, 
Thomas Reinhart '58. and one hundred dedicated 
alumns and friends who served as campaign volun- 
teers, we surpassed our unrestricted goal of 
$600,000 and met our restricted goal (excluding 
government funds) of $312,000. 

Included among last year's scholarship recipients 
are the following Presidential Scholars: 

1984-85 Annual Giving Campaign 

Campaign Cabinet 

Mr. Edward Arnold 
Mr. William Boswell 
Mr. Curvin Dellinger '38 
Mrs. Amy H. Dellinger 78 
Dr. Woodrow Dellinger '33 
Mr. Samuel Evans '24 
Mrs. Elaine Fake Hackman '52 
Mrs. Rhea Reese 

Mr. Thomas Reinhart '58 
Mr. Morton Spector 
Mr. E. Peter Strickler '47 
Mr. Harlan Wengert 
Mr. E. D. Williams 

Volunteer. Presidents Club 
Volunteer, Presidents Club 
Volunteer, Presidents Club 
Co-chair, Professors Club 
Honorary Chairperson 
Co-chair, Deans Club 
Co-chair, Professors Club 
Co-chair, Deans Club 
Co-chair, Presidents Club 
Co-chair, Presidents Club 
Captain, Presidents Club 

Twenty-six percent of the alumni body contrib- 
uted a total of $223,791 to the annual fund. The 
average alumni gift was $102.50. 

Under the leadership of our 1985-86 campaign 
chairman, E. Peter Strickler '47, we are looking for- 
ward to meeting this year's goals of $650,000 in un- 
restricted monies and $350,000 in restricted monies. 

During the 1984-85 academic year, over 
$700,000 in LVC funds was distributed to members 
of our full-time student body. Eighty-five percent of 
our students receive some form of financial aid. Over 
$1,000,000 in scholarships and financial aid will be 
distributed during the 1985-86 year. 

Roberta Arbogast 
Kelly Artz 
Stacey Brundin 
Kimberly Burd 
Donna Dager 
Cathy Dietz 
Susan Dunkle 
Michele Durkin 
Deborah Fike 
Douglas Hamm 
Amy Hammerstone 
Melissa Huffman 
Theresa Martin 
Denise Roberts 
Marjorie Schubauer 
Susan Scott 
Glenda Shetter 
Michael Steckman 
Cheryl Stoltzfus 
Donna Summers 
Susan Toland 
Brent Trostle 
Kathryn Vaclavik 
leane Weidner 
William Wright 
David Yoakam 

Hummelstown, PA 
Elizabethville. PA 
Walnutport, PA 
Newport. PA 
Perkasie. PA 
Millerstown, PA 
Ephrata. PA 
Tower City, PA 
Mechanicsburg, PA 
Middletown. MD 
Easton, PA 
Lebanon. PA 
McSherrystown, PA 
Orwigsburg, PA 
Middletown, PA 
Kintnersville, PA 
Chambersburg, PA 
Palmyra. PA 
Malvern. PA 
Glenmore, PA 
Warminster. PA 
Mechanicsburg. PA 
Millersburg, PA 
Douglassville, PA 
North Huntingdon. PA 
Harrisburg, PA 

Although our Annual Giving Fund Drive empha- 
sizes unrestricted monies for financial aid and schol- 
arships, donations to restricted funds also are 
needed and encouraged. Following are a few examples: 

Athletic Booster Club 

Goal: $10,000 

Purpose: To purchase video equipment and to provide 

necessary funds for the gymnasium improvement project. 

Association for the Arts and Humanities 

Goal: $20,000 

Purpose: To bring visiting artists and speakers to campus 

and to provide necessary funds for the Allan W. Mund 

College Center's Little Theatre improvement project. 

Endowed Scholarships 

Purpose: To supplement the many funds that have been 
established to provide scholarships to deserving students 
in various disciplines and in memory of LVC faculty, 
alumns and friends. 

1985-1986 Giving Clubs 

Invitations to the September 27 Leadership Club 
Dinner of Appreciation were sent to all 1984-1985 club 
members. The speaker for the dinner will be Richard E. 
Scammon, director of Elections Research Center and 
elections analyst for NBC. A well-known television per- 
sonality, Scammon has covered national elections for 
twenty years. 

During the academic year, each club member will 
receive additional invitations and information about 

events limited to his/her specific giving club 

Club recognition levels have been established for 
1985-86 as follows: 

$ 125-$ 679 

(Senior Citizens, 65 and over) 

$ 1 70-$ 679 

( I Week's Tuition, 1 student] 

$ 680-$ 1,359 

(1 Month's Tuition, 1 student) 

$ 1,360-$ 3,299 

(2 Month's Tuition. I student) 

$ 3.300-$ 6,599 

(1 Semester's Tuition, 1 student) 

$ 6,600-$ 13, 199 

(1 Year's Tuition, 1 student 

$13,200 or more 

(1 Year's Tuition. 2 students) 

Professors Emeriti 
Professors Club 
Deans Club 
Presidents Club 
Leadership Society 
Founders Society 
Trustee Associates 

Annual Phonathon 

During the 1984-1985 campaign, which ended 
lune 30, 1985, many LVC students volunteered to 
help with such fund raising activities as the phona- 
thon and Leadership Day '85. A special thanks goes 
to all of these students. 

Each semester, the development office provides 
one or two students the opportunity to intern with 
the department, learning basic fund raising philoso- 
phies and techniques. For the fall semester, Barbara 
Sbraccia '87 of Folsom, Pennsylvania, will intern as 
coordinator of the 1985-86 Annual Giving Phonathon 
scheduled to run October 13 through November 7. 

Class of 85 

The Class of '85 is the first graduating class to 
begin an endowed scholarship fund in their name. 
Class members have pledged gifts over a five-year 
period and have set a goal of $25,000 by 1990, their 
fifth anniversary year. Class officers will present the 
first scholarship award in the fall of 1990. 

Subsequent graduating classes will conduct a 
mini-campaign to receive funds for scholarships in 
their class names. 

Foundation Visits 

Throughout the past year, President Peterson and 
I have visited several area foundations and corpora- 
tions to spread the LVC message of Leadership, Val- 
ues and Community. We have been warmly received 
and our efforts have been fruitful. More visits are 
scheduled for the fall and spring. If you are associ- 
ated with any boards of foundations or corporations, 
please contact the LVC development office. 

Planned Giving Programs 

An Estate Planning Seminar was held in May for 
LVC friends and alumns in Lebanon County. Another 

seminar, which will be open to all interested alumns 
and friends, tentatively has been scheduled for No- 
vember, 1985. 

The LVC Endowment Society, founded this year, 
gives the development office an opportunity to thank 
alumns and friends now for remembering LVC in 
their estate plans (wills, trusts, insurance policies). 

Class Agent Program 

The Class Agent Program has been reinstated at 
Lebanon Valley College. During the 1985-1986 Cam- 
paign, alumns will hear from fellow classmates about 
their participation as a class in the annual giving cam- 
paign. This correspondence also may be used for 
communicating personal news, class updates and re- 
union information. Each class agent receives from the 
development office a handbook, updated class infor- 
mation, and guidance in preparing letters. The devel- 
opment office assumes the responsibility and cost for 
preparation and mailing of all correspondence. 

Class agents are still needed for the following 


































If you are interested in serving as class agent, please 
contact our office. 

LVC Parents Club 

Efforts to form an LVC Parents Club now are 
underway. Membership will be open to parents of 
alumns and current students. More information will 
be available this fall. 

Staff Changes 

On June 1, 1985 Mrs. Kathleen "Kitty" Thach '85 
joined the development staff as assistant director of 
development. Kitty replaces Mr. Joseph P. Wengyn III 
'82 who served his alma mater well for more than 
two years. (We all wish [oe well in his new career.) 

For the past eight years, Kitty has been em- 
ployed by LVC in the offices of admissions and com- 
munications. She is the mother of two alumns: David 
Blauch '84 and Beth Blauch '85. 

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or 
comments, or if you need any information, please 

do not hesitate to contact our office at (717) 867- 
6222 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 
5:00 p.m. 

Karen McHenry Gluntz '82 
Executive Director of Development 

Leadership Clubs 

[Trustee Associates Club| 

Dr Bertha Brossman Blair 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 
Central Pennsylvania Conference 
Mr & Mrs. Eugene C Fish 
Foundation for Independent Colleges 
Dr. E N. Funkhouser 
Lebanon Steel Foundry 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Mr & Mrs Robert H. Stauffer 

Founders Club 

AMP Inc. 

American Bank Foundation 

Rev. David H Andrews 

Mr. & Mrs Edward H. Arnold 

Mr & Mrs. lames J. Davison 

Dr. & Mrs. Woodrow S. Dellinger 

Mr Mark Diethelm 

Dr. Russell E. Morgan 

Dr. & Mrs. Allan W. Mund 

Mrs. Rhea P. Reese 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 

Research Corporation 

Dr. Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Presidents Club 

Mr & Mrs. lefferson C Barnhart 
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Bishop 
Nancy H. Bright. M D 
Mr. & Mrs. D Clark Carmean 
Mr. & Mrs Raymond H Carr 
Dauphin Deposit Bank & Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger 
Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler 
Dr. & Mrs Robert F. Early 
Mr. Richard T. Early 
Mr. loseph H. Eubanks 
Farmers Trust Company 
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Freer 
Mr. & Mrs. Darwin G. Click 
Dr. & Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz 
Hershey Entertainment & Resort 

Mrs Elaine G. Hackman 
Mr. A. L. Hanford. Ill 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Hartman, Sr, 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
lonestown Bank & Trust Company 
Kapp Advertising Service 
Col. lohn T. Kramers 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Kreider 
Mrs. Cora E. Kreitzer 
LVC Auxiliary-Philadelphia Branch 
Lebanon Area Personnel Association 
Mrs. Hilda Heller Longenecker 
Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 
Dr. &Mrs. William N. Martin 

Mr. Roy I McMindes 

Dr. lohn H. Moyer. Ill 

Mrs. Dorothy Mease Myers 

Miss Mildred E. Myers 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig 

P I Hydraulics. Inc 

Dr H Dwight Page 

Palmyra Bologna Company 

Peoples National Bank 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 

Plasterer Equipment Company, Inc 

Quality Inn of Lebanon Valley 

Dr. & Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Dr & Mrs. F. Allen Rutherford. Ir 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 

Mrs. S. Elizabeth Schuler 

Dr & Mrs. Harvey B. Snyder 

Mr. & Mrs. Morton Spector 

Mr. Donald R. Stanton 

Steitz Savings & Loan Association 

Sterling Drug Inc 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Peter Strickler 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Unger 

Mrs loanna Lawhead Wagner 

Wengerts Dairy, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs E. D. Williams, |r. 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Willman 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Wolfe 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Zimmerman 

Deans Club 

Mrs. Shirley lacobs Aichele 

Mr. Homer I Allwein 

Dr. & Mrs. Loy C, Awkerman 

Mr. & Mrs, Victor P Biever 

Donald Blyler Offset 

Dr William D. Bryson 

Mr. G. Harold Bucher 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

Thomas B Carmany M.D. 

Mr, Robert U Cassel 

Commonwealth National Bank 

Mr lohn L, Cousler 

Mr Gary D Eisenberger 

Mr, Harold G, Engle, |r, 

Mr. & Mrs Philip H Feather 

Dr. Herbert Fields 

First National Bank of Fredericksburg 

Dr Dennis L. Funck 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

General Electric Environmental Services 

Dr Pierce A. Getz 
Mr G. Wilbur Gibble 
Mrs. lane Shellenberger Grubgeld 
Mrs, Mary Rank Hain 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Herr. II 
Mr. lohn W. Hess 
Mr Russel I. Horst 
Dr. & Mrs. William G. lones 
Dr. Paul K. Keene 
Mrs Ruth Shroyer Lark 
Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F Leedy 
Mrs. Cora Graby Limmroth 

Dr lean O Love 

Mr & Mrs. Karl V Matter 

Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 

Mrs Lois Brong Miller 

Mr. Richard L, Miller 

Mr, Harold D Morgan 

Mr George R Moyer 

Mutual Wholesale Corporation 

Mr Ronald Nagy 

Mr. & Mrs. Clair W Noll 

Gen Peter G Olenchuk 

Mr & Mrs. Lee D. Peiffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H, Plummer. Sr 

Mrs. Edith Kreiser Probus 

Dr. Alexander B, Rakow 

Mr lames T. Reilly 

Dr & Mrs. Robert C. Riley 

Mr & Mrs Stephen H. Roberts 

Mr & Mrs Charles Rusen. It 

Mrs. Arbelyn W Sansone 

Sears-Roebuck Foundation 

Dr. & Mrs, C Boyd Shaffer 

Dr. & Mrs Daniel L. Shearer 

Dr. George W Smith 

Miss Lottie I Snavely 

Mrs Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke 

Sowers Printing Company 

Mr. & Mrs Eari C. Supplee, Ir 

Mrs lean McKeag Teresko 

Dr. Mark A. Townsend 

Mr Robert P. Tschop 

Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund H. Umberger 

Mr. & Mrs Norman Vanderwall 

Dr & Mrs, lohn D. Walmer 

Hon & Mrs lohn A. Walter 

Miss Margaret S. Weimer 

Mr. lohn E Wengert 

Mr. & Mrs. Harrison D. Woodruff, Ir 

Dr. Christian G. Womas 

York Container Corporation 

Mr. & Mrs Harry B. Yost 

Professors Club 

ASK. Foods. Inc. 
• Mrs Caroline Fisher Abusamra 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S Achey 
Mrs Ruth Huber Aishe 
Dr Bruce A. Albert 
Mr. & Mrs. Lee E, Anders 
^^Dr. Robert I. Andreozzi -y^ 
Annville Shoulder Strap Company 
Dr Howard L. Applegate 
Mr Casper E. Arndt 
Dr. George S. Bachman 
Mr & Mrs. D. Larry Bachtell 
Mrs Mary F. I. Bailes 
Dr. Elizabeth Miller Bains 
Mrs. Evelyn Fridinger Baker 
Miss Florence E Barnhart 
Donald F. Bartley. M.D 
Mr. Charles E Bartolet, Sr, 
Mr, Clyde B. Baver 
Mrs, Dolores Zarker Baxter 
yg^>-J!ev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer [/ 
Mr. lohn W. Beattie 
Mr. George |, Becker 
Miss lean E, Bedger 
Mr, & Mrs. George B. Beitzel 
Mr lohn L Bemesderfer 
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Bendigo 
Mrs, Louise Boughter Bennett 
Mr. Bernard C. Bentzel 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd D, Berger 
Mrs, Regina Oyler Berkheimer 
Bickel's Potato Chip Company, Inc. 
Mrs. Irene Seiders Bigler 
Mr, Paul C. Billett 
Dr Philip A, Billings 
Miss Louise E, Bishop 
Mr Robert S Black 
Mr. Martin F. Bleichert 
Mr. & Mrs. lohn D. Boag. Sr. 

lohn H. Boger & Son, Inc 

Capt Charles D Bolan, USN Ret 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank E Bolway. |r 

Mr & Mrs. Samuel A Bomgardner 

Mr & Mrs lames E Boston. |r. 

William D Boswell, Esq 

Mrs Winona Shroff Botello 

Mr Michael W Bottomley 

Mr Roy E, Boush 

Mr & Mrs Robert A, Boyer 

Boyer Printing & Binding Company 

Miss Kathryn E. Brehm , 

Mr. Charles T Brightbill y . 

Dr lames H Broussard ~" ■* 
Mrs. Eloise Parr Brown 
Mr William I Brown Ir 
Rev & Mrs William ]. Brown 
Mr Frank A Bryan 
Mr. & Mrs lohn I Buckfelder, III 
Lt Col. & Mrs Newton M. Burgner 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald S Burkhart 
Mrs Ruth Coble Burkhart 
Miss Helen I Butterwick 
Mr Bernerd A Buzgon 
Mr & Mrs. David A. Byerly 
Lt Col Adolph I. Capka 
— =*Tvlr & Mrs Hyman S Caplan s/ 
Dr. Margaretta A Carey 
Mr lohn K Carl 
Mr & Mrs Scott V Carney 
Dr, & Mrs lames W Carpenter 
Mr lames G, Cassel, Ir 
Mr & Mrs lohn A Catlin 
Ms Marilyn Chelstrom 
Mrs. Kathryn Noll Chernich 
Dr loseph M Clark 
/Mr. Samuel K. Clark \ u- 
Miss M. Blanche Cochran 
Mrs Margaret Lehn Coleman 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory G. College 
Mrs Ruth Howell Cook 
Mrs. Marian Heaps Cote 
Dr. & Mrs George D Curfman 
Dr Donald B Dahlberg 
Mrs. Ethel Hower Darkes 
Dr & Mrs. Robert M Daugherty 
Mr Gordon Davies 
Mr & Mrs. lames K, Davis 
Mr. Frank R DeAngelis 
Mr. & Mrs. George A. DeLong 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 

, -Mr. & Mrs. Wesley T. Dellinger — 

■Mr Woodrow S Dellinger, Ir, ■ 

Miss Catherine Deraco 
Dr. lohn A. Detweiler. Ir. 
Mrs Lucille Maberry Detwiler 
Mrs. Dorothy Sholley DeVerter 
Mrs. Alice S, Diehl 
Mr & Mrs. loseph B Dietz 
Mr, & Mrs, Warren D. Ditzler 
Mr & Mrs, Guy L, Dobbs. Ir. 
Mr lohn H Dressier 
Rev. Cameron G Drum 
Mr & Mrs lohn R, Eby 
Mr. Fredric P. Eckelman 
Dr. K. Morgan Edwards 
Dr. Scott H. Eggert 
Dr William A. Ehrgott 
J6^«Dr. & Mrs, Carl Y. Ehrhart 
Mr. Lawrence A. Eiben 
Mr, Herman A Ellenberger 
Mr. Thomas R. Embich 
Miss Sara L. Ensminger 
Mrs Martha Crone Eppley 
Mr. Walter C Eshenaur 
Mr. DeWitt M. Essick 
Col, & Mrs. William F. Etchberger 
Dr. Russel H. Etter 
Mr David C Evans 
Mr. David I. Evans 

■-^"Mr Samuel D, Evans 

Mr. & Mrs. William L H Evans 

Mr. Dale H Everhart 

Mr. William H. Fairlamb. Ir 

Mr David I Farling 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen R Fasnacht 






Leadership Clubs Cont'd. 

Dr Mae I. Fauth 

Mr Robert K. Feaster 

Mr Kenneth R Feather 

Dr D Leroy Fegley 
•r-Miss Gladys M Fencil fi^fi 
Dr Donald E Fields 

Mrs Rachel Heindel Fink 

Dr & Mrs Hiram E Fitzgerald, Ir 

Rev. Bernard E Fogle 

Mrs. Blanche Stager Fox 

Lt Col. lames T Frantz. Ir. 

Mrs. Miriam Carper Frey 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T Frey 

Mr Walter P Fridinger 

Dr. Michael D Fry 

• Dr Leonard S Geissel. Ir. 
Mrs. Mabel Hafer Gelbert 
Mr. &• Mrs. Clair H Gerberich 
Mrs. Anne Butterwick Gilbert 

Dr & Mrs Russell L. Gingrich. Ir - 

Mr & Mrs Randolph Goodwin, Sr. 
Mr & Mrs Stanley L Gordon 

Mrs Dorothy Landis Gray 
Mr. Glen O. Gray 
Mr Charles K Greenawalt 
Miss Myrna R Greenawalt 
Dr. ludith Fonken Grem 
Miss Dorothy F Grimm 
Mr. Gary P. Grimm 
^Mr Henry H Grimm cr 
Mr lohn Y. Groff 
Mr Martin I Grochowski 
Col George L Grow 
Dr Cednc E. Grosnick 
Mrs Kathryn Mowrey Grove 
Mrs. Floda Trout Guinivan 
Dr Thomas W Guinivan 
Mrs. Murl Gulden 
Dr & Mrs Robert L Habig 
Miss Dorothy B. Hafer 
Mr. Kenneth M. Hale. Ir 
Mr Glenn L. Hall 
Mr Larry Q. Hall 
Hamilton Bank & Trust Company 
Mrs. Ella Mason Hamilton 
Mr Leander H Hamm 
Mrs Miriam Cassel Haring 
Mr. Robert E. Harnish 
Mr Samuel S. Harnish 
Mr & Mrs lohn R Harper 
Dr Miles D. Harriger 
Mrs Helen Eddy Hart 

• Mr E Brad Hartman 
Dr Samuel A Hartman, li 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Hartranft 
Mrs. Terri Folkenroth Haslett 
Rev. & Mrs. lefferson L. Hatch 

• Mr. Charles L. Hauck. Ir. 
Mr & Mrs. Kenneth C Hays 
Mrs. Doris Cortright Heck 
Mrs Elizabeth Beittel Heffley 
Mr W Howard Heffner 
Dr. Allen H. Heim 
Mrs. Dorothy Smith Heisey 
Mrs. Gail Fasnacht Henschke 
Mrs. loyce Dissinger Herr 
Mrs lune Eby Herr 
Mrs. Sharon Stetler Herr 
Rev G Edgar Hertzler, D D 
Mrs. Mary |. Hicks 
Rev. Alvin S Hildebrand 
Dr William H Hillmann. |r. 
Dr & Mrs. lohn C. Hoak 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard I. Hoerner 
Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 
Mr. Clark S. Hoffman. |r. 
Mrs. Mary Eckert Hoffman 
Mr Robert D Hoffsommer, Ir 
Mr. Sidney L. Hofing 
Mr. Lester S. Holstein. II 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 
Dr & Mrs. Paul E. Horn 
Mr & Mrs Robert E Horn 
Dr & Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 
Dr Mark I. Hostetter 
F Peter Hottenstein. D D.S. 
Mr. William E. Hough. Ill 


Mrs. Esther Wise Hovis 

Dr W Frederick Huber 

Mrs Ida Trout Hudson 

Mr & Mrs. I. Henry Hummer 

Mr. Richard A Iskowitz 

Mr Doyle W Ivey. Ir. 

Mrs. loanne Ricedorf lacoby 

Dr L Eugene lacques 

Rev. William H. lenkins 
• Mrs. Catherine Mills lohns 

Mr Robert M lohns 

Dr 1 Mitchell lordan 

Mr Peter W. Kandrat 

Rev. & Mrs. Earl H Kauffman 

Dr & Mrs. Gerald D Kauffman 

Dr lohn P Kearney 

Rev & Mrs Roger E. Keech 

Dr. I. Calvin Keene 

Miss Ruth C A Keene 
Jvlrs Esther Hughes Kelchner 

Miss Ellen S Keller 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon E. Kensinger 

Mrs Margaret Longenecker Kern 

Lt Col Haven W Kessel 

Keystone Water Company 

Mr William H. Kiick 

Dr I. Michael Kildee 

Mr Alvin E Kinney 

Dr Charles B. Kinney. Ir 

Mr. Harlin S Kinney 

Mrs. Isobel Cox Klinefelter 

Mrs. losephine Schell Klopp 

Mr. Amos H. Knisley 

Mrs. Nevelyn |. Knisley 

Mr & Mrs Robert F Koch. Sr 

Rev. W Richard Kohler 

Dr. & Mrs. Allen I. Koppenhaver 

Kreamer Funeral Home 

Mr. lohn W Kreamer 

Mr Homer L. Kreider 

Mrs. Lydia Kreider 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E Kreider 

Mr Walter O Krumbiegel 

Mrs Kathrine Balsbaugh Lackey 

Mr lohn M. Lafferty 

Mr Edgar D Landis 

Mr Thomas A. Lanese 

Dr. Grace E. Laverty 

Lebanon Building Supply 

Lebanon Valley Offset Company 

Mrs. Mae Graybill Lehman 

Mr. lohn M. Leidich 
^Mr. Walter Levinsky . 

Mrs. lean W. Levy 

Mr & Mrs. |. Warren Light 

Mrs Marian Leisey Light 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell K. Light 

Mrs. Marian Leisey Light 

Mr & Mrs. Russell K. Light 

Lt. Col. Paul W. Lightner. Ir. 

Mr. Charles V. Liles 

Mrs. Sara Etzweiler Linkous 

Dr. Theodore K. Long 

Rev, Robert P. Longenecker 

Mrs, Nancy McCullough Longenecker 

Miss Lela W. Lopes 

Mr & Mrs. loseph Lostritto 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Lucas 

Mrs. Marion Hartenstine Lugo 

Dr Eileen D. Lynch / 

-»-Mrs Evelyn Ware Lynch i^ 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mackrides 

Miss Emma I. Madciff 

Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 

Dr & Mrs H. LeRoy Marlow 

Dr & Mrs. George R. Marquette 

Mr Robert I Martalus 

Rev lere R. Martin 

Dr Monroe H. Martin 

Marty's Music Store 

Mrs. Pauline Schaeffer Matter 

Mr & Mrs. Gustav T. Maury 

Mr. & Mrs. lames M McArdle 

Mrs Susan Shanaman McCaleb 

Miss loan C. McCulloh 

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin D. McCullough 

Mr Clyde S. Mentzer 

Mr Larry M Mentzer 

Mrs. Mabel Brewbaker Mentzer 

Dr Warren F Mentzer 

Mrs. Adella B. Metka 

Mrs. Audrey Frye Metro 

Mr Stephen I Metro 

Dr. Bruce M Metzger 

Mr Craig S Meyer 

Mr Elwood W Meyers 

Mrs Pearl March Meyers 

Mrs Helen Groh Milewski 

,-Mr Adam D. Miller X» 

Mr. Carl E. Miller ~ 

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis R. Miller 

Mrs. Eleanor Engle Miller 

Dr. Gary D. Miller 

Mr. Harold O. Miller 

Dr Harry K. Miller. Ir. 

Mrs. Lois Seavers Miller 

Rev. Robert I. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Miller 

Dr. Wade S. Miller 

Dr. Owen A. Moe, lr. 

Mr lohn V. Moller 

Mr Edgar P Monn 

Rev. & Mrs H Edgar Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn H. Morris 

Mr. S. F W. Morrison 

Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Mowrey 

Mrs Elaine Z. Moyer 

Mr. lohn H Moyer, IV 

Mrs. Suzanne Krauss Moyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Mrazik 

Mr. William P Mueller 

Rev. Frederick W Mund 

Mrs Vera Shoop Musser 

Mrs. Hazel Heminway Muth 

Mr. & Mrs. Eldred M Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. William I. Myers 

Mrs Geraldine Rothermel Nease 

Mrs. Rose Tschopp Needy 

Dr. David D Neiswender. Ir. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Ness 

Mr. & Mrs. Grant T Nicholls 

Ms Frances V. Nichols 

Ms. loan L. Nichols 

Ms. Valerie M. Nichols 

Mrs Violet W Nitrauer 

Mr lames G. Novinger 

Mr. George R. Nye 

Dr Agnes B. O'Donnell 

Mr. |. Robert O'Donnell 

Mr Raymond M Oberholtzer 

Dr lohn G Oliver 

Mr. lohn F Onofrey 

Dr. & Mrs ). Fred Overman 

Mrs. Ruth Hughes Palmer 

Mr. George B Patrizio 

Dr. & Mrs. Harold S. Peiffer 

Mr & Mrs. Howard B Phillippy 

Mrs. Ellen lane Porter 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Potts 

Mrs. lessie A. Pratt 

Mrs. Margaret McGarvey Purdy 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 

Miss Yvonne L. Raab 

Rev. E. Stephen Raby 

Mr. Richard C Rader 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter N. Randrup 

Mr. O Kent Reed 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 

Mr. George M. Reider, |r. 

Miss Mildred M. Reigh 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R Rismiller 

Mr. & Mrs Douglas M. Roach 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Roden 

Richard Y Roof Company 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Roudabush 

Mrs. Miriam Miller Roush 

Mr. Gerald B. Russell 

Robert L. Samilson, M.D. 

Mrs. Sarah Stauffer Sandy 

Miss Irene 1. Schell 

Mrs. Ruth Light Schreiber 

Mrs Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck 


Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Schrope 
Mr & Mrs Richard T Schwartz 
Mr lames H Scott 
Dr. lames W. Scott 
Mrs Rebecca Linger Scott 
Mr & Mrs. Daniel S Seiverling 
Mr. H. lack Seltzer 
Mr & Mrs Charles S. Shametzka 
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Shay 
Mr lohn A Scheaffer 
Mr Kenneth C. Sheaffer 
Dr. David P Sheetz 
Sheehy Ford Lincoln Mercury 
Mr. Michael D Sherman 
Mrs. Sandra Weit Shipman // 

•—Mrs Adora Rabiger Sholley - — ^ ■ / 
Rev Robert H. Sholter 
Mrs. Lenora Bender Shortlidge 
Mr Thomas F Shott 
Mrs. Frances Long Shroyer 
Mr & Mrs. Richard N Simington 
Mrs. loyce McAllister Simons 
Mr. Albert I Sincavage 
Dr Tibor Sipos 
).Mrs Hazel Bailey Smedley 
u&g > _ l UMrs Dorothy Fencil Smith 

Dr & Mrs lohn Abernathy Smith 
Mr lohn C. Smith. lr. 
Mr. Lee C. Smith 
Rev. Thomas H Smith V.F 
Dr. Ruth A. Smith-Matsuo 
Mr Hilliard Y Smuck 
Mrs. Kathryn Wheeler Snavely 
Miss Eleanor R Snoke 
Mrs. Verna Schlosser Sollenberger 
Rev. & Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 
Mr. Frank R Sourbeer 
Mr E. U. Sowers. II 
5/vlr. & Mrs. Geoffrey L. Sowers 1/ 
Bishop W Maynard Sparks 
Mr Stephen P. Spaseff 
Mr. Arthur G Spickler 

__ Jvlr. Calvin D. Spitler 

Mrs. Mary H. Stachow 

Mr. & Mrs. I Foster Stambach 

Dr & Mrs. Paul E Stambach 

Mr. Glenn R. Stech 

Mr. Allen W Steffy 

Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek 

Dr Cawley H. Stine 

Dr Sterling F Strause 

Mr. Nicholas Streeter 

Miss Evalyn M Strickler 

Miss Mary M Strickler 

Dr. George G. Struble 

Ms Betty Stutzman 

Mr. Robert Sullivan 

Mr. Robert F. Swanger 

Mrs. Anne B Sweigart 

Mr. Daniel S Sweigart 

Mr & Mrs. lohn F Swope 

Miss Nina E. Tafel 

Miss Elizabeth L. Taylor 

Miss loan R. Taylor 

Mrs. Bernice K. Teahl 

Mrs. Delia Herr Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Thomas 

Mr. George G. Thomas 

Mrs. Helen Longenecker Tilton 

Mr lohn 1. Todd. Ir. 

Dr. C. F loseph Tom 

Miss Evelyn Toser 

Mr. Horace W. Tousley 

Mrs. Marjorie Smith Trego 

Mr. Charles R. Troutman 

Mr. Curtis C. Troutman 

Dr Perry |. Troutman 

Mr lohn I. Uhl 

Miss B. Elizabeth Ulrich 

Mrs. Peg A. Umberger 

Mr Duey E Unger 

Mrs Diane Drimones Usas 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn C. Vaszily 

Dr Leonard Volkin 

WLBR Radio Station 

Dr. Mary Young Wagner 

Miss Beverly A. Walp 

Mr lohn F Walter 

Michael P. Waltz. D.D.S. 

Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham 

Mr & Mrs. Ross W Watts 

Miss Margaret 1 Weaver 

Col Roy A Weidman 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas W Weik 

Mr Ronald B. Weinel 

Mr Raymond F Weiss 

• Mrs Mary Shettel Welty 

Dr. Mervie H. Welty 

Mrs Dorothy Kreamer Wendel 

/Mr & Mrs. Clifford 1 Wengert • 

' Mr loseph P Wengyn 

Mrs. Ellen Reath Wert 

Dr Nelson E. Wert 

Mr Russell H Wert 

Mrs. Louise Fencil Wheeler 

Mrs Mary Hiester Wheat 

Miss Doris E. White 

Mrs Myra Sheaffer White 

Mrs. H. lane Muth Whiteman 

Dr & Mrs. R. Keith Whiting 

Mrs. Anna Wengert Whitmire 

Mr & Mrs lames A. Wilhelm 


Mrs. Helen Hughes Wilkinson 

Dr & Mrs. I Dennis WilhapTs 
— Miss Ethel V Wilt fcf^ 

Mr. Gerald S Wingenroth 

Miss Amelia C. Winter 

Mrs. Alma Binner Wise 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn E. Witter 

Dr. & Mrs. Allan F Wolfe 

Mr. Dane A. Wolfe 

Mr. Henry F. Wolfskeil 
^-Mr Robert D. Wo mer 

Mr Glenn H Woods 

Mr lohn L. Worrilow 

Mr & Mrs. William H Worrilow. Ir 

Mrs Mildred Evans Wurdeman 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Yannaccone 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Yarger 

Mr Frank F Yeager. Ir. 

Dr & Mrs. loseph H. Yeakel 

Mr. Donald O. Yeatts. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. 1. Roy Yerger 

Mr & Mrs. Charles E. Yingst 

Mr Masaji I. Yoshida 

Mr. & Mrs. loseph W. Zearfoss 

Dr. Harry E. Zech 
-Dr. Harry W Zechman 

Mr Edwin H. Zeigler 

Mr E lohn Zettlemoyer 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Ziegler 

Mr. & Mrs lames H. Zimmerman 

Mr Raymond S. Zimmerman. Ir. 

Mr. loel H. Zinn 

Mrs L Mae Burkholder Zwally 


Alumni Giving 1984 


Top Ten Classes 

Number of Dollars 




















Number of Donors 










































Leadership Classes 



Highest Dollar Contribution 


Highest Number of Donors 


Highest Ratio of Donors to Class 



Class of 1913 

Mrs Elta Weaver Herman 

Class of 1917 

Mrs Ruth Huber Aishe 
Dr Edwin H White 
Mr Edwin H Zeigler 

Class of 1918 

Mrs Merab Gamble Brooks 
Mr S F W Morrison 
Mrs. Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke 
Rev Mark Wingerd 

Class of 1919 

Mrs Mary Creighton McNelly 
Mrs Ruth Hughes Palmer 
Mrs Kathryn Gingrich Richard 
Mrs. Lucile Davis Snavely 

Class of 1921 

Mr Raymond L Duncan 
Miss Gladys M Fencil 
Mrs Beulah Swartzbaugh Frock 
Mrs Mary Shettel Welty 

Class of 1922 

Mrs Marion Heffelman Fishburn 
Mrs Miriam Cassel Haring 
Dr Oliver S Heckman 
Mrs. Verna Hess Larkin 
Mr Adam D Miller 
Mrs Ada Heisey Shalley 
Mrs Anna Stern Wright 

Class of 1923 

Mrs Dorothy Sholly DeVerter 
Mr Ramond M Oberholtzer 
Mrs Dorothy Fencil Smith 
Mrs Delia Herr Thomas 
Mrs Mary Hiester Wheat 
Mrs Helen Hughes Wilkinson 

Class of 1924 

Mr Samuel D Evans 

Dr Donald E Fields 

Mrs Rachel Heindel Fink 

Mrs. Ida Trout Hudson 

Mrs Kathnne Balsbaugh Lackey 

Mrs Sara Greiner Leffler 

Mrs Mabel Rice Pons 

Class of 1925 

Mrs. Mary Houck Hager 

Mrs Kathryn Nisley Herr 

Mrs Esther Hughes Kelchner 

Miss Ellen S Keller 

Mr Theodore I. Kreider 

Mr Earl I Leffler 

Mrs Sarah Dearwechter Neischwender 

Mrs Ruth Hoy Sadler 

Mrs. Martha Schach Weik 

Class of 1926 

Mrs Carrie Early Barber 

Mr. I. Frederick Heilman 

Mr Raymond N Keim 

Mrs Marion Hess Kolb 

Mrs Clanbel Nisley Under 

Mr G Reid Pierce 

Mr Hilliard Y Smuck 

Miss Lottie I Snavely 

Mrs Helen Longenecker Tilton 

Dr. Mervie H Welty 

Class of 1927 

Mrs. Luella Lehman Beam 
Mr Samuel K. Clark 
Dr D Leroy Fegley 
Rev Ira R. Fortna 
Mrs Blanche Stager Fox 
Mr C Floyd Lichtenberger 
Mrs Hilda Heller Longenecker 
Miss Emma I Madciff 

Alumni Cont'd. 

Dr Mary C McLanachan 

Dr Wade S. Miller 

Mr M Lester Morrow 

Mrs. Florence Dundore Ness 

Mr Walter L. Ness 

Mrs Virginia Edwards Shaffer 

Mrs. Kathryn Wheeler Snavely 

Bishop W Maynard Sparks 

Mr. lohn F Walter 

Mrs. Myra Sheaffer White 

Class of 1928 

Dr I. Bruce Behney 

Mrs Mabel Hafer Celbert 

Mrs. Grace Witmer Kauffman 

Mr Henry A Kohler 

Mrs. Sarah Rose Kohler 

Dr Monroe H Martin 

Mrs Mabel Brewbaker Mentzer 

Mr. Samuel Meyer 

Dr Millard |. Miller 

Mrs Edna Graham Moser 

Dr. G Paul Moser 

Mrs. Deborah Orth Orbock 

Mr Edward I Orbock 

Miss Irene I Schell 

Mrs Frances Long Shroyer 

Mrs. Viola Wolf Silvernail 

Miss Eleanor R Snoke 

Class of 1929 

Mr John W Beattie 
Mrs. Leah Harpel Bendigo 
Mr Leonard M Bennetch 
Mr. Martin F Bleichert 
Dr. Lawrence B. Derickson 
Mrs Marion Hoffman Knoebel 
Mrs. Irene Schrope Maurer 
Mrs. Emmeline Shaffer Miller 
Miss Ruth E. Reigel 
Mrs. Ruth Light Schreiber 
Mrs. Hazel Bailey Smedley 
Mr Charles R Troutman 
Mrs. Miriam Muth Vanderwall 
Mrs Louise Fencil Wheeler 
Mrs Nancy Ulrich Wood 

Class of 1930 

Mrs Reba Logan Albright 

Mr Homer I Allwein 

Mrs. Dorothy Hiester Behney 

Mr Glenn E Bendigo 

Mrs Louise Boughter Bennett 

Miss M Blanche Cochran 

Mrs Marian Heaps Cote 

Mrs. Mary Rank Hain 

Rev G Edgar Hertzler D.D 

Rev Lester M Kauffman 

Dr I Calvin Keene 

Mrs. losephine Schell Klopp 

Mrs. Pauline Schaeffer Matter 

Mr Elwood W Meyers 

Miss Mildred E Myers 

Mr William I Myers 

Mrs Ruth Cooper Sanford 

Mrs Helen Hain Shearer 

Dr. Oscar F. Stambaugh 

Mr Norman Vanderwall 

Dr. Harry W. Zechman 

Mrs. Grace Keener Zerbe 

Class of 1931 

Mrs. Caroline Fisher Abusamra 

Mr. George I Becker 

Mr Henry D Berkov 

Mrs. Ethel Hower Darkes 

Mr Lee Eck 

Miss Sara L Ensminger 

Mr Paul |. Evancoe 

Mrs Dorothy Thompson Gruber 

Miss Dorothy B Hafer 

Dr. Russell E. Morgan 

Mr. George B Patrizio 

Dr Robert L Roudabush 

Mrs Margaret Young Schrope 

Mrs Anna Wengert Whitmire 

Mrs Alma Binner Wise 

Mr loseph E. Wood 

Class of 1932 

Mrs. Cynthia Benzing Ash 

Lt Col Newton M Burgner 

Mrs Margaret Lehn Coleman 

Mrs Naomi Shively Depuy 

Mr. lohn D Hughes 

Mrs Mary Buffington Keaffer 

Dr. Paul K. Keene 

Mr. Alvin E Kinney 

Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark 

Mrs Evelyn Keller Leib 

Mrs Hester Thompson Lewis 

Mr I Warren Light 

Mrs Elizabeth Flook MacGregor 

Mrs Pearl March Meyers 

Mrs Helen Groh Milewski 

Mrs. Dorothy Haldeman Morris 

Mr lohn H Morris 

Mrs G. Ruth Armacost Muffley 

Rev. Frederick W Mund 

Mr. George R Nye 

Mrs. Edith Fields Reynolds 

Mrs. Dorothy Garber Roudabush 

Mrs Lenora Bender Shortlidge 

Miss B Elizabeth Ulrich 

Mr Samuel T. Zappia 

Class of 1933 

Mrs Regina Oyler Berkheimer 

Mr Edgar C Brinser 

Mrs Ruth Coble Burkhart 

Dr Woodrow S. Dellinger 

Mrs. Gladys Wagner Dumser 

Dr. William A Ehrgott 

Dr. Mae I Fauth 

Lt Col lames T Frantz. |r. 

Mrs. Helen Eddy Hart 

Miss Dorothy R. Hartz 

Mr. Russell M Henne 

Mrs. Trula Koch Herr 

Mr Walter O. Krumbiegel 

Mrs. Marion Kruger Light 

Miss Sophia Morris 

Mrs. Luella Heilman Myers 

Mrs. Lucille Engle Otto 

Mrs Miriam Miller Roush 

Mr Leonard M Schrope 

Dr Samuel D Ulrich 

The Rev Stuart W Werner 

Mrs H lane Muth Whiteman 

Mrs Mary Stephens Wolf 

Mrs. Flo Grim Wygant 

Dr Harry E. Zech 

Miss Ellen M Zerbe 

Class of 1934 

Mrs Esther Smelser Duke 

Dr. K. Morgan Edwards 

Mr Thomas C. Edwards 

Mr DeWitt M. Essick 

Mrs Kathryn Mowrey Grove 

Mr Raymond B lohnson 

Dr I. Mitchell lordan 

Mr. Peter W. Kandrat 

Mrs Margaret Longenecker Kern 

Mrs. Christine Gruber Kreider 

Mrs. Charlotte Weirick McFaul 

Mr H Algire McFaul 

Mr Clyde S. Mentzer 

Mr. Rudolph B Miller 

Dr. Luke K. Remley 

Mr. Earl S. Rice 

Mrs. Martha Kreider Rudnicki 

Mrs. Kathryn Witmer Sandel 

Mr. lames H. Scott 

Mr. George D Sherk 

Mr lohn I Todd. Ir 

Mr Edmund H Umberger 

Dr. Leonard Volkin 

Miss Martha E. Wall 

Class of 1933 

Mr. Casper E Arndt 
Mr Stewart I Barthold 
Mr. Guy A. Beaver 

Mr. Frank P Boran 

Col. William F Etchberger 

Mr. David I Evans 

Mrs. Anne Butterwick Gilbert 

Mr. Henry H Grimm 
' Mr. E. Brad Hartman 
' Mr. Charles L. Hauck, |r 

Dr Theodore K. Long 

Dr Warren F. Mentzer 

Dr. Bruce M. Metzger 

Mr. Gerald B. Russell 

Mr Kenneth C. Sheaffer 

Mr Albert I Sincavage 

Mr. Arthur G Spickler 

Mr Allen W Steffy 

Miss Margaret I. Weaver 

Mrs Rebecca Adams Whitlock 

Mr lohn E. Witter 

Class of 1936 

Dr George S Bachman 

Mr Charles E. Bartolet. Sr 

Mrs Mildred Phillips Bernard 

Miss Louise E Bishop 

Mrs Winona Shroff Botello 

Mr. Robert U. Cassel 

Mrs. Mary Kauffman Clagett 

Mrs Iva Weirick Edwards 

Mr. Robert L. Edwards 

Miss Dorothy F Grimm 

Dr. Alvin R Grove. |r. 

Mrs lane Shellenberger Grubgeld 

Mr Samuel S Harnish 

Mrs Nancy Bowman Hatz 

Mr. W. Howard Heffner 

Miss Anna Mary Herr 

Dr. Mark I Hostetter 

The Rev D Homer Kendall 

Mr Paul E. Kuhiman |r 

Mrs Kathleen Pool Land 

Mrs. Marian Leisey Light 

Mr Edgar P Monn 

Mr Richard C Rader 

Dr. Calvin H Reber. Ir. 

Mrs Mary Haddox Rockwell 

Mrs. Irma Keiffer Shearer 

The Rev. Robert H Sholter 

Class of 1937 

Mrs Sara Light Aungst 

Mr. Edward R Bachman 

Mrs Ruth Goyne Berger 

Mr Paul C Billett 

Mr. lohn A. Bollman 

Mr William H. Earnest 

Mrs. Cordelia Sheaffer Felder 

Mrs. Lois Harbold Guise 

Mr. Russell C. Hatz 

Dr Charles B. Kinney, Ir. 

Mrs Eleanor Engle Miller 

Mr lack R Morris 

Mrs. Rose Tschopp Needy 

Dr F Allen Rutherford, Ir 

Mrs Ruth Buck Schlegel 

Dr. Donald E, Shay 

Mrs. Grace Naugle Sinclair 

Mr Richard S Slaybaugh 

Mrs. Romaine Stiles Smeltzer 

Mrs Claire Adams Stoudt 

Mrs Marjorie Smith Trego 

Mr. Duey E Unger 

Mrs Edna Binkley Walmer 

Class of 1938 

Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 
lefferson C Barnhart. Esq 
Mrs. Mary Zartman Barnhart 
Mr. Lloyd D Berger 
Mr. Robert S Black 
Mr Frank A Bryan 
Miss Helen I Butterwick 
Mr. David A. Byerly 
Lt. Col. Adolph I. Capka 
The Rev P Vincent Cunkle 
Mr Gordon Davies 
Mr Curvin N Dellinger 
Mrs Lucille Maberry Detwiler 

Mr Herman A Ellenberger 

Mr. Marshall R. Frey 

Mr Walter P. Fridinger 

Mr Dean W Gasteiger 

Mr G Wilbur Gibble 

Mr. lohn Y. Groff 

Mrs Ella Mason Hamilton 

Mrs. Catherine Mills lohns 

Mr Robert M lohns 

Mrs. Isobel Cox Klinefelter 

Mrs. Wanda Price Koehler 

Mr. lohn W Kreamer 

Mr. George W Lazorjack 

Mrs. Hazel Heminway Muth 

Dr C Boyd Shaffer 

Mrs. Louis Stoner Shaffer 

Dr Daniel L Shearer 

Mrs. Ethel Houtz Slonaker 

Mrs. Ernestine lagnesak Smith 

Mr. Calvin D Spitler 

Mrs. lean McKeag Teresko 

Mrs Theresa Stefan Umberger 

Dr. lohn D Walmer 

Mrs. Dorothy Kreamer Wendel 

Mr. Russell H. Wert 

Miss Ethel V. Wilt 

Class of 1939 

Mrs lanet Whitesell Alford 

Mrs Grace Geyer Aston 

Mrs. Evelyn Fridinger Baker 

The Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer 

Mrs. Anna Light Blatt 

Mrs. Edith Metzger Booser 

Mr Stanley Bulota 

Mrs. Olga Lopes Casavant 

Mrs Alice Richie Clupper 

Mr. Carl W Dempsey 

Mr Elwood L. Derr 

Mrs. Catherine Lawson Diehl 

Mrs. Gertrude Ellenberger Dupler 

Mrs lulia lohnson Edwards 

Mrs Kathryn Yingst Etchberger 

Dr. Arthur S. Evelev 

Mrs. Dorothy Null Frey 

Mr. Raymond T. Frey 

Mrs. Mildred Haas Grimm 

Dr Thomas W Guinivan 

Mr. Leander H Hamm 

Mrs. Dorothy Yeakel Horn 

Miss Ruth C. A. Keene 

Mr. Harlin S Kinney 

Mrs. Cora Graby Limmroth 

Mrs. lean Marbarger Medinger 

Mrs Audrie Fox Reber 

Mr. D. Reigh Shope 

Mr Raymond R. Smith 

Mr Robert W Smith 

Mr. Coda W Sponaugle 

Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 

Miss Mary M. Strickler 

Mr. Robert P. Tschop 

Col. Roy A Weidman 

Mr. Ernest C. Weirick 

Mrs Catherine Whister Wetterling 

Dr. G. Frank Zerbe 

Mr. E. lohn Zettlemoyer 

Class of 1940 

Mrs leanne Schock Agnellini 
Mrs Mary Albert Attick 
Mr Charles M. Belmer 
Mr lohn L Bemesderfer 
Mrs. Lucille Gollam Byerly 
Mrs. Evelyn Seylar Cassady 
Cmdr Florian W. Cassady 
Dr. Carl Y. Ehrhart 
Mr. C. Dennis Geesey 
Mrs. Ruth Hershey Geesey 
Mr. Robert S. Grimm 
Mrs. Mary Touchstone Hale 
Mr. Henry F Hoffman. Ir 
Dr. Paul E. Horn 
Mrs Esther Wise Hovis 
Mrs. Anna Evans Hower 
Dr. W Frederick Huber 
The Rev. William H. lenkins 


Mr George A Katchmer 

Miss Lela W Lopes 

Mr. Gustav T Maury 

Mr lohn V Moller 

Mrs Ruth Ruppensberger Riley 

Mrs. Adele Black Russell 

Mrs. Lucie Cook Ruzicka 

Mr lohn A Schaeffer 

Mr Daniel S Seiverling 

Mrs Verna Schlosser Sollenberger 

Mrs Evelyn Miller Walborn 

Miss Margaret S Weimer 

Mrs. Ellen Reath Wert 

Mr lohn A Yingst 

Class of 1941 

Mr Bernard C Bentzel 

Mrs Irene Seiders Bigler 

Miss leanne L Bliven 

Mr Theodore I Ciamillo 

Mrs Marian Reiff Craighead 

Mr lohn H Dressier 

Col. George L Grow 

Mrs Floda Trout Guinivan 

Mr Raymond C Hess 

Mrs Frances Prutzman Kauftman 

Mrs. Mildred Rittle Keiser 

Lt Col Haven W. Kessel 

Miss Eleanor G King 

Mrs Evelyn Ware Lynch 

Rev Charles R. Miller. D.D 

Miss Mabel lane B Miller 

Mr. Harold L Moody 

Mrs leanette Kalbach Partridge 

Dr Alexander B. Rakow 

Mrs Edna Rutherford Sheckart 

Lt. Col Frank L. Shenk 

Mrs Ellen Ruppersberger Silvers 

Dr. Harvey B Snyder 

Mr David G Spittal 

Mrs Ethel Fisher Steiner 

Mr. Paul W Stouffer, Ir 

Mrs Margaret Bordwell Twyford 

Mrs Rebecca Parks Umstead 

Class of 1942 

Mrs Fredericka Laucks Albert 

Miss Kathryn E. Brehrm 

Mrs Elizabeth Sattazahn Davis 

Mrs Georgia Gravell Dobbs 

Mr Guy L Dobbs. Ir 

Mr Harry 1 Drendall 

Cmdr Robert F Dresel 

Mr Russel I Horst 

Mrs Virginia Goodman Hunsicker 

Mrs Viola Snell Maury 

Mrs. lune Hollinger Meek 

Mrs Lois Seavers Miller 

The Rev Roger D Morey 

Mr William P Mueller 

Gen Peter G Olenchuk 

Dr. Harold S Peiffer 

Mrs Mabel Hess Pensinger 

Mrs. Carolyn Kissinger Powers 

Dr Ralph S Shay 

Mrs Rosanna Brandt Slayton 

Rev Samuel H. Stoner 

Mrs Sarah Hartman Sweger 

Mr. lohn F Swope 

Dr Christian G Wornas 

Mr George C Ziegler 

Class of 1943 

Donald F Bartley. M.D 

Mrs Adelaide Sanders Burgner 

Dr Margaretta A Carey 

Rev. W Edgar Cathers 

Mrs Dorothy Brine Dillm 

Mrs lanet Schopf Ebersole 

Mr Walter K. Ebersole. Ir 

Mrs Martha Crone Eppley 

Mrs E Louise Keller Frantz 

Mr Frederick S Frantz. Ir 

Mrs Anne Bowman Heagy 

Mrs lune Eby Herr 

Mrs lessie Robertson Hoicombe 

Mrs Dorothy Light Mease 

Lt Col lohn B Mengel 

Dr Stephen I Metro 

Dr Harry K Miller. |r. 

Mr Albert H Morrison 

Mrs lane Klucker Mowrey 

Mrs Vera Shoop Musser 

Dr H Anthony Neidig 

Dr Robert K. Ness 

Dr. R Howard Paine 

Dr lacob L Rhodes 

Dr Helen Ross Russell 

Mrs Verna Kreider Schenker 

Mrs lane Gruber Seiverling 

Mrs Genevieve Stansfield Shenk 

Dr H Dennis Sherk 

Rev Earl A Troup 

Mrs M Elizabeth Grube Weidman 

Miss Eleanor L Witmeyer 

Dr Robert Yannaccone 

Mrs Evelyn Stine Ziegler 

Class of 1944 

Miss lean P. Anger 

Miss Betty V Barrels 

Dr Marian Kreider Bosien 

Mr Dale A Brubaker 

Dr DeLene Yocum Congello 

Mrs Grace Spangler Drager 

Mrs loMane Shannon Dresel 

Mrs Miriam Carper Frey 

Mrs Dorothy Landis Gray 

Mrs Elizabeth Light Hamilton 

Mr Richard 1 Hoerner 

Dr Gerald D Kauffman 

Dr Paul Lipsitz 

Mrs Ruth Haverstock Ness 

Rev Bruce C Souders 

Dr Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Mr Charles W Wolfe 

Mrs Dorothy Cox Yannaccone 

Class of 1945 

Mrs Norma Kiscadden Daihl 
Mrs Maeredith Houser Doyle 
Mrs Mary Brown Fitz 
Mrs Evelyn Hiester Frick 
Mrs leanne Waller Hoerner 
Miss Yvonne L Raab 
Rev E Stephen Raby 
Mrs Miriam lones Rudy 
Mrs Patricia Bartels Souders 
Dr Arthur W Stambach 
Mrs Ruth Karre Wareham 
Mrs Sarah Koury Zimmerman 

Class of 1946 

Mrs lean Gingrich Bomgardner 
Mrs Eloise Parr Brown 
Mrs Helen Sattazahn Burr 
Mr. lohn E. Carbaugh. Ir 
Dr Gene U Cohen 
Mrs Viola Shettel Crites 
Miss Catherine Deraco 
Mrs Betty Schaffer Grosky 
Mrs Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 
Mrs Eleanor Hershey Kauffman 
Mrs Martha Light Klein 
Mrs Elizabeth Reiff Marino 
Mrs Catharine Yeager Miller 


Alumni Cont'd 

Mrs Edith Kreiser Probus 

Mrs. Sarah Stauffer Sandy 

Mr. Richard D Seidel 

Mrs Frances Workman Weiser 

Class of 1947 

Miss Florence E Barnhart 

Miss lean E Bedger 

Mrs Elinor Strauss Boeshore 

Mr G Harold Bucher 

Mr Carl L Derr 

Mr Lloyd V Fegan Ir 

Mr Vernon M Fickes 

Mr Paul G Fisher 

Mrs. Sara Schott Fisher 

Dr Russell L Gingrich. Ir 

Miss Nora M Goodman 

Mrs Evelyn Stonecipher Gourlay 

Dr Miles D Harnger 

Mr lohn G Heagy Ir 

Mrs Esther Engle Hivner 

Mrs Mildred Emench Humphrey 

Rev Robert I Miller 

Dr George L Moore 

Mr Wayne L Mowrey 

Mrs Pearl Miller Siegel 

Mr E Peter Stnckler 

Mrs lean Myers Swanson 

Dr Herman I Weiser, Ir 

Class of 1948 

Mrs Barbara Kilheffer Baker 

Mrs. Mary Helen Long Bickei 

Capt. Charles D Bolan 

Mr lames S Brulatour 

Dr. lohn A Detweiler. Ir 

Dr Robert F Early 

Mrs Nellie Walter Eaton 

Mrs U loyce Meadows Elder 

Mr Peter Gamber. Ir 

Mrs Ruth Billow Guida 

Mrs Mary Frank Habig 

Dr Samuel A Hartman, II 

Mrs Mary Eckert Hoffman 

Mrs Ruth Gearhart Keech 

Mr H Ellis Kreider 

Dr Grace E Laverty 

Mr. lohn H Light 

Mrs Dorothy Strassburger Mark 

Dr George R Marquette 

Dr. Anna D. Dunkle McVay 

Mrs Betty Gingrich Rauch 

Mr Samuel I Rutherford 

Dr. David P Sheetz 

Mr. Vincent A Sherman 

Mrs Dons Newman Shettel 

Mr Paul O Shettel, |r. 

Mrs Elaine Frock Stepanek 

Mrs Martha Ross Swope 

Dr Arthur L Terr 

Mr lames E. Wert 

Mr Robert A Zimmerman 

Class of 1949 

Mrs Rose Root Awkerman 

Mr Robert E Baker 

Mr lames L Barto 

Mr. Russell I. Bixler, Ir 

Mr. Foster M Brinser 

Mr lohn K. Carl 

Mrs Olive Reemsnyder Derr 

Mr Robert D Doyle 

Mr Richard Y Eby 

Mr Donald N Fridinger 

Dr Dennis L Funck 

Mrs. lanet Weaver Gemberling 

Mr Marshall L Gemberling 

Mrs Nancy Meyer Gingrich 

Mr Charles K. Greenawalt 

Mr. Glenn L Hall 

Mrs. Dorothy Smith Heisey 

Rev Alvin S. Hildebrand 

Mr. Donald R Hoffer 

Dr Henry G Hostetter 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Budesheim Kinch 

Mr. Howard B Kreider. Ir 

Mr Wesley R Kreiser 

Mr Howard F Lebegern, Ir 

Dr Donald V Malick 

Mr Robert P McCoy 

Mr Sidney S Miller 

Mr William T Moore. Ir 

Mr Earl E Rhine 

Mrs Virginia Werner Richards 

Mrs. loanna Norns Roe 

Mrs Ella Shultz Roman 

Mr Clifford P Rothgaber 

Mr. Paul H Sadler 

Mr. Robert H Sheetz 

Rev. lohn E. Shettel 

Rev. loseph D Smith. Ir 

Mr lohn D Stine 

Mr Charles W Tome. Ir 

Dr Dene T Walters 

Mrs Dorothy Zink Werst 

Mrs R Patricia Sutton Wiedeke 

Mrs Marion Geib Wilhelm 

Mrs. Erma Gainor Yeakel 

Dr. loseph H Yeakel 

Mrs Lois Shank Yeakel 

Mr. Thomas M Zimmerman 

Class of 1950 

Mrs. Margaret Fake Anders 

Dr Loy C Awkerman 

Mr Arthur I Bacastow 

Dr Richard W Bailey 

Mr Milton W Baker 

Mrs Betty Camp Barto 

Mr Carl R Baum 

Mr. lohn R Beddall 

Dr Lewis W Bowman 

Mr Harry L Bricker, Ir 

Nancy H. Bright, M.D. 

Dr Howard L. Britton, |r 

Mr Allen H Brown 

Mr Frederic W Brown 

Mrs lanet Eppley Bucher 

Rev Norman B Bucher, Ir 

Mr. Ronald M Burd 

Mrs Kathryn Noll Chernich 

Mr lames K Davis 

Mr. Henry C Deens. Ir 

Mr Hugh L Eberly 

Dr Charles R Eigenbrode 

Mr R Francis Eigenbrode 

Dr. Alex I Fehr 

Mr, William G Fisher 

Mr W Harry Forbes 

Mr Fred B Fore 

Dr Wallace W Furman 

Mrs Doris Strickler Herr 

Mr, lohn W Hess 

Mr Robert W Hess 

Mr Frank W Hockley 

Mrs M Louise lagnow Hockley 

Mrs Doris Klingensmith Hoepfer 

Dr. Charlotte Rohrbaugh lones 

Dr William G lones 

Rev. Roger E Keech 

Miss Anna L Kettering 

Mr Anthony I Kutchever 

Mrs Barbara Kleinfelter Lawver 

Mr lames E Lebo 

Mrs. Mary Edelman Light 

Mr. Richard H Light 

Lt Col Paul W Lightner. Ir. 

Mrs Ellen lepsen Lukens 

Mr Harold G Madeira 

Dr. Alonzo L Mantz 

Mr Bernard R Mazzoni 

Miss Esther C McNeal 

Mrs. Geraldine Rothermel Nease 

Mr lames E Parker 

Mr lames W Parsons 

Col. Donald A. Potter 

Mr loseph D Roiahn 

Mr. George Roman 

Mrs Betty Miller Rutledge 

Rev. Howard H. Smith 

Mr. William D. Steely. Ir. 

Mrs lean Kostenbauder Stolte 

Mrs Sidney Garverich Tome 

Miss Nan E Urich 

Dr David H Wallace 

Rev. Charles B Weber 

Mr William Wertz 

Mr lames A Wilhelm 

Mr. Harold E Yingst 

Mr Raymond S Zimmerman, ir 

Class of 1951 

Rev. David H Andrews 

Mr lohn D Boag. Sr. 

Mrs. Margaret Bower Boag 

Mr Herbert L Booz 

Dr William I Boyd 

Mrs Betty Edelman Creamer 

Mr George A DeLong 

Mrs leanne Stine DeLong 

Mr Harold E Engle. Ir 

Mr Guy I Euston 

Mr Robert K Feaster 

Mr Robert R Fischer 

Dr Charles R Garrett. Ir 

Rev Roland E Garvin 

Dr Pierce A Getz 

Mr lack D Gramm 

Mrs lean Leeser Heaps 

Mr Lemoyne W Hoffman 

Mr. Ira L Hostetter. Ir 

Mrs Barbara Metzger Kline 

Mr Richard L Kline 

Rev W Richard Kohler 

Dr Elam S Kurtz 

Mr Walter Levinsky 

Mrs Sara Etzweiler Linkous 

Rev Robert P Longenecker 

Mr Norman G Lukens 

Mrs Rufina Balmer Marquette 

Mr. Gerald D Miller 

Dr Robert K Miller 

Mr William F Miller 

Mr. Horace F. Moyer 

Mr Charles E Roland 

Mrs Edith Shanaman Rothenberger 

Mrs loyce McAllister Simons 

Mrs leanne Edwards Tesnar 

Mrs Nancy Lutz Weber 

Mr William O Wert 

Mr Henry F Wolfskeil 

Mr Neal E Woll 

Mr. Glenn H Woods 

Rev Donald D Zeiders 

Mr. Charles L. Zimmerman 

Class of 1952 

Ms. Lois L Adams 

Mrs Dolores Zarker Baxter 

Mr Donald Blanken 

Mrs Betty Bakley Craighead 

Mr William M Craighead 

Dr Robert M Daugherty 

Mrs Ruth A Daugherty 

Mr Lee C Dunkle 

Mr lay N Dutweiler 

Rev Bernard E Fogle 

Mrs Elma Breidenstine Frysinger 

Mr Donald S. Gingrich 

Mrs Elaine G. Hackman 

Mr. Robert |. Heath. Ir 

Mrs. Elizabeth Beittel Heffley 

Mr Robert D Hoffsommer. Ir 

Mrs. loanne Ricedorf lacoby 

Miss lane L Martin 

Mrs lane Lutz McGary 

Miss Mardia Melroy 

Mr lames S. Pacy 

Mr. losef G Parker 

Mr George E. Rutledge 

Dr Frederick P. Sample 

Mr Melvin Schiff 

Miss Ruth M. Stambach 

Dr Richard H. Stewart 

Dr Sterling F Strause 

Mr. Robert F. Swanger 

Mr lohn I Sweigard 

Mr Edward F Tesnar 

Miss Evelyn Toser 

Mrs. Diane Randolph Woodward 

Mrs Gloria Dressier Zeigler 

Class of 1953 

Dr Howard R Ancell 
Mr Lee E Anders 
Mr Harold G Brandt 
Mr Robert A Brandt 
Mr Lawrence W. Crain 
Mr Frank R DeAngelis 
Mrs. lanice DeLong Diehm 
Mr Lloyd O. Evans 
Dr loseph A. Ferrer 
Mr Richard I Furda 
Dr Martin L Gluntz 
Mrs lane McMurtrie Hart 
• Dr G Richard Hartz 
Mrs loan Gilbert Hartz 
Mr Donald L Hedgecock 
Dr Allen H Heim 
Mr Melvin E Hostetter 
Mr Winslow lohnson 
Mrs Pauline Rittle Kauffman 
Dr Allen I Koppenhaver 
Mr Edgar D Landis 
Mr Abram L. Leaman, Ir 
Mr Walters Leffler 
Miss Thelma G. McKinstry 
Mr Albert E Moser, Sr 
Mrs lune Finkelstein Mosse 
Dr David D Neiswender, Ir 
Rev M Eugene Patrick 
Mr Lee A Ranck 
Mr Harold A Rothenberger 
Mr M loseph Russo 
Mr Philip H. Seltzer. |r. 
Mr Paul A Shields 
Mrs Mary Kurtz Sweigard 
Mr Robert I Tarantolo 
Mr Stanley C Vansant 
Hon lohn A Walter 
Mr Edward H. Walton. Ir 
Mr Merle L Wise 
Mrs Alma Manani Wood 
Mr. William H Wood 
Mrs Nancy Cramer Zimmerman 

Class of 1954 

Dr F Paul Alepa 

Mrs loanne Bachman Belson 

Dr. Robert H Boyd 

Mrs. Evelyn Eby Britton 

Mr George I Cardone 

Dr lack R Celeste 

Mr Kenneth C. Donmoyer 

Mr lohn T. Ervin 

Dr Herbert Fields 

Mr. Walter H. Fry 

Mr. Harry W. Hall. Ir. 

Mrs. Doris Cortright Heck 

Rev. Robert G. Hower. Ir 

Mrs Alice Daniel Kelly 

Mr William H. Kelly 

Mrs. Geraldine Nichols Koppenhaver 

Miss Barbara A. Kreiser 

Mr Robert Mackrides 

Mrs. Bette Gaskill Miller 

Dr Richard C. Musselman 

Mrs. loan Ringle Policastro 

Mr. Charles A. Reed 

Mrs. loann Butt Roberts 

Mr Richard L. Rotunda 

Mr lohn Sant'Ambrogio 

Mrs. Glenda Scott Singiser 

Mr Lee C Smith 

Mr Chester E Snedeker 

Mrs loyce Shettel Snyder 

Mr Louis A. Sorrentino 

Mrs M Rosie Hollinger Sorrentino 

Miss Agnes M Souders 

Mr. Richard G. Styring 

Mrs Barbara Ranck Taylor 

Mrs. E lane Lower Theophilos 

Mr. Clair D. Wagner 

Mr. Clyde M. Walter 

Mrs. Betty Swisher Wolfgang 

Mrs Sylvia Wolfskill Woodin 

Mr Samuel A Yeagley, Ir. 

Mrs. Charles E. Yingst 


Class of 1955 

Mrs Hazel Kindt Beish 
Mrs Nancy Myers Chiodo 
Mrs Nancy Daugherty Cortner 
Mr William C Diehm. Ill 
Dr. Ross W Fasick 
Mrs. loyce Dissmger Herr 
Mr David H lauss, |r 
Mrs. Nancy Wolf lauss 
Mrs. Carol Achenbach Keblinger 
Mrs. Rita Castigha Mackrides 
Mrs loyce Hill Madden 
Mrs Mary Eckenroth Mayer 
Dr. Claude I Miller 
Mr I Stanley Mull, Ir 
Mrs loan Wingert Mull 
Mr. Clair W Noll 
Mr. George Radanovic 
Mr William Schmidt, |r 
Mrs Marjone Boltz Schoneboom 
Mrs Adora Rabiger Sholley 
' Mr Noel Z. Stahle 
Dr Mary Young Wagner 
Dr David P Willoughby 
Mr. Thomas G. Wolfgang 
Mr DeWitt P Zuse. Ir 

Class of 1956 

Dr. Gene R. Adams 

lohn B Allwein, D.D 

Mr. lames T. Boltz 

Mrs. Dorothy Grabau Boyd 

Mr. Henry T Chadwick 

Miss Doris A Cook 

Mr. Anthony B Creamer. Ir 

Mr. Ronald R Day 

Mr. Richard E. Deitrich 

Mr Cyrus R Dietrich Ir 

Mrs. lacquelyn Fetterhoff Douglass 

Mr. David I Farling 

Mrs Nancy Kirby Fisher 

Mr Martin I Grochowski 

Mr Sidney L Hofing 

Mrs loan Napoliello Horn 

Mr Pius H Kaltreider 

Mr. lack N. Keefer 

Rev H. Rodney Stoner 

Mrs Mildred Osinski Teitelman 

Mr Curtis C Troutman 

Mrs. Elin Blouch Yeagley 

Mrs Nancy Adams Yingst 

Mr I Bashore Yorty 

Class 1957 

Mr Theodore L Blumenthal 

Mr Donald S Burkhart 

Ms. Grace Gorbey Connell 

Miss Hazel A Davis 

Rev. Cameron G. Drum 

Mr lohn R Eby 

Dr Murray B Grosky 

Mrs. Carol Kelly Hamilton 

Mr. Robert W. Handley 

E Peter Hottenstein. D.D. 

Mrs Louise Roberts Hrizuk 

Mr. William H. Kiick 

Mr. R. Lee Kunkel 

Mr. lerry E. Lego 

Mrs Nancy Kettle Lenker 

Mr. Willard L. Light 

Rev. lere R Martin 

lames M McArdle 

Rev. Gerald A McCormick 

Mr. Frank R. McCulloch 

Mr. William R Minnich 

Mr Robert I Nelson 

Mrs. leanne Winter Noll 

Mrs. loanne Young Opalenick 

Mr. Carl Peraino 

Mrs. Nancy Gibson Peraino 

Dr. |o Anne Grove Pieringer 

Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer 

Rev. Robert E. Reasey 

Mrs. Polly Risser Reinhart 

Mrs lane Hoffman Roush 

Brig. Gen Robert M Sheaffer 

Mr Henry W. Shuey, Ir 

Mr Thomas E Silliman 

Mr Robert E Snyder 

Mrs Hannelore Wanner Starsinic 

Mr Thomas V Uhrich 

Mrs Patricia Lutz Walter 

Mr Thomas W Weible, jr 

Dr William C Workinger 

Class of 1958 

Mr. Barry B Barnhart 

Mrs Marlene Brill Bell 

Mr. Charles T Brightbill 

Mrs. Virginia Smedley Burkhart 

Thomas B Carmany M D 

Mrs. loan Heindel Colliflower 

Mrs lanet Tingley Deitrich 

Mr Paul F DiPangrazio 

Mrs Susan Zimmerman Dietrich 

Dr Carroll E Ditzler 

Mr. Henry G Douglass 

Mrs Berneice Klink Eby 

Mr Darwin G Glick 

Mrs Elizabeth Speicher Glick 

Mrs Nancy Grace Good 

Mrs. Mildred Stineman Gundel 

Mr Ronald B. Hartranft 

Mr Warren R Heidelbaugh 

Rev lack R Hoffman 

Mrs lean Henninger Hoffman 

Mr. lohn H Hoffman 

Miss Barbara G lohnson 

Mrs. Dorothy lones Keffer 

Mr. Aubrey H Kershner 

Mr Fred S Kreider, Ir 

Dr Thomas H Kreiser 

Mr. William P Krick. |r. 

Mr C Robert Landis 

Mr. lohn F Lenker. |r 

Mrs Helen Eptmg Murdock 

Mrs. Ruth Obert Ranalli 

Mrs Ruth Reddinger 

Mr Thomas C Reinhart 

Mrs. Lorraine Eshleman Royer 

Mr David H Schell 

Mrs. Sandra Weit Shipman 

Mrs Mary Swope Shroyer 

Mr. Richard H. Smith, II 

Mr. loseph K Snare 

Mr lames R Steffy 

Rev Sandy R Stover 

Miss Beverly A Walp 

Mr Ronald Weinel 

Mr. Warren S Wenger 

Mr George M Wentling 

Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

Mrs Kathleen Fisher Zaleski 

Class of 1959 

Mr Donald N. Aharrah 
Mrs Mary Beaver Aharrah 
Mrs Shirley lacobs Aichele 
Mrs Flora Rhen Blumenthal 
Mrs. loan Blocher Bowers 
Mr. Charles L. Brent 
Mr Bernerd A Buzgon 
Mrs Edna lenkins Carmean 
Mrs. Ruth Howell Cook 
Mrs Shirley Bair Crumhch 
Mrs. loanne Grubb Gain 
Mrs. Helen V -Graham Gill 
Mr. Robert H. Gingrich 
Mr lames E Greenwood 
Mrs Estelle Berger Hartranft 
Mrs Linda Heefner Heindel 
Dr. Ned D Heindel 
Dr lohn B Hoffman 
Mr. Sheldon K Hoover 
Mrs lanet Zuse Hostetter 
Dr H Dale Kreider 
Mr Gene R Layser 
Mrs. Marilyn Kreider 
Mrs Phyllis Luckens Lowe 
Mrs. Mary Koth Lutton 
Mr David R Meder 
Mr Larry M Mentzer 
Mr. Mark L Miller 
Mr Myles L Miller 

Mrs Carolyn Schairer Moyer 

Dr Karl E Moyer 

Mr Darryl L Myers 

Mr lames G Novinger 

Mrs Susan Artz Richartz 

Mr Bruce R Rismiller 

Mrs lanet Blank Rismiller 

Mr Erwin F Schuster 

Mr. lohn A Tartaglin 

Mrs Ethel Klopp Thomasco 

Mrs. Catharine Hellick Van Ness 

Mr Raymond F. Weiss 

Miss Dons E. White 

Mrs. lohanna Hansen Wilson 

Class of 1960 

Mrs Patricia Hagerty Bohrs 

Mr Philip D Bronson 

Mrs Barbara Burns Carpenter 

Dr lames W Carpenter 

Rev. Richard L Cassel 

Mrs lean Cunningham Catlin 

Mr lohn A Catlin 

Mr Ronald M Daugherty 

Mrs. loan Turner Derr 

Mr. William F Derr 

Mr loseph B Dietz 

Mr. Ronald L. Dietz 

Mr Fredric P Eckelman 

Dr. Russel H. Etter 

Mr. Philip H Feather 

Mr Ray K Fields 

Mrs Marsha Chain Grosky 

Mrs Dolores Herner Hartman 

Mr Clark S Hoffman, Ir 

Mr Richard K Hollinger 

Mr Ronald P Hovis 

Mrs Brenda Funk Hughes 

Mr William H Hughes 

Mrs. Rosalind Horn Kunkel 

Mrs Nancy Lewis Lerch 

Mrs Harriet Berrier Magee 

Mr. lohn W Metka 

Mr. Harold O. Miller 

Mr lohn H Phillips 

Mrs Margaret Garber Philp 

Mrs. Margaret White Pierson 

Mr Fred A Poorman 

Mr. loseph D. Ragno 

Mrs Nancy Nickell Ragno 

Rev William B Ramey. Jr. 

Mr. lohn F Schlegel, Ir 

Dr. Barry P. Skaler 

Mr Glenn R Stevens 

Mr lohn I. Stouffer 

Mrs Shirley Angle Tannenbaum 

Mrs. Nancy Kulp Thorner 

Mr L Nelson Umble 

Mr William C Wenrich 

Mrs. Martha Rudnicki Williams 

Mr Ralph 1 Ziegenfuss 

Class of 1961 

Mr. LeRoy M Badgley 

Mrs lanet Hammerschmidt Barndt 

Miss Marjorie H Brubaker 

Mr loseph C. Coen 

Rev. Calvin H Cole 

Mrs Shirley Landis Dietz 

Mrs. loan Myers Eshleman 

Miss Nancy I. Ford 

Mr Richard N. Garwood 

Dr lames D Gruber 

Mr. Larry Q. Hall 

Mr. lohn R Harlacher 

Mr. Robert D Hartnett. Ir 

Mr Kenneth C Hays 

Mrs lean Dixon Hetherington 

Mrs. Winifred Neal Hodgson 

Mr. Lester S Holstein. II 

Mrs Fay Weik Horst 

Mrs. Kathy Bowman Horst 

Mr Melvin I Horst 

Mrs. Adele Moss Hunt 

Mr Stanley I Kaczorowski 

Mrs Lois Sholley Kaylor 

Col. Rosalyn R Knapp 

Capt Alfred I Kreiser 

Miss ludith A Kressler 

Mrs. ludith Leith Lohmann 

Mr. Paul A Longreen 

Mrs Marion Hartenstine Lugo 

Mrs Pauline Fitz Martin 

Mrs. Selina Hill McArdle 

Mrs. Amelia Hartman McElwee 

Dr Frederick Meiselman 

Mrs Lois Brong Miller 

Mrs Marjorie Peters Miller 

Mr Nolan E Miller 

Mr Lynn B Raver 

Mr lames T Reilly 

Mrs Dawn Bongart Reinhart 

Dr William F Renzulli 

Mr Albert P Silldorff 

Mr Karl R Smith 

Mr. Walter L. Smith 

Mrs Dianne Arthur Snook 

Mrs Carol Bronson Steiner 

Mrs Marcia Paullin Wilson 

Lt Col Donald T Winter 

Class of 1962 

Mrs Aglaia Stephanis Ahmed 

Mrs. loan Gluyas Badgley 

Mr. Karl W Bordner 

Mrs Emily Bowman Brown 

Mrs Patricia Davis Bullock 

Mrs Gloria Fitzkee Carter 

Mrs lanice Sevco Crudeie 

Mr David L Czirr 

Mrs Marylin Shaver Davis 

Mrs Regina luno Deka 

Mrs. Isobel Miller Dottle 

Mr lames R Dressel 

Mr Donald R Drumheller 

Mrs ludith Kline Feather 

Mr Kenneth R Feather 

Dr. Hiram E Fitzgerald. Ir. 

Mr Harry P. Frederick 

Mrs Bonnie Williams Garwood 

Miss Myrna R Greenawalt 

Mr Francis D Grove 

Dr. Robert L Habig 

Mr. lames T. Heath. Ill 

Mrs Brenda Brown Hiney 

Mr. William H. Hooke. Ir 

Mr Doyle W Ivey, Ir 

Mrs Cecelia Reed Keehn 

Mrs Mary Bollman Kreider 

Lt Col. Walter A Krueger. [r. 

Dr lune E Lawrence 

Mr Ray C Lichtenwalter 

Dr. Barry W Light 

Mrs lane McCann Miller 

Mrs. ludith Kuchta Reighter 

Mr K William Reighter 

Rev Carl B. Rife 

Mrs Rosalie Wida Roth 

Mrs. Patsy Wise Rudy 

Mr lohn K Seymour 

Mrs Yvonne Hughes Shaffer 

Mr Daniel F Shearer 

Mrs. Sandra Stetler Stouffer 

Mr. Robert H Stull 

Mrs Grace Newton Taylor 

Mr. Henry F. Van de Water 

Mrs Martha Evans Wargo 

Mrs Carol Smith Yost 

Harry B Yost. Esq 

Dr. Gary L. Zeller 

Class of 1963 

Mrs. |oy Rice Almstedt 
Dr. Robert |. Andreozzi 
Dr. G Thomas Balsbaugh 
Mrs Mary Haines Berthold 
Mrs. Mary Fuilerton Bonner 
Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 
Mr. lames L. Boyle. Ir. 
Mr. lames E. Brommer 
Mrs. ludith Newton Brown 
Mrs Betty Perkins Carillo 
Rev lames D. Corbett 
Dr. R. Frederick Crider. Ir. 



Alumni Cont'd 

Mr Stanley M Daniels 

Mr. lames W Davis 

Mrs Brenda Graham Deller 

Mr Woodrow S Dellinger. Ir 

Mr Adam Diebus 

Dr 1. Ronald Earhart 

Rev Richard G Felty 

Mrs Dolores Koncar Fitzgerald 

Mr. William W Focht 

Miss Ann R. Grove 

Mrs. Arbeyln Fox Habig 

Mr Ronald C Haring 

Rev. Merrill A Hassinger 

Mrs. Ruth Ranck Heath 

Mrs Lynne McWilliams Hendrix 

Mrs Patty Boyer Hinkle 

Miss Barbara E Horst 

Mr G Thomas Keehn 

Mrs Nanette Rettig Koerner 

Dr Bruce M Lidston 

Mr Ellis W McCracken. Ir. 

Mrs Barbara Bongart McMinn 

Mrs Shirley Brown Michel 

Mrs. lanet Coover Miller 

Mrs. Leann Grebe Miller 

Mr Byron N Mock 

Mrs Shelvy Cromer Moorhead 

Mr Lawrence R. Moss. Ir 

Mrs Suzanne Krauss Moyer 

Mrs. Dorothy Mease Myers 

Mr Dennis C Phillippy 

Mr George M Reider Ir 

ludith Nichols Renzulli. Esq 

Mrs Barbara Smith Rhine 

Mrs ludith Snowberger Rife 

Mr C Edward Rogers. Ir 

Mr. Richard H Rotz 

Miss Dawn E Sandy 

Mrs Priscilla Brush Schwenk 

Mrs Rebecca Unger Scott 

Rev William A Sherman 

Miss N. Patricia Shonk 

Mr Gary K Spengler 

Mrs lanet Taylor Spengler 

Mr Gregory G Stanson 

Dr. Vance R. Stouffer. |r 

Mr Douglas K Troutman 

Mrs Elizabeth Williams Van de Water 

Rev George M Weaver. Ir 

Mrs Brenda Lidle Wert 

Mr Mark H Wert 

Mr. lohn A. Wolfe. Ir 

Mrs Phyllis Morrow Wolfe 

Mrs Mildred Evans Wurdeman 

Mr lohn A Yajko 

Mrs Betsy McElwee Zehner 

Class of 1964 

Dr Elizabeth Miller Bains 

Mrs Carolyn Hoffman Baittinger 

Mr lohn E Baittinger. Ir 

Mrs Patricia lones Balsbaugh 

Mr Kenneth C. Beck 

Mrs Linda Bell Becker 

Mrs. Lavinia Beckner Biltimier 

Mrs Helen Haskell Bosart 

Mrs. Elizabeth Vastine Bowman 

Mrs Lois Ensminger Brubaker 

Mr. Richard W Brubaker 

Ms ludith K. Cassel 

Mr lohn W Davis 

Miss Roberta A Dudas 

Mr M. lay Earley. Ir 

Mrs Sandra Beltz Edmunds 

Mr. Frank W. Eiler 

Mrs lanet Bisbing Farhat 

Mr Larry L Funck 

Mrs Linda Myers Gruber 

Rev. Susan Wolfe Hassinger 

Mr. Marvin L Hendrix 

Mr Stephen C Hildreth 

Mr Richard B Hiler 

Dr. William H Hinkle 

Mr lames D Huey 

Mrs. Susanne Leonard Huey 

Mrs. Hannah Pisle Kaufmann 

Dr. |. Michael Kildee 

Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 

Mr. Terry R. Lenker 

Mr. Wesley I MacMillan 

Mrs Carole Lasky Marburger 

Mr. lohn F Matsko. Ir 

Mr. Curtis R. Miller 

Mr. Larry H Miller 

Mrs Barbara Speicher Moyer 

Ms. Lovella L. Naylor 

Rev William L Newcomer 

Mr lohn F Onofrey 

Miss Constance E Orchard 

Mr. Robert F Rhine 

Mrs Loretta Schlegel Rittle 

Mrs ludith Tanno Schairbaum 

Mr Robert I Scott 

Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Mrs. loanne Mainiero Slothower 

Dr. Henry K Smith Ir 

Mr lohn A Spoonhour. Ir 

Mrs. Nancy Wagner Stull 

Mr Walter A Stump 

Mr. lay H Uhler 

Mrs. ludith Garvin Uhler 

Mr Thomas W Weik 

Mrs Sandra Gerhart Wolf 

Mrs. loAnn Dubbs Wolfe 

Mr lames H Zimmerman 

Class of 1965 

Mr H William Alsted 

Mrs Elmira Loper Batcho 

Ms Virginia D Bergey 

Mr Michael W Bottomley 

Mrs leanne Bogert Brody 

Mr Richard A. Carlson 

Mrs Dorothy Cole Carpenter 

Mr G Stuart Close 

Mr lames G Code 

Mr Thomas B. Crisman 

Mrs Sallie Slocum Davis 

Mrs. ludith Bowman Downs 

Mrs. Carolyn Leitner Enterline 

Mr. Paul D Enterline 

Mrs. |oy Klingler Felty 

Mrs. Nancy Dice Fennel 

Dr Dale B. Gouger 

Mr. Gary P Grimm 

Ms Dorcas R Haines 

Mr Dale B Hains 

Dr Suzzanne Hollingsworth Hetrick 

Dr. William H Hillmann. jr 

Mr George I Hollich. Ir 

Mr. Donald R Kaufmann 

Mr Andrew W Kreider 

Dr. Richard L Krill 

Mr. loel B Lantz 

Mrs. Diana Nelson Laul 

Mr Malcolm L Lazin 

Mrs Carolyn Conly Lidston 

Mrs Bonnie Weirick Lingerman 

Mr. lay W Lingerman 

Mr Richard L London 

Mr Robert I Ludwig 

Mr Barry L Lutz 

Mrs Audrey Frye Metro 

Mr. Carl E. Miller 

Mrs Barbara Benner Newcomer 

Mr. E Wayne Reinbold 

Dr Robert H Rittle 

Mrs. Dorothy Hudson Robson 

Mrs Betsy Lorenz Ruth 

Mr. Edward B. Ruth. Ir 

Mr loseph D Rutter 

Mrs Mary Ellen VanHorn Rutter 

Mrs Norma Woolston Shearer 

Mrs. Audrey Wahler Smith 

Mrs Leslie Gardner Smith 

Mrs Lois Shroyer Smith 

Mr Peter A. Stanilla. Ir 

Mr. Carroll G. Stroh 

Dr. David G. Thompson 

Mr Theodore O Weaver 

Mr lamie G Wescott 

Mr. A. Barry Yocom 

Mrs Karen Lutz Zimmerman 

Class of 1966 

Dr Ronald S. Beckley 

Mr lames H. Bott 

Mrs Alys Gamble Chambers 

Mr loseph I Chuchla 

Mr. David H. Deck 

Mrs Virginia Shedd Deck 

Mr Douglas A. Everett 

Mrs Kristin Bond Fortna 

Mr Dennis P. Gagnon 

Mr I Robert Gilbert 

Mrs. Sally Breidenthal Gilbert 

Mrs loanne Scott Haring 

Mrs loan Higgins Hays 

Dr Richard P Henzel 

Mrs Sharon Stetler Herr 

Mr Richard C Hoffman 

Mrs Carol Frey Hollich 

Mrs. Penelope Spencer Horton 

Mr Barry E Howard 

Mr Robert L Huffman 

Mrs. loAnn Plymire Kreeger 

Mr I Duncan Kriebel 

Mr lohn M Lafferty 

Mrs Karen Cooper Lamb 

Mr Charles V Liles 

Dr Eileen D. Lynch 

Mrs Elspeth Lowrie MacMillan 

Mr George M Millard 

Mrs Sara Kauffman Moss 

Mr. Albert E Padley, III 

Mrs ludith Stauffer Scott 

Mr P. Bruce Sholley 

Dr. Ruth A Smith-Matsuo 

Mrs Susan Sheckart Stanson 

Mr Donald R Stanton 

Mr lay S Stanton 

Mrs Donna Smith Stroh 

Rev. David E Stum 

Mrs. Carol Warfield Tallman 

Mrs Lucretia Alexander Tate 

Mrs Carol Woolley Testa 

Mrs Elaine Kreller Tomlinson 

Mrs Barbara Lenker Tredick 

Mr. lohn C. Vaszily 

Ms. Helen M Warnke 

Rev lames W Weis 

Mrs lean Hoffman Witter 

Mr Frank F Yeager |r 

Class of 1967 

Mrs Doris Kimmich Allen 

Mrs Barbara Macaw Atkinson 

Mr D Larry Bachtell 

Mrs Barbara Beltz Banket 

Mrs Bonnie Moyer Beckley 

Maj Kenneth S Berry 

Mrs. Alma Payne Bobb 

Dr Charlene Cassel 

Dr lohn E Dougherty. Ill 

Mr Thomas R Embich 

Mrs Phyllis Pickard Ford 

Mr lohn M. Galat 

Mr. Frank I Geier 

Dr. Harold F. Giles. |r 

Mrs. Carol Burian Gouger 

Miss Susan I Green 

Miss Mary-Ann Halladay 

Mrs. Donna Bridge Heberlig 

Mrs Rachel Gibble Irvin 

Mrs Ann Mane Leidich Kauffman 

Mr lack Kauffman 

Mrs Donna Diehl Kuntz 

Dr William I Lamont, Ir 

Mrs Patrice Todd Langdon 

Mrs Rayanne Behney Lehman 

Mr. lames C Mann 

Mr. Daniel L. Maurer 

Mrs. Donna Simmers Mertz 

Mrs. Sarah Walters Moffitt 

Mrs lane Doll Moyer 

Mr Ronald D Newmaster 

Mr Larry I. Painter 

Miss Lois E Quickel 

Mrs. Luise Wubbena Reading 
Mrs. loanne Cochran Sakaguchi 
Mr. Kiyofumi Sakaguchi 
Mr Walter L. Smith. Ill 
Mr Michael R Steiner 
Mrs Bonita Young Stum 
Mrs. Lucy Lefevre Sumner 
Mrs. Elaine Brenner Thompson 
Mr. Richard W. Wentzel 
Mr Samuel A Willman 
Mrs. lean Hoffman Witter 
Rev. Gretchen Long Woods 
Mrs Carol Clay Yocum 

Class of 1968 

Mrs Paula Snyder Aboyoun 

Mrs. Carol Eshelman Allen 

Mr Bruce L Bean 

Mrs. Martha Glick Berthold 

Mrs. Thelma Hostetter Blouch 

Dr William P. Bohlander 

Mr lames E Boston, Ir 

Mrs. leannette Murphy Boston 

Mr Dennis A Brown 

Mrs lean Slade Bruce 

Mr William A Cadmus 

Dr Michael D. Curley 

Mrs lanet Else D Alessandro 

Mrs Carol Edgecomb Ditzler 

Mr. Warren D Ditzler 

Mrs. Cecelia Deitrich Edwards 

Miss Heather R. Ehrlich 

Mr David A Fetters 

Dr LeRoy G. Frey 

Miss Lynn Garrett 

Mrs. Wanda Wlasova Gerstner 

Miss M Gwendolyn Gilroy 

Mrs Diane Bott Haight 

Mr Donald A Haight 

Dr. lohn H Heffner 

Mrs. Carolyn Dreibelbis Hollenbach 

Mr Gregory P. Hoover 

Mrs Rebecca Wagner Hyman 

Mrs Ruth Barry lohnson 

Mr George I King 

Mr Robert A Laughead 

Mrs. Constance Witter Leitner 

Mr Kermit R Leitner 

Mr Glenn H. MacGregor 

Mrs. Linda Spory MacGregor 

Mrs Rebecca Fackler Miller 

Mrs. Carol Swalm Moffatt 

Mrs. Susan Swartz Musser 

Mrs Majorie Miller Nelson 

Mr lames R. Newcomer Ir 

Mrs. Suzanne Bennetch Newell 

Mrs. Katrinka Salmon Osborne 

Mr Ronald L Richcreek 

Rev. lack C. Sawyer 

Mr Stuart G. Schoenly 

Mrs Anna Schwartz Schwartz 

Mr Charles S. Sharnetzka 

Mrs Christine Banes Simington 

Mr Richard N Simington 

Mr. Patrick I Simpson 

Mrs Margaret Hamilton Sipe 

Mr lames R. VanCamp 

Mrs Barbara Ankrum Wagner 

Mr. Richard E. Williams 

Mrs. Elaine loy Willman 

Mr lohn R Yerger 

Mr Harry C. Zart. |r 

Class of 1969 

Mr Robert D. Atkinson 

Dr. Kenneth M. Baker 

Mr Alan I Balma 

Mrs Mitzi Sans Balma 

Mr Stephen L. Barbaccia 

Mr Richard E Basta 

Dr lohn A. Biever 

Mrs Barbara Robertson Bohlander 

Mrs Linda Bell Brown 

Mr. I. Dean Burkholder 

Miss loanne Cestone 

Mr. leffrey L. Conway 



Mrs Karen Condon Cox 

Mr lames E Davis 

Dr. Fritz E. Detwiler 

Mrs lean McClelland Doherty 

Mrs Elaine Pearce Ebersole 

Mrs Maryann Eastman Eisenhart 

Mr William B Eisenhart 

Mr Linn D. Eisenhower 

Mr Thomas I Falato 

Mr Lloyd I Fasnacht. Ir 

Mrs Lucille Dunne Field 

Mr Dennis L. Frantz 

Mr. Terry L. Gehman 

Miss Marcia I. Gehris 

Mrs Diane Giovanis Hankinson 

Mr lames W Haslam 

Mr Franklin S Hoch 

Mr Fred W Hostetter 

Mrs Polly Carnathan laymes 

Dr Robert G lennings 

Mr Edward A Kolle 

Mr Dennis M Lehman 

Mrs Quinetta Garbrick Lemons 

Mr Ronald L Long 

Mr lohn D Maclary 

Mr Carl L Marshall 

Miss Georgia L Marshall 

Mrs Sandra Hughes McKinley 

Mrs Mary Ann Light Meek 

Miss Cynthia S Melman 

Mr George R Moyer 

Mr Grant T. Nicholls 

Mrs Linda Eicher Nicholls 

Mr Dennis E Patrick 

Miss Patrica A. Pingel 

Miss Linda S Rothermel 

Mrs. Carole Cameron Schauer 

Mr Larry L. Schauer 

Mr Dale C Schimpf 

Miss loan M Schmehl 

Dr Charles M Schworer 

Mr Kenneth L Sipe 

Mrs Doris Bryden Skinkus 

Rev Dennis R Snovel 

Mr David L. Stanilla 

Mr George A Stauffer. |r. 

Mr. Allen W Steffy. |r 

Mrs Mary Ann Horn Stewart 

Miss Nina E. Tafel 

Dr Larry R. Taylor 

Miss Carolyn E Thompson 

Mrs Leta Tompkins Thompson 

Rev William M Thompson 

Mr Frank M Timlin 

Mr Harold I Todd 

Mrs Diane Aldinger Vaszily 

Mr Carlin L Wenger 

Dr Nelson E Wert 

Mrs Nancy Hendrickson Wieman 

Mr Douglas R Winemiller 

Dr Ronald G Yarger 

Mr. William S Zimmerman 

Dr Ronald I Zygmunt 

Class of 1970 

Mr Malcolm B Ahrens 

Dr Bruce A Albert 

Mr William H. Allen 

Mrs Patricia Rau Beckman 

Mr. Larry A Bowman 

Mr Michael R Burns 

Mr Donald C Carter 

Mrs Keeta Wolfe Cole 

Mr Morris S Cupp 

Mr Anthony M DeMarco 

Mr. David A. Diehl 

Mr Ian W Edwards 

Mrs Nancy Hollinger Enders 

Mr Robert E Frey |r 

George S Glen, Esq 

Mr lensen H Groff, Ir 

Mrs Donna Lapp Harding 

Mr B Thomas Henry 

Mrs Nancy Thayer Hoch 

Mrs ludith Kerns Hunter 

Mr leffrey P litis 

Mrs ludith Blasingame Iskowitz 

Mr Frank A Kuhn, Ir 

Mrs. Nancy Swenson Lengle 

Mrs. Carol Hoefhch McCall 

Mr Ronald W. Miller 

Mrs. Elaine Peters Miyamoto 

Mr David E Myers 

Mrs. ludy Creeger Myers 

Mr lohn S Nornhold 

Mr loel S Riedel 

Mr Lawrence F Riedman 

Mr lohn E Schreiber 

Mrs Sandra George Sharnetzka 

Mrs Carol Irwin Shellenberger 

Mr Stanley A Steiner 

Mr Thomas M Svirsko 

Mr Gregory M Thomas 

Mrs Winifred Weaver Walters 

Michael P. Waltz. D.D.S 

Mr Bruce T Welsh 

Mrs Gloria Roush Winemiller 

Rev George E Zeiders, Ir 

Class of 1971 

Mrs Catherine lohnson Auten 

Mr. David H Binkley. II 

Mrs Barbara Asplund Burgess 

Miss Georgene M Carmany 

Mrs Nancy Werner Carter 

Mr Thomas W Cestare 

Mrs Cynthia Reifsnyder Conway 

Mrs Suzanne Shenk Cronknght 

Mrs Kathy Knauer Cupp 

Mr Donald F Engle 

Mr Larry A Fenner 

Mrs Linda Henderson Fisher 

Mr Paul S Fisher 

Mrs Eileen Richards Foltz 

Mrs Patricia Ludwig Ford 

Mrs Deborah Strickler Freer 

Mr Barry E Fry 

Mr Harvey G Gregory 

Mrs lessica Leonard Gregory 

Mr Reid W Habecker 

Mr Kenneth M Hale. Ir 

Mr Wilbur A Hamsher. |r 

Mr lames M. Hansen 

Mrs Brenda Russell Horst 

Mrs Pamela Boyer Kaufman 

Mrs Barbara Yingst Light 

Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 

Mr Robert A Mains 

Mrs lane Shomper McCormick 

Miss Anita I Meiser 

Mrs Carol Grove Miller 

Mr David E Miller 

Mr. Michael L O'Hara 

Mrs Donna Fluke Osborne 

Mrs Nancie Hummel Park 

Mr George I Pence. Ir 

Mrs Margaret McGarvey Purdy 

Mr lames R Ressler 

Mrs Deborah Meima Scott 

Mr. Louis M Scott 

Rev David C Shellenberger 

Miss Allison C. Smith 

Mr Norman A Sutphin 

Mrs Betty Yarrington Svirsko 

Mr Gary I Templin 

Mr Greg L Teter 

Mr Edward F Thomas. Ir 

Mr Richard B Thompson 

Mrs Georgia Thompson Veitch 

Mr Brian D Wayne 

Mrs. Anne lameson Wissler 

Dr Timothy L. Wissler 

Mrs Nancy McLean Yaun 

Mrs lulie Ro|ahn Zart 

Class of 1972 

Mrs Sandra Kumpf Adkins 

Mr. David Boltz. IV 

Miss Sue Ellen Bowman 

Mrs loAnn Otto Brewer 

Mr lames G Cassel Ir 

Mrs Nancy Freeland Clark 

Mrs I. Michelle Marquis Diehl 

Miss Robin L Ditzler 

Mr Edward G Fasnacht 

Mrs Margaret Whiting Gordon 

Dr ludith Fonken Grem 

Mrs loyce Huber Gundrum 

Mrs Alice Schade Hansen 

Mr Peter A Harubin 

Mrs Gail Fasnacht Henschke 

Miss Becky D Huber 

Mrs. Carol Rutt lennings 

Mrs Phyllis Brown lohnson 

Mrs Susanne Leahy Kilmoyer 

Mrs Stephanie Milkovich Kirk 

Mr David E. Klein 

Mr Lawrence M Larthey 

Mrs Patricia Shearer Larthey 

Mr Paul I Lasinski 

Mrs lane Rumfield Leposa 

Mrs Nancy McCullough Longnecker 


Alumni Cont'd 

Mr Richard A Look 

Stuart I Magdule. Esq 

Mrs Elizabeth Graft Mardula 

Mrs Charlene Tice McCabe 

Mrs Marilyn Graves Meade 

Ms Phyllis Eberhart Meckley 

Mrs Barbara Rice Miller 

Dr Dennis I Nagy 

Mrs Cheryl Kirk Noll 

Mrs Nan Dupler Papp 

Mrs Anita Bowman Pence 

Mr George R Petrie. Ir 

Mrs. Karen Wallner Pugh 

Mr Ronald R Renshaw 

Mrs Linda Holubowicz Rhine 

Mrs C Anne Yoder Rhoads 

Mr Ronald L Scheaffer 

Mrs Ian Garber Schoch 

Mr lohn A. Schoch. Ir 

Miss lanet E Smith 

Mr Frank R Sourbeer 

Mrs Connie Freeland Squires 

Mr David F Steffy 

Dr David L Stein 

Mr David L Stull 

Mrs Natalie Cvi|ic Treece 

Mrs Diane Dnmones Usas 

Mrs Donna Ditzler Weik 

Miss Diane R Wilkins 

Mr Masaii I Yoshida 

Mr Charles G Zerbe 

Class of 1973 

Mrs Susan White Beresford 

Mr Thomas E Beresford 

Mr lohn C Bittner. Ill 

Ms ludith Bostock Brantner 

Mr lohn I Buckfelder ill 

Mr Patrick B Campbell 

Mrs Bonnie Lutz Chesney 

Mr Thomas I Chesney 

Mr Alan H Curtis 

Mrs Diane Trullinger Dohner 

Mrs Marilyn Richmond Erb 

Ms Cynthia L Evans 

Mr Ralph I Fetrow 

Mrs Sara Harding Fetrow 

Miss lanice A GaNun 

Mr. loseph A Gargiulo 

Mr Kenneth R Gilberg 

Mrs Nancy Alber Glen 

Mr. Robert P. Glick 

Dr David M Gordon 

Mrs. Nancy Hunt Heckman 

Dr Roger A Heckman 

Mr Henry G Henckler. Ill 

Rev lulie Mader Hostetter 

Mr. lohn A Hubley, III 

Mr Edward C lannarella 

Dr Wayne D lohnson 

Mr lohn S Kinsella. Ir 

Mrs. ludith Miller Klinefelter 

Mrs. Kathleen Bangert Korpon 

Mr Steven B Korpon 

Mr Michael A Krause 

Mrs Nada Powley Kutz 

Mrs Elizabeth Todd Lambert 

Mr Doren S Leathers 

Mr Robert Lee 

Mr Kristofer L Linde 

Miss Katherine T Loomis 

Mrs. Lydia Keegan Mahioubian 

Mrs Linda Diehl Mains 

Ms Lynn M Manhire 

Mr lohn F Mardula 

Mrs Marcia Keefer Martin 

Mr Ralph W McCabe. Ir 

Mrs Deborah Ellicott McGonigal 

Mrs Linnea Travis Miller 

Mr William I Morrison 

Mrs Evelyn Nottingham O'Hara 

Mr Daniel A Ober 

Mrs. Linda Scharf Petrecca 

Mrs Connilu Givler Petrie 

Mr lames P Rebhorn 

Mrs. Ruth Nickerson Rittmann 

Mr Philip D Rowland 

Mrs Sharon Boeshore Schulte 

Dr Bonnie L Seidel 

Mr Scott T. Sener 

Mrs Deborah Erb Shank 

Mr Robert C Shipe 

Mrs Betsy Kilmer Shirk 

Mrs Carol Crawford Shultis 

Mr Phillip L Snyder 

Mr Andrew F Stachow 

Mr Thomas E Stewart 

Mr. Bradley D Stocker 

Mrs Donna Gish Teter 

Mrs Linda Witmer Thompson 

Mr Neall H Trout. Ill 

Miss Diane L Walmer 

Mr Dennis F Ward 

Miss Cheryl A Wubbena 

Mrs lanet Reigel Yiengst 

Mr loseph W Zearfoss 

Class of 1974 

Miss Ann M Algeo 

Knsten R Angstadt-Matter 

Mrs Lois Moore Autenrieth 

Mr Stephen M Autenrieth 

Miss Lynne A Benont 

Mr Allen L Bevan. Ill 

Rev Kenneth R Bickel 

Dr. Robert W. Bohlander 

Mrs Yvonne Stefanick Bohlander 

Mai Barbara I Brandt 

Mrs Maureen Lewis Buckfelder 

Rev Ruth McAllister Burgess 

Mr Donald L Charlton, Ir. 

Mrs. Kimberly Shetron Chesnut 

Mrs Cynthia Grubb Condran 

Mrs Debra Sample Curtis 

Mr Thomas 1 Daly III 

Mrs Wendy Kline Fiala 

Dr Robert E Harbaugh 

Mrs Rebecca Burtner Hein 

Dr. Thomas I Heiry 

Mrs Lois Peterson Henckler 

Mrs Mary Kesler Henry 

Mr lohn F Herr 

Mrs Christina Hunsicker Hubley 

Mrs. Carol Walborn Hughes 

Miss Athanasia lohnson 

Mrs Mary Didden Kartzman 

Mr Davis I. Knauer 

Mrs Betsy Boyd Leathers 

Mr Guy L Lesser 

Mrs. leanne Lukens Lichtner 

Mrs. loan Keeler Lockard 

Mrs Mary Russo Lombardo 

Rev Ronald E Martin-Minnich 

Rev Teresa Martin-Minnich 

Mr Karl V. Matter 

Mrs Elizabeth Reitz Moore 

Rev H Edgar Moore 

Mrs Susan Wood Nasuti 

Mr Matthew F Nichols 

Mr Robert G. Pembleton 

Mr. William H Phifer 

Mrs. Kathy Halteman Pope 

Mr Robert H. Roes 

Mr. Scott E. Ruehr 

Mr. Frank A Rutherford. Ill 

Mrs Sarah Kuntz Sergesketter 

Mr. Bryan W Shirk 

Mr. Gary S. Shultis 

Dr. Gary K Smith 

Ms Susan E Snyder 

Mrs. Elizabeth Reber Steinbach 

Mrs Susan Pineau Strosnider 

Miss Catherine M Vezza 

Mrs lane Reaske Ward 

Mr. Peter A West 

Mr Dane A. Wolfe 

Miss Pamela I Wood 

Mr Daniel H Yocom 

Mrs Wendie Gingrich Zearfoss 

Mrs. Nancy Lawton Zerbe 

Dr Derrick S Zingg 

Class of 1975 

Miss Cynthia L Albright 

Mr. David C Amsden 

Miss Leslie A Berger 

Mrs Nancy Nelson Bickel 

Mrs Roberta Eppley Biesecker 

Mr Robert A Boyer 

Mrs Marcia Smith Brenner 

Mr. Charles D Brown. Ill 

Rev. Mark A Burgess 

Mr Edward R Burkhart 

Mr Wesley T Dellinger 

Mr. Thomas C Dilworth 

Miss Dixie L Drybread 

Mr lohn G Fenimore 

Mrs. loan Gelsinger Fessler 

Mr lohn C Gamaldi. Ill 

Mrs. Deborah Kost Gargiulo 

Mrs Kathleen Abbey Haberkost 

Mr Richard S Harner 

Mrs. Gloria Fernsler Hess 

Mr lohn C Hess 

Mr Daniel T Hoover 

Miss Lorraine E Killheffer 

Mrs Wendie Wood Kiskaddon 

Mr Robert W Knapp 

Mrs. Faye Hindman Lehman 

Dr Francis T Lichtner. Ir 

Miss Linda M Long 

Mrs Heidrun Multhoff Mayer 

Mrs Cynthia Pike McGary 

Mr leffrey O McGary 

Mrs Brenda McClelland Messera 

Mr Chester O Mosteller 

Mr. loseph M Pease 

Mrs Sandra Anderson Pembleton 

Mrs Roberta Sheriff Pennington 

Mrs Sue Ella Boohar Phifer 

Mr. Michael D Rhoads 

Mrs lean Schultz Ross 

Dr Stephan R Sanko 

Mrs Barbara G Schroeder-Buck 

Mr. Howard P Scott 

Mr Irwin H Siegel 

Miss Martha M Smith 

Mr. Larry L Sweigart 

Mrs Patricia Pheasant Van Scyoc 

Mrs. Patricia Dubble Walsh 

Mr. Thomas R Ward 

Mr. George B. Williams. Ir 

Dr Phillip L Wise 

Class of 1976 

Miss Elizebeth-A. Baker 

Mr. Richard L. Barnet 

Mrs. Suzanne Schucker Boyer 

Mrs Beth Early Brandt 

Dr. Michael E Brown 

Ms Theresa V Brown 

Mrs Rebecca Byrd Burkhart 

Mrs. Anita Getz Chapman 

Mrs Linda Essick Cockey 

Mrs. Susan Adler Crews 

Mrs. |o Ann Boohar Daly 

Mrs. Cynthia Scharr DeProphetis 

Mrs. Susanne Beers Essex 

Mr Dale H. Everhart 

Mrs layne Drake Frankenfield 

Mr. Louis I. Fuller 

Mrs Donna Gay Grun 

Mrs Kathie Diehl Hamsher 

Mrs. Karen Hollowell Harner 

Mrs. Terri Folkenroth Haslett 

Mrs. Wendy Sost Hawes 

Mrs. Gail Peters lones 

Mrs Elyse Rogers Keintz 

Mrs loreen Howell Kelly 

Rev. Curtis G. Kemmerer 

Mrs. Doreen Breder Kowalchuk 

Mr lames I Kowalchuk 

Miss Susan I. Kramer 

Miss Nanette L LaCorte 

Lt Howard W Lamphere. Ill 

Mrs Priscilla Lamparter Landis 

Mrs. loAnne Reisch Lazorcik 

Dr Charlotte A Mackenson-Dean 

Mr lay A Manwiller 

Mrs. Donna Housel Metzger 

Mrs Laurel Schwarz Moffett 

Mr. Robert G Moffett 

Mr Edward H Muldoon. |r. 

Mr lames I Navarro 

Mrs Ian lohnson Navarro 

Mr. Lewis F Petty 

Mr. Lawrence E. Priester 

Miss Phyllis A Proctor 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brumbaugh Smith 

Mrs Merrily Robinson Smith 

Mrs. Sybil Haddon Snee 

Mrs Susan Shemeta Stachelczyk 

Mr. Nicholas Streeter 

Mr Thomas M. Uhrich 

Mr. Glenn D Walters 

Mrs Patricia Boyle Walters 

Class of 1977 

Miss Anne Auerbach 

Miss Stephanie I Bond 

Mrs. Kathy McCutcheon Brown 

Mrs Sherry Etter Brown 

Mr. Kevin P. Clarkson 

Mr Christopher R Derrick 

Mr lames M. Ewin 

Mr. K. Steven Fidler 

Mr Glen O Gray 

Dr Cedric E Grosnick 

Mr. Wayne A Hawes 

Mr Ebe W. Helm. II 

Mr Stephen P. Hoy 

Mrs Ann Wallace lones 

Miss Emily A Keller 

Mrs. Carolyn Walker Kerlin 

Mr. Robert R Kirkhoff 

Mrs. Suzanne Hackman Kirkhoff 

Mr. Daniel L Kramlich 

Mrs ludy Sweigart Lefever 

Mr. S Scott Lefever 

Mrs Lyn Applegate Lewis 

Mr lonathan D Lippert 

Mr Fred E Longenecker 

Mrs. LuAnn Flickinger Longenecker 

Mr Ricky C Mellinger 

Mrs Carol Martin Moorefield 

Mr lohn |. Muldoon 

Mrs Paula Horn Nichols 

Mrs. Nina DeAngelis Rowley 

Mr David W Schleder 

Mrs ludith Boler Serra 

Mr Robert C Shoemaker 

Mrs Dorinda Latshaw Snyder 

Dr loseph K Stanilla 

Mrs Deborah Hanshaw Steiner 

Mr lerald P. Steiner 

Mr Daniel S Sweigart 

Mr Michael A Tice 

Mrs. lean Elizabeth Hobson Traver 

Mrs. Deborah Starr Tuxhorn 

Mr Dennis I Weidman 

Mrs. Deborah Carl Williams 

Mrs. Susam Semmens Witman 

Class of 1978 

Mr leffrey A Bomberger 

Rev. Connie R Burkholder 

Mr. Scott V Carney 

Mrs. Susan Engle Carney 

Mr. Douglas R Crandall 

Mrs. Carol Gieser Cunningham 

Mrs. Laura Sealey DeBiasse 

Mrs. Amy Hoopes Dellinger 

Mrs Betsy lo Zimmerman Diebolt 

Mrs. Nhung Hong Vu Fidler 

Mrs Brenda Hawkins Geist 

Mr. loseph E. Graff. Ir. 

Mrs Brenda Kling Harwick 

Mr Ion S. Harwick 

Mr. Mark A Hebda 

Mrs M Louise Hackman Hess 

Rev Timothy A. Kriebel 

Mr. Russell P. Labe. Ir. 

Mrs Mary Blouch Meyer 

Mrs Kathy Kauffman Muldoon 


Mrs. Anne Zicarelli Neely 

Mrs Nancy Gerard Price 

Rev lohn A Schaefer 

Miss Allison L. Schmidt 

Miss Kay L Shuttleworth 

Mr Stephen P. Spaseff 

Miss Patricia L Van Ostenbndge 

Mrs Esther Rittle Ziegler 

Class of 1979 

Mrs Tracy E Allgier-Baker 

Mr Michael A Baal 

Mr Paul B. Baker 

Mrs. Elaine Thallner Bomberger 

Mrs Donna Chappius Brown 

Mr William I Brown Ir 

Mr Kenneth S Burkey 

Mr. lohn D Coffin 

Mrs Nancy Shortndge Coffin 

Mr Gregory G College 

Mrs Mary Hutchison College 

Miss Patricia A Debuski 

Mrs. Lisa Hocker Dew 

Mr Patrick G. Dykie 

Miss Anne E Fluck 

Mrs Cynthia Shaw Graff 

Mr Randy C Habecker 

Mrs Mary Goodfellow Harvey 

Rev lefferson L Hatch 

Miss Ruth A. Kramer 

Mr H Collins Mikesell. Ir 

Mr. Bradley N. Morrill 

Mr Robert I Mrazik 

Mr Karl D Neiswender 

Mr Donald B Newcomer. Ir 

Mr lohn S Palmer 

Mr Si Pham 

Mr Robert S Poff 

Miss Gloria I Scarle 

Mr Harry G Spector 

Miss Cheryl A Stoddart 

Mr. lohn I Uhl 

Mr Edward A Van Gelder 

Rev Carrie L Wardell 

Mrs. Doreen Dourte Weaber 

Mr Ivan M Wittel, III 

Mrs. Virginia Larter Zellers 

Class of 1980 

Miss Llaine E Aunspach 

Mr lohn D Boag. Ir 

Mrs. Irene Kolar Bomberger 

Miss Elyce R Chadwick 

Miss Gina L Cipolla 

Mrs Beth LaClair Clarkson 

Mrs Larene Persons DeVine 

Rev. loel L Deaner 

Mrs Beth Leary DiGiulian 

Miss Amy E Fowler 

Mr Walter E Fullam 

Mr Gary S Furman, Ir 

Mr. Michael I. Gamier 

Mrs Catherine Weible Kaylor 

Mr Tim R Kessler 

Mrs Kristie Olson Kroll 

Mr. David C. Lazorcik 

Mrs Rebecca Supplee Lundgren 

Mrs Natalie Geyer Lyter 

Miss Kathleen E Maniscalco 

Miss Deborah R Miller 

Miss Diane M Miller 

Ms Margaret L. Miller 

Mrs Susan Slaybaugh Mrazik 

Mrs M Kathryn Douglas Mullin 

Mrs Dorothy Miller Newcomer 

Mrs. Dennis I Peters 

Mr. Todd M Quinter 

Mrs Sonia Probst Sutton 

Mrs. lanet Hull Tenser 

Mr. Gary K Whiting 

Class of 1981 

Mr Bruce D Bomberger 

Miss lennifer L Bowen 

Mr Thomas A Bowers 

Mr I. Lee Brown, III 

Miss Angela M. Carey 

Mrs. Sara Burd Crider 

Mr Blake R Davis 

Mrs Nancy Wocher Davis 

Mr Kenneth E Dearstyne. Ir 

Mr Brent R Dohner 

Mrs Pamela Shadel Fischer 

Mr Timothy E Flatley 

Miss Susan E Frieswyk 

Mrs Deborah Reimer Fullam 

Mr David L Godshall 

Miss Brigitte Hansen 

Mrs Kay King Hatch 

Mr Mitchell R Hawbaker 

Miss Krista M Hoch 

Mrs Marcia Martin lohnson 

Mrs Kathleen Kelly Kalathas 

Mr Nicholas T Kalathas 

Mrs. Susan Bahner Kercher 

Mrs Keiko Yunoki Komine 

Miss Michele A Long 

Miss lamne R Maletsky 

Mr Rodger C Martin 

Mr Brian E McSweeney 

Miss lane L Meyer 

Mr Steven R Miller 

Ms. Cynthia I Mohn 

Mr leffrey T, Mowrer 

Mrs Christine Lowther Olinger 

Mr Craig C Olinger 

Miss Lynn I Pennell 

Mr Todd R Rothrock 

Miss Mabel R Sadler 

Mr Charles W Salisbury 

Mrs Stephanie Sachs Salisbury 

Mr Robert I Sbraccia 

Dr Chris E Shoop 

Mrs. Sharon Diederich Shoop 

Miss Darlene I Sitler 

Mr lames G. Stoltzfus 

Mrs Karen Veigel Stoltzfus 

Mr Mark W Sypher 

Miss Linda A Tyrrell 

Miss Pamelia M Van Lieu 

Mrs Linda Gerlach Zinkand 

Class of 1982 

Mrs lennifer Shinn Bacon 
Mrs Eva Greenawalt Bering 
Mr. Scott M Dallas 
Mrs lanet lacobs Dearstyne 
Mr Charles I Fischer. Ir 
Mrs Karen McHenry Gluntz 
Miss Kimberly D Haunton 
Ms ludith A Herlich 
Mr Glenn A Hoffman 
Mr William M Loffredo 
Mrs Karen Tulaney Mailen 
Mr Scott A Mailen 
Mrs Lisa Knock McGinley 
Mr. Clarence E Miller. Ill 
Mr lohn E Miller 
Miss Debbie K Morgan 
Mrs Elizabeth Moyer Myers 
Mrs. Doris Flesher Pletcher 
Miss Patricia I Pletcher 
Mrs Carol Nixon Potts 
Mr Lawrence H Potts 
Mr. Daniel A Reppert 
Mr loel A. Ronco 
Mrs Victoria Shaw Salisbury 
Mr Scott D Smith 
Mr Steven W St lohn 
Mr lud F Stauffer 
Mrs Susan Seibert Stevens 
Mr loseph P Wengyn 

Class of 1983 

Mr Tad A. Brown 

Mr William N Campbell. Ir 

Miss Catherine C Clarke 

Miss Theresa L Cottrell 

Miss Debra S Egolf 

Mrs Susan Purgert Hewitt 

Mrs. Debra Kauffman Horst 

Miss Debra M. Kus 

Miss Susan E Lavery 

Mr Robert E Lemke 

Mrs. Pamela Hamilton Maloney 

Mr Drake E Neimeyer 

Mrs Bonnie Davenport Orlowski 

Mrs. Marilyn Lisowski Parker 

Mr Paul E Salisbury 

Ms Elaine R Woodworth 

Class of 1984 

Miss Kay Ellen Bennighof 

Miss Mary lean Bishop 

Miss lane N Buscaglia 

Mr Brian L Cam 

Mr David K Carter 

Miss Leslie Engesser 

Mr Mark A George 

Miss Virginia A Lotz 

Mr Wayne C Meyer 

Miss Brenda I Norcross 

Mr. Francis J Rafferty 

Miss ludy M Sargeant 

Miss Susan M Thompson 

Mrs. Lori Wagner Zeimer 

Mrs Beverly Rhan Zimmerman 

Class of 1985 

Miss April 1 Pellegrini 
Miss lane E Rupert 


Associations & 

LVC Auxiliary-Philadelphia Branch 

LVC Class of 1985 

LVC Psychology Department 

Lebanon Area Personnel Association 

PA Council on the Arts 

Palmyra Rotary Club 

South Central Chapter PICPA 

Theater Association of PA 

Women s Club of Lebanon 


Mr Edward H Arnold 
lefferson C Barnhart. Esq 
Dr Bertha Brossman Blair 
William D Boswell. Esq 
Mrs Mildred A Bowen 
Dr William D Bryson 
Mr G Harold Bucher 
Mr Raymond H Carr 
Mrs Ruth A Daugherty 
Mr lames I Davison 
Mr Curvin N Dellinger 
Dr Woodrow S Dellinger 

Mr lohn R Eby 

Mr DeWitt M Essick 

Mr Eugene C Fish 

Dr. E. N Funkhouser 

George S Glen, Esq. 

Mrs Kathryn Mowrey Grove 

Dr. Thomas W Guinivan 

Mrs Elaine G Hackman 

Mr lohn R Harper 

Philip C Herr. II. Esq. 

Dr Paul E Horn 

Rev Earl H Kauffman 

Dr Gerald D Kauffman 

Rev W Richard Kohler 

Mr Andrew W. Kreider 

Mrs. Constance Witter Leitner 

Mr Walter Levinsky 

Mrs. lean W Levy 

Dr Leon E Markowicz 

Dr H LeRoy Marlow 

Miss loan C. McCulloh 

Rev lohn G McEllhenney 

Dr Owen A. Moe Ir 

Dr. Allan W. Mund 

Mr Ronald Nagy 

Mr. Grant T Nicholls 

Dr. Agnes B O'Donnell 

Gen Peter G Olenchuk 

Dr Harold S Peiffer 

Dr Arthur L Peterson 

Mr. Kenneth H Plummer, Sr. 

Mrs lessie A Pratt 

Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 

Mrs. Rhea P. Reese 

Miss Mildred M Reigh 

Mr Thomas C Reinhart 

Mr Melvin S. Rife 

Miss lane E. Rupert 

Dr F Allen Rutherford, Ir 

Dr Daniel L. Shearer 

Bishop F Herbert Skeete 

Dr Harvey B. Snyder 

Mr Morton Spector 

Dr Arthur W. Stambach 

Mr E. Peter Strickler 

Dr Susan E Verhoek 

Hon. lohn A. Walter 

Mr Woodrow W Waltemyer 

Mrs lulianne Webber 

Dr Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Mr. Harlan R. Wengert 

Mr E D Williams. Ir. 

Dr. |. Dennis Williams 

Mr Samuel A Willman 

Dr. Paul L Wolfe 

Harry B Yost. Esq. 

Mrs Nancy Cramer Zimmerman 



Mary T Bleacher 

Edna Landis Blough 

William S Bushnell 

E W. Coble 

Elena Secrist Elliott 

Dale W. Garber 

Ellen Moyer Garber 

Mary E Graham 

Samuel B Groh 

Norman Lazin 

Mary Lutz Mairs 

Edna L Maier 

Ralph E Martin 

Edwill B. & Rachel H Miller 

William W. Rakow 

Margaret V Rauch 

Ruth Detweiler Rettew 

Luella Batdorf Ripsch 

Katherine E Schultz 

I Balmer & lustina L. Showers 

Paul H. Stern 

Alfred D. & A. Louise Kreider Strickler 

Albert Watson 

Naomi Watson 

Raymond T Wentling 

Olive T Wilt 

Elsie E, Wood 

Ruth Zeigler 

Deferred & 
Planned Gifts 

AIM Fund 

Margaret Fake Anders 

lohn W Beattie 

Ruth E. Bender 

Marian Dorsheimer Campbell 

Mr & Mrs. Richard L Davis 

Sylvia Evelev Baker 

Cecil B. Lutz 

Helen Groh Milewski 

Cleon M & Dorothy H Musser 

Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Charles W. Wolfe 

Mr. & Mrs William H Worrilow. Ir 

Memorials & 

Elmer R. & Helen H Andrews 

Cloyd H. Ebersole 

Elizabeth M Geffen 

Samuel O. Grimm. Sr 

Charles L. Hauck. Ir. 

Howard M Kreitzer 

Christian R Longenecker 

Ralph E Martin 

loseph H Miller 

Edith Frantz Mills 

Germaine Benedictus Monteux 

Deborah A Moore 

Laura Reider Muth 

Neidig Scholarship Fund 

Robert A Nichols. Ill 

William W Rakow 

I Allen Ranck 

Paul E V Shannon 

lames N Spencer 

Cawley H Stine 

Henry T. Wilt 

lacob C. Winter 

Edwin H. Zeigler 

lesse O. Zeigler 

Business & 

Companies providing 
direct support to LVC are 
listed below. Additional 
businesses and industries 
have contributed through 
The Foundation for 
Independent Colleges. 


ASK. Foods Inc 

Air Products & Chemicals Inc 

American Bank Foundation 

AMP Inc 

Annville Shoulder Strap Co 

Bickels Potato Chip Co Inc 

Donald Blyler Offset 

lohn H. Boger & Son Inc 

Boyer Printing & Binding Co 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

Commonwealth National Bank 

Roy H. Dundore Signs & Displays 

Ebersole Pontiac Inc 

Farmers Trust Company 

First National Bank of Fredericksburg 

Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc 

General Electric Environmental 

Services. Inc 
Hamilton Bank & Trust Co. 
Hershey Entertainment & Resort 

Hershey Foods Corporation 
lonestown Bank & Trust Co. 
Kapp Advertising Service 
Kercher Funeral Home 
Keystone Water Company 

Kreamer Funeral Home 

Lebanon Building Supply 

Lebanon Mutual Insurance Co 

Lebanon Steel Foundry 

Lebanon Valley National Bank 

Lebanon Valley Offset Co. 

Carlos R. Leffler Inc. 

Marty's Music Store 

Motor Truck Equip. Co. 

Mutual Wholesale Corporation 

P I Hydraulics Inc. 

Palmyra Bologna Company 

Peoples National Bank 

Plasterer Equipment Company Inc 

Quality Inn of Lebanon Valley 

Richard Y Roof Co. 

Sheehy Ford Lincoln Mercury 

Sowers Printing Company 

Steitz Savings & Loan Association 

Sterling Drug Inc. 

Valley Communications Inc 

WLBR Radio Station 

Weis Markets Inc. 

Wengert s Dairy Inc 


ALCOA Foundation 

lohn A. Blessing Foundation 

losiah W & Bessie H Kline Foundation 

Christian R. & Mary F Lindback 

Presser Foundation 
Research Corporation Foundation 
Mary Sachs Foundation 
Sears-Roebuck Foundation 
L B Smith Education Foundation 
Texaco Philanthropic Foundation 
The Reidler Foundation 
The Whitaker Foundation 
The Wolf Foundation 


Dr. Madelyn I. Albrecht 

Dr. Howard L. Applegate 

Mr. Richard B Arnold 

Dr. Philip R Behrends 

Dr Philip A. Billings 

Dr G Kip Bollinger 

Dr. lames H. Broussard 

Dr D Eugene Brown 

Mrs. Eloise Parr Brown 

Mr. William I Brown. Ir 

Dr Donald E. Byrne. Ir 

Dr. Voorhis C Cantrell 

Dr. Roger D Carlson 

Mr D Clark Carmean 

Dr. Donald B Dahlberg 

Dr Hilde M. Damus 

Dr. Robert S. Davidon 

Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

Dr Scott H Eggert 

Mrs Mary N Eshleman 

Mr. David C. Evans 

Mr William H Fairlamb, Ir. 

Mr Harold L Fessler 

Dr. Arthur L Ford. Ir 

Mr. Gordon E. Foster 

Dr Michael D Fry 

Mrs. Deborah Reimer Fullam 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Dr. Leonard S Geissel. ]r. 

Dr. Pierce A Getz 

Mrs Karen McHenry Gluntz 

Dr. Michael A Grella 

Dr Klement M Hambourg 

Dr Carolyn R Hanes 

Mr Robert E Harnish 

Dr Bryan V Hearsey 

Dr. Alan G Heffner 

Dr lohn H Heffner 

Mrs. lune Eby Herr 

Dr. Barry L. Hurst 

Dr Diane M Iglesias 

Mr Richard A Iskowitz 

Dr L Eugene lacques 

Mr Richard A. loyce 

Dr. lohn P. Kearney 

Mr. Terry L. Kline 

Mrs. Nevelyn |. Knisley 

Dr. David I. Lasky 

Dr Leon E Markowicz 

Dr. George R Marquette 

Dr loerg W P Mayer 

Dr Owen A Moe ]r 

Ms Cynthia I Mohn 

Mr Philip G Morgan 

Dr. H Anthony Neidig 

Dr lohn D. Norton. Ill 

Dr Agnes B. ODonnell 

Mr I Robert ODonnell 

Dr H Dwight Page 

Dr Arthur L. Peterson 

Dr. Sidney Pollack 

Mr Fred A Poorman 

Mr Peter N Randrup 

Mr. O. Kent Reed 

Dr Richard A Reed 

Dr. lacob L Rhodes 

Dr. Robert C. Riley 

Dr C Robert Rose 

Dr. lames W. Scott 

Dr. Ralph S Shay 

Dr lohn Abernathy Smith 

Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino 

Mr. Gregory G. Stanson 

Dr George G. Struble 

Ms Julie Suris 

Mr Warren K A Thompson 

Dr C F loseph Tom 

Mr Horace W. Tousley 

Dr Mark A. Townsend 

Dr Perry I. Troutman 

Mr lohn I Uhl 

Mrs. Peg A Umberger 

Dr. Susan E. Verhoek 

Mr. loseph P Wengyn 
Dr. Stephen E Williams 
Dr Allan F Wolfe 
Mr. Dane A Wolfe 
Mrs luliana M Wolfe 
Mr Glenn H Woods 
Miss Rosemary Yuhas 


Mr & Mrs. Walter Arndt 

Mr. &• Mrs. Gable L. Arnold 

Mr & Mrs. lames H Bailey 

Mr & Mrs. lohn K Bashore 

Mr & Mrs George B. Beitzel 

Mrs Helen Belmer 

Mr & Mrs Earl G Billig 

Mr & Mrs Vernon Bishop 

Ms Emma H Blough 

Mrs Elizabeth Bollinger 

Mr & Mrs. Richard G. Bollman 

Mrs. Kathryn Bowman 

Mrs. Inez D. Brighthaupt 

Mr & Mrs Frederick G. Bulkley 

Mr & Mrs Ronald G Burnchter 

Rev Harold W Butt 

Mr & Mrs Hyman S Caplan 

Rev E Luke Carlson 

Ms Marilyn Chelstrom 

Ms. Catherine Cilley 

Mr Gerald A. Collins 

Mr lohn L Cousler 

Dr Hilde M. Damus 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas O. Daubert 

Mr. & Mrs Philip S. Davis 

Mr & Mrs Tom Davis 

Mrs Elizabeth B Denney 

Mrs. Sarah E Dettra 

Mr. & Mrs. lames A. Diehm 

Mr. & Mrs Hugh B. Donohue 

Mr & Mrs. George B. Dunstan 

Mr Richard T. Early 

Mrs. Polly Ehrgood 

Mr. Lawrence A Eiben 

Mr & Mrs. lohn D. Emerich 

Mr & Mrs Frank Eppley 

Mr. Walter C. Eshenaur 

Mr & Mrs Owen B Etter 

Mr loseph H. Eubanks 

Ms luanita D Fletcher 

Mr Merl Freeland 

Mr & Mrs George W. Fries 

Mr Edwin M. Garver 

Mr & Mrs. Clair H. Gerberich 

Mrs May E. Gingrich 

Mr & Mrs. George G. Gonder. Ir 

Mrs. Beverly A Goodling 

Mr & Mrs Randolph Goodwin. Sr. 

Mr & Mrs Stanley L. Gordon 

Mrs. Murl Gulden 

Mr A. L. Hanford. Ill 

Miss Pat Hartranft 

Mr & Mrs. Carl K. Hassler 

Mr Russel L. Hein 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry R. Henly 

Ms lean D. Henry 

Mrs Bernice L Herb 

Mrs Edna M. Herring 

Mr & Mrs Arthur B Himmelberger 

Mr. & Mrs Harvey S Holtzman 

Dr. & Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Miss Martha M Hostetter 

Mr & Mrs Merritt 1. leffers 

Rev & Mrs. Richard W. lohnson 

Mr & Mrs. Richard S Keene 

Keith L. Kilgore. Esq 

Mr. Paul I. Knapp 

Col. lohn T. Kramers 

Mr Homer L Kreider 

Mrs. Lydia Kreider 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E Kreider 

Mr. Nathan B. Krim 

Mr. Thomas A. Lanese 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 

Mr & Mrs Thomas I Leininger 

Ms. Edna M Lockart 

Mrs Mary F Mare 

Mr & Mrs Merritt I Marks 

Mr & Mrs Richard C A Martin 

Mrs Edna R Martin 

Mrs. Thomas May 

Mr. Roy I McMindes 

Mr & Mrs. H Raymond Meyers 

Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Mr Richard L Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl P Mitchell. Ir 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs Raymond I Morgans 

Mrs Helen B Moyer 

Mr & Mrs Lehmas I Moyer. Ir 

Dr H lames Moyer 

Mrs Frances B Newcomer 

Ms. Frances V. Nichols 

Ms loan L Nichols 

Ms. Valerie M. Nichols 

Mr & Mrs Lee D Peiffer 

Mrs. Isabel R Peiffer 

Ms Miriam 1 Pfeil 

Mr & Mrs Gerard R Pitman 

Mrs. Ellen lane Porter 

Mr & Mrs Harold H Quickel 

Mrs Harriet M Ranck 

Mr. & Mrs Ralph C Reese 

Mr. Marvin E Remp 

Mrs S Louise Rice 

Mrs Tanya Richter 

Mr & Mrs Lester Riegel 

Dr & Mrs. Paul M Riffert 

Mrs. Orpah Romberger 

Mr Robert W Rutter 

Robert L Samilson M D 

Mrs. Arbelyn W Sansone 

Mr. & Mrs N Irving Sax 

Mrs. Malin P Saylor 

Mr. & Mrs. lames M Schlegel 

Mrs S Elizabeth Schuler 

Mr & Mrs Richard T Schwartz 

Mr H lack Seltzer 

Rev. Thomas H. Smith. V.F 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Smith 

Mr. Keith L. Smykil 

Mr E U Sowers. 11 

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey L Sowers 

Mrs. Sara B. Stauffer 

Mrs. Carolyn Stedman 

Mrs Marilyn Stedman 

Mr. & Mrs. P L Steffensen 

Mrs Franklin W Steiner 

Dr George G Struble 

Ms. Betty Stutzman 

Mr Robert Sullivan 

Mr & Mrs. Earl C Supplee. Ir 

Mrs Anne B Sweigart 

Miss Elizabeth L Taylor 

Rev Kenneth R Texter 

Ms. Alice Thomas 

Mr & Mrs. lames U Todd 

Mr. & Mrs George L Van Dillen 

Mr & Mrs Robert A. Wagner 

Mr. & Mrs Robert I Wallace 

Bishop lohn B Warman 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl D. Warner 

Mr. & Mrs. Ross W. Watts 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Welsh, Ir 

Mr & Mrs. Clifford 1 Wengert 

Mr. lohn E. Wengert 

Mr & Mrs Harold F Werner 

Bishop Lloyd C Wicke 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd L. Williams 

Ms Doris M. Willman 

Mr Albert F Witmer 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Arthur Wolfe 

Mr lohn L Worrilow 

Mr & Mrs. William H. Worrilow. Ir 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Yager 



For many years Lebanon 
Valley College has 
benefited from the 
commitment of its friends 
who give the College a 
variety of gifts other than 
cash. These gifts support 
the academic program and 
help provide administrative 
support to all aspects of 
college life. The following 
is a list of those friends 
who made such gifts in 
the fiscal year 1984-85. 

Donald Blyler Offset 

Mr & Mrs Ronald Burrichter 

Mr & Mrs. lames I Davison 

Mrs Deborah Stnckler Freer 

Mr Patrick Freer 

Mrs Karen McHenry Gluntz 

Dr Martin L Gluntz 

Mr Glen O Gray 

Mr Henry H Grimm 

Mr Terry Kline 

Mrs Nevelyn I Knisley 

Lebanon Steel Foundry 

PA Council on the Arts 

Dr H Dwight Page 

Mr & Mrs Peter N Randrup 

Mr O Kent Reed 

Mr & Mrs Richard Schwartz 

Hon. lohn A Walter 

Mrs Patricia Lutz Walter 

Mr loseph P. Wengyn 

Mr & Mrs William H Worrilow. |r. 

York Container Corporation 

Matching Gifts 

Many corporations match 
contributions made by 
their employees, enabling 
alumni and friends to 
multiply their LVC support. 

ADP Foundation 

Mr Wesley K Tervo, Ir 78 
ALCOA Foundation 

Mrs Wendie Wood Kiskaddon 75 

Mr Keith L Smykil 
AMP, Inc. 

Mr Wilbur A Hamsher, Ir 71 

Mr Ricky C Mellinger 77 

Mr lohn A Spoonhour. Ir '64 

Mrs Susan Seibert Stevens 82 
AT&T Foundation 

Miss Sharon K Green 79 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D Hogan 

Miss Lynn M Manhire 73 

Mr. & Mrs Alvin D. McCullough 

Mr. lohn I Muldoon 77 

Mr Albert M Lewis 

Mrs Lynn Applegate Lewis 77 

Mrs Diane Arthur Snook 61 

Mr Stephen P Spaseff 78 
Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Mrs. Glenda Scott Singiser 54 
Aetna Life & Casualty 
Foundation. Inc. 

Mrs Carol Eshleman Allen '68 

Mrs Barbara Schwaghart Bird 58 

Mr Harold E. Bird 56 

Mr William A Grill. Ir 26 

Mr & Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer. Ir. 

Mr & Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer. Sr. 

Mr George M Reider Ir 63 

Mr Brian C Trust 83 

Air Products & Chemicals. Inc. 

Mrs Carolyn Hoffman Baittinger '64 

Mr lohn E Baittinger. Ir. 64 

Dr Dennis I Nagy 72 
Allstate Foundation 

Mr Ebe W Helm, II 77 
American Bank Foundation 

Mr Chester Z Mosteller 75 
American Can Company Foundation 

Mr Charles E Bartolet. Sr 36 

Mrs Diane Aldinger Vaszily 69 

Mr lohn C. Vaszily 66 
American Home Products 

Mr Frank W Eiler '64 

Mrs Carole Lasky Marburger '64 
American Standard. Inc. 

Mr Fred S Kreider. Ir 58 
American States Insurance 

Mr Roy E Boush 57 
Appleton Papers. Inc. 

Mrs loan Keeler Lockard 74 
Armstrong World Industries. Inc. 

Mr DeWitt M Essick 34 

Mr Charles R Seidel '62 

Mrs Sarah Lane Seidel 63 
Ashland Oil Foundation 

Mr George R Moyer 69 
Atlantic Research Foundation 

Mr lohn M. Sultzbaugh 79 
Atlantic Richfield Foundation 

Mrs. Nancy Hunt Heckman 73 

Dr Roger A. Heckman 73 

Dr Larry R Taylor '69 
Badlsche Corporation 

Dr Darryl W Brixius '68 
Bankers Trust Company 

Mr & Mrs Lester P Philp, Ir '60 
Beecham Laboratories 

Mr Fred E Longenecker 77 

Mrs. LuAnn Flickinger Longenecker 
Bell & Howell Foundation 

Mr Gary D Eisenberger '58 
Bell of Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Adella B Metka 

Mr Carl E Miller '65 

Mr. lack R. Morris 37 

Miss Margaret I Weaver 35 

Miss Cheryl A. Wubbena 73 
Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

Mr. & Mrs Donald Boeshore 

Mr Russel I Horst 42 

Mr & Mrs Harold R Kramer 

Mr & Mrs Russell K Light 

Mr & Mrs Harvey W Lyter, Ir 

Mr David E Miller 71 

Mr & Mrs Earl R Miller 
• Mr Walter R Penman 

Mr Paul A Shields '53 
lames D. Blddle Company 

Mrs Rebecca Linger Scott '63 
Borg-Warner Foundation 

Miss Barbara A Kreiser '54 

Mr R Lee Kunkel 57 

Mrs Rosalind Horn Kunkel '60 
Bristol-Myers Fund 

Mr. Fred W Hostetter 69 
Burroughs Wellcome Fund 

Dr Gary K Smith 74 
CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 

Mr Alan H Curtis 73 

Mrs Debra Sample Curtis 74 
CIGNA Foundation 

Mr Scon V Carney 78 

Mrs. Susan Engle Carney 78 

Mr Robert L. Enders 5 5 

Mr. Philip H. Seltzer, Ir '53 

Mr William D Steely. Ir. '50 

Mr Harold I. Todd 69 
CPC International. Inc. 

Mrs Sandra Beltz Edmunds '64 
Caterpillar Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs Philip C. Lehn 

Champion International 

Mr William P Knck, Ir 58 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn 1 Buckfelder 
I. L. Clark Manufacturing 

Mr & Mrs David Ferruzza 
Colonial Penn Group. Inc. 

Mr & Mrs Philip C Herr II 
Corning Glass Works Foundation 

Mr & Mrs Augustus M Filbert 

Mr & Mrs Herbert L Hoover 
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company 

Mrs loAnn Boohar Daly 76 

Mr Thomas I Daly. Ill 74 

Mr Steven W St lohn '82 
Dow Chemical Company 

Mrs Phyllis Brown lohnson 72 

Dr Wayne D lohnson 73 
Equitable Life Assurance Society 

Mr Anthony M DeMarco 70 
Exxon Education Foundation 

Dr Lewis W, Bowman 50 

Mrs Carol Gieser Cunningham 78 

Mr, & Mrs Russell A Henzel 

Dr Stephen I Metro 43 

Mr & Mrs Albert C Roth 

Dr Harvey B Snyder '4 1 
FMC Foundation 

Mr lames I Navarro 76 

Mrs. |an lohnson Navarro 76 
Foote Mineral Company 

Mrs. Berneice Klink Eby '58 

Mr. lohn R Eby 57 
General Electric Foundation 

Mr Arthur I Bacastow 50 

Dr Daniel W Fox '48 

Mrs loyce Schmidt Fox '47 

Dr. Harold F Giles. Ir 67 

Mrs Evelyn Stonecipher Gourlay 

Mr Henry H Grimm '35 

Mr Robert S Grimm '40 

Mr Barry E Howard 66 
General Foods Fund. Inc. 

Mrs Marilyn Gulley Yarger 67 

Dr. Ronald G Yarger 69 
P. H. Glatfelter Company 

Mr C. Neal Carter 

Mrs. Gloria Fitzkee Carter 62 
Hallmark Cards. Inc. 

Mr Thomas E Stewart 73 
Hamilton Bank 

Mr lay N Dutweiler '52 
Harsco Corporation Fund 

Mr Richard Y. Eby 49 

Mrs. Esther Rittle Ziegler 78 
Hershey Entertainment & 
Resort Company 

Mrs. Alma Payne Bobb 67 

Dr & Mrs. Richard Reed 

Mrs. Esther Walmer Madciff '27 

Mr George R Nye '32 

Mr Arthur R Whiteman 

Mrs. lane Muth Whiteman 33 
Hershey Fund 

Mr, Robert S, Black 38 

Mrs lean Gingrich Bomgardner 46 

Mr, Samuel A Bomgardner 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cassel 

Mr. Thomas R. Embich '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Engle. Ir 51 

Mrs, Gertrude Ellenberger Dupler 

Mrs Karen McHenry Gluntz 82 

Dr Martin L, Gluntz '53 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul W Hess 

Mr lohn D Maclary '69 

Mr Elwood W. Meyers '30 
* Mrs Pearl March Meyers '32 

Mrs. Marilyn Lisowski Parker '83 

Mr & Mrs Howard B Phillippy 

Mr Daniel S Sweigart 77 

Mrs Beverly Rhan Zimmerman 84 

Mrs Nancy Cramer Zimmerman 

Mr Richard A Zimmerman 

Hershey Trust Company 
Mrs Shirley lacobs Aichele 59 
Mrs. Carol Frey Hollich '66 
Mr. George I Hollich. Ir 65 
Mrs Betsy Lorenz Ruth '65 
Mr. Edward B. Ruth, Ir '65 
Mrs Kathryn Witmer Sandel '34 

Instrument Specialties 

Company. Inc. 
Mr & Mrs William C Carson 

ITT Corporation 
Mr Henry G Douglass '58 
Mrs lacquelyn Fetterhoff Douglass 

lohnson Controls Foundation 
Mr & Mrs. Walter H, Gingrich 

lohnson & lohnson 
Mrs Lois Moore Autenrieth 74 
Mr Stephen M Autenrieth 74 
Mr Scott V Carney 78 
Mrs, Susan Engle Carney 78 
Mr. Richard A. Look 72 
Dr Tibor Sipos 64 

losten's Foundation 
Mrs Elaine Frock Stepanek 48 

Kidder Peabody Foundation 
Mr loseph H Eubanks 

Mack Trucks, Inc. 
Mrs Rebecca Burtner Hein 74 
Mrs Pauline Fitz Martin 61 

McCormlck & Company Fund. Inc. 
Mrs Elizabeth Todd Lambert 73 

Merck Company Foundation 
Ms. Virginia D. Bergey 65 
Mrs. Carol Edgecomb Ditzler 68 
Mr Warren D Ditzler '68 
Mr Robert D Hoffsommer. |r. 52 
Mrs. Nan Dupler Papp 72 
Mr lohn E Schrieber 70 

Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Mr. & Mrs. Victor P. Biever 
Mr. Leonard M Schrope 33 
Mrs. Margaret Young Schrope '31 

Mobil Foundation. Inc. 
Mr Robert U Cassel 36 
Dr David D Neiswender. Ir. '53 

MONY Financial Services 
Mr & Mrs William H. Worrilow. Ir, 

Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 
Mr Donald |. Burns 64 
Mrs. Linda Plequette Burns '66 

NCR Foundation 
Mrs Sara Ann Kauffman Moss 66 
Mr Lawrence R Moss '63 

Nationwide Foundation 
Mrs. Ruth M Lenker 

New York Times Company 

Foundation. Inc. 
Mr & Mrs. lohn W Slocum 

Northeast Utilities 
Miss Allison L. Schmidt 78 

Northern Telecom, Inc. 
Mr Quintin A, Lerch 75 

Northwest Industries Foundation 
Mrs Helen Epting Murdock '58 

Pennsylvania Power & Light 

Mr Herbert L. Booz 51 
Mr. Clair W. Noll '55 
Mrs. leanne Winter Noll '57 

Pfizer. Inc. 
Mr. Leonard M Bennetch '29 
Mr. Robert W. Templin 72 

Plllsbury Company Foundation 
Mrs. Hilda Yost Landis '55 

Polaroid Foundation. Inc. 
Mrs. Nellie Walter Eaton 48 

Price Waterhouse Foundation 
Miss Lorraine E Killheffer 75 

Proctor & Gamble Fund 
Mrs. Frances Workman Weiser 46 
Dr. Herman I. Weiser, Ir '47 

Provident Mutual Life Insurance 
Company of Philadelphia 

Mr lames W Davis '63 

Mrs Sallie Slocum Davis '65 

Mr Gary I Templin 71 
Prudential Foundation 

Mrs Ann Marie Leidich Kauffman 

Mr lack Kauffman 67 

Miss Dorothy I. Mease 43 
Reliance Electric Company 

Mrs Cretchen Long Woods 67 
Rockwell International 
Corporation Trust 

Mrs Marylin Shaver Davis '62 
Rohm & Haas Company 

Mrs Bonnie Moyer Beckley 67 

Dr Ronald S Beckley 66 

Mr & Mrs Roy L. Hill. Ir 

Mr. Donald R. Hoffer '49 

Dr & Mrs Robert W Keefer 
Santa Fe Industries Foundation 

Mr and Mrs Howard T MacGowan 
Shell Companies Foundation. Inc. 

Mrs Ruth Karre Wareham 45 
Singer Company Foundation 

Mrs Barbara Asplund Burgess 71 

Mr David Burgess 

Mr & Mrs William P Scratchley. Jr. 

SmlthKllne Beckman Foundation 

Mr Kenward C Y Lee 64 
Southern New England 
Telephone Company 

Mr. & Mrs Richard G Styring 54 
Sperry Corporation Foundation 

Miss lanice A. GaNun '73 

Mr lames W Parsons '50 

Mrs Loretta Hostetter Risser '57 
St. Regis Paper Company 

Mrs lanet Zuse Hostetter 59 
Sterling Drug Inc. 

Miss Lela W Lopes 40 

Mrs Regina Parkinson Perry 81 

Mr Wayne Perry 78 
Sun Company. Inc. 

Ms. Grace Gorbey Connell '57 

Mr Carl W Dempsey 

Dr Paul W. Lipsitz 44 
Texaco Philanthropic Foundation 

Mr Adam Diebus 63 
• Mr Charles L Hauck. Ir '35 
Time, Inc. 

Mr Gerard R Pitman 
US Air 

Mrs Terri Folkenroth Hasleft 76 

Mr Raymond Haslett 
USF&C Insurance 

Mr Daniel A Reppert 82 

United lersey Banks 

Mr & Mrs Stephen M Vagyoczky 
Upjohn Company 

Mrs Suzanne Krauss Moyer 63 
Warner-Lambert Company 

Mr & Mrs Ado L Dixon 

Mr Hugh L Eberly '50 

Mr lohn M Galat 67 
Westlnghouse Educational 

Mrs E Louise Keller Frantz '43 

Mr Frederick S. Frantz, Ir 43 

Mr William T Moore 49 

Mr William P. Mueller '42 
Westvaco Foundation 

Mr Robert W Cronknght 

Mrs Suzanne Shenk Cronkright 71 
Arthur Young Foundation 

Dr F Allen Rutherford, Ir '37 





Dr. & Mrs. Hugh C Abernethy 

Mr & Mrs. Theodore S Achey 

Mr & Mrs. Ronald W Amlung 

Mr. & Mrs Clifford A Anderson 

Rev David H Andrews 

Dr & Mrs Howard L Applegate 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Arciosky 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C Aungst 

Mrs. Mary F I Bailes 

Mrs Mildred Baker 

Mr. Milton W Baker 

Mr & Mrs Ferdinand Barbatschi 

Mr. & Mrs. Myron H Barnet 

Mr & Mrs G Elwood Bartholomew 

Mr. & Mrs. Laverne H Bauer 

Mrs Dolores Zarker Baxter 

Mr & Mrs. B Leonard Bean 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Bechtel 

Mr & Mrs Andrew R Bednarz 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren W Beers 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman I Bell 

Mr & Mrs Thomas H Bender 

Mr. & Mrs. Burtls W. Bensmger 

Mrs Mary Helen Long Bickel 

Mr. & Mrs Victor P Biever 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Birkland 

Dr. & Mrs Tom A. Bither. |r 

Mr. & Mrs Arthur W Bledsoe 

Mr & Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn D Boag, Sr 

Mrs. Doris K. Boehler 

Mr & Mrs. Frank E Bolway, Jr 

Mrs Mildred A Bowen 

Mr. & Mrs Donald A Brinkworth 

Mr. Foster M. Brinser 

Mr & Mrs Robert B Brode 

Mr. & Mrs. Truman Brooks 

Mr Allen H. Brown 

Mrs Barbara D Brown 

Rev. & Mrs William I Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Brundin, Ir. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Buck 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn |. Bucktelder 

Mr & Mrs Vincent E Bulik 

Mr. lohn K Carl 

Mr. & Mrs. William C Carson 

Mrs. Gloria Fitzkee Carter 

Mr & Mrs. Charles H Cassel 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cawood 

Mr & Mrs. Aloysius Chesney 

Mr. & Mrs. George Chronister 

Rev 6 Mrs Clarence L Chubb 

Mr & Mrs Ronald M Claeys 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 

Mr & Mrs. Edward B Clifford 

Dr DeLene Yocum Congello 

Mrs Estella H. Cook 

Rev. lames D Corbett 

Mr. & Mrs. William M Craighead 

Mr & Mrs Charles Daubert 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert M Daugherty 

Mr. & Mrs lames I. Davison 

Mr & Mrs. Donald T. Day 

Mr & Mrs Francis R. DeWald 

Mr. & Mrs lames L Deaner 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 

Mrs Marion M. Deaven 

Mr & Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger 

Mr. & Mrs. lack Diehl 

Mrs. Lorraine K Ditzler 

Mrs. Helen N. Docherty 

Mr. & Mrs William A. Down 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward R Durkin 

Mr. & Mrs. Russel Duryea, |r 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Dutton 

Dr. Robert F Early 

Mr Hugh L Eberly 

Mrs. Sarah Eberly 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Edgecomb 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward I Eisenhauer 

Mr. & Mrs lohn W. Engesser 

Mr & Mrs Richard L. Eshleman 

Mr. & Mrs. David I Farris 


. & Mrs. Allen R Fasnacht 


. & Mrs Vincent Fazzolari 


. & Mrs. lohn 1 Feaster 


. & Mrs. David Ferruzza 


. & Mrs. Luke H Fetter, |r. 


& Mrs Augustus M Filbert 


& Mrs. William Fitzgibbons 


. & Mrs. Wilmer 1 Flexer 


. & Mrs. Harry D. Flinn. |r. 


& Mrs lohn E Ford 


& Mrs Gordon E Foster 


. & Mrs. Harold Foster 


& Mrs. William 1. Fritz. Sr. 


& Mrs lohn M Fuss 


, & Mrs. loseph M. Gallagher 


& Mrs loseph M Garber 


K Ronald Garling 


& Mrs. Edwin C Garner 


. & Mrs. Stephen Garvey 


Domenic Giandomenico 


& Mrs. Harold F Giles 


& Mrs lames E Gill 


& Mrs. Andrew T. Gillespie 


& Mrs Walter H Gingrich 


& Mrs. Burnett Givens 


s Eleanor B Goldsmith 


& Mrs. loel I. Gouza 


& Mrs lames L Grauel 


& Mrs. Robert B. Greer, III 


& Mrs. Leo Griest 


& Mrs lohn 1. Groman 


s Lois Harbold Guise 


& Mrs lohn Hagerty 


& Mrs. Charles R. Hagstrom 


& Mrs Howard Haines 


& Mrs. H Millard Haines 


Glenn L Hall 


& Mrs. lorgen Hansen 


& Mrs. Harold Hartman 


& Mrs. Harold W. Hartman. Sr 


& Mrs. Lawrence P. Havens 


s. S. Elizabeth Hawbaker 


s Georgianna R Hawk 


& Mrs. A Scott Hazel 


& Mrs C Lamar Heckler 


3 A H Heisey 


s. Mary H Henderson 


& Mrs. Marvin L Hendrix 


& Mrs Russell A Henzel 


& Mrs Benjamin P. Herman 


& Mrs. Philip C Herr. 11 


& Mrs. Paul W Hess 


& Mrs Paul W Hibshman 


s Mary I. Hicks 


& Mrs. Roy L. Hill, |r. 


s Susan E Hoffman 


& Mrs. Charles D. Hogan 


& Mrs. lames R Holden 


& Mrs Arthur Holland 


5. Mary E. Holler 


& Mrs. Claude A Hollinger 


& Mrs Herbert L Hoover 


& Mrs. Andrew Horbal 


& Mrs George P. Horn 


& Mrs Ralph 1 Horrell 


& Mrs. 1. Eby Hostetter 


& Mrs. Allen K. Huber 


& Mrs. Frank Hubert 


& Mrs. Robert B. Huey 


& Mrs 1 Henry Hummer 


& Mrs. Alfonso lannucci 


; Audrey E. lackson 


& Mrs Paul |. Kaas 


& Mrs. Bernard Kabana 


& Mrs. Marvin E. Kahn 


& Mrs lohn E. Karman 


5 Pauline Rittle Kauffman 


& Mrs Ralph Kaufmann 


& Mrs. Robert W. Keefer 


& Mrs. William R Keen 


& Mrs William A Kellow 


& Mrs. George R. Kline 


& Mrs. Harold G. Kline 


& Mrs. lohn D Knauer 


& Mrs. Robert F Koch, Sr 

Mr & Mrs Harry A. Kreichbaum 

Mr. & Mrs Melvin F Kreider 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L Kreitner 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P Kubik 

Mrs. Louisa B Kuehn 

Mr Edgar D Landis 

Mr & Mrs. Frank R. Lare. Sr. 

Dr. David I Lasky 

Mr. & Mrs Reginald S. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip C Lehn 

Mr lohn M Leidich 

Mrs. Ruth M Lenker 

Mr. Terry R. Lenker 

Mr & Mrs. Adam M Lesher 

Mrs. Edna S. Lidle 

Mr. & Mrs 

Mr. & Mrs 

Mr. & Mrs 

Mr. & Mrs 

Mr. & Mrs 

Mr. & Mrs 

Mr. & Mrs 

Mr & Mrs 

Mr & Mrs 

Russel K Light 
Walter R. Light 
Franklin Lomax 
Robert L Long 
loseph Lostrirto 
Rodney Lucas 
Knut B Lunde 
Harvey W Lyter. Ir. 
Howard T. MacGowan 

Mr & Mrs William H Mackneer 

Mr. & Mrs Robert Macrides 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn P. Marcinkowski 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Margut 

Mr. & Mrs Ferdinand V Marsik 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Martens 

Mr. & Mrs. George Martin 

Mr. & Mrs Harold E Martin 

Mr & Mrs. lohn B Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Martin, Ir 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mastovich 

Mrs Mary Ann Mathieson 

Mr. & Mrs. lames M. McArdle 

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin D McCullough 

Mr & Mrs. Leo McGowan 

Mr. & Mrs. lesse D. McKannan 

Mr. & Mrs M Thane McKechnie 

Mr & Mrs Clyde Mehlman 

Mr & Mrs Edward Meima 

Mr & Mrs Richard S. Merrill 

Mrs. Adella B. Metka 

Mr. lohn W Metka 

Mrs Mary Blouch Meyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl R Miller 

Mr & Mrs lohn E Miller, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn S. Miller 

Mrs Virginia C Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M Miller 

Mr & Mrs. Tobias W Minner 

Mr & Mrs. Charles E. Moffett. Ill 

Mr. & Mrs I Barry Mohler 

Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick W. Monighan 

Mr Robert S. Monteith 

Mr. & Mrs Howard Morehart 

Dr. & Mrs Donald E Morel 

Mr. & Mrs Clifton E Mowrer. |r. 

Mrs. Elaine Z. Moyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Muir. Ir 

Ms. Helen F Murphy 

Mr & Mrs. Eldred M Myers 

Ms. Dorothy Neff 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Neideigh. Sr 

Mr. & Mrs Stephen Nelson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Niles 

Dr. & Mrs. Ira G. Nolt 

Mr. & Mrs. lames C. O'Neill 

Mrs. Bertha O'Neill 

Rev & Mrs. W. lackson Otto 

Dr. & Mrs I Fred Overman 

Mr. & Mrs Edward H. Parkison 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Paullin 

Mr. & Mrs. William I Peters 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn R. Petro 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Phillippy 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I Pierzga 

Mr & Mrs. Donald L. Plank 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Plummer. Sr. 

Mr & Mrs. Peter Pritchard 

Mr. & Mrs Clarence R. Raudabaugh 

Mr & Mrs. Paul Redman 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas R Reich 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn H Reiner 
Mr. & Mrs Vernon A. Reppert 
Dr. & Mrs. lacob L. Rhodes 
Mr & Mrs. Douglas M Roach 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F Roach 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank M Rocco 
Mr. & Mrs Eugene A. Roden 
Mr loseph D Roiahn 
Mrs Fern |. Roland 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd E. Ross 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Roth 
Mr Richard L. Rotunda 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold N. Rotz 
Mr & Mrs Carmine Ruocco 
Mr. & Mrs P. I Russoniello 
Mr & Mrs Nicholas M. Sacco 
Mr & Mrs lusuf Salam 
Mr. & Mrs Akbar M. Samii 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren T. Sava 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Sbraccia 
Mr & Mrs Elmer R Schiller 
Mr & Mrs Robert I Schoen 
Mr & Mrs. loseph Schultz 
Mrs Elizabeth P. Scott 
Mrs Rebecca Linger Scott 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Scott 
Mr. & Mrs. William P Scratchley. |r 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin V. Secott 
Mr. & Mrs Edward I. Sekula. Ir. 
Rev & Mrs Paul C. Shaffer 
& Mrs Ernest D Shaw 
& Mrs. Daniel |. Sheffy 
& Mrs. Robert I. Sherman 
& Mrs. Harold W. Shermer. |r. 
& Mrs. William W. Shillady 
& Mrs. Charles W. Shirey 
& Mrs. lay L Simmons 
Levere Sipe 
& Mrs lohn W Slocum 
& Mrs. Stiles H. Smith 
& Mrs. lay L Snavely 
Chester E. Snedeker 
& Mrs Robert 1. Snovel 
Rev & Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 
& Mrs Roger Spotts 
& Mrs. Frederick I. Springer 
s Mary H. Stachow 
& Mrs. I. Foster Stambach 
. loan A Steinke 
I B. Strickland 
& Mrs Arthur Summers 
& Mrs. Nick Sutovich. |r. 
& Mrs Alan D Sweger 



s. Sarah Hartman Sweger 
& Mrs. Charles H. Swenson 
& Mrs. Luther C. Symons 
& Mrs William L. Sypher 
& Mrs. H. Thomas Tamaki 
;. Mane Taormina 
& Mrs George R. Taylor 
& Mrs. lohn B. Taylor 
& Mrs. Henry Thomas 
& Mrs. lohn R. Thompson 
& Mrs. lames M. Thurmond 
& Mrs. Carl I. Tice 
& Mrs Henry I. Toews 
& Mrs. Gerald D. Toland 
& Mrs Anthony Torre 
& Mrs. William H. Trust 
& Mrs. Herbert I. Tuorto. Ir. 
& Mrs Richard F Turner 

Rev & Mrs. Harold L Ulmer 

& Mrs. Lester A. Unger 
& Mrs Stephen M Vagyoczky 
& Mrs. Frederico A Valente 
& Mrs. Walter F Van Treek 
Evelyn Miller Walborn 

Hon. & Mrs lohn A Walter 


& Mrs. Harold E. Walton 

& Mrs Weston B. Wardell, 

& Mrs. Milton R. Weber 

& Mrs. Gerald D. Weidner 

& Mrs. Vincent West 

& Mrs. lohn Westhoff 

& Mrs. Stephen P. Wheeler. |r. 


& Mrs LeRoy Whitehead. Sr 

& Mrs Leonard E. Whitford. Sr. 

& Mrs R Keith Whiting 

& Mrs. Charles N. Wible 

& Mrs. Robert Wieboldt 

& Mrs. lames A Wilhelm 

& Mrs Paul M Williams 

Merle L Wise 

& Mrs. Thomas G Wolfgang 

& Mrs Glenn H. Woods 

& Mrs Robert H Woolbaugh 

& Mrs Leon A Wysolovski 

& Mrs Randolph M Yanney 

& Mrs. Charles W. Yarger 

& Mrs. I Roy Yerger 

& Mrs Henry C Youngster 

& Mrs. loseph T Zappala 

& Mrs Harvey T. Zerbe 

& Mrs. Warren D Zettlemoyer 

& Mrs Elmer D Zimmerman 

& Mrs. Leroy E. Zimmerman 

& Mrs Frank Zurat 



Methodist Church 
Eastern Pennsylvania 

In addition to Conference 
support. Lebanon Valley 
College has received 
support from the following 

Allentown Salem 



Ash Grove 

Bala Cynwyd 


Broomall St Marks 


Chambersburg Zion Reformed 


Evangelical Manor Foundation 

Harrisburg Calvary 



Irish Valley 

lonestown Trinity 

Lancaster Covenant 

Lancaster First 

Lebanon St lohns 

Lickdale Trinity 



Millersville Grace 

Mt. loy-Glossbrenner 

Myerstown Zion 


Reading Central 

Reading Holy Cross 

Reading Trinity 

Schuylkill Circuit-Drehersville 


West Chester 



Methodist Church 
Central Pennsylvania 

In addition to Central 
Pennsylvania Conference 
support, the College 
receives support from a 
number of individual United 
Methodist Churches. 

United Church 
of Christ 

Lebanon Grace United Church of Christ 
Myerstown United Church of Christ 
St. Marks United Church of Christ 
Tamaqua Trinity United Church of 
Christ-Adult Class 

Donors to the 
Fund for Fulfill- 
ment-Phase II 

The following is a list of 
alumni and friends who 
have made new gifts or 
payments on their pledges 
to the Fund for Fulfillment- 
Phase II during 1984-85. 


Dr Thomas K. Albert 

Mrs. Anna Hershey Allwein 

Mr. Homer |. Allwein 

Mr Edward H Arnold 

Mr. Clyde B Baver, Ir 

Rev Lloyd E Beamesderfer 

Mrs. Louise Boughter Bennett 

Mr & Mrs Lloyd Berger 

Dr. Samuel H Black 

Dr Bertha Brossman Blair 

Mr Roy E Boush 

Dr. Darryl W Brixius 

Rev. & Mrs William I Brown 

Mr G Harold Bucher 

Mrs. Ruth Coble Burkhart 

Mr. & Mrs Michael B Buterbaugh 

Dr Donald E Byrne, Ir 

Thomas B Carmany, M D 

Dr & Mrs lames W Carpenter 

Mr & Mrs Raymond H Carr 

Dr, loseph M. Clark 

Mr. Samuel K. Clark 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 

Dr. & Mrs George D. Curfman 

Dr. Donald B Dahlberg 

Mr. Ralph A Daubert 

Dr. & Mrs Robert Daugherty 

Mr. & Mrs Curvin N Dellinger 

Mr Mark Diethelm 

Dr. Carroll E Ditzler 

Mr. lay N Dutweiler 

Dr. |. Ronald Earhart 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Early 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 

Mr. Frank W. Eiler 

Mr Gary D Eisenberger 

Dr. Russel H. Etter 

Mr & Mrs William L. H. Evans 

Dr Herbert Fields 
Mr & Mrs Eugene C. Fish 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Fisher 
Dr & Mrs Hiram E Fitzgerald. Ir 
Mr. & Mrs Harold Fortna 
Mr Walter S Frankowski. |r. 
Mr. Robert E Frey. Ir. 
Dr Dennis L Funck 
Dr. E. N Funkhouser 
Mr Richard I Furda 
Miss Lynn Garrett 
Dr Pierce A. Getz 
Mr Russell P. Getz 
Mr William C. Gingrich 
Mr Dennis M Graybill 
Miss Myrna R Greenawalt 
Mr Henry H Grimm 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Habig 
Dr Miles D Harriger 
Mr & Mrs Harold W Hartman. Sr 
Mrs Doris Cortright Heck 
Mrs. Elizabeth Beittel Heffley 
Mr. & Mrs. B. Thomas Henry 
Mrs. loyce Dissinger Herr 
Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 
Mr Robert D Hoffsommer. |r 
Mr & Mrs Herbert L. Hoover 
Mr. & Mrs Robert E Horn 
Dr. & Mrs Abram M Hostetter 
Mr William E Hough III 
Hon Wayne G Hummer, |r. 
Ms Ellen M lackson 
Dr. & Mrs Wayne D lohnson 
Dr & Mrs. Gerald D. Kauffman 
Miss Ruth C A Keene 
Mrs. Lois lohns Keiter 
Mrs Mary Horst Keller 
Mrs Doris Eckert Ketner 
Mrs Marsha Church King 
Mr lohn F Kirby. Ir. 
Dr Debra A Kirchhof-Glazier 
Miss Mary E Knight 
Mr Amos H. Knisley 
Mrs Nevelyn I Knisley 
Mr & Mrs. Robert F. Koch. Sr 
Mrs Margaret Weinert Kramer 
Mr & Mrs Andrew Kreider 
Dr Thomas H Kreiser 
Mrs Cora E Kreitzer 
Rev & Mrs Wilbur F. Lantz 
Dr. David I. Lasky 
Mr & Mrs. Doren S. Leathers 
Mr. & Mrs lohn W. Lehman 
Mrs Mae Graybill Lehman 
Mr P. leffery Lehn 
Mr Quintin A Lerch 
Dr. & Mrs Bruce Lidston 
Mr. Clifford I Light 
Mr Kenneth A Longenecker 
Mr Theodore M. Loose 
Dr lean O Love 
Mr. & Mrs Rodney Lucas 
Mr lohn D Maclary 
' Col. Donald Mare 
Mrs Mary F Mare 
Dr. Richard D Magee 
Mrs. Mary F Mare 
Mr Robert I Martalus 
Mr Charles H Martin 
Rev. lere R Martin 
Mrs Charlene Tice McCabe 
Mrs Amelia Hartman McElwee 
Dr & Mrs Gilbert D McKlveen 
Mr Craig S Meyer 
Dr Gary D Miller 
Mr. Gerald D Miller 
Miss Marion I Miller 
Mr. Michael B Miller 
Mr. Richard W. Miller 
Dr. Stephen M Mitchell 
Rev & Mrs H Edgar Moore 
Mr. Harold D Morgan 
Mr. Mark S Morrow 
Mr Chester Q Mosteller 
Mr. George R Moyer 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Lee Moyer 

Dr. lohn H Moyer. Ill 

Mr. lohn H Moyer. IV 

Mr. William P Mueller 

Dr. & Mrs Allan W Mund 

Miss Nancy E Murphy 

Rev Paul C Murphy 

Mr Donald E Murray 

Dr. H Anthony Neidig 

Mr & Mrs Ernest W Neimeyer 

Mrs Mary Horn Nelson 

Mrs. Violet W Nitrauer 

Dr lohn G Oliver 

Mr loseph Oxley 

Mr Howard I Pachasa 

Mr. & Mrs. David I Padley 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Poulette 

Mrs Edith Kreiser Probus 

Dr Alexander B Rakow 

Dr. & Mrs Richard Reed 

Mrs Rhea P Reese 

Mr. lames T. Reilly 

Mr Donald R Reinecker 

Mr. & Mrs Thomas C Reinhart 

Dr lacob L Rhodes 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph R Ricker 

Mrs Marlene Windham Riela 

Mrs Deborah Hoffman Risser 

Mrs. Loretta Hostetter Risser 

Mr & Mrs Stephen H Roberts 

Miss Sheila M Roche 

Miss Amy Rojahn 

Mr & Mrs. Charles Rusen. Ir 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Ruth, Ir. 

Mr loseph C Saile 

Dr. & Mrs Frederick P Sample 

Mr Donald W Samples 

Mr Lee W. Sarka 

Mr & Mrs Charles L Scheidler 

Miss Pearl R. Seitz 

Miss Verna I Seitzinger 

Mr Dale L Shellenberger 

Mr Michael D Sherman 

Mrs. Sandra Weit Shipman 

Mr. Thomas F Short 

Mr Thomas I Siegel 

Dr Damon L Silvers. Ill 

Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Dr. George W Smith 

Dr lohn Abernathy Smith 

Mr. lohn C. Smith. Ir 

Mr Robert W Smith 

Mr Timothy I. Smith 

Dr. & Mrs Harvey B Snyder 

Rev. & Mrs Bruce Souders 

Mr. E U Sowers. II 

Mr. & Mrs Geoffrey Sowers 

Mr Raymond C Spangler 

Mrs Susan Shemeta Stachelczyk 

Dr. Paul E. Stambach 

Miss Ruth M Stambach 

Mr. David L Stanilla 

Mr loe L Stauffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Stauffer 

Mr. Glenn R Stech 

Mrs Grace L Stern 

Dr Cawley H Stine 

Mr David L Stottlemyer 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Peter Strickler 

Miss Nina E Tafel 

Miss loan R Taylor 

Mrs. Bernice K Teahl 

Mr. & Mrs Edward Tesnar 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank S Thomas 

Mr George G Thomas 

Dr. & Mrs. Phillip E Thompson 

Mr Horace W Tousley 

Maj. & Mrs. Paul T Ulrich 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Unger 

Mrs. lann Helbig Van Dyke 

Mrs loanna Lawhead Wagner 

Dr. David Wallace 

Col. Roy A. Weidman 

Dr Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Mr Dana V West 

Dr. & Mrs L Elbert Wethington 

Dr. Dean G Wetzel 


Mrs Mary Hiester Wheat 

Mrs Marion Himmelberger White 

Mr Ralph H White 

Mr Thomas E. Whittle 

Mr Bruce R Wieder 

Mr Daniel L Williams 

Mr & Mrs. E D Williams. |r. 

Miss Amelia C Winter 

Mr & Mrs lohn E Witter 

Dr Paul L Wolf 

Mr Robert D Womer 

Dr Christian G Wornas 

Mrs Dorothy Snyder Yeager 

Mrs Erma Gainor Yeakel 

Mr Donald O Yeatts. Sr 

Dr Ralph E Yingst 

Dr Harry W Zechman 

Mr & Mrs Gary R Zellner 

Mr E lohn Zettlemoyer 

Mr Ralph I Ziegenfuss 

Mrs L Mae Burkholder Zwally 

Dr Ronald I Zygmunt 


Ms Cynthia Albright 

Mr Gregory Arnold 

Dr & Mrs Loy C Awkerman 

Mr Charles E Bartolet. Sr 

Mr & Mrs Eugene Barry 

Cynth. Dave and lason Boyne 

Mr & Mrs William Brown 

Mr & Mrs. Donald R Buesing 

Mr Roque I Calvo 

Mr Douglas Candrall 

Mr & Mrs Frank Cantanzaro 

Mr Thomas W Cestare. Esq 

Mr Henry T. Chadwick 

Mr Samuel K Clark 

Mr Christopher R Derrick 

Ms Dixie Lee Drybread 

Dr & Mrs Robert Early 

Mr lames M. Ewin 

Ms Candy Fabian 

Dr Herbert Fields 

Ms. Ginny Foster 

laney. Greg and Ian Foster 

Mr Lanny Foster 

Mrs Fayne Drake Frankenfield 

Ms Denise Freiman 

Mr & Mrs Raymond Frey 

Mr & Mrs Richard Furda 

Ms lanice A Ganun 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gilberg 

Dr & Mrs Martin L Gluntz 

Mr Gregory Grace 

Mr Martin I Gorchowski 

Mr & Mrs Dale Hains 

Mr & Mrs Terrance Herr 

Ms. Krista M Hoch 

Mr Ed lannarella 

Mr George A Katchmer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kirkhoff 

Mr Dale I Knapp 

Ms. Lillian Kramer 

Mr Frank Kuhn. Ir 

Mr & Mrs Paul Lasinski 

Mr. & Mrs Doren S Leathers 

Mr Howard F Lebegern, Ir. 

Mr Robert Lemke 

Mr Terry Lenker 

Mr. Guy L. Lesser 

Mr & Mrs. lohn H Light 

Mr Kristofer L Linde 

Mr & Mrs Robert Mackndes 

Mr & Mrs Wesley I. MacMillan 

Mrs. Harriet Berrier Magee 

Dr George Marquette 

Mr lane L. Meyer 

Mr Charles Miller 

Mr Frank McCulloch 

Mr. Peter P. McEvoy. Ir 

Mr Robert Nelson 

Mr & Mrs Larry Painter 

Mr George Petrie 

Mr G Reid Pierce 

Mr Lawrence E Priester 

Mr & Mrs Todd Quinter 

Mr. Alexander Rakow 

Mr loel Ronco 

Mr & Mrs F Allen Rutherford. Ir 

Dr Frederick Sample 

Ms Gloria Scarle 

Mr David Schleder 

Mr & Mrs lohn A. Schoch. Ir 

Mr & Mrs Ralph S. Shay 

Mr & Mrs loseph I Shemeta 

Mr Albert Sincavage 

Mr & Mrs Barry Skaler 

Mr & Mrs Walter L Smith 

Mr & Mrs Louis Sorrentino 

Mr & Mrs Thomas Svirski 

Mr Mark Sypher 

Mr & Mrs Robert Tarantolo 

Ms Mildred Teitelman 

Mr. Daniel C Walter 

Mr William C Wenrich 

Mr & Mrs Merle Wise 

Dr Edwin H White 

Ms. Rebecca I Wolfe 

Dr & Mrs Christian Wornas 







Dr Herbert Fields 

Mr Richard Furda 

Mr Dennis Gagnon 

Mr Peter Gamber. |r 

Dr & Mrs Martin L Gluntz 

Mr Peter Harubin 

Mr Ebe Helm. II 

Mr Lester Holstein. II 

Mr Edward lannarella 

Mr & Mrs lohn Mardula 

Mr & Mrs Larry Mentzer 

Mr Todd Quinter 

Dr. Barry Skaler 

Rev Dennis Snovel 

Mr George Stauffer. |r 

Mr & Mrs lohn Vaszily 

Time and 

Achievement of the 
mission of Lebanon Valley 
College would not be 
possible without the 
untiring support of loyal 
alumni and friends who 
volunteer time and talent 
in addition to dollars. 

Alumni Ambassadors are 
graduates who talk to high 
school seniors who have 
expressed interest in 
Lebanon Valley College. 

Alumni Advocates are 
secondary school teachers 
who represent LVC in the 

The Alumni Association 
is governed by an 
executive committee of 
graduates chosen to 
represent a total of more 
than 8.500 living alumni. 
Lebanon Valley College is 
grateful for the constant 
support of the individuals 
listed below. 

Alumni Career Advisors 
are graduates and friends 
of the College who offer 
career guidance to LVC 

Alumni Ambassadors 

Dawn Adams 

Bruce Albert - 

Brian and Sally Allebach 

Sue Ann Barry 

Ron Bell 

D Wayne Bender 

Scott Berger 

Mary lean Bishop 

Karen Bixler 

Linda Blair 

Chuck Blevins 

Stephanie Bond 

lennifer Bowen 

Larry Bowman 

Bob and Sue Boyer 

Don Buesing 

Barb Burgess 

Beverly Burkhart 

Mike and Carla Buterbaugh 

Carol Carpenter 

Ruth Carpenter 

Dave Carter 

Colleen Cassidy 

Peter Cebulka 

Elyce Chadwick 

Deb Chopko 

Sam Clark 

Dave Clemens 

Theresa Cottrell 

Suzy Cronkright 

Andrea Crudo 

Ethel Darkes 

Nancy Darnell 

Alison Daubert 

ludith Davis 

Tom Davis 

Dennis Delduco 

Wes and Amy Dellinger 

Rolanda Divelbiss 

Si Van Do 

lanet Dougherty 

Susan Eberly 

Deb Egolf 

Sue Egner 

Ron Earhart 

Leslie Engesser 

Chuck and Cindy Etter 

Tom Ferguson 

Peggy Filizzi 

Rebecca Fisher 

Sally Anne Foose 

Pat Fredericks 

Debbie Freer 

Vicki Frey 

Diane Frick 

Dave Gehret 

Sandy Geib 

Carla Giachero 

Margaret Gibson 

Bill Gingrich 

Michelle Glasgow 

George Glen 

Cheryl Green 

Sharon Green 

Bob and Margie Greiner 

loanne Groman 

Mike Gross 

Lisa Grozinski 

Terry Gusler 

Holly Hanawalt 

Bryan Hartman 

Tern Haslett 

Patricia Hassall 

Cliff and Caroline Heizmann 

S. Holly Herald 

Sharon Herr 

lean Hetherington 

leanne Hoerner 

Bob Hoffsommer 

Mike Hogan 

George and Carol Hollich 

Phil and Vicki Holzman 

Dave Hostetter 

Mel Hostetter 

Bob Houseal 

Ed lannarella 

Melanie (ones 

Pete lohnson 

Bud and leanne Kaufmann 

Don and Hannah Kaufmann 

leff Kearney 

Bill and Alice Kelly 

Cindy Kihn 

Gregg Klinger 

Donna Kuntz 

Deb Kus 

Carolyn Lang 

Doren Leathers 

lanet Lebkicher 

Margaret Legg 

Rom Lemke 

Sue Leonard 

Ouintin Lerch 

Deb Lucas 

Debbie Mack 

Rita Mackrides 

Karen and Scott Mailen 

Pamela Maloney 

Ann Marcinkowski 

lohn Metka 

Bruce Metzger 

Lisa Meyer 

Deb Miller 

Rod Miller 

Karen Milliken 

Bob and Laurel Moffett 

Michelle Morel 

Brad Morrill 

Victoria Mottram 

Dave Moyer 


George Moyer 

Bob and Sue Mrazik 

Dave Murphy 

Kurt Musselman 

Tara Myers 

Tom Myers 

Dave Neiswender 

Deb and Steve Nelson 

Grant and Linda Nicholls 

Cynthia Nolt 

Laurie O Brien 

Anne Opfer 

Katrinka Osborne 

Chris Palmer 

Robert and Sandra Pembleton 

Roberta Pennington 

Deb Poley 

Carol and Larry Potts 

Linda Ouaintance 

Deanna Quay 

Cynthia Raub 

Dan Reppert 

Kay and Frank Rhodes 

Keith Roden 

lim Ross 

Ed and Betsy Ruth 

Frank Rutherford, III 

Carl and Patsy Sabold 

Rik Saltzer 

Suzanne Schaeffer 

Dale Schimpf 

Lydia Schnetzka 

Gail Shaub 

Adora Sholley 

Michael Sigman 

Frances Seeger 

Barry and Laura Selinsky 

[ill Shaffer 

Sandy Shipman 

Donald Shirey 

Irwin Siegel 

Tim Smith 

Delight Snyder 

lim Spiro 

Steve St lohn 

Ann Sumner 

Lori Sweger 

Mark Sypher 

Linda Texter 

Matt Thompson 

lessica Tice 

Wendy Tobias 

Dave and Cindy Todoroff 

Evelyn Toser 

Douglas Troutman 

lohn Truscello 

Cindy Van Aken 

lohn and leannine Wagner 

Mark Wagner 

ludith Walter 

Linda Weaver 

Lucy Wicks 

Martha Williams 

Bill Williams. Jr. 

Richard Willis 

Sharon Wilson 

Doug and Gloria Winemiller 

Karen Wisniewski 

Lisa Wixted 

Dennis and Betsy Wolf 

Marilyn Wolfe 

Elaine Woodworth 

Lori Yanci 

Susan Yeiter 

Dan Yocum 

New Volunteers— 
1985 Graduates 

lames Angerole 
Kristine Barbatschi 
Diane Detwiler 
Allan Dutton 
Lisa Edwards 
Angela Green 
lay Hagerty 
lil Herman 
Melanie Herman 
Susan lones 
loe Lamberto 
Gloria Pochekailo 
loe Rotunda 
Pamela Skourtis 

Intern Sponsors 

Annville-Cleona School District. 

Annville, PA 
Annville United Methodist Church 

Annville, PA 
Annville Veterinary Hospital, Annville, 

Asset Management. Inc , Harnsburg. 

Associates for Business Consultation. 

Schaefferstown. PA 
Cable Ad-Net, Hershey. PA 
Catholic Social Services, Lebanon. PA 
Cornwall-Lebanon School District. 

Lebanon. PA 
Crisis Intervention, Harrisburg, PA 
Daily News, Lebanon, PA 
Derry Township School District. 

Hershey. PA 
Eagle Spring Campground for Mentally 

Retarded Adults, Pine Grove, PA 
Eastern Lebanon County School 

District, Myerstown. PA 
Ephrata Area Rehabilitation Services, 

Ephrata. PA 
Family Health Services, Inc . Lebanon, 

Folcroft Evangelical Community 

Services. Folcroft, PA 
General Electric. Lebanon. PA 
Harrisburg Hospital. Harrisburg. PA 
Helping Hands Day Care. 

Fredericksburg, PA 
Hershey Chronicle. Hershey, PA 
Hershey Medical Center, Hershey. PA 
Hewlett Packard. Rockville. MD 
Hope" (Catholic Social Services 

subsidiary), Lebanon, PA 
I. U 13, Lebanon-Lancaster School 

District, Lancaster, PA 
Keystone Residences. Inc . Harrisburg, 

Lebanon County Children and Youth 

Services. Lebanon. PA 
Lebanon County Head Start. Lebanon. 

Lebanon County luvenile Probation. 

Lebanon. PA 
Lebanon Valley College. Alumni 

Relations Office, Annville, PA 
Lebanon Valley College. Box Office. 

Annville. PA 
Lebanon Valley College. 

Communications Office. Annville. 

Lebanon Valley College. Development 

Office. Annville, PA 
Lebanon Valley College. Food Service, 

Annville. PA 
Little People Day Care. Palmyra. PA 
Northern Lebanon School District. 

Fredericksburg. PA 
Northwest Center. Philadelphia. PA 
Palmyra Area School District. Palmyra. 


Penn State University. Continuing 

Education Office. Hershey. PA 
Philhaven Hospital. Mt Gretna. PA 
Riverhead luvenile Aid Office, 

Riverhead, NY 
Rooftop Productions, Lancaster PA 
Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 

Lebanon, PA 
Schuylkill Youth Employment and 

Training Program. Pottsville. Pa 
Spang Crest Nursing Home, Lebanon 

U-Gro Nursery Schools. Palmyra, PA 
VA Medical Center. Lebanon. PA 
WTPA Radio. Harrisburg PA 

Alumni Advocates 

Bob and Barb Atkinson 

D Larry Bachtell 

Bruce Baver 

Ian Barndt 

Patricia Bohrs 

loan Brier 

Philip Bronson 

Patricia Bullock 

lames Bustard 

Stan Cohen 

lames K Davis 

Laura DeBiasse 

loseph Deroba 

Dean Dougherty 

Lee Dunkle 

Walter Ebersole 

lohn Fenimore 

lim Forsha 

Bob Frey 

Louis Fuller 

Bill Gingrich 

Lovella Goncalves 

Allen Green 

Lois Herrick 

leff Hersey 

Brenda Hiney 

David Hoffner 

Bob Holbrook 

Georgianne lones 

David Keehn 

Thomas Keehn 

leffrey Kern 

Richard Kline 

H Kenneth Lee 

Rita Mackndes 

Danel McCallus 

lohn Metka 

Richard Musselman 

lohn Rados 

Ron Renshaw 

C Richard Rhine 

Ed Ruth 

Frank Rutherford, III 

Patricia Shonk 

William Shoppell 

Barb Shupp 

Neal Sipe 

Larry Sweger 

Charles and Sidney Tome 

Russ Urey 

Diane Vaszily 

Lynore Walsleben 

Richard Wentzel 

Dick Zweier 

Alumni Association 
Executive Committee 

Bob Boyer, President 
Wes Dellinger President Elect 
Suzy Shenk, Vice President 
lohn Walter, Alumni Trustee 
lohn Metka, Chair. Alumni 

Bob Holbrook, Chair, Alumni 


Steve Roberts. Chair. Alumni Career 

loe Wengyn Chair, Athletic Booster 

Sue Egner. Co-Chair, Young Alumni 
Diane Detwiler, Co-Chair, Young 

Harry Zechman President, Senior 

Sam Clark. Senior Alumni 
Esther Kelchner. Senior Alumni 
lane Gruber Seiverling. Chair. Alumni 

lamie Jennings, Student Alumni 
Stephanie Butter. Student Alumni 
Lissa lennings. Student Alumni 
leff Boland, Student Alumni 

Alumni Weekend 
Planning Committee 

Wes Dellinger 75 

Bob Boyer 75 

Sam Clark '27 

Sue Egner '82 

Carl Ehrhart 40 

Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 

Beth Robinson Unger 72 

Alumni Career 

Denise Achey 
Ralph Ackerman 
Ron Afflebach 
Thomas K. Albert 
Michelle Allen 
Victor Anderson 
Dawna Baker 
Amy Barefoot 
Floyd Baturin 
Norm Bell 
Kenneth Bickel 
Daryl Boltz 
Tom Bowers 
Sue Brewer 
Harry Bncker 
Tad Brown 
lane Buscaglia 
Brian Cam 
Wendy Carter 
Colleen Cassidy 
Cathy Clarke 
lohn Coffin 
leff Conley 
Bob DiRico 
Susan Eberly 
Linda Evans 
Pam Fischer 
loseph Garguilo 
Steve Gamier 
Leslie Gilmore 
Karen Gluntz 
Martin Gluntz 
Harold Haslett 
Robert Hoffsmommer 
Michael Hogan 
Dawn Humphrey 
Scott Inners 
Stan Kaczorowski 
Deb Kauffman 
George King 
Tim Kreibel 
loe Krolczyk 
Deb Kus 
loe Lamberto 
Gary Lehman 
Karen Mailen 
Wayne Meyer 
Stanley Molotsky 
Bob Mrazik 
Deb Nelson 
Steve Nelson 


Bob Neubert 
lames Newcomer 
lesse O'Neill 
Debra Poley 
Carol Potts 
Larry Ports 
loe Rotunda 
Bryan Rowe 
Steve Sachs 
Stephen Scanniello 
lohn P Short 
Margo Smith 
Sue Smith 
Alicia Stahl 
loel Sports 
Steve St lohn 
Mia Stinner 
Barry Sweger 
Uori Sweger 
Kathleen Thach 
Sue Thompson 
Randy Valone 
Barb Weaver 
Kim Webster 
Kim Wright 


Edward Alexander 60 
Scott Artz 83 
Ken Longenecker 60 
Karen Mailen 82 
Scott Mailen 82 
Barbara Rhine 63 
Robert Rhine '64 
Dawn Sandy 63 

Lebanon Valley 





lune E Herr 

Connie L Peterson 

First Vice President 

Betty M Geffen 

Second Vice President 

Shelby C Applegate 


Karyn L Rose 


Ruth Rhodes 



Shelby C Applegate 


Betty M Gerfin 


Ellen Hostetter 


Nancy Peters 

Auxiliary-Student Affairs 

Gerry Ehrhart 

Delia Neidig 

Rosemary Yuhas 

Cheryl Reihl Weichsel 

Memorial Fund 

Edna Walmer 


Shelby C Applegate 

Fashion Show 

Peggy Reed 

Donna Stanilla 

Concert Choir 

Ruth Rhodes 

Plant Sale 

Krisand Michaels 

Bake Sale-Homecoming 

Nancy Peters 

Philadelphia Branch 


Miss Eleanor R Snoke 


Mrs. Harry E Smith 


Miss Dorothy B Hafer 



Mrs Hannah Pollack 
Mrs. Ruth Rhodes 

Interest Groups. Chairpersons 

Mary Ann Byrne 
Ruth Rhodes 
Rose Sorrentino 
Lillie Struble 
George Struble 
Carolyn Woods 

The Development staff 
has endeavored to 
recognize all of our donors 
and apologizes for any 
error in listing or omission. 
Please report any such 
errors to us as soon as 










28-Soccer vs. Dickinson (home) 

10:30 a.m. 

Football vs. Moravian (home) 

1:30 p.m. 

Athletic Hall of Fame 


1:30 p.m. 


6:00 p.m. 


6:45 p.m. 

The Good Doctor 

8:00 p.m. 

29-Homecoming Worship 

10:30 am 

29-The Good Doctor 

8:00 p.m. 


Annual Giving Phonathon Begins 

7:30 p.m. 


Leadership Development 


Board of Trustees Meeting 

10:00 a.m. 


Leadership Development 


LVC Auxiliary Meeting 

1:15 p.m. 


Admissions Open House 

8:30 a. m- 
3:30 p.m. 


Leadership Development 


Thanksgiving Vacation Begins 

5:00 p.m. 


LVC Auxiliary Meeting 

1:15 p.m. 


LV Dames Christmas Dinner 

6:30 p.m. 


Classes End 

5:00 p.m. 


Admissions Open House 

8:30 a.m- 
3:30 p.m. 

16-20 Leadership Development 
2 1 First Semester Ends 


1:00 p.m. 



Wig & Buckle Fall 
Play, The Good 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m 


Wig & Buckle Fall 
Play, The Good 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m 



Faculty Recital- 
Pierce Getz, 

Faculty Recital- 
Robert Rose, 

Miller Chapel 
Lutz Music Hall 

3:00 p.m 
3:00 p.m 


Student Recital- 
Elizabeth Garner, 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:00 p.m 


Public Recital 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:30 p.m 



Faculty Recital- 
Suzanne Caldwell 
Riehl. Organ 

Miller Chapel 

3:00 p.m. 


Campus Recital 

Lutz Music Hall 

4:00 p.m. 


Organ Recital- 
Guild Student 

Miller Chapel 

8:30 p.m. 


Wig & Buckle Fall 
Musical, The 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m. 


Wig & Buckle Fall 
Musical, The 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m. 



To Be Announced 

8:30 am- 

Open House 

3:30 p.m. 


LVC Symphony 
Concert, Dennis 
Sweigert, Piano 

Lutz Music Hall 

3:00 p.m. 

The Fantasticks 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m 


Faculty Recital— 
Erwin Chandler, 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:00 p.m. 


All-Bach Organ 
Recital— Guild 
Student Group 

Engle Hall 

8:30 p.m. 


The Fantasticks 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m. 


The Fantasticks 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m. 



To Be Announced 

8:30 am - 

Open House 

3:30 p.m. 


The Fantasticks 

Little Theatre 

8:00 p.m. 


Chamber Music 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:00 p.m. 


Public Recital 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:30 p.m. 


Alumni Chorale 

The Lititz 
Moravian Church 


Student Recital- 
Diane Hofner, 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:30 p.m. 


Alumni Chorale 

Calvary United 
Church of 
Christ, Reading 


"Christmas at 
the Valley" 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:00 p.m. 


Campus Recital 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:00 p.m. 

Student Recital- 

Lutz Music Hall 

8:00 p.m. 

Eric Shafer, 


Darla Dixon, 



Alumni Chorale 

Palm Lutheran 
Church, Palmyra 






Soccer vs. Dickinson (home) 

10:30 a.m. 

Field Hockey at Elizabethtown 

12:00 noon 

Football vs. Moravian (home) 


30 p.m. 


Cross Country vs. Allentown (home) 


30 p.m. 


Soccer at Allentown 


30 p.m. 


Field Hockey at Susquehanna 


30 p.m. 



Soccer at Gettysburg 


30 a.m. 

Field Hockey vs. Western Maryland 


00 a.m. 


Dec. 1 

Cross Country at Muhlenberg 

1:00 p.m. 

Football at Upsala 

1:30 p.m. 


Field Hockey vs. Dickinson (home) 

3:30 p.m. 


Soccer vs. Ursinus (home) 

3:30 p.m. 


1 1 

Football at Fairleigh Dickinson 

8:00 p.m 


Field Hockey at Widener 

1 1:00 a.m. 

Soccer at York 

1:30 p.m. 

Cross Country vs. Ursinus at 

2:00 p.m. 


lohns Hopkins 



Field Hockey vs. Millersville (home) 

4:00 p.m. 


Soccer vs. Franklin & Marshall 

3:30 p.m. 


Field Hockey vs. Albright (home) 


30 p.m. 


Soccer at Widener 

Field Hockey vs. Haverford (home) 

1 1 

30 a.m. 
00 p.m. 


Football at Albright 


30 p.m. 

1 1 

Cross Country vs. Elizabethtown at 


00 p.m. 




Soccer vs. luniata (home) 

3:00 p.m. 


Soccer at Muhlenberg 

10:30 a.m. 


Football vs. Susquehanna 

1:30 p.m. 

Men's Cross Country vs. 

2:00 p.m. 

Susquehanna and Wilkes at Franklin 

& Marshall 


Women's Cross Country vs. 

2:00 p.m. 

Scranton at Franklin & Marshall 


Cross Country vs. Albright at 

3:30 p.m 


Soccer vs. Moravian (home) 1 1:00 a.m. 

Cross Country vs. Washington and 1 :00 p.m. 

Maryland (home) 

Football at Delaware Valley 1:30 p.m. 

Cross Country MAC Championships 


Football vs. Lycoming (home) 1:30 p.m. 

Women's Basketball at Gallaudet 7:00 p.m. 

Men's Basketball at Alvernia 8:00 p.m. 

Women's Basketball vs. Dickinson 3:00 p.m. 


Men's Basketball vs. Muhlenberg IV 6:15 p.m. 

Men's Basketball vs. Muhlenberg V 8:00 p.m. 

Men's Basketball at Dickinson IV 6:00 p.m. 

Men's Basketball at Dickinson V 8:00 p.m. 

Women's Basketball vs Franklin & 7:00 p.m. 

Marshall (home) 

Wrestling Invitational at LVC 10:00 a.m. 

Wrestling Invitational at LVC 10:00 a.m. 

Women's Basketball at Western 2:00 p.m. 


Men's Basketball vs. Western 6:15 p.m. 

Maryland (home) 

Wrestling vs. King's Allegheny 7:00 p.m. 


Men's Basketball at Moravian |V 6:15 p.m. 

Men's Basketball at Moravian V 8:00 p.m. 

Wrestling vs. Widener at 7:00 p.m. 


Men's Basketball at Bucknell IV 6:00 p.m. 

Men's Basketball at Bucknell V 8:00 p.m. 


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Fall 1985. 

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