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An individual at Northwest 
is someone . . . 

rushing to his bus in the morning . . . 

congregating in the halls to talk 

o^er the latest gossip . . . 

forgetting gym clothes on Monday 

morning . . . 

getting up at 5:30 for band 

practice . . . 

rushing to class after the warning 


giving hard-earned money to the 

stadium drive . . . 

wearing green on Friday . . . 

being quiet? during announcements . . . 

making the honor roll or missing it 

by one point . . . 

sweating all the way to the Dean's 

Office . . . 

explaining missing homework . . . 

going to Mr. Gale to get his locker 

un-stuck . . . 

painfully performing a minor 

operation on a dead frog . . . 

buying potato chips and chocolate 

milk for lunch . . . 

pondering the tragedy of Macbeth . . . 

exchanging notes between classes . . . 

showing off her first sweetheart 

ring . . . 

setting the curve on a test and 

having everyone hate him . . . 

screaming himself hoarse at an 

athletic contest . . . 

winning queen contest honors . . . 

going to the first formal dance 

with his most favorite person . . . 

pushing extra hard for the mile-run 

record . . . 

singing the school song when the 

team is behind . . . 

rehearsing late for the school 


coming home late from working at 

Lafayette Square . . . 

getting ready to face school again the 

next day . . . 





Northwest individuals are 
important part of school 

Twenty-three hundred individ- 
uals unite to make Northwest High 
School. Each has his own interests 
and talents. Each has his own likes 
and dislikes. Each chooses his own 
way of life, his own goals. But 
each has one thing in common — 
each is someone . . . 

Whether he is a senior planning 
to enter college or a freshman 
struggling to make average grades, 
he is an important part of North- 
west High School. He constitutes 
the football team, the choir, Stu- 

dent Council, history club, and 
English classes. Certain pupils sur- 
pass others and become club 
presidents, Honor Society mem- 
bers, editors of publications, and 
members of the Exercise in Knowl- 
edge team. 

But even the pupil who doesn't 
participate in any of these is an 
intricate part of Northwest. With- 
out him, there would be no audi- 
ence for the musicals, no fans to 
yell along with the cheerleaders, 
no Northwest. 

An individual is someone who goes to the 
various activities during the school year . . . 
Student Life ... p. 16 

An individual is someone who follows his particular schedule of classes each day 
Academics ... p. 32 

An individual is someone, whether his ef- 
fort is big or small, noticed or unnoticed, 
is still someone . . . Album ... p. 104 

An individual is someone who works extra 
hard for that extra point no matter what 
sport . . . Sports ... p. 52 


Student Life . . . 

p. 16 

Academics . . . 

.^p.' ; '32 ; '" : 

Sports . . 

p- 52 

Activities . . 

p. 76 


An individual is someone who joins clubs of his interest and participates actively 
Activities ... p. 76 

Daydreaming occupies Tom Lamkin, senior, during study hall while Sandra Hall, senior, makes 
use of the Reader's Guide. 

During an early morning practice, Dennis 
Dooley, sophomore, plays in his sleep. 

Congested traffic problems are found daily 

outside the cafeteria. 

Pioneers prepare to leave for home after a busy day of tests, study, 
and extracurricular activities. 

Cloudy or clear. Northwest pupils arrive early to prepare themselves for a day of classes. 

Helen Clear, senior, prepares a character 
for "Alas Babylon." 

"Beat North Central!" decorates the boards 
of study halls and classrooms. 

H| I 

Three arches open the way to afterschool 
activities for participants and observers. 

Peg De Krueyter, junior, contemplates a remark made at College Day while she attends the 
session about Purdue University. 

The privilege of eating first allows seniors to dispense of the insignificant task quickly and 
devote more time to gossip, study, and reflections. 

"Charlie Chatard" hangs in effigy as a symbol 
ot Pioneer spirit. 

Victorious band members receive their medals for a first rating in 
the state band contest at Southport. 

Typical NHS females display their athletic abilities during a "powder 
puff" football game after school. 

Senior Sandy Sprouse cries in anguish as she loses her sight in a 
scene from the drama "Alas Babylon." 

The mall is a frequent meeting place for Vicki Jarrett, sophomore; Jo Ella Bivens, junior; Randy 
Samper, senior; and Sue Lowell, sophomore. 

Diane Hanft, senior demonstrates display techniques to Diane Allen, junior, at "Dorothy's," 
where they both work. 

Selecting a pair of shoes at Lafayette Square 
is Tina Faught, senior. 


Lafayette Square provides 
pupils place to work, shop 

To hundreds of Pioneers, spa- 
cious Lafayette Square Shopping 
Center became a balanced source 
of money-saving and money- 
spending. As last summer pro- 
gressed and new stores flashed 
grand openings, job applications 
bombarded the stores. Many Pio- 
neers kept part-time jobs for the 
duration of the school year. Of 
course, not everyone diligently 
saved those weekly checks. Lafay- 
ette Square became a hang-out — 
a center for teens to browse and 
buy. Many came merely to sit qui- 
etly, watching the shoppers and 
enjoying the sparkle of the famous 
rainbow fountain in the mall. Lafay- 

ette Square changed student life. 
Young people were caught in the 
bustle of a gala premiere, in the 
opening of a new economic cen- 
ter. Young citizens emerged as 
active participants in the expansion 
of Indianapolis business. 

When not working, necessities 
had to be dealt with — TV, tele- 
phone, food — and homework. Am- 
bitious Pioneers tackled private 
lessons varying from ballet to horse- 

After-school activities were not 
a waste of time. Not all knowledge 
could be book-learned. Activities 
made Pioneers well-rounded indi- 

While working, Jim Cox, senior finds time to 
peek at the ties and purchase one. 

After school, Sally Chasteen, senior, spends her time aiding customers in the selection of 
just that right pair of the popular opaque hose to match an outfit. 


Stadium reality result 
of diligent work by many 

Fridav, Nov. 1, 1968, a wish be- 
came realitv for over 4000 people. 
For Pioneers, for teachers, for con- 
tractors and builders — for the en- 
tire community — it was the cul- 
mination of six years labor. North- 
west High School proudly presented 
its new football stadium. During 
those six years, individual contri- 
butions, NPT activities, and school- 
sponsored projects such as the 
Student Council drive and "Time 
Out For Ginger" added to the huge 

sum needed to start construction. 

Highlighting the halftime cere- 
monies was the coronation of the 
stadium king and queen, chosen 
by the amount of money donated 
in their behalf. 

Mayor Richard Lugar and Phil 
Eskew, Commissioner of the 
Indiana High School Athletic Asso- 
ciation, spoke briefly at the dedica- 
tion ceremonies. The Marching 
Pioneers presented a special animal 
halftime show. 

Awaiting the Pioneers are Diana Skinner, 
senior and Pat Contos, junior. 

Reigning are king and queen, Gary Cosgrove, 
senior, and Bev Owens, junior. 

Officially beginning the activities at stadium, 
the ROTC presents the flag. 


Thanks are given to stadium supporters by 
Mr. George Gale, vice-principal. 


As the stadium foundation is begun, Pioneers anxiously await for 
its completion and their first home game. 

Sophomore king and queen candidates, Jerri Ringenberger and 
Phil Potenza, ride around the track during halftime. 


1 :1-''>» 

1 i 

The school song brings tears to the eyes of Vicki Jordan, sopho- 
more, after the Pioneers first loss in the new stadium. 

Enthusiastic Pioneers are lost in a blur of green and white pompoms purchased from North- 
west Parent-Teacher members to aid in paying for the stadium. 


Even the mayor of Indianapolis, Richard 
Lugar, participates in the dedication. 

The king and queen candidates are: Gary Cosgrove and Diane Hanft, seniors; Steve Saligoe 
and Bev Owens, juniors; Phil Potenza and Jerri Ringenberger, sophomores; and Randy 
McKinley and Sharon Switzer, freshmen. 

Principal Kenneth Smartz crowns Bev Owens, junior, the first stadium queen in the history of 

Northwest during the half-time festivities. 

Team captains from Ben Davis and North- 
west meet for the toss in mid-field. 



Student life is comprised of many 
things. To each individual at North- 
west it may mean something dif- 
ferent. To some it means proms, 
picnics, and a talent show. To 
others it's a special Christmas con- 
cert, an after-game dance or a sock 

hop in the gym. It may mean a 
homecoming celebration or a mu- 
sical or perhaps an after school job 
or a summer of travel. Each individ- 
ual at Northwest leads an active life 
with student life an active part of 
his life. 

Summer thoughts remain 
in minds of prom pairs 

The illusion of "A Summer Place" 
became a reality tor Suzie Huber 
and Chris Weldon as they reigned 
o\er the junior prom attended by 
250 juniors and their dates. They 
were crowned half way through 
the evening by last years royalty, 
Rosemary Lincoln and Doug Cass- 

A daisy-covered trellis opened 
to display a park with evergreens, 
trees, a fountain, and wrought iron 
furniture. Yellow and white daisies 

adorned the parkside. Inside, one 
wall was carefully decorated to re- 
semble the inside of the trellis. 
Crepe-covered vases and flowers 
brightened each junior couple's 
table at their "Summer Place." 

Completing the court were prin- 
cesses Diane Hanft, Suzie Hunt, 
Bonnie James, and Becky Thomp- 
son, and princes Nick Boring, Steve 
Dotlich, Ronnie Hedges, and Bill 

Relaxing before beginning their prom picnicking at McCor- 
mick's Creek are Gary Poulos and Cindy Wechsler. 

Dancing the king and queen's dance are 
Chris Weldon, king and Suzie Huber, 


Dreaming and dancing are important ele- 
ments of all junior proms. 

Suzie Hunt congratulates the new king and 
queen, Chris Weldon and Suzie Huber. 


Before their coronation, Suzie Huber and 
Chris Weldon circle the cafeteria. 

That a small catastrophe can add to the fun of a prom picnic is testified by NHS boys as they 
repair a tire before heading home. 


Summer pulls busy pupils 
to many different scenes 

During the summer, man) Pio- 
- forged ahead in their quest 
for education and enjoyment. Sev- 
eral attended summer institutes in 
fields, such as journalism, cheer- 
leading, foreign language, and 
government. Paula Parker, senior, 
brought honor to herself and to her 
school bv becoming Governor of 
Girl's State. Nancy Huisman, senior, 
traveled to Europe while Mike 
Rader, senior, toured Mexico. 

In Julv the summer dramatics 
class presented the three act play 
"The Bat" with Elise Jamison and 

Mike Bennett portraying the lead- 
ing roles. This dramatics class in- 
cluded several pupils from other 
schools who also took part in the 
presentation. Many other North- 
west pupils attended classes during 
the summer to enable them to have 
a lighter schedule or take an elec- 
tive in the fall. 

For some, summer meant an 
opportunity to get a job. Others 
used the summer as a chance to 
rest up for the new year. These 
spent their time swimming, horse- 
back riding, and lying in thesun. 

Discussing activities at Boys' and Girls' States 
are seniors Jim Shearer, Kate Griffin and 
Martin Landreth. 

Demonstrating new precision yells learned at Vincennes University cheerleading camp are 
Vickie Jordon, Teddy Swain, Debbie Atkinson, Diane Skinner, Terri Leonard, ]anis Alsager, and 
Rita Couch. 

Those who attended the Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes' summer camp are Dan 
Beuke, Bill Hicks, Mike Donahoe, Ken Stout, 
Rick Kramer, and Mick Dodson 


"Don't Horse Around" wins Sharon Pott- 
gieser top prize in the 1968 Christmas mail 
poster contest. 

JL Li_l*-:j 

Sharlene Queen, junior, accepts the office 
of secretary of the Indiana High School Press 


Mr. junior Achievement Jim Cox, senior, 
works on plans for the trade Fair. 

Student Council president Paula Parker discusses meeting activities with Mary Vann, Marsha 
Burrows and Mike Bell as part of her many duties. 


Holiday spirit fills halls 
with enthusiasm, thrills 

In spite of mild weather the 
Christmas spirit arrived at North- 
west on schedule. Many clubs 
sponsored parties in the cafeteria 
or home economics dining room to 
celebrate the season. To add to the 
festivities, the Student Council dec- 
orating committee set up a large 
Christmas tree in the main lobby 
which had been donated by Mr. 
Peter Davis, guidance counselor. 

Times of scrimping and saving 
were over. Everyone's main worry 
was to get the results of their 
penny-pinching wrapped up in the 

From atop the ladder, Pat Helvey, junior, 
adds a few finishing touches to the school 
Christmas tree. 

gala paper and ribbon typical to 
the season. A very few made plans 
for last minute shopping details, 
and despite the fact that it was 'a 
very few' the stores were flooded. 
Several special concerts were 
presented by the music depart- 
ment. Besides the annual Christmas 
assembly in which all groups par- 
ticipated, the choir sang carols on 
the Circle and the Belles travelled 
to Nashville, Indiana to sing for 
the Lions Club. Both filmed a tele- 
vision concert. 

*•• ••■■; -'few 

i < fei 


Becky Dresser, junior, helps to decorate the 
tree to the enjoyment of a young child. 

TT HIIIU Mli"l|| l |l'| l | I II I I I -^C$; 

To add to the Christmas spirit, the band plays a medley of Christmas songs at the annual holi- 
day assembly presented for the student body. 


Mrs. Constance Zimlich, student council sponsor, offers advice to council members. 

Giving the tree a few masculine touches is 
]ulio Rosello, freshman. 

Through songs, the Belles of Northwest spread Christmas cheer and goodwill to fellow pupils 
and teachers at the annual Christmas program. 


Queen crowning, victory 
make successful evening 

Strains of "Auld Lang Syne" 
d. People leaned forward. 
Paper cracklers and peanut crush- 
ers receixed warning looks. All 
e\es tocused on the gym floor. 

As the rosal processional began, 
each Silverette twirled green and 
white pom-poms in honor of each 
princess in passing. Nervous silence 
followed. And finally, the climax. 
Mr. James Albright announced the 
1969 Homecoming Queen — Diana 
Skinner. \anc\ McCauley, 1968 
Queen, crowned her successor. 

Pioneer victory over Arlington 
made January 14, 1969 a perfect 
Homecoming night. 

Five senior queen candidates 
were nominated by the senior class, 
but the queen was chosen by an 
all school election. Princesses Kate 
Griffin, Dianne Hanft, Suzie Hunt, 
and Becky Thompson and their es- 
corts completed the royal court. 
Dianne Hanft was in charge of all 
Homecoming festivities. To top the 
evening, Student Council spon- 
sored a post-game dance. 

Beginning homecoming festivities by strug- 
gling forthe tip-off is Bill Humphrey. 


i Skinner squeals in delight <is her court looks on as she is announced 1969 Home- 
luring the halftime c eremonies. 

Newly crowned queen, Diane Skinner, re- 
ceives her roses from Nancy McCauley. 


Various talents blossom in 
first Vanguard Varieties 

Reigning over Vanguard Variety festivities 
are newly crowned King Brent Junkins and 
Queen Kate Griffin, seniors. 

Northwest pupils excel other 
than in the classroom, in athletics 
or in extra-curricular organizations. 
This was clearly demonstrated by 
60 talented Pioneers who were spot- 
lighted in the "Vanguard Varieties," 
student variety show presented for 
the first time, January 10, in the au- 

An appreciative audience ap- 
plauded 13 "V Squared" acts fea- 
turing folk and pop singers, 
dancers, pianists, and skits by the 
junior and senior girls. Introducing 
the acts were Tim Campbell, junior, 

and Suzie Huber, senior, who were 
master and mistress-of-ceremonies. 

Highlighting the evening was 
the crowning of the yearbook king 
and queen, Brent Junkins and Kate 
Griffin of the senior class, during 
the intermission. They were 
crowned by Jim Reed, senior, and 
Julie Evans, junior, student direc- 

Sponsoring the "Varieties" were 
Northwest's student publications. 
Proceeds aided the Vanguard and 
Telstar in meeting their annual 

Setting the show's tempo are "Clan" mem- 
bers Dave Mason and Dennis Duley. 


Thespians highlight year 
with 'Sound of Music' 

Smearing 25 pounds of wheat 
paste on scraps of paper to make a 
paper mache mountain, chanting 
rosaries, and stretching a bit to 
reach a dancing partner sound like 
three entirely abstract problems, 
but to cast and stage crew members 
of "The Sound of Music," they were 
very much related. 

A smash Broadway musical and 
Academy Award winning film, 
"The Sound of Music" was present- 
ed March 14 and 15 with Sandra 
Sprouse and Lonny Huber in the 
lead roles of Maria and Captain 
Von Trapp. While petite Sandra and 
tall Lonny faced difficulties in danc- 

ing a Laendler folk dance, 26 girls 
patiently learned nuns' proper con- 
duct — walking, kneeling, crossing 
themselves, and chanting Latin. 

Four children from grade schools 
sang and acted in the musical; they 
already knew most of the songs be- 
fore rehearsals even started. During 
one song, the children, acting like 
the hands of a clock, got to hit each 
other on the head. "They got a big 
kick out of that," Sandy remem- 

Since Sandy alone wore 10 dif- 
ferent costumes, mothers, grand- 
mothers, and aunts rated sewing 

Maria, played by Sandra Sprouse, pleads 
with the Mother Superior to be allowed to 
ng in the abbey. 

During practice, the Von Trapp family gathers with Maria, Sandra Sprouse, to escape a thun- 
derstorm and sing "The Lonely Goatherd." 


Lonnie Huber, senior, tries to hold a straight 
face while being made up for his role as 
Captain Von Trapp. 


Max Detweiler, played by David Schuster, junior, sings "No Way to Stop It" to Von Trapp, Lon- 
nie Huber, and Elsa Schureader, Mary Huber, sophomore. 

Leading her brothers and sisters in "So Long, 
Farewell" is Liesl as played by Debbie Baron, 



An individual at Northwest 
spends most of his time in academ- 
ic pursuits. He takes required 
courses such as biology or econom- 
ics, but he also spends much of his 
time specializing in his favorite 
field. Perhaps he likes math and so 

he may take calculus or computer 
math. Perhaps she likes business 
and will take shorthand and clerical 
practice. No matter what he likes, 
an individual at Northwest receives 
a well-rounded education from a 
well-qualified faculty. 

A place for study and research is the ser- 
vice the NHS library offers. 

LIBRARY ASSISTANTS— FRONT ROW: Linda Hunter; Anfela Sansbury; Betty Troyer; Paula 
Stephens; Donna Smith; Billie Godby; Nikki Samper; Dana Hubbard. SECOND ROW: Cathy 
Sidener; Polly Hallagan; Dathy Thompson; Jackie Browning; Katrine Zieher; Wendy Pierson; 
Barbara Buis; Kathy Nissen; Sheila Stanley. THIRD ROW: Jane Goerke; Ella Stephens; Katrina 
Lines; Sheila Newman; Cathy Worthington; Dianne Taylor; Sandy Jones; Bonita White; Dianne 
Graham; Tom Moit; Christina Bartley. FOURTH ROW: Marty Smith; Debbie White; Dotaphelia 
Green; Becky Winters, Becky Matthews, Rose Moore, Sandi Worthington, Barbara Morehouse; 
Tom Taylor, Britt Lipscomb; Hubert Fryman. 

Ron Selby, sophomore, finds studious at- 
mosphere for research papering. 


Developmental reading laboratory gives NHS pupils an opportunity to improve their reading 
speed and comprehension with the aid of special devices. 

Mr. lohn Render, English teacher, is happy 
with Janet Davenport's improvement. 

/ean Brocklehurst and Debbie Coleman, juniors, assist their English teacher, Mrs. Arwilda 
Burton, with a special bulletin board display. 


Personal accomplishment 
stressed in science courses 

From dissecting a fetal pig to 
stuck ing reaction rates of the ele- 
ments, science department courses 
offered practical knowledge as well 
as variance in uncommon general 
know ledge. 

Enrollment increased by 200 
to 1,510 this year. Because the 
science department was one of 
the largest in the school, expanding 
the science classes to the old math 
wing was necessary to accommo- 
date the growing number of en- 

Research and careful observation 

were stressed in experimentation. 
One pupil received $100 from the 
Heart Fund on his research proj- 
ect. An accurate account of every 
satellite launched by America and 
Russia was another project record- 
ed by a science-minded Pioneer. 

For the first time, four NHS stu- 
dents enrolled in the Science 
Seminar, an organization which 
meets Saturday mornings to enable 
pupils from various high schools to 
attend lectures covering the science 
field in depth. 

Biology teacher Mrs. Leigh Richie points out new fish acquired by the science department to 

her pupils, Bob Gushree and Rexanne Coleman, sophomores. 


Linda Montgomery, junior, measures zinc 
as the first step of an experiment. 


Terry Boring and Gail Fisher, juniors, prove 
teamwork pays off during experiments. 


Basic math or computors, 
it all figures out here 

Mr. William Saler and his student teacher, 
Mrs. Wilcox, discuss teaching methods. 

Find the distance represented 
by the area between the two curves 
y = sin x and y = cos 3x. Impossi- 
ble? Not to students who took ana- 
lytic geometry and calculus. This ad- 
vanced course was offered to sen- 
iors who had taken Geometry I & 
II and Algebra III & IV in their 
sophomore year. 

Computer math, a unique course 
at Northwest, was again offered. 
Beginning in the fall sophomores 
with special permission could also 
take the course previously offered 

to juniors and seniors only. 

Seniors Alan Shirley and Bruce 
Shelley conducted a Science Sem- 
inar session at I.U. Medical Center 
demonstrating how to solve prob- 
lems with a portable terminal con- 
nected by telephone to a Chicago 

Approximately thirty-five juniors 
and seniors took part in a national 
mathematics contest conducted by 
the Mathematical Association of 
America and the Society of Actuar- 

Reducing a fraction by first factoring isn't difficult to Scott Swanson, sophomore, who explains it 
to the class on the blackboard. 


Study of history is more 
than past, present events 

Approximately 1544 pupils en- 
rolled in one of the 10 courses 
offered by Northwest's social stud- 
• 5 department. Thirteen teachers, 
including five new to the Northwest 
faculty, taught courses such as in- 
ternational relations, world geog- 
raphy, and Indiana history. Latin 
American civilization was offered 
again as more pupils took an in- 
terest in world affairs. Though 
pupils were required to take U.S. 
History, government, and econom- 
ics, many enrolled in these elective 

' SAark \uthall finds his pupils interested 
in the national government. 

Because of the national elections 
there was no mock election. In- 
stead, classes debated and discussed 
each national candidate and many 
state and local candidates in prep- 
aration for a school election. Elec- 
tion day Northwest students, like 
the nation, voted Republican, elect- 
ing Mr. Nixon as President of the 
United States of America. 

Seniors ranking in the upper 25% 
of their class were eligible to com- 
pete for $1500 in scholarships, 
awarded by the Lilly Foundation. 

Mr. Ralph Horn, department head, scans 
the abundance of work on his desk. 

Arleen Bolton and Eddie Koehl argue an important issue against Janet Wiseman and Bill Mc- 
Kinley in a debate over current events in social problems. 


Pupils turn to counselors 
for help with future plans 

"The guidance department is a 
service intended for the students 
at Northwest High School," said 
Mr. Richard Cummins, head guid- 
ance director. Under his direction, 
four counselors directed pupils in 
their programs and vocational 
choices. Catering to all pupils, the 
guidance department emphasized 
a personal-social aspect. 

Special programs sponsored by 
the guidance department included 
both the senior and freshman par- 
ent nights, College Day for jun- 
iors and seniors, and Careers Day 
for the whole student body. 

Seniors faced college and career 
planning, juniors and sophomores 
new program schedules, and fresh- 
men an entirely new world in high 
school. But all had the assistance of 
the guidance department which 
encouraged students to make ap- 
pointments for counseling. 

Mr. Richard O'Brien helps counsel Polly Hallaghan, junior, with her class schedule for 
her fourth and final year at Northwest. 

Mr. Larry Apt forecasts events to come for 
freshman in an orientation ( lass. 


Physical fitness is integra 
part of daily school life 

Since physical fitness is an im- 
portant basis for life, the physical 
education department at Northwest 
promotes healthy outlets for NHS 

•Ml Pioneers are required to par- 
ticipate in at least two semesters 
of gvm; however, further training 
is offered. Advanced P.E. can build 
greater physical skills as well as 
providing a chance to assist under- 
classmen. Two gym assistants help 
supervise the eight classes with 
40 — 44 pupils. Silverettes and one 

advance class with 26 pupils each 
are branchs of Girls' P.E. 

Activities are planned with many 
purposes in thought — their value, 
usefulness, and simple enjoyment 
in recreation such as tennis and 
ping-pong. Also for the more ad- 
vanced student there is the ap- 
paratus equipment consisting of 
parallel bars, horses and high bar. 
All of this equipment takes many 
hours of practice for the advanced 

Sophomore Mike Cook demonstrates a new 
way of walking in advanced gym. 

Basketball is an important part of freshman 
Mike Owen's physical training. 

As the number of semesters increase, so does the difficulty of the stunts. Agile junior Mike 
Lynn performs on the rings. 


Senior Nancy Huisman shows Vicki Ander- 
son and Stephanie Bastin, juniors, how to 
operate the lab machines. 

Language studies expand 
with addition of German 

New to the foreign language 
department was the "total method" 
of teaching. Mr. David Banks, new 
French teacher, spoke to his stu- 
dents in French at all times — even 
after school. In class conversations 
were only allowed in French, too. 

About 800 Pioneers were en- 
rolled in German, a new course, 
French, Latin, or Spanish. New 
tapes came with new textbooks. 
By using recorders and ear phones, 
students could practice more drills 
and vocabulary. 

Several honors were offered to 
deserving young linguists. An I.U. 

Honors Program and a one-week 
Latin Summer Institution took the 
student from classroom teaching to 
practical everyday use of the for- 
eign language. Living and studying 
the "total method" for the summer 
in countries such as Mexico and 
Italy benefited not only language 
perfection, but foreign relation 
as well. 

Awards given on Awards Day at 
NHS included the best student in 
all four languages and announce- 
ments of the I.U. Honors Program 
winners in state language contests. 


Mr. David Banks employs the total method 
by speaking only French to his classes. 

Proper pronunciation is being learned by Gary Cosgrove and Bill Humphrey, seniors, who lis- 
ten to a playback of their own recordings. 


Computing a long list of figures is Jim 
Crosle\ , senior, in machine calculation. 

Senior Susie Huber has Diane Buchanan help tie her hair back for advanced secretarial prac- 
tice to conform to class rules. 

Miss Marguerite Lamar assists Paul Hankins, 
senior, on the adding machine. 


Pupils prepare for future 
with new business study 

Miss Diane Hibbeln points out the lesson 
to Ann McColough, her student teacher. 

Although strikeovers, correct 
copy, transcription notes, and 
debits and credits threatened, 
hundreds of Pioneers learned skills 
applicable in college, personal life, 
or any private business in the busi- 
ness education department. Varied 
courses from typing, to consumer 
business education attracted 1,493 

Two new one-semester, full- 
credit classes, merchandising and 
introduction to data processing, 
re-emphasized the diversity and 
specialization of Northwest's busi- 

ness curriculum. 

Added equipment benefited 
machine calculating classes: new 
machines included an electronic 
calculator and printing calculators. 
In class new filmstrips broke the 
routine of daily work. 

Business education participated 
in the National Secretaries' As- 
sociation Contest, and the Legal 
Secretaries' Scholarship Awards. 
In cooperation with Northwest. 
Indiana State University offered its 
work-study program to business 

Gloria Sholar, senior, is intent in the perfec- 
tion of her typing 

Dicta-phones prove useful to Jeanine Smaltz, senior, and her instructor Mrs. Phyllis Carrol 


Practical studies prepare 
individuals for adult roles 

Home economics and industrial 
arts prepare the Northwest Pioneer 
with useful skills which will be 
helpful in a career or in home 

Industrial arts includes courses in 
metal, electrical, drafting, and 
woodshops. Shop classes instruct 
bovs in the intricacies of mechan- 
ical work. In general, pupils work 
on actual projects such as con- 
structing ticket boxes, printing 
programs, and office forms. Radio 
and television repairs introduced 
the world of electronics to Pioneers 
enrolled in electrical shop. 

Courses for prospective home- 
makers are offered in home eco- 
nomics. Careful planning of meals 
is an ingredient of a nourishing 
diet. Patience is emphasized in 
sewing fabrics for clothing projects. 
Understanding the pattern of fam- 
ilv living and modern trends in the 
home were the main topics in the 
subject of family relations. 

Sandy Burr, Bonnie Bowman, Andy Satterfield and Pam Dellinger watch as Debbie Christman 
adds whipped cream to an ambrosia salad in her foods class. 

Debbie Tolin, junior, presses her coat to add 
the final touch to her Clothing III project. 

The first step in completing a blouse for 
Sherry Vanzandt and Rita Campbell is cut- 
ting out the pattern. 


Richard Tafflinger, freshman knows that it takes patience to set type 
for print shop. 

Kenneth Branam, freshman, reveals his accuracy in wood shop. 

Using their skills in wood shop are Steve 
Cass, sophomore and Tony Smith, junior. 


Fulfilling individual talents 
is goal of cultural studies 

Encouraging creativity and in- 
dividual expression was the job of 
the Art and Music Departments. 

Under the direction of art de- 
partment head, Joe Reynolds, the 
Pioneer artists provided honors 
for themselves and a wealth of 
decorative displays. 

Art students created original 
items from rugs to jewelry. General 
techniques of art were learned in 
Arts 1-8 while other arts courses 
specialized in certain areas. Com- 
mercial art classes stressed adver- 

tisement layout while pupils in 
lettering and jewelry learned the 
techniques in their field. 

Meanwhile, Pioneer musicians 
developed their talents under Mr. 
Darrel Horton, music department 
head. Besides the usual band, or- 
chestra, and chorus classes, North- 
west had several unique courses. 
These included Dance Band and 
Swing Choir. Courses in music 
theory and appreciation were also 
taught to enable Pioneers to ob- 
tain a minor in music. 

Comparing designs are Sandra Obenchain 
and John Sanders, freshmen, in their Art I 

Mr. Joseph Reynolds, art department chairman, admires hard work, talent, and inspiration 
put forth in a creative water color seascape. 


Mr. Darryl Horton, head of the music department, works with the marching banc] during a 
scheduled class hour. 

Miss Karol Ruby, orchestra conductor, list- 
ens attentively as her pupils practice their 
current selection for a c oncert. 

lim Wetzel, Kate Osburn, Ku hard kmghi, 
and Tom Mahler concentrate deeply on a 
selection in order to improve their playing 



ROTC— Company A: FRONT ROW: T. Walsh, V. Anderson, P. demons, N. Bufore, C. Miller, 
K. Fodrie, R. Guthrie, D. Bolten, G. Zeiher, R. Huston, J. Overton, S. Dismon, D. Christ; SEC- 
OND ROW: T. Brooking, Lentz, Young, Shipp, Slagle, Rinker, Morris, Geddes; THIRD ROW: 
Sauer, Labaw, R. Phillips, Fox, Unperhill, Davis, Jordan, Hanna, Hall; BACK ROW; Banks, 
Walters, Fixcus, Wood, Feltner, Wright. 

ROTC— Company B: FRONT ROW: lames 
Whitaker, Cheryl O'Riley, Thomas Mooney, 
Frank Bragg, David Deepain, Francis In- 
gram, Steve Grubbes, Scott George, lames 
Wamsley, Richard Cammerville, William 
Daniels; SECOND ROW: Alvm Query, 
Rodney Smith, Mike Brunsun, James Pitt- 
away, Gary Black, Dennis Saylor, Lamarr 
Kimbraugh; TFIIRD ROW: Jim Griffin, 
William Brooks, Terry Dodson, Steve 
Price, Floyd Pittman, Thomas Anthony; 
BACK ROW: John Heffley, Ernest Boram, 
Thomas Alderson, Byan Bastin, Gary 


Rick Wood, sophomore, leads Mike Price 
and Mark Wright, freshmen, in drilling with 
Army W/M1 rifles. 

Hup, 2,3,4 fills halls 

of Northwest for 1st time 

A new tradition was started at 
NHS in 1968. For the first time the 
Reserve Officers' Training Corps 
Program was offered. With over 
175 cadets enrolled, the battalion 
participated in extracurricular activ- 
ities such as drill meets, rifle tour- 
naments and the Veteran's Day 

The objectives of the ROTC pro- 
gram was to develop student habits 
of orderliness and precision and to 
instill discipline and respect for 
constituted authority. The program 
tried to build self-confidence and 
to encourage a high sense of per- 
sonal honor and deportment. 

The highlight of the year for the 
cadets was the first Military Ball 
March 8. The cafeteria dance had 
as its theme "Rainbows in Heaven." 
The queen was crowned from 
among the six sponsors. 

1st Sgt. Bell and Sfc Heady promote Jeff 
Castile, sophomore, to the role of 1st 
Lieutenant in the ROTC. 

ROTC— Compam D: FROST ROW Eugene Helton, Donald Browning, Brad Smith, Reginald 
Osborne, Eric Wright, Gregory King, Eddie Schell, Clayce Thrush, Leslie Corbin, Victor Rinks; 
SECOND ROW: Roger Curl, Steve Riggs, Michael Disman, Jeff Storrs, John Herkless, Gary 
Beisel, Ken Plummer, John Chastain; BACK ROW: William Brooks, Ronald Justice, Gregory 
Hale, Randv Robinson, Ronnie Bosch, Gene Pettigrew, Frank Ingram. 

ROTC— Company C: FRONT ROW: Glenn 
Stark, C/Lt, Gail Albright, C/Lt, Ray 
Brooking, Larry Meridith, Mark Parsons, 
Paul Bateman, Dennis Reed, Loren Whisler, 
Kerry Kennington, Tom Gillespie, C/Lt; 
SECOND ROW: Anthony Dlam, Steve Cass, 
Jeffrey Gossett, Louis Flynn, Tobe Brown, 
William Brown, James Raimondi; BACK 
ROW: William Leslie, Donald Watson, Dar- 
rell Inskeep, Reginald Ferguson, William 
Sedam, Tom Graves, Steven Hand. 


An individual at Northwest is 
someone who pushes tor that extra 
point. To him sports is an incentive 
to work harder, to keep in shape, 
and to play fair. He is the one 
who practices for hours after 
school. He has pride in his school. 
He wants to build team spirit and 

SPORTS. . . 

enthusiasm. He wants to win for 
his school. An individual at North- 
west is someone who smiles when 
he loses and shakes hands with his 
rival when he wins. An individual at 
Northwest is someone with sports- 


Gorman, Swathwood direct 
rookie baseball team 

Despite the sub-. 500 season, the 
NHS baseball team was one of 
Northwest's strongest. Their 10 — 11 
record belied their potential. Seven 
games were lost by one run and 
two games were lost bv two runs. 
The diamondmen handed Marshall 
their only loss of the season. 

The \arsitv was led by seniors 
Mike Gorman, pitcher, and Mike 
Swathwood, catcher. Swathwood 
was named all-citv catcher, and his 
.400 batting average paced the 

Coach Don Stone contemplates the pro- 
gress of the game along with the team. 

team. Gorman shared hurling hon- 
ors with Scott Collins, senior, and 
Paul Cummins, sophomore. 

Their season was even more 
surprising, considering Gorman and 
Swathwood were the only return- 
ing first string players. Seven posi- 
tions were filled by reserves or 
new team members. This inex- 
perience proved a stumbling block 
during some games, but the 
underclassmen learned valuable 
lessons towards next year. 

Varsity Baseball 


Ben Davis 












Decatur Central 















North Central 

















Broad Ripple 




1 3 











Season Record 10 — 11 

H ** * I 

# ^ *P 


#! % . jfii «fc 


Varsity Baseball— FRONT ROW: Jim Shearer, 
Mike Young, Paul Cummins, Bob Welling- 
ton, Ron Wilson, John Drake, Mike Mobley. 
BACK ROW: Bucky Eibe, )im Jones, Scott 
Collins, Ray Schubert, Mike Gorman, John 
Mitney, Mike Switzer, Steve Saligoe, Mike 
Swathwood, Coach Don Stone. 

9 <* ** *» 



/un/or Vars/ty Baseball— FRONT ROW: Man- 
ager Bob Richards, Dave Cassell, Bob Doll, 
Jim Finley, Mike Kirkman, Tom Steorts, 
Mike Hinderliter, Neil Gobel, Tom Reed. 
BACK ROW: Doug Willoughby, John Chas- 
tain, Dave Morgan, Don Beuke, Bill Dun- 
ham, Mark Woodson, Tim Campbell, Dave 
Strange, John Doll, Coach Robert Croomer. 

Junior Varsity Baseball 

Ben Davis 



Decatur Central 





North Central 






Broad Ripple 


























: » 











Freshmen Baseball 






















Season Record 4 — 2 — 1 

Riverside provides a diamond for most of 
the Northwest baseball battles during the 

Season Record 5 — 11 — 1 

Freshman Baseball— FRONT ROW; Randy 
Pitts, Mike Kirkman, Mitchell Pirtle, Scott 
McGrew, Jay Hashbarger, Carl May, John 
Phillips, Doug Crawford. BACK ROW: Coach 
Jack Stabler, Dale Byard, Mike Herschel, 
Steve Collins, Joe Sherman, Dick Beuka, 
Monty Lewis, Steve Pickett, Greg Scudder. 

-- _ 


Individual efforts boost 
thinclads to new records 

ips more than any other 

rt track is a sport tor individ- 

Fhesc individuals must per- 

.vell in theii different areas 

ol ( ompetition, yet still he mem- 

bers i )! ,i single unit. 

[he 1968 track season saw school 
n (Is t.ill to be replac ed by new, 
fastei ones. Bill Hi< ks, sophomore, 
set the re( ord in the mile w ith .1 
time ot 4:25 minutes. He also went 
on to become the city-county and 
sectional champ. Senior Ivan Davis 
bla/ed into the record hooks by 
winning the city-county <md sec- 

tional championships in the 880- 
yard dash. 

Other school records tell when 
Bernie lerhune, senior, soared 15 
teet in the pole vault, and Mike 
I arrison, sophomore, putted the 
shot 48 feet 4 1/2 inc hes to clinch 
the school record in shot put. 

Finally, Dan Pfaff, senior, ran the 
low hurdles in 20.8 seconds and ran 
the high hurdles in 15.5 seconds 
to put his name into the books. 

As ,i team, ( oac h Vern McCarty's 
thine I. ids placed filth in the city, 
and fourth in sec tional c ompetition. 

- ■ ■ ■ - 




M.ihh-r, Mike tillcry, I v. in D.ivis, .irul Hill Hicks prove to bo .in jssol to the 67 68 


Tom Miller, slrclc tics his 

CgS lor 


• run i ontrsls 


■ m 


Ragland, Evan Davis, Man Harper. Bill 
Hicks, Gene Walden, Tom Miller, Dan Rans- 
dell, Bill Tipps. BACK ROW Rusts Gra\, 
Stan Miller, Daud Herring, Charles )ones, 
Mike Larrison, Harold ]ones, Joe Christy, 
Dan Pfaff, Bernie Terhune, Fred Albert, 
Coach Larr\ Compton, Coach \ern McCarty, 
Coach Bill Ritter. 

Varsity Track 


Ben Davis 




















N. Central- 

W. Central 













Arlington Invitational 


Season Record 




W "# 



&! & a a 0* 



II \IOR VARSIT) TRICK — FRO\T ROW Ernie lones, Harold Baile\ Charles Blake Dennis 
Doole\, Tom Car\er, Richard Ciltner, Charles Claus, Mike Chern, Bruce Kendall fMCA- 
ROW Manager Ed Resnick, Ste\e Benninger, Duane Cauger Tom Mahlei Fred Smooi Mike 
Leamon, Frank McMahon, Mike Clemons. Mike Tiller\ Tom Butler Ron >ell">\ Man Herring 
Coach Larr\ Compton, Coach \ ern McCart\ , Coach Bill Rittei 


Linksmen win third city; 
look to even better year 

Northwest's golf team captured 
the city crown for the third time 
in a row with the clubs of such 
stars as medalist Bill Humphrey, 
junior, Mark Wot'la, junior, and 
Mike Beckert. Greg Gunther, Mick 
Dodson. and Ken Stout, sopho- 
mores, swinging for them. Coach 
James Albright termed the 1968 
season a "good vear" and called it 

very successful. Although the golf- 
ers did not do as well as expected 
in the regional, Coach Albright 
said this was just an "off day for 

With everything going for them, 
Coach Albright looks to the 1969 
season as "our best yet" because 
he has his first five men back. 

Varsity Golf 






6 1/2 

11 1/2 



North Central 

6 1/2 

5 1/2 


5 1/2 

4 1/2 








7 1/2 

4 1/2 

Broad Ripple 










3 1/2 

14 1/2 





11 1/2 








4 1/2 

7 1/2 
















3 1/2 

8 1/2 



Coach Jim Albright proudly displays the city 
championship trophy won by his team. 

Season Record 15 — 5 — 2 

VARSITY COIF— Steve Brookie, Ken Stout, Rick Strouse, 
Bechert, Mick Dodson, Dave Crawley, lay Oakes. 

Bill Humphrey, Mark Wolfla, Mike 


Netmen seize city fifth; 
Bedford, Sidener set pace 

For spring 1968, the Northwest 
tennis team compiled a season rec- 
ord of 7 — 10. Standing out among 
the varsity's triumphs were the 
Speedway Invitational, where they 
finished third, and the Howe Invita- 
tional, where they placed fourth. 
Their crowning achievement, how- 
ever, was the fifth place finish in 
the city tournament. During that 
tournament, Curt Sidener, junior, 

was runner-up in singles. 

In the fall 1968 state tournament, 
played at Ben Davis, the team found 
new talent. The Kersey brothers, 
Dave, a sophomore, and Kenney, 
a junior, both from Henderson, 
Kentucky, played for Northwest. 
These two, plus more underclass- 
men talent, will form the nucleus 
of coach Don Thompson's team 
for the next year. 

VARSITY TENNIS— FRONT ROW: Kenneth Kersey, Dave Kersey, Curt Sidener, Sam Fox- 
worthy, Gary Cosgrove. BACK ROW: Coach Don Thompson, Steve Claer, Tim Olson, Vernon 
Thompson, Meyer Meyers, Martin Landreth, Bill Guernsey. 

Steve Benford, senior, jumps the net after 
j victory in a singles match. 


Varsity Tennis 










































Broad Ripple 








Speedway Invitational 


Howe Invitational 


City Tournament 


Season Record 7 — 10 

quarterback John Mitny drops back to try to find a receiver in hopes of throwing a 
touchdown pass against North Central's Panthers. 

Observing the play of his teammates is 
Gary Poulos, a senior halfback. 

'^mSS^^^^^ *** 


Ronnie Ragland, John Whitman, Jim 

ey, Bill Larkerbrink, Rick 

Chris Weldon, Brent Junkins, 

Steve Dotlich, David Downing, Gary Poulos, 

Coach Compton. SECOND ROW: Danzon 
Hampton, Gene Reed, Steve Saligoe, Chuck 
Cox, John Sal/er, Harold Jones, Mike Hin- 
derliter, Lee Engledow, John Mitny, Everett 
Lewis, Coach Stabler. BACK ROW Phil 

Potenza, Carl May, Tim Burge, Chuck Beeler, 
Ronnie Read, Chuck Haberman, Steve Col- 
lins, Mike Tillery, Mark Woodson, Danny 
King, Mike Rinehart, Coach Hamman. 


Pioneers highlight grid 
season with new stadium 

Inexperience marked the 1968 
Pioneer football fortunes. The var- 
sity team finished the season with 
a 1 — 9 record. The season was high- 
lighted by the dedication of the 
school's new football stadium. 

Ben Davis was the opponent in 
the dedication game. The Pioneers 
matched the festive mood by lead- 
ing most of the game, losing in the 
closing minutes to the rival Giants. 

The varsity's lone victory was 
over Wood's Woodchucks. But 
the Pioneers faced an ambitious 
schedule with six of their foes 
being ranked among the state's top 
20during the season. 

The Northwest squad was an in- 

experienced one with only 10 of 
the 22 starting offensive and de- 
fensive positions being filled by 
seniors. Underclassmen gained 
valuable experience in filling the 
spots on coach Bruce Hamman's 

The Pioneers opened the grid- 
iron campaign with a 20 — loss to 
Broad Ripple's Rockets. The Space 
Pioneers then proceeded to lose 
four more in a row, matching the 
school's longest losing streak in its 
six-year history. 

The Pioneer reserve squad 
posted a 2 — 7 record. Their victories 
were over Chatard and Southport. 

Varsity Football 

Broad Ripple 








Ben Davis 

North Central 











1 4 








Season Record: 1 — 9 

Reserve Football 

Broad Ripple 





Wood Forfeit 



Ben Davis 







1 J 







Season Record: 2 — 7 

Leamon, John Chastain, David Crozier, Dick 
Whitesell, Steve Cudry, Wayne Burge, Scott 
McCluckie. SECOND ROW: Rick Crawford, 
Fred Crosely, Paul Feltner, Carnie Vann, 
Scott Rosenberger, Greg Scudder, Richard 
Cramer. BACK ROW: Steve Hodges, Bob 
Richards, Mike Nicholson, Lynn Snyder, 
Dan Webster, Coach Stabler. 


H i/ 

ter, Gary Mandabach, Sam Dotlich, Mark 
Larrison, )on Slaughterback, Charles Rose, 
)im Dimitroff, Coach Schmink. SECOND 
ROW: Greg Byard, Harry Smith, Danny 
Wyatt, Joey Turns, Dan Doty, Mike Kim- 
brough, Gary Weir, Coach Cummings. 
THIRD ROW: Matt Berry, Kevin Ball, Tom 
Kinley, Tim Johnson, Rick Pruitt, Steve 
Gano, James Fowler. BACK ROW: John 
Case, Tom Case, Greg Shires, Rex Ikemire, 
Bill Knight, Vance Stratton, Steve Cass. 

Harriers continue winning 
ways with young runners 

■\ winning season is getting to be 
a tradition with Coach Vern Mc- 
Carthys cross-country team. The 
1968 season was a clean sweep on 
all levels. The varsity record was an 
unprecedented 10 — 0. The reserve's 
record of 6 — — 1 was marred only 
b\ a tie with Speedway. Lastly, the 
freshmen battled to a 3 — 1 record 
placing second in the city. 

Junior Bill Hicks paced the varsity 
team as he lead Northwest to a sec- 
ond in the city, a third in the sec- 
tional, and a seventh in the regional. 
Hicks himself was city champion. 

At the reserve level, the second 
string also took a second in the city. 
Tom Mahler and Ron Selby paced 
the team and are expected to shine 
on the 1969 varsity team. 

Hard-wurking runners like senior Dan Rans- 
dell made possible Coach McCarty's victor- 
ious season. 

Varsity Cross-Country— FRONT ROW: Dan Ransdell, Tom Miller, 
Gene Walden, Neil Gobel. BACK ROW: Coach McCarty, Frank Mc- 
Mahon, Bill Hicks, Jeff King, Joe Christy. 

Reserve Cross-Country— FRONT ROW: Bruce Kendall, Ron Selby, 
Tom Mahler. BACK ROW: Coach McCarty, Mike Kirkman, Larry Kim- 
brough, Mike Cherry, Coach Sachs. 


FRESHMAN CROSS-COUNTRY— FRONT ROW: Ed Bornstein, Lyle Geddes, Jim Selby, Rick 
Commeville, Tim Hintz, Jerry Hoover. SECOND ROW: Coach Vernon McCarty, Tim Miller, 
Rick Knight, Fred Taylor, Steve Wilbur, Murrav Davis, Coach Steve Sachv 


Varsity Cross- 




-l r » 





Washington & Arlir 























Broad Ripple 



Season Record 10- 

Reserve Cross 








Washington & Arlir 














Broad Ripple 



Season Record 6 — 

— 1 

Freshman Cross-Country 

Washington & Arlin 














Season Record 3— 


The stamina needed to win long-distance 
runs is evidenced by strong-running senior 
Joe Christy. 

City champion Bill Hicks, junior, accepts 
some constructive criticism from assistant 
coach Mr. Steve Sachs. 


Individual improvement 
aids varsity net season 

Sophomore Louie Burns fights to keep the 
ball from a tough Washington team. The 
Pioneers lost 91—48. 

One word could have described 
the 1969 basketball season — im- 
provement. The 9 — 13 season began 
with high hopes and, although the 
tough teams were played early in 
the season, these hopes were ful- 

Two underclassmen formed the 
nucleus of the team. Louis Burns 
and Mendel Smith were responsi- 

ble for more than one victory. 
Illness plagued the Pioneers. Dave 
McClellen and Ted Young were 
hindered. As the season progressed, 
the senior players declined as the 
newer players improved. For next 
season, Coach Bill Ritter predicted 
that "if the boys give a good sum- 
mer effort, we should be one of 
the toughest teams in the area." 

Varsity Bas 












\\ ashington 



Broad Ripple 






Beech Grove 






Decatur Central 



City Tourney 




Broad Ripple 







_( ) 








Ben Davis 






North Central 
















Season Record 9 — 13 

junior Ken Stoul attempts to keep 
.'. ■ ington's Big George McGin- 
nis from scoring during the game 
with Washington. Senior Dave 
McClellan awaits the ball. 

VARSITY BASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: Bill Humphrey, Mickey Dodson, Bill Hicks, Mike 
Crouch, Allan Swartz, Mendel Smith and Marvin Wiggs; BACK ROW: Ted Young, Herman 
Bradley, Ken Stout, Dave McClellan, Max Nieman, Mike Larrison, Louis Burns, Don Beuke and 
Coach J. W. Ritter. 

junior Ken Sfouf finds a way around his 
man. Stout led his teammates with his high 
scoring average. 

A team-up of juniors Mike Larrison and 
Ted Young succeeds in relieving an oppon- 
ent of the ball. 


Reser\e Ba? 









Zions\ ille 



\\ ashington 



Broad Ripple 






Beech Cro\e 






Decatur Central 


















Ben Davis 






North Central 









Season Record: 9—10 

Coach Bill Ritter instructs his charges on the 
best way to defeat an upcoming foe. 

Washington star George McGinnis takes 
aim on the Continental hoop. His deadly 
aim paced the Washington team. Northwest 
team members Louie Burns and Ted Young 
attempt to block the shot. 




^ «M 6 g >« P 























































Broad Ripple 









Season Record: 9 — 11 

Mike Kirkman, Mike Bechert, Don Benge, 
Mike Hinderliter, David Cassell, Monte 


Varsity Pioneer Ted Young, junior, attempts 
to score late in a game as senior Dave Mc- 
Clellan prepares to help. 

— 65 

Reserve, frosh strive to 
merit varsity competition 

Northwest reserve and freshman 
basketball teams ended their seasons 
with nearly identical records of 
9 — 10 and 9 — 11, respectively. Names 
such as Bechert, Benge, Hinderliter, 
Tillery, and Byard as well as others 
will begin to appear on varsity 
rosters next year. The jayvees were 

again coached by Mr. Don Stone. 

The inexperienced freshmen, 
under coach Mr. Robert Groomer, 
made a good city appearance. They 
defeated their first foe, Marshall, 
50 — 31. They were beaten by 
Manual, however, in a 42 — 40 scor- 
ing battle. 

BACK ROW: Lynn Snyder, Mike Tillery, Bill 
Dunham, Fred Crosly, Emory Schlake, Dale 
Byard, Coach Don Stone. 

Manager Mike Robinson, Phil Hausman, 
David Athey, Rodney Smith, Michael Corn, 
Jim Blair, )ohn Pourctot, Manager William 
Giebel; SECOND ROW: Charles Rose, 
Danny Dunbar, Doug Moffitt, Jim Jones, 
Doug Rice, Jim Dimitroff, Danny Wyatt, 
Jerry Hoover; BACK ROW: Gregg Shires, 
David Cody, Jim Fowler, Vance Stratton, 
Mark Larrison, Larry Jones and Coach R. E. 


Wrestling coach molds 
team into city challenger 

\\ restling had a new coach and a 
\oung. fresh team in 1969. Coach 
Richard Cummings faced a \ar>it\ 
team with six sophomores on it. 
Howe\er. he guided them to a 
6 — 6 — record. 

Coach Cummings' secret was 
practice, practice and mor.e practice. 
Hi> practices were both demanding 
and time-consuming. He figured 
409.013 hours of practice for the 
\arsit\ and reserve teams bv all the 
boys together. The reserves finished 
with a " -5 record. The frosh did 
e\en better with an 8 — 2 season. 

Cummings will be losing Steve 

Dotlich, 154-pounder who battled 
to third place in the state wrestling 
meet. He also set three varsity rec- 
ords during the season — 20 take- 
downs, 6 predicaments and 6 falls. 

Other winning seniors who will 
be departing are John Doll, 133 
pounds, and Denny Allison, 120 

Next year, Cummings hopes to 
have a stronger dual meet team al- 
though he realizes he will have 
fewer strong individual competitors. 

Underclassmen who gained re- 
serve experience are expected to 
help the team. 

Senior Steve Dotlich is the team's outstand- 
ing competitor, winning sectional and re- 
gional titles. 

ROW: John Doll, Mike Donahoe, Dennis 
Allison, Phil Pontenza, Bruce Bryant, Tom 

Fawcett; BACK ROW: Coach Richard Cum- 
mings, Steve Collins, Chuck Cox, Tim Burge, 

Steve Dotlich, Terry Boring, Carl May, Coach 
Ronald Schmink. 

junior Tom Fawcett prepares to escape from 
his adversary in the 95-pound class com- 
petit on. 




























1 1 








City Tournament 




Washington Invit. 












Season Record 6 W 

on 6 Lost 







1 8 











Broad Ripple 





















Season Record 7 W 

on 5 Lost 

































Season Record 8 Won 2 Lost 

Sfeve Dotlich attempts to pin his opponent 
on the way to a victory. 

RESERVE WRESTLING— FRONT ROW: Bob Doll, David Graber, Rick Berry, Dan Scotten, 
David Keen; BACK ROW; Ron Read, Tim Burge, Doug )ones, Greg Scudder, Carl May and 
Bruce Wozney. 


etting 'heir \ounger counterparts 

show them up. taculn "cheerleaders" (from 

Gwen Hiett, Leigh Riches, Jan Morgan, 

Karol Rub\. Juds \ oris and Ann Eisner 

demonstrate the popular "smash 'em" yell. 

Sen/or Bill Larkerhrink keeps in good phys- 
ical shape by working out at Hofmeister's 

Catching the wrath of the women faculty team is "referee" Vernon McCarty. 

Rex Hedegard drives around a WIFE Good 
Guy in the annual contest. 

7 A 

Concentrating on a free throw attempt is 
senior Diane Hanft under the watchful eye 
of faculty foe Phyllis Carroll. 

Many participate in sports 
outside athletic limelight 

Keeping physically fit wasn't 
confined to the school's athletes 
in inter-school competition. Every- 
one took an active interest in fit- 

A highlight of the physical edu- 
cation department's outside activi- 
ties was the fourth annual WIFE 
Good Guys game against faculty 
members. The school's representa- 
tives won the battle by one point, 

The Girls Athletic Association 
played a role, too. As a part of the 

WIFE game, the senior girls chal- 
lenged women faculty members to 
a game of basketball. That game 
ended in a 12 — 12 tie. 

Interest in bowling continued to 
grow at Northwest. An active Bowl- 
ing Club sponsored weekly compe- 
tition for interested members. 

Other pupils attacked the physical 
fitness problem on their own. Many 
boys kept in trim by working out 
at private gymnasiums and health 
clubs in the city. 

Fisher, Bruce Ingalls, Phil Lombardo, Don 
Craig, Sue Cash, Mark Evans, Jerry Harvey, 
Larry Kutz, Bob Curry, Jim Childers; 5fC- 
COND ROW: Betty Allen, Linda Kellogg, 
Diane Dubrosky, Birdie Shelton, Vicki 

Hendricks, Sherry Norton, Shirley Cash, 
Kris Hamon, Jean Wallace, Michele Daven- 
port, Gina Cardwell; THIRD ROW: Sandra 
Conners, Elaine Williams, Jane Corbin, Harry 
Smith, Dave Feid, Paul Hambrick, John 

Harvey, Tom Walsh, Doris Williams, Maryann 
Perkinson; BACK ROW: Chris Loggins, Ken 
Fodne, Mike Shinn, Wilbur Jackson, Jackie 
Hayes, Jo Ellen Crays, Leslie Conant, Nina 
Nalyvayloand Brenda Barrett. 

Faculty women and senior girls battle for 
a rebound before a technical foul is whistled. 



Activities at Northwest are a 
means for Pioneers to express them- 
selves as individuals. Those who en- 
joy chess or checkers express them- 
selves in daily matches. Those who 
are fascinated by computers spend 
hours writing programs. Others join 
the FTA or Red Cross Club to pre- 

pare for future careers. Many 
Pioneers join language clubs, history 
club, or science club in order to ex- 
plore further their favorite subject. 
The wide-range of activities offered 
at Northwest gives Pioneers an op- 
portunity to explore their individual 

Band receives first rating 
in ISMA marching contest 

Entertaining at football games was 
major activity of the 117-mem- 

bei Marching Pioneer Band, but 
most important was the advance- 
ment of musical knowledge and ap- 
preciation. Directed b\ Mr. Darrell 
Horton. the band was one of four 
from Indiana to give a marching 
demonstration for the Indiana 
Bandmasters Association. Thev pre- 
sented a halftime show at Butler 
University, received a first place in 
the ISMA Marching contest, 
marched in the Veterans' Day Pa- 
rade, and presented Christmas and 

spring concerts. 

Eight majorettes and 31 Silver- 
ettes, directed by Mrs. Alice Hauss, 
supplemented the band with eye- 
catching routines. Dressed in 
glittering silver and green outfits, 
two feature twirlers added a new, 
exciting beat in the tempo of the 
Marching Pioneers. 

Dedicated orchestra members 
worked to become part of the all- 
city and all-state orchestras besides 
winning individual honors in 
state music competition. 

Drum major, Gary Stewart, signals the band 
to begin the halftime performance. 


! '' in i — m i l D 'tm .mnm.^im " < ""WJ 

BAND— FRONT ROW: Nancy Phillips, Deb- 
1 • '■ > • ter, Shirley Wright, Linda Lemmert, 

Truan, Patty Shaedel, Nickie Huber, 
rerri O'Bannon, Tina Faught, lanis Farrell, 

Hunt, Connie Clawson, Sherri Cock- 
/elyn Devine, Judy Lane, Marcia Bate- 
man, Marsha Corder, Gary Stewart. SECOND 
ROW -■<■■'■ Pickett, Ronnie Cox, Earl Deall, 
Sandi Worthington, Linda Montgomery, 

Lawrence, Vic k i Farrell, Cindy Bates, 

jteorts, Ben Burge, John Orton, Tony 

Kendrick, Nancy Nichols, Pam Lackner, 
Dana Howard, Norm Schoppenhorst. THIRD 
ROW: John Lawson, Tim Olsen, Gary Bush, 
Kenneth Branan, Ruk Brown, Steve Clear, 
John Doll, Karen McClain, Patti Graham, 
Grfg Dowden, Bob Green, Steve Lammert, 
Cheryl Richey, Janis Huntley, Paul Parker, 
Chuck Went/el. FOURTH ROW: Steve 
Hamilton, Kevin Ball, Gary Cirrincione, Chris 
Galloway, Dennis, Henman, David Skinner, 
Mike Baker, Phil Wright, Craig Bank, Charles 

Hanover, Glenda Heath, Jim Fowler, David 
Farrell, Curt Sidener, Gary Shaffer, Neil Gobel. 
FIFTH ROW: Dennis Dooley, Mark Curtus, 
Jeff Smith, Elise Jamison, David Mason, Tom 
Locke, Don Craig, Linda Love, Garry Pot- 
tenger, Jay Cummings, Mike Higgs, Lana 
Kimbrough, Susan Payne, Richard Pruett, 
Bob Doll, Gorden Thompson. BACK ROW: 
Mike Cummings, Debbie Glunt, Mr. Darrell 
Horton, Band Director, Frank Spikes, Phil 


School choral groups extend 
talents in many directions 

Not only students, but community 
members as well were harmoniously 
serenaded by Northwest's choral 

By purchasing one family ticket, 
all family members were admitted 
to four specific concerts to enjoy 
such talent as the 70-voice strong 
Concert Choir. 

Casually attired, Swing Choir 
or the "Singin' Pioneers" enthused 
audiences at the Hobby Show, First 
Baptist Church, and Holiday Inn 
with their free-style, "sing-out" 
numbers. Concert Choir and 
Swing Choir performed their 

first campus concert for Indiana 
Central College. Candy sales money 
was used to buy green and white 
blazers for traveling concert ap- 

Thirteen Belles, dressed in regal 
emerald formals, coordinated 
step routines with musical ability to 
delight supper club audiences at 
the Masonic Lodge in Nashville, 

Concert Club, a select group of 
55 girls, offered programs at ele- 
mentary schools and joined in the 
All-City Concert Club Festival. 

Reht'drsing before one of their many per- 
formances are Kathy Threlkeld, Peg DeKru- 
ter, and Debbie Baron. 

BELLES— Sandy Sprouse, Helen Clear, Peg DeKruyter, Kathy Threlkeld, Stephanie Darrah, 
Donna Coston, Rose Cugenheim, Sally Ghere, Mary Huber, Valerie Keglovits, Arleen Bolton, 
Marcy Miller, Debbie Baron. 

CHOIR— FIRST ROW: Sally Chere, Paula 
Parker, Wanda Harrington, Valerie Keglovits, 
Arleen Bolton, Marcy Miller, Sandra 
Sprouse, Sally Cannon, Helen Clear, Kate 
Griffin, Debbie Baron, Kathy Ferguson, Pen- 
nv Christoff, Diana Daniel. SECOND ROW: 
Peg DeKuyter, Donna Coston, Stephanie 
Darrah, Marta McFarling, Jenine Howard, 
Mar\ Trantham, Debbie Eckert, Becky 

Drummer Dave Mason provides the beat for 
"The Singin' Pioneers" pop music sound. 

Stephanie Boy! sophomore, and Linda 
Gauger, sophomore, practice in class. 

Arthur, Demaris Gamble, Kathy Threlkeld, 
Linda Gauger, Belinda DeSpain, Debbie 
Webster, Mary Huber, Karen Wilson, Regina 
Ford, Rose Gugenheim. THIRD ROW: Bill 
Christoff, Wayne Burge, Tim Campbell, 
David Stanton, Mike Carrico, Barry Christy, 
John Hale, Denny Dooley, Steve Deer, Terry 
Cain, David Gobel, Tom Lamkin, Mike Phil- 

lips, James Riggs, David Schuster, Lonny 
Huber, Phil Vaught, Gary Baron, Neil Gobel. 
BACK ROW: Joe Christy, Dave Kirk, Caster 
Wooden, David Brown, Steve Moore, Mike 
Bechert, Bill Tipps, Paul Hollowell, Steve 
Giles, Chris Gossett, Paul Johnson, Mike 
Wright, Tim Johnson, Bob Bradfield, Bob 


SINGING PIONEERS— Accompanists: Chris Gossett, Barry Christy, Dave Mason. FIRST ROW: 
Tim Johnson, Donna Coston, Lonny Huber, Sandy Sprouse, Bill Tipps, Helen Clear, Dave 
Brown. SECOND ROW: Dave Schuster, Rose Gugenheim, )im Riggs, Belinda Despain, Steve 
Moore, Marci Miller, Joe Christy. BACK ROW: Bob Bradfield, Peg DeKruyter, David Kirk, Linda 
Gauger, Wayne Burge. 

Choral director David Greenlee directs the 
Concert Choir in practice for an upcoming 

The Concert Club performs a popular Christmas hymn at the school's annual holiday program 
as their gift tothe community. 



Honor leaders encourage 
service and scholarship 

Leadership, scholarship, service, 
and character summed up a por- 
trayal of 46 National Honor Society 
students. Creating an enthusiasm 
tor scholarship, stimulating a desire 
tor rendering service, and encourag- 
ing character development in 
Northwest pupils were the goals of 

Donating their own study time, 
several NHS members tutored 
classmates during study halls. Usher- 
ing for various auditorium programs 
and sponsoring a post-game dance 
were two annual activities. 

In April, a tapping ceremony 
marked the first step towards the 
initiation of new members. Main- 
taining at least a B-plus average, 
ranking in the top ten percent of 
the junior class or fifteen per cent 
of the senior class, being involved 
in Northwest activities, and showing 
good character were minimum 
requirements for membership. 

Officers were Kate Griffin, presi- 
dent; Dean Bennett, vice-president; 
Karen Slaughterback, secretary, and 
Dean Kimsey, treasurer. 

7o provide special help for pupils having 
trouble in their classes is the job of Honor 
Society members as shown by senior 
Jean Ann Mughmaw. 

ROW: Patricia Wilson, Michelle Arnett, 
Cynthia Parmarlee, Glenda Beach, Helen 
dear, Diane Hanft, Patty Guleff, Sally Chas- 
teer , Suellen Rowls, Ardis Mandabach, Linda 
Otr, Susan Byrd, Mary Orders, Jim Shearer. 

SECOND ROW: Denita Rogers, Melanie Lay, 
Nancy Huisman, Kate Griffin, Arleen Bol- 
ton, Debbie Webster, Karen Slaughterback, 
Zoe Hash, Suzanne Hunt, Sally Ghere, 
Paula Parker, Nancy Sullivan, Stephanie 
Darrah, Becky Pruitt, Cheryl Canner, Dawn 

McCreary, Jean Mughmaw. BACK ROW: 
James Goldey, Alan Shirley, Mike Rader, 
Dean Kimsey, James Hollowell, Paul Gunkel, 
Dean Bennett, Lloyd Couch, Bill Guernsey, 
Curt Sidener, Benjamin Burge, Tom Miller, 
Lonny Huber, Joe Christy, Jerry Smith. 


Student council encourages 
participation in activities 

Sponsoring money-raising pro- 
jects for landscaping and the foot- 
ball stadium, heading clean-up cam- 
paigns for cafeteria and school 
grounds, running and regulating 
school social affairs, ushering at 
performances and open houses, fur- 
thering school spirit were the re- 
sults of the combined efforts of 
some 70 Student Council represen- 

Student Council was also the 
propelling force behind many after- 
game dances including homecom- 
ing and the holiday Christmas deco- 
rations. Student Council tried to 
interest more Pioneers in school 
activities, to improve conditions of 
Northwest, and to promote a 
healthy student-faculty relationship. 

STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET— FRONT ROW: Patty Guleff, Diane Hanft, Paula Parker, Vicky 
Busby, Sue Maynard, Karen Dolan, Laurie Lang, Debbie Percival. SECOND ROW: Mike Bell, 
Diane Skinner, John Salzer, Barb Paton, Chuck Cox, Ivory McDonald, Chuck Wentzel. 

President Paula Parker presides over the 
frequent student council meetings. 


Vanguard editors adjust to 
yearbook's new 1969 look 

\ anguard 1969 sported a new look 
inside and out. A cover designed 
by Sharon Pottgeiser, junior, and 
contrasting colored paper in the 
opening section were a part of this 
new look. 

By signing with the American 
Yearbook Company, Vanguard 
switched from letterpress to offset 
printing. This change caused the 
bulk of the staff's problems. One 
of the new adjustments included 
sending entirely completed pages 
instead of a group of pictures or 

im 11 i 

copy that went throughout the 

Under the student direction of 
Jim Reed and Julie Evans, Vanguard 
staff sponsored "Vangaurd Varie- 
ties," the first all school talent show. 

Managing editor Jim Reed han- 
dled finance and sales; Larry Batt- 
son drew the layout; photo editor 
Pat Guleff scheduled pictures; and 
Mary Orders headed copy. Re- 
sponsible for the entire production 
was Linda Ott, editor-in-chief of 
Vanguard 1969. 

-..-TV" " 

Three staff members, Pat Helvey, Polly Hallagan and Julie Evans, work intently to finish the 
• rbook student index. 

Proving that you never can tell what might 
be found in the yearbook storage closet are 
(front) Sally Chasteen, Linda Ott and Suzie 
Huber; (back) Mary Orders, Larry Battson, 
Jim Reed and Patty Guleff, section editors. 




• V 

VANGUARD STAFF— FRONT ROW: Miss Gwen Hiett, Mary Orders, Pat Contos, Peggy Mc- 
Cauley, Beth Farringer, Suzie Ott, Linda Ott. SECOND ROW: Julie Evans, Elaine Hagan, Diane 
Carter, Polly Hallagan, Sally Chasteen, Patty Guleff, Suzie Huber, Simmie Smiljanic. THIRD 
ROW: Ann Schumacher, Barb Morehous, Terri Barnhart, Georgeann Gunning, Janet Pence, 
Candy King, Sally Ghere, Sue Faust. BACK ROW: Pat Helvey, John Carrier, Larry Battson, 
Bob Creviston, Bill Gibbons, Jim Reed, Dean Kimsev, Gary Cosgrove, Chris Fallowfield. 

Seniors Patty Guleff and Suzie Huber check pictures in the activities section of the 1969 Van- 
guard to make sure all groups are included. 

Yearbook advisor Gwen Hiett makes a final 
check on pages with editor-in-chief Linda 
Ott, senior. 


Green, Jane Zwerner, Donna Shouse, Carole 
Brent, Sharlene Queen, Lynda Fritz, JoAnn 

Watkins: SECOND ROW: Tim Campbell, 
Janet Pence, Carol Stengel, Nora Ratcliff, 
Steve Giles, Theresa Vidito, Larry Battson; 

BACK ROW: Mr. Jim Ray, Becky Pruitt, Bill 
Gibbons, Bill McKinley, Gene Walden, Jean 
Ann Mughmaw, Bill Christoff. 

NEWS BL REAL— FRONT ROW: Gretchen Burkett, Becky Dresser, Penny Christoff, Janet Mobley, 
Diana Daniel; BACK ROW: Mr. Ray, Bill McKinley, Steve Giles, Bill Gibbons. 

k S 


Telstar editor, senior Jean Ann Mughmaw, 
types copy for a coming issue of Telstar. 

Staff works to 
informed All- 

Thirty young journalists under- 
took the vast challenge of inform- 
ing and entertaining some 2,500 
readers through the Telstar, North- 
west's bi-weekly newspaper. With 
a touch for the inquisitive, reporters 
invaded every corner to find news. 

For the first time, Telstar won an 
All-American rating for the 1968 
spring semester. To add to NHS 
honors, Sharlene Queen was se- 
lected secretary of the Indiana High 
School Publications Association. 

News Bureau staff prepared copy 

keep pupils 
American way 

about NHS and its pupils for publi- 
cation in city and suburban news- 

Fifteen journalists aspired to the 
NHS chapter of Quill and Scroll, 
which recognizes meritorious 
service and achievements in stu- 
dent publications. To be eligible, 
a student had to be at least a junior 
with two semesters in publications 
and maintain a B average. Besides 
the spring publications banquet, 
Quill and Scroll also sponsored 
convention and workshop trips. 

QUILL AND SCROLL— FRONT ROW: Linda Ott, Mary Orders, Donna Shouse, Penny Christ- 
off. SECOND ROW: Sally Chere, Patty Guleff, Simmie Smiljanic, Sally Chasteen, Diana Daniel. 
BACK ROW: Mr. Ray, Becky Pruitt, Jim Reed, Jean Ann Mughmaw, Dean Kimsey. 

Staff members, Carole Brent and Ralphia 
Green confer with advisor, Mr. James Ray. 


Outstanding dramatists gain 
National Thespian status 

lust one of the many jobs of junior Mike Bennett, stage direc- 
tor, is operating the spotlight during performances. 

Who could replace the Bogarts, 
the Gables, the Garbos of yester- 
year? Perhaps Northwest's Thespian 
Troupe 2625 had the answers all 
along. To become a member of the 
National Thespian Society, a stu- 
dent must earn ten Thespian points. 
He may appear on stage, work after 
school on scenery, or work on 
costume, make-up, props, or pub- 
licity committees. 

Working together, some 30 Thes- 
pians taught Pioneer Players "the 
ropes" of costuming, make-up, and 
publicity. Any student interested in 
dramatics could join Pioneer Play- 
ers; often his joining motivated his 
desire to become a Thespian. 

A group of Thespians attended 
the film biography, "Funny Girl." 
Some experienced another branch 
of drama by directing one-act plays. 
For the first time, these plays were 
presented after school. 

Thespian officers were Lonny 
Huber, president; Gary Stewart, 
vice-president; Sandy Sprouse, sec- 
retary; and Arleen Bolton, clerk. 

Lonny Huber, senior, pauses dramatically 
after hearing that an atom bomb has ex- 
ploded in the production of the "Alas Baby- 

THFSPIANS— FRONT ROW: Mary Orders, Elise Jamison, Sandra Sprouse, Sue Byrd, Kathy 
Threlkeld, Rose Moore, Sally Ghere; SECOND ROW: Arleen Bolton, Patrice Heiken, Marsha 
Corder, Becky Pruitt, Jenine Howard, Becky Mathews; THIRD ROW: Paula Parker, Joe Neuman, 
George Bowen, Lonny Huber, Gordon Thompson, Mike Bennett, Gary Stewart; BACK ROW: 
John Carrier, Terry Ashcraft, Steve Hamilton, David Schuster, James Riggs, Mike Stafford, Jim 

Caught up in the crisis of "Alas Babylon" 
are John Carrier and John Hale, playing the 
role of Air Force officers. 

Sandra Sprouse, senior, as Maria in "The Sound Of Music" practices a production number 
with her stage children during rehearsal. 

Fryman, Jed Jamison, Connie Mattheis, Mary 
Orders, Julie Short, Deedee Erickson, Sandy 
Sprouse, Elise Jamison, Sue Byrd, Valerie 
Miller, Paul Wallace, Suzanne Mormance, 
Brenda Denton, Stacie Loncar, Helen Clear, 
Penny Christoff, Scott Warren, John Hale; 
SECOND ROW: Pam Dabner, Rossana Mas- 
sey, Mary Huber, Chris Harman, Carol Sen- 

ter, Sheila Newman, Pat Green, Arleen 
Bolton, Kathy Threlkeld, Jenine Howard, 
Carol Stengel, Pat Helvey, Kate Osbourne, 
Rose Gugenheim; THIRD ROW: Theresa 
Nichols, John Stanton, Gordan Thompson, 
Denny Dooley, Marva Edmonds, Dot Green, 
Eddie Koehl, Patrice Heiken, Becky Pruitt, 
Becky Mathews, Rose Moore, Sally Ghere, 
Larry Corbin; FOURTH ROW: Chuck Went- 

zel, Paula Parker, Lonny Huber, Mike Ben- 
nett, Gary Stewart, Polly Hallagan, Marsha 
Corder, Mike Stafford, Joe Neuman, Gina 
Ford, Theresa Neuman; BACK ROW: Fred 
Taylor, Steve Hamilton, Rick Oprisu, Craig 
Bonk, Bill Christoff, Dave Schuster, Rick 
Wilson, John Carrier, Jim Riggs, George 
Bowen, Jim Cox and Terry Ashcraft. 


Science Club gives chance 
to explore and investigate 

Sen/or physics student, Jerold Smith, "tink- 
■■ ith the oscilloscope. 

Thirty scientifically inclined Pio- 
neers found field trips, guest 
speakers, movies, and lectures all 
provided by Science Club. Not 
only did members gain more knowl- 
edge of science, they also learned 
to observe the application of sci- 
ence in the Northwest community, 
to give service to that community, 
and to devote time to individual 
science projects. 

Field trips included visits to den- 
tal laboratories at the I.U. Medical 
Center, Allison's Powerama, State 
Police Crime Laboratory, Butler Ob- 
servatory, and a trip to Sullivan 

Dr. Ray Oshiro of the I.U. School 
of Dentistry and a doctor from the 

Purdue Psychology Department 
guest-lectured at club meetings. 
Science Club itself sponsored a 
lecture at the Children's Museum 
March 1. Freshman Jim Wetzel, 
who won a $100 grant from the 
Marion County Heart Association 
with his project on sun spots, pre- 
sented the lecture on "Solar Analy- 

Two movies, "Air Pollution" and 
"Scientific Method for Experi- 
ments" informed and entertained 
club members. 

Several dedicated young scien- 
tists entered science projects in 
the three-day Science Fair. Projects 
were classified as physical science, 
biological, or chemistry in type. 

ford, lane Zwerner, Nancy Larson, Gail 
Baker, Cynthia Hart, John Eck, Suzy Dyke, 
Greg King. SECOND ROW: Richard Lyle, 

Rex Allen Spikes, Doug Crawford, Chuck 
Coats, Kenny Freeman, Karen McClain, Ron- 
ald Cox, Jim Wet/el, Donald Doty. BACK 
ROW: Mr. Stan Irwin, sponsor, Charles Fox, 

Bill Gibbons, Charles Hanover, Dennis 
Adams, George Mathers, Mike Linville, Ed 
Koehl, Jerry Smith, Mr. Milt Knopfmeier, 


Lee Horner, president of the History Club, 
points out an area of the world under dis- 

Studying past givesclub 
world of knowledge 

Historically intrigued — from the 
dying culture of an age-old civiliza- 
tion to the hopes and fears of a 
young, struggling republic — 15 Pi- 
oneers researched, debated, and 
reviewed historical and cultural 
movements, past and present. To 
better understand the various peo- 
ples and cultures of the world, mem- 
bers placed many field trips and 
guest speakers on their History 
Club agenda. 

Through trips to Conner Prairie 
Farms, the new downtown State 
Museum, World War II Memorial, 

Benjamin Harrison Home, and John 
Herron Art Museum, members wit- 
nessed not only visible ancient rel- 
ics, but learned the silent stories 
behind them — the intangible "her- 
itage" of civilizations long past. 

Mrs. Ruth Colon, language teach- 
er, visited the club to speak on 
Puerto Rico's history and social 
developments. Other activities in- 
cluded a slide presentation of 
Sweden and exchange discussions 
with club presidents from three 
other high schools to merge ideas 
on club policies and projects. 

HISTORY CLUB— FRONT ROW: Diane Wolf, Dana Hancock, Kathy Thompson, Susie Sum- 
mers, Theta Brannon. SECOND ROW: Laura Wolf, Cheryl Standaferd, Belinda Despain, Melany 
Lay, Donna Loffland. BACK ROW: Thorn Mormance, Lee Horner, )im Cox, Rick Wilson, 
Chuck Coats, Mr. Jerry Hankins, Sponsor. 

Ellen Amon, Tom Mormance and Lee Horn- 
er examine the land altitudes of the Far 
East on the globe. 


Putting the point across is 
vital to speech enthusiasts 

Clear. expressive communication, 
vital to am person's success, was 
stressed in preparing 25 Pioneers 

■ speech competition. The Speech 
Club, encouraging pupils inter- 
ested in better speaking communi- 
cation, entered speech tourneys at 
Warren Central, Ben Davis, Wash- 
ington and Speeduav High Schools. 
The club also entered the speech 

Seven Pioneers mastered clear- 
ness, expressiveness, voice pitch 
and hand gestures to bring 11 rib- 

bons home to Northwest. 

Several members won top hon- 
ors in the contests. Jim Cox was 
awarded first in impromptu speak- 
ing and Paula Parker first in poetry 
interpretation. Pat Parrish was 
fourth and fifth in impromptu 
speaking; Richard Meetz third, 
fourth and fifth in discussion; Janet 
Constable second and fourth in 
poetry interpretation; Mary Huber 
fifth in dramatic interpretations, 
and Risa Powell fourth in poetry 

DEBATE CLUB— FRONT ROW: Jed Jamison, Richard Meetz; SECOND ROW: Greg Pak, Kath- 
arine Wheeler, Theda Brannon; BACK ROW: Robert Perkins, Gary Sauer, Patrick Parrish, Jim 

Paula Parker, senior, practices for the state 
speech contest under the watchful eye of 
her instructor, Mrs. Ann Eisner. 

Meetz, Jackie Browning, Vickie Hunter. 
SECOND ROW: John Hale, Rose Moore, 
Roseanna Massey, Kathy Wheeler, Theda 
Brannon. THIRD ROW: Ruth Wilson, Paula 
Parker, Jim Cox, Mary Huber, Mrs. Eisner. 

Cultures, cust 
ands study of 

Dancing to Spanish music are Mrs. Ruth 
Colon, club sponsor, and her pupils, who 
share an interest in foreign culture. 

Any number of languages could 
be heard just by walking through 
the foreign language department 
after school. Four clubs were or- 
ganized to acquaint students with 
the culture of French, German, and 
Spanish people and studies of the 
Romans. Clubs used songs, dances, 
skits, games, and guest speakers — 
teaching media not available during 
class time — to help young linguists 
learn more outside the classroom. 

French Club visited the John Her- 
ron exhibit of French sculpture. 
German Club, the newest at North- 

oms of other 
four clubs 

west, had slide presentations and 
projects to promote German and 
its interest among students. While 
Latin Club members feasted at an 
authentic, traditional Roman Ban- 
quet, Spanish Club members at- 
tended a performance of "Man 
From La Mancha" and "Ciro and 
His Flamenco Dancers" at Clowes 
Hall. In April, a "Day of the Ameri- 
cas" was sponsored by the Spanish 
Club. Guest speakers included 
travelers to and natives from Span- 
ish-speaking countries. 

Lile, Nina Nalyvayko, Laura Powell, Brenda 
Denton, Dianna Taylor, Udo Effenberger. 
SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ruth Colon, )anet 

Constable, Kathy Leamon, Karen Poole, De- 
nise McKinster, Doug Crawford. THIRD 
ROW: George Kazacoff, Belinda De Spain, 
Wendi Pierson, Sherry Norton, Candy 

Moots, Doris Williams, Kathy Grider, Gor- 
don Thompson. BACK ROW: Tim Cassidy, 
Teresa Winter, Lee Horner, Tom Moit, Mike 
Baker, Charles Hanover, Mike Herkless. 


Mrs. Ruth Nekon, French Club advisor, as- 
sists Debbie DeWees in a vocabulary-build- 
ing exercise. 

John Platacis, sophomore, and lane Zwerner, 
junior, test their knowledge of the German 

GERMAN CLUB— FROST ROW: Cynthia Johnson, Jane Zwerner, Kathy Thompson. SECOND 
ROW: Mr. Richard Buchanan, Chuck Coats, Pam Lackner, Tim Hamer, Don Dotz. BACK ROW: 
)ohn Platans, Rick Schmitt, Don Gagen, Jeff Whitten, Jim Cox, George Bowen. 


Downing, Sharon Smith, Debbie DeWeese, 
Debbie Caudell, Deanna Shearer, Marsha 
Bernhart. SECOND ROW: Virki Hunter, 

Diane Holmes, Cathy Sidner, Nicki Huber, 
Debbie Pranger, Kathv Thompson, Laura 
Pryor, Barbara Taylor. BACK ROW: Cheryl 
Standefer, Carol Senter, Mary Huber, Ro- 

sanna Massey, John Hale, Steve Deer, Pat 
Parrish, Mrs. Nelson, sponsor. 

LATIN CLUB— FRONT ROW: Nancy Larson, Lynn Burnicle, Mary Ann 
Potenza, Lois McDonald, Stephanie Bastin; SECOND ROW: Virginia 
Howard; BACK ROW: Mrs. Virginia Hurt, Jo Ann Watkins, Barry Mc- 
Donald, Robert Wolter, Michael Teague, James Riggs. 


Pupils show interest in 
helping, teaching others 

To taste the satisfaction of giving 
of themselves to help others, 70 
Red Cross Club members con- 
structed such articles as diapers, 
baby blankets, doll clothes, and 
Christmas stockings for the sick and 
needy. Other projects included a 
Chit Chat Partv for an Indiana 
Girls' School cottage, a party for 
the Children's Guardian Home, 
friendship boxes for children in 
foreign countries, and a disaster 

Health Careers Club sponsored 
the Christmas Toy Shop for the 
mentally ill. A speaker from Health 
Careers Incorporated highlighted 

club meetings, and a visit to Christ- 
amore Center, one of the Public 
Health Stations in Indianapolis, 
gave members an eyewitness 
view of the many professions open 
in the field of health. 

Members of the FTA prepared 
for a future career by striving to up- 
hold the FTA pledge of "physical 
vitality, mental vigor, moral dis- 
crimination, and knowledge and 
leadership qualities for all teachers." 
Through panel discussions, films, 
and speakers, members learned 
about the responsibilities and op- 
portunities for teachers. 

Roxanne Williamson, sophomore, and Ro- 
berta Anderson, junior, work together on 
a Red Cross Christmas project. 

School Nurse Mrs. Lilian Resnick demon- 
strates to Stephanie Bastin, Sandra Smith 
and Maria Friedman how to give a shot to 
Karen Godwin. 

HEALTH CAREERS CLUB— FRONT ROW: Stephanie Bastin, Betty Troyer, Karen Godwin, 
SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lillian Resnik, Sponsor, Maria Friedman, Vicky Anderson, 
Marva White 


FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA— FRONT ROW: Glenda Beech, Linda Thompson, Sandra Hall, 
Suzi Shearer, Julie Short, Sandy Rav; SECOND ROW Dianne Wolf, Debbie Cawdell, Katherine 
Thompson, Pam Lackner, Linda Felts, Connie Riggs; THIRD ROW: Vivian Jean Snyder, Laura 
Powell, Debbie Howard, Sue Maynard, Wendv Sheets, Jeffrey Smith, Cynthia Falkerth, Kathie 
Keeley; BACK ROW: Mrs. Loffland, Sheila Newman, Michael Carricoe, George Kazakoff, James 
Cox, James Riggs, Tim Cassidy. 

Hunter, Joann Watkins, Roxanne William- 
son, Angela Sandsbury, Debbie Cadell, Deb- 
bie Plummer, Dianna Shearer, Jackie Rich- 
ardson, Margaret Blessing, Cathy Barker, 
Kay Saylor, Cathy Rice, Linda Burnicle; 

SECOND ROW: Demaris Gamble, Wilhe- 
mina French, Brenda Barrett, Chris Renner, 
Sheila Newman, Judy Evans, Roberta An- 
derson, Margaret Scoggans, Sandy Rogers, 
Debbie Hazelwood, Robin Barthel, Suzanne 
Ham, Karen Deitz, Cynthia Allen; BACK 

ROW Mike Linville, Mildred Jasper, Palma 
Henry, Karen Peacock, Judy Woolridge, 
Linda Mays, Bonita White, Aida Jones, 
Cheryl Jackson, Cindy Rose, Diane Graham, 
Jean Snyder, Pam Money and Candy Haney. 


Club members investigate 
outlook of business jobs 

Business Activities Club took an 
acti\e look at the many business 
professions. A program, "A Career 
That Counts," was presented by a 
representative of the Victor Better 
Business Bureau. 

For practical knowledge and for 
a realistic view of an actual work- 
ing da\, club members visited a 
local business and listened to var- 
ious guest speakers. Guest speakers 
from local businesses included 
representatives from Indiana Bell 
Telephone, Merle Norman Cos- 

metics, and the Data Processing 

Business Activities set three main 
goals for its members. Members 
were to share a common interest 
in business, to learn more about 
opportunities presented by busi- 
ness, and to further prepare for 
business careers. President Sherry 
Van Zandt, vice-president Karen 
Dolan, and secretary Dianna Shear- 
er planned business club programs 
and activities to achieve these three 
goals for each of the 15 members. 


Shirley Stump aids Rob Wolter with the 
improvement of his typing techniques. 

BUSINESS ACTIVITIES CLUB— FIRST ROW: Karen Dolan, Shirley Stone, Deanna Shearer, 
SECOSD ROW. Brenda Adams, Kathy Wheeler, Connie Wesley; BACK ROW: Christina Bartley, 
Linda Montgomery, Sherry Van Zandt, Bob Walker. 

Karen Dolan, junior, and Deanna Shearer, 
sophomore, discuss a Business Club bulletin 
board project. 

1 00 

Bill Gibbons, junior, types information into 
the computer at Indiana Central Business 

Math enthusiasts find fun 
in working with computers 

In the age of automation, when 
an electronic computer can pro- 
cess data in a matter of seconds, 
the new Computer Math Club re- 
served a time for young mathe- 
maticians to meet, discuss program 
writing and exchange ideas. Al- 
though a computer could do two 
weeks work in seconds, it could 
only do what was instructed on the 
program sheet. Since computer 
math was one of the most advanced 
math courses, those interested and 

unable to enroll found that the 
club offered them a chance to learn 
the basics of program writing. 

Club members had programs 
key-punched and processed week- 
ly in a computer. Through field 
trips to Indiana Central, some mem- 
bers experienced first-hand the 
skills of key-punching and com- 
puter operation. Visits to other 
computer laboratories, guest speak- 
ers and movies spiced club meet- 

COMPUTER MATH CLUB— FRONT ROW: David Koon, Ray Sprawl, Rude Moore, Bill Miller, 
Linda Ott, Pam Shields; SECOND ROW: Denny Allison, Jerry Smith, Bob Robinson, Sheila New- 
man, Suzie Hunt, Wendi Pierson, Jeanne Ballinger, Mr. James Ballinger, Sponsor; BACK 
ROW: Allan Shirley, Bruce Shelley, James Goldey, Ron Selby, Emory Schlake, Brian Shelley, 
Bill Gibbons, Paul Gunkel. 

Punching cards for a program to be pro- 
cessed by the computer is Linda Ott, senior. 


Memorable school events 
recorded on tape by club 

Smile! Candid Camera focuses 
again! Perhaps Candid Camera, 
HolKwood style, was not available, 
but tor 15 Audio-Visual Club mem- 
bers, projectors, films, slides, and 
filmstrips proved to be merely a 
portion of the growing modern 
visual aid capacitv offered to pupils 
of Northwest High School. 

Under the direction of Mr. Nor- 
man Tripp, the new Audio-Visual 

Club video-taped the Christmas 
program, speech club plays, and 
basketball games. Members even 
managed to capture on tape the 
formaldehyde world of biology, 
from dissections of fetal pigs to 
observations of microscope con- 

Club members and equipment 
were available any time to video- 
tape activities upon request. 

Mark Evans, Janice Ferrell and John Heffley 
put away audio-visual equipment after an 
instructional meeting. 

Gene King focuses the lens on the school's 
movie camera as Dan Smashy and Mike 
McCormick observe. 

AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB— FRONT ROW: Mike McCormick, Carlos Terrell, Harold Bailey, Mark 
Evans; SECOND ROW Mark Brown, Paul lohnson, )anis Ferrell, Norman Tripp; BACK ROW: 
Allen King, Ernest Boram and John Heffly. 

I 02 

Concentration necessary t 
keep check on club mates 

junior George Mathews contemplates his 
chess opponents' next move. 

From the lowly pawn to the state- 
ly King, from the sliding rook to 
the versatile Queen, Chess and 
Checkers Club members learned 
the rules and skills of two games in- 
volving intelligence, patience, and 

Thirty Pioneers practiced maneu- 
vering rooks, archbishops, knights, 
and the valuable Queen, able to 
move in all directions, to perfect 
their methods of play. Anticipating 
their opponents' moves, players de- 

signed plans to capture oppo- 
nents' pieces and, ultimately, check- 
mate the opposing King. 

After trying to double and triple 
jump each other to capture as many 
checkers as possible, players bat- 
tled for victory with kings made of 
double checkers. 

To highlight the year, Chess and 
Checker Club contestants entered 
the City Tourney and the State 
Tournament at North Central High 

thews, Richard Lile, Dennis Adams. STANDING: Charlice Suttice, Mr. 
Burkhalter, Sponsor, James Hudson, Alvin Query, Stanton Bluett, 
Eduardo Baez, David Eibe, Jerry Preston, Kenny Balough, Dennis Eckert, 

■ar:- - 

Mike Cooper, Wilbur Jackson, Ralph Kirk, Ken Freeman, Floyd Wright, 
John Heffley, Steve Price, Greg Hale, Eddie Trush, Charles Fox, Cloyce 
Thrush, Richard Green. 




The individuals composing 
Northwest are many different 
things. They are teachers and they 
are pupils. They are seniors, jun- 
iors, sophomores, and freshmen. 
They are football players and they 
are debaters. They are class leaders 

ALBUM.. . 

and they are classmates. They are 
sweethearts and they are friends. 
But most important each individual 
at Northwest is someone and will 
always be remembered as some- 
one who was fun to be with, to 
talk to, and to work with. 



'ijjjpr '*' 





Administration, faculty 
join for better education 

Keeping a 2,500 plus education 
center running smoothly, <\n im- 
mense job, was handled by the ad- 
ministrative staff. Headed by 
principal Kenneth M. Smartz, the 
staff was composed of Mr. George 
N. Gale, vice-principal in charge 
of building and finances; Mr. Har- 
old M. Crawford, vice-principal 
in charge of teachers and personnel; 
Mr. Richard Cummins, guidance 
director and senior counselor; and 
Mrs. Constance Zimlich and Mr. 
Paul Heaton, deans. 

Certified teachers at Northwest 
numbered 124; approximately 
eighty per cent of them had mas- 

/n charge of student programming is vice- 
principal, Harold VI. Crawford. University of 
California, Los Angeles, A.B.; Butler Univer- 
VI. S.; Ball State University 

ter's degrees. As enrollment in- 
creased, 36 new teachers helped 
balance the student-teacher ratio. 
The federal government's integra- 
tion program brought ten of the 
new 36 as transfers from inner-city 
schools in exchange for Northwest 

Besides teaching, faculty advised 
students with social or academic 
problems. Faculty-sponsored events 
included the teacher talent show, 
a faculty picnic in the fall, and a 
faculty dinner in the spring. Fac- 
ulty members also frequently chap- 
eroned after school events for 
NHS pupils. 

George Ca/e, vice principal in charge of 
building and finance, checks over the weeks 
events. Purdue University, B.P.E.; Butler Uni- 
versity, M.S.Ed. 

Principal Kenneth M. Smart/ pauses while signing one of the many school contracts. Indiana 
Central College; Indiana University, B.A.; Butler University, M.S.; Ed.S.; University of Colorado. 



Dean of Girls, Constance Zimlich, devotes full time to aiding with N.H.S. girls' problems and 
also sponsors the Student Council. Indiana University; Butler University, B.P.E., B.S., M.S. 

Guidance director, Richard Cummins, also 
directs senior homeroom. Franklin College, 
B.S., Butler University, M.A., Indiana Uni- 

Principal Kenneth Smartz points out the re- 
sponsibilities the graduating Northwest sen- 
iors will face. 

Advising the boys is the job of the Dean of Boys, Paul Heaton. Indiana 
State University; Ball State University, B.S., M.S. 


nes Science: Hano\er College, B.S., Butler 
- '■ M.S. Golf Coach. 
Apt Larry: Counselor; Indiana State University, A.B., 
Butler lni\ersit\ . M.S. 

- in. Albert: Business Education; Marion College, 
Indian. 1 . State I niversit} . -\.B. 

'acqueline: Science; Purdue University, B.S., M.S., 
I ni\ ersitv; Future Teachers of America Sponsor. 
Ba iger, James: Math: Ball State University B.S., M.A., 
n; Computer Math Club Sponsor. 

Ballock. William: Math; Indiana State University, B.S., 
v - San Jose State. 

Banks, Da\id: French; Kentucky State College, B.A., In- 
diana I ni\ersit\ . M.A.T. 
Bell. 1 Set. Emerson: ROTC; USAFE 

Berger. James: Industrial Arts; Indiana State University, 
B - M.S. 

Dim. James: Business Education; Oakland City College, 
B.S. Indiana University. 

Bradford. Doris: English; Indiana Central College, A.B., 
Butler Lni\ersit\ M.A., Northwest Passages Sponsor, Sen- 
ior Class Sponsor. 

Brown, Ray: English; Marian College, B.A. Western Illi- 
nois University, MA. 

Buchanan, Richard: German, History; Indiana Central 
College, A.B., Butler University; German Club. 
Burkhalter, P. D.: Science; Indiana University, A.B., M.S., 
Universit) of Chicago; Chess and Checker Club. 
Burkle, Dorothy: Art; Indiana University, B.A., B.S. 

Burns, Robert: Math, Indiana State University, M.S., 

B^ Exercise In Knowledge Sponsor. 

Burton, Arwilda: English; University of Louisville, B.A., 

Murray State College, M.A.; Northwest Passages Sponsor. 

Canner, Robert: Science Department Head; Butler Uni- 

versity, B.S., M.S., Colorado State University, M.A.T., 

Science Seminar. 

Carroll, Phyllis: Business Education; Indiana University, 

B.S., M.S. 

Carroll, Treva: Home Economics; Central State Univer- 

s t) . V\ ilberforce, B.S. 

Casselman, Phyllis: Library Experience; Central Normal 
College, B.S., Butler University, M.S. 

Clark, Freida: Business Education; Indiana Central Col- 
lege, B.S., Indiana University. 
Colon, Ruth: Spanish; DePauw University, A.B., Univer- 

' . of Illinois, M.A.; Spanish Club Sponsor. 
Combs, John: English; Butler University, B.A., M.A. 
Compton, Larry: History; University of Louisville, Indiana 
University; Varsity Football Coach, Freshman Track Coach. 

Cummings, Richard: Driver Education; Indiana Central 
College, B.S., Indiana State University, M.S.; Assistant 
Football and Wrestling Coach. 

Davis, Peter: Orientation; Indiana Central College, B.S., 
Butler University, M.S. 

Eisner, Anne: English; University of Kentucky, A.B., In- 
diana University, M.S.; Speech Club. 

Erdle, Kenneth: Mathematics; Rose Polytechnic In- 
stitute, Indiana State University, B.S. 
irtr er, Brenda: English; Indiana University, B.S., M.S. 

Freed, Dora: Business Education; Indiana State Univer- 
sit-., B.S., Purdue, M.S. 
Goodman, Betiy: Business Education; Indiana State Uni- 

ty, B.S., M.S., Ball State. 
Green, Russell: Industrial Arts; Purdue University, B.S., 
Indiana University. 
Greenlee, David: Music; Ball State University, B.S., M.A. 

er, Robert: Art, Driver Education; Indiana State 
ty, B.S., M.S.; Freshman Basketball Coach, 
F re; r 'nan Varsity Baseball. 

Moore, Richard: History; Indiana University, B.S., In- 
diana State University, M.A. 

Morgan, )anet: Home Economics; Valparaiso University, 
Ball State University, B.S.; Red Cross Co-Sponsor. 
Nelson, Ruth: French; University of Illinois, B.A., Butler 
University, M.S.; French Club. 

Niles, Betty: English Department Head; Indiana State 
University, B.S., Indiana University, M.A. 
Northcott, Nancy: English; Ball State University, B.A.; 
Usher Club Sponsor. 

Nuttall, Mark: History; Butler University, M.A. T. 
O'Brien, Richard: Guidance Counselor; Indiana Uni- 
versity, B.S., M.S., Ball State University. 
Perkins, Robert: English; Olivet College, B.A., Butler Uni- 
versity, M.A. 

Ray, James: English, Journalism; Indiana State University, 
S., Butler University, M.S.; Telstar, News Bureau, 
Quill and Scroll. 

Render, John: English, History; St. Joseph's College, 
Butler University, B.S. 

Resnick, Lillian: Nurse; Indiana University, G.N., A.B., 

M.S.; Future Nurses. 

Reynolds, Joseph: Art Department Head; Indiana Central 

College, B.S., Indiana University, M.S. 

Richey, Leigh: Science; Indiana University, A.B., M.A.T. 

Richie, Fimie: Foreign Language Department Head, 

Spanish; Indiana University, A.B., University of Arizona, 


Robinson, Beverly: English; Ball State University, B.S., 


Ruby, Karol: Music; Indiana State University, B.S., Music 

Sachs, Steve: Math; Ball State University, B.S., Purdue; 
Cross Country, Track. 

Saler, William: Math Department Head; University of 
Nebraska, B.S., Butler University, M.S. 

Savich, Yovanka: History; Butler University, B.A., M.A., 
University of Hawaii; Co-Sponsor National Honor So- 

Schmink, Ronald: Science, Driver Education; Indiana 
State University, B.S.; Freshman Football Coach. 

Bookstore secretary, Rosemary Bonham, over- 
sees students checking lost and found. 


Shoemaker loan: Home Economics; Eastern Illinois 
I niversitv. B.S. Butler I niversitv . M.S. 
Shuck Gilbert: Industrial \rts, Health; Ball State Uni- 
. B.S. Purdue University, M.S.. Indiana University, 

Smoot. Vrayton: History; St. Louis University, B.S., 
M S I niversiu of Chicago. 1 

ks lames: A.rt ; Butler University, B.S., Indiana Uni- 

or lack: Science. Driver Education; Indiana State 
L'niversity, Purdue University, B.S., M.S.; Football Coach, 
Baseball Coach. 

Stone, Don: Science; Butler University, B.S., M.S.; As- 
sistant Basketball Coach, Head Baseball Coach. 
Thomas, Patricia: Home Economics; Morehead State 
I niversitv . B.S.; Co-Sponsor Red Cross Club. 
Thompson, Don: English; Butler University, B.A., Indiana 
I niversitv. ; Tennis Coach. 

Thrasher, Cleve: History; Indiana University, A.B., M.S., 
Indiana State University, . 

Treichler, William: Physical Education Department Head; 
Indiana University, B.S., M.S. 

Tripp, Norman: Industrial Arts, Audio Visual Director; 
Ball State, B.S., Indiana University, M.S. 
Voris, Judith: Physical Education; Butler University, B.S.; 
Cheerleaders Sponsor, Cheerblock. 

Walker, Alonzo: Math; Indiana Central College, B.S., 
Ball State University. 

Walters, Phyllis: English, Stagecraft; Indiana State Uni- 
versity, A.B., M.A.; Pioneer Players, National Thespian 

Wills, Judith: English; Greenville College, Indiana Cen- 
tral College, B.S.; Northwest Passages. 

Woolridge, Lottie: Math; University of Louisville, B.S., 
Indiana University, M.S. 

Young, Phyllis: English; Ball State University, Butler Uni- 
/ersity . B.S., M.S. 

Checking Becky Matthews, junior, for Hong 
Kong flu is Lillian Resnick, school nurse. 


CUSTODIAL STAFF— FRONT ROW: Henry Morton, Charles Marshall. James Adams, William 
Gorham, John Stevens, Betty Gregory. BACK ROW: Milliard Stephens, John Briscoe, Kevin 
Blanford, William Clodfelter, William Hargis, Hershel Garrett. 

Overman, Dorothy Hiatt, Dee Ball, Dorothy 
Mangel, Mary Melton, Betty Bever, Mary 
Ballinger, Lucille Fields, Emma Fryman, Anita 
Johnson, Mary Schaidel, SECOND ROW: 

Freddy Manuel, Edna Paris, Janis Bennett, 
Lorraine Nettles, Esther Brunson, Irna Cock- 
rell, Marjorie G. Goldey, Pat Gnip, Ethelyn 
Devine, Marjorie Bader, Mona Nye. THIRFJ 
ROW: Ida Hitchell, Dixie Jacques, Helen 

Dailey, Theresia Heaton, Mabel Judy, Rose- 
velt McCloud, Joan Fleenor, Helena Carter, 
Grace Barrett, Roberta Smith, Martha Shaw, 

Standing around Mrs. Marian Baughman are 
Mrs. Elenor McCammack, Mrs. Francis 
Eberhard, Mrs. Jane Patterson, Mrs. Mir- 
iam Brown, Mrs. Rosemary Bonham, Mrs. 
Vivian Eaton, and Mrs. Elenor Wentzel. 

True individuals, seniors 
prepare for separate ways 

"A Time to Remember" signified 
mam things to the graduating sen- 
iors of 1969. Their four years at 
Northwest brought many honors 
to individuals as well as to the 

One highlight of their junior year 
was the prom, "A Summer Place." 
An ambition of this year's senior 
class was the completion of the 
stadium. Although they lost the 
stadium fund drive contest in 1967, 
thes were the first class to graduate 
in the NHSstadium. 

The senior gift this year was a 
much-needed ticket booth for the 
stadium. Selecting the class tree is 
a tradition at Northwest; the tulip 
tree was chosen for the class of 

Many memories followed the 
senior class from the first day of 
their freshman year until gradua- 
tion day. New aspects of life are 
opening up to the graduating sen- 
iors, but no member of the class 
of 1969 will forget his years at 

lamboree and Homecoming Queen Diana 
Skinner is an outstanding member of the 
senior class at Northwest. 

Basking in the applause from their fellow 
seniors are Diane Hanft and Gary Cosgrove, 
candidates for stadium king and queen. 

SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: Elaine Dotlich, Sue Rowles, Sue Maynard, Connie 
Owens, Laurie Lang; SECOND ROW: Pat Ziegler, Diane Hanft, Anna Sipe, Debbie Percival, 
Becky Thompson, Patty Guleff, Paula Parker; THIRD ROW: Diana Skinner, Rita Campbell, 
Suzie Huber, George Bowen, Jim Cox, Mark Nixon and Dave McClellan. 


Seniors '69 

Allen, Ted 

Allison, Denny: Reserve Track (1); Varsity Wres- 
tling (1,2,3,4); Letterman's Club 
Alsager, Janis: Cheerblock (1); Cheerleading (1,2, 
3,4); Vanguard (3); Northwest Passages, Pro- 
duction manager (3); junior Prom Committee 
(3); Senior Prom Co-Chairman 
Amburgey, Linda 

Anderson, Karen: Future Nurses Club (1); Cheer- 
block (1); Pioneer Players (2); Silverettes (2,3) 
Anderson, Merri ).: "Music Man" (2); G.A.A. (1) 
Arnett, Michelle L.: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Business Activities Club (3,4) 

Arnold, Angie: Danville High School; History 
Club (4) 

Arthur, Becky: G.A.A. (1); Junior Prom Commit- 
tee (3) 

Baez, Edguardo: Bogold, Colombia (1,2); Chess 
Club (3) 
Bailey, Leanna 

Baker, Clarence: Cross Country (1,2); Track (1,2); 
Wrestling (1,2) 

Baker, Tony C: Wrestling (1) 
Baker, William: Football (1) 
Baldwin, Rick 
Ball, Anetta: Carmel High School 

Banks, Charles: R.O.T.C. Drill Team (4) 

Barta, David 

Bartley, Christina: Business Club (4) 

Bauguess, Susan: Bowling Club (1); Cheerblock 

(1); History Club (2); Silverettes (2,3), Captain (4); 

Junior Prom Committee (3); "Carnival" (2) 

Beach, Glenda: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Silverettes (2,3), Co-Captain (4); Girls State Alter- 
nate; Cub Club (1); "Music Man" (1) 
Bell, Cheryle: Concert Club (3); FT. A. (1); 
G.A.A. (1,2); Spanish Club (2,3); Cheerblock 
(1); B. Orchestra (4) 

Bennett, Dean: National Honor Society (3,4), 
Vice-President (4); Freshman Track (1); Reserve 
Basketball (2); Freshman Football (1); Junior 
Prom Committee (3) 
Bennett, Larry 

Bennett, Nancy: Student Council (3); Business 

Activities Club (2); Junior Prom Committee (3) 

Bernhardt, Sharon: FT. A. (1,2) 

Best, Laura: Silverettes (2); "Youth Looks at 

Literature" (2) 

Blair, Charles: Student Council Alternate (1) 

! 15 

Seniors '69 

r^ . Pat: Cheerblock (1); Silverettes (2); lunior 
Prom Committee i31 
Blake Man 

Bolton. •Krleen: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Thespian i3.4>: Choir (2,3,4); Belles (4): Silver- 
ettes i2); Majorettes (3.41; Dramatics Club (3,4); 

Music Man", "Jenn\ Kissed Me" (3); "Carnival" 


Boone A. Deborah 

Boring. Nicholas Miller: Junior Prom Court (3) 
Bow en. George: Thespian Society (1,2,3,4); His- 
tory Club (1,2); Spanish Club (1,3); "Meet Me in 
St. Louis" (2); "Jenny Kissed Me", "Kiss Me 
Kate" (3); Student Council il ,2,3,4) 
Bowens, Jim 
Bo\ le. Charles 

Boys. Jackie: Science Club, Chess and Checkers 
Club, History Club, Red Cross Club (1) 
Bradfield, Bob: Choir (3,4); Swing Choir (4); 
Bowline 3 

Branham, Rose: Cheerblock (1); Pioneer Play- 
ers (2); Concert Club (2,3,4) 

Brent, Carole: Quill and Scroll (4); Telstar Staff 
(3,4); Business Activities Club Secretary (3); 
Junior Prom Committee (3) 

Bright. Robert 

Brown. David W.: Choir (2,3,4); Swing Choir 

(3,4); "Music Man" (1); "Carnival" (2); "Kiss Me 

Kate" (3); Cross Country, Track (1); Tennis (2) 

Brown, Joanne Denise: Silverettes (2); Majorettes 

(3,4); Pioneer Players, Cheerblock (1) 

Bruce, William: Wrestling, Art Club (1) 

Buchanan, Diana Jean: Cheerleader, Cheerblock 
(1); Business Activities Club (3); Fashion Board 

Burge, Benjamin: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Band (1,2,3,4); Pep Band (1,2,3); Science Club (2, 

Burks, Sherri 

Burnicle, Linda: Latin Club (1,2,3,4); Future 
Nurses Club (1,2,3,4), Secretary (3,4); Red Cross 
Club (1,2,3,4); Science Club (1,2) 

Burrows, Melodie A.: Concert Club (2,3,4) 
Butler, Tom: Cross Country (1,2); Basketball, 
Baseball (1); Track (2,3) 

Byrd, Susan: National Honor Society, National 
Thespians Society (3,4); Pioneer Players (1,2,3,4); 
Concert Club (2); History Club (1,2); Vanguard 
Staff (3); "Curious Savage" (1); "Meet Me in St. 
Louis" (2); "Alas, Babylon" (4); Cheerblock (1,2) 
Campbell, Glenn 

Campbell, Rita: Orchestra (1,2,3,4); Student 
Council (4); Fashion Board (4); Business Activity 
Club (3); "Carnival" (2); "Kiss Me Kate" (3) 
Canner, Cheryl: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Orchestra A (1,2,3,4); All-City Orchestra (1,2,3,4); 
All-State Orchestra (3,4); "Kiss Me Kate" (3); 
Junior Prom Committee (3) 
Cannon, Sally: Choir (3,4) 

Carrico, Michael Joseph: Science Club (2); Busi- 
ness Activities Club (2); Concert Choir (3,4) 


Seniors '69 

£$ tvl 

Carroll, Phillip 

Carver, Cynthia: Latin Club (2,3) 

Chaika, Barbara: Silverettes (2); Majorettes (3,4); 

Cheerblock (1); Cub Club (1) 

Chasteen, Sally: National Honor Society (3,4); 

Quill and Scroll (3,4); Cheerblock (1); Telstar; 

Vanguard Underclass Editor (4); Vanguard Album 

Editor (3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Fashion 

Board (4); Senior Prom Committee (4) 

Cristoff, Penelope: Quill and Scroll (3,4); "Briga- 
doon" (1); "Time Out for Ginger" (3); "Kiss Me 
Kate" (3); Orchestra (1,2,3,4); Choir (4); All-City 
Orchestra (1,2,3,4); All-State Orchestra (1,2,3,4); 
Telstar (2,3); Silver Strings (3,4); News Bureau 
Director (3,4) 

Christy, Jo D.: Cub Club (1); Orchestra (1,2,3,4) 
Christy, Joseph: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Thespians (3,4); Cross Country (1,2,3,4); Track 
(2,3,4); Orchestra (1,2,3,4); Choir (1,2,3,4); Swing 
Choir (3,4) 
Clark, William D. 

Clayton, Don: Bowling (1); Radio Club (1); 
Wrestling (2,3) 

Clear, Helen: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Belles (4); Swing Choir (4); Majorette (2,3,4); 
Feature Twirler (4); Bowling League (1,3) 
Cockrell, Darlene: Future Nurses Club (1), Sec- 
retary (2); Bowling Club (3,4) 
Colby, Cindy: Arlington High School 

Colby, Sandy: Arlington High School 
Conant, Leslie: Bowling League (1,2,3,4); Concert 
Club (2,3,4); "Meet Me in St. Louis" (2); Busi- 
ness Activities Club (3); Pioneer Players (2) 
Constable, Joan 

Cosgrove, Gary: Stadium King (4); Student Coun- 
cil (3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Tennis (1,4); 
Wrestling (2); Telstar (4); Vanguard (4) 

Coston, Donna: Concert Club Secretary (2); Sil- 
verettes (2); Singing Pioneers (3,4); Choir (3,4); 
"Meet Me in St. Louis" (2) 

Couch, Lloyd: National Honor Society (3,4), 
Track (2); Spanish Club (1); International Club 

Cox, James: Student Council (4); History Club 
(1,2,3,4); Exercise in Knowledge team (2,3,4); 
"Youth Looks at Literature" (2); "Inherit the 
Wind" (1); Thespians (1,2,3,4); Junior Prom Com- 
mittee (3); Speech and Debate Team (3) 
Cox, Steven 

Crawford, Janice 
Crays, Joellen 
Creviston, Robert E. 
rapher (4) 
Crist, Carol 

Telstar, Vanguard photog- 

Crosley, Jim: Football (1,2,3,4); Basketball (1); 
Student Council (1), Lettermen Club (3,4) 
Crouch, Mike: Basketball (1,2,3,4); Cross Coun- 
try (1); Bowling (1); Lettermen Club (3,4); Junior 
Prom Committee (3) 

Cruse, Denise Elizabeth: Bowling (1); Cheer- 
block (1),GAA (1) 
Cunningham, Nancy 


Seniors '69 

Chumbler, Jennifer: Heath High School (1,2,3); 
Nurses Club 14); F.T.A. (4) 

Dalbe\ Brad: Lebanon High School (1,2,3); 
u restiing (4 1 

Dan el Diana: Quill and Scroll (3,4); I.U. Sum- 
mer Journalism Institute (3); Concert Club (2,3); 
Choir (4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Telstar 

3 News Bureau (3,4); "Meet Me in St. Louis" 

: Cheerblock (1) 
Daniels. Stewart 

Darrah. Stephanie: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Belles (3,4); Choir (4); Red Cross Club (1,2,3), 
President (1); Home Economics Club (2,3); Con- 
cert Club (21 

Davidson, Mar\ Beth: Student Council (2,3,4); 
Cheerblock (1,2); G.A.A. (1); Business Activities 
Club (2); F.T.A. (3); Homecoming Committee (2) 
Davis, Christan: G.A.A. (2); Student Council (1,2); 
Future Nurses Club (2) 

DeSpain, Belinda: Cheerblock (1); History Club 
.1,2,3) Secretary (4); Spanish Club Vice-President 
(3), President (4); Choir (2,3,4) Swing Choir (4); 
"Carnival" (2) 

Deter, Carol: Home Economics Club (1); F.T.A. 

(3); G.A.A. (4) 

Dill, Greg: Wrestling (1,2,3,4); Football (1); Let- 

termens Club (3,4); Baseball (1,2) 

Doll, John: Football (1,2,3); Wrestling (1,2,3,4); 

Baseball (1,2,3,4); Pep Band (1,2,3); Band (1,2,3,4) 

Dorothy, Tern, : Student Council (2) 

Dotlich, Elaine: G.A.A. (1); Latin Club (2,3); 

Junior Prom Committee (3); Senior Constitution 

Committee (4); Student Council (4) 

Dotlich, Steve: Football (1,3,4); Wrestling (1,2,3,4); 

Junior Prom Candidate (3) 

Dougherty, Penny 

Doughty, Kathleen: Spanish Club (3) 

Downing, David: Football (1,2,3,4); Wrestling 

(1); Track (1); Lettermen Club (3,4); Student 

Council (2) 

Downing, Keith: Football (1); Track (1); Student 

Council (1) 

Dozier, Margaret: GAA (1,2); Red Cross (4); 

Concert Club (4); Cheerblock (1) 

Duncan, Rita 

Dunham, Cindy 

Durbin, Jackie Lynn: Student Council (3); Junior 

Prom Committee (3) 

Dyke, Suzanne: Science Club (2,3,4); French 

Club (2); Bowling (1) 

Eaton, Herbert Kent 

Ely, Linda Dianne: GAA (1,2); Red Cross Club 

(1,2); Cheerblock (1); Science Club (2); Latin 

Club (2,3,4); Exercise in Knowledge alternate 

(2,3,4); German Club <4j 

Engledow, Lee: Football (1,2,3,4); Basketball (1); 

Lettermen Club (3,4) 

Farrell, Jams: Band '1,2,3,4); Business Club (3) 

Faubion, Don: Band (1,2); Wrestling (1); Cross 

Country (1) 


Seniors '69 

Hollowell, James: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Senior Class President (4) 
Horner, Lee: Spanish Club, History Club (1) 
Howard, Deborah Shawn: Future Nurses of 
America (1); History Club, Latin Club (2,3,4); 
Concert Club (3,4); Choir (4) 

Howard, Jenine: National Thespian Society 
(2,3,4); Varsity Cheerleader (4); Choir (4); All- 
City Orchestra (1,2,3,4); All-State Orchestra 
(1,2,3); Orchestra (1,2,3,4); Concert Club (2); 
Pioneer Players (1,2,3,4); junior Prom Committee 
(3); Fashion Board (4) 

Howard, Rick: Chess Club (3) 

Huber, Leonhard: National Honor Society (3,4); 
National Thespian Society (1,2,3,4), Clerk (3), 
president (4); "Music Man", "The Curious 
Savage" (1); "Carnival" (2); "Kiss Me Kate" 
(3); Northwest Passages, editor (3); "Alas, Baby- 
lon" (4) 

Huber, Suzie: junior Prom Queen; Student 
Council (4); Senior Class Alumni Secretary (4); 
Junior Prom Committee (3); Business Activities 
Club (3); Vanguard Activities Editor (4), staff (3); 
Telstar (2); Northwest Passages Circulation Man- 
ager (3) 

Huisman, Nancy: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Student Council (3); I.U. Honors Program (4); 
Silverettes (2); Majorettes (3); Head Majorette 
(4); "Carnival" (2); Associate Editor Northwest 
Passages (2); Bowling League (1,2,3,4) 

Humphrey, William: junior Prom Court; Student 
Council (1,2,3,4); Varsity Basketball (2,3,4); Varsity 
Golf, Lettermen Club (1,2,3,4) 

Hunt, Cathy: C.A.A. (1); A Band (1,2,3,4); Pep 
Band (1,3) 

Hunt, Suzanne: National Honor Society (3,4); Sen- 
ior Class Secretary (4); junior Prom Court, junior 
Prom Committee (3); Vanguard Queen Candidate 
(3); Homecoming Queen Candidate (4); North- 
west Passages (2); Silverettes (2,3); Student 
Council (2); Fashion Board (4) 
Hunter, Don 

Hunter, Linda 

Huntley, Janis Beth: National Honor Society (3,4); 

Marching Band (1,2,3,4); Dance Band (3,4) 

Hurt, jean: Business Activities Club (1) 

Ison, Judy 

Mr. Robert Burns questions Dave McClellan about a doubtful ab- 
sence on a typical day in senior homeroom. 

Chris Weldon explains new plays to fellow senior members of 
the football team. 


Seniors '69 

lames, Bonnie: Junior Prom Court (3); Science 
Club i1); Student Council (3); Cheerblock (2) 

nes Pat: Silverettes (2,3); Junior Prom Com- 
mittee i3l 
larrett, Da\e 
Johnson. Brenda ka\ : Cheerblock .2) 

Johnson. Rene: GAA; Silverettes (3) 

Johnson, Timothv: Freshman Basketball; Reserve 

Cross Country; Choir (1,2,3,4); Swing Choir (2,3, 

4 Kiss Me Kate" 

Jones, Julia -\nn 

Jones, Robert 

Jones, Yirgini L. 

Judd. Charles: Spanish Club (3) 

Junkins. Brent: Vanguard King (4); Football (1,2, 

3,4); Wrestling (3) 

Keelev. Kathie: Orchestra (1); Cheerblock (1,2); 

Home Economics Club (2); Business (2,3); Junior 

Prom Committee (3); Vanguard (4) 

Kimsey, Dean: National Honor Society, Treasurer, 

(4); Quill and Scroll, Vice-President, (4); "Inherit 

the Wind," (2); "Meet Me in St. Louis," (2); 

Telstar, Sports Editor (3); Vanguard Sports Editor 


Kirk, Dave: Track (1); Choir; Swing Choir; 

"Carnival"; "Kiss Me Kate" 

Kirkpatrick, Dave: Track (1) 

Klonski, Steve 

lane Coerke, senior, types as one of her many 
duties while helping in the library. 

Seniors '69 

Pruitt, Rebecca: National Honor Society 
Pioneer Players (2,3,4); Telstar (3,4); Quil 
Scroll (4); Thespians (3,4); French Club (2,3) 
Pace, Judy: Middlesboro High School 
Rader, Michael: National Honor Society 
"Music Man" (1); Northwest Passages (3) 
Ragland, Ronnie: Football (1,2,3,4); Track 

Letterman's Club (2,3,4); 




Wrestling (4); Baseball 

Ransdell, Danny: Senior Class Treasurer; Track 
(1,2,3,4); Letterman's Club (2,3,4) 
Ray, Sandra: Spanish Club (1); GAA (1,2); Or- 
chestra (1) 

Reed, Harry: Football (1,2,3,4) 
Reed, James: Quill and Scroll (3,4); Secretary 
(4); Vanguard (3); Business Editor (4); Telstar 
(2,3); Business Manager (3); Student Council (1); 
Junior Prom Committee (3) 

Reeves, Bob: Wrestling (1) 

Richardson, Jed 

Richardson, Mike 

Rieke, Rita: Silverettes (2); Business Club (3) 

Riggs, James: Choir (2,3,4); Swing Choir (3,4); 
Future Teachers President (3,4); Latin Club Presi- 
dent (2); Cub Club President (1); Thespian (3,4); 
History Club (2); Pioneer Players (2,3,4) 
Ringenberger, James 

Ripley, Barry: Football (1,2,3,4); Track (1,2); 
Junior Prom Committee; Letterman's Club (3,4) 
Rivers, Richard 

(1), Telstar (2); 
Student Council 

Robinson, Shari: Cheerblock 
Pioneer Players (2) 
Robinson, Robert: Football (1), 

Rogers, Denita: National Honor -Society (3,4); 
Future Teachers Club (1,2); Junior Prom Com- 
Rowe, Jane A. 

Rowls, Suellen: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Student Council (4) 
Ruble, William: Bowling (1,2,3,4) 
Saligoe, Mike: Football (1); Wrestling (2); Van- 
guard King Candidate (2) 
Samper, Randy 

Schmalz, Janine 

Schneider, John: Football (3); Student Council 


Schnittker, Ronnie 

Schooler, David 

1 27 

Seniors '69 

Schoppenhorst. Norman: Pep Band (3); -\ Band 
1 .2 3 A 

jten Karen: Junior Prom Committee (3); 
\anguard staff (4); Cheerblock (2); Student 
Council Alternate I 

Scott. Debbie: GAA Secretary (3); Bowling 
League (2,3); Girls Track Team (3) 
Scudder, Harold: Wrestling 2.3,4) 

Shaffer. Garn, : A Band, Pep Band (1,2,3,4) 
Shearer. James: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Freshman Basketball (1); Varsity Baseball (2,3,4); 
Lettermen Club \3A ] : Junior Prom Committee 
(3); Hoosier Boss' State Representative (3) 
Sheets, Wends 

Shellev, Bruce: Bouling League (2,3); History 
Club (3); Computer Math Club (4) 

Sherrill, Mike: Football (1,3,4); Wrestling (3) 
Shinn. Melva: GAA (1) 
Shipp, Gail: Cheerblock (1) 

Shirlev, Alan: National Honor Society (3,4); Com- 
puter Math Club (4); Cub Club (1) 

Sholar, Gloria 

Short, Pam 

Shouse, Donna Marie: Quill and Scroll (3,4); 

Telstar (2), Page Editor (3), Editorial Editor (4), 

Pioneer Players (1); Cheerblock (1); Junior Prom 

Committee (3); Student Council Alternate (1) 

Shriner, Edward L: Basketball (1); Baseball (2) 

Shuford, Tom: Kennedy High School, New 

Sidener, Curt: National Honor Society (4); Let- 
terman's Club (3,4); Wrestling (1,2,3,4); Tennis 
(1,2,3,4); Chess Club (1,2,3) 

Sipe, Anna: Student Council (1,2,3,4); Business 
Activities Club (3); Concert Club (3) 
Skinner, Diana: Jamboree Queen (4); Home- 
coming Queen (4); Cheerblock (1); Cheerleader 
(2,3,4); Quill and Scroll (3,4); National Honor 
Society (3,4); Telstar (3); Vanguard Photography 
Editor (3); "Music Man" (1); Student Council 
(3), Secretary (4) 

Slaughterback, Karen: GAA (1); Silverettes (2); 

Majorettes (3); National Honor Society (3,4); 

Secretary (4); Junior Prom Committee (3) 

Small, Rita: Cheerblock (2); Business Activities 

Club (3) 

Smashey, James 

Smiljanic, Simone: Telstar Staff (3); Quill and 

Scroll (3,4); Northwest Passages (1,2); Vanguard 

Staff (3,4) 

Smith, Jacqueline: Majorette (4); Silverette (2,3); 
Science Club (2); Junior Prom Committee 
Smith, Kay 

Smith, Jerrold: National Honor Society (3,4); 
French Club (3); Science Club (3), President (4) 
Smith, Marvin E. 


Seniors '69 

Snoddy, Meade 

Sprouse, Sandra: Thespians (1,2,3,4), Secretary 
(4); "Music Man" (1); "Kiss Me Kate (3); "Meet 
Me in St. Louis" (2); "The Curious Savage" (1); 
"Jenny Kissed Me" (3); "Inherit the Wind" (1); 
"Alas Babylon" (4); "Sound of Music" (4); Choir 
(3,4); Belles (3,4); Swing Choir (4) 
Stafford, Mike 
Stanich, Steven 

Stanley, Rick 

Stark, Glenn: Student Council (1) 

Staten, Linda 

Staten, Mary Jo 

Stennett, Ed 

Steorts, Gayle: Band (4) 

Stevens, Larry 

Stratton, Kay: Cheerblock (1); International Club 


Strole, Bob: Football Student Manager (2); Sci- 
ence Club (1) 

Sullivan, Nancy: National Honor Society (3,4); 
Student Counc il (4) 

Swain, Teddy: Cheerblock (1,2); Cheerleader 
(3,4); Art Club (2); Junior Prom Committee (3) 
Switzer, James: Football (1,2,3); Baseball (1,3,4); 
Junior Prom Committee (3); Lettermen's Club 
(3); Student Council (2,3) 

Tackitt, Benton: Football (1) 

Taylor, Sue: Silverettes (2,i); Cheerblock (2); 
Business Activities Club (3,4); Northwest Pas- 
sages (4); International Club (1) 
Taylor, Tom 
Thomas, Mark 

Thompson, Carolyn: Cub Club (1); Pioneer Play- 
ers (2); G.A.A. (1,2); History Club (3,4); Junior 
Prom Committee (3); "Carnival" (2) 
Thompson, Gordon: Band (2,4); Orchestra (4); 
Stage Crew (3,4); Spanish Club (3,4); Thespians 
(4); Pioneer Players (2); "Alas Babylon", "The 
Bat" (2) 

Thompson, Linda: Pioneer Players (2); History 
Club (3); Junior Prom Committee (3); "Carnival" 
Thompson, Thomas 

Thompson, Rebecca: Junior Prom Queen Court 
(3); Homecoming Queen Court; Student Coun- 
cil (4); Telstar (3) 
Trump, Michael 

Troyer, George: Band (2,3,4); Choir (1,2,3) 
VanZandt, Sherry: Band (1); Business Activities 
Club (2,3), President (4); Junior Prom Commit- 
tee (3) 


Seniors '69 

hn: Vanguard Sports Editor (3); Tel- 
2 Football 5) lunior Prom Committee (3) 
let Rand> : Track (2) 
,'. len Gene: Band (1,2); Cross Country (2,3,4); 
■ : A Felstai 3,4] 

I nomas: R.O.T.C.: Bow lint-: Football iM 

- lohn: Football (1) 
VYampler James: Student Council (1); Football 

1 W restling 2 

Warren, Lois': Cheerblock (2); G.A.V (1,2) 
Webster. Deborah: National Honor Society (3,4) 
B3nd 1,2,3,4); Concert Club (2); Choir (4) 

Music Man" H); "Meet Me in St. Louis" (2) 
F.T.A. 4 

Weddle. Micheal: Cross Country (1) 

Weldon, Chris: Junior Prom King (3); Vanguard 

King Candidate (3); Football (2,3) Captain (4); 

Lettermans Club; Junior Prom Committee 

W estrich, Linda: Home Economics Club (2) 

White. Dave 

Whitesell, John: Band (2,3); Football (2,3); Jun- 
ior Prom Committee (3); Choir (4) 
Whitten, Richard: Football (3,4); Wrestling (1,2,3); 
Lettermen Club (3,4); Student Council (3) 
Wilber, Ronnie: Football (1); Student Council 
Williams, Judy: Home Economics Club (1); 
Junior Prom Committee 

Williams, Michael: Tennis (1); Football (1) 
Williams, Theresa: Student Council (4) 
Williams, Vickie: G.A.A. (1,2,3,4); Bowling (2,3,4); 
Cheerblock (2,3,4); Speech and Debate Club (3) 
Willoughby, Diana: Junior Prom Committee (3) 



Taking a brief morning break, seniors hear the 
latest announcements in senior homeroom. 

Seniors '69 

Wilson, David 

Wilson, Gerald: Tennis (2,3); Football (1); Student 


Wilson, Patricia: National Honor Society (3,4); 

Future Nurses Club (1), Vice-President (2) 

Wilson, Ronald: Baseball (1,2,3,4) 

Winiger, Cheryl 
Winkel, Vicky 
Wise, Michael: Bowling (1) 

Wiseman, Janet: Student Council (2); Spanish 
Club Secretary (3); Future Nurses Club President 
(2,3); Concert Club (2); Swing Choir (3,4); jun- 
ior Prom Committee (3); "Kiss Me Kate" (3); 
"Meet Me in St. Louis" (2) 

Wittman, John: Football 

Wolf, Dianne: French Club (1,2,3); Pioneer 

Players (1,2,3); History Club (1,2), Vice-President 

(3); Concert Club (2,3) 

Wolfe, Patricia: Concert Club (2); History Club 


Wolfa, Mark: Golf (1,2,3,4) 

Worthington, Sandra: Band (1,2,3,4); Future 

Nurses Club (1); Pioneer Players (1); History 

Club(l); G.A.A. (1) 

Wroblewski, Cathie: Bowling (1,2) 

Wyant, David 

Young, Richard: Student Council (1); Baseball 


Young, Timothy 
Zeiher, )ohn 

Ziegler, Patricia: Student Council (2,3,4); Con- 
cert Club (3,4) 



As juniors, members of the class of '69 watch 
their friends graduate in anticipation of their 
own graduation. 

Late Seniors 

McKinley, William 

Sickmeier, Ron 

Class of 1970 sees end in 
sight after 11 years work 

With the opening of school last 
fall, the class of 1970 finally had the 
distinction of being upperclassmen. 

Keeping up with certain fads, 
participating in sports and belong- 
ing to other activities aren't all that 
kept juniors busy. Along with other 
courses, chemistry and U.S. history 
were taken. 

The junior class has already made 
many marks which will be looked 
back upon. Still, the future waits 
for more progress in their ability — 
mentally and physically. 

The class of 70s spirit was dem- 
onstrated when they backed the 
stadium fund and the junior girl 
was named queen. Also in spring 
the juniors sponsored a dance, 
"Happiness is . . ." to raise money 
for their prom. 

The junior prom which took 
place in April was only one event 
which will be looked back upon by 
many Pioneers. The future though, 
holds the key to unlock a new year 
that will be even more meaningful 
as a senior. 

Waiting for the announcement of the king 
and queen are junior candidates Steve 
Saligoe and Pat Contos. 

Caught in action is Dave Mason, junior, 
drummer of the "Clan." 

JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: Vicki Busby, Kathy Cass, Bea Westrich, Connie 
Fleaka, Diane Carter, Karen Ford; SECOND ROW: Karen Dolan, Candy King, Cathy Mendez, 
Kathy Thompson, Terry Boring, Mike Bell, Becky Dresser; BACK ROW: Pat Helvey, Barb 
Paton, George Ann Gunning, Barb Morehous, Ivory McDonald, John Salzer, Tim Burge, Brad 
Riggs, John Mitney. 

I ■;; 



*i "5 $ $ (\ ^ 

f^ft, ^ 




$M9 . 

Juniors '70 

Gray, Russell; Green, Dot; Green, 
Pat; Green, Ralph; Greenlee, Bo- 
nita; Gregory, Geraldine; Grimes, 
Mike; Guidry, Steve; Gulledge, 

Gunning, George Ann; Gunther, 
Greg; Hagan, Elaine; Hail, Lisa; 
Hall, Curtis; Hall, Marilyn; Halla- 
gan, Polly; Hamer, Tim; Hamilton, 

Hamilton, Steve; Hamilton, Wil- 
liam; Hampton, Dan; Hancock, 
Dale; Hand, Steve; Hanover, 
Charles; Harrington, Wanda; Har- 
ris, Pat; Harvey, John. 

Harvey, Wendell, Hassell, Tom; 
Hayes, Steve; Haun, Janice; Hazel- 
wood, Debbie; Headley, Marsha; 
Hedges, Steve; Helvey, Pat; Hel- 
ton, Eugene. 

Hennigar, Evelyn; Hensley, Dale; 
Herkless, Mike; Hicks, Bill; Higgs, 
Mike; Hines, Laverne; Hobbs, 
Carol; Hogsett, Charles; Holland, 

Holmes, Donna; Holt, Debbie 
Hopper, Rickey; Hopton, Debbie 
Hubbard, George; Hudson, Ron 
Hurley, Pauletta; Hursh, Pat; Hurst, 


Ingram, Frank; Inskeep, Darrel; 
Jackson, Kent; Jackson, Kristie; 
Jacobs, Bill; James, Gary; Jenkins, 
Wayne; Jimenez, Pedro; Johnson, 

Johnson, Don; Johnson, Judy; 
Johnson, Kim; Johnson, Tim; 
Jones, Aida; Jones, Harold; Jones, 
Karen; Jordan, Richard; Kazacoff, 

Keene, Kevin; Keers, Diane; Keg- 
olvits, Valerie; Kemp, Melody; 
Kerr, Carol; Kersey, Kenny; Kilty, 
Ann; Kindley, Loula; King, Candy. 

King, Cheryl; King, Guy; Kirk, 
Mark; Kish, Jim; Klinger, Sandy; 
Komlanc, Ken; Kutz, Larry; Lafata, 
Pam; Lakin, David. 

Lamkin, Cynthia; Larrison, Mike; 
Leamon, Mike; Leffler, Gary; Leslie, 
Bill; Liehr, Phil; Lile, Richard; Lim- 
ing, Judy; Lindsay, Tom. 

Linker, Shirley; Linville, Cathy; 
Linville, Jim; Linville, Mike; Liv- 
ingston, Sheila; Love, Linda; Lucas, 
Gary; Luekin, Karin; Mann, Cathy. 

Juniors '70 

Marsha Martin, Anita: 
n David; Mathews Becky; 
Matlock Bill Matthews, George 
Mavs Linda: McClain, Karen: Mc- 

McCray, Elwood; McDaniel, Ron; 

maid l\or\ McFarland. 

Mike McKa\ Don: McKinney, 

McLane, Mike: McLaughlin, 
Richard McMillan, Mike. 

Richard; Mendez, Cathy; 
Meredith. Lam Mickley, Pete; 
Miclene, Renee: Middlebrook, 
Diane: Miller, Diane; Miller, Mar- 
cella; Miller. Valerie. 

Mills. Sail) : Mmton, Jim; Minton, 
Marilyn; Mitchell, Clyde; Mitnev, 
John: Moblev, Janet; Moit, Tom; 
Montgomery Debbie; Montgom- 
ery. Linda. 

Moore. Rickie; Morehead, Judy; 
Morehous, Barbara; Morgan, Glen- 
na: Mull, Debbie; Munn, Steve; 
Myers, Myer; Nesbitt, Carole; 
Nichols, Nancv. 

Nicholson, Mike; Niemann, Max; 
Nissen, Cathy; Oaks, Eddie; O'Ban- 
non, Terry; Olds, Sue; Oilier, 
Mark; Oprisu, Rick; O'Rourke, 

Ott, Suzi; Ottinger, Jerry; Overly, 
\\a\ne; Overton, Mike; Owens, 
Bev; Padgett, Beletta; Padgett, 
Margaret; Palmer, Jenneice; Papke, 

Parker, Ken; Parker, Paul; Paton, 
Barb; Patterson, Jim; Pavey, Scott; 
Payne, Susan; Peacock, Karen; 
Pearson, Susan; Peele, Greg. 

Pence, Janet; Pfaff, Benny; Pierson 
Peggy; Pittaway, Jackie; Plew, Mark 
Poindexter, David; Portlock, Ellen 
Pottgieser, Sharon; Pounds, Del 

Powell, Laura; Prairie, Becky; Price, 
Mike; Preller, Charles; Prince, 
; Price, Sherry; Pryor, The- 
resa: Pugh, Stan; Queen, Sharlene. 

Query, Alvin; Ramsey, Orin; Ran- 
dall, Beverly; Rankin, Vicki; Ray, 
Donna; Reeves, Mike; Richardson, 
Kathy; Richardson, Sue; Richard- 
son, Kathy. 

Riggs, Brad; Riggs, Marvin; Riggs, 
Steve; Ripley, Donna; Roach, Dan- 
ny; Roberts, Randy; Roberts, Stan; 
Robinson, Randy; Robison, Shirley. 





f g^'«l 9 3 

Juniors '70 

Rogers, Charla; Rose, )udy; Rum- 
ble, Kerry; Rushton, Debbie; Rus- 
sell, Debbie; Saligoe, Steve; Salz- 
er, John; Sanders, lames; Sanders, 

Sanders, Karen; Sanders, Marilyn; 
Sanders, Sharon; Sandlm, Nellie; 
Satterfield, Andrea; Schadel, Pat- 
tie; Schirick, David; Scholtes, Bill; 
Schlake, Emery. 

Schmelz, Steve; Schmitt, Richard; 
Schneider, Mike; Schnither, Ron; 
Schumacher, Ann; Schuster, Mary 
Ann; Schuster, David; Scott, Lin- 
da; Scurlock, Cathy. 

Shan, Debbie; Shaw, Steve; Shaw, 
Stephanie; Sheets, Kevin; Shelley, 
Brian; Shelton, Bobbie; Short, ; 
Shuford, Charlie; Shute, Peggy. 

Sickmeier, Mike; Silvis, Cathy 
Simmons, ; Simmons, Elizabeth 
Slayton, Richard; Sloan, Evadine 
Smashey, Dan; Smith, Dave 
Smith, Debbie. 

Smith, Donna; Smith, Jean; Smith, 
Melinda; Smith, Mendell; Smith, 
Tony; Smock, Vivian; Sneed, 
Tony; Snyder, Debbie; Spears, 



Pupils utilize library facilities as 
Mrs. Castleman, librarian, ar- 
ranges catalogue cards. 


Juniors '70 

Spremo Melissa: 
Stark v,. 
Stewart ( 

Strange. David. 

Stahl. leanette; 

Steinmet.-. Ron: 

s ;e\s an Gar) ; 


se Janet; Sudler, Bene; Swit- 
zet Laura: Tax lor, Da\id; Tavlor, 
Dianne: Taylor, Mike: Tavlor, Tom; 
Tavlor, William; Teater, Tom. 

Thomas. Ian: Thomas, Marsha; 
Thompson. Mar\ ; Threlkeld, Kathy; 
Tipps. Bill; Tolin, Debbie; Tower, 
Ka\ : Townsend. Susan; Truan, 

kathn . 

VanDegrift, Charles; Viles, Vicki; 
Wade, Debbie; Waggoner, Vicki; 
Wallace. Debbie; Walters, David; 
W'amsley, Terr\ ; Watkins, George; 
Watson, Cynthia. 

Watson, David; Webb, David; 
Wechsler, Cindv; Weddle, Dennis; 
Weddle, Linda; West, Mike; West- 
rich. Beatrice; Wheeler, Kathy; 
Whisler, Loren. 

White, Bonita; White, Debbie; 
Whitlock, Eric; Wier, Mike; Wil- 
liamson, David; Williamson, Mike; 
Willingham, Cynthia; Willoughby, 
Doug; Wills, Duane. 

Wilson, Carolyn; Wilson, Dennis 
Wilson, Karen; Wilson, Lonnie 
Wilson, Sarah; Winter, Rebecca 
Wonderly, Richard; Woolridge 
Judy; Worthington, Cathi. 

Wright, Mark; Young, Mark; 

Young, Phil; Young, Ted; Zador- 

rian, Ken; Zeiher, Katrina; Zwern- 
er, Jane. 


junior-, use lunch time to gather 
with friends and catch up on 
est gossip. 

Trombonist Steve Hamilton, junior, practices 
in the early morning chill. 






Sophomores and junior*, team up to form the ROTC Sponsors. FRONT ROW sophomores 
are Cheryl O'Riley, Gail Albright and Rene Chumbler; BACK ROW juniors are Ann Schumach- 
er, Linda Beach and Vicki Anderson. 

Pattie Contos, junior, sorts pictures for the 
junior section of the yearbook. 

Junior Julie Evans and sophomore Peggy 
McCauley help junior John Salzer with the 
task of preparing a research paper. 


Sophomores' class rings 
give feeling of belonging 

The class, of 71 returning for 
their second year at Northwest 
found the routine a little more 
familiar than one year ago. 

Throughout the year, sopho- 
mores were found dissecting fish 
and frogs. Likewise, they were seen 
in geometry classes learning the 
bisecting of planes and memoriz- 
ing postulates and theorems. 

In addition to classroom studies, 
many achieved high goals in extra- 
curricular activities and a wide vari- 
ety of sports. The sophomores were 

Sophomore varsity football team members 
Mike Hinderliter, and Chuck 
Cox discuss underclassmen strategy. 

well represented on varsity and re- 
serve teams in football, basketball 
and wrestling, besides having four 
girls leading cheers for the re- 
serve squad. A sophomore repre- 
sented his class on the Exercise 
in Knowledge team. Also, several 
girls put much time and practice 
into each performance of the Sil- 
verettes, while others worked with 
the band. 

The big moment of the year for 
the sophomore class was the re- 
ceiving of class rings. 

Sophomores Joe Abrams and Garry Lowe 
look over the menu selection for the day. 

SOPHOMORE STUDENT COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: Leonard, Terry; Farringer, Elizabeth; 
Ringenberger, Jerri; Smith, Connie; Krutzer, Linda; SECOND ROW: Pierson, Wendy; Os- 
borne, Kate; Stengel, Carol; Vann, Mary; Hazzard, Chris; Goolsby, Kathy; BACK ROW: Miller, 
Debbie; Cox, Chuck; Wentzel, Chuck; Beuke, Don; N ; xon, Jane; Wise, Rhonda. 


Sophomores '71 

Qfkjp$&$ | 

• ?&? 

Adams, Brenda; Adams, Bob, 
Adams, ]ohn; Agee, Cynthia; 
Ahrendt, Diana; Albright, Gail; 
Alderson, Lynn; Alexander, Carol; 
Alexander, ]ane. 

Anion, Ellen; Anderson, Karen; 
Anderson, Helen; Arthur, Chris- 
tine; Arwood, Kenneth; Ashcraft, 
Terry; Atkins, Peggy; Baird, Brenda; 
Baker, Cathy. 

Baker, Charles; Ballinger, Jeanne; 
Balough, Kenneth; Bailey, Harold; 
Barnes, Debby; Barnes, John; 
Baron, Deborah; Barrett, Brenda; 
Barton, Glenn. 

Beach, Linda; Becker, Patricia; 
Beeler, Charles, Beisel, Glenn; 
Bell, Carol; Bell, Janet; Benge, 
Donald; Bennett, James; Berry, 

Beuke, Richard; Bever, Beverly; 
Black, Gary; Blaesing, James; 
Blake, Charles; Bluett, Stanton; 
Boram, Ernest; Bowman, Bonnie; 
Bowens, Diana. 

Boyd, Stephanie; Boyland, Diana; 
Bradburn, Katherine; Bragg, Frank; 
Branam, Kenny; Brenner, Susan; 
Broce, Deborah; Brooking, Denise; 

Brooks, William. 

Brown, Debra; Brown, Rickey; 
Brown, Robert; Browning, Donald; 
Browning, Jacqueline; Bruce, 
Richard; Brunson, George; Buck- 
ley, Robert; Budde, Jan. 

Bins, Robert; Buker, Kathleen; 
Bunting, Steve; Burge, Bill; Burke, 
Sally; Burkett, Ann; Burns, Jac- 
queline, Byron, Lois; Burrows, 
Man i.i 

Burton, Reva; Bush, Nancy; Butler, 
Laura; Byard, Dale; Cade, Vicki; 
Cain, William; Calvin, Walter; 
Canter, Debra; Capps, Steve. 

Cam, Mike; Carrier, John; Carry, 
Ron; Carter, Danny; Carter, Pam- 
ela; Carver, Thomas; Cash, Susan; 
Cassell, David; Castner, Carl. 

Caudell, Debra; Caudle, Marilyn; 
Chastain, Timothy; Cherry, Ken- 
neth; Cherry, Michael; Childress, 
Pamela; Christman, Deborah, 
Christy, Barry; Christy, Ricky. 

Cirrinciane, Michael; Clairborne, 
Janet; Clark, Sandra; Clark, Shana; 
Claus, Charles; Clawson, Con- 
stance; Clenents, Stephanie; Cock- 
rell, Cheryl; Cody, Michael. 


Sophomores '71 

e Linda: Cole- 

Rexanne Collins Steve; 

>. S ( onners Stephan; 

. • cook Michael; 

Cooper Carolyn. 

• Marilyn; Cooper, William; 

ett Ralph: Cordtell, Don; 

e Donald: Cossell, Charles; 

Rita: Courtnev Marilyn; 

(. o\ Chuck. 

Cox David; Cox, Randy; Craw 
Crawford, Fred 
Crider. Rickey; Crosley, Fred 
Crozier. David; Cummings. Eileen 
Cunningham, Gail. 

• rth.\ernon; Daniels, Jennie; 
Daniels, Pam; Davis, Edrnond; Da- 
. - Gregory; Davis, Jeff; Davis, 
Larrv : Davis, Pamela; Davis, Re- 

Darves, Dennis; Davson, Paul 
Dean, Marjorie; Deer, Michael 
Deer, Steve; Dellinger, Pamela 
Dennv, David; Denton, Brenda 
Dearinger, Derrell. 

Despain, David; Dodson, Terry; 
Donaho, Sherry; Dooley, Dennis; 
Dover, Janet; Dowden, Mark; 
Downs, Faith; Dufek, Janet; Dufek, 

Duncan, David; Duncan, Delbert; 
Duncan, Thomas; Duncan, William; 
Earle, Dave; Early, Pierre; Eckert, 
Debbie; Edwards, Dale; Edwards, 

Elliott, Rickey; Endicott, David; 
Erick, Ed; Erickson, Deborah; 
Ervin, Janet; Estep, Patty; Estridge, 
Scott; Evans, William; Farringer, 

Farrell, George; Farrell, Greg; 
Farrell, Vicki; Ferguson, Earl; 
Feltner, Paul; Feltz, Linda; Ferris, 
David; Field, Debby; Finch, Linda. 

Findlev, Dave; Fisher, Nancy; Five- 
coat, William; Flanagan, John; 
Flvnn, Edward; Foddrill, Michael; 
Foley, Beverly; Ford, Rfgina; Fore- 
man, Da . id 

Foxworthy, Roger; Freeman, Ken; 
Friedman, Maria; Fuller, Debra; 
Fuller, Linda; Fulton, Diane; Gad- 
dis, Pat; Garrett, Carman; Gauger, 

i endorff, Duane; Geome, Kev- 
in; Gibson, Deborah; Gill, John; 
Gillespie, Tom; Gilmer, Richard; 
Glasscock, Jackie, Gobil, David; 
Goodwin, Karen. 

$$ $61 

%}*<$<!} m 


Sophomores '71 

9 9£&ftjj9$ 

Goolsby, Kathy; Gossett, Jeffery; 
Gordon, Robert; Gorman, Deb- 
orah; Graber, David; Grabner, Gail; 
Graham, Diane; Graham, Russell; 
Grames, Charles. 

Gray, Patricia; Gray Sylvia; Green, 
Robert; Gregory, Linda; Gregory, 
Randell; Gutherie, James; Guth- 
erie, Robert; Haberman, Charles; 
Hail, Dianne. 

Hale, Gregory; Hale, )ohn; Hale, 
Vicki; Hamilton, George; Hamp- 
ton, Charisse; Hancock, Dana; 
Hancock, Linda; Honey, Candy; 
Haney, Deborah. 

Hankins, Harry; Hareson, Larry; 
Harrel, Valjean; Harman, Kristine; 
Harris, Patricia; Hashbarger, Kevin; 
Hayden, Denise, Hayes, Jackie; 
Hazel, Frederick. 

Hazzard, Chris; Heard, Virginia 
Heatley, Kenneth; Heffley, John 
Heiken, Patrice; Heimbuck, Mark 
Henry, Palma; Henry, Steve; Her 
ring, Alan. 

Herschel, Mike; Hilbert, Robert; 
Hill, Linda; Hinderlighter, Mike; 
Hinman, Dennis; Hodges, Robert; 
Hodges, Steve; Hodges, Thomas; 
Hollowell, Paul. 

Holmes, Dianne; Hoque, Ronnie; 
Hornsby, Pamela; Horton, Doug- 
las; Howard, Dana; Hubbard, Dana; 
Huber, Mary; Huber, Nicki; Hud- 
son, James. 

Library assistant Kathy Nissen, 
sophomore, helps Eddie Sholar and 
Marlene James with a book selec- 


Sophomores '71 

kei Gregon Hughes, ludith; 

el Hunter, loan; 

Hurlex Ruthanne; 

Hurst Shirley; 


nga - Bruce; lr\ in, Becks : Ison, 

- son, Kath\ ; Jackson, 

Shern lames Marlene; Jamison, 

larrett Barbara; Jarrett, 

. • 

loebich Dave; lohns, Peter; John- 
son. Cynthia; Johnson, Michael; 
Johnson, Paul: Jones, Douglas; 
Ernest lones, Sandra; Jor- 
\ icki. 

Joseph, Ronald; Joshlin, Shi r lev ; 
Judd. Forest; Kassler, Mark; Kee- 
les . Barbara; Keeler, Thomas; ken- 
borika Art: Kendall, Bruce; Kerby, 

^dle. katherine; kerses , David; 
ke\- Thomas; kimbrough, La- 
marr; king, Daniel; king, Gary; 
king, Jeff; king, John; Kinley, 

Kirby, Carol; Kirkman, Michael 
Klemen, Edward; knight, M 
Knight, Stephen; Koon, David 
Kramer, Richard; Kramer, Linda 
Krebs, Jacqueline. 

Krebs, Steve; Kretheotis, Linda; 
Kreutzer, Linda; Kunstek, Louis; 
Kurrasch, Steve; Lackner, Pamela; 
Lafata, Anthony; Lahne, Debra; 
Lammert, Stephen. 

Lang, Charles; Lanier, Mike; Lanny, 
Mark; LaPlante, Kathy; Lawrence, 
Linda; Lawson, Philip; Lawton, 
James; Leath, Anthony; Lee, Linda. 

Lentz, Dennis; Lentz, Laura; 

Leonard, Terri; Leslie, John; Lind- 

Gary; Lipscomb, Hudson; 

. . Phil; Loffland, Donna; Lo- 

lana, Brad. 

Lamax, Rhonda; Lovell, Sue; Lowe, 
Garry; Lowery, Mike; Lynch, Tim; 
Lynn, Jeff; Lynn, Mike; Mabrey, 
Anthon . , Madewell, Ken. 

Madison, Brian; Mahler, Thomas; 
Majors, Robert; Mangle, Paula; 
Mann, Robert; Manter, Pamela; 
Maple, Jennifer; Marshall, Steve; 
Martin, Diana. 

Massey, Danny; Massey, Rosanna; 

m, Kathy; Mathies, Constance; 

Carl; Maynard, Brenda; 

:^ms, Debra; McCauley, 

M< r loud, Colin. 



Sophomores '71 

<§m 4} 


Suttice, Charlice; Swanson, Eric; 
Switzer, Pamela; Taylor, Diane; 
Taylor, Deborah; Tennille, Oscar; 
Thomas, Dale; Thompson, Janet; 
Thrush, Dalyce. 

Tillery, Michael; Tonge, Charles; 
Trantham, Mary; Tunny, Char- 
maine; Underhill, Ronnie; Valy- 
vako, Nancy; Vann, Mary; Viles, 
Judy; Wallace, Steven. 

Wallace, Sarah; Walker, William; 
Wain, Anna; Walsh, Robert; Walsh, 
Thomas; Walters, Daryl; Walters, 
Dave; Walters, Debra; Walters, 

Walton, Judy; Wamsley, James; 
Ward, Victor; Warner, Mary; Wat- 
kins, Jo Ann; Watson, Davie; Wat- 
son, Leah; Watson, Linda; Wdow- 
ka, Sandra. 

Webster, Danny; Weddle, Dennis; 
Weisman, Boyd; Welch, David; 
Wentzel, Charles; Wesley, Connie; 
Wheeler, Gil; Wheeler, Nancy; 
White, Raleigh. 

Whitesell, Dick; Wiggins, Richard; 
Wilkerson, Steve; Williams, Bren- 
da; Williams, Gary; Williamson, 
Roxann; Willmgham, Jackie; Wil- 
lis, Debby; Wills, Vicky. 

Wilson, David; Wilson, Gail; Wil- 
son, Paula; Wilson, Rickey; Wil- 
son, Sharon; Wilson, Sue; Winkel, 
Jocelyn; Winter; Theresa; Wise, 

Wittman, Frederick; Wolfe, Laura 
Wolfe, Ward; Wood, Rickey 
Wooden, Caster; Woodson, Mark 
Wozny, Bruce; Wright, Jeff 
Wright, Mike. 

Wright, Ruth; Wyant, Greg; 
Yezagelian, Steve; Young, Monte; 
Zoretich, Michael. 

* - 

Sophomores eagerly rush through 
the serving line daily in the cafe- 

Freshmen open door to 
new way of living at NHS 

Se\en hundred and twenty-five 
new faces were seen around North- 
west this past year. Lockers, home 
room periods and all-school assem- 
blies presented just a few of the 
problems freshmen confronted. The 
class of 72 was well represented by 
four cheerleaders, members of 
Cub Club and Student Council and 
candidates for king and queen at the 
stadium dedication game and the 

Vanguard Variety Show. 

The world of sports, drama and 
music are just a few of the interests 
which became a part of every fresh- 
man's life, involving him in the ways 
of NHS. 

Three years await these young 
people and they will be the ones 
who will benefit from Northwest 
and make it better for years to 

A new experience to freshmen is not only 
lunching in the cafeteria, but budgeting for 
it, too. 

jim Wetzel represents his class on the Exer- 
cise in Knowledge team as the only fresh- 
man member. 

FRESHMAN STUDENT COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: Vicky Vincent, Carol Batman, Buff Hasley, 
Pam Keck, Kathy Hobson; SECOND ROW: Jerry Wilkerson, Julio Rosella, Len Terhune, 
Rhonda Prewitt, Becky Robison, Fred Miller; THIRD ROW: Matt Berry, Charley Rose, Steve 
Gano, Mike Simion, Dave Cody, Mike Lewis and Reginald Ferguson. 


'"""'" — 

The long vertical windows of NHS become a familiar sight to mem- 
bers of the new freshman class. 

Entering school from the busses, freshmen view the vastness of the 
high school's auditorium. 

Viewing the school at night is a new experience to the fresh- 
men when they return for evening activities. 

To cross the mjll is an everyday experience in the daily routine of 
getting to classes. 



Big Hoss Pizza 
4822 W. 34th St. 

Bob Phillips \uto Sales 
3700 W. 30th St. 

Burger Chef Systems 
1348 W. 16th St. 


Central Business College 
802 N. Meridian St. 

Charlie Brockman Cards and Gifts 
Speedway and Lafayette Square 


Collins Oldsmobile 
2444 W. 16th St. 

Lafayette Square 

Dotlich Brothers 
4400 W. 10th St. 

Eagledale Florist 
3915 W. 30th St. 

Elaine's Card and Candy Shop 

Eagledale Plaza 


Em-Roe Sporting Goods 
209 W. Washington St. 


Gant's Pure Oil 

5545 W. 34th St. 

Golden Guernsey Farms 
7500 S. Emerson Ave. 

Hudson's Mens Wear 
Lafayette Square and Eastgate 

Indiana College of Business and Technology 

30 W. Washington St. 


Jaynes Plumbing and Heating 



Paul Harvey Ford 
3103 Lafayette Road 

Safeway Quality Foods 



Pottengers' Nursery 
3401 Lafayette Road 

Silver Poodle Pet Shop 
2802 Lafayette Road 

Toler Pharmacy 

3353 Georgetown Road 


Tweed Shop 
Lafayette Square 

Wills Furniture and Appliances 
5320 W.Washington 



Linda Ott Editor-in-Chief 

Jim Reed Business Manager 

Latty Battson Layout Editor 

Patty Guleff Photography Editor 

Mary Order ... ... Copy Editor 

Julie Evans Index Editor 

Rob Creviston Photographer 

The Vanguard staff would like to extend special 
thanks to: 

Miss Gwen Hiett Adviser 

Mr. Kenneth Smartz Principal 

Mr. James Ray Publications Director 
Mr. Bill Wright American Yearbook Co. 

Dean Kimsey Sports 

Suzi Huber .... Activities 

Pat Helvey Academics 

Sally Chasteen Senior Editor 

Pat Contos Underclassmen 

Sally Ghere Patrons 

Loudermilk Studios Senior Pictures 

Interstate Studios Underclassmen 

Mr. Lyle Mannweiler Indianapolis News 

Activities Index 

Administration 106,107 
Amateur Radio 

Club 103 

Art Department 48 

Audio Visual Club 102 

Band 78 

Baseball 58,59 

Basketball 68-70 

Belles 81 

Bowling 74 

Business Activities Club 100 

Business Department 44,45 

Cheerleaders 54,55 

Chess Club 103 

Computer Math Club 101 

Concert Choir 82 

Concert Club 83 

Cooks 113 

Cross Country 66,67 

Custodians 113 

Dance Band 80 

English Department 36,37 

Faculty 108-113 

Football 64,65 
Foreign Language Department 43 

French Club 97 

Freshman Class 148-157 

Future Teachers of America 99 

G.A.A. 75 

German Club 96 

Guidance Department 41 

Golf 63 

Health Careers Club 98 

Home Economic Department 46 
History Club 93 

Homecoming 26,27 

Industrial Arts Department 47 

Junior Class 132-139 

Junior Prom 18,19 

Latin Club 97 

Letterman Club 57 

Library Department 34 

Majorettes 79 

Managers 57 

Math Department 39 

National Honor Society 84 

News Bureau Staff 88,89 

Northwest Passages Staff 36 

Orchestra ... 80 

Physical Education Department 42 

Pioneer Players 91 

Quill & Scroll 89 

Red Cross Club 99 

R.O.T.C. 51 

Science Club 92 

Science Department 38 

Senior Class 114-131 

Silverettes 79 

Social Studies Department 40 

Sophomore Class 140-147 

"Sound of Music" 30,31 

Spanish Club ... 95 

Speech & Debate 94 

Stadium Dedication 12,13 

Student Council 85 

Swing Choir 82 

Telstar Staff 88 

Tennis 62 

Thespians 90 

Track 60,61 

Staff & Editors 86,87 

Variety Show 28,29 

Wrestling 71,73 


Faculty Index 

Albright. James (Mr.) 108 

Apt. Larn, (Mr.) 108 

Auterson, Albert (Mr.) 108 

Bail) . lacqueline (Mrs.) 108 

Ballinger, James (Mr.) 108 

Baliock, William (Mr.) 108 

Banks. David (Mr.) 108 

Bell. Emerson (SFC) 108 

Berber. James (Mr.) 108 

Bolin, James (Mr.) . .-. 108 

Bradford, Doris (Mrs.) 108 

Brown. Ra\ (Mr.) 108 

Buchanan, Richard (Mr.) 108 

Burkhalter, P. D. (Mr.) 108 

Burkle, Doroth\ (Mrs.) 108 

Burns, Robert (Mr.) 108 

Burton, Aruilda (Mrs.) 108 

Cranner, Robert (Mr.) 108 

Carroll, Phyllis (Mrs.) 108 

Carroll, Treva (Mrs.) 108 

Casselman. Phyllis (Mrs.) 108 

Clark, Freida (Mrs.) 108 

Colon, Ruth (Mrs.) 108 

Combs, John (Mr.) 108 

Compton, Larrv (Mr.) 108 

Crawford, Harold (Mr.) 106 

Cummings, Richard (Mr.) 108 

Cummins, Richard (Mr.) 107 

Davis, Peter (Mr.) 108 

Eisner, Anne (Mrs.) 108 

Erdle, Kenneth (Mr.) 108 

Fortner, Brenda (Mrs.) 108 

Freed, Dora (Mrs.) 108 

Gale, George (Mr.) 106 

Goodman, Betty (Mrs.) 108 

Green, Russell (Mr.) 108 

Greenlee, David (Mr.) 108 

Groomer, Robert (Mr.) 108 

Grubbs, Donna (Mrs.) 109 

Hamman, Bruce (Mr.) 109 

Hankins, Jerry (Mr.) 109 

Hansman, John (Mr.) 109 

Hauss, Alice (Mrs.) 109 

Heady, Richard (SFC) 109 

Heaton, Paul (Mr.) 107 

Hedegard, Rex (Mr.) 109 

Helme, Nancy (Miss) 109 

Hibbeln, Diane (Miss) 109 

Hiett, Gwen (Miss) 109 

Hine, David (Mr.) 109 

Hines, Harold (Mr.) 109 

Hobbs, Martha (Mrs.) 109 

Hollingsworth, J. (Mrs.) 109 

Hooper, Vonda (Miss) 109 

Hopkins, Thomas (Mr.) 109 

Horn, Ralph (Mr.) 109 

Horton, Darrel (Mr.) 109 

Hurt, Virginia (Mrs.) 109 

llg, Anita (Mrs.) 109 

Irwin, Stanley (Mr.) 109 

James, Sondra (Miss) 109 

Jent, Ronald (Mr.) 109 

Jones, Mildred (Mrs.) 109 

Jones, Nora (Mrs.) 109 

King, Donald (Mr.) ... 110 

Knopfmeier, Milton (Mr.) 110 
Kochman, Constance (Mrs.) 110 

Kramer, Donald (Mr.) 110 

Lamar, Marguerite (Miss) 110 
Lash, Roger (Mr.) 110,109 

Leamon, Charles (Mr.) 110 

Leasor, Wathen (Mr.) 110 

Lemme, Leland (Mr.) 110 

Loffland, Phyllis (Mrs.) 110 

Lucas, Labrine (Mrs.) 110 

Lukashik, Peter (Mr.) 110 

Mack, Wallace (Mr.) 110 

Marrs, Ezell (Mr.) 110 
McCammack, Marylee (Mrs.) 110 

McCarty, Vernon (Mr.) 110 

McHargue, Hubert (Mr.) 110 

McKinsey, Claud (Mr.) 110 

McQueen, Janet (Mrs.) 110 

Moore, Richard (Mr.) 110 

Morgan, Janet (Mrs.) 11 

Nelson, Ruth (Mrs.) 11 

Niles, Betty (Mrs.) 11 

Northcott, Nancy (Mrs.) 11 

Nuttall, Mark (Mr.) 11 

O'Brien, Richard (Mr.) 11 

Perkins, Robert (Mr.) 1 1 

Ray, James (Mr.) 11 

Render, John (Mr.) 11 

Resnick, Lillian (Mrs.) 11 

Reynolds, Joseph (Mr.) 11 

Richey, Leigh (Mrs.) 11 

Richie, Fimie (Mrs.) 11 

Ritter, J. Wm. (Mr.) 11 

Robinson, Beverly (Mrs.) 11 

Ruby, Karol (Miss) 11 

Ryan, Mildred (Mrs.) 11 

Sachs, Steven (Mr.) .... 11 

Saler, William (Mr.) 11 

Savich, Yovanka (Miss) 11 

Schmink, Ronald (Mr.) 112 

Shoemaker, Joan (Mrs.) 112 

Shuck, Gilbert (Dr.) 112 

Smartz, Kenneth (Mr.) 106 

Smoot, E. Brayton (Mr.) 112 

Sparks, James (Mr.) 112 

Stabler, Jack (Mr.) 112 

Stone, Donald (Mr.) 112 

Thomas, Patricia (Mrs.) 112 

Thompson, Donald (Mr.) 112 

Thrasher, Cleve (Mr.) 112 

Treichler, William (Mr.) 112 

Tripp, Norman (Mr.) 112 

Voris, Judith (Mrs.) 112 

Walker, Alronzo (Mr.) 112 

Walters, Phyllis (Miss) ... 112 

Wills, Judith (Mrs.) 112 

Woolridge, Lottie (Mrs.) 112 

Young, Phyllis (Mrs.) 112 

Zimlich, Constance (Mrs.) 107 

Senior Inde: 

Allen, Ted 115 

Allison, Denny 57,101,115 

Alsager, Janis 20,54,57,115 

Amburgey, Linda 115 

Anderson, Karen 115 

Anderson, Merri J. 115 

Arnett, Michelle L. 84,115 

Arthur, Becky 82,115 

Baez, Edguardo 115 

Baker, Clarence 115 

Baker, Tony 115 

Baker, William 115 

Baldwin, Rick 115 

Ball, Anetta 115 

Banks, Charles 115 

Barta, David 115 

Bartley, Christina 34,100,115 

Bauguess, Susan 79,115 

Beach, Glenda 79,99,115 

Bell, Cheryle .... 115 

Bennett, Dean .... 84,115 

Bennett, Larry 115 

Bennett, Nancy 115 

Bernhardt, Sharon 115 

Best, Laura 115 

Blair, Charles 115 

Blair, Pat 116 

Blake, Mary 116 

Bolton, Arlene 40,79,81,82,90,116 
Boone, A. Deborah 116 


Boring, Nicholas 116 

Bowen, George 90,96,114,116 

Bovvens, Jim 116 

Boyle, Charles 116,141 

Boys, Jackie 116 

Bradfield, Bob 82,116 

Branham, Rose 116 

Brent, Carole 88,116,126 

Bright, Robert lid 

Brown, David 82,116 

Brown, Joanne Denise 79,116 

Bruce, William 116 

Buchanan, Diana 21,44,116 

Burge, Benjamin 78,84,116 

Burks, Sherri 116 

Burnicle, Linda 97,116 

Burrows, Milodie 116 

Butler, Tom 61,116 

Byrd, Susan 84,90,116 

Campbell, Glenn 116 

Campbell, Rita 21,46,114,116 

Canner, Cheryl 84,116 

Cannon, Sally 82,116 

Carrico, Michael 82,99,116 

Carroll, Phillip 116 

Carver, Cvnthia l l~ 

Chaika, Barbara 79,117 

Chasteen, Sally 11,21,55,84,86, 

Christoff, Penelope 82,88,89,117 
Christy, Jo D. 117 

Christy, Joseph 22,57,61,82,84,117 
Chumbler, Jennifer 117 

Clark, William 117 

Clayton, Don l l ' 

Clear, Helen 7,81,82,84,117 

Cockrell, Darlene 117 

Colby, Cindy 117 

Colby, Sandy 117 

Conant, Leslie 117 

Constable, Joan 117 

Cosgrove, Gary 12,15,43,63,87, 

Coston, Donna 81,82,117 

Couch, Lloyd 84,117 

Cox, James 11,23,90,94,96,99,114, 

Cox, Steven 117 

Crawford, Janice 117 

Crays, Joellen 117 

Creviston, Robert 87,117 

Crist, Carol 117 

Crosley, Jim 44,57,64,117 

Crouch, Mike 57,117 

Cruse, Denise 117 

Cunningham, Nancy 117 

Dalbey, Brad 118 

Daniel, Diana 21,55,82,88,89,118, 

Daniels, Stewart 118 

Darrah, Stephanie 81,82,84,118 

Davidson, Mary Beth 118 

Davis, Christan ... 118 

Despain, Belinda 82,95,118 

Deter, Carol 118 

Dill, Greg 57,118 

Doll, John 59,78,118 

Dorothy, Terry 118 

Dotlich, Elaine 114,118 

Dotlich, Steve 57,64,118 

Dougherty, Penny 118 

Dougherty, Kathleen 118 

Downing, David 57,64,118 

Downing, Keith 118 

Dozier, Margaret 118 

Duncan, Rita 118 

Dunham, Cindy 118 

Durbin, Jackie 118 

Dyke, Suzanne 92,118 

Eaton, Herbert 118 

Ely, Linda 22,118 

Engledow, Lee 57,64,118 

Farrall, Janis 78,118 

Faubion, Don 118 

Faught, Kristina 10,78,119 

Fay, Elizabeth 119 

Fesler, John 119 

Finn, Pamela 119 

Fisher, Jean 119 

Fisher, Lattie 119 

Foltz, Marianna 119 

Foreman, Catherine 119 

Frick, William 119 

Fultz, Paula 119 

Gaddis, Connie 119 

Geisendorff, Bruce 119 

George, Daryl 119 
Ghere, Sally 81,82,84,87,89,90, 


Godby, Mike 119 

Goerke, Jane 34,119,122 

Goldey, James 84,101,119 

Gorman, Donna 119 

Graber, Shirley 119 

Grabner, Deborah 119 

Graham, Patricia 78,119 

Gray, Stephen 119 

Grayson, Stephen 119 

Green, Connie 119 
Griffin, Katherine 20,27,28,29,54, 


Gryszowka, Mike 119 

Guernsey, William 22,63,84,119 

Gugenheim, Rose 81,82,119 
Guleff, Patty 84,85,86,87,89,114, 


Gunkel, Paul 84,120 

Hale, Diana 120 

Hall, Sandra 99,120 

Ham, Suzanne 120 

Hambrick, Paul 120 

Hamilton, Janet 120 
Hanft, Dianne 10,15,27,79,84,85, 


Hankins, Kathy 120 

Hann, Amy J 120 

Hargis, Mitchell 120 

Harman, Susan 120 

Harmon, Deloris 120 

Hash, Zoe 55,84,120 

Hayes, James 120 

Hayes, LaVerne 120 

Hayhurst, Jacque 120 

Heard, Imelda 120 

Heffley, Jack 120 

Heise, Judith 120 

Herndon, Debbie 120 

Herring, David 57,61,120 

Hill, Madelon 120 

Hines, Connie 120 

Hodge, Steve 65,120 

Hodges, Judy 120 

Hoffer, Kevin 120 

Holland, Bob 120 

Hollowell, James 84,121 

Horner, Lee 95,121 

Howard, Deborah 97,99,121 

Howard, Jenine 21,54,55,82,90, 


Howard, Rick 121 

Huber, Leonhard 31,82,84,90,121 
Huber, Suzie 18,19,44,86,87,114, 


Huisman, Nancy 21,43,79,84,121 
Humphrey, William 43,57,62,121 

Hunt, Cathy 78,121 
Hunt, Suzanne 21,27,84,101,121 

Hunter, Don 121 

Hunter, Linda 34,121 

Huntley, Janis 78,121 

Hurt, Jean 121 

Ison, Judy 121 

James, Bonnie 122 

James, Pat 122,126 

Jarrett, Dave 122 

Johnson, Brenda 122 

Johnson, Rene 122 

Johnson, Timothy 122 

Jones, Julia 122 

Jones, Robert 122 

Jones, Virginia 122 

Judd, Charles 122 

Junkins, Brent 28,29,57,64,122 

Keeley, Kathie 122 

Kimsey,Dean 86,87,89,122 

Kirk, Dave 122 

Kirkpatrick, Dave 122 

Klosninski, Steve 122 

Knight, Fred 123 

Koehl, Edward 40,123 


kruse Kerr\ 

. stei Shei rie 
eth Martin 

! Laurie 




Langle\ Michael 123 

>\ >on, John 123 

La\ . Christine 123 

La\ Melam 84,123 

Lee Jimrm 123 

Lemmert, Linda 123 

Lew is. Everette 64,123 

Lindse\ . Daniel 123 

Lines, Katrina 34,123 

Litmer. James 123 

Li\ ingston, Karen 123 

Lombardo, Phil 123 

Loncar, Cynthia 123 

Lo\ell, Barbara 123 

Luca. Cind\ 123 

Malloy, Nancy 123 

Mandabach, Ardis 84,123 

Mandabach, Nancy 123 

Maners, Garv 123 

Martin, Beverly 123 

Martin, Terry 123 

Mathenv, Donita 123 

Maynard, Sue 114,124 

McBride, Jack 124 

McClellan, David 57,114,121,124 

McCloud, Greg 124 

McCracken, Daniel 124 

McCreary, Dawn 84,124 

McFarling, Marta 82,124 

McKinlev, William 21,40,88,131 

McKinney, David 124 

McLaughlin, Ethel 124 

McMahon, Frank 57,61,124 

Mc.Mahon, Mike 124 

Meyer, Pamela 124 

Mikels, Sandra 124 

Miller, Brent 124 

Miller, Tom 57,60,61,84,124 

Miller, Vicki 124 

Mitchell, Earl 124 

Mitchell, Linda 124 

Montgomery, Margaret 124 

Moody, Mike 124 

Moore, Steve . 124 

Moore, Terry 124 

Mormance, Charles 124 
Mughmaw, Jean Ann 84,88,89, 


Muikey, John 124 

Mull, Sandra 124 

Myers, Ann 124 

' .'■.-.ton, Linda 125 

Nixon, Mark 114,125 

O'Haver, Mike 125 

Olsen, Robert 125 

Oravecz, Edith 125 

Orders, Mar) 84,86,87,89,90,125 

Ott, Linda 79,84,86,87,89,101,125 
Overley, Danny 125 

Owens, Connie 114,125 

Pace, Judy 125 

Palmer, Edward 125 

Palmer, Terry 125 

Panarisi, Marc 125 

Papke, Barry 125 

Parham, Mike 125 

Parker, Paula 22,23,78,82,84,85, 

Parmerlee, Cynthia 36,125 

Parrish, Patrick 126 

Patton, Sharon 126 

Peek, Diana 126 

Percival, Debbie 85,114,126,153 
Petranoff, Lisa 126 

Phillips, Nancy 78,79,80,126 

Philpot, Tony 126 

Pierce, Gerry 126 

Pike, Linda 126 

Pittman, Brenda 126 

Platner, Larry 126 

Potenza, Mary Ann 97,126 

Poulos,Gary 18,57,64,126 

Power, Lana 126 

Power, Vicki 126 

Prifogle, William 126 

Pruitt, Rebecca 84,88,89,127 

Rader, Michael 21,84,127 

Ragland, Ronnie . . 61,64,127 

Ransdell, Danny 57,61,127 

Ray, Sandra 127 

Reed, Harry 57,64,127 

Reed, James 86,87,89,127 

Reeves, Bob 127 

Richardson, Jed 127 

Richardson, Mike 127 

Rieke, Rita 127 

Riggs, James 127 

Ringenberger, James .... 127 

Ripley, Barry 57,64,127 

Rivers, Richard 127 

Robinson, Shari 127 

Robinson, Robert 127 

Rogers, Denita 84,127 

Rowe, Jane 127 

Rowls, Suellen 84,114,127 

Ruble, William 127 

Saligoe, Mike 127 

Samper, Randy 10,127 

Schmalz, Janine 127 

Schneider, John 127 

Schnitker, Ronnie 127 

Schooler, David 127 

Schoppenhorst, Norman 78,128 
Schouten, Karen 128 

Scott, Debbie 128 

Scudder, Harold ... 128 

Shaffer, Garry 128 

Shearer, James 20,57,58,84,128 

Sheets, Wendy 99,128 

Shelley, Bruce 128 

Sherrill, Mike qqv 57,64,128 

Shinn, Melva ... 128 

Shipp, Gail 128 

Shirley, Alan 84,128 

Sholar, Gloria 45,128 

Short, Pam 128 

Shouse, Donna 88,89,128 

Shriner, Edward 128 

Shuford, Tom 128 

Sickmeyer, Ron 131 

Sidener, Curt 57,63,78,80,84,128 
Sipe, Anna ... 114,128 

Skinner, Diana 12,20,26,27,54,78, 

Slaughterback, Karen 84,128 

Small, Rita 128 

Smashey, James 128 

Smiljanic, Simone 87,89,128 

Smith, Jacqueline 128 

Smith, Jay 128 

Smith, Jerrold 84,128 

Smith, Marvin 128 

Snoddy, Meade 129 

Sprouse, Sandra 9,30,81,82,90, 

Stafford, Mike 129 

Stanich, Steven 129 

Stanley, Rick 129 

Stark, Glenn 129 

Staten, Linda 129 

Staten, Mary Jo 129 

Stennett, Ed 129 

Steorts, Gayle 78,129 

Stevens, Larry 129 

Stevens, Robert 129 

Stratton, Kay 129 

Strole, Bob 129 

Sullivan, Nancy 129 

Swain, Teddy . 20,54,129 

Switzer, James 57,58,129 

Tackitt, Benton 129 

Taylor, Sue 129 

Taylor, Tom 39,129 

Thomas, Mark 129 

Thompson, Carolyn 129 

Thompson, Gordon 78,95,129 

Thompson, Linda 129 

Thompson, Rebecca 27,114,129 

Thompson, Thomas 129 

Troyer, George 129 

VanZandt, Sherry 46,100,129 

Voorhees, John 130 

Wagoner, Randy 130 

Walden,Gene 57,61,88,130 
Walsh, Thomas 130 


Walters, John 130 Williams, Judy 130 Wiseman, Janet 40,131 

Wampler, James 130 Williams, Michael 130 Wittman, John 57,64,131 

Warren, Lois 130 Williams, Theresa 130 Wolf, Dianne 131 

Webster, Deborah 84,130 Williams, Vickie 130 Wolfla, Mark 62,131 

Weddle, Michael 130 Willoughby, Diana 130 Wolfe, Patricia 131 

Weldon, Chris 18,19,57,64,65,121, Wilson, David 131 Worthington, Sandra 34,78,131 

130 Wilson, Gerald 131 Wroblewski, Cathie 131 

Westrich, Linda 130 Wilson, Patricia 84,131 Wyant, David 131 

White, Dave 130 Wilson, Ronald 58,131 Young, Richard .58,131 

Whitesell, John 130 Winiger, Cheryl 131 Young, Timothy 131 

Whitten, Richard 57,130 Winkel, Vicky 131 Zeiher, John 131 

Wilber, Ronnie 130 Wise, Michael 131 Ziegler, Patricia 114,131 


An individual at Northwest 
is someone . . . 

finishing a semester report . . . 

• ng honor society . . . 
selling his worn-out algebra book . . . 
taking final exams . . . 
listening to the race cars at 
the Speedvva) during geometry 
class . . . 

going to the prom . . . 
skipping lightheartedlv down 
the halls . . . 

huming to German class for the 
last time . . . 

sa\ ing goodbye to his favorite 
teacher . . . 

cleaning out his locker . . . 
cr\ ing at graduation . . . 
signing a Vanguard . . . 
looking toward a summer of relax- 
ation or of rewarding work . . . 


lip - 

1 64 


Year of the Individua 
seen from staff viewpoint 

More than 2500 individuals com- 
bine to form Northwest High 
School, while only 12 form the 
Vanguard editors. These individ- 
uals were like other Pioneers be- 
cause they attended classes and 
ball games, did homework and 
worked part-time jobs; but they 
had the responsibility of recording 
the accomplishments and activities 
of all Northwest Pioneers for one 

To record the information about 
so many individuals, hours had to 
be spent fact finding, copy writing, 
and picture taking. A way to pre- 
sent these facts in an organized 
and attractive manner had to be 
found. Books had to be sold, pages 
had to be proofread, and details 
had to be completed. 

The result was the 1969 Van- 
guard, a book by individuals, for 
individuals, about individuals. 

1 66 

3 1978 01281 2814 

w •. -