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Full text of "A Vedic concordance, being an alphabetic index to every line of every stanza of the published Vedic literature and to the liturgical formulas thereof, that is an index to the Vedix Mantras, together with an account of their variations in the different Vedic books"

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First Edition, 1906, One Thousand Copies 







General plan of the Concordance 

The Concordance is part of a larger scheme ........... 

Conditions of the problem which the Concordance involves ........ 

Primary nses of the Concordance 

1. It is a comprehensive index of all mantras ........... 

2. It registers the variants of mantras not wholly identical ........ 

Secondary nses of the Concordance 

1. It is a key to the liturgical employment of the mantras ......... viii 

2. It is ■\'irtually a finding-index of rites and practices .......... viii 

3. It is a tool for future editors of Vedic texts ............ viii 

4. It is a repertory of the most archaic Hindu prose ........... viii 

5. Miscellaneous uses (Vedic schools : grammar: mythology, etc.) ........ viii 

Scope of the Concordance 

1. Certain published texts not included ............ 

2. Unpublished texts included ............. 

General statement of the number and kind of works included ........ 

The Concordance rarely reports variants registei-ed in the critical apparatus of a given edited text . 
Orthographic details reported or neglected ........... 

Occasional suggestions of emendation ............ 

Fntnre 'work complementary to the Concordance 

The working-up of material of texts yet unedited .......... 

The elaboration of a reverse concordance ........... 

Acknowledgment of obligations 

To the University Press of Oxford ............. 

To pupils and colleagues ............... 

Explanations Introductory to the Use of the Concordance 

General scope of these explanations 

Bibliography of the works cited and abbreviations of their titles 

Methods used in reporting the variants ........ 

General remarks on the character of the variants 

No hard and fast line between truly variant and vaguely similar passages 

True variants. tJha-padas .......... 

Variants in padas other than the first ........ 

Essential similarity with wide divergence of wording ..... 

Cases of partial correspondence : At the beginning ; at the end ; in the middle 
methods nsed in reporting the variants 

1. Variants for which the alphabetic order does not require more than one entry 

2. Variants involving more than one alphabetic entry .... 
Use of cross-references introduced by Sec ..... ^ ■'■ . 
Use of cross-references introduced by See under ..... 
Use of cross-references introduced by Compare (Cf.) . . . . ■ . 

Bibliography of the works cited, with abbreviations of their titles 
Classified bibliography of the works cited in the Concordance . 















1. Alphabetic list of abbreviations of the titles of the cited texts . . xxi 

2. List of a few other abbreviations used in the Concordance ......... xxii 

Vedic Concordance 

Alphabetic list of Vedic mantras with citations and variants ....... 

Additions and corrections 




The Concordance is part of a larger scheme. — 

The plan of this work dates back to the year 1892, 
•when two separate announcements of it were pub- 
lished — the one in the Proceedings of the American 
Oriental Society (for April, 1892, Journal, volume sv, 
page clxxiii), and the other in the Johns Hoi^hins 
University Circulars (for June, 1892, volume xi, 
number 99). At that time, as the reader of either 
of these announcements will see, I sketched the plan 
of a three-fold apparatus designed to facilitate and 
deepen the study of the Vedas : one part of it was 
a universal word-index to the Vedas ; another was an 
index of subjects and ideas ; and the third, which 
I promised to undertake myself, was a Vedic Con- 
cordance. As commonly happens in such cases, the 
fulfilment of the last-named part of the plan cost 
much more time and labor than was expected. With 
correspondingly greater satisfaction I now present the 
result to those of the Hindu people who look upon 
the Vedas as their sacred books, and to all scholars 
in this field of Indian antiquities. That result is, an 
alphabetic index to every line (or pdda) of every 
stanza (or re) of the published Vedic literature and 
to every liturgical formula thereof (yajus, prdisa, 
and so on), that is, an Index to the Vedic Mantras. 

Conditions of the problem which the Concordance 
involves. — The Vedic mantras represent parts of a 
mass of traditional material which was more exten- 
sive even than that which has come down to us, — 
material current in the various schools of Vedic 
learning, preserved from generation to generation hy 
memory, and handed down from teacher to pupil by 
word of mouth. I have, for my part, little doubt 
that this oral tradition was supported at a compara- 
tively early time — when we cannot say — by written 
tradition (see AV. xix. 72). As a natural consequence 
of the fallibility of both oral and written tradition, 
what was originally and essentially one and the 
same stanza or formula was handed down in the 
texts of the various schools in more or less varying 
forms. The variants are often of the same general 
character as those which appear in the various forms 
of ballads, or in recensions of church hymns : there 

are simple differences in the order of the words ; 
differences due to the substitution of a more familiar, 
handy, or modern word or grammatical form for an 
archaic, inconvenient, or obsolescent one of equivalent 
meaning or function. To this must be added the 
very important point that there are also many cases 
in which a given mantra passage, composed under 
certain definite circumstances, was later on adapted 
and changed to serve a new purpose. 

Furthermore, Vedic literary production is often in a 
high degree imitative and mechanical. The poets or 
priests, more or less consciously, fell into habits of 
expression such that entire lines of difierent stanzas 
or hymns, and considerable sequences of words of 
different prose passages, show much similarity. This 
ranges from complete identity to a likeness which 
is sometimes so vague or fleeting as hardly to be 
recognizable, save to the practised eye of the expert 
Vedic student. 


1. It is a comprehensive index of all mantras. — 

Thanks to the editors of a considerable number of 
Vedic texts, we have, for each of the various Sam- 
hitas, and for some Brahmanas, Siitras, etc., an index 
of first lines of each stanza. These indexes are of 
course scattered over divers volumes ; and they do 
not take cognizance of lines other than the fh'st. 
Moreover, these indexes do not as a rule register such 
prose-formulas as the texts may happen to contain: 
they simply register the pratikas of the metrical 
stanzas. The advantage of having, as in the present 
work, one comprehensive index, which shall include 
every line of every stanza, as well as every prose 
formula, in one single alphabetic arrangement and in 
one single volume, will, I am certain, be prized by 
every student of the Veda. 

2. It registers the variants of mantras not wholly- 
identical. — Mantras which occur only a single time, 
or appear in a wholly identical form in two or more 
texts, require no comment after they have been 
properly arranged in an alphabetical index. Again, 
mantras which are not whoUy identical, but are 
alike in their beginnings, will also fall into the same 




or nearly the same place in a direct alphabetic ar- 
rangement. It is obvious that the places of occurrence 
of a given mantra of this kind may be advantageously 
grouped together, with a statement of the various 
readings of the different texts. The method used for 
this purpose is explained below, at page xiv''. Once 
more, if the forms of the mantra in question ditfer 
at the beginning, then — obviously again— they will 
occupy places in the alphabetic arrangement more or 
less widely apart, and it will be necessary to connect 
them by some system of cross-references. This also 
is explained below, at page xv. To sum up, the 
Concordance affords, primarily, an easy and ready 
means of ascertaining the following things: First, 
where a given mantra occurs, if it occur but once ; 
second, whether it occurs elsewhere, either with or 
without variants, and in what places ; and third, if 
it occur with variants, what those variants are. 


1. It is a key to the liturgical employment of the 
mantras. — The above-mentioned uses are plainly the 
direct or primary ones for which a work like this is 
expected to serve. The nature of the subsidiary Vedic 
literature (Brahmanas, Siitras, etc.), however, and its 
intimate relation to the fundamental texts, are such 
that the Concordance may also be readily put to 
certain indirect or secondary uses, which are scarcely 
less important for the systematic progress of Vedic 
study. First, since the Concordance gives not only 
the places of actual occurrence of a given mantra in 
the Samhitas, but also the places where it is cited 
in the subsidiary works on ritual and household 
custom and the like, it furnishes the key to the 
liturgical or ritual employment of every mantra as 
prescribed by the ceremonial books. I hope that the 
Concordance will prove to be a most effective means 
of advancing our knowledge of the hymns and the 
ceremonies in their relations to one another. The 
hymn or prayer, and the ceremony that accompanied 
it, often serve mutually each as a commentary on 
the other. The subtle blend of song and rite makes 
a full knowledge of both necessary for the under- 
standing of either. 

2. It is virtually a finding-index of rites and 
practices. — As a corollary to the use just mentioned, 
I may add that, since a given prayer is liable to be 
rubricated in similar or identical rites and practices 
described in the large mass of Hindu ritual texts, the 
Concordance will iucidentally serve, to no inconsider- 
able extent, as a helpful finding-index of similar 
or identical rites and practices. 

3. It is a tool for future editors of Vedic texts. — 

The future editor of a Vedic text will find in a com- 
plete assemblage of all the mantras an auxiliary of 
the very first importance. In the work of consti- 
tuting a Vedic text, the mantras are the most intract- 
able part of the material concerned, because they are 
written in a dialect which — differing, as it does, con- 
siderably from the later forms of Sanskrit — was im- 
perfectly understood by the scribes. Since much of 
the material of this kind with which the future editor 
will have to deal is quite certain, as experience shows, 
to be contained in the literature previously published, 
it is obvious that the Concordance will greatly facilitate 
the establishment of the new texts and the revision of 
some that have already been edited. Moreover, since, 
as has been already said, parallel prayers are to a 
large extent imbedded in parallel ceremonies, the 
Concordance will not be without value in establish- 
ing the text of the liturgical books themselves. 

4. It is a repertory of the most archaic Hindu 
prose. — The Concordance presents, for the first time 
and in a form ready and convenient for systematic 
study, the prose mantras as distinguished from the 
metrical mantras of the Vedic hymns on the one hand, 
and from the rest of the early prose on the other. 
It seems to me that these prose formulas are in a 
dialect or in a style that differs not a little from the 
narrative or descriptive prose of the Brahmanas and 
Sutras. The formulas abound, at any rate, in poetic 
or other archaisms that deserve to be collected and 
treated by themselves. There is also good reason to 
believe that the prose of the formulas is the oldest 
Hindu prose and so the oldest Indo-European prose. 
The study here suggested seems to me likely to prove 
to be a not unfruitful one. 

5. IXEiscellaneous uses. — It can hardly be doubted 
that the Concordance will be of service in the work 
of determining the relations of the different Vedic 
schools or cdkhds to one another. I am not sure 
but that the present time is just as opportune for this 
interesting and fundamental research as any that is 
likely to present itself within the next fifty years or 
so. And there are various other interesting questions 
that will suggest themselves to different scholars, 
according to theii" bent of mind and habits of inves- 
tigation, for the solution of which the Concordance 
can not fail to be a useful tool. For example, it 
may be noted that this Concoi'dance assembles an 
enormous number of passages beginning with the 
prohibitive adverb 'md, and that even a cursory 
examination of them reveals the interesting fact that 
only a very few contain verb-forms other than in- 
junctives or augmentless preterits. Or, again, the 
extreme frequency of mantras beginning with the 
name of a divinity has as its consequence that man- 





tras concerning a certain deity are here, to a very 
large extent, grouped together. For instance, the 
mantras beginning with the name of Agni fill twenty- 
eight pages, and those beginning with the name of 
Indra fill twenty-three. Consequently, in this book 
will very often be found, most conveniently assembled, 
much of the material for the study of questions relating 
to Vedic mythology. Nor must I omit to say that the 
initial words of the mantras form by themselves a very 
considerable part of a word-index to the mantras. 

scoFi: or the coircoitDANCE 

1. Certain published texts not inclnded. — Although 
the title claims that the entire published Vedic litera- 
ture is incorporated in this Concordance, yet the 
claim is made with certain reservations. The Paip- 
palada-Qakha or Kashmirian text of the Atharva-Veda, 
to begin with, is in a sense published, being accessible 
to scholars in the chromophotographic reproduction 
edited by Professor Garbe and myself; but it is too 
corrupt to be incorporated here and compared with 
the rest of the material, and the birch-bark original 
still remains unfortunately the only one known to 
us for this text. We may hope that the Concordance 
will prove of great service in restoring this text so 
far as is feasible under these singularly distressing 
circumstances. Again, the edition of the Drahyayana- 
(^rauta- Sutra, promised, and in part, I believe, issued, 
by Dr. J. N. Reuter of Helsingfors, I have not as yet 
received. So, too, the Qanti-Kalpa, edited by Professor 
G. M. BoLLiNG, in the Transactions of the American 
Philological Association, volume xxxv, appeared too 
late. I believe I have read all the later Upanisads 
and Smrti or Dharma texts which seemed hkely to be 
of interest in this connection ; but I have not thought 
it necessary to continue, among all kinds of late para- 
lipomena or paricidas, a pedantic search which 
might be indefinitely prolonged without commensurate 
results. Anything that may come to light within the 
next twenty years or so may well await the day when 
the accumulation of new texts or of new editions of old 
ones shall render a supplement to the Concordance 
a profitable undertaking. 

Once more, the claim of the title-page calls for 
a word of explanation as to certain doubtful elements 
of late or less important published texts. What I 
have endeavoured to embody in the Concordance 
with absolute completeness is the following : all the 
stanzas and all the prose passages of formulaic 
character contained in the Saiiihitas, Brahmanas, Ara- 
nyakas, older Upanisads, (^rauta-Sutras, and Grhya- 
Sutras. On the other hand, in the case of the later 
Upanisads or of the metrical Dharma-Qastras and 
Smrtis, or of such a text as the Rig-Vidhana, I have 


adopted a selective method. It would clearly be in- 
advisable to include in this Concordance all the 
stanzas that occur in the works last mentioned. From 
them, accordingly, I have culled whatever appeared to 
have Vedic form or Vedic flavor. Unerring judgment 
in such choice no one will expect : I do not believe that 
I have erred on the side of including too little. It is 
perhaps more likely that I have included some things 
that might just as well or better have been left out. 

2. Unpublished texts included.— The Concordance, 
on the other hand, gives more than is promised by 
the title-page, in that it includes a very considerable 
amount of material not j'et published. Of the four 
books of the Kathaka-Samhita only the first has so 
far been actually issued by the editor. Professor 
Leopold ton Schroeder of the University of Vienna : 
it is to me a source of peculiar satisfaction that I am 
able to give in this Concordance the mantra material 
from this highly important text entire. I made a 
special journey to Vienna, in 1902, for the express 
purpose of copying the material from the three un- 
published books, and the editor generouslj' met my 
wishes by the loan of his manuscripts. From them, 
by the close and arduous labour of a month, I ex- 
cerpted the needed parts, and embodied them later 
in the Concordance. To Professor von Schroeder 
I owe an especial debt of gratitude. Again, by the 
kind cooperation of Professor Friedrich Knauer of 
the University of Kiew, I have been enabled to 
present the mantras of the entire Manava-Qrauta- 
Sutra, an important text in eleven books of which 
only five as yet are published. Professor Hanns 
Oektel, of Yale University, has enriched the Con- 
cordance by the not too numerous, and unfortunately 
very corrupt, majitras contained in the Jaiminiya- or 
Talavakara-Brahmana. Finally I should note that 
I have incorporated all the material from the so-called 
' dedications ' of the ritual of the horse-sacrifice or 
acvamedha, and human sacrifice or jniriimmedha. 
Not all of these are mantras in the stricter sense of the 
word ; but they have been included because they figure 
in the Saiiihitas and because they sometimes interchange 
with real mantras of the same or similar import. 

General statement of the number and kind of works 
included. — It appears that one hundred and nineteen 
texts in all have been drawn upon for contributions 
to the Concordance. A list of these, wi+h an account 
of the text-editions used and with all needed biblio- 
graphical and other relevant notes, is given in the 
proper place below, at page xv*". The works so drawn 
upon are listed under the following ten classes : 
I. Saiiihitas; 2. Brahmanas; 3. Aranyakas ; 

4. Upanisads : 5. Qrauta-Sutras ; 6. Grhya- 

Sutras, Mantra -Pathas, and related texts; 7. 



Dharma-Sutras, Dharma-Qastras, and Smrtis ; 8. 

Vidhana-texts ; 9. Ancillary texts of the Veda; 
TO. Four miscellaneous texts.— I have not thought it 
worth while to catalogue other texts which I have read, 
for the most part late Upanisads and Law Texts, but 
which yielded nothing that appertains to this work. 

The Concordance rarely reports variants registered 
in the critical apparatus of a given edited text. 
The critical apparatus of Vedic texts contains in 
the main worthless readings, due to all kinds of 
defects of tradition.^ To have incorporated these 
readings into the Concordance would have swelled 
its bulk inordinately, and have been a task upon the 
whole no less futile than difficult. 

On the other hand, it has in some rare cases seemed 
advisable to report from the critical apparatus of a 
given text a manuscript reading not adopted by the 
editor of that text, which manuscript reading is then 
distinguished as such by the added note ' var. led.' ; 
but this has not often been done. Hence the user of 
this Concordance may at times profit by looking into 
the critical apparatus of those texts which are cited 
by the Concordance as containing the various forms of 
the same pada or formula, especially when there is ques- 
tion as to the original form of such pada or formula, or 
as to the interrelation of the Vedic schools or mkhds. 

Orthographic details reported or neglected. — Cer- 
tain peculiarities in the orthography of the Mfiitrayani- 
Saiiihita have been reported for the most part, if not 
with absolute completeness. They are duly explained 
by Professor yon Schroeder in the Introduction to 
his edition, and they are included here because they 
involve differences of alphabetic arrangement. On 
the other hand, although the KS. and ApMB. write 
final s before the three initial sibilants, respectively, 
as c and s and s, I have not thought it advisable to 
burden the Concordance with the details of this varia- 
tion which has no bearing upon the alphabetic arrange- 
ment, and is not carried out with strict consistency even 
by the manuscripts of those texts. I beg the reader 
to understand the general statement just now made as 
sufficing, for the sequel, to cover all such details. 

Occasional suggestions of emendation. — The Vedic 
texts often invite to independent emendation. In this 
matter I have been very abstemious, but I have not 
refrained entirely from making an occasional con- 
jecture as to what seems to me to have been the 
correct form of some now unintelligible word or 
phrase. If any of my colleagues are disposed to look 

1 We may perhaps except parts of tlie AV. as edited by Roth and 
Whitney, e.specially book xix. and the Kuntapa-hymns of book xx. 
Here the editors have practically rewritten the text at many 
points, and it might have been well to report the readings of the 
manuscripts rather than those of the edition ; but those manuscript 
readings are easily accessible. 

askant at such a thing in such a place, I trust that 
they will take my long and intimate acquaintance 
with the materials involved in such questions as in 
some measure justifying my procedure. 


The working-up of material of texts yet unedited. — 

The heading of this section implies faith in the future 
of Vedic studies : I am confident that the Vedas 
will continue to be studied as long as there is in- 
terest in the history of human thought and human 
institutions. Because of the half-mythical nature of 
Vedic tradition, we do not know certainly how many 
different books were originally elaborated by the 
ancient Hindu poets and theologians of different 
schools and localities ; but India is a very large 
country, and the seemingly fabulous statistics of the 
Carana-Vyuhas have proved to contain an estimable 
measure of truth. Still less certain may we be as to 
how many of those works are still extant, and as to 
how many of those which are extant may ultimately 
come to our hands in manuscript. Nevertheless a 
considerable number of Vedic texts — their names need 
not encumber these pages — are even now known to 
exist in manuscript ; and although their publication 
may be deferred, it is in the end sure to come. It is 
plain that, all in due time, a supplement to the 
Concordance will become a neces.sity. For that sup- 
plement it will perhaps be worth while to wait until 
all, or nearly all, the remaining texts shall have seen 
the light of day. Meantime I take the liberty of 
callinj,' the attention of future editors of these texts 
to the importance of giving with each text-edition an 
index of metrical lines and of prose formulas, after 
the manner of this Concordance, and with constant 
references to it. When I reflect upon the large 
number of texts elaborated in the present work, or 
consider, for example, that the forty thousand padas 
of the Rig -Veda will not have to be indexed again, 
I am glad to think that the final supplement, con- 
siderable though it may be, cannot possibly involve 
anything like the labor of the foundation-work. 

The elaboration of a reverse concordance. — With 
the present work serving as a basis, a reverse con- 
cordance, that is, one which arranges alphabetically the 
verse-lines and formulas by their endings rather than 
by their beginnings, should not prove too difficult an 
undertaking. I am sure that it will prove a valuable 
one. A very considerable number of Vedic verse-lines 
are nearly or wholly alike in their endings, such as 
. . . paravie vyoman (or vyoviani), or . . . sukrtdm u 
lokam. This matter is discussed once more in another 
connection below, at page xiv". A reverse con- 




cordance would reveal these relations, and would 
again in its own way present many new uses. It 
may yet be my own fate to continue the work in this 
direction ; but I claim no special right to the task, 
and any competent scholar is welcome to undertake 
it. In that case, however, I hope that he will first 
communicate with me, in order that we may not 
uselessly duplicate the same labor. 


To tlie University Press of Oxford The external 

appearance of this work is such that any specific 
comment upon the technical skill, the good taste, 
and the patient fidelity of Mr. Horace H.\.rt, M.A., 
Controller of the Press, is quite uncalled for. I am 
certain that I owe much also to the valuable help of 
the Oriental Reader at the Press, Mr. J. C. Pembrey, 
Hon. M.A. of Oxford, especially for his watchful 
care of details concerning the alphabetic order of the 
index. The services of both these gentlemen I grate- 
fully acknowledge. 

To Pupils and Colleagues. — A good many years 
have gone by since the first preliminaries of the 
work on the Concordance were begun. It is plea- 
sant to think that in those early days I was aided 
by the members of a modest institution within 
the Johns Hopkins University, the so-called Vedic 
Seminary. The work of reading the several Vedic 
texts for the purpose of marking off properly the 
padas and formulas I did of course myself; but, 
this important preliminary done, I would often turn 
over to one or another of these my pupils a text or 
part of a text in order that they might transcribe 
the mantras upon slips. Portions of the first draft 
of a rough manuscript were also prepared by some 
of them from the slips after their partial arrange- 
ment. Not a little help was derived from their willing 
hands in these ways, and I desire here to recall the 
unselfish and enthusiastic spirit in which each gave 
what he could spare of time and labor. I hope that 
even those of them who aided least have not re- 
mained unremembered. The names of these scholars 
are as follows : 

Dr. F. R. Blake, Instructor in Oriental Languages 
in the Johns Hopkins University ; Dr. G. M. Bollixq, 
Professor of Greek and Sanskrit in the Catholic 
University of America ; M. Beandow, A.B., sometime 
Assistant Librarian in the Johns Hopkins University ; 
Dr. H. L. Ebeling, Professor of Greek in Hamilton 
College ; Dr. C. J. Goodwin, Professor of Greek in 
Lehigh University; Dr. J. E. Haery, Professor of 

Baltimore, October, 1906. 

Greek in the University of Cincinnati; Dr. D. H. 
Holmes, Instructor in the Classics, High School, 
Brooklyn ; Dr. J. T. Lees, Professor of Greek in the 
University of Nebraska ; Dr. H. W. Magoun, some- 
time Professor of Latin in Redfield College ; Dr. J. L. 
Moore, Professor of Latin in Vassar College ; Dr. J. A. 
Ness, Instructor in Latin in Wittenberg College ; 
Dr. R. B. Steele, Professor of Latin in Vanderbilt 
University; and, finally, the late Dr. A.W. Str.VTTON, 
who was, at the time of his deeply lamented death. 
Registrar of the University of the Punjab and Prin- 
cipal of the Oriental College at Lahore, India, and 
Professor of Sanskrit. 

Professor Arthlr A. Macdonell, of the University 
of Oxford, kindly furnished me with a printer's proof 
of the index of Vedic pratlkas since then published 
on pages 105-114 of the first part of his edition of 
the Brhad-Devata ; and a similar kindness was done 
me by Professor Moritz Winteenitz of the University 
of Prague, who made accessible to me the material 
of the Mantra-Patha of the Apastambins before it was 
published. The services of Professor Hanns Oertel 
of Yale University, and of Professor Feiedeich Knauee 
of the University of Kiew, and in particular of Pro- 
fessor Leopold von Scheoeder of the University of 
Vienna I have already described above, at page ix*", 
and acknowledge them gratefully. 

The editor of this Series, Professor Chaeles R. 
Laxmax of Harvard Univer.'^ity, teacher, colleague, 
and friend, almost from the day when I began my 
Sanskrit studies in 1877, has brought to bear his 
great editorial talents upon this Concordance in 
every possible way. He has also found time to read 
one proof of a number of sheets (i-io and 49-50). 
I can only regret that I have not had the benefit of 
his trusty eye and his sound scholarship for the bulk 
of the work, to the exclusion of many a blemish. 

It is a pleasure, finally, to remember my former 
pupil and friend, Mr. Henry C. Waeeen, of Cam- 
bridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Warren gained the respect 
of students of India by his scholarly volume, entitled 
Buddhism, a series of illustrative translations from 
the Sacred Books of the Buddhists (volume iii. of the 
Harvard Oriental Series). To his love of Oriental 
learning it is due that this Concordance ,ind the other 
volumes of this Series are issued in a suitable and 
dignified form. At the close of this long labor, I record 
the kindly and substantial aid which he gave, while 
alive^ to this undertaking ; and I am glad to say that 
the enlightened provisions of his last wiU now further 
the studies that he loved in life. 


b 2 



General scope of these explanations. — Since this 
Concordance has to do with no less than one hundred 
and nineteen different works, it is, in the first place, 
obvious that a complete list of those works should be 
given, in a systematic order and with proper biblio- 
graphical descriptions of the editions used, and that 
the bibliographic list should be followed by an 
alphabetic list of the abbreviations by which the 
several works are designated. This list of abbrevia- 
tions is printed just before the beginning of the main 
body of the work. In the second place, while it is 
probable that the several more or less arbitrary 
devices employed in reporting the variants will be 
readily understood by every Vedic scholar, it is never- 
theless possible that uncertainty of one kind or 
another should arise in some mind ; and I have 
accordingly thought it worth while to explain these 
devices systematically and in connection with a few 
illustrative examples. 


No hard and fast line between truly variant 
and vaguely similar passages. — The similarities be- 
tween related Vedic passages are of very varying 
degrees, and range from a likeness so close that one 
may be called a true variant of the other, to a like- 
ness so slight or vague as hardly to be worth report- 
ing. Nevertheless, if we take a few typical examples, 
the differences of character as between several of the 
many possible classes are palpable enough. 

True variants. — Uha-padas. — Thus, if we take the 
two padas occurring in the Rig -Veda and the Atharva- 
Veda respectively, 

acitti yat tava dharma jmyopima, and 

acittya cet tava dharma yuyopima, 

it is plain that the latter is a true variant of the 
former. In this instance even the motive of the 
changes is plain: the Atharva-Veda transfuses the 
hieratic language of the Rig-Veda into its own more 
popular wording. Another well-defined, though not 
common, class of true variant passages includes the 

uha-padas, which consist of an otherwise identical 
phrase varied, for instance, by the substitution of the 
name of one deity for another. Such are 

mam agne bhaginarii kuru, and 

mam indra bhaginarii kuru. 
Variants in padas other than the first. — It is im- 
portant, next, to draw attention to the cases where 
the differences between two or more stanzas crop 
out in some other pada than the fii'st. Since, for 
the Concordance, the unit of comparison is the pada 
and not the stanza, the Concordance reveals very 
many such cases which would of course never come 
to light in a mere index of pratikas. For example, 
stanza 3 of the RVKh. 10.127 is in part parallel to 
Ai-S.3.7; but the first three padas of each stanza are 
so unlike those of the other that no index hitherto 
available could have brought to light the parallelism. 
Not until we come almost to the end do we find the 
correspondence. The fourth padas are 

vi9vasya jagato nic^am, RVKh., and 

vi^.vasya jagato ratri, ArS., 
a parallelism which the alphabetic arrangement of 
the single padas in the Concordance makes apparent 

Similarly the stanza RV.1.141.13 shares its second 
and third padas with several Yajus texts (KS. 7.12 ; 
ApQ.5.9.10; MQ., while in padas one and four 
it is wholly different in subject-matter and diction. 
The RV. stanza reads : 

astavy agnih cimivadbhir arkaih 
samraJ3'aya prataram dadhanah, 
ami ca ye maghavano vayarii ca 
miharh na siiro ati nis tatanyuh ; 
while the Yajus stanza reads : 

ut samucb-an madhuman iirmir agat 
samriljyaya prataram dadhanah, 
ami ca ye maghavano vayaiii ca 
isam lujaih madhumat sariibharema. 
Accoi'dingly it is clearly worth while to consult 
the Concordance for every pada of a given stanza, if 
such parallelisms are not to escape notice. 

Essential similarity with wide divergence of word- 
ing.— Once more, it sometimes happens that the 




wording of one and the same stanza is so varied in 
the different texts that not one of the lines of the one 
text is quite like the corresponding line in the other. 
A striking illustration is afforded by AV.5.25.8 and 
QG. 1 . 1 9. The text of A V. reads : 

adhi skanda virayasva 

garbham a dhehi yonyam, 

vrsasi vrsuyavan 

prajayai tva nayamasi ; 

while the text of QG. reads : 

abhi kranda vilayasva 

garbham a dhehi sadhaya, 

vrsanam vrsann a dhehi 

prajayai tva havamahe. 
Of the fourteen words of the latter stanza, only five 
correspond in form and place with words of the prior 
stanza ; and yet the two stanzas are beyond a doubt 
alike in their purpose and meaning, and they are in 
all probability two versions of an originally identical 
stanza. The like is true, for example, of SV.2.1059 
and AV.6.36.3 (Ag.8.9.7 ; The SV. text 

reads : 

ya idam pratipaprathe 

yajnasya svar uttiran 

rtiin utsrjato va^i ; 

while the AV. text reads : 

sa vi§va prati caklpe 
rtunr utsrjate va9i 
yajnasya vaya uttiran. 

Cases of partial correspondence : At the begin- 
ning ; at the end ; in the middle Kut so numerous 

are the cases of partial correspondence or minor 
parallelism between padas or passages, that no amount 
of mere attentive observation can be expected to dis- 
close them all. Set phrases, groups of two or three 
words — what Bergaigne used to call formulas — are, 
as every Vedist knows, the commonplace of Vedic 
technique. These set phrases may of course be located 
at the beginning or in the middle or at the end of 
a pada or passage. Those at the beginning are re- 
vealed by this Concordance. Those at the end would 
be revealed by a reverse index (discussed above, in 
the Preface, at page x*").^ For those located neither 
at the beginning nor at the end, nothing short of 
a complete verbal index of the Vedic mantras, in 
which every pair or longer group of words should be 
placed side by side, could exhaust this important 
and interesting information about the texture of the 

' As an interesting case of parallelism under this rubric, we 
may cite yatam te santv avrtah (AV.) and agne aiigirah jatam te 
santv avrtah (VS.). No less a personage than Piinini has made 
the acute observation (iii. 2. 66) that the stem havyavahana occurs 
only at the end of a pada. 



1. Variants for which the alphabetic order does 
not require more than one entry. — These cases are 
so simple that little need be said about them. When, 
for example, a single word of a passage differs in two 
or more texts, the reading of that text is put first 
which stands first in the usual order of the texts, — 
RV., AV., SV., Yajus texts, Brahmanas, and so on, 
— and the variant reading or readings follow in 
parenthesis. Thus : 
yah praniti (AV. pranati) ya im 9moty uktam 

135.4''; AV.4.30.4^ 

Similarly, when variants occur at more than one place, 
they follow in parenthesis, each in its proper place, 
and with an indication of its source. Thus : 
vasuni carur (SMB. carye ; ApMB. caryo; HG. 
cayyo) vi bhajasi (SMB. bhrjasi ; HG. bhaja sa) 
jivan AV.I9.24.6''; SMB.i.i.6'i; HG.i.4.3''; ApMB. 


This means that the four texts concerned, if written 
out in full, would read as follows : 

AV. : vasiini carur vi bhajasi jivan ; 
SMB. : vasuni carye vi bhrjasi jivan ; 
HG. : vasiini cayyo vi bhaja sa jivan ; 
ApMB. : vasiini caryo vi bhajasi jivan. 

So much for variants that concern single words. 

The case of a variant which concerns two or more 
successive words is as a rule no less simple : the 
device employed ought to leave no doubt as to the 
precise wording of the several texts. Here, again, 
the variant is placed within the parenthesis as before. 
sa no mayobhiih pito avi9asva (QG. PG. pitav 

avi9asva ; AQ. pitav avi5eha ; MQ. pitur avive9a ; 

SMB. pitevavi9asva) TS.<=; TB.''; AQ. 

2.9.10- Mg.i.6.4.25^; gG.3.8.3- SMB.2.I.I3"; 

PG.3.i.4°. See sa nah pito. 
This item, if we include the cross-reference at the end, 
wives us the reading of a pada in nine different texts. 
The device requires no explanation. 

On the other hand, in cases where a doubt might 
arise as to the limits of the passage in the fii-st text 
for which the words of the variant are a substitute 
in the second text, the variant is once more placed in 
parenthesis, but to it is prefixed the last of the words 
which are common to both texts or to all of them, and 
the whole is to be understood as the substitute in 
the second text for the common word and all that 
follows it in the first. Thus : 
vivasva adityaif^a te somapithas tena mandasva tena 

trpya (KS. somapithas tasmin mandasva) TS.1.4. 

22.1 ; KS.4.10. 



This means that the two texts read the mantra in 
the following two ways : 

TS. : vivas va adityaisa te somapithas tena man- 
dasva tena trpya ; 

KS. : vivasva adityixisa te somapithas tasmin man- 
I do not think that I have left the statement of these 
variants open to doubt in any case whatsoever : the 
reader who has not the text-editions at hand may 
safely rely upon the data of the Concordance, barring, 
of course, possible oversights and misprints.^ 

2. Variants involving more than one alphabetic 
entry. — In the RV. we have the pada mandadvira- 
yendave. The SV. reading of this pilda is vandad- 
virayendave. Since the two readings differ in the 
very first letter, the one falling under m (page 686* 
of this Concordance) and the other under v (151 pages 
later, at page 837*), it is clear that they cannot be 
adequately treated in the same way as those variants 
which fall alphabetically within one and the same 
article of the Concordance. For variants so separated, 
a system of cross-references has been used, introduced 
by the word See, or else by the word Compare ; the 
latter is printed as Cf., the usual abbreviation of its 
Latin equivalent confer. 

Use of cross-references introduced by ' See.' — 
When a given pada of the above description occurs 
with a variant in two texts, and only two, it then 
suffices to enter it twice, and to add to each entry 
a cross-reference to the other. Thus for the two 
padas just cited, we have, at page 686*, the entry, 

mandadvirayendave E.V.8.69.I^ See vandad°, 
and again, at page 837", the second entry, 

vandadvirayendave SV. 1.360''. See mandad". 

Use of cross-references introduced by ' See under.' — 
It often happens, however, that wdiat is essentially 
one and the same item occurs in three, four, or more 
alphabetically separate places. It is clear that it 
■would be useless to repeat all the needed cross- 
references in each one of the three or four or moi'e 
related articles concerned. To avoid such repe- 
titions, the phrase See under has been employed, 
and is used in all of the related articles except 
the first, in order to refer the reader to that first 
article, in which all the cross-references introduced by 
See are to be found grouped together. As an illus- 
tration, we may take a pada which appears in three 
difierent texts, and show how it has been treated in 
the Concordance. The thi-ee articles occur at pages 49'' 
and 60'' and 105'', respectively, and read as follows: 
adanyan somapan manyamanah AN .2.'^^.^^. See 

ananyan etc., and ayajniyan yajiiiyan ; 

' As to certain habits of orthography peculiar to some texts 
and as to reports of readings from the critical apparatus of the 
editions, note what was said above, at page x'. 


ananyan somapan manyamanah TS.3.2.8.a''^. See under 

adanyan ; 
ayajiiiyan yajiiiyan manyamanah MS.a.3.8"' : 36.18. 

See under adanyan. 
The mere printing of the articles here in juxtaposition 
and in their alphabetic sequence makes further expla- 
nation needless. 

Use of cross-references introduced by ' Compare ' 
('Cf.'). — I have already said above, page xiii% that 
the parallelisms of Vedic diction range from what 
may be called true variants to what are little more 
than vague similarities, and that no precise line can 
be drawn between the two kinds. It is nevertheless of 
use to discriminate in a general way between the two 
classes : and accordingly in this work cross-references 
introduced by the word See are used for the former, 
and cross-references introduced by the word Compare 
(Cf.) are used for the latter. By way of illustration, 
the following five articles may here be reprinted in 
juxtaposition and in their alphabetic sequence : 
anadvan dadhara prthivim uta dyam AV .4.11.1, et cd. 

Cf. indro dadhara, mitro dadhara, sa dadhara, and 

skambho dadhara. 
indro dadhara prthivun utemam MS.4.14.7'': 225.3. 

Cf. under anadvan etc. 
mitro dadhara prthivim uta dyam RV.3.59.1'' et ul. Cf. 

under anadvan etc. 
sa dadhai-a prthivirii dyam utemam (AV. 4.2.7"=, prthi- 
vim uta dyam; AV.i 1.5.1'=, prthivim dyam ca ; 

ApQ. prthivim antariksam divarii ca)", 

et al. Cf. under anadvan etc. 
skambho dadhara dyavaprthivi ubhe ime AV. 10.7.35". 

Cf. under anadvan etc. 

Comment upon these articles is needless : but I 
ought perhaps to mention that the use of Cf. (as 
distingui.shed from See) does not necessarily imply 
that the similarities of the passages to be com- 
pared are very vague. In the examples just given, 
this is far from being the case. Yet they are not 
variants of what was originally one and the same 
pada. They are the product of the eager spirit of 
imitation which has taken hold of the Vedic authors 
even in the time of the earliest books of the Rig-Veda. 
I need hardly add that the kind of resemblance shown 
in the articles just reprinted is very common in the 
Veda, and that the Concordance does not pretend to 
have found out and noted all such cases. 


Classified bibliography of the works cited in the 
Concordance.— Of the Vedic works most commonly 
cited (such as the Rig -Veda or the Atharva-Veda), the 
editions are so well known to Vedic scholars that a 




formal bibliography of them alone would be quite 
needless : I should have been able to content myself 
with a reference to the editors, as, for instance, 
Aufrecht's edition of the Kig-Veda, and the like. 
But there are also cited many other works (such as 
the Daivata-Brahmana or the Sama-Mantra-Brah- 
mana) which are relatively so little known or so rare 
or so difBcult to obtain that bibliographical details 
concerning them are altogether indispensable. Since 
no line can advantageously be drawn between the 
well-known and the less-known, I have presented a 
short bibliographic description of each of the text- 
editions used for this work, to each of which is pre- 
fixed the abbreviation employed to indicate it in the 
body of this work. Since it would be inconvenient 
to find the meaning of a given abbreviation from this 
classified list, it is evidently advisable to repeat the 
abbreviations by themselves in a separate list duly 
alphabetized ; this is printed immediately after the 
classified list. The different classes of texts are, as 
.stated above, at pages ix*", x'', the following ten : 

1. Samhitas. 

2. Brahmanas. 

3. Ai'anyakas. 

4. Upanisads. 

5. (^rauta-Siitras. 

6. Grhya-Siitras, Mantra- Pathas, and related texts. 

7. Dharma-Siitras, Dharma-Qastras, and Smrtis. 

8. Vidhana-texts. 

9. Ancillary texts of the Veda. 
10. Four miscellaneous texts. 

Class 1. Samhitas 

RV. The Eig-Veda or Eik-Samhitri. Die Hymnen des 
Eigveda. Herausgegeben von Theodor Aufrecht. 
Two volumes. Second edition. Bonn, 1877. This is 
an edition of the Eig-Veda in the recension or school 
(c/ilha) of the ^akalas. The unuBi^ortant differences, 
wholly traditional and uncertain, that seem to have 
existed between this recension and the other, that of 
the Vaskalas, are not incorporated in the Concordance. 
See H. Oldenberg, Die Hymnen des Eigveda, Band i., 
Metrische und textgeschiehtliche Prolegomena, BerHn, 
1888, pages 490 ff. 

RVKh. The so-called khilas or khailikani suktani, ap- 
pendices or apocryphal paralipomena, pertaming to the 
Eig-Veda. They are taken from Aufrecht's edition of 
the Eig-Veda, vol. ii., pages 672 £f. Some additional 
stanzas of this kind I have culled from F. Max Muller's 
second quarto edition of the Eig-Veda, London, 1892, 
vol. iv., pages 520 if. The tradition of these stanzas 
is floating and uncertain, and calls for an independent 
systematic elaboration. See Oldenberg, I.e., pages 
503 ff; and Macdonell, The Brhad-Devata, part ii., 
pages XXX ff. 

AV. The Atharva-Veda-Samhita (School of the Qauna- 
kas). Herausgegeben von E. Eoth und W. D. Whit- 
ney. Berlin, 1856. Even in those parts where the 
editors have altered the manuscript readings most 
freely, the Concordance cites (as already noted, above, 
page x») the printed text ; but occasional reference 
is made to the readings of the manuscripts and to 
those of the edition of Shankar Pandurang Pandit, 
Bombay, 1 895-1 898. 
AVP. The Kashmirian Atharva-Veda (School of the 
Paippaladas), reproduced by chromophotography from 
the manuscript in the University Library at Tubingen, 
by Maurice Bloomfield and Eichard Garbe. Balti- 
more, 1 90 1. Only occasional reference is made to 
this important Saiiihita. It was not feasible to utilize 
for the Concordance the material of this text, since the 
manuscript is unique, and bristles with errors on 
every folio. The first book of AVP. has recently 
been edited by Dr. L. C. Barret in the Journal of 
the American Oriental Society, vol. xxvi. 
SV. Samavedarcikam. Die Hymnen des Sama-Veda. 
Herausgegeben von Theodor Benfey. Leipzig, 1848. 
In accordance with the usual custom, the stanzas of 
each of the two main divisions of the work are 
numbered continuously. 
ArS. Aranya-Saiiihita (or Aranyaka-Sariihita) of the 
Sama-Veda, with the commentary of Sayana Acarya, 
and a Bengali translation by Satya Brata Samasrami. 
Edited by Jlvananda Vidyasagara. Calcutta, 1873. 
Mahanamnyah. A litany belonging to the Sama-Veda 
and frequently quoted in the ritual. See Sama-Veda- 
Sanihita as edited by Satyavrata Sama9rami in the 
Bibliotheca Indica, vol. ii., pages 366 ff. Calcutta, 
1874 and following. 
VS. The Vajasaneyi-Samhita in the Madhyamdina-^akha. 
Edited by Dr. Albrecht Weber. Berlin and London, 
VSK. The Vajasaneyi-Sariihita in the Kanva-^akha. 
The variants of this recension of the White Yajur- 
Veda are given by Weber at the end of each section 
in the edition described in the preceding article. 
These variants have been embodied in the Concordance. 
In cases where there is no separate report for VSK., 
it is to be understood that the Kanva-^akha agrees 
with the Madhyamdina-^akha. 
TS. Die Taittirlya-Saiiihita. Herausgegeben von Al- 
brecht Weber. Indische Studien, volumes xi. and xii. 
Leijjzig, 1871-1872. 
MS. Maitrayani-Samhita. Herausgegeben von Dr. Leo- 
pold von Schroeder. Four volumes. Leipzig, 1881- 
KS. Kathakam. Die Samhita der Katha-Qakha. Her- 
ausgegeben von Leopold von Schroeder. Fu-st volume. 
Leipzig, 1900. The remainder of this text is still un- 

As st.ated above, page ix", I made a special journey to Vienna 
in the year 1902, for the purpose of excerpting from Dr. von 
.Schroeder's manuscript copies the entire remaining m.aterial 
of this Samhita. Through the kindness of that scholar I was 
enabled to accomplish my purpose ; but a certain amount 




of indulgence is asked for my statements relating to the 
Kathaka, taken as they are from unedited material. The 
comparison of my excerpts with parallel passages from other 
texts is also likely to be somewhat less complete and exact than 

ESA. Kathaka-Sariihita, A9vamedha-Grantha. The Ka- 
thaka-Saiiihita professes to consist of five books. Tlie 
first, already edited, is designated as ithimihl ; the 
second, as madhi/amika ; the third, as orimiM. Under 
the circumstances detailed in the note immediately fol- 
lowing, it has seemed best to devise an independent 
designation (KSA.) for this part of the work, the Afva- 

At the end of book iii., the colophon reads as follows : ity 
ekottarafatafakhadhi-aryuprabhedabhinne frimadyajtirvede kalhake cara- 
kafdkhdydm orimikdijdm hiranyagarbham ndina catvdriiifam sthd- 
nakarii sampurnam || bhadram astii sampurijd ceyam orimika \\ frl- 
granthatraye madhyapathitaf ca ydjydnuvSkydh sampurndh || asmin 
granthatraydbhyantare ydjydnuvakyd nama caturtho granthah. That 
is to say, the redactors of this Samhita seem to regard the 
yajydnuvSk-yd-st&mas contained in the first three books as the 
fourth book of the Sariihita, perhaps to match the ydjydnuvdkyd 
collection at the end of the fourth book of the Maitrayanl. At 
all events, there is no such book in the known manuscripts 
of the Kathaka. After the orimikd follows directly the last book 
of the Kathaka, devoted to the afvamedha. Now this the re- 
dactors boldly advertise as the fifth book of the Kathaka. 
At the beginning stands the legend, atltufvamedho mlma pancamo 
granthah ; at the end, ity ekottarafatddhvaryufdkhdprabhedabhinne 
fnmadyajurvedakdlhake caraka^khdydm afvamedho ndma pailcamo 
granthah satnpurna/i. 

Class 2. Brahmanas 

AB. Das Aitareya-Brahmana. Herausgegeben von Theo- 
dor Aufrecht. Bonn, 1879. 

KB. Das Kausitaki-Brahmana (Qankhayana-Brahmana). 
Herausgegeben von B. Lindner. Jena, 1887. 

GB. The Gopatha-Brahmana of the Atharva -Veda. 
Edited by Rajendralala Mitra and Haracandra Vidya- 
bhusana in the Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, 1872. 

PB. Pancavihfa-Brahmana, or Tandya-Maha-Brahmana. 
The edition is that of the Bibliotheca Indica, Calcutta, 
1870-1874, issued under the title, Tandya-Mahabrah- 
mana, edited by Anandacandra Vedrmtavaglfa. 

SB. Sadvih9a-Brahmana. The first prapathaka is cited 
from the edition by Kurt Klemm, Das Sadviiifa-Brah- 
mana mit Proben aus Sayana's Kommentar. Doctor's 
dissertation of the University of Leipsic. Gutersloh, 
1894. The remaining four prapathakas are cited from 
the publication of Pandit Jlvananda Vidyasagara, en- 
titled, Daivata-Brahmana and Sadvih9a-Brahmana of 
the Sama-Veda. Calcutta, 1881. 

AdB. Adbhuta-Brahmana. This is the specific name 
of the fifth prapathaka of the Sadvih9a-Brahmana. 
Edited and translated by A. Weber in Zwei Vedische 
Texte tiber Omina und Portenta. Transactions of the 
Eoyal Academy of Berlin for 1858. Berlin, 1859. 

JB. The Jaiminlya- or Talavakara-Brahmana. The 
mantras of this Brahmana, in an exceedingly corrupt 
state, were made available for the Concordance through 
the kindness of Professor Hanns Oertel, who is now 
engaged in making an edition of this text. 

SamhitopanisadB. The Samhitopanisad-Brahmana of 
the Sama-Veda. Edited by A. C. Burnell. Mangalore, 

9B. The Qatapatha-Brahmana in the Madhyamdina- 
9akha. Edited by Dr. Albrecht Weber. Berlin and 
London, 1855. 

9BE. The (^atapatha-Brahmana in the Kanva-ijakha. 
Occasional readings of this recension were gathered 
from Professor Julius Eggeling's translation of this 
work in the Sacred Books of the East, volumes xii., 
xxvi., xli., xliii., and xliv. Oxford, 1882 and fol- 

TB. The Taittirlya-Brahmana of the Black Yajur- 
Veda. Edited by Rajendralala Mitra. Bibliotheca 
Indica. Three volumes. Calcutta, 1859 and following. 

Four other texts of the Sama-Veda bear the name Brahmana, 
but with a propriety which is more than doubtful. They are 
listed below under the cliisses to which they more properly 
belong, and are as follows : the Jaiminlya- or Talavakara- 
Upanisad-Brahmaiia ; the,a-Mantra-Brahmana ; the Sama- 
Vidhana-Bruhmana ; and the Daivata-Brahmana. 

Class 3. Arauyakas 

AA. The Aitareya-Aranyaka. Edited by Rajendralala 
Mitra. Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, 1876. 

TA. The Taittirlya-Aranyaka. Edited by Rajendralala 
Mitra. Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, 1872. 

TAA. The tenth book of the Taittirlya-Aranyaka, in the 
Andhra version. The variants of this version are 
printed on pages 913 flf of the edition mentioned in 
the preceding item. See Indische Studien, i. 76. 

Class 4. XTpanisads 

ATI. Aitareya-Upanisad. The three adhyayas of the 
Aitareya-Aranyaka, numbered ii. 4 and ii. 5 and ii. 6, 
figure as the Aitareya-Upanisad. Cited from the col- 
lection entitled, Taittirlya, Aitareya, and the Qveta- 
9vatara Upanisads. Edited by Dr. E. Roer. Biblio- 
theca Indica. Calcutta, 1850. 

EBU. Kausitaki-Brahmana-Upanisad. Edited by E. B. 
Cowell. Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, t 861. 

ChTT. Chandogya-UpanLsad. Kritisch herausgegeben 
und iibersetzt von Otto Bohtlingk. Leipzig, 1889. 

JUB. The Jaiminlya- or Talavakara-Upanisad-Brah- 
mana. Edited and translated by Hanns Oertel. 
Journal of the American Oriental Society, vol. xvi., 
pages 79-260. New Haven, 1894. See the note above 
in this column. 

BrIiXT. Brhad-Aranyaka-Upanisad in der Madliyamdina 
Recension. Herausgegeben und ubersetzt von O. 
Bohtlingk. St. Petersburg (and Leipzig), 1889. 

BrhUE. The same text in the recension or fakha of the 
Kanvas. Represented by occasional variants gathered 
from the Brhad-Aranyaka-Upanisad as edited by Dr. 
E. Roer in the Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, 1849 and 

igaU. The l9a-Upanisad, identical with book xl. of the 
Vajasaneyi-Saiiihita. Cited from the collection entitled, 
i9a, Kena, Katha, Prajna, Munda, Mandukya Upani- 





sads, edited by Dr. E. Eoer. Bibliotheca Indica. 
Calcutta, 1850. 

TU. Taittirlya-Upani^ad. The three books 7 and 8 and 
9 of the Taittiriya-Aranyaka, designated respectively 
as <?iksa-valli and Ananda-valll and Bhrgu-valli, are 
known' as the Taittiriya-Upanisad. Cited from the 
edition of the Taittiriya-Aranyaka listed in the pre- 
ceding column. 

MaJianTJ. The Mahanarayana-Upanisad of the Atharva- 
Veda. Edited by Colonel George A. Jacob. Bombay 
Sanskrit Series, number xxxv. Bombay, 1888. The 
test is nearly identical with that of the tenth book 
of the Taittiriya-Aranyaka. 

KU. Katha-Upanisad. Cited from the same edition as 
the l9a-Upanisad, above. 

qvetTJ. Qvetafvatara-Upanisad. Cited from the same 
edition as the Aitareya-Upanisad, above. 

MU. The Maitri or Maitrayaniya-Upanisad. Edited 
by E. B. Cowell. Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta (and 
London), 1870. 

MundTT. The Mundaka or Munda-Upanisad. Cited 
from the same edition as the I^a-Upanisad, above. 

Pra9XJ. The Pragna-Upanisad. Cited from the same 
edition as the preceding. 

NrpTT. The Nrsihha-Purva-Tapanl-Upanisad. Cited 
from the Nrsinha-Tapaui of the Atharva-Veda as edited 
by Eamamaya Tarkaratna. Bibliotheca Indica. Cal- 
cutta, 187 1. 

NruTJ. The Nrsinha-Uttara-Tapanl-Upani.sad. Cited 
from the text mentioned in the preceding item. 

GopalXJ. Gopala-Tapani-Upanisad. Cited from the Go- 
pala-Tapani of the Atharva-Veda as edited by Hara- 
candra Vidyabhusana and Vi9vanatha (^astrl. Biblio- 
theca Indica. Calcutta, 1870. 

Of the publication entitled Eleven Atharvana TTpani- 
sads with Dipikas, edited by Colonel George A. 
Jacob, Bombay, 1891, the following eight Upanisads 
have yielded more or less material for the Concordance : 

KalagTJ. Kalagnirudra-Upanisad, pages 176'; 

VasuXJ. Vasudeva-Upanisad, pages_ 25 if ; 

AtmapraU. Atmaprabodha- or Atmabodha-Upanisad, 
pages 77ff; 

GarudaXJ. Garuda-Upanisad, pages 83 ff ; 

MahaU. Maha-Upanisad, jiages 9 1 if ; 

VaradapXT. Yarada-Purva-Tapani-Upanisad, pages 1 1 1 ff ; 

VaradauU. Varada-Uttara-Tapani-Upanisad, pages 137 ff ; 

SkandaU. Skanda-Upanisad, pages 161 ff. 

The collection entitled Atharvanopaaisadah, edited by 
Pandit Jlvananda Vidyasagara (second edition, Calcutta, 
1 891), contains twenty-nine Atharvan Upanisads. Of 
those among them not previously accounted for, the 
following fourteen have yielded more or less material 
for the Concordance : 

9irastr. Qiras-Upanisad or Atharvafiras-Upanisad, pages 

NadaHnduXT. Nadabindu-Upanisad, pages 41 ff; 
TejXJ. Tejobindu-Upanisad, pages 84 ft'; 
TogatattvaXJ. Yogatattva-Upanisad, pages 93 ff ; 
SamnyasaXJ. Saiiinyasa-Upanisad, pages 99 ff ; 

ArnnXT. Aruneya-Upanisad, pages 133 ff; 
KsurXT. Ksurika-Upanisad, pages 151 ff; 
CuliiaXT. Culika-Upanisad, pages i64ff ; 
BrahmaXT. Brahma-Upanisad, pages 180 ff; 
PranagXJ. Pranagnihotra-Upanisad, pages 197 ff; 
NilarXT. Nilarudra-Upanisad (a version of the (^ata- 

rudriya, Anquetil du Perron's Schat Eoudri, VS. 1 6 ; 

TS.4.5), pages 206 ff; 
KanthagrutiXJ. Kanthajruti-Upanisad, pages 2i3ff; 
JabXJ. Jabala-Upani.sad, pages 337 ff; 
EaivXT. Kaivalya-Upanisad, pages 353 ff. 

Many more Upanisads, or treatises like Upanisads, are to 
be found, as is well known, in various other collections. They 
did not, however, yield materials of such a nature as to re- 
quire to be embodied in the Concordance. A couple of Anquetil 
du Perron's Oupnekhat, the Pranou and the Shavank, are cited 
in the Concordance, but only rarely, the Pranou indeed only 
once (on page 365'). A few quotations are derived from Muk- 

MuktiXJ. Muktika-Upanisad. Cited from the collection 

in the Ananda-A9rama Series. 
PranavaXJ. Pranava-Upanisad or Pranou Oupnekhat, 

identical with GB.i.i. 16-30. See Bloomfield, The 

Atharva-Veda and the Gopatha-Brahmana (Indo-Aryan 

Encyclopaedia), pages 19, 108. 
qaunakaXJ. Qaunaka-Upauisad or Shavank Oupnekhat. 

Cf. Bloomfield under the preceding item. 

Class 5. ^rauta-Sutras 

A9. The Qrauta-Sutra of Afvalayana. Edited by Rama- 
narayana Vidyaratna. Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, 
1874. The two halves of the text are counted con- 

99. The gankhayana-^rauta-Sutra. Edited by Alfred 
Hillebrandt. Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, 1888. 

Vait. Vaitana-Sutra. The Ritual of the Atharva-Veda. 
Edited by Dr. Richard Garbe, London, 1878. 

L9. The grauta-Sutra of Latyayana. Edited by Anan- 
dacandra Vedantavaglya. Bibliotheca Indica. Cal- 
cutta, 1872. 

K9. The grauta-Sutra of Katyayana. Edited by Dr. 
Albrecht Weber. Berlin and London, 1859. 

Ap9. The grauta-Sutra of Apastamba. Edited by Dr. 
Richard Garbe. Bibliotheca Indica. Three volumes. 
Calcutta, 1882, 1885, 1892. 

ApYajnapariljliasa. Apastamba- Yajna-Paribhasa-Sutras, 
being the first four kandikas of book xxiv. of the 
grauta-Sutra of Apastamba. Cited from the Hindu 
serial Usha, vol. i. Calcutta, 1890. 

M9. Das Manava-grauta-Sutra. 
Dr. Friedrich Knauer. Books 
St. Petersburg, 1 900-1 903, 

Herausgegeben von 
i.-v. (out of eleven). 

As was mentioned above, pages is.^, xi", the mantras of the 
remaining six books were made available to me by the kindness 
of Professor Knauer. The well-known carefulness of his habits 
of work will offset in a measure the inevitably less finished 
quality of material as yet unpublished; but I could not of 




course compare the unpublished M9. mantras with my other 
material as thoroughly as would have been possible if I had had 
tlie MC. text complete in printed form. 

The citations from the M^- require sometimes two numbers 
(so in book viiiO, sometimes three (so in book vi.), sometimes 
four (so in books i. and ii.). Accordingly, I have separated the 
individual citations one from another by an intei-posed dash 
( — ), in cases where there was any danger of confusion. 

Class 6. Grhya-Sutras, Mautra-Fathas, and 
related texts 

AG. Afvalayana-Grhya-Sutra. Issued under the title 
Grliyasutrani. Indisclie Hausregeln. Herausgegeben 
von Adolf Friedricli Stenzler. I. A9valayana. Leii>zig, 

CG. Qankhayana-Grhya-Sutra. Edited and translated by 
H. Oldenberg. under the title Das ^ankhayanagrhyam, 
in the Indische Studien, vol. xv., pages 1-166. Leipzig, 

Eaaq. The Kau?ika-Sutra of the Athai-va-Veda, with 
extracts from the commentaries of Dririla and Ke9ava. 
Edited by Maurice Bloomfield, in vol. xiv. of the Journal 
of the American Oriental Society. New Haven, 1890. 

SMB. Sama-Mantra-Brahmana. The first prapathaka is 
cited from the Doctor's dissertation of the University 
of Halle, entitled Das Mantrabrahmana. I. Prapathaka. 
Von Heinrich Stonner. Halle, 1901. The second is 
cited fi-om an edition contained in the Hindu serial 
called Usha, vol. i. Calcutta, 1890. See the note on 
page xviib. 

GG. Das Gobhila-Gryha-Sutra. Herausgegeben von Dr. 
Eriedrich Knauer. Dorpat (and Leipzig), 1884. 

EhG. Khadira-Grhya-Sutra. Edited and translated by 
Hermann Oldenberg in the Sacred Books of the East, 
vol. xxix., pages 369-435. Oxford, 1886. 

PG. Paraskara-Grhya-Sutra. Issued under the title 
Grhyasutrani. Indische Hausregeln. Herausgegeben 
von Adolf Friedricli Stenzler. II. Paraskara. Leipzig, 

ApSEB. The Mantra-Patha or the Prayer Book of the 
Apastambins, Edited by M.Winternitz. Oxford, 1897. 

The abbreviation AplIB. (meaning Apastamba-Mantra-Brah- 
mana) was chosen by me for this Mantra-Patha in order to 
match SMB. (meaning Sama-Mantra-Br.ahmana). The use of 
the name Brahmaua for a considerable variety of subsidiary 
texts which are by no means strictly Brahmanas ;see the note 
on page xvii*") is a peculiarity of the Sama-Veda tradition ; but 
this Mantra-Patha is never to my knowledge spoken of as a 
Brahmana in the tradition of the Apastambins. My choice is 
therefore open to well-founded criticism. 

Whenever it seemed desirable, I have placed, in parenthesis, 
by the side of the citation of a given mantra of the Mantra- 
Patha, a reference to that passage of the Apastamba-Grhya-Sutra 
which contains the prescriptions for the practical application 
of the said mantra. Thus : pra su gmautii dhij'asanasya saksani 

ApG. The Apastambiya-Grhya-Sutra. 

M. Winternitz. Vienna, 1887. 
HG. The Gryha-Sutra of Hiranyakegin 

.J. Kirste. Vienna, 1889. 
Grhyas. Das Grhyasamgraha-Pari9ista des GobhUaputra 

Edited by Dr. 
Edited by Dr. 

Edited and translated by M. Bloomfield in the Zeit- 
schrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, 
vol. XXXV., pages 533-587- 
Karmap. Karmapradlpa. The first prapathaka is cited 
from the edition entitled Der Karmapradlpa. I. Pra- 
pathaka. Herausgegeben von Dr. Friedrich Schrader. 
Halle, 1889. The second prapathaka is cited from 
the edition entitled Der Karmapradlpa. II. Prapa- 
thaka. Herausgegeben von Dr. A. Freiherrn von Stael- 
Holstein. Leipzig, 1900. The third prapathaka is cited 
from an edition of the entire text, issued under the title 
Katyayana-Smrti, and forming a part (vol. i., pages 
603 ft) of the compilation called Dharma^astrasariigraha, 
and published by Jivananda Vidyasagara, Calcutta, 

Class 7. Sharma-Sutras, Sliarma-^astras, 


GDh. Gautama-Dharma-^astra. Issued under the title 
The Institutes of Gautama. Edited by Adolf Friedrich 
Stenzler. London, 1876. 

ApDli. Apastamblya-Dharma-Satra. Aphorisms on the 
Sacred Law of the Hindus by Apastamba. Edited by 
Dr. George Buhler, CLE. Second Edition. Bombay, 
1892. Bombay Sanskrit Series, No. xliv. 

BDh. The Baudhayana-Dharma-^astra. Edited by E. 
Hultzsch, Ph.D. Leipzig, 1884. 

ViDh. Visnu-Smrti. The Institutes of Visnu. Edited 
by Julius Jolly, Ph.D. Bibliotheca Indica. Calcutta, 

VaDh. Vasistha-Dharma-^astra. Aphorisms on the 
Sacred Law of the Aryas, as taught in the school of 
Vasistha. Edited by Eev. Alois Anton Fuhrer, Ph.D. 
Bombay, 1883. Bombay Sanskrit Series, No. xxiii. 

XIDh. Manava-Dharma-^astra. Critically edited by J. 
Jolly. London, 1887. Triibner's Oriental Series. 

YDh. Yajiiavalkya-Dharma-^astra. Yajiiavalkya's Ge- 
setzljuch. Herausgegeben von Dr. Adolf Friedrich 
Stenzler. Berlin and London, 1849. 

NaradaDh. Naradlya-Dharma-^astra. Issued as The 
Institutes of Nnrada. Edited by Julius Jolly. Biblio- 
theca Indica. Calcutta, 1885. 

FarDh. Para9ara-Smrti. Edited by Candrakanta Tar- 
kalariikara. Bibhotheca Indica. Calcutta, 1890 and 

The compilation entitled Dharnia9astrasariigralia was 
published in two volumes by Pandit Jivananda Vidya- 
sagara in Calcutta, 1876. Since the editor has neglected 
to number the 9lokas, I have had in most cases to 
count them for myself, and all other users of the work 
in connection with the Concordance will have to do 
the like. The twenty-six texts of this compilation 
were read for the Concordance, and more or less 
material suitable therefor was yielded by the follow- 
ing eleven : 

LAtBh. Laghu-Atri-Samhita, vol. i., pages iff; 

VAtDh. Viddha-Atri-Samhita, vol. i., pages 47 ff; 

IiHBh. Laghu-Harlta-Samhita, vol. i., pages 177 ff; 

c 2 




VHDh. Vrddha-Harlta-Sariihita, vol. i., pages 194 ff; 
AuifDh. Au9anasa-Dharma-gastra, vol. i., pages 501 ff; 
AugSh. Angirasa-Smrti, vol. i., pages 554 ff; 
SamvartaDh. Sariivarta-Smrti, vol. i., pages 584 ff; 
BrhPDh. Brhat-Parafara-Sariihita, vol. ii., pages 53 ff; 
LVyasaDh. Laghu-Vyasa-Saiiihita, vol. ii., pages 310 ff ; 
VyasaDh. Vyasa-Saiiihita, vol. ii., pages 321 ff; 
CankhaDh. gaflkha-Samhita, vol. ii., pages 343 ff. 

Class 8. Vidhana-texts 

Bvidh. Eig-Vidhana. Issued as a Berlin Doctors dis- 
sertation under the title Rgvidhanam. Auctor Rudolf 
Meyer. Berlin, 1877. 

Svidh. The Sama-Vidhana-Brahmana of the Sama- 
Veda. By A. C. Burnell. London, 1873. See note 
on page xvii'^ 

Class 9. Ancillary texts of the Veda 

N. Nirukta. Cited from the German edition, Yaska's 
Nirukta sammt den Nighantavas. Herausgegeben von 
Rudolf Roth. Gottingen, 1852. 

BtIlD. The Brhad-Devata, attributed to ^aunaka. Edited 
by Arthur A. Macdonell. Volumes v. and vi. of the 
Harvard Oriental Series. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 

DB. Daivata-Brahmana. Issued under the title Daivata- 
Brahmana and Sadvin9a-Brahmana. Edited by Pandit 

Jlvfmanda Vidyasagara. Calcutta, 1881. See note on 
page xviiK 
Naks. Naksatra-Kalpa. One of the five so-called 
Kalpas of the Atharva-Veda. Cited from a manuscript 
in my possession. 

Class 10. Four misceUaueous texts 

Mahal}!!. The Maha-Bharata. Cited from the Bombay 
edition of 1 863 (citations discussed by Adolf Holtzmann, 
Das Mahabharata und seine Theile, vol. iv., pages 1 1 ff). 
A fairly considerable number of Vedic stanzas are 
quoted in the great Epic, and usually in a form at vari- 
ance with the forms found in the Vedic Saihhitas. 

Bhagavadgita. The Bhagavad-Glta. A few jjassages, 
corresponding with passages in the Upanisads treated 
in this Concordance, have been culled by me from 
Colonel George A. Jacob's Concordance to the principal 
Upanisads and the Bhagavadgita, Bombay, 1891. 

Suparn. The Suparnakhyana. Issued as a Berlin Doc- 
tor's dissertation under the title Suparnadhyayah. 
Auctor Elimar Grube. Berlin, 1875. The text is re- 
printed in Indische Studien, vol. xiv., pages i ff. It 
contains a few stanzas or padas which are identical with 
passages in the EV. or AV. or similar to them ; and 
such padas have been incorporated in the Concordance. 

Uahahhasya. The Maha-Bhasya. A single karika, 
to be found at vol. i., page 96, of Kielhorn's edition, 
is identical with a 9loka occurring at GB.1.1.26. 


1. Alphabetic list of abbreviations of the titles 
of the cited texts 

AA. Aitareya-Aranyaka 

AB. Aitareya-Biahmana 
A9- Afvalayana-^rauta-Sutra 
AdB. Adljhuta-Brahmana 
AG. Afvalayana-Grhya-Sutra 
AugSh. Angirasa-Smrti 

Ap9- Apastamba-(^iauta-Sritra 

ApDh. Apastamba-Dharma-Sutra 

ApG. Apastamba-Grhya-Sutra 

ApMB. Apastamba-Mantra-Patha 


ArS. Aranya-Sariihita 

ArunU. Aruneya-Upanisad 


AU. Aitareya-Upanisad 

Aa9Dh. Au9anasa-Dharma-9astra 

AV. Atharva-Veda-Samhita, ^iiunaka recension 

AVP. Atharva-Veda-Samhita, Paippalada recension 

BDh. Baudhayana-Dharma-<^astra 

Bhagavadgita= Bhagavad-Gita 

BrahmaU. Biahma-Upanisad 

BrhD. Brhad-Devata 

BrhFBh. Brhat-Parafara-Sariihita 

BrhU. Brhad-Aranyaka-Upanisad, Madh. recension 

BrhTTK. The same, Kanva recension 

9ankhaDh. ^ankha-Sariihita 

9a'auakaU. ^aunaka-Upanisad 

9B. (^atapatha-Brahmana, Madh. recension 

9BE. ^atapatha-Brahmana, Kanva recension 

^C. (^afikhayana-^rauta-Sutra 

9G. ^ankhayana-Grhya-Sutra 

ChU. Chandogya-Upanisad 

^irasU. ^iras-Upanisad 

CulikaU. Culika-Upanisad 

^vetXT. 9'^6''~'9'^'^t'^'''^'Upanisad 

DB. Daivata-Brahmana 

GarudaU. Garuda-Upanisad 

GBi^ Gopatha-Brahmana 

GDh. Gautama-Dharma-^astra 

GG. Gobhila-Grhya-Sutra 

GopalTT. Goprda-Tapani-Upanisad 

Grhyas. Grhya-Samgraha 











KaivU. Kaivalya-Upanisad 

KalagU, Kaliignirudra-Upanisad 

EanthacrutiU. — Kantha^ruti-Upanisad 

Karmap. Karmapradlpa 

Ean9. Kaufika-Sutra 

KB. Kausltaki-Brrdimana 

KBIT. KausTtaki-Brahmana-Upanisad 

K^. Katyayana-Qrauta-Sutra 

KhG. Khadira-Grhya-Sutra 

KS. Kathaka-Samhita 

ESA. Kathaka-Samhita, Afvamedhagrantha 

EsnrlT. Ksurika-Upanisad 

KU. Katha-Upanisad 

IjAtDh. Laghu-Atri-Sariihita 
Ji(f. Ln.ty.lyana-(^rauta-Sutra 

ZiHDh. Laghu-Hririta-Samhita 
ZiVyasaDh. = Laghu-Vyasa-Saiiihita 

Mahabh. Maha-Bharata 
Mahabhasya = Maha-Bhasya 
Mahanamnyah = Mahanamnyah 
MahanU. Maha-Narayana-Upanisad 
MahaU. Maha-Upanisad 














JH. Nirukta 

ITadabindnU. = Nadabindu-Upauisad 

ITaks. Naksatra-Kalpa 

NaradaDh. Narada-Dharma-^astra 

iniarU. Nllarudra-Upanisad 

NrpU. Nrsiiiha-Purva-Tapanl-Upanisad 

NruU. Nrsihha-Uttara-Tapanl-Upanisad 

FarDh. Parafara-Smrti 

PB. Paucavih9a-Brahmana 

PG. Paraskara-Grliya-Sutra 




Pra9'n'. Prafna-Upcanisad 
PranagU. Pranagnihotra-Upanisad 
PranavaU. Pranava-Upanisad 

RV. Kig-Veda-Sariihita 

Rvidh. Rig-Vidhana 

RVKh. Khilas of the Rig-Veda 

SamhitopauisadB. = Sariihitopanisad-Brahmana 

SamnyasaU. — Saiiinyasa-Upanisad 


SB. Sadvifi9a-Brahmana 

SkandaTT. Skanda-Upanisad 

SMB. Sama-Mantra-Brahmana 

Suparn. Suparna-Akliyana 

SV. Sama-Veda-Saiiihita 

Svidh. Sama-Vidhana-Brahmana 

TA. Taittirlya-Aranyaka 

TAA. TilittiiTya-Aranyaka, Andhra recension 

TB. Taittiriya-Brahmana 

TejU. Tejobindu-Upanisad 

TS. Taittirlya-Saiiihita 

TIT. Taittiriya-Upanisad 

VaDh. Vasistha-Dhanua-^astra 

Vait. Vaitana-Sutra 

VaradapU. Varada-Purva-Tapanl-Upanisad 
VaradauU. Varada-Uttara-Tapanl-Upanisad 
VasuXJ. Vasudeva-Upanisad 

VAtDh. Vrddha-Atri-Samliita 

VHDh. Vrddha-Hnnta-Sariihita 

ViDh. Visnu-Snirti 

VS. Vajasaneyi-Saiiihita, Madh. recension 

VSK. Vajasaneyi-Samhita, Kanva recension 

VyasaDh. Vyasa-Sariihita 

TSh. Yajnavalkya-Dharma-(jl!astra 

YogatattvaU. = Yogatattva-Upanisad 

2. List of a few other abbreviations used in the 

Few abbreviations, other than those of titles of texts, 
have been used in the Concordance ; but those few 
may here be explained. The most important of them 
is the abbreviation P (for Pratlka : or Ps for Pratlkas), 
which is used to indicate tliat, in the citations which 
follow it, not the whole pada or stanza is given, but onlj^ 
the initial word or words thereof. 

comm. commentary 

crit. critical 

Introd. Introduction 

ms. manuscript 

mss. manuscripts 

P Pratlka 

Padap. Pada-patha 

Ps Pratlkas 

var. lect. 

variant reading 



afiQam vivasvantam brumah AV. ii.6.2<'. 

aiiQam na pratijanate RV. 3.45.4''. 

angava stha madhumantah Ap9-i-2.5-5- 

anQavah sapta saptatih AV. 19.6. 16''. 

a,nqa,q ca bhagai; ca TA. 1.13.3^'. 

angas te hastam agrabhit ApMB.2.3.9 (ApG. 4.10. 12). 

Cf. agnis te etc. 
angam janidhvarii vi bhajami tan vah AV. 11.1.5". 
angaya .svaha VS. 10.5 ; TS.; MS.2.6.11: 70.9; 

KS.15.7; 9B. 
aiiQum rihanti niatayah panipnatam RV. 9.86.46'', 
anguih gabhasti (KS. babhasti) haiitebhir asabliih KS.35. 

14''; Ap9. i4.2 9.3'^i. See ahfun babhasti, 
angum gosv agastyam RV.8.5.26''. 
anguna te aiifiih VS.20.27"; TS.". Ps: aiifuna te 

ahfuh prcyatam Ap9.10.24. 5 ; anyuna te K9.i9.i.2i, 

(Mahldh., anustubh, hut prcyatam is eiwlitic.) 
angunettham u ad v anyatha SV. 1.305''. 
anguih dadhanvan madhuno vi rapfate,2''. 
anguih duhanti stanayantam aksitam RV.9.72.61'. 
angum duhanti hastino bharitraih RV.3.36,7';. 
angurii duhanto adhy asate gavi RV. 10.94.9''; N. 2.5. 
angum duhanty adribhih RV.i. i37.3'^>. 
anguih duhanty uksanam giristham RV.9.95,4'', 
angumatih k.indinir ya vifakhah AV.8,7.4''. 
anguih babhasti : see angum gabhasti. 
ahgur-ahfus te (TS.KS.Ap^. -angus te) deva soma pyaya- 

tam VS.5.7!'; TS.1.2.11, i^ •; MS.i.2,7«: 16.17; 

3.8.2:93.16; KS.2.8--';24.9; AB. 1.26.4" ; GB. 2.2.40 ; gB. 

3.4.3-18; Ag.4.5.6;; Vait.i3.23^ L9.5,6,8a; 

Ap9.11. 1. 11; M9. P: angur-ah^uh K9.8,2.6. 
angur a pyayatam ayam AV.5.29. 13^'. 
aiigur iva pyayatam ayam AV. 5.29.1 2''. 
ahgur ua gocih Mahanamnyah 5. 
ahgur madaya Mahanamnyah 8. 
angur yavena pipife yato nrbhih RV.9.68.4'^. 
ahgug ca me ragmig ca me VS. 18.19; TS. 4.7,7.1 ; MS. 2. 11, 

5: 143.2 ; KS.18.11, Cf. nedi. 
angug ca ragmij ca MS. 3. 4. i : 4 5. 1 6 ; KS. 2 1 . 11 . Cf. prec. 
angug casya punar apino astu M9.2.5.4,24'', 
ahgun iva gravadhisavane adrih AV.5. 20,10''. 
ahgun grbhitvanv a rabhetham AV.i2.3.2o<'. 
ahgiin babhasti haritebhir asabhih AV. 6.49. 2''. See ahguiii 

ahgeva devav arvate RV. 5.86.5'', 
aiigeva no bhajatam citram apnah RV. 10. 106,9''. 
ahgoh payasa madiro na jagrvih RV,9. 1 07, 1 2<: ; SV. i. 5 1 4'' ; 


ahgoh pibanti manasavivenam RV.4.25.3''. 
ahgoh piyusam apibo giristham RV,3.48.2'' 

ahgoh plyusarii prathamaiii tad ukthyam RV.2.13. i''. %^ 

ahgoh plyusarii i>rathamasya bhejire RV. 10.94.8'', ^^ 

ahgo dhanaiii na jigyusah RV.7.32.12'' ; AV.20.59,3''. 

ahgo bhago varuno mitro aryama AV.6.4.2'>. 

ahgo iTija vibhajati Kau9.7i,i", 

ahgor Ormim iraya ga isanyan RV.9.96.8''. 

ahgoh sutarii payaya matsarasya RV. 1,125.3'^. 

ansa adhaya bibhrati AV.8,6,13''. 

ahsatraih somyanam RV. 8, 17,14b ; SV. r.275''. 

ahsatrakogaih sihcata nrpanam RV.10.101.7'' ; N.5.26'J. 

ahsadhriih fuddham upa dhehi nari AV. 11. 1.2 3''. P: 

ahsadhriiu Kau5.61.44. 
ahsabhyaih svaha TS,7.3.i6.2 ; KSA.3.6. 
ahsesu va rstayah patsu khadayah RV.5.54.11". 
ahsesvamarutalikhadayo vahRV.7.56. 13a; MS.4.i4.i8=' : 

247,10; TB,2,8.5.5«, 
ahsesv a vah prapathesu khadayah RV, 1.166,9'=, 
ahsesv etah pavisu ksura adlii RV. 1.166.10'=. 
ahsesv esaiii ni uiimrksur rstayah RV. 1.64.4''. 
ahsau ko asya tad devah AV, 10.2.5''. 
ahsau gnva? ca gronyau (VS. gronl) VS. 20.8'^ ; MS. 3.1 1. 

8'': 152.5; KS.38,4b; TB.'', 
ahhasaspataye tvaVS.7.30; 22.31 ; 9B, 4. 3.1. 20; K9.9.I3. 

18. Cf ahhaspaty ay a , 
ahhaso yatra piparad yatha nali RV. 3.32.14'=; TS. i . 6. 1 2 . 3'= ; 

MS.4.i2.3'=: 182.12 ; KS.8.i6'=; 38.7'=. 
ahha8patyayatvaTS.i.4. 14. 1 ;; MS.3.12.13: 164. 

7; TB.; Ap9-8.20.8; 12.27.5. P: ahhaspatyaya 

M9., Cf- ahhasaspataye. 
ahhaya mrtyum ati medhayayan JB.2.74<=. Part o/suvar 

ahharir asi bambharih 99-6' -• ~°- 'S'ee angharir. 
ahhomucahpitarah somyasahTB. 2.6, 1 6, 2''; Ap9.8. 1 5. 1 7''. 

See upahutah pitarah. 
ahhomueaih vr-sabhaiuyajhiyanam AV. 19.42.4* ; TS.1.6. 

ahhomueaih sukrtam daivyarii janam RV. 10.63.9'' ; TS. 

2,1,11.1'' ; TB.2.7.i3.3'\ 
ahhomucam angirasarii gayam caEVKli.5.5i.2a ; Suparn. 

ahhomucah svahakrtah prthivlmavi5ataVS,4, 1 3 ; 9B.3. 2. 

2.20 ; Ap9.10.13, 9, 
ahhomuca vrsabha supraturti MS.4.r4.6-'' : 223.11 ; TB. 

ahhomuce pra bharema (AV. bhare) manlsam AV.19.42. 

3''; TS.1.6. 1 2.3"; MS.4,i2.3«: 182.13; KS.8.16-, P: 

ahhomuce TS.2. 5. 12.5 ; M9.9.2.5. 
ahhoyuvas tanvas tanvate vi RV.5. 15.3*. 
ahho rajan varivah purave kali RV. 1,63.7''. C/- lianta 

vrtraiii varivah. 


anhog — 

anhog cid asma urucakrir adbhutah RV.2.26.4'1. Cf. 

next fivo. 
anhoQ cid urucakrayah R V. 5. 6 7- 4'^- Cf. free, and next. 
anho? ciil urucakrayo.nehasah RV.8.i8.5«. Cf. pree. two. 
anliOQ cid ya varivovittarasat RV. i. loy.i'I ; VS.8.4''; 33. 

68<l: TS.i.4.22.i'i; 2.1. 11. 4''; MS.i.3.26'1: 39.8; KS.4. 

lo''; gB.4.3-5-15'^. 
akarat suryavarcasam ApMB.i.i.g''. See akrnoh surya- 

tvacam, and avakrnot snryatvacam. 
akaram purusu priyam RVKh. 10. 128.4''. See karotu 

l>rii-usu, and pnriisu. 
akar jyotir rtavarl RV.8.73. 16^ 
akar jyotir badhamana tamfihsi RV.7.77.r'. 
akarnakaya svaha TS. ; KSA.5.3. 
akarta caturah punah RV. 1.20.6c. 
akartam ayvina laksma AV.6. 1 4 1 . 2«. Cf. krnutam laksma- 

akar dhanvany atyetava u RV.5.83.IO^ 
akarma te svapaso abhuma RV.4.2.19''' ; AV.i8.3.24\ 
akarma dasyiir abhi no amantuh RV. 10. 22.8". 
akalpa indrali pratiniaiiam ojasa RV.i.i02.6<". 
akalpayathah pradi^a? catasrah AV. 12. 1.55''. See ajayo 

akavarim di\'yaiii fasani indrani RV.3.47.5'' ; 6.19.11''; 

VS.7.36'- TS.i.4.i7-i'';MS.i.3.2ri': 37.13 ; KS.4. 8''; 

gB.4.3.3-i4^ TB.'\ 
akavari cetjiti vajinivati RV.7.96.3'\ 
akah su ( lokam sukrtaiii prthivyali (VS.QB. "vyam) 

VS.11.22'>; TS.''; MS.2.7.2I': 75.19; KS.16.2I'; 

akama vifve vo (TB. akama vo vifve) devah AV.6. 1 14.3c ; 

akama vo daksinaiii na ninima TS. 
akama vo vi9ve : see akama vi^ve. 
akamo dliiro amitali svayambhuh AV. 10.8.44^. Designated 

as atman, CulikaU.12. 
akari caru ketuna RV. 1.187.6c ; KS.40.8c. 
akari ta indra gotameljhih RV. 1.63.9^. 
akari teharivo brahma navyam RV.4.16.21C ; 17.21c; 19. 

IlC; 20.IIC; 21.IIC; 22.11C; 23.11''; 24.11c. 
akari brahma samidliana tubhyam RV.4.6. 11". 
akari ratnadhatamah RV. 1.20.1c. 
akari vam andhaso v.ariman RV.6.63.3''. 
akary-akary avaklrni stenahTA. 10. 1.15" ; MahanU.5.1 1'\ 
akarsam ahaiii tad yan mama karmagasisam yad geyam 

akarsam aliam tad yan mama karmodgataram probate SB. 

akarsam ahaiii tad yan mama hotararii prehate SB. 1.4.7. 
akupyantah kupayavah AV.20. 130.8. 
akuparasya da vane (SV. davanah) RV. 5.39.2''; SV. 2 . 5 2 3^' ; 

akuparah salilo matari9va'*; AV.5.i7.i'^. 
akrksata Kauf.20. 16. 
akrksama Kau9.2o. 17. 
akrnutam antariksaiii varlyah RV.6.69.5C. 
akrnudhvam svapasya .suhastah RV.4.35.9''. 

akrnohSUryatvaCamRV.8.91.7''; AV.I4. I.4I''; JB. I.22I'l. 

See under akarat snryavarcasam. 
akrnvata bhiyasa rohanaiii divah RV. 1.52.9''. 
akrnvata fravasyani dustara'j ; AV.20.94.6'' ; 

N.5.2 5'^ 
akrtaya karmane sviihii K<^. 2.2.23. 
akrttaruk tvaya yuja vayam RV.10.84.4c ; AV.4.31.4C. 
akrtvanyad upayojanaya AB.5.30.6''. 
akrstapacye a^ane dhanye yah AV.5.29.7''. 
akrsta j'e ca kretajah TA. 1.27.6''. 
akoQah ko9ini9 ca yah KS. 1 6. 1 3''. See under next. 
akoga ya9 ca ko9inih MS. 2. 7. 13'': 94.11; PranagU. i^ (var. 

lect.). See prec. o«fZ,. 
aktaih rihana viyantu (KS.GG. vyantu) vayahKS.31.11 ; 

TS.; TB.; GG.i.8.27; KhG.2.1.26. P: 

aktarii rihanah Ap(^.3.6. i. Sec aptubhl, arthaiii riliana, 

and vyantu vayo. 
aktunahnam vayunani sadhat RV. 2. i9.3<*. 
aktum na yahvam usasah purohitam RV. 10.92. 2c. 
aktoh prabhriyeta MS.4.T3.8: 209.9; KS.19.13; TB.3. 

6.13. 1. SeeVS.28.12. 
aktogobhih kala9an a vive9a RV.9.96.22''. 
aktor yuvanam nrmana adha patim RV.10.92.14''. 
aktor vyustau pai-itakmyayah RV.5.30. 13'i. Cf. next. 
aktor vyu.stau paritakmyayam RV.6.24.9<1. Cf. prec. 
akrata A^. 1.9.3. Sec maho jy.ayoikrata. 
akran karma karmakrtali VS.3.47" ; TS.i.8.3.1^; MS.i. 

10.2a: 142.4; KS.9.4-'^; gB.; TB. ;Apg. 

8.6.25; M9.i.7.4.i6. P: akran karma K(^.5.5.i3. 
akrandad agni (MS.KS. "^nih) stanayann iva dyauh RV. i o. 

45.4"; VS.i2.6a,2i»,33";TS.i.3.i4.2'«;4.2.i.2"; 2.2a; MS. 

2.7.8«: 85.8; 3.2.2: 17.5; KS.i6.8'\9n,ioa; AB.7.6.4 ;; 8. 1. 11; A(;;.3.i3.i2; ApMB.2.ii.24=' (ApG. 

6.15.1). Ps: akrandad agnih MS.2.7.9: 86.15 J 2.7. 10: 

87.13; 4.10.2: 147.12; KS.19.11,12; KQ.16.5.14; 6. 

20; Ap(^.i6. 10.13 ; 12.7; M(^.6.i.4; akrandat TS. 5.2.1. 

2 ; 2.3. 
akrandayo nadyo romvad vana RV. 1.54.1c. 
akrann imam pitaro lokam asmai VS. 12.45''; TS.4.2.4. 

itl; MS.2.7.H'': 89.4; 3.2. 3C: i8.3;KS.i6.ii''; gB.7.1. 

1.4; TB.i.2.i.i6'l. 5ce asma etarii pitaro. 
akrann \isaso vayunani pui-vatha RV.i. 92.2c j SV.2. 1 106'', 
akravihasta sukrte paraspa RV.5.62.6\ 
akratam A(^. 1.9.3. See maho jyayo»kratam. 
akran devo na suryah RV.9.64.9C. See krandaiii devo. 
akran (TA. akran) samudrah prathame vidharman RV.9. 

97.40^'; SV.i.529'1; 2.6o3»-; PB.15.1.1;^ 

MahanU.6.ia; N. 14.6''. Ps : akran samudrah Svidh. 

1.4.20 ; akran Svidh. 1.6.3. 
akridan kridan harir attave^dan 79.6c. 
akruksad iti manyate 146.4''; TB.'1. 
akruddhasya yotsyamaniisya TA.i.4.2". 
akruddhah sumana bhava MS. 2, 9.9'' : 128.1. 
akrureneva sarpisa TB.''. 

akro na babhrih samithe mahinam RV.3.i.i2«; N.6.17. 
aksans tan VS.21.60 ; KS.19.13 ; TB. Cfaghai 

tam, and aghastarh tan. 

aksakama manomuhah AV.2.2.5I'. 

aksakrtyas tripancafih AV. 1 9. 3 4. 2a , »j Roth and Whitney's 

edition : sec jagrtsyas tripaiicriflh. 17(6 true reading per- 
haps yah krtyah tripauca9ih. 
aksanvate svalia TS. 7.5.1 2.1 ; KSA.5.3. 
aksanvantah kainavantah sakhayali EV. i o. 7 i. 7^ ; N. 1.9". 
aksanvan parivapa PG. 2. i . 2 1. Cf. next, and fitosnabhir. 
aksanvaa vapa kefafmafruroma parivapa nakhani cakuru 

Kaii(^.54.i. Cf.prec. 
aksatam ciiristaiii castu MQ.i 1.9.4 ; Karmap. 1.4.6. 
aksatam aristam ilandam SMB.i.8.5«. Cf. next. 
aksatam asy aristam ilannarii gopayanam QG.3.10.2. Cf. 

prec, aksitam asi, aksitir asi, and aksito^si. 
aksadrugdho rajan}ali AV.5.i8.2». 
aksan QC.6. 1.15. C'/! aglian, and aghasan. ^Zso agliat, 

ghasat, ghasan, ghastu, and ghasantu. 
aksann amimaJanta hi RV. 1.82.2*; AV.i8.4.6ii>; SV.i. 

415"; VS.3.5i^ TS.i.8.5.2^; MS.I.I0.3": 143-12; KS. 

9.6"; gB." ; TB.i. 6.9.9; li?. 5.2.10; Apg.8.16.9; 

Svidh.i.4.20. Ps: aksannamlmadanta(y'9-3-'7.2; KQ. 

5.9.21; Mg.i.i.2.39; 7.6.55; AG.4.7-26; 9G.1.15.3; 

aksan Kau9.88.27. 
aksann amimadantatha tvabhiprapadyamahe (and tvopa- 

tisthamahe) TB. (uhas of prec.). 
aksan pitarah VS.19.36; TS.i. 8.5.2; KS.38.2; 9B,i2. 

8.1.8; TB.; Kg.19.3.18. 
aksam avyayaiii na kila risatha RV.7.33.4''; TB.''. 
aksayya gG.4.2.5; 4.12; YDh. 1.242, 251, Cf. Karmap. 

1.4.7. Eamacandra's Paddhati to QG.4.2.5 : adogo- 

trasyasinatpitur aimisyasmiu chraddhe yad dattaiii tad 

aksayyam astu. In Mahabh. 13.23.36 aksayyam is //(e 

f'lirifation to a vaifya. 
aksayyah padyaksmif ca JB.2.73>' (ter). Part 0/ trayah 

aksayyam uttistha MQ.i 1.9.2. 
aksayyat sj-audate yatha TA. 1.2.1''. 
aksayy oisi TB. 3. 1 1 . i . i . 
afaarapanktig chandah VS. 15.4; TS.; MS.2.8.7: 

III. 15; KS.17.6; gB. 
aksaram paramarii prabhum TA. 10. 1 1. 1"!; MahanU.i i.i''. 
aksararb brahma saiiimitam TA. 10.26. i'' ; TAA.10.34'' ; 

MahanU. 15.1*^. See aksare etc. 
aksarajaya kitavam VS. 30. 18 ; TB. 3.4. 1.16. 
aksarad diptir ucyate TA.i.8.3''. 
aksarena prati mima etam EV. 10. i3.3<". See next. 
aksarena prati miinlte arkam AV.i8.3.40<^. See prec. 
aksarena mimate sapta vanlh RV. 1.164.24'' ; AV.9. 10. 2''. 
aksare brahmasammite MG.i.2.2'\ 5t'e aksaram brahma. 
aksa vido vidita vldayasva RV.3.53.i9<^. 
aksasyaham ekaparasya hetor'^. 
aksah phalavatiih dyuvam AV.7.50.9'''. 
aksanarh vagnum avajighram apah MS.4. 14.17^ : 245. 1 1. 

Uncertain text : see next two. 
aksanarii vagnum upajighnamanah. TB.3.7. 12.3^'; TA.2.4. 

i''. See prec. and next. 
aksanam ganam upalipsamanah AV.6. 1 1 8. 1 1\ See prec. two. 
aksanaho nahyatanota somyah"; AB.7.9.6. 

— aksair 

aksan iva fvaghni ni minoti tani AV.4. 16.5^'. Cf. krtam 

iva fvaghni, and krtam yac chvaghnl. 
aksan yad Ijabhrun alebhe AV. 7.109.7c. 
aksasa id ankufino nitodinah EV. 10.34. 7". 
aksaso asya vi tiranti kamam EV. 10.34.6'=. 
aksitam aksityai juhomi svaha Apg.6.i4.5. 
aksitam asi ma pitrnaiii (ApJIB. maisarii ; HG.BDh. 

also, pitamahanam, prapitamahanam) ksestha amutra- 

musmiiil loke ApMB.2.20.i (ApG.8.21.8); HG.2.11 4; 

BDh. Cf. for this and the next three, aksatam 

asy, aksitir asi, and aksito»si. 
aksitam asi ma me ksesthah TS. 1.6.5. i. Cf. under prec. 
aksitam asi maisarii etc. : see aksitam asi ma pitrnam etc. 
aksitam asy ak.sitam me bhuyah MS 1.4.2 : 48.10 ; 1.4.7: 

54.12. Cf. under prec. but two. 
aksitam upa jivati AV. i8.4.32<'. 
aksitaya svaha Kau^. 122.2. 

aksitastaupasadah AV.6. 142. 3». P: ak.sitas teKauf. 19.27. 
aksitah santu raijayah AV.6. 142.31". 
aksitim bhuyasim AV. 18.4.27. Apparently a pratika : 

tlte Anukramani designates the passage as yajusi gayatri, 

/. e. a mantra consisting of six syllables. 
aksitir asi ma me ksestlia amutramusmiiil loka iha ca (A^l. 

ksestha asmiiij ca lokeimusmiii9 ca) VSK.2.3.8 ; AQ.i. 

13.4; 9Q.4. 9.4 ; 1 1.3 ; K9. 3.4. 30. P: aksitir asi ma me 

ksesthah KS.5.5 ; A9.I.II.6. Cf. ak.satam asy, aksitam 

asi etc., and aksito^si etc. 
aksitir nama te asau TA.6.7.2C. 
aksitig ca ksiti9 ca ya AV. 1 1. 7.25'' ; 8.4^,26''. 
aksitig ca me kuyava9 ca me TS. See kuyavaiii. 
aksitotih saned imam EV.i.5.9''; AV.2o.69.7'\ 
aksito uaiuasi KS.5.5 ! 8.13. 
aksitoisi TB. 
aksitdsy aksityai tva KS.5.5; 8.13; L9.4.11.21. For 

this and the next, cf. ak.satam asy, aksitam asi etc., and 

aksitir asi etc. 
aksitoisy aksitj^ai tva ma me kse.stha amutramusminl 

loke(GB.Vait.Mg.lokaihaea)TS.i.6.3.3; 7.3.4; GB. 2. 

1.7; Vait.3.20 ; MC. Cf.prec. 
aksiduhkhotthitasyaiva TA. 1.4.1". 
aksivepaiii duhsvapnyam Kau9.58.i''. 
aksi iva caksusa j'atam arvak EV.2.39.5''. 
aksibhyam svaha TS. 7.3. 1 6. i . See caksurbhyaiii svaha. 
aksibhyam te nasikabhyam EV.10.163.1'1; AV.2.33.ia; 

20.96.17";; 9G.1.21.3; ApMB.i.i7.i'' 

(ApG.3.9.10). P: aksibhyam teVait. 38. 1 ; Kau9.27.27; 

Rvidh.4.19.3 ; BrhD.8.66. Cf. cak.surbhyam 9rotra- 

aksiyamana svadhaya madauti RV. 1.154.4''. 
aksuccame«nnariicameMS.2.ii.4: 142.2. &eannamcame. 
aksuc cannarii ca MS. 3. 4.1 : 45.5. See annaiii caksuc. 
aksudhya atisya sta AV.7.60.4''. 
aksum opa9am vitatam AV.9. 3. 8". 
aksetravit ksetravidaiii hy aprat". 
aksetravid yatha mugdhah EV.5. 40.5c. 
aksesu krtyam yaiii cakruh AV.5.31.6''. 
aksair badhyasam aprati AV. 7.50.1''. 


aksair — 

aksair ma divj'ah krsim it krsasva EV. 10.34.13-'. Cf. 

aksodayac chavasa ksama budhnam KV.4.I9-4"; TB.2.4. 

akso na cakryoh fura brhan EV.6.24.3^ 
akso vaf cakra samaya vi vavrte EV.i.i66.9<\ 
aksos tauvo rapah AV.5.4. lo''- So the vulriata for aksyos etc. 
aksnayoh ksipaner iva TA. 1.4-2'^. 
aksnag cid gatuvittara EV.8.2 5.9\ 
aksnog : see aksyo9. 
aksyamayam udumbarat GG. 4.7.231I. 
aksyav api vyayamasi AV.i.2 7.i>l. 
aksyoQ(M9. aksno5)caksuh TS.5. 5.9.2 ; TAA.10.72; MQ. ; PG. 1.3.25. See caksur aksnoh. 
aksyos tanvo rapah AV.5.4. to''. See aksos etc. 
aksyau ea te mukhaiii ca te AV.4.3.3*. 
aksyau ni vidhya hrdayam ni vidhya AV.5.29.4*. P: 

aksyau ni vidhya Kauf. 25.24. 
aksyau nrui madhu3aiiika9e AV,7.36. i'\ P: aksyau nau 

aksyau vrkasya nir jahi AV. 19.50. ic. 
aksyau vrsanyantyah kefah AV.6.9.i<^. 
akhidrah praja abhivipa^ya KS.39.3. See aghorah etc., 

and achinnapatrah etc. 
akhkhalikrtya pitaram na putrah EV.7.103.3C. 
akhyad devo rocamana mahobhih £¥.4.14.1^ 
agachataih krpamanaiii paravuti EV.i.ii9.8'\ 
agachata savitur dafuso grham EV. i.i 10.2'^. 
agachad u vipratamah sakhlyan EV.3.3i.7'\ 
agachorocanaiiidivahEV.8.98.3''; 10.170.4''; AV.20.62.7''; 

agadam janubhyam TS.; KSA. 13.3. 
agan TS. ; gB.i. 8.3.20 ; 9.2.18;; 6.1.47; 

Kg.3.6.16; Apg.3.7.9; Mg.i.3.4.24. 
agan devan Ap^. 13. 15.8. 
agan devan yajnah TS. 
agann agnih TS. 2,6.5.6. 
agann agnir yathalokam Ap^.5.27.i"\ 
agann ajirii yatha hitam EV.9.32.5C. 
agann indrarii mahate saubhagaya RV.9. 97.51!. 
agann iiidra yravobrhat EV.3. 37.10" ; AV.20.20.3-i; 57.6^. 
agan pranah svargam lokarh jite jayamyabhayaiii me^loka- 

taya aputrataya apafutayah (^Q. 2.9.7. Qf- ilgann apana. 
aganma jyotir amrta abhuma V8.8.52''; gB.4.6.9. 1 2. Cf. 

next; also amrta abhuma ; and in general RV.8.48.3 • 

aganma jyotir avidama devan EV.8.48.3I'; K^. 10.9. 7''; 

M9.''; QirasU.3''. /See adar9ma jyotir ; cf.prec., 

and avidama etc. 
aganma jyotir uttamam (TB.2.4. 4. 9<i in text, and mm in 

com>neMtor»/,uttaram)EV.i.5o,io<'; AV.7.53.7d; 18.3.648; 

VS.20.2id;27.iod; 35-14'^; 38-24''; TS.4.i.7.4'l;; 

MS.2.i2.5<i: 149.13; 4.9.27'!: 140.6; KS.18.16J; 38.5'!; 

TB.<1; 6.6.4d; gB.;; JB.2.68 

(67)J;TA.6.3.2d; Lg.2.l2,ioe; ChU.3.I7.7e. 

aganma tamasas param asya (KS. omits asya) VS. 12.73b ; 
KS.16.12b; gB. Seeatarisma. 

aganmabibhratonamahEV.9.67.29''; io.6o.iC; AV.7.32.I'--. 
aganma maha (KS. maho) namasa yavistham EV.7. 12.1''; 

SV.2.654«; MS.2.13.5'': 154.1 ; KS.39.13'; AB.5.20.6; 

KB.26.i4;TB.3.ii.6.2'';PB.i5.2.i; Apg.i6.35.5^ P: 

aganma maha A^. 4. 15.7 ; 8.11.1; QQ.6.4.5 ; 10.11.2; 

aganma yatra pratiranta ayuh (MG.pratarariina ayuh) RV. 

1.113.16'i; 8.48.11'!; AV.i4.2.36d; MG.2.7.5'!. 
aganma vajrinn a9asah EV.8.92.i3<^, 
aganma vi9vavedasam A^. 2.5.12='. See aganma etc. 
aganma vrtrahantamam SV.1.89'*. See aganma etc. 
aganma 9arnia te vayam RV.6.16.38'' ; SV.2.1056''; MS. 

4.1 1.2'': 163.8; KS.40.14''; TB.''. 
aganma !3vahVS.2. 25; MS.i.4.2: 48.17; 1.4.7: 55.2; KS.5. 

5; 32.5; gB.i.9,3.14 ; gg.4.12.7 ; Vait.24.5 ; Kg.3.8.15. 

Cf. next. 
aganma svah svar (TS.Ap^. suvah suvar) aganma AV. 

16.9.3; TS.i. 6. 6.1; 7-6.1; ApQ.4.14.11. P: aganma svah 

Kau9. 6. 1 6. Cf. prec. 
aganmahi manasa sam 9ivena AV.6.53.3b ; VS.2.24b ; 8. 

14^'; TS.i.4.44.i'';MS.i.3.38'': 44.8; 4-14.17'': 247-4; 

KS.4.12''; PB.i.3.9''; 9B.i.9.3.6b; 4-4.3-14''; 4.8''; 

gg.4.11.6!'; TA.2.4,il'. 
agan sa devali paramam sadhastham AV.14.2.36C. 
agavyuti ksetramaganmadevahEV.6.47.2 0». CfBrhD. 

5. 1 II. 
agastyah khanamanah khanitraih EV. 1.179.6*. 
agastyasya nadbhyah EV. I0.6o.6^ Cf. BrhD.7.97. 
agastyasya brahmana AV.2.32.3'"; 5.23.10"=. 
agastye nasatya madanta EV.i. 184.5'!. 
agastye brahmana vavrdhana EV. i.i 17.1 ic. 
agastyo naraih nisu prafastah EV. 1.180. 8c. 
agastyo yat tva vi9a ajabhara<!. 
agaan agnit TS.; KS.25.5; gB.i. 8.3.20; 9.2.18;; 6.1.47; Kg.3.6.16; Apg.3,7.9; Mg. 

{v.l. agad). 
aguhat tamo vy acaksayat svah EV.2.24.3'!. 
agrbhit VSK.30.23,46. See agrabhit. 
agrbhitah pa9avah santu sarveTB.2.5,3.3'! ;<! ; 

ApQ.7. i6.7>i. 
agrbhisata VS.21.60. Cf. agrabhisata. 
agrhitebhyah svaha TS. ; 20.1; KSA.3.9,10. 
agotaih nastraiii j^apmanam KS.38.13c ; Ap^. 16.16.10. 
agotam anapatyatam AV.4.17.6''. Vulgate ivith some mss. 

agor arir a ciketa EV.8.2.14''. See nago. 
agorudhaya gavise EV.8.24.20"; AV.20.65.2-'; AG.i.i.4'>. 
agohyam yac chravayanta aitana EV.i.i 10.3''. 
agohya ka idam no abubudhat EV. 1.161.13''. 
agohy asya yad asastana grhe RV. 1.161.11"; N.11.16. 
agdhad ekoihutad ekah samasanad ekah TS.''. See 

adhvad eko. 
agna agacha rohitava agacha bharadvajasyaja sahasah suno 

varavaskandinn iLsaso jaraLQ.1.4.4. Cf. indragacha. 
agna agacha rohitabliyariivrhadbhano dhumaketo jatavedo 

vicarsana aiigirasa brahmanangirasa bruvana L^. 1.4.2. 

agna ajyasya vyantu vaujhak (QBK. vausal) 9B.2.2.3. 19. 

Cf. agninajyasya, agnini ajyasya, and agnir ajyasya. 
agna fijj'ena vax-dhayan AV. 19.27. 5'>. 
agna (MS. agna) a yahi vltaye RV.6. 16. 10" ; SV. i.i"; 2. 

io^>; VS.11.46 ; TS.,4 ; 8.1,2; 4-I.4-3''; 5-I-5-8 

(6)5); 5-6.1; MS.2.7.4'': 79.8; 3.1.6: 8.1; 4.10.2'': 

145.1; KS.16.4C; 19.5; 20.14a; 26.1; AB.7.6.2; KB. 
iMb^ r.4; GB.1.1.29"; PB.ii.2.3; gB.i.4.1.7,8,22; 3-3; 6. 

4.4.9 ;TB.; Ag.i.2.7; 3.13.12; gg.i.4.8;3.5.2; 

L(p. (comw.) 4.5-19; 6.14; Kg.25.11. 33a; Apg.17.7. 

4; 10.7; Mg.6.i.i; Svidh.2. 6.9,10; 3.7.2. P: agna 

a yahi Ag. 4. 13.7: Kg.16.3.11; Karmap.3.1.16. 
agna a yahy agnibhih EV.S.eo.i^; AV.20.103.2'1 ; SV.2. 

902"; KS.39.15S gg.i4.53.5; Vait.39.8. P: agna a 

yahi Ag.4. 1 3. 7 ; Karmap. 3. 1. 16. 
agna ayuhkRiTiyusmans tvaiii tejasvan devesv edhi MS. 4. 

7.3: 96.10. P: agna ayuhkara Mg.7.2.2. Sec agne 

agna (MS. agna) ayunsi pavase EV.9.66.i9a; SV.2. 814", 

868^; ArS.5.ia; VS.19.38'1; 35.i6'-' ; VSK.8.i2.i» ; 29. 

5.i«; TS.''; 4.29.1''; 5.5.2''; 6.6.2a; MS.1.3. 

SI": 41. i; 1. 5.1": 66.8; 1.6.1: 86.11; 1.7.4: 113.2; 

3.11.10: 155.10; 4.10.1: 143.8; 4.10.2: 145.7; 4-12.4: 

188.7; KS.4.11*; 7.16; 9-2; II. 13; 34-2; 38-2; KB. 

1.4; PB.6.10.1; 9.8.12; gB.";; TB.;; TA.2.5.1"; Ag.2.i.2o; 3.29; 8.12; 

Kg.25.13.35; Apg.4.16.2; 5.17-2; 28.10; 6.16.8; 19. 

i; 22.1; 12.1.2; 14.22.8; 22.27.5; Mg.i.5.3.17;— 3.8. 

4;— 5.1. 2.1;— 7.2.2;— 9.2.5; AG.i.4.4; MG,2.i7.7. P: 

agna ayunsi KS. 19. 14; gg.2.2.5 ; 5.14: Lg.i.5.11 ; 

Kg.21.4.26; Apg.12.15.10 ; Mg.; gG.i.27.8. 

agna avasathya parisadya jiisasva svaha Mg.8.5. Cf. 

under agne parisadya. 
agna a vaha Ag. 1.3.7. Vikara o/agnim (a vaha) Ag. 1.3. 

8. Cf. agnim agna a vaha. 
agna ida nama ida nama rsibhyo niantrakrdbhy^o mantra- 

patibhyo namo vo astu devebhyah. Ag.8,14.18 ; AA. 

agnaidasamidhyaseRV.3.24.2'». P: agna ida Ag.4. 13. 7. 
agna itthetara girah EV.6.16.16'' ; SV.i.7b; 2.55b; VS. 

26.13b; MS.4.i2.ib: 177.2; KS.2.i4b; AB.3.49.2 ; 

agna inosi martat RV.4. 10.7c. 

agna indra varuna mitra devah RV.5.46.2a ; VS.33.48a. 
agna indra? ca da9use (TB. medina) AV.7. no. la ; TB.2.4. 

5.7a. Ps : agna indra? ca Kau9.59.20; agna indrah 

Vait.8.6 ; Kau9.15.11. Cf. next. 
agna (MS. agna) indra? ca da9uso durone RV.3.25.4a ; MS. 

4.12.6a: 194.13; AB.2.37.12; KB.14.2; Ag.5.9.26. 

Ps : agna indra9 ca dafusah Mg. ; agna indra? ca 

gg.7.9.8; BrhD.4.103. Cf prec. 
agna indra? ca medina : see agna indra? ca da?use. 
agna indrena vajiina RV.i. 14.10b ; VS.33.10b; AB.3.4. 

agna isam iirjam yajamanaya dhehi KS.38. 1 2b. Cf isam 

urjam etc. 

— agnaye 

agna udadhe ya ta isur yuva nama taya no nirda, tasyas 
te namas, tasyas ta upajivanto bhuyasma TS. 
P: agna udadhe ya ta isur yuva nama Apg. 17.20. 14. 
See j'a ta isur yuva etc. 

agna un m.'idaya tvam AV.6, i30.4<". 

agna etaiii te brahmacarinam pari dadami gG. 2.3.1. 

agna esu ksayesv a RV.5. 23.4c. 

agna ojistham n bhara RV.5.10. la ; SV.i.8ia ; KB. 2 1.3 ; 
24.5. P: agna ojistham gg.ii.8.1 ; 11. 7. 

agnaya adityaiii grhnamy ahne ratrim Apg.6.5.6. 

agnaya a vr?cate»dadat AV. i 2.4.34''. 

agnaya indumate^nu bruhi gB. 

agnaya upahvayadhvam Vr1it.21.17. Cf agnir me hota 
sa mopahvayatam, and agne grhapata upa. 

agnayah TA.10.62.1 ; Mahan'U.21.2. 

agnayah sagara stha sagarena namna raudrenanlkena pata 
magnayah piprta magnayo gopayata ma namo vo^stu ma 
ma hihsista Vait. 18.8. P : agnayah sagara stha Vait. 1 8. 
1 3. See next two. 

agnayah. sagarali sagara agnayah sagarah stha sagarena 
namna pata magnayah piprta, magnayo namo vo astu 
ma ma hiiisista Ag.5.3.15. Seeprec. and next. 

agnayah sagarah sagara stha sagarena namna raudrenanl- 
kena p)ata magnayah piprta magnayo gopayata ma namo 
vo«stu ma ma hihsista VS.5.34; (omiW/wrjr gopayata ma) 
VSK.5.8.5 ; {omitting magnayo gopaj-ata and uriting 
astu^>-»stu)gg.6.i3.i. P: agnayah sagarah Kg. 9. 8. 2 4. 
Seeprec. tivo. 

agnaya ekaksaraya (.so read) chandase svaha MS. 1. 11. 10 : 
173.2; Mg.7.1.2. 

agnaye (v.l, agne) Mg. 1.2. 1.30. 

agnaye ahsalam TB.3.4. 1. 1 7. See agnaye pivanam. 

agnayeihhomuceistakapalah (MS. ^hhomuce puroda?am 
astakapalam nirvapati) TS. ; 22.1 ; MS.3.15.11 : 
181. 1 ; KSA.5.18,19; Apg.20.23.2. Cf Mg.9.2.5. 

agnaye karmakrte svaha TA.6.2.1. 

agnaye kavyavahanaya manthah KS.9.6. 

agnaye kavj-avahanaya svadlia namah AV. 18.4.71 ; TB. 
1.3.10,3 ; Ag.2.6.i2 ; Apg.i.8.4 ; Mg.i.i.2.18; — 11. 9.1 ; 
MG.2.9.13; ViDh.21.7. P: agnaye kavyavahanaya Vait. 
9.8; Kau?.88.2. 

agnaye kavyavahanaya svadha svaha ApMB.2.19.13 
(ApG.8.21.4); ApMB.2.21.9 (ApG.8.22.7). 

agnaye kavyavahanaya svaha VS.2. 29 ; gB. ; gg. 
4.4.1 ; Au9Dh.5.43. P: agnaye Kg.4.1.7. See svaha- 
gnaye kavyavahanaya. 

agnaye kavyavahanaya svi.stakrte svadha namah HG. 2.1 1. 
3; 14.6 ; 15.10; BDh. 

agnaye kavyavrihaniiyanu bruhi gB. 

agnaye kandarsaye svaha HG.2.1 8.3. 

agnaye kamaya svaha TB.3.1 2.2.2-8. Cf. kamaya svaha, 
and agnlsomabhyaiii kamaya. 

agnaye kutarun alabhate VS.24.23 ; MS.3.14.4: i73-5. 

agnaye ksamavate svaha AB.7.6.4. 

agnaye gayatraya trivrte rathariitaraj'astakapalah (TS. 
KSA. rathamtaraj'a vasautayastakaprdah ; MS. ratliarii- 
taraya vasantikaya puroda?am astakapalam nirvapati) 

agnaye — 

VS.29.60; TS. 7.5.14. 1 ; MS.3.15.10: 1S0.7; KSA.5.10. 

P: agnaye gayatraya App. 20.9.2. 
agnaye grhapatayeparusnan VS.24.24; MS.3.14.5: 173.8. 
agnaye grliapataye rayipataye pustipataye kamayannadya- 

yasvahaAp(;:!.6.i3.2. P: agnayegrhapatayeApg.13.24.8. 
agnaye grhapataye rayimate pustipataye svaha VSK.3.2. 

5 ; Vait.7.17 ; K9.4. 14.23. Cf. agnaye rayimate. 
agnaye grhapataye svaha VS. 10.23 ; TS.i. 8.15.2; 16.2; 

MS.2.6.13: 72.8; 4.4.7: 58-2; KS.i5.8(?;/s); l?B.5.4.3. 

15; TB.I.7.I0.6; Ag.2.4.8;; Ap(;;.i8.i7.i4; 

20.4; M9.9-I-5- P: agnaye grhapataye K9. 1 5'6. 23. 
agnaye. gnivate svaha AB.7.6.1. 
agnaye glirtaiii bhava MS.i.i.i I : 7.6; 4.1. 13: 17.7. 
agnaye ca tva prthivyai connayami Ap9'6.8. i. 
agnaye ca prajapataye ca ratrau Kaiif.73.2''. 
agnaye janavide svalia Kauf.78.10; ApMB. 1.4.3 {ApG. 

2.5.2); MG. 1.10.8. Cf. agnir janavin. 
agnaye jatavedase KV.5.5.1'' ; ¥8.3.2^. 
agnaye jataj'a M9. Of. next, awd jatayanubruhi. 
agnaye jatayanubrulii M9.5.I.3.2. Cf. prec. 
agnaye jyotismate svaha Ap9.9.9.i4- 
agnaye tantumate svaha AB.7.9.6 ; 9G.5.4.2. 
agnaye tapasvate janadvate pavakavate svaha AB.7.8.4 ; 

agnaye tva TS.I. 1.8. 1 ; TB.3. 2.8.3; MQ. 1.2.3. 18. Cfidam 

agnaye tva gayatrachandasaiii grhnami VS. 8. 4 7 ; VSK.8. 

22.1; 9B.1 P: agnaye tva gayatrachandasam 

K9. 1 2.5.14. 
agnaye tva justamproksami VS. 1.13; 2.1; KS. i.i i; 31.10 ; 

gB.i.i.3.ii;3.3.i;Kau5.2.i5. P: agnaye tva K^. 2. 3. 3 7. 
agnaye tva tejasvate TS.I. 4. 29.1 (iy/s) ; KS.4.1 1 (^/s). See 

agnaye tvayusmate. 
agnaye tva pari dadami (ApMB. dadamy asau) Kau5.56. 

13; ApMB.2.3.13 (ApG.4.10.12). 
agnaye tva pavamanaya Ap^.i 7.9.8. Cf. agnaye pa°. 
agnaye tva pavakaya Ap^. 17.9.8. Cf. agnaye pa", 
agnaye tva pravrhami gayatrena chandasa MS. 1.3.36 : 42. 

10; 4.7.7: 102.6; KS.30.6,7. P : agnaye tva pravrhami 

agnayetvabrhatenakayaMS.i.1.3: 2.9. See agnaye brhate. 
agnaye tva mahyarii varuno dadatu (MS. dadati), soimrta- 

tvam afiya (VSK. a^yat), ayur (MS. mayo) datra edhi 

(MS. bhuyat) mayo mahyaiii pratigrahitre (99- prati- 

grhnate)VS.7.47; VSK.9.2.7,8; MS.i.9.4: 134.3; 9B.4.3. 

4.28;gg.7.i8.i. P: agnaye tva Kg. 10.2. 28 ;M9.5.2.i4.9; 

— 1 1. 1. 1. See raja tva varuno, and varunas tva nayatu. 
agnaye tvayusmate MS. 1.3. 31 : 41.3 (bis). See agnaye tva 

agnaye tva rayasposade (TS. "davne) VS.5.1 ; 6.32; TS.;; MS.i.2.6: 16.4; 1.3.3: 30.17; 3.7. 

9: 88.10; 4.5.4: 68.15; KS.2.8;; 24.8; gB. 
agnaye tva varcase VS.26.9 (bis) ; 8.38; VSK.8.i2.i (6«) ; 

gB. (his). 
agnaye tva vasumate svaha MS.4.9.8 : 128.10 ; TA.4.9.1 ; 

5.7.10 ; 
agnayetvavai9vanarayaVS.i4.7 : TS. (i^w); 4.3.4. 

3;MS.2.8.i(fc/.s): 107.9,13; KS.17.1; gB. ; Apg. 

1 2. 1 6.3. See vaifvanaraya tva. 
agnaye tva fucaye Apg. 17.9.8. Cf agnaye 9U°. 
agnaye tva svaha TS.i.i.ii.i ; TB.3. 3. 6. 2. 
agnaye dasty avase KV. 1.127.4". 
agnaye devebhyah pitrbhyah samidhyamanayanubruhiTB. 

1.6.9. 1 ; Apg.8.14.17 ((■/. 8. 13. 7, comm.) 
agnaye devebhyo dhuksva gg.2.8.4. 

agnaye dhufiksna (KSA. dhufiksa) TS. ; KSA.7.9. 
agnaye namah KSA.ii.i,6; MG.2.12.3 ; GopalU.2.97. 

See namoignaye. 
agnayeinlkavate prathamajan alabhate VS. 24. 16; MS. 3. 13. 

14: 1 7 1. 6; Apg. 20. 14.10. P:agnayeinlkavateApg. 20. 15.5. 
agnaye^nlkavate pratar astakapalah MS. 140.13; 

agnayeinikavate rohitaujir anadvan VS. 29. 59; TS.5.5. 

24.1 ; KSA.S.3. 
agnaye.nubruhi gB.,24 ; 5.2.31; 3.7,12; 3.4.4, 

11; Apg. 2. 19.6; 7.22.13; 12.20.16; Mg.i.3.2.8,14. 

Q/: Apg.2.18.3. 

agnaye.nnapataye svaha HG. 1.7.18. 
agnaye^nnadaya svaha HG. 1.7.18. 
agnayeinuadaj-annapataye svaha VSK. 3. 2.5 ; AB.7.12.5 ; 

Vait.7.19; Kg. 4. 14.25. 
agnaye pathikrte svaha AB.7.8.3. 
agnaye pavamanaya Apg. 5. 2 1.5. Cf agnaye tva pa", 
agnaye iiavamanayaiiubruhi gB. 
agnaye pavitravate svaha AB.7.9.3. 
agnaye pavakaya Apg.5.21.5. Cf agnaye tva pa", 
agnaye pivanam VS.30.21. See agnaye ahsalam. 
agnaye purahsade (KS.purassade raksoghne) svaha MS. 2. 

6.3: 65.11; KS.15.2; Mg.9.1.1. iS'ee agninetrebhyo, 

and ye devah purahsado. 
agnaye purodafasya prcsyaMg. Cf Apg. 7. 22. 13. 
agnaye purodafasyanubruhi Mg.i.8.5.7. Cf. Apg.7.22. 13. 
agnaye puroda(,-anam auubruhi Mg. 
agnaye puroda^an prasthitan presya Mg. 
agnaye prthiviksite svaha Kg. 4. 14. 2 8. 
agnaye prajanayitave TB. 1.2. 1.8' ; Apg.5.1. 141I. 
agnaye praniyamanayanubruhi AB. 1.28. i; Apg.7.6.4 ; 

Mg.i.7.3.38;— 5.1. 3.13. 
agnaye iirahriyamanayauubruhi gB.; 6.3.9; 9-2. 3. 

i; Kg. 18. 3.1 7; Mg. 1.7. 1.45;— C/.agnibhyahpra- 

hriyamanebhyo « nubruhi, agnibhyaih prahriyamana- 

bhyam anubruhi, and prahriyamanaya. 
agnaye pie.sya Apg. 7.22.13; 1 2. 20. 1 6. 
agnayespsumate svaha AB.7.7.2. 
agnaye balimate svaha TB.3. 12.2.7. 
agnaye brhate nakaya (KS.ApMB. nakaya svaha) TS. i.i. 

3.1; KS.1.3; 31.2; TB.; ApMB.2.6.9 (ApG. 

5.11.22). See agnaye tva brhate. 
agnaye brahma rbhavas tataksuh EV.10.80.7". 
agnaye bharatabrhat RV.3. 10.5b ; SV.i.98b ;TS.3.2.i i.i''. 
agnaye mathyamanayanubruhi TS.; AB. 1.16. 1; 

gB.; Apg.7.13.1; Mg.i.7.1.42; — P: 

agnaye mathyamanaj'a gg.3.13.16. 
agnaye madhumad vaeah RV.i.78.5b. 

agnaye mai'iitvate svaha AB.7.9.8. 

agnaye yavisthaj-a trayo nakulah TS.5.6.15. i ; KSA.9.5. 

agnaye raksoghne svaha TS.i.8.7.2 ; TB. ; ApQ. 

18.9. 12. 
agnaye rayimate pa9umate piistipataye svaha (^Q.2.10. i. 

Cf. agnaye grhapataye raj'imate, and nc.rt. 
agnaye rayimate svaha T A. 6. 1.2. Gf. prer. 
agnaye varunaya svaha AB. 7.9.5. Cf. svah agnaye varunaya. 
agnaye vasumate somaya rudiavata iiuh-aya marutvate 

varunayadityavateinubmhi M9.5. 1. 10.5. 
agnaye vivicaye svaha AB.7.6.3. 
agnaye vTtamanyave svaha KS. 3 7. 13, 14. 
agnaye vitaye svaha AB. 7.6.2. 
agnaye vai^vanaraya dvada(jakapalah VS.29.60 ; TS.7.5. 

1 4. 1 ; 22.1; KS. 21.10; KSA. 5. 1 o, [ 9. Cf. vaigvanaraiii 

agnaye vai9vanaraya dvada^-akapalo rargakhare yadi 

nagaehet TS. ; KSA.5.18. 
agnaye vaifvanai-ayasuvargayalokaya svaha TA.6. 2.1; 4.2. 
agnaye v.aiyvanaraya svaha VS. 11.66 ; TS. ; MS. 2. 

7.7: 82.9; KS.16.7; AB.7.9.1; gB.6.6.i.2o: AQ.2.4.14; 

K9.25.12.10; QG.5.4.2. See svahagnaj'e vaifvanaraya. 
agnaye vriifvanarayanubruhi MQ.6.2.5. 
agnaye vo justam prok.sami TS.i.r.5.1; TB. ; 

agnaye vo justan nirvapamy amusmai vo justan MS. i.i. 

5: 3.4. Ps: agnaye vo justrm nirvapami MS. 4. 1.5: 

7.1 ; agnaye vo justan MS. 4. 1.5 : 7.4. 
agnaye vo justan proksamy amusmai vo justan MS.1.1.6 : 

3.10; M(^.i.2.2.2. P : agnaye vo justan MS. 4.1.6 : 7.16. 
agnaye vratapataye svaha AB. 7.8.2 ; AP9.9.9.14 ; Kau9. 

agnaye vratabhrte svaha AB. 7.8.1. 
agnaye yucaye Ap(^.5.2i.5. Cf. agnaye tva qu". 
agnaye ^ucaye svaha AB.7.7.3 ; ApQ.9.9.14. 
agnaye fulkaih harami tvi.slmate Kau9.4.i^. 
agnaye samvargaya svaha AB.7.7.1,4. 
agnayesamve9apatayesvahaVS.2.2o. P:agnayeKQ.3.7. 18. 
agnaye sam anamat prthivyai sam anamad. yathagnih 

prthivya sam anamad evarii mahyarii bhadrah samna- 

tayahsamnamantuTS. ; KSA.5.20. P: agnaye 

sam anamat prthivyai sam anamat TB. ; ApQ. 

20.12.8. See prthivyam agnaye sam anaman, and cf. 

agni9 ca prthivl. 
agnaye samidham aharsam (^G.GG. aharsam) AG. 1.21. 

I*;;SMB.i.6.32='; GG.2.10.46 ; PG.2.4.3'' ; 

HG.i.7.2''; ApMB.2.6.2" (ApG.5.11.22). P: agnaye 

samidham KhG.2.4.26. See agne (agre) samidham. 
agnaye samidhyamanaya hotar anubruhi (^B. 1.3. 5.3; 

agnaye samidhyamanayanubruhi TS. ; MS.1.4.11 : 

59.9; gB.i.3.5.2,3;; 6.1. 21;; TB.3.3. 

7.1; Kg.3.1.1; Apg.2.i2.i; Mg.i.3.1.1; N.I. 15. P: 

agnaye samidhyamanaya (^(^.T.4.4. 
agnaye surabliimate svaha AB.7.9.7. 
agnaye svaha AV.19.4.1; 43.1; VS.10.5; 22.6,27; 39. 

i; TS.; 7.1. 12. 1 ; 14.1; 16.1; 


— agna 

MS. 2. 6. 11: 70.7; 2.6.12: 71.13; 3.12.2: 160.9; 3.I2. 
7: 162.12; 4.4.6: 57.1; KS.15.7; 23.2 (6is);KSA.i.3, 
5,7,8,11 ; gB.; 5.3-5.8; 12. 6.1. 16;; 14. 
3-2-5; 9.3-8; 4.18; TB.; 8.6.3; 9.3; 17.1 (his), 2; 

12.4.2-6; SB.5.7; AdB.7;; 6.3.8; Kg.. 5.5.3; 

i8.5.3;2o.2.3;Mg.i.5.3.i8;— 9.1.3;— 9.1.4;— 9.2.T;—y. 

2.2 ; Apg.9.9.14; 18.15.8; 20.4.5 ; 5.9; 11.3,4.7 ; TAA. 

10.67. 1 ; MahanU.19.2; BrhU.6.3.8; 4.18; AG.i.9,7; 

10-13; 4.3-26; gG-.i.i7.8; 2.14.4; KaU9.4.i; 6.1 1; 

72.27 ; 81.31 ; 94.14; 95-3 ; 119-2 ; 130-2 ; 131-2 ; 13,5. 

9 (p. 285); GG.i.3.9; 8.4.9; KhG.i.5.13; 2.1. 17; PG. 

1.9.3 ; 12.3 ; HG.I.2.I6 ; 7.18 ; 23.8 ; ApG.i.2.6 ; MG. 

1.5.4; 2.2.18; 3.1; BDh.3.9.4; Svidh.1.8.9,13. Cf. 

agnim svaha. 
agnaye svaha somaya pavitravate varunaya dhanvantaraye 

manasa prajai>atyam brahmane agnaye svistakrte Svidh. 

agnaye svaha somaya svahagni.somabhyiim indragnibhyam 

indraya vi9vebhyo devebhyo brahmane prajapatayeigna- 

ye svistakrte GDh.26. 16 ; Svidh. 1.2.5. 
agnaye svistakrte (nam.ah) MG.2.12.3. 
agnaye svistakrte*nubruhi gB.2. 2.3. 24 ; 5.2.39; 3.10,15; 

3-8-3-34;; 5-2-2-I8; 3-3-15; 4-4-24 ; Apg.2.21. 

6; 7.25.17 ; Mg.i. 3.2.24; 8.5.32. 
agnaye svistakrte presya gB. ; 5-3-3-15; Apg.7. 

2.5.17; Mg.i. 8.5.33. 
agnaye svistakrte suhutahute sarvapraya9cittahutlnam 

(HG. suhutahute sarvahuta ahutlnarii ; ApMB. suhuta- 

huta ahutlnarii) kamanarii samardhayitre sarvan nah 

kfiman f^amardhaya, (the last four icords omitted in ApMB. 

HG.) sviiha AG.i. 10.23; HG.i.3.7; ApMB.2.18.31 

agnaye svistakrte svaha TB. ; 4.2-6; TAA. 

10.67. 1 ; MahanU.19.2 ; gG. r.17.8; 2.14.4; Kau9.5.i2 ; 

GG.1.8.14 ; KhG.2.1.24 ; PG.1.12.3 ; HG.1.7.18 ; 2.8.9 ; 

MG.2.2.22. Cf. agn.aye svistakrte, in GDh.26. 16; Sarii- 

nyasU.i ; Svidh.i.2.5; 3.7, and agnibhyah svi.sta". 
agnaye hiranyav.ite svaha AB.7.9.4. 
agnayo na jaramana anu dyun RV.2.28.2'1. 
agnaye na 9U9Uc<"ina rjisinah RV.2. 34.10 • TB. 2. 5.5.4c. 
agnayo na svavidyutah RV.5.87.3>'. 
agnayo vayava9 caiva TA.i.8.4^ 
agnayo vai trayl vidya devaj'anah pantha ; 

MahanU.2 2.i. 
agnayo vj^anto ajarah RV. 1.127.5s. 
agna agni9 : see agnav agni9. 
agna a : see agna a. 
agna ayunsi : see agna ayuiisi. 
agna indra9 : see <agna indra9. 
agna u vasuvane vasudheyasya vetu vaujhak gB. 

Cf. agner vasuvane efc. Both formulas are fragments, the 

words devaih barhih or devo nara9ahsah preceding them ; 

see under these ticads, and cf. gB. 1.8.2. 15. 
agnagne Apg.5.28.6. 
agna devesu purvyah RV.S.2 7.3^'. 
agnayiiii somapltaye RV. i.22.i2<' ; N.9.34''. 
agna j'o m.artyo duvah RV.6.14.1''; 145.14; 

agnav — 

KS.20.14''; KB.1.4. Ps: agna j'o martyah A^.io.a.iS; 

agna yo A(}.4-i3-1- 
agnav (VSK.MS.KS.Mg. agnil) agnif carati pravistali AV. 

4.39.9"; vs.5.4"; vsK.5.1.4^ TS.i.a.y.^"; MS.i.2.7'': 

16.10; KS.3.4''; gB.'; Ag.8.I4.4^ Apg.7.13.7; 

M(;j.i.7.i.47; SMB.2.2.i2a. pg; agnav agnikVait.8.11; 

Kg.5.2.6; Kauf.3.16; GG.4.i.'3; agnau KhG.3.4.22. 

See vyaghroiyam agnif. 
agnav ague Ap(^. 5.28.6. 
agnav indra aditye vi9vesu ca devesu caritaiii te brahma- 

caiyaiii ^G. 2 . 1 2 . 2 . 
agnav iva samidliane havir bliare EV.2.16. i^'. 
agnavisnu mahi tad vaiii mahitvam AV.7.2 9.i!>; TS.1.8. 

22.i«V MS.4.ii.2«: 165.16; KS.4.I6'*; gg.2.4.3''. P: 

agnavisnu TS. 2. 5. 1 2.1; KS.11.13; TB. 3.11.9-9; ApQ. 

19.13.4; Vait.8.1; Kauv.32.3; 59.19. Cf. indrasoma 

mahi etc. 
agnavisnu mahi dhama priyaiii vam AV. 7.29.2''' ; TS.1.8. 

22.1"; MS.4.lo.ia: 142.5; 4. II. 2: 165.15; KS.4.16'1; 

AQ.2.8.3«; 5.i9.3;Q(;/.2.4.3"; M<;;.5.i.6.26. P: agnavisnu 

TS.; KS.11.13. 
agnavisnu ma vam ava kramisam TS. : TB.3.3.7. 

6; ApQ.2.13.7. Cf. next, vi jihatham, and afighrina. 
agnavisnu vi jiliatham MS.1.1.13: 8.6; M(^. 1.3.1. 13. Cf. 

prec., and see vi jihatham. 
agnavisniisajosasaTS.'*; 5. 7. 3. 2''; MS.4. io.i»: 142. 

3; 4.11.2: 165.15;^ A9.2.8.3a; Apg.17. 

17.8; Mg.;— 5-i-6.26,3i. 
agnih kanvaya saubhagam RV. 1.36. 17''. 
agnih kravyadam nudasva MG.2.i.7<i. 
agnih ksatrabhrd anibhrstam ojah TB. 2.4.6. i2'<. 
agnih paean raksatu tva purastat AV. 12.3.24". P : agnih 

paean Kau9.61.32. 0/ Vait.28.13. 
agnih paresu (AQ. pratnesu) dhamasu AV.6.36.3''; AQ-S. 

io.3»; QQ.3. 5. 8a; 9.23.12 ; 10.11.9. to agnih priyesu. 
agnih paresu sanusu EV. i.i 28.3s ; KS.39. 158. 
agnih pavitram sa ma punatu ApQ.12.19.6; N.5.6. 
agnih pa<;ur asit tenayajanta(KSA. "yaiata)sa etaiii lokam 

ajayad yasminn agnih sa te loko bhavisyati (TS.KSA. 

sa te lokas) tarn jesyasi VS.23. 17 ; TS.; KSA. 

5.4; QB. 13. 2. 17. 13. P: agnih pa9ur aslt TB.; 

Ap9.20. 17.2; agnih pa(,uh KQ. 20.6.8. 
agnih patu gmato agnih surin RV. 10. 115.50. 
agnih pavakaidyahRV.3.27.41'; TB.'; QB.r.4.1.38. 
agnih pavakoignih fucih A^. 2. 1.2 5. 
agnih pipartv ayasa sajosah AV.5.28.5'\ 
agnih putrasya jyesthasya AV. 12.2.35c. 
agnih piirva a rabhatam AV. 1.7.4-'. 
agnih purvebhir rsiljhih RV.1.1.2:'; N.7.16-'', 
agnih prthivya vayl AV.6.86.2I'. 
agnih prthur dharmanas patir jiisano agnih prthur dhar- 

manas patir ajyasya ( VSK. inserts here haviso) vetu svaha 

VS.10.29; VSK.ii.8.6; gB. P: agnih prthuh 

Kg. 15. 7.1 5; BrhPDh.9.215. 
agnih prajapatih somo rudro-ditir brhaspatih sarpa ity 

etani pragdvarani daivatcani sanaksatrani sagrahani sa- 

horatrani samuhflrtani tarpayami BDh. 


agnih prajaiii bahulam me karotu (MS. krnotu) VS. 19.48" ; 

MS.3.11.10'': 156.18; KS.38.2''; TB."; gB.i2.8. 

1.22; gg.4.13.1"; Apg.6.ii.5.\ 
agnih pratnena manmana (SV.TB. janmana) RV.8.44.1 2-'' ; 

SV.2.io6i-i; MS.4.10.1'': 142.15; 4.10.5: 154.11; KS. 

2.14"; AB.i.4.3; TB."; Ag.i.5.35; Mg.; 

— P: agnih pratnena gg. 1.8. 2. 
agnih pratnesu : see agnih paresu. 
agnih prathamah prafuatu TB."; Apg.6.30.10'' ; 

P6.3. 1.4-'. See agnih prafnatu. 
agnih prathamo vasubhir no avyat TS.2.1.1 1.2-'' ; MS.4. 1 2. 

2*: 180.1; KS.IO.I2"; Ag.2.11.12"; gg.3.6.2'. Ps : 

agnih prathamo vasubhih Apg. 19.20.4 ; agnih pratha- 
mah Mg. 5. 1. 1 0.7. 
agnih pravidvan (KS. "vidvan ; MS. in Saiiihita, "vidvah) 

iha tat krnotu (Apg.16.26.6J, karotu; KS.Apg.16.26. 

I2<1, dadhatu) MS.2.7.i6'i: 100.15; KS.39.3''; Apg.i6. 


agnih pravidvan iha vo yunaktu AV.5.26.1'', 

agnih prastota TS. See next. 

agnih prastotaharii manusah Lg. 1.10.25. See prec. 

agnih pra stautu vi inrdlio nudasva AV.i3.i.27'J. 

agnih pranan saiii dadliati AV.3.31.6". 

agnih pratahsavane (MS.Mg. ^savanat) patv asman AV.6. 

47.1"; TS.''; MS. 1.3.36a: 42.8; 4.7.7: 102,4; KS. 

30.6'',7; Kg.9.3.21-''; Apg.12.29.13. P: agnih pratah- 
savane (MS.Mg. "savanat)MS.4.i4.9: 229. 10; Vait.21.7 ; 

Kg.24.4.1; Mg.;— 7.1.1. 
agnih pravan mitrota medhyatithim RV. 1.36. 17". 
agnih prafnatu prathamah KS. 13.15"; Mg."; SMB. 

2.1.15"; GG.3.8.23; ApMB.2.10.7" (ApG.6.13.16). P: 

agnih pra^natu KhG.3.3.8. See agnih prathamah. 
agnih priyatanor iva AV.5.18.6^, 
agnih priyesu dhamasu SV.2.1060"; VS. 12.1 17"; gB.7.3. 

2.8. See agnih paresu. 
agnimyajagB.; 5.2.31; 3.7,12;; Apg.2. 

19.6; Mg.i.3.2.10,15. C/ agniiii kavyavahanam yaja, 

and Apg. 2. 1 8.3. 
agnim yajadhvaih havisa tana gira RV.2.2.i''. 
agniih yajiiesu purvyam RV.8. 23.22''; 39. 8<^; 60.2''; 102. 

io<=; AV.20. 103.3''; SV.2.903''. 
agnim yanti dravinaiii bhiksamanah RV.7.I0.3''; MS.4. 

14.3'': 218.7; TB.'. 
agnim yanturam apturam RV.3.27.11". 
agnim yamaiii matariijvanam ahuh RV. 1.164.46''; AV.9. 

10. 28'!; N.7.i8t'. 
agnim yaj cakra asyam AV. 10.7.33". 
agnim ya garbhaih dadhire vii-tipah MS.2.i3.i<': 15 1.9. 

See agniiii garbhaiii, and ya agniih garbhaiii. 
agnim yujam akrta vajy arva TS. 7.5.1 9.1 ; KSA. 5. 15. 
agnim yunajmi (VSK. yunagmi) <javasa ghrtena VS. 18.51"; 

VSK.2o.3.i"; TS.4.7.I3.I-';; MS.2.I2.3": 146. 

5; 3-4-4: 49.16; KS.18.15"-, 22.1; gB.9.4.4-3; Mg.6.2. 

6. P: agnim yunajmi KS.35.2; Kg. 18.6. 16; Apg. 14. 

17. 1 ; 17.23.1. 
agnim ratharii navedyamRV.8,84.i<'. (S'eeagne rathaiii eic, 
agnim rathanam yamam<:. 

agniih rajantam divyena focisa EV.3.2.4''. 

agnim rajanaiii cantarena nia sariicarista Ap^-io-S'.?- 

agniih laje purumidha frutaiii narali EV.8.7i.t4<^; AV. 

20.103.1'=; SV. 1.49'-'. 
agnim vah purvyam huve RV.8.23.7*. 
agniih vuli purvyariigiraRV.8.31. 14"; TS.i.8.22.3a; MS. 

2. 13.7'': 156.10; 4. II. 2: 164.11; KS.ii.i2'''; M9.5.1.6. 

7. Cf. BrhD.6.75. 
agnim vayo antarikse patantah RV. 10.80.5''. 
agniih vardhantu no girah^ 
agnim vasistho havate purohitah RV. 10. 150. 50. 
agniih vasumaiitarfi soniaiii rudravantam indiarii luarut- 

vantaiii varunam adityavantam yaja 'hK^.^ 
agniih vi9a idate adhvaresu RV.7. ics"^. 
agniih vi^a idate manuslr yah RV. 10.80.6*. 
agniih vifvumano gira RV.8.23.2*'. 
agniih vi^va .abhi prksah sacante RV. 1.71.7^. 
agnim vi9vayuvepasain RV.8.43.25''. 
agniih vi9vesam aratiih vasunam RV.i.58.7<". 
agniih vinana vrnate kavikratum RV.5.ii.4<^. 
agnim vaifvanararii yaja M(J.6.2.5. 
agniih vaifvanaram vibhum AV.4.23.4'' ; TS.4. 1.5.2''. 
agniih vai9vanaramgacha svaha VS.6.21 ; TS.1.3.1 i.i ; 6.4. 

1.4; MS.I.2.I8: 28.3; 3.10.7: 139.2; KS. 3.8; gB. 
agniih vo duryaiii vacah RV.8. 74. i<=; SV.i.87<'; 2.914c. 
agniih vo devam agnibhih sajosah RV.7.3.1'; SV.2.569''; 

KS.35.i'';AB.5.i8.6; KB.26.11; PB.14.8.1 ; Apg.14.17. 

i». P: agniiii vo devam Ag.4. 13.7; 8.10.1; g^ 

2; I4-53-I- 
agniih vo devayajyaya RV.8.7i.i2^ 
agniih vovrdhantamEV.8. 102. 7"; SV.i.2i''; 2.296''; PB. 

12.12.1: Ag.7.8.1; gg.12.10.9. 
agniih vyustisu ksapah RV. 1.44.8'^. 
agnim 9aiii yo9 ea datave RV. 8. 7 1.15^. 
agniih fastibhis turvanih sajosah RV.i.186.3^. 
agniih 9ukrena 9ocisa RV.i.45.4'*. Cf. agnili 9ukrena. 
agnim 9umbhami manmabhih RV.8.44.26'". 
agnim 9restha90cisam RV.8.i9.4b. See agnim u 91-6°. 
agniih sa rchatu yo maitasyai di90ibhidasati KS. 7.2; Ap^. 

6.18.3. See next but one, and yo maitasyii. 
agnim saeanta vidyuto na 9ukrah RV.3.i.i4\ 
agniih sadi9ruh devaih devatanam rchatu yo maitasyai di- 

90ibhidasati TB. 3. 11. 5.1. See under prec. hut one. 
agniih sadhasthe mahati VS.ii.i8c; TS.; MS.2.7. 

2- 75.12; KS.16.20; gB. 
agniih sadhasthe sadanesu sukratum MS.2.7. 16'': 101.5; 

agniih sadhasthe sadanesv acyutam MS. 2.7.161": 10 1.3; 

agniih sadhasthe sadanesv adbhutam MS. 2.7.16'': loi.i ; 

agniih samadhehi MS. 1.5. 14: 83.20; MQ. 1.6.3. 13. See 

agnin etc. 
agniih samiddharii bhagam utaye huve RV. 7.44.1''. 
agniih samudravasasamRV.8. 102. 4<',5c, 6c ; SV.i.iSc; TS. (^er); MS.4.11.2C (fe>-): 166.16; 167.2,4; KS. 

40.14C [ter). 

— agnim 

agnim samrajyaya M9.6.2.5. 

agniih suditaye chardih RV.8. 71. 14''; AV.20.103.1d. See 

agnih su". 
agniih sudltiiii sudr9aih grnantah EV.3.17.4^ ; MS.4.13.5'' : 

205.13; KS.18.21''; TB.3.6.9.I-1; Ag.9.9.7. P: agnim 

sudltim gg.5. 19.11; Mg. 
agniih sumnrij'a dadhire puro janah EV.3.2.5''; 10.140.6''; 

SV.2.1171I'; VS.12.111b; TS.4.2'.7.3b; MS.2.7.i4b: 96. 

i; KS.16.14''; gB. 
agnim suktebhir vacobhir imahe (SV.vrnlmahe) RV.1.36. 

ic; SVi.59''. 
agniih sunuiii sana9i-utam RV.3. 11.4". 
agniih sunuhisahaso jatavedasam RV.8.71.1 1"; SV.2.905". 
agniih surj'aiii candram TB. 3. 12.7,5'. 
agniih somam svistakit VS. 21. 58«; MS.3.ii.5e: 148.5; 

agniih somam (avaha) Ag. 1.3.8. Perhaps to he divided into 

agnim (avaha), and somam (avaha). 
agniih stuhi daivavataih deva9ravah EV.3. 23.3c. 
agniih stomena bodhaya RV.5.14.1''; VS.22.15"; TS.4.1. 

II. 4'''; MS.4.10.1'': 144.2; 4.10.2: 145.7; KS.19.14"; 

20.14; KB.1.4; gB.'; gg.2.5.13; (14.52.12); 

Apg.5.28. lO; Mg.; — P: agnim stomena 

MS.4.10.3: 151.1; gg.2.2.18; 6.4.1; 12.10.9. 
agnim stosany ajararii brhantam RV. 10.88.3''. 
agniih sruco adhvaresu prayatsu VS.27.14C; TS.4.1.8. ic; 

MS.2.12.6'': 150.3; KS.18.17''. &e agnih sruco. 
agnim svaha MS.4.10.3: 149.5 {his}. Cf. agnaye svaha, 

agnim agnau svaha, and svahagnim. 
agniihsvistakitaihyajagB.; 5.2.39; 3.10,15; 5.2. 

2.i8; 4.4.24; Apg.2.21,6; Mg. 
agnim svistakrtam (sc. yajamahe) TB.; 6.12.1 ; Ag. 

1.6.3. Of- agnlvarunau svistakrtau. 
agniih svistakrtam ahuveniaKS.2.i5'3; TB.'' ; Apg. 

agniih sve yoiiav (VSK.MS.KS. yona) abhar (Apg. yonau 

bharisyaty)ukbaVS.i2.6i''; VSK.12.4.17'';'; 

MS.2.'7.iii': 90.12; KS.i6.iit>; gB.7.1.1,43; Apg.i6. 

agnim havLsa vardhantah RV.i 0.20.8c. 
agniih havj'aya vodhave RV.5. 14. 3C; 18,''; M8.4. 

lO.lC; 143.10; KS.19.14c. 
agniih havyeljhir idate RV.8. 74. 6''. 
agnim hitaprayasah 9a9vatlsv a RV.8.60.17C. 
agniih hinvantu no dhiyahRV. 10.156. i'^; SV.2.877'>. Ps: 

agniiii hiiivantu nah Ag.4.13.7; agnihi hinvaiitu gg.6. 

4.1. Cf BrhD.8,61. 
agniih huvema paramat sadhasthatTA. 1 o. 2. 1 1'. See ukthair 

havamahe, and ugraria huvema. 
agniih hrdayena VS.39. 8; TS.; TA.3.21.1. 
agniih hrdayyarii 9okam AV.6. i8.ic. 
agniih hotaram vidatliTiya jljanan 1.3''; AV.18.1. 

2 0'!. 

agniih hotaram ajaram rathasprtam Kau9.6.ii''. 
agnim hotaram adha dhir ajayata RV. 1 o. 1 1 . 4'^ ; AV. 1 8. 1 . 2 1 <• . 
agnim hotaram antara vivrttah Ag. 1.3.24b. See hotaram 
agiiim antara. 

agnim — 

agnim hotaram iha (MS.M(?. upa) tarii huve TS.'' ; 

6.8.3; MS.i.4.i-->: 47-4; I-4-5: 52-i7; Apg.4-4-5; Mg.i. 

4. 1 . 1 3. See agnir hotopa. 
agnim hotfiram idate RV.6. 14.20. 
agnim hotaram Iclate namoMiih EV..'5.i.7''. 
agnim hotaram idate vasudhitim EV.i.i28.8a. 
agnim hotaram upa cfr. : see agniiii hotaram iha. 
agnim hoturaiii paribhutamam (SV. paribhutaraiii) matim 

EV.10.91. 81'; SV.2.334''; KS.39.13I'; TB.3.1 1.6.31'; Apg. 

1 6-3 5- 5''. 
agnim hotararii pra vrne miyedhe RV.3.19. i''. 
agnim hotaraih manusah svadhvaram EV.6.I5.4*'. 
agnim hotaram manj'e dasvantam RV. 1.127.1'''; AV.20. 

67.3a; SV.i.465a; 2.1163^; VS.i5.47'''; TS.4.4.4-8''; MS. 

2.13.8": 158.2; KS. 26.ii«; 39.i5»; A(?.8.i.2; gg.18.23. 

9,(10). Ps : agniiii hotararii manye KS.20. 14; Vait.29. 

8; Mg.6.2.2; agnirii hotaram gg. 10.7.7; Kg. 17. 12.16; 

Svidh.2.3.2. Of. BrhD.4.4- 
agnirii hotrat {mss. hotran) svaha MS.4.10.3 : 149.6. 
agnirii hotraya vaha gB.i.4.2.17;; TB.; 

Ag.i.3.22; 2.19.8; gg.i.5.5. 
agnirii kavj'avahanaiii yaja gB. Cf. agnirii yaja. 
agnirii kavyavahanam avaha Mg. 
agnirii kulaj^am abhisariivijantlh (Apg. ovasanah) MS. 4.2. 

io<': 32.15; Apg. 7. 1 7.1''. (7/1 agnirii grhapatim abhi". 
agnirii krte svadhvare EV.5.I7.I''. 
agnirii kravyadam akrnvan guhanah SMB. i .1.4''. Cf. GG. 

2. I. TO. 

agnirii ksaitraya sadhase EV.8.7i.i2fl. 
agnirii khananta (TS. khanisyanta) upasthe asyah VS. 11. 
2id; TS.4.i.2.4d; MS.2.7.2'1: 75.18; KS.i6.2ii;'gB.6.3. 

agnirii khatvl na a bhara TS.4.i.i.4'i. Cf. VS.i.i i ; MS.2. 

7.1: 74.17. 
agnirii gacha svar yajamanaya vinda VSK. i. io.5<' ; Kg.2. 

agnirii garbharii dadhire virupah TS. See agnirii 

ya garbharii, and j'a agnirii garbharii. 
agnirii girbhir namobhir a krnudhvam RV. 10.6.5''. 
agnirii girbhir havamahe RV.8.ii.6<'; 10.141.3''; EVKh. 

10.187. lb; AV.3.20.4i';Ag.2. 18. 3I'; N.i4.32<^, Sceagniih 

agnirii grhapatirii garhapatyat Mg.7.2.2. 
agnirii grhapatini abhisaiiivasanah TB.,5b; Apg.4. 

I . I ob [bis). P : agnirii grhapatim Apg. 3.9.1. Cf agnirii 

agnirii grhapatirii prthak VS.28.34b; TB.2. 6.1 7.7b. 
agnirii grhnami suratharii yo mayobhuh TB.3. 7.4.3^ ; Apg. 

agnirii gharmarii surucarii yamann istaye EV. 1.112.1b; 

agnirii ghrtena vavrdhuh RV.5.I4.6^ 
agnirii ghrtena havisa saparyan TB.2. 6. 16. 2b. 
agnicoranipatesu RVKh.i 0.127.9". 
agniriicavi9vasariibhuvam(KS. <'<jariibhuvam)RV.i.23.20''; 

io.9.6<^; AV.1.6.2C; KS.2.14C; TB.; Apg.8.8.7<-. 
agnirii ca ha'vyavahanam RV. 2. 4 1.19c. 


agnija asi prajapate retail TA. 4.2.4 ; 5.2.10; Apg.15.2.1. 

agnijihva asarifcata TA. 1.5.1''. 

agnijihva rtavrdhah RV.1.44. 14b; 7.66.10b. 

agnijihva dhnmaijikha AV. 11.9.19''. 

agnijihva nianavah suracaksasah RV.i.89.7''; VS. 25. 20"; 

KS.35.1c; Apg. 1 4. 1 6. 1", 
agnijihvebhyas (MS. agnihvarebhj'as) tvartayubhya (MS. 

tva rtaj^ubhya) indrajyesthebhyo varunarajabhyo vata- 

pibliyahparjanyatmabhyahTS.3.5.8. 1 ; MS. 1.3.35: 41.16. 

P: agnijihvebhyas tvartayubhyah TS.3. 5. 9.2. See next. 
agnijihvebhyas tvartayubhyo vatapibhyah parjanyatma- 

bhya indrajyesthebhyo varunarajabhyah KS.29.5. See 

agnijyotisaih tva vayumatlrii pranavatlrii svargyarii svarga- 

yopadadhamibliasvatlmVSK.3.2.i;Vait.7.9; Kg.4.14.13. 
agnirii jyotir nicayya TS.; MS.2.7.1C (bis): 73.9; 

74.17; 3.1.1: 1.7; KS.15.11C; 16.1C. C/; agner jyotir. 
agnitapo yathasatha EV. 5.61. 4c. 
agnitaptebhir yuvam afmahanmabhih EV.7.i04.5b; AV. 

agnidagdhas tu ye jivah Mg.ii.9.2^ 
agnidiito arariikrtah EV. i o. 1 4. 1 3"^' ; AV. 2. 1 2. 7'' ; 1 8. 2. 1'l ; 

agnidharii va dhrtadaksarii damunasam EV.i 0.4 1.3b. 
agninartasat KS.39. 11. See agnina vifvasat. 
agninagnih sariivadatam TA.4.34.1^. Cf. agne agnina. 
agninagnih sariisrjyate Kaiif. 108.2". 
agninagnih sam idhyate EV. 1.12.6"; SV.2.194"; TS.1.4. 

46.3''; 3-5-II-5''; 5.5-6.I; 145.5; KS.15. 

12"; 20.14; 34-19*; AB.i. 16.28"; 7.6.1; KB.1.4; 8.r; 

PB.12.2.1; TB.2. 7. 1 2.3"; gB."; Ag.2.16.7; 3. 

13.12; gg.2.2.ii; 3.5.1; 13.17; Apg.14.16.1; 17.7.4; 

Mg. P : agninagnih MS. 4. 10. 2: 146.10; 4.10. 

3: 148.13. C/i BrhD.2.145. 
agninagne Apg. 5.28.6. 
agninagne brahmana, ana9e %'j'ana5e sarvam fiyiir vyanage 

TB.i.i.7.2; 2.1.24. P: agninagne brahmana Apg.5. 1 2. 

I. Prohahli/ metrical : see the separate \>ixAa,s. 
agninajyasya vyantu vaujhak gB. See under 

agna ajyasya. 
agnina tapo^nv abhavat TS.7.3.14. i; KS.35.15; KSA.3.4; 

TB.; Apg.20.11.10. 
agnina tiirvayarii yadurii paravatah EV.1.36.18''. 
agnina dattah MG.2.14.26. 
agnina devena devataya gayatrena chandasagneh 9ira 

upadadhami MS.2.18.11: 115.9. Cf. under gVij&trena, 

chandasagn ina. 
agnina devena prtana jayami TS.; Apg.4. 14.10; 

13. 18.8. Cf. indrena devena, vifvebhir devebhih, and 

sarvebhir devebhih. 
agnina devena prthivllokena lokanam rgvedena vedanarii 

tena tva famayamy asaii svaha gG.i.16.3. 
agnina yajna? caksusnian Apg. 4. 9. 11 ; Mg. 1.4.2. i. 
agnina rayim ajnavat EV.i.i.s"; TS,";"; 

MS.4.10.4": 152.9; 4.4.16: 242.8; gB. II. 4. 3. 19"; Ag. 

2.1.27; Kg.5.12.19"; Mg. P: agnina rayim 

gg.3.7.3; 15.8; gG.i.20.5. 


agnina viprca vaj'am Ap9-9.3.2o". 

agnina vi5vasatTS.4.4.8.i; Ap(j!.i7.6.2. 5ee agninartasat. 

agnina havya svaditani vaksat VS.29. lo^i; TS.5.1.1 1.4''; 

MS.3.16.2J: 1 85.1; KSA.6.2''. 
agninetrebhyo devebhyah purahsadbhyah svaha VS. 9. 3 5 ; 

^B. P: ag-uinetrebhyahK9.i5.i.20. -Sec agnaye 

purahsade, and yo devah purahsado. 
agninendrena varunena visniina EV.8.35.1". Ps: agni- 

nendrena A(J3. 9. 1 1 . 1 4 ; agnina Rvidh.2.32.2. Cf.BrhD. 

agninendrena somena sarasvatya visnuna devatabhih, 

yajyanuvakyabhyam upa te huve savaham (KSA. huve 

isa ahani) TS.; KSA. 3.1. 
agniiii taiii vo duvasyata EV.3. 13.3". 
agnim taiii girbliir hinuhi sva a dame £¥.1.143.4'". 
agnim taiii manye yo vasuh RV. 5.6.1''; SV. i. 4 25^ ; 2.1087"; 

¥8.15.41"; MS.2.i3.7i': 156.17; KS.39.i4^ KB.23.1; 

^B.; AQ.7.8.1. Ps: agnim tarii manye A(^.2. 

19-35; 4-I3-7; 10.10.2;; 6.4.13; 10.6.2; (16. 

7.13);; agnim tam K9. 17.12. 14. 
(oiii) agnim tarpayami BDh. Cf. agnis trpyatu. 
agnim te vasuvantam rchantu, ye maghayavah pracya di- 

go^jhidasan AV. 1 9. 1 8. i . 
agniih tuke tanaye gagvad Imahe KV.8.7 1.13c. 
agnim tvahur vaigvanaram GB.i.2.2ia; Vait.6.73. 
agnim dadhami manasa fivena". Cf. agnim pra 

agnim diltaiii vrnimahe EV. 1.12.1=^; AV.20.101.1H; SV.i. 

3"; 2.140^; TS. (his); 5.5-6-I; MS.4.10.2": 145.3; 

KS.20.14>''; AB.4-3I.4; KB.1.4; 22.2; GB.i.2.23''; PB. 

II. 7.3'; SB.5.1.7; AdB.1.7; 9B.; 3-8; TB.3.5. 

2.3^'; A9.1.2.7; gg.i.4.9; 6.4.1; 10.3.2; Vfiit.39.8; 40. 

2; (L9.4.7.1; 5.19); AP9.17.7.4. P: agnirii dutam 

A9.4.I3-7; 7-IO-3; 99.I4-52-2; AG.1.11.2; BrbPDh.9. 

58,316; Kaimap.3.1.16. Cf. B1I1D.2.145. Cf. agne 

dutam varenyam, and adya datam. 
agnim dutam puro dadhe £¥.8.44.3"; ¥8.22.17"; KS.2. 

151 ; 19.14; Evidh.2.25.5. 
agnim dutam prati yad abravltana £¥.1.161.3". 
agnim deva ajanayann ajurj-am £¥.10.88.13'^'. 
agnim deva vaflmaiitam E¥.i 0.20.6c. 
agnim devaso agriyam £¥.6.16.48*. 
agnim devaso manuslsu viksu £¥.2.4.3'''. 
agnim deveddbam abby arcase gira £¥.10.64.3^". 
agnim dvitlyam trivrtam ca (TA. trtlyarii ca) baiisam AV. 

10.8.17J; TA.2.15.1J. 
agnim dveso yotavai no grnlmasi £¥.8.71.15". 
agnim dblbbir namasyata S¥.2.866J. See agnim dhlbbih 

agnirii dlilbbir manlsinah £¥.8.43.19". 
agnim dhibbir havamahe KS. 21.13I'. 
agniih dbibbihsapai-yata£¥.5.25.4ii; 8.103.3'!. C/i agnim 

dhibbir namasyata. 
agnirii dbisu pratbamam agnim arvati £¥.8.71. 12^. 
agnirii naksanta (8¥. naksantu) no girali £¥.8.103. i>'; 

SV.I.47J; 2.865d. 
agnirii nanagna upa sidad udhah £¥.10.61.91'. 

— agrum 

agniih na ma matbitarii sarii didlpah £¥.8.48.6". P: 

agnirii na ma mathitam 
agniih iiaras trisadbasthe sam idbire (S¥.TS. indbate) £¥. 

5.11.2''; S¥.2.259''; TS.''; KS.39.14I'. 
agnirii naro janayata sugevam £¥.3.29.5'!. 
agnirii naro didbitibbir aranyoli £¥.7.1.1"; S¥. 1.72"; 2, 

723"; KS.34.19''; 39.15"; AB.5.5.16; KB.22.7; 25.11; 

AA.i. 1.2.1"; A9.8.i2.2,26;; Ap9.i4.i6.i"; 

M9.I.5-3-2; — 6.2.2"; N.5.10". Ps: agnirii naro dldhi- 

tibbih ¥HDb.5.i3o; agnirii narah A9. 8.7.1 ; 8.4; 10.2. 

18;; 12.8; 13.20; 11.15.2; 14.54.5; L9.4. 10. 

2; Evidh.2.25.1; 31.6; Svidb.3.7.9; ¥HDb. 5.407. 
agniih naro yamani badbitasah E¥.io.8o.5l'. 
agnirii naro vi bbarante gibe-grbe £¥.5.11.4''. 
agnipataye>:gnaye me mrda Ap9.6.i.8. 
agnipatayeignaye me viddhi Ap9.6.i.8. 
agnipitasya (soma deva te matividah) Ap9. 13.14.14. 

¥ikara 0/ indrapitasya, or narajarisapltasya Ap9.12.24. 

7 ff. Cf TS. 
agnibhyah MS.3.1.10: 13.5. Z)o»?vi'/i<? mantra; r/. T8.5. 

agnibhyah prabriyamanebbyoinubrubi 9B. Cf. 

aguaye pra", and agnibbyarii pra". 
agnibhyah svistakrdbbyab svaba K9.20.8.8. Cf. agnaye 

svistakrte svaba. 
agnibhyarh prabriyamanabbyam anubrubi K9-5.4.7- Cf. 

agnaye pra'\ and agnibbyab pra°. 
agnibhrajaso vidyuto gabhastyoh £¥.5.54. ii^. 
agnim agna a vabaTS.2. 5.9.4; KB.3.3; 12.7; TB.; 

9B.; 99*''5-^- Cf. agnim a vaba, and agna a 

agnim-agniih vah samidba duvasyata £¥.6.15.6". 
agnim-agniih vo adbriguni £¥.8.60.17"; 99-I4-55''- 
agnim-agniihbavlmabbih £¥.1.12.2"; A¥.20.ioi.2"; S¥. 

2. 141"; TS."; M8.4.10.1": 143-11; 99-2.2.1I; 

3.5.1. P: agnim-agnim MS.4.10.5: 155.8. 
agnim-agnim M9.5. 1.2.6. 
agnim agnit tris-trib (M9. agnit trib) sauimrddbi TB.3.3. 

7.3; M9. Cf. for this and tJie next two agnit 

paridblhf, and agnid apas. 
agnim agnit sakrt-sakrtsammrddbi TB.3.3. 8. 11. Cf.jjrec. 
agnim agnit sammrddbi 9B. 1. 4 4.13 ;,41; 6.1.44; 

K9-3.I.I2; 5.1. Cf. prec. hut one. 
agnim agne Ap9.5-2 8.6. 
agnim agnau svaba Ap9. 6. 1.8;; ApMB.2.15. 

14. Cf. agnaj'e svaba, and agnirii svaba. 
agnim acha devayataiii manahsi £¥.5.1.4". 
agnimatirugbbyam(MS. ati")¥8.2 5.3; MS.3.14.3: 178.10. 
agnim atyarii na marjayanta narah £¥.7.3.5^'. 
agnim adya botaram avrnltayarii yajamanab paean paktih 

paean purodagarh grbnann agnaya ajyarii grhnan soma- 

yajyaiii badbnann indragnibbyarii cbagam M8.4.13.9: 

21 1.5. P: agnim adya 119-5. 2.8. 44. Cf. sisena agnim 

agnim . . . purodagarii badbnann indragnibbyarii chagani 

TB. 3.6. 15. 1. P: agnim adya botaram avrnlta Ap9-7- 


agnim — 

agnim . . . (VSK. pailktili) . . . purodafaiii (VSK. puro- 
lavan)baclhnanninclrriyachagamVS.28.23; VSK.30.2.23. 

agnim . . . (VSK. panktih) . . . purodafam (VSK. puro- 
larnn) badlmann indraya vayodhase chagam VS.28.46; 

agnim . . . purodafan (VSK. purolajan) badhnann afvi- 
bhyaiii chagam sarasvatyrd mesam indraya rsabharii 
sunvann a^vibhyarii sarasvatya indraya sutramne sura- 
soman VS.21.59; VSK.23.58. P: agnim adya KQ. 12.6. 
30; 19. 7. 1 1. C?/; sisena agnim adya. 

agnim . . . purodafan badhnan brliaspataye chagam KS. 

agnim adya hotaram {commentary continues avrnltam imau 
yajamanau pacantau paktih pacantau purolafam badh- 
nantav agnT.somabhyam chagam [dviyajanianake] ; and 
avrnateme yajamanah pacantah paktih pacantah puro- 
lajarii badhnantoignlsomabhyaiii chagam [bahuyaja- 
manake]. The version of the formula [comm. suktava- 
kapraisa: cf. A9.3.6.16] in the singular does not seem to 
he mentiomd). 99-5-2°-5- Cf. the prcc. six. 

agnim antar bharisyanti VS.ii.sf; TS.; KS.16. 
3<^; (^B. jSt'C agniiii bharisyanti. 

agnim antaf chadayasi AV.9.3.i4^ 

agnim annadam annadyayadadhe VS.s.f,*^. See under 
annndam agnim. 

agnim anva rabhamahe SV.i. 91''; VS.9.26''; TS. 1.7. 10.31"; 
MS.1.11.4I': 164.12; KS.14.2''; (;JB."; Apg.24. 
12.7''^. See agnim girbhir havamahe. 

agnim a5vatthad adhi havyavaham TB. 1.2.1. 16''; Vriit.5. 
7<=; Apg.5.8.5c. 

agnim astosy rgmiyam EV.8.39. ^^ 

agnim rignidhrat ApQ.ii.19.8. Cf. agnir agnid, agnir 
iignidhrat and following, and agner agnldhram. 

agnim ajyasya vetu vaujliak ^B. 2. 2. 3. 19. See under agna 

agnim apo bibhraty agnir a^masu AV. 12.1.19b 

agnim a vahaKB.8.8; (}B. 1.^.2. 16;; TB.; 
W-i-5-3; 5-II-4- P: agnim AQ. 1.3.8. 0/1 agnim agna 
a vaha. 

agnim ichadhvatii bharatah TA.i.27.2''. 

agnim icha ruca tvam VS.11.19''; TS.4.i.2.3b; MS. 2. 7.2'!: 
75.13; KS.l6.2l'; 19.3; 9B. 

agnim ittha tirohitam EV.3.9.5b. 

agnim indraiii vayodhasam VS.28.24f; TB.2.6. 17.11I. 

agnim indraiii vrtrahana huve»ham (MS. ohanaih huvema) 
AV.7.iio.2'i; MS.4.12.61I: 194.12. See agni indra. 

agnim indraiii brhaspatim PG.3.4.8''. 

agnim indhano manasa RV.8.102.22''; SV.i.i9a. 

agnim indhita martyah SV.1.82''. Cf agnim idlta. 

agnim indhe vivasvabhih SV.1.19C. See agnim idhe. 

agnim iva jatam abhi samdhamami AV.8.2.4t', 

agnim Ida yajadhyai RV.8. 39.1b. 

agnim idisva yanturam RV.8.I9.2''; SV.2. 1038b. 

agnim idisvavase (Vait. il") RV.8.7i.i4a; AV.20.103.1''; 
SV. 1.49"; Vait.39.8; 40.2. 

agnim idita martyah RV.5.2i.4b Qf. agnim indhita. 

agnim idltadhvare havisman EV. 6. 16. 4 6b. 


agnim ide kavikratum EV.3.27.120. 

agnim idenyaiii kavim EV.5. 14.5^ 

agnim ide (Q(^.(^G-. lie) purohitam EV.i.i.i"; ArS.3.4'''; 

TS.4.3-i3-3^ MS.4.10.5'': 155-1; KS.2.i4^;GB.i.i.29'-'; 

Ag.2.1.26; gg.6.4.1; 14.52.1; AG.3.5.6;gG.4.5.7;N.7. 

I5^ P: agnim Ide Ag. 4. 1 3. 7; 'Lq,.^.\o.z; M(;).5.i.4.7 ; 

VHDh.5.429; 7.64; 8.250; Karmap.3.1.16. Cf. Evidh. 

1. 13.5; 16.1; 2.31.6; BDh.4.6.1. 
agnim ide (VSK. lie) purvacittim (TS. purvacittau) namo- 

bhihVS.13.43b; VSK.i4.4.6b;; MS.2.7.i7b: 

102.4; KS.16.17b; gB. 
agnim ide bhujaiii yavistham EV. 10.20. 2'». 
agnim ide vyustisu EV. i.44.4d. 

agnim ide sa u fravat EV.8.43.24<'; 44.6''; SV. 2.893c. 
agnim idhe vivasvabhih EV.8.102.22C. See agnim indhe. 
agnim lie : see agnim ide. 
agnim ukthani vavrdhuh RV. 2.8.5b. 
agnim ukthair rsayo vi hvayante EV. io.8o.5''. 
agnimukhan somavato ye ca vifve TS.7.3. 1 i.s''; KSA. 

3. 1'*. 
agnim u ^resthafocisam SV.2. 7 64b. See agniiii fre", and 

cf. agnirii pavaka^ocisam. 
agnim usasam a9vina dadhikramEV.3.20.1''; BrhD.4.102. 
agnim usaiii na jarate havisman EV. 1.18 1.9b. 
agnim rtva te paraiico vyathantam AV.4. 40.1c, 
agnim pade parame tasthivaiisam EV.i.72.4''. 
agnim paristrnlhi Vait. 2. 7. 

agnim padaiii brahmana dharayanti''. 
agnim pavakafocisam KV. 8. 4 4. 13''; S V. 2.1062 b. Cf. agniiii 

fiesthafocisam, and agnim u frestha". 
agnim pura tanayitnor acittat RV.4.3.1C; SV.1.69C; TS.i. 

3.14.1C; MS.4.11.4C: 172.12; KS.7.16C. 
agnim purlsyam aiigirasvad achemah VS. 11.16; TS.4. i. 2. 

2; 5-I-2.4; MS.2.7.2: 75.8; 3.1.3: 4.13; KS.16.1; 19. 

2; gB.6. 3.3.3; Mg.6.i.i; Apg.i6.2.6. P: agniiii purl- 
syam Kg. 1 6. 2. 1 1 . Cf. agneh purlsam etc. 
agnim purlsyam aiigirasvad achehi Apg.16.2.5. Q/iprthi- 

vyah sadhasthad agnirh e^e. 
agnim jjurlsyam aiigirasvad abhara MS.2.7.2: 75.8; 3.1. 

3: 4. 11; Mg.6.i.i. (y prthivyah sadhasthad agnim efc. 
agnim purlsyam aiigirasvad bharamah VS. 11.47; TS.4. i. 

2.2;; MS.2.7.4: 79.9; KS.16.1; gB.; 

Apg.16.3.13. P: agnirh purlsyam Kg. 1 6. 3. 13. 
agnim purlsyam aiigirasvad bharisyamah VS. 11.16; TS.4. 

1.2.2;; MS.2.7.2: 75.9; 3.1.3: 4.15; KS.16.1; 

gB.; Apg.16.2.7; Mg.6.i.i. P: agnirh purlsyam 

Kg. 1 6. 2. 1 3. 
agnim purvasya jevasya EV.i 0.2 0.7 b. 
agnim prthivyam amrtasya jityai (Ag. yonau) Ag.2.2.4b; 

gg.2.6.7b; Apg.6.i.8b; Mg.i. 6.1.4b; ApMB.2.i5.i4b. 
agnim pra nayami manasa jivena gG. 1.7.9^ Cf. agnim 

agnim pratyaksadaivatam EVKh.10.142.6b. 
agnim prayaty adhvare EV.5.28.6b; 8.71.12b; TB.3.5.2. 

3''; gB.i.4.1.39''. 
agnirii brumo vanaspatin AV.ii.6.i''*; Kiiu5.9.2,4. 
agniiii bharantam (MS.KS. bharanta) asmayum VS. 11. 


13''; TS.4-I.2.I''; MS.2.7-2'': 75.4 (mss. asmayuh ; Padap. 

asmayur); KS.i6.ic; QB. 
agnim bliarisyad apariivapistliam TS.4.1.3. i'\ 
agnim bliarisyanti antah MS.2.7.3*': 77.2; KS.16.3. See 

agnim antar. 
agnim bhrataram sadam it sakhaj'am KV. 10.7.3^ 
agnim manuso nahuso vi jatali EV. 10.80.6''. 
agnim manusya rsayali sam idhire RV. 10, 150.4*^, 
agnim niantlianti vedhasah RV.6. 15. 17''. 
agnim mauthfima purvatha RV.3.29.1''. 
agnim mandrarii purupriyam RV.8.43.31". 
agnim manj'e pitaram agnim apim RV. 10.7.3'' I -^.6.4. 7. 5 ; 

KB.25.10. P: agniiiimanyepitai-am(^(j^. 11.13.5; 14. 51. 7. 
agnim martasa indhate AV. 12.1.20c. 
agnim mahrim avocama suvrktim RV. 10.80. 7^'. 
agnim maho dhanasatav aham hiive RV. 10. 150.4". 
agnim mitraiii varunaiii sataye bliagam RV.10.63.9c; TS.; TB. 
agnim mitraiii na ksitisu pra9ansyam EV.2.2.3<^. 
agnim mitraiii na dar9atam RV. 1.38.13c. 
agnim mitraiii na samidhana liijate RV.1.143.7''; TB.1.2. 

1.12*'; Apg.5.6.31'. 
agnim mrirdhilnaiii divo apratiskutam RV.3.2. 14c. 
agnir-agnih M^. 

agnir agnid agnidhrat M9.2.3.6.I7. Cf. under agnim ag°. 
agnir agnlsomau tam apanudantu yoisman dvesti yam ea 

vayaiii dvismah QQ.4.9.5. Cf. agnl.somau tam etc, 
agnir agre prathamo devatanam TB. 2. 4.3.3-''. 
agnir aiiga vicetiih sa pracetahRV. 10.79.4d. Cf. agnir id 

agnir ajaro«bhavat sahobhih MS.2.7.8C: 84.11. See agnir 

agnir ajabitali praitu prathamo yajniyanam MQ.^. 
agnir ajvl gayatrena chandasa tam afyaiii tam anvarabhe 

tasniai mam avatu tasmai svaha A9.6.5.2. 
agnir atyaiii raghusyadam RV.5. 25.6c; MS.4.11.1C : 159. 

12; KS.2.15C. 
agnir atriiii gharma urusyad antah RV.10.80.3c, 
agnir atririi bharadvajarii gavisthiram RV. 10. 150.5^. 
agnir adbhyo nir adahaj jarutham RV. 10.80.3''. 
agnir adhipatih MS. 2.8.14: 117.9. Qf- next, agnis teidhi- 

patih, agnir bhutanam adhipatih, and agnir viyatto. 
agnir adhi viyatto asyam KS.39.3. Cf. under j)rec. 
agnir adhyaksah (TA. adhyaksah) MS.4.9.11: 131.11; 

agnir antah purusesu AV. 12.1.19c. 
agnir annasyannapatih KS.5.1 ; 32.1. 
agnir annadoigner aham devayajyayannado bhuyasam 

Mg. See Apg.4.9.i3- 
agnir annadoinnapatir annadyam asmin yajne mayi 

dadhatu (TB, yajiie yajamanaya dadatu) svaha TB.2.5. 

7.3; (?B.ii. 4.3.8; Kg.5.13.1. 
agnir apsam rtisaham RV.6. 14. 4". 
agnir amrto abhavad vayobhih (KS. sahobhih) RV. 1 0.45. 8c ; 

VS.i2.ic,25C; TS.i. 3.14.5c;; 2.2.4C; KS.i6.8c, 

9C; QB.; ApMB.2.i 1.31C. 5ee agnir ajaro. 
agnir asi prthivyam 9ritah, antariksasya pratistha, tvayi- 

— agnir 

dam antah, vifvaiii yaksaiii vifvaiii bhutaiii vifvaiii 

subhutam, vifvasya bharta vifvasya janaj'itaTB. 3. 1 1 . i .7. 
agnir asi vaifvanaro namas te^stu ma ma hihslh LC^.g. 7. 1 6. 
agnir asi vrugvanaroisi TA.4.i9.i ; ApQ.15.17.5. 
agnir asmi janmana jatavedah RV.3.26.7"; ArS.3.12" 

VS.i8.66''; MS.4. I2.5'»: 192.9; AC^.^.9,.2e,; N.14.1,2". 

P: agnir asmi M9.5. 2. 5. 15; Rvidh.2.1.13. 
agnir asyah prathamo jatavedah MG.i. 10.10". See under 

agnir etii. 
agnir agnidhrat KQ. 9. 8. 1 4. See next four, agnim agnidhrat, 

agnir agnid, and agner agnldhrani. 
agnir agnidhrat tristubhah svarg.'id rtuna somaiii pibatu 

AV. 20.2.2. See umler pree. 
agnir agnidhrat svaha VS. 2. 10, II ; QB. 1.8.1. 41 (i/('s). See 

under prce. hut one. 
agnir agnldhrad ayuse varcase jivatvai punyaya TB.3.7.6. 

15 {his); ApQ.4.1 1.2 {his). See under prec. hut two. 
agnir agnidhre VS.8.56; TS.4.4.9. i. "S^e wider prec. hut 

agnir agnivaisnava asamiah KS.34.15. 
agnir acaryas tava (AG. tavasau) QB.i ; AG.i.20.6; 

gG.2.3.i>'; PG.2.2.20; HG.1.5.10C; ApMB.2.3.12 (ApG. 

4.10.12); MG.I. 22. 5 [preeeded %asav); VaDh.7.6. 
agnir ajyasya vetu vaujhak ^B. 2. 2.3. 19. See under agna 

agnir ajj-asya vetu svaha VS. 6.16; QB. P: agnir 

ajj^asya Kg.6.6. 17. 
agnir ayusman sa vanaspatibhir ayusman tena tvayusayu- 

smantaiii karomi (KS. cpatibhir ayiismahs tasyayam 

ayusayiisman astv asau) TS.; KS.11.7; PG.i. 

16.6; ApMB.2. 14.5 (ApG.6. 15.12). P: agnir ayu.sman 

TS.; ApQ.19.24.11 ; HG.1.5.14; 2.4.18. Cf. next, 

and agner ayur asi. 
agnir ayus tasya manusya ayuskrtas tenayusayusman edhi 

MS.2.3.4: 31.13; 2.3.5: 33.8. P: agnir ayuh M9.5.2. 

2.1 1. Cf. under prec. 
agnir asit purogavah''; AV.14.1.8'1. 
agnir iti bhasma vayur iti bhasma jalam iti bhasma 

sthalam iti bhasma vyomani iti bhasma sarvaiii ha v."i 

idaiii bhasma (^irasU.5. P: agnir iti bhasma KalagU. 

I {stated in full hy the comm., ivith variant vyometi). Cf. 

agner bhasmilsi. 
agnir idaiii havir ajusata TS.; MS. 4. 13. 9: 212.4; 

KB.3.8 ; TB.3.5. 10.2 (tts); 9B1.9-i.9- Cf. agnir hotre- 

nedarii etc., and agnihotrenedarii «^c., and see agnir havir 

ajusata, and idaiii havir ajusata- See also M9. 
agnir id dhi pracetah RV.6. 14.2''. Cf. agnii anga. 
agnir indras tvasta brhaspatih TB.3.7.3-6'',7''; AP9.9.4. 

i^'. See agnir hota prthivy, and agnihotraiii prthio. 
agnir indrah sajosasah RV.g.S-ii''. 
agnir iudraya pavate SV.2.1175^. P: agnir indraya LQ- 

agnir indro navasya nah TB-'',4'l. 
agnir indro brhaspatih TS. Cf. akar agnir. 
agnir indro brhaspatir l^ana? ca (ApMB. brhaspati9 ca) 

svaha HG.i.i5.i'i; ApMB. 2.2 2.4''. Cf. akar agnir, and 


agnir — 

agnir indro varuno mitro aryama KV.10.65. i"; KB. 21. 2 ; 

24.9. P: agnir indrah 9(?.ii.7-io; 9-ii; ^-■^4- 
agnir iva kaksarii dahati Saiiihitop^nisadB. 3^. See dahaty 

agnir iva tejasa SMB. 2. 4. 14. 
agnir iva devayor didivahsa EV.i 0.106.3'' 
agnir iva manyo tvisitah sahasva^; AY. 4. 31. 

2"; N.I. 17. P: agnir iva N.I. 4. 
agnir iva vifvatah pratyaii TB. 2. 7. 7.60. 
agnir ivanadhrsyah prthiviva susada bhuyasam A A. 5.1.1. 

15. Of. anadhr.syo jataveda. 
agnir ivanudahann ihi AV.2.25.4'1 
agnir ivarabdho vi dunoti sarvani AV.5. i8.4'\ 
agnir ivaitu pratikulam AV.5.14.13". 
agnir isfuii s.akliye dad.ltu nah RV.8.7i.i3\ 
agnir idenyo (VSK. ilenyo) gira EV.i.79-5''; 10.118.3i'; 

SV.2.9i2b; VS.15.36i'; VSK. 16.5.18b; TS.4.4-4-5''; MS. 

2.13.8I': 157.11; KS.39.15''. 
agnir ifana ojasa TB.i.5.5.2<',4C; Ap(;j.8.8.2i<'; 19.9'^. 
agnir 190 brhatah ksatriyasya RV.4.12.3''; A(^.4.i.23. 
agnir ije brhato adlivarasya RV.7.11 4". 
agnir i^e vasavyasya RV.4.55.8"; KS.7.16''. 
agnir 190 vasunam EV.i.i2 7.7<i. 
agnir ukthena vahasa VS.26.8e; TS.1.5.1 i-i"; MS.3.16. 

4^: 189.13; KS.4.I6C; Ag.8.ii.4<'; See 

agnir, and cf. agnir iiali sii". 
agnir iikthepurohitahRV.8.27.1''; SV.i.48''; MS.4.12.1I: 

178.13; KS.I0.I3^ P:; Mg.5. 

1.9.23. (7/ BrhD.6.68 ; GDh.23.28. 
agnir ukthesv ahhasu AV.6.35.2'=. See agnir ukthena. 
agnir upadrasta vayur upa9rotadityo«nukhyata sadhutarii 

pratijanite sadhu asma astu vitatha enasah ApDli. Cf. under tasya, me^^gnir. 
agnir rtuh surya rtu9 candrama rtuh TB.3.10. 1.4. P 

agnir rtuh TB.; 10.4; Apg.19.12.14. 
agnir rsih pavamanah EV.9.66.20^; SV.2.869"; VS. 26. 9" 

VSK.29.39''; MS.i.5.1'': 66.10; AB.2.37.6; Apg.5.i7.2=' 

TA.2.5.2''. P: agnir rsih MS. 1. 6.1: 86.11; 4.10.1: 143 

8; Mg.i.5.3.17; MG.2.'i7.7. 
agnir rsiriiyah sahasra sanoti EV.10.80.4b; TS.2.2.i2.6b. 
agnir ekaiii codayat samatsu'=. 
agnir ekaksaraj'a vacam udajayat MS. 171. 19; KS. 

14.4. See agnir ekaksarena. 
agnir ekaksarayodajayan mam (KS. ekaksaraya mam 

udajayad) imaiii prthivim 172.9; KS14.4. 
agnir ekaksaram udajayat (KS. omits udajayat) MS. 1.11. 

10: 171. 14; KS.14.4; Mg.7.1.2. 
agnir ekaksarena pranam udajayat tam ujjesam VS.9.31 ; 

gB. P: agnir ekaksarena Kg.14.5.28. See 

next, and agnir ekaksaraya. 
agnir ekaksarena vacam ud ajayat TS. P: agnir 

ekaksarena Ap^. 18.4. 19. See under prcc. 
agnir etu prathamo devatabhyah"i. P: agnir 

etu prathamah GG.2.1.24; KhG.i.3.11. &« agnir aitu, 

and agnir asyah. 

agnir enam kravyat prthivya nudatam ud osatu AV.12. 


agnir ena upajatu RV.10.19.2tl. 

agnir evavamo mrtyuh TA.i.8.4e. 

agnir ait u prathamo devatanam AG. 1.13.6" [crit. notes); 

PG.1.5.11''; HG.i. 19.7a; ApMB.i. 4.7a (ApG.2.5. 2). P: 

agnir aitu Evidh.2.21.3 {see Introd. p. xxv). See under 

agnir etu. 
agnir ait pradahan vi9vadavyah AV. 10.8. 39b 
agnir garbha iva 9aye A V. 9. 3. 21"^. 
agnir gandharviiii pathyam rtasya 
agnir garhapatyah AV. 12.2.44°. 
agnir garhapatyanam MS.2.6.6: 67.11; KS.15.5. <See agnir 

agnir giro^vasa vetu dliltim RV.i. 77.4b. 
agnir grhapatir yajiiasya pratistha tasyaham devayajyaya 

yajuena grhaih pratistham gameyam Mg.i.4.3.1. 
agnir grhapatih somo vi9vavanih savita sumedhah svaha 

agnir grhapatlnam VS.9. 39; TS. ; gB. See 

agnir garhapatyanam. 
agnir grhe jarita medhirah kavih'>. 
agnir ghrtebhir ahutah RV.8.i9.22<l. 
agnir jajne juhva rejamanah RV.3.3i.3a. 
agnir janavin mahyarii jayam imam adat Kau9.78. 10. Cf. 

agnaye janavide, and agnir janita. 
agnir janaya da9use RV.7.i6.i2ti; SV.2. 86411. 
agnir janita sa meimurii jayam dadatu svaha gG.i.9.9. 

Cf. agnir janavin. 
agnir janmani deva a vi vidvan<'. 
agnir jambhriis tigitair atti bharvati EV.i. 143.5". 
agnir jagara tam ayarii soma ahaEV.5.44.i5e; SV.2.1177C. 
agnir jagara tam u samani yanti EV.5.44.i5b; SV.2. 1177b. 
agnir jagara tam rcah kamayanteRV.5.44.15'' ; SV.2. 1 177 '. 
agnir jataveda iha 9ravad iha somasya matsat gg.8.24.1. 

Cf. agnir vai9vanara iha. 
agnir jatavedah .somasya matsat gg.8.24.1. Cf. agnir 

vai9vanarah somasya. 
agnir jata devanam RV.8.39.6"'. 
agnir jato atharvana EV.10.21.5a; KB. 22. 6. 
agnir jato arocata EV.5.14.4"; MS.4.10.2''': 146.5; Mg.5. 

1. 2. 12. 
agnir jayatam AB.8.28.12. 

agnir jusata no girah EV.5.i3.3a; 7.15.6b; SV.2. 756a. 
agnir jyotih KS.18.19. 
agnir jyotir jyotir agnih (imtli or without svaha) SV.2. 

1181; VS.3.9; MS.1.6.10: 102. 11; 1. 8.1: 115. 2; 1.8.5: 

121. 1 ; 2.7.16:99.4; KS.40.6; AB.2.3r.4; 32.1; 37.17; 

5.31.4; KB. 2. 8; 14.1; JB.1.4; SB. 1.4.9 (comw.); gB.2. 

3-i-30,32,36; TB.; TA.4.10.5; 5.8.10; Ag.2.3. 

16; 5. 9. 11; gg.2.9.1; 7.9.2; Lg.i.8.14; Apg.6.10.8; 15. 

12.8; 16.23.10; M9.1. 6. 1. 37. P: agnir jyotih Kg. 4. 14. 

14; TB.; Karmap.3.1.16. (See agnau jyotir. 
agnir jyotir jyotih suryah svaha TB. 2. 1.2. 10; 

9. P: agnir jyotih TB. 2. 1. 2. II. 
agnir jyotisa jyotisman VS.13.40; TS.; KS.16.16; 

17.4; gB. See agnis tejasa tejasvan. 
agnir dadatisatpatim EV.5.25.6'1 ; MS.4.ii.ia: 159.11; KS. 

2.15a. P: agnir dadati MS. 4.14.16: 242.8. 


agnir dadatu tesam avo nah KV. lo. i is-s^. 

agnir dadatu bhesajam EVKh. i o. 1 4 2. 1'l. See agnis krnotu, 

and cf. agnir himasya. 
agnir dadaty atho tvam HG. 1.20. 2d. See agnir mahj^am 

agnir dahatu dufcitam AV. 12.5.61^'. 
agnir dad (TS. da) dravinaiii vlrapefah RV.10.80.4-''; TS. 

2.2.1 2.6". 
agnir darau darav agnili AP9.9.2.8; M(jJ.3.2.9. 
agnir diva a tapati AV.12.1.20''; Kau9.137.30. 
agnir divi havyam a tatana'-'; TS. 2. 2. 12.6c. 
agnir di^aiii patih prajapatih KS.3g.4. P: agnih TS.5. 

agnir diksitah prthivi dlksa sa ma diksa dlksayatu (JB. 

dikseta) taya diksaya JB.2.65 (64); Ap( 
agnir didaya manuslsu viksu RV.4.6.7<1. 
agnir duto ajirah saiii caratai AV.3.4.3k Cf. agnir no 

agnir duto abhavad dhavyavahanah EV.5. 11.4''. 
agnir devata rgvedasya GB.i.5.25''. 
agnir devataVS.14. 20; TS.i. 8. 13. i ; ; 4.3.31; 7.1; 

4.10.1; 5 3.2.4;MS.i.5.4: 71.9: i-S-n: 80.7; 2.6.10: 69. 

14; 2.7.20: 104.16; 2.8.3: 108.16; 2. 13.14: 163.7; 2-I3- 

20: i65.i2;KS.7.2,9; 15.7; 17.3 ; 20.11 ; 39.4,7,13; TB. 3. 

1 1. 5.1; Ap(?.6.i8.3; 1 2. 1. 7; 16.28.1; 17.2.4; M9. 1 -6.2.1 4; 

—6. 2. 3. 
agnir devatva vi9vany ayyah EV. 1.69.6''. 
agnir devan anaktu nah EV.8.39.1'^. 
agnir devanam jatharam TB''. 
agnir devanam abhavat purogali lo.i i''; AV.5.12. 

lit'; VS.29.36i>; MS.4.I3.5'': '20.0-5; KS.16.20''; TB.3. 

6.3.4''; N.8.21K 
agnir devanam abhavat purohitah EV. 3. 2.8'!. C/". agnir 

devo devanam. 
agnir devanam ava avrnanah EV.4.i.20<^; VS. 33.16''; TB. 
agnir deveddhah AB.2.34.1 ; AQ.5.9.12; QQ-T-g.^- Cf. 

agnir manviddhah, and agne deveddha manviddha etc. 
agnir devebhir a gamat EV.3.10.4''. 
agnir devebhir rtavajasrah EV. 10.6.2''; MS.4. 14.15'': 

agnir devebhir manu§a9 ca jantubhih EV.3.3.6\ 
agnir devebhyah suvidatriyebhyah (TA. suvidatrebhyah) 

EV.10.17.3J; AV.i8.2.54d;; N.7.9'i. 
agnir devesu patyate EV.8.102.9''; SV.2.298''. 
agnir devesu pra voca MS.4.9.11: 132. 11. 
agnir devesu rajati EV.5.2 5.4a; A9-9-5-5' 
agnir devesu samvasuh EV.8.39.7^. 
agnir devo dustarltur adabhyah (MS. KS. adabdhah) TS.; MS.3.16.4C: 187.15; KS.22.14c; A9.4.12.2''. 
agnir devo devanam abhavat purohitah EV. i o. 1 50.4*. Cf 

agnir devanam abhavat. 
agnir devo dai\'yo {omitted in Ap^.) hota devan yaksad 

vidvah9 cikitvan manusvad bharatavad amuvad amuvat 

(^B. omits amuvad amuvat) ^B.i-S-i-S-i i; K(J!.3.2.7; 

Ap(j3.2.i6.5; M(;j.i.3.i.26. 
agnir daivlnarh {^B.KQ. ha daivlnam) vi9am puraetayam 

— agnir 

(M^- "yamsunvan) yajamano manusyanam 9B.; 

KQ.6.4.3; ApQ.ii.19.8; MQ.2. 3.6.17. P: agnir daivl- 

narii vi9am puraeta MS. 3. 9. 8 : 1 2 7. 3 ; agnir ha daivlnam 

K9.9.8.15. Cf the uha Ap(^.i 1.19.9. 
agnir daivinarii vi9arii puraeteme sunvanto yajamana 

manusyanam MQ.7.2. 1. tjha of prcc. 
agnir dyavaprthivl bhuriretasa EV.3.3.II''; TS.1.5.1 i.i''. 
agnir dyavaprthivl vi9vajanye RV.3.25.3"\ 
agnir dvara vy urnute RV.8.39.6'1. 
agnir dvara vy rnvati EV.i. 128.6s; TB. [text urn- 

vati; schol. rnvati). 
agnir dvitlj'e VS. 39.6. 
agnir dvihota sa bharta sa me dadatu prajam pa9un pustiih 

ya9ah bharta ca me bhuyat TA.3.7.1. 
agnir dvesaiisi nir ito nudatai TB.3. 7. 6. 7''; ApQ.4.6.3''. 
agnir dharmenannadah TB.2.5. 7.2. 
agnir dhiya sa cetati EV.3.1 1.3^ 
agnir dhiya sam rnvati EV.3.1 1.2C; VS.22.16c; TS.4.1. 

II. 4C; 144. 1 ; KS.19.14c. 
agnir na idita iditavyair devaih parthlvaih patu KS.35.2; 

agnir nah patu krttikah TB.''. 
agnir nah (VSK. ma) patu duritad avadyat VS.4.15''; 

VSK.4.5.7e; ^B. 3.2.2. 23C. /See apa badhatam. 
agnir nah parthivebhyaii EV.i 0.158.1c. 
agnir na jambhais trsv aiinam avaj'at EV. 10.113.8''. 
agnir nayan navavastvarii brhadratham EV. 1.36. 18c. 
agnir na ye bhrajasa rukmavaksasah EV. 10.78.2" ; N.3. 1 5. 
agnir na yo vana a srjyamanah EV.9.88.5^. 
agnir na 9ukrah samidhana ahutah EV. 8. 2 5. 19c. 
agnir na 9U.skam vanam indra hetih EV.6.18.10"; 9(^3.14. 

agnir nah 9atrun praty etu vidvan AV.3.1.1". P: agnir 

nah 9atrun Kau9. 14.17. Cf. agnir no dutah, and agnir 

by esam. 
agnir nastasmad indra9 ca MS. 4.14. 17C: 245.8. Seeagnir 

ma tasmad etc. 
agnir nas tasmad enasah MS.r. 10.3c: 143.2; 4.14.17c: 

245.2; KS.9.6C; MQ. See agnir ma tasmad 

etc., agnis tvil tasmad et(., and ayarii tasmad. 
agnir nas tebhyo raksatu MS. 1.4. 3C (6/s): 49.6,8; KS.5.6. 

Cf agnir ma tebhyo. 
agnir nah sustutir upa AV.6.35.1C; VS.18.72C; A^.8.11. 

4C; Q9.2.5.3C. C/. agnir ukthena. 
agnir nadldec cita iddho ajmann a EV.1.112.17''. 
agnir narliii vlrakuksiiii puraiiidhim EV.i 0.80.1''. 
agnir nrmedhaiii prajayasrjat sam EV.10.80. j^. 
agnir neta bhaga iva ksitlnam EV.3. 20.4*; KB. 15. 2. P: 

agnir neta AB.3.18.7; 4.29.10; 31.8; 5.1. 15; 4.12; 6.9; 

12.7; 16.12; 18.10; 20.10; AA.; A9.5-M-'7; 

agnir no dutah praty etu vidvan AV.3.2. i". P : agnir no 

dutah Kau9.i4. 17. Cf agnir nah 9atrun, agnir duto 

ajirah, and agnir hy esaiii. 
agnir no devah suvite dadhatu TB.3.i.i.i<'. 
agnir no navyasiiii matim A(j^.2.i5.2''; (jJ^.i 0.10.8''. 
agnir no yajfiam upa vetu sadhuya EV.5. 1 1.4". 

agnir — 

agnir no vanate (VSK. vaniite; SV.TS.KS. vahsate) rayim 
KV.6.i6.2S'^; SV.I.22'-; VS.17.16c; VSK.iS.a.i"; TS.4. 
6.1. 5C; MS.2.10.2C: 132.17; KS.i8.ic. 
agnir no havyavahanah EV.5.25.4C. 
agnir Ijabhuva •I'avasri sumadrathah RV.3.3.9''. 
agnir brahmagnir yajno vanaspatir yajiiiyah VS.4.11; 

9B. P: agnir brahma K9.7.4. 15. 
agnir brahma nrsadane vidharta RV.7.7.5''. 
agnir bhagah savitedaiii jusantam MQ.3.5.i3'\ Cf. dhata 

latih savitedaiii. 
agnir bhavann uttamo rocananam RV.3.5.10''. 
agnir lihanuna ru^atil svangah; VS.12.13C; 
TS.4. 2. 1. 4C; MS.2.7.8C: 85.15; KS.i6.8c; gB. 
agnir bhuvad rayipati raylnam EV. 1 . 60. 4<l ; 7 2 . i c ; TS. ? . 2 . 

1 2.2C. 
agnir bhatanam adhipatih sa mavatu TS. ; PG.1.5. 
I o ; HG. 1.3.10. See agnir adhipatih, and cf. agne prthivl- 
pate, and agne prthivy.'i adliipate. 
agnir bhumyam osadhisu AV. 12.1.1 g"; Kauf. 137.30. P: 

agnir bhumyam Kauf. 2.41; 120.5. 
agnir bhuyistha ity anyo abravit RV.i. 161.9''. 
agnir mandro niadhuvaca rtava RV.4.6.5''; 7.7.4*'. 
agnir mandro vidathesu pracetah RV.4.6.2''. 
agnir manyurii pratinudan puiastat TS."; KS. 

40.10". See agne manyuiii. 
agnir manviddhah AB.2.34.2; ^(^.7.9.3. (7/! agnir deved- 

dhah, and under agne deveddha manviddha etc. 
agnir martesv avi9an EV.5.25.4t'. 
agnir mahah saubhagasya RV.4.55.8''; KS.7.16''. 
agnir mahi rodasi a vivefa EV.10.80.2t'. 
agnir mahyam atho imam'1; AV.14.2.4''; 
SMB.1.1.7''; PG.1.14.16J; ApMB.i.3.2'1;''. 
iSee agnir dadaty. 
agnir mahyam pred u vocan manisam EV. 4.5.3'^. 
agnir ma gopta pari patu vi(jvatah AV. 17.1.30'. 
agnir magninavatu pranayapanayayuse varcasa ojase tejase 

svastaye subhutaye svrdia AV. 19.45.6. 
agnir ma tatra nayatu AV.19.43. ic. 
agnir ma tasmad anrnaiii krnotu TA.2.6.2e (his). See 

agnis tad dhota. 
agnir ma tasmad indra^ ca TA.2.4.1C. iS'cc agnir nas tas- 
mad etc. 
agnir ma tasmad enasah AV.7.64.2C; VS.20.14C; TS.1.8. 

s-i"; 3-I-4.3''; MS.3.11.10C: 157.2; KS.38.5c; TB.2.6.6. 

ic; 3-7-I2.lC,3d,3C,4C(;;(s),gc_5rt; TA.2.3.I<3; 6.2C; AQ. 

2.7.11C; gg.4.i7.i2C; K9.25.9.12C; Apg.3.i2.ic; Kauf. 

44.17C; SMB.2.2.11C. Of. agnir nas tasmad, agnis tva 

tasmad, and ayaiii tasmad. 
agnir ma tebhyo raksatu TS.; KS.5.6C. Cf. agnir 

nas tebhyo. 
agnir ma duristat patu savitagha^ansat TS. ; M^.i. 

4.2.8. P: agnir ma duristat patu Ap(^ 
agnir ma patu duritad etc. : see agnir nah etc, 
agnir ma patu vasubhih purastat AV. 19.17.1*. 
agnir marii patu manusam MQ. 
agnir mitro varunah ^arma yaiisan EV. 1.136.7c. 
agnir mukham TAA. 10,35. 


agnir mukham piathamo devatanam KS.4.i6'i; AB. 1.4.8; 

A9.4.2.3''". P: agnir mukham AQ.4. 1. 1 1. 
agnir murdhadivahkakutEV.8.44.16''; SV,i.27>'>; 2.882<''; 
VS.3.i2a; 13.14"; iS-zo"; TS.i. 5.5.1"; 7.1;; 
MS.i.5.ia: 65.8; 1.5.5 (&«s): 73-7,8: i-7-4: ii3-4; KS. 
6-9"; 7-4; 9-2; QB.''; 7-4-I.4I; i3.4-i-i3; TB.3. 
5.7.1a; 12.3.4; YDh.1.299. P: agnir mOrdhfi TS.1.5. 
11.4;; MS.i.5.6: 74.3; 2.13.7: 155.13; 4.10.1: 
141.1; 4-10.3: 149.9; KS.7.5; 12.14; 20.14,15; 39.14; 

40.14; TB.3. 1. 3.3; Ag.1.6.1; 2. 10.11 {comm.); gg.i.8.4; 
2.5.16; 14.52.10; Kg.17.12.5; Mg.;— 5.£.2.8; — 
5.I.3.8;—; ApQ.5.28.11; 16.22.6; 17.4.10; 10.6; 

20.13.4; Svidh.1.7.11; BrhPDh.9.64,306. 
agnir mrtyuh ^Q. 16. 12. 18. Comm. evamadikah 9akhan- 

tarokta apriyah. 
agnir me gopta maruta? ca sarve AV. 11.1.33c. 
agnir me daksaih dadhatu AV. 16.4.7. 
agnir me daivo hota tvam manusah (^(^.5.1.6. Sec agnir 

me hota, agnii- me hota sa me hota, agnir me hota sa 

mopahvayatilm, agnir hota sa, and cf. agnir hotahaiii 

agnir medhaiii dadhatu me AV. 19.43.1'!. Cf. medhain 

indra^ cagni9 ca. 
agnir me vaci 9ritah, vag hrdaye, hrdayaiii may], ahani 

ami'te, amrtaiii brahmani TB.3. 10.8. 4. 
agnir me hota SB. 2. 10; See tender agnir me 

agnir me hota sa me devayajanaiii dadcUu SB. 2. 10. 
agnir me hota sa me hota hotaiaiii tvamuiii vine AG. i. 

23.8. See under agnir me daivo. 
agnir me hota sa mopahvayatam SB. 2. 5. See under agnir 

me daivo, and cf. agnaya upahvayadhvam. 
agnir yachatu 9amtama EV.3.13.4''. 
agnir yajurbhih MS.1.9.2: 132.1; 1.9.8: 139.7; KS.9.10; 

TA.3.8.1; Apg.10.3.6; Mg. 
agnir yajurbhih pusa svagakaiais ta imaiii y.ajnam avantu 

te mam avantu anu va arabhe»nu marabhadhvaiii svaha 

KS.35.2; Apg.14.17.1. 
agnir yajnarii trivrtaiii saptatantum AVP. fol. 99 a, jjada c 

{cf. Vait. critical notes, p. 65); GB.1.1.12; Vait.10.17c. 

Cf. agnir vidvan yajnarii, and pancayamaih. 
agnir yajilasya havyavat EV.3.27.5C; MS.4.10.1C: 141.7; 

KS.40.i4«; TB.' 
agnir yajnasyadhvarasya cetati EV. 1.128.4''. 
agnir yajfiesu jenyo na vi9patih EV. 1.128.7''. 
agnir yad rodhati ksami EV. 8. 4 3.6c; KS.7.16C. 
agnir yad ver martaya devan EV. 1.77.2c. 
agnir yava indro yavah somo yavah AV.9.2.13. 
agnir ya.stedaiii namah KS. 1 . 1 2 ; 31. 11. See agne yastar. 
agnir yuuaktu tapasa PB. i.3.5\ P: agnir yunaktu LQ. 

2. I. I. 
agnir yena virajati RVKh. 10. 128.12''; Apg.6. 23.1a. 
agnir vatsah KS.39.8; Apg.16.32.4. 
agnir vanaspatir indro vasuman rudravan adityavan rbhu- 

man vil)human vajavan brhaspatiman vi9vadevyavan 

somas tam apanudantu Kg. 10.7.14. Cf. agner vana- 

spater etc. 


agnir vanaspatlnam adhipatih sa mavatu AV.5.24.2. P: 

agnir vanaspatlnam Vfiit.8.13. 
agnir vane naA'j'asrsta fokam EV. 10.31.9''; AV. 18. 1.39'!. 
agnir vaneva vata it RV.8.40. i". 
agnir vaneva sasahih pra vavrdhe RV.8. 12.9c. 
agnir vanesu rocate RV.8.43.8<^. 
agnir vandaru vedyaf cano dhat RV.6.4.2b; MS. 4. 14. 15'^': 

agnir varuthaiii mama tasya cakan EV. 1.148,2''. 
agnir varco jyotir varcah svahaVS.3.9; QB. (with- 
out syHhTx). P: agnir varcah K9.4- 1 4-1 5- 
agnir vavne suvlryam RV. 1.36. 1 7^ 
agnir vajasya paramasya rayah EV.4. 12.3^ 
agnir vamaiii suvitam vasyo acha EV. 1.141.121I. 
agnir vayur adityah Ap(J).7.7.2'>-. 
agntr vayug ca surya9 caTA.i.i.20; 21. i^; 25. 2C; BDh. 

agnir vayuh suryo vasat svaha namah TS. 7.3.1 2.1. 
agnir viksu pra ^asyate RV.5.I7.4''. 
agnir vidvrih rtacid dhi satyah RV. 1.145.5''. 
agnir vidvan yajuam nah kalpayati RV. 10.52. 40. Cf. agnir 

agnir vidvan sa yajat sed u hota (AV.Kauf. sa id dhota)';;AV.i9.59.3':;TS.i.i.i4.3':; 147. 

10; KS.2.15C; 9B.i2.4.4.i«; Kau9.5.i2e, 
agnir vidhyatv astaya AV. 5.31.12'!. 
agnir vibhrajate ghrtaih EV.8. 43.22''. 
agnir vibhrastivasanali TA.1.12.3". 

agnir viyattoisyam TS.4.4.5. i . Cf. under agnir adhipatih. 
agnir viyaiii manuslnam TB.''. See vi9am agnii'. 
agnir vi9vam virajati KS.39. 15'^. 
agnir vi9vasya rajati KS.39. 15". 
agnir vi9vasya havisah krtasya RV.7.11.4''. 
agnir vi9vani kavyani vidvan EV.3. f.i8''. Cf. mandro 

agnir vi9vany apa duskrtani RV.10.164.3''; AV.6.45.20. 
agnir visam aher nir adhat AV. 10.4.26'". 
agnir virarii 9rutyam karmanistbam RV.i 0.80.1''. 
agnir vrtrani jaiighanat RV.6. 16.34*; SV. 1.4"; 2.746a; 

VS.33.9"; TS.4.3•^3•I^ 5-5.6.1 ; 140.9; 4. 

10.2: 145.7; 4-10.5: 154-1; 4-II-2: 163.10; 4.13.5: 205. 

7; KS.2.14''; 20.14; AB.i.4.6; 25.9; KB.1.4; TB.3.5. 

6.11; A9.1.5.29; 4.8.8; Apg.17.7.4; Mg.;— 5. 

1.4.1. Ps: agnir vrtrani (^^.i.S.i; 14.52.5,9; agnir 

vrtreti (!) Svidh.2.6.14. 
agnir vrtrani dayate puruni''. 
agnir veda martanam apicyam RV.8.39.6'>. 
agnir vedhastama rsih RV.6.14.2''. 
agnir vai ketadityah suketa tau prapadye tabhyam na- 

mo^stu tau ma purastad gopayetam PG.3.4.14. 
agnir vai nah padavayah AV.5.i8.i4». 
agnir vaifvanara iha 9ravad iha somasya matsat ^(^.8.2 2.1. 

Cf. next but one, and agnir jataveda iha. 
agnir vai9vanarah saha paiitya 9ritah AV. 13.3.5''. 
agnir vai9vanarah somasya matsat Q^. 8. 2 2.1. Cf. in'cc. 

but one, and agnir jatavedah somasya. 
agnir vai9vanaro apahantu papam MG.2.8.6''. 

— agnir 

agnir vai9vanaro brhan (AV. vrsa ; AB. AQ. mahan) AV. 4. 
agnir vo hvayati devayajyayai Ap^. 2.4.2. 
agnir ha tyaiii jaratah karnam ava RV.10.80.38. 
agnir ha dati roma prthivyah RV. 1.65.8''. 
agnir ha daivlnaiii etc. : see agnir daivlnaiii etc. 
agnir ha daivo hota manusad dhotuh purvo nisadya ya- 

jate KB. 26.6. 
agnir ha nala prathamaja rtasya RV. 10.5.7". 
agnir ha nama dhayi dann apastamah RV. 10. 115.2^ 
agnir ha namota jatavedah RV.i 0.6 1.14". 
agnir havir ajusata gQ.i.14.6,8. See under agnir idarii. 
agnir havih (so RV.KS.; the rest havyaih) 9amita sudayati 
(AV. svadayatu)''; 7.2.10''; AV.5.27.11C; VS. 
27.21'^; TS.'^; MS.2.I2.6C: 150.19; KS.18.17''. 
Cf. agnir havyani, and agnir havya susudati. 
agnir havih sudayati pra dhlbhih RV.2. 3.101". 
agnir havyarii 9amita etc. : see agnir havih etc. 
agnir havyavad iha tan avahatu TB."; Ap(j3.4.i.8''. 
agnir havyani sisvadat RV. 1.188.10". Cf. under agnir 

havih famita. 
agnir havyanumanyatam (MQ. havya no ma'>)TB.''; 

ApQ.2.10.4''; Mg. 1.2.6. iSb. 
agnir havyany akramit RV.4.i5.3b; SV.1.30''; VS. 11.25''; 
TS.4.1-2.5''; MS.1.1.9I': 5.7; KS.i6.2b,2il'; 38.12''; TB. 
3.6.4. 1 '•. 
agnir havya susudati RV. 1.105.14'^ ; 142. ii<^. Cf. under 

agnir havih 9amita. 
agnir hi jani purvyah RV.8. 7.36". 
agnir hi devah amrto duvasyati RV.3.3. i". 
agnir himasyabhesajaraVS.23. io",46'^; TS.7.4.i8.2<^; MS. 
3.12.19C: i66.3;'KSA.4.7'^;;gg.. 6.5.4'^. Cf 
agnir dadatu bhesajam, and agnis krnotu bhesajam. 
agnir hi vajinaiii vi9e RV.5.6.3f^; SV.2.1088''; KS.39.13'''; 

TB.3.ii.6.4^ Apg.i6.35.5.\ 
agnir hi vidmana nidah RV.6. 14.5=, 
agnir hi vipro jusataiii havir nah'^; AV.6.27. 

2'^; MG.2. 17.1'^. 
agnir hetlnarii pratidharta VS. 15. 10; TS. ; MS. 2. 8. 

9: 113.5; KS.17.8; gB. 
agnir hota MS. 1.9. 1 : 131.7 ; TA.3-3-1 ; W-io-i6-4; Mg.5. 

agnir hota Ag.4.13.7. Pratika of one of the following RV. 

agnir hota kavikratuh RV.1.1.5*. 

agnir hota grhapatih sa raja RV.6.15.13^; MS.4.13.10": 
213.14; AB.4.7-4,S; 5-8-14; KB.23.3; TB.^; 
Ag.i.10.5; 6.5.6; 8.8.6. P: agnir hota grhapatih gg. 
1. 15.4; 9.20.7; 26.3; 10.6.19. 
agnir hota grhapatih suvlryam RV. 10. 12 2.1''. 
agnir hota dasvatah RV.5.9.2^. 
agnir hotadhvaryus te brhaspatih AV.i8.4.i5'\ 
agnir hota ni sasada yajlyan RV.5. 1.5''; TS. 1.3. 14.1"; 4- 
1.3.4'!; MS.2.7.3'': 77.18; KS.I6.3''. C/ agnir hota ny 
asidad, and hota mandro ni. 
agnir hota no adhvare RV.4.i5.i'»; MS.4.13.4'': 203.1; 
KS.i6.2i«; 38.12^; AB.2.5.2; KB.28.2; TB.3.6.4.ia; 


agnir — 

Ag.4.13.7; gg.5.16.8. P: agnirhotanahAg.3.2.9; Mg. 
agnir hota ny asldad y.ijlyan EV. 5.1.6a;": 162. 

4; KS.2.i5»; 7.16; AB.7.9.7; Ag.3.i3.>2. P: agnir 

hota M9. Cf. agnir hota ni sasada. 
agnir hota purohitah EV.3.11.1";"; KB.26.17; 

A9.2.1.21; (^Q.6.^.1; 10. 1 1.9. 
agnir hota prthivy antariksam A^. 3. 10. 31''; Ap9-9.i8- 

1 2^. See agnir indras tvasta. 
agnir hota vetv agnir (AQ. agner) hotram vetu pravitrarii 

sadhu te yajamana devata AQ.1.4.10; ^^•'•^•'4- Cf. 

next tico, and agne vlhi. 
agnir hota vetv agnir hotraiii vetu pravitrarii smo vayarii 

sadhu te yajamana devata TB.3.5.4-I. -^w fragments: 

agnir hota, smo vayarii, sadhu te yajamana devata TS. Cf. prec. and next. 
agnir hota vettv agner hotram vettu pravitrarii sadhu te 

yajamana devata (}B. 1.5.2. i. P : agnir hota K^-S-^- IS- 
C'/ J9rcc. two. 
agnir hota9vinadhvaryu {QQ. a^vinav adhvaryu) MS. 1.9. 

i: 131. 7; TA.3.3.1; 
agnir hota sa me hota Ap^. 1 0.3.1; Cf. under 

agnir me daivo. 
agnir hotahaiii manusah A9.I.3.23. See agnis te hota, 

and cf. agnir me daivo. 
agnir hota hastagrhya ninaya 109.2'!; AV.5.i7.2f'. 
agnir hotopa tarn have KS.4.14"; 31.15. /Sec agniiii ho- 

taram iha. 
agnir hotrenedarii {(^(^. hotrena) havir ajusata MS.4.13. 

9: 212.8; 9B.; QQ.i.14.15. Cf. agnir idarii, 

and agnihotrenedarii. 
agnir hy antar apaf ca AV.9.3.22''. 
agnir hy esarii dutah praty etu vidvan AV.3.1.2'1. Cf. 

agnir nah jatran, and agnir no dutah. 
agnivarnarii fubharii saumyam RVKli.i 0.127.8a. 
agnivayueandrasuryah prayafcittayo yuyaih devanarii 

prayaycittayah stha SMB. 1.4.5. Cf. GG. 2.5.3. 
agnivasah prthivy asitajiiuli AV.i2.i.2ia; GB.i.2.9 {text, 

1.2.8); Kau9.137.30. 
agnig ca gharmaf ca MS. 2.11.6: 143.1 1 ; 3.4.2 : 46.3 ; KS. 

2 1. 1 1. Cf agnif ea me gharma9. 
agniQ ca jataveda9 ca TA.i.9.ia; 12.4''. 
agnig ca tat savita ca GB. 1.2.7c; Vait.i2.8«. See agnis 

tat somah. 
agnlQ ca dahatarii prati AV.3.i.3'i {Both and WJiitney's 

edition agni9) ; SV. 2. 1 2 1 sd. See agni9 ca etc. 
agnig ca deva suryesam iirjarii dadhatana KS.2.2. 
agni? ca prthivi ca sariinate te me sariinamatam adah VS. 

26.1. Cf. under agnaye sam anamat. 
agnig ca ma (MS. ma) apa9 ca me VS. 18. 14; TS.4.7. 

5.1;; MS.2.11.5: 142.7; Cf agni9 

capa9 ca. 
agnig ca ma (MS. ma) indra9 ca me VS.i8.i6; TS.4.7. 6.1 ; 

MS.2.11.5: 142.11; 
agnig ca ma manyu9 ca manyupataya9 ca manyukrtebhyah 

papebhyo raksantam TA.10.24.1; MahanU.14.3. P: 

agni9 ca ma manyu9 ca VaDh.23.23. . ' 


agnig ca me gharma9 ca me VS.18.22; ; 5.4.8. 

4; KS.18.11; QB. C/ agni9 ca gharma9 ca. 
agnig ca yan maruto vi9vavedasah EV.5. 60.7a. 
agnig ca visno tapa uttamarii mahali AB. 1.4.8; TB. 2.4.3. 

4a; Ag.4.2.3''. 
agnig ca soma sakratu adhattam EV.i.93.5'1; TS.2.3.14. 

2''; BIS. 1.5. i''(o»?^ /wPadap. : seep.65, note 6); 4.10.1I': 

144.14; KS.4.i6b; AB.2.9.5''; TB.; Kau9.5.i''. 
agnig ca havyavahanah AV.7.20.1C; VS.34.9''; TS.3.3.11. 

3C; M8.3.16.4C: 189.11; A9.4.12.2C; (;;g.9.27.2C; smb. 

agnig capa9 ca MS.3.4.1: 45.6; KS.21.11. Cf. agni9 ca 

ma apa9. 
agnig citrena karmana EV.8. 39.5b. 
agnig cid dhi smatase 9U9ukvan EV.1.169.3''. Cf. agnih 

agnig cedarii karisyathah VS.ii.68e; TS.4.i.9.2<l; MS.2.7. 

7^: 82.14; KS.16.7c; gB. 
agnigriyo maruto vi9vakrstayah EV.3.26.5a; TB.2.7.12. 

3a. P: agni9riyah ApQ.22.27.9. 
agnih 9arlram vevestu AV.2.12.8C. 
agnih 9arlrarii sacate yadaidhah AV. 12.3.2". 
agnih 9ardham anavadyaria yuvanam EV.1.71.8C; VS.33. 

iic; T8.; M8.4.4.15C: 240.8. 
agnih 9antih TA.4.42.5. 
agnih 9ukrena 90cisa EV.8.56 (Val.8). 50 ; KS.39.15c. Cf. 

agnirii 9ukrena, agnis tigmena, vrsa 9ukrena, and usah 

agnih 9ucivratatamali RV.8.44.2ia; TS.i.3.i4.8a; 5.5.3a; 

MS. 1.5.1a: 66. 18; 4.10. 1 : 143.13; 4.10.2: 147.12; KS. 19. 

agnih 9iTige davidhvat EV.8.60. 13^. 

agnih focismah atasanj' usnan EV.2.4.7C. Cf. agniq cid dhi. 
agnih 9raddharii ca medharii ca 
agnis krnotu bhesajam AV.6. 106.3''. See agnir dadatu 

bhesajam, and cf. agnir himasya. 
agnis ta (Padap. tan) agre pramumoktu devah MS.1.2.15C: 

25.6. See agnis tan agre. 
agnis ta ayuh pratararii krnotu (ApMB. dadhatu) ApMB. 

2.4.4a (ApG.4. 1 1.6); HG.i. 7.11a. (7/: agnis te pustirii. 
agnis tac chocann apa badhatam itah EV.7.50.2C. 
agnis tat punar abharat (^B. abhriyat) 9B-i-5-i'20C; (^(^. 

1. 6. 2"; Ap9.24.i2.6'i. 
agnis tat sarvarii 9undhatu KS.35.4c(6is); Ap^. 9. 17. 4", 5c. 

See agnis tad raksatu. 
agnis tat somah prthivi 13.11". See agni9 ca tat. 
agnis tat svistakrd vidvan (^B.i4.g.4.24«; BrhU.6.4.24C; 

Ap9-3.i2.ic(6;s); AG.1.10.23C; HG.1.3.7C; ApG.i.2.7c. 
agnis tad ahar nirrter upasthat AV.7.53.3C. 
agnis tad dhota ki'atuvid vijanan (KB. jananam) 

2.5C; KB.26.6c; TB.; Ap9.3.i2.i". 
agnis tad dhota suhutarii krnotu AV.6.7i.i<l,2<i; 10.9.26'!. 

See agnir ma tasmad anrnaiii. 
agnis tad rak.satu M^. 3. 5. 15c. See agnis tat sarvarii. 
agnis tad vi9vam a prnati (AV. prnatu) vidvan EV. 10.2. 

4"; AV.19.59.2c; TS.I.I.I4.4''; MS.4.10.2C: 147.7; KS. 


agnis tad vigvad agadarii (TA. aurnarii) krnotu i6. 

6C; AV.18.3.55C; TA.6.4.2C. 
agnis tapati pratidahaty aliuvoihavah 9B.; 1 4.3.1. 

12. P: agnis tapati L(j!!. 2. 1 2. 1, 
agnis tarn brahmana saha«; AV.20.96.12c; 

agni stave damaajatavedahEV.6. 12. 4'i; 7.1 2. 2^'; SV.2.655'\ 
agnis tan (TS.KS.TA. agnis tan) agre pia mumoktu devah 

AV.2.34.3'^; TS.; KS.30.8c; TA.3.11.HC. Sec 

agnis ta agre, and cf. vayus tan. 
agnis tan (VS. tan; A^. tal) lokat pra nudaty (A^- nu- 

datv[!J; SMB. nudatv) asmat VS.2.3od; gB.2. 4.2.15'!; 

Ag.2.6.2d; gg.4.4.2d; Apg.i.S.vd (6is); SMB.2.3.4d. See 

next iico, and cf. agne tan asmat. 
agnis tan asmat pra nunottu lokat Mg.i.i.2.8''. See pree. 

and next. 
agnis tan asmat pra dhamati yajuat AY. 18.2.28'!. See 

pree. two. 
agnis ta vi9va bhuvanani veda EV.3.55.10C. 
agnis te agraiii : see agnis teigrarii. 
agnis te gopa adhipa vasisthah AV.7.53.2'1. 
agnis te tanvarii ma vinait M^!. See agnis te ta- 

nuvarii, and cf. agnis te tvacam. 
agnis te tejah prayacliatv indra indriyam pitryam ban- 

dhutam MS.2.2.5: 18.20. P: agnis te tejaliMQ.5. 1.9.32. 
agnis te tejo ma harsit (M^!. vinait) Ag.2.3.4; Mg.i.2.5. 

15. See agnis te tejo. 
agnis te tv.icaiii ma hiiisit VS. 1.22; ^B. 1.2.2. 12. P: 

agnis te KQ.2.5.21. Cf. under agnis te tanvam. 
agnis te (TS. agnis te)Hlliipatih VS.13.24; TS. ; MS. 

2.7.16: 99.9; KS.17.10; QB. Cf. agnir adlii- 

patih, and agnir bhutanam adbipatih. 
agnis te ni jamayatu AV.6. 111.2^1. 
agnis te pustim prataram dadhatu ApMB.2.4.4'^; HG.i. 

7.11^ Cf. agnis ta ayuh. 
agnis te nudam ma hiiisit PG.3.i5.2i». 
agnis te hastam agrabhit (SMB. agrahit) ApMB. 2.3.3 

(ApG.4.10.12); HG.I. 5.9; SMB.i. 6.15a. C/.GG. 2.10.20. 
agnis te hota sa te bota botaham te manusah AG. 1.23. 16. 

See agnir hotabam, and cf. agnir me daivo. 
agnistomaiiktbj'Oitiratrodviratras triratrajcaturatrahTB. 

3. 1 0.1.4. P: agnLstoma uktbyab TB.3. 10.9.8; 10.4; 

Ap^. 1 9. 1 2. 1 4. Cfa, magnistomo, and uktbyaj catiratraf. 
agnistomas tad adbvarah AV.i 1.7.7''. 
agnistome parva^ah sadhu klptam GB.i.5.23''. 
agnistomaih. sammito devatabbih AV. 12.3.33''. 
agnistomo^-tyagnistomah GB.i.5.23". Cf. A9.6.1 i.i ; K^. 

10.9.28; GDb.8.20. 
agnis tva gayatrya sayuk cbandasarohatu savito.sniha so- 

moinustubba brbaspatir brbatya mitravarunau pafik- 

tyendras tristubba vifve deva jagatya AJ3.8.6.3. 
agnis tva tasmad enasah AV.i4.2.59''-62<'. Cf. agnir ma 

tasmad etc., agnir nas tasmad etc., and ayaiii tasmad. 
agnis tva duto dhanvaty acha EV.3.53.4'1. 
agnis tva devaii- vasubhih sajosah VS. 29.3c ; TS.; 

MS.3.16.2C: 184.3; KSA.6.20. 
agnis tvabhi (TS. agnis tvabbi) patu mabya svastya cbar- 

— agnis 

disa gamtamena VS.13.19; TS.; MS.2.8.14: 117. 

19; KS.39.3; gB. 
agnis tva vasubbih purastad rocayatu (TA. adds gayatrena 

cbandasa) MS.4.9.5: 125.4; TA.4. 6.1; 5.5.1. 
agnis tva (TS.KS. agnis tva) frinatu VS.6.18; TS.1.3.10. 

i; MS.1.2.17: 27.2; KS.3.7; ^B. 
agnis tva bvayati MS.4.1.14: 19.3; M^. 1.3.1. 12. See 

agnis tva etc. 
agnisvatta rtavrdbah MS.4.10.6": 157.6; KS.21.14a. 
agnisvatta rtubhib saiiividanah TB.; Ap^ 

agnisvattah patbibbir devayanilih VS.19.58i'. 
agnisvattah pitara (MS. pitara) eba gacbata EV.i 0.15.11'"; 

AV.18.3.44'1; VS.19.59^'; TS.2. 6.12.2a; 157. 

10; KS.21.14a; A9.2. 19.22a. Ps: agnisvattah pitarah 

TB.; Vait.9.8; Ap9.8.i5.i7; Kau9.87.27; agni- 

.svattab g^. 3. 16.7; Vait. 30. 1 4. 
agnisvattan rtumato bavamabe VS.19.61a; 

157.8; KS.21.14a; TB.2.6.i6.ia 
agnis takmanam apa b.ldbatam itah AV.5.22. la. P: agnis 

takmanam Kau9.29.18. 
agnis tat punar abah TS.!'. 
agnis tad anuvedbati TA.i.27.4'1. 
agnis tail agre etc.: sec agnis ta etc., and agnis tan etc. 
agnis tigmas tigmatejah MS.1.5.1": 67.5. 
agnis tigmena gocisa EV. 6. 16.28a; AV.6.34.2'j; SV.i.22a; 

VS.17.16a; TS.4.6.i.5a; MS.2. 10.2a: 132.16; 3.3.7: 39. 

18; KS.i8.ia; <;3B.; TB.i.5.5.i",3",4%7^ ApQ.S. 

4.2-'; M(J!.i.7.2.23a; 4.52; 7.16; 8.9. P: agnis tigmena 

Kg.18.3.12; M9.6.2.5; ApQ.8.8.2i; 19.9; 21. i; Svidb. 

1.7.3,8,16; 8.1 1. Cf. under agnih gukrena, and agne 

tigmena gocisa. 
agnis turlyo j-atuha AV. 1.16.1c. 
agnis tuvigravastamah EV. 3. 11.6c ; SV.2.908C. 
agnis tuvigravastamam EV.5.25.5a; MS.4.ii.ia: 159.13: 

KS.2.I5a; Ag.2.10.9. 

agnis trpyatu gG.4.9.3; 6.6.10. (7/1 agniiii tarpaj-ami. Cf. 

also for the series of formulas in gG.4.9.3 ^^'^ corresponding 

passage of the ^ambavya-Grbya, Ind. Stud. xv. 153. 
agnis te^gram nayatu (M^. agnis te agrain nayatam) TS.3. 

5.6.2; Mg. 
agnis tejasa tejasvan MS.2.7.17: 101.15. P: agnis tejasa 

Mg.6.1.7 ; — 8.19. Sec agnir jyotisa jyotisman. 
agnis te tanuvarh mati dbak (KS. tanvarh ma biiisit) TS.; KS.1.8; 31.7; TB.; ApC 1.25.9. See 

under agnis te tanvam. 
agnis te tejo ma vi nait (JB. ma prati dbaksit) 

3; JB.1.39; TB.; ATp(}.2.6.5. 5ee agnis te tejo. 
agnis teidbipatih: see agnis te etc. 
agnis te vajin yuii TS.; Apg.20.13.4. 
agnis todasya rodasi yajadhyai EV.6.12.1''. 
agnis trini tridhatuni EV.8.39.9a; TS.3.2.1 1.3a. 
agnis tvastriraiii suhavaiii vibbava EV.6.49.9<i. 
agnis tvabbi patu etc. : see agni.s tva etc. 
agnis tva grinatu : see agnis tva etc. 
agnis tva bvayati devayajyayai TS.; KS.1.12; 

31.11; TB.3. 3. 7. 6. See agnis tva etc. 


agnih — 

agnih. sa dravinodah RV.8.39.6C. 

agnih sanoti viryani vidvan RV.3.25.2'>. 

agnih saptirii vrgaihbhararii dadati EV. lo.So.i". 

agnih sa yasya vajinah SV.2.854I'. 

agnih sarvam virajati KS.39.15''. 

agnih sahasra pari yati gonam'l. 

agnih saelgune citah AB. 8.2 3.4'>. 

agnih sata upastutam RV. 1.36. 17'!. 

agnih sutukah sutukebhir afvaih EV.10.3.7C; N.4.18. 

agnih sudaksah sutanurha bhutvaM^.'=. See agne 

agnih sudaksah suvitaya navyase RV.5.1 i.i^'; SV.2.257'^'; 

VS.15.27i';' TS.''; MS.2.T3.7'- 156.2; KS.39.14''. 
agnih suditaye chardih VS. i.49<'. See agnini su". 
agnih subhagaiii jatavedah AV.i. 41.49'^. 
agnih sufaiisah suhavah piteva RV.6.52.6'1. 
agnih suyoko vi9vany ajyah RV. 1.70. i*', 
agnih susamit AB.2.34.3; ^^.7.9.3. 
agnih surya apo medham AV.i2.i.53<'. Cf. 

151-1, 2- 
agnih surya? candrama bhumir apah AV.5.28.2''. 
agnih somo varunas te cyavaiite i2 4.4<=. 
agnih somo varuno niitra indrah ^B.i''; TB.2.5.3. 

3^ Ag.2.ii.3a;"; Kg.5.I2.20^ 
agnih sruco adhvaresu praj'aksu AV.5.27.5''. See aguiiii 

agnih svam anu vratam RV.i.i2 8.i<=. 
agnih svastiman AQ.2.10.7. 
agnih svistakrd yajiiasya pratistlia tasyaham devayajyaya 

yajnena pratisthaiii gameyam M^., 1 5. See agner 

ahaiii svistakrto, and agneh svistakrio^haiii deva". 
agnihutasyendrapithasyendor indriyavatah, yo bhakso 

gosanir afvasanirdhanasanih prajasanir lokasanih, tasya 

ta uijahutasyopahuto bhaksayami gaj'atrena cliandasa 

tejasa brahmanavarcasena Vait.19.16. Cf. K9.25.12.6. 
agnihotara itasapo adruhah EV. 10.66. 8f. 
agnihotrbhyo devebhyah svaha'>; Ap^-M- 

agnihotraih sayariipratar grhanam niskrtih svistam 

suhutaiii yajnakratunaiii prayanaiii suvargasya lokasya 

jyotih TA. 1 0.63.1; MahanU.22.1. 
agnihotraih ca ma paurnamasaf ca yajfiah purastat pra- 

tyancam ubhau kamaprau bhutva ksitya sahavi9atam 

GB.i.3.22; Vait.i2.i. '- .. 

agnihotraih ca jraddha ca AV. i i.'j.g^. 
agmhotramMS.i.8.i: 115.10; TA.10.62.1 ; MahanU.22.1. 
agnihotram iva somena K9.25.1 i.2i<=; Ap^-i 0.13.10c. 
agnihotram upasate ChU.5.24.4'1. 
agnihotram piyu.sah KS.39.8; ApQ.16.32. 4. 
agnihotram prthivim {Ifor "vl?) antariksam ¥.(^.2.5.14^ 

See under agnir indras tvasta. 
agnihotrahutam yatra lokah AV.3.28.6K 
agnihotri grhebhyah QB.i 

maho jyayo.krtaTB.; A9.1.9.5. C/.agnir idaih 

cie., and agnir hotrenedaiii efc. 
agnihvarebhyas tva: see agnijihvebhyas tva. 


agni indra vrtrahana have vam^. See agnim 

indram vrtrahana. 
agnic catvale vasativaribhih pratyupatisthasai hotrcama- 

sena ca 9B.; K9-9-3-6. 
agnin jyotismatah kuruta (MQ- kuru ; var. lect. kuruta);M9.i.6.3.7;— C/lagnlnsamadhehi. 
agnit paridhlh? cagnirii ca tris-trih sariimrddhi Vait.2.13 .; M9-I-3-I-7- See under agnim agnit, and 

samidham adhaya". 
agnit patnivatasya yaja 9B.4.4.2.I5; (^(^.8.^.1; K9.10.6. 

18; Apg.13.14.8; Mg.2. 5.2.13. 
agnid agnin vihara TS.; MS.3.8.10: 110.8; GB.2. 

2.16; 9B.; Vait.17.12; K9-9.7.5; Ap9.12.17. 

19,20; 13.3. i; II. i; M9.; 4-4-I8; 5-J-23- P: 

agnld agnin KQ-io. 1.16. 
agnid apas trih sammrddhi Ap9-8-8.i. See under agnim 

agnid a9iram vinaya9B.4.3.3. 1 9 ; KQ- 10.3. 1 1 ; MQ- 2.5. 1. 11. 
agnid upahvayasva A9-2.i6.i8. 
agnid ekaspliyayanudehi 9B. ; K9.i8.3.r7. 
agnid auisayajan aiigaran ahara K9.6.9.7; Ap9.7.26.8; 

13. 16. 12; 14.2.1; 19.4.5; M9. 
agnid gamaya AP9.3.7.2 ; M9.i.3.4.i8. 
agnid devapatnir YyacaksvaGB.2.2.9; Vait.15.3; ApQ-u. 

3.13; M9. 
agnid yaja Ap9.i2. 24.1; M9.2.4.I.28. P: agnit Vait.19.5. 
agnid rajanarauhinau (some mss. raja"; Padap. rajan) rau- 

hiiiau purodajav adhi9i'aj'a MS.4.9.2: 123.1. See next. 
agnid rauhinau puroda9av adhi9rayaTA.4.4. i ; ApQ- 1 5.6. i. 

See prec. 
agnid rauhinau puroda9av asadaya Ap9-i5.9-i. 
agninam na jihva virokinah EV. 10.78. 3I'. 
agnindrayor aham devayajyaya vliyavan indriyavan 

bhuyasam M9.I.4.2.6. See iiidragiiiyor aliaiii, and 

indragnyor aharii. 
agnindrabhyam tvaVS.7.32 (his). See indrftgnibhyam tva. 
agnin nestur upastham a sida TS.; 9B-4-4-2.I7; 

K9.I0.6.20; Ap9.13.14. 11; 14. 1.7. 
agnin madanty apa3h 9B. ; Vait.13.19 ; K9.8.2.I i ; 

Ap9.ii-i-8; 3.13; M9. 
agnin yaja,24. P: agnin K9.4.ii.ii. 
agnin samadhehi Ap9. 6. 24.1,5; 25.8. See agnim etc., and 

cf. agiilii jyo°. 
agniparjanyav avatam dhiyam me EV.6.52.16". 
agni raksatu vi9vatah(SV.9amtamah)EV. 7. 1 5. 3b;SV. 2. 7 31b. 
agni raksas tapatu yad videvam AV. 12.3.43^ P: agni 

raksah Kau9,62.i4. 
agni raksasvinir hantu AV.7.114.2C. 
agni raksahsi sedhati EV. 1.79.12b;'>; AV.8.3.26*; 

MS.4.II.5'-': 174.9; KS.2.i4a; 15.12; TB."; AQ. 

2.12.3; Ap9.5.8.6a; M9.; —;— 11.2; 

Kau9.46.23; 130.3; 131. 3. P : agni raksahsi Vait.6.ii. 

Cf. apa raksahsi sedhasi. 
agni rathamukham AV.8.8.23i 
agni rathe na vedyah EV.8. 19.8b. 
agni raj-e svabhuvam EV.5.6.3<"; SV.2.io88«; KS.39.13''; 

TB.; Ap9. 1 6.35.5c. 

agni rodasi vi carat samanjan<^. 
agnivarunabhyam anu biTihi 9B. 
agnivarunau yaja ^B. 4. 4. 5. 17. 
agnivarunau svisbiki-tau M^-S-i-S-zy. Cf. agniiii svistakr- 

agnisomayor ayat priyil dhamani KS.32.1. See ayad 

agnisomayor aharii devayajyaya caksusman (and vrtraha) 

bhuyasam TS.,4; 11.5,6; Ap9.4-9-9- <</• agner 

aharii etc., and agnlsomau vrtrahanav. 
agnisomayor (aharii devayajyayannado bhuyasam) Ap9.4- 

9.13. Cf.prec. 
agnisomayor aham ujjitim anujjesam TS. Cf. next 

hut one, agner agnisomayor ujjitim etc., agner aham etc., 

and agneh s^astakiiodiam etc. 
agnisomayor ujjitim anfijjaj'atv ayarii yajamanahQB.i.8. 

3.2. Cf. KQ.3.5.22. 
agnisomayor ujjitim anujjesam VS.2. 15; ^B.i. 8.3.1. P: 

agnlsomayoh K9.3.5.18. Cf under prec. hid one. 
agnisomayor bhasadau VS. 2 5. 6; MS.3.15.6: 179.8. 
agnisomayoh sasthi VS.25.5; MS.3.15.4: 179.1. Cf. 

sariivatsarasya sasthi. 
agnisoma amuficatarii etc. : see agnlsomav etc. 
agnisoma imarii etc. : see agnlsomav etc. 
agnisoma ceti tad vlryarii vam RV.i.93.4*; TB. 2. 8. 7.10'^. 

Cf. tad vam ceti. 
agnisoma pathikrta syonam AV.i8.2.53^ P: agnisoma 

agnisoma pipitam arvato nah EV. 1.93. 12". P : agnisoma 

piprtam (^(^.5.19.8. 
agnisoma punarvasu<'; 'M.(}.g.4.i«. 
agnisoma brahmana vavrdhrina RV.i.93.6'^; TS.; 

MS.4.i4.i8e: 248.5; KS.4.16C. 
agnisomabhyaih yajna? caksusmans tayor aharii devaya- 
jyaya caksusa caksusman bhuyasam KS.5.1. P: agnl- 

somabhyarii yajiia^ caksu.sman KS.32.1. 
agnisomabhyaih (vo justarii proksami) TS.i. 1.5.1 ; TB.3. 

agnisomabhyaih (svaha) GDh.26.16; Svidh.i.2.5. 
agnisomabhyaih kamaya AV. 12.4.26''. Cf. agnaye kama- 

ya svaha. 
agnLsomabhyaih casan VS. 24.23 ; MS.3.14.4: 173.5. 
agnisomabhyaih chagasya vaparii medah presya ^B.3.8. 

agnisomabhyaih chagasya vapaj'ai medasdnubruhi ^B. 
agnisomabhyaih chagasya havih presya ^B. 3. 8. 3. 29. 
agnisomabhyaih chagasya havisoinubruhi (JB. 
agnisomabhyaih justarii grhnami 
agnisomabhyaih justarii ni yunajmi (VSK. yunagmi) VS. 

6.9; VSK.6.2.3; gB. 
agnisomabhyaih (justarii nirvapami) TS.i.i.4.2; Ap^.i. 

18.1 ; Kau9.2.2. 
agnisomabhyarii (tva) TS.; TB.3. 2.8.3. Cf- id^i" 

agnisomabhyaih tva justaih proksami VS. 1.1 3; 6.9; ^B. P: agnisomabhyaih tva K9.2.3.37. 

— agne 

agnisomabhyaih darfane Kau9.73.11". 

agnisomabhyarii pranlyamanabhyam anubruhiAB.1.30. 1; 
Ap9.ii.i7.2; M9. P: agni-somabhyarii pranl- 
yamanabhyam (}(}.Q.ii.']. 

agnisoma ya ahutim RV.i.93.3'>; MS.4. 14.18a: 248.6; 
TB.2.S.7.10'; gg.5.19.14; Kau9.5.i». 

agnisoma j'a9o asniasu dhattam Ap9.6.2 3. id, 

agnisoma yo adya vam RV. 1.93. 2--'; MS. 4.1 4. iS": 248.2; 
TB.!»; A(^.i.6.i. P: agnl.soma yo adya ^9.5. 19.6. 

agnisomav (agna avaha) A9.1.3.9. See agna avaha, and 
cf. agnlsomav avaha. 

agnisomav adadhur ya turiyasit AV.8.9.14''. See catu- 
.stoiiio abhavad. 

agnisomav anena vam RV.i.93.iO'''. 

agnisomav (MS. KS. "soma) amuiicatarii grbhltan RV.1.93. 
5'i; TS. 2.3. 1 4. 2(1; MS.i.5.1'1 (onlu in Padap.; see p. 65, 
note 6); 4.10.1'!: 144.15; KS.4.i6'l; AB.2.9.5''; TB.3. 5. 
7.3'3; Kau9.5.i''. 

agnisoma varunah putadaksah AV.6.93.3<", Cf. some grava 

agnisomav avaha TB.3. 5. 3. 2; C'^-'-S-S- See agnisomav 
(agna avaha). 

agnisomav avaha visnuih va (^ 

agnisomav idarh havu- ajusetam TB.3. 5. 10,3. See agnl- 
somau havir etc., and cf. agnir idarii etc. 

agnisomav (MS.KS.M^- "soma) imaiii su me RV. 1.93.1^; 
TS.2. 3.14.2"; MS.1.5.1": 67.3; KS.4.16I; TB.; 
A9.3.8.1; Ap(?.6.i6.5; 22.1; M9. Ps: agnl- 
somav imam MS. 4.14. 18: 248.1; (^(y.i.8.6; 5.18.9; agni- 
soma MS.4.11.2: 163.10; VHDh.5.371. Cf. BrhD.3. 

agnisomav imani nah RV. 1.93,1 1''. 

agnisoma vi vidhyatam AV,i.8.2''. 

agnisoma vrsana vajasataye RV. 10.66. 7^, 

agnisoma savedasa RV.i.93.9''; TS."; MS.4.10.1": 
144.12; KS.4.16"; TB.>; A9.1.6.1; gg.i.8.10; 
Mg.5. 1.5.26; Kau9.5.i'\ 

agnisoma havisah prasthitasya RV.1.93. 7'''; TS.'^; 
MS.4.I4.I8-I: 248.8; TB.; AB.2.10.5. P: agni- 
soma havi.sah ^Q. 5. 19. 16. 

agnisomiyah pa9au KS.34.14. 

agnisomau A^. 1.3.9: see agnisomav (agna avaha). 

agnisomau tam apanudatarii yo»sinan dvesti yarii ca vayaiii 
dvismah VS.2.15; (^B. 1.8. 3.1. P: agnisomau tam K^. 
3.5.19. Cy agnir agnisomau efc. 

agnisomau prathamau viryena TS.''. 

agnisomau bibhraty apa (MS. apa) it tali AV. 3. 13.5*'; TS.''; MS.2.13.1I': 153.1; KS.35.3''; 39-2''- 

agnisomau vrtrahanau tayor aharii (M(^. vrtrahanav agni- 
somayor aharii) devayajyaya vrtraha bhuj'asam KS.5.1 ; 
M9. P: agnisomau vrtrahanau KS.32.1. Cf 
agnisomayor aharii deva". 

agnisomau havir ajusetam (^^.1.14.9,11. See under agnl- 
somav idarii havir etc. 

agni sameto nabhasi antareme AV. 11.5.11b. 

agne akarma samidha brhantam RV.6.15,19*'; MS.4.14. 
15I': 240.1;'. 

agne — 

agne akravyan iiih kravyadaiii nuda AV.12.2.42". P: 

agne akravyat Kau9.69.8; 71.8. 
agne aksini (HG. aguej'aksini) nir daha svaha ApMB.2. 

14. 2C; HG.2.3.7C. 
agne agnina saiiivadasva TA.4.28.1 ; Ajj^-Io-iQ-^ ; HG. i. 

16.20. Cf. agninagnih saiiivadatam. 
agne agnibhir manusa idhanah EV.6. 10.2''. 
agne angirariyunanamnehiVS.5.9(fer); (^ P: 

agne angirali K^-S-S-a?. Cf- agne angiro yas etc., and 

agne afigiro yo etc 
agne angirah fataih tesantvavrtah VS. 12.8^; TS.''; 

MS.i.T.i": 109.14; KS.i6.8\ P: agne angirah MS.2. 

7.8: 65.10; KS.19.11; 22.12; ^B.; Ap9.16.12. 

2: HG.1.26.11; BDh.3.7.12. jSeeagne jatavedah ^ataih 

te, and cf. fatam te.santv. 
agne angiro yas trtlyasyam prthivyam adhy asy ayuna 

namnehi MS. 1.2.8 : 17.13. Fragmmt: yas trtlyasyam MQ. 

1 . 7.3. 1 8. Of. for this and next four agne angira ayuna etc. 
agne angiro yo dvitiyasyarii trtlyasyaiii (KS. yas trtlya- 

s}-am) prthivyam asy ayusa (KS. ayuna) namnehi TS.i. 

2.12. 1 ; KS.2.9. Fragment: yo dvitiyasyam AP9.7.4.4. 

See under prec. 
agne aiigiro yo dvitiyasyarii prthivyam adhy asy ayuna 

namnehi MS. 1.2.8: 17. 11. Fragment: yo dvitlyasyam 

M(J.i.7.3.i8. See under agne aiigiro yas. 
agne aiigiro yo^syaui prthivyam asi yo dvitiyasyarii yas 

trtlyasyam KS.25.6. See under agne aiigiro yas. 
agne afigiro yo^syarii prthivyam asy ayusa (MS.MQ. 

adhy asy ayuna; KS. asy ayuna) namnehi TS. ; 

MS.i.2.8: 17.9; KS.2.9. Ps: agne ... asi MS.3.8.5: 

loo.i ; agne angiraliTS. ; M9. (/oWoifCfZ hy 

ayuna namnehi 1.7.3. 17). ^^^ under agne aiigiro yas. 
agne acha vadeha nah EV.i 0.141.1'^; AV.3.20.2*; VS. 9. 

28«; TS.I. 7.10.2a; MS.I.II.4'': 164.6; KS.I4.2»; gB.5. 

2.2.iO'i^; MQ.6.2.5; — 7.1.3. Ps: agne acha vada Kvidh. 

4.10.1; agne acha Vait. 29. 1 9. Cy. BrhD.8.53. 
agne atrivan namasagrnanah RV.5.4.9«; MS.4.10.1'^: 141. 

16; TB.2.4.i.5e; TA.10.1.16C; MahanU.6.5c. 
agne adliayy asmad a RV.8.74.7''. 
agne aparii sam idhyase durone RV.3.25.5''. 
agne arcanta utaye RV.5. i3.i<^. 
agne asme bhavatam uttamebhili EV.6.60.31I ; TB.3.6.8.iil ; 

MS.4.i3.7d: 208.2; KS.4.i5<l.' 
agneh kulayam asiMS.i.2.8: 18.9; KS.2.9; 25.6;M9.i.7. 

agneh paksatih VS.25.4; TS.; MS.3.15.4: 178.12; 

KSA. 13.11. 
agneh patha upehi KS. 1. 1 2. See agneh priyarii, and agner 

agneh piba jihvaya somam iiidraKV.3.35.9<l; QQ.14.29.8. 
agneh piba ta j ill vaya RV.5.51.2C. 
agneh purisam asiVS.5.13; 12.46; VSK.5.4.4; TS.1.2.12. 

3;;; MS.i.2.8: 18.8; 2. 7. 11: 89.6; 3.2.3: 

18.10; 3.8.5: loi. 11; KS.2.9; 16.11; 25.6; 9B.; 

7.1. 1. 11;; TB.i. 2.1. 17 ;Apg.7.7.i;Mg.i. 7.3.35; 

— 6.1.5; — 6.2.2. P: agneh purisam K9.S.4.17. Cf. 

agnirii purlsyam, and agne tvarii purlsyah. 


agneh purisam asi devayani TS."'. 

agneh purisam asy apso nama VS.i5.3'>; MS.2. 8. 7a: iii. 

10; KS.i'7.i'\ 
agneh purisavahanah (MS. purisyao) VS.11.44d; TS.4.1. 

4.2'1; MS.'2.7.4'1: 79.2; KS.16.4d; gB. 
agneh pnrvadi9yasya sthane svatejasa bhani TA. 1.18. i. 
agneh purve bhrataro artham etam EV.10.51.6''. 
agneh. prajatarii pari yad dhiranyam AV. 19. 2 6.1" ; EVKh. 

10.128.6'. Cf. agne reta9. 
agneh priyarii patha upehi TS. See agneh patha, 

and agner dhamopehi. 
agneh priyarii pathoipltam VS.2.17; gB.i.8.3.22. P: 

agneh priyam K(j!.3.6.i7. 
agneh priyarii patho^plhi (TS. aplhi) VS.8.50; VSK.8. 

22.4; TS.; gB.ii. 5.9.12. 
agne kaksyaMS.2.13.12: 162.7; KS.40.3. (7/ TS. 
agne kadafi rtacid yatayase EV.5.3.9'1. 
agne kada ta anusak EV.4.7.2'>; gQ.6.4.3. P: agne kada 

te Ag.4.13.7. 
agne kavih kavyenasi vi9vavit EV. 10.9 1.3''. 
agne kavir vedha asi EV.8.6o.3a. 
agne kahyaMS.2.13.12: 162.6; KS.40.3; Mg.6.1.8. See 

(agne) gahya. 
agne lifimaya yeniire EV.8.43.18C; VS.12.116c; TS.i.3.14. 

3''; KS.35.17c; TB.; Mg.i.6.3.ic. 
agne kihfila (TS. kihjila, ivith agne understood) TS.5.5.9. i ; 

MS.2.13.12: 162.6; KS.40.3. 
ague ketur vi9ani asi EV.10.156.5a; SV.2.88ia. 
agne kebhi9 cid evaih RV.8.i03.i3l>. 
agne ko da9vadhvarali EV.i.75.3'>; SV.2.885^ 
agne kratva kraturir aiiu (gg. abhi) VS. 1 9.40c ; MS.3.11. 

IOC: 156.2; KS.38.2C;; gg.15.15.6c. 
agne garbhoapamasi VS.12.37d; TS.; MS.2.7.iod: 

88.9; KS.l6.Iod; gB.; I2.4.4.4d. 

(agne) gahya TS. See agne kahya. 

agne grnantam ahhasa urusya EV.1.58.8C. 

agne grnana a bhara EV.5.16.5*'. 

agne grhapata upa ma hvayasva; Apg.2.5.6; 

Mg. 1 . 2. 5. 1 1 . See under agnaya upah vayadhvam. 
agne grhapateignirii samindhe yajamana MS. 1.5. 1 1 : 80. 1 4. 
agne grhapate jusasva svaha KS.6.8. See next. 
agne grhapate parisadya jusasva svaha MS.i.8.5: 122.9; 

Apg.6.13.1. Seeprec, and cf. agne parisadya. 
agne grhapateibhi dyumnam VS.3.39C; gB.2.4.i.9C; Ag. 

2.5.12c; gg.2. 15.5c. 
agne grhapate ma ma sariitapslh Apg.6.10. 1 1. 
agne grhapate yas te ghrtyo bhagas tena saha oja akra- 

mamanaya dhehi TS. 
agne grhapate 9undhasva Apg.6.3.4. P: agne grhapate 

Mg. 1.6. 1.9. 
agne grhapate sugrhapatir aharii tvaya (VS.gB. sugrha- 

patis tvayagneiham ; gg.Kau9. sugrhapatir ahaih 

tvayagne) grhapatina (VSK. grhapatya) bliuyasam VS. 

2.27; VSK.2.6.6; TS.I. 5.6.4; 6.6.3; MS.i.4.2: 48.19; 

1.4.7: 55-8; 1.5-14 {ter): 83.1, 12; 84.6; KS.5.5; 7.3; 

gB.i.9.3.19; gg.4.12.10; Apg.6.26.1; Kau9.7o.9. P: 

agne grhai^ate TS.; 7.6.4; KS.7.11 ; 32.5; Vait.4. 


19; Kg.3.8.2i; Apg.4.16.2; 6.19.2; Mg.i.4.3.14; 6. 

agne grhapate^he budhnya parisadya divali prthivyah 

pary antariksal lokam vinda yajamanaya KS. 7. 1 3 ; Ap9- 

agne gobhirnaagahiTS.'*; Ay><^.it.5.i ; 19.25.15. 
agne ghrtasnus trir rtani didyat RV. i o. 1 2 2.6« ; KS. 12.14'=. 
agne ghrtasya dhltibhih EV.8. 102.16'"; AQ.8.12.5. 
agne ghrtenahuta (KS. "tah) AV.6.5.ib; VS.17.50''; TS. 

4.6.3. 1'l';^': 135.3; KS.18.3b; Apg.6.24.8^ 
agne ghnantam apa dvisah RV.8.43.23C. 
agne caranty ajara idhanah RV. 7.3.3'^; SV.2.571''. 
agne carur yajiiiyas tvadhy aruksat AV.11.1.16"; Kaii?. 

2.7. P: agne caruh Kau9.61.31. 
agne carur vibhrta (MS. vibhrta) osadhlsu'; 

VS.ii.43'^; TS.'4.i.4.2b; 5-I-5-4; MS.2.7;4b: 78.15; 3.1. 

5:7.10; KS.16.4b; 19.5; gB. 
agne cikiddhy asya nah EV.5.22.4'^. 
agne cyavasva sam anu prayahi": 148. i. See 

samacinusvanu, and sam pra cyavadhvam. 
agne janami sustutim RV.8.43.2C; TS.i.3.i4.5«; KS. 

agne janaya codaya RV.8.23.28''. 
agneijanistha mahate viryaya AV. 11.1.3^ P: agne^ja- 

nistbah Kau5.60.23. 
agne jarasva svapatya ayuni RV.3.3.7''. 
agne jaritar vi^patih RV.8.60.19'" ; SV.1.39''. P: agne 

jaritah gg. 14. 5 5.1. 
agne jatavedah fatam te Kau5.72.14''. P: agne jatavedah 

Kau5.72.13. Cf. agne angirah fatarii etc. 
agne jatavedoibhi dyumnam abhi saha ayachasva ^(^.8. 

agne jatan pra nuda nah (AV. me) sapatnan AV.7.34.i'>; 

VS.15.1'"; TS.4.3-i2.i^; 5.3-5-I; MS.2.8.7'': 111.3; 3.2. 

10:31.9; KS.i7.6'>; 21.2; gB.8.5.i.8;TA.2.5.2''; Apg. 

17.3.2; MQ.6.2.2. P: agne jatan Vait. 29.6; K^. 1 7. 1 1. 

3; Kau5.36.33; 48.37. 
agne jayasvaditir nathiteyam AV. ii.i.i\ P : agne jayasva 

Kriu5,6o. 19. 
agne jusasva no bavib EV.3.28.1''; A9-5.4-6; QC^.^.i-d; 

14. 51. 13. 
agne jusasva prati harya tad vacah EV. 1.144.7a; AB.1.30. 

12; KB.9.5; A9.4.10.3. P: agne jusasva ^ 
agne jeta tvarii jaya TB.''. 
agne tarn vardhaya tvam KS. 18.3b. See tam agne var- 

agne tatantha rodasi vi bhasa RV.6.4.6b. 
agne tato dravinodii na ebi KS.7.13'1. See tabhir na ehi. 
agne tat te mahitvanam TB.'J. 
agne tadasyakalpayaTB.3.7.ii.5c(&;s); SB.1.6.19C; Ap^. 

3. 1 2.1C (bis). Sec agne tvarii nas tasmat. 
agne tapas tapyamabe AV.7.61.2''; Kau5.57.23. 
agne tam adya5varii na stomaih'>b; SV.i.434''b; 

2.ii27ab; VS. 1 5. 4 4'''''; i7-77'''^'; TS.''b; 

S-^b; ,44.2; 2.i3.8"b: 157.15; KB.27.2; ^B.''b; 

A9-2.7.IO; 8.14; . 8.12.15. Ps: agne tam adyafvam 

Ap9-5-28.i5; 17. 10.6- 15.7; agne tam adya TS.5.7.4. 

— agne 

i; MS.2.10.6: 139-7; 3-3-9: 42.20; 4.10.2: 145.7; W--- 
5.18; 10.13. 1 ; K9.17.12. 15; 18.4.8; MQ.i.i.2.40; — 6. 
2.2; —6.2.5. 
agne tam rsva pahy api-ayuchan<i; AV.18. 

agne taya rayim asmasu dbehi AV. 19.3.3d. 
agne tava tyad uktbyam RV. I.I05.I3^ 
agne tava tye ajara RV.8.23. 11". 
agne tava nah pantv amura RV.4.4.i2'i; TS.i.2.14.5'1; 

MS.4.II.5'': 174.2; KS.6.ii<i. 
agne tava pra5astibhih RV.8. 19.29b. 
agne tava 5ravo vayah RV. 10. 140. lii; SV.2. 1166*; VS. 12. 

106"; TS.'";; MS.2.7.14'': 95.12; 3.2.5: 

22.6; KS.16.14'; 20.4; gB.; AA.; (}(}. 

18.23.6; L9.10.9.6; Ai>(}.i6.2o.g; MQ.6.1.6. P: agne 

tava Kg. 1 7.3. 15; VHDh.6.54. Cf. BrhD.8.53. 
agne tan iha madaya AV.5.8.I''. 
agne tan asmat pra nudasva lokat ApQ.i.S.y^ Cf. agnis 

tail lokat. 
agne tan vettha j'adi te jatavedah HG.2.11.1C; ApMB.2. 

19.7". See tvarii vettha yati. 
agne ta vi5va paribhur asi tmana EV.3.3.10'1; MS.4.11. 

I'i: 160.14. 
agne tigmena didihi RV.8. 4 3. 26". 
agne tigmena 5ocisa RV. 10.87.23''; AV.8.3.23''. (y agnis 

tigmena, and agne 5ulvrena. 
agne tistha devatata yajlyan RV.4.6.ib. 
agne tistha yajatebhih samantam RV.5. i.iib. 
agne tubhyarii cikitvana EV.8.6o.i8b. 
agne trtiye savane hi kanisah RV.3.28.5''; Ag.5.4.6. P: 

agne trtiye savane Q^. 8.2.2. 
agne tejasvin tejasvi tvaih devesu bhuyah TS.3.3. i.i. 

P: agne tejasvin ApQ. 13.8.9. See agna ayuhkara'^ 
agne tena punibi nah RV. 9.67.24b; VHDh.2.39b. 
agne tailasya pra5ana AV.i.7.2«. 
agne tokarii tanaj'arii vaji no dab RV.6.i3.6b. 
agne tokasya nas tane tanunam RV.2.9.2''; TS.3.5. 11.3''; 

MS.4.I0.4'': 152.8; KS.15.12':; AB.i. 28.38. 
agne tratar rtas (SV. rtah) kavih RV.8.6o.5b; SV. 1.42b. 
agne trataram amrtam miyedhya RV.i.44.5<'. 
agne tri te vajina tri sadhastba RV.3.20.2'*; TS.;'^; MS.2.4.4'<: 42.10; 4.12.5: 191. 11; KS.9.19''; 

Apg.19.27.18; Mg. P: agne tri teKS.12.14. 
agne tvarii ya5a asi RV.8. 23. 30". 
agne tvarii (/orsvarii?) yonim aslda sadbuya ^B. 9. 2. 3. 35b. 

See agne svarii. 
agne tvarii raksasvinah RV. 1.12.5'=. 
agne tvarii rodasi nah sudoghe RV.3.i5.6b, 
agne tvarii rodasi nah sumeke RV.3.i5.5'3. 
agne tvarii su jagrhi VS.4. 14''; TS.'^;; MS. 

1.2.3b: 12.3; KS.2.4'1; 23.5;"; Ap9.10.18. 

i; BDh.3.8.15. P: agne tvam K9. 7.4. 39- 
agne tvarii suktavag asy upafruti (TB. upa5rito; 9B-A^9. 

99- upa5ruti) divas prthivyoh (TB. divah prtbivyoh) 

MS.4.13.9: 211.14; 9B.; TB.; A9.1.9.1; 

99.i.i4-2,3. Fragment: ui)a5rito divah prtbivyoh TS. 2. 


agne — 

agne tvacam yatudhunasya bhindhi'>; AV.8. 

agne tvaiii tara mrdhali ¥8.11.72''; TS.4.i.9.3'^; MS.2.7. 

7d: 83.6; KS.16.7d; gB. 
agne tvaiii nas tasmat palii Kauy. 1 1 9.2". See agne tad asya. 
agne tvaiii no antamah EV.5.24.1''; SV.i.448a; 2.457"; 

VS.3.25'-'; 15.48^ 25.47"; TS.i. 5.6.2a;''; MS.i. 

5.3": 69.9; 1. 5.10: 78.10; 2.13.8: 158.6; KS.7.i'\8 

{his); gB.>; Ag.8.2.3; Apg.6.17.7; Mg.6.2.2; 

Kau5.68.3i'i; Svidh.i.8.13. Ps: agne tvaiii nah A(;?. 2. 

19.36; Q9.2.12.2; 3.17.5; 12. 1 1.2; agne tvamKg.17.12. 

17; Evidh.2.15.7. 
agne tvam asmad yuyodhy amivali EV.1.189.3"; MS.4. 

14.3": 218.9; TB.»; Ag.3.13.12. 
agne tvaiii paraya navyo asman EV.i.iSg.z"; TS.1.1.14. 

4";«: 142. 1 ; 4.'4-3: 218.6; TB." ; TA. 

10.2.1"; MalianU.6.4''; Ag.2.10.4. P: agne tvaiii paraya 

gg.5.5.2; Mg.;—; GDh.24.9. 
agne tvarii purlsyah VS. 12.59";"; gB. 

See tvam agne puilsyah, purlsyas tvam, and cf. agneh 

purLsam asi. 
agne tvamkamaya (SV. tvam kamaye) gira EV.8.ii.7<'; 

SV.i.8e; 2.5i6«; VS.12.115c. 
agne daksasya sadhanam EV.5.2o.3i\ 
agne daksaili punihi nali (MS. punimahe ; TB. punihi ma) 

EV.9.67.26C; MS.3.11.10C: 156.10; TB.i.4.8.3<^. 
agneidabdhayoi^ltatano pahi madya divali prdii prasityai, 

pahi duiistyai, pahi duradmanyai, piihi durcaritat TS. i. 

1. 13. 3. P: agneidabdhayoiQltatano TB.; Ap^. 

3.10. 1. See next two, and cf. adabdhayo«9itatano. 
agneidabdhayoi^itama pahi valx didyoh, pahi prasitj'ai, 

pahi duristyai, pahi duradmanyai VS. 2. 20; QB. 1.9. 2. 20. 

P: agneidabdhayo Kg.3.7.17. See imdrr prcc. 
agneidabdhayoifirtatano pahi vidyot, pahi prasityah, pahi 

dm-i.styah, pahi duradmanyah KS. 1. 12. P: agneidabdha- 

yoi9irtatano KS.31.12. See under prcc. hid one. 
agne da dayuse rayim EV.3.24.5"; TS." ; MS.4. 12. 

28; 180.5;»; Ag.3.13.14. P: agne dah MS.4. 

14.16: 242.8; gg.3.2.4: Mg.5.1. 10.12,59. 
agneidabhya (Apg. ^dabhya parisadya) jusasva svaha KS. 

6.8; Apg.6.13.4. (7/". agne parisadya. 
agne dafuse martaya EV.8.71.6''. 

agne dajemaEV. 4.10. 4<=; TS.; MS.2.i3.8<^: 157.19. 
agne divah sunur asi pracetaliEV.3. 25.1". P:agnedivah 

agne divitmata vacah EV.i.26.2<=. 
agne divo arnam acha jigasi EV.3.22.3»; VS. 12. 49"; TS."; MS.2.7. II": 89.11; KS.i6.iin; gB. 
agne didayasi dyavi EV.8.44.29C. 
agne didaya me sabhya TB.<^; Ai>g.4.2.ic. Cf. 

agne sabhya. 
agne didyatam brhat RV.3.27.15''; AV.2o.i02.3<"; SV.2. 

890C; TB.; gB.i.4.1.32; 3.7. 
agne dudhraTS.; MS.2. 13.12: 162.7; KS.40.3. 
agne duva ichamanasa apyam RV.3.2.6'^. i 
agne duh9lrtatano jusasva svaha MS.i.8.6: 123.4; Apg. 

6.14. 13. P: agne duhijirtatano Mg.3.2.12. 


agne dutarii varenyam EV.8.102. 18''. Cf. agniiii dutaiii 

agne dato vi^am asi EV. 1.36.51); 44.91). 
agne devaiii iha : see agne devah iha. 
agne deva panibhir guhyamanah (TS.TB. viyamanah; 

MS.Mg. viyamanah; KS. idhyamanah) VS.2.i7b; TS.i. 

1.13.2^'; MS.4.1.14^': 20.5; KS.i.i2t'; 31. 11; TB.3.3.9. 

6; gB.i.8.3.22i>; Mg.'. 
agne devayajanarii vaha MS.1.1.8: 4.9; Mg.i.2.3.3. Sec 

a devayajaiii vaha. 
agne devasya yajyavo janasah EV. 3.19.4'). 
agne devah a vaha nah priyavratam EV, 10. 150. 3". 
agne devah iha dravat EV. 1.44.7''. 
agne devah (MS. devah; gG. devan) iha vaha EV.1.12.3", 

io'>; 15. 4"; AV.20.101.3"; SV.2. 142"; VS.17.9i>; TS.I. 

3.14.8I); 5.5.3');'); MS.I. 5.1'': 66.16; 4.11.41): 

171. 15; KS.19.14b; 39.13"; TB.3.11. 6.2"; Ag.3.12.14'); 

gg.3.5.9'); Apg.16.35.5"; gG.2.13.51). Cf devah asada- 

yad, and agne jsatnlr. 
agne devanam ava heda iyaksva (KS. iksva) KS.35.1''; 

Apg. 1 4. 1 7. 1''. See under ava devanam yaja. 
agne devan etc.: seeprec. hut one. 
agne deveddha manviddha mandrajihvamartyasya te hotar 

murdhann a jigharmi raj'as posaya suprajastvaya suvlr- 

yaya TS. Cf. agnir deveddhah, agnir manvid- 

dhah, and deveddho manviddhah. 
agne devebhih sacanah sucetuna EV.1.127.11'). 
agnedevesupravocahEV.i.2 7.4C; SV.i.28'=; 2.847c; TA. 

agne devesu yusme EV.4. 10.8b. 
agne devesucyata uruci EV.3.57.5'). 
agne devesv apyam EV. 1.36.12b. 
agne dyumad uta revad didlhi EV.2.9.6<'; TS.4.3.i3,2<'; 6. 

1.5''; MS.4.10.5'': 154.5; KS.21.13''. 
agne dyumantamabharaEV.2.7.1'); TS.''; MS.4. 

II. 4'': 172.3. 
agne dyumnena jagrve EV.3.24.3". P: agne dyumnena 

gg.2.2.17; 9.22.5. 
agne dyumnena samyata EV.6.16.21'); TS.'); KS. 

20.14b; TB.2. 4.8.1'). 
agne dharmani pusyasi EV.5.26.6'). 
agne dhamani tava jatavedah MS. 2. 13. 11": 162.3. P; 

agne dhamani Mg.6.1.8. /See agne bhurlni. 
agne dhrtavratayate EV.8.44.25". P: agne dhrtavrataya 

agne naksatram ajaram EV.i 0.156.4"; SV.2.88o'>; KS.2. 

14". P: agne naksatram KS.9. 19. 
agne naya mayobho su9eva divah prthivyah pary antariksal 

lokarii vinda yajamanaya KS.7.13. See agneinnapa. 
agne naya supatha raye asman EV.1.189.1"; VS.5.36"; 7. 

43"; 40.16"; TS.I. 1. 14.3"; 4.43.1"; MS.I. 2. 13*: 22.6; 

KS.3.1"; 6.10"; AB.i.9.7; gB.3.6.3.Iia;"; 14. 

8.3.1"; TB."; TA.i.8.8"; Ag.3.7.5; 4.3-2; Apg. 

24.12.10; BrhU.5.15.1"; l9aU.i8"; AG.2.1.4; 4.14. P; 

agne naya TS.4. 2. II. 3; MS.4. 10.2: 147-8; 4.11.4: 171. 

14; 4.14.3: 218.3; Ag.4.i3.7; W-4.2.9; (16.15); 5.5-2; 

6.10,1; Kg.8.7.6; 10.2.7; Apg.ii.17.4; 12. 1. 1; 13.6. 


lo; 15.18.8; Mg.;—;—; Evidh. 

1.27.4; BrhD.4.62. Designated as ksapavitraBDli. 4. 7. 5. 
agne na9aya sarhdrgah TA. i . 2 8. i '', i f. 
agne ni pfihi nas tvam RV.8.44.ii\ 
agne ni .satsi namasadhi barhisi RV.8.23.26C. 
agne nemir araii iva EV.5.I3.6^ See aran ivagne. 
agne^nnapa mayobhuva su(,eva divah prthivyah pary anta- 

riksal lokaih vinda j'ajamanaya Ap(^.5.i3.8. See agne 

naya mayobho. 
agne patnir ilia vaha EV. 1.22.9'^; VS.26.20''; AB.6.10.4; 

KB.2S.3; GB.2.2.20; Ag.5.5.18. P: agne patnlh gg. 

7.4.9. Cf. agne devah iha vaha. 
agne patnivatas krdhi EV.i. 14.7b. 
agnasi patnlvan (VSK. vakpatni ; MS.KS.M^. patnlvasn; 

TS. patnlva3h) sajur devena (MS.KS. sajus) tvastra 

somaiii piba svaha (owi7<ed m MS.KS.) VS.8. 10; VSK. 

8.6.3 ; TS. ; {in fragments, without svaha); 

MS.i.3.29: 40.4; 4.4.7: 97.13; KS.4.11; gB., 

16. P: agna3i patnlvan (ApQ. °va3h ; KS.M^. "va3n) 

KS.28.8; KQ.10.6.19; Apg.13.14.8; Mg. 
agne pathah kalpaya devayanan AV. 1 1.1.36''. See next, 

(ftul avis patho. 
agne patho devayanan krnudhvam VS. 15.53^; TS.4.7.13. 

4b;; KS.i8.i8b; gB.8. 6.3.22. See avis patho, 

and pree. 
agne pari vyayamasiVS.i7.4b,5b; TS.4.6.i.i''(6js); MS.2. 

10.1b (6w): 131.5,7; KS. 1 7. 1 7 ''(to); gB.9.1. 2.25b 26b. 

See 9ale pari, 
agne parisadya fundhasva Apg.6.3.4. Cf. agna avasathya, 

agne sabhya yundhasva, agne grhapate parisadya, and 

agneidabhya parisadya. 
agne pavasva svapah EV.9.66.21"; SV.2.87o«; VS.8.38-'; 

VSK.29.38''; TS. 1.3. 1 4.8''; 5.5.2-''; 6.6.2«; MS.i.s.i-'': 

66.12; KS.7.i6»;^; TA.2.5.I"; Ag.2.1.20; 

Apg.5.17.2. P: agne pavasva MS.i.6.i: 86.11; KS. 

19.14; TB.; gg.2.2.5; Kg.12.3.2; Mg.i.5.3.17; 

agne pa9ur na j^avase RV.5.9.4''; 6.2.9b; TS.3.i.ii.6b. 
agne pavakadidyatMS.4. 10.2b: 147.15; Ag.3.i2.27b; gg. 

3.19.16b; Apg.9.9.3b. 
agne pavaka rocisa EV.5.26.ia; SV.2.871''; VS.17.8^; TS. 

i-3-i4-8^; 5-5-3''; 4-6.1.2''; MS.i.s.i-'': 66.14; 2.10.1: 

131. 14; 4.10.1: 143-13; KS.17.17''; 19.14; gB.9.1.2. 

30; Ag.2.1.25; Kg.i8.2.ii ; Mg.5.1.2. P: agne pavaka 

Ag.4.13-7; gg.2-2.9- 

agne pavako arcisa MS.4. 10.2b; 147.13; Ag.3.i2.27b; gg. 

3.19.16b; Apg.9.9.3b. 
agne pahi vipru.sah MS. 1. 1.3: 2.9. 
agne pitur yathavasah EV.8. 75.16b; TS.2.6.1 1.4b. 
agne pittam apam asi AV.18.3.5C; VS.17.6c; TS.4.6.I.2''; 

MS.2.IO.IC: 131. 10; KS.17.170; gB.9.1.2. 27'--. 
agne pinvasva dharaya SV.2.1183; VS. 12.10b, 41'- TS.i. 

5-3-.3''; 4-2.1-3^; 3-4''; MS.i.7.ib: no.i; 1.7.4'': 112. 

4; KS.8.i4b; 9.1; i6.8b; Lg.3.5.iib; Kau5.72.14b. 
agne purisyadhipa bhava (TS. bhava) tvam nah VS. 12. 

58C; TS.; MS.2.7.11C: 90.8; KS.i6.iic'; gB.i2. 


— agne 

agne purlsyabhi dyumnam VS.3.40''; Ag.2.5.12'^; gg.2. 

agne puro rurojitha RV.6.i6.39<'; SV.2. 1057c; TS.2.6. 

agne purva anusaso vibhavaso RV.i.44.10^. 
agne purvo ni jahi fofucanah EV.10.87.7c; AV.8.3.7''. 
agne pusan brhaspate pra cavada praca yajagB. 1.5.1. 16. 

See indra pusan. 
agne prchami nu tvam avid van EV.10.79.6b. 
agne prtanasat prtanah sahasva AV.5.14.8. 
agne prthivlpate soma virudhaiii pate tvastah samidhaiii 

pate vLsnav a9anarii pate mitra satyanam pate varuna 

dharmanarii pate maruto gananam patayo rudra pafu- 

naiii pata indraujasiiiii pate brhaspate brahmanas pata 

aruca roceibarii ruca ruruce rocamanah TB.3. 1 1.4. i. Cf 

next, and agnir bhutanam. 
agne prthivya adhipate vayo^ntariksasyadhipate savitah 

prasavanam adhipate surya naksatranam adhipate so- 

mausadhlnam adliipate tvastah samidhaiii rupanam 

adhipate mitra satyanam adhipate varuna dharmanaiu 

adhipata indra jyesthanam adhipate prajapate 

adhipate deva devesu parakramadhvam gg.4.10.1. P: 

agne prthivya adhipate gg.4. 18.3. Cf. prec., and agnir 

agne prayaty adhvare EV. 10.21.6b. Cf indrani prajaty. 
agne prayafcitte (gG. praya^cittir asi) tvam devanaui 

prayaycittir (HG. tvaiii praya^cittir) asi gG.i.18.3; 

SMB.1.4.1; PG.1.11.2; ApMB.i.10.3 (ApG.3.8.10); 

HG.1.24.1. P: agne prayafcitte GG.2.5.2; KhG.i.4.12 

(/eai praya^cittili) ; HG. 1.2 4.1 {his). 
agne prava jaritliraiii yavistha EV. 10.80. 7c. 
agne prehi prathamo devayatam (AV. devatanam; MS. 

KS. devayatam) AV.4.14.5" ; VS.17.69"; TS.''; 5. 

4.7.1; MS.2. 10.6^: 138.4; KS.18.4^; 21.9; gB. 

P: agne prehi Vait. 8.17; 15.9; Kau9.63.9; 137.27. 
agne balada saha (MS. saha) ojah kramamanaya me da 

abhifastikrteinabhi^astenyayasyai janatayai (MS. "sya 

janatayah) fraisthyaya svaha {omitted m Apg.) MS. 1.4. 

14: 64.9; Apg.5.24.4. P: agne balada Mg.i. 5. 6. 20. 
agne badhasva vi nirdho vi durgaha (TB.Apg. inrdho 

uudasva) EV. 10.98.12"; MS.4.11.2'': 167.12; KS.2.I5'''; 

TB.2.5.8.iia; Ag.2.13.8; Apg.7-6.7''. 
agne badho marutaiii na prayukti EV.6.ii.ib. 
agne brhato adhvare EV.3.i6.6b. 
agne brliad yajamane vayo dhali EV.3.29.8<1; VS.11.35''; 

TS.3.'5.ii.2d; 4.1.3-3'^; MS.2.7.3'1: 77.12; KS.i6.3'i; 

AB.i. 28.31; gB. 
agne brliad vi rocase EV.2.7.4b; TS.i.3.i4.5b. 
agne brhantam adhvare EV.5.26.3C; SV.2.873C; VS.2.4''; 

TS.i.'i.ii.2<-; KS.i.iic; gB.i.3.4.6<-; 4-i-ii<'; TB.3.3. 

agne brhanii usasam etc. : see agre etc. 
agne brahma grbhnlsva (MS.Mg. grhnlsva; KS. grhisva) 

VS.1.18; MS.1.1.9: 5.9; KS.1.8; gB.i.2.1.9; Mg.1.2. 

3.20. P: agne brahma Kg.2. 4. 30. See sam brahmana 

agne bhadram kaiisyasi EV.i.i.6b. 


agne — 

agne bharantu (MS.3.2.2 and 3.3.8, bharanta?) cittibhih 

VS.12.31b; 17.53^'; TS.''; 6.3.2b; 5-2-2-2; 4-6.2; 

MS.2.7.IO'': 87.9; 3.3.2: 17.3; 3.3.8: 40.14; KS.16.10I'; 

18.3''; 19.12; 21.8; gB.; 
agne bhava susainidha samiddhah RV.7.I7.I'' ; A(JJ.8.2.3. 

P: agne bhava susamidha (^(^.12.11.4. 
agne bhurlnitava jatavedaliRV.3.20.3" ; TS.3.1.1 1.6". P: 

agne bhurini AP9.16.35.2. See agne dhamani. 
agneibhyavartinn ablii ma ni vartasva (TS. ablii na a var- 

tasva; KS. abhi no nivartasva; MS. abhi mavartasva; 

Kaiif. abhi na a vavrtsva); ¥8.12.7^; TS.4.2.i.2a; MS. 

I.7.I-': 109.12; KS.i6.8a; QB.; Kau5.72.14''. P: 

agne.bhyavartin MS.2.7.8: 85.10; KS.19.11; 22.12; 

M(j;.6.i.4; Ap9.16.10.13; 12.2; K9.16.5.15; Kau9.72. 

13; HG.i. 26.11; BDh.3.7.12. Cy. abhi na a. 
agne bhratar driina id bhutim iidima RV.i. 161.1''. 
agne bhratar vasavo mrdatfi nah RV.6.5i.5b; MS.4.14.11'': 

232.10; TB. 
agne bhratah sahaskrta RV.8.43.i6''. 
agne manusvad ahgirah EV.5.2i.i<^; KS.2.9''; 7.13'^; 39. 

13^-; TB.; Apg.7.7.i«; 16.35.5c; Mg.i.7.3.43c. 
agne mandraya jiihvil yajasva RV. 1.76.5'!. 
agne manmani tubhyam kam RV.8.39.3^ 
agne inanyuiii pratiniidan paresam EV. 10. 128.6"; AV.5. 

3.2^. See agnir manj'um. 
agne marudbhir rkvabhih pa indravarunabhyarii matsven- 

drabrhaspatibhyam indravisnubhyam sajuh AQ.9.6.2. 
agne niarudbhih 9ubhayadbhir rkvabhih RV.5.60.8' ; AB. 

3.38.13; KB.16.9; A9.5.20.8. P: agne marudbhih 
9ul)haj'adbhih gg.8.6.17. C/. BrhD.5.48. 
agne martah subhaga sa pra9ahsyah RV.8.i9.9'\ 
agne martah amartyas tvarii nah'1; AV.8.3. 


agne martaya da^use RV. 1.45.811. 

agne niahaiii asi brahmana bharata manusa Mg. 

See next. 
agne mahah asi brahmana bharata (TB. bharata, asavasau) 

TS.; TB.3.5.3-I ; gB.i.4.2.2; KB.3.2; Ag.i.2.27; 

gg. 1.4.14. Seeprec. 
agne niahi dravinam a yajasva RV.3.1.22'1; 10.80.71l. 
agne iiiakir no duritaya dhriyih RV.i.147.5''. 
agne makis te devasya RV.8.7I.8''. 
agne makis te vy.athir a dadharsit RV.4.4.3''; VS.i3.ii'l; 

TS.i.2.i4.2d; MS.2.7.i5<i: 97.12; KS.i6.i5'i. 
agne ma tanvarii tapah AV. 18.2.36''. 
agne ma te prative^a risama VS. 1 1 . 7 5'1 ; TS. 4 . i . i o. 1 'i ; MS. 

2.7. 7d: 83.12; KS.i6.7<l; gB.; Ag.2.5.9e; ApQ. 

6.2.2"; 25.7c; Mg.i.6.3.i2c. C/ ma te agne prative9a. 
agne ma no devatata mrdhas kah RV.7.43.3'1. 
agne ma hihslh parame vyoman AV. 18.4.30''; VS. 13.42'' 

44'',49'',5o'';'',2''.3''(6;s); MS.2.7.1 7'i(2Mato-): 

102.3,7,15,19; KS.i6.i7''(fer); gB.,20,34,35; 

agne mitro asi priyah RV.1.75.4''; SV.2.886''. 
agne mitro na patyase RV.f).2.ib; SV.i.84'\ 
agne mitro na brhata rtasj-aRV. 6.13. 2C; MS.4.10.1C: 143. 

4; Apg.5.23.9c. 


agne mrda mahah (Mg. mahah) asi RV.4.9.1''; SV.1.23I; 

KS.40.i4^ AB.5.I9-I8; KB.26.13; Kg.22.6.17; Lg.8. 

8.37; Mg.8.19; Svidh.2.6.14. P: agne mrda Ag.8. 10. 

3; gg.6.4.1; Karmap.3.1.16. 
agne mrdikarii variine saca vidah EV.4.1.3'1; KS.26.11'1. 
agne medhavinaiii krnu (RVKh.VS. kuru) RVKh. 10.151. 

8<1; AV.6.108.4''; VS.32.I4<1. 
agne yam yajnamadhvaram RV1.1.4''; TS.^; MS. 

4.10.3'^: 149.7; KS.2.i4a; Ag.7.8.1. P: agne yam Mg. 

agne yaksi divo vijah RV.6. 16.9c. 
agne yaksi svaiii damam RV.1.75.5C; SV.2.887C; VS.33. 

3C; TB. 
agneyaksini: see agne akslni. 
agne yaksva sahutibhih RV. 1.45.10'^ 
agne yacha trj'ariinaya yarma RV.5.27.2'1. 
agne yajasva tanvaiii tava svam RV.6. 11.2*1. 
agne j'ajasvarodasiuruciRV.6.11.4''; MS.4.14.15'': 241.4. 

See agne vyacasva. 
agne yajasva havisa yajlj'an RV. 2.9.4*. 
agne yajistho adhvare RV.3.10.7*; SV.i.ioo''. 
agne yajnam naj-a rtutha RV.8.44.8C. 
agne yajnasya cetatah TB. 2. 4.8.1c. ggf^ ^gj-g y^o. 
agne j' sidasi RV. 1.14.1 1^. 
agne yajnesu sukrato RV.6. 16. 3C; SV.2.826C; KS.6.10C; 

agne yah fukram yac candram MS. 2. 7. 14"^: 95.6. See 

agne yat te fukrarii. 
agne yat te arcis: see agne yat te«rcis. 
agne j'at te tapas tena taiii prati tapa yo^sinan (MS. asman) 

dvesti yarii ca (AV. yarii) vayam dvismah AV. 2.1 9.1; 

MS.i.5.2: 68.2; KS.6.9; 7.6; Apg.6.2i.i. P: agne yat 

te tap.ah MS.T.5.9: 77.7; Krui9.47.8. 
agne yat te tejas tena tarn atejasaiii krnu (KS. tarn prati 

tityagdhi ; MS.Apg. tarn prati titigdhi) yoisman (MS. 

asman) dvesti yaih ca (AV. yam) vaj'aiii dvi.smah AV.2. 

19.5; MS.i.5.2: 68.6; KS.6.9; Apg.6.2i.i. 
agne yat te divi varcah prthivyam RV.3.22.2''; VS.12.48"; 

TS."; MS.2.7.11'': 89.13;»; gB.7.1.1. 

agne yat te paraih hrn nama tav ehi sam rabhavahai TS.; 5.3. II. 3. P: agne yat te pararii hrn nama 

agne yat te^rcis (MS. arcis) tena tarii praty area yoisman 

(MS. asman) dvesti yaiii ca (AV. yam) vayam dvismah 

AV.2. 19.3; MS.I.5.2: 68.4; KS.6.9; Apg.6.2i.i. 
agne yat tefukramyac candram VS. 12.104*; TS."; 

KS.i6.i4'''; gB. See agne yah 9ukrarii. 
agne yat te 90cis tena tarn prati 90ca yo^sman (MS. asman) 

dvesti yarii ca (AV. j^arh) vayarii dvismah AV.2. 19.4; 

MS.I.5.2: 68.3; KS.6.9; Apg.6.2i.i. 
agne yat te haras tena taih prati hara yoisman (MS. asman) 

dvesti yarii ca (AV. yaih) vayarii dvismah AV.2. 19. 2; 

MS.i.5.2: 68.5; KS.6.9; Apg.6.2i.i. " 
agne yad adya vi90 adhvarasya hotah RV.6. 15. 14"; TS.4. 

3.i3-4»; MS.4.10.1*: 141. 4; gB.i. 7.3.16; TB.'^; 

6.12.2"; Ag. 1.6.5. Ps : ague yad adya vi90 adhvarasya 


9Q.I.9.2; agneyadadya MS.4.10.4: 153-5; 4-I3-7: 209. 

8; M9.;—;— 
agne yad unam yad vatratiriktam Ap(^.i6.34.4''. See yat 

ta uiiaiii yad, and yad unaiii. 
ague yad didayad divi EV.6.i6.36«; SV.2.748". 
ague yan me tanva (TS. tanuva) unaiii {(}Q. yaii 111a unaiii 

tanvas) tan ma a prna VS.3.17; TS.i.5.5.4; 7.5; (^B.2. 

3.4.19; <J9-2-'i-3i PG.2.48. (Sec yan me agna unaiii. 
ague 3'avistlia prati taiii grnihi AV.5.2 9.4''. 
agne ya$asvin yaj.asemam arpaya TS.5. 7.4.3". P: agne 

yavasvin Ap(^. 1 7. i o. 2. 
agne yastar idaiii namah TS.''; TB. See 

agnir yastedam. 
ague yalivasya tava bhagadheyam EV.3.2 8.4". 
agne yan devan ayad yan (MS. yah) apiprer ye te hotre 

amatsata taiii sasanuslih (KS. samanrdsTr) hotiaiii devaiii- 

gamaui divi devesu yajnam erayemam MS. 4. 10.3 : 151.8; 

KS.19.13; TB.; 6.13. 1 ; 14.3; A9.1.8.7; gg.i. 

13.3. The passage seems metrical: padas after apiprer, 

amatsata, devamgamam. 
ague yalii dutyaiii ma risanyah (TB. dutyaiii varisenyah) 

KV.7.9.5^ MS.4.I4-II": 233-2; TB.''; Ag.3.7.10. 
agne j'ahi vasatkitini jusanah EV.7. 14.3k 
ague yahi sufastibhih : see ague etc. 
ague yuksva (SV.PB. yuhksva) hi ye tava EV.6. i6.43i»; 

SV.i.zs^; 2.733a; VS.i3.36^<; TS.^ 5-5-3-I («"«); 

MS.2.7.i7a: 101.8; 3.4.5: 50.6; KS.22.5«,6; PB.4.2.19; 

gB.; Apg.16.26.13; 17.10.11; Mg.6.1.7. P: 

agne yuksva hi K^!. 17.5.5. 
agne yo no anti fapati yaj ca dure Apg.6.2i.i^ 
agne yo no^bhito janah TB.2.4.i.i=>; TA.2.5.2''. 
ague yo no^bhidasati TB.2.4.i.2'»;'; TA.2.5.2''; 

Apg.4. 1 1.5". See yo no dure dvesti. 
agne yo no mareayati dvayena EV.5.3.7>'. 
aguer akrnvann U9ijo amrtyave MS.i.3.35'': 42.6. See 

agner apunann, and deva akrnvann. 
agne raksas tvaiii daha EV. 10.1 18.7^ 
agne raksa no ahhasah EV.7.i5.i3"; SV. 1.24"; MS. 4. 10. 

i-": 141.10; KS.2.i4a; TB.'1; Ag.2.10.6; Evidh. 

2.25.5. P: ague raksa nah MQ. 5. 1.1. 2 8. 
agner aksnah kanmakam (VSK. kanlnakam; TS.MS.KS. 

kanlnikam) ¥8.4.32!^; VSK.4.10.3''; TS.'' ; 6.1.7. 

3; MS.i.2.5b: 13.12; KS.2.6b; gB.3.3-4-S''. 
agner agnir ajayata AV. 11.8.9b. 
aguer agnir adhi saiii babhuvitha AV.9.5.6'". 
agner agnlsomayor ujjitim anujjesam gg.4.9.5. Cf. agnl- 

somaj'or ujjitim etc., and agner aham ujjitim etc. 
agnei--agneh M(}.5.i.2.6{his),g{his). 
agner agne pure agnir bhaveha VS. 17.66b; TS.4.6.5. ib; 

MS.i.6.2b: 86.18; KS.7.i3b; 18.4b; gB.; TB.i. 

1. 7. I*; 2.1.22b, 
agner agneyany (KS. agniyany) asi (owe ms. and Padap. of 

MS. agner agner yany asi) MS. 2. 8.13: 116.18; KS.22.5. 

Cf. agner yany asi, and devanam agneyany asi. 
ague rathaiii na vedj-am SV.1.5''; 2.594*^. Sec agniiii 

rathaiii etc. 
agne rathir adhvaranamEV. 1.44.2b; 8.11.2^; SV.2. 1131b. 

— agner 

agner anikaiii varunasya mahsi EV.7.88.2b. 

agner anikam apa a vive^a ¥8.8.24"; TS."; MS.i. 

3.39": 45.7; KS.4.13"; 29.3; gB.4.4-5-12"; Apg.8.8.3. 

P: agner anikam Kg. 10.8.2 2; Mg.i.7.4.38. 
aguer anikaiii brhatah saparyam''. 
agner anuvrata bhutva";^; TB.3.3.3. 

2; Mg.i.2.5.i2<^; ApMB.i.2.7L- (ApG.2.4.8). See patyur 

agner antah(,'leso»si VS. 13.25; 14.6,15,16,27; 15.57; TS.; MS.2.8.i2(?;;s): 116.3,11;^?);s); gB.; Mg.6.1.8. 
agner aii.akacaksasah EV.8.75.7b; TS.2. 6.1 1.2b; MS.4.11. 

6b: 175.6; KS.7.i7b. 
agner api dadhanii tam AV.4.36.2'1. 
agner apunann ufijo amrtyavah EV.3.2.9b. See under 

agner akinvann. 
agner apnasah samid astu bhadra EV. 10.80.2". 
agner ayat (priya dhaniani) gB. 1.7.3. 12. Uha 0/ ayad 

agneh priya dhamani. 
agne rayiih yafasaiii dhehi navyasim EV.6.8.5b. 
ague rayini maghavadbhya^ ca dhehi EV.6. 10.5b. 
agno rayiiii magiiavadbliyo na a vaha EV.7.i6.9'=. 
agner avena (read agne ravena) marutam na bhojya EV. i . 

agner a9yama manmabhih EV.3.ii.8b. 
agne rasena tejasa TS.". 
agner astrtayajvanah EV. 8. 4 3.1b. 
agner aliaiii suhavasya pranitau EV.3.15.1'1; VS. 11.49''; 

TS.4.I.5-'''; MS.2.7.5'1: 79.15; KS.16.4d; 19.5; QB.6. 

agner ahaiii svistakrto devayajyayayuh pratistham game- 
yam KS.5.1 ; 32.1. See agnih svista". 
agner aharii devayajyaya (Mg. "ya caksusa) caksusmau 

bhuyasam Apg.4.9.11; Mg. Cf. agnlsomayor 

aham etc. 
agner aliaiii devayajyayannado bhaj'asam TS.; "- 

5; Apg.4.9-i3; Mg. 
agneraham ujjitim anujjesam TS.i. 6. 4.1(6/5); 7.4.2; Apg. 

4. 12.4. See agner ujjitim, and cf. aguisomaj'or aham etc.. 

agner agnlsomayor ujjitim etc., and agneh svistakrtoiham 

agner agnldhram asi Apg. 3. 3. 8. Cf. agnim agnldhrat, and 

agnii- agnldhrat and foil. 
agner ajyasya havisah Ag.3.6.10 [cf. 11). 
agner atithyam asi TS. 1.2. 10.1 ;; Apg. 10.30.8. Cf. 

agne ratim upasrjanti surayah EV.2.i.i6b; 2.13b. 
agner ayur asi (KS. asi tasya te manusya ayuskrtas) 

tenasma amusma ayur dehi MS.2.3.4: 30.18; 2.3.5: 

32.12; KS.11.7. P: aguer ayur asi KS.11.8; Mg.5.2.2. 

4; MG.1.5.4; 17.3. C/". agnir ayu.smau, awd agnir ayus. 
agne rayo didihi nali EV.5. 25.30. 
agne rayo nrtamasya prabhutau EV.3.i9.3<^; TS.i.3.i4.6<^; 

MS. 4. 14. 15*^: 240.10. 
agner indrasya cayuse»vapat AG.i.i7.i2b; ApMB.2.i.4b, 

6b; HG.2.6.iob. ggg iiidrasya, and vayor indra- 
sya ca'\ 

4 -2 

agner — 

agner indrasya somasya EV.2.8.6''. 

agner iva prasitir naha vartave RV.2.25.3''. 

agner iva bhrama vrthri RV.9.22.2<". 

agner iva vijanta abhrtabhyah AV.8.7.15''. 

agner ivasya dahata eti fusminah AV.6.20. 1''. P: agner 

iva Kauf.30.7. 
agner ivasya dahatah AV.7.45.2''. P: agner iva Kau9. 

agner lylta martyah EV.4.15.5''. 

agne ruca (MS.KS.M^. ruc.ah) stha prajapater dhatuh soma- 
sya (MS. i^rajapateh somasya dhatuh; KS. prajapateh 

somasya dhaturbhuyasamj)rajanisly a) TS. ; MS. 

2.13.20(6/5): 165.12; 166.10; KS.39.13; M9.6.2.3. 
agne rucaiii pate namas te ruce mayi rucaiii dhah (KS. 

dhehi; Ap^- nicam mayi dhehi) MS.i.5.2: 68.7; 1.5.9: 

77.10; KS.6.9; 7.6; Ap9.6.22.i. 
agner ujjitim anujjesam M^. Sec under agner 

aham ujjitim. 
agner ekaiii priyatamarii babhuva AV.5.28.6''. 
agne rejante asasanto ajarah EV.1.143.3''. 
agne reta9 candram hiranyam TB.''; Ap9.5.2.i'>. 

Cf. agneh prajatam. 
agner edhate jaritabhistau^; MS.4.4.15'': 241.2. 
agner ga^'yutir ghrta a nisatta EV. 10.80. 6''. 
agner gayatry abhavat sayugva EV. 10. 130.4" ; AB.8.6.7. 
agner ghaso apaiii garbhah AV.8.7.8^ 
agner ghorasya manyuna AV.7. 70.5c. See agner devasj^a. 
agner janitram asi VS.5.2; TS.;; MS.i.2.7: 

16.7; 3.9.5: 121. 5; KS.3.4; 26.7; (;3B.3.4.i.20; Apg. 

7. 12. 12; M(j!!.i.7.i.39. P: agner janitram K^.5. 1.28. 
agner jatam adhi jatavedas.ah AV. 19.45.3''. 
agner jihvam abhi (MS. jihvabhi [Padap. jihvam abhi] ; 

AV.KS. jihvayabhi) grnltam (AV. grnata) AV.5.27.9''; 

VS.27.18i'; TS.4.i.8.2t'; MS.2.12.6I': 150.12; KS.18.17''. 
agner jihvasi vaco visarjanamMS. 1.1.6: 3.13; 1.4. 10: 58. 

5; 4.1.6: 8.4. P: agner jihvasi M^.i. 2. 2. II. jSeeagnes 

tanur asi vaco. 
agner jihvasi suhur (VSK.TS.TB. subhur; KS. supiir) 

devebhyali(TS.TB. devanam)VS.i.3o; VSK.1.10.3; TS.;; TB.; gB.i.3.1.19; gg.4.8.1. 

P: agner jihvasi ApQ.2.6.5. 
agner jyotirnicayyaVS.ii.ic,iic; gB.,41 ; ^vetU. 

2.1''. Cy agniiii jyotir. 
agner devasya manyuna (TB. bralimana) AV.7.70.4''; TB.*^. See agner ghorasya. 
agner devasyorv antariksam AV. 12. 1.20''. 
agner dhamani vibhrta purutra EV. 10.80.4'^: TS.2.2. 1 2.6''. 
agner dhamopehi MS.i.3.36: 43.3. 5'ee agneh patha, and 

agneh priyaih. 
agner bhasmasi VS.12.46; VSK.5.4.4; TS.; 4.2. 

4.1; MS.1.2.8: 18.8; 2.7.11: 89.6; 3.2.3: 18.10; 3.8.5:; KS.16.11; gB.; TB.; Apg.5.9. 

6; 7.6.1; 16.14.1; 19-1 1. 7; Mg.l. 7.3.35;— 6.1.5; VasuU.4. 

P: agner bhasma K^. 1 7.1.6. Cf. agnir iti bhasma. 
agner bhfiga stha 
agner bhago^si diksaya adhipatyam VS. 14.24; TS.4.3.9. 

i; MS.2.8.5: 109.9; 3.2.10: 31.4; KS.17.4; 2o.i2(6;s); 


21. 1 ; QB. Ps: agnerbhag03siTS.5.3.4.i ; ApQ. 

17.2.9; M9.6.2.1; agner bhagah KQ.17.10.11. 
agner bhamam marutam oja imahe EV.3.26.6*'. 
agner bhrajante arcayah EV.i. 44.12'!. 
agner bhrajasa suryasya varcasa VS. 3 5. 3; QB. 

Cf. agnes tejasa etc. 
agner manve prathamasya pracetasah (MS. prathamasya- 

mrtanam) AV.4.23.i«; TS."; MS.3.i6.5-'>: 190. 

6; KS.22.15'1; TB.; Ap(^.20.23.4. P: agner 

manve Vait.2.ii: Mg.x.5.5.5; MG.i.5.5; 23.18; 2.6.5; 

VHDh.8.232. Designated as mrgara, mrgarasuktani, 

a«fi! mrgarani Kau5.9.i ; 27.34; BDh.4.7.5. 
agner yah ksatriyo vidvan AV.6.76.4<^. 
agner yany asi TS.; MS. 2. 8. 13: 116. 18; KS.22.5; 

ApQ.16.24.8; M9.6.1.8. ty. agner agneyany asi. 
agner vanaspater indrasya vasumato rudravato adityavata 

rbhumato vibhumato vajavato brhaspatimato vifvade- 

vyavatah somasyojjitim Cf. agnir vanas- 

patir etc. 
agner vayarii prathamasyamrtanam EV.i.2 4.2»; AB.7.16. 

4; gg.15.22. 
agner varma pari gobhir vyayasva EV.10.16.7"; AV.18.2. 

SS"; TA.6.1.43; AG.4.3.20. P: agner varma gg.4.14. 

17; Kau5.81.25. 
agner vasuvane vasudheyasya vetu vaujhak (Ag. rvithout 

vaujhak) gB.; Ag.2.8.14. Sec under ».gna, \x. 
agner vas tejasa (Apg. tejisthena tejasa) devatabhir grhna- 

mi KS.39.1; Apg. 16.32.5. 
agner vas tejisthena tejasa nis tapami ; TB.3. 

agner vatasya dhrajya AV.3.1.5''; 2.3". 
agner vatan madhukaja hi jajne AV.9.i.i'',3"', io<^. 
agner va pahi jihvaya yajatra EV.3.35.iol\ 
agner vam apannagrhasj'a sadasi sadayami TS.; 

TB.3. 3. 9. 8; Apg.3.8.4. See agner vo. 
agner vaso^si gG.i.9.15. 

agner vi9vah samidho devayanlh'3. 
agner vaifvanarad adhi AV.8.2.27'i; 7.16''. 
agner vo^pannagrhasya sadasi sadayami VS.6.24 ; TS.1.3. 

12. i; MS.1.3.1: 29.i;KS.3.9; gB.; Apg.11.20.13; 

Mg. P: agner vah Kg.8.9.11. Seeagnervam. 
agner vratani purvya mahani EV.7.6.2''. 
agner hotuh priya dhamani Ag. 1.6.5. Cf ayad agneh. 
agner hotrena pra nude sapatnan AV.9.2.6C. 
agne vatsam na svasaresu dhenavah EV.2.2.2''. 
agne vande tava jriyam EV.5.28.4''. 
agne vanya (TS. without agne) TS.; MS.2.13.12: 

162.7; KS.40.3. 
agne varenyarb kuru EV.6. 16.33". 
agne varcasvan: sec agne varcasvin. 
agne varcasvinarii kuru AV.3.22.3'^. 
agne varcasvin (VSK. varcasvan) varcasvans (gg. varcasvl) 

tvarii devesv asi varcasvan (gg. varcasvy) ahaiii manu- 

syesu bhuyasam VS.8.38; VSK. 8. 12. i; 13. i; gB.4.5.4. 

12; P: agne varcasvin Kg.i2. 3. 6. 
agne vasu vidhate rajani tve EV.6.i.i3'l;; 

MS.4.13.6J: 207.16; KS.18.20J, 


agne vaster utosasah EV. 1.79-6^; SV-i-gis^'; VS.15.37b; 

TS.4.4.4-5^ MS.2.13.8'': 157.13; KS.39.15i'. 
agne vahne 9imdhasva ApQ.6.3.4. P: agne vahne M^. i . 

agne vahne svaditaiii nas tanaye pituiii paca Ap^.4.16.5. 
agne vajajid vajam tva sarisyantam vajajitarii sarii marjmi 

VS.2.7; QB.i. 4.4-15; Vait.2.13. P: agne vajajit K9.3. 

1. 13. Sec next, and ajiiii tvagne sarisyantam. 
agne vajajid vajarii tva sarisj'antam vajaiii jesyantarii vaji- 

naiii vajajitam vajajityayai sam marjmy agnim anna- 
dam annadyaya TB. ; ApQ.2.13.1. Seepyec, and 

cf. the uha, apo vajajito. 
agne vajajid vajam tva sasrvahsaiia vajajitarii sarii marjmi 

VS.2.14; gB.i.8.2.6; Vait.4.1. q/: Kg.3.5.4. Seenexf, 

and ajirii tvagne sasrvahsarii. 
agne vajajid vajarii tva sasrvarisarii vajarii jigivarisarii vaji- 

narii vajajitarii vajajityayai sarii marjmy agnim annadam 

annadyaya TB. 3.7. 6.1 7; Ap<J^.3.4.7. See under prcc. 
agne vajarii jaya M(J!.i.3.i.9. 
agne vajam ajaih M^. 
agne vajasya gomatali EV. 1.79.4"; SV.i.99'''; 2.911"; VS. 

15-35"; TS.4.4-4-5'';": 157.9; 4-12.5: 191-8; 

KS.39.15"; Apg.14.33.6; Mg.;— 6.2.2. P:agne 

vajas}'aKS.i2.i4; Ag.4.13.7; Kg.17.12.13. 
agne vajl na krtvyah RV.6.2.8I'. 
agne vat AB.5.22.10, II ; AQ.8.13.1. 
agne vatasya patliyabhir acha EV.3.14.3^. 
agne vayo vidyuc candramah salokatarii vo»9lya gg.4.8.4. 
agne vastuni nir daha tvam AV.9.2.4J. 
agne vastuny anunirdaha tvam AV.9.2.9J. 
agne viksu pratidayat (ran pratldayan) TB.2.7.I3.2'". See 

agre viksu. 
agne vitatam antar a (Lg. antaram) EV.9.67.23''; VS.19. 

41b; MS.3.11.10'': 156.3; KS.38.2b; TB.i. 4.8.2b; Lg.5. 

4.14'': VHDh.2.37b. 
agne vittad dliaviso yad yajama (TB. yajamali) EV.5.60. 

6<l; TB.2.7.i2.4<i. 
agne viddhi (HG. viddhi karma) kriyamanarh. yathedam 

AV.5.29.ib; HG.i. 2.18b. 
agne vidhema te parame janman KS. 18.4". P: agne 

vidhema te KS.21.9. See vidhiema te parame. 
agne vi pafya brhatabhi raj'a EV.3.23.2*'. 
agne viprayasantyaRV.3.2i.3b; MS.4.13.5'': 204.12; KS. 

l6.2lb; TB. 3.6. 7.2b; AB.2.I2.I2b. 

agne vipro vi paner bliarti vajam EV.6. 13.3b. 

agne vi yanti vanino na vayah EV.6. 13.1b; Apg.5.23.9b. 

agne virap^inarii medhyam AV.5.29.13'^. 

agne virajam upasedha 9akram MG.2.1 1.14b. See under 

ugro virajann. 
agne vivasvad a bhara^ 
agne vivasvad usasah RV.1.44.1"; SV.1.40^; 2.1130*; PB. 

9.3.4; Ag.4.13.7; 6.6.8; 9.9.9; Apg.14.23.15; Svidh.3. 

3.2; VHDh.8.54. P: agnevivasvat gg.6.4.7; 14-55-3; 

15-3-3- C/:BrhD.3.iii. 
agne vi^vatah pratyann asi tvam RV. 10.79.5'!. 
agne vifvani durita tarema EV.6. 15. 15'!. Cf. ati Yi9vani 


— agne 

agne vi9vani dlianya dadhanah EV.3.i.i6b. 

agne vi9vani varya EV.3.11.9". 

agne vi9vany arya a EV.10.191.1b; AV.6.63.4b; VS.15. 

30b; TS.2.6.ii.4b;; MS.2. 13.7b: 156.8; KS. 

agne vi9vabhir utibhih MS.4. 10.5b: 154.2; gg.3.i5.4b. 
agne vi9vebhir agnibliih RV.3.24.4'; SV.2.853"; gg.2.3. 

11; 9.24.9; 14.52.6. 
agne vifveblrir a gahi EV.5.26.4". 
agne vi9vebhih suniana anikaih EV.4.10.3'1 ; SV.2.1129'1; 

VS.i5.46<3;TS.4.4-4-8'';<i: 145.10; KS.20.14'1. 
agne vi9vebhih svanlka devaili RV.6.15.16''; TS."; 

MS.4.10.4": 152.4; KS.15.12''; AB.i. 28.26"; KB.9.2; 

Ag.2.17.3. P: agne vi9vebhih svanlka gg.3.14.12. 
agne vi9ve marutah sumnam arcan RV.3. 14.4b. 
agne viravatim isam EV.8.43.15C; KS.2.I4''. 
agnevlhi AB.i.22.4,5; gB.; Ag.2. 16.15; 3-9-4; 4- 

7-4; 5-13-6; Mg. (y agnir hota vetv. 
agne vlhi puroda9am EV.3.28.3". 
agne vihi ha visa yaksi dev3n EV.7.17.3". 
agne vrdhana ahutini EV.3.28.6"; Ag.6.5.25. 
agne vedliastama priyam RV.i.75.2b. 
agne ver hotrarii ver adhvaram PB.21.10.1; Kg.23.3.1 ; 

Apg.22.19.1; Mg.9.4.2. 
agne ver hotrarii ver datyam VS.2.9; MS. 1. 10.2: 141. 7; 

KS.9.5; 36.10; gB.i. 4.5.4; Apg.8.12.4. P: agne ver 

hotram Mg. 
agne vai9vauara dyumat KS.16.12d; Ag.8.9.7b; 

1 0.8b. 
agne vai9vanara vi9vair ma devaih pahi svaha AV.2.16.4. 

P: agne vai9vanara Vait.8.9. 
agne vai9vanara ('', "rah) svaha TS.''; MS. 

2.7.12'': 91.5; 3.2. 4<': 20.8; 
agne vocah sumatirii rodasyoh EV.6. 2.11b; i^.^b. 
agne vyacasva rodasi uriicT AV.3.3.ib. See agne yajasva. 
agne vratapate tvarii vratanarii vratapatir asi TS. 1.2.1 i.i ; 

3.4.3; Apg.i (.1.14; 18.4. P: agne vratapate TS.6. 3. 2. 6. 

Cf. under agne vratapa. 
agne vratapate tvayi VS.20.24b. 
agne vratapate ya tava tanur iyarh sa mayi MS. 1.2.7 '• 16. 

16; Mg. Cf. yagne mama tanrir esa, ya tava 

tanur ij^arh, and ya mama, 
agne vratapate ya tava tanur mayy abhud esa sa tvayi 

MS.1.2.13: 22.16; 3.9.1 : 114.2 ; Mg. Cf. yagne 

mama tanus, ya tava tanur majy, and ya mama, 
agne vratapate ya mama tanur esa sa tvayi MS. 1.2.7: 16. 

15; Mg. Cy. j'a mama tanur esa. 
agne vratapate ya mama tanus tvayy abhnd iyarii sa 

mayi MS.1.2.13: 22.16; 3.9.1: 114-2; Mg. 
agne vratapate vratarii carisyamiVS.i. 5;; 6. 

7.2; MS.4-9-24: 137-8; gB.i.i.1.2; TB.; TA.4. 

41.3; gg.4-8.3; Apg.4.3-2; 15-20.3; Kau9.56.6; SMB.i. 

6.9; HG.I. 7.8. P: agnevratapateKg.2.i.ii; Mg.4.7.4; 

GG.2.10.16; KhG.2.4.7. C/. VaDh.28.13. Seenexf hut 

agne vratapate vratam acarisam (MS. and Mg. v.l. acar- 

sam; KS. acarisma) VS.2.28; TS.i. 6.6.3; 7-6.6; MS.4- 

agae — 

1.26: 138.5; KS.5.6; 32-6; 9B.; gg.4.12.10; 

Apg.4.16.11; Mg.i. 4.3.17; HG.1.8.V; 9-8. P:agnevra- 

tapate T A. 4. 4 1.6. 
ague vratapate vratani alapsye (KS. alabhe) MS.1.4.1: 47. 

3; 1.4.5: 52.15; KS. 4.14; 31.15; Mg.i. 4.1.9. Seeprcc. 

hut one. 
agne vratapa asme vratapas tve vratapah punar vratapa 

vratinaiii vratani KS.2.8;3.i. P: agne vratapfih KS. 2 6 . 2 . 

Cf. agne vratapate tvarh, and next. 
agne vratapas tve vratapah YS.5.6,40 ; ^ ; 6.3.2 1. 

P: agne vratapah Kg.8.2.4. Cf. under prec. 
agne fakema te vayam EV.3.27.3"; MS.4.ii.2n: 163.4; 

KS.40.14^; TB.'>. 
agne 9am asti dhayase EV.5.7.9^'. 
agne 9ardhantani a ganam EV.5.56.1''. 
agne 9ardhamahatesaubhagayaKV.5.28.3''; AV.7.73.10"; 

VS.33.12"; MS.4.II.I'': 159.5; KS.2.i5a; TB.2.4.i.i«; 

5.2.4^; A9.2.11.9; 18.17; Ap9.3.i5.5"- P:agne5ardha; M9.5.I.5.II. 
agne gukrasa irate EV.8.44.4«; SV.2.891'^. 
agne jukrena jocisa EV.i.12.12'^; 8.44.14''; 10. 21.8a; gy. 

2.1063''. Cf. ague tigmena gocisa. 
agne juiidhasva M9. Cf. AP9.6.3.4. 
agne yumbhasva tanvah A9.?.5.9<^; Ap9.6.25.7<'. 
agne jugugdhy a rayim EV.1.97.1I'; AV.4.33.1''; TA.6.10. 

I"; ii.i'\ 
agne9 ca tva brahmanaj catejasa juhomi tejodam MS.4.7. 

3: 96.6. P: agneg ca tva brahmanag ca tejasa juhomi 

agneQ ca dirgham ayur astu devah'l; N.8. 

2 2 

agneg candrasya suryasya AV. 19.27.5'^. 

agne? casi brahmacariii mama ca Kau9.56.12. Cf. brahma- 

cary asi. 
agneQ cikitrausasam ivetayahSV.2.332iJ; PB.13.2.3. See 

citrag cikitra. 
agneg cid area pitukrttarebhyah EV. 10.76.5'!. 
agneh gariram asi parayisnuh AV.8.2.28''. 
agneh gamitram asi AP9.3.3.8. 
agneh gocir na didyutah EV.8.6.7'\ 
agnes te pranam amrtat AV.8.2.i3\ 
agnes tva caksusavapagyami (99. caksusavekse)PB. 1.5.3 \ 

agnes tva (KS.Ap9. agnes tva) tejasa sadayami VS. 13.13; 

MS.2.7.15: 98.1; KS.16.15;; Ap9.i6.22.5; 

M9.6.I.I7. P: agnes tva K9.17.4.12. Cf. agnes tva 

tejasabhi siiicami. 
agnes tva tejasa suryasya varcasa vigvesaiii tva devanaiia 

kratunabhimrgami MG.1.18.4. C/". agnes tejasa suryasya 

varcasa, and foil. 
agnes tva devasya vratena dadhe MS.1.6.1: 86.7; 1.6.2: 

87.3; 1.6.5: 94.13. P: agnes tva M9.1. 5. 3.14. 
agnes tva matraya jagatya vartanya devas tva saviton 

naj-atu jivatvai jivanasyayai MS.2.3.4: 31.7. P: agnes 

tvri 119.5-2.2.6. Sec agnes tva matraya. 
agnes tvasyena prafnami VS.2.11; GB.2.1.2; 9B.1.7. 

4.15; KB.6.14;; L9.4.11.13. Ps: agues tva- 


syena Vait.3.11 ; agnes tva K9.2.2.18. See agnes tva- 
syena, and next two. 
agnes tvasyena pragnami brhaspater mukhena VSK.2.3. 

5; A9.1.13.1; Kau9.65.14. See under prec. 
agnes tvasyena prafiiiimi brahmanasyodarena brhaspater 

mukhena M9.5.2. 15.18. See under prec. hut one. 
agne samvesiso rayim EV.8.75.ii>J; SV.2.999''; TS.2.6. 

11.3''; MS.4.11.6'': 175-16; KS.7.i7t'. 
agne sarii srjmahe girah : see agne sasrjmahe. 
agne sa ksesad rtapa rtejah EV.6.3.I"-;'': 240.3. 

P: agne sa ksesat 99-M-53.7- (y. BrhD.5.105. 
agne sakhyasya bodhi nah EV.8.44.22C. 
agne sakhye ma risama vayani tava EV.i.94.i<l— 14'^'; AV. 

20.13. 3<l; SV.1.66J; 2.4i4'i-4i6d; MS.2.7.3<1: 78.2 ; SMB. 

2.4.2'J-4'l; HG.i.9.4'1; ApMB.2.7.1'^1. 
agne saeanta ksitisu dhruvasu EV.i.73.4''. 
agne saiiijurvasi ksami EV.8.60.7I'. 
agne sadaksah satanur hi bhutva TS.; KS.30.8'^. 

See agnih sudaksah sutanur. 
agne sadhastha vida lokam asya KS.4o.i3'j. See under 

devah sadhastha. 
agne saiiidaha raksah MS.2.6.3: 65.11; 4.3.4: 43.19; KS. 

agne sapatnadambhanam VS.3.i8«'; TS.; 5.5.4*'; 

3.5.6.i<-; MS.i.5.2e: 67.14; KS.6.9f; 9B.; 99. 

agne sapatnasaha sapatnan me sahasva MS. 1.5.1: 67.7. 
agne sapatnan apabadhamauah TB.i.2.i.2i<= ; Ap9.5. 

1 2.3c. 
agne sapatnan adharan padayasmat AV.13.1.311. 
agne sa bodhi me vacah EV.8.43.2 7''. 
agne sabhya parisadya jusasva svaha M9.8.5. 
agne sabhya gundhasva AP9.6.3.4. Cf agne parisadya 

9undliasva, and agne didaya. 
agne samidbhir imahe EV.8.43.I2''. 
agne (AV . erroneously, agre) samidham aharsamAV. 19.64. 

I'l; Kau9.57.26. See agnaye samidham. 
agne samrat 9undhasva Ap9.6.3.4. 
agne samrad ajaikapad ahavanlya divah prthivyah pary 

antariksal lokaih vinda yajamanaya KS.7.13 ; Ap9.5.i5. 

6; 6.2.1. 
agne samrad (VSK.99- samral) abhi dyumnam VS.3.38C; 

VSK.3.4.3"; 9B.2.4.i.8«; A9.2.5.12C; 99.2.i5.2e. 
agne samrad ise raye (Ap9. rayyai) ramasva sahase dyum- 

nayorjeipatyaya (Ap9. erroneously, "orjaj^atyaya) A9.3. 

12.23; Ap9.9.9.i. See ise raye. 
agne sarvas tanvah saiii rabhasva AV. 19.3.2". 
agne sasrjmahe (MS. samsrjmahe) girah EV.6.16.37C; SV. 

2.1055'=; MS.4.11.2C: 163.7; KS.40.i4°. 
agne sahantam a bhara EV.5.23.I''; TS.i.3.i4.6a. 
agne sahasram a bhara KS.8.i4'=. 
agne sahasrasa asi EV.i.i88.3«. 
agne sahasrasatamahEV.3.i3.6'l; MS.4.II.2'': 164.4; KS. 

2.i5'l;"; K9.5.I3.3"- 
agne sahasraksa gatamurdhan (KS. gatamurdliau chata- 

tejah) VS.17.71-'; TS.''; MS.i.5.i4''(<er): 82.15; 

83.7; 84.2; KS.7.3%ii; 18.4a; 9B.; Ap9.6.25. 


ro\ P: agne sahasraksa TS. ; MS. 2. 10.6: 138. 

10; 3.3.9: 42.7; KS.21.9; Apg.17.15.1; Mg.6.2.5. 
agne sahasvaprtanahEV.3.24.1'^; ¥8.9.37"; 9B.5-2-4-i6. 

P: ague sahasva K9.I5-2.5. 
agne sahasvan abhibhur abhid asi AV.i 1.1.6^1. P: agne 

sahasvan Kau5.61.11. 
agne sataghno devan liavisa ni sedlia AV.3.15.5''. 
ague sa te sumatir bhutvasmeRV.3.i.23'i; 5.iid; 6.ii''; 

7.ii'i; 15.7J; 22.5''; 23-5''; SV.i.76d; VS.12.51d; TS.''; MS.2.7.11'': 90.2; KS.16.11''; 9B-7-I-I-27; 

agnesisaktuduchunaEV.8.75.131'; TS.''; MS.4.11. 

6'': 176.6. 
agne siikhatame rathe RV.1.13.4"; SV.2.7oo^ 
agne sujata pra ca deva ricyase RV.2.I.I5''. 
agne sutasya pitaye RV.5.51.1*. P: agne sutasya (j!;(j^. 14. 

agne sutyajam ahrayam RV. 8.60.1 fib. 

agne suditim U9ijam RV.3. 27.10c. 

agne suprita idhyase RV.5.2i.2b. 

agne suvii-a edhate RV.8.84.9''. 

agne sugravah su^ravasaiii ma kuru PG.2.4.2. See su- 

agne suno sahasah pusyase dhah RV.6.i3.5'>. 
agne supayano bhava RV.i.i.g''; ¥8.3.24'^; TS.i.5.6.2''; 

MS.i.5.3^': 69.7; KS.7.ib,8; gB.''. 
agne suryasya saiiidrfah AV.8.1.4''. 
agne sedha raksasvinah RV.8.60.20''. 
agnes tanum yajniyam saiiibharami TB.i.2.i.8b; Ap^-S- 

agnes tanur asi VS. 5.1; MS.i.2.6: 16.3; 3.7.9: 88.8; KS. 

2.8; QB.; M9.; — 4. 1. 12. P: agnes tanuh 

agnes tanur asi vacovisarjanam VS.1.15; TS. 1.1.5. 2; KS. 

1-5; 3i'4; 32.7; 9B.; TB. P: agnes tanur 

asiKS.24.8; K(^.2.4.6; AP9.1.19.7. See agner jihvasi 

agnes tlksnatara uta AV.3.19.4''. 
agnes tejasa tejasvl bhuyasam KS.5.5 ; 32.5. 
agnes tejasa brhaspatis tva (yunaktu) L9.2.I.2. Frag- 
mentary treatment of agnes tejasendrasyendriyena etc. 

Cf. next. 
agnes tejasa suryasya varcasa MS.2. 7. 12'': 91.12; TA.6.3. 

2; KS.16.12. Cf. agnes tva tejasa suryasj'a etc., agner 

bhrajasa, and the next four. 
agnes tejasa suryasya varcasendrasyendriyena mitravaru- 

nayor vliyena marutam ojasa (abliisificami) TB. 

Cf. agnes tva tejasabhisincami, and sec under prec. 
agnes tejasa suryasya varcasendrasj^endriyenabliisincami 

AB.8.7. 5,7,9. Cfprec. 
agnes tejasendrasj'endriyena sCnyasya varcasa brhaspatis 

tva yunaktu devebhyah pranaj'a PB. 1.3.5. P: agnes 

tejasa 1X}.i.t2.2. Cf. pirec,, and agnes tejasa brhaspatis. 
agnes tejasya stha TS.; TB.i.7.5.4. P: agnes te- 

jasyah ApQ.18.13.17. 
agnes tejobhir adisi AV.i3.i.30f'. 
agne stomaiii jusasva me RV.8.44.2''. 

— agne 

agne (MS.KS. agneh) stomaiii manflmahe RV.5.13.2''; SV. 

2-755«;TS.5.5.6.i;': 145.12 ; KS.20.14a; KB. 

1.4; AP9.17.7.4*. 
agnes tva tejasabhisificami TB.i.7.8.3. (7/! agnes tejasa 

. . . abhisiricami. 
agnes tva tejasa sadayami : sec agnes tva etc. 
agnes tva matraya jagatyai vartanyagrayanasya viryena 

(KS. jagatya vartanya) devas tva savitotsrjatu jivatave 

jivanasyayai (KS. savitonnayatu jivatave jivanasyaya 

asau) TS.; KS.11.7. P: agnes tva matraya TS. 

2.3. 1 1.4. See agnes tva matraya. 
agnes tva samrajyenabhi sificami TS.;; 

TB. 1. 3.8.3; ApQ.17.19.8. Sec agneh samo. 
agnes tvasyena piafnami brahmanasj'odarena brhaspater 

brahmana TS.; ApQ.3.19.7. See agnes tvasyena. 
agne svadhvara krnu RV.3.29.12''. 
agne svaiii (TS.TB. svarii) yonim a sida sadhya (VS. sa- 

dhuya)VS.i7.73'^;TS.';': 138.14; KS. 

18. 4'^; TB.''. See agne tvaiii yonim. 
agne svaha krnuhi AV.5.27.12"; VS.27.22»; TS. 4. 1.8. 31^; 

MS.2.i2.6n: 151. 1 ; KS.18.17". 
agneh sakhyaiii vrnlmahe RV.8.44.20<'; KS.40.14''. 
agneh. saiiikasukac ca j^at AV. 12.2.40''. Cf. agnau saiiika- 

agneh samid asi MS. 1.5. 2: 67.15; 1.5.8: 76.13; KS.6.9; 

7.6; A9.3.6.26,27; Ap(^.6.i6.i2. 
agneh sariitapanasyaham AV.6. 76.2a. 
agneh samrajyenabhi sincami VS. 18.37 ; 9B. 7. See 

agnes tva sam". 
agneh suryasya saiiidrfah AV.8.1.4''. 
agneh stomaiii etc.: see agne stomam etc. 
agneh svistakrto(ihaiiidevayajyayannado bhuyasam) AjiCj:!. 

4.9.13. Cf. agnih svista". 
agneh svistakrtoihaiii devayajyayayusman yajnena prati- 

stharii gameyam TS.i. 6.2.4 ; 4.1 ; 11. 7; 7.4.1. See under 

agnih svista". 
agneh svistakrto^ham ujjitim anujjesara TS.i.6.4.2. Cf. 

agnlsomayor aham etc., agner agnlsomayor ujjitim etc., 

and agner aham etc. 
agne hahsi ny atrinam; TB.2.4.i.7a; AB.i. 

16.10; A9.2.16.4; 8.12.7. P: agne hahsi A9.4.I3.7. 
agne harsasva datave RV.8. 19.29''. 
agne havir nirvapsyami ApQ. 1.17.3. 
agne havyam raksasva (VS.QB. raksa) VS.i.ii ; VSK.1.3. 

8; TS.I. 1. 4.2; 8.1; MS.4.1.5: 7.14; KS.1.4; 31.3; <?B. 

1. 1. 2.23; TB.; 8.6; Mg.i. 2.2.3. 
agne havya jusasva nahRV.8.44. 5''; SV.2.892<;; MS.1.6.1C: 

85.2; KS.7.i2e. 
agne havya manuso deva vltaye RV.2.2.6''. 
agne havj'aya vodhave (VSK. volhave) EV.i.45.6''; 3.29. 

4'1; VS.15.31''; 34.15''; VSK. 16.5. 1 3''; sS-'-iS^; TS.3.5. 

II. I'';''; MS.i.6.2'': 87.9; 1.6.7^: 97.15; 2.13. 

7'': 156.13; 4.12.5'': 192.13; KS.15.12''; 39.14''; TB.2. 

4.i.ii«; Apg.9.4.17''. 
agne hinosi dhanaya EV.8.71.5''. 
agnehiran}'asamdr(;ahRV.6.i6.38''; SV.2. 1056c; MS.4.11. 

2^: 163.9; KS.40.14C; TB.2. 4. 4. 7C. 

agne — 

agne hedahsi daivya yuyodhi nah KV.6.48.10C; SV.2.974C. 

agne liota dame vi^am KV.6.2.10''. 

agne hotai-am avniimahiha VS.8.20I'; TS.i. 4.44-2''; MS.i. 

3.38l>: 44.14; KS.4.i2i^; QB.4.4.4.i2'\ See hota? cikitvo. 
agne hotaram idate EV.3.10.2''. 
agne hotaram rtvijam EV.1.44.11''; TB.'', 
agnasi patnlvan (patnlvaali, patnlvasn, and vakpatni): 

see in the alphabetic order of agne patnlvan. 
agnau (M^. agnau karanaih) karisyami (AG. karisye, also 

karavani, and karavai ; ViDh. kaiavani) MQ.i 1.9.1 ; AG. 

4.7.18; GG.4.2.38; BDh.; ViDh.73.12. 
agnau jyotir jyotir agnau KS.6.1,5,7. Sec agnir jyotir. 
agnau tali sarvah svistah suhuta juhomi TB. 3. 7. 6. 2 if; 

agnau tiisan a vapa jatavedasi A V. 11. 1.2 9^. P: agnau 

tusan Kau9.63.6. 
agnau prthivyaiii pratitistha vayav antarikse surye divi 

agnau mitraya havir a juhota KV.3.59.5'1; TB.'1. 
agnau riprani mrjmahe AV. 12.2. 13''; Ap(^.9.3.2 2''. 
agnau lajan avapanti SMB.1.2.2I'; MG.1.11.12I'; HG.i. 

20.4I'. Sec lajan avapantika, pulyanj' a", and kulpany a°. 
agnau va tva gaiiiapatye«bhiceruh AV. i o. i . 1 8'^. Cf. yam 

te cakrur garhapatye. 
agnau fraddha A(^.2.3.i6. 
agnau saiiiradhaniiii yaje HG.1.2.18J. See yaje saihradha- 

nlm, and yuje samardhanlm. 
agnau saiiikasuke ca yat AV.12.2.19^. Cf. agiieh saiiika- 

agnau saiiikasuke ca yam AV.5.31.9I'. 
agnau surye candramasi matarifvan AV. 11.5.13^. 
agnyadheyam agniliotram GB. 1.5.23^. Cf. GDli.8.19. 
agnyadheyam atho diksa AV.ii.7.8'i. 
agnyuktham anu japa ((^9- faiisa) KB. 19. 4; 
agmann ukthani paunsya EV.9.1 1 1.3'^; SV.2.941''. 
agmann upa draviiiam ichamaiiah EV.4.4i.9>'. 
agmann rtasya yonim a EV.9.64.170; 66.12c; SV.2.9C. 
agra imaiii yajnarii nayatagre yajiiapatim dhatta TS.i.i. 

5.1. P: agra . . . yajflapatim TB.; 3.6.1. See next. 

and agraiii yajiiaiii. 
agra imam adj'a yajnaiii nayatagre yajuapatim sudhatuiii 

yajnapatiiii devayuvam VS. 1.12. See under prec. 
agra udbhindatam asat TB.'. 
agra eti yuvatir ahrayana EV.7.80.2C. 
agrarii yajiiaiii iiayatagrarii yajiiapatim MS. 1. 1.4: 2.13. 

See under agra imam yajriam. 
agram j'ajiiasya brhato iiayantlh EV.6.65.2C. 
agram vrksasya rohatah VS.23.24'^; TS.7. 4.19.3''; MS.3. 

13.1'': 168.5; KSA.4.8'>; 9B.; 5.2.5b; TB.3.9. 

7.4. Cf. agre vrksasya. 
agram gachatho vivare goarnasah EV.i.i 12.18I'. 
agratoipasthantike guroli Kauf.141.40d. 
agram nayat supady aksaranam EV.3.3i.6<^; VS.33.59c; 

MS.4.6.4C: 83.11; KS.27.9C;TB.2.5.8.ioc;Ap9.i2. 15.6c. 
agrabhit VS.28.23,46; A9.3.4.15; fi-ee agrbhit. 
agrabhisata KS.19.13. C/. agrbhisata. 
agrabhasuhTB.; A9.3.4.i5(co)H»j.); 


agrabhistam 211.8; TB.; N.6.16. 
agram-agram id bhajate vasunam EV.i.i23.4<l. 
agram esy osadhlnfim AV.4.19.3'''. 
agram piba madhunam EV.4.46.ia; A9.5.5-4. P: agraiii 

piba; 11.8.3. C/ BrliD.5.4. 
agradvana namasa ratahavya EV.6.69.6''. 
agraya svaha TB. 3. 1.5.8. 
agriyo vaca Irayan EV.9.62.26b; SV.2.126I'. 
agrivah pratyamuncat TA. 1.11.5c. 
agrego rajapyas tavisyate EV.9. 86.45''; SV.2.966a. 
agrenir asi svavefa unnetfnam VS.6.2 ; 9B. P: 

agrenir asi K9.6.2.19. See svavefo^sy. 
agre devanam idam attu no havih TB. 2. 5. LI'S, 
agrepabbir rtupabhih sajosah EV.4.34.7C. 
agre budhana usasarii sumanma EV.7.68.9b. 
agre (MS.3. 2.1, KS.9.19, and M9. agne) brhaiin usasam''; VS.12.13'-'; TS.''; 5.2. 

1.5; MS.2.7.8": 85.14; 3.2.1: 15.20; KS.16.8''; 19. 11; 

9B.; Ap9.16.10.14. P: agre (MS.KS.M9. ague) 

brhan MS.4.10.2: 146.7; KS.9.19; A9.4.I3.7; 99.6.4. 

5; K9.16.5.17; M9.6.1.4; Evidh.2.31.6; BrhD.6.147. 
agre yajiiasya focatah (KS. cetatah) EV.7.15.5C; KS.40. 

14C. (See agne yajiiasya. 
agreyava dhisane yaiii dadliate MS. 4. 14. 9'': 228.5. 
agre rathanam bhavati priijanan EV.7.44.4'\ 
agre rupa arupitaiii jabaru EV.4.5.7'i; N.6.r7. 
agre rebho 11a jarata rsunam EV. 1.1 2 7.1 of. 
agre vacali pavamanah kanikradat EV.9.106.10C; SV.i. 

572C; 2.290C; PB.12.11.3c. 
agre vaco agriyo gosu gachati (SV. gachasi) EV.9.86.12I'; 

agre vajasya bhajate mahadhanam (SV. bhajase mahad- 

dhanam) EV.9.86.12C: SV.2.383C. 
agre viksu pradidayat EV.8.6.24C. See agne viksu. 
agre viskandliadusanam AV.I9.35.I''. 
agre vrksasya kridatah (VSK.99. krllatali) VS. 2 3. 2 5''; 

VSK.'25.27i'; 9B.i3.5.2.5i>;''; 99.16. 

4.i'\ Cf. agrarh vrksasya. 
agre samidham: see agne samidham. 
agre sindhunaiii pavamano arsati (SV. arsasi) EV.9.86.1 2'' ; 

aghairi ripram upeyima GB. 1.2.7''. 
aghakrdbhir agham krtam A V. 14.2.62c. 
aghat A9.3.4.15; 99.6. 1.5. Q/; aghasat, a»d ««(?«• aksan. 
aghat tarn VS.28.23,46. Cf. aksaiis tan, and aghastam tarn, 
aghadvista devajata AV.2.7.i'>'. P: agliadvista Kau9.26. 

33. See atliarvyusta. 
aghan (vikara 0/ aghat) A9.3.4. 1 5. Cf aghasan, and under 

aghamarsanam (sc. suktam), designation of the hymn EV. 

10.190 (rtarh ca satyaiii cabhlddhat); HG.2.18.9; GDh. 

19.12; 24.10,12; BDh.; 10.17.37; 3.4.5; 5.2; 

10.10; 4.2.7,15; 3-8; 4.2; ViDh.22. 10,63; 46.5; 51.25; 

55-4,7; 56.3; 64.19; VaDh.22.9; 23.19,23; 26.8; 28.11; 

MDh.11.260; YDh.3.302; LAtDh.2.8; 3. 11; and p. 6, 

1. 7; VAtDh.2.8; 3.11; and T^. 52 (Ws), lines 12 and 13; 

LHDh.4.32; VHDh.4.30; 7.74; 8.7; Evidh.4.23.5; 


— angani 

Karinap.2.1.9; BrhPDli.2.54,55; LVyasaDh.2.21,25; 

^, 13; 10.2; ii.j; 18.1,2; Maliabli.3.263. 

agham astv aghakrte". 
agham me yavayan ^B. 13. 8. 3. 13. 
aghaiii me varayatai ^B.i 

aghaQausaiii foyucato dahantu EV.10.87.20''; AV.8.3.19'3. 
aghagansaduhgansabhyam AV. 1 2.2.2". 
aghagansasya kasya cit EV.i.42.4''. 
aghasat ^(^.6.1.5. Cf. aghat. 
aghasan 99-6. i-S (vikara of aghasat). Cf. aksan, and 

aghastamtamMS.4.13.9: 211.8; TB. (7/aksahs 

tan, and aghat tarn, 
aghasya tva dliaraya vidhyami TA.4.38.1. 
aghasya j-ad Lhinado raksa esat^\ 
agha aryo aratayah EV.6.48.16'^; 59.8''. 
aghad aghavisa bhava AV. 12.5.59''. 
aghayatam api nahya mukhaui AV. 10.9.1". P: aghaya- 

tam Kn,U9.65.i. 
aghayate jatavedah EV.8.71.7''. 
aghayate rlradhata yajatrah EV.6.5i.6^'. 
aghaya bhuma harivah paradai(MS. paradaih) EV.7.I9.7''; 

AV.20.37.7l>; TS.I.6.I2.61'; MS.4.I2.31': 183.2. 
aghayur martyo ripuh AV. 19.49.9''. 
aghayunam ud irate (A^. Irati) AV.i.20.2l'; PB.i.3.3''; 

aghayoh pariijanthinah AV. 1.27.16, 
agharinir vikegyah AV. 11.9.14". 
aghagvasyedaih bhesajam"'. 
aghagvaya jafvad it svasti EV.1.116.6''. 
aghasu hanyante gavah EV.10.85.13c. See maghasu etc., 

and maghabhir. 
aghorah praja abluvipa9ya AP9.16.25.2. /See under aklii- 

aghoraghoratarebhyag ca MS.2.9.10'': 130. i. See gliora 

aghoracaksur apatighny edhi (AV. syona)''; 

AV.i4.2.i7a; SMB.i. 2.17a (GG.2.2.16); PG.i.4.16^; 

ApMB.i.i.4"(ApG.2.4.4); HG.i. 20.2^1; MG.1.10.6". P: 

aghoracaksuh 9G.1.16.5; Kau9.77.22. Q^ BrhD.8.137. 
aghorapapakaQiniVS.16.2''; TS.4. 5.1.1^'; MS.2.9.2'': 120. 

i8; KS.17.11l>; gvetU.3.5''; NllarU.Sb. 
aghoraya tva paridadami Kau5.56.13; HG. 1.6.5. 
aghorena caksusa mitriyena (ApMB. maitrena ; KS. Ap^. 

caksusaliaih 9ivena) AV.7.6o.i'>; 14.2.1211; KS.38.13''; 

Ap(^.i6.i6.4<:; ApMB.i.7.ioi'. 
aghorebhyo41ia(MS. atha)"^: 130. i ; 

TA.10.45.1''; MahanU.i7.3\ P: aghorebhyah M9.11.7. 

I (to'): — 1 1.7.2. 
aghoro yajiiiyo bhutva M^.t,.\^.\^''; Ap(j).9.i6.ii':. 
aghnate visnave vayam EV.8.2 5.i2''». 
aghniyam upasevatam TB.3.7.4.i3d; Ap{jJ.i.i2.8J. 
aghnyav agunam aratamAV. 14.2.1 6''. See aghnyau junam. 
aghnye padavir bhava AV.I2.5.58^ 
aghnye pra firo jahi brahmajyasya AV.i2.5.6o^ 
aghnyau 9uuam aratam EV.3.33. 13J. See aghnyav afunam. 

ankankam (MS. ankav aukam ; KS. aiikaukaiii) chandali 

VS.15.5; TS.; MS.2.8.7: 112. 4; KS.17.6; 9b'. 
anka nyafiku etc.: see afikau nyankav etc. 
ankan samarikun havisa vidhema AV. 1.12.2c. 
ankav ankam chandali : see ankarikam chandali. 
ankah sunah pari bluisanty afvam EV.i.162.13'1; VS.25. 

36d; TS.4.6.9.i'i; MS.3.16.1J: 183.5; KSA.6.4d. 
ankupaih chandah VS.15.4; TS.; MS.2.8.7: in. 

14; KS.17.6; gB. 
ankuras te prarohaiitu PG.3.15.21C. 
ankau nyankav (PB.LQ. anka nyanku; M^.MG. auku 

nyaukav) abhito ratharii yau (MG. ye) TS.i.7.7.2'>; TB.;"; PB.I.7.5i'; M(p.7.I.2a; PG.3.14.6"; 

MG.1.13.4''; ApMB.2.2i.i7a(ApG.8.22.i4). Ps: aukau 

nyankav abhitah TB. 2. 7.8.1 ; HG.1.12.2; anka nyaiiku 

Lg.2.8.9; aukau nyailkau ApQ.18.4.6; 22.26.17 ; 28.18. 
anksvasau M9. See under asav abhyanksva. 
angarii ca yajiie bhavati Vait.4.23<'. 
angabhedam angajvaram AV.9.8.5a. Cf. next hut one, and 

afigebhyo angajvaraiii. 
angabhedam a9i<,amah AV.9.8.228. 
angabhedo angajvaro AV.5.30.9^ Cf. under prec. hut one. 
angabhedo visalyakah AV.19.44.2l'. 
angam-angam parus-paruh EV.10.97.12I'; AV.4.9.4I'; 9. 

3.10^; VS.12.86i'. See avivi9uh, ya atasthuh, ya avivi- 

9uh paruh, and cf. angestlia. 
angavate svaha KSA.5.3. See angine. 
angad-angat te vacam adade HG.i. 15.6c. 
angad-angat pra cyavaya"'. P: angad-angat 

angad-angat samabhrtam AV.5.25.1I'. 
angad-angat saiiibhavasi (SMB. 1.5. 16", saiii9ravasi) QB.; BrliU.6.4.8-'; KBU.2.11''; AG.i.i5.9a; SMB. 

i.5.i6%i7a; GG.2.8.21; PG.i. 18.2a; ApMB.2.11.33'' 

(ApG.6.15.1); ApMB.2.i4.3''(ApG.6.i5.i2); HG.2.3.2-''; 

MG.r.i8.6a; ^3.4^; Maliabh. 1.74.63', P: angad-angat 

angad-angad anlna9an AV.8.7.3C. 
angad-angad avavepate Kau9.58.1l'. 
angad-angad vayam asyah AV.14. 2. 69a. P: angad-angat 

angad-angal lomno-Iomnah EV.10.163.6a; AV.20.96.22a; 

ApMB.i.i7.6^( Sceange-augelomni-lomni. 
angani ca ma apyayantarii vak prana9 caksuh 9rotram 

ya9o balam PG.2.4.8 [erlt. notes ; see Speijer, Jatakarma, 

_P- 23)- 
angani ca me^sthani (VS. and vat: o/MS. isthini) ca me 

VS.18.3; TS.; MS.2.11.2: 140.15; KS.18.7. 
angani cittarii etc.: see afigani mitram. 
angani ta ukthyah patu MS.4.8.7: 115.11; Ap9.14.21. 4. 

See uktlias te. 
angani te kalpantam KS.40.6. 
angani tva hasyanti Ap^. 10.2. 11. 
angani mama dahyante AV.20.i36.8'J. 
angani mitram (TB. cittam)me sahah VS.20.6''; MS.3.H. 

8J: 152.2; KS.38.4'i; TB.''." 



angani me camasadhvaryavas te mopahvayantam SB. 2. 6. 

Cf. rajmayo me etc. 
angani mo tarpaj'ata TS. 3. 1.8.1. 
angani yasya yatavah AV. i o. 7 . 1 8«. 
angani sneva viJdhi tat TA.i.ii.6<'. 
angany ajagrabhaiii sarva AV.4.5.4''. 
angany anu vistliitah AV.6.90.2''. 
angany ahruta yasya (TS. and vikara of QB. yasyai) VS. 

8.29C; TS.; KS.13. 90,10; gB. 
angany atman bhisaja tad afvina VS.19.93*; KS.sS.s"; 

TB.\ See angair atmanaiii. 
angany upavadhir aiigani tva hasyanti Ap9-io.2.ii. 
anga parunsi tava vardhayanti Vait.24.1K See dhruvam 

angam, and priyany afigrmi tava. 
anga parvani majjanam AV. 11.8.12c. 
(ora)afigarakam tarpayami BDh. 
angaresu ca ye hutah TA.1.27.6I'. 
angine svaha TS. See augavate. 
angirasah pitarah somynsah AV. 2. 12.5c. 
angirasah sadanam freya ehi Kau9.137.25l'. 
angirasah sukrto yena y.anti AV.i8.4.3i\ 
angirasam samablii stuyamanah KV.i.io7.2ti. 
angirasam caturthi TS.; KSA.9.7. 
angirasam tva devanaiii (Ap(^. devanarii vratapate ; Kau9. 

devanam adityanaiii) vratena dadhe (ApQ. dadhami) MS. 

1. 6.1: 86.7; 1.6.2: 87.3; 1.6.5: 94.10; KS.7.i3(^e>-); 8. 

4; Ap9.5.ii.7; MQ.; Kau9.7o.6. Cf. adityanam 

tva, and bhrgunam tvangirasarii. 
angirasam ayanarii purvo agnih AV.i 8.4.8a. 
angiraso juhve vaje asmin EV.10.149.5'';'\ 
afigiraso dhisnyair agnibhih TA.3.8. i. Cf. mitravarunau 

angiraso nah pitaro navagvah EV.10.14.6"; AV.18.1.58''; 

VS.19.50--'; TS."; kau9.81.36; N.ii.i9». P: 

angirasah ^^.3.16.5; 8.6.12. 
angiraso manlsinah AV.i 1.6.13". 
angiraso masya yajnasya prathamanuvakair (App. pra- 

taranu"^) avantu KS.4.14 ; 31.15; Ap9.4.9.2. 
angiraso me asya (KS. 'sya) yajnasya prataranuvakair 

ahausuh MS.1.4.1 : 48.5; KS.5.4; 32.4. 
angiraso vedah soiyam ^B. 
angirastama pathya ajigah RV.7. 75.1(1. 
angirastama sukrte vasuni RV.7.79.3'1. 
angirasvad dhavamahe KV.1.78.3I'; 8.43.13". 
angirasvanta uta visnuvanta RV.8.35.i4\ 
angirasvan mahivrata EV.i. 45.3c; N.3.17C. 
angira asi jaDgida AV.19.34.1^. So emended for jangi- 

do^si jafigidah, q.v. 
angirobhih pitrbhih saiiividanah RV.10.14.4l'; AV.18.1. 

60''; TS.2.6.I2.6t; MS.4.4.16I': 243.2. 

angirobhir a gahi yajniyebhih RV.10.14.5a; TS.''; 

MS.4.i4.i6a: 242.14. P: angirobhih (}(^.?,.6.\t,. See 

angirobhir yajuiyair. 
angirobhir devebhir devataya pauktena tva chandasa 

yunajmi TS.; KSA.1.9. 
angirobhir yajniyair a gahiha AV.i8.i.59"\ See angu-o- 

bhir a gahi. 


angirobhyah svaha TS.; KSA.5.2. Cf. atharva- 

angulayah fakvarayo di9a9 ca me yajnena kalpantam VS. 

18.22. See 9akvarlr angulayo. 
angustham ca sama9ritah TA.10.38.1b; MahanU.16.3''; 

BDh.''. C/. KsurU.6. 
angusthamatrah purusah TA.10.38.1a; MahanU.16.3a; 

BDh.2.7.i2.ii'\ See Jacob's Concordance to the JJpani- 

sads, s. V. augusthamatra. Designated as madhuni, GDh. 

19.12; VaDh.22.9; BDh.3.10.10. 
ange-anga arpita utsita9 ca AV.6.112.3''. 
ange-ange lomni-lomni AV.2.33.7a. See aiigad-angal etc. 
ange-ange 9ocisa 9i9riyanam AV.i.i2.2a. 
ange gatra vibhejire AV.10.7.27I'. 
angenangam saiiisamakam krnotu AV.6.72.1CI. 
angebhyas ta udaraya AV.i 1.2.6^. 
angebhyah svaha TS.7. 3.16.2; KSA.3.6. 
angebhyo angajvaram tava AV.5.3o.8d. Cf. under aiiga- 

bhedam ailgajvaram. 
angebhyo na9ayamasi AV.3.7.3<1. 
angebhyo magadhebhyah AV.5.22.14I'. 
aiigebhyo me vareodah pavasva M9.2.3.7.I. Cf. next. 
angebhyo (me varcodau varcase pavetham) TS. P: 

angebhyo me Ap9-i2-i8.20. Cf. prec. 
angebhyo hrdayaya ca AV.6.90.ib. 
angestha ya9 ca parvasu AV.6.i4.i<'. Cf. angam-aii- 

afige sarve samahitah 
angair atmanaiii bhisaja tad a9vina MS.3.11.9": i54-i3- 

See angany atman. 
angaisam mlapayamasi AV.6. 66.3b. 
ango nv aryamann asyah AV.6.60.2C. 
angosinam avriva9anta v5nih SV.i.528b; 2.758''. See 

angosinam pavamanarii sakhayah SV.2.467C. See ahgu- 

syaiii etc. 
angharir asi bambharih VS.5.32; TS.; MS.1.2.12: 

21.12; KS.2. 13; PB.i. 4.7. P: augharihL9.2.2.i8. See 

anghrina visno (KS. visnQ) mS, tvava (KS. vam ava) krami- 

samVS.2.8; KS.1.12; 31. 11; 9B. P: anghrina 

visno K9.3.1.16. Cf. agnavisnu ma. 
andhi kham vartaya panim (SV. pavim) RV. 10. 1 56.3c ; 

aeakram manasakrnoh RV.10.135.3b. 
acakraya yat svadhaya suparnah RV.4.26.4C. 
acakraya svadhaya vartamanam RV.10.27.19b. 
acakrebhis taiii maruto ni yata RV.5. 42.10b. 
aearmakaya svaha TS. ; KSA.5.3. 
acikitvan (AV. acikitvah9) cikitusa9cid atra RV. 1.164.6a; 

acikradan chi9umantah sakhayah EV.8.ioo.5<'. 
acikradat kala93 devayunam RV.9.96.24<1. 
acikradatsvapaihabhuvat AV.3.3.ia. P: acikradat Vait. 

9.2; Kau9.16.30. /See adidyutat efc. 
aeikradad vrsanam patny acha RV.4.24.8C. 
acikradad vrsabhah sasminn udhan EV. 7. 36. 313. 


acikradadvrsaharih EV.9.2.6''; SV.1.497^'; 2.392a; VS. 

38.22a; TA.4.ii.6a; 5.9.8. P: acikradat KQ.26.7.12. 
acittam yavaya dvesah KV.6.46.12'1. 
acittapaja agnit MS.1.9.1: 131-11; KS.9.8; 

See acyutapaja. 
acittamana upavakta MS.1.9.1: isi-n; KS.9.8; 99.10. 

18.4. See acyutamana. 
aeittaih bralima jiijusur yuvanali KV.i.i52.5<'. 
acittibhig cakrma kac cid agah RV.4.12.4'';": 

192.7; KS.2.i5t'. /See a\'idvansa9. 
acitti j'ac caki-ma dah'ye jane RV.4.54.3a; TS.4.i.ii.i"-;": 149.16. P: acitti M9.5.2. 4.43. 
acitti yat (AV. acittya cet) tava dharma yuyopima RV.7.89. 

5^; AV.6.5I.3''; TS.3.4.ii.6'^; MS.4.12.6C: 197-12; KS. 

acitya citim a prna TB. 
acitram cid dhi jinvatha vrdhantah EV.6.49.ii<'. 
aeitre antah panayah sasantu EV.4.51.3''. 
acintyayaprameyaya MU.5.1''. 
acisyama (Padap. ami syama, for ablii syama) vrjane Arifva 

uti MS.4.12.4I1: 187.7. -See abhi syama vrjane. 
acikametam [and vikara, acikamanta) QQ.6.1.5. 
acetayad acito devo aryah RV.7.86.7''. 
acetayad dhiya ima jaritre RV.3. 34.5c; AV.20.ii.5<'. 
acetasam cic citayanti daksaih EV.7.60.6''. 
acetaso vi jagrbhre parusnim RV.7.i8.8\ 
acetanasya ma patlio vi duksah EV.7.4.7'^; N.3.2«i. 
aceta yaf ca cetanah TA.i.ii.6<i. 
aceti ketur usasah purastat EV.7.67.2<^. 
aceti citia vi duro na avah EV. 1.113.4^ 
aceti dasra vy u nakam rnvathali RV.1.139.4''. 
aceti divo duhita maghoni EV.7.78.4a. 
aceti prasahas patis tuvismau'^; AB.3.2 2.2^ 
acety agni9 cikituh (SV.KS. cikitih) EV.8.56(Val.8).5a; 

SV.i.447='; KS.39.15a. C/. BrhD.6.85. 
acestaiii tva brahma veda HG.1.23.1. 
acodaso no dhanvantv indavah RV.9.79.ia; SV.i.555\ 

P: acodasah Svidh.2.3.9. 
acyutaksitaye svaha TAA.10.67.1; MahanU.19.2. 
acyutaksid asi VS.5.13; TS.r.2.13.3; MS.i.2.8: 18.8; 3. 

8.5:; KS.2.9; 9B.; AP9.7.5.6; M9.1.7. 

acyutacsTit samado gamisthah AV.5.20.12''. 
acyutam tva devata9 cyavayantu AV.i2.3.35'\ 
acyutaiii tva bralima veda HG.1.23.1. 
acyutapaja agnit TA.3.5.1. iSee acittapaja. 
acyutamana upavakta TA.3.5.1. See acittamana. 
acyiita cic cyavayanti rajaiisi EV.6.31.2I'. 
aejnita cid vidita svojah EV.6.2 2.6<^; AV.20.36.6c. 
acyuta cid vo ajmann a RV.8.2o.5a. 
acjruta dyaiir acyutam antariksam Kau9.98.2a. P: acjnita 

acyuta dhruva dhi-uvapatm MG. 1.14.10a. 
acyixta bliumir di90 acyuta imah Kau9.98.2'\ 
acyutam bahulam 9riyam TA.3.ii.7a,7''. 
acyutaya dhruvaya bhaumaj^a svaha MG. 2.1 1.7; 16. i. 

See nej:L 

— acha 

acyutaya bhaumaya svaha AG.2.1.4; 8.15; PG.3.4.3. 

See prec. 
acyuta stha ma ma cyodhviim HG.1.18.3. 
acyutoiyam rodhavarodhat Kau9.98.2''. 
acha rse marutaiii ganam RV.5.52.i4a. 
acha tva yaiitu havinah sajatah AV.3.4.3a. 
achambatkaramasyraiividhemaTB. 1.2. 1.3d; Ap9-5-i-7''- 
acha yahy a vaha daivyaiii janam EV.i.3i.i7<'. Cf. acha 

no yahy etc. 
achalabhih (KSA. acharabhih) kapinjalan TS.; 

KSA.13.3. See atsarabhih, and rksalabhih. 
acha kavim iirmano ga abhistau RV.4. 16.9a. 
acha ko9am madhu9cutam EV.9. 66.11*; 107.12''; SV.i. 

514'i; 2.8a,Il7d. 
acha gachaty astrtah EV.1.41.6C. 
acha gamema raghavo na vajam EV.4.5.13''. 
acha girah sumatiiii gantam asmayu EV.i.151.7^1. 
achagiromatayodevayantlhEV.7.10.3''; MS.4.i4.3a: 218. 

7; TB., 
achagur isita itah EV.3. 42.3b; AV.20.24.3i\ 
acha ca tvaina iiamasa vadamasi EV.8.2i.6a. 
acha ca nah sumnarh nesi RV.8.I6.I2C; AV. 20.46. 3^. 
acha deva vivasasi EV.6.i6.i2b; SV.2.i2'>; TB. 
acha devah (MS. devah) ucise dhisnya (TS. dhisniya) ye 

EV.3.22.3b; VS.12.49i'; TS.'; MS.2.7.11I': 89.11; 

KS.i6.iib; 9B.7.I.I.24. 
acha dyam aruso dhuma eti RV.7.3.3C; SV.2.571C. 
acha na indraiii j'a9asam j'a9obhih AV.6.39.2a. 
acha naksi dyumattamam rayim dah EV.5.2 4.2t>; SV.2. 

458b; VS.3.25b; 15.48b; 25.47^; TS.'; 4.4-4-81'; 69.11; KS.7.ib;^. 
acha naptre sahasvate EV.8.102.7; SV.1.21O; 2.296^. 
acha namobhir vrsabh.iiii vandadhyai EV.3.4.3''. 
acha nah 9ira9ocisam EV.8.7i.ioa; SV.2. 904"; A9.4-I3- 

7; 8.12.6; 99.10.12. 16; 14.55.2. 
acha na huta ud aram EV.4.I5.7''. 
acha nrcaksa asarat pavitre RV.9.92.2a. 
acha no augirastamam RV.8. 23.10*. 
acha no mitramaho deva devan EV.6.2.iia; 14.6a. P: 

acha nah Evidh.2.21.4. 
acha no yahy a vaha RV.6. 16.44a; SV.2. 734*. Cf. acha 

acha no vacam U9atlm jigasi Kau9.4.2<l. 
achanta me chadayatha canunamEV.i.i65.i2'^; MS.4.11. 

3d: 170.1; KS.9.i8'i. 
achantsuh paiica krstayah 119.6b. 
achapa ito9atir U9antah 30.2b. 
acha patiiii somatasta jigati EV.3. 39.1b. 
acha putraiii dhenavo vava9anah EV.3. 57. 3°. 
acha barhlra9anabhir nayanti EV.9.87.i<l; SV.i.523<J; 2. 


acha ma (SV.Svidh. va) indram matayah svarvidah (SV. 

svaryuvab); AV.20.17.1a; SV.1.375''; GB. 

2.4.16; Vait.25.9. P: acha ma indram A9-6.I.2; 8.3. 

34; 99-I2.I2.6; acha vah Svidh.2.5.3. 
acha mahi brhati 9aiiitama glh EV.5.43.8a. Cf. BrhD.5.4 1. 
acha mitram vai-unam indrarh voceh EV.7.93.7b. 


achayam — 


achayam y anti (javasa ghrtacih KS. 1 8. 1 7". See achayam eti. 
achayam vo mariitah floka etii"; AQ.6.12.11; 

Ap^.iS.S.i";". P: achayarii vah 99.3.20. 

4; 4. II. 6; 8.9.5. 
achayajmiso namasapuruvasum RV.8.71.10C; SV.2.904<'. 
achayam eti yavasa ghrtena (AV. ghrta cit) AV.5.2 7.4=1; 

VS.27.i4»; TS.4.i.8.ia; MS.2.12.6C: 150.2. Sec acha- 
yam yanti. 
acha yo ganta nadhamanam uti EV.4.29.4'>. 
aeha ratnaiii devabhaktaiii yad asya EV.4.1.10''. 
acha ravarii prathama janati gat RV.3.3I.6''; ¥8.33.59'!; 

MS.4.6.4<1: 83.11; K:S.27.9d;<';Ap9.i2.i5.6'l. 
acha rajana nama ety avrtam RV. 2.36.6c. 
acha va indraih etc. : see acha ma indrarii etc. 
aeha vadatavasam girbhir abhih RV.5.83.1*; TB.''; 

A9.2.13.9; Ap9.8.i.4^ Cf. BrhD.5.88; Evidh.2.17.4. 
acha vada tana gira RV.i.38.i3». 
acha vadami jivalam AV.6.59.3'\ 
achavabhrtham ojasa RV.8.93.23C; SV.i.i5i<'. 
acha vasuni krnvann (TB. adds asmin; comm., asme) 

narya piiruni TB.''; A9.3-io.6b. 
achavaka yaja Ap9-i2.26.5; 119- 
achavaka vadasva (M9- vada) A9-5-7.2; 9^.7.6.1; M9-2. 

4.1.49. See next. 
achavaka vadasva yat te vadyam AB.6.14.8; KB.28.5; 

9B.4.3.1-1; K9-9-I2.I0; Ap9-i2-26.2. Seeprec. 
aehavakah saha gravastutaikam GB.i.5.24b. 
achavakah (!) sida (}(^.^.6.i. 
achavakoibhavad yajah TB.3. 12.9.4b. 
achavako va ayam upahavam ichate taiii hotar iipahva- 

yasva Ap9- 12-26.3. See upahavam. 
acha vajam sahasrinam RV.9.57.1C; SV.2.iiii<^. 
acha vajarii naitafah RV-9.108.2d; SV.2.43ti. 
acha vajebhir agamat RV.8.103.9'1; SV.2.229''. 
acha vidadvasum girah RV.i.6.6b; AV.20.70.2b. 
acha vipro nasatya vivakti RV.7.72.3<1. 
acha vivakmi puruhutam indram RV.4.20.5'1. 
acha vivakmi rodasi sumeke RV.3.57.4'i. 
achavisnum nisiktapam avobhih RV.7.36.9b; Ap9.13.18. 

l''; M9-2.5.4.I2b. 

aeha viraiii naryarii pailktiiTidhasam (SV. pauti") RV.1.40. 

3<^; SV.i.sec; VS.33.89c; 37.7c; MS.4.9.1C: 120.10; 9B.; TA.4.2.2C; 5.2.6. P: achavlram AA. 
acha vo agnim avase RV.5.25.i»; KB.28.5; A9.5-7-2; 8. 

12.6; Q(^.'j.6.j; 10.12. 16. 
aeha voceya vasutatim agneh RV.i.i2 2.5<'. 
acha voceya 9U9ucrmam agnim RV.4.I.I9''. 
acha voce sadhanyah pavakan RV.6.51.31I. 
aeha voco vidustarah RV.8.75.2b; TS.2.6.ii.ib; MS. 4. 11. 

6b: 174.13; KS.7.i7b. 
acha vo devim usasam vibhatim EV.3.6i.5a. 
acha samudram rathyeva yathah RV.3.33.2b. 
aeha samudram asrjo rathaii iva RV. 1.130.5b. 
acha samudram ajavah RV.9. 64.16b. 
acha samudram indavah RV.9.66.12^; SV.2.9^ 
aeha sindhuiii matrtamam ayasam RV.3.33.3^ Cf. 


acha sujihva vacyate RV.i.i42.4fi. 

acha sudyumnarii ratiniiii ghrtaclm RV.3.i9.2b. 

acha sumnaya vavrtiya devan RV.i.i86.iod. 

acha sunur na pitara vivakmi RV. 7.6 7. id, 

acha surin sarvatata jigata RV.7.57.7b. 

acha svadhvaram janam RV.8.5.33C. ■ 

acha hi tva sahasah suno angirah RV.8.6o.2a; AV.20.103. 

3»; SV.2.903^ 
acha hi somah kalafah asisyadat RV.9. 81. 2". 
achidyamana jaradastir astu te AV.8.2.ib. 
achidrah prajaya bhuyasam Ap9.4-i4.4c; APMB.2.9.14C; 

HG.1.13.4C. Cf. MWfZer arista asmakarii. 
achidraih j^ajnam anvesi vidvan TB. ; Ap9-i- 

achidram yajiiarii bhurikarma karotu (KS.M9. bhuriretah 

krnotu)KS.3i.i4''; TB.;<i; M9.r'. 

aehidrarh jarma bhuvanasya gopah RV.5.62.9b; MS.4.14. 

lob; 231.14; TB. 
achidram yarma yachata EV.8. 27. 9b; AB.8.27.5<l,6ti. Cf. 

achidrah 9arma etc. 
achidram tva": see achidram tvachidrenafvibhyarii. 
achidrapatrah praja upavaroho^ann U9atih sj^onah syonah 

achidram ParDh.6.51. 
achidram adyedam apas tanvatam MS.4.13.2 : 201.2 ; KS. 

15-13; TB. 
achidram pantu faranarii nisadya RV.2.3.8'J. 
achidrasya dadhanvatah RV.6.48.i8b. 
achidra uijijah padanu taksuh TS- See achidroktha, 

cf. achidrofijah, and (}Q.i.g.i. 
achidra gatra vayuna krnota RV.i. 162.18c; VS.25.41C; 

TS.; KSA.6.5C.' 
achidram tvachidrena sarasvatyai justam (KS. justam) 

grhnami MS.2.3.8: 36.6; KS.12.9; Ap9-i9-2.9. 
achidram tvachidrenafvibhyarii justam (KS.ju.stam) grhna- 

mi MS.2.3.8: 36.5; KS.12.9; Ap9.i9-2. 9 (so »!ss.; edition, 

achidram). P: achidram tvachidrena M9-5-2. 4. 21. 
achidram tvacliidrenendrayasutramne justam (KS.justririi) 

grhnami MS.2.3.8: 36.7; KS.12.9. Cf. Ap(}.ig. 2. g. 
achidram parayisnum (SMB. parayisnvim) TS.; 

SMB.2.5.14C. Cf. asravantim anagasam. 
achidra garma jaritah puruni EV.3.15.5''. 
achidra farma dadhire puruni EV.2. 25.5b. 
achidrah farma yachata SMB.2.8.3'l,4<'. Cf. achidram 

farma etc. 
achidra suno sahaso no adya RV.i.58.8a. 
achidrena tva pavitrena fatadharena sahasradharena 

supvotpunami Kau5-2.34. See under devas tva savita 

punatu vasoh, and cf. next. 
achidrena pavitrena VS. 4. 4; TS.; 10.3; 2.1.2; MS. 

1.1.6b: 3.8; 1.1.9b: 5.1 ; 1. 2. lb: 10.8; 2.6.8b: 68.13; 3-6-3: 

62.17; 4-4-2: 51-14; KS.1.5; 9B.1. 1.3.6; ;TB.3. 

2.5.2; Ap9-io-7-ii; M9.I.2.5.I8; — 2.1. 1.40; GG.1.7. 

25; KhG.i.2.14. P: achidrena K9- 7.3. 1. Cf prec. 
aehidre bahule ubhe VS.i 1.30b; TS.4.i.3.2b; MS.2.7.3b: 

76.18; KS.16.3b; 19.4; 9B. 


— ajasram 

achidre from MS.4. 13.4: 203.13; KS.16.21; AB.2.6.16; 

TB.; Ag.3.3.1; W.5.I7-5. 
achidroktha kavayah gansan AB.2.38.8; AQ.5.9.T. See 

nndcr achidra U9ijah. 
achidrotih 9i9ur adatta sarii rabhah RV.i.i45-3'^'- 
achidrodhni pipayad yatha nah<'. 
aehidrogijah kavayah padani taksisat KS.40.6. See under 

achidra uyijah. 
achinnam tantum ami sarii tarema (TA. carema) AV.6. 

122. i<'; TA.2.6.i'l. 
achinnam tantum payasa sarasvati VS. 20. 43*^; MS.3.11. 

i<^: 140.1 1 ; KS.38.6c; TB. 
achinnam tantum prthivya anu gesam TS.; 6-I-4- 

8; Ap9.10.19. 10; M9. C/. achinno divyas. 
achinnapatrah (MS. "trah) praja anuvlksasva VS. 13.30; 

MS. 2. 7. 16: 100.5; 9B. See under akhiAvah. 
achinnapatrah sacantam RV.i.22.ii<'. 
achinnapayah 9atadhara utsah TB. 1'' ; AP9.4.7.2''. 
achinnarayam suvlrah KS.3.2C. See achinno rayah. 
achinnasya te deva soma daksasya rayasposasya suvlrya- 

syabhigrahltarahsyamaMS.i.3.12: 34.7. P: achinnasya 

te deva soma M9. See next two. 
achinnasya te deva soma suviryasya rayasposasya dadi- 

tarah syama VS.7.14; KS.4.4; 9B. P: achin- 
nasya K9.9. 10.14. Seeprec. and next. 
achinnasya te rappate suviryasya rayasposasya daditarah 

syama TS. Seeprec. two. 
achinna vayam ayuso varcasah AV.19.58.1'1. 
achinno divyas (KS.ApQ. daivyas) tantur ma manusa9 

(KS.Ap9.nianusya9)chediMS.i.4.2: 49.2; 1.4.7: 55.12; 

KS.7.2,9; AP9.4.16.4. Of. achinnam tanturii prthivya. 
achinno rayah suvlrah TS.i. 3. 5.1; 9.2;; AP9.7.19.2. 

iSVr achinnarayarii. 
achendrabrahmanaspati havir nah RV.2. 24.12*'. 
aja atma maha (BrhU. mahan) dhruvah 9B.14-7-2.23''; 

aja ekapat tanayitnur arnavah RV.10.66.1 1'\ 
aja ekapatprthivlsamudrah RV.6.50.14''; VS.34.53^; MS. 

1.6.2b: 88.12; Ap9-5-i9-4^; N.i2.33'\ P: aja ekapat 

aja ekapat suhavebhir rkvabhih RV. 10. 64.4c. 
aja ekapad udagat purastat TB.3.i.2.8^ See under adityo 

aja ekapad devata TS.; MS.2. 13.20: 166.8; KS. 

ajah pakvah svarge loke dadhati AV.9.5.I8'''. 
ajah puro nlyate nabhir asya EV.1.163.12C; VS.29.23C; 

TS.; KSA.6.3C. 
ajam yantam anu tah sam rnvatam AV. 18. 2.9c. 
ajakavaih durdi^lkarii tiro dadhe RV.7.50. ic. 
ajagann utaye kave RV. 1.130.9c. 
ajagan ratri siimana iha syah AV. 19.49.3''. So vulgata: 

Shankar Pandit, ajagan . . . syam, q.v. 
ajagara ivavikah AV. 2 0.12 9. 17. 

ajagaras tva sodako visarpatu KS.40.5l'; Ap^. 16.34.4''. 
ajagarena sarpan TS.; KSA.3.4. 
ajagarenapsavyah KS.35.15. 

ajagaro nama sarpah RVKh.7.55.2"'. 

ajam ca pacata panca caudanan AV.9.5.37". 

ajam jivata brahmane deyam ahuh AV.9.5.7'\ 

ajanayat suryarii vidad gah RV.2.19.3C. 

ajanayat snrye jyotir induh RV.9.97.41''; SV. 1.542''; 2. 

605''; N.i4.i7d. 
ajanayathas tanvah svayah RV. 10.54.3''. 
ajanayan manave ksam apa9 ca RV.2.20.7C. 
ajanayo maruto vaksanabhyah RV.i.i34.4f. 
ajanayo yena piistasya pustam RV. 10.55.4''. 
ajanti vahniiii sadanany acha RV.9.91.1'3. See mrjanti 

ajany agnir hota (Ap9- ajann agnih) purvah purvebhyah 

pavamanah pavaka9 9ucir (Ap9- 9ucih pavaka) idyah KS. 

7.13; Apg.5.11.2. 
ajababhru pita tava AV.5.5.8''. 
ajam anajmi payasa ghrtena AV.4.I4.6"\ P: ajam anajmi 

ajayanaih pathibhis tatra gachatam AV.i8.2.53c'. 
ajayo ga ajayah 9ura somam RV. 1.32.12c. 
ajayo lokan pradi9a9 catasrahKS.7.i2e; Ap9-5.9.ii''; M^- 


See akalpayathah. 

ajara usasam anike 99-8.22.1. 

ajaram indram abhy anusy arkaih RV.6.38.3''. 

ajaras tasthav itautir rsvah RV.1.146.2I'. 

ajara nama stha 9Gr-2.6.i. 

ajaramrta carati svadhabhih RV.i.i 13.13''. 

ajarasas te sakhye syama RV.7. 54.2c; PGr.3.4.7C; ApMB. 

2.15.20C; HGr.I.28.lC; MG.2.11.19C. 
ajarebhir nanadadbhir yavisthah RV.6.6.2t'; TS.''. 
ajarebhi skambhanebhih sam anrce RV.i. 160.4''. 
ajavaso javinlbhir vivr9can RV.2. 15.6c. 
ajagrngy aja raksah AV.4. 37.2c. 
aja^rngy arataki AV.4. 37. 6". 
ajas tad dadr9e kva<3. 
ajas tamahsy apa hanti duram AV.9.5.7C, iic. 
ajas trinake tridive triprsthe^ 
ajasya nabhav (MS.KS. nabha) adhy ekam arpitam RV. 

10.82. 6c; VS.17.30c; TS.; MS.2.10.3C: 134.15; 

ajasya petvasya ca AV.4.4.8'\ 

ajasya rape kim api svid ekam RV.i.i64.6'i; AV.9.9.7''. 
ajasram gharmam Imahe AV.6. 36.1c; SV.2. 1058c; VS.26, 

6c; TS.; MS.4.11.1C: 160.12; KS.4.16C; A9.8. 

10. 3C. Sec ajasram bhanum. 
ajasram jyotih AV.16.2.5. See ajasram daivyaih. 
ajasram jyotir nabhasa sarpad eti TA.3.11.8C. 
ajasram jyotir yad avindad atrih AV.i3.2.36'l. 
ajasram jyotir havir asmi sarvam ArS.3.12''. See ajasro 

ajasram tvarii (Ap9. tva) sabhapalfih TB.'*; Ap9-4- 


ajasram dai^•yaril jyotih; Ap9-6.20.2. Sec aja- 

srarii jyotih. 
ajasram indum (KS. indram?) arusam bhuranyum VS. 13. 

43»;'';MS.2.7.i7=': 102.4; KS.16.17a; 9B.7.5. 

2.19. P: ajasram indum Ap9-i6.27. 10; M9-6.I-7- 

ajasram — 


ajasram bhanum imahe (fQ-s-s-S". See ajasram gharmam. 

ajasraya srirmya 3'avistha EV.7.1.3''; SV.2.725''; VS.17. 

761'; TS.''; MS.2.I0.61': 139.5; KS.i8.4>'; 35.1''; 

39- 1 5^- 
ajasram tvasadayumiTS. 1.4.34. 1 ; MS.z.13.19: 165.8; KS. 

40.4; TA.3.19.1. 
ajasrena davidyutat EV.6. 16.45''; SV.2.7351'. 
ajasrena bhanunii didyatam (TS. didyanam) VS.11.28''; 

TS.''; MS.2.7.2'': 76.14; KS.16.3''; gB. 
ajasrena focisa 909ucac cliuce EV.6.48.3''. 
ajasrena yocisa ^ofucanah EV.7.5.4'1. 
ajasro gharmo havir asmi nama EV.3.26.7J; VS.i8.66''; 

MS.4.I2.5<': 192.10; N.i4.2<l. 5'ee ajasram jyotir havir. 
ajasro didihi no durone TB.; Apg.6.28.i2d; M^. 

i.6.3.5<i. See aristo etc. 
ajasro vaksi devatatim aclia EV.7.1.18''; TS.'';': 143.6; KS.35.2''. 
ajahad u dva mithuna saranyuh EV.10.17.2ii; AV.18.2. 

33<l; N. 12.10'J. 
ajahuh karma papakam {(^Q. oh ah papakarii karma) ^B. 

I3-5-4-3''; W.I6.9.7''- 
aja anyasya vahnayah EV.6.57.3^ 
ajam va9itrim iva ApMB.2.13.7''. 
ajaih surir na dhatave EV.8.7o.i5<^. 
ajagar asv adhi deva ekah EV.10.104.9''. 
aja chandah VS.14.19; TS.4. 3.7.1; MS.2.8.3: 108.16; KS. 

17.3. Cf. aja fflntih. 
ajatagatrum ajara svarvati EV.5.34.1''. P: ajatayatrum 


ajatagatrur astrtah EV.8.93.I5''. 

ajatagatrus suhavo na edhi KS.22.14''. See next. 

ajatagatruh syona no astu TS.4.4.I2.4''; MS.3. 16.41': 189. 

5; A9.4.i2.2d. Seeprec. 
ajata asann rtavah AV.i 1.8.5". 
aja dhuraih vavrtyuh 8''. 
ajami jamyoh saca EV.5. 19.4''. 
ajamibhir va puruhuta evaih EV.i.ioo.ii''. 
ajamim anyah 9nathayantam atirat EV.7.82.6«. 
ajam ekam lohita9ukkkrsnam"; MahanU.9. 

2"; gvetU.4.5^ 
ajayatha vrsabha carsanlnam EV.i 0.180.3''; AV.7.84.21'; 

TS.''; KS.8.'i6h. 
ajayanta niaruto bhrajadrstayah EV.i.3i.i<'; VS.34.12'1. 
ajayanta svabhanavah EV.i.37.2''. 
ajayamano bahudha vijayate VS. 31. 19''; TA.3.i3.i'\ See 

adr9yamano etc. 
aja yutheva pa9uraksir astam EV.6.49.i2l>. 
ajayaikapade svaha TB. 
ajare pi9arigila VS.23.56''; 9B.13. 5.2.18. 
aja roha sukrtam yatra lokah AV.9.5.9''. 
aja vrta indra furapatnlh EV.i. 174.311. 
aja 9antih TA.4.42.5. Cf. aja chandah. 
ajagvah patupa vajapastyah (TB. vajavastyah) EV.6.58. 

2"; MS.4.14.16'': 244.2; TB. 
ajasa? ca 9igravo yaksava9 ca EV.7.i8.i9<^. 

aja hy agner ajanista garbhat TS.4.2.Io.4^ P: aja hy 

agneh ApQ. 16.27.18. See ajo hy agner. 
ajitah (TA. ajltah; ApMB. ajrta) syama 9aradah 9atam 

TA.4.42.5; ApMB.2.5.20; HG.1.7.10. 
ajiram bahu abharat sisasan EV. 10.102.4'!. 
ajiradhirajau AV.7.70.3''. 
ajiraprabhava upadi9yasya sthrme svatejasa bhani TA. 

1. 18. 1. 
ajirasas tadapa lyamanah EV.S.47.2*. 
ajirasaih gamisnavah TB.3.1 0.1.4. 
ajiraso harayo ye ta a9avah EV.8.49(Val.i).8^ 
ajiro duto adravat EV.8.ioi.3'\ 
ajijana osadhir bhojanaya kam EV.5. 83.10'^. 
ajijanan chaktibhl rodasipram EV.10.88.10''; N.7.28''. 
ajijanat savita sumnam ukthyam EV.4.53.2'1; KB. 

ajijanat suvitaya 9ravahsi EV. 7.79.3*'. 
ajijanann amrtaiii martyasah EV.3.29.13''; KS.38.13'''; 

TB.I.2.I.I9'''; Ap(^.5.ll.6a; 16.15.5. 
ajijanan suryam yajuam agnim EV.7.78.3*'. 
ajijano amrta martyesv a (SV. martyaya kam) EV.9.1 10. 

4'"'; SV.2.858n. 
ajijano hipavamanasuryamEV.9.110.3"; SV.2.715''; VS. 

22.18'*; AB.8.ii.3a. 
ajijano hi varuna svadhavan AV.5.11.11C. 
ajijapata brhaspatira vajam VS.9.12; ^6.5. 1.5.11. 
ajijapata (TS.TB. ajijipata) vanaspatayahTS.i.7.8.4; MS. 

1.11.3-: 163.10; I. II. 7: 169.6; KS.14. 1,7; TB.i. 3.6.9; 

ajijapatendram vajam VS.9.12 ; (^ Cf. indram 

vajaiii vi mucyadhvam, and indraya vacarii etc. 
ajijipata vanaspatayah : see ajijapata vanaspatayah. 
ajitaye^iataye pavasva EV.9.96.4''. 
ajitam usita purah AV.i.27.4'1. 
ajitah. (and ajita) syama : see ajitah syama. 
ajitoihato aksatah AV. i2.i.iie. 
ajirna tvaiii jarayasi (MS.KS. jaraya) sarvam anyat TS.4. 

3.11.5''; MS.2.i3.icd: 159.15; KS.39.10J; PG.3.3.5<1. 
ajuryasya madintamam yam Imahe EV.8.i3.23^'. 
ajuryaso harisaco haridravah EV.10.94.12c. 
ajuryo jarayann arim EV.2.8.2''. 
ajusanta maruto yajnam etam MS.2.13.22C: 167.19 ; KS. 

4o.i2<^; Apg.17. 13.20. 
ajustany are asmad dadhatu EV.10.164.3'!; AV.6.45.2''. 
ajUgupatam : see grhan ajugupataiii. 
ajiiryatah pra bravama krtani EV.5.42.6''. 
ajuryato vajrino viryani EV.3.46.I''; MS.4.14.14'^: 238.8. 
ajena krnvantah 9itam AV.18.2.22C. 
ajeva yama varani a sacethe EV.2.39.2''. 
aje va yam kurlrini AV.5.31.2I'. 
ajaid agnir asanad vajam MS.4.13.4: 203.5; KS.16.21; 

TB.; AB.2.5.7; A9.3.2.20, P: ajaid agnih 99- 

5.16.9; Mg. 
ajaisam sarvah prtanah AV.8.5.8C. 
ajaisaih sarvan ajin vah AV.2. 14.6c. 
ajaisam tva saiiilikhitam AV.7.50.5'». 
ajaisam uta saiiirudham AV.7.50.5''. 


ajaismadyasanama ca (AV. "sanamadya)RV.8.4 7. 1 8« ; 10. 

164.5"; AV. 16.6. 1"!. -P- ajaisma Ka119.49.19. 
ajaih svarvatir apah RV.8.40. 1 1^. Cf. jesat etc., and jesah 

ajo agnir ajam u jj'otir ahiih AV.9.5.7*. 
ajo dhumro na godhumaih kuvalair (TB. kvalair) bhesajam 

VS.21.29'-; MS.s.ii.a^: 141. 2; TB.2. 6.11.1c. 
ajo na ksarii dadhara prthivim EV.i.67.5». 
ajo na dyam adharayat RV.8.4i.ioe. 
ajo nakam a kramataiii trtlyam AV.9.5.i'^,3^. 
ajo bhagas (TA. ibhagas) tapasa (AV. tapasas) tarii tapasva 

EV.10.16.4''; AV.; TA.6.i.4\ P: ajo bhagah 

ajo vayarii (SV. vaj'am ajo) yatha yamah<l; 

ajo va idam agre vyakraniata AV.9.5.20*. 
ajosa (SV. sajosa) vrsabhaiii patim RV.i.9.4''; AV.20.71. 

10"; SV.1.205C. 
ajoisy aja svargo^si AV.9.5.16*. 
ajoisy ajasmad aglia dvesansi TA.6.10.2. 
ajo^sy ekapat VS.5.33; TS.; MS.1.2.12: 21.16; KS. 

2.13; PB.1.4.12; 9Q-6-I2.25; Ap^.ii.iS.i. P: ajah 

ajohavid afvina taugiyo vam RV. 1.117.15". 
ajohavid a^vina vartika vam RV. 1. 1 17.16"; N.s. 21"'. 
ajohavin nadhamaneva yosa RV.5.78.4\ 
ajohavin nasatya kara vam RV. 1.116.13*. 
ajo by agner ajanista fokat AV.4.14.1''; 9.5.13"; VS. 13. 

51"; MS.2.7.i7'':"io3.2; KS.16.17a; 9B. P: 

ajo hi Vait.29.3; Kau9.64.23. See aja hy. 
ajo hy eko jusamanoinu9ete''; MabanU.9.2f^; 

ajnataiii yad anajfiatam SB. 1.6. 19^. See anajfiatam yad, 

ajnatam, and yad ajnatam. 
ajnataketa vrjina abhuvan RV.S.3.n'^. 
ajnatayaksmad uta rajayaksmat>; AV.3.11. 

i''; 20.96.6''. 
ajnatas teiyarii janah*. 
ajnata janlma9 ca yah AV.8.7.i8<'. 
ajnate kim ihechasi<l. 
ajnayi tiras tamasa9 cid aktun RV.6.65.1'3. 
ajmanabhihatah 9ayam<i. 
ajyamanayanubruhi ApQ.7.10.1. 
ajyesthaso akanisthasa ete RV.5. 60.5a. 
ajra indrasya giraya9 cid rsvah RV.6. 24.80. 
ajre cid asmai krnutha nyancanam RV.8.2 7.i8a. 
afijate vy anjate sam anjate RV.9.86.43"; AV.iS.s.iB"; 

SV.i.564a; 2.964". P: anjate Ay anjate Vait. 10.4; Kau9. 

anjanti tvam adhvare devayantah RV.s.S.i"; MS. 4. 13. i*: 

199.2; KS.15.12a; TB.3.6.i.ia; AB.2.2.ia; KB.I0.2; 

Ag.3.1.8; N.8.18". P: anjanti tvam gg.5. 1 5. 2; KQ.5. 

2.8.8. (7/ BrhD.3.28; 4.100. 
anjanti mitraiii (ApMB.vrksam) sudhitaiii na gobhih RV. 

5.3.2C; ApMB.i.5.i2<=. 
anjanti yam daksinato havirbhih RV. 1.95.6'!. 
anjanti yam prathayanto na viprah RV.5.43.7'''; MS.4.9. 

— ata 

3a: 123.13; TA.4.5.2n; AB.1.19.6; KB.8.4; <;:!B.i4.i.3. 

13 ; A(p.4.6.3. Ps: anjanti yaiii prathayantah Ap9. 1 5- 

7.5; anjanti yam (^Q.^.g.S; anjanti KQ. 2 6. 2.19; M(^.4. 

2.19. Cf. BrhD.5.41. 
anjanti vrksaiii etc. : see anjanti mitraiii etc. 
anjanti suprayasam panca janah RV.6. 11.4'^; MS.4. 1 4. 1 5'' : 

anjantu deva madhuna ghrtena AV.18.3.10*'. 
anjanty enam madlivo rasena RV.9. 109.20a. 
anjaye svaha TS. ; KSA.3.7. 
anjasa 9asata rajah RV. 1.139.46. 
afijasa satyam upa gesam VS.5.5; TS.; GB.2.2.3; 

gB.3.4.2-i4; Ag.4.5.3; W5.8-2; Vait.13.18; Lg.5.6.6; 

QGr. 1.6.5. See next. 
anjasa satyam upagamMS.i. 2. 7: 16.15; KS.2.8. Sccprec. 
anjasi kuH9i virapatni RV. 1.104.4c. 
anjah samudram ava jagmurapahRV.i.32.2''; AV.2.5.6"l; 

MS.4. 14-13'': 237.10; TB.'1. 
anjanah sapta hotrbhir havismate RV.3.10.4'^. 
anjano ajarair abhi RV.2.8.4'=. 
anjim udanjim anvajaTS.''; KSA.4.8I'. See sam 

anjiiii caraya, and arvancam aiijim. 
anjisakthaya (KSA. aiijisikthaya) svaha TS.; 

anjmo yupam AB.2.2.1 ; Ap^ 
anjy afikte samanaga iva vrah RV.i.124.8'3. 
anjy aukte hiranyayam RV.8.29.1I'. 
anjy anjana abhicaka9imiRV.4.58.9i'; VS.17.97b; KS.40. 

7^; Apg.17.18.1b. 
afijyetaya svaha TS.7. 3.1 7.1 ; KSA.3.7 ) TB. ; ApQ. 

20.6.4; ii-iS- 
atnarasya parah putrah". See ahnarasya. 
anavag ca me priyamgava9 ca me MS.2.11.4: 142.3; KS. 

18.9. See priyamgava9. 
aniyordhva vj^avasthita TA. i o. 1 1 . 2'' ; MahanU. 1 1 . 1 1 '' ; 

MahaU.3<l; VasuU.3'!. 
amih pantha vitarah puranahgB. 1"; BrhU.4.4. i la. 
anujangham fabalodaram SMB. 2. 5. 6^. 
anubhig ca mahadbhi9 caTA.i.2.3a; 12.2*. 
anuQag ca maha9a9 ca TA.1.2.2C. 

anu sthulam upatasat See krdhu sthulani. 
anuni kurutat TB.; ApQ.i.21.7; Mg.i.2.2.33. 
anor aniyan mahato mahiyrm; MahanU. 8. 3a; 

KU.2.20a; gvetU.3.20a. 

anau muska upavadhit AV.20.136.2b; gg.i2.24.2.3b. 

anvibhis tana putasah RV.i.3.4''; AV.20.84.1c; SV.2.496; 

ata a ta rtaspr90 ni seduh RV.4.50.3''; AV.20.88.3b. 

ata a yatam a9vina RV.8.10.1'1,6'1. 

ata a yatarii madhupeyam a9vina<'. 

ata a yahy adhvaraiii no acha RV.i.ioi.8c. 

ata inosi karvara puruni'l; AV.20.107.10''. 
See ata invata. 

ata inosi vidhate cikitvah RV.6. 5. 3c. 

ata invata karvarani bhuri AV.5.2.6''. See ata inosi kar- 

ata uttare brahmaloka mahantah GB.1.5.25C. 

ata — 

ata u tvii pitubhrto jauitrili KV. 10.1.4". 

ata u su madhu madhunabhi yodbi TS.'1. See 

adah su. 
atah patnir dafasyata KV.5.50.3''. 
atah paraiii nanyad anlyasaiii bi"; MabanU. 

atah parijmann a gabi KV.i.e.g" ; AV.2o.7o.5\ 
atah pari visanav a bi yatam EV.i.io8.7''-i2<'; N. 12.31''. 
atah pabi stavamana stuvantam EV.i.i47.5<^. 
ataksad brabma bariyojanaya EV.1.62.13I1. 
ataksan dbenum abbavad vi^varapi (j!9.8.2o.i. 
ataksann ayavo navyase sam EV.2.31.7I'. 
ataksamo bbrgavo na ratbam EV. 10.39. 14^'. 
ataudraao yuvatayo vibbrtaiu (TB. vibhartram) EV.1.95. 

2''; TB.'. 
atandraso»vrka aframistbali £¥.4.4.12!'; TS.''; 

MS.4.ii.5t': 174. i; KS.6.ii'>. 
atandro duto abbavo bavirvat EV. 1.72.7^, 
atandro duto yajatbaya devan<J. 
atandro devab sadam eva prai-tbab TA.3. i4.2<J. 
atandro biabmana dblrab AV. 1 1.4.24". 
atandro yasyan barito yad astbat AV.i3.2.2 8^ 
atandro bavya (SV. bavyam) vabasi liaviskrte EV.8.60. 

15c; SV.1.46C. 
atann abeva suryah EV. 6.61.9'^. 
ataptatanur na tad amo a9nute EV.9.83.i<:; SY.i.565<^; 

2.235C; TA.i.ii.i"; PB.1.2.8C; Ap9.12.12.13c. 
atapyamaae avasavantl EV.I.I85.4^ 
atanierur yajuo»tamerur yajamanasya praja bbuyat VS.i. 

23; QB.i.2.2.i'j. P: atameruh K9.2.5.25. 
atarpayo visrta ubja urmin EV.4.19.5''. 
ataQ caksathe aditim ditim ca EV.5.62.8'i. See tata? caksa- 

tbam, and tatra cakrathe. 
ata§ ca vifva osadbayo rasaf (MundU. rasa9) ca 

I''; MahanU.8.5C; MuiadU.2.i.9c. 
ata? cid asya mabinia vi reci EV.4.16.5C; AV.20.77.5c. 
atag cid a janisista pravrddbah EV.4.i8.i''. 
ata? cid a na upa vasyasa brda EV. 8. 20.18c. 
atag cid indra na (SV. na) upa EV.8. 92.10''; SV.i.2i5f. 

P: ataf cid indra nab ^^.i 1.8.3. 
atag cid indrab sadaso varlyan EV.3.36.6C; TB. 2. 4. 3.1 if. 
atag cid indrad abhayanta devab EV.5. 30.5c. 
atas tvam di-fyah agna etan EV.4.2.12C. 
atas tvarii deva vanaspate 5ataval9o (MS.M^- tvaiii barhih 

fatavalfaiii) viroba VS.5.43; MS.i.i.2'»: 2.1; 4.1.2: 3. 

12; QB. P: atas tvam KQ.6.1.20. Sec deva- 

barbih 9ataval9am, and vanaspate 9ataval9o. Metrical, 

turned into prose in the White Yajus-texts. 
atas tva girbbir dyugad indra ke9ibbih EV.8.97.4C; SV.i. 


atas tva rayim abbi (SV. rayir abby ayat) EV.9.48.3'''; SV. 

atas tva visnuh patu MS.1.3.13: 35.10; 1.3.27: 39.16. 

See visnus tvam indriyena patu. 
atah saiiigrbbyabhibbuta a bbara E V. i . 53. 3c ; AV. 2 o. 2 1 . 3^ 
atah saiiigi-bbya vi9aiii damuuah EV. 10.46. 6c. 
atah samudram udvatab EV.8.6.29". 


atah samudra giraya9 ca sarve"; MabanU.8. 

5'''; MundU. 2. 1. 9^ 
atah sabasranirnija EV.8.8.11'', 14c. 
atapo gbarnio manuso durone £¥.7.70.2''. 
atarisur bbarata gavyavah sam EV.3.33.12^. 
atarisma (MS. atarista) tamasas param asya £¥.1.92.6"; 
i83.6«; 184.6''; 7.73.1^ MS.2. 7.12b: 92.17; KS.17.18''; 
TA.6.6.2b; Ap9.i6.i9.8. P: atarisma A9.4. 15.7. See 
aganma tamasas. 
ati kalikaraudrasya EVKh.7.55.6'\ 

atikiritam (cotimi. atikirltam) atidanturam TB. 
atikulvaiii (VSK. atikulvarh) catUoma9am ca VS. 30.22; 

VSK.34.22. See ati9laksnam. 
atikrgam atyaiisalam TB. See atistbulam. 
ati kramistaiii juratam paner asum EV.1.182.3C. 
atikramanto durita jjadani (N. duritani vi9va) AV.12.2. 
28c ; N.6.12J {see Eotb's Erldutcrungcn gum Nirulda, 
p. 80). Cf. ati vi9vani, aty enam, antar dadbana, apa 
badbataiii, and taranto vi9va. 
atikramantOivaran parebbih AV.12.2. 29''. 
atikramanty abravit AV.20.136.6l'; ^^.'. 
ati kramami duritaiii yad enah P: atikra- 

mami TA.2.3.1. 
ati kramema dudbyah EV.i.i05.6'3. 
atikrustaya magadbam VS.30.5; TB. 
ati ksaranti yamabbih £¥.5.66.5^. 
ati k.sipreva vidbyati £¥.4. 8. 8c. 
ati kbyas tuyam a gabi £¥.8. 65.915. 
ati gabemahi dvisah E¥.2.7.3C; KS.35.12c; APMB.1.5.5C; 

HG.i. 20.5c; 29.2C; 2.1.3C. C/ ati dvesfmsi. 
atiehandasam cbanda indriyam (TB. comm. notes the 

variant, ibendriyam) YS.28.34e; 
atichandasa cbandasendriyam YS.28.45fl; TB.2. 6.20.5^1. 
atichanda indriyam (TB. aticbanda9 cbanda indriyam) 
brhat YS.2I.22C; MS.3.11.11C: 158.19; KS.38.10c; TB. 
atichandag chandasah (MQ. cbandasoignihutab prajapa- 

tihutasya) AP9.14.4.16; M9. 
atitasthau pavlravan 60.3b. 
atitamrani vasarisi TA.1.5.1*. 
ati tretani vavaksitba £¥.3.9.3". 
ati tri soma rocana £¥.9.17.5". 
ati tva badbaiii nayami K^. 15. 7.6. 
atithigvaya 9ahsyam karisyan £¥.6.26.3'i; 7.19.8'^; A¥. 

atithigvaya jambaram E¥.i.i30.7'i. 
atithim manusanam £¥.1.127.8'^; 8.23.25". 
atithir duronasad atitbye KS.34.14. 
atithing ca labhemabi YiDb.73.30i'. 

atither atithyam asi VS.5.1; TS.;; MS.i. 
2.6: 16.3; 3.7.9: 88.10; KS.2.8; 24.8; gB. Cf. 
agner atithyam. 
ati didyun (TS.KS.TB.Apg. divas) pabi YS. 10.17 ; TS.i. 
8.14.2; KS.15.7; gB.; TB.i. 7.8.5; 
See ati dyun. 
atidirgham catibrasvain caYS.30.22; YSK.34.22. See 


ati durgani vifvaha AV. 19.50.2'!. 

ati dyun pulii MS.2.6.11: 70.11; 4.4.5: 55.6. See ati 

ati diava sarameyau jvanau (AV.Kauf. drava fvanau sara- 

meycau) £¥.10.14.10"; AV.iS.z.iia; TA.6.3.I''; AG.4. 

3.21. Ps: ati drava 9vanau Kau9.8 1.22 ; ati drava 99- 

4.14.15; Kr1u9.80.35. C/. BrhD.6.159. 
ati dvesansi tarema KV.3. 27.3c;": 163.5; KS. 

40.14"=; TB.''. Cy. ati gahemahi. 
ati dvesafisy aryama sugebhih EV.2.27.7b 
ati dhanvany aty apas tatarda AV.7.4I.I'^ P: ati dhan- 

vani Kau5.43.3. Designated as samproksanyau (sc. rcau) 

Kaui;.40.9; 80.42; 83.17. 
ati dhanveva tan ihi EV.3.45.1'!; AV.7.ii7.i<!; SV.i.246''; 

2.io68d; VS.20.53d. See dadhanveva, and nidhanveva. 
ati dhanveva durita EV. 10.93. 6'^. 
ati dhavatatisarah AV.5.8.4'\ 
ati nah sagcato naj'a EV.i.42.78'. 

ati naveva paraj-a EV.i. 97.7''; AV.4.33.7t; TA.6.11.2I'. 
ati niho ati srdhah(VS.TS.KS.sridhali) AV.2.6.5--'; VS.27. 

6a; TS.4.i.7.2'>; MS.2.12.5*: 149.4; KS.i8.i6a. 
atinutto navya etu srotyali AV.8.7.i5<i. 
ati no vispita piiru EV.8.83.3^. 

ati parsa svastaj-e EV.i.97.8b; AV.4.33.8t'; TA.6. 11.2b 
ati papmanam atimuktya gamema TB.3. 1.3.1'!. 
ati papmanam aratiiii tarema'!; TA.!©.!.!!"!; 

atiprayachan duritim tareyam TB.i.2.1.5'!; Ap9.5.2.i'!. 
atipragardhayad girah EV.8.13.6!'. 
atibalahinsas te jivas tvayi nas satas tvaj-i sadbhyo vai'- 

sabhyo nali pari dehi ApMB.2.17.12 (ApG.7.18.12). 
atimatram avardhanta AV.s.ig.i"; JB. 1.152-''. Tlieliymn 

is designated as bi-ahmagavl Kau9.48.13. 
atimirmiram atimemisam TB. 
atimuktyai svaha TB. 
ati mrtyum taramy aham TB.i.2.i.i5'i ;<! ; Ap^. 

5.8.4'i. See mrtyum taramy. 
ati yo mandro yajathaya devah EV.2.28.i<:. 
atiratram varsan purtir avrt (MS. vavarsvan purta ravat ; 

KS. vavrsvan puta ravat) svaha TS.; MS. 2. 4. 7: 

44.2; KS.11.9. 
atiratro mavi9atv api9ars-arah TS.''; KSA.3.3'\ 
atirikto karmano yac ca hlnam TB." (bis); ApQ. 

2.21.1"; 3. II. 2". 
atilohitanaih rudranaiii {also atilohitlnriiii rudranlnaiii) 

sthane svatejasa bhani TA.i.17.1,2. 
ati va yo maruto manyate nah EV.6.52.2*. See atlva yo. 
ati vayo sasato yahi 9a9vatah EV. 1.135.7". 
ati varam apavisuh llY.g.60.2''. 
ati varan pavamanah EV.9. 60.3=1. 
atividdha vithurena cid astra (MS. astah) EV.8.96.2'> ; MS. 

3.8.3": 95.7; KS.9.i9-\ P: atividdha MS.4. 1 2.5: 192.14. 
ati vi9vam vavaksitha EV. 1.8 1.58; SV.i.3i2<i. See anu 

svadham vavaksitha. 
ati vi9vasya duritasya param AV.3. 1 1.3"!. See indro nesad, 

and indro vi9vasya etc. 
ati vi9vah paristhah EV.10.97.10a; VS.12.84'1; TS.4.2.6. 

— atutujirh 

3"^; MS.2.7.13'': 94.3; 4.14.6: 224.4; KS.16.13a; TB.2. 

8.4.8. P: ati vi9vah Qg.9.28.7. 
ati vi9va durita parisad dharl''; AV.20.3i.3'i. 
ati vifvani durita tarema PB.5.8.6; 14. 5.18. Cf. agne 

vi9vani etc., and for this and the next four under atikra- 

manto duritani. 
ati vi9vani duritani parsan EV.4.39.1'!. 
ati vi9vani durita pipartana EV.8.18.17C. 
ati vi9vani durita rajanah 6.6<=. 
ati vi9vani durita svastaye RV.10.63.13''. 
ativyadhi vyadho agrabhista Kau9.71.6c. 
ati vratam cakrma ko vi veda RV. 10. 12.5b ; AV. 18. 1.33''. 
atigistaya svrdia TS. ; KSA.3.10. 
atiQuklam atikrsnam TB.3.4.r.i9; ati9uklam catikrsnarii 

caVS.30.22; VSK.34.22. 
ati 9ura taramasi EV.7.32.27<!; AV.20.79.2''; SV.2.8o7'i; 

ati 9ritl tira9cat5 £¥.9.14.60. 

atiglaksnam atiloma9am TB. 3. 4.1. 19. See atikulvarii. 
atiskado bhij'asa tan na avat'=. 
ati skandanti 9arvarlh EV.5.52.3b. 

atisthad garbho vrjanlsv antah £¥.1.164.9'^; AV.9.9.9'\ 
atisthad vajinlvasu EV. 8. 8.1 ok 
atisthantam .apasyaiii na sargam<'. 
atisthantinam anive9ananam EV.i. 32.10a; N.2.i6a. 
atisthaya varcasadhy anyan AV.i9.33.5'=. 
atisthavan babhuva hi AV.3. 2 2. 6b. 
atisthipo diva atasu barhana EV.i.56.5b. 
atistho agne saha rocanena EV.10.88.5b 
atisargam dadato manavayaMS.2.i3.2 2a: 167.18; KS.40. 

12a; Ap(^.I7.I3.2a. 

atisrsta agnayo divyah AV.i 6.1.1. 

atisrsto apaiii vrs.abhah AV. 16.1.1 ; Kau9.9.9. 

atisrsto gavam bhagah MS.1.1.2: i.S; App.i.3.9; MQ.i.r. 

1. 31. 
atisrsto dvesta yo^sman dvesti yam ca vayarii dvismah 

ati seturh dui-avyam (SV. durayyam) EV.9.4i.2b; SV.2. 

atisthularii catikr9am caVS.30.22; VSK.34.22. See ati - 

ati srasema -sa-janam nafihah EV.6.ii.6<!. 
atihrasvam atidirgham TB.3.4.i.r9. See atidlrgham. 
ati hvarahsi dhavati EV.9.3.2b; SV.2.6iib. 
ati hvarahsi babhravah EV.9.63.4b. 
ati hvarahsi rahhya EV.9.io6.i3b; SV.i.576b. 
atitapad yajiie yajnam KS.5.ia; 32.1. 
atitrpanta pitarah VS.19.36; TS.i. 8.5.2; KS.38.2; QB.; TB.2. 6.3.3. 
atityadah svar abhara TB. 
atidaih vi9vam bliuvanam vavaksitha £¥.1.102.8". 
atid u 9akra ohata £¥.8.69.14^; AV. 20.9 2.11*. 
atiyama nidas tirah svastibhih £¥.5.53.14". 
ativa yo maruto manyate nah A¥.2.i2.6". P: atlva yah 

Kau9.47.52. See ati va yo. 
atihi manjHisavinara £¥.8.32.21"; S¥.i.223a. 
atiitujim cit tutujir a9i9nat £¥.7.28.34. 


aturnadatta — 


aturnadatta prathamedam agan Kau9.62.21c. 

aturtara 9ravayatpatim RV.S.25.5<:;'=: iSQ-M; 

aturtadaksa vrsana vrsanvasu RV.8.26.I''. 
aturtam tugiyavrdham'j'i; AV.20.105.3tl; SV.i. 

aturtapantha asuro mayobhuh EV.5.42.i<l. 
aturtapanthahpuriirathoaryamaRV. 10.64.5'=; N.ii.2 3''. 
aturtebaddham savita samudram EV.10.149.1d;''. 
aturto raja jrava ichamanah; N.9.10'1. 
aturto hota TS.; AB.2.34.8; 9B.; TB.3.5. 

3.1; Ag.i.3.6; gg.i.4.20. 
atrpnuvantara viyatam abudliyam EV.4.I9.3^ 
atrptam kurvann : see aduhkhaih eic. 
atrpyan brahmana dhanaih'!. See brahmanaf 

atrsyans trsy (!) adhyayat TA. 1. 1 1.6*. Weber in the index 

to the TS. atrsyans trsyat. 
atrsyantir apaso yanty acha RV. 1.71.3''. 
atrsya aksudhya sta AV.7.6o.6'=. See ana9ya, andcf. under 

apa ksudharii. 
ato annenaiva jivanti MU.6.II''. See atho etc. 
ato jata avantu nah RV.1.23.12I'. 

ato jataso dharayanta urvl'»; AV. 18. 1.3 21". 
ato jyayah9 ca purusah (TA. purusah) RV. 10.90.3'^; VS.31. 

S^; TA.3.i2.ib See tato etc. 
ato deva avantu nah RV.1.22.16''; SV.2.1024''; A9.1.5.38; 

II. 13; 6.7.2; 9.11. 17; gg.13.7.5; Aa2.3.ii; VasuU.2. 

P: ato devfihVHDh. 7.300; 8.233. C/. BrliD.3.93. 
ato devlh prati pa9yamy apah AB.8.27.7. 
ato devi prathamana prthag yat M(^.i.5.2.i2\ See under 

ado devi, and cf. MS.4.9.1: 12 1.4. 
ato dyavaprtliivl aprathetam RV.i 0.149.2'!. 
ato dharmani dharayan RV.i.22.i8'=; SV.2.io20'=; VS. 34. 

43". See ito etc., and tato etc. 
atoidhi te krnavad bhagadheyam AV.6.111.1C. 
ato na a nrn atithin RV.5.50.3'\ 
ato noinyat pitaro ma yosta (HG. yodhvam) Ai)(^ i ; 

MQ.i.i.2.28; HG.2.12.8. See ma noitcnyat, and ma 

ato no yajnam avase niyutvan RV.6.40.5''. 
ato no yajnam a9ubhir mahemate RV.8.49(Val.i).7c. 
ato no rudra uta va no asya RV.5.6o.6«. See tato no rudra. 
ato bhur ata a utthitaih rajah EV.10.149.2''. 
ato matir (SV. matim) janayata svadhabhih EV.9.95.1'1; 

SV. 1.530''. 
ato rathena suvrta na a gatam EV. 1.47.7". 
ato vayam antamebhir yujanah EV.i.165.5'1; MS.4.11.3'': 

168.14; KS.9.18''. 
ato va deva bhuyahsa stha 9Q.8.21.1. 
ato va bhuyo a9vina EV.8.5.27'1. 
ato vifvavyaca abhuh A9.3.6.2 4'\ 
ato vi9va abhi sarii jTiti sariiyatah 
ato vi9vany adbhuta EV.1.25.11 '. 
atkam yo asya sanitota nrnam'1. 
atkam na niktam pari somo a\3'ata RV.9.69.4'1; SV.2. 


atkam na puro jarima vi dardah EV.4.i6.i3'i. 

attarah santv aksitah AV.6.i42.3'i. 

atta (AV. atto) havinsi prayatani barhisi RV.10.15.11''; 

AV.i8.3.44'=; VS.19.59''; TS.; MS.4.10.6'': 157. 

11; KS.21.14''. 
attir asy annam adyasam JUB.3.20.10. 
attu trnani SMB. 2. 8. 14; GG.4.10.19. See om trnani, 

trnani gaur, and trnany attu ; and cf. addhi trnam. 
atto etc. : see atta etc. 

atyah kavir nabhanyo narva RV.1.149.3''; SV.2.1124I'. 
atyam havih sacate sac ca dhatu RV.5.44.3''. 
aty akramid arjunam varam avyayam RV.9.6g.4''; SV.2. 

aty acittim aty aratim (MS.KS. ati nirrtim) adj'a VS. 2 7.6'' ; 

TS.!'; MS.2.i2.5h: 149.4; KS.i8.i6i-\ See next. 
aty acittir ati dvisah AV.2.6.5''. See prec. 
aty atisthad da9afigulam'i; AV.i9.6.i'l; ArS. 

4.3<i; VS.3i.i'l; TA.3.12.1'1. 
atyam na mihe vi nayanti vajinam RV. 1.64.6"; TS.3.1.11. 

7«; AB.3.18.13; AA.i. 2.1.9':. 
atyam na vajarii sanisyann upa bruve EV.3.2.3'i. 
atyam na vajaih havanasyadam ratham EV. 1.5 2.1°; SV. 

1.377"; AB.5.16.17. 
aty anyan (VS.<^B. anyan) agarii nanyan (VS.^B. nanyan) 

upagam VS.5.42; TS.; ; MS.i. 2. 14: 23.1; 

KS.3.2; 26.3; gB.; M9. Ps: aty anyan 

agam Ap9.7.2.i ; aty anyan K9-6.I.6. 
aty anyan raya barhismato madema MS.4,13.8: 209.1c; 

KS.19.13; TB. SeeVS.28.12. 
atyam iva 9a vase sataye EV. 1.130.6''. 
atyam mrjanti kala9e da9a ksipah EV.9.85.7"'. 
atya iva subhvaf carava sthana". 
atyan iva prasrjali sartavajau RV.3.32.61'. 
atyaptir ucchi.ste bhuti9 ca AV.i 1.7.22". 
atyayan bahulam tamah AB.7.13.6I'; (^Q.i^.i'j^. 
atyayatam nivatah ^(^.15.8.20. Comm. adds udvata9 9a, 

and designates it as sauparnl. It does not occur in the 

Suparnadhyaya (ed. Grube, 1875 ; cf. lud. Stud. xiv. i ft'.). 
atyayatam a9vina RV.5.75.21'; SV.2.i094^ 
atyayahi 9a9vato vayaiii te EV.3.35.5''. 
atyasmpatram asi PB.i.2.4; 6.5.3. P: atyayupatram 

atya vrdhasnu rohita ghrtasnu RV.4.2.3'1. 
atyaganad atlpanat TA. 10. 1.13''; MahanU.5.2». 
atyasah krtvya iva RV.9.46.1I'. 
atyasarat prathama dhoksyamana Kau9.62.21''. P: atya- 

sarat prathama Kau9.62.20. 
atyaso na yemarutah svancahRV.7.56.16''; TS.''; 

MS.4.I0.5'': 155.6; KS.21.13i; A9.2. 18.16. 
atyaso na sasrjanasa ajau RV.9.97.20!'. 
atya hiyana na hetrbhih RV.9.13.6''; SV.2. 541a. 
aty u pavitram akramit RV.9.45.4\ 
atyiirdhvaksoitira9cat T A. i . 6. i ». 
atyurmir matsaro madah EV.9.17.3*. 
aty enam nesad duritani vifva AV.6.110.2". Cf under 

atikiTimanto duritani. 
atyo na krado harir a srjanah EV.9.97.18". 


atyo na kriclann asarad vrsa harih RV.9.86.44'1 ; SV.2. 

atyo na kridan j^ari varam arsati E'V.9.86.26<1. 
atyo na gobhir ajyate RV.9.32.3''; SV.2.i20<'. 
atyo na prsthaih prusitas}a rocate RV. 1.5 8. 21^. 
atyo na mrsto abhi vajam arsasi EV.9.82.2I'; SV.2.668t. 
atyo na yansad yaksabhrd vicetah EV.i. 190.4'^. 
atyo na yuthe vrsayuh kanikradat EV.9.77.5"J. 
atyo na yosam ud ayansta bhui-vanih EV. 1.56.1^'. 
atyo na rathyo dodhaviti varan EV. 2.4.4^. 
atyo na vajaiii liarivah acikradat EV.10.96.10l'; AV.-o. 

atyo na vajasataye canohitah EV.3.2.V<J; VS.33.75"^. 

atyo na vajl taratid aratlh EV.9. 96.15''. 

atyo na vaji raghur ajyamanah EV. 5. 30. 14c. 

atyo na vajl sudhuro jihauah EV.3.38.ii'. 

atyo na vodba raghuvartanir vrsa RV.9.8i.2i\ 

atyo na srtva sanaye dhananam EV. 9. 96.20''. 

atyo na hastayato adrih sotari EV.10.76.2I'. 

atyo na hiyano abhi vajam arsa RV.9.86.3*. 

atyo na hrutah patatah parihrut EV.6.4.5'i. 

atyo na hvaryah 9i9uh EV.6.2.8'\ 

atyo najman sargaprataktah RV.i.65.6''. 

atyossi VS.22.19; TS.; MS.3.12.4: 161.8; KSA. 

1.3; PB.1.7.1; gB.; TB.; ApMB.2.2i. 

22 {ApG.8.2 2.i6). 
atra ((JJB. atra) jahimo«9iva ye asan<^; gB.13.8. 

4.3''. See atra jahama. 
atra tava radhyatam Kau9.33. 10. P: atra tava Kau9.79.18. 
atra dhenuh kamadughah karotu 
atra patnyo madayadlivaiii yathabhagarh yathalokam 

avrsayadhvam Kau9.88. 19. Cf. next but one. 
atra pitaro madayadhvam MS.1.10.3: 142.10; 1. 10.19: 

159-3; KS.9.6; 36.13; Mg.i. 7.6.48;— II. 9.2 (?^is). See 

next two. 
atra pitaro madayadhvaiii yathabbagam ((j^(J). yathabhagam 

pitara ; Kaii9. yatbabhagaiii yathalokam) avrsayadhvam 

VS.2.31; VSK.2.2.6; gB.; 6.1.36;' Ag.2.7.1; 

5-I7-5; W-4-4-II; 9-2; 8.2.13; Lg.2.10.4; Mg.2.5.1. 

35; Kau9.88.18; SMB.2.3.6; GG.4.3.ri; KhG.3.5.18: 
ViDh.73.22. Ps: atra pitaro madayadhvarii yathabba- 
gam L(^. 3. 2. 13; atra pi tarah Vrut. 22.23; K<?-3-4-i6; 4. 
1. 13; 5.9.20. Seeprec. and next, and cf. atra patnyo. 

atra pitaro yathabhagam mandadhvam TS.i. 8.5.1 ; 3.2.5. 
5; TB.i.6.9.7; Ap^.i.9.9; 8.16.8. Seeprec. two. 

atra piba snayasva M9.S.20. 

atra pravlr (TA. pravir madhumadhvlbhyam madhuma- 
dhuclbhyam) anu varii devavltaye VS.37.18; QB.14.1.4. 
12; TA.4.7.1. P: atra pravlr madhumadhvlbhyam 
madbumadhriclbbyam TA.5.6.5. 

atra brahma sama9nute QB. 1 4.7.2. 9<J; BrhU.4.4.9''; KU. 

atra yajamanah parastad ayusah svaha ChU. 2. 2 4. 6, 10,15. 

atrayas tarn anv avindan RV.5.40.9<'; KB.24.4e. 

atra rametharn varsman prthivyah (MQ. ovya adhi) VS. 5. 
17; TS.I. 2.13.2; ;gB. 3.5. 3.20; Mg. P: 
atra rametharn K9.8.4.5; Ap^.i 1.7.3. 

— atraha 

atra vibhajatha vltha AA.5. 1.1.25. According to the com- 
mentary these are three variant tvords occurring in the 

version o/EV. 10.11.8, as current in another school (9a- 

khantare). See yad agna esa. 
atra 9ravahsi dadhire EV.5.6i.ii''. See tatra etc. 
atrasnu apravede (MS. adds asambadhe) MS.4.13.9: 212. 

i; gB.i.9.5.1; TB.; Ag.i.9.1; W.1.14.4. 
atra kartam ava padaty aprabhuh EV.9.73.9''. 
atra cin no madho pito EV.i. 187.7c; KS.40.8<". 
atra jahama (AV. jahita) ye asann a9evrih (AV.i2.2.2 7<^, 

a9ivah; 12.2.26^, ogan durevah)':; AV.12.2. 

2 61^, 2 7c ; TA. 6.3.2. See atra (atra) jahlmo etc. 
atrany asmai padbhih sani bharanti EV. 10.79. 2^. 
atra te bhadra ra9ana apa9yam (KS. bhadra vrsana agrbh- 

nam) EV.1.163.5C; VS.29.16c; TS.; ks.40.6c. 
atra te rupam uttamam apa9yam (VSK. apa9yan) EV. i. 

I63.7^ VS.29.18a; VSK.31.3.30; TS.^ KSA. 

atra dadhur yajamanaya lokam AV. 18.4.7c. 
atra dadhe amrtarn jatavedah RV.3.23.ii'. 
atra dadhete amrtani nama AV.5.1.3C. 
atra dasasya namuceh 9ii-o yat EV.5. 30.7c. 
atradedista pauiisyam EV. 8. 4 5. 2 6c. See tatradadista. 
atra na hardi kravanasya rejati EV.5. 44. 9c. 
atra no vi9patih pita EV. 10. 135. iC; TA.6.5.3C; N.12.29C. 
atrapagyarii vi9patim saptaputram EV. 1.164.1'!; AV.9.9. 

!<'; N.4.2 6d. 
atra pita duhitur garbham adhat EV. 1.164.33''; AV.9. 10. 

I2<i; N.4.2i'l. 
atra puranidhir ajahad aratlh EV.4.26.7; N.11.2". Cf. 

Irma etc. 
atra (KSA. tatra) pusnah prathamo bhaga eti RV.1.162. 

4C; VS.25.27c; TS.; MS.3.16.1C: 182.3; KSA. 

atrabhi saiii rabhamahe EV. 10. 134.76. 
atra mahl rodhacakre vavrdhete AV.5.1.5''. 
atra yamah sadana te (TA. sadanat te) minotu EV. 10.18. 

13'i; TA.6.7.1'5. See tatra etc. 
atra yukto^vasataram ichat EV.10.27.9c. 
atra yujaiii krnute yo havisman EV.i 0.4 2.4c ; AV.20.89.4c. 
atra vi nemir esam EV.8.34.3a; SV.2.ii58'\ 
atra vo nrtyatam iva EV. 10.72.6c. 
atra 9ivam tanvo dhasim asyah EV.5. 41. 17''. 
atra sakhayah sakhyani janate EV.10.71.2C; N.4.10C. 
atra saiii jighnate yuja EV.9. 14.4c. 
atrasata I'S'iY'ih sapta sakam N.12.38C. See tad asata etc., 

and tasyasata etc. 
atra samudra a gudham EV. 10. 72.7c. 
atraha gor amanvata EV.i.84.i5a; AV.20.;T.3a; SV.i. 

147a; 2.265a; MS.2.i3.6a: 154.11; KS.39.i2='; TB.1.5. 

8.1a; Ag.9.8.3; BDh.3.8.8; N.2.6; 4.25". Designated 

as candrasaman ViDh.56.14. 
atraha tat kanva esam kanvatamah EV. 1.48.4c. 
atraha tad urugayasya visnoh (EV.N. vrsnah) EV. 1.154. 

6c; VS.6.3C; TS.; MS.1.2.14C: 23.17; KS.3.3C; 

gB.3.7.i.i5C; N.2.7C. 
atraha tad vahethe madhva ahutim EV. i.i35.S\ 


atraha — 

atraha te maghavan viyrutam sahah RV. 1.52.11". 

atraha te harivas ta u devih RV.4.22.7''. 

atraha t vam vi jahur vedyabhih EV. i o. 7 1 . 8^ ; N. 1 3. 1 3c. 

atraha danum atirah RV.4.30. 7^'. 

atrih {sc. trpyatu) AG. 3. 4. 2 ; 9G.4.10.3. 

atrim yavistham a rajah'i. 

atrim fifijaram a9vinri EV.8.5.25C. 

atrina tva krime hanmi TA.4.36.1''; Ap^- 15. 19.5. See 

atrivad, and hatas te atrina. 
atrino ye kimidinah AV.i.7.3^. 
atrino vi sahamahe'J. 
atrim na mahas tamaso«mumuktam RV.6.50. io<^. 
atribhya esate matih EV.5.67.5<J. 
atrim anu svarfgyam EV.2.8.5'>. 
atrir naravavartati EV.5.73.7<1. 
atrir yad vam avarohann rblsam EV.5.78.4''. 
atrir vam a vivasati £¥.5.74.1'^. 
atrivad vah krimayo hanmi AV. 2.32.3^; 5.23. lo''. See 

under atrina. 
atrih aasahyad dasyun EV.S.y.iod. 
atrih suryasya divi caksur adhat EV.5.40.8''. 
atrinam yrnutaiii havam EV.8. 38.8b. 
atrinam stomam adrivo mahas krdhi EV.8.36.6a. 
atred 11 me mahsase satyam uktam EV. 10.27.10'>. 
atrer iva frnutam purvyastutim EV.8.35.19^. 
atrer yathanasuya syat EVKh. 10.85. 5\ 
atrainan indra vrtrahan AV.5.8.9". 
atraiva tvam iha vayaiii suvlrah (TA. su9evah) EV. 10.18. 

9C; AV.18.2.59C; TA.6.1.3C iter). 
atraiva tva krime brahmavadyam avadya SMB. 2. 7.1'!. 
atraiva didUii dyavi AV. i2.2.i8«. 
atraiva vo^pi nahyami EV. 10. 166.3^ 
atraivaidhi pitrsu jilgrhi tvam AV.i2.2.iod. 
atraivainan abhi tistha AV.5.8.9C. 
atvakkaya svaha TS.; KSA.5.3. 
atsarabhih (50 Padap. ; mss. of Saiiihita, matsarabhih) 

kapiiijalan MS.3.15.6: 179.9. See under nchalahhih. 
atha karmani krnmahe AV. 19.68. icl. 
atha kirii papayamuya AV.7.56.6''. 
atha gachema sukrtasya lokam AV.6. 1 2 1. i<i ; 7.83.4'J ; 11. 

atha gosv acicarat AV.i2.4.28b. 
atha jivrir vidatham a vadasi AV.8.i.6<'; 14.1.21J. Sec 

atha jivri, a7id adha jivri. 
atha jivaso vidatham a vadema AV. 12.2.30'!. 
atha tatra pramadyati (^B. 
atha tavatkrilam bhuktva Kaui;.i4i.37''. 
atha tvam agadag cara AV.4. 17.8'!. 
atha tvam asi sasahih EV.10.145. 5b; See 

atho etc. 
atha devanaih vayanlr bhavati AV.i8.2.5d. See atha etc. 
atha dyumanto vi vasantu viprah AV.4.1.5''. 
atha pakvena saha sam bhavema AV.6. 119. 2'i; i2.3.55<^- 

atha pramanam vaksyamah Kau5.141.24a. 
atha bhava yajamanaya faiii yoh TS. 3. 2.11.2''. See atha 



atha martyo^mrto bhavati QB.; BrhU.4.4.9C; 

KU. 6. 1 4^,150. 
atha masi punar ayata no grhan HG.2.13.2C. See adhil 

atha yajiiiyam madhumad astu noinnam AV.6.ii6.i'i. 
atha yat pura cakrma kartasma9 ca yathopasthitam eva 

nas tat LQ.3.3.10. 
atha j'il bhadra tani nah AV.i.i8.i<=. 
atharya pitum me»jugupas tarii me pahy eva (j!!Q.2.i5.4. 
atharya pituiii me pahi VS.3.37; (^(^.2.14.3. iSee atharva 

atharvanam ahgirasam ca sa gatih GB. 1.5. 2511. 
atharvanam ahgirasam pratlci TB.3. 12.9.1''. 
atharvaneifvam prathamaiii ninaya Vait.6.ib. 
atharvane sudugham nityavatsam AV.7. 104. ib. Cf. ayam 

atharvane svaha ^B. Cf. atharvabhyah. 
atharva pitum me gopaya TB.,4; 2.1.25a; A<J!-2. 

5.2; ApQ.5. 18.2a. See atharya pitum. 
atharvabhir afigirobhi? ca guptah GB. 1.5. 241,25" (bis). 
atharvabhih fantah sukrtam etu lokam Kau5.i25.2'i. Of. 

atharvabhyah [sc. svaha) BDh.3.9.4. Cf. atharvane svaha, 

and angirobhyah svaha. 
atharvabhyoivatokam VS. 30. 15; TB. 3. 4.1. 11. 
atharvavaj jyotisa daivyena<=; AV.8.3.2I''. 
atharvangirasam tarpayami BDI1. 
atharvangirasag ca ye TB. 3. 12.8.2b. 
atharvangirasas tvayi juhomi svaha HG. 2.3.9. 
atharvangiraso mukham AV.i0.7.2O<'. 
atharva cadhi tisthatah AV.i 9.54.5b. 
atharvanam pitaram devabandhum AV.5.11.11''; 7.2.1". 

P: .itharvanam Kau9.59.18. 
atharvanah samavedo yajuhsi Vait.6.1''. 
atharvane abadhnata 
atharvane a9i9rayuh EV.9. 11.2b; SV.2.2b. 
atharvano«iigirasa9 ca 9antah GB. 1.5.24b. Cf. atharva- 

bhili. " 
atharvano bhrgavah somyasah EV.10.14.6b; AV.18.1. 

58b; VS.i9.50b; TS.2.6.I2.6b; N.II.I9b. 

atharva tva prathamo nir amanthad agne VS.11.32; TS.; 5-I-4-3; MS.2.7.3: 77.3; 3.1.5: 6.13; KS.16.3; 

19.4; 9B.; Vait.5.14. 
atharva nir amanthata EV.6. 16.13b; SV.i.9b; VS.i 1.32b; 

15.22b; TS.3.5-II-3''; 4-I-3-21'; 4-4-I''; MS.2.7.3b: 77.4; 

KS.16.3b; Vait.5.i4b; gB. 
atharva purnaiii camasam AV. 18.3.54". 
atharvaya jyesthaputraya praha MundU.i.i.i'^. 
atharva yatra diksitah AV.i 0.10.12'', 17''. 
atharva hrdayam ca yat 
atharvopavahriyamanah (TS. "vopottah) VS.8.56; TS.4. 

atharvyusta devajutah Ap(^.6.20.2^ See aghadvista. 
atharsabhasya ye vajah AV.4.4.8'=. 
atha vaha havyam devebhyo jatavedah KS.30.8'1. 
atha vi9ve arapa edhate grhah TS.'1. See adha 



atha sa jayate punah AV.ii.4.i4<l. 

atha havya jatavedo jusasva TS.3. 1.4.4''. Cf- devebhyo 

havya vaha. 
atha karad yajamanaya 9arii yoli<l-3(l. Qf, 

atha dhattam. 
atha ko veda yata ababhuva RV.10.129.6d ; MS.4.i2.i<l: 

178.17; TB.<1. 
atha gavaiii gopatir no bhavati EV.i 0.108.3d. 
atha ca bhud uktham indraya fastam EV.3.53.3''. 
atha jana vi hvayante sisasavah RV.i.i02.6<l. 
atha jivali pitum addhi pramuktah TS.; MS.2.7. 

i2<i: 91.3. Ste athaitani pitum, adomadam, and adha 

atha jivri vidatham a vadasi ApMB. 1.9.4''. -See ?«wder atha 

athatarpayae catura? caturdha AV.8.9.24C. 
atha te afigirastama RV.i.75.2a. 
atha te antamanam RV.i.4.3-'^; AV.20.57.3'' ; 68.3"; SV.2. 

atha te yajnas tanve vayo dhat RV. 6. 40. 4''. Cf. atho tanur. 
atha te sakhye andhaso vi vo made SV. 1.422^. See adha 

atha te sumnara Imahe SV.2. 520c. See adha etc. 
atha te syama varuna priyasah TS. 3. 4. 11. 611; MS.4.i4.3<': 

2 1 9. 1. See adha etc. 
atha tvam asi samkrtih MS.2.7. 13'': 93.13. See atha 

yuyam stha, atho tvam asi niskrtih, and atho yuyam 

atha dadhati dravinarh jaritre RV.4.20.9'1; KS.21. 13''. 
atha dadhate brhad ukthj'am vayali RV. 1.136.2^. 
athaditya vrate vayaiii tava AiS. 1.4*^; SMB. 1.7. 10^. See 

atha (and adha) vayam aditya. 
atha duvo vanavase RV.6.i6.i8<'; SV.2. 57=; KS.20.14c. 
atha deva dadhire havyavaham EV.7. 11.4''; 10.52. 3''; N. 

atha devanam va9anir bhavati<'; TA.6.1.4''. 

See atha etc. 
atha devanam apy etu pathah RV. 2.3.9''; TS.''. 

See adha etc. 
atha devanam ubhayasya janmanah RV.9.8i.2<:. 
atha devesv adhvaram vipanyaya RV.3.28.5''. 
atha devesv amrtatvam anaya RV.4.36.4''. 
atha devaih sadhamadam madema KS.40.12tl; TB.2.4.2. 

6''; Ap(^.9.8.6''. See yatra devaih e<c. 
athadya dasra vasu bibhrata rathe RV. 1.47.3''. 
atha dhattam yajamanaya 9am yoh EV.i.93.7''; TS.2.3. 

14.3''; MS.4.I4.6'': 223.10; 4.i4.8<l: 248.8; TB.>'. 

Cf. atha karad. 
atha dharmani sanata na dudusat RV.3.3.1''. 
atha na indra id vi9ali VS.7.25<:; 9B-4-2.4.23''. See atho 

ta indrah, and yatha na indrah. 
atha na indra somapah'=; SV.2. 696''; VS.8.34''; 

atha na indra havanesu eodaya RV. 1.102.10*'. 
atha na ubhayesam RV. 1.26.9'''. 
atha narali prayatadaksinasah RV. 10. 107.3''. 
atha nah fam yor arapo dadhata (MS. dadhatana) 

— atha 

i5.4<';VS.i9.55'';'': 156.13 ; KS.21.14'1 ; N.4. 

21. See athasmabhyaiii 9aiii etc., adha nah etc., and tad 

asme 9arh etc. 
atha nah sutara bhava RV. 10.127.6''. 
atha no dh."i adhvaram devavltau RV.3. 17.5''. 
atha no vardhaya girah {cHl except RV. and JB.i.6i«, 

rayim) RV.3. 2 9. 10''; VS. 3. 1 4''; 1 2. 5 2''; 15.56''; TS. 1.5.5. 

2'!; 4.2.4-4''; 7-i3-5'M JB.r.6id; i.6ie; gB.'' ; 

7.i.i.28;TB.i.2.i.i6'i;''; JabU. 4''. Sec adha no 

vardhaya, and tato no vardhaya. 
atha no vasyasas krdhi RV.9.4. i^-io"; SV.2.397c-4o6<'. 
atha no^vita bhava RV. 1.81.8^; AV. 20.56. 58. 
atha no vi9vacarsane SV. 1.366". See adha etc. 
atha no vi9va saubhagiiny a vaha RV.1.92.15C; SV.2. 

athanyam vindate^param AV.9.5.27'). 
athanyebhyo^dadad va9am AV. 12.4.23''. 
atha patya tanvaiii sarii srjasva ApMB.''. See ena 

patya, and 9am u patya. 
atha (AV. adha)pitfnsuvidatrafiupehi(AV.TS.TA. aplhi) 

RV. 10.14. 10"; AV.18.2.11C; TS.; TA.6.3.1''. 
atha posasya posena MS. 1.7.1": 109.15; Mg.9.4.1. See 

adha pustasye", adha posasya, and tasam posasya. 
athabravid vrtram indro hanisyau RV.4. 18.11"; TS.3.2. 

11.3"; MS.4.i2.5e: 192.7. 
athabhajad vitihotram svastau RV.2.38.r''. 
athabhayam krnutam dhanyaya AV.6.50.i<'. 
athabhayam krnuhi vi9vato nah RV.3. 47. 2''; VS.7.37''; 

TS.i.4.42.i<i; MS.i.3.23'': 38.6; 4. 14. 12'': 235.14; TB.2. 

8.4.2'i;''; MahrinU.20.2''. 
atha bhara 9yenabhrta prayfihsi RV.9.S7.6''. 
athabhavah j^urvyah karudhayah'i. 
athabhavat kevalah somo asya RV.7.98.5"'; AV.20.87.5''; 

athabhavad angirah sadyo arcan RV.3. 3 1.7''. 
athabhavad arati rodasyoh RV. 1.59.2''. 
athabhavad damitabliikratunam RV.3. 34.10''; AV.20.11. 

lo'i; MS.4.14.5'': 222.10; 4.14.13'': 236.11; TB.2. 8.3. 7''. 
atha bhava yajamanaya 9am yoh RV.3. 17.3''; TS. 1.7.13. 

4''; MS.4.ii.i'i: 161.13; KS.'2.i5d; Ag.3.10.8''. See 

atha etc. 
athabhavo maghavan bahvojah RV. 10. 11 1.6''. 
athabhagam ciklrsati ApMB. 2.6.12''. 
athabhahi 23radi9a9 catasrahMS.i.2.10'': 20.12; Ap^.n. 

12.3I'. . 
atha mano vasudeyasya krsva RV. 1.54.9''. See adha 

atha mandasva (VS. madasva) jujusano andhasah EV. 2. 

36.3"; VS.26.24c. 
atha mucyasva varunasya pa9at TB. 2. 7. 1 7. 2''. 
athamrtena jaritaram aiidhi (Ap^. ahgdhi) TB. 2.5.8. 1 2*1; 

atha yajate vara a prtliivyah EV.3.53. iid. 
atha yajnaya grnate vayo dhah RV. 6.40.1''. 
atha yajnaya grnate sugaiii krdhi RV. 1.94.9''. 
atha yanti tvam upa TA.6.5.3''. 
atha yuvam id ahvayat puraiiidhih RV. 1.117.19". 

atha — 

atha yuyam stha sariikrtlh TS. See under atha 

tvam asi. 
atha rayiih sarvavlrarii dadhaiana 15.11'^; VS. 19. 

59d;TS.2.6.i2.2J; 157.11 ; KS.21.14J. See 

rayiih ca nah. 
atha rajanaih trasadasyum asyah RV.4.42.9C. 
atharistabhir a gahi RV.6.54.7''- G/. atho aristatataye, 

and atho aristatatibhih. 
athava jighra TS.5. 7.26.1; KSA.5.4 (tcr). Cf. pibaita 

atha vayam ava it te vrnimahe EV. I.II4•9'^• 
atha vayamadityavratetavaRV.i.2 4.i5C; VS.12.12c; TS.; 4.2.1. 4C; MS.1.2.18C: 28.9; 4.i4.i7<:: 246.6; 

KS.3.8C; 16.80; gB.; N.2.13. P: atha vayam 

aditya vrate HG.1.9.10. See tinder athaditya. 
atha vaha devan deva vi^van RV.3.6.6C. 
atha vaha sahasyeha devan RV. 10.1.7''. 
atha vaha somapatim haribhyam RV. 1.76.3c. 
atha vahasi siimanasyamanah RV.i 0.5 1.7c; MS. 4. 1 4.1 5c : 

atha 9atakratvoyayamTS.4.2.6.ic; MS.2.7.13C: 93.4. See 

adha etc. 
atha faste dafuse varyani RV.1.163. 13J; VS.29.24d; TS.; KSA.6.3'1. 
atha firah prati vam afvyam vadat RV. 1.119.9'^. 
atha (VS.^B. adha) sapatnan indragnl me VS.17.64c; TS.; 6.4.2C;; MS.1.1.13C: 8.16; 3.3.8: 41. 

13; KS.I.I2C; 18.3C; 21.8; gB.; Mg.i. 3.4.8. 

P: atha sapatnan ApQ.3.5.7. 
atha (VS.(yB. adha) sapatnan indro me VS. 1 7. 6 3c ; TS.i. 

1.13.1C; 6.4. 2C;; MS.I.I.I3C: 8.I4;KS.I.I2C; iS. 

3C; 9B.; MQ.i.3.4.7. P: atha sapatnan Ap9■ 
atha s.apatnl ya mama RV. 10. 1 45. 3c ; ApMB. 1.15.3c. Sec 

adhah sapatnl etc., and ef. adha sapatnan mamakan. 
atha sida dhruva tvam MS. 2.8. jl': 106.3; KS.16.19i'; 21.3. 

iSee atho etc., and atho sida fiva. 
atha sida 9ivas tvam MS.2.7.8b: 86.3; KS.i6.8i\ See atho 

atha sidasva mahate saubhagaya M^. 1.7. 3. 4 2d. 
atha sunudhvam savanaiii madaya RV.4.35.4C. 
atha somam sutarii piba RV. 1.16.7c. 
atha somarii pibatam vajimvasu RV.2. 37.5(1; K9.12.3. 

14'!; Ap9.2I.7.l7d; MQ.7.2.2d. 

atha somasya pibatam sutasya RV.i. 108. id,6d-i2'l; N.12. 

3 id. Cf. tebhUi somasya etc. 
atha somasyaprayatiyuvabhyamRV. 1.109.2C; TS.1.1.14. 

ic; N.6.9C. See adha etc. 
athastam vi paretana EV.10.85.33d; AV.i4.2.29d; SMB. 

I.2.I4d;; ApMB.I.9.5d; HG.I.I9.4d; MG.I. 

1 2. id. C/". daurbhagyair vi. 
athasmabhyam varuno vayur agnih AV. 3.8.1c. 
athasmabhyam 9am yor arapo dadhata TS. 2.6. 1 2. 2d. See 

under atha nah yam. 
athasmabhyam savitah sarvatuta (AV.KS. savitar varyani) 

AV.7.14.3C; KS.37.9C;TB.2.7.i5.ic;; gg.'s. 



athasmabhyam sahaviram (AV.VSK.MS.KS. oviram) 

rayiiii dah AV.2.6.5d; 3.12.53; VS.27.6d; VSK.29.6d; 

TS.4.i.7.3d;MS.2.i2.5d: 149.5; KS.i8.i6d;HG.i.27.7c. 

See asmabhyam citram, and cf. next. 
athasmabhyaih sahaviraiii rayim ni yachatam TS.3.5. 

1.26. Qf^ under pree. 
athasmabhyam pustim raddhim Lg.3.ii.3c. 
athasya madhyam ejatu VS. 2 3. 2 70; L9. 9. 10.4c. See 

athasyai etc., and adhasya. 
atha syata surabhayo grhesu MS. 1.3.39I': 46.10. See adha 

athasya madhyam etc. : see athasyai etc. 
athasyetaram atmanam AV. 11.8.31c. 
athasyendro giTivabhyam AV. 6. 138. 2c. 
athasyai (TS.TB.MS. asya) madhyam edhatam (Vait. edha- 

tu; AQ.Lg. ejatu; gg. ejati) VS.23.26c; TS.; 

MS.3.13.1C: 168.2; gB.; TB.; 

i2c,i3C; gg.i6.4.2C; Vait.36.31c; L9.9.10.3C. Scc Under 

athasya etc. 
athaham stuyamanasya BDh. 
athaham anukamini (Mg. anugamini) TS.; Apg. 

11.16. 10 ; Mg.2.2.4. 19. 
athaham purusanayah SMB.2.4.8d. 
atha hi te mada a soma manye RV.8. 48.6c. 
atha hi vam divo nara RV.i 0.143.3c. 
athahur narakarii lokam AV. 12.4.36°. 
athahur ma dada iti AV. 12.4.52I*. 
athetarabhih yivatamabhih yivaih krdhi AV. i8.2.9d. 
athetare duhkham evopayanti (gvetU. evapiyanti)gB. 14. 

7.2. r5d; BrhU.4.4.i5d; gvetU.3.iod. 
athedaiii vi9vam pavamane te vaye RV.9.86.28C. 
athedam vifvam bhuvanahi bhayate EV.10.27.22c. 
athedam tvam ghrtaiii piba Ag.8, 14.43. 
athedam agne no liavih AV. 1.7.3c. 
athedam adharacyam AV.4.7.2C. 
athedam bhasmantaiii yarlram VS.40.15t'; l5aU.i7l'. See 

athendram id yajamahe RV.8.40.21'. 
athendro dyumny abhavat RV.S.89.2''; VS.33.95l'. 
athemam asya vara a prthi\'yah AV. 7.8.1c. ^gg athem 

athemam ihava gamaya AV.3.3.6d. 
athemam enam etc. : see athem enam etc. 
athem avasya vara a prthivyah TS.; Ag.4.4.2C; 

gg.5.6.2C; Mg.2.i.3.i5c. See athemam asya. 
athem asmabhyam randliaya RV.6.53.5C-7C. 
athema viyvah prtana. jayasi (RV. 10.52.5d, jayati) RV.8. 

96.7J; 10.52. 5d; SV.i.324d;; TB. 
atheme anya upare vicaksanam (AV. vicaksane) RV. 1. 1 64. 

12C; AV.9.9.12C; PrayU.i.iic. 
athem enam (AV. athemam enam) pari dattat pitrbhyah 

RV.lO.16.2b; AV.l8.2.5b; TA.6.1.4I'. 
athem enam (AV. athemam enam) pra hinutat pitrbhyah 

RV.10.16.2d; AV.i8.2.4d; TA.6.i.4d. 
athemeimanthann amrtam asurah TB. 
athehi yata eyatha>. 
athaikam cakram yad guha RV.10.85.16c; AV. 14.1.16c. 


athaikarajo abhavaj jananam MS.4. 14-13''= 236.7; TB.2. 

athaitad api yanty antatah MU.6.iid. See athainad. 
athaitad vacah panayo vamann it RV. 10. io8.8<l. 
athaitaiii pitum addhi prasutah VS.12.65J; QB.'j. 2.1.1^. 

See tinder atha jivah. 
athaita vaja amrtasya pantham RV.4.35.3"'. 
athaitasya haviso villi svaha AV. 19.52.5'!; Kau9.92.3ii\ 
athaitadrg bhaiami te EV.8. io2.i9<'. 
athaitan astau virupan (TB. athaitan rupebhj'a) alabhate 

etc.YS.30.22 (atidlrgham catihrasvarii ca, in the sequel); 

VSK.34.22 (atifuklaiii catikrsnam ca, in the sequel); TB. (atiiirasvam atidlrgham, in the sequel). 
athaite dhisnyaso agnayo yathasthanaiii kalpantam ihaiva 

svaha HGr.i.17.4. See atho yatheme, ime ye dhisnyaso, 

and i^unar agnayo dhisnj'a. 
athainam jarima nayet H6. 1.4.8c (<er). See yathainam 

athainad api yanty antatah TA.8.2.i'l; TU.2.2.i'i. See 

athaitad etc. 
athainam dhelii sukrtam u loke AV. 18.3.71'!. 
athainam me punar dadat RV. 4. 2 4.1 oil. 
athainam deva abruvan AV.12.4.22C. 
athainam nipriyayate AV. 12.4.25'!. 
athainam akratum krtva AV.3.25.6C. 
athainoh ksatram na kutay canadhrse RV. 1. 136. if. 
athaiva sumana asi RV.3.9.3!>. 
athaisam indra vedaiisi AV.6.66.3C. 
athaisam indro vajrena AV. 1.7.7''. 
athaisam bahu bibhyatam AV.8.8.20''. 
athaisam bhinnakah kumbhah SMB.2.7.3''. See atho 

bhiiiadmi, bhinadmi te kusumbham, and of. iyattakah. 
atho aksaparajayam AV.4.17.7!'. 
atho adyedaiii vy avo maghoni RV. 1.113.13!'. 
atho adhipatiiii vifam!'. 
atho adhivikartanam (ApMB. "cartanam)!^ ; 

AV.14.1.28!'; ApMB.I.I7.Io^ 
atho annasya kllalah (L^- annasya yo rasah) AV.7.60.5C; 

¥8.3.43"; L(?. 3.3.1c; Apg.6.27.3C;gG.3.3.i<'; 7.2c; HG. 

1.29. ic. 

atho annenaiva jivantiTA. 8.2. 1" ; TU.2.2.1C. See ete. 
atho amivacatanah AV.8.2.28C. Cf. raksohamivacatanah. 
atho ayuktam yunajad vavanvan EV. 10. 27.9'!. 
atho aratidusih (AV.19.34.4!', •^dusanali) AV.2.4.6!'; 19. 

34- 4^'- 
atho aristatataye,9e,io'!; AV.6.19.2C; PB.i. 

5. 1 8'^. Cf. next, atharistabhir a gahi, and asma ari". 
atho aristatatibbih EV.10.137.4!'; AV.4.13.5!'. Cf. prec. 
atho arvavatah sutah RV.9.39.5!'; SV.2.252!'. 
atho avaghnati hanti RV.1.191.20. 
atho avyam ramayam AV.12.2.19C. 
atho asi jivabhojanam AV.4.9.3'!. 
atho astu tauubalam AV.9.4.2ot'. 
atho asmabbj-am bhesajam TS.; MS.1.10.4C: 144. 

11; KS.9.7<=. 
atho asya stanan uta AV.i 2.4.18!'. 
atho abarito bhuvat AV.i.22.2'!. Cf. barimanam ca. 

— atho 

atho apo me diksam net pramusnan MS.3.6.9: 72.9. 
atho abandhanlyayoh MS.2.7.I2!': 92.15; Ap9.i6.i8.6!\ 
atho afatika hatah T A. 4. 36.1c. (y hatah krimayah, and 

atho ita iva hayanah AV.6. 14.3c. Cf nadam iva chindhi. 
atho idam savanaiii kevalam te RV. 10.96. 13!'; AV.20.32. 

3^; AB.4.4.IO; KB.17.4; Ag.6.3.16!'. 
atho indra iva devebliyah TB. 2.4.7. iJ. 
atho indra3\a patave RV. i . 2 8. 6c ; Ap(^. 1 6. 2 6. 3c. 
atho iyam iti AV. 20. 1 30. 1 8. 
atho iyam iyam iti AV.20.130.17. 

atho uksatu varcasa AV. i2.i.7'!,9'!;'!: 233.13. 
atho eti gavinike AV.9.8.7b. 
atho enam vanaspate AV.2.9.1C. 
atho enam ajijabham AV.7.56.5'^!. 
atho kuririnaiii krdhi AV. 6. 138.2''. 
atho kururum atrham AV.2.31.2!'. 
atho krnomi bhesajam AV.8.7. 515,220. 
atho krsna atho fvetah TA.4.36. ili. 
atho ksiptasya bhesajim AV.6.ioy.3'l. 
atho cittani muhyata AV.3.2.4I1. 
atho cittani mohaya AV.5.2i.4e,5«,6'. 
atho citrapaksa ^irah PG.3.6.3C. 
atho jiva faradah yatam VSK.3.9.6. Cf adha jivema, and 

under asau jiva. 
atho ta indrah kevallh RV. 10. 173.6c. See under atha na 

indra id. 
atho tatasya j'ac chirah RV.8.91.6C. 
atho tanur eva tanvo astu bhesajam AA. Cf atha 

te yajiias. 
atho te arasarh visam AV.4.6.6I'. 
atho te namah MS.2. lo.i!': 132.1; KS.17.17. See 

namas te astv arcise. 
atho tvam dirgbfiyur bhutva V8. 12.100c. 
atho tvam asi niskrtih KS. 1 6. 1 3''. See under atha tvam asi. 
atho tvam asi sasahih AV.3.i8.5!'. See atha etc. 
atho da5a9alad uta AV.8.7.28!'. 
athod asthat svayam atkaiii vasanali RV. 4. 1 8. 5c. 
atho divyah sa suparno garutman RV. 1.164.46''; AV.9. 10. 

28!'; N.7.18!'. 
atho devesito munih RV. 10. 136.5!'. 
atho dhatil brhaspatih AV.i 1.8.5!'. 
atho (MG. asau) naksatranam esam RV. i o. 8 5. 2c ; AV. 1 4. i . 

2C; ApMB.I.9.2C; MG.I.14.8C. 

atho nah suliavo bhava AV. 19.4.3'!. 

atho ni fusya mam kamena AV. 6. 139.2c. Cf. eva ni etc. 

atho no dhehi tapa indriyaiii ca AV.6. i33.4<!. 

athopa praid yudhaye dasyum indrah RV.5.30.9'!. 

atho payasvatinam AV. 3. 24.1c. See under apaiii payaso 

atho pariniitam uta AV.9. 3.1''. 

atho parsteyaiii krimim AV. 2.31.4!'. 

atho pita mahatani gargaranam AV.9. 4. 4!'; TS.!'; 

KS.13.9!'. See utayam pita, 
atho pinasti piiisati RV. 1.191.2'!. 
atho balasanayanih AV.8. 7.10c. 
atho bastabhiva9Lnah AV.i 1.9. 22*!. Cf. arayan bastavfi- 


atho — 

atho bahvir vi jayante AV.ii.4.3'^. 

atho bhagasya no dhehi AV.19.4.3''. 

atho bhagasya yac chrantam AV.6.74.2''. 

atho bhagah savita putadaksasah KV. 10.92. 4''. 

atho bhinadmi tarn kumbham AVP.2.32.6C. See under 

athaisaiii bhinnakah. 
atho bhratur atho pituh AV.i.i4.2<3. Cf. pari mfitur etc. 
atho manusyakilbisat Ap(p.7.2i.6e. 
atho ma9akajambhanl AV.7.56.2fi. 
atho matatho pita TA. 4.36. i". See hato hatamata, and hata 

atho masam atho tilam AV.6. 140.2I'. 
atho me duhita viiat EV.10.159.3l'; ApMB. 1.16.3''. 
atho ya isudhis tava VS.16.12';;''; MS.2.9.2';: 

122.6; KS.i7.ii'=; NiIarU.i6c. 
atho yajnasya yat payah AV.6.69.3''; ArS.3.1*'. 
atho yatheme dhisnyaso agnayo yathasthanam kalpayan- 

tam ihaiva MG. 1.3. i. See under athaite dhisnyaso. 
atho yad adyaisaiii hrdi AV.3.2.40. 
atho yada samabhavah AV. 19.34.8*. 
atho yad brahmanaiii niahat AV. io.8.38fl. 
atho j^ad bhesajaiii tava AV. 11.4.9". 

atho yamasya padblgat (VS. "vlyat) EV.10.97.16''; AV.6. 
96.2C; 7.112.2C; 8.7.28C; VS.12.90''. See nir ma ya- 
atho yasya ayo mukham EV.6.75.15I'. 
atho ya agnija apah TB.''. 
atho ya upapaksyah AV.7.76.2I'. 
atho yah kag ca virudhah AV.ii.4.i7''. 
atho yani gavyani pusta AV. 19.49.3''. 
atho yani cayamahe AV. 19.48. i''. 
atho yuyarii stha niskrtlh''; VS.12.83''. See 

under atha tvam asi. 
atho ye asya satvanah VS.16.8''; TS.'';": 

121. 15; KS.i7.ii<:; NilarU.ii". 
atho ye ksullaka iva AV. 2. 3 2. 5" ; 5. 2 3. 1 2". Cf. atho sthura, 

and hatah kriminam. 
atho ye ca paradaduh AV.20.128.5''; 9^.''. 
atho ye vigyanaiii vadhali AV.6. 13.1". 
atho yo arvatah girah AV. 19.50.5". 
atho yo asman dipsati AV.5. 14.2". 
atho yonir hiranyayi TS.''. See yasyai yonir, and 

yonir yas. 
atho yo no aratiyat AV.4.36.I''. 
atho yo manyus te pate AV.7.74.3". 
atho yo vigvadavyah AV.3.21.9". 
atho rajann uttamaiii manavanam TB. 2.4. 7.8''. See uta 

atho rajasu rocaj^a KS.40. 13''. 
athorama (read adhorama) udumbarah HG.2.7.2a. See 

atho vanaspatlnam AV.4.4.5''. 
atho vayaiii bhagavantah syama EV.i. 164.40''; KQ.25.1. 

19''; AP9.9.5.4''; N.ii.44\ Seeadhaete. 
atho varunyad uta''; AV.6.96.2''; 7.112.2''; 

VS. 1 2.90''. See nir ma varunad. 
atho vaganam bhavatha saha griya EV.3.6o.4'i. 


atho vafayas tat priyam AV.12.4.40". 

atho vikankatlmukhah AV.i 1.10.3''. Cf- atho satlnakan- 

atho vidma nirrter bhagadheyam AV.11.1.29''. 

atho veda candramasam yatojali VS. 23.60'!. 

atho vy uchad uttaran anu dytin EV. 1.113. 13". 

atho fakra paravatah EV.3.37.iil>; AV.2o.2o.4'J; 57. 

atho fatasya yaksmanam VS. 12. 9 7". 

atho guskasya cara AV.6. 13 9. 2'', 4'!. 

atho fusyatv asyam AV.6. 139.2''. 

athoifva asthuri no bhavan AV. 20. 130. 19. 

atho samjnapanam hrdah AV.6. 74. 2''. 

atho satinakahkatah EV. 1. 191. i''. Of. atho vikaiikatlmu- 

atho samtodinav uta AV. 7.95.3''. 

atho saiii dyami madhyaman AV.6. 103. 2'\ 

atho sapatnakar^anali AV.8.5.12". 

atho sarvam fvapadam AV. 11.9.10^ 

atho sahasracakso tvam AV.4.20.5". 

atho sahasrabharnasara EV.9.60.2I'. 

atho sahasvah jaugidah AV.2.4.6"; 19.34.4". 

atho sihho atho vrsa AV.8.5.i2'\ 

atho sida dhruva tvam VS.12. 5411; KS.16.19i'; 21.3; ^B. See atha etc., and atho sida giva tvam. 
atho sidagivas tvam VS.12.17'';''; 2.1.5I'; KS. 

16.8''; gB.6. 7.3.15. SceniMetc. 
atho sida yiva tvam TS. 4. 2.4.4''; TB.''. Seeunder 

atho sida dhruva. 
atho sutavaga va9a AV. 12.4.46''. 
atho sthura atho ksudraliTA.4.36. i^ Cf. atho ye ksullaka, 

and hatah kriminam. 
athosraghni yathayatham Kau9.i28.4''. 
atho ha ke^avardhanih AV.6. 2 1.3''. 
atho ha ksatram adhi dhattha ugra EV.i. 157.6". 
atho ha gopataye va^a AV. 12.4.39". 
atho hantasi raksasah AV.4.19.3''. 
atho hanti parayati EV. 1.191.2''. 
atho hanti prtanyatah TB.''. 
atho ha brahmabhyo va^a AV.12.4.30". 
atho haritabhesajam AV.4.9.3^. 
atho ha stho rathya rathyebhih EV.i. 157.6''. 
atho haridravesu me (AV. te) EV.i. 50.12"; AV.i.22.4"; 

TB."; Apg.4.i5-i*=. 
atho hasathur bhisaja mayobhuva''. 
atho horvarlr yuyam Kau9.io7.2". 
ada ekena gaehati AV. 1 1.8. 3 3", 3 3''. 
adah pibatu somyaiii madbu L9-2.9. I^3''. See vibhrad 

brhat pibatu. 
adaksinaso acyuta duduksan EV.10.61.10''. 
adat pibat urjayamanam agitam EV. 10.37. 11". 
adatraya dayate varyani EV.5.49.3*. 
adada arbhaiii mahate vacasyave EV.i. 5 1.13". ■ 
adadata varuna mitra yuyam EV. 10.64.12''. 
adaduse visani duhe AV.12.4.39''. 

adadhad indie pavamana ojah EV.9.97.41"; SV.1.542"; 
2.605"; N.14.17". 


adantakaya svaha TS.; KSA.5.3; TB.; 

ApQ.20.12. 5. 
adanti tva pipllikah AV.7.56.7^ 
adabdha indo j)avase madintama RV.9.85.3*. 
adabdham vipra manniabhili EV.10.87.24i'. 
adabdhaksatram idam astv ojah KS.22. 14''. 
adabdhacaksuh pari vifvaiii babhuva AV.13.2.44''. 
adabdham caksur aristam manali suryo jyotisam fresthah 

11(^. See next, and abaddham mano. 
adabdham mana isiram caksuli suiyo jyotisam fresthah 

(JG.6.4.1. P: adabdham manah 9G.6.4.9. See under 

adabdhavratapramatir vasisthah EV.2.9. i^; VS. 11.36''; 

TS.3.5.ii.2e;4.i.3.3C;MS.2.7.3C: 77.14; KS.16.3S- AB. 

1.28.34; gB. 
adabdhah (,'a9vato dabbali RV.5.i9.4'^. 
adabdhasya vratasya ye EV.7.66.6^; SV.2.703''. 
adabdhasya svadhavatah EV.8.44.20*; KS.40.i4^ 
adabdhasya svayafaso virapfinah RV. 10.75.9d. 
adabdhah su puraeta bhava nah EV.1.76.2I1; Ap9.24.12. 

10''. Cf. adabhyah puraeta. 
adabdhah surabhiutarali EV.9.107.2''; SV.2.664''. 
adabdha abhi caksate EV.8. ioi.6<i. 
adabdhani varunasya vratani EV. i . 2 4. i o'' ; 3. 5 4. i S'' ; TA. 


adabdhayoifitatano TB.'=. Cf. agne»dabdhayo»9lta- 

adabdhasah svaya9asah EV.8.67.i3l>. 
adabdha sindhur apasani apastama EV.10.75.7c. 
adabdhasur bhrajamauo^heva AV.5. i.i<'. 
adabdhaso adabhyam VS.3.i8f; TS.i. 1. 10.21';'; 

gB.; gg.2.ii.3f. 

adabdhaso aparitasa udbhidah EV.i.89.i'j; VS.25.14''; 

adabdhaso dipsanto bhuryaksah EV.2.27.3''. 
adabdhah santi payavah sugevrdhali EV. 8. 18.2c. 
adabdhena tva caksusa pratlkse Apg.6. 10. 11. 
adabdhena tva caksusa vapa9yami VS. 1.30; ^B. 1.3.1. 19. 

P: adabdhena Kg. 2. 7. 4. See the next two, and adab- 
dhena va9. 
adabdhena tva caksusavapa9yami rayasposfiya suprajas- 

tvaya suvlryaya (KS. omits last ivord) KS. r. 10 ; gg.4.8. i. 

See under prec. 
adabdhena tva caksusavekse (TS. "kse suprajiistvaya ; MS. 

"kse rayasposaya suprajastvaya) TS.; MS.i.i. 

11: 7.1;; Apg.3.19.7; 6.6.6; M^.i. 2.5.12; MG. 

2.2.9. See under prec. hut one. 
adabdhena brahmana vavrdluinah AV. 1 7. 1. 1 2f. 
adabdhena va9 caksusavapa9yami rayasposaya varcase(KS. 

OHJifevarcase) suprajastvaya KS. 1.6; 31.5; Ap^.i. 20.11. 

See adabdhena tva etc. 
adabdhena va9 caksusavekse Apg.i.21.7. Cf. adabdhena 

tva etc., and mitrasya va9 etc. 
adabdhebhih pari pahy aktubbih AV.17.1.9''. 
adabdhebhih payubhih pahy asman EV. 1.95.9''. 
adabdhebhir udrpitebhir iste EV. 1.143.8". 
adabdhebhis tava gopabhir iste EV.6.8.7a. 

— adarasrd 

adabdhebhih savitah payubhis tvam RV.6.71.3''; VS.33. 

69.'',84»; TS.i.4.24.i^ MS.i.3.27^': 39.13; KS.4.ioa; 

TB.\ P: adabdhebhih savitah Mg.2.5.1. 38. 
adabdhair aprayutvabhih EV.6.48.10''; SV.2.974''. 
adabdho gopa amrtasj^a raksita EV.6.7.7''. 
adabdho gopa uta nah paraspah RV.2.9.6C; TS.; 

6.1. 5"; MS.4.10.5C: 154.5; ks.21.13''. 
adabdho gopah pari pahi nas tvam (KS. pari patu vi9vatah) 

EV. 1 0.1 2 8. 61); TS.'; KS.40.10i'. See tvam no 

gopah pari, 
adabdho divi prthivyam utasi AV. 17.1.12". 
adabdho ni cikisate EV.8.78.6I'. 
adabdho bliuyasam TS.; ii.6; KS.5.1; 32.1. See 

adabdho«ham bhrati-vyaiii dabheyam Mg. i . 4. 2. 4. Seeprec. 
adabdho hota ni sadad idas pade EV. i.i28.if. 
adayo virah (AV. adaya ugrah) 9atamanyur indrali EV. 10. 

103.7''; AV.19.13.7t'; SV.2.1205''; VS.17.39l'; KS.18. 

5''. See adayo, and adayo. 
adardar utsam asrjo vi khani EV.5.32.i'> ; SV.1.315^ ; N. 

I0.9^ P: adardah Svidh. 1.4.18. 
adargi gatur urave varlyasl EV. 1.136.2^ 
adargi gatuvittamahEV.8.io3.ia; SV.1.47''; 2.865''; PB. 

17.1.11; Ag.4.13.7; Mg.i.5.3.5. Ps: adar9i gatu (cowiWJ. 

gatuvittama ity etat sama) Lg.4.10.4; adar9i gg.6.4.7. 
adargi vi srutir divah EV. 1.46. 11". 
adargus tva 9asaliastam AB.7.17.3". See adraksus. 
adargma jyotu- avidama devan TS. 3.2.5. 4''. Sec aganma etc. 
adastam asi visnave tva (KS. omits tva) MS. 4. 1.3: 5.12; 

KS.3.1; 31.2; TB.; 7.4.17''; Apg. 1. 14.3"; Mg. 

adah su madliu madhunabhiyodhih EV.i 0.12 0.3''; AV.5. 

2.3''; 20.107.6''; SV.2.835'i;AA.i. 3.4.13; 5-I-6.2; Mg. 

7.2.7''. See ata u su. 
adad idaru yamo(VS.KS.gB. adad yamo) ivasanahi prthi- 

vyali VS.12.45c; TS.''; MS.2.7.11C: 89.4; 3-2-3: 

18.3; KS.i6.iiC; gB.; TB. Cf yamo 

adad rayo vibodhanam EV.8.3.22C. 
adan me paurukutsyah panca9atam EV. 8. 1 9. 3 6". Cf. BiliD. 

adanyan somapan manyamanah AV. 2.35. 3". See ananyan 

etc., and ayajiiiyan yajiiiyan. 
adabhyah puraeta EV.3.II.5''; SV.2.906^; TB.2. 4.8.1". 

Cf. adabdhah su. 
adabhyam grhapatim EV. 10. i i8.6c. 
adabhyag ca me adhipati9 ca me KS. 1 8. 1 1. See adhipati9 

ca me. 
adabhyasya manmabhih EV. 8.7.1 5C. _ 

adabhyani mahisasya santi EV. 10.54.4''. 
adabhyaso janusi ubhe anu EV.9.70.3''; SV.2.775I'. 
adabhyena 9ocisa EV.10.118.7'; Evidh.2.25.5. 
adabhyo bhuvanani pracaka9at EV.4.53.4*. 
adayo virah 9atamanyur indrah TS.'. See under 

adarasrd bhavata (AV. bhavatu) deva soma AV.1.20.1*; 

TB. 3.7. 5.12"; Apg.2.20.6\ P:adarasrtKau9.2.39; 14.7. 




adaQustarasya vedah KV.8.8r.7<". 

adasyann agna iita sariigrnami AV. 6. 1 1 9. i '\ Sec aditsan 

va, dasyann adasyan, dhipsyarii, and yad vadasyan. 
adita(MS.adita)ehiVS.3.27; 38.2; TS. 1.6. 3.1; MS. 4. 2. 5: 

27.1; 4.9.7: 127.5; gB.;; TA.4.8.1; 

5.7.1; W.2.12.3; Lg. 3.6.3; Apg.6.3.8; 15.9.3. 
aditaye svaha gG.2.14.4. See adityai svaha. 
adita ehi: sec adita ehi. 
aditih kamadugha paprathana AV.12.1.61''. 
aditih kefaii vapatu AG.1.17.7''; MG.i.21.3'1; ApMB.2.1. 

i''. Cf. aditih ^mafru, and adite ke9an. 
aditih patv ahhasah TS. 1.5. 11.5". 
aditih patv ahhasah sadavrdha RV.8. iS.d". 
aditih pantu marutah AV.6.3.1'1; 4.2^'. 
aditih pa9am (MS.KS.MQ. pa<?an) pra mumoktv etam (MS. 

KS. etan) TS.3.I.4.4'''; MS.i.2.15-'': 26.2;"'; 

Apg.7.17.5. P: aditih pa fan MS. 4. 14.4: 220.13; M^. 
aditih putrakamya AV.6.81.3I'. 
aditih prayaniyoipafustha nyiiptah KS.34.14. Cf. aditir 

aditiih firsna VS.25.2; TS.; MS.3.15.2: 178.6; 

aditim sa di^aiii devlrii devatanam rchatu (KS.Ap^l. sa 

rchatu) yo maitasyai difoibhidasati KS.7.2; TB.3. 11.5. 

3; Apg.6.18.3. 
aditim nama vacasa karamahe AV.7.6.4I'; VS.9.5I'; 18. 

30I- TS.'; MS.i.ii.ib: 161. 8; KS.13.14b; QB. 
aditim mitrani varunam sujatan RV.6.5i.3b. 
aditir achinnapatra priya {also aeliinnapatrah priyo) deva- 

narii priyena dhamna priye sadasi sida KS. i.i 1 (quater). 
aditir adhipatir (VS.TS.KS.gB. adhipatny) asit VS.14.29 ; 

TS.; MS.2.8.6: 110.9; KS.17.5; gB. 
aditir apao ca barhif ca MS. i .9 .2 : 1 3 2. i . Cf. aditir vedya, 

and marutoipaf. 
aditiraganachinnapatr a M^. 1.2. 3. 24. 
aditir asi VS.4.21; TS.; MS. 1.2. 4: 13.8; 3.2.6: 

24.17; KS.2.5; 16.16; QB. 3.3.1. 2. 
aditir asi vifvadhaya vifvasya bhuvanasya dhartrlVS. 13. 

i8;TS.4.2.9.i;MS.2.8.i4: 117.16; KS.39.3 ; gB. 
aditir asy achidrap.attra Apg.2.6.1. 
aditir asy ubhayatahylrsnl VS.4.19; TS.i.2.4.2;; 

MS.i.2.4: 13.4; 3.7.5: 81. I9;KS.2.5; 24.3;gB.3.2.4.i6. 
aditir asaditah TS. Cf. aditili prayanlyo. 
aditir iva tva suputropanisadeyam indranlvavidhava KS.; Mg.i.2.5.11. See 7ierf. 
aditir iva suputra TB.3.5.T3.3; 7.5.10I'; Apg.2.5.9b. See 

aditir utya gamat RV.8.18.7''; SV.i.i02b;''; 

ApQ. 14.29. lb. 

aditir jatam aditir janitvam EV.i.89.iod; AV.7.6.i'l; 

VS.25.23'1; MS. 4.14.4^1: 221.2; AB. 3.31. 12; TA.1.13. 

2'1; JUB.1.41.4-I; N.4.23'1. 
aditir devata MS.2.13.20: 165.16; TS.; KS.7.2; 

39.13; TB.3. 1 1.5.3; Apg.6.18.3. 
aditir deva gandharv.a manusyah pitaro«suras tesaiii sarva- 

bhutanam mata medini(MahanU. medini prthivi)mahatl 

mahl savitri gayatrt jagaty urvl prthvl bahulavifva bhuta 

katama kaya sa satyety amrteti vasisthah TA. 10. 21.1 ; 

aditir dyavaprthivl rtaiii mahat EV. 10.66.4". 
aditir dyaur aditir antariksam EV.1.89.10'' ; AV.7.6.I''; 

VS. 25.23^; MS.4.i4.4i^: 221. 1 ; AB.3.31.9; TA.1.13.2''; 

Ag.3.8.1; 5. 18.12; JUB.i.4i.4'>; N.1.15; 4.23". P: 

aditir dyauh Vait.6. II ; Kau9.59.18. Cy. BrhD.3.123. 
aditir na urusyatu EV.8.47.9'>; TS.1.5.1 i.s'' ; TB.3. 1.3. 3. 
aditir naktam advayah EV.8. 18.6''. 
aditir no diva pafum EV.8. 18. 6*. 
aditir madhyarii dadatam TS. 3.5. 6.2. See vayus te ma- 

aditir mata sa pita sa putrah EV.i.Sg.iob; AV.7.6. i''; 

VS.25.23b; MS.4.i4.4b: 221. i; AB.3.31.10; AA.3.1.6. 

22; TA.i. 13.2b; JUB.i.4i.4b; N.4.23b 
aditir matfisy antarik.san ma chetsih Ag.i.3.22. 
aditir madityaih pratlcya diyah patu AV. 18.3.27'*. 
aditir vedya TA.3.8.1. Cf. under aditir apaf. 
aditir hy ajanista EV. 10.72.5''; Ag.3.8. i. 
aditig ca prthivi ca MS. 2.1 1.6: 143. 11. See prthivi ca 

aditig ca ma indra^ ca me MS. 2. 11. 5: 142.13. 
aditih yarma yachatu EV.6.75.i2d i7<l; 8.47.9b; SV.2. 

i2i6'i;VS.i7.48'^»; 29.49''; TS.;<l; MS. 3. 

16.3d: 187. 1 ; KSA.6.I''. Cf. vifvaha farma yachatu. 
aditih fma^ru vapatu AV.6.68.2'1; MG. 1.21.14. P: aditih 

fmayru Kau5.53.18. Cf aditih kefan, and adite kefan. 

Sec also the uha AG. 1. 18. 3. 
aditih frapayan iti VS.ii.59'1; TS.4.I.5.4''; MS.2.7.6'': 

81.6; 3.1.7: 9.1; KS.16.5d; 9B. 
aditis te (TS.KS.TA.ApQ. aditis t^) bilarii grbhnatu (KS. 

Ap9. grhnatu; TA. grhnatu pariktena chandasa; TS. 

grhnatu paiiktena chandasaiigirasvat) VS. 11. 59; TS.4. 

1.5.4; MS.2. 7.6: 81.4; 3.1.7: 8.2o;KS.i6.5;i9.6;gB.6. 

5.2.20; TA.4.2.6; Ap(/.i5.3.4; 16.5.3. Ps: aditis te 

bilam Mg.6.1.2 ; aditi.s te Kg.16.4.3. 
aditis tva (TS.KS. aditis tva) devi vifvadevyavati (MS. 

''devyavati) prthivyali sadhasthe aiigirasvat (TS. ^figi- 

rasvat) khanatv avata VS.ii.6i ; TS. ; MS.2. 7.6: 

81.9; 3.1.8: 9.18; 4.9.1: 121. 11; KS.16.6; gB. 

Ps: aditis tva devI vifvadevyavati KS.19.7; aditis tva 

den Apg.16.5.8; MQ.6.1.2; aditis tva (TS. aditis tva) 

TS.; Kg. 16.4.9. 
aditis sodafam KS. 14.4 (ter). 
aditih sodafaksaraya sodafam masam udajayat MS. i.ii. 

10 (&;'s); 172.8; 173.1. (7/; adityai sodafaksaraya e^c, 

and next two. 
aditih sodafaksaram 171. 18. Cf. under prec. 
aditih sodafaksarena (VSK. sol") sodafam (VSK. sol") 

stomam udajayat VS.9.34;; TS. 
aditis te kaksarii badlmatu vedasyanuvaktavai medhayai 

fraddhaj'a anuktasyanirakaranaya brahmane brahma- 

varcasaya HG. 1.4.6. 
aditis te bilarii etc.: see aditis te bilarii. 
aditis tva etc. : see aditis tva. 


aditis sadohavirdhanabhyam KS.g. lo. See niarutah sado". 
aditih sarvam N.1.15. Perhaps no quotation at all. 
aditih sindhuh prthivl uta d3'auh EV.i. 94.16'!; 95.1 id; 

ge.Qd; 98.3d; loo.igd; loi.ll'l; 102. II<'; 103. 8^; 105. 

19^; 106.7'!; 107.3d; 108.13d; 109. 8d;;; 

112. 25d; 113. 2od; II4.Ild; 115. 6d; 9.97.58d; ; 

VS.33.42d; 34.3od; MS.4.i2.4d(te): 187.6,8; 4.i4-4'^: 

220.12; KS.i2.i4d(6is); AB.1.21.19; TB.; TA. 

aditeh. putro bhuvanani vivva AV. i3.2.9d. 
adite kejan (kei,a9nia9ru) vapa PG. 2. 1.6,7. Cf. aditih 

kefan, and aditih fma9ru. 
aditemu manyasvaTS. ; MS.2.2.1: 15.6; ApQ.19.20. 

6; Mg.; GG.1.3.1 (f/. II); KhG.i.2.17; HG.i. 

2.8; ApG.i.2.3 {ivith uha, anv amaiisthah, 1.2.8). P: 

aditeinu Karmap. 1.9.6. 
adite niitra varunota mrda RV.2.2 7.I4^ 
aditer garbhaiii bhuvanasya gopum MS.4.i3.2i>: 200.3; 

KS.15.13''; TB.3.6.2.ii\ 
aditer dakso ajayata EV. 10.72. 4<'. 
aditer bhagoisi: see aditya etc. 
aditer hastani srucam etam dvitlyam AV. 11.1.24*. P: 

aditer hastani Kau9.62.i. 
aditya ahaiii devayajyaya pratistham gameyam KS. 5. i ; 

aditya ahaiii devayajyaya pra prajaya ca pa9ubhi9 ca jani- 

slj'a ApQ.4. 10. 1. Cf. devanam patnlnfim. 
aditya usnisam asi MS.4.9.7: 127.8; TA.4.8.2; 5.7.2; 

Ap(J3. 1 5. 9. 5 ; M(J3. 4.3.5. Cf. adityai (aditya) rasnasi and 

indranya usnP. 
adityah(VS. adityai)pancamlVS.25.4; MS. 3.15.4: 178.12. 
adityah (VS.TS.KSA. adityai) pajasyam VS.25.8; TS.5. 

7.16.1; MS.3.15.7: 179.11; KSA.13.6. 
adityah putiaiii nathakama upa yami bliltali AV.13.2.37!'. 
aditya dvada9i KSA. 1 3. 1 2. Sec adityai etc. 
aditya (VS. adityai) bhasat VS.25.8; MS.3.15.7: i79-ii- 
aditya (VS.TS.QB. adityai; VSK. aditer) bhagcsi VS.14. 

25; VSK.15.8.4; TS.4.3.9-I; 5-3-4.3; MS.2.8.5: 109. 

13; KS.17.4; 21. 1 ; gB.; Mg.6.2.i. 
aditya yat tanvali sambabhuva AV.3.2 2.i'\ 
aditya rasnasi: see adityai etc. 
aditya va upasthe sadayami MS.1.1.5: 3.7; 4-I-5: 7-i3; 

Mg. See Mwder adityas tvopastlie etc. 
adityas tvag asi VS.i.14,19; 4.30; TS.; 6.x; MS. 

1. 1. 6: 3.ii(6;s); i.i.7(&is): 4-2,3; 4-i-6: 8.1; 4.1.7: 

9.4; KS.i.5,6; 2.6,7; 3.1; 24.6; 26.2; 31.4,5; gB.i.i. 

4.5; 2.1.14; 3.3.4-I; TB.; 6.1; Ap(;:!.i.i9.4; MQ.,7; —; 2.4.34. P: adityas tvak Kg.2. 

4.3; 7.9.6. 
adityas tva prsthe sadayami VS. 14.5 ; MS.1.1.2: 2.4; 2. 

8.1: 107.5; 4.1.2: 4.3; KS.17.1; 20.10; 
adityas tva murdhann ajigharmi devayajane prthivyali 

VS.4.22; gB. P: adityas tva KQ.7.6.18. See 

prthi\'yas tva etc. 
adityas tvopasthe sadayami TS. 1. 1.4. 2; MS.4.1.13: 18.5; 

TB.; Apg.i.5.2; 18.5; Mg.i.i.1.50. See aditya 

va, and prthivyas tva nabhau sadayamy. 

— adinah 

adityah (VS.QB.KQ. adityai) sada (MS. sada) aslda VS.4. 

30; TS. 1.2.8. 1 ; 10. 1 ; 3.4.2; 6. 1. 1 1.2 ; 3.2.4; MS. 1.2. 6: 

15.6; 1. 2.13: 22.12; 3.7.8: 86.5; 3.9.1: 113-11; <?B.3. 

3.4.1; Apg.10.27. 10; Mg.; 2.4.35. P: adityai 

sadah Kg. 7.9.7. See next. 
adityah sadane sida KS.2.6,7; 3.1; 24.6; 26.2. Sceprec. 
adityah sadoisi TS.i.2.8. 1 ; lo.i; 3.4.2; 6.1. 11. 2; 3.2.4; 

Apg. 10.27.10. 

adityah skambhoirsi MS. 1. 1.7: 4.4; 4.1.7:9.7; Mg.i.2.2. 

27. Cy. diva skambhaiiir. 
adityai trayo rohitaitah TS. ; KSA.9.8. 
adityai tva KS.30.5 {his). 
adityai tva caturudhnyai KS.30.4 (gwaitr); Mg.7.2.6 (fz/s). 

The reading of Mg. is corrupt. 
adityai dvadayi TS.5. 7.22.1. See aditya etc. 
adityai iiailcami: see adityah etc. 
adityai pajasyam: see adityah etc. 
adityai bhasat: sec aditya etc. 
adityai bhagoisi: see aditya etc. 
adityai mahyai svahaVS.22.20; TS.; MS. 3. 12. 5: 

162.1; KSA.3.5; gB.; TB. 
adityai (MS.KS.Mg. aditya) rasnasi VS. 1.30; 11.59; 38- 

1,3; TS.i.i.2.2;; MS.1.1.2: 2.2; 1.1.3: 2.7; 2. 

7.6: 81.3; 3.1.7: 8.19; 4.1.2: 3.14; 4.9.7: 127.5; KS. 

1.2; 16.5; 19.6; 31. i; gB.i.3.1.15;;, 

8; TB.; TA.4.8.1; 5.7.1; Apg.1.4. 10,12; 12.7; 

15-9-3; 16-5-1; Mg.i.i.1.41; 3.17; —4-3-9; —6.1.2. 

P: adityai rasna Kg. 2.7.1 ; 16.3.30; 26.5.3. C/ aditya 

adityai visnupatnyai carum (KS. canih) VS. 2 9. 60; TS.7. 

5.14.1; MS. 3. 15. 10: 180.14; KSA.5.10. 
adityai vyundanam asi VS.2.2; gB.i.3.3.4. P: adityai 

vyundanam Kg. 2.7.20. 
adityai soda9aksaraya chandase svaha 173. 

10. Cf. under aditih soda9aksaraya etc. 
adityai sada etc. : see aditj'ah etc. 
adityai sumrdlkayai (VSK. sumrllkayai) svaha VS.22. 20 ; 

VSK.24.26-28; TS.7.3.I5-I; MS.3.12.5: 162.2; KSA. 

3.5; gB.; TB. 
adityai svaha VS.22. 20; TS.; MS.3.12.5: 162.1; 

KSA.3.5; gB.; TB.; 6.6; 8.11.2. See 

aditaye svaha. 
adityai hahsasacih TS.5.5.20.I ; KSA. 7. 10. 
aditsantaiii cid aghrne KV.6.53.3''. 
aditsantam dapayati (TS.MS. dapayatu) prajanan VS. 9. 

24^; TS.; MS.1.11.4'': 165.6; KS.14.2e; gB.'". See utaditsantaiii. 
aditsan va saiiijagara janebhyah TA.2.4.i'\ See under 

adidyutat sv apako vibhava EV.6.ii.4i'; MS.4.14. 15": 

241.4. See acikradat svapa efc. 
adiksistayam brahmanah (Apg. brahmanoisav amusya 

putro^musya pautro^musya naptamusyah putro^musyah 

pautro-musya napta) TS.6. 1.4.3 ; ApQ. 10. 1 1.5. Cf. Mg., and see diksito. 
adidhayur da9arajiie vrtasah EV.7.33.5!'. 
adiaah syama 9aradah 9atam VS.36.24g; MG.i. 22.11s. 


adivyann — 

adivyann rnarii yad aharii cakara^ See yad 

adivyann, and yad daivyam. 
aduhkhara (SaiiihitopanisadB. atrptarii) kurvann amrtam 

sariiprayachan ViDh.30.47''; VaDh.2.iob; Samhitopa- 

nisadB.3'1; N.2.4'\ f//: Mahabh. 1.76.63. 
aduhkho duhkhacaksur iva TA.I.3.4^ 
aduh prajam bahulaiii pafun nah AV. 1 1.1.17''. 
adugdha iva dhenavah RV.7.32.22I'; AV.20.121.1t'; SV. 

1.2331'; 2.3ol>; VS.27.35b; TS.'; MS.2.13.9I': 

158.14; KS.39.12b; Apg.17.8.4'^; 19.22.16b; Mg.5.2.3. 

gb 12b; ^irasU.4b. 
adurmangalih (AV. "ll) patilokam a viya (AV. vi9eraam) 

EV.10.85.43c; AV.14.2.40C; SMB.1.2.18C; ApMB.i.ii. 

adus te devah putram AV. 5. 25.9c. 

aduhann it piyusam AV. 2 o. 1 3 1 . 2 1 . 

adrnhathah yarkarabliis trivistapi (M^. tribhrstibhih) KS. 

7.12''; ApC.s.g.ii"; Mg.I.5.2.I5^ 
adrnhad dyavaprthivi balena AV.i3.i.6<'; TB.<'. 
adrptakratum aratiiii yuvatyoh EV.6.49.2b. 
adrptakratur avatah RV.8.79.7b. 
adrpyata manasa revad a9athe RV. i.isi.gfl. 
adrgan tvavarohantam NllarU. lO'i. /See asau yo avasar- 

pati, and cf. apafyaiii tva^. 
adrgyamano bahudha vi jayate AV. 10.8.13b. See ajaya- 

adrgrann asya etc. : see adrfram etc. 
adrgrann udahaiyah VS. i6.7<l ; TS.4.5. 1.3''. See uta tvod", 

and utainam ud". 
adrgram (AV. 13. 2.1 8-% ArS.MS.KS.M^- adryrann) asya 

ketavah EV.i.50.3'1; AV.i3.2.i8<''; 20.47.15^; ArS.5.8''; 

VS.8.4o»; MS.i.3.33": 41-7; KS.4.ii^ (;3B.4.5.4.ii"; 

ApQ.i6.i2.i"; MQ.7.2.2. P: adr9ram K9-I2.3.2. 
adrstah kim caneha vah EV. 1.191.7c. 
adrstan sarvan jambhayan EV. 1.191.8c. Cf. drstam 

adrstam, vi9vadrst;o, and asyadrstan. 
adrstan hanty ayati EV. 1.191.2^ 
adrsta vi9vadrstah EV. i.i9i.5c,6c. 
adrsto drstani abhara SMB. 2.4. 12c. 
adedista vrtraha gopatir gah EV. 3. 3 1.21''. 
adeva indra yiidhaye ciketati EV. 10.38. 3b. 
adeva 190 puruhuta yotoh EV.6.i8.ii<i. 
adevah purtam adade EV.8.46.2ib 
adevam kaiii cid atrinam EV.9. 105.6b; SV.2.963b 
adevatrad aradhasah EV.5.61.6C. 
adevayuiii vidathe devayubhih EV.7.93.5C. 
adevayun tanva 9u9ujrinrin EV.10.27.2b. 
adevayiin samarane jaghanvan EV. 10.27.3b. 
adevasya 9U9uvanasya mayah EV. 10. 11 i.6b. 
adevah san9 cikirsati AV.5.8.3b 

adeva devavattaram ApMB.2.22.10''. See mayadeva. 
adevad devah pracata guha yan 124.2^ 
adevani hvaraiisi ca EV.6.48.iod; SV.2.974'1. 
adevir agne arfitih EV. 8. 11.3c. 
adevrghny apatighnihaidhi AV.i4.2.i8^ 
adevena manasa yo risanyati EV.2.23. 1 2 ' ; KS.4. 16". 
adevo abhimanyate AV.6.6.ib. 


adevo yad abhy auhista devan EV.6. 17.8c. 

ado giribhyo adhi yat pradhavasi TB.'>. Cf. under 

ado yad avadhavati. 
ado devi (KS. devi) prathamana prthag yat KS.7.i2a; 

ApQ.5.9.ii^ See ato devi, and ado yad devi. 
ado ma agachatu Ap9.4.i2.6; 13.16.10. See next tut one. 
adomadam annam addhi prasutah AV.6.63.i'i. See under 

atha jivah. 
ado magachatu MS.1.4.1: 48.7; KS.5.3; Mg.i.4.2.22; 

AP9.4.13.8. See j)rec. hut one. 
ado magamyat MS.1.4.1: 48.7; MQ.i.4.2.22. 
ado ma ma hasista Ap9.6.2o.2. Cf ma ma hasista. 
ado yat te hrdi 9ritam AV.6.i8.3a. 
ado yad avadhavati AV.2.3.I^ P: ado yat Kau9.25.6. 

Cf ado giribhyo, ami ye ke, and asau yo^vasarpati. 
ado yad avarocate AV.3.7.3''. 
ado yad daru plavate EV. 10. 155.3". 
ado yad devi prathamana purastat AV. 12.1.55". See under 

ado devi. 
ado yad brahma vilavam TA. 1.27.6*. 
addhatir yasya pa9yati AV.6. 76.2c. 
addha deva mahah asi EV.8. loi.iif'; AV.20.58.3'1; VS. 

33-39'^- 'S'ee tvani aditya mahaii, and mahna deva. 
addhi ^B.i.7.2.17. 
addhi trnam aghnye vifvadanim EV.1.164.40C; AV.7.73. 

ic; 9.10.20C; KQ.25.1.19C; AP9.9.5.4C; 15.12. 3; N.II. 

44C. Cf under attu trnani. 
addhi tvaiii deva prayata havlhsi EV.i 0.15.12'! ; AV.18. 

3.42'!; 4.65ci; VS.i9.66'i; TS.2.6.i2.5<i. 
addhid indra i^rasthitema havlhsi EV. 10. 116. 8*; N.6.16''. 
addhindra piba ca prasthitasya EV.10.116.7ti; N.7.6. 
adbhih pari prajatah (M^. otah stha) Ap9.i-24.5; W^.1.2. 

adbhih prthivim KSA.3.4. 

adbhir ariktena patrena TB.; Ap9-i.i4-3''. 
adbhir ajyam ajyenapah ApQ.4.5.6*. 
adbhir atmanam abhi saiii spr9antara AV.i2.3.3ob. 
adbhir gobhir mrjyate adribhih sutah EV.9. 68.9c. 
adbhir marudbbir bhrgubhih sacabhuva RV.8.35.3b. 
adbhir mrjano gobhih 9rinanah EV.9. 109. 17b; SV.2.5iib. 
adbhir yati varunah samudraih EV.1.161.14C. 
adbhir vi9vasya bhartribhih ApMB.2.i9.2c. See adbhih 

adbhih satyam KS.35.15. 
adbhih sarvasya bliartrbhih ^Gr-S-iS-S"- 'S'ee adbhir vi- 

adbhih soma paprcanasya te rasah EV.9. 74.9". 
adbhya csadhibhyah M9.7.2.4. 
adbhya osadhlbhyah pavate VS.7.21 ; QB., See 

adbhyah pavate, and csadhlbhyah pavate. 
adbhya osadhlbhyo vanaspatibhyo^dhi sariibhrtam (VS. 

^B. sambhrtarii payah)VS.i7.ib; TS.; MS.2.10. 

!'•: i3i.i;KS.i7.i7b; (^B.g.1.2.5. 
adbhyah {sc. namah) MG.2.12.4. Cf GG.i.4.9. See na- 

adbhyah ksiraiii vj^apibat VS. 19.73"; MS.3.ii.6'^: 148.12; 

KS.38.1a; TB.2.6.2.I^ Cf adbhyah somam etc. 


adbhyah pariprajata stha TS. ; TB. 
adbhyah pavate (TA. pipihi) T A. 4. i o. i ; Ap?- 1 2. 1 5. 8. See 

adbhya osadhibhj'ah pavate. 
adbhyag ea tvausadhlbhya^ ea (sc. unnayami) Ap(J!l.6.8.2. 
adbhyas tarn nir bhajamo yoisman dvesti yarii vayarii 

dvismah AV. 10. 5. 3 3. 
adbhyas tirodhajayata TA.i.3i.i\ 
adbhyas te lohitarii sprnomi svaha ^B.i; K9.25. 

6. 1 1. 

adbhyas t\a TS. ; MS.i.3.35: 42.2; KSA.1.2 ; TB. 

adbhyas tva pari dadami (ApMB. dadamy as5u) ApMB. 2. 

3.21 (ApG.4.11.3); HG.i.6.5. Cf. adbhyas tvau.sadhl- 

bhyah pari, 
adbhyas tva raja varuno hvayatu AV.3.3.3". 
adbhyas tvausadhlbhyah (VSK. "bhyah proksami) VS.6. 

9; VSK.6.2.3; TS.r.3.11.1; 3-5-8.1; KS.3.5'; 26.8; 30. 

5(6!s); ^B.; Ap9-7-26.i2; M(?.7.2.4. P: adbhyas 

tva KQ.6.3.31; 20.6.7. Se^ wfr< hut one. 
adbhyas tvcausadhlbhyah pari dadami (^B. 1 ; PG.2. 

2.21. Cf. adbhyas (and osadhlbhyas) tva pari, 
adbhyas tvausadhlbhyah proksami VSK.6.2.3 ; TS.i.3.8. 

i;; Ap9-7-i3-io. P: adbhyas tvausadhlbhyah 

M^.i.8.3.7 ; — 7.2.4. See prcc. hut one and next hut one. 
adbhyas tvausadhlbhyo (Ap^. "bhyo justarii) grhnami TS.; Ap9.2I.2I.4. 

adbhyas tvausadhlbhyo justam prok.sami MS.1.2.15: 24. 

12; 3.9.6: 1 2 4. 1 1. See prcc. hut one. 
adbhyah sam anamat TS.7.5.23. i; KSA.5.20. Cf. apa? 

ca varuna^. 
adbhyah sambhutah prthivyai rasac ca TA.3.13.1^; Ap^- 

16. 29. 2a. P: adbhyah sambhutah T A. I o. 1 . 3 ; MahanU. 

1. 1 2. 5'pc adbhyah sambhrtah. 

adbhyah sambhutam amrtarii prajasu TB.'; ApQ. 

5.2.1''. Cf. amrtam jajne, and amrtam dadhre. 
adbhyah. sariibhrtah prthivyai (MS. prthivya) rasac ca (KS. 

rasah) VS.31.17'';": 96.15; KS.39.2^ P: 

adbhyah sariibhrtah K(?.2i.i.i7; PG.1.14.3; BrhPDh. 

9.188. See adbhyah saihbhutah. 
adbhyah somariivyapibat MS.3.1 1.6^: 148.15. (See somam 

adbhyo ^'yapibat, and cf. adbhyah kslram. 
adbhyah svaha AV.19.43.7; VS.22.25,29; 39.2; TS.1.8. 

13-3; 7-4-I4-I; MS.3.12.10: 163.11; KS.15.3; KSA.4. 

3; gB.; TB.; 8.17.5; 12-2.6; 

67.1; Ap9-i8.i6.i2 ; 20.11. 17; MahanU.19.2; Kauf. 

103.2; MDh.3.88 (adbhyah, se. svaha). 
adbhyo matsyan VS.2 4.21 ; MS.3.14.2: 173. i. 
adbhyo j'atam isam urjarii vahanta EV.5.76.4''. 
adbhyo loka dadhire teja indriyam TB. 3. 7. 14.1'' [his), 2d; 

Ai>(y. 1 3.21.3'! (ter). 
adbhyo va idarii sam abhut TA. 1.23.8''. 
admasadyaya hinvire EV.8.43.19C. 
admasan na sasato bodhayanti EV.i. 124.4''; N-4.r6<'. 
adya (sc. sutya) L9.1.3.2. 
adya jivani ma fvah AV.5.18.2''. 

adyate«tti ca bhutani TA.8.2.1C; TU.2.2.1''; MU.6.I2'-. 
adya devi sarasvati AV.4.4.6''. 

— adrim 

adya no etc. : see adya no etc. 

adyamanani sarvada ^B. 14. 4. 3.1''; BrhU.i.5.1''. 

adyamanah svakarmabhih TA.i.8.6''. 

adya krnuhi vitaye(SV. "hy ritaye)EV. 1.13.2c ; SV.2.698<". 

adyagne adya savitah AV.4.4.6\ 

adya ca no mrdayatapararii ca EV.2.29.2''. 

adya ca sarvatataye EV.6.56.6<". 

adya cin nu cit tad apo nadmam EV.6.30.3'>; N.4.17. 

adya tad ucha grnate maghoni EV.i.iis.i?". 

adya tam asya mahimanam ayavah EV.8.3.8e; AV.20.99. 

2C; SV.2.924<=; VS.33.97''. 
adya tam indra vajrena TB.''. 
adya tva vanvan (KS. vardhan) sureknah EV.6.16.26'' ; 

KS.26.11'>; TB.''. 
adya dansistham utaye EV.8.22.i'\ 
adya divo manavasu EV.5.74.1''. 

adya dutarii vrnlmahe EV. 1.44.3"^. Cf. agnim dutarii. 
adya devavyacastamah EV.5.22.2'1; 26.8'\ 
adya deva udita suryasya EV.r.115.6'^; VS.33.42fi; MS.4. 

14.4*: 220.11; TB.''. 
adya devan usarbudhah EV.I. 44.1''; SV.i.40'3; 2.1130''. 
adya devan (VS. devan) justatamo hi gamyah EV. 1.163. 

13^; VS.29.24C; TS.''; KSA.6.3C. 
adya devanam ava a vrnlmahe EV. 10.35. i^. 
adya devasah piprta svastaye EV. 10.63.8''. 
adyadya 9vah-9vah EV.8.6i.i7'i; SV.2.8o8a; PB.4.7.7. 
adya nakis tad a minat EV.4.30.23''. 
adya nunam ca yastave EV. 1.13.6". 
adya (SV.GG.Svidh. adj^a) no deva savitah EV.5.82.4!>; 

SV.1.141''; AB.4.30.3; 5.2.6; 8.6; 17.6; 21.9; KB.19. 

9; 20.2; 25.9; TB.'1; AA.; TA.10.10.2"; 

49.i'';MahanU.9.6a; 17.7" ; Ag.5.18.5 ; gg.8.3.8 ; 18.22. 

2;;AG.3.6.5;gG.i. 4.2; GG.3. 3.32; Svidh. 

1.8.7. Cf BrhD.5.89. 
adya mamara sa hyah sam Sna (MS. in Sariihita, sahyah 

samanah) EV. 10.55.5'' ,: AV.9. 10.9'' ; SV. 1.325'' ; 2. 1 1 3211 ; 

MS.4. 9.12'': 133-I1; TA.4.2o.i'l; N.14.18''. 
adya muriya yadi yatudhano asmiEV.7.104.15'' ; AV.8.4. 

15'; N.7.3. 
adyasya brahmanaspate AV.4.4.6C. 
adya hutaso vasavoidhrstiih EV.6.50.4''. 
adyiim krnota fansarh ninitsoh EV. 7. 34.1 21". 
adyutyeivase ni hvaye vam EV. i.i 12.24'^; VS.34.29''. 
adyed u pranid amamann imaha''. 
adyopavasathah Kau9. 1.31. 
adyaud u.sah 909ucata rathena EV. 1.123.7''. 
adrayas tva bapsati gor adhi tvaci EV.9.79.4''. 
adraksus tva 9asahastam 9(^.15.24". See adar9us. 
adriih rujann aiigiraso ravena EV.1.71.2''. 
adririi rujema dhaninarh 9ueantah EV.4.2.I5''. 
adririi logena vy abhedam arat EV. I0.2 8.9^ 
adrina te mandina indra tuyan EV. 10.28.3a. 
adribhih pavate sutah EV.q. 63.13''. 
adribhih sutah pavate gabhastyoh EV.9.71.3''. 
adribhih sutah pavase pavitra a EV.9.86.2 3'''. 
adribhih suto matibhi9 canohitah EV.9.75.4''. 
adririi bhindanty ojasa EV.5.52.9''; N.5.5. 

adrir — 

adrir asi vilnaspatyah (KS. 9lokakrt) VS. 1.14 ; TS. 1.1.5. 2; 

KS.1.5; 31.4; gB'i. 1.4.7; TB.'; Apg.i.19.8. P: 

adrir asi K^. 2.4.4. Cf- prthugravasi, brliadgravasi, gru- 

vasi, and adhisavanam. 
adruha devau vardhete EV. 5. 6 8.4c; SV.2.8i6c. 
adreh suiium ayuiii ahuh'=. 
adrogham a valiofato yavisthya RV.8.60.4''. 
adroghavacam sugevam NN.d.i.z'^; AQ.8.i.i8<=. 
adroghavacam matibhih <,avistham (EV. 6.5.1'^', "bhir ya- 

vistham) EV.6.5.i'>; 22.2<1; AV.20.36.2'1. 
adrogha satyaiii tava tan niahitvam EV.3.32.9". 
adroghavita vacam acha AV. 11.1.2I1. 5ee asredhanta 

adroghena vacasa satyam agne EV.3.14.6'1;'i. 
adrogho na dravita cetati tman EV.6.12.3C; MS. 4. 14. 15'^: 

adrau cid asma antar durone EV. 1.70.4^. 
advese (MS. advesye) dyavaprthivl huvema (MS. huve) 

EV.9.68.10C; 10.45.12c; VS.12.29C; MS.2.7.9C: 87.8. 
adveso adya barhisa starlmani". 
adveso no niaruto gatum etana EV.5.87.8". 
adveso visnur vata rbliuksa EV. 1.186.10c. 
adveso hastayor dadhe EV. 1.2 4. 4c. 
advesye : sec advese. 

adhah jjafyasva mopari EV. 8. 3 3.1 9". Cf. BrhD.6.76. 
adha kratuiii vidataiii gatum ai-cate EV. 1.151.2c. 
adlia kratva magliavan tubhyaiii devah EV.5.2 9.5^ 
adha ksapa pariskrtah EV.9.99.2»; SV.2.981^; PB.18.8. 

adha ksaranti sindhavo na srstah EV.i. 72.10c. 
adha gmanta nahuso havaui sQreh RV. 1.122.11'''. 
adha gmanto9ana prchate vam EV. io.2 2.6'\ 
adha cyavana ut tavity artham EV. 10.59. ic. 
adha jihva papatiti pra vrsnah EV.6.6.5\ 
adha jmo adha va divah EV.8.i.i8a; SV.i.52». 
adha te vi9vamanu hasad istaye EV. 1.57.2''; AV.20. 15.2^ 
adhattanyaih jathare prem aricyata (SV. aricyata pra ce- 

taya)EV.2.2 2.2C; SV.2.838C. 
adha tyam turva9aiii yadum EV.9. 61.2c; SV.2.561C. 
adha tyarh. drapsaiii viblivaiii vicaksanam EV. 10.11.4''; 


adha tvam indi-a viddhy asman EV. 10.61. 22^. 

adha tvasta te maha ugra vajram EV.6. 17.10^ 

adha tva vi9ve pura indra devah EV.6.17,8". 

adha tvisimah (SV. cman) abhy ojasa kriviiii yudhabhavat 

RV. 2. 2 2.2a; SV.2.838a. 
adha tve adha surye EV. 4. 31.6c; KS.8.i6c. 
adha dyuksaiii sacevahi EV.8.69.i6c; AV.20.92.13c. 
adha dyutiinali pitroh sacasa EV.4.S.10''. 
adha dyau9 cit te apa sa nu vajrat EV.6. \ 7.9". 
adha drapso ah9umatya upasthe RV.8.96.i5'»; AV.20 137 


adha dvita samanya RV. 8. 83.8b. 

adha dharaya madhva prcanah RV. 9. 9 7.11a; SV.2.37o\ 
adha pra jajne taranii- mauiattu EV.i.i2i.6\ 
adha pra su na upa yantu (SV. pra nunam upa yanti) dhl- 
tayahEV.i.i39.if; SV.i.46if. 


adha pra9ana rtutha havlhsi EV. 1.170. 51*. 

adha priyaiii 9usam indraya manma EV. 10.54. 6c. 

adha priyam isiraya EV.S.46.29". 

adha prinana vi mumuktam asme RV.7.9i.5<l. 

adha playogir ati dasad anyan RV.8.i.33^ 

adha baliu cit tama urmyayah RV. 6. 10.4c. 

adha bhramas ta urviya vi bhati EV.6. 6. 4c. 

adhamaih gamaya etc. : see adharaiii etc. 

adhamam pa9ani uttamam AV.2.8. i<l; 3.7.4<^. 

adha yac carathe gane EV.8.46.31'1. 

adha yad agnili 9va9uresu didayat EV. 10.95.12'!. 

adha yad ime pavamana rodasi EV.9. iio.9''>; SV.2.846^ 

adha yad esaiii sudine na 9aruh EV. 1.186.9c. 

adha yad esaiii niyutah paramali EV. 1.167.2c. 

adha yad esaiii prthubudhnasa etah EV.i. 169.6c. 

adha yad rajana gavistau EV.i 0.6 1.23a. 

adha yamani prasitasya tad veh EV.4.27.4'1. 

adharam (AV. adhamam) gamaya tamah EV.10.152.4tl ; 

AV.1.21.2C; SV.2.i2i8'l; VS.8.44d; i8.7od; 9B.4.6.4. 

4'!; Ap9.2 0.2o.7'i. 
adharacihparasuva VS.16.5C; MS.2.9.2C: 121. 6; KS.17. 

II''. Cyi.adharaucam efc. 
adharaeinam akmod apam apali EV.2.17.5I'. 
adharacoahauuahimEV.10.133. 2''; AV.20.95.3''; SV.2. 

adharancam suvamasi AV. 6. 127.3*'. 
adharaneam para suva (AV.5.22.3'1 erroneously, suva) AV. 

5.2 2.3>i; 19.39. 1 oJ. C/ adharacih ete. 
adharancam pra hinomi AV. 5. 22.4a. 
adhara sadharabhyah EV. 10.145. 3>3 ; AV.3.18.4'^1; ApMB. 

adhare padyantam apratimanyuyamanah AV.i3.i.3i'5. 
adhare santu 9atravah MS.4.12.3I': 185. 11; TB.' ; 

adharoidhara uttarebhyah AV. 6. 13 4. 2^1. 
adharo mat padyasvasau TA.4.38.1 ; HG.i.iS-Gf; ApMB. 

2.2i.33f; PG.3.i3.6f {tvitliout asau). 
adharo mad asau vadat svaha ApMB.2.2i.32<l. See next. 
adharo vadasau vada svaha HG. 1.15.5'^'. Seeprec, and cf. 

adho vadadharo. 
adharmaya [sc. namah) MG.2.12.7. Cf. Kau9.74.5. 
adharmaya badhiram VS. 30.10; TB. 
adharmaya svaha TAA.10.67.1 ; MahanU.19.2. 
adha (TB. adha) vayurii niyutah sa9cata svah EV. 7.90.3c ; 

VS.27.24C; MS.4.14.2C: 217.3; TB. 
adha vrateva manusam EV. 5. 66.2c. 
adha 9yeno javasa nir adiyam RV.4.27.i'i; AA.2.5.i.i4<'; 

adha 9rutam kavasam vrddham apsu EV. 7. 1 8. 1 2". 
adha 9vasivan ■STsabho damunali EV.i. 140. lo^^. 
adha fvitnesu vih9atim fata EV.8.46.31C. 
adha 9vetam kala9am gobhir aktam EV.9. 7 4.8°'. 
adhastad bhumya vada HG.1.15.6''. Cf. adhaspadan. 
adhas te a9mano manyum AV.6.43.2C. 
adhaspadaih krnutam (AV. 7. 34.1c, krnusva; TS. krnute) 

ye prtanyavah AV.7.34.1C;; VS.iS.Si^i; TS.4.7. 

13.3'!; MS.2.i2.4'i: 147.12; KS.i8.i8d; 9B. 


adhaspadam tarn 1ri1k1-clhiRV.10.133.4c; 134.2c; SV.2. 

4420; TS.; 183.13. 
adhaspadam d visatas padayami AV. ii.i.i2'lj2i<J. 
adhaspada ic caidyasya krstayah RV.8.5.38*'. 
adhaspadan ma ud vadata 166. 5<l. Cf. adhastad. 
adhaspadena te padam AV.10.4.24C. 
adha sma (MS. sma) te vrajanarii krsnam asti (MS. krsnam 

astu ; KS. "nam astu krsnam) RV. 7.3.2''; SV. 2. 5 70^' ; VS. 

15.62'!; TS.'1; MS.2.8.i4'l: 118.10;'i; 

adha sma yasyarcayah RV.s.p.g"^. 

adha sma te carsanayo yad ejan RV.6.25.7''; KS.17.18''. 
adha sma te pari caranty ajara RV. 1.127.9^. 
adha sma te vanaspate MS. 2. 7. 16"': 100. 11. 
adha smu te vrajanarii etc. : see adha sma etc. 
adha sma na ud avata sajosasali RV.2.3i.2^ 
adha sma nas tanvo bodhi gopah RV.4.16. I7<1. 
adha sma nas trivamthali fivo bhava RV.6. is.g*!; SV.2. 

adha sma no aramatirii sajosasah RV.5.54.6*'. 
adha sma no dadir bhava RV. 1. 15. iqc. 
adha sma no maghavan carkrtad it RV. 1.104.5". 
adhasmEno maghavann indra girvanah RV.6.46. lo'"; AV. 

20.83. 2C. 

adha sma no mariito rudriyasali RV.7.56.22':; KS.8. 17c. 

adha sma noivatarii parye divi EV. 7. 8 3. 5-1. 

adha sma no vrdhe bhava RV.6.46. ii"''. 

adha sma j'acha tanve tane ca chardih EV.6.46. 12". 

adha smasya panayanti bhasah EV.6.12.5". 

adha smasya harsato hrsivatah EV. i . 1 2 7. 6''. 

adha rodasi svayocih EV.6.66.6''. 

adha syama surabhayo (Ap^- syam asur ubhayor) gi'hesu 

AV.18.3.17CI; KS.4.13''; Ap9.i3.22.i'\ SfC atha syata. 
adha sya ycsana mahl EV.8.46.33^ 
adha svadha adhayad yabhirlyate EV. 1.144.2'!. 
adha svanad uta bibhyuh patatrinah EV. 1.94.11". 
adha svanan marutam EV. 1.38. lo"'. 
adha svapnasya nir vide EV. 1. 1 20. 1 2^1. P: adha svapnasya 

^G. 1.4.2; Rvidh.1.25. 1, 
adha svam oko abhi vah syama RV.7.56.24f'. 
adhah sapatna me padoh'^. 
adhah sapatni ya mama AV. 3.18. 4^. See atha sapatnl, and 

cf. adha sapatnan mamakan. 
adhah svid asld upari svid asit RV. 10. 129.5''; VS.33.74''; 

TB. C/BrhD.i.Si. 
adha kama ime mama vi vo made''. 
adha krnusva sariividarii subhadram RV. 10. 10. 14''; AV. 

i8.i.i6<i; N.ii.34<'. 
adhakrnoh prthivirii samdr^e dive RV.2.I3.5^ 
adhakrnoh prathamarii viryarii mahat RV. 2.17.3'!. 
adha gava upamatirii kanayah RV.i 0.6 1.21''. 
adha cana frad dadhati tvisiniate RV. 1.55.5". 
adha ca nah jarma yacha dvibarhah RV.1.114.10'' ; TS.4. 

adha cid indra me (SV. nah) saca EV.8.92.29C; AV.20.60. 

2C; SV.2. 1 75c. 
adha cid okali punar it sa eti EV.7.4.8'^; N.s.s"". 

— adha 

adha cid dhi sma9vinav anindya EV. i.i8o.7<". 

adha cid va uta bruve EV.8.83.9C. 

adha cin nu yad didhisamahe vam EV. 10. I32.3^ 

adha jivrl vidatham a vadathali EV. 10.85.27''. See under 

atha jivrir. 
adha jivemafaradarii f atani AV. 1 8. 4. 70c. Cf. MW(?eratho jiva. 
adhatam a^vina madhu VS.20.57''; MS.s.ii.s": 143.14; 

KS.38.8'-; TB. 
adhatam iirjam urjahutl urjayamane vasu varj^ani (TB. 

urjahuti vasu virj-ani) VS. 2 8.1 6b ; TB.2.6. 10.3P. See 

tam urjani urj'ahutl. 
adha te ague kim iha vadanti EV.4.5. i4<^. 
adha te aprati.skutam EV.8.93.I2^ 
adha te va9nii sustutim EV.8. i.i6d. 
adha te visno vidusa cid ardhyah (TB. rdhyah) EV. 1. 1 56. 

ic; TB. 
adha te sakhye andhaso vi vo made EV. 10.25.1". See 

atha etc. 
adha te sumnam Imahe EV.3.42.6<^; 8.75.16"; 98.11"; 

AV.20.24.6"; 108.2"; TS.". See atha efc. 
adha te syama varuna priyasah EV.5.85.8fl; KS.23. 12''. 

See atha etc. 
adhat pitim sarii mada agmata vah'. 
adha tvarii hi nas karah RV.8.84.6'*; SV.2. 901''. 
adha devanam apy etu pathah MS. 4. 14.8'': 227.2. See 

atha etc. 
adha naro ny ohate EV.5.52.II^ 
adha nah 93111 yor arapo dadhata AV.i8.i.5i''. See under 

atha nah 9arii. 
adha niyuta ohate EV.5.52.ii'\ 
adha niyutva abhayasya nah piba EV.8.". 
adha niyutvah sagano marudbhih EV. 1.101.9". 
adha nividdha uttaro babhuvan EV.4. 18.9". 
adha no agna a vaha TB.3. 10.8. i". 
adha no rayim a krdhi AV.6.65. i". See punar no etc. 
adha no vardhaya rayim AV.3.20. i<'. See under atha no 

adha no vi9vacarsane EV. 5.38.1". See atha etc. 
adha no vi9vasaubhaga EV. 1.42.6''. 
adha nyaiiii adharah va parehi AV.5.2 2.2''. 
adha nv asya jenyasya pustau RV. 10.61.24". 
adha nv asya sariidr9arii jaganvan RV.7.88.2». 
adha pakvan mithuna sarii bhavathah AV. 12.3. 2<',9f'. 
adha paravata iti RV.5.52.11". 
adha pitaram isminam RV. 5. 5 2.1 6''. 
adha pitfhr upa drava AV.I8.2.23''. 
adha pitf n suvidatrah etc. : see atha etc. 
adha piteva no bhava RV. 10.33. 3''. 
adha piteva sunave vi vo made RV. 10.25.3". _ 
adha pustasye9anah Kau9.72.14". See under mxt. 
adha posasya posena VS.12.8"; KS.16.8". See under 

atha etc. 
adha ma indra 9rnavo havenia RV.7.29.3<i. 
adha niano vasudeyaya krnusva AV.3.4.4". See atha mano. 
adha manye brhad asuryam asya EV.6.30.2a. 
adha manye 9rat te asma adhayi EV. 1.104.7". 
adha marudbhir ganas tuvisman RV.7,56.7''. 


adhama saktliyor ava gudam dhehi Vait.36.30i'. See ut 

adha mahl na ayasi EV.7. i5.i4''- 
adha mahim adhi 9i5raya vacam AV. 10.2.7''. 
adha matur usasah sapta viprah EV.4.2.i5a. 
adha masipunar cayatauogrhanAV.i8.4.63«. Seeathae^c. 
adha mitro na sudhitah pavakah RV.4.6.7«. 
adha mitho vike9yah AV.i.28.4<". 
adha mrtah pitrsu sam bhavantu AV.i8.4.48d. 
adha me jyeno madhv a jabhara RV. 4. 1 8. 1 3<l. 
adha yajnaya turvane vyana^uh RV. 8. 12.19''. 
adha yathanahpitarah parasah EV.4.2.16''; AV.18.3.21''; 

¥8.19.69=^; TS.''; AB.7.6.4. 
adhayi dhitir asasrgiam ahjah RV. 10.31. 3^ 
adhayi fasman sam ayanta a difali RV.i.i 19.21'. 
adha yo vi9va bhuvanabhi majmana RV. 2. 1 7.4^. Cf. AV. 

adhayy agnir mamisisu viksu RV.3.5.3*. 
adharayah parvate dauumad vasu RV. 1.51.4I'. 
adharayataih prthivim uta dyam RV.5.62.3''. 
adharayat tanvaih titvisanah RV.8.96. 15I'; AV. 20. 137.9''. 
adharayat prthivmi vifvadhayasam RV. 2. 17.5". 
adharayad ararindaui sukratuh RV.i.i39.iof. 
adharayad dharitor bliuii bhojanam RV.3.44-3'^' 
adharayad rodaslrejamane MS. 2. 13.2 3I': 168.16; KS.40. 

i''. Cf. abhy aiksetaiia. 
adharayad rodasi sudaiisah RV. 1.62. 7 J. 
adharayanta kavayah puredam RV. 1.103. i''. 
adharayanta valinayah RV. 1.20.8". 
adharayo di\-y a suryaiii dr9e RV.i.52.8''; KB.25.3. 
adharayo rodasi devaputre RV.6.17.7'^. 
adha vayam aditya vrate tava AV.7.83.3<^: 18.4.69'^. See 

under athaditya. 
adha vayam bhagavantah syama AV.7. 73.11''; 9.10.20''. 

See atho etc. 
adhavardhanta prathamasa umali RV. io.6.7':i. 
adha vayurh etc. : see adha vayum etc. 
adha vi9vam 9atruyantarii jaghana EV.7.20.3'J. 
adha vi9vasu havyah EV.5. 17.4'^. 

adha vi9vaharapa edhate grhe VS.S.s"!. See atha vi9ve. 
adha visasya yat tejah AV. 10.4.25". 
adha visitah pitumad dhi pramuktah KS.i6.i2'l. g^>g 

under atha jivah. 
adha vrtrani jaiighanava bhori EV.8.ioo.2'3; 10.83.7l'; 

adha vrtrani jighnase puraiiidara RV.i.102.7'1. 
adha vrtruya pra vadhaiii jabhara RV.2.30.3''. 
adha 9atakratYo yuyam EV.10.97.2c; VS.i2.76<^; KS.16. 

13''; QB. See atha eic. 
adha 9ayita niriter upasthe RV. 10.95.14''; QB. 11. 5.1. 8'^. 
adha sapatnan indragnl me: see atha etc. 
adha sapatnan indro me: see atha etc. 
adha sapatnan mamakaa AV. 13. 1.30''. Cf. atha (and 

adhah) sapatnl ya mama, 
adha sarasvatyai nari AV. 14.2.20''. 

adha sa virair da9abhir vi yuyah RV.7. 104.15'^; AV.8.4. 
15'; N.7.3. 


adhasu mandro aratir vibhava RV. 10.61. 20^ 

adha sQribhyah sudina vy uchan RV.7.i8.2i'i. 

adha somasya prayati yuvabhyam KS.4.15''. See atha 

adhasya madhyamedhatam KSA.4.8'^. See under &ihMyn 

adha ha tvad vrsamano bhiyanah EV.4.22.6''. 
adhaham tva maghavaii johavlmi RV. 7.29.4". 
adha ha yad vayam agne tvaya RV.4.2.i4a. 
adha ha yanto a9vina RV.7.74.5^ 
adha hi kavya yuvam RV.5.66.4*. 
adha hi takmann araso hi bhuyah AV.5.22.2". 
adha hi tva jagrbhrire RV.4.7.2''. 
adha hi tva janita jljanad vaso RV.i.i29.iif. 
adha hi tva prthivyaih 9urasatau RV.6. 19. 12". 
adha hinvana indriyam RV.9.48.5^; SV.2.i89*. 
adha hi viksv idyah EV.6.2.7^ 

adha hind ra girvanah EV.8.98.7''; AV.20.100.1a; VS.i. 
4o6»; 2.60"; GB.2.4.17; PB.17.1.5; A9.6.1.2; Vait.39. 
7; 40.4. P: adha hlndra 
adha hota ny asido yajiyan RV.6.1.2''; MS. 4. 13. 6": 206. 

7; KS.i8.2o^i;'\ 
adha by agna esam RV.5. 16.4". 

adha by agne krator bhadrasya"li; SV.2.ii28a''; 
VS.i5.45"'^;TS.4.4.4-7--'''; MS.2.i3.8^l>: 157.17; KS.20. 
H""^; A9.2.8.14''''. P: adha hy agne MS. 2. 1 3. 8: 158. 
7; 4.10.2: 145.11; M9.6.2.2. 
adha hy agne mahna nisadya EV. 10.6.7a. 
adhi kulad iva spa9ah RV.8.47.1 1^. 
adhi ksama etc. : see adlii ksami vi".'l ; AV.iS.i.i''. 

See asmin ksaye. 
adhi ksami visurupam (AiS. ksama vi9va") yad asti (ArS. 
asya) EV.7. 27.315; AV.19.5.1^; ArS-Lzt; MS.4.14.14I': 
238.3; TB.'. 
adhiksiyanti puravah RV.7.96.2I'. 

adhiksiyanti bhuvanani vi9va EV.i. 154.2'!; AV.7. 26. 3I'; 
VS.5.20'1; MS.i.2.9'1: 19.13;'i; gB.3.5-3.23'' ; 
TB.'1; Ap9.ii.9.i<l; NrpU.2.4'3. 
adhi cana tva nemasi RV.8.91.3I'; JB. 1.220!'. 
adhi carmani rohite AV. 14.2.23''. 
adhi jivapura agan AV.2.9.3l>. 
adhi jivapura ihi AV.5.30.6<1. 
adhi jyam iva dhanvani AV.4.4.7I'; 6.101.3''. 
adhi tisthan navaiii ratham RV.8.69.15''; AV. 20.92. 12''. 
adhi tistbati govidam EV. 1.82. 41); SV.1.424I'. 
adhi triprstha usaso vi rajati (SV. rajasi) EV.9.V5.3'i; SV. 

adhi tva sthasyatiVS.6.2; MS. i. 2.14: 23.12; ^B. 3.7. 1.9. 

Sec vanaspatir adlii, and vanaspatis tvadhi". 
adhi tvisir adbita suryasya EV.9.71.9I'. 
adhi datre vocah VS.6.33; TS.; 9B. See 

adlii dhatre. 
adhi dane vy avanir adharayah EV.2.13.7''. 
adhidaivam atbadbyatmam 9*^.1.2.5". 
adhi dyam asthad vrsabho vicaksanah EV.9.85.9''. 
adhi dyumnam ni dadhur bhury asmin EV. 1.73.4''. 


— adhisthito 

adhidyaur antariksaiii brahmana vista TS. P: 

adhidyauh ApQ.17.1.15. Cf. next, 
adtiidyaur namasy anirtena vista MS.2.8. 14: 117. 12. P: 

adhidyaur namasi MQ. 6.2.2. Cf. prec. 
adhi dvayor adadha ukthyam vacah EV. 1.83.3=''; AV.20. 

25.3"; AB.1.19.8; 29.8; KB.8.4; 9.3; A9.4.6.3; 9.4. 

P: adhi dvayoh ^(^.5. 9.12; 13.6. 
adhi dhatre vocah MS.i.3.3: 31.4; KS.3.10. See adhi 

adM na indraisam (VS. indresam) EV.8.83.7"; VS.33.47''. 
adhi no gata marutah sada hi vah RV.8.20.22C. 
adhi no brutam prtanasugrau AV.4.2 8.7^ 
adhi no bruhi 9aktibhih AV.2.27.7C. 
adhi no bruhi sumanasj-amanah VS. 1 5. 2" ; TS.4.3.12. i^; 

MS.2.8.7: III. 6; KS.17.6c; TA.2.5.2C. 
adhi no brfihi sumana ahedan (VSK. ahelan) VS.i5.i<'; 

VSK.i6.i.iC; MS.2.8.7C: III. 6; KS.17.6c. See asme 

adhi paiica pradhinr iva RV. 4. 30. 15c. 
adhipataye svaha VS.9.20 ; 18.28; 22.30,32; MS. 3.12. 11: 

163.15; KS.14.1; 35.10; 9B.; TB.; Ap9. 

adhipatayo nama stha tesam va upari grha varsam va 

isavQivasvan (ApMB. adds vatanamam etc.) TS. 5. 5. 10.4 ; 

adhipatih prahriyamanah KS.34.14. (T/T adhipatir agatah. 
adhipatina pranaj'a pranarii jinva MS.2.8.8: 112. 12. Cf. 

next, and adhipatir asi pranaya etc. 
adhipatinorjorjam jinva VS. 15.9. Cf. under prec. 
adhipatim mam ayusmantarii varcasvantaiii manusyesu 

kuru TB.; Ap9-i4-3-5- Cf adhipatir asy adhi- 
patim ma etc. 
adhipatir asi pranaya tva pranarii jinva TS. ; 4.4. i. 

2; KS.17.7; 37.17; PB.1.10.5; Vait.26.1. P: adhi- 
patir asi TS.; GB.2.2.14. Cf under adhipatina 

pranaya etc. 
adhipatir asy, adhipatim ma kurv, adhipatir ahaui praja- 

naih bhuyasam TS.; KSA.4.5; TB. 

Cf adhipatiui marii etc. 
adhipatir asy urjasvan KS.3g. i. 

adhipatir agatah TS.4.4.9. i. Cf. adhipatih prahriya- 
adhipatig ca meidabhya9 ca me VS.18.19; TS.; 

MS. 2. 1 1.5: 143.2. See next, and a.dah]ija,<} ca. 
adhipatig cadabhyaf ca MS.3.4.1: 45.17. See prcc. 
adhipatig chandah VS. 14.9; TS.4.3.5.i; MS.2.8.2: 107. 

17; KS.17.2; gB. 
adhipati sthaujasvan Ap^. 16. 3 3.1. 
adhipatni namasi brhati (MS. namasy urdhva) dik tasyas 

te brhaspatir adhipatih jvitro (MS. citro) raksita TS.5.5. 
10.2; MS.2.13.21: 167.11; ApMB.2.17.18. 
adhipatny asi brhati (MS. asy urdhva) dik VS. 14. 13; 15. 
14; TS.; 4.2.2; MS. 2. 8. 3: 108.9; 2.8.9: 114. 6; 

KS.17.3,8; 20.11; 9B.; 6.1.9. 
adhi putropamagravah EV.i 0.3 3.7a. 
adhi pe9aiisi vapate nrtur iva RV.i. 92.4a. 
adhi pracetune pade EV.1.21.6''. 

adhi bibuh paninam EV.6.45.31''. P: adhi brbuh 99-i6. 

1 1. 1 2. 0/. BrhD.5.108. 
adhi bradhnasyadrayo vi caksate RV.8.4.13C. 
adhi bravat tanve ko janaya EV. 1.84. 17J; ^.14.26''. 
adhi bruvantu te^vantv (TS.TB.Api^. avantv) asman EV. 

10.15.5d; AV.i8.3.45'i; VS. 19. 57^58'!; TS.2.6.i2.3d;;KS.2i.i4d(6/s);TB.2.6.i6.2<l; Ap9. 

adhi bruhi ma rabhathah srjemam AV.8.2.7i<. 
adhi bhruvoh kirate renum rfijan RV.4.38.7d. 
adhiyajnam iti trayam (^G.\.2.^^\ 
adhi yad aparii snubhi9 carava EV.7.88.3C. 
adhi yad asmin vajinlva fubhah RV.9.94.1''; SV. 1.539"; 

TS.7.i.2o.i^ KSA.l.II^ 
adhi yad varpa itauti dhatthah EV. 7.68.6c. 
adhi yas tasthau ke^avanta EV. 10. 105.5*. 
adhi ya brhato divah RV.8.25.7a. 
adhi yriinarili jagraha parvasu AV.2.9.i'^. 
adhi yonav amartyah EV.9.28.3^; SV.2.632h. 
adhirathaih yad ajayat sahasram EV. 10.102. 2^. 
adhirajo rajasu rajayatai (TS. rajayati ; MS. rajayate) 

AV.6.98.ib; TS.; MS.4.12.3'': 185.16. 
adhirukma vi nlyate EV.8.46.33C. 
adhi vatse ni han5-atam AV.6.70. 1^3^. 
adhivastra vadhur iva EV.8.26.13I'. 
adhi varii sthama vandhure EV. 1.139.4"^'. 
adhivakaya havante EV.8. 16.5^. 
adhivasarii: see adhivasam. 
adhi vifvany aruhad gabhlra AV.19.49.2*. 
adhi vrksad iva srajam AV. 1.14.11". 
adhi voca nu sunvate RV. 1.132.10. 
adhi 9i5raya puruse AV. 10.2.13J. 
adhi firsani bhesajam AV.3.7. i^; Ap9-i3-7-i6^ 
adhi gcandrarii brhat prthu EV.8.65.1 1''. 
adhi gravah pancajanyasu krstisu EV.3.53.16I'. 
adhi 9ravahsi dhehi nas tanusu RV.3.i9.5<i. 
adhi 9ravo devabhaktixrii dadhanah RV. 1.73.10'!; MS. 4.14. 

i5d: 241.14. 
adhi9ravo mahinaiiiyaj jaritreRV.4.i7.2o'l; AB.3.38.11'!. 
adhigritam adhyadhi9ritam adhi9iitaiii hi3m A9-2.2. 16. 

Cf. vai9vanai'asyadhi9ritam. 
adhi 9riyaih 9ukrapi9arh dadhane RV. 10. 110.61I ; AV.5.12. 

6'1; VS.29.31d; MS.4. 13.3d: 202.6; KS.16.20d; TB.3.6. 

3.3d; N.S.iid. 
adhi 9riyaih ni dadhu9 carum asmin^ 
adhi 9riya virajatah EV.i.i88.6'\ 
adhi 9riye duhita sui-yasya EV.6.63.5^. 
adhi 9rij'o dadhire 2">r9nimatarah RV. 1.85. 2d. 
adhi 9mte 9ravayyasya tirthe RV.9.97.53''; SV.2.4551'. 
adhisavanam asi vanaspatyam TS.; KS.1.5; 31.4; 

TB. P: adhisavanam asi Ap^. 1.19.6. Cf. under 

adrir asi. 
adhisavane ca me gravana9 ca me MS.2. 1 1.5: 143.8. See 

gravana9, and uparava9. 
adhisavanya krta EV.i.28.2''. 
adhisthito dvesta yo^sman dvesti yairi ca vayarii dvismah 



adhi snuna — 


adhi snuna dhanva sano avye EV.9.97.16'1. 

adhi snuna brhata vartamanam EV.4.28.2C. 

adhisnubhu-avmrauEV.9.107.81'; SV.1.515^; 2.347!'. 

adhi samvatsaram vidyat TA.1.2.2C. 

adhi sanau ni jighnate EV. 1.80.6". 

adhi suvano nahusyebhir induh EV.9.91.2I'. 

adhi skanda virayasva AV. 5.25.8". See abhi kranda vila- 

adhi stotrasya pavamana no gahi EV.9.72.9'1. 
adhi stotrasya sakhyasya gatana (EV.10.78.8c, gata) EV.5. 

55-9'^; 10.78.8". 
adhitam istam brahmano viryena Kauf. 139.26c'. 
adhitir adhy agad ayam AV.2.9.3". 
adhitya vedarii na vijanati yoirtham N. 1.18''. 
adhid agham agha9ahse dadhata EV.5. 3- 7 ''• 
adhin nv atra saptatiiii ca sapta ca EV. 10.93. 15". 
adhiyata (gg. "te) devaratah AB.7.18.9''; gg. 15.27a. 
adhiro maryadhirebhyali AV.5.31.100. 
adhilodhakarnas trayo visnava unikramaya TS.5.6. 16. i ; 

adhiva yad girinam EV.8.7.I4^ 
adhivasam (MS. adhi") ya hiranyany asmai EV. 1. 162. 16''; 

VS.25.39!'; TS.'; 183.6; KSA.6.5h. 
adhivasam rodasr vfivasane EV.10.5.40. 
adhivasam pari matu rihann aha EV.i.i40.9^ 
adhihi (MDh. Au9Dh. adhlsva) bhoh AG.1.21.4; gG. 

2.5.10; 4.8.12; 6.3.6; GG.2.10.38; KhG.2.4.2o;JHG.i. 

6.10; GDh.1.46; ApDh.i.3.10.15; MDh.2.73; AufDh. 

3.39; EV. Pratiyakhya 15.2. 
adhnksata priyarii madhu EV.9.2.3a; SV.2.389a. 
adhuksat ijipyusim isam EV.8.72.16"; AB. 1.22.2; Ag.4. 

7.4; 5.12. 15. P: adhuksat gg. 5. 10.9. 
adhuksann adribhirnarah EV.8.38.3''; 65.8b; SV.2.425''. 
adhuksan sim avibhir adribhir narah EV.2.36.ib. 
adhunot kastha ava 9ambaram bhet EV. 1.59.6'!; N.7.23'!. 
adhursata svayam ete vacobhih EV.5.I2.5''. 
adhrstaih eid dadhrsvanim EV.8.6i.3<'. 
adhrstam dhrsnvojasam (SV. dhrenum ojasa) EV.8.70.3''; 

AV.20.92.18J; SV.I.243d; 2.505':1. 

adhrstaso nadrayah EV.5.87.2e. 

adhrsto va etava astu iianthah EV. 10. 108. 6''. 

adhed eta na ramante nitiktah EV. lo.i i i.g'l. 

adhenave vayase AV.6.59.i<=. 

adhenum dasra staryam visaktam EV. 1.117.20^ 

adhenva carati mayayaisah EV.10.71.5C; N.i.2o«. 

adhainaih vrka rabhasaso adyuh'i; gB.11.5. 

adhoaksah sindhavah srotyabhih EV.3.33.9'1. 
adho anyam acikrsam EV. 10.119.11!'. 
adhoksano daya mahyaiii rufantah EV.8.1.330. 
adhog indra staryo dansupatnlh EV.4. 19.7'!. 
adhodigadhipataye anantaya namali Mg.i 1.7.1. 
adhonistya vitastyaiii tu TA. 10. 11.2a; MahanU. ii.8'\ 
adhoprattr iva kutena HG. 1.15.6c. 
adhorama ulumbalah ApMB .2.16.2c. Sec ath orama. 
adhoramah savitrah VS. 29.58; TS.; KSA.8.1. 
adhoramau savitrau VS.29.59; TS.; KSA.8.3. 

adho vadadharo vada HG. 1.15.6". Cf. adharo vadasau. 
adhovarcasah panayo bhavantu AV.5. ii.6'^!. 
adhyaksam dharmanam imam EV.8.43.24''. ^ 
adhyaksayanuksattaram TB. See adhy°, and cf. 

adhyakso nah purohitah AV.10.1.6I'. 
adhyakso vajl mama kama ugrah AV.9.2.7a. 
adhy anya ayan suvar anye parayan JB.3.68 (2.433)1'. 

Part of dvadafasya. 
adhyardha^ ca parasvatah AV. 20. 131.22. 
adhy avocadadhivaktaVS.16.5a; TS.4.5.i.2a; MS.2.9.2a: 

121. 5; KS.17.11". P: adhy avocat Mg. 1 1.7.1. 
adhy astham prthivim aham AV. 12.1.11*'. 
adhy askandad va9e tva AV. 10. 10. 161!. 
adhy asthat sanu pavamano avyayam EV.9.86.SC. 
adhyapita ye gurum nadriyante VaDh.2.i !»; N.2.4a. Cf. 

SaiiihitopanisadB.3 {comni.). 
adhy u nv esu pavayo vavrtyuh EV. 10.27.6'!. 
adhrigave presya Ag.3.2.10. 
adhrigu : designation of the formula, daivyah 9amitarah 

etc., q.v. 
adhriguQ ca vipripa9 (TB. capapa9) ca MS.4.i3.4a: 204.5; 

TB.; Mg. Cf. apapa, and ubhav apapaf. 
adhrigo 9amldhvam, sufami 9amldhvam, 9amidhvam adh- 

rigo MS.4.13.4: 204.3; KS.16.21; AB.2.7.11; TB.3.6.6. 

4; Ag.3.3.i(c/: 4); gg.5.i7-io; Kau9.69.6; N.5.11. Ps: 

adhrigo 9amidlivam; adhrigo Mg. 
adhvagato harayas tva vahanti AV.i3.2.36!\43c. 
adhvana skabhnlta (VS. skabhnuvantah) VS.9.13; TS. i. 

7.8.1. iSee adhvanarii skabhnuvanto. 
adhvanam adhvapate namas te astu ma ma hihslh Apg. 

II. 14.9. 
adhvanam adhvapate pra ma tira svasti me^smin pathi 

de vayane bhuyat VS. 5.33. P : adhvanam adhvapate Kg. 

9.8.22. See next three, and cf. adhvano etc. 
adhvanam adhvapate 9resthah svastyasyadhvanah(ApMB. 

9resthasyadhvanab ; MG. fraisthyasya svastasyadh vanab) 

param a9iya Ag.5.3.14; ApMB.2.3.32 (ApG.4.11.4); 

MG. 1 . 2 2. II . Sec under prcc. 
adhvanam adhvaj^ate svasti ma saih jjaraya ApMB. 2. 21. 

18 (ApG.8.22.15). See under prec. hut one. 
adhvanam adhvapate svasti me^dyasmin devayane pathi 

bhuyat PB. 1.4. 1. P: adhvanam Lg.2. 3.1. Seeprec. three. 
adhvane brahmacarinam TB. 
adhvane svaha Apg. 18.10.25. 
adhvano adliipatirasisvasti no»dyasmin devayane pathistat 

{read syat) gg.6. 1 3. 2. Cf under adhvapate pra. 
adhvarakrtam (TA. okrd) devebhyah VS. i. 24 ; gB. i. 2.4.4 > 

TA.4.2.1; 5.2.6. /See gravasy adhvara". 
adhvarasya vicansanih EV.3.11.1!'; KS.2.15!'. 
adhvaranam cetanaiii jatavedasam EV.3.3.8C. 
adhvaranam janayathah (KS.Mg. oyatam) purogam KS.7. 

i2'i; TB.i.2.i.i3<l; Apg.5.8.6'i; Mg.i.5.2.3'1. 
adhvaranam abhi9riyam EV.8.44.7C. 
adhvaranam purutamam EV.8. 102.7!'; SV.1.21!'; 2.296!'. 
adhvaresu namasyata EV.3.62.5!'; TB.!'. 
adhvaresu pra nlyate EV.3.27.8!'; SV.2.828!'. 


— adhvanam 

adhvarestirnama5vibhyamVS.21.57ij;'^: 148.2; 

adhvaro yajno^yam (KS.MQ.ApQ.14.27. 7a, "ro^yaih yajno) 

astu devah TS.s.i.g.s^i; KS.35.7'''; ApQ.12. 20.20; 14. 

27.7"; Mg.2. 3.8.4--'. The text of KS.MQ. 7ms adhvaryo 

for adhvaro. 
adhvarya upa nu rama QQ. 17.11.3. 
adhvarya upa (SB.QB. upa ma) hvayasva SB.2.5,7 ; 9B.4. 

4.2.16; AQ.2.16.18; 5.6.2,14. 
adhvaryanta yad unninitho apam KV. 1.181.1''. 
adhvaryavah kartanu 9rustim asmai EV.2.i4.9\ 
adhvaryavah. payasodhar 3'atha goh KV.2.14.10^. 
adhvaryavaQ cakrvahso madhuni EV.5.43.3^ P: adhvar- 

yava? cakrvansali QQ.3.18.5. Cf. BrhD.5.4r. 
adhvaryavah sa purnam vasty asicam RV.2.37. i''. 
adhvaryavah sadaj'ata sakhayah EV. 10.30. 14''. 
adhvaryavah sunutendraya somam EV. 10.30. 15c. Cf 

adhvaryavo bha°. 
adhvaryavah sphyakrtah sphyena ApQ.4.5.5'^. 
adhvaryav a tu hi siiica EV. 8. 3 2. 2 4a. 
adhvaryaveifvaiii dadami MQ. 1.5.4. 21. 
adhvaryav aisir apa3h KB.12.1; QQ.6.7.8. Sec adhvar- 

yoiver, and aver apo. 
adhvaryavo gharminah sisvidanah EV.7.103.8C. 
adhvaryavo devayantah 9aclbhih EV.7.92.2'i. 
adhvaryavo dhisanapa9 ca devlh'J; KS.13.16. 
adhvaryavo na dhitibhir bharanti EV. r.153.1''. 
adhvaryavospa ita samudram EV. 10.30. 3^ 
adhvaryavo bharatendraya somam EV.2. 14. i" ; AQ.6.4. 10 ; 

QQ.i8.ig.5. P: adhvaryavo bharatendraya Q9.9. 7. 5; 12. 

4.8. Cf. adhvai-yavah sunu". 
adhvaryavo ya uranaih jaghana EV.2. 14. 4H^. 
adhvaryavo yan narah kamayadhve EV.2. 14.8"^. 
adhvaryavo yah jataiii 9ambarasya EV.2. 14. 6". 
adhvaryavo yah 9atam a sahasram EV.2.i4.7'<. 
adhvaryavo yah sv a9nam jaghana EV.2.i4.5'\ 
adhvaryavo yo apo vavrivahsam RV.2.14.2'''. 
adhvaryavo yo divyasya vasvah EV.2. 14.11a. 
adhvaryavo yo drbhikam jaghana RV. 2. 14.31 ;": 

adhvaryavo rathirasah suhastah EV.9.97.37<1; SV.2.7071I. 
adhvaryavoirunaih dugdham ah9um EV.7.98.I'''; AV.20. 

87.1a; Vait.33.19a. P: adhvaryavo«runam Vait.33.20. 
adhvaryavo vrsabha patava u EV.3.46.5d. 
adhvaryavo havisa marjayadhvam RV.7.2.4'1. 
adhvaryavo havismanto hi bhuta EV.i 0.3 0.2a. 
adhvaryuh pratiprasthatil nesta GB. 1.5.24a. 
adhvaryuih va madhupanim suhastyam EV.10.41.3a. 
adhvaryubhih pancabhili sapta viprah RV.3.7.7a. 
adhvarynbhih prayataih madhvo agram RV. 4. 2 7. 515. 
adhvaryubhih prasthitam somyaiii madhu RV.2.37. 2'"; 

adhvarynbhir guha hitam RV.9.10.9''; 8V.2. 47711. 
adhvarsnibhir bharamram ayahsata EV.135.3f6i'. 
adhvaryubhir madhumantah sutasah EV. 7. 90. i ^ ; VS. 33. 

adhvaryubhir manasa samvidanah RV. 10. 30. 13c. 

adhvaiyum ma, hinsili AP9.9.2.9; MQ.3.1.26. 

adhvaryur brahmano jatah AV. 19.42. i^. 

adhvaryur vanate punah EV.8.72.1I'. 

adhvaryu yajatam ApQ. 12.27.6; 21. 7. 15; MQ. 

adhvaryo K8. 3 I.I 3 (&!s); gB.,6-14; A9.8.13.4; 
10.6. 12; QQ. 10. 1 4.1; 1 5. 1; 1 6.1; 17.1 ; 18.1 ; Ap(/.2o.6.ii. 

adhvaryo adribhih sutam EV.9.51.1"; SV.i.499a; 2.575''; 
VS.20.31a; PB.14.9.1; Vr1it.30.9a. P: adhvaryo adri- 
bhih KQ. 19.2. 1 2. 

adhvaryo aratsma AQ.8.13.15. 

adhvaryo kiih stutaiii stotram hota prataranuvakenanva- 
9ahslt SB. 1.4. 7. 

adhvaryokimatraQB.3.5.4. 17; KQ.8.5.20; ApQ.ii.12.4. 
See kim atra, and yajamana kim atra. 

adhvaryo ksiprarii pra cara AV.20.135.4I'; QQ.12.23.4I'. 

adhvaryo tvaiii meidhvaiyur asi MQ.2. 1.1.4. 

adhvaryo devayajanarii me dehi ApQ.i 0.3.1. 

adhvaryo dravayatvamEV.8. 4.11a; SV.i.3o8a. P: adh- 
varyo diTivaya QQ. 12.9.11. 

adhvaryo pra bhara .sutam RV.6.42.4I'; SV.2.793i<. 

adhvaryo brahma vada (or, vada ma) MQ.7.2.3; — 9.1.4. 

adhvaryo ma nas tvam abhibhasathah VS.23.23'1. 

adhvaryo ma sma meiiiivedya hotre prataranuvakam upa- 
karoh SB. 1.4.1. 

adhvaryo ye.sam va anadhrstam {also anadhrsyrim, anap- 
tam, anapyam, anilayam, annapatnliii, annadim, apa- 
bhayaiii, apurvam, abhratrvyarii, vai kalyaniiii, vai bha- 
draiii) prajapates tanvaiii vidvan hota bhavaty anadhrsto 
vai sa hota bhavati {also anadhrsyo, anapto, anapyo, 
and further variations) anadhrstas te yajamana bhavanti 
{also anadhrsyas, anaptas, anapyas, and further variations) 
QQ. 10. 19.2. Cf annada cannapatnl etc. 

adhvaryor va pari va yah (TS. pari yas te ; Vrdt. pari yah) 
pavitrat EV.10.17.12C; VS. 7. 2 60 ; TS.; KS.35. 
8^^; QB.; Vait.i6.i7<^; MQ.2. 4.3.29c. 

adhvaryor va praj'atara 9akra hastat EV.3.35. 10''. 

adhvaryo vira pra mahe sutanam RV. 6. 4 4. 13a ; KB.24.7 ; 

adhvaryoiver apri3li TS.; QB. ; Apg.12.6.4. 
See under adhvaryav aislr. 

adhvaryo 9ah9ahsavom GB.2.3.10; 4.18; Vait.20.18; 
. . . 909oiisrivoKB.i4.3; QQ.8.3.5; . . . 909ohsavom AB. 
3.12.4; Ag.5.18.4. 

adhvaryo 9ahsavom GB.2.3.10; 4.4; Vait.20.18; . . . 9011- 
sava Kg. 19.6.26; . . . 9ohsavo KB.14.3; gg.7.19.6; 17. 
17.14; . . . 9ohsavom AB.3.12.3; Ag.5.14.3; Apg.12. 
27.12 ; Mg. 

adhvaryo haye-haye»dhvaiyo gB. 

adhvasmabhih pathibhir bhrfijadrstayah EV.2. 34. 5^. 

adhvasmabhir vi9vaha didivahsam RV.2.35.i4i\ 

adhvasmabhih suro anvam vi yati RV.9.91.3'1. 

adhvasmano divistisu RV.i.i39.4<'. 

adhvad ekoiddhad eko hutad ekoihutad ekah krtad ekah 
krtakrtad ekah sanad ekah sanasanad ekah Mg. 
See agdhad eko. 

adhvanam skalihnuvanto yojana mimanali MS. 1.11.2: 
162.8. See adlivana skabhnlta. 


adhvanam — 


adhvanam bahubhyam VS. 2 5. 3 ; MS. 3. 1 5. 3 : 1 7 8- 9- 

adhvanayad durita dambhayac ca'l. 

adhva rajanslndriyam VS. 20. 56c. See madhva etc. 

adhvasya vitato mahan AV.i3.2.i4<'. 

anakti yad vam vidatbesu hota EV.1.153.20. 

anaktu pusa payasil ghrtena AV.5.28.3^. 

anaksikaya (KSA. oksakaya) svaha TS. 7. 5.1 2.1; KSA. 

anagnah sai'vavrksesu HG. I.II.8^ 
anagnav iva 9uskaidhah N.i.iS^. 
anagnah sarve pajavo ye anye AV.12. 3.511'. 
anagnitra abhy amanta krstlh EV.i.iSg.s*" ; MS.4.I4-3'': 

218.9; TB. 
anangaya (KSA. anaugakaya) svaha TS.; KSA. 

anac chaye turagatu jivam EV. 1.164.30'^;\ 
anadudbhyas tvarii prathamam AV.6.59.1'^; Kau9.9.2; 

41.14. P: anadudbhyah Kau9.50.13. 
anaduhy akramata AV.4.II.7''- 
anadvaiiQ (TS. anadvaii) ca me dhenu9 ca me (VS. me 

yajfiena kalpan tarn) VS. 18.27; TS.4.7-io-2; KS.18.12. 

Sec dhenu9 ca°. 
anadvans tapyate vahan (M^. talpate vahan) Ap^- 21-20. 

3'i; Mg. 7.2.7^- 
anadvan jagatam iva AV.8.5.11I'; 19.39.4''. 
anadvan indrah sa pa9ubhyo vi caste AV.4.11.21. 
anadvan gaurvayo dadhuh VS. 2 I.I 8'1; MS.3.ii.ii'3: 158. 

11'; KS.sS.iod; TB.2.6.i8.3-i. 
anadvan dadhara prthivlm uta dyam AV.4.11.1''. P: 

anadvan Kau9.66.12. Cf. indro dadhara, sa dadhara, 

and skambho dadhara. Designated as anadvan, CulikaU. 

anadvan dadhara pradi9ah sad urvih AV.4. ii.i". Cf. 

skambho etc. 
anadvan dadharorv antariksam AV. 4.11.1''. Cf. skambho 

anadvan duhe sukrtasya loke AV.4.ii.4'\ 
anadvan dhenum adhayat KriU9. 113.2''. 
anadvan prana ucyate AV. 1 1.4.13''. 
anadvan brahmacaryena AV. 11.5.18°. 
anadvan vayah VS.14.10; TS.; MS.2.8.2: 108.3; 

k's.i7.i; gB. 
anadvan vi9vam bhuvanam a vive9a AV.4.1 i.i''. 
anadvahah panktyai VS.24.13; MS.3.13.18: 172.4. 
anadvaham gam vayo dadhat VS.28.30''; TB.2.6.i7.5f. 
anadvaham anv arabhamahe (VSK.TA. arabhamahe sva- 

staye) VS.35.i3^;VSK.35.47'';\ P: anadva- 
ham KQ.21.4.24. Cf. anadvrdiam plavam. 
anadvaham upabarhanam AV. 9. 5. 2911. 
anadvaham plavam anv arabhadhvam AV.12.2.48^; MGr. 

2.1.14^ P: anadvaham Krui9.72.8. C/ anadvaham anv. 
anadvahav iva vrajam AV.3.11.5''; 7.53.5''. 
anatyudyam jana viduh''. 
anadanta iman yavan AV.6.5o.2<'. 
anadyamano yad anannam (JUB. adantam) atti ChU.4.3. 

7'i; JUB.3.2.4''. 
anantam vitatarii purutra AV. 10.8. 12*. 

anantam 9usmam udiyarti bhanuna EV. 10.75.3''. 

anantam antavac ca samante AV.10.8.12''. 

anantam anyadru9ad asyapajahEV.i.iis.s"; AV.20.123. 

2C; VS.33.38<^; MS.4.i4-4°: 220.10; TB.2. 8.7.2c. 
anantam artham anivartsyamanah TB. 
anantam avyayarii kavim TA.10.11.2''; MahanU.II.7^ 
anantaritah pitarah somyah {omitted in LQ.) somaplthat 

TB.3.7.I4.4; L9-3-2.I3; Apg.14.32.4. 
anantagusma vr.sakhadayo narah EV.<'. 
anantam antad adhinirmitam mahim". 
anantaya mokam VS. 30. 19; TB. 3. 4.1. 13. 
anantasa uravo vi9vatah sim EV.5.47.2C. 
anante antah parivlta agat EV.4.i.7°. 
anante antar a9mani EV. 1.130.3". 
anantoisi TB. 

ananda nama te lokah KU. 1.3^ See asurya nama. 
anandhag caksusa vayam TB.''. 
anandho«9lonoipi9acadhirah HG. i.2 5.i<'. See a9lono. 
ananyan somapan manyamanah TS.^ See under 

anapaeyutam sadaso na bhuma EV.4.17.4''. 
anapajayyaya svaha TB.3. 1.5.5. 
anapatyam alpapa9um AV. 12.4.25*. 
anapavrjyan adhvano mimane EV.i. 146.3*'. 
anaptam apsu dustaram EV.9.i6.3°'. 
anabhigasta divya yatha vit EV.9.88.7''; SV.2.823''. 
anabhihitaya svaha TS.; KSA.5.1. 
anabhyarudhaih carati rocamanam AV. 11.5.23''; GB.i. 

anabhrayah khanamanah AV.19.2.3* 
anamitram ca meibhayam ca me VS. 18.6; TS.; 

MS.2.11.3: 141. 12; KS.18.9. 
anamitram na uttarat AV.6.40.3''. See anamitram iidak. 
anamitram no adharat (VSK. me^dharak ; KS. no adha- 

rak) AV.6.40.3'1; VSK.3.2.6'';^ 
anamitram udak krdhi VSK.3.2.6''; KS.37.10''. See ana- 
mitram na uttarat. 
anamitram puras krdhi AV.6.40.3''; VSK.3.2.6''; KS.37. 


anamitram me etc. : see anamitram no etc. 

anamitram 9aclpatih AV.12.1.10''. 

anamitrair ahobhih saclmahi vi9ve deva anamitra na usa- 

sah santu nimrucah KS.37. 10. 
anamimasa idaya: see anamivasa idaya. 
anamivasya 9u.sminah EV.3.i6.3ii; VS.11.83''; TS.4.2.3. 

lb;; KS.16.10''; 19.12; MS.2.10.1'': 132.5; PB. 

1.8.7''; gB.; TB.3.II.4.I''; AG.1.16.5I'; gG.1.27. 

7''; Kau9.io6.7''; ApMB.2.i5.i5'J; PranagU.i''. 
anamiva apa(ApMB.HG. anamlvas ta apa) osadhayo bha- 

vaiitu (Ag. santu sarvah; ApMB. santv asau) TB.2.5.3. 

3I'; Ag.2.10.18''; Apg.7.16.7; HG.2.5.3; ApMB.2.14. 

anamiva isa a dhehi asme''; AV.i8.i.42'i; 4. 

anamiva isas karat EV.3.62.14C. 
anamiva iso mahih EV.3.22.4<i; VS.12.50''; TS.''; 

MS.2.7.11'': 89.16; KS.16.11''; gB. 


— anagaso 

anamiva upetana AV.3.i4.3'l. See svavefa na. 

anamiva usasa a carantu nah RV.10.35.6a. 

anamivah pradijah santu mahyam Ap^.6.29.10. See asa- 

patnah pradiyo. 
anamivan ut taremabhi vajan AV. 12.2.26''. See 9ivan 

vayam ut. 
anamiva vivaksavah AV.2.30.3^. 
anamivasa idaya (MS. anamimasa idaya ; Padap. anaml- 

vasah, idaya) madantah EV.3.59.3a; 146. 

15; TB.^; A9-4-II-6. P: anamlvasah MS.4.12. 

6: 197.8. 
anamivas ta Spa: see anamiva apa. 
anamivo modisisthah suvarcah AV.2.29.6I'. 
anamivo ludra jasu no bhava RV.7.46.2<i. 
anamivo vastospate Kau9.43.13''. See amivaha. 
anaya jahi senaya AV. 1 1. 10. 2 1^. 
anaya tva prthivya patrena samudram rasaya prajapataye 

justaiii grhnami ApQ.21.10.2. 
anaya samidha vayam L9.2.i2.i2c. 
anay aham osadhya AV. 4.18.5^; 10.1.4'*. 
anayahutya tac chamayami sarvam Ax)Q.3.ii.2<'. 
anayainam mekhalaya sinami AV. 6. 133.3d. 
anarvak prehi: see anarva etc. 
anarva kseti dadhate suvlryam RV. 1.94.2^. 
anarvanarii rathe9ubham EV.i.37.1'^'; TS.'^; MS. 

4.10.5I': 155.4; KS.21.13i>. 
anarvanam vreabham mandrajihvam RV. 1.190.1'''; N.6. 

23. Ps: anarvanam vrsabham Q9-I2.I2.8; anai-vanam 

Evidh.i.27.5. Cf. Brhi).4.63. 
anarvanam 9lokam a rohase divi RV. 1.51.12'!. 
anarvanam taiii pari pato anhasah RV. 1.136.5^'. 
anarvanam pusanam sam yatha 9ata RV.6.48.15''. 
anarvano abhi ye eaksate nah RV.i.igo.e*'. 
anarvano hy esam RV.8.18.2''. 
anarva prehi (MS. anarva [or anarvak] prehi yajamanaya) 

VS.6.12; TS.i. 3.8.2;; MS.1.2.16: 26.5; 3.10.1: 

anarva yac chatadurasya vedah RV. 10.99.3'=. 
anarvige pa9vise turaya RV. i.i2i.7<l. 
anargaratim vasudam upa stuhi RV.8.99.4''; AV.20.58. 

2*; N.6.23. See alarsiratini. 
anarhate manine naiva ma dfih SamhitopanisadB.3''. Cf. 

analasya (analasas?) te priyoisany asau HG.1.5.13. 
anavaglayata sadfi AV.4.4.7''; 6.101.3''. 
anavadya patijusteva nari RV. 1.73.3''. 
anavadyabhir utibhih RV.4.32.5i\ Cf. anadhrstabhir f /c. 
anavadyabhih sam u jagma abhih AV.2.2.3\ 
anavadyasah 9ucayah prwakah RV. 7.57.5''. Cf. hiranya- 

varnah etc. 
anavadyas trifi9atam yojanani RV. 1.123.8". 
anavadyair abhidyubhih EV.i.6.8'>; AV.20.40.2a; 70.4". 
anavaprgna vitata vasanam RV. 1.152.4c. 
anavarne ime bhumi TA.I.8.2^ 
anavaso anabhi9u rajastuh RV.6.66.70. 
anavas te ratham a9vaya taksan (SV. taksuh) RV.5.31.4''; 

SV.1.440-'': TS.I. 6.12.6='; MS.4.12.2: i'82.'7; KS.8.i6». 

Ps: anavas te ratham TB.; anavas te MS. 4. 14. 

13: 237.6. 
anavahayasman devayanena patha (TS. patheta) sukrtarii 

loke sidata TS.; MS.i.3.37: 44.2; 4.8.2: 109.6. 

Sec next. 
anavahayasman devi daksine devayanena patha yati 

sukrtrim loke sida KS.4.9. See prec. 
anaganaih brahmacaryarii ca bhumau Kau9.73. 10". 
anagany avasphurjan didj'ud varsan tvesar avrt svaha 

TS. See avasphurjan didyud, and na9any etc. 
anagnann anyo abhi caka9lti RV. 1.164.20''; AV.9.9.20''; 

MundU.3.1.1''; N.I 4. 30''. 
anagya atrsyah HG. 1.29. i". See atrsya. 
anagravoinamlvah suratnah (TA. su9evah) RV. 10. 18. 7''; 

AV.12.2.31C; 18.3.57c; TA.6.10.2C. 
anagvam yabhi ratham avatarii jise RV.i.ii2.i2'\ 
anagvaih vajinlvatoh RV. 1.120. io'\ 
anagvadam yan ny ayatana girim RV.5.54.5''. 
anagvag cid yam ajaty arathlh RV.6.66.7'^. 
anagvaso ye pavayo-^rathah RV.5.31.5C; TS.i. 6.12.6c; MS. 

4.12.2C: 182.10; KS.8.16C. 
anagvo jato anabhi9ur arva RV.i. 152.5-''. See next. 
anagvo jato anabhl9ur ukthyah RV.4.36.i='; AB.5.2. 10; 

KB.21.2; 22.5; AA.i.5.3.5. P: ana9vo jatah AQ.7.7.2; 

^(Jl. 10.4. 14. See prec. 
anastapagnr bhiivanasya gopah RV.10.17.3''; AV.18.2. 

5411; TA.6.1.1''; N.7.9''. 
anasta ayaiitu no grhan SMB. 1.8. i''. 
anastah payasa saha SMB. 1.8.2''. 

anastya criyudhiiiigamah Q^. 12. 2 1.2. 5''. See svastya ca. 
anastha iirur avarambamanah RV.8. 1.34''. 
anasthah. putah pavanena 9uddhah AV.4.34.2^ 
anasthikaya (KSA. ':'sthakaya) svaha TS.; KSA. 

anasvantah 9rava aisanta pajrah RV. 1.126.5''. 
anasvanta satpatir mamahe me RV.5.2 7.i'\ Cf. BihD. 

anagamisyato varan avitteh sariikalpan amucya druhah 

pa9an AV. 
anagasam tam aditih kmotu RV.4.39.3'^; KS. 7.16c. fy, 

anagastvaiii no. 
anagasam brahmana (TB.HG.ApMB. brahmane) tva 

krnomi (TB.HG.ApMB. karomi),8<l; TB.2. 

5.6.1C; HG.2.3.10C; ApMB.2.i2.6c. 
anagasas te etc.: see anagaso aditaye syama. 
anagasas tva vayam TB.''; Aji^- 12.10.2'. Cf. ana- 
gaso aditaye sj'fima. 
anagaso aditaye (Ap^. aditaye vayam) RV.5.82.6'''; Ap^. . 

6.23.1^. P: anagasah ^(j).9.2 7.2. 
anagaso (A V. 7. 34. 1'', anagasas te va5'am) aditaj'e syama 


I2.i2'l; TS. 1.5. 1 1.4'';''; MS.1.2.18'': 28.9; 4.14. 

17'': 246.6; KS.3.8'1; i6.8<i; 19.11; 21.13; 9B.; 

SMB. 1. 7.10''. (^ anagasas tva. 
anagaso adham (>-ea(^ sadam) it sariiksayema TB.3.7.13. i''. 

See anagaso j-atlia. 
anagaso aryamne agnaye ca RV.7.62.2''. 

anagaso — 


anagaso yajamanasya vlrah (MQ. viran) AV.9.5.2'i; Ap^. 

7.17.2'!; Mg.3.5.i3'J. 
anagaso yathasadam it samksiyenia Vait.24.1d. See ana- 
gaso adham it. 
anagaso vocati suryaya EV.i.i2 3.3'V 
anaga ilevali fakuno grhesu (AV. grliaiii nali) RV.10.165. 

2I'; AV.6.27.2I'; MG.2.i7.ii'. 
anagan no vocatu sarvatata RV.3.54- I'A Of. anagastvam 

anaga mitre varune svastaye RV.i 0.36.12'!; ¥8.33.17^ 
anaga mitroaryamaRV.7. 66.4''; SV.2.701''; VS.33.20''. 
anagas tanuvo vavrdhanah. TB.3.7.I3.2''. 
anagastva a bhaja jlva^ahse RV.1.104.OI'. 
anagastvam suryam usasam Imahe RV. 10.35. 2^. 
anagastvam no aditih krnotu RV.1.162.22C; VS.25.45''; 

TS.; KSA.e.s". Cf. aiiagasam tam. 
anagastvam adite sarvatata EV. 1.94- 1 5'' J N. 11.24''. Cf- 

anagastve adititveturasah RV.7.5r.i<'; TS.; MS. 

4.14.140: 238.13. 
anagastvena harikefa suiya RV. 10.37. 9<^. 
anagastve sumaho villi devan RV.6.50.2I'. 
anagohatya vai bhima krtye 1.29^ 
anajanan nianasa yacamanah AV.6.1 19.3'^; 
anajnatam yad ajnatam"; Ap9■3•I2.I^ P: 

anajiiatam Ap(j). 9. 1 2. 1 2. See under ajiiatam yad. 
anajnatam devaki-tam yad enah TB.3.7.i2.2<^. See ana- 

dhrstaiii devakrtarii. 
anajnatajnatakrtasya (sc. enasoivayajanam asi) Vait.23. 

12. See anyaki-tasya, and ef. enasa-enaso. 
anatataya dhrsnave VS.16.14'1; TS.''; MS.2.9.2'': 

1 21. 16; KS.17.11''; NllarU.i2i\ 
anatura ajara sthamavisnavali RV. 10.94. ii". 
anaturan sumanasas talpa bibhrat AV. 12.2.49''. 
anaturena nianasa A^. 2. 5. 9''; Ap9-6.2.2i'; 25.7''; M^.i. 

6.3. I2'\ 

anatmane (KSA. i^tmakaya) svaha TS.; KSA.5.3. 

anadinidhanaya ca MU.5.1''. 

anadhrstam rak.sasvina RV.8.2 2.i8t'. 

anadhrstam vipanyaya 9(^.18. 3.2^ Cf. AV.6.33.2. 

anadhrstam sahasyam (TS.KS. sahasriyarii) sahasvat TS.'^i; MS.3.16.4I1: 188.8; KS.22.i4'i; AQ.4.12.2I:'. 

anadhrstam chandah VS.14.9 ; TS.; QB. 
See anadhrsyaiii ete. 

anadhrstam devakrtaiii yad enali MS.4.14.17'^: 244.14; 
TA.2.3.1C. See anajuatarii devakrtaiii. 

anadhrstam devayajanam (VS. (?B. add asi) VS. i . 3 1 ; VSK. 
1.10.4; MS.i.i.iiii: 7.3; 1.4.41': 52.5; 1.4.9!': 57.14; 
KS.1.10'- 5.6; 32.6; 9B.; Apg.2.7.9. 

anadhrstam asy anadhrayaiii devaiiam ojoinablii^asty 
abbifastipa anabhifastenyam (MS.KS.TS.GB. ojo«bhi- 
(.astipa anabhifastenyam ; AQ.C^^.QG. ojoinabhi^asty 
abhi^astipah ; Vait. ojo^bhi^astiiJa anabhi^astih) VS.5.5 ; 
TS.i. 2.10.2;; MS.i.2.7: 16.13; KS.2.8; GB.2.2. 
3; gB.; A9.4.5.3; gg.5.8.2;Vait.i3.i8; 9G.1. 
6.5. Ps: anadhrstam asi Apg. 1 1. 1. 2; Mg.; ana- 
dhrstam Kg.8.1.25. Cf. havir asi vaiyvanaram. 

anadhrsta apasyo vasanah VS.10.7''; MS.2.6.8'': 68.16; 

KS.15.6''; gB. See anibhrsta. 
anadhrstani dhrsito vy asyat RV.IO.l38.4^ 
anadhrstany ojasa gg.8.i6.i. Cf anadhrstasa. 
anadhrsta (MS. aiiadhrstasi ; TA.Apg. anadhrsya) pura- 

stad agner adhipatya (MS. adhipatya) ayur me dah VS. 

37.12; MS.4.9-3: 124-1; gB.; TA.4.5.3. P: 

anadlirsya purastat Apg.15.7.6; anadhrsta Kg.26.3.5; 

Mg.4.2.20. Cf anadhrstasi. 
anadhrstabhir a gahi RV.4.32.5C. 
anadhrstabhir utibhili RV.4.32.5b; 8. 102.15''; SV.2.922'\ 

Cf anavadyabhir. 
anadhrstaya naniah samraje TS. 1.5. 10. i^^. 
anadhrstasa ojasa RV. 1.19.4!'. Cf anadhrstany. 
anadhrstasi VS. 7. 12, 17; MS.1.3.12: 34.10; KS.4.4; 27. 

8; gB.; Lg.3.5.15; Kg.9.10.7; Apg.12.22.7; 

MQ.; — 9.1.2. Cf anadhrsta purastad. 
anadhrstas tanvah suryasya Vait. 14. id. 
anadhrstah .sidata sahaujaso (TS.MS.KS. sidatorjasvatir) 

mahi ksatraiii (TS.MS.KS. varcah) ksatriyaya dadhatlh 

(KS. dadatlh) VS.10.4; TS.; 'mS.2.6.8: 68.8; 4. 

4.2: 51.9; KS.15.6; gB. P: anadhrstah sidata 

TB.i. 7.6.1; Kg.15.4.47; Apg.18.13.21; Mg.9.1.2. 
anadhrstas sthapam osadhlnam rasah KS. 1 5.6. Cf vifva- 

bhrta stlia. 
anadhrsto nrpitaye RV.7.i5.i4'\ 
anadhrsyaiii vrsabhaiii tumram indram EV. 4. 1 8. i o'' ; gg. 

anadhrsyaiii chandah MS.2.8.2: 108.5; KS.17.2. See 

anadlirstaiii etc. 
anadhrsyag ca bhuyasam TA.3.7.4. 
anadhrsyag capratidhrsyaf cabhigarau (TA. ca yajnasya- 

bhigarau) MS.i.9.1: 131.11; KS.9.9; TA. 3.5.1; 

anadhrsya tava patrani dharmana'1; AV.20. 

94- 5'*- 
anadhrsya purastat : see anadhrsta etc. 
anadhrsyaya tva vataya svaha VS.38.7 ; MS.4.9.8: 128. 

9; gB.; TA.4.9.1. 
anadhrsya yathasatha RV. 10. 103.13d; SV.2.i2i2<J; VS. 

i7.46'>; TS.''. 
anadhrsyo jataveda anistrtah (AV. amartyah) AV.7.84.I'''; 

VS.27.7a; TS.''; MS.2.i2.5a: 149.6; KS.i8.i6a. 

Cf. agnir ivanadhrsyah. 
anadhrsyo niaghava 9ura (TB. fura) indrah MS.4.14.13!': 

236.4; TB.''. 
anadhrsyau supratlkav asahyau SV.2.i2i9'\ Cf citra 

ima vr'^. 
ananatam damayantam prtanyun RV.7.6.4d; 10.74. 5^ 
ananatasya ^avasali RV.8.68.4''; SV.1.364''; N.i2.2ii\ 
ananata avithura rjisinah RV. 1.87.1''. 
ananukrtyam apunaj cakara RV.''; AV.20. 16. 

ananukrtya ranya cakartha'\ 
ananujam anujarii mam akarta TS.4.3.1 1.3" ; KS.39.10^; 

ananudah parisuta rjifvana RV.i. 53.81!; AV.20.21.8'!. 


ananudaih vrsabha radhracodanam EV. 10.38. 5I'; JB.i. 

ananudo vrsabho jagmir ahavam RV.2.2 3.ii'\ 

ananudo vrsabho dodhato vadhah RV.2.2i.4^ 

ananubhutir avadhunvanah RV.6.47.17''. 

anapir ajna asajatyamatih RV. io.39.6<''. 

anapirindra janusa sanad asi RV. 8. 21.13'^'; AV.20. 1 14. i"; 

SY.1.399''; 2-739''- 
anapta ye (KS.Ap^. ya) vah prathama AV.4.7.7*; 5.6.2''; 

KS.38.I4«; Apg.i6.i8.7^ 
anapyam varuno niitro aryama RV.7.66. ii^. 
anabhayin rarima te RV.8.2.1C; SV.1.124C; 2.84''. 
anabhogah paraiii mrtyum TA. 1.8.5^ 
anabho mrda dhurte (some viss. of MS. and M^. dhurta) 

MS.i.8.5: 121.10; MQ. Sec anarbhava. 
anamanat sam 9lryante AV. 12.4.5c. 
anamayatvam ca durhardah AV. 19.45. 2c. 
anamayah sarvam hjar gamema Kau5.70.1d. 
anamayitnubhyam tva (AV. hastabhyam) RV. io.i37.7<^; 

anamayaidhi ma risama indo Kau9.74.2o<i. See apama 

edhi, and ama ma edhi. 
anamayopajihvika AV.20. 129.20. 
anaml ksatram ajaram suvlryam (MS.KS. suviram) RV.6. 

8.6''; TS.I.5.II.21-; MS.4.ii.ib: 161.5; KS.4.i6i'. 
anamrnah kuvid ad asya rayah RV. 1.33. i<=. 
anamy oja a cake RV.3.62.5''; TB. 2.4.6. 4<'. 
anayato anibaddhali kathaj'am RV.4.13.5''; 4. i4.5''^. 
anayudhasa asata sacantam RV.4.5.14''. 
anayndhaso asura adevah RV. 8. 96.9c. 
anarambhane tad avirayetham RV.i. 116.5"'. 
anarambhane tamasi pra vidhyatam {RV.1.182.6'', pra- 

viddham) RV.I.I82.6''; 7.104.31'; AV.8.4.3''. 
anartaih devatam jjrapadye TA.4.42.2. 
anartasy anartoiham bhtiyasam AG. 3. 8. 16. 
anarbhava mrda KS. 6.7 ; Ap(j:!.6. 11.3. See anabho. 
anaryakarmann avaklrni dufcaritaiii iiirakrtam M^.7.2. 

anaviddhaya taiiva (TS. tanuva) jaya tvam RV.6. 75. i"; 

VS.29.38c; TS.; MS.3.16.3C: 185.11; KSA.6.1C. 
anavrtainan pradhamantu devah TB. 
anavyadham devapuraiii prajiadya AV. 14.1.64c. 
anagasta iva smasi RV.1.29.1I'; AV.20.74.1''. 
anagirdam aham asmi prahanta RV. 10.27. ic. 
anaguna cid arvata RV.6. 45. 2*'. 
anagur a^vojTimi (^^. ajvayami) AV.20.128.10c; ^Q.12. 

21. 2.5c. 
anagog cid a^atarapamasya cit RV. 10.39.3''. 
anastram nah pitaras tat kmota Vait. 10.17c. 
anasikaya svaha TS. 7.5.1 2.1 ; KSA.5.3. 
anaso dasyuiir amrno vadhena RV.5. 29.10c. 
anasthane agrabhane samudre RV.1.116.5'', 
anasmakas tad devaplyuh piyaruh AV. 19. 5 7. 5c. 
anasravam aroganam AV.2.3.2J. 
anahanasyamvasanam carisnu(PG. jarLsnuh ; HG.ApMB. 

jarisnu) 9G.2.1.30C; PG.2.2.10C (crit. notes; Speijer, 

Jatakarma, p. 22); HG.1.4.6C; ApMB.2. 2.11c. 

— anu 

aniktena ca vasasa Kau9.i4i.40^ 

anitir asi GB.2.2.13. Blunder for anvitir asi, q.v. 

anindyo vrjane soma jagrhi RV.9.82.4<1. 

anibhrstatavisir hanty ojasa RV.2.25.4C. 

anibhrstam asi vaco bandhus tapojah VS.10.6; TS.1.8.12. 

i; MS.2.6.8''': 68.11; KS.i5.6;gB.5.3.5.i6; TB.i. 7.6.2. 

Ps: anibhrstam asi (u'ith tapojah in the sequel) MS. 4. 4. 2: 

51.10; anibhrstam asi Ap9. 18. 13.21 ; M9.9.1.3. 
anibhrstas tanvaiii vavrdhasva 1 16.6^. 
anibhrsta apasyuvo vasanah TS. i . 8. 1 2. i ''. See anadhreta 

animisadbhih pari pahi no jah RV. 1.143.8'!. 
animisam nrmnaiii panti RV.5. 19.2b. 
animisa varmina asate PG. 2.17.14=1. 

animesam raksamanas tava vrate RV.1.31.12J: VS.34.13''. 
animesam vidathabhisvarantiRV.i.164.21''; AV.9.9.22''; 

anirakaranam asi PG.3.16.1. 
anirakarisnur ya^asvi tejasvl brahmavarcasy annado 

bhuyasaiii svalia PG.2.4.3. 
aniram apa sedhati (AG. badhatam) AV.20. 135. 13''; (^Q.'!; AG.2.9.4''. 
anirena vacasa phalgvena RV.4.5.14". 
anirbhinnah sann atho lokan vi caste TA.3. 11.4''. 
anigitam nimisi jarbhuranah RV.2.38.8''. 
anigitasi sapatnaksit VS. 1.29. P: ani9itaK9.2.6.48. See 

next, and cf. ani9itoisi. 
anigitah (KS. ani9itas stha; ApQ. ani9ita stha) sapatna- 

ksayanih MS.4.1.12: 16.8;; 31.9; ApQ.2.4.2. 
anigitoisi sapatnaksit VS. 1.29; QB. 1.3. 1.6. P: ani9itah 

K^- 2. 6.46. C/ MWfZer ani9itasi. 
anihgasta rbhavo yajiie asmin EV.4. 34.11''. 
anisangaya caturaksa idhyase RV.1.31.13''. 
anisavyas tanvah santu paplh RV.i 0.108.6''. 
anistayajna na taranti lokcan GB.i.5.25''. 
anistebhyah svaha TB.; Or perJiaps, 

vasad anistebhyah svaha, q.v. 
anihutaih parihutam paristutam HG. 1.16.17". 
anikam nau samanjanam AV. 7.36. i''. 
anikam. akhyaiii bhuje asya varpasah RV.5.48.4''. 
anikam asya na minaj janasah RV.5. 2.1c. 
anikavantam utaye EVKh. io.i87.i''< ; AQ.2.i8.3=». 
anikesv ad hi 9rij-ah EV.8.20. 12''. 
anikair dveso ardaya (99- ^rdaya) MS.4.10.5'': 154.2; 4. 

II. 4: 172.9;". 
aninagat kilasam AV.i.24.2''. 
anigano hrdas pari MS.i. 7.1'': 108.7. 
anigvara abhitah santu ye^nye AV. 12.3.42''. 
anu kandam atho phalam TA.6.9.i<'. 
anukamara tarpayetham RV.1.17.3''. 
anukama 9atakrato EV.8.92.13''. 
anukagena brihyam MS. 3. 15. 2: 178.5. See anuka9ena, 

and antarenaniika9am. 
anukiilani ivodakam AV.5.14.13''. 
anu krsne vasudhiti (RV.3.31.1 7'', vasudhiti jihate) RV.3. 

31.17"; 4-48.3'''. 
anu kiamema dhitibhih EV.5. 53.11c. 


anu krofanti ksitayo bharesu EV.4.38.5'>; N.4.24t. 

anukgatre namah KS.26.12. See anukhyatre. 

anu ksatraih tu yad balam MG. 1.13.7". 

anu ksatram anu saho yajatra EV.6. 25.8c; TS.; 

y.iS^ic; MS.4.i2.2<-: 182.6; KS.8.16C; TB. 
anu ksatram mahhana manyata dyauh EV.4.17.1''; MS.4. 

11.4b: 171. 3; KS.6.10''. 
anu ksatraya mamire sahahsi EV.7.2i.7'\ 
anuksaranti kakudam £¥.8.69.12"; AV.20.92.9c; MS.4. 

7.80: 104.12; N.5.27e. 
anukhyatre namah GB. 2.2.19; Vrut.18.15; ApQ.20.1.17. 

Sec anuk9atre, and cf. agnir upadrasta etc. 
anu ga iva tasthima EV.9.ii2.3'l; N.6.6<1. 
anu gatra vi dhavatu EV.8.17.5I'; AV.20.4.2''. 
anu gavo«nu bhagah kaninam EV.i. 163.8''; VS. 20.191'; 

TS.''; KSA.'6.3'\ 
anugrasag (PB. anugral^hav) ca vrtrahan EV.8.1.14''; AV. 

20.116. 2'i;'\ 
anu ghen mandl maghonah EV.8. 2.33". 
anucite tva Ap^. 17.13.3. 
anu cainam abhutsata AV.i2.4.i'\ 
anu chya yyamena tvacam etarii vifastah AV.9.5.4^ P: 

auu chya 9yamena Kau9, 
anu janan yatate paiica dhrrah EV.9.92.3'1. 
anu jayantam bahavah sujatam AV.2.i3.5tl; HG.1.7.17''; 

anujighram pramrfantam AV.8.6.6''. 
anujnananumantranaili GB.2.2.5''. 
anu tad urvi rodasi jihatam EV.7.34.24". 
anu tan no jaspatir mansl.sta EV.7.38.6'\ 
anutanvanti kikasah AV.9.8.14''. 
anu te dayi maha indriyaya EV.6.25.8''^; TS.i. 6.12.1a; ^. 

13.1a; MS.4.i2.2a: 182.5; KS.8.I6''; TB.; AQ. 

2. 18.19; 9.5.16. P: anu te dayi TS. 
anu te dyaur brhati viryaiii mama EV.i.57.5"; AV.20. 

anu te fusmam turayantam lyatuh EV.8.99.6a; AV.20. 

105.2a; SV.2.988a; VS.33.67a. 

anuttam vajrin viiyam EV.i.80.7''; SV.i.4i2b. 

anuttamanyum ajaram EV.8.6.35". 

auuttamanyur yo aheva revan EV.8. 96.19''. 

anuttam asmai ksatram vifvayu EV.7.34.11''. 

anuttam a te maghavan naku' nu (BIS. nu) EV. 1.165.9a; 

VS.33.79a; MS.4.11. 3a: 169.7; KS.9.i8a. P:anuttam 

a te 99-1I-2-5- 
anuttag carsanidhrtili S V. 1.248'!; 2.761''. See next hut one. 
anutta svad asthanat QB.i'^. 
anutta carsanidhrta EV.8.90.5'1. See prec. hut one. 
anu tritasya yudhyatah EV.8. 7. 24a. 
anu tri9okah 9atam avahan nrn^; AV.20. 

anu tvagnih pravijat AV. lo. io.7'\ 
anu tva divya vrstih .sacatam VS. 13.30; MS. 2. 7.16: loo. 

4; KS.39.3; gB. 7.5.1. 8; Apg.16.25.2. 
anu tva devavitaye VS.5.9 ; 9B.3-5.i-32. 
anu tva devah 9avasa madaiiti EV. 10.73.8". 
anu tva patnir hrsitam vaj'a9 ca EV. 1.103.7". 


anu tva mahl pajasl acakre EV. 1.121. 11 a. 

anu tva mata pitaro madantu VS.6.2o<i; TS. 1.3.10. i<i; 6. 

3.11.3d; MS.i.2.i7d: 27.10; KS.3.7d; gB. 
anu tva mata manyatam anu pita VS. 4.2 o^; 6.9a; TS.1.2. 

4.2a;; MS.1.2.4: 13.5; 1. 2.15: 24.12; 3.7.6: 82. 

8; 3.9.6: 124.12; KS.2.5a; 3.5a; i6.2ia; 24.3; 26.8; 

^B. 3.2.4. 20a; 7.4.5; SMB.2.2.9a. Ps: anu tva mata 

manyatam MQ.; —; GG.3. 10.20; anu tva 

KhG.3.4.3. Of. anv enam mata. 
anu tva mitravarunav ihavatam KS.37.9a; TB. 

P: anu tva mitravarunau TB. 
anu tva ratho anu maiyo arvan EV. 1.163.8a; VS. 29. 19a; 

TS.; KSA.6.3a. 
anu tva rabhe AV.6.48.1-3; TS. (ter); 7.5. 19. i (bis), 

2; KSA.5.i5(<er); GB.1.5.12-14; PB.i.3.8; 5.12,15; 

gB.i2. 3.4.3-5;; 6.8.10; Ap9.12.17. 15; 20. 

13.4; M9.2.4.4.I7; 5. 1. 12. Cf. ami tvendra", anu ma 

rabhasva, anu va, tam anva, tam anva, tav anva, and 

te vam a rabhe. 
anu tva rajann arvato na hinvan £¥.5.36.2". 
anu tva rodasi ubhe EV.8.6.38a; 8.76.11a; AV.20.42.2a; 

anu tvavatu savita savena KS.37.9d; TB.2.7.i6.2d. 
anu tva vayam emasi AV. 10.4.6^. 
anu tva vi9ve deva avantu (KS. vi9ve avantu devah) KS. 

37.9"; TB.". (7/. anu mam mitrao. 
anu tva sapte pradi9ah sacantam VS.29.2"; TS.5.1.1 i.i"; 

MS. 3.16.2": 184.1; KSA.6.2". 
anu tva harino vrsa (Ap9. mrgah) AV.3.7.2a; Ap9.i3-7- 

anu tvahighneadhadevadevahEV.6.i8.i4a; MS.4. 12.3a: 

183.4; KS.8.i6a; A9.9.5.16. 
anu tvendrarabhamahe AV.5.8.9® Cf under anu tva 

anu tvendro madatv anu brhaspatih KS.37.9a; TB.2.7.8. 

I*. P: anu tvendro madatu TB. See anu mam 

anu daha sahamuran kravyadah (SV. kayadah) EV.10.87. 

19"; SV.1.80". See sahamuran anu. 
anudeyi yathabhavat EV. 10.135.5d. 
anu devan rathiro yasi sadhan EV.3.i.i7d. 
anu deva mamire vliyam te EV.i.i63.8d; VS.29.19d; TS.; KSA.6.3d. 
anu (TA. anu vaiii) dyavaprthivl amansatam (TA.4.9.3, 

once,and 5. 8. 2, mansatam) VS. 38.13; 9B. 1 4. 2. 2. 2 6 ; TA. 4. 

o.3(t.;s);5.8.2,3;99.8.i5.i3;L9.5.7.5. Sec anu mamrfc. 
anu dyavaprthivl a tatantha(AV. vive9a; TS. 4. 1.2. 3d, and 

TB. tatana) £¥.8.48.131'; AV.7.82.4d; 18.1. 27d; VS.ii. 

17*^; 19-54^'; TS.2.6.i2.2i^';; MS.i.8.9d: 128. 

12; 4.10.6'': 156.10; KS.16.2d; 21. m''; 9B.; 


anu dyavaprthivl osadhlbhih KS.37.9''. 

anu dyavaprthivl tat ta (MS. ta) ojah EV.6.i8.i5a; MS.4. 

12.3a: 183.6; KS.8.i6a. 
anu dyavaprthivl devaputre TB.; Ap9.ic.3.2. 
anu dyavaprthivl purvahutau AA.5.i.i.iid. Cf 9aiii no 

dyavaprthivl etc. 


anu mam 

anu dj-avaprthivl rodasi iibhe EV.2.i.i5d. 

anu dj-avapithivi vifvagaiiibhu TB.''. 

anu dyavapi'thivl siipianltih (Q^. supianite) A^.4.7.4'1; 

anu dyukso variina indrasakha EV.7.34.24ti. 

anu drapsasa indavah EV.9.6.4\ 

anudrastre namah KS. 26. 1 2 ; Ap^. 20. 1. 1 7. 

anu druhyum iii vrnag vajrabahuh RV. 7.18.12''. 

anudre cid yo dhrsata varaiii sate EV. 10. ii5.6<^'. 

anu dva jahita nayah EV.4.30. ig-^ 

anu dvipadrmu catuspada vayarn VS. 2 6. 19". See anu pia- 

anu dhamany akramit EV. 9. 114.1^. 
anu niksanti pi'stlh AV.9.8.15I'. 
anu nu sthaty avrkabhir utibhOi EV. 2. 3 1.3c. 
anu noidyanumatih VS.34.9"; TS.*;; 

7.15.5; TB.; 12.1.1; 3.4; TA.4.11.2; 5.9.1; Ag. 

4.12.2''; AP9.15.13.5. Cf. BrhD.4.88. See anv adya. 

and anv iyaiii. 
anunonuvatag caran RV.8.92.33I'. 
anu no nesatha sugam EV.8.47.ii<'. 
anu no marstu (VS.TS.QB.TA. anu marstu) tanvo (TS. 

tanuvo) yad viristam fS^S.TS.^ vUistam) AV. 

6.53-3'l; VS.2.24<i'; 8.i4d; TS.i.4.44-2'i; MS.1.3.38J: 44. 

9; 4-i4-i7"^: 247.5; KS.4.i2d;^; 4.4.3.i4d; 

4.8'!; TA.2.4.i<i; gg.4.ii.6<i. 
anu niiu jura mahsate (TS. mansatai) EV.8.62.iid; TS.7. 

4.15-1^; KSA.4.4^1. 
anupad asi VS. 15.8. Cf. anuroho. 
anupadasyam annadj'am apnavani <^(}.^.8.6. 
anupade tva VS. 15. 8. Cf. anurohaya. 
anu pafcat kavayoyantirebhahEV.1.163. 12(1; VS. 2 9. 2 3'!; 

TS.; KSA.6.3d. 
anupurvam yatamana yati stha (AV. yati stha; TA. 

yatista) EV.10.18.6I'; AV.i2.2.24t'; 
anupurvam vrsana codaj-anta EV. i.i 17.3'^'. 
anupurvam kalpayatam ibaiva Kau9.124.2d3J. 
anupurvavatsam dbenum AV.9.5.29^ 
anu punTdi krpate vava9ana EV. 1.113.10". 
anu purvfini calih3'athur yugani EV.7.7o.4<i. 
anu purvany okya EV.8.25.i7^ 
anupauhvad (ApMB. anu po«bvad) anupabvayet (ApMB. 

anuhva5-ah) HG.1.14.4"; ApMB.2.22.9'' (ApG.8.23.7). 
anu prajayanv indriyena TB.; Ap9-9-i4-i''- Sec 

anu dvipadanu. 
anu pratnasyaukasahEV. 1.30.9"; 8.69.18"; AV.20.26.3»; 

20.92. 15'!; SV.2.94\ 
anu iH-atnasa ayavah EV.9.23.2'''; SV. i.502\ 
anu pra yanti vrstayali EV.S.53.10''. 
anu prayanam usaso vi rajati EV.5.8i.2(l; AV.7.73.6'i; 

VS.12.3J; TS.; MS.2.7.8d: 84.15; 3.2.1: 15.3; 

KS.i6.8d; gB.; N.12.13'1. 
anu pra yeje jana ojo asya EV.6.36.2^ 
auupravaeaniyam: see bbavan auupravacanlyam. 
anu pravata a9ata EV.9.22.6'\ 
anupraharagB.i.8.3.19; 9.2.17;; 6.1.46; Kg.3. 

6.14; 7.15; Apg.3.7.4; Mg.i. 3.4.20. 

anu pravi9atba va9e AV. 10. 10. 2 21'. 

anu preyatur anjana AV.19. 44.10''. 

anubadhnati 9ambarah'\ 

anubandhyoismy ahaiii vibhuh TA. 1.11.4". 

anu brabma suvrryam MG. i . 1 3. 7''. 

anubruvano adhy eti na svapan EV.5.44.r3d. 

anubruhi AB.2.2.1; gB.i.5.2.8;; 9.4-3.15 (Ws) ; 

5.1.40(^^/5); Kg.3.3.13; Apg.7.10.1. 
anu bbrata (SMB. bhratanu) sagarbbyah VS.4.20''; 6.9'J; 

TS.i.2.4.2''; MS.i.2.4: 13.6; 1.2. 15: 24.12; 4.13.4'': 

203.9; KS.2.5I'; 3.5''; i6.2i'); AB.2.6.12I'; gB.3.2.4. 

20^; 7-4-5; TB.3.6.6.ib;; SMB.2.2.9I'. 
anu ma idarii vi-ataih vratapatir manyatam anu diksaiii 

diksapatir aujasa MS.i.2.7: 16.14. See anu me dik.saiii, 

and upa ma diksayam. 
anumataye svaba gB.; BrhU.6.4.18; AG.4.3. 

26; gG.2.14.4; Kau9.45.16. P: anumataye PG.2. 10.9 ; 

BDb.3.9.4. Cf. SarhnyasaU. I. Sec anumatyai etc., and 

anumatam patbibhih parayantim Ag.4.13.2'1. 
anumatim jirati bbasanty ayavab TS.3.3.1 1.4''. 
anumatih sarvam idaiii babbuva AV. 7.20.6^ Referred to 

«s auumatl (sc. rk) Kau9.2 3.4; 42.11; 45.10; 82.38. 
anumate anumatam sudanu AV.7.20.4''; KS. 13.16''. 
anumate anu bi nab AV.7.2o.6d. 
anumate^tnu manyasva GG.i.3.2 (cf. 11); KbG.r.2.18; 

HG.i.2.9; ApG.i.2.3. 
anumateinu manyasva na idam KS.35.12* Sec next. 
anumate^nv idaiii manyasva A V. 6. 13 1.2 ^ Seeprec. 
anumate mrdaya nab svasti EV. 10.59. 6^. 
anumatya astakapalab VS.29.60. 
anumatyai carub (MS. carum) TS.7. 5. 1 4.1 ; 5-22.1 ; MS.3. 

15.10: 180.13; KSA.5.10,19. 
anumatyai cariuii vrii9vriuaram dvada9akapalam MS.3. 15. 

ii: 181. 5. 
anumatyai svaba TB. 3. 1 2. 2. 2-8; 4.2-6. iSee z<«f?fr anu- 
mataye etc. 
anu manyatarn trivrd abadhe me AV.5.28. iid. 
anu manyatam anumanyamanab (TS. °mana) AV.7.20.3"; 

TS. 3-3-1 1-4^ 
anu manyantani savanaya somam TS.3.i.8.2d; Mg.2.3. 

anumanyantam abrniyamanah AV.i.35.4d; 8.2.21'!. 
anu manyasva suj'aja j'ajama (Mg. suyaja yaje bi) TS.3. 

i.4.i«; 3-9-i«; Mg.i. 8.3.1". 
anu ma tanuby asmin yajueisyam sadbukrtyayam asminn 

anneismihl loke VSK.2.6.9; Kg.3.8.25. See anu ma 

anu mataram prtbivliii vi vavrte EV.8. 103.2"; SV.1.51"; 

anumadyah pavamano manlsibbih EV.9.107. 11"; SV.2. 

anumanag catustayam TA. 1.2.1''. 
aniunanavaha devan devayate yajamanaya MS. 1.2. 15: 

25.1; 3.9.6: 124.14. 
anu mam dyavaprtbivlanu memahsatam MS. 4. 9. 9: 129.4. 

See anu dyavaprtbivi amahsatam. 


anu mam 



anu mam indro anu mam brliaspatih AA.' 

anu tvendro. 
anu mam aitu yad yayah MG-i-is.?*^. 
anu mam mitravarunav ihavatam AA. 5. 1. 1. 1 1". Of. anu 

tva vi9ve. 
anu mayantu devatah MG. i . 1 3. 7 ^ P : anu mayantu MG. 

anu mil rabbasva (KS. Ap^. rabhadhvam) KS.35. 2,6,9 ; ?9- 

2.12. 10; AP9.14.17.1; 28.5. (7/". imffer anu tva rabhe. 
anu marstu etc. : see anu no marstu. 
anu ma yrlr jusatam anu yafah QG.6.5.2. 
anu ma samtanuhi prajaya pa9ubhl rayasposena suprajas- 

tvena suvlryena (^(^.2.12.10. See anu ma tanuhy. 
anu ma sai-vo yajno^yam etu"^; AP9.14.31.8". 
anu mrksTsta tanvarii duruktruh EV. 1.147.4'^. 
anu me dlksaih dlksapatir manyatam (KS. diksapatayo 

manyadbvam) anu (QB., opatir amanstanu) tapas 

tapaspatih (KS. "patayah) VS.5.6; TS.; KS.2.2; 

GB.2.2.3; QB. 3.4.3. 9; 6.3.21; Vait.13.18. Ps:anume 

dlksaiii diksapatir manyatam TS.; anu medik.sam 

Ap(^. 1 1. 1.3. See under anu ma idarh. 
anu yam vifve madanty (AV.5.2.if', anu yad enam ma- 

danti viyve) umah KV.i 0.1 20.1 '1;; 20.107.4'!; 


7.2.6''; N.l4.24d. 
anu yat purva aruhat sanajuvah EV. 1.141.5". 
anu yad Im maruto mandasunani EV.5.29.2''. 
anu yad enam etc. : see anu yam vi9ve etc. 
anu yad gava sphuran rjipyam EV. 6. 6 7.11c. 
anu yad vam 9ravasya sudanu EV.1.184.40. 
anuya ratrya ratrliii jinva VS.15.6. See anuvaya, anu- 

vasi, and anvasi. 
anu yoniih devakrtam caiantih EV. 3.33.4^. 
anuradhebhyah svaha TB.3. 1.5.1. 
anu radhyasma dvipada catuspada AV. 19. 15.2''. 
anurupaya svaha TS. 7. 3. 1 8. i ; KS A. 3.8. 
anurodhanam ud bhare AV.6.102.3''. 
anuroham jinva Vait.26. 11. See anurohena". 
anurohaya tva PB. i . i o. 1 o ; Vait. 26.11. See anurohena", 

and cf. anupade tva. 
anurohoisi TS.; GB.2.2.14; PB.i. 10.10; Vait.26. 

1 1. See aniirobo, and cf. anupad asi. 
anulipsadhvam Kg.25.12. 23. 
anulimpasva PG.2.14.17. 
anulbanam vayata (KS. vayasi) joguvam apah 

53.60; TS.; 3.6; KS.i3.iic,i2; AB. 3.38.6; 

anulbanena caksasa EV. 8. 25.91". 
anu vaarabhe KS.35.2,6,9; 38.12; Apg.14.17.1; 16.1.3; 

28.5. Cf. under anu tva rabhe. 
anuvancate svaha TS.7. 4.22.1 ; KSA.5.1. 
anuvatsarinam svastim a9aste TB. 1.4. 10.3; Ai3g.8.2i.i. 

See next. 
anuvatsariyodvatsariye svastim a9ase Mg. See 

anuvatsare sida KS.39.6. 
anuvatsaroisi KS.40.6. 

anuvaraate svaha TS.7. 5. 11. 2; K.SA.5.2. 

anu va9 cety agriyam madaya EV.4.37.4<J. 

anu vam jihva ghrtam a caranyatKS.4.i6<l. See upa vam 

etc., nu vam, prati te jihva, and prati vam jiliva. 
anu vam dyavaprthivl amafisatam (mansatam) : see anu 

dyava° etc. 
anu vam ekah pavir a vavarta (TB. vavartti) EV.5.62.2'1; 

MS.4.i4.iod: 231.13; TB. 
anuvaya ratryai ratrim jinva MS.2.8.8: 1 12.8. See under 

anuvasi ratriyai tva ratrim jinva TS.4.4. i.i; KS. 17.7; 

37.17; GB.2.2.13; Vait.22.4. Ps: anuvasi TS.; 

anuva TS. See tmder anuya. 
anuvittyai svaha TB.3. 12.2.8. 
anuvidvan vitavati AV.i2.2.38'i,52d. 
anu vipram ataksata EV.i.86.3b. 
anu vipra amadisuh EV.9.8.4C; SV.2.5310. 
anu vipraso amadann avasyavah EV. 9. 8 6. 24b. 
anu vi9ve adaduh somapeyam EV.5.2 9.5'^. 
anu vi9ve maruto ye sahasah EV.7. 34.24c. 
anu vuTiir anu pusyasma(TB.Apg. radhyama) gobhih VS. 

26.19I;; Apg.9.14.18. 
anuvrtam jinva Vait. 2 6. 8. See anuvrta". 
anuvrte (KS. anu°) tva KS.17.7; 37.17; PB.1.10.9; Vait. 

26.8. See anuvrta". 
anu vrd (KS. an Qo) asi KS.17.7; 37-17; GB.2.2.14; PB.i. 

10.9; Vait. 26.8. 
anuveda para enavarena EV. 1.164.18I'. See avah parena 

para etc. 
anuvratah. pituh putrah AV.3.30.2^ 
anu vrataiii raksamanav ajuryam EV.5.69.i<l. 
anu vratarh varuno yanti mitrah EV.4. 13.20. 
anu vrataiii vratapa didhyanali EV.3.4.7<!; 7.8^'. 
anu vratarh savitur daivyasya EV.2.38.6'1. 
anu vratam savitur moky agat EV.2.38.31I. 
anu vratam carasi vi9vavare 
anu vratfmi vartate havisman EV.1.183.3IJ. 
anu vratany aditer rdhantah EV.7.87.70. 
anu vratam apa jayam arodham EV.10.34.2d. 
anu vrataya nimiteva tasthuh EV.3.30.4''. 
anuvrataya randhayann apavratan EV. 1.5 1.9". 
anuvrata rohini rohitasya AV. 13.1.22"^. Cf. TB.3. 1.1.2. 
anu vratasas tava sakhyam lyuli EV. i.i63.8<^; VS.29.19c; 

TS.<=; KSA.6.30. 
anugansiao di9ah AA.4. i''; Mahanamnyah 7''. 
anu 9U9rava ka9 cana AV. 11.4.25^. 
anu 9ara caramasi EV.8.6i.5<i; AV.20.1 18.1^; SV.i.253d; 


anu 9yem sacate vartanir aha EV.i. 140.9''. 

anu 9riya tanvam uksamanah EV.6.66.4''. 

anu 9rutam amatirii vardhad urvim EV.5.62.5'\ 

anu 9vantasya kasya cit pareyuh EV. 10.61.21''. 

anustuk etc. : see anustup. 

anustup chanda indriyam VS.21.14C; MS.3.11.11C: 158. 

3; KS.38.10e; TB. 2. 6. 18.20. Q/: anustubhaih efc. 
anustup chandah VS.14. 10, 18; 15.5; TS. 3. 1.6.2;; 

5.1; 7.1; 12.2; MS.2.7.20: 105.13; 2.8.2: ic8.i; 2.8.3: 



108.13; 2.8.7: 112.2; 2. 13.14: 163.11; KS.17. 2,3,6; 39. 
4,7; gB.; 3.3.6; 5.2.5; Apg.16.28.1. 

anustupchandasoignihuta indraharivatpltasya M^. 2. 5. 3- 

iiV (7/ Apg.I4.3■6• 
anustupcllandasoIgnilluta indrabhifarvarapltasya M^.a. 

5.3.15. Cf. indraya tvapifarvaiTiya. 
anustup te-bhigarah VS.8.47; VSK.8.22.1; gB.ii. 5.9.7. 

P: anustup te K(^. 12.5. 17. 
anustup tva chandasam avatu (KS. chandasavatu)TS. 1.8. 

1 3.1; MS.2.6. 10: 69.17; KS.15.7. See next. 
anustup tvavatu VS. 1 0.13; gB. See prec. 
anustup (TS. anustuk) pafiktya saha VS.23.33i>; TS.5.2. 

II. i''; MS. 3.12.211): 167.3;''. 
anustup (TB. anustuk) panktyai (MQ. panktaye) TB.3.7. 

6.2; AP9.3.18.4; M9.5.2.I5.2. See next, and anustub 

anustup prajapataye VSK.2.3.2; K9.2.1.19. See under 

anustup faradi VS. 13.57; TS.; MS.2.7.19: 104.10; 

KS.16.19; (;!B.8.i.2.s. 
anustub brhatyai Vait. 1.18. See under anustup panktyru. 
anustub (KS.GB.Vait. anustum) mitrasya (GB.Vait. mi- 

trasyapatni)MS.i.9.2: 132.5; KS.9.10; GB.2.2.9; Vait. 

anustubha aidam (VSK. aOam) VS.13.57; VSK.14.7.8; 

MS.2.7.19: 104.10; KS.16.19; QB. 6'ee anustu- 

bhah svaram. 
anustubham chanda indriyam VS.28.26e; TB.2.6.I7.23. 

Cf. anustup chanda. 
anustubham chandah prapadye (A^- anustubham prapa- 

dye) MS.4.9.2: 122.13; A9.I.4.9. 
anustubham anu carcuryamanam 24.9c; AA.2.3. 

anustubham asthna pravifami KS.38.14; ApQ. 16.19.1. 
anustubham prapadye : see anustubhaiii chandah. 
anustubhah svaram TS. See anustubha aidam. 
anustubha chandasendriyam VS.28.37d; TB. 
anustubha sariibhrtaiii viryam (KS. dustaram) sahah TS.'; MS.3.i6.4'>: 188.12; KS.22.14ij; Ag.4.i2.2iJ. 
anustubha soma ukthair niahasvaa KV. 10. 130.4'=. 
anustubhe namah KSA.11.4. 
anustum : sec anustub. 
anu stuvanti purvatha RV.8.3.8'1; 15.6!'; AV.20.61.3lJ; 

99.21J; SV.2.232i',924d; VS.33.97(i. 
anusthitam nu iiaryo apauhat EV.i 0.6 1.51*. 
anusthuya krnuhy ahrayana RV.4.4.14'1; TS.; 

MS.4.ii.5d: 174.6; KS.e.ii'l; 16.1; N.5.15. 
anusthu viduse va^a AV. 12.4.45I'. 
anu syama rodasi devaputre RV. 1.185.4I'. 
anusvadham a vaha madayasva EV.2.3.11C; 3.6.9<l; AV. 

20.13.4'!; VS.i7.88»; TA.10.10.2c; MahanU.9.iic. 
anusvadham pavate soma indra te EV.9.72.5I'. 
anusvapam adevayiili EV.8.97.3IJ. 
anu sakha sayuthyah VS.4.20C; 6.9c; TS.; KS.2. 

5"; 3.5c; I6.2IC; MS.i.2.4: 13.6; 1. 2.15: 24.12; 4.13. 

4«: 203.9; AB.2.6.12C; gB.; 7.4.5; TB.3.6. 

6.1C; A9.3.3.1C; SMB.2.2.9C. 

anu sapta rajano ya utabhisiktah TB.2. 7.8.2'!. gg^ sapta 

rajano ya. 
anu suvanasa indavah EV.8.6.38''. 
anu sutum savitave AV.6.i7.i<i-4'l. 
anu surya usaso anu rafmin AV.7.82.4C; 18.1.27c. See 

anu suryasya. 
anu suryam udayatam AV.i.22.i"-. P: anusuryam Kau9. 

26.14. Cy. udj'ann adya mitrao. 
anu suiyasya purutra ca ra9mrn VS. 1 1.17c; TS.4. 1.2.2C; 

MS.1.8.9C: 128.12; KS.16.2c; 19.3; gB.; TB.i. 

2.1.23C. See anu surya. 
anu somo anv agnir (AA. anu vag devy) avit KS.37.9I'; 

TB.'; AA.'. 
anu somo va9e tva AV. 10.10. 7!^. 
anu stomam mudimahi (PB. mademahi) EV.8.1.14'!; AV. 

20.116.2'!; PB.9.10.1'!. 
anuspasto bhavaty eso asj'a EV. 10.160.4''; AV.20.',6.4'\ 
anu sprja dhrsata 909ucanah EV.4.4.2I'; VS. 13. lo^'; TS.; MS.2.7.I51': 97.9; KS.16.15I'. 
anusphuraih 9aram arcanty rbhum AV. 1.2.3^ 
anu svajarii mahisa9 caksata vram EV. 1.121.2c. 
anu svadhaiii vavaksitha EV.8.88.5'!. See ati vi9vam. 
anu svadham gabhastyoh EV. 1.88.6'!. 
anu svadha cikitaiii (KS. <>kite) somo agnih AV.6.53. ic; 

KS.37.9<^; TB.; 16.2c. 
anusvadham aksarann apo asya EV. 1.33. 11''; MS. 4. 14. 

12": 235.7; TB.^ 
anu svadham ayudhair yachamanfih EV.7.56.13'!; MS.4. 

14.18'i: 247.11; TB.'!. 
anu svadhamita dasmam lyate EV.5.34. ii'. 
anu svadham rbhavo jagmur etam EV.4.33.6I'. 
anu svadha yam upyate RV. 1.176.2c. 
anu svadhavarl sahah EV.7.3i.7i\ 
anu svadhavne ksitayo namanta EV.5. 32.10'!. 
anu svadha svadha AQ. 2. 1 9. 1 8. 
anu svam dhama jaritur vavaksa EV.3.7.6'!. 
anu svarii bhanuiii 9rathaj'ante arnavaih EV.5.59. 1'l. 
anuhavam parihavam AV.i9.8.4a; ApMB.i.13.5'' (ApG. 

3.9.2); Naks.2 6.4'\ 
anuhaya tapasa manyuna ca AV. 5. 18.9c. 
anu hi tva sutarh soma madamasi RV.9.H0.2"; SV.i. 

432"; 2.716"; AB. 8.11.2a. p. anu hi tva sutaiii soma 

Svidli. 1.6.9. 
anuhutah punar ehi AV.5.3o.7a. 
anuhiitam parihutam ApBIB. 1.13.6" (ApG.3.9.2). 
anukad arsanir usniliabhyah AV.9. 8.21c. Cf. grivabhyas 

anukagena bahvyam VS. 2 5. 2. See under anuka9ena. 
anucina jivita manusebhyah RV.4.54.2'!; VS.33.54'!. 
anujjayatv ayam yajamanah K9.3.5.22. An uha: see 

agnlsomayor {and indragnyor) ujjitim anujjayatv. 
anudha yadi jljanad (SV. yad ajljanad) adha ca nu (SV. 

adha cid a) 15.1c ; SV. 1.64c. 
anunah purno jilj'atam ApMB.i.i3.iC; HG.1.25.10. 
anunarh darfa ma krdhi AV.7.81.3C. 
anunam agniiii juliva vacasya RV.2.10. 6c. 
anunam agniiii pitror upastlie EV. 1.146.1!'. 


anunam — 


anunam agniiii iJiinidha sufcandram KV.4.2.19'^. 
anunam patiam iiihitaiii na etat AV.i 2.3.48". 
anunavarca ud iyarsi bhanuna^; SV.2. 

n67b; VS.12.107i'; TS.''; MS.2.7.14'': 95.14; 

KS.16.14b; 9B.7.3-I-30- 
anuna yasya daksina pipaya KV. 7. 2 7.41^. 
anunaya svaha Kau9. 122.2. 
anunena brliata vaksathena £¥.4.5.1". 
antinod atia hastayato adrih EV.5.45.7''- 
anuno nama va asi AV. 7. 8 1.3b 

anupegomangobhiraksaliEV.9. 107.9''; SV.2. 348^; N.5.3. 
anuradha naksatram TS.; M.S. 2. 13. 20: 166.3; 

anuradhan havisa vardhaj'antah TB. 3.1. 2.1". 
anuradhasa iti yad vadanti TB.3. 1.2.1b 
anurohenanurohayanuroharh jinva MS.2.8.8: 113.1. 

See anuroharii. 
anuroho^si KS. 17.7; 37.17. See under anuroho. 
anurdhvajnur vyulhajanuh (^G.I.I0.8^ 
anurdhvabhasah sadam it tuturyat RV.5.77-4'^- 
anurmim vajinam yamam EV.8.24.22b; AV.20.66.1b. 
anuvrtanuvrte-mivrj jinva MS.2.8.8: 11 2. 15. See anu- 

vrtaiii, and anuvrte. 
aniivrte etc., and anuvrd etc.: see anu". 
anusata pra davane RV.4.32.9b. 
anusata prayastaye EV.8. 12.15b 
aniihire somapithaiii vasisthali EV. 10. 15.8b; AV. 18.3. 

46b; VS.19.51b. 
anrksara rjavah santu panthah (AV. panthanah) EV. 10. 

85.23!>; AV.I4.I.34''; ApMB.i.1.2^ (ApG.2.4.2). P: 

anrksarah^G.i.e.i; Kau5.75.12; 77.3. Cf. BrhD.7.131. 
anrksara nive9aniEV.i.2 2.i5b; AV. 18. 2. 19b; VS.35.21b; 

36.13b; MS.4.i2.2b: 180.16; KS.38.13b;; 

Ap9.l6.i7.i7b; SMB.2.2.7b; HG.2. 17.9b; ApMB.2.15. 

2b; i8.8b; N.9.32b. 

anrksaro varuna sadhur asti EV.2.27.6b. 

anrna asminn anrnali parasmin AV.6.117.3^; TB.3.7.9. 

83; TA.2.I5.I''; Apg.i3.22.5^ Mg.2.,-.5.22-\ 
anrtam kim codima 
anrtam aha purusah AV. 19. 44. 8b. 
anrtat satyam upaimi TB.; Apg.5.8.1. 5w idam 

aham anrtat. 
anekavat tarn utaye KS.2i.i3\ 
anejad ekam manaso javlyah VS.40.4^; IraU.4'^; GopalU. 

anedyah yrava (MS. yravri) eso dadhanah EV. 1.165.12b; 

MS.4.ii.3b: 169.14; KS.g.iSb. 
anedya anavadya aristah EV.6.i9.4<J. 
anena ca tva prinamy anena ca (jJB. 
anena ca tvabhisincamy anena ca gB. 
anena ta imam niskrinami gB.5. 1.5.28; K^). 14.4. 16. 
anena tapasa svasti samvatsarasyodrcam samaynavai ^B. 
anena taritavyam AG. 1. 12.6. 
anena datta sudugha vayodhah AV. 18. 4. 50b 
anena ma trivrta parayantu AV.5.2 8.2'l. 
anena vi^va sasahe AV. 1.16.3". 

anenasam enasa soibhijastat AB.5.30. 1 1^ 

anena havisa punah TB.2.5.3.i'i;'i. 

anena havisaliam AV.3.i9.2d; 6.65. 2<l. 

anenajayat pradifa? catasrah AV.8.5.3il. 

anenajayad dyavaprthivl ubhe ime AV.8.5.3". 

anenayam a5vena medhyena rajestva vijayatam abrah- 

many ubjitayah {read ubjita yah?) 99.16. 18. 11. See 

anenagvena medhyenestvayam rajapratidhrsyoistu TB.3 

8.5.2 ; Ap9-2o.4.2; . . . raja vi'tram vadhyat TB. 3. 8.5.1 : 

Ap9-20.4.i ; . . . raja sarvam ayur etuTB.; Ap9. 

20.4.4; • • • rajasyai vi(jo bahugvai bahvafvayai bahva 

javikayai bahiivrlhij^avayai bahumasatilayai bahuhira- 

nyayai bahuhastikayai bahudasapurusayai rayimatyrd 

pustimatyai bahurayasposayai rajastuTB. ; Ap9- 

20.4.3. See prec. 
anenah fura manyase EV. 1.129.5®. 
anenasuran parabhavayan manisi AV.8.5.3b. 
anenendraya payavo cikitsan TB. 3. 7.6. 12b; Ap9-4-8.3b. 
anenendro manina vrtram ahan AV.8.5.3''. 
aneno vo maruto yamo astu 'RY.6.66.']'^. 
anegann asya ya isavah (TS.KS.NilarU. asyesavah) VS. 

16.10"; TS."; MS.2.9.2C: 122.4; KS.17.11"; 

NilarlJ. 1 5". 
anehasam vo havamanam utaye EV.8.5o.4^ 
anehasaih prataranaiii vivaksanam EV.8.49(Val.i).4". 
anehasa (MS. anehasah) stubha indro duvasyati EV.3.51. 

3b; MS.4.12.3I': 1 84. 1, 
anehasas te harivo abhistau EV. io.6i.2 2<i. 
anehasas tvotayah RV.5.65.5". See next but one. 
anehasah stubha ete. : see anehasa etc. 
anehaso va utayah See prec. lut one. 
aneho datram aditer anarvam £¥.1.185.3". 
aneho na uruvraje EV.8.67.12*; A9-3-8.I. 
aneho mitrilryaman EV.8.18.21'1. 
ano manasmayarii sui-ya EV.10.85.12"; AV.T4.1.12". 
antah krnusva marii hrdi AV.7.36.1". 
antah krsnah aru.sair dhamabhir gat EV.3.3i.2ib. 
antahkoQam iva jamayah AV.1.14.4". 
antah patat patatry asya parnam EV.4.27.4". 
antah pavitra ahitah EV.9.i2.5b; SV.2. 550b. 
antah pavitra upari ^rlnanah EV.8.101.9"; VS.33.85". 
antah pajj^anti ra^mibhih £¥.1.132.3® 
antah pa9yanti vrjinota sadhu EV.2.27.3". 
antah pa^yan vrjanemavarani EV.9.96.7"; SV.2. 295". 
antah patre rerihatim AV.i 1.9.15". 
antah putray carati daksinayah EV.3. 58.1b. 
antah pravistaiii kartaram etam TA.3.11.2%31^,5'1. 
antah pravistah fasta jananam TA.3.ii.i"',2^ 
antarii vindami satra EV.8. 46.11b. 
antakaya goghatam VS. 30. 18. See nirrtyai etc. 
antakaya tva pari dadami (ApMB. dadamy asau) ApMB. 

2.3.20 (ApG.4.11. 3); HG.1.6.5. 
antakaya mrtyave namah AV.S.i.i''. P: antakaya 

mrtyave Kau^.ss. 17; 58.3, 1 1. 
antakaya ^vaninam VS.30.7; TB. 
antakaya svaha VS. 39. 13. 


— antariksam 

antakoisi mrtj^ur asi AV.6.46.2 ; 16.5. 1-6. 

antara uttaravedyali VS. 1 9. 1 61^. 

antarah pun-o asmin nisadya KB.26.6; ^'^; KQ. 

2.2.23I'; Ap9.3.I3.I^ 
antar agne ruca tvam VS.i2.i6'i; TS.''; 2.1. 5=1; 

MS.2.7.8": 86.1; KS.16.8''; gB. 
antar anyarii pitamahad dadlie AjjMB. 2. i 9. 4<i ; HG. 2. i o.'j^. 
antar anyaiii piturdadhe ApMB.2.19.2''; HG.2.10. 7'!. See 

anyam antah. 
antar anyam prapitamahad dadhe ApMB.2. 19.6''; HG.2. 

autaram mrtyor amrtam ^B.10.^.2.^^. 
antar arnave rajasi pravistam AV. i2.i.6o'\ Cf. under 

antar mahaty. 
antar asminn ime lokah TB.* 
antar asyaiii 9ivatamali VS. 12.39'!; TS.'1; MS. 2. 7. 

lo'l: 88.13; KS.i6.iod. 
antar asyam 9ukrajyotir vi bhahi VS.i2.i5<i;^'; 

2.1.5(1; MS.2.7.8<J: 85.18; KS.16.8J. 
antar asyam carati pravista TS.4.3.1 i.i'%" QG.3.12.3'1; 

ApMB.2.2o.3oi'. See asv itarasu, and sapsv anta9. 
antar aham tvaya dveso antar aratir dadhe mahata pana- 

tena (KS. dvesam antar aratir dadlie) MS. 1.2. i: 10.5; 

3.6.3: 62.11; KS.2.1; 23.1. 
antaragni pacavah TB.": Ap(J!.4.i.9^ 
antaratma me 9udhyantam TA A. 10.66. 
antara dampati 9aye EV.10.162.4i'; AV.20.96.14I'; MG. 

antaraditye manasa carantam TA.3.11.6I'. 
antara dyaih ca prthivliii ca yad vyacah AV.9.3.i5'>. P: 

antara dyam ca pi-thiviiii ca Kau9.66.28. 
antara dyavaprthivi (VS.^B. °vl ime) VS. 13. 2 5''; i4.6i>; 

IS. 4. 4. II. 2^ (lis); MS.2.8.i2l'(&/s): 116.6,14; KS.17.10'' 

{lis); gB.8.7.i.6fc; TB.i. 2.1.18b. 
antara dyavaprthivi apah suvah TB.'; ApMB.2. 

1.81I; HG.2. 6.12'!. 5*66 antara dyavaprthivyor. 
antara dyavaprthivi ime: see antara dyavaprthivi. 
antara dyavaprthivi vicrttah 99-I-6-3''. Cf. tredha ti- 

sthanti vi.sita. 
antara dyavaprthivi viyanti TS.;; SMB. 

2.i.iob; PG.3.i.2b; BDh.2.5.II.II^ See next two. 
antara dyavaprthivi viyanti (M^. »tu) i^anthanah KS.13. 

15b; M^- See prec. and next. 
antara dyavaprthivi sarhcaranti AV.3.i5.2b; 6.55.1b. Sec 

prec. tiro. 
antara dyavaprthivyor apasyuh MG.<'. See antara 

dyavaprthivi apah. 
antara purvani aparaiii ca ketum EV. 10.139.2'!; VS. 17. 

59<l; TS.'1;'l: 137.13; KS.18.3J; QB.; TB.I. 4.2.3'!; Apg.19.3.5'1. 
antara mitravaruna caranti VS.29.6'^; TS.5. i.i 1.2*; MS. 

3.16.2^: 184.8; KSA.6.2a. 
antaravartamanabhyam MQ. 11 . i . i <'. 
antara sakthyakaprtEV. 10.86. 1 6b 1 71I; AV.20. 1 26. 1 6b, 1 7'!. 
antariksa asam AV.i.32.2a. 
antariksa uta va prthivyam AV.4.8.5b. Sec ya antariksa 

uta, and ya antariksya. 

antariksam (TB. antariksarii me) yacha VS.14.12; TS.;; MS.2.7.15: 98.8; 2.8.14: 118.1 ; KS.40. 
3; gB.; TB.^5). 

antariksarii yonih MS. 2.13.2: 153.7. 

antariksarii rak.satu devahetyah AV.8.i.i2e. 

antariksarii vafa dhata garbho rudro jarayu vayur vatso 
gharmah piyusah KS.39.8; Ai39.i6.32.4. See antari- 
ksam asi janmana va9a. 

antariksarii vipaprathe (TB. vipaprathe^pah) TB.; 


antariksarii vi9varupa avive9a TB. 

antariksarii visnur : see antarikse visnur. 

antariksarii vrtaiii tad vayuna vrtarii tena vrtena vartrena 

yasmad bhayad bibhemi tad varaye svaha AG.3.11.1. 
antariksarii vyaco hitam'1,25'1. 
antariksarii fantaiii tad vayuna 9antarii tan me 9antaiii 

9ucaiii 9amayatu TA.4.42.5. 
antariksarii 9antih AV.19.9.14; VS.36.17; VSK.35.58; 

MS.4.9.27: 138.12; TA.4.42.5. (y antariksarii chandah. 
antariksarii 9ivarii tubhyam VS.35.9''; QB-iS-S-S-S*^- 
antariksarii samarii tasya vayur upadrasta dattasyaprania- 

daya HG.2. 11. 4. 
antariksarii samit MS.4. 9. 23, 25: 137.1,16; TA.4.41.1,5. 
antariksarii sisasatlh AV. 20.49. ib, 
antariksarii skabhana KS.2.9. See antariksarii drriha. 
antariksarii svar a paprur utaye EV. 10.66.9*=. 
antariksarii svar mama Kau9. 133.3b. 
antariksarii svastaye AQ. 2. 10. 21b. 
antariksarii harami QB. 1.2. 4. 14. 
antariksarii gacha svaha (TA. "ksam gacha) VS.6.21 ; TS.;; MS.i.2.18: 27.11; 3.10.7: 138.12; 

KS.3.8; gB.; TA.4.9.3; 5-8.3; 6.9.2 (&js). 
antariksarii garbhah AV.9.1.21. 
antariksacaraih ca yat TB. 3. 12. 7. 5b. 
antariksarii ca kevalam TB. 3. 12.7.1a. 
antariksarii caturhota sa visthah TA.3.7.2. 
antariksarii ca ma (MS. ma) indra9 ca me VS. 18.18; TS.; MS.2.11.5: 142.17; KS.18.10. 
antariksarii ca me ^'J'acah AV. 12.1.53b. 
antariksarii ca vi badhase (TS. badhatam ; MS. badhasva) 

V^M-iid;; MS.2.8.3'i: 108.7; KS.17.3'1; 

antariksarii chandah VS. 14.19; TS.; MS.2.8.3: 108. 

14; KS.17.3; 9B. C/. antariksarii fantili. 
antariksarii jaLam asit AV.8.8.5a. 
antariksarii jinva TS.4.4. I.I ; KS.17.7; 37.17; PB.i.9.4; 

Vait.20. 13. 
antariksarii jyotih VSK.6.5.2; MS.1.2.14: 24.7; 3.9.4: 

I 20.2. See antariksam arcih, and svar jVotili. 
(orii) antariksarii tarpayami BDh.2.5.9. 1 2. Cf. antariksarii 

antariksarii trtlyarii pitrii ((^Q. "ksarii pitrris trtlyarii) ya- 

jrioigat tato ma dravinam asta {(}(}. astu) AB.7.5.3 ; Q(}. 

3.20.4. See antariksarii manusyan, and manusyan anta- 
antariksam (trpyatu) AG. 3.4.1; ^G. 4. 9. 3. Cf. antarik.sarii 




antariksam tva diksamanam anudlksatam TB. 3. 7.7.7; 

antariksam darvir aksitaparimitanupadasta sa yathanta- 

riksaiii darvir aksitaparimitanupadastaiva tatamahasye- 

yaiii darvir aksitaparimitanupadasta Kau9.88.9. P: 

antariksam darvir aksita ViDh.73-i8. Cf. yatha vayur 

antariksam divarii bhumim AV.I0.9.I0^ 
antariksam divyat patv asmaii RV. 7. 104. 23d; 10.53.5^!; 

AV.8.4.2 3<1. 
antariksam diksa taya vayur diksaja dlksitah TB. 3.7.7. 

5; Ap^.io.ii.i. 
antariksam drnha VS.1.18 ; 5.13; 14-12; TS.; 2. 

12.3;; MS.1.1.8: 4.10; 1.2.8: 18.8; 2.7.15: 98. 

8; 2.8.14: 118.1 ; 3.8.5: 101.9; 4.1.8: 10.2; KS.1.7; 31. 

6; 4o.3(6?s); JB.1.39; 9B.;;; 

TB. 3. 2. 7. 2 ; MQ. 1. 2.3.4. See antariksam skabhana. 
antariksam dhenus tasya vayur vatsah AV.4.39.4. 
antariksapra uror varlyan TA.4.7.5''. 
antariksapraiii rajaso vimanim EV. 10.95.17='. 
antariksapram tavislbhir avrtam RV-LSLal". 
antariksapra bhuvanesv arpitah R'V.9.86.14''. 
antariksapra vahamano a9vruli RV.7.45.i''; MS.4.14.6I': 

223.13; KS.17.19''; TB.2.8.6.I1'. 
antariksaprudbhir apodakabhih EV.i.116.3'1 ; TA. i. 


antariksam : sec antariksaiii trpyatu. 

antariksam atho dii,ah AV.i 1.6.6''. 

antariksam atho svah (TA. suvali) EV. 10. 190.3''; 

i.2<l,i4f'; MahanU.i.9'i; 5.7*. 
antariksam adhi dyaur brahmanavistaiii rudra raksitaro 

vayur adhi viyatto asyam KS.40.3. 
antariksam anu vikramasva VS.12.5 ; TS.; MS. 2. 

7.8: 85.5; KS.16.8; (;iB.6.7.2.i4. 
antariksam anu vi krameiham AV. 10.5.26. 
antariksam arcih KS.3.3; 26.6; ApQ.7.27.4. Sec under 

antariksam jyotih. 
antariksam asi VS.11.58; TS.; 4.6.2; MS.2.7.6: 

80.16; 2. 13.18: 164.17; KS.16.5; 39.9; gB.; 


antariksam asi janmana vaja sa vayuiii garbham adhat- 
thah sa maya sariibhava MS. 2. 13. 15: 163.16. 8cc anta- 
riksam vafa. 

antariksam asi janmanopabhrn nama priya devanrim 
priyena namna MS.1.1.12: 7.18. P: antariksam asi 
janmana MQ. Sec upabhrd (asi ghrtaci), upa- 
bhrd ehi, and ghrtacy asy upabhrn. 

antariksam asum MS.4. 1 3.4: 203.11; KS.16.21; AB. 
2.6.13; TB.; Ag.3.3.1; gg.5-i7-,5- 

antariksam asy agnau fritaiii, vayoh pratistha, tvayl- 
dam antah, vifvarii yaksaiii vifvaiii bhutarii vi9vani su- 
bhutam, vifvasya bhartr vijvasya janayitr TB. 3.1 1.1.8. 

antariksam akramisam TS. ; M9.6.2.1. 

antariksam agnldhre KS.34.14. 

antariksam atma TA.3.4.1 ; Q(j;.io.i7.4. 

antariksam aprna KS.39.1. 

antariksam idaiii mahat AV.3.29.8'>. 

antariksam ivanapyaiii dyaur ivanadhrsto bhuyasam AA. 

5.1. 1. 16. 
antariksam utodaram'. 
antariksam uddhih AV.8.8.22. 
antariksam upabruve TB.^; AQ.2.10.21I'. 
antariksam upabhrd a kramasva AV.i8.4.6l\ 
antariksam upasadi KS.34.14 (6Js). 
antariksam pary eko babhuva''; JUB.1.34. 

antariksaiii pavitrena TA.3.8.2. 

antariksam iiitriis : see antariksam trtlyaiii. 

antariksam prna KS. 25.10. 

antariksam purltata (TS. puritata; KS. pulitata; MS. 

pulltata) VS.25.8; VSK.27.11; TS.; MS.3.15. 

7: 179.12 ; KSA.13.6. 
antariksam (VS. anta") prthivlmadrhhit VS.28.20«; TB.^ 
antariksam ma urv antaraiii brhad agnayah parvat.aj ca 

yaya vatah svastya svasti mani taya svastya svasti 

manasani TA.4.42.2. 
antariksam madliyam di^ali AV.9.5.20''. 
antariksam madhyena (TS. madhyena ma hihslh) TS. 1.3. 

5-1 ;; MS.1.2.14: 23.8. 
antariksam madhyena prthivyah sariibhava MS. 3.9. 3: 

antariksarii madhyenaprnaMS.i.2.14: 23.14; 3.9.3: 117. 

antariksarii manusyan yajiioigat tato ma draviiiam astu 

SB. 1. 5. 1 1. iSee under antariksarii trtlyarii. 
antariksarii mahitva TS. 1.5.3. i^'. 
antariksarii mahy a paprur ojasa EV. 10.65. 2<=. 
antariksam ma pahi KS.40.3. 
antariksarii ma hirislh VS.5.43 ; 14.12; TS.; MS. 

2.7.15: 98.8; 2.8.14: 118.1; KS.3.2; 26.3; 40.3; QB,14; 
antariksarii me yacha : see antariksarii yacha. 
antariksam inoru patu tasmat Apg.4.5.5'i. 
antariksasadag ca ye AV.10.9.12''; 11.6.12'^. 
antariksasad asi TS.4. 4.7.1 ;; MS.2.8.13: 117. 2; 

antariksasamantasya te vayur upa9rota BDh. 
antariksasthano adhvarali'. 
antariksasprn ma ma hirislh MS.4. 9. 7: 128.4; TA.4.8.4; 

antariksasya tva datra pra9nami M^. 1.3. 3. 16. Cf- Vait. 

antariksasya tva divas tva di9arii tva nakasya tva prsthe 

bradhnasya tva vistape sadayami TA.6.7.3. 
antariksasya tva dravine sadayami TS.4. 4. 7.1; MS. 2. 13. 

18: 165.2; KS.39.9. 
antariksasya tva sanav avaguhami (KS. "ksasya sanupesa) 

TS.i.3.6.2 ; KS.3.3; 26.6; Ap9.7.i 1.9. /Sec divali sanu- 
antariksasya dhartriiii vistambhanlrii di9arii bhuvanasya- 

dhipatnim (VS.KS.(^B. di9am adhipatnlrii bhuvana- 

nam) VS.14.5; MS.2.8.1: 107.5; KS.17.1; gB. 

See vistambhani. 


antar evo° 

antariksasya bhago^si Ai3^.3.3.ii. 

antariksasya yany asi TS.; KS.22.5; Ap9-i7.i- 

antariksasya sanupesa : see antariksasya tva sanav. 
antariksasya havir asi (VS.QB. asi svaha) VS.6.19; TS. i. 

3.10.2'; MS.1.2.17: 27.5; KS.3.7; gB. 
antariksasyantariksayany asi KS.22.5. 
antariksasyantardhir asi MS.4.9.4: 124.8; TA.4.5.6; 5. 

4.10; Apg.15.8.4; Mg.4.2.23. 
antariksat taiii nir bhajamo yoisman dvesti yam vayarii 

dvismah AV. 10.5.26. 
antariksad asrk.sata EV.9.63.27t'; SV.2.1050''. 
antariksad usas tvam EV.1.48.12''. 
antariksad divaiii samtanu MS. 2. 1 3. 3 : 153.10; KS.39.8; 

TB.i.5.7.i<=; Apg.16.32.3. 
antariksad divam anihara AV.4.14.3''; VS.17.67''; TS.4. 

6.5.1I'; MS.2.10.6I1: 138.6; 3.3.9: 42.1 ; KS.18.4I'; 21.9; 

antariksan ma pahi TS.; MS.2.7.15: 98.8. 
antariksan ma pahi vi9vasmai pranayapanaya vyanayo- 

danaya pratisthayai caritraya MS. 2. 8. 1 4 : 1 1 8. 2. 
antariksaya te namah AV. 11.2.4'!. 
antariksaya tva VS.5.26; 6.1; TS.i.i.ii.i; 3.1.1; 6.1;;; 4-4-I-I; 6.2;; 3.4.1; 7. 1. II. 

l; MS.1.2.11: 20.14; 1-2.14: 23-10; 1.3.35:42.1; 3.8. 

9: 107.9; 3.9.3: 117.1; KS.1.12; 2.12; 3.3; 17.7; 26. 

5; 29.5; 31. 11; 37.17; 40-4; KSA.1.2; PB.i.9.4; QB.; 7.1.5; TB.; 8.7.3; Ag.2.3.8; Vait.2o. 

13; ApQ.2.8.i; 3.6.4; 7.9.9; II. 9. 12; 17.2.6,9; 9.7; 

20.5.8; M9.; Kau9.6.5. 
antariksaya tva vanaspataye (KS. opatibhyah) KS.30.5 

antariksaya namah KSA. 11.6. 
antariksaya paiiktran VS. 2 4. 26; MS.3.14.7: 173. 11. 
antariksaya mrtyave AV.7.102.1I'. 
antariksayarsayas tva prathamaja devesu divo matraya 

varina prathantu TS.4. 4. 2. 3. See rsayas tva etc., and cf. 

divo matraya. 
antariksaya vanfanartinain VS.30.21 ; TB. 3. 4.1. 17. 
antariksaya vanaspataye M9'7-2-4. 
antariksaya vayave PG.2.10.5. 
antariksaya sam anamat TS.; KSA.5.20. See 

under antarikse vayave sam°. 
antariksaya svaha AV.5.9.3,4; VS.22.27,29; 39.1; TS. 

1. 8.13.3; 7-1-15-1; 17-1; 5-"-i; MS.3.12.7: 162.12 

3.12.10: 163.10; 3.12.12: 164.3; KS.15.3; 37.15,16 

KSA.i.6,8; 5.2; gB.; 9.3.6; TB.,2 

18.4; (Ws); (}g.i-;.i2.2; ApQ.20.11. 4,5; 

1 2.5 ; MahrmU. 1 9. 2 (bis). 
antarikse adhy (TS.KS. -dhy) asate TS.'; MS. 1.4. 

3^(&;s): 50.2,4; KS.5.6b; 32.6; Mg.i.4.3-i6b. 
antariksesfiksva Apg.3.6.2. 
antariksena tvopa° : see antariksenopa°. 
antariksena patatah EV.8.7.35'J. 
antariksena patatam EV.i.25.7'\ 

antariksena patati EV. 10.136.4^; AV.6.8o.i'\ P: anta- 
riksena Kau9.31.18. Cf. yo antariksena. 

antariksena yatave EV.y. 63.8c ; 65. 16^; SV.2.i83c,567C; 

antariksena rarajat EV.9.5.2C. 
antariksena saha vajinlvan (AV.4.38.5f vajinivan) AV. 

antariksenopayachami (TA. ApQ. antariksena tvopa") VS. 

38.6; MS.4.9.7: 128.3; gB.14-2.1.17; TA.4.8.4; 5-7-8; 

Kg.26.5.15; Apg.15.10.6; Mg.4.3.18. 
antarikse tava nabhih (TS. antarikse nabhih) VS. 11. 12''; 

TS.4-x-2.1J; MS.2.7.2d: 75.1; j.'i.g: 3.13; KS.i6.i'i; 

antarikse divi ye caranti AV.'\ 
antarikseidhy : see antarikse adhy. 
antarikse nabhih : see antarikse tava. 
antarikse pathibhir lyamanah (GB. hrlyamanah, with var. 

hlyamanah) EV.10.168.3''; GB.i.2.8''. 
antarikse pratisthitan TB. 3. 12. 7. 2*1. 
antarikse brhati 9rayasva svaha TB. 3. 7. i o. i ; ApQ. 1 4. 3 1 . 5. 

See brhati stabhaya. 
antarikse bhava adhi VS.16.55'>; TS.4. 5. 11. i''; MS.2.9. 

9'': 128.9; KS.i7.i6'\ 
antarikse madhyato madhyamasya AV. 4. 14.86. 
antarikse manasa tva juhomi AV.9. 4.10c. 
antarikse yatasva TS.; MS.2.13.1: 153.4. 
antarikse vayahsi drhha mayi pa9un Lg. 1.7.11. 
antarikse vayave samanaman sa ardhnot AV. 4. 39. 3''^. See 

antariksaya sam, vayave sam, and vayu9 cantariksam. 
antarikse (KS. antariksarii) visnur vyakraiista traistu- 

bhena chandasa VS. 2.25; KS.5.5; gB.i.9.3.10,12 ; gg. 

4.12.3. Sec visnur antarikse, and traistubliena chanda- 
sa ntariksam. 
antarikse vrsa harih EV.9.27.6''; SV.2.64o'>. 
antarikse sida TS.4. 4. 7.1; S-S-n-iJ MS.2.8.13: 117.2; 

antarikse svaiii mahimanani mimanah SV.2.1194C. 
antariksodarah ko90 bhumibudhno na jliyati, di9o hy 

asya sraktayo dyaur asyottaraiii bilam, sa esa ko90 

vasudhanas tasmin vi9vam idaiii 9ritam ChU.3.15.1. 

antar ichanti tarn jane EV.8.72.3"-. 
antaritam raksah VSK.i.8.3; TS.; JB.1.39; TB.; Ag.2.3.7; Kg.2.5.22; Apg.i.25.8; 6.6.8; Mg. 

1.6. 1.20. Cf. Mwdcj' apahataiii raksah. 
antarita aratayah VSK.i.8.3; TS.; JB.1.39; TB.; Ag.2.3.7; Kg.2.5.22; Apg.i.25.8; 6.6.8; Mg. 

1. 6.1. 20. 
antar lyase arusa yujanah EV.4.2.3C. 
antar urv etc. : sec antar dadhamy. 
antar u su carato reriliana EV.6.2 7.7'\ 
antar rjresv arusi EV.8.68.i8'^\ 
antar ena ma samearista Apg. 1. 1 2. 1 2. 
antarenaniikaQam TS.; KSA.13.2. See under 

antareme uabhasi ghoso astu AV.5.20.7'''. 
antar evosmanam varayadhvat (MS.TB. varaj'atat) MS.4. 

13.4: 203.12; KS.16.21; AB.2.6.14; TB.3. 6.6.2; Ag. 
3.3.1; gg.5.17.4. 



antaraite trayo vedah GB.1.1.39®. 

antaraig cakrais tanayaya vartOi 'RY.6.62.10K 

antaro yasi dutyani KV.1.44.12I'. 

antar garbha iva matari AV.ii.7.6d. 

antar garbhaf carati devatasu AV. 11.4.20^ 

antar garbhesu bahudha sam tanoti Kau9. 124.3". 

antar gayafcryam amrtasya garbhe AV. 13.3.20'^ 

antar girau yachamanarii ca bliojanam AV.20.34.12c. 

antargosthaya {sc. namah) MG.2.12.9. 

antar grama upanahor dharanam {sc. varjaya) GGr.3.1.25. 

antar jatesuta ye janitvah EV.4.i8.4<i. 

antar dadha rtubhili; ApMB.2.19.6'' (ApG.8. 

21.3). See antai'hita ma. 
antar dadhana duritani vifva AV.5.28.8J. Cf. antas ti- 

sthati, and under atikramanto du". 
antar dadhamy ui-v antariksam (TS. antar lu-v antariksam) 

VS.7.5^ TS.i.4.3.1'1;; MS.1.3.5J: 32-5; KS.4. 

id; 27.2; 9B.4.I.2.16. 

antar dadhe dyavaprthivl AV.8.5.6". 

antar dadhe parvataili HG.2.10.7"; ApMB.2.i9.4=' (ApG. 
8.21.3). See antarhita gi°. 

antar dadheiharii salilena vacah AV. 17.1.29^. 

antar da9asu bilhusu KV.8.ioi.i3'^. 

antardave juhuta sv etat AV.6.32.i-'>. P: antaidave 

antar didyaty asani AV.i 0.10.2 8''. 

antar dutaiii rodasi satyavacam RV.7.2.3^'. 

antar duta9 carati manuslsu IB. 5.']. 6. 4'^; AP9.4.5.3J. 

antar duto na rodasi carad vak RV.i.i73.3d. 

antar duto rodasi dasma lyate RV.3.3.2^ 

antar devan martyaiif ca RV.8.2.4C. 

antar devesu nidhruvih EV.8.29.3''. 

antar medhirah EV.8.29.2I'. 

antar devesuta manusesu AV.4.28.5''. 

antar devo vidatha martyesu EV.6.ii.2i\ 

antardega aliadhnata\ 

antardegah kiiiikarah AV.8.8.22. 

antar dyava mahine haiyamanah EV.3.6.4'\ 

antardhir devanam AV.i2.2.44'\ P: antardhih Kauf. 

antar dhehi jatavedah AV. 11.10.4^ 

antar nadi te patayanty uksanab EV.i. 135.9^'. 

antar navasu carati EV.<i. 

antar barhi? ca tat sarvam 1.2c; MahanU. 11.6c. 

antar brahman pratisthitam TB.''. 

antarbhutara pratisthitam TB. 3. 12.8.2''. 

antar matij carati nissidham goh EV.3.55.8C. 

antar mahaty arnave AV.3.6.3b; ii.8.2i',6i'; VS.23.63'1; 
(^''; A9-I0.9.5''. See under asmin mahaty ar- 
nave, and cf. antar arnave. 

antar mahah9 carati (EV. 10.4.2"^ carasi) rocanena EV.3. 

55.9''; 10.4.24. 

antar mahimanam anauja dhlrah VS.8.3o''; 9B. 2''. 

See pavamano garbham, and pavamano dhlra. 
antar mahl brhati rodaslme RV.7.87.2C. 
antar mahl rodasi 5'ati sadhan MS.4.i4.9(l: 228.6. 
antar mahl samrte dhaj'ase dhuh EV.3. 38. 3^. 

antar mahe vidathe yetire narah EV.5.59.2'i. 

antar mahya prthivyah ApMB.2.19.4''; HG.2.10.7''. See 

antarhita jjrthivl. 
antar mrtyuiii dadhatam parvatena RV.i 0.18. 411; VS.3S. 

iS^i; 9B.13.8.4. 121I; AG.4.6.10. See tiro mrtymii. 
antar yacha grnate dhartram dmha TS."!. 
antar yacha jighansatah EV.10.102.3*; 99'i8.ii.2. 
antar yachatu me manali AG.3.6.§1'. Cf. antas tisthatu me. 
antar yacha maghavan pahi somam VS. 7.4; TS. 1.4. 3.1*; 

MS. 1. 3.5": 3 2. 4 ; KS. 4.1"; ^B. 4. 1. 2. 1 5. Ps : antar yacha 

maghavan M^- 2- 3- 4-2 5; antar yacha Ap^. 12.13.7. 
antar yad vanino vam rtapsu EV. 1.180.3c. 
antaryamasya patram asi TS. 
antaryamat pancada9ah VS.13.55; TS.; MS.2.7. 

19: 104.4; KS.16.19; (^B. 
antaryame maghavan madayasva VS.7.5<i; TS.i.4.3.i<';; MS.i.3.5f: 32.6; KS.4.if; 9B. 
antar yathesu roruvat EV. 10.86.15''; AV. 20. 126. 15''. 
antar yeme antarikse purajah EV. 10.5.5c. 
antar yoneva carati dvijanih RV. 10.10 1. 11 1. 
antar lomavati hrade AV. 20. 133.6''; ^^.''. 
antarvati etc. : see antarvatni. 

antarvatiQ ca suvate ca vi9vaha E V. i o. 9 1 . 61! ; SV. 2. 1 1 7 44. 
antarvatih suvate apravitah EV.3. 5 5. 5c. 
antarvatni (KS.MQ. ovatl) janyam jatavedasam KS.7.12C; 

TB.; Apg.5.8.6c; MQ. 
antar pra cara su jivase EV.9.82.4C. 
antarvavat ksayaiii dadlie EV.i.40.7<i. 
antarvavad akrnoj jyotisa tamah EV.6.8.3''. 
antar vidvah adhvano devayanan EV. 1.72.7c. 
antar vi9vam idam jagat TB. 2.8.8. io'\ 
antar vi9vani bhesaja EV. 1.23.2011; 10.9.6''; AV.i.6.2''; 

MS.4.10.4'': 153.7; KS.2.i4b;TB.2.5,8.6i';Apg.8.8.7''. 
antar vi9vani vidmana jigati RV. 7. 4. i'' ; MS. 4. 1 4. 3'': 218. 

5; KS.7.16J; TB. 
antar vi9vasu manuslsu diksu AV.5. i i.8<i,9'\ 
antar vrtrasya jatharesu parvatah RV. 1.54.10''. 
antar hastam krtaiii mama AV.7.5o.2d. 
antar hi khyo jananam RV.i. 81.9c; AV.20.56.6c. 
antarhitam agham Kau9.86.14. 

antarhita girayah <JG.3. 13.5". See antar dadhe pai-vataih. 
antarhita prthivi mahl me ^G. 3.13. 5''. See antar mahya. 
antarhita ma rtavah QG.^.13.5'^. See antar dadha. 
antar hrda manasa puyamanah EV.4.58.6''; VS.13.38''; 

17.94''; TS.''; MS.2.7. 17'': 101.12; KS.16.16''; 

40.7''; 9B.; TAA.10.40''; AP9.17.18.1''. 
antar hy akhyad ubhe asya dhene RV.5.30.9C. 
antar hy agna lyase RV.2.6.7". 
antag candram asi manasa carantam TA.3.11.5''. 
antag ca parru-dha9 caVS.17.2; TS.; MS.2.8.14: 

118. 16; KS.17.10; 9B. 
antag ca pragfi aditir bhavasi RV.8.48.2'1; AB. 1.30.20; 

KB.9.6; A9.4.10.5. P: anta9 ca pragah 99-5-I4-I8. 
antag carati dutyam EV. 8. 39.16. 
antag carati (MahanU. PranagU. carasi) bhutesu 

31.1'^; TAA.10.68"; MahanU. 1 5.6"-; PranagU.i^; 

LVyasaDh. 2. 1 7" ; ^ankhaDh. 9. 1 6^. 


annam no 

anta9 carati rocana (AV.13.1.40'', carasy arnave; MS. ca- 

ratyarnave; YDh. earasi pavaka)'^; AV.6. 

31.2*; 13.1.40^; 20.48.5"; SV.2.727a; ArS.s.s"; VS.3. 

T"; TS.i. 5.3.1''; MS.1.6.1'': 85.13; KS.7.i3i>; gB.2.1. 

4.29"; YDh.2.104''. P: aiitaj carati M^. 1.5.2. 20. 
antahgave rathyayam Kauf. 141.38°. 
antah ^ubliravata (SV. 9umdhyavata) patha EV.9.15.3''; 

antas tisthati tejanam AV.i.2.4^\ 
antas tisthatu munja it AV. 1.2.4'!. 
antas tisthatu (MG. ti.sthato) me manoimrtasya ketuh 

SMB.i.6.34d; HG.i.i7.4d; MG.i.3.2<i. See next, and 

cf. antar yacbatu. 
antas tisthatv amrtasya gopah TB.3. 10.8.9''; ApQ.17.23. 

ii<!. Seeprcc. 
antas tisthati duritaui vifva AV.6.53.2'1. Cf. antar dadha- 

na, and under atikramanto. 
antas te dyavaprthivl dadhami (TS. te dadhami dyava- 

prthivI)VS.7.5^ TS.1.4. 3.1°;; MS.i.s.s'^: 32.5; 

KS.4.1C; gB.4.i.2.i6. 
antaspatha anupathah EV.5.52.10''. 
antah santoivadyani punanah EV.6.66.4''. 
antah samudre manasa caraiitam TA.3.ii.i<^. 
antah samudre hrdy antar ayu.siEV.4.58.111'; YS.17.99''; 

KS.40.7t; Apg.17.18.1t. 
antan divo badhate vartanibhyam EV.7.69.3'1 ; MS. 4. 14. 

io<i: 230.1 ; TB.'i. 
antan divo brhatah sanunas pari EV.5.59.7''. 
antan prthi^-j'a divah TB.'; Apg.8.8.21''. See tad 

antat pro. 
antan maineprthivyahEV.8.25.18''; KS.11.13''; ApQ. 16. 

I 1.12^. 

antan manantaiii gamaya gg.6.8.9. 

antaya bahuvadinam VS.30.19; TB. 3. 4.1. 13. 

antaya svaha TS. ; KSA.2.10; TB. 

antikad iva pa9}-ati AY.4. 16. i''. 

antikam agnim ajanayat EYKh. 10. 142.2^ 

anti cit santam aha EY.8.ii.4^ 

anti dure padista sah EY.i.79.nt. 

anti dure sato agne TB.''. 

anti nunam a9vinopastuteha EY.5.76.2''; SY.2.ii03t. 

antimitrag (TS. antyamitraj) ca dure aiiiitra9 (MS. imitra9) 

ca ganah VS. 17.83; TS.; MS. 2. 6.6: 67.16; 2.11.1: 

140.2 ; KS.18.16. 
antivama dure amitram ucha EY.7.77.4^ 
anti sad bhutu vam avah EY.8.73.i=-i8<=. 
anti sautarh na jahati\ 
anti santam na pafyati AY. 10. 8. 3 2''. 
antisumn e mahivrate AY.7. 112.1b; 14.2.45''. 
ante sida KS.39.6; Apg.16.31.1. 
antyamitrag etc. : see antimitia9. 
anty-utiih mayobhuvam EY.i.i38.i«. 
andhaiii ratri trstadhumam AY.19. 47.8c; 50.1*. 
andham 9ronam ca vrtrahan EV.4.30.i9l'. 
andham krnoti purusam AY.9.8.4I'. 
andham tamah pravi9anti YS.40.9''', 12'^; QB."; 

BrhU.4.4.13"; i9aU.9.i2\ 

andhah 9lona iva hlyatam GB.1.2.7C. 

andhase svaha QB. 12.6. 1.5. 

andha sthandho vo bhakslya YS.3.20 ; QB. 2. 3.4. 25. P: 

andha stha KQ.4.12.5. Sec ambhali stha"^. 
andhasya cin nasatya kr9asya cit''. 
andha apa9ya na dabhann abhikhya EY. 1.148. 5". 
andha amitra bhavata EYKh. 10.103. 2"; SY.2.I22I^ See 

mudha amitra9. 
andha tamahsi dudhita vicakse EY.4.i6.4<'; AY.20.77.4'^. 
andha tamahsy ava padayainan AY.9.2. 10''. 
andhahin (TS. °ahe; KSA. '^aheh) sthulagudayfi (TS.KSA. 

sthuraguda; MS. sthuragudaya) YS.25.7; TS.; 

MS.3.15.9: 180.4; KSA.13.7. 
andhena tamasavrtah YS.40.3''; QB. 14. 7. 2. 14''; 19^11.3^. 
andhena yat (TA. ya) tamasa pravrtasit (TA. pravrtasi) 

AY.18.3.3C; TA.6.i2.i'=. 
andhenamitras tamasa sacantam EY. 10.89. 15c ; io3.i2<i; 

SV.2.i2ii'l; YS.17.44'1; N.9.33'i. See grahyamitrahs. 
andho achetah (TS.ApQ. :.chetah) YS.8.54; TS.; 

KS.34.14; Apg.12.1.3; 17.6.3. 
andho jagrvih prana, asav ehi TB. 3.10. 8. 3; 11. 5. 3. 
andho na putarii parisiktam aii9oh RY.4.I.I9''. 
andho manim avindat TA. 1.11.5^ 
annam yujeva vajina jigatam EY.2.24.12'1. 
annam yo brahmanam malvah AY.5.18.70. 
annam raksantau bahudha viiCipam TB. 3. 1.2.10c. 
annam reto lohitam udaram AY. 1 1.5.25''. 
annam va ekaih chandasyam (GG. ekacchandasyam) au- 

naui hy ekaiii bhutebhya9 chandayati (svaha) SMB. 2. 6. 

13. Ps: anuaiii va ekacchandasyam GG.4. 9.4; annam 

vai KhG.4.3. TO. 
annam vai didivili prano jagrvis tau prapadye tabhyaiii 

namoistu tau ma pa9cad gopayetam PG.3.4.16. 
annam saptahota sa pranasya pranah TA.3.7.3. 
annam samrajyanam adhipati tan mavatu TS.3.4.5. i ; PG. 

annam ha pranah yaranaui ha vasah AB.7.13.8'''; QQ. 15. 

annam hi bhutanam jyestham T A.8. 2. i'^ {his); TU.2.2. i" 

annakamaya carate kryaya EY. 10. 117.3''. 
annam karisyami PB.1.3.6; L9.1.12.3. 
annam krsir vrstir vasat svaha namah TS. 7. 3. 1 2. 1 ; KSA. 

annam ksiraiii va9e tvam AY. 10. lo.Sii. 
annam ca tva brahmanav ca pa9cime saiiidhau gopaj-etam 

annam ca no bahu bhavet YiDh.73.30* 
annam ca me^ksuc ca me (YS. me yajiiena kalpantam) 

YS.18.10; TS.;; KS.18.9. Ste aksuc ca 

annam caksuc ca KS.21.11. See aksuc cannaih. 
annam cannadyarii ca AY. 13.4.22. 
annam janayisyami PB.i.3.6. 
annadasy {for annaddsy? cf comm.) annapatih QQ.6. 

annam no dhehi bahudha virupam KS.38. i2'i. 


annam no — 


annam no budhya : see annam me budhya. 
annapate.nnasya (MS.KS.MQ.MG. annasya) no dehi VS. 

II. 83^ 34.58; TS.'';; MS.2.I0.I"': 132. 

5; 4.14.16: 242.8;"'; 19.12; gB.; TB."; Apg.6.13.5; 16.11.3; MQ.i. 6.1. 52;— 6.1.4; 

—6.2.4; PranagU.i''; AG.1.16.5'';^ MG.i. 

20.2; ApMB.2.i5.i5''(ApG.7.i7.9). P: annapate TB. 

3. 1 1.9.9; K^. 1 6.6.8; Ap9.i9.i3.5. Designafcd as anna- 

patiya (sc. rk)PG.3. 1.5. See annasyannapatih pradat, 

and cf. afayeinnasya. 
annapane ca sarvada TA.7.4.2'i; TU.i.4.2'1. 
annapagena manina SMB.i.3.8'1; GG.2.3.21. P: anna- 

pafena KhG. 1.4.10. 
annam akaram PB.i.3.7; L^.i. 12.12. 
annam ajijanam PB.i.3.7. 
annam-annaih vi rohatu AV. 10.6.33''. 
annam-annam ksadamahe 
annam-annam AB.5.28.9; 9Q.2.14.5. 
annam abhityarodayan musayan EV. 10.99.5''. 
annam abhut PB. 1.3.7. 

maya me fudhj-antam TA. 10.57. i; TAA. 10.66; Ma- 

hanU.20.21; BDh.3.8.12. 
annam aynlta mrjmita(!) TA.i.4.1''. 
annam asiPB.21.3.7; ^B. 14. 9. 3. 9; Ap(j!!.2 2. 17.10; BrhU. 

6.3.9; Kauf. 136.4. 
annam apah TA. 10.22.1 ; MalianU.14.1. 
annam apo mulaphalam (^G.i.'j.^^K 
annam avasathlyam TB.''; ApQ.4.2.1'''. 
annam ahuh prajananarii prajanam TB. 2.8.8. 3''. 
annam iva te drje l>huyasam ApMB.2.21.10 (ApG.8.22. 

annam iva vibhu yajna iva prabhur bhuyasam AA.5. i.i. 

annam isavah AV.3.27.3. 
annam ugrasya prafisam astu vayi(?) SMB.2.5. 11. Cf. 

annam payo reto asmasu {(}B. ^smasii) dhatta (MS.ApQ. 

dhehi) VS. 19.48'- MS. 3.11.10b: 156.18; KS.38.2h;gB.; TB.>; gg.4.13.1; Apg.6.ii.5b. 
annam ptirva rasantaih me asadhah AV. 19.7.4°-; Naks. 

annam pravisyami {for prabhavayisyami ?) PB. 1.3.6. 
annam pranam annam apanam ahuh TB.\ 
annam pranasya padvin?as (Kauf. bandhanam) Kau9.89. 

IOC; SMB.i. 3.10a (GG.2.3.21). 
annam pranena sammitam Apg.5. 18.2''. 
annam prano bahur bhava Kau5.92.13i'. 
annam brahmano jarasam vadanti TB.<5. 
annam mansavad ghrtavat svadhavatHG.2.i5.9b; ApMB. 


annam ma ma hifislh Kauf. 136.4. 
annam mrtyum tarn u jivatum ahuh TB. 
annammedehiPB.6.4.11; Lg. 1.7.5(6/5); Kau9.i36.4. 
annam me dhehi PB.6.4.11 ; cf. Kau9. 136.4, note. 
annam me puiisya pahi (and purlsyajugupah) KS.7.3,11. 
See next two. 

annam me (Apg.6.24.3, no) budhya (Apg. budhnya) pahi, 
tan me (Apg.6.24.3, no) gopayasmakam punar agamat 
MS.1.5.14 (6w): 83.2,14; Apg.6.24.3,6. P: annaiii me 
budhya pahi Mg.i. 6.3.7. See prec. 

annam me (Apg. 6. 2 6. 2, no) budhyajugupas (Apg. budh- 
nya") tan me (Apg.6.26.2, nah) punar dehi MS.i.s.14: 
84.7; Apg.6.26.2,5. P: annam me budhyajugupah 
Mg. See prec. hut one. 

annarasans te mayi dadhe KBU.2.15. 

annarasan me tvayi dadhani KBU. 2. 1 5. 

annavatam odanavatam amiksavatam esarh raja bhuj^a- 
sam TB. P: annavatam Apg. 2 2. 28. 2 4. 

annavan san raphitayopajagmuse EV. 10. 117.2b. 

annasya ghrtam eva rasas tejah saiiipatkamo juhomi svaha 
SMB.2.6.15. Ps: annasya ghrtam eva GG.4.9.5; anna- 
sj'a KhG. 4. 3. 11. 

annasya pataye namah : see annanam pataye. 

annasya bhuma purusasya bhuma AV.5.28.3''. 

annasya ma tejasa svargam lokarii gamaya JB. 1.40. 

annasya rastrir asi rastris te bhuyasam SMB.2.8.9. P: 
annasya rastrir asi GG.4. 10.12; KhG.4.4. 12. 

annasyannapatih pradat PB. 1.8.7". ^'- annasya Lg.2. 
8.21. See under annapate^nnasya. 

annatparisrutorasam VS. 19.75"; MS. 3.11. 6": 149.1; KS. 
38.1"; TB.". P: annat parisrutah MG.i.20.2; 
YDh.1.300; BrhPDh.9.64. 

annadam tvannapatyaya (Ag. "patyay adadhe) Ag. 3. 1 2. 2 3 ; 
Apg. 5. 11.6; 9.9. 1. See under next. 

annadam agnim annapatyayadadhe MS. 1.6. ifl; 86.10; i. 
6.2<J: 87.6. See prec. and next, agnim annadam, and an- 

annadam annadyayadadhe (KS. annadyayannapatyayada- 
dhe) TS.''; KS. 7. 1 3 (^er) ; 8.6. See under prec. 

annada (KB. "dl) cannapatnl ca bhadra ca kalyani canilaya 
capabhaya canapta canapya canadhrsya (KB. "dhrsta) 
capratidhrsya (KB. canadhrsya) capurva cabhratn'ya 
ca AB. 5. 2 5. 15-20; KB.27.5; Ag.8.13.13. Cf. adhvaryo 
yesam etc. 

annada bhuyasta ye noinnadan akarta MS. 4. 2. 8: 29.18. 
See next'. 

annada bhuyasma ye ca no^nnadan karstapi {read akar- 
stapi?) ca no^nyeinnada bhuyahso jayantam Kau9.92.28. 
See prec. 

annadayannapataye rudraya name agnaye AV. 19.55.5. 

annadayannapatyaya dadhat Kau9.7o.6. See under an- 
nadam agnim. 

annada sthannadughah TB.3. ii.x.ig. 

annadah stha Ai)g.6.i4.6. 

annadi etc. : see annada cannapatnl. 

annado bhuyasam gB.ii.2.7.11 ; Apg.6.14.6. P: anna- 
dah Kg. 3.3.5. 

annadoiham adyasmin jane bhuyasam, anannadah sa yo 
isman dvesti Apg.6.21.1. 

annad bhutani jayante TA.8.2.1"; TU.2.2.ia; MU.6. 

annadyam te bhaksayami Apg.21.22.6; Mg.7.2.7. 

annadyam me:=vocah Mg. 


— anyasyeveha 

annadyaya tva TS.1. 7.9.2 ; A9.2.4.7; AP9.18.5.17. 
annadyaya-iyuhaclhramPG.a.e. 17*;; ApMB. 

2.-].ig"- (ApG.5.12.6). 
annadyena yafasa tejasa biahmanavarcasena AV. 13.4.49, 

annad vai prajah prajayante TA.8.2.I''; TU.2.2.1'''; MU. 

annanam (MS. annasya) pataye namah VS. 16. 18 ; TS.4.5. 

2.1; MS.2.g.3: 122.12; KS.17.12. 
annanam mukliam asi Kau9.90. 18. 
annaya tva TS.i.7.9.2; MS.1.11.3: 164.3; i.n.S: 170.2; 

2.11.6: 144.2; KS.14.1; AP9.18.5.17; Mg.7.1.3. 
anna yad indrah prathama vy afa EV.3.36.8C. 
annavrdham prati caranty annaih EV. 10. 1.4'^ 
annaharah smo bhoh Kau9.92.27. 
annena gayah TS.; KS.39.11. 
annena prajaya saba AV. 10.6.23^. 
annena manusyans trayase trnaih pa9un kartena sarpan 

yajuena devan svadhaya pitfn svaha ApMB. 2. 17. 3 

(ApG. 7. 1 8. 7). See next. 
annena manusyans trayase^tpupena sarpan (AG. sarpan 

yajnena devan) AG.2.1.10; MG.2.16.3. See prec. 
anne bhaty apa9ritah QB.". 
anne samasya yad asan manlsah EV.10.29.4d; AV.20.76. 

anya u su yamy (EV.N. anyam u su tvam yamy) anya u 

tvam EV.10.10.14''; AV.i8.i.i6a; N.ii.34tt. 
anyah. karta sukrtor anya rndhan EV. 3. 31. 211; N.3.6d. 
anyam vindami ladhase EV.8.24.12''. 
anyakrtasyainasoivayajanam asi svaha (Ap^. "nam asi) 

TAA. 10.59; Apg.13.17.9; M9.; MahanU.18.1. 

See anajnatajnatakrtasya, and cf. enasa-enaso. 
anyaksetrani va ima AV.5.22.8<i. 
anyaksetre aparuddham carantam AV.3.3.4''. 
anyaksetre na raniase AV.g. 22.9^ 
anyam krnusvetali pautbam EV.10.142.7c. Cf. anyam te 

asmat tapantu, and anyatrasmad ayana. 
anyajanyam ea vrtrahan KB. 9. 4^; (^9. 5. 13. 3b 
anyataenyo (MS. anyataenlr) maitryab (MS. maitrlh) VS. 

24.8; MS.3.13.9: 170.7. 
anyatah pretya saiiibhavah ^B.i4.6.g.34l'; BrhU.3.9.34'\ 
anyatoranyaya davapam VS.30.19; TB. 
anyatra tvad rudatyah sam vi9antu SMB. 1.1.13^; ApMB. 

1.4.9I': HG. 1. 19.7b 
anyatra papir apa ve9aya dhiyah AV.9.2.25'J. 
anyatra rajuam abhi yatu manyuh AV.6.4o.2d. 
anyatra vaiii gboraiii tanvah paraitu dantau AV. 6. 140. 3c. 
anyatra somapitaye EV.10.86.2d; AV.20.126.2d. 
anyatrasmat savitas tarn ito dhah AV. 7. 11 5. 2c. 
anyatrasmad aghavisa nayantu AV.6.93.2d. 
anyatrasmad ayana krnusva AV.10.1.16''. Cf. under an- 

yaiii krnu'\ 
anyatrasmad divyarb 9akharh xi dbunu AV. 11.2.19c. 
anyatrasmad vidyutam patayaitam AV. 11.2.26". 
anyatrasman nyucyatu AV.6.26.3'\ 
anyatrasman marutas tan ni dhetana TB. 3. 7. 11. 2d; A^. 

3.i3.i8d; Apg.3.ii.2d. 

anyatrogra vi vartaj'a AV.11.2.21C. 
anyad adya karvaram anyad u 9vah EV.6.24.5^ 
anyad-anyad asuiyaih vasanah EV.3.38.70. 
anyad-anyad bbavati rupam asya M9. 4'\ See 

anyad abur avidyayah (VSK.l9aU. avidyaya) VS. 40. 13''; 

VSK.40. 10''; l9aU. io'\ 
anyad abur asaiiibhavat VS. 40. 10''; l9aU.i3^ 
anyad evahur vidyajTih (VSK.l9aU. vidyaya) VS.40.13'1; 

anyad evahuh saiiibhavat VS.40.10''; l9aU.i3^ 
anyad yusmakam antaram babbuva (TS. bbavati) 

82.7b; VS.17.31b; TS.; MS.2.10.3: 135.1; KS.; N.I4.I0b. 

anyad varpah pitroh krnvate saca EV. 1.140.7^. 

anyam (VS.MS.KS.(^B. auyaiis) te asmat tapantu betayah 

VS. 1 7. 70,11c, 1 5c; 36.20C; TS.4.6.i.3c(Ws),5C; 5-4.4.5; 131. 13; 132.2,14; 3.3.6: 39.3; KS.17. 

i~,<^(qiihui.); QB.; 2.1.2,17; A9.2.I2.2C (6is). 

Cf under anyana krnu°. 
anyam te asman (NrpU. te^sman; AV. asmat te) ni va- 

l^antu senah (AV. senyam) EV.2.33.iid; AV.i8.i.4od;; NrpU.2.4d. (7/ anyam asman. 
anyam antah pitur dadbe QG.3. i3.5d(<er). See antar an- 
anyam anyat pratigrbhnaty aj-at MS.4.ii.ib: 161. 7. 
anyam-anyam atinenlyamanah EV.6.47. t6b 
anyam-anyam upa tisthanta rayah EV. lo.i i7.5d. 
anyam asmad ichatu kaiii cid avratah AV.6.20. ic. 
anyam asmad icba sa ta itya VS. 12.62c; TS.; MS. 

2.7.12C: 90.16; KS.16.12c; gB. 
anyamasmadbbiya iyamEV.8.75.13''; TS.2. 6.11.3^; MS. 

4.11.6'': 176.6. 
anyam asmad ririseh kaiii cid adrivah EV. 1.129.10*'. 
anyam asman (MS. anyaus te asman; KS. anye^sman) 

nivapantutrdi VS. i6.52d;; MS.2.9.9d: 128. 

4 ; KS. 1 7. 1 6d. Cf. anyam te asman. 
anyam icbasva subbage patiiii mat EV. i o. i o. i od ; AV. 1 8. 

I.Ild; N.4.2od. 

anyam u su etc. : see anya u su etc. 
anyam paksaiii cana prati EV.i 0.119.7b. 
anyam papmanu padyatam AV.6.26.2d. 
anyaya vacabbi janjabhatah Kau9.96.3b. 
anyavapoirdbamasanam VS.24.37; TS.; MS.3. 

14.18: 176.6; KSA.7.7. 
anyavratam amanusam EV.8.7o.ii\ 
anyavratasya (TA. anyad vra^) sa9cima (EV. sa9cire; TA. 

sa9cimab) EV.5.20.2d; VS.38.20b; MS.4.9.10: 131.6b; 

gB.; TA.4.ii.4b 
anyavrato amanusah EV.10.22.8b 
anya? cen nabbigacbati EV.10.146.5b; TB. 
anyas tesarii paridhir astu ka9 cit EV. 1.125.7c. 
anyasya cittam abhi saiiicarenyam EV.1.170.1C; N.i.6c. 
anyasya garbham anya u jananta EV.2.18.2C. 
anyasya vatsam ribati mimaya EV.3.55.13*; 10.27. 14c. 
anyasyasa jibvaya jenyo vrsa EV. 1.140.2c. 
anyasyeveha tanva vivesa EV.2. 35.13d; KS.35.3d. 


anyans — 

anyans te etc. : see anyarii te asmat tapantu etc., and anyam 

anya kila tvarii kaksyeva yuktam EV.10.10.13C; AV.18. 

i.igc; N.6.28C. 
anya namani krnvate sute saca EV. 1.161.5". 
anyanyasya upavata KV.10.97.14''; VS.12.88i'; TS.4.2.6. 

3t>; MS.2.7.i3b: 94-9; KS.16.13''; 
anyanya vatsam upa dhapayete''; VS.33.5''; 

TB. 2. 7. 1 2. 21". 
anya barhlnsy abhyabhut VS.28.2i'l;'J. 
anyam icha pitrsadam vyaktam (ApMB. vittam) EV. 10. 

85.21C; ApMB.<'. Sec jamim icha. 
anyam icha prapharvyam EV.10.85.220 ; QB.r4.9.4. 

18''; BrhU.6.4.18''; (7/ dasliii nistak- 

anyam icheta tarhi sah AV. 12. 4.1 3''. 
anya vatsam bharati kseti mata EV.3.55.4''. 
anya vam anyam apy eti fubhre EV.3.33.2'1. 
anya vo anyam ati ma prayukta TS.4.3.1 i.4'^(?'fs); MS. 2. 

13.10'^: 161. 2; KS.39.iod(&/s); PG. 3. 3.5'! (&(«). 
anya vo anyam avatu EV.10.97.14*; VS.i2.88"'; TS.4.2. 

e.s"-; MS.2.7.13'': 94.9; KS.16.13'^; TB.; Kfiu?. 

33. 8^ P: anya vo anyam MS. 4. 14.6: 224.5. 
anyasaiii samanam yati AV.6.60.2''. 
anyah samanam ayati AV.6.60. 2''. 
anye jayaiii pari mrfanty asya^ 
anyena mat pramudah kalpayasva EV. 10.10.12'^; AV. 1 8. 

anyena mad ahano yahi tciyam EV. i o. i o. 8'^ ; AV. 18. 1.9c; 

anyebhyah puru.sebhyoinyatra mat ApMB. 2. 2 2. 3'!; HG. 

anyebhyas tva purusebhyah AV. 12.2.16"^. P : anyebhyas 

tva Kau9.7i.8. 
anyebhyo dharmebhyo^ntaro bhava ApDh. 
anyebhyoipi kamebhyah punai' api na tullikhami A A. 5. 

anyesam ya ^atakrato EV.8.33. 14''. 
anyesam vindate vasu (SMB. vasu, or dhanam) AV. 14.2. 

8'1;; ApMB. 1.6. 1 1 tl. 
anyesam jayaiii sukrtaiii ca yonim EV. 10.34. ii''. 
anyesam .astam upa naktam eti EV. 10. 34.101'. 
anyesu ksipradhanvane AV. 1 1.4. 23". 
anyesv ahaih sumanah sam vi9€yam QG.3.5.3tl. See tesv 

aham, and mitrena sakaiii. 
anye^sman : sec anj^am asnian. 
anyair enan kanya namabhi sparat EV. 1.161.5'!. 
anyo anyam anu grbhnaty enoh EV.7.I03.4^ 
anyo anyam abhi haryata AV.3.30. i". 
anyo anyam upa vadantam eti EV.7.I03.3'I. 
anyo anyasminn adhyarpitani AV. 8. 9.191'. 
anyo anyasmai valgu vadanta eta AV.3.30.5C. 
anyo anyasj-a rupayoh AV. 10.8.23''. 
anyo-anyo etc. : see anydnyo. 
anyodaryo manasa mantava u EV.7.4.8' ; N.3.3^ 
anyo net sririr ohate EV.8.5.39''. 
anyonyam tu na hihsratah TA.I.6.I^ 


anyoinj'o (Vait. anyo-anyo) bhavati vamo asya TB.3.7.13. 

2''; Vait. 24. i''. 5^ec anyad-anyad bhavati. 
anyo habhiTmarii prasitau nv astu EV. 10.34.14*'. 
anv agnir usasam agram akhyat (MS.MQ. akjat) AV.7.82. 

4'>; 18.1.2V; VS.ii.i7^ TS.4.i.2.2a;; MS.1.8. 

9^: 128.11; 3.1.4: 5-i; KS.16.2a; ic,,3. ^; 

TB.''; ApQ.9.1.11; 7-6; 9-i; 16.2.8; MQ.3.3.6; 

—6.1. 1. P: anv agnih MS.2.7.2: 75.10; KQ.16.2.14; 

anv agi-aiii carati kseti budhnah EV.3.55.7'\ 
anvancam anu pataya AV.6.I34.3''. 
anvancaih ma pata TS.; TB.T.7.6.8. See patanv- 

anv adya no anumatih (AV.Kauf. inumatih) AV. 7.20. i"''; 

MS.3.16.4'': 189.10; 3.16.5: 191. 18; 4.12.6: 194.15; 

^(^.9.27.21^; M(;:i.4.4.i2; —; Kau9.45.I6^ P: 

anv adya nah MS. 4. 9. 10 (to-): 130.15; 131.1,3; Vait.i. 

15; M9.4.4.9; Kau9.59.19. See anu noidya", and anv 

anv apaiii khany atrntam ojasa EV.7.82.3'^. 
anvartita varuno mitra asit EV.i 0.109. 2c; AV.5. 17.2". 
anv avindan chifriyanam (MS. fi") vane-vane EV.5. 11.6''; 

SV.2.258I'; VS.15.28i'; TS.'>; MS.2.i3.7b: 156. 

4; KS.39.14''. 
anv avindat pathibhir devayanaih AV. 19.27.9''. 
anv afvair anu sarvena (TB.ApQ. sarvair u) pustaihVS.26. 

19''; TB. 3. 7. 1 0.2''; ApQ.9.14.11'. 
anv asmai josam abharad vinaiiigrsah EV.9.72.30. 
anv asya ketam isitarii savitra EV.2.38.5''. 
anv asya sthuram dadrye purastat EV.8.i.34». Cf. BrhD. 

anv asyai malaiii jlvfit TA.6.9.1C. 

anv aha masa anv id vanani EV.10.89.13a; TS.i.7.i3.i^ 
anv ahani prathamo jatavedah AV.7.82. 4''; 18. 1.27''; VS. 

II. 17''; TS.4.I.2.21'; MS.i.8.9'': i28.ii;KS.i6.2''; 19.3; 

TB.''; gB. 
anvaganta yajamanah svasti AV.6.i23.ic,2''; KS.40.13c, 

See next. 
anvaganta yajnapatir vo atra VS. 18. 59c; TS.''; 

(^B.; M(^. Seeprec. 
anvataiisit tvayi (MS. anvatansus tava) tantum etam VS. 

15.53'i; i8.6i<i; TS.4.7.r3-5'l; MS.2.i2.4<': 148.7; KS. 

18.18''; gB. 
anvadidhyatham iha nah sakhaya TB. 3.7. 13.4''; TA.4. 

20.3''. See manma didhyana. 
anvantryara 9irsanyam AV.2.3i.4n. Cf. krimim antranu- 

anv apo ajihata jayamanam EV. 10.89. 13''; TS. 1.7. 13. i''. 
anvayan s.atyadharmanah Kau9.68.26''. 
anvarabhasva yajamana QB.3.2.4. 15; KQ.7.6. 12. 
anvarabhetham vaya uttaiTivat AV.12.3.47''. 
anvarabhetham anusaiiirabhetham AV.6. i2 2.3\ See 

arabhetham, and cf. praciiii-praclrii pradi9arii. 
anvarohami tapasa sayonih AV.6. 122.4'^. 
anvalebhire rathyo na ra9mln EV. 10.130.7''; VS.34.49''. 
anvasarina upaspr9ata HG.2.9.2; ApMB.2. 18.44 (ApG.7. 



anvasaribhyah svaha HG.2.9.2; ApMB.2.18.44. 

anvasi PB. 1.9.8. See under anuya. 

anvaharyapacano yajiir antariksaih vamadevyam TA. to. 

63.1 ; MahanU.2 2.r. 
anvaharyam prajapateh Kaiif. 73. 1 1"*. 
anvitir asi dive tva divarii jinva TS.;; KS. 

17-7; 37-17; GB.2.2.13; PB.i.9.3; Vilit, 20.13. P: 

anvitih TS. See next. 
anvitya diva (MS. dive) divarii jinva VS.15.6; MS.2.8.8: 

1 1 2.5; gB. Seeprcc. 
anvidaniimatetvamAV.7.20.2'-'; VS.34.8"; TS.3.3.IT.3-' ;; 7-I5-5; MS.3.i6.4»: 189.10; 3.16.3: 191. 18; 4. 

12.6: 19-I.15; KS.i3.i6''»; 22.15; TB.; 12.1.1; 3. 

4; TA.4.ri.2; Ag.4.i2.2«; (;;g.9.2 7.2=>; N.II..30^ P: 

anv id anumate Ap(^. 13.13.6; M9.4-4- 12 ; — .5-2-7-I 2. 

Cf. BrhD.4.88. 
anv indrarii rodasi vavafane RV. 10.89. 13"; TS. 1.7. 13.1''. 
anv indrarii vi-tratur}-e RV.8.7.24''. 
anv iyarii no anumatih SMB.2.2.19". Cf. GG.4.1.17; 

KhG.3.4.24. See anu no^dya", and anv adya. 
anv Im avindan niciraso adruhah RV.3.9.4"'. 
anv ekarii dhavasi puyamanah RV. 9. 9 7.5 5^- 
anv eko vadati yad dadati tat RV. 2.13.3^ 
anv eti tugro vakriyarii tarn T A. 1.10.4". 
anv eti parivrtyastah TA. 1.10.4^ 
anv enarii vipra rsayo madanti (KSA. madantu) RV. 1.162. 

7c; VS.25.30C; TS.; MS..3.16.1C: 182.5; KSA. 

6. 4". 
anv enarii vi90 amadanta purvih MS.4.14.13C: 236.5; TB. 
anv enarii mata manyatani anu pita MS.4.13.4": 203.9; 

KS.i6.2i»; AB.2.6.12'^; TB.; Ag.3.3.i^ Cf. 

anu tva mata etc. 
anv enan aha vidyutah RV.5.52.6C. 
anvaiksanta (TS. abhyaiksanta) manasa caksusa ca AV.2. 

34.3''; TS.3.i.4.2^"mS.i.2.i5'': 23.5; KS.■30.8^ P: 

anvaiksanta manasa MS. 3. 9. 7: 123.16. 
anvaichan devas tapasa framena TB.'. 
anv osadbir anu parvatasah EV. 10.89.13''; TS. 1.7. 13.1''. 
apa asyenaVS.23.1; TS. 3. 7. 1 2.1; MS.3.15.1: 177.8; 3.15. 

9: 180.4; KSA. 13.2. Cf. apo vastina. 
apa indra prathamarii prir%^"am RV.2.22.4''; SV. 1.466''. 
apa indro daksinatas turasat RV.6.32.5'\ 
apa isj-a hotah TS.; MS.4.5.2: 64.14; 9B.; 

(?g.'6.7.i; Kg. 9. 3. 2; Apg.12.5.2; Mg. 

apa upapravartaya ApQ. 1 3. 1 4. 1 1 ; 1 4. i. 7. 

apa osadhir avisa vanaiii RV.6.39.5C. 

apa osadhir vanaspatln [omitted in KS.) janam agan yajfiah 

MS.i.4.4: 51-15; KS.25.7. 
apah ksetrani sariijayan (MS. sariijaya) MS.4.I2.3'': 183. 

12; TB.; Apg.i6.2.iod. 
apah ksonl saeate mahina vam RV. 1.180.5c. 
apah(TS.TB.Apg. apas)pinva VS.14.8; TS.; MS. 


8.21 ; Apg.4.11.1 ; I 7. 1.3; Mg.6.2.i. 
apah pra vi^ata prati grhnatu va9 caruh AV.i 1.1.18c. 
apah pragat: see apa pragat. 

— apa te 

apah prerayarii (SV. prairayat; TB. prairayan) sagarasya 

budhnatRV.10.89.4i'; SV-LSsgi-; TB.\ 
apakamaih syandamanah AV.3. 13.3"; TS.3.6. 1.3"; MS. 2. 

13.1a: 152. 11; KS.39.2a. 
apa krtyam apo rapah VS.35.n^; gB.''. 
apa krsnarii nirnijarii devy avah RV.i.i 13.14''. 
apa krama nanadati AV.i 0.1.14*. 
apakraman pauruseyat AV. 7. 103.1''. P: .apakraman 

paurusej'ad vrnanah Kau9.55.16. 
apa krama para9 cara RV.10.164.1''; AV.2o.96.23'\ 
apakritah sahlyaslh AV.8.7.11*. 
apaksah paksina9 ca ye AV. 11.3.21c. 
apa ksudliarii nudatam avatim TB.3. 1.1.12''. Cf. atrsya, 

ava sedirii, and arad aratirii. 
apa k.setriyam uchatu AV.2. 8.2'', 3^,4'', 51^; 3.7.7"'. 
apagiidharii guha hitam RV.i. 23.14''. 
apaghnanto aravnah RV.9.i3.9a; 63.5c; SV.2.545". 
apaghnan nirrtirii mama TA.10.1.4I'; MahanU.2.9''; 

ApMB.i.9.9''; HG.i.i8.5^. 
apaghnann esi pavamana 9atrun RV.9.96.2 3a. 
apaghnan pavate mrdbah EV.9.6i.25a; SV.i.Sioa; 2. 

563a; PB. 6. 1 0.6a. 
apaghnan pavase mrdhah RV.o. 63. 24^; SV.1.492'^; 2. 

apaghnan soma raksasah RV. 9. 63. 29a 
apa cakra avrtsata KB. 9. 4c ; gg. 3. 13.3c. See next, and 

ma cakra. 
apa cakrani vartaya TB. 3. 7. 7. 1 4'' ; Apg. 11. 7. 2'\ See under 

apacitah pra patata AV.6.83. i". P: apacitab Krui9.3i. 

1 6. Cf. sakarii yaksma. 
apacitaih lohininam AV.7.74.i"\ P: apaeitam Kau9.32.8. 
apacitih potriyam ayajat TB.3. 12.9.5a. 
apacitiman bbuyasam gB. 11. 2. 7. 11. P: apacitiman Kg. 

apaeitir asy apacitirii ma kuru ApMB.2.10.8 (ApG.6.13. 

apaeitoibarii manusyesu bhuj^asam ApMB.2.10.8 (Ap.G. 


apacit pra patisyati AV.6.83.3''. 

apaeinvan pam.sakam gg. 15.19''. 

apa janyarii bhayarii nuda MS.i.2.9a: 18.15; TB. 3. 7. 7. 14a; 
Ag.4.4.2C; Apg.ii.7.2a; Mg. See apeto jan- 

apa jahi parigham ChU. 2. 24.6, i o. Cf. apa hata parigbani. 

apa jijyasato vadbam (TS. jabi) RV. 10.152.5''; AV.1.21. 
4"; TS.3.5.8.ib. 

apa jyotisa tamo antariksat RV.10.68.5a; AV.20.16.5a. 

apa tam indragni bhuvanan nudetam KS.3 r. 1 4c ; TB. 3. 7. 

6.14C; Apg. 4. 8. 5c. 

apa tasya dveso gamed abhUirutab AV.6.4.2C. 

apa tasya balarii tira AV.6.6.3C. See ava tasya etc. 

apa tasya batarii tamah"'. 

apa tan varuno dhamat PB. i.3.3<i. 

apatighnirii brbaspate ApMB. i.r.3''. 

apatih svajiatuii striyam AV.8.6. i6c. 

apa ie gavarii subhage bhajama RV. 10.108.9''. 

apatniko — 


apatnikoipy asomapah AB.7.9.15''. 

apa tyaih vrjinam ripum"; SV.i.io5''i; AB.5. 
4.11; A9.7.11.22. P: apatyam9<?.io-5-4; Svidh.2.8.i. 
apa tj'aiii paripanthinam EV. 1.42.3*. 
apatyasacam jrutyam raratliam EV. i.i i 7.2 3<3. 
apatyasacam frutyaih rarathe EV.6.72.5''. 
apatyasacam 9rutyam dive-dive RV.2.30. ii^. 
apa tya asthiir anira amivah EV.8.48.ii^ 
apatyaya jfitavedo da9asyan EV.7.5.7''. 
apa tye tayavo yatha EV.i.50.2-''; AV. I3.2.i7'i; 20.47. 

i4»; ArS.5.7-\ 
apa tvat tamo akramit AV.8.1.21I'. 
apa tvan mrtyum nirrtim AV.8.1.21C. 
apathena jabhru-ainran". 
apad asi na hi padyase QB. 14.8.15. 10; BrhU.5.15. 10. 
apa diirhai-ddi9o(/o>' "hardvifo?) jahi Krui5.7o.i«'. 
apa duhsvapnyarii suva VS.35.n'l; ^B. 13. 8. 4.4*1. 
apa dure ni dadhmasi AV.3.23.1'1. 
apade pada pratidhatave^kah EV.i. 24.8c; VS.8.230; TS.''; MS.i.3.39«: 45-4; KS.4.13''; QB.4.4-5-5''- 
apa devir ito hita TA.i.i.3'i; 21. 2('. 
apadyamanah prthivyam TA.4.3.2"; 5.3. 6^^; ApQ. 15.4. 

7^ Sec next. 
apadyamana prthivi TS.^;''; Ap(^. 16.5.1 1". 

Seeprec., and avyathamana etc. 
apa drilntv aratayah EV.10.85.32d; AV.6.129. i'l-3'l; 14. 

2.iid; SMB.r.3.i2<i; ApMB. 1.6. 10''. 
apa drahy aviraha AV.6.i4.3'J. 
apa druhas tama avar ajustam EV.7.75.1''. 
apa druha ( AV. druhas) tanvaiii guhamana EV. 7. 1 04. 1 7l> ; 

apa druho manusasya duro vah EV. 1.121.4^'. 
apa dvara tamaso vahnir avah EV.3.5. 1'l. 
apa dvara matlnam EV. 9.10.6'''; SV.2.474*. 
apa dvareva varsathah EV.8.5.2i<'. 
apa dvesahsi nudatam aratlh'l. 
apa dvesahsi sanutah EV.5.87.8e. 
apa dvesahsy amuya bhavantu AV.5.2 2.i<l. 
apa dvesahsy a krtam EV.6.59.8C. 
apa dvesahsy a krdhi EV.3.16.5J; AV. i.2.2d. 
apa dveso apa hvarah EV.5.20.2C; VS.38.20C; MS.4.9. 

io=>':i3i.6; gB.; TA.4.1 1.4"; 5.9.7 ; Apg.15.14. 

6. P: apa dvesah 11(^.4.4.14. 
apa dveso badhamana tamahsi EV. 5. 8 0.5c. 
apa dveso maghoni duhita divah EV. 1.48.8°. 
apa dhavatamartyah AV.4.37.12C. 
apa dlivastair vastivarnair iva TA.1.4.2C. 
apa dhvantam urnuhi purdhi caksuh EV.10.73.1 ic; SV. 

i.3i9«; TB.; KS.9.I9C;"aB.3.I9.I4; KB.25.3; 

TA.4.42.3C; TAA.IO.73C; Ap9.6.22.lC; N.4.3C. 

apa nah fofucad agham EV.i.97.1^, ic-8c; AV.4.33.i» ic- 
8"; VS.35.6c,2i''; ic; n.ia jo (quinq.), 2c 
5; Kau9.9.2; ; YDh.3.3. Ps: apa nah fogu- 
cat Evidh.i.22.2; apa MDh.i 1.250; LAtDh.2.4. Desig- 
nated as apagham (se. suktam) Kauf. 36.22; 42.22; 82.4. 

apa nahyami te bahu AV.7.70.5"; TB.^ 

apa nahyamy asyam TB.'5,3''. See api nahyamy 

apanuttah gandah Apg. 12.22.2. Cf. apamrstah etc. 
apauutta : see apanuttau. 

apanutto markah Apg. 12.22.2. Cf. apamrsto etc. 
apanuttau (KS."tta) fandamarkau (MS.4.6.3, .sanda") saha 

tena yam dvismah MS. 1.3. 12 : 34.7; 4.6.3: 81.7; KS.4. 

4527.8. P: apanuttau fandamarkau Mg. See 

apanuttau gandaniarkau sahamuna TS.; TB. i.i. 

1.5; Apg. 12.22.2. Seeprec. 
apa ny adhuh pauruseyarh vadham yam AV. 19.20.1^ 
apa paparii pariksavam AV.I9.8.5'''; Naks.26.5* 
apa pilpmanarii yajamanasya hantu TB. 1.2. Lit; Apg.5. 

apa papmanam jahi mama camusya ca HG. i . 1 3. 1 3 ; ApMB. 

apa papmanam bharanir bharantu TB.3.i.2.ii'',i i<l. 
apapitvam cikitur na prapitvam EV.3.53.24l\ 
apaptad vasathh vayah AV.7.96.1''. 
apa (MG. ajjah) pragat tama a jyotir eti EV. 1.113. 16I'; 


apa j)raca indra vijvah amitran EV.10.131.1''; AB.6.22. 

i; 8.10.8; KB.29.4; TB.''; Ag.7.4.7. Ps: apa 

pracaindra Ag.8.3.2; apa pracah gg. 12.3.5 ; i3-i; gG.6. 

5.6. C/; BrhD.8.46. Designated as sxiklvii A'B.6.2g.\ ; 

KB.30.5; gg.i2.i3.i. (See apendra praco. 
apa protha (AV. sedha) dundubhe duchuna (AV.TS. du- 

chunam) itah EV.6.47.30C; AV.6.126.2C; VS.29.56c; 

TS.; MS.3.16.3C: 187.11; KSA.6.1C. 
apaprothantah sanutar huragcitah EV.9.98.11C. 
apa (TA. ava) badhatam duritani vigva MS.i.2.3<l: 12.6; 

TA. 2.5.3'^ ; Apg. I o. 1 8.3''. See agnir nah patu duritad, 

and cf. atikramanto du". 
apabadhadhvam vrsanas tamahsi EV. 7. 56. 20c. 
apabharanibhyah svaha TB.3. 1.5. 14. 
apabharanir nak.satram TS.4. 4.10.3; KS.39.13. See bha- 
ranir etc. 
apabharta rapaso daivyasya EV.2.33.7C. 
apamitya dhanyam yaj jaghasaham AV.6.117.2C. 
apamityam apratlttam yad asmi AV.6.117. i". P: apa- 

mityam apratittam GB.2.4.8; Vait.24.15; Kau9.67.19; 

133. 1. See yat kusidam etc., and yany apamityany. 
apamrjya yatudhanan AV.4.18.8* 

apa mrtyum apa TB.3. 10. 8.1"; Apg.19.13. 20. 
apamrstam manusyainasani AV.6. ii3.3i\ 
apamrstah gandah VS.7.12 ; gB. 4. 2.1. 14; Kg.9.10.5. Cf. 

apanuttah etc. 
apamrsto markah VS.7.17; gB.; Kg.9.10.5. Cf. 

apanutto etc. 
apamluktam bahu krchra carantam EV.10.52.4l'. 
apa yaksmam ni dadhmasi AV.8.i.2i'i; 14.2.69''. 
apayantv asurah pitmipah Apg.i.8.7''; Mg.i.i.2.8^ P: 

apayantv asurah ViDh.73.11. Cf. asurah santah. 
apa ya matah rnuta vrajarii goh EV.5.45.6i\ 
apa yo no«ratiyati taiii jahi TS.3. 5.8.1c. 
apa yor indrah papaja a martah EV. 10. 105.3*. 


apa raksahsi fimidam ca sedhatam AV.4. 25.41". 

apa raksansi sedhasi (PranagU. catayat) AV.6.81.1I"; Pia- 

nagU. I''. Cf. agnl raksahsi etc. 
apararii nanuvidyate AV. 19. 50. 4^1. 
aparapaksah purlsam TB. ; TA. 4.1 9.1. 
aparajitam astrtam asadham EV. 10.48. ii''. 
aparajitam eva me ApMB. 1.13.4''. 
aparajita namasi brahmana vista MS.2.8.14: ii7-9' P^ 

aparajita namasi MQ.6.2.1. Cf. TS. 
apara pun-am abliy eti pa9cat RV.i. 124.9^. 
aparahnasya tejasa sarvam annasyapra9isamKau9.2 2.4. 
aparahne vratam upaiti yajnikam Kau9.73.9'l. 
apariparena patlia AV. 18.2.46c. Cf. avrkena". 
aparimitaiii lokam ava rundhe AV.9.5.22''. 
aparimitakrtvas te namali TA.4.28. i. 
aparimitaposayai tvatisrjami Kau9.24.20. 
aparimitam eva yajuam apnoti AV.9.5.2 2^ 
aparimitaiii brahmacarinah ApDli.'1. 
aparimitanam parimitah TB. 3. 7. 4.10'^; Ap^. 1.5.5^ 
aparimitaya svaha Kau9.i2 2.2. 
aparihvrta dadhire divi ksayam EV. 10.63.5!". 
aparihvrtah (MS. °lirtali) sanuyania vajam EV. 1. 1 00. 1 9'" ; 

102.11''; MS.4.i2.4b: 187.5; KS.12.14l'. 
aparihvrto atyo na saptih'i; MS.4. 14.15'!: 

aparitam nyto 9avah EV.8.24.9!'. 
aparito janusa vlryena EV.5.29.14''. 
aparivrto vasati pracetah EV.2.10.3J. 
apare pitara9 ca ye AV. 18.3.72''. 
apalalapate svaha TA.6.2.1. 
apalitah ke9ah AV.i 9.60.1. 
apavaktara osadhe AV.5.i5.i''-ii''. 
apavasa usasam uta AV.3.7.7''' 
apavase naksatranam AV.3.7.7''. 
apa vi9va durita badhamanah EV. i.sS.s'J. 
apa vrajam urnuthah saptasyam EV. 10.40.8'!. 
apa vrajam mahina da9use vam EV.10.28.7f', 
apavratan prasave vavrdhanan EV.5.42.9C. 
apa 9atrun vidhyatam (MS. vidhyatali) saiiividane RV.6. 

75.4C; VS.29.41c; TS.; MS.3.16.3C: 185.17; 

KSA.6.I''; N.9.4c<=. 
apa 9lrsanyam likhat AV.14.2.68'^. 
apaQughnirii brhaspate AV.14.1.62''; ApMB.i.1.3''. 
apagusyaty asyam AV.6.I39.4''. 
apagrnvate tva Q9.8.17.3. For upa" (^.t'.)? 
apag ca pithivim agne VS.i2.38'',39''; TS.''(6fs) ;''(6w): 88.10,12;'j(;/is); <?B.''. 
apaQ ca vipras tarati svasetuh EV.10.61.16''. 
apag ca sva9 ca QQ.8.21.1. 
apag cacha sumakhaya vocam EV.5.41.14''. 
apaQcadaghvannasya (MS.MQ. Ap^. apa9caddaghvannarii) 

bhuyasam AV. 19.55.5; MS. 3. 9. 4: 120. i 7 ; Ap9.7.28.2 ; 

Mg.i. 8.6.22. 
apaQcaddaghvane (SV. apa9cadaghvane) nare (SV. narah) 

EV.6.42.1J; SV.i.352d; 2.790'J; TB.''; Apg.14. 

apag cid esa vibhvo damunah EV.3.3i.i6^ 

— apas 

apagyarii yuvatirii nlyamanam AV.I 8.3. 3^ P: apa9yam 

yuvatim Kau9.81.20. See apa9yama yuvatim. 
apagyarii saprathastamam EV. 1.18.9''. 
apagyam gopam anipadyamanam EV.1.164.31"; 10.177. 

3-'^;; VS.37.17''; MS.4.9.6"-: 126.3; AB.i. 

19.9; gB.; AA.; TA.4.7.1^; 5.6.4; JUB. 

3.37.i%2 ; Ag.4.6.3; N.I4.3"'. P: apa9yam gopam Ap^- 

apagyam gramaiii vahamanam rirat EV. 10.27.19". 
apagyam jatarii yad asuta mat.a EV.5.2.2''. 
apagyam jayam amahlyamanam EV. 4. 18.13''. 
apagyate svaha TS. ; KSA.5.3. 
apagyantah setunati yanty anyam TS.'!. 
apagyam tva manasa cekitanam EV. 10. 183.1"; AB. 1.21. 

4; KB.8.4; ApMB.i.ii.i"(; MG.i.i4.i6^ 

P: apa9yam tva Ag.4.6.3. Cf BrhD.8.80. 
apagyam tva manasa, didhyanam EV.10.183.2''; ApMB. 

1.11.2a (ApG.3.8.10); MG.I. 14. i6^ P: apa9yam tva 

apagyam tvavarohantam NllarU. i"^. Cf. adr9an tva°, 
apagyann adlii tisthasi EV. 10. 135.3''. 
apagyam atra manasa jaganvan EV. 3.38.6''. 
apagyam asj'antaiii rudram NilarU. i". 
apagyam asya mahato mahitvam'». P: apa- 

9yam asya mahatah A9.4. 13.7. Cf BrhD.7. 117. 
apagyama yuvatim acarantim TA.6.12. i^ See apa9yarii 

apagyama hiranyayam EV. i.i39.2'3. 
apa 9vanam 9nathistana EV.p.ioi.i"; SV.1.545''; 2.47". 
apa 9vanam aradhasam EV.9.101.13C; SV.1.553''; 2.124, 

apa 9veta pada jahi AG.2.3.3=';'^; PG.2.i4.4% 

19; Ai5MB.2.i7.2 6'i; HG.2.i6.8^ P: apa 9veta pada 

ApG. 7. 1 8. 1 2. See apah 9veta'', and ava 9veta. 
apah 9U.skakanthena VS.25.2; MS. 3.15.2: 178.6. 
apah 9vetapad a gahi MG.2.7.1* See apa 9veta, and, ava 

apa sarva arayyah AV.4. i8.7'',8''. 
apasas tvatanvata Ap^. 14. 12.4. See apaso. 
apasam apastama svapa asi KS.35.12''. 
apasidhya duritaiii dhattam ayuh AV.8.2.7''. 
apa sedhata durmatim EV.8.18.10''; 10.175. 2''; SV.i. 

apa sedha dundubhe etc. : see apa protha etc. 
apasedhan durita soma mrdaya (SV. no mrda) EV.9.82. 

2"; SV. 2.668c. 
apasedhan raksaso yatudhanan EV.i. 35.10c; VS.34.26c. 
apasoitanvata MS. 1.9.4: 134.9; KS.9.9; PB.i.8.9; Mg.5. 

2. 14. 10; — ii.i.i; N.3.21. Sec apasas. 
apa soma mrdho jahi EV.9.4.3''; SV.2.399''. 
apa somo aravnah EV.9.61.25I'; SV.1.510''; 2.563''; PB. 

apaskambhasya 9alyat AV.4.6.4C. 
apas ta osadhimatir rchantu, ye miighayava etasya di- 

90ibhidasan AV. 1 9. 1 8.6. 
apa stenam avasayali AV. 19.50. 5'\ 
apas tvam dhukse prathamah AV. 10. lo.S^ 

apa sne" — 

apa snehitlr (SV. sniliitiiii) nrmana adhatta (SV. adha- 

drah; KS. adadhram) EV.8.96.I3''; AV.2o.i37.7<' ; SV. 

1. 3 2 31'; KS.2 8.4'1. See upa stuhi taiii nrmnam. 
apas pinva : see apah pinva. 
apasprnvate suhardam KV.8.2.5'^. 
apasphuram grbhayata KV.8.69.10C; AV. 2 0.9 2. 7". 
apa suia taiii patho jahi EV.i. 42.2c. 
apa sma mat tarasantl na bhujyuli KV. 10.95.8*^. 
apa svasaraiii sanutar yiiyoti KV. 1.92.1 1''. 
apa svasui- usaso nag jihite EV.7.71.1*; KB.26.11. P: 

apa svasuh ^9. 10. 10.4. 
apah sainudram airayat KV.8.6.I3''. 
apah samudrad divam udvahanti (Kaug. "hantu) AV.4.27. 

4-'^; Kau9.3.3'>. P: apah samudrat Vait.12.12. 
apah sarmaya codayan KV. 1.80. 5^1. 
apah sisasann usasah svar (SV. sva3r) gali EV.9.90.4"^; 

apah sisasan svar (TB.ApQ. suvar) apratltah (TB. «tlttah) 

EV.6.73.3C; AV.20.90.3C; KS.4.i6<-; 40.1 ic; TB.2.8.2. 

80; Ap9.i7.2i.7e. 

apah svah paribhur esy a divam EV. 1.52. 12''. 
apah svar usaso agna tidhali EV.6.6o.2'); KS.4.i5^\ 
apahatam raksah VS. 1.9,16; MS.4.1.6: 8.8;KS.i.5; 31. 

4; 9B.; 4.21. P: apahatam K9.2.3. 17; 4.19. 

Cf. antaritaiii etc., avabadham etc., avadhutarii etc., and 

paraputaiii etc. 
apahata parigham ChU.2.24. 15. Cf. apa jahi etc. 
apahatam papaiii karma Ap(j3.6.6.8. 
apahatam papasya papakrtah papaiii karma A139.6.6.8. 
apahatam brahmajyasya TB.; ApQ.13.u1. 
apa Lata rak.saso bhaiiguravatah EV. 10.76.4^ 
apahata asura raksahsi ye pitrsadah Kau5.87. 16. Sec 

apahata asura raksahsi (ApQ. raksahsi pi9aca) vedisadah 

VS.2.29; Ag.2.6.9; gg.4.4-2; Apg.i.7.13; SMB.2.3.3. 

Ps: apahata asurahGG.4.3.2 ; BrhPDh.5. 198; apahatah 

KQ.4.1.8; KhG.3.5. 13. See prec. 
apahatah pratisthah Kau9. 20.7. 
apahataratih KS. 1.5; 31.4. 
apahata vyrddhih ApQ.6.6.8. 
apahatoiraruh prthivya adevayajanah TS. 1.1.9. 2; -A-P?- 

2.2.1. Cf., for this and next two, apararum etc. 
apahato^raruh pithivyai TS. 1. 1.9. i ; ApQ. 2.1.5. Cf. under 

apahatoiraruh prthivyai devayajanyai TS. 1.1.9. i ; ApQ. 2. 

2.1. Cf. under prec. hut one. 
apa hantv adhi duram asmat AV.8.7.i4'i. 
apa hritamukho jahi Kau?. 70. i<i. 
apah purvesam harivah sutanam EV. i o. 9 6. 1 3" ; AV. 2 o. 3 2. 

3''^; AB.4.4.8,9,12; KB. 1 7. 4 ; Ag. 6. 3. 1 6. P: apah pur- 
vesam; Vait.26.13. 
apam ya urmau rasas tarn aham asma (KS. asma amusma) 

amusyayanayaujase vlryaya (KS. ksatraya) grhnami KS. 

36.15; TB. 
apam ya urmau rasas tenaham imam amum amusyaya- 

nam amusyah putram ojase ksatrayabhisuicami KS.36. 



apam yad garbhoivrnita devan EV.9.97;4i''; SV.1.542I'; 

2.605I'; N.I 4. 17^. 
apam ya, yajiiiya tanus tayaham imam amum amusyaya- 

nam amusyah putram ayuse dirghayutvayabhisificami 

apam ya yajiiiya tanus tarn aham asma amusma amusya- 

yanayayuse dirghayutvaya grhnami KS. 36.15. See apfuii 

yo yajniyo. 
apam yo agre pratima babhuva AV.9.4.2^ 
apaiia yo dravane rasas tam aham asma (KS. asma amus- 
ma) amusyayanaya tejase brahmavarcasaya (KS. varcase) 

grhnami KS.36. 15; TB. P: apam yo dravane 

rasah ApQ. 2 2. 2 6. i o. 
apam yo dravane rasas tenaham imam amum amusyaya- 

nam amusyah putrarii tejase brahmavarcasayabhisihca- 

mi KS.36. 15. 
apam yonih prathamaja rtasya GB. i. 2.8c. See apam sakha 

apam yonim apadhvam Kau9.82.21. 
apam yo madliyato (KS. madhye) rasas tam aham asma 

(KS. asma, amusma) amusyayanaya pustyai(KS. prajayai) 

prajananaya(KS. pustyai)grhnami KS. 36. 1 5; TB. 2. 7. 7. 7. 
apam yo madhye rasas tenaham imam amum amusyaya- 

nam amusyah putraiii prajayai pustya abhisincami KS. 

apam yo j-ajni5'o rasas tam aham asma amusyayanaya- 

yuse dirghayutvaya grhnami TB. See aparii ya 

j'ajiiiya tanus tam. 
apam rasa osadliluarii suvarnah TB.3. 7.6.1c; ApQ. 1.14. 

apam rasa osadhlnani ghrtasya AV.9.4.5''. Sec aisaiii 

garbha and apaih patir vrsabha osadhlnam. 
apam rasah prathamajali AV.4.4.5''. 
apam rasam udvayasam (KS. udayahsam ; TA. udayahsan) 

VS.9.3''; TS.i.7.i2.2'\ MS.i.ii.4a: 165.18; KS.14.3'^; 

9B.5.1. 2.7a; TB.i. 3.9.2; TA.i. 22.8a. P: apam rasam 

apam rasasya yo rasah VS. 9. 3"; TS.i. 7.12.2'"; MS.1.11.4C: 

i66.i; KS.14.3C; gB.5.i.2.7C; TA.1.22.8C. 
apam rasa osadlilbhih sacautam AV.4.15.2^. 
apam raseua varuno na samna VS.19.94C; MS.3.11.9C: 

155.^; KS.38.3C; TB. 
apam rotahsi jinvati EV.8.44.16C; SV.1.27C; 2.882c; VS. 

3.12C; 13.14C; 15.20C; TS.;; MS.1.5.1C: 

65-9; I-5.5: 73-9; KS.6.9C; 9B.; TB. 
apam vrstayo bahulah santu mahyam Kau9.94. 14'^. 
apam vegasah prthag udvijantam AV.4. 15.3'^. 
apam 9i5ur matrtamasv antah VS.10.7d; TS. 1.8. i2.i<i; 

MS.2.6.8'1: 68.18; KS.i5.6J;'9B.5.3.5.i9. 
apam 9ukram apo devlh AV.10.5. 7^-14!!. 
apam sakha prathamaja rtava EV.10.168.3c. 6'ee aparii 

yonih etc. 
apam sadhisi sida TS. Cf. aparii tva sadhisi. 
apahsi yasminn adhi sariidadhur girah EV.3.3.3C. 
apahsi rajan naiyavivesih EV.4. 19.10'!. 
apahsi vi9va naryani vidvan EV.7.2i.4'\ 
apam stoko abhyapaptad rasena (ApMB. abhj'apaptac 


chivena; HG.abhyai^atacchivriya) AV.6.124.1I); ApMB. 

apam srotasyanani AV. 19.2.4''. 
apakah piauco mama ke cid apaj'ah KV. i.i 10.2''. 
apakac cid yam avati KV.8.2.35'\ 
apaka santam isii-a pranayasi RV. 1.129. ii>. 
apako«cistur yafase puruni VS. 20.44''; MS.3.11.1'': 140. 

12; KS.38.6i'; TB.''. 
apakhyatre svaha TA.6.2.1. 
apaguhata s;ivita trbhlii TA. 1.11.3^ 
apaguhann amrtam martyebhyah EV. 10. 17.2"^; AV.18.2. 

^^^■, N.I2.I0^ 

apagne agnim (TS.MS.TB.MQ.Ap^. *giiim) amadaih jahi 

VS.1.17; TS.; MS.1.1.8: 4.9; 4.1.8: 9.21; KS. 

1.7; 31.6; 9B.1. 2.1.4; TB.; Apg.i.22.2; Mg.1.2. 

3.2. P: apagne K9.2.4.26. 
apagham apa kilbisam VS. 35. 11*;^ P: apa- 

ghain KQ.21.4.23. 
apaghagaiisam nudatam (TB. "tarn aratim) MS.i.S.i": 

67.6; TB.3.i.i.4d. 
apaghram apa cavartim T A. 1.1.3°; zi.20. 
apaih ksaya rtasya garblia bliuvanasya gopah gyena ati- 

thayah parTatanam kakubhahprayutonapatarahTB.3. 

7.9.1; AP9.12.3.2. 
apam ksaye sida TS.4. 3.1.1. Of. apam tva ksaye. 
apam gandharvam divyaih nrcaksasam EV.9.86.36''. 
apam gambhan sida VS.13.30; QB. P: apam 

gambhan K(^.i 7.5.1. Cf. next, atul apaiii tva gah- 

apam gambhiraiii gacha KS.39.3 ; Ap9.i6.25.2. Cf. under 

apam garbha osadhisu nyaktah TS.3.3.9. i''. See apam 

rasa osadhlnaiii glirtasya, and apam patir vrsabha osa- 

apam garbhah prasva a vivefa EV.7.9.3'5. 
apam garbham vrsabham (RV. dar9atam) o.sadhlnam RV. 

1.164.52''; 3.1. I3^ AV.7.39.II'; TS.3.1.1 1.3''. 
apam garbhaiii vy adadhat (MS. adadhuh) purutra VS. 17. 

32''; TS.; 134.17; 
apam garbhaiii 46^; TS.4. 1.4.3''; 5-i- 

5.7; MS.2.7.4'': 79.7; 3.1.6: 8.1; KS.16.4''; i9.5;<?B.6. 

apam garbham dar9atam etc. : see apam garbhaiii vrsa- 
apam garbham iva jivase AV.ii.4.26^'. 
apam garbho nrtamo yahvo agnih EV.3. x.i2>5. 
apaiii garbho mitia rtena sadhan RV.3.5.3''. 
apam gaibho«si rastrada rastram amusmai dehi VS. 10.3; 

apam garbhoisi rastrada rastram me dehi svaha VS. i c. 3 ; 

apan praii eti svadhaya grbhitah RV.1.164.38*; AV.9.10. 

16^; AA.'!; N.i4.23^ 
apacinam tamo agad ajustam RV.7.78.3J. 
apacmam apa vyaye 
apajait krsnam ru^atlm punaiiah AV. 1 2. 3. 54<^. Cf. asiknim 


— apauam 

apam catiirthi VS.25.5; TS. ; MS. 3.15.4: 178.12; 

apancam indra taiii krtva AV.3.3.6<^. 
apanco yantu nivata durasyavah(KS. niritham punas te) 

AV.5.3.2'^; KS.40.100. See -pratyauco etc. 
apancau ta ubhau baliu AV.7.70.4''; TB. 
apam jagmir nicumpunah RV.8.93.22C; N.5.18C. 
apanyapadakegasah TA. LS-e*^. 
apata ita panayo variyah RV. 10.'l. 
apatam. afvina gharmam VS.38. 13 ; QB.; Q(y.8. 

15.13; LQ.5.7.5. P: apatam K(; Cf. a9vina 

gharmaru, and gharmam apatam. Treated metrically in 

most of the texts. 
apatam a9vina sarasvatlndrah sutrama vrtraha soman 

suramnah TB. 2. 6. 15.2. 
apada udarasarpinaii TB. 3. 12.6.4''. 
apadakaya svaha TS. 7. 5.1 2.1; KSA.5.3. 
apad agre samabhavat AV.10.8.21". 
apadam atraui niahata vadhena EV.5.32.8'-\ 
apadam indra tavasa jaghantha RV.3.30.8''; VS. 18.69''. 
apadayat papivan sutasya'i. 
apad afiisa guhamauo aiita RV. 4.1.11'^. 
apad ahasto aprtanyad iudraiu RV.i.32.7^ 
apad 390 manah, asav ehi TB.3. 10.8.3. 
apad ita ud u 1139 citratamah RV.6.38.1*; KB. 2 4. 8; 9<?. 

II. II. 12. 
apad indro apad agnih RV.S.69.11'!; AV.20.92.8*. Cf. 

apad u 9ipry andhasah RV.8.92.4»; SV.1.145'''; AQ.6.4. 

10; (;:!Q.i8.7.ii. 
apad eti prathama padvatlnam RV. i . 1 5 2. 3* ; AV. 9. i o. 2 3". 
apadevam dvayum aiiho yuyodhi nah EV.9. 104.6*^. 
apado yatia yujyasoiiathah RV. 10.99. 40. 
apad dhotrad uta potrad amatta RV.2.37.4\ 
apadhamad abhi9astir a9astiha EV.8.89.2''; VS.33.95*. 
apana PG. 1.16.13. 

apanah. pranah punar a tav itam AV.7.53.3''. 
apanah. prano ya u vate paretah AV. 18.2.26''. 
apanam yacha svaha AB.2.21.3; A9.5.2.2. 
apanam samdhattam taiii me jinvatam TB.; ApQ. 

apanaksaso badhira ahasata RV.9.73.60. 
apanam jinva TS.4. 4.1. 3; KS.17.7; 37.17; PB.1.10.6; 

Vait.26. 1. /See apanam me jinva. 
apanati pianati AV. 11.4.14='. 
apanadhrg asi TS.; KSA.5.15. 
apanam tvamrta adadhamy annadam annadyaya. goptaram 

guptyai Ap^.Q. 15.6. Cf. pranaiii etc. 
apanam drhha TS. Cf. apanam me drhha. 
apanam dhehi TA.4.2.5. 

apanam anneiiapyayasva TA.i 0.3 6.1 ; MahanU.i6. i. 
apanam anvlnkhasva AA.5. 1.4.8. 
apanam prapadye A9.I.4.9. 
apanam me jinva svaha KB. 12.4; 99.6-8.2. See apanam 

apanam me tarpayata VS.6.31; TS.; MS.i.3.2: 
30.6; KS.3.10. Cy. pranapanau me tarpaya. 


apanam — 


apanam me dah TS.3. 3.5.1. 

apanam me drhha TS. 7.5. 19.2 ; KSA.5.15. Cf. apanam 

apanam me pahi VS. 1 4.8,1 7; TS.;; 6.2; 

4.7.1; MS.2.8.2: 107.15; 2.8.3: 108.10; KS.17.1,3; KB. 

12.4; gB.; W.6.8.2. 
apanag ca messu9 ca me KS. 18.7. See vyana? ca. 
apa nas tasya sacanasj'a rleva EV.6.39. !<=. 
apanac caksuh saihtanu KS.39.7. See next. 
apanad vyanam samtanu MS.2.13.3: 153.9; TB.i. 5.7.1; 

ApQ. 16.32.3. Secprec. 
apanapanam me yaclia AB.2.21.3; AQ.5.2.2. 
apanaya tva TS.; 4.3.1;; 9.2;; 7.5. 

13.1; MS.1.1.7: 4.5; 1.3.5: 32-7; I-3-35: 42-2; KS.1.6; 

4.1; 17.7; 27.2; 31.5; 37.17; KSA.5.9(6/s); PB.i.10.6; 

5.6.14; AA.,10; Vait.26.1; L9.4.1.8; Ap9.i.2i. 

6{his); 12.7.7; 13-9; M(;;.i. 2.2.29;; BDh.3.8.11. 

Sec iidanaya tva. 
apanaya namah KSA.11.3. 
apanaya (me varcoda varcase pavasva) TS.3. 2. 3.1. P = 

aiirmaya me Ap(p.i2.i8.2 0. Cf. udanaya me. 
apanaya -vyanaya AV.6.41.2* 
apanaya suradliase TB.; Ap9.2.20.5. 
apanaya svaha VS.22.23; 23.18; TS.; 4.21. i; 

MS.3.12.9: 163.7; 3.12.20: 166.8;; 4.10; (jJB.; 5.1.4; TA.4.5.1; 15.1; io.33.i;34.i; 

69; M9.9.2.4; MahanU.15.8,9; ChU.5.21.1; MU.6.9; 

PranagU. I. 
apana ye caisam pranah AV.6. 104.1". 
apanudo janam amitrayantam (AV. amitrayantam) EV. 

10.180.30; AV.7.84.2C; TS.; KS.8.16''. 
apanena gandhan a5iya svaha PG. 1. 1 9. 4. Cf. BrhU. 3.2.2. 
apanena nasike (MS. nasikam) VS.25.2; MS.3.15.2: 178.3. 
apanena samudrasya jatharaiii yah piparti AV. 13.3.4^'. 
apane nivii,yamitaih hutam TA.i 0.36.1; MahanU.i6. i. 

Some mss. at TA. read fraddhayam apane etc., q.v. 
apane nivistoimrtam juhomi TA. 10.33.1; 34.1; MahanlJ. 

15.8,9. Cf. next, and sec fraddhayam apane. 
apaneimrtam adham svaha JB. 1.14. Cf. prec. 
apano meidhvaryiih sa mopahvayatam SB. 2. 7. 
apano yajfiena kalpatam (VS. "tarii svaha) VS.22.33; TS. 

1. 7.9.1; 
apano vidvan avrtah TB.3. 12.9.4c. 
apano vrihir ucyate AV. 1 1.4. 1 3''. 
apano^si KS.40.5. 
apara taram avayvasam AV.4.37.3I'. 
apam tejo jyotir ojo balam ca AV.I.35.3^ 
apam tokasya tanayasya jese EV.i.ioo.iic; 6.44.18c. 
apam tva ksaj-e sadayami VS.13.53; MS.2.7.18: 103.9; 

KS.16.18; gB.7. 5.2.54. 0/ apam ksaye. 
apam tva gahman sadayami samudrasyodmann avata? 

chayayam MS.2.7.16: 100.3. P: apiiin tva gahman 

sadayami Mg.6.1.7. Cf under aparii gambhan, and 

apaiii tvodman. 
apam tva gostho adhy aruksad bharaya AV.i 1.1.13''. 
aparii tva jyotisi sadayami VS.13.53; TS. ; MS.2.7. 

18: 103.7; KS.16.18; gB. 

apam tva pathasi sadayami VS.13.53; TS. ; MS. 2. 

7.18: 103.11; KS.16.18; gB. 
apam tva purise sadayami VS.13.53; TS.; MS.2.7. 

18: 103.10; KS.16.18; gB. 
apam tva puspaiii prchami AV. 10.8.34c. 
apam tva bhasman (MS.KS. "mani) sadayami VS.13.53; 

TS.; MS.2.7.18: 103.7; KS.16.18; gB. 
apara tvayane s.ldayami VS.13.53; TS.; MS.2.7.18: 

103.6; KS.16.18; gB. 
apam tva yonau sadayami VS.13.53; TS. ; MS.2.7. 

18: 103.10; KS.16.18; 
apam tva sadane sadayami VS. 13.53; TS.; MS.2. 

7.18: 103.9; KS.16.18; gB.; Apg. 16.28.4. 
apam tva sadhasthe sadayami VS.13.53; TS.; MS. 

2.7.18: 103.10; KS.16.18; gB. 
apam tva sadhisi sadayami VS.13.53; MS.2.7.18: 103.9; 

KS.16.18; gB. (7/; aparii sadhisi. 
apam tveman sadayami VS. 13.53; TS.; MS.2.7.18: 

103.6; KS.16.18; gB.;Apg.i6.28.4; Mg.6.1.8. 

P: aparii tveman Kg. 17.6.2. Cf. apain prsthe. 
aparii tvodman sadayami VS.13.53; TS.; MS.2.7. 

18: i03.6;KS.i6.i8;gB.7. 5.2.47. C/; aparii tva gahman. 
aparii tvausadhinarii rasarii grhnami Apg. 7.25.1. 
aparii tvausadhinarii rasaiii pra^ayami Apg. 1.10. 10; HG. 

2.5.3; ApMB.2.14.11-14 (ApG.6.i6.i). 
apaih divj-anaiii sakhye carantam EV. 10. 124.915. 
aparii dhararii bhinddhi TS.2. 4.7.1 ; KS. 11.9. 
aparii napataiii subhagarii sudlditini (SV. 1.620, sudarisasam) 

EV.3.9.1C; SV.1.62C; 2.764-\ See Cirjo napataiii etc. 

(= SV.2.764a). 
aparii napataiii havlsa yajadhvam EV.i 0.30. 3^1. 
aparii iiapntam avase EV.1.22.6'1; KB.26.13. 
aparii najDatam a^vina huve dhiya (TS. a9vina hvayantam) 

AV.19.42.4C; TS. 
aparh nap^atarii pari tasthur (ArS. napatam upa j'anty) 

apah EV.2.35.3'1; ArS.3.6'I; TS.2. 5. 12. 2^1; MS.2.13.1CI: 

151.4; KS.35.3'1. 
aparii napat pratiraksann asuryam (MS. pratiraksad asur- 

yan) VS. 8.24^ TS.i.4.45.i''; MS.i.3.39'^: 45-7; KS. 

4.13^'; gB.4.4.5.i2^ 
aparii napat savita tasya veda EV. 10. 149.2'^ 
aparii napat sindhavah s.ipta patana AV.6.3. i^. 
aparii napat (Apg. patih) sed u hiranyavarnah EV.2.35. 

rob; 151.5; Apg.16.33.4fc; N.3.16. 
apaiii napad abliihrutl gayasya cit AV.6.3.30. 
apam napad avatu danu paprih EV.6.50. 13^. 
aparii napad avatu vayur istaye EV. 10.92. 1315. 
aparii napad avatv anathema EV.7.47.2fc. 
aparii napad asuryasya mahna EV.2.35.2C; KS. 12.15c. 
apaiii napad riguheman ya urmih kakudman praturtir va- 

jasatamas (MS. iirmih pratflrtih kakubhvan vajasas; KS. 

urmih praturtih kakudman vajasas) tenayaiii vajarii set 

(MS.KS. tena vajarii sesam) TS.i.7.7.2; MS.i.ii.i: 162. 

3; KS. 13.14. P: apririi najsad a^uheman MS. 1.11.6: 

168.5; KS.14.6; TB.I. 3.5.4; Mg.7.1.2. 
aparii napad aguhema kuvit sa EV.2.35. ic; MS.4.12.4C: 

188.1; KS.12.150; Apg.i6.7.4c. 


apaiii napad afiihema dhiya fami KV.2.3i.6<'. 
apam napad a hy asthad upasthain RV.2.35.9^; TS.2.5. 
12.1a; MS.4.i2.4a: 188.3; A9.12.6.9; ApQ.i6.7.4a. 

P: apaiii napat ApQ. 18.3.2. 
apam napad yo vasubhih salia piiyali RV. 1.143.1°. 
apam napan madhumatir apo dah RV.10.30.4C; AV.14. 

1.37"; N.10.19C. 
apam naptra saiiividanasa enali RV. 10.30. 14'i. 
apam naptre jasah (KSA. jhasah) TS. 5. 5.1 3.1; KSA.7.3. 
apam naptre svaha TS. 1.8. 16.2 ; MS.2.6.13: 72.8; 4.4.7: 

58.2; KS.15.8; TB.i. 7.10.6; Apg.18.20.3; ¥^.9.1.5. 

P: ai^am naptre MG.i.5.2. 
apam na yanty urmayah RV.9.33.1''. See apo nayanta. 
apam nidhiiii gaya Aii9-i6.2 2.2. 
apam neta QQ.S.i'j.i. 
apam neta ya itautir rgmiyah RV. 9. 7 4. 3^1. 
apam netarali katame ta asan<i; JUB.i.34.6d. 
apam netaraiii bhuvanasya gopam'. 
apanyad ety abliy anyad eti RV.i.i23.7'>-. 
apapa AB.2.7.11 ; A9.3.3.i,z. Cf. under adhiigu^ ca.. 
apapa 9akras tatanustim uhati RV.5.34.3°; N.6.19C. 
apapaeo (TB. apavaco) abhibhute nudasva RV.10.131.1''; 

AV.20.125.1t; AB.6.22.2I'; GB.2.6.4''; TB.2.4.i.3b. 
apapaih mrdhram TS. 1.3. 13. 2. 
apama edhi ma mrtha na indra SMB.2.1.14C. See under 

apam agiiir virudhaiii rajasuyam AV.i9.33.i''. 
apam. agnis tanubhih saiiividanah^ P: apam 

agnih Kauf. 127.8. 
apam agnei- usasali suryas3-a RV.4.40. i^. 
apam agram asi samudraiii vo^bhyavasrjami AV. 16.1.6. 
apamatim durmatiiia badl1amanahVS.17.54t; 19. 84°; TS. 

4-3-4-2''; 6.3.2b;;>: 136.14; 3.11.9C: 

153.10; KS.18.3b; 38.30596.; TB. 
apam atisthad dharunahvaram tamah RV. 1.5 4.10''. 
apam anike samithe ya abhrtah RV.4.58.11C; VS.17.99C; 

KS.40.7c; Ap^. 1 7.18.1c. 
apam artham yatinam RV. 1.158.6c. 
apam avo na samudre RV.8. 16.2c ; AV. 2 0.4 4. 2c. 
apam asi svasa lakse AV.5.5.7C. 
apama somam amrta abhuma RV.8. 48. 3-1; TS.*; 

A9.5.6.26;;"; gu■asU.3^ P: 

apama somam AB.8.20.6; Vait.24.5; AP9.13.22.5. Cf. 

aganma svar. 
apam asmai vajram pra haranii". P: ai^am 

asmai vajram Kr1u9.49.13. 
apam aha divyanam AV. 19.2.4". 
apam aha pranejane AV.19.2.4C. 
apamarga osadhiiiam AV.4. 17.8". 
apamarga tvam asmat VS.35.11c; 9B. 
apamarga tvaya vayam AV.4.i7.6c,7C; i8.8c; 7.65.3c. 
apamarga rurohitha AV.7. 65.1b. 
apamargapa mrjmahe AV.7. 65.2'!. 
apamargo ajayathah AV.4.19.4'1. 
apamargoipa marstu AV.4.18.7". 
apamityam (AQ. errcmeoudy, apam ittham) iva sambhara 

MS.1.10.2C: 142.9; KS.9.5e; A9.2.18.13C. 

— apam 

apamitran apacito acetah RV.9.97.54'1; SV.2.456'1. 
apam idarii nyaj'aiiam RV.10.142.7"; AV.6.106.2"; VS. 

i7-7"';TS.4.6.i.3";": 131. 12; KS.17.17"; (^B.*; Ag.2.l2.2a; Apg.17.13.4; Mg.6.2.4; HG.r. 

18.5. P: apam idam Vait.29.13; Rvidh.4.11.2. 
apam iva pravane yasya durdharam RV. 1.57.1C; AV.20. 

1 5- 1". 
apam ived urmayas tarturanah RV.9.95.3"; SV. 1.544". 
apam isanta bhurvani RV. 1.134. 5°. 
apamiva apa raksfihsi : see apamlvam etc. 
apamivam savita savLsan nyak RV. 10.100.8". 
apamivam sedhatam raksasa9caMS.4.i4.6c: 223.10; TB. 
apamiva bhavatu raksasa saha RV.g.Ss.ib; SV.i.56ib 
apamivam apa dusvapnyam suva RV.10.37.4'1. 
apamivam (TB.Ap^. apamiva) apa raksahsi sedha 

98.12b; MS.4.ii.2b: 167.12; KS.2.i5b; TB.2.5.8.iib; 

apamivam apa vi9vruu anahutuu RV.10.63.12". 
apamivam apa sridham RV.8. 18.10"; SV.1.397". 
apamivam badhate veti suryam RV.1.35.9O; VS.34.25c. 
apamivam badhamano mrdha9 ca RV.9.97.43b. 
apam ugram ivayanam Kau9. 107.2b. 
apam uta pra9astisu (AV.VSK. pra9astibhih) RV. 1.2 3. 19"; 

AV.i.4.4b; VS.9.6b;; TS.i. 7.7.2b; MS.I. 

II. lb; 161.11; KS.i3.i4b; 9B. 

apam udrah vs. 24.37; TS.; MS.3.14.18: 176.6; 

KSA. 7. 11. 
apam upasthe adhy ayavah kavim RV.9.86.250. 
apam upasthe kavir bhagaya RV.9.i09.i3b; SV.i. 

apam upasthe mahisaagrbhnataRV.6.8.4"; N.7.26"; KB. 

21.3. See rtasya yonau mahisa. 
apam upasthe mahisa avardhan RV.10.45.3d; VS.12.20''; 

9B. See rtasya yonau mahisa. 
apam upasthe mahiso vavardha RV. i o. 8. 1 J ; AV. 1 8. 3. 65'' ; 


apam upasthe vibhrto yad avasat RV. 1.144. 20. 

apam upasthe vrsabhah kanikradat RV.9. 76.5b. 

apam iirja ojaso vavrdhanam AV. 19.45.3". 

apam armim sacate sindhusu 9ritah RV.9. 86. 8b. 

apam urmiiii sacamanah samudram RV.9.96.19C; SV.2. 

apam urmim divas pari RV.9. 49.1b; SV.2. 785b. 

apam urmir madanu iva RV.8.14.10"; AV.20.28.4"; 39. 

5"; Vait.31.22. 
apam urmau sindhusv antar uksitah RV.9. 72. 7b 
apam ekaiii vedhasam reta ahuh AV.5.28.6t'. 
apam eka mahimanam bibharti TS.4.3.ii.5b; MS.2.13. 

10b : 160.12; KS.39.10b; PG.3.3.5b. 
apam ojmanaiii pari gobhir avi'tam (AV. abhrtam) RV.6. 

47-27'=; AV.6.125.2C; VS.29.53c; TS.; MS.3.16. 

30: 186.10; KSA.6.10. 
apam osadhinam rasa stha (MS.KS. °nam rasah) TS.1.8. 

II. i; MS.I. 2.17: 27.4; 2.6.7: 68.4; KS.2.1; TB.1.7.5. 

5; M9.I-8.5.2I; — 9.1.2. P: apam osadhinam rasah 

Ap9.18.13.18. 0/". apam puspam asy. 


apam — 

apam os<adhinam garbhaih dhfih (M^- garbharii me dah) 

TS. 3. 3.5-1 ;Mg. 7.2.6. 

apam pataye svaha SB. 5. 5; AdB.5. 

apam patiih vrsabham osadhinam KS. 19.14''. Cf. apam 

patlr vrsabha etc. 
apampatirasiTS.i.8.11.1; MS.2.6.7: 68.1; KS.15.6; TB. 

1. 7. 5.1; M(;j.9.i.2. P: apam patih ApQ.18.13.3. See 

next two. 
apam patir asi rastrada rilstram amusmai dehi VS. 10. 3; 

9B. See prec. 
apam patir asi rastrada rastrarii me dehi svaha VS. 10. 3; 

(^B. See prce. but one. 
apam patir vrsabha istakanam VS. 13.31''; MS. 2. 7.1 6'': 

100.6; KS.39.3I'; gB.; Apg.16.25.2b 
apam patir vrsabha (KS. omits vreabha) osadhinam MS. 2. 

5.10^: 61.12; KS.13.9b. See under aparii rasa osadhl- 

narii ghrtasya, and ef. apam patiiii. 
apam patih sed etc. : see apaiii napat sed etc. 
apam pate j'oipam bhagah sa ta esah Apg.6.20.2. 
apam payaso yat payah AV.18.3.560; TS.i. 5.1 0.3c; TB.3. 

7.4.7°; Mg.i.4.i..5''. /See weJ!<, ami atho payasvatinam. 
apam payasvad it (KS. yat) payah EV.10.17.14''; KS. 

35.4". See under prec. 
apam piispam asy osadhlnarii rasa (TB.Apg. rasah so- 

masya priyarii dhama; Lg. rasoigneh priyatama tanur) 

indrasya (TB.Apg. agneh, indrasya, and vigve-sarii deva- 

naiii) priyatamarii havih svaha PB. 1.6.8; TB.3. 7. 14. 

2.3; Lg.3.2.8; Apg.14.32. 1. P: apaiii puspam Lg.2. 

11.9. Cf. apam osadhlnarii rasa, 
apaifa pnsparii murtir aka^arii pavitram uttamam GB.i. 

apam prstham asi yonir agneh VS.ii.29^; 13. 2''; TS.4.2. 

8.1"; MS.2.7.3a: 76.16; 3.1.5: 6.1; KS.16.3%15"; 19.4; 

20.5; gB.; Ps: aparii prstham asi TS.5. 

2.6.5; Mg.6.i.i; Apg.16.22. 2; aparii prstham Kg.i6. 

aparii prstham asi sapratha uni TS. 4.1. 3.1*. P: aparii 

prstham asi TS.5. i. 4.1; Apg.16.3.3. 
aparii prsthe samudrasyeman VS. 13. 17b; gB. Cf. 

aparii tvenian. 
aparii perurii jivadhanyarii bhar<araahe^ 
aparii perur asi VS.6. 10; TS.i. 3.8.1;; MS.1.2.15: 

25.2; 3.9.6: 124.15; KS.3.5; 26.8; gB.; Apg.7. 

13.11; Mg.i. 8.3.9. P: apaih peruh Kg.6.3.32; 20. 

aparii prasarge yad amandisatam EV. 7. 103. 4b 
aparii phenena namuceh EV.8.I4.I3"'; AV.20.29.3a; SV. 

1.2X1"; VS.19.71''-; gB.i2. 7.3.4a P: aparii phenena 

aparii bilani apihitarii yad asit EV.1.32.11''; N.2.17C. 
aparii bhagam adharayan AV.5.i9.i3<i,i4'l. 
apaiii bhumanam upa nah srjeha<i; MS.4. 

II. 2'': 167.13; KS.2.i5'i'; TB.2.5.8.i2<i; Apg.7.6.7<i. 
apaiii madhye tasthivahsam EV.7.89.4\ 
aparii ma pane yatamo dadambha AV.S.29.8a 
aparii niedhyariiyajniyam TB.3. 7. 4.9a; Apg.i.s.s*; 7.3. 
aparii maitrad ivodakam Apg.6.20.2. 


aparii modaya svaha VS.22.6; TS.; 16. i; MS.3. 

12.2: 160.9; KSA.1.7; gB.; TB. 
apayati sv apayati AV. 19.49. lo*". 
apayy asyandhaso madaya EV.2.19.1"; Ag.6.4.10. P: 

apayy asya gg.9.11.4. 
apara iirve amrtarii duhanah EV.3.i.i4'l. 
apararum adevayajanarii prthivya adevayajanaj (Apg. 

^•yajano) jahi KS.1.9; 25.4; Apg. 2. 2. 4. Cf for this and 

next two, apahatoiraruh etc. 
apararurii prthivya adevayajanam (Apg. "rum adevaya- 

janaiii prthivyah) 6.7; 4.1. 10: 13.9; Mg.i. 

2.4.16; Apg. 2. 2. 1. Cf. under prec. 
apararurii prthivyai devayajanad badhyasam VS.1.26; 

gB.i. 2.4.17. P: apararum Kg.2. 6.21. Cf. under prec. 

hut one. 
aparatirii durvidatram aghayatah EV.10.63.12b. 
aparena mahata vrsnyena RV.10.44.1d; AV.20.94.1'1. 
aparo vo mahima vrddhagavasah EV.5.87.6"'. 
aparoisi TB. 
aparvanarii renukakatarii nudantam VS.28.13'5; TB.2.6. 

10. i^. 
apalam indra (MG. indras) tris (ApMB.MG. trih) putvl 

(AV. putva; ApMB. purtvl; MG. purty a") RV.8.91.7C; 

AV.i4.i.4ie; JB.1.221C; ApMB.i.i.gC; MG.i.S.ii". 
apavapad bharata somam asmai EV.2.14.6'1. 
apavar adrivo bilaiii; SV.2.6oib. 
apavaeo etc. : see apapaco etc. 
apavrk tamo«bhi jyotir a9rait AV.i3.2.9b. 
apavrkta aratnayah EV.8.80.8''. 
apavrnod apihiteva khani EV.4.28.I''; MS.4. n. 2'': 164. 

8; KS.9.i9'l. 
apavrnod isa indrah parlvrtah EV.i.i3o.3f. 
apavrnod dure afmavrajanam (MS. asmadrathanam) RV. 

10.139.6b; MS.4.9.iib: 132.4; TA.4.ii.8b. 
apavrnod dharibhir adribhih sutam RV.3.44.5''. 
apavrnoh 9arabhaya rsibandhave EV.8. ioo.6<i. 
apavrnor jyotir aryaya EV. 2.11.18". 
apavrta vrajinir ut svar gat EV.5.45.1C. 
apavTtya garhapatyat AV. 12. 2.34*. P: apavrtya Kau?. 

apa vrdhi parivrtarii (TB. parivrttirii ; comm. parivi'tirii) 

naradhah EV.7.2 7.2'i; TB.2. 8.5.8'!. 
apavyaiii vaco agantirii vaha Ag.i.2.1. Cf TS.2. 2.6.3. 
apago^si ApMB.2.7.26 (ApG.5.12.8); HG.1.11.3. 
apaQnusnignum (?) apa raksah TA.i.2i.2\ See next. 
apagnyusnim apa raksah TA. 1.1.3". See prec. 
apagnyusnim apa ragham TA. 1.1.3b. See apasnim. 
apasthavad visavan naitad attave EV.10.85.34b ; AV.14. 

1.29b; ApMB.i. 17.9b. 
apasthac chrrigat kulmalat AV.4.6.5''. 
apasnimC?) apa ragham TA.i. 2 1. 2b See apa9nyusnim etc. 
apasmat tama iichatu AV.14.2.48"; Kau9.70.1c. P: 

apasmat tamah Kau9.79.22. 
apasmat sarvarh durbhutam AV.3.7.7''. 
apasmat syandatam agham TA. 6. 11.2b (J;5). 
apasmadetu nirrtih KS.38.13a; Apg.i6.i6.ia. .See apeta 

etu, and cf. apeto nirrtirii. 



apasman (KS. apasya) nfiirrtrm prifaii KS.38.13''; ApQ. 

16. 16. i=». Cf. nir ito yantu nrdrrtyah. 
apasmat preyan na tad oko asti RV. 10. 1 17.4<'. 
apasya ye.sinah pa^ah KS.38.r3C; Ap^-i'^-i*'-!''- 'S'ce 

ap.asyah satvanah. 
apasyah kefyaiii malam AV.14.2.68''. 
apasyah satvanah pa fan Kauf.gY.S". See apasya. 
apah somam astam indra pra yahi EV. 3. 5 3. 611; A9.6. 

1 1.9. 
apahan vrtram paridhim nadlnam RV.3.33.6''; N.2.36I'. 
apaha jTitudhanih AV.4.18.7''. 
api karne varahayuh''; AV. 20. 126.4''. 
api kartam avartayoiyajyun RV. 1.121.13'!. 
api kartsyami nir drava''. 
api kratuiii sucetasarii vatantah RV. 7.60.6c. 
api kratiim sucetasam vatema RV.7.3.10''; 4.10''. 
api ksapaya ksapaya AV.12.5.51I'. 
api gopa ni vartatam RV. 10. 19.5''. Cf. yo goj)a, 
api ca no^nye bhuyahso jayantam Ka119.g2.25. 
apijaya svaha VS.9.20; 18.28; 22.32; 163. 

17; KS.14.1; (?B.S.2.I.2. 

api jayeta so«smakam ViDh.78.52"'; 85.66". Cf. api 

nah sa. 
apijoisi j.^yamanah L(^.2.3.2. 
apijoisi duvasvan 9<?-6.i2.6. Cf avasyur. 
apijoisi navajatah L(^.2.3.2. 
api tesu trisu padesv asmi VS.23.50'^; QB.13.5.2.T4; A^. 

io.9.2'i: Q9.I6.6.2-1;\ 
apidhanam asy amrtatvayopadadhami PranagU. 2. See 

apinaddham apomuvan AV.9.3.18''. 
api nah sa kule bhuyat MDh.3.2 74'\ Cf api jayeta. 
api nahyami te bhagam AV. 1.14.4''. 
api nahyamy asya medhram AV.7.95.3C. 
api nahyamy asyam AV. 7. 70.4b 5''. See apa nahyami ete. 
api nunaiii daivlr vigah pi-ayasi.stam suprlte sudhite MS. 

4.13.8: 209.15; KS.19.13; TB. See daivlr 

vi^ah pra'^. 
apinvatam ^ayave a^vina gam RV. 1.117.20''. 
apinvatam fayave dhenum afvina RV. 10.39.13'^. 
apinvatam apitah pinvatarii dhiyah RV.7.82.3'1. 
apinvatam afvina purvyaya RV.i.i 18.8I'. 
api pantham aganmahi (TS.ApQ. agasmahi) RV.6.5i.i6''; 

TS.i. 2.9.1"; MS.i.2.5": 14.1; KS.2.6"; 24.6; Ag.2.5.8; 

ApQ.10.24. 2; 29.3 ; (JJG.3.6.3. P : api pantham Rvidh. 

2.22.5. 'S^ffi prati pantham. 
api piisa ni sidatu (AV.(j^(j^. 12.15. 1.3'^ sTdati) AV.20.127. 

i2'l;(?g.8.ii.5<l; I2.i5.i.3<^; Lg.3.3.2'1; SMB.i.3.i3<i; 

HG.i.22.9''. See iha pusa etc., rayasposo etc., and viras 

tratil etr. 
apiprayara codana vam mimana VS. 29.7c ; TS.5.1.1 1.3C; 

MS.3.16.2C: 184.11; KSA.6.2C. 
apiprani ca sadani ca bhuyah RV. i.i 86.11 1". 
api prata nisldati RV.7.16.8''. 
apiprer agne svaiii tanvam KS.6.8; Ap(p.6.i4.2. 
apibat kadruvah sutam RV.8.45.26"; SV.1.131". 
api brahmatho tapah AV. 10.10.33'!. 

api bhadre saumanase syama RV.3.i.2i'l; 59.4<i; 6.47. 

13^; 10.14.6'!; 131. 7!'; AV.6.55.3<!;; 18.1.58'!; 

20.125.7!'; VS.19.50'!; 20.52''; TS. 1. 7. 1 3.5!';'!; 

MS.4.12.5I': 191.6; 4.14. 12'!; 235.10; KS.8.11''; TB.2. 

8.4. 1'!; 7.5'!; N.II.I9'1. 
api mrsa caramasi AV.6.45.3''. ^'^'^ abhidroharii caramasi. 
api yatha yuvano matsatha nah RV.i.i86.i<^; VS.33.34'". 
api yanti sasrotasah VS.34.11''. 
apiriptaya harmye RV.8.5.23''. 
api vr^ca puranavat RV.8.40.6"; AV.7.90.1". P: api 

vi-fca Kau5.36.35. 
api vrfcami yac chirah AV.2.32.2'!; 5.23.9'!. 
api vi'fcamj' ojasa AV. 10.6.1c. 
apigirna u prstayah AV.4.3.6''. Cf prstir vo, and chint- 

tarii 9iro. 
api 9lrsani vr^catu AV. 1.7.7'!. 
api stutah savita devo astu RV.7.38.3\ 
apicyam vardhate naptur apam RV.2.35.11I'. 
apieyam (SV. aplcya3rii) guhyaiii nama gonam RV.9.87. 

3'!; SV.2.29'!; JB.1.127''. 
apicyena manasota jihvaya RV.10.53.11''. 
apieye na vayam asya vidma RV.i 0.12.8!'; AV. 18. 1.36''. 
apicyena sahasa sahante RV.7.60.10''. 
apipayad gayo divyani janma RV. 10.64.16'!. 
apipayanta dhenavo na sudah RV.7.36.3''. 
apiparo ma ratriya (M(^. ratrya) ahno ma pahi TA.4. 10.4 ; 

5.8.10; Apg.15.12.7; Mg.4.3.46. 
apiparo mahuo ratriyai (MQ. ratryai) ma pahi TA.4. 

10.4; 5.8.10: ApQ.15.12.7; M(;).4.3.33. 
apipemeha vajrinam RV.8.66.7''; AV.20.97.1''; SV.i. 

272''; 2. 1 041''. 
apipyaiivajrinbhrirnayahRV.8.g9.i!'; SV.1.302''; 2.163''. 
apiva yosa janimani vavre RV.3.38.8<!. 
apivrtam usriyanam anikam RV.1.121.4''. 
apivrtam niayinam ksiyantam RV.2.11.5I'. 
apivrta apornuvanto asthiih RV.i. 190.6'!. 
apivrto adhayan miltiir udhah!'. 
apur aijvina sarasvatlndrah sutrama surasoman VS. 2 1.60. 
apuspa ya? ca piispimh RV.10.97.15!'; VS.12.89!'; TS.4. 

2.6.4''; PranagU. I ''. See akoqa. 
apvitapa adhuyamanah TS.4.4.9.I. Sfe visnur aprltapa. 
apupakiila nadyah KS.40. 13". 
apiipakrd astake 9G.3.14.2C. See next. 
aptipaghrtahiite ApMB.2.2i.ic. See prec. 
apHpanabhim krtva AV. 10.9.5c. 
apiipam deva ghrtavantam agne''; VS.I2. 

26!'; TS.'''; MS.2.7.9I': 87.1; KS.16.9I'; ApMB. 

2.11.28''; HG.2.14.4''. 
apiipam addhi sagano marudbhih RV.3.52.7C. 
apiipavantam ukthinam RV.3.52.1''; 8.91. 2^; SV.i. 

210''; VS.20.29''; JB.I.220''. 

apiipavan ksiravafif (dadhivahf, drapsavafif, ghrtavanf, 
mahsavafif, annavaiif, madhumahf, rasavahf, and 
apavan?) carur eha sidatu AV. i8.4.i6'''-24"; apupavan 
ghrtavanf (with vikaras, "van chrtavahf, kslravan?, 
dadhivahf, madhumahf) carur eha sidatu TA.6.8. i 
(i~5)'''' P- apupavan Kau9.86.3. 

apupapihitan — 


apupapihitan kiimbhan AV.18.3.68*; 4.25^ 
apHrusaghno ai^ratThi fura satvabhih KV. i.i33.6f. 
apiirvenesita vacah". 
apurvyaih purutamaiii sudanave EV.10.23.6l'. 
apiirvya purutamaiiy asmai EV.6.32.1^; SV. 1.322"; AB. 

5.19.1; KB. 26.12. Ps: apuivya purutamaiii A(^.S.'j. 

23; gg.12.5.5; 
aprcham anyafi uta te ma ahuh EV.5.30.2C. 
aprnantam abhi sam yantu fokah EV. 1.125.711. 
apejate ^-uro asteva fatrun EV.6.64.3C. 
apeta etu nirrtih KTiu(;.g-j.'j,8\ P: apeta etii Vait.38.1. 

See apasmad, and cf. apeto nirrtim. 
apeta na^yatad itah HG.2.3.7''; ApMB.2.13.10''. 
apeta vita vi ca sarpatatah EV.10.14.9*; AV.i8.i.55'^; 

VS.12.45ii; TS.''; MS.2.7.IIS': 89.2; 3.2.3: 18.1; 

KS.i6.iitt; 20.1; gB.; TB.I.2.I.I6-1; TA.1.27. 

5^^; 6.6.1"; AG.4.2.10. Ps: apeta vita ^(^.4.14.7; 

Vait.28.24; K9.17.1.3; ApQ-S-g-i; 16.14.1; M9.6.1.5; 

apeta TS. 5. 2. 3. 1 (bis); Kauf.80.42. 
apetah. yapatham jahi TB.3. lo.S.i''. 
apeto jangidamatim AV.19.34.3''. 
apeto janyam bhayam KB.9.4"; (^^.5.13.3''. See apa 

apeto nirrtiiii hatha TA. 1.28.1I'. Cf. under ajJasmad. 
apeto j'antu panayah VS.35.1''; 9B.I3.8.2.3". P: apeto 

yantu K(^. 2 1.3. 3 2. 
apeto raksasaiii bhaga esah Kauf. 130.2IJ. 
apeto vayo savita ca duskrtam AV.4.2 5.4=', 
aped aghani mrjmahe TA.6.i.2b. 
aped u hasate tamah EV.10.127.3f. Cf. apeyarii. 
aped esa dhvasmayati EV. 8.66.15''. 
apendra dvisato manah EV.10.152.5"; AV.1.21.4"; TS.'^; 9.2; Ap(^.i2.7.7. P: apendra (^G. 6. 5. 6. 
apendra praco maghavann amitrau AV.20. 125.1"; GB.2. 

6.4,12; Vait.32.13. Designated as sukirti GB.2. 6.8; 

Vait.27.24; 33.12. See apa praca. 
apemam jiva arudhan grhebhyah AV. 18.2.27''. P: ape- 
mam Kau5.80.18. 
apemam matraiii miminiahe AV. 18.2.40". 
apeyam ratry uchatu AV.2.8.2". P: apeyamKau9.26.42. 

Cf. aped u. 
apehi tvarii paribadha SMB.2.5.7" (GG.4.6.5). 
apehi nirala AV.6. 16.3'i. 
apehi manasas pate EV.10.164.1"; AV.20.96.23'''; (^G.i. 

4.2. P: apehiKhG.4.1.22; Evidh.4.20.1. C/: BrhD. 

8.67. See paro^pehi etc. 
apehy arir asy arir va asi AV. 7.88.1. P : apehi Kau?. 2 9. 6. 
apaitad uhayad iliabibhah pura AV.18.2.57IJ; TA.6.1.1I1. 
apaitumrtyur amrtain na agan (PG. agat) TB.3. 7. 14. 4"; 

TAA.10.45"; Apg.2l.3.I2"; PG.1.5.11C; HG.1.28.1". 

See paraitu mrtyur. 
apaitu sarvaiii mat papani i.iof. 
apaitenaratsir asau svaha AV.5.6.7'\ 
apaity asyali praticaksyeva EV.i.i24.8'\ 
apo acha manaso na prayukti EV.i 0.30.1''. 
apo adyanv aearisam VS.20.22"; MS.i.3.39": 46.12; KS. 

4.I3"'; 29.3; 38.5"; gB.12.9.29; Lg.2.12.13"; Mg.1.7. 

4.47; MG.1.1.17; 11.25; 2.2.26; ApMB.2.6.6''' (ApG. 

4.11.22). P: apo adya Kg.19.5.18. Sec next, apo divj'a 

acayi.sam, and apo adyanv. 
apo anv acarisam TS.i. 4.45.3"; 46.2"; TB."; JB. 

2.67(68)"; Apg.7. 27.16; 8.8.18; 18.10; 13.22.6. See 

under prec. 
apo apaclrajjara apejate EV.5.48.2''. 
apo asrjann auu vrtraturye EV. 10.66. 8*1. 
apo uinoti tamo arcisa yan EV. 10.88.12d. 
apo ga agne yuvase niyutvan EV.6.6o.2'l; KS.4.15''. 
apo ga vajrin yuvase sam indun EV.6.47.i4'l. 
apochatu (AV. apochantu) mithuna ya (AV. ye) kimidina 

(AV. kimidinah) EV.7.i04.2 3l'; AV.8.4.23''. 
apochantv abhikrtvarih AV.2.8.2I'. 
apodham janyaria bhayam Apg.6.5.6; M9. 1.6. 1.15. 
apodhah sena abhitvarih Apg.6.5.6; M^. 1.6. 1.15. 
apo dattodadhirii bhinta VS.18.55.0; MS. 2. 4. 71' (to-): 44. 

10,12,14; 2.12.3b: 146.18. (Sec udno datto". 
apo divyaacayisam AV.7.89.1"; 10.5.46'". P: apo divyah 

Vait.3.i8; 24.6; Kau5.42.13. iSVe «<«f?cr apo adj'anv. 
apo divya asrjad varsya abhi'1; N.2.ii'i. 
apo divyah payasvatlh KS.37.9'1. 
apodico apa 5uiadharacah EV.10.131.1C; AV.20.125.ic; 

AB.6.22.2f; GB.2.6.4; TB. 
apo deva madhumatlr agrbhnan VS. 10.1"; gB. 

P: apo devah K9. 15.4.43. See apo devir mao etc. 
apo devlh prajapatim AV. ii.6.iib. 
apo devili pranayani Ap^i. 1.16.8". 
apo devir upabruve Apg.4.5.5ti. See apo devir upa 

hvaye, and a devir avase. 
apo devir upasrja(MS. <'srja) madhumatlh VS.11.38"; TS."; MS.2.7.4": 78.5; 3.1.5: 6.19; KS.16.4"; 19.5; 

gB.". Ps: apo devir upasrja Apg. 16. 2.11 ; apo 

devlh Kg. 1 6. 3. 2 ; Mg. 6. 1 . 1 . 
apo devir upa hvaye EV.i. 23.18"; AV.i.4.3"; 6.23. i^. 

AB.2. 20.23". P: ajjo devlh Kau9.65.8. See under a,^o 

devir upabruve. 
apo devir madhumatlr agrhnan (MS.KS. agrbhnam) TS. i. 

8.11.1"; MS.2.6.8": 68.9; KS.15.6"; Apg.18.13.19. 

See apo deva. 
apo devir madhumatlr ghrta5cutah". 
apo devo vi gahate EV.9.3.6t'; SV.2.6o7'\ 
apo dlianvany ati yatho ajran EV.6.62.2J. 
apo na ksodo«vrnltam ese EV. 1.180. 4'\ 
apo na dhiro manasa suhastyah EV.i. 64.1c. 
apo na nava durita tarema EV.6.68.8<1; 7.65.3'!; KS. 


apo nayanta urmayah SV.1.478''; 2.114''. See aparii na 

apo na vajrin duritati parsi bhuri EV.8.97.15I'. 
apo na vaiii sunoty aksnayadhruk EV.i. 12 2.9''. 
apo nisiiicann asurah pita nah EV.5.83.6'3; AV.4.15.12"; 

TS.3.i.ii.7<l; KS.ii.i3'l. 
apo«nu vi krame^ham 
apo bibhratam tamasa parlvrtam EV. 10.113.6'J. 
apoibhivyakhyam KhG.2.5.31. 
apo manusyan osadlilh AV.8.9.23C, 



apo mahi vyayati caksase tamali EV. 7.81.1c. ggQ ^po 

apo mahir abhi9aster amuncah KV. 10. io4.9''. 
apo mahr vrnnte caksiisa tamah SV.i.303'"; 2.101"; TB. (See apo mahi. 
apo ma prapan malam etad agne AV. 14.2.69". 
apo muncami na prajam VS. 4. 13; QB.; Ap^. 10. 

13.9. P: apo muncami K9.7.4.37. 
apo yat turni9 carati prajanan''; N.7.27il. 
apo ydd agna ii^adhag vanesu RV.3.6. 7<=. 
apo yad adririi puruhuta dardah RV.4.16.8'^; AV.20.77.8''. 
apo yahvir asrjat sartava u RV.5.29.2J. 
apo yacami bhes.ajam (MS. yatam abhesajam) RV.; 

AV.i.5.4<^;^: 139.10; TB.; TA.4. 

apoyusna (TS.KSA. yusena) VS.25.9; TS.5. 7.20.1; MS. 

3.15.8: 180.1; KSA.13.10. 
apo yena suksitaye tarema RV.7.56.24''. 
apo rireca sakhibhir nikamaih RV.4.16.6'^; AV.20.77.6''. 
apornute vaksa usreva barjaham RV.i.92.4'1. 
apornuvantas tama a parlvrtam RV.4.45.2'=. 
apo vandasva savrdhah sayonih EV. 10.30. io<l. 
apo<vabhrtham abhyupaimi K^. 4. 15.5. 
apo vasanah ka u tac ciketa AV. io.2.7<'. 
apo vasanah pari kogam arsati EV.9.io7.26\ 
apo vasanah pari gobhir uttarah RV.9. 107.18'^. 
apo vasanam andhasa EV.9.16.2''. 
apo vasana divam utpatanti EV.1.164.47I'; AV.6.22.1'';'; 13.3.9I1; MS.4.i2,5b: 193.7; KS.ii.9i',i3b; 

N.7.24b See miho vasana. 
apo vasano adhi sane avye RV.9.96.13I'; SV. 1.532''. 
apo vasano abhi ga iyaksati EV.9.78. i^'. 
apo vasano arsasi EV.o. 107.4''; SV.1.511''; 2.25IJ. 
apo vasano mahiso vi gahate RV.9.86.4ot>. 
apo vasistha sukratuh EV.9.2.3C; SV.2.3890. 
apo vastina VS. 2 5. 7. Cf. apa asyena. 
apo va gacha j^adi tatra te hitam EV. 10. 16.3°; AV. 18.2. 

7"; TA.6.I.4C; 7.3C: 9.2. 
apo vrnanah pavate kaviyan (TS. kavyan) RV.9.94.1C; 

SV.i.oSg"; TS.; KSA.i.iic. 
apo vrnana vitanoti mayini 
apo vrtrarii varivahsarii parahan RV.4.16.7''; AV.2o.77.7^ 
apo vrtvi rajaso budhnam aijayat RV. 1.52.6''. 
apoi^ana (J3B. 1 (6/s); AG.r.22.2; (^0.2.4.^; Kau9. 

56.12; GG.2. 10.34; PG.2.3.2(6!s); HG.1.5.10; ApMB. 

2.6.14 (ApG.5.11. 25). (7/ YDh.i.31,106; VHDh.8. 

56; Au9Dh. 3.102; BrhPDh. 4.167; 5.259,260; VyasaDh. 

aposa anasah sarat RV.4.30. 10"; N. II.47^ 
apo su na iyarii 9aruh RV.8.67.I5''-. 
apo su (MS. su) myaksa varuna bhiyasarii mat RV.2.28. 

61'; MS.4.14.9'': 229.1. 
apo by esam ajusanta devali EV.4.33.9^ 
aptubhi rihana vyantu vayah MS.1.1.13: 9.1; 4.1. 14: 

19.17; M9. See underiiktam ri°. 
aptur vaisarjane KS.34.15. 
apturye maruta apir esah EV.3.5I.9''. 

apturye vrtraturye (^9- 8-1 6.1. 

apnavanavad a huve RV.8.102.4''; SV.i.i8''; TS.3.1.11. 

8^; MS.4.11.2I': 166.15; KS.40.14'>. 
apnasvati mama dhir astu 9akra RV. 10.42. 3"; AV.20. 


apnasvatim a9vinri asme RV. 1.112.24"; VS.34. 

29"; gB.; Ap<;:!.i5.8.i3. P: apnasvatim KC. 

26.4.10; Mg.4.2.35. 
apnasvatisurvarasv istanih RV.1.127.6''. 
apy abhar (TB. ApMB. abhud) bhadre sukrtasya loke 

AV.2.10.7I'; TB.2. 5.6.3d; APMB.2.12.9J. 
apy asya putran pautrah9 ca AV. 12. 4. 38c. 
apy u nu patnir vrsano jagamyuh RV. 1.179.1''. 
apy esaiii stbapatir hatah TA.4. 36. i^'; ApMB.2.16. 13c. 

See utaisarh etc. 
apy aulanaiii divi devesu dhehi RV. 10.98. 1 1''. 
apraketam salilaiii sarvam a idam RV.10.129.3''; TB.2. 

apraksitam vasu bibharsi hastayoh RV.i.55.8\ 
apracyutani dndabha vratani RV.2.28.8'1. 
aprajastam asvagatam avartim AV.9.2.3''. 
aprajastaih (SMB. aprajasyaiii) pautramrtyum (SMB. 

pautramartyam) SMB.i.i.i4^; ApMB.i.4.11" (ApG.2. 

5.2); HG.i.i9.7^ See next. 
aprajastvam mrutavatsam AV.8.6.26\ See prec. 
aprajastvaya bodhaya'1. 
aprajah santv atrinah RV.1.21.5C; VaDh.17.3. Cf. BrhD, 

apratidhrstaQavasam RV.i.84.2''; SV.2.380''; VS.8.35I': 

TS.'; MS.i.3.34'': 41-11; KS.4.II''. ' 
apratidhrsyaya tva vataya svaha VS.38.7; MS.4.9.8: 

128.9; QB.; TA.4.9.1. 
apratibhuktau 9ucikaryau ca nityam Kau9.73. 17^ 
apratiratha, designation of a hytnn: EV. 10. 103; AV. 19. 

13; VS.i7.33ff.;TS.; MS.3.3.7: 40.2; KS.21.10; 

AB.8.10.4; GB.2.1.18; gB.,5; Ag.4.8.28; gg.s. 
5.10; Vait.1.18; 13. 11; 29.16; KQ.11.1.9; 18.3.17; 

AG.3.12.13; Evidh.4.2.1; 21.5; and elsewhere. Seca9uh 

apratisthah sa bhuyad yoismrai dve.sti j-aiii ca vayaiii 

dvismah TA.4. 4 2.1. 
apratito jayati saiii dhanani EV.4.50.9^; AB.8.26. 10. 
aprathatam jivase no rajansi EV.6.69.5ti. 
aprathatam prthivlrii mataram vi EV.6.72.2t'. 
aprathayan prthivliii matararii vi RV.10.62.3I'. 
aprapana ca ve9antri AV.20.128.8'^; gg.^ P: 

aprapana (JJ^. 16. 13. 10. 
aprabhiiti varuno nir apali srjat RV. 10. 124.7''. 
apramatta anapiiyinab PG.2.i7.i3d, 14c, 1511^16''. 
apramatta raksatha tantum etam ApDh.2.6.i3.6\ 
apramadam ihopa yantu sarvah Kau9.98.2''. 
apramadyann apramatta9 carami Apg.5.25.2oc. 
aprayuchan taranir bhrajamanah EV. 10.88. 16"'. 
aprayuchan didyad bodhi gopah EV.2.9.2J; TS.3.5. 1 1.3'' ; 152.8; KS.i5.i2^; AB.i. 28.38. 
apraynchann apraj-uchadbhir agne EV. 1.143.8". 
aprayuchan pura etu prajanan (TA. pravidvan) RV. 10. 



I7.5<1;; MS.4.i4.i6d: 243.12; TB.2.4.i.0<l; 
aprayutam evayavo matiiii dah EV.7. 100.2''. 
apravrajam rtvijaiii saiiibliaranti GB.i.5.25''. 
apragasta iva smasi EV.2.4i.i6<=. 
aprasransaya yajiiasya TB. 3.7. 4. 13"; ApQ.i.12.2". 
aprahavarih stha MS.2.6.7: 68.2; M9.9.1.2. See pra- 

aprahitau prabitau va grharii nah AV.6.29.2''. Cf. EV. 

apranate svaha TS. ; KSA.5.3. 
aprarLaya(KSA. apranakaya)svahaTS.7.5. 12.1 ; KSA.5.3. 
apranaiti pianena pranatlnam AV.S.g.g^ 
aprapya manasa sahaTA.8.4.1''; 9.1''; TU.2.4.1''; 9.1'*. 
apramisatya maghavan tathed asat EV.8.6i.4^ 
aprayubhir yajiiebhir vavrdhenyam EV.8.24.18''; AV. 

20.64.6"; SV.2.I036'". 
aprayuvoraksitarodive-diveEV.i.89.1'1; VS.25.i4'J; KS. 

26.11'!; KB.20.4; N.4.19. 
aprayuse divatarat EV. 1.127.5c. 

apriyah prati muucatam AV. 19.45.2'!. Cf. apriye prati. 
apriyayata kufikebhir iudiah EV.3.53.9''. 
apriye prati ruunca tat AV.8.6.26''. See dvisadbhyah 

l^rati, and cf. next, and apriyab. 
apriye prati mimcatam Kauf.oS.i''. Cf under prec. 
apriye saiii nayamasi AV. 1 9. 5 7. i ''. See aptye, and dvisate 

aprosivan grbapatih 99-S--4-^- 
aprosivan grhapatir (SV. grbapate) mabaii asi EV.8.60. 

190; SV.i.39«. 
apva namasi tasyas te jostrim gameyam MG.i.4.2. 
apvam antarodarat AV.9.8.9''. 
apve parehi N.6.12: see grhanangaiiy. 
apvo namasi tasya te jostrim gameyam MG. 1.4.2. 
apsarasa upa sedur vasistbali KV. 7.33.9'!. 
apsarasah pari jajne vasistbali EV.7. 33. 12''. 
apsarasah sadhamadaiii madanti AV.7. 109.3^; 14.2.34". 
apsarasam gandharvanam EV. 10.136.6". 
apsarasam anudattanrnani MS. 4. 14. 17'!: 245.12. See 

apsarasam ayam smarab AV.6. 130.1i>. 
apsarasav anu dattam rnaiii nah (TB.TA. rnani) AV.6. 
iiS.i'i; TB. 3. 7.12.3'!; TA.2.4.1'!. (See apsarasam anu". 
apsaraso muskabhyam TS. ; KSA.13.5. 
apsarassu yo gandhah ApMB.2.7.241 (ApG.5.12.8). See 

apsarasu ca yo. 
apsaram sadbudevinim AV.4.38.i!',2!'. 
apsara jaram upasismiyana 123.5^ 
apsaram tarn iba buve AV.4. 38. 1'l, 2'!, 4<!. "* 

apsara bharataiii dadbe (j^B.!'. 
apsarabhyoikaraiii namali AV.2.2.5'!. 
apsarasu cayamediiaT A. 1 0.4 I.I"'; MabanU. 16.6''; HG. 
1.8.4"; ApMB.2.4.6"(ApG.4.ii.6). See ya medbapsa". 
apsarasu ca yo gandbah HG.1.10.4". See apsarassu. 
apsarasv api gandbarva asit AV.2.2.3''. 
apsarobhyah [sc. namah) MG.2.12.17. 
apsasa iti tad dvayob TA. 1.12.5'!. 

apsa indraya varunaya vayave EV.9.84.1!'. 
apsa indraya vayave EV.9. 65.20"; SV.2.345". 
apsa yati svadliaya daivyam janam EV.9.71.8C. 
apsuksito mabinaikada9a stba EV. 1.139.11'^; VS. 7. 19'^; 
MS.1.3.13C: 35.8; 4. 6.4": 84.11; QB. See apsu- 

apsu candram padam brabmana dharayanti GB. 1.5.24!!. 

apsu jata sarovrddba ApMB.2.17.2" (ApG.7.18.7). 

apsuja va sabaskrta EV.8.43.28!'. 

apsu jyotayamamakan {read jyotayamanakan) AV.4. 

apsu te janma divi te sadbastbam AV.6. 80. 3". 

apsu te rajanvariinaAV. 7.83. i'\ Ps: apsu te rajaa Vait. 
10.22; Kau5.i27.4; apsu te Vait. 23. 20; Kau9.32.14. See 

apsu tva madhumattamam EV.9.30.5'\ 

apsu tva bastair dudubur manlsinah EV.9.79.4<!. 

apsu dakso giristbah EV. 9.62. 4I'; SV.1.473!'; 2.358''. 

apsu drapsam vavrdhanam samudra a'=. 

apsu drapso vavrdbe 9yenajutab EV.9.89.2''. 

apsu dhutasya deva soma te mativido nrbbi stutasto- 
trasya fastoktbasyestayajuso (9(^.8.9.4 omite nrbbi . . . 
°yajuso; A(^. nrbbih sutasya stuta" . . .) yoifvasanir 
gosanir bbaksas (A^. yo bbakso gosanir a9vasanis) 
tasya ta upabutasyopabuto bbaksayami A9.6. 12.11; 
^; 9.4. See apsu dbautasya, and cf. yas te a9va- 
sanir, and yo bbakso gosanir. 

apsu dhutas3'a barivah pibebaRV.10.104. 2"; AV.20.33.1"; 
A9.6.4. 10. P: apsu dbutasya Vait.26.7. 

apsu dbuto (SV. dbautam) nrbbih sutah (SV. sutam) EV. 
9.62.5''; SV.2.359!'. 

apsu dbautasya te deva soma nrLliib stutasya yas te 
gosanir bbakso yo a9vasanis tasya ta ujiabuta upabu- 
tasya bbaksayami MS.i.3.39: 46.1. P: apsu dbautasya 
te deva soma 11^.,31. Sec under ajMu dbutasya 

apsu dliautasya te deva soma nrbliih sutasya madliuman- 
tani bhaksam karomi PB.i.6.ii,i2. P: apsu dbauta"^ 
L9.2.1 1.17. See xmder apsu dhutasya deva. 

apsu dbautasya te deva soma nrbhis stutasya yo 
gosanir yoi9vasanis tasya ta upabuta upabutasya bha- 
ksaiii kmomiKS.4.13. P; apsu dliautasya te deva soma 
KS.29.3. See under apsu dbutasya deva. 

apsu dbautasya soma deva te nrbbih sutasyestayajusa 
stutastomasya 9astoktliasya yo bhakso a9vasanir yo 
gosanis tasya te pitrbhir bhaksam krtasyopabutasyo- 
pabuto bbaksayami TS. Ps: apsu dbautasya 
soma deva te Ap^- 13- 20. 11 ; apsu dbautasya soma deva 
Ap^. 1 3. 1 7.9. See under sq)S,u. dbutasya deva. 

apsu bhumau yani nagesu diksu AV.19.8.1!'; Naks.26.1!'. 

apsu me somo abravit EV. 1.23.20" ; 10.9.6"; AV.i.6.2"; 
MS.4.10.4": 153.7; KS.2.14"; TB."; Ag.2.13.4; 
ApQ.8.8.7". P: apsu me somah 99.8.1 1.3; M9.5.1. 

apsu retah 9i9riye vi9varupam SV.2.1194". 
apsu 9ma9ane 9ayyayam Kau?. 141.38". 
apsu 9raddha A9.2.3.23; Ap9-6.i4.6. 



apsusadaih tva ghrtasadaiii vyomasadam VS. 9. 2; 9B.5. 

1.2.5. See next. 
apsusadam tva ghrtasadaiii vyoinasadam(MS.KS.bliutasa- 

dam) iiidiTiya justaiii grhnami TS. ; MS.i.i 1.4 : 

165.12; KS.14.3. P: apsusadam tva ghrtasadaiii vyo- 
masadam TB. See prec, and cf. indraya tva 

apsusad asi TS. ; 5. 3. 11. 2; MS.2. 13.18: 165.4; 3. 

5.2: 58.10; KS.39.9; Ap^.iy.s.ii. 
apsusade vet (TS.MS. vat) VS.17.12; TS.; MS.2. 

10.1: 132.3; KS.17.17;,9. 
apsusado; KS.4.5''. See 

apsu sinham iva fritam EV.3.9.4'1. 
apsu surye mahad dhanam EV.8.68.9^. 
apsu stimasu vrddhasu AV.i 1.8.34". 
apsu svadistho madhumah rtava EV.9.97.48';. 
apsT ague sadhis tava EV.8.43.9^; VS.12.36''; TS.4.2.3. 

2^; II. 3"'; MS.2.7.ioa: 88.6; 4.10.4: 153.6; KS.16.10I; 

AB.7.7.2; gB.;; Ag.2.13.4: 3.13.12; 

M9.5-I-3-25; VHDh.8.48. P: apsv ague KS.2.14; 35. 

14; W.3-5.5;8.ii.3; 14.57-7 I (Kg.16.6.27); Ap9.8.8.7 ; 

14.29.3; gG.5.8.6. 
apsv antar amrtam apsu bhesajam EV.i. 23.19'' ; AV.1.4. 

4''; VS.9.6''; TS.''; MS.i.ii.i": 161. 11; I. II. 6: 

168.3; KS.i3.i4^ 14.6; gB.5.i.4.6»;TB.i.3.5.2;M<?. 

7.1.2. P: apsvaiitahKg.14.3.3; Apg.18.3.1; VHDh. 

8.46; BrhPDh.9.59. 
apsv antar amrto gharma udyan Vait. 14. i^\ 
apsv anta9 ca ya 9ritah TB. 3. 12. 6. 21*. 
apsv anyah samidhj-ate AV.13. 1.50^ 
apsv asm matari^va pravistah AV. 10.8.40^ 
abaddham mano daridram caksuh suryo jyotisam frestho 

dikse ma ma haslli (KQ. hasit) TS. ; K<^.25.ii. 

24; BDh.i.7.15.31; 3.8.18. See Mwder adabdham caksur. 
abadhisma raksoibadhismamum asau hatah (VSK. ra- 

ksoimusya tva badhayamum abadhisma) VS.9.38 ; VSK. 

11.1.4; QB. P: abadhisma raksah Kg. 1 5. 

2.8. Sec avadhisma, and of. idam aham raksoiva badhe. 
abadhnan purusaiii pa9um EV. 10.90. i5>l; AV.19.6.15'3; 

VS.31.15'1; TA. 3.12.3d. 
abadhnad a9vam saraiigam (^B. 13. 5. 4. 2c ;". See 

a9vam babandha. 
abandhanag carati vatsa ekali EV.3.55.6''. 
abandhuna su9ravasopajagmu.sah EV.i.53.9t'; AV.20. 

abandhv eke dadatah prayachantah (TA. prayachat) AV. 

6.122.2°; TA.2.6.20. 
abalasav adomadhau AV.8.2.18''. 
abalena b.iliyase AV.3.29.3?. 
abadhetham amrnatam ni 9atrun EV.4.28.40. 
abibhas tvendro manuse AV.8.5.14C. 
abibhyad ugron-cisa AV.19.65. 1'l 
abibhrad; MahaiiU.2.ioC; ApMB. 

1. 9.10':; HG.i. 18.5c. 
abibhayanta maiiusah EV. 1.39.6'!. 
abudhne raja varuno vanasya EV. 1.24.7". 

abudhnesu rajassv a EV.8.77.5''. 
abudhyamanam susupanam iiidra EV.4.19.3''. 
abudhyamanah panayah sasantu EV. 1.124.10''. 
abudhyamanas tamaso vimadhye EV.4.51.3''. 
abudhran sam kanlna madantah 
abudhram u tya indravanto agnayah«; KB. 

21.4. Ps: abudhram utye 99- 1 '•9'V) abudhram Evidh. 

3.10.4. Cf. BrhD.7.38. 
abubhojir mahina vi9vatah sim EV. 1.33.9''. 
abodhi jara usasam upasthat EV. 7.9.1". P: abodhi jarah 
abodhi viprah padavlh kavlnam EV.3.5.ii>. 
abodhihotayajathayadevanEV.5.1.2"; SV.2.1097''; MS. 

2.13-7'': I55-I8- 
abodhy agnir jma ud etisuryahEV.i. 157.1''; SV.2.iio8''. 

P: abodhy agiiir jmali A9.4.15.2. Cf. BrhD.4.26. 
abodhy agnih samidlia jananam EV.5.1.1'' ; AV.i3.2.46'>; 

SV.1.73''; 2.1096"; VS.15.24''; TS.''; MS.2.13. 

7": 155.14; AA. Ps : abodhy agnih samidha 

A9.4.I3.7; abodhy agnih Vait. 2 9. 8; M9.i.5.i.24; — 6. 

2.2; Svidh.1.4.6; 2.1.5; 2.1; BihPDh.9.111. Cf. 

abja asi prathamajah TS.; 10.3; KS.11.9. P: abja 

asi Ap9. 19.27.5. 
abja goja rtaja adrija rtam brhat (EV.MS.KS.N. omit 

brhat) KV.4.40.5J; VS.10.24d; i2.i4d; TS.i.8.i5.2d ;'!; MS.2.6.i2<!: 71.15 ;KS.15.8'!; le.Sd; AB.4.20. 

5'!;'!;;'i; 50.1'i; KU. 

5.2'!; MahanU.9.3'1; 17.8'!; NrpU.3'!; VaradapU.2.3'i; 

N.i4.29'i. Fragment: brhat K9. 16. 5. 19. 
abjam ukthair ahiiii grnlse EV.7.34.16"; N.10.44''. Cf. 

abdaya cin muhur a hradunivrtali EV.5,54.3<'. 
abdaivatam (sc. suktam), ablingam (se. suktam), and ab- 

lingah {sc. rcah): designations of the three stanzas, apo hi 

stha mayobhuvah (q.v.) GDh.25.7; ViDh.56.16; BDh.2. 

4-7-2; 10.17.37; 3.2.7; 4-2.13; VaDh.28.13; MDh.8. 

106; 11.133; YDh.1.24; LAtDli.3.14; VAtDh.3.14; 

abrahmabrahmanah putrah AV. 20. i28.6c;99-'^2.2i.2.ic. 
abrahmana yatame tvopasidan AV. 11. 1.32!'. 
abhaktam cid bhajate gehyam sah EV.3.30.7k 
abhakta yad guha padam EV.9.io2.2b; SV.2.364!>. 
abhakta viprah sumatim nadinam EV.3.33.i2i\ 
abhakte cid a bhaja raye asman EV. 10. 1 12.10'!. 
abhaksi surye saca EV.4.31.5'^. 
abhago bhagavadbhyah AV. 5. 3 1 . 11 <!. 
abhajanta sukrtyaya EV.1.20.8!'. 
abhayam vo»bhayam no astu (AB.A9. me»stu) AB.7.12. 

8; A9.2.5.19; 99-2. 14.1. Cf. abhayam te, abhayarii no 

astu, and abhaj'aiii me astu. 
abhayam satatam j)a9cat EVKh.2.43.4«. Cf. abhayam 

abhayam sarvabhutebhyah BDh. 2. 1 o. 1 7. 30" ; PranagU. 2". 
abhayam sarvabhutebhyo mattah BDh. 2. 10. 17. 2 9. 
abhayam somah savita nah karotu AV.6.40.1!'. 
abhayamkarabhayam me kuru Ap9.6. 27.1. 


abhayam jna° 


abhayam jiifitad abhayam paroksat AV.i9.i5.6i\ 
abhayam te^bhayam no astu 9^. 2. 13. 2, 4, 5, 6. Cf. under 

abhayam vo. 
abhayam dyavaprthivl ihastu nah AV.6.40. i''. P: abha- 

yarii dyavaprthivl Kau5.59.26. 
abhayam dyavriprthivi ubhe ime AV.ip.iS.S**. 
abhayam nah karaty antariksam AV.19.15.5*. Cf. abha- 

yaiii noisturv. 
abhayam nah pafubhyah VS.36.22cl; Ap^.g.S.i". 
abhayam nah prajaimtyebhyo bhuyat AG.2.3.5 ; MG.2.7. i 

(with svaha). 
abhayam naktara abhayam diva nah AV. 19. 15.6''. 
abhayam no astu MS.4.9.2 7: 139.1; KS.37.10; 99-I-4-5; 

^G.3.5.1. Cf. under abhayam vo. 
abhayam no«sturv antariksam AV.6.40. if. Cf. abhayam 

nah karaty. 
abhayam pafcad abhayam purastat AV. 1 9. 1 5. 5*=. Cf. 

abhayam satatarii. 
abhayam mitrad abhayam amitrat AV.19. 15.6a. 
abhayam mitravarunav ilrastu nah (AG. "varuna mahyam 

astu) AV.6. 32.3a; 
abhayam me astu AB.8. 9.12: A\y(}.6.'].2; 27.1; 24. 11. 2. 

Cf under abhayarh vo. 
abhayam meilokataya aputrataya apa9utayah QQ.2.9.7,8. 
abhayasani pafusani lokasani ^''. See next, and 

abhayasani lokasani vrstisani Ap9.6.ii.5'i. See under 

abhaya nama stha QG.2.6.1. 
abhavac ca puraeta vasisthah EV.7.33.6°. 
abhavat purvya bhumana gauh EV.10.31.6I1. 
abhavad dyumny (ApMB. divy) uttamah'J; 

174.4''; ApMB.i.i6.4i>. 
abhagam agne taria kuru ApMB. 2.6. 120. 
abhagah sann apa pareto asmi EV.10.83.5a; AV.4. 

abhi kanva anusata EV.8.6.34a. 

abhi krsnena rajasa dyam moti EV. 1.35.9"^; VS. 3 4. 2 5''. 
abhi koyaih madhufcutam EV.9.23.4C; 36.2". Cf pari 

abhi kratva naryah pauhsyaif ca EV.i 0.29.7(1; AV.20. 
76. 7d 

abhi kratva punati dhltir a9yah EV.4.5.7'\ 
abhi kratva manasa didhyanah EV.4.33.9^. 
abhi kratvendra bhtir adha jman EV.7.2i.6a; TS. 7.4.15. 

la; KSA.4.4a; TB.; Ag.3.8.1; Apg.20.3.15. 

abhikrandaty osadhlh AV.8.7.21I1; ii.4.3ii,4b_ 

abhikrandan kalafam vajy arsati EV.g.Se.iia; SV.2. 

abhi krandanti haritebhir asabhih^; N.7.7. 
abhikrandann rsabho va9itam iva AV.5.2o.2i\ 
abhikrandan vrsayase vi vo made«. 
abhikrandan stanayann arunah fitiiigah AV. 1 1 . 5. 1 2a Cf 

abhi kranda sta". 
abhi kranda pra trasaya AV.5.2i.4il,5<l,6e. 
abhi kranda vilayasva gG. 1. 1 9. i la. See adhi skanda. 
abhi kranda stanaya garbham a dhah EV.5.83.7a; TS.3. 

I. II. 6a; KS.11.13a. P: abhi kranda Apg.19.25. 21. 

Cf next two, and abhikrandan sta^. 
abhi kranda stanayardayodadhim (Suparn. stanayodayo") 

AV.4. 1 5.6"; Suparn.9.3a. P: abhi kranda stanaya Vait. 

8.9. Cf. under prec. 
abhi kranda stanayotpipanah AV.5.20.7C. Cf under prec. 

hut one. 
abhikramyava jighnate EV. 1.80.5c. 
abhi krofantu ya di^ah AV. 5. 2 1.9b. 
abhiksattaro abhi ca ksamadhvam EV.2. 29.20. 
abhiksattus tvavato varuta RV.7.2i.8f'. 
abhiksadam aryamanam sujevam EV.6.50.1C. 
abhi ksamadhvaui yujyaya devah EV.2.28.3'1. 
abhiksaranti juhvo ghrtena Vait. 24. i* (AVP). See upa- 

ksaranti etc. 
abhi ksaranti dharaya EV.9.6i.5b; SV.2. 138b. 
abhi k.sitlh prathayan suryo nrn EV. 3. 14.4(1. 
abhi ksipah sam agmata EV.9.i4.7a. 
abhi khj'ah pusan prtanasu nas tvam EV.6.48.I9''. 
abhikhyata mardita somj'finam EV. 4. 17. 17b. 
abhikhya no maghavan nadhamanan EV. 10. 1 12.10*. 
abhikhya bhasa brhata 9U9ukvanih EV.8.23.5C. SeeArqa. 

ca bhasa, and dr9e ca bhasa. 
abhikhyaya tahi tigitena vidhya EV.2.30.9b. 
abhikhyaya martyo bhuranyati EV. 1.155.5b. 
abhi gandharvam atrnat EV.8.77.5a. 
abhi gavyani vltaye EV.9.62.23''; SV.2. 41 2a. 
abhi gavo adhanvisuh EV.9.24.2a; SV.2. 312a. 
abhi gavo anusata RV.9.32.5a; Kau9.47.16c. 
abhi gira sam asvaran EV.9.67.9C. 
abhi grnlhy a ruva EV. 1.10.4b. 
abhi gotrani sahasa gahamanah EV.i 0.103. 7a; AV. 19.3. 

7a; SV.2.I205a; VS.i7.39a; TS.; MS.2. 10.4a: 

135.17; KS.18.5a. P: abhi gotrani MS.4.14.12: 235.2; 
abhi candra bhartave no hiranya EV.9.97.50C; SV.2. 

abhicaste anrtebhir vacobhih EV. 7.104. 8b; AV.8.4.8b. 
abhi caste suro arya evan EV. 6. 51. 2(1. 
abhicaskanda vandaneva vrksam AV. 7. 115.2b. 
abhiearat sabandhubhyah AV.8.2.26b. 
abhicarad atho bhayat AV. 10.3.7b. 

abhi jahi raksasah imrvatena EV. 7. 104.19'!; AV.8.4. 19''. 
abhi jaya apsarasah parehi AV. 14.2.35'!. 
abhijighranti bhuvanasya nabhim EV.i. 185.5". 
abhijitam vi9vajitam va yajiiakratum kurutat Ap^. 14. 

abhijita tejasa tejo jiuva VS.13.7. Cf. next, a«d abhijid 

asi yuktao. 
abhijita yuktagravnendrayendram jinva MS.2. 8. 8: 112. 

II. Cf. under prec. 
abhijitasy abhi no vada Kau9.106.7b. 
abhijite svaha TB. 3. 1.5.6. 

abhijityai svaha TB.3.1. 4.3,13, 14; 5.1,2,4,5,6,14. 
abhijit svarasamanah Ag.8.i3.3i'=. 
abhijid asi KS.39.5; Apg.16.30.1. 
abhijid asi yuktagrava TS.;;; KS. 


— abhi 

17-7; 37-^7; PB.1.10.4; Vait.25.13. P: abhijid asi GB. 

2.2.13. Gf- ""(^c abhijita tejasa. 
abhijid asj' abhijayyasam JUB.3.20.10. 
abhijin naksatram MS.2.13.20: 166.5. Of. TB. 
abhijin me rasataiii punyam eva AV.I9.7.4''; Naks. 10.4c. 
abhi j."iitrlr asacanta sprdhanam E'V.3.31.4"'. 
abhijiiv a satvabhir ga anugman RV.3.39.5''. 
abhi jrayansi parthiva vi tisthase EV.5.8.7'3. Sec uru 

abhi tad dyavaprthivl grnltam EV. 10.47. 8«. 
abhi tarii nirrtir dhattam AV.4. 36.10"-. 
abhitaptam ivanati AV.4.4.3^ 
abhi tasteva didhaya manisam RV.s.sS.i"; AB.6.18.2; 

20.13; KB.29.7; GB.2.6.i,2. P: abhi tasteva A^. 7.4. 

9; W-I2.5.3; 6.r; 13.24.18. 
abhitisthaprtanyatah VS.ii.2ocl; TS.'1; MS.2.7.2'1: 

75.16; 3.1.4: 5.6; 4.12.3a: 185.11; KS.16.2d; gB.6.3.3. 

12; TB.; Vait.6.ii(6is); ApQ.i6.2.ioa; AG.1.7. 

7^; gG.i.i3.i2C; PG.i.7.i«; ApMB.i.5.iC; 2.2.2". Cf. 

under ava badhe prtanyatah. 
abhi tistha 9atrQyatah saliasva TB.<i. 
abhi tistha yardhato vadhiyafva EV.10.69.12d. 
abhi tisthami te manyuni AV.6.42.3* Cf. Kau9.36.30. 
abhi tisthema dudhyah EV.8.2r.i2b. 
abhi tisthema prtsutir asunvatam EV. i.iio.7d. 
abhi turasah svayajo grnanti EV. 10. 49.11'!. 
abhi teidham sahamanam AV.3.i8.6\ P: abhi te^dham 

Kau9.36.20. See abhi tvadhaiii, and upa teidhaiii. 
abhi te madhuna payah EV. 9. 11.2a; SV.2.2'». 
abhitoitatananta; 22.3d. 
abhito yanti suiyam AV.13.2.35I'. 
abhi tyaiii viram girvanasam area EV.6.50.6* Cf. BrhD. 


abhi tyarii gavah payasa payovrdham EV.9.84.5''. 

abhi tyaiii devarii sa^ataram onyoh (TS. unyoh) kavikra- 
tum AV.7.I4-I''; SV.i.464a; VS.4.25a; TS.i.2.6.i'i; 
MS.i.2.5"': 14.4; KS.2.6a; KB.23.8; 27.2; ^,^.^.^,.2. 
12I; AQ.4.6.3'';^ Ps: abhi tyarii devam savi- 
taram onyoh AB.1.19.4; 5.13.7; SB.5.1; AdB.r; ^B.; A9.8.1.18; 12.23; 10.10.6; abhi tyarii de- 
varii savitaram TS.; MS.2.13.8: 158.6; 3.7.4: 
79.16; KS.24.5; Ap(; MQ.; abhi tyarii 
devam SB.5.6; AdB.6;; abhi tyam Vait. 
13.7; Kg.7.7.13; Kau9.24.3. Cf BrhD.8.15, and 
Oldenberg, Bk Htjmnen des Eig-Veda, I. 364. 

abhi tyarii purvyaui madam EV.9.6.3'\ 

abhi tyarii madyarii madam RV.9.6.2'\ 

abhi tyarii mesarii puruhutam rgmiyam EV.1.51.1''; SV. 
r.376''; AB.5.17.3; KB.25.6; 26.9. P: abhi tyaiii 
mesam AQ.6.4.10; 8.6.12; (^9-9-7-4; io-9-i3; ii-i4-9; 
Svidh.i.7.13; 3.6.9. Des/grwafei as savyam (sc. suktam) 
gg.ii. 14.25,27. 

abhi triprstharii ^a-sanarii vayodham EV.9.90.2»; SV.i. 
528''; 2.758a. P: abhi tripr-stham Svidh.i. 4.20; 5.16. 

abhi triiwstharii matayah samasvaran EV.9.106.11C; SV. 

abhi triprsthaih savanesu somaih EV.7.37.i<=. 

abhi tva gotama gira RV.i.78.ia; 4.32.9"; 

abhi tva javimahita AV.3.ii.8a; Vait. 3 6. 19. 

abhi tva deva savitah RV.i.24.3a; TS.3. 5.11.3"; MS.4.10. 

3": 148.1; 4.13.1: 199-15; KS.15.12a; 28.7; AB.1.16. 

2; 22.2; 5.17.7; 7-I6.5; KB.8.1; 22.5; 26.17; 9B.13. 

5.1.11; A(;;.2.i6.2; 4.7.4; 5.12.9; 8.9.5; W-3-I3-I7; 

5-IO-3; 7-I5-3; 15-22; M9. P: abhi tva deva; 11.8. 
abhi tva devah savita EV. 10. 174.3"; AV. 1.29.3". 
abhi frv'adharii sahiyasa EV. 10. 145.6!); ApMB.i.i5.6'\ 

See abhi teidharii, and upa teidharii. 
abhi tva naktir usaso vava9ire RV.2.2.2". 
abhi tva panca9akhena HG. 1.24.3". 
abhi tva j)ajo raksaso vi tasthe EV.6.21.7". 
abhi tva purvapltaye EV.1.19.9"; 8.3.7"; AV.20.99.1a; 

SV.i.256a; 2.923"; AB.4.29.13; 5.18.21; AA.; 

A9.5.15.2;; Vait.39.6; Svidh.3.6.8; 
abhi tva manujatena AV. 7.37.1". P: abhi tva Kau9. 

abhi tvam indra nonumah EV.8.21.5C; SV.1.407C. Cf. 

abhi tva 9ura. 
abhi tva yosano daya EV.9.56.3". 
abhi tva rudra vasavo grnantu VS.14.2C; MS.2.8.1C: 106. 

10; KS.17.1c; 9B. 
abhi tva varcasa girah AV. 20. 48.1". 
abhi tva varcasasiiican (KS.TB. "sicam) AV.4.8.6"; KS. 

36.15''; 37-9''; TB.". (7/ !<«(?«• abhi sincami 

abhi tva vi9va bhutani EV.10.174.3C; AV.1.29.30. 
abhi tva vrsabha sute EV.8. 45.22"; AV.20.22.1a; SV i. 

161"; 2.81"; AB.8.20.4a;PB.9.2.i5;2i.9.i6;; 

10.2.20; Vait. 26.9; 33.2; 40.10. P: abhi tva vrsabha 

abhi tva 9ura nonumah EV.7.32.2 2a; AV.20. 121.1"; 

SV.I. 233a; 2.30"; VS.27.35a; TS.2.4.I4.2a; MS.2.13. 

9a: 158.14; 4.12.4: 188.14; KS.12.15"; 39.11,12"; 

AB.4.10.6; 29.13; 5.1. 19; 7.7; 16.27; 18.21; 20.21; 

8.2.3; PB.11.4.1; AA.; A9.5.15.2; 6.5.18; Vait. 

42.9; Ap9.i7.8.4a; 19.22.12,16"; 23.1; 21. 21.18; MQ.,i2"; —6.2.3; — 7-2-6; 9irasU.4a; Svidh.3.6. 

II. Ps: abhi tva jura 99-7-20-3; abhi tva Evidh. 2. 

25.6. Cf abhi tvam indra. 
abhi tva sam anusata EV.8. 95.1c; SV.1.349C. 
abhi tva sindho 9i9um in na matarah". 
abhi tvendra varimatah AV.6. 99.1a. p. ^j^j^j tveudra 

Vait. 18.16; Kauf. 14.7. 
abhi tvornomi prthivyah AV.18.2.52". 
abhi tsaranti dhenubhih EV.8. 2. 6c. 

abhi dasyurii bakurena dhamanta EV.1.117.21C; N.6,26c. 
abhi devari agachatam N.i2.2d. 
abhi devari ayasyah EV.9. 44.1c; SV.1.509C. 
abhi devari iyaksate EV.9. II. ic; SV.2.iCjii3Cj VS.33.62C; 

L9-7-io.2i,24; 11.10.12-14,16. 
abhi devari rtavrdhah EV.9.42.5!'. 
abhi dyarii mahina bhuvam 119.8". 
abhi dyumnarii (RV.VS. sumnarii) devabhaktarii yavistha 

(MS.KS. devahitarii yavisthya) EV.10.45.9d; VS.12.26J; 


abhi — 

TS.<i; MS.2.7.9<1: 87.2; KS.16.9d; ApMB.2.11. 

2 8<3. 

abhi dyumnam brhad yaya isas pate UY.g.ioS.g'^; SV.i. 

579"; 2.361"^. P : ablii dyumnaiii brhad yajali PB. 1 3. 

5.2; 14.11.2. 
abhi dyumnarii brhaspate Kaii9.47.i6'l. 
abhi dyiimna tasthivanso jananam KV.4.4.9'5; TS.1.2. 

14.4^; MS.4.11.5'^: 173-11; KS.e.ii'i. 
abhi dyumnani vaninah EV.3.40.7''; AV.20.6.7''. 
abhidrugdhoismikamaJB. 1.362; TA.2.18.1; PG.3.12.9; 

GDh.25.4; BDh.; 4.2.10. 
abhidrona kanikradat RV.9.67.14''. 

abhi dronani dhavati EV.9.28.4C; 37-6'^; SV.2.633C, 647i>. 
abhi dronani babhravah RV.9.33.2tt; SV.2.115''; PB.ii. 

abhi dronani roruvat RV.9.65.i9b; SV.1.503''; 2.344''. 

abhi dronany asadam RV.9.3.I''; 30.41^; SV.2.6o6<'. 

abhidroham caramasi EV.10.164.4i'. Sec api mrsa cara- 

abhidroham manusya? caramasi (AV. caranti)RV.7.89.5'^'; 

AV.6.51.3''; TS.3.4.ii.6'>; MS.4.i2.6b: 197.11; KS.23. 


abhi dvijanma trivi-d annam rjyate EV.1.140.2''. 

abhi dvijanma tri rocanani EV. 1.149.4*; SV.2.ii25"'. 

abhi dhattam arbude AV. ii.9.3'l 

abhidha asi VS.22.3; TS.; MS.3.12.1; i6o.i; 

KSA.1.2; gB.; TB.; Kg.20.1.28; Apg. 

20.3.5; Mg.9.2.1. 
abhidhaya ninesati AV.i9.5o.5'J. 
abhi dhlram acakafam EV. 10.86. igd; AV. 20. 126.19''. 
abhidhOnvatam abhighnataiii vatavataiii marutam adi- 

tyanaiii stliane svatejasa bhani TA.1.15.1. Cf. next. 
abhidhunvantoibhighnanta iva TA. i . 4. 20. Cf. prec. 
abhi dhenavah payasem (SV. payased) afigrayuh EV.9. 

86.17'i; SV.2.503<i. 
abhi dhenuh sudughah puyamanah EV.9.97.50''; SV.2. 

abhi na ida yuthasya mata EV.5.41.19''; N.II.49^ Cf. 

abhi nah puryatarii rayih PGr.3.4.4<5. See abhi nah 9lya- 

abhinaksanto abhi ye tam anafuh EV.2.2 4.6^ 
abhinabhyam udlsitah EV.10.119.12b 
abhi nah flyatam rayih TB.s.j.i 4.^^ (his) ; TAA.10.45d; 

gg.4.i6.5<l; Apg.2i.3.i2d; 4.2<l;;,,s). Sec 

abhi nah puryatarii. 
abhi nah sustutidi naya TB.; Ag.2. 10.14c. 
abhi narada manyate AV.5.i9.9'i. 
abhiniskarinah prajam>. 
abhinispatann apipatat AV.7.64.ib. 
abhi no gotrarii vidusa iva nesah Kau9.4.2c. 
abhi no devir avasa RV.1.22.111. 
abhi no naryarii vasu EV.6.53.2-\ 
abhi (SV.PB. abhi) no vajasatamam EV.9.98.I'''; SV.i. 

549''; 2.588^ PB.14.11.4. 
abhi no viro arvati ksameta EV.2.33.1C; TB. 2. 8.6.9c • 

■A.B. 3.34.4. (7/. tvarii no viro. 


abhinnanda vrddhagarbhah MG.2.18.2''. 

abhinne khilye (TB. khille) ni dadhati devayum RV.6. 

28.2d; AV.4.21.2'3; TB.2.8.8.Ild 

abhinno gharmo jiradanuh TS. 1.5. 10. 4^; Ag.3.14.10''; 

Apg.9.13.9. C/". dhata dhatuh. 
abhipa^yanti vayuna jananam EV.7.75.4''. 
abhipitve manave fasyo bhuh EV.I.I89.7C. 
abhiptirvarii nirnayate namo astv asmai AV. 11.2.22c. 
abhi purvasmad aparah EV. 1.74.8''. 
abhi prtanyantarii tistha EV.10.174.2C; AV.i. 29.2c. 
abhi pra gopatirii gira EV.8.69.4''; AV.2o.22.if^; 92.4''; 

SV.I. 168"; 2.839^; Ag.6.4.10; Vriit.26.9; 32.5; 40.9; 

42.5. P: abhi pra gopatim gg.9.13.1 ; 18. 7. 15. 
abhipraghnanti dhrsnuya EV.6.46.10''; AV.20. 83.2b 
abhi pra nonumo (SV. noniimo) vrsan EV.7.3i.4b; AV. 

20.18. 4b; SV.I. 132b 
abhi pra nonuvur (SV. nonavur) girah EV. 6. 4 5. 2 5b; SV. 

abhipratarin bahudha vasantam ChU.4.3.6d; JUB.3.2. 

2d 1 3. 
abhi pra dadrur janayo na garbham EV.4.i9.5^ 
abhi pra bhara dhrsata dhrsanmanah EV.8.89.4''; MS.4. 

12.3"': 183.8; KS.8.i6a. 
abhi pra manda purudatra mayah EV.6.i8.9d. 
abhi pra mandase vrsan EV.8.93.i9b; SV.2. 936b; VS. 

abhipramandur ayavah EV.8.i2.i3b. 
abhi pra mande adhvaresu rajan EV.5.4.ib; TS.i.4.46.2b; 

abhipramura juhva svadhvarah EV. 10. 1 15.2c. 
abhi pra yantu naro agnirQpah EV.10.84.1d; 

See upa pra etc. 
abhi prayahsi vahasa EV.3.II.7"-; SV.2. 907"; Ag.7.8.1. 
abhi prayahsi vltaye EV.6.i6.44b; SV.2. 734b 
abhi prayansi sudhitani vltaye EV. 1.135.4b. 
abhi prayansi sudhitani hi khyah (^ khyat) 

EV. 6. 1 5. 1 5a; 1 0.53. 2b 
abhi prayansi sudhita vaso gahi EV.8. 60.4c. 
abhi prayo nasatya vahanti (EV.6.63.7b, vahantu) RV.i 

ii8.4d; 6.63.7b. 
abhi pravanta samaneva yosah EV.4.58.8"; VS.17.96''; 

KS.40.7a; Apg.17.18.1a; N.7.17%20. P: abhi pra- 
vanta gg. 10. 12.15; i4-57-ii2. 
abhi pra vah suradhasam EV.8.49(Val.i).ia; AV.20. 

51.1a; SV.I. 235a; 2.i6ia; PB.II. 9.2; AA.; Ag. 

7.4.3; 8.6.16; Vait.31. 18,24; 33-7; 41-8. P: abhi pra 

vah gg.7.23.4; 12. 9. II. Designated as valakhilyani 

Ag.a.4.8, and eJsetrhcre. Each stanza of this hpnin is 

to lie compared with the corresponding stanza 0/ EV.8. 50 

abhi pra viram areata sabadhah EV. 3. 5 1.4b 
abhi pra sedur rtara afusanah EV.4.i.i3''. 
abhi pra sthataheva yajnam EV.7.34.5^ 
abhiprahitaih prati tva pra hinniah 
abhi priyarii yat piirodayam (VSK. purolafam) arvata EV. 

1.162.3C; VS.25.26c; VSK.27.30c; TS.; MS.3. 

16.1C: 182. 1 ; KSA.6.4C. 


abhi in-iyam reknah patyamanah EV. lo. i32.3l>. 

abhi priyarii divas padam: see abhi priya etc. 

abhi priyam amandisuh EV.8.5o(Vril.2).3b. 

abhi pii3-flni kilvya RV.9.57.2''; SV.2.iii2». 

abhi priyani pavate canohitah RV.9.75.1*; SV.1.554''; 

2.50*. Ps: abhi priyani pavate PB.8.5.14; 11. 5.1; 

abhi priyani VHDh. 8.239. 
abhi priyani pavate punanah KV.g.g'j.t2\ Sec abhi vra- 

tani etc. 
abhi priyani marmrfat parani RV.3.38.1C; AB.6.20.14; 

abhi priya (SV. priyam) divas padam RV.9.T0.9"-; SV.2. 

abhi priya divas pada (SV. divah kavih) EV.9.12.8''; SV. 

abhi priya mariito j'a vo afvya 'RY.8.2'j.6\ 

abhi preta mrnata sahadhvam AV.3.1.2'^. 

abhi prehi daksinato bhava me (AV. nah) EV. 10.83.7'^; 

abhi prehi nir daha hrtsu 9okaih 103.12C; AV.3.2. 

5c,- SV.2.I2Iie; VS.17.44C; N.9.33«. 
abhi prehi madhyato ma pa hasthah AV. 18.3.73c. 
abhi prehi mapa venah (KS.TB. prehi virayasva) AV.4. 

8.2I; KS.37.9''; TB.2.7.8.i»; i6.i\ P: abhi prehi 

Ap(p.22.26.i5; 28.16. 
abhi psurah prusayati EV.10.26.3c. 
abhi brahmani caksathe rslnam BV.7.70.5''. 
abhi brahmir anusata EV.9.33.5"; SV.2.220'\ 
abhibhave svalia : see abhibhuve svaha. 
abhibhavo^j-anam MS.2.7.20: 105.14. See abhibhar ayil- 

nam, and abhibhur asy ayanam. 
abhi bhago^si .sarvasmin SMB.2.4.II^ Cf. GG.4.5.32; 

abhibhura ksatravardhanam AV. 10.6.29c. 
abhibhuveibhibhafiigaya vanvate RV.2.2i.2\ 
abhibhuve (MS. abhibhve; KS. abhibhave?) svaha VS.22. 

30; MS.2. 13.17: 164.15; 3.12.11: 163.15; 3.12. 14: 

164. 11; KS.35.10; TB. 3.10.7. i; Ai:>(^.i 4.25.11. 
abhibhutir aham agamam TB.2.5.7.i^ See abhibhiir 

aham etc. 
abhibhuyaya tva rastrabhrtyaya AV.i 9.37.3c. 
abhibhuyasma vayam yam dvismah ^^.8. 17.3. 
abhibhur agnir atarad rajaiisi^ 
abhibhur ayanam TS.; KS.39.7. Sec under ahhi- 

abhibhur asi (VSK. asy ayanam, rjr. t'.) VS.10.28; VSK. 

1 1.8.3; TS. 1.6.2. 1 ; 10. 1 ; MS. 1.5.4: 71.6; 1. 5.1 1 : 79.21; 

2.3.2:29.12; KS.7.9; i2.2;gB.;gg.8.i7.3; Mg. 

5.2. 1. 13; ApQ.6.i8.2. P: abhibhuhKS.10.7; K9.15.7.5. 
abhibhur asy ayanam VSK. 11. 8. 3. See under abhibha- 

abhibhur ahaiii sajatesu bhuyasam (MS. bhuyasaiii priyah 

sajatanam) TS. ; lo.i; MS.2. 3. 2: 29.12. 
abhibhur aham agamam EV.i 0.1 66.4a ; PG.3.i3.4^ See 

abhibhutir aham etc. 
abhibhiir yajno abhibhar agnili AV.6.97.I^ Ps: abhi- 
bhur yajnah Kauf. 140. 10; abhibhuh Kauf. 14.7. 

— abhi 

abhibhiig cetta vasuvit TS.; See iigra? 

abhibhus tvarii devesv edhi MS.2. 3. 2: 29.12. 
abhibhiih somo abliibhur indrah AV.6.97.1I'. 
abhibhuhsauryadivyanam sarpanam adhipataye svaha 

{also adhipateivaneniksva, adhipata esa te balih, and 

adhipate pralikhasva) PG. 2. 14. 9, 12, 14,16. 
abhibhve svaha: see abhibhuve svaha. 
abhimatighne tva MS. 2.1 3.17: 164.16. 
abhimatighne svaha MS.3.12.14: 164.11. 
abhimatirh kayasya cit EV.8.25. 15I'. 
abhimatisahe tva MS. 2.13. 17: 164.15. 
abhimatisahe svaha MS.3.12.14: 164. 11. 
abhimati saho dadhe EV.5.2 3.4\ 
abhimatihanam tva vajrarh sadayami KS.39.5; Ap(JJ. 16. 

abhimatihanam puruhntam iiidram TB.'. See 

vrtrahanam etc. 
abhimatiha tavisas tuvisman MS.4. 14.T2C: 236.1; TB.2. 

abhimatihendrah prtanasu jisnuh MS.4.i4.i2l>: 235.11; 

TB.2. 8.4. I^ 

abhimatir apasya EV.3.24.1I); VS.9.371'; 9B. 

abhimatih sahamanah EV.3.62.i5'\ 

abhi ma vapur dr9aye nintyat EV.7.88.2d. 

abhi mitravaruna puyamanah EV.9.97.49'^; SV.2.776^ 

abhi mitraso aryama sajosah RV.7.38.4<i. 

abhimrta nrpatim ichamanah TA.6.3.2b. 

abhi ya urvam gomantaih titrtsan EV. 10.74.4'^; VS.33. 

abhi yah puruiii prtanasu tasthau EV.7.8.4C; VS. 12. 34c; 

TS.;; MS.2.7.10C: 88.1; KS.16.10C: 

abhi yajnam grnlhi nah EV. 1.15.3*^; VS. 26. 2 1^ 
abhi yad varii viyvapsnyo jigati EV.7.71.4''. 
abhi yarii devi nirrtif cid 190 EV.7.37.7''. 
abhi yaiii devy aditir grnati RV.7.38.4''. 
abhi ya no aratayah EV.i 0.1 74.2 f"; AV.i.29.2^'. 
abhi 3'utheva pafyatah EV.8.25.7I'. 
abhi ye tva vibhavari EV.5.79.4''. 

abhi yena dravinam ajnavama EV.9.97.51C; SV.2. 778c. 
abhi ye no martaso amanti EV.7.25.2I'. 
abhi ye mitho vanusah sapante EV.7.38.5^ 
abhi ye santi prtanasu dudhyah EV. 3. 16.2c. 
abhi yo nairasyati (AV. no durasyati) EV. io.i74.2<J; AV. 

1. 29. 2d. 
abhi yo naksati tva EV.2.2o.2fi. 
abhi yonirii kanikradat EV.9.25.2''; 37. 2C; SV.2. 271'', 

abhi yonim ayohatam (SV.VS. ayohate) EV.9.1.2I'; SV. 

2.4oti; VS.26.26l'. 
abhi yo no durasyati : see abhi yo na irasyati. 
abhi yo mahina divam RV.3.59.7''; AQ.3.12.9. See abhi- 

maih mahina. 
abhi yo viijva bhuvanani caste EV. 7.61.1c. (jf_ ablii 

vi9vani bhu". 
abhi yo vifva bhuvana babhuva RV.4.i6.5d; AV.20.77.5''. 



abhiraksantu ma priyah ApMB.2.2i.i5d. 

abhi raksa vanaspate Kau9. 135.9"^. 

abhiratah smah (YDh. sma La) ViDh.73.26; YDI1.1.251; 

abhiramantu bhavantah ViDh.73.26. See next. 
abhiramyatam (M9. "tliam) MQ.8.20; QG.4.2.6; YDh.i. 

251; BrhPDh.5.289. Seeprec. 
abhi radhasa jugurat RV. 8. 8 1.5c. 

abhi rayas po.sena yajamanam VS.7.13,18; (^B.4.2. 1.16,17. 
abhi rastraya vartaya (AV. vardhaya) i74.i<l; AV. 


abhi rastrena vardhatam AV.6.78.2I'; ApMB.i.8.7K 

abhirastro visasahih RV. 10. 174.5!^; AV. 1.29.6''. 

abhilalapate svaha TA.6.2. i. 

abhi va avart suinatir navlyasi RV.7.59.4''. 

abhi vatsaih na dhenavah (SV. matarah) EV.9.13.7^'; 

AV.20.48.1C; SV.2.543i\ 
abhi vatsam na svasaresu dhenavah EV.S.SS.i^; AV.20. 

9.1':; 49.4C; SV.1.236C; 2.35c; VS.26.110; PB.11.4.3C. 
abhivayase tva MS.2.13.17: 164.14. (See Ap9•I7•6.I■ 
abhivayase svaha MS.3.12. 14: 164.9. See Ap(^.i7.6.i. 
abhivayag cordhvavayag ca KS. 39. 1 1 ; Ap{j^. 1 7.6. i. 
abhivartah savin9ah TS.; See abhlvar- 

tah etc. 
abhi vardhatam payasa AV.6.78.2"; ApBIB. 1.8.7'' (ApG. 

abhivarsate svaha TS.7.5. ii.i; KSA.5.2. Cf. avavarsate. 
abhi vastra suvasanany arsa RV.9.97.50''; SV.2.777"-. 
abhivahanti vifvavara vyavat<l: 161. 4. 
abhi vahnaya utaye RV 8.12.15^ 
abhi vahnir amartyah EV.9.9.6''. 
abhi vahni anusatam EV.8.8.i2<i. 
abhi vaiii vifva niyutah sacante EV. 7. 7 2.1c. 
abhi vajaiii saptir iva ^ravasya EV. 9.96.16c. 
abhi vajam uta fravali EV.9.1.4C; 6.3c; 51.5c; 63.12c. 
abhi vajino arvatah EV.9.6.2C. 
abhi vajl vifvai-upo janitram SV.2.ii93\ 
abhi vanasj'a saptadhatur ij janah RV.i 0.32.411. 
abhi vanir anusata EV.9.104.4I'; SV.i.575k 
abhi vanlr rslnam sapta (SV. sapta) nusata EV.9.103.3C; 

SV.I.577C.' ■ 
abhi vaiii nunam ayvina suhota RV.7.67.3^ 
abhi vayurii vlty arsa grnanah EV.9.97.49''; SV.2.776^ 

P: abhi vayum LQ.4.6.14. 
abhi vayum abhi ga dpva soma EV.9.96. led. 
abhi vipra anasata EV.9.12.2'1; 17. 6'^; SV.2.547a. 
abhi vifva asi sprdhah EV.8.99.5''; AV.20.105.1''; SV.i. 

31 it; 2.987I'; VS.33.66^ 
abhi vifvani kavya RV.9.23.1C; 62.25c; 63.25c; 66.1b; 

107.23I'; SV.2.i25c,io49c. 
abhi vifvani varya EV.9.42.5'1; 66.4''; SV.i.52il\ 
abhi vi^va parthiva puyamanali EV.9.97.51I'; SV.2.778t'. 
abhi vi^vani bhuvanani caste EV.i.ioS.i^ Cf. abhi yo 

vi^va bhuvanani. 
abhiviio abhisatva (KS. "satva) sahojah (AV.KS. sahojit) 

EV.10.103.5c; AV.19.13.5e; SV.2.1203C; VS.17.37c; 

TS.; MS.2.10.4C: 136.3; KS.18.5c. 

abhivrtya sapatnaa RV.10.174.2''; AV.i.29.2\ 

abhi vrtram vardhamanam piyarum RV.3. 30.8c; VS.18. 

abhivrsta osadhayah AV. ii.4.6'\ 
abhi vena anusata EV.9.64.2i\ Cf. abhy arka etc. 
abhi vo arce posyavato nfn EV.5.4i.8\ 
abhi vo devim dhiyam dadliidhvam KV.7.34.9''. 
abhi vo viram andhasah EV.8.46.14''; SV.i.265\ 
abhi vyayasva kliadirasya saram EV.3.53. 19*. Ps: abhi 

vyayasva khadirasya (}G.i. 15.10; abhi vyayasva 

abhivrajadbhir vayuna navadhita EV.i.i44.5<l. 
abhi vrajarii tatnise gavyam a9vyam EV.9. io8.6c; SV. i. 

585c. Cf. abhi vrajam na. 
abhivrajann aksitaiii paja a dade EV.9. 68.3'!. 
abhivrajann aksitaiii pajasa rajah EV. 1.58.5c. 
abhi vrajaiii na tatnise EV.8.6.25^ Cf. abhi vrajarii 

abhi vratani pavate punanah SV.2.371''. See abhi priyani 

pavate etc. 
abhivlagya yatra hata amitrah EV.1.133. ic. 
abhivlagya cid adrivah EV. 1.133.2'''. 
abhivlangair apavapah EV. 1.133.4k 
abhigastipa anabhijastenyah MS.1.2.9I': 19.3. 
abhigastipa lihuvanasya raja EV.9.96. loc. 
abhigaste khilesu ca Kau9.i4i.38'\ 
abhigaster avasparat (SV. avasvarat) EV.6.42.4C; SV.2. 

abhigaster ava sprdhi EV.8.66.14''. 
abhigastya ma pahi MS.i.5.2: 67.15; 1.5.8: 76.13; KS. 

6.9; 7.6; Ap9.6.i6.i2. 
abhigastanumanta TB.3. 10. 1.3; 9.7; 10.3; Ap(J!. 19.12.8. 
abhigiksa(!) rajabhuvam {var. Icct. ^bhuvam) M9.9. 1.5. 

Sec abhyasiksi. 
abhi fukram upastiram EV.9. 62. 28c. 
abhi fularii nihatasyavadhavati EV. 1.162. iil"; VS.25.34*'; 

TS.'; MS.3.16.1IJ: 182.16; KSA.6.5'\ 
abhi fyavaiii na krjanebhir a9vam'''; AV.20. 

abhi 9rava rjyanto vahej'uh EV.6.37.3C; N. 10.3c. 
abhi 9ravo davane sacetah'i;<i. 
abhi 9raYobhih prthivim EV.3.59.7C. See uta 9ravasa. 
abhigravaya prathamarii sumedhah EV.i. 185.10''. 
abhigrave bhavatah satyavaca EV.10.12.1i'; AV.18.1.29''. 
abhi 9rinanti vasubhir na niktaih RV.9.93.3'1; SV.2. 770''. 
abhigrinan payah payasabhi gonam EV.9.97.43C. 
abhigrir ya ca no grhe ApMB.2.8.8b. See abhistir. 
abhigrutasy osadhe AV.6.138.1''. 
abhigvasan stanayan eti nanadat EV. i.i40.5>l. 
abhi fvantaih mr9ate nandye made EV. 1.14 5. 4c. 
abhi sa dyiminair uta vajasatibhih EV.8.20. i6c. 
abhisahe svaha MS.3.12.11: 163.15. 6'ce abhisahe e^c. 
abhisikto«bhi ma siiica varcasa A V. 19.31.12''. Cf. under 

abhi sincami varcasa. 
abhisiiicantu varcasa MQ. 1.6. 2. 17''. Cf. under abhi sin- 
cami varcasa. 
abhi sincami mam aham AV.3.22.6'1. 


— abhindram 

abhi sincarai varcasa AV. 4.8.5'!;; 37.(/; TB.; 15.4''. Cf. abhi tva varcasa", abliisikto, and 

abhi sincarai virudha AV.6.i36.3'l. 
abhisekya bhavisyata {scliol. bhavisyatba) samapnuvantah 

K^. 20. 2. 1 7. 
abhisenan abhy adedifanan RV.6.44.17C. 
abhisotarosbhisunuta 9B.; K^. 10.3.11; MQ.2.5. 

I. II. 
abhi stana durita badhanianah AV.6.126.2I1. Sec ni 

abhistane te adrivah RV. 1.80. 14''. 
abhistaye sadavrdham RV.S.dS.s". 
abhistikrj jayate satyaijusmah EV.4.ii.4^'. 
abhistikrd avase yasad ugrah RV.4.20. i^; VS.20.48t1. 
abhistikrd vicarsanih EV.9.48.5C; SV.2.189''. 
abhistidjrumna rtajatasatyah RV. 4. 5 1.71". 
abhistipasi janan RV.2. 20.2b. 
abhistiman nasatya varutham RV. i.i 16. iiK 
abhistir (HG. abhistir) ya ca me dhruva (HG. ca no grbe) 

RVKh.10.128.5i'; HG.i.ii.ib. Seeabhifrir. 
abhistuto mahata viryena AV.9.2.i<i. 
abhisthito varunasya payali VS.8.23; TS.; 6.6.3. 

2; KS.4.13; 29-3; gB.4.4.5-ii; Ag.6.13.8; gg.8.10.4; 

abhisthitoisi Ap^. 1 6. 2.10. 
abhi smo vajasataye RV.8. 102.3c. 
abhi syama prtanayunr adevan RV.3.i.i6<J. 
abhi syama prtanyatah RV.2.8.6d ; 9.35.3*' ; AV.7.93.1K 

See, under ava badhe prtanyatah. 
abhi syama prtsutir martyanam RV.5.4.1'5; TS.i.4.46.3d; 

abhi sj'ama mahato manyamanan RV. 1.178.5b. 
abhi syama raksasah RV. 10. 132.2^ 
abhi syama vrjane sarvavlrah RV1.105. 19b; KS. 12.14b. 

See acisyama. 
abhi santi jambhaya ta anapnasah RV.2.23.9J; N.3.iid. 
abhi samrajo varuno grnanti RV,7.38.40. 
abhisarpa yajamana M^. 2. 4. 2. 38; — 
abhi savanani (TS. savana) pabi VS. 7.20; TS.; 

ii.i; J\IS.I.3.I3: 35.10; 1.3.27: 39.16; KS.4.5; gB.4. 

abhi savyena pra mrja RV.8.8i.6b. 
abhi saha a yachasva VS.3.38J-4od; gB.2.4.i.8d; A9.2.5. 

i2d(M; <?g.2.i5-2^4^5'^- 

abhi sidhmo ajigad asya yatrun RV.i. 33.13'^; MS.4.14. 

13": 237-13; TB.'\ 
abhi sumnaiii etc. : sec abhi dyumnam etc. 
abhi sumnair avardhatam<i. 
abhi suvanasa indavah RV.9.17.2*. 
abhi suj'avasaiii naya RV. 1.42.8*. 
abhi somam mr9amasi RV. 10. 173.6b. See ava somaiii, a 

vah somam, and vaca somam avanayami. 
abhi somasa ayavah RV.9.23.4'1; 107. 14"-; SV.1.518''; 2. 

2o6'i; PB.12.3.4; 14.9.3. 
abhi somo avivrtat (AV. avivrdhat) RV. 10. 174.3b; AV.i. 


abhiskandarii mrglva AV.5.14.11''. 

abhistrnihi paridhehi vedim TB." ; Ap9-3.i3.5". 

See pari strnlhi, and strnlta barhih pari". 
abhi stoma anosata RV.i.ii.Sb; 6.60.7b; SV.2.34ib. See 

abhi stomair anusata RV.8.3.3<!; AV.20.104.1'1; SV.i. 

250'!; 2.6o2b,957ci; VS.33.81J. Secprec. 
abhi sprdha iisro vedim tatarda (^^.iS.s.iJ. Sec vy 

abhi aprdbo yasisad vajiababuh RV. 1.174.5J. 
abhisravantu nah priyah HG. i.i2.6'l. 
abhi srucah kramate daksinavrtah RV. 1.144.1°. 
abhi svadbabbis tanvah pipi9re RV.5.6o.4b. 
abhi svapubhir mitho vapanta RV.7.56.3^. 
abhi svara dhanva puyamanah RV.9.97.3''; SV.2.751C. 
abhi .svaranti bahavo manlsinah RV.9.85.3C. 
abhi svarantu ye tava RV.8.i3.28^ 
abhisvara nisada ga avasyavah RV. 2. 2 1.5c. 
abhisvartaro arkarh na sustubhah>l. 
abhi svavrstiiii made asya yudhyatah RV.i.52.5''; MS. 4. 

12. 3^1: 185.4. P: abhi svavrstim MS.4. 14.5: 222.13. 
abhi svena payasa plpyanah RV.7.36.61'. 
abhiharani jaradah 9atam TB. 3. 7. 4.6 b; Ap^. 4.2.1''. 
abhi havj'ani maniisa RV.8.23.26b 
abhihitaya svaha TS. 7. 4. 22.1; KSA.5.1. 
abhihito mrtyubhir ye sahasram AV.6. 63.3b; 84.4b. 
abhi hi pistatamaya rabhisthaya rayanayadbita VS.21.46; 

MS.4.13.7: 208.12; KS.18.21; TB. 
abhihisa hotah prataram barhisad bhava A(^. 1.4.8. 
abhi hi satya somapah RV.8.98.5a; AV.20.64.2I; SV.2. 

abhihrutam asi hi deva vispat RV.1.189.6J. 
abhi rtasya etc. : see abbim rtasya etc. 
abhika asaiii padavir abodhi RV.3.56.4''. 
abhike cid ulokakrt''; AV.20.95.2C; SV.2. 

1151C; TS.; MS.4.12.4C: 189.8; TB. 
abhitim aryo vanusaiii yavahsi RV.7.21.9'1. 
abhidam ekam eko asmi nissat RV. 10.48.7'' ; N.3. lO''-. 

Cf. BihD.1.49. 
abhid ayajvano bhuvat RV.8.31. 158-186; TS.i.8.22.4^'; 

MS.4. II. 2« (quatcr): 164.13,15; 165.2,4; KS.11.12B 

abhid u ^akrah parafur yatha vanam RV.7.104.21C; AV. 

abhiddho gbarmas tad u su pravocat RV.1.164.26J; AV. 

7.73. 7J; 9.IO-4''; N.I 1.43d. 
abhi dva kim u trayah karanti RV. 10.48. 7b; N.3. lob. 
abhi na a vavrtsva RV.4.3i.4\ Cf. agneibhyavartinn. 
abhi naram dhljavanam rathestham RV.9.97.49C; SV.2. 

abhi navante adrubah RV.9.100.1''; SV.i.55o\ 
abhi nu ma vrsabha caksamlthah RV.2.33.7'l. 
abhi no agna uktbam ij juguryah EV. 1.140. 13^ 
abhi no arsa divya vasuni RV.9.97.51''; SV.2.778^ 
abhi no vajasatamam: see abhi etc. 
abhindram vrsanam vajrababum RV.9.97.49J; SV.2. 


abhipato — 


abhipato vrstya (RV. vrstibhis) tarpayantam EV.1.164. 

52c; AV.V.39-1'^; TS.3.i.ii.3«; KS.ig-M'^. 
abhimam yajuaiii vi caranta parvlh KV.3.4.5''. 
abhimam aglmya uta KV.g.i.g^ 
abhimam (TS. "main; MS.M^. var. lect, omrai) mahina 

(VS.Mg. var. lect, "ma) divam (MS. divah) VS.38.17"; 

TS."; MS.4.9.I'': 121. 15; TA.4.3.1"; Apg.15.4.4; 

M9.4.1.23. P: abhimam K9.26.6.25. See abhi yo 

abhim avanvan svabhistim utayah RV. 1.51.2". 
abhim aha svajenyam RV.5.7.5''. 
abhimam prthivim mahim RV.10.119.8''. 
abhimam (and abhiman) mahina : sec abhimaih mahina. 
abhim asa tvaksasa viryena RV.4.27.2''. 
abhim indro nadj'o vavrina hitah RV. 1.54. iC. 
abhim (SV. abhl) rtasya dohana anusata EV.i.144-2''; 9- 

75-3"; SV.2.52C. 
abhim rtasya vistapam RV.9.34.5". 
abhim rtasya (SV. abhy r3tasya) suduglia ghrta9cutah EV. 

9.77-1"; 8^.1.556'=. 
abhimodamudag ca ye AV.i 1.7.26''; 8.24'\ 
abhUapalapag ca ye AV. ir.8.25'j. 
abhivargad divas pari AV. 11.2.4". 
abhivartam brahmasama kurutat Ap^. 14.2:-. i. 
abhivartah savihfali VS. 14.23; MS. 2.8.4: 109.4; KS.17. 

4; 20.13; <?B.8.4.i.i5. See abhivartah etc. 
abhivartena havisa (AV. manina) RV.i 0.17 4.1''; AV. i. 

29.1^; AB.8.10.4. P: ablilvartena Kau9.16.29. Desig- 
nated as abhivartam (sc. suktam) Ap(^.i4.i9.6; 20.1; 

AG. 3. 12. 12; Kau9.16.29. 
abhivarto abliibhavah AV. 1.29.4'^. 
abhivarto yathasasi E V. i o. 1 7 4. 3d ; AV. i . 2 9. 3J. 
abhiva svali pra jiblte AV.20.127.10*; ^Q.''. 
abhivrtam kr9auair vi^varupam RV.i.35.4''; MS.4.14.6'': 

223.15; TB.2.8.6.i^ 
abhivrta hiranyena AV. 10. 10. i6''. 
abhivrteva ta mahapadena RV. 10.73.2''. 
abhiguna meya asan AV.6. 137.2". 
abhiQuhr iva sarathih RV.6.57.6I'. 
abhiQiinam mahimanam panayata EV.6.75.6C; VS. 29. 

43C; TS.; MS.3.16.3C: 186.4; KSA.6.iC;N.9.i6c. 
abhi satas tad a bhara RV.7.32.24"; SV.1.309''; ^^-'S. 

8. 1 1. 
abhi sad apa cucyavat RV.2.41.10'' ; AV.20.20.5l' ; 57. 8^'; 

abhisac cabhisavl ca ApC^.i 7.6.1. (See MS.2.13. 17 and 

3. 1 2. 1 4, next, and abbisa9. 
abhisat cabhlsahl cabhimatiha9 cabhimatiha ca sasahi9 

ca sahiyah9 ca sahasvah9 ca sahamrina9 ca LQ.4.1.5. 

See under prec. 
abhisad asmi vi9vasat AV. 12.1.54c. 
abhisa(J. vi9vasad agnih A V. 13.1.28c. 
abhisa9 cabhisahya9 ca KS.39.11. See under abhisac. 
abhisahe tva MS.2. 13.17: 164.15. See Ap^.i 7.6.1. 
abhisahe svaha MS.3.12.14: 164.10. See abiiLsahe etc., 

and Aij(j3. 17.6.1. 
abhi su nas tvaiii rayim RV.8.93.2I'^ 

abhi su nail sakhiuam EV. 4. 31.3''; AV.20. 124.3''; SV.2. 
34"; VS.27.41''; 36.6"; MS.2.13.9'': 159.8; 4.9.27": 139. 

15; KS.39■I2^ TA.4.42.3^ Apg.I7.7•8^ 
abhi syama vrsamanas tvotah SV. 1.3 3 611. 
abhi SV aryah iJauhsyair bhavema EV. 10.59.3". 
abhihi manyo tavasas tavlyan'»; AV.4.32.3'». 
abhunjatag ca revatah EV. 1.120. i2i>. 
abhutsy u pra devya RV.8.9.16''; AV.20.142.1''. 
abhiitani goiJa mithuna 9ubhaspatl EV. 10.40. 12"; AV. 

14.2.5''; APMB.1.7.11C. 
abhuta vi9ve agriyota vajah EV.4.34.3''; N.6.16. 
abhiitim asamrddhiiii ca EVKh.5.87.8c; TAA. 10.66''. 
abhiityah putro«si yamasj'a karanah AV. 16.5.3. 
abhutyainaih vidhyami AV.16.7.1. 
abhiityai svajsauam VS. 30. 17; TB. 3. 4. 1.14. 
abhut souiasya susutasya pitili EV.4.35.2'\ 
abhiid agnih samidhe manusanam RV.7.77.I''. 
abhiid idaui vayunam o su bhusata RV. 1.182.1". P: 

abhud idam A^. 4. 15.2. 
abhud idam Yi9Yasya bhuvanasya vajinam agner vai9va- 

narasya ca VS.13.39; TS.; MS.2. 7. 17: 101.14; 

KS.16.16; QB. P: abhud idaiii vi9vasya bhuva- 
nasya Ap9.16.27. 1 ; abhud idam K9.17.5.11; M9.6. 

1.7;— 8.19. 
abhud u ketur usasali purastat RV.7.76.2<:. 
abhiid u param etave RV. 1.46.11*. 
abhiid u putranam pita AV. 2.9.2c. 
abhiid u prarthas takma AV.5.22.9C. 
abhud u bha u ah9ave'\ 
abhud u vasvl daksina maghoni RV.6.64.1'1. 
abhiid u vali su9aka devayajya<l. 
abhud u vipro havyo matlnam RV.3.5.3'^. 
abhiid u vo vidhate ratnadheyam RV.4.34.4''. 
abhiid usa indratama maghoni EV.7.79.3". 
abhiid usa ru9atpa9uh EV.5.75.9''; AB.2. 18.10,12''; KB. 

II. 6; Ky.9.2.24; Apg.12.5.1; Mg. P: abhud 

ii.sah LQ. 1.9.2. 
abhiid dutali prahito jatavedah AV.i8.4.65'». P: abhud 

dutah Kau9.89.14. Sec abhun no dnto. 
abhiid devali savita vandyo nu nah EV.4.54.1''; KS.34. 

18"; KB.20.3;"; 4.7;'tB.3.7.I3.4"; Ag.5. 

18.2; Vait.16.15''; Apg.14.28.6; Mg.'\ P: 

abhud devah Ag. 5. 18.5; gg.8.3.2,9; Vait.23.22. 
abhiid bhadra devahutir no adya EV.10.18.3i'; AV.12.2. 

22^; TA.6.10.2I'. 
abhiid bhadra uive9anl ArS.3.7''. See Barvabhutanive9a- 

abhun nu nah : see abhun mama, 
abhiin no duto haviso jatavedah ApQ. 1.10.14" ; SMB.2.3. 

17"; GG.4.3.29. P: abhun no dutah KhG.3.5.33. See 

abhud datah, and tvam agna idito. 
abhiin mama (KS. nu nah) sumatau vi9vavedali TS.4.3. 

11.4"; KS.39.10"; PG.3.3.5". 6'ee bhuyasma te. 
abhiima yajiiiyah 9uddhali AV.12.2. 1 30; 14.2.67c; Ap^. 

abhiimanagaso vayam RV.8.47.18IJ; 10.164. si'; AV.16. 



abhur aplnam {and aplnam) : see abhur grstlnam. 

abhur u vlra gir\'anah EV.6.45.i3^ 

abhur eko rayipate raj-lnam KV.6. 31.1a; AB.5.13.3; KB. 

23.2; 25.8; AA. P: abhur ekah A9.8. 1.17; 7. 

ir; ^^.10.6.16; II. 14. 27; 12. 6. 15. 
abhur grstiiiam (AV. 19. 24.6'', va^anam; HG. aplnam; 

ApMB. aplnam) abhifastipa u (HG.ApMB. "pava) AV. 

2.13.3I'; 19.24.61^; HG.i.4.3''; ApMB.2.2.8''. Note flic 

mss. readings at AV. 19.24.6. Of. bhava krstlnam. 
abhur v aukslr vy u ayur anat RV. 10.27.78' Cf. BrhD. 

abhaismapa tad uchatu EV.8.47.18J; AV.16.6.2''. 
abhyaktakta svaramkrta 1.25^ P: abhyakta 

Krui9.39. 18. 
abhyanksva {sc. tatasau, pitamahasau, and ijrapitamaha- 

sau): vikaras o/anksva etc. Ap^. 1.9.16. See next. 
abhyanksvasau M9-i-i-2-29; HG.2.12.7 (bis). See prec, 

and asav abhyanksva. 
abhyajya kG9an sumanasyamanah MG. i.i2.3-'». 
abhyanjatam {sc. mama pitarah, mama pitamahah, and 

mama prapitamahah): vikaras 0/ anjataiii etc. Ap9-i- 

abhyanjanam surabhi sa samrddhih AV.6.i24.3^ P: 

abhyanjanam Vait. 11.9. 
abhy anyad eti pary anyad asyate AV.13.2.43''. 
abhy-abhi hi fravasa tatarditha EV.9.110.5^; SV.2. 

abhy amisi vrsakapim'1; AV.20.126.8d. 

abhyaraksid (A^. "raksid) asmakarii punar agamat (Am- 
pullar aj'anat) MS. 1.5. 14'': 84.10; AQ.2.5.i2d. 

abhy arka anusata EV.5.5.4''. Cf. abhi vena etc. 

abhy areata sustutiiii gavyani ajim AV.7.82.i^ P: abhy 
areata Vait.29.19; Kau9.59.i5,i9. /See abhy arsata. 

abhy area nabhakavat EV.8.40.4". 

abhy arsa kanikradat EV.9.63.29I'; 67. 3I'; SV.2.675^ 

abhy arsa guhyaiii caru nama RV.9.96.i6l>. 

abhy arsata sustutiiii gavyam ajim EV.4.58.10''; VS. 17. 
98^; KS.40.7i; ApQ.I7.I8.I^ See abhy areata, aw(Z c/. 
next, and next but two. 

abhy arsati sustutim EV.9.66.22I'. Cf. imdcrprec. 

abhy arsanti babhravah EV.9.63.6I'. 

abhy arsanti sustutim EV.9.62.3I'; 63.61^; SV.2.182I'. 
Cf. tender abhy arsata. 

abhyarsan (SV. abhy arsa) stotrbliyo viravad yajali EV.9. 
106.13C; SV.1.576C. 

abhy arsa brhad ya9ah EV.9. 20.4'^; SV.2. 321*. 

abhy arsa mahanam EV.9.i.4-\ 

abhy arsa vicaksana EV.9. 51. S'^. 

abhy arsa sahasrinam EV.9.63.12''. 

abhy arsa stotrbhyo etc. : see abhyarsan. 

abhy arsa svayudha EV.9.4.7''; SV. 2.403"-. 

abhy arsanapacyutah (SV.") EV.9. 4. 8*; SV. 2.404". 

abhy avasthah pra jayante EV.5.19.1*. 

abhy ayvan rathino deva soma EV.9. 97. 50^; SV.2.7771I. 

abhy astham (TS.KS.ApQ. asthad; MS.Mg. asthaiii) 
vifvah prtana aratlh''; 16.9.1''; TS.4.2.8. 
I""-; MS.i.5.3'': 69.13; 1.6.2*: 87.1; KS.39.1a; Mg.1.5. 

— abhrani 

4.11; — 6.1.6. P: abhy asthad vijvah AP9.5.14.14; 

16.22. 1, 
abhyasiksi rajabhum (MS. var. lee. obhut ; ApQ. "bhQvam) 

MS.4.4.9: 61.3; Ap9.i8.22.4. (See abhifiksa. 
abhy asaksi visasahih<'; ApMB.i.i6.iJ. Cf. 

asapatnali sapatnaha. 
abhy asthad {and astham): see abhy astharii. 
abhy aharii vifvah prtana yathasani AV.6.97.1C. 
abhy ahaiii sajatan bhujasam KS. 12.2. 
abhy ahaiii tarn bhuyasaiii yo asman (KS.Ap^. «sman) 

d vesti yaiii ca vayam dvismah MS. 1.5. 4: 71.6; 1.5. 11: 

79.21; KS.7.2; Ap9.6.i8.2. 
abhyakramam vaj'atah .sanmayukham'^. 
abhyacaram asuianaiii 9vah-9vah AV. 10.3.2'!. 
abhyadadhami samidham VS.20.24a. P: abhyadadhami 

K(^.i9.i.i I. 
abhy ana9nia suvitasya 9usam EV. 10.3 1.3c. 
abhyayansenya bhavatam manlsibhih EV. i.34.i<'. 
abhyayantam samayantam EVKh.7.34.i«. 
abhyaram id adrayah EV.8.72.iia; SV.2. 953*. 
abhy a3rsanapacyutah: see abhy arsa". 
abhy arseyam jamadagnivan nah EV.9.97.5id; SV.2. 

778d. ■ 
abhyavartadhvam upa meta sakam TS. 
abhyavartasva pa9ubluh sahainam AV. 11.1.22*. P: 

abhyavaitasva Kau9.61.42. 
abhyavartasva prthivi VS. 1 2. 103a; TS.4.2.7.ia; MS.2.7. 

14a: 95-4; KS.16.14a; gB. 
abhyavartine cayamanaj-a 9iksan EV.6.2 7.5'\ 
abhyavarti cayamano dadati EV.6.27.8C. 
abhyuddhrto huto^gnili Kau9. 73.4a. 
abhy urnoti yan nagnam EV.8.79.2a. 
abhyurnvana praljhrthasyayoh E V. 5.41.19''; N. 11 . 4 g'J. 
abhy r3tasya sudugha etc. : see abhim rtasya etc. 
abhyeti na: see abhyaiti. 
abhy enarii vajra ayasah EV.i. 80.12'=. 
abhy enam bhuma urnuhi (TA. bhumi vrnu) RV.10.18. 

iid; AV.i8.2.5o<i,5i'i; 3.50'i; 4.66C; TA.6.7.i<3. 
abhy aiksanta: see anv aiksanta. 
abhy aiksGtarii manasa rejamane EV.10.121.6''; VS.32. 

71^; VSK.29.34I'; TS.4.i.8.5b. Cf adharayad rodasi 

rejamane, and see bhiyasamane. 
abhyaiti na (SV. abhyeti na ; AV. asman aity abhy) ojasa 103.1^; AV.3.2.6b; SV.2. 1210^; 

VS. 1 7.47^. 
abhra an apali N.5..5. Fragment: see amenj^asya. 
abhrapruso na vaca prusa vasu EV. 10.77.1*. Cf BrhD. 

7. 116. 
abhram iva vata aeakraagah EV. 10.68.51!; AV.20. i6.5<i. 
abhrayanti namasi K,S.40.4. 
abhrayantyai svaha TB. 
abhra varnesu eaksate TA.1.5.2I'. 

abhrasanir asi TS. ; MS. 2.8. 13: 1 16.17; KS.22.5. 
abhraji 9ardho maruto yad arnasam EV.5.54.6a. 
abhrani manasa dhyaya ^ P: abhrani K9.4. 

abhrani vidyuto varsam AV.11.7.210. 


abhrany — 


abhrany apah prapadj'ante TA.i.8.2''. 

abhratara iva jumayah (N. yosah) AV.1.17.1C; N.3.4C. 

abhrataro na yosano vyantah EV. 4.5.5"'. 

abhratrkam pradris5\"imi VaDh. 1 7. 1 7^ 

abhratrghnim varuna AV. 14. 1.62''; ApMB.i.i.3°' (ApG. 

2.4.3). ^' abhratrghnim Kau5.76.32. 
abhratrvyo ana tvam RV.8.2i.i3'i; AV.2o.ii4.if^; SV.r. 

399^; 2.739'^; AQ.7.S.2{his); Vriit.40.4; 41.20; Svidh. 

1.8.4. P: abhratrvyah Svidh. 3. 5.1. 
abhrateva pufisa eti pratlcl RV.i.i24.7-'> ; N.3.5^ 
abhrad iva pra stanayanti vrstayah''. 
abhrad vrstir ivajani EV.7.94.i«; SV.2.266C;". 
abhraya svaha VS. 2 2. 2 6. 
abhra vasata marutah su mayaya £¥.5.63.6"; MS.4. 14. 

12^: 234.9; TB. 
abhrikhate na rurupah AV.4.7.5«',6''. 
abhriye didyun naksatriye yah AV.2.2.4^ 
abhrir asi; TS.; 4.1. 1.3;; MS.i. 

2.10: 19.15; 2.7.1: 74-14; 3-8.8: 105.19; 4.9.1: 120.6; 

KS.16.1; gB.; TA.4.2.1; 5.2.5; Apg.15.1.3; 

M9.; — 
amajjakaya svaha TS.; KSA.5.3. 
amanika nianichadah AV. 20. 130. 9. 
amanir {QQ. amanivo) ahiranyavan (QQ. °vah) AV.20.128. 

61); 9(^. 
amatam ca mataiii ca yat Ap^. 3.12.1!^. 
amatre pari sieyate EV.5.51.4''. 
amatrebhir rjisinam EV.6.42.2C; SV.2.791C. 
amathuad anyaiii pari fyeno adreh RV. 1.93.6''; TS.2.3. 

14.21'; MS.4.14.18I': 248.4; KS.4.16I'; AB.2.9.8. 
amadhyamaso mahasa vi vavrdhuh EV.5.59.6I'. 
amanase (KSA. amanaskaya) svaha TS. : KSA. 

amanuta guhyarii caru pr^neh RV.4.5.ioi\ 
amantavo maiii ta upa ksiyanti EV. 10. 125,4"; AV.4. 

amantram annam yat kiiiicit RVKh.9.67.i4a. 
amanthistara bharata revad agnim EV.3.23.21. 
amandae citraiii davane EV.8.46.27I'. 
amandata maghava madhvo andhasah EV.5.34.2I'. 
amandann indram ami dativarah EV.3.51.9I'. 
amandan ma mariita (MS. otah ; KS. "tas) stomo atra 

EV.i. 165.11a; MS.4.11.3^: 169.12; KS.g.iS^ 
amandan stoman pra bhare manlsa EV. i.i26.i>'^; N.9. 

loa. Cy. BrhD.3.155. 
amanmahi marutam numa bhadram £¥.4.39.4^ 
amanmahi mahata (MS.KS. mahad) rtasya nama TS.1.8. 

io.2'i; MS.2.6.i2d: 71.7; KS.i5.8'i'; TB.i. 7.4.3. 
amanmahid anafavah (PB. •'hit tad ajavah) EV.8.i.i4''; 

amanyamanan abhi manyamanaih EV.1.33.9C. 
amanyamanan chai-va jaghana EV.2.12.10I'; AV.20. 

amanyuta no virudho bhavantu AV.12.3.311I. 
amamrir ljhavamrto4ijivah AV.8.2.260. 
amartyam yajata martyesv a EV.4.i.ifl. 
amartyaiii cid dasaiii manyamanam EV. 2. 11.2c. 

amartyam jaramanaiii dive-dive RV.3.51.1'3; SV.i.374f'; 

MS.4.i2.3'i: 185.S. 
amartyam martyo johavlmi EV.5.4.10I'; TS. 1.4. 46.1''; 

amartyas tanva vardhamanah EV.6.9.4<J. 
amartyasya bliuvanasya bhuna EV. 10. 149.3I'; ^B. 10. 

amartyasya martyasu viksu EV. 10.79.1ij. 
amartyah kayaya codata tmana EV.i.i68.4l>. 
amartyab prtliivi gandham agre AV.12.1.24C. 
amartya jihata indra devah RV.6.18.15I3; MS.4. 12. 3I': 

183.6; KS.8.i6t'. 
amartyan manasamartyena AV.7.5.3I'. 
amartya martyah abhi nah sacadhvam AV. 6. 4 1.30. 
amartya havate afvina gih EV.7.73.1'3; KS.17.18d. 
amartyena namnati pra sasre EV.6.18.7I'. 
amartye ya ajuhoti havyam EV.7.1.23I'. 
amartyesu frava ichamanah EV. i.iio.5<i. 
amartyo ariiso yo diva nrn EV.6.3.6'1. 
amartyo nirnijanah pari vyata KV.g.Cg.^^. 
amartyo martyafi (MS. martyah) avivefa EV.S.48.12I'; 

TS.5.7.9-I''; MS.1.6.1I': 85.18; KS.7.i2i\ 
amartyo martyena sayonih EV.i.i64.3o'l,38l'; AV.9.10. 

8(l,i6i'; AA.; K14.23''. 
amartyoivatutaye nah EV.6.9.7<i. 

amartyoivartraosadhisu EV.6. 12.3'!; MS.4. 14. 15'': 240.6. 
amardhanta somapeyaj^a deva EV.3.25.4C; MS.4. 12. 6": 

amardhantir upa no yantu madhva EV.5.43.1''. 
amardhanto vasubhir iskrtasah EV.7.76.2IJ. 
amardhanto vasubhir yadamanah EV.7.76.5'J. 
amarmano manya?nanasya marma £¥.3.32.4^1. 
amarmano vidad id asya marma £¥.5.32.51). 
ama? ca meimbha? ca me VS.18.4; TS.; MS.2.11. 

2: 141. 1 ; KS.18.7. 
amag carati roruvat EV.6.61.8". 
amansakaya svaha TS.; KSA.5.3. 
ama krtva papmanam AV.4.i8.3a. 
ama ghrtaiii krnute kevalam AV. 11.5.15^. 
ama ca pacate va9am AV. 12.4.38!'. 
ama cainam aranye pahi risah £¥.6.24.10". 
amajurag cid bhavatho yuvarii bhagah EV. 10.39.3"'. Of- 

amajtir iva jiitroh saca sati £¥.2.17.7". 
ama te tumram vr.sa1)ham pacani £¥.10.27.2". 
amatyan bruhi vatsahf ca matrbhih saha vasayeta LQ.5. 

1. 12. 
(cm) amatyan {and amatyapatnih) svadha namas tar- 

j-iaj-ami BDh. 
amatyo«si TS. ; See asmakoisi. 
amatram tva dhisana titvise mahl £¥.1.102.7". 
amad astaiii vrsagana ayasuh £¥.9.97.8!'; S¥.2.467b. 
amad id asya titvise sam ojasah £¥.8.12.24". 
amad esam bhiyasa bhumir ejati £¥.5.59.2". 
amadyad indrah somena 9B.";". 
amanusam yan manuso uijurvat £¥.2.ii.ioi\ 
amanusam vigahathah A¥.20.i28.i2l'; 99-^. 


amanusisu uianuso niseve RV. 10.95.8''. 

ama ma etllu ma mrdha na indra<l; ^G.3.8.4'1. 

Sec under anamaj^aidhi. 
amaya vo maruto yatave dyauh RV.8.20.6'''. 
amayan mayavattarah (}B. 13.0.4. 12^^. See mayam 

amayuih krnvantaiii samjnapayata Ai)(^.'j.i6.6. 
amavasya garbhah KS.39.8; ApQ.16.32.4. 
amavasyayai suradhase svaha MQ. See next. 
amavasyayai svaha TB.; 7.5.13; Ap(i:!.2.2o.5. 

See i^rcc. 
amavasyayai havisa vidhema AV.7.79.3''. 
amavasya subhaga sufeva TB."; Ap^.2.20.5'';". 
amavasye na tvad etany anj^ah AV.7.79.4^ Cf. praja- 

pate na etc. 
amavasye samvasanto (M^. samvi9anto) mahitva AV.7. 

79.ib; TS.3.5.i.ib; M9.6.2.3''. 
ama sate valiasi bhuri vamam EV.1.124.12C; 6.64.6". 
amasi patrair udakam yad etat AV. 12. 3.30''. 
amasi matram svar agam AV. 18.2.45". P: amasi Kau9. 

amasi sarvan (A^- sarvan) asi pravistah A^''; 

Kau9.74.20i'. See ama by, and amoisi sarvan. 
ama hi te sarvam idam CbU.5.2.6. Cf. next. 
ama hy asi sarvam anu pravistah SMB. 2.1. 14''. See 

under amasi sarvan, and cf. prcc. 
amita 9ura dayate vasuni EV.7.84.4d. 
amitauja ajayata EV. 1.11.4''; SV.1.359''; 2.600''. 
amitrakhado adbhutah EV. 10. 15 2.1''. See amitrasaho. 
amitrayantam tuvijata martyam EV.1.131.7''. 
amitrayantam adrivah EV.5.35.5''. 
amitrasaho astrtah AV. 1.20.4''. See amitrakhado. 
amitrasenam abbijaiijabhanah AV.5.2o.6<^. 
amitrasenam maghavan AV. 3.1.3''; SV.2.I2I5^ 
amitrasya nidhir bitah EV. 10. 186.3''. 

amitrasya vyatbaya manyum indra EV.6.2 = 

MS. 4. 

14.12'': 235.3; TB.'. 
amitrasya 9iro jabi MQ.g.2.5<i. See next. 
amitrasyabhidasatah'ij AV.i.21.3'1; SV.2. 

i2i7d; TS.i.6.i2.5d; ApQ.2o.2o.7''. See prec. 
amitraha varivovid dhavisman EV.9.96.12''. 
amitraha vicarsanib EV.9.11.7''; SV.2.797'\ 
amitraha vi-traha dasyuhantamam'^; SV. 

amitraha vrtraba dasyuha ca EV. 10.83.3°; -A-V.4.32.3C. 
amitranam 9acipatih AV.i 1.9.20". 
amitranam sabasra9ah; 11.9.236. 
amitranam senah AV.i 1.9.3". 
amitranam bantajani AB.8.17.5. 
amitranam nyarbude AV. 11. 10.20''. 
amitranam anlkafah AV.5.21.9'1. 
amitranam amuh sicah AV.11.9.18''; 10.20''. 
amitranam parastaram 
amitran anu dbavata'. 
amitran a dyamasi AV.6.104.1''. 
amitran no jayantu svaha AV.5.21.120. 

— ami 

amitran no vi vidbyatam AV.i 1.9.23''. Cf. mama- 

mitran vi. 
amitran mota mitrinab AV. 11.9.21''. 
amitran pari varaya AV. 1 1 . i o. 1 9 ''. 
amitran prtsu turvane RV.6.46.8'1. 
amitran me dvisato«nu vidbyatu Kau9.98.2d. 
amitran susaban krdbi EV.6.46.6fl; AV.20.8o.2'l. 
amitran banmy ojasa AV.11.10.13f. 
amitrayudho marutam iva prayab RV.3.29.i5^ 
amitra ye ca varminah AV.i 1.10.23b. 
amitra ye^tra nab santi AV.6. 104.2". 
amitri bbrta samare vadhanam AV.5.20.5''. Cf. next. 
amitri sena samare vadhanam AV. 1 1 . i o. 2 5''. Cf. prec. 
amitrebhyah krnotu nah AV.6. 104. 31'. 
amitrebhyo dr9e kuru AV.ii.9.i'',i5'',22'',24f. 
amitresu ni dadbmasi AV.5.21.1''. 
amitresu samlksayan AV.ii.c).g'\ii'i,2^^. 
amitro no yuyutsati AV. 11. 10.261'. 
amitro ya9 cajmani AV. 11.10.22''. 
aminah sahobhib N.6. 16. Fragment of uta dvibarha 

etc., q.v. 
aminati tastbatur uksamane EV.4.56.2''. 
aminati dai-vj^ani vratani EV.1.92.12"; 124.2-'. 
aminate gurum bbaram na manma RV.4.5.6''. 
amimita varimanaiii prthivyab EV.8.42.1.''; VS.4.30''; 

TS.'; m's.i.2.6'': 15.7; 3.7.8'': 86.9; KS.2.61'; 

amimitararum ya9 catuspat EV. 10.99. lo^. 
ami anu ma tanuta M^. 1.4.3. 15. ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^t ^'^'^ 

asav anu. 
ami ca ye magbavano vayaiii ca EV. 1.141.13"; KS.7. 12"; 

■A-P^-B-Q-io"- (Sec ami ye magba". 
ami ca vi9ve amrtasa a vayah EV.i.i27.8f. 
amitavarna usasa9 caranti EV.4.51.9''. 
ami te nake sukrtah pravistrdi AV.7.8o.4d. 
ami tva jabati putra devah EV.4.18. iil'; TS.'; 

MS.4.12.5'': 192.6. 
amimadanta jiatnyo yathabhagam yathalokam avreayi- 

sata Kau9.88.22. Cf. amimadanta jjitaro etc. 
amimadanta pitarah VS. 19.36; TS.i.8.5.2; MS.1.10.3: 

143.3; 1.10.19: 159.5; KS.9.6; 36.13; 38.2; gB.i2.8. 

1.8; TB.; M9.; 7.6.50. See next two. 
amimadanta pitarah somyah TB.i.6.9.9; ApQ.i.9.11. 

See prec. and next. 
amimadanta pitaro yatbabhagam (Kau9. yatbabbagaiii 

yathalokam) avrsayisata (AQ. avi'saylsata ; (^9- 

avivrsata) VS.2.31; VSK.2.2.6; ^B. 2. 4. 2. 22; 6.1.40; 

Ag.2.7.2;; 9.3; L9.2.10.5; Kau9.88.21; 

SMB.2.3.7; 6G.4.3.12; KhGr.3.5.20. Ps: amimadanta 

pitaro yatbabhagam L9.3.2-I3; amimadanta K9.3-4- 

17; 4. 1. 14; 5.9.23. Sec prec. two. 
amimrjanta pitarah TS.i. 8.5.2; TB. 
amimrnan vasavo natbita ime AV.3.1.2". Cf. SEE. xlii, 

p. 326. 
amimed vatso anu gam apajyat EV.1.164.9"; AV.9.9.9". 
ami ya rksa nibitasa ucca EV.i. 24.10''; TA.1.11.2''; 




ami ye ke saiasyaka avadhavati HG.2.7.2"; ApMB.2.16. 

70 (ApG.7.18.1). Cf. ado yad avadhavati, and ado 

ami ye deva sthana EV.i. 105.5''; SV.i.368^ 
ami ye pancoksanah KV. 1.105.10". 
ami ye maghavano vayarii ca M9-i.5-2.ii''- See ami 

ca ye. 
ami ye yanty anikajah AV.5.21.8''. 
ami ye yudham ayanti AV.6. 103.3". 
ami ye vivrata (MS. "tah; KS. "tas) sthana (MS. stha) 

AV.3.8.5«; 6.94.1C; MS.2.2.6C: 20.9;«. Ste 

asau yo vimana. 
ami ye sapta ra9mayah RV.i.ios.g". 
ami ye subhage divi TA.2.6.I''. .S'ec udagataih bhagavati, 

ami amu ye. 
amivaha vastospate RV.7.55.1''; ¥"': 82.11; MQ. 

1. 6.3.1; gG.3.4.8; PG.3.4.7-''; ApMB.2.15.21" (ApG.7. 

17.12); MG.2.11.19;'\ P: amivaha Evidh.2. 

26.5; 27.2. See anamlvo vastos". 
ami vacam upasatam. TA.i.6.2fi. 
amiva yas te garbham EV. 10. 162.1c ; AV.20.96.11''; MG. 

amiva ya no gayani avivefa EV.6.74.2I'; AV.7.42.ib; 

TS.'; MS.4.11.2I': 165.11. 
amivah sarva raksahsi AV.8.7.14''. 
amivah sarva9 catayan AV.i9.34.9<'; 44.7''. 
amisaiii cittaih pratilobhayanti (AV. cittani pi-atimoha- 

yantl) EV.10.103.12"; AV.3.2.5"; SV.2.1211"; VS.17. 

44"; N.9.33". Cf. BrhD.8.13. 
amum yaja K^. 1.9.15; Ap9.2.i8.3. Comm., agnim yaja, 

somarii yaja, and the like. 
amurh vo jambhe dadhami KS.2i.2,6; 22.6. 
amuktha yaksmad duritad avadyat\ See 

amoci yaksmad. 
amukhaya svaha TS. 7. 5. 12.2; KSA.5.3. 
amum kravyadaiii famayantv agnim MG. 2.1.6''. See 

imam etc. 
amuncatam vartikam anhaso nih RV.i.i 18.8c. 
amum ca lokam idam u ca sarvam TB.3. i.2.5l>. jahi Svidh.3.6.12. C?/! jahi. 
amum jahy atha tva hosyami TS.; Ap^. 12.11.7. 
amuto jetum isumukhani iva TA.i.4.2'». 
amutrabhuyad adha (AV. adhi) yad yamasya AV.7.53. 
I-''; VS.27.9"; TS.''; MS.2.12.5": 149.10; 3.4.6": 
51.15; KS.18.16";\ P: amutrabhuyat 

Apg.16.7.5; Kau9.55.17. 
amutra sann iha vettha AV. 13. 1.39". 
amutrainam a gachatat AV.9.3. 10". 
amuna tva chandasarohami LQ.3.12.9. 
amuna saha nirartharii gacha yoisman dvesti yam ca 
vayam dvismah TA.4.10.3. P: amuna saha nirarthaiii 
gacha TA.5.8.7. 
amum tarpayamy amum tarpayami HG.2.20.4,7. Cf. 

agnim tarpayami and the like. 
amum te 9ug rchatu yam dvismah TS.;; 

ApQ. 17.12.5. See wider tam abhi 90ca. 
amum dabheyam TS.i.6.2.4; u.6; KS.5.1; 32.1. 


amum nir hanmy okasah KS.37.13''. 

amum anudakaiii karomi GDh.20.4. 

amum abhitistha MS.3.1.4: 5.7; MQ.6.1.1. 

amum aranyam anu te di9ami TS.; KS.20.8. Cf. 

amum avahamum avaha AB.i.2.6. 
amiim ahuh paraiii nirtyum TA. 1.8.4". 
amum unnaisam Kau9.47.54. 
amum ma isana (TA. amurii manisana) VS. 31.22; TA. 

amum ma hihsir amum ma hihslh TB.; A(^. i. 

amusma anubruhi Apg.2.18.3. Cf. agnayeinubruhi, and 

the like. 
amusma amuna Ap.3.6.20. 
amusma amum A(}.^.6.i'j (bis). 

amusma aham praharami na tubhyaiii soma K9-9-4-I3- 
amusmad adhi mam abhi TS.'^; KSA.3.1''. 
amusminl loka uttame AV. 11. 4.1 811. 
amusminl loka upa vah ksarantu HG.2.12.10''. 
amusminl loke sphltim gaehatu me ApMB.2. 20.33''. 
amusmai kalpayamy amusmai kalpayami HG.2.20.3. 
amusmai tva £; M9.i.8.4.i6; — 4.3.31. 
amusmai tva justam grhnami 9^. Cf. agnaye 

justam grhnami, and the like. 
amusmai tva justam nirvapami AG.1.10.6; GG.i.7.3; 

KhG.2.1.9. Cf agnaye justam nirvapami, and the 

amusmai tva justam MS.1.2.15: 24.11; 1.2. 16: 26.16; 

1. 2. 17: 27.2; 3.9.6: 124.6; 3.10. i: 129.10; KS.3.6. 

P: amusmai tva ¥ 
amusmai tva justam (sc. adhiksipami) Kau9.44.10. 
amusmai tva justam upakaromi AG. 1.11.2. 
amusmai tva justam proksami AG.1.10.7; 11. 3. P: 

amusmai tva justam Kau9.2.5. Cf. agnaye tva etc., 

and the like. 
amusmai tva vajrarii praharami 9B. 
amusmai tva 9alyasraiisanara Kau9.33.9''. 
amusmai namah HG.2.20.5 (bis), 8 (bis); Karmap.2.3.11. 
amusmai prayachami M9.8.21. 
amusmai vo justan {sc. proksami) MS. 1. 1.6: 3.10. 
amusmai 9epyavate AV.7.113.1''. 
amusmai svadha namah HG.2.10.7 (bis). 
amusmai svahaK9.20.8.4; AG. 1.3.7 ;KhG. 2. 1.23; AjjMB. 

2. 19. 1-6; HG.i.3.3; 7.20. See next, and a.inu!ija.i etc. 
amusmai svahamusmai svaha 9B.; TB. 3. 9.1 5.1; 

HG.2.20.6. Seeprcc, and amusyai etc. 
amusya K9.2.4.28. 

amusya ca (sc. priyam karomi) M9.9.5.3. 
amusya tva pranam apidadhami 9B.4. 1.1.18 ; K9.9.4.32 

(with \ika.ra, udanam, in 33); Ap9-i2-ii.7- See idam 

aham amusyamusyayanasya pranam. 
amusya tva pranarii sadayami 9B.4.1.1-17; K^9-9-4-3°- 

Gf. amusya tvodanam etc., and amu.sya tva prane etc. 
amusya tva pranaya grhneipanaya vyanaya samanayoda- 

naya Kau9.3.i5. 
amusya tva prane sadayami TS.; TA.4.10.3; 5.8.7; 


— amrtasya 

Ap9-i2.ii.7,9; 15. 1 1.4. See idam aham amusyamu- 

syayanasya prane, and cf. amusya tva pranaiii dc. 
amusya tva badhaya VSK. 11.1.4. See I'aksasam tva 

amusya tva vratapate vratenadadlie KQ.4.9.1. 
amusya tvodanam sadayami (^B. 4. 1.2. 17 ; KQ.9.4.31 

(alluded to with vikara, udanam). Cf. amusya tva pra- 

narii etc. 
arausya viratam pahi MS.4.6.3: 81.8. 
amusya farmasi TA.6.7.3 {bis}. 
amusya adhi muskayoh AV.6. 138.4'', 5^. 
amusyasuna ma samgasatham TA.3.14.3''. 
amusya bantu senayah AV.8.8.i6c. 
amusyai svaha (^ (quater). Cf. next, and amu- 

smai etc. 
amusyai svahamusyai svaha KB. 4. 14; ^G. 1.9. 18. Cf. 

prec, and amusmai etc. 
amu anu ma tanutam M^. 1.4. 3.1 S- See under ami 

amuh pare prdakvah AV.I.27.I^ P: amuh pare Kau9. 

amum j-asyara devanam TB.; Ap^.i.13.4. Cf. 

amung ca pariraksatah TA.i.3.3''. 
amum sam vanayantu me AV.6.9.3<1. 
amuiis ta a dadhami prajaya resayainan AV.i 1.1.20c. 
amuns tamasablii dadhami sarvan AV.8.8.8'1. 
amum ca maiii ca sani nuda AV.6.139.30. 
amiin chajvatlbhyah samabhyah AV.5.8.8'i. See fagvati- 

amun ayvattha nili grnlhi AV.8.8.3'\ 
amiin adaj\atety anyan TA.i.3.2*. 
amiini naksatrani sarvesaiii bhutanarii pranair apa pra- 

sarpanti cotsarpaiiti ca TA. 1.14.2. 
amiin krtyakrto jahi,3i'l. Cf. ava krtyakrtam. 
amiim te dadami Ka,u9.68.28. 
amun hanasva Kau5.48.18. 
amiin hanmi Kau5.47.39. 
amiin hetih patatrini ny etu AV.6.29. i''. P: amun hetih 

amum ^ (to) ; TB.; K<^.^.2.2^ [romm.]; 

M9-I.I-3-26. Cf. amurii yasyam. 
amii ye divi subhage AV.3.7.4^ See ud agatam, and ami 

ye subhage. 
amiirah kavir aditir vivasvan EV.7.9.3''. 
amiiraih fyavyabhyah EV.6. 15.17'i. 
amiira dasmatithe EV.8.74.7'1. 
amiira vi^va vrsanav ima vam EV.7.6I.5"'. 
amiiro hota ny asadi viksu EV.4.6.2-\ 
amiir ya upa surye EV.i.23.17'1; AV.i.4.2'»; VS.6.24^; 

AB.2.20.22'>; ApQ.21.9. 13^ P: amiir yah Vait. 16.2. 
amur ya yanti yositah (N. jamayah) AV.1.17.1''; N.3.4'\ 

P: amur yah Kau5.2 6.9. 
amiiham asmi sa tvam TB.3. 7.1.9''; Ap9.9.2.3'^; ApMB. 

1.3.14 (ApG.2.4.17); HG.i.20.2. See amoham. 
amrkta ratih puruhuta da^use EV.8.24.9C. 
amrktena ruyata vasasa harih EV.9.69.5a. 

amrdayo durehetir mrtyur gandharvah MS. 2.12.2: 1 45.9. 
P: amrdayo durehetih M9.6.2.5. See durehetir amr- 

amrnmayam (ApQ. amrn") devapatram TB.3.7.4. 1 4-'; 

amrta it pary asTta duram EV.7.20.7C. 

amrtara va asye juhomy ayuh prane^pi MG. r.13. 15. 

amrtam veda bhesajam AV.i 1.6.231). 

amrtakoQara prapadye TA.2.19. r. 

amrtam ca prane juliomi PranagU.i. See prane nivisto, 
fl«cZ graddhayam prane. 

amrtam ca stha satyarii ca stha KS.39.1. 

amrtam jajne adhi martyesu'\ See 
amrtaiii dadhre, and cf. adbhj'ah sariibhutam. 

amrtam jatavedasam EV.8.74.5''. 

amrtatva a fahsaya AV.i9.64.4'l. 

amrtatvam raksamanasa enam EV.1.96.6C. 

amrtatvam suvasi bhagam uttamam EV.4.54.2''; VS. 

amrtatvam ca gachati EVKh.9.67.i6d; SV.2.653<3; AB. 

7.13.4b. See next. 
amrtatvam ca vindate g^. 15.17'). See prec. 
amrtatvaya ghosayah (SV. ghosayan) EV.9.108.3C; SV. 

1.583C; 2.288". 
amrtatvaya jivase TB.''. 
amrtatvayamrtam asinin dhehi Kau9.80.56. 
amrtam dadhre adhi martyesu AV.19.26.1i>. See amrtarii 

jajiie, and cf. adbhyah sariibhutani. 
amrtam devatamayam Ap^. 14.33.8'). 
amrtam devanam ayuh prajanam TA.3. 11.3d. 
amrtam nihitarii giiha SV.2.1192'). See amrtasya nidhir, 

and nihitarii. 
amrta martyanam EV. 1.26.9'). 
amrtam asi VS.1.31; 4.18; 10.15; TS.; 7.9.2; 

8-I4-I; 3-3-3-3; 4-3; MS.i.i.ii: 6.14; 1.2.4: 13.3; KS. 

2.5; GB.1.1.39; PB.21.3.7; gB.i.3.1.28;; 5.4. 

1. 14; TB.; Ag.2.3.5; Qg.4.8.2; Apg.i8.6.i; 

15.5; 22.17.10; Mg.7.1.1 {corri(pt); Kau5.80.56; 90.20. 

Cf. amrto^si. 
amrtam asy amrtam amrtena sariadhehi Vait. 7.5. 
amrtam apah TA.10.22.1; MahanU.14.1. ^ee apoimitam. 
amrtam ayus tasya deva ayuskrtas tenayusayusman edlii 

MS.2.3.4: 31.15. <SVe deva ayusmantas. 
amrtam ebhj'a udagayat TB.3.I2.9.3'''. 
amrtam prapadye TB. ; TA. 2.1 9.1. 
amrtam prane juhomi svaha Ag.2.4.14. Cf. anirte ami- 

tarn, and amrte pranarii. 
amrtaiii brahmana saha mityurii tarati MG. r.13. 15. 
amrtam martyabhyah TB.i. 5.5.6'!; Apg.8.2i.i'i. Of. 

amrta martyebhyah. 
amrtaih ma krnuta Kau5.90.18. 
amrtaiii mopa tisthatu AV. 19.43.7''. 

amrtasya deva dharano bhuyasam TA.7.4.1''; TU.i.4.1''. 
amrtasya dhara bahudha dohamanam TB.3. i2.3.4<=. 
amrtasya nidhir hitah EV.10.186.3''; TB.2. 4.1.8''; TA. 


See under amrtarh niliitarii. 

amrtasya purnam tarn u kalaiii vicaksate TA.3.ri.5''. 

amrtasya — 

amrtasya pranam yajnam etam TA.3.ii.3<^. 

amrtasya 9iiyam mahim AA. 5. 3. 2. 2^1. 

amrta abhama VS.9.21; 18.29; TS.i. 7.9-2; MS.1.11.3: 

164.4; KS.M.i; 18.12; gB.5.2.i.i4j; TB.1.3. 

7.5. P: amrtali K9-I4-5-IO- (7/. aganma jyotir eic, 

and in general KV.8.48.3 ; TS. 
amrta amrtena TS.; TB. 
amrtad iva janmanali RV.10.176.4b; TS.s.S.ii.ib; MS. 

4.10.4I': 152.1; KS.15.12I'; AB.1.28.19; M9. 
amrta nama stha QGr.2.6.1, 
amrtapidhanam asi TA. 10.35. i; TAA. 10.69; MahanU. 

15.10; AG.i. 24.28; HG.1.13.9; MG.1.9.17; ApMB. 

2.10.4 (ApG.5.13.13); BDh.; VHDh.5.282: 

AugDh. 3.105. See apidhanam. 
amrta martyebhyah RV. 1.90.3''. Cf. amrtam martyfi- 

amrtaya tvopastniami GB. 1.1.39. 
amrtaya liaviskrtam Kauf.73-i5^- 
amrta vak ViDh.73.12. Jolly, in the index to his edition, 

amrta vag amrta. 
amrtasur vardliamanali sujanma AV.S.i.i^. 
amrtahutim amrtayam juliomi A(^.2.2.4"-; ^Q.2.6.7'^; 

Ap(;j.6.i.8'i; MQ.i.6.1.4^; ApMB. 2. 1 5. 1 4=1 (ApG.5.12.6). 
am.rte amrtam juhomi svaha K9.4.I4.28. Cf. under 

amrtaiii jirane. 
amrte^dhi vi cakrame AV.10.8.41''. 
amrtena klptaiii yajnam etam TA.3.II.3''. 
amrtena saliaguina AV.3. 12.911; 9.3.23d. 
amrtenavrtam puram (TA. purim)''; TA. 

1. 27.31). 
amrtenendrara vayodhasam VS.28.27d; TB.2.6. 17.3d. 
amrte prruiaiii juliomi svaha MQ. 1.6. 1.50. Cf. under 

amrtam prane. 
amrte mam adhat JB.1.14. 

amrte loke aksite RV.9.ii3.7d; 
amrte satye pratisthitfim TB. 1.2,1.2511. 
amrtopastaranam asi GB.1.1.39; TA.10.32.1; 

69; MahanU.15.7; PranagU.i; AG.i. 24.13; HG.1.13. 

6; MG.1.9.15; ApMB.2.10.3 (ApG.5.13.13); BDh.2.7. 

12.3; VHDh.5.256; Au9Dh.3.i02. 
amrto martyesv a AV.i6.4.2b. 
amrto^si SMB. 1.5. 14. Cf. amrtam asi. 
amrtau somyaiii sadali AV.9.3.i9d. 
amrdhram sataye krtam vasuyiim RV.7. 67.5b. 
amrdhro vajasataye RV.8. 80.2b. 
amrnmayam : see amrnmayahi. 
ame devan dliad guha uisldan RV. 1.67.3b. 
amenang cij janivata9 cakartha RV.5.3i.2d; N.3.21. 
ameny asme nrmnani (TA. brahmfini) dharaya VS. 38.14; 

gB.; 'TA.4.10.2; 5.S.6; Apg.15.11. 2. P: 

ameny asme Kg. 2 6.6. 1 1. Cy; MS.4.9.9: 129.10. 
ameva nah suhava a hi gautana RV.2.36.3''; VS. 2 6.24''; 

AB.6.12.10; GB.2.2.22; Ag.5.5.19. P:ameva nah 

ame vi9vri adhitha indra kr.stlh RV.4.i7.7b. 
amestamasi.svahaVS.10.20; gB. Seeyamestam. 
amehayan vrsabhaiii madhyaajeh RV. 10. 102.5b; N.9.23b 


amair amitram ardaya RV.8.75.10C; SV.i.ii"; 2.998"; 

TS.; MS.4.11.6C: 175.13; KS.7.i7<:. 
amaisam cittaui prabudhaiii (TS.KS. prabudha) vi ne9at 

(KS. na9yatu) RV.10.128.6d; AV.5.3.2d; TS.4.7.i4.3d; 

amog asmah a9astyah AV. 12. 2.1 2d. 
amoci yaksmad duritad avartyai TB.^; ApMB. 

2.12.9"- (ApG.6.15.4). See amuktha. 
amoci fukro rajasah parastat AV. 13.2.80. 
amotam vaso dadyat AV.9.5.I4"'. 
amotam vaso mukham odanasya AV. 12.3.5 id. 
amota ga upasate (gg. ivasate) AV.20.127.5d; gg.12.14. 

amota putraka esani AV.20.127.5e; gg. 12.14. 1.40. 

amo namasi ChU.5.2.6. See amoisy amaiii etc. 

amoisi prana tad rtaiii bravlmi Ag.2.9.10*; gG.3.8.4»^; 

Kau9.74.20''; SMB.2.i.i4'\ P: amo^si GG.3.8.21; 

amoisi sarvaii asi pravistah gG.3.8.4b. See tinder amasi 

amoiham asmi sa (AB. sa) tvam AV.i4.2.7i''>^; KS.35.18b; 


57.4''; AG.I. 7.6=^; gG.i.13.4^; Kau9.79.10; PG.i.6.3";\ See amuham. 
amba dhrsnu virayasva (VS.gB. virayasva su) VS.ii.68<^; 

TS.4.i.9.i<:; MS.2.7.7C: 82.14; KS.16.7b; gB. 
amba nispara (TS.Apg. nisvara; KS. nisvara; MS. ni- 

smara) VS.6.36; TS.;; MS.i.3.4: 32.1; 

4-5-T- 73-20; KS.3.10; gB.; Apg.12.9.9. 
ambayo yanty adhvabhih RV.i. 23.16''; AV.1.4.1''; AB. 

2.20.19; KB.12. 2. Ps: ambayo yanti Vait. 16.10; Kau9. 

9.1,4; 19. i; 25.20; 37.1; 41.14; Rvidh.i.17.8; amba- 

yah; 14.51. 11. 
amba ea bula ca nitatni ca stanayanti cabhrayanti ca 

meghayanti ca cupunlka MS.2.8.13: 117. 3. P: amba 

ca bula ca Mg.6.2.2. See next. 
amba dula nitatnir abhrayanti meghayanti varsayanti 

cupunlka namasi TS. Sec p-ec, and cf. TB.3.1. 

4.1; ViDh.67.7. 
amba namasi KS. 40. 4; Apg.17.5.4; ViDh.67.7. 
ambayai sviiha TB.3. 1.4.1. 

ambikapataya umapataye pa9upataye {wanting in Ma- 
hanU.) namo namah TA.10.17.1 ; MahanU. 13.4. 
ambitame naditame RV.2.41.16''; AB.5.4.10; Ag.7.11. 

22. P: amblti(!) Rvidh.i.31.3; BrhD.2.137. 
ambe ambikeimbalike VS.23.r8''; gB.; ambe am- 

brily ambike TS.7.4.i9.i'',2'' [his), 3" {his); KSA.4.8'^ (his); 

TB.3. 9. 6. 3; Apg.20.17. 12, 17; 18.4; amby ambike am- 

balike MS.3.12.20'': 166.9. P: ambe KSA.4.8 (fcr); 


amby etc.: seeprec. 

ambhah kim asid gahanaiii gabhiram RV.i 0.129. id; TB.'!. 
ambhag ca nabha9 ca AV. 13.4.22. 
ambhag catyati gharma9 ca Apg.21.12.3'^. 
ambhasya pare bhuvanasya madhye T A. i o. i . i " ; MahanU. 

i.i^ Cy:ViDh.56.25; VHDh.5.378; 6.88; 7.301; 8.7. 


— ayam vidac 

ambhah (TS.^9- ambha) sthamblio vo bhakslyaTS. 1.5.6. i ; 

8.1; MS.i.5.2: 68.9; 1.5.9: 77.15; KS.7.1; gg.2.ii.6; 

ApQ.6.17.2; MQ.i. 6.2.8; MGr.2.3.6. P: ambhas stha 

KS.7.6,7 (&?s). See andha stha". 
ambho anio mahah sahah AV. i3.4.50'\ 
ambho aninaih rajatarii rajah sahah AV. 13.4.51^ 
ambhobhyah svahaTS. ; KSA.4.3; Ap(^.20.ii.i8. 
amyaksi sadma sadane prthivj^ah EV.6.ii.5<=; TB. 
amyak sa ta indra rstir asme EV.1.169.3''. P: amyak sa 

ta indra rstih N.6.15. 
aya a devayuih janam SV.1.23''. See ya im a etc. 
ayam ya iirvl mahina mahivratah RV.6,68.9<'. 
ayaiii yah puro vibhinatty (SV. vibhinaty) ojasa RV.8. 

33.70; AV.20.53.I''; 37.11C; SV.1.2970; 2.1046c. 
ayam yajamano bahubhya asarhgatebhyah TB. 

See ayam sutasuti yajamano. 
ayam j-ajamano mrdho vyasyatam (AQ. vyasyatu) TB.;<:; Apg.7.16.7. 
ayam yajfiah ViDh. 73.13. Jolly, hi the index to Ms edition, 

ayam yajiiah paramo. 
ayam yajiiah samasadad dhavisman TB.*; Ap^. 

ayam yajiio gatuvin nathavit prajavit AV. 11.1.15c. 
ayam yajiio devaya ayam miyedhah RV.i.177.4'^; A^. 

6. 1 1. 1 1. P: ayaiii yajiiah Designated as 

ayariiyajniya {so. rk) gg. 13.24.18. 
ayam j'ajiio bhuvanasya (AV. vi9vasya bhuvanasya) na- 

bhih EV.i. 164.35b; AV.9.10.14C; VS.23.62''; Lg.9. 

io.i4ti. See yajiiam ahur. 
ayaih yajiio yajamanasya bhagah TB.''. 
ayam yajfio vardhataiii gobhir a^vfiih KS.35.3^; TB.2.5. 

S.i'i; ApQ.9.i7.i\ P: ayam yajiiah KS.35.4; TB.3. 

12. I.I. 
ayam yatha na abhuvat RV.8. 102.8^; SV.2.297^ 
ayam yaj camaso devapanah AV. 18.3.53c. See esa yaf. 
ayam j-ah fveto ra9mih pari sarvam idam jagat prajam 

pag-un dhanany asmakaiii dadatu TA.3.11.10. 
ayam yah smjaye purah RV.4.i5.4'^. 
ayam j-ah somo nyadha^i'y asme EV.8.48.10C; TS.2.2.12. 

3C; MS.4. II. 2C: 164.10; KS.9.19C. 
ayam yo agnir marutah samiddhah RV.5.58.3C; MS.4. 11. 

2C: 167.9; TB. 
ayam yo abhifocayisnuli AV.6.20.3'\ Cf. ayani yo vifvan. 
ayam yo asya yasya ta idarh firah Mg.6.1.2. See ayaiii 

ayam yoni9 cakrma yaiii vayarii te RV.4.3.2'^. 
ayam yo baddhah suyato lalajjlti AV.6.1 1 i.i''. 
ayam yo bhurimulah AV.6.43.2^ 
ayam yo mamako vrsa TB. 2. 4. 7.1c. 
ayam yo vakro viparur \'yarigah AV.7.56.4'\ 
ayam yo vajrah purudha vivrttah EV.10.27.21". Cf. 

ayam yo vifvan haritan krnosi AV. 5.22.2''. Cf. ayaiii yo 

abhio, and vi^va rupani liarita. 
ayam yo^si yasya ta idam firah KS.38.12; Apg.16.6.3. 

See ayaih yo asya. 
ayam yo hota kir u sa yamas}-a'';^ 

ayam raksatu nali iirajam Kau5.89.13*!. Cf. ayaiii ^rai- 

ayam ranaya te sutah RV.8.17.12I'; AV. 20.5.6''; SV. 

ayam rathani ayunak saptaraymim EV.6.44.24''. 
ayam raja jagataf carsanlnam MS.4. 14. 13'!: 236.5; TB. 
ayam rajapriyaindrasyabhuj-at AV.4.22.4C; TB. 
ayam rocayad aruco rucanah RV.6.39.4'\ 
ayam lokah priyatamah AV.5.30. i7\ 
ayam loko jalam asit AV.8.8.8''. 
ayam va odanah ApQ.3.4.3. 
ayam vnjras tarpaj^atam rtasj-a AV.6.134.I"-. P; aj-am 

vajrah Kau9.47.i4,i8. 
ayam vatsa rtavarlh AV.3.13.7''; P: ayam vatsah Kauf. 

ayam vasuh piirovasuh TS.; MS.i.3.9: 33.10: 

KS.4.2; MQ. See iha vasuh etc., esa vasiih 

etc., aitu vasuh etc., and mayi vasuh etc. 
ayam vasur vidadvasuh TS.; MS.i.3.9: 33. ii; 

KS.4.2; Mg. See iha vasur etc., esa vasur etc., 

aitu vasur etc.. and niaj'i vasur etc. 
ayam vasuh saihyadvasuh TS.; MS.i.3.9: 33.11; 

KS.4.2; Mg.2 3.8.20. See iha vasuh etc., esa vasuh 

etc., aitu vasuh etc., and mayi vasuh etc. 
ayam vaste garbhaiii prthiv^-ah AV.i3.i.i6''; Kau9.54.10. 
ayam vam yajiio akrta pra9astim RV. 1.181.1c. 
ayam varii vatso matibhir 11a vindhate RV.8. 9.6c; AV. 


ayam vaiii krsno a9vina EV.8.85.3". 

ayam vaiii ghariiio a9vina RV.8. 9. 4"; AV.2o.I39.4^ 

ayam vajaiii (VS.VSK.QB. vajan) jayatu vajasatau VS. 5. 

37c; 7.44C; VSK.S.9.3C; TS.i. 3.4.1'!; 4.46.3d; MS.1.3. 

37'i: 43-15; KS.4.9''; 6.10C; gB.3.6.3.i2C;; 

TB.2.4.6.i2<l; A9.8.i4.4'J. See aharii vajaiii. 
ayam vajaiii bharati yaiii sanoti EV.4.17.9C. 
ayam vato antariksena yati EV. 1.161.14''. 
ayam vam adribhih sutah EV.8.22.8'\ 
ayam vam a9vina rathali PG.3.14.12''; HG. i.i2.2''; 

ApMB.2.21.19'1 (ApG.8.22.15). Cf vam etc. 
ayam vam ahve^vase 9aclvasu RV.7.74.1C; SV.1.304C; 

ayam vaiii pari sicyate RV.4.49.2^; TS.3.3.ii.i'\ 
ayam vam bhago nihita iyaiii glh RV. 1.183.4c. 
ayam vaiii bhago nihito yajatra RV.8.57.4''; AQ.9.11.19. 
ayam vaiii madhumattamah RV.i. 47.1^; SV.1.3D6''; <^(^. 

6.6.8; 9.20.16. P: ayaiii vam A9.4. 15.2. 
ayam vaiii mitravaruna RV.2.4I.4"-; SV.2.260"; VS.7.9^: 

TS.I.4.5.I"-; MS.i.3.7'^: 32.16; KS.4.2a; PB.12.8.3; 

gB.''; Ag..5.5.i2; 7.2.2; 3.9; 6.2; gg.7.2.3; 10. 

3-5; I2-I-3; Apg.12.14.12; Mg. P: ayaiii vam 

Kg. 9. 6. 8. 
ayam varii mitravaruna nrbhili sutah RV.i.i37.3f. 
ayam vayur upa9rota AB.7.24.3. See vayur upa9rota. 
ayam vasayad vy rtena purvih EV.6.39.4''. 
ayam vicarsanir hitali RV.9.62.10''; SV.i.5o8^ 
ayam vidac citradrfikam arnah RV.6.47.5<\ 

ayam vipraya — 


ayaiii vipiTiya cla9U8e EV. 10.35. 11 ". 

ayam vipro vacam arcan niyachan A^.S-iz.a^. 

ayam vifaih vi9patir astu raja AV.4.22.3I'; TB.'. 

ayam vifva abhi friyah RV.8.i02.9f^; SV.2.2g8a. 

ayam vifvani tisthati RV.9.54.3"'^; SV.2.io7'\ 

ayam vLskandhaiii sahate AV.2.4.3^ 

ayam vrtaf catayati samicih RV.4.i7.9^ 

ayam vedah prtliivim anvavindat KS.31.14''; TB.3.7.6. 

i3'\-'i; M9.*. 
ayam vena9 codayat pi-fnigarbhali'^; VS.". 
16"; TS.i.4.8.ia; MS.i.3.iO''i: 34.1; KS.4.3"'; AB.1.20. 
2; 3.30.3; KB.8.5: gB.4.2.i.8-%io^; Ag.4.6.3; 5-18.5;''. Ps: ayaiii venaf codayat Ap9-i2.14.13; 
ayaiii venah VS.33.21, 33,47,58,73 ; W.5-9-I7; 8.3.15; 
15.3-9; Kg.; M9. 
ayam vai tvat tvam asniad ayaiii te yonis tvam asya 

yonili gg.4. 14.36. See next two. 
ayam vai tvad asniad asi tvam etad ayaiii te yonir asya 
yonis tvam pita putraya lokakrt JB. 1.47. See prec. and 
ayam vai tvam asmad adhi tvam etad ayaiii vai tad asya 
yonir asi, vaifvanarah putrali pitre lokakrt TA.6.1.4. 
Seep)-ec. tivo. 
ayam tvam ajanayad ayaiii tvad adliijayatam asau 
svaha gg.4.14.36. See asmad vai tvam, and asmat 
tvam adhijato. 
ayam vogarbhartviyali VS.11.48c; TS.4. 1.4.4''; 5-i-5-io; 
MS.2.7.5C: 79.13; KS.16.4c; gB. (7/ ayaiii te 
ayam vo gostlia ilia posayi.snuh AV.3.14.6''. 
ayam vo bandhur ito mapagata MS.i.5.2: 68.11; 1.5.9: 

77.19; KS.7.1,7. See iliaiva sta mapa gata. 
ayam vo yajiia rbhavoikari EV.4.34.3^ 
ayaiii vo yajno madhuna samaktali AV.18.3.14''. 
ayam ^atrun jayatu jarhrsanali (VS.^B. add svaha) VS.5. 
37'1; 7-44''; VSK.9.2.4d;'TS.i. 3-4-1^-; 4.46.3''-; MS.1.3. 
37<=: 43.15; KS.4.9«; 6.iod; gB.3.6.3.i2d;'!; 
TB.; Ag.8.i4.4c. ,See ahaiii ^atrun. 
ayam 9ardhaya vitaye RV.9. 105.3''; SV.2.450''. 
ayam 9astadliipatir vo astu TS.5. 7.4.4''. 
ayam 9ivabliimar9anali RV. 10.60.12''; AV.4.13.6'1. 
ayam 9ukro ayilmi te RV.2.41.2''; 8.101.9'!; ArS.2.6''; 

VS.27.291^; 33.8.5d. 
ayam 9rnve adlia jayann uta glinan RV.4. 17.10"; MS.4. 

14.12": 235.5; TB.\ 
ayam 9re3Tui cikituse ranaj'a RV.6.41.4I'. 
ayam 9iaisthye dadhatu nali (PG. nau) gG.3.7.2'1; PG.3. 

2.7<!. Cf. ayam raksatu. 
ayam sad urvir amimlta dhirali RV.6.47.3C. 
ayam saiiivatsarah sarvesaiii bhutanaiii pranair apa jji-a- 

sarpati cotsarpati ea TA. 1.14.3. 
ayam sa jajne dhruva a nisattali RV.6.9.4C. 
ayam sa devo apsv antali AV.i3.3.i5^ 
ayam saptabhya a vararii vi vo made EV. 10.25. i ic. 
ayam samaha ma tanu RV. 1.120. 11 ». 
ayam samudra ilia vi9vadevyab (TB.ApQ. vi9vabhesajali) 
RV.i. 110.1'=; TB.; ApQ.3.ii.2c. 

ayam sa yasya 9armann avobliih RV. io.6.i'>; MS.4. 

14.15": 241.2. 
ayam sa yo divas pari RV.9. 39.4"; SV.2.250". 
ayam sa yo varimanaiii prthivyali RV.6.47.4". 
ayam sarahsi dhavati RV.9. 54. 2!^; SV.2.106''. 
ayam sa (gg. su) vam a9vina bliaga a gatam AV.7.73.4''; 

Ag.4.7.4''; g9.5-io.21i'. 
ayam sa 9inkte (AV. 9iiite) yena gaur abliivrta RV. 1.164. 

29"; AV.9.10.7"; JB.2.26o(265)"; N.2.9". 
ayam sa sunuh sahasa rtava RV.6.i2.i'=. 
ayam sa soma indra te sutah pibaRV.6.43. 1C-4C; SV. 1.392c. 
ayam sahasramanavo dr9ah kavlnam matir jyotir vi- 
dliarma (Apg. vidliarma) SV.1.458; Apg.2i.g.i5; Mg. 
7.2.3 (corrupt). P: ayam saliasramanavah PB.4.9.1; 
Svidh.i.6.2; 3.1.4. See next. 
ayam sahasram a no dr9e kavlnarii matir jyotir vidhar- 
mani AV.7.22.1. P: ayaiii sahasram Vait. 13.8 ; Kau9. 
66.14. See prec. 
ayam sahasram rsibhih sahaskrtah RV.8.3.4"; AV.20. 
104.2^; SV.2.958"; VS.33.83\ P: ayarii sahasram VS. 
ayam sahasrasatamah TS.; KS.7.14C. Cf. saha- 

ayam sahasra pari yukta vasanah SV.2.II95'''. 
ayam sa hota yo dvijannia RV.i.i49.5"-; SV.2.1126". P: 
ayaiii sa hota Lg.3.7.10 ('?both text and conim., ayaiii 
sa holla), 
ayam sindhubhyo abhavad u lokakrt RV.9. 86. 21''; SV. 

ayam sutas tasya piba madaya RV. 1.104.9'); AV. 20.8.2''. 
ayam sutali sumakha ma mrdhas kali RV.2.18.4'1. 
ayam sutasuti yajamanah TB. 2. 6.1 5.1. 
ayam sutasuti yajamano bahubhya asaiiigatebhyali TB.2. 

6.15.2. Sec ayaiii yajamano bahubhya. 
ayam su tubhj^aiii varuna svadhavah RV.7.86.8"; Ag.3. 

ayam su vam etc. : see ayarh sa vam. 
ayam surj^a ivopadrk RV.9. 54. 2"; SV.2.106". 
ayam surye adadhaj jyotir aiitah RV.6.44.23''. 
ayam so agnir aliutah purutra RV.7.1.16". 
ayam so agnir yasmin somam indrali RV.3.22.1"; VS. 12. 

47"; TS."; MS.2.7.11": 89.8; KS.16.11"; gB.7. 

1. 1. 22. P: ayarii so agnih TS.5. 2. 3. 3; KS.20.1; Kg. 

17.1.8; Apg.16.14.5; Mg.6.1.5; — 6.2.2;— 6.2.6. 
ayarii soma indra tubhyarii sunve EV.7.29.1"; 9.88.1"; 

SV.2.821"; KB.26.11. Ps: ayarii soma indra tubhyarii 

sunva a tu (RV.7.29.1) AB.5.20.8; Ag.8.ii.i; ayarii 

soniah gg. i o. i o. 4 ; Lg. 4.7.1. 
ayarii somah kapardine RV.9. 67. 11". 
ayarii soma9 camu sutah RV.5.5r.4"; Cf. 

ayarii somah suto (!) iha Apg.2i.i9.i9'\ 
ayarii somah sudanavah RV.1.45.100. Cf. BrliD.3.111. 
ayarii somo asurair no vihavyah RV.i. 108.6''. 
ayarii somo4yareei Kg. 12. 6.1. 
ayarii somo madhuman vajinlvasu RV.8.9.4C; AV.20. 



ayam somo vrsno afvasya retah EV. 1.164.35c; AV.9. 10. 

14''; VS.23.62c; L9.9.10.14C. Sec somam ahur. 
ayam stuto rajavandi vedhah EV. 10.61.16". 
ayam stuvana agamat AV. 1.8.2*. 
ayam sraktyo manih AV.8.5.4''. 
ayam sruvo abhijiharti (Kau9. vidadhati) lioman Ap9.4. 

ayam SYasya pitur ayudhani EV. 6. 4 4. 22c. 
ayam svadur ilia madistha asa EV.6.47.2*. 
ayam ha tubhyaiii varuno hrnlte EV. 7.86. 3d. 
ayam ha yad varii devaya u adrih EV. 7.68.4''. 
ayam ha yena va idam EV.8.76.4I; AB.5. 12.12; KB. 23. 

I ; A(^.8.8.2. P: ayam ha yena Q(^. 10.6.9. 
ayam hi te amartyah EV.10.144.1''. Cf. BrhD.8.55. 
ayam hi te funahotresu somah EV.2. 18.60. 
ayam hi tva svadhitis tetijanah VS.5.43"; ^^ 

P: ayarii hi tva K9.6. i.i8. See yaiii tvam ayaiii 

ayam hi neta varuna rtasya EV. 7.40.4*. 
ayarii hota prathamali pa9yatemam EV.6.9.4* 
ayarii homah sahasrahah AV.8.8.17''. 
ayaksmarii sumana asat VS.16.4d; TS.<J;^; 

KS.17.11d; Nilai'U.6d. See samgatyaiii, and sariigame 

ayaksmaihkaranir apali AV. 19.2.5I'. 
ayaksmarii kniu jivatu AV.5.29.i3d. 
ayaksmaih ca me^namayao ca me VS.18.6; TS.; 

MS.2.11.3: 141. 11; KS.18.9. 
ayaksmatatirii maha iha dhattam AV.4.25.5C. 
ayaksmarii bahupurusam Kau9.20.5'l. 
ayaksmaya pari bhuja VS.i6.iiii; TS.4.5.i.4d; MS. 2. 9. 

2'': 122.8; NilarU.i7d. See ayaksmena. 
ayaksman iita purusan AV.6.59.2d. 
ayaksma bahusuvanh HG. 1.18.2b. 
ayaksma brhatir isah EV.9.49.10; SV.2.785C. 
ayaksma yaksmanaganih AV.3.12.9''; 9.3.231". 
ayaksmaya tva sariisrjami prajabhyah VS. 11.53d; TS.4. 

1.5.2; MS.2.7.5d: 80.4; KS.16.5d; gB. Cf. 

ayaksma vah. 
ayaksmaya prajabhyah VS.11.38l'; TS.4.i.2.4t; MS.2. 

7.4b: 78.5; KS. 16.4b; gB. 
ayaksma vah prajaya sariisrjami KS.1.3*; 31.2; TB.3.7. 

4.15"; Apg.i.i2.ii* i4'',i7; Mg.i. 1.3.17a. Cf. aya- 
ksmaya tva. 
ayaksmena pari bhuja KS. 1 7. iid. See ayaksmaya etc. 
ayarii kakslvato maho vi vo made EV. 10.25.100. 
ayarii kanina rtupa avedi EV. 10.99. lo". 
ayarii kalirii patayantam ApMB.2.13.7* (ApG.6.15.6). 
ayarii kavim anayac chasyamanam EV. 10.99.9c. 
ayarii kavir akavisu pracetah EV.7.4.4a. 
ayarii kasya cid druhatad abhike Ag.6. 12.2c. 
ayarii kumaro jararii dhayatu sarvam ayur etu HG.2.4. 

3*'^; ApMB.2.i3.2"-b (ApG.6.15.5). 
ayarii krtnur agrbhitah EV.8.79.1*; TB.*; Ag.2. 

18.15. Cf BrhD.6.97. 
ayarii kravyadam anv agat AV. 12. 2.43b. 
ayarii girbhih pariskrtah EV.10.135.7d. 

— ayam te 

ayarii gosu ^acya pakvam antah EV.6. 44.24c. 

ayarii grava prthubudhno vayodhah AV.12.3.14* P: 

ayarii grava Kau9.61.18. 
ayarii gha sa turo madah EV. 10.25. 10*. 
ayarii ghcaso ayarii vrajah AV.4. 38.7c. P; ayaui ghasah 

ayachatha bahvor vajram ayasam EV. 1.52.8c. 
ayaj jyayun kaniyaso desnam EV.7.2o.7b. 
ayajnasaco apyo na putrah EV.6.67.9d. 
ayajniyad yajiiiyariii bhagam emi EV. 10. 124.3d. 
ayajniyan yajuiyan manyamanah MS.2. 3. 8*: 36.18. See 

under adanyan. 
ayajniyo hatavarca bhavati AV.i2.2.37\ 
ayajyiirii 9iivasas pate EV.1.131.4C; AV.20.75.2e. 
ayajvanah pramrnan devapiyun AV. 11.2.23b. 
ayajvanah saksi vi9vasmin bhare EV. 10.49. id. 
ayajvano vibhajann eti vedah EV. 1.103. 6d. 
ayajvanam adevayum EV.8.7o.iib. 
ayajvanah sanakah pretim lyuh EV. i.33.4d. 
ayajvano yajvabhi spardhamanah EV. 1.33.5b. 
ayarii cakram isanat suryasya EV.4.17.14*. 
ayarii catuh9aravo ghrtavan apupah HG.2.14.4* 
ayarii ca brahmanaspatih AV.6.5.3d; 87.3d; VS.17.52d;; 135.8; KS.18.3d; TB.2.4.2. 

pd; Apg.14.27.7d. See tasnia u bra", and cf. ayaiii 

devo brhaspatili. 
ayarii ca somo hrdi yarii bibharmi EV. 10.32. gd. 
ayarii cid vato ramate parijman EV.2.38.2d. 
ayarii caudumbaro manih AV. 19.31. lod. Cf ayam 

ayam jarimnah 9evadhih AV.7.53.5C. 
ayarii jayata manuso dharlmani EV. 1.128.1*; AB.5. 12.4 i 

KB.23.6; Ag.8.1.9; gg.18.23.11. P: ayarii jayata gg. 

ayarii jivatu ma mrta AV.8.2.5'\ 
ayarii jlvatur agamat EV.10.60.7b; JB.4.i69b 
ayatanta carato anyad-anyad it EV.2.24.50. 
ayad adhvaryur havisava siudhum EV.5.37.2d. 
ayanarii ma vivadhir (TAA. "badhir) vikramasva TA. 

3.15.ld; TAA.IO.49d. 
ayarii ta aghrne sutah EV.9.67.12*. 

ayarii ta idhma atma jatavedah AG.i. 10.12*; HG.1.2.11". 
ayarii ta iudra somah EV.8.17.11*; AV.20.5.5*; SV.r. 

159^; 2-75^; PB.9.2.8; Ag.6.4.10; gg.9.ii.T; Svidli. 

1.7.6; 2.5.3. 
ayarii ta emi tauva purastat EV.8.100,1* Cf. BrhD. 

6. II 7. 
ayarii talpah pratarano vasunam MG.2.7.8*. Cf. vasor 

dharaih, and madhor dhararii. 
ayarii tasmad garhapatyo no agnih AV.6. 120.1c; 121. 20. 

See under agnir nas tasmad enasah. 
ayarii tlvras tlvrasud indra somah gg. 14. 2 1.2*. 
ayarii tubhyam AG. 1.12.4. 
ayarii te astu haryatah EV.3.44. i*; AB.4.3.2; AA. ; 

Ag.6.2.5; gg.i8.ii.3. 
ayarii te asmy upa mehy (AV. na ehy) arvari EV. 10.83. 

t^; AV.4. 32. 6*. 


ayam te — 

ayam te krtyrvm vitatrun'''. 

ayam te gopatis tarn jusasva AV. i8.3.4<'. 

ayamte manuse jane EV. 8. 64.10='; AQ.6.4.10; ^^.9.11.1. 

ayam te yonir rtviyah^^; AV.3.20.i='; VS.3. 

14"; 12.52"-; 15.56"; TS.i. 5.5.2"^; 7-2; 3-4.I0.4; 4-2.4- 

3^;"-; MS.I.5-I'': 66.4; 1.5.5: 74.1; 1.5.6: 74. 

7; 1. 6.1"-: 85.7; KS.2.4"-; 6.9^ 7.4,5; i6.ii"-; iB.iS"-; 

23.6; JB.1.61''; gB.''; 7.1. 1. 28;; TB. 

i.2.i.i6^;^ Ag.3.10.5; Big.i. 5.2.8; 6.3.2; —2. 

1.3. 14; — 6.1.1; —6.2.6; —8.25; Apg.5.8.5; 6.28.9; 

16.14. 6; JabU.4''. Ps: ayam te yonili GB. 2.4.9 (tis); 

gg.2.11.2; 17.3; Vait. 24.14(6(8); 28.25; 38.14; Kg.5. 

3.1; gG.5.1.3; Kau5.18.13; 40.11; 41.8; ayam te MS. 

2.7.3: 78.4; 2. 7. 11: 90.3; 2.12.4: 148.10. Cf. ayaiii 

vo garblia. 
ayam te 9aryanavati KV.8.64. 1 1". 
ayam te stomo agriyah RV. 1.16.7". 
ayam trili sapta duduhana a^iram EV.9.86.2I'-'; SV. 

ayam tridhatu divi rocanesu EV.6.44.23''. 
ayam tvad adhijayatam TA.6.4.2b. See tvad ayam. 
ayam tva sarvasmat papat AV. 10.3.40. 
ayam daksaya sadhanah^.^'^; SV.2.45o\ 
ayam daksina viyvakarma VS.13.53; 15.16; TS.4.3.2.I ; 

4.3.1;; MS.2.7.19: 104.3; 2.8.10: 114.16; 

KS.16.19; 17.9; 20.9; gB.; 4.2; 6.1.17. 
ayam darbho vimanyukah AV.6.43.i\ P: ayarii darbhah 

ayam da9asj'an naryebhir asya'\ 
ayam diva iyarti vi9vam a rajah EV.9.68.9''. 
ayam dlrghaya caksase EV. 8. 13.30"-. 
ayam devah sahasa jayamanah EV.6.44.22"''. Cf. BrliD. 

ayam deva ihaivastu AV.8. i.i8\ 
ayarii devanam na minati bhagam AV. 14.1.331". 
ayarii devanam apasam apastamah EV.i«i 60. 4". 
ayarii devanam asuro vi rajati AV. i^ P: ayaiii 

devanam Kau9. 25.37. 
ayarii devaya janmane EV.1.20.1''; AB.5.17.9; KB.26.10; 

Ag.8.9.5. P: ayarii devaya gg. 1 0.9. 1 6. C/: BrhD.3.90. 
ayarii devebhyo madhumattamah (SV. '^rah) sutali EV.9. 

105.3=; SV.2.450C. 
ayarii devesu jagrvih EV.9.44.3<\ 
ayarii devo brliaspatili EV.10.17.13C; KS.34.19C; 35.8"; 

Vait.i6.i7c(j,(s); Apg. 14.16.1''. Cf. ayaiii ca brahma- 

ayarii devo vanaspatili AV.6.85.1I); io.3.5'',8-. See idaiii 

devo etc., and cf. raja devo. 
ayarii dyavaprthivl vi skabhayat EV.6.44.24'\ 
ayam dyotayad adyuto vy aktun EV.6.39.3\ 
ayarii dhenurii sudugharii nityavatsam AV.9.4.21C. Cf. 

atharvane su^. 
ayarii dhruvo raylnarii ciketa yat (SV. ciketad a) EV.9. 

102. 40; SV.i.ioic. 
ayann arthani krnavann aparisi EV.7.63.4'1;"l 

See ayann etc. 
ayarii nabha vadati valgu vo gyhe EV. 10.f12.4-''. 


ayarii nasatya 9rad arir j^atha dadhat'1. 

ayam nidhih sarame adribudhnah EV. 10. 108.71. 

ayarii no agnir adhyaksah (gG. bhagavan) gG.3.7.2''; 

Kau9.89. 13"-. See under ayam agnir vlratamah. 
ayarii no agnir varivas (TS.KS.Ag.Apg. varivah) krnotu 

VS.5.37"; 7-44^ TS.i.3.4.i''>'; 4-46.3"; MS.i.3.37=': 

43.14; KS.4.9"; 6.10^ gB.'1; 4-3-4.I3"; Ag.8. 

14.4"^; Apg.ii.17.3; Mg.8.23. Ps: ayarii no agnih 

MS.4.11.4: 172.9; Vait.4.21; Mg.; ayarii nali 

Kg.8.7.9; 10.2.8. 
ayarii no devah savita brhaspatih ApMB. 1.7.12''^ (ApG. 

ayarii nonabhasaspatih AV.6.79. 1"; GB.2.4.9; Vait.31.4; 

Kau9.2r.7. See next. 
ayarii no nabhasa purah TS.^5; Apg.13.24.19. 

See prec. 
ayarii no bhagavattarah gG.3.7.2''. See ayarii no vasu", 

and ayarii bhaga°. 
ayarii no mahyah param ApMB. 1.6. 13"- (ApG. 2. 6.1). 
ayarii no raja vrtraha TS.''; TB.''; Apg.18. 

II. I. 
ayarii no vasuvittamah Kau9.89.i3'\ See under ayarii no 

ayarii no vidvan vanavad vanusyate EV.9. 7 7. 4"-. 
ayarii no vi9vabhesajah AV.2.4.3C. 
ayan masa ayajvaiiam avirah EV.7.61.4C. 
ayabhya kanya kalyani AV. 20. 128.8''; gg. 12. 2 1.2. 3'=. 
ayam akrnod usasah supatnlh EV.6.44.23''. 
ayam agnih purisyah VS.3. 40!*; Ag.2.5.i2'>-; gg.2.15.4''. 
ayam agnih prtanasat suvlrah EV.3. 29.9c; AV.11.1.2C. 
ayam agnir aniumuhat AV.3.2.2»-. 
ayam agnir upasadyah AV.5.30.1 1". 
ayam agnir urusyati EV.10.176.4a; TS. 3. 5.11.1"; MS. 4. 

10.4a: 152.1;"; AB.1.28.17. P: ayam agnih 

ayam agnir grhapatih VS. 3. 39"; gB.''; Ag.2.5.12"^; 

ayam agnir didayad dirgham eva AV.3.8.3C. 
ayam agnir vadhi'ya9vasya vrtiaha EV. 10.69.12". 
ayam agnir varenyah AV.7.53.6'i; TS.i.3.14.4'1; TA.2.5. 

il>;'; gG.i. 25.7b 
ayam agnir vlratamah PG.3.2.7". See ayam agnih 9re- 

sthatamah, and ayarii no agnir adhyaksah. 
ayam agnir viratamo vayodhah VS.15.52"; TS."-: 

MS.2.12.4": 147.13; KS.17.14-''; gB. Ps: ayam 

agnir vlratamah MS.4.12.4: 190.11; ayam agnih KS. 

39.14; Mg. 
ayam agnih 9resthatamah TS."; KS.7.14"; Svidh, 

3.4.4. See under ayam agnir vlratamah. 
ayam agnih satisatir vrddhavrsnah AV.7.62.1". P: ayam 

agnih satpatih Va it. 29.9; Kau9.69.7. See next. 
ayam agnih satpati9 cekitanah VS. 15.51^; TS.'; 

MS.2. 12.413: 147.11; KS.i8.i8b; gB. See prec. 
ayam agnih sahasrinah EV.8.75.4"; VS.15.21"; TS.2.6. 

II. I";"; MS.2.7.15": 97-17; 2-13-7: 155-13; 4- 

II. 6: 175. i; KS.7.17; 16,15"; Ag.i.6.i; gg.2.11.2; 

Mg.6.1.7; — 6.2.2. P: ayam agnih Ag.4.13.7. 


— ayam mitraya 

ayam agnih suviryasya EV.3.16.1'^; SV.1.60"; QQ.S.^.-j; 

ayam agne jarita tve abhud api EV. 10. 142.1^ P: ayam 

agne jarita Evidh.4.1 i.i. Cf. BrliD.S.54. 
ayam agne tve api EV.2.5.8''; 8.44.28"^. 
ayam amusyapitasav asya pita 20; 23.65 ; VSK.29. 

36; QB. /See asav amusya. 
ayam asau (KS. asa amusyayanah) KS.23.5; ApMB.2.1.3. 
ayam astu dhanapatir dhananam AV.4.2 2.3^ 
ayam astu yafastamali KS.7.14^'. 
ayam astu samgamano vasunam (^G.i.'i.g^; 3.4-2''. 
ayam. asman vanaspatih EV. 3. 5 3.20''. 
ayam asmasu kavyah EV. 10. 144.2^ 
ayam asmi jaritah pa9ya meha EV.S.ioo.4'\ Cf.BrhD. 

6. 1 18. 
ayam asmiti purusali 9B. 14. 7. 2. 16''; BrhU.4.4.16''. 
ayam asmlty etya AV. 1.7.4'^. 
ayam asyasau yasya ta ime agnayah Ap9-9'ii-23. 
ayam ahaiii bhoh ^G. 1.6.3. See aham ayaiii bhoh, andcf. 

under asav asmi. 
ayam a pyayatarii punah AV.6.78.2^; ApMB. 1.8.6I). 
ayam a yaty aryama AV.6.60.1''. P: ayam a yati Kauf. 

ayam id vai pratlvartah AV.8.5. 16*. 
ayam indra vrsakapili EV. i o. 8 6. i S'^ ; AV. 20.126.18". 
ayam iudro marutsakha EY.8.76.2^ 
ayam iha prathamo dhayi dhatrbhih EV.4. 7.1"^; VS. 3. 1 5-' ; 

15.26^ 33.6^ TS.i.5.5.1^ T.2.; MS.i.s.i'': 63.12; i. 

15.5: 73-14; 1.15.6: 74-5; KS.6.9'-'; 7.4,5; AB.1.28.10; 

gB.2.3.4.i4-i; Ag.2.17.7; Mg.i. 6.2.4. P: ayam ilia MS. 

2-7-3: 77-19; 2.13-5: 154.3; 99.2-11-2; Kg.17.12.8. 
ayam ihagato arva AV.20. 129.11. 
ayam tyata rtayugbhir ajvaih EV.6.3g.4«. 
ayam ugro vihavyo yathasat VS.8.46d; 17.24'!; TS.4.6. 

2.6d; 133.15; KS.18.2d; gB.''. 
ayam uta pra krnute yudha gah EV.4. 17. lo^'; MS.4.14. 

12'- 235.5; TB. 
ayam u te sam atasi EV.i.30.4"^; AV.20. 45.1"; SV.i. 

183a; 2.949''; Vait.39.9; 41-13; N.I. 10. 
ayam u te sarasvati vasistbah EV.7.95.6"; MS.4.14.7'': 

ayam uttarat samj-advasuh VS. 15.18; TS.; MS. 2. 

8.10: 115.2; KS.17.9; (^ 
ayam u tva vicarsane EV.8.17.7^; AV.20. 5.1'' ; GB.2.3. 14 ; 

Vait. 21.2. 
ayam upary arvagvasuh VS. 15. 19; TS.; MS. 2. 8. 

10: 115. 5; KS.17.9; (J3B.8.6.I.20. 
ayam u vaiii purutamo raylyan EV.3.62.2''. 
ayam U9anah pary adrim usrah EV.6.39.2". 
ayam u sya pra devayuh EV.10.176.3"; TS.3. 5.11,1*;'i: 151. 14; KS.15.12"; AB.1.28.13. P: ayam 

ayam u sya sumahan avedi EV.7.8.2^ 
ayam urjavato vrksah QG.1.22.10'*; SMB.1.5.1*; GG.2. 

7.4; PG.i.15.6'1; KiiG.2.2.25. 
ayam urjoiyarii rasali MG.2.11.11^. 
ayam eka ittha puru EV.8.2 5.i6^ 

ayam emi vicaka9at EV. 10.86. 19*; AV.20. 12 6.1 9". 

ayam aukso atho bliagah AV.2.36.7I'. 

ayam audumbaro manih AV.i9.3i.i4^ Cf. ayaiii cau- 

ayam pantha anuvittah puianah EV.4.i8.i'». 
ayam panthah krtya iti tva nayamali^ 
ayam payah somarii krtva TB.''; ApQ.i. 13.15*. 
ayam pafcad (MS. pa9ca) vidadvasuh MS.2.8.10: 114.19; 

ayam pa9cad (MS. pa9ca) vi9vavyacah VS. 13.56; 15.17; 

TS.; 4.3.1;; MS.2.7.19: 104.6; KS.16. 

19; 20.9; 9B.; 4.2; 6.1. 18. P: ayam pa9cat 

Kg. 1 7.6. 4. 
ayam pitfnam agnili TB. 3.7. 4.5*; Ap9.4.2.i*. 
ayam pipana indra it AV.9.4.21*. 
ayam pita indur indraiii made dhat Ag.6. i2.2l\ 
ayam plyusaiii tisrsu pravatsu EV.6.47.40. 
ayam punana usaso vi rocayat (SV. usaso arocayat) EV. 

9.86.21*; SV.2.173*. 
ayam puro bhuvah (MS.KS.Mg. bhuh) VS. 13.54; TS.4.3. 

2.1;; MS.2.7.19: 103.15; Ks.16.19; 20.9; gB. 
8.1. 1. 4; 4.2; Apg.16.32.1; 20.19.12; 21.13.9; Mg.6.i. 

8; — 7.2.1; — 7.2.6. P: ayam purali Kg. 17.6.3; 12.2. 
ayam puro harike9ah stiryara9mih VS.15.15; TS.; 

MS.2.8.10: 114.13; KS.17.9; gB.8.6.i.i6. P: ayam 

puro harikejah Apg. 17.3.7; Mg.6.2.2. 
ayaiii pusa rayir bhagah EV.9. 101.7*; SV.1.546*; 2.168*; 

KS.9.19*; PB. 1 1. 10.5. 
ayam prnatu rajaso vimanam KS.37.9'^. 
ayairi praka9a urv antariksam EV. 10. 124.6''. 
ayam pratisaro manih AV.8.5.1*. P: ayaiii pratisarah 

Kau9. 19.22; 39.7. 
ayam prastara ubhayasya dharta TB.*; Apg.4. 

ayam prana9 capana9 ca TB.*; Apg.2.8.6*. 
ayam babliuva bliuvanasya garbhah TB. 
ayam balir va ahutah AV. 11.10.5". 
ayam badliate atrinah AV.2.4.3I'. 
ayam bibharty urdhvakr9anaiii madam EV.10.144.2c. 
ayam bradlinasya vistapi AV. 13.1.16c. 
ayam brabmanah Kg.7.4.11. P: ayam Kg.16.5.24. 
ayam bhagavattamah TS.i. 5.10.2^; PG.3.2.7b. See under 

ayaiii no bhaga". 
ayam bharaya sanasih EV.9.106.2*; SV.2.45* 
ayam manir varano varayis5^ate AV. 10.3.6^. 
ayam manir varano vifvabliesajah AV. 10.3.3*. 
ayaiii manih sapatnaha suvlrah AV.8.5.2*. 
ayam matavaii chakuno yatha hitah EV.9.86.13*. 
ayam manlsam U9atim ajigah EV.6.4 7.3f'. 
ayam mahan mahata skambhanena EV.6.47.5*'. 
ayam matayaiii pita EV.i 0.60. 7*; JB.4.i69a. Cf.BrhD. 

ayam mamutra gad itah AV.8.1.18''. 
ayam ma lokoinusamtanutam Vait. 7. 12. 
ayaiii mitrasya varunasya dhayase EV. 1.9 4. 12*. 
ayam mitraya varunaya 9amtamah EV.1.136.4*. P: 

ayam mitraya gg. 10.8.3. 


ayam mitro — 

ayarii mitro namasyah su9evah RV.3.59.4''; TB.2.8. 

ayam mOrdha paramesthi suvarcah TS.''. 
ayam mrdliah pura etu prabhindan VS.S.sTb; 7.44''; TS.'; 4.46-3''; MS.i.3.37'': 43-14; KS.4.9I'; 6.10''; 

gB.3.6.3.i2b; 4-3-4-13''; Ag.8.14.41'. 
ayam me kamah samrdhyatam VS.26.2; ^(^.4.10.3. 
ayam me devah savita tad aha RV. 10.27.18''. 
ayam me pita ud ij^arti vacara RV.6.47.3^. 
ayam me bhagavattai-ah RV.10.60.12i>; AV.4.i3.6i\ 
ayam me raddhah MS. 4. 5. 2: 65.16. 
ayam me vaj rah papmanam apahanat PG. 2. 7. 7. P : ayaiii 

me vajrah YDh.1.136. 
ayam me varana urasi AV.10.3.11''. 
ayam me varano manih AV. 10.3.1''^. P : ayam me varanah 

Kau9. 19.22. 
ayam me vi9vabhesajah RV.10.60.12c; AV.4.13.6C. 
ayam me hasto bhagavan RV. 10.60. i2'^; AV.4.i3.6\ 

Cf. BrhD.7.102. 
ayavanam (TS. aya°) adhipatj^am VS.14.26; TS.; 

MS.2.8.5: 110.2; KS.17.4; 21. 1, 
ayag 9ando marko upavira ulukhalah ApMB.2.i3.9*i' 

(ApG.6.15.6). See 9anda. 
ayahgipra vajinah simiskah RV.4.37.4i\ 
ayahgirsa maderaghuh RV.8.ioi.3«. 
ayasa manasa dhrtah AP9.3.11.20; ApMB. 1.5.18c; HG. 

1.26.13C. Sec ayasan manasa, and ayasa manasa. 
ayasa havyam uhise Apg.3.ii.2<i; ApMB.i.5.i8<i; HG. 

1.26.13d. Sec aya san havyam, and cf. aya no yajnarii. 
ayasi trlni tapasavistitani AV.5.28.1'1. 
ayasthunam (MS. ayahsthunam; TS. ayasthunav) udita 

(MS.TS.KS. iiditrui) suryasya RV.5.62.8''; TS.i.8.i2.3i'; 

MS.2.6.9'': 69.11; KS.I5.7''. tSce ubhfiv indra. 
ayasmayam vicrta (KS. vi9rta) bandham etam VS. 12. 63''; 

TS.'; MS.2.7.12I': 90.17; KS.16.12i>; 9B.7.2.1. 

10. See ayasmayan. 
ayasm.ayas tam v adama viprali RV.5.30. 15''. 
ayasmayan vi crta bandhapa9an AV.6. 63.2''; 84.3''. Sec 

ayasmayam vi". 
ayasmaye drupade iha AV.6.63.3''^; 84.4''. 
ayasmayena brahmana Kaii9.46.55<i. 
ayasmayenankena AV.7. 115.1". 
ayasmayaih pa9air ankino ye caranti AV. 19.66. ii>. 
aya iva pari caranti devah RV.i 0.116.90. 
aya l9anas tavisibhir avrtah RV.i.87.4b. 
ayansam. agne suksitiiii janaya RV.2.35.i5^ 
ayaiisam. u maghavadbhyah suvi-ktim RV.2.35.15'1. 
aya krpa na juryati RV.i.128.2*?. 
aya citto vipanaya RV.9.65.12'1; SV.2.i55-\ 
ayajitag casaiiiyajyah RVKh.9.67.i3<=. Cf. next. 
ayajyasyaeayajanamBDh.3.6.5''; ViDh.48.22<i. Cf.prec. 
ayat (gg. ayal) Ag.5.5.26; gg.7.4.11; Vait.19.13; Mg. 
ayat prajapateh priya dhamani TB. 
ayat priya dhamani Ag.i.3.14. Cf. priya dhamany ayat. 
ayat sarasvatya mesasya (KS. mesya) havisah priya dha- 
mani VS.21. 47 ; KS.18.21. 


ayat (Mg. ayastam) somasya priya dhamani KS. 18.21; 

gB.i.7.3.10; TB.; Mg. See somasyayat. 
ayat somasyajyasya havisah priya dhamani MS.4.13.7: 

ayad (gg. ayal) agnir (Mg. ayastam agnlvarunav) agneh 

priya dhamani MS.4.13.7: 209.3; KS.18.21; 32.1; gB. 

1. 7.3.10; TB.3.5.7-5; gg-i-9-2; Mg. Prayad 

agnih Ag. 1.6.3. C/ ayad agneh. 
ayad agnir agner ajyasya havisah Ag.3.6.11. Cf. agner 

ajyasya clc. 
ayad agnir a9vin09 (KS. ayad a9vino9) chagasya havisah 

priya dhamani VS.21.47; KS.18.21. 
ayad agnir indragniyo9 chagasya havisah priya dhamani 

TB.; 12. 1. See ayad indragnyo9. 
ayad agnir jatavedah Apg.3.13.1''; 20.10. See ayad 

yajnaiii jatavedah. 
ayad (gg. ayal) agnit VS.7.15; gB.; Ag.5.5.25; 

gg.7.4.11; Vait.19.13; Kg.9.11.10; Apg.12.24.3; Mg. 
ayad agnisomayoh priya dhamani TB. See agnr- 

somayor ayat. 
ayad agneh priya dhamani gB.i. 7. 3. 10; TB. Cf. 

agner ayat, aj'ad agnir agneh, and agner hotuli. 
ayad a9vino9 : see ayad agnir a9vino9. 
ayad indrasya rsabhasya (KS. mesasya) havisah priya 

dhamani VS. 2 1 . 4 7 ; KS. 1 8. 2 1 . 
ayad indrasya priya dhamani TB. 
ayad indrasya mesasya: see prec. but one. 
ayad indragniyoh priya dhamani TB. 
ayad indragnyo9 chagasya havisah priya dhamani MS. 

4.13.7: 209.4. /See ayad agnir indragniyo9. 
ayad devah arariikrtah KS.5. il>. 
ayad (Mg. ayastarii) devanam ajyapanarii priya dhamani 

VS.21.47; KS.18.21; MS.4.13.7: 209.5; gB.i.7.3.11; 

TB.; 6.11.4; 12.2; Mg. See devanam 

fijyapanam ayat. 
ayad dyavaprthivl Apg.6.14.2. See ayan etc. 
ayad brhaspate9 chagasya havisah priya dhamani KS. 

ayad yajnarii jatavedah KB.26.6; gg.i. 15.17'^; Kg.2.2. 

23^ See ayad agnir jatavedah. 
ayad vanaspateh priya pathahsi KS.18.21; MS.4.13.7: 

209.5; TB.; 12.2. 
ayan mahendrasj'a priya dhamani TB. 
ayatam asya dadr9e na yatam AV. lo.S.S". 
ayatayanta k.sitayo navagvah RV. 1.33.6''. 
ayatayamatam pujam gG.4.5.i5'\ 
aya te agne vidhema RV.2.6.2* 
aya te agne samidha vidhema RV.4.4.i5»; TS.i.2.i4.6»; 

MS.4.11.5''': 174.7; KS.6.iif'; N.3.21. 
aya dhiya ea gavyaya RV.8.93.i7a; SV.i.iSS". 
aya dhiya taranir indrabarhah (gg. angirasvan) TB.2.7. 

i3-2i>; gg.i8.5.ii'. 
aya dhiya tuturyamaty ahhah RV.5.45.ii<l. 
aya dhiya manave 9rustim avya RV. 1.166.13c. 
aya dhiya j'a ucyate patir divah RV.8. 13.8c. 
aya dhiya vamabhajah syama RV.6.7i.6<'; VS.8.6'l; XS. 


1.4.23. id;; MS.4.i2.2<l: 180.14; 9B.4-4-i-6('; 
aya dhiya syama devagopah EV.5.45.ii<'. 
aya nah kmuhi : see next but one. 
aya nijaghnir ojasa RV.9.53.2''; SV.2.io65^ 
aya no dhehi (Q^. nah krnuhi) bhesajam MS.i.4.3^: 51. 

11; KS.5.4^; 34.I9S- TB.; A9.1. 11.13^; W. 

a.ip.Se; Kg.aS.I.Ild; Apg.3.1 1.2.2tl,2e; KaU(?.5.I3^ 

97.46; ApMB.i.4.i6d; s.iSe; HG.i.3.6<l; 26.136. 
aya no yajfiam vahasi K^.25. i.ii^. Cf. under ayasa 

ayan dyavaprthivl KS.6.8. See ayad etc. 
aya pavasva devayuh EV.9.106.14''; SV.2.122''; PB.ii. 

aya pavasva dharay a RV. 9. 63.7 "•; SV.1.493''; 2.566*. 
aya pava pavasvaina vasuni RV.9.97.52''^; SV.i.54i'^; 

2.454^ PB.13.11.7. 
aya patam imarii sutam RV.3.12.2C; SV.2.200. 
ayama dhlvato dhiyah EV.8.92.ii'\ 
ayamann ugro maghava puruvasuh RV.8.52(VaI.4).5''. 
ayama prance yajamanam acta RV.5.45.5''. 
ayami ghosa indra devajamih RV.7.23.2'>; AV.20.i2.2^ 
ayami te namaiiktim jusasva RV.3.14.2^. 
ayami mitravarima suvrktih RV.i.i53.2^ 
ayami srug ghrtavati suvi-ktih RV.6. iLst"; TB.'. 
aya yamasya sadanam AV.2.12.7C. 
aya ruca harinya punanah EV.9.11 i.i'^; SV.1.463''; 

2.940"; PB.16.16.8. 
ayal : see ayat and ayad. 

aya vardhasva tanva gira mama RV.S.i.iSc; SV.1.S2C. 
aya vajaiii devahitarii sanema R'V.6.i7.i5''i; AV. 19.12. i^!; 

20.63.3c; 124.6C; sv.i.454«; KB.11.6; Ag.8.3.1; 9g. 

18. 15.6. P: aya vajam 99-6-6.I5 ; 12.5.23; 12.14. 
ayavanam : see ayavanam. 
aya vidhema navaya maha gira RV. 2.24.1I'. 
aya vistha janayan karvarani AV.7.3.I'''; TS.i.7.i2.2'' 

MS.i.10.3'^: 143-10; KS.9.6a; n.i'^; 33.4; 36.13 

KSA.5.i2»'; Ag. 2. 1 9. 3 2a;; Kg.25.6.ioa 

ApQ.8.16.5; 18.2.3; Mg.i.i.2.15; gG.5.8.2. P: aya 

vistha MS. 1. 1 1.4: 166.6; Vait.9.15 ; M^. 7.1. i ; —7.2.5; 

Kauf. 15. II. 
aya vitl pari srava RY.9.6I.I''; SV.i.495-''; 2.560". 
ayavy anyagha dvesahsi VS.28.15c; TB.2. 6.10.2c. 
ayag cagneisy anabhi9asti5 (A^.ApMB.HG. anabhi9asti5) 

ca MS.i.4.3>'': 51.10; 1.4.8: 56.19; KS.5.4^ 32.4; 

34.i9%- Ag.i.ii.i3"; gg.3.19.3^-; Kg.25.i.iia; Ap(?. 

3.ii.2.-«; Kau5.5.i3»; 97.4a; ApMB.i.s.iS" (ApG.2.5. 

18); HG.i.26.i3a. Ps: aya9 cagne^^si ApQ.14.16.1; MQ. 

I-3-5-20; —3.1.6; —7.2.1; MG.1.11.21; 2.2.23; aya9 

cagne PG. 1.2.8.. ^ee tvam agne ayasi. 
ayastam vanmasya priya dhamani M9.5.I.3.27. 
ayastaiii somasya : see ayat somasj-a ; ayastarii devanam : 

see ayad de" ; ayastam agni" : see ayad agnir agneh. 
ayasan (MS. ayah san ; KS. ayas san) manasa hitah (MS. 

krttah; KS. krtah) MS. 1.4. 3c : 51.11; KS.5.4C; 34.19C; 

TB.2.4.i.9t-; Apg.3.ii.2b; ApMB.i.4.i6t'; HG.i.3.6b. 

See next hut one, and ayasa manasa. 

— ^ay oj 1 

aya san (MS.QQ. ayah san; KS. ayas san; Kaug. ayasyarii) 

havyam uhiseMS.i.4.3'1: 51. 11; KS.5.4<i; 34.19'!; TB. 

2.4.1. 9C; Ag.i.ii.i3<'; gg.3.19.3'1; Apg.3.ii.2C; Kau?. 

5.13d; 97.411; ApMB.i.4.i6c; HG.1.3.6C. See under 

ayasa havyam. 
ayasa manasa (A^. vayasa) krtah A(^.i. ii.i^'^; (^9-3-i9- 

3C; Kau9.5.i3C; 97.4c. See prec. but one, and ayasa 

aya somah (SV. soma) sukrtyaya RV.9.47.1'1; SV.i.5o7^ 
ayasya uktham indraya jaiisan'i; AV.20. 

91. id. 
ayasya udgataMS.i.9.1 : 131. 12; KS.9.9; TA.3.5.1: ^Q. 

10.18. 4. 
ayasyam havyam etc. : see aya san havyam. 
ayasy agner vasatkrtam PG. 1.2.11. 
ayasya stavamanebhir arkaih RV. 1.62.7^ 
ayasyo angiraso navagvah RV. lo.ioS.S^. 
ayah san etc. : see ayasan, and aya san. 
aya ha tyarii mayaya vavrdhSnam RV.6.22.6a; AV.20. 

ayukta yad dharito vitaprsthah RV.5.45. ioi\ 
ayTikta yo nasatya haviman RV,6.63.4d. 
ayukta sapta fundhyuvah RV. 1.50.9a; AV.i3.2.24a; 20. 

47.21"; ArS.5.13"; KS.9.19"; ii.i; TB.\ 
aynkta sapta haritah sadhasthat RV.7.60.3''. 
ayukta sura ete^am RV.9.63.8"; SV.2.567". 
ayuktaya svaha TS. ; KSA.5.1. 
ayuktaso abrahmata vidasama (RV. yad asan) RV.5.33. 

3^; VS.10.22b; gB.5.4.3•M^ 
ayujeyTiktah pravahanty agre, tate yugmaiito anusarii- 

vahanti, ta ekachandobhis saihvatsara, dvadaja pari- 

sarpanti masah JB.3.68 (2.433) "bed. 
ayiijo asamo nrbhih RV.8.62.2'''. 
ajrujran ta indra vifvakrstlh RV.1.169.2". 
ayujran pratar adrayah RV.3.41.2C; AV.20. 23. 2c. 
ayTinjata harl ayur devah upa ^9.8. 20. i. 
ayutam ca niyutam (MS.KS. prayutam) ca VS. 17.2 ; MS. 

2.8.14: 118.15; KS.17.10. 
ayutam ekaiii prayutani trinjat (JB. sastih) GB.i.5.23"; 

ayutani 9atani ca RV. 8. 3 4. 15b. 

ayxitaya svaha TS.; KSA.2.10; TB. 
ayute sida KS.39.6; AP9.16.31.1. 
ayutoiham ayuto ma atmayutam me caksur ayutam me 

frotram ayuto me pranoiyuto meipano^yuto me vya- 

noiyutoiham sarvah AV.19.51.1. P: ayuto^^ham Kau9. 

ayuddha id yudha vrtam RV.8.45.3"; SV.2.690". 
ayuddhaseno vibhva vibhindata RV. 10. 138. 5". 
ayuddho asya vi bhajani vedah RV. 10.27. lo^. 
ayupita yonih MS.1.1.2: 2.2; Apg.i.4.11; M9. 

43. Cf. ahibhita. 
ayuyutsann anavadyasya senam RV. 1.33.6". 
ayu-pah sadmavibhrta puruni TB. 
ayebhyah (TB. avebhyah) kitavam VS.30.8; TB. 
ayojala asura majrinah AV.19.66.1". 
ayoji varii vreanvasu RV.7.75.9C; AB. 2.18.120. 

ayodaiistran — 


ayodaiistran vidhavato varaliun KV. 1.88.5'!; N.5.4. 
ayodaristraya dvisato^pi dadhmah Vait.14.1i'. 
ayodahstro arcisa yatudhanan EV. 10.87. 2\: AV.8.3.2^ 
ayoddheva (TB. ayodhyeva) durmada a hi juhve EV.i. 

32.6"; TB.''. 
ayodhayo rajasa indra pare EV.i.33.7''. 
ayodhyena dufcyavanena dlirsnuna AV.19.13.3''. See 

ayodhyeva etc. : see ayoddheva. 
ayo na deva janima dhamaiitah EV.4.2.i7''; AV.18.3.22''; 

ayomukhah sucimukhah AV. 11.10.3^ 
ayoyavid bhiyasa vajra indra te EV. 1.52.10I'. 
ayohatam yonim a rohasi dyuman EV.9. 80.2b. 
ayohanur yajato mandrajihvah EV.6.7i.4'=. 
araih rodasi kaksye nasmfii EV.i.i73.6b. 
araih varaya manyave EV.8.82.3''. 
aram vahanty afavah (EV.VS. vahanti manyave) KV.6. 

16.430; SV.1.25C; 2.7330; VS.13.36S TS.'=; MS. 

2.7. 17C: 101.9; KS.22.50. 
aram jakra paremani SV. 1.209c. Qf. araih te 9akra. 
aram sutebhih krnavama somaili EV.3.35.5^^. 
aransta parvata9 cit sarisyan EV.2.ii.7'i. 
arahha udhah parvatasya vajrin EV.5.32.2i\ 
arahhata padyabhih kakudman EV.10.102.7d. 
aram hito bhavati vajinaya EV. 10.71. io<i; AB. 1.13.14. 
aram hi sma sutesu iiah EV.8.92.26^. 
araksad da^use gayam EV.1.74.20; SV.2.730C. 
araksasa manasa taj juseta (TS.MS. jusasva ; KS. jusethah); VS.11.24i'; TS.4.i.2.5'b; MS.2.7.2b: 76.5; 

KS.16.2b; 19.3; QB. P: araksasa TS.5. 1.3.3. 
aram kfimaya 9am hrde EV.10.97.18d; VS. 12.92^. 
aram kamaya harayo dadhanvire EV. 10.96.7"^; AV.20. 

aram kinvantu vedim EV. 1.170.4^ Cf. BrhD.4.53. 
aramkrtya tamasi ksesy agne EV.i 0.5 1.5b. 
aram ksayaya no mahe EV.8.15.13''. 
aram gantam havLso vltaye me EV.7.68.2b. 
aram gamama te vayam EV.8.92.27C. 
aramgamaya jagmaye (TK.Ap^. jagmave) EV.6.42.1C; 

SV.1.352C; 2.790C; TB.; Ap9.14.29.2c. 
araihgamasah pravato raranah AV.i3.2.33b. 
aramgaro vavaditi AV.20. 135. 13"-; (}Q.i2.i6.\.;;^'^; AG. 

aramghuso nimajya AV. 10.4.4^. 
arajjau dasyun sam unab dabhitaye EV.2.13.9C. 
aratuparnah AV.20. 131.18. 
aratve akse nahuse sukrtvani EV. 8. 4 6. 2 7c. 
aranayann osadhih sakhye asya EV. 10.88. 2d. 
aranyam jambllena TS.; KSA.13.1. See jambl- 

aranyam te prthivi syonam astu AV. 12.1.11b. 
aranyam ma gramaya pari dadatu 9G.3.5.2. 
aranyad anya abhrtah AV.2.4.5C. 
aranyanam pataye namah VS.16.20; TS.4. 5.3.1; MS. 

2.9.3: 123.4; KS.17.12. 
aranyanim a9ahsisamEV.10.146.6d; TB.<i. 

aranyanir mahlyate EV.10.146.2d; TB. 
aranyany aranyani'-»; TB.2. 5.5.6''; ^9.30^ 

P: aranyani Evidh.4. 13.4. Cf. BrhD.8.57. 
aranyanya gahvararii sacasva AV. 12.2.53d. 
aranyaya srmarah VS. 24.39; TS.; KSA.7.6. See 

aranyaya svaha TS.; KSA.1.8. 
aranye vodake«pi va EVKh.5.49.ib. 
aranyesu jarbhurana caranti EV.i. 163. iid; VS.29.22d; 

TS.; KSA.6.3d. 
aranyor nihito jatavedah EV. 3.29.2'''; SV.1.79''; KBU.2. 

4.8'\ P: aranyoh A9.8.12.26; L9.4.10.1; Svidh.1.6.5. 
aradhrasya radhraturo babhuva EV.6.18.4'!. 
aram ta indra kuksaye EV.8.92.2 4'''; SV.2.lOl2^ 
araih ta indra 9ravase SV. 1.209^ 

araih te 9akra davaneEV.8. 45.10b; 92.26c. (7/ araih 9akra. 
aram te somas tanve (TB. tanuve) bhavati EV.6.4i.5b; 

aram daso na midhuse karani EV.7.86.7^ 
arandhaya arjuneyaya 9iksan EV.7.i9.2d; AV.20. 37. 2d. 
arandhayan maniise vadhrivacah EV.7.i8.9d. 
arandhayah 9aidhata indra dasyun EV.6.23.2d. 
arandhayah sakhyasya tritaya EV.2.ii.i9d. 
arandhayoitithigvaya 9ambaram EV. 1.51.6b. 
arandhayo vaidathinaj^a piprum EV.5. 29.11b. 
aram dhamabhya indavali EV.8.92.24C; SV.2. 1012c. 
aramatir anarvanah EV.8.3I.I2^ 
aramatih savita deva agat EV.2.38.4d. 
aram anusraj-amiie EV.4.32.24b. 
aramamano aty eti ga abhi EV.9.72.3''. 
aramayah sarapasas taraya kam EV.2.13. 12'''. 
aramayah sudughah para indra EV.5. 31. 8b 
aramayo namasaijad arnah EV.4. 19.6c. 
aram a9vaya gayati (SV. gayata) EV.8.92.25'''; SV.i.iiS''. 
aram asmai bhavati yamahutau EV. 10. 1 17.3c. 
aram indrasya dhamne EV.8.92.25C; 9.24.5c; SV.i.ii8c; 

2.3 1 4C. 
aram indragnl manase yuvabhyam EV.i. 108. 2d. 
aram bhaksaya gamyah EV.i. 187. 7d; KS.40.8d. 
aram ma usrayamne EV.4.32.24''. 
aram me gantam havanayasmai EV.6.63.2\ 
ararur dyaiii etc. : see ararus te dyarii. 
ararur nainasi AV.6.46.1. 
ararus te divaih ma skan TS.; ApQ.2.1.8. Cf. 

drapsas te etc. 
ararus te dyaiii (KS.Ap^. ararur dyam) ma paptat MS.4. 13-7,10; KS.1.9; 25.4; 31.8 (6!s); Ap9.2.2.i. 

See next. 
araro divaih ma pap tah VS. 1.26; 9B.; Vait.2.4. 

See prec. 
araqmano ye^ratha ayuktah EV.9.97.20* 
arasam yad udlcyam AV.4.7.2b. 
arasam vr9cika te visam EV. i.i9i.i6d. Cf. ghanena 

hanmi, and hatahi vi^cika. 
arasam krtrimaih nadam AV.19.34.3''. 
arasam piaticaka9an AV.6.2 9.3f. 
arasam pracyam visam AV.4.7.2\ 


arasas ta iso jalyali AV.4.6.6^ 

arasasya ^arkotasya AY. "j. 56. 5^; Kauf.iSQ.S. 

arasah kiiii karisyatha AV.5.13.7''. 

arasan jangidas karat AV. 1 9.34. 2<l, lo^ ; 35.5''. 

arasan kmv osadhe AV.2. 27.1-6'!. 

arasarasam tvakaram AV.6.138.30. 

arasasa ihahayah AV. 10.4.9". 

arasah santu krtvarlh AV.4.iS.i<J. 

arasah sapta visrasah AV. 19.34.3^. 

ara iva rathanabhau MundU.2.2.6l\ Cf. ara nabhim. 

ara ived acarama aheva RV.5.58.5'^;": 247.14; 

AB.7.9.8; TB."; Ag.2.17.15; 3.7.12. P: ara 

aran ivngne nemili TS."; QB."; TB.3.5. 

3.2"; A9.1.3.6"; 9Q-r-4-2i". See agne nemir. 
aradyau divySv reabhau parimarau TS.; KSA. 

10. 1, 
aranaih na cai-amas tad esam EV. 8. 20.14''. 
aratayo ni dadhur martyesu RV.,5.2.6'\ 
aratim anupremo vayam AV.5.7.3''. 
aratiih prati haryata AV.5.7.6<i. 
aratir no ma tarit AV. 2.7.4c. Cf. aratlva ma nas. 
aratihanaiii tva vajram sadayami KS.39.5 ; Ap(^. 16.30. i. 
aratiyato ni dahati vedah EV.i.99.i1j; EVKh. 10. 127.6'!; 

TA.10.2.1I'; MahanU.6.2l'; 'N.'j^' (Roth's cdifion, -p. 201); 

1 4-3 3^- 
aratiyantam adhararii krnomi (AP9.7.17.6, karomi) TS. 

3.1. 4.4"=; Apg.7.17.6,7. 
aratiyor bhratrvyasya AV. 10.6. i". P: aratlyoh Vait. 

10.2: KaU9.8.i2; 19.22. 
aratir jambhayamasi TA.6.10. 2'^. Cf. yatun9 ca sarvah. 
arativa cid adrivah EV.8.62.ii«; TS.; KSA.4.4C. 
arativa marcayati dvayena EV.i.i47.4\ 
arativa niartah sanuko vrkah EV.2.23.71'. 
arativa ma nas tarit EV.9. 114.4^. Cf. aratir no. 
arate cittarii vlrtsanti AV.5.7.80. 
aratya akaraiii namali AV.5.7.10'1. 
aratyas tva nirrtyah AV. 10.3.7". 
aratsur ime yajamanali ^B.4.6.9. 1 9 ; KQ. i 2.4. 19. 
aratsur ime satrinah PB.3.9.14. P: aratsiih L9.4.3.4. 
aratsma sarve^tarsma £9.4.1 ■6'^. 
aratsma hotah Ap. 8. 1 3. 1 9 ; Ap^. 2 1 . i o. 7. 
araddhim tebhyo dundubhe L(j^.3. 11.3c. 
araddhya edidhisuliiiatim VS. 30.9. See aradhyai. 
aradhi hota nisada yajlyan"; A9.1.4.9. 
aradhi hota svar nisattah RV. 1.70.8". 
ara nabhcav iva fritah AV. 10.8.34b. Cf. next. 
ara nabhim ivabhitah AV.3.30.6'1. Cf. prcc., and ara iva. 
aran na nemih pari ta (TB.2.5. 1.3'i, sarvaiii) babhuva EV. i. 

32.15'!; MS.4.i4.i3'i: 237.12; TB.; 8.4.3'!. 
aran na nemih paribhur ajayathah EV.i.i4i.9<'. 
arayaksayanam asy arayacatanam me dah svaha AV.2. 

18.3. P: arayaksayanam Kau9.8.25. 
arayam asrkpavanam AV.2. 2 5. 3". 
arayan chvakiskinah AV.8.6.6c. 
arayan apa hanmah AV.8.6.4C. 
arayan a.syu muskabhyam AV.8.6.5C. 

— arista 

arayan bastava9inah AV.8.6.12C. (]j\ ;|tho bastabhiva- 

arayan brumo rak.sahsi AV. 1 1.6. 16". 
arayi kane vikate EV.10.155.1"; N.6.30". Cf. BrhD. 

8.60; Rvidh.4.15.2. 
arayebhyo jighatsubhyah AV.8.2.200. 
arayo asman abhiduchunayate TB. 3. 7. 1 1 . 2c ; A^. 3. 1 3. 1 8c ; 

ApQ. 3. 1 1. 2C. Gf. arava yo no. 
arayyam brahmanas pate EV.i 0.155.2c. 
aralag udabhartsata Q(^. 1 2. 23. i^i. See asanna udabhir. 
arava cana martyah RV.8.28.4C. 
arava yo no abhi duchunayate RV.10.37.12C; 

60C; Vait.23.12c; M(;!. C/ arayo asmfin. 
aravid ahfuh sacamana urmina RV.9.74.5". 
ariktaya svaha TS. ; KSA.3.10. 
arina indra suryam EV.4.30.6!'. 

arinad ekah svapasyaya kavih EV.3.3.11!'; TS.!'. 
aritram vam divas prthu EV.i.46.8". 
aritrani hiranyaya AV.5.4.51'. 
ariiii devim prapadyeyam MG.2.13.6C. 
aripra apo apa ripram asmat"; 16.1.10. 
aripra vrtrahantamah EV.8.8.9C. 
arir agne tava svid a EV.i.i5o.ii> ; SV.1.97''; N.5.7I'. 
arir yo nah prtanyati AV.13.1.29''. 
arisanyan vidayasva vanaspate EV.2.37.3'j; N.8.3!\ 
arista iha vardhatam AV.7.53.5'!. 
aristah phalgunah VSK.i 1.7.1. See aristo arjunah. 
aristam yajnam sam imaiii dadhatu (KS.Vait. tanotu) 

VS.2.13C; KS.34.19!>; gB.i. 7.4.22; Lg.4.12.1; Vait. 

4.3. See vichinnam yajnam. 
aristam yajnam tanutat KB.6.13; GB.2.1.1. 
aristam yat kim ca kriyate TA. 1.27.4c. 
aristam svastivahanam ApMB. i . 6. 1 1 !>. See sugam svasti'\ 
aristagatuh sa hota sahobharih EV.5.44.3!'. 
aristagramah sumatini pipartana RV.i.i66.6t'. 
aristanemim pari dyam iyanam RV. 1.180.10c. 
aristanemim prtanajim a9umRV.10.178.1C; AV.7.85.1C; 

SV.1.332C; AB.4. 20.24; N.10.28C. 
aristaneme abhi nah sacasva EV.3.53.i7<!. 
aristabharmann a gahi RV.8.18.4!'. 
aristam asmakara krnvan ApMB. 2. 10. 7c. 
aristaratha skabhnati 9usaih'i. 
aristavira iipa (HG. ami) sam carema AV.3.12.1'!; HG. 


aristavira juhavama te havih EV. i.i 14.3''; KS.40. 11'!; 

arista svasti efc. : see aristah svasti. - 

aristah sa marto vi9va edhate EV. 10.63. 13". 
aristah sarva edhate EV.I. 41. 2C; 8.27.16'!. — 

aristah sarvaiigah su9rut AV.8.2.8C. 
aristah (ApMB. ari.sta) svasti gachatu HG. 1. 1 2. 2c ; ApMB. 

arista asmakaiii vlrah (ApQ.ApMB. virah santu) A(j!.3. 

II. 6c; 99.4.11. 6c; K9.25.5.28C; Ap9.13.18.1c; M9.1. 

4.3.9C; 9G.3.4.4; PG.1.3.14C; MG.2.11.18C; ApMB.2. 

15.16". See aristas tanvo, aristah sarvahayasah, and 

cf. achidrah prajaya. 

arista — 

arista urav a farman syama EV.2. 27.16'!. 

arista jivasuvari MG.2.18.2I'. 

arista tvam udihi yajne asminVS.11.69J; TS.4.i.9.2d; 

MS.2.7.7J: 82.17; KS.i6.i7'i; 19.10; gB. 
aristaul me sarvaiigani santu (PG. me»iigani) Vait.3.14; 

PG.i.3.25. See arista vifvany, and cf. next. 
aristaul me sarvatmanibhrstah AV.19.60.2. Cf. tinder 

aristaiii tva saha patya dadhami (ApMB. krnomi) EV. 

10.85.24ii; ApMB.i.5.i7'i. See hut one, krnomi 

tubhyaiii saha", syonam te saha, and syonaiii me saha. 
aristara parayisnum KS.2.3''. 
aristam ma saha patya dadhatu K(^.3.8.2J; M9.i-3-5-i7'^; 

MG. 1.11.20^. See under aristam tva. 
arista vifvany angani TS.; TAA.10.72; M9.S.2. 

15.21. P: arista vifvaui AP9.3.20.3. See under ari- 

stani me sarvangani. 
aristasas ta urvi tamasvati AV.19.47.20. 
aristasii sacevahi AV. 14. 2.72c. 

aristaso vrjaulbhir jayema AV.7.5o.7'i. See asmakena. 
aristas tanvo bhuyasma LQ.2.1.T'. See under arista 

aristah sariicaremahi'^; SMB.1.6.14C; HG. 

i.5.i«; ApMB.2.3.i<:; MG.1.22.2C. 
aristah sarvapurusah ApQ.6.27.3<=; HG.i.29.i«. 
aristah sarvahayasah':. See under arista 

aristah syama tanva (TS. tanuva) suvlrah<i; 

AV.5.3.5'1; TS.4.7.i4.2'i;'i; KS.40.10'1. 
aristaham saha patya bhuyasam VS. 3 7. 20. 
aristebhih payubhir vi9vavedasah RV.8.2 7.4<;. 
aristebhir a9vina saubhagebhih EV. 1. 1 1 2.25I' ; VS. 34. 30''; 

AB.1.21.19; TA.4.42.3'J. 
ariste me sarntisthasva VSK.2.6.2. 
aristair nali pathibhih parayanta (GB. parayantu) EV.6. 

69.i<l; TS.3. 2.11.2'!; MS.4.i2.5'i: 192.2; KS.i2.i4'l: 

AB.6.15.4; GB.2.6.2. 
aristo arjunah VS. 10.21 ; QB. See aristah phal- 

aristo asya vasta Kau9. 107.2^. 
aristo didihi no durone Q(}.2.i'j.8<i. See ajasro etc. 
aristo yajamanah patnl ca Ay><^.6.'j.i. 
aristo yati prathamah sisasan RV.5.3i.i'i. 
aristo yesaiii rathah EV.5.18.3'^. 
aristo rajann agadah parehi TB.3.7.I3.4"'. 
aristo rayah sacatam samokasa TS.'\ 
aristo vifvabhesajah PB.i.7.7k Cf. ma duhkhe, and 

ma durge. 
aristoiham aristaguh AV.10.3.10*. 
aristya avyathyai samve9ayopave9aya gayatrya {also tri- 

stubho, jagatya, anustubho, paiiktya) abhibhutyai svaha 

AP9.14.26.2. See next, and sa.mve^s,yo°. 
aristya avyathyai samve9ayopave9aya gayatryai chan- 

dase^bhibhuve svaha {also . . . tristubhe jagatya anu- 

stubhe chandaseibhibhuve svaha) KS.35.11. See under 

aristya afvasadam VS.30.13; TB. 


arisyatas te hrdayasya priyo bhuyasam ^G. 2.3.3. 
arisyantam na bhojase EV.8.5i(Val.3).3<!. 
arisyantam a rohema svastaye'l. 
arisyantah sacemahi EV. 2.8.6''. Cf. arisyanto ni. 
arisyantah sudanave EV.8.25.i2t'. 
arisyanto anv enam carema EV.4.57.3'!; AV. 20. 143.8'!; 

MS.4.11.1'!: 160.6. 
arisyanto daksamanah sadaiva>. 
arisyanto ni payubhih sacemahi EV.8.25.ii'=. Cf. ari- 
syantah sacemahi. 
aridhaih vatsam carathaya mata EV. 4.1 8.10". 
ariramat patayat kac cid abhvam EV.6. 71. 5<!. 
ariramad atamanam cid etoh EV. 2.38.3!'. 
arunam tva vrkam ugram khajamkaram TB.''. 

P: arunam tva vrkam Ap^. 22. 28. 14. 
arunapsur a9i9vitat E V. 8.5.1!'; SV. i . 2 1 9!'. 
arunapsur usa abhut EV.8.73.i6-\ 
arunam bhanuman maricimad abhitapat tapasvat TB.3. 

arunan charade (MS. arunah 9arade) VS.24.11; MS.3. 

13.20: 172.6. 
arunaya divispr9e EV.9.11.4!'; SV.2.794''. 
arunaya svaha TS.7. 3.18.1; KSA.3.8. 
aruna vo vruje traistubhena chandasa MS.4.2.11: 35.2. 
arunagva ihagatah TA.i.i2.4^ 
arunah 9arade: see arunaii. 
arunah santu ketavah AV.<i. 
arunesu jimutesu sadayami KS.40.4. 
arunesu tva krsnesu tva nllesu tvasitesu tva jimutesu 

sadayami Ai)9.i7.5.3. 
aruno masakrd vrkah EV. 1.105. 18"; N.5.21"; BrhD.2. 112. 
arunoirunarajah pundariko Yl9vajid abhijit TB.3. 10. 1.4. 

P: aruno arunarajah TB.; 10.3; ApQ.19.12.11. 
arunaitaya svaha TS.7. 3. 17.1 ; KSA.3.7. 
arutahanvir adbhutam na rajah EV. 10. 105.7". 
arundhatiiii ye (ApMB. yad) dhruvatam ha ninyuh 

ApMB.i.9.7b; HG.i.22.i4k 
arundhatibhyah svaha TB.3. 1.4.8. 
arundhatim unuayantim AV.8.7.6'^. 
arusam na divah 9i9um EV.4.15.6!'. 
arusam na subhvas tasthivahsam KS.37.9'!. 
arusastiipo ru9ad asya pajah EV.3.29.3''; VS.34.14''. 
arusasya duhitara virupe EV.6.49.3''. 
arusaso raghusyadah EV.8.34.17!'. 
arusaso visana rjumuskah EV.4.6.9''. 
arusinam catuh9atam EV.8.55.3'!. 
arusir adhi barhisi EV.8.69.5''; AV.20.22.5''; 92.2''; 

aruso janayan girah EV.9.25.5''. 
aruso jatah pada idayah EV.10.1.6''. 
arussranam idaih mahat AV.2.3.3'',5^ 
aruham QQ. 16. 17.8. 

aruksitam di^a a rupe annam EV.4.ii.i<!; TS. 4. 3. 13. 21!. 
ariiruead usasah pr9nir agriyah EV.9.83.3*; SV.2.227*; 

Ai-S.2.2»^; AB.1.21.17; KB.8.6; A9.4.6.3. P: aruru- 

cat 9Q-5-9-25; Svidh.2.8.1. 
arurucad vi divo rocana kavih EV.9.85.9i^ 


arejanta pra manusah EV.1.38.100. 

arejetam (TB. arejayataiii) rodasl pajasa gira RV.i.i5i.i<^; 

arejetam rodasl bhiyane RV.2.11.9C. 
arejetam rodasl hotrvurye EV. 1.31.3'^. 
aredata manasa tac chakeyam TS. See next. 
aredata manasa devan gacha (Ap(^. gamyat) MS. 1.4. i: 

48.1; KS.32.3; Ap(^.4.i2.6. See prec, and ahed-dtu. etc. 
arcriavas tuja a sadman dhenavah RV. 1.151.5''. 
arenavas tuvijata acucyavuh KV.i. 168.4c. 
arenavah sukrta (TS.KSA. arenavo vitata) antarikse RV. 

1.35.11b; VS.34-27''; TS.T.S-M-i''; KSA.i.ib 
arenavo yam atnata RV. 10. 143.2I'. 
arenavo vitata: see arenavah sukrta. 
arenavo hiranyayasa esam RV.6.66.2''; MS.4. 14.11'^: 

arenubhir jehamanam patatri RV.1.163.6J; VS.29.i7'i; 

TS.'i; KSA.6.3d. 
arenubhir yojanebhir bhujanta RV.6.62.6C. 
aretaskaya svaha TS.; KSA.5.3. 
arepasah (ApQ- arepasah samokasah) sacetasah (Ap^- 

sacetasah saretasah) svasare manyumattama9 (SV.Ap(^. 

manyumanta9) cite goh (SV. cita goh; Ap^. cidakoh) 

AV.7.22.2; SV.1.458; AP9.21.9.15; M9.7-2.3(co/-n<pi'). 
arepasah suryasyeva ra^mayah RV. 10.91.4J. 
arepasa tanva namabhili svaih RV.1.181.4''; N.i2.3i'. 
arepasa tanva gafadaua RV. 1.124.6'^. 
arocata diviyonir vibhava RV. 10.88.7''. 
arodayat panim a ga amusnat'1; AV.20.91.6'1; 

MS.4.14.5J: 222.6. 
aroravid vrsabhah sadanesu RV.5.30. ii^. 
aroravid vi'sno asya vajrah RV.2.11.10''. 
arkah pavitram rajaso vimanah TB.''; Ap9.2i. 

20.7". Cf. pavitram arko, and arkas tridhatu. 
arkam yunjanah svar abharann'i: 160.8; 

KS. 39.10'!. ggg brhad arkaiii etc., and brhadarkliii. 
arkam viveda stanayann iva dyauh RV.i 0.67.5(1; AV.20. 

91.5*^; MS.4.i2.5d: 193.6; KS.9.i9<l. 
arkam 9cotantaiii sarirasya madhye TA.3.II.6''. 
arkam arcantu karavah RV.8.92.19C; AV.20.110.1C; SV. 

1.158C; 2.72C. 
arkam bibharsi bahvoh RV.10.153.4fi; AV.20.93.7b. 
arkag caksuh KS.7.14; TB.i. 1.7.2; 8.1,5; AP9.5.12.1. 

See arko jyotih. 
arkag ca tva9vamedha$ ca 9rinitam KS.3s.11. 
arkag ca me sui7a9 ca meVS.18.22; TS.; KS. 

1 8. 1 1. See next. 
arkag ca surya9 ca MS.2.11.6: i43-ii- See prec. 
arkastubho brhadvayasah 
arkas tridhatu rajaso vimanah RV.3.26.7C; VS.i8.66c; 

MS.4.12.5C: 192.10; N.14.2C. Cf. under arkah pavi- 
tram, and see tridhatur arko. 
arkasya jyotis sad (comm. tad) id asa jyestham TB.2.5. 

8. 1 20. 

arkasya devah parame vyoman QB.8.6.2.i9\ 
arkasya bodhi haviso havlmabhih EV.1.131.6I'; AV.20. 

— arcanty 

arkasya yonim asadam RV.9.25.6C; 50.4c; SV.1.472C; 

2-426c,558o. See rtasya etc. 
arkah samiddha ud arocatha divi AV.i3.3.23b. 
arkagvamedhav ucchiste AV.ii.7.7^ 
arkena sama traistubhena vakam RV.i.i64.24b; AV.9. 

arkebhih suno sahaso dada9at RV.6.5.5b 
arkesu sanusag asat RV.i.i76.5b. 
arkair abhi pra nonumah sam ojase EV.8. 12.23c. 
arkair harlnarii vrsau j'oktram a9reh RV.5.33.2b. 
arkaig ca ni hvayamahe EV. 1.47.10b. 
arko jyotih MS.i.6.2: 88.18; M^.i. 5.5.18. See arka9 

arko devanaiii j)arame vyoman 9B'8-6.2.i9b. 
arko yad vo maruto havisman EV. 1.167.6c. 
arko va yat turate somacaksah TS.2,2.i2.4c. 
arko va flokam agho.sate divi EV.i.83.6b; AV.20. 25.6b. 

arghah. HG. 1.12.8. <See next, and cf. arhaniya. 
arghyam 99- 4- 21 •4; HG.i.13.2; arghyam bhoh KaU9. 

90.17. See under prec. 
area gaya ca vedhase EV.6. 16.22c; KS.7.i6c. 
areata pra ca gayata RV.6.45.4b. 
areata prarcata (SV. prarcata narah) EV.8. 69. 8^; AV.20. 

92.5''; SV.i.362a; AB.4.4-4; A9.6.2.9. 
arcatrayo dliunayo na virah EV.6.66.10C; MS.4.14.11C: 

arcatryo maghava nrbhya ukthaih RV. 6. 24.1c. 
area devaya varunaya saprathah RV.6.68.9b. 
arcaddhumaso agnayahpavakah EV. 10.46.7b; VS.33.1b; 

arcad vrsa vrsabhih sveduhavyaih RV. 1.173.2^ 
arcanta indra marutas ta ojah RV.3.32.3b. 
arcauta eke mahi sama manvata RV.8.29.10''; TA.4. 

arcantam guhya pada 99- 8- 1 6.1. 
areantas tva havamahe RV.5.13.1*; KB. 26. 10; VHDli. 

8.49. P: areantas tva A9.4. 13.7 ; 99-2-2.I8; 3.10.4; 

6.4.1; 9.22.5; 27.2; 10.9.17; 14.52.11. 
arcantah. sam idhimahi RV.5.i3.ib. 
arcauti toke tanaye paristisu RV. 10. 147.3c. 
areanti tva marutah putadaksah RV.5. 29.1c. 
areanti narir apaso na vistibhih RV.i.92.3''; SV.2.1 107^ 
areanti 9usmarii vrsano vasuya RV. 1.165. id; MS.4. 11.3d: 

168.7; KS.9.i8d. 
arcantindram marutah sadhasthe EV.5.29.6C. 
arcantuputrakautaRV.8.69.8c; AV.20.92.5c; SV.1.362C. 
arcanto aiigiraso ga avindan RV. 1.62.2^; VS.34.17''. 
arcanto arkaiii janayanta indriyam RV. 1.85. 2c. 
arcanto asya tantavo vyasthu-an SV.2.2 26b. See 90- 

canto etc. 
areanty arkam sunvanty andhah RV.5. 30. 6b. 
arcanty arkam arkinah; SV.i.342b; 2.694''; 

TS.i.6.i2.3b; N.5.5b; Mahabh.12.284.78''. 
arcanty arkam madii-asya pitaye RV.1.166.7C. 
arcanty arkaiii marutah (AA. devata) svarkah SV. 1.445" > 

2.464a; AA.; 99. 1 8. 1 5. 5". 


arcann — 

arcann ami sv.arajyain; SV.i. 410^,412'', 

4136; N.I2.34*'. 
arrayanti tapah satyarn MalianU.13.1. Of. footnote at 

TA. 1 0.1 5.1. 
arcayisyamo bhavantam PG. 1.3.4. 
area dive pra prthivya rtarii bhare EV.5.59.1''. 
arsa dive brhate fusmarii vacah RV. 1.54.3^ 
area devayagnaye; SV.i.88\ 
area pavaka90cise RV.5.22.1I'. 
arcama tad vavrdhanam svarvat EV. 1.173.1''; AB.5. 

area marudbhir rkvabhih RV.5.52.1I'. 
arcamasi vira brahmavahah RV.6.2i.6<i. 
areamarkam nare vifrutaya EV.i.62.i<l; VS.34.16J. 
areami te siimatirii ghosy arvak RV.4.4.8^; TS.'^; 

MS.4.11.5^: 173.8; KS.6.11''; Ag.4.1.23. 
areami vaiii vardhayapo ghrtasnu RV. 10. 1 2.4''; AV. 1 8. i. 

31 \ 
areami satyasavarh ratnadham abhi piiyaiii matim (QB. matiiii kavim) AV.7.14.1I'; 87.1.464^; VS.4. 

25I'; TS.i.2.6.i'i; MS.1.2.5I': 14.4; KS.2.6b; 9B.3.3.2. 

12b; Ag.4.6.3b; g<?.5.9.7"- 
areami sumnayann aham RV.1.138.1J. 
area vidustarebliyah RV.8.4i.i<'. 
area vijvanaraya vi9vabhuve RV. 10.50. i^; VS.33.23b; 

N.I 1.9''. 
area 9akram abhistaye''; AV.20.5r.3b. 
area 9akraya 9akine 9aoivate EV. 1.54.2^ 
arcihpanaye svaha SB. 5. 7; AdB.7. 
arcir asi VS.37.11 ; MS.4.9.3: 123.9; <?B. ; TA. 

4.5.2; 5.4.6; Kg.26.3.4; Apg.15.4.1; 7.4; M9.4.2.17. 
arcisa janjanabhavan EV.8.43.8b 
areiaatrino nudatarii pratlcah AV.6.32.3b. See next. 
arcisa 9atrun dahatam pratitya AG.3. 10. ijb See prec. 
areise tva MS.4.9.1: 121. 14; 4.9.3: 123.8; TA.4.3.1; 5. 

3.6; Apg.15.4.2; 7.3; Mg.4.1. 22;— 4.2.17. 
arcis tvarcisi TS.; TB. 
arei rocata (MS. rocata) ahutam RV.8.43.iob; MS.i.6.ib: 

85.3; KS.7.i2b. 
arjifl chyama9 9abalah ApMB.2.i6.2b; arjima chambalah 

arjiinag ca lohita? ca HG.2.7.2C; ApMB.2.i6.8<'. 
arjunaya svaha TB. 
arjuni punar vo yantu etc. : uha of 9erabhaka etc., AV. 

arjunih santu dhenavah TA.6.7.ib See krsna dhana. 
arjunyoh pary uhyate EV. 10.85. i3<l. See phalgunl- 

bhyaiii vy, and phalgimlsu vy. 
arnavan mahatas pari AV. 1.10.4b. 
arnavaya tva KS.40.4 ; ApQ. 1 7.2.6. See next hit one. 
arnavaya tva vataya svaha MS.4.9.8 : 1 28.6. 
arnavaya svaha VS.22.25; MS.3.12. 12: 164.2. See xirec. 

hut one. 
arnave tva sadane sadayami VS.13.53; MS.2.7.18: 103.8. 

KS.i6.i8; gB. See next. 
arnave sadane sida TS. 4. 3.1. 1 ; Apg.16.28. 4. See prec. 
arnansi cit papiathana sudase RV.7.18.5''. 

arnacitraratha vadhih R V. 4 . 3 o. 1 8c. 

arna dhlreva sanita EV.5.5o.4d. 

arno na dveso dhrsata pari sthuh RV.i.i67.9f'. 

arnobhir apo madhumadbhir agne RV.4.3. 12b. 

artham rihana vyantu vayah KS. 1.12. See under aktam 

artham hy asya tarani RV.3. ii.s". 
artham cid asya sudhitam yad etave RV.8.69. 17"; AV. 

20.92.1 4". 
artham a9varii na yatave EV. 10. 143. ib. 
artham id va u arthinah RV. i.io5.2'\ 
artham maliyam avoeat HG. i.i5.7<'. 
arthag ca ma ema9 (VSK. ca me j'ama9 ; MS. ca ma ema) 

ca me VS.18.15; VSK.19.5.3; TS.; MS.2.11.5: 

142.10; KS.18.10. 
arthasya karmano mithah Kaii9. 119.2b. See yajnasya 

arthino yanti ced artham RV.8.79.5f^. 
arthega asya jahitah TB.; Apg.9. 16.7. 
arthetasthaTS.i.8.11.1; TB.; Apg.18.13.1. See 

next two. 
artheta stha rastradfih VS.10.3 {his); gB. {his). See 

prec. and next. 
artheta sthadhvagatah Apg. 16.32.5; arthetah sthanva- 

gatah KS.39. 1. See prec. two. 
ardharcair ukthanaiii rupam VS. 19.25"^. 
ardham virasya 9rtapam anindram RV. 7.18. i6-\ 
ardhatrayodagasu pravacayata AA. 
ardham ardhena payasa prnaksi AV.5. 1.9^ P: ardham 

ardliena Kau9.21.17. 
ardhamasam copakrtya Kau9. i4i.5'\ 
ardhamasah paruiisi te VS.23.41"; TS.5.2.I2.I'''; KSA. 

ardhamasang ca kevalan TB.3. 12.8.3b. 
ardhamasanam trtlyah TS.5.7.18. i ; KSA. 13.8. 
ardhamasa niasa rtavah 1.2^; MahanU. 1.9^ 
ardhamasa miihurtah TA. i.8.i'\ 
ardhamasa me etc. : see ardhamasas te. 
ardhamasag ca masa9 ca AV. ii.7.20''>'; TB.3. 12. 9.4". Gf. 

under aidhamasai9. 
ardhamasas te (TB.Apg. ardhamasa me) kalpantam VS. 

27.45; KS.40.6; gB.; TB.; Apg.4.10.9. 
ardhamasas tva masebhyah paridadatu SMB. 1.5. 15. 
ardhamasas tvodliijayantu TA.4.26.1. 
ardhamasah stha mahsu 9ritah, ahoratrayoh pratistha, 

j'lismasv idam antah, vi9Vam yaksarii vi9varii bhutaiii 

vi9vaiii subhiitam, vi9vasya bhartaro vi9vasya janayi- 

tarah TB.3. 11. 1.17. 
ardhamasa havismantah GB. 1.5.23c. 
ardhamasebhyah svaha VS.22.8; TS.; MS.3.12. 

7: 162.15; KSA.1.6; TB. 
ardhamasaig ca masai9 ca ApMB. 2.i9.6<=; HG.2.10.7C. 

See masa9 cardhamasa9 ca, and cf. ardhamasa9. 
ardhamasyaih prasutat pitryavatah (pitryavati) JB. i. 


ardham id asya prati rodasi ubhe RV.6.30.i<J. 
ardharcena cak]piir vi9vam ejat AV.9. 10. 19b. 


ardhahutis tu sauvistakrti Kau9.73.12a. 

ardhena vi9vam bhuvanaiii jajana"; 11. 

ardhena 9usma vardhase amura AV.5. 1.9''. 
arpitah sastir na calaealasah RV.i.i64.48f'; N.4.27. Sec 

sasti9 ca khila. 
arbudah kadraveyo raja (A^.^Q. kadraveyah), tasya sarpa 

vi9as ta ima asate, sarpavidya {AQ. visavidya) vedah 

so.yam gB.;; gg. 16. 2. 13-15. 
arbudam ca nyarbudam caVS.17.2; TS.; MS.2. 

8.14: 118.15; KS.17. 10. 
arbudaya svaha TS.7.2.20. 1 ;; TB. 
arbudir nania yo devah AV. 11.9.4". 
arbudig ca trisandhi9 ca AV. 1 1.9.23*. 
arbude sida KS.39.6; ApQ.16.31.1. 
arbude senaya saha AV. 11.9.5b; 10.5I'. 
arbhako na kumarakah RV.8.69. 15"-; AV. 20.92. 12^ 
arbhasya trpradan9inah AV.7. 56.3c. 
arbhesv aja maghavan mahatsu ca RV. 1.102.10I'. 
armebhyo hastipam VS.30.11; TB. 
arya 59133 upa no haribhyam RV.3.43.2''. 
aryah parasyantarasya tarusali RV.6.i5.3i^; 10.115.51'. 
aryah pustani sa janasa indrah RV.2.i2.4d; AV.20.34.4<1. 
aryah pustesu matsakha'l; AV.20.126.1J; Q(^. 

12.13.2; Vait.32.17J; N.13.4J. 
aryamanam yajamah© AV. 14.1.17"^. P: aryamanam 

Kau9.75.22. See tryambakaiii. 
aryamanam ri9adasam RV.7.66.7e; SV.2.417C. 
aryamanam varunaiii somam a9vina RV.1.89.3C; VS. 

aryamanam varunaiii niitram esam RV.4.2.4''; MDh. 


aryamanam devam : see aryamanam nu. 

aryamanam na mandrarii 9iprabhojasam RV. 6. 48. 14c. 

aryamanam nu devam (PG. aryamanam devam) AG. 1.7. 
13'^; gG.i.i8.3'i; SMB.i.2.3a; GG.2.2.7; PG.i.6.2-''; 
ApMB.i.5.7"' (ApG.2.5.8); MG.I.II.12"'. P: aryama- 
nam KliG.i.3.23. 

aryamanam brhaspatim RV.i 0.1 4 1.5a; AV.3.2o.7='; VS. 
9.27«; TS.i. 7.10.21; MS.1.II.4'': 164.10; gB."; 

aryamanam bhagam adabdliadhltia RV. 6. 5 1.3c. 

aryamano na marutah kabandhinah RV.5.54.8b. 

aryama no aditir yajniyasah RV.3.54.i8\ 

aryama te pitamahah'. 

aryama te hastam agrabhit ApMB.2.3.8 (ApG.4.10.12). 
See aryama hastam. 

aryama devata TS.; MS.2. 13.20: 166.1; KS. 


aryama devaih sajosah RV.i. 90.1c; SV.1.218C. 

aryama devo aditir vidhata RV.9.8i.5l'. 

aryama nama yo devali AV. 11.6.4". 

aryama mitro varunah parijma RV.1.79.3C; 10.93.4^. 

aryama mitro varunah saratayah RV.8.27.170. 

aryama yatayajjanah RV.i.i36.3t'. 

aryamayati vrsabhas tuvisman TS. 2.3. 14. 4". See arya- 
ma etc. 

— arvanto 

aryama rajajaras tuvisman TB.3. 1.1.80. 

aryama hastam agrabhit (SMB. agrahit) QG.2.3.i<J; SMB. 

1.6. 150. See aryama te hastam. 
aryama hota krnotu vedhah AV.i.ii.i^ 
aryamna uta sariividah AV.3.5.5'1. 
aryamnah kumbhr 9atruh patrapanir nipunih svaha HG. 

2.3.7. See under alikhann animisah. 
aryamna sariibhrtarii bhagam AV.2.36.2b. 
aryamne tva paridadami M6. 1.22.5. 
aryamne tva svaha MG. 1.10. 11. See aryamne svaha. 
aryamne lopa9ah TS. See aryamno etc. 
aryamne svaha VS. 10.5; gB.; TB.3. 1.4.9 (*o 

comm. ; text aryamnoli). See aryamne tva svaha. 
aryamno agnirii paryetu pusan (ApMB. pari yantu ksi- 

pram) AV.14.1.39O; ApMB.i.i.8<-' (ApG.2.4.8). P: ar- 
yamnah Kau9.76.20. 
aryamno navami VS.25.4; MS.3.15.5: 179.5. See aryam- 

aryamno kipa9ah KSA.7.11. See aryamne etc. 
aryamno varunasya ca RV.i.i36.2e; 8.47.9''. 
aryamno>:stami TS. 5. 7. 2 2.1; KSA.13.12. Sec aiyamno 

aryamnoiharii devayajyaya svargaiii lokarii gameyaiii 

ApQ. 4.10.1. 
aryamyam varuna mitiyam va RV.5.85.7''. 
aryah 9aiisami vayunani vidvfln RV.7.100.5I'; SV.2. 

976''; TS. 2. 2. 12. 51-; MS.4.I0.11': 144.6; KS.6.iob; 

aryo ada9uso gayam RV.9.23.3^ 
aryo gayarii manliamanaiii vi da9use RV.8.24.22C; AV. 

20.66. i". 
aryo girah sadya a jagmuslh RV.1.122.14C. 
aryo na9anta no dhiyah RV.10.133.3b; AV.20.95.4''; SV. 

aryo na9anta (SV. nah santu) sanisanta no dhiyah RV. 

9.79.1'^; SV.1.555J. 
aryo manasya sa ksayah RV.8. 63.7^1. 
aryo randhir aravne RV.7.3i.5b; AV.20.18.5b. 
aryo va9asya paryetasti RV.6.2 4.5''. 
aryo va giro abhy area vidvan RV. 10. 148.3". 
aryo va pustimad vasu RV. 10.86.3'!; AV. 20. 126.3''. 
aryo vipo jananam RV.8.i.4b; AV.20.85.4b. 
aryo vi9arii gatur eti RV. 10.20.4". 
aryo vedo ada9usam RV.i.8i.9'J; AV.20.56.6''. 
arvata sa dhatte aksiti 9ravah RV.8. 103.5b. 
arvadbhir agne arvato nrbhir nfn EV.i.73.9'\ 
arvadbhlr astu taruta RV.i.27.9b; SV.2. 767b. 
arvadbhir yo haribhir josam lyate''; AV.20. 

arvadbhir yo haribhir vajinlvasuh RV.10.96.8c; AV.20. 

arvadbhir vajam bharate dhana nrbhih RV. 1.64.13'^. 
arvadbhir viraih prtanasu sahyuh RV.7.90.6'1. 
arvadbhih 9akra godare EV. 8. 9 2.11b. 
arvantanu 9epa RV. 10. 105.2b. 

arvanto na kastham naksamanah RV.7.93.3C; MS.4.11. 
!«: 159.10; TB. 


arvanto — 


arvanto na yravaso hhiksamanah KV.y.QO.y"^; gj-l". P: 

arvanto na fravasah ^(^.10.11.5. 
arvanto na jravasyavah; 66.10"; SV.2.7C, 

arvanto va ye rayimantah satau<^. 
arvan acha pitaram matararii ca EV.i.i 63.1 311; VS. 29. 

241-; TS.''; KSA.6.3I'. 
arvan iva fravase satim acha KV.9.97.25^. 
arvake asti bhesajam EV.8.9.15''; AV.20.141.5l'. 
arvak tva parebhyO'vidarii (VSK. tva parebhyali) paroiva- 

rebhyah (TS. tva parair avidaih paro»varaih; MS. tva 

parebhyah paro»varebhyoividam) VS.5.42; VSK. 5. 10. 

2; TS.i. 3.5.1;; MS.1.2.14: 23.1; 3.9.2: 114.9; 

KS.3.2; 26.3; gB. 
arvak patha urujrayah krnudhvam EV.7.39.3''; N.I2.43''. 
arvak stutaih yadi vatistutarii yat L9.2.i.6t'. 
arvag anya ito anyah prthivyah AV. 11.5.11*. 
arvag anyah paro anyo divas prsthat AV. 11.5.10". 
arvag avasa havana9nitri gatam EV.7.83.3''. 
arvag a vartaya harl EV.4.32.15C. 
arvag indra sadhamado vahantu EV.3.43.6b. 
arvag jivebhyas pari EV.8.8.23<:'. 
arvag deva asya visarjanena (TB. visarjanaya) EV.i 0.129. 

6c; MS.4.12.1C: 178.17; TB.«. 
arvagbilaQcaraasaurdhvabudhnah(^B. i4.5.2.4'',5; BrhU. 

2. 2. 4", 5. /See tiryagbilaf. 
arvag ratham vi^vavararii ta ugra EV.6.37.I''; KB.24.8. 

P: arvag ratham QQ. 11. 11. 12. 
arvag ratharii samanasa ni yachatam EV.i. 92.16c; 7.74. 

2C; SV.2.io4c,io84c. 
arvag ratharii ni yachatam EV.8.35.22\ 
arvagvaso svasti te param aflya MS.i.5.2: 68.8; KS.6.9; 

7.6; ApQ.e. 16.11; 22.i{ter). P: ai'vagvasur(!iti tririik- 

tva) 11(^. See citravaso etc. 
arvag vamasya pravato ni yachatam AV. 4. 2 5.6c. 
arvan akutya cara AV.3.2.3''. 
arvan ayatu vasubhl ra^mir indra TA.3.11.7''. 
arvan etena stanayitnunehi EV.5.83.6'^; AV.4.r5.iid; 

TS.3.i.ii.7«; KS.11.13c. 
arvan ehi ma vi didhyah AV.S.i.g". 
arvan ehi somakamarii tvahiih EV.i.i04.9»'; AV.20.8.2'^; 

AB.6.11.10; GB.2.2.21; Ag.5.5.19. P: ai-van ehi gg. 

arvan tricakro madhuvahano rathah EV. 1.157.3"-; SV. 


arvan tvam ehy upa jivalokam AV.i8.2.6o'J. 

arvan nara daivyenavasa gatam EV.7.82.8^ 

arvan parastat prayato vyadhve AV. 13.2.310. 

arvan yajnah sarii kramatuTS.''; KSA.3.ia; TB.; Apg.20.11. 7. 
arvan suvarnaih patarair vi bhati AV. i3.3.i6d. 
arvaeah sirii krnuhy agne^vase EV.6.48.40. 
arvaei etarii dliarane rayinam KS.7.i2i); TB.; 

Apg.5.8.6l>; Mg.i. 5.2.3b' 
arvaei gaur upesatu AV.6.67.3(l. 
arvaei te pathya raya etu EV.7.18.30. 
arvaeinah parivito ni sida EV.4.3.2C. 

arvacinarh radhasa a vavarlat EV.4.24.i'>. 

arvacinam vasuvidarii bhagarii nah (AV. me) EV.7.41.6C; 

AV.3.16.6C; VS.34.39C; TB.; ApMB.i. 14.6c. 

P: arvaclnarii vasuvidam Vait.8.14. 
arvacinam su te manah EV.i. 84.3c; 3.37.2"; AV.20.19. 

2"-; SV.2.379C; VS.8.33C; TS.1.4.37.I''; KS.37.9C; gB.". 
arvacinam krnutaih yacito manah TB. See 

asmadiyak kr". 
arvacina agna a krnusva EV. io.6.6'l. 
arvacina vicetasa EV.5.74.9C. 
arvacinaso vaniiso yuyujre EV.6.2 5.3l>. 
arvacina sv avase karamahe EV.8.22.3C. 
arvaeinaih pathibhir ye rajisthah EV.9.97.28C. 
arvacino maghavan somapltaye EV.8.3.17C; SV.1.301C. 
arvacino revate saubhagaya EV. 10. 11 6. 2d. 
arvacinoivase radhase ca EV.4.20.2''; VS.20.49b. 
arvacino vaso bhava EV.4.32.i4\ 
arvacino haribhir yahi tuyam EV.7.29.2b. 
arvaciratarii etc.: text of TB. 1.2. 1.13b incorrectly for 

ai-vaci etarii, q.v. 
arvaei sa maruto ya va utih EV.2.34.15C. 
arvaei subhage bhava EV.4.57.6"'; AV.3. 17.8b; TA.6.6. 

2b P: arvaei subhage VHDh. 8. 16. 
arvaey upasariikrame Kau9.89. lo''. 
arvaeyai dife svaha VS. 22. 24 (seaws), 27 ; MS.3.12.8: 163. 

arvancam rayirii vahatarii suvlram EV. 1.34.12b 
arvancarii rayim a krdhi EV.8.90.4'1. 
arvaneam tva purustuta EV.8.6.45"; 32. 30^ 
arvancaih tva saptayo«dhvara9riyah EV.8.4.14C. Cf. 

arvanca varii. 
arvancam tva sukhe rathe EV.3.41.9"'; AV.20.23.9^ 
arvancam daivyarii janam EV.i. 45. lo"*. 
arvaneam nunude valani EV.8. 14.8c; AV.20.28.2C; j^. 

3C; SV.2.991C; AB.6.7.6C; GB.2.5.13C. 
arvancam anjim a bhara gg. 16.3.36b; Vait.36.30c. See 

under anjim. 
arvaneam adya yayyarii ni-vahanam EV.2.37.5''; Kg. 12. 

3.14''; Apg.21.7.1711; Mg.7.2.2^ 
arvancam indram amuto havamahe EVKh. 10.128. i*; 

AV.5.3.11'^; TS.''; KS.40.10-i; TB.^ P: 

arvancam indram Kauf. 140.6. 
arvaneam indram avase karamahe EV. 10.38. 4<l. 
arvancas te harayah santu yuktah EV.7. 28.1b. 
arvanca nunaiii rathyeha yatam EV.5.76.1C; SV.2. 

arvanca yatarii rathyeva 9akra EV.2.39.3f'. 
arvanca varii saptayoidhvara9riyah EV.i. 47. 8». Cf. 

arvancarii tva sa". 
arvanca somapltaye EV.i. 137. 3^. 
arvanca hari vandana9rud a krdhi RV. 1.55. 7b. 
arvaneo adya bhavata yajatrah EV.2.29.6"'; VS.33.51''; 

MS.4.i2.6ft: 194.5. P: arvaneo adya Mg.5.2.7. 2. 
arvavatarii ca huyase EV.3.40.9b; AV.2o.6.9b; MS.4.12. 

3'': 184.11. 
arvavatag ca vrtrahan EV.8. 82.1b. 


arvavato na a gahi KV.3-37-II'''; 40.8"; AV.20.6.8''; 20. 

4'^; 57.7"; MS.4.i2.3a: 184.9; MQ.5.1. 10.48. 
arvasi VS.22.19; TS.i. 7. 8.1 ; ; MS.3.12.4: 161.9 ; 

KSA.1.3; PB.1.7.1; gB.; TB.i.3.6.4;; 

Ap9.i8.4.i6; M9.7.1.2; ApMB.2.21.24 (ApG.8.22.i6). 
argasa npaeitam asi VS.12.97l>. 
arsanir vnksanasu te AV.9.8.16''. 
arsanti putadaksasali RV.8.94.7C. 
arsantv apas tvayeha prasutah RV.3.30.9''. 
arsantv apo javasa vi matarah RV.8.89.4''; MS.4.I2.3'': 

183.9; KS.8.i6«. 
arsan (SV. arsa) mitrasya varunasya dharmana RV.9. 107. 

15=; SV.2.207''. 
arsad aha prasavah sargataktah EV.3.33.1 1^. 
arsa nah soma 9am gave RV.9. 61. 15^; SV.2.687"'. 
arsa mitrasya etc. : see arsan mitrasya. 
arsa soma dyiunattamah RV.9. 65. 19-''; SV. lsos*; 2.344"; 

arhana 2>utravasasri SMB.2.8.1"^; GG.4.10.1. See under 

ya prathama vyauchat. 
arhaniya apah ApG.5.13.7. Cf. under arghah. 
arhantag cid yam indhate RV.5.7.20; TS.; MS. 

4.12.40: 187.10. 
arhanta cit puro dadhe RV.5.86.5C. 
arhanto ye sudanavah RV.5.52.5'\ 
arhann agne paijavanasya danam RV. 7. 18. 22c. 
arhann idaiii dayase vifvam abhvam (TA. abbhuvam ; 

MS. a dhanva) RV.2. 33.10c; MS.4.9.4«: 124.12; TA. 

arhan niskani yajataiii vifvarupam EV.2.33.10''; MS.4. 

9.4*': 124.10; TA.4.5.7b 
arhan bibharsi sayakani dhanva RV. 2. 3 3. 10^; MS.4. 9. 4": 

124.10; KB.8.4;TA.4.5.7'i; 5.4.10. P: arhan bibharsi 

TB.; gg.5.9-i3; Mg.4.2.24. 
arhamasi pramiyam sanv agneh RV.4.55.7'1. 
alaih yajiiayota daksinayili KS.40.5ti; ApQ. 16.34.4K 
alaksmir me na9yataiii tvatii vrnomi RVKh.5.87.5'i. Cf. 

AV.7.115.1; ApMB.i.1.5. 
alaksmim kalaratrlrii (ViDh. kalakarnim) ca BDh.3.6.5e; 

alaksmi me nayyatu (MahanU. najyata); 

MahanU.20. 10. 
alaksmir nayayamy aham RVKh.5.87.8b; TAA.10.66''. 
alamkaranam asi bhuyo^lariikaranam bhuyat (MG. asi 

sai-vasma alarii me bhuyasam) PG.2.6.26; MG.i.9.24. 
alaja antariksah VS.24.34; TS.; MS.3.14.16: 

176.1 ; KSA.7.10. 
alarti daksa uta manyiir indo RV.8.48.8C. 
alarsi yiidhma khajakrt purariidara RV.8.1.7C; SV.1.271C. 
alarsiratiih vasudam iipa stuhi SV.2.67o^ See anar^a- 

alasalasi purva AV.6.i6.4\ P: alasala Kau9.51.15. 
alandun etc. : see algandun. 
alatrnaso vidathesu sustutah RV.i. 166.71). 
alatrno vala indra vrajo goh RV.3.30.10"; N.6.2''. 
alabukarii nikhatakam AV.20.132.2; Ag.8.3.17; gg.12. 

18. 1. 10. 

— avakro 

alabuvina piylll ca Lg.4.2.4'\ 

alabuni {QQ. alaboni jaritah) AV.20.134.1; Ag.8.3.21; 

gg. 1 2. 23.3; Vait.32.25. 
alayyasya parajur nana9a RV.9. 6 7. 30*. 
alinga uta vatsapah 
aliklava jaskamadah AV. 11.9.9"-. 
aliklavebhyo grdhrebliyah AV.i 1.2.21). In reality the 

pada should read, aliklavebhyo grdhrebhyo ye ca krsnah ; 

the last word of the hemistich, avisyavah, goes over to the 

second hemistich : see avisyavo. 
alivandaya svaha KSA. 12.1. See iluvardaya. 
alubhita yonih ApQ. i . 4. 1 2. Cf. ayupita. 
alomakaya svaha TS.7.5. 12.2; KSA.5.3. 
alohitaya svaha TS.7.5. 12. 2; KSA.5.3. 
algandun {vidgate, alandun) sarvah chalunan krimin AV. 

2. 31. 20. 

algandun (mJgate, alandun) hanmi mahata vadhena AV. 

avartyai (TB. avartyai) badhayopamanthitaram VS. 30. 

12; TB. 
avah parena para enavarena RV. 1.164.17'''; AV.9.9.I7'', 

18^; 13.1.41". /See anuveda e<c. 
avah parena pitaram yo asya (AV. asya veda) RV.1.164. 

18"; AV.9.9.i8^ 
avah pa9yanti vitataiii yatha rajah RV.i.83.2''; AV.20. 

avah priyasu yajiiiyasv ai-va<'. 
avange d^'am astabhayad brhantam RV.2.15.2". 
avange dhlrah 9acya sam airat RV.4. 56.3d; MS.4. 14. 7'': 

224.10; TB.'1. 
avakadan abhi90Can AV.4.37.IO''. 
avakadan vy rsatu AV.4.37.8'1,9''. 
avakaih (MS. KSA. avakan, hut MS. Padap. avakaiii) 

dantamulaih VS.25.1; MS.3.15.1: 177.7; KSA.13.1; 

avakabhih 9arkaram TS. ; KSA. 1 3.1. C/i 9arka- 

avakirnoismi kama JB.1.362; TA.2.18.1; PG.3.12.9; 

GDh.25.4; BDh.; 4.2.10. 
avakrnot suryatvacam MG. 1.8. 11''. See iinder akarat 

ava krtyakrtaiii jahi AV.5. 14.1'^, 2^. Cf. amun krtyakrto. 
avakolba udakatmana osadhayah AV.8.7.9''. 
avakraksinaih vrsabharii yathajuram (SV. j'atha juvam) 

RV.8.1.2"; AV.20.85.2a; SV.2.711". 
avakrandate svaha TS.; KSA. 1. 10. See ava- 

ava kranda daksinato grhanam RV.2.42.3a. 
avakrandaya svriha VS. 2 2. 7; MS.3.12.3: 160.12. See 

avakrandena talu (TS.KSA. talum) VS.25.1; TS.5.7.11. 

i; MS.3.15.1: 177.7; KSA.13.1. 
avakramantah prapadairaniitran EV.6.75.7C; VS.29.44C; 

TS.; MS.3.16..3C: 186.6; KSA.6.1C. 
avakroivithuro (ApQ. ^vidhuro; Kau9. ivithuroiharii) 

bhuyasam Ag. 3. 1.17;; Mg.5.2.8. 16; Kau9. 


ava ksipa — 


ava ksipa divo afmanam ucca EV.2.3o.5-\ 

avaksipann arka ulkum iva dyoli EV.10.68.4l'; AV.20. 

ava k-sudram iva sravet EV.i.i29.6g; N.10.42B. 
ava ksnaumi dasasya nama cifc 23.2'!. 
ava girer dasaiii (jambaram han EV.6.2 6.5''. 
avaghnati ni jahi ya imaiii prtanyavah AV.ii.i.g''. 
ava casta rclsamah EV.8.62.6'''. 
ava caste divah fi9iili EV.g.sS.s'^; SV.2.627b. 
ava jarayu padyatam AV.i.i i.4<',5<',6<l; PG.i.i6.2e. 
ava jahi jatudhanan AV.5.I4.2''. 
avajihva nijihvika HG.1.15.5''; avajihvaka nijilivaka 

ApMB.2.31.32'1 {ApG.8.23.1). 
avajyam iva dhanvanali AV.5.13.6J; 6.42.1"; ApMB.2. 

22.3"'(ApG.8.23.3). P: ava jyam iva Vait. 12.13 ; Kauf. 

36.28. See ava dyam etc. 
avatasya : see avatasya. 
avatyabhyah svaha TS.; KSA.4.2. 
avatatadhanva pinakavasah {TS.Ap(^. pinakahastah) 

krttivasah VS.3.61; TS.i. 8.6.2; gB.; Apg.8. 

18.9. Fragment: krttivasah KQ.5. 10.22. Sec krtti- 
vasah and pinakahastah. 
avatatya dhanus tvam (TS.KS.NilarU. dhanus tvam) VS. 

i6.i3'i; TS.4.5.i.4a; KS.iV.ii"; MS.2.9.2'': 122.1; 2.9. 

9C: 128. 1 ; MQ.11.7.1; NllarU.i4>\ 
ava tad ena Imahe turanam EV.7.58.5d. 
avataih ma samanasau samaukasau TB.". See 

bhavataiii nah. 
ava tara (TS. avattaram) nadlsv a VS.17.6t'; TS.''; 131.9; KS.17.17''; 9B.''. See avat- 

taro nadlnam. 
ava tasya bahxiii tira EV. 10. 133.5c. Sec apa tasya etc. 
avatasya (SV. avatasya) visarjane EV.8.72.11C; SV.2. 

avatan iva manusah EV.8.62.6'\ 
ava tan jahi harasa jatavedah AV. 19.65. i^. 
avatad vyathitam MS. 1.2.8: 17.8; 3.8.5: 99.17; KS.2.9; 

MQ.i.7.3. 15. )Sce avatan ma vya". 
avatarii tvaiii (VSK.KS.Ai)(j!. tva) dyavaprthivl VS.2.9 ; 

VSK.2.2.4; KS.9.5; 9B.1. 4.5.4; Apg.8.12.4. 5fe ava- 
tarii no. 
avatarii tva (ApQ. ma) rodasi vi9vaminve EV.1.76.2C; 

avatarii dyavaprthivl havarii me EV.10.70.10J. 
avataih no dyavaprthivl MS.1.10.2: 14 1.7. (Sec avatarii 

avatan ma nathitam (VS.QB. nathitat) VS.5.9; TS.1.2. 

12.1;; MS.i.2.8: 17.8; 3.8.5: 99.16; KS.2.9; 

gB.; Apg.7.3.14; Mg.i.7.3.15. 
avatan ma vyathitam (VS.^B. vyathitat) VS.5.9; TS.1.2. 

12.1;; gB.; Apg.7.3.14. See avatad. 
avatarii mn rodasi etc. : see avatarii tva etc. 
avatu devy aditir anarva EV.2.40.6C; MS.4.14.1C: 215.6; 

TB. 2. 8. 1.6c. 

avatu mam avatu vaktaram TA.7.1.1; TU.i.i.i; MG. 

ava te hedo varuna namobhili EV.1.24. i4f; TS.1.5.11. 

3="; MS.4.10.4'': 153-10; 4-I4-I7''': 246.7; KS.40.H"; 
Ag.6.13.7; Apg.13.19.7. Ps: ava te hedo varuna MS. 
4.14.3: 219.2; ava te hedah (gg. helah) TS.;; TB.; 8.1.6; TA.2.4.1; gg.6.10.11; 
8.11.5; Apg.17.22.3; Mg.5.i.3.26;gG.5.2.4; ava MDh. 

1 1- 253- 
avatokam imrah striyam AV.8.6.9'\ 
avatkam adhi parvatat AV.2.3. i^. 
avattararii : see ava tara. 
avattaro nadlnam AV. 18.3.5I'. See ava tara. 
ava tmana dhrsata fambararii bhinat EV. 1.54.4''. 
ava tmana bihatah ^ambararii bhet EV.7.18.20J. 
ava tmana bharate ketavedah EV.i. 104.3"''. 
ava tmana bharate phenam udan EV.i. 104.3''. 
ava tmana srjataiii pinvatarii dhiyah EV. i.i5i.6«. 
ava tya brhatir i.sah^. 
ava tvarii dyavaprthivl VS.2.9; KS.9.5; gB. ; Apg. 

ava tvarii biskale srja AV. 1.11.3''. 
ava tvanena namasa tura iyam EV.7.86.4'J. 
ava tva havisa yaje HG.1.15.5''; ApMB.2.2i.32'\ 
ava tve indra pravato normih EV.6.47.14''. 
ava tsarat pr5anya9 cikitvan E V. i . 7 1 . 5''. 
avatsarasya sprnavama ranvabhih EV. 5. 4 4.10''. 
avadate svaha TS.7.5. 12. i ; KSA.5.3. 
ava dasyurir adhunuthah EV.8.14.14C; AV.20.29.4c. 
avadanani te pratyavadasyami TB.; Apg.2. 18.9; 

ava diva invatarii jiradanu EV.7.64.2''. 
ava divas tarayanti AV.7.io7.i»'. P: ava divah Kaug. 

ava dlksani asrksata (ApMB. adastha) svaha AV. 14.2.52"; 

ApMB. 1.4.4''. 'S'ee iyam apa. 
ava didhed ahijuv-ah KV. 10. 144.3c. 
ava devarii tryanibakamVS.3.58''; TS.i. 8.6.2''; 

4'': 144-6; KS.9.71^; gB.''; Lg.5.3.5''. 
ava devanarii yaja hedo ague (KS. yaje hidyani [text 

yajehldyani] ; Mg. yaje hedyani) AV. 19.3.4''; KS.7.I2''; 

Mg. 1.5. i.i6<'. See agne devanam and ava devan. 
ava devanarii brhatam anarmanam AV.7.7.1''. See uru- 

ava devan yaje hedyaii {text yajehedyan) TB. 1.2. 1.9''; 

Apg. 5. 5. 8^. See under ava devanarii yaja. 
ava devair devakrtam eno^yaksi (KS.TS.TB. ^yat) VS. 

20.18C; TS.I. 4.45-2=; KS.38.5c; TB.; gB.12.9. 

2.4. Cf. next, and see ava no devair. 
ava devair devakrtam eno^yasisam VS. 3. 480 ; 8.270; gB.;; Lg.2.i2.9c. See under prec. 
avadyarii ca malarii ca yat AV.7.89.3''; VS. 6. 17''; Lg. 

2. 2. 11''; Apg.7.2i.6i>. See yat kiiii ca duritaiii, and yat 

kirii cid duritaiii. 
avadyabhiya bahavah prnanti EV. 10.107.3''. 
avadyam adhi didharat EV. 8. 68. 19c. 
avadyam iva manyamana guhakah EV-4-i8.5"'. 
ava dyam iva dhanvinali HG.1.15.3C. See ava jyam. 
avadyamy ekatomukhaiii TB.'1; Apg.3.1.7''. 
ava dyutanah kalafari acikradat EV.9.75.3''; SV.2.52'\ 


ava me 

ava dyubhir abhi vidiis kavih san EV.7. 18.2^ 

ava drapso an9uniatim atisthat RV.8.96.13''; AV.20.137. 

7\- SV.1.323"; KS.28.4''; AB.6.36.12; GB.2.6.16; TA. 

1.6.3a; Ag.8.3.33; Vait.32.33. P: ava drapsah gg.12. 

25.2. C/ BrhD.6.115,116. 
ava drugdhani pitna srja nah RV. 7.86.5'^. 
ava dronani ghrtavanti sida (SV. "vanti roha) RV.9.96. 

13C; SV.I.532''- 
ava dvake ava trika RV. 10.59. 9^ 
ava dvita vanmo mayl nali srit RV.7.28.4''. 
ava dhanvani tanmasi VS.i6.54'i-63d; TS.4.5.1 1.1^2^1; 

'{decies): 128.8-129.8; KS. 17.1 6 {decirs). 
avadhisma i-aksah TS.i.8.7.2; MS.2.6.3: 65.3; KS.15.2; 

TB.; ApQ.18.9.18; M9.9.1.1. 5fe abadhisma, 
avadhismamum TB.3.3. 11.4; ApQ.3.14.2. See aba- 

avadhit kamo mama j'e sapatnah AV.9.2. 1 1'\ 
avadhutarii raksali VS.i.14,19; TS.; 6.t; MS.i.i. 

6: 3.11; 1. 1. 7: 4.2; 4.1.6: 8.1; 4.1.7: 9.5; KS.i.5,6; 

31.4,5; QB.i.i.4.4; 2.1. 14; TB.; 6.1; Apg.i. 

19.3; MQ.i.2.2.6. P: avadhutam K9.2.4.2. Of. under 

apahataiii raksah. 
avadhuta aratayah (MS.KS. avadhutaratih) VS. 1.14,19: 

TS.; 6.1; MS.I.I. 6: 3. 11; 1. 1. 7: 4.2; KS.i.5,6; 

31.4,5; gB.i.i.4.4; 2.1. 14; TB.; 6.1; Apg.i. 

ava dhehi Kau5.64.13. Fragment of, a sincodakam 

ava etc., q.v. 
avadhraih jyotir aditer rtavrdhah RV.7.82.10C;<". 
avadhvansa iviiiiinah AV.5.22.3l>. 
avanaddham fnatliitam apsv antah RV.i. 116.24I'. 
avanaddham abhihitam AV.9.3.8C. 
ava niclr apali srja AV.4.15. 12". 
avaneniksva Karmap. 1.3.1 1. See asav ava°. 
ava no devair devakrtam eno yaksi"=: 45.11; 

KS.4.I3''. 5ee ava devair. 
ava no vrjina 9i9ilii EV. 10. 105.8^. 
avantam atraye grliam RV.8.73.7''. 
avanti devl siiliava me astu TB.''. 
avanti (KSA. f'tis) sthavantis tvavantu TS. 7.4.1 2.1 ; KSA. 

4.1; TB. P: avanti stha Ap9.20.17.13. 
avantu nah kajyapo vamadevah AV. 18.3. 15'^. 
avantu nah pitaiah supravacanah RV. 1.106.3^ 
avantu no amrtasas turasah EV.5.42.5d. 
avantu ma parvataso dhruvasah RV.6.52.4C. 
avantu ma pitaro devahutau RV.6.52.4>1. 
avantu mam usaso jayamanah EV.6.52.4-\ 
avantu ma sindhavah pinvamanah RV.6.52.4I'. 
avantu sapta sindhavah RV.8.54(Yal.6).4b 
avanty asya pavltaram (SV. pavitaram) ajavah RV.9.83. 

2C; SV.2.226C. 

avann avantir upa no dura9 eara RV. 7.46.2". 

avapatantanarh i-udranaiii [also avapatantlnam mdra- 
ninaiii) sthane svatejasa bhani TA.1.17.2. 

avapatantir avadan RV.10.97.17a; VS.12.91a; TS.4.2.6. 
5='; MS. 2. 7. 1 3*: 94.13; KS. 16.13a. See avayatih sam 
avadanta, and cf. pippalyah samavadanta. 

ava padyantam esam ayudhani AV.8.8.2oa. 

avapadyasva svapathat HG.2.3.3''. 

avapannebhyah svaha TS.; 20.1; KSA. 3. 

avapan panca manavah AV.18.4.55^1; TA.6.6.2h 
ava padi divas pari RV. 1.105.3b. 
ava prij'am ar9asanasya sahvan RV. 2.20.6". 
ava priya (AV. priyah) adhusata RV.i.82.2ti; AV.18.4. 

6ib; SV.1.415''; VS.3.51I';' TS.i.8.5.2t; MS.1.10.3'': 

143.12; KS.9.61'; (;::B.2.6.i.38i>. 
ava priya didistana<:. 
avapruso viprusah sam yajami (MQ. si-jami) TB.3.7.6. 

21"; ApQ.3.10.1"; M(^.i.3.5.i3«. See utpruso. 
avabadham raksah ApQ.2.2.2. Cf. under apahatam 

avabadha yatudhanah Ap(^.2.2.2. 
avabadhorgha9afisah Ap(J!. 2.2.2. 
avabadho durasyuh KS. 2. 1 1 ; 25.9; AP9.11.11.9. 
ava badhataiii etc. : see apa badhatam etc. 
avabadhasva prtanayatah PG. 1.7.1''. Cf. avabadhe 

ava badhe dvisantam devaplyum AV.4.35.7a. 
ava badhe prtanyatah (Aj^^- prtanj-ata) MS.1.3.12'': 34. 

12; Ap(^. 12.22.5b. See abhi syama prtanyatah, sasa- 

hyama, and cf. avabadhasva etc., and abhi tistha etc. 
ava bahu manoyuja AV.6.65. i^. 
ava brahmadviso jahi RV.8.64.1C; RVKh.5.84.i'i ; AV. 

20.93.1"; SV.1.194"; 2.704". 
avabhrtha nicumpuna (TS.TB.ApQ. nicankuna; MS.KS. 

MQ. nicunkuna) VS.3.48a; 8.27a; 20.18a; TS.i. 4.45.2a;; MS.i. 3.39a: 45.11; 4.8.5: 113.2; KS.4.I3a; 

29-3; 38-5^ (yB.'';";; TB.2. 

6.6.3a; LQ.2. 12. 9a; MQ.; Ap9.13.19.10; 19.10. 

5; N.5.18. P: avabhrtha Kg.5.5.30; 10.9.3; BrhPDh. 

avabhrthag ca svagakara9 (KS. sugakara9) ca MS. 3. 4.1: 

46.2; KS.21.11. 
avabhrthag ca me svagakara9 ca me (VS. me j'^ajiiena 

kalpantam) VS.18.21; TS.;; MS.2.11.5: 

143.9; KS.18.11. 
avabhrthaya svaha KSA. 5. 7, 8. 
avabhrthena tvapam KS.22.8; M9.6.2.6. See aparii 

avabhedaka virupaksa PG.3.6.3a. 
ava bhesaja padaya AV.8.6.16". 
ava manyuiii tanomi te AV.6.42.2'\ 
ava manynr avayata AV.6.65. la. P; ava manj'iih Kau9. 

avamam madhyamaiii eatum TA. 1.8.4''. ~ 

ava martyair martyakrtam (MS. martyakrtam cikitvan) 

VS.3.48J; 8.2 7<i; VS.20.l8d; TS.I.4.45.2<i; MS.I.3.39'1: 

45.12; KS.4.I3<i; 38.5'i; gB.<l;; 12. 

9.2.4; TB.2. 6.6.3d; LQ.2.i2.9d 
ava ma papman srja AV.6. 26.1a. P: ava ma pajjman 

avamuncan mrtyupa9an a9astim AV.8.2.2". 
ava me papmanam jalii SMB. 1.7.9. 



avamebhyah pitrbhyah svaha saha bhaksebhyah L9.3. 

2.1 1. 
avamais ta iirvais te kavyais te pitrbhir bhaksitasya 

madhumato narafahsasya sarvaganasya sarvagana upa- 

liuta upahutasya bhaksayami PB.i.5.9. P: avamaih 

L^. 2. 5. 1 4. See timaih pitrbhir. 
ava yaksva no varunaiii raranah EV.4.I.5''; VS.21.4C; 

TS.; MS.4.10.4C: 153.15; 4-I4-I7'': 246.12; 

KS.34.i9'=; ApMB.i.4.150. 
ava yac chyeno asvanid adha dyoh EV.4.27.3CI. 
avayajanam asi MS.'i: 142.3. See idaiii tad ava", 

and tasyavayajaiiam. 
ava yajiiebhir Imahe havii'bhih EV.1.24.14'' ; TS.1.5.11. 

3''; 153.10; 4.14.17: 246.7; KS.40.11i'. 
avayatih sam avadanta VSK. 13.6.17"^. See avapatantir etc. 
ava j^at tvaiii fatakrato EV. 10. 134.4''; A^. 7.4.4; 9^.12. 

ava yat sve sadhasthe EV.S.yg.Q^ 
avayatam marutaiii hedo adbhutah EV. 1.94. 12I'. 
avayata sadam id durmatlnam EV. 1.129.1 1''. 
avayata haraso daivyasya EV.8.48.2''; AV.2.2.2^. 
ava j'a vaj^aiii cakrma tanubhih EV. 7.86.5''. 
ava yaf caste arunah suparnah EV. 10.30. 2^. 
avayasaya svaha TS. 1.4.35. 1 ; KSA.5.6; TA.3.20.1. 
avaran abhy a tara: see avarah etc. 
ava raksansi dhunute AV. 19.36. 4''. 
ava raksansy akramlt AV. 19.36. 5^. 
ava rakso divah sapatnaiii vadhyasam Ap(^. 1.19.1 1. 
avarasparaya 9arikhadhmam VS. 30. 19; TB. 
avaran (MS. avarah) abhy a tara EV.8.75.15''; VS. 11. 

71''; TS.';''; MS.2.7.7I': 83.3; KS.16. 

7I'; JB.1.65I'; gB.'';'. 
ava rajaii pa^utrpani na tayum EV.7.86.50. 
avaruddhah paripadarii na sihhah EV. 10.28. 10''. 
ava rudram adimahi VS.s.sS"^; (^B.2.6.2.ii'''; KQ.5.10. 

14. P: ava rudram BrhPDh.9.118. See avamba. 
ava rudra ajaso hantana vadhah EV.2.34.9<i. 
avaroha saha patnya MG.<i. 

avareasarii krnuhi fatrum asya AV.4.22.3f'; TB.'1. 
avartayat suryo na cakram EV.2.1 i.2o«. 
avartayo manave gatum ichan EV. 5. 30. 7*1. 
avartiih yantu mama ye sapatnah AV.9.2.4''. 
avartirii hanti caksusa AV.9.4.I7''. 
avartya funa antrani pece EV.4.18. 13^ 
avartyai etc. : see avartyai etc. 
avardhata madhya (MS. madhya) a navyanam EV.T.33. 

11''; MS.4.14.12I': 235.7; TB.'. 
avardhann indraiii niaruta? cid atra EV.i 0.73.1c; VS.33. 

640; MS.I.3.20C: 37.10; KS.4.8>:; TB. 

avardhann ugra mahimanam indriyam EV. 10.113.3'!. 
avardhan vaja uta ye cid atra EV.10.73.3I'. 
avardhayan dasyuhatyaya devah EV.10.95.7J;'1. 
avardhayann ahaye hantava u EV.5.3i.4d; SV.i.439''; 

TS.i.6.i2.6<i; MS.4.i2.2d: 182.8; KS.8.i6<i. 
avardhayan subhagam sapta yahvih EV.3.i.4\ 
avardhayan somavatya vacasyaya EV. 10. 11 3. 8''. 
avardhayo dyam brhadbhir arkaih EV.2.ii.i5d. 

avardhayo vanino asya dahsasa EV. 10. 138.2°. 

avar maha indradadrhi 9rudhi nah EV.i.i33.6^ P: avar 

maha indra AB.5.12.5; AQ.8.1.12; 9^.10.7. 11; 8.3. 
avarsir varsam ud u so grbhaya EV.5.83. 10*. 
avarsyabhyah svaha TS.; KSA.4.2. 
avalipta raudrah VS.24.3; MS.3.13.4: 169.6. 
avaliptas trayah 9ai9irah TS. 5. 6. 2 3.1 ; KSA. 10.3. 
avavarsate svaha VS. 22.26. Cf. abhivarsate. 
avaviddhaih taugryam apsv antah EV. 1.182.6". 
ava vrstiiu srjatam jlradanu EV.5.62.3'1. 
ava veti suksaj'am sute madhu EV. 10.23. 4c ; AV.20. 

ava vediiii hotrabhir yajeta EV.7.60.9". 
avavyayann asitaiii deva vasma (TB.ApQ. vasvah) EV.4. 
13.4I'; MS.4.I2.5'': 194.1; KS.11.13''; TB.; 

Ap^. 16. 11.12^'. 

ava vradhantam abhinad vrdha9 cit EV. 10.69. ud. 
avagasa nih9asa yat para9asa AV.6.45.2''. See yad afasa. 
ava 9adesu gachati EV.9. 15.6c; SV.2.622C. 
avag ca yah parah sruca (Vait. parah srucah ; KS. paro 

divah) EV.I 0.1 7. 1 3b; KS.35.8b; Vait.16.17b 
avag caran paro anyena pa9yan EV.6.9.3J. 
ava 9ma9a i-udhad vah EV.10.105.1b; SV.i.228b; N.5.12. 
ava 9laksnam iva bhrahfat AV.20.i33.6'*; ^^.''. 
ava 9veta pada jahi AV. 10.4.3*. 'S'ee apa 9veta, and apah 

avasaiii ratrlh 9arada9 catasrah EV. 10.95. 1 6b; ^B. 11.5. 

1. 10''. 
avasa a vmiocanat EV.3.53.20''. 

avasanapatibhyah svaha ; MahanU.19.2. 
avasanapateivasanarii me vinda TB.; ApQ.g.16.7. 

Of. ne.rt. 
avasanam me^vasanapatir viudat M^. 2. 5. 5. 28''. Cf. prec. 
avasanebhyah svaha; MahanU.19.2. 
avasaya padvate rudra mrda EV. 10. 169. 1"^; TS.'!; 

KSA.4.6'i; N.1.17. 
avasayagvan N. 1.17. Fragment o/vimucya vayo, q.v. 
ava sindhum vanino dyaur iva sthat EV.7.87.6''; A9.3. 

ava sukratuh sartava apah srjat EV.i.55.6'1. 
ava srjann upa tmana EV.i.i42.ii\ 
ava sija punar agne pitrbhyah EV. 10. 16.5^^; AV. 18.2. 

10"; TA.6.4.2a; gg.3.16.7; kau9.81.44; 82.28. 
ava srja vanaspate EV. 1.13.II^ 
avasrstah etc. : see avasrsta para etc. 
avasrstadhi dhanvanah AV.i.3.9b. 
avasrsta (TB.Ap^. avasrstah) para pata EV.6.75. i6'^; 

AV.3.19.8''; SV.2.i2i3'';"vS.i7.45'-'; TS.''; TB.; Vait.34.17; Apg.3.14.3''; AG.3.12.18. 
ava sediiii trsnam ksudham jahi Kau9.7o. ib. Cf. under 

apa ksudham. 
ava somaiii nayamasi AV.7. 94.1b; TS.; KS.35.7b. 

See under abhi somam. Kg. 10.7.8 has the uha, ava 

somam grhnami. 
avaskavam vyadhvaraiii krimin AV. 2. 3 1.4c. 
avas tat su na a bhara EV.5.35.2J. 
ava stomebhl rudram dislya EV.2. 33.5b. 


— avantaradicah 

avasthasya kladlvatah AV.V.go.^*". 

avastha namasy avacT dik tasyas te visniir adhipatih 

kalniasagrlvo raksita MS. 2. 13.21 : 167.8. See next. 
avasthava namasy udicl dik tasyas te varuno»dliipatis 

tirafcarajl raksita TS. 5. 5. 10.2; ApMB.2.17.17 (ApG.7. 

18.12). See jircc, and cf. udicl dik. 
avasthavano nama stha te.saiii va uttarad grha apo va 

isavah samudrah (ApMB. samudro vatanamam) TS.5.3. 

10.4: ApMB.2.17.23 (ApG.7. 18. 12). 
ava sthira taniihi bluiri 9ardhataiu RV.8. 19.20'^; SV. 2. 

910C; VS.15.40''; Ap^. 14.33.6'!; MQ.6.2.2''. 
ava sthira tanuhi yatujunam EV.4.4.5C; 10.116.^^; YS. 

I3.i3«; TS.; MS.2.7.15C: 97.16; KS.i6.i-,c. 
ava sthira maghavadbhyas tanusva RV. 2.33.14^; VS. 16. 

50C; TS.; MS.2.9.9C: 127.14; KS.i7.i6«. 
avaspartar adhivaktaram asinavum RV.2.23.8''. 
ava sprdhi pitaraiii yodhi vidvan RV.5.3.9''. 
avasphurjate svaha VS.22.26. 
avasphurjad dhetih MS.2.8.10: 115.7; KS.17.9. Sec 

next hut one. 
avasphurjan didyud (MS.KS. vidyiid) varsan bhutar avrt 

svaha (MS. varsahs tvesa ravat .svaha ; KvS. varsahs 

tveva ravat svaha) TS.; MS. 2. 4. 7: 44.4; KS. 

1 1.9. (7/ «<»Jt?er ana^any. 
avasphurjan hetih (TS. prahetih) VS. 15.19 ; TS.; 

(JIB. 8. 6. 1.20. See prec. hut one. 
ava sma durhanayatah (SV. durhrn") RV. 10. 134.2" ; SV. 

ava smayante vidyutah prthivyam RV. 1.168.8'=. 
ava sma yasya vesane EV.5.7.5*. 
avasyatam muncatam yan no asti (AV. asat) RV.6.74.3C: 

AV.7.42.2C; TS.; MS.4.11.2C: 165.8; KS. 

ava syati dvivartanir vanesat RV. 10.61.20''. 
avasyate stuvate krsniyaya RV. i.i i6.23». 
avasyava iirjaiii vardhayantah RV.2.1 1.13''. 
avasyave tva vataya svaha VS.38.7; MS.4.9.8: 128.8; 

gB.; TA.4.9.I- 
avasyave yo varivah krnoti RV.4.5o.9e; AB.8. 26.12. 
avasyavo dhlmahi pra9astim RV. 2.1 1.12c. 
avasyavo na vayunani taksuh RV.2. 19.8''. 
avasyavo vrsanaiii vajradaksinam RV. i.ioi.i<=; SV. i. 

ava sya furadhvano nante RV.4. 16.2^^; AV.20.77.2f'. P: 

ava sj'a fura KB. 26. 16. 
ava s}-a harl vi muca sakhaya EV. 6.40.1''. 
avasyum afvina yuvam RV.5.75.8e. 
avasyur (VS.^B. avasyur) asi duvasvan VS.5.32; 18.45; 

TS.;; MS.1.2.12: 21.12; 2.12.3: 145.14; 

KS.2.13; 18.14; PB.i.4.7; gB.; (;3g.6.i2.i9. 

P: avas}-uh Lg.2.2.18. Cf. apijo«si duvasvan. 
avasyvir ahve ku9ikasya sunuh RV.3.33.5''; 1^.2. 25''. 
avasyur mima bhiksate RV.7.32.i7'l. 
avasy-ur vam ahaiii huve RV.8.35.22'1-24''. 
avasyuvata brhati (TS. brhatir) na (TS. nu ; AQ. tu) 

yakvarl (TS. 9akvarlh) TS. 4. 4.1 2.3'=; MS.3.i6.4'=: 189.1 ; 

KS.22.i4'=; Ag.4.i2.2c. 

ava syumeva cinvati maghoni EV.3.61.4". 

avasyur asi: see avasyur etc. 

ava sraktir ve9yavr(jcad indrah RV.7.18. 17'=. 

ava sravedigha^ansoivatarara RV.i. 129.6'; N.10.42''. 

ava svayukta diva a vrtha yayuh RV.i. 168.4*. 

ava svarati gargarah RV.8.69.9''' ; AV. 20.92.6". 

ava svah sakha dudhuvlta parvatah RV.8.70. 1 1'-'. 

ava sveda ivabhitah RV.10.134.5*. 

avah suryasya brhatah purisat RV. 10.27.21''. 

avahato varunasya pajah KS.4.13 ; 29.3. 6'ee pramukto 

etc., and vicrtto etc. 
ava hanmy ulukhale ApMB.2.16. i2<i. 
avahaya para gat AV.7.53.4''. See ned eso asman, ma so 

asmah, and asman. 
avansy a vrnlniahe RV.8.26.21C; 67.4'=; VS.27.34<=; KS. 

I I.I2'1. 

ava kalpesn nah piimali RV.9.9.7''. 

avanmukhah pidyamanah N. 14.6*. 

avacaeaksam padam asj^a sasvah RV.5.30.2-''. 

avaci dik MS.2.13.21 : 167.8. 

avacinaih tad etu te AV. 10.4.25''. 

avacinan ava jahi AV. I3.I.30^ 

avacyai dife svaha VS. 2 2. 24. 

avaeyau te totudyete Kauf. 107.2". 

avajustan vidliyati karte avratan EV.9.73.8''. 

avancam patayamasi SMB. 2. 7. 4!'. 

avad dhavyani surabhini krtva (RV.VS. krtvl) RV. 10. 15. 

12''; AV.18.3.42''; vs.19.66i'; TS.''; Apg.i. 

10.14''; SMB.2.3.I7^ 
avad dhavya pitrbhya a TB.''; Apg.4.2.1''. 
avad dhavj^esito havyavahah AV. 18.4. 1'=. 
avatiraj jyotisagnis tamahsi RV.6.9. i''; N.2.21''. 
avatiratam anrtani viyva EV. 1.152.1'=; MS.4.14.10C; 231. 

8; TB. 
avatiratam brsaj^asya (TB. prathayasya) 9esah RV. 1.93. 

avate apas tarasi svabhano RV.6.64.4''. 
avadaho diva a dasyum ucca RV. 1.33.7'=. 
avadhamam vi madhyamarii frathaj-a RV.i.24.1,-;''; AV. 

7.83.3''; 18.4.69''; ArS.i.4'J; VS. 12. 12''; TS.'';''; MS.1.2.18'': 28.8; 4.14.17I': 246.5: KS.3.8I'; 

16.8''; gB.6.7. 3.8; SMB.1.7.10''. P: avadhamam .. . 

vi madhyamam HG. 1.9.10. 
avadhamani jivase RV.i.25.2i'=; KS.21.13''; TB.2.4.2. 

6'=; Mg.3.i.29'=. 
ava nah parye dhane EV.8.92.9'=; SV.2.994i=. 
ava nu karii jyayan yajnavanasah". 
ava nunaiii j-atha pura RV.6.48.19''. 
ava no agna utibhih RV.i.79.7"-; SV.2.874'\ P. ava no 

agne Ag.4.13.7. 
ava no devjTi Ahiya, (TS.KS. krpa) VS.11.41''; TS.4.1.4. 

i''; KS.16.4''; gB. See stavano devya. 
ava no maghavan vajasatau RV.6.i5.i5'=; KB.23.3. 
ava no manyo tapasa sajosah MS.4.I2.3'': 186.7. See 

pahi no etc. 
ava no vajayurii ratham EV.8.80.6''. 
avantaradigah pagavah KSA.5.5. 




avantaradigabhyah svaha TS. ; KSA.1.6. 

avantaradigah faiitih TA.4.42.5. 

avanyans tantun kirato dhatto anyan TB.". 

avanyan hanmi doilhatali AV. 12.1.58'^. 

ava ]>itsusu kasu cit RV. i.i2y.4e. 

avabharad dhrsito vajram ayasam RV. 10. 1 13.5c. 

avabhinat kakubhah parvatiinam RV. 4. 1 9. 4''; TB. 2.4.5. 3^'- 

avabhinat satpatir manj'ainaiiain 

avabhinad ukthair vfivrdlianah RV. 2.11.2''. 

avabhinad danum aurnavabham RV.2.ii.iSb. 

avamiksan nirrte te mukhena AV. 7. 64.21'. 

avamba rudraiu adimalii (LQ. ayaksmahi) TS. 1.8.6. 2'';'1: 144.6; 1. 10.20: 160.9; KS.9.7'''; 36.14; 

TB.1. 6.10.4; Lg.s.s.s--'; Apg.8.i8.i; M^.i. 7.7.6. See 

ava riulram. 
avayantam paksino ye vayansi AV.". 
avayam aiLaba ailaylt AY. 6.1 6. ^^K 
avara iksavah paryebhyah (KSA. parlyebhyah) paksma- 

bhyali svaha TS. ; KSA.3.6. Sex avaryani etc. 
avarayanta varanena devah AV. 10.3.2^. 
avaraya kevartain VS.30. 16. 5ee avaryaya. 
avaruhad gandhamadanat MG.i. 10.17''. 
avaryani paksmani jjaiya iksavah VS. 2 5.1; MS. 3.1 5.1: 

1 78. 1. See HYiU-a. etc. 
avaryaya margaram TB.3.4. 1.12. See avaraya. 
avavaeit saiathir asya ke<;i RV. 10. 102.6b 
avavaganta dhltayah RV.9.19.4'''; 66.111:; SV.2.8C. 
ava (TS. avo) vajesu yam junali RV.i.27.7b; SV.2.765'^'; 

VS.6.29I'; TS.'; MS.1.3.1'': 30.1; KS.3.9I':^. 
ava vajesu vajini RV.6.6i.6l'. 
avasayad nijad adriih ginanah RV.6.32.2''. 
avasayann usasaiii suryena RV.7.91.1^'; MS.4.i4.2>l: 216. 

12; KB. 25. 2. 
avasayo^pa drdhani dardrat RV.6. 17.5b. 
avasaih niaghavaii jahi RV.i.i33.3\ 
avasrjah prasvah 9vancayo girin^ 
avasrjat saitave sapta sindhuii RV.2.i2.i2b; AV.20.34. 

13I'; JUB.i.29.71',9. Cf. next hut one. 
avasrjanta jivrayo na devah RV.4.i9.2'\ 
avasrjah sartave sapta sindhnn EV. 1.32.12''. Cf. ]}rec. 

hut one. 
avasrjo apo (TB. ^po) acha samudram RV. 6. 30. 411; MS. 4. 

14.18^': 248.16; KS.38.71'; TB.''. 
avasrjo nivrtah sartava apah RV.1.57.6C; AV.20.15.6c. 
avastuh sa bhuyfid yo^sman dvesti yaiii ca vayaiii dvis- 

mah TA.4.42.1. 
avasya rastram apa hantu jivitam AV. 6. 134.1''. 
avasya fivumatir adideh RV.1.140. lo". 
avasrag diksa vagiiii ]iy ugra TB.2. 7. 17.111. 
avahan navatir nava RV.9.61.1C; SV.1.495C; 2.560". 
avahann indra usaso yathanah''. 
avahann indra ^aiubaram RV. 4. 30. 14c. 
avahaih badha upabhrta sapatnan (KS. dvisantam) KS. 

31.14''; TB.^'; Apg.4.7.2^ 
avih krsna bhrigadheyaiii pafunam AV.12.2.53''. P: 

avih krsnn Kaii(;.7i.6,i4. 

aviih lokena saiiimitam AV. 3. 2 9. 311-5''. 

avim vrka iva mathnlta AV.5.8.4C. 

avim vrko yatha mathat AV.7.50.50. 

avirii vrdhama fagmiyaiii sakhayam AV.5.i.9°. 

avikrito akanisaiii punar yan RV.4.24.9''. 

aviksitasa ayusa suvirah RV.7.I.2 4''. 

aviksobhaya (KS. "ksodhaya) paridhin dadhami KS.31. 

14I'; TB.''; Apg.4.6.3''. 
avijnatagada sati AV. 12.4. 16''. 
avijnata adityai VS.24.5,9; MS.3.13.6: 169.12; 3. 13.10: 

avijnatabhyo devatabhyah {sc. namah) gG.2.14.17. 
avirii jajiianam rajasah parasmat VS. 13.44''; TS.4.2.10. 

3''; MS.2.7.17'': 102.6; KS.16.17''; gB. 
aviddhi ^nra dhiyil hi ya nah AQ. 6.3.1''. See AV. 2.5.4'', 

and cf. Tnd. Stud. xiii. 145. 
aviddhindra eitraya na uti RV.2.17.8''. 
avita jaritrnam RV.4.31.3''; AV.20.124.3l'; SV.2.34''; 

VS.27.41b; 36.6b; MS.2.i3.9b: 159.8; 4.9.27b: 139.15; 

KS.39.12b; TA.4.42.31^; Apg.i7.7.8b. 
avita dvayor asi RV.6.45.5b. 
avita no aja^vah\ Cf. BrhD.6.131. 
avitasi sunvato vrktabarhisah RV.8.36.1''; AB.5.6.10; 

KB.23.1; gB. P: avitasi Ag.7.12.9 {cf. 7. 

avidad daksam mitro navlyan RV.6.44.7"^. P: avidad 

daksam gg.8.6.ii. 
avidan bhumyam adhi AV.2.9.4'1. 
avidahanta (Apg.Mg. "tah) 9rapayata TB.; Apg. 

1. 25. 10; Mg.i.2.3.31. 
avidama tad yad asv apsv aisismanansata tasmai KB. 1 2. i. 

Cf. avido j-ajuam. 
avidama devan svar jyotih VS. 8. 52''; gB. Cf. 

aganma jyotir avidama. 
avido yajnam MS.4.5.2: 65.15; AB.2. 20.11. (7/; avidama 

avidyaya mrtyurii tirtva VS. 40.14': ; MU.7.9''; IfaU.ii". 
avidya bahuvidya va RVKh. 10. 127.7c. 
avidriyabhir utibhih RV.1.46.15':; VS.34.28':. 
avidvansag cakrma kac canagah TS. 4. 7. 15. 6b. See acitti- 

avidvansoibudha janah gB. 14. 7. 2. 14''; BrhU.4.4.14''. 

jS'ee ye ke catmahano janah. 
avidvanso vidustaraui sapema RV. 6. 15.10b; TS.2.5. 12. 

5b; KS.7.i6b." 
avidvan itthaparo acetfih RV. r.i2o.2b 
avidvesarii krnomi vah AV. 3.30.1b. 
avidhavarii capalam gG.i.i2.6c. 
avidhava bliava varsani RVKh. 10.85.1''. 
avinastan avihrutan (Ag. ohrtan) MS.1.5.14C (for): 83.5, 

18; 84.10; KS.7.3C; Ag. 2. 5.20,12c; Apg.6.24.4C; gG. 

3. 6.2C. 
avinipataiii smrtiiii ca me 
avinda nsriya anu RV.1.6.5C; AV.20.70.1C; SV.2.202C. 
avindah ketuiii vayunesv ahnam RV.6.7.5<1. 
avindac citrabarhisam RV.1.23.14C. 
avindac charyanavati: see avlndan. 


— avenantam 

avindaj jyotir l>rhate ranaya KV.3.34.4*; AV.20.11.4tl; 

avindaj jyotir manave havismate EV. 10.43. 8''; AV.20. 

avindaS faryanavati (KS. "tlac cha") MS.2.13.6C: 154.14; 

KS. 39.12". See tad vidac chan-anavati. 
avindataih jyotir ekaiii bahubhyah KV. 1.93.4''; TB. 2.8.'i. 
avindad ga apah svah KV.5. i4.4<'; MS.4.10.2C: 146.6. 
avindad divo nihitam guha nidhim RV. i.i3o.3''-. 
avindan te atihitaiii yad asit\ 
avindann 11 dar^atam apsv antah RV.3.I.3''. 
avindetham apacitiiii vadhatraih RV.4.28.4*'. 
avipre cid vaj'o dadhat RV.6.45.2". 
avipro va yad avidhat RV.8.61.9^; ^(|J.i8.8.i4. 
avimuktacakra fisiran PG. 1.15.8". Sec vivrttaeakiTi. 
avir asit pilippila VS.23.i2c,54C; TS. 7.4. 18.1''; MS.3.12. 

19'': 166.7; KSA.4.7C. 
avir na nasi vliyaya VS.19.90"; MS.3.11.9'': 154.6; 

KS.38.3--''; TB.\ 
avir meso na bhesajam VS.21.30''; MS.3.11.2'': 141. 4; 

avir vai nilma devata AV. 10.8.31". 
aviQesartukalena Kau5.I4I.33^ 
avigesena putranam ^3.4^ Cf. MDh.9.133,139. 
avigran patayisnavah RV.8.27.12'1. 
avisarii nali pitmii karat TB.'1; ApQ.4.2. i<l. See 

next three. 
avisam nah pituiii kmu TS.; 9B.; TB.i. 

2.1.25'!; Sec prec. and next two. 
avisam nah pituiii krdhi siidhin yonin susadarii prthivim 

.svaha KS. 1.12 ; 31.12. See prec. two and next. 
avisam nah pituiii paca MS.i.6.2: 89.3. See prec. three, 

and cf. svaditaiii nah etc. 
avistana paijavanasya ketam RV. 7.18.25". 
avistam dhiyo jigrtaiii puraiiidhlh RV.4.50.11"; 7.64.5"; 

avistam dhlsv a9vinri na asu RV.7.67.6^; TB.'\ 
avisto asman vifvasu viksu RV.7.34. 12^ 
avisyave ripave duehunilyai RV.1.189.5''; MG.2.16.3''. 
avisyavo maksikas te pafiipate AV. 11.2.2", in correct 

division. See under aliklavebliyo. Tlie pnhlishcd texts 

print with the mss., maksikas etc., as pada d. So also 

avis tasmat pra muucati AV.3.29.1'1. 
avis tokany avaj-at AV.5.i9.2'l. 
avihrtam tvarii pratyagrnltat (^9-i7-M-3- 
avihvarantaih manasas pari dhyaya RV.4.36.2I'. 
avin no agnir haA^'an namobhih RV.7.34.14''. 
aviraghnir ajjetana AV.6.83.2'1. 
aviraghnir ud ajantv (ApMB. acantv) apah AV. 14. 1.39'^; 

aviraghno viratarah (HG. viratamah; A^.Ap^.ApMB. 

vlravatah) suvlran (HG. sufevan) A^. 2. 5. 17b; ApQ. 

16.16.4'!; gG.3.5.3b; HG.i. 29.2b; ApMB.i.8.2i'. See 

viraiii hi. 
avirahatyam devesu Ap9.5.2 7. i". 

aviraha pra cara soma duryan RV. 1.91.19'!; VS. 4. 3 7'!;<!; KS.11.13'!; MS.4.12.4'': 188.12; AB.i. 

13.24; gB.'!. 
aviram iva mam aj'ain RV. 10.86.9'''; AV.20. 126.9"; N.6. 

31. Cf. BrhB. 1.53- 
avire kratau vi davidyutan na RV. 10.95.3". 
avir vajasya gadhyasya satau'i. 
avivarata vo hi kam (TS. hikam) AV.3. 13.3!'; TS.5.6. i. 

3b; MS.2. 13.1b: 152. 11; KS.39.2b. 
avivaganta matibhir nianlsinah RV.10.64.15'!. 
avivrdham vo manasa sujatali TS."; Ap(^.i2.7. 

10; 10.2; M.Q.2.3.3.'J\ 

avivrdhata MS.4.13.9 {qtiatcr): 212.4,5,6,8; gB.i.9.1.9, 
10; TB. 3. 5. 1 0.2 (his), 3 iter), 4 (his); Ag.i.9.1; 3.4.15; 
6.11.5 (cf. comtn.); ^Q.i. 14.6-8,13,15 ; 6.1.5 (c/- 
eomni.); My.5. 1.4.28. Cf. avivrdhanta, and avlvrdhe- 

avivrdhat purodajena (VSK. avivrdliata purolafena) VS. 
28.23,46; VSK.30.17,46. Cf. avivrdhanta puroda- 
<;riih, and avlvrdhetrim puroda9ena. 

avivrdhad vo amrta amandit RV.8.80. 10". Cf. BrhD. 

avivrdhadhvam ii^atlr iisasah RV. 1.124.13b 

avivrdhanta MS.4.13.9: 212.7; QB. 1.9.; TB.3.5. 10. 
4; Ag.i.9.5; 3.4.15 {eomm.); gg.i.14.14; 6.1.5 («'/ 
comm.). Cf. avivrdhata, and avivrdhetam. 

avivrdhanta gotamah RV.4.32. i2'\ 

avivrdhanta grahaih TB.2.6.15. 2. Cf next. 

avivrdhanta piiroda9aih (VSK. ''Ia9riih) VS.21.60; VSK. 
23.59; KS.19.13. Cf. 2^rec., next, a.Yl\'rdha.t ^uvodiiqena, 
and avivrdhetam piiroda9ena. 

avivrdhantangiisaih TB.2.6.15. 2. Cf. prec. 

avivrdhan j-ujyarii te rayiiii nah RV.7.36.71!. 

avivrdhetam MS.4.13.9: 212.6; TB.3.5. 10.3 (&/s); 6.15. i; 
gg. 1.14.9,11,12. Cf. avivrdhata, and avivrdhanta. 

avivrdhetam puroda9ena (Ag. puroda9aih) MS.4.13.9: 
2 II. 8; Ag.6. II.6. Cf. avivrdhat piiroda9ena, and avi- 
vrdhanta purodri9aih. 

avrkatamo naraiii nrpatri RV. 1.174.10b 

avrkenapariparena patha svasti vasun a9lya Apg. 12.17. 
4; . . . svasti rudran aflya Apg. 13.2.8; . . . svasty adi- 
tyrui a9iya Apg. 1 3. 1 1. 1. Cf aparijiarena. 

avrjina anavadya aristah (MS. adabdhah) RV.2.27.2'!; 
MS.4.12.1": 177.12. See asvajinajo efc. 

avrnitha mad ahgirah AB.7.17.3'!; gg. 15.24'!. 

avrtran kamakatayali RV.8.92.i4b; TS.i.4.46.ib; ApMB. 

avrddham aham asau suryo brahmanani stha 

avrdham asau saumya prana svam me gopaya ApMB. 2. 

4.14 (ApG.4.11.13). 
avrQcad ad rim ava sasyadah srjat RV. 10. 11 3. 4". 
avrgcann ahamuttare AV.12. 4.501!. 
aved indro maghava gosu 9ubhrisu RV.5.34.8b. 
aved V indra jalgulah RV. 1.2 8.1 ''-4''. 
avenat tvasta caturo dadr9van EV.4.33.6'!. 
avenantam tusaj'anti bibharti RV. 10.27.16'!. 


avebhyah — 


avebhyah etc. : sec ayebhyah etc. 
aveyam a^vrdd yuvatih purastat KV. 1. 1 24. 1 1^ 
aver apoxdhvaryaaom (AB.A<?.M9. :.dlivarya3u) MS.4.5. 
2: 65.15; AB.2. 20.10; Ag.5.1.14; MQ. See 
under adhvaryav aislr. 
aver indra pra no dhiyah RV.8.2i.i2<l, 
avesta dandafukah; TS.; MS.2.6.10: 
70.5; 4.4.4: 54.7; KS.15.7; gB.; TB.i. 7.8.2; 
Ap^. 1 8. 1 5. 6 ; MQ. 9.1.3. P : avestah KQ. 1 5. 5. 2 2. 
avaitu pr^ni ^evalam AV.1.11.4''; PG.i.i6.2\ Sec 

avaitenaratsir asaii svaha AV.5.6.6'1. 
avaitv abhvaih krnuta variyah KV.5.49.5''. 
avainam raja varunah sasrjyat RV. 1.24. 13°. 
avainan afinana jahi AV. 13.1.320. 
avainan dundubhe jahi AV. 5.21.16. 

avainan badhe praty enan nudeismin ksaye»sniin bliQini- 
loke yo^sman dvesti yaiii ca vayaiii dvismah TS.3.5.3. i ; 
ApQ. 13.18.9. 
avairahatyayedam a papatyat AV.6.2g.3^ 
avaisam heda (VSK. hela) Imahe VS. i6.6e ; VSK. 1 7. 1.6c ;^; MS.2.9.2P: 121. 9; KS.17.11e; 
avocat svam tanvam iiidram eva RV. 10. 120.9^'; AV.5. 

2.9^; 20.107.12''. 
avoeanta carsanayo vivacah RV.6.3i.i''. 
avooama kavaye ta jusasva RV.4.2.2o'\ 
avocama kavaye medliyaya KV.5.1.12"^; VS.i5.25'i; TS.^ MS.2.i3.7a: 155.16. 
avocama iiamo asma avasyavah RV. 1. 1 14. 1 1^ 
avocama nivacanany asmin RV.i.i89.8'\ 
avocama brhan namah RV. 5. 7 3. i o'l. 
avocama inahate saiibhagaya RV.8.59(Vril. 1 1).5'\ 
avosama rahuganah RV. i.78.5-\ 
avocama ludasl satyavaca AV.5.1.9''. 
avo diva ijatayantaiii pataiiigam RV.i.i 63.611; VS. 29. 

17''; TS.; KSA.6.3i>. 
avo dive vartamana avahan RV.5.40.6t'. 
avodevam uparimartyaiii krdhi RV.8. 19. 12°. 
avo devasya sanasi RV.3.59.6b; VS. 11.62k See fravo etc. 
avo devanam brhatam anarvanam. RV.i 0.36.1 ik 
avo dvabliyaiii para ekaya gah RV. 10.67.4''; AV. 20. 

avo dhata vidhate ratnam adya RV.6.65.3J. 
avo nunarii vaiii varuna RV.5.70.1^'; SV.2.3351'; PB. 

avo babhutlia ^atamute asme RV.7.2i.8«. 
avobhir indra stavanta svasarah RV.4.22.7i>. 
avobhir dasma paritakmyayam RV. 4. 4 1.6 J. 
avobhir yatho vrsana vrsanvasii RV.8.26.2C. 
avobhir vajinivasu RV.5.74.6d. 
avobhir va mahadbhih sa pra frnve RV.4.4i.2<l. 
avobhiQ carsaninam RV. 1.86. 6c. See mahobhi9 ca". 
avor ittha vaiii chardiso abhistau RV. 6. 6 7. 11 a. 
avor vam nunam ajvina yuvakuh RV.7.67.4^ 
avor va yad dhat tanusu RV.10.132.5e 
avo vanvana aditer upasthat RV. 7.88.7c. 
avosaya svaha Kauy. 116.2. 

avosriyo vrsabhah krandatu dyauh RV.5.58.6''. 
avyam vararii etc. : see avyo varaiii etc. 
avyaktabhavair ahariikaraih TA A. 10.66. 
avyaeasa? ca \yacasa9 ca AV. 19.68. I^ P: avyacasa? ca 

Kauf. 139. 10. 3Iss. a^'yasa9 etc. Sayana, avyasah 

avyacasah, varnalopaf chaudasah. 
avyathamanaiii tva brahma veda HG. 1.23.1. 
avyathamana pithivl : see avyathaniana prthivyani. 
avyathamana prthiviiii drnha VS. 13.16; TS. 4. 2.9.1; 

MS.2.7.15: 98.6; KS.16.16; gB. 
avyathamana prthivyam (MS.2.7.6C, prthivl, or prthi- 
vyani) VS. 11.63c; MS.2.7.6C: 82.1; 3.1.8: 10.17; KS. 

16.6''; 19.7; 9^- P: avyathamana Kg.16.4. 

20. Sec apadyamana etc. 
avyathamana yajnam anuyachasva Ap(^.4.7.2e (tcr). 
avyathayai tva VS.10.21 ; (^B.; TB.2.7.16. i; K^. 

avyanae ca vyanac ca sasni RV. 10. 120.2C; AV.5. 2. 2"; 

20.107.5c; SV.2.834C; AA.i. 3.4.7. 
avyaye vare arsati EV.9. 103.3^. See somali punano 

avyasa§ etc. : see avyacasaf etc. 
avyam te krtyam yaiii cakruh AV.5. 3 1.2c. 
avyam asiknyam (MG. asitayarii) mrstva AV. 12. 2.20c ; 

avya varebhir avyata: see avyo varebhir arsati. 
avya varebhir asma}mh: see avyo varesv asmayuh. 
avya vare mahlyate : sec avyo etc. 
avya varaih pariputah : see avyo etc. 
avya varaih pari priyah (and priyam) : see avyo vare etc. 
avyusta in nu bhuyasir usRsah RV.2.28.9C; MS. 4.1 4.9c: 

avye jirav adhi svani RV.9. 66.9b. 
avye punanarii pari vara urmina RV.9.86.25^ Cf. next 

hut one. 
avye vadhayuh pavate pari tvaci RV.9.69.3\ 
avye sasara pavamana urmina RV.9.86. 13b. Qf. prec. 

hut one. 
avye harir ny adha vista sanavi RV.9.7o.8b. 
avyo (SV.PB. avyam) vararii vi dhavati RV.9. 28. ic =z SV. 

2.630C; RV.9.io6.iob — SV.i.572b; 2.290b = PB.12. 

11.3b. Cf. iKxt two. 
avyo vararii vi dhavasi RV.9. 16. 8c. Cf. prec. and next. 
avyo vararii vi pavamana dhavati RV.9. 7 4. 9b. Cf. 

prec. two. 
avyo vare pari dhava madhu priyam RV.9.86.48b 
avyo (SV. avya) vare (SV. 1.5 19b varaih) pari prij'ah RV. 
9.7.6a = SV.2.483a; RY.9.52.2b; RV.9. 107. 6b ^SV. I. 
519b. Cf. next. 
avyo vare (SV. avya varaih) pari priyam RV.9. 50. 3*; 

SV.2.557a. Cf. prec. 
avyo varebhih pavate RV.9. Ior.I6^ Cf. next. 
avyo varebhih pavate madintamah; SV.i. 

584>'. Cfprec. 
avyo (SV. avya) varebhir arsati (SV. a^'yata) RV.9. 20. jb = 

SV.2.3i8b; RV.9.38.ib = SV.2.624b. 
avyo varebhir uta devahutibhih EV.9.68.7C. 


— a(?manam 

avyo (SV. a\-ya) vare mahlyate RV.9.12.4I'; SV.2.549^ 

avyo varesu sincata RV.9.63.10'', igi". 

avyo varesv (SV. avyfi varebhir) asmayuh RV.9.6. ic; 

SV. 1.506". 
avyo (SV. avya) varaih paripntah RV.8.2.2^'; SV.2.85''. 
avrato (AA. "tarn) hinoti na sprfadrayim (AA. "yih) SV. 

1.441I'; AA. 5. 2. 2.18''. 
agansad bralimanas tejah TB.3. 12.9.4^ 
agansisaiii iiiatibhir vipra ukthaili RV.4.3.i6'l. 
agansit kavyali kavih RV.S.S.ii'l 
aQatruih hi ma janita jajana RV. 10.28.6''. 
agatrubhyo abhavali fatrur indra RV.8.96.i6t>; AV.20. 

137.10^'; SV.1.326''. 
aQatrur iiidra,i33.2<'; AV. 20. 95.3"; SV.2. 

1152C; N.I. 15. 
agatrur indra janvisa sanad asi RV.i. 102.8''. 
aQatrv aryah sam ajati vedah RV.5.2.i2l\ 
agatrv indro abhayaiii nah krnotu AV.6.40.2C. 
agananagane anu (ArS. abhi) AV. i9.6.2<l; ArS.4.4'1. 

See sa^ana". 
aganayapipase strij'a vai striyaiii badhante striya varii 

badlieignihotrya vatsena virena 99- 2-8.6. Cf.2.8.'i,S, 

aganim j-atumadbliyah RV.7. 104.25'' ; AV.8.4.25''. 
aganim hrdayagrena VS.39.8. 
aganim mastiskena VS. 25. 2; TS.5.7.12. i; MS. 3. 15.2: 

178.4; KSA.13.2. 
agam nirrtya akah AV.2.25.1'', 
agany amuiii jahi K(^.3.5. 14. 
agapata yah karasnam va adade RV. i.i6i.i2«. 
agastitiir asi vrtratur asinan patho jyaisthyan ma j'osam 

KS.7.13. See sapatnatur. 
agastitha viyvamanas turasat RV. 10.55.8''. 
agastibhyo aratibhyah svastyayanani asi SMB. 2. 6. 1 9. 
agastim esi sudine badhamanah AV. 1 7. 1. 1 7''. 
agastiha janita vifvatur (SV. vrtratur) asi EV.8.99.5C; 

AV.20.105.1C; SV.1.311C; 2.9870; VS.33.66c. 
agastiha vrjanaiii (SV. vijana) raksamanah RV.9.87.2''; 

SV.2. 2 81). 
agastir vi hi nina^ah RV.6.48. 17''. 
agasaiii tva vidusi sasminn ahan RV.10.95.11c. 
agikso yatra facya facivah RV. 6. 3 1.4c. 
agimidaya tva vataya svaha VS.38.7 ; ^B. Cf. 

agigrayu rathayur devatata RV.7.2.5''. 
agigrema barhir antah prthiv-yam ApQ.4.6. i\ 
agigliksum fiyliksate AV.20. 134. 6''. Sec chlillpu. 
agiti trini ca samstutasya GB. 1.5.2 3''. 
agitibhis tisrbhih samagebhih AV.2.i2.4a. 
agitir asmin savanani trini ca JB.2.71C. Part 0/ astav 

agitir homah samidho ha tisrah VS.23.58''. 
agitih santv (AV. santy) astau RVKh.10.127.2C; AV.19. 

47-3''; W-9-28.IOC. 
agityai svaha TS.; 18.1; KSA.2. 1,3,5,6,7,8. 
agimahi gadham uta pratistham RV.5.47.7C; AV.19.11. 

6c; TB.'1; Apg.21.20.7J. Cf. next hut one. 

agimahi tva TA.4. 7. 5; 10.5. See ufimahi tva. 

agimahi vayarii pratistham PB. t.6.5. Cf. prec. hut one. 

agirsakaya svaha TS. 7.5. 12.1 ; KSA.5.3. 

agirsanam ahiiii krnu AV.19.47.8''; 50.1''. 

agirsana ahaya (SV. afirsanoihaya) iva (AV. afirsana 

ivuliayah) 103.2''; AV.6.67.2''; SV.2.1221'). 
agusam yudhya kuyavam gavistau RV.6.31.3''. 
agiidra abrahnianas te prajapatyah VS.30.22. 
agunyopastha jlvatam astu mata SMB. i.i.iic; PG. 1.5. 

IlC; ApMB.i.4.8c; HG.i. 19.7c. 
agugubhanta yajniya rtena MS. 2.6. 12C: 71.9; KS.15.8c. 

See asusudanta. 
agugubhann amrtaya RV.9.62.6''; SV. 2.360'^ 
agrnoh somino havam RV. i o. 1 7 1 . i c. 
agrnvate svaha TS. 7. 5.1 2.1 ; KSA.5.3. 
agrtasah (jrtasaf ca TAi.2 7.4'''. 
agoey aguih samidhano asme RV.7.67.2"-. 
agona dantah AV. 19.60. i. 
agnanta eva sidhyanti ApDh.2.4.9. 13c. 
agnanta havyani manuslsu viksu RV.7.67.7'1. 
agnan dhenuiii na mataram RV. 10. 176. i''. 
agnasya cic chifn.ithat prirvyani RV. 2.20.5''; 6.4.3''. 
agnapinaddharii niadhu pary apa^yan RV. 10.68.8*; AV. 

20.16.8"; N.I0.I2''. 

agnitam niadhvo afvina iipake RV. 7. 7 3.2c. 

agmans (KS. ayman) te ksut VS. 17.1; TS.4.6. i.i; 5.4.4. 

i; MS.2.10.1: 131. 3; 3.3.5: 37.12; KS.17.17; 21.7; 

gB.; K9.18.2.2; Apg.17.12.5. 
agmanas tejo^si AG. 3. 8. 9. 
agmana bilam apy adham AV.7.35.2'i. 
agman te : see a^mahs te. 
agmann urjaiii paiTate fi^riyanam VS. 17.1'^; TS. 4. 6. i . i ■■» ; 

MS.2.10.1'': 13 i.i; 3.3.5: 37.11; KS.i7.i7'»; 21.7; gB.; Mg.6.2.4. P: afmann urjam TS.5.4.4. 1 ; KQ. 

18.2.1; Apg.17.12,4. 
agmanmayani nahana vyasyan RV. 10.67. 3'^; AV.20.91. 

3''; TS. 3.4. II. 3''; MS.4.12.6'): 197.2; KS.23.12''. 
agmanvati nadi syandata iyam AV. 12.2.27''. Cf. next. 
agmanvati riyate (TA. revatlh) sarii rabhadhvam RV. i o. 

53.8'-'; AV.I2.2.26"; VS.35.'io^ gB.i3.8.4.3^ TA.6.3. 

2^^; AG.i.8.2; 4.6.13. Ps: afmanvati riyate (TA. 

revatlh) TA. 6. 4. 2; 9.2; Kau5.71.24; 86.27; ajmanvatl 

gg.4.15.5; 16.13.13; Vait.12.11; Kg.2i.4.2 2 (afiuan- 

vatir iti !) ; QG. i . 1 5. 1 8. Cf. prec. 
agmamayena varmana Kau5.46.55c. 
agmavarma me«si 3'o ma pracya di^o (2, ma daksinaya, 

difo; 3, ma praticya difo ; 4, modlcya difo; 5, ma dhru- 

vaya difo; 6,mordhvaya difo; 7, ma di^am antarde^ebhyo) 

ighayur abhidasat AV. 5. 10. 1-7. P: agmavarma me 

Vait.29.11; Kau5.51.14. Q/; idam aham yo ma pracya 

(daksinaya etc.) digo etc. (Kau5.49.7-9), and AV.4.40. 
agmavrajah sudugha vavre antah RV. 4. 1.13c. 
agma ca me mrttika ca me VS. 18. 13; TS.4.7.5. 1 ; MS. 2. 

II. 5: 142.5; KS.18.10. 
agmanaiii cic chavasa didyuto vi RV.5.30.4C; KS.8.i6c. 
agmanaih cit svaryam vartamanam RV.5.30.8C. 
agmanam cit svaryani parvatam girim RV.5.56.4C. 



aQinanaih cid ye bibhidur vacobbih RV.4.i6.6«; AV.20. 

77. 6«. 
agmanam tanvam krdhi AV.1.2.2I'. Qf, a9ma bhavatu, 

afma bhava paragur, and afmeva. 
aQmanara te apidhanaiii krnomi AV.7.35.3'^'. 
agmanam devyah prthix-ja iipasthe AV.14. r.47''. 
aQinanam akbanaiii prapadye TA.4.42.2. 
agraanas tasyrnii dagdhayam AV.4.I8.3C. 
agmannanam adhipatyaiii jagama AV. 18.4.54I'. 
agma bliavatu nas (AV. te) tanuh RV.6.75.i2t; AV.2.13. 

4b; VS.29.49t; TS.; MS.3.i6.3b: 186.17; KSA. 

6.1''. Cf. w«rffr afmanaih tanvaiii. 
agma bhava para9ur bhava (JB." ; BrhU.6.4.26''; 

KBU.2.iia; AG.i.i5.3^ SMB. 1.5. 1 S--^; HG.2.3.2^ 

MG.i.17.5-'^; ApMB.2.i2.i'i (ApG.6.15.1). P: ajnia 

bhava PG. 1. 16. 18; Ai)MB.2.i4.4. (7/. ««cto- afmanaih 

agmasi tanupanali mameha tanvaiii pahi KS.37.15. 
agmasyam avataiii brahmanas patih EV.2.24.4''; N. 10. 

agrneva tvaiii sthira (MG.ApMB.1.5. i'\ stliiro) bhava AG. 

1.7.7b; gG.i.13.121'; SMB.1.2.1I'; PG.i.7.ib; ApMB. 

1.5.1b; 2.2.2b; HG.i.4.ib; 19.8b; MG.i. 22.12b. Qf_ 

next, and under afnianaiii tanvam. 
agmeva yuvarii sthirau bhavatam MG. 16b Cf. prcc. 
agmeva vidhya diva a srj'anah RV. 10.89. i2<=. 
agyama taiii kamam agne tavoti EV.6.5.7''^; VS. 18.74"^; 

TS.''; gB.; TB.; A9.2.10.12. 

P: agyama tam gg.3.5.8; 9.23.12. 
agyama tat saptam afusanah RV.2.I9.7''. 
agyama tad aditya juhvato havih RV.8.27.22''. 
agyama te deva gharma VS.38.16; QB.I4.2.2.42 ; L^-S- 

7.6. See next two. 
agyama te deva gharma rbhuniato vibhumato vajavato 

brhaspativato vi9vadevyavatah pitrniatoiiigirasvatah 

MS. 4. 9. 9: 130.2. P: a9yama te deva gharma M9.4. 

3.35. See prec. and next. 
agyama te deva gharma madhumato vajavatah pitumato 

ifigirasvatah svadhavinah (AB.A^. madhumatah pitu- 
mato vajavatoifigirasvatah) AB. 1.2 2. 10; TA.4. 10.5; 

AQ.4.7.4. P: a9yama te deva gharma madhumato 

vajavatah pitumatah TA.5.8. 12; ^g. 5. 10. 31. See prcc. 

agyama te sumatiiii devayajj-ajTi RV. i.i 14.3^^; KS.40. 

11"; ApQ.I7.22.^^ P: acyama te 9^.3.5.6. 
agyama djiimnam ajarajaraiii te EV.6.5.7''; VS. 18. 74''; 

TS. 1.3. 14.3*1. 
agyama mitravaruna vayam vam RV.7.65.2''. 
agyama rayirii rayivah suviram EV.6.5.7b; VS.18.74b; 

agyama vajagandhj'am RV.9.98.12C; SV.2.1030C; N.5.15. 
agyama vajam abhi vajayantah RV.6.5.7C; VS. 1 8. 7 4c ; 

agyamayunsi sudhitani purva RV. 2. 2 7.10'!. 
agyasuh QQ.6. 1.5. 
agrathnan drdhavradanta vidita EV.2.2 4.3b. Fragment: 

avradanta vilita N.5.16. 

agraddha canu pravi9an AV. ii.8.2 2>J. 

agraddham anrte^dadhat VS.19.77''; MS.3.11.6C: 149.9; 

KS.38.1c; TB. 
agramana a9rthita amrtyavah RV.i 0.9 4.11b. 
agramad iyani aryaman AV.6.60.2^ 
agravam hi bhuridavattara vam EV.i.i09.2"; TS.1.1.14. 

I"; KS.4.15'^; N.6.9^ 
agrantasya tva manasa AV. 19.25. i\ 
agrayi yajiiah surye na caksuh RV.6.ii.5<'; TB. 2.4. 

3. 2d. 

agrinitadigaih gabhastau RV. 10.61. 3<5 ; VS. 7. 17''; (^B.4. 

2.i.i2>i; Ap(^. 12.14.15d. 
agrira iva jamata RV.8.2.20<=. 
agriram cit krnutha (TB. krnuyat; comm. krnutha) supra- 

tikam RV.6.28.6b; AV.4.2i.6b; TB.2.8.8.i2b 
agnra (AV.ApMB. a9llla) tanur bhavati RV.10.85.30S; 

AV.I4.I.2 7''; ApMB. 1. 1 7. 8=' (ApG. 3.9. 11). 
agrubhih. prsvam (KSA. prusvam) TS.5.7.20. i; KSA. 

13.10. See prusva a9rubhih. 
agruni krpamanasya AV. 5. 1 9. 1 3''. 
agresmano adharayan AV.3.9.2>\ 
aglila etc. : sec a9rira etc. 
aglesa naksatraiii MS.2.13.20: 165.16; KS.39.13. See 

aglona angair ahrutah (TA. a9lonangair ahrta) svarge AV. 

6.120.3C; TA.2.6.2C. 
aglonoipi9acadhitah ApMB. 1. 13. i^. See anandho. 
aglonas tva ghrtena juhomi AV. 1.31.3b. 
agva asid brhad vayah VS.23.12b 54b; TS.; MS. 

3.12.19b: 166.6; KSA.4.7b. 
agva iva rajo dudhuve vi tan janan AV. 12. 1.57^ 
agva ivrmuvapate nadam AV. 12.2.50'!. 
agvah kanikradad j'atha AV.2.30.5C. 
agvah kartvo ratha uteha kartvah RV. 1.161.3b. 
agvan agne etc. : sec a9vah agne etc. 
agvaih ra9anaya j'atha RV. 10. 18.14'i. 
agvaih rilye pra muncata sudasah RV.3.53. rib. 
agvaiii hinota vajinam; N.7.2ob 
agvakrante rathakrante TA. 10. i.S"-; MahrinU.4.4"'. 
agvaria gruh bhagam avyayam RV.8.97.2b; AV.20. 55. 3b. 
agvajite gojite abjite bhara RV.2.2I.I''. 
agvarii jajiianaiii sarirasya (MS. salilasya) madhye VS. 13. 

42b;; MS. 2. 7. 1 7b: 102.2; KS.16.17b; gB. 
agvatthah khadirad adhi AV.3.6.ib. 
agvatthah khadiro dhavah AV.20. 131. 17. Cf. a9vatthat. 
agvatthapalagam (gg. 093111 jaritah) AV.20. 134.3; A^. 

8.3.21; 9g.i2.23.3; Vait.32.25. 
agvattha 9atrQn mamakan AV.3.6.5C. 
agvatthasya nudamahe AV.3.6.8<1. 
agvatthat khadirad dhavat AV.5.5.5b. Cf. a9vatthah 

agvatthad agnibhayaiii [ca]". 
agvatthad dliavyavahad dhi jatam TB."; Apg. 

agvatthena vanaspatayah KS.35.15. 
agvatthe vo nisadanam (MS. nive9anam) RV. 10.97.5"; 


¥8.12.79"; 35-4''; TS.; MS.2.7.13I: 93.9; KS. 

16.13I; ^B.13. 8.3.1a. P: afvatthe vah K(;:i.2i.4.4. 
agvattho darbho virudham AV.8.7.20^ 
agvattho devasadanah AV. 5. 4. 3a ; 6.95.1'^; 19.39.6". 
agvattho naksatram KS.39. 13. 
agvathah p.ayaveidat RV.6.47.240. 
agvadajri godayi RVKh. 5.87. I6^ 
aQvaih na glrblii rathyaiii sudanavah EV.8.i03.7a; SV. 

agvaih na gudliam afvina durevfiih RV. 1.117.4*. 
agvam na tva vajinam marjayantah RV.9.87.i'=; SV. i. 

523C; 2.27c. 
agvaih na tva varavantam RV.i. 27.1^1; SV.i.i?"; 2.984"; 

N.I. 20. P: a^vaih na tva ^ ; 14.56.6. 
agvam na vajinaiii liise namobhih EV.7.7.1^. 
aQvaih na stomani apturam rajasturam RV.9. 108.7'^; SV. 

1.580b; 2.744b 
agvapate gopata urvarapate RV.8.2i.3'>; SV. 1.402b. 
agvapurnam rathamadliyam EVKh.5.87.3"; MG.2.i3.6<\ 

P: a^vapurnam Rvidh.2. 19. i. 
agvam a naya K9.4.8.25. 
agvam a vartayasi nah VS. 2 3.7<i; TS.; MS.3.12. 

i8'i: 165.12; KSA.4.9^1; TB. 
agvam id gaiii rathapiam RV.8.74. 10". 
agvam ivadhuksad dhunim antariksam RV. 10. 149. i<^; 

N. 10.32". 
agvam ivafvabhidlianya AV.4.36. lob; 5. i4.6<l. 
agvamedhasya danah RV.5.27.5C. 
agvamedhaya snraye RV.5.2 7.4b. 
agvamedhe dhanaiii labdhva QB.". 
agvamedhena tuun-afah QB. 
agvamedhe suvliyam EV.5.2 7.6b. 
agvamedhaih paro«varam (Q^. parovaram) QB.; 

gg. 16.9.7b.' 

agvam babandha sarangam AB.8.21.3''. See abadhnad 

agvam bhajanta meliana RV.8.4.2i«. 
agvam niedhyam abandhayat (gg. abadhnata) gB. 13.5.4. 

4b; gg. 1 6. 9. 1 3b. 

agvam niedhyam alabhata gB.". 
agvayugbhyaih svaha TB.; gG.4.16.2. 
agvayujau naksatram TS.4.4. 10.3; MS.2. 13.20: 166.8; 

KS.39. 1 3. 
agvayur gavyu rathaj'ur vasuyuh RV. 1.51.14"; N.6. 

agvayeva harita yati dharaya RV.9.107.8"; SV.1.515"; 

agvayota rathaya RV.8.46.iob; SV.i.i86b. 
agvavat (RV. afvavat) soma viravat RV.9.63.i8b; SV.2. 

245"; VS. 8. 6 3b. See a^vavad vajavat. 
agvavrsenaikagaphah pafavah KS.35. 15. 
agvag chandah VS. 14.19; TS.; MS.2. 8. 3: 108.16; 

KS. 17.3. Cf. wxt. 
agvah ^antih TA.4.42.5. Cf. prec. 
agvasarh vajasam uta RV.6. 53.10b; SV.2. 943b. 
agvasa vajasa uta RV.9.2.iob; SV.2. 395b; KS.35.6b. 
agvas tuparo gomrgas te prajapatyah VS.24. i; TS.5.5. 

— acva 

23.1; MS.3.13.2: 168.10; KSA.8.2. P : a9vas tuparo 

agvasya krande {a?i<l krandye) efc.: see a^vasya vaje. 
agvasya tva vi-snah 9akna dhupayami devayajane prthi- 

vj'ah VS.37.9(/e;-); gB. P: agvasya tva Kg. 

agvasya liradhnaiii purusasya mayum AV. 19.49.4". 
agvasya vajinas tvaci VS.23.37"; TS.5.2.1 i.i"; MS.3.12. 

21": 167.8;,5". 
agvasya vaje(KS. krande; TB. krandye) purusasya mayau 

AV.6.38.4b; KS.36.15b; TB.2.7.7.ib. 
agvasya varah parusasya varah AV. 10.4.2b. 
agvasya varo go^aphaf ca te AV. 20. 129.18. 
agvasya firsna pra yad Im uvaca RV. 1. 116.1 2^'; gB. 14. 

1.1.25J; 5.5.i6d; BrhU.2.5.i6d. 
agvasyatra janimasya ca svah EV.2.35.6". 
agvasyagvatarasya AV.4.4.8\ 
agvasyasnah saihpatitfi AV.5.5.9". 
agvasyeva jarato vasnyasya RV. 10.34.3". 
agvasyeva vreanah kranda eti AV. 11.2.22b. 
agvah samudro bhutva AV. 10. 10. 16". 
agvahayair ani^itam namobhih RV.9.96.2b. 
agvahayo rathannm RV.i 0.26.5b. 
agva iva vrsanas tavislyavah RV.8.23. 11". 
agva iva sajitvarlh EV.10.97.3"; VS.12.77"; TS."; 

MS. 2. 7. 13": 93.6; KS.16.13". 
agva ived arusasah sabandhavah RV.5.59.5". 
agvan (MS. a9vah) agne rathir iva RV. 8.75.1b; VS. 13. 

37''; 33.4'^;;; MS.2. 7. 17b: loi. 

10; KS.7.l7b; 22.5b; AB.5.1.4; KB.22.3. 
agvan adyarunah usah EV. 1.92. 15b; SV.2. 1083b. 
agvajani pracetasah EV.6.75.13"; VS. 29.50"; TS.4.6.6. 

5"; MS. 3. 16. 3": 187.7; KSA.6,1"; N.9.20C. P: a9va- 

jani Mg.9.2.3. 
agvajani vajini vajesu vajinivati TS.; Mg.7.1.2. 

P: afvajani Apg. 18.4. 16. 
agvad iyayeti yad vadanti RV. 10.73. 10". 
agva na citra vapuslva dar9ata EV. io.75.7<l. 
agvan ana99ato (Apg. ana9yato) danam KS.38. 12"; TA. 

6.5.2"; Apg.16.6.4"; M(^.6.i.2<= (eorntpt). 
agva na ya vajina putabandhu RV.6. 6 7. 4". 
agvanaih sadhastuti (TB. ^tih) EV.5.i8.5b; TB.2. 7.5.2b, 
agvanam gavahi j^as tauunam AV. 8. 4.10b. See yo a9va- 

nam yo gavarii etc. , . - 

agvanam aivatam AV.4.9. 2". 
agvanam in na yuthjTim EV.8.56.4". 
agvanam in na vrsnum RV.8.46.29". ~ 

agvanam purupantha gire dat RV.6. 63.10b. 
agvan baddhvaya medhyan AB.8.23.6b; gB.i3.5.4.i2b 
agvan medhyan ya aharat gB. 13. 5.4.1 3<^. 
agvan rathesu bhaga a sudanavah RV.2.34.8b. 
agvan samatsu eodaya (TS. 1.7. 8.1, vajaya; MS. nodaya; 

Padap. codaya) RV.6. 75.1 3J; VS.29.50d; TS.;'i; MS.3.i6.3<i: 187.7; KSA.6.1'1; N.9.2o<i. 
agva bhavata (AV.TS.KS. bbavatha) vajinah AV. 1.4.4"; 

i9.2.4<i;VS.9.6c; TS.i. 7.7.2"; MS.i.ii.i": 161.12; KS. 

13.14"; 14.6; gB.". (See deva bhavata. 

apva — 

agva bhutva prstivaho vahathah AV. 1 8.4.1 o^. 
aQvamagha gomagha vaih huvema EV.7.71.1'^; KB. 

26.1 1. 
aQvam iva pipyata dhenum udhani EV. 2.34.6c. 
aQvayanto gavyanto vajayantah RV. lo.ieo.s"; AV. 20. 

96.5'''; TB.''; AQ. 2. 20. 4 (his). P: a9vayantah 

EQvayanto maghavann iiidia vajinah EV.7.32.23''; AV. 

20.121. 2C; SV.2.3IC,- VS.27.36c; ks.2.i3.9C: 158.17; 

KS.39.12C; AA.; Apg.i7.8.4c. 
agvayanto vrsanarii vajayantah EV.4.17.16I'; 10.131.3''; 

AV. 20. 125.3^1 
agvayeva tisthate ghasam asniai (AV. 19.55. 7'',agne)AV. 

I9•55•I^7^■ vs.r1.75''; TS.'; MS.2.7.7I': 83. 

11; KS.16.7''; 19.10; QB. See next. 
agvayeva tisthate jataveJah AV.3. 15.8''. Sec prec. 
agva yesarii duryuja ayuyujre''; AV.20.94.7''. 
aQva rathebhih saha vajayantah EV.6.75.7'J; VS. 29.44b; 

TS.'; MS.3.16.3I': 186.5; KSA.6.ii>. 
aQvavatah puru^candrasya rayah RV. 7. 100.2''. 
aQvavata puru^candrena yatam RV. 7.72. i''. 
aQvavati pi-athamo gosu gachati RV. 1.83. i''; AV. 20. 25. 

I''. P: a9vavati AQ.6.4. 10. 
agvavati vibhavari RV.1.92.14''; SV.2.1082K 
aQvavatim somavatim^; VS.12.81''; TS.4.2. 

6.4a; MS.2.7.I3"-: 93.15; KS.i6.i3«; TB.2.8.4.S. P: 

a5vavatlm MS. 4. 14. 6: 224.4. 
agvavati gomati sunrtavati {^Gr. silamavati) AV.3.12.2''; 

gG.3.3.i''; PG.2.i7.9^ 3.4.4^ HG.1.27.3I'. 
aQvavatiih jira tara ya su^eva AV. 18.2.31". P: ayva- 

vatlni Kau9.82.10. 
aQvavatir gomatir na usasah RV.7.41.7''; 80.3''; AV.3. 16. 

7"; VS.34.40''; TB."-; ApMB.i.i4.7''(ApG.3.9.4). 
agvavatir gomatir vifvavarah RV. 1.123. 12^ 
aQvavatir gomatir vifvasuvidah RV.i.48.2''. 
agvavate rathine 9aktam arvate RV. 10.40.511. 
aQvavato rathino mahyam surih RV.1.122.8''. 
agvavat soma etc. : see a9vavat etc. 
agvavad gomad urjasvat PG.3.4.4C. 
agvavad gomad yavamat EV.8.93.3''; AV.20.7.3''; SV. 

agvavad gomad yavamat suvlryam EV.9.69.8b; KS.8. 14''. 
agvavad goman maj^y astu pustam Kau9.90. 18. Metrical. 
agvavad yatam a9vina RV.2.4i.7'>; VS.20.8i'\ 
agvavad yojanam brhat RV.8.72.6b. 
agvavad vajavat sutah EV.9.41.4C; 42.6''. See a9vavat 

agvavantam rathinam viravantam EV. 10.47.5'^; MS. 4. 

14. 8''': 227.13. 
agvavantam sahasrinam RV.4.49.4C; TS.; MS.4. 

12.10; 177.1; KS.10.13C; 23.11. 
agvavantam gomantam a pa9uih narali RV. 1.83.4''; AV. 

agvavantam jaritrbhyah RV.8.2.24''. 
agvavantah 9atagvinah RV.8.45. 1 1''. 
agva 9i9umatlbhisakVS.21.33C; MS.3.11.2C: 141. 13; TB. 


agvasa esam ubhaye yatha viduh EV.5.59.7C. 

agvasah prusitapsavah EV.5.75.6''. 

agva sapti ivadane EV.6.59.3''. 

agvaso deva sadliavah EV.6. 16.43''; SV.i.25i>; 2.733''; 

VS.13.36''; TS.; MS.2.7.17'': 101.8; KS.22.5I'. 
agvaso na kridayo danda9anah EV. 10.95.9''. 
agvaso na cankramata EV.8.55.4C. 
agvaso na ye jyesthasa a9avah*. 
agvaso na rathyo rarahanah RV.i. 148.3''. 
agvaso ye te vrsano raghudravah RV.8. i.gc. 
agvaso ye vam upa dajuso grham RV.7.74.4''. 
agvinam sa putrinam viravantam RV.5.4. iic; TS. 1.4. 

46.1c; KS.10.12C; ApMB.2.ii.6c. 
agvinakrtasya te sarasvatikrtasyendrena sutramna krta- 

sya, upahuta upahutasya bhaksayami VS. 20. 35. 
agvina ahsabhyam MS.3.15.3: 178.10; KSA.13.3. See 

a9vinriv etc. 
agvina a9ira MS. 1.9.2: 132.3; KS.9.10. 
agvina gachatam yuvam RV.5.75.3''; 8.8.1''; 85.1''; SV. 

agvina gobhir indriyam VS.20.73''; MS.3.11.4": 146.5; 

KS.38.9''; TB.2.6.I3.3^ P: a9vina gobhih Kg.19. 

agvina gharmaiii i^ataiii hardvanam (MS. pibatarii har- 

dranum ; TA. patarii harddivanam ; L^- patam ahar- 

vyanam)VS.38. 12''; MS. 4. 9. 9: 129.3; <?B.i4.2.2.2o; TA. 

4.9.2"; 5-8.2^ gg.8.i5.i2»; L<?.5.7-4^ Ps: a9vina 

gharmarh patam ApQ. 1 5. 10. 1 1 ; K^. 26.6. 7 ; a9vina ghar- 

mam Mg.4.3.26. Cf. under apatam ajvina gharmam. 
agvina t.a havfimahe EV. 1.22.2c. 
agvina tiroahnyam EV.8.35. i9''-2i'i. 
agvina tejasa caksuh VS. 20.80". P: a9vina tejasa KQ. 

agvina tvagre mitravarunobha AV.3. 4. 4". 
agvina tva pra vahatarii rathena EV.10.85.26'>; AV. 14. 

i.2o'\ iSVc a9vinau efc. 
agvinadhvaryavam VS.28.19; MS.4. 13. 8: 210.15; KS. 

19.3: TB.2. 6.10.5; 3-6-I3-I- 
agvinadhvaryu MS. 1.9.1: 131. 7; TA. 3. 3.1. See &(;\ms.\ 

agvinadhvaryii adbvaryavat K9.9.8.9; Ap^. 11. 19.8; 

Mg.; — 2. 4. 2. 11; — 7.7.2. 
agvinadhvaryii sadayatam iha tva VS. 14. 1-5,7; TS.4.3. 

4.i<',ie,2e,2f 3(&;5); MS.2.8.1'1: 106.8 ; (gwater): 

106.11,14; 107.4,8; 2.%.\(his): 107.10,13; KS.17.1'', 

\«{quater),i; gB.8.2. 1.4-7, 10; 2.8. 
agvina namuceh sutam VS.20.59"; MS.3.11.3": 143.17; 

KS.38.8"; TB.2. 6. 1 2. 2". 
agvina pantharii krnutam sugam te AV.3. 3.4c. 
agvina pari vam isah puruclh EV.3.58.8". 
agvina pibatarii (VS.K^. pibatarii) madhu (TB.Ap^. 

sutam) EV.1.15.11"; VS.20.90"; TB.'1; Apg. 

21. 7. 16"; Mg."; — 7.2.2". P: a9vina pibatam 

Kg. 19.7.8. 
agvina purudarisasa EV. 1.3.2". 
agvina puskarasraja Kau9.58. ic. 
agvina pra stuvimahi RV.8. 2 2.6''. 


— a(?vmau 

aQvina pravatarii j'uvam EV.8.85.9''; TB.3.7.5. i"; Ap^. 

agvina phalarii kalpayatam Kau^. 2o.5\ 
aQvina brahnianaspatim AV. 11.6.4b. 
agvina brahmana yatam arvancau AV.5.26.i2\ P: 

a9vina brahmana Vait. 19.4. 
agvina bharatida (VSK. bharatila) VS.20.63i>; VSK.22. 

49I': MS.3.ii.3b: 144.7; KS.38.8h; TB.2.6.i2.4b. 
agvina bhisajavatah (MS. "tarn) VS.21.52C; MS.3.ii.5<': 

147.8; T]B.2.6.i4.'3c. 
a^vina bhiijyu nasatjTi i^. 
aQvina bhesajaiii madhu VS. 20.64*; MS. 3. 11.3": i44-9; 

KS.38.8*; TB.2.6.i2.4^ 
aQvina madhiimattamani EV. I.47.3'''. 
agvina madhusuttamo yuvaknh EV.3.58.9\ 
agvina mitravarima bhagaiii ca EV.3.20.5''. 
aQvina yachatarii yuvam EV.8.8. 161". 
agvina yajnam savita sarasvatl VS.19.80c; MS.3.11.9C: 

153.2; KS.38.3c; TB. 
agvina yajnam agatam MS.4. 12.6*: 198.4; TB.^ 
agvina yajvarir isah EV.i.3.1"^; KB.14.5; AA. 1.1.4. 7; 

AQ.4.15.2; gg.6.6.i; 7.10.12. C/. Evidb.i.17.1. 
BQVina yad dha karhi cit EV.5.74.10''. 
agvina yamahutama EV.8.73.6^ 
aqvina yamahutisu EV.8.8.18J. 
aQvina vena va sura AV. 14. 1.36''. 
agvinav ahsabhyam VS. 25.3; TS. 5. 7.1 3.1. Sec afvina 

agvinav ajvinau jagatena chandasa tav a^yarii tav anva- 

rabhe tabhyaiii mam avatu tabhyaria svaha A9.6.5.2. 
agvinav adhvarj'u (j3^. 10. 16.4. See agvinadhvaiyu. 
aQvinav anucye AB.8. 17.2. 
agvinav abhitah ^arma yachatam AV. 19. 16.2''; 27.15'!. 

Cf. indragnl 9arma. 
aQTinav abhi raksatah AV. 10.6. 12^. 
aQvinav abhi raksatam HG. 1.18. i^. 
agvina vartir asmad a EV.i.92.i6'i; SV.2.1084''; AB.7. 

9.2; Ag.4.15.2. Cf. BihD.3.124. 
agvinav avase ni hvaye vam TB. 2.4.3. 7^ 
aQvina vajinlvasu EV.5.78.3'\ 
agvina vayuna yuvarii sudaksa EV.3.58.7'^; AB.4. 11.17; 

KB.18.5. P: ayvina vayuna QQ.9. 20.34. 
agvina vipra suhava huvema EV.7.44.2'1. 
agvinav iva iTipena SMB.2.4. 14. 
agvinav eha gachatam EV.5.75.7"'; 78.1"^; AB.5.1.12; 

Ag.4.15.2; Q/: BrhD.5.84. See next. 
agvinav eha gachatam (TS.TB. "tarn) EV.i.aa.i^; TS.i. 

4.7.1b; TB. 2. 4. 3. 1 3b; N. 12.4b See prec. 
agvina yaiiibhuva yuvam EV.8.8. 19b. 
agvina fura dadatur maghani EV. 10.73.4c'. 
aQvina fvusty a gatam EV.8.87.6'i. 
agvina yvetaya dhiya EV.8.26. 19b. 
agvina saihjanane (MS. adds supeijasa) samaujate saras- 

vatya MS.3.ii.2b: 142.3; TB.2.6.ii.5b. See prec. 
agvina samanjate sarasvatya VS.2 1.35b. See next. 
agvina saraghena ma AV.6.69.2''; 9.I.I9^ 
agvina su vicaka9at EV.8.73. 17". 

aQvina suni-tavati EV.i.22.3b; VS.7.iib; TS.i. 4.6.1''; 

MS.i.3.8b': 33.2; KS.4.2b; gB.''. 
agvina somapltaye EV.8.8. 5b 
aQvina somino grham EV. 1.22.4c. 
agvinastam ubha vara EV.10.85.9b; AV.i4.i.9b. 
agvina sv rse stuhi EV.8.26. lo''. 
agvina harinav iva EV.5.78.2a. 

agvina havir indrij^am VS.20.67'>; MS.3.ii.4'>: 145. i; 
KS.38.9*; TB.2.6.i3.i\ P: a^vina havih Kg.19.6. 16. 
agvina huve jaramano arkaih EV. 6. 6 2.1b. 
agvineda (VSK. "la) na bharati VS. 2 1.37'!; VSK. 2 3. 38''; 

MS.3.ii.2'i: 142.9; TB. 2. 6. 11.7''. 
agvineda (VSK. ^la) sarasvatl VS.21.54b; VSK.23.53b; 

MS. 3. II. 5b: 147. II. See sarasvaty afvina bharatida. 
aQvinendraiii sarasvatim VS.21.29b; MS.3.ii.2b: 141. 2; 

agvinendram na jagrvi (TB. ovi) VS.21.36b; MS. 3.11.2b: 

142.6; TB.2.6.ii.6b. 
agvinendram avardhaj'an VS.21.51b; MS. 3. 11. 5b: 147.5. 
agvinendraya bhesajam VS.2i.32c,34*'; MS. 3. 11. 28; 141. 

11; TB.2. 6.11.5'. See next. 
agvinendraya vlryam VS.21.30'1; MS.3.11.2': 141. 5;,3e. See prec. 
agvinela : see a9vineda. 
agvinoh patram asi TS. 
agvinoh pranah KS. 11.7,8. See next two. 
agvinoh pranoisi tasya te dattaiii yayoh pranoisi svaha 
TS. P: a9vinoh pranoisi TS.; Apg. 
19. 24. 1. See prec. and next. 
agvinoh prano^si tau te pranarii dattarii tena jiva MS. 2.3. 
4: 31.16; 2.3.5: 33.11. P: a9vinoh pranoisi tau te 
ViDh.65. 2. See pree. two. 
agvinobha sarasvatl VS.20.56'\69b; MS. 3. 11. 3b: 143.11; 

3.11.4b: 145.5; KS.38.8b,9b; TB.2.6.i2.ib; 13.1I, 
agvinor ahsau marutam iyaiii kakut AV.9.4.8b. 
agvinor asanarii ratham EV. 1.120. lo^ 
agvino rupaih paridhaya mayam AV.2.29.6''. 
agvinor bhavati priyali AV.9.i.iib. 
agvinor bhaisajyena tejase brahmavarcasayabhisiiicami 

VS.20.3; TB.; Apg.19.9.13. See next. 
agvinos tva tejasa brahmavarcasayabhiaincami MS.3. 11. 

8: 151. 13. See prec. 
agvinos tva bahubhyam saghyasam TS.; Apg.12. 

24.7; Mg. 
agvinohatuh patha AV.6.82.2b. 
agvinau ca ma indra9 ca me TS. 
agvinau ca stanam dhayatas te (ApMB. dhayantam) SMB. 

1.1.12b; HG.i. 19.7b; ApMB.i. 4.10b. 
agvinau tva pra vahataiii rathena ApMB.i.2.8b, See 

a9vina etc. 
agvinau devata TS.;; MS.2. 13.20: 166.9; 

KS.39.13; Apg.i2.i.ii. 
agvinau dvyaksaraya pra mam antariksam (sc. udaja- 

yatam) 172.9; KS.14.4. 
agvinau dvyaksaraya pranuo : see next Init two. 
agvinau dvyaksaram (sc. udajayatam) MS. 1. 11. 10: 171. 
14; KS.14.4. 


a<?vinau — 

aQvinau dvyaksarena dvipado manusyfin ud ajayatarii 

tun uj jesam VS.9.31. 
agvinau dvyaksarena (MS.KS. dvyaksaraya) pranapSnav 
(MS.KS. "pana) ud ajayatam TS.1.7.1 i.i ; 
1 7 1. 19; KS. 14.4. 
agvinau ma pfitam IIG. i.ii.7- 
agvinau vyattam VS. 3 1.2 2; TA.3.13.2. 
aQvinau sarasvatim indram sutramanaih yaja9B. 
aQvibhyam santii faiiitama KV. 5. 7 3.10''. 
agvibhyam sarasvatya indraya sutranineinubruhi (ApQ. 

sutramne somanaih suramniim anubruhi, and presya) 

9B.; Apg.19.2.18; Mg. 
a^vibhyaih sarasvatya indraya sutramne soman su- 

rfimnah prasthitan presya M^. 5. 2. 4. 2 7. Sec soman 

aQvibhyam svaha AB.7.9.2; TB.; gg.6.3.8; ^G. 

4.16.2; Svidh.i.8. 15. 
agvibhyam cak.sur amrtaiii graliabhyam VS. 19.89"^; MS. 

3.11.9^: 154.4; KS.38.3»; TB. 
agvibhyam justaih grhnami MS.2.3.8: 36.5; Apg.19.2.9. 

See afvibhyaiii tva justam. 
agvibhyam tiroahniyanaiii (M^!. tii-ohnyanam) somanam 

anubruhi Ap^. 14.4.7; M^. 
agvibhyam tiroahniyanaiii somrinaiii presya Ap^. 14.4.7. 
agvibhyam tirohnyan soman prasthitan presya M^. 2.5. 

3.24. See tiroaliniyan. 
agvibhyam tva VS.7.11; 10.32; 19.6; 20.33; TS.i.4.6. 

i; 7.1; MS.i.3.8: 33.4; 2.3.8: 36.6; KS.4.2(^w); 12.9; 

gB.; 5-5-4-24; Mg. 
agvibhyam tva justam grhnami KS.37.18; TB.2.6.r.3; 

Apg. 1 9. 7. 1, 4. See a9vibhyaih justam. 
agvibhyam dugdliaiii bhisaja sarasvaty.a (MS. sarasvati) 

VS.19.95c; MS.3.H.9C: 155.4; KS.38.3e; TB. 
agvibhyam dugdhaiii bhesajam VS. 1 9. 1 5^. 
agvibhyam devi saha sariividana Kauf. io6.7\ 
agvibhyam dvyaksaraya chandase svaha 

agvibhyam na duro di^ali VS. 20.60''; 21.34c; MS.3.11.2C: 

142. 1 ; 3.11.3I': 144. 1 ; KS.38.8i'; TB.; 12.3b 
agvibhyam agomugbhyam dhanah TS.7. 5.22.1; MS.3. 

15.11: 181. 3; KSA.5.19. 
agvibhyam lyate rathah VS.21.55c; MS.3. 11. 50: i47-i3; 

agvibhyam usasa sajuh RV.1.44.14''; 5.51.8b 
agvibhyam pacyasva VS. 10.31 ; 19.1; TS. 1.8. 21.1; MS. 

2-3-8: 35-i6; 3-ii-7: 150.2; KS.i2.9(bw); 37.18; gB. 

5.5.4-20;; TB.i. 8.5.4; 2.6.1. i; Kg.15.9.29; 

Mg. 5. 2.4.5. 
agvibhyam patnl sukrtam bibharti VS.19.94''; MS.3.11. 

9'': 155-1; KS.38.3''; TB.'. 
agvibhyam pinvasva VS. 38. 4; MS.4.9.7: 127.10; gB.14. 

2.1. n; TA.4.8.3; 5.7.4; Kg.26.5.5; Apg.15.9.8. P: 

agvibhyam Mg. 4. 3. 1 2 . 
agvibhyam pradhapaya (TA. pradapaya) MS.4.9.7: 127. 

8; TA.4.8.2; 5.7.3. 
agvibhyam pratahsavanam VS. i9.2 6'\ 
agvibhyam mayuran VS. 24. 23; MS. 3.14.4: 173.5. 


agvi rathl surupa it RV.8.4.9'''; SV.I.277^ P: avvl rathi 

agviva tan ati yesam rathena RV. 2. 2 7.1 6c. 
agve iva visite hasamane RV.3.33.1''; N.9.39b 
agvena ca rathena ca vajrl TS.4.4.8. i. 
agve na citre RV.i. 30.21c. Q/; a^veva. 
agvebhih prusitapsubliih RV.8. 13.11b; 87.5'^. 
agvebhir viryaiii balam VS.20.73b; MS.3. 11. 4b: 146-5; 

KS.38.9b; TB.2.6.i3.3b 
agvebhyah purusebhyah AV. 19. 4 7.10b. 
agvebhyah sam anamat TS.7. 5. 23.2; KSA.5.20. 
agveva citrarusi RV.4.52.2''; SV.2.i076>'. Of. afve na. 
agvesitam rajesitaiii funesitam RV.8.46. 28c. 
agvair hiranyapanibhih RV.8.7.27b. 
agvo afvayate bhava RV.6.45.26C. 
agvo ghasaiii jigisati AV. 11.5. i8>i. 
agvo ghrtena tmanya samaktah VS.29.10'''; TS.5.1.1 1.4''; 

MS.3.16.2": 184.16; KSA.6.2-\ 
agvo na krandan janibhih sam idhyate RV.3.26.3\ 
agvo na cakrado vrsa KV.9.64.3''; SV.2. 133^1; Apg.12. 

agvo na devavahanah RV.3.27.i4b; AV.20.102.2b; SV.2. 

889b; gB.i.4.1.30; 3-6; TB. 
agvo na devah apy eti yajniyah RV.9.7i.6d. 
agvo na nikto nadlsu RV.8.2.2C; SV.2. 85c. 
agvo na nikto vajl dhanaya RV.9.io9.iob; SV.i.43ob; 

agvo na vajl funaprstho asthat RV.7. 70.1c. 
agvo na vajy aruso vanesv a RV.3.2 9.6b 
agvo na sve dama a hemyavan RV.4.2.8C. 
agvo no krado vraabhir yujanah RV.9.97.28''. 
agvo medham upakrtah Apg.20. 15. i3b(<er). 
agvo yamasya yah 9yavah AV.5.5.8C. 
agvo rupani krtva yad ajvattheitisthah TB." ; Apg. 

agvo vodha sukhaiii ratham RV.9.1 12.4''; N.9.2''. 
agvoisi VS.22.19; TS.; MS.3.12.4: 161.8; KSA. 

1.3; PB.1.7.1; gB.; TB. 3-8.9.1; Lg.2.7.20; 

HG.1.12.3; ApMB.2.2i.2o(ApG.8.22.i6). 
agvyaiii 9irali praty airayatam RV. 1.117.22b. 
agvyasya tmana rathyasya pusteh RV.4.41.10''. 
agvyo varo abhavas tad indra RV. 1.32. i2''-. 
asadham (VSK. asalham; TB. asadhaiii or a.sadharii) 

yutsu i^rtanasu paprini EV. 1.91.21"-; VS.34.20^; VSK. 

33.23^ MS.4.14.1": 214.4; TB.''; 7.4.1''; Ag.3. 

7.7. P: asadham yutsu TB.2. 8.3.1 ; gg.5.11. 7 ; 6.10.3. 
asadham sahas tanvi ^ruto dadhe RV.i.55.8b. 
asadham (TB. asadham) ugrarii sahamanam abhih EV.6. 

18. ic; AB.8.3.2; TB. 
asadham iigraih prtanasu sasabim RV.8.70.4''; AV.20. 

92.19"; SV.2. 506*. 
asadhah sahvan prtanasu fatrun RV.9.90.3''; SV.2.759<1. 
asadhah kamam upayantu yajfiam TB.3.i.2.4<J. 
asadha naksatram; MS.2.13.20: 166.4 

[hh); KS.39.13. 
asadhabhyah svalia TB.,5. 
asadhaya prasaksine RV.8.32.27b. 



asadhaya sahanianaya vedhase (TB. midhuse) EV.2.21. 
2^; 7.46.1C; TB.; 3. 1. 2. 21); N.10.6C. 

asadhasi (VSK. asalhasi) sahamana VS. 13.26; VSK. 14.2. 
12; TS.; MS.2.7.16: 99.16 ;KS.i6.i6;<;3B.7. 4.2. 
39; M(^.6.i.7. P: asadhasi K^. 17.4.25; Ap^. 16.2 4.1 2. 

asadhena yavasa 9U9Uvahsam RV.6.i9.2<=. 

asadho agnir brhadvaya viyvajit TS. 1.5. 10. i^. 

asadho agne vrsabho didlhi EV.3.15.4''. 

astakayai tva justaih proksami GG. 3. 10.21 ; KhG.3.4.4. 

astakayai suradhase svaha MG. 2.8.5. 

astakayai svaha GG.3. 10.16,35 ; 4-4-i9!'4; KhG.3.3.33: 
4.13; PG.3-3-7- 

astaka saptamah pafuh GB. 1.5. 23'J. 

astaka sarvatomukhl (^G. 3. 12.5°. 

asta ca mei5lti9 ca me AV.5.15.8''. 

asta jata bliuta prathamnja rtasya AV.8.9.21". 

astadha yukto vahati vahnir iigrah AV. 13.3. 19*. 

astapatnim amum divam TA. 1.13.1''. 

astapatnim imaih mahim TA. 1.13.1*'. 

astapad idam antariksam TA. 1.13.1''. 

astaputra bhava tvarii ca EVKh. 10.85.3^ 

astabhyah yatebhyah svaha KSA. 2.9. See astabhyah etc. 

astabhyah svaha KSA.2. 1,3,5. See astabhyah etc. 

astama navamesu 9rayadhvam TB.3.1 1.2.2. 

astamim ratrim abhi havyam eti AV.8.9.2i'l. 

astayonir aditir astaputra AV.8.9.21C. Cf. astau putraso. 

astayonim astaputram TA.i.i3.i*(6/s). 

astayony astaputram TA. 1.13.1". 

astarcebhyah svaha AV. 19.23.5. 

astasthuno dafapaksah Kauf. 135.9^ Cf. astapaksam. 

astacakram vartata ekanemi AV. 11.4.22*. See ekaca- 
krarii etc. 

astacakra navadvara AV. 10. 2.31"; TA. 1.27.2''. 

astacatvaringate svaha KSA. 2.3,5. 

astatringate svaha KSA. 2.3. 

astadagabhyah svaha TS. ; 13. i; KSA.2. 3. 

astadagarcebhyah svaha AV. 19.23. 15. 

astadaga ekannavih^esu frayadhvam. TB.3.1 1.2.3. 

astadagi drksiti diksitanaua GB.i.5.24'^. 

astanavatyai svaha TS.7.2. 13. i ; KSA. 2. 3. 

astapakgam da9apaksaiii AV.9.3.21C. Cf. astasthUno. 

astapancagate svaha KSA. 2. 3. 

astapadi caturaksi AV.5.19.7''. 

astapadi navapadlbabhuvusl RV.1.164.41C;>^ ; 
13.1.42''; TB.; TA.1.9.4O; N.11.40C. 

aatapadirii bhuvananu prathantam VS.8.30J; ^B.4.5.2. 
1 2^. See ekapadi . . . astapadi. 

asta parah sahasra RV.8.2.41C. 

astabhyah 9atebhyah svaha TS.7.2. 19. i. See asta- 
bhyah etc. 

astabhyah svaha TS.; 13.1; 15. i. See asta- 
bhyah etc. 

asta maho diva ado hari iha EV.1.121.8''. 

astavandhuram vahatabhito ratham EV. 10.53.7". 

astavingam sumatim ichamanah AV.19.7.1C;<;. 

astaviiigatig ca me dvatrin9ac ca me VS. 18. 25; TS.4.7. 


astavingatyai svaha KSA. 2. 5. 

astaviiiga ekannatrih9esu 9rayadhvam TB.3.1 1.2.4. 

astavingani 9ivani 9agmani AV. 19.8.2". 

astav eta navatayo bhavaiity ahoratranaiii parivatsarasya- 

9Ttir asmin savanani trini ca sahasrarii ca pavamana9 ca 

sarve JB.2.7iibol, C/ GB.i.5.23. 
astagaphag ca ya ihagne TB.i.2.i.26<'. 
astagitisahasrani AB.8. 22.5". 
astagityai svaha KSA. 2. 3, 5. 
astasastyai svaha KSA. 2.3,5. 

astasaptatim bharatah AB.8.23.5a: QB. 13.5.4. 1 1\ 
aatasaptatyai svaha KSA. 2.3. 
astendra rtvijo daivya ye AV.8.9.2i'\ 
astendrasya .sad yamasj'a AV.8.9.23\ 
astottarattat sam ajagmiran te EV. 10.27.15'>. 
astau grasa muner bhaksah ApDh.2.4.9. i3''. 
astau ca me dvada9a ca me VS. 18.25. 
astau ca meistacatvarih9ac ca me KS. 18. 12. See catasra9 

castau casta". 

astau ca 9atani muhartan yan vadanti GB. i. 


astau 9ata yan. 
astau dig\'asasoignayah TA. i.i2.4«. 
astau deva vasavah somyasah TB.3.1. 2. 6\ 
astau putraso aditeh"; MS.4.6.9'>: 92.2; 

PB.24.12.6i'; gB.'1; TA.i.i3.2\ Cf asta- 
astau vy akhyat kakubhah prthivj'ah EV. 1.35.8*; VS. 

astau 9atani nava caksarani GB. 1.5.23c. See sapta saha- 

astau 9atany ayutani tnh9at GB. 1.5.23^ Sec catvari 

astau 9ata yan mitarii tad vadanti QB.i''. See 

astau ca 9a''. 
astram tadarii pratlnaha (Ap^. talarii pratlnaham) MS. 2. 

7.12C: 92.10; ApQ.i6.i8.4«. 
astram [sc. hastat etc.) Kau9.80.50. Vikara of one of the 

two preceding quotations, AV. 18.2.59, <"• 60. 
astram piisa 9ithiram udvarTvrjat EV.6.58.2<=; MS.4. 14. 

i6e: 244.3: TB. 
asthivadbhyarii svaha TS.; KSA. 3. 6. 
asthivantav ab ravin mitrah AV.9.4. 12c. 
asthivantav uttarrui purusasya AV. 10.2.2''. 
asthivantau pari kulphau ca dehat EV.7.50.2I'. 
asamyatto vrate te kseti pusyati EV.i.83.3'=; AV.20.25. 

3<'; AB.1.29.11. 
asamyad etan manaso hrdo me AV. 18. 1.14''. Cf. EV. 

10. 10. 12. 
asariavapanti pihsanuni kurutat TB.; Ap^. 1.2 1.7. 

Cf Mg.i. 2.2.23! 

asamsuktagilebhyah AV.i 1.2.30''. 
asaihsrstan bhagah9 caturo vahanti GB. 1.5.24'!. 
asamheyam parabhavan JB. 1.152''. See vaitahavyah 

parabhavan, and cf. asaiiibhavyani parabhavan. 
asaghnor bharam ayajo maho vaso EV. 1.31.3'^. 
asamkhyata opyamanah suvarnah AV. 12.3.28". 
asamkhyata (TA. "tali) sahasrani VS. 16.54"; MS.2.9.9'': 




128.7; KS.n.i6^; gB.; Mg. 1 1. 7- 1 (to-); TA.r. 

12.1'^; N. r.15. 
asamkhyeyam svam asmin nivistam AV.10.8.24I'. 
asamkhyeya aparyanta anantah Kauy.iss.g''. 
asac ca yatra sac caiitah AV. 10.7.10'=. 
asac ca sac ca parame vyomaii^ 
asac ca san muliur acakrir iiulrah £¥.6.24.5^. 
asac chrikliaiii pratisthantim^ 
asaj jajana sa ta ababhuva TA.3.14.4''. 
asatah sail ajayata,3^ 
asatah sad ye tataksuh TA. i.ii.i\ 
asatam ca pratigraham svfiha TA. 10.23.1''; MahanU.14. 

2'1; PiTinagU.i'l; BDh. 2. 5.8.10'!. 
asati sat pratisthitam AV. 1 7. i . 1 9''. 
asatibhyo asattarah AV.7.76.1I'. 
asatetva TS.;; MS.i.3.35: 42.3; KS.29.5; 

KSA.1.2; TB. 
asate namah KS. 26. 12; Ap^. 20. 1.17. 
asato ma sad gamaya gB.14. 4. 1.30,31 ; BrhU. 1.3.30,31 ; 

asat ta utso gi'nate niyutvan RV.9.89.6''. 
asat su me jaritali sabliivegah EV. 10.27.1'^; AA. 1.2. 2.1 ;; gg.17.9-5- cy: BrhD.7.23. 

asad atrasuvliyam RV.8.3i.i8'i; TS.; MS.4.11. 

2": 165.3; KS. II.I2*. 
asadat sadane sve Apg.5. 27.1^1. 
asadan gavah sadane AV.7.96. i>\ P: asadan gavah 

asadan niataram purali';'; 20. 

48.4''; SV.2.726b; ArS.5.4''; VS.3.6h;^: 85. 

9; KS.7.13I'; gB.2.i.4.29'J. See asanan. 
asad ahull paro janali'1. 
asad it te vibliu prabliu EV.i.9.5''; AV.20.71.11c. 
asad it sa suvitaya prayasvaii RV.7.85.4f'. 
asad brahmeti veda cet TA.8.6.1I'; TU.2.6.1I'. 
asad bliumyali sam abhavat AV.4. i9.6'\ 
asad yatlia jaritra uta siuili EV.6.23. io<=. 
asad yatlia na indro vaiidauestliah KV. 1.173.9". 
asad yatha no varunali .suklrtih EV.i.i86.3«. 
asad yatha mahati vrtraturye EV.6.34.5«. 
asad Ta idam agra asit TA.8.7.1'1; TU.2.7.11. 
asanan niataraiii puuali TS. 1.5.3. i^'. Sec asadan mataraiii. 
asanaih sanavani ca AV.19.32.7''. 
asamtapam me hrdaj^am urs'l ga^'yutill samudro asmi 

vidharmana AV. 16.3.6. 
asamtape aljhifriyaii AV.8.2.14''. 
asamtape sutapasau huveiham AV.4.26.3'\ 
asaihdito vi srja visvag ulkah EV.4.4.2'1; VS.13.10d; TS. 

i.2.i4.i'3; MS.2.7.i5'i: 97.10; KS.16.15'1. 
asamdheyam tvajTi kitam AB.7.17.4'1; gg.i5.24<i. 
asan na ugroivita tanupah EV.4.16.20'1. 
asann astv asata iiidra vakta EV. 7. 104.8'!; AV.8.4.8'1. 
asann it tve ahavanani bhuri EV.7.8.5^ 
asan niieke adrivah sakha te EV.7. 20.8k 
asann uta praf.astaj^ah EV.8.45.33I'. 
asann eva sa bhavati TA.8.6. i"; TU.2.6.ia. 
asanmantrad dusvapnyat AV.4.9.6^. 

asan vibhajya dhiiltara jaliltat AV. 11.1.13'!. 

asapatnah kilabhuvam EV. i o. 1 7 4. 415. See asapatna etc. 

asapatnam na uttarat AV.8.5.i7t. 

asapatnam no adharat AV.8.5. 17^ 

asapatnam purastat AV.i 9. 16. I*; 27.14*. Cf. next. 

asapatnam puiastan nah EVKh.2.43.4^ Cf. prcc. 

asapatnam ma prthivl krnotu AV.i2.i.4if. 

asapatnah sapatnaha EV. 10. 174.5a; AV.i.29.5'1; 10.6. 

30"; 19. 46.7!'. Cf. abhy asaksi, and sapatnaksayano 

asapatnah. pradi90 me bhavantu AV. 19. 14. i''; Vait. 14. i^ 

{text sapatnah etc.). Sec ananiivah pra". 
asapatna kilabhuvam (ApMB. "bhavam) i59.4<i; 

ApMB. 1.16.4'!. See asapatnah etc. 
asapatna sapatiiaglinl (ApMB. "niglinl) RV. 10. 159.5^1; 

ApMB. 1. 1 6. 5^ (ApG.3.9.9). 
asapatnah samanasas kamt VS.7.25''; gB.4.2.4,23d. Cf. 

eva vifah, and RV. 10. 173.6. 
asamaih k.satiam asania manisa RV. 1.54.8^. 
asamana ajiiaso raghusyadah EV. 1.140.4^. 
asamana jahatir bliojanani EV.7.5.3!'. 
asamane adlivani vrjine pathi EV.6.46. 13". 
asamatim gihesu nali AV.6. 79.1c. See grhanam asam- 

asamatim nitojanam EV. 10.60. 2^ 
asamrddha aghayavah AV.i.2 7.2d 3d. 
asambadham badhj^ato [many mss. madhyato) mana- 

vaiiam AV. i2.i.2'i; Kau9. 137.16. See next. 
asaihbadha ya madhyato manavebhyali MS.4.14.11'': 

233.10. Sec prcc. 
asambadhe prtliivyah AV. 18.2.20*. 
asambhavyaiii parabhavan AV.5.i8,i2''; 19.11'!. See 

under asaiiiheyam. 
asaiiibhojanao capi nr9ansam RVKI1.9.67.90. 
asammrsto jayase matroli (TB. matrvoh) 9ucih RV.5.11. 

3^ TB. havyasodah (MS.KS.PB. "sudanah) TS.1.3. 

3.1; MS.i.2.12: 21.14; KS.2.13; PB.i.4.3; Apg.11.14. 

10. P: asaiiimrstah Lg. 2.2.12. See mysto etc. 
asarji kala9ah abhi EV.9.106.12''; SV.2.292'\ 
asarji kala9e sutah EV.9.67.15''. 
asarji ratliyo yatha EV.9.36.1*; SV.i.49oa. 
asarji vakva ratliye yathajau EV.9.91.1*; SV. 1.543*. 
asarji varii stliavira vedhasa glli EV. 1.181.7*. 
asarji vaji tiiali pavitram EV. 9. 109. 19*. 
asarji skambho diva udyato madah EV.9.86.46\ 
asarjy asarji Apg. 12.17.9; 28.5. 
asarvavirag caratu pranuttah AV.9.2.14". 
asave svaha VS.22.30; MS.3.i2.ii: 163.14; KS.35.8,10; 

gB.; TB.; Apg.14.25.11; 19.13.9. 
asagcatah gatadhara abhi9riyah EV.9.86.27* 
asageata maghavadbhyo hi bhutam EV. 7.67.9*. 
asagcateva samana sabardhuk EV. 10.69.8''. 
asag ca tvam daksinatah sakha me RV.8. ioo.2<=. 
asagcanti dive-dive RV.8.31.4!'. 
asagcanti pipayad deva citra RV.3.57.6'\ 
asagcanti bhuridhare payasvati RV.6.70.2*; N.5.2. 


asa etc. : see asav etc. 

asa upahvayasva ^Q.7.4.13. See asav-asiiv, upahvayasva, 

and cf. upahuta upahvayadhvam, and upahutopahva- 

asada ye ca sadinah AV.i 1.10.241". 
asadi vrto vahnir ajaganvan RV.7.7.5^ 
asamayatha susakhaya ena RV.i.173.9''. 
asama yasya vidhato vrdliasah'i. 
asama sarvavlrah AV. 19.49.6'=. 
asama siimatau yajniyasya TA. i.3i.2<=. 
asami dhutayah favah KV. 1.39. lot". 
asamibhir niaruta a na utibhih RV. 1.39.9''. 
asami radho harijata haryatam EV. 10.96.5''; AV.20. 

asam.i hi prayajyavah EV. 1.39.9=^. 
asamy ojo bibhrtha sudanavah''; N.6.23. 
asav agnir aeaiyas tava: see agnir acaryas tava. 
asav ado ma prapat QB.; 14.8. 15. 10; BrhU.5. 

asav (MS.KS.M^. asa) ami ma tanu (LQ. tanuhi jyotisa) 

MS.i.4.2: 49.2; KS.7.2; L(?.2.ii.3; M<;;. 1.4.3. 15; -A-pQ. 

4. 16.4. See under ami anu. 
asav anyo asura suyata dyauh RV. 10. 132.4''. 
asav abhyaiiksvasav aiiksva A9.2.7.5. See abhyank-svao, 

afiksva'', and anjasva'^. 
asav (MS.KS.M9. asa) amusya putro-miisyasau (Aji^. 

•musya asau) putrah MS.2.6.12: 72.6; 4.4.6: 57.17; 

KS.15.8; M9.9.1.4; Ap9.18.16.15. jS«; ayam amusya, 

and cf. asav amusya". 
asav avaneniksva 9B.2.4.2. 16 (te/-), 23 (ier); 6.1.34 (fer), 

41 (ter); gg.4.4.2; Kg.4.1.10; GG.4.3.6; KhG.3.5.17; 

HG. 2.12.2 {bis). See avaneniksva. 
asav-asav upahvayasva ApQ. 8. 3. 1 3 ; 12.24.15; 15. 11. 11. 

See under asa upa°. 
asav asmi KhG. 2.4.12. See asav aham, asav ahaiii bhoh, 

asau, asau namasmi, aiul asau namaham ; and cf. under 

ayam ahaiii. 
asav asmai kamo ma samardhi QB.; 14.8.5. 10; 

BrhU.5. 15.10. 
asav aham cobhau ^G. 2.3. i". 
asav aham ViDh.32.14; MDh.2.130. See under asav 

asav aham bhoh (AufDh. bho nama) 9G.2.2.5; 4.12.5; 

PG.2.2.18; ApDh.i.2.5.12; BDh. 1.2. 3.27; AuijDh.i.ig. 

See under asav asmi. 
asav adityo^nukhyata AB.7.24.3. See adityo«nukhyata, 

and cf. under agnir upadrasta. 
asav amusyayanamusyah putra AV.4.i6.9i'. Cf. asav 

asavi te jujusanaya somah EV.5.43.5''. 
asavi devaiii gorjlkam andhah EV.7.2I.I''; SV.1.313''; 

MQ.9.i.3\ P: asavi devam AB.6.11.1; A9.5.5.14; 

W- 7. 17.3. 

asavi mitro vrjanesu yajniyah EV.9.77.5"'. 

asavi soma indra te EV.i. 84.1a ; SV.1.347*; 2.378*; TS. 

1.4.39-1*; PB.12.13.17; 13.6.5; Ag.6.2.2; 7.8.3; gg. 

12.26.8; 18.18.4. 

— asi 

asavi somah puruhuta tubhyam RV. 10. 104.1a. P: asavi 

somah puruhuta QQ. 7. 23. 7. Cf. BrhD.8.i6. 
asavi somo aruso vrsa harih RV.9.82.1''; SV.i.562''; 2. 

666a; PB.15.3.4; Apg.16.20.14''-. 
asav etat ta anjanam GG.4.3. 13. 
asav etat ta udakam PG. 3. 10.21. See asav etatte tiloda- 

asav etat te gB. {quater); 6.1.36 {fcr); gg.4.4.5; 

15.4; Kg.4.1.11; 5.9.19; Mg.i. 1. 2.19; gG.4.1.4,7. Cf 

under etat te tata. 
asav etat te tilodakam GG.4.2.35. See asav etat ta 

asav etat te vasah GG.4.3. 24. ^f- under etad vah pitaro 

asav esa te deva suiya brahmacail taiii gopaya sa ma 

mrta ApMB.2.3.31. See esa ma, deva savitar esa te 

brahmacarl, and suryaisa. 
asav esa te pindah GG.4.3. 8. 
asav ehi VS. 38.2 (^(v); MS.4.9.7: 127.5 (6Js); 

(bis); TB.,3 (2«;«2.), 4; 11.5.3 (6is); TA.4.8.1 

(ter); 5.7.1 (fer); Apg. 1 5.9.4 (te). P: asau Mg. 4. 3. 3. 
asavy aii^ui- madaya RV.9.62.4''; SV.1.473'^; 2.358a; 

asim sunaiii navarii carum RV. 10.86.18'=; AV.20.i2 6.i8«. 
asikniy": sec asikny". 
asiknih krsna osadhlh AV.8.7.i'=. 
asiknim eti ru^atlm apajan RV. 10.3. 1'l; SV.2.896"1. Cf. 

asikny (TB. asikniy) asy osadhe AV.i.2 3.3<=; TB.2. 4.4.2c. 
asiknyam yajamano na hota RV.4.i7.i5*. 
asiknya (TA. asikniya) marudvrdhe vitastaya R V. i o. 7 5. 

5'=; TA.10.1.13C; MahanU.5.4«; N.9.26'=. 
asi ksatta vamasya deva bhureh EV.6.13.2''; MS.4. 10. 1'l; 

143-4; Apg.5.23.9'i. 
asi gramesv avita purohitah EV.i. 44.10'=. 
asincann utsam gotamaya trsnaje EV. 1.85.11b. 
asitagrivaQ chagaih VS. 23.13 ; gB. 13.2.7,2. See lohita- 

asitajnave svaha TS. 7. 3.1 7.1. 
asitam te prahayanam (TB. nilayanam) AV.i.23.3a; TB. 
asitavarna harayah suparnah TS.3. 1.11.4a; Apg.19.27.1. 

See krsnam niyanaiii. 
asitasya grhebhyah AV.6. 137. i<i. 
asitasya te brahmana AV. 1.14.4a. 
asitasya taimatasya AV. 5. 13.6a. Cf. Kaug. 29.9. 
asitaya svaha TS. ; KSA.5.1 ; TB.; Apg. 

20. 12.4. 
asitim carthasiddhiiii ca EVKh. 1.191.8*. - 

asito dhanvo raja (Ag. dhanvah ; gg. dhanvanah), tasya- 

sura vifas ta ima asate, maya ( asura vidya) 

vedah soiyam gB. 1 ;; gg.16.2.19-21. 
asito raksita AV.3.27.1; TS.; MS.2. 13.21: 166. 

13; ApMB.2.17.14. 
asitau petvav iva N. 12.2^. 
asi trito guhyena vratenaRV.i.i63.3b; VS.29.14b; TS.4. 

6.7.1b; KS.40.6b, 

asi — 

asi tvaiii viksu manuslsu hota RV. 10.1.4''. 
asidabhrasyacid vrdiiah EV.1.81.2C; AV.20.56.2C; SV. 

asinvam vavram mahy adad ugrah RV.5.32.8''. 

asinvati bapsati bhury attah RV. 10.79. i^; N.6.4. 

asinvan dahstraih pitur atti bhojanam RV.2.i3.4«. 

asinvann atti jihvaya vanani '';<).2^\ 

asinvan bhury avayah RV.8.45.38'\ 

asinva te vartatam indra hetih RV. 10.89.12b. 

asi praturtaye nrbliih RV. 1.129.2^. 

asi prafardha turva9e RV.8.4.i'l; AV.20.120.1il; sy.i. 

279<1; 2.581''. 
asi priyo no atithili RV.6.2.7''. 
asi bliago asi datrasya data RV.9.97.55''. 
asibluiriparadadihEV.i.81.2''; AV.20.56.2t'; SV.2.353b. 
asi magbava maghavadbhya indo EV.9.97.55''. 
asi yajnesu nianusali RV. 1.44.10''. 
asi yamo asy adityo arvan RV.1.163.3''; VS.29.14''; TS. 

4.6.7. 1"; KS.40.6*. 
asi radhrasya codita EV. 10.24.3''. 
asir na parva vrjina grnasi RV. 10.89.8^. 
asisyadanta gava a na dhenavali RV.9.68. i''; SV. 1.563''. 
asi satya i9anakrt RV.8.90.21); AV. 20. 104.4''; SV.2.843''. 
asi satya rnaya brahmanas pate EV. 2.23. 1 1". 
asi satya rnaya vanedyah EV. 1.87.4c. 
asi somena samaya viprktah EV.i. 163.3c; VS.29.14C; 

TS.; KS.40.6c. 
asi hi vira senyali EV. 1.81.2''; AV.20.56.2''; SV.2.3531. 
asi hota na idyah RV. 1.12.3C; AV.20.101.3C; SV.2.142C; 

KS.39.13C; TB.; Apg.i6.ii.iic; 35.gc. 
asi hota manurhitah RV. 1. 1 3. 4c ; SV. 2. 700c. Cf. Mahabh. 

asin para9un ayudham AV.i 1.9.1c. 
asum ya lyur avrka rtajnah EV. 10. 15.1c; AV. 18. 1.44c ; 

VS.19.49C; TS.; MS.4.10.6C: 157.5; N.11.18C. 
asum (SV. asu) rinann apah EV.2.22.4e; SV. 1.4666. 
asum vag api gachatu AV.2.i2.8'l. 
asum gharmani divam (VS. svar) atisthatanu VS.8.19''; 

MS.i.3.38<': 44.13; KS.4.12'^1; gB. See vasurii 

asutrpa ukthajasai; caranti RV. 10.82.7''; VS.17.31''; TS. 

4.6.2. 2<i; MS.2.I0.3'': 135.2; KS.i8.ii'; N.i4.!o<'. 
asunasun sam achidan AV.6.104.1''. 
asunitaya vodhave AV.18.2.56''. See asunlthaya. 
asunite punar asmasu caksuh RV. 10.59. 6-\ P: asunlte 
asunite mano asmasu dharaya''; N. 10.40". 

P: asunite 99- 1 6. 1 3. 1 4. 
asxinithaya vodhave TA. 6. i . i ''. See asunitaya. 
asum ta ayuh punar a bharami AV.8.2.1C. 
asum te^nu hvayamasi AV.8.1.15''. 
asunvata sutapah saiii grnlte RV.4.25.7''. 
asunvato visunah sunvato vrdhah RV.5.34.6''. 
asunvantara samaiii jahi RV.i.i76.4^ 
asunvantam ayajamanam icha VS.12.62a; TS."; 

MS.2.7.r2a: 90.15; KS.16.12a; 9B.; Mg.6.1.5; 

— II. 2; — II. 4; — n.7.1. P: asunv.antam K9-I7-2-I- 


asunvam indra samsadam RV.8.14.15''; AV.20.29.5a. 
asuptah suptan abhicaka9lti (^B. 14. 1.1.12^'; BrhU.4. 

asumaddhitam jahi KS.37.13,14. 
asumna devapiyavah VS.35.1b; QB.i3.8.2.3b 
asum paraiii janayan jivam astrtam EV. 1.140.8''. 
asum badhnami te drdham AV.5.30. i^. 
asura iva nirnijam EV.8.19.23C. 
asurah kriyamanah (KS. kritah) TS.4.4.9. i; KS.34.14. 

Set' next. 
asurah panyamanah VS.8.55. See prec. 
asuraksayanam vadham AV.i 1.10.100,128,130. 
asuraghnam indrasakham samatsu EVKh.5.5i.iC; 

Suparn. 19.5C. 
asuraghne manma dhltirii bharadhvam RV. 7. 13.1b. 
asur asi prathamaja asur namasur ucyaseisur aham asus 

tvarii kim adyasur asum karad asor asuiii pratltana 

sariijanldhvam KS.7.13. 3Ietriral. 
asurah pitara rsayah AV. 10. 10.269. 
asuranam hantajani AB.8.12.5. 
asuranaiii ca purvajam MS.2.9.ib; 119. 5. 
asuranam duhitasi AV.6. 100.3*. 
asuranam puro«jayat AV. io.6.ioe. 
asur attah TS.4.4.9. i. See asur ho", 
asur atma tanvas tat sumad guh AV.5. 1.7''. 
asuran randhayasi nah AV.6.7.2'j. 
asuraya svaha QB.i 2.6.1. 10. 

asuras tva nyakhanan AV. 6. 109. 3a. Cf. nicaih khananty. 
asurah santali svadhaya caranti VS.2.3ob; 9B.2.4.2.i5b; 

Ag.2.6.2b; gg.4.4.2b; Apg.I.8.7b;; SMB. 

2.3.4b. Cf. apayantv asurah. 
asu rinann etc. : see asuiii etc. 
asurebhya starltave AV. 2. 2 7. 3b, 4b. 
asuryam varnam ni rinlte asya tarn RV.9.7i.2b. 
asuryam devebhir dhayi vi9vam EV.6.20.2b. 
asuryani prathama dharayanta EV.4.42.2b. 
asuryat pasi dharmana RV. 1.134.5='; Ag.4.11.6''. 
asurya nadlnam RV.7. 96.1b 
asurya nama te lokah VS. 40. 3a; QB.; BrhU.4. 

4.14a; l9aU.3a. See ananda nama. 
asuryaya pramahasa RV.7.66.2C; 8.25.3b; TB. 
asur homayodyatah VS.8.58. See asur attah. 
asiita purvo vrsabho jyayan RV.3.38.5a. 
asuta pr9nir mahate ranaya EV. 1.168.9*. 
asiitika ramayani AV.6.83.3a. 
asiidayat sukrte garbham adrih EV.3.3i.7b. 
asiidayanta tanvah sujatahEV. 1.72.3'!; TB.'' (text 

asiin pitrbhyo gamayaiii cakara AV. 18.2.27''. 
asuyakayanrjave»yataya VaDh.2.8c; ViDh.29.9C; N.2.4C. 
asiiyantyai canumatyai ca svaha Ag.8. 14.4. Cf. wider 

anumataj^e svaha. 
asuyann abhy acaka9am EV. 10. 135.2c. 
asure santi surayah RV.8. 10.4b. 
asiirtam rajo apy aguh AV. 10.3.9c. 
asurta surta rajaso vimane TS. Sec next. 
asurte (MS.KS. asurta) suite rajasi nisatte (MS. nisatta; 


— astamyate 

KS. na satta) KV.10.82.4C; VS.17.28c; MS.2.10.3C: 

134.7; KS.i8.ic; N.6.15. Seeprec. 
asurye tamasi vavrdhanam RV.5.32.6''. 
asusudanta yajniya rtena TS.1.8. 10.2C; TB. Sec 

asrk te asthi rohatu AV.4. 12.40,50. 
asrksata pra vajinah RV.9.64.4a; SV.i.482-''; 2.384"; 

PB. 1 3.7.5. P: asrksata L(;:!.4.8.i2. 
asrksata rathyaso yatha prthak RV.9.86.2^. 
asrksy anyam iva RV.8.27.ii<J. 
asrgram vajasataye RV.9.i3.6l>; SV.2.54il'. 
asrgrarii vare avyaye RV.9.66. i i^i; SV.2.8''. 
asrgran (SV. "gram) devavltaye RV.9.46.1^; 9.67.17''; 

asrgram indautaye RV.9.62.7l>; SV.2.329''. 
asrgram indavah patha RV.9.7.1''; SV.2.478^ 
asrgram indra te girah EV. 1.9.4*; AV. 20.71.10-''; SV. 

asrnmukho rudliirenabhyaktah (TA. ^aA-yaktah) MS. 

4.9.19'': 136. 1 ; TA.4.29.ia. P: asrnmukhah MQ.4.6.3. 
asenya vah panayo vacansi RV. 10. loS.e''. 
aso asave mrda AV.19.44.4''; Kauf.47.i6l\ 
asoh. paiitrah pitamahah AV. 11. 7.1 6^1. 
aso nu kam ajavo vardha9 ca RV.10.50.5c. 
aso yatlia kenipanam ino vrdhe RV.10.44.4d; AV.20. 

94. 4''. 
aso yatha nah favasa cakanah RV.6.36.5C. 
aso j^atlia no^-vnta vrdhe ca (SV. vrdhaf cit) RV.7. 24.1c; 

aso havyavad uta nah purogah 124.1c. 
asau KQ.1.9.17; QG.4.12.6; Kau5.27.21; 55.10; 83.22; 

KhG.4.2.25; PG.1.4.15; HG.i.5.5. Cf. ayam asau, 

and under asav asmi. 
asau ca j'a na urvara RV.8.91.6''. 
asau jiva ^aradah ^atam PG. 1.18.3. See atho jiva, adha 

jivema, jivatah, jivati, jlvilni, jivami, jivema, jiveva. 

and sa jiva garadah. 
asau te ijafuh TS.; MS.4.7.9: 106.2; TB.i. 6.10.2; 

AP9.8.17.10; 14.7.2; 11(^. 
asau naksatranam esam : see atho na" etc. 
asau namasmi SMB.1.6.17; ApMB.2.3.28 (ApG.4.11.2). 

See under asav asmi. 
asau namaham asmi MDh. 2.122. See under,v asmi. 
asau panthah prsati yena yati AV. 1 3. i. 23^ 
asau manusah QB. 1.5. 1.13; K(J).3.2.i2; Ap^. 10. 1.14; 

24.12.7. See manusah, and ef. agnir me daivo. 
asau mam anu focatu AV.6. 130. i<'-4'i; i3i.i'l-2(J. 
asau me kamah samrdhyatam TB. 
asau me javah Ap9.8.6.22. 
asau me smaratad iti AV.6. 130.2*. 
asau ya apuryati sa sarvesam bhutanarii pranair apuryati 

ma me prajaya ma pafunfiiii ma mama pranair apuri- 

sthah TA.i.14.1,2. 
asau ya esi virakah RV.8.91.2*; JB.i.220^ Cf. BrhD. 

asau yah pantha adityah RV.r.io5.i6'\ Cf. BrhD.3.137. 
asau yaja A9.8.1.6. See next. 

asau yajate amusya putrah pautro napta LQ. 1.3. 18. See 

asau yas tamro arunah VS. le.e''; TS.''; MS. 2. 9. 

2": 121. 8; KS.17.11''; NllarU.9». 
asau ya preva na^yasi EV. 10. 146. ii); TB.'>; N. 

asau ya sena marutah paresam 105. i"; AV.3. 

2.6"; SV.2.I2IO''; VS.17.47*. 
asau yo adharad grhah AV.2. 14.3". 
asau yoipakslyati sa sarvesam bhutanam pranair apaksi- 

yati ma me prajaya ma payunarii ma mama pranair 

apaksesthah TA.1.14.2. 
asau yoivasarpati VS.16.7''; TS.4.5.i.3a; KS.17.11*''; 

MS. 2. 9. 2": 1 21. 1 1. See adrfan tvavarohantam, and 

cf. ado j-ad ava<'. 
asau yo vimana. janah RVKh. 10. 191.4c. See ami ye 

asau yoistam eti sa sarvesam bhutanam pranan adaj^a- 

stam eti ma me prajaya ma pafunaiii ma mama pranan 

adayastaiii gah TA. 1.14.1. 
asau vai nama te dutah Kauf. 135.9c. 
asau vai nama te pita Kauf. 135.9b. 
asau vai nama te mata Kauf. 135.9*. 
asau sadyahkriya yajate L^.8.3.13. 
asau svargaya lokaj^a svaha VS.35.22C; ^; 

Kg.2 5.7.38c; Mg.8.19; AG. 4. 3. 2 7; ParDh.5.22; 

asau svasti te«stu Ap9.6.22. i {ter). 
asau ha iha te manah AV. 18.4.66*. P: asau hai Kau?. 

askan gam rsabho yuva K^.25. 12.9b. See askan r.sabho. 
askann ((}(}■ askan) adhita prajani (^B. 12.4. 1.7; ^Q. 3. 

20.4; KQ.25.2.5. (See askan ajani. 3"^(/j^ 
askannam adya devebhya ajyaiii sariibhriyasam VS. 2.8; 

^B. 1.4.5. 1. See next. 
askannam aviksubdhaiii me havyam devata gachat MS. 

3.10.2: 132.9 Seeprec. 
askannema {so text for skannema, or askannema ?) vifva 

bhutani K(^.25.i2.9c. See skannema. 
askan parjanyah prthivim K^. 25. 12.9*. See askan 

askan somah: see askan somah. 
askambhane savita dyam adrhhat 149.1''; N. 

askan ajani prajani TB.''; TA.4.13.1*; ApQ.g. 

6.7*. See askann adhita. 
askan adhita etc. : see askann etc. 
askan rsabho yuva gah TB.'' ; TA.4.13.1'' ; App. 

9.6. 7 b. See askan gam. 
askan dyauh prthivim TB.*; TA.4.13.1*; ApQ. 

9.6.7*; 14.2; 15.17. 1. &e askan parjanyah. 
askan (GB. askan) somah KS.34.17; GB.2.2.10. Cf. 

brahman somo askan. 
astam yarn yanti dhenavah EV.5.6.ib; SV.i.425b; 2. 

1087''; VS.15.41i'; MS.2.13.7I': 156.17; KS.39.14''; 

astamyate namah AV. 17.1.23; Vait.11.13. 

astam yatra — 

astam yatra ca gachati AV.10.8.16'' ;''; 

astam rajeva satpatih KV. 1. 1 30. i". See asta etc. 
astam vaj'o na tugryam KV.8.3.23''. 
astam gavo na dhenavah KV.9.66.12I' ; SV.2.9I'. 
astatatim cid a5'ave KV.5.7.6J. 
astam tatya dhiya rayim suviram EV.7.37.6«. 
astam ua gavo naksanta iddham RV.i. 66.9^1; N.10.21''. 
astaiii yasmiu cakan EV.10.95.4c. 
astam nityaso vajinah ; SV.i.425fi; 2.1087^'; 

VS.i5.4i'i; MS.2.i3.7<l: 156.18; KS.39.14'1. 
astabhnat sindhum ainavam nrcaksah EV.3.53.9^. 
astabhnad dyaiii vrsabho (TS.MS. dyam rsabho) antari- 

ksam RV.3.30.90; ¥8.4.30"; TS.i.2.8.ia; ^ 15. 

7'; 3-7.8'': 86.9; 4.14.3: 218.13; QB.; TB.; 

K9-7-9-8. P: astabhnad dyam 119. 2. 1. 4. 2 2. See next. 
astabhnad dyam asuro (KS. reabho) vigvavedah EV.8. 

42.1% KS.2.6''; AB.i.30.5; kB.9.6; GB.2.4.15; A^. 

3.7.15; 4.10.5. Ps : astabhnad dyam asuiah KS.11.12; 

A9.6.1.2; astabhnad dyam 99.5. 14. 19; 6.10.11; 9.2.3. 

See prec. 
astabhnad dyam rsabho antariksam : see astabhnad dyaiii 

astabhnan nakaiii svapasyaya prthum RV. lo.i I3.4<1. 
astabhnan mayaya dyam avasrasah EV.2.i7.5<'. 
astam ai-vanta a9avah EV.5.6.1C; SV.1.425C; 2.1087'^; 

VS.i5.4i«; MS.2.13.70: 156.18; KS.39.i4«. 
astam a te parthiva vasuni RV. lo.iii.ioc. 
astamitaya namah AV. 17. 1.23. 
astamite dvisattayam Kauy. i4i.37'\ 
astam ivej jarimanarii jagamyam EV. i.ii6.25'l; KS. 

astam esi patha punah'l ; AV.20.126.21'' ; 

N.I2.2 8'i. 

astamesyato namah AV. 17. 1.2 3. 

astam ehi grhan upa EV. 10.86.20'' ; AV. 20. 126.20''. 

astam preta siidanavah (VS.^B. sacabhuvah) VS.3.47'1;;"2'l: 142.5; KS.9.4'' ; gB. 2.5. 2.29 ;'3. 
astam bharanty abravit RV.8.91.1C; JB.i.2 20<=. 
astara isuiii dadhire gabhastyoh EV. 1.64.10". 
astaram esi sQrya EV.8.93.1C; AV.20.7.1C; SV.1.125C; 

asta rajeva satpatih SV.1.459C. Sec astam etc. 
astari barhih suprayanatamam EV.6. 63.3b. 
astavi jano divyo gayena EV.10.63.17tl ; 64.171!. 
astavi manma purvyam EV.8.52(Vril.4).9'''; AV.20.119. 

I'''; SV.2. 1027-1 ; Vait.41.5. P: astavi manma 99.16. 

astavy agnir naraiii (MS. nrnaui) sujevah EV. 10.45. 1 2" ; 

VS.12.29i; MS.2.7.9a: 87.7. 
astavy agnih fimivadbhir arkaih EV.I.I4I.I3^ 
astasi vidhya raksasas tapisthruh EV.4.4.ii!; VS. 13.9''; 

TS.i.2.i4.i<l; MS.2.7.i5d: 97.8; KS.16.15d; N.6.i2d.' 
astasi ^atrave vadham EV.10.133.3c ; AV.20.95.4C; SV. 

asti jyayan kanlyasa upare RV.7. 86.6c. 


asti tvadatam adrivah EV.5.39.1!'; SV.1.345''; 2.522''; 

PB.14.6.4I'; N.4.4b. 
asti deva ahhor uru EV.8. 67. 7". 
asti nil tasmad ojlyah AV.7.5.4C. 
asti (read asthi) pestrarii ta atmani AV.4.12.2''. 
asti prajananaiii krtani EV. 3. 2 9.1b. 
asti brahmeti ced veda TA.8.6.1C; TU.2.6.1C. 
asti ratnam anagasah EV.8. 67. 7''. 
asti somo ayaiii siitah EV.8. 94. 4"; SV.1.174*; 2.II35-''; 

PB.9.7-I; A9.6.7.2';; Ap9.i4.i8.6; M9.3.7. 

10. P: asti somo ayam K9.25. 13.1. 
asti svadhapate madah EV.6.44.i<l-3'J ; SV.i.35id. 
asti svin me vliyam tat ta indra EV.6.18.3C. 
asti hi vah sajatyaiii rifadasah EV.8. 27. 10"; N.6.14. 
asti hi vam iha stota EV.5.74.6''. 
asti hi sma te jusminn avayah EV.i.i73.i2b ; VS.3.46b; 

9B. 2. 5. 2. 2 8b. See astu sma. 
asti hi sma madaya vah EV. 1.37.15^ 
astidam adhimanthanam EV.3.29.i-\ 
astu bhadram mrga9irah 5am ardra AV. 19.7.2''; Naks. 

astur na didyut tvesapratika EV. 1.66.7b; N. 10. 21b. 
astur na jaiyam asanam anu dyun EV.i. 148.4''. 
astu 9rausat TS.i.6.ii.i,2(6;s),3,4;,3; MS.1.4.11: 

59.20; 4.1. 11: 14.16; 4.9.9: 129.3; KS.3r.13; GB.i. 

3.10; 5.10,21; 9B.1. 5.2.16, 18,20;; A9.r.4.i3;;K9.3.2.4; Ap9.2.i5.4;M9.i.3.i.25;2.3.7.i3. 
astu ^rausat pure agnirh dhiya dadhe RV.i. 139.1"; SV. 

1.461a. P: astu yrau-sat AB.5.12.5; A9.8.1.12. Cf. 

astu sma te 9usminn avayah TS.i.8.3.ib; MS.i. 10.2b: 

141.12; KS.9.4b. See asti hi sma te. 
astusvadha GB.2.1.24; 9B.; TB.i.6.9.5; A9.2. 

19.18; Vait.9.11,12; K9. 5.9.11; Ap9.8.i5.ii; M9.1. 

7.6.32; AG.4.7.31; YDh.1.244; BrhPDh.5.278. See 

under orii svadha. 
astu svadheti vaktavyam Vait. 9.1 2C. Cf. oiii svadhocya- 

tam, and prakrtebhyo svadhocyatam. 
astrnad barhana vipah RV.8.63.7C. 
astrnan nakam aruhat EV.8. 41. 8c. 
astrtam viryaya kam AV. 19.46. ib. 
astrtas tvabhi raksatii AV. 19.46.18-36,44^56-76. 
astrta vi9vakarmana (TS. cna siikrta ; MS. "na sudhrta) 

VS.13.16; TS.; MS.2.7.15: 98.4;KS.'i6.i6; 9B. 
astrto namaham ayam asmi sa atmanarh ni dadhe dyava- 

prthivlbhyaiii goplthaya AV.5.9.7. See next. 
astrto namaham asmi sa idaiii dyavaprthivyor atmanarii 

paridadetayoh9rayetayohpa1T1krameKS.37.15. See prec. 
asteva su prataram layam asyan»; AV.20. 

89.1"; Vait.33.19. P: asteva su prataram A9.7.9.3;; 1 2. 1 2.5. C/. BrhD.7.40. 
astodhvam stomya brahmana me EV. 1.124.13". 
astobhayad vrthasam EV. 1.8 8. 6c. 
astosata .svabhanavah EV.1.82.2C; AV.18.4.61C; SV.i. 

415^; VS.3.51C; TS'.1. 8.5.2a; MS.1.10.3C: 143.13; KS. 

9.6c ; 9B.''. 


— asmadryak 

astra nllafikhandena AV. 11.2.7^ 

astraya phat VaradapU.2.2. Sec om astraya. 

astrainah santu pandagah AV.8.6. i6k 

asthanvate svaha TS.; KSA.5.3. 

asthanvantam yad anastha bibharti RV. 1.164.4''; AV.9. 

asthabhyah svaha; TS. See asthi- 

bhyah etc. 
asthad urdhvo varenyah RV.8.27.I2J'. 
asthad devah pratidosam grnanah RV. 1.35. lo'i ; VS. 

asthad dyaurasthatprthiviAV.6. 44. i»; 77.1*. P: asthad 

dyauh Kau9.3i.6 {to AV.6.44); 36.5 {to AV.6.77). 
asthad vi^vam idaih jagat AV.6.44. ib ; 77.1''. 
asthan maitasya putro bhuh AB.7.i7.5'=; Q^-'S-^S*^- 
asthi krtva samidham AV.i 1.8.29*. 
asthijasya kilasasj'a AV. 1.23.48'; TB. 
asthibhyas te majjabhyah AV.2.33.6a. 
asthibhyah svaha KSA.3.6. See asthabhyah etc. 
asthi ruajjanam masaraih (MS. masaram) VS. 19.82c; MS. 

3.ii.9<:: 153.6; KS.38.30; TB. 
asthi majja ma (MS. ma) anatih VS.20.i3<i ; MS.3.ii.8d : 

152.10; KS.38.4d; gB.i2.8.3.3id; TB.'1. 
asthisrahsam paruhsrahsam AV. 6. 1 4. i^ P: asthisrahsam 

Kau9. 29.30. 
asthini mrtyor juhomy asthibhir mrtyuiii vasaye VaDh. 

20.26. Cf. GDh.24.6. 
asthiny antarato daruni QB.; BrhU.3.9.32<'. 
asthiny asya pldaya AV. I2.5.7o^ 

asthur atra dhenavah pinvamanah RV.3.i.7<^; KB.26.14. 
asthur apaiii normayo ru^antah RV.6.64. ib. 
asthur in madhyama Lmah AV. 1. 1 7. 30. 
asthur u citra usasah purastat RV.4.51.2''. 
asthur jananam upa mam aratayah RV.7.83.3C. 
asthur vrksa urdhvasvapnah AV.6.44. i<^. 
asthuh sutesu girvanah RV.8. 95.11) ; SV.1.349I'. 
asthuri no etc. : see asthuri nau, and asthuri no. 
asthuri nau garhapatyam didayan 9atam (KS. "yac cha- 

tarii) hima dvayu MS.i.4.2: 49.1; KS.5.5; 7.3. iSee 

tayor asthuri. 
asthuri nau garhapatyani didihi ^atarh samah Kauf. 70.9. 
asthiiri nau (VSK. no ; (^(^. no) garhapatyani santu 9ataih 

himah VS.2.27; VSK.2.6.7; ^B.i. 9.3.19; ^^.4.12.10. 

Cf. next but one. 
asthuri tva garhapatj-a TB.3.7.5. 10"; Ap9-2.5.9''. 
asthiiri no (TS.TB. no ; KS. nau) garhapatyani santu RV. 

6.15.19C; TS.; MS.4.14.15C: 240.2; KS.40.2C; 

TB.; Mg.6.i.8c. Cf. prec. lut one. 
asthnag chinnasya rohani AV.4.i2.ii\ 
asthy asthna sambhavisyamah TA. 1.11.3'i. 
asnas te madhye kulyayah AV.5.19.3C. 
asnatapo vrsabho na pra veti RV. 10.4.5c. 
asnatara 9acipatih RV.4.30. 17I'. 
asna raksah sarasrjatat MS. 4. 13. 4: 204.2; KS. 16.21 ; AB. 

2.7.1 ; TB.3.6.6;3; Ag.3.3.1,2; g(?.5-i7-8; Mg. 
asna raksahsi VS.25.9; MS.3.15.8: 180.2. 
asnavakaya svaha TS.; KSA.5.3. 

asnaviram 9uddham apapaviddham VS. 40.81"; l^aU.S''. 

aspandamano acarad vayodhah RV.4.3.10C. 

asparsam enaiii 9ata9aradaya RV. 10. 161.2'' ; AV.3.11.2'1 ; 

20.96. 7d. 
asprksad bharati divam VS. 28.18c; TB. 
asmah etc. : see asmah etc. 
asmatkrtasyainasoivayajanam asi (TAA. adds svaha) 

PB.1.6.10; TAA.10.59. 
asmat kranasah sukrta abhidyavah RV.1.134.2''. 
asmat putrah pari ye saiiibabhuvuh AV. 12.3.40''. 
asmat purota jarisuh RV.i. 139.8c; AV.20.67.2c. 
asmat parva rsayointam apuli RV. 10.54.3''. 
asmatra gantam upa nah RV. 1.137.1"^, 3''. 
asmatra gantv avase RV.8.63.4''. 
asmatraneo vrsano vajravahah RV.6.44.19C. 
asmatra te sadhryak santu ratayah RV. 1.132.2*'. 
asmatra radha etu te RV. 4. 3 2.1 8c. 
asmatra rayo niyutah sacantam RV.4.41.10''. 
asmatsakha tvaiii deva soma vifvesam devanam priyarii 

patlio^plhi VS.8.50; VSK.8.22.4; gB.ii. 5.9.12. See 

asmatsakha deva soma jagatena ehandasa vi9vesaiii deva- 
nam priyam patho^plhi (MS. patha upehi; KS. patha 

upehi)TS.; MS. 1.3.36: 43.4; KS.30.6. See prec. 
asmatsakha prataranah suvirah RV.6.47.261'; AV.6.125. 

ii'; VS.29.52i'; TS.4.'6.6.5i';'MS.3.i6.3i': 186.7; KSA.; SMB.1.7.16I'; N.9.i2b. 
asmat sukirtir madhujihvam a9yah RV. 1.60. 31*. 
asmat sutasto ratho na vajl (MS. vanlh) RV.7.34.1I'; MS. 

4.9.141': 134. 11; TA.4.17.1I'. See asmad rathah. 
asmat su 9apathaii adhi Apg.6.20. 2''. See sarvan mac. 
asmat stomebhir a9vina RV.8.8.81'. 
asmadartham apatyam GDh.28.18. 
asmad etv ajaghnusi RV. 8. 6 7. 15c. 
asmaddatra devatra gachatamadhumatlh TS.i.4.43.2; 6. 

6.1.4. P: asmaddatra devatra gachata Apg.13.6.14. 

See asmadrata. 
asmad dvitlyam pari jatavedah RV.10.45.1''; VS.12.18l'; 

TS.';'; MS.2.7.9i>: 86.5; KS.16.9l'; gB.; ApMB.2.11.21''. 
asmaddvisah sunltho ma para daih MS.4.9.12I': 133.4. 

See dvisa su". 
asmad dhrdo bhurijanma vi caste RV. 10.5. i^, 
asmad yavayataiii pari AV. 1.20. 2d. 
asmad rathah sutasto na vajl PB.1.2.9I'; 6.6. 16I'. See 

asmat sutasto. 
asmadrata ( add madhumatir; KS. madhumati) 

devatra gachata (KS. gacha) VS. 7. 46; MS.i.3.37: 44.1; 

4.8.2: 109.3; KS.4.9; 28.4; gB.4. 3-4-20; gg.7.18.9. 

P: asmadratah Kg. 10. 2. 20; Mg. See asmad- 
asmadratih kada eana RV.i.i39.5<l ; SV.1.287''. 
asmadriyak, and asmadriyag: see asmadryak, and asma- 

asmadryak krnutaih yacito manah Ag. 2.10. i6c. See 

arvaclnarh krnutam. 
asmadryak chu9ucanasya yamyah RV.4.22.8C. 


asmadryak — 

asmadryak (TS. "drij'ak) sftiii mimihi fi-avansi EV.3.54. 

22b; 5.4.2d; 6.19.3^: TS.3.4.1 1. 1"^; MS.4.i2.6'l: 196.9; 

KS.13.1sb; 23.12. 
asmadryak sunrta irayanti 
asmadryag a davane vasunam EV.9.93.4'^- 
asmadryag vavrdhanah sahobhih KV. 10.116.6=. 
asmadryag (TS.TB. "driyag) vavrdhe vlryaya RV.6.19. 

ic;VS.7.39''; TS.i.4.2i.i«;MS.i. 3.25'-: 38.13; KS.4.8'^; 

asmadryanco dadato maghani EV. 7. 19.10b; AV. 20. 

asmabhyaih rodasi rayim EV.9.7.9''; SV.2.486''. 
asmabhyam vasuvittamam VS. 3.38b ; gB.2.4.i.8b; A^- 

2.5.12b; gg.2.i5.2b 
asmabhyaravajinivatiEV. 1.92.13b; 4.55.9"; SV.2.io8ib; 

VS.34.33b; N.I 2.6b. 
asmabhyara vajinlvasu EV.S.s.ia". 
asmabhyam vi5va9candrah EV.8.8i.9b. 
asmabhyam vi9va isanali puraiiidhih EV. 4. 2 2.10c. 
asmabhyam vrtra suhanani randlii RV.4.22.9''. 
asmabhyam vrstim a pava EV.9.49.3''; SV.2.787". 
asmabhyam ^arma bahularii vi yanta (EV.5.55.9b, yan- 

tana) EV. 5. 5 5. 9b; 6.51. s^; MS.4.i4-ii<': 232.12; TB.'!. 
asmabhyam 9arma yachatam EV.1.17.8''. 
asmabhyam ^arma saprathah EV.8.30.4''. 
asmabhyam santu prthivi prasutali AV. 12. 1.62b. 
asmabhyam su tvam indra taiii ^iksa EV. 10. 133.7". 
asmabhyam su maghavan bodhi godah EV.3.30.21'3; 

VSK.28. i4'l. Cf. asmakarii su dc. 
asmabhyam su vrsanvasu EV.8.2 6.I5"-. 
asmabhyam suraya stutah EV.4.37.7''. 
asmabhyam suryavasu iyanah EV.7.68.3''. 
asmabhyam soma gatuvit EV.9.46.5C; 65.13c. 
asmabhyam soma dustaram EV.9.63.iib. 
asmabhyam soma vi9vatah EV.9.33.6b; 40.3b; 65.21b; 

asmabhyam soma su9riyam EV.9.43.4b. 
asmabhyam k.satram ajaraiii suvlryam TB.3. 1.1.8". 
asmabhyam gatuvittamah (EV. 9. 106.6% "mah) EV.9. loi. 

lob; 106.6''; SV.I.548b; 2.451b 

asmabhyam carsanlsaham EV.5.35.I''. 

asmabhyam carsanlsaha EV.7.94.7b. 

asmabhyam ca saubhagam a yajasva RV.8. 11. lo'' ; AV.6.;>l; MahanU.6.7d. 
asmabhyam citraiii vrsanarii rayiiii dah EV. 10.47. i<l-8'i; 

SV.i.3i7<l; MS.4.i4.5<l: 221.13; A-'i-A-'i^^qumq.): 227. 

8,10,12,14,16;; 8.2.6<i. See mod, anA v^i\i&- 

smabhyarii sahavlram. 
asmabhyam citraih vr.sanarii rayim dat MS.4.i4.i2<i: 

236. 1 ; TB. 2.8.4. 2<i. See under prec. 
asmabhyam citrah upa mahi vajan EV.4.22.iob 
asmabhyam jesi yotsi ca EV.i.i32.4e. 
asmabhyam tat tvastram vijvarupam EV. 2. 11. 19c. 
asmabhyam tad divo adbhyah prthivyah EV.2.38.ii«; 

KS.i7.i9«. P: asmabhyarii tad divah 
asmabhyam tad dhattana yad va Imahe EV.5.53.13C. 


asmabhyam tad dharya9va pra yandhi EV.3.36.9<i; TS. 

asmabhyam tad rirlhi sarii nrsahye RV.6.46.8"'. 
asmabhyam tad vase danaya radhah E V. 2. 1 3. 1 3" ; 14.12". 
asmabhyam tan apa vrdhi EV.4.31.13''. 
asmabhyaih tani maruto vi yanta EV. 1.85. 12"; TS.1.5. 

II. 5«; MS.4.10.4C: 153.4; KS.8.17C; TB.<-. 
asmabhyam toka tanayani bhuri EV.9. 91. 6b. 
asmabhyam tva vasuvidam EV.9. 104.4''; SV. 1.575^ 
asmabhyarii tva sadhamadam EV.i.i87.ii<i; KS.40.8d. 
asmabhyaih dattarii (AV. dhattaih) varuna9 ca manyuh 

EV.10.84.7b; AV.4.3r.7b 
asmabhyaih daddhi puruhuta rayah RV.4.20.7d. 
asmabhyaih dasma rahhya EV.4.1.3C; KS.26.11". 
asmabhyaih dasma 9aiii krdhi EV.4.1.3S; KS.26.118. 
asmabhyaih da harivo madayadhyai RV.6. 19.6'!. 
asmabhyaih dyavaprthivi fakvaribhih TB.". See 

tasmai te dj'ava". 
asmabhyaih dyavaprthivi sucetuna EV.1.159.5". 
asmabhyaih nrmanasyase EV. 5. 38. 4^1. 
asmabhyaih nrmnam a bhara EV.5.38.4". 
asmabhyam aprati-skutah EV.1.7.6"; AV.20. 70.12"; SV. 

2.971"; N.6.16. 
asmabhyam asya daksina duhita EV. 2.1 8.8b. 
asmabhyam asya vedanam EV.1.176.4". 
asmabhyam indav indrayuh (SV. indriyam) EV.9. 2. 9"; 

asmabhyam indra varivah (AV. varlyah) sugaiii krdhi 

EV.1.102.4"; AV.7.50.4". C/ asmabhyarii mahi. 
asmabhyam in na ditsasi EV.i.i7o.3fl. 
asmabhyam utaye mahe SV. i.iob. 

asmabhyaih panliir arvasv amukhaya MS. 4. 12.3'': 184.4. 
asmabhyaih putra aditeh prayarisata TB.". 
asmabhyaih bhesaja karat SV.2.462b; VS.25.46b; Ap9- 

2 1. 2 2. lb. CJ/; asmakarii bhutv. 
asmabhyaih mahi varivah sugaih kah EV. 6. 44.1 8b. Cf. 

asmabliyam indra. 
asmabhyarii mrgayadbhyah Kau9.127.5b 
asma aristatataye''; AV.6. 80.2''; 7.6",27'!; 

19.38.2f; VS.12.81d; TS.; MS.2.7.i3d:. 93.16; 

KS. 16. 13d. Cf. atho ari", and pure dadhe^sma. 
asma astu puskalarii citrabhanu TB.". 
asma astu suvlryam TS.1.5. 10. 2d. 
asma-asma id andhasah EV.6.42.4''; SV.2.793"-; KB.23. 

2; ^(^.18.11.2; 9G-6.4.4. P: asma-asmai ^^.10.6. 14; 

asma ahne bhavati tat patitvanam EV. 10.40. 9d. 
asma apo matarah sapta tasthuh EV.8.96.1". 
asma it kavyarii vacah EV.5.39.5*. 

asma id u gna9 cid devapatnlh EV.1.61.8''; AV.20.35.8^ 
asma id u tyad anu dayy esam RV.i.6i.i5*-; AV.20. 

35- IS"- 
asma id u tyam upamarii svarsam EV. i.6i.3«'; AV.20. 

35- 3*. 
asma id u tvasta taksad vajram EV.i.61.6''; AV.20.35.6». 
asma id u pra tavase turaya RV.i.6i.i-''; AV.20. 35.1"; 

AB.6.18.3,5; KB.26.16; GB.2.5.15; Vait.31.19. Ps: 



asma id u pia tavase A(p.7.4.8; (}(j^.i2.4.iT, asma id u 

gg. I O.I 1. 7. Cf. BrhD.3.118. 

asma id u pra bhara tutujrmah EV.1.61.12''; AV.20.35. 

12a; MS.4.i2.3a: 183.10; KS.8.i6a; N.6.20\ 
asma id u praya iva pra yahsi RV.1.61.2''; AV.20.33.2». 
asma id u saptim iva gravasya RV.i.6i.5'»; AV.20.35.5"'. 
asma id u stomaiii saiii hinomi KV. 1.61.4"-; AV.20.35. 4". 
asma indra mahi varcahsi dhehi TB.". See asminn 

asma ukthaya pars'atasya garbhah RV.5.45.3''. 
asm.a u te mahi mahe vidhema EV.6.*; MS. 4. 13.6"': 

207.9; KS.18.20a; 
asma usasa atiranta yamam EV.8.96.ia. 
asma u su prabhutaye RV.8.4i.ia. 
asma etad di^-y arceva masa KV.6.34.4*. 
asma etan mahy afigusam asmai EV.6.34.5a. 
asma etaiii pitaro lokam akran EV. 10.14.91); AV. 18. 1.55''. 

See akrann imam, 
asman acha sumatir vaiii gubh-as pati EV.8.2 2.4<=. 
asman ardham krnutad indra gonam EV.2.30.5d. 
asman avaatu te dhiyah EV.8.3.i<i; SV.i.239<l; 2.771'J. 
asman avantu te ^atam EV.4.3i.ioa. 
asman avantu payasa ghrtena Apg.7.i7.i'l. See sania- 

srjantu payasa. 
asman avantu prtanajyesu EV. 3.8.10''. 
asman (MS. asman) ava magliavan gomati vraje EV.S. 

70.6C; AV.20.81.2c; 92.21C; SV.2.213C; MS.4.i2.4<^: 

asman aviddhi vi9vaha EV.4.3i.i2a. 
asman (MS. asman) aynotu vi9vatah EV.4.9.8''; VS.3. 

36b; MS.i.5.4*': 71.3; KS.7.2''; gB.>>; Apg.6. 

asman-asmafi id ud ava EV.4.32.4*'. 
asman indra vasau dadhah EV.i.8r.3e; AV.20.56.3«; 

asman indragnl avataiii faclbhih EV.i. 109.7''; TB.3.6. 

II. lb. 

asman indragnl avatarh bharesu RV. 1.109.8b. 

asman indrabhy a vavrtsvajau RV.6.19.3'1. 

asmafi iha vrnisva EV. 4. 31.11*. 

asman (MS.KS. asman) u deva avata havesu (MS.KS. 

bharesv a) EV.10.103.11d; SV.2.i209d; VS.i7.43'i; TS.; 136.12; KS.18.5d. See asman 

asmanl {read asmal) lokad amusmac ca TA.1.27.50. 
asmang cakre manyasya medha MS.4.ii.3a: 170.5. See 

asman cakre. 
asmans trayasva narj^ani jataVi AV. 19.49.3". 
asmakam yajiiaiii savanaiii jusana EV.S. 57 (Val.9).2<'. 
asmakam yajnam arigirah RV.4.9.7b. 
asmakam ya isavas ta jayantu 103.11b; AV.19. 

13.11b; SV.2. 1209b; VS.i7.43b;TS.; MS.2.10. 

4b: 136.11; KS.18.5b. 
asmakarh yona (ApQ. yonav) udare su9evah MS. 1.2.3b: 

12.1 ; Apg. 10. 17.11b. 
asmakam va indram u9masTstaye RV.i.i29.4a. 
asmakam vira uttare bhavantu RV. 10. 103.11"; AV. 19. 

13.11"; SV.2. 1209"; VS.17.43"; TS."; MS.2.10. 

4": 136.12; KS.I8.5". 
asmakam virah uta no maghonah RV. 1.140.12". 
asmakam vrstir divya supara RV.i.i52.7d; MS.4.i4.i2d: 

234.4; TB.'1. 
asmakam 9aiiso abhy astu dndhyali RV. 1.94.8b. 
asmakam 9atrun pari 9ura vi9vatah RV. 1.132.6^; VS.8. 

53^; gB.4.6.9.i4f; Vait.34.1f; Apg.21.12.9f; Mg.7.2.3f. 
asmakam 9arma vanavat svavasuh EV.5.44.7d. 
asmakam 9iprinlnam RV. 1.30.11a. 
asmakam 9uia nrnam RV. 7.32.11'!. 
asmakam frnudhi havam RV.4.9.7". 
asmakam saiitu bhuvanasya gopah EV.7.51.2". 
asmakam santv a9i.sah VS. 2. 10"; MS.1.4.1": 47.9; 2.4. 

3" (to): 41.2,9; KS.5.2"; 32.2; gB.i.8.1.42"; gg.4.9.1". 

Sec asmasu etc. 
asmakam savana gahi EV.8. 26.20'!; MS.4.14.2'1: 216.10. 
asmakam su pramatim vavrdhati RV. 1.33. ib. 
asmakam su maghavan bodliigodah (RV.3.31.14'!, gopah) 

EV.3.3i.i4<i; 4.22.101!. Cf. asmabhyam su etc. 
asmakam su rathaih purah RV.8.45.9a. 
asmakam sustutir upa RV.8. 17.4b; AV.2o.4.ib. 
asmakam senaavatu pra yutsu<!; AV.19.13. 

7'!; SV.2.i205'i; VS.i7.39'i; TS.'i;'l: 

T36.1; KS.iS.s-i. 
asmakam stuvatam uta RV.6.54.6". 
asmakam snia ratham a tistha sataye RV.i. 102.5". 
asmakam kfimam a prna RV.8. 64. 6". 
asmakam kamam upakamino vi9ve devah Mg.9.4.1". 
asmakam kevallr asan TS.'1. 
asmakam gira uta sustutiiii vaso RV.8. 52 (Val.4).8". 
asmakam josy adhvaram EV.4.9.7a. 
asmakam te madhumattamani EV. 10. 11 2. 7". 
asmakam tesu nabhayah EV. 1.139.9^. 
asmakam te savana santu 9aiiitama RV.8. 33. 15". 
asmakam tva matmam RV. 4. 3 2. 15a. 
asmakam tva sutah upa RV.8. 6. 42a. 
asmakam deva piisan RV.10.26.4b. 
asmakam deva ubhaj-aya janniane RV. 10. 37.11a. 
asmakam dyumnam adhi panca krstisu RV.2.2.10". 
asmakam dhrsnuya rathah RV.4.3i.i4a. 
asmakam ah9am ud ava bhare-bhare RV.i.i02.4b; AV. 

asmakam ah9um {read an9am) maghavan purusprham 

asmakam agne adhvaraiii jusasva RV.5.4.8a. P: asma- 
kam agne adhvaram gg.3. 10.4; 9.22.5; 27.2. 
asmakam agne maghavatsu didihi RV. 1.140.10a. 
asmakam agne maghavatsu dharaya RV.6.8.6a; TS. 1.5. 

11.2a; MS.4.ii.ia: 161. 5; KS.4.i6a. 
asmakam atra pitaras ta asan RV.4.42.8a; gB.''; 

gg. 12.1 1. 1 4. 
asmakam atra pitaro manusyah RV.4.i.i3a. 
asmakam adya marutah sute saca RV.7.59.3"; SV.1.241". 
asmakam adya vam ayam RV.8. 5.1 8a. 
asmakam adya vidathesu barhih RV.7.57.2". 
asmakam adya savanopa yatam RV.7.69.6b. 


asmakam — 


asmakam adyrmtamam EV.8.33.15'1. 

asmakam antar udare sufevah VS.4.12''; ^^ 

Sec asmakam udare. 
asmakam abhur haryafva medl AV.5.3.ii<'. See asya 

kurmo, atul iha krnmo. 
asmakam ardliam a gahi RV.4.32.1I'; SV.1.181^; VS.33. 

65b; MS.4.11.4I': 171. 1 ; KS.6.10''. 
asmakam avita bhava EV.I.I87.2C; KS.40.8''. 
asmakam astu kevalah RV. 1.7.10c ; 13. lo"; AV.2o.39.i<^; 

7o.i6«; SV.2.970C; TS.;; MS.4.11. 

4<:: 170.10; 4.13.10C: 213.4; KS.8.17C; TB. 
asmakam astu carkrtih RV.5.74.9''. 
asmakam astu pitrsu svadhavat AV.7.4i.2d. 
asmakam angusan dyumninas krdlii RV.i.i38.2f. 
asmakam. ayuh pra tirelia deva RV.i.94.i6'\ 
asmakam nyur vardhayan EV.3.62.15''. 
asm^akam. ic chmuhi vifvaminva RV.7.28.i<J. 
asmakam it sute rana sam indubhih RV.8.12.170; AV. 

20.1 1 1.2C. 
asmakam it su 9rnuhi tvam indra RV.4.2 2.IO'''. 
asmakam id vrdhe bhava RV. 1.79.11". 
asmakam indra ubliayaiii jujosati RV.10.32.1C; ApMB. 

1. 1. 1". 
asmakam indra dustaram RV.5.35.7"'. 
asmakam indra bhutu te RV.6.45.3o>''. 
asmakam indram indavah RV.8.1.15I'. 
asmakam indra rathino jayantu RV.6.47.3id; AV.6.126. 

3'i; VS.29.57>!; TS.'!; MS.3.i6.3d: 187.13; KSA. 

6. id. 

asmakam indrah samrtesu dhvajesu RV. 10. 103. 11''; AV. 

19.13.11"; SV.2.i209'i; VS.i7.43''i; TS.''; MS.2. 

10.4": 136.11; 4.14.14: 238.11; KS.iS.s". 
asmakam indravaruna bhare-bhare RV.7.82.9^ 
asmakam indrehi nah RV.5.35.8"'. 
asmakam indro bhavatu prasahah MS.4.14.7C: 225.14. 
asmakam uttamaiii krdhi RV.4.3i.i5i^; AG.2.6.12. Cf. 

asmakam udare yavah ViDh.48. ioi\ See asmakam antar. 
asmakam udaresv a RV. 1.25.15c. 
asmakam krdlii RV.i 0.151.3''; TB.'1. 
asmakam urja ratham RV.lo.26.9^ 
asmakam edhy avita rathanilm (AV. tanunam) 

I03.4fl; AV.19.3.8'!; SV.2.I202'1; VS.17.36J; TS.4.6. 

4.2<i;<i: 135.16; KS.18.5J. Cf. asmakam 

bodhy avita tanunam (and . . . rathanam), and asmakaiii 

asmakam pahi trisadhastha sarin RV.6.8.7ti. 
asmakam pusann avita fivo bhava RV.8. 4.18c. 
asmakam bodlii codita RV.10.133.1e; AV.20.95.2e; SV. 

2.ii5ie; TS.i. 7.13.58; MS.4.i2.4e: 189.9; TB. 
asmakarh bodhy avita tanunam RV.5.4.9'1; 

141. 16; TB.2.4.i.5'l;<!; MahanU.6.5d. Cf. 

under asmakam edhy. 
asmakam bodhy avita mahadhane RV.6. 46.4c; 7.32.25c. 
asmakam bodhy avita rathanam RV.7.32.iic. Cf. under 

asmakam edhy. 
asmakam bodhy ucathasya codita RV.8. 88. 6c. 

asmakam brahma prtanasu jinvatam EV.1.157.2C; SV. 

2.1 109C. 
asmakam brahma prtanasu sahyah RV.1.152.7C; MS.4. 

14.12C: 234.4; TB. 
asmakam brahmedam indra bhutu te RV.8. 1.3c ; AV.20. 

85- s"-. 

asmakam brahmotaye RV. 1.129.4^. 

asmakam brahmodyatam RV. 10.22.7''. 

asnaakaiii bhutv avita tanunam RV. 10. 157.3^; AV.20. 

63.2b; 124.5b; TA.i. 27.1b. Cf. asmabhyam bhesaja, 

and under asmakam edhy. 
asmakam bhud upamativanih RV. 5.41.169. 
asmakam manyo adhipa bhaveha RV.10.84.5b; AV.4. 

asmakam mitravarunavataih ratham RV.2.31.1". Cf. 

asmakarthaya jajnise AV. 1.7.6b. 
asmakasad indro vajrahastah RV.i. 173.10b. 
asmakasag ca surayah RV.5.10.6C. 
asmakaso maghavano vayam ca RV.7.78.5b. 
asmakaso ye nrtamaso aiyah RV.6. 25. 7c; KS.17.18c. 
asmakena vrjanena jayema RV. 10.42.10'i; 43.10''; 44. 

lOtJ;<i; 89.iod; 94.10''. Sffi aristaso. 
asmakenabhi3nigvana RV.6.45.i5b. 
asmakebhir nrbhir atra svar jaya RV.8. 15. 12c. 
asmakebhir nrbhir vayam RV.8. 40.7c. 
asmakebhir nrbhih sui-yaiii sanat RV.i. 100.6b. 
asmakebhih satvabhih 9Qra furaih RV. 2.30. lo*. 
asmakoti ri^adasah AV. 7. 7 7.1c. See yusmakoti. 
asmaj jata me mithu caran TA. i.ii.6b. 
asman cakre manyasya medha RV.i. 165. 14b; KS.9.i8b. 

See asmahf cakre. 
asman ca tahf ca pra hi nesi vasya a RV. 2.1.16'^; 2.13c. 
asman (SV. asman) citrabhir avatad abhistibhih RV.8. 

3.2C; SV.2.772C. 
asman chatruyatim abhi AV.3.i.3b; SV.2. 1215b. 
asmat tvam adhi jato^si VS. 35. 2 2"; QB. 12. 5. 2. 15a; TA. 

6.2.ia; 4.2ii; K9.2 5.7.38'''; Karmap.3.2.13. See under 

ayaiii vai tvam ajanayad. 
asmat pravifyannam addhi TA.i.31.3''. 
asmat samudrad brhato divo nah RV. 10.98. 12c; MS.4. 

II. 2C: 167.13; KS.2.15C; TB.; Apg.7.6.7c. 
asmat syandante sindhavah sarvarupah TA. 10.10. ibj 

MahanU.8.5b; MundU.2.1.9''. 
asmad adya sadasah somyad a RV. 1.182.8c. 
asmad annat VS.2.25; QB.i.9.3.12; KQ.3.8.13. 
asmad-asmad itojiuutah TA. i.i.ib; 21.1b; 25.2b. 
asmad aharii tavisad Isamanah RV.i. 17 1.4". 
asmad asthanad dravinoda vajin VS.11.21b; TS.4.i.2.4b; 

MS.2.7.2b: 75.17; KS.16.2b; gB. 
asmad etam aghnyau tad va9aya AV. 18. 4. 49c. 
asmad vili tvam ajayatha ayam tvad adhi jayatam asau 

svargaya lokaya (Kau?. omits s\a.v° lok") svaha AG. 4. 3. 

27 ; Kau5.81.30. See next, and under ayarii vai tvam. 
asmad vai tvam ajayatha esa tvaj jayataiii svaha JB. 1.47. 

See under p-ec. 
asman u deva etc. : see asmafi etc. 



asman aity abhy etc. : see abhyaiti na. 

asman kada cana dabhan RV.i. 84.201'; SV.2.io74l'; N. 

asman grnata uta no maghonah RV.7.i2.2«'; SV.2.655d. 
asman devasoivata havesu AV. 19.13. i I'l See asman u 

asman dhehi KSA.4.5. See maiii dhehi. 
asman n.iksasva maghavann upavase RV.8.54 (Val.6).7<'. 
asman punihi caksase AV.6.19.3C. See maiii punihi, and 

idarii brahma pu". 
asman raya uta yajnah sacantam TS.'; KS.4.I3*'; 

Ap^. 13.22. 1''. See asman rayo, and yusman raya. 
asman raye mahe hinu RV.6.45.3o«. 
asman raj^o maghavanah sacantam RV.i.98.3''; VS.2.iol'; 

MS.i.4.ib: 47-8; 2.4.3V' (?>/s): 41.1,8; KS.5.2I'; 32.2; 

^B.i.8.i.42i'; ^'. See under a,sina.D. ra,ya,. 
asman vaiTitrlh jaranair avantu RV.3.62.3C. 
asman vardhaj-ata narah MQ.9.4.1''. 
asman vi varjaya sthanam RVKh.i 0.142.4''. 
asman vifva abhistayah<'. 
asman vi9vabhir utibhih RV.4.31.12C. 
asman vrnaktu vi9vatah VS.16.12l>; TS.; MS.2. 

9.2I): 122.5; KS.iy.iiV); NilarU.i6V'. 
asman vrnlsva yujyaya tasmiii RV. 7.1 9.915; AV.20.37.9'1. 
asman samarye pavamana codaya RV.9.8,5.2a. 
asman sahasram utayah RV.4.31.10''. 
asman sisakta revatlh RV. 10. 19.1V'; MQ.9.4.1V'. 
asman site payasabhyavavrtsva VS.12.70d; TS.*'; 

MS.2. 7.12^: 92.8; KS.i6.i2'V; 9B. &e sa nah 

asman su jigyusas krtam RV. 1.17.7''. 
asman su jigyusas krdhi RV.S.So.d". 
asman su tatra codaya RV.i.9.6»'; AV.20.71.12''. 
asman su prtsv a tarutra RV.2. 11.15c. 
asman stotrn maruto vavrdhanah RV.10.78.8V'. 
asman sv indravaruna ghrta9cutah RV.8.59 (Val. ii).5<'. 
asman hotra bhai'ati daksinabhili RV.3.62.3CI. 
asmabhir indra sakhibhir huvanah RV. 10. 1 12.3c. 
asmabhir indro anumadyo bhut RV.6.34.2'1. 
asmabhir u nu praticaksyabhut RV. i.i 13.1 1"; TS.1.4. 

33.1C; TA.3.18.1C. 
asmabhir dattam jarasahparastatAV.6.i22.ic; TA.2.6.1C. 
asmabhir datto nihitah svargah AV. 12.3.42c. 
asmabhis te susahah santu fatravah RV. 10.38.3c, 
asmabhis tubhyam ^asyate RV.3.62.7C. 
asmabhih su taiii sanuhi RV.8.8i.8c. 
asmal (text asmahl) lokad asniusmac ca TA. 1.27.5c. 
asmasu tan maruto yac ca dustaram RV.i. 139.8*; AV. 

asmasu devo dravinam dadhatu TS.2.3. i4.4<i; MS.4.12. 

4'': 190.8;<i. 
asmasu dharayamasi TS.<V; MS.4.7.i'l: 95.8; KS. 

29.2^; A9.5.i9.5d; 9^.3.8.27'!. See punar asmasu. 
asmasu niyachatam TA.3. 11.12''. 
asmasu nrmnam dliah KB. 2 7. 4. See asmasu. 
asmasu bhadra dravinani dhatta RV.4.58.10V'; AV.7.82. 

it'; VS.17.98V>; KS!40.7V'; Apg.17.18.1V.. 

asmasu rayo maghavatsu ca syuh RV. 1.123.13''. 
asmasu santv afisah TS. See asmakaiii etc. 
asmasv aghnij-a yuyam TB.3.7.10. i''; Ap^.g. 18. 15''. 
asmasv indra indriyaiii dadhatu TS. 1.6.3. 2'''; MS.i.4.1'1: 

47.8; 1.4.5: 53.2; 2.4.3"-(Ms): 41-1,8; KS.5.2''; 32.2; 

MQ. Sec mayldam indra. 
asmasv ojah prtan.asu dhehi RV. 10.83.4''; AV.4.32.4''. 
asmiiil loke fataih samah VS. 19.46''; MS.3.1 lio"!; 156. 

14; KS.38.2'1; QB. 1'!; TB.'V; 

i2'l; gG.5.9.4''. iSfe asmin gosthe (jataih. 
asminl loke fraddadhanena dattah AV.9.5.7'',ii'i. 
asming candre adhi yad dhiranyam AV. 19. 2 7.10c. 
asmi dravinam suvarcasam TA.7.10. i''; i'', 
asmin karmani vrtrahan PG. 2.17.9''. 
asmin karmany upahvaye dhruvam PG.2.i7.9'l. 
asmin kule brahmavarcasy asani ApMB.2.9.ioc. 
asmin ksaye prataraiii didyanah SV. 1.340''. See adhi 

ksami prataraiii. 
asmin ksetre dvav ahl AV. 10.4.8c. 
asmin grhe garhapatyaya jagrhi RV.10.85.27V'; AV.14.1. 

21''; ApMB. 1.9.4''. 
asmin gostha upa prnca nah AV.9.4.23V>. See asu gosupa. 
asmin gosthe karisinih (Kauf. "nah; MS. purlsinih) AV. 

3. 14. 3V'; MS.4.2.10I': 33.3; Kaug.89.12V'. Seenext. 
asmin gosthe vayovrdhah Ap^. 7.1 7.1''. See prec. 
asmin gosthe vigvabhrto janitrih MS.4.2.10V': 32.14. See 

asmin yajne vigva". 
asmin gosthe gataih samah Kau5.89.i''. See asminl loke 

asmin (AV. asmin) chura savane madayasva RV. 2.18.7''; 

7.23.5'!; AV.20.12.5''. 
asmin taiii sthanav adhy a sajami AV.14.2.48'!. Cf. 

asmin ta. 
asmin tan gosthe .savita ni yachatu AV.2.26.1'!. 
asmin ta sthanav adhi sadayami AV. i4.2.49<!. Cf. asmin 

asmin tisthatu ya rayih AV. 1.5.28. 
asmin trivrc chrayataiii posayisnu AV.5.28.4'!. 
asmin dvitlye savane na jahyuh AV.6.47.2V'; TS.3.i.9.2V>; 

KS.30.6''; Kg.9.14.17''; Mg.''. 
asmin dhehi tanuvayin AV.4.4.4'!. Cf. tan asmin etc. 
asmin na indra prtsutau yagasvati RV. 10.38. i''. Cf. 

asmin nara indriyaih dhattam ojah TS. 1.6. 12.4''. See 

indrena ma. 
asminn astu puskalarii citrabhanu KS.37.9c. 
asminn ahaiii sahasrarii pusyami ApMB. 2.1 1.32'^ (ApG. 

6.15. 1 ). jS'ce asmin sahasram. 
asminn ahan satpatih puruhutah RV. i.ioo.6c. 
asminn ajau puruhuta gravayye RV.10.102.1c. 
asminn a vam ayaiie vajinlvasu RV. 8. 2 2.1 8c. 
asminn asida barhisi Ag.3. 14. 13®; Apg.9.i6.n<'. 
asminn indra niahi varcahsi dhehi AV.4. 22,3c. See 

asma etc. 
asminn indra vrjane sarvavlrah RV. 1.5 1.15c; MS. 4. 14. 

14C: 238.10. 
asminn indro ni dadhatu nrmnam AV.8.5.2i». 

asmmn — 


asminn u su savane madayasva EV.7.29.2''. 

asmin no adya vidathe yajatrah KV.6.52.17C. 

asmiu no adya savane niandadhyai KV.4. 16.2''; AV.20. 


asmia pade parame tasthivahsam EV.2.35.i4''^; VHDh. 
8. .-,2. P: asmin pade (^(^.13.29. 13. 

asmiu patre harite somaprsthe SMB. 2.5.10'!. 

asmin pusyantu gopatau RV. 10. 19.3^'. 

asmin barliisy a nisadya AV. 18.1.59''. See asmin yajfie 

asmin brahmany asmin karmany asyaiii purodhayani 
asyaiii pratisthayam asyaiii cittyam asyam akutyam 
asyam a9isy asyam devahtityam svaha AV.5.24.1-17. 
See next three, and te nah pantv asmin. 

asmin brahmany asmin ksatre^smin karmany asyam 
a9isy asyam pratisthayam asyam devahutyam Q(^.4. 
10.3. See under prec. 

asmin brahmany asmin ksatreisyam a^isy asyaiii puro- 
dhayani asyaiii devahutyam KS. 38.1 2 ; 39.7. See under 
prec. hut one. 

asmin brahmaiin asmin ksatreisyam Sfisy asyaiii puro- 
dhayani asmin karmann (PG. karmany) asyaiii devahu- 
tyam TS. 3. 4.5.1 ; 4-3-3-2; Ap9.i6.i.3; PG.i. 5.10 {with 
svaha). Ps: asmin brahmann asmin ksatre HG. 1.3. 1 1 ; 
asmin brahman Ap(^. 19. 1 7. 19. See under prce. hut two. 

asmin bliayasthe kmutani u lokam EV.2.30.6'l. 

asmin bhare nrtamaiii vajasatau RV. 3. 30. 2 21"; AV.20. 11. 
11''; SV.i.329b; MS.4.14.1'': 215.11; KS.21.14i>; TB.; 8.1. 3^. 

asmin ma antarikse vayu? ca vrstif cadliipatl vayuf ca 
vrstif ca maitasyai difah pataiii vayuiii ca vrstiiii ca sa 
devatanam rechatu yo no^o^bhidasati 9(^.6.3.6. Cf. 
yeintariksaj juhvati, and vayur maiitari". 

asmin nianav ekayataiii viryani AV. 19.46.5*. 

asmin mahaty arnave VS. 16.55"; TS.4.5.ii.i''; 9B.9. i. 
1.30. See ye asmin mahaty and ef. an tar mahaty. 

asmin me yajua upa bhuyo astu KS.3i.i4^ See next. 

asmin yajna upa bhuya in nu me TB.; Ap(j:!.4. 
6.3i>. See prec. 

asmin yajiia upa hvaye RV. 1.13.31^,7''; SV.2.699l>. 

asmin yajne adabhya RV.5.75.8». 

asmin yajiie dharayama namobhih RV.4.58.2''; VS.17. 
90I'; MS.i.6.2l>: 87.15; KS.40.7b; TA.10.10.2b; Apg. 
5.17.4b; MahanU.9.i3b. 

asmin yajne purustuta RV.8. 76.7c. 

asmin yajiie pravidvan yunaktu suyujali sviiha AV.5.26. 
3b,9b. Douhtful as to metre. 

asmin yajne barhisi madayasva RV. i.ioi.9<l. 

asmin yajiie barhisy a nisadya RV. 3. 3 5. 6'^; 10.14.5''; VS. 
26.23C; TS.; 2.6.I2.6<1; MS.4.I4.I6'': 243.1. 
See asmin barhisy. 

asmin yajiie mandasana vrsanvasu RV. 4. 50.10b; AV.20. 
13-1''; GB.2.4.i6b 

asmin yajiie mama havyaya farva MS. 2.9.1'': 119. 4. See 
a yahi fighrarii and vatajirair mama. 

asmin yajne maruto nirdata nah AV. 1.20.1b; TB.3.7.5. 
12b; Apg.2. 20.6b. 

asmin yajiie mahisah svaha AV.5.26. 2b Douhtful as to 

asmin yajiie ma vyathisi Kau9.73.i5^. 
asmin yajiie yajaraanaya mahyam KS.31.14b; TB.3.7.6. 

14'^; Apg. 4. 8. 5''. 

asmin yajiie yajamanaya surim AV.9.5.2b. See imaiii 

yajiiaiii yajainanarii. 
asmin yajiie vi ca pra ca prathataiii svusasthaiii deve- 

bhyah MS.4.13.2: 200.8; KS.15.13; TB. Cf. 

asmin yajne vi cayema bhare krtani RV.i.i32.if. 
asmin yajiie vi9vavido ghitacili Apg.7.i7.ib. See asmin 

gosthe vi9va°. 
asmin yajiie vrsana madayetham RV.4.I4.4''. 
asmin yajne sajosasali QQ. 7.10. 14b. 
asmin yajiie supejasam gg.7. 10.15b. 
asmin yajiie suyujah svaha AV.5.26.7b,8b, lob, nb. Douht- 
ful as to metre. 
asmin yajne suhavarii (AV. suhava) johavimi AV.7. 47.1b; 

MS.4.i2.6b: 195.8; KS.13.16b; TS.3.3-II.5''; A^.i. 

I0.8b; gg.9.28.3b; N.11.33b. 
asmin yajiie svadhaya madantah VS. 19.58''. 
asmin yajiie svadhvare RV.8.44.13''; SV.2.1062C. 
asmin yajiie havamahe MS.4. 10.6b: 158.6; KS.21.14b; 

asmin yame vrsanvasu VS. 1 1.13b; TS.4. 1.2.1b; MS.2.7. 

2b: 75.3; KS.'i6.ib; gB. 
asmin yonav (MS.KS. yona) asrsadan VS.12.54'1; TS.4. 2. 

4.4''; MS.2.8.1'1: 106.4; KS.i6.i9'i; gB.; TB.3. 

asmin rastra indrij'aiii dadhami (and vardhayami) AB.8. 

27.8. See next hut one. 
asmin rastram adhi 9raya TS.4. 2. 1.4''; See asme 

rastrani, and ma tvad rastram. 
asmin rastre 9riyaiii ave9ayami (SMB. 2.8.6, 9riyarii dadhe) 

AB.8.27.7; SMB.2. 8.6,7. See prec. hut one. 
asmin vayaiii saiiikasuke (Apg. "kusuke) AV. 12.2.13"; 

Apg.9.3.2 2=i'. P: asmin vayam Kau9.71.16 ; 86.19. 
asmin vasu vasavo dharayaiitu AV. 1.9.1*; Kau9.55.17. 

P: asmin vasu Kau9. 11.19; 16.27; 52.20. 
asmin vaje 9atakrato RV.i. 30.6b; AV.20. 45. 3b; SV. 

asmin samvatsare marisyasy asminn ayaneisminn rtav 

asmin mase^sminn ardhamaseismin dvada9aratreismin 

sadratreismins triratreismin dviratreisminn ahoratre 

ismiiin ahany asyaiii ratrav asyaiii velayam asmin 

muhurte marisyasi Svidh.3.8.3. 
asmin sadhasthe adhy uttarasmin VS.15.54''; 17.73"; ^^^ 

61C; TS.''; 7-I3-4''; 5-7-7-2<=; MS.2.10.60: 138. 

15; KS.i8.4c,i8<'; gB.;; TB.3.7.7. 

10"; Apg. 6. 1. 3''. 
asmin samdehe gahane pravistah gB. 7b; BrhU. 

asmin samudre adhy uttarasmin EV. 10.98.6*. 
asmin savane 9aeya purustuta RV.3. 60.6b. 
asmin sahasram pusyasam (Kau9. pusyasma) gB. 14.9.4. 

23"; BrhU.6.4.23a; Kau9.89.13"-. See asminn aham. 


asmin sidantu me pitarah somyah TB.3.7.4. lo^; Ap^-i. 

asmin su te savane astv okyam EV.10.44.9C; AV.20.94.9c. 
asmin sunvati j-ajamana a9isah svahakrtah samudrestha 

gandharvam a tisthatanu TS. 
asmin su someivapanam astu te'J; AV.20. 


asmin sthane tisthatu niodamanah (MG. pusyamanali) 

Kg.25.5.281'; AG.2.9.5>'; MG.2.ii.7b. 
asmin sv etac chakaputa enah RV. 10. 132.5''. 
asmin have puruhutah puruksuh (AV.TS. "ksu) RV. 10. 

128.8b; AV.5.3.8b; TS.4.7.I4.3b; KS.40.10b. 
asmin have suhava sustutiiii nah RV. 6. 5 2.1 6b. 
asmin hi vah savane ratnadheyam RV. 4. 3 5.1c. 
asme agne sam}'advlraiii brhantam RV.2.4.8C. 
asme antar nihitah ketavah syuli RV. 1.24.7'i. 
asme astu bhaga indra prajavan RV. 3.30.1 8''; KS.8.I7''. 
asme ayur ni didlhi prajavat RV. i.i i3.i7<l. 
asme arac cid dvesah sanutar yuyotu N.6.7. Pada d of 

RV.6.47.13, j)>-ecffZf(Z hij asme, the last tvord o/pada c. 
asme a vahatam rayim RV.8.5.15''. 
asm.e it sumnam astu vah RV.5.53.9d. 
asme indo svabhuvam RV.9.12.9C; SV. 2.553c. 
asme indra saca sute RV.8. 97.8^8''. 
asme indrabrhaspati EV.4.49.4''; TS.3. 3.11.1"; MS.4.12. 

i'^: 176.10;'1; 23.11; A(^.2.ii.i9 (te^ asmfii). 
asme indravaruna vi9vavaram RV.7.84.4^ 
asme indravaruna ^arma yachatam RV.7.83.9'1. 
asme indro varuno mitro aiyama RV.7.82. 10*; 83.10'''. 
asme utir indravatatamah RV. 10.6.6". 
asme u .su vrsana madayetham RV. 1.184.2". 
asme karmane jatah MS. 1.2.6: 15. i. 5'ee asmai efc. 
asme kamaiii dilfuse saiimamantah TB. 2.8. 2. 2c. 
asme ksatrani dharayer anu dyun RV.4.4.8'1; TS.1.2. 

14.4'!; KS.e.iid; MS.4.ii.5<i: 173.9. Cf. under asme 

asme ksatraya varcase balaya RV. 10. 18.9b. See saha 

ksatrena, saha jrotrena, jriyai ksatrayau", friyai brah- 

mane, and ^riyai vi9e. 
asme ksayaj^a trivarutham aiihasah RV.4.53.6d. 
asme ksayaya dhisane anehah RV. 6. 50. 315. 
asme candrani TS.1.2. 7.1 ; ApQ.10.26.10. See asme te 

asme jagmuh sunrta indra pur\'lh RV. 10. iii.iod. 
asme jyotih TS.1.2. 7.1; 6.1. 10. 4; Ap(^.io.26. 11 ; W^.2. 

1. 4.13. 
asme tad indravaruna vasu syat RV.3.62.3''. 
asme ta ta indra santu satya RV. 10. 22.13*. 
asme ta yajiiavahasa RV.4.47.4''." 
asme te candrani VS.4. 26; MS.i.2.5: 14.9; KS.2.6; 24.6; 

(}V>.2-'i-Z-l- P: asme te KQ.7.8.17. See asme candrani. 
asme te bandhuh VS.4. 22; TS.1.2. 7.1; MS.i.2.5: 14.11; 

KS.2.6; 24.6; gB. 3.3.1. 6; Kg.7.6.20; N.6.7. 
asme te raj^ah MS.i.2.4: 13.10; KS.2.5; 24.4. See asme 

rayah, and me rayah. 
asme te santu jayavah EV.1.135.8C. 
asme te santu sakhya 9ivani RV.7.22.9C; io.23.7<l. 

— asme 

asme dadhad vrsanarii 9usmam indra RV.7.24.4J; KS.8. 

17^; TB.<i; 7.i3.4<i. 
asme dasir vi9ah suryena sahyah RV. 2.11.4''. 
asme didihi sum.ana ahedan TS.; TA.2.5.2C. See 

adhi no brohi suniana. 
asme devasoiva dhnnutfi vasu'1. 
asme devaso vapuse cikitsata TS.'''; Ap9.i3. 10.10. 

See 9rad asmai naro. 
asme dehi : see asme dhehi. 
asme dyavaprthivi bhriri vamam TB.''. See 

asmai eie. 
asme dj-umnam adhi ratnaiii ca dhehi RV.7. 25. 3<l; N.5.5. 
asme dhattaiii yad asad askrdhoyu RV.7.53.3C. 
asme dhattaiii purusprham RV. 1.47.6'i. 
asme dhatta ye ca ratirii grnanti'l. 
asme dhatta vasavo vasuni VS.8.I8''; TS. 1.4. 44. 2''; MS. 

1.3.38'': 44.11; KS.4.i2d; (^B.; N.6.7; i2.42<'. 

See asmai etc. 
asme dharayatarii (MQ. "taiii !) rayim RV. 10.19.1'!; MQ. 

9.4.111. cj- asmai etc. 
asme dhehi (SV. dehi) jatavedo mahi 9ravah RV. 1.79. 4<=; 

SV.1.99C; 2.9iie; VS. 1 5. 35-= ; TS. 4. 4- 4-5''; MS.2.i3.8<=: 

asme dhehi dyumatim vacam asan RV.10.98.3*. 
asme dhehi dyumad ya9ah RV.9.32.6^ 
asme dhehi yavamad gomad indra RV.10.42.7c; AV.20. 

89. 7C; MS.4.14.5C: 222.4; TB. 
asme dhehi 9ravo brhat RV.i.9.8''; 44.2''; 8.65.9C; AV. 

20.71.14^1; SV.2.I131''. 
asme naro maghavanah sutasya RV.7.48.1''. 
asme nrmnam uta kratuh VS.9.22b; (^B.5.2.i.i5b. 
asme prthu 9ravo brhat RV.i.9.7b; AV.20. 71. 13b. 
asme prayandhi raaghavann rjlsin*; AG.i. 

15.3; P6.i.i8.5'>'; N.6.7. See Sismiii etc. 
asme balani maghavatsu dhattam RV. 1.93.12c. 
asme brahmani dharaj-a MS.4.9.9: 129.10. iSee brahma 

dharaya, and cf. ameny asme. 
asme bhadrani sa9cata prij'ani RV.7.2 6.4''. 
asme bhadra sau9ravasani santu RV.6. 1.12''; 74.2''; MS. 

4.11.2'': 165.12; 4.13.6'': 207.14; KS.11.12''; 18.20''; 

TB. 3. 6. 1 0.5-'. 
asme bhuvann abhistayah RV. 10.22.12b. 
asme yatarii nasatya sajosah RV. 1.118. 1 ib; N.6.7. 
asme ramasva VS.4.22; MS.i.2.4: 13.10; KS.2.5; 24.4; 

gB.; Kg.7.6.19; Mg. 
asme rayih paprathe vrsnj'aiii 9avah RV.8.51 (Vril.3). loc; 

AV.20. 119. 2C; SV.2.960C. 
asme rayiiii rasi viravantam RV.2.11.13''. 
asme rayirii vi9vavaraiii sam inva RV. 5.4.7c. 
asme rayirii sarvaviraiii ni yachatam RV. 4.50.10''; AV. 

20. i3.i<i. Cf. asyai rayirii etc. 
asme rayirii na svartharii damunasara RV. 1.141.11*. 
asme rayirii nasatya brhantam RV. 1.117.23c. 
asme rayirii ni dharaya RV. 1.30. 2 2c. 
asme rayirii ni dliaraya vi vo made RV. 10.24. ic. 
asme rayirii bahularii sarhtarutram RV.3.1.19C; MS. 4. 14. 

IS"": 242.3. 

asme — 

asme rayir marutah sarvavlrah KV.3.62.3I'. 

asme rayah VSK.4.7. 3 ; TS.i.2.5.2 ; ; 

See under asme te rayah. 
asme rayo amartya'J; SV.2.1169I'; VS.12. 

lopt; TS.>'; MS.2.7.14I': 95.16; KS.16.14b; gB. 

asme rayo dive-dive RV.4.8.7''. 

asme raranta marutah sahasrinam RV.5.54. 13'!. 

asme rastrani dharaya (KS. rastram adhijrayaj MS. 2. 7. 

8<l: 85.12; KS.i6.8'i; icj.n. See Mwder asmin rastram, 

and cf. asme ksatrani and asiiiai ksatrani. 
asme rastraya mahi 9arma yachatam MS.3.i6.4<l: 188. 11. 

See asmai etc. 
asme rudra mehana parvatasah RV.8.63.i2'>-; VS.33.50''. 

P: asme rudrah BrhPDh.9. 125. 
asme retah sincataiii yan manurhitam RV.6.70. 2^. 
asme vatsarii pari santaiii na viiidan RV. 1.72.2". 
asme varcah suvlryam RV.9.66.2ib; SV.2.870I'; VS.8. 

38b; VSK.29.38''; TS.i. 3.14.8b; 5.5.2b; 6.6.2t; MS.i. 

5.1b: 66.12; KS.7.i6b; gB.; TA.2.5.ib. 
asme varcaiisi santu vah VS.9.22C; gB.5.2.i.i5«. 
asme var-sistha krnuhi jyestha RV.4.22.9''. 
asme vasfini dharaya RV.9.63.30''. 
asme vajasa Iratam RV.4.8.7C. 
asme vajah soma tisthantu krstayah RV.9.69.7<1. 
asm.e vam astu sumatif canistha RV. 7.70.5'!. Cf. asme 

vo etc. 
asme vi9vani dravinani dhehi RV. 5.4.7J. 
asme viran chafvata indra 9ipnn RV.3.36. lo"!; PG. i. 

asme vlresu vifvaearsani fravah RV.i 0.93.10b. 
asme viro marutah fusmy astu RV.7.56. 24*. 
asme vrddha asann iha RV. 1.38. 15c. 
asme vo astu sumatif canistha RV.7.57.4'!. Cf. asme 

vam etc. 
asme vo astv indriyam VS.9.22''; gB.5. 2. 1.15'''. P: asme 

vah Kg. 14.5. II. 
asme yataiii 5arado jivase dhah RV.3.36. iqC; PG. 1.18.5c. 
asme fravfinsi dharaya RV.9.63.1C; SV. i.50i<-". 
asme jresthebhir bhanubhir vi bhahi RV.7.77.5". 
asme sa indra varunav api syat RV.6.68.6c. 
asme sanianebhir vrsabha paunsyebhih N.6.7 = RV. i. 

■65-7b, preceded by asme o/pada a. 
asme sa vam madhvi ratir astu RV. I.I84.4^ 
asme sutasya gomatah RV.8.82.6b. 
asme su matsvandhasah RV. 4. 3 2. 14b. 
asme su vanasa (SV. svanasa) indavah RV. 8. 5 1 (Val. 3). i o'' ; 

AV. 20. 1 1 9. 2<l ; SV. 2.96o<l. 
asme suryacandramasabhicakse RV. 1 . i o 2. 2<= ; TB. 
asme soma friyam adhi RV. 1.43.7^ 
asme svanasa : see asme suvanasa. 

asmai indrabrhaspati Ag. 2. 1 1 . 1 9. Misprint for asme etc. 
asmai karmane jatah Apg. 10.26.15. See asme etc. 
asmai kamayopa kaminih AV.3.8.4C. 
asmai ksatram agnlsomau AV.6.54.2*; Kau5.4.i9. P: 

asmai ksatram Vait.3. 4. 
asmai ksatrani dharayantam agne AV. 7. 78. 2" ; Kauy. 137. 


30. P: asmai ksatrani Kauf. 2.41. Cf. under asme 

asmai ksatraya pavate VSK.7.8.4; Apg. 12. 15.8. See 

next, and ksatraya pinvasva. 
asmai ksatraya pipihi MS. 4. 9. 9: 129.8. See under prec. 
asmai gramaya pradi9a9 catasrah AV.6.40. 2*. 
asmai jyaisthyaya kalpadhvam (gg. tisthadhvam) AB. 7. 

1 7- 7'!; gg'.i5-26d. 

asmai tisro avyathyaya narlh RV. 2.35.5". 

asmai te pratiharyate RV.8.43.2"; KS. 10. 12". See ta- 

smai etc. 
asmai dyavaprthivl bhuri AV.4. 22.4". See asme etc. 
asmai dhatta vasavo vasuni AV.7.97.3'1. See asme etc. 
asmai dharayatarii rayim AV.6.54. 2b. Cf. asme etc, 
asmai prayandhi maghavann rjisin KBU. 2. 11. See 

asme etc. 
asmai bahunam avamaya sakhye RV. 2.35. 12". 
asmai brahmane pavate VSK.7.8.4; Apg. 12. 15.8. See 

next, and brahmane pinvasva. 
asmai brahmane pipihi MS. 4. 9. 9: 129.7. See under prec. 
asmai brahmane»smai ksatraya mahi 9arma yacha svaha 

VS. 18.44; KS. 18.14; MS. 2.12.2: 145. II (without svaha) ; 

gB. 9. 4. 1 . 1 6. See uru brahmane. 
asmai bralimaneismai ksatrayasmai sunvate yajamanaya 

pavate VS.7. 21 ; gB. 4. 2. 2. 13, 14. 
asmai bhimaya namasa sam adhvare RV.i.57.3"; AV.20. 

asmai maniiii varma badhnantu devah AV.8.5. 10". 

asmai mityo adhi bruhi AV.8.2.8". 

asmai rastraya mahi ^arma yachatam TS.4.4. 12.3'i; Ag. 

4. 1 2. 2d. See asme etc. 
asmai lokaya karmane gB. 14. 7.2.8f; BrhU.4.4.8f. 
asmai lokaya sadaye AV. io.5.7'i-i4d. 
asmai vah pusa maruta9 ca sarve AV. i4.i.33<'. 
asmai vayaiii yad vavana tad vivi.sma RV.6. 23.5*. 
asmai vastrani vi9a erayantam AV.5. 1.3'!. 
asmai vo dhata savita suvati AV. 14. i.33<l. 
asmai saiii datta bhesajam TS.4. 2.6.5d. See asyai sarh. 
asmai sunvate yajamanaya pavate VS.7. 21 ; VSK.7.8.4; 

gB.4.2. 2.13,14; Apg.12.15.8. 
asya kurmo (RVKh. kulmo) harivo medinam tva RVKh. 

10.128. id; TS.'1; TB.'1. See M«(ier asma- 

kam abhur. 
asya kratva mahisa tri 9atani RV.5.29.7b. 
asya kratva ya9asvatah RV.8.102.8C; SV.2.297C. 
asya kratva vicetasah RV. 5. 1 7. 4". 
asya kratva sacate apradrpitah RV. 1.145.2^. 
asya kratva samidhanasya majmana RV.i. 143.2c. 
asya kratvahanyo yo asti RV. 1.190.3". 
asya ksatram 9riyaiii mahim AV.6.54. i". 
asy agne vibhavasuh RV.8.44.24b; TS.i.4.46.2b. 
asya gha vira ivatah RV.4. 14.5". 
asya ghrtasya haviso jusano vlhi svaha MS. 1. 10. 2: 141. 8. 

See asya haviso, awd jusano asya. 
asya caksasa pari paty uksa RV. 9. 89. 3d. 
asya ca datuh Kau9.90. 7,12, 16; 92.26,29. 
asya te sakhye vayam RV.9. 61. 29"; 66.14". Seeyasyaetc. 


asya tritah kratuna vavre antah». Cf. BrhD. 

asya trito nv ojasa vrdhanah RV. 10.99. 6<'. 
asya tvesa ajara asya bhanavah RV.i. 143.3". 
asya devasya midhuso vayah RV. 7. 40. 5". 
asya devasya saiiisady anike RV. 7.4.3". 
asya devah pradifi jyotir astu AV. 1.9. 2". 
asyanto ye ca dhavatha AV.6.66. 2''. 
asya patih syaih sugavah suvlrali RV. 1.116.251'; KS. 

asya patm.ann aruslr afvabudhnah RV. 10.8.3". 
asya patam dhiye.sita EV.3.12.1''; SV.2.19O; VS.7.3i<^: 

TS.I.4.15-I''; MS.i.3.i7«: 36.13; KS.4.7''; AB.2.37. 

17C; gB.''- 
asya pare nirrthasya ApMB. 1.6. 14s- (ApG. 2.6.3). 
asya piba ksumatah prasthitasya RV. 10. 11 6. 2". 
asya pibatam a9vina RV.8.5.14"; AB.i.22.5; M^.^.l-^. 

P: asya pibatam 9(^ Cf. ubha pibatam. 
asya piba yasya jajnana indra RV.6.40.2"'; A(^.6.4. 10. 
asya pita (SV. pitva) svarvidali EV.9. 108. 2b; SV. 2.43^ 
asya pitva madauam RV.8.92.6a; 9.23.7". 
asya pitva fatakrato RV. 1.4.8"; AV. 20.68.8". 
asya pitva svarvidali : see asya pita, 
asya pra jatavedasah RV. 10. 188. 2". 
asya prajavati grhe RV.8.31.4". 
asya pratnam anu dyutam EV.9.54.1"; SV.2.105"; VS.3. 

16"; TS.i. 5.5.1"; 7.1; MS.1.5.1": 66.2; 1.5.5: 73.18; 

1.5.6: 74.6; KS.6.9"; 7.4,5; gB.". P: asya 

pratnam 9^. 2. 1 1. 2 ; K(^. 4.12.3. 
asya pranad apanati (MS.AV.6.31.2I', apanatah) RV. 10. 

189.2b; AV.6.31.2I'; 20.48.5b; SV.2.727b; ArS.5.5b; 

VS.3.7b; TS."; MS.i.6.ib: 85.13; KS.7.I3^ 

asya priyasj'a ^armani RV.5.64.3C. 
asya prij'asah sakhye syama RV.4.i7.9d. 
asya priyo jarita yasya farman RV.4.17.19C. 
asya presa hemana puyamanah RV.9.97.I"; SV.1.526"; 

2.749". P: asya presa Svidh. 1.3.8. 
asya made ahim indro jaghana RV.2.15. id. Qf. asya 

made jaritar indroihim. 
asya made jaritar indra iha fravad iha somasya matsat 

asya made jaritar iudra ilia fravad upa giri(!) .sthat <J!(^.8. 

asya made jaritar indra ud aryam varnam atirad ava 

dasaiii varnam alian 9(j!!.8.25. i. 
asya made jaritar indra ud dyam astabhnad aprathayat 

prtliivlm Q9.8.25.1. 
asya made jaritar indra rsyah iva pamphanatah parvatan 

prakupitaii aramnat 9^.8.25.1. 
asya made jaritar indrah somasya matsat QQ.8.25. i. 
asya made jaritar indroiparii vegam airayat 9Q.8.25. i. 
asya made jaritar indrcpinvad apito^jinvad ajuvah QQ. 

asya made jaritar indro vi-tram ahan (j:!Q.8.2 5.i. 
asya made jaritar indro vy antarik.sam atirad a surj^arii 

divy airayat 99-8.25.1. 

— asya 

asya made jaritar indro«him ahan 9?-8.25.i. Cf. asya 

made ahim. 
asya made purii varpansi vidvan RV.6.44.14''; A9.6.4. 10. 

P: asya made puru varpaiisi 99-9-I2.4- 
asya made svaryam da rtaya RV.1.121.4". 
asya madhvali pibata madayadlivam RV.7.38.8':; VS.9. 

18C; 21.11C; TS.;; 162. 

13; KS.13.14C; 
asya mandano madhvo vajrahastali RV.2.19.2". 
asya me dyavaprthivl rtayatah RV. 2.32.1". P: asya me 

dyavaprthivl A9.7.7.3. Cf BrhD.4.86. 
asya medhasya somyasya sobliare RV.8. 19.2=; SV.2. 

asya yajfiasyarddhyai mah3'am sariinatyai TS.7.5. 13. i; 

asya yajnasya sukratum RV. 1.12.1"; 8. 19. 3"; AV. 20.; SV.i.3«,ii2C; 2.i40<',763«; MS.4.10.2O: 145.4; 

KS.20.14C; GB.1.2.23C; 9B.1. 4.1.35; TB. 
asya yajiiasyagura udrcam ajlya A9.4.2.8,9; 9?-5-3-7 

{his); M9. (ii/s). Cf agura udrcam. 
asya yajuasyodrci svalia (99- yajfiasyodrcam) AV.6.48. 

1-3; 9Q-6-8-IO- (y asya yajnasyo". 
asya j'amaso brhato na vagnun RV. 10.3.4". 
asya ranva svasyeva pustih RV.2.4.4". 
asya ratau sutarii piba SV. 1.2 2 3c. See imam ratarii. 
asya rayas tvam agne ratlilr asi RV.6.48.9C; SV.1.41C; 

asya lokali sutavatah VS.35.1c; 9B. 
asya vamasya nihitaiii padarii veh RV.i.i64.7b; AV.9. 

asya vamasya palitasya hotuli EV.1.164.1"; AV.9. 9.1"; 

AA.i. 5.3.7;;; N.4.26". P: asya 

vamasya Kauy. 18.25. Cf BrhD. 4. 3 2 (B). Designated as 

asya-vamiya(sc. sukta)VaDh.26.6; MDI1.11.251; VADh. 

2.5; VHDh.5. 1 29,1 56,166,376,442,449; 6.44,439; Rvidh. 

1.26.2; BrhD.4.31; as palita CulikaU. n; as salilaiii 

vai9vadevam (^Q. 18.22.'}. 
asya vasa u arcisa RV.5. 17.3". 
asya vijnanam anu saiii rabhadhvam TS. 
asya vijnanaya bahudha nidhlyate TB. 2.5. 1.3b. 
asya vigvasya bhuvanasya raja RV. i o. 1 68. 2d. Cf. ahaiii 

etc., eko etc., tena etc., and somo etc. 
asya virasj'a barhisi RV. 1.86.4". 
asya vrsno vyodane RV.8.63.9". 
asya vo iiy avasa RV.9.98.8". 
asya vr.itani nadhrse RV.9.53.3"; SV.2. 1066". 
asya vratesv api soma isyate 
asya vrate sajosasah RV.g. 102.5". 
asya ^asur ubhayasah sacante RV. 1.60.2". 
asya 9usmaso dadr9anapaveli RV. 10.3.6". 
asya 9ravo nadyah sapta bibhrati RV.i. 102.2"; TB.2.8. 

asya friyam upasamyata sarve AV.6. 73.1c. : 

asya 9riye samidhanasya vrsnah RV.4.5. 15". 
asya 9restha subliagasya saiiidrk RV.4.I.6". 
asya 9rosantv a bhuvali RV.i.86.5". 
asya floko divlyate prthivyam RV. 1.190.4". 


asya — 

asya Scanldu asurasya yonau EV.10.31.6c. 

asya sutasya svar (SV. svaar) na (A^.gg. na) AV.2.5.2«; 

SV.2.303e; Ag.6.3.ic; QQ.9.5-2''- 
asya suvanasya mandinas tritasya EV.2.1 r.20^ 
asya somasya pltayeEV.i.2 2.10; 23.2"; 4.49.5c; S-T'-S"; 

6.59.10J; 8.76.6C; 94.10C-12C; TS.; TB.2.4.3. 

13C; N. 12.4C. 
asya stutini jaritur bliiksamanah EV. i o. 3 1 . 5c. 
asya stuse mahimaghasya radhah EV. 1.122.8*. 
asyastotur maghavan kamam a prna^'; AV.20. 

asya stotre dhisana yat ta anaje EV. i.io2.ii'; VS. 3 3. 2 9^1; 

asya stomasya subhage ni bodha AV. 19.49.5". 
asya stomebhir aufija rji9va, EV.10.99.11''. 
asya stome maghonah EV.5. 16.3"^. 
asya snusa 9va9urasya pragistim TB. See mama 

asya spa^o na ni misanti bhiirnayah EV.9.73.4C; ApQ. 

1 6. 1 8. 7C. See tasya etc. 
asya liavisas tmana yaja VS.6.11; TS.i.3.8.2; KS.3.6; 

QB. See tmanasya haviso. 
asya haviso (ApQ. haviso ghrtasya) vlhi svaha MS. 1.8.6: 

123.2; Ap(^. 6. 1 4. 1 2. See under asya ghrtasya. 
asya havyasya trpyatam TB. 2. 4. 8. 4'', 4c, 
asya havyasyendragnl KS.35.5''. 
asya hi svayajastarah EV.5.17.2''. 
asya hi svaya^astaram EV.5.82.2''; (jJ(J. 10.3. 12 ; 8.12; 

Ap(^.6.2 2.I'l. 

asya hotuh pradify (AV. prafisy) rtasj'a vaci 

ii<=; AV.5.12.11C; VS.29.36c; MS.4.13.5C: 205.6; KS. 

16.20C; TB.; N.8.21C. 
asya avata viryam Kau5.33.8J. Sec under idaiii me 

asya aharh brhatyah putrah P6. 1.13.1c. 
asya ichann agruvai j)atim AV.6.60.1C. 
asya u su na upa sataye bhuvali EV. 1. 138.4''; N.4.25"'. 
asyah kamahxm anjivam AV.8.6.9ti. 
asyah parsada Ifanah PG. 3. 13.4c. 
asyah prthivya adhyaksam TB. 2. 4. 7.2c. 
asyaiTi yo jayate putrah VaDh. 17.17c. 
asya janatayah fraisthyaya svaha MS. 1.4. 14: 64.10. See 

asyrd janatayai. 
asyajarasodamam aritrahEV. 10.46. 71; VS.33.1'1; TB.2. 

7. 1 2. 1 ». P : asyajarasah Ap(j^. 22.27.5. 
asyadrstan ni ^amaj-at AV.6.52.31I. Of. under adr.stan 

asya dhiyah pravithatlia vrea ganah EV. 1.8 7. 4 J. 
asya dhiyo abhavo dasma hota EV.6.1.1I'; MS.4.13.6I': 

206.5; KS.18.20i'; TB.''. 
asya naryfi gavlnyoh (MG. gavinj'fim) AV. 5. 2 5. 10''- 131'; 

MG. 2. ! 8. 4I'. See asyarii naryarii. 
asyaiii tva dhruvayam madhyamayam pratisthayaih diyi 

sadhya? captyaf ca devah sadbhig caiva pancavih9air 

uhobhir abhisificantv etena ca trcenaitena ca yajusaita- 

bhi9 ca vyahrtibhl rajyaya maharajyadhipatyaya svava- 

9yayadhisthaya AB. 8.1 9.1. 


asyam devaiiam asi bhagadheyam (^G.3.2.2''. 

asyam naryam gavinyam EVKh.10.184.3i'; ApMB.1.12. 

6 b. See asya nary a. 
asyam rdhad (QB.A^. rdhed) dhotrayarii devaiiigamayam 

MS.4.13.9: 212.9; (^B.; TB.; A^.i. 

9.5; gg.r. 14.16. 

asyam prthivj'am adlii VS. 18.67b; ^B. 9. 5. 1.5 3b; TB.3. 

12.6.2b 4b. 
asyam barhih prathatam sadhv antah K^- 2. 2.1 2c ; Kau9. 

1 3 7. 1 1 c. See tasyaiii etc. 
asyam ma udlcyaiii di9i soma9 ca rudra9 cadhipati soma9 

ca rudra9 ca maitasyai di9ah pataiii somam ca rudraiii ca 

sa devatanani rcchatu yo no«toibhidasati. QQ.6.3.4. 

Cf. ya uttarato juhvati. 
asyam ma urdhvayam di9i brhaspati9 cendra9 cadhipati 

brhaspati9 cendra9 ca maitasyai di9ah patam brhaspatiiii 

cendraiii ca sa devatanam rcchatu yo noito^bhidasati 

QQ.6.3.5. Cf. ya uparistad juhvati. 
asyam me daksinasyarii di9i yama9 ca mrtyu9 cadhipati 

yama9 ca uirtyu9 ca maitasyai di9ah patarii yamam ca 

mrtyuiii ca sa devatanam rcchatu yo no>toibhidasati (^Q. 

6.3.2. C/". ye daksinato juhvati. 
asyam me prthivyam agni9 cannaiii cadhipati agni9 

cannam ca maitasyai di9ah patam agnirii cannarii ca sa 

devatanam rcchatu yo no^toibhidasati (^(^ Cf. 

ye^dhastaj juhvati. 
asyam me pratlcyarii di9i mitra9 ca varuna9 cadhipati 

mitra9 ca varuna9 ca maitasyai di9ah patarii mitraiii ca 

varunarii ca sa devatanam rcchatu yo no»toibhidasati 

W-*'-3'3- C/- y6 pa9cad juhvati. 
asyarii me pracyaiii di9i suiya9 ca candra9 cadhipati surya9 

ca candra9 ca maitasyai di9ah patarii suryarii ca can- 

drarii ca sa devatanam rcchatu yo no^toibhidasati (^(^.6. 

3.1. Cf. ye purastaj juhvati. 
asya vadhva agnisaka9am agachantyah MG. 1.11.9b. 
asya ^'y^^sy adade EV.8.46.2I8. 
asyah sarvasyah saiiisadah AV.7.12.3C. 
asyed indro madesY a"; 106.3''; SV.2.46'\ 
asyed indro vavrdhe vrsnyarii 9avali EV.8.3.8''; AV.20. 

99.2"; SV.2.924"; VS.33.97''. 
asyed u tvesasa ranta sindhavah EV.1.61.111; AV.20. 

asyed u pra bruhi pui-vyani EV.1.61.13''; AV.20. 3 5. 13*. 
asyed u bhiya giraya9 ca drdhah EV.1.61. 14''; AV.20. 

asyed u matuli savanesu sadyah EV. 1.6 1.7''; AV.20. 

asyed eva pra ririce mahitvam EV.1.61.9''; AV.20.35.9''; 

TS.2.4.i4.2a; MS.4.12.2'': 181. 11; KS.8.i7a. P: asyed 

eva (!) MS.4. 12.5: 192.14. 
asyed eva 9avasa 9usantam EV. 1.61.10"; AV.20. 35. to", 
asyed esa sumatih paprathana EV. 10.31. 6". 
asyendra kumarasya AV.5.23.2". 
asyegana jagato visnupatnl TS.4.4.i2.5b; MS.3. 16.4b: 

190.1; KS.22.14b; A9.4.I2.2b. 
asyeQana sahaso ya manota TS.4.4.i2.5b; MS.3. 16.4b: 

189.15; KS.22.14b; A9.4.i2.2b. 


asyai janatayai fraisthyaya AP9.5.24.4. See asya jana- 

asyai iifirya upastare (ApMB. "stire) AV. 14.2.211'; 

asyai prthivyai yad yajfiiyam TB.3.7.10. 2''; Ap^.14. 

31. 8d.' 
asyai pratisthayai VS.2.25; QB.; K9.3.8.14. 
asyai pratisthayai ma cchitsi ^Q. 1.5.9. 
asyai pranah samcarati (^(^.i';.i2.x'>: 
asyai me putiakamayai RVKh. 10. 184. ic; ApMB.i.i2.7<'; 

asyai rayirii sarvavlraiia ni yacha AV. 1 1.1.3'',! i<l. Cf. 

asme raj'irii eic. 
asyai vi9e i>av.ate Ap^. 12. 15.8. Cf. next. 
asyai vife mahyam jyaisthyaya pipihi MS.4.9.9: 129.9. 

See mahyaiii jyaisthyaya, and cf. prec. 
asyai sarii datta viryam'l,2i'l; VS. i2.93d,94'l. 

Sec asmai sarii. 
asyai svaha KBU.2.3 (scxies). 
asyocchocanau hrdah AV.-.95. iti. 
asyopasadyaiii ma chrutsit QB.; BrhU.6.4.231^. 

See next 
asyopasadye ma risama (^G.^-J.z"; Kau9.89. i3«. Sec 

asraj jarayuna saha VS.8.28*'; QB. 
asravantim anagasam VS. 21.713. q/; achidraih para- 

asravantim a ruhema svastaye EV. 10.63. io<l; AV.7.6.3'1; 

VS.21.6ti; TS.i.5.ii.5<l; 144.9; KS.2.3J. 
asramas tva havisa yajami AV.1.31.3''. 
asrivaya? (TS.Ap^. asrivi?; MS. ovif) chandah VS.14.18 ; 

TS.; MS.2.8.3: 108.12; 2. 13.14: 163.9; KS.17. 

3; 39-4; QB.; Apg.16.28. 1, 
asredhata manmana vipro agne EV. 4. 14.5^1; VS. 18. 75'!. 
asredhadbhis taranibhir yavisthya EV.8.6o.8«. 
asredhanta itana vajam acha EV.3.29.9I'. See adroghavita. 
asredhan taiii tuvisvani EV.9.98.9'i. 
asredhanti rayim aprayu cakre EV.5.8o.3i>. 
asredhanti vi iia9jTatu EV.8.27.i8<i. 
asredhanto marutah somye madhau EV. 7. 59.6c. 
asremanam taraniiii vidujambham EV.3. 29.131); KS. 38. 

13^'; TB.'; Apg.5.ii.6b 
asrema vatsah fimlvah aravit EV. 10. 8. 2^1. 
asvam tvaprajasam krnomi AV.7.35.3C. 
asvapnajas taranayah sufevah EV.4.4.12''; TS.i.2.14.5'1; 

MS.4.II.5--': 174.1; KS.6.iia. 
asvapnajo animisa adabdhah EV.2.27.90. See avrjina. 
asvapnajau satrasadau ca devau VS.34.55'1. 
asvapnag ca tvaaavadranaf ca raksatam AV.8.i.i3i'. Sec 

next two. 
asvapnag ca manavadrana^ cottarato gopayetam (KS.MG. 

ca daksinato gopayatam) KS.37.10; PG.3.4.17; MG.2. 

15.1. See prec. and next. 
asvapno ya? ca jagrvih AV.5.30.iob. See prec. two. 
asvavegam yarii krnavanta martah RV.7.37.7'1. 
asvapayad dabhitaye EV.4.30.2i». 
asvapayan nigutah snehayac ca EV.9.97.540; SV.2.456C. 

— aham 

asvapayo dabhitaye suhantu EV.7.i9.4d; AV.20.37.4d; 

ahah ketunn, jusatam VS.37.21; 38.16; MS.4.".8: 128. 

13; gB. 14. 2. i.i; 2.41. P: ahah ketuna, K^. 26.4. 14; 

MQ. 4. 3. 2 7. See ahai- jyotih etc. 
aham yavada urvajre antah EV. 10. 27.91'. P: aharii 

yaveti(!) VIIDh.5.424. 
aham ya9asvinarii ya9ah EVKh. 1.50. i". 
aham randhayaiii mrgay.irii 9rutarvane EV. 10.49. 5^ 
aharii raja varuno mahyaiii tilni EV.6.42. 2". 
aham rastrasyabhivarge AV.3. 5. 2 c. 
aham rastrl sariigamani vasunam EV.10.125.3''; AV.4. 

30.2". See under agan ratrl. 
aham rudraya dhanur a tanomi EV.10.125.6''; AV.4. 

aham rudrebhir vasubhi9 carami EV. 10. 125. i^i; AV.4. 

30.1^ P: aham rudrebhih gg.6.ii.ii; Kau9.10.16; 

139.15; Evidh.4.4.4; VHbh.5.128. Cf. BrhD.8.43. 

Designated as vaksnktam VaDh.28.13; LAtDh.3. 14. 
aham vajraiii 9avase dhrenv a dade EV. 10.49. 2<l. 
aham vadami net tvam AV.7.38.4^ 
aham varsma sadr9anam (AG. sajatanam) gQ.4. 21.2*; 

AG. 1 . 2 4. 8'-' ; MG. 1.9.8-'^. See var.smo^smi. 
aham va ksipita9 caran TB.'); Apg.4.1 1.5I'. 
aham vacaiii pari sarvarh babhuva KS.40.9c. 
aham vaco vivacanam TB. 2.7. i6.4>\ 
aham vajam jayami vajasatau A9.2. 11.8J. See ayarii 

vajaih ja°. 
aham vidharani iti (;:;B.I4.9.3.3''; BrhU.6.3.31'; A9.8.14. 

4b; gg.4.18.1"; SMB.1.5.6I'; ApMB.2.8.5i>; HG.i. 

aham viveca prthivim uta dy."un AV.6.61.2'''. See aham 

aham vi9vam bhuvanam abhyabhavam TA.9. io.6e; TU. 

3.10.6^; NrpU.2.4e. 
aham vi9vasya bhuvanasya raja MS. 1.3.26b: 3<;.9. Of. 

under asya etc. 
aham vi9va osadhih sapta sindhun KS.40.9b 
aham vi9Yesu bhuvanesv antah EV. 10. 183.3b; ApMB. i. 

11.9b; MG.i. 14.16b. 
aham vi syami maj'i rupam asya AV. 14. 1.57^ P: ahaiii 

vi syami Vait. 4. 1 1 ; Kau9.76. 28. 
aham vrksasya reriva; TU.I.Io.I^ 
aham vrstiiii da9iise martyaya EV.4. 26. 2b. 
aham veda na me mrtyuh TA. 1.13.1c (his),2<'. 
aham ve9aiii namram ayave^karam EV. 10. 49.5c. 
aham vo asmi sakhyaya 9evah MS. 2.13.10b: 160.14. See 

yusmakam sakhye. 
aham vo jivanapradah TA. 1.4.1'!. 

aham vo jyotir mam abhyeta sarve (svaha) SMB. 2. 6. 12b 
aham 9atrun jayami jarhrsanah A^l. 2. ii.8c. See ayam 

aham 9usnasya 9nathita vadhar yamam EV. 10. 49. 3c. 
aham 9raddhaya TA.3.8.2. 
aham 9lokakrt TA.9.10.6 (ter); TU. 3.10.6 (ter). 
aham satyaiii anrtarii yad vadami AV. 6. 6 1.2c, 3c. 
aham sad amrto bhavami TB. 


aham — 

ahaiii sapta sravato dharayarii vrsa BV. 10.49.9*. 

aham saptaha nahuso nahustarah KV. 10.49.8". 

aham sa yo navaviistvaih brhadratham KV. 10.49.6". 

aham savyaya padgrbhim arandhayam RV.i 0.49.5(1. 

aham sumedha varcasvl AV. 19.40.2'!. 

aham suve pitaram asya miirdhan RV. 10. 1 25.7"; AV.4. 

30.7 a. 
aham surya ivajani«; AV. 20.115. i"; SV.i. 

152"; 2.850"; MG. 1. 4. 2" (bis). 
aham sQryam ubhayato dadar<;a VS.8.9<=; TS.3.5.5. iil; 

MS.1.3.26C: 39.10; (;!B.4.4-2.i4'^- 
aham suryasya pari yamy a9ubhih EV. 10.49.7''. 
aham so asmi yah pura RV. 1.105.7". 
aham somam ahanasarii bibharmi RV. 10. 125. 2"; AV.4. 

aham syam tvaiii syali surayah kulajali syat Ap^. 20. 18. i. 
aham svanam uttamoisani devah TB.; Ap(^.4. 

aham harl vrsana vivrata raghu RV. 10.49. 2'=. 
aham hi te harivo brahma vajayuh RV.8.53 (Val.5).8''. 
aham hi tva matibhir johavimi RV.3.43.3''. 
aham hitva 9ariram jarasali parastat TB. 2.5.6. 5^. Falsely 

divided, for hitva yarlraiii etc., q.v. 
aham hi vam utaye vandanaya mam N.4.i7<=. 
aham huvana arkse RV.8.74.13". Cf. BrhD.6.95. 
aham hota ny asldaiii yajij'an EV. 10.52.2". 
aham hy ugras (RV. ugras) tavisas tuvisman RV. 1.165. 

6"; MS.4.11.3C: 169.2; KS.9.i8«; TB. 
aham by ugro (RV. ugro) maruto vidanah RV. 1.165. io<'; 

MS.4. 11.3C: 169.11; KS.9.18C. 
aham kak.slvah rsir asmi viprah RV.4. 26. il". 
aham kavir u^ana payyata ma 
aham kutsam arjuneyaiii ny rnje RV.4.26. i". 
aham kutsam avam abhir utibhih RV. 10.49. 3l>. 
aham ketur aharii murdha RV.10.159.2"; ApMB.i.16.2" 

aharii garbham adadham osadhisu RV. 10. 183. 3"'; ApMB. 

I. II. 9" (ApG.3.8.10); MG.i. 14.16". 
aharii gungubhyo atithigvam iskaram RV. 10.48.8". 
aharii grbhnami manasa manansi AV.3.8.6"; 6.94.2". 
aharii grhapatis tava AV. 14.1.51''. 
aharii gramyan upavasami TB.; Ap(^.4.3.6c 
aharii ca tvarii ca vrtrahan RV.8.62.11"; TS.7.4. 15.1"; 

KSA.4.4"; TB.; Apg.20.3.14; N.I. 4. Ps: 

ahaiii ca tvarii ca Q(^.i6.i8.i2 ; aham ca 6B.2.4.15. 

aharii cana tat suribhir ana9yam RV.6.26.7". 
ahan (AV. ahari) ca vrtrarii namucim utahan RV.7.19.5''; 

aharii cid dhi rirebhafvina vam RV. 1.120.6^'. 
aharii jajana prthivim uta dyam AV.6.6i.3'>. P: aharii 

jajana Vait. 2.17. 
aharii janaya samadarii krnomi RV. 10.125. 6"; AV.4. 

aharii janibhyo aparlsu putran RV.10.183.3d; ApMB.i. 

II. 9d; MG.i.i4.i6d. 
aharii jitam anv emi senaya AV.i 1.9.4''. 


aharii jyotisa vi tamo vavara TS. 3. 5.5.1''. 

ahatah some raja Ap^. 1 2. 10. 2. 

ahatani nibodhata TA.i.4.ib. 

ahatau putrau maya VS. 1 9.1 id; ^B. 12.7.3. 2 id. See 

ahan gava maghavan saincakanah RV.S.30.7I'. 
aharii tat pafca katitha9 cid asa 
aharii tad akri devah ApMB. 1.16.4". ^^^ idarii tad etc. 
aharii tad asya manasa 9ivena VS. i9.35<=; KS.38.2C; QB.; TB.;; Ap(^. 19.3.4c. Seeaharii 

tam asya etc., idarii tad asya, mid tenaham adya. 
aharii tad asu dharayarii yad asu na RV. 10.49.10". 
ahaih tad vidvala patim RV. 10. 159. i^; ApMB.i.i6.ic. 
aharii tani asya nrbhir agrabharii rasam AV.5. 13.3". 
aharii tam asya manasa ghrtena (MS.3.11.7'', 9ivena) MS. 

2.3.8": 36.10; 3.11.7C: 151. 5. See it«(?er ahaiii tad asya. 
aharii tasteva vandhuram RV. 10. 11 9. 5". 
aharii ta vi9va cakararii nakir ma RV.4.42.6". 
aharii te purvapadav arabhe AG. 2.6. i. 
aharii tebhyo.karam namah VS. i6.8d; TS. 4. 5. 1.3d; KS. 

17. rid. ggg idarii tebhyo etc., tebhya idam akararii, 

and tebhyoiham akararii. 
aharii tvad asmi mad asi tvam etat TB."; 2.5.8. 

7";"; Kg.3.6.12"; Apg.5.16.1"; 12.24.5. P: 

aharh tvad asmi K.(^.io.g.^2; Ap(^. 10. 20. 19. 
aharii tvastaram uta pusanarh bhagam RV. 10. 125. 2b; 

AV.4. 30. 6b. 
aharii tvede abhibhuh svad grhat AV. 14.2. 19b. 
aharii dandena": sec ahirii dandena*'. 
aharii dadhanii dravinaui (AV. dravina) havismate RV. 

10.125.2"; AV.4. 30.6". 
ahaih dasyubhyah pari nrmnam a dade EV. 10. 48. 2". 
aharii darii grnate purvyarii vasu RV. 10.49. i. P^: aharii 

darii grnate (^g. 9. 16.3; aharii dam AQ.6.4.10. 
aharii vi bhajami bhojanam RV. 10.48. id. 
ahan dasa vrsabho vasnayanta RV.6.47.21". 
aharii devanarii sukrtam asmi loke TB.3. 7.5. 12"; Ap^. 2. 

aharii devanarii janimani vi9va EV.4. 27.1b; AA.2.5.i.4b; 

aharii devanam uta martyanam RV.10.88.15b; VS.19. 

47b; MS.2.3.8b: 36.14; KS.17.19b; 38.2b; gB.14.9.1. 

4b; TB.i.4.2.3b;; Apg.ig-S-S''- 
aharii devanam paramarii guha yat VS. 8. 9d ; QB.''. 
aharii devaya bhurnayeinagah RV.7.86.7b. 
aharii devy upa bruve RV.8. 67.10b. 
aharii daivlui pari vacarii vi9a9 ca AV.6.6i.2d. 
aharii dyavaprthivl a vive9a (KS. babhuva) RV. 10. 1 25.6d ; 

AV.4.30.5d; KS.40.9". 
aharii dhanani saiii jay ami 9a9vatah RV. 10.48. ib; AB.5. 

ahann ahiiii 9ura vlryena RV. 2.ii.5d. 
ahann ahim anv apas tatarda RV.1.32.1C; AV.2.5.5''; 

ArS.3.2';; MS.4.14.13": 237.8; KB.20.4; TB.*. 

P: ahann ahim TB. 
ahann ahim abhinad rauhinarii vi RV. 1.103.2'^. 
ahann ahim arinat sapta sindhun RV.4.28.1"; 10.67.12"; 


AV. 20. 9 1. 1 20; MS.4.II.2'': 164.8; KS.9.19C. Cf. yo 

abann ahiiii papivah indro asya EV.j^. 29.3d. 
ahann ahira parifayanam arnah RV.3.32. 11''; 4.19. 

20; 6.30.4C; MS.4.14.18'': 248.16; KS.38.7c; TB.2.6. 

ahann alum parvate yifriyanam EV. 1.32. 2"; AV. 2.5.6": 

MS.4.r4.i3'': 237.9; TB. 2.5.4. 2". 
aham naristhav anuyajami vidvan TB.3.7.5. 12O; Ap9.2. 


aham nav ubhayor vratarii carisyami Ap9-6.3.8. 

aham nav ubhayoh suvo (MQ. svo) roksyiimi TS. 1.7.9. i : 

Ap(;;.i8.5.i2; MQ.7. 1.3 (corrupt). 
abann indro adahad agnir indo £¥.4.28.3". 
abann indro yatha vide RV. 1.132. 2d. 
ahann enam prathamajam ahlnam EV.i.32.3''; AV.2.5. 

7^; TB.'i. 
aham ny anyarii sahasa sahas karam RV. 10.49. 8^. 
ahan yad vrtram (SV. dasyurii) naryam viver apah EY. 

10.147. lb; SV.l.37ll'. 
ahan vrtram vrtrataram vyansam RV.i.32.5"; MS.4. 

12.3": 185.9; TB. P: ahan vrtram MS.4.14. 

13: 236.12. 
ahan vrtram nir apam aubjad (EV. i.56.5d, aubjo) arna- 

vam EV.i.56.5d; 8.5.9<l. 
ahan vrtram adadhus tubhyam ojah £¥.3.47.3^. 
ahan vrtram rcisamah EV.8.32.26*. 
ahan vyansam ujadhag vanesu £¥.3.34.3"; AV.20. 1 1.3"; 

ahan vyansam maghava faclbhih EY. i.i03.2d. 
ahabhuna (MS. ona) rsih TS.; MS.2.7.20: 105.9. 
aham MDh.2.123. Of. aham ayam, aham ayaiii bhoh. 

and under asav asmi. 
aham atkaiii kavaye fi^nathaiii hathaih". 
aham adah prapam QB. 14.8. 15.10; BrhU.5.15.10. 
aham annaiii vajam ic carami TB.'. 
aham aniiam;pr); TU. 3. 10. 6 (to-). 
aham annam annam adantam admi ArS. 1.9*1 ; TB. 2.8.;;<l; NrpU.2.4d; N.i4.2<'. 
aham annadah;<fr). 
aham apo anayaiii vriva9anah EY.4.26.2C. 
aham apo apinvani uksamanah £¥.4.42.4". 
aham ayam 6Dh.6.5. Cf. aham, and next. 
aham ayarii bhoh YaDh.13.44. See ayam ahaiii bhoh, 

and cf. aham, and prec. 
aham arnahsi vi tirilmi sukratuli EY. 10. 49.9c. 
aham aso jyotir aylya TB. 
aham asoipoiflya TB. 
aham astabhnam prthivlm uta dyam KS.40.9". See aharii 

aham asmi prathamaja rtasya ArS.1.9''; TB."; 

TA.9.10.6"; TU.3.10.6"; NrpU.2.4"; N.14.2". P: 

aham asmi prathamajah N.14.1. 
aham asmi brahmaham asmi TA. 10.1.15. 
aham asmi mahamahali EV. i o. 1 1 9. 1 2". 
aham asmi yagastamah AY. 6. 39. 3d; 58.3d. 
aham asmi sapatnaha EY. 10. 166. 2". 

— aham 

aham asmi sahamanah AY. 12. 1.54". P: aham asmi 

aham asmi 145.5"; AY.3.18.5"; ApMB. 

1.15.5'' (ApG.3.9.6). 
aham asmi sahasvan AY. 19.32.5''. 
aham acaryas tavasau QB.ii.5.4.2 ; PG.2.2.20. 
abam adityair uta vi?vadevaih*^; AY.4. 

abam id dhi pitus (MG. pituh) pari EY.8.6.10"; AY. 20. 

115.1"; SY.1.152"; 2.850"; Yait.40.6; MG.i.4.2"(fcw). 
aham indram atustavam EY.3. 53.12b. 
aham indragnl aham afvinobha EY. 10. 125. id; AY.4. 

30. id. 
aham indro na para jigj'a id dhanam EY. 10.48.5". 
aham indro rodho vakso atbar\-anah EY. 10.48.2". 
abam indro varunas te mahitva EY.4.42.3". 
abam ugrah ^atahavyo babhuva KS.40.9d. 
aham ugra vivacani EY.10.159.2b; ApMB.i.i6.2b. 
aham uttaro bhuyasam adhare mat sapatnahTB.'', 

iod(6(s); ApQ.4.T. 2'^ {ter). 
aham rtuhr ajanayaiii sapta sakani AY.6.6i.2b; KS.40.9b. 
abam rtuhr ajanayam sapta sindhun AY. 6. 6 1.3b. 
aham etarii gavyayam afvyam pa^um EV. 10.48.4". 
aham etafi chafvasato dva-dva EV. 10.48.6". 
aham eta manave vifvafcandrah EY.i. 165.8c; MS. 4. 11. 3": 

169.6; KS.9.18C; TB. 
aham enav ud atisthipam AY.7.95.2". 
abam eva vata iva pra vami EY.10.125.8"; AY.4. 30. 8". 
aham eva svayam idam vadami EV. i o. 1 25. 5" ; AY. 4. 30. 3". 
aham evasmy amavasya AY.7.79.2". 
aham evaham mam juhomi svaha TA.10.1.15; MahanU. 

aham evedam sarvarii bhuyasam (ChU. sarvain asanij 

gB.; BrhU.6.3.13; CliU.5.2.6. 
aham pakta pancada9as te asmi AY. ii.i.i9d. 
aham pacamy ahaiii dadami AY.i 2.3.47". Cf. sa pacami. 
aham parastad aham avastat VS.8.9"; TS."; MS. i. 

3.26": 39.9; (^". P: aharii 

6.17; Apg.13.9.13; M(^.2.5.i.'j. 
abam pagunam adhipa asani AY. 19. 3 1.6". 
aharii piteva vetasurir abhistaye EY. 10.49.4". 
ahaiii puro mandasano vy airam EV.4.26.3". 
ahaiii purvo yajato dhisnj-a j'ah EY. 1.181.3d. 
ahaiii pusna uta vayor adiksi EY.5.43.9b. 
abaiii praja ajanayarii prthivyam (MG. prthivyah ; ApMB. 

pitfnam) EV.10.183.3C; ApMB.i.i 1.9c; MG.i. 14.16c. 
ahain prajaiii viravatlrii videya TB.3.7.6.i4d; ApQ.4.8.5d. 
aharii pratnena manmana (SV. janmana) EY.8.6. 11"; 

AY. 20. II 5. 2"; SV.2.851". 
aharii pravadita syam ArS.3. 10'. 

abaih brahma krnavarii mahyarii vardhanam EV. i o. 49. 1 b. 
abarii bhuvarii yajamanasya codita EY.10.49.1c. 
ahaih bhuvarii yajamanasya rajaui EV. 10. 49. 4c. 
abaiii bhuvarii vasunah purvyas patih EY. 10.48. i"; AB. 

5.21.6; KB.22.4; 26.16. P: aharii bhuvamA^.6.4. 10; 

8.7.24; aharii bhuveti suktena YHDh.7.218. Cf.BrhD. 


aham — 

aham bhupatir aliaih bhuvanapatir (Vait. adds ahaiii bhu- 

vam patir) ahaih mahato bhutasya patih (MQ. patir 

aham) TB.; Vait. 1.18; Kg.2.1.19; Apg.3.18.4; 

ahaih bhumim adadam aryaj'a RV.4.26.2'''. 
aham bhuyasaiii saviteva caruh AV. 13.2.38'!. 
aham bhuyasam uttamah RV.10.166.5l'; AV.6.i6.2<l,3'^'. 
aharii bhuyasam uttamah samananam TS.3. 5.5.1*- 
aham manur abhavaiii suryay ca KV.4.26.1''^; ^B.14.4. 

2.22; BrhU.i.4.22. P: ahaih mauuh AQ.9.7.2. Cf. 

BrhD.1.51; 4-I35- 
ahaiii manusyanam ekapundarikaiii bhuyasam ^B. 14.9. 

3.14; BrhU.6.3.14. 
aham mitravarunobha bibharmi RV. i o. 1 2 5. i <>; AV. 4. 30. i «. 
aham mitre vaiune yan mayobhu RV. 5. 4 2. 2*1. 
aham megha stanayaii varsaiin asmi TB.^. 
ahaye budlmiyaya mantraih friyam Ap9.5.i8.2°. 
ahaye budhniyaya svalia TB. 
ahaye va tan pradadatu somah RV.7. 104.9=; AV.8.4.9^. 
ahar-ahai- aprayavaiii bharantahVS. ii.75'^;QB.;4.2. 

P: ahar-ahah K9.16.4.40; 6.4. See ahar-ahar balim, 

ratriiii-rati-im apra", ratilm-ratilm apia", and viyvaha te. 
ahar-ahar a9vinadhvaryavarii vam RV.i 0.52.2c. 
ahar-ahar garbhaiii dadhathe TA. 1.10.4'i. 
ahar-ahar jayate masi-masi RV.10.52.3C; N.6.35''. 
ahar-ahar nayamanah TA.6.5.3'1; M9.6.i.2». Designated 

as yamagatha PG.3.10.9. 
ahar-ahar niskrtam acaranti RV. 1.123.9'!. 
ahar-ahar balim it te harantah AV.i9.55.7^ See under 

ahar-ahar apra". 
ahar-ahar bhuya ij joguvanah TB.2.7.I3.4''. 
ahar-ahar yaty aktur apam RV.2.30.i<=. 
ahar-ahar vrsana mahyaiii ^iksatam RV.8.26.120, 
ahar-ahali fundliyuh paripadam iva RV. 8. 2 4. 24c; AV.20. 

66. 3C; SV. 1.3960. 
ahar iva svaiii ratrir iva priyo bhiiyasam AA. 5.1.1. 19. 
aharjatasya yan nama AV.3.i4.i<'; 5.28.i2«. 
ahar jinva TS.; KS.I7.7; PB.i.9.7; Vait.22.4. 
ahar jyotih ketuna ju.satam TA.4. 10.4 ; 5.7.12; ApQ.15. 

10.10. See ahah ketuna. 
ahar divabhir utibhih VS.38.12l'; gB. ; TA.4. 

g-i^' {bis); 5.8.2''; gg.8.i5.i2b; Lg.5.7.4i'. Cf. vahad 

ahar dyauf ca prthivl ca HG. 1.15.3". 
ahar no atiparayat SMB. 2. 5. 13'!; MahanU. 1 4. 5'!. 
ahar no atyapiparat SMB. 2. 5. 13'' {GG.4.6.10); MahanU. 

14.5". Cf. ahar maty. 
ahar no adya suvite dadhatu TB.3.i.2.3a. 
aharpataye svaha VS.9.20; 18.28; MS.1.11.3: 163.17; 

ahar bhuyad yajamanaya mahyam TB.3.i.2.2<'. 
ahar mahsena TS. ; KSA.13.10. 
ahar maty apiparah AV.17. 1.25c. Cf. ahar no aty". 
ahar mimano etc. : see aha mimano. 
ahar yac chukram jyotiso janista AV.4.1.50. 
ahar vai gopayamanam ratri raksamana te prapadye ta- 

bhyam namdstu temadaksinato gopayetamPG.3.4.15. 


ahala ku^avartaka AV.20.131.9. 

ahalag (KSA. ahalam) iti vancati MS.3.i3.i'': 168.3; 

KSA.4.8I'. See under ahalag. 
ahalyayai jara gB.; SB.1.1.19; TA.1.12.3; L^l. 

ahag ca krsnam ahar arjunaiii ca RV.6.9.1'1; AB.5.15.5; 

KB.23.8; N.2.2ia. P: aha9 ca krsnam A9.8.8.9; gg. 

10.8. 15. 
aha? ca tva ratrl ca frinltam KS.35.11. 
ahag ca maditya9 ca punatu GDh.25.9. 
ahag ca ratri9 ca kr.si9 ca vrsti9 ca tvisi9 capaciti9 capa9 

causadhaya9 cork ca sunrta ca tas tva diksamanam 

anudlksantam TB.; 
ahagcarebhyah [sc. namah) QG. 2. 1 4. 1 6. Sec divacarebhyo. 
ahas tad avalumpatu TA.10.24.1d; MahanU. 14.3*!. 
ahastam indra sariipinak kunarum RV.3.30.8I'; VS. 18. 

69''; N.6.I. 
ahasta yad apadi vardhata ksah RV. 10.22.14*. 
ahastaso liastavantam sahante RV. 10.34.9''. 
ahas tubhyaiii vibhavari AV. 19. 48.2c ; 50. 7^. 
ahastos tva caksuh, asav ehi TB.3. 10.8.3. 
ahas tva ratryai paridadatu SMB. 1.5. 15. 
ahah sarhstha9 ca sarva9ah TB.3. 12.9.6''. 
ahah satrati paraya AV. 17.1.26''. 
ahah svar vividuh ketum usrah RV. i.7i.2<l. 
aha anadata etc. : see ahav etc. 
aha aratim avidah syonam AV.2.10.7''. See next. 
aha avartim avidat syonam TB.; APMB.2.12.9C. 

See prec. 
ahac charlram etc. : see ahah 9arlram. 
ahad eta etc. : see aha neta. 

ahani girbhih saparyami nakam AV. 19.7.1'!; Naks. i o. i''. 
ahani grdhrah pary a va aguh RV. 1.88.4". 
ahani purvir usaso jaranta RV.10.31.71!. 
ahani bhadra janayanta dasmali RV.5.49.3<!. 
ahani vi9va tatananta krstayah RV.1.52.11''. 
ahani vi9va maruto jiglsa RV.1.171.3'!. 
ahani 9arii bhavantu nah AV. 7.69.1"; VS. 36. 1 1 " ; MS. 4. 

g.2'j«: 138.11; TA.4.42.1C. 
ahaniva suryo vasaraiii KV.8.48.7'!; KS.17.19c; ^4.71!. 
aha neta (GB. netara; Qg. ahad eta) sann avicetanani 

AV.20.135.7c; AB.6.35.10; GB.2.6.14; gg.I2.I9.2^ 

See next. 
aha neda sah na purogavani JB. 2.116. See prec. 
ahany asmai sudina bhavanti (TB. bhavantu) RV. 7. 1 1. 2'' ; 

ahany asya vih9ati 9atani GB. 1.5.23''. 
aha (AV.13.2.22'', ahar) mimano aktubhih RV.i.50.7''; 

AV.I3.2.22'>; 20.47. I9I'; ArS.5.12!'; N.I2.23b. 

aha yad indra sudina vyuchan RV.7.30.3"'. 

aha yad dyavo (AV. deva) asunltim ayan (AV. ayan)<5; AV.18.1.31C. 
aharsam ApG.7.19.4 (uha o/harisyami ; cf. ApMB.2.17.8). 
ahav (MS.KS. alia) anadata hate AV.3. 13. ii*; TS.'; 

KS.39.2i'; MS.2. 13.1b: 152.7. 
aha vi9va ca vardhanam RV.8.1.3'!; AV.2o.85.3<!. 
aha vi9va nrcaksasah RV. 8. 4 3. 30b. 


— ahedamana 

aha vi9va sumana didihl nah EV. 3. 54. 221'; KS.ia.isJ. 

aha vifveva turvanih EV.i. 130.9s. 

aha vi9veva suryam KV. 1.130.28. 

ahavi liavyam fusyam RV.5.86.6h. 

ahavy agne havir asye teEV.10.91.15''; VS.20.79"'; MS. 

3.11.4'': 146.11; KS.38.9''; TB.i. 4.2.1''; Ap<?.i9.3.2''. 

P: ahavy agne KQ. 19.6. 21. 
ahah farlrarh (TB. abac charlrarii) payasa sameti (TB. 

sametya) TB.3.7.i3.2a; Vait.24.1a (AVP.). See aya- 

ahih panthaiii visarpati VS. 2 3. 56''. 
ahiih yad indro abhy ohasanam RV.6.I7.9''. 
ahim yad glinann ojo atramimlthah EV.5.3I.7''- 
ahiiii yad vrti-am apo vavrivansam EV.6.20. 2<-". 
ahim raksanti namasopasadya TB.3.i.2.9<l. 
ahim vajrena maghavan vi vr9cah EV.4.i7.7<^. 
ahim vajrena vi rina aparvan EV.4.i9.3<*. 
ahim vajrena ^avasaviveslh EV.4.22.5'i. 
ahinsanta osadhir dantu parvan AV. 1 2. 3. 3 iiJ. Fragment: 

osadhir dantu parvan Kau9.i.25; 61.39. 
ahinsantah paruhsi vifasata Ap(^.5. 19.4. 
ahinsantir anamayah AV.9.8.i3<'-i8<'. 
ahinsantir upaspr9ah EV.10.22.13''. 
ahinsanto apodita AV.6.50. 2«. 
ahinsan nah 9ivo (VSK. fivah 9anto) ^tlhi VS.3.61 ; VSK. 

ahinsatibalas te jivas tvayi nas satas tvayi sadbhyo var- 

sabhyo nah pari dehi ApMB.2.17.11 (ApG.7.18.12). 
ahinsanasya sa9cire RV.5.64.3d. 

ahinsitau pitaraii maya tat TB.3.7.i2.4«. See ahatau. 
ahinsyamana urviya vi vavrdhe EV.i. 141.51". 
ahihsra nah prthivl devy (K^- ahihsra prthivl devi devy) 

astu KQ. 2.2.1 2<i; ApQ.3.i9.3'i; Kau9.137.11d. 
ahighnyo v.'ijinivatah 
ahijambhanam asi sauniastanibam SMB. 2. 1.6. 
ahim cavitrahavadhltRV.8. 93.2c; AV.20.7.2C; SV.2.801C. 
ahim cid ugra prayutaiii 9ayanam EV.5.32.2''. 
ahitena cid arvata EV.8.62.3'>'. 
ahim ( R VKh. aham) dandenagatam EVKh. i . 1 9 1 . i ^ ; AV. 

ahim indra jighahsatah EV. 1.80. 13"'. 
ahim. indro arnovrtarii vi vr9cat EV.2.19.2''. 
ahim evabhy apehi tarn jahi AV.7.88.1. 
ahim ohanam apa a9ayanani RV.5.3O.60. 
ahim paidvo arandhayat AV. 10.4. lod. 
ahim budhnyam (TS. "niyam) anu rlyaniilnah (TS. saiii-; TS.i.8.i4.2'"; QB. Seencxt. 
ahim budhnyam auv lyamanah MS.2.6.11I': 70.12; KS. 

15.7''. See prcc. 
ahir amrta Prose in cadence. 
ahir asi budhnyah (TS.Apg. budbniyah) VS.5.33; TS.i. 

3.3.1; MS.1.2.12: 21.16; KS.2.13; PB.1.4.11; W-6. 

12.26; Ap(|J.i.22.2; 11.15.1. P: ahih L<^.2.2.2 2. 
ahir iva bhogaih paryeti bahumEV.6.75.14*; VS.29.51*; 

TS.; 'MS.3.16.3'': 187.4; KSA.6.ia; AG. 3.12. 

11; N.9.i5\ P: ahir iva bhogaih Ap(^. 20.1 6.12 ; MQ. 


ahir jaghana kim (HG.ApMB. kaih) cana AG.2.3.3'>; 

HG.2.16.8I'; MG.2.7.ib: ApMB.2.i7.27\ See next. 
ahir dadar9a kaiii cana PG.2.14.5I". See prcc. 
ahir dhunir vata iva dhrajiman EV.1.79.1''; TS.3.1. 

1 1.4*". 
ahir na jurnam (TB. ahir ha jlrnam) ati sarpati tvacani 

EV.9.86.44C; SV.2.965C; TB. 
ahir budbniyah piathamana eti TB.3.I.2.9*. 
ahir budhniyo devata : see ahir budhnyo etc. 
ahir budhniyo niyachatu TB.'i; 
ahir budhnesu budhnyah EV. 10.93. 5^. 
ahir budhnya uta nah 9rnotu EV.7.38.5''. 
ahirbudhnya mantraiii meijugupah [v. I. *jug") tarii [mss. 

tan) me punar dehi MQ.i. 6.3.14. C/: MS. 1.5. 14: 84. iff. 
ahirbudhnya mantraiii me pahi M(^. Cf. MS. i. 

5.14: 82.i5ff. /See ahe budhniya. 
ahir budhnj^ah frnavad vacaiisi me 66.11". 
ahir budhnyoija ekapad uta EV.2.31.6''. 
ahir budhnyo (TS. budhniyo) devata TS.; MS.2. 

13.20: 166.7; KS.39.13. 
ahir ha: see ahir na. 
ahih 9aj'ata upaprk prthivyah (TB. prthivyam) EV. i. 

32.5'!; MS.4.12.3'^': 185.10; TB.2. 5.4.3d; N.6.17. 
ahih 9motu budhnj^o havlmani EV.10.64.4d; 92.i2l>. 
ahihatyaya sam fyat EV. 1.130.4". 
ahihanam 9ravasyam tarutram EV. i.ii7.9d. 
ahihanam afvinadattam a9vam EV. i.ii8.9ti. 
ahihQ ca sarvan (TS.KS. "vaii) jambhayan (KS. "ya) VS. 

16.50; TS.; MS.2.9.20: 121.6; KS.17.11''. 
ahinah pranah KS. 1.12. 
ahinaih sarvesaiii visam AV. 10.4.20". 
ahinam janimagamam AV.6.12.1I'. 
ahinam apa ma rathah AV. 10.4. i". 
ahinam arasaiii visarii (var ugram),4d. Cf. 

ma9akasyarasam, and 9arkotam arasam. 
ahinaikahah satranaui A^. 8. 13. 31". 
ahin vj^asyatat pathah AV. 10.4.6". 
ahutasya butasya ca KS.35.5'',5^'; PB.9.9.8''; TB.3.7.8. 

3'',3^'; g9.13.12-7''; Kg.25.12.1i'; Apg.14.30.2b2d; 

ahutado haviso yajne asmin VS.17.13"; TS."; 

MS.2.10.1": 132.9; KS.17.17"; gB. 
ahuto balikarmana gG. no. 7^ 
ahuto mahyaiii 9ivo bhava Apg.3.20.7. 
ahura idam te paridadamy amum SMB. 1.6. 21. P: ahure 

ahumahi 9ravasyavah EV.6.45.10"; 8.24.18I'; AV.20. 

64.61"; SV.2.1036I'. 
ahedata manasa deva barhih EV. 10.70.4". 
ahedata manasa devan gacha KS.5.3. See aredata. 
ahedata manasa yatam arvak EV.7.67.7". 
ahedata manasa frustim a valia EV.2.32.3a. 
ahedata (gg. '"lata) manasedam jusasva Ag.2. 14.31"; 

gg. 1.17. 1 9". 
ahedan vasuh sumana babhuva EV. 10.32. 8d. 
ahedamana upa jahi yajnam EV.6.41.1"; TB.2.4.3. i2'\ 
ahedamana uru9ahsa sari bhava EV.i.isS.s^. 



ahedamano rarivan ajaijva RV.i.i38.4'>; ^4.25!). 
ahedamano (VSK. ahela") varunelia boclln EV. 1.24.11c 

VS.i8.49<=; 21. 2C; VSK.20.2.12C; 23.2C; TS. 

MS.3.4.80: 56.8; 4-I4-I7'': 246-4; KS.4.16C; 40.11C 

gB.; ApMB.i.4.i3<'- 
ahedayann uccarasi svadha anu EV. 10.37.5''. 
aha drudhisavyod atas tisthanyasya sadane sida yo^smat 

pakataraii TS.; Ag.i.3.30; Kg.2.1.22; Mg.5.2. 

1,^.4; Kau9.3.5; I37-37- P: ahe daidhisavya Vait. i. 

20; Apg.12.20.8; 24.12. II. 
ahe niraitu te visam'3. 
ahe budhniya mantraiii me gopaya TB. 1. 1. 10. 3,5 ; 2.1.26"; 

Apg.5. 18.2"'. See ahirbiidhnya. 
aheme yajnaiia patliam uranah EV.7.73.3"-. 
ahe mi-iyasva ma jivlh AV.5.I3.4''. 
aher iva sarpanaih fakalasya AB.3.43.5''; JB.1.258''. 
aher yataraih kam apa9ya indra EV. 1.32.14". 
ahela": see alieda". 

ahobhih parivartate ^B.'; BrhU.4.4.20''. 
ahobhir adbliir aktubhir vyaktam EV.10.14.9C; AV.18. 

1.55C; TA.i.27.5''; 6.6. i<=. See dyubhir ahobhir. 
ahoratrayor dvitlyah TS. ; KSA.13.8. 
ahoratrayor vrstya brhadrathaiiitare ca me yajnena kalpe- 

tam TS. See ahoratre iirvastlve. 
ahoratrayoh samdhibhyo jatuh VS. 24. 25. See ahnah etc. 
ahoratranam paiivatsarasya JB. 2.71''. Part e/astav eta. 
ahoratrani (sc. trpyantu) AG. 3. 4.1; (pG.4.9.3. 
ahoratrani te etc. : sec ahoratras. 

ahoratrani marutah VS. 2 3.41C; TS.; 
ahoratrani vidadhat EV. 10. 190.2"; KB. 19.3"; TA. lo. i. 

ahoratrani sarvani TB. 3. 12.8.3". 
ahoratranistakah TB. 3. 10.4. 2; TA.4.19.1. 
ahoratrabhyam sam anaktv aryama AV.14.2.40''. See 

ahoratrabhyam naksatrebhyah AV.6.128.3" P: ahora- 

trabhj'am Kau9. 138.8. 
ahoratrabhyam purusah samena (GB. once ksanena) 

GB.i.s.sMi"'*); <?B.i2.3.2.7c,8c. 
ahoratrabhyam mahisah kalpamanah AV. 13.2.43''. 
ahoratra yaiii pariyanto napuh AV.4.35.4''. 
ahoratrardhamasamasah Kau9. 106. 73. 
ahoratrag ca saiiidhijali gG.3.13.5''. See ahoratraif. 
ahoratra? ca sarvafah TA. 10.1.2^; MahanU.i.S'l. 
ahoratras (KS.TA. ahoratrani) te kalpantam VS.27.43 ; 

KS.40.6; gB.; TA.4.19.1. 5ee ahoratre te. 
ahoratre atho usah AV. 11.6.7I', 
ahoratre adhipatni astam VS. 1 4. 30 ; TS.; MS. 

2.8.6: 110.14; KS.17.5; gB. 
ahoratreanvesibibhrat AV.12.2.49". P: ahoratre Kauf. 

ahoratre api tan mayi AV.ii.7.i4d. 
ahoratre apramadaiii ksaranti AV.i 2.1.49I'; Kau9.98.2''. 
ahoratre idaiii brumah AV.i 1.6.5". 
ahoratre urvastlve (VS. "sthive) brhadrathaiiitare ca me 

yajnena kalpetam VS.18.23; MS.2.11.6: 143.13. See 

ahoratrayor vrstya. 

ahoratre krnutam dirgham ayuh AG.2.4. i4<'; MG.2.8.6'i. 

ahoratre gacha svaha VS. 6.21; TS. ;; MS. 
1.2.18: 28.1; 3.10.7: 138.13; KS.3.8; gB. 

ahoratre te (TB. me) kalpetam MS. 4. 9. 18: 135.10; TB. iS'ec ahoratras. 

ahoratre tvodlrayatam TA.4.26. i. 

ahoratre dravatah saiiividane AV. 10.7.6''. 

ahoratre dvaraphalake gG.3.3.8. 

ahoratre pari suryaiii vasane AV. 13.2.32c. 

ahoratre pa^upalyau TB.3. 12.9.6". 

ahoratre paryve VS.31.22; TA.3.13.2. 

ahoratre prthivi no duhatam AV. 12.1.36'!. 

ahoratre pra j.'iyete AV. 10.8.23c. 

ahoratrebhyah svaha VS. 2 2. 28; TS.7.1.15. i; MS. 3. 12.7: 
162.14; KSA.1.6; TB. 

ahoratre me etc. : see ahoratre te. 

ahoratre vanaspatih AV.11.5.20''. 

ahoratre vimimano yad esi AV. 13.2.5'!. 

ahoratre viliite bhumyam adhi AV.12.1.52''. 

ahoratre samadhataiii ma enat Kau5.42.17l'. 

ahoratre sthoirdliamasesu frite, bhutasya pratisthe 
bliavyasya pratliisthe, yuvayor idam antah, vi9vam 
yaksarii vi9vam bhutaiii vi9vam subhutam, vi9vasya 
bhartryau vi9vasya janayitryau TB. 

ahoratre havisa vardhayantali TB. 3. 1.3.1c. 

ahoratraih (comvi. adds, samaiiidhikaih) ViDh.73. 15. Cf. 

ahoratrair vimitaiii trih9ad ahgam AV. 13.3.8". 

ahoratraig ca sariidhibhih (HG. "traih susariidhibhih) 
ApMB. 2.19.6''; HG.2.10.7''. (See ahoratra9 ca sariidhi- 
jah, and cf. prec. hut one. 

ahoratrau tvardharaasebhyah paiidattam SMB. 1.5.15. 

ahnah ketun sam Irtsati ArS.3.7''. 

ahnah samdhibhyam jatuh MS.3. 14. 6: 173.9. See ahora- 
trayoh etc. 

ahnaiii ratrinam ati9arvaresu AV.7.80.4''. 

ahnaiii ketur usasam ety agram (TS. agre) EV. 10.85.19''; 
AV.7.81.2''; 14.1. 24^; TS.'; MS.4.12.2'': 181. 
5; KS.10.12''; N.11.6''. 

ahna cic cakrur vayuna grnantah EV.4.i6.3<i; AV. 20. 

ahnaih netrl janitri (MS. janitry uta) prajanam TS.4.3. 

11.5'^; MS.2.13.10'': 159.14; KS.39.10''; PG.3.3.5''. 
ahna prasaraya TB. 3. 10.4.3. 
ahna yad enah krtam asti kiiii cit (gg. ena9 cakrmeha 

kiiiicit; Apg.Mg. ApMB. asti papam)Ag. 2. 2.3c; gg.2. 

6.6c; Apg.6.1.7C; Mg.I.6.I.3C; ApMB. 2. 15. 1 2C. 

ahna ratrl samavati AV.4.18.1''. 

ahna .samaca TB. 

ahnahna no vasyasa-vasyasod ihi'1. 

ahne ca tva ratraye ca AV.8. 2. 20". P: ahne ca tva Kauf. 

ahne tva TS.4.4. I.I ; KS.17.7; PB.i.9.7; Vait.22.4. 
ahne paravatan alabhate VS.24.25; MS. 3.14. 6: 173.9. 
ahne mugdhaya svaha VS.9.20; 18.28; gB. 
ahne 9uklam pihgaksam (TB. pihgalam) VS. 30. 21; TB. 



ahne svaha TS. ; MS.4.9.9: 130.4; KS.37. 15,16; 

KSA.1.8; TB. 
ahno ma pahi TA.4.10.4; 5.8.10; Ap9-i5.i2-7; M^.4. 

ahnor antau vyatisajanta dhlrali ^B.ri.5.5.13''. 
ahno rape (TS. rupena) suryasya VS. 8. 48; TS.3. 

3.3.2; MS.i.3.36: 42.16; KS.30.6; gB.ii.5.9-9- 
ahyarsunam cin ny ayan avisyam RV.2.38.3''. 
ahrastas tvam abhi justali parehi Vait. 10.17'' (AVP.). 
ahrutam asi havirdhanam VS.1.9; TS. ; MS.1.1.5: 

3.1; 4.1.5: 6.14; KS. 1.4; 31.3 ;gB.i.i. 2.12 ;TB.; 

ApQ. 1.17.8; M(p.i.2.i.27. See next. 
ahrutasi KS.1.3; 31.2. See prec. 
ahruto malio dliarunaya devan (AV. devah) RV. 10.56.2"; 

ahrutoiyam yajfio apy etu devan KS.35.5d. 
ahruto yajno yajnapateh TS. 1.1.12. i; MS. 1.1.13'': 8.10; 

4.1.14b: 19.7; KS.1.12; 3r.11; TB. 
ahvat stomebhir a9vina EV.8.8.9'>. 


a QB.i. 4.1. 4,5,6. 

a kakub varcasa jatavedah AV. 13.1.15''. 

akare vasor jarita panasyate RV.3.51.3'';": 

akargye kar^yo yatha ApQ. 2 1.20.3d. See gih koyvo", and 

madhv ity akarsaih. (T/i 11(^.7.2.7. 
a kalatjaiii madhuman soma nah sadah RV.9.106.7C: SV. 

1.571"; 2.676". 
a kala9a anusata EV.9.65.I4"-; (^(^."j.i^.i. 
a kala9esu dhavati RV.9.i7.4'>; 67.14'''; AQ.2.12.4; 5.12. 

iSM^'s); W- 7- 1 5-8. 
a kamaih jaritrnam RV.1.30.15I'; AV. 20. 122.3''; SV.2. 

a kamam rnve vadhvah RV.5.74.5'1. 
akayyasya davane puruksoh RV.4.29.5d. 
aka^a upa nirajjatu SMB. 2.4.10". 
akagag ca pratisthitah (^B. 14. 7.2.1 9^; BrhU.4.4.19''. 
akagasyaisa aka9ah SMB.2. 4.13a. Cf. GG.4.5.34; KhG. 

4. 1. 18. 
akagah sadasj^ah sa me sadasyah Ap(jJ.i 0.3.1. See the 

three after next. 
akagaya (sc. namah) MG.2.12.8. 
akago me sadasyah SB. 2. 10;; AG.1.23.14. 

See akajah sa°, and next two. 
akago me sadasyah sa me devayajanarii dadatu SB.2.10. 

See under aka9ah sa°. 
akago me sadasyah sa mopahvayatam SB. 2.5. See under 

aka9ah sa". 
akim suiyasya rocanat RV.i.i4.9a. 
a kivatah salalukam cakartha RV.3.30.17"; N.6.3". 
akutaih cakuti9 ca TS.3. 4.4.1; MS.1.4.14: 63.17; PG.i. 

5.9; ApMB.i.10.9 (ApG.3.8.10). 
akutam agnim etc. : see akatim etc. 

akutaya uta cittaj'e AV.6.4i.i'\ 

akutaye svaha M9-I-5-6. 20. 

akutaya svaha MQ.i.5.6.20; MG.1.11.15. 

akutiih saih namantu me AV.5.8.2d. 

akutim devim subhagarii (TB. manasah) pure dadhe AV. 

19.4. 2"; TB.^ See akutim devim. 
akutiproivir dattah AV.3. 29. 2". 
akutim (MS.M9.MG. akutam) agnim prayujarii svaha VS. 

11.66; TS.; MS.2.7.7: 82.7; KS.16.7; gB.6.6. 

1. 15; M(;!.6.i.3; MG.i.6.2; 23.6. Ps: akutim agnim 

Ap9.i6.8.i3; akutim K9.i6.4.30. C/ akutyai prayuje. 
akiitim asyavase TB. 2.5.3. 2»'. 
akiitirh purusasya ca AV.5.7.8<1. 
akutir apinad dhavih TB. 3. 12.9.5b. 
akutir ya vo manasi pravista AV.6.73. 2b. 
akiitih. satya manaso me astu RV.10.128.4b; AV.5.3.4b; 

TS. 4. 7. 1 4. 2b; KS.4O.4b. 

akutinam adhipatim cetasam ca TB. 3. 12.3.3". 
akutim (1) de VI lii manasa prapadye SMB. 2.6.9". Desig- 
nated as ek^ksarya, (so. rk) GG. 4.8. 10: KhG.4.3.1. See 

akutirii devliii. 
akute sam idam namah AV.6. i3r.2b. 
akutya na upa gahi AV. 19.4.3b. 
akiitya no brliaspate AV. 19.4.3", 
akutya manasa saha MS.4. 9.13b: 134.7; TB. 3. 7. 9.4b; 

TA.4.2i.ib; Ag.5.i3.6<i; gQ.7.i6.8<i. 
akutyai tva kamaya tva samrdhe tva TS.3. 4. -■ ' > KS. 13. 

11,12; TB. 2.5.3. 2; Kauf. 5. 7 (^<;^i7^ svaha). P: akutyai 

tva kamaya tva TS.; Apg.19.17. 9. 
akutyai tva svaha Kau9.5.7; MG. 11. 
akutyai prayuje^gnaye (MS.KS. agnaye) svaha VS.4.7; 

TS.; 6. 1. 2.1; MS. 1.2.2: lo.ii; 3.6.4: 63.17; KS. 

2.2; 23.2; gB.,11,12;; 16.8.13; 

20.8.5. Ps: akutyai prayuje M9.; — 6.1.3; 

akutyai Kg.7.3.16. Cf. akutim agnim, and prayuje 

akrtih prakrtir vacant dhavanih padmacarini manmana 

bhava svaha MG. 2.13.6. 
a krstayah somapah kamam avyan RV. 3.49.1b. 
a krsna irii juliurano jigharti EV. 4. 17.14". 
a krsnena (TS. satyena) rajasa vartamanah RV. 1.35. 2"; 

VS.33•43^ 34-31^ TS."; MS.4.12.6": 196.16. 

Ps: a krsnena rajasa MS. 4.14.6: 224.1; a krsnena 

YDh.1.299; BihPDh.9.214,304; Rvidh.i.18.2,3. 
aketuna susamiddho yaji.sthah TB.". 
akenipaso ahabhir davidlivatah RV.4.45.6". 
akransyamanas trini jj^otihsi AV.9.5.8b. 
a krandaya dhanapate AV. 2.36.6". _ 

a krandaya balam ojo na a dhah RV.6.47.30"; AV.6. 126. 

2"; VS.29.56"; TS."; MS. 3.16. 3": 187.10; KSA. 

akranda ululajah Lg.4. 2.9". 

akrandaya dundubhyaghatam TB. 3. 4. 1. 1 3. See 9abdaya°. 
akramam jinva Vait.27.27. 
akramanam sthurabhyam (MS. 3. 1 5. 6, kusthabhyam) VS. 

25.3,6; TS.; MS.3.15.3: 178.9; 3.15.6: 179.9; 

KSA. 13.5. 




akramamanasi KS.39.6; ApQ. 16.^0.1. 

akramaya tvfi VS.15.9; PB.i. 10.12; Vait.27.27. 

akramayayogum : see akrayaya. VS.15.9; GB.2.2.14; PB.i. 10.12; Vait.27.27. 

akramya vajinprthivim VS.11.19'';"-;; 

MS.2.7.2'>: 75.13; KS.i6.2«; 19.3; gB.; Ap?. 

16.2.9. Ps : akramya vajin M^- 6. i . i ; akramya K^- 1 6. 

aki-ayaya ayogum (TB. akramayayogum) VS. 30. 5; TB. 

akrantir asi KS.39.6; Ap(^.i6.30.i. 
akrantyakrantya utkrantiiii jinva MS. 2.8.8: 11 3. 3. Sec 

iitkrantir, a)7d utkrantyo". 
akrau vajl kramair atyakramid vajl TB.; Ap^—o. 

16.15; 17-1; 21.6. 
akran vajl prthivlm TS. 7. 5. 1 9. i ; KS A. 5. 1 5. 
akran vajy antariksam TS. 7. 5. 1 9. i ; KSA. 5.15. 
akran samudrah etc. : see akran etc. 
akramanty asi KS.39.6 ; Ap^- 16. 30. i. 
a kridaj'o na mataram tudantah KV. 10.94. 14''. 
aksane f Ora vajrivah EV. i o. 2 2. 1 1 1\ 
aksit purvasu apara anurut RV.3.55.5'*. 
aksiyati prthivlm ami AV. 10.5. 451". 
aksi rjra9ve afvinav adhattam EV. 1. 1 1 7. i 7*'. 
a ksiram aharad vafe AV. 10. 10. ii^. 
aksi fubhas pati dan EV. 1.120.6^. 
a kseti vidatha kavih EV.8.39.9I'; TS. 3. 2. 11. 31'. 
a ksodo mahi vrtaiii nadmam EV.6. i7.i2'\ 
aksnayavano vahanti RV. 8. 7. 35^1. 
akhandala pra buyase EV.8. 17.12C; AV. 20.5.6*'; SV. 2. 

76<-; N.3.IO. 

akhare krsna isira anartisuh RV. 10.94.5''; AV.6.49.3t'; 

akhuh kayo manthalas (MS. manthalavas; VSK. man- 

dhalas) tepitrnam VS.24.38; VSK.26.38; MS.3.14.19: 

176.9. See panktrah kafo. 
akhuih cid eva deva soma EV.9.67.30''. 
akhurii terudrapayumkaromiMS. 1.10.4: 144.4; 1. 10.20: 

1 60. 2 ; M^. 1. 7. 7. 4 ; — 1 1. 7. 3. See the two after next, and 

akhum tva ye dadhire devayantah Ap9-5-9.8<'. Seea.(}um. 

akhus tepafuh VS.3.57; TS.; TB.i. 6.10.2; gB.2. 

6.2.10; Ap(^. 8. 17. 11; 14.7.3. See under akhum te. 
akhus te rudra payub TS. ; Ai^Q.S.ij.c). See under 

akbuiii te. 
akhuh srjaya yayandakas te maitrah (KSA. yayandakas te 

maitryah) TS. 5. 5. 1 4. i ; KSA. 7. 4. See yargah. 
a gacha ^B.; L9.1.3.4. 
a gachata agatasya AV.6.82. i^ P: a gachatah Kauy. 

agachatara slrii vrsanav avobhih EV. 1. 1 1 7. 1 9*1. 
agachatam nasatya facibhib EV.8.57(Val.9).ic. 
agachatam ayvina yaiiitamena EV. 5. 78.4(1. 
agachatv ayur y.afay ca svaha MG. 2.13.6. 
agachantim avasa citrabbanavah EV.1.85.X1C. 
a gacha maghavan L^-i-j-S. 

agatena praja imah AV. 19.53.7'^. 

agatya vajy adhvanam (TS.Ap^. adhvanah) VS. ii.i8»; 

TS.^; MS.2.7.2'1: 75.11; 3.1.4: 5.1; KS. 

i6.2«-; 19.3; gB.; AP9.16.2.9; Mg.6.i.i. P: 

agatya K^. 16.2. 16. 
agatya tumro vrsabho marutvan>. 
agatya vrsabhih .sutam EV.3.42.7C; AV. 20. 24.70. 
agadhita parigadliita EV. 1. 1 26. 6* ; N. 5. 1 5. 
agan gostham mahisl gobhir afvaih ApMB. 1.8.3'' (ApG. 

2.6. 10). 
agantana samanaso yati stha EV.7.43.4<J. 
aganta pitarah pitrman aham yusmabhir bhuyasam 

suprajaso maya yuyaiii bbuyasta TS. 3. 2. 4. 5. P: aganta 

pitarah pitrman ApQ. 1 2. 20. 10. See next. 
aganta pitarah somyasas tesam vah prativitta aristah 

syama supitaro vayaiii yusmabhir bhuyasma suisrajaso 

yuyam asmabhir bhuyasta M9. 2.3.7. 3- See prec. 
a ganta pitaro manojavah MQ. 1. 1. 2. 1 2. See ayantu pitaro, 

eta pitaro, a»fZ paretana pitarah. 
a ganta ma risanyata EV.8.20.1''; SV.i.40i''; gG.2.2.14. 

Cf. BrhD.6.57. 
agantra sam aganmahi SMB. 1.6. 14''; GG. 2. 10.20; HG. 

1.5.1"; ApMB.2.3.ia(ApG.4. 10.12); MG.i.22.2a. P: 

agantra KhG. 2.4. 1 1. 
agan deva rtubliir vardhatu ksayam EV.4.53.7''; AB. 1. 

13.16; KB. 7. 10; A9-4.4.4. P: agan devah ^^.5. 

agann apana atmanarii vijite vijayamy abhayani me 

ilokataya aj)utrataya apayutayah g9-2-9-8- Cf. agan 

agann rbhunam iha ratnadheyam EV.4.35. 2". 
aganma mitravaruna varenya (MS. varena; KS. vare- 

nyam)TS.3.5.4.I^ MS.i.4.3'': 5°-6; KS.5.6''. 
aganma vifvavedasam VS.s.sS"; ^B. 2.4. 1.8''. P: agan- 
ma KQ. 4. 1 2. 1 8 . See aganma etc. 
aganma vrti-ahantamam EV.8.74.4I; AA.i. 1.1.12; g^. 

2.15. 2". See aganma etc. 
agan ratri sariigamani vasunam AV. 7.79.3"^. See nivefani 

samgamanT, and ahaiii rastri. 
a garbho yonim etu te ApMB. 1.13. ii>; HG.i.25.ii>. See 

a yonim garbho, and cf. a te garbho, and a te yonim. 
a galga dhavanlnam (M^.N. galda dhamanlnam) ApQ.8. 

7.10I'; MQ.'; N.6.24I1. 
a ga ajad uyana kavyah saca EV. 1.83.5"; AV. 20. 25.5". 
a ga indra akrnuta svayugbhih EV. 10.89. 7^. 
agat satyaui havir idam jusanani TB.''. 
agad udagad ayam AV. 2.9.2*. 
a gavo agmann uta bhadram akran EV.6. 28. 1" ; AV.4. 21. 

1"; TB.". Ps: agavoagman Ap(^. 6. 19.9 (comwj,); 

19.16.18; gG.3.9.3; 4.16.3; a gavah Vait. 21.24; Kauy. 

19.1; 21.8;; Evidh.2.21.5. Of BrhD.5. 

106. Designated as a-gaviya {sc. sukta) AG.2. 10.7. 
a gavo dhenavo vayyamanah PG.3.4.4''. Cf. a dhenavah 

a gii-vanah suvitaya pra yahi EV.6.32.4'i. 
agura udrcam KB. 7.2. Cf. asya yajnasyagura. 
a grhnltam sam brhatam AV. 11.9. 11". 


— aghosinyah 

a gomata nasatya rathena RV.7.72. !"•: AB.5.16.11; 7.9.2; 

KB.25.2; 26.8; AQ.3.8.1; 8.9.2. P: a gomata 9Q-IO- 

9.4; 15.8.16,17. 
a goinati vraje bhaja tvaiii nali RV.7.27.1''; SV.i.3i8>'; 

TS.; MS.4.i2.3d: 185.1. 
a gna agna ihavase RV.1.22.10''; Rvidh.2.25.5. 
agnavaisnava rohitalalamas tuparali TS.5.6.18. i; KSA. 

agnira na sva\Tktibhih RV. 10. 21.1''; SV. i.420'>'; AB.5. 

4.3; KB.22.6; AA.; Ag.7.ii.i4'%i7a; 8.3.28 

{comm.); gg. 10.5.2; 18.23.7. 
agnir aganii bluiratah RV.6. 16. ig''; KS. 20. 14''; GB. 2.4. 

15; Ag.6.1.2; 7.8.1. P: agnir agami gg. 12. 11.16. 
agnir agra (SV. agram) usasam a90ci RV. 7.8. i^; SV. i. 70''. 
agnir adhayy rtviyah RV. 5. 75.9b; AB. 2. 18. 12''. 
agnir dade diva a prthi\'7ah RV.7.6.7<i. 
agnig ca dahatarii prati AV.3.^ {so Shankar Pandit's 

edition). See agnif ca etc. 
agnih sasada pitror upastham RV. 7.6.611. 
agnidhram yat sarasvati VS. 19. 18''. 
agnidhrarii ca me havirdhanaiii ca me TS. 
agnidhram enaiii naj-ata Kg. 25. 13.21. 
agnidhram ma hinsih Apg.9.2.9; Mg.3.1.26. 
agnidhrad vidusi satyam TB. 3. 12.9.5c. 
agnidhriyam me punar vyagharaya Apg. 13. 14.6. 
agnidhro yajamanaf ca Vait.9. 12''. 
agne giro diva a prthivyah RV.7.39.5*. 
agnendrah krsnalalamas tuparah TS. 5.6. 17. i. 
agneya aindragna a9vinas te vi9alayupa a labhyante TS.; KSA.10.2; Apg.20.22.14. 
agneyah krsnagrivah VS. 29.58,59; TS.; KSA. 

8. 1. See under krsnagriva, and cf. agneyau. 
agneyah krsnoijah TS. 5. 5.24.1 ; KSA. 8. 3. 
agneyam bavih prajananam me astu Apg.6. 11.5^ See 

idaiii havih etc. 
agneyadigadhipataye agnaye namah Mg.i 1.7.1. 
agneyam tu piu-vam nitj-am Kauf. 73. ii<'. 
agneyapanduparthivanam saii^anam adhipata esa te 

balih PGr. 2. 14.14; . . . adhipataye svaha 2.14.9; • • • 

adhipate pralikhasva 2. 14.16; . . . adbipateivaneniksva 

2. 14. 12. 
agneyam iJiatahsavanam KS.34. 16. 
agneyam balabhadram ca AG. 1.2.2" (crrt. notes). 
agneya vasantah Apg. 20.23. 11. 
agne yabi marutsakha R V. 8. 1 03. 1 4'i ; AG. 3.5.7; gG. 4. 5. 8. 

Cf. BrhD.6.128. 
agne yabi sahasraiii devavandaih RV. 10. 15. lo"; AV. 18. 

agne yabi suvidatrebbir ai-van (MS. aiTak) RV. 10. 15.9O; 

AV.r8.3.48<:; MS.4.10.6: 158.1; TB.; N.6.14. 
agne{RV. agne) yabi sugastibbih RV.8.23.6=i: VS.11.41d;; MS.2.7.4<1: 78.12; KS.i6.4'l; gB. 
agneyena 9armana daivyena Apg.4.7. 2^. 
agneyo.stakapalah TS.; MS.i. lo.i (quater): 140. 

8,10; 141.1,3; ks. 9.4(6(5), 5; KSA.5.18. C/. TB.3.9. 

agneyo buyamanah VS. 39. 5. 

agneyau krsnagrlvau TS. 5. 5. 23.1; KSA. 8. 2. See under 

krsnagriva, and cf. agnej^ah etc. 
agne vaba pathibbir devayanaih RV.5.43.6J. 
agne vaba varunam istaye nab RV. 10.70. 1 1"!. 
agne vaba baviradyaya devan RV. 7. 11.5"-. 
agne suvlryam vaba RV.5.2 6.5l\ 
agne stburam rayim bbara RV. 10. 156.3"; SV.2.879n; 

agmann apa U9atlr barbir edam RV. 10.30. is"; AB.2.20. 

27; KB.12.2. 
agrayanaQ (MS.KS. agrayana9) ca me vai9vadeva9 (KS. 

ksullakavai9vadeva9) ca me VS. 18.20; TS.; MS. 

2.11.5: 143-5; KS.18.11. 
agrayanas te daksakrata jjatv asau Ag.6.9.3. See atma- 

nani ta agra". 
agrayanasya patram asi TS. 3. 1.6.3. 
agrayanat (MS.KS. agrayanat) trinavatrayastrin9au VS. 

13.58; TS.4.3-2.3; MS.2.7.19: 104.13; ks.16.19; gB. 
agrayano^si svagrayanah (MS.Mg. agrayanoAsi svagra- 

yanab) VS.7.20; TS.; 11. i; MS.1.3.13: 35.9; 

gB.; Mg. 
agraya" : see agraya" . 

a gravabhir abanyebhir aktubhih RV.5.48.3". 
a gha tvavan tmanaptah (SV. tmaniiyuktah) RV. 1.30. 14"; 

AV. 20. 122.2"; SV. 2.435". ■ 
a gharme (Ag. gbarmam) silica paya usriyayah AV.7.73. 

6b; Ag.4.7.4b; Tlie printed text of (}g. 

(o su) ma gbarme etc. 
a gharme sincasva Mg.4.3. 15. 
a gbarmo agnim rtayann asadi (TA. asadit) RV.5.43.7'3; 

TA.4.5.2'i. See next. 
a gbarmo agnir amrto na sadi MS.4.9.3'J: 123.14. See 

a gba va yabhir ariinir a9iksatam RV. 1.112.19b. 
a gba gamad yadi 9ravat RV. 1.30.8"; AV. 20. 26.2"; SV. 

a gba gaman nare asmat RV.8. 2. 26b; SV. 2. 1009b. 
a gba ta gacban uttara yugani RV. 10. 10. 10"; AV. 18. i. 

II"; N.4.20". 
aghatibhir iva dhavayan RV. 10. 146. 2C; TB. 
a gba ye agnim indbate RV.8.45. 1"; SV.1.133"; 2.688"; 

VS.7.32"; MS.4.12.6": 194.9; KS.13.15"; TB.; 

AA.; Ag.2.9.14; 6.4.10; 7.8.1; gg.12.11.20; 

18.7.6; Apg.ii. 10.17"; 12. 1. 2. P: a gha ye gg. 3. 12.8. 

Cf Rvidh.2.32.4. 
a gba yoseva sunarl RV. r.48.5". 
agharabhyarii tva sayiija yuja yunajmi KS.40. 2. 
aghrne dliarunarii divah RV. 1.23. 13b. 
aghrne pa9usadbani RV.6.53.9b. 
aghrne saiia sacavabai RV.6.55. ib; N.5.9. 
aghosan carsanlnam RV.8. 64. 4b 
aghosayantah prtbivim upabdibhib RV. 10.94.4'^'. 
aghosayanto abbito niitliasturah RV. 10. 76.6'i. 
aghosinyah jjratighosinyah saiiigbosinyo vicinvatyah 

9vasanab kravyada esa vo bbagas tarn jusadbvarir svaha 


aghnanah — 


aghnanah pnninorasi AV. 12.5.48c. Cf. urali patauniv, 

and norasi tadam. 
ankte cagrahanam nasti TA. 1.4. i". 
anksva tatasau ApQ- 1- 9- 1 5- Cf. abliyanksva. 
anksva pitamahasau Ap^-i-P-iS- Cf. abhyanksva. 
anksva prapitamahasau Ap9-i-9-i5- Cf abhyanksva. 
anksvasav anksvasau HG. 2. 12.6. Sec under asav abhy- 
anksvaikam nianim ekam kmusva AV. 19.45.5*. 
angirasah prati janatu vacam etam AV. 19.4.4''. 
angirasanam adyaih pancanuvakaih svaha AV. 19. 22. i. 

The entire cliapter occurs also Atharva-parijista 46.9; cf. 

Ind. Stud. iv. 433. 
angirasan brahmana vipra jinva £¥.6.35.5'^. 
angiraso janmanasi AB.7. 17.3''; QQ.15.24'^. 
angusara girvanase angirasvat EV.1.62.1''; VS.34.16l'. 
angusam acha tavasam mada3a EV. 7.24.3'!. 
angusanam avavafanta vanlh EV.9.90. 2b. See angosi- 

nam etc. 
angusehhir grnanah satyaradhah EV.4.2 
angusair avivasatah EV.7.94.ii<'; VS.33.76c. 
anguso niartyesv a EV.5.74.8'i. 
anguso vam maghavana janesu EV.3.58.5''. 
angusyaih favasanaya sama EV.1.62.2I'; VS.34.17''. 
angusyaih pavamanarii sakhayah EV.9.97.8C. See ahgo- 

sinarii etc. 
acakranas trini 9irsa para vark'l. 
acakrur agnim utaye EV.3.27.6C; MS.4.10.1C: 141. 9; 

KS.40.14C; TB. 
aeakre havyadataye EV.8. loi.i''; VS.33.87<1. 
a ca gachan mitram ena dadhama EV. 10. 108.3c. 
a ca jagama vrtraha EV.8.4. ii'^; SV. 1.308''. 
a caturbhir a sadbhir huyamanah EV.2.18.4''. 
a ca tvam eta vrsana vahatah EV. 3.43.4*. 
a catvarihfata haribhir yujanah EV.2.18.5''. 
a ca devan haviradyaya vaksi EV.5.4.4'1. 
a cana tva cikitsamah EV.8.91.3''; JB. 1.220*. 
a ca no barhih sadatavita ca nah EV.7.59.6*. 
a ca para ca carati prajanan EV. 10. I7.6<1; AV.7.9. i'^; 

MS.4.i4.i6d: 243.14; TB.''; Apg.i6.7.4'^. 
a ca para capathibhij carantam EV.i. 164. sib; 10.177.3''; 

AV.9.10.11''; VS.37.17i>; MS.4.9.6'': 126.3; QB.14.1. 

4.10; AA.; TA.4.7.1''; 5.6.5; JUB.3.37.11',3; 

N.I 4. 3''. 
acamamyam gg.4.21.5; HG.1.13.5. See next, and cf. 

AG.i.24.7; GG.4.10.5; PG.i.3.5. 
acamaniyam bhoh KriU9.9o. 21. See prec. 
a carsanipra vrsabho jananam EV.i. 177.1*; MS.4.14. 

18*: 248.9; KS.38.7*; TB.2.4.3.iia. P: a carsaniprah 

TB.; Qg.17.9.5; Mg. 
a ca vaha jatavedah suyaja ca yaja KB. 3. 3 ; (^B. i. 4. 2. 1 7 ; 

gg.i.5.7. See a cagne, and a vaha jatavedah. 
a ca vaha mitramahaj cikitvan EV. i o. 1 1 o. 1 c ; AV. 5. 1 2. jc ; 

VS.29.25c; MS.4.13.3C: 201.9; KS.16.20C; TB.3.6.3.ic| 

a ca vahiisi tan iha EV. 1.74.6*. 
a ca viyanty U9atlr U9antam EV.9.95.3'1; SV.1.544''. 

a casta asam patho nadlnam EV. 7.34. 10*; N.6.7. 

a ca huve ni ca satsiha devaih EV. 1.76.4''. 

a cagne devan vaha suyaja ca yaja jatavedah TS.; 

TB. 3. 5. 3. 2. See under a ca vaha jatavedah. 
acamata mama pratatamahas tatamahas tatah sapatnlkas 

trpyantv acamantu Kau^.SS. 24. 
acarya upanayamanah AV. 11.5.3*. 

(cm) acaryapatnih svadha namas tarpayami BDh. 2. 5. i o. 2. 
acaryas tataksa nabhasi ubhe ime AV. 11.5.8*. 
acaryadhino bhava ApMB.2.6.14 (ApG.5. 11.25). See 

next two. 
acaryadhino bhavanyatradharmacaranat GG.3. 1.15. See 

2)ree. and next. 
acaryadhino vedam adhlsva AG. 1.22.2. See prec. two. 
(cm) acaryan svadha namas tarpayami BDh.2.5. 10. 2. 
aearye da9aratrarii syat Kaii9. 141.27c. 
acaryo garbhl bhavati gB.ii.5.4.12*. 
aearyo brahmacaryena AV. 11.5. 17c. 
acaryo brahmacarl AV. 11.5. 16*. 
acaryo bhutva varunah AV. 11.5. 15''. 
acaryo mrtyur varunah AV. 11.5.14*. 
acaryo yena-yena prayati tena-tena saha MG. 1.13. 18. 
a cavi9ad vasumantaih vi parvatam EV. 2. 24.2''. 
a casmin satsi barhisi EV. 2.6.8c. 

a cikitana sukratu EV.5.66.1*; AB.5.4.10; Ag.7.11.22. 
a cittam martyesu dhah EV.5.7.9''. 
a citra citrinlsv a EV. 4.32.2''. 
a citra citryam bhara rayiiii nah EV. 7.20.7''. 
acucyavur divyarii ko9am ete EV.5.59.8C. 
ac chlbhaiii samavalgata AV.3. 13. 2''. See tah 9lbham, 

and yaii 9ibham. 
acya janu daksinato nLsadya EV. 10. 15.6*; AV.18.1.52*; 

VS. 19.62*. P: acya janu Kau9.83. 28. 
a cyavayantu sakhyaya vipram AV.3.3.2''. 
a cyavaya maghadeyaya 9uram EV. 10. 42. 2'' ; AV. 20.89. 2''. 
a cyavayasy utaye EV.8. 92.7c ; SV.1.170C; 2.992c. 
a cyavayanioivate na ko9am EV. 4. 17.16''. 
achac chandah VS.15.4,5; TS.; MS.2.8.7: 111. 

12; KS.i7.6(fo/s); gB.8.,5.2.3,4. 
achadi tva chando dadhe MS.1.6.1*: 86.9; 1.6.2*: 87.5. 

P: achadi tva Mg. 1.5. 3. 14. 
achadvidhanair gupitah*; AV.14.1.5*. 
a chinadmi stukam iva AV. 7.74.2''. 
achetta te (TB.Apg. 1.5.5c, vo) ma risam (MS. mar.sam; 

KS. ma risat) TS.i. 1.2.1; MS.4.1.2: 3.10; KS.1.2; 

31.1; TB.; Apg.1.3.14; 5.5c; Mg.i.i.1.37. 
aehyantu vi ca 9asatu VS. 23.42''. See chyantu vi. 
ajagan ratii sumana iha syam AV. 19.49. 3''. So Shankar 

Pandit's edition ; the Vulgata, ajagan . . . syah, q. v. 
a jagmathuh parakat EV. 10.22.6c. 
a jagmuso anuniate ni yacha AV. 2.26.2''. 
a janghanti sanv esam EV.6.75.13*; VS.29.50*; TS.4.6. 

6.5*; MS. 3.16.3*: 187.6; KSA.6.1*; N.9.20*. P:a 

janghanti Aj^g. 20. 16. 12 ; Mg.9.2.3. 
a janam tvesasamdr9am*. Cf BrhD.7.96. 
a janaya druhvane parthivani EV.6.22.8*; AV.20.36.8*. 
a jabhruh ketum ayavah EV.4.7.4C. 


anj anagandhim 

ajarasaya sam anaktv aryama EV.10.85.43b; SMB.1.2. 

i8b; ApMB.I.II.5^ /See ahoratrabhyaiii sam. 
a jahnavliii samanasopa vajaili RV. 1.116. i9<'. 
aja khelasj'a paritakmyayam RV. 1.116.15K 
a jagrvir vipra rta (SV. rtam) matlnam EV.9.97.37''; SV. 

2.707"; PB.15.9.3. 
ajataiii jatavedasiRV.6.16.42'1; TS.3.5. ii.4'^;'': 

148.11; KS.15.12'1; AB.i. 16.24; KB.8.1. 
a jata sukrato prna EV.8.i.i8<i; SV.i.52<J. 
ajati pafva upa nay cikitvan RV.s.a.s^. 
a jato vifva sadmany aprah RV. 10. i.i<i; VS. 12.13d; TS. 

4.2.1. 4^; MS.2.7.8'1: 85.15;; gB. 
aja na indra manasa purustuta RV. 1.102.3^. 
aja nastaiii j^atha pa^um RV. 1.23.130. 
ajami tvajanya AV.3.25.5\ 
a jamir atke avyata RV. 9. i o i . 1 4^^ ; SV. 2.737''. 
aja yamasya pradhane jigaya EV. 1.116.2''. 
a jaya yuvate jjatim RV. 1. 1 05. 2^. 
a jaya vi9ate patiin R V. i o. 8 5. 2 9^ ; AV. 14.1.25'!; ApMB. 

ajav adriiii vavasanasya nartayan RV. lsls"*. 
ajav indrasyendo RV.i. 176.5'=. 
ajasah pusanam rathe EV.6.55.6*; N.6.4'\ 
ajiih j-ami sadotibhih EV.8.53(Vril.5).8^ 
a jighra kala9aih mahi VS.8.42a; TS.7.i.6.6a; M9.9.4.1". 

Ps: a jighrakala9am^B.; Ap(j3.22.i6.i ; a jiglira 

Kg. 13.4. 18. 
ajiiii jaya samane parayisnuh AV.6.92.2'1. See vajajic 

ajituraih satpatim vi9vacarsanim EV.8.53 (Val.5).6*. 
ajiih tvagne sarisyantaiii sanim sanisyantaih devebhyo 

havyaiii vaksj^antam vajinaiii tva vajajityiii sariimarsti 

{v. I. "marjmi) MQ. 1.3. 1.9. Sec agne vajajid vajam tva 

ajim tvagne sasrvahsam sanim sasanivansarii devebhj-o 

havyam ohivansaiii vajinam tva vajajitarii sariimarsti (!) 

MQ. 1.3.4. 2. St'C agne vajajid vajarii tva sasrvaiisarii. 
ajiiii na girvavaho jigyur a9vah SV. i.68<l. See ajiiii na 

jagmur girvaho. 
ajiih na jagmur a9va9vatamah RV.5.41.4'1. 
ajiiii na jagmur girvaho a9vah RV.6.2 4.6<J. See ajirii na 

ajirii na jagmur yuvaynh sudanu RV.4.41.8I'. 
ajipate nrpate tvam id dhi nah EV.8.54(Va].6).6''. 
a jihvaya muradevan rabhasva'=; AV.8.3.2'=. 
ajigartah 9rutah kavih AB. 7. 17.3b; 9(^.15.2411. 
a juhota (TB.ApQ. juhota) duvasyata EV.5.28.6a; QB. 

1. 4.1. 39=1; 3.10; TB.'\ P: a juhota Apg.21. 

a juhota svadhvaram RV.3.9.8\ 

a juhota havisa marjayadhvam SV.i.63'''; Svidh.i.4.5. 
a juhoti pradhanyasu sasrih RV.10.99.4t1. 
a juhvad dha\->-am anusak SV. 1.82c. 
ajuhvana (MS. ajuhvana) idyo vandya9 ca RV. 10. i io.3'i; 

AV.5.i2.3a;VS.29.28a;MS.4.i3.3a: 201.14; KS.i6.2o-''; 

TB.; N.8.8a. P: ajuhvanah Apg. 10.20.19. 
ajuhvanam amartyam VS.28.3b; TB.2. 6.7.21'. 

ajuhvanasya midhusah EV.7.16.3I'; TS.'; KS. 

39- 15''- 
ajuhvanasya sarpisah RV. 1.127.1S; AV. 20.67. 3B; SV. 

1.465-'; 2.11636; VS.15.478; TS.; MS.2.I3.8'-': 

158.6; KS.26.11?; 39.158. 
ajuhvanah sarasvatim VS.21.32l'; MS.3.11.2I': 141.10; 

TB. 2. 6. II . 3I'. Cf. ajuhvana sa". 
ajuhvanah supratlkah purastat VS.17.73*; TS.''; 

1^.2.10.6": 138.14; 3.3.9:42.9; KS.18.4''; 21.9; QB. 

9-2-3-35 ; TB.3.7. 7.10a. Ps; ryuhvanah supratlkah M^. 

6.2.5; ajuhvanah HG.i. 26. 20. 
ajuhvana idyo etc. : see ajuhvana etc. 
ajuhvana ghrtapr.stharii prsadvat EV.7. 2.4''. 
ajuhvana s.arasvatl VS. 20.. 58"; MS.3.11.3'': 143.15; KS. 

38.8"; TB. 2.6. 12.2a. Cf. ajuhvanah sa". 
ajuhvano ghrtaprsthah svancah RV.5.37.1I'; N.5.7. 
ajuhvano na idyah RV. 1.188.3". 
ajuhvano havisa 9ardhamanah (KS. vardha") VS.20.38i'; 

MS.3.ii.ib: 139.16; KS.38.6t'; TB.2. 6.8.11". 
ajnatam anajriatam Ap^. 3. 1 2. i". See unde>- ajnatarii yad. 
ajyarii yajiia rco yajuh TB.3. 7.6.1 8<=; Ap9.4.ii.6'=. 
ajyaih kim asit paridhih ka asit RV. 10. 130.3I'. 
ajyabhagantarii praktantram Kau9.6.34-\ 
ajyam agne nimrjantv adhvare RV. 10. I2 2.7<1. 
ajyam asi TS.i. 6.1.1 ; Apg.2.6.6. C/". ajyasyajyam. 
ajyam uktham avyathayai (TS. avyathayat ; KS. avya- 

thaya) stabhnatu (MS. stabhnotii) VS. 1 5. 10 ; TS. 4. 4. 2. 1 ; 

MS.2.8.9: 113.6; KS.17.8; gB. 
ajyarh paj'asoijani TB. 2. 4. 8. 2^. 
ajyarii prtanyato hatam AV. 7.70. 3". 
ajyarii bibharti ghrtam asya retah AV.9.4.7''. 
3Jyasya kulya upa tan ksarantu HG. 2.ii.i<=. Cf. me- 

dasah kulya, and ghrtasj'a kulya. 
ajyasya paramestliin AV.i.7.2'''. 
ajyasya svaha VS.28.11 ; MS.4.13.5: 205.2; TB.; 

AQ.3.4.3. P: ajyasyagg.5.18.2. 
ajyasyajyam asi (KS. asi haviso havih) TS. 1.6. i.i ; MS. 

1.1.11: 6.17; KS. Cf. ajyam asi. 
ajyaya lokaih krnuhi pravidvan AV. 1 1. i.sib. 
ajyayo yavamatrat TB.; ApQ.3.i.2a. 
ajyena tejasajyasva A9.3. 14. 13b; Ap(^.9.6. iib. 
ajyena dadhnodehi Apg.7.8.5. Vikara o/ajyenodehi. 
ajyena pratyanajmy enat TB."; ApQ. 2. 1 9. 6<= ; MQ. 

1.3. 2. 13';. 
ajyenabhigharitah AV. 5.21.3''. 
ajyenabhigharitau AV. 10.9.25^. 
ajyenodehi QB. ; TB. 3. 2.9.14; Kg.2.6.34; Ap9.2. 

3.11; 11.3.1; M(^.i.2.4.23;; 2.9. Cf. ajyena 

ajye marutvatiye ca Vait. 19. 20<=. 
ajyair ghrtair juhoti pusyati RV. 1 o. 7 9. 5I'. 
anjataih mama pitarah Ap(^. 1.9. 17. Cf. abhyanjatam. 
afijatam mama pitamahah Ap^. i. 9. 1 7. Cf. abhy.anjatam. 
anjataih mama prapitamahah Ap(^. 1.9.17. Cf. abhyanj- 
anjanagandhirii surabhim RV. 10. 146.6"; TB.". 

P: afijanagandhim gG.6. 2.5. 

anjanam pr° 


anjanam prtliivyarii jatam AV. I9.44-3"''- 

anjanasya madughasya AV. 6. 10 2.3''. 

afijanena sarpisa saiii vi9antu (AV. sprfantam; TA. 

mi-fantam)^; AV.12.2.31I'; 18.3.57I- TA. 

6. 10. 2^. 
anjasvanulimpasva PG.2.14. 17. Gf. under asav abhy- 

anim na rathyam amrtadhi tasthuh EV. 1.35.6c. 
andat patatrivamuksi AV. 14.2.44". 
andado garbhrui ma dabhan AV.8.6.25C. 
andabhyain svaba TS.; KSA.3.6. 
anda uia no maghavan chakra nir bhet KV. i.i04.8<'. 
anda fusnasya bhedati EV.8.40. i i<l. Gf- 9usnasyandani. 
andikarii kumudam saiii tanoti AV.4.34.5''. 
andibhava ja(?) ma muhuh TA. 1.27.1''. 
andeva bhittva 9akunasya garbham EV. 10.68.7'=; AV. 

20. i6.7<=. 
andau^tliah HG.2.2.3. 

ata a tasthuh kavayo mahas pathah EV.2.24.7''. 
a ta indo madaya kam EV.9.62.20''. 
a ta indra mahimanam EV.8.65.4^ 
a ta eta vacoyuj'a EV.8.45.39^ 
a ta etu manali punah EV. 10.57.4^ 
a taksata vrsano mandasanali EV.4.35.6'1. 
a taksata satim asmabhyam rbhavah EV. 1.111.3"'. 
a tatana rodasi antariksam EV. 10.88. 3''. 
a tat ta indrayavah pananta EV. 10. 74.4-''; VS.33.28*. 
a tat te dasra uiantumah EV.i.42.5"'. 
a tanusva pra tanusva TA. 1. 1 2. i\ 
a tantum agnir divyarii tatana MS. 2.13.22^: 167.15; KS. 

40. 1 2(1; TB.; Apg. 9. 8. 64. 
a tanvana a yachantah AV. 6. 66. 2?. 

atapati varsan virad avrt svalia TS. 2. 4. 7. 2. See tapati etc. 
atapate svaba TS. Gf. under tapate. 
atapantam amuih divah AV.8. 6.12b. 
atapaya svaha TS.7.1.17. i; KSA. 1.8. 
atapsyate svaha TS. 
a tarn agne ratharii tistha TA. 1. 1 1.7^ 
a taiii bhaja sau9i-avasesv ague EV. 10.45. to''; VS.12.27"'; 

TS.''; MS.2.7.9.-1: 87.3; KS.16.9-'; ApMB.2.ii. 

29^1 (ApG.6.15.1). 
a tasthav (VSK.MS.KS. tastlia) amrtaiii divi EV.8.52 

{Val.4).7'l; VS.8.3d; VSK.8. 1,2=1; TS.; MS.i. 

3.26'!: 39.5; KS.4.iod; gB.4.3,5.12. 
atasthivanso amrtasya nabhim EV.5.47.2b. 
a ta surih prnati tutujanah EV. 6. 29.5c; 37.5''. 
atithyam agne ni ca dhatta it purah EV.5.28.21I. 
atithyam asmai cakrma sudavne EV. i.76.3'i. 
atithyarupam masaram VS. 19. 14". 
atithye ranann rbhavah sasantah EV.4.33.7l\ 
atir vahaso darvida te vayave VS. 24.34; MS.3.14.15: 

175.9. Sec Siii. 
a tisthatam suvrtam yo ratho vam EV. 1.183.3". 
a tisthati maghava sana9rutah EV. 10. 23.3c ; AV.20.73.4c. 
a tisthati ratham indrasya sakha EV.9.96.2C. 
a tisthati vrsabho gosu janan EV. 9. 96. 7=1; SV.2.295'1. 
atisthantam pari vi9ve abhusan EV.3.38.4''; AV.4.8.3f'; 

VS.33.22a; KS.37.9"; TB.2.7.8.i'>. P: ati.sthantam 

pari TB. 2.7. 16. 2. 
a tistha mitravardhana (KS. "nah) AV.4.8.2C; KS.37.9C; 

TB.; ApQ.22. 26.16. See a tistha vrtrahantamah. 
a tistha rathaiii vrsanam vi'sa te EV.i. 177.3''. 
a tistha vrtrahantamah TB. 2.7.16. ic; Ap9-22.28.17. See 

a tistha mitravardhana. 
a tistha vrtrahan ratham EV.i.84.3"'; SV.2.379"; VS.8. 

33- TS.i.4.37-i^ KS.37.9^ ?B.4.5.3-9^ TB. 

Ps: a tistha vrtrahan TB.; Ap9.i4.2.i2; 22. 

26.18; 28.22; a tistha K(j:!. 12.5.2 ; L9.3.10.10. 
a tisthasvaitarii te di9am abhimukliali samnaddho ratho 

ibhipravartatam AB. 8. i o. 3. 
a tistha liaritaiii ratham EV.3.44. i<l. 
a tisthemam a9manam ApMB. 1.5. 1% 6,11; 2.2.2" (ApG. 

2.5.7,9; 4.10.9); HG.I.4.I-''; 19. 8'''. P: a tistha ApG. 

2.5.3. See etam a9manam, ehy a^manam, imam a9ma- 

nam, and a rohemam. 
ati vahaso darvida te vayavyah TS.5.5. 13. i; KSA. 7. 3. 

See atir. 
a tugrarh 9a9vad ibham dyotanaya EV.6. 20.8c. 
a tu nah sa vayati gavyam a9vyam EV.8. 21.10c ; AV. 20. 

14.4C; 62.4C. 
a tu pra yahi harivas tadokah EV.7. 29. i^. 
a tu pra yahi harivo haribhyam EV.3.30.2''; VS.34.19b. 
a tubhyam indrali pyayatam VS.5.7C; TS.1.2.11. ic; 6.2. 

2.5; MS.I. 2.7: i6.i8; KS.2.8; AB.1.26.4C; GB.2.2.4C; 

gB.; Ag.4.5.6c; gg.5.8.3«; Vait.13.23C; Lg.5. 

a tu gahi pra tu drava EV.8. 13. 14". 
a tu na iudo 9atadatv a9vyam EV.9.72.9''. 
a tu na indra kau9ika EV. r. 10. 1 1"'. 
a tu na indra ksumantamEV.8.81.1''; SV.1.167''; 2.78"; 

PB.9.2.13; AA.5. 2.3.2; VaradapU. 1.4"; A9.5.12.9; 6. 

4.10; gg.7.15.3; 9.12.1. Ps:a tu nah Svidh.r.4.18; 

a tu Evidh. 2.34.5. 
a to na indra bhajaya : see a tu na indra 9aiisaya. 
a tu na indra madryak EV. 3.41.1'''; AV.20.23.1''; Ag.6. 

4.10; gg.9.13.2; Vait.31.22. 
a tu na indra vrtrahan EV.4.32.1''; SV.1.181''; VS.33. 

65"'; MS.4.11.4'': 171.1; KS-e-io"; Ag.2.18.19; gg.9. 

12. i; 18.13. 4. Ps: a tu na indra KS. 21. 13; Mg.5.1. 

7.7; a tu nah Svidh. 1.4. 18. 
a tu na indra 9ahsaya (TB. bhajaya) EV. 1.29. 1C-7C; AV. 

20.74.1C-7C; KS.10.120; TB. 
a ta na (MS. na) upa gantana EV.8.7.11C; TS.; 

MS. 4.10.4O: 153.2; KS.6.10"'. 
a tu bhara makir etat pari sthat EV.3.36.9"; TS. 1.7.13. 

3'''; KS. 6.10a. P: a tu bliara TS.; gg.3.2.5. 
a tu silica kanvamantam EV.8. 2.22". 
a tu silica harim ini dror upasthe E V. 10."; N.4.19. 
a tu su9ipra dampate EV.8.69.I6'''; AV. 20.92. 13". 
a te agna (MS.MQ. agna) idhlmahi EV.5.6.4a; SV.i.4i9a; 

2.372";"; MS.2.13.7'': 156.14; 4.12.5: 191. 

11; KS.9.6"; 39.14; PB.13.6.1; AQ. 7.8.1; gg.12.10. 

11; Mg.6.2.2. P: a te agne Lg. 10.9.9. Sec a tvagna. 
a te agnarca havihEV.5.6.5"; 6.16.47"; SV. 2.373"; TS. 


4.4-4-6''; £8.39.14"; AG.1.1.4". Ps: a te agna rca 

^^.12.10.11; a te agne LQ. 10.9.9. 
a te karambliam admasi AV.6. 16. ic. 
a te karo yrnavama vacahsi EV.3.33.10''; N.2.27". 
a te garbho yonim etu (AG. aitu) AG. i.i3.6»(mi. notes); (ApG.3.8.13); HG.i.zs.i". See under 

a garbho. 
a te cikitra usasam ivetayah RV.i 0.9 1.4c. 
a te ta vajrinn imalie EV.8. 2i.8^>. 
a te tva.sta patsu javaiii dadhatu AV.6.92.11I; VS. 9. 8'^; 

a te daksaiii vi rocana RV.8.93. 2 6'\ 
a te daksaih mayo bhuvam EV.9.65.28''; SV.1.498''; 

a te dade vaksanabhyah AV. 7.114.1a. P: a te dade 

a te dadhamlndriyam RV.8.93. 27^ 
a te daiTini dadhmasi RV.8. 102.20''; AV. 19.64. 3^; VS. 

11.731-; TS.'; MS.2.7.71': 83.7; KS.16.7b; gB. 
a te deva yajniya yajiiam aguh AV. 1 1. 1. lob. 
a te nayatu savita nayatu AV. 2.36.8^ 
a tena yatam manaso javiyasa RV. 10.39.12*; AA. 2.3. 

a te pitar marutarh sumnam etu RV. 2.33. i'"^; AB.3.34.4"-; 

TB.; Ag.3.8.1. Ps:atepitahQg.4.2 0.2; 6.11. 

10; 8.6.3; AG.4.8.23; a te Rvidh. 1.30.5; BrhD.4.89. 
a te pranarii suvamasi AV. 7.53.6"-. See punas te prana. 
a te badhnamy osadhim PranagU. ib. See jlvantlin. 
a te bhadrayaih suniatau yatema RV.6. i.iod; MS.4.i3.6'i: 

207.10; KS.i8.20il;'i. 
a te maiio vavrtj^ama maghaya RV. 7.27.5b 
a te maha indroty ugra RV.7.2 5.ia; TS.i. 7.13. 211; MS.4. 

i-.s'i; 186.2; KS.8.161; AA. P: a te mahah 

MS.4.14.12: 235.2; TB.; Mg.5.1. 10.39,53. 
a te mukhasya sariika9at AV. 7.114.1"=. 
a te yatante rathyo yatha prthak RV.10.91.7c; SV.2.333''; 

MS.4.11.4C: 173.2; Apg.3.i5.5c. 
a te yoniih garbha etu AV.3.23.2''; QG. I.I9.6^ P: a te 

yonim QG. 1. 16.8. See under a garbho. 
a te rathasya pusan RV. 10. 26.8". 

a te rastram iha rohito^harslt AV.I3.I.5^ See aharsld. 
a te rucali pavamanasya soma RV.9.96. 24*. 
a te vajrarii jarita bahvor dhat RV. 1.63.2b. 
a te vatso mano yamat RV. 8. 11. 7^1; SV. i.8"'i; 2.5161; VS. 

12.115a; PB.i4.6.i;gB.;Ag. 7.8.1 ;gg.9.23.i2; 

1 2. 1 1. 16. P: a te vatsah Svidh. 2.6. 13. 
a te vacam asya (ApMB. asyarii) dade HG. 1. 1 5. 6''^ ; ApMB. 

2. 21.33a (ApG.8. 23.1). See taiii te vacam. 
a te vrean vrsano dronam asthuh RV.6.44.20''. 
a teivo varenyam RV.5.35.3a. 
a te fusmo vrsabha etu pafcat RV.6. 19.9^; MS.4. 1 1.4'': 

170.11; KS.9.i9a; TB.2.5.8.ia; 8.5.8". Ps: a te 9Usmo 

vrsabhah ^; a te ^usmah M^. 5.1. 7.2; — 8. ii. 
a te saparj'u javase yunajmi EV.3.50. 2". 
a te sincami kuksyoh RV.8.17.5"; AV.2o.4.2a. 
a te suparna aminanta (RV.KS. AB. aminantah) evaih RV. 

— atma 

1.79.2a; TS.s.i.ii.S"; MS.4.i2.5a: 193.9; KS.11.13a; 

a te stotrany udyatani yantu AV.5. 11.9*. 
a te svastim Imahe RV.6.56.6a. 
a te»ham hrdayad dade AV. 7. 11 4.1b. 
a te hanii harivah fura fipre RV.5.36. 2». 
a te hari jujuvanasya vajina RV. 10.93. 8b. 
a te hastau rabhamahe AV.8.i.8'l. 
atodinau nitodanau AV.7.95. 3*. 
attam devebhyo havih SMB. 2. 2. 10; GG.3. 10.24. 
at tva rsabhoihvayat AV. 10. 10. lob. 
atmakrtasyainaso.vayajanam asi (TAA.MahanU.Ag. 

BDh. asi svaha) VS. 8. 1 3 ; TAA. 10.59; MahanU.18.1; 

Ag.6.12.3; gg.8.9.1; Apg.13.17.9; Mg.; BDh. 

4. 3. 6. P: atmakrtasya Vait. 23. 1 2. 
atmanah prthivim samtanu KS.39.8; TB.; Apg. 

atmanatmanam abhi sariivive9a (TA. 10. i.4<i,MahanU. 

sambabhuva)VS.32. ii'i; TA.i.23.9fi; 10.1.4'!; MahanU. 

2. 7*!. 
atmana bhujam ajnutam AV.8.2.89. 
atmani dhriyatam AV. 9. 1. 1 i<!-i 3d, 1 6^. 
atmane tapanam tu sah AV.4. i8.6<l. 
atmane me varcoda varcase (Mg. me varcodah) pavasva 

VS. 7. 28; VSK.9.1.3; gB.; Mg. Frag. 

ment: atm.ane {the rest understood) TS. Prat- 
mane me Apg. 12.18.20. 
atmane jalyasrarisanam Kau9.33.9b. 
atmane svaha TS. 7.3.16. 2; 5.12.2; KSA.3.6. 
atmano jagdhaiii yatamat pi9ilcaih AV.5.29.5b. 
atmano hrd.ayan nirmitam Apg. 5.18. 2^. 
atmann adhisi prajii jyotih Apg.6. 10. 11. 
atmann upasthe na vrkasya loma VS. 19.92"; MS. 3. 11. 

9": 154-10; KS.38.3a; TB. 
atmann (l9aU. atmany) evanupa9yati VS. 40. 6b; l9aU.6b. 

See atmanarii devam. 
atmany a samanjan chamita na devah TB. See 

atmanvate svaha KSA. 5. 3. 
atmanvaty un^ara nariyam .agan AV. 14.2,14*. 
atmanvantam paksinam taugryaya kam RV. 1.182.5b. 
atmanvan nabho duhyate ghrtarii payah RV.9.74.4a; 

KS.35.6a; AB. 1.22.2; Ag.4.7.4. P: atmanvat gg.5. 

atmanvan (VSK. atmanvant) soma ghrtavan hi bhutva 

(Mg. "van ihfuhi) VSK.1.10.5C; TB.; Kg.2.8. 

14C; Aiig.2.10.51:; Mg.i.2.6.25c. 
atmam (?) indraya pyayasva : see a tvam etc. 
atmamukhe mrtyor asye juhomi GDh. 24.6. Cf. VaDh. 

20. 26. 
atmalingaya namah TAA. i o. 1 6. 
atmasado me stha Apg.6. 21. i. See next. 
atmasadau me stam AV. 5. 9. 8. See prec. 
atmasani prajasani (MS. adds ksetrasani; Apg. adds 

pa9usani) VS.19.48c; MS.3.11.10O: 156.17; KS.38.2C; 

TB.; gB.; gg.4.i3.ic; Apg.6.ii.5c. 

atma karotv atmane TB. ; Apg. 4. 4.1. 

atma — 

atma ksatram uro mama ¥8.20.70; MS.s.ii.S": 152.4; 

KS.38.4C; TB. 
atma guhayam nihitoisya jantoh'; MahanlJ. 

8-3''; 9vetU.3.2oh. 5ce atmasya jantor. 
atma ca tva tanu9 ca frinltam TB.; ApQ.13.3.3. 

Cj: next. 
atma ca me tanu9 ca meVS.18.3; TS. 4.7. 1.2; MS. 2. 11. 2: 

140.14; KS.18.7. Cf. prec. 
atma te vato raja a navlnot EV. 7.87. 2"^. 
atma tva hasyati Ap^. 10. 2. i r. 

atma devanam janita prajanam ChU.4.3.7'\ See next. 
atm.a devanam uta manusanam (JUB. martyanam) AV. 

7.111.1I'; JUB.3.2.4^ See prec. 
atma devanarii bhuvanasya garbhah 168.4^ 
atmanam vasyo abhi vatam areata EV. 10.92.13". 
atmanam ced vijanlyat QB. 14.7. 2. id''; BrhU.4.4. i6^ 
atmanam ta agiayanah patu MS. 4.8.7: 1 1 5. i o ; Ap^. 1 4- 

21.4. See agrayanas te. 
atmailam tava puiusa\8''; AV.4.9.7'1; VS. 

12.78^1,821!; TS.4.2. 6.3'i; MS.2.7.I3'1: 94.2; KS.16.13'1. 
atmanam te manasarad ajanam EV. 1.163.6-''; VS.29.17*; 

TS.*; KSA.6.3^ 
atmanam devam aujasa QB. 14.7. 2. 18'^; BrliU. 4. 4. 1 8^. 

See atmann eva". 
atmanam dhliani ajaraiii yuvanam AV. 10.8.44''. 
atmanam dhehi TA.4. 2.5. 
atmanam angaih saniadhat sarasvati VS. 19.9 s''; MS. 3. 

11.9I': 154.13; KS. 38. 3''; TB. 
atmanam upatisthati ApMB. 2.9. 2''. 
atmanam upavadhih Ap(^. i o. 2. 1 1 . 
atmanam pitaiaiii putram AV.9.5.30^ 
atmanam punate sada EVKh.9.67. 4b; SV.2.652''; TB.i. 

4.8.6b; N.5.6''. 
atmanam prapadye AQ. 1.4.9. 
atmanam me tarpayata VS.6.31 ; TS.3. 1.8. i; MS. 1.3. 2: 

30.9; KS.3.10; <;;b. 

atmanam me patam MS. 1. 1. 13: 8.7. 

atmanam me pahi VS. 14. 17; TS.; MS.2.8.3: 108. 

11; KS.17.3. 
atma narayanah paiah; MahanU. 1 1.4''. 
atmantariksam samudro (TS. samudras te) yonili VS. 1 1. 

20I'; TS.''; 5-7-25-i^; MS.2.7.2b: 75.15; 3.1.4: 

5.4; KS.16.2I-; KSA.5.5b; gB. 
atma pitus tanur vasah EV.8.3.24a. 
atma biahmatma jyotih BDh. 2.10. i 7.40. 
atma ma atmaiii ^ritah, atma lirdaye, hrdayaiii mayi, 

aham amrte, amrtam brahmani TB. 3. 10.8.9. 
atma me 9udliyantam TAA. 10.66. 
atma yaksmasya nayyati EV.10.97.11C; VS.12.85c; TS.; MS.2.7.13C: 93.18; KS.16.13C; N.3.15. 
atma yajilasya pui-vyah EV.9.2.10C; SV.2.395C; KS.35.6c. 
atma yajnasya ranhya EV.9.6.8a; KS.35.6''. 
atma yajuena kalpatam VS. 18. 29; 22.33 (ivitli svaha); 

TS.i. 7.9.2;; KS.14.1; 18.12. 
atmaya namah 
atmavaiputranamasigB.i4.9.4.26c; BrhU.6.4.26c; KBU. 

2.HC; AG.I.IS.9C; PG.I.16.18C; 18.2C; HG.2.3.2C; 


APMB.2.11.33C; MG.1.18.6C; N.3.4C; Mahabh.i.74.63c. 

See atmasi, tejo vai, and vedo vai. 
atma vo astu sampriyah TS.; KS.7.12C; TB.i. 

atmasi putra ma mrthah SMB. 1.5. i8c. See under 

atma vai. 
atmasya jantor nihito guhayam KU. 2.20''. See atma 

atmasy atmanatmanam (Vait.Kauf. atmann atmanam) 

me ma hihslh GB. 2. 1.3; Vait.3.11; Kau9.65.14. 
atma hi jajiia atmanah AB. 7. 1 3. 6c ; QQ. 1 5. 1 7c. 
atmendrasya bhavasi dhasir uttamah EV.9.85.3t', 
atmeva vatah svasaiani gachatam EV. 1.34.7'!. 
atmeva yevo didhisayyo bhut EV. 1.73. 2<i. 
atmaivabhiid vijanatah VS. 40. 7!'; l5aU.7''. 
atreyo niskakanthyali AB.8.2 2.6'i. 
atreyo madhyato«dadat AB.8. 22.4''. 
a tv adya sadhastutim". 

a tv adya (SV. a3dya)sabaidugham EV.8. i. lo'' ;'SV. i. 295*. 
a tvam ajasi garbhadham VS.23. 19; TS.; MS. 3. 

12.20: 166.12; KSA.4.8; gB.; TB. 
a tvam (GB. atmam [?]; LQ. a svam [?]) indraya pya- 

yasva VS.5.7'!; TS.'";; MS.i.2.7: 16. 

18; KS.2.8; AB.i.26.4'i; GB.2.2.4<i; gB.; Ag. 

4.5.6''; gg.5.8.3'^; Vait.i3.23'i; Lg.5.6.8d. 
a tv atatrav a gahi EV.8.82.4''; Ag.6.4.10; gg.9.16. i. 
a tva kanva ahu.sata EV. 1.14.2". 
a tva kanva ihavase EV.8. 34. 4*. 
a tva kumaras tarunah AG.2.8.16''; PG.3.4.4''; HG.1.27, 

4'>-; MG.2.11.12''; ApMB.2.i5.4''(ApG.7.i7.3). See enam 

ku" and emarii ku", and cf. a tva vatso and enaiii 

a tvagan yajiiah prati kumbhaiii grbhaya AV. 11.1.14''. 

Fragment: prati kumbhaiia grbhaya Kau9.6o. 28. 
a tva gan rastram saha varcasodihi AV.3.4.1''. P: a tva 

gan KaU9. 16.30. 
a tvagamaiii 9ariitatibhih EV. 10. 137.4"; AV.4.13.5''. 
a tva giro rathir iva EV.8.95.ia; SV.1.349*; Ag.7.8.3; 

gg. 1 8. 1 8. 1 3. P: a tva girah Cf. BrhD. 

a tva girbhir maham urum EV.8. 65. 3^ 
a tva gobhir iva vrajam EV.8. 24. 6^ 
a tvagiia idhimahi AV. 18. 4.88"; Kau9.89. 13. See a te 

agna etc. 
a tva grava vadaiin ilia EV.8. 34. 2''; SV. 2.1159'^ 
a tva crtatv aryama AV.5. 28. 12". P: a tva crtatu Kau9. 

a tva jigliarmi manasa (TS.KS. vacasa) glirtena VS. 11. 

23"; TS.4.I.2.5''; 5-I-3-3; MS.2.7.2": 76.3; KS.16.2''; 

19.3; gB.6. 3.3.19. P: a tva jigharmi Kg.16.2.21; 

Mg.6. i.i; Apg. 16.3. 1. See jigharmy agniiii, and cf. 

a vi9vatah. 
a tva juvo rarahana ablii prayali EV. 1.134. i''. P: a tva 

juvah gg. 10.7.3. Cf BrhD.4.5. 
a tva dade ya9ase vli-yaya ca TB.3.7.10. i'''; Apg. 9. 18.15", 
a tvadya vi9ve vasavali sadantu EV. 10. 142.6''. 
a tva panim yad imahe EV.8. 4 5. 14". 


— a daksina 

a tvii parifritah (MG. parisrtali; PG.ApMB. parisrutah) 

• kumbhah (ApMB. kumbha) AG.2.8.160; PG.3.4.4C; 
MQ. 2. 1 1. 1 2"^ ; ApMB. 2.15. 4C. Sec a tva hiranmayali, 
enarii parisrutah, emaiii parisrutah, and cf. purnan 

a tva piirvam anayann aparaiii punah EV.i.3i.4'i. 

a tva prnaktv indriyam KV.1.84.1C; SV.1.347C; 2.378^; 

TS. 1. 4.39- 1"- 
a tva prapann aghayavah (MG. adyayavah) AG. 2.8. 1 6''; 

MG. 2. 1 1. 1 2<i. See ma tva etc. 
a tva brhanto harayo yujauah EV. 3. 43. 6*. Cf. a tva harayo. 
a tva brahmayuja harl EV.8.17.2''; AV.20.3.2a; 38.2-^; 

47.8=1; %Y.2.-L-j«-; MS.2.13.9'1: 158.10. 
a tva madacyuta harl £¥.8.34.9''. 
a tvam anaktu prayata havismati EA''.8.6o.iC; AV.20. 

103.2C; SV.2.902C; KS.39.15c. 
a tva ruantrah kaviyasta vahantu EV. 10. 14.4c ; AV. 18. 

1.60C; TS.; MS.4.14.16C: 243.3. Cf. stuta 

a tvam rjifva sakhyaya cakre EV. 5.29.11c. 
a tva yachantu me girah EV.8.32.23'\ 
a tva yachantu harito na suryam RV. 1.130. 2f. 
a tvayam arka utaye vavartati RV.8.88.4C. 
a tvayam puruso garnet Kauf. 89.6c. 
a tva ratham yathotaye EV.8.68.1''; SV. 1.354''; 2.1121"; 

AB.3.15.2; 4.29.7; 5.16.12; 8.1.4; KB.15.2; 19.8; 20. 

2; 24.2; 25.3,10; AA.; AQ.5.14.4; 8.12.16; 

gg.7.19.8; 15.2.5; 17.9.2; N.5.3. C/. BrhD.6.91. 
a tva rathe hiranyaye £¥.8.1.25"; SV. 2.742". 
a tva rambhaiii na jivrayah EV.8.45.20"; N.3. 21 [adding 

rarabhma of the next pada). 
a tvaruksad vrsabhah prfnir agriyah Kau9.89.6". 
a tva ruroha brhaty U3ta pantih AV. 13. 1.15". 
a tva ruroha rohito retasa saha AV. I3.i.i5<i. 
a tva rurohosnihaksaro vasatkarah AV. 13. 1.15c. 
a tva vatso gamed a kuniarah AV.3.12.3C. Cf 5 tva 

kumaras, and a tva 9i9ur. 
a tva vasavo rudra adityah sadantu VS. 2.5; ^B. 1.3.4. 12. 

P: a tva vasavah KQ. 2.8.11. Cf vasunarii rudranam 

adityanam sadasi [and . . . sado). 
a tva vasuni purudha vi^antu TB.''; ApQ. 7.6.7I'. 
a tva vaso havamanasa indavah EV.8.50.4C. 
a tva vahantu suyamaso a9va.h EV. 3. 6 1.2c. 
a tva vahantu harayah EV. 1.16. i"; AB.4.3. i ; 6.9. i ; A^. 

6.2.3; W'7*4''> 9-5-4; ii-7'4' P= S tva vahantu 

a tva vahantu harayah sucetasah (HG. ApMB. sacetasah) 

MS.2.9.ia: 119.3; HG.2.8.2"; ApMB. 2. 1 8. 1 ^(ApG. 7. 

20.1). P: a tva vahantu Mg.i 1.7.1. 
a tva vahantu harayo vahisthah EV.6.40.3I'. 
a tva vatasya nrmano manoyujah EV. 1.51.10c. 
a tva vipra acucyavuh EV. 1.45.8". 
a tva vi^antu kavir na Ag.6.3. i". See next. 
a tva vi9antu sutasa indra AV.2.5.4". See prec. 
a tva vi9antu harivai-pasam girah £¥.10.96.1'^; AV.20. 

a tva vi9antv a9avah RV.i.5.7"; AV.20.69.5"; gg.9.19.3. 

a tva vi9antv indavah EV.1.15.1'; 8.92.22"; SV.1.197"; 

2.1010"; VS.8.42b;'TS.7.i.6.6c; gB. ; Mg.9.4.ib; 

gg.9.19.3; 18.7.12; Svidh.3.1.5; N.6.24. P: a tv.a 

vivantu Lg. 1.6.31. Cf a ma vi9antv. 
a tva vi9amy a ma vi9a SMB. 1.7.6-8. Cf avidam ma. 
a tva 9akyam upamaiii radho annaih EV. 10. 29.3''; AV. 

a tva 9aml 9a9amanasya 9aktih EV.4.22.8*'. 
a tva 9i9ur akrandatu PG.3.4.4C. Cf. under a tva vatso. 
a tva 9ukra acucyavuh EV.8.95.2". 
a tva sakhayah sakhya vavrtyuh SV. 1.340". See o cit. 
a tva sahasram a 9atam EV.8.1.24"; SV.1.245"; 2.741"; 

Ag.7.4.3; Svidh.3.6.3. P: a tva sahasram gg.i 2.9.1 1. 
a tva sutasa indavah EV.8.49 (Val. i).3". 
a tva subhava sui-yaya KB. 12.4(6/5); gB.; gg.6. 

8.1,2. See a tva suhava. 
a tva subhutam avi9at tadanim AV. 12. 1.55C. 
a tva su9ipra harayo valiantu EV.i.ioi.ioc. 
a tva suhava suryaya AB.2.21.3 (&js); Ag. 5. 2.1,2. See a 

tva subliava. 
a tva somasya galdaya SV. 1.307". See ma tva etc. 
a tva svo vi9atam varnah AV. 1.23. 2c. See a na svo. 
a tva harayo vrsano yujanah EV.6.44.19". Cf a tva br^. 
a tva harami 9ata9aradaya AV.8. 2.2''. 
a tva haryantam prayujo jananam EV. 10.96.12"; AV.20. 

32. 2". 
a tvaharsam antar abhuh (EV.AG.Evidh. edhi) 

173.1"! AV.6.87.1"; VS.12.11"; TS.^ MS.2.7. 

8": 85.11; 3.2.1: 15.18; KS.16.18"; 35.7"; gB.6.7. 

3.7; TB."; AG. 3. 12. 2; Evidh.4.22.4. P: a tva- 
harsam TS. 5. 2. 1. 4; KS.19.11; Vait.28.16; Kg.16.5.16; 

Apg.16.10.14; Mg.6.1.4; Kau9.59.13; 98.3; 140.8; PG. 

1. 10.2. Cf BrhD.8.73. Designated as dhruvasuktam 

VHDh.5.296; 6.59,420. 
a tva hiranmayah kumbhah HG. 1.27. 4c. See under a tva 

a tva hota mannrhitah EV.8.34.8". 
a tv eta ni sidata EV.1.5.1"; AV.20. 68. 11"; SV. 1.164"; 

2.90"; PB.9.2.18; JB.1.226"; Ag.6.4.10; gg.9.16.1; 

a tveyaiii dhir avasa indra yamyah EV.6. 23.8'^. 
a tvesam vartat« tamah<i; AV.i9.47.i'^; 

VS.34.32J; N. 9. 2911. 
a tvesam ugram ava Imahe vayam £¥.3.26.51^; KB. 22.9; 

at sarvan vih9atim nakhan AV.4.3.3C. 
at suiyaiii janayan dyam usasam EV. 1.32.4C; TB. 
at soma indriyo rasah EV.9.47.3". 
atharvanam asi vyaghrajambhanam AV.4.3.7'^. 
atharvana abadhnata AV. i o. 6. 2 o''. 
atharvananam caturrcebhyah svaha AV.19. 23. i. The 

entire chapter occurs also Atharva-pari9i.sta 46.10; cf 

Ind. Stud. iv. 433. 
atharvanayagvina dadhlce EV.i.i 17.22". 
atharvanir angiraslli AV. 11.4.16". 
adakaih (KSA. °kan) khadena TS.5.7-ii-i; KSA.13.1. 
a daksina srjyate 9usmy asadam EV.9.71.1". 


ad agne — 

ad agne aprnatah KV.5.7-IO''- 

adaghnasa upakaksasa u tve"; N.i.q". 

ad afiga kuvid anga AV. 2.3.2''. 

ad angirah prathamarii dadhire vayah RV.1.83.4I; AV. 

20.25.4>'; gg.18.6.5. 
adat Ag.3.4.15; 8.8; g(?.6.i.5. 
adatta namucer vasu ¥8.20.71"; MS.3. ii.4<': 145.10; 

KS.38.9C; TB. 
adatta yajnaiii kafinam (^B. 13. 5. 4.21 0. 
adatta vajrain abhi yad ahiiii han RV.5.29.2<'. 
a datse jinataiii varcah AV. i2.5.56'\ 
adadathe anrtaiii .svena manyuna EV. 1.139.2^. 
adadanam afigirasi AV.i2.5.52a. 
adadana krtarii glahat AV.4.38.3b. 
a dade TS. ; 3.8.1; 4.1.1. See devasya tva savituh 

prasavejfvinor bahubhyarii pusno hastabhyam a dade. 
a d.ade visadusanam AV. io.4.24<l. 
adad dhavyany adadih EV. i.i27.6cl. 
adadharsad vrsanvasu EV.2.41.8^; VS.20.82l>. 
a dadhatu sarasvati AV. 19.31. 9'^. 
adadhami tatha hi tat TA.4.37.10. 
adadhami te padam AV. 2. 1 2. 8^ 
a dadhikrah javasa panca krstlh EV.4. 38.10^1; TS.1.5.11. 

4»; AB.7.33.1; AQ.2.12.5; 
a dadhnah kalajair (ApMB. kalafir; MG. kala^am) aguh 

(AG.ApMB. ayan; Q6. gaman; PG. upa; HG. ayann 

iva ; MG. airayam) AV. 3.12.7'!; AG. 2. 8. 1 6d ; QG. 3. 2. 9^ ; 

PG.3.4.4d; HG.i.27.4d; ApMB. 2. 15. 4'!; MG.2. 11.12''. 
adan A9.3.4. 15 {comm.); (j3(^.6. 1.5. 
adarta vajraiii sthaviram na bhimah EV.4.20.6''. 
adardiraso adrayo na vifvaha EV. 10. 78.6b. 
adardiro bhiivana dardarlmi EV.8. 100.4^. 
adardrtam apiliitany afna RV.4.28.5''. 
a dar^ati ^avasa bhuryojah AV. 5. 2. 7c. See a dansate. 
adargam agnim cinvanah TB.3. 12.9.2^ 
a darsate favasa sapta danun EV. 10. i2o.6<^; AV.20.107. 

9C ; N. 1 1. 2 ic. See a dar9ati. 
ad alabukam ekakam AV. 20. 132. i. 
a da9abhir vivasvatah EV.8.72.8'''; AB. 1.22.2; AQ.4.7.4; 

5. 1 2. 1 5. P: a dafabhih QQ. 5. i o. 8. 
ad asmabhyam a suva sarvatatim £¥.3.54.11''. 
ad asmad anyo ajanista tavyan EV.5.32.3<i. 
ad asya te krsnaso daksi surayah EV. 1. 141.80. 
ad asya te dhvasayanto vrtherate EV. 1.140.5^ 
ad asya vato anu vati ^ocih EV. 1.148.4C; 7.3.2c; sv.2. 

57o<=; VS.15.620; TS.4.4.3-3'=; MS.2.8.i4e: 118.10; KS. 

17.10C; 9B. 
ad asya gusmino i-ase EV.9. 14.3". 
ad asyayur grabhanavat EV.i.i2 7.5d. 
a dasyuglina manasa yahy astam EV.4.I6.Io^ 
ad aha svadham anu EV.i.6.4a; AV.2o.40.3'>'; 69. 12''; 

SV.2.20I"-; Ag.7.2.3. P:ad aha svadham 

Cf. BrhD.2.139. 
adanasamdanabhyam AV. 1 1. 9. 3^. 

adanena saiiidanena AV.6. 104. i". P: adanena Kau5.i6.6. 
adaya jitaiii jltaya AV. 12. 5. 57a. 
adaya fyeno abharat somam £¥.4.26.7"; N.ii.2a. 


adaya sahva dafamasyam afvam QB. 13.5.4. 22". 

adayo virah gatamanyur indrah MS. 2.10.4'': 135.17. See 

under adayo. 
adarinam yatha gayam RV.8.45. 13". 
adaro vam matinam EV. 1.46.5''. 
a dajuse jatavedo vaha tvam EV. 1.44.10; SV. 1.400; 2. 

1 1300. 
a daguse suvati bhuri vamam EV.6.7i.4<i; AB.5.8.7. 
ad ij janasya daivyasya carkiran EV. 10.92.3''. 
ad ij janista parthivah EV.8.51 (Val.3).8''. 
ad ij janista pauhsyam EV.8.51 (Val.3).4''. 
ad ij jujosa vr.sabhaiii yajadhyai EV.4.24.5'1. 
ad it ta indriyaiii mahi pia vavrdhe EV. 8. 12.80. 
ad it trtsunam vigo aprathanta EV.7.33.6''. 
ad it te asya viryasya carkiran EV. i . 1 3 1 . 5^^ ; AV. 20. 7 5. 3"-. 
ad it te vigva bhuvanani yemire EV.8. 12.280-300. 
ad it te vigve kratum jusanta EV. I.68.3^ 
ad it te haryata harl vavaksatuh EV.8. 12.2 50-2 7c. 
ad it tvasta gnasv antar ny anaje EV. i.i6i.4<i. 
ad it paktih purodafaiii riricyat EV.4. 24.5''. 
ad it patini akrnutarh kanlnaiii EV.i. 1 16. 10''. 
ad it patir na ohase EV.8. 80. 90. 
ad it pagca bubudhana vy akhyan EV.4. 1. 18*. 
ad it pagyamy uta va frnomi AV.3. 13.6'''; TS.5.6. 1.4"; 

MS.2.i3.ia: 152.15; KS.35.3^ P: ad it pagyami TB.; 3-I2-I-I; Ap(;!.i4.i8.i. 
ad it piteva huyase EV.8. 21. 14''; AV.20.n4. 2<1; SV. 

ad it prthivl ghrtair vy udyate TS.3.i.ii.4<'. See ad id 

ghrtena, and ghrtena dyavaprthivl vyundan. 
ad it pratnasya retasah £¥.8.6.30"; SV.1.20"; KS.2.14"; 

AA.; ChU.3.'i7.7. 
ad it prapafyan bhuvanani vigva E¥. 10.88. 1 1''; MS.4. 

14.14'': 239.18; N.7.29''. 
aditya esam astraiii vi nagayatu A¥. 11. 10. 16". 
adityah parvatebhyah £¥.1.191.90; A¥ 
adityah pagur asit tenayajanta (KSA. "yajata) sa etam 

lokam ajayad yasminn adityah sa te lokas tarn jesyasi 

yady avajighrasi (KSA. jesyasy athavajighra) TS.5.7. 

26.1 ; KSA. 5. 4. See suryah pagur etc. 
adityah pratipajyati M^.ii.i.i''. 
adityam visnurii suryam A¥.3.20.40; S¥.i.9iC; ¥SK. 

10.5.50; KS.14.20. See adityan efc. 
adityam ?arma marutam ajlmahi £¥.10.36.40. 
aditya kunapaiii bahu A¥. 11.10.4'^ 
adityagrahasavitrau A^- 5- 5.210; ¥ait.2O.40. 
adityam garbharii payasasam aiigdhi {¥S. afidhi; TS.KS. 

oaiijan) ¥8.13.41"; TS."; MS.2.7.i7a: 101.17; 

KS.16.17a; (^B.^.5.2.I^. P: adityam garbham K^. 

17.5-17; Mg.6.1.7; Apg.i6.27.7; BrhPDh.9.5.8; PG. 

1. 13 (crit. notes; see Speijer, Jatakarma, p. 18). 
aditya cak.sur a datsva A¥". 
adityajuta edhate £¥.8.46.5''. 
adityam jyotisam jyotir uttamam TB.; Ap9.4. 


adityadevato^fvatthah GG. 4. 7. 24". 

aditya navam aruksah (SMB. aroLsam) A¥. 17. 1.25"; 



SMB.2.5.I4^ P: aditya navam GG.4.6.12; KhG.4.1. 

25. See imam su navam, sunavam a ruheyam, and 

sui-ya nfivam. 
(om) adityaiii tarpayami BDh. 
aditya prayaycitte tvarii devanaiii praya9cittir asi ApMB. 

1. 10.5 (ApG.3.8. 10); HG. 1. 24.1. P: aditya praya^citte 

HG. 1.24. 1 (bis). See surya prayafcitte. 
adityam eva te parivadanti sarve AV. lo.S.iycj TA. 2. 

adityarathavegena EVKh. i . 1 9 1 . 2\ 
adityavadganasya soma deva te matividas trtlyasya sava- 

nasya jagatichandasa iiidrapltasya narafansapltasya 

pitrpltasya madhumata upaliutasyopahuto bhaksayami 

(M(j3. savanasya jagacchandasoiguihuta indrapltasya) 

TS. 3. 2. 5. 3 ; MQ. 2. 5. 1. 33. P : adityavadganasya (followed 

hy fragments . . . narafahsapltasya . . . indrapltasya . . .) 

ApQ. 12.24.7,9. Cf. under i!\sy a. i&. 
aditya varnaih tamasah parastat (TA.3. 12.7'', tamasas 

tu pare) VS.31.18t; TA.3.i2.7t'; 13.1b; gvetU.3.8i>; 

Bhagavadglta 8.9. 
adityavarne tapaso^dhi jatah KVKh.5.87.6\ P: aditya- 

varne Evidh. 2.19.3. 
aditya vratapate (sc. vratarii carisyami etc., as under agne 

vratapate)TB.; TA.4.41.4; ApQ.4.3.2; HG.i.7.8. 

See siirya vratapate. 
aditya vratapate vratam acarisam TA.4.41.6. 
adityag caksuse Svidli.3.8.2. 
adityag caturthe VS. 39. 6. 
adityag ca diva prajapatif ca Kau^. 73. 21". 
adityag ca dyaii9 ca sariinate te me saiiinamatam adah 

VS. 2 6. 1. Cf. dive sam, divy adityaya, and suryaya sam 

adityag ca me savitraf ca me TS.4.7.7. 2. Cf. aditya? 

ca ma, and savitra? ca me. 
adityah. fantih TA.4.42.5. 
adityah 9ulira udagfit purastafc MS.4. 14. 14'^: 239.15; MG. 

1. 19.3. Of MMcZe?' adityo deva. 
adityas te vasubliir adadhatu HG. i. 7. 1 1^. See adityais te. 
adityas te vajin yufi TS. 7.5. 19.2; KSA.5.15. 
adityasya nrcaksasah AV. 13. 2.1". 
adityasya ma samkajah (sc. avatam) Vait. 11.16. Uha 

o/naksatrrtnam ma etc. 
adityasya vratam upaksiyantah (TB.upaksyantah) RV.3. 

59. 30; MS.4.10.2C: 146.16; TB. 
adityasyavrtam anvavarte Q(}. i. 6. 5 ; 4. 1 2. i o ; (^G. 2.3.2; 

adityah satyam om (TB. om iti) TB. 2. 4. 6. 7'' ; A^. 5. 1 3. 1 4(1. 
adityah. sai-vagnih prthivyam vayur antarikse suryo divi 

candrama diksu naksatrani svaloke TA. 1.20. i. 
adityah samavedasya GB. 1.5.25". 
adityah supatha karat EV. i. 25. 1 2^. 
aditya adbhutainasali EV.8.67.70. 
aditya apa durmatili RV.8.67. is^. 
aditya ava hi khyata RV.8.47.ii'i; (j;!G.i.4.2. 
aditya asti mrdata RV.8.18. 19b. 
aditya ajyaih MS. 1.9. 2: 132.2; KS.9. 10. Cf. aditya 


aditya utibhir vayam RV.8.67.i6b. 

aditya rjuna patha EV. 1.41.5''. 

aditya (sc. etad vah trtlyaiii savanam etc.) K^. 25.13. 27. 

cy. Kg. 2 5. 1 3. 2 6.' 
aditya enam angirasah sacantam AV. 12.3.43''. 
adityah: see aditya ( vah etc.). 
adityah kama prayataiii vasatkrtim TB."=. 
adityah kamarii pitumantam asme TB. 2.8. 2. i^. 
adityah k.lma haviso jusanah TB.'!. 
adityah krtrima faruh RV. 8. 6 7. 20b. 
adityah paricada9am KS. 14.4 (ter). 
adityah paiicada9aksaraya paucada9arii masam udajayan 

MS.i. II. 10 (?<«): 172.7,21. (7/! adityebhyah pa", 
adityah paucada9aksaram 171. 18. 
adityah pancada9riksarena pancada9aiii stomam udajayan 

(VS. udajayans tam uj jesam) VS.9.34; TS. 
adityah pa9cad gopsyanti AV. 10.9.8c. 
(om) adityang ca tarpaj^ami BDli. 
aditya ca ya9asvini MG. 2. i3.6'\ 
adityan chma9rubhih (VS. adityan 9ma"; MS. adityan 

9ma'^) VS.25.1; TS.; MS.3.15.1: 177.9; KSA. 

adityan jinva TS.; KS.17.7; 37.17; PB.1.9.11; 

Vait. 22. 17. 
aditya daksinabhih TA.3.8. 2. Cf. aditya ajyaih. 
aditya danunas pati EV.1.136.313; 2.41.6''; SV.2.262''; 

aditya devata VS.14.20; TS.; MS.2.8.3: 108.17; 

KS.17.3; Apg.13.11. 1, 
adityan aditiiii devim TA. 1.1.3"; 21.2". 
adityanam vasunaiii rudriyanam EV. 10.48. 11^. 
adityanam vo devanam devatabhir grhnami KS.39.1; 

adityanam 9armani stha bhuranyasi EV. 10.35.9". 
adityanam jagati TA.3.9.1. See jagaty adityanam. 
adityanam trtiya VS. 25.6; TS.; MS.3.15.6: 179. 

7; KSA. 1 3. 7. 
adityanam tva devanam vratapate (omitted in KS.) 

vratenadadhami (KS. "dadhe) KS. 7.13 (fer) ; TB. 1. 1. 4. 8 ; 

Apg.5.11.7. Cf. MWfZer aiigirasaiii tva. 
adityanam nibodhata TA. 1.3.4''. 
adityanam aneha it EV. 8. 3 1.12". 
adityanam apui-vj'aiii savlmani EV.8.18. i". 
adityanam ayanaiii garhapatyah AV. 18.4.8''. 
adityanam araiiikrte EV.8.67.3". 
adityanam avasa nutanena RV.7.51.1''; TS. 2.1. 11. 6''; 

MS.4.I4.I4'': 238.12; Ag.3.8.1; 5.7.13; 

Ps: adityanam avasa TB. 2.8. 1.6; gg.8. 1.4; adityanam 

Lg. 2.8. 1. Designated as adityadaivatam (sc. suktam) 

Evidh. 2. 26.3. 
adityanam ahve caru nama EV.3.56.4''. 
adityanam adityrinaiii sthane svatejasa bhani TA. 1.15.1. 
adityanam utavasi EV.8.47.5''. 
adityanam patvanv (PB. patmanv) ihi VS. 22.19; TS.; MS. 3.12.4: 161.11; KSA.1.3; PB.i.7.2; gB. 

13. 1.6. 2; TB.; Mg.9.2.r; ApMB. 2. 2 1.30 (ApG. 





adityanam prasitir (MS. prasrtir) hetir ugra MS. 4. 9. 12c: 

133.9; TB.3.7.i3.4«; TA.4.20.3'=. 
adityanam bhago^si VS. 14. 25; TS.;; MS. 

2.8.5: 109.15; KS.17.4; 21. i; ^B. 
adityanam marutarii fardha ugiam EV. 10. 103.9''; ^^^ 

19.13.10l'; SV.2.I207I'; VS.17.41''; TS.'; MS.2. 

10.4^: 136.8; 
adityan kamam avase huvema TB. 2.8.2. 2'>'. 
adityan devan yajnenapiprem Ai3(j).4.i2.3. 
adityan dyavaprthivi apah svah RV. 7.44.1''; 10.36. i<'. 
adityan maruto di^ah AV. 10.9. 10''. 
adityan marutarii ganam RV. 1.14.3^; 6.16.24''; VS. 

33- 45"- 
adityan yacisamahe RV.8. 67. il'; TS. 2.1. 11. 5''; MS.4.12. 

i'': 177.5. 
adityan yamy aditirii duvoyu RV.6.5i.4d. 
adityan visnurh suryam EV.10.141.3O; VS.9.26; TS.1.7. 
10.3''; MS. 1. 1 1. 4": 164.13; ^B. 5. 2. 2. 8=. See adityarii 
aditya bhagaria vali karisyamy amiim amusyayanam 
avagamayata MS.2.2.1: 14.8; MQ. Of. TS.2. 
aditya manavah smasi EV.8.i8.2 2''. 
aditya ma vi^ve avantu devah AA. 5. 1. 1. 1 2\ 
aditya ma svaravo vardhayantu AV. 18.3. 12''. 
aditya yajatarii brhat RV.5.67.1''. 
adityaya namah GropalU.2. Cf. adityaya svaha. 
aditya van mumocati RV.8.18. 12''; 67.i8l>. 
adityaya vidmahe MahanU.3. io\ See bhaskaraya, and 

tad bhaskaraya. 
adityaya svaha Kau?. 99. 2; 135.9. C/: adityaya namah. 
adityayagnira grhnami ratrya ahah ApQ.6.5.6. 
aditya raksitarah: see adityas te goptarah. 
aditya raya Ifate EV.8.47.4<i. 
aditya rudra afvinobha AV.5.3.9C. See under imarii 

yajiiam afvinobha. 
aditya rudra uparispr9o nah (KS. ospr9arii ma) AV. 5. 3. loC; 

KS.40. 1 4". See vasavo rudra aditya uparispryarii ma. 
aditya rudra vasava undantu sacetasah AV. 6.68.1c. Qf_ 

apa undantu jivase. 
aditya rudra vasavah AV. 11. 6.1 3'''; ViDh.73.12. The 
quotation in ViDh. represents prohabli/ the pratlka of one 
of the following mantras, 
aditya rudra vasavas tvelate (AB. tvedate) AV. 20. 135.9'' ; 

AB.6. 35.15a; GB.2.6.i4a; 16.2.117^; g9.12.19.2a. 
aditya rudra vasavah sudanavah EV. 10.66. 1 2^. 
aditya rudra vasavah sunithah RV.3.8.8''. 
aditya rudra vasavo jusanta (AV. jusantam) EV. 7. 35. 1 4'' ; 

aditya rudra vasavo me sadasyah TS. 7. 3. 1 3. lo ; KSA. 3. 3'=. 
aditya rudras tan mayi Kau9.42. 170. Cf. next. 
aditya vifve tad devah TS. 1.5.3. 2C; MS. 1.7.1C: io8.6; 

KS.8.14C. Cfprec. 
aditya vi^ve maruta? ca vi9ve EV. 7. 5 1.3a. 
aditya vi-snur marutah svar brhat 
aditya? ca ma indra9 ca me MS.2.11.5: 142.16. Cf under 
adityaf ca me. 

adityasa utamatim EV.8. 18. 11''. 

adityasa rtarii yate EV. 1.4 1.4''. 

adityasah kavayah paprathanah EV. 3. 54.10'. 

adityasah pathibhir devayanaih TB.''. 

adityasah pura hathat EV.8.67.5I'; ^6.271). 

adityasah jucayo dharaputah EV. 2.27.20. 

adityasas te akra na vavrdhuh EV. 10.77.2''. 

adityasah sadantii nah EV.8.2 7.6''. 

adityasah. saparyata Kau^. 73.15''. 

adityasah sumahasah (SV. samahasah) krnotana EV.8. 
18.18C; SV.i.395e.' 

adityasi VS.4.21; TS.i. 2.5.1; MS.i.2.4: 13.8; KS.2.5; 

adityaso atiskade EV.8. 67. 19''. 

adityaso ati sridhah EV. 10. 126.5a. 

adityaso aditayah syama EV.7.52. I*; KS. 11.12a. Desig- 
nated as adityadaivatam {sc. suktam) Rvidh. 2.26.3. 

adityaso aditir madayantam EV.7.5i.2a; AB.3.29.2; 
A^. 5. 17.3. F: adityaso aditih 9^.8.1.6. 

adityaso apakrtim EV.8.47.2^ 

adityaso aradhvam EV.8. 4 7. 7''. 

adityaso bhavata mrdayantah (VSK. mrlayantah) EV. i. 
107.1I'; VS.8.4''; 33.68''; VSK.8.1.3''; 32.68''; TS.I. 4. 
22.1''; 2.1. II. 4''; MS.1.3.26I': 39.7; KS.4.10''; QB.4. 

adityaso mumocata RV.8.67. 14''. 
adityaso yatha viduh EV.8. 6 7. 2". 

adityaso yuyotana no ahhasah EV.8. 18. 10"; SV. 1.397c. 
adityaso varunenanu9istah AV. 19.56.4''. 
adityaso vi sariihitam EV.8. 67. 21''. 
adityaso sadantu nah EV.8. 27.6''. Error for adityasuh. 

etc. (Aufrecht's edition). 
adityas tad aiigirasa9 cinvantu TB. 3. 11.6.1". See \i(^ve 

deva angirasa9. 
adityas tasman no (TB. ma) yuyam AV.6. 1 14. ii^; TB.2. 

4.4.80. See next. 
adityas tasman (TB.TA. tasman ma) muiicata MS.4. 14. 

i7<': 244.5; TB.; TA.2.3.1C. Seeprec. 
adityas te goptarah (KS. aditya raksitarah) TS.; 

KS. 40.5. Cf. vi9ve te deva goptarah. 
adityas te citim (KS. citam) apurayantu KS. 40.5''; ApQ. 

16.34.4''. See vifve te dev.^19 citim. 
adityas te deva adhipatayah VS. 15. 12 ; TS.4.4.2. 2; MS. 

2.8.9: 113.15; KS.17.8; <;)B.8.6.i.7. 
adityas tva krnvantu (KS. kurvantu) jagatena cbanda- 

sangirasvat (MS. "vad ukhe) VS.i 1.58; TS.; MS. 

2.7.6: 80.17; KS.16.5; QB. P: adityas tva 

Kg. 16.3. 28; Mg.6.1.2. 
adityas tvachrndantu jagatena chandasangirasvat (MS. 

"vad ukhe) VS. 11.65; TS.; MS.2.7.6: 82.4; KS. 

16.6; gB. 
adityas tva jagatena chandasa {sc. nirvapantu) Kau9.68. 2. 
adityas tva jagatena chandasa punantu (JB. tva punantu 

jagatena chandasa suprajavatlrii rayasposavatim) PB.6. 

6.7; JB.1.73. P: adityas tva Lg. 1. 10. 17. 
adityas tva jagatena chaiidasa bhaksayantu AG. 1.24. t 7. 

Cf adityas tva varuna". 


adityas tva jagatena chandasarohantu AA.5. 1.4. 14; ^^. 

17. 16. 3; LQ.3.12.8. See next. 
adityas tva jagatena chandasa saptadafena stomena vaiiTi- 

])ena samnarohantu AB. 8. 1 2. 4. Sec prec. 
adityas tva jagatena chandasa sammrjantu PB. 1.2. 7. 

See adityas tva sariiinrjantu. 
adityas tvaiijantu jagatena chandasa VS.23.8; TS.7.4. 

20.1: MS.3.12.19: 165.14; KSA.4.9; ^B.; 

TB. Ps: adityas tvanjantu MQ.9.2.3; adityah 

Ap9-20. 15. 12. 
adityas tva dhupayantu jagatena chandasangirasvat (MS. 

dhupayantv aiigirasvat) VS.ii.6o; TS.; MS.2. 

7.6: 81.7; KS.16.5; gB. 
adityas tva parigrhnantu jagatena chandasa (KS. chanda- 
sangirasvat) TS. 1. 1.9.3; MS. 1. 1. 10: 6.6; KS. 1.9. Ps: 

adityas tva parigrhnantu jagatena chandasa KS. 25.5; 

adityas tva MQ. i. 2. 4. 1 5 ; adityah Ap^. 2. 2. 3. 
adityas tva pa9cad abhisincantu jagatena chandasa TB. 2. 

adityas tva punantu : see adityas tva jagatena chan- 
dasa pu". 
adityas tva prabrhantu jagatena chandasa TS.3.3.3. i. 

Cf. adityebhyas tva pra°. 
adityas tva i^rohantu jagatena chandasa JB. 1.78. 
adityas tva varunarajano bhaksayantu ^^.4.21.10. Cf. 

adityas tva jagatena chandasa bha°. 
adityas tva vi9vair devaih pa^cat (M(^. purastat) pantu 

TS.5.5-9.4; Mg.6.2.4. 
adityas tva {se. saiiimrjantu) M(j!!. 2.3.4. 20. 
adityas tva sammrjantu jagatena chandasa JB. 1.81. See 

adityas tva jagatena chandasa sarfamrjantu. 
adityas tvastrnan MS. 1.4.3: 51. i. 

adityas tva harantu jagatena chandasa MS. 1.2.8: 17.14. 
adityas tvocchrayantu KS.35. 7. 
aditya ha jaritar aiigh-obhyo daksinam (JB.Q<J!. :t5varii 

daksinam) anaj^an AV.20.135.6; AB.6.35.5; GB.2.6. 

I4(his); JB.2.116; Ag.8.3.25; gg.12.19.1. P: aditya 

ha jaritah Vait. 3 2. 28. Seems to be padas a, b, of a stanza. 

AV.20.135.6-10 are designated as devanitham AB.6.34. 

I ff. ; as aditj-aiigirasyah {sc. rcah) KB. 30. 6 ; (^Q. 1 2. 1 9. 5. 
aditye ca nrcaksasi AV. 10.3. iSl". 
aditye candravarnanam TA. 1.12.10. 
adityena namna 9ambhavisthah RV. 10. 77.8''. 
adityena sahlyasa RVKI1.1.50. i^. 
adityebhir aditim vifvajanyam RV. 7.10.4^. 
adityebhir devebhir devataya jagatena tva chandasa 

}^najmi TS.7.1.18. 1 ; KSA.1.9. 
adityebhir vasubhir angirobhih RV.7.44.4'1; AV.2. 

adityebhi<j ca rajabhih RV.1.20.5C; KB.26.13. 
adityebhyah gg.8. 1.3. Cf. next but one. 
adityebhyah pancada^aksaraya chandase svaha MS. i.ii. 

10: 173.9. C/ adityah pa", 
adityebhyah presya (Mg. omits presya) priyebhyah pri- 

yadhamabhyah priyavratebhyo mahasvasarasya (Mg. 

mahah sva") patibhya uror antariksasyadhyaksebhyah 

(Mg. adds presya) gB.; Mg.; Apg.13. 

— adityo 

10. 1. Short form : adityebhyah presya Kg. 10.4. 13 

(comm.); Apg.13. 10. i. Cf. prec. but one. 
adityebhyas tva VS. 2. 16; 8.1-4; TS.; 4.22.1 

4.4-I.2; 6.2; MS.i.3.26 (bis): 39-3.6; 2.8.13: 117.6 

KS.4.10 (ter); 17.7; 22.5; 37.17; PB.1.9.11; gB.i.8 

3.8;,10,12,15; TB.; Vait.22.17; Kg.9 

9.20; Apg.3.5.7. 
adityebhyas tva pravrhami jagatena chandasa MS.i.3.36 

42.11. Cf. adityas tva pra". 
adityebhyah svaha VS.22.28; MS.1.7.1: 110.6; 1.7.5 

114-9; 3-12-7: 162.17; KS.8.14; 9.3. 
adityebhyo angirobhyo madhv idam AV. 12.3.44^ P 

adityebhyo angirobhyah Kau5.62. 18. 
adityebhyo namah KSA. 11.3. 
adityebhyomubruhi (Mg. adityebhyah) priyebhyah pri- 

yadhamabhyah priyavratebhyo mahasvasarasya (Mg. 

mahah sva°) patibhya uror antariksasyadhyaksebhyah 

(Mg. obhyo«nubruhi) Kg. i o. 4. 1 2, 1 3 ; Apg. 1 3. i o. i ; Mg. Short form: adityebhyo^-nubruhi gB.; 

Apg. 13. 10. 1, 
adityebhyo nyahkun VS. 24. 27; MS.3.14.9: 174.3. 
adityesu pra varune dhrtavrate RV.8.2 7.3e. 
adityaitam te brahmacarinarii pari dadami gG.2.3.1. Cf. 

adityair aktam vasubhih sajosah VS.20.39d; MS.3.ii.i'i: 

140.3; KS.38.6d; TB. 2.6.8. 2'i'. 
adityair indrah sagano niarudbhih RV. 10. 157.3"^; AV. 

20.63.2'!; 124.5"; SV.2.462I; VS.25.46a; TA.i.27.1'1; 

Apg. 21.22. i\ 

adityair indrah saha ciklpati (SV.TA. Apg.Mg. sisadhatu ; 

VS. slsadhati)RV. 10. 157. 2I'; AV. 20.63. i''; 1 24-4'^; SV.2. 

461b; VS.25.46l'; TA.I.27.II'; Mg.7.2.6d; Apg.21.22.1d. 
adityai rudrair vasubhir na a gahi RV. 10. 150. i". 
adityai rudrair vasubhih sacabhuva RV. 2.31.1*'; 8.35. ili. 

Fragment: vasubhih sacabhuva N.5.5. 
adityair eka udyatah AV. 8. 8.1 2d. 

adityair no aditih yarma yansat RV.i.io7.2d; 4.54.6d. 
adityair no aditih farma yachatu RV. 10.66. 3*^. 
adityair no aditih 9motu RV.3.54.20C. 
adityair no brhaspatih Kau9. 128.4". 
adityair no bharati vastu yajuam VS.29.8"; TS.5. 1. 11.3*; 

MS. 3. 1 6. 2": 184.12; KSA. 6. 2". 
adityair no varunah 9arma yansat (TS. varunah sam9i9atu) 

TS.2.I.II.2d; MS.4.I2.2d: 180.2; KS.IO.i2d; Ag.2. II. 

i2d; gg.3.6.2d. 

adityair yatam a9vina RV.8.35. i3d-i5d. 
adityair va yad vasubhir marutvan RV. 10.98. i<=. 
adityais te vasubhu- a dadhatu ApMB. 2. 4. 4d. See adityas 

te etc. 
adityo jayatam AB. 8. 2 8. 1 3. 
adityo diksito dyaur diksa sa ma diksa diksayatu taya 

diksaya dikse JB. 2. 65(64); 
adityo deva udagat purastat MS.4.14.14'!: 239.7. See aja 

ekapad udagat, and cf. adityah 9ukra. 
adityo dyam adhyaruksad vipa9cit Vait. 14. id. 
adityoidhvaryuh sa meidhvaryuli Apg. i o. 3. i ; Mg. 

See adityo meidhvaryuh, and cf. adityo me daiva. 

adityo — 

adityo navahota sa tejasvi TA.3. 7.4. 

adityo.nukhyata TS.; TB.; Ay>Q.^.9.6; 

ApDh. 2.3.6. 2. See under asav adityoinukhyata. 
adityo me daiva uclgata tvarii manusah (^^-S-'-S- O^ 

ttndcr fidityoidhvaryuh. 
adityo me^dhvaryuh sa me devayajanarii dadatu SB. 2. 10. 

Short f 01 m: adityo meidhvaryuh SB.2.10; 

1 4 ; AG. 1. 23. 1 o. See under adityoidhvaryuh. 
adityo meidhvaryuli sa mopahvayatam SB. 2.5. Sec 

under adityosdhvaryuh. 
adityo vi9va bhuvanani sarva MS.4. 14. 14^': 239.11. 
adityoisi divi 9ritah, candramasah pratistlia, tvayidam 

antah, vifvam yaksaiii vifvaiii bhutaiii viyvarii subhu- 

tam, Yifvasya bharta vi9vasya janayita TB.3. 1 1. 1. 1 1. 
adityoisi vr.sno afvasya retail KS. 3 7. 13,14. 
ad it sakhibhyaf carathaiii sam airat RV. 3. 3 1.15^'; TB. 2. 

ad it saptasya carkiran EV.8.55(VaI.7).5\ 

ad it suryaiii divy aiohayo dr9e RV. 1.51.4'^; KB. 25. 7. 

ad it suryas tajiati tapyatur vrtha RV. 2.24.9''. 

ad it some vi paprcyad asusvin RV. 4. 24.50. 

ad it svadham isirilrii pary apa9yan RV. i.i68.9'J; 10.157. 

5*1; AV.20.63.3I'; i24.6'\ 
ad id anta adadrhanta purve KS. i8.2d See yaded anta. 
ad idarii ma upodare EV.8.9r.5<l; JB. 1.221'^ 
ad id aryo didhisvo vibhrtrah RV. 1.71.3I'. 
ad id etah pra vivijre javena RV. 10. 1 1 1.9''. 
ad id enaiii 9arisyam ukthyaiii karam RV. 10.48. 91^. 
ad id gandhai-vo abhavad dvitiyah VS. 17.3 2^; TS.4.6. 2. 

^^; MS.2.10.3I': 134.16;\ 
ad id grasistha osadhir ajigah RV. 1.163. 7fl; VS. 29.1 8'' ; 

TS.'d; KSA. 6.311; N.6.8<i. 
ad id ghrtena prthivliii vy udyate (AV. tiduh) RV. 1.164. 

47''; AV.6.22.1'1; 9.10.22'i; MS.4.12.5CI: 193.8; KS. 

1 1. 13'J; N. 7. 24<1. See ad it prthivl, and ghrtena dyava- 

prthivi vyundan. 
ad id damanam savitar vy urnuse RV.4.54.2«; VS.33.54''. 
ad id devanam upa sakhyam ayan RV.4.33.2''. 
ad id devest! rajasi RV.8.60. 15'!; SV.i.46''. 
ad id dyavaprthivl aprathetam RV. 10.82. i<l; VS.17.25'1; 

TS.; 134.2. ^ee yad id dyavao. 
ad id dyavaprthivl pary apa9yat RV.3. 26.8'i. 
ad id dha nema indriyam yajante RV.4.2 4.5a. 
ad id dha me vrsabha pra bruvanti RV. i o. 2 7. 3'!. 
ad id dhavir ajanay.anta devah RV. 10.88.8''. 
ad id dhotaraiii vrnate divistisu RV. 1.141.6". 
ad id dhotilram ny asadayanta (TB. asadayanta) EV.3.9. 

gd; 10.52.6d; VS.33.7d; TB. 2. 7. 1 2. 3d 
ad id yavistho abhavad ghrna 9ucih RV. i.i4i.4d. 
ad id ratnaiii dharayanta dyubhaktam RV.4.1. 18''. 
ad id rajanam manana agrbhnata RV.9. 70.3d; SV.2.775d. 
ad id vandeta varunaih vipa gira SV. 1.288'". 
ad id vasuni pra vavacasmai RV. 1.67.8''. 
ad id vaco a9nuve bhagam asyah RV.i.i64.37d; AV.9. 

I o. I 5d, 
ad id vo deva ohate EV.7.i6.iid; SV.i.ssd; 2.863d; MS. 

2.i3.8d: 157.8. 


adinavam pratidivne AV. 7. 109.4"'. 

ad indrali satra tavisir apatyata RV. 10. 113.5^ 

ad in namani yajiiiyani dadhire RV. i.87.5d. 

ad in nema indrayante abhike RV.4. 24.4'', 

ad in maya krnavo vlryani RV. 8. 100. id. 

ad in matrr avi9ad yasv a 9ucih RV. 1.141.5"'. 

ad invasi vanino dhumaketuna RV. 1.94. loi^. 

ad imam tanvam mama RV.8.91.6''. 

a divas prstham a9vayiih RV.9. 36.6'^. 

adigo noihoratre krnutam PG.3.3.6d. 

ad nil rajiie na sahlyase saca san RV. 1.71.4''. 

ad nil vi9va nahusyani jata RV.9.88.2<=; SV.2.822''. 

ad liii 9avasy abravit RV.8.77.2*. 

ad liii hahso yatha ganam RV.9. 3 2. 3"; SV. 2.120^ 

ad nil krnoti vrtraha RV.8. 32.11''. 

ad iiii kecit pa9yanianasa apyam RV.9. no. 6"; SV.2.845'''. 

ad Im tritasya yosanah EV.9.32.2^; SV. 2.121". (7/ etaiii 

ad im a9varii na hetarali (SV. hetaram) RV.9. 6 2. 6"; SV. 

ad Im ayan varam a vava9anah RV.9. 97. 22"; SV.i.537''. 
ad nil brahmaiii vardhayan (^(^.8.16.1. 
ad Im bhago na havyali sam astiiad a RV. 1.144.3°. 
ad u bruvate mithunani nama RV.3.54.7''. 
ad u me nivaro bhuvat RV.8. 93. 15!*. 
a diirosah i^astyasya hota RV. 4.21.6". 
ad u stenaiii atho ahim AV.4.3.4<=. 
a duna90 bhara gayani RV. 7.32. 7d. 
a duto agnim abharad vivasvatah RV.6.8.4C; N. 7.26". 
a dutyaiii bhrgavano vivaya RV. i.7i.4d. 
ad u nil te anu kratum RV.8. 63.5"'. 
a drdham cid arujo gavyam urvam RV. 3. 3 2.1 6''. 
a drdhaiii piirarii vivi9uh RV.5. 19.2''. 
ad rdhnoti havi.skrtim RV. i.i8.8'\ 
adrgaya svaha TS. 7. 3.1 7.1. 
adediganah 9aryaheva 9urudhali RV.9. 70.5''. 
ad edhasyana acitam RV. 10.86. i8d; AV. 20. 1 26. 18'', 
a devatata havisa vivasati RV. 1.58. i''. 
a devatatim ahvanta dasniah RV.4.6.9''. 
a deva devaii yajathaya vaksi RV.3.4. i". 
a devayajarii valia VS. 1.17; TS.; QB.; TB.; Ap9.i.22.2. P: a devayajam KQ. 2.4. 27. See 

agne devayajanarii vaha, and next. 
a devayajanarii vaha AV. 1 2. 2. 4 2'' ; KS. 1.7. See under prec. 
a devayurii bhajati gomati vraje RV.5.34.5d. 
a devayur inadhate durone RV.4.2.7''. 
a devari asminn adhvare vavrtyah RV.6.50.9''. 
a devanam agrayaveha yatu RV. 10. 70. 2^ 
a devanam api panthruii aganma RV. 10. 2.3"; AV. 19.59. 

3»; TS.*; MS.4.10.2": 147.9; KS.2.l5a; AB. I. 

9-7; 7-8-3; (?B.i2.4.4.ia; A9.3.10.12; 4.3.2; Kau9.5. 

12". P: a devanam TS.; MS.4.10.5: 154.6; 

4.11.4: 171. 14; KS.18.21; 20.15; 35-9; W-3-3-3; 

Vait.3.5; 19.12; Apg.14.28.4; 24.13.3. 
a devanam abhavah ketur agne RV.3. 1. 1 7''. 
a devanam ohate vi vrayo hrdi RV. 2. 23.16". 
a devan vaksi ni sadeha hota RV. 10.70.3d. 


a.devanvaksiyaksicaEV.5.26. i«; 6. 16.2c ; 8.102. i6<=; gy. 

2.825c; 87i«; VS.iV.B"; TS.; 5.5.3C;; 

MS.1.5.1C: 66.15c; KS.17.17c. 
a devan vaksy amrtrm rt.avrdhah RV. 6.15.18c. 
a devan somapltaye EV. 1.14.6C; 6.16. 44C; SV.2.734C. 
a deva j^antu sumanasyamanah MS.i.4.1'^: 47-5; 1.7. i'': 

109.6; KS.4.14C; 31.15; 34.19'i. (See a yantu devah. 
a deva yatam asmayu £¥.7.74.4"^. 
adevaso nitofanaso aryah RV. 7.92.4^. 
a devaso vanate martyo vah RV. 5. 41. 17c. 
a devir avase huve RVKli. lo.g.i'J. See under aipo devir 

a devesu i^rayo dadhat RV.4. 15.2c; MS.4.13.4C: 203.4; 

KS.16.21C; 38.12C; TB.; APQ.16.6.7C. 
a devesu yatata a suvlrye RV. 3. 16.4c. 
a devo dade budhnya vasuni RV.7.6.7''. 
a devo duto ajiraj cikitvan RV. 10.98.2". 
a devo devan vaksat AB. 2.34.10; ^Q.7.9.3. 
a devo yati bhuvanani pa9yan (TS.MS. bhuvana vipafyan) 

RV.i.35.2d; VS.33-43''; 34.31'^;^; MS.4. 

i2.6<l: 196.17. 
a devo yati savita paravatah RV. 1.35.3c. 
a devo yatu (MS.MG. yati) savita suratnah RV. 7.45.1''; 

MS.4.14.6^: 223.13; KS.i7.i9^ AB.5.5.7; KB.22.9; 

gB.; TB.2.8.6.ia; Ag.3.7.14; 10.6.9; 

5.23; 16. 1. 21. P: a devo yatu Ag. 8. 8. 4; gg.6. 10.10; 

a devo yati MG. 1.2.3. 
a devo rinan martyaya stavan RV. 2. i9.5l>. 
a devy aharad va9e AV. 10. 10. 1 2^^. 
a daivj'ilni parthivani janma RV.5.41. 14". 
a daivyani vrata cikitvan RV. 1.70.2^ 
a daivya vrnlmaheivansi RV.7.97.2* P: a daivya QQ. 

ad daksina yujyate vajayanti EV.5.1.3C; SV.2. 1098c. 
addhvam pitarah Kriu9.88. 14. 
adbhih samudram prna TS. ; 10.3; MS.2.4.7: 45. 

3; 2.4.8: 46.4; KS.ii.9,10. 
adyam vasatkarah pradanantam etam GB. 1.5. 23^ 
adya ratliam bhanumo bhanumantam RV.5. i.ii"'. 
a dyam ravena prthivim a9U9ravuh RV. 10.94. 12''. 
a dyam rohanti rodasl AV.4.14.4''; VS. 17. 68b; TS.4.6.5. 

2l>; MS.2.I0.6l>: 138.8; KS.18.4b; gB.; N. 

a dyam tanosi ra9mibhih RV.4. 5 2. 7''; Ag.6. 14. 18. 
a dyam aruksad uttaiani sadma EV. 10.67. lob; AV.20. 

91.10b; MS.4.i2.ib: 178.1. 
a dyavaprtliivl vi9va9aml:)hri TS. 1.7.8. 3b. See a ma dyavao, 

and eme dyavaprthivl vi9varupe. 
a dyotanirii vahati 9ubhrayama RV.3.58. ic. 
ad latri vasas tanute simasmai RV. i . 1 1 5. 4<l; AV. 20. 1 23. i J; 

VS.33.37d; 147.2; TB.; N.4.11'1. 
ad roGate vana a vibhava RV. 1.148.4b. 
ad rodam agham avayam AV. 8. 6. 26b. See papmanam uta. 
ad rodasl jyotisa vahnir atanot RV. 2.17.4c. 
ad rodasl vitaraiii vi skabhayat RV.5.29.4''. 
a dvabhyam haribhyam indra yfilii RV. 2.i8.4»; N. 7.6. 
ad varii bravama satyany uktha RV. 6. 6 7.10c. 

— & na 

a dvibarha amino yatv indrah RV. lo. 116.4^ 

adhattam dasra bhisajav anarvan EV. 1.116. le^. 

a dhatta pitaro gaibham VS.2.33'^; Ag.2.7.14''-; gg.4.5. 

8-'; Apg.i.;"; Kau9.89.6»; SMB. 2. 

3.16"; GG.4.3.27. Ps: a dhatta pitarah PG.i.i3(c>-iJ. 

notes; see Speijer, Jdtukarma, p. 19); a dJiatta Kg.4.1. 

22; KhG. 3.5.32; BrhPDh.5.284. 
a dhattaiii puskarasrajau (RV.AV.ApMB.MG. osraja) RV. 

io.i84.2<l;<l; AV.3.22.4f; 5.25.3d; QB.'!; TA. 10.40. 1''; MahanU.i6.5'l; BrhU.6.4. 

aod; AG.i.15-2'1; SMB.i.4.7d; ^.g<i- PG.2.4.8f; ApMB. 

I.12.2d; 2.12. 2d; HG.I.6.4d; 8.4d; 25.ld; MG.2.l8.2d; 

PG. 1. 13d (mi. tiotes; see Speijer, Jaiukarma, p. 19). 
a dharnasir brhaddivo raranah RV.5.43. 13". 
a dhavata madyaya RV.8.2.25b; SV.i.i23b; 2.1007b. 
a dhavataiii madhuna prfiktam apsu EV. i.i09.4d. 
a dhavata suhastyah RV. 9.46.4"-. 
adhitam cadhlti9 ea MS.1.4.14: 64.2; ApMB.i.10.9 

adhitam barhih MS. 1.9. 1 : 131. i; TA.3.1.1; gg.10.14. 4. 
adhiparnaiii kama9alyam AV.3. 25. 2". 
adhisamanayah patih EV. 10. 26.6". 
a dhursv asmai dadhata9van RV. 7.34.4". Ps: a dhOrsv 

asmai AB.4.3.3; AA.; Ag.6.2.5; gg.10.13.13; 

12.3.23; 18. 15.6; a gg. 9. 6. 1, 
a dhenavah pa)'asa turnyarthah RV.5.43.1"; AB.2.20.5; 

KB.12.1. P: a dhenavah gg. 6. 7. 7. 
a dhenavah sayam asyandamanah AV.3. 12. 3d. Gf- ^ gave 

dlienavah, aiid a syandantarh. 
a dhenavo dhunayantam a9i9vlh RV.3.55. 16". 
a dhenavo mamateyam avantlh RV.i. 152.6". Cf. BrhD. 

a dhenur iva dhavatu RV.8. 2 2.4d. 
adhyaksayanuksattaram VS. 30. 11. See under adhy". 
adhyo ni tirami te AV. 6. 131.1b. 
adhrag cid yaiii manyamanas tura9 cit RV. 7.41. 2C ; AV.3. 

i6.2C;VS.34.35C;TB.; ApMB.i.i4.2C;N.i2.i4c. 
adhrasya cit pramatir ucyase pita RV.i.3i.i4c. 
adhrena cit tad v ekam cakara RV.7.18. 17". 
adhvann a9vaso vrsano j'ujanah RV.6. 29. 2d. 
a na idabhir (VSK. ilabhir) vidathe su9asti RV. 1.186. i"; 

VS.33.34"; VSK.33.34. P: a na idabhih (VSK. ila- 

bhih) VS.33-47 ; VSK.33.47. Cf. BrhD.4.'62. 
a na indo mahim isam RV.9.65. 13". Cf. a na indra etc. 
a na indo vaje bhaja RV. 1.43.8c. 
a na indo 9atagvinam (SV. fatagvinam) RV.9.65. 17"; 67. 

6"; SV.2. 185". 
a na indra prksase RV. 10. 22.7". _ 

a na indra mahim isam RV.8. 6. 23". Cf. a na indo etc. 
a na indrah sumatirii gantv acha RV.7.i8.4d, 
a na indrabrhaspati EV.4.49.3"; Ag.2.11.19. 
a na indro durad a na asat EV.4.20.1"; VS. 20.48"; AB. 

4.30.1; KB.22.1; AA.; gg.12.3.9. Ps: a na 

indro durat gg. 10.2.5; a na indrah Ag.7.5. 18. 
a na indro haribhir yatv acha EV.4.20.2"; VS. 20.49". 
a na ilabhir etc. : see a na idabhir etc. 
a na iha jira yachatam RV.6. 5 9.9c. 

a na - - 

a na upa vasumata ratliena RV. i . 1 1 y. i Qi^. 

a na flrjam vahatam afvina j'uvam KV.i. 92.17c; 157.4''; 

a na rte ^iflhi vifvani rtvijam RV. 7. 16.6c. 
a na etu purafcaram TB.2.5.I.2^ 
a na etu manah punali VS.3.54''; TS.i. 8.5.2a'; 

3a: 143.17; ks.9.6a; ^"; Lg.5.2.iia; Kauf. 

a na ena nasatyopa yatam RV.7.71.4C. 
a nail kamarii pupurantu stavanah RV, 7.62.3'!. 
a nah krnusva suvitaya rodasi RV.2.2.6C. 
a nah pavasva dharaya RV.9.35.I'''. 
a nah pavasva vasumad dhiranyavat RV.9.69.8a. 
a nah putni aditer yantu yajiiam TB.''. 
a nah pusa pavamanah suratayah RV.9.8i.4a. 
a nah prajam janayatu prajapatih RV.10.85.43a; MS. 2. 13. 

23-^: 169.4; KS.13.15'''; 40.I'-'; Apg.14.28.4a; Mg.i.6. 

4.21 ; AG.i. 8.9; SMB.i. 2.18a; ApMB.i.ii.5HApG.3.8. 

10). P: a nah prajam KS.35.9 ; gG. 1.6.6 ; VHDh.8.70. 

Cf. BrhD.7. 137(B). See a vara prajam, and prajapatl. 
a nah prana etu paravata antariksad divas pari TS.3.3.3. 

3; Mg.7.1.1. P: a nah prana etu paravatah TS.3.3.4. 

2; Apg.12.8.7. 
a nakta barhih sadatam usasa RV.7.42.5C. 
anandah kardama^rltah RVKh.5.87.27a. 
anandam ratim prajatiiii te mayi dadhe [and . . . me tvayi 

dadhani) KBU.2.15. 
anandanandav (VSK.MS.KS. "da) andau me VS. 20.9c; 

VSK.21.100C; MS. 3.11.8": 152.8; KS.38.4C;TB.''. 
anandam nandathuna (KSA. othubhyam) TS.; 

anandam brahmano vidvan TA.8.4.1C; 9.1C; TU.2.4.iC; 

9. ic. 
anandan ugro nandan9 ca AV. 10.2.9c. 
auanda modah pramudah AV.i 1.7.26a; 8.24a. Sec 

anando, and modah pra". 
anandaya talavam VS. 30. 20; TB. 3. 4.1. 15. 
anandayatvaVS.19.8; TB. 2.6. i.5;KS.37. 18; Apg.19.7.5. 
anandaya pramodaya TA. 6.1 1. 2'\ Cf. anandinim. 
anandaya strlsakham VS. 30. 6; TB.3.4. 1.2. 
anandinim pramodinim AV.4.38.4C. Cf. anandaya pra". 
anandinir osadhayo bhavantu AV.4. 15. i6<i. 
anaudino modamanah suvirah Kau9.40. 13C; 70.1c. 
anando modah pramodah TB. 3. 1 o. i . i , 3. See under ananda 

a napatah favaso yatanopa RV.4.34.6a. 
a namasva sahutibhih RV. 8. 7 5. 511; TS.2.6.1 li^; MS. 4. 

11.6^: 175.2; KS.7'.i7''. 
a nayaitam a rabhasva AV.9.5.ia P: a nayaitam Vait. 

10.14; Kau9.64.6,27. 
a navyase suvitaya RV.8.7.33l>. 

anage vyanaije TB.i.i.7.2b; 8.6; 2.1.24I'; Apg.5.i6.ia. 
a nah 9agmasa upa yantu vajah RV. 10.31.5'!. 
a nah fusmaiii nrsahyam RV.9.3o.3a. 
a nah frnvann utibhih sida sadanam RV.2.23.1'!; TS.2.3. 

i4.3<!;'1. See sa nah ete. 
a nas tujaih rayim bhara RV. 3. 45.4a. 


a na (gg. nah) stuta upa vajebliir uti RV.4.29.ia; gg.12. 

a nas te gantu matsarah RV.i.i75.2a; SV.2.783a; gg.i8. 

a na stomam upa dravat RV.8.5.7a; 49 (Val.i).5a. 
a na sparlie bhajatana vasavye RV. 7. 56. 21c. 
a na svo afnutam varnah TB. 2.4.4. i"- See a tva svo. 
a nah sahasrafo bhara RV. 8. 3 4. 15a. 
a nah sutasa indavah RV.9. 106.9a; SV.2.678a. 
a nah sumnesu yamaya RV.8.3.2'1; SV. 2.772'!. 
a nah soma pavamanah kira vasu RV.9. 8 1.3a. 
a nah somam pavitra a RV.9. 6 2. 21 a. 
a nah soma sariiyatam pipyusim isam RV. 9. 8 6.1 8a; SV. 

a nah soma saho juvah RV.9.65. 18"; SV. 2.184*. 
a nail some svadhvare RV.8.50 (Val.2).5a. 
a nah stuta etc. : see a na stuta. 
a nakam tasthur uru cakiire sadah RV. 1.85.7!); TS.4. i. 

a nama dhrsnu marutam dadhanah 6.66.5!'. 
a namabhir mamire sakmyam goh RV.3.38. 7!). 
a namabhir maruto vaksi vifvan RV. 5. 4 3.10a. Qji BrhD. 

a naiyasya daksina RV. 8. 24.29a. 
a nasatya gachatarii huyate havih RV. 1.34. 10*. 
a nasatj^a tribhir ekada9air iha RV. 1.34. ii*; VS.34.47a. 
a nasatya sakhyaya vaksi RV. 10.73. 4'\ 
a nasatyorugaya rathena RV. 4. 14.1c. 
a niniruca usasas takvavir iva RV. 1.151.5'!. 
a nimrucah 9akrd eko apabharat RV. 1.161.10c. 
a nirekam uta priyam RV.8.2 4.4a. 
a nivartana vartaya RV. 10. 19.8a ; TS.3.3. 10. i*. See a 

vartana, a)id avartaya nivartaya. 
a nivarta ni vartaya RV. 10.19.6a. Cf ni nivartana. 
anid. avatam svadhaya tad ekam RV. 10. 129.2c ; TB. 2. 

a nu tac (SV. tyac) chardho divyaiii vrnlmahe RV. 1.139. 

!!>; SV.i.46i!>. 
anumati va bhavati Kau9. 73. 12c. 
anustubham chanda (MS. chanda) a roha VS. 12.5; TS.4. 

2.1.2; MS.2.7.8: 85.6; KS.16.8; gB. 
anustubham [sc. chando«nuprajayasva) Lg.3.5.5; Kau9. 

anustubhasya chandasoigneh paksenagneh paksam upa- 

dadhami MS. 2. 8. 1 1 : 1 1 5. 1 6. See anustubhena chandasa 

chandasagneh, and anustubhena chandasa mitravaruna- 

anustubhasya haviso havir yat RV.i 0.18 Lib; ArS. 2.5!'. 
anustubhena chandasangirasvat (KS.MS. chandasa) VS. 

II. 11; gB.; MS.2.7.r: 74.18; KS.16.1. See 

anustubhena tva chandasadade. 
anustubhena chandasa chandasagneh par9venagneh 

pargvam upadadhami KS. 22.5. See under anustubhasya 

anustubhena chandasa di90*nu vi krame TS. 

See diksu visnur, and di90 visnur. 
anustubhena chandasa mitravarunabhyam devatayagneh 


paksenagneh paksam upa dadliami TS. See 

anustubhasya chandaso'gneh, and mitravarunabhyam 

anustubhena cliandasaikaviii^ena stomena vairajena 

samna vasatkarena vajrena sarvajan bhratrvyan adharan 

padayami Ap(JJ. 1 3. 1 8. 9. Cf. gayatrena (traistubhena, ja- 

gatena) chandasa trivrta (pancadagena, saptadajena) etc. 
anustubhena tva chandasadadeifigirasvat TS. 4. 1.1.4. 

See anustubhena chandasangi". 
anustubhena tva chandasa sadayami VS. 13.53 ; MS. 2.7. 

18: 103.13; gB. 
anukam aryo vapuse narcat RV.5.33.9''. 
a nunaiii yataih sukrtaya vipra TB.''. 
a nunam yatam ajvina RV.8.8.2''; 9.14^; 87. 5'^; AV.20. 

a nunarii raghuvartanim RV.8.9.8*; AV.20. 140. 3^ 
a nunam a5vina yuvam RV.8.9.1''; AV.20.139.1*; Vait. 

27.29. P: a nunam afvina AQ.9.11.16. 
a nunam a9vinor rsih RV.8.9.7a; AV.20. 140. 2"'; AB.i. 

22.2; KB.8.7; Ag.4.7-4; gg.s-io-ii- 

a nunam bhusata 9rute EV.8.66.7d; AV.20.97.1d; SV.i. 

272^; 2.1041'!. 
anunasya mahi ijravah RV.8.55 (Val.7).5''. 
anrtyatah fikhandinah AV.4.37.7^ 
a nrbhyo martabhojanarii suvanah EV. 7.38.2'!. 
a no ague rayirii bhara EV. 1.79.8*; SV.2.875a; MS. 4. 12. 

4a: 189.11; KS.10.12''; Mg.s.2.2.i8. P: a no ague 

Mg. 11.9.2. 
a no agne vayovrdham EV.8. 60.11*; SV.r.43\ 
a no agne sucetuna (TB.Apg. suketuna) EV. 1.79.9"'; SV. 

2.876*; MS.4.10.6*: 156.2; 4.12.4: 189.10; KS.2.14*; 

TB.''; 6.16.1; Ag.2.10.3; gg.3.16.24; Apg.8. 

14.24*. P: a no agne Mg.5.1. 4.16;— 
a no agne sumatim sambhalo garnet AV. 2.36. i*. P: a no 

agne Kau5.34.13. 
a no adj^a samanasah EV.8. 27.5*. 
a no ayvavad afvina EV. 8. 22.17*. 
a no afvina trivrta rathena EV. 1.34. 1 2*. 
a no gachatam havana gg. 15.8. 20. Comm. adds upa 

yajnam, and designates the mantra as sauparni. 
a no gantam rifadasa EV.5.71.1*; 8.8.17*; GrB.2.3.13; 

Ag.5. 10.28. P: a no gantam gg.7. 11.2; 12.2. 15. 
a no gantaiii svarvida EV.8.8.7l>. 
a no gantam ihotyfi EV. i.i35.5». 
a no gantaih mayobhuva EV.8.8. 19*. 
a no gavj'ani ajvj'a EV.8.34. 14*. 
a no gavyutim uksatarh ghrtena EV.7.62.5''; VS. 21.9^'; 

TS.'; MS.4.ii.2b:' 166.13; KS.4.i6b; TB.2.7. 

I5.6t; 8.6. 7ti. 
a no gavyebhir afvyaih EV.6.60. 14*; 8.73.14*. 
a no gahi sakhyebhih fivebhih EV.3. 1.19*; 31.18'=; MS. 

4.14.15*: 242.2. 
a no gotra dardrhi gopate gah EV.3.30. 21*; VSK.28. 14*. 
a no gomantam afvina EV.8.5. 10*. P: a no gomantam 

a no gosu bhajata prajayam AV.6.55. 2". 
a no gosu Ti9atv ausadhisu (MS. osadhisu ; KS. 5 tanusu) 

— a no 

TS.';; MS.2.7.i4<=: 95.9; KS.16.14c. See a ma 
gosu etc. 

no gosthe rayisthaiia sthapayati AV.7.39.i'J. 
no jane janaj^a vi9vavare EV. 1. 1 13. 19'!. 
no jane ^ravayatam yuvana EV.7.62.50; TS.1.8. 2 2.3<:; 
MS.4.11.2'^: 166.14; KS.4.i6<=; TB.2.7. 15.6c; 8.6.8c. 
See a ma jane. 

no jivan varuna tasu fadhi EV.2.28.9'!. See a no viran. 
no dadhikrah pathyam anaktu EV.7.44.5*. 
no diva a prthivya rjisin EV. 7. 24.3*. 
no divo brhatah parvatad a EV. 5.43. 11*; 76.4C; TS. i. 
8.22.1*; MS.4.10.1*: 142.9; KS.4.16*; AB. 5.20.8; Ag. 
8.11.1; gg.6. 10. 2. P: a no divah TS. 2.5.12. 1 ; 3.1. 11. 
2; MS.4.10.3: 150.1; 4.11.2: 166.6; 4.14.3: 219.5; 
KS.11.13; 20.15; TB. C/. BrhD.5.43. 
no deva 9avasa yahi 9usmin EV. 7.30. i*; AB. 5.1 6. 11; 
KB. 25. 2; 26.8; Ag.8.9. 2. P: a no deva gg. 10.9.4. 
no devah savita trayamanah EV.6.50.8*; gg.6. 10. 10. 
Cf. Brhr).5.ii7. 

no devah savita savisad vayah EV. 10. 100.3*. 
no devanam upa vetu 9ansah EV. 10.31.1*; Ag.3. 
7.10. Cf. BrhD.7.34. 
no devebhir upa devahutim EV. 7.14.3*. 
no devebhir upa yatam arvak EV. 7.72.2*. 
no dyavaprthivl daivyena EV.7.53.2C; TS.; 
MS.4.10.3C: 150.17; TB. 
no dyumnair a 9ravobhih EV.8.5. 3 2*. 
no drapsa madhumanto vi9antu EV. 10.98.4*. 
no nava matmam EV. 1.46.7*. 

no nijmdbhih 9atanlbhir adhvaram EV. 1.135.3*; 7.92. 
5*; VS.27.28*; MS.4.14.2*: 217.5; AB.5.16.11; TB.2. 
8.1.2*; Ag. 3.8.1 ; 8.9.2. P: a no niyudbhih Mg.ii.7.1 ; 
BrhPDh.9 124,328. 

no barhih sadhamade brhad divi EV. 10.35. 10*. ?• * 
no barhih gg. 1 2. 2. 1 4. 
no barhl ri9adasah EV. 1.26.4*. 
no brhanta brhatlbhir uti EV.4.41.11*. 
no brahmani marutah samanyavah EV. 2.34.6*. 
no bhaja paramesu EV. 1.27.5*; SV. 2.849*. 
no bhaja barhisi jlva9aiise EV. 7.46.4c. 
no bhaja maghavan gosv aryah EV. 1.121.15c. 
no bhaja sadasi vi9varupe TB. 3. 7. 1 3. 2'^. Cf . ^ no viraiii. 
no bhajasva radhasi EV. 4. 3 2. 21c. 

no bhadrah kratavo yantu vi9vatah EV. 1.89. i*; VS. 
25.14*; KS.26.11a; KB.20.4; AA.1. 5.3.9; Ag. 5.18.5. 
P: a no bhadrah gg.8.3. 16; 10.13.18; 11. 15. 9; 15.3.1; 
1 8. 2 2. 8 ; VHDli. 8. 1 o. Cf. BrhD. 3.122. Designated as 
a-no-bhadrlya [sc. sukta) Evidh. 1.20.5. 
no bhara daksinena EV.8.8 1.6*; gg. 7.15.3. 
no bhara pramagandasya vedah EV.3.53. 14C; N.6.32C. 
no bhara bhagam indra dyumantam EV. 3. 30. 1 9* ; TB.*. 

no bhara ma pari stha arate AV.5. 7.1*. P: a no bhara 
Vait. 28. 19; Kau9. 18. 14; 41.8. 
no bhara vrsanarii 9usmam indra EV.6. 19.8*. 
no bhara vyanjanam EV.8. 78. 2*. 
no bhara sambharanam vasunam EV. 7.25.2'!. 


a no — 

a no bhara suvitarii yasya cakan (SV. kona) EV. i o. 1 48. i" ; 

a no makhasya davane RV.8.7.2 7'''. 
a no mantraih sarathehopa yStam EV. i o. 1 06. 1 1 ^ 
a no mahlm aramatirii sajosah RV.5.43.6'». 
a no mitra suditibhih EV.5.64.5^ 
a no mitravaruna EV. 3. 6 2.16'^; SV.1.220I; 2.13I; VS. 

21.8"; TS.i.8.22.3a;; MS.4.ii.2a: 166.11; 

KS.4.16'1; 12.14; 26.1i; GB.2.3.13; PB.6.10.4; II. 2. 

3; Ag.2.14.11; 5-i°-28; 7-2.2; 5.9;; II. 8.3; 

12.1.3; Mg.8.ii; KhG.3.3.4; GG.3.8.2; MG.2.3.6; 

Svidh. 2.2.3. P = ^ nah KQ. 1 9. 7. 1 7. 
a no mitravaruna nasatya EV. 6.11.1c. 
a no mitravaruna havyajustim (TB. havyadatim) EV. 7. 

65.4''; MS.4.I4.I2"': 234.12; TB.''; AQ.3.8.1. 

P: a no mitravaruna Q^. 8. 12.7. 
a no yajnarii rohidafvopa yahi EV. 10.98.9''. 
a no yajnarii divisprfam EV.8.ioi.9"'; VS.33.85»; AB.5. 

16.7; Ag.7.12.7;; I4.57-5- 
a no yajnarii namovrdharii sajosah EV.3.43.3''. 
a no yajnarii bharati tuyam etu EV. 10. 1 10.8*^; AV.5. 

12.8"; VS.29.33'1; MS.4.13.3": 202.9; KS.16.20a; TB. N.8.i3^ 
a no yajnilya taksata rbhumad vayah EV. 1. 111.2'^. 
a no yatarii divas pari EV.8.8.4\ 
a no yatarii divo acha prthivyah EV.4.44.5'1; AV. 20. 

a no yatam upa^ruti EV.8.8.5^ Cf. a, no yahy. 
a no yahi tapasa janesu (MS. janisva; (^(^. janesv a) MS. 4. 

10.2a: 147.15; AB.7.8.4; Ag.3.I2.27a;^; 

Ap9.9.9.3a. Cf. a, yahi etc. 
a no yahi parilvatah EV.8.6.36a. 
a no yahi mahemate EV. 8. 34.7a. 
a no yahi sutavatah EV. 8. 17.4a; AV.20.4. la; GB. 2.3. 14; 

Vait. 2 1 . 1 . P : a no yahi Vait. 27.20. 
a no yahy upa^ruti EV.8.34. i la. Qf. a no yatam etc. 
a no ratnani bibhratau EV. 5. 7 5.3a; SV. 2. 1095". 
a no rayirii vahatam ota viran EV. 5. 4 2. 1 8" ; 4 3. 1 7c ; 7 6. 5c ; 

a no rayirii sarvavlrarii sunotana EV. 1.0. 76.4c. 

a no rayirii Janata vifvavaram MS. 4. 14.9'!: 228.10. 

a no rayim rbhavas taksata vayah RV.4.36.8<1. 

a no rayirii bahularii gomatim isam TB.''. 

a no rayirii madacyutam EV.8.7. 13a. 

a no radhansi savita stavadhyai EV.7.37.8a. 

a no rudrasya sunavo namantani EV.6.5o.4a. 

a no ruparii vahatu jayamanah TB.3.7. 13. 2''. 

a no vayo-vayah^ayam SV. 1.353a. Cf. tinder ya te 

a no vavrtyah suvitaya deva EV.1.173.13C. 
a no vaha rodasi devaputre EV.10.11.9C; 12. 9C; AV.18. 


a no vajy abhisad etu navyah EV.7.4.8'1; N.3.3*'. 

a no vayo mahe tane EV.8.46.25a; MS.4.i4.2a: 216.13; 

AB.5.6.7; A9.7.12.7. P: a no vayo; 14. 

57.5- Cf BrhD.6.80. 
a no vi9va (MS. vifva) askra (TB. vi9ve askra) gamantu 


(MS. gamanta)devah EV.i.i86.2a; MS.4.i4.iia: 232.2; 

TB.; A9.3.7.10. 
a no vifvany afvina EV. 8. 8. 1 3". 
a no vi9vabhir utibhih EV.8.8.ia; AB.5.4.9; KB.8.5; 

A9.7.11.22;; 6.6.4; 10.5.4; Ap9.22. 27.19. 

P: a no vi9vabhih A9.4. 15.2; 9.11.15. Q/". BrhD.6.47. 
a no vi9vaV>hir utibhih sajosah EV.7.24.4a; KS.8.i7a; 

TB.; 7.13.4a; 
a no vi9vasu havyah (SV.Svidh. havyam) EV. 8.90.1a; 

AV.20.104.3a; SV.i.269a; 2.842a; AA.; 99.10. 

6.6; 18. 10.9; Vait.39.10; Svidh. 1. 4. 19; 2.6.10; 3.4.9. 
a no vi9vesarii rasam EV.8.53 (Val.5).3a. 
a no vi9ve sajosasah EV.8.54.3a; 99-i2.6.i2; 18. 10.12. 
a no virarii vahata jayamanah M9. Cf. a no 

bhaja sadasi. 
a no viran varuna tasu 9adhi MS.4.14.9'': 228.16. See a 

no jivan. 
a no virebhir janita matlnam MS.4.i4.9a: 228.7. 
a no virojayatarii karmanyahTS.1.2. 13. i*; MS. 1.2.9a: 19.3. 

P: a no viro jayatam Af>9- 1 1.6.5. Gf somo virarii. 
a noivobhir maruto yantv acha EV. 1.167.2*. 
antariksam aruhad agan dyani TB. 2.4.6. 12'';''. 
antariksam uru priyam EV.4.52.7''. 
antariksaiiiprnaVS.5. 27; TS. 1.3. 1.2; 6.1;; 3-4-3; 

KS.2.12; 9B.; PB.6.4.2; AP9.7.10.7; II. 9.13. 
antariksaih prthivim etc. : see antariksarii etc. 
antariksaih madhyenaprah VS.6.2; MS.4.13.8: 210.17; 

KS.3.3; 19.13; 26.5; 9B.; TB. 
antariksat suvrktibhih EV.8.8.3''. 
antariksad adhaprij'a EV.8.8.4''. 
antariksad amad uta EV.5.53.8''. 
antariksad divas pari TS.''. 
antariksan ma chetslh A9. 1.3.22. 
antarikse virodasi TA. 10. 1.14''; MahanU. 5. 8''. 
antariksyaQ ca yah prajah TB.3. 12.7.1a. 
antad a paiakat EV. 1.30. 21''. 
antad divah papratha a prthivyah EV.3.61.41'. 
antyaya (VSK. antyayanaya) bhauvanaya svaha VS. 9. 20 ; 

18.28; 22.32; VSK.24.45; KS.14.1; 9B. 
antyaya svaha VS. 22.32. 
antrani mohayanti ca AV.9.8. 17b. 
antrani sthahr (KS.TB. sthall) madhu pinvamanah (KS. 

TB. pinvaniana) VS.19.86a; MS.3.ii.9a: 153.13; KS. 

38.3a; TB. 

antrimukhah sarsaparuno na9yatad itah svaha HG.2. 

3.7. See under alikhann animisah. 
antrebhyas te gudabhyah EV.10.163.3a; AV.2.33.4a; 

20. 96. 1 9a ; ApMB. 1. 1 7. 3a (ApG. 3. 9. 10). 
antrebhyo jajriire atrah AV. 10. 10. 2 ic. 
an no vayo madhu piba EV.8. 26. 2oC; MS.4. 14.2C: 216.10. 
an mayinam aminah prota mayah EV. 1.32.41); TB.2. 

an menarii krnvann acyuto bhuvad goh EV. 10. 111.3c. 
anyaiii divo matari9va jabhara EV.i.93.6a; TS.2.3.i4.2a; 

MS.4.i4.i8a: 248.4; KS.4.i6a; AB.2.9.7; A9.1.6.1. 
anyavaksid (VS. anya vaksad) vasu varyani VS. 28. 15''; 

TB. 2.6. 10. 2d. 

apa id va u bhesajlh RV.10.137.6a; AV.3.7.5''; 6.91.3"; 

apa iiufih lokfin anusaiiicarauti Kau9.99.2>l; 103.2*1. 
apa iva ka9ina saiiigrbhltah RV. 7. 104.8c; AV.8.4.8C. 
apa iva pravata fumbhamanali RV.3.5.80. 
apa iva rasa o.sadhaya iva rupaiii bhuyasam AA.5. 1.1.21. 
apa iva sadhryauco dhavadhve RV.5.6o.3*l; TS. 3.1.11. 6*1; 

MS.4.12.5'1: 193.14. 
apa ivagnih pari vrnaktu no bhavah AV. 11.2.8^. 
apa Irayann udadhim ardayati AV.4.15. 11''. 
apa uttana9ivarih AV. 3. 21.10k 
apa undantu jivase TS. 1.2.1. i"; KS. 2. i; AG. 1. 17. 7; ^G. 

1.28.9''; SMB.i.6.3; GG.2.9. 12; ApMB.2.i.2''(ApG.4. 

10.5); HG.1.9.12; 2.6.6; MG.i.2i.3b. Ps: apa undantu 

Ap9-io-5-8; apah KhG.2.3.22. Designated as ya,jusj>a.- 

vitra ApDh.i. 1.2.2. See next, and cf. aditya rudra vasava 

apa undantu varcasa (AG. varcase) AV.6.68.2'^; AG. i. 

17.7^. Seeprec. 
apa osadhih pra tirantu no girah RV. 10,66. 10''. 
apa osadhir uta ndvantu RV.5.41. 1 1". 
apa osadhir vaninani yajniya RV. 10.66. 9I'. 
apa osadhir vanino jusanta RV. 7.34. 25^; 56.251". 
apah parivahini stha rastradah VS. 10.3 (his); 9B-5'3-4-9' 

See parivahinih stha. 
apah padavanejanlh AB. 8.27.9''; Kau5.90.11''; Ai:)MB. 2. 

apah padyah ApG.5. 13.4. See padyam. Cf. AG. i. 24. j ; 

GG.4.10.5; HG.I.I2.I4. 
apah punantu prthivlm TA.10.23. i''; MahanU. I4.2'''; 

PranagU.i"; BDh.2.5.8.ioa. 
apah prnita bhesajam RV.1.23.21''; 10.9.7''; AV.i.6.3''; 

apah prajapatir yajiio(ApQ.prajapatehi)rana)yajiiasya bhe- 
sajam asi (ApQ. omits asi) K9.25.13.25; Ap^.14.21.1. 
apah pravanad iva yatlh TA.6. 11.2". 
apah proksanlbhili TA.3.8. i. 
a pakthaso bhalanaso bhananta RV.7.18.7''. 
apac chlokam indriyaiii puyamanah RV.9.92.1''. 
a pancayata surathebhir indra RV. 2. 1 8. 5*'. 
a padbhii- dhavataiii nara RV.5.64.7'1. 
apataye tva grhnami VSK.5.2.1; TS.i. 2.10.2;; 

MS.i.2.7: 16.12;;is): 90.14; 91. i; GB.2.2.3; 

Vait.13.16; ApQ.ii.i.i; M(^.2.2.i.2. See next. 
apataye tva paripataye grhnami tanunaptre fakvaraya 

9akvana (KS. tanunaptre 9akniane 9akvaraya 9akmann) 

ojisthaya VS.5.5; KS.2.8; 9B. P: apataye 

KQ.8. 1.19. Seeprec. 
a patnir idam astakam AV. 2.26.5''. 
apathayo vipathayah RV. 5.52.1 o». 
apaih tvagna upasadbhih TS. 
aparii tvagne tapasa TS. See tapasa tvapam. 
aparii tvagne daksinabliiii TS. 
apam tvagne diksaya TS. See diksaya tvapam. 
apam tvagne manasa TS. 
aparii tvagne^vabhrthena TS. See avabhrtheua 


— a papca" 

aparii tvagne va9aya TS. See vafaya tvapam. 

aparii tvagne sutyaya TS. 'S'ee sutyaya tvapam. 

aparii tvfigne svagakarena TS. 

apan ma 9rlh ApG.3.8.6. 

apapur apa 9ambara9 caiva TA. i. 10.3c. 

apaprvan etc. : see apaprivan etc. 

a papratha tavi.sibhis tuvismah RV. 7. 20. 4''. 

a papratha mahitvana RV. 8. 68. 2" ; SV. 2. 1 1 2 2". 

a papratha mahina vrsnya vrsan RV.8.70.6''; AV.20.81. 

2"; 92.21"; SV.2.2I3''; MS.4.i2.4»: 189.1. P: a pa- 
pratha M9.5.2.3.I3. 
apaprathosa iva RV. 10. 134. lb; SV.1.379'^'; 2.440''. 
apaprivan (MS. apaprvan) rodasi antariksam RV. 1.73. 

8J; io.i39.2'>; VS.17.59b; TS.;' MS.2.10.5'': 

137.11; KS.18.3''; gB. 
apaprusi parthivani RV.6.61.11''. 
apaprusi vibhavari RV.4.52.6". 
a paprau dyavaprthivl mahitva AV. 19.49. i<'. 
a paprau parthivarii rajah RV.i.81.5'. 
apam apam apah sarvah TA. i.i.i"; 21.1"; 25. 2*. 
apa j'ad liii hotrabhir rtava RV. 1.122.9''. 
apaye svaha VS.9.20; gB.; Kg.14.5.1. 
a paramabhir uta madhyamabhih RV.6.62. 1 1*. 
a parjanyasya vrstya(h) AV.3.31.11": c/ ZZ^ilZ (r.xliii.684. 

See ut parjanyasya. 
a parvatasya marutam avarisi RV.4.55.5''. 
apalayitaya svaha TS.7. 1. 13. i ; KSA. 1.4. 
a pavamana dharaya RV. 9.12.9"; SV. 2.553". 
a pavamana no bhara RV.9. 23.3". 
a pavamana sustutim RV.9.65.3"; SV.2.256''. 
a pavasva gavistaye RV. 9.66.1 5". 
a pavasva di9am pate RV.9. 113.2". 
a pavasva puyamanah svasti RV.9. 97. 36''; SV.2.211'^. 
a pavasva madintama RV.9.25.6"; 50.4"; SV.2.558". 

Cf. sa pa". 
a pavasva mahim isam RV.9. 41. 4"; SV.2.245". 
a pavasva vi9e asya ajltim RV.9. 9 7. 30*1. 
a pavasva sahasrLnah RV.9.33.6C; SV.2.221''. 
a pavasva sahasrinam RV.9. 40. 3C; 62.12"; 63.1"; 65.21"; 

SV.1.501"; 2.276<=,346c; DB.1.14. 
a pavasva suvlryam RV.9. 65. 5"; SV. 2. 136". 
a pavasva saumanasam na indo RV.9. 97. 28"'. 
a pavasva hiranyavat RV.9. 63.18"; VS.8.63"; K9.25.6.9. 
a pa9urii gasi prthivlm vauaspatin RV.8.27.2". 
apaQ ca tvausadhaya? ca 9rinantu KS. 35. 1 1. 
apag cana pra minanti vratam vam RV. 2.24.1 2''. 
apag cana 9avaso antam apuli RV. i.ioo. 15I'. 
apag ca mitrarii dliisana «a sadhan RV. 1.96. i"; MS.4. 

10.6C: 157.13. 
apa? carum ava sarpantu 9ubhrah AV. 11.1.17'^. 
apag ca varuna9 ca sariinate te me samnamatam adah VS. 

26.1. Cf. adbhyah sam anamat. 
apag ca vi9vabhesajlh RV. 1.23.20'!; TB.'i; Ap9-8. 

8.7''. See apah sarvasya, apo vi9vasya, and next. 
apaQ ca vi9va9aihbhuvah": 153.8. See under 

a pa9catau nasatya purastat RV.7.72.5"; 73.5"; AQ.3.8.1. 

apa? cit — 

apag cit pipyu shu-yo ua gavaliKY. 7. J3.4*; AV. jo. 1J.4*: 

VS.33. iS». 
apa? cid a&uia anviuauta devih KV.3.56.4«'. 
apa*; cid asmii gUrtam it ksjinmti AV.7.iS.2<-'. 
apa<; cid asuiai piuv.mta prtlivih KV. 7.34.3*. 
apag cid .isuiili sutuka avesivu KV. 1.178.2". 
apa<; cid asya rodasr cid urvl EV.3.56.70. 
apa? cid .isya vi nii^juity aitliam RV.10.27.20*'. 
apag cid ;vsj-a vrata a uimrgrah EV. 2.38.20. 
apa^ cid dhi svayaijasjih sadassu EV.7.S5.3*. 
apa<; ciu iii dadha padam EV.8. 102. 14'': SV. 2.92i<^: KS. 

a pa\'yati prati pa^vati AY. 4. 20.1*. P: a pt^fvati Kauf, 

S.25: 2S.7. 
apah \';ikvarTjvh OrG.3. 2.21. 
apah <,>autih AV.rQ.0.14.: TS.36.17; YSK.35.5S: M1S.4. 

0.27: i3!>-i3: TA.4.42.5. 
apah s'iksAutlli pacata suuatliah Ay.i2.3.27>l. 
apah v'i'^\? (,'ivatamah ^autali vautatamah PG. 1.8.5. 
apah ifuudhantu mainasiih yS.2o.20'i: KS.3S.5<1: ^B.i2. 

9.2.7'^: TR2.6.6.4'i. Sm vigve uiuuc:vutu etc. OHd 

viij've <,nimbb.-4ntu (k: 
apas tat pravahatad itak TR3.7.6,2o<l; Ap(^. 1.21.2^1. 
apas tat satyam 5bh.-4Rui TR2.4.6.7e; A9-o-i3-i4*- 
apas tat sarviiiii jrviilali ApC- 7.0.0"=. Set apas tv5 tasnii^. 
apas tat sarvaui nis kaxau AV.6.24.2*. 
apas tad ghn.^ntu te sada (YDh. glmantu sarvada) MG.2. 

14. 26'i: YPh. 1. 2S2'i. 
(orii) apastaiubam satrakaraiii tarpayami BDh.2.5.0. 14. 
apas turlyam amrtsuii ruriyjuu AV. 10. 10.29**. 
apas tvasta hhrgavo yam sahobhih ET. 10.46. o*'. 
apas tv5 tjismjy jrvalah>-". Set^ 3p;is tat &vr- 

vaiii jr*. 
Spas tva dlkfAniauam anudiksantam TB.3.7.7.S; Apt^. 


apas tvam aij^-inau tram MS.4.I.2*: 3.20: Ap<^.i.4.i5*: 

apas tva sam arinan ^HS. aiinvau; TS.KS. apah sam 

arinan) TS.6.1S: TS.i.3.iai: MS.i.2.77: 27.3: KS.3. 

7: CR3•^.3■^a- 
i^ stha Tusiuabhih sanran kaiuan avapnavani PG. 1.3. 

1 3. C/. apah stha. 
apas putraso .^bhi suii vijadhvam AV.i 2.3. 4*. P: apas 

putiasih Kauif.60.35. 
apah sityaiii ruayi vratam KC.4.15.4. 
apah scipta susruvxir viv\lh AV.7.112.1C; 14.2.45', 
apah sam arinan: s<k apas tva sauL 
apah s^r- : "~ -..'chisw AY.i i.7.2«. 
apah J . rathyeva jagmuh EY.3.36.6'>j TR2.4. 

3. II-. 
apah samudrij^ dharah AY. 7. 107.1*. 
apah sam.udro varunaf ca raja Kauf.3.3"=. 
apah saTTssya bhesagih EY.ia 137. 6«. ^ >- apaj ca 

apah sarv^ ts^ mama Kauj-i 33. 3<J. 
apas supt^u ;3grta ApiIB,2.i3.6(ApG.6.i5.6). 
apah ssnye samaiiitah TA.i.6.i*>. 


apah srjautu snigdhaui KVKb.5.S7.i2-'. 

apah stha s;imudre \'ritali. prthi^•y.^h pratisth,^. yusmasv 

id:»iu aiitah. viyviuu yaksaiii Tifvam bhutiuii vi\-vam 

subhatam. vifvasys^ bhartryo viyvasya jaiiayitryah TB. 

3. 1 1 . 1 . 5. Cf. apa stha. 
apah sueh.^ya S\-idh.3.S.2. 
apah svaraja stha rastrada rastram amusmai datta VS. 

10.4:^ P: apah svai-ajah KQ. 15.4.45. Cf. 

devrr apo apam napad rastradah. 
apakesthah prahiSsiii!»li AY.S.6. 14'. 
apatikebhyah |,-v. uamah) MG.2. 12.17. 
apadatalamastakam TA 10. 1 1. 2*" : MahanU. 11. 1 1*'. 
apanam brahma citayad dive-dive EY.2.34.7t'. 
apanaso viv;vsvat;Ui EV.0.10.5*: SY.2.473*. 
:ipantamanj-us trp.ilapi-abharma EY. 10.89.5*: TS. 2.2. 

12.3*: TA.IO.I.0V: N.5.12'. C^ BrhD.7.144. 
apama mau.isa VS. 10. 21 : ^B. P: 3piiiu;i KlJ*. 15. 

6.10. &f aptam manivh. 
apih pita pramatih somy.nnam EY. 1.31. 16'-": L(j'.3.2.7'-\ 
a pitanuii vaiyvanaram avase kah (PB. kuh : t'cmm. akah, 

kuru) PB.21.10.11; K9.23.3.I.: Ap^-aa.ig.i: M9.9. 

apitvam asti nidhnivi EY.8.20.22d. 
apitre nah prapitre tQyam a gahi EY.S.4.3C: SV.i.252«; 

2.1071'-': N.3.20. 
apim miksamahe vrdhe<l; SV.2.895'i. 
j apipyanam maghava i,'ukram andhah EY.4.2 7.5'>. 

apir uti fivah sakha EY.6.45.i7'>. 
' apir no bodhi sadhamadyo (SY. "madye) vrdheRY.S.3.i<=; 

SY.i.a390; 2.77i«. 
I apir yajaty apaye RY. 1.26.3*'. 
api vo ;isme pitaivva putra EY. 10. 106.4*. 
a putia agne mithunaso atni EY. 1.164. ii<=: AV.9.9.13'. 
a putraso na mataraiii vibhrtrah EY. 7.43.3*. 
a puraiudaraiii cakrma vipravaeasah EY.8.6i.S"=; SY.2. 

apnra sta ma prajaya payubhih purayata ^(^.8.8. II. Sof 

apurya. ««<? <•/! aprno. 
I a pustain etv a v:»su AY.6.70. 2>=. Set a pQsa etv. 
a pQrnaya niyuta yatho adhvaiam EY.1.135.7*. 
a ptlrno an^oh paiyeti vifvatah BY.9.74.2*>. 
apOmo asya kalayah svaha EY.3.32.15*; AY.20.8.3*; 

AB.6.H.13: GB.2.2.2I: A(^.5.5.i9. P: apUrno asya 
a aviUiann abhi <,'ravah EY. 1.51.10'!. 
apiiryBiQana puryam.^a purayanti puma paurnamasi 

apurya stha ma pOrayata prajaya ca dhanena ca TS.3.2. 

5.5: A(^.6. 12.4. P: apurya stha ma parayata Ap^. 

1 3. 1 7. S. See under apura sta. 
a pQsan citrabarhisam RY. 1.23. 13*. 
a pQsd etv a vasu TS.2.4.5. i'. See a pustam. 
a pas3 brhaspatih AY. 5. 28. i2'>. 
a prksudho virudho daiisu rohati EY. 1.141. 4b. 
aprohyam kranim a kseti pusyati EY. 1.64. 13^. 
aprchyam dharunani vajy arsati (SY. ai^asi) EY.9.107. 


aprehyena sadhasthena, pratnena dharunena ca, pibacyud 

indra tvaiii somam, rcor garblieidhyahita JB. 2. 1 3"'^'=''. 
aprchyo vi(;patir viksu vedhah RV. 1.60. 2<1. 
a prnanti 9avasa vardhayanti ca RV.5. 11.5'^; MS. 2. i3.7<i: 

aprnanto antarik.sFi vy asthuli KV. 7.75. 3''. 
aprnoisi saihprnali (Ap^. aprnosi sariiprna) prajaya ma 

pa9ubhir a prna Q(^.i. 15.16; Ap9.24.i2.9. Cf. under 

apura sta. 
a prtsu darsi nrnaiii nrtama EV.6.33.3d. 
apo agniiti yafasah sarii hi purvih RV.3. 1. 1 1''. 
apo agnirii pra liinuta pitfhr upa AV. 18.4.40*. P: apo 

agnim Kauf.88. 23. See apo devlh prahinuta". 
apo agraih divya osadhayah AV. 8. 7. 3"-. 
apo agre vifvam avan AV.4.2.6'^. 
apo achavadamasi AV. 19.2.3'!. 
apo adyanv acarisam RV. 1.23.23''; 10.9.9"'; A(p.3.6.27. 

See under apo etc. 
apo amivacatanih RV. 10. 137.6I'; AV.3.7.5^; 6.91.3''. 
apo arsanti sindhavah RV.9.2.41'; 66.13''; SV.2.39o'\ 
apo asman (MS. ma) matarah fundhayantu (AV.MS.KS. 

sudayantu; TS.Ap^. fundhantu) RV.10.17. 10*; AV. 

6.51.2a; VS.4.2a; TS.1. 2.1.1'!; KS.2.ia; MS.l.2.i'i: 

lo.i; 3.6.2: 61.7; ^I^'S-i-^- 1 1 ; A^.6.13.11; 8.12.6; 

Ap(^. 10.6. 1. P: apo asman Q(}. 4.1 5.4; KQ.7.2. 15; 

apo garbhaiii janayantih GB. 1.1.39. See apo vatsaih. 

Cf. J A OS. xix. II. 
apo grhesu jagrata HG. 2.4.5"'. See apo jagrta,, 

and apo havihsu. 
apo janayatha ca nah''; AV.i.5.3''; SV.2.ii89<'; 

VS.11.52C; 36.16C; TS.4.I.5-IS- .°; 7-4-I9-4''; 

MS.2.7.50: 80.2; 4.9.27c: 139.8; KS.16.4c; 35.3c; TA. 

4.42.5C; 10.1.12C; APMB.2.7.15C. 
apo jagrta MS.1.1.3: 2.11; KS.1.3; 31.2; Mg.i. 1.3.37. 

See under apo grhesu. 
apo jyoti rasoimrtaiii brahma TA. 10. 15.1; 28.1; TAA. 

10.68; Karmap.2.1.7 ; QafikhaDh. 9.16; LVyasaDh. 

2.18; PranagU. i; MahauU. 1 3. i ; 15.3; 9ii"asU.6. P: 

apo jyotih BrhPDh.2.66. See om apo etc., and yirah. 
apo divyah payasvatlh AV.4.8.4'',6''; 8.2.14*. See divyena 

apo diksa taya varuno riija diksaya diksitah TB.; 

apo devata TS.4.4. 10. 2 ; MS. 2.13.20: 166.4; KS.39.13. 
apo devlh pi-atigrbhiilta(TS.KS. ogrhnlta) bhasmaitat VS. 

12.35a;"; MS.2.7.10"': 88.3; KS.i6.ioa; ig. 

12; (JJB.; Ap9.16.12.11. Ps: apo devlh prati- 

grbhnlta Mg.6. 1.4 ; apo devlh Kg. 16.6.26,(28) ; BrhPDh. 

apo devlh prathamaja rtena (AV. rtasya) RV. 10. 109.1'!; 

apo devlh prahinutagnim HG. 2.10.61. See apo agnim pra. 
apo devir agrepuvo agreguvo^gra imam yajriam nayatagre 

yajnapatim dhatta (TB. omits dhatta) TS. ; TB.3. 

2- 5- 3; 3-6.1. P: apo devir agrepuvah Ap^. 

See devir apo agre". 

— apo 

apo devir ubh.ayahs tarpayantu AV. 18.4.39''; HG.2. 12. 

lo'l; ApMB. 2.20. 24''. 
apo devir ghrtaminva u apah (KS. ghrtam id apa asan) 

MS.2.13.1": 153. 1 ; KS.35.3"; 39.2a. See apo bhadra. 
apo devir brhatlr vi^va^ambhuvah VS.4.7a; TS. 1.2. 2.1";,3; MS.i.2.2'': 10.13; 3-6.4: 64.3; KS.2.2a; 23. 

2; QB.3.1.4. 15a. P: apo devlh M9. 2. 1.2. 1, 
apo devir yajniya mavi^antu TS. 7. 3. 1 3. i = ; KS A. 3. 3c. 
apo devlh fuddhayuvah 9uddha yuyaiii devah udhvam 

TS.i. 3.8.2. P: apo devlh fuddhayuvah TS.; 

Apg. 7.18.4. See devir apah fuddha. 
apo devlh fuddhah stha TB.; Ap^.i.ii.ioa. 
apo devih fundhata ma madliumantaiii madhumatir deva- 

yajyayai MS.1.2.1: 9.7. P: apo devlh Mg.2. 1.1.21; 

MG. 1.5.4. Cf. under daivyaya karmane. 
apo devis sarasvatlh ApMB. 2. 1 1. 1 8'\ 
apo devlh svadantu (VSK. sadantu) svattam cit sad deva. 

havih VS.6. 10; VSK.6.2.4; gB. P: apo devlh 

KQ.6.3.32. See svattam sad, svattam havyam, and 

svattam cit. 
apo devebhir nivrta atisthan RV. 10.98.6''. 
apo devesu jagratha PG. 1.16.2 2*. See under ajio grhesu. 
apo dharaya matiguh TB.3. 7. 4. 14'!; Apg.i.i4.3'J. 
apoidhvaryuh MQ. 1.8. 1. 1. See vatoidhvaryuh. 
apo na devir upa yanti hotriyam RV.i.83.2a; AV.20.25. 

2"; AB.2.20.9; KB.12.1 ; A9.5.1.13. P: apo na devlh 

apo na dvlparii dadhati prayahsi RV. 1.169.3''. 
apo na dhayi savanam ma a vaso RV.8.50 (Val. 2).30. 
apo na nimnair udabhir jigatnavah RV. 10. 78.5'^. 
apo naptre ghrtam annarii vahantlh RV. 2.35. 14c. 
apo na pravata yatlh RV.8.6.34''; 13.8''; 9.24.2''; SV.2. 

apo na pravatasaran RV.9.6.4''. 

apo na maksu sumatir bhava nah RV.9.88.7C; SV. 2.823c. 
apo na vajrinn anv okj'aih sarah RV.8.49 (Val. i). 3c. 
apo na vrktabarhisah RV.8.33. I*"; AV.20.52. i''; 57.14''; 

SV. 1.261''; 2.214''. 
apo na sindhum abhi yat samaksaran RV. 10.43. 7a; ^^• 

20. 17.7''. 
apo na srsta adhavanta niclh RV. 7.18. 15''. 
apo nama stha QG. 2.6. i. 

apo nimneva savanahavismataliRV. i. 57. 2''; AV. 20. 1 5. 2''. 
apo nudantu (ApMB.HG. badhantam) nirrtim paracaih 

AV.6.124.2''; ApMB. 2. 22. II''; HG.i.i6.7'l. 
apo brahma jana viduh AV. 10. 7.10''. 
apo brahma samahitah AV. 10.7. 1 1''. 
apo bhadra ghrtam id apa asan (TS. asuh) AV.3. 13.5a; 

TS.5.6.i.3a P: apo bhadrah TB.2. 8.9.3; 3-i2.i.i; 

Apg. 14. 18. 1. See apo devir ghrtam". 
apo bhavantu pitaye'>; AV.1.6.1''; VS.36.12''; 

KS.13.15l'; 38.13I'; TB.i.2.i.ib;'';TA.4.42.4l'; 

Apg.5.4.i''; Mg.6.1.5''; HG.i.5.7''. See yam no bha- 
vantu pitaye. 
apoibhiganah TA.3.6. i. See vatoibhigarah. 
apo bhuyistha ity eko abravit EV. 1.161.9". 
apo bhrgvahgirasam smrtam GB. 1.5. 26''. 

apo — 

apo bhrgvangiromayam GB. 1.1.39''. 

apo bhrgvafigiroiupam GB. 1.1.39". 

apo matlhumatlr iniah AV. 1 8. 4. 39I' ; HG. 2. 1 2. i qI' ; ApMB. 

2.20. 24^^. 
apo madhyaiii kva vo nunam antah RV. 10. iilSJ. 
apo maiiclh pari pantu sarvatah (MG. vifvatah) PG.3.3. 

6'i; MG.2.8.6a. 5gg next. 
apo maiicih jira vahantu no dliiyah AG. 2.4.14^ See prec. 
apo malam iva piTinriiksifc (Ap^. pranijau) AV. 2. 7. i" ; Ap^. 

6. 20. 2C 

apo ma tatra nayantu AV. 19.43.7". 

apo ma tasmac chumbhantu AV. 12.2.40". 

apo ma tasmat sarvasmat AV.7.64.i«; 10.5.22". Secnext. 

apomatasmadenasaliVS.6. 176; L9.2.2.iif; Ap9-7.2i.6'''. 

See prec. 
apo ma matarah etc. : see apo asman. 
apo«mrtam (Kauj. ^mrtarii stlia; PranagU. imrtam asi) 

GB. 1.1.39 (fer); Kau9.90.18; PianagU.i. See amrtam 

apo me retasi frita reto lirdaye hidayaiii mayy aham 

amrta amrtam brahmani TB. 3. 10.8.6. 
apo me liotrilfahsinah (AG. ''9ahsinyah) SB. 2. 10; Ap^. 

10.1.14; AG. 1.23. 12. 
apo me hotrafansiiias te me devayajanam dadatu (!)hotra- 

fahsino devayajanam me datta SB. 2. 10. Sec apo hotra- 

apo me hotrajahsinas te mopahvayantam SB. 2.5. 
apo mausadhlmatir etasya difah pantu AV. 19.17.6". 
apo yaiii vah prathamaiii devayantah RV. 7.47.1"; VHDh. 

8.27. Cy:'BrhD.5.i74. 
apo yat ta asu madanti devlh RV. 1.173.8I'. 
apo yad vas tapas tena taiii prati tapata yo^sman dvesti 

yam vayarii dvismah AV. 2.23. i. 
apo yad vas tejas tena tam atejasaiii krnuta yo etc. AV. 


apo yad vah focis tena tam prati focata yo etc. AV.2.23.4. 
apo yad vouxis tena tam praty areata yo etc. AV. 2.23.3. 
apo yad vo haras tena tarii prati harata yo etc. AV. 2. 23. 2. 
apo yava (ViDh. va) amrtam yavah BDh.3.6.5'J; ViDh. 


apo yoktrani muncata RV. 3.33.13'^; AV. 1 4. 2. 1 6^. 

apo ripraiii uirvahata Ap9.7-4-5; MQ.i.7.3.24. 

apo revatlh ksayatlia hi vasvah RV. i o. 30. 1 2" ; AQ. 4.13.7; 

7.11.7"; PG.3.5.3". P:apo revatlh KS.12.15; AB.2. 

16.1; KB.11.4; gg.6.3.11; 9.20.7. 
apo revatlh 9rnuta havam me RV. 10.30. 8d. 
apo vattsaih janayantlh AV.4.2.8". See apo garbham. 
apo va amrtam etc. : see apo yava. 
apo va idarii sai-vam TA. 10. 22. i ; MahanU. 14. i. 
apo vajajito vajaiii vah sarisyantir vajaiii jesyantTr vajinir 

vajajito vajajityayai sammarjmy apo annada annadyaya 

Apg. 8. 8. 2. Uha o/agne vajajid vajam tva sarisyantaiii. 
apo vatah pai-vatiiso vanaspatih RV.8.54 (Val.6).4". 
apo vata o.sadhayah AV. 18. 1.17". 
apo vidyutah paripantu sai-vatah (MG. paripantv ayuh) 

AG. 2. 4. 1 4<l ; MG. 2.8.6'!. See apo vi9vatah. 
apo vidyud abhraiii varsam AV.4.15.9". 


apo vimoktrir mayi teja indriyam TB.3.7.i4.i'^,2f (6js); 

apo vi9vatah {v.l. vidyutah) paripantu sarvatah AG. 1.2. 

II'' {crit. notes). See apo vidyutah. 
apo vi9vasya bhesajih AV. 3.7.5"; 6.91.3". See under 

apa9 ca vi9vabhesajlh. 
apo vrtas ta varunena vrtas tabhir vrtabhir vartrlbhir 

yasmad bhayad bibhemi tad varaye svaha AG. 3. 11. i. 
apo vo mithunam ma no mithunam ridhvam TA. 1.16.1. 
apo vratapatnyah etc. Kau9.56.7. Cf. agne vratapate 

vrataiii etc. 
apo«si janmana va9a sa yajnani garbham adhatthah sa 

maya saiiibhava MS. 2.13. 15; 164.5. C^ Ap^. 16.32.4. 
apo ha mahyam tad devlh AV. 6.24.1". 
apo ha yad brhatir (TS.MS.KS. yan mahatir) vi9vam (TA. 

garbham) ayan RV.10.121.7"; VS.27.25"; 32.7^; VSK. 

29.34'i; TS."; MS.2.i3.23a: 169.2; KS.40.1"; 

TA. 1. 23.8". P: apo ha yat TS. 2. 2. 1 2. i. See apo agre. 
apo havihsu jagrta Ap^. 1.14.3". See under apo grhesu. 
apo ha 9lesma prathamam sambabhuVa Apg.6.14.7". 
apo hiranyam jugupus trivrdbhih AV. 19. 27.9". 
apo hi stha mayobhuvah RV.i 0.9.1"; AV. 1.5.1"; SV.2. 

1187"; VS.11.50"; 36.14"; TS.4.I.5-I''; 5•6.I.4^ 7-4- 

19.4"; MS.2.7.5": 79.16; 3.1.6: 8.10; 4.9.27": 139.3; 

KS.16.4"; 19.5; 35.3"; (;;B.6.5.i.2; TB.; TA. 

4.42.4"; lO.l.ll"; Apg.7.21.6; 9.12.2; 18.8; 13.15.13; 

14.18. l; 16.4. l; AG.2.8.12; 9.8; 4.6.14; Kau9.6.i7; 

HG.1.10.2; 21.5; 2.18.9; MG.1.2.11; ApMB.2.7.13" 

(ApG.5.12.6); BDh. ; LVyasaDh.2. 19; N.9.27". 

P: apo hi stha MS.2.13.1: 153.4; KSA.4.8; Ag.5.20. 

6; gg.4.11.6; 15.3; 8.6.7; 7.12,20; 9.28.6; 14.57.7; 

Vait.28.11; Kg.16.3.16; Mg.4.3.43; — 6.1.2; — 6.1.6; 

PG. 1.8.6; 2.2.14; 6.13; 14. 21 ; 3.5.4; ViDh.64.18; 65. 

3; GDh.26.10; ParDh.11.34; 12.10; LVyasaDh. 1.22; 

VHDh.8.25; BrhPDh.2.38,50,56,129; Rvidh.i.3.5; 4. 

10; 3.4.3,6. Z)cs/r/wafe(Z as apo-hi-sthlyam (sc. suktam) 

gG.3.1.4; apo-hi-sthah {sc. rcah) VaDh.15.20; VHDh.4. 

30; apo-hi-sthlyah {sc. rcah) gg.4.11.6; 21.5; 8.6.7; 

7.12,20; 14.57-7;; 3.6.6; 4.11.7; Apg.15. 

II. 16; 20.18.7; gG.i.14.8; MG.1.1.24; 6.4; 11.26; 

2.2.27; Svidh. 1.2.5. ^"•* ««<^ ^/'6 ^^^ hymn of AV. 

(1.6. 1 ) are designated as 9aiiibhumayobhQ {sc. sukte) 

Vait. 10. 19; Kau9.9. 1,4; 18. 25; 19. i ; 41.14; 43. 12; this 

hymn alone as sindhudvlpasya suktam Rvidh. 3. 1 1. 4. Cf. 

BrhD.6. 153. See abdaivatam. 
apohetih VS.15.18; TS.; MS.2.8.10: 115.4; KS. 

17.9; gB. 
apo liotra9ahsinas te me hotra9ahsino hotra9ahsino deva- 
yajanam me datta Apg. 10.3. 1. See apo me hotra9ah- 

sinas te me devayajanaiii. 
aptam manah TS. 1.8.15. i; TB.; MS. 2.6. 11: 71.1; 

4.4.5: 55.18; KS.15.8; Mg.9.1.3; Apg.18.17. 7. See 

apama manasa. 
aptoryamatra saptamah GB.i.5.23<l. 
aptyaya para vaha RV.8.47.14'1. 
aptye pari dadmasi RV.8.47.i5<i. 
aptye saui nayamasi RV.8.47. 1 7J. See under apriye sam. 


a brahman 

apnanam tirthaiii ka iha pra vocat<'; KB. 

18.9; SB.3.1. 
apnuhi ^reyahsam ati samarii krama AV. 2. 11. 1-5. 
a pyayataiii ghrtayonihTB."; Ap(;3.2. 10.4a; M(^.i. 

a pyayatarii dhruva havisa ghrtena (TS.KS.Ap^-M^- 

dhruva ghrtena) VSK. 2.5. 3"; TS.i.6.5. i''; 7.5.1; KS. 

31. 14-^ gg.4.11.1"; Kg. 3. 3.12a; Apg.2.12.9; Mg.1.3. 

a pyayadhvam aghniya indraya {also with vikara, mahen- 

draya) devabhagam ApQ. 1.2.6. See next four. 
a pyayadhvam aghniya devabhagam urjasvatih payasvatlh 

prajavatir anamlva ayaksmah TS. 1. 1. 1. 1 ; TB.3. 2. 1.4 [in 

fragments). See nnder jvrc. 
a pyayadhvam aghnya indraya bhagarii (KS. aglmya deva- 

bhagarii) prajavatir anamlva ayaksmah VS. 1. 1 ; KS. 1. 1 ; 

30.10; gB.i.7.1.6,7. See under prec. hut one. 
a pyayadhvam aghnya devebhya indraya (MQ. also trith 

vikara, mahendraya) bhagam MS.i.i.i: 1.3; MQ.i.i. 

1. 19. P: a pyayadhvam aghnya devebhyah MS. 4.1.1 : 

1. 15. See under prec. hut two. 
a pyayadhvam aghnya devebhyo vi9vebhyo devebh5'o 

bhagam M^. See under prec. hit three. 
a pyayantam apa osadhayah TS. 1.1.13. i; TB.3. 3. 9. 4; 

a pyayantam usriya ha\'yasudah RV. r.93.12''. 
a pyayantam punar a j'antu furpam AV. 12.3.20'^. Frag- 
ment: punar a yantu furpam Kau5.61.28. 
a pyayantu me»iigani PG.3. 16. i''. 
apyayamanah prajaya dhanena RV. 10. 18.2''; AV. 18.3. 

i7«;<^; MG.2.i.i3«. 
apyayamanapyayamanapyaya sunrtera TB.3. 10. i.i. 
apyayamano amrtaya soma RV. 1.91.18"=; ArS.3.2«; VS. 

12.113C; TS.; MS.2.7.14C: 96.10; KS.16.14C; 

37.50; gB.; Kau9.68.10''. 
apyayamano bahudha janesu TB.3. 1.1.2c. 
apyayayanti duritani vi9va TB.3. 1. 1.12". 
a pyayayantu (N. "ti) bhuvanasya gopah AV.7.8i.6d; TS.; MS.4.9.27<i: 140.4; 4.12.2^: 181. 8; 

I2<J; gg.5.8.4'3; N.5. ii^, according to Durga (Roth's 

Erldutcrungen, p. 61). 
apyayayantau sariicaratam TB.3. 7. 4.11"; Apg.i.6.10''. 
a pyayaya sakhin etc.: see a pyayayasman sakhln. 
apyayaya harivo vardhamanah TB.3. 7.1 1.5^'; TA.4.5.6I'; 

42.51); Apg.3.i2.i»). 
a pyayayasman (TS.MS.KS. pyayaya) sakhln sanya me- 

dhaya (GB.Vait. medhaya prajaya dhanena) VS.5.7;;; MS.r.2.7: 16.18; KS.2.8; AB.i. 

26.4; GB. 2.2.4; gB.3. 4.3.18; Ag.4. 5-6; gg.5.8.3; Vait. 

13.23; Lg.5.6.8. 
a pyayasva madintama RV. 1.91.17"; VS. 12.114*; TS. i. 

4.32.I''; KS.35.13a; TA.3.i7.ia; Apg.14.29.1a 
a pyayasva sam etu te RV.i.9i.i6a; 9.31.4a; VS.12.112a; 

TS.;; MS.2.7.i4a: 96.6; KS.16.14a; 

AB.1.17.1; 7.33.7; PB.i.5.8a; gB.; 

5; 4.5.3; 5-6.27; 12.15; gg-7.5.i7; 15-4; Apg.12.25. 

24; 14.28. 1 ; 16.20.12; 1 9. 1 1.9; Kau9.68.10a; KBU. 

2.8. P: a pyayasva TS. 2.3. 14.3 ; 5. 12.1 ; 3. i.i 1. 1 ; MS. 

4.13-10: 213.2; KS.35.13; GB.2.3.6; TB.; 

7.13.4; TA.6.6.2; gg.r.15.4; Vait.19.19; Lg.2.5.9; 

Kg.9.12.5; 17.3.16; Apg.13.20.8; Mg. 2.4. 1. 46;— 6. 

1.6; Kau9.68.9; HG.1.16.1; BDh.4.5.12; GDh.27.5; 

ParDh.ii.32;VHDh.8.29; BrhPDl).7.28 ; 9.305. Bcsig- 

nated as aplnavati {se. rk) AB. 1.17.4; as apyanavatl (sc. 

rk)gB.7.3.i.45; 2.1. 
a pra cyavetliam apa tan mrjetham AV. 1 8. 4. 49a. P: a pra 

cyavetham Kau9.82.40. 
a pratyancarii da9use da9vahsam AV.7.40. 2*. 
a pra drava (MS. a prehi) paramasyah paravatah AV.3.4. 

5a; MS.2.2.11: 24.3. 
a pra drava paravatah RV.8. 82.1a; Ag.6.4.10; gg.18.13.7. 
a pra drava harivo ma vi venah RV. 5. 3 1.2a. 
a pra yacha dak.sinad ota savyat AV.7.2 6.8<i; VS.5.19''; 

TS.i.2.i3.2d; 7.13.4'!; MS.i.2.9'1: 19.7;'l; gB. 

a pra yata maruto visno a9vinau RV.8.2 7.8a. 
a pra yatu paravatah AV.6.35.i'J; VS.18.72ii; 26.8''; TS.; MS.3.16.4I1: 189.13; KS.4.16I1; AB.5.21.16; 

KB. 26. 10; Ag.8.ii.4l>; gg.2.5.3b. 
aprah kratun sam ajair adhvare matlh RV.9.72.5C. 
a pragad bhadra yuvatih ArS.3. 7". 
apra (AV. 13. 2.35", aprad) dyavaprthivl antariksam RV. i. 

115.1"; 4.14.2"; AV.13.2.35'^; 20.107.14C; ArS.5.3C; 

VS.7.42C; 13.46C;";"; MS.1. 3.37c: 

43.9; KS.4.9C; 22.5C; gB.4.3.4.ioc;; TB.2.8. 

7.4C; AA.; TA.1.7.6C; 2.13.1C; N.12.16C. P: 

apra dyavaprthivl Mg.6. 1.7. 
apra rajansi divyani parthiva RV.4.53.3a. 
apriya9 chandahsi nivido yajuhsi TB.3. 7. 10.2"; Apg. 14. 

31. 8c. 
aprinanau vijahata aratim MS. 1.4.3C: 51.5; KS.5.4C. 

Sec samjananau vi". 
aprine«rikto (Apg. rikto) ma atma KS.40.5''; Apg. 16. 

34- 4*^- 
apribhir-aprlr yajnasya VS. 19. 19''. 
aprusayan madhuna rtasya yonim RV.10.68.4a; AV.20. 

a prehi etc. : see a pra drava paramasyah. 
a plavasva ma plavasva TA. i. 27. i*. 
a badhnami ya90 niayi PG. 2.6.24''. 
abayo anabayo AV.6. i6.ia. P: abayo Kau9. 30. i. 
a barhir indro varunas tura narah RV.8. 2 7. 6c. 
a barhih sidatam sumat RV.8.87.4''. Cf. sidatam barhir n 

a barhih sidatam nara RV. 1.47.8'!; 8.87.2*'. 
a bahvor vajram indrasya dheyam RV.10.52.5c. 
a bundaiii vrtraha dade RV.8.45.4a; SV. 1.216a. 
abedhu ranyaya kam AV.9.3.6!'. 
a brahma navyam avase vavrtyat RV.6. 17. 13''. 
a brahman brahmano (MS. brahmanas tejasvl) brahma- 

varcasi jayatam VS. 22.22; VSK. 24.30; TS.7.5.18. i; 

MS. 3.12.6: 162.7; KSA.5.14; gB.; TB. 3.8.13. 

i; 18.5; Apg.20.8.13; 12.7. Ps: a brahman brahma- 

nahMg.9.2.2; a brahman Kg. 20. 4. II. 

a bhaksat 


a bhaksat kanyasu nah'=,iio,i2c. 

a bhandamane upake RV. 1.142.7^ 

a bhandamane usasa upake EV.3.4.6''. 

a bhandisthasya sumatirii cikiddhi RV.5.1.10C; MS.4.11. 

4C: 172.6; KS.7.16C; TB.«. 
abharatarii fiksataiii vajrabalui RV.i.iog.y-'^; TB.3.6.11. 

i^ Ag.3.7-i3- 
abharad arunarii manam andhasali RV. 10. 144.5I'. 
a bbarami tvam abhi AV.8.7.26CI. 
a bliareihaiii sahasra^ah AV.3. 24.1'!. 
abhavan prabhavan bhavan AV.3. 29. 2I'. See nerf. 
abhavan prabhavan sambhavan sambhuto bhutah TB.3. 

10. 1.2. Seeprec. 
a bhati devi amrte amurah RV. 3. 25.31". 
a bhaty agnir usasam aiilkam RV.5.76. i*; SV.2. 1102"; 

AB.r.21.8; KB.8.6. Ps: abhaty agnih AQ.4.6.3; 15. 

2; 9.11.14; a bhati (^Q. 5. 9. 23; 6.6.6; 15.8. 14. 
a bhanuna parthivani jrayafisi RV.6.6. 6"'. 
a bharati bharatlbhih sajosah RV.3.4.8'^; 7.2.8". 
abharsam vifvabhesajim AV. 6. 5 2.30. 
abhasamanah pradigo nu sarvah": 239.16. 
abhih prajabhir iha samvaseya TB. i . 2. i. 2 1 1" ; Ap(JJ. 5. 1 4. 5''. 
abhir girbhir yad ato na unam TB.3. 7.1 1.4''; TA.4.5.6"; 

42. 5»; ApQ.3.12.1*. P: abhir girbhih AP9.9.12.9; 

1.5- 8. S. 
abhir digbhir anautabhih ApMB. 2.19.4c. See diva dig- 

bhir, and diva digbhig. 
abhir yataiii suvidatrabhir arvak RV.7.91.6''. 
abhir yahi tuyam a madiyadrik RV. 6. 2 2.11'!; AV.20. 

abhir vidhemagnaye RV.8.23. 23*. 
abhir vigva abhiyujo visuclh RV.6.25.2C; MS.4.14.12C: 

23;^.4; TB.2.a.3.30. 
abhir hi maya upa dasyum agat RV. 10.73.50. 
abhih famibhir mahayanta indra EV. 4. 17.18'!. 
abhis te adya girbhir gmantah'''^; TS.4.4.4. 

7'ih; MS.2.i3.8'ib: 157.19; Ag.2.8.14. P: abhis te 

adya MS.4.10. 2: 145.8. 
abhis tvam abhistibhih AA.4.2'^; Mahanamnyah 2». 
abhis tvahaiii dagabhir abhimrfami dayamasyaya sutavru 

(ApMB. sutave) HG.2.2.5; ApMB.2.11.15 (ApG.6.14. 

14). See da?<amasyaya. 
abhi sprdho mithatir arisanyan RV.6.25.2"; MS. 4. 14. 

12": 235.3; TB. 
abhur anydpa (ApMB. .va) padyatam ApQ. 1.9.9'' ; HG. 2. 

10. ^d; ApMB.2.i9.i<i,3'3,5<l. See matur anyo. 
abhur (KS.MS. abhur) asya nisahgadhih (TS.MS.KS. 

nisaiigathih)'5; TS.'1; MS.2.9.2<1: 122.4; 

KS. r 7. 1 id. See fivo asya. 
abhuvah prabhuvo bhutih PG.2,17. 15^ 
abhukam praticakagan AV.6.29.3S. 
a bhutahgo agvinoh kamam aprah RV. 10. 106. i I'l. 
a bhutiiii-bhutirii vayam ai^navamahai TB.'!. 
abhutir asy abhuyasam JUB. 3.20.3, 11. 
a bhutir esabhutih AB.7.13.10C; ^9.15.170. 
abhuto bhutah sa u jayate punah AV. ii.4.2oK 
abhutya sahaja vajra sayaka RV.10.84.6a; AV.4.3i.6a. 

J ■ 

abhubhir iudra turvanih RV. 5. 35. 

abhubhir indrah gnathayann anabhuvah RV.i.5i.9i>. 

a bhuyo bhara VS.4.16; TS.i. 2.3.2;; MS.i.2.3; 

12.10; 3.6.9: 73.4; KS.2.4; 23.6; gB. 
abhur asya etc. : see abhur etc. 

abhur vibhuh prabhuh gauibhur bhuvah TB.3. 10. 1.3. 
abhusantas te (TB. tva) sumataunavayam RV.i 0.160.5c; 

AV.20. 96. 50; TB. 
abhusantih soma vedah RV. i.43.9<l. 
abhusenyam vo maruto mahitvanam RV.5.55.4*. 
a bliesajasya valiata sudanavah RV.8.20. 23^'. 
abhogam hanmana hatam RV.7.94.I2''. 
abhogaya istaye raya u tvam RV. 1.113.5b. 
abhogayam pra yad ichanta aitana RV. i.iio. 2». 
abhogas tveva samyanti T A. 1.8.50. 
abhyam indrah pakvam amasv antah RV. 2.40. 20; TS. i. 

8.22. 50; MS.4.11.2C: 164.2; KS.8.17C. 
abhyo yonibhyo adhi jatavedah Kaug. 133.6b. See ebhyo 

etc., and svad yoner. 
amatrebhih sLncata madyam andhah RV. 2. 14.1b; N.5.1. 
a madhvo asma asicann amatram»; AV.20. 


amanam asi TS.2.3.9.i(&?s),3; Ai)Q.i9.23.9. 

amanasya deva ye jjagavah samauasas tan aharii kamaye 
hrda te marii kamayantarii hrda tan ma amanasas krdhi 
svaha MS. 2.3.2: 28.21. 

amanasya deva (MS. ova) ya (MS. yah ; KS. yas) striyah 
samauasas ta (KS. samanaso ya) aharii kamaye hrda ta 
marii kamayantarii hrda ta ma (MS. ma) amanasas krdhi 
svaha TS. 2.3.9. 2; MS.2.3.2: 28.19; KS.12.2. 

amanasya deva (MS. "^va) ye putrah samanasas tan (KS. 
jiutraso ye pagavas samanaso yan) aharii kamaye hrda 
te marii kamayantarii hrda tan ma (MS. ma) amanasas 
krdhi svaha MS. 2.3.2: 28.18; KS.12.2. 

amanasya deva (MS.M^. °va) ye sajatah (TS. sajatah ku- 
marah) samanasas tan (KS. samanaso yan) aharii kamaye 
hrda te marii kamayantarii hrda tan ma (MS. ma) ama- 
nasas krdhi svaha TS.; MS.2.3.2: 28.16; KS. 
12.2. Ps: amanasya deva ye sajatah samanasah MQ.5. 
2.1. 16; amanasya devali TS.; KS.12.2. 

a manasyarii hrdayad adhi ApMB. 2. 2 1.33b. See manasyarii 

a manisam antariksasya nrbhyah RV. i.iio.6a. 

a mandram a varenyam RV.9.65.29"'; SV.2.488*. 

a mandrasya sanisyanto varenyam RV.3. 2.4''. 

a mandraii' indra haribhih RV.3.45.ia; AV.7.ii7.ia; SV. 
1.246a; 2.io68a; VS.20.53a; TA.i.i2.2a(6/s); gg.9.5. 
9; 18.11.3; AG.3.10.5; Svidh. 1.4. 19. Ps: a mandrair 
indra <^(^.i2.g.ii: a mandraih Vait. 23.9; Kau9.59.14; 
Rvidh. 2.2.4; Svidh. 2.4.6. 

a manyetharii vrsanvasu RV.8.2 6.5b 

a manyetham a gatarii kae cid evaih RV.3.58.4a. 

a martyo dadharsati RV.7.32.i4b; SV.i.28ob; 2.1032b. 

amavatsu tasthau na rokah RV.6.66.6'i. 

a mahl rodasi prna RV.9.4i.5b; SV.2.246b. 

a malie dade suvrato na vajam RV. i.i8o.6<l. 

a maho nrmnasya tutujih RV. 10.22. 3b. 



a magantapitaro vi<,varupah MS. 1.11.3C: 163.7. See next. 
a ma gantarii pitara mataiTi ca VS-g-iQ^; TS.r.7.8.30; KS. 

14.1"; QB. 5. 1.5.26. See prec. 
a ma gan ya^asa (ApMB. j'ayasa varcasa) PG. 1.3. 15; 

HG.1.13.3; ApMB.2.9.12 (ApG.5.13.3). P: a ma gan 

ApMB. 2. 1 0.2. 
a magan saha varcasa AV. 19. 3 1.7''. 
a ma gam yah KS.5.5 ; 8.13. 
a ma gosu vi9atv a tanusu VS. 12.105C; ^B. 7.3. 1.23. See 

a no gosu etc. 
a magnistomo viyatukthyaj ca TS. 7. 3. 13.1^; KSA.3.3'^. 

Cf. agnistoma ukthyo. 
a ma ghoso gachati van masam (TS.KS. van na asam; 

MS. var nv asam) AV. 3. 13. 6b; TS. 5.6.1. 4b; MS.2.13.1'': 

152.15; KS.35.3*'. 
a ma jane f.ravayatam yuvana VS. 21.9c. See a no jane 

a matara bharati fusmy a goh RV.4.22.4C. 
a matara vivifuh sapta vanih RV.3.7.ib. 
a matara vifvavfire huvanah EV.7.7.30. 
a matara sthapayase jigatnu RV. 10. 1 20. 7= ; AV.20. 107. loc. 

See asthapayata. 
amadah ksvinkas tam adantv enili'J; AV.8. 

amado grdhrah kunape radantam AV.i Lies'!. 

a ma dyavaprthivl vigvafanibhu (KS. vi^varupe) MS. i.ii. 

31": 163.6; KS.14.1''. See under a. dj&Ya.°. 
a manusasya janasya janma RV. 1.70. 2''. 
ama pakvaiii carati bibhrati gauh RV.3. 30. 14b. 
a ma pusann upa drava RV.6.48. 16". Cf. BrhD. 5. 114. 
a ma pranena saha varcasa garnet (TS.MS.KS. gan) AV. 

3.i3.5d; TS.'1; MS.2.i3.i<i: 152.17; KS.35.3d; 



a ma bhadrasya loke AV.6.26.I''. 

a mam prana vi^antu bhuyase sukrtaya JB. 1.14. 

a main mitravaruneha raksatam RV. 7.50.1^. Cf. BrhD. 

a mam medha surabhu' vi9varupa TA. 10. 42.1"; MahanU. 

16.7a; HG.I.8.4a. 
a ma yajno vijatu viryavan TS. 7.3.13. ib; KSA.3. 3b. 
a ma yantu brahmacarinah svaha TA.7.4.2; TU.i.4.2. 
a maruksat parnamanih AV.3.5.5* See next. 
a maruksad devamanih AV.8.5.2oa. See prec. 
a ma roha mahate saubhagaya AV.5. 28. 14'!. See a roha 

mam, and darbha roha. 
a ma varo gachatu yrlr 5^3939 ca SMB. 2.6. 9^. 
a ma varcoignina dattam etu KS.40.3''. See idarh radho 

agnina, and idaih varco. 
ama vajasya prasavo jagamyat VS. 9. 19''; TS. 1.7.8. 3'^; 

MS.1.11.3*: 163.6; I. II. 7: 169.5; KS.i4.i%7; QB.5. 

1.5.26; TB.i.3.6.6; Apg.18.5.1; M9.7.1.3;— 11.9.2. 

P: a ma vajasya KS. 18.13; K^. 14.4. 1 1. 
amavasyam havir idam esam mayi TB.*^; Ap9.4. 

a ma vifantv indavah ApQ.8.7. 10^; MQ. i.7.2.i8*; Svidh. 

3.1.5. Cf. a. tva etc. 
a mavrkta martyo dabhracetah RV.8.ioi.i6'l. 

a ma 9astrasya 9astraih gamyat TS. 3. 2.7. 2,3. 

a ma9iso (MS. am 39130) dohakamah MS.i.4.ia: 47.10: 

I-4-5: 53-4; KS.5.3''; 32.3. See a ma stutasya, a ma 

stotrasya, and ema agmann a9iso. 
ama saca madhumat pakvam agne RV.4.3.9b. 
a ma sucarite (M^. sucaritad) bhaja VS.4.2 8b; TS. 1.1.12. 

lb; KS.1.12; 31. 11; 9B.3. 3.3.13; TB.; Apg. 

2. 1 4. rob; MQ. 1.3. 1.18b 
amasu cid dadhise pakvam antah RV. 1.62.9". 
amasu pakvarii 9acya ni didhah RV. 6. 17.6b. 
amasu pakvam ah-ayali RV.8.89.7a; SV.2.78ia; KS.8. 

16"; TS.i.6.i2.2a; gg.i8.ii.2. 
amasu pursu pare apramrsyam RV. 2.35.60. 
a ma somo amrtatvena (TS. amrtatvaya) gamyat VS. 9. 

19^; TS.i.7.8;4'^; MS.i.ii.3'1: 163.7; KS.i4.i'l; gB.5. 

a maskan saha prajaya (MQ. prajaya saha pajubhih) saha 

rayas posena TS.; M^- 2. 3. 3. 10. P: a maskan 

Ap(j!!. 12.7. II. 
a ma stutasya stutaih gamyat (Vait. gamet) TS. 3. 2.7. 1,3 ; 

Vait. 17.8. See -under a ma9iso. 
ama stotrasya stotrarii gamyat PB. 1.3.8*; 5. 12"-, 15'^; 6.3". 

See under a ma9iso. 
amiksa ghrtaih tad v asya retah AV.9.4.4<'. See amiksa 

amiksam duhratarii datre AV. 10.9. i3''-24<:. 
amiksa mastu ghrtam asj-a yonih(TS. retah) TS.3.3.9. 2''; 

KS.I3.9''; MS.2.5.iod: 6r.i8. See amiksa ghrtam. 
amiksa vajinarii madhu VS. 19.2 1^. 
a mitravaruna bhagam RV.9.7.8''. See next hut one. 
a mitravaruna vaha RV.8. 23.30b. 
a mitre varune bhage SV.2.485"'. See prec. bid one. 
a mitre varune vayam RV.5.72.I''; AB.5.1.12; A( 

P: a mitre varune (^(J). 10.4.5. 
a minoti vi bhidyate AV. 20.131.1. 
amuih dade harasa dai-s-j'ena AV. 2.12.4'!. P: amum 

amum naya namasa ratahavyam AV. 3. 3. i^. See ay urii na. 
amusya somam apibac camusu RV.3.48.4'J. 
amusya somam apiba9 camu sutam RV.8.4.4C; SV. 2. 

amtir aja pratyavartayemahRV.6.47.3i''; VS. 29.57'^; TS.'>; MS. 3.16. s'': 187.12; KSA.6.ia. Ps: amuraja 

pratyavartayemah ketumat Ap^. 20. 16. 14; amur aja 

M9.9.2.3. See pramuh jaya". 
a mulad anu 9usyatu AV. 7.59.i<i. 
a mulad anu sam daha AV. 12.5.63b. 
a me asya prativyam RV.8. 26. 8^ 

a me asya vedhaso navlyasah RV.i.i3i.6f; AV.20.72.3''. 
a me grha bhavantv a praja me TS. 7.3. 13.1"-; KSA.3. 3*. 

P: a me grha bhavantu TB. 3. 8. 17.3; ApQ. 20. 11.9. 
a me graho bhavatv (KSA. graha bhavantv) a puroruk 

TS.7.3•I3•I^ KSA.3.3^ 
a me dvaya prosthapada suyarma AV. 1 9. 7. 5b ; Naks. 10.5b. 

a me dhanam sarasvati AV. 19.31. lo"-. 
amenyasya rajaso yad abhra a RV. 5.48. i<'. Fragment: 
abhra ah apah N.5.5. 


a me puste 


a me puste ca pose ca AV.3. 10. ^^ 

a me mahac cliatabhisag varlyah AV.ig.V.S";^ 

ame manse krtyarii yarii cakruli AV. 4. 1 7. 40 ; 5. 3 1. 1". Cf. 

yad yamarii cakriir. 
a me yantu ViDh.73. 12. Pratlka of some mantra [see 

SBE. vii. 234). Cf. a yantu nah. 
a me rayiiii bharanya a vahantu AV. 19.7.5'!; Naks. 10.5^. 
a me vacahsy udyata EV.8. 101.7"-. Cf. BrhD.6.126. 
a me 9rnntasita allkah AV.S. 13.5''. 
ame supakve fabale vipakve AV.5. 29.6". 
a me havaiii nasatya RV.8.85. i'^. P: a me havam A9-4- 

15.2; gg.6.6.2; 15.8.13. (7/ BrhD.6.98. 
a me havaiii nasatyopa yatam RV. i.i83.5<i. 
a modrcah patam (KS. 2. 2, pahi) MS. 1.2.2: 10.17; KS. 2. 

2,3. See te ma patam. 
a morja vi^a gaupatyena (MS.KS. gaupatyena prajaya) 

rayas posena TS.i.5.6.2; MS.i.5.2: 68.12; KS.7.1,7. 

See urja maviya. 
amoisy amain hi te mayi ^B. 14.9.3. 10 ; BrhU.6.3.10. See 

amo namasi. 
amlocanti ca pramlocantl eapsarasau MS. 2.8.10: 114.20. 

See pramlocantl. 
a ya indravarunav ise adya RV.6.68. i<^. 
a yah paprau carsanldhrd varobhih RV. 10.89. i". 
a yah paprau jayamana ui-vi RV.6. 10.4^ 
a yah paprau bhanuna rodasi ubhe RV.6.48.6''. 
ayah purarii narminim adidet RV. I.I49.3''-; SV. 2. 1124". 
a yam vipraso matibhir grnanti RV. 10.6.5". 
a yam vifantlndavah AV.6.2.2''. P: a yarii vi<janti Kau9. 

a yaih haste na khadinam RV.6. 16.40"; TS."; 148.7; KS.15.12''; AB.i. 16.15; KB.8.1; 

Ag.2.16.7; (?g.3.i3.i7. 
a yarii hota yajati vifvavaram RV.7.7.5''. 
ayarii gauh prynir akramit RV.10.189.1''; AV.6.31.1''; 

20.48.4''; SV.2.726''; ArS.5.4'*; VS.3.6a; TS. 1.5.3. i"; 

MS.i.6.ia: 85.9; KS.7.I3''; AB.5.23.2; KB.27.4; 9B.'';; 8.13.6; Lg.3.8.1; Mg.i. 5.2.20; 

BDh.4.4.3. Ps: ayarii gauh pr^nih Kau9.66.14; ayarii,27;i3.ii.2,5;Vait.6.3;33.28;Kg.4.9. 

18; Rvidh.4.23.4; VHDh.8.6o; Au9Dh.3.io6; BrhPDh. 

9.62,324. Designated as sarparajiiya rcah, and sarpara- 

jnyarcah TS.;; KS.8.6; 9.15; 34.2 (6is); 

AB.5.23.1; KB.27.4; PB.4.9.4; 9.8.7; gB. 

4.6.9. 17 ;TB.;; gg. 10. 1 3. 26; ; 
Kg.4.9.18; 25.13.32; Apg.5.11.6; 13.8; 15.6; 16.2; 

14.21. 13; 22.1; 21. 10.5. C/ BrhD.8.87. 

ayajatam (Mg. "jeyatam) ejya isah VS.21.47 ; MS.4.13.7: 
209.7; KS.18.21; gB.i. 7.3.14; TB.; 6.11.4; 
12.2; Ag.i.6.5; Mg. 

ayajiih tva manave jatavedasam RV.8.23.17C. 

ayaji yajasatama RV.1.28.71; N.9.36-\ 

ayajeyatam: see ayajatam. 

a yajniyam aramatiiu vavrtyali RV.7.42.3'1. 

a yajriiyaso vavrttana RV.5.6i.i6'-'. 

a yajuiye suvitaya frayetam RV.7.2.6d. 

a yajniyo vavartati RV.8. 103. 1 1''. 

ayajriairdevamartyaRV.5. 17.1"; KB.24.5. P:ayajnaih 

ayajyavah sumatiih vifvavarah RV.9.97.26''. 
ayaih jana abhicakse jagama EV.5.3i.i2a. 
ayatah pratinandanam AV.7.38. iiJ. 
ayatanaya svaha gB.; BrhU.6.3.4. 
ayataye tva grhnami GB. 2.2.3. Error for apataje, q.v. 
ayatinaih prathama 9a9vatlnam RV. 1.113. 8^ 
ayatinaih prathamosa vy adyaut RV. 1.124.2J. 
ayatim agna usasarii vibhatlm EV.3.6i.6'=. 
ayatir jananad adhi AV. 6. 109. 21*. 
ayate svaha TS.7.1.13. i. 
a yat kratva na 9aradah prnaithe RV. 7. 61. 211. 
a yat tatanan vrjane janasah RV.1.166.14C. 
a yat trjian maruto vava9anali (MS. "nah) EV.7.56. 10'^; 

TS.2.'i. 11.2b; MS.4.ii.2l>: 167.14; KS.8.I71'. 
a yat te ghosan uttara yugani EV.3.33.8i\ 
a yat patanty enyah RV.8. 69. 10"; AV.20.92.7a P; a 

yat patanti gg.9.6.15. 
ayatya usaso arcino guh RV.5.45. i^. 
a yat sadma sabhrtayah prnanti EV.6.67.7I'. 
a yat sadmanarii divyam vivasan RV. 1.173.1'^. 
a yat samudrad abhi vartate vam RV.4.43.5b. 
a yat sakarii ya9aso vava9anah RV.7.36.6''. 
a yat sedathur dhruvase no yonim RV.7.7o.i<l. 
a yatha mandasanah kirasi nah RV.8. 49 (Val. i).4''. 
a yad a9van vananvatah RV.8. 1.31". 
a yad indra? ca dadvahe RV.8. 3 4. 16". P: a yat Evidh.2. 

a yad ise nrpatirii teja (MS. teja) anat EV. 1.71.8"; VS. 

33.IIO'; TS.I.3.I4.6"'; MS.4.i4.i5»': 240.7. 
a yad duvah 9atakrato RV. 1.30. 15" ; AV.20. 122.3'"; SV. 

a yad duvasyad duvase na kanih EV.i. 165.14"; MS.4. 

11.3": 170.5; KS.9.18". 
a yad dhari indra vivrata veh RV.i.63.2". 
a yad yonirii hiranyayam RV.5.67.2"; 9.64.20". 
a yad rayirii guhadavadyam asniai RV. 2.19.5". 
a yad ruhava varuna9 ca navam RV.7.88.3". 
a yad vajrarii dadhise hasta ugra RV.7.28.2''. 
a yad vajraih bahvor indra dliatse RV.8. 96. 5". 
a yad varii yosana ratham RV.8. 8. 10". Cf. next but one. 
a yad varii satyo aratir rte bhut RV.6.67.8b. 
a yad varii surya ratham RV.5.73.5". Cf. prec hut one. 
a yad vam lyacaksasa RV.5.66.6". 
ayanayasvaha VS.22.7; TS.; MS. 3.12.3: 160.17; 

KSA.1.4; TB.; Apg.20.6.2; II. 2. 
ayane te parayane EV. 10. 142.8"; AV.6.T06. i". P: ayane 

Kau9. 5 2. 5 ; VHDh. 8. 1 8. Cf next. 
ayane vidravane TB."; Apg.13.20.1". Cf prcc. 
ayantarii pratipa9yatha AV.7.i3.2b. 
ayantarain mahi sthiiam RV.8. 3 2. 14". 
a yanti divah prthiviiu sacante AV. 12.3. 26". 
a yantu devali sumanasyamanah TS. 1.5. 10.3''. See a deva 

ayantu nah pitarah somyasah VS. 19. 58". P: ayantu nah 

(Kg.15.10.18; cf Mahldh. aiVS.19.49); PG.1.13 (f-'i. 


notes; sec Speijer, JaM-arma, p. ig); YDh.1.233; Au9Dh. 

5.38; BrhPDh.5.197. Cy: a me yantu. 
ayantu pitaro manojavasali ApQ. 1.7. 13. See under a 

ganta jjitaro. 
a yaiii te ^yena ugate jabhara RV.3.43.7''. 
a yaiii dadhe matarigva divi ksayani EV.3. 2. 13^'. 
a yan nah patnir gamanty acta EV.7.34.20''. P: a yan 

nah patnlli ^Q. 10.7.7. 
a j'an naksatraiii dadrge divo na EV. 10. 1 11.7". 
a yam (MS.M(J1. ayan) narah sudanavo dada^use EV.5. 

^2.6<'; TS.2.4.8.ia;^: 44.18; KS.11.9''; AC. 

2.13.7. P: ayan narah M^. 
ayann arthani krnavann apansi TB. 2.8.7. 3''; Ap^. 16. 

i2.i<i. See ayann etc. 
a yan nah sadane prthau EV. 10. 143.4c. 
ayann apo^yanam ichamanah EV.3.33.7'i. 
a J'an ma vena aruhann rtasya EV. 8. 100.5". 
a yan me abhvarii vanadah pananta EV. 2.4.5^ 
ayam agan parnamanih AV.3.5. i*. P: ayam agan Kaug. 

ayam agan yuva bhisak AV. 10.4. 15*. 
ayam agan samvatsarah A'V.3.10.8'*; Kau9.i38.5. 
ayam agan (SMB.GG.KhG. agat) savita ksurena AV.6. 

68.1a; Kau9.53.17; SMB.1.6.1; GG.2.9.10. P: ayam 

agan Kaii9.55. 2; ayam agat KhG. 2.3. 20. 
ayam adya sukrtam pratar ichan EV. i.i 25.3^ 
ayamanir yamaj'ata garbham ApMB. 2. ii.i8'^ (ApG.6. 

ayam agvasah suyujo vahanti EV.7.78.4<1. 
ayam prnaktu rajasi upastham TB. 2. 7. 8. 2<J ; 15. 3*. 
a yaiii prnanti divi sadmabarhisah EV. 1.5 2. 4=1. 
a yaiii prnanti haribhir na dhenavah EV. 10.96. 20; AV. 

20.30. 20. 
ayam bhatu favasa pauca krstlli KS.37.9'^; TB. 2.7. I5.3^ 
a yayama sam babarha AV.g.3.3'*. 
a yayos trihgatarfi tana EV.9.58.4a; §¥.2.410^ 
ayavanena tedani AV. 20. 131. 11 ; ^Q. 12. 18. r.20. 
ayave svaha KS.39.2; Ap(^.i6.29.2. 
a yah garyabhis tuvinrmno asya EV. 10.61.30; VS. 7. 17*'; 

(;)B.4.2.i.i2C; ApQ. 1 2. 1 4. 1 5c. 
ayasim atarat piiram EV. 8. 100.8''; Supara.31.9''. 
ayasuyan somatrpsusu TA. 1.10.4J. 
a yas tatantha rodasi vi bhasa EV.6. i.ii''; MS. 4. 13.6": 

207.11; KS. 1 8. 20=1;^ 
a yas tatana rodasi rtena EV.5. 1-7''- 
a yas tatanosaso vibhatih EV. 10.88.12". 
a yas tasthau bhuvanany amartj-ah RV.9.84.2''. 
a yas te agna idhate anikam EV.7.i.8^ 
a yas te yonim ghrtavantam asvah EV. 10. 148.5". 
a yas te sarpirasnte EV.5. 7. 9^ 
a yasmin gavah suhutada udhani EV.9.71.4". 
a yasmin tasthau suranani bibhrati EV.5. 56. 8"; N. 1 1.50". 
a yasmin tve sv apake yajatra EV.6.i2.2''». 
a yasmin mana havlhsy agnau EV. 10.6.3". 
a yasmin sapta peravah TA.3. ii.6\ 
a yasmin sapta ragmayah EV. 2.5. 2". 
a yasmin sapta vasavah TS."; MS.4.12.2'': 181. 15; 

— a yahi 

KS.S.iea; AB.1. 22.11; TA.i.8.7a; 19.1; Ag.4.7.4''; 

(^^.5. 10.32"; Ap9.15.12. 2. P: a yasmin MQ.5.1. 10.28. 
a yasmin haste narya mimiksuh EV.6. 29.2". 
a yasya te mahimanam EV.8.46.3". 
a yah sasada dharam rtasya EV. 1.67.7''. 
a yah somena jatharam apiprata EV.5. 34. 2*. 
a yah svar na bhanuna EV. 2.8.4". 

a yatarii rudravartani EV.i.3.3«; VS.33.58"; AA.i.i.4.8. 
a yatarii varuna dyumat EV. 7.66. 17''. 
a yatarii somapltaye EV.4.47.3'1; 8.22.8"; SV.2.98o<l. 
a yataria nahusas pari EV.8.8.3". 
a yata pitarah somyasah (HG. somyah) AV. 18.4.62"; 

HG.2.10.5". P: a yata Kau9.S3.27. See eta pitarah, 

and cf. para yata. 
a yata maruto divah EV.5. 5 3. 8". 
a yatam agvina gatam EV.8.8.6"; 35.22"-24". 
a yatam upa nah saca EV. 1.93. 11". 
a yatam upa uiskrtam EV.i.2.6'>; AA.i.i.4.3\ 
a yatam upa bhusatam EV.7.74.3"; VS.33.88". 
a yatam upa bhusataiii pibadhyai A9.6.5. 24''. 
a yatarii pibataiii nara EV. 2.41.3". 
a yatarii mitra varuna EV. 7.66. 19"; GB. 2.3. 13; A9.5. 

a yatarii mitravaruna su9asti EV.6.67.3"; MS.4. 14. 10": 

231.5; Ag.3.8.1. 
a yata yamav iva QQ. 3.5. ii'\ 
ayatu devah savitopayatu TB.3. 1.1.9". 
ayatu devah sumanabhir utibhih TA.6.5. i". 
a yatu mitra rtubhih kalpamanah AV.3.8. i". P: a yatu 

mitrah Kau9. 55. 17,18. 
ayatu yajriam upa no jusanah VS.20.38d; MS.3.11.1'': 

140. 1 ; KS. 38.61!; TB. 2.6.8. 2d. Cf. ayantu. 
ayatu varada devi TA.10.26.1"; TAA.10.34"; MahanU. 

15. i". (See ayahi viraje. 
ayatvindrah svapatir madaya EV. 10.44. i"; AV. 20.94.1"; 

Vait.33. 20. P: a yatv indrah svapatih A9.7.9.3. 
a yatv indro diva a prthivyah EV.4.21.3". 
a yatv indroivasa ujja nah EV.4.21.1"; VS. 20.47"; AB. 

4.29.12; KB.22.1. Ps: a yatv indroivase AQ.7.5.18; 

^(^.10.2.4; a yatv indrah K^. 19.6.3 ; PG.2.16.4. 
a ya dyarii (MS. divaiii) l:>hasy a prthivim oi^v (KS. urv) 

antariksam VS.15.63; TS.; MS.2.8.14: 118.5; 

KS.40.5; gB. 
ayantu yajnani upa no jusanah TB. 2 .8. 2. 1'l. Cf. ayatu etc. 
ayanty aparaparan HG. 2.17.2''. 
ayasaya svaha VS.39. 11; TS. 1.4.35. i; KSA.5.6; TA.3. 

20. 1. 
a yahi krnavama te EV.8.62.4". P: a yahi kmavama QQ. 

a yahi tapasa (MS. janisva; (}(^. janesv a) MS.4. 

10.2": 147-13; AB.7.8.4; Ag.3.12.27"; gg.3.19.16"; 

AP9.9.9.3". See a no yahi etc. 
a yahi tuyam agubhih EV.8.65. i". 
a yahi parvatebhyah EV.8.34.13". 

ayahipiba matsva AA.4.3''; AQ.6.2.9<'; Mahanamnyah 3^. 
a yahi pQrvir ati carsanlr a EV.3.43.2". 
a yahi yajnam a9ubhih 9am id dhi te EV.8. 13.11". 


a yahi — 

a'1; SV.1.443*; AB. 5.17. 10; 

KB.26.10; AA.;Ag.8.7.24;; 18.15.3. 

P: a yahi vanasa Ag.8.7.24. Cf. BrhD.8.73. 
a yahi vasvya dhiya RV. 10.172.2''. 
ayahi viraje devi MG. i.2.2\ See a yatu varada. 
a yahi fatavajaya RV.8.92.10I'; SV.I.2I5^ 
a yahi fa9vad ufata yayatha RV.6.40.4\ 
a yahi fighram mama havyaya yarvom HG. 2.8.21^. See 

viidrr asmin j'ajne mama, 
a yahi 9ura haribhyam (SV.KB.^Q. hariha; A^. harl ilia) 

AV.2.5.ib; SV.2.302I'; KB.17.1b; Ag.6.3.ib;gg.9.5.2i'. 
ayahisusumahiteRV.8. 17.1*; AV.20.3.1*; 38.1"-; 47.7'*; 

SV.i.ipii^;'i; MS.2.13.9*: 158.8; GB.2.3.14; PB. 

II. 2.3; AQ. 5.10.28; 7.2.3; Vait.2i.i; 31.21; 33.3; M^. 

6.2.3; Svidh.3.1.6; 4.3. Ps: a j'ahi susuma ^^.7.12. 

1,2; 12. 1. 4: a yahi Vait.27.19. 
a yahi somapltaye RV.4.47.1C; SV.2.978C; VS.27.30<:; 

PB.4.6.10; TB. 2. 4.7.7c. 
a jTihimlra pathibhir iditebhih EVKh.7.55.8'>; ^14.31^ 
a yahlma indavah RV. 8. 2i.^'^; A^. 7.8.2. See a yahy ayam. 
a yahy agne atrivat sute rana RV.5.5i.8c-io<=. 
a yahy agne pathya anu svah RV.7.7.2''. 
a yahy agne vasubhih sajosah RV. 10. 110.3b; AV. 5. 12.3b; 

VS.29.28b; MS.4.i3.3b: 201.14; KS.16.20b; TB.3.6. 

3.2b; N.8.8b. 
a yahy agne samidhano arvafi RV.3.4.11''; 7.2.11". 
a yahy adribhih sutam RV.5.40. i*; AB.5. 1.12; AA.5. 

2.5.2; A9.7.10.5; QQ.18.12.6. P: a yahy adribhih 
a yahy ayam indave SV. 1.402'^. See a yahlma. 
a yahy arya a pari EV.8.34.10''. 
a yahy arvaii upa vandhiiresthah (GB.AA. bandhu") RV. 

3.43.1*; AB.6.19.10; KB.20.2; GB.2.6.2; AA.5. 3. 1. 2; 

9Q.18.19.6. P: a yahy arvan AQ.7.12.1 ; 99.1 1.4.9. 
a yahy upa nah sutam SV. 1.227*. Sec o su pra. 
ayuh kirtiiii yafo balam annadyarii jjrajam PG.3.2. 11. 

Cf. next but one. 
ayuh klrtiiii prajaiii daduh TA. 1.27.3'!. See caksuh 

pranam i^rajam. 
ayuh klrtir varco yayo balam HG. 2.4.3''. See ayur varco, 

and cf. jprec. hut one. 
ayuhpati rathariitaram tad a9lya tan mavatu ApC^. 11. 1 5. i. 

See ayuh prati". 
ayuh pavata ayave RV.9.67.80. 
ajruh jjahi MS.4.6.3: 81.8. Cf. ayur me jjahi, and ayuspa 

ayuh prthivya adhi TS.; ¥9.7. i.i". 
ayuh prthivyaiii dravinaiii brahmavarcasam TAA. 10.360. 

See ayuh pranam prajarii. 
ayuh prajaiii rayim asmasu dliehi TB. ; 99.2. 

17.8C; Apg.6.28.i2C; Mg.i. 6.3.5c. Cf. prajaiii pa9uhs, | 

and prajarii pustiiii rayim. 
ayuh pratirathaiiitaraiii tad a9iya tan mavatu M^., 

See ayuhpati. 
ayuh pra vardhayamahe AV. 19.32.3''. 
ayuh pranam prajam pa9un kirtim AV. 19.63. ic; 71.1c. 

See ayuh prthivyam. 


ayuh pranam ma nirmarjih (KS. nirdaksam) MS. i.i.ii: 

6.12;; Mg.! Cf Apg.2.4.4 if. 
ayuh pranarii me dhuksva AA.5. 3. 2. 5. Sec ayur me 

ayukrd ayuhpatnl svadha vah Apg.6. 2 1. 1. See ayuskrd. 
ayuksatam a9vina ttitujim rathani RV. 10.35.6c. 
ayuksatam a9vinayatave ratham RV. 1. 1 57. ic ; SV. 2. i io8c. 
ayuksi saiTa osadhlh MS. 2.7.1 3C: 93.16. See avitsi ete. 
ayujah prayujo yujali AV.i 1.8.25'!. 
ayumnayaiii namasa ratahavya RV.6.11.4C; MS.4. 14. 15c: 

241.5. See amum naya. 
ayur annadyarii me pinvasva TB.; Apg.4.6.2. 
ayur asi AV.2.17.4; VS.5.2; 10.25; TS.i. 8.15.2;;; MS.i.2.7: 16.7; 2.6.12: 71.3; 3.9.5: 121. 8; 

4.4.6: 56.3; KS.3.4; 15.8; 26.7; KSA.5.15; 9B.3.4. 

1.22; 5.4.3-25; TB.i.7.9.5;; 7.7.5,6; Kg. 5.1. 31; 

Apg.7.12.14; 19.24.10; 22.26.9; Mg.i.7.1.10; — 9.1.4; 

ayur asi caksur nama svaha tva devaya dhatre M9.7.2.6. 

See caksur asi 9rotram. 
ayur asi tan me nij^acha tat te niyachami KS.36.15. 
ayur asmabhyaih dadhat (AV. 18.4.62c, dadhatah) prajaiii 

ca AV. 9.4.2 2C; 18.4.62C. See prajam asmabhyarii. 
asnxr asmasv a dhehi AV. 19. 64. 4c. 
ayur asmai dhehi jatavedah AV.2.29.2*. 
ayur a9aste TS.; MS.4. 13.9: 212.9; TB.; 

Ag.i.9.5; gg.i.14.17. Sec dirghayutvam a9aste. 
ayur in nah pra tirya tarn TB. 2.5. 1.3*. 
ayu.r upah9V antaryamayoh KS.34.15. 
ayur jivebhyo vidadhat AV. 18.4.53c. 
ayurdadaih vipa9citam AV.6.52.3* 
ayur dadhad yajiiapatav (MS.KS. "pata) avihrutam RV. 10. 

170.1b; SV.2.8o3b; ArS.5.2b; VS.33.30b; MS.i.2.8b: 

18.10; KS.2.9b; Lg.2.9.ib3b; Apg.7.4.5b. Cf ayur 

ayur dadlianah prataraih navlyah AV. 18.3.17b. Cf dra- 

ghlya ayuh. 
ajrurda agne jarasaiii vnianah AV. 2.13.1*. P: ayurdah 

Kau9.53. 1,13. See ayurda agne haviso, ayurda deva, 

and ayusman agne. 
ayurda VS. 3.17; TS.i. 5.5.3; 7.4; gB.; 

gg.2.11.3; PG.2.4.8. See ayurda asi, ayurdha agne^si, 

and ayurdha asi. 
ayurda agne haviso jusanah (gG. havisa vrdhanah) TS.i. 

3.14.4*;* (te); TB.*; TA.2.5.1*; Ag.2. 

10.4*; Apg.13.19.10; gG.i.25.7*. P: ayurda agne TS.; Apg.5.6.3; 6.16.10; 14.17. 1 ; HG.i.3.5; 6.2. 

See under ayurda agne jarasarii. 
aynrda asi gg.4. 1 2. 10. See tinder ayurda agne^si. 
ayurdah Mg.4.3.37. The Paddhati continues: payodah, 

tejodah, ya9odah, varcodah, varco me datta. 
ayur datra edlii VS. 7.47; gB.; gg.7.18.1. See 

mayo datre. 
ayurda deva jarasam vrnanah (ApMB.ApG.HG. grna") 

MS.4.12.4*; 188.8; ks.11.13*; Mg. 2.5.4. 20; —5.2. 

2.14; — II. 9. 2; ApMB.2.2.i*; ApG.4.10.9; HG.i.3.5*. 

See under ayurda agne jarasam. 

ayurdava dhanadava baladava pa9udava pustidava pra- 

japataye svaha Kauf.72.18. 
ayurdas tvam asniabhyam gharma varcoda asi MS. 4. 9. 6: 

127.1; TA.4.7.4; 5.6.9. 
ayurdrhha VS.5.27; 6.3; TS.; QB. 3.6.1. 18. 
ayur dehi KS. 1.7 ; 31.6. See under ayur dliehi. 
ayur dhatta prataraiii jivase nah AV.6.4i.3'5. 
ayurdha agneisi MS. 1.5. 2: 67.16; 1.5.9: 77.1; KS.6.9; 

7.6. See under ayiirda etc. 
ayurdha asi TS.i.6.6. 1 ; 7.1; JB.1.78 (Sfs); M9-3.6.20. 

See under ayurda agne^si. 
ayurdha asi dhruva MS.4.6.6 (6/s): 88.6,18; KS.35.7; 

Ap^. 14.27.6. 
ayurdhas tanudhah payodliali TA.4.7.4''. 
ayur dhehi TA. 4.2.5; ApQ. 1 5. 2. 2 ; M^. 4. i . 1 4. Sec ayur 

dehi, ayur ma3'i dhehi, ayur nie dah, ayur me dhattam, 

ayur ine dehi, ayur me dhehi, ayur me yacha, and avir 

ayur mayi dliehi. 
ajnir na prano nitj'o na sunuh EV. i.66.i\ 
ayur no dehi jivase 9^.1.25.70. Cf. next. 
ayur no vifvato dadhat AV.7.53.60. See ayus te vifvato, 

aj'us te adya, ayid cf. prec. 
ayur balam yajo varcah Karmap. 1.10.4". 
ayur brhat tad aylya tan mavatu (M^. mam avatu) Ap<J!. 

II. 15.1; Mg. 
ayur ma indriyaiii dhehi Ap^. 13.16. 10. 
ayur mayi dhehi VS. 10.25; TS.; ^B- 5- 4- 3- 25. 

See under ayur dhehi. 
ayur mayi dhehy ayur yajamane Ap^. 5. i . 1 4 ; M^. i . 5. i . 1 o. 
ayur ma nirvadistam VS. 5. 1 7 ; 9^- 3- 5- 3- 1 §• 
ayur me tarpayata TS.3. 1.8. 1 ; MS 1.3.2: 30.5; KS.3.10. 
ayur me dah AV.2.17.4 {ivith svaha); VS.37.12; MS.4. 

2.7: 28.14; 4-9-3: 124-1; QB.; TA.4.5.3; 10. 

4,5; 5.8.10 (6(s); Ap9.15.12. 7; M^-g-o.i. See under 

ayur dhehi. 
ayur me dehi VS.3.17; TS.i. 5.5.3; 7.4; 9B.2. 3.4.19; 

99-2-II-3; 4.12. 10; PG.2.4.8. See Mwder ayur dhehi. 
ayur me dhattam TB.; Ap^- 12. 2 2.9. See under 

ayur dhehi. 
ayur me dhuk.sva K9.3.4. 13. See ayuh prSnam me. 
ayur me dhehi VSK.ii.7.5; TS.i. 6.6.1; 7.1; 8.15.2; 

KS.6.9; 7.6; 15.8; 35.7; KSA.5.15; MS.i.5.2: 67.16; 

1.5.9: 77.1; 2.6.12: 71.3; 4.4.6: 56.3; 4.6.6 (6is): 88. 

6,18; JB.i.78(6is); TB.i.7.9.5; A\>(^.n.2-j.(). Seeunder 

ayur dhehi. 
ayur me.pacitir bhasat KS.38.4^ 
ayur mepahiVS.i 4.17; 22.1 ; TS.i. 1. 13.2;; 4.7.2 : 

MS.2.8.3: 108.9; KS.17.3; 20.11; gB.; 13.4. 

1.7; TB.; Apg.3.7.6; 17.2.3; Mg.6.2.i. P: 

ayur me K9.17.9.8. Cf. under ayuh pahi. 
ayur me piane manasi me prana ayupatnyam rci PB. i . 

5.17. P: ayur me prane L9-2-I0.6. 
ayur me yacha (Ap9.6.2i.i, yachata) MS. 1.8.4: 120.10; 

KS.6.5; Ap9.6.8.ii; 21.1; M9. See under 

ayur dhehi. 
ayur yajnapataye dhattam (MS. yajnapatau, omitting 

dhattam) MS. 1.3. 1 2: 34.15; TB.i. 1.1.3; Ap(;).i2.22.9. 



— aynse 

ayur yajnapatav adhat (JB. ayam) AB.5.27.4b; 7.3.2!^; 

JB.i.sSt; gB.; TB.l.4.3.I^2; AQ. 3.11.2'': gg. 

3.20.2I1; Kg.25.i.i4b; Apg.9.5.2''; Mg.3.2.ii>. Cf. 

ayur dadhad. 
aynr yajhasj'a pavate madhu priyam Apg. 20. 13.4". 

jyotir yajaasya. 
ayur yajiiaya (MS. yajne) dhattam MS. 1. 3. 1 2 : 34. 1 5 ; 

1. 1. 1.3; Apg. 12.22.9. 
ayur yajuena kalpatam (MS.Mg. kalpate; VS.22.33 adds 

svaha) VS. 9.21 ; 18.29; 22.33; TS.i. 7. 9.1;; 

MS.1.11.3: 163.13; I. II. 8: 169.16; 3.4.2: 46.17; KS. 

14.1,8; 18.12; 21.11; gB.; (Kg.14.5.2); 

Apg.18.5.13; Mg.6.2.5;— 7.1.3. 
ayur yat te atihitam paracaih AV.7.53.3'\ 
ayTir varco yafo balam ApMB. 2. 13.2''. See ayuh klvtir. 
ayur vasana upa vetu (AV.TA. yatu) fesah (TA. fesam) 

EV.10.16.5e; AV.18.2.10C; TA.6.4.2e. 
ayur vam faradah fatam MG. 16''. Cf ayus te 5a". 
ayur vifvayuh pari pasati (AV. patu) tva EV. 10. 17.4''; 

AV. 18. 2.55"; TA.6.i.2a. P: ayur vifvayuh SB.s. i; 

ayur vai nah pratitarah AV. 11.4.6^. 
aynr by opasateimrtam gB. 14.7.2. 20^; BrhU.4.4.20<'. 
a yuvanah kavayo yajniyasah EV.6.49. 11". 
ayuvai himkuru tasyai prastuhi tasyai stuhi tasyai me 

•varuddhyai Aj)g. 1 3. 1 1. 1. 
ayug caksur dryaye suryaya AV. 18.2.46^'. 
ayuQ ca tasj'a bhatiiii ca AV. 12.4. 28". 
ayug ca tva jara ca frlnltam TB.; Apg. 13.3.3. 
ajnig ca prayuf ca caksa^ ca vicaksaf (Apg. caksuf ca 

vicaksuf) ca prah capan(Apg. cavaii) caMS.i.5.4: 72.1 ; 

1.5. II: 80.12; Apg.6. 19. 1. 
ayuQ ca me jara ca me (VS. me yajiiena kalpantam) VS. 

18.3; TS.; MS. 2.11.2: 140.14; KS. 18.7. 
ayusah pranaiii samtanu KS.39.7 ; TB.i. 5.7.1; Apg.i6. 

ayusa ca balena( Apg. ApMB. dhanena) ca JB. 1.362'*; TA. 
2.i8.i<l; Apg. 1 4.1 8.1'!; ApMB.2.6. ll'; BDli. 2. 1. 1.35'!; 

42. 1 1" 

Sec prajaya ca dhanena. 

ayusayuskrtam jiva AV. 19.27.8*. 

ayusa varcasa prajaya dhanena (KS. adds sanya medhaya) 

VS.12.7i'; MS.1.7.1I': 109.12; 2.8.i4c(toj: 117.7,10, 

13; KS. 16.8. See next. 
ajrusa varcasa sanya TS.4. 2.1. 2I'; Kau9.72.14''. See prec. 
ayusa saiiipiprgdhi ma KS.36.15>!; TB. 2.7.7. 5<i. 
ayusa saha varcasa RV.10.85.39'>; AV.14.2.2''; ApMB.i. 

5.4''; MG. 1.11.12I'. 
ayuse ca balaj'a ca HG. 1. 1 1. 1 i<l. See ayuse bralmiane. 
ayuse tvani jivase vaN-aiii yathayatham TS. 1.5. 10. i^. 
ayuse tva AV.19.26.3; VS.14.21; TS.; 7.5.13. i; 

MS.2.8.3: 108.19; KS.17.3; KS A. 5.g (bis); gB.8.3.4. 

8; Apg.2.9.10; 3.6.5; Mg.i. 3.4.14- 
ayuse tva prafnami Ag. 2.4.7. 
ayuse tva varcase tva AV. 19.26.3"; VS. 14.21; TS. 4. 3.7.2; 

MS.2.8.3: 108.19; gB.8.3.4. 8. Cy. ayuse varcase tva. 
ayuse padam a rabhe AV.6.76.2I'. 
ayuse brahmanebrahmavarcasayaPG. 2. 2. 1 2 '. See ayuse ca. 

ay use — 

ayuse me jjavasva varcase me pavasva PB. i. 2.9 ; 6.6. i 7. 

ayuse me varcotla varcase (M^. me varcodah) i^avasva 
VS.7.2S; VSK.9.1.3; gB.4.,5-6-3; Mg. Frari- 
merit: ayuse (the rest understood) TS. P: ayuse 
me Ap^. 12.18. 20. 

ayuse vah MS. 1. 1.6: 3.13; 1.1.7: 4.6; 4.1.6: 8.6; 4.1.7: 

ayuse varcase tva (HG. omits tva) AV. 5. 2 8. 13b; 19.37.4i'; 

HG. 1. 1 1. 2^. Cf. ayuse tva varcase tva. 
ayuse svaha MS.3.12.9: 163.7; M9.4.2.13. 
ayuse liiriikuru tasyai prastuhi (ApQ. adds tasyai stuhi) 

tasyai meivariiddhyai MS. 4. 2.4: 26.9; Ap^.13.11.1. 

P: ayuse himkuru MQ. 2.5. 1.23. 
ayusoisi prataranam AV. 1 9. 44. i ''. 
ayuskrte svalia KS.39.2. See ayoskrte. 
ayuskrd ayusijatiii svadhavantau (KS. corruptly ayus tad 

ayupatnih svadhavah) AV. 5. 9. 8 ; KS. 37.15. See ayukrd. 
ayus te adya glrbhih ^G. 1.25. 7*. See under ayus te vi- 

ayus te dhruvah patu (Ap^- piitv asav-asau) MS. 4. 8. 7: 

115.11 ; ApQ.14.21.4. P: ayus teM9.4.2.28. See dliru- 

vas ta ayuh. 
ayus te vajin yufi KSA.5.15. 
ayus tevi9vatodadhatTS.i. 3.14.4''; TA.2.5.1"; 7.1; Ap(^. 

19.24.9;; HG.1.5.15; 2.4.19; BDh.3.7.10, 

16. P: ayus te TS. 2.5. 12.1. See ayur no vi9vato, and 

ayus te adya. 
ayus te 9aradah 9atam AV.2. i3.4<3; MG. 1.22. i2'3. Cf. 

ayur varii 9a''. 
ayuspaagne.siTS.i.i.13.2; TB.; Apg.3.7.6. 
ayuspa ayur me pahi QB. 13.4. 1.7. See ayur me pahi, 

and rf. ayuh pahi. 
ayuspratarano maiiih 
ayus prathamaiii prajaih posaiii raj'irii svaha AV.4.39. 2, 

ayusmac chiro astu me KS.36. 15I'; TB.'. 
ayusmatam ayuskrtam AV.3.3i.8^ 
ayusmatidam pari dhatsva vasah AV. 14.1.45'!; SMB. i . i . 

5''; PG.i.4.i2e,i3'l; See ayusmann idaiii, 

and ayusmaii idaiii. 
ayusmatih 9va9rumati9 cirayuh MG. 1.12.3''. 
aynsmato vanve jatavedasah AV. 8. 2.1 31". 
ayusmat ksatram ajaraiii te astu AV.6.98.2'1. See ojasvat 

ayusmat patni prajaya svarvit ApMB. 1.8.3I'. 
ayusmatya (A9.Q(^. «tya) rco ma gata (Vait. mapagaya; 

Kau9. ma satsi) tanupat (QQ. "pah) samnah (AQ. samna 

om)TS.3.2.7.i; Ag.5.2.14; gg.6".8.6; Vait.17.4; Kau9. 

108.2. See next. 
ayusmatya rco ma chaitsi ma samno bhagadheyad vi 

yosam JB. i . 1 6 7 . See prec. 
ayusmad astu me mukham KS.36.i5>i; TB.'>. 
ayusmad gayatraiii vi9vayu rathaiiitararii sarvayur brhat- 

samayur vamadevj'am atyayur yajnayajniyarii tesam 

aham ayusayusman bhuyasam ^Q. 1 7. 1 2. i. 
ayusmantah priyam esaiii vadantah AV.6.47.2'=; TS.3.1. 

9.2"; Kg.9.i4.i7c. See sumedhasah efc. 


ayusmantam varcasvantam TB. 2.4.7. i'^. 

ayusmantaih karota ma (EVKh. karotu mam ; KS. kmota 

ma)EVKh.5.87.i7<l; KS.35.3'';; BDh.2.1. 

1.35'^; 4. 2. lie. ggg dirgham ayuh krnotu me, and sar- 

vam ayur dadhatu me. 
ayusmantam mam tejasvantaiii manusyesu kuru MS. 4. 7. 

3 : 96.11. See tejasvantaiii mam. 
ayusmantas tvad varcasvanta ud gesma JB. 1.84. 
ayusmantah sahabhaksuh syama AV.6.47. i<l; TS.3. 1.9. 2'' ; 

MS.i.3.36<i: 42.9; KS.30.6'i; K9.9-3-2i'i. 
ayusmantah sumedhasah AV.7.6i.i'i,2<i; MG. 1.1.18''. 
ayusmantah suvarcasah Kau9.89. 13'!. 
ayxismantav uttamarii tva karathah Kau9.96.3''; 97.6''. 
ayusmanto jaram upagaohema devah (KS. jivali) KS.38. 

14'!; Ap^. 1 6. 1 9. 1 <l. See ayusmah jaradastir yathasani. 
ayusmann idam pari dhatsva vasah MG. 1.22.3*'. Sec 

under ayusmatidam. 
ayusman chata9ai'adah AV. i o. 3. i 2^. 
ayusman (PG.ApMB. <^maii) jaradastir yathasat AV.8.5. 

21'i;<i; PG.2.1.11'1; ApMB.2.i.3'i. See 

under ayusman jarad°. 
ayusmah jaradastii- yathasani AV.8.5. 191^. See ayus- 
manto jaraiii, and under ayusman jarad". 
ayusmah jiva ma mrthah AV. 19. 27. 81". 
ayusman agne havisa vi-dhanah VS.35. 17'^;". 

P: ayusman agne KQ. 21.4.26. See under a-ynvAa, agne 

ayusman ayaiii jaradastir astu MG. 1.21.6''. See under 

ayusman jaradastir. 
ayusman astu me patih FG. 1.6. 2<=. See dirghayur astu 

me, ciram jivatu, and 9atam varsani. 
aynsman idam pari dhatsva vasah ApMB. 2. 2. 5''; HG.r. 

4. 2'!. Sec under ayusmatldaiii. 
ayusman gupto (QG. gupito) devatabhih AG. 1.15. i<=; 

ga 1. 24.4c. 

ayusman jaradastir yathasam RVKh. 10. 128.9''; VS.34. 

52<i. See next, ayu.sman ayam, and ayusmah jarad"^. 
aynsman dirghayur ayam astu viroisau ^G. 1.28. 15*". See 

under jmx. 
ayusman bhavati yo bibharti AV. 19. 26.21!. 
ayusman bhava saumya MDh. 2. 1 25 ; Au9Dh. 1. 20. 
ayusman bhuyasam AV. 1 7. 1. 1*'; 18. 2.451". 
ayusman vi9vatah pratyah KS.36. 15"; TB. 
ayusman sarvapurusah AV. 1 o. 3. 1 o'>. 
ayusyam varcasyam (ApMB. varcasyam suvlryam) EVKh. 

10.128.2''; VS.34.5o°'; (^G.s.i.'j;'; ApMB. 

2.8. i"! (ApG.5. 12.3). P: ayusyam (iti suktena: see 

Stenzler's note) AG.3.8.21. Cf. BrhD.8.45. 
ayusyam agryani pratimunca 9ubhram PG. 2.2. loc (cri^. 

notes, and see Speijer, Jdtakarma, p. 22). 
ayusyam asma agnih suryah AV. 2.29.1c. 
ayu stha Ap^!. 12.22.9. *5'ee aj'uh stha. 
ayuh samdhattarii tan me jinvatam TB.i. 1.1.2; ApQ. 12. 

22.8. P: ayuh sariidhattam KS.4.4; 27.7; Mg.2.4. 

1. 1 1. 
ayuh stha TB. 1 . 1 . 1 . 3 . See ayu stha. 
a yuthevaksumatipa9voakhyatEV.4.2. iS"'; AV.18.3.23''. 


asruya dhrsno abhigurya tvam EV. 2.37.3c; N.8.3''. 
aye tanvanti rafinibhih EV.r.ig.S'"'; ¥*: 167.6. 
a ye tasthuh preatisu 9i-utrisu EV.5.60. 2^ 
a ye dhamani fln-jani tasthuh EV. 10. 13.1'!; VS. 11. 5''; 

TS.; 74.3; KS.i5.ii'i; gB.; 

a yena mitravaruna karamahe EV.9.108.14C; SV.2.447':. 
ayemire rathyo agne afvah EV.3.6.8<1. 
a ye me asya didhaj'ann rtasya EV.7.7-6''. 
a ye rajaiisi tavislbhir avyata EV.i.166.4*. 
a ye vayo na varvitaty amisi EV.6.46.i4<'. 
aye vainasya saiiigathe raylnam EV. 2.38.100; MS. 4. 14.6'': 

224.3; TB. 
a ye vifva parthivani EV.8.94.9''. 
a ye vijva svapatyani tasthuh (TB. cakruh) EV. 1.72.9^^; 

ayai suktena vacasa navena EV.2. 18.3''. 
a yo arvan nasatya vavarta EV.6.63.10. 
ayoh patmane svaha KS.39. 2. See ayos patvane. 
a yo gobhih srjyate osadhlsv a EV.9.84.3»'. 
a yo ghrne na tatrsano ajarali EV. 6. 1 5. 5<1 ; VS. 17.1011; 

TS.4.6.i.2d; MS.2.10.1C: 131. 16; KS.i7.i7'l. 
a yo dyam bhaty a prthivim 9</-8.22.i ; N.7.23. 
a yo dharmani prathamah sasada AV.5. 1.2*. 
a yo^nayat sadhama aryasya EV.7.i8.7<'. 
a yoniiii vanyam asadat punanah EV. 9. 9 7. 4 50. 
a yonim somah sukrtarii ni sidati EV.9. 70.7c. 
a yonim garbha etu te AV.3.2 3.5b. See under a garbho. 
a yonirii dharnasih sadah EV.9.2.2C; SV.2.388''. 
a yonim agnir ghrtavantam asthat EV.3.5.7''. 
a yonim aruno ruhat EV.9.40. 2"^; SV. 2.275". 
a yo no abhva Isate EV. 1.39.8!'. 
ayobhavyaya catuspadi ^G