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, IgJ hm& IBS &£SS;^%n>»" ^C^^MSM 



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1£®[£]ll SB^0BIIIS®^ 

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^»-s ««««- g *:j 



3 1833 00064 2568 

Gc 977.202 V24p, 1893 

Valparaiso, Indiana city 




40 W6§1 Mall] Sir66t 











Residents, City and County Officials, Police and Fire 

Departments, Churches and Societies and 

Their Officers: 


Valuable Information Relating to Rates of Postage, Postoffice Money 
Orders. Arrival and Departure of Mails, Etc. 


Price, 50 Cents. 



Publishers of City Directories. 


Publishers of City Directories, 

70 La Salle Street, 



The messenger 

E, ZIMMERMAN, Editor and Prop. 

Published every Thursday, at $1.50 per annum, six 
months, 75 cents, four months, 50 cents. 


The Best Advertising Medium General News of State at Large. 
Contains all the Local News. General News of Public Interest. 

A Home Paper of High Standard. 
SUBSCRIBE FOR THE MESSENGER now and keep posted 


Daily Sun 


The •Job • Ppinting • Depat^ttneftt 



To do all kinds of Printing, in the best style of the Art, promptly and at fair 
rates. J^^^Give us a call. 

Messenger Building, 

WAsTnNQTjN aJjo^Jepferson Streets. VALPARAISO, IND. 


Grand Central Hotel 

ED. A. MEE, 


RATES $2.00 PER DAY.; 



23 West Main Street, 


Henderlong Bros. & Kirk 


Sash, Doors, Blinds, Screens, Mouldings, Trimmings, Lumber, 

Lath, Shingles, Brackets and Builders' Hardware, 
Round and Square Tanks, Etc. 




The publishers of The Valparaiso City Directory for 1893 
have spared no labor or expense in securing full data for a com- 
plete, correct and reliable reference directory. Every residence, 
manufacturing and business house inside the corporation limits 
has been carefully canvassed by expert census takers, and no 
effort has been withheld to secure the name of every adult to 
classify in its proper place in our pages. 

The population of Valparaiso has evidently increased very 
much since the official census was taken, or the city did not 
receive due credit at that time for what inhabitants it really 
had. We have the names in our columns which, according to 
expert figures, give Valparaiso a population of 6,660. This 
figure is quite conservative and does not include the students at 
the Normal School. Adding then the average attendance at 
that institution of 1,900, we have a total population of 8,560. 

All information of a valuable character has been sought for 
insertion in this work. Every society, church and other organ- 
ization, has been solicited for information as to the particulars 
of their location, officers, time and place of meeting, etc., and 
as far as the publishers know the lists are complete. 

We wish to thank the city officials, the press, and the many 
citizens of Valparaiso, who have aided us in our efforts, and 
trust that the result of our labors will be appreciated. 

Very respectfully, -r^J- . ■ " ' 



The Daily Star 

J. A. McCONAHY, Editor and Proprietor. 


is now in its fifth year; issued every 
evening (except Sunday), and is one 
of the spiciest sheets published in the 
State, teeming with well written 


The Weekly Star 


Job Printing 


Office under Tirst Nation Bank. 




and Business InslitulB 






rkT^'V A RTTVrKNTS.-Preparatory. Teachers (including Kindergarten Work, 
^ ?etc?eTs Tr^ning Class^nd Pedagogy). Collegiate (--I'^^'^g Scientific. 

excep^fon oVprfvate lessons in Music, are included in one tuition. 
Specialists as Instructors are Provided for each DeP^Y*™^con* 

^ Though the attendance is large yet the classes are sectioned so as to con- 
tain, on an average, not to exceed 50 students. 
TTTF rOMMEKCIAL OKPAKTMENT in connection with the school 
^^SevfrywheJ acknowledged to be the most complete Com mereialCo^^^^^^^^ 
in the land. It is supplied with the most extensive line of offices 
attpmnted bv any Business School. 

The besi evidence that the work is sati^sfactory is the --^-^^y/""^^"^^ 
demand for those trained here. E.p.ns.s less th,u^ at any oth.r plau^ 

Tuition $10 per term. Board and furnished room, $L50 to $1 «u per wee 
Catalogue mailed fre. ^ ^^^^^^ ^ddress^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^ _,,_,,,. 


^^^O-O TO 



Fine B^k^ry Good^ 



22 East Main Street. VALPARAISO, IND. 


White, MgFetrigh & 60. 

80 West Mechanic Street, 



SaSb, Poors, Wiodov/3, Etc. 








'-''^t: (If::':'] 


Porter County Court House 


No. 1. VOL. L. WHOLE No. 2683. 

Porier Gouoto Vitlette 

TALCOTT & WELTY, Proprietors. 




The Largest Circulation 

The Best Advertising Medium 

The Newest and Spiciest Newspaper 

The Most Local and General News 

The Paper "Par Excellence" for our Citizens 

Bring or send in your Subscriptions 
Send in or bring in your Advertisements 
You shall be Faithfully Served 

Job Printing 



16 Sou^tl^L L^a^fja^rette; Stire^et 

W. C. TALCOTT. Eo.tor. 



J. Tzr. 'ri5-Cri.^.2S.2:T, 



Main and Washington Streets, VALPARAISO. 

Blood & L ii^dner, __ 


M Flour /Feed 


Sto?e, Corner Mechanic and South Washington Sts. 


William M. McKenzie 

Hack aod Baggage Lioe 


Iieavc Orders at Felton's Iiivery Barn. 



Leading Companies in Fire, LOSSES 

Live Stock and Life Insurance. PROMPTLY PAID 

2 South Washington St. VALPARAISO, IND. 


MARK L. DeMOTTE, Postmaster. 
MARK L. DICKOVER. Ass't Postmaster. 

_ — c. ,. •!• ^11 Wallace Rockwell, ) 

Ben. F. Smith, Mailmg Clerk. ^^^^ ^ ^^^^ f Carriers. 

GoLDiE C. Benny, Gen'l Delivery Clerk. Jqhn H. Arnold, ) 



5:12 a. m. 3:34 p. m. 1:22 a. m. 4:40 p. m. 

5:45 " 5:57 •' 8:55 •' 6:45 " 

10:20 " 8:15 ' 9:46 " 10:30 " 

2:45 p. m. 11:00 " 



8:30 a. m. 4:15 p. m. 9:45 a. m. 5:25 p. m. 

9:20 " 6:20 " 2:25 p.m. 7:45 " 

10:35 ■' 7:45 •■ 3:00 " 

Mails are open usually about 30 minutes after arrival of trains. 


Firsi Class. — Letters and sealed matter generally 2 cents per ounce or frac- 
tion of an ounce. Drop letters 2 cents where there is free delivery, otherwise 
I cent. 

Second Class. — Newspapers and Periodicals mailed by publisher i cent per 
pound or fraction thereof. 

Third Class. — Books, Circulars and Printed Matter generally, if unsealed, 
I cent for two ounces or fraction thereof. Newspapers and Magazines i cent 
for four ounces or fraction thereof. 

Fourth Class. — Merchandise unsealed and containing no writing i cent for 
an ounce or fraction thereof. . - 

Postal Cards, three sizes, i cent each. 

Postal Cards, with prepaid reply. 2 cents. 

Postage Stamps are issued in the following denominations: i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 
10, 15, 30 and go cents. 

Postage stamps are not legal tender. 

Postmasters are not allowed to exchange one denomination for another. 


Unsealed mail packages are limited to four pounds each, except single 
books, for which there is no limit, nor is the weight limited on sealed packages 
paid at letter rates. The standard pound is avoirdupois, 16 ounces. 

The standard or unit of weight on which the postage rate is made is for 
first-class matter, one ounce; second class, one pound; third class (except 
newspapers), two ounces; fourth class, one ounce. Transient newspapers and 
periodicals, four ounces. 




Dry Goods, Groceries and Tinware 


83 East Erie Street. VALPARAISO, IND. 


Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer 


Special Attention to Repairing and Painting. 



Office, 6! E. Main St. 
Residence, 91 E. Main St. 

Harbeck & Rogers, 

Manufacturers of 

LODGE — ' 



Also, Re-upholstering and 
Repairing of ever)^ descrip- 
tion in a superior manner. 

South Lafayette St. 




^^hicap Suit 
Pants Co 


Snits to Order, $16 to $40. 
Pants, $4.00 and upwards. 

First-class Fit Guaranteed 
in Every Case. 


Foreign and Domestic 
Suitings on hand. 

Sample Room at Express Office, 





and Funeral 



Residence, 68 N. Michigan St. 

. Wm. E. Pinnkt, 

WM. JOHKBTON, ) ^„„ t W M. K. PINNB 

jno. wark, } DIRECTORS ] s. p. oobbot. 

L. R. Hkinnkb, ) ( J, H. Bkinneb. 

Stat^ Bai)k 

Jno. Wabk, Vice-Prest. GENERAL BANK- 
J.H.Skinneb, Cashier. ifjG BUSINESS. 

J. ^w. sie:b, 


East Side Public Square. 


John Reddington, 




No. 16 South Washington Street, 




1. Address mail matter legibly and fully. Give name of Postoffice and 
State in full, street and house number, or box number. If the office be a small 
one add name of the county. 

2. Put your name and address upon upper left hand corner of all matter 
mailed by you. 

3. On foreign letters always place the name of the country m full. 

4. Do not use thin envelopes. Stamped envelopes are the best. 

5. Register all valuable letters. 

6. Send money by money order. 

7. If your mail is delivered by carrier provide a letter-box at your resi- 
dence or place of business. 

S. Affix stamps securely and on upper right hand corner. 
9. Do not tender for postage stamps money so mutilated as to be incurrent, 
or more than twenty-five cents in copper or nickel coins. 

10. Do not ask the postmaster or clerks to affix stamps for you. 

11. Do not ask credit for postage stamps. 

12. Do not ask credit for money-orders. 

13. Do not tender checks or drafts in payment of money-orders, or any 
money except that which is legal tender and National bank notes. 

14. Upon the corner of envelopes supplied by hotels, direct what disposal 
shall be made of letters undelivered. 



Frank P. Jones, Mayor, S. Ross Martin, Clerk. 

George Schwarzkopf, Treasurer. W. C. Sergeant, Marshal. 

Counciumen.— J. H. Patrick, E. W. Dille, D. E. Simons, 
Freeman Crosby, Henry Binnamon, Fred. Shoemaker, S. P. 
Corboy and \'. H. Wendt. 

Fire Department. — L. T. White, chief; Wm. H. New- 
land, assistant chief. Hook and Ladder Co. No. i. — J. C. Rock, 
G. W. Crouse, A. F. Winslow, James Adams, David Barry,^ 
C. L. Dille, D. F. Winslow, E. L. James, S. Ramsey, D. J. 
Smith, Chas. Stoner, Wilford Trudell, Ed. Gregory, Benj. 
Fleming, H. Fleming, C. Herrick, S. Dillingham, A. L. Collins,. 
L. L. Merton, A. L. Pierce, Ed. Brown, John Fleming, Roy 
Pierce. Hose Co. No. i. — E. T. Chester, Marion Breyfogle, 
F. A. Lepell, Wm. Edwards, James Burke, A. B. Lepell, Wm. 
Lederer. Frank Faley, Don G. Lytle, John Broon.huff, Henry 
Sayles, J. T. INIassey, V. H. Wendt, Geo. W. Billings, Joseph 
Sego, James Griswold. Joe Adams. Hose Co. Alert or No. 2. — 
W. H. Newland, W. J. Henry, George Fox, John Vantreese, 
Joseph L. Doyle, E. E. Cunningham, J. A. McNay, J. W. 
Hallada)-, W. H. Gardner, Ed. Skinner, Wm. Mahaffey, 
Fred. Shoemaker, H. W. Dye. Hose Co. No. j — Bert Wise, 
Wm. Thum, Albert Thum, Wm. Barber,- J. M. Salisbury, E. C. 
Bowser, Grant Wade, W. Blade, M3Ton Brown. Frank Card, 
George Card, Will Wasser, Ed.Truesdell, Hale Allen, Lon Jones, 
Rillis Winegar, August Jackmore, R. A. Heritage. 

CiTV Commissioners — Wm. E. Pinney, Robt. P. Jones, 
James Leonard, George Finney, Peter Schultz. 

City Board of Health. — 'W. L. Reading, president; Dr. A. 
P. Letherman, secretar}^ John Van Treese and Aaron Parks. 
Meets at call of secretary at his office. 


John S. Gillette, judge of circuit court: Willis C. MclNIahan, 
prosecuting attorney; Wm. H. Dowdell, assistant prosecuting 
attorney: E. C. O'Neill, clerk; G S. Bartholomew, deput}' clerk; 
Joseph Sego, sheriff; F. H. Jones, deputy sheriff; Stephen B. 
Corboy, court stenographer; Allen W. Reynolds, treasurer; 
Albert E. Starr, deputy treasurer; Thomas H. Patrick, recorder; 
Henry Rankin, surveyor; Andrew J. Zorn, assessor; A. C. Coates, 
coroner; Hannibal H. Loring, superintendent of schools. 

Commissioners. — James E. Carson, president; James S. 
Fulton and Jacob Link. 



Southeast corner Washington and Institute Streets. Rev. H. J B. Lange, 
pastor, r'arsonage, 66 North Washington St. Services usual time Trustees — 
C Specht, C. Dreesen and C. Marquardt. Treasurer — H. Leetz. 

Ladies' Society. — Mrs. C. Schwarzkopf, president. 

German-English Lutheran Parochial School. — Corner Academy and 
Chestnut Streets. 


Corner Franklin and Jefferson Street. Rev. J. B. Fleming, pastor. Par- 
sonage. 78 North Lafayette St. Elders— Vl. B. Crosby, A. V. Bartholomew, 
J. C. Pierce, D. C. Herr and S. L. Finney. Trustees — James McFetrich, A. L. 
Agnew, C. W. Dickover and George Finney. Treasurer — AI. A! Salisbury. 
Sen-ices — Preaching Sunday at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; communion, first 
Sabbaths of January, April, July and October. Sabbath School, 2 p. m., A. D. 
Bartholomew, superintendent; S. Ross Martin, assistant superintendent; Miss 
Grace Jones, secretary. 

Ladies' Church Alliance. — Mrs. D. M. Simons, president; Mrs. W. H. 
Gardner, recording secretary; Miss Margaret Beer, treasurer; Mrs. G. W. 
Windle, Mrs. M. A. Salisbury and Mrs. A. D. Bartholomew, executive 

Y. P. S. C. E. — Mabel H. Benney, president; Margaret C. Beer, vice- 
presi'dent; Chas. McDonald, treasurer; May M. Stickney, secretary. Meets 
Sunday evenings. 

UNITY CHURCH.— Liberal. 

Organized 1890. Rev. T. G. Milsted, pastor. Services every alternate 
Sunday at the Opera House. Officers — Hon. T. G. Lytle, president; Grant 
Mitchner, secretary; Wallace L. Wright, treasurer. Trustees — A. W. Vincent, 
H. N. Carver and Milan Cornell. 


Rev. John J. Thompson, pastor. Residence, 81 E. Main St., Valparaiso. 

Salem Charge. — Preaching every alternate Sunday at 10:30 a. m. and 
7:30 p. m. Trustees — Thatcher D. White, Francis White, Daniel Stoner and 
Jacob Hall. 

Pleasant View Charge. — Preaching every alternate Sunday at 10:30 and 
7:30 p. m. Trustees — William Brown, Thomas Wilson and . 


Northwest cor. Campbell and Chicago Sts. Very Rev. John Dempsey, deaft. 

St. Paul's Academy. — This Academy is adjoining St. Paul's Church, be- 
ing in charge of six Sisters of Providence, where young ladies can receive 
instructions in all branches of music and the sciences, conducted on principles 
of home education. Address Sister Superioress (Sisters of Providence), Valpa- 
raiso, Indiana. 

Living Rosarv Society. — This society numbers about 120 members, holds 
its meetings the third Sunday in each month in St. Paul's Church, their chief 
objects being prayers, meditations and other exercises conducive to the salva- 
tion of souls. 

Society of the Children of Mary. — This society numbers about 40 
members, meets in St. Paul's Church the second Sunday in every month for 
religious exercises, etc. 

Boys' Society. — Having a membership of about 40. Meets for religious 
exercises, etc., the first Sunday in each month in St. Paul's Church. 




CHEQtENK Lodge, No. 56, L O. O. F:— Jos. Holliday, P. G. ; M. C. Skin- 
ner. N. G.; V. H. Wendt, V. G.; P. A. Marquardt, secretary; Frank Turner, 
treasurer; H. Stratton, W. ; F. A. LaPell, Con.; J. J. Ferris, R. S. N. G.; 
Scott NorviUe, L. S. N. G. ; L. A. Windle, R. S. V. G. ; A. E. Starr, L. S.V. G.; 
John Ritz, J. F. Tolcott, S. S.; E. W. Hess, I. G. ; J. E. Baum, John Sieb, 
J. VV. Hagin, trustees. Meets every Monday evening at 7:30, at L O. O. F. 
Hall, South Franklin Sfreet. 


Court Valparaiso No. 210, I. O. F. — Membership 75. Leonard Cline, 
chief ranger; Joseph Murphy, vice chief ranger; E. C. O'Neill, secretary; 
Frank H. Klein, financial secretary. Meets first and third Wednesday of each 
month at 8 p. m., in Horn's Hall. 


Chaplain Brown Post No. 106, G. A. R., Department of Indi.\n.\. — 
Named after Chaplain Brown, of the 20th Indiana. Edward M. Burns, com- 
mander; John C. Flint, senior vice;. Joseph Zea, junior vice; Aaron Parks, 
quartermaster; Dr. J. F. McCarthy, surgeon; John R. Mills, ofiBcer of day; John 
Ferguson, officer of guard; Robert Fryar, chaplain; J. W. Stratton, I. C. B. 
Suman and J. W. Elam, trustees; J. W. Stratton, M. L. DeMotte and Jap 
Finney, delegates to state encampment. Meets second Saturday and fourth 
Tuesday of each month at Old Masonic Hall. 


Porter Lodge, No. 137, A. F. & A. M.— J. A. McConahy, W. M.; H. H. 
Loring. S. W. ; F. Joel, J. W.; M. L. McClelland, treasurer; E. V. Arnold, 
secretary; W. T. Brown, S. D.; Wm. Lederer, J. D.; M. Winslovv, J. S. Lou- 
derback, S. Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month, in Masonic Hall, 
cor Main and Washington Streets. 

Valparaiso Chapter, No. 79, R. A. M. — W. F. Mann, H. P.; Jonathan 
Osborn, K. ; H. N. Renner, S. ; H.H. Loring, C. H.; M. L. McClelland, treas- 
urer; E. V. Arnold, secretary; J. D. Hollett, R. A. C; H. Renfrok. 3 vail; 
J. W. Mocklee, 2 vail; I. Verden, i vail. Meets third Thursday of each month, 
in Masonic Hall. 

Valparaiso Commandery, No. 28, K. T. — W. H. Gardner, E. C; Jonathan 
Osborn, G. E.; E D. Crumpacker, C. G. ; H. N. Renner, S. W.; S. Ross Mar- 
tin, J. W. ; M. L. McClelland, treasurer; E. V. Arnold, recorder; W. C. Leth- 
erman, trustee. Regular conclave second Thursday of each month, at Masonic 



Valp.^r.-mso Lodge. No. 184, K. P.— J H. Arnold, P. C; W B. Wasser, 
C. C; J. A. Walker, V. C; H. B. Darling. P.; Seth Eason, M. of E.; H. B. 
Darling, M. of F.; E. V. Willitts, M. of A.; E. E. Sbedd, I. G.: A. B. D. 
Crow, O. G. Meets every Friday evening, in Hall, 13 W. Mechanic St. 

: ' . ' ROYAL ARCANUM. ^ , 

Porter Council, No. 851, R. A, — J. M. Fabing, regent; C. S. Pierce, 
vice-regent; Watt, chaplain; Isaac Cornell, treasurer; C. W. Bartholo- 
mew, collector; M. Barry, auditor; L. M. Merton, warden; E. T. Chester, « 
sentry, V. H. Wendt, trustee. Hon. M. L. DeMott, of this council, has been 
chosen as chief executive officer of the State. Meets every Thursday evening, 
in Royal Arcanum Hall, corner Main and Franklin Streets. 


Mrs. J. W. Elam, president; Mrs. George Miller, senior-vice; Mrs. T. H. 
Pataick, junior-vice; Mrs. J.R. Drapier, treasurer; Mrs. A. L. Jones, chaplain; 
Mrs. Ed. Hunt, conductor; Mrs. D. Turner, guard. 


O. P. Kinsey, president; A. L. Jones, vice-president; Grant Mitchner, 
secretary; H. N. Renner, treasurer; Cyrus Axe, J. H. Patrick and J. W. Strat- 
ton, executive committee; Mrs. C. J. Kern, Mrs. B. F. Perrine and Mrs. G. A. 
Dodge, ladies' auxiliary. 


A. P. Letherman, president; C. W. Dickover, vice-president; S. Ross 
Martin, secretary; John S. Louderback, treasurer; A. D. Bartholomew, attor- 
ney; A. J. Louderback, auditor. Meets last Saturday of every month, in 
Association Rooms, southwest corner of Court House. 



City Board of Education.— H. M. Evans, president; 
James McFetrich, secretary; W. C. Letherman, treasurer. The 
public schools of Valparaiso are in a flourishing condition, hav- 
ing more than one thousand names enrolled. The boarc have 
just completed a new school building, which, for beauty and 
convenience, is unexcelled anywhere in this part of the country. 
An improvement much needed and highly ornamental to the 


County Board of Education. — Hannibal H. Loring, of 
Valparaiso, president; C. F. Leeka, of Hebron, secretary. 
Meets on the first days of May and September, each year, at 
the Superintendent's office. There are three high schools and 
one hundred district schools in the county, employing 113 


Northern Indiana Normal School.— College Hill, south 
end College avenue. The largest normal school and business 
institute in the United States. Prof. H. B. Brown, principal; 
Prof. O. P. Kinsey, associate principal. 

Northern Indiana Law School.— College avenue. H. B. 
Brown, president; Mark R. DeMott, A. L. Jones and H. A. 
Oillette, instructors. 

Valparaiso Glty Direciorii. 

Ablett, William, farmer; res loi E. Mechanic. 

Adams, Edward, res 27 So. Greenwich. 

Adams Express Co., F. J. Ingram, ayent, 10 E. Mechanic. 

Adams, James, carpenter; res 9 W. Monroe. 

Adams, Miss May C., dressmaker, 27 So. Greenwich. 

Adams & Swartout, carpenter shop, 47 E. Main. 

Agnew, Nathan L., Agnew & Kelly, 65 N. Michigan. 

Agnew, \V. W., 65 N. Michigan. 

Agnew & Kelly, attorneys at law, 12 So. Washington. 

Agart, John H., section hand, N. P.; res 13 South. 

Albe, A., General Mdse., 6 W. Washington: res 13 Monroe- 

Albe, Louis, clerk, res 13 Monroe. 

Albe, Max, Gent's Furnishings: 8 Washington: res 39 E Monroe. 

Albe, Samuel, clerk, G. Schwarzkopf, res 15 E. Monroe. 

Albery, Harry B., prop.Valpo Steam Laundry, res 11 E. Institute 

Alexander, John, carpenter, res 79 W. Chicago. 

Allen, Charles T., jeweler (W. H. Vail), 7 E. Main; res 58- 
E. Jefferson. 

Allen, Hale, students' supplies, res 67 S. College ave. 

Allen, John R., watchman P. F. W. & C. Ry., res 55 W. Jeff- 

Allen, Mrs. H. R., dressmaker: res 5^ W. Jefferson. 

Ames, Fred E., brakeman, M. C. R. R,; res 52 N. Valparaiso- 

Amos, Albert, hackman; res 1-4 E. Oak. 

Anderson, Axel, laborer, res 43 N. Locust. 

Anderson, Dr., E. F., physician: res 5 1 N. Washington. 

Anderson, John, w^orks clock factory; res 85 W. Main. 

Andrews, L. Richard, carpenter; res 80 E. Jeijferson. 

Andreson, Chris., laborer; res W^est. 

Angle, Solomon, Grocery & Confectionery, 64j'2 N. Morgan:, 
res 64 N. Morgan. 

Applegate, Ben. F., waiter. Grand Central Hotel. 

Armentraut, Simon F., Mgr. College Hill Pharmacy, 59^2 S- 
College ave.; res 5 South. 

Arnold, E. V., undertaker and embalmer, l5 N. Franklin: res- 
68 N. Michigan. ""^ :,:^ 

Arnold, Ivan, farmer; res 82 E. Chicago. 

Arvin, Fred. N., ins. agt.; res 63 E. Jefferson. ■ , 

Arvin, John N., blacksmith, 45 E. Main: res 76 E. Jefferson. 

Atkins, Dr. L., physician and surgeon; res l35 Locust. 


Ault, John, fish peddler; res 99 E, Mechanic. 

Ault, Willis; res cor. Broadway and S. Campbell. 

Austin. Martin G., butcher; res 42 W. Jefferson, 

Axe, C, Meat Market, N. Washington. 

Axe, C3TUS; res 96 E, Jefferson. - • ^ : ' 

Axe, Elias; res 36 N. Franklin. - ■ ' • " 

Aylesworth, John W., Aylesworth & Dye, 21 Main; res 35 N 

Aylesworth & Dye, Boots & Shoes, 2I E. Main. 
Bagley, Daniel, sr. , laborer; res 25 Calumet ave. 
Bagley, Daniel, jr., car repairer, C. & G. T. Ry; res 25 

Calumet ave. 
Baker, Harrison, well borer; res 29 E. Institute. 
Baldwin, Miss MandieE., teacher, N. I. Nrm. ; res. io5 E. Main. 
Baldwin, Wm., electric light trimmer; res 20 W. Water. 
Ball, E., cashier. First Nat. Bank: res 3? N. Campbell. 
Ball, Mrs. S. M., boarding; res S. Frankhn. 
Banister, Alfred, Ross & Banister; res 22 W- Jefferson. 
Banta. Mrs. Alice, rooms, i Union. 

Banta,W. H., Principal High School, 89 N. Washington. 
Barber, J. W. , mason-contractor; res 64 Freeman. 
Barber, Wm. C, drayman: res 64 Freeman. 
Barbour, Alpheus |., clerk, Eauderback's Grocery, res I7 So. 

Barcome, Jos., laborer; res 2I Calumet ave. 
Barcome, Miss Amelia, seamstress; res 2I Calumet ave. 
Barcome, \'ictor, laborer; res 2 Dumas ave. 

Barham, Geo. W., night elk P.F.W.&CRy.: res 65 E. Jefferson 
Barnecko, C- F., blacksmith; res 54 E. Main. 
Barnecko, Charles J., blacksmith, res lo5 E. ISIechanic. 
Barnes, Mrs., Delina, boarding; res 73 S. Greenwich. 
Barnes, James C-, contractor; res 34 N. East. 
Barnes, Jay E; res 85 E. Erie. 

Barnes, Peter, janitor. Normal; res 84 College ave. 
Barnes, Walter B., salesman, J. Lowenstine; res. 63 E. Erie. 
Earnholt, Chris., Meat Market, Mechanic, res 9 Spring. 
Barry, David, blacksmith, 3? W. Main; res. 26 W. Mechanic. 
Barry, Michael, blacksmith & wagonmaker, I3 — 17 S. Lafayette; 

res 16 W Mechanic. 
Bartels, John H., clerk, res 23 S Morgan. 
Barthels, John, teamster, Blood & Lindner, res N E cor. 

Mechanic & Morgan. 
Bartholomew, A.D., attorney, 6 Washington; res. 80 N Franklin. 
Bartholomew, A. V., 80 N Washington. 
Bartholomew, Chas. W., Finney & Bartholomew; res 96 N. 

Bartholomew, Geo. F., cashier Farmers Nat. Bank; res 78' 



Bartholomew, Girdon S., deputy county clerk, Court House; 

res Wood. 
Bartholomew, S. L. , insurance, Washington and Main; res 

90 N Washington. 
Bassett, George, teamster, I9 N College ave. 
Bartlett, Miss Sadie, boarding, 7 1 S College ave. 
Bastel, Eli, laborer, 2 Stokes. 
Bastel, Samuel, laborer, cor Stokes & Kinzie. 
Bates, Demas D., law student, 45 N Locust. 

Bauer, Fred'k. lihoemaker, with M. La Force; res 20 E Mechanic. 
Baum, Miss Eva, music teacher, 65 Union. 

Baum's Hotel, J. E. Baum, prop., oppos. Grand Trunk Depot. 
Baum, John E., prop. Baum's Hotel, res same. 
Baum, Mrs. Hannah, rooms, l5 Freeman. 
Baum, Niles L., rooms, 65 Union. 
Baum, Wm., lather, 32 N College ave. 

Beach, Geo. F., engraver & jeweler, i Main. ; res North Franklin. 
Beach, Mrs. Margaret IM., rooms, 95 E Monroe. 
Beach, Murray J., windmills, 46 N Morgan. 
Bear, Mrs. L., 39 W Erie. 

Beemer, John W. , teaming, 106 N Washington. 
Beemer, Mrs. Rachel, widow, 45 N Locust. 
Beemer, Thos. R., farmer, 106 N Washington. 
Beemer, Thos. T. , 106 N Washington. 

Beer, Dr. H. M., physician, 48 X Lafayette, res 14 W Chicago. 
Bell, Erasmus, cashier First Nat Bank, res. 37 N Campbell. 
Bell, Ernest A., planing mill; 75 E Main; res. 4 N Morgan. 
Bell, Herbert R., drug clerk, E Jefferson. 

Bell, Reason,, 58 E Mechanic; res. 61 E Jefferson. 
Bender, Nick, 50 West. 
Benham, Frost L., 90 E Jefferson. 

Bennett, Geo. C-, carpenter, 13 S East. . - 

Bennett, Mrs. Kate, 2 Pearl. - ; •: 

Bennett, Miss Maggie, 2 Pearl. 

Bennett, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 37 E Institute. 
Benny, GoldsboroughC.gen. del. clerk Post office, 21 E Institute. 
Benny, Mrs., 61 N Morgan. 
Benny, Mrs. M. C-, 21 E Institute. 

Benny, Miss Mabel, teacher high school, 21 E Institute. 
Bentley, Albert, carpenter, res 38 N College ave. 
Bentley, Miss Frances, domestic, 51 N Napoleon. 
Benton, Chas. W., teacher N. I. Normal, 105 E Main. 
Beyer, Andrew, butcher, 49 W Mechanic. 

Beyer, Fred., shoem., 16 'X S Washington, res 49 Mechanic. 
Beyer, Mrs. Philip, 49 W Mechanic. 
Bidwell, 28 Union. 

Biers, John, carpenter, Weston ave. , 

Billings, Geo. W., carpenter, 30 N College ave. 


Billings, Scotter C, Columbia Baker}', 27 N Washington. 

Billings, Terrence, stonecutter, 33 W Mechanic. 

Binnamon, Henr\% 33 W Mechanic. 

Bissell, Joshua B., 45 E Monroe. 

Bixby, J. D., night operator N.Y. C. & St. L. RR., 87 N Morgan. 

Black, Miss Nellie, seamstress, 65 W Main. 

Blades, Wm., 9 Cyrus. 

Blair, Henry L., brakeman, P. F. W. & C. Ry., 6 Stokes. 

Bleney, Wm., \vork train, C. & G. T. Ry., 54 N. Morgan. 

Bliss, Chris., baker, 34 N Valparaiso. -' . . i,,.^ 

Bliss, Reimel, 34 N \'alparaiso. 

Bloch, Mrs. Catherine, 34 Academ5'. 

Bloch, John H., Stm Laundrj', 40 W Main: res 34 Academy, 

Bloch, Julius, Laimdry, 34 Academy., 

Bloch, Luther, 34 Academ}-. ' ' 

Bloch, Martin, 34 Academy. < " .. 

Blood, D. K., engineer, 33 E Monroe. . ' - ; 

Blood, Fred., Blood & Lindner, Axe Ave & Limits. 

Blood & Lindner, millers, 2 E Mechanic. 

Bloomer, Frank, laborer, 7 West. 

Bloomhuff, John W., carpenter, N College Ave & Erie. 

Bloomhuff, Otis A., bridge carpenter, gjji N. Lafayette, 

Blunk, George, street sprinkler, 44 West. 

Bogarte, M. E., prof, normal, 95 E Main. - . 

Bondfield, 66 N Michigan. 

Bondy, L., traveling salesman, 47 N Washington. 

Bondy, L. D., Dry Goods, 5 E Main Grand Central Hotel. 

Bonhold, Chris , Cornell & Bonhold, S Washington. 

Bornhold, Claus, laborer, 17 South. 

Bourke, Alphage, carpenter, 25 i\ Academy. 

Bowman, Andrew J., teamster, 14 W Monroe. 

Bowman, Chas., marble polisher, 34 S Lafayette. 

Bowman, Emery A., plasterer, 43 N Franklin. 

Bowman, Jos. E., paperhanger & painter. 43 N Franklin. 

Bowman, Wm. O., iron molder, 43 N Franklin. • 

Bowser, Emerson C, barber, 81 E Jefferson. 

Boyd, Mrs. ISIartha G., 68 E Chicago. 

Boye, Hans, Saloon, 10 S Washington; res 52 N Franklin. 

Boye, Miss Laura, 52 N Franklin. 

Bozarth, N. J., Atty-at-Law, 18 S Washington; res 59 N Wash. 

Bozarth, Mrs. Mary, 73 N Franklin. 

Bradley, Guy, pressman, B. F. Perrine & Co.; res 107 E Main. 

Bradley, John B., engineer, 107 E INIain. 

Bradley, Joseph, 23 E Institute. 

Bradley, Mrs. Mary E., 51 E Monroe. ♦ 

Brannard, Mrs. Bridget, 6 S Campbell. , ' '' 

Brazier, Henry, laborer, 68 W Jefferson. 

Breiholz, Miss Lena, Cook Franklin House, res 10 West. 


Brciholz, Max, laborer, P. F. W. & C. Ry., res lo West. 

Breitzke, Ida, domestic, 62 N Washington. 

Brennan, John, teamster, 16 S Washirigton. 

Brewer, Cassius, drayman, 20 N Morgan. 

Brewer, Edwin B., printer, 40 S Lafayette Ave. 

Brewer, John H., laborer, 60 N Franklin. 

Brewer, Mrs. John H., Dressmaking, 60 N Franklin. ' 

Brewer, Mrs. Lucinda, 4.0 S Lafayette. 

Brewer, Matthias, 32 N Lafayette. 

Brewer, U. S., prir:er & engraver, 40 S. Lafayette. 

Brewer, Winfieid *,. painter, 40 Lafayette. 

Brey, John, section hand, 4 Dumas Ave. 

Breyfogel, Benj. P., teamster, 22 College Ave. 

Breyfogel, Francis M., drayman, 12 S Napoleon. 

Briscoe, Chas. F., 122 S Greenwich. 

Brodie, John, Grain Merchant, 55 E Jefferson. 

Brodie, Miss Theresia, domestic, 63 N Lafayette. 

Brown & Co., Photographers, 20 S Locust. 

Brown, Edward, jr., painter, 79 E Mechanic. 

Brown, Edward, sr., SS^i E Main. 

Brown, Edward L. , painter, 88i'2 E Main. 

Brown, H. A. W., Brow^n & Co., 20 S Locust. 

Brown, Prof. H. B., Principal Normal, 53 E. Jefferson. 

Brown, John, barber, 50 N Franklin. 

Brown, Mrs. Jane, 50 N Franklin. , : 

Brown, Miss Lucy A., Rooms, 3 & 5 Cyrus. 

Brown, Mrs. M. E., 27 E Jefferson. 

Brown, Myron, laborer, 14 South. . / , 

Brown, Sandy, 44 Locust. - ■' . 

Brownbridge, James, 61 N Valparaiso. - • 

Bronson, P., Boarding House, 35 W Main. 

Bruhn, Anna E., dressmaker, 83 Greenwich. 

Bruhn, Glaus, Cigars & Confy, 19 Union cor Locust; res same. 

Bruhn, John, barber, 19 Union. 

Bruhn, John, painter, 83 Greenwich. 

Bruhn, Minnie W. , dressmaker, 83 Greenwich. 

Bruns, Wm. H., tailor, 75 E Monroe; res 41 S Morgan. 

Brunson, Andrew, 22 E Institute. 

Brunson, Oliver, 22 E Institute. 

Brunson, Wesley, 22 E Institute. 

Bryan, Miss Alice, laundress, 27 W Jefferson. 

Bryant, Mrs. Alia, Drugs, cor Main & Washington, 90 NWash. 

Bryarly, Delbert, 115 E Main. 

Bryarly, H. Paxton, 115 E. Main. 

Buck, Theo., butcher, Cornell & Bonhold, 58 S. Franklin. 

Bucklev, Daniel J., wagonmaker, 8 N Weston Ave. 

BUDD, CHAS. C; jeweler, 6 Academy. 

Budd, Rose, millinery with Mrs. Foster, 6 N. Academy. 


Buel, Champ E., fireman. C. & G. T. Ry., 78 N Franklin. . 
Buel, Mrs. Eliza, 10 E Chicago. 
Buel, Miss Ruth, Boarding, 33 W Mechanic. 
Bundy, Frank, 136 E. Main. 
Bund}', George, carpenter, 80 E Erie. 

Bundy, Jay, works Ryans livery, 102 E Main. . - ^^ 

Bundy, John R. , section hand, 44 E Institute. ^. 

Bundy, Wm., carpenter, 56 W East. ~ ■.- . •' 

Bundy, Mrs. Dora, Dressmaking, 44 Institute. . 

Bundy, Mrs. Wm., teacher, 56 N East. 
Bunting, Harry, Pearce &. Bunting, 14 S Washington. 
Burgner, Mrs. Sarah, 79 E Main. - 

Burke, James, drayman, 69 N INIichigan. '\ ■ : . - 

Burkhart, Martin, Farming, 14R1SS. - ' , 

Burns, Edward M., township tn^ee, 73 E Chicago. 
Burns, Mrs. Hanora, 18 W Monroe. 
Burns, Miss Katie, waitress, 18 ^^' Monroe. 
Bush, P., works clock factory, 8 W Institute. 
Bussard, Frank J., chief clerk P'ort Wayne Depot, 62 W Main, 
Cameron, A. B., portraits, res 18 W Jefferson. 
Cameron, John W. , Wilson & Cameron, res 66 N Morgan. 
Campbell, T. Addison, flour & feed Mich City, res 42 E Erie. 
Cape, James, nurser\-man, res 7 E Union. 
Capers, Isaac, res 38 K Morgan. 
Card, Geo. F., shoemaker, res 29 S East. 
Card, Frank, res 67 S Morgan. 
Carleton, Hoyt, clerk, res 22 W Main. 
Carpenter, John M., res 55 S College. 
Carpenter, Mrs. Leah, boarding, res 55 S College ave. 
Carr, A. O.. grocer, cor Main & Lafayette, res 17 N Lafaj'ette, 
Carr, Benajah, hack line, res 33 N Lafayette. 
Carruth, Alex., blacksmith, res 68 N East. 
Carruth, Walter J., locomotive fireman, res 68 N East. 
CARSON, Dr. J. C, Phy'n, res cor Monroe and Franklin. 
Carter, — , 14 Walnut. 
Carter, Geo., i Wayne. 
Carters' Livery, 39 W^ Main. 

Carter, Schuyler C. , hack driver, res 35 W Jefferson. 
Carver, Harrison N., teacher, res 15 S College ave. 
Casbom, Lawrence, 21 N Academ\-. 
Casbom. Sylvester V., 21 N Academy. 
Cass, John E., lawyer, res 56 S Locust. 
Cass & Weir, lawyers, 11 N Washington. 
Castle, H. M., 45 E Monroe. 

Castleman, Mrs. Catherine, boarding, res 21 Valparaiso. 
Caswell, Henry C. , Foreman Messenger office, res 22 N Fr'klin_ 
Central Card & Supply Co., m'f'g stationers, printers and en- 
gravers, cor Main and Washington, 


Charbouneou, Miss Valeury, seamstress, res 94 E Main. 
Chartier, Geo., locomotive fireman, res 9 South. 
Chartier, Jacob, brickmaker, res g South. 
Chartier, John, carpenter, res 4 Courtney. 
Chartier, John, laborer, res 14 Brick. 
Chartier, Marchal, barber, res 14 Wall. 
Cherry, Calvin H., section hand, res 44 N Academy. 
Chester, E. Taylor, drayman, res 23 S Valparaiso. 
Chester, Sylvester, bartender, 21 S Valparaiso. 
C. vi' G. T. R'y. depot Calumet ave, James McCree, agent. 
Chicago Suit & Pants Co., R. P. Wolfe, agent, xo E Mechanic. 
Choate. Miss S. J. C, rooms, res 58 N Franklin. 
Christian Tabernacle, Academy of Music. 
Christie, Henry, carpenter, res 104 N. Lafayette. 
Christie, Joseph F., laborer, res. 104 N Lafayette. 
Christie, Stewart, works Dulanev cl'k fac'ry, res 8 W Institute- 
Christy, Arthur B., pos'l cl'k, P F W & C^Ry, res 29 S Mich- 
Christy, Wm R., cig's and conf't'ny, N E cor Mich. & Monroe. 
Claussen, Claus J., tailor, res 21 S Locust. 
Claussen, Hermann, tinner, res 21 S Locust. 
Claussen, Jacob, sample room, 22 S Washington. 
Claussen, John, janitor Pres. church, res 76 N Napoleon. 
Claussen, Miss Minnie M., tailoress, res 21 S Locust. 
Clay, John S., chief fr't cl'k Blue Island depot C & G T Ry, res 

Baum's hotel. 
Clevenger, Miss Lola, b'kke'p'r Windles groc'y, res 105 N Wash. 
Clevenger, Sylvester A., Covert and Clevenger, res 105 N Wash. 
Clifford, Jeremiah, section boss C & G T Ry, res 83 N Napol'n. 
Clifford, John B., railroad contractor, res 64 W Chicago, .-..^ ] 
Clifford, Patrick, res cor N Campbell & Haas. . i 

Coash, Campbell, miller, Crosby & Son, res S Washington. j 
Coash, Lawrence, jr, bartender, res 39 Calumet ave. ZTl 

Coash, Modest, milk dealer, res S S Nickel Plate ave. i 

Coash, Pelo, bartender, res S Franklin. ""^ 

Coates, Hayes C. » M. D., physician and surgeon, Washington 

St, res 16 S Napoleon. 
Cobb, Mrs. Addie A., res 50 E Erie. 
Coddington, Elmer E., portraits, res no E Jefferson. 
Colborn, Abram, H. C. Johnson & Co., res Michigan City. 
Cole, Martin B., i Wayne. 
Cole, Mrs., 25 W Erie. 

Coles, Miss Anna, teacher, res 88 N Franklin. 
Coles, Friend W.^ commercial traveler, 88 N Franklin. 
Coleman, James E., turner, res 43 S Greenwich. 
Coleman, Nich, carpenter, res 43 S Greenwich. 
Coleman. Mrs. Nich, boarding, res 43 S Greenwich. 
Collins, Lewis L., car rep'rer C & G T Ry, res 23 Calumet ave. 
Comford, Miss K., :i3 E Monroe. 


Commercial hall, college building, 60 College ave. 

Conerty, Mrs Catherine, 9 Nickel Plate ave. 

Conerty, Miss Rose, 9 Nickel Plate ave. 

Consumers Commerc'l Co, John Fitzwilhams, agt, 3 S Franklin, 

Cook, Mrs Olive, 34 N Franklin. 

Coovert, Jesse L., drain tile, 107 N Washington 

Coovert & Clevenger, drain tile, Washmgton & Lafayette. 

Cordill, Wm E., 39 N Lafayette. 

Cornell. Mrs, 70 N Michigan. 

Cornell, Chas., mason helper, res 32 N Morgan. 

Cornell, Geo., laborer, res 9 W Water 

Cornell, Isaac, grocer, E Main, res E Chicago cor Morgan. 

Cornell! Milan, stock dealer, res 74 N Michigan. 

Cornell, Ross K., Cornell & Bonhold, 61 E Chicago. 

Cornell & Smith, grocerv store, 19 E Mam. 

Cornell, William, laborer, 9 W Water. 

Cornell & Bonhold, meat market, 8 E Mechanic^ 

Coudrey, Frank, eng. P F W & C Ry, res 9 S Weston ave. 

Courtwright, Adrian, rooms, res 60 S Locust. 

Courtwright, Samuel F., boarding, res 30 S Locust. 

Courtwright, William D., boarding, res 61 S College ave. 

Couture. Mrs Delda, rooms, res 18 College ave 

Cowley,' Miss Abbie W., tc'h'r public sch'l, b'ds 22 College ave. 

Cover, Frank, laborer, 30 W Water^ 

Cram, Hiram, horse trainer, res 27 BiUings 

Crisman, Charles, printer, Vidette, res 30 \\ Chicago 

Crisman, Frank, printer, Vidette, res 30 W Chicago. 

Crisman, Oliver, laborer, 30 W Chicago. 

Crosby & Son, millers, 9 W Mechanic, mills 72 Washington. . , 

Crosby, Freeman, Crosby & Son, res 72 S Washington. 

-rosbv M. B., Crosby & Son, res 72 S Washington 

-rosbv Ness, b'kk'per Crosby & Son, res 72 S Washington.. 

Cross,^Nahum, carpenter, res 59 N Michigan. 

Crouso, Geo. W., painter, res 1 11 N Washington. 

Crow, Chas., carpenter, res 13 E Oak. r^^.,^ 

Crow, Mrs. Emma, carpet weaver, res 97 N Lafayette. 

Hrumpacker, E. D., judge appellate court, res 31 E Jefferson. 

Crumpacker, Theo., 78 E Jefferson. 

^S. '^^'^:^, laitCes 80 N Lafayene. 


Currier, John M., carpenter, 32 W Monroe. 

Currier. N. P., farmer, res 64 E Erie. 

Curtain. Thomas, section hand, res 106 W Mam. 

Curtis, C. W., 87 College aye 

Dade, Tinv, domestic, 78 N Lafayette. 

Dahl, Nellie, 43 S East. . . 


Dailey, Mrs. M. A., housekeeper, 6i N Napoleon. 
I Daily, Patrick, Daily & Reagan, N. Napoleon. 
Daily & Reagan, saloon, 26 W Main. 
Daily and Weekly Star, The, J. A. McConahy, publisher, 12 S. 

Dale, Edw. L., stenographer, 9 E Oak. 
Dale, John G., laborer, Calumet av. & Elm. 
Dale, Miss Nora, dressmaking, 9 E Oak. 
Dale, Wm. P., janitor. Christian Church, 9 E Oak. 
Dalton, Mrs. Nora, 78 W Jefferson. 
Dalton, Miss Ella, seamstress, 78 W Jefferson. 
Dalton, Miss Lizzie, clerk, 78 W Jefferson. 
Daly, Wm., 9 N Napoleon. 
Daly, Mrs. Bridget, 9 N Napoleon. 
Daly, Mrs. M., dressmaker, 57 W Jefferson. 
DARLING, HARRY B., newspaper correspondent, 39 

W. Erie. 
Davis, Miss Inez, teacher, Public School, bds 21 E Water. 
Davis, Perry, night baggageman C & G T Ry, 51 Calumet ave, 
Davis, Reuben R., mill hand, 15 Western ave. 
Davis, Wm., freight clerk, C & G T Ry, 51 Calumet ave. 
Dawson, Nathan, windmills, Dolson & Cain, res 50 E Erie. 
Dayton, Mrs. Fannie, teacher, 45 S East. 
Dean, Elmira, Mrs., rooms, S College ave. 
Dean, Lyman E., Valp. Plumbing Co., 30 N Lafayette. 
Decker, Chas., bds 10 Lytle. 
Decker, Joseph, agent forXhicago Supply Co., 17 W Main; res 

61 W Main. 
Decrow, John B., farmer, 67 E Jefferson. •. . r 

Deming, Charles, painter, 40 N Academy. 
Deming, O. H., carpenter, 40 N Academy. 
Dempsey, Rev., Father, pastor St. Paul's Catholic Church, 56 

W Chicago. 
De Motte, Mark L., postmaster, 71 N Franklin. 
De Motte, Wm. C, undertaker, with Finney & Bartholomew, 

21 S Franklin. 
Demming, Miss Lizzie, 25 W Erie. 

De Patis, Paul, laborer, 59 Axe. '•. • ^^ - 

Deshler, Lewis, 71 E Chicago. /''J' 

Devvells, Joseph, 27 N Academy. ' - 

De Witt, John W. , coal dealer, 19 So Greenwich. 
De Witt, R. C, 43 S East.' 

Dickinson, Mrs. Estella D., rooms, 19 East Water. 
Dickover, Chas., W., contractor. 76 N Franklin. 
Dickover, Chas. H., brickmason, 91 N Franklin. 
Dickover, Mark L., assistant postmaster, 76 N Franklin. 
Diefenbaugh, Miss Estella, teacher high school, 28 E Monroe. 
Diefenbaugh, Mrs. Louisa, 28 E Monroe. 


Diemoh, Levi, Sexton-Cemetery, 14 Weston ave. 
Dille, Calvin L., farmer, 51 N Franklin. 
Dille, E. W., carpenter, 67 E Main, res 71 E Main. 
Dille, Stephen, Tobacco & Confectionery, 74 S Franklin. 
Dillingham & Munger, Flour & Feed, 24 E Mechanic. 
Dillingham, Stanton, Dillingham & Munger, /es 102 E Main. 
Dillingham, Mrs. Elma, boarders, 27 N.Washington. 
Dillon, Mrs., cor Boundary & S Campbell. 
Dodge, Geo. A., agent P H W& C Ry, 32 W Mechanic. 
Dodge, Geo. M., operator, W U Telegraph, 48 W Mechanic. 
Doege, August, 33 S Locust. 

Dolson, Geo. H., horses & cattle com., 51 E Mechanic. 
Dolson, Glen S., salesman, 85 E Main. 
Dolson, Jesse, 109 E Main. 
Dolson, S. W., Dolson & Talbert, 78 E Main. 
Dolton, Lizzie, saleslad}', 78 W^ Jefferson. 

•Dolson, Silas W., Dolson & Talbert, E Main, res 85 E Main. 
Dolson & Talbert; grocery, 17 E Main. 

Dornte, Wm. H., car inspector, PF W&C Ry, 46 N Campbell. 
Dotzer, Hugh, pressman, B. F. Perrine & Co., 100 N Franklin. 
Dougherty, O.M., Insurance, 6 S Washington, res 3 S Franklin. 
Dowdell, W^m., H., law^j^er, i S Franklin., res 103 E Mechanic. 
Doyle, J. L., barber, under Br)'ants Drug St., res 72 N Lafayette. 
Drago, Grant, conductor, P F W & C Ry, 45 W Chicago. 
Drago & Sievers, Misses, Dressmaking, 15 N Washington. 
Drago, Mrs. S. C, Dressmaking, 33 N Napoleon. 
Drago, Wm. F., blacksmith with T. B. Louderback, 50 E Main. 
Drake, Reuben, laborer, 104 W Main. 
Drake, Wm. H., laborer, 104 W Main. 
Drapier, Miss Grace, High school teacher, 7 E Chicago. 
Drapier, Jas. R., Insurance, 7 E Chicago. 
Drapier, Hal. D., clerk, 7 E Chicago. 
Drapier, Myron j., salesman, 7 E Chicago. 
Drawns, Frederick W^., farmer, 23 S College Ave. 
Dreesen, Claus, bricklayer, 27 S College Ave. 
Drombold, Mrs. David, 7 W Kinzie. 

Drooni, Edgar E., traveling salesman, 103 N W^ashington. 
Drowns, A. O., conductor, Fort Wayne RR, 30 W Jefferson. 
Duclos, Joseph, 104 N. Lafayette. 
Duerr, Fred'k. B., clerk, 65 E W^ood. 

Du Laney Clock Company, J. W. Du Laney, Supt., cor Camp- 
bell and W'^ater. 
Du Laney, C. F., wks clock factory, 6 Calumet Ave. 
Du Laney, J. W., Supt. Du Laney Clock Co., 63 N Lafayette. 
Dulch, Henry, mill hand, 79 W Chicago. 
Dumas, Moses, 12 South. 

Dunham, Chas. M., machinist, 57 S Washington. 
Dunham, Obediah, 63 S Washington. 


Dunlap, John C, contractor, g E Institute. 

Dunlap, Miss May, Waitress, Grand Central Hotel. 

Dunlap, R. A., clerk, 26 Campbell. 

Dunning, John, 74 N Washington. 

Du Patis, Hattie, domestic, 80 N Franklin. 

Durand, David, laborer, 79 S Greenwich 

Durand, George, laborer, 107 N Lafayette. 

Durand, Gilbert, Last house N Washington. 

Durand, Jos., brick maker, Last house N Washington. 

Durand, Lucy, nurse, 62 E Main. 

Duval, Mrs. Sylvester, seamstress, 12 E Mechanic. 

Dye, H. W., Aylesworth & Dye, 60 S Franklin. 

Dye, Mrs. Christina, 41 N Academy. 

Dye, Mrs. Aurelia, seamstress, 37 N Academy. 

Dye, Wm. H., carpenter, 32 N Locust. 

Dygert, Horace, laborer, 10 Lytle cor Bush. 

Earl, Edward H., ice merchant, res 30 N Morgan. 

Eason, Miss Hattie, clerk, Bondy's store, boards 80 N Franklin. 

Eason, Seth, clerk, res 82 N Franklin. 

Easterday, Chas, laborer, 36 E Institute. 

Easterday, John, brakeman P F W & C Ry, res 38 W Jefferson. 

Ebersold, Fr'dr'k C. , saloon keeper, Mich Cy, res 31 N Nap'ln. 

Eddy, Glen G., tel'h operator C & G T Ry, res 92 N Franklin. 

Edelman, John B., baker, res 38 W Mechanic. 

Edwards, Wm L. , mason, res 125 E Main. 

Eglin, Frank, cor Wayne & W Chicago. , . 

Eglin, John, milk, res cor Wayne & W Chicago. 

Ehrhardt, Arthur, boarding house, res 59 S Greenwich. 

Eifler, Geo William, teacher, res 33 S Locust. 

Eikenberry, B. F., 129 S Locust. 

Elam, John W., county auditor, court house, res 46 N Lafay'te. 

Elam, Mrs J. W., dep auditor, court house, res 46 N Lafayette. 

Elam, Miss Salina, dep auditor, c't house, res 46 N Lafayette. 

Elam, Warren, works clock factory. 

Ellis, William L., marble cutter, res 34 E Jefferson. •:,-,: 

Ely, C. C, 131 S Greenwich. 

Englehorn, Jacob, baker, Windle grocery, res N Franklin. 

English, John J., railroad laborer, res 49 S Morgan. 

Ennis, Geo., bartender, boards Grand Central hotel. 

Erea, Joe, works clock factory. 

Erie, Mrs Andrew, widow, 11 S Campbell. 

Estell, Guy, engineer C & G T Ry, res 25 E Elm. 

Evans, Guy H., clerk, Letherman's drug store, res 77 E Erie. 

Evans, H. M., M D, 15 E Monroe, res 10 E Monroe. 

Evans, Isaac W., teacher, res 77 E Erie. 

Evans, Walter H., teacher, 77 E Erie. 

Fabing, John M., operator, N Y C & St. L. R. R. res 11 South. 

Falcom, — 83 E Main. 


Faley, Frank, gents f'rn'hing goods, 9 E Main, res 86 E Wash. 

Fanning, John, brakeman, res 28 Academy. 

Fanning, Mrs Josie, foot of S Napoleon. 

Faradise, Henry, carpenter, res 58 N Campbell. 

Faradise, Thos., carpenter, res 58 N Campbell. 

Faucher, August, rooms, 55 S College ave. 

FAUNCE, JOHN, rustic chair maker, res 61 S Fr'klin. 

Felton, John M., livery, res 50 E Mechanic. 

Felton, Robert L., livery stable, 48 E Main, res 50 E Mechanic. 

Ferguson, John, painter, res 2 Horse Prairie ave. 

Fernandez, Frank, tobacco & confections, 23 S Franklin. 

Fernekes, Chas., baker}' & confectionery, 8 Main. 

Fernekes, Chas H., clerk, 8 Main. , .', • 

Fessender, Mrs May, rooms, res 74 E Mechanic. 

Fickle, David B., Agnew & Kelly. 

Field, George E., carpenter & Florist, res 11 LaPorte ave. 

Fields, Ralph, carpenter, res 40 E Mechanic. 

Findling, Fred W., clerk, res 5 Factory. 

Findling, Henry M., tinner, res 93 N Franklin. 

Finley, Miss J. E., night op'r, P F W & C Ry, res j8 N Laf t. 

Finney, Miss Ella M., teacher, res 39 N Michigan. 

Finney, Ernest, clerk, Specht & Finne}', res 39 N Michigan. 

Finney, Geo W., street commissioner, res 39 N Michigan. 

Finney, Stephen L., Specht & Finney, E Main, res 37 E Ch'go. 

Finney, Wm B., Finney & Bartholomew, res 13 N Morgan. 

Finney & Bartholomew, furn're & undertaking, 21 S Franklin. 

Fire engine house, 16 & 18 E Mechanic. 

First Baptist ch'ch, cor Lafayette & Chicago, Dr Heagle, pastor. 

First M E church. Rev Allen Lewis, pastor, n w cor Franklin & 

First National Bank of Porter county, 12 S Washington. 
First Presbyterian church, cor Jefferson & Franklin, Rev J. B. 

Fleming, pastor. 
Fish, Geo H., boards Grand Central hotel. 
Fish, Herbert J., farmer, res loi E Main. 
Fishburn, John, 39 E Erie. 
Fishburn, Wm, 55 S Franklin. 
Fisher, Theodore, salesman, res 121 E Main^ ■ 
Fiske, Mrs. Sadie A., W Main. 

Fitzwilliams, Miss Fannie L, b'kk'per, res 40 E Monroe. 
Fitzwilliams, John, insurance agent, 40 E Monroe. 
Flake, Geo., 56 W Main. 

Flaugher, Albert, sawyer, res. 39 N College ave. 
Flaugher, Jas. A., locomotive fireman, 39 College ave. 
Flaugher, Miss Jennie, dressmaker, 39 N College ave. 
Fleming, Ben., drayman, 63 E Main. 
Fleming, Henry, well borer, 78 E Main. 
Fleming, Rev. J. B., pastor Pres church, 78 N Lafayette. 


Fleming, J. F. , watchman Nickel Plate crossing, Nickel Plate ave. 

Fleming, John S., Carpenter, res 3 S. Locust 

Fleming, Lincoln, laborer, 8 Lytle. 

Flewellen, Mrs. A., laundress, 32 Locust. 

Flint, Austin V., boarding, 47 S College, ave. 

Flint, John C, rooms, 22 Union. 

Flynn, James, laborer, 24 W Water. 

Forney, J. W., 65 Freeman. 

Foster, Allen P., salesman, 8 S Washington. 

Foster, Chas., bookkeeper, N E cor. Locust & Main. 

Foster, Jeremiah, carpenter, 93 E Main. 

Foster, John L. , teamster, 36 W Chicago. 

Foster, Louis, brickmaker, 66 Union. 

FOSTER, MRS. N. B., MUlinery, 8 S Washington. 

Fo.x, John W., blacksmith, 64 N Campbell. 

Fowler, Mrs. Hettie, domestic, 74 N Michigan. 

Fox, Christian, laborer, 61 N Lafayette. 

Fox, George, carpenter, 6 Pearl. 

Fox, Jacob, carpenter, 64 N Campbell. 

Fox, Martin, Section hand, 64 N Campbell. 

Frakes,' Daniel, house mover, cor Valparaiso & Institute. , 

Frakes, Miss Jennie, seamstress, 46 E Institute. 

Frakes, Miss Maud M., compositor, 46 E Institute. 

Frakes, Mrs. Sara, 46 E Institute. 

Frame, Edward N., 76 N Michigan. 

Franco, Artur, clerk, 31 N Academy. 

Franklin Hotel, Paul Nupnau, prop., cor. Mechanic & Campbell. 

Frazier, Mrs. C. A., rooms, 35 Union. 

Frechett, John, shoem., with M. La Force, res 20 W Mechanic. 

PREEMAN, WM. & CO., Merchants, 23 East Main; 58 

N. Lafayette. 
French, Sylvia, S East cor Water. 
French, Mrs. S. L., 25 N East. - 

Fryar, Robert M., 107 E Monroe. • . 

Fuller, Luther, 39 S Lafayette. ;■. " - ' 

Fuller, Amasa, 75 E Chicago. ' ' ' ' ■. ■; 

Fuller, Charles, 39 S Lafayette. . - ,,' ' 

Galbreath, Edgar, clerk, 14 S Washington. - .- 

Gall, Chas., laborer, 26 W Water. • ., , - 

Gall, John, laborer, 26 W Water. ., " 

Galloway, Reader, carpenter, 57 W. Mechanic. 
Gant, Miss Cydonie, rooms 57 Calumet Ave. ' , ; , 

Gant, Miss Flora, Room 57 Calumet Ave. 
Gardner, Eliza, laundress, 34 Freeman. 

Gardner, E. J., bookkeeper. Farmers Natl. Bank, 81 N Morgan. 
Gardner, Henry B., Boarding House, 34 Freeman. 
Gardner, Joseph, Pres. Farmers Natl. Bank, 31 N Washington. 
Gardner, Mrs. Christina, 21 N Valparaiso. 


Gardner, W. H., V. P. Farmers Natl. Bank, 55 N Washington. 

Gasser, Fred, 41 Napoleon. 

Geiselman, Emery, student, 83 College Ave. 

Geiselman, James, student, 83 College Ave. 

Geiselman, Lillie M., Rooms, 83 College Ave. 

German Lutheran Church, s. w. cor Washingt. & E Institute. 

German Lutheran Immanuel School, 13 N Academy. 

Gillett, H. A., lawyer, i S. Franklin, res 10 N College Ave. 

Gilbert, Mrs. Lucinda, Boarding, 74 S Morgan. 

Glass, Max, tailor, 46 Napoleon St. 

Glover, Alfred, laborer, 46 N Locust. 

Glover, Jos., carpenter, 44 Valparaiso St. 

Glass, Max, tailor, 46 N Napoleon. 

Gogan, Chas. M., engineer, Fort Wayne RR, 57 W Main. 

Goodger, John, 28 E Oak. 

Goodperlet, Miss Lena, domestic, 55 N Washington. 

Goodwin, Anson H., 32 W Monroe. 

Gould, Mrs. Lottie, Boarding, 23 N Lafayette. 

Gower, Rev. E. L., 76 E Jefferson. 

Gray, James J., mail carrier, 65 N Morgan. 

Gray, William, brakeman, P F W & C Ry., 65 N Morgan St. 

Gray, William T., General Store, 30 W Main, res 67 Union. 

Green, Jay M., manager Specht & Finney, 59 College Ave, res 

62 Union. 
Green, Miss Lizzie, dressmaker, 93 N Napoleon. 
Greenert, Chris., wks P Ft W & U Ry, 70 W Jefferson. ';. 

Greenert, Mrs. W., 70 W Jefferson. 
Gregory, Edw. D., Police Dept., 60 N. Morgan. 
Greyson, Agnes, waitress, 47 E Main. 

Greyson, Chas., conductor, C & G T Ry, 33 Calumet Ave. 
Greyson, Chas. K., Bakery, 61 N Napoleon. 
Greyson, A. S., Bakery and Lunchroom, 47 E Main. 
Gribbohm, Hans, laborer, 77 E Union. 
Gribbohm, Peter, clerk, 77 Union. 
Griebel, F. J., barber, 7 W Main. 

Griffin, Ed. H., Telegr. operator, C & G T Ry, 92 N Franklin. 
Griffin, Jos. A., mason, 29 N Greenwich. 
Griffin, Oliver, teamster, 29 N Greenwich. 
Griffith, Lewis, laborer, 10 Lytle. 
Grimes, Mrs. Mary, 15 W Water. 

Grimes, Wm., section hand, Ft W RR, 15 W Water. 
Griswold, A. J., farmer, 106 N Franklin. 
Griswold, Jesse L., farmer, 106 N Franklin. 
Griswold, James, blacksmith, 34 E Mechanic. 
Groff, J. H., Boarding House, 99 College Ave. 
Groth, Miss Grace, music teacher, 23 S Greenwich. 
Giinther, August, carpet weaver, near Clock factory. 
Gunther, Miss Paulina, domestic, 77 N Franklin. 


Gunther, Miss Nora, waitress, Grand Central Hotel. 

Gunther, Miss Tillie, waitress, Grand Central Hotel. 

Gustason, Aug., wks Clock factory. 

Gutter, Geo., barber, 51 Monroe. 

Haberle, Joseph, foreman coal chutes, res 9 Chestnut. 

Haalck, Catherine, laundress, 9 Union. 

Hall, G. A., 7 E Main. 

Halladay, John G., carpenter, res 66 E Jefferson. 

Halladay, Miss Mary, dressmaker, res 66 E Jefferson. 

Halladay, Jos. W,, carpenter, res 59 E Chicago. 

Halmick, Mrs. Alta, domestic, res 80 N Lafayette. 

Halstine, F. W., tailor, 11 E Main. 

Hammond, Miss M. A., milliner, 3 E Main. 

Hank, Chris, barber, res 86 N Napoleon. 

Hanner, Milan, laborer, C & G T Ry, res 4 Lytle. 

Hanner, Peter, 47 N Locust. 

Hannon, Matthew, 45 Calumet ave. 

Hanson, H. P., sewing machine agent, 42 W Main. 

Hansen, Theo, barkeeper, res 31 Calumet ave. 

Hansen, Thomas, laborer, res cor Boundary & Campbell. 

Harbeck, John H. , Harbeck & Rogers, S Laf't, res 116 N F'kl'n. 

Harbeck, Miss Louise, domestic, boards cor E Chi' go & F'kl'n. 

Harbeck, Wm. engineer. Blood & Lindner, 40 S Morgan. 

Harbeck & Rogers, church furniture, 22 S Lafayette. 

Hardesty, Mrs. Catherine, 83 E Monroe. 

Hardesty, Schuyler C, br'k'n C & G T Ry, res 19 Calumet ave. 

Harkless, Jos M., photographer, 41 S Union. 

Harmon, E. P., 9 Cemetery ave. 

Harms, John, works P F W & C Ry, res 9 Factory. 

Harper, Miss Jennie, chair trimmer, res 35 N Washington. 

Harrington, Elliott, drayman, res 12 Short. 

Harris, — , brakeman, res 25 E Chicago. 

Harris, Mrs. Jane, 81 E Monroe. 

Harrold, Miss Bertha, 10 W Chicago. , 

Harrold, Harry W., 10 W Chicago. 

Harrold, Miss Kitty, teacher of piano, res 10 W Chicago. 

Harsh, Henry, 40 West. 

Hart, Frank B., carpenter, res 46 S Locust. ;, ■ .. 

Hart, Miss May, boarding, res 46 S Locust. 

Hartnett, Maurice, w'chman, NYC&StLRR res cor Spring 

& South. 
Haskell, Miss Nancy, domestic, res 41 W Erie. 
Haste, George S., Haste & Minor, res 56 N Mich. 
Haste & Minor, hardware, 15 E Main 
Hatton, Lewis, Hatton & Baylor, res 79 E Main. 
HAWKINS, JNO. B., Justice of the Peace, 3 S Frank- 

Un, res 73 W Main. 
Hayes, Sherman, laborer, res 7 West. 


Haynes, Jos., painter, 17 S Greenwich. 

Hayworth, Wm R., Furrier, res 65 N Lafayette. 

Heagle, Rev D., D D, pastor 1st Baptst church, res 24 W C'go. 

Heard, Thomas H., lawyer, i S Frankhn, res 9 N Locust. 

Heim, Clem, barber, res 46 N Napoleon. 

Heinemann, Albert F., Heinemann & White, res 27 N College 

Heinemann & White, druggists, 59^^ S College ave. 
Hemell, Mrs B. E., 3 E Jefferson. 

Henderlong Bros & Kirk, planing mill, 83 W Chicago. 
Henderlong, Frank, Henderlong Bros & Kirk, res 1 1 Weston ave. 
Henderlong Jos., mechanic, res 79 W Chicago. 
Henderlong, Michael, Henderlong Bros & Kirk, res 79 WCh'go. 
Henry, William, agricultural implments, res 46 E Mechanic. 
Henr>% W. J. & Co., farming implements, 45 E Main. 
Heritage, R. A., musical director, 109 College ave, Ind. state 

normal, res 16 College ave. 
Herr, D. C, 61 N Morgan. • ./. 

Herr, David H., 33 E Erie. ^ 

Herr, Frank, lather, 63 N Washington. 
Herr, Miss Grace, clerk, 27 N Washington. 
Herr, John S., 33 E Erie. 
Herr, Mrs Phoebe, 33 E Erie. 

Herrick, Cortes M., carpenter, 98 N Washington. 
Herrick, Sheldon P., carpenter, 77 W Main. 
Hess, Enoch W., Hess & Hoyt, res 16 N Lafayette. 
Hess & Hoyt, restaurant, W Main 
Hesser, Jacob, carpenter, 18 S Locust. 
Hiatt, Miss Stella, retoucher, 40 E Mechanic. 
Hibbard, H., teacher, 11 S College. 
Hicks, Emma, salesladj', 23 E Main. 

Hicks, May, 10 W Chicago. !. 

Hicks, Wm. A., teacher, 48 E Monroe. 
Hilficher, W. M., tinner, Ross Banister, i S East. 
Hill, Leonard, farmer, 42 S Locust. 
Hill, Leonard, jr., carpenter, no E Mechanic. 
Hill, Peter, teaming, 46 N Franklin. 
Hill, Wm., boarders, 34 Union. 
Hilton, Harry H., machinist, 66 W Chicago. 

^^j^^,^ photographer, 22 W. Main; bds Grand 
Central Hotel. 

Hinkle, John, laborer, 78 E Chicago. 

Hinkle, Miss Nannie, compositor. Daily Star, 78 E Chicago. 

Hiss, A Emil, teacher. Normal School, 63 N Morgan. 

Hixon, Loren, farmer, 95 N Washington. 

Hofferth, Miss Tillie, domestic, 53 E Jefferson. 

Hollatz, West. 


Hollett, Jas. D., farmer, 40 N Washington. 

HoUis, Robert, 58 N Franklin. 

Hollister, Mrs. Henrietta, 135 E Main. 

Holm, Jeremiah, bridge carpenter, 74 N Michigan. 

Holstein, Fritz, tailor, 44 W Monroe. 

Hootman, Rev. A. M., asst. past. Christ, church, 75 N Morgan. 

Horine, Mrs. E. W., 67 E Erie. 

Home Bros., meat market, 12 Monroe. 

Home, Chas., farmer, 18 E Monroe. 

Home, Conrad, 18 E Monroe. 

Home, Jacob E., clerk, 18 E Monroe. 

Home, Lewis, meat market, W Main; res 22 E Monroe. 

Home, Peter J., stock dealer, 14 Main. 

Horner, John H., 27 N Greenwich. 

HORNFEL.D, A. J., dentist, 7 E Main, res N. Washing- 

Horrocks, Martin V., carpenter, 20 E Oak. 

Horrocks, William, Wm. Horrocks & Co., 20 Oak. 

Horrocks, William & Co., printers and publishers, 20 Oak. 

Howard, John, 7 N Academy. 

Howard, John A., trainman, 40 W Jefferson. 

Howe, John, saloon, 25 W Main. 

Howe, Mrs. Thomas, 11 Wayne. 

Howell, Wm. D., farmer, 73 N Franklin. 

Hoyt, I. W., 9 W Monroe. 

Hoyt, L. S., clerk, Grand Central Hotel. 

Hughart, John W. , janitor Court House, 26 W Jefferson. 

Hughart, Mrs. H. D., 26 W Jefferson. 

Humiston, George, traveling druggist, 63 N Franklin. = ' 

Hunt, Edward E., mason, 64 E Chicago. 

Hunt, Miss Eva, domestic, 53 E Jefferson. ^ 

Hunt, Hubbard, retired merchant, 74 N Washington. 

Hunt, Jas. W. , laborer, 4 Lytle. 

Huntington, James M., candymaker, 64 S Franklin. 

Sewing Machines, 6 W Jefferson. 

Huntley, Alonzo, L., 8r N Morgan. , 

Hurlburt, Miss Jennie, 73 N Morgan. ^■^' , =:' 

Hurlburt, Myron, 73 N Morgan. 

Hurley, Mrs. Celia, rooms, 91 S Locust. 

Ingram, E. F., delivery clerk, Valpo I'ndry, res 96 E Mechanic. 

Ingram, Frank J., agt Nat'l and Adams ex cos, res 53 S Fr'klin. 

Ingram, Nelson D., 96 E Mechanic. 

Ingram, Miss Rosa E, dressmaker, res 96 E Mechanic. 

Irion, Miss Kate, assistant cook Grand Central hotel. 

Irwin, Robert A., e.\t sw'h'n C & G T Ry, res 51 N Valparaiso. 

Jackmore, A. J., laborer, res 7 Brick. 

Jackmore, Geo., teamster, res 16 S Washington. 


Jackmore, Jos., laborer, res 7 Brick. » 

Jackson, Mrs Matilda, 54 N Napoleon. 

James, Edw L., carpenter, res 39 Valparaiso. 

James, Mrs E. E., 50 N Napoleon. 

Jaqua, Uriah D., 22 S Locust. 

Jessen, Henry, laborer, res 6 Dumas ave. 

Joel, Fred, drv- goods & clothing, gents furnishings, 18 S Wash. 

res 62 N Lafayette. 
Johann, John, laborer, res 70 E Erie. 
Johnson, — , 124 S Greenwich. 

Johnson, Miss Helen, waitress, Grand Central hotel. 
Jones, Alonzo, drayman, res Oak, first house west of East. 
Jones, A. Lytle, lawyer, res 8 Chestnut. 

Jones, Ben F., works Felton's liver}', res 48 E Main. ' / 
Jones, Bradford, no W Main. 

Jones, Chas B., brakeman C & G T Ry, res 30 Calumet ave. 
Jones, Clinton, stenographer, Agnew & Kelly, res 15 S Franklin. 
Jones, David F., 31 N Washington. 

Jones, Edwin, car insp'tr C & G T Ry, res 39 E Institute. ' 

Jones, Frank P., mayor, city hall, res 8 Plum. 
Jones, Frank, dep sheriff, res 8 N Morgan. 
Jones, Grace G., teacher, res 8 Chestnut. 

Jones, John L., stenographer, Cass & Wier, res 21 E Water. 
Jones, Lemore, 60 N Lafayette. 

Jones, Matt, manager Ryan's livery, res 15 S Franklin. 
Jones, Miss, 10 W Main. 

Jones, Robert P., real estate, res 22 N Lafayette. 
Jones, Robert P., loans, 19 N Napoleon. 
Jones, Roscoe C, Norris & Jones, res 7 Weston ave. 
Jones, Telif, carpenter, 7 E Elm. 
Jones, Tilman A., clerk, res 22 N Lafayette. 
Johnson, Alb't A., salesman, res cor N East & E Elm. 
Johnson, Andrew, laborer, 58 N Morgan. 

Johnson, Miss Elma, waitress, Central hotel, res 58 N Morgan. 
Johnson, Mrs. Gusta, carpet weaving, res 15 N Lafayette. 
Johnson, Henry C, H. C. Jo'nson & Co, res N East & cor Elm. 
JOHNSON H. C. & CO., lumber & coal, 64 N Valpara'o. 
Johnson, J. E., works clock factory, res 40 E Jefferson. 
Johnson, Mrs Lydia H., 76 E Jefferson. 
Johnson, Die, laborer, res West. 

Johnston, Bryan, watchman P F W & C Ry, res 46 West. 
Johnston, Wm., atty-at-law, 2 E Mechanic, res 73 N Wash' ton, 
Jordan, Claus, 2 West. 
Jordan, James, N Morgan. 

Judd, Wm. A., station agent, Sedley, res 83 N Lafayette. 
Jungjohan, Claus D., mason, res 20 West. 
Jurdan, James, 75 Morgan. 
Kamerer, Jacob, laborer, res 124 W Main. 


Kane, Frank, farming implements, res 34 N Franklin. 
Kane, Mrs. Rhouhamy, 34 N Franklin. 
Katz, Samuel, tailor, boards Franklin house. 
Koding, Ernest, carpenter, Ft W Ry, res 35 N East. 
Keeler, — , locomotive fireman, res go W Main. 
Keehn, Mrs. Callie, rooms, 32 S Locust. 
Keene, Miss Ella, carpet weaver, res 97 N Lafayette. 
Keith, Joe, works clock factory. 

Kelley, George, eng, C & G T Ry, res 51 N Napoleon. 
Kellogg, Alfred L., prop Kellogg mfg co, res 5 S East. 
Kellogg, Mrs. Isador, 48 W Erie. 
Kellogg Mfg Co, W Mechanic. 
Kellogg, — , foundryman, res 49 N Napoleon. 
Kelly, Daniel E., Agnew & Kelly, res Grand Central hotel. 
Kelso, Sam'l, foreman r'ndh'se C & G T Ry, res 45 E Elm. 
Keogh, Jas., clerk, res East Mechanic. 
Kern C. J., genl mdse, res 57 N Lafayette. .^^ 
Kerr, Miss Mary, domestic, boards 90 N Washington. 
Kidd, Miss Emma, domestic, res 13 N Morgan. 
Killinger, David E., works clock factory, res 8 W Institute. 
Kimball, Harry, 26 E Erie. 

Kimerer, Marion, lumber, res cor Elm and Valparaiso. 
Kimer, Jasper, laborer, res 8 Spring. 

King, Geo. C, locomotive fireman, res 24 N Valparaiso. 
King, Wm. L., 25 W Mechanic. 
Kinsey, Mrs. Elizabeth, rooms, 5 Brick. 

Kinsey, Prof. O. P., asst principal N I N, res 86 E Monroe. 
Kirchner, George, piano tuner, res 58 N Franklin. 
Kirk, Lewis A., Henderlong Bros & Kirk, res 15 Weston. 
Kirkpatrick, James, 31 E Elm. 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Lizzie, 31 E Elm. 
Kitchen, Geo. R., last house on E Oak. 
Kitchell, Miss Ida, teacher, res 53 Franklin. 
Kitchen, Harry W., last house on E Oak. 
Kitchen, Rodney, teacher, res last house on E Oak. 
Kitchen, Thos., Q., farmer, res last house on E Oak. 
Knode, Scott, blacksmith, res 20 W Main. 
Koch, John, Ft Wayne Ry, res cor Short and S East. 
Kouns, Lafayette, painter, res 18 E Oak. 
Krell, Mrs. J. D., 45 S Washington. 
Kroll, August, laljorer, res N W cor Oak and East. 
Krull, Otto, cabinet maker, res 69 N Morgan. 
Kruse, Peter, farmer, res 45 West. 

Kuehl, Anton, clerk, G. Schwarzkopf, res 59 S Franklin. , 
Kuehl, John C., foreman Ft W Ry, res 59 S Franklin. 
Kuehl, Lena, domestic, res 31 E Jefferson. 
Kuehl, Mrs. C, 59 S Franklin. 

Kuehl Sisters, dressmaking, 10 W Main. ,-'"' * 




Kull, Louis, butcher, res 5 S Franklin. 

Kyes, Geo. W., painter, 56 Calumet ave. 

Kyes, Harrison, laborer, res N Locust, N of C & G T Ry. 

LaCount, Mary, cook Hess' restaurant, res i5 N Lafayette. 

Ladauer, Lewis, painting, calcimining, res 27 S Morgan. 

Ladauer, Miss May, 27 S Morgan. 

LaDore, Dellie, waitress, res 47 E Main. 

LaForce, Joseph, boots and shoes, 19 S Franklin. 

LaForce, Mitchell, boots and shoes, 20 E Mechanic. 

Lahan, — , laborer, res 143 E Main. 

Lajess, Moses, laborer, P & Ft W Ry, res 54 N Campbell. 

Lajess, Mrs. Mary, 54 N Campbell. 

Lambert, Thomas, baker, res 2 Horse Prairie ave. ; 

Landis, J. H., teacher, res 19 Mound. J "' ; 

Lancam, Lewis, 13 S College ave. ,.'.■ 

Lancam, Mrs. Mary, rooms, 13 S College ave. ' ' " 

Lange, Geo., laborer, res 32 West. 

Lange, Jos., 32 West. 

Lansing, Lee, works clock factory, res Boundar}' and S C'pbelL 

Lansing, Lewis H., teaming, res cor Boundary and S Campbell, 

LaPiere, Napoleon, painter, res 8 Dumas ave. 

Latour, Henr}', blacksmith, res 54 N Campbell. 

Lattimore, Miss Mattie, rooms, 67 Union. 

Laughlin, Mrs. J., 52 N Morgan. 

Lawrence, Jacob A., traveler, res 13 N Napoleon. 

Lawrence, Mrs. J., 65 W Jefferson. - £ 

Leaders, Carsten, 86 N Napoleon. M 

Leahy, Miss N. V., trimmer, 3 E Main. * 

Leahy, Wm., 16 S Campbell. 

LeClair, Miss Annie, b'kk'per, res 5 W Chicago. 

LeClaire, Chas., shoe maker, 9 E Main, res 93 E Mechanic. 

LeClair, Harvey, clerk, Bondy dry goods, res 93 E Mechanic. 

LeClair, Jos., LeClair & McNiese, res W Chicago. 

LeClair, Mrs. Lenora, 15 Wayne. 

LeClair & McNiece, groceries, 8 S Washington. 

LeCount, Miss Mattie, 58 N Franklin. 

Lederer, Wm. F., farm machinery, 31 W Main, res 13 E Ins. 

Leetz, Henry, clerk, res 34 Michigan. 

Leetz, Louis, clerk, res 34 Michigan. 

Lehmann, Miss Annie, laundress, b'ds 106 N Washington. 

Lemar, Joseph, laborer, res 78 S Franklin. 

Lembke, Chas. F., architect and mason, res 28 N Morgan. 

Lembke, Christian, bricklayer, res 81 N Napoleon. 

Lembke, Chris. J., bricklayer, res 54 N Academy. 

Lembke, Henr>', mason contractor, res 14 Fass. 

Lemster, Henry, contractor, res 87 E Mechanic. 

Lemster, Thomas, mason, res 92 E Main. ■ . 

Leonard, Alva, financial, 100 E Main. 


Leonard, James, i6 W Jefferson. 

Leonard, John, 25 N Napoleon. - ~ • . 

Leonard, Mrs. Mary, 67 W Main. 

Leonard, Patrick, laborer, res Broadway. 

LEPELL, FRANK A., Undertaker, 11 W Mechanic. 

LePell, Geo. W. , eng'r electric light w'ks, res 15 W Mechanic. 

LePell, John, furniture, 41 E Main. 

LePell, Otto, painter and paper hanger, res W Main. 

LePell, Wm., furniture, 32 E Main, res 84 N Washington. 

Letherman, A. P., physician, 11 E Main, res 60 N Washington. 

Letherman, Lawrence, P O inspector, b'ds 77 N Franklin. 

Letherman, W. C., druggist, i E Main, res 67 N Washington. 

Letter, Miss Mary A., dressmaking, res 87 E Main. 

Letts, A. E., 9 W Erie. 

Lewis, Rev. Allen, pastor ist M E church, re% 33 N Franklin. 

Lewis, Oscar, barber, res 83 W Main. 

Lewis, Richard, 57 N Valparaiso. 

Lewis, Sylvester A., 106 E Main. 

Libby, Mrs. Nathaniel, 16 W Monroe. 

Lightcap Co., The, b'ksel'rs and sta'n'rs. res 105 College ave, 

cor Monroe. 
Lightcap, W. J., Lightcap Co., the, res 103 College ave. 
Lindgren, John, laborer C & G T Ry, res 23 Calumet ave. 
Lindner, Chas. H., Blood & Lindner, millers, res 65 E Wood. 
Lohse, — , traveling man, res 26 W Jefferson. 
Lohse, Mrs. Able, 27 N Locust. 
Lohse, Johanna, domestic, ree 44 E Chicago. 
Long, W. Mace, roadmaster P Ft W & C Ry, res 14 Wayne. 
Longley, Edward, carpenter, res 7 N Campbell. 
Longshore, Chas. W., carpenter and cont'r, res 56 N Morgan. 
Longshore, Frank L. , carpenter, res 45 E Institute. 
Longshore, Geo., carpenter, res 43 Institute. 
Longshore, Gordie, carpenter, res 43 Institute. 
Loring, D. J., M D, physician, res 40 E Jefferson. 
Louderbach. A. J., asst cash'r. F'st Nat'l Bank, res 85 N Laf't. 
liOUDERBACK, J. S., Grocery and Bakery, 21 W 

Main, res 15 W Jefferson. 
Louderback, T. B., wagonmaker and justice of the peace, -61 E 

Main, res 91 E Main. 
Love, Jesse A., wuth Wm. E. Pinney, res 88 E Erie. 
Love, Robert, farmer, res 88 E Erie. 
Lowenstine, J., clothing house, res 62 N Washington. 
Lowenstine, Maurice R., salesman, res 62 N Wash. 
Lucas, J., works clock factory, res 8 Wayne. 
Luddington, Ale.x, 42 Institute. ' '" ■■"■ 

Luddington, Mrs. Elizabeth, 42 Institute. -.. 

Lutz, Chris, clerk, res 22 N Campbell. "" 

Lutz, Ferdinand, clerk, 38 Main. 


Lybarger, Chas., laborer, res 47 N Academy. 

Lyons, Frank A., barber, 41 Union, b'ds 34 E Freeman. 

Lytle, Don G., contractor and builder, res 32 N College ave. 

McAlister, Jos. C, 20 College ave. 

McAllilly, Jas. J., 98 E Jefferson. 

McAlllilly, Miss Lizzie, teacher N Ind Nor'l school, res 98 E Jeff. 

McAuley, Oliver P., prof normal, res 19 S Locust. 

McAuliffe, Daniel, 74 W Jefferson. 

McAuLiffe, Florence, teacher, res 74 W Jefferson. 

McAuliffe, Jerry, watchman, res 74 W Jefferson. 

McAuliffe, John, messenger, res 74 W Jefferson. 

McCallum, S. M., dry goods, 83 E Main, res 99 E Main. 

McCALLiUM, W. B., Dry Goods, 13 E Main, res 99 E 

McCarthy, John F., M D, physician, res 79 N Franklin. 

McCarty, Mrs., Dennis, 6 Boundary. 

McCarty, Jeremiah, brakeman P F W & C Ry, res 6 Broadway. 

McClellan, H. M., restaurant, res 13 Mound. 

McClellan, Mrs. Leah, restaurant, res 13 Mound. 

McClelland, Marquis L., insurance, over Bryant's drug house, 
res 9 E Institute. 

McClure, William H., jeweler, 21 E Main, res 68 E Erie. 

McConahy, J. H., publisher daily and weekly Star, res 14 E Ins. 

McCoy, George E., operator C & G T Ry, res 35 Calumet ave. 

McCree, James, agent C & G T Ry, res 85 N IMorgan. 

McDaniels, A. W., day operator P F W & C Ry, res 18 N Laft. 

McDonald, Angus, car repairer C & G T Ry, res 43 N. Locust. 

McDonald, Chas. A., bakery wagon, res 61 N Napolean. 

McFetrich, Jas., White McF & Co., res 57 W Main. 

McGee, Alex. J., carpenter, res 81 N Lafayette. 

McGillicuddy Bros., Stewart marble works, 13 W Mechanic. 

McGillicuddy, Jas., McG. Bros., res 47 S Michigan. 

McGillicuddy, John, McG. Bros., res 64 N Michigan. 

McGregor, John, locomotive engr, C & G T Ry, res 50 N Morg. 

McGuire, Daniel J., asst. roadmaster, G T Ry, res 42 N East. 

Mclntyre, Samuel, boards 33 W Mechanic. 

Mclntyre, Samuel C, w'ks Dulany cl'k fact'y, res 32 E Monroe. 

McKeehan, Chas. E., br'k'man, P & Ft W Ry, res 92 N Fr'kl'n. 

McKeehan, David G., 81 N Washington. 

McKenzie, Wm., hack and baggage line, res 75 E Mechanic. 

McKeon, Peter, 100 W Main. 

McLeaf, Mrs. D. A., boarders, 41 S East. 

McLELLiAN, JOHN W., Lumber and Coal, cor Wash- 
ington «fe Monroe, res 57 E Jefferson. 

McMullen, David, carpenter, res 61 S College ave. 

McNay, James A., merchant. Freeman & Co., res 32 E Monroe. 

McNay, Robert, teamster, 43 E Jefferson. 

McNiece, Miles A., LeClaire & McNiece, res 93 N Napoleon. 


John W. N\cHf\y, 



59 South FpankliD Street, Cop. fttonroe, Valparaiso, Ind. 

McNay, John W., tailor, 59 S F'kln and Monroe, res 16E W'tr. 

McNiece, Nicholas R., grocery clerk, res 91 N Napoleon. 

McQuade, Miss Florence, domestic, res 27 N Wash. 

McSwords, — , Miller & McSwords, res 28 W Main. 

Mahaffey, William, painter, res 88 E Main. 

Magee, Daniel, w'hman, P Ft W & C Ry, res 43 N Academy. 

Magee, John H., rooms, 36 W Mechanic. 

Malcolm, Jasper, w'ks Valpo laundry, res 96 E Mechanic. 

Maley, John W., shoemaker, care of Magee's, res W Mechanic. 

Mandl'in, Russell, 106 S Greenwich. 

Mann, Albert, laborer, res S Mich and Ft W Ry. , ^ ^ 

Mann, Chas. F., gents fur'shings, 22 N Wash., res 63 N Wash. 

Mann, David, 25 W Erie. 

Mann, Henry, carpenter, res E Oak and limits. 

Mann, Miss Stella, laundress, 4 S Campbell. 

Mann, Wm. F., harn'sm'kr, 22 N Wash., res 63 N Wash. 

Mandeville, L. H., 38 W Chicago. 

Manville, Rev. Wm. S., i South, cor Franklin. 

Marcy, Manley, harn'sm'kr, res 8 N Locust. 

Marcellus, Wm. H., yd master G T Ry, res 39 S Wash. 

Marine, Asa, 14 Billings. 

Marine, Chas. H., real estate, S Franklin, res 40 N Morgan. 

Marine, Lewis, S. S. Nickel Plate ave. 

Mark, Joseph, second hand store, res 23 E Chicago. 

Marks, Howard B., colonizing agt., res 68 N Lafayette. 

Marquardt, Peter A., ins and real es'te, 5 W Main, res 72 E M c, 

Marquart, Claus, 91 E Monroe. ^ 

Marquart, Wm. D., mason, res 85 E Monroe. ■ . ' . 

Marshall, Frances E., farmer, res 75 E Erie. • " ' 

Marshall, F. Ross, 75 E Erie. ..-V - 

Marshall, Ovington B., rooms, S. College ave. 

Martin, Chas., cigar m'f'r, 24 W Main. 

Martin, Christian, laborer, res 86 N Lafayette. 

Martin, Hans, carpenter, 7 Factory. 

Martin, S. Ross, city clerk, res 55 W Main. 

Martins, Peter, truckman P Ft W & C Ry, res 19 W Water. 


Norris & Jones, abstracts and real estate, 3 S Franklin. 
Northam, Frank R., horse trainer, res 5 E Elm. 
Nuppuau, Paul, prop Franklin hotel, cor Mech'ic and C'm'bell. 
Nuppuau, Paul, sr, 11 Boundary 

Nuppuau, Miss Rickey, dressmaking, res 11 Boundary. 
O'Connor, Mrs. M , 57 W Jefferson. 

O'Hara, Peter, engine wiper P H F W Ry, res 36 West. 
O'Keefe, Mich'l, tob and confect'ny, 16 W Main res 30 N Nap'n. 
O'Neill, E. C, county clerk, court house, res 70 N Lafayette. 
O'Reilly, Michael, laborer, res 23 W Water. 
O' Sullivan, Jas , laborer, res 35 W Academy. 
O' Sullivan, Thos. J., boss section, P & Ft W, res 35 W Acad, 
Oddfellows Hall, 9-1 1 S Franklin. 
Oehlerking, Gustave, 5 Factory. 

Ohlfest, John J., purchasing agt, res 55 S Michigan. • . 

Osborne, Mrs. Mary E., 48 S Locust. • .: 

.Osborne, William, drayman, res 102 E Mechanic. 
Otis, Augusta, laundress, res 27 W Jefferson. 
Overmeyer, Frank F., South. 

P Ft W & C Ry, George A. Dodge, agt, depot foot of Main. 
Pagels, Henry, tailor, 87 E INIonroe. 
Pagin, J. R., dentist, 7 E Main. 
Pagle, Tillie, domestic, res 73 N Washington. 
Paradise, Henry, carpenter, res — N Campbell. 
Parks, Aaron, gunsmith, res 58 E INIechanic. 
Parks, Mrs. C. E., 55 W Jefferson. 
Parks, Frank B., lawver, over Letherman's drug store, res 41 

W Erie. 
Parks, Samuel A., gunsmith, Washington, res 58 E Mechanic. 
Parrish, Theodore, section hand C N Y & St L, res 1^ Factor5^ 
Patino, Louis, laborer, res 5 Weston av 

Patrick, Miss Edith, deputy recorder, ct hse, res 17 N Locust.* 
Patrick, Jas. H., tinsmith. Main, res 57 N Michigan. 
Patrick, T. H., County Rec, courthouse, cor Locust & Chicago. 
Paul, Miss Deborah, dressmaker, res 18 W Jefferson ave. 
Pearce, A. L., miller, 20 N Washington; res 2I N Napoleon. 
Pearce, Benj. F., Pearce & Bunting, 14 So Washington. 
Pearce, Mrs. George, res 43 N Napoleon. 

Pearce, Geo. W., salesman, 14 S Washington; res 41 S East. 
Pearce & Bunting, flour and feed, 14 S Washington. 
Pearson, Olive, domestic, res 9 N Academy. 
Peirce, Andrew J., traveling salesman, res 83 N Washington. 
Peirce, Chas. S., boots& shoes, 7 E Main; res 51 N Washington. 
Peirce, Jeremiah C, res 69 N Washington. 
Peirce, Mrs. Joseph, res 4 Maple. 
Peirce, Loring, clerk, res 4 Maple. 
PENNOCK, B. F., harvesting macliinery, 28 W Main; 

res 19 S East. 


Pennock, Sam., student, res 151 S Greenwich. 
PERRINE, B. F., bookseller and printer, cor College 
ave and Locust; res 126 S Locust. 

Perrine, John B., stenographer, with \Vm. Johnston; res 115 

S College ave. 
Perry, C. S., wks clock factory, res Grand Central Hotel. 
Perry, Theo. H., brickmaker, res 7 Spring. 
Peter, Miss Tillie, waitress, res 23 N Franklin. 
Peters, res 114 N Franklin. 

Peters, Chris., Peters Bros., 20 S Washington; res same. 
Peters, Hans J., tailor, J. W. McNay, res 41 S Morgan. 
Peters, Peter H., Peters Bros., 20 S Washington; res 44 E 

Peters Bros., saloon, 20 S Washington. 
Petersvitch, Lawrence, section hand Ft Wayne R R. , res 63 S 

Petit, Mrs. C. J., laundress, res 15 La Porte ave. 
Petit, Harry E., tinner, res 15 La Porte ave. 
Pettit, F. Henry, Windle & Pettit, res 41 N Michigan. 
Philley, Hass, baker, works East Hall College Hill, res 112 X 

Philley, Wm. H., grocery clerk, res 112 N Franklin. 
Picard, Prosper, carpenter, res 18 Academy. 
Pickel, Michael, res 39 S College ave. 
Pier, Perry, teamster, res 26 W Chicago. 
Pierce, Andrew B., farmer, res 103 E Main. 

Pierce, A. Warner, barkeeper, 10 S Wash'n; res 25 W Monroe. 
Pierce, Chas. A., farmer, res 25 W Monroe. 

Pierce, Leroy M., insurance agt. S Washington, res 97 E Main. 
Pierce, Norman. B., farmer, 25 W Monroe. 
Pierce, Simeon res 9 E Jefferson. 
Pierce, Miss Tressie, domestic, res 2 5 W Monroe. 
Pierce, Warner, farmer, res 25 W Monroe. 
Pinter, Jacob, cigarmaker, res 5 N Campbell. 
Pinney, Miss Loie, music teacher, res 49 N Lafayette. 
Pinney, Wm. E., Pres. State Bank Valparaiso, 14 E Mechanic; 

res 14 E Mechanic. 
Plahn, Detlef, milkman, res 18 West. 
Pocock, Elias H., M. D., physician, res 2 W Institute. 
Pomerenke, Henry, tailor, res 45 S Morgan. « 

Pomeroy, Geo., res 95 N Franklin. 

Pomeroy, Loren, works Felton's livery, res 12 N Michigan 
Poole, Miss Bertha A., clerk, 14 N Washington; res 63 S 

Poole, Mrs. Mary E., 63 S. Michigan. 
Poppenhagen, John, laborer, res 30 West. 
Porter County Jail, Sheriff, s e cor Mechanic and Franklin. 
Powers, Thos., res 58 N Franklin. 


'''"TecZt" '^- "''" '""'"''• '5 N Washington; res 6, E 

Price, Geo., res i6 N Washington 
Puntzky, Carl, shoemaker, Pierce: res 21 S Lori,«;t 
Purdy, Saml. D., barber, Washington res 65 W Main 
Quin, Robt., res 69 E. Chicago 

QulnT^BMA^^"^^^^^ -^ 36 S Lafayette. 

Qumn, \\ m., cooperage, res 36 Lafayette ave. 
Racme, Timothy, laborer, 26 S Greenwich. 

Rader, John H., general store, 83 E Erie: res 8q E FnV " 

Radtke, Fred W clerk, res 85 N Napoleon ' '^"" 
Rad ke, Henry laborer, res 85 N Napoleon. 

F 11 ''' w"^' f T^''^^' '^' 56 N Washington. 
Radtke, Wm., laborer, 89 N Napoleon 

R.'n'^''lT' M ^•- ^^.^^^^^^"t' Wash n and Main: res 13 S Napoleon 

Raw Fkw/d ,1'"' '^'"^ '"^ canvasser, 44 E Monroe"^ 
Kaw. Edward, laborer, res 8 Factory 
Rawson, Geo., boarding house, res 27 Union. 

R^v lr'%'P'°P- ''"°'"^^^>-'''^^^ 53 W Mechanic. 

Ray, Wm. P., carpenter, res 91 E Erie . 

Raymond Louis, blacksmith, 44 E Main, res 7 Brick 
Reading, U . L. insurance agent, res 2 Calumet ave. ' '' . 

Reagan, Chas Dailey & Reagan, res 39 N Mechanic. 
Reason, AIiss Emma, domestic, res 85 N Washington. 
Redding F. G switchman, P. H. W. & C. Ry., res 62 W Main 
Monro"' ^ ^" ^^^°°" ^^^P^^' 16 S Washington, res 17 W 
Redker, Adelbert, res 38 N College ave 

^'Tngfom'"^' '^'"'^' P'^"'"'' '^ ^ Lafayette, res 79 N Wash- 
Rehder, Jerry, clerk, res 24 Academy. 
Rehder, John, brick mason, res 24 Academy. 
Rehder, Herman, laborer, res 5 Wayne. 
Rehder, Marx, mason, res 24 Academy 
Rehder, Miss Anna, clerk, res 24 Academy. 
Reifler, Andrew, carpenter, res West 

Renner R.H dentist, 9 E Main, res 48 N Washington. 
ReynoMs, A. W., county treasurer, courthouse, res 67 N Mich- i' 

Reynolds, William, clerk, res 78 E Erie 

Rhea, Mrs. A. H., res 79 N Washington. 

Rice, Edwin W, res 89 N Franklin 

Rice, Nicholas, gardner, res W Oak ist east of N East. 


Rickard, Lewis A., purchasing agent, office with Heinemann & 

White, res 48 E Jefferson. 
Ridgeway, Miss Anna, stenographe4, res 80 N Lafayette. 
Rigg, Sidney J., res 26 N East. 
Riggs, William, res 21 S College ave. 

Riley, Mary, waitress, Hess' restaurant, res 16 N Lafayette. 
Ringleben, Adam, res N Locust, N of C. & G. T. Ry. 
Ritz, John, res xi Haas. 

Roberts, Miss Essie, domestic, bds 4 Calumet ave. 
Robinson, H. W., interior decorating, 12 Nickel Plate ave. 
Robinson, James J., rooms, res 37-41 S Locust. 
Robinson, Mrs. M. M., dressmaking, res 38 E Institute. 
Rock, Judah C, clerk, res 1 1 N College ave. 
Rockwell, Geo. S., purchasing agent, res 61 E Erie. 
Rockwell, Wallace M., letter carrier, res 61 E Erie. ^ 

Roessler, John E., teacher, res 88 S College ave. 
Roessler. Mrs. J. E., music teacher, res 88 S College ave. 
Rogers. Mrs. J. B., res 31 W Jefferson. 
Rogers, Roscoe, Harbeck & Rogers, res 31 W Jefferson. 
Rohwer, Claus, laborer, res 47 W East. 
Rose, Mrs., laundress, res 54 N Napolean. 
Ross & Barrister, hardware, 38 W Main. 
Ross, Richard D., Ross & Barrister, res 41 W Jefferson. 
Rothermel, watchman, clock factory. 

Rowe, Henry H., carpenter, res 26 N Morgan. 

Rubin, Thomas, yard brakeman C. & G. T. Ry. res Oak. 

Rudell, J., barber. 3 E Main. 

Ruge, Claus, Ruge & Rathyen, res 84 E Main. 

Ruge, Mrs. Emma, res 72 E Jefferson. . 

Ruge & Rathyen. saloon, 9 W Main. . ■ 

Ruifrok. Prof. Henr\-, music teacher, res 104 E Main. • ■ 

Ruifrok, Henry, Sr. , res 104 E Main. 

Rupke, John, section hand Ft. Wayne R.-R., res 3 Union. 

Russell, John, works clock factory, res 66 W Chicago. 

Ryan, Dr. J. A. physician, 19 E Main, res 45 W Mechanic. 

Ryan, James, section hand, P. & N. W., res 88 W Main. 

RYAN'S LiIVERY, Boarding- and sales stables, res 13 S. 

Ryan, Michael J., brake'n, P. F. W. & C. Ry., res 28 W Water. 

Ryan, Mrs. Mary, res 32 W Water. 

St. Johns Church (German Evangelical), cor Water & Franklin, 
Rev. Henry Stabler, pastor. 

Sager, Chauncey A.; res Axe & limits. 

Salisbury, Jos. M., barber shop; 41 Union: res same. 

Salisbury, M. A., stationery & music, 14 N. Washington; res 2 

Salvation Army Barracks, 27 W. Main. 

Salyer, D. A. ; res 40 W. Lafayette. 


Sanies, Landon P, painter, contractor: res 62 W. Mechanic. 

Sanies, Roy L., painter; res 47 N. Valparaiso. 

Sampson, Wm., rooms 58 N. Franklin. 

Sanborn, Mrs. Mary E. ; res 2 Calumet ave. 

Sargeant Bros., confectioners, 8 Washington. 

Sauerberg, Chris., clerk, with Windle's grocery: res 129 E. Main. 

Sauers, — ; res 16 E. Oak. 

Sayles, Marshall F., M. D., cor Main & Franklip: res 73 N. 

Sayles, Henry M., traveling salesman; res 84 N. Franklin. 
Schellinger, Jesse B., laborer: res 102 N. Franklin. 
Schneider, E., general store, 4 E. Mechanic: res 4 E. Mechanic. 
Schneider, G. Henry, teamster; res 84 N. Lafayette. 
Schneider, John, machinist: res 52 N. Napoleon. 
Schneider, Wm.. carpenter; res 49 N. Napoleon. 
Schnewind. Henr}-; res 54 N. Lafayette. i- 

Schuster, Joseph, laborer; res 25 Billings. 
Schuld, Benj., dairy: res 24 N. East. 
Schuld. Peter, dairy: res 24 N. East. 

Schultz, John: res S. Franklin. , 

Schultz. Miss Pauline, domestic: res 96 N. Washington. 
Schumacker, John, saloon, 9 S. Campbell. 
Schuster, P. F., harnessmaker: res 3 N. Campbell. 
Schroeder, James, saloon, 38 E. Main. 

Schwarzkopf, Geo., grocer, i W. Mechanic: res 105 E. Mechanic. 
Seebus. Claus C, laboring; res 52 W^est. 
Sefton, Mrs. M. H., rooms; res 58 Locust. 

Segerdahl, Wm., roadmaster C& G T R}': res 26 Calnmet ave. 
Sego, Annie, boarding: res 66 E. Water. 
Sego, Ollie, boarding; res 66 E. Water. 
Sego, Joseph, sheriff. Porter count}^ jail; res cor Franklin Sc 

Seirks, Miss INIinnie, domestic; bds 89 N. Franklin. 
Selman, Martin: res 48 E. Erie. 
Shave, INIrs. Dora; res 12 West. 

Shaw, George H., traveling salesman; res 9 Cliestnut. 
Shedd, E . seeds 6c plants, 31 E. Main. 

Shedd E. E.. nurseryman & florist, 35 Laporte ave: res same. 
Sheets, August, teamster: res Laporte ave & city limits. 
Sheets, Francis, teamster: res 82 N. Lafayette. 
Sheffield. Burton, res' Lafayette & Institute. 
Sheffield, George, flour k feed, Hammond: res 10 Pearl. 
Sheffield, Mrs. H., widow: res 65 N. Washington. 
Sheffield, H., restaurant, Main& Washington; res cor Lafa}-ette 

& Institute. 
SHELDON, MISS GERTRUDE, Dressmaker; res 44 N. 

Shepard, Miss J., res 149 S. Greenwich. 


Sherman, Adam J., commercial traveler; res 4 Calumet ave. 
Shinabarger, Edward, laborer; res 20 S. Campbell. 
Shinabarger, Hugh P., carpenter; res 73 S. Locust. 
Shinabarger,' Jacob, teaming; res 3 Nickel Plate ave. 
Shinabarger, L. D., oil & gasoline, cor Napoleon & Water; res 

52 N. Valparaiso. 
Shinabarger, Reason, gasoline and oils; res 15 W Monroe. 
Shinabarger, R. Wesley, bridge carpenter; res 22 N. Lafayette. 
Shinaman, Chas., conductor, P H W & C Ry; res 7 Wayne. 
Shine, John; res 13 Wayne. 
Shine, Mrs. Julia; res 13 Wayne. 

Shoemacher, Miss Emma, kitchen girl; res 9 S. Campbell. 
Shoemaker, Fred, bottler, 26 S. Napoleon; res 59 N. Napoleon. 
Shoemakei. Marv, milliner. 4 E. Main; res 9 S. Campbell. 
Sholl, Wm. H. ; res 5 Haas. 

Showalter, J. B., professor normal school; res cor East & Water. 
Shreve, T. M., grocery, 10 W. Main; res 13 E. Water. 
Shroyer, Oliver J. ; res 115 Locust. 
Shuey, Dr. F. ; bds Grand Central Hotel. 
Shuey, Mrs. D. F., cook; bds Grand Central Hotel. 
Shuey, Geo. W., drayman; res 28 E. Elm. 
Shultz, August, brakeman Ft. Wayne Ry; res 9 Kinzie. 
Shultz, Otto, laborer, P & F W Ry; res '9 W. Kinzie. 
Shultz, Wm., fireman, P & F W Ry; res 65 E. Chicago. 
Shunk, Frank R., car inspector, P F & C Ry. 
Sieb. J. W. , meat market, 5 S. Franklin; res 6g E. Mechanic. 
Siebert, Fritz, switchman; res 55 S. Morgan. 
Sievers, Egert, clerk; res 60 E. Erie. 
Sievers, John, druggist, i E. Main; res 40 E. Main. 
Sievers, Jacob H., saloon, 40 E. Main. 

Sievers, Hans, saloon, 41 ^j Calumet ave; res 41 Calumet ave. 
Sievers, Wm., barkeeper, 41^12 Calumet ave; res 41 Calumet ave. 
Simons, D. E., stock farm, south of city; res 75 N. Washington. 
Skinner, D. F., Pres't First Nat'l Bank; res 56 N. Washington 

& Erie. 
Skinner, Ed. H., clerk, res 8 E Mechanic. 
Skinner, Fred., marble polisher; res 53 S Washington. 
Skinner, J. Hanford, cashier, State Bank Valparaiso; res 86 E 

Skinner, Leslie R , clerk; res 56 N Washington. 
Skinner, Morgan C, res 53 S Washington. 
Skinner, Saml S., banker; res 53 S Washington. 
Skinner, Miss Susie, principal High Sohool; res 60 S Franklin. 
Skinner, T. H., carpenter; res 33 N Napoleon. 
Slover, Miss Harriet, res 108 E Main. 
Slover, Mrs. Rebecca, 108 E Main. 

SMALL, E. ELDENE, Journalist; res 25 N Franklin. 
Small, Elwood E , correspondent Star: res 41 N Franklin. 



Small, Mrs. Mary A., boarding; res 41 N Franklin. 

SMITH, A. C, Drugg-ist, 3 S Franklin; res 36 Jefferson 

and Michigan. 
Smith, Benj. F., mail clerk Val. P. O. ; 77 E Main. 
Smith, Miss Bertha E., clerk; res 77 E Main. 
Smith, David J., bridge carpenter; res 47 N Michigan. 
Smith, Dr. John L. D. D. ; res 70 E Chicago. 
Smith, Rev. J. H. O , pastor Christian Church; res 39 N Morgan, 
Smith, James, hackdriver; res 58 S Franklin. 
Smith, Hudson F.; res 97 N Franklin. 
Smith, ]\Irs. L. G. ; res 67 N Washington. 
Smith, Ora W., Cornell & Smith; res 9 N Academy. 
Smith, Mrs. Mary E., dressmaker; boards Grand Central Hotel- 
Smith, Mrs. Sylvester W.; res 77 E Main. 
Smith, Wm. A., carpenter; res 4 Pearl. 

Smutzer, Edward F., butcher, Washington; res 50 N Franklin. 
Smutzer, Frank, butcher, Washington: res 90 E Main. 
Snyder, James A , hedge trimmer; res 64 S Franklin. 
Sowers, Frank, teamster: res 16 S Wasliington. 
Sowers, John H., laborer; res 68 W Mechanic. / 

Sowers, Sanford, laborer; res 68 W Mechanic. 
Sowers, Mrs. Theresa: res 69 W. Mechanic. 
Sonnenberg, Gottlieb, tailor; res 67 S Washington. 
Sonnenberg, Miss Lena, clerk, with E. Schneider: res 49 S 

Southworth. A. A.; Lapanta ave. 
Spath, John; res 17 Pearl. 
Spath, John J., carpenter; res 17 Pearl. 
Spath, Louis, section hand G. T. R. R.; res 17 Pearl. 
Specht & Finne\% gent's furnishings, 59 College ave. 
Specht, Claus, Specht & Finney; res 38 N Michigan. 
Spohn. U. G., rooms: res 47 S Locust. 
Spooner, W. F., grocery, cor Main and Napoleon: res 9 N 

Sprencel, Frank, laborer: res 66 W Jefferson. 
Sprencel, Louis, bridge carpenter; res 13 N Campbell. 
Sprencel, I\Irs. T.; res 66 W Jefferson. 
Stabler, Rev. Henry, pastor St. Johns German Evangelical 

Church: res 71 E Jefferson. 
Stalbaunn, Jocie, domestic; boards 6 Calumet ave. 
Standahl. Chas., tailor; res 8 S Campbell. 
Stanley, Raymond: res 23 West. 
Stanton, Geo. E., J. Lowenstine: res n w cor Institute and 

Stanton, James, clerk. 

State Bank of Valparaiso, banking, 14 E Mechanic. 
Starr, A. E., Deputy Treas. ; res 59 N Lafayette. 
Starr, Decatur A. ; res 65 N Washington. 


Starr, Elmer E., jeweler, i E Main; res 59 N Lafayette. 

Stauffer, Mrs. Peter; res 60 E Monroe. 

Steele, Chas. ; bds 34 N East 

Sterner, Miss Emma, domestic; bds corE Chicago and N Morgan. 

Stephens, Mrs. C. J.; res 59 N Washington. 

Stephens, O. S., carpenter; res 47 N Napoleon. 

Stephens, James; res 141 E Main. 

Stephens, Melvin M., clerk: res 47 N Napoleon. 

Steppel, A. W., barber, Central House; res 28 Lafayette. 

Stevens, George, section hand; res 2 E Water. 

Steward, Miss, milliner: res 40 E Mechanic. 

Steward, Mrs. Eliza J.; res 2 Union. 

Steward, Harr)' P., teacher: res 2 Union. - ' 

Stick, John; res 21 West. • 

Stindahl. Chas., tailor, J. W. McNay; res Academj'. 

Stokes, Thos., engineer, Ft. Wayne Ry; res 15 E Monroe. 

Stoner, Charles, saw mill, Grand Trunk depot; res 45 E Main. 

Stoner, Mrs. Elizabeth; res 28 S Locust. 

Stoner, Jacob; res 26 S Locust. 

Stoner, "Russell, W. J. Henry & Co.: res 27 S Locust. 

Stoops, Mrs. M., boarding; res 51 S College. 

Stolt, Mrs. Lizzie. 

Stotterman, T., butcher; res 36 W Monroe. 

Storr, Edward, wrks Ryan's livery; res 15 S. Franklin. 

Stratton, John W., prop'r and m'g'r Valparaiso G. &. T St. Co.; 

res 5 1 W Jefferson. 
Stratton, Henry, clerk C & G T Ry; res E Chicago cor Franklin. 
Struve, Peter, laborer: res 26 West. 
Stuckman. Edwin D., teacher: res 59 S Morgan. 
Stuckman, Mrs. Emma, teacher; res 59 S IMorgan. ' 
Stuckman, Geo. W., teacher; res 59 S Morgan. 
Stuckman. Henry, real estate, Monon; res 78 College ave. 
Stuckman, Wm. ISl.. teacher; 59 S Morgan. 

Studer, Wilson S., conductor, P & F W Ry; res 83 N Franklin. 
Sullivan, James, messenger; res 53 N Napoleon. 
Sullivan, John H., showman: res 66 E Erie. 
Sullivan, John, blacksmith helper; res 53 E Elm. 
Sullivan, Marion; res 17 N 'Academy. '^ 

Sullivan, IMike; res W^est. 
Suman, Frank, waiter; res 22 La Porte ave. 
Suman, Col. I C. B., farmer; res 22 La Porte ave. 
Summer, John, engineer, plaining mill; res 76 E Erie. 
Summer, S. J., confectionery store, 11 N Washington: res 56 

W' Main. 
Summers, John, engineer; res S E College ave k Institute. 
Summers, S. J., confectioner; res 58 W Main. 
Surgeon, Melvin, candy store, Main; res 7 Western ave. 
Surgeon, W^ill. candy store, Main; res 7 Western ave. 


Surgeon, Wm., city marshal; res 7 Western ave. 

Swartout, A. D., contractor bldg, Greyson's Rest: res 11 S East. 

Swartz, Wm., barber. Central House bldg. 

Swartzkopf, Christopher, shoemaker, Ellsworth; res 34 E Monroe. 

Sevenor, Nelson; res 16 South. 

Taber, David F., si^n painter, res 85 N Washington. . . , 

Tabor, James, res 47 E Chicago. 

Talbert, W. J., Dalson & Talbert, res 33 South Jefferson. 

Talcott, Jos. P., boots and shoes, 9 E Main. 

Talcott, Wm. C, editor Vidette, res E Water. 

Talbott, Adrian L., res 12 E Chicago. 

Talbott, W. Irving, Dolson & Talbott, res 54 S Franklin. 

Taylor, Howard H., works clock factory, res 32 E ^Monroe. 

Teats, Jacob N., res 44 S Locust. 

Templeton, — , res 147 S Greenwich. 

Terrill, Walter, teamster, res 70 W Mechanic. 

Tetzleff, Augusta, domestic, bds 70 N Washington. 

Thatcher, John, clerk, res N Napoleon. 

Thatcher, Miss Jennie V., teacher, res 84 E Jefferson. 

Thatcher, Sam'l J., traveling salesman, res 84 E Jefferson. 

Thedens, Annie, domestic, res 45 N Lafa3-ette. 

Thedens, Geo., works planing mill, res College Hill. 

Thedens, Gurgen, carpenter, res 13 E Union. 

Thiesen, Glaus, res 44 Greenwich. 

Thim, Hans F., drayman, res 79 N Napoleon. 

Timming, Rudolph, res 41 E Chicago. 

Thomas, Elias, internal rev. inspector, res gi N Washington. 

Thomas, Miss Nervie, domestic, bds 5 E Elm. 

Thompson, Alfred M., engineer, res 13 E Elm. 

Thompson, John, compositor, res Farmer's Hotel. 

Thompson, Rev. John J., Pastor So Valpo ]\I. E Church, res 81 
E Mam. 

Thompson, Matthew M., carpenter, res 36 S Locust. 

Thompson, Willard E., telegraph operator, res 81 E Main. 

Thorsol, Chas., jewelry, 21 E Main, res cor Lafayette and Me- 

Thun, Albert, fireman, res Sg S Greenwich. 

Thun, Albert, res 78 Union. ' ^ 

Thun. Henry, carpenter, res 78 Union. 

Thun, T\Irs. Mary, laundress, res 24 S Locust. 

Thun, Willie, brakeman, G T. R. R., res 78 Union. 

Thune, John, res 82 E Jefferson. 

Tibbe, Tina, laundress, bds 106 N Washington. 

Timm, Max H., mason^ 15 S East. 

Timmons, Henry J., saloon, W Main, res 72 E Erie. 

Toering, Lizzie, domestic, res 83 N Washington. 

Tofte, John, res 15 Haas. 

Torr}-, R. G., res. 10 S Lafayette. 


Trahan, Israel, wagonmaker, res 3S East. 

Trahold, Miss Emma, domestic, res 74 N Washington. . 

Traver, Geo. P., res 34 Locust. 

Traver, Raauf W., teacher' res 47 Institute. 

Trudell, Edward, laborer, res 98 E Mechanic. 

Trudell, Wilford, blacksmith, res 94 E Main. r' . ■ ' , 

Truman, J. W., merchant tailor, res 36 Morgan. '■ 

Truman, M. L., tailoress, res 36 Morgan. 

Turner. David, carpenter, res 38 N Napoleon. 

Turner, Frank A., real estate and insurance, 6 S Washington, 
res ^5 S \\'ashington. 

Turner, J as. W., postal clerk, res 26 E Chicago. 

Turner, Mrs. INIatthew, res 26 E Chicago. 

Tuthill, MarrionE, painter, res Axe ave. & Nickel Plate R. R. 

Tully, INIiss Mar)', seamstress, res Kinsey. 

Tull}', Wm., res 12 Kinzie. 

Linger. Christian, teamster; res 32 S Napoleon. 

Unruh, Fred, laborer; res 32 West. 

Unruh, Mrs. Susan: res 72 S Morgan. 

Unruh. Wm., res 12 N College ave. 

TJPTHEGROVE, H. J., Manufacturer Sportsmen's 
Clothing, 13 E Main; res 48 N Michigan. 

Urbahns, John, saloon keeper, 3 W Mechanic: res 34 S Wash- 

Urbahns, Mrs. T., res 13 Chestnut. 

Urbahn, Robert, druggist, cor Main & Washington, res 13 

Van Horn, George P. ; res 21 E Jefferson. 

"\'an Ness, Elliott F., electrician: res 87 N Franklin. 

Van Wagner, Wilmer, laborer: res 5 S Spring. 

Van Wagner, Alfred, laborer: res 5 Spring. 

Vannater, James A: res 87 N Lafayette. 

Vail, W. H. : res 10 W Jefferson. 

Valparaiso Gas & Electric Light Co., cor Napoleon & Water. 

Valparaiso Lodge, K. P. 184, hall, 15 W Mechanic. 

Valpo. Steam Laundry, H. B. Alberry, prop, cor Mechanic and 

\'antrees, John, wagonmaker, W Main; res 55 N Napoleon. 

A'astbinder, Ephraim. carpenter: res 72 E Erie. 

Vastbinder, IMrs. E., dressmaker; res 72 E Erie. 

\'each, H. Willard: res 15 E Water. 

Vedstaid, Paul, grocer, 3 Washington: res 76 E Mechanic. 

Vevia, Mrs. Florence: res 89 E Mechanic. 

^'evia, \\'m., barber: res 83 W Main. 

VINCENT, A. W., M. D., Physician, 1 S FrankHn; res 
43 N Washington. 

^'olkee, E. C. : res 9 Cemetery ave. 

^'olkee. ErnesrF., rooms: res =,2 S College ave. 





Steam * haandry 



Finish polish or the plainest domestic finish. Lace Cur- 
tains, Pillow Shams and Ladies' Fine Fabrics a specialt}-. We 
do Family Washing. Goods called for and delivered. 

Gor. Lafayette and Aleclianic Streets, 

H. B. ALBERT, Prop. 



N6W§ m 



22 West Main Street 


Subscriptions Received for Foreigrn 
and l>o]nesti<' I'liblications. 

Remember we are Headquarters for 



Agrents for Chicag-o Morninp and 
Evening Papers. IJelivery luade to 
any part of the city. 



B. BROWN, President. 

A. L. lONES, '-In 


This School was organized in 
1880 and has had a successful ca- 
reer. It has constantly increased in 
usefulness and numbers, and in its 
first decade has fully demonstrated 
the fact that 


can be secured at one-half the ex- 
pense usually incurred in attending 
professional schools. 



Von Doehren, John, butcher; res 6 N Locust, 
Vroman, Frank A., night yard con., C & G T Ry; res 9 E Elm. 
Vroman, James; res 9 E Elm. 

Wade, Edw., laborer, res N Locust N of C. & G. T. Ry. 
Wade, Geo. E., printer, res 23 S Greenwich. 
Wade, Grant, bookbinder, res 77 S College ave. 
Wager, Jacob H., res 26 College ave. 
Wade, Jemmie A., res 42 Freeman. 
Wade, Lewis, teamster, res 31 E Institute. 
Wade, Mrs. Nellie, dressmaking, res 31 E Institute. 
Wade, Otto, res N Locust, N of C. & G. T. Ry. 
Wade, Walter G., barber, res 78 N Michigan. • 

Wagner, Anton, laborer, res 58 S Lafayette. 
Wagner, Miss Gusta, domestic, res 47 N Washington. 
Wagenroth, William, laborer, res Ore. 
Wahl, Lena, dressmaker, res 73 N Morgan. 
Walb, Mrs. Lucinda, res 42 S College ave. 
Walker, James A, jeweler, i E Main, res 56 N Michigan. 
Walkup, Thomas, works clock factory, res 40 E Jefferson. 
Wallace, Geo. W. , commercial traveler, res 12 S Napoleon. 
Walsh, Mrs. M., seamstress, res 59 W Jefferson. 
Ward, Thos., saloon, 12 W Main. 
Warehouse, — , res 39 N Napoleon. 

Wark, John, hides and leather, 6 E Mechanic, res g E Monroe. 
Warner, Miss Eliza, res 26 College ave. 
Warner, Miss May, teacher, res 42 E Erie. 
Warner, Mrs. Mary, res 42 E Erie. - 

Wasser, Mrs. Hattie, rooms, res 97 E Mechanic. 
Wasser, William B., bridge carpenter, res 97 E Mechanic. 
Watt, W. M., drayman, res 96 Greenwich. 
Weininger, Erillas, res 106 E Mechanic. 
Weinkauf, Miss Annie, laundress, bds 106 N Washington. 
Weinkauf, Miss Lizzie, laundress, bds 106 N Washington. 
Weir, Ellsworth E., atty. , res corE Jefferson and N College ave. 
Welch, John H, res 11 Factory. 

Wells, George, day baggageman, C. & G. T. Ry., res 53 Calu- 
met ave. 
Wells, Guy M., clerk, res 57 E Monroe. 
Wells, Paul I., clerk, res 57 E Monroe. 

Wells, R. P., res Union Place. ; ;., 

Wells, Wm., res 49 E Jefferson. 
Wells, Wm. C, res 57 E Monroe. 
Welty, Edward, editor Vidette, res 71 N Lafayette. 
Wenk, Franklin S., works clock factory, res 42 W Chicago. 
Wendt, J. D., agent N. Y. C. & St. L. Ry., res 12 S Water. 
Wandt, V. Henry, agent Nickel Plate, res 18 E Water. 
Wesner, Jacob J., rooms, res 39 E Water. 
Wessendorf, Fritz, works P. F. W. & C. Ry., res 4 West. 


Westphal, John, res ii S Greenwich. 

Wetzler, Martin, teamster, res ii8 W Main. 

Weyer, Anthony, res 123 E Main. 

Wheeler, A. S., works DuLaney clock fac'y, res 62 E Chicago. 

Wheeler, Dudley D., carpenter, res 10 E Chicago. 

Wheeler, G., broom maker, 108 W Main. 

Wheeler, Leon E., res 62 E Chicago. 

Wheeler, Roy S , works DuLaney clock fac'y, res 62 E Chicago. 

Whitcomb, E. L., justice of the peace, 18 S Washington, res 57 
Calumet ave. ' 

Whitcomb, Miss Kate B., dressmaker, with Mrs. Pennock, res 
• 57 Calumet ave.' 

White, Elmer, Heineman & White, res 49 N Michigan. 

White, L. T., carpenter, res 25 East. 

White, Mrs. T. C, White, McFetrich & Co., res 73 W Main. 

White, McFetrich & Co., lumber, shingle, sash, etc., 80 W Me- 

Whitehead, Ed, works planing mill, res west of Valpo. 

Wick, John, McClellan lumber yard, res 9 Spring. 

Wiedeman, John, res 17 W Monroe. 

Wiese, Miss, rooms, res 77 S Locust. 

Wilder, Wayne, operator, Western Union Tel., res — Franklin. 

Williams, Geo., horse trader, 19 E Main. 

Williams, Henry T., Barmco &: W^illiams; res 44 N Napoleon.. 

Williams, Meribah, milliner, 19 E Main. 

Williams, Miss Ethel, dressmaker: res 36 S Locust. 

Willits, Eugen V., foreman Daily Star; res 29 N Lafayette. 

Willoughby, John, policeman: res 131 E Main. 

Wilscam, Chas., carpenter; res 25 N Academy. 

Wilscam, Joseph, laborer; res 42 N Academy. 

Wilscam, Mitchell, laborer; res 29 N Academy. 

Wilscam, Wm.. carpenter; res 29 N Academy. 

Wilson & Cameron, tubular well goods, cor Valparaiso and. 

Wilson, Edmund L., contractor; res 90 N F"ranklin. 

Wilson, Geo , hardware, E Main; res 63 E Chicago. 

Wilson, James W., plumber; res 42 N Washington. 

Wilson, John D., contractor; res 90 N Franklin. 

Wilson, John H., Wilson &. Cameron; res 85 N Franklin. 

Wilson, Mrs. Catherine; res 49 N Lafayette. 

Wilson, Rev. J. H., Pres Elder Valparaiso Dis M. E. Church; 
res 66 E Chicago. 

Wilson, Wm. L., hardware, Main; res 8 W Institute. 

Wilson, W.; res 42 N Washington. 

Winbegly, Miss Inez, domestic; bds 90 N Franklin, 

Windle, Lemuel A., Windle & Pettit; res 59 N Michigan. 

Windle & Pettit, blacksmith; res 1 1 S Michigan. 

Windle, W. G., grocer and baker, s e cor Main and Franklin. 


Wininger, Mrs. Lavinia, laundress; res ii E Union. 

Wininguth, Adolph C, shoemaker, 23 Union; res 9 LaPorte ave- 

Winnerstrom, rooms; res 63 Freeman. 

Wise, Jesse L. B., compositor; res 83 S Locust. 

Wise, Mrs. Eliza: res 83 S Locust. 

Wise, Mrs. J. L. B., compositor; res 83 S Locust. 

Winslow, Aaron F., county constable: res 5 S Locust. 

Winslow, D. Franklin; res 104 E Mechanic. 

Winslow, Isaac, farmer; res 81 E Mechanic. 

Winslow, Mrs. Leora; res 74 E Erie. 

Winslow, Moses F., carpenter; res 75 N Franklin. 

Winters, J. P., att'y-at-law, 18 S Washington. 

Witmak, Albert, brakeman, P. F. W. & C. Ry.; res 61 S 

Witmak, August, painter; res 61 S Franklin. 
Witmak, Mrs. Sophie; res 61 S Franklin. 
Wolfe, Richard P., agt. Chicago Suit & Pants Co.; res 10 E 

Wolgamot, Mrs. L. W. ; res 33 N Morgan. 
"WONG LET, DR., Physician; res 39 E Mechanic. 
Wonser, Edmund E., laborer; res E Sefton Bldg. 
Wood, May, domestic; res 64 N Michigan. 
Wood, Olivers., M. D. ; res 41 S Franklin. 
Woodhull, A. E. ; res 31 N Campbell. 

Woodruff, Dwight, clerk, Louderback's grocery: res 47 E Erie. 
Woodward, C. , works clock factory. 
Wright, Effie; res 9 S East, 
Wright, Miss Lizzie; res 61 W Main. 
Wrenn, Pat'k. H., night yard brakeman, C. & G. T. Ry.; res 

Calumet ave. 
Wright, Prof. Saml. B., Art Dept. Ind. State Normal; res 19 

S Greenwich. 
Wulff, Herman, harnessmaker, 6 E Mechanic; res 80 E Main. 
Yager, Maggie, domestic; res 25 N Napoleon. 
Yahn, J. F., barber; res 64 E Chicago. 
Young, Artemes, clerk; res in N Washington. ; . 

Young, Joseph H.; res 40 E Mechanic. 

Young, W. Clark, farmer; res 75 E Jefferson. ^ . 

Young, Wm., clerk: res Water. 

Younglove,Dan'l, yard conductor C & G T Ry; res 83 N Morgan. 
Younglove, Mrs. Mary E. ; res 35 N Franklin. 
Younglove, H., bartender. Daily & Reagan. 
Youngs, Wm. N., foreman Bell's livery, 58 E Mechanic; res 14 

E Water. 
Youngjohann, Henry; res 5 Union. 
Yutter, Geo. F., barber; res 41 Michigan. 
Zee, Joseph; res 71 N Morgan. 
Zimmerman, Albert L.,mach., Kellogg Mfg Co. ; res 49 W Main. 


Zimmerman, Andrew J., engraver: res 31 N Washington. 
Zimmerman, Arthur F., manager The Sun, bds 33 W Mechanic. 
Zimmerman, E., editor and proprietor the Messenger and Sun; 

res 49 W Main. 
Zimmerman, Miss Julia, medicines; res 15 W Jefferson. 
Zook, D. Coder, foreman F W Ry; res 64 E Mechanic. 
Zorn, — ; 31 S Morgan. 






GUIQ @) ) ^)000(G/S)X(D>^ >l 


/S)X(D)^i)OOa0t=l GUV9 OB 


GlA/9 @)) ^XX)0(G/5)X<D>^>| 
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