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Full text of "Vigo County, Indiana, will record, 1818-1848"

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V_I G _ C g_ U N T I , _ I 1^ D I A 1^ A 

WILL RECORD C 1818 - 18^:8 ] 



Eleazsr Aspinwall - 1820 

John Erocklebank - 1826 

Japhet Bush - 1829 

Alan son Church - 1818 

Richard Cox - 1820 

Abraham Elliot - 1821 

Samuel Ever sol - 18'Kt- 

Joseph Grose - 1848 

Jarnes Johnston - 1822 

James Lee - 1819 

William i'^arkle - 1820 

John Norris - 1828 

James Porterfiled - 1846 

William Souls - 1820 

Benjainin Starke - lojl 

Nicholas Stephenson - 1821 

John F. Thompson - 1821 

Isaiah Wallace - 182S 

Gersham Tuttle - 1625 

Jeremiah Wilson - 1828 

James S. Winter - 1825 

William Winter - 1818 

A^.PIi.V./a,L, F:Lii:AZAR 

In the n;'r-.e of God Pxicn 

1 Eler.c-rx ■'■.G pi II ■.'.:■, 1.1 of Terre [i.-uts Yi50 Cownty, 
state of Irjcii^na do r.t he.. ;;!) ;1 decl'.ro tiij.G i.,y 1 ct 
will c'lid tcGt;.i.';ent uiiifor/.i f ollov.'iiir;;. Ily wor.-t'ily 
estate I cA^' ^- '■'^^^ bequentii c'-.s follov.-s; 

Fixe.t I ^i'ce .-nd bGque,-th th-:.,t all ny tcricvi-ns 
with the appiu'tenr.iiccs, situate, lying and beirji_; in 
Torre H- ute VibO Co. Bta'oe of Indian;.: knoijii ^^nd des- 
ignated on the plot of s?j.d toT7n as lot nji^bcr one 
■uanto n^y wife Elirn Aspinv/all for and during' t}ie term 
of one year and until sold. 

Also I give and bequeath unto my v.'ife Elira ^b- 
pinwall all the household furniture vaiicli she bcuijht 

from the state of llev York \;itii her all my _ 

and one [^olc: vr'.tc}i, ana $400 in current money. Also 
I give and beq\icath to my sistar Ann Aspin^Tall tlie 
sujli of ^400 in current money, and finally all the 
rest and residue of ny personal estate, and all iry 
real estate after payment of all my debts the loa;ioy 
a,nd funeral expences, I give devise and beajueath to 
i-'iy brothers, Chest'jr Aspinv.all and Le\7is Aspinvzall, 
and my sister Roxa Car:pbell to be equally divided a- 
mong thei.i, 

■ To V;-itncas r/iicreoi I h-;ve iiereunto set j:r/ hand 
and E-oal tiiis t.Oth day of Lept. in tlie year of our 

\\mr\ih s"iatl iK-i.'^'" 

Lord 1C2.0. 


Signed sealed publi'oi'ed proiiounccd 
and dec 1- red by tlie er^.id A.upiriivall 
as ))iB l^rGt v.ill and teGtrJ.'Cnt in the 
preBonoe of uc v;ho in tlie presence of 
e.ich other hnve hereunto aubscribed our 

Luciun H. Ecott 
uilli-.iii 0. Linton 

EleaEar f^spinrrall 
... (SEAL) 


State oi Indi-na Foup.tain Co. IIov. 24, 10^6 

I JoJin Brochlcb ;rik beint;; \ve:iic in body but sound 
in ijiind .nnd rieraory r.r;ke r.iy lac-t will and teotanient. 
Firct I bequeath unto u:y neuhev; Samuel Jcnicon 
§50, and to his 8on John B. Jenison $50 alco to r,-y 
nephev; Caino Mains rJaton ^,?50, :;lso to uy nephew John 
B. JeniBoiJ s.'SO and residue of cctatc I bcqueatli un- 
to my daughter Elinor a Brocklebank. 

It iB ijy last request that Salmon V.'ri;-;ht of Terre 
Haute, Indiana be h\y Executor to settle my estate in 
Indiana and Illinois end Abner Bunnell oi Cananiiai- 
go.a Kerr Yorl: be my Executor to settle v.y estnte in II .Y 
for the benefit of those to \.'hoia its bequeathed. 
Thin is my last uill and teatawent. I eirn and 
seal in presence of 
Auson Cone 
Peleg Balecock 

John Brocklebank 


■"I Jciphet Bur:)i oi" tlie elate oi" Iniiai'a and County of 
Vigo GO VMiV.e aiici ordr;in this iry will and teotcui^ent 
in manners and form ri£ follov,T>: 

I (jive and bequeath to biy dear son uilli?j;j i3u3]i .;';1.00 
and to My beloved d-.u^.liter Caroline FLitn-Ti '^l.OO and to 
my dau;;hter Sally Jones ^;1.00 and to wy tion V.'arren Bush 
(?10.00 all tlic ."'^er.idue of my liinds, teneiucntc hereidita'ncntB 
alco wy etoc'i: of every hind vith jry houBeliold furniture of 
every sort ond f arrnin;;'; utentialB of every Bort dec^cription . 
I [^ive to uy dear beloved rife Hester Busb v;ho!i"i I no;:;inate 
constitute and appoint sole execiitrix of this niy last v.'ill 
and testainent. Hereby revoke all other former v/ills by rr.c 
at any time heretofore made. 

In \7H".nePE whereof I h'lve hereunto set wy }i.-nd and se-:l 
t}ie :3?th day of June 1829 in the yera' of our Lord. Si[-ned 
Benled published and decl-ired by the said testator Japhet 
Bush aB for his last \7ill and testaxient in the presence of 
U8 vrho have subscribed our vritnes thereto in the pre- 
sence of the Sidd testator. 

As v/itness my hand and _,,-'' 

Eliphatet Chattuck 
JaJnes Johnston 
Nathan Andrews 

Japhet Eush 


Be it rc.'aerabered th- t I Alancon Church of Vifjo in 
tlie 5:"-tate of Indicino, Deir.g v/cal' in hoCy but oT noiind and 
perfect nind b3e^!cl the Alrii^-hty Cod for the Gcine, do 
make and publish this uy last v/ill and test,i-;:ient in i.ian- 
ner and form following: • ■ - ■ --■ - - - - -•--.-. 

I do i^ive and bequeath unto-wy beloved" Ellsabetlj 
Church tv-o cov.s, two calves and all tlje hogs that I now 
ovm and all in/ household furniture. 

I do Give and bequeath unto my son Alanson Church 
all that my ir.essuase situate lying; and being in the Co. 
of Vigo and the St-:te of Indiana containing 60 acres of 
land to hold to hin the sail Alonson Church his Jieiro 
and assigns forever tv;o brovm horses, two, tv/o 
year old bulls and all receipts and notes T/hioli belong 
t o Lie . 

I do give and bequeath unto rsy daughter Elisabeth 
Harris ^ao.OO. 

I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Lucinda 
Oiiurch C5.00. 

I do give and bequeath unto Lay daughter Lydia 
Church ^!^<.00. 

I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Sally 
Church ^C^.00. 

I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Elisa Church 
ff2.00 anJ lastly as to all the rest residue and remainder 

of i;;y p^rconol Estnte C'oocls o.nd chattels of all kind. 

I civo r-nd beciuei'.th the camtj to t.iy and bjlcved. 
v.ifc Elistbeth ChurcJi whom I hci-cby appoJnt to De Executor 
of this Il\y last will and te2ta,r.':ent. In v.itne;:::; whereof I 
have herexinto set i.iy hand and Beal thlo 18th day of Aujunt 
183 8. 

Si[;ROd sealed pi,iblis)ied p)ronovnioed 
ai'id declared by thie £; Alans on Church 
as liiB last v;ill and teatainent in the 
precence of us vrho in the presence of 
eoch otlisr h"ve hereunto subccribed our 

Willi at.i Henry 

Willia FcllowB 

Huniy Burlingaa.e 


Alanoon X Churcli 



cox, rilCJiARD 

Be it re/;iewberod tli-jt I Richard Cox of tj.o State of 
3; Vi[:o Co. boin^^ in hja.lth and of councl nind and 
r/ieir:ory to i.i-:J:e thiio ir.y la'-'t vill s.nd decire it be received 
as such by all whor; it may concern. 

I deGire t]:iat just debt8 and funeral chn.rijecs be paid 
a.s Boon as they conveniently c<in after ]:,-y deotr^'oO and that 
iny body be buried in a decent and chricti:;n nianner at t}u; 
deocretion of uv/ executoro hereafter mentioned and for lay 
worldly property I £,ive and dispoae of in the follo\\ing 
ffiajmor: . ■ ■ 

I give to my Bon Thoinac Cox (;'1.00 and no inore. 

I give to my daughter 15ar:>' Evans vlO.OO and no more.. 

I C'-ve to ny d-au^hter Rebecca Pace dviring life 40 
acres of land on BoutJi corner of the nortli eaet qunrtcr 
of Ejection 1 Tovm 10 range 10 and at her death to her son 
Ds.niel Pace his heirs and ar signs forever. 

I give to my oons David, Peter and iGaac one quarter 
section of land the South VVe.~t quarter of No. 13 T.IO F;.30 
equally during Peter's life' nnd at his death to bo equally 
divided bet'.reen Da.vid and laaac their lieirs, assigns forever 

I (jlve to my sons Richard and V.'illiam t}ie If.V/. quarter 
of section 13 t.lO r.lO to be equally divided by an east 
line. I leave in tlie hands of my executors for the use of 
my son Peter one featlier bed and fiu-nituro, one sorrel j;::ire 
ai'id one gov; and c:'lf tlie profits of thcia to be l:ept for use 

duriuo J^-'i^""' li-'-'o and Jit Mo c;eath to be boIci vnO. cqurJJy 
dlvidod .-.jnons brothers; dii'I tiieir heirc. 

I fjive to iiiv Gon John Cox tiio north half of the nortli 
east quarter Vio.l T.IO R-10 to hii-) his heirn and ar^r.igns 

I leave in tiie pov/er of niy executors to ci'^c to my 
gron^tGon Amos Gox 40 acrco the south east part of lio.l 
T.IO R.IO or not to give ac they shall think best accord- 
ing to his behaviour. I appoint ir.y son David, John cUid 
Isaac executors to this uy last will and testriwent and 
(page v/as torn) son Peter and hereby revokinj- all other 
v.'ills by me do ordain this ray last viill o,nd te3t;i:,]Gnt . 

In v/itneso v.^lioreof I h;xve hereunto set i;y h-raid and 
seal tliis 2Vth dey of the 7tli raonth in the ye'T of our 
Lord 1830 c 

Sitj^ned and sealed and pronounced by the said Rieliard 
Cox to be his last will in the presence of ub . 

I ausliorize ciy executors to sell all my property of 
idine not mentioned in the v.'ill at private Gale or public 
auction, as they shall thinl: best. 
EliGha Bentley 
John Harkncss 
Jeremiahi Kav/orth 

Richard Cos 

ELLIOTT, hbiAf^lUi 

Be it voniehibere'i th'it I Abicahaiii lilliott c:-'llii\--; to 
rnj, nd the uncertainty of liie and it is aopointeci once 
for all won to die, do ?.--}:q tl-ia ny Irst vill and testa.- 
incnt . 

I reccosji-hcnd n^y oeal to Almighty GoO. , and body to 
the earth to be buried in a decent raaJiner, and all my 
jUGt debts find feneral chargeD to be paid, as for vrhat 
property it has pleased God to ble&s ne v.-ith, 31 dispose 
of in the following iiianncr, ?o v;'it: To iav dau£;hter Dar- 
ah rJid Elisabeth I give and bequeath Ol.OO e?ch, to iny 
daAJ-£hter Catharine I ci"^'e and bequeath one dutch oven, 
also to h-ry daur^hter (pab'e torn) 

To Try son Joab I ijive and bequeath all my land and 
aJ.l tlie rcsicu.e of vy Estate, all debts due tie and noney 
arising frcia the sale of my property, to be a.ppropri:tcd 
to the pr-yinr^ the lane; out of the land office, and if 
there should, be any renainder of suoli money it tocether 
t;ith the rent of the farm to be appropriated to the bene- 
fit of ny Said son Joab, Also I give and bequeatJi to my 
Said son Joa.b one large bible and writing desk v/liich are 
to be exempted from sale. In case the land I now cvn 
should be forfeited, I ordain that e^ny woney appropriated 
to the use of ray said, son Joab or the paying for i.ry Ipmd 
by my executors laid out for the puroose of purchacjng 
hiij ZiSi otli'jv piece of land. .T further ordain that niy son 
cliall not be permitted to sell or dispose of land -wit' 

out t}je c^'inr.ont of i:iy exc-cutoi'S till ho ■ t-.iir.ll .?rrive at 
the a.-^e of 1.'.5 ye.-?ra. I c.iiGtitutc- nnd'appoint r.'y-con 
Abner a.rKj i:^y truct-y frcien--^, 'Davic: Lyl:ins i:]y exeontorr. ' ■• 
anci v.'Jicn Abn'..r cannot be piesunt rjy fricng Di.vii-' Lyki^u to 

to liavc full pov.--3r to rot in riove of both. 

'I further empo;7Gr my executors v.ltli JoIjh Pike to 
act ac they WDy see beet with \i^/ tiir.bor qu';rter Boction 
of land. I eupOTrer my executors to act ;7it}i tir^bar 
quarter section of land, I erjipc.rer my exeoiitors to act 
v/ith iity land on v/hich I live as circ\is.stanoes aay require 
and if it should be deemed necessary they may retain one 
half of such lajid and forfeit the other. 

In Testii;!ony whereof I have hereunto set my hand fa^d 
Besl tliio 10th day of Jiarch 1821. 
Witnesses present 

Jared Lyk.ins 

Elisabeth X Ohur'ch . . " ■ 

nark Abrahimn Elliott 

Be it rerricrnbered that I Abraliara Elliott tailing; into 
mature consideration the above vvill and concludes and do 
nial:e the follo'.ying alterations. I do give and bequeath un- 
to my daughter Elisabeth one spinning nheel and one chair 
also to my dr.iiohter Sarah one larL,e dish and all my v:earins 
interests, and I further give to i.\V daughter Catharine, one 
looj:ing glass and also to ny housekeeper Slira one chair, 
also one half the cotton thats no;? a growing and one h?lf 


ncrii' F'aoli . A!i.l tlie ,'rbove p3-operty I declare cxoMpt 
froLJ Sole. 

In tcstir.ion^^ wliereof I iiave Ijereunto Get rny hrmc 
an--' Gc?.l tliis 10th d-y of M-rch 18S1. 
".'itnesces present 
Thomas Brovm 
John Pike 

AbroliEW Elliott 


evl;R':.ol, e/.i;uJ.;L 

1 BrUi.UGl Lverrr-ol of Terro Haute Vi(^:c Go. 3ti„tc of 
Inclirina do ir-'ke tiiis my In^t T-;i*J.l nnO teotrj^'ent- }i--;rcby 
revokirig :\nd vn.kin^ void all fornier i':!!! by ne )''co- 
fore I'lade. 

Firbt I direct that ry bocy be interred in o, ploin 
inan]:ier with as little expsT^se or parade ps dece:ic:y will 
allov; and I direct that liv brotlier Josepli be particularly 
Bcnt for to attend ny funeral. 

Next 1 direct t/.at all uy just debto cost of ny la^t 
sicl:ness and funeral expenses be p3id as coon after lay 
death sjy pot;eible out of the first money n th';;t fOiall come 
unto the hands of jny executors. 

I give and bequeath to niy dear yife Marj^aret all the 
houaehold property kitclien furniture cattle and provisions 
that may be on hnnd at my death. It is also liiy desire 
that tliey have all the rents and profits of ray real est-Ha 
during her natural life (except vrhat shnll be mentioned 
hereafter) The keeping srld property in good repair pay- 
ing the taxes thereon also keeping the building insured 
in the ].Iutu:;l Insurance office (say) Cor;ip-;ny and not doin^ 
or suffering any 'ivaste or injury to the said prop?rty. 

It is tiy desire that rry shop be rented for any bus- 
iness for shall it naybe ordered. My rill is that all 
cooper •,7are stuff and tools and all personal property not 
already devired be sold on the u.c-.ual credit for notes 
vdth good security and the money realized from sail s-les 

and t)ie Cvebtc cue we r?,U'i rioney cin }i-:n<} ovor__anri nbovo 
\-Jjat j r; orcjereci for the payair-rnt of iiy ilebte and fun- • 
eral cxpenoftB -.nd al3- otfier Eion.-^yc cMninj^; in the JinRds 
of iiiy executors or executrix shcaxld be as f^.Gt ■ (r>:;,y •■ 
Boon aB ted loaiiod out on ixiort(_;''ge of read es~ ■ 
tate at lecal interest payable cer.-.i anmially rhich in- 
terent together with the dividend on nry etoek is to bo ■■ 
enjoyed by vy dear vdfe '-'rirc^'-a-et until n-y D;on JoBerjh be- 
oomoG of Icg'jl ace ^7}5en the principal is to be paid over 
to him. It ie i;iy will that my son Joseph be liept con- 
Btaiitly at Gone good bcIjooI (if Iiealth periiats) g.nd for 
the lat't 3 or 4 yearc v.'here the hi[;,her branches of Kng- 
lish are tau;2.h''-' v/here there are apparattus and lectures 
for terjchin^^ chemistry, Philosopliy a.nd the J^atheraaticks, 
should there not be a school in Torre }iaute it is my 
wish }ie be sent from hoKie to wliere such a school is, 
ta.ught and th>at he be snantained and educated by toy 
executrix free of all chr-rgeo. Hy will is tliat at 
the age of sixteen ray son Josepli be placed apprentice 
to some good Mechanic vvho is master of his business 
or Scientific farr.ier as tJie boy may choose to remain 
with Daid meciianic or farmer until he is 21 years old 
receiving 3 or 6 mouths schooling each year during liis 
apprenticeship, cut in the event his physical poi7ers 
should overtaJce and keep pace with his mental faculties 
and he should feel still eager for learning he may be 
continued at school still longer. 

11: if,. i:iy v.'ill thn.t- sliould i.ry Gon Joyc:ph die v.ilhout 
cbildren before the decease oi' ]ii3 i.:ol.J)or then it ia ir.y 
Ijint v.-ill th:-'t she rry wife }Iart;-^ret eliould uce r.nd put 
the rents and profit:^ of my real ect-;to and intorc't on 
all i;;oney -nd brtnk stock ns before mentioiied nurin^:^- lier 
natuTcil life. After }ier death t)ie princip-i.l and real es- 
tate to descon'i to my loeial heirr. . It is !.-.y especi-l will 
that ir.y l-?rt:;c family bible be oi"^'cn to n-y Don ?;fter hio 
inotlier'y death and also iiiy silver wnre and etc. 

Having a mortt,;,?^e on a farw no^.v ov.-ned and occupied 
by ir,y brother Joseph Eversol my v.ill is that my son Jos™ 
ep]i have the exclusive claira to said mortljaje if the Innd 
falls to iny estate and that his guardian use the rents 
and profits of said l:-.nd in iiuprovements on the farin un- 
til my son Josepli Deco^ies of legal age, if hcvever the 
Biortgage redeemed in WDney tlion it is my will that tlie 
money be loaned out on mortgage of real estate at legal 
interec-t tiie interest also loaned out as it is paid un- 
til he my eon Josepli. oecomes of lawful ::ge. I vrish it 
expressly understood th?t on my real estate during her 
life and the interest on the money loaned ovit and divi- 
dends on irrf bank stock she relinguished all her right 
dov,-er; also to maintain and educate my son free of all 
charges. And I heretofore m.ake my dear wife Margaret 
and my esteemed friend Orson Barbour executrix a'iid exe- 
cutor of tjiio my Irst will and testajnent. In witness 
whereof I Scrruel Sversol the testator have hereuTito set 

My h?.nd and c-erJ. tjris Goii cV.y of June in tliC yo-'r of our /"'■•, 
Lord 1844. 

Saraucl Eveirol (GEAL) 

I alGO v.ill and direct that my friend Orcon Bp.rbour 
nfter My death sji?ll as ny cv-p^r-'inn of n.y con Joseph un- 
til he Eh^.ll o.rrivc at tlie of 21 yrs. and p.s Gxicli 
he shall carry unto execution the unjunotions of this my 
. last v/ill ?nd test-nent. 

Done the aforcB-id 8th d.-^y of 1844. 

■ - . ' Sara' 1 Hversol 

I Jor.oph a.'o::e of the county of Vi^o and t;tr-te of 
Ind''ir!:-i, bei]i:^ of noiuid i.'anci end nor.ory knoTvin^;;- thrit itc 
ri.ppointed for all mn oiv^-e to die do iu?ke tliic jiy last 
will £tnd tcotoiient. ■ ■ • ...... 

In ihe first I vrant to oc buried in a recent 
Cliristirjn buri-.-.l, and all my funsral ox])rino^s p-'ic;, to- 
cethcr vrJ. ti. all wy juct debto, in the Snd place I do 
give unto ry beloved rrifo Sally Grocc my home pl':cG as 
long as B)ie remjilnr. j;:y \v'idow. J.'y hoi'^e plr^ce i& ]:novni 
by bein soutjicast quarte.r of r.outlieact quarter of seo- 
tioP-14 in tov/nBhip 11 borth of ran5e G vrect, and at 
her death the above described real estate is then to 
be IVilliarj Grose's ny youngest son, if he sjiall then be 
living. If the said V.'rn. Grose ahould not be living nor 
have any liciro living tlien in that the onid land is 
to be sold, and the money to be divided between my dau- 
ghter in equal portions, a^id if any of thera should be 
dea.d and leaving heirs then the heirs shall receive t>ie 
mother's portion. I also give unto ny v;ife Sally Grose 
all ijiy personal property except the young filly ^,'bic]-: I 
now give unto V/illiaiii Grose my son, I also do hereby 
o.ppoint ThoEias Carter, i;sq . my executor, \'asliing liira to 
settle my estate. 

In testimony thereof I hereunto set uy hand and 

seal tliis 22nd. day of March A.D. 1648. 

Joseph X Grose 

Signed seal in the prcsende of 
John Pady & Geor -p '- r-,.- + .^ 

In the nrniO of Go.i Amen, ' 

Be it roweir.bered th-t I Jrauec JoLnoton of tlio County 
of Vir^o and State of Indinn-a bein^^ r,c?.k i:'i body b-at so\ind 
aivi perfect of wind and n;e;uory blcssec be Alirji-hty God 
for the B?,i;V3 do tn:-:kc and publinh tliis v.y last will ,nnd 
teLstainent in the Planner and form follo-.Tlns (that is to 

esy) .• ■ ■ • 

First I iZ'ive anci bequeath unto my belove 1 \,'ife Mar-- 
garet Jolmcton uy home plnce curing )).?v life, then to be 
8old s,nd divided awon^jst nry cJiildren equally. I do al^^o 
give and bequeatli unto rcy son CharleB Johnston or ]jis 
lioirs tile east half of the nortii eaet quarter of section 
J;]o.l9 in to\nic]iip JIo. 10 K. of range No. 8 v/cst and t}io 
v:e6t ijalf of the nortlr.vest quarter of section h'o.SO in 
tov/nGliip llo.IO J« . of ran^je 8 vrcst. I do alQo give and 
bequeath unto w son in lavr Kathan Poyner and ii;y cldeDt 
daughter Kancy Poyner his \7ife or their children the 
north east quarter of section iJo.lB in tornship lIo.lO 
of range 8 v;cst wliicli I V7ant paid for with rai'noy that is 
due me. I do also give and bequeatli ;uito v:.y son in law 
Jesse Kester and ray youngest daughter Sara3.i Kester his 
^vife or t>ieir children the v.'cst lialf of the north '.vest 
quarter of section ho. 34 In township ho. 10 of r,';nge Ho. 
10 IV. and OlOO current money of the United St-^tcs and 
the Innd to be paid rith money diie nie. I do also v.-.^nt 
40 o.cres of tlie 11. Z. quarter of section Zv in to'.Tnrdiip 

I;o.l0 N . of r:^n^■e 10 ^vcal.; rccc-rver; nnd tlis ronifluc v^cld 
for tiie purpoce of »n:::l:in:j: r.y chilfjrnn even r:h".rcn in my • 
eBt::te. I do alBo is^vc vJid Dequenth unto jG:;ce Keiy'cor n- 
foxesaii one' lot in the ■ tcv;n of I31oo':iiclr] , Butlar Co., 
Ohio at :;i'45.50 of hio part of uy est-ite. I do also [jive 
and bequeath unto ir.y grandson Jcjnec L. Poyner, one younr; 
horse Gadule and briiile v/orth (s 60 when he is 21. I do 
also L^ivo and bequeath unto ray beloved v/ife nforecaid, nil 
the household furniture o!"ie )iorse and one cow. I do nlii^o 
Vv'ant the a.-lc of my fjoods end chattels to be sold for the 
payment of debts and to procure a horse faaddle and bridle 
for Ky £:;r.-ndson as af oresaJ d if any remainder to be div- 
ided equally eJ.ianGSt i;iy three children. I do hereby ap- 
point ThoKiav^ Pounds and Benja^nin Kerchival sole executors 
of this ny lact vrill and testament hereby revohins all 
former wills by me made. 

In witness v.-hereof I have hereunto set my iiand and 
seal this ZOtli day of 1822. 
Signed sealed published pronounced 
an^ declared by the said Johnston 
as his last v;ill and testament in the 
presen.ce of us y/jio in t]ie presence of 
each ot)ier haA'c hereunto subscribed our 

William Welsh 

Hoses Evans 

John Kester James Johnston 


In the n-iiiie of God Ancn 

I Jo.raefi Lee of tlie Coi:nty of Vii;;o and of Inci. 
bein[-; ronk in boc-y in\t by the fioroy of God cr.u d in mind 
and }:nov>'ing it oppointed for all iiicn once to die do of' 
liiy own v,-ill and accord nor; and ordoin tliis to oe r.iy l^rro 
v/ill and tcntanient, and to be received and obeyed v-H Euch 
accordingly. " " " • ■ -■ - - 

To iiiy loving \Tife Polly Lee I c^-^'e and bcq-ueath the 
Bonth-ijalf of the scuthenst quarter of section Ik). SO in 
tov?n 10 north and ran[;e J^'o. 10 v/est alr.o the north half 
of the north v;cot quarter of section 2o in ]:o. 8 nort:i 
in range llo. 10 v/eot also tv;o horccB the red wagon and 
harness and one cov; and (^alf; one yoke of oxen and one 
Saddle arid bridle and all I'^y houseliold ajid liitchen furn- 
iture; also all my ctock of hogs; also v/liat money I now 
have in posr.esoi on to be at her dicposnl, and four hun- 
dred dollsrc out of the money cowing from Joliu Good« The 
benefit of the above property, and raoney is for her use 
while she rernains my vridow. To iny Bon John Lee I give 
and bequeath •^•80 to be paid the 15th of Sept, 1819. To 
Eiy son Iicnry Lee I give a.nd bequeath C'lGO to make tvro 
payraents in the land office as they bee one due. To Lay 
son Samuel Lee I give and bequeath C240 to be paid for 
the quarter section of land on \;hich he lives as the pay- 
ments becoue riue iri the ]nnd office, also tv:o pair of 
gears and one set of plow devices. To r;iy son Jawes Lee 

I c.ixe and beouoath the llortlt hi'ir of tlie oouoli c^;;;!. qu-^r- 
tcr of section lio.J^.l in town, l."o.?.0 north in raii(je :-o.lO 
west alfio ^5200 v/Aoa he beoo;i!eB of rj:;,e al^jo one t:>ro,;ii colt 
wliich he rxov'.' cl':.iii;3 . To my Don Henry Lee I i.-ive ajid be- 
queath ^4-0 in addition to the above OlSO. To i;y three dnu- 
phtero JilliGabeth Fiiroi^'-ion, Jane South-'.rd and Piuth Dcmnan 
I give andi bequeath v ^0 eac}:i, alno one grey and v/acon 
to be Bold and the money arising therefron to^-ether with 
the woney after discharging ir.y debts to be equally divided 
among them al^o the three half quarter above deccribod and 
all t)ie household and hitohen furniture alao to bo equally 
divided a^nionc them at the deoease of their mother, this I 
bequeath to thcK and tlieir heirs. In teatimony vdiercof I 
have hereunto set my luind and seal this 5rd, day of )larch 
in tlie ye car of our Lord 1819. 

. J awes Lee 

WitnesEcc Present 
Jared Lyhins 
Ebcnesar Pa^^docl: 
Ebenesar Paddoelc Sr« 

I VMlli'u.T .V.r.i-i:'l2 of the County oT \'i'/,o in t)v: St-^to 
of Indinnc?, c jn^'iderii;^; t>i3 unc-ertaj.nty of tiiin liJe being 
VTCsk of body, tvit of sound wind rjnd r.'';Mory ■}i,''.vin[;; n swrill of uy ov.n ];i:;,ht in fee Bimplo rmd h'lvinf; rn ,ny broth- 
erc onrl tv/-o oioters the latter of i.]ioi:i iaj eldest brotlier ■ 
bein£; married n.nd by t}ie ::.dvancci;ient of jny fcthor com- 
fortably settled, o.her of uy tirothera being rainorn and 
under Die iiroteo tion and paternal c - re of i.iy f thor and 
none of vdiojn \:ill ;.ixrive to a lav.'ful ;\go for several ye?rc 
yet to coHie except r.y brother Jlenry H-rkle -who v.'ill in a 
wonths arrive if )ie should live to the age of 21 yre; nnd 
havin[i no partiality for one above another in the disponj.- 
tion of i;jy real estate, but to divide a suall oct-te a- 
mongst GO many vrould render it of very little une to any 
imuiediately ; I do therefore make thie ir-y last will, 

1. I give and devise unto my brother Henry h'a.rkle 
all lands tenements r^nd herediments with tl:c appertinanceo 
whereof I pjn seized in fee. Situate in t}ie Co. riforea-id 
near Fort Harrison in the Occupation of Amos Rice, anrj all 
the benefit to be devised from the contract or ai'^reement 
heretofore entered between the said Rice and me for the im- 
provement of the said land vrhich contract I expect v'ill be 
fully carried into effect. To have and to hold the said 
land tenements and hereditements unto the said H.cnry ]/-rkle 
his lieirs and assigns for ever. Provided alvjays and the 
above, premises r-re given and devised t'ne c'bovc reasons, 

upon t])iD cyTproo;'-. coi)(35.tion th-.:,t if iny fnthor Ehould (lie 
intestate or Jn his \7J.11 ciiould not tr;,]-e tho a'oove £--;r-;.nt 
ancl device iiito conf;icej\'-:.tio.n i"n the dispc:;ition oi his 
estate tliat on a iin?.l tiivieion of liis estate the value 
of tlic above ci"\^c-^i ^-^I'^-d ceviced prer.:if;eG at tlie eucj of 
my decerifte £ii::ll be taken into consideration in allo'./ing 
to wy said brother licnry hin portion \intil which time ho 
shall have tiJO sole uce ovniereJiip an-] absolute posaeesion 
of the sadd premises to^eiher witli tlie rents issuaa and 
profits arising therefore at v/liich tirje an f..bsolute title 
in fee oimple shall vest in hiM the said henry full to 
all intents and purposes accordin;^ to the foregoing gift 
and devise. 

2. It is my vrill tliat out of rry personal property 
and t]ie paynient on an obligation which I 'hold against Sar.- 
uel L. Richardson which Viill first become due, all ny la^.v- 
ful ajid debts be paid. 

3. I do give and bequeath unto ny sister Aula, the 
\7ife of Nathaniel Huntington the s.ju of $200 to be paid 
to her out of the pa^n.ient of the obligation against the 
Gaid Richardson vhich last becomes due. 

And lastly all the rest of residue and remainder of 
my personal estate goods and chatties of '.7i)at l:ind as nat- . 
ure soever. I give and bequeath the to rjy snid broth- 
er Henry \7ho:{i together v.'ith Abraha'ui ilarkle ri,y father. I 
hereby appoint Executors of this r^ last Tiill and testa::ient 
]icrcby revoking all for;::c-r v;ills by me made. 

In v/itiiess ^7hereoI I have herci-'nto set ir,y hand and seal 

/ <<■ 

the „_, ^, clay of Feb. in Uic ye.v'.v of our Loi-o 1F;^.0. v 

S^ipriod i.c-aod. publi:;liOd by tlio Gaid V.illi-^i;! i,:ri,rklc to bo 
hit? la^o v/i3.1 -nnd toG'.tru'.-ent in the pre.scnco of us vdio 
have }icroui:ito frab:-;c rib^J. our naucc or r.-itjie-'-s in the 
prefcenoe of the'Tostor ■ ' - " ' 

\Ulli:,j.i Mar];le 
• (Si^AL) 

M. Huntin.iton ■ ■ ■ ■ 

S.R. Bqi.'irc ' ' 

William Brii-rrs ■"■ ■ ' • 



UOHH]?.', JOJIli 
In the 11-! me of God A:.i27i: 

I John I.'OvriG of Yi;jo Oouvity :ai': Stp.te of Indir'na be- 
ing we::]: in bor;y but sov-.nd in r.ind rncl neinory and juclji,.cno 
o.nd cons5.derin(j the unoert-.inty of this :.;ort:;.l life blccood 
be t)je AlMi;:,hty for the r-\;,me I do k'..]:g anrl publish tliis t.iy 
last v:ill and test:ir::ent in tlie fori:) as follovs; 

Firct J. give and bequeath inito ly beloved .^ife Ebby 
Norrio thie tlrird p-rt of all my personal property v.'ith }ier 
bed and bedding and cadule and all uy renl est-.te in Vigo 
County d\;.ri2i^' h3r ^vidov/liood if she ehould marry then the 
property to be Bold and to be divided equally aniongst ny 
Bmall children viz: Stephen Kelson 'UoxtIb, John Keteher 
KorriSj Spmuel }I. Thompson Ilorris, Marthia Jane Korrio p.nd 
V; est ley h orris ay cons and daughter v:hereof I received 
v200 in cash belonging to nilliau L.B. Veach it is i;:y will 
that it tOiould be refunded to hiw again by my Executors. 

I do Further give and bequeath unto Liy ds-Ughter Viin- 
chell, tcncy '10.00. 

■ I do further give and bequeath unto iTiy three BonB 
Willinra, Joel ane Jaues Ilorrif: t)ie west half of the north 
Treot quarter of section tv/enty one in to'.vnshlp nine couth 
of renge tv;o egct in the cMetrict of Sha'-vney to'.vn and 
ctate of Illinois. 

I do further ^ive esid bequeath unto My d-aighter Fanny 
Carpenter § 5 , 00 . 

I [yivc r.n'l bcque;:.t]i vviito my c''..u.,)itcr J:li:i:,,"octli 
Korxic one cov;. • " . . . - . 

1 (.'^i'^'c rj'i'i bequeath to L^y Cin.V'i:;liter Anna llorrir; one 
bed r.vid badciintj,' one cow and vlO.OO. 

I clve and bequ&ntii unto wy dauu;hter Debornh Ilorris 

I further ^ive -nd bequeath m-jto John Skinner C^O.OO. 

I fvirtlicr £,ive and beqre?cth unto v.y riinor ehildron 
ray wearing; appr^rel. ■ 

It is further r-ry last requcBt tiict John Cox and Rob- 
ert }io[;gatt sho\xld serve as ny Sxeoutorc. 

This froM ^^nder my ]iand and seal thlc ninth d-^y of 

Sept. 1828. 

Signed in pre 3 once of us 

Robert Cal^iv/ell 


vailiam X Collins 



Benjju. X PoT/cra 


John NorriG 

■ ■ (SbAL) 

PO-v'i.';:::Fi;,LD, OAl^^s 

1 Jrj'^cv-. Portcrf irilci of Terre KviUe 5n tlio Ccurity ol" 
Vi(-o a^'fi L^t-tc oI Inai-;iia do !.,ahc and publish tliii; ii^y 
la^'l v/ill aj).o test:irioT;t . 

Firot I dirtct t.]ic<t all my juct debts a.nd run:_,ra,l ex- 
po-noes be priid as Boon after jny r..s pos.viole; 

2ndly» I Give rnci bequeath all i:y prop3rty and effoci:^ 
real and perconal (after p.-.yin-; the debU; ano cxpe)i^:;c3 a- 
foresaid to i.^j' beloved brother Dixon Portarfield and i:;y be- 
loved c-iBtcr I'ax'tha Porterf ield; tne Ba/:'e to bo eo\)all^' 
divided between then;, and to be enjoyed in equal propor- 
tionr- between tliera. Tiiie bequect is iio-..cYer cubjcot to 
thiE cpeci^:! bequest and appointment vi^i: that my executor 
pay our of iry property o.nd ef foots the eui.j of fiioO to r.y 
nieoe Kartha J-;ne V/allace (foriierly }'.artha Jane Innio) and 
alco t]ie r:ujn of v' 100 to lay nieoe Mary En.clia Innir- tlic 
Banio to be paid by iny executor fror.a tiiae to tii;;e aB tlie Winte. 
of i.)y said nieces rfjay require. The property and effects 
real and, )ierein and hereby ^^iven and bequeatiied 
includes and covers all );iy property and cffectc in the 
state of Ind., tuid the state of Penn, or v,-hereaoever else 
situated or beiii;-. And I hereby raake and ordain ray be- 
loved brother Dixon Porterf ielci, tJio executor of thi& jny 
last \7ill and testainent, 

Sig-ned, sealed publiched and declared by the above nar/icd 
Jcirnco Porterf ield, ns liis laat \:ill and testament tliia Gtli 
day of Dec. in tlie year of our Lord IB^'.G in the prcecnoe of 
uc \;}io have hereunto, eubecribed cur n-;;r:s as v/itnes-cB there- 
to in t].e preeenee of tno n-id teetetor and the pre:--encc of 

G'-ch olhor. 

Levi G. ■.'.■.•:rre7i 




In the nrai-'ic of God A'ccn 

I V:illia:u Coul;^ ox Vi'jo Co. in the of Tn'":i::na 
beini7; sick o.ncl vj'eak in bo y but of cound inind ?.nd nsr/iory 
covinidc^r the cert^iinty of deatli and the irncertn,in.ty of 
the time tJusreof and boin^' den irons to aettle irr/ v/ordly 
affairs and thereby bo the better prep-: red to Icrr. e thiD 
\7orld v/hcn it Elui.ll p].e:ise Gocl to call tr:e hence do tJicre- 
fore make and piiblish this ivy v;il]; and tectyj.ient in 
Eicinner and fori-) f ollcv/ing tlia.t ic to s:.y . 

First and principally I coi.irait lay eoul unto the hands 
of Aliiii£;]ity God and my body to the earth to be decently our- 
ied at the direction of i;ry executors hereinafter n'a:oed and 
after all dcbtc and funeral e)iarj,c& are paid and r.y vrlfes 
third taken out I devise and bequeath as follo'..'S: 

To my eldect son Charier. William Souls 20 acres of 
land on the f':rn I ncu live on to be the south half of 
the east quarter of section 14 in to^rn 12 north of range 
9 west. 

I give and devise to my son Nenlon BouIb 20 acres of 
land to be taken out of the half qu-nrter as above describ- 

I further cive and bequeath Ch-i-lcs W'illisjii and Kea- . 
Ion Souls ii;y sons all my fr.Xi'dng intererrts toc:,ether ^fith 
t\7o yoke of youn^;; cattle \.'oxth ;:;25 each yoke and t?/o hor- 
ses \7orth >:;V0 esc]! to be equally divided betvreen then. 

I ij,j.vo v\):j boc.;uc,;,tli to dc.u^^j-itcr !i;icno:'? CovOc; one; ijiU: 
cor; vnd hell or c.- If Miili ihe "oed :■?;-:! bec'clii!*,'; t; ic iio\7 
called heru, ritli one tot tea c\3.p3 and C'luccrc, cix table 
platters, Bix t-).ble pic. te-, and tea pot cu^":;jf bo'.vl c.nri 
creatiiii- ju-,;, f.ix knives aiicl forl'.G, six table spoonc, nix 
t.?a BpoonG, one bay ri.r-rc colt liin ; Teet wJiitc, v;hitc strip 
in t,)je foreh-Oad one ^ido Baodle, on.e tea l:cttle, ba^e pan, 
frying;; pan, ten, kettle and spider, 

I further f;ive and 'leviPe to my dau^htjr JJlicabeth 
Souls v20 per year for five to be paid (OharleB 7;in. 
an d He a Ion S ou 1 d af t a r jiiy d e a s -i s e ♦ 

I give and device to i.y grcndoon Jlcnry Soale. con of 
i{oseB bouls BO Boon as he is 21, one yoke of nteere v/ortli 
ten dollars to be paid by Ch^rlec V.'illira) and ],'ealon Souls. 
I give and device to uy grand daughter r.ary Souls dau- 
ghter of Mocos Goulc one lieifer cnlf worth fS.OO when she 
shall arrive to age of IC yrs . old, to be paid by Ch-.rlec 
William and Nealon Souls. 

And tartly I oo lierei)y conBtitaite a.nd appoint my tv/o 
friends Gh-rles Mor.esitt a.nd Era Souls my sole executors 
of this ray last ivill and testament revoking and unulling 
all forwer wills by me here of ever made gratifying and 
confirming this and none other to be my last v;ill and test- 
ament « 

In testimony v/hereof I have hereunto Get my hand and 
affixed my seel tliis Vth day of Sept, in the year of our 
Lord 1820. 

ancT clcolsrcd by c}ie o",id V,illi-.rr, Soiilf) 
at hiG \':(,1X r.-nd tcr.t; i sont in the 
preccv/ce of -uf-, v.'ho iri the pi ei::ni<'-G of" 
each other h-:vc }i£i'ou;;to Dub:,cribecl our 

Sciler.i Pcoocl: 

JohTA M. Ililis 

C)i3 B.: Modes itt 

Williau Souls 


I Beiijr:i:iiii Ctiirke of tlie county of Vi^-q i.nd State 
of J.nclians. \:qpX in body, but of a Eound and porfeot Judr- 
cent Ltind r^ud inoaory thanks be to Aliaiti,hty God for tlie 
Same do ]ioreby ra.ake and publish thio i.y last will and 
tefitaKiont Yjv-el; ' ' - . .... 

After pa^'ing all my jui^t dobts a,nd funeral ch-rtjoo, 
I t.i"^^c and bequeatl) unto p-y beloved wife Phebe, one hun- 
dred doll\rc and one third of all ny perconal and real 
es/feafe together with the property that che brou;j,ht V7ith 
Vi'hen Siie a.nd I v-7as uarried; aleo appointing her executrix 
with Abxa-ham Stark executor of this v<ill; Also I give un- 
to my Bon John ."-.lOO to be laid out for land for his speci-d 
use. I also tjive vmto iny con blijah Arnold sriOO to be 
laid out in laJid for his special use; also I £ive unto my 
son Benjr.iiiin Franklin .J 100 to be laid out for land for his 
special use. And Uie rest of the estate after defr^iying 
all expenses. Elisabeth, Eyrena, llulda Eddy, and liry re- 
serving vO.OO for Christiana laakii^g her up eq\ial Tdth Sus- 
annah and i'eviali; as I have already heretofore set off to 
then! their dowry; hereby revoking all forhier wills made or 
published by me. 

Benjamin Starke (SEfiL) 

Hade published signed and sealed in the presence and at his 
request have subscribed oiir n^jnes as vritnesses of the sar.e 
this crd day of Jan. 1831 
Richard C-^naday 

^f'-^iucl B. X LaL-iar 

STicp}i;:r;::^o;:, i;iai:oL/.i: 

£t,'ite of Iviclinn'i. 
Y'xiso County 

Be it Teno^ibercd on tJiic day to -.vit tlie 3.7 tli 
day of Aiv;iif;t in tj:>o ycxr of our Jjord 1821 before ir.e 
GurtiD ailb?rt Cl?.r]: of the Circuit Court of Co. 
porBo.nally cf.iiie M:ililc>n,vStepbcri3on, -lutli Stephcnr.on, IL- n- 
na Btcphcnr.ou and llaivnali Stepherison \-]iO boiii;;.; duly af- 
fir!;ie.(i solciriUly onCl oiuoerely dccl.Tcd that ou tj'o 13tb 
day of tlie ccventh jiionth in tJie year of our Lord 1B21 
IJicholas Gtephenson Bent of tlie Co. of Vi{;;o ena K-tatc of 
Indian?, bein;.^ ve^iz in bocy but of sound and dis^pooin^^ mind 
memory and understandinri;, bein,_; decirouG of settling liie; 
v/ordly affnirs in their presence rjake and exh-.ust tlie 
follori'ing to be his last will and toBtaJrcnt to \7it; Tint 
he gave and bequeath to hie v/ife M^.ry Itephenson and liin 
daughter iiannah Stephenson the -.'.hole of his real and per- 
sonal property that he at the tiir.e of so doing requested 
the said liahlon Stephenson to be-r vn.tne.';s that the sarie 
was his last ttIII and teatanent, that the tiwe of his so 
doing was in iiis last sickness and at his ov.-/) house and 
tliat the said deceased died on the 21st day of the ovino 
month and year aforesaid and furt>ier that tiicy did 
not hnou of any other will Jrjving been made by t}ie said 
deceased . 

In testimony thereof I }ia,ve hereunto set wy liand 
and seal t]io day and year first aoove liieirtionea. 

Curtis Gilbert Cler]: 

Recorded Aug. 30th A.D. 1C31 (SKAL) 

TiiOiiF;:;:)!^, JuHli F. 

Be j.t xe;nc!-;,berod tiinb I Jo":;;j F. Thoiup^oii of Vir;o 
Co. and p.t'.te of Indinm bcin;;: veak in body biit of sound 
mind and iv.ovAory and c-:llinf_' to luind the nort-ility of my 
body ond th:.t it is n/ppointed for all nsn once to die; 
do make tliic v.iy laet will and teyta?'ient vi:'.: 

First T c'lve to ir.y beloved wife MarL>nrct all my 
lantlB and tenciicntn contained in the t-,vo half quartex-i* 
Deotions \.;hereon iny f ' rm and building now stand during 
lier widordiood or her youni;est child ma^'" becom of ago and 
in case of her cep'^-rture from v.ddovvhood she sh?ill liaVG 
one third j'lart of the cultivated land and the mansion 
house during her natural life, and when her youngest dau- 
ghter Pricilla shall arrive at la>/ful age or x^'hen her fam- 
ily all her said preiniseG may be sold to the best 
B.dvantagc v/ith the consent of my \.'ife on condition a suff- 
icient and suitable maintainance be personally secured to 
her. I also give to v.r/ trife all my liousehold and kitchen 
furniture together v.'ith my f-.^ utensils, and all my 
hogs and horses ivith the exception hereafter mentioned and 
four- milk co^.rs, tv/o young steers and fifteen head of slioep 
at next harvest if so many be then living; thereby bushels 
of rheat and all my crop of corn except one hundred and 
fifty bushels and a crop of v.Oieat no\7 gro\?ing on t}ie farm, 
under tl^e express condition that if she depart fro:';- her 
T7idov;hood she shall give sccurety for tv/o thirds valuation 
of the f orementioned personal property v.^hich shall be inven- 

torioci olid rpprr^iDc^ r:0 in c^xtc oi inloct-itc e::t-;,-lo£-: cx-- 
ce^t the v/bo--,t -rd 00^:11 c^oTe'.r.:j'it].ouo:\ v:hioh ncvncy nhall 
be paid -.vjien hnr y u!j;jGSt c}iild oonics oi' ::(5c> i^li.'ill Viot oc 
inGluc3ed in th.e vi;lu-iti.on anO alBo r;ho l-])c;.11 t'ive I'llliam 
three raid Jolin six hioutlis echoolini; co coon as a ouitnblc 
opportunity in-iy ofl'cr and the y .uxn^-er ciiildron so far &q 
is prac tic able end Alfred tau^Jit as fvj: as the 
Ginclo rule of three. 170^800 

2ndly . I'y cons P-aiiiuel and James being already provid- 
ed v.'ith land tive unto them one bi(^ patent plou^;h jointly 
also to eeoli of them I give one ewe larab. 

I give to uy son Jcmes three sows tdth pig and fota' 
year old hogs. I give to Samuel one weeding hoe and one 
pair of drat.'ing chains, and it is fujcthi-r understood that 
if my v.dfe shou3.d receive from liiy son Tlioir^as 0, liorec given 
to hir.i. for a sheep then all don-.tions of slieep to cease ajidx. 
if there sliould be a greater no. of cheep than is here be- 
queatlied at next harvest t])an the residue shall be sold for 
the benefit of the estate. 

3r I give to my children nr.aely, J&nc, Thomas, YJilliavi, 
John^ Polly, Alfred, Pcc^gy and Pricilla, t;70 hundred each 
to be paid in the wanner hereafter described and mentioned. 

I give to i:iy dau^.:;hter Jane one feather bed and fvxrn- 
iturc one black colt and one decent oig coat purch:;.sed ■i/ith 
the produce of tlie f?.xm or pork next fall. I o.lso give to 
uiy con TliomaB tv/enty and to V.'illiam ejid John 40 bushels of 
wheat each provided they get ovit and clean the rhole crop, j.f 

CO iimch here l-'C afLcr p-yin::,' sov.e \;']iR.:.;,t dobte if not then 
their J'otlier to trJie a proportioiir.ble qa-inity of i'hc r.~ 
bove riui;,brr of burJielt; but if there ch'uld be a cvirpluc; 
qucnity tl)en jr.y \7ifc tot/-thei rJ t]) • t)ie y;-.un[,:er children to 
have onc) receive t)i3 G.qnie to- p'^rchase any article of use- 
fulne::s of vvhioli they r.i-\','- ytr.nd-in hoed.. - - 

I also oive to !:!y Bon Thora:!;; ■ ISO bu. of corn no?? in 
the' crib -nd 1/3 of thetobr.cco r; iaed l-nt suinwier, also - 
^8C0 in Money -.Oien he rcy cet cut to prosecute his buniness. 

4, I [;iivc to 1 ly brolhier Jmuos Thompr.on H.O Acrec of ■■; in the com-jr of r;;y farru during hiu life or un- 
til the Baid premises ehall be cold oJbo fifty su^-ar trees 
nearest hie house, and t)ie houBe wherein he nov/ lives to- 
gether with tlae privile[:;e of f;;llen timber for fire v/ood 
and all the debts paid cue for;u liira to mo. 1 give lihceise 
to iiiB r.'ife one tro year old heifer of crd choico and one 
eve and lainb., 

It is rey v:ill thr, t the f-rni and quarter Bectioi 07i 
Prairie Greek be Gold by the executor of rny uill bo coon as 
it shall bring three hundred dollarc and if it shovild not 
cell for tliat eum to be disposed of in tlie following Manner 
to wit: ay sons Sr.jauel and JaL^es to have five acres each 
the first year and the profits of the remaining part of the 
farn to be given to irry sons '.Tilliaw and John for the purpose 
of procuring them clotlrlng unlets mj'' son Tha-mas ehauld con- 
tinue \7lth the fcaaily in that car;e he shall have a equal 
chare with Willi :;uj and Jor.n and if it should reiu.ain unsold 

lor tlic "/lid yo.«r, then r.-y v,.i..fc b]i::>11 iiave on.j ]i::ir of "Ll-c 
proi'itn thorcof iox the purpose:; ol" procuiriir; v.'catiiei- bo'-.j-ci- 
iufj ;i.nd ollje.r material? lor the hoiuoe nnd tho ot)icr h-.-.H 
to be applii-'d lor the bonofit of the eatate for payin.^; 
lc£:;acien or otherv.-ise and on the th:i rd ye.?r ujiCi t}iorcafter 
or until it ir.';ty be sold, the prci'iises should be rented by 
tlie exeeutors; of ny v.'ill or. the aole \xv,e of the estr^te of 
the executors it chall bo expedient to Bell it for what 
it ^/ill bxin[; after the third year they shall bo admitted 
GO to do. 

I direct the executors ol n,y will to tell all ny otock 
of Cattle either at public or priv;ite g^, le vJ-i to them in?y 
appea.r most expedient except such port of cattle as herein 
before bequeather also three waggons to be soDd in liJ-.e wan- 

I also direct that tv='0 several obligations held by 
my eons Samuel and Jai^es shall be discharged on or before 
the first day of Sept. next together all otlicrs just 
and laV7ful debts sluill be paid. And it is further stated 
that as i.:onies become cue and collected that tlie executors 
purcljase or enter iialf a qun.rter section of land in such- 
place os may be most vp.luable and advantagiouc for each of 
uy children nnniely l;hoi.aan, Jane, 7/illiam, John, Polly, Al- 
fred, Peggy and Pricilla vaiich rill ia?l:e olOO each of the • 
f orementioned donation. I also give to my Inst mentioned 
c)iildre]i ClOO each as taonics may be collected -nd they nr^y 
bee owe of age or the m:in;ion liouse jjnd plo.ce be sold v-djich 
Y;ill be :;;200 of t}.e f orcjnentioned donation provided tliere 
sh'JJ. be so niucii after forner donrjtions are ])aid if a del- 

icei:ny bV..:.!! r.ppc r t'no)) a due proportion t-j or. oh oi-.c; 
but Dh.:uld :i t.iJ.rplA\c r.ppc:.r • af t;-r tjie piiyrvjnt' of .■■lOO to 
each of tl.e Irzt i;!CJitiorj.e(]. -cnildrcd tiicii rur equal divide;. d 
of Bucli Gurplus lOiall be ir.ado anioni'; all ir/ cliildren. 

I aUp;]iDrizc the Executor of r.;y v;ill to Make coiiiplete 
deed of convey nnce to (>eor^^e French for two Jialf quarter 
sectionv of land Vvhereon his lies; anr] he nov/ livec. 
Provided he rijall ^^ ?-5 on or before the fir^t d-y of ^'ept- 
eiiiber next. . ' " ■ " 

I )iave inetructed tjie Kxecutorr, of lay will respecting 
a dispute between liiycelf and Saripaol ?.'ay v;hioh instruction^. 
I earnestly requcc^t the-Ji to perforra. 

I cone ti tut e ciy tr\isty friendn 7,'illiny;] Kelso, }.''of.;es 
liogi^att and SrU'.uel 0. Thoin])Son executorc of tirir; lay last 
will and testpj'ient revoking a^,!! former wilD.e. and ts 
ratifying this and no other. 

In witness v/hereof I have hereunto set my h-vnd and seal 
tbis 3rd day of Dec. in the year of our Lord 1G31. 
Signed in the presence of 
Georjje French 
Moses' Hoa,v;att 

Supply Butterf ield -— '■ ' 

J no. F. Tlior.ipson 

John F. "^'}iorapson 

1 .Inrvirji 'i.' orJ.lir.j into iriino Vac i^'cr t-lity 
of ruy body r-inc: t]ist its appointed i ,oi" all inen or.ce to 
die bein^-; weal: in body b\it cound in j-iind ajvd nc:!iory do 
raalre this wy last vrill and testr-inent and I do Jioreby 
diDpose of my wordly ect-^te ^liere it hM,tl\ plc-ned Prov- 
idence to blefis ire in the follov-in^^ inannor Vi::; 

Firut of all it is my express vrill and desire tlj-it 
all v;jy just and lawful debts to bo -paid to^;etlier v/ith 
ray ftineval charbss. ■ • ■ - ■ - ■■ 

2ndly. I bi^'Ci and bequeath to my beloved \;ife ^"e-^l- 
tliy four, co-as and one lioroe uorth ^" ::o tvjo beds end bedd- 
ing, cix chrjirs &,nd tr.'o best spinning \Theelc, all her 
veering appjxel and enoug}i i.icveaule property to purchase 
a descent suit of clothes, also one fourt)i part of the 
proceeds of the v/hole fnxm T/hereon 1 now reside a.nd here 
efter designated by No. during her natural life. 

3dly. I give and bequeath to iny eldest son Ilathan 
Wallace all the rconies )io may have collected by a pcv/er 
of attorney from lae Allen V/allace in the state of N.Y. 

4thly. I give and bequeath to iny d-ughter Clarinda 
§10.00 to be paid to her in articles of clotl)ing if any- 
thing regains after other bequeaths satisfied. 

5thly. I give and bequeath to rny daughter Poxana 
Denton ;?50 ^vorth of property at the appraised value to 
be set off by the executors of my \/ill after tJic debts 
ajre paid or previously according to circuniEtances. 

6thly . I to liy oon Anson .;:>i:u;cc; tlic; south hnli' 
of t'ne y.J:;. quarter of." section bl in townnhip 11 north 
of ranije 9. v. est. • •'' ' "" "" - ■ ■ - - •■•-•■• 

7t}ily. ]!y Bon SalMon V'/nllrico h-^.Yin-^ heretol'orc prev- 
iously c'.nd cubcequently to his ja^rrio^j^^e Ijeen fxiini.^hed ' 
with wore than a ju^t dividend of. property, -.nd expenses 
for his benefit with vaY ooher children and as I have ex- 
iGtinG>, accounts a^iainGt hii,; I think proper to rnkc nox 
further bequeaths to l)im, 

8thly. I give and bequeath to my daughter Lophena 
v/allace 40 acres of l.,nd lyin^; north of the half quarter 
^iven to ray son Anson divided by an east and uest line 
in the sj^/nc quarter section and range also four cliairs 
a,nd a bed and bedding. 

9thly. I give to cr,'' throe sons James Mar-ison VJall- 
ace Elbridge, G. ^Jallace and Andrew J. vTallace tlie ]:.E. 
quarter of section 32 in tovai eleven nortli in range 9 
west also 40 acres on tlie nortli side of the southeast 
quarter to be divided occording to quality and qu,-?ntity 
so as to bo ev.awal in Vrilue when the first laontioned sons 
Jiadison and Elbridge shall arrive at the age of 21 years 
the aforei;ientioned division of land ainongit nw tliree sons 
to be made by the executors of my will in an equal dis- 
crissionary uanner, also two. .yoke of oxen, yoke:; and 
clairas, txjo best horses together with a fn.ll set of har- 
ness, also all the plough harrows and other farc-ing ut- 
ensils w'ith tv/o waggons. 

I0o])].y, I L.j-ve and beque;;tli to luy cl-\ioJi'ocr ];ydia 
iValliicc i:'0 i.iuoii of tlio laoat pi'oc-oouf^ of iry jTririi to be 
t.pplic.i] to Ijer Bupport r,nd r.olio.O.ii;.:,- ?,:)ii3.rit in Liinority 
aB incy coMpletc t};c Gr.!):^. J. also ijive to my oecond 
clr.u;^,}itcr .^40 to be irade rro;n tlie eslcc o.f tlie rj;it. be- 
quenthed jxcoporty to bo caved, out at iutereLt until. 
G)je c'n^ll orrive at tlie v.^o of 18. - -- . . 

All I'ly per:oi;-jlly property not expre:-cly be:M)e?.t}iert 
to bo cold Tor t}ie purpoot of pr.ying lav/ful dei:ri,nds ;ind 
if a Gurplur should remain it nhall be approprlo.tod to • 
the belief it of tlir-^t part of the f^jnily reir,3.inliii_-'; in win- 
ority . ■ ■ • ■■ 

I do hereby appoint Hoses llo-^g'\tt and Jo;in Cox and'- 
Robert Jiopkins exccutorD to tliic wy last \?ill and testa- 
ment. In \?itnest: v.diereof hereunto set wy hiij:id aJid eeal 
this llt}i doy of Feb. 1825, 
In PxGoence of 
John p}iillips 
John l.lorc 
John Cox 

iGaiah Tall ace 
- . iSEkh) 

TUTTi.}-;, g;;:w~}Iau 

I Gersh-ii Tuttle bcin;:; v;e;>k in body but ncu;:d of uinCi 
do make thiu niy la^t; \;ill and tectawent. 

1. 1 consi^,n iny bo;-;y to the notlier ci-Tth and ijy b^i;1 
to the All,:it''■^-ty. ' • ' " 

2. I give anc; bequeatli unto r;y v.ile Pr-rinola Tuttle 
all wy er.tate both real and pcrDone.1 v.lcliir.g ]K:r to ret-in 
the whole of it during her natural life cubject liov/ever to 
the payi'ient of ny just debts ern manner che mry thinl: prop- 
er or beneficial to herself or for a,ny of our children for 
Y.'hora Bhe may think necess-xy to provide during her life 
after her death. 

Anci lastly for the purpose of carryin^:; into effect r'ly 
T^lll thereby notuin-^te and appoint iny said rife executrix 
and Natlianiel liuntnijjton Esquire E;y exeoutore of this n^y 
last \7ill v.nO- tcBtainent. 

In testiiviony raiareof I liave thereunto set jry liand and 
seal this 29th dey of l\v..~n?:>t in the year of cur Lord 1G23. 
Signed pnd Sealed in presence of 
Peter Flagher 
Ralph White 

GershrJ;! Tut tie 


Be it rui:iei..b jrcd that J, Jore;:.i' h i;;L3.."on c^llin^ bo 
tiind th:it it is appoiril.ed xor nil r.i,in to dto ^nd 
v/cak in body, but cound. in r.nid oiid neniory rlo r.-lio tliio 
liiy ltU:-t 'vvill • :id to- t-'_:.!:mt . J. do diBpore of i::y -worlrjly 
ent'jte in tlie follov;i?.j inraT/ier. • -- • - '• 

Viy,: YiTst of til it in vrf rjill that all );;y juct 
ruid lawful debtn be pnid. ■ ■ - ■ 

2. 1 C^ve and bc:;ueatji to my beloved r.-ifc Uli.-'.a- 
both all r;iy ho'aru;hold and kitchen furniture. Two cows 
one yohe of oxen and one liorce also one bow and cix 
Blioats al-o 30 acres on the north end of ii.y f ;iu: bieng 
one half t)joreof toi^'ether vvith all tenannentG and build- 
ingo thereon durinc^ l)er ?7idov:hood, alBo one Binall vnigon 
and its harnenD. 

All the reBiduc of iny perL-onal estate to bo e-old by 
my executora to tjie bcot advantaf;e also the soo.tb end of 
my f-rm to be rented annually for a term of years as may 
appear Koet adviacble the proceeds of vrhich e^le p.nd rent 
to be put to interest or veeted in eame or available fund^-, 
Y/ell secured until ny youni;ost cJiild becotiis of lavrful a.a;e 
at which tiu3 there . ry be an ec|u?l dietribution of this 
f\md amor-cst a.y follovxin^ naiacd children. Kaiiiely Elizabeth 
Foster, Eoith L'.ile;:., henry V.'ilson, Y.'illiaiii V/ileon, Jere- 
Tiiich I.'ilf-on, John V.ilcon, Aran uileon, Rcben V. ileon, Sn.'ii- 
uel v.iiGcm, and Liles V.'ili'on (i.iy clde;:;t eon Gabriel havir.,'; 
received his patrii.icny or share in GO acres of land and oLher 

properly. In ccuo f.;y v^ii'o ;;iK\xia dcp'Tt iroiii her wi'^ov }ioo:l 
then cjII t'ric. pro^^co-ty bcqi;ea^.licci to her to be cnl.Ci ;.))d l.};c; 
proceecic put to iril3re:;t, d.^~ i.ientj. oiiecl in a forricr ni.rt of 
thiy ;"ill. Al-^o tlio y-Jio'J.e .f tm mr-.y bs rented and opp^-iecl 


OS af orcf^'^.icl to -oit: T}?e j.icat prooef-;:;;^ to bo put to uce 
RO aforo'.-riid. 

And I v,'is]^ to hnve it unjor^toocl tli^.t tlro pre'cr.t c3'op 
of corn 5,f; not to be sold, but loTt for the benefit of i.iy 

I hereby appoint and ordajn Edwo.rd r.iles nnd Robert 
Hoggatt e;ieo\itors of tliis i.:y D.ast \7ill and te:~ t':rient ratify- 
ing thin and no other. y ' 

In tof.tiinony v;h;-reof I have hereunto set }ny hand and 

Eeal tliiB 20th day of Deo, 1828. 

Signed and coaled in 

Presence of 

UosGB Hcai^att ■■;,■: 

Eliphatct f;hattuok 

JeroL'iiaJi h'ilson 


I Jw;iCB B. 'nin'i.'i- of lioiiey Creek To\.'nr;hip Ooiuity o.f 
Yi^^o ot-te OJ? Ina. luin.j v;erik anci lov; cirour.:Et--nDcr. , but 
of Gound Eiind and meMory do i-v ke thiB r.y l-Gt ^td.].! r.nd 
teatat!:ent rcvolriiij all oihei'B. • • • _ 

1. 31 rcco?.rij,eiid tli-;t all rny jur: b neblG be pGic:. 

2. I give and bequoatlj to iff brother JoJjn "iTintor 
eJLl my right, title interest and claiin to oil the r(;al decended to by the Inst v.dll and tsstar.;ent 

of r.iy father, alGo one Dilver vntch nice all my \T3ar:5ns 
a.ppDrel except my greet coat. 

3. I give and bequeatli to i,.y sister Betsey Hax- 
Kond Jiiy large l"a,?;iily Bibl.c. 

4. I give and bequeath to iiy brotljer-in-lav/, Kl- 
ieha, tV. Brovm tv;o volu.rme of Viestlcys noteo , 

5. I give and bequeath to my eister I'ary Colman my 
&Pf glaBS. 

6. I give and bequeath to James Hall and I'ahala his 
■svife all ray Ph-ire of the crops of corn no'.v grovming on 
the ground a,l s o my g r e c. t c o a t . 

7. I give and bequeath to my Bister Hannidi Winter 
my bay )iorse, one new trunk and one mycroseope. 

I further give and bequeath to Jexnes Hall and lUinnah 
Winter all the remaining property I possess nnd out of it 
all my debts i.rast be paid also tjie frur.ily grave mrt in 
printing -;nd stru.e monuriients cxected at their hc\-a nnd 
feet j;rop:.rly lettered. 

8^ I r, pp. int. Joi'.n '..i.jtor • nd _ iV . n'ro.'/n oxe- 
ovitorn of t]\lc. iry la:t will ■UitI t0otri:O):t. ' ■ ' 

In toctii;:.;!;/ ^■:1;;; -::jo1' I h;.vo horeiiiito J^ct ;:!y Ir nd 
aJ:id r:ffix-ci liiy s?eal ^it li.nry Gr; oh Tovrnfdiip thic Scth 
doy of J Lily 1825. 
Id. prc:;cr,ce of 
hr.hlcy, Heirrir, 
Ausel lli.riiG 

Jamec B . V.'inter 

Vilin'AR, ■■VILI.IAM 

In the nan!C of Go-"i Auon ■ ■ ' " 

I Vvitj. v;iiitc;r o'l the Co. of Vi,;o ct;.tc of In(M';na; ^ick and r.-eay. in "oor'y but of pc;rfcct innd n.nd 
memory and C' intonint the nort-lity of ny body 
and knov/inc thr.t it is appointed for :.ll iiion once to 
die do ii'r/l;e and ordiin thic liiy la-'t v;ill a.nd tcotaKont 
that in to cry . . - - . . . . - . 

First I recoi'imend thnt all my just and 1-e.vaul debts 
be paid . - 

2ndly. I zX'<!^' and bequeath to i.ry beloved wife Syl- 
via Viinter during her n':tural life the northear^t quar- 
ter of section 35 ir, tov;nrhip 11 north of ran^e 10 \7e:-:t 
toget)ie:c 171 th a certain tr.-.;ct or parcel of land in ea^'t 
fraction 22 of the tovni:-)iip and renje aforocaid. contained 
■ in the following boundary, beginninj at the Boutliee 3t 
corner of said fraction thence T?e?t alon^i said fraction 
line to its intersection with a thence rrith tlie 
several courses of the bayou until it strikes the tovrn 
plot of Tjiiiyrna thence on a south direction nlonij the tovm 
plot to the south v/est corner of the said tor.n plot thence 
to the pl:-'ce of b^eginnin^ cc^ntaininc by computation ?0 
acres be the E-.ine more or less all of v.-hicli May hereafter 
be borne and in cj^-e of the de--th of child before 
arrivin;- at i;iaxurity then tlie snid east to descend to nry 
c h i 1 d r c n. h e i' e i i ) a f t e r r.: e n t i o : ) a d . 

1 D.lco oivc and ocq\;c:;.bh to v.y/ b>;lovccI '.'ire ojio 
grey and orjc o-^'-'y bfO'.^e, t". o :,!;,■ of iu-'^cc one 
bull plo\,-, 0)10 ^Jiovol plu'.v, ori:; }i:,j-ro'.v. ulirec co.;.-; aiKl 
thre-o yeorlin^'; beifcrO; a Bjaall v,':^*ori :.nd j.t:, hr.rness 
and ib bcin^; loy cxprec'.o desire .-■n.d v;ii:h tiiat ny son J-uncs 
V/intej: i.iay live and board with i,;y bolovcd v.'i.fe durin£-: 3 
years for the piirpose of rcoeivin^y o litcr:;i-y education 
-on condition of whioli I also [;ive and bequeath to r:."/ be- 
loved \,ife all wy stocks of hOoS, one beef covr, three 
Etacl:s- of \7lieat, ):iy part of the crop of corn and potatoes 
novT £';rov,'ing on the premises, also all the flax wool, one 
chopping; ax, tt/o hoes, and all lay ]iouse hold furjiiture 
except two bedsteads, together v:ith the property of every 
description she possessed previous to our r.inrringe. 

3. I give and bequeath to iny d-ughter J.'ary "iVinter 
the north lialf of the south west quo.rter of section 35 in 
townsliip 11 north r-.mge 10 west also one bsy riarc, one cow 
bought of T. Blackwan -^-30 cash to be raised o\).t of ry es- 
tate at the time of her carriage also one bed, fujcniture 
curtains and bedstead which dec ended to nie at ay]iter 
Bar all and decease. 

I give and bequeath to r.iy daughter lUibala i^all the 
south 3ialf of the southwest quarter of section 21, in 
township 11 north of range 10 v.-est, .also one sorrel rn-ire. 
I give and bequeath to Ky daughter Kannali V.'inter t}ie 
north half of tlie couth v/cst quarter of section 20 in 
town 11 nortli of ronge 10 west also one pied co\7 bought 

of T. B!! -^ol-jv-.n aiKl crie blr-.ok yc-..rlin[: iri' ro colt, or;o boci 
and ito fxu'iiiturc nuci bed^-loud and all tiio \.e:iyirii;; U':t~ 
crial of iry driUL.'blicr :yjxuh except four i-;ov,'n3 p.nd C^f.OcOO 
ca'-:h to be r: i^ed out of rr.y estate v.Oicri f;he n.rx'ivcs at 
la^cful ai:,e. ' ' ' 

I ^iivc and beQiioat)i to iny con Jolm Viinte^? tha v/aat 
half of tiic northea'^t and Eou.theast quartevL. of ceotioiA 
36 in tovmaliirj 11 north of ran-,e 10 v.£i::t al:^;o tv.o yoke 
of Bteert; the larcoat of my stock until my son Jruaes 
Bhall ai'j'ive at tlie cl^o of 21 ye-jcs at v.hich tiuic they 
ehall be i^ivcn up to htn also I tjivc i;:y la.rGe v.-nf.on to 
John until J-aiaes arrives to lav,'ful aCe v.hcn Jolni alir:ll 
do tlie nececara-'y repairs and Janes Dhall have o.n caual 
inteTcat in the T.-agon; also I C^^'e to John one p-tten 
plou^jh one Bet of Ju^rx'ov? teetli, two acta of horao h:. rn- 
eoEes , 

I [5iYc and bequeatli to ny son James V.'inter tloc east 
half of the northe-ct and southea--:"t qur.rters of aection 
26 in tov.n 11 nortli of ^an^;,e 10 v/est also one tv.'o yr. 
old sorrel colt, one silver watch one rifle gun, and all 
my v;earing apparel and (?100 to be paid Sept. 1819 end 
5100 to be paid Sept. 1620 to liis lav/ful guardian to be 
s.ppropriateci solely to defraying the expense of his 
schooling end literary education. And v/here-'S there is 
a suit a.t lav; x>3i"idcring in tlie county of Ontoria state 
of h.Y. between Olas Bardon the heirs of Thomas B-:rion: 
aJid John hivingston and Boiigaru his couur,el, in regard to 
the title of la.nd irnd in which I rojn cojacernod in crse the 
auit shijuld terminate unfavo?:able to the said Bartons. I 

tlioref (iX'O ;ir-;)ropj;i:itc iho JiOj.-lji\vy:3t quarter of n cot 3. on 20 
in town 11 iiC)rtlj ol" x- ii:\o 10 v;e:jt mcl 5IJ c.cj-co of tiic noii-Di- 
v;c;-t au3.rtc::i.' of cccticn r;V en the cA-.t end in tlio s-jiO tov.n 
and T':'.ni~C' aiK'i r.lGo 55 -joroz of car^t frric tiorj.:; 21 oj." 22 \.'nr-.t 
of t}ic bi{-^ br.yoii to be sold by iny o.^eoutor on tLo !-,o:. t acl- 
v:;ntn.(j0UB terinrj to r^io tiio debt ir.cio/red in crv'e of 
an u}if avc>rf;ble t',rr.iin_-ition of caid ouit aric; fuxthci' 'or-;- 
Qucatli all tlie ?"C!;:aining part of tljs B,iid fj^jction of 21 
and 22 to bo divided cionf^ ray c)'ilclrc!n heveafter n.a)-':ed, in 
pi'o;)Ortion to the qu:;irtcr3.y of Innd bequenthed to them noinclj 
Anne Brovn'i, J.laiy V.'intox, Hann-h V/inter, Joln'i './inter nnd 
Jaiaee V^inter end furtheruioi'e Bh -aid thsi'e be fouiid a re- 
maining part of tiy estate cii"ter c.ll the debts paid the 
Baiiic to be equally divided aiiion?^ ly childien. And r.iorevej: 
I do constity.te ordain and appoint Moaes IIo:^;:j;;itt Oriel ila-?-- 
won executors and luy beloved wife Sylvia Winter exooutive 
of this tiy will and te^tai'ient, revolting all v;illf 
and teatajnenta ratifyinij this and no other* 

In ter:tii:!ony v.hereof I have hereunto set lay hand an:i 
aeal this 16t]i da.y of September in the yer.r of ouj: Lord 

1818 . 

Willi a.rn "iVin.ter 


Signed sealed published pronounced and 

declrired by the said V.'inter as his last 

v/ill and testaiiient in the presence of us •\;]<o 

in the pre:-cnce of eaali other have hereunto 

s ub scribe- d our li ■ : i.i e s 

Jaiiies Jones Martin Patric L'.oses Ii0(..;ca'.tt 


iHim-Uur ^'citrlKnthG {Hnaurial iGihrani 

TCf.-ftt HAUTr;, irajiATJA 

July 19, 1937 

Bear Misp Poucner: 

ThonT: you bo rruch for your appreciation of our 
work. I might tell you how much ouj' patroriB appreciate your 
sssietsnce and hot? nicuv they cpeak of vou v.'hen they return frorr, 
voi'r librpry. 

ThOBO T.'ille \7rre copied so^.e time ag-o frc^rn the Vigo County Recordg 
by our W.P.A. girls. In fact they did tlie v.ork vrnen they v.ere 
copving the rnoiriage licencec . J had misplaced them but ca:..c 
acropp them the day ?-^iKP Smith v/os going to Indiannpolie so 
I very hurriedly put thein together and cent them over. She did 
not Gee you nor ?'iss M""itt. 

The VTinter will v-as the first voll probated in Vigo Co., so S:-yt! 
The Vigo County History. I f you have ''Piout^-L acro;:£ tlie Rocky 
^'ountfiinc" by Overton Johnson and 'Villi am H. '."inter, pub. by 
Princeton University Prere, l^ok on page X and you v.iJ.i nee 
'Winter ros born in Vigo County in 1819, I thinh be nruBt have 
been a Bon of the 'Vinter who v/rote the will altho he does not 
mention him in the will. 

Aspinwall res one of our early settlers. The other \?ills wer 
of ea'-'ly settlers. 

I \viGh I could fro over to see you come dsy . 

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