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Table of Contents 

"The Edward H. Arnold Sports Center" 
Opens Its Doors 





"Playgrounds Through The Years" 
"A Unique Slide" 

Alumni News 



Campus News 

Admissions Report 


Alumni Profile 
"The Father of Lexan" 




Honor Roll of Donors 


The 125th Anniversary Campaign 
Annual Fund 


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We've Changed 
Our Look! 

This "new and improved" issue of The 
Vallex/ reflects the exciting changes occur- 
ring all over campus. From our new Col- 
lege President, John A. Synodinos, to the 
Edward H. Arnold Sports Center, it is 
becoming increasingly evident that 
Lebanon Valley College is on the move! 

If you have any comments or sugges- 
tions, please feel free to call the editors at 

On the Cover: 

The new Edward H. Arnold Sports 
Center has made quite a "splash" at 
Lebanon Valley College. Pictured here are 
two students taking full advantage of the 
College's first-ever campus pool. 

Vol. 5, Number 2 
Fall 1988 

Copy Editor and Director of Alumni Ser- 
vices and Parents' Programs, Mary Jean 
Bishop, '84 

Production Editor and Publications 
Specialist, Dawn T. Greene 


John B. Deamer, Assistant Director of 

Timothy M. Ebersole, Sports Information 

Dawn T. Greene, Publications Specialist 

The Valley is published four times a year 
by Lebanon Valley College and 
distributed without charge to alumni and 

Send address changes to: 
The Alumni Services Office 
Laughlin Hall 
Lebanon Valley College 
AnnvUIe, PA 17003 

Special thanks to Glenn Gray 77, Gray 
Mountain Studios 

The Edward H. Arnold 

Sports Center 

Opens Its Doors 

by Dawn Greene 

From Plato to the Renaissance, great 
thinkers have always believed that a com- 
plete education must include cultivation 
of the mind, the spirit, and the body. 

On February 19, 1988, Lebanon Valley 
College, concerned that its programs be 
complete, opened the doors to its new 
educational facility — the Edward H. Ar- 
nold Sports Center. 

Over the past 20 years, physical fitness 
has moved from fad to fact. There has 
been a revolution in America in our at- 
titudes about health, exercise, and diet. 
People have found that there is a direct 
correlation between physical activity and 
general well-being, personal worth, and 
self-expectation. In the early 1980s, it 
became increasingly apparent that 
physical recreation needed to become a 
larger part of the Lebanon Valley College 

Today, with an estimated 26 million 
people in the U.S. participating in in- 
dividualized, noncompetitive sports, a 
recreational complex is certainly an asset 
for student recruitment. "Students, even 
though they may not be varsity athletes, 
do look for athletic recreation," said Lou 
Sorrentino '54, director of athletics. "The 
building provides yet another incentive 
for prospective students to select Lebanon 
Valley College." 

There were also growing needs within 
the intercollegiate athletic programs. 
Lynch Gymnasium, built in 1950 as the 
premier college athletic facility in the Mid- 
dle Atlantic Conference, could no longer 
keep up with the College's expanding 
sports programs. "Since Lynch was built, 
we have gone from six to 14 intercollegiate 
teams and 20 intramural sports activities 
for men and women," said Sorrentino. 
"We kept adding more sports teams, but 
were still using the same facilities." 

With the addition of the Arnold Sports 
Center, Lebanon Valley College now 
proudly offers all students the opportuni- 
ty to develop lifetime habits that will keep 
them healthier and happier during and 
after college. The multi-million dollar 
complex offers students a pool, indoor 
track, four basketball/volleyball/ten- 
nis/badminton courts, and three racquet- 
ball courts (one converts for squash). 
Other features include locker/shower 
rooms, saunas, and outdoor restrooms 
and concessions stands to support the 
outdoor athletic fields. 

Additionally, Kevin Yeiser, director of 
grounds and athletic facilities, makes it 
his full-time job to assure that everyone 

The six-lane swimming pool was bustling with action during Lebanon Valley College's 1988 
Summer Swimming Camps offered to boys and girls ages 7-13. 

The Center's expansive arena includes a 200-meter track with pole-vaulting and high-jumping 
accomodations; and four full-length basketball courts that can be converted for volleyball, 
tennis, and badminton. 

who enters the building will be able to 
utilize all of the facility's resources to the 

But the building is not all there is to the 
Arnold Sports Center. The facility's story, 
from its inception, to the groundbreak- 
ing, to opening day, has been one of 
dedicated individuals, concerned for the 
well-being of Lebanon Valley students, 
alumni, and Lebanon County community 

In 1984, George Marquette '48, vice 
president for student affairs and dean of 

students, and Robert linger '69, former 
director of alumni relations and cross- 
country coach, discussed the need to 
upgrade the recreational facilities on cam- 
pus. "Because of the growth in the inter- 
collegiate programs. Lynch was becoming 
increasingly unavailable to the general 
student body— especially during the 
winter months when everything moves 
indoors," said Marquette. "We arrived at 
the conclusion that there was a growing 
need on campus for improved recrea- 
tional programming, but we wanted to 
have input from others," said Marquette. 



The pair presented their thoughts to 
former College President Arthur Peterson 
who whole-heartedly approved the for- 
mation of a study committee, chaired by 
Marquette, to look at the College's 
athletic/recreational programs and its 

The committee made two recommenda- 
tions in the spring of 1985: construct a 
facility that would provide for improved 
recreational and intramural programs; 
and move the entire athletic program out 
of Lynch to the area by the Arnold foot- 
ball field. 

"When we had the okay for the facility, 
the committee then determined that the 
building would be the first phase of the 
overall project and would be dedicated 
solely to the recreational needs of our 
students, alumni, and local community 
members." said Marquette. "Additional 
facilities would be constructed later for in- 
tercollegiate contests and athletic offices." 

The College initiated the 125th Anniver- 
sary Campaign to raise the money for the 
complex and for the life and work of the 
College. Campaign funds fall into three 
categories: improvements to recreational 
programs with a new facility, $3 million; 

College endowment, $3 million; and 
funding for special programs and pro- 
jects, $500 thousand. 

Early in the campaign, trustee Edward 
Arnold, whose family has had a long- 
standing and strongly supportive rela- 
tionship with Lebanon Valley College, 
made a significant financial commitment 
to the project. Like his father, Henry, a 
former College trustee for which the Ar- 
nold Athletic Fields are named, Ed Ar- 
nold is committed to the opportunities 
that Lebanon Valley offers Lebanon Coun- 
ty residents. 

"My only stipulation was that they in- 
clude a swimming pool in the building," 
said Arnold. "I believed it was absolutely 
essential that it be a part of a recreational 

Construction began with a ground- 
breaking ceremony in April 1987 and was 
completed within a year. 

Harlan Wengert, College trustee, also 
made a signifcant contribution to the pro- 
ject in the memory of his father, Samuel, 
who was a College trustee and lifetime 
supporter of the institution. The 
building's lobby is named in Samuel 
Wengert's honor. 

Harlan Wengert (left) and Edward Arnold (right) begin to dig the facility's foundation during 
the Sport Center's ground-breaking ceremony in April 1987. 

First to take advantage of the new facili- 
ty was Peterson, who came back from 
retirement in Florida to fulfill his promise 
to be the first to swim in the pool during 
the building's February opening 
ceremonies. Lebanon Valley College's 14th 
President set the initial Arnold Sports 
Center swimming record: 48 seconds for 
one lap. He invited any student beating 
his time for a glass of iced tea at his 
Florida home. 

Being "dedicated solely to the recrea- 
tional needs of students, alumni, and 
local community members" means a lot 
more, however, than simply raising funds 
and constructing a building. It also means 
having a caring staff to develop programs 
that wUl interest students and teach them 
about health and physical education. The 
College has done just that. Rusty Owens 
'61, supervisor of program activities for 
the recreation center, is excited about the 
potential that the building has to help in- 
dividuals develop lifetime habits; but he 
recognizes that the building itself cannot 
educate the students. "You can't separate 
intramural recreation programs from the 
complex," said Owens. "They must go 
hand in hand." 

Owens intentionally distinguishes bet- 
ween "intramural" and "intramural 
recreation." "When most people picture 
'intaramural' they see groups of frater- 
nities playing intensely competitive foot- 
ball games," said Owens. " 'Intramural 
recreation,' on the other hand, is getting 
students involved in individualized 
lifetime sports... less competition, more 
discipline and goal-setting." 

Owens and NikiE. Raudenski, buUding 
secretary and activities instructor, have 
already been hard at work upgrading 
student-based intramural recreational ac- 
tivities. Already in place are racquetball 
tournaments, walking and running clubs, 
and a water aerobics program. 

The activities are oriented toward 
educating the participants on their entire 
"physical selves." "In the water aerobics 
program, in addition to 20 minutes of car- 
diovascular work and toning, we go 
through a series of stress release and 
relaxation techniques," said Raudenski. 
"We teach them to be in tune with their 
bodies so that they can identify which 
parts contain the most stress. Then we 
show them techniques, which can be 
used throughout the day, for eliminating 
the stress in that area." 

The building's staff is hoping the com- 
plex will soon be used to its full capacity 
and is planning to start student and com- 
munity fitness clubs, biathlon clubs. 

Stairs ascending from the Arnold Sport*- 
Center lobby lead to offices and an 
observation view of the pool, arena, and 
racquethall court areas. 

100-mile clubs, and racquetball clinics. 
They are also planning to begin working 
with "special population" groups such as 
the elderly, the handicapped, and the 
young. "I want Lebanon Valley to be the 
'number one' College in the state for 
recreational activities," said Owens. "We 
already have over 1,000 people using the 
building per week." 

The new facility is making it possible 
for the College to have its "first ever" 
swim team. Although, this year, the 
group competes only as a club. President 
John A. Synodinos has given his approval 
to start an intercollegiate team coached by 
Rusty Owens '61, for the 1989-90 
academic year. 

Lebanon Valley College is also very in- 
terested that the facility serve to add to its 
existing services for alumni and com- 
munity members. Memberships for alum- 
ni and the community became available 
in September and the response has been 

Despite all of the excitement over Ar- 
nold, Lynch Gymnasium will not be left 
behind like an old toy. For the time being, 
it wOl continue to house all intercollegiate 
basketball and volleyball contests, athletic 
staff offices, weight room, equipment 

room, and training room. SpUlman 
Farmer Architects, Bethlehem, PA, made 
recommendations for Lynch Gymnasium 
when they came in early 1988 to look at 
the overall campus and academic plan. 
They suggest that Lynch has many ap- 
plications. "The building offers an oppor- 
tunity to provide a primary academic 
facility on the main quadrangle. It is an 
under-utilized resource right in the center 
of campus," said Bob Spillman, president 
of the architectural firm. 

Lebanon Valley College has come a long 
way since it held its basketball practices in 
the basement of the Administration 

Building. The College is proud of its ac- 
complishments and very thankful for the 
dedication of concerned individuals like 
the Arnolds, the Wengerts, former Col- 
lege President Arthur Peterson, and Dean 
George Marquette, who have helped 
develop this institution over the years. 

The Edward H. Arnold Sports Center 
demonstrates Lebanon Valley College's 
commitment that its students receive the 
most complete education possible. Said 
Marquette, "the buUding symbolizes the 
College's belief that life-long physical ac- 
tivity is a critical component in people's 

General Policy and Membership Information for the 
Edward H. Arnold Sports Center 

The Arnold Sports Center offers the 
following to members: 

1. A six-lane, 25-meter pool 

2. Three racquetball courts which can be 
converted into "wallyball" courts 

3. Two dry saunas 

4. Arena area which includes four courts 
each converting into basketball, 
volleyball, tennis, or badminton courts 

5. A four-lane, 200-meter track 

All areas will be available at designated 
times in accordance with specific policies 
of the Sports Center. 


Alumni Single $100.00 

Alumni Family 180.00 

Community Single 130.00 

Community Family 220.00 

Senior Citizen (60 & up) 100 . 00 

• Corporate rates available 

• Membership is from September 15 to 
May 15 

• One day memberships during the sum- 
mer may be purchased for $3.00 at the 
Main Desk 

• Children under the age of 18 are not 
eligible for single memberships 


The Arena Area and Courts will be open: 

Monday and Thursday 6:30 am-ll:00 pm 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday . . 9:00 am-n:00 pm 

Saturday '. .' . . 9:00 am-10:00 pm 

Sunday'. 1:00 pm-ll:00 pm 

The pool will be open for: 

Lap Swimming 

Monday and Thursday 6:30 am-9:00 am 

Monday - Friday 11:30 am-l:00 pm 


General Swimming 

Monday - Friday 7:00 pm-10:00 pm 

Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm-4:00 pm 


Weekly activities will be posted and 
members can check the Activity Board at 
the Main Desk for scheduled programs. 


Tennis Racquetball 

Prime time $15.00 $6.00 

Non prime time 10.00 4.00 

Prime time rates are in effect when 
classes are in session from 12:00 noon un- 
til closing. 

For further information, or to receive a 
membership application, please call Niki 
Raudenski at the Sports Center Desk, 

Dedication of the 

Edward H. Arnold 

Sports Center 

The official dedication of the new com- 
plex was held during Parents' Day, 
October 22, at 10:30 a.m. The "standing 
room only" crowd of alumni, parents, 
and friends paid tribute to Dr. Edward H. 
Arnold, the Wengert Family and many 
others who worked so hard to make this 
dream a reality. 

Dr. and Mi - I l.ii I. in W uii'.;!.'! I, viiiicr, and 
Mr. Clifford Wengert, right, are greeted by 
Mrs. Ellen Arnold, Director of Annual Giving, 
upon their arrival at the President's brunch. 
During the ceremonies, the late Mr. and 
Mrs. Samuel K. Wengert were honored for 
their lifelong commitments to Lebanon Valley 
College and the Lebanon County community. 

Dr Elizabeth K Weisburger, President of the Board of Trustees, welcomes the standing room only 
audience to the dedication of the Edward H. Arnold Sports Center. Seated from left are 
Dr. George R. Marquette, Mrs. Suzanne Arnold, Dr. Edward H. Arnold, and President 
fohn A. Synodinos. 


Dedication ceremonies were highlighted by an inspiring performance of Vaughn William's "O Clap 
Your Hands," by the Lebanon Valley College Concert Choir. Conducting is Dr. Pierce A. Getz '51, 
Professor of Music; accompanying the Concert Choir is organist Bradley Boyer '90. 

Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart, First Vice President 
of the Board of Trustees, unveils the "Edward 
H. Arnold Sports Center" plaque to Ed and 
Suzanne Arnold. The plaque was crafted by 
Ronald Sykes, a local sculptor, and features a 
bust of Dr. Arnold. 


Through The 


r h 


The "Phantom Gym" as it appeared in the 
1903 College catalogue. 

by Edna Carmean '59 

The first athletic facility at Lebanon 
Valley College was the College lawn. It 
provided the necessary open space for 
the oldest sport at the institution, cro- 
quet, and then for baseball. 

Baseball was amazingly popular. An old 
graduate in 1875 wrote that the game was 
played every afternoon. When the supper 
bell rang at five-thirty, bats and balls were 
discarded only to be picked up again 
when the meal was over. 

By 1882, the game was thoroughly 
organized. It was announced in the Col- 
lege's student newspaper. The LaVie, that 
"a fourth 'nine' had just elected officers"; 
this meant that in a student body of only 
134, there were 36 ball players! When an 
outside team challenged the College to a 
game, neither team was above hiring 
"ringers" (usually expert pitchers) to fOl in 
their weak spots. 

In 1893, Lebanon Valley College had one 
of the finest ball grounds in the country, 
in addition to two tennis courts and a 
beautiful croquet ground. This outdoor 
facility was located between Sheridan 
Avenue and the Main Building, on the 
north side of campus. 

In the meantime, indoor recreation was 
not being neglected. In 1882, members of 
the Kalozetean Literary Society hand-dug 
space for a gymnasium under the south 
end of the old Main BuUding. For several 
years, Kalo retained control of the new in- 
door facility, but generously offered ac- 
cess to all students at certain hours on 
payment of a small fee. 

Football was organized in 1897. It was 
extremely popular, and the next year the 
Lebanon Valley College team played a 
schedule of games which included Sus- 
quehanna, Ursinus, Gettysburg, and the 
state teachers colleges. At first the game 
was played on campus, but in 1903, a new 
athletic field on Maple Street, described 
as "six acres enclosed and fitted up for all 
phases of modern athletics," was bought. 
Two years later, it acquired a grandstand 
and bleachers. For close to 40 years, it was 
common on Saturday afternoons in the 
fall to see the student and town fans 
streaming out along Maple Street to the 
football games. 

The fields are still owned by the Col- 
lege, but are on loan to the community of 
Annville/Cleona as a recreation area. 

Basketball had a slower start. There was 
no place to play this game. However, after 
Engle Hall, with its fine auditorium, was 
built in 1899, the old chapel in the Main 
Building was converted to a basketball 
"cage." The rostrum and seats were rip- 
ped out and both men's and women's 
teams were organized. 

That lasted four years, until the great 
fire of Christmas Eve, 1904, when the 
building was destroyed. When it was re- 
built, there was no basketball cage. The 
men were able to plav in the Annville 
Town Hall, but the women had to give up 
the game for a time. 

There was general rejoicing in 1902, 
when it was announced at Commence- 
ment that a gift had been made to the Col- 
lege of a new gymnasium. Foundations 
were laid for the new gymnasium in the 
area where the library now stands. A pic- 
ture of the architect's rendition of the 
building appeared in the College catalog, 
which said it was being built of limestone 
and would be modern in every detail. 

Suddenly, the work stopped. The 
money supply had dried up. The picture 
vanished from the catalog. For several 
years, there was a big hole in the ground 
which the students referred to mockingly 
as "Our Phantom Gym." The rubble was 
finally cleared away. 

In 1914, there was a step forward. A 
gymnasium was built in the south end of 
the Administration Building. Its cost of 
$5,000 had been donated by Lebanon 
Valley alumni. The new Alumni Gym- 
nasium was spacious, with the playing 
floor on the basement level and a balcony 
which opened on the first floor. The 
balcony served as a running track as well 
as a vantage point for spectators. This 

gymnasium was used for parties and 
dances as well as for basketball. 

The Alumni Gymnasium served the 
College well until 1951, when the Lynch 
Memorial Gymnasium was opened. This 
building was a welcome addition, but it 
put a temporary crimp in another popular 
sport when it was built on the site of five 
tennis courts. 

Football was dropped during World War 
II. When it resumed after the war, the old 
Maple Street field was not adequate. 
Home games were played on the Lebanon 
High School football field, but the old 
field was still used for practice. In 1944, a 
plot of 16 acres north of the campus, 
across the railroad tracks, was purchased 
for the new Arnold Athletic Fields. It was 
not sufficiently developed for games for 
more than ten years, and it was not until 
the mid-seventies that the two sections of 
the campus were directly connected by a 
covered walk-way across the railroad 

The fields, which include football, 
baseball, field hockey, soccer, and two 
tennis courts, have seen some additional 
development over the past two years, 
with the construction of the new Edward 
H. Arnold Sports Center. In the spring 
and summer of 1987, irrigation systems 
were installed for the football and field 
hockey fields. In addition, the field 
hockey field was leveled to make it NCAA 
regulation size and re-sodded. Because 
the new sports complex was built on part 
of the old soccer field, the team had to 
play its contests on the Lebanon High 
School soccer field last season. However, 
their field was relocated north of the new 
complex this summer and is ready for 

Although there are further plans for im- 
provements to the football stadium and 
Lynch, with the final landscaping touches 
around the new building, Lebanon Valley 
College begins the 1988-89 athletic year 
with the most complete and the most at- 
tractive sports/recreation facilities in its 

A Unique 

First-Ever Trombone Quartet-In-Residence 
at Lebanon Valley College 

by John Deamer 

What musical instrument is over 500 
years old, is so versatile that nearly all 
styles of music from c. 1450 to 1988 have 
been played on it, and recently had a 
quartet-in-residence formed in its honor? 

The trombone, of course. 

Once called the "sackbut," the trom- 
bone is the oldest of all band and or- 
chestra instruments that retains its 
original form. Historically, trombones 
have been used widely in ceremonial 
bands as well as churches; however, they 
are most often blended with voices and 
other instruments. 

Today, with the exception of the "Big 
Band" sound made famous by Tommy 
Dorsey and Glenn MUler, the trombone is 
still more or less identified as a band 

Now, at Lebanon Valley College, a four- 
man group is undertaking to change all of 

In January, Jim Erdman, adjunct in- 
structor of low brass, and founder of the 
"Quartet/Die Posaunen," presented a 
concept to Dr. Robert C. Lau, chairperson 
of the music department, and to Dr 
William J. McGill, dean of the faculty. 
"Why not establish a trombone quartet- 
in-residence at Lebanon Valley?" 

"There were two things that intrigued 
me about the concept of having the group 
in residence at the College," said Lau. 
"First, the group offers a unique cultural 
experience; and, second, these four pro- 
fessionals are high-calibre musicians that 
have reached near-perfection on their in- 
struments. I wanted our students to have 
yet another opportunity to be exposed to 
this kind of musical excellence." 

While the concept of a trombone 
quartet might have seemed unusual to 
Lebanon Valley College, it is not new. 
Trombone quartets have been used by 
composers for centuries, from Marini to 
Beethoven and from Schutz to Stravinsky. 
In 1695, Purcell made an unforgettable use 
of a trombone quartet in his music for the 
funeral of Queen Mary. 

Because of its unusual design, the trom- 
bone has some unique qualities. Unlike 
the other instruments of the brass family 
(e.g. the trumpet, the french horn), which 
are limited in the number of producable 
notes by the "harmonic series of over- 
tones," the trombone, being furnished 
with a slide, has a greater musical flex- 

ibility. This chromatic versatility, coupled 
with the fact that their narrower bell 
allows them to be played softly and blend- 
ingly, produces some beautiful results. 

"Audiences are often pleased to 
discover that this instrument can so 
masterfully produce sounds that instill in 
the listener feelings of majesty, excitment, 
or love," said Erdman. 

While Erdman has always been 
dedicated to the instrument, his resolve to 
demonstrate the trombone's potential to 
stand alone was renewed in 1981 at the 
annual International Trombone Associa- 
tion Workshop where he heard a 30-piece 
college trombone choir. The concert 
renewed Erdman's long-time yearning for 
conducting and inspired him to gather 
trombone players he knew throughout 
Central Pennsylvania that would be in- 
terested in playing professionally. 

Out of this experience eventually grew 
the foursome now known as 
"Quartet/Die Posaunen" (which is Ger- 
man for "the trombones"). The first of its 
kind in an American college or university, 
the ensemble-in-residence's inaugural 
performance was in February 1988 at the 
College's Founders' Day Ceremonies. 

The group's repertoire includes a mix of 
contemporary, religious, and jazz pieces. 
Because they play a variety of music — 
from 17th century compositions to "Polka 
Dots and Moonbeams" — they are becom- 
ing very popular in South Central 

"Of course we play for special events at 
the College such as this fall's Opening 
Convocation, but are willing to perform at 
community and church events also,"says 
Dr. Robert Hearson, a member of the 
ensemble and assistant music professor at 
the College. 

"The group's avaOablity was another 
thing that intrigued me about having 
them in-residence," said Lau. "Now, in 
addition to some of our other touring 
ensembles, Lebanon Valley College is 
represented to the general public by a 
professional musical organization." 

In August, the group cut a Christmas 
album, "Christmas Ornaments," which 
will be available to the public in late Oc- 
tober on cassette, and compact disc. 

Behind the scenes, one discovers that 
the "Quartet/Die Posaunen" has been 
more than just a quartet-in-residence, it 
has become a Lebanon Valley College 
family affair. The group's musical ar- 
rangements are written by two Lebanon 
Valley alumni, Rodney Miller '77 and Tom 
Strohman '75, adjunct instrutor in music; 
the group's original logo was developed 
by Becky Long '88; and Christmas album 
recording engineer was John Uhl '79, 
director of media services. 

"It has been exciting having the group 
on campus," said Lau. "I think that 
everyone can benefit from their pursuit of 
musical excellence." 

No doubt, this "unique slide" has 
kindled a lot of motivation. 

Those interested in arranging for the group 
to perform at an event can call the music 
department at 717/867-6275. 

Tin i 'u Posaunen takes a break from practicing. The group's members include (from 

left to right); Ronald Garman, James Erdman, Stephen Shiffer, and Robert Hearson. 



Alumni were treated to a special Hershey Rose (garden tour b}' Steve bcanniello 78 (center, wearing hat). Steve is a rosanan tor the 
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, N.Y. 

Returning alumni enjoyed the campus roses at their peak. 

Joe Shemeta '52 sinks one at the annual 
Alumni Weekend Golf Outing. 

Everything's Coming Up Roses... Again 

Unbelievably, as we "wrap-up" Alumni 
Weekend 1988 in this issue, it is also time 
to begin thinking about Alumni Weekend 
1989, June 2, 3, and 4. Because of the over- 
whelming response to last year's pro- 
gram, this year's theme, once again, is 
roses! The Alumni Programs Planning 
Committee is already hard at work put- 
ting together the weekend's schedule. 

Also, Reunion Committees tor the 
Classes of '24, '29, '34, '39, '44, '49, '54, and 
'59 are being formed. If you are interested 
in serving on your reunion committee or 
would like more information on your 
reunion, call the Alumni Services Office 
at 717/867-6220. 

Irma Shearer '36 and Dan Shearer '38 at 
the Rose Care Demonstration. 


iVloi |-j,5 


Jack Morris '37 and his wife, Mildred, took part in the Alumni Weekend festivities. 

Senior Alumni Breakfast Meeting 

The Senior Alumni met on Saturday, 
June 4, for breakfast and to induct the 

50 year Class of 1938 into the Senior 
Alumni Association. 

Irene ]. Schell '28 stands to be recognized as 
the new Senior Alumni Association Presi- 
dent Elect. Other officers voted into office 
during the meeting were Ethel H. Darkes 
'31, President; Esther H. Kelchner '25, 1st 
Vice President; Dewitt Essick '34, 2nd Vice 
President; and Philip Underwood '35, 3rd 
Vice President. 

C. Bovd and Louise Stoner Shaffer, both of the Class of '38, come forward to accept 
their Senior Alumni Association pins from Wes Dellinger as part of their class's induc- 
tion into the group. 

Alumni Awards 

The Alumni Association Awards Lunch- 
eon was held on Saturday, June 4, at 12:00 
noon, to recognize outstanding graduates 
of Lebanon Valley College. This year, 
there were five Alumni Citation winners 
who were selected on the basis of occupa- 
tional or professional achievement, com- 
munity service, or service to the College. 
They were (1-r): G. Harold Bucher '47, 
John Eby '57, Ross W. Fasick '55, Irma K. 
Shearer '36, and Daniel L. Shearer '38. 

Also during the luncheon, seven alum- 
ni were inducted into the Miles Rigor 
Society for 20 years or more of dedicated 
service to the College. They were: Martin 
L. Gluntz '53, Evelyn Toser '52, Thomas 
C. Reinhart '58, Jane Gruber Seiverling 
'43, William H. Kelly '54, Alice Daniel Kel- 
ly '54, and Merle L. Wise '53. 

Although the Distinguished Alumnus 
Award winner for outstanding achieve- 
ment. Dr. Mark Diethelm '53 of 
Switzerland, could not be present to 
receive his accolades, the alumni were 
treated to a video-taped "acceptance 
speech," shown during the luncheon. 


Diethelm's address focused on the im- 
portance of leadership. "There is just no 
equivalent for leadership. To prepare for 
this and for responsible behavior in the 
community, a wide liberal arts education 
is a tremendous asset... [This type of] 
education makes for the utmost in in- 
tellectual flexibility and inducting one's 
trained critical abilities while at the same 
time preparing us to adapt well to our en- 
vironment and our duties in the 

...From my viewpoint, Lebanon Valley 
College is an ideal college considering the 
size, its academic outlook, its constant 
endeavors to improve and add new pro- 
grams for its students, and its dedication 
to helping shape tomorrow's leaders. Best 
qualified leaders are not only of the ut- 
most importance to a corporation, but 
they are vital for making better citizens, a 
better community, and creating a better 
environment for us, our children, and our 




Lebanon Valley Greets 
The Class of 1992 

For those who have experienced it, 
either as a student or as a parent, it is not 
difficult to remember the emotion of the 
first days of college — anxiety over the 
changes occuring can be overwhelming. 
Although these fears cannot be erased, 
the Student Affairs Office is working 
toward making the first days at Lebanon 
Valley College easier for students and 
parents alike with their "New Student 
Orientation" program. 

On Saturday, August 27th, at 10:00 
a.m., residence halls opened for the 
freshmen. These students were greeted at 
their new "homes" by 50 "Student Orien- 
tation Leaders" donning bright blue t- 
shirts imprinted with "Here to Assist 
You." Each leader was assigned a specific 
group of new students. 

The Student Orientation Leaders, who 
were selected from applications and inter- 
views, attended a two-day training ses- 
sion to prepare them to address the new 
students' concerns and to help them get 
to know each other. "Because these up- 
perclassmen were carefully chosen and 
properly trained, this was probably the 
best new student orientation that we've 
had," said Rosemary Yuhas, assistant 
dean of students. "There was more op- 
portunity for social bonding, both among 
the new students and between the 
freshmen and the upperclassmen." 

The College Auxiliary's Annual Plant Sale 
provides an opportunity for anxious parents 
to help beautify their students' new"homes." 

"It was nice to have a reason to leave my 
daughter's dorm room," said one mother. 
"1 was so upset about leaving her that I 
didn't know whether to help her get set- 
tled, or leave her alone to let her do it 
herself. This has been a lovely afternoon." 

Later that evening, after most of the 
parents had left, the new students had 
further opportunity to get to know each 
other at "Play Fair" where they played 
non-competitive icebreaking games. 

Over the following two weeks, the 
freshmen had the opportunity to get to 
know themselves better during a new stu- 
dent seminar series. In the seminars, they 
learned time management skills, study 
skills, and career assessment processes. 
They also examined issues surrounding 
the consumption of alcohol, and intraper- 
sonal relationships. 

'Tt really helped to have the opportuni- 
ty to go through the orientation program," 
said freshman Kathryn Ford. "It relieved 
some of my anxiety about what lies 

After getting settled into their rooms 
and having a buffet lunch, freshmen and 
their parents attended the College's 
Opening Convocation ceremony at 2:00 
p.m. The ceremony, which had 
something of the feeling of a "converse 
baccalaureate" service, included greetings 
by College President John A. Synodinos. 

On a day underscored by change, 
Lebanon Valley's "freshman president" 
urged the new students to seek out the 
values and patterns that continue 
throughout one's life. 

Synodinos emphasized that students 
should "always look for the common con- 
nection" in their courses and ask 
"the larger cjuestions." "The questions 
you ask will be as important as the 
answers you put on a quiz. We can help 
you learn how to learn," he said. 

The new president also made the 
following request to the incoming 
freshmen on behalf of their parents: "Call 
or write sometimes even when you don't 
need something." 

The parents in the audience applauded. 

During the Opening Convocation 
Ceremony, in a "matriculation oath," the 
new students affirmed their wish to "pur- 
sue the ideals of learning, of service, and 
of moral and spiritual commitment" that 
Lebanon Valley College espouses. 

After the ceremony, the new students 
and their parents were invited to meet 
President and Mrs. Synodinos at their 

New students moved in on Saturday, 
August 27th, with the help of their "Student 
Orientation Leaders." 

Kreiderheim home. There, they shared 
with the president, administrators, facul- 
ty, and other parents their excitement and 
apprehension over the changes in their 

Scholarship Benefactors 
Luncheon Held 

A "Scholarship Benefactors Luncheon" 
was held on campus in September to 
allow endowed scholarship benefactors, 
who came from as far as Maine and San 
Franscisco, to meet their scholarship's 
1988-89 student recipients. 

"There was so much good-feeling in the 
air," said Ellen Arnold, director of the 
annual fund. "Several of the benefactors 
and students, meeting each other for the 
first time, embraced warmly." 

"The luncheon was special, we were 
able to meet the people that have 
challenged us to expect the best from 
ourselves," said Doug Nyce '89, who is 
one of the recipients of the Allan W. 
Mund Jr. Scholarship. "Not only do these 
benefactors set goals for us as students, 
but they challenge us as future alumni to 
reciprocate their generosity." 

"I attended the luncheon so that I could 
thank the person who provided my 
scholarship," said Steve Butz '90. "As it 
turned out, my benefactor donated my 
scholarship in thanks for generosity he 


received during his last year at Lebanon 

In all, over 60 guests attended — each 
with special stories to share. 

Scholarships represented were: the 
Alumni Scholarship; the Allan W. Mund, 
Jr. Scholarship; the Carmean String 
Scholarship; the Hazel and Martin L. 
Gluntz Scholarship; the Alvin E. Shonk 
Scholarship; the Edwin and Jesse Zeigler 
Scholarship; the Cloyd H. Ebersole 
Scholarship; the Dorothy Yeakel Horn 
Scholarship; the Neidig Fund for 
Chemistry; the Esther and Paul Ensming- 
er Scholarship; and the Mary E. McCurdy 
Graham Scholarship. 

First-year endowed scholarships 
represented were the Perry A. and Laura 
B. Tschop Memorial School Fund and the 
Rebecca S. Harvey Scholarship. Other 
first-time scholarships honored were the 
Elizabeth M. Geffen Endowed Scholar- 
ship and the Arthur L. Peterson Leader- 
ship Scholarship. 

Douglas Nyce '89 and John Brenner '90 speak with Allan W. Mund Sr., representing The Allan 
W. Mund Jr. Scholarship, during the Scholarship Benefactors Luncheon. 

College Receives Three 

Grants From The National 

Science Foundation 

The Lebanon Valley College chemistry 
and biology departments received three 
grants from the National Science Founda- 
tion (NSE) in August; two for chemistry 
research projects and one to increase the 
level of laboratory training in a cell 
biology course offered at the College. 

'ATP Regeneration Based on 
Polyphosphate Kinase," under the direc- 
tion of Dr. Owen Moe, professor of 
chemistry, was awarded $50-thousand. 
The grant is the result of a proposal writ- 
ten by Moe, and is a continuation of 
previous NSF funding for this project. 

NSF also has awarded $16,566 to 
another chemistry project, "The Introduc- 
tion of an Atomic Absorption Spec- 
trophotometer into the Chemistry Cur- 
riculum to Strengthen Laboratory Instruc- 
tion." Dr Richard Cornelius, chairperson 
of the chemistry department, is oversee- 
ing the use of the instrument and wrote 
the proposal to NSF for additional 

NSF awarded $21,462 to Lebanon Valley 
College's biology department for the pro- 
ject, "Improvement of Laboratory Ex- 
perience in Comparative Histology." This 
grant proposal was written by Dr. Allan F. 
Wolfe, professor of biology. 


Moe's research project is in the area of 
biotechnology, and involves the use of en- 
zymes to synthesize biologically impor- 
tant molecules. The overall goal of the 
research project is to develop an im- 
mobilized system for ATP regeneration 
which could be used in enzyme reactors 
to produce medically-related products 
such as antibiotics, hormones, and 
growth factors. 

Research on this project has been con- 
ducted for the past six years, with support 
coming from NSF, Research Corporation, 
and the American Chemical Society's 
Petroleum Research Fund. During this 
time, 12 undergraduate chemistry, 
biochemistry, and biology majors from 
Lebanon Valley College have been in- 
volved in carrying out this research. 

Funds for Dr. Cornelius' project will 
support the purchase of an atomic ab- 
sorption spectrophotometer which will be 
placed in the College's Garber Science 
Center. The instrument will be used 
primarily to analyze trace amounts of 
metals, such as the amount of sodium in 
"sodium free" antacids. 

The primary use of the instrument will 
be by Lebanon Valley College students, 
but high school students attending the 
College's summer Youth Scholars In- 
stitute program in chemistry will also use 
the instrument. 

The instrument will find another use in 
a research project on the synthesis of 

platinum-containing anti-cancer drugs. 
Earlier this year. Dr. Cornelius received a 
$50-thousand grant from the National 
Cancer Institute to support this project. 
The atomic absorption spectrophotometer 
is capable of analyzing extremely small 
concentrations of platinum. 

In biology, the NSF grant will enable 
students in histology and independent 
study courses to section and study 
plastic-embedded tissues, to study cells 
and tissues with flourescence microscopic 
techniques, and to photograph their 
results with state-of-the-art 
photomicrographic equipment. The 
funds also will provide a safe staining 
area for students to use hazardous 

The laboratory component of the course 
included the study of prepared slides of 
various tissue types and organ systems as 
well as the routine histological and 
histochemical staining of paraffin- 
embedded tissues. This laboratory ex- 
perience culminated in a student project 
which utilized some of the techniques 
learned in the course and was presented 
in a poster format. 

With this new equipment, the course 
can be redesigned to provide biology ma- 
jors, as well as biochemistry majors, with 
a strong morphological background at the 
cell level for their advanced molecular 
and biochemical courses. 


Grant Funds 
Cancer Research 

The National Cancer Institute, through 
its program, "Academic Research 
Enhancement Awards," awarded the 
chemistry department a two-year, 
$50-thousand grant in May. The grant was 
the result of a proposal submitted by Dr. 
Richard Cornelius, chairperson of the 
chemistry department. 

The cancer grant funds a project, 
"Phosphate Complexes of Platinum," 
which studies chemistry related platinum- 
containing anti-cancer drugs. The world's 
largest selling cancer drug is cisplatin, a 
compound containing platinum. 

"There are a large number of platinum 
compounds that have already been 
prepared and tested for anti-cancer activi- 
ty," says Cornelius. "Some of them are 
highly effective, and some have no effect. 
Very subtle structural differences in these 
compounds can make an enormous dif- 
ference in their biological activity." 

Cornelius explains that nearly all of 
these compounds are highly toxic. "In our 
study, we are trying to find compounds 
that are less toxic, while, at the same time, 
maintaining anti-cancer activity," states 
Cornelius. The grant provides student 
stipends for summer research and funds 
to purchase a computer-controlled atomic 
absorption spectrophotometer. 

"The students have had an opportunity 
to work at the frontier of chemistry," says 

Faculty Members Awarded For Excellence In Teaching 

President John A. bynodinos recogniz- 
ed William H. Fairlamb, professor of 
music, and Nevelyn J. Knisley, adjunct 
associate professor of music, for teaching 
excellence at the College's Opening Con- 
vocation ceremonies in September. 

Fairlamb received the Lindback Award 
for Distinguished Teaching. Knisley 
received the adjunct teaching award for 
instructional excellence and campus/com- 
munity service. Henceforth the award 
will be known as the Nevelyn ]. Knisley 

Fairlamb joined the faculty in 1947. For 
28 summers he was a member of the con- 
cert staff of the Bay View Summer Con- 
servatory of Music in Bay View, MI, 
where he served as solo pianist, member 
of the duo-piano ensemble, and the 

He is a graduate of the Philadelphia 
Conservatory of Music, where he was a 
student of Olga Samaroff . He also has 
studied with Harold Bauer and Charles 
De Bodo. During the tenure of David Eps- 
tein as conductor of the Harrisburg Sym- 
phony Orchestra, Fairlamb was program 
annotator for. those concerts. He has con- 
ducted workshops for piano students and 
teachers both on and off campus. 

Fairlamb is currently State Certification 
Chairman of the Pennsylvania Music 
Teachers Association. He also is Director 
of Music at St. Andrews Presbyterian 

^_hurch, Lebanon. Fairlamb was named 
an Outstanding Educator of America in 
1971 and in 1972 was the recipient of the 
Lebanon Valley College Alumni Associa- 
tion Citation for his outstanding service to 
the College. In 1985, Fairlamb received the 
Excellence in Music Award from the 
Lebanon County Choral Society. 

Fairlamb has been named by the Music 
Teachers National Association as a Master 
Teacher, one of the few so designated in 

Knisley received her Bachelor of Music 
degree from the Oberlin Conservatory of 
Music in Oberlin, OH, where she was a 
scholarship student, studied piano with 
Frank Shaw and Emil Danenberg, and 
voice with Robert Fountain. She held a 
graduate assistantship in accompanying 
and received her master of fine arts 
degree from Ohio State University, 
Athens, OH, where she studied composi- 
tion with Karl Ahrendt. 

Kinsley taught piano at the Oberlin 
Conservatory prior to coming to Lebanon 
Valley College in 1954. She served as a 
full-time faculty member at Lebanon 
Valley College from 1954 to 1958, and 
assumed her present position at the Col- 
lege in 1970. 

She is constantly in demand as a 
soloist, accompanist, chamber musician, 
and adjudicator. 

Cornelius. "At the same time, they helped 
to address important medical problems." 
Students who assisted in the summer 
project that began in May, were Carl 
Miller, a junior chemistry/computer 
science major, and Matt Vera, a 
sophomore chemistry major. 

College Appointments 

Ellen Arnold, to director of the annual 
fund and special events. Arnold received 
a B. A. in economics/mathematics from 
Bucknell University. 

Susan Egner '82, to instructor of 
Spanish. Egner received a B.A. in religion/ 
Spanish from Lebanon Valley College and 
an M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury 

Russell Owens '61, to supervisor of 
program services. Owens received a B.S. 
in education from Lebanon Valley 

James Forsha '79, to visiting instructor 
of English. Forsha received a B.A. in 
English from Lebanon Valley College and 
an M.A. in English from Millersville 

Dr. Robert Hrees, to assistant professor 
of mathematics and computer science. 
Hrees received a B.A. in jnath from An- 
tioch College. He received an A.B. and an 
M.A. in mathematics, an M.S. in com- 
puter science, and a Ph.D. in mathematics 
from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

George Lovell, to superintendent of 
buildings and grounds. 

Daniel McKinley, to director of 
undergraduate leadership studies and 
assistant professor of leadership studies. 
McKinley received a B.S. in engineering 
from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, an 
M.A. in literature from Wesleyan Univer- 
sity, an M.A. in counseling and a Doctoral 
Candidate in student development from 
the University of Maryland. 


Debbie FuUam '81, from academic 
coordinator and lecturer in computer 
science, to assistant to the president for 
institutional research. 

Kathy Tierney, head coach of the 
women's field hockey and softball teams, 
has been named assistant athletic director/ 
administrative coordinator for summer 
sports camps. 


Recruiting Year Begins 

With fall and cooler weather upon us, 
Lebanon Valley College's admissions and 
financial aid staff is hard at work 
recruiting the Class of 1993. 

Staff members, including six profes- 
sionals and three secretaries, will visit 
over 500 high schools and junior colleges 
and will receive more than 12,000 in- 
quiries from prospective students over the 
next nine months. 

College faculty, administrators, and 
support personnel also play a key role in 
the recruiting process. "At Lebanon 
Valley, we believe that admissions is 
everyone's concern. Everyone on campus 
is willing and ready to cover high school 
'college nights,' to handle inquiries, and to 
help prospective students make the most 
informed decision possible," said Greg 
Stanson '63, dean of enrollment manage- 
ment ser\'ices. 

Trees vvi 

he highlighted soon \vith \vinter's snow. 

Alumni Ambassadors Integral 
to College Recruitment 

Under the leadership of John Metka '60, 
Alumni Association president and chair 
of the Alumni Ambassadors Committee, 
the admissions office received a tremen- 
dous boost from the alumni/admissions 

Over the 1987-88 recruiting year, 118 
members of the Class of 1992 were con- 
tacted either in person or by telephone by 
a Lebanon Valley alumnus. 

"The admissions office recieved manv 
comments from students and parents 
about the positive impression alumni 
contacts made on them," said Greg Stan- 
son '63, dean of enrollment management 

This year, the goal is to strengthen and 
expand the Alumni Ambassadors 

Alumni can help in a variety of ways. 
First, send the names and addresses of 
any prospective students to the admis- 
sions office or call 1-800-445-6181, so that 
the College can send introductory 
materials. Second, consider hosting a 
reception for prospective students in your 

home; this one-on-one contact will help 
the admissions office cover a wider range 
of geographic areas. Third, if you know 
prospective students in your area and are 
planning a trip to campus, consider 
bringing them along; the Admissions Of- 
fice is eager to host anyone an alumnus 
brings to the College. Fourth, represent 
the College at a high school "College 

Night" program (the schedule of high 
schools is listed below). 

If you would like to help, contact Mary 
Jean Bishop '84, Director of Alumni Ser- 
vices, at 717/867-6220. Lebanon Valley 
alumni are very effective spokespersons 
for the College. Your assistance is impor- 
tant in helping attract highly qualified 
students to the campus. 

Nov. 3 
Nov. 3 
Nov. 4 
Nov. 7 
Nov. 9 
Nov. 10 
Nov. 14 
Nov 14 
Nov. 15 
Nov 15 
Nov. 16 
Nov 16 
Nov 16 
Nov. 16 
Nov. 16 
Nov 17 

1989 College Program Schedule 

Ocean County College Night - Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ 

Wm. Tennant H.S. College Day, Warminster, PA 

Owen ]. Roberts H.S. College Day, Pottstown, PA 

Archbishop Wood H.S. College Fair. Warminster, PA 

Bucks Co. Community College Transfer Day, Newtown, PA 

Spring Ford H.S. College Day, Royerst'ord, PA 

St. Maria Goretti H.S. College Night, Hagerstov\n, MD 

Lancaster Co. College Night - Conestoga Valley H.S., Lancaster, PA 

Central Bucks H.S. West College Day, Doylestown, PA 

Chester Co. College Fair - West Chester Univ. . West Chester, PA 

NACAC College Fair - Festival Hall, Baltimore, MD 

Dallas H.S. College Day, Dallas, PA 

St. Pius X H.S. College Day Pottsto\\n. PA 

Gwynedd Mercy Academy College Night, Gwynedd Valley, PA 

Watchung Hills H.S. College Night, Warren, NJ 

Westfield H.S. College Night, Westfield, N] 

- 12:15 p.m. 
-12:30 p.m. 

■1:00 p.m. 
-1:00 p.m. 

7:00 p.m. 

10:45 a.m. 

10:20 a.m. 

7:00 p.m. 

10:00 a.m. 

10:45 a.m. 

7:00 p.m. 

6:30 p.m. 

8:30 a.m. -10:00 a.m. 

4:30 p.m. 

1:30 p.m. -3:00 p.m. 
10:00 a.m. -12:15 p.m. 
7:00 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 



Petrofes Retires 

Jerry Petrofes, associate professor ot physical 
education and head wrestling and golf 
coach, retired after 25 years of service. 

Jerry Petrofes, wrestling coach at 
Lebanon Valley College since 1963, an- 
nounced his retirement for health reasons 
effective September 1. 

Petrofes is a 1953 graduate of Euclid 
High School, Euclid, OH. He received his 
B.S. in health and physical education in 
1958, and his M.Ed, from Kent State 
University, Kent, OH. He wrestled in 
both junior and senior high school and all 
four years as an undergraduate at Kent 

In 1957, Petrofes began his coaching 
career at Ravenna Township High School, 
OH, followed by Aurora High School, 
OH. He was assistant wrestling coach at 
Williams College, Williamstown, MA, 
during their 1962 season. He came to 
Lebanon Valley College in 1963 and has 
been head wrestling coach since that 

In his 25 years at the College, he com- 
piled a 212-173-5 mark, and produced 40 
conference placewinners, four Middle 
Atlantic Conference champions, and five 
Division III AU-Americans. 

Petrofes has also been the College's golf 
coach. His golf teams have produced 
three Ail-Americans and were nationally 
ranked for three seasons. 

In addition to his coaching duties, 
Petrofes served as the College athletic 
trainer from 1963-1971, as athletic director 
from 1971-1980, and as associate professor 
of physical education. 

Petrofes is a 1987 District III Wrestling 
Hall-of-Fame inductee. 

Tierney Named Assistant 
Athletic Director 

Kathy Tierney, East Petersburg, PA, has 
been named assistant athletic director at 
Lebanon Valley College. Tierney, the 
women's field hockey and Softball coach, 
had been the women's athletic represen- 
tative since 1983. 

"In this position, my responsibilities 
will include summer sports camps, and 
various duties within both the men's and 
women's athletic department." 

Tierney has served on the NCAA Field 
Hockey Regional Selection Committee 
since 1986. She has chaired the Penn- 
sylvania Lacrosse Selection Committee 
and the College Field Hockey Coaches 
Association Committee since 1987. This is 
also Tierney's second year serving as 
secretary for the Women's Athletic 
Representatives Association. 

Tierney's five year coaching career at 
Lebanon Valley has included two field 
hockey teams ranked in the nation's top 
twenty for Division III. Last year her field 
hockey team won the Southeast Division 
of the Middle Atlantic Conference with a 
perfect 6-0 mark. 

Quinter to Add 
Scouting Duties 

According to the Pheonix Suns head 
coach and director of player personnel. 
Cotton Fitzsimmons, Tod Quinter '80 will 
add scouting duties to his video services 
coordinator position with the Suns. 

Quinter, Nazareth, PA, has been coor- 
dinating video with the Suns the last two 

Quinter, a guard on the Lebanon Valley 
men's basketball team from 1976-1980, 
holds two season records for the Flying 
Dutchmen: the most assists (17) for a 
single game (Muhlenburg, Feb. 3, 1979), 
and the most assists in a year (191) during 
the 1978-1979 season. 

Larthey Named 
Head Wrestling Coach 

Larry Larthey '72, Elizabethville, PA, 
has been named the new head wrestling 
coach at Lebanon Valley College. Prior to 
coming here, Larthy spent 12 years as 
head coach at Upper Dauphin High 

At Upper Dauphin, Larthey produced 
10 state qualifiers, 25 district and regional 
qualifiers, and numerous sectional cham- 
pions. Larthey 's teams have placed high 
in the state championships, placed fourth 
in District III, and won Section IV team 
titles twice. His overall record at Upper 
Dauphin stands at 101-87-5. 


Larry Larthy '72, is the new head wrestling 
coach for Lebanon Valley College. 


Fall Sports Notes 

The Flying Dutchmen football team stop- 
ped a six-year Homecoming day losing 
streak with a 24-7 win over Albright Col- 
lege. . The last Homecoming Day victory 
came against Swarthmore, 14-7, in 
1981... In September, the Valley gridders 
broke a 17 game "on the road" losing 
streak with a 3-3 tie against Bridgewater 
College. . .The last road victory occured on 
September 19, 1984, at Dickinson College 
(17-9)... Head football coach Jim Monos is 
4-0-1 against opponents outside the state 
of PA. . The women's field hockey team 
will play in the MAC playoffs for the se- 
cond straight season after dominating the 
Northwest Section with a 4-0-1 
record... The Valley women clinched 
home field advantage for the plavoffs 
with a 3-0 win over Lycoming during 
which Sandy Aumiller '90, Sue Partilla 
'90, and Kristen Brandt '90, tallied one 
goal each... The number eight ranked 
team in the PA region will take an overall 
11-3-2 record into the MAC playoffs... The 
men's soccer team is one win away from a 
school record. . .Their fourth win came 
against King's College, 2-1. . .On Parents 
Day, the soccer team tied Widener 
University , 0-0, in two overtimes... In 
September, women's volleyball began its 
second season of varsity status with a 
split at Eastern College. . . lost to Eastern 
2-1 (13-15, 15-1, 14-16), but defeated Ur- 
sinus 2-0 (15-6, 15-5)... The Volleyball . 
team is currently 14-10, with their last win 
coming against Lycoming College 3-1 (15-7, 
12-15, 15-4, 15-10)... The women's cross 
country team finished 6th out of 18 teams 
at the Lebanon Valley Invitational Cross 
Country Meet with 172 points... Senior co- 
captain Cindy Sladek won individual 
honors in college women's division with a 
time of 19:10. . .The men's cross country 
team finished 4th out of 21 teams with 126 
points at the Invitational. . .junior co- 
captain John Galvin finished 16th with a 
time of 27:29. 

Junior co-captain, Diane Churan looks to score against Swarthmore. 
Sandy Aumiller (9), Dawn Hickman (23), and Sue Partilla (11) wait 
for rebound. The Valley defeated Swarthmore 2-1. 

lunuM" quarterback Mike Rcit ( Ih) scrambles for first down in game 
against Moravian. Junior split end Daryl Stump (28) blocks for Reif . 

Lebanon Valley cross-country teams 
members Cindy Sladek (338), Sue Yingst 
(33), and Joann Giannetino (333) run in 
the Lebanon Valley Invitational at 
Memorial Lake State Park. Sladek finish- 
ed first with a time of 19:10. Yingst placed 
23rd (20:55) and Giannettino 50th (22:45). 




The Father Of Lexan 

After 35 years with General Electric 

Plastics, the dean of "Fox University" 

steps down 

byR. Bruce Farren 

Few individuals, short of George 
Washington, earn enough respect in their 
life-time to be called the "Father" of 

But at General Electric, there is some- 
one who has qualified. Dr. Dan Fox '48, 
retiring manager of chemical develop- 
ment for GE Plastics. He is internationally 
recognized as the "Father of Lexan resin," 
one of the most popular engineered 
materials in the world. Lexan resin is now 
manufactured on three continents, is 
found on every continent, and went to 
the moon. 

"When the astronauts landed on the 
moon, the fishbowls they had over their 
heads— that was Lexan resin," Fox says. "I 
got a big kick out of that." 

Fox describes his "invention" of Lexan 
as a bit of serendipity. "1 was looking for 
one thing and discovered another," he 

Not a bad accident. 

After graduating from Lebanon Valley 
in 1948, Fox received his M.S. and Ph.D. 
from the University of Oklahoma. Six 
months out of post graduate school. Fox 
was on temporary assignment with 
General Electric's Corporate Research and 
Development Center (CR&D) in Schenec- 
tady, NY,— in a program to give new 
scientists an insight into the capabilities of 
the famed research center. 

Admits Fox, "I had no experience with 
polymers, but I entered heartily into the 
investigation to discover a better thin film 
insulating material for wire." 

That was 1953 and experienced scien- 
tists at CR&D had all the ingredients for 
success except "their results kept 
deteriorating when exposed to water." Fox 
recalled his own post-graduate experience 
when he was unable to break down a 
substance known as quaiacol carbonate 
using boiling water. 

When he attempted to create a new 
polymer— using that same substance— as 
a possible solution for the wire-coating 
project, he wound up with a mass so hard 
he couldn't rescue his metal stirring rod 
from it. 

"We kept it around the laboratory for 
several months as a curiosity piece," Fox 
recalls. "We even used it to hammer in 
nails. 1 still thought we could have work- 

ed with it to make a better wire insula- 
tion. But the people heading the project 
were then on the verge of success, using 
their own research. So my glob kind of 
just sat there." 

Little needs to be added as to what that 
glob meant to General Electric and the 
world. It became the first GE-invented 
polymer and led to the company's 

preeminent position today in the world of 
high tech engineering plastics. 

Not only has Dan Fox changed a com- 
pany business, but he has changed the 
lives of the people and places he has 
come in contact with. 

When Fox's decision to retire became 
known in Pittsfield, MA, GE Plastics' 
world headquarters, a local journalist 


Dr. Dan Fox '48 with the serendipitous "hammer" which changed the future. 

ijuiu i imuiMUBimjMiiiJJuii 

editorialized on the chemist's role in 
changing the community as well as 
western Massachusetts. 

"It's a long way from a lab experiment 
that went wrong to a leading player in the 
Pittsfield economy," the journalist 
reported. "Try to think what might have 
happened if the experiment had gone 
right. . .There are many within General 
Electric who sav that without Lexan, 
without Dan Fox, there would be no GE 
Plastics. Without GE Plastics, the 
economic shape of Pittsfield might be 
considerably different. ...Plastics is a vital 
part of the company's presence. Pittsfield 
calls itself the Plastics Technology Capital 
of the nation. There is no question that 
GE Plastics has generated other plastics 
production businesses. So, in many ways, 
Dan Fox has played a key role in shaping 
the economic future of the area." 

But many who kno\v him will tell you 
Dan Fox is more than an economic driver. 
With his curiosity, humility, and a little bit 
of puckish humor, he is very much the 
mentor and role model for many in 
General Electric— much as Dr. Andrew 
Bender, chemistry professor at Lebanon 
Valley in the 1940s, had been for him. 

Bender, described in the 1947 College 
yearbook as the "cornerstone of the 
chemistry department... incessant worker, 
patient, generous... a true friend," in- 
spired Fox to give up chemical engineer- 
ing to pursue, instead, "pure chemistry." 
"His dedication to his research and to his 
students was most clearly demonstrated 
when he spent his own money to pur- 
chase equipment, supplies, and in- 
struments for the College's chemistry lab," 
said Fox. 

"He also taught me an important lesson 
about the necessity to expect the best 
from myself. He was the first Lebanon 
Valley College professor to leave the room 
during an exam," Fox said. "He told us 
before he left, 'If you're going to cheat, 
the only person you cheat is yourself.' " 

In 1960, while working on a new resin. 
Fox reciprocated Bender's example. He 
had an opening on his staff and a young 
college graduate showed up to interview 
for the job. Fox wangled an hour at the 
end of that busy schedule to talk to the 
young man about polyphenoline oxide, 
which at the time was a new resin and 
unglamorous compared to Lexan. The 
young graduate was Jack Welch, now 
Chief Executive Officer of General 

As Fox remembers, "I did a heck of a 
sales job, got him to cancel his plans to 

leave that night and convinced him to 
take the job." 

Welch's response to that memory was 
that he was impressed with Fox's 

"Here he had invented Lexan and was 
already pooh-poohing it and was off to 
make this new thing bigger and better," 
Welch said. "It takes a unique person to 
do that. Most people want to continue to 
do what they know best." 

But Fox has never stopped short of ex- 
pecting the best from himself. 

Popkin "Pop" Shenian, manager of Ven- 
tures Technology for GE Plastics and an 
associate of Dan Fox for 25 years, has his 
own memories. 

"Dan has made great contributions to 
this business, but one of the greatest was 
hiring a cadre of outstanding scientists. 
We call ourselves graduates of 'Fox U.,' 
and we are all very proud of it." 

Chemist Edward Peters, a member of 
"Fox U.," remembers the time "when 
several of us spent a couple of months us- 
ing very sophisticated laboratory equip- 
ment working on a project. In spite of all 
the modern equipment, we were unable 
to make the reaction work. After two 
months of waiting for us. Dr. Fox became 
impatient. He walked into our laboratory. 

took a few pieces of crude equipment and 
a beaker and made the polymer on his 
first attempt." Peters adds, "He's either a 
great experimentalist, or very lucky." 

To this. Dr. Bender would probably res- 
pond, "Dan's success comes from never 

Even though "retired," Dr. Fox is still work- 
ing half-days on neiv plastics — one is a 
lightioeight auto-bodi/ plastic that will with- 
stand heat and impact like steel, and the other 
is a plastic food packaging that will replace 
cans and bottles. 

During Dr. Fox's 35 years at General Elec- 
tric, he was awarded the Charles P. Steinmetz 
Award, presented b\/ GE to leading engineers 
and scientists in the company who have 
distinguished themselves through unusual 
technical achievement . Additionally, he was 
nominated for the U.S. Presidential 
Technology Award and to the Plastics Hall of 
Fame. In 1976, he was awarded the Lebanon 
Valleif Alumni Association's "Alumni Cita- 
tion" for outstanding technical contributions 
in the field of chemical research and to society. 

Portions of this article were reprinted with 
permission of the General Electric Corporate 
Public Relations Office from their Monogram 

The campus' impeccable appearance is attributed to George Lovell, the new director of buildings 
and grounds, and his maintenance staff. Here, David Rakocy of Ken Clean Masonry Surgeons, 
Mechanicsburg, cleans the exterior of the Administration Building by pressure-washing and 
chemical restoration. 




Ruth Cooper Sanford '30 has been an ad- 
junct professor at Long Island and Hot'stra 
Universities since her retirement in 1972. 
In 1977, she began working with Dr. Carl 
R. Rogers; initiating workshops in the 
Person/Client-Centered Approach in 
Mexico, South Africa, and the USSR. 
Since the death of Dr. Rogers in 1987, she 
has continued alone. 

Gladys C. Wagner Dumser '33 has retired 
from her family ice cream business, 
"Dumser's Dairyland," in Ocean City, 

Irma Shearer '36 and Daniel Shearer '38 
both received alumni citations during 
Alumni Weekend, June 4, 1988. 
John W. Engle '39 is the coordinator for a 
program at the First United Methodist 
Church of Pascagoula, MI, that offers free 
tutoring to young people who need in- 
dividual help in school subjects. 

Carl F. Schmidt '14 died on April 14 in 
Radnor, PA. 

Frederick Lauster Sr. '24 died on July 10 
in Harrisburg, PA. 
Ira R. Fortna '27 died on May 23 in 
Phoenixville, PA. 

Harvey L. Nitrauer '28 died on June 24 in 
Hershey, PA. 

Foster G. Ulrich '30 died on June 20 in 
Palmyra, PA. 

Robert Lee Roudabush '31 died on March 
8 in Rochester, NY. 
Clinton J. Allen '32 died on June 9 in 
New Park, PA. 

Robert H. Sholter '36 died in Harrisburg, 



Evelyn W. Lynch '41 attended two 
Elderhostel programs in May 1988; one at 
the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, 
and the other at the College of Santa Fe in 
Santa Fe, NM. The emphasis of the cur- 
riculum was on the culture of Native 

Jane G. Seiverling '43 was inducted into 
the Miles Rigor Society during Alumni 
Weekend, June 4, 1988. 
Arthur W. Stambach '45 gave a sermon at 
the Chautauqua worship service on 

August 7, 1988. His topic was "Jesus Never 
Said It Would Be Easy." 
Jean E. Bedger '47 went into early retire- 
ment in 1987 to provide consultation to 
the World Alliance of the YMCA in 
Geneva, Switzerland. Currently, she is 
compiling information on the history of 
the YMCA in the USA from 1945 to date. 
G. Harold Bucher '47 received an alumni 
citation during Alumni Weekend, June 4, 

Marlin Espenshade '41 died on March 26 
in Ellicott City MD. 

Robert L. Withelder '47 died on July 7 in 
Folsom, PA. 

Janet Weaver Gemberling '49 died on July 
3, 1987 in State College, PA. 



Paul E. Broome '50 embarked on a 420 
mile round-trip venture in spring of 1988 
to see the Lebanon Valley Concert Choir 
perform in Apopka, FL, as part of its an- 
nual tour. 

Donald Potter '50 has been named super- 
visor in the North Middleton Township. 
He is to complete an unexpired term that 
will come up for election in November 

Robert P. Longenecker '51 is the chairper- 
son for the Commission on Christian Uni- 
ty and Interreligious Concerns in the 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the 
United Methodist Church. 
Ruth Daugherty '52 is the chairperson for 
the Commission on Communication and 
Interpretation in the Eastern Pennsylvania 
Conference of the United Methodist 

Evelyn Toser '52 was inducted into the 
Miles Rigor Society during Alumni 
Weekend, June 4, 1988. 
Mark Diethelm '53 recieved the 
Distinguished Alumnus Award during 
Alumni Weekend, June 4, 1988. 
Martin Gluntz '53 was inducted into the 
Miles Rigor Society during Alumni 
Weekend, June 4, 1988. 
Merle L. Wise '53 was inducted mto the 
Miles Rigor Society during Alumni 
Weekend, June 4, 1988. 
Frances Shroyer Bova '54 has joined Penn 
Realty as a sales associate at a new office 
in Mount Gretna, PA. 

Alice D. Kelly '53 and William H. Kelly 

'53 were inducted into the Miles Rigor 
Society during Alumni Weekend, June 4, 

Ross W. Fasick '55 has been appointed 
vice president of automotive products for 
Du Pont Company. Additionally, he 
received an Alumni Citation during 
Alumni Weekend, June 4, 1988. 
Carol Achenbach Keblinger '55 retired in 
June 1987 after 31 years of teaching. She 
had been a 12th grade English teacher 
and English department chairperson at 
Cypress Creek High School in Houston, 
TX. Additionally, she was named to Who's 
Who in American Education, 1987-88. 
Norman V. Blantz '56 professor of history 
at Burlington County College, Pember- 
ton, NJ, has been appointed to the Board 
of Trustees of the Burlington County 
Historical Society. He also serves as chair 
of the program committee. 
Lt. Col. James O. Bemesderfer Jr. '57 has 
been named to the deputy commander 
for maintenance of the 193rd Special 
Operations Group, Middletown, PA. 
John R. Eby '57 received an Alumni Cita- 
tion during Alumni Weekend, June 4, 

Gerald A. McCormick '57 is district 
superintendent of the Greensburg District 
of the Western Pennsylvania Conference. 
Ross S. Plasterer '57 was promoted to Ma- 
jor General in the Marine Corps on May 
2, 1988. 

Lt. Col. Jay H. Uhler '57 has been named 
the deputy commander for resources of 
the 193rd Special Operations Group, Mid- 
dletown, PA. 

Barry Barnhart '58 is the director for both 
the Regional Computer Resource Center 
and the Marijuana Testing Laboratory at 
the Harrisburg Area Community College, 
in Harrisburg, PA. Additionally, he is a 
professor of chemistry and coordinator of 
physical science at HACC. 
Carroll E. Ditzler '58 has been appointed 
to a one-year term on the Dental Health 
Planning Committe of the Pennsylvania 
Dental Association (PDA). 
Fred Kreider '58 and his wife were recent- 
ly featured in the Lebanon Daily News 
celebrating their 30th wedding 

Ruth C. Reddinger '58 appeared as an ex- 
tra in "Illegally Yours," a new film from 
United Artists starring Rob Lowe. 
Thomas C. Reinhart '58 was inducted in- 
to the Miles Rigor Society during Alumni 
Weekend, June 4, 1988. 


Arthur Ford '59 and his wife, Mary Ellen, 

are living in China for the 1988-89 school 

year as he teaches literature at Nanjing 

University on a Fulbright lectureship. 


Lawrence Kinsella '51 died in May. 

Wilbert Hartman '52 died on July 27 in 

Hershey, PA. 

Franklin M. Hall '55 died on June 5 in 

Hershey, PA. 

Sam Yeagly '56 died on May 7. 



Charles F. Gerberich Sr. '60 retired after 
31 years of teaching in Lebanon County, 
PA. During his career, he taught as an 
elementary teacher, a mathematics and 
health/physical education teacher, a 
junior high school business teacher, a 
track and cross-country coach, and, for 20 
years, a plumbing instructor at the 
Lebanon County Area Technical School. 
He is the author of the plumbing cur- 
riculum for all the vocational technical 
schools in Pennsylvania. 
Lois Brong Miller '61 is now the presi- 
dent of the Allentown Symphony Or- 
chestra Association. In this position, she 
will oversee organizational reforms, the 
creation of a co-ed auxiliary group, and a 
capital campaign of several milHon dollars 
for the restoration/reconstruction of the 
group's theater. Symphony Hall. 
Rusty Owens '61 is the supervisor of pro- 
gram activities for the new Edward H. Ar- 
nold Sports Center at Lebanon Valley 

Isobel Miller Dottle '62 served as Har- 
risburg District's coordinator of music, 
securing choir members and soloists for 
the United Methodist Evangelistic 
Crusade of South Central Pennsylvania. 
Richard G. Felty '63 is the pastor for 
Bethlehem United Methodist Church, 
Dallastown, PA. 

Shirley Brown Michel '63 in addition to 
her duties as organist/choir director at 
Bethel Hill United Methodist Church in 
Lansdale, PA, has opened a keyboard 
studio for group piano lessons in the 
Dresher Arcade, Lansdale. 
Henry Smith '64 is working on the 
radiology staff at the Carlisle Hospital in 
Carlisle, PA. In May 1988, he participated 
in a Du Pont-sponsored tennis tourna- 
ment playing against fellow classmate 


Stephen Hildreth '64 (neither recognized 
the other until after the match!). 
Rodney H. Shearer '66 has been elected 
to the Commission on Higher Education 
and Campus Ministry in the Eastern 
Pennsylvania conference of the United 
Methodist Church. 

William J. Lamont Jr. '67 has accepted a 
teaching/research position in the depart- 
ment of horticulture at Kansas State 
University. Also, he completed two weeks 
of active duty with the Naval Reserve in 

Edward J. Updegrave '67 has been named 
vice-president. Mutual Fund 
Telemarketing for Criterion Funds, 
Houston, TX. 



Erich G. Linker '70 is vice-president of 
advertising for the Neiv York Times. 
Carol L. Welsh '70 and her husband, 
Bruce T. Welsh '70 are the parents of a 
son, Timothy Porter, born on August 13, 

David C. Shellenberger '71 is the coor- 
dinator for the Council on Youth 
Ministries in the Eastern Pennsylvania 
Conference of the United Methodist 

Beth E. Jones '72 is an international sales 
representative for United Airlines, Inc. 
Donna L. Geadhill Winch '72 and her 
husband, Walter L., are the parents of a 
son, Tyler Franklin-Edward, born on May 
16, 1987 

Masaji Yoshida '72 has started his own 
business called "International Coor- 
dinators and Consultants" (IC&C) which 
provides technical consulting and coor- 
dination services, technical documenta- 
tion for computers and other high-tech 
products. Previously, he had been a com- 
puter programmer and an assistant 
engineer for 10 years. 
Don France '73 is manager of tours at 
Universal Studios and a professor of 
theatre production at U.C.L.A. 
Robert P. Glick '73 has completed his 
master of divinity degree at Erskine 
Theological Seminary, Due West, SC, and 
has been hired by that same institution as 
their first professor of church music. 
John Kinsella '73 has recieved an M.A. 
degree in human resource development 
from George Washington University. He 

is an education specialist with the Animal 
and Plant Health Inspection Service 
(APHIS) of the U.S. Department of 
Agriculture in Hyattsville, MD. 
Jean Redding Cunningham '74 and her 
husband, Michael, are the parents of a 
son, Owen Luke, born on November 15, 

Mary DeLoache Jennings '74 and her 
husband, John, are the parents of a son, 
David Ashby, born on February 25, 1988, 
in Seoul, South Korea. 
Daniel A. Yocom '74 recently accepted a 
tenure-track position as an assistant pro- 
fessor in the biology department at 
Millersville University in Millersville, PA. 
Primarily, he will be teaching 
microbiology and continuing his research 
on mycorrhizae. 

Roberta Eppley Biesecker '75 and her 
husband, Gary, are the parents of a son, 
Steven Gary, born on August 29, 1986. 
Gloria Fernsler Hess '75 received a M.A. 
degree in religion from the Lancaster 
Theological Seminary of the United 
Church of Christ, Lancaster, PA. 
Irwin H. Siegel '75 has been named 
assistant secretary and counsel at Farmers 
First Bank in Lititz, PA. 
Wayne R. Greksa '76 is a budget and 
management analyst in public ad- 
ministration for Anne Arundel County in 
Annapolis, MD. 

Doreen Breder Kowalchuk '76 was 
graduated summa cum laude as a 
specialist in elementary education, from 
Georgia Southern College where she also 
was initiated into Phi Delta Kappa and 
Phi Kappa Phi, education honor societies. 
She now teaches in the Glynn County 
School System where she lives with her 
husband, Jim, amd their four children. 
J. Charles Sekerke '76 is a controller for 
General Bindery Company, Inc., 
PhUadelphia, PA. 

Kathleen L. Shotwell and Kenneth B. 
Shotwell '76 had a daughter, Stacey 
Marie, on August 25, 1987 
Lisa K. Steiner '76 has been promoted to 
vice-president and regional branch ad- 
ministrator of Fulton Bank's Capital 

Arlene Wannemacher and Peter Wan- 
nemacher '76 had a son, Jonathan Ber- 
nyk, on March 31. 

Glenn A. Zearfoss '76 has been named 
vice-president, logistics-quality assurance 
for the Hershey Pasta Group. 


Stephanie J. Bond '77, living in German- 
town, MD, is an adminstrative analyst for 
IBM personnel department, Systems In- 
tegration Division. 

David E. Calkins '77 was named manager 
of contract administration for Meridian 
Business Systems, Richardson, TX. 
Robert Kirkhoff '77 is a manufacturing 
manager for Hauck Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Cleona, PA. 

Louise Bechtel Barton '78 and Gregory 
Barton had a daughter, Leslie Jean, on 
August 25, 1987 

David Brinker '78 has been appointed to 
serve the York Springs United Methodist 

Carol Geiser Cunningham '78 and 
Lawrence Cunningham had a son, Brian 
Peter, on May 31. 

Arlene Hoffman '78 married Henry 
Sodke on October 23, 1987 She is perform- 
ing primary pediatric and pre-natal care 
in Austin, TX. 

Charles D. Kline Jr. '78 passed part 8 in 
the Casualty Actuarial Society Exams. 
Carol A. Miller '78 received a doctor of 
medicine degree from the Hahnemann 
University School of Medicine, 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Christo Nikoloff '78 is a national RF pro- 
duct manager for AMP, Inc., Harrisburg, 
PA. He won the "Man of the District Per- 
formance Award" in 1982 and 1983. 
Deborah L. Warner Papavizas '78 and 
Panos G. Papavizas had a son, Michael 
Panos, on June 7. 

Thomas C. Pedley '78 is a mortgage loan 
officer for Travelers Mortgage services in 
Berwyn, PA. 

Brian E. Rabena '78 is an account ex- 
ecutive for Fred S. James & Company, Inc. 
of Pennsylvania, in Camp Hill, PA. 
Greg E. Scott '78 is assistant vice- 
president/corporate finance for Atlantic 

Lorraine Heitefuss Barry '79 and Eugene 
F. Barry '80 had a son, Brian Scott, on 
August 5. 

Elizabeth Gleichman Johnston '79 is a 
financial department assistant for AGS 
Management Systems, Inc., in King of 
Prussia, PA. 

Patricia A. Hartman '79 is a controller for 
Diggins & Gelder Enterprises, Inc., Her- 
shey, PA. She is also a certified public 

Brian Miller '79 is an insurance agent for 
Richard S. Miller, Inc., in Jonestown, PA. 

Alumni Profile: 
Deborah L. Scott '71 

As a student herself, and later as a 
teacher. Deb Scott admits to feeling a 
certain discomfort with science. Now, 
as education director for the Museum 
of Scientific Discovery, she wants to 
help kids see science as fun, and to 
give teachers new confidence and 
techniques for teaching the subject. 

Scott is not a scientist. She is a 
teacher, and one whose career had 
followed a path that, unintentionally, 
has given her "everything I need" for 
her current role. 

After graduating from Lebanon Valley 
College in 1971, she and her husband 
lived in Charleston, South Carolina 
(where she taught fourth grade for four 
years); Chambersburg (where she was a 
substitute teacher); Galeton, Potter 
County (where she taught sixth grade 
for one year and fifth grade for two 
years); and Harrisburg (where she was 
a substitute in the city schools). 

From there, she went to a position in 
Harrisburg's Strawberry Garden pre- 
school day care center— where, she 
says, she "really discovered my most 
comfortable feelings about science and 
my greatest interest." She wishes, in 
fact, that she had taught preschool first. 

Because in pre-school, Scott says, 
"you really have to do science the way 
it's supposed to be done. You really 
have to do science hands-on. They 
can't read. They certainly aren't going 
to sit and listen to an explanation, and 
even a demonstration is not going to 
hold their attention unless there is 
something for them to do." 

Hands-on experiences "work," Scott 
says. "There's that old proverb... 'I hear 
and I forget. I see and I remember. I do 
and I understand.' 

What Scott strives for is to help 
children reach the point of that "sud- 
den click" of understanding. 

As a child herself, Scott says, she 
was interested in what an adult would 
call the natural sciences. "Animals 
were my passion." When she took the 
job at the museum and learned "that I 
would be able to hold snakes and other 
fascinating things, I couldn't wait... In 
fact, the first week, 1 carried a small 
snake around my neck wherever I 
went. I'd never been able to hold a 

snake that often before, or anytime I 
wanted to." 

She recalls a childhood in which she 
followed a route around her yard, 
regularly lifting up certain rocks or pok- 
ing in piles of leaves to check for signs 
of animal life. 

"It wasn't until I was in eighth grade 
that I got my first dog, and that was 
just like being in heaven to have a pup- 
py to take care of." Today she has a 
cat and a dog— "and a box turtle living 
in the basement until we get to the 
third week of Pmnsyhwiia Science [a 
museum program], which is going to 
include a workshop on turtles." After 
the workshop, "we'll take htm and put 
him somewhere safe." 

During most of her childhood, Scott 
says, she intended to become a 
veterinarian. But in her junior year of 
high school, she took a chemistry 
course that changed her mind. 

"I had no trouble understanding. I 
had no trouble getting As and Bs. But I 
felt uncomfortable because it was the 
first time I really had to observe, 
analyze, and come up with my own M 
results." -^ 

She remembers thinking, "I'm going 
to have to do a whole lot more of this 
to be a veterinarian, and I don't trust 
my answers." 

She switched to teaching, she says, 
because she is interested in many 
things, "and teaching seemed the place 
where I could do everything." 

"Teaching has given me the ex- 
periences that I need with all ages of 
children and adults. It has given me 
the experience in expressing, explain- 
ing, and simplifying ideas which I need 

In spite of her increasing interest in 
science, Scott says she feels she wUl 
always be involved in teaching. ,| 

"We're learning different things all i 
the time," Scott says. And the things 
that we did learn in school are probably 
not current anymore, in some cases. It 
could very easily happen that some- 
thing you learned would no longer be 
valid. But if you've picked up that ex- 
ploratory attitude, that curiosity and 
that interest, it's going to make it a lot 
easier to adapt to changing facts and a 
changing world." 

Reprinted with pennissioii jroni Apprise 

Beverly Holzer Riehl Munz '79 and Ralph 
Munz had triplets!, Brittany, Sarah, and 
Lindsey, on April 13. 
Gloria J. Scarle '79 is a claims represen- 
tative supervisor for Aetna. 
Susan E. Showalter and Robert L. 
Showalter '79 had a son, Kyle Robert, on 
November 15, 1987. 



Jennie A. Giachero Begeja '80 and Lee 

Begeja had a son, Christopher Halim, on 
May 9. 

Roque J. Calvo '80 is an association execu- 
tive for The Electrochemical Society, Inc. 
John S. Champlin '80 is customer service 
manager for Corporate Systems in 
AmarUlo, TX. 

Leslie Cornelius Daveler '80 is the Penn- 
sylvania Regional Underwriter for 
Travelers Mine Services, Inc., Langhorne, 

Joyce Eileen Heeter married Dana S. Felty 
'80 on June 18. 

Margaret L. Flood '80 is executive 
secretary for CIGNA corporation in 
Philadelphia, PA. 
Deborah Ruth Miller '80 married 
Stephen Hef ling. 

S. Carolyn Abbes Pelton and W. Lee 
Pelton '80 had a son, Tyler Lee, on May 
21, 1987. Lee is a self-emploved certified 
public accountant for Racko and Pelton 
Public Accountants, Toms River, NJ. 
Elyce R. Chadwick Reynolds '80 and 
Theodore C. Reynolds Jr. had a son, 
Theodore C. Ill, on December 2, 1987. 
Elyce is a national bank examiner for 
Comptroller of the Currency. 
Laura Nelson Selinsky '80 and Barry S. 
Selinsky '80 had a son, Peter Nelson, on 
July 14, 1987 Barry is assistant professor 
of chemistry at Villanova University. 
Shelby A. Taughinbaugh Stauffer '80 is a 
controller for Greenray Industries, Inc., 
Mechanicsburg, PA. Additionally, she is a 
member of the Harrisburg Chapter of the 
National Association of Accountants and 
is enrolled in the MBA program at Penn 
State Capital Campus. 
Brenda Bennett Williams '80 is an ac- 
count support representative for IBM Cor- 
poration, Philadelphia, PA. She is a 
volunteer for Junior Achievement in "Pro- 
ject Business." 

1. Lee Brown III '81 is operations manager 
(computer software duplication) for Echo 
Data Services, Inc. 

Jennifer L. Bowen '81 is a teacher in the 
Pine Grove Area Middle School and assis- 
tant drama director for the Pine Grove 
High School. 

Ann L. Cunningham '81 married 
Lawrence Sylvester on June 6, 1984. 
Timothy E. Flatley '81 is a financial con- 
sultant for American Financial Group, 
Ltd., Paoli, PA. 

Shelley Bantham Fredericks '81 is self- 
employed as vice-president of her retail 
fuel oil business, Keil Oil, Inc., Riverdale, 

Deborah Fullam '81 has been named 
assistant to the president for institutional 
research at Lebanon Valley College. 
Glenn A. Goellner '81 is an accountant 
for Baver Factory Supply, Irvington, NJ. 
David P. Harris '81 has been elected to 
the Commission on Higher Education 
and Campus Ministry in the Eastern 
Pennsylvania Conference of the United 
Methodist Church. 
Albert M. Kanousky '81 is a service 
manager for the Firestone Tire and Rub- 
ber Company in Pottsville, PA. 
Michele A. Long '81 married Dale W. 
Graffis on July 26, 1986. She teaches sec- 
ond grade in the Glen EUyn School 
District and lives in Winfield, IL. 
Madhavi J. Zope married Roger Martin 
'81 on November 29, 1986. 
Verna DeWald Newsome '81 is an auditor 
for the state of New Jersey, Department of 

Lynn Pennell '81 is an accountant for The 
Bucks County Technical School, Fairless 
Hills, PA. 

Todd Rothrock '81 has been promoted to 
senior life field representative of the 
Harleysville Insurance Companies, Sus- 
quehanna Branch Office. 
Elizabeth C. Scott '81 is teaching vocal 
music at Shongum Elementary School in 
Randolph Township, NJ. 
Karen Christine Friedrich Turner '81 and 
John K. Turner had a son, John Kenneth 
Jr., on April 26, 1988. Karen is a computer 
systems programmer for the U.S. Navy 
Aviation Supply Office in Philadelphia, 

Karen Fuller Ayres '82 passed part 4 in 
the Casualty Actuarial Society Exams. 
Merike Evans '82 married Ken Breitens- 
tein '82 on October 10, 1987 Merike is a 
prevocational coordinator for mentally 

retarded adults at a sheltered workshop 
in Boston, MA. Ken completed his 
physical therapy degree at Boston Univer- 
sity and is working as a therapist for a 
Massachusetts State Hospital. They are 
living in Hingham, MA. 
Doug Bufton '82 is manager of operations 
for Empire Rental and Leasing in Towson, 

Anthony E. Ellis '82 is a systems accou- 
tant for Fleet Material Support Office in 
Mechanicsburg, PA. 
Anna Marie Starr Finley '82 is a 
marketing consultant for CIGNA in 
Philadelphia, PA. Also, she is working 
towards her MBA in finance at Temple 

Charles J. Fischer Jr. '82 is a full-time 
substitute teacher, coaches football, 
baseball, & ice hockey, and attends Mont- 
clair State College working toward a 
teaching certificate in accounting and 
general business. 

Glenn A. Hoffman '82 is the product 
development project coordinator for Life 
Insurance Rx Corporation in Novato, CA. 
Recently, he attained the honor of Fellow 
of the Life Management Institute, "with 

Tayebaugh A. Hogan and Robert P. 
Hogan '82 had a daughter, Kathleen Bar- 
bara, on April 13. 

Kim Hillman Hughes '82 and Scott 
Hughes '82 had a daughter, Loren Ross, 
on July 1, 1988. 

Evelyn H. Pickering '82 passed exam 120 
(Applied Statistics) in the Joint Society of 
Actuaries Exams. 

Joel Ronco '82 is an accountant for Gust, 
Dori, & Benick CPA, Flemington, NJ. 
Steven W. St. John '82 is a member of the 
board of directors of Junior Achievement 
of Lancaster-Lebanon and serves on the 
Project Development Committee. Addi- 
tionally, he is a member of the board of 
directors of the Lancaster Chapter of the 
National Association of Accountants and 
serves as director of dinner meetings. 
Susan Seibert Stevens '82 is project plan- 
ner for AMP, Inc., Harrisburg, PA. 
Glenn Steinmuller '82 is a police officer 
for the Nassau County Police Department 
in Mineola, NY. 

William E. Toner '82 is a manager for 
Cleaver Brooks in Lebanon, PA. 
Kristine S. Visher '82 is an assistant con- 
troller for Silberman Fur Corporation in 
Chicago, IL. 
Cynthia Marie Bingaman married 

Help Us Find 
Our Lost Alumni 

The Alumni Services Office needs 
your help in the ongoing task of main- 
taining records on Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege graduates. 

Take a moment to review this list of 
alumni who will be celebrating reun- 
ions in 1989 and are listed in our com- 
puter as "address unknown." Often 
these are people who have fond 
memories of their college days, but 
have forgotten to update us as they 
moved about the country. 

If you have current information on 
any of these individuals, please either 
forward it directly to the Alumni Ser- 
vices Office, Lebanon Valley College, 
Annville, PA 17003, or ask them to 
notify us of their whereabouts. 

Claude S. Anderson '24 
Carl M. Bachman '24 
Frances Wood Biose '24 
Florence Seifried Fulweiler '24 
Esther A. Gilbert '24 
Margaret R. Hoke '24 
Armand J, Miller '24 
Edna Baker Perrow '24 
Cliarles C. Smith '24 
Lena A. Weisman '24 
John A. Wenner '24 
William O. Emenheiser '29 

Thomas Brumbaugh '83 on October 20, 
1984. Thomas is a claims adjuster for 
Mutual Benefit Insurance Company in 
Shillington, PA, while residing in Hum- 
melstown, PA. He is working toward a 
casualty claims law associate degree. 
Susan J. Brewer '83 married Bill Macke on 
February 27, 1988. She is a staff planner 
for IBM in Boca Raton, FL. 
William N. Campbell '83 passed enroll- 
ment exams EA 1 & EA 2 in the Casualty 
Actuarial Society Exams. 
Jeffery W. Conley '83 is a general accoun- 
ting manager for Sinai Hospital of 
Baltimore, Inc., Baltimore, MD. 
Claude W. Deitzler Jr. '83 is controller of 
satellite operations for Armstrong World 
Industries, Dalton, GA. 
Vivian Elliot '83 is a senior information 
analyst for Westinghouse Electric Cor- 
poration in Hunt Valley, MD. 
Melanie Jones '83 married Tom France on 
August 29, 1987 Melanie is attending the 
Bethany Seminary in Oakbrook, IL, and 
is employed as a Youth Minister. 

Irene Schrope Maurer '29 
Edna Lang McCaleb 29 
Miriam Hershey Stauffer '29 
Abram L. Bovver '34 
Walter W. Miller '34 
Evangeline Salorio Williams '34 
Russell L. Williams '34 
Warren L. Strickler '39 
Donald N. Trego '39 
Anna Morrison Walters '39 
Kenneth R. Gerhart '44 
Kenneth H. Moyer '44 
Thomas P. Culhane '49 
Eleanor Kramer Evans '49 
Charles R. Ford '49 
Slade S. Lindemon '49 
James E. Lindemuth '49 
Martin M. Peiffer '49 
James W. SkiJes '49 
Rose Sitzai Speece '49 
Nicola Verni '49 
Barbara Blouch Weimer '49 
Edward Williams '49 
Clarence W. Witt '49 
Bruce A. Baver '54 
Raymond H. Coble '54 
Janet Schaeffer DiBenedetto '54 
Louis Gittleman '54 
Elwyn F. Spangler '54 
lohn H. Staub '54 
Donald H. Whitman '54 
Frank J. Argenziano '59 
Theodore M. Cetroii '59 
Albert G. Edwards '59 
Nicholas J. Hill '59 
Audrey H. Machines '59 
Renato E. J^erez '59 
Erwm F. Schuster '59 
Peggy Barbour Straughen '59 
M. Susan Trostle Tliornton '59 
William A. Weisensale '59 

Lauren Weigel Freeman '83 and Mark E. 
Freeman had a son, Phillip Nathaniel, on 
May 6, 1988. 

Gail E. Holdcraft '83 is an assistant finan- 
cail aid director for Johnson & Wales Col- 
lege at Charleston, SC. 
Scott T. Inners '83 passed course 165 of 
the Society of Actuaries Exams and has 
earned the designation of Associate of the 
Society of Actuaries (ASA). 
Richard Kohr Jr. '83 is store manager for a 
Turkey Hill Minit Market in Camp- 
bell town, PA. 

Rachel E. Kline '83 is an accountant 
(fiscal officer) for the Berks County 
Children and Youth Services, Reading, 

Joseph Krolczyk '83 is an associate invest- 
ment analyst for Ford Motor Credit 

Christopher M. McArdle '83 is a financial 
services representative for Gent Financial 
Group in Hartford, CT. He is a member of 
the Democratic Town Committee in 
Chesire, CT, and the Government Rela- 

tions Committee of the Chesire Chamber 
of Commerce; he is also active in local, 
state, and federal political campaigns. He 
works as an assistant in New York Area 
Center, Werner, Erhard & Associates. 
Pamela J. Maloney '83 is a self-employed 
certified public accountant in Mountville, 

Bonnie Davenport Orlowski '83 is work- 
ing as the director of human resources in 
a small hospital in Maine. 
Kay Koser Rhodes '83 and Frank S. 
Rhodes '83 had a son, Michael John, on 
June 21. Frank has passed exam 151 (Risk 
Theory) and course 162 (Construction of 
Actuarial Tables) in the Society of Ac- 
tuaries Exams. Additionally, he has earn- 
ed the designation of Associate of the 
Society of Actuaries (ASA). 
Joseph E. Schappell '83 is an accountant 
for New Penn, Lebanon, PA. 
Derick Shoff '83 is an employee benefit 
consultant for The Johnson Companies, 
Newton, PA. 

Monica M. Stickel '83 is a marketing 
analyst for Mutual of New York Financial 
Services in Teaneck, NJ. 
Lori Brown Sweger '83 and Barry L. 
Sweger '84 had a girl, Christina Helen, on 
March 28. 

Matthew S. Thompson '83 is assistant 
director of operations for Mullen Movers 
in Pittsfield, MA. 

Christopher J. Wachter '83 passed part 10 
of the Casualty Actuarial Society Exams. 
Michelle Weaber '83 and Gregory A. 
Weaber '83 had a son, Justin, on Janurary 
16. Greg is a wholesale manager for 
Royer's Distribution in Lebanon, PA. 
Robert K. Wilson '83 is a financial analyst 
for Bell Atlantic Properties, Inc., 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Thomas L. Zimmerman '83 passed part 6 
of the Society of Actuaries Exams. 

Sue Ann Scarcia Barry '84 is a business 
manager for the Borough of Lititz, PA. 
Kay Ellen Benninghof '84, senior ac- 
tuarial assistant with United States Fideli- 
ty and Guaranty Company in Baltimore, 
MD, passed part 8 of the Casualty Ac- 
tuarial Society Exams. Also, she has 
achieved the distinction of Associate of 
the Casualty Actuarial Society. Her 
distinction was officially conferred at the 
Society's 1988 spring meeting in Tampa, 

Deb Chopko '84 is a senior marketing 
analyst/account coordinator for Nielson 
Marketing Research, NJ. 


John A. Dayton '84 is the company com- 
mander for Alpha Company, 1st Bat- 
talion, 16th Infantry Regiment, in Boebl- 
ingen. West Germany. His wife, Michelle 
Smith Dayton '84, is now the president of 
the Officer's Wives Club in Boeblingen, 
West Germany. 

John France Feaster '84, despite our 
report in the last issue, is vice-president 
for Prevue Refolding Corporation, a tex- 
tile warehouse in Pasaic, NJ, as a partner 
with his father. 

Vicki L. Frey '84 married Dale R. Groome 
on April 11, 1987. 

Leslie M. Frye and David M. Frye '84 had 
a son, Benjamin Mordecai, on April 5. 
Cheryl D. Green '84 passed part 10 of the 
Society of Actuaries Exams. 
Jeffrey A. Ham '84 is the operator for the 
Waste Water Treatment Facility in the 
Borough of Carlisle, PA. 
Robert Joseph McCallion Jr. '84 is work- 
ing in sales for C.l.T. Equipment Financ- 
ing Group in Philadelphia, PA. 
Michele A. Malone '84 is a senior 
research specialist at the Clinical Cancer 
Center at the University of Wisconsin in 
Madison, WI. 

Susan M. Thompson Palmer '84 and 
Christopher L. Palmer '83 had a son, Ed- 
ward Langdon, on January 27. 
Dorothy Garling Plank '84 has received a 
master of science degree from Virginia 
Commonwealth University. She is now 
the director of social services at Autumn 
Care of Chesapeake, VA. Additionally, 
she writes a weekly "Advice on Aging" 
column for the Virginia-Pilot and a bi- 
monthly aging column for the Senior 
Citizens Gazette. 

Lisa Merlo married James Ross '84 on July 

Vaughn W. Robbins '84 passed part 6 of 
the Society of Actuaries Exams and earn- 
ed the designation of Fellow of the Socie- 
ty of Actuaries (FSA). 
Tammy Kay Rowe '84 married James A. 
Tigner Jr. on June 25. 
Judy M. Sargeant '84 married Glenn 
Williams on July 7. 

Deborah A. Tobias '84 is a junior accoun- 
tant for Hershey Chocolate USA, Her- 
shey, PA. 

Anne Marie Vassallo '84 has received her 
doctor of osteopathic medicine degree 
from the Philadelphia College of 
Osteopathic Medicine. 
James R. Angerole '85 is a co-manager for 
Herman Brown, Ocean Grove, NJ. 

Carol A. Benedick '85 is a toxicology 
research technician in the Environmental 
Health Research and Development Lab of 
Mobil Oil Corporation. 
Suzanne Flinn Keen Boland '85 is an ac- 
countant for Pennsylvania Blue Shield, 
Camp Hill, PA. She and her husband, Jef- 
frey Boland '86, reside in Hershey, PA. 
The couple was married on April 23. Jeff 
is a public accountant for Peat, Marwick, 
Main & Company, Harrisburg, PA. 
Mitchell Buchman '85 is a computer 
analyst for the Department of Defense. 
G. Denice Cicotte and George R. Cicotte 
'85 had a daughter, Regan Desiree, in July 
1985. George is a US Nuclear Regulatory 
Commission inspector in Region V, CA. 
Todd S. Dellinger '85 is a financial plan- 
ner for Coal Financial Services, Inc., 
Lebanon, PA. 

Robert A. Dirico '85 passed exam 150 (Ac- 
tuarial Mathematics) in the Society of Ac- 
tuaries Exams and enrollment exam EA 1 
in the Casualty Actuarial Society Exams. 
Steven M. Dyjak '85 is a self-employed 
deli owner (Cei's Deli) in Ocean City, NJ, 
where he currently makes the best cheese 
steaks in Ocean City! 
Paul M. Gouza '85 is an accounts 
receivable manager for Pickering, Corts, 
& Summerson, Inc., Newton, PA. 
Kathy A. Hostetter '85 married Charles 
Gable in October 1986. 
Stephen P. Lefurge '85 is a financial 
analyst for National Bank of Sussex Coun- 
ty, BranchvUle, NJ. 
Cindy J. Mathieson '85 married Paul 
Marvel on December 12, 1987 
Jeremy H. Maurer '85 is an accounting 
manager for Kraft, Inc. in Palmyra, PA. 

John Frederick Overman '85 received the 
master of divinity degree from Duke Col- 
lege in spring 1988. 

Maryann M. Palanzo '85 is an accounting 
and personnel manager for Hauck 
Manufacturing Company, Lebanon, PA. 
Michael D. Plank '85 is manager of The 
Heritage, a health food store in Virginia 
Beach, VA. 

Gloria M. Pochekailo '85 married Brian 
K. Evert on June 18. 

Rhonda L. Rinehimer '85 married Robert 
Madigan on February 14, 1987. 
Terri Lynn Roach '85 married Joseph 
Richard Rotunda '85 on May 21. 
Stephen Sier '85 recently received his 
M.S. degree in pharmacology and ex- 
perimental therepeutics from Louisiana 

State University Medical Center, New 
Orleans, LA. 

Craig Van Benschoten '86 is a district ren- 
tal manager for A.M.I. Truckloose Cor- 
poration in Newark, NJ. 
James A. Bryant '86 passed exam 150 (Ac- 
tuarial Mathematics) in the Society of Ac- 
tuaries Exams. 

Shelley J. Smith married David N. Fishel 
'86 on December 27, 1987 David is an in- 
surance agent for H. Norman Fishel & 
Sons, Inc., Red Lion, PA. 
Eigil Frost '86 is recruiting manager for 
Nuclear Support Services, Inc., Hershey, 

Cynthia Milovich Kercher '86 is a self- 
employed graphic designer, in 
Myerstown, PA, doing regular work for 
such companies as Hershey Chocolate 
World, Hershey Foods, and Webber 
Lumber. She hopes to eventually work on 
design and illustration for larger 
publishers and The Central Pennsylvania 
Annual Report. 

Theresa A. Rachuba '86 passed course 
160 (Survival Models) in the Society of Ac- 
tuaries Exams. 

Mary Ellen Robel '86 is a logistic analyst 
for the U.S. Naval Sea Logistics Center in 
Mechanicsburg, PA. Also, she is a 
member of the American Society of Naval 

Blaik J. Westhoff '86 has been admitted to 
the office of elder and to full membership 
in the United Methodist Church. 
Melissa Ann Taylor married Andrew 
Glenn Bender '87 on July 9. 
Laurie Bender '87 is now employed as a 
music teacher with Prince George's Coun- 
ty Public Schools. 

Glen M. Bootay '87 works for Nuclear 
Support Services, Inc., in Campbelltown, 
PA, supplying qualified Health Physics 
Technicians to nuclear and other 
radiation-related industries throughout 
the United States. 

Carol Smith Brandt '87 is assistant office 
manager for Jonas Donmoyer, Inc., Ono, 
PA. She is also working on an MBA 
degree from Philadelphia College of Tex- 
tile & Science at the Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege campus. 

Laurie D. Calwood '87 married Stephen 
P. Lefurge '85. 

David M. Campbell '87 passed exam 150 
(Actuarial Mathematics) in the Society of 
Actuaries Exams. 

David B. Cass '87, ensign, U.S. Navy, is 
assigned to the USS King, a guided 



missile destroyer, as supply officer, out of 
Norfolk, VA. " 

W. Clay Craighead '87 has accepted a 
position as assistant to the curator at 
Washington Crossing State Park, NJ. 
Anne M. Eberly '87 married Bradley L. 
Wertz on February 7. 
Betty M. Flick Herr '87 is a sales 
representative for Baldwin Hardware Cor- 
poration, Brass Division, in Tampa, FL. 
Megan J. Foltz '87 is an accountant for 
Zausner Foods Corporation, New 
Holland, PA. 

George W. Gray III '87 is a field represen- 
tative for Knight Engineering, Inc., in 
Doylestown, PA, while living in 
Narberth, PA. 

Joanne Janeski '87 is associate manager. 
Traffic Sensitive Rate Development, for 
the National Exchange Carrier Associa- 
tion, Inc., (NECA). 

Lori Kaas '87 married Andrew J. Wright 
on September 19, 1987. She is a staff ac- 
countant for Beverly Enterprises in 
Virginia Beach, VA. 
Karen L. Mackrides '87 is a marketing 
representative for IBM in Camp Hill, PA. 
She has completed a year of formal 
marketing education and is selling to 
large commercial accounts in the Har- 
risburg, PA, area. 

David C. Miller '87 passed courses 160 
(Survival Models) & 162 (Construction of 
Actuarial Tables) in the Society of Ac- 
tuaries Exams. 

William P. Rhodes '87 received his BS in 
electrical engineering from Rochester In- 
stitute of Technology, Rochester, NY. He 
now works as an engineer in the Xerox 
Technigraphic Products Group in East 
Rochester, NY, a division of Xerox 

Janice L. Roach '87 passed exam 135 
(Numerical Analysis) in the Joint Society 
of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Socie- 
ty Exams. 

Frank S. Rocco '87 passed exams 120 (Ap- 
plied Statistics), 130 (Operations 
Research), & 135 (Numerical Analysis) in 
the Joint Society of Actuaries and Casual- 
ty Actuarial Society Exams. 
Brian Salldin '87 is a senior accountant 
for Parent Federal Savings Bank in Lan- 
caster, PA. 

Emily Sue Seibert '87 married Allen D. 
Moyer on June 4. 

Eric Shafer '87 is currently performing 
with "Re-Creation," a group that provides 
concerts throughout Central Penn- 
sylvania as well as a ministry throughout 

the United States to Veterans Adminstra- 
tion Medical Centers. They invite 
everyone to attend their concerts. 
Joseph M. Snavely '87 is an accountant 
for Steiner, Faren, & Monchik CPA's, 
Lebanon, PA. 

Karen A. Karapandza Townsend '87 pass- 
ed part 2 of exam 110 in the Joint Society 
of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Socie- 
ty Exams. 

Farrah Lyn Walker '87 has entered the 
Cornell Law School as a full-time student. 
Christine M. Webster '87 is a junior pen- 
sion analyst for the Suburban Propane 
Gas Corporation, NJ. 
James Weremedic '87 is a radiology 
manager for Community General 
Osteopathic Hospital in Harrisburg, PA. 
Kimberly Ann Burd '88 is enrolled in the 
PhD program in Industrial/Organiza- 
tional Psychology at Bowling Green State 
University, OH. 

Sharon K. Habecker '88 married Dennis 
L. Weaver on June 11. 
Christian Scott Hamann '88 is enrolled in 
the graduate program in the chemistry 
department at the University of 

Susan Hanson '88 is a security officer for 
Nuclear Support Services, Inc., Hershey, 

Joan Michelle Hevel '88 is enrolled in the 
PhD program in the biological chemistry 
department at the University of 

Amy Beth Hammerstone Gollub '88 
teaches general music courses in an 
elementary school in addition to serving 
as a vocal instructor in a high school, both 
in Easton, PA. 

Monica Lomax '88 has been named ad- 
missions counselor at Lebanon Valley 

Stacie Anne Micheel '88 is a laboratory 
technician in the pathology department 
of the Hershey Medical Center 
Patricia Jean Moll '88 married Steve 

Beatrice A. Vagyoczky '88 passed part 1 
of exam 100 in the Joint Society of Ac- 
tuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society 

Maria Wheeler '88 married Eric Enters 

William I. Wright '88 passed exam 135 
(Numerical Analysis) in the Joint Society 
of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Socie- 
ty Exams. 

Rochelle Lynn Zimmerman '88 married 
Carl David Kniss on June 25, 1988. 

Founders Day Award 
Recipient Dies 

,,o,v.,., .. Mohler 

Harold S. Mohler, 1984 recipient of 
the Lebanon Valley College Founders' 
Day Award, died Wednesday, August 
31,' at the age of 69. 

Mohler, of Hershey, PA, was a 
retired chairperson of the board of Her- 
shey Foods Corporation and the 
chairperson of the board of directors of 
the Hershey Bank. 

Mohler served on the board for 22 
years and was named chairperson in 
1977. His business career was centered 
at Hershey Foods, which he joined in 
1948 as an industrial engineer. He 
became assistant to the president in 
1957 and vice president five years later. 
He was named president and chief 
executive officer in 1965. In 1974, he 
assumed the position of chairperson of 
the board. He retired from Hershey 
Foods in 1984. 

At the time of his death, he was on 
the boards of Herco, PP&L, Ashland 
Oil Inc., and Stabler Companies, Inc. 
He had also served as director and 
chairperson of the Hershey Trust Co. 

Mohler is survived by his wife, 
Melda, a son, two daughters, and five 


■ II >HIHillllllW 

Honor Roll of Donors 

Message from 

Charles W. Wolfe '44, 

National Chairman, 125th 

Anniversary Campaign... 

Dear Friends, 

As the accompanying report will 
reveal, the 1987-1988 year was one of 
substantial achievement for giving to 
Lebanon Vallev College. Total giving sur- 
passed $3.5 million, a ten year high for 
the College in private voluntary support. 

The extraordinary results of the year 
which ended June 30, 1988, are a tribute 
to all who have participated in the un- 
precedented effort in both capital and an- 
nual support. Two gifts deserve special 
mention. Dr. and Mrs. Edward Arnold's 
major gift encouraged the college to begin 
construction of the fine sports center 
which now bears his name. The late Mrs. 
Cecil Lutz provided a testamentary provi- 
sion of $1 . 1 million which has been 
placed in trust to provide scholarships. In 
both cases these families saw the 
strengths of Lebanon Valley and added 
mightily to our efforts to provide the 
finest educational opportunities. 

Progress on the 125th Anniversary 
Campaign has been encouraging, with 
the total now standing at $4.8 million 
against the $6.5 million goal. Right now 
volunteers and staff are hard at work, 
telling the Lebanon Valley story to other 
alumni, friends, and businesses whose 
commitments are needed to bring this im- 
portant effort to a successful conclusion 
in the near future. 

Finally, I would like to express my 
gratitude on behalf of the Board of 
Trustees, faculty, staff, and especially the 
students of Lebanon Valley College to the 
hundreds, yes thousands of donors 
whose personal gifts have brought im- 
portant new resources. 

Charles W. Wolfe '44 
Trustee and Chairman 
Institutional Advancement 

1988 Consolidated Report of Gifts and Grants to 
Lebanon Valley College 


urrent Operations 



•n. Total 


Unrest S 

















75 1,213,782 
















































Total Current 


Total Capital 

75 2,641,531 










'Categories overlap: trustees included in alumni, friends and parents totals. 

125th Anniversary Campaign at Three-Quarter Mark 

Charles VV. Wolfe '44, Trustee and Na- 
tional chairperson of the 125th Anniver- 
sary Campaign and a veteran of numerous 
college capital gifts campaigns, is pleased 
with the results of the fund-raising efforts 
to date, but he is not allowing anyone to 
rest on their laurels. "The more than 4.7 
million raised so far is a fine tribute to the 
dedication of the Lebanon Valley College 
famUy, but the hardest part of the Cam- 
paign is yet to come. In order to secure 
the remaining funds, we must be more 
dilligent and more enthusiastic than ever." 

The several phases of the Campaign in 
progress have produced encouraging 

The Trustee/Major Gifts phase, under 
the stewardship of Edward Arnold and 
Harlan Wengert has made great progress, 
enlisting 100% participation among those 
solicited. The Trustees have pledged 
substantial amounts to both the Sports 
Center and the endowments. Several 
scholarship funds have been started, 
many more have been bolstered, and 
other endowments created. 

Dr. Arthur L. Ford '59, chairperson of 
the Campus Gifts phase, proudly reports 
overwhelming faculty and staff support 
for Lebanon Valley College's latest effort. 
More than 90% of the faculty have con- 
tributed to the Campaign. Although this 

level of participation can be attributed to 
many variables, this statistic reflects the 
campus community's excitement over the 
Campaign objectives. There is no doubt 
that this fund-raising effort will help to 
secure Lebanon Valley College's future 
well-being. "The faculty sees a clear rela- 
tionship among good facilities, strong en- 

Gifts and Pledges, 
August 1988 




25% ] 


S3 Million $3 Million S500 Thousand 




l2Sth Anniversary Campaign Coal is id.r-OO.lKK) 
Gifts and Pledges September W88 = $4,790,000 


Honor Roll of Donors: 

125th Anniversary Campaign 

dovvment, and quality students", says Dr. 
Ford. "We hope this relationship can be 
strengthened so Lebanon Valley College 
can attract the best students possible 
through greater financial aid and a more 
balanced college experience." Over 
$100,000 has been received in cash and 
pledges from the campus community. 

The Leadership Gifts phase of the 
125th Anniversary Campaign is well 
underway. Proposals have been delivered 
throughout the country to some of the 
College's most generous supporters. Dr. 

Martin L. Gluntz '53, Leadership Gifts 
Chairperson, encourages everyone to ex- 
tend their participation to the fullest. 
"Lebanon Valley College is a regional and 
a national resource. Our alumni and 
friends impact more widely than just the 
Lebanon Valley; national and interna- 
tional business leaders, noted scientists, 
renowned musicians, dedicated educa- 
tors, and religious leaders are among 
those tracing their roots through Ann- 
ville. It is our mission to see that this con- 

Other Campaign phases, such as the 
Special Gifts phase led by Dr Carroll E. 
Ditzler '58 and the General Gifts phase 
under the direction of the Reverend Dr. 
Gerald D. Kauffman '44, will reach out to 
the entire Lebanon Valley College family 
in the days and months ahead. "Everyone's 
support is necessary and significant," 
states Charlie Wolfe, "we must all come 
together to assure that future generations 
get the best Lebanon Valley College 
education possible, just as those who 
went before did for us." 

Endowment - Future of 
Lebanon Valley College 

The Edward H. Arnold Sports Center 
provides a dramatic symbol of the 
Lebanon Valley College 125th Anniver- 
sarv Campaign. This outstanding 
physical fitness resource balances our 
present "mind-strengthening" 
academic and "soul-strengthening" 
spiritual development programs with a 
new "body-strengthening" recreational 
program. Several recent studies of col- 
lege life confirm that this balance helps 
ensure the future well-being of our 
graduates bv providing the opportunity 
for a tripartite development of self ^ 
with balanced attention to mind, body, 
and spirit. 

Similarly, gifts to the Lebanon Valley 
College endowment funds help ensure 
the future well-being of our institution. 
These monies balance our "budget- 
based" annual fund drives vvitli 
perpetual "savings accounts," suppor- 
ting current programs through annual 
interest income earned on investments. 
Endowment fvmds underwrite facult\' 
research, building maintenance, library 
purchases, lectureships, professional 
chairs, equipment requisitions, and 
named scholarships — all necessarv to 
ensure the future of our College. "The 
larger the endowment, the less depen- 
dent Lebanon Valley College will be on 
non-tuition income from the Annual 
Fund and other sources, and the educa 
tional opportunities we make available 
to our students can be enriched," says 
Dr. Robert Hamilton, Vice President 
and Controller. 

The 125th ,^nniversary Campaign h. 
rekindled the commitment to Lebanon 
Valley College's continued strength 
through endowments. The Trustees, 

aiming to improve the quality of the 
undergraduate college experience, set a 
three million dollar goal in the endow- 
ment portion of the Campaign. This is 
a challenging aim, but securing the 
future deserves the highest priori^ 

Through the 125th Anniversary! 
paign, named endowed funds can 
established with a minimum contribu- 
tion of $10,000. These pledges may be.:^ 
paid over three to four years and the ^ 
income can be designated by the donor 
for new scholarships, discretionary 
funds, campus beautification, support 
to student activities, or any other part 
of the Lebanon Vallev College program. 
For donors 71 years of age or older, a 
bequest can be included in the will, I 
and, if we are so notified, the amount 
be ciiunted as a discrete pledge to this 
Campaign, Those donors wishing to 
contribute less than $10,000 may add ti.)_ 
a current scholavbhip fund of their 
choice or direct their donation to 
general endowment 

All endowment monies, whethe? 
named or not, insure the long-term 
strength of Lebanon Vallev College anS 
provide tor the future of this fine 

The future ut ra:- 

on today's gifts lu i i-i 





Major Gifts 

Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Arnold 
Dr. Donald E. Fields '24 Estate 
Eugene C. Fish, Esq. 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Cecil B. R. and Parke H. Lutz Estate 
Dr. William N. Martin '18 (deceased) 
Dr. Edna Dowland Martin (deceased) 
Dr. and Mrs. Allan W. Mund 
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
The Whitaker Foundation 

Leadership Gifts 

Mrs. Ljladys Arnold Estate 

Dr. Woodrow S. Dellinger '33 (deceased) 

Mrs. Lucille Maberry Detwiler '38 

Mr. John R. Eby '57 

Mr. Paul Ensminger Estate 

Mr. Darwin and Elizabeth Click '58, '58 

Dr. and Mrs, Martin L. Gluntz '53, '82 

Miss Beulah Harvey 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heisey 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Herr, Sr. 

Eva M. Horn Estate 

Lebanon Valley National Bank 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Mund 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Mund 

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Patterson '49 

People's National Bank 

Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 

Harvey B. Snyder, M.D. '41 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler '47 

Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 

The William Penn Foundation 

The Wolf Organization, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Wolfe '44 

Special Gifts 

L.V.C. ,-\u\iliary, Annville Branch 
Drs. Clark and Edna Carmean '59 
Dauphin Deposit Bank 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Davison 


Honor Roll of Donors: 

125th Anniversary Campaign 

Dr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Ditzler '58 
Egli, Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffev and 

Farmers Trust Company 
First National Bank of Fredericksburg 
Mr. Kenneth R. Grimm '50 
Mr. Philip C. Herr, II, Esq. 
Jonestown Bank and Trust Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Kreider '65 
Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark '32 
Donald C. & Frances K. Layser '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lesher, Jr. 
Jean and Herbert Levy 
Dr. and Mrs. William' J. McGill 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 
Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 
Mrs. Virginia Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Mover '62 
New Penn Employees 
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 
Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Boyd Shaffer '38 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sponaugle 
Steitz Savings and Loan 
Dr. and Mrs. George G. Struble 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Svnodinos 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Tschop '39 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Wengert 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wengert 
Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs. E.D. Williams, Jr. 
Samuel A. '67 and Elaine J. Willman '68 
Mr. Harrv B. Yost, Esq. '62 

General Gifts 

Shirley J.Aichele '59 

Mr. and Mrs. John Allwein '56 

Ms. Ruth E. Andersen '86 

Ms. Donna M. Anderson 

Ellen and Richard B. Arnold 

Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

L.V.C. Auxiliary, Philadelphia Branch 

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson C. Barnhart, 

Esq. '38 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Leonard Bean 
Dr. Philip A. Billings 
Ms. Mary Jean Bishop 
Mr. M. Steven Bortner 
William D. Boswell, Esq. 
Mrs. Mildred A. Bowen 
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Brvson 
Mr. G. Harold Bucher '47 
Dr. Donald E. Byrne, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Calvario 
Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 
Dr. Robert A. Clay 
Commonwealth Communications 

Services, Inc. 
Commonwealth National Bank 
Richard D. Cornelius 
Dr. George D. Curfman '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Daugherty '52 
Mr. Ronald M. Daugherty '60 

Dr. Michael A. Day 

Mr. John B. Deamer, Jr. 

Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger '38 

Dr. Barbara J. Denison '79 

Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

Dr. Phylis C. Dryden 

Mr. Timothy M. Ebersole 

Mr. Herbert A. Eckenroth '49 

Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

Dr. Carl Y. Ehrhart '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Engle, Jr. '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Eshleman 

Mr. Albert L. Evans, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fairlamb 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Feather, Esq. '60, '62 

Dr. Alex J. Fehr '50 

Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F, Fullam '80, '81 

Mr. Rufus A. Fulton, Jr. 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Dr. Pierce Getz '51 

Mr. Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 

Mr. Ronald K. Good 

Grace United Methodist Church 

Ms. Dawn T. Greene 

Dr. Michael A. Grella 

Mr. Samuel O. Grimm Jr. '41 

Dr. Michael F. Gross 

Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan '39 

Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman '52 

Dr. Klement M. Hambourg 

Dr. Robert E. Hamilton 

Mr. Wilber A. Hamsher '71 

Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 

Mr. Robert E. Harnish 

Revs. Merrill A. and Susan W. 

Hassinger '63, '64 
Dr. Bryan V. Hearsey 
Dr. Robert H. Hearson 
Dr. John H. Heffner '68 
Mrs. June E. Herr '43 
Sharon Stetler Herr '66 
Dr. Paul E. Horn '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Hugg 
Dr. Barry L. Hurst 
Dr. Diane M. Iglesias 
Mr. Richard A. Joyce 
Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman '44 
Dr. John P. Kearney 
Mrs. Nevelyn J. Knisley 
Dr. Elam S' Kurtz '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 
Mrs. Mae Graybill Lehman 
Mr. and Mrs. Kermit R. Leitner '68, '68 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Lesher '87 
Dr. Jean O. Love 
Miss Janet E. Lyons 
Mr. P. Theodore Lyter '71 
Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 
Dr. H. Leroy Mario w 
Dr. George R. Marquette '48 
Dr. Frederic J. Marsik '65 
Karl and Kristen Angstad T. Matter '74, '74 

Dr. Joerg W. P. Mayer 

Dr. John G. McEUhenney 

Mrs. Donna L. Miller 

Mobay Corporation (in honor of 

Vernon Bishop) 
Dr. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 
Mr. James P. Monos, Jr. 
Mr. Philip G. Morgan 
Russell E. Morgan M.D. '31 
Mrs. Frances B. Newcomer 
Mr. and Mrs. Grant T. Nicholls '69, '69 
Dr. John D. Norton 
Mr. Douglas L. Nyce '89 
Gen. Peter G. Olenchuk '42 
Mrs. Jane F. Patton 
Dr. Harold S. Peiffer '42 
Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 
Mr. O. Kent Reed 
Miss Mildred M. Reigh 
Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 
Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Riley 
Mrs. Malin P. Saylor 
Rev. Andrew G. Schultz 
Dr. James W. Scott 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer '38, '36 
Miss N. Patricia Shonk '63 
Hon. John T. Shumaker 
Bishop F. Herbert Skeete 
Dr. John A. Smith 
Miss Virginia L. Solomon 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 
Mr. Morton Spector 
Dr. Arthur W. Stambach '45 
Dr. Paul E. Stambach '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Stanson '63, '66 
Rev. Samuel H. Stoner '42 
Mrs. Kathleen L. Thach '85 
Dr. C.F. Joseph Tom 
Mr. Horace W. Tousley 
Dr. Mark A. Townsend 
Dr. Perry J. Troutman 
Mr. John J. Uhl '79 
Mr. Robert Unger '69 
Dr. Thomas R. Vilberg 
The Hon. and Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 
Mrs. Julianne "Pat" Webber 
Raymond T. Wentling Estate 
Rev. J. Dennis Williams 
Mr. Steven H. Witmer '87 
Dr. and Mrs. Allan F. Wolfe 
Mr. Dane A. Wolfe '74 
Mr. Glenn H. Woods '51 
Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 
Mr. Victor R. Zack, Jr. 
Dr. Harry E. Zech '33 


Honor Roll of Donors: 

Honors Society/ Annual Fund 

New Honors Society 
Members Announced 

The Honors Society of Lebanon 
Valley College was established on 
March 15, 1986, to recognize alumni 
and friends who have planned for the 
future by naming the College in their 
will as benefactor for $10,000 or more. 
Over 30 persons came forward to claim 
"Charter Membership" status before 
June 30, 1988. Among these 30 over 
$1,000,000 was pledged toward future 
buildings, scholarships, and operating 
expenses to assure the well-being of 
Lebanon Vallev College. Newest to the 
charter membership rolls are: 
Salvadore & Winona Shroff Botello 
Virginia C. Miller 
Evelyn Toser 
Judge John Walter 
Pat Lutz Walter 
Lee E. & Margaret Fake Anders 

These names have been added to an 
already distinguished list, including; 

Mary Albert Attick 

John W. Beattie 

Ruth Engle Bender 
*Marian (Dorsheimer) & Norman 

D. Clark & Edna L. Carmean 

Samuel "Sammy" K. Clark 

Mary Blanche Cochran 

Kenneth Cassel Donmoyer 

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Fink 

Eugene C. Fish 
*Dr. E. N. Funkhouser 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Karen McHenry Gluntz 

Dr. Martin L. Gluntz 

The Reverend Dr. Thomas W. & Irene 

Cora Graby Limmroth 
*Edna R. Dowland Martin 
*Dr. William N. Martin 

Dr. C. M. Musser & Dorothy H. Musser 

Mildred E. Myers 

Grant T. Nicholls 

Wilbert D. Peck 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Shay 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger ShoUey 

Dr. & Mrs. Harvey B. Snyder 

Elizabeth L. Taylor 

Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Edwin H. Zeigler 

Membership in the Honors Society 
shows a farsighted commitment to 
future generations of Lebanon Valley 
College students. Membership is always 
open. Please call Matthew Hugg, Direc- 
tor of Development, at (717) 867-6224 
for more information. 
* - Deceased 

Annual Fund 

The 1987-88 Annual 

Fund for Lebanon Valley 


A message from Chairman, 
Sam Willman '67 

On behalf of the students, faculty and 
staff, my sincere thanks to all who sup- 
ported the 1987-88 Annual Fund. I am 
pleased to report that 27 percent of our 
alumni contributed last year — a five 
percent increase in participation over 
1986-87. In addition, alumni giving in- 
creased by 20 percent to $228,291, near- 
ly one-half of the $537,304 total raised. 

Income from the Annual Fund pro- 
vides a vital portion of the current 
operating budget. Supported items in- 
clude: student financial aid, faculty 
development, concerts, both inter- 
collegiate and intramural athletics, lec- 
tureships, religious programs, student 
internships, and maintenance of our 
lovely campus. 

Donor Clubs are an important part of 
the College's Annual Fund structure 
and I salute those who have 
demonstrated leadership through Donor 
Club giving. The members of these 
distinguished giving groups are listed 
separately on the following pages. 

In closing, the support of alumni, 
friends, parents and others for the 
1987-88 Annual Fund has been out- 
standing. Thank you for investing in 
the future of our fine institution. 

Samuel A. Willman '67 
Chairman, 1987-88 Annual Fund 

Donor Clubs 

Five Founders' Society 

$4,500 and above 

In February 1866, Rudolph Herr, 
George A. Mark, Jr., Rev. L. W. 
Craumer, John H. Kinsports, and 
George W. Hoverter purchased Ann- 
ville Academy for $4,500 and 
designated the building to become 
Lebanon Valley College. Just as the 
philanthropy of our five founders 
began our enduring institution of 
higher learning, so does the generosity 
of members of this Society ensure its 

Anonymous (Deceased) 
Miss Mildred E. Myers 
Dr. Harlan R. Wengert 

Thomas Rhys Vickroy 

$1,000 - $4,499 

The wisdom and zeal of our first 
President, together with his personal 
financial support, enabled our young 
College to prosper and to grow during 
its critical formative years. Those today 
who share the vision and commitment 
of our first President strengthen further 
the bond he created. 

Mr. Ethan Allen 


Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. 

Mr. John W. Beattie 

Dr. Nancy H. Bright 

Mr. Robert U. Cassel 

Mr. James J. Davison 

Mrs. Lucille Maberry Detwiler 

Dr. Robert F. Early, Sr. 

Mr. Richard T. Early 

Mr. & Mrs, John R. Eby 

Mr. Gary D. Eisenberger 

Mr. Benjamin F. Emenheiser 

Mr. Joseph H. Eubanks 

Mr. David J. Farling 

Mr. Eugene C. Fish 

Mrs. Janice Stahl Gelling 

Mr. G. Wilbur Gibble 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Darwin G. Glick 

Mr. Gary P. Grimm 

Mrs. Jane Shellenberger Grubgeld 

Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman 

Mr. A. L. Hanford III 

Miss Colleen Clemens Harris 

Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund 

Vickroy Society (cont.) 

Dr. & Mrs. Ned D. Heindel 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Philip C. Herr II, Esq, 

Mr. Terrance R. Herr 

Mr. John W. Hess 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 

Mr. Kenjiro Ikeda 

Dr. & Mrs. William G. Jones 

Col. John T. Kramers 

Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 

Mrs. Cora Graby Limmroth 

Dr. Eileen D. Lynch 

Mr. P. Theodore Lvter 

Dr. William J. McGill, !r. 

Mr. Carl E. Miller 

Mrs. Lois Brong Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Miller 

Ms. Debbie K. Morgan 

Dr. Russell E. Morgan 

Mrs. Suzanne Krauss Mover 

Mr. & Mrs. Clair W. Noll" 

Mr. Walter F. Raab 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Rismiller 

Dr. David P. Sheetz 

Miss Lottie J. Snavely 

Dr. Harvey B. Snyder 

Mr. Morton Spector 

Mr. Donald R. Stanton 

Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler 

Mr. John A. Synodinos 

Dr. Mark Townsend 

Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund H. Umberger 

Mr. George W. Veale IV 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Walmer 

Hon. & Mrs. John Walter 

Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham 

Miss Margaret 1. Weaver 

Miss Margaret S. Weimer 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford J. Wengert 

Mr. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Willman 

Dr. Thomas W. Wolf 

Mr. Charles W. Wolfe 

Mr. & Mrs. Harrv B. Yost, Esq. 

Mr. Victor R. Zack, Jr. 

Mrs. Grace Keener Zerbe 

Society of 1866 

$600 - $999 

Students were first welcomed to the 
College on May 7, 1866. The official 
seal on that day contained the motto, 
"Knowledge is Power." As a timeless 
altruism, our contributors embrace this 
belief which still permeates our 
philosophy of education.' 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Larry Bachtell 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Beno 

Mr. Raymond H. Carr 

Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 

Mrs. Marion Snavely Ellenberger 

Mr. Thomas R. Embich 

Mr. Harold G. Engle 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip H. Feather 

Dr. Herbert Fields 

Mrs. Dorothy Landis Gray 

Dr. Robert E. Hamilton 

Mrs. Mary J. Hicks 

Mr. Russel J. Horst 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kauffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Kreider 

Mrs. Lydia Kreider 

Mrs. Susan Oaks Leonard 

Dr. Theodore K. Long 

Mr. & Mrs. Merritt J. Marks 

Mr. & Mrs. Karl V. Matter 

Mr. George R. Moyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Mrazik 

Dr. Allan W. Mund 

Mr. David D. Neiswender 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee D. Peiffer 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 

Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer, Sr. 

Mrs. Edith Kreiser Probus 

Mr. Walter F. Raab 

Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Riley 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Roudabush 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 

Mr. Lloyd Sprecher 

Dr. Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Mr. John E. Wengert 

Dr. Harrv E. Zech 

Charter Club 

$200 - $599 

The 1867 Charter of Lebanon Valley 
College directs that the founders shall 
"establish and maintain forever an in- 
stitution of learning of high grade." 
Those who support this mandate bring 
excellence to the educational experience 
of the young men and women currently 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S. Achey 

Mrs. Sandra Kunipf Adkins 

Mrs. Shirley Jacobs Aichele 

Dr. Bruce A. Albert 

Mr. Glenn R. Aldinger 

Mr. Charles B. Allwein 

Dr. John B. Allwein 

Dr. Robert J. Andreozzi 

Anonymous (Deceased) 


Dr. Howard L. Applegate 

Mr. Casper E. Arndt 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Atkinson 

Mrs. Mary Albert Attick 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C. Aungst 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Baal 

Mr. George S. Bachman 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Larry Bachtell 

Miss Barbara H. Bailes 

Mrs. Mary F. J. Bailes 

Dr. Elizabeth Millers Bains 

Miss Florence E. Barnhart 

The Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer 

Mr. Bruce L. Bean 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Beckley 

Miss Jean E. Bedger 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Ray Bell, Jr. 

Mr. John L. Bemesderfer 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Bendigo 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Beres 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd D. Berger 

Dr. Joseph P. Bering 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Beyer 

Dr. John A. Biever 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor P. Biever 

Mr. Paul C. Billett 

Mr. Robert S. Black 

Dr. Samuel H. Black 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Blasingame 

Mr. Alfred L. Blessing 

Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Bolway, Jr. 

Mrs. Jean Gingrich Bomgardner 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Boston, Jr. 

Mr. William D. Boswell 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman M. Bouder 

Mr. Lewis W. Bowman 

Dr. Joseph C. Bruno 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Buckf elder 


Lt. Col. & Mrs. Newton M. Burgner 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Burkholder 

Miss Helen I. Butterwick 

Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Hyman S. Caplan 

Dr. Margaretta A. Carey 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott V. Carney 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Carr 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Carson 

Rev. Richard L. Cassel 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 

Dr. Thomas M. Clemens 

Miss M. Blanche Cochran 

Dr. Gene U. Cohen 

Mrs. Madeline Mark Colman 

Mrs. Grace Gorbey Connell 

Mrs. Ruth Howell Cook 

Mrs. Marian Heaps Cote 

Mrs. Carol Gieser Cunningham 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Daugherty 

Miss Hazel A. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Davis 

Mrs. Dorothy Sholly DeVerter 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley T. Dellinger 

Dr. Woodrow S. Dellinger (Deceased) 

Mr. Woodrow S. Dellinger, Jr. 

Mr. Enos A. Detwiler 

Dr. John A. Detweiler, Jr. 

Dr. Fritz E. Detweiler 

Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

Mr. Robert L. Dinerman 

Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler 

Mr. Herbert E. Ditzler 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren D. Ditzler 

Mr. Robert J. Donough 

Mr. & Mrs. Russel Duryea, Jr. 

Mr. Patrick G. Dykie 

Miss Edna M. Early 

Mrs. Nellie Walter Eaton 

Mr. Fredric P. Eckelman 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Edwards 

Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

Dr. Carl Y. Ehrhart 

Mr. Lawrence A. Eiben 

Dr. Charles R. Eigenbrode 

Mr. Herman A. EUenberger 

Mrs. Martha Crone Eppley 

Mr. DeWitt M. Essick 

Mr. Samuel D. Evans 

Mr. Albert L. Evans, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Ewin 

Dr. Ross W. Fasick 

Dr. Mae I. Fauth 

Mr. Robert K. Feaster 

Dr. D. Leroy Fegley 

Dr. Jay A. Felty 

Dr. Joseph A. Ferrer 

Mr. Robert R. Fischer 

Rev. & Mrs. M. Eugene Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Fisher 

Miss Anne E. Fluck 

Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 

Mr. Harry W. Forbes 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Foster 

Mrs. Blanche Stager Fox 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Frantz, Jr. 

Lt. Col. James T. Frantz, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Frey 

Mr. Rufus A. Fulton, Jr. 

Mr. John M. Galat 

Mr. Eugene R. Geesey 

Dr. Pierce A. Getz 

Mrs. Anne Butterwick Gilbert 

Dr. Harold F. GDes, Jr. 

Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 

Mr. Benjamin M. Goodman 

Miss Nora M. Goodman 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Goodwin, Sr. 

Mrs. Beth Hill Graves 

Miss Sharon K. Green 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Greer III 

Mr. Robert S. Grimm 

Dr. Judith Fonken Grem 

Mr. Martin J. Grochowski 

Mrs. Kathryn Mowrey Grove 

Mrs. Floda Trout Guinivan 

Mrs. Murl Gulden 

Miss Dorothy B. Hafer 

Mr. Kenneth M. Hale, Jr. 

Mr. Glenn L. Hall 

Mr. Matthew M. Hall 

Mrs. Ella Mason Hamilton 

Mr. Leander H. Hamm 

Mr. Wilbur A. Hamsher, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel S. Harnish 

Mr. L. David Harris 

Mrs. Helen Eddy Hart 

Dr. Samuel A. Hartman II 

Mr. Robert D. Hartnett, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Hartranft 

Mrs. Terri Folkenroth Haslett 

Mrs. S. Elizabeth Hawbaker 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Hays 

Mrs. Doris Cortright Heck 

Mr. Donald L. Hedgecock 

Mrs. Elizabeth Beittel Heffley 

Mr. W. Howard Heffner 

Dr. Allen H. Heim 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Thomas Henry 

Dr. Rex A. Herbert 

Mrs. Joan Bari Herman 

Mrs. Joyce Dissinger Herr 

Mrs. Sharon Stetler Herr 

Dr. G. Edgar Hertzler 

Dr. Russel C. Hertzog, Jr. 

Mr. Paul W. Hess 

Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand 

Dr. William H. Hillmann, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John C. Hoak 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hoerner 

Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 

Mr. Donald R. Hoffer 

Mr. Clark S. Hoffman, Jr. 

Mr. Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 

Mr. Sidney L. Hofing 

Mr. Donald R. Hole 

Dr. Joseph R. Hooper 

Mr. Gregory P. Hoover 

Mr. Russel J. Horst 

Dr. & Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Dr. Mark J. Hostetter 

Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein 

Mrs. Esther Wise Hovis 

Dr. W. Frederick Huber 

Mrs. Ida Trout Hudson 

Mrs. Nancy Myers Inners 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Iskowitz 

Mrs. Joanne Ricedorf Jacoby 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Johns 

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Kauffman 

Mrs. Carol Achenbach Kebbinger 

Rev. & Mrs. Roger E. Keech 

Dr. Paul K. Keene 

Miss Ruth C. A. Keene 

Mrs. Arlene Schlosser Keller 

Miss Ellen S. Keller 

Dr. J. Michael Kildee 

Dr. Charles B. Kinney, Jr. 

Mr. Harlin S. Kinney 

Mr. David E. Klein ' 

Dr. Robert M. Kline 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest P. Kline 

Mrs. Isobel Cox Klinefelter 

Mrs. Josephine Schell Klopp 

Col. Rosalyn R. Knapp 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Knauer 

Mrs. Nevelyn J, Knisley 

Dr. Donald L. Kreider 

Mr. Homer L. Kreider 

Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 

Mr. John M. Lafferty 

Mr. Russell P. Lake, Jr. 

Mr. Edgar D. Landis 

Dr. Grace E. Laverty 

Mr. Donald C. Layser 

Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin 

Mr. Howard F. Lebegern, Jr. 

Mrs. Mae Graybill Lehman 

Mr. & Mrs. Kermit R. Leitner 

Mrs. Jean W. Levy 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Warren Light 

Mr. & Mrs. Russel K. Light 

Mrs. Sara Etzweiler Linkous 

Mr. Jonathan D. Lippert 

Mr. Richard L. London 

Mrs. Hilda Heller Longenecker 

Mr. Kenneth A. Longenecker 

Mr. Richard A. Look 

Mr. Theodore M. Loose 

Mrs. Lela W. Lopes 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley J. MacMillan 

Dr. Donald V. Malick 

Mr. John P. Marbarger 

Dr. & Mrs. George R. Marquette 

Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund 

Miss Jane L. Martin 

Dr. Monroe H. Martin 

Dr. William N. Martin (Deceased) 

Mr. Wilbur H. Mathias 

Mr. Kenneth H. Matz 

Mr. Ellis W. McCracken, Jr. 

Miss Joan C. McCuUoh 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Algire McFaul 

Mrs. Sandra Hughes McKinley 

Dr. Anna Dunkle McVay 

Mr. Ricky C. Mellinger 

Mr. Larry M. Mentzer 

Dr. Warren F. Mentzer 

Mrs. Adella B. Metka 

Dr. Stephen J. Metro 

Dr. Bruce M. Metzger 

Mr. & Mrs. Elwood W. Meyers 

Mr. & Mrs. Adam D. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis R. Miller 

Mrs. Helen Bartlett Miller 

Mrs. Lois Seavers Miller 

Mr. Mark L. Miller 

Dr. & Mrs. Millard J. Miller 

Mrs. Lena Risser Mitchell 

Mr. John V. Mohler 

Mr. Harold D. Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Morgan 

Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer, Jr. 

Mrs. Elaine Z. Moyer 

Mr. William P. Mueller 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Stanley Mull, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Arnold Muller 

Dr. Frederick W. Mund 

Mrs. Helen Esting Murdock 

Mr. Thomas G. Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Myers 

Mrs. Rose Tschopp Needy 

Mr. George R. Nye 

Mr. Robert D. O'Hara 

Mr. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 

Dr. John G. Oliver 

Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Phillippy 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 

Rev. E. Stephen Raby 

Mr. Richard C. Rader 

Dr Ezra H. Ranck 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 

Mr. George M. Reider, Jr. 

Mr. James T. Reilly 

Mr. Daniel A. Reppert 

Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank L. Rice 

Dr. J. Henry Ricker 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Roden 

Mr. Charles E. Roland 

Mrs. Miriam Miller Roush 

Mr. Gerald B. Russell 

Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 

Mr. Donald W. Samples 

Mr. Lawrence R. Sass 

Mr. Stephen C. Scanniello 

Mr. William E. Schadler 

Mr. William Schmidt, Jr. 

Dr. C. Richard Schott 

Mrs. Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Schrope 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Schwartz 

Mr. James H. Scott 

Mrs. Rebecca Unger Scott 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Boyd Shaffer 

Dr. Donald E. Shay 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

Dr. & Mrs. Rodney H. Shearer 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley 

Hon. John J. Shumaker 

Mr. Irwin H. Siegel 

Dr. Tibor H. Siegel 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Simington 

Mr. Albert J. Sincavage 

Mr. Gary H. Sipe 

Mrs. Dorothy Pencil Smith 

Dr. Gary K. Smith 

Dr. John Abernathy Smith 

Rev. Thomas H. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Smith 

Miss Eleanor R. Snoke 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke 

Rev. & Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 

Mr. E. U. Sowers II (Deceased) 

Mr. Earl J. Spangler 

Bishop W. Maynard Sparks 

Mr. Stephen P. Spasiff 

Mr. Calvin D, Spitler 

Mr. Steven W. St. John 

Mr. David L. Stanilla 

Mr. Allen W. Steffy 

Mr. Charles J. Stoner 

Mrs. Claire Adams Stoudt 

Dr. Sterling F. Strause 

Mr. Robert Sullivan, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Swope 

Miss Elizabeth L. Taylor 

Miss Joan R. Taylor 

Mrs. Mildred Osinski Teitelman 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Toews 

Miss Evelyn Toser 

Mr. Horace W. Tousley 

Mrs. Marjorie Smith Trego 

Dr. Perry J. Troutman 

Mr. Brian C. Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Tyson, Jr. 

Mr. John J. Uhl 

Miss B. Elizabeth Ulrich 

Maj. & Mrs. Paul T. Ulrich 

Mrs. Diane Drimones Usas 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Vagyoczky 

Miss Beverly A. Walp 

Mr. Woodrow W. Waltemyer 

Mr. John F. Walter 

Dr. Michael P. Waltz 

Dr. Paul K. Waltz 

Mrs. Marian Marcus Warden 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton R. Weber 

Col. Roy A. Weidman 

Dr. & Mrs. Herman J. Weiser 

Mr. Raymond F. Weiss 

Dr. & Mrs. Mervie H. Welty 

Mrs. Dorothy Kreamer Wendel 

Mr. Russell H. Wert 

Dr. Edwin H. White 

Mrs. Myra Sheaffer White 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Whiteman 

Mr. Gary K. Whiting 

Mr. Bruce R. Wieder 

Dr. J. Dennis Williams 

Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

Mr. Merle L. Wise 

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Wissler 

Mr. Albert F. Witmer 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Witter 

Mr. Dane A. Wolfe 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Wolfe 

Mr. Henry F. Wolfskeil 

& Mrs. Harrison D. Woodruff, 

& Mrs. Robert Yannaccone 

Ronald G. Yarger 

Frank F. Yeager, Jr. 

& Mrs. Joseph H. Yeakel 

Kevin R. Yeiser 

& Mrs. Charles E. Yingst 

Masaji J. Yoshida 
Martha Jane Koontz Zachert 
















& Mrs. Joseph W. Zearfoss 
Harry W. Zechman 
& Mrs. George C. Ziegler 
& Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 
Joel H. Zinn 

1987-88 Annual Fund Income For 
Lebanon Valley College 





















^^^ Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund Giving by Classes 

Class of 1917 

Mr. Amnion L. Boltz 

Mrs. Mary Garver Mathewson 

Mrs. Violet Wolfe Risser 

Dr. Edwin H. White 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler 

Class of 1918 

Mrs. Merab Gamble Brooks 

Dr. William N. Martin (Deceased) 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke 

Class of 1919 

Mr. Norman M. Bouder 

Mrs. Mary Creighton McNelly 

Class of 1920 

Mrs. Helena Maulfair Bouder 

Class of 1921 

Miss Olive E. Darling 

Mr. Benjamin F. Emenheiser 

Miss Gladys M. Fencil 

Class of 1922 

Mrs. Miriam Cassel Haring 

Dr. Oliver S. Heckman 

Mrs. Verna Hess Larkin 

Mr. Adam D. Miller 

Mrs. Ada Heisey Shalley 

Mrs. Anna Stern Wright 

Class of 1923 

Mrs. Dorothy Sholly DeVerter 

Mr. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 

Mrs. Dorothy Fencil Smith 

Mrs. Delia Herr Thomas 

Mrs. Mary Hiester Wheat 

Class of 1924 

Mr. Edward U. Balsbaugh 

Rev. Gladstone P. Cooley 

Mrs. Dora Billett Davis 

Mr. Samuel D. Evans 

Mrs. Rachel Heindel Fink 

Ms. Ruth C. Harpel 

Mrs. Ida Trout Hudson 

Mr. Charles C. Leber 

Class of 1925 

Mrs. Dorothy Longenecker Cooley 

Mrs. Mary Houck Hager 

Mrs. Kathryn Nisley Herr 

Mrs. Esther Hughes Kelchner 

Miss Ellen S. Keller 

Mrs. Ruth Hoy Sadler 

Miss Verna I. Seitzinger 

Miss Elizabeth S. Sloat 

Class of 1926 

Mrs. Carrie Early Barber 

Mrs. Mae Reider Hollenbaugh 

Mr. Raymond N. Keim 

Mrs. Claribel Nisley Linder 

Miss Lottie J. Snavely 

Dr. Mervie H. Welty 

Class of 1927 

Mr. Samuel K. Clark 
Mrs. Madeline Mark Colman 
Dr. D. Leroy Fegley 
Mrs. Blanche Stager Fox 
Mr. C. Floyd Lichtenberger 
Mrs. Hilda Heller Longenecker 
Miss Emma 1. Madciff 
Mr. M. Lester Morrow 
Mrs. Florence Dundore Ness 
Mr. Walter L. Ness 
Mrs. Kathryn Wheeler Snavely 
Bishop W. Maynard Sparks 
Mr. John F. Walter 
Mrs. Myra Sheaffer White 
Mrs. Bernetha Strickler Wright 
Class of 1928 
Dr. C. Ray Bell, Jr. 
Dr. Joseph C. Bruno 
Mr. Ralph A. Daubert 
Mrs. Sarah Rose Kohler 
Dr. Lloyd H. Lu.x 
Dr. Monroe H. Martin 
Mrs. Mabel Brewbaker Mentzer 
Mr. Samuel Meyer 
Dr. Millard J. Miller 
Mrs. Deborah Orth Orbock 
Mr. Edward J. Orbock 
Miss Irene J. Schell 
Mrs. Frances Long Shroyer 
Mrs. Viola Wolf Silvernail 
Miss Eleanor R. Snoke 
Mrs. Fredricka Baker Yetter 
Class of 1929 
*Mr. John W. Seattle 
Mrs. Hilda Wolfersberger Bell 
Mrs. Leah Harpel Bendigo 
*Mr. Leonard M. Bennetch 
Mr. Martin F. Bleichert 
Mrs. Ruth Strubhar Clark 
Dr. Lawrence B. Derickson 
Mr. Enos A. Detweiler 
Mr. Carl E. Heilman 
Mrs. Emmeline Shaffer Miller 
Miss Ruth E. Reigel 
Mrs. Ruth Light Schreiber (Deceased) 
Mr. Charles R. Troutman 
Mrs. Nancy Ulrich Wood 
Class of 1930 

Mrs. Dorothy Hiester Behney 
Mr. Glenn E. Bendigo 
Miss M. Blanche Cochran 
Mrs. Marian Heaps Cote 
Mrs. Mary Rank Hain 
Dr. G. Edgar Hertzler 
Mrs. Ruth Parnell Hoffman 
Mr. Robert W. Jacks 
Dr. J. Calvin Keene 
Mrs. Mildred Hackman King 
Mrs. Josephine Schell Klopp 

Mrs. Pauline Schaeffer Matter 
Mr. Elwood W. Meyers 
Miss Mildred E. Myers 
Mr. William J. Myers 
Mrs. Ruth Cooper Sanford 
Mrs. Helen Hain Shearer 
Dr. Oscar F. Stambaugh (Deceased) 
Mrs. Madeline Rife Yundt 
Dr. Harry W. Zechman 
Mrs. Grace Keener Zerbe 
Class of 1931 
Anonymous (Deceased) 
Mr. George J. Becker 
Mr. Henry D. Berkov 
Mrs. Ethel Hower Darkes 
Miss Edna M. Early 
Mr. Lee Eck 
Dr. Merle W. Eshleman 
Mr. Paul J. Evancoe 
Miss Dorothy B. Hafer 
Mrs. Effie LeVan Kostenbauder 
Mrs. Anna Wolfe Merkel 
Dr. Russell E. Morgan 
Dr. Robert L. Roudabush 
*Mrs. Margaret Young Schrope 
Mrs. Anna Wengert Whitmire 
Mrs. Alma Binner Wise 
Mr. Joseph E. Wood 
Class of 1932 

Mrs. Cynthia Benzing Ash 
Lt. Col. Newton M. Burgner 
Mrs. Margaret Lehn Coleman 
Mrs. Naomi Shively Depuy 
Mrs. Lorayne Seele Freeman 
Mr. John D. Hughes 
Dr. Paul K. Keene 
Mr. Alvin E. Kinney 
Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark 
Mrs. Mae Graybill Lehman 
Mrs. Evelyn Keller Leib 
Mr. J. Warren Light 
Mrs. Dorothy Haldeman Morris 
Mr. John H. Morris 
Mrs. G. Ruth Armacost Muffley 
Dr. Frederick W. Mund 
*Mr. George R. Nye 
Mrs. Edith Fields Reynolds 
Mrs. Dorothy Garber Roudabush 
Mrs. Lenora Bender Shortlidge 
Miss B. Elizabeth Ulrich 
Mrs. Dorothy Snyder Yeager 
Mr. Samuel T. Zappia 
Class of 1933 
Mrs. Regina Oyler Berkheimer 

Mr. Edgar C. Brinser 
Mrs. Ruth Coble Burkhart 
Dr. Woodrow S. Dellinger (Deceased) 
Mrs. Gladys Wagner Dumser 
Dr. Mae I. Fauth 

Matching Gift 

Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund Giving by Classes 

Lt. Col. James T. Frantz, Jr. 

Mrs. Helen Eddy Hart 

Miss Dorothy R. Hartz 

Mr. Albert A. Kaslusky 

Mr. Amos H. Knisley 

Dr. Walter O. Krumbiegel (Deceased) 

Mrs. Marion Kruger Light 

Miss Sophia Morris 

Mrs. Luella Heilman Myers 

Mrs. Lucille Engle Otto 

Mrs. Miriam Miller Roush 
*Mr. Leonard M. Schrope 

Rev. H. M. Tobias 

Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 

Rev. Stuart W. Werner 
*Mrs. H. Jane Muth Whiteman 

Mrs. Flo Grim Wygant 

Dr. Harry E. Zech 

Class of 1934 

Hon. Allen E. Buzzell 

Mrs. Esther Smelser Duke 

Dr. K. Morgan Edwards 

Mr. Thomas C. Edwards 
*Mr. DeWitt M. Essick 

Mr. William K. Fishburn 

Mrs. Kathryn Mowrey Grove 

Mr. Peter W. Kandrat 

Mrs. Haidee Blubaugh Kaslusky 

Mrs. Margaret Longenecker Kern 

Dr. John J. B. Light 

Mr. Wilbur H. Mathias 

Mrs. Charlotte Weirick McFaul 

Mr. H. Algire McFaul 

Mr. Rudolph B. Miller 

Mr. Earl S. Rice 

Mrs. Martha Kreider Rudnicki 
'Mrs. Kathrvn Witmer Sandel 

Mr. James H. Scott 

Mr. George D. Sherk 

Mr. John J. Todd, Jr. 

Mr. Edmund H. Umberger 

Dr. Leonard Volkin 

Mr. Robert D. Womer 

Class of 1935 

Mr. Casper E. Arndt 

Mr. Guy A. Beaver 

Mr. Frank P. Boran 

Mrs. Frances Holtzman Colbert 

Mrs. Ethel Keller Erickson 

Mr. David J. Evans 

Mr. Grant Q. Feeser 

Dr. C. Willard Fetter 

Mrs. Anne Butterwick Gilbert 

Dr. Theodore K. Long 

Dr. Warren F. Mentzer 

Dr. Bruce M. Metzger 

Dr. J. Henry Ricker 

Mr. Gerald B. Russell 

Mr. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 

Mr. Albert J. Sincavage 

Mr. Arthur G. Spickler 

* Matching Gift 

Mr. Allen W. Steffy 
*Miss Margaret L Weaver 

Mrs. Rebecca Adams Whitlock 

Mr. John E. Witter 

Class of 1936 

Mrs. Virginia Britton Ax 
*Dr. George S. Bachman 

Miss Louise E. Bishop 

Mrs. Winona Shroff Botello 
*Mr. Robert U. Cassel 

Mrs. Iva Weirick Edwards 

Mr. Robert L. Edwards 

Miss Evelyn C. Frick 

Mr. J. Stewart Glen, Jr. 

Miss Dorothy F. Grimm 

Dr. Alvin R. Grove, Jr. 

Mrs. Jane Shellenberger Grubgeld 

Mr. Samuel S. Harnish 

Mrs. Louise Gillan Harris 

Mrs. Nancy Bowman Hatz 

Mr. W. Howard Heffner 

Miss Anna Mary Herr 

Dr. Mark J. Hostetter 

Mr. Paul E. Kuhlman, Jr. 

Mrs. Kathleen Pool Land 

Mrs. Marian Leisev Light 

Mr. Edgar P. Monn 

Mr. Richard C. Rader 

Dr. Calvin H. Reber, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Haddox Rockwell 

Mrs. Irma Keiffer Shearer 

Mr. Boyd L. Sponaugle 

Mr. Robert B. Troxel 

Mrs. Charlotte Stabley Warner 

Class of 1937 

Vlrs. Sara Light Aungst 

Mr. Edward R. Bachman 

Mrs. Ruth Goyne Berger 

Mr. Paul C. Billett 

Mr. William H. Earnest 

Mrs. Cordelia Sheaffer Felder 

Mrs. Lois Harbold Guise 

Mr. Russell C. Hatz 

Mrs. Eleanor Lynch Hemperly 

Dr. Charles B. Kinney, Jr. 

Mrs. Eleanor Engle Miller 

Rev. Paul A. Miller 

Mr. Jack R. Morris 

Mrs. Rose Tschopp Needy 

Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 

Mrs. Maxine Farley Sausser 

Mrs. Ruth Buck Schlegel 

Dr. Donald E. Shay 

Mrs. Grace Naugle Sinclair 

Mr. Richard S. Slaybaugh 

Mrs. Romaine Stiles Smeltzer 

Mrs. Claire Adams Stoudt 

Dr. Edwin H. Tallman 
*Mrs. Marjorie Smith Trego 

Mr. Duey E. Unger 

Mrs. Edna Binkley Walmer 

Dr. Paul K. Waltz 

Class of 1938 

Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 
Mr. Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. 
Mrs. Mary Zartman Barnhart 
Mr. Lloyd D. Berger 
Mr. Robert S. Black 
Miss Helen L Butterwick 
Lt. Col. Adolph J. Capka 
Mr. Gordon Davies 
Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 
Mrs. Lucille Maberry Detwiler 
Mr. Herman A. EUenberger 
Mrs. Gail Spangler Fidler 
Mr. Marshall R. Frey 
Mr. Walter P. Fridinger 
Mr. Dean W. Gasteiger 
Mr. G. Wilbur Gibble 
Mr. John Y. Groff 
Mrs. Ella Mason Hamilton 
Mr. Robert M. Johns 
Mrs. Isobel Cox Klinefelter 
Mrs. Wanda Price Koehler 
Mr. John W. Kreamer 
Mr. John P. Marbarger 
Mrs. Lena Risser Mitchell 
Mrs. Hazel Heminvvay Muth 
Dr. C. Boyd Shaffer ' 
Mrs. Louise Stoner Shaffer 
Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 
Mrs. Ethel Houtz Slonaker 
Mr. Calvin D. Spitler 
Mrs. Elizabeth Bender Ulrich 
Maj. Paul T. Ulrich 
Mrs. Theresa Stefan Umberger 
Dr. John D. Walmer 
Mrs. Dorothy Kreamer Wendel 
Mr. Russell H. Wert 
Class of 1939 

Mrs. Janet Whitesell Alford 
Mrs. Grace Geyer Aston 
Mrs. Evelyn Fridinger Baker 
Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer 
Mrs. Anna Light Blatt 
Mrs. Edith Metzger Booser 
Mr. Robert G. Brown 
Mr. Stanley Bulota 
Mrs. Olga Lopes Casavant 
Mrs. Irene Ranck Christman 
Mrs. Alice Richie Clupper 
Mrs. Catherine Lawson Diehl 
*Mrs. Gertrude EUenberger Dupler 
Mrs. Julia Johnson Edwards 
Mrs. Ruth Rohrer Freed 
Mrs. Dorothy Null Frey 
Mr. Raymond T. Frey 
Mr. Benjamin M. Goodman 
Mrs. Mildred Haas Grimm 
Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan 
Mr. Leander H. Hamm 
Miss Ruth C. A. Keene 
Mr. Harlin S. Kinney 
Mr. Edward K. Kress 

Mrs. Cora Graby Limmroth 
Mr. Robert W. Long 
Mrs. Jean Marbarger Medinger 
Mrs. Lillian Zubroff Melman 
Mrs. Amy Meinhardt Melson 
Mrs. Helen Bartlett Miller 
Dr. John H. Moyer III 
Mr. D. Reigh Shope 
Mr. Raymond R. Smith 
Mr. Robert W. Smith 
Mr. Coda W. Sponaugle 
Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 
Col. Roy A. Weidman 
Mrs. Catherine Whister Wetterling 
Dr. G. Frank Zerbe 
Class of 1940 
Anonymous (Deceased) 
Mrs. Mary Albert Attick 
Mr. Charles M. Belmer 
*Mr. John L. Bemesderfer 
Mrs. Evelyn Evans Broderick 
Mrs. Evelyn Seylar Cassady 
Mr. Florian W. Cassady 
Dr. Carl Y. Ehrhart 
Mr. C. Dennis Geesey 
Mrs. Ruth Hershey Geesey 
*Mr. Robert S. Grimm 
Mr. Henry F. Hoffman, Jr. 
Dr. Paul E. Horn 
Mrs. Esther Wise Hovis 
Mrs. Anna Evans Hower 
Dr. W. Frederick Huber 
Rev. William H. Jenkins 
Mr. George A. Katchmer 
*Miss Lela W. Lopes 
Mrs. Gustav T. Maury 
*Mr. John V. Moller 
Dr. John H. Ness, Jr. 
Dr. John G. Oliver 
Mr. Freeman D. Rice 
Mrs. Ruth Ruppersberger Riley 
Mrs. Adele Black Russell 
Mrs. Lucie Cook Ruzicka 
Mrs. Verna Schlosser Sollenberger 
Mrs. Barbara Bowman Stecker 
Miss Margaret S. Weimer 
Mrs. Ellen Reath Wert 
Class of 1941 
Mr. Bernard C. Bentzel 
Miss Jeanne L. Bliven 
Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo 
Mrs. Marian Reiff Craighead 
Mr. Conrad K. Curry 
Mr. John H. Dressier 
Mr. Marlin A. Espenshade 
Rev. Harry L. Fehl, Jr. 
Mr. Gerard M. Gert 
Col. George L. Grow 
Mrs. Floda Trout Guinivan 
Mrs. Feme Poet Habbyshaw 
Mr. Raymond C. Hess 

* Matching Gift 

Mrs. Mildred Rittle Keiser 
Mrs. Louella Schindel Koening 
Mrs. Mary Homan Kurtz 
Mrs. Evelyn Ware Lynch 
Dr. Charles R. Miller 
Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller 
Mr. Harold L. Moody 
Mrs. Jeanette Kalbach Partridge 
Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 
Mrs. Edna Rutherford Sheckart 
Lt. Col. Frank L. Shenk 
Mrs. Ellen Ruppersberger Silvers 
Lt. Col. Frederick W. Smee 
*Dr. Harvey B. Snyder 
Mrs. Ethel Fisher Steiner 
Mr. Paul W. Stouffer, Jr. 
Mrs. Rebecca Parks Umstead 
Dr. Martha Jane Koontz Zachert 
Rev. Clinton D. Zimmerman 
Class of 1942 

Mrs. Fredericka Laucks Albert 
Miss Jean P. Anger 
Miss Kathryn E. Brehm 
*Mr. Joseph E. Carr 
Mrs. Elizabeth Sattazahn Davis 
Mr. Harry I. Drendall 
Cmdr. Robert F. Dresel 
*Mrs. Marion Snavely Ellenberger 
Dr. Donald J. Glen 
Mrs. Margaret Cox Glen 
Dr. David W. Gockley 
Mr. Russel J. Horst 
Mrs. Virginia Goodman Hunsicker 
Mrs. Pauline Smee Jacoby 
Mrs. Viola Snell Maury 
Mrs. June Hollinger Meek 
Mrs. Lois Seavers Miller 
Mr. William P. Mueller 
Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 
Dr. Richard F. Seiverling 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay 
Mrs. Ruth Heminway Siebert 
Mrs. Louise Boger Silliman 
Mrs. Rosanna Brandt Slayton 
Rev. Samuel H. Stoner 
Mr. John F. Swope 
Mr. Charles J. Tyson, Jr. 
Mrs. Martha Foster Tyson 
Rev. Robert G. Whisler 
Dr. Christian G. Wornas 
Mr. George C. Ziegler 
Class of 1943 
Dr. Donald F. Bartley 
Mrs. Adelaide Sanders Burgner 
Dr. Margaretta A. Carey 
Mrs. Jean Daugherty Carr 
Rev. W. Edgar Gathers 
Rev. Lloyd H. Crall 
Mrs. Dorothy Brine Dillin 
Mrs. Janet Schopf Ebersole 
Mr. Walter K. Ebersole, Jr. 

Mrs. Martha Crone Eppley 
*Mrs. E. Louise Keller Frantz 
*Mr. Frederick S. Frantz, Jr. 

Dr. John E. Hampton 

Mrs. Marian Kreider Hampton 

Mrs. Anne Bowman Heagy 
*Mrs. Dorothy Light Mease 

Lt. Col. John B. Mengel 
*Dr. Stephen J. Metro 

Mr. Albert H. Morrison 

Mrs. Vera Shoop Musser 

Dr. Robert K. Ness 

Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Mrs. Shirley Carl Rothenberg 

Dr. Helen Ross Russell 

Mrs. Verna Kreider Schenker 

Mrs. Genevieve Stansfield Shenk 

Dr. H. Dennis Sherk 

Mr. Hans W. Uberseder 

Dr. Robert W. Uhrich 

Dr. Doris Smith Watson 

Mrs. M. Elizabeth Grube Weidman 

Dr. Robert Yannaccone 

Mrs. Evelyn Stine Ziegler 

Class of 1944 

Miss Betty V. Bartels 

Dr. Marian Kreider Bosien 

Mr. Norman M. Bonder, Jr. 

Dr. DeLene Yocum Congello 

Mrs. Sarah Muth Curry 

Mrs. Grace Spangler Drager 

Mrs. JoMarie Shannon Dresel 

Mrs. Esther Wagner Ebright 

Dr. James E. Flinchbaugh 

Mrs. Miriam Carper Frey 

Mrs. Dorothy Landis Gray 

Mrs. Elizabeth Light Hamilton 

Mr. Richard J. Hoerner 

Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman 
*Dr. Paul Lipsitz 

Mrs. Ruth Haverstock Ness 

Rev. Bruce C. Souders 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hess Uberseder 

Dr. Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Mr. Charles W. Wolfe 

Mrs. Jean Garland Woloshyn 

Mrs. Dorothy Cox Yannaccone 

Class of 1945 
*Mr. Alfred L. Blessing 

Mrs. Rosalie Reinhold Bross 

Mrs. Marian Ulmer Cams 

Mrs. Norma Kiscadden Daihl 

Mr. Robert J. Donough 

Mrs. Mary Brown Fitz 

Mrs. Evelyn Hiester Frick 
*Mrs. Janice Stahl Ceiling 

Mrs. Jeanne Waller Hoerner 

Mrs. Gilda Tulli Hutchinson 

Miss Yvonne L. Raab 

Rev. E. Stephen Raby 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gooden Rhodes 

Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund Giving by Classes 

Mrs. Miriam Jones Rudy 

Mrs. Patricia Bartels Souders 

Dr. Arthur W. Stambach 
*Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham 

Mrs. Sarah Koury Zimmerman 

Class of 1946 

Mr. Richard L. Ax 

Mrs. Clare Schaeffer Berger 
*Mrs. Jean Gingrich Bomgardner 

Mrs. Helen Sattazahn Burr 

Mr. John E. Carbaugh, Jr. 

Dr. Gene U. Cohen 

Mrs. Viola Shettel Crites 

Miss Catherine Deraco 

Mrs. Betty Schaffer Grosky 

Mrs. Jean Thrush Hawkins 

Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 

Mrs. Eleanor Hershev Kauffman 

Mrs. Martha Light Klein 

Mrs. Elizabeth Reiff Marino 

Mrs. Catharine Yeager Miller 

Mr. George L. Moore 

Mrs. Edith Kreiser Probus 

Mrs. Sarah Stauffer Sandy 

Mr. Richard D. Seidel 
*Mrs. Frances Workman Weiser 

Class of 1947 

Mr. J. Ross Albert 

Miss Florence E. Barnhart 

Miss Jean E. Bedger 

Mr. G. Harold Bucher 

Mr. Carl L. Derr 

Dr. George E. Edwards 

Mr. Lloyd V. Fegan, Jr. 

Mr. Vernon M. Fickes 

Mr, Paul G. Fisher 

Mrs. Sara Schott Fisher 

Dr. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

Miss Nora M. Goodman 

Mrs. Evelyn Stonecipher Gourlay 

Dr. Gerald J. Gruman 

Mr. John G. Heagy, Jr. 

Mrs. Esther Engle Hivner 

Mrs. Arlene Schlosser Keller 

Mr. Frank R. Meze 

Rev. Robert J. Miller 

Mrs. Nancy Johns Nevins 

Mrs. Helen Dickel Sandrock 

Mrs. Pearl Miller Siegel 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler 

Mrs. Jean Myers Swanson 
*Dr. Herman J. Weiser, Jr. 

Mrs. Winifred Kitchen Winemiller 

Class of 1948 

Mrs. Barbara Kilheffer Baker 

Mr. Alvin C. Berger, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Helen Long Bickel 

Mrs. Doris Clements Biery 

Capt. Charles D. Bolan 

Mr. James S. Brulatour 

Dr. Philip C. Deardorff 

Dr. John A. DetweOer, Jr. 

Mr. Herbert E. Ditzler 

Dr. Robert F. Early, Sr. 
*Mrs. Nellie Walter Eaton 

Mrs. U. Joyce Meadows Elder 

Mrs. Mary Frank Habig 

Dr. Samuel A. Hartman II 

Mrs. Mary Eckert Hoffman 

Mr. Kenjiro Ikeda 

Mrs. Ruth Gearhart Keech 

Mr. Frederick D. Koons 

Dr. Grace E. Laverty 

Mr. John H. Light 

Mrs. Dorothy Strassburger Mark 

Dr. George R. Marquette 

Mrs. Elaine Heilman Marshall 

Dr. Anna Dunkle McVay 

Mrs. Betty Gingrich Rauch 

Mr. Samuel J. Rutherford 
*Dr. David P. Sheetz 

Mr. Vincent A. Sherman 

Mrs. Doris Newman Shettel 

Mr. Paul O. Shettel, Jr. 
*Mr. Earl J. Spangler 
*Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek 

Dr. Arthur L. Terr 

Mr. Robert A. Zimmerman 

Class of 1949 

Mr. Robert E. Baker 

Mr. Ralph T. Barnes, Jr. 

Mr. James L. Barto 

Rev. Harold W. Beam 

Mr. Eugene R. Beiber 

Mr. Russell J. Bixler, Jr. 

Mr. Dean H. Bohr 

Mr. Foster M. Brinser 

Mr. John K. Carl 

Dr. Albert P. Dijohnson 
*Mr. Richard Y. Eby 

Mrs. Beatrice Meiser Euston 

Mr. William D. Ferguson 

Rev. Donald N. Fridinger 

Dr. Dennis L. Funck 

Mrs. Janet Weaver Gemberling 

Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling 

Mrs. Nancy Meyer Gingrich 

Mr. Glenn L. Hall 

Mrs. Dorothy Smith Heisey 

Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand 
*Mr. Donald R. Hoffer 

Mrs. Mary Wolf Jackman 

Mr. Earl F. Kauffman 

Rev. William J. Keeler 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Budesheim Kinch 

Mrs. Mary Glover Kleinfelter 

Mr. Howard B. Kreider, Jr. 

Mr. Wesley R. Kreiser 

Mr. Howard F. Lebegern, Jr. 

Dr. Donald V. Malick 

Dr. John E. Marshall 

Mr. Robert P. McCoy 

Mr. Gerard J. McKenna 

Mr. Sidney S. Miller 

Mrs. Betty Jones Moller 

Mr. Richard W. Moller 

Mr. Dean S. Moore 

Mr. William T. Moore, Jr. 

Mrs. Hazel Kinney Peiffer 

Mrs. Jane Reed Pope 

Mrs. Joanna Norris Roe 

Dr. Laverne E. Rohrbaugh 

Mrs. Ella Shultz Roman 

Mr. Clifford P. Rothgaber 

Mr. Paul H. Sadler 

Mr. Robert H. Sheetz 

Rev. John E. Shettel 

Rev. Joseph D. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Charles W. Tome, Jr. 

Dr. Dene T. Walters 

Mrs. Dorothy Zink Werst 

Mrs. Marion Geib WUhelm 

Mrs. Erma Gainor Yeakel 

Dr. Joseph H. Yeakel 

Mrs. Lois Shank Yeakel 

Mrs. Ruth Harnish Zentmeyer 

Mr. Thomas M. Zimmerman 

Class of 1950 

Dr. Luke S. Albert 

Mr. Glenn R. Aldinger 

*Mr. Arthur J. Bacastow 
Mr. Milton W. Baker 
Dr. George W. Bartels, Jr. 
Mrs. Betty Camp Barto 
Mr. John R. Beddall 

*Dr. Lewis W. Bowman 
Mr. Harry L. Bricker, Jr. 
Dr. Nancy H. Bright 
Dr. Howard L. Britton, Jr. 
Mr. Paul E. Broome 
Mr. Allen H. Brown 
Mr. Frederic W. Brown 
Mrs. Janet Eppley Bucher 
Rev. Norman B. Bucher, Jr. 
Mrs. Kathryn Noll Chernich 
Mr. James K. Davis 
Mr. Henry C. Deens, Jr. 
Dr. Charles R. Eigenbrode 
Mr. R. Francis Eigenbrode 
Dr. Alex J. Fehr 
Mr. William G. Fisher 
Mr. W. Harry Forbes 
Mr. Fred B. Fore 
Mr. James E. Gregg 
Mrs. Doris Strickler Herr 
Mr. John W. Hess 
Mr. Robert W. Hess 
Mr. Frank W. Hockley 
Dr. Charlotte Rohrbaugh Jones 
Dr. William G. Jones 
Rev. Roger E. Keech 

* Matching Gift 

Mrs. Doris Eckert Ketner 

Miss Anna L. Kettering 

Dr. Robert M. Kline 

Mr. Anthony J. Kutchever 

Mrs. Barbara Kleinfelter Lawyer 

Mr. Joseph W. Layser 

Mr. Kenneth L. Lewis 

Mrs. Mary Edelman Light 

Mr. Richard H. Light 

Mrs. Ellen Jepsen Lukens 

Mrs. Phyllis Dale Magill 

Dr. Alonzo L. Mantz 

Mrs. Ethel Beam Mark 

Dr. Paul D. Mattern- 

Miss Esther C. McNeal 

Mr. Simon J. Meyer 

Mrs. Geraldine Rothermel Nease 

Mr. John R. Nilan 

Mr. James W. Parsons 

Mr. Joseph D. Rojahn 

Mr. George Roman 

Rev. Howard H. Smith 
*Mr. Wilham D. Steely, Jr. 

Mrs. Jean Kostenbauder Stolte 

Mrs. Sidney Garverich Tome 

Miss Nan E. Urich 

Dr. David H. Wallace 

Rev. Charles B. Weber 

Mr. William Wertz 

Mr. James A. Wilhelm 

Mr. Harold E. Yingst 

Mr. Raymond S. Zimmerman, Jr. 

Class of 1951 

Mrs. Dawn Hornbaker Albert 

Mr. Robert L, Allen 

Mrs. Louise Light Andrews 

Mrs. Helen MacFarland Bartels 

Mr. Floyd M. Baturin, Esq. 

Mr. John D. Boag, Sr. 

Mrs. Margaret Bower Boag 
*Mr. Herbert L. Booz 

Dr. William J. Boyd 

Mrs. Betty Edelman Creamer 

Mr. George A. DeLong 

Mrs. Jeanne Stine DeLong 
*Mr. Harold G. Engle, Jr. 

Mr. Guy J. Euston 

Mr. Robert K. Feaster 
*Mr. Robert R. Fischer 

Mrs. Arlene Shuey Fisher 

Mr. P. Jay Flocken 

Dr. Charles R. Garrett, Jr. 

Rev. Roland E. Garvin 

Dr. Pierce A. Getz 

Mr. Bernard B. Goldsmith 

Mrs. Miriam Keller Gottlieb 

Mr. Jack D. Gramm 

Mrs. Carolyn Gassert Harris 

Mr. Harold G. Heisey 

Dr. John C. Hoak 

Mr. Lemoyne W. Hoffman 

* Matching Gift 

Mr. Ira L. Hostetter, Jr. 

Dr. J. Harold Housman 

Mrs. Barbara Metzger Kline 

Mr. Richard L. Kline 

The Rev. W. Richard Kohler 

Dr. Elam S. Kurtz 

Mrs. Sara Etzweiler Linkous 

Rev. Robert P. Longenecker 

Mr. Norman G. Lukens 

Mrs. Rufina Balmer Marquette 

Mr. Gerald D. Miller 

Dr. Robert K. Miller 

Mr. Horace F. Meyer 

Mr. Robert Mrgich 

Mr. Charles E. Roland 

Mrs. Edith Shanaman Rothenberger 

Mrs. Anne Shroyer Shemeta 

Mrs. Jeanne Edwards Tesnar 
*Mr. Lee R. Thierwechter 

Mrs. Nancy Lutz Weber 

Mr. William O. Wert 

Mr. Henry F. Wolfskeil 

Rev. Donald D. Zeiders 

Mr. Charles L. Zimmerman 

Class of 1952 

Ms. Lois L. Adams 

Mrs. Elaine Barron Auerbach 

Dr. Joseph P. Bering 

Dr. Samuel H. Black 

Mr. Donald Blanken 

Mrs. Virginia Wagner Curfman 

Dr. Robert M. Daugherty 

Mrs. Ruth A. Daugherty 
*Mr. Jay N. Dutweiler 

Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 

Mrs. E. Maxine Garvin Fritz 

Mrs. Elma Breidenstine Frysinger 

Mr. Donald S. Gingrich 

Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman 

Mr. Robert J. Heath, Jr. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Beittel Heffley 

Mrs. Dorothy Witmer Hoak 

Mr. Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy Myers Inners 
*Mrs. Joanne Ricedorf Jacoby 

Dr. Eugene F. Kobylarz 

Mr. Donald C. Layser 

Ms. D. Jane Lutz 

Miss Jane L. Martin 

Miss Mardia Melroy 

Mr. Donald N. Miller 

Mr. Richard W. Miller 

Mr. James S. Pacy 

Mr. Josef G. Parker 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 

Mr Melvin Schiff 

Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

Mr. Sherdell A. Snyder 

Dr. Paul E. Stambach 

Miss Ruth M. Stambach 

Dr. Richard H. Stewart 

Dr. Sterling F. Strause 

Mr. John I. Sweigard 

Mr. Edward F. Tesnar 

Miss Evelyn Toser 

Mrs. Diane Randolph Woodward 

Mrs. Gloria Dressier Zeigler 

Class of 1953 

Mrs. Phyllis Barnhart Burkholder 

Mrs. Joyce Hammock Carson 

Mr. Lawrence W. Grain 

Dr. George D. Curfman 

Mrs. Ruth Evans Dalbeck 

Mrs. Janice DeLong Diehm 

Dr. Mark Diethelm 

Rev. Glenn M. Dietrich 

Mrs. Jean Stable Donohue 

Dr. Warren L. Early 

Mr. Lloyd O. Evans 

Dr. Joseph A. Ferrer 

Mr. Robert A. Gustin 

Mrs. Grace Frick Hamor 

Mrs. Jane McMurtrie Hart 

Mrs. Joan Gilbert Hartz 

Mr. Donald L. Hedgecock 

Dr. Allen H. Heim 
*Mrs. Joan Bair Herman 
*Mr. Melvin E. Hostetter 

Mr. Winslow Jolmson 

Mrs. Pauline Rittle Kauffman 
•Dr. Allen J. Koppenhaver 

Dr. Donald L. Kreider 

Mr. Edgar D. Landis 

Mr. Abram L. Leaman, Jr. 

Mr. James S. Lewis 

Mr. Albert E. Moser, Sr. 

Mrs. June Finkelstein Mosse 
*Dr. David D. Neiswender, Jr. 

Rev. M. Eugene Patrick 

Mr. Lee A. Ranck 

Mr. Harold A. Rothenberger 

Mr. M. Joseph Russo 

Mrs. Mary Kurtz Sweigard 

Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo 

Mr. Stanley C. Vansant 

Hon. John Walter 

Mr. Edward H. Walton, Jr. 

Mr Merle L. Wise 

Mrs. Alma Mariani Wood 

Mr. William H. Wood 

Class of 1954 

Mrs. Joanne Bachman Belson 

Dr. Robert H. Boyd 

Mr. Donald L. Burkholder 

Mr. George J. Cardone 

Mr. Kenneth C. Donmoyer 

Mr. John T. Ervin 

Dr. Jay A. Felty 

Dr. Herbert Fields 

Mr. Walter H. Fry 

Rev. Donald L. Harbaugh 

Mrs. Doris Cortright Heck 

Dr. Robert G. Hower, Jr. 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford 

Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund Giving by Classes 

Mrs. Alice Daniel Kelly 

Mr. William H. Kelly 

Mrs. Geraldine Nichols Koppenhaver 

Miss Barbara A. Kreiser 

Dr. Richard C. Musselman 

Mrs. Joan Ringle Policastro 

Mr. Charles A. Reed 

Mr. Harold Y. Sandy 

Mrs. Carol Johnstone Smith 

Mr. Lee C. Smith 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker 

Mrs. Joyce Shettel Snyder 

Miss Agnes M. Souders 

Mrs. Julia Ulrich Spangler 
*Mr. Richard G. Styring 

Mrs. Masami Uchida Tabe 

Mrs. Barbara Ranck Taylor 

Mr. Clair D. Wagner 

Mr. Clyde M. Walter 

Mrs. Betty Swisher Wolfgang 

Mrs. Sylvia Wolfskill Woodin 

Mr. Samuel A. Yeagley, Jr. (Deceased) 

Mr. Charles E. Yingst 

Class of 1955 

Mrs. Hazel Kindt Beish 

Mrs. Nancy Myers Chiodo 

Mrs. Nancy Daugherty Cortner 

Mr. William C. Diehm III 

Mr. Arthur J. Dukes 
*Mr. Robert L. Enders 

Dr. Ross W. Fasick 

Mrs. Joyce Dissinger Herr 

Mrs. Dorothy Roudabush HoUinger 

Mr. Henry B. Hollinger 
*Mrs. Carol Achenbach Keblinger 

Mrs. Joyce Hill Madden 

Mrs. Mary Eckenroth Mayer 

Mr. J. Stanley Mull, Jr. 

Mrs. Joan Wingert Mull 
*Mr. Clair W. Noll 

Rev. Robert E. Reasey 

Mrs. Alice Bomberger Savastio 

Mr. William Schmidt, Jr. 

Mrs. P. Sally Ann Whitmoyer Shaak 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley 

Rev. Melvin G. Sponsler, Jr. 

Rev. Clarence D. Ulrich 

Mrs. Florence Risser Umberger 

Miss Dorothy Pfautz Wenger 

Dr. David P. Willoughby 

Mr. Thomas G. Wolfgang 

Dr. Ralph E. Yingst 

Mr. DeWitt P. Zuse, Jr. 

Class of 1956 

Dr. Gene R. Adams 

Dr. John B. AUwein 

Mr. Harold E. Bird, Jr. 

Dr. James N. Bollinger 

Mr. James T. Boltz 

Mrs. Dorothy Grabau Boyd 

Mr. Henry T. Chadwick 

' Matching Gift 


Miss Doris A. Cook 

Mr. Anthony B. Creamer, Jr. 

Mr. Cyrus R. Dietrich, Jr. 

Mrs. Jacquelyn Fetterhoff Douglass 
*Mr. David J. Fading 

Mr. Eugene R. Geesey 

Mr. Martin J. Grochowski 

Mr. Sidney L. Hofing 

Mrs. Joan Napoliello Horn 

Mr. Lawrence E. Jones 

Mr. Pius H. Kaltreider 

Mr. Jack N. Keefer 

Mrs. Gloria Ritter Kelly 

Mrs. Joan Eckenroad Kirk 

Mrs. Shirley Warfel Knade 

Rev. Richard D. Leonard 

Mr. Robert G. Miller 

Mrs. Cynthia Patton Poet 

Rev. H. Rodney Stoner 

Mrs. Mildred Osinski Teitelman 

Mr. Curtis C. Troutman 

Mr. Donald H. Umberger 

Mrs. Elin Blouch Yeagley 

Mrs. Nancv Adams Yingst 

Class of 1957 

Rev. Dorothy M. Book 
*Mr. Roy E. Boush 

Mr. Donald S. Burkhart 
*Ms. Grace Gorbey Connell 

Miss Joan C. Conway 

Miss Hazel A. Davis 

Rev. Cameron G. Drum 

Mr. John R. Eby 

Mr Paul F. Fulk 

Dr. Murray B. Grosky 

Mrs. Carol Kelly Hamilton 

Dr. F. Peter Hottenstein 

Mrs. Georgianne Funk Jones 

Mr. William H. Kiick 

Mr. Jerry E. Lego 

Mrs. Nancy Kettle Lenker 

Mr. Willard L. Light 

Mr. James M. McArdle 

Rev. Gerald A. McCormick 

Mrs. Geraldine Sheaffer Mosemann 

Mr. Ronald J. Mosemann 

Mr. Robert J. Nelson 

Mrs. Jeanne Winter Noll 

Mr. Carl Peraino 

Mrs. Nancy Gibson Peraino 

Dr. Jo Anne Grove Pieringer 

Dr. Ronald A Pieringer 

Mrs. Polly Risser Reinhart 

Mrs. Loretta Hostetter Risser 

Mrs. Jane Hoffman Roush 

Mr. William E. Schadler 

Brig. Gen. Robert M. Sheaffer 

Mr. Henry W. Shuey, Jr. 

Mr. Robert E. Snyder 

Mrs. Patricia Lutz Walter 

Mrs. Marian Marcus Warden 

Dr. William C. Workinger 

Class of 1958 

Dr. Jerald G. Bachman 

Mr. Barry B. Barnhart 

Mrs. Sara Crobaugh Beaver 

Mrs. Marlene Brill Bell 

Mrs. Barbara Schwaghart Bird 

Mr. Charles T. Brightbill 

Mrs. Joan Heindel CoUitlower 

Mr. Marshall D. Cook 

Mrs. Janet Tingley Deitrich 

Mr. Paul F. DiPangrazio 

Mrs. Susan Zimmerman Dietrich 

Mr. Robert L. Dinerman 

Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler 

Mr. Henry G. Douglass 

Mrs. Berneice Klink Eby 
*Mr. Gary D. Eisenberger 

Mr. Darwin G. Click 

Mrs. Elizabeth Speicher Click 

Mrs. Mildred Stineman Gundel 

Mr. Ronald B. Hartranft 

Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

Rev. Jack R. Hoffman 

Mrs. Jean Henninger Hoffman 

Mr. Donald R. Hole 

Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein 

Miss Barbara G. Johnson 

Mr. Aubrey H. Kershner 

Mr. Fred S. Kreider, Jr. 
*Mr. William P. Krick, Jr. 

Mrs. Kathryn Hoerner Lanz 

Mr. John F. Lenker, Jr. 

Mr. James A. Mitchell, Jr. 

Mrs. Helen Epting Murdock 

Mrs. Ruth Obert Ranalli 

Mrs. Ruth Reddinger 

Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart 

Mr. David H. Schell 

Mrs. Sandra Weit Shipman 

Mrs. Mary Swope Shroyer 

Mr. Gary H. Sipe 

Mr. Richard H. Smith II 

Mr. Joseph K. Snare 

Rev. Sandy R. Stover 

Miss Beverly A. Walp 

Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

Class of 1959 

*Mrs. Shirley Jacobs Aichele 
Mrs. Carol Dannettell Biederman 
Mr. Russell J. Boeshore 
Mr. Bernerd A. Buzgon 
Mrs. Ruth Howell Cook 
Rev. Merritt A. Copenhaver 
Mrs. Shirley Bair Crumlich 
Mr. William F. DeLiberty 
The Rev. Harvey W. Ebright 
Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 
Mrs. Joanne Grubb Gain 
Mr. James E. Greenwood 
Mrs. Estelle Berger Hartranft 
Dr. Linda Heefner Heindel 
Dr. Ned D. Heindel 

Mr. Sheldon K. Hoover 

Mrs. Janet Zuse Hostetter 

Mrs. Linda Shirey Huber 

Hon. Wayne G. Hummer, Jr. 

Dr. H. Dale Kreider 

Mr. Sterling R. Krumbine 
*Mrs. Susan Oaks Leonard 

Mrs. Phyllis Luckens Lowe 

Mr. David R. Meder 

Mr. Larry M. Mentzer 
*Mr. Mark L. Miller 

Mrs. Carolyn Schairer Moyer 

Dr. Karl E. Moyer 

Mr. James G. Novinger 

Mr. Samuel G. Poet, Jr. 

Mrs. Susan Artz Richartz 
*Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller 
*Mrs. Janet Blank Rismiller 

Mr. Joseph C. Saile 

Mr. Lawrence R. Sass 

Mr. John A. Tartaglin 

Mrs. Catharine Hellick Van Ness 

Mr. Raymond F. Weiss 

Miss Doris E. White 

Mrs. Johanna Hansen Wilson 

Mrs. Ethel Fake Wolf 

Miss Jane E. Wolfe 

Class of 1960 

Mrs. Patricia Hagerty Bohrs 

Mrs. Eleanor Black Boyer 

Mr. Philip D. Bronson 

Mr. Samuel E. Butz 

Rev. Richard L. Cassel 

Mrs. Jean Cunningham Catlin 

Mr. John A. Catlin 

Mr. Ronald M. Daugherty 

Mr. Joseph B. Dietz 

Mr. Ronald L. Dietz 

Mr. Fredric P. Eckelman 

Mr. Philip H. Feather 

Mr. Charles F. Gerberich, Sr. 

Mrs. Marsha Chaitt Grosky 

Mrs. Audrey Rice Hamm 

Mrs. Dolores Herner Hartman 

Mr. David E. Heberlig 

Mr. Clark S. Hoffman, Jr. 

Mr. Richard K. Hollinger 

Mr. Ronald P. Hovis 

Mrs. Brenda Funk Hughes 

Mr. William H. Hughes 

Mrs. Marianne Kanoff Loney 

Mr. Kenneth A. Longenecker 

Mr. John W. Metka 

Mr. Clair L. Paul 
*Mrs. Margaret Garber Philp 

Mr. Charles R. Piersol 

Mrs. Margaret White Pierson 

Mr. Fred A. Poorman 

Mr. Joseph D. Ragno 

Mrs. Nancy Nickell Rango 

Mr. John F. Schlegel, Jr. 

* Matching Gift 

Rev. David W. Schmuck 
Mr. Kenneth J. Seaman 
Mrs. Sally Lynch Seavey 
Mr. Glenn R. Stevens 
Mr. John J. Stouffer 
Mrs. Shirley Angle Tannenbaum 
Mrs. Nancy Kulp Thorner 
Mr. L. Nelson Umble 
Mrs. Carolee Green Weidner 
Mrs. Martha Rudnicki Williams 
Mr. Ralph J. Ziegenfuss 
Mr. Joel H. Zinn 
Class of 1961 

Miss Marjorie H. Brubaker 
Dr. Calvin H. Cole 
Mrs. M. Nancy Ovates DeLiberty 
Mrs. Shirley Landis Dietz 
Mr. Larry Q. Hall 
Rev. John P. Hamm 
Mr. Robert D. Hartnett, Jr. 
Mr. Kenneth C. Hays 
Mrs. Fay Weik Horst 
Mrs. Kathy Bowman Horst 
Mrs. Adele Moss Hunt 
Dr. Robert M. Hurst 
Mrs. Lois Sholley Kaylor 
Col. Rosalyn R. Knapp 
Miss Judith A. Kressler 
*Mr. Paul A. Longreen 
Mrs. Selina Hill McArdle 
Mrs. Amelia Hartman McElwee 
Dr. Frederick Meiselman 
Mr. George K. Meyer 
Mrs. Lois Brong Miller 
Mrs. Marjorie Peters Miller 
Mr. Nolan E. Miller 
Mr. Lynn B. Raver 
Mr. James T. Reilly 
Mr. Karl R. Smith' 
Mr. Walter L. Smith 
Mrs. Sonia Witte Snavely 
Mrs. Carol Bronson Steiner 
Mr. Charles J. Tobias II 

Mrs. Joan DeConna Walters 

Lt. Col. Donald T. Winter 

Class of 1962 

Mrs. Aglaia Stephanis Ahmed 

Mr. Rowland W. Barnes 

Mrs. Sue Kortum Behrens 

Mr. Karl W. Bordner 

Mr. Lowell B. Brogan 

Mrs. Emily Bowman Brown 

Mrs. Patricia Davis Bullock 

Mrs. Gloria Fitzkee Carter 

Mr. David L. Czirr 

Mrs. Marylin Shaver Davis 

Mrs. Isobel Miller Dottle 

Mr. Donald R. Drumheller 

Mrs. Judith Kline Feather 

Mr. Kenneth R. Feather 

Mr. Dean A. Flinchbaugh 

Dr. David H. Fortna 

Miss Myrna R. Greenawalt 

Mr. Francis D. Grove 

Dr. Robert L. Habig 

Class of 1963 

Dr. Robert J. Andreozzi 

Miss Barbara H. Bailes 

Dr. G. Thomas Balsbaugh 

Mr. Barry Bishop 

Mrs. Mary Fullerton Bonner 

Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 

Mr. James L. Boyle, Jr. 

Mr. James E. Brommer 

Mr. Judith Newton Brown 

Rev. James D. Corbett 

Dr. R. Frederick Crider, Jr. 

Mr. Stanley M. Daniels 

Mr. Woodrow S. Dellinger, Jr. 

Dr. J. Ronald Earhart 

Rev. Richard G. Felty 

Mr. William W. Focht 

Miss Ann R. Grove 

Mrs. Arbelyn Fox Habig 

Mr. Ronald C. Haring 

Annual Fund Summary 

Outstanding Class Giving 

Percent of 

Number of 

Number of 



1969 - 73 

1950 - 65 
1949 - 58 

1973 - 58 
1968 - 54 

1963 - 54 

1974 - 54 
1965 - 53 

1951 - 52 

1964 - 50 



Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund Giving by Classes 

Rev. Merrill A. Hassinger 

Mrs. Lynne McWUliams HendrLx 

Ms. Barbara E. Horst 

Mr. G. Thomas Keehn 

Mr. David B. Kruger 

Mr. Ellis W. McCracken, Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara Bongart McMinn 

Mrs. Shirley Brown Michel 

Mrs. Janet Coover Miller 

Mrs. Leann Grebe Miller 

Mr. Byron N. Mock 
*Mrs. Lois Rank Moore 

Mr. Lawrence R. Moss, Jr. 
*Mrs. Suzanne Krauss Moyer 

Mr. Dennis C. Phillippy 

Rev. David W. Pierce 
*Mr. George M. Reider, Jr. 

Ms. Judith Nichols RenzuUi, Esq. 

Ms. Joy D. Rice 

Mrs. Judith Snowberger Rife 

Mr. Richard H. Rotz 

Mrs. Nedra Rine Schmuck 
*Mrs. Rebecca Unger Scott 

Mrs. Sarah Lane Seidel 

Rev. William A. Sherman 

Miss N. Patricia Shonk 

Mr. Robert R. Shope 

Miss Kathryn S. Skewis 

Mr. Gregory G. Stanson 

Dr. Vance R. Stouffer, Jr. 

Mr. Douglas K. Troutman 

Rev. Donald E. Van Kirk 

Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Van de Water 

Rev. George M. Weaver, Jr. 

Mrs. Phvllis Morrow Wolfe 

Class of 1964 

Mr. Charles B. Allwein 

Dr. Elizabeth Miller Bains 

Mrs. Patricia Jones Balsbaugh 

Mr. Richard L. Bashore 

Mr. Robert M. Bechtold 

Mr. Kenneth C. Beck 

Mrs. Lavinia Beckner Biltimier 

Mrs. Helen Haskell Bosart 

Mrs. Elizabeth Vastine Bowman 

Mrs. Lois Ensminger Brubaker 

Mr. Richard W. Brubaker 

Ms. Judith K. Cassel 

Mr. John W. Davis 

Miss Roberta A. Dudas 

Mr. M. Jay Earley, Jr. 
*Mrs. Sandra Beltz Edmunds 
*Mr. Frank W. Eiler 

Mrs. Janet Bisbing Farhat 

Dr. David D. Grove, Jr. 

Mrs. Linda Myers Gruber 

Mr. Walter S. Hamsher 

Rev. Susan Wolfe Hassinger 

Mr. Marvin L. Hendrix 

Dr. Russel C. Hertzog, Jr. 

Mr. Richard B. HOer 

' Matching Gift 


*Mrs. Hannah Pisle Kaufmann 

Lt. Col. David H. Kercher 

Mrs. Linda Boeshore Kercher 

Dr. J. Michael Kildee 

Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 
*Mr. Kenward C. Y. Lee 
*Mr. Wesley J. MacMillan 

Mrs. Carole Lasky Marburger 

Mr. Curtis R. Miller 

Mr. Larry H. Miller 

Ms. Lovella L. Naylor 

Mrs. Patricia McDyer Pece 

Mrs. Loretta Schlegel Rittle 
*Mrs. Judith Tanno Schairbaum 

Mr. Robert J. Scott 

Mrs. Sandra Diener Shope 
*Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Mrs. Joanne Mainiero Slothower 

Dr. Henry K. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. John A. Spoonhour, Jr. 

Mr. Walter A. Stump 

Mr. Jay H. Uhler 

Mrs. Judith Garvin Uhler 

Mr. Jon A. Yost 

Mr. James H. Zimmerman 

Class of 1965 

Mr. Robert E. Achenbach 



Mr. Richard A. Carlson 

Mrs. Dorothy Cole Carpenter 

Mr. G. Stuart Close 

Mr. James G. Code 

Mr. Thomas B. Crisman 

Mrs. Judith Bowman Downs 

Mrs. Carolyn Leitner Enterline 

Mr. Paul E). Enterline 

Mrs. Joy Klingler Felty 

Mrs. Nancy Dice Eennell 

Mr. Gary P. Grimm 

Mr. William A. Grove 

Mr. Terrance R. Herr 

Dr. Suzanne Hollingsworth Hetrick 

Mrs. Gayl Overgaard Hickox 

Dr. Wiliam H. Hillmann, Jr. 

Mr. George J. Hollich, Jr. 

Mrs. Carole Duncan Horn 

Mr. Richard T. Irwin 

Dr. Howard D. Jones 
*Mr. Donald R. Kaufmann 

Mr. Andrew W. Kreider 

Dr. Richard L. Krill 

Mr. Joel B. Lantz 

Mrs. Diana Nelson Laul 

Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin 

Mr. Jay W. Lingerman 

Mr. Richard L. London 

Mr. Robert J. Ludwig 

Mr. Barry L. Lutz 

Dr. Frederic J. Marsik 
*Mr. Carl E. Miller 

Mrs. GaU Moritz Oberta 

Mrs. Roberta Johns Otto 

Dr. Robert J. Riether, Jr. 

Dr. Robert H. Rittle 

Mr. Stephen H. Roberts 

Mrs. Dorothy Hudson Robson 

Mr. Joseph D. Rutter 

Mrs. Mary Ellen VanHorn Rutter 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Olmsted Shearer 

Mrs. Norma Woolston Shearer 

Mrs. Leslie Gardner Smith 

Mrs. Lois Shroyer Smith 
*Dr. David G. Thompson 

Mr. Theodore O. Weaver 

Mr. Jamie G. Wescott 

Mr. Bruce R. Wieder 

Mr. A. Barry Yocom 

Mrs. Karen Lutz Zimmerman 

Class of 1966 
*Dr. Ronald S. Beckley 

Dr. Eric D. Brown 

Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

Mr. Joseph J. Chuchla 

Mr. Douglas A. Everett 

Dr. John W. Gregory 

Mrs. Joanne Scott Haring 

Mrs. Joan Higgins Hays 

Dr. Richard P. Henzel 

Mrs. Sharon Stetler Herr 

Mr. Richard C. Hoffman 

Mrs. Carol Frey Hollich 

Mr. Robert E. Horn 

Mr. Barry E. Howard 

Mr. Robert L. Huffman 

Mrs. Jo Ann Ply mire Kreeger 

Mr. J. Duncan Kriebel 

Mr. John M. Lafferty 

Mrs. Karen Cooper Lamb 

Dr. Eileen D. Lynch 
*Mrs. Elspeth Lowrie MacMillan 

Mrs. Betty Detweiler Melcher 

Mr. George M. Millard 

Mrs. Sara Kauffman Moss 

Mrs. Claudia Hostetter Pennell 

Dr. Richard C. Reed 

Mrs. Judith Stauffer Scott 

Rev. William G. Seller 

Dr. Rodney H. Shearer 

Dr. Ruth A. Smith-Matsuo 

Mrs. Susan Sheckart Stanson 

Mr. Donald R. Stanton 

Mr. Jay S. Stanton 

Mrs. Linda Brunner Stoe 

Mrs. Carol Warfield Tallman 

Mrs. Lucretia Alexander Tate 

Mrs. Carol WooUey Testa 

Mrs. Elaine Kreller Tomlinson 

Mrs. Barbara Lenker Tredick 

Ms. Helen M. Warnke 

Rev. James W. Weis 

Mr. Daniel L. Williams 

Mrs. Jean Hoffman Witter 

Mr. Frank F. Yeager, Jr. 

Class of 1967 

Mrs. Doris Kimmich Allen 
*Mrs. Barbara Macaw Atkinson 

Mr. D. Larry Bachtell 

Mrs. Barbara Beltz Banket 
*Mrs. Bonnie Moyer Beckley 

Mr. Joel P. Behrens 

Maj. Kenneth S. Berry 

Dr. Gary N. Brauner 

Dr. Charlene Cassel 

Mr. George C. Clauser 

Miss Judith E. Donmoyer 

Dr. John E. Dougherty III 
*Mr. Thomas R. Embich 

Mr. George N. Fulk 
*Mr. John M. Galat 
*Dr. Harold F. Giles, Jr. 

Miss Susan J. Green 

Ms. Marilyn A. GuUey 

Mrs. Wendy Ptacek Harper 

Mrs. Rachel Gibble Irvin 

Mrs. Linda Pierce Irwin 

Mrs. Ellen Kreiser Jarrett 
*Mrs. Ann Marie Leidich Kauffman 
*Mr. Jack Kauffman 

Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz 

Dr. William J. Lament, Jr. 

Mrs. Patrice Todd Langdon 

Mrs. Rayanne Behney Lehman 

Mr. Daniel L. Maurer 

Mrs. Jane Doll Moyer 

Mr. Ronald D. Newmaster 

Mr. Larry J. Painter 

Miss Lois E. Quickel 

Mrs. Luise Wubbena Reading 

Mrs. Roberta Gable Reed 

Dr. C. Richard Schott 

Dr. Damon L. Silvers III 

Mr. Walter L. Smith III 

Mr. Ward O. Smith III 

Mr. Francis M. Stearn IV 

Mr. Michael R. Steiner 

Mrs. Lucy Lefevre Sumner 
*Mrs. Elaine Brenner Thompson 

Miss Gale M. Thompson 

Mr. Edward J. Updegrove, Jr. 

Dr. John A. Wiest, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel A. Willman 

Rev. Gretchen Long Woods 

Mrs. Carol Clay Yocom 

Class of 1968 
*Mrs. Carol Eshelman Allen 

Mr. Dennis T. Bashore 

Mr. Bruce L. Bean 

Dr. William P. Bohlander 

Mr. James E. Boston, Jr. 

Mrs. Jeannette Murphy Boston 

Mrs. Rebecca Cooke Burgee 

Mr. William A. Cadmus 

Mr. Harry M. Capper 

Dr. Michael D. Curley 

* Matching Gift 

*Mrs. Janet Else D'Alessandro 
Mr. Charles J. Dehart III 
*Mrs. Carol Edgecomb Ditzler 
*Mr. Warren D. Ditzler 
Mrs. Cecelia Deitrich Edwards 
Dr. LeRoy G. Frey 
Mrs. Wanda Wlasova Gerstner 
Miss M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 
Mrs. Diane Bott Haight 
Mr. Donald A. Haight 
Dr. John H. Heffner 
*Mr. Gregory P. Hoover 
Miss Mary A. Hostetter 
Mrs. Rebecca Wagner Hyman 
Mrs. Ruth Barry Johnson 
Mr. George J. King 
Mr. Robert A. Laughead 
Mrs. Constance Witter Leitner 
Mr. Kermit R. Leitner 
*Mr. James G. Magazino 
Mr. Jeffrey S. McCuUough 
Lt. Col. Jay A. Mengel 
Mrs. Rebecca Fackler Miller 
Mr. James R. Newcomer, Jr. 
Mrs. Suzanne Bennetch Newell 
Mrs. Katrinka Salmon Osborne 
Mr. Robert D. Powell 
Mrs. Ruth Long Rice 
Mr. Ronald L. Richcreek 
Mrs. Janet Gessner Roberts 
Mrs. Anna Schwartz Schwartz 
Mr. Charles S. Sharnetzka 
Mrs. Christine Banes Simington 
Mr. Richard N. Simington 
Mrs. Cheryl Seacat Stearn 
Miss Joan R. Taylor 
Mr. Brooks N. Trefsgar 
Mr. James R. VanCamp 
Mrs. Barbara Ankrum Wagner 
Dr. Harry W. Wertsch 
Mr. Richard E. Williams 
Mrs. Elaine Joy Willman 
Mr. John R. Yerger 
Mr. Harry C. Zart, Jr. 
Class of 1969 
Miss Susan H. Abernethy 
*Mr. Robert D. Atkinson 
Mrs. Pixie Hunsicker Bachtell 
Dr. Kenneth M. Baker 
Mrs. Sue Kortum Behrens 
Dr. Barry L. Bender 
Dr. John A. Biever 
Mrs. Barbara Robertson Bohlander 
Mrs. Linda Bell Brown 
Mr. J. Dean Burkholder 
Mr. William E. Campbell 
Miss Joanne Cestone 
Dr. Thomas M. Clemens 
Mrs. Elaine Dorcsis Dehart 
Dr. Fritz E. Detwiler 
Mrs. Jean McClelland Doherty 
Mrs. Jeanne Anspach Earnshaw 

*Mr. Linn D. Eisenhower 
Mr. Thomas J. Falato 
Mr. Lloyd J. Fasnacht, Jr. 
Mrs. Lucille Dunne Field 
Mrs. Mary Lou LaBella Fox 
Rev. Robert S. Fox 
Mr. Terry L. Gehman 
Miss Marcia J. Gehris 
Mrs. Diane Giovanis Hankinson 
Mr. James W. Haslam 
Mr. Franklin S. Hoch 
Mr. David A. Hoffner 
*Mr. Fred W. Hostetter (Deceased) 
Mrs. Polly Carnathan Jaymes 
Mr. Richard W. Kaufmann 
Mr. Benjamin F. Klugh, Jr. 
Mr. Dennis M. Lehman 
Dr. Jonna-Lynn Knauer Mandelbaum 
Mr. Carl L. Marshall 
Mr. Kenneth H. Matz 
Mrs. Sandra Hughes McKinley 
Miss Cynthia S. Melman 
Dr. William H. Miller 
Mr. Grant T. NichoUs 
Mrs. Linda Eicher NichoUs 
Dr. Jack R. Reid 
Dr. Frank L. Rice 
Miss Linda S. Rothermel 
Mrs. Carole Cameron Schauer 
Mr. Larry L. Schauer 
Mr. Dale C. Schimpf 
Mrs. Karen Bowman Schwalm 
Mrs. Shirley Deaven Shaffer 
Mr. Franklin R. Shearer 
Mrs. Lucille Koch Shearer 
Mr. Kenneth L. Sipe 
Mrs. Doris Bryden Skinkus 
Rev. Dennis R. Snovel 
Mr. David L. Stanilla 
Mr. George A. Stauffer, Jr. 
Mr. Allen W. Steffy, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Ann Horn Stewart 
Mr. William F. Stine III 
Miss Helen E. Templin 
Miss Carolyn E. Thompson 
Mrs. Leta Tompkins Thompson 
Rev. William M. Thompson 
Mr. Harold J. Todd 
Mr. Dennis J. Tulli 
Mrs. Linda Sentman Weeks 
Mr. Carlin L. Wenger 
Mrs. Nancy Hendrickson Wieman 
Mr. Douglas R. Winemiller 
Dr. Jan H. Wubbena 
Dr. Ronald G. Yarger 
Mr. Joseph T. Yost 
Dr. Ronald J. Zygmunt 
Class of 1970 
Mr. Malcolm B. Ahrens 
Dr. Bruce A. Albert 
Mr. WUliam H. AUen 
Mrs. Susan Scharmann Bitner 


Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund Giving by Classes 

Mr. Larry A. Bowman 

Mr. Donald C. Carter 

Mrs. Keeta Wolfe Cole 

Mr. Morris S. Cupp 

Rev. Charles J. DeBoeser, Jr. 
*Mr. David A. Diehl 

Mr. Jan W. Edwards 

Mrs. Nancy HoUinger Enders 

Mr. James B. Fraytic 

Mr. Robert E. Frey, Jr. 

Mr. George S. Glen, Esq. 

Mr. Jensen H. Groff, Jr. 

Mrs. Donna Lapp Harding 

Mr. Lloyd R. Helt, Jr. 

Mr. B. Thomas Henry 

Mrs. Judith Kerns Hunter 

Mr. Robert G. Hunter, Jr. 

Mr. Jeffrey P. litis 

Mrs. Marsha Church King 

Mrs. Margaret Little Kreiser 

Mrs. Carol Hoeflich McCall 

Mrs. Kathleen Keck McCuUough 

Mrs. Connie Jones Miller 

Mrs. Mary Horn Nelson 

Mr. John S. Nornhold 

Rev. L. Fitzgerald Reist II 

Mr. Joel S. Riedel 

Mr. James M. Rife 

Dr. Henrv D. Schreiber 

Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer 

Mrs. Sandra George Sharnetzka 

Ms. Susan J. Shedenhelm 

Mrs. Carol Irwin Shellenberger 

Mrs. Winifred Weaver Walters 

Dr. Michael P. Waltz 

Mr. Bruce T. Welsh 

Mr. Thomas E. Whittle 

Re\'. George E. Zeiders, Jr. 

Class of 1971 





















David H. Binkley II 
Elizabeth Fralick Bryan 
Barbara Asplund Burgess 
Nancy Werner Carter 

Thomas W. Cestare 
Suzanne Shenk Cronkright 
Kathy Knauer Cupp 
Mona Enquist-Johnston 

Larry A. Fenner 
Linda Henderson Fisher 

Paul S. Fisher 
Eileen Richards Foltz 
Deborah Strickler Freer 

. Catherine Either Greco 

Harvey G. Gregory 
Jessica Leonard Gregory 

Reid W. Habecker 

Kenneth M. Hale, Jr. 

Wilbur A. Hamsher, Jr. 
Marlene Royer Harris 
Brenda Russell Horst 
Pamela Boyer Kaufman 

* Matching Gift 

Mrs. Mary Yarasavage Keller 

Miss Melissa Kellow 

Mr. Steven R. Krick 

Mrs. Barbara Yingst Light 

Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 

Mr. Robert A. Mains 

Mrs. Linda Ammlung McAlpin 

Mrs. Jane Shomper McCormick 

Miss Anita J. Meiser 

Mr. David E. Miller 

Mr. Michael L. O'Hara 

Mrs. Donna Fluke Osborne 

Mrs. Nancie Hummel Park 

Mrs. Margaret McGarvey Purdy 

Mr. James M. Ramey 

Mrs. Diane Fox Rickenbach 

Mr. Donald W. Samples 

Rev. David C. Shellenberger 

Miss Allison C. Smith 

Mr. Gary J. Templin 

Mr. Richard B. Thompson 

Mrs. Virginia Sherk Williams 

Mrs. Anne Jameson Wissler 

Dr. Timothy L. Wissler 

Mrs. Nancy McLean Yaun 

Mrs. Julie Rojahn Zart 

Class of 1972 

Mrs. Sandra Kumpf Adkins 
Dr. Thomas K. Albert 
Mr. Daniel R. Bachman 
Mr. David Boltz IV 
Miss Sue Ellen Bowman 
Mrs. JoAnn Otto Brewer 
Mr. Terry L. Bricker 
Mr. James G. Cassel, Jr. 

*Mrs. I. Michelle Marquis Diehl 
Miss Robin L. Ditzler 
Rev. Claire L. Fiedler 
Mr. Larry P. Frey 
Mrs. Judith Holt Gibney 
Dr. Judith Fonken Grem 
Mrs. Joyce Huber Gundrum 
Mr. B. Martin Hauserman, Jr. 
Mrs. Gail Fasnacht Henschke 
Dr. Rex A. Herbert 
Mr. Edward B. Johnson 
Mrs. PhyUis Brown Johnson 
Ms. Beth E. Jones 
Mr. John W. Jones 
Mrs. Marilyn Graves Kimple 
Mr. David E. Klein 
Mrs. Deborah Gould Koons 
Mr. Lawrence M. Larthey 
Mrs. Patricia Shearer Larthey 
Mrs. Jane Rumfield Leposa 

*Mr. Richard A. Look 
Mr. Stuart J. Magdule, Esq. 
Mrs. Charlene Tice McCabe 
Mrs. Barbara Rice Miller 

*Dr. Dennis J. Nagy 
Mrs. Cheryl Kirk Noll 
Mr. George R. Petrie, Jr. 

Mr. Ronald R. Renshaw 

Mrs. Linda Holubowicz Rhine 

Mr. Ronald L. Scheaffer 

Miss Janet E. Smith 

Mr. David F. Steffy 

Dr. David L. Stein 

Mr. David L. Stull 

Mrs. Natalie Cvijic Treece 

Mrs. Diane Drimones Usas 

Miss Diane R. Wilkins 

Mrs. Betsy Van Arkel Wolf 

Mr. Dennis M. Wolf 

Mr. Masaji J. Yoshida 

Class of 1973 

Mr. Thomas E. Beresford 

Mrs. Barbara Baughman Biser 

Ms. Judith Bostock Brantner 

Mr. Richard S. Brunner 

Mr. Patrick B. Campbell 

Mrs. Bonnie Lutz Chesney 

Mr. Thomas J. Chesney 
*Mr. Alan H. Curtis 

Mrs. Diane Trullinger Dohner 
*Mr. Ralph J. Fetrow 
*Mrs. Sara Harding Fetrow 

Mr. Wayne C. Fox, Jr. 

Mr. Donald B. Frantz 

Mr. Joseph A. Gargiulo 

Mr. Carey C. Garland 

Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg 

Miss Jean T. Gingrich 

Mrs. Nancy Alber Glen 

Mrs. Nancy Hunt Heckman 
*Dr. Roger A. Heckman 

Rev. Julie Mader Hostetter 

Mr. John A. Hubley III 

Mr. Edward C. lannarella 
*Dr. Wayne D. Johnson 

Mrs. Nancy Crowther Jones 

Mr. John S. Kinsella, Jr. 

Dr. Debra A. Kirchof-Glazier 

Mrs. Kathleen Bangert Korpon 

Mr. Steven B. Korpon 

Mrs. Nada Powley Kutz 
*Mrs. Elizabeth Todd Lambert 

Mr. Doren S. Leathers 

Mrs. Linda Diehl Mains 

Ms. Lynn M. Manhire 

Mr. Ralph W. McCabe, Jr. 

Mr. Richard L. McCarren 

Mr. Phillip M. McClelland 

Mrs. Evelyn Nottingham O'Hara 

Mrs. Linda Scharf Petrecca 

Mrs. Connilu Givler Petrie 

Mr. James P. Rebhorn 

Mrs. Ruth Nickerson Rittmann 

Dr. Bonnie Seidel Rogdl 

Mr. Scott T. Sener 

Mr. Rodney K. Shane 

Mrs. Deborah Erb Shank 

Mrs. Betsy Kilmer Shirk 

Mr. Byron L. Shoemaker 


Mr. Phillip L. Snyder 
*Mr. Thomas E. Stewart 

Mrs. Linda Witmer Thompson 

Mrs. Evelyn Spruce Warner 

Dr. Renee C. Wert 

Mr. Dana V. West 
*Mr. Scott G. Withers 
*Miss Cheryl A. Wubbena 

Mr. Joseph W. Zearfoss 

Mrs. Marsha Edwards Zehner 

Class of 1974 

Mrs. Kristen R. Angstadt-Matter 
*Mrs. Lois Anne Moore Authenrieth 
*Mr. Stephen M. Authenrieth 

Mr. Allen L. Bevan III 

Rev. Kenneth R. Bickel 

Maj. Barbara J. Brandt 

Ms. Pamela Brown 
*Mr. William C. Buckfelder 

Mrs. Patricia Hamilton Coogan 

Mrs. Christine Walborn Couturier 

Mrs. Debra Sample Curtis 
*Mr. Thomas J. Daly III 
*Mrs. Patricia Deneen Dixon 

Mrs. June Lohmann Durham 

Mrs. Nancy Peterson Eckler 

Mrs. Jane Keebler Egermann 

Mrs. Wendy Kline Fiala 

Dr. Robert E. Harbaugh 
*Ms. Colleen Clemens Harris 

Mrs. Rebecca Burtner Hein 

Mrs. Mary Kesler Henry 

Mr. John F. Herr 

Mrs. Christina Hunsicker Hubley 

Mrs. Carol Walborn Hughes 

Mrs. Marv DeLoache Jennings 

Miss Anthanasia Johnson 
*Dr. Joseph A. Kargol 

Mrs. Patricia West Kesselring 

Mr. Davis J. Knauer 

Mrs. Lucinda Burger Knauer 

Mrs. Betsy Boyd Leathers 

Mr. Guy L. Lesser 

Mrs. Mary Russo Lombardo 

Mr. Karl V. Matter 

Mr. William W. Moyer III 
*Mr. Donald W. Myers 

Mrs. Susan Wood Nasuti 

Mr. William H. Phifer 

Mrs. Kathy Halteman Pope 

Mr. Scott E. Ruehr 

Mrs. Sarah Kuntz Sergesketter 

Mrs. Ann Hunsberger Shenberger 

Mr. Bryan W. Shirk 
*Dr. Gary K. Smith 

Ms. Susan E. Snyder 

Mrs. Elizabeth Reber Steinbach 

Miss Catherine M. Vezza 

Mr. Peter A. West 

Mrs. Gail Girtch Westerhold 
*Mrs. Nancy Johnson Withers 

* Matching Gift 

Mr. Dane A. Wolfe 

Mr. Daniel H. Yocom 

Mrs. Wendie Gingrich Zearfoss 
*Dr. Derrick S. Zingg 

Class of 1975 

Mr. Kendrick L. Albert 

Mr. David C. Amsden 

Rev. D. Michael M. Bennethum 

Miss Leslie A. Berger 

Mrs. Nancy Nelson Bickel 

Mrs. Roberta Eppley Biesecker 

Miss Elizabeth A. Boyd 

Mrs. Marcia Smith Brenner 

Mr. Charles D. Brown III 
*Mrs. Deborah Gernerd Buckfelder 

Mr. Edward R. Burkhart 

Mrs. Stephanie Bates Carson 

Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 

Mrs. Eileen Briggs DiRaddo 

Miss Dixie L. Drybread 

Mr. Robert N. Eckler 

Mr. John G. Fenimore 

Mrs. Joan Gelsinger Fessler 

Mrs. Tomilyn Campbell Forbes 

Mrs. Deborah Kost Gargiulo 

Miss Lois J. Goodman 

Mr. Richard S. Harner 

Mrs. Gloria Fernsler Hess 

Mr. John C. Hess 

Rev. Peggy Olver Johnson 

Miss Lorraine E. Killheffer 
*Mrs. Wendie Wood Kiskaddon 

Mr. Robert W. Knapp 

Mrs. Faye Hindman Lehman 

Mr. Quintin A. Lerch 

Mrs. Heindrun Multhoff Mayer 

Mrs. Cynthia Pike McGary 

Mr. Jeffrey O. McGary 

Mrs. Brenda McClelland Messera 
*Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller 

Miss Nancy E. Murphy 

Mr. Joseph M. Pease 

Mrs. Roberta Sheriff Pennington 

Mrs. Sue Ella Boohar Phifer 

Mr. Michael D. Rhoads 

Mrs. Jean Schultz Ross 

Mrs. Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck 

Mr. Howard P. Scott 
*Mr. Irwin H. Siegel 

Miss Martha M. Smith 

Mr. Larry L. Sweigart 

Mrs. Judith Heyser Taylor 

Mrs. Patricia Dubble Walsh 

Mr. George B. Williams, Jr. 

Dr. Phillip L. Wise 

Class of 1976 

Mr. Richard L. Barnet 
Mrs. Diane Schaefer Bennethum 
*Mrs, Beth Early Brandt 
Dr. Michael E. Brown 
Ms. Theresa V. Brown 
Mrs. Rebecca Byrd Burkhart 

Mr. Peter R. Cebulka, Jr. 
Mrs. Anita Getz Chapman 
Mrs. Linda Essick Cockey 
Dr. Theresa E. DaKay 

*Mrs. Jo Ann Boohar Daly 
Mrs. Susanne Beers Essex 
Mr. Neil E. Fasnacht 
Mrs. Jayne Drake Frankenfield 
Mr. Louis J. Fuller 
Mrs. Kathie Diehl Hamsher 
Mrs. Karen Hollowell Harner 
Mrs. Wendy Sost Hawes 
Rev. Joy J. Hoffman 
Mr. Bruce M. Jeffery 
Mrs. Gail Peters Jones 
Mrs. Donna Gay Kaplan 
Mrs. Elyse Rogers Keintz 
Rev. Curtis G. Kemmerer 
Mrs. JoAnne Reisch Lazorcik 
Miss Nanette L. LaCorte 
Mrs. Donna Housel Metzger 
Mr. James J. Navarro 
Mrs. Jan Johnson Navarro 
Mrs. Susan Margolf Poling 
Mr. Lawrence E. Priester 
Mrs. Jean Boag Reese 
Mr. Timothy L. Reese 
Miss Wanda E. Rozelle 
Mrs. Carolyn Reed Sachs 
Mr. Stephen W. Sachs 
Dr. Kenneth B. Shotwell 
Mrs. Elizabeth Brumbaugh Smith 
Mrs. Sybil Haddon Snee 
Mr. Thomas M. Uhrich 
Class of 1977 
Mrs. Michelle Rhen Allen 
Miss Anne Auerbach 
Miss Christine E. Baldwin 
Miss Elaine A. Benson 
Mrs. Linda Weaver Blair 
Miss Stephanie J. Bond 
Mrs. Kathy McCutcheon Brown 
Mrs. Sherry Etter Brown 
Mr. Kevin P. Clarkson 
Mrs. Susan Hollowell Cooper 
Mrs. Deborah Madeira Dillane 
Mr. Robert J. Dillane 

*Mr. K. Steven Fidler 
Mrs. Suzanne Daubert Fox 
Mr. Thomas L. Hassinger 
Mr. Wayne A. Hawes 
Mr. Ebe W. Helm II 
Mr. Stephen P. Hoy 
Lt. Kenneth O. Huling 
Ms. Kathy Davidson Ireland 
Mrs. Theresa O'Kelly Jasinski 
Mrs. Ann Wallace Jones 
Mrs. Carolyn Walker Kerlin 
Mr. Robert R. Kirkhoff 
Mrs. Suzanne Hackman Kirkhoff 
Mr. Daniel L. Kramlich 
Mrs. Judy Sweigart Lefever 


Honor Roll of Donors 

Annual Fund Giving by Classes 

Mr. S. Scott Lefever 

Mrs. Lyn Applegate Lewis 

Mr. Jonathan D. Lippert 
*Mr. Fred E. Longenecker 
*Mrs. LuAnn Flickinger Longenecker 
*Mr. Ricky C. Mellinger 

Mrs. Carol Martin Moorefield 
*Mr. John J. Muldoon 

Mrs. Karen Fitch Parker 

Dr. Gene W. Reisinger 

Mr. Robert C. Shoemaker 

Mr. Richard S. Siegel 

Mrs. Dorinda Latshaw Snyder 

Dr. Joseph K. Stanilla 

Mrs. Trina Krick Steele 

Mr. Daniel S. Svveigart 

Mr. Michael A. Tice 
*Mrs. Jean Elizabeth Hobson Traver 

Mr. Dennis J. Weidman 

Mrs. Deborah Carl Williams 

Miss Selene A. Wilson 

Class of 1978 

Mrs. Cindy Gingrich Baker 

Rev. Connie R. Burkholder 

Mr. Scott V. Carney 

Mrs. Susan Engle Carney 

Mrs. Laura Sealey DeBiasse 

Mrs. Amy Hoopes Dellinger 
*Mrs. Nhung Hong Vu Fidler 

Mrs. Peggy Childress Filizzi 

Mr. Joseph E. Graff, Jr. 

Mr. Mark A. Hebda 

Mrs. M. Louise Hackman Hess 

Mrs. Carol Huszagh Knapp 

Rev. Timothy A. Kriebel 

Mr. Russell P. Labe, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne Zicarelli Neely 

Mrs. Nancy Reish Parko 

Mrs. Jill Warner Pedley 

Mr. Thomas C. Pedley 

Mrs. Nancy Gerard Price 

Mrs. Caren Luchanin Reichhard 

Mrs. Kathleen Snyder Risser 

Mr. William L. Routson 

Miss Elizabeth A. Sanders 

Mr. Stephen C. Scanniello 
*Miss Allison L. Schmidt 

Mr. Evan T. Shourds, Jr. 

Miss Kay L. Shuttleworth 

Dr. John S. Snoke 
*Mr. Stephen P. Spaseff 
*Mr. Wesley K. Tervo, Jr. 

Miss Patricia L. Van Ostenbridge 

Class of 1979 
*Mr. Richard J. Allen 

Mr. Michael A. Baal 

Mr. Robert P. Baker 

Rev. Truman T. Brooks III 

Mrs. Donna Chappius Brown 

Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 

* Matching Gift 

Mrs. Marianne Willever Calvo 
Mr. John D. Coffin 
Mr. Gregory G. College 
Mrs. Mary Hutchison College 
Dr. Barbara Jones Denison 
Mrs. Lisa Hocker Dew 
Mr. Patrick G. Dykie 
Dr. Todd E. Elgin 
Miss Cynthia K. Fabian 
Miss Anne E. Fluck 
Mrs. Cynthia Shaw Graff. 
Mr. Douglas S. Graham 

*Mrs. Beth Hill Graves 

*Miss Sharon K. Green 
Mr. Randy C. Habecker 
Mrs. Jan Margut Habecker 
Mrs. Mary Goodfellow Harvey 
Mrs. Julia Woods Heneks 
Mrs. Susan Sillman Hing 
Rev. Richard A. Hurst 
Mr. Steven G. Jones 
Mr. H. Collins Mikesell, Jr. 
Mr. Brian R. Miller 
Mr. Harold D. Morgan 
Mr. Robert J. Mrazik 
Mr. Karl D. Neiswender 
Mr. Donald B. Newcomer, Jr. 
Mr. John S. Palmer 
Mrs. Diane Carroll Pugh 

*Miss Gloria J. Scarle 
Mr. Howard L. Snyder 
Mrs. Kathleen Wolfe Snyder 
Mr. Harry G. Spector 
Miss Joan H. Squires 
Mr. John J. Uhl 
Mr. Edward A. Van Gelder 
Mrs. Clara Walton Welch 

*Mr. Paul D. Wummer 
Mrs. Virginia Larter Zellers 

Class of 1980 

Miss Llaine E. Aunspach 

Mrs. June Collier Beyer 

Mr. Michael S. Beyer 

Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh 

Miss Ann M. Calhoon 

Mr. Roque J. Calvo 

Miss Dolores H. Cipar 

Mrs. Beth LaClair Clarkson 

Rev. Joel L. Deaner 

Mrs. Beth Leary DiGiulian 

Mrs. Debbie Patschorke Dolbow 

Mrs. Kate G. Felix 

Dr. Dana S. Felty 

Miss Amy E. Fowler 

Miss Laura Fullerton 

Mr. Michael J. Garnier, Esq. 

*Mrs. Holly Hibler Hall 

*Mr. Matthew M. Hall 
Rev. Kenneth L. Haman 
Mr. Lori Morgan Haman 
Mrs. Catherine Weible Kaylor 
Mr. David C. Lazorcik 

Miss Kathleen E. Maniscalco 

Dr. Charles R. Mershon 

Mrs. Sarah Strickland Mershon 

Mrs. Dorothy Boyle Meyer 

Miss Diane M. Miller 

Mrs. Susan Slaybaugh Mrazik 
*Mrs. Karen Lewis Nester 

Mrs. Dorothy Miller Newcomer 

Mr. W. Lee Pelton 

Miss Marsha V. Poust 

Mrs. Linda Zerr Powell 

Mr. William T. Reinecke 

Mrs. Elyce Chadwick Reynolds 

Mr. Andrew L. Risser 

Mrs. Jeanette Browning Schroeder 

Mr. Barry S. Selinsky 

Mrs. Laura Nelson Selinsky 

Dr. Scott D. Snyder 

Mrs. Janet Hull Tenser 

Mr. John J. Tus 

Mrs. Linda Wilson Tus 

Mr. Gary K. Whiting 

Class of 1981 

Mr. 1. Lee Brown 111 

Mrs. Carla Stauffer Buterbaugh 

Mr. William F.X. Casey, Jr. 

Mrs. Sara Burd Crider 

Mr. Blake R. Davis 

Mrs. Nancy Wocher Davis 

Mr. Kenneth E. Dearstyne, Jr. 

Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. 

Dr. Brent R. Dohner 

Mrs. Shelley Bantham Fredericks 

Miss Susan E. Frieswyk 
*Mr. James G. Glasgow, Jr. 
*Mr. William M. Close IV 

Mr. David L. Godshall 

Mrs. Michele Long Graff is 

Miss Susan A. Gunn 

Mr. Richard C. Hamilton 

Mr. Richard E. Harper 

Mr. Mitchell R. Hawbaker 

Miss Linda J. Holdcraft 

Mrs. Kathleen Kelly Kalathas 

Mr. Nicholas T. Kalathas 

Mrs. Joanne Brehm Knapp 

Dr. Daniel W. Koon 

Mr. Rodger C. Martin 

Mr. Brian E. McSweeney 

Miss Jane L. Meyer 

Mr. Jeffrey T. Mowrer 

Mr. Craig C. dinger 

Miss Lynn J. Pennell 

Mrs. Christina Therrien Roehl 

Miss Mabel R. Sadler 

Mrs. Stephanie Sachs Salisbury 

Miss Elizabeth C. Scott 
*Dr. Chris E. Shoop 
*Mrs. Sharon Diederich Shoop 

Rev. Cynthia A. Suavely 

Dr. Kirth W. Steele 

Mr. James G. Stoltzfus 


Mrs. Karen Veigel Stoltzfus 
Mrs. Karen Friedrich Turner 
Mr. Harry S. Weber 
Mrs. Linda Gerlach Zinkand 

Class of 1982 

Miss Denise L. Achey 

Rev. Sara L.M. Aker 

Ms. Miriam Shaub Auker 

Mrs. Karen Fuller Ayres 

Mrs. Polly Koontz Barndollar 

Mrs. Eva Greenawalt Bering 
*Mr. Daryl L. Boltz 

Mrs. Roseann McGrath Brooks 

Mrs. Janet Jacobs Dearstyne 

Mr. Anthony G. Ellis 

Mrs. Lisa Keim Fagan 

Dr. Michael F. Gross 
*Mrs. Donna Hontz Hartman 

Ms. Judith A Herlich 

Mr. Glenn A. Hoffman 

Mr. W. Philip Holzman 

Mrs. Karen Tulaney Mailen 

Mr. Scott A. Mailen 

Mrs. Kimberly Haunton McSweeney 

Mr. Clarence E. Miller III 

Mr. John E. Miller 

Mrs. Claire Mischler Miller 
*Miss Debbie K. Morgan 

Miss Evelyn H. Pickering 

Mrs. Doris Flesher Fletcher 

Mrs. Carol Nixon Potts 

Rev. Lawrence H. Potts 

Mr. David E. Ramage 
*Mr. Daniel A. Reppert 

Mr. Albert E. Seidel, Jr. 
*Mr. Steven W. St. John 

Mrs. Susan Seibert Stevens 
*Mr._ William E. Toner 

Mr. James M. Welkie 

Mr. Timothy J. Wolf 

Class of 1983 

Mr. Tad A. Brown 

Mr. Thomas S. Brumbaugh 

Mr. William N. Campbell, Jr. 

Miss Debra S. Egolf 

Mrs. Carolyn Kiblinger Hearsey 

Mrs. Susan Purgert Hewitt 

Mrs. Debra Kauffman Horst 

Mr. Rajan Y. Kanitkar 

Mr. David A. Kramer 
*Mr. Joseph F. Krolczyk 

Mr. Christopher D. Long 

Miss Deborah M. Lucas 

Mrs. Pamela Hamilton Maloney 
*Mr. Thomas G. Myers 

Mr. Christopher L. Palmer 
*Mrs. Marilyn Lisowski Parker 

Miss Pamela M. Patton 

Mr. Frank S. Rhodes 

Mrs. Kay Koser Rhodes 

Mr. Paul E. Salisbury 
*Mr. Brian C. Trust 

Mr. Kevin J. Varano 

Mrs. Catherine Clarke Weber 

Mr. Steven T. Weber 

Ms. Elaine R. Woodworth 

Class of 1984 

Mrs. Elizabeth Burkhart Abrams 

Mrs. Kathleen Eisenbrown Basehore 

Mrs. Diane McVaugh Beckstead 

Miss Kay Ellen Bennighof 

Miss Jane N. Buscaglia 

Miss Catherine L. Conner 

Miss Leslie Engesser 
*Miss Cheryl D. Green 

Miss Holly J. Hanawalt 

Miss Miriam D. Hudecheck 

Mrs. Michele Glascow Malone 

Mr. Wayne C. Meyer 

Miss Michele D. Morel 

Mrs. Susan Thompson Palmer 
*Mrs. Deanna Metka Quay 

Mr. Francis J. Rafferty 

Miss Janet A. Scratchley 

Mrs. Michele Gawel Verratti 

Mr. Jeffrey W. Wieboldt 

Class of 1985 

Mr. James R. Angerole 

Mr. Mark L. Applegate 

Miss Susan L. Baily 

Mr. Gregory P. Buck 

Mr. Todd S. Dellinger 

Mrs. Jane Rupert Dutton 

Mr. Allan A. Dutton 

Mr. Joseph A. Lamberto 

Mrs. Rhonda Rinehimer Madigan 

Mrs. Mary Seitz Mamet 

Mr. Robert Muir III 

Mrs. Janette Lasher Nee 

Mrs. Diane Detwiler Ramage 

Mr. Gary N. Rhine 

Mr. Joseph Ruocco 

Mr. Hossein M. Samii 
*Mrs. Kathleen Yorty Thach 

Mr. Thomas N. Tice 

Mr. Nicholas F. Verratti III 

Mr. Leonard E. Whitford, Jr. 

Class of 1986 

Miss Ruth E. Andersen 

Miss Martha E. Bliss 

Miss Susan K. Cuddeback 

Miss Carol J. Davison 

Miss Lynne D. DeWald 

Mr. David J. Ferruzza 

Miss Carol L. Flexer 

Miss Julia M. Gallo-Torres 

Mr. Anthony A. Meyers 

Miss Kimberly L. Pearl 

Miss Theresa A. Rachuba 

Mrs. Harriet Shearer Rauenzahn 

Lt. Mark E. Scott 
*Ms. Victoria E. Secreto 
Mrs. Janet Leiss Simpson 
Mr. Scott A. Wien 
Class of 1987 
Miss Stephanie M. Butter 
Miss Kristi E. Cheney 
Mr. Ronald A. Hartzell 
Miss Denise M. Heckler 
Miss Karen L. Mackrides 
Miss Laura A. Mehlman 
Miss Laura E. Pence 
Mr. William P. Rhodes 
Mr. Daniel E. Strawhecker 
Mr. Steven H. Witmer 
Class of 1988 

Mrs. Cinda Albright Wiest 
Class of 1989 
Mr. Douglas L. Nyce 


* Matching Gift 



Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund 

Trustees * Faculty * Staff 

Miss Ruth E. Andersen 


Dr. Howard L. Applegate 

Mr. & Mrs. Gable L. Arnold 

Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

Rev. & Mrs. James H. Bailey 

Mr. Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. John K. Bashore 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Beitzel 

Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 

Mr. William D. Boswell 

Dr. James H. Broussard 

Dr. D. Eugene Brown 

Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 

Mr. G. Harold Bucher 

Rev. Harold W. Butt 

Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Hyman S. Caplan 

Rev. E. Luke Carlson 

Mr. Raymond H. Carr 

Dr. Richard D. Cornelius 

Dr. George D. Curfman 

Mrs. Ruth A. Daugherty 

Mr. Philip S. Davis 

Mr. James J. Davison 

Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 

Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 

Dr. Barbara Jones Denison 

Mrs. Sarah E. Dettra 

Rev. & Mrs. Timothy M. Dewald 

Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

Mr. Robert J. Dillane 

Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler 

Ms. Phylis C. Dryden 

Mr. Richard T. Early 

Dr. Robert F. Early, Sr. 

Mr. John R. Eby 

Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

Mr. Lawrence A. Eiben 

Mr. Arthur E. Emery 
*Mr DeWitt M. Essick 
*Mr. Joseph H. Eubanks 

Mr. Albert L. Evans, Jr. 

Mr. David C. Evans 

Dr. Alex J. Fehr 

Miss Gladys M. Pencil 

Mr. Eugene C. Fish 

Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 

Mr. Gordon E. Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Bruce Fretz 

Dr. Michael D. Fry 
*Mr. Rufus A. Fulton, Jr. 

Mr. Arthur Funk (Deceased) 

Mr. Edwin M. Garver 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Gates 

Dr. Pierce A. Getz 

* Matching Gift 

Mrs. May E. Gingrich 

Dr. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

Mr. Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Greer III 

Dr. Michael A. Grella 

Ms. Lucy T. Guerrisi 

Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan 

Mrs. Murl Gulden 

Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman 

Dr. Klement M. Hambourg 

Dr. Robert E. Hamilton 

Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 

Mr. A. L. Hanford III 

Mr. John R. Harper 

Miss Pat Hartranft 

Mrs. Zedna M. Haverstock 

Dr. Bryan V. Hearsey 

Dr. Robert H. Hearson 

Dr. John H. Heffner 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Mrs. Bernice L. Herb 

Mr. Philip C. Herr II, Esq. 

Mrs. Edna M. Herring 

Dr. Paul E. Horn 

Dr. & Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Miss Martha M. Hostetter 

Mrs. Robert A. Houston 

Dr. Diane M. Iglesias 

Mr. Richard A. Iskowitz 

Rev. Earl H. Kauffman 

Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Keene 

Mr. Keith L. Kilgore, Esq. 

Dr. Robert M. Kline 

Mrs. Nevelyn J. Knisley 

Col. John T. Kramers 

Mr. James G. Krause 

Mr. Andrew W. Kreider 

Mr. Homer L. Kreider 

Mrs. Lydia Kreider 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 

Mrs. Constance Witter Leitner 

Dr. & Mrs. William F. Lenker 

Mrs. Jean W. Levy 

Mrs. Mary F. Mare 

Mr. & Mrs. Merritt J. Marks 

Dr. H. LeRoy Marlow 

Dr. George R. Marquette 

Mrs. Thomas May 

Dr. Joerg W. P. Mayer 

Miss Joan C. McCulloh 

Dr. William J. McGill, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert D. McKlveen 

Mrs. Janet Miller McLeod 

Mr. Donald S. McPherson 

Dr. Anna Dunkle McVay 

Mr. Richard L. Miller 

Mr. James P. Monos, Jr. 

Mr. Philip G. Morgan 

Dr. Allan W. Mund 

Mrs. Frances B. Newcomer 

Mr. Grant T. Nicholls 

Mrs. Violet W. Nitrauer 
Mrs. Albert S. Noll 
Dr. John D. Norton III 
Mr. Robert D. O'Hara 
Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 
Mr. & Mrs. Lee D. Peiffer 
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 
Dr. S. Elizabeth Piel 
Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer, Sr. 
Dr. Sidney Pollack 
Mrs. Ellen Jane Porter 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 
*Mr. Walter F. Raab 
Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 
Mrs. Harriet M. Ranck 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 
Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart 
Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 
Dr. Robert C. RHev 
Dr. C. Robert Rose 
Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 
Mr. Robert W. Rutter 
Mrs. Malin P. Saylor 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Schwartz 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay 
Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 
Mrs. Meda Martin Shermeyer 
Hon. John J. Shumaker 
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar F. Smith 
Dr. John Abernathy Smith 
Mr. Robert W. Smith 
Rev. Thomas H. Smith 
Mr. Walter L. Smith 
Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 
Mr. E. U. Sowers II (Deceased) 
Mr. Morton Spector 
Mr. Lloyd Sprecher 
Dr. Arthur W. Stambach 
Dr. Paul E. Stambach 
Mr. Gregory G. Stanson 
Mr. Amon L. Stauffer 
Mrs. Sara B. Stauffer 
Mr. E. Peter Strickler 
Dr. George G. Struble 
Mrs. Betty Stutzman 
Mr. Robert Sullivan, Esq. 
Mr. John A. Synodinos 
Miss Elizabeth L. Taylor 
Rev. Kenneth R. Texter 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Edwin Titus 
Dr. C. F. Joseph Tom 
Mr. Horace W. Tousley 
Dr. Mark A. Townsend 
Dr. Donald H. Treese 
Dr. Perry J. Troutman 
Mr. John J. Uhl 
Dr. Victoria C. Ukachukwu 
Mr. & Mrs. George L. Van Dillen 
Mr. George W. Veale IV 
Dr. Susan E. Verhoek 
Dr. Thomas R. Vilberg 
Mr. Harry C. Wagner 

Mr. Woodrow W. Waltemyer 

Hon. John Walter 
*Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wannemacher 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl D. Warner 

Mrs. Julianne "Pat" Webber 

Dr. Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford J. Wengert 

Dr. & Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 

Mr. & Mrs. John E, Wengert 

Mr. C. Walter Whitmoyer, Jr., Esq. 

Mr. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

Dr. J. Dennis Williams 

Dr. Stephen E. Williams 

Mr. Samuel A. Willman 

Mr. Albert F. Witmer 

Dr. Thomas W. Wolf 

Dr. Allan F. Wolfe 

Mr. Charles W. Wolfe 

Mr. Dane A. Wolfe 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur Wolfe 

Mrs. Juliana M. Wolfe 

Mr. Isadore H. Wolfson 
*Mr. Kevin R. Yeiser 

Mr. Harry B. Yost, Esq. 

Mr. Victor R. Zack, Jr. 


Dr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Abernethy 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S. Achey 

Mr. Ethan Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Andersen 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Andrew 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Andrews 

Dr. Howard L. Applegate 

Mrs. Elaine Barron Auerbach 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C. Aungst 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Baal 

Mrs. Mary F. J. Bailes 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin G. Baird 

Mrs. Mildred Baker 

Mr. Milton W. Baker 

Mrs. Hertha Bakowski 

Mr. & Mrs. Myron H. Barnet 

Mr. & Mrs. Millard G. Barr 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Elwood Bartholomew 

Ms. Edna Basehore 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Leonard Bean 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Beard 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Beck 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Ray Bell, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Bender 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Beno 

Mr. & Mrs. Burtis W. Bensinger 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Beres 

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin C. Berger, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd D. Berger 

Mr. & Mrs. Jacque Betz 

Mrs. Mary Helen Long Bickel 

Mrs. Doris Clements Biery 

*Mr. & Mrs. Victor P. Biever 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Birkland 
Dr. & Mrs. Tom A. Bither, Jr. 

*Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Blasingame 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Boag, Sr. 
Mrs. Doris K. Boehler 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Bollman 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Bolway, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Boohar II 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale T. Bord 
Mrs. Linda L. Bordic 
Mrs. Esther Bowman 
Mrs. Christine G. Boyd 
Mr. Foster M. Brinser 
Mr. & Mrs. Truman Brooks 
Mr. & Mrs. Truman Brooks 
Mrs. Rosalie Reinhold Bross 
Mr. Allen H. Brown 
Mrs. Barbara D. Brown 
Rev. & Mrs. William J. Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Brundin, Jr. 

*Mr. & Mrs. John J. Buckfelder 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E. Bulik 
Ms. Elizabeth D. Burchall 
Ms. Patricia Caputo 
Mr. John K. Carl 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Carson 
Mrs. Gloria Fitzkee Carter 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carter 

*Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cassel 
Mr. & Mrs. Aloysius Chesney 
Mr. & Mrs. George Chronister 
Rev. & Mrs. Clarence L. Chubb 
Mr. Samuel K. Clark 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 

*Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. College 
Dr. DeLene Yocum Congello 
Mrs. Estella H. Cook 
Rev. Merritt A. Copenhaver 
Rev. James D. Corbett 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel B. Cupp 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daubert 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Daugherty 
Mr. James D. Davison 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Day 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew DeBoer III 

*Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. DeWald 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 
Mrs. Marion M. Deaven 
Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 
Mrs. Lorraine K. Ditzler 
Mrs. Helen N. Docherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Dodds 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Doe 
Mr. & Mrs. Russel Duryea, Jr. 
Dr. J. Ronald Earhart 
Dr. Robert F. Early, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Edgecomb 
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Ellis 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Engesser 
Mr. Harold G. Engle, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen B. Etter 
*Mr. & Mrs. James C. Ewin 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Farris 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Fernandes, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Augustus M. Filbert 

Mr. & Mrs. John Filippone 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. William Fitzgibbons 

Dr. David H. Fortna 
*Mr. Gordon E. Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Foster, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Fritz, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Floyd L. Fulk 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Seiler Fultz 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Furman, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd R. Garland 

Mr. K. Ronald Garling 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Garner 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Giles 

Dr. David W. Gockley 

Mrs. Eleanor B. Goldsmith 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Goodwin, Sr. 

Mrs. Miriam Keller Gottlieb 

Dr. Michael A. Grella 

Mr. & Mrs. John Groff 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Groman 

Mrs. Lois Harbold Guise 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Habel, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hagerty 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hagstrom 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Haines 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Millard Haines 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Hall 

Rev. & Mrs. John P. Hamm 

Mr. & Mrs. Merle C. Harding 

Mrs. Helga E. Hartzell 

Mrs. S. Elizabeth Hawbaker 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Lamar Heckler 

Mrs. A. H. Heisey 

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Hendrix 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Herlich 

Philip C. Herr II, Esq. 
*Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Hess 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Hibshman 

Mrs. Mary J. Hicks 
*Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Hill, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon R. Hoffsommer 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Hogan 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Holbert 
*Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Horbal 

Mrs. George P. Horn 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Eby Hostetter 

Mr. & Mrs. Darwin E. Houtz 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen K. Huber 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Huey 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry Hummer 

Mr. & Mrs. William' C. Hurter 

Mrs. Nancy Myers Inners 

Mrs. Audrey E. Jackson 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Johnson 

* Matching Gift 


Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Jordan 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Kahn 
Mrs. Pauline Rittle Kauffman 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Kaufmann 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Keefer 
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Kline 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Kline 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest P. Kline 
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Knauer 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Koch, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Kreichbaum 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Kreitner 
Mr. Richard W. Kroth 
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald S. Lee 

*Mr. & Mrs. Phtlip C. Lehn 
Mr. John M. Leidich 
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford D. Leitao 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Lemke 
Mrs. Ruth M. Lenker 
Mr. & Mrs. Adam M. Lesher 
Mrs. Edna S. Lidle 
Mr. & Mrs. Russell K. Light 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Light 
Mr. & Mrs. Silas H. Long 
Ms. Diane L. Lord 
Mr. & Mrs. Colin C. MacCrindle 

*Mr. & Mrs. Howard T. MacGowan 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Mackneer 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Malloy 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Marcinkowski 
Mr. & Mrs. George Martin 
Mrs. Harold E. Martin (Deceased) 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Martin, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Maun 
Mr. & Mrs. James M. McArdle 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. McGranaghan 
Mr. & Mrs. M. Thane McKechnie 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. McKeon 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. McNerney 
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Mehlman 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Meima 
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Messersmith 

*Mrs. Adella B. Metka 
Mr. John W. Metka 

*Mr. & Mrs. Clair G. Metzler 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Meyer 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mikos 
Mr. Carl E. Miller 
Mr. Earl R. Miller 
Mrs. Marilyn Miller 

*Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. James Mills 
Mr. & Mrs. 1. Barry Mohler 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer, Jr. 

Mrs. Elaine Z. Moyer 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Arnold Muller 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor H. Mutz 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Naples 

Ms. Dorothy Neff 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Neideigh, Sr. 

Mr. Samuel S. Nornhold 

Mrs. Bertha O'Neill 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. O'Neill 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Parkison 

Mrs. Franklin Paullin 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence F. Pellegrini 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Petro 
*Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Phillippy 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Plank 

Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Rauenzahn 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 
*Mr. & Mrs. Vernon A. Reppert 

Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Mrs. S. Louise Rice 

Mrs. Loretta Hostetter Risser 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Rocco 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Roden 

Mr. Joseph D. Rojahn 

Mrs. Fern J. Roland 
*Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Roth 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold N. Rotz 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Roudabush 

Mr. & Mrs. P. J. Russoniello 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas M. Sacco 

Rev. & Mrs. Jusuf Salam 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren T. Sava 

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer R. Schiller 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schultz 

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Scott 

Mrs. Rebecca Unger Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin V. Secott 
*Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd H. Seidel 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Sekula, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Shaak 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sherman 

Mr. & Mrs. Jay L. Simmons 

Mr. & Mrs. Ira W. Simmons 
*Mrs. Barbara A. Slagle 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Slechta 
*Mr. & Mrs. John W. Slocum 

Mrs. Ethel Houtz Slonaker 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry B. Small 

Mr. & Mrs. Ned Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Jay L. Suavely 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Snovel 

Mrs. Dolores E. Sost 

Rev. & Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 

Mr. Morton Spector 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Foster Stambach 

*Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Stoner 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Stoudt 
Mr. J. B. Strickland 
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Sutovich, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Swalm 
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Taylor 
Mrs. Kathleen Yorty Thach 
Mrs. Delia Herr Thomas 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Tice 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Toews 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Toland 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Torre 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Trout 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Trust 
Mr. John R. Uhl 

*Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Vagyoczky 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Van Treek 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd G. Varano 
Hon. & Mrs. John Walter 
Mr. & Mrs. Weston B. Wardell, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Milton R. Weber 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Weidner 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Welsh, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John Westhoff 
Mr. & Mrs. Le Roy Whitehead, Sr. 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Keith Whiting 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Wilhelm 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Williams 
Mr. Merle L. Wise 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Wolfe 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Wolfgang 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wolfgang II 
Mr. Robert D. Womer 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Woolbaugh 
Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Wysolovski 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Yarger 
Dr. & Mrs. Parker C. Young 

*Mr. & Mrs. Bruce N. Young 
Dr. Harry W. Zechman 
Mrs. Ruth Harnish Zentmeyer 
Mr. Victor E. Ziegler 
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy E. Zimmerman 

Matching Gift 

Corporations* Foundations 

*ALCOA Foundation 

AMP, Inc. 
*AMP Foundation 
*ARCO Chemical Company 

ARCO Foundation 
*AT&T Foundation 

*Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation, Inc. 
*Aid Association for Lutherans 
*Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. 
*Akzo America Foundation 
*Allied Chemical Foundation 
*Allied Signal Foundation 
*Allstate Foundation 
*American Home Products Corporation 
*American States Insurance Company 

Annville Sheet Metal 

Annville Shoulder Strap Company 
*Aqua-Chem, Inc. 
*Armstrong World Industries, Inc. 
*Arrow Precision Products, Inc. 
*Ashland Oil Foundation 
*Bankers Trust Company 
*Beecham Laboratories 
*Bell & Howell Foundation 
*Bell Atlantic Corporation 
*Bell Communications Research 
*Bell of Pennsylvania 

Bickel's Potato Chip Company, Inc. 

Biddle Instruments 

John A. Blessing Foundation 

John H. Boger and Son, Inc. 

Boscov's Department Stores, Inc. 

Boyer Printing and Binding Company 
*BristoI-Myers Fund, Inc. 
*Burroughs Wellcome Company 

Butler Manufacturing Company 
*C&P Telephone 
*CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 
*CIGNA Foundation 
*CPC International, Inc. 
*Carpenter Technology Corporation 

*Carson Pirie Scott Foundation 
*Caterpillar Foundation 
*Champion International Corporation 
*Chemical Bank 
*Commercial Credit Company of 

America Foundation 
*Container Corporation of America 

*Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
*Corning Glass Works Foundation 
*Deloitte Haskins & Sells Foundation 

Donald Blyler Offset 
*R.R. Donnelly and Sons Company 
*Dow Chemical Company 

* Matching Gift Company 

*Dun & Bradstreet Company Fund 

Roger L. Dundore Signs 

Ebersole Pontiac, Inc. 
*Ethyl Corporation 
*Exxon Education Foundation 

The William F. Farley Foundation 

Farmers Trust Company 
*The Firestone Tire and Rubber 

*Ford Motor Company Fund 

Foundation for Independent Colleges 
*Fulton Bank 

*Fulton Financial Corporation 
*General Accident Insurance 
*General Dynamics Corporation 
*General Electric Foundation 
*P.H. Gladfelter Company 
*Hallmark Cards Inc. 

Hamilton Bank 
*Hamilton Bank Foundation 
*Harris Corporation 
*HARSCO Corporation Fund 

Hauck Manufacturing Company 
*Hercules Corporation 
*Hershey Entertainment and Resort 

*Hershey Foods Corporate Fund 
*Hershey Foods Corporation 
*Hershey Trust Company 
*Milton Hershey School 
*Hewlett-Packard Company 
*Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. 
*J.M. Huber Corporation 
*IBM Corporation 
*ICI Americas, Inc. 
*Ingersoll-Rand Company 
*Fred S. James Company, Inc. 
*Johnson & Johnson 
*Josten's Foundation 
*Kidder-Peabody Foundation 
* Kraft, Inc. 

Kreamer Funeral Home 

Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 

Lebanon Valley National Bank 

Lebanon Valley Offset Company 

Lesher Mack Sales and Service 
*Martin Marietta Corporation 
*McCormick & Company Fund, Inc. 
*McGraw-HiIl Foundation, Inc. 
*Merck Company Foundation 
*Meridian Bancorp, Inc. 
*Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. 
*Metropolitan Life Foundation 
*Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
*Monarch Capital Corporation 
*Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 
'Nationwide Foundation 
*New Jersey Bell 

*New York Times Co. Foundation, Inc. 
*Northeast Utilities Service Co. 
'Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 

*Organon, Inc. 

P J. Valves, Inc. 
*PPG Industries Foundation 
*PP& L 

Peat Marwick Main and Company 

Pennsylvania American Water 

'Pennsylvania Power & Light Company 
*Pet, Inc. 
'Pfizer, Inc. 

'Polaroid Foundation, Inc. 
'Primerica Foundation 
'Proctor & Gamble Fund 
'Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

of Philadelphia 
'The Prudential Foundation 

Quality Inn of the Lebanon Valley 
*RCA Corporation 
'Rohm & Haas Company 
'Royal Insurance 

'Russell-Eleanor Horn Foundation 
'Santa Fe Industries Foundation 
'Scott Paper Company Foundation 

Sears-Roebuck Foundation 

Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna 
'Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc. 

Sheehy Ford-Lincoln-Mercury 
'Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 
'Singer Company Foundation 
'L.B. Smith Educational Foundation 
'SmithKline Beckman Foundation 
'Southern New England Telephone 

'Sperry Corporation Foundation 
'State Farm Companies Foundation 

Steitz Savings & Loan Association 
'Sterling Drug, Inc. 
'Strawbridge & Clothier 
'Sun Company, Inc. 
'Texaco Philanthropic Foundation 
'Time, Inc. 

'The Travelers Insurance Company 
'US AIR, Inc. 
'USF&G Insurance 
'Unisys Corporation 
'United Jersey Banks 
'Upjohn Company 

WLBR Radio Station 
'Warner-Lambert Company 

Weis Markets, Inc. 

Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 

The West Company 
'Westinghouse Educational Foundation 

York Container Corporation 
'Xerox Corporation 

Honor Roll of Donors: 

Annual Fund/ Restricted Gifts and Grants 

Churches * Organizations 

Central Pa. Conference, United 

Methodist Church 
Eastern Pa. Conference, United 

Methodist Church 




Ash Grove 




Havertown Union 


Irish Valley 


Lancaster-Grandview Heights 




West Lawn 

Willistown Township 
Fulton-Siemers Memorial U.M. Church, 

Towson, MD 
Memorial U.M. Church of the Holy 

Cross, Reading, PA 
LVC Auxiliary-Philadelphia Branch 
Women's Club of Lebanon, Pa. 

Restricted Gifts 
And Grants ^_,^^ 

Lebanon Valley College received a 
significant number of contributions 
which were designated by the donor 
for specific programs or projects during 
the 1987-88 fiscal year. Restricted in- 
come totaled $699,350, which reflects a 
19 percent increase in restricted giving 
over 1986-87. It should be noted that 
these figures do not include giving for 
the 125th Anniversary Campaign which 
is detailed elsewhere in this report. 

We recognize the following donors 
who have provided for the prosperous 
future of Lebanon Valley College 
through a restricted gift or grant. 


Tower And Turret 

$5,000 and above 

The tower and turrets of the College's 
Administration Building rise above the 
campus, symbolizing strength and 
vitality. The generosity of individuals 
who make significant restricted gifts to 
endowment and to selected programs 
and projects is evidence of their dedica- 
tion to the long-term goals of the 

Anonymous (Deceased) 
Cecil B. R. and Parke H. Lutz Trust 
Dale W. Garber Estate 
Dow Chemical Company Foundation 
LVC Auxiliary-Annville Branch 
Josiah W. & Bessie H. Kline Foundation 
Mrs. Esther Hughes Kelchner 
Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 

Gifts In Kind 

Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGill, Jr. 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Cecil B. R. and Parke H. Lutz Estate 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 

University Music Store 

Judge and Mrs. John Walter 











$ 616 



























*Mr. Ralph G. Ackerman '84 

Dr. Madelyn J. Albrecht 

Ms. Ann M. Algeo '74 

Ms. Donna M. Anderson 

Rev. David H. Andrews '51 


*Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Atkinson '69, '67 
Miriam Shaub Auker '82 
& Mrs. Lov C. Awkerman '50, '49 
& Mrs. Paul B. Baker '79, '79 
David C. Ballaban '79 
Charles E. Bartolet, Sr. '36 
Bruce L. Bean '68 
. Linda Bell Becker '64 


Philip A. Billings 
Dr. & Mrs. William P. Bohlander '68, 
Frank P. Boran '35 
David N. Bosacco '56 
& Mrs. Nicholas Bova, Jr. '52, '54 
3 Jennifer L. Bowen '81 
James E. Brommer '63 
Mr. Robert G. Brown '39 
Mr. & Mrs. Roque J. Calvo '80 
Dr. & Mrs. D. Clark Carmean '59 
Mrs. Jeanne Hutchinson Cass 
Mr. Frank J. Catanzaro '57 
Mr. John S. Champlin '80 
Mrs. Dorothy Zeiters Clippinger 
Miss Anne G. Constein '78 
Miss Desra A. Cook '80 
Dr. Salvatore Cullari 

*Mrs. Carol Gieser Cunningham 
Mr. & Mrs. Morris S. Cupp '70, 
Mr. K. Douglas Dahms '75 
Dr. Robert S. Davidon 

*Mr. & Mrs. James W. Davis '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Decker '69, 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Deitrich '56, '58 
Miss Carol A. Denison '84 
Rev. & Mrs. Timothy M. Dewald 
Mr. Herbert A. Eckenroth '49 

*Mr. Seth A. Eisner 
Mr. Anthony G. Ellis '82 
Mrs. Joan Myers Eshleman '61 
Col. & Mrs. William F. Etchberger '35, '39 
Mr. David S. Etter '50 





Honor Roll of Donors: 

Restricted Gifts and Grants 

Ms. Cynthia L. Evans '73 
*Mr. & Mrs. James C. Ewin 

Dr. Herbert Fields '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Fischer, Jr. 

Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. '59 

Mrs. Patricia Shreffler Fredericks '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Frey '39, '39 

Miss Linda C. Friskey '80 

Mr. Richard J. Furda '53 

Mrs. Joanne Grubb Gain '59 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling '49 

Dr. Pierce A. Getz '51 

Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg '73 
*Mr. James G. Glasgow, Jr. '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Darwin G. Click '58, '58 
*Dr. & Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz '53, '82 

Mrs. Nancy Grace Good '58 

Dr. & Mrs. Dale B. Gouger '65, '67 

Mr. Kenneth R. Grimm '50 

Mr. Martin J. Grochowski '56 

Mr. Kenneth M. Hale, Jr. '71 

Dr. Robert E. Hamilton 

Mr. Peter A. Harubin '72 

Miss Denise M. Heckler '87 

Mrs. Deborah Miller Hefling '80 

Mr. Ebe W. Helm II '77 

Miss Celia A. Herald '85 

Mrs. June Eby Herr '34 

Mrs. Sharon Stetler Herr '66 

Dr. Suzanne Hollingsworth Hetrick '65 

Mr. James D. Hoover 

Mrs. Kathy Bowman Horst '62 

Miss Melissa J. Horst '82 
*Mr. David C. Hostetter '72 

Mr. William E. Hough III '87 

Mrs. Katherine S. Howard 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Iskowitz '70 

Ms. Beth E. Jones '72 

Mr. Matthew L. Karinch '33 

Mrs. Mary Didden Kartzman '74 

Dr. John P. Kearney 

Rev. William J. Keeler '56 

Mrs. Esther Hughes Kelchner '25 

Mr. Paul I. Kleinfelter '32 

Miss Kathy E. Kleponis '87 

Mr. Howard W. Kosier '55 

Mrs. Margaret Weinert Kramer '63 

Mr. Frank A. Kuhn, Jr. '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene R. Layser '59, '59 

Mr. Howard F. Lebegern, Jr. '49 

Mrs. Nancy McCuUough Longenecker '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman G. Lukens '51, '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Knut B. Lunde 

Mr. P. Theodore Lyter '71 
*Mr. & Mrs. Wesley J. MacMillan '64, '66 

Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 

Dr. & Mrs. George R. Marquette '48, '51 

Mr. Frank R. McCulloch '57 

Dr. William J. McGill, Jr. 

Mrs. Deborah Ellis McHenry '73 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. McHenry 

Mr. & Mrs. D. John Mclntyre 

Dr. Frederick Meiselman '61 

Miss Cynthia S. Melman '69 

Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer '34 

Dr. Harry K. Miller, Jr. '43 

Mrs. Helen L. Miller 

Mrs. Linnea Travis Miller '73 

Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 
*Mr. William A. Miller '77 

Mr. Raymond H. Mitchell '75 

Dr. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

Miss Maria T. Montesano '86 

Mrs. Shelvy Cromer Moorhead '63 

Mr. H. Lee Mover '62 

Mr. William W.' Moyer III '74 
*Mr. John J. Muldoon '77 

Miss Nancy E. Murphy '75 

Mr. David B. Myers 

Mrs. Elizabeth Moyer Myers 

Mr. Richard K. Nath 

Dr. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. Robert J. Nelson '57 

Mr. James R. Newcomer, Jr. '68 

Ms. Frances V. Nichols 

Ms. Joan L. Nichols 

Rev. Joseph E. Nichols '44 

Ms. Valerie M. Nichols 

Mr. James C. O'Neill IV '85 

Mr. John F. Onofrey '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Perry '78, '81 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Petrie, Jr. 
'72, '73 

Brig. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer '57 

Mr. Fred A. Poorman '60 

Mr. Lawrence E. Priester '76 

Mrs. Mary Knight Raab '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, '57 

Dr. J. Henry Ricker '35 

Mrs. Marlene Windham Riela '76 

Miss Sheila M. Roche '77 

Mr. & Mrs. George Roman '50, '49 

Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample '52 

Mrs. Arbelyn W. Sansone 
*Miss Gloria J. Scarle '79 

Miss Allison Schiller '85 

Dr. James W. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling '40, '43 

Mr. Scott T. Sener '73 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta '52, '51 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 

Mr. Albert J. Sincavage '35 

Mrs. Ethel Houtz Slonaker '38 

Mrs. Hazel Bailey Smedley '29 

Mrs. Audrey Wahler Smith '65 

Miss Susan E. Smith '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Smith '61, '76 

Mrs. Dorinda Latshaw Snyder '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Sorrentino '54, '54 
Miss Agnes M. Souders '54 
Mr. Boyd L. Sponaugle '36 
Mr. Coda W. Sponaugle '39 
Miss Margaret M. Springer '87 
Sgt. & Mrs. Robert P. Stachow '79, '79 
Mrs. Barbra Storaker Stehlik '61 
Mrs. Mary Ann Horn Stewart '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Swavely '82, '83 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Swope '42, '48 
Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Tesnar '52, '51 
Dr. C. F. Joseph Tom 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Vanderwall '30, '29 
Mrs. Carol Kock Vassallo '72 
Mr. Christian B. Walk, Jr. '40 
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Walmer '38, '37 
Hon. & Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 
Bishop John B. Warman 
Col. Roy A. Weidman '39 
Mr. & Mrs. Hans Weih 
Mr. Richard W. Wentzel '67 
Miss Diane E. Whiton '77 
*Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Whittle '76 
Dr. Stephen E. Williams 
Mrs. Marcia Paullin Wilson '61 
Mr. Glenn H. Woods '51 
Dr. Jan H. Wubbena '69 
Mr. Leon K. Yeiser 
Mr. Victor R. Zack, Jr. 
Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
Mrs. L. Mae Burkholder Zwally '28 

Business * Industry 

Anonymous (Deceased) 

AMP, Inc. 

American Can Co. Foundation 

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. 

Burroughs Wellcome Company 

Cecil B. R. & Parke H. Lutz Trust 

Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback 

Dow Chemical Company Foundation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hershey Foods Corporation Fund 
IBM Corporation 

Josiah W. & Bessie H. Kline Foundation 
Kraft, Inc. 

Mary Sachs Foundation 
Olive T. Wilt Estate 
Presser Foundation 
Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. of 

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship 


Gift matched by employer 

""'■■'■ "^'J-""™" 

Honor Roll of Donors: 

Restricted Gifts and Grants 

Churches * Organizations 

Annville United Methodist Church 
Board of Higher Education & Ministry 
Lebanon Area Personnel Association 
Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 


Mr. Carroll R. Daugherty 

Mr. Donald S. McPherson 
Dr. Woodrow S. Dellinger, Sr., M.D. 

Dr. G. William Benedict, M.D. 

Dr. Donald A. Comely, M.D. 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 

Members of Department of Maternal 
and Child Health at Johns Hopkins 
Mr. Paul S. Ellenberger 

Mrs. Marion S. Ellenberger '42 
Mr. Donald E. Fields 

Mr. Ma.x R. and Dr. Anna D. McVay 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 
Mr. David R. Fink '17 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
Mr. Jerry Frock 

Mr. and Mrs. Christian Walk 
Mrs. Janet Weaver Gemberling 

Dr. and Mrs. Loy C. Avvkerman '49, '50 
Dr. A. H. Heisey, M.D. '37 

Mrs. A. H. Heisey 
Miss Effie M. Hibbs '22 

Miss Eleanor R. Snoke 

Mrs. Mary Rank Hain 
Mr. Dell Lokey '68 

Mrs. Cynthia S. Melman '69 
Dr. Abram Long '17 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Landenberger 

Miss Carol J. Dewald '86 
Mrs. Clara Loser '13 

Mrs. Lesley L. Johnston 
Mrs. Irene Schrope Maurer '29 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
Mr. Harvey E. Nitrauer '25 

Mrs. Violet W. Nitrauer 
Dr. Joseph D. Rutherford '17 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
The Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Salerno 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. '59 
Rev. Gerald J. Stutzman '55 

Mrs. Gerald Stutzman 

Mrs. Joanne Hostetter Thomas '55 

Mrs. Adora R. Sholley '55 
Mr. Paul S. Wagner '17 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
Mr. E. D. Williams '17 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
Mr. Jesse Zeigler '19 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 


In Honor of Dr. A. L. Peterson 
Mr. Walter F. Raab 


E. W. Coble Estate 
Dale W. Garber Estate 
George E. Hollenbaugh Estate 
Mary F. Keller Trust 
Edwin B. & Rachel H. Miller Trust 
Mrs. Hope Vandever Miller Estate 
William W. Rakow Memorial Fund 
Albert & Naomi Watson Estate 
Olive T. Wilt Estate 

Athletic Booster Club 

Mr. Ralph G. Ackerman 

Ms. Donna M. Anderson 

Mr. Robert Atkinson 

Dr. Loy C. Awkerman 

Mr. David N. Ballaban 

Mr. Charles E. Bartolet 

Mr. Frank P. Boran 

Dr. David N. Bosacco 

Mr. Nicholas J. Bova 

Mr. James E. Brommer 

Mr. Robert G. Brown 

Mr. Roque Calvo 

Mrs. Jeanne Cass 

Mr. Frank Catanzaro 

Mr. John Champlin 

Miss Desra A. Cook 

Mr. K. Douglas Dahms 

Mr. Bruce Decker 

Mr. Herbert A. Eckenroth 

Mr. Anthony G. Ellis 

Col. William F. Etchberger 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Ewin 

Dr. Herbert Fields 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Frey 

Mr. Richard T. Furda 

Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling 

Mr. Kenneth Gilberg 

Mr. James Glasgow 

Dr. & Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz 

Mr. Martin Grochowski 

Mr. Peter Harubin 

Ms. Denise Heckler 

Mr. Ebe W. Helm 

Mrs. Kathy Bowman Horst 

Mr. Matthew L. Karinch 

Rev. William J. Keeler 

Mr. Paul I. Kleinfelter 

Mr. Howard W. Rosier 

Mr. Frank A. Kuhn 

Mr. Howard F. Lebegern 

Mr. Norman G. Lukens 

Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 

Mr. Wesley J. Macmillan 

Dr. George R. Marquette 

Mr. Frank R. McCuUoch 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. McHenry 

Dr. Frederick Meiselman 

Mr. William A. Miller 

Mr. Raymond H. Mitchell 

Mr. John J. Muldoon 

Ms. Nancy E. Murphy 

Mr. Richard K. Nath 

Mr. Robert J. Nelson 

Mr. James C. O'Neill 

Mrs. Meta Overmier 

Mr. Wayne Perry 

Mr. George R. Petrie 

Brig. Gen. Ross Plasterer - 

Mr. Fred A. Poorman 

Mr. Lawrence E. Preister 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 

Dr. J. Henry Ricker 

Mr. George Roman 

Dr. F. Allen Rutherford 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 

Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 

Mr. Scott Sener 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

Mr. Albert J. Sincavage 

Mrs. Dorinda Snyder 

Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino 

Mr. Coda W. Sponaugle 

Sgt. Robert P. Stachow 

Mr. John Swope 

Mr. Robert Tarantolo 

Mr. Edward F. Tesnar 

Mr. Christian B. Walk 

Dr. John D. Walmer 

Col. Roy Weidman 

Mr. & Mrs. Hans Weih 

Mr. Edwin Zeigler 



Upcoming Events 

Alumni Calendar 

For more information about any of these events, call the Alumni Services Office at 717/867-6220. 


19 New York City Trip. Buses 
will pick travelers up on cam- 
pus at 7:00 a.m., drop them 
off at Radio City Music Hall, 
and return them to campus 
by midnight. $17.00 per 


4 Christmas at the Valley 
Inauguration of President 
John A. Synodinos. 
29 Fifteen-Day Trip to London, 
England, including 
Westminster Abbey, St. 
Paul's Cathedral, the Tower 
of London, the British 
Museum, and much more. 
Sponsored by Phil Billings, 
English department, through 
Humanities International, 
Boston. Call 717/867-4428 for 

Sports Schedules 


28 Women's Alumnae Basket- 
ball Game 


3 Nine-Day Trip to the Holy 
Land sponsored by the 
Alumni Services Office 
through Educational Oppor- 
tunities, Inc. 

11 Men's Alumni Basketball 
"Hot Dog" Frank Night 

Please call the Athletic Office at 717/867-6260 for more information. 





Delaware Valley (Home) 



Men's Basketball 


Men's & Women's 


@ Dickinson College 


Cross Country 

MAC @ Gettysburg 



Women's Basketball 

Dickinson College (Home) 



Men's & Women's 



@ Messiah College/John 

Cross Country 

NCAA Regionals @ Allentown 





Men's & Women's 


Men's Basketball 

@ Dickinson College 


Cross Country 

NCAA Nationals 



Women's Basketball 

Western Maryland College 


Men's Basketball 




@ Trenton 



Men's Basketball 

@ Muhlenberg College 



Women's Basketball 


Men's Basketball 

@ York College 



@ Lycoming 



Women's Basketball 

John Hopkins University 


Men's Basketball 

Penn State (Capital) (Home) 





Women's Basketball 

@ Franklin & Marshall 



Men's Basketball 

@ Western Maryland College 



Women's Basketball 

@ Gettysburg College 







12 noon 


Men's Basketball 

@ Loyola College 



Women's Basketball 

@ Delaware Valley College 




LVC Invitational (Home) 



Men's Basketball 

Gettysburg College (Home) 



Men's Basketball 

Alvernia (Home) 



Women's Basketball 

@ Gallaudet University 



Women's Basketball 

@ Millersville Dutch Classic 


Men's Basketball 

Franklin & Marshall (Home) 





Women's Basketball 

@ Johns Hopkins University 



Men's Basketball 

@ Juniata 




@ Swarthmore/Muhlenberg 

12 noon 



@ King's College 



Women's Basketball 

Messiah College (Home) 



Men's Basketball 

Moravian College (Home) 


(Alumnae-12:00 noon] 


Women's Basketball 

@ Eastern College 



Men's Basketball 

@ Moravian College 




@ Elizabethtovvn 



Men's Basketball 

Western Maryland College 


Women's Basketball 

@ Upsala Tournament 





Men's Basketball 

Baptist Bible College (Home) 



Women's Basketball 

Franklin & Marshall (Home) 



In the Next Issue: 

*Presidential Inauguration and "Christmas at the Valley" 
December 4 

*Homecoming Weekend 
October 7, 8, & 9 

This year marks the 25th anniversary of graduation for the Class of 1963, who celebrated 
at the Kreiderheim Reunion Reception on October 8th. Their celebration was just one of 
the activities offered during Homecoming Weekend, 1988. Other events included Reun- 
ions for the Classes of '68, 73, 78, '83, '88, an Alumnae Athletes Reunion, Hall of Fame 
inductions. Campus Carnival, athletic contests, and the Homecoming Dinner. 

Look for more details in the next issue of The Valley. 


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